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Nicholas County High School - Nichlosean Yearbook (Summersville, WV) online yearbook collection, 1960 Edition, Cover

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,s-Q. .xg I 3 i w 1 K I . X 0 N , ,- fi f 1 , SONG D f Z XSL v 'lJ J lJJ,1 I Lf F f' CEOUN-TY? 4-new Lows MAY YOUR -t'-if-TJ V F 1 rlgl C P gtk FAITH -Fun. AND Lov- AL we wu.n. 'Iwi Lf -'wwf Ffh-HH IGH TEAM LEAD US ON TO VIC-TOR-Y. E . 1 1 I WWE f CH S695 49 Q Om g QagNN"'qMEaa,!9 . 'xb f F WW !'2'XV vffvffg' i O C 5 1960 E Nzchlosean NICHOLAS COUNTY HIGH SCHOOL, Summersville, West Virg 1 lx. t My ,Ln K V, : V 4 , L ,mi U .G,. V V W L 1 -- Smi-ll, "Ma " N'feNi5tf"'f ',, N 'PEN L 152 1 -. f A P, V , f - -3 ' W Ava. - ,yd 1,3 - 43 3 34 w 2- - x , ,L . f-f 43- ' . ,L Lzyrai Lf- -" . .- ' L-' ,V J' -. '. L' 'k L' T?Q,5Af.4f,32 fl ffi4i"bz' .wvgf h L' L wfkwg 7 L , f.-1545 1, N ' 1 L '. 4:1 g 1 f 'i F? :mf mg! ,--- mf f- K '14 L 6 1 . . 'L H 'LL-w,vg L, W H "G 4 "QL ' ,,-L mrs Q. 'Lf wia--1' ' 'WSQL' K Kf.:.13u ll. s ,V L if " ' C - '--. 1 fffl1i . "' : V' W . L-YW . ' , L "'W Y A mf V x, , .wivggi-' g, Ln rjw'gf3gL5, 13.Y,4 1. swag if 3 -N .- K . . .H 51: 12 ,-, ,V-ff M Y ,V 3 Q fd, V ..', LL L 4 vQa.Z,,, . ,Q ,Q . M, , , . . A ,aug , , .. "'LQgpeieu 5:21. 15 H x 'ag -L1-L--M. 1 ,LH N - . L +, - --1 -dffz' ?Y 53'i' +1'E ff -nffiwgv 9 1: il ' E' L Yr 311 ii' if w.?Qf2"f if 'L1!f'g?'wi'f,f 4 LJ : ,Q ' 1 . A,-,L ,..,w:j"fl 'ff 'Fil yizffffc-1 f i -Q we 'X ' L A ' A "Wax-' W , :ix ' MA '-Lf' "R f -" Q MN L W ggggxg, Q q -V -. ' ,yr N 4, ,: , ,A . y V , L QW S, - , f.:--HSM ,SLUK rg ff? 'w+,.xi L -q,,F, 1?', qw r Tu. .hw , -5-'xv 2 fy Q' . 4Ff.:?,,. ' f "ri QL f ,mel :Qi W' ,Lv ,1 " ,4 r 1- f A ,f Q-45.1 X V Wg .Q I Kiw i' . 1? 'fl -3' Yivgi-,f .-is .Bef Q 4 L W ' SX ' .aw 1 . -2 A " EA . zgvfs, , Ie , ' QTY 51, z L, L5 2 Q J xv-, 1, , -A K b . .V 1 - ,z u ' VA L , L , , - ' w . 2,1 gf 5 4 'KAI 'f3'qf Q, A ,,ff ' . ' 'ssl K w ! 4 -,ff 5 513' 7 u2'2,'2L"! 4455" ' M ' if TVR - . f f ,- 93"WQ's4'wQ 'giiggufi-ARL.-,,,4'M1L'-f w M. Q. Qi g 'fl 4 315-a t -5755 fi- ' if? Y Y wk . gi L fi , Y x 'xt M ' 1 V- L ,"' m WLL' L W 1 rx ,, :Ly wgfgiw --f. ws V .sivw Affffsf H ffl' 'E 1' .. A--..www H-,,,..N..45KQM.NL '- fig ' L., A . E ' L, AX AL A L. -.,- - , X is Vw. .QL 'L f' i ," ' 5' 1 4 ' 1 - f f L 'Mx ' -- f-.'f:2'1 . 3 iii?"-w ' rg!- xf . e f 3 l ' fl, ver 1 w WA, .. - ng: J .K fn, yr ., Lia." fi -sv-A - N 4, , gf. W 91' . Y . 1' K W' ru ,L ' + N-' V M Y L L' Q 5 ' ' ' L L 4' - .L 41 ... aw-565555 w-. N K -lf V I A E A ,xni'S'K QQ, Lyra wr A S k k Q N gk v -y fer . ,,,.L , L in ,L-gf A , LL N. , .,-r K 1 rg .'4 . . .U n 1 1 W ' W" A' "' f - , .V THERE'LL BE SOME CHANGES MADE CCONT'DD M frffffmflfs 6 f o Contents 16 P9493 xevcwgg 5 oaewmsxos QQOQKS Pxagpxgqiib wr- PAGE 9 QOQOVPYX FAaE 5o I n PPAGE 32 D Y PAGE 94 6 J 4 1 No matter how perplexing or puzzling our problems, you sponsors always "stuck in your noses" and came up with a solution. Because of your willing and untiring ef- forts to solve our many problems and help our class in so many ways, it is with the greatest pride and gratitude that we, the senior class, dedicate this 1960 Nichlosean to you seven wonderful sponsors: Miss Vergie Groves, Bernard Poole, Mrs. Mary Neal, Mrs. Nancy Brown, Carl Cook, Dexter Dotson, and Miss June Beamer. We deeply appreciate the many hours you spent to help our class, as well as the many other students not in our class. We remember how willingly and untiringly you worked on big or small occasions. You worked to make our prom and many other ac- tivities a success. You were forever encouraging, guiding, and directing us to reach for higher goals. By your wonderful help and guidance, you made our four years of high school a world of wonderful memories. It is with the deepest appreciation that we dedicate this 1960 Nichlosean to you, our wonderful friends and sponsors. 5 Mr. Nichlosean Donald Dietz Two Very Active Miss Nichlosean Bette Anne Trent Persons - Indeed!! 7 -n "lim . -L. fsiikk' .4 .LJAQ . -MA' WA .,.,. - , .,h ,. - - ,,,f:f3T.QFfQX .., , 4, ,lgq J .Q ' W ,ir ,M v fl M E5 I 1 ., ,-. ' 1 "ff ' MM , 0 vk:--A. .44 f. A A, tf 7, . ., X58 ,f ,.Ah,, L -'L- X 1 mt .Q ..,-Qfwafz.w.- Q W ?'zvgwsfgssw ff' , , 'a,ei?ff - , 4 pw 22259- -K. :gzswli 5 M" .?,,,. Q , ,N x. . 1ff1"4wlw ' V My ff v V .Q F125 A ' f 15 qxfsf' 4 .. . wan Y A 4. . ' . K ' , ve 1 m.,Wk1 - I , , 4 1. . - ' .- ' ' 'Q a . .f .V .2-y"". ' 1' -'f 5 s ,, -.-ve 11 -. ... , R.: , -' . Q K , 1 . '-4 . 'f-35:1 .w,lffrs, 4 I " 113 ' kay Ki, S . . ' LXM dy- A ,- , 1-,fi , ' Ir' ' J AZ: V L f 3-1. - , W ,L A 1 K 5 -.1 No . ' 'F-"ff, A5 wa wx- N 'N . . Q-.Lien - - ' '. M 'NNE- ' fx S.- f' I ,122-3..i. -' " 45,-'f..f.4 Aa Ha- V X K 'A , ., f-:iw ' ' 1 N .E . . 'Q..!Q7r - ' F - x " M X5 an ' V M .Y F fx fn. 1 , . - , ,it,?Mxk.x, El , , .5 wc.:.!V:f7 'Y ' .4 , . Hi X ' .. H-rn ,. K .. W 1 . ,. . " fv -4 A Q' fir-Q . 1' 1' 'W - J" I G 1- , , 1 . 'B ' , , ar Q ,gil ,p f fx ffl' .fi ,SW V . A . -'f f X' W Q i iw - ' - - - ' f. ' zz ,S-V ..,ggesz1 K ,gig -, A my F ' V ' bf- A 44 yy: , , Ls HAIL! THE caANe's ALL HERE fifhfr fWJ lLf1il "Education is of great value to all people." With this thought in mind, Principal C. P. Wells sets certain aims for each school year. For ten successful years he has been principal and has seen many students pass through these doors into the world of opportunity, Principal Wells received his AB degree from West Liberty State Teachers' College and his MA from the University of Pittsburgh. Before coming to NCHS, he was principal at Reader and Romney High Schools. He also served as county superintendent of schools in Webster County. Besides his duties here at school, Mr. Wells is a member of the Executive Committee of the West Virginia Secondary School Principals' Commission of which he has also served as vice presi- dent and president, and he is a member of the Tenure-Ethics Com- mittee of the West Virginia Educa- tion Association. Despite his busy schedule, Mr. Wells contributes much of his time in trying to help those students who come to school only because they must, as well as the ambi- tious students who realize the im- portance of an education. Value of Education Is Stressed Guiding students on the road to their best- qualified vocation is the tedious task of Mrs. Gladys Vaught, guidance counselor. Mrs. Vaught's work is to secure information about individual students, to carry out a well-organized testing program, and after these tests, to interview the students involved. For 24 years Mrs. Vaught has been employed at NCHS. During this time she has also taught English, and social studies. Teachers still have time for outside activities and this is evident in the fact that Mrs, Vaught belongs to the DAR, Wakoma Chapter Number 52 Order of the Eastern Star, the Mountain Azalea Garden Club and the Nu Chapter of Delta Kappa Gamma. She received an A.B. degree from Marshall College, and a M.A. degree from West Virginia University. Other schools Mrs. Vaught has at- tended are the University of New Mexico, West Virginia Institute of Technology, and Morris Har- vey College. She enioys reading, raising flowers, traveling, and watching good educational television pro- grams. 10 One of the highest goals in life is to attain a higher education. ln- structing so many students on the road to education is too much for one individual, and so Hoyt Dean, assistant principal, helps with this task of instruction. As principal of the Summersville Grade School, he starts many of the students on the long iourney over the roads of edu- cation. Mr. Dean is a graduate of Rich- wood High School, and furthered his education at Glenville State Teachers' College where he re- ceived an AB degree. He also at- tended West Virginia University and Marshall College. Before assuming the duties of grade school principal, Mr. Dean taught driver education and seventh and eighth grade history and geo- graphy. He is very active as coach for the grade school basketball teams. Remember that from these young "explorers" will come the cham- pions of future years. Mr. Dean is a member of the Richwood Chapter of the Masons and the Richwood Baptist Church. He is also a former member of the Lions and Rotary clubs. As Tests, Words of Advice Are Given Throwing a wet towel across the dressing room and shouting, "Nice game, rinkydinksf' is typical ofthe humor in varsity athletic coach, James S. Gladwell, who also assumed the duties of as- sistant principal this year. Mr. Gladwell began his teaching career here in 1950 as assistant, or B-team, coach, and has since become varsity coach. An ardent sponsor of the iunior class and the N-Club, he also teaches world history and physical education. Fairmont being Mr. Gladwell's home town, he naturally attended Fairmont State Teachers' College from which he holds an A.B. degree. He then at- tended West Virginia University, where he received an M.S, degree. During the summer months, "Coach," may be seen at the swimming pool where he manages the Nicholas Memorial Park. Besides golf and hunting, "Coach" also has another very important hobby-baby sitting. He is married and the father of three children-two girls and a boy. 11 TO P- MlSS JUNE BEAMER Ask for a good book and she can recommend one-librarian -holds B.S. and M.A. from West Virginia University,- - senior class and Y-Teen spon- sor. MRS. LORETTA BELL She is returning after a year's absence to teach 7th and 8th grade math in the red brick building-B,S. from Glenville. MRS. NANCY BROWN Always ready to lend a help- ing hand to anyone who asks is this biology teacher-senior and science club sponsor- holds B.S.P.E. degree from WVU. MRS. LUCY CARROLL Well-known for floral arrange- ments and decorating ability, she teaches sophomore English -freshman sponsor-A.B. from Glenville. MIDDLE- CARL COOK Vocational agriculture and vis- ual aids teacher, "do-it-your- self proiects" and woodwork- ing are his hobbies-has B.S. from WVU. MISS HAZEL DORSEY She is a very active sponsor of the FHA and the sophomore class-teaches home economics -Marshall graduate with A.B. DEXTER DOTSON At noon he can always be seen standing at the gate chewing tobacco with the boys-senior and Hi-Y sponsor -teaches Algebra l holds A.B. from Glenville. FESTUS DRENNEN Whenever a gathering of teachers is found, he and his thermos bottle of coffee are in the midst-teaches civics, world history-iunicr sponsor -A.B. from WVIT, M.A., Mar- shall. 12 BOTTOM- MRS. KATHRYN DRENNEN Annual advisor - teaches world geography, iournalism, American government - B.S. from Ottawa U.-also advises the Gold 84 Blue Record. MRS. MAUVOREEN GRIMES Teaching freshman English, she still has time for her hob- by, needlepoint - freshman sponsor - A.B. from Ohio Wesleyan. MISS ALICE GROSE A '53 grad, she returned this year after receiving an A,B. at WVIT and doing post graduate work at Marshall - treshman and FTA sponsor - teaches American history. MISS VERGIE GROVES The magazine campaign and attendance records occupy much of her time - B.S. from West Virginia Wesleyan, M.A. from U. of Kentucky - senior sponsor - teaches commercial studies. TOP- MRS. MARGUERITE HALSTEAD "One, two, three, four" is of- ten heard as she instructs her phys. ed. classes - cheerlead- ing, iunior class, and GAA sponsor - B.S, from Concord. MRS. VIRGINIA HlCKMAN Finishes any projects she starts - teaches sociology, prob- lems of democracy, drivers' education classes-iunior and National Honor Society spon- sor. JAMES HINKLE Science teacher "down under" - attendance director for high school - B.S. and M.S. from WVU. MRS. MATTIE LETT She enioys working on scien- tific proiects with her husband and two sons-teaches sopho- more English-sophomore and Thespian sponsor-CTA presi- dent-A.B. from Marshall. MIDDLE- E. K. LETT A man who would rather teach young people than work as a chemical engineer-chem- istry, science, physics teacher -freshman and science club sponsor-A.B. from Marshall. MORRIS MCCLUNG A member of the county court, a former grade school princi- pal but new here-teaches 7th and 8th grade English, phys. ed.-A.B. from Glenville. ARTHUR MCCUTCHEON Refinishing old furniture is his hobby-attended WVU, Pied- mont Bible College, Winston- Salem, N.C.-has B.S., B.R.E., and worked four years on T.H.B. JOHN MATHENY After serving in the U. S. Army, he returns to his alma mater, '53, to teach sophomore and iunior English-freshman sponsor-is a bachelor. BOTTOM- Wll.LlAM MULLENS A '48 grad, he served over four years in the U.S. Air Force-teaches math-attended Ohio Northern and WVlT. MRS. MARY NEAL "Quite a comedian" best de- scribes her,-senior and Thes- pian sponsor. Teaches sopho- more and iunior English, Bible, speech-graduated from Davis 84 Elkins with A.B. JUDGE E. NEWBERRY Also a new teacher and a bachelor, he teaches American history, general science, civics -sophomore sponsor-gradu- ate of Concord. CHARLES NICOSIA Once again he has given the school "a big sound" with the fabulous Grizzly Band-B.S. from Concord in music educa- tion-freshman sponsor and "newly married." TOP- ROBERT PERKINS Coaching the B-team is only part of his duties as he also teaches civics and phys. ed.- A.B. from Marshall-has two sons. BERNARD POOLE A sportsman all around-he teaches science-is iunior high coach-A.B. from Glenville, M.A. from WVU-senior class and N-Club sponsor. MRS. FRANCES POOLE "l suppose babysitting" was her reply when asked about her hobby-teaches typing - freshman sponsor - keeps at- tendance records- A.B. from Glenville. MRS. VIRGINIA SIMMS A mother of three, she teaches home ec., biology-FHA and iunior sponsor - studied at WVIT, Morris-Harvey, Mar- shall, U. of Tennessee - has A.B. degree. MIDDLE- MRS. IRENE SKAGGS We remember that last year she had a "toe accident" - teaches English lV-iunior and 9-Club sponsor-A.B. from Glenville, M.A. from George Peabody College. MRS. ALlCE STRKIKLAND This eighth grade sponsor en- ioys working with young peo- ple-teaches 7th and 8th grade geography, history-A.B. from Glenville, M.A. from Marshall. MRS. ROTHA STRICKLAND A smile for everyone describes this busy teacher -teaches solid geometry, plane geom- etry, Algebra l and lI-sopho- more sponsor-holds A.B. and M.S. from U. of Oklahoma. MISS BETTY TINNEI. Stays in town through the week, goes home to Gauley Bridge, for the weekends - B.S. from WVlT - likes to sew, cook, and roller skate. 14 BOTTOM- RALPH MORRIS Driving a school bus and teaching under-the-wheel driv- ing demands much of his time -helps in the office in his spare time-grad of '39, CLARENCE McCLUNG Hexhas been custodian here for six years-formerly em- ployed in coal mines for 42 years-father of five-has T2 grandchildren. BURL CAVENDISH The red brick building andthe old gym are his responsibili- ties-this is his second year at NCHS-has two daughters in iunior high. RALPH KEENE "i've found the student body and faculty awfully nice and very sociable, too," was his comment about the school - unmarried - this is his first year at NCHS. Being secretary of such a large high school takes most of her time, but Mrs. Bell still has time for out- side interests with her family. Some of her duties include man- aging the book store, counting all money that is collected, booklceeps ing, and helping the students with her "so-always" smiling, untiring attitude. Also helping the maiority of the students during the clay are the bus drivers, who have perhaps a bigger responsibility than any other person affiliated with this school. The students say "thanks" to them for another safe year. Serving as secretary ln the office is Mrs. Bonita Vaughn Bell, a '47 graduate and winner of the Balfour Award. Greater Responszbzlzty Hath 0 Man Charged with the responsibility of transporting students safely to and from school are these bus drivers Flu! vow somsm O'Dell, John o'Doll, John Tyree Raymond lvlolllns Roma Nlolllns soma row Lester Rollins Okla Nlocllmg Ralph Morris, Lovell Huffman, Brooks Harrouff, Stanley Klncald Third row Charles Dorsey Lyle Trent Alex Dorsey Roscoe Chlld ers. and Farrell Johnson. Secretary Tiny Cogar, reads the minutes to the other senior class officers. Seated: Tom Carte, treasurerg Ernest With- row, sergeant-at-arms: and Dave Lunter, vice-president. Standing: Danny McClung, president. Seniors Remember 4 Challenging Years l Two hundred eighty-one strong, we entered the portals of this strange, new world of adventure -high school. Some of us were strangers to each other, but it didn't take long to become friends, ioin clubs, and take part in activities together. As the big, green doors opened the next year, we had somewhat dwindled in size. We remem- ber the awful smell of formaldehyde in the iars of preserved animals we were to dissect in biol- ogy classes. This year, too, we discovered a new world of English literature. The Junior-Senior Prom in our third year was the highlight of the year. It took many long hours to decorate the gym, but the theme, "With a Song in my Heart," was beautifully carried out in pink and silver. The junior play was another highlight of the year because we were doing the acting. 16 As the last of four wonderful, exciting years began, we proudly enrolled, but with a little re- morse. This year we are only l79. Some had quit school, some had gotten married, and one of our classmates, Sandra Ward, was killed during the summer. This touched all of us deeply. This year we have given the iuniors the most beautiful and extravagant Senior-Junior Christmas Party that we could afford. We set our sights for the senior play and the practice it would take. The iuniors then gave us a prom as the last formal we were to attend in high school. Somehow, as we look back over the years, it seems a little sad to think of leaving what has been a "second home." It is also with fear and wonder that we begin to step into a world of opportunity, a fast-moving world, indeed. GENE BALL Summarsville "Why work?" CLYDE BAILEY Mt. Nebo Football I, 2, 3, Track I. 2, 3, F.T.A. 3. 4. BILLY BARTLEY Summartvlllo Elkhorn City High School, Ky. I, Football I, Track I, Library Ass't 3. 4. LYNDA BEALE Summonvilll National Honor Society 3, 4, G.A.A, I, 2, 3, 45 F.H,A, 2, 3, 4: Science Club Z, 3, F.T.A. 3, 4, Sec'y A, Y-Teens I. 2, 3, 4, V-Pres. 4, Band I, 2, 3, 4, Dance Band 3, 4: Thespiem 3, 4, Thespians Play 3: Class Tournament I, 2, 3, Noon Activities I, 2, 3, Christmas Play I. EDWARD "BUCKY" BENNETT Pool Junior Play J, Graduation Usher 3, Annual Staff A, library Ass't 4. DON BRAGG Erbacon F.F.A, I, 2. ROSILEE ANNA BRICK Summersville Y-Teena I, 2, 3, 4, Science Club 2, 3, 4, G.A.A. I,2,3, Junior Play Chorus and Announcer 3. JUDY A. BROWN Summarsvilla Y-Teens 1, 2, F.H.A. 2, Graduation Usher 3, Junior Play Chorus 3, Prom Committee 3, Float Committee I, 2, 3. 4. DORIS BROWN Sllmmlnvilll Y-Teens I, 2, 3, 4, Science Club 2, Band 2, 3, An- nual Statf 4, Prom Committee 3, Christmas Party Committee 4, Float Committee 4. KAREN ADKIN5 Svmlnsrrville National Honor Society II, 4, G.A.A. I, 2, 3, 4, Point Sec'y 4, F.H.A. 1. 2, 3, 4, Program Committee 3, V-Teens 1, 2, 3, 4: Science Club 2, 3, 4, Annual Staff 4, Graduation Usher 3, Prom Committee 3, Band. WAYNE ALLEN Hominy Falls Dropped from school. CHARLES ALLEY Dlxll Baseball l, 2, 3: Basketball I, 2, 3, Football Mgr. 2, Speech Program 3: N-Club 4, Prom Committee Cl, RICHARD AMICK Summarxvilla "He is a handy boy to collect absences slips." BARBARA ARMENTROUT Parsingar Chorus 4. RUBY AIIMENTROUT Persinglr Chorus 4. BENJAMIN BACKUS Mt. Nalin National Honor Society 3.4, V-Pres. 4, F.F.A. 2, 3, 4, F.F.A. Camp 3, Band I, 2. 3: Science Club 2, Guidance Council 3. 4, V-Pres. 3, Pres, 4, Christmas Play I, Boys State 3, Assembly Committee 2, 3, 4, Conservation Camp 3, Forestry Camp 3. PATTY LOU BACKUS Summarsville National Honor Society 3, 4, G.A,A. I, 2, 3, 4, F.t-t.A. 2, 3, 4, Y-Teens l. 2, 3, 4, Pres. 4, Treas. 3, Science Club 2, 3, Bend I, 2, F.T.A. 3, 4, Varsity Cheerleader 3.4, Annual Staff 4, Class Sec'y I, Class Tournament 2,3, Graduation Usher 3, Noon Activities I. 2, 3, Prom Committee 3. ALLEN BAILES Gilboa Baseball I. I HQ? 1296 1 lv Q ox' 4 6 oox' 6 4516 x 'Z Qt 1 Q . 0 V J 'Weather for ducks only" but these spirited students did a hit of "splashing" an the sidelines and cheering. too, during the Sutton game. Under the umbrella stand Betty Hamilton, Drema Hall, Jewel Morrison, linda Wood, Sue Brown, Jerry Kirker, Patty Backus, and David Dorsey. DOROTHY BROWN Summlrxvills GAA. lg sand 1, 2, 9, F.1.A. 3, Class Tournament l, 2, All-Tournament team 2, Junior Play Chorus 3: Prom Committee 3, Noon Activities l, 2: Annual Staff A. GEORGE BROWN Cllvin "Yours truly, George Brown, always a laugh but never a frown." MARY BROWN Birch River Chorus 3, 4, G.A.A. l, 25 F.H.A. 1, 27 Y-Teens lp Prom Committee 3, Noon Activities 2, 3. VtlIlLlE MAE BROWN Nnllen Nuttall High School 3, G.A.A. If V-Teens l, 2, Science Club 2. DAVID annum: Swiss Football 1, 2, :l, -1, Mgr. 2, Track lg Basketball l, Junior Play Mgr. 3. NAYHAN BUSH Zola Football 3: Baseball 2, 3. WAYNE CAMPBELL Summsravillu Track l, 2. TOMMY FlETCHER CARTE Ml. lookout Football I, 2, 3. Captain lp Basketball l, 2. 3. Cap- tain l, All-Tournament lg Track l, 2, 3, Co-Captain 2, 3, Class Sec'y Il, Treas. 4, N-Club 2, 3. DARREll CARTWRIGHT Summirsvilli "Stands long and lean: the happiest critter you have ever seen." JOAN GRAY COPENHAVER Knlars Cross lanes F.H.A. l, 2, 3, 45 .lunior Play Prompter 3: Prom Com- mittee 3: Float Committee 4. NORMA RUTH COPENHAVER Stmtmlrsvlllo Pymatuning Joint High school, Jamestown, Pa. I, 2: Science Club lg Tri-Hi-Y Club l: Freshman Chorus l: Thanksgiving Play 2, Han Duty 2, Latin Club 2, Chorus 3: Junior Play Chorus 3: Y-Teens 4: G.A.A. 4. ROGER COPENHAVER Spirits F.F.A. l, 2, 3, 4, Pres. 3, Sentinal 4, Parliamentary Procedure Team 3, Ass't Sentinal 3, Ass't Sec'y 3, Field Day l, 2, 3: Class Tournament l, 2, Football 3: Basketball 3. nanny cotmnr summmvttt. "ts far from sptnaty. He is very ,any and always friendly." JIMMY COX Mt. Nolan National Honor Society 3, 4, Pres. 4: N-Club 2. 3, 4, Prex 4, Football l, 2, 3, 4: Basketball 2, 3, 4: Track l, 2, 3, 4, Regional Track Meet 2, 3, State Track Meet 3, Co-Captain 2: Class Pres. 2, V-Pres. 3: Thespians 3, 4, Tltespians Play 3: Junior Play 3: Graduation Usher 3, Class Tournament l: Prom Com- mittee 3: Christmas Party Committee 4. ERNEST "BUDDlE" CRAFT Dilla F,F,A. 3, Football 3. JERRY CROSS Mt. Nabo Did not graduate. DONAlD DIETZ Summarsville National Honor Society 3, 4, Group leaoler 4: F.T.A. 3, 4, F.T.A. Conference 3: Hi-Y 3, 4: Band l, 2, 3, 4, Pres. 3, 4: Science Club 3, 4, Pres. 4: Thespians 3, 4, Pres. 4: Guidance Council 3, Delegate to Know Your State Government Day 3: Mr. Christmas 3: Gradua- tion Usher 3: Junior Play 3, Basketball 4: Class Tour- nament l, 2, 3, All-Tournament l, 2, 3, Best Sport 2: Prom Committee 3: Float Committee l, 2, 3, 4. DOROTHY DORSEV Summarsvilla Chorus 4. EMMA MAE CHAPMAN Nettie Y-Teens 3, F.H.A. 2, 3. JAMES EUGENE CHAPMAN Sumlrlorxville F.F.A. l. JOHN H. CHAPMAN Summlrlvillo Track l, 2, 3. JIMMY CLUTTER Forsinglr Baseball Mgr. 2: Football Mgr. 3: Basketball Mgr. 3. MYRNA COFFMAN Birth Rittlr National Honor Society 4: G.A.A. lg Y-Teens l, 2, 3, 4: F.T.A. 3, 45 Science Club 3: F.H.A. 'l, 2, 3, 4, F.H.A. Conference 2: F.H.A. Candy Store 3: Color- guard 2, 3, 4: Graduation Usher 3: Library Asxft 4: Junior High Cheerleader lp Maypole Dance ?+Noon Activities l. 2. 3: Bus Volleyball Team l. 2, 3: Prom Committee 3, Float Committee 4: Christmas Party Committee 4. KAY COGAR Dixie Annual Staff 4. TINY JEAN COGAR Dixie National Honor Society 3, 4: 9-Club 3, 4, Pres. Ap F.H.A, l, 2, 3, 4, Pres. 4, Reporter 3, F. F. A.- F.H.A Camp 3, F.H.A. Conference 3, Regional Con- ference 3, State Style Show 3: Gold and Blue Record Staff 2, 3, 4: Annual Staff 4: Y-Teens l, 2, 3, 4: F.T.A. 3, 4, Trees. 4: Science Club 2, 3, 4, Sec'y 4: Class Sec'y 4: Graduation Usher 3: Third High Mage azine Salesman 3: Freshman Day Program 3: WVU Journalism Conference 4: Christmas Play I, Prom Committee 3. CAROL COOK Summarsvilla Y-Teens l, 2, 3, 45 G.A.A. l, 2, 3, 4: F.H.A. 'l, 2, 3, 4. DORIS JANE COPENHAVER Splrlls F.H.A. 2, 3, 4: V-Teens 2, 3, 4. ,,e0'?'0 i V , G I 64' w e s ox? ff! FQ, 03 DOUGLAS DORSEY Pool Track 1. 2: Basketball 3, Chorus 3, Ag Gold and Blue Record Staff 2, Noon Activities 'l, 2, 3. BILL DOTSON Summlnvilli "As he rides in his truck, he wishes for good luck." KAREN LOUISE DOTSON Slllllllllrtvilll National Honor Society 45 Y-Teen I, 2, 3, 45 Science Club 2, 3, Ap Thespians 4, Girls State 3, Annual Staff 4, Social Committee 2, 3, 4, Band 'l, 2, 3, 4, Christ- mas Play lg Graduation Usher 3, Junior Play Chorus 3, Class Tournament Mgr, 3, Noon Activities l, 25 Christmas Party Committee 4. CAROL DRENNEN Lockwood National Honor Society 3, 4, 9-Club 3, 4, Pep Pres. 3, V-Pres. 4: F.H.A. I, 2, 3, 4, Trees. 4, F.H.A, Camp 3, F.l-LA. Conference 3, F.H.A. Candy Store 2, Y- Teens l, 2, 3, 45 Sciente Club 2, 3, 47 F.T,A. 3: Prom Committee 35 Noon Activities I, 2, 3. ROBERT DUFFY Summnnvilla Christmas Play ly Annual Staff A: lab Ass't 4, Prom Committee 3. KENNEIH EVANS Ml. Nelao "Short and slirn but he always has a grin." CECIL FACEMIRE Birch River "He works and studies, and studies some more." NANCY ELAINE FENNELL Sumllllrwilll National Honor Society 3, 4, Sherman High School l, 2, 3, Bible Club 2, 3: French Club 37 latin Club ll Annual Staff 3, Student Council 3, Junior Play 3, Delegate to Know Your State Government Day Cl, Annual sag show 3, Class Basketball 1, 2. 3, Library Club I. GRETA FIELDS Strange Crack Chorus 3, 4. Working to meet the Friday night deadline for the senior'x homa coming float are Belle Rader, Teresa Pugh, Danny McClung, and Denver Savage, while Robert Taylor "supervises," CAROL SUE FISHER Birch Rivar Y-Teens 2, 3, 4, Chorus 4. VICTORIA "VlCKY" FLANAGAN Crligxvillo Y-Teens 3, 4. EDNA FORD Zola "So quiet and reserved and never says a word." MARGARET FOWLER Birth River G.A,A, I, Y-Teens 2, 3, 4, F.H.A, 2, 3, 4, F.H.A, Candy Store 3, F.T.A. 3. 4, Annual Staff 4, Gradua- tion Usher 3: Junior Play Usher 3, Homecoming Maidvof-Honor 3, Prom Committee 3. BOB FRAME Birch River Band I. 2, 3, 4, Science Club 2, Junior Play 3, Grad- uation Usher 3, Prom Committee 3, Christmas Party Committee 4. CAROL SUE FRAME Birch Rivar National Honor Society 3, 4, F.T.A. 3, 4, F.H.A. I, 2, 3, 4, G.A.A. I, 2, 3, 4, Y-Teens I, 2, 3, 4, Band I, 21 3, 4, Maiorette 2, Head Maiorette 3, 4. Band Council 3, 4: Homecoming Princess I, Queen A, Annual Staff 4, Graduation Usher 3, Maypole Dance I, 2, Prom Committee 3, Float Committee 2, 3. RAMONA FRAME Birch River National Honor Society 3, 4, G.A.A. I, 2, 3, 4, Y- Teens I, 2, 3, 4, F.H.A. I, 2, 3, 4, F.T.A. 3, 4, Band I, 2, 3, 4, Maioreite 2, 3, 4, Maypole Dance I, 2, Annual Staff 4, Float Committee I, 2, 4. DELORE5 JO FRAZER Calvin National Honor Society 4, Y-Teens I, 2, 3, 4, Science Club 2, 3, Band I, 2, Junior Play 3, Thespians 4, Library Am 4, A tansnsi in local voice of Democracy Contest 4: Christmas Play I: Noon Activities I, 2, 3. WOLFGANG FREDERSDORFF Cllvitl Football I, 2, 3: Track I, 2. 3: Class Sgt-at-Arms 3, N- Club 3, 4, Homecoming Queen Escort 4, Christmas Party Committee 4. EREAD-IN' AND 'RIT-IN: AND 'Rim-Ms-Tic, TAUGHT TO THE TUNE SHIRLEY GANOE Dixie Chorus 3. GAY GARRETT Sllllllltlrlvilll Y+Teens I, 2, 3, 4, Science Club 2, 3, Chorus 3, chfasimss Program 2. ELIADA LOU GILL Stlmlllouvillo Band 1, 2. 3, 4, F,H.A. 1, 2, 3, 4, G.A.A. 2, 3, 4, Chorus 4, Gold and Blue Record Staff 3, Science Club 3, 4, Prom Committee 3, Y-Teens I, 2, 3, 4, Junior Play Chorus 3, Graduation Usher 3, Prom Aide 2. SANDRA GIVEN Birch Rivar National Honor Society 4, Band I, 2, 3, 4, F.H.A. I, 2, 3, 4, F.H.A. Candy Store 3, Y-Teens I, 2, 3, 4, F.T.A. 3, 4, Junior Play Chorus 3, Graduation Usher 3, Class Tournament I, Mgr. 3, Noon Activities I, 2, 3, Prom Committee 3, Christmas Party Committee 4. RONALD GREER Indio Gauley Bridge High School I, Football I, Basketball I, Hi-Y 3, 4, Annual Staff 4. RUTH ANN GROGG Strange Crook National Honor Society 3, 4, Group leader 4, 9-Club 3, 4, Guidance Council 3, 4, V-Pres. 4, G.A.A, I, 2, 3, 4, Pres, 4, Y-Teens l, 2, 3, 4, F.T.A. 3, 4, F,T.A. Conference 4, F,H.A. I, 2, 3, 4, V-Pres. 3, F.H.A. Camp 3, Maypole Dance 2, Magazine Business Mgr. 4: Class Tournament I, 2, 3. .t limi!! I EDDIE GROSE Summerlvilli Band l, 2, 3, Class Tournament I, 2. 3, lab Asx'l 4, Annual Staff 4, Prom Committee 3. JOYCE GROSS Svmmersvlllu Y-Teens I, 2, 3, 9-Club 3, 4, F.H.A. l, 2, 3, 4, Prom Committee 3, Christmas Party Committee 4. REBECCA GROSE Summarxville National Honor Society 3, 4, Group Leader 4, Band I, 2, 3, 4, Band Council 4, G.A.A. l, 2, 3, 4, Treas. 2, V-Pres, 4, F.H.A. I, 2, 3, 4, Mother-Daughter Tea 3, F,T.A. 3, 4, Thespians 3, 4, Sec'y 4, V-Teens l, 2, 3, 4, Treas. 4, Annual Staff 4, Assembly Committee 2, 3, 4, Class Tournament I, 3, All-Tournament I, 3, From Committee 3, Float Committee 'l, 2, 3, 4. HERBERT GROVES Canvas Annual Staff 4. lOUISE GROVES Summersville "A very quiet girl, who is always ready to lend a helping hand, it her class needs her." BETTY LOU HAMILTON Summanville Y-Teens I, 2, 3, 4, Jr. Hi. Cheerleader I, B-Team Cheerleader 2, Varsity Cheerleader 3, 4, Annual Staff A, Class Tournament Coach I, 3, Mgr. 2, Science Club 2, Junior Play Usher 3, Graduation Usher 3, Float Committee I, 2, 3, Prom Committee 3, Christ- mas Party committee 4. CATHERIN NAMRIC Morris Y-Teens 3, 4, F.H.A, I, Chorus 3, 4, BERNARD ISOLDOS HAMRICK Summersvilla Football I, 2, 3, Track I. 2, 3, Wrestling 2, N-Club 2, 3, 4. BILL HARlOW Gad Football 3, 4, Track 3, F.F.A. I, 2, 3, 4, V-Pres. 3, NAClub 4, Class Tournament Mgr. I. BETTY HAYNES loclrwosd Rupert High School I, 2, 3, G.A.A, I, F.T.A, 3, 4, Tri-Hi-V 1, 3, Y-Teens 4. JANET FERN HICKS Dixie F.H.A. I, 2, Junior Play Usher 3. BURTON HICKMAN Dixie saute, Bridge High School l, Basketball l, Football I, Baseball 2, Class Tournament 2, 3, Allvlourna- ment Team 3. "Uh one-two-ready-playl" shouts Director Charles Nicosia lalias Nelson Moorei providing the student body with musical entertainment durlng the speech class assembly while the real Charles Nicosia looks on to pick-up a few pointers, no doubt. fl if-G 41 Y ,Q A 45 -400 9 li , r' F04 s pri ' o ' . 40 t l i l Y lg adj ,YXC I VIRGINIA .IESSUP Gad Science Club 2, F.T.A. 4, DON KOON Summaraville Football 1, 2, Basketball 1, 2, 3, Track I. SHARIIUN KAY LEGG Summarxvilla Did not graduate. .IOHN LEWIS Summorsvilla Football l, 2, 3, 4, Basketball I, 2, 3, 4: Track l. 2. 3: N-Club 2, 3, 4, Sophomore Escort 2. ORVIIIE D, LEWIS Summersvillo Track I, F.F.A. I, 2, 3, F.F.A. Field Day I, 2, 3. DOROTHY LUCAS Drannln Did not graduate. DAVID LUNTER Surnmorsville National Honor Society 4, Class V-Pres, 2, 4: Football 2, 3, 4, Jr. Hi. Football Mgr. 1: Basketball l, 2, 3, 4: Track 2, 3, Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, Sec'y-Treas. 4, Science Club 2, 3, 4, mas, 4, r.r,A. 3, 4, Pres. 4, N+Club 4, An- nual Staff 4: Gold and Blue Record Staff 2, Class Tournament Coach 2, 3, Junior Play Mgr. 3, Conser- vation Camp 2, Freshman Escort 1, Fifth High Mag- azine Salesmart I, Prom Committee 3, Noon Activi- ties I, 2, 3, 4, Graduation Usher 3, Christmas Party Committee 4, Float Committee 1, 2, 3, 4, DANNY McCLUNG Summsnville Class Pres. 4, Jr, Hi. Football Mgr. I, Class Tourna- ment I, Hi-Y 3, 4, Pres. 4, Thespians 4, Sports An, nouncer 2, 3, 4: Science Club 4: Annual Staff 4, Float Committee l, 2, 3, 4. DELMUS E. M:ClUNG Canvas Track 2. SCARLETT HOLBROOKS Summlrsvilli Elkhorn High School, Ky. 1, Y-Teens 2. CHARLES HIJFFNIAN Quinwuod F.F.A. I, 2, 3, 4, V-Pres. 4, Ass'I' Pres. 3, Treas. 2, F,F.A. Field Day 2, 3: Track I, 2, 3, Football 2, 3, Wrestling 2, VINTON FRED HUFFMAN Ml. Nolan F.F.A. l, 2, 3, 4, Sec'y 2, V-Pres. 3, Pres. 4, Federa- tion V-Pres. 4, F.F.A. Convention 4, Field Day I, 2, 3, Parliamentary Procedure Contest 3: Class Tourna- ment I. NANCY HUFFMAN MI. Naho National Honor Society 4: Band I. 2, 3, 4i G.A.A. 2, 3, 4, F.H,A. I, 2, 3, 4, Mother-Daughter Tea I, 3, State F.F.A. Convention 2, Camp 3, Y-Teens l, 2, 3, 4, Science Club 3, 4, F.T.A. 3, 4, Thespians 3, 4, Clerk 3, Play Ct, State Conservation Camp 3, Junior Play 3, Prom Aide 2, Annual Staff 4, Graduation Usher Il, Freshman Day Program 3, Prom Commit- tee 3. MAXINE HUGHART Summauvillo "A very good student." JOLENE HUGHES lazkwuocl National Honor Society 3, 4, Treas. 4, 9-Club 3, 4, Ser:'y 4, r.H.A, 1, 2, 3, 4, Treas. 3, sea, 4, F.H.A. Christmas Party 3, 4, F.H.A. Conference I, 2, 3. F.t-LA. Regional Meeting 1, 2, 3. r.H.A.-F.r.A. camp 3, Y-Teens i, 2, 3, 4, Chorus 4, Sec'y 4, Prom Com- mittee 3, Noon Activities I. 2, 3, CARI HYPES Dnlmon "Good things come in small packages." JOHN JAIIIIELI. Gillaoa Basketball l, Football I, 2, Track I, Class Treas. I, 2, Class Tournament 3. HAROLD JARIIIS Stung! Crook F.F.A. I, 2, 3, F.F.A. Camp 3, National Safety Cam- paign Champion 2, Track 2. Making use of the library to the "fullest" are Belle Rader, Danny McClung and other members of the 2:30 study hall. DELMUS F. "SKlPPY" McClUNG Summarxvilla Band 2, 3, 4, Prom Committee 3. ROBERT MQCLUNG Hominy falls Football I, 2, 3, Track 2, Baseball I, 3, F,F.A. I, 2, 3, 4, N-Club 3, 4, Wrestling 2. LYNDA McDOWELL Summursvilla National Honor Society 3, 4, Sec'y 4: Band I, 2, 3, 4, Sec'y-Treas. 3, V-Pres, 4, Band Council 3, A, Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 4, Guidance Council 3, 4, Sec'y-Treas. 4, Delegate to Know Your State Government Day 3, Thespians 3, 4, F.T.A. 3, 4, F.H.A. I, 2, 3, 4, G.A.A. I, 2, Miss Christmas 3, Junior Play 3, Graduation Usher 3, Class Tournament I, 2, 3, Prom Committee 3. Wll.lIAM LANDON MARKS Pool High School Police 4. Graduation is doubtful. HOLDEN MARTIN Summerxvilla F.F.A. I, 2, 3, 4, Sentinel 3, Board of Directors 2, 3, 4, Parliamenlarian 4, Hi-Y 2, 3, Track I, 2, Cl, 4, Basketball I, Class Tournament 2. JOHN MOORE ltllll Baseball 2, 3: Football 3, N-Club 3, 4. NEl.SON MOORE Dixil Science Club 4, F.T,A. 3, A, V-Pres. 4, Thespians 4, Junior Play Chorus 3, Winner of AEW Theme Con- test 4, Class Tournament I, 2, 3, Noon Activities I, 2, 3, 4, Prom Committee 3, Christmas Party Com- mittee 4. BARBARA MORRISON Canvas Y-Teens I, 2, 3. DORTHA FARRELL MULLINS Tioga Clay High School I, 2, Bible Club I, 2, Treas. 2, Band I, Pep Club 2, Homeroom Sec'y I, 2, Float Committee I, 2, Bible Club Committee I, 2. FRANK MURPHY Calvin F.F.A. I, 2, 3, F.F.A. Camp I, 2, Ass't Treas. 3, Par- liamentary Procedure Contest Team 3, Boys State 3. CAROL NEFF Pool Band 2. ROBERT BRYAN NEIL, JR. Lockwood Did not graduate. ff" lg ig' view al I 7 Q GO r vs CAROL MORRIS Dixia Gauley Bridge High School l, 2, 35 East Bank High School 45 Chorus 15 lnterrnurals l, 2, 35 French Club 2, 3, Bible Club 25 National Beta Club 35 Chapel Club 35 Pep Club 35 Homeroom Sheriff 45 Poe Liter- ary Club 45 F.H.A. 4. GALE OSBORNE Swiss Football l, 2, 35 Basketball 1, 2, 35 Baseball l, 2, 3. LEMON PERUUE Gad Gaulay Bridge High School l, 2, 3 Uirst semesterl. RONALD PERRY Crligavilln "Oh well, what's the use? He takes speech and Bible and that's enough for any goose." BILL PERSINGER Canvas Crichton High School l, 2, Glee Club 25 Class Play 2. JAMES P'5lMER Summarsvills Band 2, 3, 45 Dance Band 3, 4. MARY TERESA PUGH Summatsvilll Band I, 2, 3, -1, Dance Band 1, 2, 3, 4, F.T.A. 3. 45 G,A.A. l. 2, ll, 4: Y-Teens l, 2, 3, 45 Science Club 2, 3, 45 F.H.A. l, 2, 3, 45 Graduation Usher 35 An- nual Staff 45 Noon Activities 2, 35 Prom Committee 35 Float Committee l, 2, 3, 4. laVERN BELLE RADER Summarsvillo National Honor Society 3, 45 Thespians 3, 4, Plays 3: Science Club 2, 3, 45 Band l, 2, 3, 4, Band Council 45 G,A.A. l, 2, 3, 4, Point Sec'y 35 F.T.A. 3, 45 Y- Teens l, 2, 3, 4, Sgt-of-Arms 3. 45 Junior Play 35 Annual Staff 45 Graduation Usher 35 Maypole Dance l, 25 Class Tournament 'l, 2, 35 Prom Committee 35 Float Committee 3, 4. MACK RADER Summarsvills Football l, 3. JOHN RAFP Parsingsr Football l, 2, 3, 45 Basketball 25 Track l, 2, 35 N- Club 3, 45 Noon Activities l, 2, 3. SARAH JANE NEIL Lockwood F.H.A. l, 2. 3, 4, Sec'y 3, F.H.A. Conference 3, F.H.A. Santa Claus 35 Y-Teens l, 2, 3, 45 Graduation Usher 35 Bus Volleyball Team 2, 35 Prom Committee 3 KENNETH NICHOLAS Calvin Annual Staff 4. ALLEN NUTYER Zulu Annual Staff 4. NELLIE NUITER Quinwood Y-Teens I, 25 Chorus 45 G.A.A. 25 Prom Committee ll, SYLVIA NUTTER Zala G.A,A. 25 Bus Volleyball Team 2, 35 Class Tourna- ment 2, 3. lOWEl.L 0'DEll. Runa F.F.A. l, 2. MARY ANN 0'DEll Bsntvae Speech Program 3, Annual Staff 45 Christmas Party Committee 4. SHARRON O'DEll. MY. Nobo A good girl. always happy and smiling, and a good friend indeed. RONNEY O'DELL Canvas Band I, 2, 3, 45 Chorus 45 Class Tournament l. 'l thought that last routine was going to lay an egg but I had no ideal' exclaims Ramona Frame to Shirley Wagner and Paula Taylor as she affixes her autograph. CAROLYN SUE ROARK Summsrsville National Honor Society 4, Band I, 2, 3, 4, Y-Teens I, 2, 3, 4, F,H.A. I, 2, 3, 4, F.I'.A. 3, 4, Science Club 2, 3, Junior Play Chorus 3, Graduation Usher 3, Class Tournament I, Prom Committee 3, Christmas Party Committee 4, Noon Activities I, 2, 3, Float Com- mittee I, 2, 3, 4. FRED ROBERTS Gul Football 2, Mgr. 3, 4, Baseball 2, Mgr. 3, 4, Basket- ball Mgr. 3, 4, Track Mgr. 3, 4, N-Club 2, 3, 4, Treas. 4, Class Tournament 2. SHIRLEY RODEBAUGH Summotsvilla Gold and Blue Record Staff 2. CATHERINE SUE ROGERS Gul Annual Staff 4. NANCY LEE ROSE Birch River National Honor Society 3, 4, Band l, 2, 3, Malorette I, 2, 3, G.A.A. I, 2, 3, 4, Y-Teens I, 2, 3, 4, F.T,A. 3, 4, Science Club 2, Freshman Day Program 2, 3, Maypole Dance I, 2, Prom Committee 3, Christmas Party Committee 4, Float Committee I, 2, 3, 4. MARGIE RIFE Summelsville Band I, 2, 3, 4, Y-Teens I, 2, 3, 4, F,H.A. I, 2, 3, 4, Science Club 2, G.A.A. I, Graduation Usher 3, Prom Committee 3, Christmas Party Committee 4, Noon Activities 'l, 2, 3. BEVERLEY SUE RUSSEIJ. I'IooItn1svIIIl National Honor Society 4, Band I, 2, 3, 4, Y-Teens I, 2, 3, F.H.A. I, 2, 3, 4, GJ-XA. I, 2, Science Club 2, 3, Graduation Usher 3, Noon Activities I, 2, 3. CHARLES RUTLEDGE Dixil Gauley Bridge High School I. GlEN SALISBURY Summlrsville Widen High School I, Class Pres. I, Art Club I, Ashtabula High School, Ohio 2, Track 2. mans: touvetmta siutosm nat. Clay t-ugh smut t, 2, a, Bible Club 2. counts cttAtu.orr: smnsn summmvtti. Clay High School I, 2. 3, F.H.A. I, F.T.A. I, 2, 3, 4, Band I, Chorus 2, D-Masters 3, Prom Committee 2, 3, Christmas Dance Committee 3. DENVER SAVAGE Pirliltger "Oh the Cherokee tribe, he comes to NCHS to learn of the white man's lies." 'P 1 69 Iwo 1 I f 9,59 t vt W V195 BARBARA TAYLOR Summanville "She's short and sweet. In her clothes she is real neat." EARL TAYLOR Jedi! Gauley Bridge High School l, 21 Football lp Base- ball I, Basketball l. PAULA TAYLOR Sumlnarsvilla National Honor Society 3, 4: G,A.A. l, 2, 3, 4, Band l, 2, 3, 4, Majotelle 2, 3, 4, F.T.A. 3, 4, Science Club 2. 3, 4, Y-Teens l, 2, 3, 4, Maypole Dance l, 2: Junior Play Prompter 3, Junior Play Chorus 3, Graduation Usher 3, Float Committee l, 2, 3, 4. ROBERT TAYlOR Summarxvillo Baseball 2, F.F,A. 2. 3. 4. ROY TAYLOR Summanville F.F.A. 4, Track 3, Football l. JAMES THOMPSON Pau Football 2, Zi, 4, Wrestling 2, Track 2, 3, Chorus 3, 4. KENNETH THOMPSON Ylrlingar "Tall and handsome, reserved and studiousf' BUSTER TINNEY Strange Crook Bus Volleyball Team 3. BETTE ANNE TRENT Summarwilla National Honor sonar, 4, sand I, 2, 3, 4, Band Council 3, 4, Reporter 3, 4, Student Director 2, 3, 4, Dance Band l, 2, 3, 4, Vocalist l, 2, 3, 4, Science Club 2, 3, 4, Sec'y 2, Y-Teens l, 2, 3, 4, F.T.A. 3, 4, Thespians 4, Chorus 3, Sec'y 3: Annual Staff 4, Gold and Blue Record Stall 2, 3, 4, Winner of local Voice ol Democracy Contest 45 Junior Play Business Mgr. 3, Junior Play Chorus 3, Class Tournaments 'l, 2, 3, Christmas Assembly l, 3, Prom Committee 3, Float Committee 4. WILMA JEAN SCHOOLCRAFT Drlnnan F.H.A. l, 2, 3, 4, Y-Teens l, 2, 3, 4: Chorus 3, 4, Library Ass't 4, Junior Play Usher 3, Bus Volleyball Team l, 2, 3, Noon Activities l, 2, 3. MARY SEBERT Summersvilla F.H,A. l, 2, 3, Y-Teens l, 2, 3, Science Club 2, 3, Noon Activities I, 2. KENNETH SHAl.AP Summersvllla Band l, 2, 3, 4, F.T.A. 3, 4, Hi-Y 3, 4, Lab Ass't 4, Class Tournament I, 2, 3, Christmas Party Committee 4, Float Committee l, 2, 3, Prom Committee 3. ILOYD SKAGGS Sparks Track lf F.F.A. I, 2, 3, 4, Parliamentary Procedure Team 3. GERALDINE El.lEN SPARKS Sulllmlrlvilll National Honor Society 3, 4, Band l, 2, 3, 4, F.H.A. 'l, 2, 3, 4, F,H.A. Camp l: F.T.A. 3, 4, Y-Teens l, 2, 3, 4, Thespians 2, 3, 4, Point Sec'y 3, 4: Annual Staff 4, Junior Play 3, Graduation Usher 3, Class Tourna- ment l, 2, 3: Prom Committee 3, Christmas Party Committee 4, Float Committee 4, IANE STEPHENSON Dixie Class Tournament l, 2. 3. ROY GENE STOUY Sumlnanvills Band l, 2, 3, 4, Science Club 2, 3, 4, English Achieve- ment Awarcl 2, Dance Band 3, 4, F.T.A. 4, lab Ass't 47 Graduation Usher 3, First Place in Mathematics Contest 3, Third Place Medal in B, Preiser Chemical Test 3, Finalist in National Merit Scholarship Con- test 4. HELEN ELIZABETH STOVER Gad Y'Teens l, Z, F.H.A. l. 2. GENE STRICKIAND Birch River Football 2, 4, Mgr. 3, Wrestling 2, Baseball Mgr. 2, Basketball Mgr. 2, Track 3, N-Club 4, Lab Ass't 4. What's a party without a punch bowl?" Geraldine Sparks. Danny McClung, Rebecca Grose, and Nelson Moore indulge during the annual Senior Junior Christmas Party. CHARLENE TVREE Summortvilli National Honor Society 4, Band l, 2, 3, 4, Y-Teens l, 2, 3, 45 F,T,A. 3, 4: F.H.A. l, 2, 3, 4: Science Club 4, Finalist in local Voice of Democracy Contest 4: Christmas Play lp Prom Committee 3: Noon Activi' ties 2, 3. SHIRLEY WAGNER Summarsvilla National Honor society 3, 4, sand 1, 2, 3, 4, Maier- ette 2, 3, 4, Thespians 3, 4, Thespians Plays 3: G.A.A. l, 2, 3, 4, Y-Teens l, 2, 3, 4: Science Club 2, 3, 4: Girls State 3: Homecoming Princess 2: Junior Play 3, Graduation Usher 3: Float Committee 2, 3, 4. JUDY WALKER Vaughan "Shorthand and typing is this girl's interest." SANDRA WALKER Sumlnorsvills Band l, 2, 3, 4: Y-Teens l, 2, 3, 45 library Ass't 4: F,H.A, l, 2, 3, 4: G.A.A. I: F.T.A. 3. 4: Junior Play Pianist 3, Class Tournament l, 2, 3. MARTHA WALLEN Summarxvilla National Honor Society 3, 4, Group Leader Ap Y- Teens l, 2, 3, 4, Y-Teens Conference 3: F.H.A. I, 2, 3, 4, Parliamentarian 4, F.T.A, 3, 4: Thespians 3, 4, Point Sec'y Af Band 2, 3, Graduation Usher 3, BETTY WHITE Summonvilla Chorus 3, 4. CAROLYN WILDE Summarsvillo National Honor Society 3, 4, Band l, 2, 3, 4: Dance Band 3, 4: Y-Teens l, 2, 3, 4: Science Club 2, 3, F.T,A. 3, 4: Annual Staff 4, Freshman Day Program l, 27 Graduation Usher 3: Prom Committee 35 Float Committee 3, SANDRA WILLIAMS Pos F.H.A. l, 2: Chorus 3, 4, Y-Teens 2: Library Ass't 4: Junior Play Usher 37 Christmas Assembly 3, 4: Float Committee 45 Prom Committee 35 Noon Activities 2, 3: Bus Volleyball Team I, 2, 3. CHARLES RAY WISEMAN Summerxvilla Football 2, Track 2: Class Tournament 1. ERNEST "MANNIE" WITHROW Lockwood Track 2, 3: Baseball 3: N-Club 4: Homecoming Escort 3: Class Treas. 3, Christmas Pany Committee 4. SUE WORLLEDGE Pool F.H,A. 3, 4: Y-Teens l, 2, 3. 4: Science Club 2: Chorus 3, Noon Activities 2. Juomi KAREN YOUNG naaumvaiia sand 2. a, 4, nance Band 4, F.:-LA. 1, 2, 3, 4, Y. rem 1, 2, ca, science Club 2, christmas Party Com- mittee 4. PHYLLIS YOUNG Hnclrgnvillg Chorus 3, li aeAu, I wears on mv sine" I Tests, homework, and study- ing are not the only things in school life. We have various forms of recreation and enter- tainment because school does sometimes become boring. This is the lighter side of school life or the social life and is very important to students. Throughout the year, ball games are played, dances held, and paid entertainment shows seen. Trips are also taken by various organizations. Assembly's are a serious part of school life, however, pep meetings and skits are held at many of these which make them more enioyable. Yes, school is mainly work but the fun thrown in here at our school makes learning more en- ioyable. Taking part in assemblies is iust one of a few of the opportunities for Thespian members. Shown after presenting a skit on "highway" safely are Shirley Wagner, Donald Dietz, Jimmy Cox. Lynda Beale, Geraldine Sparks, Kelly Lett and driving their "cars" are Rebecca Gross, and Bella Rader. 'E"r'li"V'EE"VE?'l Elf Love You soj' wnewwswaiem Cou-PLE or mos. Luft: We hope that the great Birch will not think we are all "birdbrains" iust because he pulled a chicken out of Eddie Rader's head. Csnlar: "Who says Richwood High Students aren't good hosts?" Judy Mullins, Mary Lee McDaniel, Nile Rollins, and Sharon Frame surely wouldn't as they and other students from both schools dance alter practicing for the halltime show for the football game. Right: "Mass confusion reigns," as the senior band loads onto the busses for a trip: a typical scene repeated many times a year. 29 "Climbing the stairs to success" are these iunior officers: president, Paul Groves: treasurer, Terry Fyockg vice-pre:i- denl. Joe Young: secretary, Mary Ann Summers, and sergeant-at-arms, John Hamon. 'Sailors' Strive To Make Best - Better Early on the morning of September 4, 1958, 320 bright, scrubbed, cheerful faces making up the "Class of '6l" launched themselves upon the sea of learning in hopes of making the port of graduation. Adopting "Sailors" as an emblem and the car- nation as the class flower the young "scholars" decided on the class motto, "Make the best, better," After a stormy voyage of three years, the Sailors dwindled to 195. The admirality of the class are Paul Groves, president, Joe Young, vice-president: Mary Ann Summers, secretary, Terry Fyock, treasurer and John Hamon, sergeant-at-arms. All sailors have a good eye for beauty and this is readily apparent in the choosing of homecoming maid-of-honor, Becky Walker who was also named Miss Christ- mas. unions DELORIS ADKINS AVERY ALDRIDGE KENNY ALLEN JOHN AYERS NORMA BACKUS DOUGLAS BAILES JUDY BAILES NANCY LEE BAKER MARTHA RAY BARNETTE WANDA BARNETTE KENNETH LEE BEAVER CHARLOTTE BENNETT DEWEY BERRY LINDA BEIRNE WESLEY BIRD GARVIN BLACK DOILY BLANKENSHIP JIMMY BLANKENSHIP MARTHA BLANKENSHIP REBECCA BLANKENSHIP 31 CAROLYN SUE BROWN KENNETH BROWN MARY JO BROWN NANCY ANN BROWN RAYMOND BROWN STEVE BRYANT DORA LEE BURKHOLDER SYLVIA BURWELL KAY CADLE JANET CARTE EMMA JEAN CHAPMAN ROGER CHAPMAN JERRELL CHILDERS KAREN COBB ANNA COFFMAN uniors PHYLLIS COLLINS EUGENE COOK PAUL COOK DELBERT COPENHAVER MARTHA CRAFT DELLA DAVIS GOLDIE DAVIS MARY DQMOSS LULA DEMEGLIO ANNA BELLE DOBSON DALE DODRILL MARY DODRILL CHARLOETTE DONALDSON JANET DORSEY ROBERT DORSEY ARETTA FRED LANTA DOTSON FOSTER GRAHAM RONALD GARY LONNIE ELKINS FRAME GRAHAM LARRY WILDA VANRA ELLISON FRAME GRIMES PATRICIA TERRY MARSHALL FACEMIRE FYOCK GRIZZELL CAROLYN JOHN BERNARD FOSTER GRAHAM GROSE 32 BERTON GROSE DEANNA GROSE JIMMIE GROSE JOHN GROSE BROOKS GROVES uniors DAVID GROV ES JOHN GROVES PAUL GROVES BROOKS HALL CECIL HALSTEAD JAMES HAMILTON JOHN HAMON SHIRLEY HAMRIC ROGER HANNA ROY HANSHAW RICHARD HARLOW HELEN HAYES DON HELLMS JOAN HELMS KENNETH HESS BRENDA HICKMAN BARBARA HINES BRENDA HINKLE DELORIS HINKLE LARRY HOLSTEIN 33 HERBERT HUGHES BARBARA HOOVER GLORIA HUGHES LINDA HURST HAROLD HUTCHISON PEGGY SUE HYPE5 RUTH ANN HYPE5 OKEY JACKSON CASSIDY JARRETT RONNIE JARVIS CONNIE JOHNSON EUGENE JOHNSON GARY JOHNSON MARY KEENAN ELIZABETH KEENER uniors JAMES KEENLR JIMMY KEITH DARLENE KELLY LARRY KINCAID DEWEY KING BARBARA KNIGHT BONNIE LEGG PAITY SUE LEGG JEAN LEGO KE LLY LETI' WILLIAM LEWIS EDDIE LILLY TERESA LIPSINIC JAMES LOSCH BRENDA LUCAS DELMUS LUCAS GENE MzCLUNG JAMES M:CLUNG LORETTA MQCLUNG JERRY MQCUE 34 ROGER CAROLYN MQCUYCHEON MOORE BILL CAROLYN SUE M:lNIlRE MOORE JOE ELIZABETH M:MILLION MOORE CONNIE JACK MATHENY MOORE OKEV DANA MILES MOSES KATHERINE MOUNTS WAYNE MORRIS JEWEL MORRISON NINA MOUREY LARRY MULLINS Q 2 at , :: K g ,N . 5. , A Q mt' X Ef f, QQ fe? . V! ,, Vg A A .fs Ee , .Sl i fm? fzgQ, 'k W2 ' , A 115, AN- IRENE MULLENS RIYA MULLEN5 JEANNEAN MURPHY Jommv MURPHY JOHN MURPHY -..4 in 'if' ki Wi A A . . l A 1 N 1 A-A fi A -rw if wg l zfgz: ., f 1' 9 5' K . nw M QQ x, 3- 4 A I , . Y HAROLD NEIL LARRY NICHOLAS SHARON NICHOLS LARRY NUTYER CAROL SUE O'DELL 3 1. L" il ' gswfliz-1 V f , , ' I N w 125 3 1- M" -a-vA A ? K ' .' ' 1. .L -1 'L A . irfgil' We I 1 4 'V Q3 1 xv' 34 .4 ' -' L .Y ,.k, T, ,gy A nf ,gg f-VW l K. , A fx .5 A -or nf .gf , V V 'L ' A 1 A 3. Ky? A--iii! r-'V,::1::::' 'l f :, fi k"X mx- 12 ff 1 'Af f . 4 M A v, 5 , . .,,,,,,-w ,L,,1f1 Q if it i , rl? , Aflfif. 11, I A 1 . A ' f' MA: MARIE BARBARA sus ooosn ranxms FRANK SANDRA xAve ouvzn rznxms DREAMA 1wv1A ossosms Panama umm: SHARON Mmm: raven suznzm rnmxun Pmmsn mc: 35 ' X .V . 1 - sf. A A ,J Q, .AJ 4 'L x A. . A 745: A nmeaf 1:fi?EiiE'1: X'?!3ff5jEfu i ,A V. ' f 1 -xg.. of g ,,y .5 A ROBERT RACER B1SSIE LOU RADER KATHRYN RADER SHIRLEY RADER RUSSELL RAPP Q. .,.. ., N1 X Y K wc, .' ' 'Z wx J 2, ' Y :ssh f uniors 11 15EiE2,.',i5:g1 Ai 'ii ' ' A W x v f 15' Q .. A , f 1:51:31 wlj, 'Y Q- 5 R, . hx I 1:- Q? J' .4 A , ' 5 3 59 . ? A 3-vw Z W 5. f r v B g 1 ui A if 1 3 I1 4 A 3 3 A fb M A an A -' ,Q . f' , FRANKLIN WANDA ROBERTS RUSSELL HELEN DONNA ROB!NSON SAVAGE BRENDA HAROLD ROGERS SEBERT PRISCILLA BILL ROHMILLER SHBLR GERALDINE CARDLVN ROSE SNAFFER 11111 0l'S New 'N ' 1 A xr 1. LORETTA SHAFFER CLAUDE SMITH SHIRLEY SNODGRASS PAUL SPARKMAN KERMIT STACY iiiiiiift' K ,. Q L J V A7 sy' L I k ,v ix 1 M.. -ll-L "JL If-v-, rw L L .5 .Lx 4 K . L V A f .,. , Q ,L I I : ji '. x Qnxifv. L M - -. i ' - A A A A , f Nw ' 'L ' ' 1' kt- L M-. ,l. ' "'W"' " I " An 12915111 CAROLYN STEPHENSON MARY ANN SUMMERS MARY THOMAS BARBARA THOMPSON DOLLY TINNEL if It-nf JERRY TINNEY PAT TRENT JOHN 'IUCKER HELEN TYREE PAITY UNDERWO Q 3' XJ! L - 'SQL ' 7 Lv' - fbx f .L,, 1- '26 I ii Q . N 3, f' L A q 1 Ls-L .Lg .V I ' 'M 1 ESM. Lil, jf. U' a I gi L Zi 'S A al OD +L ,K I DANNY VAN CAMP BOBBIE VASS DELBERT VICKERS BECKY WALKER KEITH WARD 36 Wmmw ":f:mw' , . I . X, PAULA WARD CRYSTAL WHITE ROSALEE WHILE EVALENE WHYTSELL ROSE ANN WIBLIN v. s J f 4. 3: I' C rf ith Ni, FL , MARGARET WILLIAMS MITCHELL WILLIAMS YVONNA WILLIS NANCY WISEMAN LINDA WIYHROW MW'??1'1 A A"'T-ffm mfs: -LL Q .I " If img? Q5 1 I ., ..L. as in h xii . I ,gr L A 42' ,L, A 2 'I Wg.: W S. s SY . ,, 1 W-'HL ff-Le, I 4 Q' 5 L ED WOOD EDWARD WOODS NEWMAN WOODS NANCY WORKMAN CHESYER WORLLEDGE funiors JUNIOR WRISTON LYNN YOUNG JAMES YOUNG .IDE YOUNG Work and Play Vary As Year Passes Top right-Oh, yes, the Phys, Ed. girls have more to do than dress and play in the gym the entire hour, as is proven by Teresa Lipsinic as she reports on a magazine article to Mrs. Halstead. Below:-"You can take the boys out of football, but you can't take the football out of the boys" is ex- emplified by these football players cavorting in the Lower right-During American Education Week the speech class gave a program honoring teachers, veterans and students. Keith Ward designates the candle for veterans as Ronald Perry, Blaine Painter, and .lack Moore await their turn on the agenda. snow. Paul Groves regular varsity center, centers the "ball" to fullback Joe Young while Wolfgang Freders- dorff gets ready to "blast" Fred Foster on the line. "Anything worth doing is worth doing well" says the soph- omore class whose Theme is "Space Pioneers." This class of '62, whose colors are red and white and whose flower is The red rose, was repre- sented at the annual homecom- ing game by Ruth Morris who chose as her escort Sieve Foster. Henry Legg is serving as president of The sophomores this year. Watching someone else work seems to be fascinating to these sophomore class officers: John Mollohan, vice-presidenty Jack Harvey, sergeant-at-arms: Nila Rol- lins, treasurer: Sharon Frame, secretary: and Henry Legg, president. Soplns Have Many Classes, Interests Jack Harvey lries to "blow up the world" for Barbara Rider as Morris Woods points out a spot in the Pacific that Charles Rutledge can't find in his book. Right: A whoopin', a hoIlerin', and a svcmpin', among other vhings are Eddie Lilly, Tommy Carte, Jim Thompson. and James McClung as the remainder ol' the chorus sings "Barefoot" at ihe Christmas assem- bly which featured the chorus and speech class. . rwnnnn- .i I h In xx V . ' +311 'I .1 V I i I " ' WL' Y tif, if-X ,,,,r. r r an 1 ,. i, ir.. ,Q s. r A ' -kiwi X S ' 4 A . ., .wk . .css 'fflrf 'VB ,An A ,J L M 422' "J s- R . :Qt .- Row Five Chapman, Kay Childer 5. Terry Coen, Barbara Coffma cngnr. n, larry Carl Conner, Brenda Cook. Darius Row Si x ,.,,,, ,A rr: W..-iw. gig. . ,, 55.11, hw: LZ., ' f afa li i H r i H A-x. ii- fr i' W M . ' 513 J ' il i ,n J, ,Q 2:32 -ifslslf r 3 . V ri, X f--- N'm,w--in . all fr kia , 1 l 1, 4 i r ar 'FSM 4. x i f A. 1- l .1 'ibaziif f- vs ' 11 -1 .Wim W mx, v ,ft nil 3 li QE . . , Eli . ,- r .fl in i df IE x E x , i -.rug - , K ., 3 my 'Y ,,. K1 XQ 2 ,lin F? lr! . 5 s in 1 M , RLG 'Wa .. .. r 1 -gr if . . iran i. 3, 5 l C , All li v , ri' 5'2" 5' S ' f. ,gf ' ' i ul K -3 J -.r f 1 ' L fini: Q , ge 3 r'-jr L Y if Q X ,. f' gif. f, fr -A xii. 'A ' 'i A 31' -1 any, 11' i i ,ia ' 1, Ein, 2 gr lg '- ,ii 1 i x 'gi Q2 1 i n W' ' 4, ir " pr - ' .x'f- X 1 il' ir, S , i S 1 1 ,. is . ' S' V . E fl' , ., vi .W ii 5 . . -' Q x V X .. ,, irq as , ,Y 1 I J , ll f I 7 cnnennnver, Flara Cross. Lana Canningham, Shirley Cvnningham, Warren Deal. J ennings min, ine Dennison, Carolyn low Sivan Dcldrill David nndrill, inner nnnley, inline onrsey, Alva onrsnv. nnvirl Dalson Rulh nrnnnnii. ready lznw Eighl Drenne Duffy, n. Ruth Garner ends. Nancy Elkins. Faremi Facemi Fisher. Nadine re, B'-rl rel Donald Anna A A i opln omores nw on. Alia, Janie: Arniclr, Sandra Armeniroul, Edna anlrnr, Karen snll. Fred says, unvia Benin. GarY nw rw. Beaver. wilinn Bennefl, Jean aannen, Jnr Brnlrn, Jerry Brake. Pnrsv Brown. Alvin nrnwn. Bob Raw rlirnn arnwn, mln Brown, David Joe nrnwn, Eddie arawn, Fred arnwn. may Brown, Linda Brown. Patricia :nw Four Brown, Virginia laiirlrnnlaer, Eddie Campball, Nancy Cane. Carman clinrnberlnin. Linnnl cnnnrnnn, Gary cnnprnnn, lnrlr Raw Nina rirrwnrer. inn Ann Flannagan, my rnrler. Glen Foxtel. Sieve rnir, xerrnii Framl. Helen Frame. Sharon Row Tan Frndersanrll. cvirirrn frm, snnurn onlnaerr, "Mike" onnibill, Junior onnne, lilln Gray, ana arms, Helen Raw Elavln Grote, Mansel Grow. Sammy Gwinn, Sharon Hackworfh, Ida Hall, Drema Hall Franzes Hanahaw, Lovell Row Ono Harb Barbara Harvey, Jack Helms, cerelyrr Hendrickson, Bill Herald, Slnnley Hess, Richard Hlcksr Rila new Tw: Harrlrle, lrerre Hlrrlrle, meek Hellrreelr, oerrrry Heleerrrb, Barbara Helrdrrrh, Laurence Holley, Fred Hrrddlerrorr, uerrlel Row Three Huffman, Ruth Ann l-hrghrrrf, Victory Hughes, Palsy Hrrrrrehrey, Anne Hrrrrrphrey, Jane Hynes, clyde Hypes, Judy new rerrr HYPCL Ren! Jehrrwrr, Roger Johnson, Romie loner, Darrell Jordon, Merearr lceerrerr, lynmz lceeherr, welrer new Ninn Moore, cdlarr Meore, Johnna Mdere. Joe Merella, Lee Morris, urrrh Morrislolh Allen Mellarre, Judy new ferr Nrrrrley, Betty Nrrrrer, Merel Osborne, Shirley Palmer, Mar Jane Perkins, Freddie Pierson, cerdlerre Price, ld. new slmrr P'Slme1r Patricia lzeeer, Muriel Rader, lryhe ndrhrev. cherldrre lzerrreey, Jrrdsrh eerheey, Mary sue Resickr Kalhie Soplnom ores new rie- Keenan, wdrrdrr nelly, Larry Kintaidr Jerrres Kang, Dottie Kirker, Jerry Knight, Dura ldrre, Carolyn Row sax Legg, Henry lege, Larry Leng, lorella Legg. Phyllis Lilly, Shirley Long, sylya. Leyirrg, James Olney new swerr McClung, Edna M:CIung, Judy McClung, Michael Mecue, sherdrr McCuIcheon, see Mrorrrael, Mary lee M:MilIion, Revs Row sigh: Melrdlrrr, Albdrle lvldlrelrrr, Bruce Milam, .ldrraee Maller, William Mollohan, John Mdrrree, Marie Mdrrrde, lvlerrhrr ...,,L .. .1 5 '29 ,fn R V' f rp 4 -. M, X . 1' V' ., -. f .Xi155rg,g. , ,vii--:5f.f :Qi C8252 , 1' fi! . viii ' " ' . .flak ,. A, . ,,., , I 5 A , . W in - ' if .v-TCL . fi P f z i ,, Q5 ' 35351 ig A i 'r CIR " X " y .! '.E?E7'4 in 1 35- 5 4 1 in QI iii? E nf 1. f '. n ..g J Ji -ii ..., + na ng .. , 1, an , at 11' rem fr. sr ff R . I an 'tix 1 ' .JJ 2 grin v- QQ ii! ' Raw Ono Rader, Barbara mire, Frances name, Paul endian, cnfnlyn - nom, Barbara it ,lf reohens. Derma! Roberli. NanCY L ,Q , 55 S . .Q N A ,. L, ' ' Qi. 3, - 3-1: 1225 I wr- .f , ,4 1- ' 232331 Yr W ' H. n W 5 I-wwe. , .. i 5 Q 'S3L:2i3'?Q!?, - 9 M-effofdrlmlla '- , 41, fggffffg' ' 122, n 35352 '55 my Slgmn, Kenneih 21. 1 3- fi - 2 snnnn, eau. 74 x14 Jer ur , Mgr' ' ,glxgggsrr gg H gmiglc, ggndqa W 'N' ..,. , 333 --- A1 . -n ' -NE MA-m : "s,. Pa' " "" EY - :fi i' 'fl -. ff 5 1 ' W 4,1 mginr lj- 4 - pm , ,wh Srumher. Bruce - ,Q ,A - -'jfs 52531, 3. Gifs: ii, eng g-. Aff W ggi gievenskniarnn we Q 3' "' wail' ', :H fi, , 'f' wifi: 'ii Q "S gf. rover, 'Q W 1, Q V,,rj5,,-Q , wi .ing 35 - ,Q sifxgulnnamne 12, 312 355 . V ff, , . , rg smmnnd, Lonnie l . nf .r,.2 , 1 .n -in vu. smcklnnd, Rogan 4 .4 A 5 Q 1 , fsiaki Q 5 . V ,lwcz --4-. i . , E 'Lf if i 111' in hwy.: Row Flvl Ward, Joan Ward. Joyce asa: i Ji Qi' ,lf .... P . 5, . Q : 1 .nn if 6 , 5 A ' H25 -f S s Q qsgzgg, ,,,,., .in -,1 "' 51 Raw Four Stull, Denxil Summers, Larry 'iiii . -, in V: ?i . X, .f-f K, .ff-4 W 5 Q L P ' ,yn 8:3 W 3 in ii . 1' 3 rib i I '35 .96 ,r Warburton, TommY wnne, Jerry whne, Mary Wilson, Arbnf Wiseman, cnr Raw Six 1 alyn Wilhmw, Brenda Wood, Charlo Woods. John Woods. Morri HE s wnrrnnnn, nanny Workman. Cli fron wmrnnnn, my Row Sovnn Young, amy Young. Donna Young, mme Young, Becky rr Young, Thomas Quickie, Josephine Tinnel, PANY ,,x. ' ' Taylor, JOVte Taylor. naman ,, Q ' , nyrofr znrfnn 'W 1, sf Undgrwuod, Yuny ui, gif .B Pin N .4 mf if Q YQ? Q5 , I va , iw i ,Q gg, A ,i , ., iifff.-f:: if :gi xx fi' ,fe an L I N' ru. A ' ward, Daris Soplnom ores 41 Mr. Drennen seems ro be the guest of honor as he "cracks" one of his funniesr lakes to ihese GAA members at the an- nual iea, Caught sealed on the floor are Mr. Drennen, Nancy Robervs, Patricia P'Simer, Elizabeth Painter, Mary Sue Ramsey. ' Row six srawri, Laariard lsarrlalla, Ray B ah, Billie lsarlar, Clarence Canlreil, Rebirdia carpanlar, lzairiay canar. Barbara naw Seven Cartwright, Pllyllaa cayandialn, J alia cayandiah. Pairicia Chapman, Henry chapnian, Nnrrna clailalara, wanala crm-ana, iarnmv Row Eight claanarlnn, inny clark, Fred clark, Naney clavangar, Rlalaardla cnlah, uaaar cagar, Linda Lau Cunard, leon low Nillt caalr, larry car, naclaara Cunningham, nwaln cnnninaharn, James Cullip, Barbara Dalian. DBHNY navla, craneylava Raw Tan Daarill, srarllna Donaldsen, larry Daraay, Charles naraan, Perry naman, Tony nallv. Charles Elefrilz, Shirley aa Freshmen X , Raw on. Acres, Johnny Adlrlna, Franky Adkins. 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Marks now rm wooorr, Gary whsle, Dion.- where. Ronald wmasrro. Poser Wilson. Robert Wilson. Carl Winebrenner. ooirrror Row Six Winebranner, Virginia Worlladge, Rebaccu Younur Svlvia Young, rrrorrm Freshmen Set Goal, Aim Above It With a lilac flower and white and gold as colors the class of '63 soon became familiar with the pattern of high school which was new to them. "Set a goal and aim above it" is the motto which the freshmen have selected and whose theme is the '49ers. They surely lived up to this motto as they earned more money at their first dance last fall than any other class. "A president lust can't go any higher" clcesn't seem true as Danny Shaffer, sec- retary: Jim Lilly, vice-president, and Jim Adkins, sergeanr-or-arms lift Tony Clap- perlon, freshman president, higher into the air. Jeannie Perkins, treasurer, watches to see iust how far he can go. uw Ono Aniirlr, Patririn Ann sau-ar, Joseph sarrnn. Marlene Raw Tvu: anno. Patricia . , sryanr. tcaran Bwssv. 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'fi in " r ,1 a tp t Eighth Grade The eighth grade class began the school term with 47 students. The first event in which they par- ticipated was the homecoming. They chose Sandra Beale as eighth grade princess and Gary Miller as her escort. They selected pink and black for the class col- ors and the pink rose as the flower. Eighth grade president, Gary Millar, may be doing a bil of studying with Jane Champe, vice-president, and Donna Shalap, treasurer, but Bill Perkins, sergeantaat- arms, and Linda Wood, secretary, seem to think it wise tc investigate. . nfs s , . ns: i ,, -UE I , Q . il r U 4 l ' . l 4- ,Lia "' ' Y yy i t r K ' i ,Ky i ,wan . . :rt r f' as. 5 6 R . v, r. a ' , -Tl K . . ,la .al- X -V X , 'fa 2-1:35, f W in k l ,W 5, .,,r ft af Xa. ,. A ag ri Y 4 au -'-' 17 ii: rg .. Q wtf . Q- J Q n t .- Q ani, M 5 AK Fish E an K rn "zzz L LY H ' ' X . 40, X , l it f K fi-rj" "vsp ' a ' xi'-1 1. 1 W ' a , , s a '5X' a, . Yx 1 K- , ,r . --7,10 I K in r- . , , ,-., . . M... ,. ra. 1, tr r K new L ,li l A . . . rr ' at lv' f ., arm. , 7,-:tx ni? 4J,',':J. li' U zggf- t ., gg. I ..'-- Q J -' lfiit ,J 'KIQK . 1 4 ' J. it a t - 3 - l 'NJ r-fr. ra .259 K - r '-"' W' FY. f if . 'Z' .yeas A Q. , v- 3, . .,.. 1 L, K Seventh Grade One hundred seven students enrolled in the seventh grade on September 2, to begin a "long" association with Nicholas County High School, "we hope." At the first class meeting they selected lavender and white as the class colors and the white rose as the flower, Linda Harlow was chosen as homecoming princess and Fain Miller as her escort. What will seventh grade treasurer, Sally Jacobson, and secretary, Mary Sue Cock do to vice-president, Shirley McDaniel, after they have caught her slipping out with their "l:eaus" sergeant-at-arms, Terry Koon, ond president, Fain Miller? I- 14 5' 54 t' f 'H WT 1' jf .ooo I t - Azree, Linda 2 Qi, f 5, ,F if Aoliiiii, Jimmie ' 1,5 5' ' Q Armstrong, Carolyn i' y I i 5 Aikow, Ann loo so - i , gr +1 MN, ,. -1-i 52,1 5, in l .f ,fre 5, for .R , I., ggi i. ,gow ,. i i4 . si, . , . noi. iw. 'iff , 'fir fin i , A 'sf 1 , '- :gr Beime, John D. ish, . . ,rio .1 F ' :gf if . H Q 'e - Bell, .lolit- 1 2 -xg v ,i , 1, .w ,K : . A ,ty , 5 fi- aioiiliom, Phillip .Q ' 2 ' ,. 2 .L . - . .A 11 , ' , - Q, aiooliiiiiidoo, Foggy 5 ,V v 3 K K K - - , N? Q ' Q 2 if gricllc, lgla o 1 - - ' , .,. , ggi I 7 ' fg, Jr , st sig, ' 5 JA, L i , ., 49 ,Q ,ii y M - Camgbelll gusnn X, ,..v w. of. iw, -v Q ' r 4 -if In N if v MY? A- 1 K 1 o. I-or 'Q A ,V 5.1: R ,mi 3, Raw Ulf!! cm, Larry Carr, soo Cavendish, noni cook. Moiy soo Couk, Shlrun Corbitt, Roy Corbilt. Ruth ow roi.. Crites. Michael cimoiiiohom, Sharon Doon, Ricky Dofiolson, Boyd Dooley, Karen Dorsey, Ruth Ami Dorsey, Mildred Ann notion. noisy notion, .tony Eoliiio, Judy Evans, larry roiifriilo. Lynn Fiixwoiof, Donolo Fooliloi, Clyde, ti. Row Slx Fyock, David Gawthiov. Gene Grow, Charles Grovei, Rebecca Grubb, mimi Agnes Hoilow, Linda Harlow, Sharon ow som. Henderson, Francis Hicks, Larry iiollsiooki, vofo rlolfooib. Bertha Hughes. coiolyii Hynes. Connie Irvin. Claude ,A f I , r - 0' ., . - i L -A+ 1 , . .- 1 M i . Mani f , . f- ow-:fzff - ::i,v-iw ..: y i tio-ri-'QS Y . to -.ii ,, ., fair Y' li. 5 f. . - y . , '25 J f " Jil '- Eff: - 15531 1 - ,y 5 J f y l f ff' if ,A if , -i X , Q - . it f 1 if I , i- K , ,-5 lv x. ii ' In 5 A W in L l :iss Mx' ' Y 3,4 Egg 4 F . ,V . ,, 4 M Am .,,fg:,sif- , ,ga I Uffi' li -.'- 't- . ' T" ' if-,gp , - E. w 5 . . A V ' .C f .. -1,7 z ' - . -' 4- Q. it - we ,fig . A , , ,- .Q lf 23.5, 1. 2 ij , . . le' H egg. v. ' o if t ei 5,5 J' , 1, 4 we w ii' '. -.,, - ' 1, f -i if IQ ff i' - ,,,. - sf "'7' ,:.Qlt.fa i J ' ' Q - l. T 53' f .mftiim-,ei"lfii, J Q .f is , . . ' "age, 'zz A lo- i r . , , ' - 3,451 x. .. X X 1 J '- i sg A 4 . A if " " ?r ' f- if- r' - ff 'i i ' im, i in ' ' - 2' fl ei' .Fl 'lf P -- ' - Y, Ci Sv if i lil, 'ii' :-rf? 35 'f 4 ' .-- ii: "FM VS- 1?-:E vi ,N 1 ., -in Q I ' i - 'Q 5 if A Y , it , v , , , Q L - ,X 2 r , , QA, I an Q. ,- i , , X 1 y ' ag i , f . I , .,- i 1, , ' ' l . , 4 i fy' P gi z , NN , l 'JN ' ii i: A' ZIEX , QQ I I , f , ,i 1 i ' fflfiisfffi . lfilfsd'-551 Wiz? , re-A"-M' 'elm-i ", -' qfieaz. rezfgrzsw' H fi' ern. W W gk A . ., ,. k W 1,31 -e w i. W -' l !r1 eerie' ' R :iff 13 -i all 4. ---.f Tee, - s eg ue e f rv - 5,1-sez: 1 , 5 ES. wg- -1 1- g - ii We Are New But new three Lighrzap, George Lipsinic, Francis Raw reur McClung, Margaret Meclene. Waller McCu!chacn, Mariha Kcon, Lerry Lewis, srenree Miner, Fain mere. sneren new Fiv! Moyer. Jimmy O'DeIl. A, c. Perry. Mike McDaniel. Shirley Meuenry, Jimmy Rader. Linde needy, Glenna Raw Six Ronrk. James lzeleineen, Jimmy Ruten, Kathy Prather, Ruse Ann Rader. Eddie Sanders, Sandra Spangler, Teddy Row Sovnn spanke, Jimmy Spinks, William Slowers, sally Taylor, Pearl Thomas, Elmer Thomas, Paul Tinney, Sue new Eight rrenr, Sandy Tyree, Bonita Tvree. Sharon Varghn, Bradford Vaughn, Denver Walker, Barbara Whiier Eloise new Nino whsle, Susan wilmem, Ann weed, shelbie weeds. Benny weeds. James veene, Helen Young. James W Raw one Jacobson, Sally Jarreil. Linda Jerren. Lulu Jervis, Reger Jenkins, Eugene Raw Two Johnson, Patty Jones, Virginia mae, Pafsy Sue Kang. Carolyn King, Marilyn e Are Learning .f .ge '-fl' YYY, '23 ,.r- 51133 S r e 'f l K- digs. '-W it , .312 X . jj ,XV ew V ' , if' 4' 'Q Y 4 rg- ,e "f e if, 'K' ' '-Q-W A g . : 2 . 'I X' .. . reins .eff , . :EY:'ii3" Y, ,ie ie., 3 ' ' 'P- if 2 'R' .1321 ' , V . 3? 2 we ae' Hie r? q wi ., ' , 'f fr ,. -1, e , ey, re.. -ee ew ' 1 My ph ft he B e .,:fee,1e1 Q Vse, .nfe-e fgxr. ,f -if .ner is rig: .ree - ew .. ' r 5 ,r., ,e . R J , Q A' - , f l, - l-I ii e. 'Ziff' er 'iii' 222' r. 12221:-1552 ga Y 1' r ' 3: -1 - Qzrli, Rl. .xr . 21555 r , ,Luigi , L -: if 'iz s ' 2, ,J we 11 glee. " ., H ' .- vase 14- Raei fluf '1. wi - iv ex 4 , .lrrxae Q eeeeeswrr-mf:-rm g - . . rf' iff ' ei 1 sm ' '- rzfsf : , W, ' . e, Stiff viii-1: W: 3' 1 ' , . ' . arf we e. li r- . Ss 1 1124 1 1 lilf ,gff f 1,17 ' ".rep ,53eel5 ,s' fi W rae, SQ f 'x --1..f:: 50-he 'we -W , - :wee if-,ne ef '- ., In 1, we , e. ' r,,. -, efrw -,.. 1. Q eeigg ' ,' ,-, eezyr' r W ery ,, v -v i. X I-1,1 - he - Mr... me l ,. Q:-ew'--. 1. -sa ' r-1.-1 C. - 'fe,.:" ., -e,:- TWA V H " fl E, xi W 22: A if fp-1. es e M- R122 ml," ., - fxtS'3 S2g4 . 'ITE Ref "iw mere- 1::,a S5122 iii assi we ,.,1:1.:e. 'fnewiggs' 41, iasf i elim rv K A1322 . - ' Les f w' uns" ' M e " rr -' ez-.en rl ' K 32 , me r we :aries Ee se ls?" ' :iff ' 2 ex.-.aazz re.: 1 X. 'es - , , e f, irxtli. . ,, f ee jf .,a2 1 4 . 2 , wwe ' W? -'3" 152" 5 r iff' 31595 2. 1 .r 1 .r all , 1 -.Q MW E' vu ll i Homecoming and initiations are only two of the many activi- ties on our campus. If you see a NCHS boy running around school in his mama's dress or a pair of swimming trunks in December, think nothing of it. This is iust part of one of our many initia- tions through which students go in order to become a member of an organization. The crowning of Queen Carol Frame by Principal C. P. Wells highlighted the homecoming game on October 16. To add to the affair, the cheerleaders pre- sented the court with flowers. "My, oh, my. what beautiful schoolgirls we have herel" Enioying a chit-:hat ses- sion at noon are these boys who iust happen to be "all dressed-up" for N-Club iniriacian. Sunil: Delmas Lucas, Ernest Withrow, Charles Alley, Standing: Stan' ley Herold, Bernard Grose, Bill Young, Dave Lunter, and Fred Holley. Queen Carol Frame and her court, who gave a royal welcome to visiting alumni, are seen after halfvtiine ceremonies at the annual homecoming game. rim row: Claude Smith, Becky Walker, maid of hon- orp Carol Frame, Queen, Wolfgang Freders- dorff, Ruth Morris, Steve Foster. Second row: Sandra Beale, Gary Miller, Marty Lewis, Philip Berry, Linda Harlow, and Pain Miller. Activities On Campus Are Many, Varied " A " f eff? -6"wf'P . wf - , , "L""' ' ' ' 'I if I. ?i.:'VQfggi? t 5 5 4: x 1 i L, K A R X , ,ax 9.7 ,, , V , ,lk x-Q rf' in mc. 7- 4 r tg K IMMM 11 5 ' If 'zfimfs Q!gf..g:,ff!'l"'11hii.:-+A' 1. XV .5 5 x ' Q - -QTXV' E11 1Lff f'W2 5 '+L ffl' Q N9 7 an :ATCA kxfigf qryt A P . A.. ,5 Kam' k,ki .lik gy, my MA ,MJWM gg? New ,,xk,, Q, I . -A V I 1,1 - 5 T WA 'V X " K+ U A , X 2. -,wx - - , X L ! , ,V " , . fx . I N b Y N 1 'A N ' if Ai. 4' Pip I ws- fw ' X ' M 2 - H 1 r f nf., - u ' A 1 y li ' XT :Q K ' : ' ' "ISR imc Xu., M Aff l l X is K I if 1 5 s - fl' L3 5, - Q pp Q' 1 wg rx Nl! PREILUDE IN c MsNoR WWW1 ML Q0 Vo 51 Recorded here for posterity is the 1960 version ol the Gold and Blue Grizzly band. First row: J. P'Simer, M. Loving, S. Legg, K. Adkins, B. Hinkle, B. Rader, L. Morelli, C. Pierson, T. Pugh, J. Young, S. Smith, M. Barron, G. Duffy, K. Lett. Second vow: B. Trent. D. Dietz, K. Johnson, .l. Cavendish, R. Stout, B. Frame, M. Lewis, K. Resick, P. Cook, G. Beale, 5. Roark, S. Given, P. P'Simer, M. Ogden, B. Mclntire, P. Brake. Third row: K. Chapman, M. Summers, S. Piper, P. Bose, B. Miller, J, Ward, S. Beale, S. Frame, N. Roop, S. Perkins, D. Sundslrom, J. Chapman, J. Perkins, V. Grimes, L. McDowell, R. Grose, C. Wilde, S. Walker, L. Beale. Fuurlll raw: Trips To Elkins, Morgantown Highlight Another year has gone by, and once again the Gold and Blue Grizzly Band under the direc- tion of Charles Nicosia has filled the hearts of students with music, both popular and classical. At football games this fall, the band was an al- ways-expected delight to the ears and eyes of sports fans. Traveling to Elkins for the Mountain State Forest Festival was a thrilling experience for all members, new and old. Their efforts were not in vain as the iudges gave a well-deserved fourth place rating for style, marching, and playing. Each and every member of this widely-known organiza- tion snapped by the iudges stand with a high arm swing and a high step. NCHS will not soon be forgotten at Elkins. Following the trip to Elkins, the band was invited to Morgantown to participate in a massed band concert for the West Virginia University- Richmond game. Our state-honored maiorettes were given the choice spot on the fifty-yard line. Straight from the football field to the concert stage, the band then began the long practice period in preparation for the spring concert. Vol- ume had to be decreased and instruments tuned I.. Wood, N. Roark, B. Carter, M. McDaniel, M. Racer, C. Tyree, B. Russell, K. Dotson, N. Huffman, L. Gill, P. Cavendish, N. Wiseman, D. Shalap, P, Tully, M. Rite, G. Sparks, N. Rollins, F. Rite, L. Walker, J. O'DeIl. Filth row: D. McClung, L. Jones, B. Young, B. Rogers, B. Brown, M, Grizzell, K. Shalap, L. Young, R. O'Dell, J. Murphy, M. Coffman, J. Mullins, C. Frame, P. Taylor, M. Brown, 8. Walker, R. Frame, D. Grose, S. Wagner, B. Malcolm. Another Year F or Nicosia's Band precisely but co-operation of all the members made these sessions a huge success. During the winter, an invitation was received to attend the Apple Blossom Festival in Win- chester, Virginia. Because of conflict with the date of the Junior+Senior Prom the invitation had to be declined. April 21 was the date of the long-awaited Spring Concert. Many hours of practice went into making this concert the huge success that it was. Good things should not go unrewarded so the Band Boosters' Club, as in past years, gave the band a banquet and dance. As many members said, "lt was a swell dinner." Yes, another year is over and many of the band members have had to work long hours try- ing to earn merits. This organization is run by the merit and demerit system. A band council is chosen for each year and they hold the con- trolling hand. Members ot the council are Donald Dietz, president, Lynda McDowell, vice-president, Becky Grose, band captain, Belle Rader, secretary and treasurer, Carol Frame, head maiorettep and Bette Trent, reporter. Bette also has served for three years as student director. "We all sing like the birdies sing" is quite true of these chorus members. First row: H. Tyree, F. LS99, M. Williams, N. Rose, D. Dorsey, L. Gill, D. Burkholder, J. Morrison. Second row: E. Lilly, B. Gray, G. Fields, J. Hicks, H, Hayes, B. White, P. Cartwright, L, McClung, T. Carte, K. Ward. Third row: K. Brown, J. McClung, L Keenan, D. Adkins, N. Eads, P. Brown, J. Hughes, C. Moore, J. Legg. Fourth row: R. Hypes, P. Hypes, L. Hurst, M, Brown, R. Armentrout, R. O'Dell, D. Dorsey. Fifth row: W. Russell, R. Hicks, H. Brooks, K. Cobb, C. Stephenson. Sixth row: L. Rutherford, S. Gwinn, N. Nutter, M. Nutter, S. Williams, B, Armentrout. Sevalllll row: G. Hughes, A, Humphrey, M. Summers, C. Wiseman, J. Humphrey, N. Clark, J. Hypes, R. Hypes, l. Shaffer, W. Schoolcralt, M. Painter, L. Dimeglio. Singers Contrast Demerit Slingers From all appearances this seems to be a wedding, On the second look it appears to be an execution, but actually it is the band council dramatizing the wedding ot band director, Charles Nicosia, to Miss Norma Perrine last summer. Guarding the "gleeful" groom is Lynda McDowell as Carol Frame performs the ceremony lor funerall. Bette Trent and Donald Dietz appear as Mr. .na Mrs. Nicosia while neue Rader appears to be having a wonderful time as best man, ln order to get this picture certain measures had to be taken as are in- dicated by Rebecca Grose who restrains the real Charles Nicosia who is "iloored" by it all, Under the direction of Charles Nicosia the new 62 member chorus sang at many school functions including the band concert and the Christmas assembly. Besides singing, the chorus spends a spring day eating, drinking, and being merry, at their annual roast. Tom Carte heads the group as president, with Keith Ward, vice president, Jolene Hughes, secre- tary and treasurer, Kenneth Brown, sergeant-ab arms, Jewell Morrison, librarian, and Mary Ann Summers, accompanist. Discipline in the band is built around a core of student officers called "among other things," the band council. The band council, also known as the "Gestapo," "M.P.," "Mafia Secret Police," etc. is composed of six band members elected by the band on the basis of their leadership, fairness, and their ability to shoulder responsibilities. Some of the duties of this organization are giving and recording demerits and acting as hosts to visiting bands. Their biggest responsibility is keeping order during rehearsals, on busses during trips, and at all public performances. The council also meets with the director at intervals to help plan and discuss band policies and rules. .- tg W, ww 5 , mf . M x sw 352 3 A A L, .,.x...51. 15 --Z. A nl- 'W az,-Vz. J im f,A2,fgf i - n fgji 'f'x53'g,ggE5 ..., , L1 my-y,, -115' Z :if .TS 1 A M. 1 , QQJWQ ff, ww - Mfr. X?" f- 14 ' W 1 . my , . x.. f S wv -N X f ef: rf Q - , K ff ff:-fiay.:: '1 .,3 K f , W -V . X fr K ms . .. ,Y A r U A a xi K K A .Q ,ww . , . ir! lf Q 7 . ,,.5MM Wim- Afff' g,, vg.', 5 ..,, . i ,Ary nr' wg? L v VY I p 0 ' 1 . M- 'tf '-W. L L . 7 7 lf , , ' Q . f fgfaif M, ' M., ' hz? -, 4 .i' ,Q , A ' ' 4,1. 4 "3 4 . Q, -"- X' 4,3 V1 - ,fins-gg.. ag i , , fn ' ' A f 3 1. Uma' A . , , ' 1 fs D , "It the short straw comes up Jeannean will work at the next game, but it the long straw comes up Ruth Ann will work," Mrs. Skaggs tells these 9-Club girls. Seated: Shirley Snodgrass, Carolyn Shaffer, Bobbie Vass. Standing: Tiny Cagar, Joyce Grose, Carol Drennen, Jolene Hughes, Jeannean Murphy, Ruth Gregg, Mrs. Irene Skaggs. Collecting tickets, working in the concession stand, and making signs announcing coming activi- ties are but three ot the iobs per- formed by the 9-Club which is composed of iunior and senior girls and sponsored by Mrs. Irene Skaggs. Each year upon graduating the senior members invite sophd more girls to take their places in the club. A library assistant is a great help not only to students but also to Miss June Beamer, librarian. These assistants help students to find books and give informa- tion as to where materials may be found. Checking books out, back in, and keeping them in order are only a few other duties ot these students who give their study halls to help. Sports, Book-Minded Students Work Keeping books in order, checking them in and cut, and helping students find books are only a few ot the duties oi these library assistants. Standing: Wilma Schoolcrait, Sandra Williams, John Jarrell, Jo Frazer, Myrna Coffman, Miss June Beamer, librarian, Seated: Sandra Walker, Bucky Br-nnett, and Billy Bartley, 56 To those boys who earned a letter in a partic- ular sport, served as manager, or as publicity man- ager, an opportunity is given to become a member of the N-Club, Two "horrible" initiations are held each year through which they can obtain member- s ip. Each year the senior members of the club travel to a sporting event within a 300 mile radius accom- panied by their sponsors. The purpose of the N-Club is to foster high scholastic rating, to stimulate a desire for balanced training, to evaluate the ideals of sportsmanship, and to develop a high type of leadership in the male athletes of Nicholas County High School. Good sportsmanship and clean, wholesome living are the standards adopted by the N-Club for its members. Officers of the N-Club are Jim Cox, president, Joe Young, vice president, Terry Fyock, secretary, and Fred Roberts, treasurer. Coaches James Gladwell, Robert Perkins, and Bernard Poole are sponsors of the club. "Get your hot dogs and cokes herel" bark these N'Club members who attempt to satisfy the appetites and quench the lhirsts produced by the exciting basket- ball games during the warmsup tourney. Working at the concession stand are Fred Foster, Joe Young, and Laffy Ellison. We Worked To Gain Our Membership "See how far you guys can throw him," yells Coach James Gladwell to N-Club boys. Standing: Bob McCIung, John Maeve, Dale Dodrill, Fred izabefis, eddie Lilly, Wolfgang Fredersdorff, Paul Groves, Jim thompson, Joe Young, aiu Mfiiiiiie, Fred raster. .iam cox, .ii-mn Lewis, Roger ciiapiiisii, cascii oisaweii. Kiiuiingi Terry Fyack, Larry eiiiian, John Hman, John RBPP. Jack Moore, Zeke Hamrick, and Larry Nutter. As Fred Huffman taps with his gavel all becomes quiet and another meeting is begun with first row John Tucker, Herald Jarvis, Frank Murphy, Bill Harlow, O. D. Lewis, Kenneth Beaver: second row: Larry Nutter, Holden Martin, Beniamin Backus, J. D. Murphy, Bob McCIung, Carl Cook, sponsor: third row: Roger Copenhaver and Charles Huffman, attending. "The successful farmer of to- morrow is the Future Farmer of today" is a motto which keeps the boys of the local chapter of the FFA striving to become those successful farmers. The FFA is an intra-curricular activity in which members learn to speak in public, to buy and sell cooperatively, to solve their own problems and to assume civic ree sponsibility. Leadership and character de- velopment, sportsmanship, co- operation, service, thrift, scholar- ship, improved agriculture, or- ganized recreation, citizenship and patriotism is the foundation upon which the organization is built. This national organization was organized in 1928. The Future Farmer Of Today Will Be Representatives of the club at- tend the FFA Camp located near Ripley and the FFA Federation meetings in Raleigh, Summers, Mercer, and Nicholas counties each year. As parliamentary procedure is an important asset to these boys, the officers accompanied by Carl Cook, advisor and sponsor, at- tend the annual Parliamentary Procedure Contest each year. The Public Speaking and Creed Con- tests are also entered annually. The president of the organiza- tion is sent each year to the Leadership Training School at Cedar Lakes, which is a new state camp and conference center started by the ioint efforts of the FFA and FTA, at Ripley. Delegates or a delegate attend the state FFA Convention each summer where the State Creed Contest is held in which Bruce Malcolm placed third this year. "Yes sir, looks like the bugs got here before we F.F.A. boys did. First raw: Larry Trent, John F. Groves, Kelly Sparks, Charles Johnson, Larry Cook. J. B. McCIung. Second raw: Joe Brown, Kenneth Gray, Fred Hypes, Roger Johnson, Allen Morriston, Darrell Skaggs, Thomas Perez, Kim Brown, Stanley Sparks, Ernest Huffman. Activities vary the year around as work and play are balanced. The annual Ham, Bacon and Egg Show is something all mem- bers look forward to, not only because of profits made on the choice products but for compe- tition. Popcorn is sold at football games and at lunch time. The club is useful to the school, as any work which requires the use of farm machinery is readily done by members, Last year the football field was beautified. Land judging is also learned and a team is selected to partici- pate in contests. Hoping for a ringer Lonnie Strickland pitches a horseshoe as Delbert Copen- haver, Dewey King, Cecil Halstead, Burl Facemire, David Bays, Darrell Jones, Herold Sebert and Jerrell Childers relax in various standing positions. Kneeling, James Young, Clyde Hypes, Robert Dorsey, and Franklin Price look on with interest. The Successful Farmer Of Tomorrow After stepping out of the furnace room these FFA boys pause for a minute to scuffle and catch their breath. First row: Gary Chapman, Joe Dietz, Bruce Malcom, Delmas Roberts, Sammy Grose. Darius Cook, Larry Mullens, Victory Hughart, Second row: Joe Strickland, Mike McClung, Denzil Stull. Donald Face- rnire, Jerry Brake and Lionel Chamberlain. Many useful, beautiful, and desired items are produced by members in learning handicraft. The club decided to do away with all hazards in the county in order to make it a safer place in which to live. This became the Community improvement Project. Each summer finds all mem- bers keeping busy with a summer project which is required. These projects are exhibited at the county fair. Camp Summers was the scene of the Field Day events which is held in the spring. Highlighting the day was tractor driving, farm sheep and poultry judging con- tests, sottball tournaments and relays. 59 This active organization spon- sors roasts, dances, parties, and serves at various banquets. This type of active work and play goes hand in hand with one of the purposes: "To provide whole- some individual and group rec- reation." This national organization is composed of senior high girls who are learning the essentials of becoming a good homemaker. Through the joint effort of the state FHA and FFA a camp and conference center was establish- ed, which is called Cedar Lakes, "F.H.A. girls don't spend all of their time doing housework" is clearly ex- pressed as these members shine Mr. Matheny's car: B. Hinkle, S. Perkins, M. Keenan, B. Withrow, N. Brown, P. Facemire, P. Trent, J. Mullins, J. Humphrey, M. Dodrill, C, Cool, E. Chapman, P. Brown, L. Keenan, l, Hackworth, C. Freders- aanf, P. Hughes, C. Donalson, J. Legg. B. Rogers, sz. naisan, v, Grimes, K. Adkins. Future Homemakers Carry Projects, "Observe, children, we will show you how lo make a genuine, oldfashioned, T.V. dinner." Seated: N. Huffman, S, Neil, J. Copenhaver, M. Coffman, S. Roark, W. Schoolcrafr, M. Rife, L. Gill, R. Frame, B. Grose, C. Frame, M. Fowler, S. Given, S. Walker, R. Grogg. Standing: Mrs. Virginia Simms, Miss Hazel Dorsey, spon- sors. C. Drennen, S. Snodgrass, C. Shaffer, M. Summerx, K. Chapman, L, Withrow r. cagsf. J. Hughes, M, wsusn. c. ryfea, L. russia. P. Backus, L, McDowell, G. Sparks. "Toward New Horizons" are three words which are important to all Future Homemakers of America for they are the organi- zation's motto. This motto ex- presses the purpose of the or- ganization: learning to live bet- ter today in order that our lives and those of our families may be better today. The colors, red and white, are the colors symbolic of youth and of home life. The flower, a red rose, is a symbol of vibrant, glowing health which makes for more ef- ficiency and happiness in the home. 60 What can be so funny? Perhaps Becky Walker is "livening-up" a club report with a icke or two. First row: Judy Young, Beverly Russell, Nila Rollins, Mary Lee McDaniel, Sharon Frame, Carolyn Ritchie, Drema Hall, Joan Ward, Martha Monroe, Marie Monroe, and Ruth Morris. Second row: Sue Worlledge, Patricia P'Simer, Dora Knight, Ann Coffman, Carolyn Sue Moore, Dotty King, Priscilla Rohmiller, Bessie Rader, Patty Underwood, Rose Ann Wiblin, and Katherine Rader. Underprivileged children have seen the ways ofthe FHA as each Christmas the members of the local chapter have a party for them. Skirts, shirts, and other articles were made this year and were given to the children along with candy and other small gifts. The annual regional meeting at Concord College is attended by the homemakers. During the summer, representatives attend the FHA camp at Ripley and also at Jacksons Mill. "Family Unity" is a national proiect through which the Future Homemakers of America work toward an obiective of their pro- gram: to develop a better under- standing of our family members and to contribute to their well- being. Give Parties, Learn To Keep House Each summer Miss Hazel Dor- sey and Mrs. Virginia Simms, sponsors, are busy visiting the homes of FHA members still en- rolled in home economics. These visits are for the purpose of checking various required sum- mer proiects. Many of the products of these summer proiects are exhibited at the county fair. Lucky is the guy who marries a FHA girl for she has had much experience in cooking, sewing, and cleaning. Complete outfits are made, menus are planned and prepar- ed. These things contribute to the progress of the purpose, "To work for a good home and fame ily life." Pins may be received as each degree is earned and every de- gree has a different symbol. 61 Fashions are always in the minds of F.H.A. members as Deanna Grose is seen displaying her "king-size" purse to firxt row: Carolyn Lane, second row: Elizabeth Keener. Elizabeth Painter, Rita Hicks, Patsy Brake, Yvonna Willis, third row: Twyla Perrine, Mary DeMoss, Helen Tyree, Mary Jo Brown, Nancy Wiseman, Lynn Young, Nancy Baker, fourth row: Becky Young, Mary Jane Painter, Ann Humphrey, Carol Fisher, Louise Dooley, Helen Groves, Paula Ward, Gay Garrett. "We the officers of the GAA in order to make a more perfect club shall study our constitution and abide by its laws." Front row: Becky Walker, Sue Brown, Mary Ann Summers, Vanra Grimes, Ruth Ann Grogg, Karen Adkins. Back row: Elizabeth Painter, Becky Grose, Mrs. Marguerite Halstead, sponsor. The Girls' Athletic Association was organized in 1946 by Mrs. Marguerite Halstead, girls' physi- cal education teacher and cheer- leading instructor, The chief purpose of this club is to promote a greater interest in sports, leadership, and sports- manship, Membership is achieved in the club by earning 250 points in tour different maior sports. To remain a member one must earn at least 100 points each semester. These points may be earned dur- ing study hall periods, noon hour, or after school. Sportsmanship, Leadership Are Goals Priscilla Rohmilier, Drema l-lall, ana Deanna erase appear la be expels on volleyball as they Shaw me steps of serving the ball to the other GAA members: Paula Taylor, Jeannean Murphy, Ruth Morris, Patty Underwood, Martha Monroe, Marie Monroe. 62 Each year the club sponsors a week-end trip for senior mem- bersg usually to a state park. As a part of the school's ath- letic program the GAA gives members a chance to learn the rules of many sports. This organization is world wide. The girls have winter sports in which to participate. Its members also have the chance to learn how to get along with each other. After admission into the club, a girl may earn the required points to receive an award letter, a pin to represent the club, and a pin or emblem of her favorite sport. The GAA sponsors dances and bake sales to help buy equip- ment for the gym. Some GAA members seem to be having a wonderful time playing softball. Patty Brown, Ann Humphrey, Nancy Roberts, Jane Humphrey, Zalma Taylor, Daloris Adkins form a cheering section as Shirley Lilly umpires, Judlth Ramsey serves as catcher, Louella Rutherford wields a bat, and Ramona Frame tries to tag Nancy Rose cut. Of The Girls Athletic Association "Swing that paddle, swat that ball, we wanta play and can't wait for you all" say Brenda Rogers, Nancy Huffman, Ida Fee Price, Teresa Pugh, Lou Gill, Linda Beale, Patty Backus, and Carol Frame as they wait for Shirley Wagner and Belle Rader to finish their game. 63 Not only are these honor society members ioined hand in hand with each other, but in friendship with everyone in school. Caught out on the campus were these students who were members at the beginning of this year: Geraldine Sparks Nancy Fennell, Patty Backus, Benny Backus, Carolyn Wilde, Linda Beale, Martha Wallen, Yynda McDowell, Karen Adkins National Honor Society Is Symbol "Membership in the National Honor Society does not come easily." are the findings of these hardworking students who have been awarded one of the schocI's highest honors. First raw: Beverly Russell, Sue Roarlc, Myrna Coffman, Nancy Huffman, Charlene Tyree. Second raw: Karen Dotson, Sandra Given, David Lunter, Bette Ann Trent, and Jo Frazier. 64 "Builders of a New World" was the theme as ten seniors were inducted into the National Honor Society in a formal initia- tion ceremony on December 2 bringing the total membership to 30. Nancy Fennell, a transfer from Sherman High School at Seth, was introduced and welcomed to the society. Since 1936, the National Hon- or Society has been functioning at NCHS and as the times have changed, the society has remain- ed the same - an organization for honor students who have shown traits of character, scholar- ship, leadership, and service. All students who meet the qualifications of a "B" average are eligible to be considered for membership into the Society. Becky Grose, Ruth Gregg, Carol Frame, Donald Deitz, Belle Rader, Shirley Wagner. Ramona Frame, Paula Taylor, Nancy Rose. Jim Cox, Jolene Hughes, Tiny Cogar. Carol Drennen. of Honor For Deserving Students Being admitted as a member of the National Honor Society is the highest honor a student can receive at Nicholas County High School. Admit- tance to the society is based on scholarship, lead- ership, character, and service. Each year the club presents two special assemb- lies for the student body to initiate new members. During the first semester, tive per cent of the sen- ior class is accepted and during the second semess ter ten percent of the iuniors are selected. The keystone and the torch are the emblems. The letters C, S, L, and S which stand for the tour cardinal principals are on the base of the keystone. The torch symbolizes the purpose-to follow the light of truth. "Truth is Right" is the society motto while gold and blue are the colors. The gold symbolizes the flame of ambition and the blue tells us to be true to everyone and everything. The goal of the society is to create an enthusiasm for scholarship, to stimulate a desire to render ser- vice, to promote leadership and to develop char- acter in the students of America's secondary schools. Selling cokes and coffee at ball games and milk and sandwiches at noon are only two of the many activities of the organization. Each year members help the freshmen on Freshman Day and also in the fall when they enroll. For a day of fun in the spring the members and their guests go to a state park and spend the day. Awards in commerce, English, social studies, drama, music, mathematics, and science are given to graduating seniors who are outstanding in these fields. A scholarship of one hundred dollars is pre- sented to a deserving senior. Prexy of the society this year was Jim Cox while aiding him were Benny Backus, vice president, Lynda McDowell, secretaryg and Jolene Hughes, treasurer. Group leaders were Ruth Ann Grogg, Martha Wallen, Donald Dietz, and Becky Grose. Mrs. Virginia Hickman sponsors the organization with James Hinkle serving as co-sponsor. All students take the following pledge before becoming a member: "On my honor as a member of the National Honor Society I will do my best to represent the four ideals of the organization: Char- acter, Scholarship, Leadership, and Service. l will be fair and square in all my dealing with teachers and fellow studentsp i will remember that the pri- mary purpose of school is getting an education, I will use what powers of leadership l have toward making Nicholas County High School a better school. l will serve my school without thought of personal glory." 65 Utilizing the theme "Rainbow of Desire," 23 juniors, ten per- cent of the class, were formally inducted into the National Honor Society, March 2, in the annual Spring initiation. To promote Christian fellow- ship is the aim of the HI-Y, This club, sponsored by Dexter Dot- son, strives to create a better de- velopment of the mind, body, and spirit for its members. To uphold Christian ideals is the aim of these members of the Hi-Y. Firsl raw: Paul Cook, Danny McClung, Bill Mclntire. Sn- ond row: Fred Holley, Wayne Morris, Okay Jackson, Fred Foster. Third row: Ronnie Greer, David Lunter, Dewey Berry. Fourth raw: Bernard Grose, Donald Dietz, Dale Dodrill, and Terry Fyock. uniors Cross 'Rainbow of Desire' In a blaze of brilliant color, 23 iuniors were inducted into the National Honor Society in a formal ceremony. First row: Sue Brown, Elizabeth Painter, Lou Withrcw, Becky Walker, Vanra Grimes, Priscilla Rohmiller. Second row: Jeannean Murphy, Bill Mclntire, Okey Jazkson, Fred Foster, Paul Cook, Mary Ann Summers. Third row: Kelly Lett, Dale Doclrill, Terry Fyock, Joe Young, Dewey Berry. Fourth row: Deanna Grose, Mary Jo Brown, Shirley Snodgrass, Brenda Rogers, Patty Facemire, and Brenda Hlnkle. V Y 66 Driving and keeping control of a car is a big iob as well as a great responsibility. Driver's Education is the class where students learn to keep control of the car, learn to drive safely, and study the various parts of a car. Traffic rules and regulations are stressed and tests are given to check a student's vision, re- action time, and control. Seven volunteer boys form the school police of the high school. These boys are of great value to all who attend home football and basketball games, for they are on the scene to di- rect traffic and help park cars. The reward: the satisfaction of the help they give, and free en- trance to the home football games. Tap: Zeke Hamric is stopped and gets a lecture from Mike Gabheit as these other student patrol boys appear ready for action: Keith Ward, Billy Marks, Roger McCutcheon, Connie Johnson, and Rornie Taylor. Bottom: Out enioying the sun? Well, yes but learning to drive a car is the main purpose of this little trip, so these driver's education girls can later pass their operator's test. Front seat: Mr. Morris, instructor, Dorothy Dorsey. Back salt: Doris Copenhaver. Students Learn To Drive, Direct Cars "We'lI surely learn to become sate drivers under the guidance of two teachers and with a new cur to use." This must be the thought of many of these driver education students scew investigating a "homeless" buggy: E. Johnson, K. Evans, D- Mvllefts, B. Morrison, D. King, J. Brown, Y. Willis, D. Lucas, C. Jarrett, D. Copenhaver, S. Rader, D. Hellms, J. Young, R. Rapp, s. Rodebaugh, L. Mecl-mg, T. Lipsinic, D. Dorsey, H. ryree, D. Kelly, J. rimey, P. Young, N. copenhavsf, Mrs. virginia Hickman, teacherg O. Miles, J. Frazier, Ralph Morris, driving instruclflr, itlttl C. Halstead. 67 'We are the V-Teens and we represent the Young X'Vomen's Christian Association." First row: C. Tyree, S. Worlledge, J. Young, B. Russell, W. Schoolcraft, G. Sparks, B. Grose, S. Wagner, L. Beale, P, Backus, B, Rader, L. Gill, N. Rose, C, Frame, R. Grogg, R. Frame, S. Rcark, M. Coffman, Second tow: C. Cool, M. Fowler, S. Given J, Frazer, T. Pugh, B. Hamilton, C, Wilde, R, Brick, D. Brown, M, Wallen, L, McDowell, K. Adkins, S. Neil, T. Cogar, J. Hughes, C. Drennen, P, Taylor, B. Trent. Third row: S. Walker, C. Donaldson, L. Withrow, E. Keener, P. Trent, R. Wiblin, P. Rohmiller, J. Murphy, R. Hypes, V. Flanagan, M. Rile, R. Blankenship, B, Walker, D, Grose, B. Rogers, M. Odgen, P. Facemire, L. Young, M. Keenan, N. Huffman. Fourth raw: E. Chapman, S. Snodgrass, M. Our Purpose Is To Promote Love, Spiritual training is necessary to every person who wishes to lead a happy successful life. This is the purpose of the Y-Teens, a branch of the Y.W.C.A. lt is an international organization to which any high school girl may belong. The program of the club is built around the threefold development of body, mind, and spirit in a background of Christian fellowship, "To build a fellowship of women and girls to the task of realizing in our common life those ideals of personal and social living to which we are com- mitted by our faith as Christians, in this endeavor, we seek to understand Jesus, to share His love for all people and to grow in the knowledge and love of God" is the purpose of the Y-Teens, a Christian organization for girls only. Mary Ann Summers as Mary, Kelly Lett as Joseph, and Rita Mullens as an angel, gaze upon the Holy Babe while Pat Trent prepares to sing during the Christmas program. 68 .11 Dodrill, A. Coffman, N. Wiseman, K. Rader, P. Underwood, E. Chapman, V. Grimes, B. Rader, M. DeMoss. S. Perkins, B. Hinkle, M. Summers, C. Moore, J. Legg, E. Painter, Y. Willis, Nl. Brown, C. Fisher. Fiflh row: Miss June Beamer, sponser, K. Dolson, L. Ruth- erford, D. Knight, R. Dotson, C. Fredersdorff, P. P'Simer. M. Painter, L. Keenan, R. Hicks, K. Chapman, S. Frame, J. Mullins, D. Hall, M. Racer, P. Brown, L. Dooley, P. Ward, G. Garrett. Sixth row: Miss Betty Tinnel, sponsor, N. Brown, C, Ritchie, I. Hinkle, K. Baker. P. Brake, .l. Ward, B. Workman, F. Rife, B. Withrow, B. Roark, I. Hackworlh, B. Young, H. Groves, M. Nutter, J, Ward, J. Brown, R. Morris, N. Backus. Christianity Throughout The World The symbol of the club is the triangle and the globe. As defined in the Y-Teens manual, the tri- angle represents the member: growing as a per- son, growing in the friendship with people of all races, religions, and nationalities, growing in the knowledge and love of God. The globe represents the international scope of the Y.W.C.A. and the need for world fellowship so that we all may some day realize the ideal of "peace on earth, good will toward men." Each year new members are initiated in a re- ligious ceremony presented for the student body. On November 21 the old members presented a program entitled "Freedom and Brotherhood" in which the new members were initiated into the club. This organization sponsors various activities during the year. This year, as well as contributing seven dollars to CARE, the club members donated canned goods at Christmas time to distribute to the needy. The club also sponsored a dance. Because of the large number of girls who be- long to the club, it is divided into two clubs. Sen- iors and iuniors compose the senior club, spon- sored by Miss June Beamer, while sophomores and freshmen compose the iunior club, sponsored by Miss Betty Tinnel. Every organization must have its leaders. Serv- ing as prexy of the senior group is Patty Backus while assisting her are Lynda Beale, vice president, Shirley Wagner, secretary, Becky Grose, treasurerp and Belle Rader, sergeant-at-arms. Patsy Brake serves as president of the iunior group and is aided by Sue Withrow, vice president, Kay Chap- man, secretaryg Mary Lee McDaniel, treasurer, and Patricia P'Simer, sergeant-at-arms. Patty Backus and Patsy Brake attended the State Y-Teen Conference at Jackson's Mill, Novem- ber 21-24. They took a dancing class and had the honor of being chosen to participate in a hula dance given at a program entitled "Our New State Hawaii." Mrs. Esther Golden organized the Nicholas Y- Teen chapter about l93O. Originally it was called the Girl's Reserve but has since been changed to the present name. No one can say that the These pians have no business in show business iudging from the audi- ence's reaction to the many Thes- pian performances of plays and skits of all kinds before the stu- dent body in assemblies. Highlighting the Thespian's year were the three annual one- act plays that were presented February 18, in the auditorium. Spotlighted on the stage were "Elmer," "The Mad Breakfast," and "Feudin'." "I dub thee knight of the round table" Lynda Beale seems to say as she "crowns" Belle Rader when these Thespians got to- gether, Priscilla Rohmiller and Vanra Grimes are ready to catch the "victim" while Mrs. Maine Len, sponsor, rwyls Perrine, Ruth Ann Hypes, Dewey Berry and Jim Cox watch with varied expres- sions. Acting Is The Thespians Business Acting on the stage is but one part of the Thespians many du- ties. A member must be a com' bination of an actor, costumer, stage manager, make-up artist, play editor, prompter, ticket sel- ler, prop director and participate in many other activities for which he receives points. President Donald Deitz pre- sides over this organization with Belle Rader serving as vice-presi- dent, Rebecca Grose, secretary, and Shirley Wagner, treasurer. "Merry Thespiansu meet in the audi- inrlum for some "extra-curricular" activi- ties: On sllgn: Rebecca Grose, Geraldine Sparks. Standing: Shirley Wagner, Nancy Huffman, Lynda McDowell, Martha Wallen. Mrs. Mary Neal, sponsor. Tickling the ivoriu: Kelly Lett, and Donald Dietz. The Social Committee says yes or no to all social activities spon- sored by any school club or or- ganization. The committee is composed of six members, two from each of the three upper classes. At the end of the school term, two freshmen are chosen by the Guidance Council to replace the two out-going senior members. Their iob is to see that each activity is properly chaperoned and a clean-up committee is on hand after it is over. Any student is eligible who maintains good grades and has a good character. "io dance or not to dance" may be the question confronting these members of the social committee: Becky Walker, Donald Dietz, Joe Bennett, Karen Dotson, Patsy Brake, Mrs. Lucy Carroll. sponsor. and Terry Fyock, We Plan Your School Activities, F un The Assembly Committee is responsible for our entertaining and instructive assembly pro- grams. It is composed of six members, two from each of the upper classes. Students are selected for this committee on a basis of leader- ship, personality, character, and scholastic achievement. This committee works very hard to find outstanding pro- grams in the fields of entertain- ment and instruction for the stu- dents. In May of each year two stu- dents trom the freshman class are chosen by the Guidance Council for a period of three years. "We'll have a movie on Friday and an assembly featuring a visitor the following week" could be the decision of the as- sembly committee as they meet to work out a schedule: Mary Ann Summers, Mary Lee McDaniel, seated, Benjamin Backus, Mrs. lucy Carroll, sponsor, kneeling, Becky Grose, Gary Beale, and Brooks Groves. standing. "We're not ioining the Waves, iust reading the information so other students can obtain the information from us." Ruth Gr099i David Groves, Mary Ann Summers, Beniamin Backus, Vanra Grimes, Paul Cook, and Lynda McDowell guidance council members, look over the shoulder of, Mrs. Gladys Vaught, counselor. We Help, Guide Our Fellow Students Do you know who goes to all the Trouble of giv- ing those vocational tests? Giving tests, scoring tests, filing requests for admits, filing and checking out vocational material to students, making profile sheets are only a few of the many iobs performed by the Guidance Council. Each member works one hour everyday with the counselor, Mrs. Gladys Vaught. They help to save her time and work so that she can administer her worthwhile services to the students. Performing a valuable service to the school, this busy and active group is composed of four seniors and four iuniors. Toward the end of each school year, two girls and two boys from the sophomore class are chosen by the council to take the place of the graduating seniors. Scholarship, character, cle- pendability, and co-operation are some of the traits taken into consideration when selecting new members. Noon hour movies and many other proiects are sponsored by the Guidance Council. Our student handbook is published by the Guidance Council. Articles on vocations, scholarship, apprenticeship training programs, and other helpful information appear in the school paper each month. School letters are awarded to the senior members of the council at the beginning of the senior year in recognition of the highly useful work they per- form for their school. Two seniors, a boy and a girl, are chosen each year by the Guidance Council and the faculty, to receive the citizenship awards sponsored by this group. These seniors are chosen for their outstand- ing citizenship during their four years in high school. The council assists with such guidance services as College Day, Career Day and Eighth Grade Visit- ing Day. Since the Assembly Committee and Social Committee are a part of the school's guidance serv- ices, members for these committees are chosen by the Guidance Council with the approval of the faculty. Each year the Guidance Council is chosen to participate in the American Education Week activi- ties. This year they honored the teachers with an apple to eat and an apple pin to wear. Benny Backus gave a talk over the communication system on "What ls The Teacher." Officers of the organization are Benny Backus, president, Ruth Grogg, vice-president, Lynda Mc- Dowell, secretary and treasurer, and David Groves, reporter. Well there goes my sen daughter maid butler and heaven knows what all," says Kelly Lett, who acts the part of Mr Martm in the rumor play lt seems they are all entering into matrimony, which we don'l doubt from Becky's look at Terry, Ftrxl row Terry Fyock Becky Walker Dale Dodrill Second vow: Vanta Grimes, Mary Ann Summers, Paula Ward, Bill Seiber. Third raw Dewey Berry Patty Facemire Berton Gruse Kelly Brenda Rogers. uniors Present The Whole Truth' To tell the truth the iunior play "The Whole Truth" was truly enioyecl by everyone. Mrs. lrene Skaggs and Mrs. Virginia Simms directed the pro- duction which was presented in the auditorium in two performances, November 19. ln the play, Kelly Lett, as Mr. Martin receives news that Berton Grose as Mr. Mundorf, an im- pressionable business associate from which he must borrow some money in order to keep from going bankrupt, is dropping in unexpectedly while the servants are gone. To impress Mundort the Martin's children played by Dale Dodrill and Becky Walker are drafted as servants. Since Mrs. Martin, Mary Ann Summers, put the house on a truth basis compli- cations arise especially when the chilclren's sweet- hearts, Terry Fyock and Brenda Rogers, happen along. When everything looks lost, Aunt Mat, Vanra Grimes, forks over the dough. Other mem- bers of the cast were Dewey Berry, Patty Facernire, Bill Sieber, and Paula Ward. One of Coach GladweIl's growlin' Grizzlies will Sieberl grounds an "invading Lumberiaclf' Uim Coxl in the Thespian Pep Assembly. 73 This group of Future Teachers read a bit about teaching as a profession. First row: Marie Ogden, Mary Ann Summers, Jeannean Murphy, Priscilla Roh- miller, Patty Facemire. Second row: Elizabeth Keener, Brenda Rogers, Dale Dod- rill, Paul Cook, Jean Legg, Elizabeth Painter, Lynn Young, Barton Grose. To make the teaching profes- sion more attractive to students who plan to enter that field is the purpose of the Future Teach- ers Club. Members must show an apti- tude for teaching, possess high morals, strong character, and rate high in scholastic achievements. To become a member, a stu- dent is given a teaching aptitude test which determines his ability in the field of instruction. A stu- dent making 95 per cent or above on the test, having a C plus average and approved by the faculty will be admitted to the club. The club is composed of 57 iunior and senior members. Rep- resentatives are sent from the local club each year to the Future Teafhers Conference at Jackson's Mi . Purpose of FTA Is To Make Teaching Receiving pointers on teaching from David lunter, this year's FTA president, are these "attentive" members. Suhd: Tiny Cogar, Carolyn Wilde, Lynda McDowell. Rebecca Grose, Nancy Rose, Belle Rader. Bette Anne Trent, Teresa Pugh, Nancy Huffman. Standing: Sandra Walker, Ruth Ann Gregg, Carol Frame, David, Shirley Wagner, Patty Backus, Lynda Beale, and Nelson Moore. 74 After gaining membership one must earn at least nine points to stay in the club. These points may be earned by substitute teaching, reading educational books and pamphlets, and grad- ing papers. This also gives ex- perience in future teaching. This year during American Education Week the club mem- bers were asked to substitute for all the teachers, Too often the public fails to realize the importance of a teach- er. Remember outstanding scien- tists first had to be taught. Officers of the club are presi- dent, David Luntery vice-presi- dent, Clyde Bailey, secretary and treasurer, Lynda Beale. Miss Alice Grose is sponsor. "No loafing in the halls" is disregarded by this group of "future teachers! Jerry McCue, left, must have pulled some joke by the laughter of Becky Walker standing, Vanra Grimes and Twyla Perrine, seated. Others "blocking the stairs' are clockwise Martha Barnette, Brenda Hinkle Ann Collman Shirley Sncd rass . i 9 John Grose, Sandra Perkins, Barbara Perkins, Ramona Frame, Virginia Jessup. Profession Appear More Attractive Kenneth Shalap demonstrates the theory of "applied psychology" on Roy Stout while Geraldine Sparks holds the "Board of Education," Enioying this bit of activity are Miss Alice Grose, sponsor: Martha Wallen, Sandra Given, Charlene Tyree, Donald Deitl. Paula Taylor, Myrna Caffma B t H ' n. e fy mes, comme ssmef, .na sue awk. 75 "Your first primed article is always the most exciting to iournalism students. This Journalism I class evidently is searching for that first": David Groves, Thomas Young, Delbert Vickers, Judy Hypes, Lula Dimeglio, Janet Dedrill, Nancy Roberts, Nancy Workman, Lula Ganoe, and Betty Workman. "Get those features and edi- torials in by Friday, that's the deadline" is an expression which means "get busy" and is heard by Journalism I and ll students many times during their "report- ing" lives. Supervised by Mrs. Kathryn Drennen these students work hard to gather news, write all sorts of entertainment, and then Journalism Il students put the school paper, The Gold and Blue Record, together. Journalism II students also help with the annual. ournalists Rove, Write, Publish Papers Amid candy, cookies, and "confusion" these Journalism l and II students manage to help "put out" the school paper, Front raw: Patricia P'Simer, Bruce Malcolm, Elizabeth Painter, Donald Dietz, and Bette Trent. Second row: Sandra Smith, Bill Miller. Kelly Lett, Tiny Ccgar, and Bobbie Vass. 76 ' The 1960 Nichlosean was made possible by the Senior Class, Mrs. Kathryn Drennen, Miss June Beamer, and Miss Vergie Groves. The annual staff was divided into two groups-the layout staff and advertising staff, The lay- out staff planned the annual, did all writeups, picture identifica- tions, the cutting and pasting of all the pictures, and the selection of the theme and the cover. The advertising staft was re- sponsible for the money from the sale of ads and the booster list. Seven seniors went to the English classes collecting pay- ments for annuals once a week. The main obiect of the two groups was to try to improve the annual to a first class annual. Nobody can say that the advertising staff isn't a close-knit unit, especially if they all manage to crowd into "that" car. First raw: Carol Frame, Paula Taylor, Danny McClung, Teresa Pugh, Betty lou Hamilton. Carol Morris and Margaret Fowler. Second raw: Skippy McClung, Ernest Withrow, Bucky Bennett. Kenneth Shaiap, Dave Lunter, Ronnie Greer, Belle Rader, and Ramona Frame. Third raw: Mary O'Dell, Norma Copenhaver, Kay Cogar, and Shirley Wagner. We ,struggled To Improve Uur Annual "Typing, cutting, measuring, writing, pasting, and a little bit of almost everything helped to compose our annual." Bette Trent, Donald Dietz, and Tiny Cogar, center front table, were the members of the editorial staff. Becky Grose, seated at right end, drew the layouts for the pictures. in charge of the pasting were Kenneth Nicholas, Robert Duffy, Nancy Huffman. Geraldine Sparks, and Karen Adkins at left and Eddie Grose at right. Dorothy Brown and Doris Brown, center back table, and Karen Dotson, right rear, did the typing. 77 -1 Various elements of the earth are measured by these Science Club members. Front row: Nelson Moore, Kathy Resick, Judy Mullens, Marie Ogden, Yiny Cogar, Paula Taylor, David Lunter. Back row: Terry Fyock, Dewey Berry, Teresa Lipsinic, Vanra Grimes. Science Club symbolizes Progress The examination of a gentle little butterfly or a horrible rattlesnake makes no difference to these Science Club members: Kneeling: Danny McClung, Roy Stout. Standing: Bill Mclnlire, Brenda Rogers, Gary Beale, Donna Smallwond, Teresa Pugh, James Losch, Kelly Lett, Dale Dndrill, Sandra Smith, Carol Drennen. 78 Progress is the door into the future, and science is the hinges on which it swings. Perhaps someday a one-time Science Club member may help to oil those hinges. This then, is the objective of the Science Club, to create an interest and ambition toward a career in science among high school students, Since the club's organization last year, membership has grown to 54 strong. Membership is open to any sophomore, iunior, or senior, with an interest in sci- ence, To be a genuine "mad scientist" each member must have constructed a proiect cover- ing any phase of science, to en- ter into the annual Science Fair held in the spring, "We'll mix a dab of this with a dash ol that and a sprinkle of this and iust hope that we aren't mixing an explosive." Fran! row: Becky Young, Patty Facemire, Nancy Hulfman, Charlene Tyree, Connie Matheny, Manoka Loving, Mary Jo Brown, Deanna Grose. Back row: Becky Walker, Joe Young, Brooks Groves, Okey Jackson, Lynn Young. And Advancement Into The Future The students whose proiects were selected as winners entered their exhibits in the regional fair at West Virginia Tech in Mont- gomery, on April 8-9. The entire club traveled to Montgomery to participate in the fair. During each regular meeting, one or two students are dele- gated to prepare and present a program before the club at the next meeting. These are but a few activities of the club. Officers for the organization are Donald Deitz, president, Okey Jackson, vice-president, Tiny Cogar, secretary, and David Lunter, treasurer. Mrs. Nancy Brown and Edgar Lett sponsor the club which has completed its second successful year. Activities ol the Science Club are really varied as Bill Seiber works with a gieger counter and Shirley Wagner examines tiny insects to the enjoyment of other members. Kneeling: Bill Sieber, Charles Sieber. larry Jones. Stated: Deloris Adkins, lou Gill, Jeannean Murphy, Joyce Ward. Standing: Nancy Brown, Jean Legg, Karen Dotson, Sandra Grogg, Dianne Stevens, Paul Cook, Donald Deitz, Nila Rollins, Karen Adkins, Belle Rader, Shirley Wagner, Jerry Tinney. 79 "were teeny hep for that assqutal' Mann. Mor-tae, Zelma Taylor, .na Mane Mama seem to indicate by rms practice position. C11 I d K ' dl S 1: f P eer ea ers ln e par s 0 ep Those certain girls who always keep up the be an all-around student. She must have an at- school spirit on the ball field, though losing or tractive appearance, conduct herself well and have winning, are our cheerleaders. They are attrac- a good character. tive, peppy girls who show fine school spirit, en- thusiasm and co-operation, not only at ball games, but during all school activities. Besides being a good cheerleader, a girl must stead is sponsor of the cheerleaders. A school letter may be earnecl by a cheerleader after one year of cheering. Mrs, Marguerite Hal- Rain, sleet, or snow, these faithful iunior high cheerleaders are always willing to lead a cheer for their team: Joann Stevens, Kay Amiclc, Ruth lynn Miller, and Rosa Lea Groves. in " 5 -1a..4,ae.,, . mia. 1 1 ' H 175' " Q? 80 1 5 3 f A i Qgi ,iii X xx. A x ,xx N 1 X F? THE STARS AND STRIPES FOREVER P N , . WTS ET QIHV S3 "Never give up," seems to be the motto of these stalwart gridmen as they battled through games played in down- poursg on cold, frosty nights, as well as a few in "perfect" football weather. First row: Fred Holley, Delmus Lucas, Bill Mc- lntire, Bill Harlow, Gene Strickland, David luntor, Jim Thompson, John lewis, David Burnekto, John RlPP. -lim Cox, Gary Chap- man, Jimmy Keith, Stanley Herald. Second row: Fred Roberts, manager: Fred Foster, Roger Chapman, John Hamon, Mitchell Varsity 'farewells' 9 Senior Gridmeng Finishing the current grid season with a record of four wins, five losses, and one tie, the Grizzlies' "growl" stayed with them until the final gun of every game. John Hamon led the Bears in indi- vidual yardage with 542 yards gained, followed by Bill Mclntire with 444, Joe Young 361 yards, and Fred Holley 110 yards. Bill Mclntire led in scoring with 26 points. Joe Young and John Hamon each added 15 points, closely followed by Fred Holley with 12 points. John Lewis and Dale Dodrill rounded out the scor- ing with each contributing 6 points to the cam- paign. NCHS 13-Cowen O Capitalizing upon two breaks, the Grizzlies upended Cowen in the opening game for both teams. Bill Mclntire started the offense rolling early in the first quarter as he sprinted 20 yards to score. ln the second quarter, John Hamon cracked over from three yards out to add the final TD. Joe Young plunged over for the extra point. NCHS 6-Fayetteville 20 Showing offensive superiority the Fayetteville squad scored all 20 points in the first half to hand the Grizzlies their first loss of the season. John Learmont pushed across the first score for the op- position from two yards out. Then in the second stanza, Frank Spangler dashed 85 yards to score and Rick Diegl intercepted a pass thrown by Fred Holley and ran it back 22 yards to paydirt. Lear- mont plunged for the two P.A.T.'s in the second quarter. A long run by Joe Young set up the Griz- zlies only TD, late in the fourth quarter, with Bill Mclntire plunging over from the one yard stripe. NCHS 7-Clay 0 Leading in total yardage 162 to 109, Clay could not get a successful offensive drive working. Fred Holley connected with John Lewis for a 40 yard pass-play combination in the first quarter for the lone tally of the game. Joe Young plunged for the PAT. A series of Panther fumbles in the fourth stanza gave the Grizzlies opportunities, but they could not capitalize on them. NCHS 28-Gassaway O Hitting the road for the first time, the Grizzlies smothered the Elks as they added seven points in each quarter. Dashing 41 yards to score, John Hamon started the team rolling and Bill Mclntire added the PAT. A 12 yard pass-play from Fred Holley to Dale Dodrill tallied the second score with Joe Young plunging for the PAT. Following the intermission, Joe Young scored on a one-yard Williams. Darrell Jones, Dale Dodrill, Terry Fyock, Joe Young, Wesley Bird, Eddie Lilly, Paul Groves, Larry Nutter, Henry Legg. Garvin Black, and Newman Woods. manager. Third row: Coach James Gladwell, Larry Legg. Jimmy Grose, James Loving, Paul Riffle, Larry Ellison, Joe Deitz, Bill Young, Larry Coffman, Brooks Groves, Colin Moore, Shirley Hamric. John Ay- ers, larry Holstein, and Assistant Coach Robert Perkins. Names of senior members are in darker type. 'Fighting' Spirit Highlights Campaign plunge. Bill Mclntire ran 13 yards in the final quarter to score. John Hamon scored the two final PAT's. NCHS O-Webster Springs 6 Running into trouble, the Grizzlies were stopped cold by the Wildcats. The Bears led in both first downs and total yardage but could not find the end zone. The tension of the deadlocked game was finally broken in the third quarter with an explosive 55 yard gallop by Exel Lynch. NCHS 7-Gauley Bridge 20 Trying to hit the winning column, the Grizzlies were again stopped by the powerful Travellers. Buz Fish plowed over for Gauley's first TD, The Grizzlies pulled ahead in the second stanza on a one-yard plunge and a PAT by Bill Mclntire. The Travellers went ahead to stay in the fourth quarter with a one-yard plunge by Danny Wyant and Ver- non Scarbro for the two final TD's. Wyant kicked the two PAT's. NCHS 6-Rupert 26 Favored Rupert handed the Grizzlies their third straight defeat before a large homecoming crowd. Rupert's Tommy Greer scored the first TD with a one-yard smash with David Hall adding the PAT. In the third quarter the Grizzlies Joe Young scored on a one-yard plunge but Rupert came roaring back as Tommy Greer broke loose for a 60 yard run and Hall again plunged for the PAT. Two inter- cepted passes accounted for the Crimson Tides final tallies in the last stanza. NCHS I 3-Sutton 0 Playing on a rain drenched field, the Grizzlies "out-mudded" a spirited Sutton squad. Fred Holley dashed 62 yards in the first period to paydirt and John Hamon ran the PAT. The final tally came in the fourth stanza. Following a five yard penalty, the wet pigskin slipped from a Blue Devil players' hand and was covered in the end zone by Fred Holley. NCHS 0-Ansted O Coach James Gladwell's Grizzlies were unable to put together the right combination thus ending in a deadlock with Ansted. The Highianders led in total yardage but a staff Bear defense contained them at the goal lines. NCHS O-Richwood l4 Ciimaxing the season, a fired-up Lumberiack eleven breezed by the Grizzlies to take the county championship. Howard Osborne scored on an 18- yard dash to paydirt. The final "Jacks" tally came in the last period with a 33 yard TD by Gerald Per- rish. Doug Stewart kicked both extra points. Excitement Here Top left: John Hamon dashes to the end zone trailed by John Lewis in the lopsided victory over Gassaway. Top right: Mud, mud, and a host of Sutton tacklers do not stop John Hamon as he ploughs through an opening. left: "Say, where did the ball go?" Scenes like this were predominate in the hafdkfougm ne game with Ansted. Bottom: "Is it a TD or noi?" Mixed emotions are shown on the faces of the Grizzlies "bench" during a close game, 86 Touchdown runs and goal line stands highlight the football campaign, Spectator's attendance was James Gladwell and his assistants were faced players and as a consequence not as many ga were won as was expected. As these shots p out, it was a colorful season. the problem of composing a team from inexperiem n c Top: Tommy Greer, Ruperfs lialtback, is forced to the turf Roger Chapman USD, Fred Foster C301 and Bill Mclmire. hear Coach James Gladwell saying, as he and his assistants, Ro Perkins, and Bernard Poole lwho seems to be in full agreementl is the field for 3 day of fastball pfsaacs. Bonam Ish: Behind the scenes action, Manager Fred Rob 1 does some "on the spot" repairs to larry Nuner's equipmen Coach James Gladwell, Assistant Coach Bernard Poole, and Deiiz G55 view the action. Bottom right: Fred Foster seems to be fascinated by a si pus-up during the Cowen game. 87 ways high at both the home and away games. Coe W Riglm "Perky ald boy, what prerry legs you have," we can i "Little Cubs" soon grow up to be big Bears are the hopes of these iunior high boys. First row: Billy Tyler, Bill Legg, Paul Elxwick, Jackson Trent, Jimmie Adkins, Ray Painter, Roy Adkins, William Pierson. Sacond raw: John Sebert, George Vass, Jimmy Mollohan, Dale Hypes, Joe Hamon, Francis Fockler, James McClung, Robert Richmond, Roger Johnson, Larry Underwood, David Hanks. Third raw: Coach Bernard Poole, Allen Rader, Jack Hinkle, Lowell Thomas, Danny Shaffer, Johnny Acree, Bobby Tyson, James Johnson, Delmas Winebrenner, Rusty Burke, Roger Taylor. Fourth raw: John Pugh, Francis Henderson, Larry Resick, Jerry Dotson Charles Smith, Larry Donelson, Gary Miller, Jimmy Kelly, Steve Frame, Charles Foster, Claude Wiblin, Terry Koon, Jimmy Robinson. Cubs Contribute To Sports Scene A scarcity of Junior High teams provided only limited action for the Cubs, as Coach Bernard Poole could schedule only four gridiron tilts for the '59 season. The Cubs faced the Clay Junior High in the season's opener. A TD in the first quarter started the Cubs rolling, and they were never stopped as they crushed the Panthers 13-O, Montgomery humbled the Cubs on their first road game. Scoring a TD in the last quarter spelled "heart" but not victory as the Cubs were upended 21-7. James Johnson scored the lone Cub tally, with Joe Hamon adding the PAT. ln an afternoon game before the student body, the Cubs showed their power as they blanked the Gauley Bridge Juniors l3-0. In the season's finale, the Cubs demoralized the Clay Juniors by a 20-7 score. The Cubs showed their power throughout all phases of the game. Heading the Cubs in scoring were Joe Hamon with two TD's, while Danny Shaffer added one. Robert Richmond and James Johnson each plunged over for a PAT. Due to a misinterpretation of the eligibility rules, the victories had to be forfeited. ' ,,, .if ,f In deep concentration, coach am-sta Poole studies the op- position cluring a typical hard-fought contest as his substitutes await their call. 88 'QWWQ ,,,,..-A Aww fQ'41f'f,f 'ff Af', f V ' -4 '. "-. K , ith: an , F S , Q, 1" ' ""fL'J' ' f f si- K Q. ' - V. 5' " .Yan f , K Q My . fi? ry ' I W 6' li X J a af potty 4 W 0 f p ,. Q, el F ., ', . Us I ,l ,L ,W I' fm' 1, i W ,V31 'HQ 3 ' , ii? :Q f MQ,-fi5 - N? i 1 A 1 ' x A 1-v1 ifxg .W W N I 1' E. v Q ' .i 1 2 v 1 x 1 3 Q 1 E5 we 'Lv' 'at 2 Z' 47 ' V 2 'I "Concentrate! concentrate on this play boys, and we'll win games," is the theory of Assistant Coach Robert Perkins and his iunior varsity. Kneeling: Larry Legg, Stanley Herold, Jimmy Grose. Seated: Joe Dietz, Fred Holley, Coach Perkins, Wesley Bird, Colin Moore. Standing: John Hamon, Mitchell Williams, Terry Fyock, Eddie Lilly, and Henry Legg. Under the supervision of As- sistant Coach Robert Perkins, the iunior varsity hoopsters ended the season by winning 11 of 15 battles. Mitchell Williams took top scoring honors by tallying a 10.2 point per game average. Close behind was Dale Dodrill with a 9.89 average, John Ha- mon, 8.23, Delmas Lucas, 8.22, Eddie Lilly, 7, and Wesley Bird, 5.07. Terry Fyock completed the scoring with a 3.43 average. wmnsn Loszn Nci-is-43 cvachian-ca NCHS-40 meneviila-so Ncns-40 omswsy-as Sutton-43 Nci-is-aa NCHS-58 Gauley sraage-4:1 Nci-is-so clay-ao Armed-49 News-19 NCHS-44 Fayetteville-36 NCHS-2 cawen-o Nc:-is-44 wessier springs-26 NCHS-A2 Mi. Home-32 outlay snage-sv NCHS-44 NCHS-A2 wesaer springs-ar omtwsv-ss NCHS-39 Ncns-e7 Si.tton441 Iayvees Compile Impressive Record Starting the season with a five game winning streak and a pre-season tourney title, the varsity went on to defeat 14 foes while dropping only six games. Bernard Grose led the Grizzlies in scoring by tallying 355 points in 20 games for a 17.75 average. Grose was followed by Bill Mclntire who scored 302 points in 20 games for a 15.1 mark, Jimmy Keith, 199 in 20 games for 9.95, Donald Dietz, 187 in 20 games for 9.35, John Lewis, 175 in 20 games for 8.75, David Lunter, 27 in 17 games for 1.59, Delmus Lucas, 9 in 10 games for .9, Dale Dodrill, 9 in 11 games for .B2. Terry Fyock com- pleted the roster with no points in one game. Coach James Gladwell's squad averaged 63.15 points per game while their opponents averaged 61.85. Bill Mclntire showed two impressive perform- ances as he hit for 34 points in the victory over Webster Springs, and 31 in the final Cowen win. With only four seniors on the squad, hopes are high for another successful season next year. Those graduating seniors are John Lewis, Donald Dietz, David Lunter and Jimmy Cox. ' WINNER NCHS-64 NCHS--47 NCHS-69 NCHS-60 NCHS-59 Webster Spring 5-61 Richwood-65 NC HS-70 NCHS-55 Ansted-B 7 NCHS-72 NCHS-53 Richwood-64 NCHS-79 NCHS-55 NCHS-7B Sutton-59 NC HS-B7 NCHS-77 Clay-sa LOSE! Fayetteville-62 Cowan-44 Webster Springs-61 Gassaway-59 Gauley Bridge-51 NCHS-50 NCHS-61 Clay-59 Sutton-48 NCHS-54 Fayetteville-66 Cowen-51 NCHS-62 Webster Springs-72 Mt. Hope-46 Gauley Bridge-70 NCHS-52 Gassaway-85 Cowen-64 NCHS-59 "New boys, this will be our secret emergency play XYZ-BB." Coach James Gladwell says to the varsity squad. Krrnling: Delmux Lucas, Dale Dodrill, David Lunier, and Jimmy Cox. Shading: Fred Holley, Bernard Grose, John Lewis, .lim Keith, Terry Fyock, Wesley Bird. Denald Dietz and James Gladwell. On ladder: Bill Mclnrire. Glarlwellmen Enjoy Successful Season l 5 V Compiling a 5 win and 8 loss season record, the Cubs gained valuable experience even though they suffered numerous defeats. Robert Richmond led in scoring with a 7.31 point per game aver- age. Francis Fockler averaged 5.92 points, followed by Joe Hamon, with 5.31, Jim Adkins, 5.23, and Bob Tyson, 3. Listening mtentively to "words of wisdom" from Coach Bernard Poole are time cubs. ram raw: Charles Duffy, Jae naman, Larry mick, Danny Shaffer, John Pugh, Robert Richmond, Bob Tyson, Bill Pierson. Suond row: Jim Adkins. Francis Fockler, Lowell Thomas, Jim Mollohan. wmnsn Lossn Gauley Bridge-as cubs-24 cus,-za warmer sprang,-as nrchwaad-44 Cubse2J Cubs-45 Cowen-25 clay-at cubs-26 swan-za cubs-is CubsY38 :owen-25 naahwaad-si cum-is cvmen warmer springs-:io c:-...nav adage-42 cab:-so Sutton-37 :um-24 cubs-at warmer sprang,-21 mchwaaa-as cubs-is Spectators Enjoy umerous Thrills "Clearing lhe boards," Bernard Grose U41 pulls off a defensive rebound against Richwood, Moving in to aid Gross are Bill Mclntire Ml and John Lewis 021. Center: Jimmy Keith goes up to "push in" a lay-up on a fast break play against Fayetteville. Right: 'Up with his leftie' goes Donald Dietz U IJ as he scores a goal. Bernard Grose U41 gets set to rebound. 92 A rugged junior high is seen lah in action as Robert Richmond 1123 and Jim Adkins 1211 "put the pressure" on an opponent. Left ui-rar: John Lewis gets position on a defender as he awrea a two pointer. Right num: Robert Righmond 1121 is fouled as he tries to gel off a shot against Gauley Bridge defenders, Right: In Junior varsiiy action, Dale Dodrill tires a shot over a defender as Terry Fyock 4201 moves in to rebound. As Hardwoodmen Collect victories John Lewis 1121 and an unidentified Mt. Hope player appear to be exhibiting a ballet routine as other Griulies, Donald Deirz U11 and Bernard Grose 1141, seem tc be unconcerned about the whole matter. Centnr: Guard Bill Mclntire shows "perfect form" as he fires a jump shot. night: "Like guard, like forward," proves forward Bernard Grose my as he col- lects a basket. 93 .175 f 'Q i'ffi - V. V ,E 95,5 1 1 Hi 1' g mf W -A ,f l SAIL ALONG, su.v'RY Moom Y rt I if 4 A lib VA . . L 4 ny, mmm, . 95 We Present To You The Homecoming Court Ruth Ann Morris Sophomore Above Sandra Beaie Eighth Grade Below Becky Walker MAID-OF-HONOR Junior 96 Ma rty Lewis Freshman Above Linda Harlow Seventh Grade Below CAROL FRAME Homecoming Queen 97 JUNIOR - nn SENIOR c cc n ' f 1 f ' Qs -' lssfezsz 1 I Q f Escort ' King Donald Deitz Lu nfer Escort Es Escort COTY Danny McCIung l VLx JimLiCQX V John Leyvxs 98 COURT Queen.. QQ ',,, LiQARomonaiiEeiame Princes? Lynda McDowell V x 5iiPfinceE5:?'? 'L' Shirley Wagner xm,A ,A Cgfole Frqfne 99 Seniors Select 'WI1o's Who, Lynda McDowell - Donald Dieu Besi All-Around Mos! Musical Boy Ernest Wifhrcw - Carol Frame John lewis - Becky Grose Mos! Courleous Best Alhleies Dorothy Mullens - Don Koen Fred Roberts - Nancy Fennell Preniesr - Mast Handsome Wirtiesr - Most Sludious Girl 100 A HIT OF I959 Mn.eLuE lm' Z IUB-I-I Ili QQ' Roy Gene Sioux - Belle Ann Tren! Most Likely To Succeed Most Siudious Boy - Mos! Musical Girl Ramona Frame - David Lunter sane Rader - Dannv MCCYU-'-Q Names' Best Personality Shirley Wagner - jim Cal Ruth Ann Gregg - Nelson Moore Ben Actress - Bw Actor Friendliesf 101 F E E 1 3 1 E Q . EQ 1' s. ,,::1 ga '3i ' 9352225 age' -izfseza x liatwg, ' ffm 393' L-.netsw " sssraqfa. -as are-fzrri. sifsfs.. a .t Q - . . ,zfaxgxgg-z.g,w .1 .ip -we stems 1. Mx' jg ' 'S T ., V ey W Roy Gene Stout Donald Dietz Valedictorian Salutatorian Becoming valedictorian and salutatorian are the two highest honors which can be bestowed upon graduating seniors. The student with the highest average achieved during his four years of high school is named valedictorian while the person with the second highest average is the salutatorian. A student must have attended this high school tor three years to be eligible. "Although we had a nice time and swell food at Boys' State and Girls' State, I don't believe you gained over three ounces," Benny tells Shirley. Kneeling: Frank Mur- phy. Standing: Karen Dotson. Shirley Wagner, Benny Backus. Outstanding Students Receive Honors Donald Dietz and Lynda McDowell, seated, last year's local "Know Your State Government Day" representatives and Nancy Fennell, who attended from Seth High School. bring Mary Ann Summers and Dale Doclrill, standing left, this year's representatives, up to date on the activities of this occasion. During each school year, an outstanding boy and girl from the iunior class is chosen to repre- sent the student body at the "Know Your State Government Day." This is held at Charleston and high schools from the en- tire state are represented. Two boys and two girls are also selected to attend Boys' State and Girls' State each year, which is held each sum- mer preceding their sen- ior year of high school. This camp is held at Jackson's Mill. .X .-,,.K-vh5,., K vrllru 4. I I 8 .V Q '. 7, 4. I ysx -as sT.XKv,vf 3 I Ac. K ,ii I NL? NX, . .L , ,tl X3 . ',j7 ' . ig Q., H. X . A -44-., f.Q Jef, -n 1- -. - Ii .. .yxwk fxg.g.,. ,xx-L ,JK ' ,. M -ipuxd, . L-,f ,f - .ZJ .QL .c:'w., V 1 V,.ss,::n. w. . ' Y - ' Q-7 .-., , -.Y-Y-J V, ' ' ". N 4 ' "JR: ' fws1.f.v-m. -.. .fx f M' rv! .'-Qtiiiv " ' ix" ' U v-. ' QA Q .'l.'v,' 9, V-. ,, lf -f Lk.. ,Q-r Qu., ,Hg , - '- 'fi ' 'ff ' -AHKEQ 'A . , ' 3 .' 'IQ-7 ,Aw , rf g 'if L., '- ' gif. A ,4-3-Aix-.' ' . 1 ' ' .X-'.. gf? C 5 ul' :iff f , . 1 . ,Fw A -v A 1 Q .. , 5 v '. ' 1 N- 'H JKQXFW ' 5 1 -4. - :i?..wseQf"'.ZI..- Q X , ,. 4 .,,,, , ', ,RJ , I A . , uf 6 . r ' 4 A f TO LOOK SHARP b 105 BOOSTERS ALLINGDALE Mrs. E. C Baker BEECH GLENN Mr. and Mrs. Carl Hartley Mr. and Mrs. James Barnette Mr. and Mrs. Pete M. Keith BELVA W. M. Brown Esso Station BENTREE Lillie Butcher's Whipper Whill Inn Kincaid's Grocery BIRCH RIVER Mollohan Service Station Barnette's Store Wade's Service Station CRAIGSVILLE R. C. McSpadden and Rondel Mullens Blake's Sunoco Service Station W. G. Thayer DIXIE McGraw Lumber and Supply Shaffer and Bennett Grocery Bakers' Gulf Station Mrs. Sterling Morris ENON Paul's Roller Skating FAYETTEVILLE The B and W Drive Inn Mr. and Mrs. Lennell Workman GASSAWAY Tunstall's Store Co. Hamric's Dry Goods GAULEY BRIDGE Conley's Flower Shop Miller's Jewelry Gauley Clinic Carl's Barber Shop General Insurance Service Junior Stevenson GILBOA The Big Rock Inn LITTLE BIRCH Kitty Riger LOOKOUT Shirley's Motel LOCKWOOD Glenn Thomas Gene Fitzwater Mr. and Mrs. Virgil Grose Mary Morton Rebecca Blankenship Charles Sullivan MUDDELTY Florence Mann Nicholas Auto Parts Patsy Recottille OAK HILL Wanda's Bridal Shoppe RAINELLE Ammar Brothers Dept. Store Rosalee Restaurant Dickinson Brothers, Inc. East Rainelle Florist John Allvis Furniture J. S. Tencher and Son RICHWOOD Jim Comstock Bronson McClung SUMMERSVILLE Summersville Cleaners O. J. Carroll Townsend's Barber Shop Coffee Pot Mayor and Mrs. William S. Bennett's Florist G. D. Herold Hawkinson Tread Service Modern Appliance Center SUTTON Martin's Supermarket Shamblin's Hardware Sutton Sunoco Sutton Department Store A. L. Rose F. M. Supply Ben Franklin Store Dennison's Gulf Service Sutton Texaco Service Bill McCartney SWISS Mr. and Mrs. Pete Gilbert ZEI.A R. L. Keenan Bryant CQMPLIMENTS OF Good Luck to All of You JOHN B. BRECKINRIDGE VICTORY AMUSEMENT Q0 BEN BROWN C0mp,imm of GROVES COMPANY DEPARTMENT STORE DR, J. W. Dress Better for Less Gift Wrapping OPTOMETRIST Ph 3561 COMPLIMENTS OF A. K. STOWERS Stores At SUMMERSVILLE - BELLE O CITY GRILL OIdest Restaurant Newest Food Phone 9303 SUMMERSVILLE, WEST VIRGINIA COMPLIMENTS OF P'SIMER GROCERY Phone 3602 SUMMERSVILLE, WEST VIRGINIA COMPLIMENTS OF Rodney's Keystone Station Phone 9316 SUMMERSVILLE, WEST VIRGINIA SANITARY BARBER SHOP Friendly - Courteous - Personal Services HAROLD NUTTER and FRANK AYERS 609 Main St., Summersville "Next Door to City Grill" COMPLIMENTS OF J. D. IRELAND COMPLIMENTS COMPLIMENTS OF JOHNSTOWN COAL 8. COKE CO. Crichton No. 4 Mine OF "Everything in Sporting Goods" NETTIE, W. VA. Weston, W. Va. FULKS BROTHERS, INC. MERRELLS, INCORPORAT I I5 South Second Street CLARKSBURG, W. VA. GORDON FOODS Distributors for CANDY - POTATO CHIPS Class Rings, Announcements, Cards and Diplomas "AlI Th G " use ood Gordon Ploducls Diploma Manufacturers for Class of '60 ED FARMERS SUPP-Y COMPANY Hardware and Building Materials Seeds and Farm Tools for the Farmer Telephone 2581 SUMMERSVILLE, WEST VIRGINIA Congratulations and Best Wishes To Class of 1960 SUMMERSVILLE LUMBER CO. SUMMERSVILLE, WEST VIRGINIA Phone 2286 109 W.0 . CRANDALL 'HARDWARE co. C P' ' HARDWARE and LUMBER of 50th A niversary- T910-1960 E. V' M. D. GAULEY BRIDGE, W. VA. Ph ne 298 GAULEY BRIDGE, W. VA Ballard and Bolen PETRY'S USED CARS BELVA, WEST VIRGINIA Radio and Television Service GAULEY BRIDGE, WEST VIRGINIA "For Something In The Building Line, Large or Small of Any Kind" See EZRA PACK LUMBER COMPANY Marmet, West Virginia Phone Wllliams 9-2118 110 COMPLIMENTS OF Farmers ancI Merchants Bank of Summersville SUMMERSVILLE, WEST VIRGINIA MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORP MEMBER FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM "Over Fifty Years of Uninterrupted Service" 111 NATIONWIDE INSURANCE Amo , Life , 55,9 A Good Place to Buy Everything Good to Eat COURTEOUS, FRIENDLY SERVICE J' Phone 2531 SUNIMERSVILLE, WEST VIRGINIA SUMMERSVILLEI WEST VIRGINIA COOKS DEPARTMENT STORE COMPANY Nationally Known Lines - Clothing and Shoes For the Entire Family PHONE 3I9I SUMMERSVILLE, WEST VIRGINIA COMPLIMENTS OF COMPLIMENTS GROVES DAIRY FARM OF suIvIIvIERsvIIIE SUMMERSVILLE, W. VA. 112 Summersville Mobilgas Station Mobilgas Products Goodyear Tires - Delco B It DONALD EVANS, Owner SUMMERSVILLE, W. VA. C plimenis of Wallace and Wallace EAST RAINELLE, W. VA. CITY cur RATE DAIRY srokf Parent Medicines - Cosmetics N tDoor St.Nich I sH T I COCA-COLA BOTTLING CO 3211 McCorkIe Ave., Charleston, W. V COMPLIMENTS OF MOUNTAIN STATE EQUIPMENT COMPANY ROBERT E. KAMM - WILLIAM S. BRYANT B Best Wishes Seniors Lumber Manufacturer G. C, CO, Building Contractor SUMMERSVILLE, W. VA. RICHWOOD, W. VA. Phone 9173 THE NICHOLAS REPUBLICAN "Serving Nicholas County Since 1903" RICHWOOD, WEST VIRGINIA L. G. BALEOUR COMPANY Attlebcro Massachusetts JeweIry's Finest Craftsmen CLASS RINGS and PINS Club and Hospital Insignia Medals - Trophies - Plaques Commencement Invitations - Dipiomas Representative: C. Joseph Richardson Box I95 Sistersville, W. Va. 114 For Building Supplies Compliments of See MULLINS LUMBER CO. G. H. Perkins Store CALVIN, W. VA. Buyeml Craigsville Cash Store CRAIGSVILLE, WEST VIRGINIA Appalachian Hardwood Elswick Lumber Co., Inc. G E. Appliances DIXIE, W. VA. Phone 483-S-I General Merchandise Good Quality Building Lumber J. P. HAMER LUMBER COMPANY SUMMERSVILLE FURNITURE AND APPLIANCE CO. Nicholas County's Largest and Finest 719 BROAD STREET PHONE 9292 115 CARPER PARTS CO. INC. Wholesale Shop Service Crankshaft 81 Engi Exchange SUMMERSVILLE, W. VA. Phone 6431 -7431 COMPLIMENTS OF CENTRAL BUILDING and SUPPLY COMPANY CRAIGSVILLE, WEST VIRGINIA Phone RO 5-5242 MIDWAY HOTEL COMPLIMENTS OF SERVICE ENGRAVING CO. CHARLESTON, W. VA. Official Photographers for The Nichlosean SAYRE STUDIO COMPLIMENTS OF TIOGA COAL CORPORATION BOX 432 RICHWOOD, WEST VIRGINIA 116 14 COMPLIMENTS OF SUMMERSVILLE HEATING GAULEY DRUG CO. INCORPORATED and THE mexall s'roRE PLUMBING COMPANY, INC. P. o. Box 427 - Phone 5911 or 5391 Te'eph""e 45 summeresvme, vvssr vms1N1A GAULEY a1z1DeE,vves1 VIRGINIA THE MOWER LUMBER COMPANY d Qua B ldingL b NALLEN, WEST VIRGINIA BEST WISHES T0 THE GRADUATES OF NICHOLAS COUNTY HIGH ELY - THOMAS LUMBER COMPANY 117 COMPLIMENTS OF BEN FRANKLIN STORES Summersvllle - Clay - Glenville H dq I f Sh ISppI GUY DUNN O C pl I of FAYETTE BLOCK PLANT MUDDLETY, W. VA. Phone 4071 Modern Appliance Center DIETZ-MCCUTCHEON GENERALQELECTRIC IWSUVUNC9 AQGHCY Appliances Auto - Fire - Bond 707 Main Owned - Operated by phone 78Q1 LARRY FRONTINO FARRELL JOHNSON SUMMERSVILLE, W. VA. COMPLIMENTS OF COMMUNITY SUPER-MARKET, INC. ,,,,,,,,,E WHERE THE SERVICE IS Goon Esso and s'G" THE DEALER IS COURTEOUS DOOLEY'S ESSO PHONE 9312 SUMMERSVILLE, W. VA. Mein' !ll?4!'A'f4'3lJ7f1'55'Jff The cookie jar has cookies in . . ,,,, ,. lt OIICC again - and properly 'f'3s:':s' ' '- so. It's certainly no Place for cash, which can be earning D X see X Q X 'S X me ' -f -ie N 'IQ ' m m h'l 'f 1 1n eres w ie -1 s propery X XXX safeguarded xn the x xx XXX xx bank. Why not start k is 5 depositing your "ex we NSN Xgg tra" money in a bank X M K ' h 'P wx YN SN savmgs account ere. X Xxxbwx xx wx 'NNN Q x X N NX N XNNZINXQN xxx? Nm Eilslesexsefx k X X A 4 mggsgz: X M 'A -1 . 'tg--,.,:-Qq:::,'. 'cr YE' CE' - ,, .... ...:.:..,,Q-risq'-':'-A - f ' 4, ' ' mix . 1 ,:,,:i"-if N 1 ..,. 511 . ix.3"m:N-"'g"Q?:i'-+5 -e :ri-: X::.:' , N.-ax' "N Sue ,-vo .K'-.szIf!-A-I--if-.... '- ::- NICHOLAS COUNTY BANK SUMMERSVILLE, W. VA. The Pioneer Bank of Nicholas County Member of Federal Deposit insurance Corporation 119 Good Luck to All of You ANTHONY'S Italian Food Specialty GASSAWAY, WEST VIRGINIA Send Your Cleaning to Gassaway Cleaners A Good Rule to Follow Agent-JAMES GIVEN GASSAWAY CLEANERS Phone FO 4-5214 Good Cleaning Doesn't Cost It Pays Best Wishes Class of '60 PAUL H. FRAME Garage and Service Station Gulf Products BIRCH RIVER, WEST VIRGINIA COMPLIMENTS OF Tax Record Service ORTH, SHULL, and BAILES 901 Main Street SUMMERSVILLE, WEST VIRGINIA COMPLIMENTS OF ASHLAND OIL REFINING COMPANY Valvoline Oil and Grease - Quaker State Oil Ashland Bottle Gas AL STEVENS - Agent JOHNSON DEPARTMENT STORE Dry Goods and Shoes Owners: Arley Johnson, Earl Morton, D. L. Hinkle, Manager Opposite Court House Phone 2486 SUMMERSVILLE, WEST VIRGINIA 120 CRAIGSVILLE CASH STORE PERRY MOTOR CO. Sales WILLYS Service G- E' APPIIWQS Phones 3861 - 2471 Youngstown Kitchens SUMMERSVILLE Congratulations Seniors of '60 STATE FARM INSURANCE CO. Auto - Life - Fire GERALD G. PHILLIPS Phone 6421 or 6691 SUMMERSVILLE, W. VA. COMPLIMENTS OF GEORGE E. HURD TO THE CLASS OF '60 We congratulate you on your graduation and wish you the best of success and satisfaction in the career of your choice. UNION CARBIDE METALS CO. Division of Union Carbide Company ALLOY, WEST VIRGINIA NICHOLAS TRADING POST, INC. BILLY WHITLOCK ww- Your Friendly ROY BOYD ,IlUI iffy' - Aurhorixed Owners "" ' T Chevrolet Dealers PHONE 3351 SUMMERSVILLE, WEST VIRGINIA ROY T. ELKIN DiSTRiBUTORS Tom's Candy- Potato Chips and Corn Cheez For me Finest Bring All Your Cleaning In Home-Cooked Foods To the Visit the CQNLEY GRILL GAULEY CLEANERS Owners - Mr. and Mrs. S. L. Rice Phone 220 GAULEY BRIDGE, W. VA. GAULEY BRIDGE, W, VA. RICHWOOD WHOLESALE COMPANY Distributors of Groceries and Building Material COMPLIMENTS OF CHERRY RIVER NATIONA L BANK Everyone Should Have a Bank Account" 122 Congratulations Class of '60 MOUNTAINEER SUPERMARKET BIRCH RIVER, WEST VIRGINIA Phone 'ISK2 C. G. Barnes Merchandise BIRCH RIVER, WEST VIRGINIA Phone Sutton I8K3 FAY'ETTE LUMBER AND SUPPLY CO. DIXIE, WEST VIRGINIA "BAKED UP TO A STANDARD NOT DOWN TO A PRICE" 123 DR. HOY E. EAKLE W. M. RITTER LUMBER CO. RICHWOOD, WEST VIRGINIA ALL AROUND THE CLOCK I DO SO MUCH AND CHARGE SO LITTLE w , XII .9 1 1 We 6 If X E - ii- S Z ' fu L 04 V IA Reddy Kilowatt Your Electric Servant Mononguhelu Power Co. THE CLEANEST WASH IN TOWN Meet your If 0 neighbors at L. I. HUGHES R' Ig Westinghouse Launclfcimali AND SCNS, INC. ll equuppjoreaun ry Ig Nu ' ' W II D fi II . ' X . - ,A er or - mailhine five DIAMOND cons DRILLING T load minutes 'X V335 I Xxv o 24 xv X h Pen d , 5 oursa ay ,pf ,D if ,xx 1323, .D . eVe'Y df'Y SUMMERSVILLE,WEST VIRGINIA RAY'S LAUNDROMAT Building a Reputation . . . . . . 0 reputation for integrity, for quality, and for service . . Yes, we want to build a good reputation for ourselves and for those who entrust their printing work to us . . . for we realize that their reputation is also partly built upon the quality of the printed pieces that they send out. YOU'LL FIND OUR PLEDGE: "to Serve You Better" is our determination to continue - to the best of our ability - those factors which have built our reputation and made us the largest print- ing establishment, devoted entirely to commercial and industrial print- ing, in Southern West Virginia. lt you are not already one of our customers, then we invite you to give us an opportunity to handle your next printing requirement. 1 fgil fZMM ,I I. PRINTERS and PUBLISHERS O alley Dl'IVe, BECKLEY, vvest VIRGINIA P. o. Box 29 125 FOR THE FINEST IN STYLING AND COMFORT SEE AND TEST DRIVE THE NEW T960 SOLID PLYMOUTH and VALIANT ' ,.,.: 3 5 ' I EW'-fl -I -- 1 io,. I , . Your Plymouth-VuIiunT Dealer Le Rose Motors, II'IC. PHONE 5-1111 summsasvme, w. VA. 126 Activity Scenes 18-29, 37, Ads 104-126 Annual Staff 77 Assembly Committee 71 Band 52, 53 Band Council 54 Basketball 90-93 Bus Drivers 15 Cheerleaders 80, 81 Chorus 54 Classroom Scenes 38 Dance Band 94 Dedication 5 Drivers Education 67 Eighth Grade 46 End 132 Faculty 10-14 Football 84-88 Freshmen 42-45 Freshmen Officers 45 General Index 38, 41, 49, 68, 73, 89 Future Farmers of America 58, 59 Future Homemakers of America 60, 61 Future Teachers of America 74, 75 Girl's Athletic Association 62, 63 Gold and Blue Record Staff 76 Guidance Department 72 Hi-Y 66 Homecoming Court 96, 97 Honors 103 Janitors 14 Juniors 31-37 Junior Officers 30 Junior Play 73 Junior-Senior Prom Court 98, 99 Library Assistants 56 Maiorettes 55 Mr. and Miss Nichlosean 6, Mr. and Miss Christmas 102 N Club 57 7 National Honor Society 64, 6 Nine Club 56 Popularity Winners 100, 101 School Secretary 15 Science Club 78, 79 Seniors 17-28 Senior Officers 16 Seventh Grade 47, 48 Seventh Grade Officers Social Committee 71 Sophomores 39-41 Sophomore Officers 38 Table of Contents 4 Thank You 132 Thespians 70 Y-Teens 68, 69 47 566 Adkins Cogar. Carl 39 Acres, Acree, Johnny 42, BB Linda 47 Adkins, Deloria 31, 54, 63, 79 Franky 42 Master Index Branharn, Phillip 47 Breakinridga, Peggy 47 Brink, Lola 47 Brick. Rosilee 17, oe Adkins, Jirnrny lFr.1 42, 45, 47, ea. 92. 93 Adkins, Karen 17, 52, eo, 62, 44, oe, 77, 79 Adkins, Roy 42, B8 Adkins, Shirley 42 Aldridge. Avery 31 Aliff, James 39 Allen, Kenny 111 Allen, Wayne 17 Alley, Charles 17, 49 Alley. Doris 42 Amick, Carol Sue 42 Arnirk, Kay 42, so Anaiek, Peiriaia Ann 46 Amicllr Rithard 17 Amick, Sandra 39 Armanlrouh Barbara 17, 54 Armentrcut, Edna 39 Armenrrcut, olrey 42 Armenlroul, Ruby 17, 54 Armstrong, Carolyn 47 Armstrong, Norma Jean A6 Asbvfyr Joan 42 Askew, Ann Lee 47 Ayers, David Scott 42 Ayers, John 31, B5 Ayers, Joseph 42 Ayers, Sue 42 arooke, Helen 42, 54 Brown, Alvin 39 Brown, Betty 42, 5:1 erowrr. Bob 39 Brown, Carol n Sue 31, oz, oo, B1 Brown, Dale X9 Brown, David Joe 39 Brown, Doris 17, as, 77 Brown, Dorolh 18. 77 Brown, eddie 19 Brown, Evenall 42 Brown, Fred 39 Brown, George 18 Brown, Joe 42, sa Brown. Judy A. lsr.1 39, 67 Brown, Judy lScph.1 17, 69 Brown Kenneth al, 54 Brown: Kin, 42, sa Brown, Lawrance 42 Brown, Leonard 42 Brown, Linda 39 Brown, Mary 18, 54 Brown, Mary Jo 31, 53, 55. 61, 66, Brown, Nanty lMrs.1 5, 12 Brown, Nancy Ann :1l, oo, o9, 79 Brown, Patricia :19, 54. oo, os, 69 Brown. lzavnrend 31 Brown, VirTinia 39 Brown, wil ie mae 13 Backus, Beniamin 17, 58, 64, 71, 72, 103 Backus, Norma 31, 69 Backus. Patty 17, 60, 63, 64, 69, 74, B1 Bailea, Allen 17 Bailes, Douglas 31 Bailes, Judy 31 Bailaa, Laila 42 Bailes, Linda 42 aailea, linda lou A2 Bailee, Marilyn Jean 42 Bailes, Mary Roth 42 B '1 clyda 117 al ey, Baller, Jeselih 6 Baker, Karan 39, 69 Baker, Lulher 42 Baker, Nancy lee al, 61 Ball, Fred 39 Ball, Gena 17 Barnene, Hilda Mae 42 Barnene, Martha Ray 31, 75 Barnene, Wanda 31 aarron, Merlene 46, 52 Bartley, Billy 17, so says, David 39, 59 Beale, Gary :19, 52, 71, 78 Beale, Lynda 17, 29. 52, oo, ea, 44, os, 74 Beale, Sandra 44, 49, 52, 96 Baarner, Jana lMiss1 5, 12, 56, 69 Beaver, Kenneth Lee 31, 58 Beaver, Wilma 39 Beirne, John D. 47 Belme. Linda 31 Beirne, Mike 42 Bell, Bonita lMrs.1 15 Bell, John 47 Boll, Lorena lMrs.J 12 Bennett, Charlotte 31 eennen, Edward "Bucky" 17, so, 77 Bennett, Gary 42 Bennett, Jean 39 Bennerr, Joe :19, 71 Berry, Dewey al, oo, 7o, 73, 78 Berry, Philip 42, 49 Bird Wesley :11, as, 90, 91 Blacll, Garvin 31, B5 alago, Nancy 42 Blankenship, Dolly 31 nlankenehlo, Jirnniy 31 Blankenenira, Marina ai Blankenship, Rebecra al, oe Blankenship, sandra 42 Soles, Faye 42 Bose. Patricia 46, 52 Boslic, Bosticr Bra g Lee Roy 42 Mary 42 Don 17 Braeef Jerry :19, 59 Brake, Patsy 59, 52, 61, o9, 71 Brenham, Betty 42 Bryant, Karon 46 Steve 31 Bryanv Burdet e, Roy 42 Burke, Rusty 47, as Burkholder, Dora lee 31, 54 Burkholder, Eddie 39 Burnette, David 18, B4 Bnrwell, sylyla 31 Bush, Billie 42 Bnah, Nathan 18 Bireay, Eileen 46 Butler, Clarence 42 Z Cadle, Kay 31 Campbell, Nancy 39 carnolaell, Susan 47 Campbell, Wayne IB Cantrell, Rsbirdia 42 Carpenter, Rainey 42 Carr. Howard 46 Carrte, Janet 31 Carr, Sue 47 Carroll, Lucy 1Mrs,J 12, 71 Carte, Carman 39 carte, lornrny 16, la, aa, 54 Carter, Barbara 42 53 Cartwright, Darrell 1B Cartwright, Phyllis 42, 54 Case, Larry 47 Cavendish, Burl 14 Cavendish, Julia 42, 52 Cavendish, Patricia 42, 53 Cavendish, Ruth 47 charnlearlain, Lionel :19, 59 Champs, Jane 44 Chapman, Emma Jean 60, 69 Chapman, Emma Mae 19, 31, 68 Gary :19, 59, 84 Chapman, Chapman, Henry 42 Chapman, Jerk :19, 52 Eu ene 19 chaornan, E chaon-an, Jo n 19 Chapman, lcay :19, 52, oo, 69 Norma 42 apman, Roger 31, 57, a4, B7 Childers, Jarrell 31, 59 Childers, Rosso 15 Childers, Terry 39 Childers, Wanda 42 Sllipps' Tmlny A22 45 aooerion, ony , Clark, Fred 42 clark. Nancy 42, 54 clevangar, iehardia 42 Clutter, Jirnrn! 19 Cobb, Karen l, 54 coao, Ruler 42 Coen, Bar ara 39 Chanman, Ch 128 AV, 79 Coffman, Anna 31, 61, 69, 75 Coffman, Larry 39, 85 Coffman, Myrna 19, 53, 56, 60, 64, 68, 75 Cogar, Kay 19, 77 Cogar, Linda lon 42 cogar, rin! io, 19, 56, eo, 45, aa, 74. 76, 77 Collins, Phyllis 32 Cunard, Leon 42 Conner, Brenda 39 Cook, Carl 5, 12, 58 Cock, Darius 39, 59 Cook, Eu ene 32 Cook, Juglth Kay 46 cook, Larry 42, 58 Cook, Mary Sue 47 Paul 32, 52, 66, 72, 74, 79 Cook, cook, Sharon 47 cool, Carol 19. ao, as Copenhaver, Delbert 32, 59 Copenhaver. Dorie Jane 19, 67 cooenhayer, Flora 59 Copenhaver, Joan Gray 19, oo cooenhayer, Norma 19, 47, 77 Roger 19, 58 Copenhaver, coroirr, Randy 19 Corbin, lzoy 47 corlain, Ruth 47 Cox, Elizabeth 46 Cox, Jirnrny 19, 29, 57, os, 70, 75, 54, 91, 96, 101 Cox, Richard 42 Crafi, Ernest "Buddy" 19 Crafl, Martha 32 Crites, Michael 47 Cross, Jerry 19 Cross, Lan-a 39 canningharn, Dwain 42 cirnninaharn, James 42 conninoharn, sharon 47 Cunningham, Shlrley 39 Cunningham, Warren 39 Curray, Susan 46 cnilio, Barbara 42 Dalton. Dann 42 Davis, Della 12 Davis, Geneieye 42 Davis, Goldie 32 Deal, Jennings 39 Dean, Ho 1 11 Dean, Ricly 47 Deitz, Joe 59. 59, es, ar, 90 Dernosa, Mary 52, 41, 69 Dennison, Carolyn 39 Diett, Donald 6, 19, 29, 52, 54, 65, 66, 70, 71 75, 76, 75, 79, 91, 92, 93, 95, 100, 102, 103 Dimeglio, Lula 32, 54, 76 Dobson, Anna Belle 32 Dodrill, Dale 32, 57, eo, 711, 74, 7s, as, 91, 93, 103 Dodrill, David 39 Dodrill, Janet 39, 76 Dcdrill, Mary 32. 60 Dodrill, sier ing 42 Donaldson, Charlotte 32, 60, 68 Donaldson, Larry 42, BB Donelslan. Boyd 47 Donolton, Edna 46 Dooley, Karen 47 Dooley. Louise 39, al, 69 Dorsey, Aiea 15 Dorsey, Alva 39 Dorsey, Charles 15 Dorsey, Charles 191 42 Dorsey, Dale 46 Dorsey, David 39 Dorsey, Dorothy 19, 54, 67 Dorsey, Douglas 20, 54 Dorsey, 1-larel LM1ss1 12, oo Dorsey, Janet 32 Dorsey, Mildred Ann 47 Dorsey, Robert 32, 59 Dorsey, Roth Ann 47 Dotson, Aratta 32 Dotaohr Be1aY 47 Dolxon, Bill 20 Dotson, Dexter 5, 12 Dorson, Jerry 47, as Lawrence 40 DOUGH: oolaan, nelson, Karen 20, 52, 64, 69, 7l, 77, Perry 42 Ruth 39, 60, 69 79, Duhon, Tony 42 Drennen. Drennen, Drennen, Drennen, Drennen D f , n3rZ, Duffy, Carol 20, 56, 60, 65, 63, 78 Feslus 12, 41 Kalhryn lMrs.1 12 Ruth 39 , Teddy 39 Charles 42, 92 Garnef 39, 52 Robert 20, 77 Eads, Nancy 39, 54 Elefriizr Elkins, Elkins, Ellison, Ellison, Elawickr spline Shirley 42 Nadene 39 Ronald 32 Larry 32, 57, Linda 43 rfanl 43, sa Judy 47 85 Ey,,na,'lcenr,erl, 20, 67 Evans, Evans, La Evans, Facemire, Facem ire, Feoornire, Fatemire, Fairchild, Kermil Edward 43 rry 47 Margaret 43 anri 39, 59 Cecil 10 Donald 39, 59 Patricia 32. oo. 66. os. 73, Lynn 47 74, 79 Fennell, Nancy 20, 64, 100, 103 Ferrell, Richard 43 Fields. Grela 20, 54 Fisher, Anna 39 Fisher C , a Filzwaier, Firzwarer, Fivzwarer, Flanagan, Flanagan, Flanagan rol Sue 21, 61, 69 Donald 47 John 46 Lou Ann 39 James 43 Ray 39 Roger 43 nanneanl Victoria 2l, as 103 roeirler, Clyde, Jr, 47 Fockler, Francis 43, BB, 91 Ford, Edna 21 Master Index Graham, John 32 Graham, Lanla 32 zsranain, Lonnie 32 Gray, Arihur 43 Gray, Bob 39 54 Gray, Kennellm 43, sa Gray, Naomi 43 Greer, Ronald 21, 66. 77 Grimes, Grimes, Gross, Mavourneen IMI I 12 72 Vanra 32, 52, 601462, ko, 70, 73, 75, 78 Grilzell, Marshall 32, 53 Ruth Ann 21. 56, 60, 62, 65, 68, 72, Foster, Fosler, Foster, Fr Fosler, G Foster, M Fcisler. Fowler, Carolyn 32 cnarley aol, 46, sa ed 32, 37, 57, 66, 34, B7 lenn 39 ariorie 43 Sieve 39, 49 Margrer 21, 60. 68, 77 Fowler, Richard 43 e Fox, K rmit 39 Fox, Mildred 43 Frame, Frame, rrrnne, FIRMS, Frarne, rrarne, Bob 21, 52 Carol 21, 49, 53, 54, 55, 60, 63, 65, 68 74, 77, 97, 99, 100 Gary 32 Helen 39 43 Joyce Ramona 21, 26, 53, 55, 60, 63, 65, 68, 75, 77, 99, 101 Frame, Sharon 29, sa, 39, 52, 61. 69 Frame, srernan 43, aa Frame, wiaa 32 rrarer, neloria Jn 21, 56, 64, 67, 68 Fredersdarfl, cnrnia 39, oo, 69 Fredarsdarff, welfgang 21, 37, 49, 57 rreenran, Edward 43 rriir, Sandra 89 F , P Flzlckf ul 43 David 47 Hess, Richard 40 Hickman, Brenda 33 Hickman, Burton 22 Hickman. Virginia lMrs.l 13, 67 Hicks, Jane, 22 Hielrs, larry 47 Hicks. Rita 40, 54, 61, Hicks, Rey 43 Hill, Jack 43 Barbara 33 Brenda 33, 49, Deloris 33 Dock 40 Irena 40, 69 Jackie lee 43, James 13 69 Hines, Hlnlrie, Hinlrle, Hinirle, Hinirla. Hinlrle, Hinlrle, Holbrook, Dann 40 Holbrooke, Scarlet 23 Holbrooke, Vera 47 Holcomb, aaroara 40 Holeornh. serine 47 Holeornb, Burl 43 BB Ho lcombr Holeernb, Holley, Fred 40, 49, 66, Ho lrnea, Holsleinr Hoover, Hoover, Maggie 43 Garrel 43 Larry 33, 85 Barbara 33 Farrell 43 Huddlesfon, Daniel 40 Hudkins, Huffman, Huffman, Huffman, Huffman, Nancy 22, 53. 60, 64, Merrie 43 Charles 23, 58 Ernest 43. 58 Lovell 15, 53 79 Huffman, Rulh Ann 40 Huffman, Venlon Fred 23 Hughari, Maxine 23 Hugharf, vielory 40, 59 Hughes, Carolyn 47 Hughes, Gloria 33, 54 Hughes, Herbert 33 Haonee. Jolene 23, 54, 56, 60, 6 Hughes, Lois 43 Hughes. Parry 40, ao Humphrey, Ann 40, 54, 61, 63 Hvrrll-!l1reYr Jane 40, 54, 60, 63 Hurst, Linda 33, 54 74, 101 Gregg, Sandra 43, 79 erase, Alice lMissj 12, 75 oroae, Bernard 32, 49, 66, 9l, 92, 93 Grose, Barton 32, 73, 74 erase, Charles 47 Gross, Deanna 32. 53. 55. 61, 62, 66, 68, 79 Gross, Eddie 22, 77 Grose, Jessie 43 srose, Jimmy 32, 35, 90 Grote, John 32, 75 Grose, Joyre 22, 56 Grose, Nlansel 39 Grose, Rebecca 22, 28. 29, 52, 54, 60, 62, 65, 68, 70, 7lr 74, 77, lO0 arose, Sammy 39, 59 Groves, Brooks 32, 7l, 79, as Gravel. David 33, 72, 76 Groves, Helen 39, 6l, 69 Grover, Henry 43 Groves, Herbert 22 Groves, Jerry 43 Groves, John 33 Groves, John Finley 43, 58 Groves, Louise 22 Groves, Paul 30, 33, 37, 57, as sroyea, Rebecca 47 Groves, Roselea 43, 80 Gravel, Sharon 43 Grovei, Veruie lMissl 5, 12 Grubb, Rulh Agnes 47 Guihrie, Louraine 43 Gwinn, Sharon 39, 54 Hackwonh, Ida 347, 60, 69 Hall, Brooks 33 Hall. Drama 39, 61, 62, 49, BD Hall, Frances 39 Halstead, Cecil 33, 59, 67 Halsiead, Marouerive lMrs.l 13, 37, 62 Harnilion, Berry lou 22, 63, 77, so Hamilton. James 33 Hamon, Joe 43, 88, 92 Harnon, John 30, 33, 57, a4, ao, 90 Harnrie, carherin 22 Hnrnrie, David Ralph 43 Harnric, Shirley 33, as Harnrialr, Bernard zaoidos "Zeke" 22, 57, 67 Hanks, David Paul 43, sa Hanna, John 43 Hanna, Lawrence 43 Hanna, izoieer 33 Hanslnaw, oven 39 Hanshaw Rc 33 Fyock, Terry 30, 32, 57, 66, 71, 73, 78, 85, 90, 91, 93, 102 Gaboerl, William "Mike" 39, 67 Harlow. hill 22, se, B4 Harlow Harlow, Linda 47, 49, 96 Richard 33 Harlow, lzoy 46 Harlow, Harris, Sharon 47 Carol 43 Harrison, Shirley 43 l-larroarf, brooks i5 Hari, aarhara 40 Harvey, Jaek, 38. 40 Hoyas. oennie 43 caleener, Donna 43 Garnoill, Junior 39 sane., Lula 39, 76 Ganaa, Mcnna 43 Ganoe, Shirle 21 Garraii, arenilla 46 Garrali. Gay 21, 61, 69 Gawvhrap Gana 47 Gill, elzaela Lou 21. 53, 54, 60, 63, 63, 79 oiyan, Sandra 21, 52, oo, 64, oe, 75 Given, Sharon 43 Gladwell, James ll, 57, 85, 86, 91 Hayes, Helen 33, 40, 54 Haynes, Bally 22, 75 Haynes, Geraldine 43 Harnes, Wanda 43 He lms, Don 33, 67 Helms, Carolvn 40 Helms, Juan 33 Hendrickson, Bill 40 Heneeraon, Frantis 47, as Helold, Stanley 40, 49, Hess, Bonnie 43 84, 90 Hess. Kennelh 33 - 129 Hutchison, Harold 33 l 23 Hypas r Car Hyper, Clyde 40, 59 Hynes, Connie 47 Hypes, Dale 43, aa l-iyaaa, Freddie 43, ss Hypea, Judy 40, 54, 76 Hynes, Peggy Sue 32, 54 Hyoee, lzena 40, 54 Hypes, Ruth Ann 33, 54, 63, 70 Irvin, Claude 47 Jackson, Olney 33, 66, 79 Jacobson, sal y 48 Jarrel, John 23, 56 Jarrell, Cassidy 33. 67 Jarrellr Elilabelh 43 Jarrell, Linda 48 Jareil, Lulu 48 Jarvis, Harold 23, 58 Jarvlx, Roger 48 Jarvis, Ronny 33 Jenkint, Carolyn 43 Jenkins, Eugene 48 Jessuo, Virginia 23. 75 Johnson, C arles 55 Jonnean, connia 35, 67 Johnson, Eugene 33, 67 Johnson, Farrell 15 Johnson, Gary 33 Johnson, James 43, B8 Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, Jones, 0 lcailrerino 43, 52 Party AB Roger lS HJ 40 Roger IFS 43. 58. es Rummie 40 arrell 40, 59, 85 Jonas, Larry 43, 53, 79 J0neS, Vlrilinla 48 Jordon, Marvin 40 oo, 66, 69, 75 84, 90, 91 os, 70 74 77 5, 68 , a Keene Kenna Kennan, Keanu, Keener, Kenner Keiihr lcelrn, Jimmy 34, 54, 91, Keith, Kelly, lynne 40, 54, Mary 33, 40, 68 n Waller 40 Wanda 40 lzaloh- 14 ellzaoerlr 33, James 34 lrrle 43 Kerman, 50. 69 YV, 41, ee, 74 in 92 Shirley 43 Darlene 34. 67 Kelly, Jarnea 43 Kelly, larry 40, as Kenner, Danny 43 Kidd, Palsy sae 48 lclneeld. Jarnea 40 Kincaid, Judy 43 Kincaid, larl'Y 34 xlnealrl. Stanley I5 King. King, lung, King, lung, King, Klrksr, Kn'ghl, Knight, Konn. Koch, Lane, llnhs Don 23 Terry 49, as, Carolyn 48 Curtis 46 DeweV 34, 59 nolrle 40, 41. Marilyn 48 Party 43 Jarry 40 sarlaara 34 Dora 40, 41, 67 69 100 Carolyn 40, bl ,n, lorena 43 Lawson, Norma Jenn 43 Le9G, Lew. LNB, Leno, Legg, less. Loco, le99, Laos. 1299 Bill 43, sa laonnla 34 Henry 33, 40, 05, Jean 34, 54, 40, 49, 74, 79 Larry 40, as, Lorena 40 Parry Ann 46 Parry sua 34 Phyllis 40, 54 Sharon Kay 23, 52 90 90 lasiel, Phyllis 44 lerl, E. lc. I3 1el,, Kelly 29, 34 52, lerr, Me!llelMr:,1 13, 66, 68, 70. 73, 76, 7B 70 lewii. Francis 48 lewis lawis, Lewis John 23, 57, 54, 04, 91, 92, 93, 90, loo Manha 44, 49, 52, 94 . Orville 0. 23, sa lewla, William 34 Li hroae, George 48 lilly, Lilly, lilly, Lilly. Lipnin lipsin Eddie 34, 33. 54, 57, 35. 90 Jimmy 44, 45 Johnny 44 Shirley 40, 63 ic, Francis 34, 37, 48 le, Teresa 47, 7B Lo , Sylvia 40 Largs, James 34, rs Loving, James Olney 40, es loylng, Manelra 44, 52, 79 Lnoas, Brenda 34 1.r,raa, oelrna, 34, 49. 84, 91 Master Index Meclnng, Waller 48 Mecne, Jerry 34, 75 McCue, Sharon 40 Mrcne, sreye 4 MCCuIche0n, Arlhur 13 Mecnleheon, Martha 48 McCutl:heorl, Hagar 34, 67 McCuitheon, Sue 40 McDanial, MarY lee 29, 49, 53, 66, 71 Mcllanlel Shir ey 48 Maoowell, Lynda 24, 52, 54. 40, 44, 40, 70, 72. 74. 99, loo, 10:1 Mellenry, cegll Ray 44 McHenry, Jimmy 48 Mclnrire. Barbara 44, 51 Melnllre, Bill 34, 57, 66,71 34, 07, 91, 92, McKinney, valrna 44 Melvllllaon, Joe 34 Mrlllllllaon. neva 40 Maleornln Alleerra 40 lllaleornlr. anne 40, 53, 59, 76 Marlo, wllllarn 24, 67 Mrnln, Holden 24, ss Mason, Joe 44 Marheny, Connie 34, 79 M lr .1 h I3 ll BHYJ 0 l'l Meadows. Carless 44 Mllanr, Janice 40 Mlloa, Neva 44 Malea, olrey 34, 67 Miller, fain 40, 49 Miller, Gary 44, 49, B8 Miller. 110115 44, 00 Mlller, William 40, 52, 76 Mink, Nancy 44 Mollchnn, James 44, ss, 92 Monahan, John 30, 40 Monroe, Marie 40, 41. 42, so Monroe, Marina 40, 41. 42, so Lum, Dennis 44 Lucas, nororhy 23, 67 Lunier. David 16, 23, 49, 64, 66, 74. 77, 78, 04, 91, 93, 100 Meclnno, laenng 44 McClurl9, Bren a 44 McClung. Clurencs 14 Milungrqglfarag 16, 20, 23, 24, 26, 66, 77, 78. Mcflung, Delrrlax E. 23 Meclrrno, Delrnas F. 24, 53. 77 McClunq, Donna 44 Mrclnnq. Edna 40 McCIung, Gene 34 McClung, Jarner Jr. 34, 33, 54 Mrclnng, Janrea Fr. 44, se, as McClung, Judy 4 McCIl.1no, Lorena 54, 67 McClung, Mar arar 48 Ml:Clvng, Milglel 40, 59 MCCIUIIQ, Morris 13 McCIung, Okln 15 McClun9, Roberf 24, 57, 58 Moore, Bonnle 44 Moore, Carolyn 34, 54, 69 Moore, Carolyn sae 34, 61 Moore, Colin 40, 85, 90 Moore, Elilabelll 34 Moore, Glenn 44 Moore, Hilda 44 Moore, Jack 34, 37, 57 Moore, Joe 40 Moore, John 24, 57 Moore, Jonnna 40 Moore, Naomi 46 Moore, Nelson 22, 24, 28, 74, 77, 101 Moore, Sharon 48 Morelll, lee 40, 52 Morril, Billy 44 Morris. Carol 25, 77 MorrIS, Jean 44 Morris, Ral h 14, 15, 67 Morris, Roll: 40, 49, 41, 42, 49, 96 Morrit, wayne 34, 66 Morrnon, Barbara 24, 67 Morrlaon. Jewel 34, 54, so Morrislon, Allen 40, 50 M 0 34 cues, Monnlr, Monrey, Morer, Mu llna, Mnlllna, Mullins, Molllna, Mullinx, Mullins, Mullins, Mullins, Muruhy, Murphy, Murphy, Morphy, Neal, Neal. Neff, c Neff, 11 Neff, Nall, Nell, Neil. ana Kalherine 34 Nina 34 Jirnrny 48 Dororhy 100 Irene 35 Judy 29, 40. Larry 34, 59 Raymond 15 Roma 15 Rita 35, 68 William 13 Frurlll 24, 58, Jeannean 35, John 35, 58 Johnny 35, 53. 40, 49, 77 103 56, 62, 66. 68, 53 74. 79 Ma lM . 5.13, 70 aea'Z,, Ll,44 arol 24, 44 amid 44 Paul 44 Harold 35 Robert 24 Sarah Jane 25, 60, 68 Newberry, Jooge 13 Nicholls a, lcennein 25, 77 130 93 Nicholas, Larry 35 Nicholax, Linda 44 Nichols, Sharon 35 Naeoaia, charlea 13. 22, 54 Nunely, Betty 40 Nrmer, Allan 25 Nnlrar, Larry 35, 57, ss, es, B7 Nlmer, Maaal 40, 54, 49 Nuner, Nellie 25, 54 Nlmer, 5Ylvia 25 o'l:,e1l, A. c. 48 O'Dell. aa,,,a,n 15 0'Dell, Carol sue 35 O'Dell, John 15 O'DalI, Joyce 44, 53 O'Dell. Lowell 35 O'Dell, Marilyn 44 O'DeIl, Mary Ann 25, 77 O'Dall, Poy 44 O'Dell, Ronny 25, 53, 54 O'DelI, Sharon 25 ofnell, Shlrley 44 Ogdan, Marle 35, 52, os, 74, 78 Oliver, Frank 35 Osborne, Drenla 35 Osborne, Gala 25 Osborne, Shirley 40 Painter. Blaine 35, 37 Painter, ellaal-,ash 35, 41, 41, 42, 44, av, 74, 70 Painter, Nawlay Roy 44. as Paanler, Mag ana 40. 54, 41, 69 Parkins. Fra rlle 40 Perdue, lemon 25 Parax, rhornae 55 Parlrlna, Barbara Sue 35, 75 Perkins, Jeannie 44, 45, 52 Perlrlna, noberi 14, 05, 87, 90 Porlrlna, sanara Kaye 35, 52, 40, 49, 75 Parlrlna, William 46 Perrlne, rwyla 35, 41, 70, 75 Perry. Mllre 45 Perry, Ronald 35, 37 Peralnaer, Bill 25 Perers, Linda 46 Pierson, cerelena 40, 52 Plersan, William Cecil 44, 45, as, 92 Piper. Sharon 35, 52 Poole, Bernard 5, 14, 37, als. 92 Pooln, Frances lM,a.m 14 Prather, lzoae Ann 48 Prem, Carolyn 44 Prearl, Eugfne 44 Prize, Fran lin 35, 59 Prlcb, loa 40, 63 Propps, Deloarl 44 P'slrner, Jarnes 25, 52 P'slrne,, Palricin 40, 41, 52, 41. 49, 76 Pugh, Johnn 44, an, 97 Pooh, Marg lerexa 20, 25, 7 , 7B 52, 43, 45, 74, Querry, Belly Jo 44 Pe99v 46 Quick Quirkle, Josephine 41 Paaer, Murial 40, 53, 69 lzaaer, Robsrf 35 Parser, laaaala lou 35. ol, 69 lzader, sony Lan 44 lzaaer, Eddie 29, 48 lzarler, Fred Allen 44, as lzeder, lcarlrryn 35, 41. 60 lzaoer, laVerne laalla 20. 24, 25, 29, 52, 54 45, 40, 74, 77, 79, 101 Poaor, Lawrence 44 Pal-lar, layna 40 lzaaar. Llnaa 48 lzarler, Marx 25 Paaer, Shirley 35, b7 Parnsey, Charlene 40 narnaey, Judilh 40, 63 lzarnsey, Marg sua 40, 41 lzanney, san ra 44 Papo, John 25, 57. 84 Pano, Russell 35, 67 Reedl. Glenna 4B Reese , lcarhae 40, 52, 78 lzasiell, larry 44, aa, 92 Rhodes, Donnie 44 lziellnlond, Amos 44 Richmond, Robert Allen 44. BB, '72, 93 Rider, Barbara 38. 41 Rife, Francis 4l. 53. 69 Fife. Margie 26, 53, 60, 68 Riffle. Paul 4l. B5 Ritchie, Carolyn 41. 61. 69 lzoarls, Barbara 41, 69 lzearll, Carolyn soo 24, 52, 40, Roarll. James 48 Roark. Nancy 44, 53 Roberta, Delmas Al. 59 Rcberls. Franklin 35 64. 68, 75 Roberts. Fred 26. 57, 84, B6, 100 Roberta, Nancy 41, 43, 76 Robinson, Helen 35 lzobinsorl, Jimmy 4s, as lzodebonoll, snilley 24, 67 Rogers, Brando 35. 53. 60. 63. 66. AB. 73. 74. Rogerr. Calherine 26 Ro miller. Priscilla 35. 61, 62, Rollinl. Lester 15 44, 48, 70. 74 Rollins, Nila 29, 38, 41. 53, dll, 79 noon, Nancy 44, 52 lzoee. David Panl 44 reoee, Geraldine 35 Rose. Nan Lee 26. 54. 63. 65. 68. 74 noxe, Rongld Gene 44 Roxe. Wanda Jean 44 nolen. Kathy 48 louise 44 Rowe. Russell, Beverly 26, 53, 61, 64. llosoell, Terry 41 Russell Wanda 55, 54 Rutherford, lonella 41, 54, 45, llolnerlord, virginia 44 nolledoe, cnarlea 24. aa Salisbury, Glenn 26 sarnxles, Nonnan Russell 44 san ers. sandra 48 seroenl, Carl lzooerl 44 Sargenl, lviadoe 26 saliler, Beyer y sne 44 salller. Connie 26. 75 Savage. Denver 20, 26 sayeoe, Donna :ls srllooleratl, Wilma 27, 54, 54, soaereyea, Connie 46 SCBQYBVGS. JEYTY 44 Herold 35, 59 Seberl. Seberl. John 46. BB Sabert, Mary 27 Bill 35. 73. 79 seiber. soiber. cllalles 44, 79 saiber, Pairieia 44 snaller, Carolyn 35, 54. 60 snarfer, Danny 44, 45, aa, 92 lorella 34, 54 slloffer, slnalae, Donna 44, 5:1 snalap, lconneln 27, 53, 76 Shaver, Carolyn 44 Sigman, Kenneth 41 sirnlns, virginia ii1l1ra.1 14, 60 Skaggs. Darrell 44, sa skeooa. lrene lMrs.j 14, so lloyd 27 Skag r, Smalgvvood. Donna 44, 78 snsilll. Charles 44, as snlilll. Claude ao, 49 srnilll, Gale 41 Smiih, Sandra 41, 52, 76, 7B 68 69 60. 68 Srlcdorass, slnrlev 34. 54. 40, 66. 415. 75 Snow. Melinda 44 Spangler, Teddy 48 Sparkman, Paul 36 Sparkx. Carolyn 46 Sparlri. Geraldine 27. 25. 19, 5 70, 75, 77 Sparki. Kelly 44 Sparks, Stanley Al. 58 Ted 44 soarlo, soeneer, aeyerley 41 Spencer. Jerold Lee 44 soinlss, Darlene 46 Jimmy 4B soinlrs. soinlle, Sylvia 44 Splnkl. William 48 3. 60. 64. 68. Master Index slesy, lcerrnil so Starcher, Bruce 4l Steele, Patsy 46 Stevhansen, Carolyn :14, 54 slepllenson, Roger 1.. 45 sloonenoon, lzooer w. 45 Stephenson. Zane 27 Stevens, Diann 4l, 79 Stavanx. Jo Ann 45. G0 slool, Roy Gene 27, 52, 75, 7a, 101, 103 Stover, Helen 27 Stover. Keith 41 Slowars. Billy 48 Stowerl. Kenneth 45 Alice lMrxl I4 slriellland, . slrielrland. Gene 27, B4 slrielllend, Joe 41, 59 Strickland. Lonnie Al Strickland. NanCY 45 Strickland. R er 41 Rgilla lMrx.l 14 slrielrland. Stull. Denzel 41, 59 sloll. Phyllis 45 slnnnlers, Larry 41 Summers, Mar Ann ao, 36,51 54, 42, 66, 68 71. 75. 73, 74, 103 slnnrnors, William D. 45 sllnalrorn, Dianne 44, 52 Swisher, Fred 45 swisller, Thomas 45 Taylor. aarbare 27 lavlor, Earl 27 laylor, Jeyee 41 reylor, Paola 24, 27, 53. 55. 62. 45. 48. 75. 77. 78 levlor. Paarl AB Taylor. Roberl lSr.g 27 Robert lr.. 45 Taylor. raylor, Roger 45, aa Taylor. lzornie 41, 67 Taylor. Roy 27 Taylor, Wetlel 45 Taylor, Zelma 4l, 63, B0 Thumax, Elmer 48 Thomas, Lowell 45. BB. 92 Thorrllll. Mar 36 Thomal. Paul 48 Thompson, Barbara 36 lnernoson, James 27, aa, 57, B4 Thompson, Kenneth 27 Tinnal. Barbara 45 nnnel, nelly lmisep 14, 69 Tinnel, Dolly 36 linnel, Palsy 41 linny, onsler 27 Tinnay, Janet 46 TinneY. Jerry 36. 67. 79 linney, Pool 46 Tinne S 48 lrenlfiselif Anne 7, 27, 52, 54. 44, 45, 74, 76, 77. 99. 101 lrenl, Jaeilson 45, as Trenl. Larry 45, 5a lrenl, Lyle I5 lronl, Pal 34, 40, 68 Trenl, Sandy 48 Tucker. John 36, 58 Tully. Penny 46. 53 Turner. Edmond 45 Turner. 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NanCY. 36, 76 worlledoo, cneeler 36 Worlledge, Rebecca 45 Worlledge, sna za, 41. 6B wrislon, Junior 37 Young. Becky 41, 55, 41, 49, 79 Young, sillia 41, 49, ss Yoono. Donna Al Young. Helen 48 Young. Herbert 41. 74 voling, James tJr.l 37 59, 67 Young. James Seventlll 48 Young, Joe 30, 37, 57, 44, 79, as Young, Jlleliln Karen za, 52, 61, os Yeung, kxnn 37, 53, 61, 44, 79 Young, arsha 46 vollno, Phrllla 20, 67 vanno, 5 yie 45 Young, rholnas l5o ll.1 41, 76 Young. Thomas lFr.g 45 3 As this book is finished, our world of music comes to an end. IQMZZZ-MQ slaofglwjfv ,Q QL f-140344 ' A lifygffffw f W lg Jiffy ditty at- Q36 WL 02 if KFQWZ f ,gy VM ,mtiyiby More f Z J . -,V 1 " , e"'ff,r,2e. free?-2' ,iff ref' ,- . . V: 3 O43 r X X 5, , f u f, My , ,EEF " ' t 1, ' 4 ii 'E G? As the world of saddening as well as heart warming music goes into the past, we must face a new world of decisions, disappointments, successes, and failures. Memories of our wonderful days of our high school career will linger in our minds forever. "Thanks For The Memories" goes to many more people than iust the annual staff. We wish to thank our sponsors for their won- derful help and guidance and the faculty for their understanding- ness and co-operation in honoring our numerous requests. To Biggs- Johnston-Withrow, the Nichlosean printer, goes a big "thank you" for their wonderful co-operation in printing the annual. "Thanks" X ki to Sayre Studio for their excellent senior portraits, underclass and E tg group pictures and thanks to Mrs. Helen Drumm for her wonderful L drawings used in our annual. A great big thank you goes to our S'-ik 'x ' patrons and advertisers who aided in our financial problems. "More Q X than thanks" goes to Mrs. Kathryn Drennen who so patiently and - SJ, willingly helped us solve our many problems, always ready to lend , Xi A a helping hand. Last, but not least, thank you, the student bo , for Ng urchasing the Nichlosean and we sincerely hope you enioy it. S Thanks for the memories f- ' Our days were really grand .SQ w X5 -v We loved our little band Q, sb , We'Il always say that Nicholas to 5 is the best school in the land. Q3 M We thanlc you so much. N wwf I , kgwwy 3 W W M at FN: W fV ff,,g4 6 awww WZ, f ffffaf , Jwzlafgfffwfj ' . XA 'fb 4 fwgd W M MV?ff2Q'13f im wfwiwiyf M X33 WWW W W WW 'JM xg W sf+ i53f7 W WWW? Wififw Q ' psig 'VW gm? ALMA Jn DIA , HAIL NICHO-LAS COUN-TY HIGH SCHOOL HATS AL AND TRUE FIRM AND UN-DAUNT-ED Q I 9 r J JI 5 1 -- ScHooL'wE LovE HERES A 4 xg If if N 1 1 X 1 I 7 Y f

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