Niangua High School - Cardinal Yearbook (Niangua, MO)

 - Class of 1959

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Text from Pages 1 - 100 of the 1959 volume:

I959 PUBLISHED BY THE SENIOR CLASS OP Nlangua Hugh School The Cardinal SENIOR 0 N S 0 R Annual Staff hT--,Dx-ff, pn wk 1 UP vx,....... 3 A.. Lvl, B,r..1e V1 xr, Clam . F. SFATTD: Inv Brw'r.':1, IOP Szmgfklfey, E1ll'1'fuEge:S1L fi- ,M 2.AM swf -xx q-ui - . 'f-' f. '. .-ff 4.-. . f. -. f., ,L f.. ':,-.ff 1. ..., . HA., ,..., . K.. .., , ..A., . .. x-1-it fl: Q O N s 1 '.x-riff, If -5 -gif s ,f L! f ff' fi HESTER IACKSON English DEAN DOBBINS Supermtendent Geometry Facult 1 IUANITA MIKKLESEII LOIS MELTON CHARLES MOFFATT Bi01OQY SOCISI Studies Home Economics I. D. LITTLE XOLA BURCHFIELD Seventn G Exgzth Grade Elftr. E. Simi. Grace Ti h1rfi G Fourth Grade s BOB HECK Coac: Mxssourx Hlstory Healtr. VTVIAN STUBER Flrst 6 Second iraoo i N . V' , vs 1: I7 ,HN H' ' I u ff ,F N ' rim. .MXN GILBERT BARCLAY Mathematics Industrial Arts SYLVIA LILLEY Social SfUd19S Commerce HAZEL LEE Special Education fir ony wg i Q2 ' +l V HOWARD KING If I could get paid for the work I ve done, I d be a Millionaire Iunior Play Class Secretary The Cardinal Editor Annual Business Manager SHARON LCUISE MATHIS Tnere's no time like the present for getting things done. "The Cardinal" Editor. .4 F. H. A ..... l,Z, 3 Class Treasurer . . . 1 Iunlor Play ..... 3 SANDRA HIGHTOWER When she s blue and talks too snappy call her happy Pep Club Glee Club H Mixed Chorus Annual Queen Candidate IUDY DAVIS It won't :ne long :ow , you see, until Iudy Lea, a bride F. H. A. ...l.2,3,4 Pep Club .... -l, 2, 3 Class President . . . 1 Cheerleader . . . 2,3 Glee Club . . l,2,3,4 Mixed Chorus . . . 3,4 F. H. A. Officer . .3,4 Softball . . . . 2, 3,4 Volleyball . . .l,2,3,4 "The Cardinal Feature . Editor . .... . . District F H A Reporter Annual Queen Miss Nxangua SHIRLEY MATHIS She s short and blonde and sort of shy but oh eye Pep Club H Carnival Candidate DARRELL HIGHTOWER The local bouncer he will be He ll make the tough boys pray Just wait and see Basketball Class Officer Softoall Pep Club Junior Play J 'K FD' 4 . . . . . .H3 . . .'.4 ' ' . . . .2 - . . ' . . . . . 3 ,gr A I - . . .4 . . l,2,3,4 " " . . . . ' .... 4 4......4 '....2,3,4 ' .... ---- I l ' on Herald: he-Ulmake there's mischief in her :..l,2,3,4 ..... .4 .,. l,2,3 F. .A. . . . . 1,2,3 ' F. .A. . . . L,2,3,4 - -4 , 2. JOE DYCHE When I fmd my proper groove a famous man I ll surely prove Basketball Iumor Play Prxnce Charmmg 'Nh- PAULA HTFR-NIR ANNE GRIZZELL Tnere's a :Inq on :er Lcgf me 599-45515 firm yer, a love In :mer Tuesday, 111 30 Um heart. Srie soon '.-:1ll be tonuht and tomorrfv.-: Saymf "'i1l feats. in us ni gm, and trienl won't part. " Volleyball . . . .2 Cneerlearier . . . Class Presxjent . Pep Club . . . l,2, Glee Club .... F.H.A .... l,2, Carmval Candidate Softball . . . . 3, F H A Offic r Pep Club Iunlor Play Annual Staff Cardf al Staff IUDITH Sly IT. Norry llttle at 1 ea Pep Clu l H Annual Elltor go ajax: u:t1lThursday Band .... . .l,Z Glee Clu: . . .l,Z,3 IMIIXEC Chorus . . . 3 Volleyball . . . . . Softball . . . . . . 3, Pep Club . . . l,Z,3, Pep Club Officer . . . Cheerleader . . . 3, Annual Queer' Class Officer Iunlor Play H The Cardlnal News Edltor PRNA P.A.NDCLPl- l.1e F-,es a d lon, I' a V flew s rru eve J r H Pep Clu Pe, Clu ' as C Ba a ee I 11-'P f' Q 1 1 RICHARD I-IUTTON He may be llttle but he sure has blg ldeas Basketball Softball Pep Club Track LARRY MITCHELL He was kmd of restless and sort ofa meany but he S Settled down slnce he met Ieanne Attended Balfersfleld lCa li J H D Glee Club Basketball CLARA SHQCKLEY She smxles at one, wavos to all. lf she's around y0u'll navo a Dall. Pep Club .... 1.2, 3 Y. H. A. . . . l,Z,3,4 3 Iumor Play . . . . . FERN DINWIDDIE She'S your friend, Szvfs your pal. Sybll Ffrrn 13 qulte a ral. Volleyball . . . 2,3,A1 F.H.A......2,3 Softzall ...... 1 Pep Club . . . . . . -. Glee Club . . . . . 3 "Card1nal" Staff . . . -1 IUDY CLAXTON Sh? may not be a Ford out bhp can sure rattle PF-p Club Glpf Cluo A Mlxed Cwor s l Ca dl al ata BARBARA VAINCF Q Q 5 sue 11 DS t lS :lov most J all PP lava: to 'Un leo lu D :E DALTON PERRYNAIN Slow a d easy nevrfr a care Dalton always fab t1me to spare Basketball Softball Pep Club Prxnce Charmlng Iunlor Play REX MANNING Worry and studying will make an old man out of you That's why I look so young junior Play Softball , Basketball HALLIE DECKARD IEANNE HALL You can t tell by lookin' She's got the shape and What Hallie s got cook the Wiggle but best of all she s got the q1gg1e Glee Club Glee Club H Pep Club Cardinal Feature Ed 4 H Band Volleyball F H A Reporter JACKIE TERRY Love your enemies It will drive them crazy Pep Club H DOROTHY DAVIS I study in all my spare txme Konlyl never seem to have anyl Glee Club Pep Club H Annual Candidate Iunlor Play DEAN ALEXANDER Dean doesn't l1ke to study, It seems but he sure likes to play on the basketball team Basketball Softball Clee Club Pep Club v 9' Q Class Prophecy Well, here it is 1969 It's time for that Class Reunion we seniors of 59 planned on having The Job of getting in touch with everyone has fallen on my shoulders, since I'm used to tracking down people being a detective and all First on my list was Iudy Claxton She ls livmg in New York teach ing commerce in a leading college there J'udy's roommate is another of our old classmates, Hallie Deckard Hallie ia a wa1tress in an expen slve restaurant In her spare time she goes tishmg Fishing for a hus band that is It wasn't hard findmg Sandra Hightower fMrs Herald Dillj She is happily married to the shop teacher of Niangua H1gh School You think she'd have her hands full takmg care of their three children, but she finds t1me to teach the f1rst and second grades at N1angua I found Mrs Iack Bertoldie Uudy DBVIS, livmg in Marshfield Iudy has a full t1me job looking after her three boys who are only five weeks old They are triplets 'md when one stops cry1ng, another starts 1n Mr and Mrs Darrell Hlghtower CSh1rley Mathis! are livmg in Wlchita, Kansas Shlrley manages a laundry in order to help pay the b1lls You see Darrell is a race car drlver and usually spends the blggest art of hls t1me ln the hospltal After her f1fth d1vorce, Jeanne Hall has declded to marry her h1gh school sweetheart, Larry Mltchell Larry owns a big chicken ranch 1n Oklahoma Ieanne says she s ready to settle down to just ralsmg Chicks Mrs Darel Oberbeck lPaula Ferrlerl 1S livmg on a farm near Conway Paula is a beauty operator and has her own beauty shop Her time ls two rowdy boys I finally got in touch Wlth Dalton Perryman and Ioe Dyche, who are work1ng at Cape Canaveral, Florida The1r Job 1S secret, but I an safe ly say that they are respons1ble for some of those fly1ng objects you see up 1n the sky Howard Kmg IS now a radio announcer at Madlson Square Garden 1n New York Richard Hutton d1d l1ke we all expected him to He is a well known basketball star better known as Speedy Smith Clara Shockley is happlly marr1ed to I1m Totten She 1S qulte busy Just tak1ng care of the1r new home 1n Ill1no1s and the1r six little girls Erma Randolph of all people, 1S a mov1e actress Her newest p1c ture, WHY? , co starring Elv1s Presley promlses to be a olg h1t on Broadway Rex Manning is still givlng all the glrls a wh1rl with his qulck smile and cute ways He's got a new nickname now It's Romeo II Anne Grizzell finally got Ion Medlock straightened out How? marry1ng the guy, of course He's so busy doing the housework and er rands she thinks up for him, that he doesn't have time to get out of line She rules h1m wlth an iron hand so I ve heard . 'U . . 'd I ' ' h p divided between taking care of the shop and TRYING to take care of her . . By ' ' ll ll I Surprismgly enough Dorothy Dav1s 1S still single She owns a big home rn Beverly H1lls Dorothy is a model on week ends She flles to Las Vegas where she glves the people a rough time She runs off w1th chips hidden in her mink coat Barbara Vance 1S a fashion counselor She makes frequent trips to Parls to learn the newest and latest ldeas 1n fashrons Judy Smlttle is the owner of a famous roller skatmg and recreation house known as Dance With Iudy 1n Wyommg Iudy marrled a travel ing salesman It was easy to locate Fern Dinwlddie She is a secretary for a de tectlve agency 1n Arizona, and a very good secretary, I mlght add How do I know well I work for that agency, too Yes, I Sharon Mathis fmally got to be a detectlve I can truthfully say that was the hardest job I ve ever worked on and I d1dn't even get paid Class History Our class started out as freshmen in 1955 w1th 30 in the class We elected our class Off1CeIS Iudy Davis as presldent, Iackle Nunn as vice presldent, Erma Randolph as secretary, Sharon Mathls as treasurer, and Rex Mannmg as reporter Mrs Jackson was our class sponsor We also elected our carn1val queen and prince charmmg candldates, who were Erma Randolph and Iackie Nunn, but we re sorry to say we lost the race Losing this race d1dn't keep us from crowmng Anne Grizzell as annual queen Wlth Dean Alexander as her escort The next September we started back to school w1th 26 sophomores president, Rex Manning secretary treasurer Linda Alexander and re porter, Erma Randolph Mr Guido Morris was our sponsor Our candi dates for carnival king and queen were Rex Shaffer and Karen Davis A ga1n we were defeated by the semors Our candidate for the annual queen was Dorothy Davis The seniors agaln defeated us 1n th1S race We went into our Jumor year with a decrease of only one We choose our class offlcers Lmda Alexander as president, Rex Manning as vice president, Anne Grizzell as secretary treasurer, and Iudy Davis as reporter Mrs Melton was our class sponsor Our queen and prince charming candidates for the carnival were Paula Ferrier and Dalton Perryman Thls year we were defeated by the freshmen Our jumor play Grandad Goes Wild was a great success It was directed by Mrs Iackson On February 5 1958 we ordered our class rmgs from Herff Iones Company Our Iunior and Senior Banquet was held in the school gym on April 29 Our last year, beg1nn1ng August 25 1958 brought along a lot of e vents We were the publishers of the school paper and also in charge of preparing an Annual Our class offlcers were Paula Ferrier as pres1 dent, Darrell Hightower as vice president, Howard King as secretary treasurer, and Erma Randolph as reporter Our sponsors were Mr Dobbins and Mrs L1lley We elected our Carnival Queen and Prince Charming cand1dates, who were Shirley Mathis and Ioe Dyche, but we are sorry to say that we were defeated this time Mr C H Lenhart, of Lenhart Studlos 1n Aurora, came and took our senior pictures on October 15 the time of this writing we are still looking forward to our Senior Play, Sen1or Tr1p, Iunior and Senior Banquet, and most of all Graduation . I . . . I l ' ' Il n ' ' ' , , . "' I 0 I I , . I The officers for that year were as follows: president, Karen Davis: vice 7 ' 1 7 ' Il ll u I D I I I . ' ' . At . , ' . Class Wlll We the Senlor Class of 1959 flnally about to depart from thls h1gh school 11fe, do publlsh, solemnly swear, maintaln and afflrm that th1s shall be our last w11l and testament bequeathmg To the Board of Educatlon, a s1ncere vote of thanks for the1r effort 1n d1rect1ng to asslst us in gettlng our hlgh school educatlon To the Faculty, the rlght to lecture the Senlors of 60 I Anne Grlzzell, Wlll my freckles to Shlrley Vestal I Dorothy Davls, Wlll my ab1l1ty to go Wlth a Marshfleld boy to Llnda Weaver Howard Klng, will my helght to Tommy Mathls Sharon Mathls, w1ll my fondness of Engl1sh to my llttle brother, Larry I Ioe Dyche w1ll my safe drivlng to Danny Mathls I Iudy Claxton, w1ll my love letters to Sue Long Sandra Hightower, will my ab1l1ty to sklp school to Mary Lou Iv1e Clara Shockley, w1ll my ab1l1ty to get a boy frlend and keep hlm to Retha Dudley Paula Ferrler, w1ll my ab1l1ty to get a rlng to Retha Dudley Shlrley Mathls, w1ll my abllity to stay out late to Sue Graves Rlchard Hutton, w1ll my basketball posltlon to Iimmy Nichols Darrell Hlghtower, w1ll my shlny cowboy boots to Mrs Lllley Erma Randolph, w1ll my ab1l1ty to play on the volleyball team t Patsy Webb Dalton Perryman, will my fast drlving to Iimmy Day I Iudlth Sm1ttle, w1ll my natural curly han' to Sue Long Ieanne Hall, Wlll my good grade 1n hlstory to Alene Dodson Barbara Vance, w1ll my ta1k1ng ab1l1ty to Alene Dodson Larry Mltchell w1ll my ab1l1ty to break my glasses to Iim Vavruska Fern D1nw1dd1e, w1ll my volleyball sult to Sue Long Rex Manmng, will my safe drlvlng to Ilmmy Day Iudy Davls, Wlll my helght to Glenda Klnkade Hallle Deckard w1ll my long flngernalls to Shlrley Vestal We the Senlor Class of 1959 wish to will our unco operatlveness and our general abillty to get along together to no class 1n Hlgh School W1tt1est Ieanne Hall Dalton Perryman Best Sports Erma Randolph Rlchard Hutton Semor Personalltles Best All Around Paula Ferrier Ioe Dyche Most Likely To Succeed Sharon Mathis Howard Klng Friendllest Iudy Claxton Dean Alexander Cutest Fern Dinwlddle Rex Manning I ' . ' I l I I, ' ' ' . I, ' ' ' ' . I I 0 I ' ll ll . I, ' ' ' ' . Il , , , . . I, ' ' ' ' ' . II . . . . . I, ' ' ' ' . I, ' ' ' . ' . I, ' ' ' o I, ' . I, ' ' ' . I, ' ' ' ' . I, ' , ' ' ' . I, ' ' ' ' ' . I, ' ' ' ' . I, ' ' ' ' . Il l I ' . ' ' U gi X W ET? f Xxx 9 gp ,,,., A vi Q ,D ' . A . v- '. ' ' y ' , i V Tis' s X If . gf' - xXx 4, , ,- X 'Will Q 'V I K f ' ' W xx - 1- ' ,, f X ' Q K , A , 3, f -1 ' 'fi 2? V AT F l . . . , 5 Q, W 54"-.5 'N 2' Charles Mathis f. -4' ! - 'x N 'v A Iimmy Sell Warne Dodson Danny Markus ,Q 1' I s g i Alene Dodson Ierry Clair Ioan Clau- ' 'Z ff ?t X M . lr - 5 ' mn Hg x L: .Q 5' . . - s 11 W uf A' lf X: X' W ' fx . . 4' v W . . . X Iudy Cantrell Ma Y I' f Juniors P Q ry Ann Custer a 'YN M Iean Carol Davis Linda Weaver I Bob Lunsford Bob Wrlkerson K yi KR A , N ,f...M.. erry Dlnwiddie V '27 Shirley Vestal K' lla. l ' ll llllllll Nell . 1 U . Mary Lou Ivie ,aa xl ' x Retha Dudley Glen Kinkade 'Mm Nunn' Bob Pollard I f aiu: 0-'Q gf.: s ' , ,,..x,5..f, I 1 . ,'P' 'PVT 1, 'V Carlee TerrY L Iohnny Gag 'Q 9 .,f' I r ' Bob Ivie 4915 1.1. Iyij: Dill TUG! Sue S'JbSf Lunsfors Ia .ri F412-:arfi I Q I X 'S oo. K w Steve Hall -J' P vf, Donald Vance FPYTP, Barngart 1 B',:,g,1.' l,2"'-'F l1nr1l-.'fg:if1ri1ltur 1, , 5 f-' fa Claxz f. f' ann. 9 in ,wb ":' ,as lwv-2 DH U01-' amy Alwri 4 5" r' S H 5 f Xf.T.', ,-"H "f' ' , I. I .9 o - . it 51 Sue Gravea Idea Dlll A A - , X, 1 45 Sue Long Iames Day .pr Q ,7 xlarolyn Fhrrm Larry Hamm T17 f- fl' ' V fl 'fxf:1:,lr: Yi '19' Kate? '.'.'arrf::1 X ., J -Af l Lmda 'Milk eras: N? Clara Essargx Q. ., i Q , 1536 ., 3l.l:, ww-Y D-ff-Q NE? '77 '-J K 4 '- I v f -. il ' "'l"a',"r N ar, Ml a be Thirias I-,,,,:,:1e"'2!+3r fgm 'Javr ,sri fe 'llvlai FV. 1 Wanda Davis Iimmy Dodson . S4 ' Z . Af' ,yyv 4 1 w Suzanne Schwab Roger Plsher f f l 'X f 1 2 I , 1 5 Reta Mcillanahan Gene Weaver , ik 1 V "Pr .' ' '. , if 1 , lg ' 'M Q ig' ' , f , Q A Mar Vnxete Merrell Teddy Muse Harold Ivie H ,f' rf' ., Sally Kay Hyde Alice Walker 31? fa ffl ! Louetta Page N +52 lack Dinwlddie , 0 we Ilmmy Nichols -Q-l lwllffl Clflif Ancll Lettermin Ji 1.7 L J W ,z Ianel Cantrell Tommy NlC1fl"llS '35 f "..f" f 5.-zg: :fXf' K 4 li 3 1 5,3-3 ' t. 1. gg? ' " - Wm 4 1' 13' Clifford Melvin Linda Kay Melvin lerry Totten -.. .. 3 6 ' W ,I ,Nh 'V O. . W I fl . I , ilenda Kmkzade Teddy Baker Davlfi Terry Ixrrrry C 11 '- P' :S lf 1' ,o I , 1 Freshmen - .- ' 0 ' Q - v :L Selmer. . I -"',-'2-I 'IW' 1 Not Pictured 35 Patsy We bb NORMA NVINKELMAN WTLBUR DUDLEY PHYLLIS MATHIS DAVID MATHIS SHARON SELL MARALAND IENKINS BETTY CLAIR ANN HOMAN RICHARD FELLER IOHN ESSARY BILLY COOK BOBBY MATHIS NOT PICTURED CAROL MITCHELL ?Q LINDA MOVVERY GARY DILL LINDA ROBINSON RONNIE COOK IACKIE WANTLAND REBA DUDLEY MARY SHOCKLEY ROBERT BF-.KER LYI...E HNIVTILTCL. MAUP,INEIE1II'CIIIS VIP. ,I,.In LEITERPJ, SHE-.REII DAVIS, DAPBEL ALEKPGIDEP BECPCY THOMAS COXIIIE DUDLEY NOT PICTURED TERRY MITCHELL IAMES VAN QL! 'Y Q- l THELMA SHOCKLEY CALVIN DUDLEY SHARON REESE JOHN HODGES DONNA SUE HODGES '.'JE,iLE':' H EFI DEFSCIQ ?,AI2fY,fIA SELL CARI. BRCv'f'II BONNIE SUE COOK IERRY NELSCIJ ACI PICTURES PATRICIA LETTEFMAI. IINMIE "AHL n I .V IAXE CAROL VESTAL IT vi Sixth iw DAVID YEU BANKS wifi? , n v'Pf'f .QA 2 r' "' ,, BETTY DUDLEY IOHN NY I-VINKELMAN NANCY COOK IIMMY BOONE VERRONICA SELL GEORGE ANDERSON SAUNDRA SELL MARK KOLLMEYER KAREN NEASE BILLY DU DLEY NOT PICTURED CLIFFORD CANTRELL '5 MICHAEL YEUBANKS CAROL O'NEA.L LARRY NEASE ANNA HAINLINE BUDDY WANTLAND DORIS SIIOCKLEY RICKY REESE IOYCE THOMPSON KIRK MILLER IOHRETTA HENDERSON if HELEN HETM BILLY HAINLINE IANET BROWN BETTY HAINLTNE MARY FRANCES MEIGS IOE SCOTT EUGENIA SELL LEIAND HENDERSON CAROLYN NEASE PATSY STEWART MARTA RAYE PECK RANDALL KOLLMEYER PHYLLIS SI-IOCKLEY NANCY CLAIR 41 I ' Fhst gf 4 I . I 9 IANICE YOUNG BUZZY ROBINSON IERRY KAY SARGENT DWAINE SELL IOAN DUDLEY TED STORIE RETA LETTERMAN KAYE YEUBANKS GREGORY WILKERSON CHERYL PECK CHARLES LARSEN INA LEA MIKKELSEN DEBBIE ALEXANDER BRAD BOONE ANITA DENNY BILLY LETTERMAN BETHEL STEWART Z fi , , . fi' 4 1641 Si A Y v-:nxt Second M1-XRGUERITE HAINLINE ROBERT CANTRELL EDNA SHOCKLEY TOMMY DAY DONNA LARSEN DAVID CLIFT KATHY COOK STEVIE MIKKELSEN LOETA LETTERMAN NOT PICTURE D PAM LETTERMAN IUNE IENIGNS KATHRYN GAGE RONNIE LEE LETTERMAN 5' GEORGIA LEE GAGE Special Education WAYNE DECKARD SHIRLEY PAY RADER K LOREAN POYTHRESS NATHAN '-IOMAN 'x A DIANNA DU DLEY DONNA LOU DUDLEY IAMES ESSARY VIRGINIA IENKINS RICHARD CANTRELL PATSY SUE CLAIR DELORES WAHI. NOT PICTURED JOHNNY HAINLINE SHIRLEY VANCE IESSIE PERRYMAN ANNIE PERRYMANI RONALD LYNN LETTERM LARRY LETTERMAN CHARLES LETTERMAN AN 45 I 'VA I 5 I V n 'P 'F 5 E ' 5. Q Q A 435- -,,, R 'I' I :LW1 A A A H A, .fs .4 N I I if il.-L w r V A ff' ' ' 'W ' uw Q41 A? U .J Q X yvihvac J X-fa 5 Q 9 4 ,V N D iz- df -,v:, qkgo Wg j., bizw- 5 , nz ,ig s f -25' ' v -I 962 5 C1 I? V Q X wg.: 3, :ACF .Y Jigga 1 A w 2 2 , Glenda Kinkade, Judy Dill, Judy Stuber, Jeanne Hall, Paula Ferrier, Erma Randolph, Anne Grizzell, Jenny Dyche, Judy Davis, Jean Carol Davis, Shirley Vestal, Sue Lunsford, Kay Melvin, and Jayne Wallace. Mrs. Melton, Judy Claxton, Dorothy Davis, Jackie Terry, Patsy Webb, Judy Clair, Alene Dodson, Marilyn Hamilton, Joyce Dudley, Linda Wilkerson, Clara Essary, Sue Graves, Hallie Deckard, Sue Long, and Carolyn Ferrier. Linda Weaver, Janet Cantrell, Margaret Merrill, Treva Claxton, Karen Warren, Alice Walker, Sandra Hightower, Suzanne Schwab, Margaret Barnhart, Sally Hyde, Judy Cantrell, Clara Shockley, Reta McClanahan, Joan Clair, and Retha Dudley. SEATED: Left to Right: MIDDLE ROWt TOP ROW: I? Q, 5 2 i l959 - Annual Queen 'lu QD 'AQ' SEATED: Iudy Davis--Queen STANDING: Paula Ferrier , -,. d '- Sandra Hightower Amen ants F u T U0 R E F A M E R I C J A K E R S H U M E M A ,- I v Q ff f l 1 ' ii- :I I 'I I 4 y -I , rx' 1 L, nt,-', L I .I 'F - "- ' . , ,-f J ,.i. aw 'rs 1 V . v ' 5, I , h ,": ' ' J-.s -tzfa O lg T T on E S i TOP ROW: Bobby Lowe, Terry Mitchell, Ierry Dlnwlddle, Ioe Dyche, Bob Nelson, Ierry Nelson, Randall Kollmeyer MIDDLE ROW: Iean Carol Davls, Shirley Mathxs, Reta McClanahan, Lxnda Mowery, Carolyn Ferrler, Ramona Sell. BOTTOM ROW: Edna Shockley, David Clift, Cheryl Peck, Ekad Boone, Pam Letterman, Robert Cantrell. SEATED: Iudy Davls, Howard King, Sharon Mathis, Mrs. Sylvla Lllley. STANDING: Anne Grxzzell, Paula Ferrler, Hallie Decnard, Dean Alexander, Erma Randolph, Judy Stuber, Iudlth Srmttle. 1"? .1 4 Z-UWPFD -Q, D f mmpaw P TOP ROW: Carolyn Ferrler Judy Cantrell Erma Randolph Joyce Dudley Judy Davls Allce Walker Mar1lyn Hamllton Sally Hyde Margaret Merrlll MIDDLE ROW: Retha Dudley Kay Melvln Patsy Webb Joan Clalr Judy Clair Reta McClanahan Clara Essary 'lreva Claxton Judy Claxton BOTTOM ROW: Mr. Moffatt Instructor Glenda Kmkade auzanne Schwab Jean Carol Davls Shlrley Vestal Janet Cantrell Jayne Wallace Anne Grlzzell Jenny Dyche Boys' Gee I TOP ROW: Donald Vance Glen Klmcade JlrT.rr.y N1CRClS Larry Mltcnell Jae Tnornas Boa Nelson MIDDLE RCHL: Roger Planer BCL: lvle 'Warne Deosx, iiarolfz ivle 5te'.'e Hall Jac-1 .Jgnv..::1e BCTTCL1 ROI.: Mr. Moffatt, ln Tecgy Bam-r nRI" ""cl"'1W ll ...U .. . Cllfforc Melvgn Tommy Matngs Jzrrxy Dcdszn H TOP ROW: Darrel Alexander, Stuart Kollmeyer, Donald Vance, Ierry Nelson, Jerry Clalr, Carl Brown, Tommy Mathls. SECOND ROW: Llnda Roblnson, Robby Baker, Karen Warren, Teddy Baker, Iudy Dlll, Bobby Pollard, Glenda Kinkade, Mr. Moffatt, Instructor. THIRD ROW: Sharon Sell, Sue Graves, Alice Walker, Iudy Clalr, Iudy Stuber, Ienny Dyche, Suzanne Schwab, Reta McClanahan. SEATED: Bllly Cook, Joey Scott, George Anderson, Iane Carol Vestal, Verronlca Sell, Saundra Sell, Davld Yeubanks. TOP ROW: Mr. Moffatt, lnstructor, Donald Vance, Cllfford Melvln, Bob Nelson, Ixmmy Dodson, Wa. THIRD ROVJ: BOTTOM ROW , Roger Flsher, Glen Klnkade, AHC1l Letterman, Larry Mltchell, Teddy Baker, Bob Iacn DlRW1ddl9, Ilmmy N1chols, Steve Hall, Ioe Thomas, Tommy Math1s, Harold lvle. Marllyn l-Iamxlton, Sally Hyde, Margaret Merrlll. Retna Dudley, Kay Melvln, Patsy Webb, Ioan Clair, Judy Clair, Reta McClanahan, Clara Essary Treva Claxton, Iudy Claxton. Glenda Klnkade, Suzanne Schwab, Iean Carol Davls, Shirley Vestal, Ianet Cantrell, Iayn Dodson SECOND ROW: Carolyn FGITIOT, Iudy Cantrell, Errna Randolph, Ioyce Dudley, Iudy Davls, Allce Walker, CN Wallace, Anne Grlzzell, Ienny Dyche. lt 1. 6 M f 5 ,Q ,.4UMwvu, ' if 0 21: 255: 0'3- 0 .N 0 0 QF ix 1 2 x xg Q f 6' WMI -MNH fu Z " . 1 X f M. ' .1 .av IJ. wit . x TOP ROW: Llnda Weaver, Allce Walker, Erma Randolph, Sandra Hlqhtower, Barbara Vance, Shirley Mathls, Iudlth Smxttle, Ianet Cantrell, Suzanne Schwab, Margaret Barnhart, Retha Dudley, Iudy Cantrell, Louetta Page. SECOND ROW: Dorothy Davxs, Iackle Terry, Jeanne Hall, Iudy Clalr, Alene Dodson, Carolyn Ferrler, Iayne Wallace, Marilyn Hamllton, Sally Hyde, Lxnda Wzlkerson, Clara Essary, Sue Graves. THIRD ROW: Fern Dxnwxddle, Margaret Merrlll, Patsy Webb, Karen Warren, Treva Claxton, Iudy Claxton, Sue Long, Kay Melvin, Mary Lcu lvle, Mary Ann Custer. BOTTOM ROW: Wanda Davrs, Iudy Stuber, Reta McClanahan, Iudy Dlll, Ienny Dyche, Anne Grizzell, Jean Carol Davls, Shlrley Vestal, Ioan Clalr, Paula Ferrler. olleyball LEFT TO RIGHT: Jeanne Hall Anne Grlzzell Suzanne Schwab Ioan Clalr Erma Randolph Paala Ferrger Judy Dams Clara Essary Shirley Veetal lea: Carol Dans Fern LJgn'.-,ldcil-f KNEELINC: Coach, Bch Hecn Girls' Softball STANDING: Coach, Bos Heck Ierry Clair Darrell Hightower Ie-rry Dlnwlddle Ioe Thomas Dalton Perryrian Stoart Kollrfeyer KFJEELIFJG: Runard H-t:o: foe Dean Dlll Bo: lvle Tack Dlnwljclle Bobby Pollard Ilmme Sell STANDING: Coach, Bob Heck Paula Ferrler Indy DGVIS Erma Randolph KNEELINGZ Iayne Wallace Joyce Dudley Shirley Vestal Ioan Clan' SEATED: Carolyn Ferrler Jean Carol Davls Suzanne Schwab Fern Dlnwlddxe Anne Grizzell oys' Softball ., -ME j W... ' ' Ya... W--'V "4" Q E? X I STANDING: Coach Heck Jerry Clair Dalton Perryman Stuart Kollmeyer Jerry Dinwiddie Darrell Hightower KNEELING: Richard Hutton Larry Mitchell Dean Alexander Ioe Dean Dill Bobby Pollard Team Basketball LEFT TO RIGHT Iohn Iemes, Roger Fisher, Iimmie Sell, Bobby Pollard, Billy Alford, Freddie Walton, Stuart Kollmeyei, Ioe Thomas, Jim Vavruska, Teddy Muse, Bobby Lowe, and Jack Dinwicldie. KNEELING Coach Heck. www U5 ZDl'1'I"l r-r-DU:-4m7!vflPUU if i' -Ar I I FEED FERTILIZER I I Nlangua Farmers Exchange Gram Seed Farm Supp11es Insectlcldes Pamt Hog And Chlcken Feeders M1Xed Fert111zers Rock Phosphate Complete Lme of Grocery Custom Grlndmg And Mlxlng Phone GR 3 3155 N1angua Mlssourl Hlland Dairy Quallty Chekd il Da1ry Products Wrngfagxf D1str1butors O1 Mllk Cottage Cheese Butter Egg Nog Whlpplng Cream Sour Cream R ddl Whlp Watch Decoy Sponsored By Hlland Da1ry Sunday Evemngs At 8 30 On Channel 10 Phone UN1vers1ty 2 9302 1133 E Kearney Sprmgfleld MISSOUFI I l I I . . C I I ex.. . 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I Lars I ruc I s Mar hheld Compllmcms of lrlley Calton Motor Company Ford Cars And Trucks Sales And Servlce Phone 181 759 West Washmgton Mrs sourl A Wx Lebanon Ozark Equipment Company Farmall Tractors McCorm1ck Farm Equlpment Internatlonal Trucks Phone KEystone 2 2146 gps Mlssourl 'iii' ll 'll Grovespn ng Grovesprrng Farmers Exchange Flour M111 Feeds Fertlllzers Poultry Eggs Gas Tlres Farm Su pplres I I l Mlssourl Grovesprmg Fred E Jones Smclarr Servrce Gas O11 Tlres Batterles And Accessones Iunctlon HIWGY 5 And IV 94' Y ' - . eu I -T1 12, '1'- U l Ex ' ' ' ' 1 f 1 me if I l " ' " U ' J M'5sour Citizens State Bank S1 XNSUR4 . 1 0 .al 'ff' Q 232235 2 Q 3... 5 xref" 4'eMaf-"' Marshfield Missouri Compliments Of The Marshfield Motor Company N-WMU Chevrolet Oldsmobile Sales And Service Marshfield Phone 312 Missouri Compliments Webster Electrrc Cooperative Marshfield Missouri Stanley s Pharmacy Pre scription s Fountain ADSL Marshfield Phone 530 Missouri I Q 0,60 ' l C Of Compliments of 7 r as 5 Producers Creamery ' 'Q MIIK CREAM Sanitary Milk Producers Nrangua b PTA lebanon Packrng Company I'1Ol'l AndP OX OI' GC GIS ISSOUI' Ja ratt s Men s And Boys Store Everythlng For Dad And Lad Quallty And Serv1ce Phone 115 Marshfreld M1ssour1 Marshfreld Machrnery Company Davls And Young Modern Power Farm Equlpment Marshfleld Mlssourl Farmcrest Darry Products Dlstrlbutors of Pevely Dalry Products Box 30 Lebanon M1ssour1 Young s Super Market When In Marshfleld Stop And Shop At Young s Food Market N .'.'5p" Marshf1e1d MISSOUII Show Mee Motors Good Used Cars North East Corner Of Square Howard Scott Phone 133 Marshfleld M1ssour1 Van Stavern Orland Gas Phone KEystone 2 3126 far? 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M- L. ' , - 3:41961 Qchoofls 522 9 5 23+ ' x It ff . . . PUBQISHING COMPANY TV MARCELINE,MlSSOURI

Suggestions in the Niangua High School - Cardinal Yearbook (Niangua, MO) collection:

Niangua High School - Cardinal Yearbook (Niangua, MO) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 69

1959, pg 69

Niangua High School - Cardinal Yearbook (Niangua, MO) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 90

1959, pg 90

Niangua High School - Cardinal Yearbook (Niangua, MO) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 60

1959, pg 60

Niangua High School - Cardinal Yearbook (Niangua, MO) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 16

1959, pg 16

Niangua High School - Cardinal Yearbook (Niangua, MO) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 56

1959, pg 56

Niangua High School - Cardinal Yearbook (Niangua, MO) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 45

1959, pg 45

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