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9W . J9 OMTWQ W leT J Quit 1 LL 161qu VJ iMarsh often goof-off in photography class. Opening 1 2 THE ASSIGNMENTS Activities ....................... 14 Organizations ................... 26 Sports ......................... 60 Academics ...................... 94 Advertising .................... 150 Senior Rachel Lamb d n look too enthusiastic she go 111g :0 the storage room to get chairs to sit in at lunch time. 2. While working at Dairy Queen after school, Senior Rich Groves takes an order at the drive-thru. 3. Coach Randy Rutherford reads "the funnies" while relaxing in the library, during his free period. 4. Penni Facemire and Michelle Field find time to sleep during Accoun- ting II. Page 3: 1 Yearbook photographer Christy Vines reloads her camera during a break in the action. , ' 10 Andrew Talkington pr, il'S playing basketball to football yet h school 5131111 by suppoit g thejV footballteam. 1 ch to Mr Roger Pryors dismay; Tammy Hopkins and Angiel 4. As an added project for Mr. Berrys art class Senior Lee Skoczen shares in the painting of the Humane Society Animal Shelter located at Memorial Park. Itwwas lite; real 12116111011 Lumber 11nd I wererwmching a 1 two-hour rerun of The Spy Who Loved Mepver a few root beers andff'a pepperdni pizia. N01 wanting 1'0 miss a single 76 1 second of our hero, we discussed our strategy to s y on the 73 town of Summ61'svill6 7during conimercials only. w It was only after james Bond had the girl that we got 1- down to businegs. W6 came to thE conElusion that we wOuld have to check out the town, the 131-20916, a few of the local businesses and most importantly, the NCHS students, 111 per- son 1disg111sed, of coursd We would discover Just what set V "them apart from 011161 towns and Scho61s! 1'7" 1 a u u an; THE EVIDENCE Opening L1 Pa 2 4. 1. Part of junior Lovell Faceere's responsibilities as a 11 Memorial Park Swimming P013115 to patrol around the pool. 2.5811106 Bobby Hughes and Rick Hughes enjoy spending hot summer days at Bar- tle Run swimming area swimming and. Watching girls 3. Summer 18 a Merry- Go- Round 1n SUMMERSville. Donna Hughes even rode the on 3 er a town pep meeting parade." - 2 Senior Lee Skoczen patiently awa1ts the announcement of the 1983 Nicholas County Potato Queen Lee won moments later! 3 Mqving campers is just part of Robert Shafers after-schoovsumrner job at Mountain Manor Campground. " - to spy on the students h todianfs hsouwe c : buses arrive, mos: stu Mnts gather in the h ays and Commons Area to talk. When the 8:30 bell rmgs everyone rushes to their first p 6d class. By fourth period the students are so hungry they can barely concentrate on their classroom assignments. F0 ome, teachers' Words g9 in h d out the otherQWh lunch bell Tmall Page 6: 1. While shopping atHalscead's Foodland, seniors Alice Hayes and Sara Dooley direct their attention to "Blackief' their favorite General Hospital star. 2. Deborah Burks, Tammy Hopkins, Mandy Farthing, and Cindy Sebert spend their lunch hour laughing and sharing secrets. 3. During a pep meeting parade through town, sophomore Barbara King gets caught out of uniform. 4. Sitting on the curb, Lisa McKinney and Donnie Boley review a pamphlet from college day. 5. During lunch time Karen Lanham and Abby Willis watch some golfers over on the Nicholas County Memorial Golf Course. Page 7: 1. Michelle Keaton, Pattijustice, Teresa Adkins, Lynn Bulter and Win- nie Martin Stop by Hardeehs for a bite to eat after school. . 2. Coach C. W. Powell talks to Dwayne O'Dell about Friday's game. 3. Mary Cline, Kevin Ward, and Jack Holcomb watch intently as the Grizzlies defeat the Midland Trail Patriots at Hico. KTCHS so special. Nowgthe question was "Where do we go find this spirit?" With a little more underiover work Jack HNCHS gyrhl We arrived early enough so we could fin good place to stake- out. We made a, point of keeping ourselves well hid W close enough to I 7 ' began cheer to the top of thtfir l'ungs. After all the screaming, clap- ping, and stomping, the head cheerleader announced which memw mww M mm Page 8: 1. Kathy Keiper Mandy Foster, and Angie Powell sell NCHS t-shirts, visors, and prOgrams before a Varsity football game. 2. Sophomores Cathy Brown and Marta Brown make flowers for the Sephomore Homecoming car. 3. 1311-. gheerleaders show their Spirit while cheering through the homecoming parade. 4. Grizzly football players gooLoff while waiting for the pep meeting to begin. 5. Varsity cheerleaders and majorettes perform the sjchool song at a town pep meeting in Farmers and Merchants Bank parking lot. Page 9: 1 Head Varsity cheerleader Ann Brady does one of her Cheerleading jumps during the homecoming game. 2. Girls basketball coach, Miss Karen King, gets tht0wn' m the shower after the team wins their Hrst game. 5. Some Grizzly players look on from the sideline as NCHS defeats Webster. 4. While stretching out their legs, the varsity cheerleaders pose for a picture. this something was. We travelled to Summersville on a Friday night, the beginning of an action- filled weekend. But, when we pulled off Route 19 we couldnt find the students. We got back on the highway and drove out to Memorial Stadium Sure encug H hat was where almost all the students wer3 hanger , cheerleaders helped get the Grizzly fans fired up by leading them 1nja few victory cheers. It didn't matter if the Grizzlies were leading or trailing slightly behind, the student body still supported their team. Everyone packed into their Cars and we knew we had to follow the ac- tion We d1dn' t know what to expect when a whole line of traffic cars to talk, others went inside Wood R1ch and I ventured inside and discovered that 1t was an arcade room. Students were everywhere, pump- ing token after token into the arcade games. After a few hours we decid- ed to call it a night and travelled back to our home town Where we got out facts on file - 1 Saturday we W6 back in Summersvdie checking out the s enes 1 was the action see e oh Onight. The line w long It seemed everyo wanted to see the 3 ing john Travolta After the movie we followed everyone to the hext hang out joint. This time it was the Pizza Hut. The booths were packed full of people ordering their favorite pizzas, talking, and acting crazy. Later when we sat down to sort our facts we came to the concluSion i that NCHS had the liveliest bunch of students we d ever come across It a favorite restauraht, talking 1n a parking lot or just a night out on the town. Page 10: 1. Head Yearbook Photographer Kim Arden, Varsity cheerleaders Rachel Lamb and Deborah Burks, and Majorette Tammy Hopkins arrive early to prepare for a varsity football game. 2. Girls Basketball players Ginger Rader, Angie Savage, and Kathy Kieper support the Grizzlies by Attending a varsity football game. 3. Teresa Adkins, Meliiida Bond, and Pattijustice are fifst in line to see the pepular movie, 1 'sky Business" 4. Richwood Spies. k on as Sara Dooley, Lora TAYI Hayes enjoy a pizz Pizza Hut. Page 11: 1. Alice WAtches as her sister Melinda Hayes ac eves high score on Super Pacman. 2. Before seeing a Midnight Movie Joe Cardullo and DeborAh Burks order a pizu at Beckley. 3. Heck 5 parking lot 15 a popular place for iuniorsjay Nowak And Todd Harris to "-hang out." 4. Lunar Landing is a favorite place for NCHS students to gather. 4. After Cheerleading practice in the student parki and Rachel Lamb goof-off. H I e Majorectes play at Mcmorial Park before the L, : L nd Belinda Corbi ' vxslting Hardee's. , , 4. Patti justice and Teresa Adkins reminisce aboutwthe fun they had at the LoverboY C1 r! in Charlesron. ' in Hz Rtgh this wasgoing R 'ard case toigrack '11: be the answer to this mind boggling question In the preceding weeks, Wood Rich and I planned to keep a watchful eye on the students of NCHS. In this amount of time we After sneaking mm the principal 5 office and getting a copy of the school calendar, we knew just what activities 3 to Spy on. The Homecoming, Christmas Da11ce and Spirit W" L: were just a few. A . ,, -, Writttntnt " mtezested m their Owil I1 e ?vorld but tImt3 'ashions and r w A i t i + t ?f flof 1 IAti . world events were impoffant 21150.: t A a 7,, . ' 41.x It was a chilly October 14 when the annual parade down Main Street started homecoming festivities. The NCHS band led, followed by the football players, homecoming atten- dants, and floats. At 8:00 pm. the Grizzlies came out 'of their locker room with high spirits and by half-time the Grizzlies led the Valley Greyhounds 12-0. The crowning 0f the new homecoming queen took place during half-time. Rachel Lamb, escorted by Andrew Talkington, received the honors of being crowned queen. Other senior attendants were Belinda Corbitt escorted by john Hellms, and Vicki Neal, escorted by Paul Darby. The junior class attendant was Leatha Shelton escorted by Todd Harris. Representing the Sophomore class was Aimee Talerico escorted by Wes Brown. The Grizzlies then stormed back onto the field with great expectations of another win within their reach. But surprisingly the Greyhounds scored 2 touchdowns and the game was tied. In overtime the Grizzlies finally came out on top with a 20-12 victory. To celebrate the victory and the crowning 0f the new queen there was a dance held sponsored by the Varsity cheerleaders. Page 16: 1. The 1983-84 Homecoming court members include Aimee Talerico, Wes Brown, Vicki Neal. Paul Darby, Queen Rachel Lamb, ML Perkins, Andrew Talkington, Belinda Cor- bitt, john Hellms, Leatha Shelton and Todd Harris, 2. Mary Frontino and Cathy Gtizzell look as if they're afraid they're going to get trampled by the Grizzlies when they run through the tradi- tional hoop. 3. The reigning 1985-84 Homecoming Queen is Rachel Lamb and her escort Andrew Talkington. Page 17: 11 Principal Robert L. Perkins puts the final touches on the homecoming activities at halftime as he Crowns an excited Rachel Lamb the 1983-84 Homecoming Queen for NCHS. 2. junior Homecoming attendant Leatha Shelton with Todd Harris who she picked as her escort enjoy the ride through the annual parade. 3. Aimee Talerico, Sophomore attendant and her escort Wes Brown wait to ride through the parade on the float that won lst place and was decorated by her fellow classmates. 4. With memories of a victorious homecoming a mum is just one small token. 5. The Football Players show their spirit during the annual homecoming parade Grizzlies Celebrate - . o u . o . u.- u" u" why . 111.; xul,n$ ramir. unaffnr .. ,. :?.. I. VJ r O t .m V lflg Homecom Despite N 0 School for a Week Seniors Show Christmas Hospitality t0 Despite the fact that there was no school due to sewage problems the week of the dance, the show went on. The Christmas dance was held December 16, the last Friday before vacation started. The seniors gave up their "days off" to plan and decorate for the dance. The highlight of the dance was the crowning of Mr. and Miss Christmas. Mary Frontino and Fred Roberts received the honors from principal Robert Perkins. First runners up were Mark Radet and Jeanette Thomas. Spectra, a tock-n-toll band from Montgomery, performed at the dance. Refreshments were served by some sophomore girls. The seniors decorated the commons area with snowflakes hanging from the ceiling along with Christmas lights. Two candles and fresh pine, along with streamers decoratedsthe tables. Page 18, 1. Crowned ML and Miss Christmas were Fred Roberts and Mary Frontino with first runners up, jeanette Thomas and Mark Rader with principal Mr. Perkins. 2. Ann Brady seems to be enjoying the band as Greg Bishop gets caught off guard. 3. Deborah Burks and Ginger Rader help with the decorations at the dance. 4. Kim Arden talks with her boyfriend, Glenn Hypes, before having to take pictures of the Christmas Court. 18 junior Class at Annual Dance Page 19, 1. Tammy Hopkins, Angie Ahan, and Cindy Saber: have mixed emotions about the dance. 2. Sara Dooley and Kevin Ward discuss the Christmas decorations. 3. Scott Clevenger and Donna Duffield seem to be enjoying the dance, 4. Rocky Roberts and Mary Frontino are crowned Mr. and Miss Christmas by principal Robert Perkins. Cowards? N or Us! N CHS Proves Best of the County Page 20. 1. Is that "Boy George" of the Culture Club? No that's Angie Ahart dressed for "Rock with the Grizzlies" day. 2. Deca Club members show their enthusiasm after winning the spirit chain competition against Richwood. 3. School secretary Mrs. McCutcheon joins in the school spirit. 4. "Rock with the Grizzlies" was one of the more popular days in spirit week because the students went wild with the idea of wearing bizarre outfits. Page 21. Ljuniors really get into "Punk Rock" day! 2. Gina Staggs helps Mr. Pryor get a kick out of spirit week. 3. Cathy Grizzell shows her impersonation of a bear skin rug. 4. Despite the frigid weather, JoAnn Williams and Sheri Sparks enjoy the Grizzlies victory over the Lumberjacks. Spirit Week is one of the most memorable weeks in the school year. It is a time to show school Spirit by participating in various activities sponsored by the cheerleaders. The highlight of all this Spirit is the foot- ball game at the end of the week between the Nicholas Grizzlies and NCHS rivals, the Richwood Lumberjacks. The week was supposed to begin calmly with seniors wearing bandanas, juniors wear- ing sunglasses and sophomores wearing neck ties. BUT SINCE IT WAS HALLO- WEEN the Cheerleaders asked the teachers to come in costumes. Hilarious results oc- curred as most of the faculty members came to class wearing outrageous costumes rang- ing from doctors to punk rockers. On Tuesday jogging suits were worn. Wednesday was hat and t-shirt day. Thurs- day was "Rock with the Grizzlies" day. The students were to dress as their favorite rock star. Unbelievable results occurred from this spirit activity. Friday was the traditional Blue and Gold and Teddy Bear day. The whole week was a success and we beat the jacks. 21 22 MICHAEL jACKSON! That name has become a household word this year! Not only is he the number 1 favorite male singer at NCHS, he is also the number 1 singer across the nation! His album Thriller was the 7h album of the year, and the song "Beat It" from his album is the number 1 song here at NCHS. New wave Rock has become p0pular at NCHS too. Everybody across the nation has tuned in their radio stations to hear Foreign groups like Qiot Riot, Loverboy, and Men at Work. The most popular group here at NCHS is journey from Los Angeles, California. Other of the NCHS students this year are: General Hospital as the favorite Soap, The "A"-Team action adventure show for the favorite TV show, Dallas reigns as the favorite football Team, Levis top the jeans category and 94 FM-86 AM is the Favorite radio station. favorites ng Pat Bcnatar ' .e' ,9th Michaeljackson llBeat It" Thriller Dallas Cowboys. journey 9p: . 4, g t auALlry GLOV" "G ' ifkgd, w: g m Wkl m e m m Ml. Levi pQOi The punk look has gradually moved into the fashion style here at NCHS, tmostly torn sweatshirts and cropped pantsl Students took to wearing denim jackets and stylish boots this year too. More guys wore sweaters this year than in the past, along with sleeveless t-shirts advertising warmer days in the sun. Most girls went for the layered look twearing two to three shirts on top of each otheri, flat dress shoes, and unusually 59 l wild jewelry. . Though NCHS isn't ahead in the fashion scene as much as other schools, it still has a style of its own! Page 23: 1. Greg Bishop shows us the "preppy" style while munching on potato chi si 2. gusty Nichols and Judy Canaday relax in their fashionable clothes. Rusty, as well as other guys at NCHS, likes to wear Oxford cloth shirts and Levi jeans. judy is wearing a Union Bay denim jacket. 3. Popular clothes go with popular cars. These three NCHS students strike a pose next to the shiny Ford Mustang. Bert Selman wears a Striped sweater and dress pants, while Rob Dobson poses in his navy polo. Laura Williams wears an oxford shirt, with a polo beneath, a tie, and blue jean jacket. 23 24 Grizzly Community Keeps Track of World EVents JUNE 1983 19-24 Yearbook Camp - Wilmington Ohio JULY 1983 2 STYX Concert in Charleston 22 Rick Springfield Concert in Charleston 26-29 Cheerleading Camp Majorette Camp Majorettes at National Competition 10-15 Boys' Basketball Camp AUGUST 1983 2 Football starts 15 Girls' Basketball starts 8-13 Nicholas County Fair 20 22 Top and Sammy Hagar in Charleston 20-27 West Virginia State Fair 25-27 Underclass and Senior pictures taken Exhibition football game at Charleston SEPTEMBER 1983 1 First day of school 2 First football game - Pocahontas 4 Korean Airliner shot down by Russians 5 Labor Day 8 First girls' basketball game First pep rally Class rings ordered 10 Potato Festival Loverboy Concert in Charleston Rockin' Raft Race at Summersville Lake OCTOBER 1983 1 WVU beats Pitt, 24 to 21!!! 10 Iron Maiden and Quiet Riot in Charleston Freefare performs in NCHS auditorium 11 WVU ranked 144 in national football 16 Orioles Win World Series 22 161 Americans killed in Lebanon 24 Jessica Savitch, popular N BC newscaster killed in an automobile accident Parent-Teacher conference at NCHS First "English Fair" at NCHS 25 More bodies found in Lebanon; death toll reaches 215 Stevie Nicks and Joe Walsh Concert in Charleston 26 The Shakiest Gun in the West Vmovie! shown at NCHS Six killed, 8 missing in Grenada 28 Magazine sales start 'Teens To Europe' dance at Teen Center 31 Spirit Week begins First issue of the school paper 1' . NOVEMBER 1983 4 NCHS beats Richwood!!! Football season ends NCHS beats Richwood in Spirit Chain competition 11 Veterans Day - No school 15 Basketball practice begins 21 Thanksgiving Break 28 Yearbooks go on sale APRIL 1984 12 Movie 18 Cheerleading Try-outs 23 Easter Vacation Begins DECEMBER 1983 2 Magazine Assembly 3 Annual Christmas Parade in Summersville 6 Freaky Friday shown in auditorium 9 National Honor Society induction 12 Sewage problems cancel school until December 19 13 First wrestling match 17 First boys' basketball game 19 Return of "Compatibility Sheets" 23 Christmas vacation begins JANUARY 1984 MAY 1984 - 3 Return to school 5 Bar1d Fesnval 10 The Kinks concert in Charleston 7 MEJOretteS Try-Out 12 NCHS library floods 11junior1Senior Prom 16 No school - SNOW 16 Sh0w Choir Concerts 18 No school - More snow! Senior privileges begin 19 No school - AND MORE SNOW! 17 Sports Banquet 22 Super BOW! XVIII - L.A. Raiders Win 18 Show ChOir 24 End of First Semester 19 State track meet 25 Lionel Richie concert in Charleston 21 Senior Awards Day Second Semester Begins 22 Senior graduation practice 23 Last day for seniors FEBRUARY 1984 Senior exams 3 Semester grades go out 28 Memorial Day 9 N 0 school Zjazz Band 29 Concert Choir 22L 0 bM . eo u om JUNE1984 1 Graduation 5 Election Day 6 Underclass Exams 7 Last day for students 15 Last day for teachers " Alumnus of 1965, Fain Miller, is playing the part of Mike Roy, Erica's fiance? on All My Children MARCH 1984 1 Senior ranking 5 Chorus Concert 9 Show Choir Concert 7 Sectional Tournaments 16 Regional Tournaments 21 State Basketball Tournaments 27 First day of Class Tournaments 27 Seniors see The Taming of the Shrew in Charlesron 30 Last day of Class Tournaments If any NCHS student wanted to join a club, they had many to choose from. Wood Rich and I decided to "check-out" what it takes to join some of the organizations at Nicholas County High School. For just a few of the clubs, NCHS students were required to dress up, obey orders from the old club members, or have some type of required class as part of initiation. The N icholas County High School Band, with approximately 100 members, plays an important part in keeping the students in top Spirits. Besides marching in parades, the band competes in competitions across the state, plays during town and school pep meetings, and performs at half time at all football games and at the home boys' basketball games. It is the Nicholas Majorettes and Flag Corps members who add that needed color to the band's performances at the pep meetings and at halftime. The award-winning majorettes qualified for the National Majorette Competition by placing second and third in state competition onjune 25, 1983. While competing with 120 other groups from across the US. in North Carolina for the Nationals, the NCHS majorettes came home with fourth and fifth place awards. Throughout the 198584 school year, the Nichlosean yearbook staff stays busy taking pictures, writing copy, and putting together the yearbook that will help us to remember all the great times at NCHS. While keeping their eyes and ears open for any news that happens at school, the NCHS newsPaper staff stays busy all year long publishing the Gold and Blue Record every other month. 26 28 Choir Plans Trip to Florida Besides giving concerts, the NCHS Concert Choir, under the direction of Mr. Wayne Halstead, participated in "Music in our Schools" week, and the State Music Convention in which they were selected as an honor choir. Four students are also auditioning for WV All- State Chorus. Members of the Concert Choir are: Row 1: Sherry Meadows, Todd Harris, Gina Staggs, Gerald Knight, Lori Evans, David Eddleman, Angie Moore, Kevin Asbury, Amy Grose, Glenn Hypes, Vicki Neal, Wayne Rime, Leatha Shelton. Row 2: Anita Brown, Lovell Facemire, Teresa TayIOr, Mike Clackler, Martha Bassett, Rick Cutlip, Dreama Holems,john Hellms, Connie Hypes,jerry Holleman, Robin Bryant,Jeff DeMoss, Cathy Spencer. Row 3: Vicky Stewart, Brian Hoffman, Kim King, Greg Bennett, Lisa Barr, Harry Kelly, Lisa Kincaid, Mark Huffman, Diane Cook, Bryan McClung, Stephanie Truman, Scott Hanis, Brenda Sturgill. Row 4: Tammy Hellms, Roy Bostic, Marlene GroseJamey Foster, Lynette Lucas, Scott Coleman, Michelle DeBord, Tim Harris, Danny Hannah, Abby Willis, Tracy LuckyJudy Taylor, Nathan Hanshaw, Norscenia Perdue. Page 28: 1. Mr. Wayne Halstead, choir director, plays while the choir practices for a content. Page 29: 1. NCHS choir works hard perfecting a new song. 2. Singing solo is one of Tim Harris' favorite things to do. 3. Tammy Hellms and Kevin Asbury practice their dance techniques while singing at the same time. 30 The NCHS show choir is a selected group of people who have to audition for a few choice spots in the choir. Any concert choir student wishing to try out must audition and be approved by Mr. Wayne Halstead, director. Besides doing concerts for the NCHS stu- dent body, the NCHS show choir does various community performances. On February 18, they attended State Show Choir Competition at Buckhannon-Upshur High School. They also sang at Summersville Place twice this past year. They give an an- nual Christmas Concert to the public. Pg. 30: 1. Some guys in the show choir practice their routine for a concert. 2. Mr. Wayne Halstead concentrates on being the best, that's why he makes the show choir practice many long hours. 3. Kim King is shown putting her best foot forward. 4. The show choir practice one of their many routines that they do for an up- comming concert. Pg. 31: 1. Senior john Hellems takes time out from practice to pose for the - photographer. 2. Sherry Meadows and Kevin Asbury take pride in doing their best for the show choir. 3. Before a concert, the show choir girls rehearse one moze time. 4. Show choir can be loads of fun as these members show you. 5. Members of the Show Choir are: Sitting: Angie Moore, Tammy Hellms, Vicki Neal, Leatha Shelton, Martha Bassett, Diane Cook, Anita Brown, Norscenia Perdue, Kim King, and Sherry Meadows. Standing are: Mark Comer, Todd Harris, Scott Harris, Harry Kelly, Tim Harris, John Hellems, Tracy Lucky, Lovell Facemire, Brian Hoffman, Kevin Asbury, and jeffy DeMoss. V.: .n:-. w..::....:: i x. v 7 .. ti y Band Places First at Cherry River F estiva This year the NCHS Band consists of 75 members. It is the 7th year since Mnjohn Paff has been the director, and from his point of view, the band is improving greatly. "This year has been the best ever," he says. Through the course of the year the band will have per- formed in 7 parades not to mention the many times they have marched down Main Street for the pep rallies. They also perform at the home basketball games and at the pep meetings at school. The band has won a number of awards this year in- cluding: lst place at the Cherry River Festival, 3rd place at a band competition in Weston, and they won trophies at a competition at Gteenbrier East. During concert season the band prepares for the various concerts they will attend or give. This is a time that the members of the band can practice with different instruments and play different types of music. 1. MAJORETTES - Leatha Shelton, Gina Staggs, Angie Marsh iCo-Heady, Penni Facemire iHeacD, Tammy Hopkins, Lori Keenan, Missy Griffin. FLAG CORPS - Sherri Ellison iCaptaini, Vonda Barnhouse, Teresa Stover, jeanette Thomas, Susan Key, Robin Truman, Bev Barnette, Debbie Love. PERCUSSION e Keith Rogers, Brian McCiung, Wendy Loss, Lori Hypes, David jones, Missy Hypes, Dwayne Tanner, William Long. Left Side: Front Row: Lisa Bradshaw, Lori Sebert. Gaylene Pyles, Diana Grose, Laura Coff. man, Kim Smith, Esterjohnson, Rebecca McMillion, Robexta Selman,jim- my Shumate. Second Row: Peggy Phillips, Donna Hughes, Robbie Morris, jon Groves, Tina MCClung, Larry Adkins. Third Row: B. J. Brown, Mark Brown, Jeff Buckland, Kathy Phillips, Jody Shaffer, Brian Burke, Brian Lewis. Right Side: Front Row: Toni Neal, Diane Hypes, Sherry Meadows, Barbie King, Kim Ayers, Ruth Ramsey, Kim Beaver. Third Row: Mr. Paff, Keith Ingalls, Belinda Corbitt, Debbie Tucker, David DeBoard, Terri Rudsell, Sonya O'Dell, Michelle Beam. 2. Diane Hypes concentrates on nothing but her music while performing at halftime. 32 1. Missy Hypes does her best with the symbols for the band at a football game. 2. Peggy Phillips marches down Main Street during the an- nual Christmas Parade. 3. Some drummers for the band take time out to clown around before performing at halftime. 4. Vicki Neal and Martha Robinson take a break after a long day of marching. Page 54, L Jamie Foster and David DeBord wait patiently to perform at halftime. 2. During the town pep meetings, NCHS Band members express their spirit by wearing blue and gold colors when matching in the parades. 3. Robbie Morris is always cool when he marches in the band'. 4. Sherry Meadows concentrates on staying in step during the annual Potato Festival parade. 4- 5. Preparing to perform at halftime the band marches around the track. 34 Page 35, 1. Roberta Selman and Esterjohnson pay attention to Mr. Past directing at a performance in town. 2. There's a lot of chaos before a parade but William Long looks as if he s in total control. 3. Marian Herndon and Belinda Corbitt march down Main Street with the band. 4. Kim Beaver and Tammy Bell lead the band by carrying the ban- ner that says it all! 35 Flag Corps Finishes Fourth Year Page 36: Picture 1. Susan Key and Beverly Barnett take time out for some fun before a football game. 2. Beverly Barnett performs a routine on the Courthouse lawn at the Potato Festival. 3. Sheri Ellison and Teresa Stover wait for the parade to begin. 4Jeanette Thomas marches with her flag through the Potatoe Festival. Page 37: 1. Some flag corps members "carry on" while waiting for halftime. 2. Robin Truman performs on the Courthouse lawn at the annual Christmas Parade. 3. Debbie Love stands perfectly still before the flag corps performance begins. 'fvmir ,h 36 This makes the Flag Corps' 4th year at NCHS. They add color to the band by their designed outfits and flags. They begin practicing at the beginning of the summer and perform at all the football games, pep rallies, parades, and several basketball games. The corps consist$ 0f 8 members. This year they are: Head - Sheri Ellison, Co-Head - Teresa Stover, Debbie Love, Vonda Barnhouse, Susan Key, Beverly Barnett, jeanette Thomas, and Robin Truman. 37 ajorettes Place 4th and 5th in N ationals! 2 Being an NCHS Majorette may be fun, but many long hours and hard work are put in. Injune when the other students look forward to their summer break these girls Start practice for the next school year. They support NCHS by performing during halftime at football games, school pep meetings, town pep meetings and in parades. In the summer, the girls went to the Smith Walbridge Camp for majorettes and received the Most Improved award out of all the schools there. june 25, the Majorettes traveled to the Drum Ma- jorettes of America State competition in Mineral Wells, WV. They placed 2nd in the High School team and 3rd in the dance-twirl competition. On August 6th and 7th they went to the Drum Ma- jorettes of America National Competition in Boiling Springs, North Carolina. They received 4th place award for the High School competition and 5th place for the strutt Team. Page 38, 1A The NCHS Majorettes enjoyed dressing up as elves dur- ing the Christmas Parade. They are: Penni Facemire, Angie Marsh. Leatha Shelton, Tammy Hopkins, Lori Keenan, Missy Griffin, and Gina Staggs. 2. Angie Marsh. Penni Facemire and Leatha Shelton perform during a. pep meeting. 3. Tammy Hopkins enjoys performing during halftime at Football games. 4. Leatha Shelton and Lori Keenan love to perform but sometimes you just got to take a break! 5. Penni Facemire leads the majorettes in a routine at a pep meeting. Page 39, 1. Penni Facemire smiles as she ends a routine. 2. Missy Griffin experiences her First year as an NCHS Majorette while performing during halftime at a football game. 3. Leatha Shelton watches the rest of the parade after she finished performing. This year the FHA club has expanded to FHIVHERO. FHAiHERO - Future Homemakers of AmericaiHome Economics Related Occupations because two boys have joined. The club has been open for anyone in the past but this is the first year any bOy has chosen to join. FHAiHERO has been active this year. They made projects at Christmas for the teachers. They had a Christmas party and elected officers. The club also made plans to honor the senior members with awards in the spring. 3. Page 40, 1. FHAiHERO members this year are: 1st Row: Teresa Harlow,janie Stewart,jill Hughes, Lisa McKinney, Brenda Sturgill, and Connie Corbin. 2nd Row: Advisor Mrs. Pugh, Larry Lavancher, Kelly James, Wanda McCIanhan, Lydia Burkholder, Beth Fosters 3rd Row: Sharon Dodrill, Manervia Cooper, Sherry Hellms, and Advisor Mrs. Berry. 2. FHIVHERO Officers for 83-84 are: Vice President - Connie Corbitt, Secretary e- Cindy Sebert, President e Lisa McKinney, Vice President of Na- tional and State Projects -Jill Hughes. 2nd Row: Reporter -janie Stewart, Treasurer - Teresa Harlow, and Historian - Brenda Sturgill. 3. Wanda McClanhan and Manervia Cooper enjoy some snacks at the Club's Christmas party. 4. Lisa McKinney pours herself some punch at the FHIVHERO Christmas party. 40 Future Teachers Plan Careers Teaching Summersville Grade School students, and selling Falor Mints and Caramel Clusters were a couple of the activities sponsored by the Future Teachers of America this year. Students in this club also help the faculty by grading papers and substitute teaching. The future teachers gain points for membership by doing this work. Sponsored by Mrsjudy Sparks, Future Teachers of America learn skills and gain experience in the education field. 1. Front Row: Angie IrvingJoanne Williams, Sherry Meadows, Mrs. Sparks, Deloris Turley, Angie Hall, Sandy Butler. Second Row: Barbara Martin, Marlene Grose, Sherri Sparks, Cathy Smith, Dawn Lilly, Wendy Selbe. 2. Left to Right: Malene Grose, Sherry Meadows e Secretary, Cathy Smith - President. ' 3. Sherri Sparks asks Mrs. Sparks when the next meeting will be held. 4. Cathy Smith tries her hand at teaching. 5. Sherry Meadows takes toll in English class. I at ewnhmp ummj, J A f. f e mi 41 42 Garden Club Keeps This year's Garden Club worked hard on many projects. Their workshops started in September with the making of cloth flowers for the senior citizens in the hospital. Every year during the Holiday season, Christmas ornaments are made for the teachers. This year's ornaments were walnuts painted to look like strawberries. The girls made bunny rab- bits out of baby food jars and filled them with candy to take to the senior citizens at Easter. Along with these projects they plant flowers in front of the school and the hospital. The bird feeder, which is located off the patio at the end of the school was donated this past year by the Garden Club. The 1983-84 Officers for the Garden Club this year are: President - Michelle Field, Vice President - Penni Facemire, Secretary - Winnie Martin, and Treasurer Ann Brady. Page 42, 1. This year the 1983-84 Garden Club members are: lst Row: Gina Staggs, Sheri Bowels, Cindy Sebert, Sara Dooley and Kim Ardeni 2nd Row: Tammy Bell, Dee Dee Racer, Winnie Martin, Teresa Adkins, Patti justice, and Anita Keith. 3rd Row: Advisor Mrs. Rosemary Drennen, B. J. Brown, Stephanie Truman, Lynn Butler. Michelle Underwood, Wendy Loss, and Ann McCoviak. 2. Senior Girls sit around and that during a Christmas party for the Garden Club. 3. The rest of the 83-84 Garden Club members are: lst Row: Rachel Lamb, Mary Beime, Mandy Farthing, Deborah Burks, Tammy Hopkins. 2nd Row: Kim King, Lora Taylor, Lori Keenan, Leatha Shelton, Ann Brady, Lisa McKinney, and Karen Boggess, 3rd Row: Cindy Bush, Lisa Rader, Cheryl Stover, Melinda Bond, Paula McCoy, Lee Skoczen, Michelle Field, and Penni Facemire. 4. Lynn Butler works very hard on a wreath at one of the Christmas workshops. uGrowing" Candystripers Learn N ursing Responsibilities Candy Stripers are a group of N.C.H.S. girls who do voluntary work at Summersville Memorial Hospital. After an orientation by Mrs. Mary Stalnaker, Nursing director at Summersville Memorial Hospital, the girls can be a lot of help. They F111 water pitchers, help clean rooms, Cheer up patients, run errands and learn the respon- sibilities of Nursing. The girls get no money for their long hours, the work is purely voluntary. They do receive free meals while working. When a Candy Striper completes 50 hours of voluntary services she is awarded a Cap. After 100 hours she receives a pin. Caps and pins are provided by Mt. Azalea Garden Club, the club's sponsor. Mrs. Rosemary Drennen is the faculty advisor. 1. Mrs. Rosemary Drennen adviser for the club has a desk full of work to do. 2. Keeping a patient company is a lot of fun for Tammy Hopkins. 3. Roberta Selmon stays busy as she fills water pitchers. 4. Roberta Selmon and Tammy Hopkins discuss their afternoon duties. KKK w? r M I 5;. 1 43 Office workers help to keep things running smoothly in the office. They pick up absence slips and run errands for teachers and secretaries. They help with filing, typing, the mail, and selling lunch tickets. They do all the odds and ends that need to be done. 1. Front row: Michelle Underwood,jennifer Fryer, Vicki Hancock, Sara Dooley, BJ. Brown. Back row: Dawn Lilly, Sharon Dodrill, Debra But- cher, Wendy Seibe, Connie johnson. 2. Office workers this year are: Dawn Lilly, Wendy Selbe, Connie johnson, Michelle Underwood, Vicki Hancock, B J. Brown, Sara Dooley,jennifer Pryor, Sharon Dodrill, and Debra Butcher. 3. Everyone gets disgusted with their boss as Vicki Hancock and Connie johnson demonstrate. 4. What is that around Michelle Underwood's neck? A wreath? Library Club Boasts State President The Library Club is an organization formed to help students learn the basics of library work and to assist Miss Butcher, the school librarian. Throughout the year the assistants check books in and out, organize magazines and quiet loud students. Last April Vonda Barnhouse was elected State Presi- dent for the State Conference this year. The Con- ference, held March 29 to the Slst at Cedar Lakes, will consist of 4 workshops, a guest speaker, and entertain- ment. Because Vonda was elected president she had to prepare plans for the conference in March. To take a break from the hectic work, the club goes bowling in the fall, and in the Spring they go on a picnic. 4. Page 45: 1. Library Club consists of Front Row: Marlene Grose, Tammy Hellms, janie Grose, Sam Marton, Lisa Dodrill. Middle Row: Libraxian, Mrs. Butcher, Annette Keenan,-jay Nowak, Lori Meadows, Lisa Bradshaw, Mary Spinx. Back Row: Clifford Bennet, Donnie McClung, Vonda Barnhouse, Jimmie Williams, Mark Board, Sonja McClung, Anitia Brown, Tom Sigman, Anitia Nicholas,Jeff Morris. 2. Mrs. Butcher takes time out from her busy work to his her nails. 3. After the ceiling in the library fell because of frozen water pipes the library assistants had to Save the Books! 4. Annette Keenan assists a boy in checking out a book. 45 FBLA has been one of the most active clubs at NCHS. In October, they had a Halloween costume party. The members who attended came dressed in wild and scary outfits. On November 17, they had a covered dish dinner for Thanksgiving. Both parties were held at the high school. During the Christmas season FBLA members purchased gifts for the needy Children at Muddlety Grade School. They also sold Kit-n-Kaboodle gifts to raise money for scholarships for the senior members of the Club. FBLA made it possible for the members with a business mind to compete in sectional and state competition at Concord State College and Marshall University. All FBLA clubs can enter if they choose to. In February the Club had a Valentine dinner. And in the Spring FBLA planned to take a field trip to visit a business. For the 1983-84 year the club consists of 81 members. The officers are: President e Kim Clemens, Vice President - Kim Arden, Secretary - Mary Beitne, and Treasurer - Sheri Beam. 3. Page 46: 1, Members of the 1983-84 FBLA Club are: 15t Row: Sara Dooley, Cathy Hughes. Dawn Bell. Vicki Hancock. Penny Morris, Susie johnson. Kelly Dorsey. Tammy Hopkins, Sheri Bowles, Kim Arden. 2nd Row: Beth Foster. Connie Hypes. Melinda Hayes, Michelle Scott, Tammy Hanshaw. Denise Smith. Michelle Clevenger. Paula McCoy. Penni Morris.Judy Williams. Lora Taylor. 3rd Row: Advisor Mrs. Gtoves,judy Woods, Batbnta MartinJanie Grose. Maria Argento. Lisa Collins. Norma Hanshaw, Lisa Bond. Sheri Sparks. Teri Smith. Lora Wilhams. 4th Row: Advisor Mrs. Taylor. Teri Davis. Lora Conley. ConnicJohnson, Anita Keith, Ginger Radar. Karen Hypes. Brenda Tinncl. Stephanie Truman. Barbie King. Adviser - Mrs. Roberts. 5th Row: jamie Foster. Dawn Lily.John GIOVCL Mikv: RichardsJudy Taylor. and Adviser h Mrs. Dusky, 1 Row 1: Cindy Bush, Leatha Shelton, Cindy Sebert, Mary Beime. Patti Justice. Winnie Martin. Cathy Brown, Tammy Bell 2nd Row: Christy Vines, Michelle Underwood. Penni Facemlre. Lori Keenan, Mandy Farthing, Rachel Lamb, Beth Basham, Mary Frontino, Sheri Beam. Aimee Talerico. Mandy Foster, Dee Dee Racer, Kim Clemmens. Debbie Dooley and Annette Keenan. s.sheti Beam and Mrst Taylor rush to organize the boxes of Kit-n-Kaboodle that FBLA sold at Christmas. 4. Mary Beitne seems as if her mind is wandering to far away places at the Halloween party for FBLAt Page 47: 1. Ma Kettle tMichelle Clevengco tells Pa hMichelle Underwoodt that that's a NO, NO. 2. Advisor Mrs. Taylor got a bit wet after she dunkcd for an apple at the Halloween party, 1 Sara Dooley gets the apple of her choice. 4. FBLA members pose in their Halloween costumes while taking : btcak from eating. They are: Leatha Shelton, Kim Arden. Sara Doolcy. Michelle Clevengcr. Michellc Underwood, 2rd Tctti Russcll. 48 Athletic Department Depends on N ine Club Nine Club is a group of girls, sponsored by Mrs. Marguerite Halstead, who devote much of their time helping with school activities. They take up tickets at all home foot- ball and basketball games. To raise money for the Nine Club they sell mums for the Homecoming Game. They also take donations from local merchants in order to present the foot- ball and basketball teams with treats at Christmas and Hallo- ween. These girls are Chosen during their Sophomore year ' according to academic achievement and personality. 1' Male" .CJLL i f ; i. P 4! w i jwrilj :1 if 2. 1. Nine Club member Kathy Keiper takes up tickets at the Richwood game. 2. Tammy Bell and Dee Dee Racer help raise money f9: the athletic depart- ment by selling NCHS hats and T-shirts. 3. Angie Bailes, president of Nine Club, takes her tum working at the Brax- ton game. Front Row: Mandy Foster, Angie Bailes, Kim Clemens, and Sherrie Beam. Back Row: B. J. Brown, Kathy Keiper, Tammy Bell, Sponsor Mrs. Marguerite Halstead, Dee Dee Racer, and Annette Keenan. 1.: . rx m . J 1. One of the responsibilities of being 3 Nine Club member is to sell programs and take up tickets. This is demonstrated by Mandy Foster. 2. Kim Clemens takes time to make up a working schedule for the Nine Club members. 49 Honor Society Serves School The NCHS National Honor Society is a service organization that students with scholastic and leadership abilities are Chosen by the faculty and inducted into the club their senior year. To be eligible, students must have a 9296 grade average, a 9096 conduct grade average, and be active in many activities. Some duties that the National Honor Society members perform are: working in the concession stand during home football and boys' basketball games, and showing parents around at the patent- teachers conference. Scholarships are awarded to the deserving senior members at the end of the school year. 2. 1. Mrs. Sharon Roberts makes popcorn during a home boys' basketball game. 2. Sherrie Beam makes one of her customers an "RC" at a home basketball game. 3. At one of the basketball games, Vicki Neal and Tim Har- ris discuss how much they were told to sell the merchandise for. 44 Members of the National Honor Society are: Front Row: Scott Harris, Angie Bailes, Mandy Foster, Pam Hanshaw, Tim Harris. Second Row: Kim Clemens, Donna Hughes, Martha Bassett, Christy Vines, jennifet Pryor, Mandy Far- ' thing. Third Row: Alice Hayes, Kim Arden, Vickie Neal, Lenora Taylor, Peggy Phillips, Michelle Field, Maggie Crab- tree. Fourth Row: Kevin Ward, Keith Ingels, Ann Brady, Sherrie Beam, Lora Connell, Donna Duffleld, Penni Facemite, Cathy Smith, Andrew Talkington tpresidenQ. DECA Members Practice Marketing Skills DECA, short for Distributive Education Clubs of America, is a relatively new club at NCHS. Ms. Kathy Wilson, sponsor, has members stay active by selling candy, tumblers, and other items to help send DECA members to competition throughout West Virginia and neighboring states. Approximately twenty members go to state DECA competition in Charleston each spring in March. 1. Club Members are: ls: Row: Patrick Chapman,joe Donaldson, Ms. Kathy Wilson, club sponsor;John Groves. Second Row: Tam- my Mullens, Brad Neff, TJ. Gregory, Kevin Gr0ves, Kevin Huff- man, Susan Key. Third Row: Steve Hughes, Danny Nutter, Rodney Blankenship, Pam Rose, Gidget Baker, Delores Turley. Fourth ' Row: Kathy Johnson, Renee Parkins, Chrissy Garbutt, Tommy Bryant,Jill Hughes, Connie Bailes, Kathy Keiper. Fifth ROW: Kelly DOrsey, Sherri Sparks, Lora Taylor, and Lou Vickers. 2. Club Members are: First Row: Lisa Brown, Kim Ayers, Martha Bassett. Ginger Rader, Donna Duffleld, Brenda Tinnel. Second Row: Cindy Rose, Sherry Meadows, Cindy Harrison, Connie Cor- bitt, Missy Young. Third Row: Tina Bosely, Lisa Brown, Lisa Tin- ney, Debbie Case, Gerald Knight, Eugene Thomas, Bert Selman. Fourth Row: Clifford Bennett, Stew Chapman, John Hamon, johnny Stewart. 3. Ms. Kathy Wilson's dynamic personality keeps DECA running smoothly. 4. TJ. Gregory and Diane Hypes show their enthusiasm in DECA by putting up a bulletin board. 5. Officers for DECA are: Front Row: Kathy Keiper, Brenda Tinnel, Tammy Mullens. Back Row: Martha Bassett, Eugene Thomas, Sherry Meadows. French Club Begins With New Sponsor The French Club will be forming 2nd semester. They will plan activities and elect officers. Some of the fund raising activities will be to sell Candy, have bake sales and to wash cars. They are under a new advisor Mr. Benjamin Muto. He is also the new French teacher. 1. Teacher Mr. Benjamin Muto shows his class a new French magazine. 2. Rebecca McMillion and Tammy Hopkins ask jim Hamilton and Rusty Nichols their opinion on a French meeting. I 3. Front Row: Angie Hall, Sherri Keenan, Penni Morris, Lisa Pierson, Tammy Vance, Tammy Hopkins, Sherry Meadows. Second Row: Tom King, Diana Grose, Lisa Nicholas,judy Canaday, Rebecca McMillion, Christi Garbutt, Mike Clackler, Kevin Ward. m l PAL Club Prove Pets Are Lovable The PAL TPets Are LovableT Club, again this year, raised money to help and support the Nicholas County Humane Society. The club belongs to the Animal Protec- tion Institute and participates in "Be Kind to Animals Week." The club may also go to the grade schools to have the students draw their favorite animal. The PAL Club was organized by Mrs. Rebecca Dilley. The club members are: Donna Shaffer, president; David Nichols, Kendra Williams, Timjarret, Debbie Archer, David Deal, juanta Nichols, and jeanie Dorsey. 5H3. m . 1. Club Members Left to Right arezjuanita Nichols,jeanie Dorsey, Debbie Archer, Donna Shaffer, and David Deal. 2. Club Members Left to Right are: David Nichols, Kendra Williams, and Timjarrett. 5. PAL Club sponsor Rebecca Dilley shows a magazine to her Club members. 4. Debbie Archer, Donna Shaffer, and Tim jarrett put seeds in the bird feeder. 5. The PAL Club members ride in the potato festival parade on their decorated truck. News Staff Gains Firsthand Experience The Gold and Blue Retard newspaper staff has a lot of fun throughout the year, but they do a lOt of hard work too. They learn the basics of writing stories, designing layouts, and editing and proofreading. They also learn how to sell ads. When it comes to a deadline, the staff really has to buckle down and get their stories, ads, and any pictures they need in. In the Spring after the newspapering has been mastered, Ms. Hershman teaches the staff the basics of designing the yearbook. Page 54: 1. The Gold and Blue staff for 83-84 includes: Front Row: Michele Keaton, Lynn Butler, Winnie Mar- tin, Michelle Field, Patti justice, Janie Stewart, Cheryl Stover. 2nd Row: Tom Sigman, Brad Ritchie. Back Row: Ann Brady, Mary Frontino, Kelly Tucker, Grant Bishop, and Lori Milan. 2. Front Row: Tom Bailey, Bobby Pierson, Connie Bailes, Tammy Nichols,Jamie Hines. Back Row: Cathy Keenan, judy Canaday, Melinda Hayes, Angie Savage, Michelle DeBord, Martha HannaJeanie Dorsey. 3A'For the Christmas parade, some members of the staff participated in marching down Main Street to help sup- port the Humane Society. The elves, tMichele Keaton, and Lynn Butle0 guide the reindeer tPattijustice and Winnie Martinh down the road. - I 4. "Oh, No! That's wrong!" exclaims Kelly Tucker as Brad Ritchie tries to lay out the sports page for the paper. 54 Yearbook Staff Races to Meet Deadlines Chaos! Toral Chaos! is what the 1983-84 yearbook staff is, hespecially when it gets close to a deadlineN Ms. Margaret Her- shman, the advisor says she will go crazy, but somehow, someway, the staff always manages to come through! The work they do is sometimes very difficult. They take and choose pictures, design layouts and write cepy and captions. In the spring after the last deadline has been taken care of, the staff begins planning next year's book. Page 55: 1. The 83-84 Yearbook Staff consists of: Is: Rowzjames Corbitt, Greg Bish0p,'Tim Comer, Tom Sigman. 2nd Row: Beth Neff, Christy Vines, Winnie Mar- tin. 3rd Row: Sara Dooley, Alice Hayes, Cathy Grizzell, Paula McCoy, and Kim Arden. 2. During summer vaCation at Ms. Hershman's house, Steve Copeland thinks of ideas for the upcoming yearbook. 3. When Cathy Grizzell becomes frustrated over yearbook deadlines she resorts to chewing on grease pencils. 4. Michelle Field checks out some pictures for the yearbook. 55 Leo Active in Community Service The Leo Club is a civil organization sponsored by the Summersville Lion's Club. Leo members work during the Potato Festival, sponsor an Easter egg hunt for the com- munity, and have a community Halloween party. Rewards for Leo Club members are scholarships which are awarded to deserving senior members. The fifteen select members are Chosen by Damon Hanshaw, Leo Club Sponsor. 1. Mr. Damon Hanshaw, Leo Club sponsor, works on annual Easter egg hunt plans 2. First Row: Martha Robinson, Angie Marsh, Kristine McCue, Annette Keenan, and Tracy Lucky. Second Row: Mike Richards, Rebecca McMillion, Jimmie Williams, Robert Shaffer, and Mark Board. Third Row: Mary Cline, Barbara King, Sandy Gray, Sherri Sparks, and Steven Reed. 3. Martha Basset: and Angie Marsh make plans for the annual Nicholas County Potato Festival six mile run. 4.jimmy Williams makes plans for the Leo Club to meet with the Summersville Lions Club. Thespians Produce Local History Play Thespians, the high school drama grOup, study acting techniques and stage production in their meetings. This year the group's largest commitment was producing Midniglzt Crusade, a drama written by club advisor Damon Hanshaw. The play follows the story of two girls murdered by Indian raiders in the 1800's. 1. Letting emotions show is part of good acting. Here a drama club member demonstrates her anguish. 2. Tony Hess practices his scalping technique for his upcoming part as an Indian murderer in Midnight Crumde. 5. Practicing their lines over and over is how an actor lives his part. Tommy Bryant prac- ' tices during his lunch hour. Thespian members for the 1984 year are, Front Row: Rebecca McMiIIion, Angie Marsh, Kristine McCue. Second Row: David Hanks, Gaylene Pyles, Sheri Bowles, Lydia Burkholder. Third Row: Gary Welch, Shelly Brady, Sarah Morton, Penny Morris. Back Row: Beth Foster, Rhonda Brown, and Michelle Beam 57 Bummers! Bummers! Bummers! l vHaving to work on the night of the dance. 'lSpending the day washing your car and it rains that night. tWaking up to 4 inches of snow and the radio announcer says, "There will be school in Nicholas Co. today!" mAccepting a babysitting job and have the guy you've liked all year finally ask you our. 'KNOI doing your homework just this one time because your History teacher never checks it, and this time he does. hWorking for hours to finish your report and leaving it on the kitchen table. lEvery Monday morning! 'lPlanning a long, fun weekend with your friends and no one Can get the car. alRain on Senior Skip Day. llGoing back to bed after the alarm rings for just one more minute, and you wake up an hour later. tGoing to the closet and all your jeans are dirty because you left them stuffed behind the bed. 'KBuying something expensive, and it goes on sale the next day. tRunning 55 yds. for a touchdown and Find out there was a flag on the play. tGoing t0 the store to buy a new bathing suit in the middle of the summer, and all the stores have out is their new line of winter clothes. $Leaving your favorite hang-out when the person you went to see is just coming m. tBelow zero weather and several inches of snow on Saturday. Winding out there's no school after you are already dressed and ready to go. tGetting caught making out in the halls! 'lBeing late for class and having to get an admit. 'Senior term papers! mSemester ECSESi 'Breaking up with your boylgirl friend and seeing them with someone else. Wlaving a test in every Class all on the same day. tComing to school the day after you get a permanent. 'tWhen your parents work at your school and know everything you do. tWhen your parents hate the person you're in love with. tHaving a runner in your hose. mForgetting to zip your pants. tOpening your locker and having all your books fall out. 'KHavlng to take a test on your lunch hour. Every sporting activity in which a Nicholas student participates is considered to be a special event for the Nicholas student body, faculty, and the community. Before the 1983-84 school year began,jack Lumber and I were able to sneak into the school and get our hands on one of the coaches' sports' calenders. With the given dates we knew when the football, basketball, golf and wrestling practices began. Football practice began early in August. We stood back and watched as over 45 guys piled onto the field for their first hot, grueling day of practice. When their season finally began, all those hours of practice paid off. The football team finished with a winning season of six wins and only four V losses. As the Girls' Basketball season progressed with a victorious season, the attendance at each game increased. In each game the Grizzly Gals demonstrated what it took to make a prize team with their dribbling and shooting skills. For the first time in history the Nicholas Golf Team began their season in the falljack Lumber and I hid behind some of the pine trees at Nicholas County Memorial Park and watched as the golf team competed in a match against Richwood. Even though the golf team was small in number and had only three returning lettermen, the team finished with seven victories. November 15, the Boy's Basketball Team began practice everyday after school. ApprOXimately 35 bOys went out for the team and 21 were accepted. To improve their basketball I skills the team lifted weights, ran laps in the gym and participated in "jazzercise." Making sure no One discovered our presence,jack Lumber and I attended the first practice of the Nicholas Wrestling Team on November 15. As we watched the team we detected a dedication that could make this group of boys a coach's dream. When our detective work on the sporting activities finally ended, we came to the conclusion that each NCHS team contained those needed ingredients to have a victorious season. Varsity Cheerleaders Strive for MoreSchool Spirit 2. The Varsity Cheerleaders do "Up and down cheer" at the Pocahontas Pep Meeting. 3. Varsity Cheerleaders build a pyramid at a town pep meeting. 4. The cheerleaders try to keep up the spirit despite the freezing cold rain. 1. Head cheerleader Arm Brady does "VICTORY" for the seniors during class competition. 2. Senior Michelle Field, co-head cheerleader, cheers during a town pep meeting. 3. At the first town pep meeting, Cathy Grizzell does "We're Heading For Success." 4'. During a home football game, Senior Mary Beirne salutes the flag while the National Anthem is played. 5. Mandy Farthing stretches out to warm up for a pep meeting. 6. Rachel Lamb takes a break during halftime. 7. Mary Frontino shouts, "Wait for me" as the rest of the cheerleaders start without her. 8. During halftime, Deborah Burks takes a drink. 63 junior Varsity Cheerleaders Double Their Responsibilities junior Varsity cheerleaders are: Left to Right: Angie Powell, Cathy Brown, Marta Brown, Aimee Talerico tHeadL Tammy Mullens tCmHeadl Annie Mackovich, Wendy Loss, and Rhoda Brown. N. . ' , 7 V K'L m $32: 1;; g i 1 $331 w: ' 1. The junior varsity cheerleaders tide through the Homecoming Parade. Head Cheerleader, Aimee Talerico was unable to cheer because she was representing the sophomore class as Homecoming Princess. 2. Before a home basketball game, the junior varsity prac- tice one of their stunts that they will do during the game. 3, At a homej.V. football game the junior varsity do one of their many cheers that they do to boost the spirit of the teamt " ! 1. Sephomore Marta Brown hopes the Grizzlies make a basket. 2. Not feeling well, Rhoda Brown sits Out the rest of thej.V. football game. 3. Angie Powell Cheers on the Grizzlies while play- ing at Braxton County. 44 Cheering can be lots of fun as sophomore Cathy Brown can show you. 5. Cheering for the Grizzlies, Wendy Loss cheers at a home girls' basketball game. 6.junior Tammy Mullens shows her spirit at aj.V. basketball game. 7. Head J.V. cheerleader Aimee Talerico watches as the Braxton cheerleaders do a Stunt. 65 Cheerleaders Change From Three Squads to Two Squads To eliminate competition among the three previous squads iVarsity, junior Varsity and Girls' Basketball Cheerleaders; School Officials decided to have two squads, Varsity and Junior Varsity. Each squad has eight cheerleaders, this enables the squads to do more and have bigger stunts. Both squads had to raise money for new uniforms and for camp. They went to town businesses asking for donations, 1 had car washes, and also bake sales. The 83-84 varsity squad attended camp at Randolph- Macon Women's College in Virginia. They received 4 blue ribbons, 4 spirit sticks, and they were to compete in the Award of Excellence run-off. The junior varsity squad attended camp at W.V. Weslyan College, but only 3 girls out of 8 could attend. They were awarded 2 red ribbons, and one spirit stick. After returning from camp, both squads started practicing every day to prepare for their first game. 1. The varsity squad shows their spirit by yelling chants through the homecoming parade. 2.junior varsity squad ride through the homecoming parade to show their Spirit. 3. Before the homecoming game against Valley, the varsity cheerleaders snuggle close to keep warm. 4. The junior varsity watch the varsity squad do their dance routine during a summer practice. 5. At Richwood, the varsity squad and jill Hughes show off their trephy that NCHS won by having the longest spirit chain. h , 1 Mat Maids Raise Wrestling Spirit Matmaids raise wrestling spirit by making posters and giving the team parties. At the home matches the matmaids serve drinks and fruit to the wrestlers of both teams. t They also run the clock, keep score, and col- lect money at the door -for admission. The t six matmaids are: Belinda Corbitt, Katie Col- t lins, Lee Skoczen, Stephanie Hellems, Beth Neff, and Heather jenkins. They are chosen by wrestling coachJohn Lewis, and sponsor, Karen King. 1. The 1983-84 Matmaids are: Front Row: Katie Collins, Lee Skoczen, Stephanie Hellems. Back Row: Belinda Corbitt, Heatherjenkins, and Beth Neff. 2. Beth Neff and Heatherjenkins make posters before a match. 3. Katie Collins and Lee Skoczen take up money before a match. 4. Making posters is a lot of fun as senior Lee Skoczen shows you. 5. Belinda Corbin makes a poster to raise the wrestling spmt. A Day in the Life There is more to being a coach at Nicholas County High School than meets the public eye. Long, hard hours of practice are put into the formation of a team. Then it comes time to put all the training, drills, and coaching to the test as each Grizzly team begins their season. When the team is having a victorious season, a coach is always praised, supported and loved by the community. But if the team is having a slow season, the coach must Carry the burden of having his team and himself ignored and hated. It is a coach's duty to see that each member of his team carries his own load, but more important - that they work as a team. Every NCHS coach takes it upon himself to see that their plays will give them a victory over the opposing team. He must make up the team's schedule, plays, and even some quick strategy when it looks as if the team is facing defeat. When a problem arises within the team, everyone is affected; the team, the coach, and even his family. But when it comes time for the Grizzlies to perform, every NCHS coach takes it upon himself to see that all problems are set aside till after the game. As the season draws to a close, every coach can look back and remember each game e whether it was a victory or a defeat. He remembers each play, the attendance of the community but more im- portant, he remembers the formation of his "team!" Page 68: 1. The Grizzly match against the Richwood Lumberjacks has NCHS wrestling coachjohn Lewis sitting on the edge of his seat. 2. Besides coaching the girls' basketball team, Miss Karen King organized volleyball games which were played at noon over a period of several weeks. She put in long hours of hard work drawing up a schedule and lining the court. 3.junior varsity basketball coach, Mr. Mark Redden gives his team some last minute ad- vice before they go onto the court. Page 69: 1. Besides spending a lot of time hitting golf balls off of the tees at Nicholas County Memorial Golf Course, Nicholas golf coach, Mnjoe Dooley spends a lot of class periods teaching students how to maneuver a cat. 2. During a time-out, Varsity basketball coach, C. W. Powell gives Greg Bishop an of- fensive play that will put the Grizzlies in a seven point lead over the Midland Trail Patriots. 3. Before a pep meeting, head football coach, Randy Rutherford awaits the arrival of the student body. 4. Football coaches Mark Redden, Randy Rutherford. and his daughter Megan, spend the evening watching a wrestling match. 68 I of 21 Nicholas Coach There are always some people who get all the praise and glory for the parts they play in helping with activities and sporting events, but there are those who are "Behind the Scenes" who get very little recognition. Some students at NCHS use a class period to act as a teacher's aide. just a few of their responsibilities include grading papers, running errands and putting up bulletin boards. There are also those who stay behind the scenes at sport- ing events who take up money and tickets, run the clock, help manage the team, and do the statistical work. People Behind the Scene 21x20?" ou ty High School Page 70: 1. While taking up money at a home basketball game, Mrs. Rosemary Drennen rushes to pick up her spilled popcorn before anyone notxces. 2. After a basketball game, Michelle Underwood retraces her statistics hoping to find her error. SJamie Foster helps run the clock during a Grizzly game. 4. During the basketball game, Beverly Barnett and Belinda Corbin sell programs and Grizzly tee-shirts. Page 71: 1. junior Varsity players, Kelly Tucker, Brad Ritchie, Alan Wharton, andjim Bailes help keep the stats for the varsity game. 2. Miss Sandy Duskey helps distribute admission tickets at a home basketball game. 3. After finishing his errands, Gary Young, manager of the NCHS basketball team Funds time to watch the Grizzlies in action. 4. Barbara Martin, a teacher's aid helps take the bulletin board down. 72 Grizzlies Finish With Second Consecutive Winning Season Although senior dominated, the 1983 Grizzlies were at a disadvantage because of the players lack of experience on the varsity squad. A 6-4 record gave the Grizzlies a 2nd con- secutive winning season. The season will leave good memories for the seniors, not to mention the whole team. The overtime homecoming win against Valley and the defeat of arch rival Richwood were the highlights of the football year. Coach Randy Rutherford after his 5th season at NCHS was very pleased with the football team. Coach Rutherford com- mented, "We accomplished some of the team goals we had set in August. Most of all, I was proud of our football players. Each accepted his role on the team and gave everything he had to our program. Our Seniors will be missed. They have the privilege of ending their careers with a win over Richwood and I couldnt be happier for them. Thanks to our student body for all their support." I 1. During the summer practice, Coach Rutherford, and manager James Caldwell help Steve Deal fix his helmet. Below: Trainer Moses, Coach Lewis, Coach Redden, Coach Rutherford e head coach. :.,9 rizhoghaeaggm . -5? Of Ewtsagqm 177m 1:; g.gisatmg. 33331 WE 329:.151 1M??- SW7 Front Row: Robert Starcher, Donnie Boley, Danny Marks, john Hamon, Scott Clevenger, Bill Persinger, Mike Altizer, Newt McCutcheon, Bruce McClung, Tim Lewis, George Kincaid. Second Row: Steve Copeland, Rocky Roberts, Greg Bishop, Mark Rader,joe Cardullo, Ronnie Cleary, Alan Wharton, Kevin Huffman, Bob Marsh,jay Boley, Kenny Keenan, Brian Stone. Third Row: Mark Board, Mike Clevenger, Glenn Hypes,jon Fleming, Mark Collins, Rick Hughes, Tom Lawson, Dwayne O'Dell, Bob Hughes,joe Schemjoe Adams, Andrew Cox. Last Row: james Caldwell, Walter Shafer, Buddy Dempsey, David Spencer,jim Bailes, Ronnie Proctor, Bobby Tallamy, Bill Young,john Ellison, David Meadows, Rusty Nichols, Steve Deal. Coaches - Randall RutherfordJohn Lewis, Buell Moses, Mark Redden. 1. Rocky Roberts and Brian Stone warm up on the sidelines at Midland Trial. 2. Sophomore Bobby Marsh attempts to Catch touchdown pass in Midland Trail game. 3. Senio: Donnie Boley takes quick drink before returning to the game. 4. Grizzly team members run through the spirit loop. Rutherfords Raiders Surprise Lumberjacks: N CH8 8 Richwood 7 m' Hui MW Page 75 1. Trainer Buell Moses examines John Harmon's ankle before letting him back into the game. 2. Coach Rutherford looks for the replacement bus when theirs broke down on the way to a scrimmage game in Charleston. 5. Despite heavy fog, Running Back Dwayne 0' Dell escapes from Webster's lineman. 4. The football team and Varsity Cheerleaders ride through town during a pep rally. 5. Bobby Hughes and Billy Persinger discuss their next play. 75 junior Varsity Prepares for N ext Season The Junior Varsity Football Squad plays an important part in the NCHS program. Coach Mark Redden and the junior Varsity football team work hard in the season to improve and ready the varsity for upcoming games. The junior varsity squad had a successful 3-2-1 season. 2. 1. The Grizzlies Linemen line up for another down against Webster. 2.j.V. defense waits for referees decision on penalty flag. 3, Trainer Buell Moses watchesjunior Varsity offensive linemen. 76 3. 1. Sephomore Newt McCutcheon gets fxrst down in game against Webster. 2. Trainer Buell Moses puts ice on Andy Cox after leg injury in Webster game. 3. Sophomore Quarterback Bobby Marsh runs for first down. 4.Junior Varsity defense stops Webster from getting first down. 77 78 Having worked very hard, and practiced long hours, the twelve girls who made up the Grizzly Girls' Basketball team, under the leadership of Coach Karen King, finished the 1983-84 season with a winning record of 10-7. There were five returning lettermen. Two were Seniors who would be playing their last year for the Grizzlies. Many hard-fought games were played. Some were frustrating losses and others were exciting victories. The girls worked hard in winning and in trying to make our school a better one. When the season began the girls won their first three games. The first game they lost was to Richwood. The score was 47-63. Many of the games were close yet others were miles apart. The girls ended their season with a good streak. They won their last four games. When the season was over the girls packed up their uniforms for the last time. For some, they would look forward to next year. But for the Seniors, all they had were their memories, friendships, and pride that will last forever. SEASON RECORD Fayetteville 53-25 W Mt. Hope 64-46 W Greenbrier West 54-46 W Richwood 47-63 L Greenbrier East 39-51 L Greenbrier West 44-59 L Valley 59-48 W Webster 42-46 L Websted .VJ 11-33 L Clay UN; 527-27 Clay 59-40 W Braxton 30-37 L Mt. Hope 64-40 W Richwood 49-66 L Midland Trail U.Vl 24-18 W Midland Trail 55-39 W Fayetteville 47-30 W Valley 54-35 W Lady Grizzlies Finish Pa e 78 Mfmbers of the 1983 Girls' Basketball Team Include: Lisa Dodrill, Michelle Sadlocka, Cindy Rose, Judy Canaday, Pam Rose, Angie Savage, Patti Justice, Lynn Butler, Donna Duffield, Ginger Rader, Kathy Keiper, and Maria Beirne. Season With 10-7 Record , 5 This Page 1. Kathy Keiper scores 2 pts. against their opponents. 2. The Senior basketball players Donna Duffleld, Ginger Radet, and Cindy Rose are honored with their parents. 3. Kathy Keiper battles for the ball. 4. "Oh no! I'm going to lose the ball," cries Cindy Moore. Opposite Page 1. The girls huddle before the game starts. 2. Donna Duffxeld's just a little too late. Coach King Completes Third Year As Girls Basketball Coach 1 This Page 1. Showing us one of those pretty faces is Cindy Moore. 2. Lynn Butler prepares to pass the ball to another teammate. 3. There's always time to clown around before a game. 4. Coach Karen King coaches the girls on their next play. Opposite Page 1. Kathy Keiper blocks, while another teammate scores 2 pts. 2. Patti justice takes time to relax during the basketball game. 3. The girls have time to take a breather during halftime. 4. Donna Duffleld's teammates try to talk her into getting up and play- ing some basketball. 5. Pam Rose scores 2 pts. during the east game. Five NCHS Wrestlers Qualify for States Wrestling has become a fast growing sport at NCHS with its increased popularity. This year the team placed 4th at the New River Valley Con- ference iN.R.V.CJ with Rich Groves and Mark Collins placing first while Rob Dobson placed second and Kevin Culver placed third. Mark Collins also won the Co-Most Valuable Wrestler award along with a Braxton wrestler, Steve Reed also placed 3rd. At the regionals at Herbert Hoover, NCHS placed 4th and had five wrestlers to qualify for the State Wrestling Match. Those who qualified for states were: Mark Collins, lst place; Rich Groves, 2nd place; Rob Dobson, 20d place; Kevin Culver, 3rd place; and Eric Thomas, 3rd place. Other wrestlers placing at regionals but not qualifying for states were: Steve Deal and Steve Reed, 4th place; and Mark Huffman, 5th place. When asked about this year's team, Coach Lewis commented, "I think we've had a successful season considering injuries to four starting wrestlers. The best thing to happen this season was having so many qualify for the State Wrestling Match." Pg. 82: 1. Doug Moore, who was injured early in the season, and Mark Huffman help Kevin Culver loosen up for his next match. 2. Eric Thomas struggles to get to his feet as his BraxtOn opponent pulls him back to the mat. 3. Members of the 1983-84 Wrestling Team are; Kneeling: Steve Reed, Billy Roberts, Wayne Young, Kevin Culver, Rich Groves, and Billy Pugh. Standing are: Coach john Lewis,jay Boley, Mark Collins, Rob Dobson, Bobby Tallamy, Brian Stalnaker, and Nathan Hanshaw. Not pictured are: Doug Moore, Mark Huffman, Eric Thomas, Donnie Boley,John Hamon, and-Steve Deal. Pg. 83: 1. Steve Reed wins his 98 lbs. weight class at the first home match of the season. 2 Kevin Culver pulls his Opponent back onto the mat to get ready for a pin. 3. Steve Deal breaks his Opponent back down to the mat. 4. Winning another match, the referee holds Mark Collins' hand up in Victory. 5. Rich Groves Sprawls back from his Hoover opponent before get- ting ready for a pin. 83 Pg. 84: 1. By pinning his Herbert Hoover opponent, senior Mark Collins wins another match. 2. NCHS wrestlers stand to congratulate one of their teammates after a victory. 3. Wayne Young shoots for stakedown on his West wrestler. 4. Kevin Culver abuses his Qichwood Opponent in front of a home crowd. 5. Steve Deal takespride in winning as the lefetee raises his arm in victory. Pg. 85: Ljohn Hamon wins a victory over his Clay opponent. 2. Seniors Rich Groves and Mark Collins show off their first place trophies that they won at the N.R.V.C. match. Not pictured are: Steve Reed Grdi, Kevin Culver Ordi, and Rob Dobson Qndi. 3. Rich Groves gets ready to pin his Braxton opponent. 4. Coach John Lewis and alumni wrestler, Chuck Collins, coach a Griz- zly wrestler from the edge of the mat. 5. At a Quadrangler match, junior Rob Dobson tides his Clay opponent. 6, Senior Donnie Boley concentrates on what his next move will be on his opponent. N icholas Golf Team Enjoys One Stroke Victory Over Richwood Early in September the Nicholas County Golf Team began swinging into action. The golf season was changed from a spring sport to a fall sport, The season was changed so that golf teams could play in warmer weather instead of having to battle with the rainy, cold weather associated with spring. For the 1984 golf season, seven NCHS students went out for the team. Their first match was September 6 against Richwood at Cherry Hill Golf Course. Nicholas defeated Richwood on their home course by one stroke: Nicholas- 361, Richwood-362. The Nicholas golfers played in 13 matches, including the New River Valley Conference. Throughout the season they played on such courses as the Greenbrier, Hawks Nest and White Oak. When the season came to an end Kevin Huffman, one of Nicholas' returning lettermen had the lowest score of the season, a 74, which he achieved at Nicholas County Memorial Golf Course on October 6. After playing against such schools as Richwood, Beckley, Gauley Bridge and Shady Springs, the Nicholas golfers cap- tured seven victories. Page 86, 1. Before teeing-off, Kevin Huffman gets some last minute advice from Nicholas golf coachJoe Dooley. 2. Mary Cline, the golf team's only girl member, demonstrates a proper golf swing during practice. 3. Making it to the green, Wayne Young putts for a par Five. Page 87. 1. During practice at Nicholas County Memorial Park, Tom Bailey gets caught in a sand trap just off hole number Five. 2. To be a Nicholas golfer one must have the proper clubs, shoes and carry the blue and gold golf bag. 3. Billy Pugh uses his wedge iron to get out of the rough and back into the fairway. a '1 ;..;,44'ik-.v:.--.., my The season of 1983-84 has not been one of the best years for the Nicholas County High School varsity basketball team. However, the players have given their best by putting into prac- tice some of the strategic plays they have been taught. Co-captains Greg Bishop and Andrew Talkington led the following seniors: Kevin Ward, Bobby Hughes,jack Holcomb, and Eric Tucker. The Grizzlies have been in good physical shape by training in jazzercise the first semester of school. These exercises helped in develoPing quick reactions, coordination, and timing. NCHS has potential for a good team next season as there are several underclassmen showing endurance and skills necessary for a winning team. 1t Bobby Hughes scans the Court hoping to Fmd an open Grizzly teammate. 2. Before the varsity game begins at Richwood, the Grizzly team gather in their huddle to yell the Grizzly chant. 3. Bobby Marsh goes up for the jump ball against a Braxton player. Losing Season Did N 0t Douse Team Spirit Weilx ront Row: Brad Ritchie, Alan Wharton, Bobby Marsh, George Kincaid, Kelly Tucker, Steve Fry, Wesley Brown, Tim Lewis,jim Bailes, Grant Bishop. Back ow:junior Varsity Coach; Mark Redden, Greg Bish0p, Kevin Ward, Andrew Talkington,jim Hamilton,John Ellison,jack Holcomb, Manager; Gary Young, ric Tucker, Greg Auxier. Mark BoardJames Caldwell, Bobby Hughes, Rusty Nichols, Varsity Coach; C. W. Powell. 1. Sideby-side with a Richwood player Kevin Ward dribbles down the court to complete a lay-up. 2. Eric Tucker uses a jump shot to shoot over a Richwood player. ' J-EOYS'ZVARSITY:ngsKETBALL -. , SCHEDULE 6 Opponent .6 ' hiycntville . Greenbrier East Riphwood Finals Molidiy TournJ . 30 a ,7 jANUARY ' fa- Shady Spting 7 631.. chsterCoungy V :1 Iiidependencc Bmxron Co. ,6 Richwood Midland m ' ' Shady Spripg Greenbrier West i .de1 . wen Simcmmrk Reade" 3': 6:010::? .011 ??:E 3.9: m Time 8:00, 8:00 9:00 7:50 8:00 8:00 8.00 am 7:30 '9: 7:30 8:00 v! r Page 90: 1. Varsity coach C. W. Powell takes a timeout to come up with a play that will give the Grizzlies a victory over the Midland Trail Patriots. 2. Andrew Talkington goes to the Richwood foul line to shoot his second foul shot. - 3. Kevin Ward andjack Holcomb scrap around for the loose ball. Page 91: During pre-game warm-uszohn Ellison shoots his lay-up. 2. Rusty Nichols concentrates on taking his foul shot at the Brax- toniNicholas game. 3. After an interception, Bobby Hughes races down the court to get into his defensive position. 4. jack Holcomb, along with some Braxton players waits for a rebound, while Greg Bishop makes his foul shot. '7' L ,xxmu 1 u M K u' . ; iw The 1985-84J.V. Team was composed of twelve players of which six played two quarters or less each game in order to be eligible for the varsity games. Those six were Mark Board, Greg Auxier, Rusty Nichols, Tim Lewis, George Kincaid, and Wes Brown. As a result of this number, our win-loss record was not as good as we would have liked it to be. Several games were lost in the final quarter due to lack of players available. Marked improvement was seen in several of the players, which gives encouragement for the varsity's future. junior Varsity Players Gain Experience in Basketball Page 92: 1. Coach Mark Redden gives his team some pointers during the in-between quarters. 2. Grant Bishop goes to the foul line against the Braxton Eagles. 3. While trying to make a shot, $4 of the opposing team tries to block Wes Brown. 4. The air seems to hold Mark Board as the ball glides from his hands and through the net. Page 95: Alan Wharton stulls before attempting to steal the ball. 2. Everyone looks in amazement while Rusty Nichols makes a winning shot. 3. Rusty Nichols catches an interception from a Braxton player. 4. While nobody is watching, Brad Ritchie puts a little magic on the ball. Part of our mission included checking out the student body at Nicholas County High. Apparently there was something magical that existed behind the doors at NCHS. Wood Rich and I traveled to Summersville on an ordinary day so that we could observe the faculty and students without them suspecting our little scheme. First we observed the teachers in their classroom en- vironments. They really seemed to be concerned about each individual student's future. When it came to helping out with extra activities within the school, the NCHS teachers always pitched in to be a sponsor of a Club, help take up tickets at sporting events and lend a hand wherever one was needed. As for Mr. Robert Perkins, the NCHS principal and Mr. Steve McMillion, the vice-principal, they were con- tinously busy keeping the school in proper working order. With 720 students enrolled, they always seemed to know what each student was up to. NCHS secretaries, Mrs. Elsie McCutheon and Mrs. Donna Dobbins stayed busy doing the school's filing, typing, and keeping the accounting records in balance. They are truly an asset to NCHS. But what about students? During our research we found them to be the nicest bunch of "kids" around. Polite, fun, friendly, and trustworthy e we could go on and on! But to sum it up, we'll just say they're GREAT!!! Perkins, McMillion e Teamwork Keeps N C Since NCHS was the talk of the town we Figured that its faculty might be one of the reasons for all the commotion which was rapidly spreading over the county. With careful undercover work and alot of strategy we were able to find out that NCHS had 43 teachers including one principal, Mr. Robert L. Perkins, and one vice-principal, Mr. Steve McMillion. An N CHS principal's main duty is to see that the school is always functioning and working properly. Before school starts in September they contributed alot of their time scheduling the students for their classes. They also do some of the disciplining and coordinating of the school. The office secretaries, Mrs. Elsie McCutcheon and Mrs. Donna Dobbins are definitely an asset to NCHS. They continuously stay busy doing the school's filing, typing, and bookkeeping. The faculty at NCHS do alot more than just teach in their classrooms. They con- tribute a lot of their spare time helping out with school activities, being sponsors of clubs and taking up tickets at sporting events. At the end of our investigation, we Came to the conclusion that the faculty at N CHS are a group of very special people. ut in Front! f Page 96 1. While the spies watch, Vice-principal Steve McMillion prepares the absence sheets. 2. The spies were everywhere; they looked on as Mr. Perkins and Mrs. Wilson consult the school calendar. 3. Business teacher Mrs. Linda Taylor and principal Mr. Robert Perkins discuss activities of the F.B.L.A. Page 97 1. One of the many duties st. Donna Dobbins has as clerk is making phone calls for Mr. Perkins. 2. Not realizing that "the spies" are so close, Mrs. Elsie McCutcheon works on a secret report. Spies Find Faculty . y-y Top of the Line Although Mrs. Taylor got a wet face and wet hair, she also got the apple at the FBLA Halloween party. Cindy Bartlett, Math Kenneth Beale, Biology joann Berry, Home Economics Phillip Berry, Art Vicki Butcher, Librarian Alva Casto, Algebra Rebecca Dilly, Counselor Aime Dooley, Special Ed. joe Dooley, Drivers Ed. Debbie Drennen, Special Ed. Glenn Drennen, Social Studies Rosemary Drennen, Social Studies Sandy Duskey, Business Law Betty Fleming, English Ardith Groves, Business Marguerite Halstead, Social Studies Wayne Halstead, Chorus Damon Hanshaw, English Margaret Hershman, English Karen King, Phys. Ed. john Lewis, Phys. Ed. Betty McMilIion, English Arthur Moore, Shop Buell Moses, Math x 1. "Oh my Goodness! The test papers Ilost last month!" exclaims Mrs. Rosemary Drennen as she organizes her desk. 2. As a public service, Mr. Phil Berry and his art class painted the new logo on the Nicholas County Animal Shelter. 3. Mr. Benjamin Muto, the newest addition to the NCHS staff, reveals his version of a hobo during Spirit Week. William Mullens, Chemisrry John Paff. Band Betty Paxton, Aide Frances Poole, Permanent Su bstitute Cledith Powell, Drivers Ed., Basketball Roger Pryor, Social Studies Berniece Pugh, Home Economics Mark Redden. Social Studies Hanshaw e A Teacher All Week Long His voice reaches to the rafters and fills the air of the Sunday School room at Salem Church near Dtennen, West Virginia, approximately 13 miles from Sum- mersville. On Sundays. Mr. Damon Hanshaw, Drama and English 10 teacher at NCHS talks to his homet0wn church at Salem. "I enjoy working with them when they have questions that we can discuss together," answers 1' . I Hanshaw when asked about h1s class. :5 : b I Wntmg 15 another OutSIde-SChOOl actmty for Mr. Han- V, ?er ,' : h ' ' b i ' .e ' ' : I shaw. Mountain Wudom, Mt. Hanshaw s 300 page book K s ?bNV ,h g , y? N x; h gt is now being published. It contains Stories about the history, folklore, customs, beliefs, and ideals of Nicholas County. Also included in the book are several poems and short stories about life. love and nature written by him. Ii judy Sparks, English Norman Talbert, English Linda Taylor, Business Aleene Tully, Special Ed. Terry Viers. Biology Kathy Wilson. Disuibutive Ed. Teacher Explores World Unknown to Many Gentle beauties beckon an English teacher and her companions as they explore the realm of Summersville Lake. Ms. Margaret Hershman, English 12 andjoumalism teacher is involved in a hobby that . . gives you unbelievable freedom." Self Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus, or Scuba diving, is how Hershman spends some of her time in the summer. Summersville Lake is the main diving area for Ms. Hershman because of its . . accessibility and clear visibility." It is also the home of Robert Adams' diving school who taught her the bottom basics and fundamentals of diving. This Veteran teacher for nine years enjoys diving to the bot- tom of the lake to observe fish and study rock forma- tions. Is it the fascination or the dangers or an entangled combination of both that attracts her to this underwater frontier? 101 102 1. Even teachers enjoy the Potato Festival Parade. Mrs. Norma Talbert waits for the excitement. 2. Mr. Kenneth Beale changes from General Science to General Howital for Halloween, as part of Spirit Week. 3. Sharing Chemistry knowledge is part of the fun of teaching for Mr. William Mullens. t 4. Mrs. Betty Paxton, aide, is not the only one checking students' permanent record cardsJack Lumber and Wood Rich, the spies, are everywhere. 5. Ms. Karen King's health class listen intently as Mrs. Marsha Brozy, a stu- dent teacher, explains the importance of nutrition. 6. Aside from her regular duties as the NCHS permanent substitute, Mrs. Frances Poole often helps the cooks in the cafeteria. i 5:: w'! EUCTIONAL A CENTER 1. "I'm 50113! I threw your yearbook layouts away. I didn't know they were important Please forgive me!" exclaims Miss Raeleen McMillion, a student teacher, as Ms. Margaret Hershman threatens her life. 2. Mr. Randy Rutherford has a coandent look as he rides with his football team to an away game. 3. Spying on the academic side of NCHS, the spies watch Ms. Karen King prepare a lesson plan for her health class. 4. Bulletin boards are an important part of teaching. Mrs. Betty McMillion displays material pertaining to her English 11 classes. 5. During a girls' basketball game, Ms. Cathy Wilson watches a foul shot. 103 As we searched through NCHS we not only found fine students and teachers, but also good cooks and dedicated custodians. We realized that sometimes these people are forgotten when thinking "school," but not at NCHS. We looked further into their jobs and found that the three cooks feed nearly 700 students at NCHS and the five custodians are hard at work keeping NCHS the nice, Clean place that it is. We realized just how cooks and custodians are an important part of NCHS. 1. Cleaning up after lunch is about a two hour job. Cook Norma Groves finishes the lunch dishes. 2. Spying can sometimes be "dirty work." Wood Rich andjack Lumber here Check out the NCHS custodians' storage area and equipment. 3. Since most of the floors are carpeted, custodian Betty Radar uses a vacuum cleaner daily. 4. Planning weekly menus for over three hundred regular hot lunch eaters is no easy task. But doing it together makes it more bearable for Helen Brown, Norma Groves, and Irene Brown. 104 Cooks, Custodians LUUbAI KN I Vital Workers at N CHS 1. COOKS - Helen Brown, Irene Brown, and Norma Groves. 2. Cleaning up after the students is not always an easy job for custodians. 3. CUSTODIANS Front Row: Betty Radar, Lahoma Townsend. Back Row: Arthur McCutcheon, Larry Doddrill. 4. As a part of their last duties of the day, cooks, Helen Brown and Norma Groves, clean up the kitchen area. 105 Work! Work! Work! When Do We Play? Besides going home to do homework and watch TV, many 4 NCHS students had to go home after school to get ready for work. I i jack Lumber and I decided to "check-out" just what the students 1 i do to make money to put gas in their cars, go to the movies, play I video games at Lunar Landing arcade, or to save for their college i education. 1 As we went into Burger Chef we found students taking orders, at Rex Food Center we found students bagging groceries, and we even found a student that helps with the family business. Other jobs that some NCHS students held were stockboy at Murphy's or Foodland, cashier at a store or restaurant, or helping at the camp- grounds at Mt. Manor. A few students even worked during the summer as a lifeguard at the pool, mowing lawns for their neighbors, or babysitting for others. 555 Pg. 106: 1. Kevin Huffman straightens the shelves at Rex Food Center. 2. Todd Harris makes some extra money in the summer by mowing i lawns. , i j: 3. Darren Paxton assembles a trophy at his father's business, Paxton Pla- , , ' m, que and Trophy. L i 1 Pg. 107: It At Burger Chef, Lisa McKinney takes an order from Donnie 1' 7 ' Boley. 7' j: 2 . 2. At Rex Food Center, junior Kevin Groves stacks the shelves. . .. i 3. Paul Kyle watches over the swimmers at the Nicholas County . if w J L ,- Memorial Park Pooli L f 4. Missy Young often gets stuck bagging groceries at Rex Food Center P- d h 0 after checking out her customers .1: 5. At Rex Food Center, senior Eugene Thomas unloads bags of sugar in the storeroom at the back of the store. 106 m "I WIN 0. r' 35' , 2. . The V0-Tech Center located in Craigsville teaches 111 NCHS and 147 RHS students daily. The Vo-Tech Center sharpens the students' skills and prepares them for the future by teaching. Nursing, business, drafting, commercial art, mine maintenance, welding, building trades, auto mechanics, auto body, electronics, and distributive education. This year the Vo-Tech Center has received two IBM Computers which will be used for bookkeeping, Business Practice and school record keeping. The time saving IBM Computers also have a word processor. The Computers were provided by State and County Funds. Two bus loads of students leave NCHS during the morn- ing and afternoon, to take a thirty minute trip to Vo-tech. VO-Tech Receives IBM Computers Page 108: 1. Daniel Rader and Littlejohn Groves take time out to pose while working in Auto Mechanics Class. 2. Ingrid OhDell looks on while Cathy Young looks for the answer in her typing manual. 3. Kim Clemens and Mandy Foster were caught running the halls during class. 4. Maggie Crabtree seems to enjoy her typing class. Page 109: 1. Mark Collins, Ronnie Cavendish, Matt Bays, Joe Moore and the welding instructor take a break before starting back to work. 2. Stephanie Hellems gets caught off guard while working with the ad- ding machine at Vo-Tech. 3. Cathy Young concentrates during her computer Programming class. iThe Couple, N CHSi Answer to Prime Laughing, crying, loving, shouting, whispering - Oh, the joys of being half of a couple! High school days also mean dating days. Dating turns into "going steady" which means be- ing "a couple." Couples have more fun - or so "singles" think. True, it is great to "have somebody." Moonlit nights were meant to be shared; as were sunsets at the lake, week-end movies, pizza, par- ties, and the car seat. But, most couples go through stages of fighting. Over what? You name it! Speaking to the "wrong" person, being late for a date, not spending every waking moment together, friends, family, deciding where to go on dates, jealousy, clothes, not be- ing home when the phone rings, family vacations, looking the "wrong" way, and on and on and on . . . Couples at NCHS come and go. This week's cutest couple is not necessarily next week's. Heads turn often in the hall when couples split and start walking to class with others. Couples tor the break-up of themi is the chief gossip at NCHS. Every Mon- day morning, who-went-out-with-who is spread throughout the school in minutes. Life-long friendships have even been destroyed by "the cou- ple." Friends just don't seem to understand the couple's desire to be with each other every moment of the day, so resentment often builds up in the abandoned friend until the strain breaks the old friendshipjealousy is also a "friend-killer." Couples are often so jealous of each other that they don't want their friends around for fear of their friends stealing their "sweetheart." Alas e there goes another friendship. Love makes the world go iround - so "the couple" is here to stay. For richer, for poorer, through good and bad, friends or not, and so on and so on and so on . . . Time Soap Operas :5 a.- u: Page 110, 1. Seniors Sara Dooley and Kevin Ward usnuggle" close as they watch a girls' basketball game. 2. After eating lunch. Michelle Clevenger and Sam Kessler sit and enjoy their me together. 3. Before play ng basketball at noon, Glenn Hypes Fmds time to tell K m Arden that he loves her. Page 111, 1. Taking time Out to talk to her boyfriend, Christy Vines, a yearbook photographer, "chats" with Dwayne O'Dell during halftime of the Midland Trail game. 2. Afzer school at ajV football game. Angie Marsh points out to couple Ann Brady and Greg Bishop as her brother Bobby completes a touchdown pass. 31 Scott Harris andjudy Williams' Halloween spirit starts early at the Summersville Baptist Church Halloween party. Seniors Wind Up High School Careers Q ?ngvordsjaaagmb ; 5:333 came fo r : m rclas'S'Z'all thgig OWE;- 7 g 7 President Vice-President Treasurer Keith Ingles Pam Hanshaw Rachel Lamb Sergeant-At-Arms Secretary Student Council Bill Persinger Belinda Corbitt Delegate Martha Basset: joseph R. Adams x 1 . Kim berly K. Ayers Clifford N. Bennett Belinda G. Adkins Angela R. Bailes john H. Bermudez TeresaL. Adkins David A. Bailes Gregory B. Bishop Angela A. Ahart Beverlyj. Barnett William R. Boggs Kimberly A. Arden Edward A. Ban Dawn E. Bell Donald K. Boley 113 Ann M. Brady Dawn M. Brown L Lisa D. Brown William Brown Jeffery D. Buckland Deborah D. Burks Andy D. Campbell Laurie D. Cartwright x , . I Lunchtime at NCHS is a time for togetherness. Steve Deal and Melody Murphy share a Kimberly A. Clemens private joke in the fall sunshine. Geoffrey D. Clutter 114 Mark N. Collins Lora L. Connell Timothy W. Comer Terri L. Davis Andrewj. Cox Sherry L. Deal Steven A. Deal David B. DeBord Robert B. Dooley Sara M. Dooley Charles D. Dorsey Thomas E. Dorsey Bernard R. Drennen 115 Patricia A. Farthing Michelle Field Amandaj. Foster jamey L. Foster Lydiaj. Foster Robert L. Freeman Kevin D. Givens Debbiej. Griffith Marlene j. Grose Littlejohn E. Groves Charlene Hamrick Crystal D. Hanna Dreama G. Hanshaw Normal. Hanshaw Pamela L. Hanshaw 116 Gregory S. Harris Timothy P. Harris Cynthia A. Harrison Alice A. Hayes John A. Hellms Red elf shoes and a hat stored in the English Close: were just too much temptation for Senior Greg Bishop. He even posed for Bryan D. Hoffman photographers in this outfit. Jackie L. Holcomb Ernest H. Hoover john E. Hopkins Tammy 1.. Hopkins LaVeme Y. Huffman 117 Steven L, Huffman Bobby W. Hughes Varsity player, Bill Persinger, checks out some of the new plays at a jr. Varsity football game, Donald R. Hughes Michael W. Hughes Keith G. Ingels Heather A.jenkins jerry A. Hypes Karen S. Hypes Dale G. Hypes 15. f1 f Teresa Ljenkins Anne M.johnson Connie SAjohnson Charles W. Kincaid Gerald S. Knight Karen A. Lanham $1,; Roger D. Legg Timothy V. Legg William L. Loper Deborah L. Love Tracy A. Lucky Paula S. McCoy Amy R. McClung 119 Stephanie S. McMillion Sherry S. Meadows Melody D. Mu rphy 120 Victoria A. Neal Debra L. McKinney Barbara A. Martin Nancy j. Nicholas Lisa L. McKinney 3W Xu$ David E. Nichols Ronnie L. McKinney jeffery D. Morris Tammy R. N ichols N g; Deborah L. Nutter Dwayne O'Dell Carla A. Parkins Darren L. Paxton Steven C. Paxton William A. Persinger Peggy S. Phillips Paul B. Pierson ? 93 .. Douglas A. Querry Ginger L. Rader Karen B. Rader William E Roberts 1." Alice Hayes spends a Saturday afternoon watching the Christmas Parade. 121 James L. Robinson Cynthia S. Rose Michelej. Scott Cynthia W. Saber: joseph C. Sebert Even pouring rain can't dull the Grizzly Spirit. Wet Michelle Field and Ann Brady cheer at a varsity football game. Thomas K. Sharp Ruth A. Shaw Rowland G. Short Charles A. Sigman Thomas B. Sigman 122 Luke 1. Smith Joseph H. Spencer Roma E. Starcher J V- HW-A-m LarP'DnY '$-. .r' Donna L. Summers Sharon I. Summers Lenora A. Taylor Andrew A. Talkington Eugene A. Thomas Mark A. Thomas Roy D. Thompson Parading down Main Street on the senior homecoming float Belinda Corbin: gives someone a thrill. 125 124 Dwayne A. Trent Penny A. Truman Robin C. Truman L Eric M. Tucker Richard L. Underwood james K. Ward judy A. Williams Kendria L. Williams Carl L. Willis Kimberly A. Willis Paul F. Wilson Ronzel E. Wilson Cathy D. Young Melissaj. Young Sharkey E. Young 1. Pam and Tammy Hanshaw spend an evening together at a varsity football game. 2. Glenn Hypes is amazed by the score during a varsity football game. 3. Spirit week brings out the "PUNK" in all of us as shown here by Kim Clemens. 4. Seniors Maggie Crabtree, Kim Clemens, and Angie Bailes huddle around Mandy Foster duriihg typing class at Vo-Tech. 125 juniors Reach Midway Point in High School Careers With all the talk spreading over the coun- ty about the Junior class at Nicholas County High School, Wood Rich and I knew we had to do a little bit of investigating. We spent five weeks checking out the junior class trying to discover why they were so special. The junior class was now a step higher on the high school ladder. They were in the middle of everything. When it came time to order class rings and school jackets, the junior class got real excited. This year they would also be able to attend their first for- mal dances, the Christmas dance which was scheduled for December 16 and the junior- senior prom. The juniors started raising money early in the year so that when May 11 finally arrived, they could give the seniors a prom theyld never forget. The junior Class officers are Annette Keenan, President; Cathy Grizzell, Vice- president; Leatha Shelton, Secretary; David Meadows, Sergeant-at-Arms; Lisa Rader, Student Council Rep.; and Lynn Butler, Treasurer. Carl Akers Kevin Asbury Greg Auxiet Connie Bailes Tony Bailey Tom Bailey Gidget Baker James Barnett Vonda Barnhouse Beth Basham Linc Bays Matthew Bays Tammy Bell Steve Bibb Rodney Bishop Robin Blankenship 1 26 Mark Board Lisa Bond Melinda Bond Roy Bostic Tina Bostic Sheri Bowles Michelle Brady Anita Brown Belinda Brown Mark Brown Rhonda Brown Tommy Bryant Michelle Bunch Billy Burns Cindy Bush Connie Butcher Lynn Butler Sandy Butler James Caldwell Joe Cardullo Billy Carr Patrick Chapman Ronnie Cleary Mike Clevenger Michelle Clevenger Scott Coleman Katie Collins Lisa Collins Mark Comer Diana Cook James Cook Steve Copeland jamcs Corbitt Eddie Proctor checks out the latest album from "Loverboy" at Heck's. 127 Grant Crislip Ricky Cutlip Walter Cutlip john Dawson Harold Davis jeff DeMoss Cindy Dennison Angela Diana Rob Dobson john Dodrill joe Donaldson Kelly Dorsey jeff Dorsey john Ellison Sherri Ellison Lovell Facemire Mary Frontino Christy Garbutt Anthony Giacomo Glen Gillespie Sandry Gray TJ. Gregory Cathy Grizzell Joe Grose john Groves Kevin Groves Robert Groves Angie Hall jim Hamilton Cheryl Hamrick 128 jimmy Cook "does his time" at Halstead's Foodland. jay Nowack indulges his free time at Lunar Landing playing ongo Bongo." Anita Keith takes her son to his Hrs: basketball game. Kurt Hamrick Ricky Hamrick Vicki Hancock Danny Hanna Tommy Harmon Todd Harris Lavetna Hart Stephanie Hellms Tammy Hellms jamie Hines jetty Holleman Angie Houghton Cathy Hudkins Kevin Huffman Jodie Hughan Jill Hughes Stephen Hughes Lori Hypes Diane Hypes Missy Hypes Angela Irvin 129 Tim jarret Scottjenkins Dawnjohnson Kathy johnson David jones Pattijustice Annette Keenan Lori Keenan Kathy Kieper Anita Keith Harry Kelly Susan Key Larry Kincaid Kim King Elmer Kirby Paul Kyle Loma Legg Karen Lilly William Long Wendy Loss Arvin Lucas Patty Lucas Ann Mackowiak Brian McClung Sonya McClung Kristine McCue Junior McCutcheon Rebecca McMillion Angie Marsh Winnie Martin Varsity cheerleader Mary Frontino discusses pre-pep meeting plans as Cathy Grizzell direc her attention to the photographer. 130 David Meadows Sherry Meadows Rodney Mick Cindy Moore Darrell Moore Pam Moore Robby Morris Penny Morris Sarah Morton Tammy Mullens Toni Neal Beth Neff Brad Neff jay Nowak Anita Nichols Alisha O'Dell Delbert O'Dell Ingrid O,Dell 131 Cheryl Parkins Tammy Plymale Bobbie Pierson Gaylene Pyles DeeDee Racer Daniel Rader Lisa Radar Mark Rader Brian Ramsey Mike Richards Wayne Riffle Rocky Roberts 1. Bobbi Pierson andjo Ann Williams work diligently toward a yearbook deadline. 2. Diane Hypes and Toni Neal goof-off at lunch. 3. Spirited juniors go wild during a town pep meeting parade, Martha Robinson Keith Rogers ' James Rose Pam Rose Michelle Sadlocka Wendy Selbe Robert Shafer Donna Shaffer Leatha Shelton Denese Smith Sheri Sparks Kathy Spencer Susan Spencer Gina Staggs Brian Stalnaker Cheryl Stover Trag Summers ' :Q'JJ Shelia Talbert 9224 Dwayne Tanner Helen Taylor Lora Taylor jeanette Thomas Sam Thomas Wallace Tinnel Debbie Tucker Deloris Turley Michelle Underwood Ronald Underwood Tami Vance Allen Walton Brian Walton Jimmie Williams 10 Ann Williams Roger Williams Abby Willis Mary Wiseman 133 $.4qu- V "There will be no school in Nicholas County todayf' This was a familiar statement this year as Nicholas County students missed a total of eight days on account of snow. School policy allows for two days to be missed and those that went over this limit had to be made up. On days which snow was able to be cleared fairly easily, an hour delay was put into effect. With an hour gone and morning classes off schedule, one Class had to be skipped. First, second, and third classes alternated days when this policy was used. Most of the time when school is called off, the roads are so bad that people are stranded at home and have to find something to do to keep them busy. This is very helpful when a student procrastinates and has nothing better to do besides his homework. Some people never learn and insist upon doing what the prin- cipal tells us not to do. Throwing snowballs is an example of this. Many students were involved in minor "fender-benders" while others decided to avoid trouble by riding the bus. 135 30 Minute Lunch hHourh Keeps Students Running With only 30 minutes for lunch, NCHS students HURRY to find the time to eat lunch, talk with friends, go to the bathroom, play volleyball or basketball, or do a little romancing. This year NCHS students were offered two different meals to choose from in the cafeteria or they could buy something from the "candy room." Even though the "candy room" really doesn't sell candyJ The "candy room" is operated by the journalism department to raise money for the publication of the Gold and Blue Record and the Nitblosearz. In the fall and the spring, if the weather permits, many NCHS students eat lunch outside on the sidewalks or the steps. After eating, the students sit and talk with friends or play basketball and volleyball in the gym before rushing back to class. Page 156, 1. Before the bell to go to sixth period, Maty Frontino practices a cheerleading stunt for Friday's game with Tom Sigman. 2. Scott Harris turns his head as judy Williams unsuccessfully tries to feed him a Nutty Bar. 3. "Mom's home cookin' " doesn't seem to agree withjim Bailes, Rusty N ichols, y and Tim Lewis. 1 Page 137, 1. After eating lunch, seniors Norma Hanshaw and Tammy Nichols "yield" to talk about the events of the day. 2. During lunch, a group of sophomore guys eat and talk about what they're going to do after Friday's game; 3. Seniors like to gather after eating lunch to act crazy and to "spice" up their day. 4. While eating lunch, Darren Paxton and Vicki Hancock discuss their plans for the future. Nicholas County High School has a wide variety to choose from when it comes to friends. A smiling face can always be found peering through the hallway among friends. While class time is for work and study, time between classes and lunch is another story. Faces brighten and conversations fill the air. 1. Lisa McKinney and Karen Rader entertain themselves with a school computer. 2. Roberta Selman and judy Canaday play a game of "Peek-A-Boo" behind jim Hamilton and Rusty Nichols. 3.john Hamon and Stewart Chapman have a quick conversation while eating lunch. 138 Foreign Lanna mm? umhen 4 'W "gar: - - tau?- LANGUAGE ARTS omnmm 1. Kristine McCue and Angie Marsh takes a break from the hot sun. 2. Scott Harris substitutes Sherry Meadows for a paper airplane. 3. Dawn Lilly and Wendy Selbe fmd time to "chat" before going to French class. As the suspense kept growing inside us, we waited for our next assignment. The on- ly thing we knew about this mission was that it was TOP SECRET. Suddenly the phone rang and our superior informed us that our mission was to check out the new 50phomores at NCHS. We arrived at NCHS just in time to see some sophomores scrambling off the school buses. Even though they were in a totally different environment, the sophomore class caught on to high school life really fast. They quickly learned to put up with the "sophomore" jokes from the junior and senior classes. After a few mistakes the sophomores learned what time they were to be in class and which section of the gym was theirs for pep rallies. With some careful investigating, we found out that the sophomores had elected Newt MCCutcheon as President of their class; Melinda Hayes, Secretary; Mike Altizer, Vice-President; Mary Cline, Treasurer; Bobby Marsh, Sergeant-at-Arms; and Ronnie Proctor as their Student Couna cil Representative. After a number of weeks we could understand why this particular sophomore class was the talk of the town. Debra Archer Maria Argento Sarah Atkins Tim Atkins Angie Auxier Eddie Backus James Bailes Charles Barnett Barbara Barr Lisa Barr Michelle Beam Kim Beaver Jimmy Beirne Greg Bennett Louise Bennett Terry Bennett Grant Bishop Rodney Blankenship Larry Adkins Ronald Adkins Mike Altizer Todd Amick ophomores Begin New and Different I ducational Climb ,7 W , V. H MN m u eAnn Smith, a member of the Nicholas County Bluebells, marches - uring the homecoming parade. urnr HM jay Boley Carla Bradford Russell Bradford Cathy Brown Kerry Brown Marta Brown Wesley Brown Robin Bryant Ronald Burke Lydia Burkholder Bobby Bums Alice Butcher Keith Cable Judy Canaday Tom Cartwright Mary Cline Laura Coffman Lisa Cook Steve Cook Kelly Copenhaver Wesley Copenhaver Ronnie Crislip Alan Crowder Susan Cummings Donna Davis David Deal judy Deal 141 Michelle DeBord Linda Dennison Bubby Dempsey Tim Dix Lisa Dodrill Sharon Dodrill Wesley Dodrill Debbie Dooley Jeanne Dorsey David Eddleman Mindy Estep Susie Fitzwater Beth Foster Laura Foster Mac Foster Tammy Foster jamie Frame Steve Fry David Gates Ricky Goodnight Missy Griffin Amy Gross Diana Gross janie Grose John Groves Laura Groves Clinton Gunnoe Dawn Hamrick Kim Hamrick David Hanks 142 George Kincaid and his friends observe all the activities that go on in the gym at lunch. Roberta Selman seems to enjoy her RE. class. Martha Hanna Nathan Hanshaw Tammy Hanshaw Bernadine Harlow Teresa Harlow Melinda Hayes Marion Herndon Sherry Hellms Sandra Hilton jeff Holleman Jackie Holley Dreama Hollms Brad Hoover Donna Hoover Kevin Huffman Mark Huffman Alan Hypes Connie Hypes Kevin Jackson Kelly james Esterjohnson Kathy Johnson Robinjohnson Sherryjones Michelle Keaton Kenneth Keenan Sheri Keenan Sam Kessler 143 Eighth period advanced PE class "Gets Down" with jazzercise. George Kincaid James Kincaid Lisa Kincaid Baxbara King Lan'y LaVancher Tim Lewis Brian Long Bobby Marsh Robert Martin Wanda McClanahan Bruce McClung Bryan McClung Donald McClung Lynne McClung Marjorie McClung Tina McClung Mike McCoy Clay McCue Lisa McCutcheon Newt McCutcheon Tim Mick Lora Milam Eugene Mullens gets disgusted while working on his master- piece in art class. 144 Sherryjones andjanie Stewart seem to have enjoyed their expedition. Robert Martin, Mark Huffman, and Alan Hypes stand around at lunch, 1 Nancy Miles Angela Moore Steve Moore Angela Morris Eugene Mullens Kim Neal Sandy Nestor Lisa Nicholas juanita Nicholas john Nutter Mike Nutter Sonya O'Dell Diane Painter Tim Paxton Norscenia Perdew 145 Angie Savage, Michelle DeBord, and Maria Beirne imitate Tarzan in gym class. Tim Lewis and Wes Brown discuss a "Grizzly" play against Webster. joey Persinger james Persimger Kathy Phillips Lisa Pierson Angie Powell Ronnie Proctor Scott Prepps Debra Pritt Randall Pritt Billy Pugh Gus Rader Ruth Ramsey Steve Reed LeAnne Reedy Brad Ritchie Beth Roberts Dou g Roberts Michelle Roberts Terri Russell 146 Doris Sammons Lisa Samples Fonda Sattler john Sattler Angie Savage Brian Sears Joe Sears Lori Seaben Roberta Selman jodie Shaver jimmy Shumate Kenny Sigman Paula Sigman Kim Smith LeAnn Smith David Spencer Mary Spinks Tom Stafford janie Stewart Shawn Stewart joe Thomas and Rodney Blankenship listen intently to upper classmen dur- ing lunch. janie Grose and Kathy Keiper listen while Ms, Wilson discusses girls basketball. Kenny Green enjoys his lunch while also visiting with friends. Vicki Stewart Brian Stone Paula Stone Brenda Sturgill Stephanie Sweeny Keith Swyers Amiee Talerico Bobby Tallamy Dani Taylor judy Taylor Teresa Taylor Eric Thomas James Thomas Joe Thomas Kelly Tucker Johnny Underwood Matt Underwood Dawn Vickers Vicki Venable Virginia Walton Alan Wharton Gary Welch Julia Whitley Laura Williams Richard Wilman Judy Woods Tommy Workman Fred Yeager Gary Young Juanita Young 148 Kimberly Young Wayne Young Jill Zingle 1. Angie Savage sometimes seems to get "fed up" working in the candy room. 2. Terry Bennett and Lee McKinney decide to rest in the gym after a long day. 3. Steven Fry and jimmy Beirne watch a game of ping-pong in the gym at lunch time. 4. Alan Wharton shows off his "Macho" hat during Spirit Week. 149 150 There was supposed to be some mystery about the local merchants and businesses of Nicholas County, sojack Lumber and I took it upon ourselves to discover just what the mystery was. We had previously gotten an anonymous tip informing us that the yearbook staff at Nicholas County High School would begin selling ads at the start of the 1983-84 school year. Dressed as ordinary customers we hung-out in a few of the local stores on downtown main street. Sure enough, within an hour's time we saw at least seven journalism students selling yearbook advertisements. We found it amazing how supportive the Summetsville merchants were when it came to helping NCHS with the publication of their yearbook, the Nichlosean. After some careful investigative work we discovered that the Summersville banks, stores and other local places of business also showed their support to NCHS by donating such things as calendars, ball-point pens, candy and other items for the Christmas stockings which the football team receives annually from the 9-club. When basketball season began it was a large majority of the Nicholas businesses who bought reserved seats in the gym for the home basketball games. To us, this was enough evidence to clear up the mystery about the merchants and businesses of Nicholas County It appeared that no matter what the circumstances were, the businesses always tried to show their support in one way or another. 11'. 10-1.. are; Do! MU wqum MAL AMCL OmeK "WK C QKX ?LIWK 0K CCZA 6941C Qt Q KCLK KQJZ WWOK w ALWW M IV WXO K g m K I Congratulations to Our Favorite Senior Rick Hopkins MOUNTAIN STATE MOTEL and AMY 153 f0 d 1 6 k. . $06 . 0 e O 415 b.10 6CLGO gCNNO X9; 9-66 VA nghH e+ . J P x qCO L a 30 ; M M QM Ms x4 9 W $ 6 VW Gaga ng J2 OCCU 560 cm 69ka 0.: c K V p B week WWI 60$ X ' PAW U001? 9V5 as CO Nu t u we N o l en s W o V3 6+ mVK Xx Wwof P0 pk? f bod Cobb a J2 ON k Hmky f 0 d3 0 3A 60 gm 090V :3 5K5 H v 00ng 54W 90D 90:; J. w. ROBIN ON 1 0 k ep W Optometrist x M 154 THE NICHOLAS CHRONICLE Phone 872-2251 Supported by Nicholas County People for the Last 102 Years 605 Church Street Summersville, WV 26651 155 DAIRY QUEEN Route 129 New Route 19 Mt. Nebo, WV Broad St. 872-1482 Summersville, WV OWNER MACK and REBECCA RADER 156 M MARATHON Congratulations Seniors Montgomery, WV 25136 Business 13041 872-4147 Business 13041 442-2478 Wayne Riffle - Sales Representative Congratulations CANVAS GENERAL STORE Your Country Convenience Store BROGAWS HEATING AND AIR CONDITIONING 1107 Broad St. Summersville , Groceries Hardware Hand Crafted Items Mobile Home Parts Electric, Gas and Oil Furnaces . Oil and Gas Heaters Kerosene Stoves Antiques White Kerosene Phone: 872-1804 157 Compliments of DUNLAP SURVEYING INC. Rt. 1 P.0. Drawer 340 Summersville West Virginia 26651 Phone 872-2445 SANDWS BEAUTY HAVEN 296 Alderson Ave. Summersville, WV 26651 Phone 872-4083 Courteous Service Owned and Operated by Sandy Shalap Compliments of J. M. TULLY Attorney at Law Compliments of HIGHLAND LUMBER COMPANY INC. Phone 9040 846-2051 Compliments of LACKEY COAL COMPANY P.O. Box 284 Summersville, WV 26651 GROVES DAIRY Summersville, WV 26651 Phone 872-191 1 RAINBOW BODY SHOP P.O. Box 40 Summersville, WV 2665 Located on Irish Corner Road Phone 872-6808 THOMAS BAILES CONSTRUCTION COMPANY INC. . AND THOMAS BAILES COAL COMPANY INC. Phone 872-1448 or 872-3104 Compliments of BRECKENRIDGE, DAVIS AND NULL ' 509 Church Street , Summersville, wv 2665 SObbiew . a crazy2 ChKQ who '6 Q 31-ch 9Q$Wd6 To 0 Wid- QA nod Sande greoff waive ad a v.25; $936 Person' have. beau JYKMQS T. he 6, wt hmas h 6m? EgiAOOA, mix, +ofoe Qszxref. Veg. bder 1-mesz ::;:d 05? +reu3de. 651001. Come. omcl, r .. Y m EuNWLEA-fK 2 52b m6. 5 LOVE 90; UKe Q 3x32 R. A'MWA' Br: 6 6 duo Bamn. CF-geaybec $3 SHELTON TRUCKING COMPANY A 05$ 40 J93 Rt. 2, Box 720 '3 Summersville, WV 26651 C30 95 x065 +; 6 John W. Shelton, President a CY Phone 872-2336 3W P$2 WQAKs gr Kechn Me wH'h m ?robkms oxx$ $6? elrjaonc 05: We bzfx6 $Ce N425 Ive exu- QAJ C?DOQL MAd-K win Evarw'an You So w wTRq +912. $925:qu 9.914 yo ur M e. Congratulations Seniors From LEXIE COAL CORPORATION P.O. Drawer R. Summersville, WV 26651 MOYER JEWELRY STORE Compliments of smsxsme OAK GROVE COUNTRY STORE Kesslers Cross Lanes, WV 26675 Bulova Watches Diamond Rings Phone 872-9885 Art Carved Class Rings Quality Jewelry 162 NEW RIVER SUPPLY Oak Hill Where Service Is Montgomery 469-3366 Part of the Sale 442-9586 Beckley Summersville 252-6229 872-371 1 Congratulations Class of 9842 TRIPLETTS GULF SERVICE Wholesale Auto Parts Member Hedgman Triplet! and WV Service Station OwnerlManager Automatic Car Wash Dealers Association Prepare Today for a Better Tomorrow Our Youth Is Our Future UNITED PEERLESS SALES COMPANY d Rt. 19 Summersville Phone 43010 872-4459 GOWER AUTO PARTS Locally Owned and Operated by Bruce and June Grower Wholesale Auto Parts for Domestics, Foreign Automobiles, Trucks, Tractors Rt. 20 South, Nettie, WV Phone 846-6460 163 Best Wishes Class of 184 LeROSE FORD LTD. Arbuckle Road Summersville, WV 26651 LeROSE MOTORS INC. Chrysler 901 Broad Street Summersville, WV 26651 OXFORD INN Broad St. Summersville, WV 26651 PEERLESS EAGLE COAL COMPANY y Campbell Tractor and DMPLIMW Congratulations Seniors Equipment Broad St. Summersville, WV 26651 Ford Tractors Datsun Forklifts Homelite Chain Saws New Holland Farm Machinery BROOKS Congratulations Seniors RU N Birch River - Erbacon L. J. HUGHES AND SONS INC. Diamond Core Drilling Foundation and Soll Borings 320 Turnpike Rd. Summersville, WV 26651 Pressure Grouting Phone won 872-111f tr 1x I D.IN 1 ' X I I I .l ' 1 Compliments of WAYNE DODDRILL D.D.S. ALFRED J. MAGEE M.D. Optholmologist 600 Vaught Street Summersville, WV 26651 Phone 872-6433 STEVENS GAS SERVICE 822 Broad St. Summorsville, WV ummersville Richwood 72-1234 742-8882 .- Ashland ' ' LP. Gas for Home and Commercial Use Distributor for Ashland Oil Products SULLIVAN,S GAS a DIESEL STOP Box 10A2 - Rt. 1 Summersville, WV 26651 Congratulations Class 01184 170 For His and Her Hair Care Call Hl-FASHION BEAUTY SALON 504 Court Street Summersville, WV Phone 872-3085 2Since 1923,, GROVES Department Store Phone 872-2101 Summersville, WV 26651 Latest Better Fashions Values Harrah Engineering Inc. Engineers . Planners . Surveyors 800 Lee Street Summersville, WV 26651 Larry S. Harrah P.E. President Congratulations Sara Dooley BOSO 8t 3050, INC. 322 Turnpike Rd. Summersville, WV Phone: 872-291 1 LAKETOWN AUT6 SALES One of Nicholas Counties Largest Used Car Dealers,, 2019 N. Webster Road Summersville, WV 26651 DavejicCue :2 n V1 j-Nm 3 Home: 304l872-1023 OwnEFS w V X? 9K 3 K53 Business: 304I872-6860 6 CD1 1R ?X 26x1 B$N . . w K . ?; C3 L u x X "fo Q DEN? 5QKK$ xx 6Q 6 k j x m 1 - I' . K l , 171 Compliments of P. 0. BOX 598 ' SUMMERSVILLE. WEST VIRGINIA 26851 COMPANY Sutton, wv 26601 W Wour Friendly Family Store2 Serving You Since 1952 JOHNSON DEPARTMENT STORE INC. 51121 - 1 Mn M661; 1 N iChOIas Vi I Iage Opposite Court House Shopping center Main Street Summersville, WV 26651 P.O. Box 640 Phone Phone 872-2581 Summersville, WV 26651 872-5047 SERVISTAR HALSTEAD,S HOUSE AND GARDEN 1106 Broad Street Summersville, WV Where Is No Place Like Our Home for Your Home11 Phone 872-3009 RANDY,S FOUR SEASON SPORTING G00 1109 Broad Street Phone 872-5682 U0! CD 95X , h -. .r .6 4., 55' q: 1 iDEE 4 SAYRE STUDIO, INC. 118 South Fourth Street Clarksburg, W. Va. 60ver SovenIy-Five Years of Distinctive PhotographW Telephone: 304-623-6736 PAXTON PLAQUE AND TBOPHYn' Compliments of JUSTICE PENNZOIL 8: GROCERY Brass ?:nniizgnrlajiaastics $02.51;?xitllsgswv Sublimation Heat Transfers on Phon e 872-1282 Hats - Shirts - Plaques An Award lor Every Need Lloyd and Betty Paxton Owners l 74 VIRGININS BOUTIQUE 508 Main Street Summersville, WV 872-4140 Your Home Town Pizza Hut 807 Broad Street Summersville, WV Phone 872-5449 Phone 872-2777 E NEW RIVER PHARMACY David Drennen, Pharmacist :olonial Plaza Main Street ummersville WV 26651 Hour Emergancy rescriplion Service hone 872-4210 Congratulations Class 011184u 2231 Irish Street Summersville, WV 872-5553 175 176 AUTOMOTIVE PARTS 8: EQUIPMENT SUPPLY, INC. ma- r'v I 7. , '5 "3:: ' um 1.5133,. E i "PA :1 -' i? W .,-.';V gm 5 7 Wholesale Automotive Parts and Supply Your Napa Jobber Is a Good Man to Know H29 Years of Service to the Summersville Area2 Richwood 503 Broad St. Craigsville Phone 846-2536 Phone 872-1441 Phone 742-5574 Summersville h L AW AA$ hwy WMX ' H3 Compliments of HALSTEAUS i106 Broad Street Summersville, West Virginia FOODLAND Phone: 872-3721 178 CONGRATULATIONS, CLASS OF 84 010 sales pitch . . . We let our work do the talking and you already know about our high quality senior portraits at reasonable pricesJ We 're your hometown professionals. Nicholas , Photography 1 005 Webster Rd. 872-6786 Photo Graduation Announcements GET TAKEN . . . AND ENJOYIT! l lllllllfg41d HARDEE5S 1401 Webster Rd. 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Williams, Jr. 181 W 182 Adkins, Larry 4 32, 140 Adkins, Ronald 4 140 Adkins, Sarah 4 140 Altizer, Mike 4 140 Amick, Todd 4 140 Archer, Debra 4 44, 140 Argento, Maria 4 140 Atkins, Tim 4 140 Auxier, Angela 4 140 Bailes,james 4 136, 140 Barr, Barbara 4 140 Barr, Lisa 4 140 Beam, Michelle 4 32, 140 Beaver, Kim 4 32, 35, 140 Backus, Eddie 4 140 Barnett, Charles 4 140 Beirne,jimmy 4 140 Beime, Maria 4 78, 140, 146 Bennett, Greg 4 140 Bennett, Terry 4 140 Bishop, Grant 4 140 Blankenship, Rodney 4 140, 147 BoleyJay 4 140 Boothe, Elizabeth 4 141 Bradford, Carla 4 141 Bradford, Russell 4 141 Brewster, Deidra 4 141 Brown, Cathy 4 8, 141 Brown, Kerry 4 141 Brown, Marta 4 8, 141 Brown, Wesley 4 16, 17, 141, 146 Bryant, Robin 4 141 Burke, Ronald 4 32, 141 Burkholder, Lydia 4 40, 141 Burns, Bobby 4 141 Butcher, Alice 4 141 Cable, Keith 4 141 Call, Randy 4 141 Canaday,Judy 4 78, 141 Cartwright, Tom 4 141 Champe, Franklin 4.141 Cline, Mary 4 7, 86, 87, 140, 141 Coffman, Laura 4 32, 141 Cook, Lisa 4 141 Cook, Stephen 4 141 Cooper, Manervia 4 40, 141 Copenhaver, Dennis 4 141 Copenhaver, Wesley 4 141 Crislip, Ronnie 4 141 Cottrill, Angela 4 141 Crowder, Alan 4 141 Cummings, Susan 4 141 Davis, Donna 4 141 Deal, David 4 141 xDeal ,judy 4 141 Dempsey, Lloyd 4 141 QeBotd, e 4 142,146 Dennison, Melinda 4 142 Dix, Tim 4 142 Dodrill,john 4 142 Dodrill, Lisa 4 78, 142 Dodrill, Wesley 4 142 Dodrill, Sharon 4 40, 44, 142 Dooley, Debra 4 142 DorseyJeanne 4 142 Eddleman, David 4 142 Estep, Mindy 4 142 Sophomore Index Evans, Lori 4 142 Evans,juanita 4 142 Fitzwarer, Susie 4 142 Foster, Andy 4 142 Foster, Beth 4 40, 142 Foster, Laura 4 142 Foster, Pam 4 142 Foster, Sara 4 142 Foster, Tammy 4 142 Frame,jamie 4 142 Fry, Steven 4 142 Gates, David 4 142 Goodman, Connie 4 142 Goodnight, Ricky 4 142 Green, Kenny 4 142, 148 Griffin, Missy 4 32, 38, 39, 142 Grose, Amy 4 142 Grose, Dianna 4 32, 142 Grose,james 4 142 GroseJanie 4 142, 147 Gross, Rebecca 4 142 Groves,jonathan 4 142 Groves, Laura 4 142 Gunnoe, Clinton 4 142 Hamrick, Dawn 4 142 Hamrick, Kimberely 4 142 Hanks, David 4 142 Hanna, Martha 4 142 Hanshaw, Nathan 4 143 Hanshaw, Tammy 4 143 Harlow, Bernadine 4 143 Harlow, Theresa 4 40, 143 Harper, Bill 4 143 Harrison, Debra 4 143 Harvey, Timmy 4 143 Hayes, Melinda 4 10, 140, 143 Hellms, Sherry 4 40, 143 Herndon, Marion 4 35, 143 Herndon, Steve 4 143 HollemanJeff- 143 Holmes, Drema 4 143 Holly,jackie 4 143 Hoover, Bradley 4 143 Hoover, Donna 4 143 Huffman, Kevin 4 143 Huffman, Mark 4 143, 145 Huffman, Steven 4 143 Hylton, Sandra 4 143 Hypes, Allen 4 143, 145 Hypes, Connie 4 143 jackson, Kevin 4 143 James, Kelly 4 40, 143 Jarvis, Travis 4 143 Johnson, Carlisa 4 143 johnson, Cathy 4 143 johnson, Donald 4 143 johnson, Esther 4 32, 34, 143 johnson, Ronald 4 143 jones, Sherry 4 143 Keaton, Michele 4 7, 143 Keenan, Catharine 4 143 Keenan, Kenny 4 143 Keenan, Sheri 4 143 Kessler, Sam 4 110, 143 Kimbler,'jarrod 4 144 Kincaid, George 4 142, 144 KincaidJames 4 144 Kincaid, Lisa 4 144 King, Barbara 4 5, 6, 32, 144 King, Tom 4 144 LaVancher, Larry 4 140, 144 Lewis, Brian 4 32 Lewis, Tim 4 144, 146, 136 Long, Brian 4 144 Lucas, Lynette 4 144 McClanahan, Wanda 4 40, 144 MCClung, Lynne 4 144 McClung, Bruce 4 144 MCCIung, Bryan 4 32, 144 MCClung, Donald 4 144 McClung, Tim 4 144 McClung, Tina 4 144, 32 McClung, Marjorie 4 144 McCoy, Mike 4 144 McCue, Clay 4 144 McCutcheon, Newton 4 77, 144 McCutcheon, Lisa 4 144 McCutcheon, Loss 4 144 McKinney, Everett 4 144 Malcom, David 4 144 Marsh, Bobby 4 74, 77, 111, 140, 144 Martin, Robert 4 144, 145 Mick, Tim 4 144 Milam, Lori 4 144 Miles, Nancy 4 145 Moore, Angela 4 145 Moore, Steve 4 145 Morris, Angela 4 145 Mullens, Eugene 4 144, 145 Neal, Kim 4 145 Nester, Sandy 4 145 Nicholas,juanita 4 145 Nicholas, Lisa 4 145 NutterJohn 4 145 Nutter, Michael 4 145 O'Dell, Dana 4 145 O'Dell, Sonja 4 32, 145 Painter, Diana 4 145 Pauley, Charles 4 145 Paxton, Tim 4 87, 145 Perdew, Norscenai 4 145 Persinger,Jimmy 4 146 Persingerjoey 4 146 Phillips, Kathy 4 32, 146 Pierson, Lisa 4 146 Powell, Angie 4 8, 146 Pritt, Debra 4 146 Pritt, Donald 4 146 Pritt, Randall 4 146 Proctor, Ronnie 4 140, 146 Prepps, Scott 4 146 Pugh, Billy 4 87, 146 Rader,james 4 146 Ramsey, Ruth 4 32, 146 Reed, Steven 4 146 Reedy, Leanne 4 146 Ritchie, Brad 4 146 Roberts, Beth 4 146 Roberts, Doug 4 146 Roberts, Michelle 4 146 Roetman, Roxann 4 146 Rose, Christopher 4 146 Russell, Terri 4 32, 146 Sammons, Doris 4 147 Samples, Lisa 4 147 SattlerJohn 4 147 Savage, Angie 4 10, 78, 146, 147 Sears, Brian 4 147 Sebert, Lori 4 32, 147 Sears,joe 4 147 Selman, Roberts 4 5, 32, 34, 143,147 Shaver,jeremy 4 32, 147 Shumate,jimmy 4 32, 147 Sigman, Paula 4 147 Sigman, Kenny 4 147 Smith, Kim 4 32, 147 Smith, Lee 4 147 Spencer, David 4 147 Spinks, Mary 4 147 Stafford, Tom 4 147 Stewart,janie 4 40, 145, 147 Stewart, Rodney 4 147 Stewart, Shawn 4 147 Stewart, Vicky 4 148 Stone, Brian 4 148 Stone, Paula 4 148 Sturgill, Brenda 4 40, 148 Sweeny, Stephanie 4 148 Swyers, Keith 4 148 Talerico, Aimee 4 16, 17, 148 Tallamy, Bobby 4 148 Taylor, Dani 4 148 TaylorJudy 4 148 Taylor, Teresa 4 148 Thomas, Eric 4 148 Thomas,james 4 148 Thomas,joe 4 147, 148 Thomas, William 4 148 TinneyJennifer 4 148 Tucker, Kelly 4 148 Underwood,johnny 4 148 Underwood, Matt 4 148 VanPelt, Lisa 4 148 Venable, Vicki 4 148 Vickers, Dawn 4 148 Walton, Regina 4 148 Welch, Gary 4 148 Wharton, Alan 4 148 Whitley,julia 4 148 Williams, Laura 4 148 Winebrienner, Marie 4 148 Woods,judy 4 148 Workman, Tommy 4 148 Yeager, Fred 4 148 Young, Gary 4 148 Young,juanita 4 148 Young, Wayne 4 86, 87, 184 Young, Kim 4 148 Zingle,jill 4 148 Akers, Car! 4 126 Asbury, Kevin 4 126 Auxier, Greg 4 126 Bailes, Connie 4 126 Bailey, Tom 4 126, 87 Bailey, Tony 4 126 Baker, Gidget 4 126 Barnett,james 4 126 Barnhouse, Vonda 4 32, 126 Basham, Beth 4 126 Bays, Linc 4 126 Bays, Matt 4 126 Bell, Tammy 4 126, 35, 42 Bibb, Steve 4 126 Bish0p, Rodney 4 126 Blankenship, Robin 4 126 Board, Mark 4 127 Bond, Lisa 4 13, 127 Bond, Melinda 4 127, 42 Bostic, Roy 4 127 Bostic, Tina 4 127 Bowles, Sherri 4 127, 42 Brady, Michelle 4 127 Brown, Anita 4 127 Brown, Belinda 4 4, 14, 32, 127, 42, 44 Brown, Charlie 4 127 Brown, Mark 4 32, 127 Brown, Rhonda 4 127 Bryant, Tom 4 127 Bunch, Michelle 4 127 Bums, Billy 4 127 Bush, Cindy 4 127, 42 Butcher, Connie 4 127 Butler, Lynn 4 4, 7, 127, 126, 81, 42, 78 Butler, Sandy 4 127 Caldwell,james 4 127, 73 Cardullo,joe 411, 17, 127 Can, Billy 4 127 Chapman, Pat 4 127 Clakler, Mike 4 127 Cleary, Ronnie 4 127 Clevenger, Michelle 4 11, 110, 127 Clevenger, Mike 4 17, 127 Collins, Katie 4 127 Collins, Lisa 4 127 Coleman, Scott 4 127 Comer, Mark 4 127 Cook, Diana 4 127 CookJames 4 127 Cepeland, Steve 4 127 Corbittjames 4 127 Crislip, Grant 4 128 Cutlip, Ricky 4 128 Cutlip, Walter 4 128 Davis, Herold 4 128 1 Dawson,john 4 128 DeMoss,jeff 4 128 Dobson, Rob 4 128 junior Index Dennison, Cindy 4 128 Diana, Angela 4 128 DodriIlJohn 4 128 Donaldson,joe 4 128 Dorseyjeff- 128 Ellison,john 4 17, 128 Ellison, Sherri 4 32, 128 Facemire, Lovell 4 4, 128 Frontino, Mary 4 8, 16, 128, 19, 62, 63, 136 Garbutr, Christy 4 128 Giacomo, Tony 4 128 Gillespie, Glen 4 128 Gray, Sandy 4 128 Gregory, Tim 4 128 Grizzell, Cathy 4 16, 126, 128, 21,62, 63 Grose,joe 4 128 Groves,john 4 128 Groves, Kevin 4 128 Groves, Robert 4 128 Hall, Angie Hall, Brooks Halstead, Billy Hamilton,jim 4 128 Hamrick, Cheryl 4 128 Hamrick, Kurtis 4 129 Hamrick, Ricky 4 129 Hancock, Vicki 4 129 Hanna, Danny 4 129 Harmon, Tommy 4 129 Harris, Todd 4 10, 16, 17, 129 Hart, Laverna 4 129 Harvey, Tammy Hellems, Stephanie 4 129 Hellms, Tammy 4 129 Hines,jamie 4 129 Holleman,jerry 4 129 Holmes, Terry Holmes, Tim Houghton, Angie 4 129 Howell,ju1ia Huffman, Kevin 4 86, 87, 129 Hudkins, Cathy 4 129 Hughart,jodie 4 129 Hughes,jill 4 40, 129 Hughes, Stephen 4 129 Hypes, Diane 4 129, 132 Hypes, Denise 4 32 Hypes, Lori 4 32, 129 Hypes, Missy 4 33, 32, 129 Irvin, Angela 4 129 jarrett, Tim 4 130 jenkins, Scott 4 130 Johnson, Dawn 4 130 jones, Kathy 4 130 jones, Brian jones, David 4 32, 130 justice, Patti - 7, 10, 13, 130, 80, 42, 78 Keenan, Annette 4 126, 130 Keenan, Lori 4 12, 15, 32, 130, 38, 42 Keiper, Kathy 4 8, 10, 80, 78, 79, 130, 147 Keith, Anita 4 130, 42, 129 Kelly, Harry 4 130 Key, Susan 4 32, 130 Kincaid, Larry 4 130 King, Kim 4 42, 130 Kirby, Elmer 4 130 Kyle, Paul 4 130 Legg,james Legg, Loma 4 130 Lilly, Karen 4 130 Long, William 4 32, 34, 130 L055, Wendy 4 32, 42, 130 Lucas, Arvin 4 130 Lucas, Patty 4 130 MCCIung, Brian 4 130 McClung, Sonja 4 130 MCClung, Terry McCue, Kristine 4 130 McCutcheon,junior 4 130 McMillion, Rebecca 4 32, 130 Mackwaik, Ann 4 42, 130 Marsh, Angie 4 3, 12, 32, 38, 111, 130 Martin, Winnie 4 7, 42, 130 Meadows, David 4 126, 131 Meadows, Sherry 4 32, 131 Meadows, Sue Mick, Rodney 4 131 Moore, Cindy 4 79, 81, 131 Moore, Darrell 4 131 Moore, Farm 4 131 Morris, Penny 4 131 Morris, Robbie 4 32, 34, 131 Morton, Sarah 4 131 Mullens, Tammy 4 131 Neal, Toni 4 32, 131, 132 Neff, Beth 4 21,131 Neil, Dennis Nichols, Toni Nichols, Keith Nowak,Jay 4 10, 129, 131 O3Dell, Alisha 4 131 O'Dell, Delbert 4131 O'Dell, Ingrid 4 131 Parkins, Cheryl 4 132 Pierson, Bobbie 4 132 Plymale, Tammy 4 132 Proctor, Eddie 4 127 Pyles, Gaylene 4 32, 132 Racer, Dee Dee 4 12,42, 131, 132 Radcliffe, Kandy Rader, Danny 4 132 Rader, Lisa 442, 126, 132 Rader, Mark 4 17, 72, 132 Ramsey, Brian 4 132 Richards, Mike 4 132 Riffle, Wayne 4 132 Roberts, Rocky 4 19, 72, 74, 132 Robinson, Martha 4 33, 133 Rogers, Keith - 32, 133 Rose,james 4 133 Rose, Pam 4 78, 80. 133 Sadlocka, Michelle 4 78, 133 861136, Wendy 4 44, 131, 133 Shafer, Robert 4 S, 133 Shaffer, Donna 4 133 Shelton, Letha 4 12, 16, 17, 32, 38, 39, 42, 126, 133 Sizemore, Robert 4 133 Smith, Arden 4 133 Smith, Denise 4 131, 133 SmithJoe 4133 Sparks, Sheri 4 21, 133 Spencer, Kathy 4 133 Spencer, Susan 4 133 Staggs, Gina 412,32, 38, 21, 42, 133 Stalnaker, Brian 4 133 Stover, Cheryl 4 42, 133 Stover, Teresa 4 32, 133 Summers, Belinda 4 133 Talbert, Shelia 4 133 Tanner, Dwayne 4 32, 133 Taylor, Eric 4 133 Taylor, Helen 4 133 Taylor, Lora 4 42, 133 Thomas,jeanette 4 32, 133 Tinnel, Andy 4 133 Tinnel, Gene 4 133 Tucker, Debbie 4 32, 133 Turley, Deloris 4 133 Underwood, Michelle 4 11, 42, 44, 133 Underwood, Ronald 4 133 Vance, Tammy 4 133 Vickers, Thelma 4 133 Walton, Alan 4 133 Walton, Brian 4 133 Williams,jimmie 4 133 Williams,joAnn 4 21, 132 Williams, Roger 4 133 Willis, Abby 46, 13, 133 Young, B1114 133 183 A ADAMSJOSIEPH R. 3 113 Football 10, 11, 12; Thespians 10; Class Tournaments 10, 11, 12; Wrestling 11. ADKINS, BELINDA G.3113 DECA 11, 12;VICA11;Nurse Assistant 11. ADKINS, TERESA A. 3 7, 15. 42, 113 FBLA 11, 12; Garden Club 12; Basketball Statistician 12; Class Tournaments 10. 11, 12; Softball 12. ARDEN, KIMBERLY A. 3 4,10,42,110, 113,55,50, 188 Yearbook photographer 11, 12; Newspaper Photographer 11, 12; Garden Club 12; GAA 11; Pep Club 10, 11; N-Club 10, 11; Year- book Staff 121Photography EditoQ; News- paper Staff 11: Class Treasurer 10; FBLA 11 Nice PresidenO 12; National Honor Socie- ty 11, 12; Office Aide 11; Track 10, 11; Girls Basketball Stats 11; Prom Committee 11; Christmas Dance Committee 12; Gradua- tion Usher 11; Magazine Captain 12; Teach- er's Aide 12. AHART, ANGELA A. 3 20, 19, 113, 191 FBLA 12; Class Tournament cheerleader 11; Computer Club 12; From Committee 11; Christmas Dance Committee 12; Magazine Sales Committee 12. AYERS, KIMBERLY A. 3 113 Band10,11,12;FBLA11;FHA11;DECA 12. B BAILES; ANGELA R. 3 20, 113, 125, 50 Homecoming Float 10, 11; Pep Club 11; FBLA 11, 12; GAA 11; 9-C1ub 11, 12 1Presiden0; Prom Committee 11; Christmas Dance Committee 12; National HonOr Society 12; FBLA Competition 11, 12; FBLA Wo-Tecm 12. BAILES, DAVID A. 3 113 BAILESJOHN H. BARNETT, BEVERLYJ. 3 32, 113 BARR, EDWARD A.3113 BASSETT, MARTHA D. 3 112, 113 Girls Basketball Cheerleader 10 1Head1; Varsity Cheerleader 11; Homecoming Prin- cess 11; Chorus 10, 11, 12; Show Choir 10, 11,12;DECA11,12;DECA President11,12; Leo Club 10, 11; Band 10; jazz Band 10; Class Secretary 10; Class Representative 12; GAA 10; Pep Club 10; Prom Committee 11; National Honor Society 12. BEAM, SHARON 13.3113 National Honor Society 11, 12; FBLA 11, 12; FBLA Treasurer 12; 9-Club 11, 12; 9-Club SecretarWTreasurer 12; Homecom- ing Float Committee 10, 11, 12; Christmas Dance Committee 12; Prom Committee 11. BECHER, LORI L. 3 113 BEIRNE, MARY S. 3 8, 42, 63, 113 FBLA10,11,12;Leo Club10,11,12;Thespi- ans 10, 11; Pep Club 10', Garden C1ub11,12; Girls Basketball Cheerleader 11; Varsity Senior Index Cheerleader12;Prom Committee11;Chrisr- mas Dance Committee 12. BELL, DAWN E. 3 44, 11.7: FBLA11,12;Pr0m Committee 11; Pep Club 10. BENNETT, CLIFFORD N13113 DECA 11, 12; Thespians 11, 12; Spanish 11; Library Club 12; Class Tournaments 11; Library Assistant 12. BISOP, GREGORY B.3111, 113, 55 Football 10, 11, 12; Basketball 10, 11, 12; Capt. 12; Baseball 10, 11, 12; Christmas Court 11; Prom Committee 11; Christmas Dance Committee 12; Student Council 11; journalism I 10;Jouma1ism II 11, 12. BERMUDEZJOHN 11.3115 BOGGS, WILLIAM R.3113 BOLEY, DONALD K. BOSELY, TINA L. 3 114 Gold and Blue Record 10; DECA 12; Library Club 11;PalC1ub 11, 12; Pep Club 10, 11; Class Tournament Basketball 10', Class Tournament Cheerleader 11; Candy Striper 10. BRADSHAW, LISA D. 3 32, 113 Band10,11,12;Pep Band10,11,12;Concert Band 10, 11, 12; Spanish Club 11; Garden Club 11; Magazine Captain 12; Library Club 12; Library Assistant 12; Candy Stripers 11, 12, Vice-President 12. BRADY, ANN M.39,12,42, 62, 63,111, 114 Varsity Cheerleader 10, CovHead, 11, 12, Head; French Club 10, 11; Vice President; GAA 11; Miss Christmas 11; FBLA 10; Pep Club 10; Gold and Blue Record 12; Gradua- tion Usher 11;, Student Council Rep. 10; Garden Club 11, 12; Girls' State 11; Nation- al Honor Society11,12;Math Field Day 11, 12, Prom Committee 11, Christmas Dance Committee 12; Junior Class Secretary 11; Class Tournaments player 10, 11, 12; Know Your State Government 11. BROWN, DAWN M. 3 114 Chorus 10, 11; Band 10, 11; GAA 10, 11,12; Pep Band 10, 11; Pep Club 10. BROWN, LISA A. 3 114 Pep Club10,11;CandyStripers 11,12;Year- book Staff11, 12; Newspaper Staff 10, 11; GAA 10, 11; DECA 11, 12; Magazine Capt. 11. BROWN, LISA D. 3 114 Prom Decorating Committee 11; Christmas Committee 11; DECA 12. BROWN,WILLIAM,jR.-114 VICA Club 10, 11; Christmas Dance Com- mittee 12, Prom Committee 11. BUCKLANDJEFFERY D. 3 32, 114 Band 10,11,12. BURKS, DEBORAH D. 36, 10, 11, 42, 62, 63, 114 Cheerleader 11, 12; Class Tournament Cheerleader 10; From Committee 11; Christ- mas Dance Committee 11, 12; Pep Club 10, 11,12;Garden Club 11, 12; VICA 12', Candy Striper 12; Yearbook Staff 11; Usher at Graduation 11. C CAMPBELL, ANDY D3114 CARTWRIGHT, LAURIE D.3114 Nursing Assistant 11. CASE, DEBORA L. DECA 12. CAVERLEE, KEVIN T. CAVENDISH, RONALD E. 3 114 VICA 12, CHAPMAN, STEWART M. DECA 11, 12. CLEMENS, KIMBERLY A. 3 20, 114, 125 Homecoming Committee 10, 11; French Club 10, 11; Pep Club 10; ThesPians 10; GAA 11; Nine Club 11; National Honor Society 12;FBLA11;Class Tournaments 11; Prom Committee 11; Christmas Dance Committee 12; FBLA Competition 12; FBLA-Vo-Tech; Nine Club Vice-President 12; FBLA President 12. CLEVENGER, SCOTT L319 Football 10, 11, 12; Weightlifting 10, 11, 12; N-Club 11,12. CLUTTER, GEOFFREY D. 3 114 COLLINS, MARK N.3115 Wrestling 10, 11, 12; Football 10, 11, 12; N-Club10,11,12;VICA12;Wrestling Capt. 12; Bear ofthe Year 3 Football 12. COMER, TIMOTHY W.3115, 55 Newspaper Staff 11; Yearbook Staff 12; Class Tournaments 12. CONNELL, LORA L. Thespian510,11;5panish CIub1.;FBLA11, 12; FBLA Competition 11, 12; Math Field Day 11, 12;Eng1ish Bowl 11;Naticna1Hon- or Society 11, 12. COPENHAVERJAMES E. CORBI'IT, BELINDA S. 3 13, 14, 16, 32, 35, 112, 115, 191 GAA 10, 11, 12; DECA 11; Gold and Blue Record 10; Class Tournament Cheerleader 10, 11, 12; Mat Maid 12; Teachers Aid 12; Band 10, 11, 12; Pep Band 10, 11, 12; Band Council 3 Officer 12; Student Council 12; Senior Class Secretary 12; Prom Committee 11; Homecoming Committee 10, 12; Homecoming Court 12; Magazine Capt. 10, 11, 12; Pep Club 10. CORBITT, CONNIE S. 3 40 Thespians 10, 11, 12; FBLA 11; FHA 11; Vice President 12; Class All-Stars 10; Class Tournament 11; Christmas Dance Commit- tee 12; DECA 12. COUNTS, RICHARD G. 3 115 DECA 12. COX, ANDREWJ. 3 77,115 Football 12; Christmas Dance Committee 12. CRABTREE, MAGGIE R. 3 115, 125 From Committee 10, 11;1served 101 FBLA 11, 12; National Honor Society 12. CUTLIP, ALBERT R. 3 115 CULVER, KEVIN N,3115 Wrestling 10, 11, 12;Track11, D DARBY, PAUL D. 4 16 DAVIS, RONALD L. DAVIS, TERRY L.4115 FHA 10; FBLA 11, 12. DEALJAMES Track 12. DEAL, SHERRY L.4115 Pep Club 10. DEAL, STEVEN A.417, 114,115 Football 10, 11, 12; Football Captain 12; Wrestling 10, 11, 12. DEBORD, DAVID B. 4 32, 24, 115 Band 11, 12; Vo-Tech Safety Comm. 12. DeMOSS, LUTHERj. 4 115 DODRILLJAMES D. 4 115 Track 11, DOOLEY, ROBERT E. 4 115 DOOLEY, SARA M. 46, 12,15, 19, 42, 44, 110, 115 Garden Club 12; GAA 11; Pep Club 10; Newspaper Staff 10; Yearbook Staff 11, 12; .Yearbook photographer 12; From Commit- tee 11; Choir 11, 12; Office worker 12; Teacher's Aide 11; Magazine Captain 10. DORSEY, CHARLES D. 4 115 Track 10; Class All-Stars 11, 12; VICA Presi- dent 12. DORSEY, ROBERT E. 4 115 DORSEY, THOMAS E. 4 115 DRENNEN, BERNARD 5.4115 DUFFIELD, DONNA j. 4 19, 78, 79, 80, 116 Girls Basketball 10, 11, 12 1co-Captain1; NRVC 11, 12; Honorable Mention All- State 12; Prom Committee 12; Christmas Dance Committee 12; Class All-Stars 11; Math Field Day 11,12;FBLA 10,11;DECA 12; GAA 10, 11; Class Tournament koacm 11; French Club 10, 11; N-Club 10, 11, 12; Homecoming Committee 10, 11, 12; Thes- pians 10; Served at Prom 10; National Hon- or Society 12. F FACEMIRE, PENELOPE A. 4 2, 8, 12, 32, 20, 38, 39, 42, 116 Band 10,11,12;Band Council 11, 12; Majo4 rette 10, 11, 12 1Head1; National Honor Society12;FBLA 11, 12; French Club 10, 11 Secretaryx Garden Club 11, 12 1Vice- Presidentk Class Tournaments 10, 11, 12; All-Toumament team 11; Class All-Stars 11; Thespians 10; Served at Christmas Dance 10; Homecoming Committee 10, 11, 12; From Committee 11; Christmas Dance Committee 12; Graduation Usher 11; Math Field Day 11, 12; Tap Ten in County 11; Regional Math Field Day 11. FARTHING, PATRICIA A. 4 6, 8, 12, 42, 2, 63, 116 GAA 10, 11, 12; Girls Basketball Cheer- leader 10; Varsity cheerleader 11, 12; Track 10; Pep Club 10, 11; FBLA 11, 12; Garden lub 11, 12;N-Club10, 11, 12; Homecom- 'ng Committee 10, 11, 12; Prom Committee 11; Christmas Dance Committee 12; National Honor Society 12. FIELD, MICHELLE 4 2, 20, 42, 62, 63, 116 French Club 101secretary1, 11; GAA 10, 11; Thespians 10, 11; Pep Club 10, 11; Nichlosean Staff12;Newspaper Staff 11, 12 1Editor-in-Chie0; Garden Club11,121Presir denO; National Honor Society 11, 12; Math Field Day 11, 12; Girls Basketball Cheer. leader 10 1C04Head1; Varsity Cheerleader 11, 12 1C04Head1; Graduation Usher 11; Prom Committee 11; Christmas Dance Committee 12; Yearbook Photographer 12; Class Tournaments 10, 11, 12. FLEMINGJON A. 4 14, 190 Football 10, 11, 12; Weightlifting 10. FOSTER, AMANDAJ. 4 8, 14, 116, 125 Chorus 10; Band 10; 9-Club 11, 12; National Honor Society 12; Usher at Graduation 11; FBLA 11, 12; FBLA Competition 11, 12. FOSTERJAMBY L. 4 34, 116 Band 10, 11, 12; Pep Band 10, 11, 12; Wresv tling 10, 11, 12; Baseball 10, 11,12;FTA11, 12; Drama 10, 11, 12; FBLA 12; Choir 12. FOSTER, LYDIAJ. 4 116 FHA11;FBLA11. FREEMAN, ROBERT L.4116 VICA 11. G GIVENS, KEVIN D. 4 116 Class Tournaments 10; Drama 11, 12; Library Club 12; Debate Team 12; Teacher's Aide 12. GRIFFITH, DEBBIE j. 4 116 GROSE, ANGELA Y. 4 116 Band 10, 11, 12: Candy Stripers 10, 11 1Vice Presidentk VICA 12 Ureasured. GROSE, MARLENE J, 4 116 Choir 10, 11, 12; FTA 12; Library Club 12; Class Tournaments 10, 11, 12. GROVES, LITTLEJOHN E. 4 116 GROVES, RICHARD D. 4 2, 12, 116, 82, 84, 85, 191 Wrestling 10, 11, 12 1Captain1; Christmas Dance Committee 12; Class Tournaments 12. H HALL, AMY 4116 Yearbook Staff 11, 12; Newspaper Staff 10, 121 HAMONJOHN A. 4 8, 12, 75, 116, 191 Football 10, 11, 121Captain1;Track 10, 11, 12; Wrestling 11, 12; Class Tournaments 10, 11,12;DBCA 11,12. HAMRICK, CHARLENE 4 116 FBLA 10, 11; Class Tournaments 11; Library Club 11, 12. HANNA, LARRY R. HANNA, CRYSTAL D. 4 116 FHA 10; GAA 10, 11, 12; French Club 11; Class AILStars 10, 11. HANSHAW, DALE W. HANSHAW, NORMAJ. 4 116, 137 Track 11, 12; FBLA 10, 11, 12; DECA 12; Magazine Sales Committee 11, 12; Christ- mas Dance Committee 12; Class Tourna- ments 12. HANSHAW, PAMELA L. 4 112, 116,125 Band10,11;Pep Band 10,11;Student Coun- cil 11, 12; Class President 11; Class Vice President 12; Prom Committee 11; Christ- mas Dance Committee 12: Head Usher at Graduation 11; VICA Secretary 12; Nation. 21 Honor Society 12. HARRIS, GREGORY 8.4111, 117, 136 Choir 10, 11, 12; Show Choir 11, 12; Vice President Choir and Show Choir 12; Class Tournament 11; Chess Club 10', National Honor Society 12. HARRIS, TIMOTHY P. 4 117 Band 10; Choir 10, 11,12;President ofChoir 12; All-State Choir 11; National Honor Society 12. HARRISON, CYNTHIA M. 4 117 Pep Club 10; Library Aide 10; DECA 12; DECA Competition 12. HAYES, ALICE A. 4 6, 10, 55, 117 National Honor Society 11, 12; DECA 10; Mat Maid 10, 11; Newspaper Staff 1Circula- tion ManageO 10; Yearbook Staff 11, 12 1Copy Editoo; Prom Committee 11; GAA 10, 11; Magazine Captain 10, 11, 12; Christ- mas Dance Committee 12, Teacher's Aide 12. HELLMSJOHN A. 4 16, 117 Show Choir 10, 11, 12; Choir 10, 11, 12; Homecoming Court Escort 12, HESS, TONY A.4117 Football 10; Wrestling 10; Track 10, 11; Dra- ma Competition 12; Readers Theatre Dra- ma 12. HOFFMAN, BRIAN D. 4 117 Band 10; Choir 10, 11, 12; Show Choir 10, 11, 12. HOOVER, ERNEST H. 4 117 HOLCOMBJACK L. 4 2, 7, 117 Basketball 10, 11, 12; Track 11, 12. HOPKINSJOHN E. 4 117 Choir 10; Track 11; Football 12; Usher at Graduation 11; VICA 12. HOPKINS, TAMMY L. 4 3, 6, 10, 12, 13, 32, 38, 19, 42, 117, 190 Band 10, 11, 12; Pep Band 10, 11, 12; Majorette 12; Candy Snipers 1'1, 12 1Presi- demo; Garden Club 11, 12; Pep Club 10, 11; FBLA 11, 12; Christmas Dance Committee 12; Prom Committee 11; Usher at Gradua- tion 11; Free Enterprise Business Camp 11; French Club 12; Magazine Captain 12; Homecoming Committee 10, 11, 12. HUFFMAN, LaVERNE 4 117 HUFFMAN, STEVEN L. 4 117 HUGHES, BOBBY W. 4 4, 8, 72, 75, 118 Football 10, 11, 12; Baseball 10, 11, 12; Bas- ketball 10, 11, 12; Magazine Captain 11; Christmas Dance Committee 12; Prom Committee 11. HUGHES, CATHY S. 4 118 HUGHES, DONALD R. 4 118, 4, 8, 13 Football 10, 11, 12; Weightlifting 10, 11; Class Tournaments 10, 11, 12; Christmas Dance Committee 12; Prom Committee 11. HUGHES, DONNA K. 4 4, 13, 32, 118 Band 10, 11, 12;jazz Band 11; Pep Band 10; Track 10, 11; GAA 10, 11; National Honor Society 12. 185 186 HUGHES, MICHAEL W. 9 118 DECA 12. HYPES, DALE G. 9 8, 110, 118, 125 Football 10, 11, 12; Class Tournament 10, 11, 12; N-Club 10, 11, 12; Class Vice Presi- dent 11; Track 10; Choir 10, 12; DECA 12; Show Choir 12; Student Council 11. HYPESJERRY A. 9 118 HYPES, KAREN S. 9 118 DECA 11;FBLA 11,12. I INGBLS, KEITH G. 9 32, 112, 118 Class President 12; National Honor Society 12;Band10,11,12;Pep Band10,11,12;jazz Band 10; Band Council 12; English Bowl 11, 12; Usher at Graduation 11; Chess Club 11, 12. J jENKINS, HEATHER A. 9 118 Mat Maid 12. jENKINS, TERESA L. 9 119 jOHNSON, ANNE M. 9 119 jOHNSON, CONNIE 5.9 44, 119 K KEITHJEFFERY W. KINCAID, CHARLES W. 9 119 VICA 12. KIRKERJERRY W. Class Tournaments 11, 12. KNIGHT, GERALD 5.9 119 Choir 10, 11, 12; Chess Club 10; DECA 11, 12; Library Club 12. L LAMB, RACHEL A. 9 2, 10, 12,15, 16,17, 42, 62, 63, 112, 119 Cheerleader 10, 11, 12; Sophomore Princess 10; Homecoming Queen 12; French Club 11; FBLA 10, 11, 12; Pep Club 10, 11, 12', Christmas Dance Committee 12; Prom Committee 11; Garden Club 10, 11, 12; NewsPaper Staff 10; Yearbook staff 11; Class Vice President 10; Student Council 10; Class Treasurer 12; Christmas Court 11; Graduation Usher 11. LANHAM, KAREN A. 9 6, 119 Volleyball 12; VICA Chairperson 12; Soft- ball 12; Class Tournaments 12. LAWSON, TOMMIE A.917, 119 Football 12. LEGGJOHN H. 9 119 VICA 12. LEGG, MELISSA A. 9 119 DECA 11, 12. LEGG, ROGER D. 9 119 LEGG, TIMOTHY V. 9 119 LEWIS, TERRY D. 9 119 LILLY, DAWN Y.L 199 FBLA 12; FTA 12; Office Worker 11, 12; Prom Committee 11. LONG, BRIAN K. 9 119 Football 10. LOPER, WILLIAM L. 9 119 LOVE, DEBORAH L. 9 37, 119 Band10,11,12;Flag Corps 11, 12; Pep Band 10,11, 12; FBLA 11, 12; GAA 10,11;Class Tournament manager 10; Served at Prom 10. LUCKY, TRACY A. 9 119 National Honor Society 11, 12; Leo Club 10, 11,12;CheSSClub10,11,12;Ch01r10,11,12; Show Choir 11, 12. M MCCLUNG, AMY R. 9 119 Band 10; Pep Band 10; Library Club 11, 12. McCLUNG, FRANKLI N D. 9 120 McCLUNG,jOI-IN D. 9 120 MCKINNEY, DEBRA L. 9 120 MCKINNEY, LISA L. 9 6, 40, 42, 120 Band 10, 11; Majorette 10, 11; Pep Band 10, 11; FHA 1Presiden0 12; Garden Club 12; Office Worker 10, 11; National Honor Soci- cry 12; Prom Committee 11. MCKINNEY, RONNIE L. 9 120 Class Tournaments 11, 12. MCCOY, PAULA S. 9 42, 119 Pep Club 10; Mat Maid 10; Teacher's Aide 12; Band 10; FBLA 11, 12; GAA 10, 11; Christmas Dance Committee 12; Home- coming Committee10,11,12;Garden Club 12; Magazine Captain 10, 11; Yearbook Staff 11, 12. McMILLION, STEPHANIE S. 9 120 Choir 10, 11;DECA11. MARKS, STEPHEN D. 9 120 Football 10, 11, 12; Weightlifting 10, 11, 12. MARTIN, BARBARA A. 9 120 FBLA 11, 12; PTA 12; Magazine Captain 10. MARTIN, DAVID A. 9 120 MEAD, SAMUEL 1.9 120 Class Tournament 12. MEADOWS, SHERRY S. 9 34, 120 Concert Choir10,11, 12; Show Choir 10,11, 12; Prom Committee 11; Thespians 10, 11, 12; FTA 12; DECA 12; Class Tournaments 10,11,12;Pep Club10,11;Christmas Dance Committee 12; Choir Competition 10, 12; Show Choir Competition 10, 12; DECA Competition 12. MOORE, DOUGLAS R. 9 120, 82, 191 Wrestling 10, 11, 12; Class Tournament 10, 11, 12. MOOREJOSEPH P. 9 120 MORRIS, GREGORY T. 9 120 MORRISJEFFERY D.9120 MURPHY, MELODY D. 9 114, 120 Band 11. N NEAL, VICTORIA A. 9 16, 33, 120 Band 11,12;Pep Band 11, 12; Band Council 12; Choir 10, 11, 12; Show Choir 10, 11, 12; Secretary Choir 12; National Honor Society 12; Senior Attendant 12; GAA 11. NEALJOSEPH 9 120 NEIL, BOBBY O. NICHOLAS, NANCY j. 9 120 FBLA 11;DECA12. NICHOLS, TAMMY R. 9 120, 137 Band 10, 11; DECA 12; Newspaper Stafflz; Class Tournament Basketball 10. NICHOLS, DAVID 9 120 PalClub11,12. NUTTER, DEBORAH L. 9 121 Vo-Tech FBLA 11. O O'DELL, DWAYNE 9 6, 72, 75, 111, 121 Football 10, 11, 12; Wrestling 10, 11; Base- ball 10, 11, 12; Track 10; N-Club 10, 11, 12; Weightlifting 10, 11, 12; Class Tournaments 10, 11, 12. P PARKINS, CARLA A. 9 121 PAXTON, DARREN 9 121, 137, 106 Football 11; Weightlifting 11. PAXTON, STEVE C. 9 121 PERSINGER, WILLIAM A. 9 75,112,121 Football 10, 11, 12; Wrestling 10, 11; Track 10, 11; Student Council President 12; Prom Committee 11; Class Officer 1Sgt.-at-Arms1 10, 11, 12. PHILLIPS, PEGGY S. 9 32, 33, 121 National Honor Society 11, 12; Band 10, 11, 12;jazz Band 11; Spanish Club 11; Thespi- ans 10, 11 Ureasurerk Teacher's Aide 12. PIERSON, PAUL 8.9121 PINSONJOLANDA L. PROCTORJACK E. 9 121 Baseball 10, 11, 12; N-Club 10, 11, 12;C1ass Tournaments 11, 12. PRYORJENNIFERJ. 9 44, 121 French Club 10, 11; LEO Club 10, 11, 12; PAL Club 10; National Honor Society 12; Graduation Usher 11; Office Worker 12. Q QUERRY, DOUGLAS A. 9 121 R RADER, GINGER L910, 20, 78, 79, 121 RADER, KAREN K. 9 42, 121 Thespians 10, 11, 12; Band 10, 11, 12; Pep Band 10; Flag Corps 11; FBLA 12; Garden Club 12; Christmas Dance Hostess 10; English Bowl Alternate 10. RALEIGH, KENNETH E. 9 122 Library Club 11. ROBINSONJAMES L. 9 122 ROBERTS, WILLIAM F. 9 122, 82 Baseball 10, 11, 12; Wrestling 10, 11, 12. ROSE, CYNTHIA S. 9 78, 79, 122 Class Tournaments 10, Class All-Stars 10' Girls Basketball 11, 12; FTA 12; DECA 12. S SCOTT, MICHELEJ. 3 122 SCOTT, TAMMY L. 3 122 Band 10, 11; Pep Band 10, 11; Magazine Captain 10, 11; Spanish Club 10, 11; Pep Club 10; FBLA 12; Class Tournaments 10; FBLA Competition 12. SEBERT, CYNTHIA W. 3 6, 19, 40, 42, 122 Choir 10, 11; Show Choir 11; Pep Club 10; GAA 10, 11; Band 10; Pep Band 10; Garden Club 12; From Committee 11; Christmas Dance Committee 12; FHA 12 Nice Presi- dend; Class Tournament 12; FBLA 12. SEBERTJOSEPH C. 3 122 Football 10, 11, 12; Baseball 10, 11, 12; Class Tournaments 10, 11, 12; Boys' State 11; Christmas King 11. SELMAN, BERT G. 3 122 DECA 12. SHAFER, WALTER K.-122 FootbaH 10,11,12;11ack 10,11,12 SHARP, KENNY G. 3 122 SHARP, THOMAS K. 3 122 SHAW, RUTH A. 3 122 SHORT, ROWLAND G. 3 122 SIGMAN, CHARLES A. 3 122 SIGMAN, THOMAS E. 3 122, 136 Library Club and Assistant 12; Newspaper Staff 11, 12; Yearbook Staff12. SKAGGSJOHN D. SKOCZEN, DONNA L. 3 3, 5,42, 123 Mat Maid 10, 11, 12; GAA 10, 11; Garden Club 12', Homecoming Committee 10, 11, 12; Magazine Captain 10; Class Tournament Cheerleader 10; Prom Committee 11; Christ- mas Dance Committee 12; Pep Club 10, 11. SMITH, CATHY A. 3 123 French Club 10; FTA 10, 12; National Hon- or Society 12. SMITH, LUKE I. 3 123 SPENCERJOSEPH H. 3 123 Class Tournaments 11, 12. SPENCER, LISA S. 3 123 STARCHER, ROBERT E. STARCHER, ROMA E. 3 123 DECA 11, 12. STEWARTJOHNNY R. STEELE, KELLY G. 3 123 Thespians 10, 11, 12; Library Club; French and Spanish Club 10; Teacher's Aide 12. STONE, KENNETH B. 3123, 74 Football 12; Homecoming Court Escort 10. STOUT, CRAIG D. SUMMERS, DONNA L. 4 123 FBLA 11; PAL C1ub11. SUMMERS, SHARON 1. -,1 FBLA12;FTA12;VICA1 .54 0' X0 0 L; X T k X TALKINGTON, ANDREW A. 3 3, 15, 16,17,123 Basketball 10, 11, 121Co-Captain3;Track 11, 12; National Honor Society 11, 12 1Presi- dend; Math Field Day 10, 11, 12; Chess Club 10, 11, 12; Graduation Usher 11: Know Your State Government Day 11; DAR Good Citizen 12; Homecoming Court Escort 12; Intramural Ping-Pong 11, 12; Class Tournament Basketball 1Coach1 11, 12. TAYLOR, LENORA A. 3 123 Pep Club 10; Spanish Club 11; Prom Com- mittee 11; Magazine Captain 12; National Honor Society 11, 12; 2nd Magazine High Salesperson 12. TAYLOR, WILMER A. 3 123 THOMAS, EUGENE A. 3 123 THOMAS, MARK A. 3 123 THOMPSON, ROY D. 3 123 TINNEL, BRENDA M. 3 124 Band, 10, 11; Pep Band 10, 11; PTA 11; FBLA 11, 12; DECA 11, 12; DECA Officer 12; Prom Committee 11; DECA Competi- tion 11, 12. TINNEY, LISA M. DECA 12. TRENT, DWAYNE A. 3 124 Football 10; Band 11; Class Tournaments 10. TRUMAN, ROBIN C. 3 32, 124 DECA10;Band10,11,12;Flag Corp511,12; Pep Band 10, 11, 12. TRUMAN, PENNY L. 3 124 TRUMAN, STEPHANIE L. 3 42, 124 Choir, 10, 11,12;Honor Choir 10; FBLA 11, 12; Garden Club 12; Homecoming Com- mittee 11, 12. TUCKER, ERIC M. 3 124, 89, 191, 192 Basketball 11, 12. TYLER, DENVER C. Wrestling 11; VICA Nice PresidenQ 12. U 4x UNDERWOOD, RICHARD L. 3 124 O 9 V VAUGHAN, RICHARD S. 3 124 VINES, CHRISTALEA 3 3, 15, 111, 124 Cheerleader 10, 11; FBLA 10, 11, 12; Pep Club 10, 11; National Honor Society 12; Garden Club 12; Thespians 10; GAA 10, 11; Magazine Captain 10, 11, 12; Prom Commit- tee 11; Christmas Dance Committee 12; Graduation Usher 11; Class Tournaments 11, 12; Newspaper Staff 10, 11; Yearbook Staff 11, 12 1Editor1; Homecoming Com- mittee 10, 11, 12. W WARDJAMES K. 3 7, 19, 87, 110, 124 Baseball 11, 12; Basketball 10, 11, 12; Golf 10, 12; Boys' State 11; Graduation Usher 11; National Honor Society 11, 121Vice PresJ; French Club 12; Math Field Day 11', 12. WHITE, ALMA M. 3 124 Band 10, 11; Thespians 10, 11, 12; Class Tournaments 11; FHA 10, 11; Drama 11. WILLIAMSJUDY A. 3 111, 124, 136 Choir 10, 11', FBLA 11, 12. WILLIAMS, KENDRIA L. 3,124 Candy Striper 11; PAL Club 11, 12; FBLA 12; GAA 10', FHA 10; Manager Girls Bas- ketball 10. WILLIS, CARL L. 3 124 Class Tournament 10. WILLIS, KIMBERELY A. 3 124 WILSON, PAUL F. 3 124 VICA 12. WILSON, RONZEL E. 3 124 Y YOUNG, CATHY C. 3 124 FBLA 10, 11, 12; Garden Club 11. YOUNG, MELISSAJ. 3 124 DECA 12. YOUNG, LYDON j. DECA 12. YOUNG, SHARKEY E. 3 124 187 188 Months of misery! Lack of sleep! Worry! Hassles! A sense of Accomplishment! It's FINALLY Finished! The 1984 Nichlosean! 1. Sara Dooley and Kim Arden become too involved in the game to worry about taking pictures for The NiclJIoJean. 2. Mr. Roger Pryor, photography teacher, gives Christy Vines some tips on using a flash when taking pictures in the gym. 3. A rare moment injoumalism 11 class, Tim Comer is actually working! 4. Alice Hayes and Paula McCoy busy themselves with the task of com- pleting the senior index. 5. While taking a break from taking pictures at football practice, Christy Vines and Ms. Margaret Hershman enjoy the sun and "chat" with Mr. Buell Moses, athletic trainer. HW-w-nu-w A u 4. 1. Before putting on the finishing touches, there are a lot of other things that need to be done. Beth Neff concentrates on improving her faculty layouts. 2. Tom Sigman works hard at finishing his assigned pages before the deadline. 3. You know what they say about "all work and no play," but I don't think there's any chance of this happening here! 4. Posing as our RHS spies, Wood Rich and jack Lumber, Beth Neff and Steve Copeland "sit back and relax" after enjoying a few of the preps. tPizza and popD 5. Winnie Martin practices her photography skills while enjoying the sun out on the lake. h 139 As the year came to a close, Wood Rich and I finals 1y reached a conclusion about why Nicholas County High School is the best school in the county. NCHS is a very special school in many aspects but, the students and faculty at NCHS are what really make it the best. Like everyone else that will be leaving NCHS this year, Wood Rich and I will really miss seeing and hearing everyone cheering at pep meetings and games, gathering in the auditorium for various events, joking around and goofing off at lunch and between classes, and even the crowded hallways at NCHS. But the thing we all will remember most is the friendships we enjoyed at NCHS. In good times and bad e everything is better when its shared with a friend. Mxxxig m g E ,E , . . , .5 , 9, J Kg? 3x. Rb- 429a . 03d ?x$gc$w gikxcg oggmwk . 2E SEE Di, wgm A meE .3 swam $ o RMQ xxSw g f . VWRSMQX wmww 0s VREQNAngmMWxWx. w ibig $ng E$SK w. . E in KAWEQ $NEEQ E .w $$$$me ASA E. N g $ WNK W .e kk? berg $xe $$ $$Qx$amxi$ .W QosXL SuonmWwwxw . DCNRmxmgrmx n; 0M$wmxk 05$ gEmmsxmw$ pig.,w,.i$ma QR gexxwxvmw w bbbbb

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