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Nicholas County High School - Nichlosean Yearbook (Summersville, WV) online yearbook collection, 1938 Edition, Cover

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'hiv'-" 1 fT,.,1' 1 fav,-f .-', 1 . --J" af ' '..-fi 1' '.V'I.f wi .i w Q.-.1-,, MU., IQ- ,. ,- 1 . mf. lf. .. w-'11 . --b - -' +1-,L-. . .11 '. ff. 1 ' 'f ' - L2.5f3:- 1fj,g.v1!,,g V Q-.lwslx V' .I Us J' . . ,- 0.2, 1, +94-A fwi:S:.:'5.4.'.1"f1-ff.: fy 'if , is-v' ' iff"-rw -5 , 4 , , .' Q ' 'y'.,f' ,- ,L .-v L N uf -gf f 1-.,..'e"q-:U . . ' .T1-,,',EL'2F:f'-Z1 Qfiwf' -T ' .',.,a' jf: .4 1 132-.faq-.5 vu -5-l,.:Q'4g 1, . . 9-M5 .S Q -. ' A R' if M " fm-. I vb K f , M wig, Us f A. v ,Ii .M . I 1 ' r RP ,ak EGg.:,,i , Lf sf 5, K r' 1 .E 'Q " ':"i5- 5. gf :sw - PQ 1 ' V . .r -QF' nii53a53fg..i21"'ffw,f .. . 'A1Zg,f?we'Ef23" -isa'-7 . 9 " 2 f , , f .. ,fy-.. Y - f' --ff: - ff M . , . k- V frm-f ' ' -- f--1 . , A . . . ff -av' 9 . L , ,. . ,im , Y . V 1' .. ,-,w... 1" QE . ,eff 3 F.-,. L V, T. .47 Iemgpry, yr .Q lg' ,-5 -N-,Q ,Y ,- f ' w 1 n n I , A ig' 36 vs J, . , A . Y 5 1: I , 'vie x ' ' . In order that our sincere appreciation far, their kindly encouragement and assistance during the past year may not go unexpressed we dedioaii this NICHLOSEAN to our sponsors, Miss Roberts and Mrs D1StZs I Glass of '58 111111111 Qx"'x "'x"x"Q 1-C-G6 Nz W -AIDIMI u N IISWWRMIIUN . f maxi-r A ., ', ,Ev 3' f Q55 'llzlzlillillli QQQQQQQQQQQQQXX 11 NI II if If '-GSK-66x X X X X J 1 'v ., 'fx' AIDIVII n N ns 1r'RA1r num NKJ. 'Y' fy, 1 ' , f NICHOLAS COUNTY HIGH SCHOOL C. G. Frantz Principal 1.3. Brvuux N.A., Mqrs3s'l Cf3mATCU Katharine Fulics B.S.,Gttawa Univ.l Physical Education md English Albert Diehl EMA., llarahnll M325 Chemistry and Mathnm tics hmvj: D215 WD,-11 H.A., Marsnnll lpln Enxlish amz Svcial S"u' a .An L ' 14 ' .,.n., r , ,1.,1 1, Iain-: iles Hwleu Crluvr 54.5. EA., H11 1.'J" Social Stu-lieu Aohcrt E. Cawpnell , IN1I'8l.:1.l1 1932 Social 3LuG1ea Jvun HRLLAF LMA., WVU ldlid M.A. , WTU 1:67 -urllsh and J'1rnn1L5m Maynard Ducxworth nos., WVU 1437 Science sLLhr Ruler b.A.. Fi1VQu'L llgt L.A., Kew York U 111 Emil 1 N fr! x f ' X l W W Nfl W W W W NTI VI W N31 rf if X ff Emily Iinifrod Roberta Bul., WVU 1952 ma., wvu was 80010. Studin r.o. :mum ' 5.4 ., W! 1916 lglwf N310 851120 1922 lgthepxstioc md Latin : fag. fm. ' J . L.J, iii. - , L A611118 Enema: a.a.,m., we nav Hom loenoniel Earle Kilda Boss, PUB!! Stl!! 13157 Kuala' ' X W' Ro s Lo lasqtztg. IW 1925 ld. ,lddoxm Stats 1955 Apdculturo Alice 8961919 8.8. ld. ITU 1956 Librarian gwiali- ggrwrtlold , - . onv11.1o'1954 Pfvaioal Mannion ' Ind Englilh , X , ,' lx Q it 3 5 ' iw Li! 3 3'E"N " 755, -M-W----mW.m Y va' 'Q 1 1 x":fx W xfl xj xg, lv xy V V W xv xv W xv xv N f..x,., , KT! 4 W , X71 XT! 235 x 1 , W Q xv 5 Ziff Y Q 26' Nil W I W N Y Betty Jo Alderman The world delights in runny people. Ruth Bihar Quint, resmrved U ? .f.' Z K A W rm: n talker. Q1 sz , lhridach Boch-111 Swings kwa A de- potxhiale nm is tl-ny: round Ln A degulduble situ- lt 5116 Robeodn Bram 'Maw' Smoky an thou wzfmve har for fmiawdw. ,laxkiun Drs!-5 144 rgistwr bq land Yi .n :YI v gb- linked th ful 12 .L what 5 L1 2' can Im be pla n mx? 515210 Blankenship A Plea-anne maid and " P3-'HMHIG mlln. Y-Ilvl Brown When its dmv U7 her in well done. lllford Dorsey 'Rod' Arc all rea-hwadod men famous? Elmo Drennen "Smarty" A nan cannot live Yllhdit 10700 f 1 . J , ff fi V ik.,-' wil, 1, Xl, 3 vig, x X-w f X A Biff IR ff? X X W Nfl W V w X? 7 W xff XT! W W W Eff Vi , I 5 J..'f's id 11'A. Kndmlinw Cutllp I 4,M5 nu, pay- Lo wwvry, Lulnqs :mppen anyway. Herbert: Foeklnr 'Harb' I I-Kg lean quiat but 'n thinking 111 the luxe. Bonnie Gilbert. Tha right disponi- tion to drive care any. lillilm Hara ld 'Bill " He spends his days in Arguing am hll nl ghtn in plmn ing. f Xary Rather Gross A merry heart goes all the way but a sad one tires in A mile. Chnrlwa Laughdry 'Chuck' 'lee like him onus he kinda sorta makes A teller like hit. Revs Hanna Gmniua is wisd m and yuuth. Thais Jarrett usual! One to aepand on Ln trouble and dare. Duns lcGuGlh00B lhy oh why did nature blfbl I boy with auch fair aharmaf xnchel Grcvvs Lnuvn sllnncu In Lhv auinia, L nm but human. lfredl Hlmll 'Con The days of our youth are the days of our glory. Boniface HcG1ung 'Bub " I used to be n good boy but look at me HOW: Bonnih Johnson They build too low who build beneath the stars. Bernice Kincaid with men A lie is A last rasortg with woman 1t'l 1 first aid. x,1 X . 52. X I A lx 1 - 1 A 4 X Y ,.. . X111 ."'?f 'f Tuff,-1 . .lx F. y -,T 1 V. 5 L W Ti . i' X , , Xzr I 1 rj ls ml? E ive f1'f1Y'0T Uonnin Milam An nf1i.oer and a gentleman 5' xg, f ' ' Xi, .F 6' J' 1355? Eg! W" VX ' . L fx N ' gi I Xi! X gf XT! W xff f 1 1 1 l 1 A , W if 'aff W N51 wx, xv, 1 1 5 a W W V W V I 1 1 E M W 'e W f Nix 2 Xl ' W Y Leah 3wG1':mgg Send nature ami gazed germs 8787 Quin warn. mxwalwam Girls any was and ' ll 'ITL 8916 WY " -80 63 fQ!'DYQl'n I-oil H011 ki pillar steadfast in a atom. Halen Rndsr lush :study Ll wearitonn tn the mind. Olive ldcubohlod A voice of glad- nau, md a mth. Edith llttln - Beauty is its own extmu for bung- Rxy hrkinu 'Lightning' I would not tx-ado ly bod for a throne. nu-mu app To know hor is to like her. - Emsl Y. S Mark this por- fees man. nrburf Iv- W 53 1 '1 nu JZ UL 44h 01 U ,i'8 Piettin Sifififm Spuoh is silver. but oil suse il 8015530 Roberta Spencer A faee wihh glad- nass Overavraad. Gotn14lne Unmmnrs Remy women ew- mud more attwt ion 'thbll 'Chill GBUS: Thomas Spvncer "'X'onsxy" ' Lite is but 4 spam D11 enjoy every inch of 12. Lanty Hoy Son t ta A youth adorned with initiative and ingenuity Bohn lblnlrd Hn' lodnlt llhhbfl ' and graceful sir Show lux' lili and 8004 u abs is hir. Marjorie Summarl Sha hsld tho knavo king, queen, and ace in every gums she played Qi th mn. llargwsribo Taylor 'lax-Jia' Not to love is not to live, Many bww Tinnvl Her basury cuzsea A crisis in xna bwya' vocabnlnrlfs. Sylvia ialkwr LaL'3 bv gay while ne may. John Sweeney Xa ahnuld behave to planaw ourow1vws-- neg Qghnp people. Govtrudo Wilson 'Gert' Live and laarn, but 1t'l A lot nnfwr to learn and liva- Znlle Wilson Dlmnltv is env awwatnfsa pf wvmwnhwod. ' Dyer 'wgmrd 'w put him Jnmn far L gnLt1cfnL -Nc he fills Lhe ?i11. Tunica Talxup' Tha music in my heart I bore. Eurnice Williams Jaw rich that fora- HP d'3 Calm nxpnngo, Carlin White nCrouku You look wise, pray cuvrect that error. hgln Uoodn11 Quint u:C ntudivns, sh- cnjoy: mork. Mtiviiiii 'Nm-13.1 DRM!! Hu x ' W! A :ml V ill Blu fill ' uf 'Ruby Lu human , Linh fury 'Mal you fill tickled W me huh can in A Hula mrholr. vena nan-ny ' 'Mun in 4013.0 Ed Sw w , or wx HISTORY OF THE SENIOR CLASS We -came to Nicholas High School in the fall of 1933 to seek the knowl- edge that was to be offered us in the next four years of our life. We were unlike the proverbial freshmen ln that we were intelligent and ambitious evenatthebeglnnlngofourllighschooleareer. Inourfiretyearwemede a. promising showing in athletics as well as scholastic work, During the next two years We fulfilled the promise made in the fresh- man year. In our junior year we presented a play "Little Mis 'lhttenn and gave a banquet to the seniors. Wlhen the National Honorary Society was established here several juniors were selected to be charter members. We have been outstanding in toth basket ball amd football, and our class teams have made good show- ings in the class tournaments. In our senior year we have been the leading class. Several more mem- bers of our class have joined the National Honorary Society, Our su-ccess as a class has depended upon our sponsors, Miss Mamine S-ummers in our Freshman yea,-r, Miss Rebecca Wiseman and Mr. P, C. McQuuain ln our Sophomore year, Miss Ann Durham and Mr. Albert Dietz in our Junior year, and our present sponsors, Miss Winlfred Roberts and Mr. Dietz. We are very grateful to them and to the school for the oppor- tunities presented to us. SENIOR CLASS PROPHECY OF "38" In thinking afba-ut the past four years of our happy high school days, my friend and I were roaming around the school grounds. Passing the building we remembered some of the pleasant and also the unpleasant memories off our days spent here. We had shared with our classmates the pleasures, sorrows, passing marks, and flunks of school life, We wandered down by the gym. Here we had grand times at parties, banquets, and basket ball games. Then looking out ufpon the athletic field, we could still see our 'heroes fighting to vlc-tory for dear old Nicholas. From here we wandered down by the fountain. This place contained many memories for us. We sat down on the mossy bank to talk and ponder. We had been Ln school four years together but the next week we would part, We were wondering what would happen to all our classmates in their future years. The fountain answered as if ty magic with a voice so soft and sweet. "Youngsters, I am not very old but I have seen classmates come and go, I know a lot of secrets but I will ever keep the trust. Now, as you seem to wish ilt, I'l1 tell you about the future for you and your classmates." Betty Jo Alderson will secure a position as a clarinet player in Leo- pold Stokowski orchestra. due to the valuable instruction she received in Nicholas High School. Marian Craig will become one of Americas greatest chemists due to t-he knowledge she obtained from a former associate. George Emfbree, upon finishing his medical work art Rlush Medical Coll- lege, will establish a baby clmlc in Summersville mr girl halbies between 16 and 21. Reva Hanna, contrary to our expectations, will marry amd rear a. large family. Emal Preast and his wife, Elodse, will live haxppily at Dixie with only one problem, that is, to keep up with all their children, Margie Taylor, who never could make up her mind afboult anything, will divorce four husbands -before she finds the one she really loves. Dana MoCubcheon will reside in Weston alt the Insane Asylum but as the superintendent, not as an inmate, since he understands crazy people so well. Bonnie Gilbert will establish a boarding house in Susmrnersvllle for the benefit of the school 1-rlds who get put off -the bus, Lanty Scott will become a. 'great explorer of the South Pole. Charles Simms will become an all Ameriucan football star. Phala Woodall will live the life of an old maid school teacher, teaching at Tioga. - ' Elva Brown will carefully conserve her knowledge of social problems and be one of the foremost teachers at West Virginia University, Bill Hero-ld will do Missionary work in the wilds ozf Scotland since he will never overcome his childhood desire to convert a Campbell to his views, Ray Perkins and Mr. King will not be heard from for twenty years since they will go to Norway where the nights are six months long, Helen Stanard will take Miss Strou-ss's place at Nicholas as Home Economics teacher after Miss Strouss retires at the age of fifty years. Bernice Williams and Floatle Slgman will not be separated in laiter liffeg they will be successful tusiness women of Birch River. Zella. Wilson, who succeeded so well as the Glrl Reserve President, will become superintendent of the Y, W. C. A. in New York, Eddie Spencer, whose betting ln hllgh school dldnft turn out so well, will continue to bet and Will get qui-te rich betting on horse races. Thomas Spencer, due to the cheer leading practice he received in the halls of Nicholas High, will become widely known for his cheer leading at Duke University. Gentrude Wilson will devote her days to vainly trying to teach wlsdzm to lovers, Sylvia Walker, Bonnie Jolmson, and Eunice Walkup will have a life time posliltlon testing foods for the A. J. Heinz Co, Wllsford Dorsey and Junior Hendrickson will become famous for their hair dye. The purlpose will be to dye all red hair hmofwm. Margaret Shelton will follow her long hoped for ambition and become a famous opera singer. Dennis Milam due to the service and experience recedved ln the C, M. T. C, will go -to China and become Chiang Kafl's right hand man. Clhey licked the Japs.J Mary Lee Tinnel will be chief operator of the Summersville Beauty Shop and will have as a specialty to give all hdgh school girls their much desired curls. -Ruth Scnagg after graduation will return to Smoot where she will live a very successful married life. Bernice Kincaid will divide her time among her duties as the first lady of the land, raising Meredltlfs amd her twelve children, and her dutels as chairman of the organization to prevent courting in hrlegih school. Lorena Crieasy will accept a position as head superintendent of nurses in the Charleston General I-llospital and will expect many rich men to visit the hoqrital in hopes of receiving a proposal. Mary Esther Grose will became a widely known play writer, her most famous play being "Why Worry ln High School?" Charles Iaughary, who is much admired by the girls in school, will take Roliert 'Daylor's place wi-th the women of the nation. Mary Kuntz will inspire one Junior Curry to be one of the leading farmers of Nicholas County. Edith Martin will be an extra. in Hollywood. Beuna Cutlip will lose her slyness and become a lecturer on the subject of "Life Without a Lover." I Leah McClung will become s. great professor at West Virginia Unl- versizty. It will be rumored that she will marry anolther professor of this university but time .will tell. The .rlng that Geraldine Summers wears will mean something. She will marry Arthur Mason and will reside aft Drennen. Rebecca Brown will be one of the greatest orators out the last cenrtury but will retire to her home, "'l11e Fairfield," ln 1950. Thelma Jarrett after searching for several years will find her ideal husband fa red headed man.j Elmo Dnrennen will wed the former Miss Cleo M'cMllllion and will re- side alt Ernon and be the :pnovud farther of quinlbulplets, Maggie Blankenship will spend many happy days listening' ho her hus- band sing "VV1'nen You and I Were Youznvg, Maggie," Elizafbeth Dorsey will come back to Nicholas to aid Mr, Bryant as Commercial teacher, as Mr, Bryant will lose all his hair and will be asham- ed to come out. Madeline Outllp, as she .always was an excellent basket ball player, will become the Physical Education teacher of Richwood High School. John Sweeney will become quivte rich in Alaska where he will become head of a. fur selling firm. l Dyer Sitanalrd, who always took much interest in Vocational Agricul- ture while in high school, will use it in his future days at Enon. Martha. Sapp will persuade Charles Keenan to help her with her news pu'bli:.atlon, "The Summersville Messenger." Freda Hamilton, who always employed her lipstick, will become fa- mous for her "Man Winning" lips-tic-k. Herbert Fockler will the a great pmfessor at Duke University and as professors are usually hard-boiled, Herbert will not be an exception. Chilton Murphy will live a very happy married lixfe at Calvin with ihe former Miss Mildred M1::Olung as his better half. Louise Campbell and Ruby Lee Drennen will start a Beaulty Culture School in Charleston. Oarlls White will follow his father ln the undertaking business and will halve as a specialty "All Beautiful Women," Marjorie Summers will reside at Jodie and help her husband in trying to estalbllsh a more perfect coal union. Roberta Spencer will be the World Champion Typist in 1950. Velma Dorsey will establish an Old Maid Society of the United States. Meredith Dodrill will carry cn the name of president, as he will be President of the United States. Rachel G-roves will teach Physical Education at Nicholas High School arfter talking her husfband into insanity. Marguerite Groves will live quite a reserved life as an pld maid. Ruth Baber will lose her slyness and marry a. boy of the junior class of 138' Boniface McCl'ung will take Charlie McCarthy's place with Edgar Ber- gen, Olive Mcfmtcheon will be a. very efficient comrtometer operaltor for the Dodrill Shoe String Factory at Birch River. Amd you hols Neil will be a teacher in a Oomrnerclal College, With this the voice -ceased talking. We looked around but we could see no one. The voice had vanished as quickly as it had come. My friend and I hurried back to school -tlo tell our classmates what we had heard. We were very much pleased for now we would know where to find our class- mates after school was out. We told our classmates about it but only part of them believed the story. But in years to come we will see if the foun- tain told us the truth! LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT OF THE SENIOR CLASS OF 1938 Ruth Balber wills her ability to get along with any teacher and any kind of condition to Louise Gnoves. Maggie Blankenship wills her active interest of anything that goes off in the aud. to Madali-ne Ward, Elva. Brown Wills her ability to stick with anything until its done to Joe Hughes. Rebecca Brown wills her quiet manners and ways to Okey Lee Mearns. Louise Campbell wills her independent ways to tell jokes and tunny stories to Lester Robents. Marian Craig wills her slick ways of doing things and getting by with it to Betty Lou Altlzer. Lorena Greasy wills her ideas for and what to do at F. F. A. bmquets to Cleo MfczM.i.llion. Rachel Groves wills her quietness to Mary Alice Perkins. Madeline Cutlirp wills her slbllity to play basket ball to her sister Bon- nie because she wants to keep lt in the family, Freda Hamilton wills her ability to wear lipstick to Maxine Pltzer. Geraldine Summers wills her excess weight to Bob MdMilllo'n. Lanty Scott wills his Economic education to "Judge" David Groves. Martha. Sapp wills her dependability to Joe Hlughes. Charles Laughary wills his stand in with the girls to anybody who needs lt. John Oumy Jr, wills his affection for a certain Junior sponsor bo Fred SBPP. Rlay Perkins wills his excess energy to Gerald Fltzwater, Roberta Srpencer wills her ability fto blush to Ella Pltzer. Chilton Murphy his "pri88y" WU-YS 8-Hd 804'-S to 3411103 Kill!!- Dana Mlc0uztchecn wills his curley hair to Wlllee Gnamp. Dennis Milam wills part of his height to Jimmy Peck. Carlls White wills his perfect attendance record to Mable Taylor. Bill Herold wills his ability to argue with his teachers to Madeline Swlndler. Mary Kuntz wills her low well modulated vvoice -to Bill Pugh. George Embree wills Harriet W1-ight's affections to Gilbert Milam, Meredith Dodrlll wills his wonderful ability to select Christmas pres- ents tor his teachers bo Jean MoMillion, Charles Simms wills his alblllty to keep his hair straight to Paul Mc- Clung, Ruby Lee Drensnen wills her interest in George to I-Iarrlette Wright, Mary Lee Tinnel wills her quietness to Juanita Smith. . R, g, "' E ,R ,. . ,ff in? K X' XX A i .':y vim. .. kit :I1 X3-:J P f A':' :" l ' 22 -z vi if J S I 4 ' P 13 Ui Xa SS S '-Qc-Qs' Ill I I If ,QxfQQx"g 1 l I K v fam . E f F E 32. J , . , ,.,.W,.-.,..:,,. ..i.x..:.J,...f-71 .1 , ..,....... L ,,.,...:1L1......... .k........1..,-:QW ...f..:..A..a..a..:....4.s....,...a-.4 2..s...4..-.. 1 1 .Ah 'Jr' - ' f :A 6 , jg. . if . 'J' f V ,. M-,Q .15 . . b ., 1 . D K r yi? , . i b'1FN'xl5Wv'54'i-'.-x'lML'T' wi-'ix N., w. -!..IPYrlGr'Ff"i1 'lkf Kwik- UAW lwrLf'3"2 Jim ? iVll1"l9CJ5'Y'IW5'4-iii .-YW KL-'El-VLJH WX' 1595755 U'-K-iihikfxw. J M- . - .., -,...., 3 6' 'X 1 s f 2 N. 1- ....-... 1 E I , . ,, '. . ..-ww . ,- X., rv ww. ' ' ' A 11 f-2 ' f .53 'r 75 X1 D fi L ke 1 K. E -J 39 sl if ,I 4' an cf 1 F .. ,, 'E xc 3 W . 'Q i It 17 5. 4 ,fl 5? 5. . 'J 'LL X52 Y: gi 'A 'se 'i 2 L1 5 PT... x 1..... Y ,N .' N. , V x ,V I .EM " "l"f'wV1AIl:1''US1.f"y--6112-vxA'n'l!1"9'Ip6u-P-I--'if'.yE'.vi"41 Kdlil .Y "fKi5KIlCllI"f-Ill. " . , . , ' L' . . .' 2 . A - L Y f. ' ' - n .' ,..g -- -... .W.-f,u......... e E . V, L 5 ' I 1 , a- QQ 1, M ' 545-1,-3 V. - ' L 'Zlf 1 f' -., , .e V N. '. 51,-41 ,- 1351-Cf, 4 ,I fi MXN ki' ' . Sr. ? e ' W' ' ' if 1' 4 nga! 1- 1 'gif' 1. . .Jn Q Q, V499 1, ' . f E' If - . I, yr, F- A V V- ,L,. .K jg M K , f ' gl W M Ju' . 'Q W ' ' 'w -L Q 'Q 'fl' ad Z , ,, 2 v 0 T, I ski! . 'V Q 'RIF if 1 L . ' 1" ,, V , E xii, AJ .a' w. F' ixnjh-1 - W xx W-X 'M .5 ? "XXV 5 1 , 'S 'V f f lb P , M 1 , , E 'rf 3 . 5 J : 1 jjj H 5 ' " L -4-4.11-'e1:-vim-.xfaf,-,fmn W Q X I I X. Xl I X 3" -:q 1 I i, A I X ,fl RX r X I E ,ga XX I I XX .I . - I wig 1 R- X .' X- X X X f' X W Y ff' , . .1 I' ,. I -'X K X If he I? 'I D A X ,fn . v I ,L .A- , .f., . vw-.1-.I . F .Vg .. Q. V, . 12114.11- ' . G I: .. ' Ii' , If ig I RL: x' x' -X .NIV . X 1 f' 1' I, fi II, II' X' U' ,N Z4 -5 Wf rx ff- , M IN ..I I NU XVII ' '-If MI! I I W W k'xIf II W If ,I I I W I W I W WI xi II VII Wig I6 I' VII aff Ie W iI I , 1: -Y' .1 15' X' U , ,-. ,,, N. J, . kwfifwh I ,I I- - ,, ..-W .,..,, ,,,-,-,,,,,,,,,- Mm.. --M-,-I f F XPI I X I J "V I X . x' I I , A ,Q 1 ' , , ,ik I, , Jil N I Qi ,K ' ,r . 4' f px I ,4'f:,1 b -X I ' ml 53 .W O- I. II Q I If j. 1. I' v . X g ., ,,. , . ,L I Ifzj K! Inv I M32 I I I ,W I If I1 X' , .4 , . g , V- Ig.. , 1 ,- If K , I .5 I Ii 'X ik I YII I f I X X 1 - INE I If I II1 x 1 W xv I I I ,IVV WI! QW H11 All Icy IW IIXII IIXLI IW III! NV W IEW 4 . , f A v v g i i E 3 I ,X R 1 . 1 '-X. ' 'X wi' 5-K 1 X. Ll . N ! E E It . E f X e 5 ,.,, , ,..X, , -" . ll , , ,L Q 5, X. 4, A V,,,,.ig,,,, . k 1 yu -'wv . -we m1um.m..s. xp -an ww. Menu. .mwgawae-1 xx k Q .0 : M , uf V ' , X 1 ' X V 'ff ' Q ,Ty 3 I ,WH X. 'lv . 4 T :Li . 4: ' 11 r . , . Af X X K. LI' ' I' 'L f'1f'w-T M X ...-sr 'Q-N.-M.-un .5 5 .U S ' Q l 1 X A S X ? Q X ' o :a 1 ' ' I P Q X I t t 3 v - At 1 1 vhs. ,li EIIX I- N4l'hl'SlI'4.H' Q? X 2 X-.H fx' X 'I ' " , ,.1 ,,. . , '-.- 1 N 4 ,L 's 1 F 42 ' 1' .KU , IL . , ? ' X :Az a , .ri ' A 1 AW I V ' . ru . f ' 1 . : .fs f 'f 1 gqm. X, A il 'Q 4 fl X, 55 :X X . gi X 1 '1 fy X 3 1: w Y Y 5 X. 1 . . 1 Nine. Acree Mary Bussey Emily Bush Joe Hughes Bertha Balles Marjorie Boso Ada Bryant Pauline Brown 'Velma Blankenship Weitzman Belles Cora Chapman Mary Champe Betty Crislip Nadine Dunn Herbert H111 Pawllne Dooley Henbert Hamilton Cathleen Duffy . Audrey Lee Elkins Gale Dunn Erma Frame Martha. Fldler Bessle Groves Louise Groves Ellen Groves Ellsworth Losh Elizabeth Henold Lillian Hughes Mildred Herold Paul I-llll Geneva Isenhart Helen Louise Justice Helen Kincaid Berlin Mualtheny Dela. Loving Jean McMl11ion Maxie McClung JUNIOBS 38 39 40. 41. 42, 43, 44. 45. 46. 47. 48. 49. 50. 51. 52. 53. 54. 55. 56. 57. 58. 59. 60. 61. 62. 63. 64. 65. 66. 67. . 68. 69. 70. 71, 72. 73. 74. 75 Merle McC1ung Leona. Mullens Gerald Fltzwater Mildred MoClung Jimmie Peck Vera. Lee MoOutdheon Nancy Lee Murphy Virginia MoCutcheon Jessie Morris Paul Mi0Cl'lmg' Anne Nelson Roy Groves Pauline Nutter Marie Neil Myrtle 0'Del1 Maxine Pltzer Pearl Dooley Connie Perkins Flossie Pennington Kathleen Walker Ella. Pliner Wallace Cox Phyllis WDOCGU. Frankie Wiseman Verla Tlnney Violet Taylor Carl Morris Newman Rader Madeline Swlndler Hilda. Spencer Emma Sweeney Mary Simms Ray Wiseman Kathleen Stanard Marie Spencer Bonnie Richardson Henry Pltsenberger Lucreta Shawver JUNIOR CLASS HISTORY In the fall of 1965 from the various sections of Nicholas County there gathered the largest Freshmen class in the history of Nicholas County Higwh School. The class organized and elected as its olifi-cers to guide it through its perilous freshmen year, Audrey Lee Elkins, Girls' president, Mildred Herold, vice-president, and Nadine Dunn, secretary-treasurer: Paul Mc'Clung, Boys' president, Buster McMil1ion, vice-president, Benson Bailes, secretary-treasurer. Miss Esther Rader, Miss Joan Barnes, Miss Adello. Strauss, and Mr. Ross Lytle were the sponsors of the 'class In the fall of 1936 the class reorganized as Sophomores. Although a few had fallen by the wayside we still led with the largest Sovphlormore -class. Our sponsors were Mrs. Joan Harrlszn, Miss Esther Rader, Mr, Alvin Mc- Cann, and Mr. R. E. Campbell. Buster MoMillion, Boys' president, Ada Bryant, Girls' preslderrtg Benson Balles and Pearl Dooley, vice-epresldentsg Marie Spencer and Ida Merle Bailey, vice-'presidents for the girls. Louisa Simpson and Basil Huff served as secretary and treasurer. With our officers' and sponsors' help we journeyed through our Sopho- more year. Just before examinations we forgot our cares for a while and had a. Weiner roast at fthe Four H Camp. Then we were drawing near our Junior year, It was a jolly gncwp of Juniors tmt gathered on the campus in the fall of 1937 to enroll one step higher, Fate had called some of the members from the class during vacation leaving an enrollment of one hundred forty. We again elected our officers with Miss Jean Haller, Miss Alice Stemrple, Mr. Maynard Duckworth and Mr. R, E. Campbell sponsors. Henry Pitsen- berger, presidentg Marie Spencer amd Ada, Bryant, vice-presidentsg Raoy Groves, secretary and Marjorie Bosco, treasurer. Our class is continuing to struggle to reach higher honors by. sponsoring :pie so-clals and minstrels. We are striving to reach the highest peaks of learning and to live up to our motto -"Not for self but others." sf: X'-1, Q " . X7 5 1524 ? if S U Iwi Qngues A. "A, : : as .: . f ,Q Q!-gr If fl 1 f ll' 'xTiQQx"QQQf, I I II x'QQQx 'Q' WK z xy ,lf n K ,u 1 , . A 'MN QW 1 , X711 5 'Cf' C SJ! Q5 W NT! J W ,, V 2' NF W 4 3 X. X I W W W W' 'f i n I V35 I s I i 3 E 1 E p K . H ' a .Ji -i-. .. 1, .- SOPHOMORE Peggy Alderson, Benny Lou Altizer, Margaretue Amick, Guynelle Anderson, Irene Baber, Pauline Belles, Ruby 521168, Edna Barker, Margaret Beirne, Eileen Bell, Marian Bobbitt, Ina Marie Boley, Barbara Bragg, Annabelle BPOCR, Hazel Brown, Marie Brown, Lehnls Bail, Brooks B913-PY, Gwrfce Beam, Roabert Erown, Bettis Lou Catletste, Alda Cole, Bessie Cox, Ruth Craig, Thelma Craiq, Dana Carte, Warrfn Copeland, Loris Copenhaver, James Craig Golda Lee Dawson, Mazel Dorsey, Cecil Derberry, Buell Dodrill, Warren Dodrill, Arnette Dorsey, Boyd Dorsey, Elliot Dorsey, Mary Frances Elkins, Barney Faulkner, Doris Ray Frazer, Mabel Fitzwater, Kathryn Fockler, Flora Foster, Evelyn Frame, Lenora Frame, Esther George, Sammel Groves, Agatha'Ha11, Anna Hannon, Betty Lee Harold, Ruth Herold, Gaynelle Hughes, Grace Lee Hughes, Macel Hughes, SOPHOMORES C00ntlnu4-:dl Marjorie Hughes, Betty Jarvis, Augusta Justice,EmmaLeg'g, Gracie Lewis, Lillian M3oClung, Cleo MscMillion, Christine Matheny, Lorraine Mollohan, Lucille Moore, Anna Morgan, Eleanor Morris, Billie Murphy, Anthela Net- tles, Lillian Nettles, Mlarian Newsom, Virginia Nichols, Maurine Nvutter, Hllda O'eDell, Phern O'Dell, Zelma O'lDell, Thelma Perkins, Geneva, Proctor, Edith Rapp, Daisy Rose, Freda Scragg, Mary Shaffer, Hilda Shafwver, Virginia Simms, Juanita Smith, Flaye Snider, Phala S1penoer,Wl1ma Stanaird, Oneta Stanley, Alisce Sullivan, Genevieve Summers, .Mabel Taylor, Pearle Thomas, Irene Turner, Louise Walker, Madeline Ward, Kathleen Wiseman, Harriet Wright, Edith Young, Lehnis Ball, Brooks Bailey, George Beam, Robert Brown, Dana Carte, Warren Copeland, Lewis Oopenhaver, James Craig, Cecil Der- berry, Buell Dadrill, Warren Dodrlll, Arnette Dorsey, Boyd Dorsey, Elliot Dorsey, Barney Faulkner, Doris Ray Frazer, Samuel Groves, Jo-lm Hickman, Eu- gene Hill, Virgil Hughes, Andrew Keenan, Stuart King, Mm-len Legg, Woodlrlow Legg, Carl McC1ung, Harold McOlung', J, W. MoClung, Lloyd Me- Clung, Nelson MloOlu'ng, Louis M3cOutoheon, Freeman MwcQ'ualn, Brainerd Martin, Okey Lee Mearns, Galvin Mlaore, Ross Mlorglan, Phillip Morris, Ray Moses, Clyde Mullens, Warren F. Mullens, Warren I-I. Mullens, Paul O'Del1, Dale Perry, Billy Pugh, Ralph Rader, Forest Ramsey, Harold Ramsey, Lester Roberts, George Sawyers, Allen Scott, John Shel- ton, Cecil Simms, James Simpson, Hylbert Stickler, Robert Thomas, Il N III II 11411 4411 xx NV I SOPHOMOIUE CLASS HISTORY - In the fall of 1936 there entered Nicholas High School the largest freshman ,class during the history of the school. This class consisted of one hundred amd seventy-seven members who were regarded as a. wild and wooly hunch. We soon began bo catch on to the ways of hlefh school lite and proceeded to organize by electing the following officers: President, Arnett Dorseyg Secretary and Treasurer, Cleo Mnclllllllion. To guide this il- lustrious class, four sponsors were named hy Fran-tz: Miss Strauss, Miss O'Dell, Mr. Lytle and Mr. King. To preside ln home room periods the fol- lowing vice-presidents were elected: Arthela Nettles, and Marian Bobbitt. In athletics we were represented by one boy: Arnett Dorsey. Although our teams made a. good showing in the basket 'ball touzma- ment, they were defeated, For social activities our class enjoyed a roast given at the County 4-H Camp. In the fall of 1937 our glass had dwindled to about one hundred and forty-one on the enrollment. The class officers chosen to serve this year were: President, Nelson McOlun,g'g Secretary and Treasurer, Cleo McMil- llon, The sponsors alppointed by Frantz were Miss Strouss, Miss Raider, Mr. Ponterfield, and Mr. McQuain. The vice-presidents chosen to preside in home room 'periods were Peggy Alderson and Eleanor Morris. We were represented on the football squad this year by three boys: Brooks Bailey, Warren Dodrlll, and Arnett Dorsey, The Sophomores' rep- resentatives on the basket ball team were Billy Pugh and Bailey. This year we have had several of our pupils on the honor roll, while others brought home "Mn Low Mark." As the year draws to a close, we are wishing for a. more successful year in 1938-39. -ff' K 2'f-,xiii i m Q. .n k -TQ if 1 1 wr if if 4P'P94 MA1JEN ETA: x z, AV N ql in . If 41 11111 1 I if bi XY, W Xu! w XX 1 v f e-X , FRESHMEN dudley amick, gilma anderson, douglas arbaugh, dorothy alderaon, natalie amiok, ralph baber, joe paul bail, 1 junior bail, annie bailes, eugene bailea, hnbert blilel, henry bryant, mary bailea, phala bailes, helen bennett, mary bennett, peggy blankenship, derene bleigh, letha bragg, edna brewer, anna mae brown, mary agnes brown, irene butcher, lella butcher, romeo cole, darrell cox, doy culver, charles cunningham, blanche campbell, mam-ine clmpbell, madeline carte, eva champs, mnxine Chapman, nolgene oline, katherine conley, ethel corbitt, nartha coulter, helen cox, bonnie lee cutlip, rena lee cutlip, carl dolmetsoh, oonrad dooley, bernice drennen, william curry, gladya demass, helen dom-111, audi-ey donelaon, bernice dorsey, murielene dorsey, viola dorsey, patra drennen, margaret ellis, harold ford, x Y 's.'ln 1112 'Tiff xl xy N I xv X7 V1 W w X7 W X7 W W FR-ESBIMEN lllontlnuedj mary katherine fisher, eloise fitzwater, louann fltzwater, dorothy grey, an- na, mae gxose, lorena hanna, hilda harris, eloise harrison, eleanocr hoover, edith hwghes-, helen hughes, maxine hughes, willie hughes, helen UYPCS. 1 thehna hypes, lena jones, rebecca leach, belle legg, UVB. legg, 118.281 look, mary anma lyons, betty moclung, doris mcclung, evelena moclung, helen mlcclung, lensa. mae moclung, ada mcclfung, .katlhleen mocutcheon, freda mace, anna mary mearns, malcll morris, eugenia mullens, mary mullens, 'bertie mustoe, gmlenma nlchols, loretta nichols, fransces o'dell, gay o'dell, glenna o'dell, phala perklns, mary alice perkins, nina xadclifte, helen ramsey, virginia ramsey, mth russell virginia sawyers, margaret pebert, agvnes shelmon, ksaty bell she-lton, har- riette smarr, murrell smith, christine sparks, hilda. strlckland, jean sulllvan, madaline summers, anna. mae thomas, portarhee tinney, Joyce tucker, maude Whitlock, 'geraldine williams, margaret williams, thelma wood, noralee young, gdlma anderson, douglas arbaugh, ralph baber, joe paul ball, junior bail, ennls balles, eugene balles, holbent bailes, henry brya.-nt, romeo cole, darrell cox, doy culver, charles cunningham, ' carl dolmetsch, conrad dooley, william durfy, john 1 greaser, 'donald groves, stewart groves, henry hayslett, lyle hendrlckson, james hensll, billy hughes, doyle huglhes, harold hughes, george hypes, warren jones, charles keenan, jenkins king, fred kluntz, james kuntz, raymond legg, benzil long, okey loving, buddie ,mc- clung, olln muclung, nzelvin mlccoy, otis mecutcheon, hesteovn mcmllllon, billie moqueen, denzll martin, herbert miller, junior miller, forest mollohan, keith morris, vemon moses, harold neil, witsel neil, dalna. nelson, Vernon o'dell, edward perkins, bolbby perkins, jimmie perklns, ponter perry, harold proctor, donald radcliff, junior riddle, mitchell rose, samuel MPP. fredrlok mwyers, charles scraglg, , edward simms, sterling sims, bill smith, robert spencer, euagene thomas, leonaard tracy, james shirley sweeney, ray walker, howard c, white carl wright. fjf III! II V V Xl FRESHMAN HISTORY Last fall among the many students who assembled in Nicholas County High School to ,begin the school year of 193-7-38 approximately one hundred and seventy ehamning girls and handsome boys enmlled ln the freshman class, ready to begin four years iovf hard work intermtngled with much funn. The class was divided into four groups, each having a faculty sponsor. Miss Kathryn Fulks and Miss Helen Criner are sponsors of the girls, while Mr. Ross Lytle and Mr, Leo King are in change of the boys. Each of the groups have class officers but in order to cope with any problem concern- ing the entire class they met and elected James Kuntz, president: Mary Elizabeth Wills, vice-president, and Charles Keenan, secretary-treasurer. The freslunan class has begun its school life in a manner that foretells of bigger amd better achievements in the future. They have made a, fine showing in the scholastic field, having a fair percentage of the class on the honor roll. The class is also well represented in athletics having three 'boys on the basket ball team, two of which are on the first team. To work hard and to have 'much fun out of our work is the aim of the class and we are attaining that goal in our first year in a bdg way. l,f Y. L fx' 1' 1 0 w T . . 4 4 W 4: 6 1 ? 1 - A 6 I V' wr 'dll V i VIE W , Wi XII? I . i I 1 Nl W W W wf W W N71 3 i I G I 2 E E Y I i 1 v - i V EIGHTH GRADE lst Row! paulino o'del1, jean stewart, barbara ward, phyllis crislip, june aeragm, margaret bashaw, mary katherine kincaid, herold proctor, claude bell. 2nd Rows charles bolar, leola wilson, jean mccredy, edith mooutoheon, lena mae radar, wilma wr-ight, wanda brook, irene groves, maxine copenhaver. 5rd Rvws V ceoil brown, Uohn groves, paul tyres, ronald o'de11 lowell mcclung, george mcoutcheon, Miss O'De11. I III! 11 W V Xl EIGI-ITH GRADE CLASS HISTORY On the sixth of September in the year 1987, twenty-tour students known as "Eighth Graders" entered Nicholas High School, 'Ibis clan has been together since their first school days. The first few days were em- ployed in assigning students .their studies. At the end of me first week the students had become familiar with their schedule and smmmmdmgs, so we started on the regular routine of work, The class met with its sponsor, Miss Mary Doris 0'Dell, and elected the following officers: E President, Irene Gmvesg Treasurer and Secretary, Jean McGrady: Reporter, Jean Stewartg Program Leaders, John Groves and Jean Stewart. A party was given for a play winning group on December 1, 1937, and was enjoyed by all. The boys participated in an awemfbly program. The class has made remarkable progress in tts studies and has taken a prom- inent part in all school activities. New if you see some flashlights 'and lanterns coming down the street before daylight qtor we have to be at school at eight o'clockJ don't be alarmed, for it is only the Eighth Graders oomlrng to school. , I, H 4.51. N V ,,, X .. ,. ,, ' ' Y A 427 4 1, '- , A v ..,. iii? ' - .fy 1 I A L 1. a, ijfj I n wif f f: 'ff' Q' ' ff . 4:5 I Q- 5 , 2 4 ' Q ' lg 3 Lxxxi! - 1-.Lf ,. mugs A Q u 495 CAFETERIA lst Row: Leona Mullens, Madeline Cutlip, Geneva Isenhart, Violet Taylor, Evelyn Frame, Edna Barker, Margarette Amick, Maurine Nutter, Alda Cole. 2nd Row: Mazel Dorsey, Louise Mearns, Phala Woodall, Phyllis Woodalla Grace Hughes, Harriet Wright, Olive McCutcheon, Gladys Fitzwater. 5rd Row: Betty Jo Alderson, Lillian McClung, Marjorie Hughes, Miss Strouss. A ff 2 X X V M CAFETERIA Our ,cafeteria has been in operation since 1935. The first year there were only seven girls working in it. Every year more girls seem to be in- terested. Last year we had increased to fourteen, and at present we have IIIIIIIGIBGII. 'Ilhe first yemr there were aprpmozdmately twenty-tive served including teachers: ,last year about forty, and this year the number lms increased to around seventy, The cafeteria not only renders service to teachers and pupils in the form ef wholesome food, but lt has helped pay for the new Erigidaire the Home Economics Department purchased in 1936. BAND Harold Proctor drum major lat Row: Betty Lou Altizer, Geneva Proctor, Louise Groves, Betty Lee Crislip, Marian Bobbitt, Mary Bussey, Nadine Dunn, Irene Bailes, Betty Jo Alderson. 2nd Row: Okey Lee Kearns, Nelson McClung, Herbert Hamilton, Fredrick Sapp, Marjorie Boso, Marian Craig, Ellen Groves, Mary Sims. 5rd Row: Henry Pitzenberger, William Herold, Madaline Ward, Audrey Lee Elkins, Ray Perkins, Pauline Belles, Gaynelle Anderson, Mr. Wilde. Y. X f XX 1 w I , , fl Xxx If 1 X ' ' ' " 'F' f f ', V X , 1 , f ' 'H .F A , Ay , - 1 .3 5- ',' .la q, 1 V! W 1, 1 - I - l . Y X ff Ti? , V , - f, , '- V . I .3 , if b . . A jpg , -'gi 2,2 ' , nf! 'fn f ' ff XXJ " ASM ' xXx A ' f' 5, X V . AJ .,,..,.-h 6'n'3'ldM!' nw Y 2 f" I 1 V l iw..-I XX 4 ,- 1 Vx V -'K V V N I .' h if : . 'ff .' ' ffm , ,Q I f ' '2" . . -K ki X. i Lx V - . - -f 3 'wx 0 u 'I ' 1: ' ' Q.: -n : A : n If '- 1 ir 'ff . , ' N J fp X ff Qi in -as vu Q 1...m..M' My N if fx , , 'A !" f 1 r , -vi. ' -i Q, 4. , Xf f X x X, i , A Z' 31 ff 2 1 . ' .3 V ' . ,K W . ,XM X Qfxx NU JOURHAIISN lst Row nd Wow e Lee x Ieur ales Tuphes 'ear c i lion, V1 v Uusr W11de eroer s 'cl er C pon . T3 ,md irxx Q52 N I7 Nl? .Y ' .. 9 - X 'Q 1 in 5 ' "YI V V xyn W xy W X! I W Wg W W2 A: , VI W 4 ' Nfl Xflg 1 Ni, :Zh Ryei Patsy .io illciirson, Martha Sapp, 0 if .-erxer oc. er, ver er T-Je X", X", ' 2 . : X", A W, ' 'dip .Q Q Mig 'bfhlr it is sorl Nil f W W Nfl xy xv V NEI X7 V NTL W Q! 1L:: C - Q -:A is . ,x-X ,il .vw .. .ig-1 vq. :- A' ff if II -90 -.V .XX h ,X X X! J 7 -x 1-1 GOLD AND BLUE RECORD STAFF Martha Sapp ............. . ........... . . .Editor-in-Ollie! Herbert Fockler . . . .... Business Manager Jean M2oMilliaon ...... .... Ass lstant Manager Betty Jo Alderson .... Assistant Manager Dyer Stanerd ....... ....... S ports Editor Wallace Cox . .. .... Assistant Sports Emily Bush ....... Joke Editor Jean Haller . ....... . .......... . . . . . . . . Faculty Advisor NEWS EDITORJS: Margaret DeJua.met:te, Hilda Spencer, Marie Neil, Vaun- dalee Hughes, Gilbert Milam, Paul Hill, Leona, Mullens, Audrey Lee Elk- ins, Nadine Dxmn, and Herbert Riddle. In the year of 1986-36 the Nicholas High School paper was organized 'by an election held in a. Senior class meeting. Choosing a. name for the paper was the next question. A "name" contest was held and Elmo Dren- 'nefn won the prize, a years free submnrlptiom to the Paper. So the "Gold And Blue Record" came into being. With this year the "Record" completes its third year of publication. A school paper operated on a. strictly self supporting basis, "The Gold And Blue Record" has won honors in the annual West Virginia Journellszn Contest. Until it was two years old, the paper was "put to bed" by Miss Ra.der's Engill1DVc1asses,butthisyeartheJou:mallsmClassdirected by Miss I-Ialler has done the editing. N4 f lffff S X X X X v xx I xx ' all " I ,, 'E X K :jg is Y I 6 U H--fR'Mw .4 ' ' ' .V-f .11---fl - z VZNXX , -' ' H, Em:-K , A .5 VAX ,ff 5.717 ., ,, 4 'X X' 1, Mx s f f 1 Eu 1. A Q . Q :mu IB S A -- f ':'L "MH-wmmf' L - f , 'fg,-THMQA iw Ywpif- I I ,V 'M -'dl '41, 55'-el ' "Q A ff: , I 'L . 9" EL V, AJ Y A . , 54 I ,s A W x W N X X D xg v v v :I I If Il QQxfQQxf'xfQQ If x XO V X x ff:f ! N, f 9-'f X. HONOR SOCIETY 1 t R s Q Mi Criner isponsorj, Marian C Wil on, Martha Sapp, Miss 0'De1 2 d R a ig, Z s on lip D B if e Mcclung, Leah Mcclung, M 5 t Y Sh lton, John Sweene . EPB? 4 Q . 1...-Zi lm., Y, f V?" eww, 5 sa Q A , ,..,-AV Y GIRL RESERVES lst Row: Thelma Craig, Guynelle Anderson, Mabel Taylor, Rachel Groves, Marian Craig, Margaret Shelton, Miss Rader, Zella Wilson, Audrey Lee Elkins, Mildred Herold, Nancy Lee Murphy, Bonnie Wilson. End Row: Myrtle O'De1l, Dorthy Alderson, Margaret DeJarn- etue, Eloise Fitzwater, Peggy Alderson, Nadine Dunn, Gertrude Wilson, Virginia Nichols, Madaline Cutlip, Dcrthy Brewer. 5rd How: Connie Perkins, Maxine Hughes, Betty Lee Crislip, Bessie Groves, Virginia Sawyers, Marguerite Taylor, Pauline Dooley, Elva Brown, Martha Sapp, Hilda Spencer. wg ,',f.,.f-.H vwweeeee ' '-'Ziff .' , ,F M.3.,'-, v1 A - , f 2, .nw-Iii F1 .- GIRL RESERVE CLUB Purpose-To Find and Give the Best. Slogan-To Face Life Squarely, The Girl Reserve Club, a. national registered organization, has been motive in Nicholas High School since its drganimtion ln 1929. The blue trlangle within a circle is the symbol of this club and the three sides of the triangle represent body, mind, and splrlt. The Girl Re- serve Code embodies those ideals of service, love, and right living that help a girl to make her life a lovely and worth-'while one. Some of the activities of the club have been as follows: Sending girls each year to the state conference, attending ohmurch in a group about three times a. year, providing a Christmas for an unfortunate family, contribut- 'ing money to the Red Cnoss or some other good cause, entertaining mothers or friends, having 'worthwhile programs, and trying to build desirable per- sonalities by instilling the prlncllples of the code into each glrl's life, Through the past years the club has been served by the following effi- cient presidents: Reta Mearns, Artha. Lucas, Gladys Bryant, Helen Henold, Wilma Herold, and Sarah Hamilton. ' The club owes its success this year largely to the faithful, untlrlng ef- forts of its president, Zella. Wtilsorn and to the following officers: Margaret Shelton, vlce-presidentg Marjorie Boso, secretaryg Mildred Herold, Audrey Lee Elkins, and Marian Craig, group leaders. Miss Rader has served as sponsor of this clufb since its organization, QUET "Everywhere, always, in sunshine, in shadow, in joy, in disappointment, in success, in defeat, we, the Girl Reserves of America, follow the Gleam. If once we fall, we rise to face the lighetg if once we fail, we fight again to wing we :cannot 'be lonely-'We stand together. From North to farthest South, fnom East to distamt West, ours is the surest Quest. We know the One we follow." - -.MX - 1 , L - . , ,. -,Y.:rr-.,.g'.-.V ,'f.,4.,. f 3 ww FUTURE FARMERS OF AMERICA lst Row: Junior Bail, Jenkins King, John Shelton, Wallace Cox, Paul Hill, Pearl Dooley, Lewis Legs, Ross Morgan, Eugene Hill, Joe Paul Bail. 2nd How: Vernon O'Dell, Samuel Sapp, William McQueen, Hylbert Sticklor, Eugene Bailes, Virgil Groves, Waitman Bailes, James Kuntz, Dana Carte. SPG How: Olin McClung, J. W. McC1ung, Phillip Morris, Fred Mulle Allen Scott, Roy Groves, Ennis Bailes, Glen Bailes, Glen Ramsey, William Hughes. 4th Row: Robert Amick, Mr. Lytle, Douglas Arbaugh, Dyer Stanard. IIS FUTUREFABMEBSOFAMIBJOA The Nieholap County Chapter or Future Farmers of America. present theforegoingpictm-etothec1assot1988.' 11uscha'ptersinoeitsonganimtion1n1928hasbeenanactlveandpmo- gvressive group ot Nicholas County farm boys,-with die exception of two yean1982-84whznourhlghsohoolwaswitlwutaVooad:imnlAgrlc1ubwre Department. ' We have an enrollment of witty-nine boys this year who are proud to heaaaocimltedwithanatiamlfaunboysolganizattonhavlng amemabor- ehipot150,000boya. b ' Our small group is attempting to observe and hollow our -organization motto: l Leemmgmao Doing to earn ltmlng -to live Living to serve. , A VV t,q. U: S, M . an N 1 y R, Y , V- , A ., ,," . Ln K X I, ' H 1555 X . ' , ' I 1, , , q :-: :1 - , .L it x 4 A: A ' ----, -,' ' ":.p,y - Q i A t Iflfll 44-441 'QsfQQQxxggg 4 SS -11 1 1 .Sfx"QQ wif'- 5. -uv 'A 5 6' wi I V! 'G 'X n- 1 I- ! 4 ,gy i 3 2 .v I. s 3 . : 1 I' 6' HA! 4 Lv, r L.: .af charl s Laumhary o Captain BsSK TBALL lst Row: Donald Groves, Herbert Hill, Joe Hughes, Ray Perkins, Gale Dunn, Herbert Hamilton. 2nd Row: Manager, Robert Thomas, Henry Pitzenberger, Buster McMill1on, Brooks Bailey, Herbert Miller, Manager, Paul Hill, Coach Porterfield vi . X 7, , bln, M I H 1 V e W iixtl IV 3911 WI 3? W H il W E5 Nei I,xf! ii W If W 15915 ll V' I N f W1 W W W xy' X, lst Rom 5rd Row: A B118 51011111011 okay Lee Mearns Xnf Ray Wisemgn Charles Laughary Ledford nccoy X I ' aienig' Pittsnbergez' pred Mullen, av Groves N l E cizgadiah Captain Robert Thomas ' ' ex' o M o m K 4th Row: Xl o V Johaphogughes ' Ray Perkins f H o A Donald Groves X, I Rm' - Herbert Igimilton o Budd H , X, f W FOOTBALL Chariesclieggn Q oigfnott Dorsey XJ gi A qgegggeo mn-ee 5th RW' 3' f U fAg::f'3ogig:i'3nd Coach Porterfield ' lv , 1 Billy Pugh W 5 ooowo Domoldsfm otha naaenrr iq, I' o ' Lester Roberts XJ! Ti' "fi::1:tffrtiT'1221"-i......l'L5"TvL'2T ---f f f 11 4611 11 YZ 1 '1 W X N I FOOTBALL REVIEW Last spring found ten letter men g1adsuatlng, eight of these .were regu- lars. The outlook for a. suocessful year for 1987 was an but bright with only five letter men left: Charles Laughary, Joe Hughes, uster Mc- Mllllon, Arnette Dorsey, and Charles Simms. , The season of "M" opened on September 18, when the Grizzlies journ- eyed to Cowen to see if we could break a three year losing streak, but as Nicholas had seven men in her starting lineup who were playing their first game, it was the same old story, a good experlenced team against a good inexperienced one, On the next Friday the Ralnelle Rangers came to The Grizzlies back yard to do battle. The Rangers were a good, heavy, experienced team, but Nicholas held them so olose that they had to take to the air to ROTC. After a week's rest the Grizzlies journeyed to Aldersown to see what we could do to the Greenbrier men. Nicholas just oouldn't get going even af- ter Daughary gralbbed a blocked pass and cnossed the goal line for the Grizzlle one and only touchdown. The next week Webster Springs found themselves in a nest of thoroughly aroused Gfrlzzlles who pushed the Wildcats all over the field for a. victory of 19 to 0. Ansted came next to pay a. visit but the Grizzlies were fresh from -their victory and Ansted left on the short end. After another week of rest the Grizzlies went to Sutton. Sutton had a very excellent team this year and Nicholas was one of the three teams that was able to score on them. By this time the local boys had their dander up and the following week took Gassaway over, This marked the first sxppearanaoe of an entire second team upon a. local gridiron, The next week brought up the big game of the season, the Richwood game, but the old jlnx coupled with influenza was too much for the Grlz- zlies. ,This marked the final appearance Of five boys who have played their last football for "old Nicholasnz Charles Lauglhary, Joe Hughes, George Embree, and Charles Simms. 1 Mx W ,' x w ' x 1 I f' , X, an X ' 1 X., f x V N BzTf,Jo x xv W F W Q XI' a X41 g Q44 Nllllfori Dont, OUYO- 85 5 xy W V vi W Mfrlofu H W ll W1 , W! Mus!! Nite efeff Har, Hom D QQ da ' Qb' 'ch E' mb 'R er QQ. I QM. eGo3l5 W W V1 W Po M mu, xy FFT 'I vw f 4 FI e Girls xff xv 4 W 1 R ber'f'Ts vows Rival Aeemahd P4,.,u,-5 Vf 5' 'f , xv 5.1 4 iw 425 ..4 , 13 .3 A-,IL 4 'Aran 3 I X ll 1 Pt w fi W , , -1 Y J .1 E J E 3 Q 1 3 Q 9 3 3 5 E f 5 1 1-'sw mf' 1 4 f Q PY , ' 1 W 13, ' 'U g if . L.. ..,.4.1'.Ld-1..,.uf.J' -..-1-.. -...A-...H-E..iul,i.--4 V,.,.-- - A -...Af-.-.--M-awk--WJ rf' nun, X . 'T l D if H . - . ,:. I . , Q -,,.:,,1,fiii Judge Hzvofd B"'?fAdQ'fine , .- ,F Narxfkn Lorzna 0. S A col lcc+ o Y' -1 LH'Abner 30253 55,-5,314-r-N::A',,,5 M, . . .H+ Mani Lee AN. 4' ,Q , "-fV"f"f 5X'a4v ' ' V ' " '28 "b':1B2P"14ifi mmm. Q " E 0 N E , Dany' Boonz who .11 'V 1' Q if in 5 1 . N. A-. .Mn .fn-. 1,.v,-s ,J ,Adu ,- 1 gr, 31. Ill!! II I V N V Sl .1 ..I P0 CONTEST BOY Beet Athlete Charles mugziery Best Looking Glllton Murphy Sissiest Boy Heston McMillio1n 'remboy Most Studious Cecil Simms Best Liked Charles Lamlghary Most Dependable ' Meredith Dodfrill Biggest Flirt Jack Wlood Smart Aleck .Toe Hughes Permanent Fixture B111 Pugh Biggest Feet Bob M3caMi11lon Iaaziest Bill Pugh Neatest Henry Pltzenfberger Nuisance Stewart King Teache'r's Pet Herbert F0-ekler Baldy Slayer Bob MoM?l1lion Outeet Joe Paul Bail Most Baahful Hemnan Goose Class Blustfer Dana Carte Meet Original Meredith mann Wlttlest Dermis Milam Moet Ponte Dem Meouteneen Girl Ellen Groves Eleanor Morris Mary Alice Perkins Leah MOClung Leah MeClung Irene Turner Eileen Bell Thehna Craig Ruby Harlow Lois Neil Helen Rader Eleanor Mom-is Harriet Wright Betty Jo Alderson Bernice Dorsey Mlaadaline Ward Mary Alice Perkins Geneva. Proctor Martha Sapp Ellen Gmves Elizabeth Dorsey 'f N, 1 ,411 x":xx"Qx xjf I I Ns y x v xy rf x v 'P l N II III!! Ill! ix 'K"x."q'?x X X3 M N-4.:,4qg , 3 Q f s .AIDWQ-:Q all Nc. ' "'Xx4. X1 XX S X. 111111111 fllllfl QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQX :Q ffa 1' II III I V Xl Compliments of the Harrison Studio Hinton, W. Va. Photographer for the class of 1938 NICHOLAS COUNTY BANK Extencls congratulations to the Graduating Class of 1938 i -yah nl Fi., l ---4 ins' , v 9 - 14 Compliments of The Nicholas Chronicle Our job is Your Printing 5 'T With best wishes Charleston Cut Flower Co 1 9 Capitol St. CHARLESTON, W. VA. s-A--- -'-un,---'J-+ , elf ----.:.e:L:gi-W ::,:.::i:-12.1, 1 l.. G. Balfour Company Attleboro Massachusetts Quality Class Rings and Pins Commencement Announcements Diplomas Cups, Medals, Trophies Jeweler to the Senior and Junior Classes of Nicholas County High School State Representative C. JOSEPH RICHARDSON Box 195 Sistersville, W. Va. The Gulf Sign welcomes you to Twin Churches Service Station Junction '15-'IQ Hoolcersville, W. Va. '. GRCCERIES BOBBY 84 CELIA DUFFY -1 in Best Wishes to tlwe faculty, pupils, patrons and especially tlie Class ol '38 Citizens Grocery Co. Phone 53 Summersville, W. Va. WE DELIVER Our aim is to find Fresh Meats and marlret lor the Vegetables larmer's procluce Flour, Groceries, Feecl SI'lOp and Save at ALDERSON STORE Phone 4 Summersville, W. Va. Compliments of Belrs Billiard Parlor 7: I -i lil in-fl v ' - -1, 1 Compliments of J. O. McQUEEN Compliments MIDGET LUNCH ROOM N. L. FAHRENZ, Prop. SUMMERSVILLE, W. VA. I . , SIMONS-BELL FUNERAL HOME Day and Night Ambulance Service Phone Summersville 57 F. H. BROWN, M. D. WALKER STORE CO. Make this store your store Phone 51 Summersville WE DELIVER 7 -1- 1 :-- 1 - 1-T 'r u-su: -rf GROVES COMPANY DEPARTMENT STORE Better Goods Better Prices SUMMERSVILLE. W. VA. THE CASE STORE Make this your store We Specialise in Friedman and Shelby Shoes F1 TZ WA TER, GARAGE Calvin, W. Va. l- ,, , Y --- , 1 L tw., Compliments G. H. PERKINS "CASH AND CARRY STORE" CALVIN, W. VA. - ,, -.. Y W ,Yi The Big Hardware HEROLD 8. HEROLD Hardware and Furniture Farm Seeds, Farming Tools and Building Material SUMMERSVILLE, W. VA. RICHWOOD NEWS COMPANY Papers, Magazines and Confections RICHWOOD, W. VA. Phone 110 ,,, J I Y ,H gem- Aww, .fl ,,, I 1 l , DEITZ-SPENCER 8: COMPANY Qutfitters for the whole family STDRFS AT RlCHWO0D AND WEBSTER SPRINGS, W. VA. "good goods at reasonable prices" Main Street Service Station "That Good Gulf Gasoline" 26 E. Main Street Ricluwoocl, W. Va. Compliments of RICH WOOD STORE CO. Compliments of Forsythe Store Swiss, W. Va. - l i n 1 sini- Breclcstein Department Store Riclmwood, W. Va. H ij, .gilt Morris Chevrolet Company 13 Years of Perfect Service SUMMERSVILLE, W. VA. Compliments of ROSE BEAUTY SHOP Keystone Service Station W hen in Richfwood Buy Your Gas Here 20 Gallons of Gas given away each Saturday OAKF ORD HOTEL AND RESTAURANT RUTH BURGRESS, Prop PEGGY O'NElL, Mg.-. ' RICHWCOD' W- VA . Vi iz ,i -g. ,..-, ,wwf A 5,5 W-Tiflatff -Q. GRUVES-CRISLIP C ONF E C TIUNER Y SUMMERSVILLE, W. VA. We measure our success by the satisfaction of patrons rather than by the value of our business ffl fl I f S X X X X V N f? 1' .V A' AU !! x 1PJ1H1 S .fm 5 ' ' ""'f, . ' ' , 'f - 1- .f ,......,.,........ , I f --1.-4 - -A . X531-5-4......,, "Hat, 1. 1. , , 1, LH, JJ'- J . J ls' E54 i A 19:1 Y 4 gr if Q. J sf I V rj? . hr fl U QI! LE-L A A- 'Q - - V,-H1 dw .lR'1'W':'l ."5"1",.f" "2 'Y 1 4l J' G ' I Ll .95 .A n 1 .Y nfl I , 4 169 1-.3 -WK ti, MLQA , .ff !,,, 4, 1' il I ,. . P I- w fJ 5 g I J W.. jk ' Y -u YI!!-I' 4- gi, . Tv T 1 if I! n.. i9 e :ff .-'N it 5-'. H ,I F. I "L v v F 3 A -, gn 1 , 4, ,J .wk r - WI., .. 1 .lp :.Ll I ,Nik .. ..A, vi ,g, R ' 3 ,1 Y, v1 ST v. 11 , HZ.. ,,1. n 'J , af- x 'I I Iv Y P ' , V t 1 "',f-- 1-' -V fi fin- fi 'g,-imp ,- L' f?52f 'i.p , -T Ai N .gulf -' '41 ,sf .n I' - I - iight V, , .. 1 x .IN ,vp ,. .. . R ,,,., Q. . ,,'1 ' 'L I .1 , ' 5: -, ",s,'-,'.. 1' w- -.o .. .Y '-'2,:2f"S-. f.,i: 'Hu . f , 'Q' 3 4 -52'-5- .ff7?'Et" w 1iq :':.f+1 - vv 1 v ' ' M' ' , J 1 4 if-5-L, -fjg I :Y j ' T-'fra-' 1523, ""'f,?lH?'. 1'f!'T'7"2?vr-'r, ' -,W gf 3 : -..Q . . ' YN444QE?1UimJ1fwwUgg Qgfa4Qgw',x4WwmmLwwqQ ' ' f , f "" fa- g . jg, ,J-FF:-sig' g1':,i A-x v f' ,,:f,',gg,lh.,.,-fi.,M? V 21- 3 G F F ' -- 1 '-'L M , 2+ -- ' V.. N '51, "'-5,y"E4"p'fs nz'--'M w f ' ' wa 1 ., if A My K A Q, ' 'ff "LV J, 1 V, , .. if ' V rj.-v",'7' 1. r' ' ,, M...-. .sz ng HQ ' w" 1 f'f' i A 71.1 ?-A -2,'??ffi,:"r:- ' 5 rn .,wLgQ,,,+ ,, .aka xv 1 L, rf mnjprai . 45 -P" f ,gfwwg Q ' -sxfvw A-V , ft as-1,., Q' 1 A -WT., 1? ,I Y ff-' M I X' iff' 4 ,QW 1. v 'm. Napvp BL 4 .wg wwqg,4f?M? 2 Q ff -9 ,VE '14 'T N., v . , 1 'A - 1 1 J '..1..,, 54 J Fx 1,-I - v -2 -, M: 'A ' Y V' ! v lu g wwr, ,. 6 11. nw. ug , 4 . TSI Nl? . . W 1 V N x Nh r -,x- -Q . Hs- .Q L W:-4, 1? 3. 5, J..-IM. 5 M- , - f . 13' X Q 1 - -, FY' W ' ' fr YV Q' J. t ff 1. ws.

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