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58 ECHO Time plays an important part in the life of every student in Niantic-Harristown High School, hours, minutes, seconds -spent by the Board of Education. Administration. faculty, and students to make our high school days profitable and enjoyable' time to see our school advanclng and lmprovmg We hope that we by uslng the theme Time in the 58 Echo have been able to stop time for you so that you may rellve the many happy memories of your school years 5 ju . xv fm. f ffl , ,Z l .fc 5 1 f . ' lf"-A r an n , , I .- 1953 EICI-IO Niontic - Horristown High School MR. EDWIN I. ROGERS To the memory of Mr. Edwin I. Rogers, cr teacher in the Nicmtic-Harristown High School for eleven years, who was held in high esteem by the students. faculty, and all who knew him: an ideal teacher, an efficient, loyal member of the faculty, and a sincere friend, we the senior class of 1958 dedicate this book. 4 The untimely death of Mr. Aubrey Bramel was a genuine loss! to the Niantic- Harristown School District. Mr. Bramel, a quiet man of strong convictions and character. contributed valuable service as a member of the Board of Education. His sincere efforts in behalf of our schools have benefited the entire community. MR. AUBREY BRAMEL , K K gk , g ...- E ,I'?-': Sui 'px 9. S work .qv 5 5 5:2191 A L gm f 5 f - 1 -mx ' ff ' WL, Q Hg, 'W , ,Q N. P 4 f ly I 7 we ' K V --il .:iiiQfp::'f' ' Q , ' V.. ' - -"" . :gin lx N-.I -in '.V. ' ' ,.... LN ww 3 my ' E633 k . J W W s . ' 1' ff f V 1 W 1 ,vu fi f f X Q Al M V , L., 1 is X Q Q 'MY E A its I Eg 5 A' it , S SY if .3 1 UQ Q 4 lix 4 s wx mb , ., gi. L va. .. A. ,-md, .af V- A S'45.f sg els 'gf I J' H' " Q 'M' n, A ,if vm' G ,.,,. I Er t- --',.f.,Jg'3e. . 11- . r'.' K .73 1- 1-' r ,. f - -Caviar-" YM '7: gf. - U12 ' W ' 'C -5' ' 5' ' ' 1 S was 'ma iam? T i mule A 5 1 wwumm 1. 1 'S 1 . .fs v 1 Qeiagx M 73 A LE gfgaae -Q Asfrf' de w, ggi? yr' A " H A 5, 12. w xi X55 1 K 4 wg . 4 V .0 3 is ' s f ' . if 5 Q ' k f"V53f A Ki rk? '-'- f giijqq- J ' W, E will 'wr 32 j5'2g33gFg ,, K if gf! i li? f ' R A: 5' V15 3 5 ,ef In B 1 ' E.: H ,, , .. . ., :sgs,--Li., 2, . 5. hiv 9:5 v QW U. fm A , 'W WE j, .Bm .ww - 4 W , Q ' ef' f'x ,K a ,IJ .,z"'A -fax' . 'fig 5 W-fww if gf E 'R .f .si fx?-1,-97. . L '17 3 A 2 + 1, fl f 3 . x '.Ig5'9f'2f'viSgg,., 'lx x- M Q N ' 1 es: lf W xx 'sx'7?"'TSI Q 1 I x Q 1 2 E Q ,i v : Q : 2 Q Xi X, K' s .1 ' THEIR TIME IS GIVEN TO IMPROVE The Niantic-Harristown Board of Education has the responsibility of determining the gen- eral policies of the Unit District No. 6 Schools. They employ the superintendent and one of the better staffs in the area as Well as other employees as needed to carry out the school program. Among the many accomplishments the Board of Education has completed during the last year are the completion of the new elementary school at Harristown and the interior decorat- ing of the high school. Also, at the high school a new athletic field is nearing completion. Included in the new field is a baseball dia- inond, football field, and a quarter mile track that has a 220 straight away. This gives Niantic one of the better athletic programs in the con- ference. Mr Goms has Just completed hrs sec ond year as prlncrpal at N H HS He has contrnually mamtalned h1s efforts to 1mprove and gulde the student body of Nrantlc Harrlstown I-hgh School He has never farled to help the stu dents solve scholastlc and personal drtfrcultres Whrch would seem almost msurmountable Wrthout hrs efflcrent auldance HIS understandlng leader shlp has served as an 1nsp1rat1on to tne teachers and students who know ' m OUR SCHOOL Mr I B lohnson ln h1s fourth year as Supermtendent of Unlt D1SlT1Cl No 6 has worked unceastngly to promote the Welfare of our school to do the thlng that IS most beneflclal to the students to foster a Splfll of fnendllness good sportsmar1sh1p and good w1ll to be lnterested ln all student act1v1t1es to promote good scholarshtp and to be a true fnend and counselor All of these character1st1cs are evldent 1n Mr lohn son 1n the gutdance of the many prob lems and affalrs m the umt MR I B IOHNSON Supermtendent MISS DOROTHY HOOSE Secretary MR TOM GOINS Dorothy Hoose has cheerlully a d unttnngly gwen us her SSTVICS mterest and loyalty as school se retary 9 Pnnclpcxl OFFICERS: Donna Merriman, Secretaryg Richard Epperson, President, Presidentg and Bill K PLAYS. ATHLETICS. PUBLICATION AND OTHER CLASS MOTTO: Remember always yo time does not return. FLOWER: Green carnation. COLORS: Surf green and white. Kay Hart, Vice- oonce, Treasurer. S. ur end, and that Iudnth Darlene Arnold FHA. 1, 2, 3, 4, Chorus 2, 35 Ir. Play Committee: TTT Typist 3, 4g Sr. Play Committee: Harvest Queen 4, Otlice Cadet 4, Echo Statt 4g Quill and Scroll, 'TTT Alumni Editor 4. I 1 95-4 .ow , ,P wwf ,rx A i 5 .fr Charles Edward Doyle F F A l 2, 3 4, Iunior Play Committee Prom fprnmzitee: Senior P.a',' Corn- rniftee Lcrio Staff Ioyce Ann Grossman Chorus l, 2, 3, 4: F.l'l.A. l, 2, 3 4, Science Club 4, Librarian 3, Ir. Play Cast, Prom Committee, Quill and Scroll, Echo Stallg TTT Stall: Carnival Come mitteep Sr. Play Cast: G.AA 4: Pep Club 4 Section Leader in Chorus 4 12 Q Donna Rechkemmer Bailey Band 1, 2, 3, 4g F.H.A. 1, 2, 3, 4: G.A,A. 1, Science Club 1, 2: Marching Band 2, 3: Cheerleader 2, Band Librar- ian 2, Band Tribunal Member 2g Chorus 3g 'TTT Typist 3, 45 Ir, Play Cast: Prom Committeeg Harvest Queen Candidate 3: Student Council 3: Solo Gnd lin- semble Club 3, 4. M Q3-. SEQ is . Charles Eldon Durflinger Science Club 1, 2, PFA 1 2, 3, 4. Band 1, 2, 3, 4: FFA Judging Contest 1. 2, Pep Band 1, 2 3 4 Marching Band 1, 2, 3, 4: Band Tnbunal Member 2, 4, Solo and Ensemble Club 3 4 Iunlor Play Cast, Prom Committee- Senior Play Cast- TTT Stait Honor Band 3 4 F55 we Q?- Carol Ieanette Hart F.H.A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Chorus 2, 3, 45 'l"l"l' Typist 3, 4, Fl-l.A. Class Representative 4: P.H,A, Recreation Chairman 3g lunior Play Castp Class Vice-President 4g Pro- qram Chairman for FHA. Rally 4V Senior Play Cast, Office Cadet 4, All- btate Chorus 4. li? ' 'Z ' I' ten?-X D.A.R. AWARD WINNER Carolyn McGeorge Carolyn McGeorge received this years DAR. American Citizenship Award. She was chosen by her class and the faculty to receive the award, which is based on leadership, citizenship, dependability, and patriotism. As the winner of this award, Carolyn and her mother were guests of the Daugh- ters of the American Revolution at a tea on March 6, where Carolyn received a pin and certificate of award. SCHOOL Elmer Dean Lane Iames Lawrence Matheny PPA l, 2, 3 4, Track l, 2, TTT Stall, F.P.A. l, Science Club l, 2, 4, Ir. Play Echo start. Carolyn Bea McGeorge F.H.A. l, 2, 3 4, Band 1, 2, 3, 4, March- inq Band 2, 3, 4, Science Club l, 2, Harvest Queen Candidate l, 2, Student Planning Commission 2, Class Vice' President 2, 3, .ep Band 3, 4, P.H.A. Secretary 4, D.A.H. Award Winner 4, Studen' Council Secretary 4, Co-Bus1- ness Manaaer of Annual, TTT Stall, Ir Play Cast, Senior Play Cast, Ottice Cadet il, Homecoming Queen 4. Committee, Prom Committee, Librarian 3, Sr Play Committee, Echo Stalt, Car- nival Committee. Iohn Marshall McIntosh Science Club l, 2, Basketball l, 2, 3, Track l, 2, l.ettermen's Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Baseball l, 2, 3, 4, Ir, Play Committee, Prom Committee, Sr. Play Committee, Echo Stall, Quill and Scroll, Carnival Committee. Averitt Barr Secrest Y Band l, 2, Pep Band 1, 2, F.F.A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Science Club 1, 2, Ir, Play Com- mittee Prom Committee FFA He Dorter'3, Senior Play Commitlteef Echo OCCUPIED OUR TIME Staff, Carnival Committee. 14 Karen Elizabeth Smith Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4, F.H,A, 1, 2, 3, 4: Office Cadet 2, 3, 4, Science Club 2, Ir. Play Committee, Prom Committee, Librarian 3, Quill and Scroll, Echo Stall, TTT Circulation Manager, F.l'l.A, Historian 4, Carnival Committee, Chor- us Tribunal 4. Date Lrne Crtnaln Sronrlh Octnovuary 32 2000 Reporters Anetfa Ollardpa Avrdda Lammfa Thrs month the forty second annual reunron of the famous class of l958 was held at the Sands Hotel We found everyones occupa tron was nearly the same as rt was twenty years ago Oh maybe there were a few exceptrons' Brll Bramel and l-lollrs Rechkemmer are busy selltng rcebergs rn Alaska Engaged 1n hrs favorrte occupatlon of berng a hobo rs Frank R1ce Nancy Stahl IS teachmg French chefs to cook ltahan spaghettr Walla Walla Washrngton IS proud of Peggy Delaney who rs coachrng her grrls basketball team toward a state champlonshlp Head coach of the Unrversrty of Calrfornra rs Gary Sullrvan Hrs secretary? Carolyn Mc George of course' Charles Durfltnger IS a prlot wrth the Van guard Space Lmes Workmg as chref cook and bottle washer for Wrllre Srgmon we frnd Iudy Arnold l957 58 Harvest Queen Terry Woodrum ts now a truck drrver for the Bust It or Bust Transportatron Company Charles Mauck IS presently unemployed Lrnda Lengsfeld reports that she enfoys her work as a stewardess wrth the Hrgh Wrde and Reckless Arrlrnes foe McDan1el rs presently prestdent of the Nrantrc State Bank Belre-ve rt or not fohn Mclntosh has become famous as head bench warmer for the New York Yankees fanet Chaffm and Bob DaCota report that they are lrvmg happ1ly on S100 000 a year B111 Koonce lS fust plarn llvlng' Ass1st1ng Betty Crocker at General Mrlls lS our own Sandra Hurley Charles Doyle 1S sttll out rn the hot sun p1ck1n cotton all clay As chref candy mechanrc for the Curtrss Candy Company Dean Lane 1S flndrng rt a tedrous fob puttmg so many nuts rn peanut brlttle After Ianet Pollard has frnrshed teachrng B111 Page how to play brass rnstruments 1t IS rumored that he wrll play a concert w1th the mood ole NHHS Band Raymond Roberts rs now chref bookle at the Kentucky Derby Barry Secrest IS the mam foreman at Gen eral Motors Edlth Head of Paramount Studlos has Just hlred a new model fern Twlnkletoes Most of us w1ll remember Ierrr as Sue Goodmrller Bob Cummmgs IS also a very lucky guy foyce Grossman has recently been hlred to be hrs super dooper secretary Mrke Eastman IS a technrctan wrth the Out of Thls World Rocket Corporatron He reports that every trme the Harlem Globetrotters are tn town he gets to see hrs old classmate Rrch ard Epperson Rlchre has made a brg name trotters Donna Merrrman IS now srngrng frrst bass wlth Walter Schumann We hear she caught a terrrble cold and rt srmply refused to go away Donna seems very happy wrth her new low low vorce Betty Herdlebaugh lS a receptlonrst wrth the Alfred Kushmer Corporatron Amerrcas leadlng number one space ex plorer Bruce Wheeler w1ll take off for the moon rn the near future Irm Matheny IS the best automobrle de srgner the Ford Corporatron ever employed Karen Smrth owns her own buslness col lege wtth Kay Hart employed as fanrtor Nancy Murrherd who holds a B S M A Ph D rn Home Economrcs 1S the last we heard washlng drshes for the Presrdent Now we come on the great team of Byers and Flamm or Flamm and Byers stumblrng through the Sahara Desert strll buck prlvates rn the French Forergn Legron . - for himself as the coach of the fabulous Globe- , , 16 SENIOR CLASS WILL We the Senior Class of 58 will I the funior Class the ability to make money then spend it the Sophomore Class the ability to set a new record in magazine sales the Freshman Class the ability to co operate rather than operate Mr Angus a book of Jokes so he won t have to tell the same ones twice Mrs Sargent perfectly transcribed letters from every student including all commas Miss Cole an Echo staff as good as this year s Mr Smith an electric baton so he wont have to use his arm so much Mr Thistlethwaite a mate for his parakeet Mrs Young her own sewing machine com pany so the school can buy new machines each year at half price Mr Nettleton a large farm to put into actual practice all that his classes learn from books Mr Goins a new car then he wont have to ride the fans bus to the basketball games Mr Van Doren a year s supply of calcium to make the boys grow taller then we can beat Warrensburg Mrs Ash a can of lemon drops to replace the ones she used to have free periods then she can read all the books Mr lohnson three assistants so he may have some leisure time Mr Hudson a forest containing an assort ment of trees from which he can get lumber for his shop classes also a years supply of band aids for careless carpenters the lanitors a much larger gym to clean in their spare time the Cooks an electronic stove so they won t have to come to school early the Bus Drivers a ten years supply of ad hesive tape so they can make the students be quiet without telling them over and over also a ball bat in case the tape fails fudy Arnold w1ll my ability to stay engaged to one boy to Elaine Smith lack Byers will my acting ability to any iunior who would like to go on the stage Bill Bramel will my ability to make a Hot Bod to Eddie Leonard Donna Bailey will to Linda Fauhn a box of band aids for P E lanet Chaffin will my ability to keep the bowling ball out of the gutter to Mary Lou Brock Peggy Delaney will my pony tail to Helen Bentfro so she wont have to wear a false one Charles Doyle will my 56 Ford to anybody who wants it when l am through with it Charles Durflinger will my cornet to Davey Smith Sue Goodmiller will my abllity to get out of study hall to Bonnie Belcher loyce Grossman will my ability to keep from sk pping school to Dave Bennyhoff Richie Lpperson will my box of mint candy to Mr Goins Mike Eastman will my seat in the office to Harvey Beckham David Flamm w1ll my ability to remain cool calm and collected to Mr Goins Carol Hart will my false teeth tg Carole lo Tootie Bechkemmer in case she loses hers Betty Heidlebaugh will my address book to any freshman girl who likes plenty of ser vice boys Sandra Hurley will my Clblllly to get mar ried and f1n1sh school to Elaine Smith and Boselyn Ball Bill Koonce will my ability to keep a cool collar to Mr Hudson Dean Lane will my English book to Kenneth McCollum Linda Lengsfeld will my abilities to anyone who can find them foe McDan1el will not be back lohn Mclntosh will my records to Sharon Snider Carolyn McGeorge will my ability to grow up to Roger Trusner Charles Mauck will my ability to make love to Bonnie Belcher Donna Merriman will my place on the cheer leading squad to Coach Van Doren so he can stay young and fr1sky to keep up with the boys on his team Nancy Muirheid will my 6th hour Librarian s Job to anyone who can get along with the study hall teacher lanet Pollard will my ability to play my bari tone soft to foe Furstenberg Hollis Bechkemmer will my ability to get mad over nothing to Mr Hudson Frank Bice will to the teachers my card Have Gun Will Travel Baymond Boberts will my ability to sing to lon Clapp Barry Secrest will my ability to drag all 57 Chevies to lim Sebok Karen Smith will my ability to attend four years of high school with perfect attendance to any freshmen who thinks they need it Nancy Stahl will leave the tobacco to Mrs Ash to chew when working on the paper Gary Sullivan will an automatic foot taper to Coach Van Doren so he can have time to chat with the students after school Terry Woodrum will name lohn fohnson to anyone having nerve enough to use it They may pick it up in Mr Goins office where l left it Bruce Wheeler will my two feet to anyone who can find shoes to fit them TO . I . . I I I I . . To , ' ' . i ' . To , ' ' - , . ' . To . , ' ' , To . , ' , , . ' . To ' , " " A " ' " ' ' . ' . I, ' , ' To . ' , ' , ' ' ' - To ' . . , I . I Il . I , . . - To y I , . - . . , . . I I , ' I, . I I . . . To . , , ' . . . . L I . . To I . I I I l L . I . . . , To . , ' ' ' 1, ' , A ' . , 1, , ' To. . , ' L ' , ' ' A To Mrs. fohnson, a much larger library and two I, lames Matheny, will all my hair to Mr. Angus. To . , ' ' ' . . . 1 L . I . I To H I , . - . A I . L . . I . I . . 1 To 4 I . . . To , I ' ' l, I , ' l ' ' '- TO , 4 I -1 - II . , , . Q , . . . I I . I I L . I . I I I l - I - -I - l L I I . I . . . . I. - - A I I, . ! . I . . . Il ' I I I . ' II Al ' n I rl ,-..,- ' , ' " " I, U, ' 17 JUNIORS CONSIDER THE FUTURE OFFICERS Larry Nix. Vice-Pre-sidentg Maren Allan, President Kenneth Walton, Treasurer and Gerald Hoffman. Secretory. 4 :- 12 ij. '1 -:.:,.. X v-'war Q ,:..: sw. A ' .a-- , l .U . V1 J ' -. . Mazen Allan Charlotte Chapman Raluh Hartman Gary Matheny Iim Schuyler Y' Tv ',',- ' "u'-' 3, ., ' ,, G. an A 51' C C t t . fx A Alan Bales Steve Cochran Mariorie Hastings Kenneth McCullom lim Sebok .alle-NK Rosslyn Ball Arlene Ervin Norman Hawkins Gene McKinney Elaine Smith 'fi -nag, fer, Q , f-Ev WT? fa? Bill Bomball Linda Faulin Ron Hill Larrv Nix Paul Smilh X9 l ' 1- f ,.,, l XX r x x Dennis Brix Ierry Foster Sharon Hollar Durline Pallerson Leland 'Trusner Beverly Bracket! loe Furslenberg Gerald Holiman Velma Porter Martha Walters Mary Lou Brock lim Grider Linda Kellow Iudv Rotz Kenneth Walton vw. das. -W '-fr Y Delores Buster Ernest Hari Edward Leonard Bill Sanders ? v I K ? 1-i 'R fri Q 25" Q ky Tlx A' Q ,JVA V David Bailey Tom Cropper Dale Keppler Harold Pritchett Clitlord Stevens L.- nn Q K w if ' lm tyi, v,.i , t.,.i , 1 v-x 'Tx uv.,- 1""" fi"'tw R... X e 1, .H 135' 'QF' . Sp gs 'G 5 'ir S5 'Snr' lea-eww 15 '5- f-4 1 ,f t Douglas Bailey Larry Dietz Shannon Kirk Sharon Qualls Darrell Timmons Mariorie Bair Ianet Durilinger lim Lengsteld rf , , , Bob Blakeman Ruth Heidlebaugh Ierry McDaniel Carole Io Rechkemmer Helen Rentiro lohn Travis Mary Vaughn Linda Camp Dick Heinz Ioanne Mclntosh Linda Salsbury Martha Williams l 'vm IUQI TT? rw., P If . 'L ,,,.w .,.,-.W..-., "5 -swf i9':mQ 1 , L f rf 43' il mfg gl 744:-I Qs- 5 if f T, rr-V, 1 V x rI3'S-T X 'QMS ' ff Ion Clapp Bruce H I y HrldPi Rhd David Spe k Winnings Q-'Tig 'IC IC' J' I HAITI i5 QQQB-5951? j 4' wg . h fer .3 5 :qs Sh n Combs D d H k B II P I Kurt S Rh Vicki Woodrum SOPHOMORES PREPARATION FOR ADVANCEMENT NEEDS TIME OFFICERS Carole Io Rechkemmer, Secretoryg Harold Pritchett. Presidentg Bob Blakemcxn. Vice- Presidentg and Linda Salsbury, Treasurer. fm. Q93 'QI'-Quasar .. 'jf nv .,- ,,,....J 539 swf "r-1-Q 'M 4132 -If- ..::.:: ' - A x ' W Y.. is-ay, -, I " 45-, A , xi wr r ,ex 1 r , h W Nag, 1 ., M1.,h M. . r""'7 Carol Allan Mary Sue Caudle Ierry Grossman Bill Lowry Max Muirheid Lynda Smith Lola Allen Robert Chamberlain Gary Grossman Ray McClure Danny Pugh Sharon Snider Nur lr 6'-5 A lames Andrews David Cochran Ronald Grossman Sharon McDaniel Richard H199 Marilyn Siewart f 0 'QE' Saw ,nt-gs, UU' 'GD -.-Ly' 'Q ,Ok iv eg 1 .IZ Ar. C' zr: ,, z u W., .1 '-Q eoo E552 ii 1 Ami . B , no ,Y 5 4 4 Q' Q Q , 'L ' Q . , Q bf Q A ,E-'Y FF ing: ,, Qi new , ' ' g.,fiwQsgrgr15f5, if it v fn, Q , , '5 1 i n -at V I Si as . W C 45355 -- 'Q 'Y' T4 W X in x ' .. A -V N - Iii C ik ' J l Q f -, as 1 ' lx an a ' ' 6- ,Q 4 W3 F ii Q r " ' Q M AX , I - N f I s , 5 4 , Q. A , 4 fr i 1 - ,N I fe . 1-Q fx , .,. K , ,Q , ""' ' "' ' 3 2:2 Q22 X ' ' A "s. A - Q "5 N" xi? K 1 . , . 5 -A ... 'ix A ,... A . .,..,,. Y 'f 5- ., at qv! .r A Qi M ' fs .C -1 RQ' S2240 M B B t We . A V we ' il. j I, ' f ' I " y .4 - '- i f -f- was Roger Dennis Harvey David Sharon Linda Iohn Arnold Bailey Beckham Bennyhoii Blakeman Brinkoetter Cqn Bob Karla Ellen Sue Linda Sharon Robert Combs Cunningham Dale Epperson Ford Fox Gipson George lohn Penny Betsy Ioe Pat Carolyn Hayes Kaufman Kellow Kiser Kiser Kiser Knisley Beverly Maxine lim Kay Cynthia Helen Phillip McGeorge Maior Mathias Mauck Miclrel Moffett Mover Ianet Cecil Tom Dick Bill Duane lim Higsby Royce Rozanski Shrishuhn Shriver Smith Smith Marie Bettv lo Dale Roger Phillip lim Charles David Stevens Sullivan Travis Trusner Tucker Waddell Walter Winnings MANY HOURS SPENT IN SERVICE BUS DRIVERS: Mrs. Belcher, Mr. Belcher, Mr. Martin, Mr. Gass, Mr. Manley, Mr. Himstedt, Mr. Stevens, Mr. Furstenberg, Not pictured, Mr. Whittington. Many hours of hard Work are put in by the maintenance staff of this school. The bus drivers see that the students ar- rive at school safely and cn time, the janitors keep the school clean and warm, and the cooks spend many hours plan- ning and preparing well- balanced meals, IANITORS: Clarence Pollard and Charles Elder. COOKS: Rosa Horn, Doris Ko- shinski, and Wilma Rotz, Supervisor of Lunches, Compliments of Citizens National Bank Decatur 14, Royalty Sue Goodmiller BEAUTY DEVELOP ludy Arnold, senior candidate, was crowned Queen ot the PFA. Harvest Festival tor l958. ludy, escorted by lack Byers, will reign as Queen until next year. l-ler court was Sue Goodrniller, senior, escorted by Williarn Koonceg Martha Wal- ters, junior, escorted by Gene Mclfinneyg Sharon l-lollar, junior, escorted by Charles Doyle, Linda Salsbury, sophomore, es- corted by Larry Nix, Helen Renttro, sopbe cmcre, escorted by lclin lvlclntosbg Sharon Blalceinan, freshman, escorted by Richard Epperson, and Carol Allan, freshman, es- corted by Torn Crapper. Steve Cocliran was Master ot Cere- izionies. Music was furnished by The lolcers tor tlie dance follovxlng tlie corona- tion. Sharon Hollcu' Martha Walters Colonial Restaurant Decatur Bunn Capitol Company. Springfield 27 f x gxirmfg-. .iv - 1 defy U gm . - :.- yy? in ,- : - "" FS . Ymeff A ,Q 5 1 1 . A . 3 4 R K F W X 2' X' 'A ,ga .. .,.,. as I I 4 7' 45, ' if fag z iw? ,T vw ,J M?i5'i'l40 3 if :a f '4 , . -was v iw I T ry M 9,556 2 "' " a 7. U? " Q? 'nw 3 : 'Y Q 'x 5- ' lv X 2. ,-Q 5,fN43Q X ? . , Q if if 3 hX-' S51 , ,, nr WH' Q W .Mt Q t X if ' Y he zvm ' i 'K is N W5 2 a gf q 1 mm, 41 THE CROWN BEARERS from left to flghf I y McGeorge, Ann Stahl, lanice THE SCHOOL YEAR Niantic held its first annual Home- coming February l4, following the game with Lovington. The home team made the evening complete by adding another victory to its record. The five candidates for Homecoming Queen and their escorts, each a captain of one of the major sports, were: Carolyn McGeorge and Gary Sullivan, Donna Merriman and Richard Eppersong Linda Salsbury and lim Griderg Martha Walters and Bruce Wheeler, ludy Rotz and Paul Smith. Queen Carolyn McGeorge, who won the honor, was crowned by Coach Van Doren. She received a beautiful bouquet of red roses and a crown of rhinestones from the Lettermen's Club, who sponsored the Homecoming, Miss Cole acted as nare rator in the ceremony. The queens robe of purple velvet was made by the Home Economics Departf ment under the supervision of Mrs, Young. Each candidate carried a lovely bouquet of pink and white carnations, TO ACHIEVE ACCURACY Left to Right. Row l-lim Grider, Richard Epperson, Bill Sanders, Kenneth Walton, and Ierry I-Ioffman. Left to Right, Row 2-Gary Sullivan, Larry Nix, Eob Blakernan, I-Iarold Pritchett, Paul Smith, Bruce Wheeler, and Bill Bcinball. The season of '57-'58 was a come-back year for the N-I-I Indians, as Coach Van Doren pro' duced the 'lwinningest' team since the '50-'Sl squad. After dropping the opening contest, they Won eight out of their next nine games. Well-dressed in their new purple and white warm-up suits, the Indians were at their best in tournament play. The N-I-I cagers took home the championship cup from the Williamsville Tourney and captured the third place cup from the Macon County Tournament. Niantic-I-Iarris- town also was assigned to a district tournament for the first time in recent years. The Indians played host to a field consisting of Illiopolis, Cerro Gordo, Mt. Auburn, and Niantic for the district tournament. With only three Ietterrnen graduating, a rangy, experienced team promises another suc- cessful year to come. Nicmtic Civic Club Carl 6 Wilma Rotz, Insurance. Niantic K, S, agar' awx 5 X 2 - A Q Qsif K st N .-g.-fri? x :z z , S ' if 1-vmm, 5 K l 1 ""3fm1f4. Varsity Cheerleaders, Left to Right-Elaine Smith, Don- na Merriman, Sue Gooolmiller, Peg Delaney, and Martha Walters. Iunior Varsity Cheerleaders, Left to Right-Linda Sals- bury, Betty lo Sullivan, Carole Io Rechkemmer, Linda Ford. IN SPORTS MANY HOURS Hinton's Cafe, Decatur Federal North Iowa Grain Company Harristown 4 Q .. fm 1957-58 BASKETBALL SCHEDULE Nov. 8 Blue Mound ,....,... Away Nov 15 Stonington . .. ...,. Away Nov 19 Macon ..., ...,, A way Nov, 23 Illiopolis .,.... ,... H ere Nov. 29 Warrensburg .,.,..... Here Dec. 3, 4, 5, G 6 Williamsville Tourney Dec. 10 Tri-City . . ....,.... . .Here Dec. 13 Lovington .... ...,. A way Dec. 17 Mt. Auburn .... ...., A Way Dec. 20 Mt. Zion .... Away Ian. 3 Maroa ....... .... H ere Ian. ll Williamsville . .. .... 1-lere Ian. 14 Bethany .............. Away lan. 17 Warrensburg ....,.... Away lan. 21, 22, 23, CS 24 Macon County Tournament at Warrensburg lan. 31 Maroa ............... Away Feb 4 Elkhart .. ..... Away Feb. 8 Bethany ., ..,. Here Feb 11 Beason .... .... H ere Feb 14 Lovington ...... Here Feb 18 llliopolis ..... Away Feb 21 Mt. Zion .............. Here Feb. 26, 27, ci 28 District Tournament at Niantic March 3, 4, CS 5 Regional Tourney FIRST ROW Left to Right I Hoffman E Hart K Vlfalto R Epperson D Smxth K McCuIlum Coach Rwhardson SECOND ROW Left to Bight T Rozanskl I Clapp I Waddell B Chamberlaln R Schnshuhn THIRD ROW Left to Rxght Coach Van Doren I McK1nney A Bales B Sanders B Bomball P Srmth I Mclntosh OF HARD WORK The hrttmg department was headed by Gerald Hoffman wrth a 565K Tlrnely hrts were contnbuted by Rlchle Epperson Bill Bomball Iohn Mclntosh and Paul Smith, who handled most of the mound duty. Niantic had a three and six record in baseball and lost three games by one run. Team spirit kept the Indians in almost all the ball games, 36 Coach Van Doren Paul Snuth Captcnn Coach Rlchcxrdson '57 FALL SCHEDULE 1 September 6 Nicmtic 10 Nicmtic 13 Nicmtic 17 N icmtic 20 Nicmtic 24 Niomtic, . 26 Nicmtic 27 Nicmtic October l Nicmtic Rochester . . . 10 Williamsville . 4 Argentct .... l2 Worrensburg . 7 Mclcon ..... 5 Argentcl ..... 2 Wctrrensburg. 9 Beoson ...., 7 Becxson .,... 3 Welcome Home! Black and Company Decatur Sunshme Dairy Decatur S--A-F--E! AND PRACTICE ARE NECESSARY On your mark' Hecrvy lsnt lt? Left to Right--Coach Van Doreri, P. Smith, B. Blakeman, B. Bomball, H. Pritchett, L. Nix, B. Sanders, D. Schrishuhn, D. Hickman, A. Bales, G. McKinne , G. Hofman, Y t I. Lengsfeld, and i, Grider. Prcspects are high this year for a successful track team as lim Grider and company start preparing for this season on their new track. Aiding Captain Grider in the dashes will be Dick Schrishuhn, lim Lengsteld, and Gerald Hoffman. Bill Sanders will handle the distances, aided by Larry Nix. In field events Bob Blakeman and Harold Pritchett will do the high jumping While Paul Smith and Gene McKinney will toss the weights. 1m1:. lat ,u A Wm' Eggs: I I C1 1 raw f ,U vw 1 Q 1 1 1:3 1f F W 1 14 Civ 1 1 11C11i 1 L1 Ci. A 121910 'W Lete V16 S Ur I ZCYTQ? 1 IT 1 1, 1 I1 f IIT fe, 5 -lil' A fam 4'- 'V' if 5 X, QQAJU' Us Ybf 1' in 2? I ifxgwi L 'li' ggi, 'A,' ,T-if" - N , ,. ' H N 5 . V 9,9 A V .ki ZZ is jgerg li?'x? y QA 1155.2 'df 1- " 'ITF ,QS .,zgf:1j35i2,g Jfui - 1 4 , ' 'L-MQW 3.5323 l . Z Organizations Left to Right: M. Wllicms, C. Mc Georqe. S Hollar, D. Bailey I Pollard I Durllmger Mr Goins B Wheeler, Mr. Angus, M. Stewart. B Sullivan, B. Brarne B Bomball D Smith and L Trusner Sludenl' Council The Student Council is composed of thirteen members from the high school, elected by each class to serve as representatives in student problems. Each class elects three members. The senior class has three members in ad- dition to the president. The Student Council appoints con' cessions to all organizations for the year, plans assembly programs, and is the governing body of the students. The Council tries to sponsor one special project during the year. This year, they sponsored a campaign to raise maney for football uniforms and equipment. Officers, lett to right: Bill Bom- bczll, vice-president, Carolyn McGeorge, secretary, Bruce Wheeler, president, Mr.Goins and Mr. Angus, advisors, and Bill Bramel, treasurer. Time to clean out the files. 42 Nafionol Honor Sociefy The Niantic chapter of the National I-lonor Society of Secondary Schools was organized on May 22, l94l. Mem- bership in the Sociely is based on scholarship, leadership, character, and service. This is the highest honor awarded to any high school stuclenit. A scholastic average of 4.5 must be ob- tained to be considered for member- ship. The junior members are initiated by the senior members during a school asf sembly. Sophomores, who have main- tained a 4.5 average, are also recog- nized as probationary members at this time, An annual banquet is g'ven in honor of the members by the Ecard of Education. The officers for the year arc as fel' lows: Bruce Wheeler, president, Peggy Delaney, vice-president, Nancy Muir- hcid, secretary-treasurer, and advisors, Mrs. Glenn Ash and Mr. Tom Goins. Ken's Market, Wyckles Corner State Bank of Blue Mound Seated, Left to Right: Mr. Goins. P. Delaney, M. Brock, M Hastings R. Ball, and Mrs. Ash. Standing. Leh to Right: I. Hott- mcm, N Muirheid, M, Allan, and B. VVheeler. OFFICERS: P. Delaney, B. Wheeler, and N. Muirheid 43 Tic-Town TaH'Ier The Tic-Town Tattler is written and edited by those members of the senior English classes who show interest and enthusiasm for journalistic work. In its tenth year, the "Tattler" is published every six weeks under the able and experienced direction of Mrs. Ash. lt is made up by the student staff and printed by Mr. H. I. Wible of Mt. Pulas- ki. Over eight hundred fifty copies of each edition are distributed to adver- tisers and interested alumni, with papers going to ten states and as far as Germany, France, and Iapan. Wheeler Rice Dovle Epperson Roberts Lane 1 chkemmer, Flamm, Byers, B. Heidlebaugh, I. Chattin, Koonce I G ossman Eastman Durtlinger I Pollard Bramel, C. McGeorge, L. Lengsteld, Mclntosh, N Muirheid Mrs Ash SeatEdHMrs Iohnson P Delaney 5 Goodmiller S Hurley, K. Smith, D, Bailey, I. Arnold, D. Merriman, art The "Tattler" contains news of stu- dent activities, reports of various clubs and organizations, news from the grade schools and junior high, descriptions of ball games and of the athletic program, as well as alumni news. Advertising by businessmen of this and neighboring communities is the chief source of income, with over two hundred businesses represented in this year's publications. Compliments of Mansfield-Ford Grain Co. Illiopolis 44 Circulation Managers Echo Staff Co-editors Nancy Muirheid and lanet Pollard Business Managers Nancy Stahl and Carolyn McGeorge Iunior Class Representative Marjorie Hastings Phophecy David Flamm and Ianet Pollard Production Staff Senior Class Circulation Managers Linda Lengsfeld and Karen Smith Faculty Advisors Miss Cole and Mrs. Ash Business Managers and lunior Class Representative Compliments of Iames I. Moran :S Sons Decatur NNN. iw Co-editors -rm Seated, Left to Bight: Mrs. Ash, S Goodmillt-r S. Hurley, B, Wheeler P. Delaney I Pollard, N. Muirheid, C, Durllinger, and B. Bramel. Standing: Miss Cole, K. Smith, l.. Lelngsleid l. Grossman I. Chcitfn, C McGeor:rv B. He-idlebaugh N. Stahl, D. Bailey j. Arnold, F. iticv K, iitrft D. Mezriman, B, Kooncf: R. Hpperson G Sullivan, and Mrs. johnson. Quill and Scroll The Allen Fort Chapter of the Quill and Scroll, an international society for high school journalists, was organized to encourage inf terest and initiative in Writing for journalism and allied fields. The publication advisors are Mrs. Ash, Miss Cole, and Mrs, johnson. Students accepted for rnernbership must be from the newspaper or year book staff, who are juniors or seniors, and have done superior work in writing, editing or in business inanagef rnent. The students' grades must be in the upper third of their class and must be recoinf mended by the publication advisors. The executive secretary of the society inust then approve the Written work of the student before he is adrnitted to membership. Iohn W. Curry, Circuit Clerk of Macon County Hilmer C. Lcxndholt, State's Attorney Of Macon County Tribunal Members: C. Miclcel I. Mclntosh E. Leonard, L. Kellow, I Waddell, K Smith, I Clapp, Fl, Eppserson, and I Pollard, president and accompanist Mrs. Dickerson, Vocal Instructor Chorus The year l957-1958 was a "wonder- , ful year" according to the members ot , the vocal music department, There were approximately forty members, with many boys joining this year. The chorus participated in such ac- tivities as a Christmas Concert with the Nl-l.l-l.S. Band, representation at all- state, solo entries at solo and ensemble Contests, participation in the Macon County Choral Festival, group appearf ance in contest, at many clubs, PTA., Civic groups, and the like. The officers for the year Were: Ianet Pollard, president, Mary Vaughn, sec- retaryg l-larold Pritchett, treasurer, Rich- ard Epperson, librarian, and Martha Williams, assistant librarian. Row l, Left to Right: L Smith, D. Merriman M Major, R. Rigg, I. Waddell L Leonard R, Lpperson V. Woodrum and C. Miclcel. RoWS2i Plain, N, Muirheid, L. Kellow, I. Clapp, R. Roberts, D, Bailey, lp, Dale, S. lioperson, ana L a s ury Row 3: M. Vaughn, S. Kirk, I Mclntosh, B. Blakeman, H. Pritchett, B, Kiser M, Williams and C. Allan Row 4:dC'K liinsley, M Hastings, H Mottett, B lleidlebaugh, S. Snider, K. Smith, H, Renttro, L. Camp an . art. A,-gym-.. 47 Howl.1.eit!o Right: M. Brock N. Muzrheid I Fluegge D Bailey I Tinmcns M Sewart ana L Alan Row 2: M Hastings P Delaney N Stahl, M Vaughn S Parish D l'aui:n M Len s 'Y sen Eerg F McGecrge, M, Allan D. Flamrn, B. Chamberlain S. Combs, S. Stalrl I Durlling and tame Row 3: S. Snider, L. Ford B. Sullivan I Kaufman, D. Edwards I 'ones H Pritcrie orc e Furstenberg, C. Durllinger S. Cochran I, Pollard, H. Brannock I. Bailev E Leonad 't l-lobets and A. Bales Row' 4: R Rigg, Mr. Smith, P. Tucker D. Timmons, L. Faulin l. Kenzw, M Williams I Waddell and H Patterson, X Mr. Kenneth Srnith, Director The Conceri' Band The Niantic-l-larristown l-ligh School Band, directed by Mr. Kenneth Smith, brings outstanding recognition to the high school. lt is one of our more prominent organizations in the school. Members in the band are from the seventh and eighth grades as well as the high school. The oancl appears in state competition and has been success'ul in winning many superior ratings. Several members cf the band are in the solo and ensemble groups which compete in the district and state contests, The officers of the band are as follows: David Flamm, president, Ice Furstenbe-rg, vice-president, Marjorie Hastings, secretary-treasurer, Peggy Delaney, Nancy Stahl, Mary Lou Brock, uniform custodians, Maren Allan, Tom Cropper, property inan- agersg Ianet Pollard, Nancy Muirheid, librarians, tribunal members: senior, Charles Durflinger, junior, Steve Coch- ran, sophomore, Iack Timmons, freshman, Iim Waddell. Elaine Smith, Mcrjorette 48 - - J. 1 5 "V , 1 5 gfx ' S f' E iff . gf R X X ,si Lili Q xv QW .. M rj ix Q' ax r 4' f 2. nf' Haig ?f,f4 Lf i , Ugg, if , .' X35 ga' ,QA ' W ' 1 ,K . Q J- Ex b 3 ,llie ka 5 J -fi 1 5 , A i J . Q ,ly , 1' K x 'X fr ft l Q .. Q 0 f Q +1-I xx Af- Qfllwi "xi , H, Q KS 4 5 ,K F , A x Dj X Wx Wy' QNX: xl . , Mi' 51- fx x xii, 'av ! ,I ...WW- il. , M.,,., .5 A ,WU 'fan f , 'SF' , 'ff 5 ' 'f gl .V A A K , s ff 1- wr W f . 5 51 v as Q.-Ry P ' '11 ' ,J 4 I- N, yjfggg r ' V s , 1 QL wx .N-X' I :.E:f,.'.f'fX X ff H ' Q 'J""' A A Q I-il S A X miwf vw 538 VJ, 31 2 f pi, - , A if 71 f ET , 553 25 f' M 2' A ff ' 'S' If 'ff Yf 'ff Lg A g' M, ' 'fix' 5' Q1 N15 u . ' 1 X 9 -5 'V my M gf 'fr ' - ' A Q, S W Q 'ff 2 . W . Rf ' W, . W 4:4 5 N xi V' M .gif xl 'Y A 5 Ns rj 'W ,sew .vig ' 'ni WN: - 'Wg , ,rm V 1'-af ia! Q VX 'A V' .Q ,V . QM ., . , o .1 ' ku 1 KP' WW f' W W X , 7 W' " ' K, 5 - 9 Q ..,- . ' A - x A .M 1 wiwvxf , X Q Nlggiif I, 'Q ' ' L . if ' f 'flu DH t , Washing windows is fun on Hobo Day! Is this an F.H.A. meeting? FUTURE HOME MAKE RS OF AMERICA The Future l-lomemakers of America -F.H.A.-was organized to further the interest in homemaking. lt is made up of girls who have completed at least one semester of home economics. To- day it is the leading youth homemak- ing group. lts interests not only encom- pass the hornernaking field but also social and recreational fields. Officers are selected in the spring for the following fall and winter terms. Mrs, Rosella Young is the chapter ad- visor, Mrs. Eileen Salsbury and Mrs. Frank VanDoren are Chapter Mothers. The Fl-l.A. this year sold candy, served the Civic Club Banquet, held two Hobo Days, sponsored a dance, and a box social. Some of the outstanding events of the year included a tour of Block and Kuhl's, Ma, Pa, and Me Night, a Mother and Daughter Tea, a Wiener roast, and a style show, climaxed with the annual spring banquet and installation of of- ficers for l958-59. How many more do we have to make? Macon Seed Company, Inc., Decatur Emory W. Parks, R.R. No. 3, Decatur 51 5, in ? T , I V, ' A X . . - A W.. W in EH W QQ 3 5 Sw 9 WX' " Ar 1 w ' f , 9 Y' ! mm ,1'A ,.ff' 'e g gf X fm gif, .Six Lf -- . , W L, Q , - migldix I L b ENR, , ..kb..,. T S Mfg A Q Q , , - - A , ff wwf ' '5?sl?fm'liiQM'5 455 5 if' J 5 ix . .5 Ng, .aw-Q QQ 1. .,.. :Bs ,.,!., K M EM? if Q Q' W vii? ---ii' fm' u"""""'2-Mfws"'?4v iA A9iffs'lfS'j xW' Mechanical minds at work. 7' KVM-6' ' ,wg 1 . sw. wx nw, 'tt i ,N ., ,g,,1i1fg A Advisor. Mr. Nettleton FUTURE FARMERS OF AMERICA The Future Farmers of America came into being about a quarter of a century ago, for the purpose of aiding and eduf cating boys in high school, that they might become better farmers. A busy schedule of activities, both social and creative, was planned for the Niantic Chapter this year. September-The Chapter attended the Farm Progress Show at Farmer City. OctoberfThe officers and three other members went to the National l7.F.A. Convention in Kansas City. December-AThe FFA. Sponsored the annual l-larvest Queen Dance, The Spring activities include the Father-Son Banquet in Marchg Section lb Parlimentary Procedure Contest and the Grain and Poultry Iudging Con- test. Famous-even on calendars row! Records, records, always record books to do. DEKALB AGRICULTURAL ASSOCIATION ILLIOPOLIS 53 W. E 4-"""'T . P f--- , Librarians The library was staffed by a group of thirteen students un- der the direction of Mrs. Iohn- son. The librarians checked out the books and helped keep the shelves in order. The Wide range of materials available helped make the library a pleasant place to Work. Row l, Left to right: B. Brackett, D. Patterson, Mrs. Iohnson, M, Muirheid, I. Rotz, and A. Bales. Row 2: R. Ball, I.. Nix, M. Walters, S. Cochran, E. Smith, I. Foster, K. Walton, I. Lengsteld, and E. Hart. Patrol Boys The freshmen and eighth grade boys were in charge of patrol this year. The purpose of this group was to assist in the enforcement of safety rules designed for the students. To be a member of the patrol force is to hold a position of honor. Their duty was to report viola- tions of safety rules to the prop- er authority. 54 Office Cadets The office cadets are chosen by Mrs. Sargent, head of the Commercial Department. Mem- bers are selected according to their ability and work. Each cadet serves six weeks in the office of Mr. Goins as his sec- retary. This affords practical experience in the field of busi- ness for those chosen to serve as cadets. Seated. Left to Right: S Goadmiller, R Ball, S Hurley, and D. Merriman. Standing: I. Chaffin, I. Grossman, D. Patterson B. Brackett, K Smith, B. Herdlebaugh, D. Bailey, I. Arnold, K. Hart, C McGeorge, I. Pollard, L. Lengsf teld, N. Stahl, and P. Delaney. Row l: Left to right, I. rleidebaugh, D. Winnings, F. Brown, and D. Bennvhctt Row 2: I. Larson, T. Timmons, P. Moyer, and L. Brackett. Row 3: D. Cole, R. Patterson, L. Ball, and I. Belcher. Science Club The Phy-Bio-Chem Science Club of Niantic High School is now in its fifth successive and successful year. Any- one who is a student in either of the scientific fields, which includes general science, biology, physics, or chemistry, is eligible to become a member of this state-Wide organization. The club holds its meetings the first Friday of every month during the ac- tivity period. The officers are: David Flamm, presi- dent, Bill Bomball, vice-president, Mary Sue Caudle, secretary-treasurer, Ger- ald Hoffman, sergeant of arms, Mr. An- gus and Mr. Thistlethwaite, sponsors. Advisor and Officers: Mr. This tlethwaite, I. Hoffman, B. Bom- ball, and D. Flamm. How I: Left to right, I. Kaufman, D. Smith, T. Bozanski, C. Allan, K. Cunningham, and I.. Camp How 2: B. Heidlebauah, S. Kirk, A. Bales, I, Mclntosh, M. Vaughn, and M. Brock. Row 3: M. Allan, S. Snider, D. Flamm, K. Walton, D. Bailey, li. Leonard, and I. l-loitman. How 4: B. Sanders, H. Pritchett, B. Wheeler, B. Blakeman, L. Nix, B. Bomball, and 'l. Cropper. Activities "They Gave Him A Co-ed" 1 CEC ---" 'Y e S Seated: Left to right. N. Stahl C Hart, C McGe-orge l Pollard, P Delaney I. Grossman, and D Merriman. S!anding:F.R1ce G Sullivan, B Wheeler C Durllinger, Fl Robertsl Byers, R Lpperson, B Koonce and S Goodmiller. "Pick on somebody your own size!" "They Gave Him A Co-cd," a three act comedy was presented by the Son- ior Class on Friday evening, November l, l957. The setlinj is that of a lounge rroiii in a college assembly building. The tooic of the hour is the new Dean, Charles Bradley Brown, whose arrival is momentarily expected. ln pops a new student with the identical name of Dean Brown. He is a plain, country youth, simply unmindful of his many educational shortcomings, yet frank and breezy as youth can be. His name electrities the group of students and then the fun market begins doing busi- ness. When the real Dean comes along he is mistakenly thought to be an escaped lunatic, The unraveling of the play made it C1 laughing sensation. Illiopolis Lumber Company Bear Hybrid Seed Company. Decatur "The Ghosi' House" The ghost chase began and ended on March 28, the date of the Iunior Class play. When Bill Harrison, who had inherited the old family homestead down south, arrives to collect his in- heritance which includes buried treas- ure, he learns he is also the heir of the Harrison curse. After a night of terror, events finally fall into place. With the assistance of the lunior Class and its directors, Mrs. lohnson and Mrs. Ash, the mystery is solved, the curse ended, and the treasure found. William Harrison, , ............ . . . Gloria Wiloughby.. .Norman Hawkins ... . . . . . . . . , . .Marjorie Hastings Henrietta Wiloughby ..... ..... L inda Kellow Ann Wilouahby ..... Andrew Barnes ..... Patches .......... "Mother" Blake. . .. Oliver Mellon ..., Sandra Mellon ..... Soleless Sam ..,... Rebecca West ..,,.. lean Roget, M.D ,... .. . .,.,... Linda Faulin .Kenneth Walton Gerald Holtman Marv Lou Brock . . . . .Ernest Hart .Martha Walters . . . .Bill Sanders .Iudy Hotz . . . .Bill Bomball Iunjors reading parts for try outs Compliments of Sangamon Grace AIIIIIIOIIIU Decatur King and Queen of the Mardi Gras, Vicki McCc1rnmack and Ierry Speasl. Une of the highlights of the school year was the annual Carnival, held lanuary lO. The gym was transformed by attractively colored booths and a highly enthusiastic crowd into a real ltlvlardi Grasft To follow the "Mardi Gras" theme a king and queen were elected from the elementary grades. Parents and teachers worked feverishly in the cafeteria to serve the large crowd who carrie to eat before going to the carnival. Nancy Stahl and Bill Koonce, Co-chairman of the event, were assisted by Miss Cole, Mrs. Ash, and Mr. Thistlethwaite of the faculty and also parents of the seniors. Nancy and Bill re- ported it a success from all angles since the seniors reached their financial goal for the school publications The morning after! Compliments of Nicmtic Oil Company What did you win Marjorie? You say you want to get married? MARDI GRAS QUEEN AND KING CANDIDATES Seated left to right, DIXIE' Mr,-rrxrncr. vf1Ckl6 Vest Vmkw McCcmric:K Pf-'Six Bacrc Katha' 'jcpenbarqw f . , 'inet Lyman Standing left to right, W1..1s :tanks 'fnazles Hzraw' It r:'..' Spas. Law VLC- FUCK S'f'.'f'rz Uifnkt.. in' 'JW' .and Grand Fuel Co.. Decatur El Junior Eliigh Principal, MR. KENNETH I. LIIVIKEMAN B.S. Wheaton College Westem Illinois State University of Illinois Graduate School Ain-nnndwif JUNIOR HIGH Mr Kenneth Lunkernan was pr1nc1pal of the lun1or l-hgh thls year and also taught one sec hon of the Sth grade Mrs Estella lones who IS new to the chstnct taught the other sect1on Mrs Helena lones had one 7th grade group wlth Mr Donald Rlchardson teachmg the other and act1ng as baseball basketball and track coach Three teachers lrom the hlgh school faculty also taught classes 1n the 1un1or h1gh They were M1ss Cole PE Mrs Young Home Eco norrucs and Mr Th1stlethwa1te SCIGHCG 64 MRS. ESTELLA IONES Olivet College Trevecca College fiwlwgfst .la-n?fs ,alC!'QN fir 'iq---:rx '3'UYf"Q 'sri -my-silt MRS HELENA IONES Illinois State Normal University Mxllikm University MR DONALD E RICHARDSON B S Eastem Illinois University San Diego State x li x Wy? Sw I is AY ri it . I FACULTY it Rig E V-W sw W ypbfiug M ' N . A--1-.. 4? 'uf ,K 'er fE' N5 - ., '55 U Q ' M ' .. if X ' ff' 'F f 1 'j' W Q 5 Q?-fx ? 9 Q 'G' 1' l K v N 1, Q.. M' 'X' 1? ti g ' ' 'lou 1, xg, I. , 1 M jun, ,Yu Q ,y .5:"",'Iii ,. . ,4i,,,, as Seas? ,ggmf 'Q ' . X x Wgp . 1. S- , zlc " if Q Q ,:. .:. ',2f, 2-ni' 1 14 J M 5'."'5,.f 'Vg Q iunnnnu..g'9A .A -,wg - 1 1 ii lin if gm 5 f Ai ' 5 K F" Mi, ' A 'wi - M RW H , x 'W' L lx' M-xr .N N if in lf 'PN 5 Y xi 59- KX ' I ' F , W V' -1 nm Q, vi 3 if , 1- VI' ' yi ' E 55ffi-':::7 'I :5. .:i- Y- S i iv XM 55 3 QJVN 'ew wzffg R 45:99 rv' -x' Ti' 5 fffaf Y , 4 pii... D ff? .... - -. U In - .-.., ,A ,,,, , ..,,.., N X ' A W.- 5 5 ' . M52 5 35. gn ,iw v V. iw 'WS Win? NZ 5? PE LQ gg K X95 P I f A ig I 3' :whiff , ffl- 4,37 . ., ix v I I f fx ,Eff Z A " Q- 'N f . QEMT Y ' Y-Q-Q. A 'Rum ,, as w 522 Q X ' asf? X1 V , Q W Kg, xx af X aw 4, .,K f .wif hx 'I V Y 1, fx Q l . A. E W fm 'fqfeFwf?Q L f ' X i is W?WMf xi iv 7 Q' 8. ' I Q VA mf A f wr GMSES fx Xixffh. f , :x . ., ,,.:, A QQ , . Zfw fixlai A Hg W ' Q Ylroe. in 5 I- dw ' "P if U f E Qs Yfvzf af. rw I 5 .wp v Q 4 Y , Y lv HQ x I ,fe if le + ,, , ,, 3 4 ? ' 'QF sh 1 me X .H X 331.4 N . ' 1' X X -QM, 9' www.. Q xi H .M Q A W ' iffy, .5 H y WL , as ,A ., W' 'K 'T 69' H xWifs' A 2891! wa Q ' wi' '5 " ,A':. ,Q , " 5:45, .i W , -,'. ' JUNIOR HIGH BASKETBALL The Little Braves have had a very successful season this year. The heavy- Weight team was Well blessed with height and size. With this advantage they were successful in winning a tro- phy in the Macon County Heavy-Weight Tournament led by Ron Patterson, Dan- ny Cole, Leonard Brackett, Ray Duncan, Pete Ward, and were ably supported by Ron Roberts. The cheerleaders also have done a fine job. Their cheering has supported the team and created enthusiasm throughout the school. Clockwise+I..inda Hart, Sue Stahl, Pauline Ward, and Teresa Freeman. KNEELING-Managers Larry Ball and Bill Byers. STANDING-Coach Richardson, Leonard Brackett, Ron Roberts, Danny Cole, Ray Duncan, Ron Patterson, Tony Timmons, and Pete Ward. FIRST ROW. Left to Right-Bill Byers, I Iones, H. Brcmnock, Bob Byers, G. Hort, F. McDonie1, L. Boll. SECOND ROW-Mr. Richardson, G. Epperson, D. Robinson, R. Lone, I. Specrsl, D. Delaney, B. Koonce. "B" SQUAD dig us!!! And just think-it's ours. all ours!!! I've got cr bone to pick with you! Watch the birdie! Advertising O A good education . . . clean living . . . clean sports and thrift will build a fine country that nothing can destroy. NORTHTOWN BANK of Decatur ...MEMBER... Federal Reserve System Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation MACON FARM SUPPLY ALLIS CHALMERS and NEW IDEA FARM EQUIPMENT George Mahon Macon, Illinois CH ECKERBOARD SOYBEAN COMPANY PURINA CHOW'S Complete Facilities For Grinding and Mixing Ivarrenshurg, Illinois 1 Phone 2111 Elwin, Illinois 1 Phone 2291 BOONE 81 WADDELL LUMBER CO. SIIERVVFN-XYIILIANIS PAINTS ISULDERS, IIARDVVARE Complete Building Supplies - Free listiztxates Phone 103 - Niantic., Illinois COMBS HEATING 81 SHEET METAL Mueller Coal. Gas and Oil Furnaces Conversion Burners and Blowers GENERAL REPAIR Electrical Work -f Glittering Crane aml Kohler Plumhing Fixtures Phone 61R4 Niantic, Illinois POTTER IMPLEMENT COMPANY H4-CtDRNIICK-DEERING FARM MACHINERY Farmall Tractors - International Trucks Latham, Illinois Phone 4-2661 FEDERAL NORTH IOWA GRAIN CO. IIONEGGER and STALEY FEEDS Fertilizers and Farm Buildings Harristown, Illinois Phone 7211 HOUSE OF BEAUTY WE SPECIALIZE IN YOU Free Coffee Served at Our House Proprietors and Operators: Dorothy johnson Alice Woodrum Frances Daniels Phone 3-7196 1021 N. Water Decatur, Ill. MERCER REALTY CO. YUUR PERSONAL REALTUR Cfly, Sulzurban and Farm Properties 2110 IJ. Colle-ge Phone 5484 Decatur, Ill. Phone 4407 BEST WISHES and CONGRATULATIONS EL BAUER SENIORS OF NHHS CHEVROLET CO. H. J. Wible Printing Co. 300 E. Elfloram. Decatur, Illinois Printers ofTi1'-Town Tattlvr c. 8. w. HARDWARE 8. Drink . . Q iliamio' PEPSI COLA NIASSEY-HARRIS and NEW IDEA MACHINERY Complete Modern Self Service Hardware Store Clyde R. Whec-l1'r Harold Chalcraft PHONE 3311 KATHLEEN'S BEAUTY SHOP COMPLETE LINE OF BEAUTY SERVICE Permanent W'ave - Tinting - Hair Cutting We Sell Revlon Cosmetics Phone 8-7221 Wyckles Corner The Light Refreshment DECATUR BOTTLING CO. C. B. MOORE. INC. Don Thiele C. B. Moore Authorized CHEVROLET Dealers Blue Mound, Illinois WYCKLES CORNER CAFE Serving Breakfast, Noon and Evening Plate Lunches Steak, Chicken and Sea Food Dinners Special Sunday Dinners 3M Miles West of Decatur on Route 36 DEAN BUTTERFIELD, MANAGER TASTEE FREEZE CHARLES I. MAUCK Corner 9th and N. Grand Springfield, Ill. BELT LINE TRACTOR SALES. INC. 1040 W. Pershing Road FORD TRACTORS AND IMPLEMENTS INDUSTRIAL EQUIPMENT Backhoes - Trenchers - Endloaders Decatur, Illinois Phone 3-2755 C. 81 W. IMPLEMENT DEALERS MT. AUBURN, ILLINOIS HOWARD YOUNG 81 SON TRUCKING SERVICE Phones: BuIIaIo 4-4225, Illiopolis 3373 Lanesville, Illinois WILLIAM H. MADDOX RECORDER OF DEEDS FOR MACON COUNTY Decat ur, Illinois on For a Bright Future, Look to ELECTRONICS DIAMONDS - WATCHES For Quality Training, Look to COMPLETE LINE OF JEVVELRY ' W'atch, Clock, and Jewelry Repairing Engraving Paul W'heeIer, Representative Pictures and Cards Sealed in Plastic l l Niantic, Illinois Phone: 112 104 E. Prairie Decatur. Illinois MIDLAND cANF'E"D"'ucAS Pnonucrs coMPANY LUMBER CO. g - V COAL - BUILDING PRODUCTS - CEMENT 2300 N' Woodford 2200 N. Woodford St. Decatur. Illinois Phone 3-8142 Decatur, Illinois Phone 7313 Compliments of DECATUR LONGBONS BUILDERS SUPPLY CO. , 1002 E. Eldorado Phone 4104 Rdbflltg 81 Sheet' MeI'ClI CO. DELCO HEATING EQUIPMENT Uma" BUILDING IIATEIIIALS "For a job w be well done" HEISE ELECTRIC SHOP SMALL APPLIANCE REPAIR Lighting Fixtures-Residential, Commercial 128 S. Illinois Decatur. III. Compliments of SHELL OIL COMPANY "W'here To Buy It" District OII'ice 250 N. Winter Decatur. III. Phone 3-7701 Compliments of DR. JACK H. BENSON 403 N. Main St. Decatur, Ill. H. POST 81 SONS Jewelers - China - Silver Est. 1872 Decatur, Illinois TILETOWN CABINET 81 TILE CO. Floor and Wall Tile - Linoleum 1285 N. Oakland Phone 5213 Decatur, Ill. JONES MEAT MARKET Wyckles Corner Decatur, Illinois Phone 3-0212 Compliments of LAURENCE TANGNEY COUNTY CLERK Decatur, Ill. HOWE 81 HOWE GROCERY GENERAL MERCHANDISE Latham, Illinois Phone 4-3551 EVANS AUTO WRECKING, INC. 2700 N. Woodford Phone 8-2109 Decatur, Illinois DECATUR FENCE COMPANY FENCES OF ALL KINDS Phone 8-0021 2807 N. Woodford Decatur, Ill. HASKELL PHOSPHATE AND LIMESTONE CO. Ruhm's Finely Ground Phosphate Rock Latham, Illinois RAU HARDWARE 81 APPLIANCE CO. Plumbing - Heating - 24-Hour Service HOT POINT TV - WINKLER FURNACES Latham, Illinois For PRINTING Phone 6879 T I P P E T T P R E S S 144415 N. Water Street Decatur, Illinois FINCH'S SERVICE STATION WHEEL BALANCING and ENGINE OVERHAULINC Wyckles Corner - Decatur, Ill. CARL'S WATCH HOSPITAL EXPERT WATCH REPAIRING 347 W. Grand Decatur, Illinois Compliments of CHAFFIN'S WELDING AND REPAIR Harristown, Illinois CHAS. SPAUCH "Builder" 957 N. Water Phone 8-7432 Decatur, Illinois Compliments of DR. A. I". WILLIAMS Latham, Illinois VEST'S V 81 V B 81 B FURNITURE WAREHOUSE SALES CAFE AND SERVICE STATION Wyckles Corner Route 36 Niantic, Illinois Phone 8-6332 Decatur, Illinois For the Best in Used Cars P. .I.'s USED CARS 444- N. Broadway Decatur, Illinois HARMON'S STANDARD SERVICE and FEED STORE Wyckles Corner Phone 8-1411 .IAN-SAN SUPPLY CO. A COMPLETE LINE OF JANITOR SUPPLIES 869 N. WATER STREET Phone 3-6124 Decatur, Illinois KENNEDY'S FOOD CENTER Wyckles Corner 4-414 W. Main Decatur, Illinois NIANTIC METHODIST CHURCH Sunday School .... 9:45 Compliments of .IOE and GENEVA SPAULDING Church ......... 10:45 Rev. R. D. Snead, Pastor Wyckles Corner Phone 30-8112 Decatur FROEHLICH FARM SALES Compliments of MASSEY HARRIS - ,IOLIET SHELLERS K, O.D. Little Giant Elevators - Dunham Farm Tools OPTOIMETRIST Mount Pulaski, Illinois Citizens Building Decatur, Illinois FRED E. SCHROEDER 8: SON Heating - Plumbing - Electrical Supplies Warrensburg., Illinois REAL ESTATE - INSURANCE Tux Service Listings Wanted B. A. SHEEHAN Niantic, Illinois OH'ice Phone 113 Residence, Harristown 6861 Compliments of DR. SAM HOLTZMAN, M.D. Warrensburg, Illinois BEST WISHES McMANUS FLORIST 1 106 West Pershing Road Decatur, Illinois Compliments of LEMEN VETERINARY CLINIC Warrensburg, Illinois DOTY'S ,IEWELERS 1080 West Grand Decatur, Illinois MUSIC BOX CONN INSTRUMENTS . KIMBALL PIANOS LOWREY ORGANS 16th and Cantrell Decatur, Illinois Compliments of J O H N A L S U P COUNTY TREASURER Decatur, Illinois ARTHUR'S FURNITURE 906 E. Wood Street Decatur Illinois Compliments of SAM WILLIAMS WATER DELIVERY SERVICE R. R. 8, Decatur, Ill. Ph. Harristown 7431 ELMER'S DEPARTMENT STORE VARIETY MERCHANDISE 638 E. Eldorado Decatur, Illinois MILLER'S GARAGE GENERAL AUTO REPAIRING 525 N. Jasper St. Decatur, Illinois Phone 2-7006 BLALOCKS 51' and 10c STORE 1199 West Grand Avenue Decatur, Ill. ALLEN 8: COMPANY, INC. 24-1 S. Park St. GENERAL INSURANCE Phone 5245 Decatur, Illinois Compliments of HENRY M. NOVAK COU'NTY AUDITOR Decatur, Illinois LEACH TEXACO SERVICE TIRES AND AUTO ACCESSORIES MOTOR TUNE-UP 329 W. Eldorado St. Decatur, Ill. DON HARTWIG'S USED CARS Corner of Broadway and Prairie If We Haven't Got It We'll Get It Phone 8-2231 Open Evenings until 9:00 Decatur FLOYD'S SERVICE STATION SINCLAIR PRODUCTS 2205 E. William Decatur, Illinois FOLRATH'S SHOE STORE Famous Brand Shoes For All the Family 211 N. Water Decatur, Illinois DAVIS KWIK KLEEN CAR WASH 844- N. Water St. Decatur, Illinois Polishing and Waxing a Specially A Clean Car Rides Better . . . Lasts Longer DEAN 81 KIRBY D-X SERVICE 1298 East Eldorado St. Decatur, Ill. Phone 8-8023 V. H. OLIVER AUTOMOBILE AND TRACTOR REPAIR WELDING - OIL Phone 6361 Harristown, Ill. COLLIER'S GRILL AND VARIETY STORE Wyckles Corner Decatur, Illinois Phone 2-8915 SESSEL'S MEN'S AND YOUNG MEN'S CLOTHES OF DISTINCTION 101 E. Prairie Decatur, Illinois NATIONAL CLEANERS When You Think of Cleaning, T'hink of National Illiopolis Ph. 4-951 Decatur Ph. 30-645 Illiopolis, Illinois J. C. ROSS 8: SONS GENERAL MERCHANDISE Illiopolis, Illinois F. 81 B. BOTTLING COMPANY HIRES ROOT BEER - GRAPE'I'I'E - WHISTLE AND SQUIRT Phone 3-8604 Decatur, Illinois Compliments of RAILROAD SALVAGE STORE 144 E. Leafland Decatur, Illinois WESTERVELT PAPER COMPANY, INC. WHOLESALE PAPER .IOBBERS 730 East Cerro Gordo St. Decatur, Ill. ,IOSEPH'S FAY FABRICS YARD GOODS . DRAPERY FABRICS 262 N. Main St. Phone 2-7633 Decatur, III. HARRY APPELBAUM CLOTHING STORE Established 1910 Phone 2-4823 Decatur, Illinois GOOD'S FURNITURE CO. Featuring Nationally Advertised Brands of FURNITURE, CARPETINC, and BUGS 237 N. Main Decatur, Illinois WAGNER MEMORIAL CO. 1555 East Pershing Road Decatur, Ill. HEISE ELECTRIC SERVICE GENERAL ELECTRICAL CONTRACTORS 256 West Main Street Decatur, Illinois PFILE'S CAMERA SHOP Everything Photographic 100 E. Prairie Phone 3.34-67 Decatur, III. 4-I8 East Adams Phone 8-4366 Springfield, Ill. MILLER-O'NEILL CARPETS - DRAPERIES . LINOLEUMS 120 West Prairie Decatur, Illinois CLOYD'S FOOD CENTER 24 Hour Service - Always Open West Grand at VanDyke Decatur, III. COPELAND HEALTH APPLIANCES, INC. Hearing Aids, Surgical Supports, Trusses, Hospital Beds, Wheel Chairs, Sick Room Supplies 138 MERCHANT ST. DECATUR, ILL. WALTER FLORA 8: SONS ,I E W E L E R S 148 E. Main Decatur, Ill. Phone 5295 FLEETWOOD OIL CO., INC. Shell Products - Goodyear Tires - Duo-Therm Heaters Phones: Macon RO. 4-36065 Moweuqua 727 Macon, Illinois FUNK'S FIVE G. HYBRID SEED CORN Phone 9R2, Niantic, Ill. Lacey Brock NIRIDER'S INC .... DRUGS 1101 West Main Street Decatur, Illinois GROVES RESTAURANT AND SERVICE STATION At the Junction of U.S. 51 - 121 - 48 Phone 5064 Decatur, Illinois 'Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Grove, Owners-Mgrs. Relax and Have Fun THE ASHES - SPIDER LAKE RESORT ln the Pine Scented North Woods Hayward, R. R. 1, Wisconsin E. Glenn Ash Harristown, Ill. WALLENDER-DEDMAN COMPANY PRINTING - OFFICE EQUIPMENT 151 W. Main Decatur, Ill. Compliments of YOUNG'S PACKING COMPANY Decatur, Illinois DECATUR TENT 81 AWNING CO. Manufacturers of Aluminum, Fiberglass, and Canvas Awnings and Canopies Free Estimates Phone Decatur 2-1458 MACON COUNTY SERVICE COMPANY Co-operative Distributors PETROLEUM - FEED - SEEDS - PLANTFOOD Decatur, Illinois Phone 3-6255 GREIDER'S CAFETERIA CAFETERIA AND MEZZANINE ROOM Decatur, Illinois ILLINOIS CLEANERS 940 West Eldorado Our Truck in Niantic Monzlay and Thursday For Pickup and Delivery De-KALB HYBRID SEED CORN Arthur Beck Illiopolis, Illinois Phone 8071 LESTER P. PFISTER 187 Hybrid Corn Herbert P. Ervin, Dealer Illiopolis, Ill. ENLOE'S LINCOLN SQUARE DRUG STORE "The oldest established drug store in the state' Phones 8-6657-8-9433 Decatur, Illinois See the ORTHY KOONCE,S for Fresh White Eggs Also Custom Shelling' and Buling Phone 7399 Harristown B K V GROCERY GROCERIES. IVIEATS, AND SUNDRIES First Street Harristown, Ill. Phone Harristown 6351 T AND R CARTAGE CO. Decatur, Illinois Phone 8-4395 Enoch and Bob Trusner C I R C L E I N N TEXACO CAS AND OIL - RESTAURANT . GROCERY Harristown, Illinois WIBICOIIIP to the NIANTIC CHRISTIAN CHURCH Niantie. Illinois PRITCHETT FUNERAL HOME AMBLLANCE SERVICE Phone 4321 Illiopolis, Illinois I. GRAVES MOTOR CONIPANY Illiopolis. Illinois Aylco Liquid Fertilizer - StaIey's Feeds MT. AUBURN GRAIN CO. THE BIG "M" . . . Moews Seed Corn Phone 8062 Illiopolis JAMES M. MOORE ANCHOR CONCRETE STEP COMPANY READY MADE CONCRETE STEPS R. R. 3 Wy'ckIes Corner Phone 3-0423 ROTHWELL LUMBER CO. REDI-MIX CONCRETE - BUILDING MATERIALS Mt. Pulaski Phone 60 Society Braml Clothes DROBISCH-MUIRHEID 2nd Floor Citizens Bldg. Decatur., Ill. Compliments of BRUCE STAHL BEAR HYBRID CORN Illiopolis Illinois BEAMAN BROS. STANDARD SERVICE Illiopolis, Illinois Phone 3322 Compliments of ILLIOPOLIS THEATER Illiopolis, Illinois HIMSTEDT OIL COMPANY CAS - FUEL OIL - MOTOR OIL . COODYEAR TIRES BATTERIES Phone Niantic 67, Harristown 7221 Compliments of HOMER L. AND NIILDRED K. MORCRET Mt. Auburn, Illinois ALLIS-CHALMERS AND NEW' IDEA DEALERS FRANCES BEAUTY SHOP Featuring: Hairdressing, Permanent Wcuvillg. Nlanirures. and Haireul Phone 106 Niantif' HEMAN GRAIN IOMPANY JOHN DEERE STALEYS FEEDS NORIIE VIAYTAG SKELGAS Heman P O Warrenslxurg RILIIH BROTHERS JEWELERS Certlflezl Master Watchmakers 116 E Pralrle Decatur, Ill JOHN O PATTERSON Wlasonrw Iontractor Waterproojlng and Tuckpr lntmg Nlmtu Illmol lhonc SSR4 DPI ATUR AUTO WRECRING AUTO AND TRLI lx PARTS 1513 N 22nd St Decatur BLONDIE BELLIUS IAI'l' 2-lo IL Wllllanl Decatur Illinois I OIIIPIIIIICIIIH of SNOW BARBIE R SHOP 226 East Wllllann Decatur I 0ll,.l'3Illl8Il0IlS from THE BENSON IIRFAMERY Makers rf BLUF RIBBON Dairy Pr: duct DEI ATUR INDUSTRIAL I' IIEIXTRII Fleclrzcnl I ontracta rs Mrltcir Rewmclzng 1136 E V ood St Phone 8 6627 Decatur, Illlnols R A U P P S S H O E S Fine Shoes or Everyone Decatur, Illlnols HENI4 BRY S STORE FOR MEN 13-I Merchant St Decatur I'harle E Pritchett Insurance Ercluewely 137 West Mann St Phone 3 7787 LANDHOLT AUTO REPINISHINI BODY RFPAIR 74.3 E Prairie Decatur, llllnolb Compliments of BEATRIIE FOOD IONIPANY 1 IDOW FOLD MILK AND ICI' IRI' AM Phone 5241 Decatur, Illinois I ood lurk, IIIIIIIIHCI PLORIXN BUILDERS Phone 3 7914 Decatur, Illlnols Iompllments of WEIDPNBACHER OLDS Decatur, Illlnols I omplnnents of LESCHEWSKI TEXAI O SERVII I' 69.3 In Wood Decatur Ill Ph 39239 We Cue S Sc H Green Stamp t ARSON .IFWFLFRG3 1AR5ow c0RNrR 300 N Water Decatur Illlnols Phone 3 667 4 IINXWEILER S Fur flung, I rtlu 0 ue 209 S Park Street Decatur Ill III DLI DNIAI LAUNDRY 1220 I' abt NN oocl Dec atur lll WIAI OV MUSII INI Iour 'Vluvu al lla partment Store 221 North Tldlll Decatur Ill T Y N 1 4 I , I ' x l D I - 1 - . . . . . , Ill. ' ' I I I I I I I I I I , A ' iv A . A 14 ,. . I 7: I I li ' 'I ' -: . ' . . - ,Ill. I I I I I I . I I I I I Q' , V, ... I . . I -V, I I I K 1 A , ' '- -' ' ' , 131. I I I , , I I , I 4 ir 1 1 1 n n I I I . - I I I Q 1 1' h I 0 - 1 I ' 1 s . ' ' , I I , I I . . f I ' ' I . I , lu. I S . ' I . CREIGHTIIN-JACKSON X i I I A' 1 , . . I f - I . I I I I A , i N 1 . I I I , I - 1 s I 1 . 7 g . - - . . . . . , ' 1 .- I i 5 ' I I I I I I I I 1 46 I I I ,, , , , I . I I VIE, I 'I I J ' . , . . .N . . H , . I 1 if I . K . J ,Af , LI 1 A Iv' y ' ' 0 P - , . . , - I ' I 1 ' 9 , E ' W X N I v I J A I I 1 I, I. 5 U N ' 7 I I I ' 1 I ' ' , I H 9 D h . - . ' 0 ' 9 . 79 ,IIIIWI SE ANEY SHOW Take Care YYDZ Decatur, Illinois Compliments o V'EST DECATUR CHLRCH Route 36 V vckles Corner DASHFR TRULIx SERVICE I eneral Haulm Blue 'ilounfl 1183 BLUE WIOUND GRAIN K FERTILIZER C0 from Fertilizer I hone 1 120 ARTHUR W WURL Harzluare Bottle bas Store Ph 4112 Re ldenee Ph 4112 Illlopoll Illinois ART S SHELL SERVICE All Shell Products Firestone aml l 1 ollvenr Tire and Batteries Blue Wlounrl Phone 1111 ILLIUPOLIS CANWAS FOMPANY FARMI' R S GR AIN F0 STANDARD OIL AGI' NT Illlopolls Illmols VI Showalter ST NII HULAS I'IOTI'L Det alur, Illinois ,II DRDAN S STORE feneral RI9l'1IldlllI Air lf lllllll tell our l om or! All Auburn Ph 31 1 1 SlNCERE APPRECIATION TO M1ss Mar1lyn Cole Mrs Glenn Ash and Mrs Iames lohnson tor thelr ass1st ance Whlch has been lncllspensable IH the prodslctlon o the Echo We also wlslt to acknowledge the co operatlon o Mr l.. E Wlnter Huston Patterson Corp Mr Wrllrarn Blankenberg Sr Blankenberg Phot graphers Mr loe Nel son Peona Engravrng Pf1les Carnera Shop and all faculty and students Nl-ll-lS l958 ECHO STAFF A A .A A V W Y , ' . S I .. , 99 - 7 V. . . , Y ' 1 1 w 4 I 1 ' L 1 . g , . - .. - , x ., , S . 1 s' . ' ' In H ' s ' . . .Sa . .S A 1 . , , V . , , -. , Illiopolis, Illinois Latham, Illinois 1 . . V - 9 , , 1 I ' ' ISP ' fl ' .IPI for 3' I f .1 . ' ' , -, C 1 . - 80

Suggestions in the Niantic Harristown High School - Echo Yearbook (Niantic, IL) collection:

Niantic Harristown High School - Echo Yearbook (Niantic, IL) online yearbook collection, 1948 Edition, Page 1


Niantic Harristown High School - Echo Yearbook (Niantic, IL) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 35

1958, pg 35

Niantic Harristown High School - Echo Yearbook (Niantic, IL) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 69

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Niantic Harristown High School - Echo Yearbook (Niantic, IL) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 48

1958, pg 48

Niantic Harristown High School - Echo Yearbook (Niantic, IL) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 9

1958, pg 9

Niantic Harristown High School - Echo Yearbook (Niantic, IL) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 34

1958, pg 34

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