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W 1 LUX, umm, -, 4 , , Z Q aj It ix cf M MJ ffM'.gulL mf V CH+1f Q I 1 ' x x ' r 4 - I W1 , fy ,f J 1 by 6 Llcmuc-L TLD L N9 W W U J if 7 fl W Sjmg v.fLJ, LUL QUUT WW f QMMLfL M ,P Aff! 'Ll .5 i ,4fQcfbdw7ffL 4 0 Y f' A Rx V U6 LL! LL df kiwi Jug ,,Q Mf Jyawy can H' J ,L I My A ff9A 'W I I 'I ,x,.vU,1,fLTfJ, L,vx.'LL7L4'L fx dx Lf! LLML, ,-,.LxU!7LO , W 15. 21,1 , 4,0 X115 J I LV v L fa, :AL . V, X V, M, M, LJV .51 , f I f XJLL' .L . 1 LLNX Lv A X ,KV 'vu W1 I Z U0 KCC Ci OW ff! ,1,, L,g ,lu WQY, V7QLX,Vi . L A Z O1 W Q1 JM ',i.."Lvf',.4!' 11? ublx-xlxbuf lfjljffu L1 W Jf iff A W f f 5 wg 4 w f W f jd f 4 . . ff LLAAQ , W 5 i ' KT 1 , ,Jw f' ' l 1 f3.p,uU'L VVM 4 W , L 1 1 f X V N T I A- X X ' W .QA , . is ' A ,. 14 A, ,,,,.W,,..,,,,,,,w,,,.,...Y.,, A ....i,..,W1. ,M.............,.,.-,....-,....,..,..-v ,,.,.,-Q., f ' Q 1 - v : 1: A ' .- , f , f I -2 bpgfkjlxl If' 'J' .- HI..,w , .ar fb M ' A ' , - --Q -J -- . ' - .." Pk ?'Uoa""V'!3" S' c..4 A if L-' 4 11,4 .Q W 0 , i ln' ' . f . ' , 0 4 - A ,H - N f ff. g , 7 , , "f .Q - -" w ' .4 k 4.4 k , rl . f f - K J ' ," , , -1.1 4. -V - r v , ' 1--- W- a..w.,, . , iq, ' 4 1 'Q P Ml..-,A - -In h If A -it 4 , -' W'-Qi 'z - -ffwfww. ff, X, Y 13.11132-',-pffii' V' 'x'S3433?D, a A if ,H . ,. 'af -, , 1-gon. -MM 'W'wr1axrenswmp4n--1'-LQ MF . f- ' M ' J - 1 , . ' ' V ' YQ f " ' "tw . ,. , mf ff, . '75'9'?HP"4i 1. 1 "' "? F1""""W A V ' ' ,5--.4 ' 1 1-z"S','f' ,- , A -1. , x .- .. , , f bl. :M :I ,vwfinl 1 1. , I N' v ,ri Vi -2 , .. .ff - , ,K 8 +.Y"f,.f L , I .1 V 'f ' . .4 , F I ' ' if , M, ,aw 1 . - D A 1 A L - , 1 1 X. If 'L , I .- f .L- . v 1 ,.,,, 5 ., ,, , , . X . - 1 x -v H- X . W' 'ff'1f " ' "f ' di., 'ix' ir' xiw- V 1-nl' M , Y 1 ' ' ,NE w , , ,-A A M. ' ,X 1 , 1 L' 2,7 V , 'X V ' 1 l Y , , A ,, . . 5 1' ,ng ' 'fan x T" . ' 1 f mr ' . , nh 4 ' ', ' s vt 2 ff. 5 , f - 1 ' 1 ' V ,X I I F 1 I 153 tw ff' tigffr A 4 ' t A 0-1. fx ' ,f , 7 ' " ' 1- Y A, , 5 f . , I h . 1 , . 1 .gf 3 V, ' I I J I .- I X O I ,Q 4 Clf W J XLR' A Q! , . wif? UM 2 ffffjw gf X, W Z fwiix f M2013 Qwjjyf QWWWW W ffwj My ffjpw W W2 MWWXWW f , j , ,CQ JW jf, A of JW ,M QM WMM? gi WfjfffW5f7 W QMWWQW mWZiiLW WW Q Y 'hu- up-al' gf! 9 if X 5 5 1 5, . I l N: A ' O' , 1 4 4 ' . T' E J , O fl' ' XA ' ' , - 4 q X. X W if M Q' xx M V -I Q X l NIAGARA-WHEATFIELD JUNIOR-SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL SANBORN, NEW YORK JUNE 1962 P 1 5 V' ' 1 I I J S Wu 1 R? 1 5 I i WN I IW 1,' 3 Z lr K I 'r Q 3 s l ? 1 F I S I 5 Q , L N x Q , I "xy , ' ,wsrbii V- .2f'f'55??dEi M V: H355 75' 'ff bi F? I ig M4711-fi msg. . A V xff:1QQff+efr 5'-1 T S -1- Q ,f ,U zgm .I lfx . N': .1 it I wifi, ff c f -- c.'2-'rs -1- E ,ff-5 54,1391 ' 1491: is gf 1 ' '- ' ' W E me 'ff' f f i . ' 'I 'Tlffm ,A yy "I 'g A, ' M! is Q r i ., iiai 'fo U ,. Q, -- ' :Huw --' vzsi Y J,j5-1:i- 4- ,V -il - ,fid- The class of 1962 has the distinc- tion of being the first graduating class to receive all of its education in the Niagara-Wheatfield district schools. Due to the excellent foundation we received in the elementary grades under your supervision we were ready to ac- cept the challenge of secondary educa- tion. As a tribute to the time and effort you have devoted on our behalf, we dedicate this 1962 Nucleon to you, Mrs. Foster. i 1 X 014, fJtx if ii I . , L I ' ' fififiijiiffwlt 4 tit Qi ',f,l. X, , . .. I 'IEW' f ' - or A N I 7',.,iL3 bi N .J v g v' f'5 " , l i " Y Y Y 226' Y Y K l lit? lim i elf, H e ero m a. ,--Rah 14 We, the Class of 1962, feel deeply indebted to you, Mr. Eden, for the help you have given us at Niagara-Wheat- field. You have served not only as our principal, but also as our friend. You have helped us build good traditions in our school and develop a genuine pride in Niagara-Wheatfielcl. As a symbol of gratitude and at- fection, we dedicate this 1962 Nucleon to you. xv -wg 1 if 'ff2l1f7iB ' T M wr E FI. f'f , ,..-. fem x L.-if BOARD OF EDUCATION TOP, Left to Right: Mr. Tucker, Mr. Towne, Mr. Wclck, Mr. Sembert. BOTTOM: Mr Gensler, Mr. Hurlburt, Mr. DeFrczene, Mr. Sawicki, Mr. Greinert. BUSINESS OFFICE LEFT TO RIGHT: Mr. Handley, Mrs. Eichelberger, Mr. Robertson, Mr. Burton. M...--lg l l The art of communication is the key to alllunderstanding - under- standing of one's self, one's family, his neighbors, his governments and the role that understanding assumes in his daily life. Members of this year's class have spent twelve or thirteen years learning the disciplines of the mother tongue - English. With such al thorough understanding of the oral and written word, each senior is equipped to meet the challeng- es of the new day. With the tools of communications learned wdll at Niagara-Wheatfield, our graduates will open up new frontiers of understanding. Each, by his own freedom of choice, will select his own luture path. It might be post-high school education at college, technical,ltrade or business school, perhaps in the labor force of his community, or in the market place of business or as a homemaker. l Whatever path he chooses, because of tlle adequacy of his com- munication skills, he will be better able to un erstand his own position in the world he lives and he will be able to resolve the problems of his day. , Best wishes to each of you as you continu e on lite's journey. Charles R. Clark It is good to have this opportunity to greet each of you through your Yearbook and to extend my congratulations and good wishes. In seeking words to tell you my thoughts, I find those of Robert Louis Stevenson express them beautifully: "This world is so full of a num- ber of things". During your high school years you have had an opportunity to find and enioy some of the best of these things, and the door has been bpened to seek many more. ln your day by day life with your teachers bnd fellow students you have shared the pleasures of acquiring knowl- edge and mastering skills. There have been many opportunities to work lwith others toward a common goal then the satisfactions that come from khared achievements. You have accomplished individually set objectives. lin some cases unusual honors and recognition have been won and so the wonderful privilege of sharing these honors with your school, teachers land family. Your Yearbook l know is very meaningful to you, it is a privilege o share it with you. V l Mabel Sarba ugh Lee May I take this opportunity to offer my you, the Class of 1962. To all of you, let's hope this is not learning. No matter what road of life constant. Never shut out the opportunity you are emerging, everything points to pointed to a revival and continuation of learning. To coin an old motto, "Nothing comes out of the sack, but what was put in it." See that your sack is full to the brim. yoilr last contact with formal Y0l+ pursue, learning will be to row. In the era in which th, learning. The significant growth in mathematics and science has only heartiest congratulations to continued impetus upon Harold J. Mueller 7 BIIIIII I FIIIIIIMIUII Aft fx- HIGH SCHOOL OFFICE STAFFQSEATED: Mrs. Smith, Mrs. Wosley. STANDING: Mrs. Melton, Miss Jcigow. LIBRARY STAFF-Mr. Horni, Mrs. Grefrclth. I AIII W 8 ,. . F' GUI DANCE DEPARTMENT-Mr. Wadsworth, Miss Growney, Mr. Zimpfer. CLINIC-SEATED: Mrs. Duckett, Mrs. Krouser STANDING: Miss Stover, Mr. Boumhoter Miss McColl. ur' .N ENGLISH DEPARTMENT-SEATED: Mrs. Mary Bruce. STANDING: Mr. Thomas Mc- Carthy, Mr. Charles Pelcin, Mr. Joseph Czora. ENGLISH DEPARTMENT-SEATED: Mr. John Leone. STANDING: Mrs. Frances Gronachan, Mr. Richard Bough, Miss Carol Hazleti, Mrs. Ellen De Santis. ,, 1 ENGLISH DEPARTMENT-SEATED: Mr. Har- old Morgan. STANDING: Mrs. Lorine Scho- enle, Mr. Bernard Garey, Mrs. Edna Car- man, Mrs. Mary Sterner. I 1 J! fffv,-il. I' E' I Hn- . A jf. v f yy I ,117 LANGUAGE DEPARTMENT-gEATED: Mr John Auchu. STANDING: Mr. Frank Brusino Mrs. Alclamaria Morinello, Mr. John Cosby Miss Marilyn Ernst. CITIZENSHIP EDUCATION DEPARTMENT- Mr. Fred Barone, Miss Marilyn Ernst, Mr. Lee Lederhouse, Mr. Walter Czaja. B -x 5 4 1 N., rr SCIENCE DEPARTMENT-SEATED: Miss Betty Scoville, Mrs. Barbara Keller. STANDING: Mr. Thomas Johnson, Mr. Robert Kissel. ! fa, ,LW CITIZMIIP UCATION DEPARTMENT- Mr. Louis Mazzei, Mr. William Ross, Mr Wallace Stricker, Mr. Anthony Franc. -i ,T - T 3 f I i :J X ,- V ,,' ,lf- CITIZENSHIP EDUCATION DEPARTMENT- Mr. Wallace Lamb, Mrs. Jessie Haller, Mr Richard Kibler, Mr. Armand Cacciatore. Q T x W fs s. Q , git' sf :T-' q sf,-1 U . .-J' -,At Q' , Nag, G3 ,,. is. ,. V MVA 'iff b .iv 1. , , N E g C, lf' L I - w ' X ,. ' 'X- 4, V, , ' .B. 1 L fl.. 'l M 'ff I v . 1 1 t MATH DEPARTMENT-Mr. James Youngri, xx Mr. Mitchell Embry, Mr. Ulysses Busmalis. ' i 1 s ,f - i.. , s SCIENCE DEPARTMENT-SEATED: Miss Mary Ann Militello. STANDING: Mr. William Coff- man Jr., Mr. Cornelius Mahoney. W . 1" 1 . N, .H ,. ..,,A,L, , rx , . C , X 3 Qxcgf .Yvllllxiff Xfo ASQ bb? Qsifyh lmtxffg -50, C wa N W as . .N Nifty ,QW QQ sg ed Qu MATH D PARTMENT-Mrs. Margaret OX Hughes, Mr. Samuel Traina, Mr. Edgar Bar- low, Mr. William Baran, Mr. David Campbell. wl.-,...--.f SCIENCE DEPARTMENT-Mr. Richard Davis, Miss Patricia Minken, Mr, Vincent Rizzo, Mr. Kurt Le Gait. INDUSTRIAL ARTS DEPARTMENT-Mr. Ste- phen Suita, Mr. Voelker Mieth, Mr. Gilbert Kroening, Mr. William Shanks, Mr. Milton Mueller. ART DEPARTMENT-SEATED: Mrs. Minerva Markey, Mrs. Marcia Illig. STANDING: Mr. Dennis Matteson, Dr. Matthew Baranski. 1 , Q BUSINESS DEPARTMENT-Mr. Douglas Hoolihan, Mrs. Judith Lindsay, Mr. Donald Brown, Mrs. Jacqueline Jacobs, Mrs. Lucia Ward. INDUSTRIAL ARTS DEPARTMENT-Mr. Aris- tecles Conomos, Mr. Cliffort DeOca, Mr. Les Minnie, Mr. Robert Harrishburg, Mr. George Phillips, Mr. Andrew Musacchio. ' fn ..- Q., Q fl- MUSIC DEPARTMENT-SEATED: Mr. Ronald Corsaro. STANDING: Mr. William Peer, Mr. Herbert Jansen Jr., Mr. Phillip Bley, Mr. Norman Beamish. PHYSICAL EDUCATION DEPARTMENT- SEATED: Mr. Elwin Nichols, Miss Audrey Schuessler, Mr. Joseph Rotella. STANDING: Mr. William Hockaday, Mr. Dennis Vinton, Mr. Robert Yerge, Mr. Joseph Kwiatkowski. HOME ECONOMICS DEPARTMENT-Mrs. Dorothy Weir, Mrs. Virginia Brownell, Mrs. Mary Loftus, Mrs. Jane Teresi. X J,1j,-,,,,,, Cuhsffb- GH-if-A141 ff-vsel L-fjvi-1 ,atm Aww 25. NWCJCIM.. elfufvwvwfh- ,kr-2' I.AI'LI'LL74.!6aW1.n Qvs."NlvC 'flrvkfm "0PNLJ'fC"w-u22'15N"'4 EXCEPTIONAL EDUCATION-Mr. Howard Meyers, Mrs. Gayle Schober, Mr. Raymond Kissel. BUSINESS OFFICE SECRETARIES-SEATED: Miss Seely, Mrs. Fogg. STANDING: Miss Camann, Mrs. Carlisle, Mrs. Wittcopp. CAFETERIA STAFF-SEATED: Mrs. Williams, I . fi Mrs. Krysa, Mrs. Hooper, Mrs. Maidmeni, Mrs. Robinson, Mrs. Falbo, Mrs. Szareiko. STANDING: Mrs. Goater, Mrs. Sawicki, Mrs. Robins, Mrs. Rickard, Mrs. Ray, Miss Cc- . 5 K pozzi, Mrs. Winkley, Mrs. Wurl, Mrs. Mc- I gf Il' . 535 ff, 5 ISI' Culloch, Mrs. Latchfard, Mrs. Walck. QQ 1 ,. .-'14 'zrr Yffil Q ' . I . STANDING: Mrs. comer, Mrs. swicki, Miss I W gr. Capozzi, Mrs. Winkley, Mrs. Wurl, Mrs. Mc- V i I L, M R 5 I x I Culloch, Mrs. Latchfard, Mrs. Walck. BUS DRIVERS-FIRST ROW: Mrs. Snyder, Mrs. Andrekulic, Mrs. Bierly, Mrs. Zartman Mrs. Mead. STANDING: Mrs. Voelker, Mrs. Bauer, Mr. Milleville, Mr. Bagby, Mr. Frufi ger, Mrs. Juzwiak, Mrs. Ferchen, Mr. Burton. I CUSTODIAL STAFF-SEATED: Mr. Mantell, Mrs. Pfuhl, Mrs. Beutel, Mrs. Stoelting, Mr. Gorska. STANDING: Mr. Marquart, Mr. Heuer, Mr. Chamberlain, Mr. Strassburg, Mr. Ellman, Mr. Siuta, Mr. Beufel. I --r 1 ROW ONE, Left ta Right: K. Eustice, D. Beutel, D. Wadsworth, W. Camann, E Williams ROW TWO: Mr. Brown, Mrs. Ward, Mr. Stricker. CLASS COLORS - Lavender and White. CLASS MOTTO - Respice, Aspice, Prospice. Look to the Past, Look to the Present, Look to the Future. The Seniors of 1962 are proud to be the first to complete a four year curriculum at Niagara-Wheatfield. It hasn't been easy climbing all that way from lowly freshmen to mighty Seniors, we've had our trials and tribulations. But, o backward glance brings forth the realization that we have helped lay the foundation upon which traditions at Niagara-Wheatfield will be built. Our finest contribution, and one we are especially proud of, is our Senior privilege pass. 16 Our thoughts will always return to that special happiness we felt at our Senior Prom, the pride we felt on class day and the fun we had at our splash parties. But, most of all we will always be grateful to those teach- ers who gave us the extra responsibilities and privileges that made us feel really glad to be Seniors. We only hope that our futures prove us worthy of the guidance and interest shown us by our teachers and administrators. PATRICIA ALDROW IIPGTII Sieadiness wins in the end." Q-t'f'7f'lN'--' 2-.,. It "ff""""V SHARON ALDROW "Sharon" 'I will be a friend Io all." SHARON ALDERMAN "Sharon" "Virtue dwells not in the fongue, but in fhe l7earI." WILLIAM AMACHER "Willie" "Do you see anyone coming?" 'I7 BU NTY BALDWIN llBUnnYIll "She's iclenfed, she's sweef, she's nice, and she's neat" R . , NL DONNA BARRAND QW i Nl 5 "Donnie" X' kk "The sweefness of her soul can be seen NN XE in her eyes." 4 N L X w X NV SX N 4 'mfxxx LN X -f , J ix. Lxw Qx X j , N, A iii LX if L fx if X X1 18 V TX A X X VV, , X xx J XL JEAN BALL "Jeannie" "A girl with high blush pressure." X xi susANNE BANGERT XJ nsueu "She'sglilce an almond bar-sweet buf nuHy." ' HENRY BEECHER "Henu" Q "I never worry, I never fret. If I can't - 0 remember, I just forget." ,I If ' of ,Q Y ,f fx V MARK BEECHER X "Beech" "He can ask more questions in one hour than most men can ask in seven years." A JW , got, W9 ,IW y mttfjf ww WL 'ICLVI 1 fb ,f pt '1 il X. 1.4 , 'O' I, I vp 1 RONALD BECKENSALL IlRonII "Wisdom of many and the wit of one ,, .r lm 1 Y My " 'S 4- H' ' ' L 1 Q A x 'x K 1 'L 1 " - -W ' an N .-1. 'Io X, L' E v I' v R' L ' A.. l Q L DONALD BEUTEL "Beetle" "Friendly to talk top nice to know." .A f I s . rr , 1331 .. V' .4 .l" fa lx. U UT GARY BILLCHECK "Moose" "Teamwork in life, teamwork in sports, teamwork of all sorts." CLIFFORD BLANK "Cliff" "Quiet and shy, an average guy" PETER BRADY "Pete" "Great hopes make great men." 20 BONNIE BOULEY "Bonnie" "Laughing eyes, sl1e's so sweety here's a girl who can't be beat." DONALD BRUNS llDonll "Action speaks louder than words." ', fll 1 . fm GEORGIA BRITTON "Georgia" "Like granulated sugar, sweet and refined." JOHN BRZEZINSKI llBrazIl "They are only truly great who are truly good." LINDA BURKE "Magnolia" "Mild her manner, sweet her face." 21 NAOMI CALDWELL Ilsuell "Her heart is like the moon, fhere is a man in if." WILLIAM CAMANN ffsnnff . "A liffle nonsense now and fhen, is relished by fhe wisesf men." 22 DAVID CAMANN "Dave" "A wise head makes a closed mouth." RAYMOND CAMANN IIRGYII "All great men are dead, and I'm noi feeling well myself." KAREN CARDWELL "Karen" "Speech is silver, but silence is golden." SHARON CARD "Sharon" "She's.noi a card, she's fhe whole deck." JEAN CASTRICONE "Jean" "When mischief is brewing, she is doing the sfirring." GARY CATLIN llGaryll "A smile shows joy, buf a grin shows humor." 23 IRENE CHELIUS "Irene" The sweei magic of a cheerful face." . X CHERYL CHEW "Sherry" "A woman's crown of glory is her hair MARIAN COBLE "Marian" 'Pafience and genfleness are power." 24 JOANNE CHRISTIAN IIJOII "As merry as the day is long." JEANNE CONVERSE "Jeannie" 'Sweei in her own quiei way." JOHN COLLINS "Butch" .ff "His one desire is fo please MARY ANN CRAMB "Mary Ann" "Kind, thoughtful and true." BARRY CURCIO IlBGrrYll "A man abou! fown." I . -S, , PETER CURIONE "Pete" "Beware! I may do something sensa- fionol yef." JAMES DAVIDSON lljimll "The harder I fry the gooder fo be, the really worsfer I gel." GARY DE VANTIER "Vonkie" "Everything happens fo the best" 26 TUANE DERA "Tuane" "A liffle girl, a liHle grin, cr lilfle flirf, buf fhaf's no sin." JOHN DILLON IIMGHII "I could be better if I would, but it's mighty lonesome being good." I GEORGE DINGWALL "George" "Undaunted by work." LARRY DEXHEIMER llDeXIl "What should a man do but be friendly?" JON DRAPER llDrapeII "I was asked to answer promptly and I did. I said I didn't know." 27 MARSHA DRAPKIN "Mush" "The girl who wakes up and finds her- self successful, hasn't been asleep." KAREN EUSTICE "Karen" "Some girls think they are, but this one really is." RAYMOND DWORZANSKI IIRGYII "Believe yourself capable of big success." f . ,1 f 1. 28 , V , ,I . L ul y l LJ " ' VI W fill .fpjfi 'fl 'Y ,gf I - X ff A X., ,J f 1 ,, fi 4 . ,W I V I, ,M 1 ,,,, , ,K ,ff fl L., lnfvlg V ya lf If K . fi Xl h ll if . I . , , Ji' 1 4 1 l "J ' ev", 'A I i 'l 1 , W 5 Jflf x - 'qu l ,, .5-, yr I XLX W fl ,IW in ii f' H' 'V Vi ' fr 1 ' 1 I . til V l ' J sf it Q , 1 f 'W 5 J ' . " , If . f X I - , i yr g,ti,J!'j Qwyl ,f V V' 1,11 I 1. 'fs M "Gently and quietly he goes his way." BEVERLY FACCINI llBevll "Quiefness offen leads fo fame." DONNA EVERITT "Donna" "Sugar and spice and everything nice. Before very long sl1e'lI be sprinkled with rice." ROSALIE FAZZOLARI "Rosalie" A smile is worfh a Thousand words." NANCY FISCHER "Fish" "Generally speaking, she's generally speaking." 29 JEFFERY FIX "Fixie" ll ll 11, A ll X, 1' ,,,. yu' ff ELM -W ll , L lx If Xl l' l , A l 1 , f ,f x , Y, L' r pf , ' 1 ' ' AL, ll 1 1 ll UN lL all ll' k . 'l Y QjrfCARELElFlAl.L A , if aro e" lk djesxnlfhggedllfgj crank, sl1e's a se 1 U ll M' lm Um ml l DWL X GJ ' Q 1 XX- fl NX l Xu r "Fond of fun as fond can be." , Xl XJ JERRY GEORGE llpunkyll The cautious seldom make misfakesf' 30 lfl do xx ll ll ll A l Ny BARBARA GEPHART llGippielI "Always smiling." iz,- MARIO GERVASI "Ma rio" "A football field isn't the only place where you need a good line." MARTHA GERBY 'L E "Martha" "I know a lot if I could only think of it." LARRY GOOD "Larry" "To thine own self be true." KATHLEEN GRAY lIKathylI "CheerfuIness is akin to goodness and wisdom." 31 DONALD GRIMES llnonll "A wise man who knows himself." ,L QMMNXG, lx' P X ,N m..f-D ,Jr -'VM .' ' ,H xf. fl'-' fl or 3h-i'.X-Nrvflvli D " 1,3 Nj xlfgf . X , ., 'LMAR-ifiou HKEEISGQJN xl" -J ,X 'J ,- si X Il ll .xv A IPX X45 VJCJ Lou f 11 it f J'I' 'Jfdxb Con oosm Xbuf amoosin HOWARD HASELEY "Howie" "Though this school does me no harm, I feel beiier on the farm." 32 DIANE HASELEY "Diane" "Liffle said, sooner mended." JOEL HAVENS "Joel" "There are two answers to every question -the wrong one and mine." KAREN HEALY "Karen" "She was made to give Einstein com- petition." LORNA HASELEY "Doone" "Life is short, so why not enjoy it?" WALTER HERSTEK NWO 'Til "Our characters are the result of our conduct." 33 LYNN HOFFMAN llRedII "Determinafion, the secret of success." SANDRA HOGG "Sandi" "ln the sunshine of her smile." LINDA HOWARD "Linda" "lf's nice to be natural when you're nafurally nice." 34 BARBARA HOUSSER llBcrblI "Believe in happiness and if will come MARION HUFF "Mousie" 'Shorf and sweef, aboul five feel." MICHELE HOWELL "Mickey" "A single look signifies much." SHARON JACKSON "Sherry" "Sweet and self-contained." ROBERT JASINSKI llBobll "He has two speeds-slow and super slow." 35 DALE JOHNSON "Dale" "One who leads a good life is sure to live well." is DOUGLAS JOHNSON IIDOUQII "Beware the fury of a patient man. SUSAN JOHNSON "Susie Q" "ln quietness there is strength." 36 MARTIN JOHNSON "Martin" "Men are built on their philosophy DAVID KELLY IIDovell "Seldom hurry, never worry." SHARON JOHNSTON "Sharon" "Order is God's firsf law." SANDRA KINARY llsandyll "Friends she has manyf foes-has she any?" RICHARD KORMAN lIDiCklI "l'm the pofienf iype, will you be my n urse?" 37 SHARON KROENING "Sharon" "Sincere, sweet, and modest is she." SANDRA KRUEGER llsondyll "Stars shine in her golden hair." KATHLEEN LACEY llKa1,hyIl "Lead me not into temptation, just show me where it is." 38 FRANK KYDD "Frank" "Persistence is the secret of success JAMES LEPARD "Jim Beau" "He looks like a scholar, buf don'f be deceivedp fhere's a Mad Magazine up his sleeve." ,I i J alwtln RAE LEE llRGell "Her voice is like a melody-if goes on and on and on." 1 JOHN LINTON "Johnny" "The rule of my life is fo make business a pleasure and pleasure my business ilifilfflllllil if fp WWW PAUL LOZINSKI il", W Nl jlllbzl A "Paul" ljwl fl l "A hini of mischief." 39 'Y x Rf Ref Za -1:91, D if! ff f 4 j J XXJ 1 ERIC LUTHER ' llRickll "All for fun and fun for all." JUDITH MACK Il-'Udyll "Sweet and devilish." DOROTHY MARQUART "Dottie" "Pretty, pert, and perseveringf' RONALD MARC:-nTELu 'fmackeyf' "Or something like that. CHARLES MATTESON "Ollie" "A foofball man, a basketball mon, and last buf noi least a ' man." EDELE MARZAHL "Eclele" "WhafmakesyoufhinkHaIksofasf?" ELAINE MASSARIELLO "MoHzc1relle" "Thought is bolder fhan speech." EDITH MC CULLOCH lIEdYiell "Quick in humor, kind in hearf THOMAS MC DONALD "Tom" Effort moves everyone o bit farther." i JUDITH MC KIE ll-Judy!! "Refreshing as o rose in spring." JOHN MILLER "John" "First for fun, last for work." 42 ' 5 ?WN,iWW, QM M DAVID MILLER "Dave" "Good noturecl and friendly." SHARON MILLER "Miller" "Each day is a new adventure." L- I I WESTON MILLER llwesll "Lives nof a merry man longer fhan Cl sad?" RUTH MILLER llpinkyll "QuieIness offen leads Io fame." BONNIE MOELLER "Bonnie" "Rare is The union of beauty and modesfyf' 43 RONALD MOORE lIROnIl "Observe the opportunity." MATTHEW NICOSIA IIMGHJI "Achievement, of whatever kind, is the crown of effort." fe, 44 CAROLYN MURRAY "Carol" "The days that make us happy, make us wise." -my 'Q-'XP' - 1511 Y DAVID NEFF "Dave" "Never a dull moment." PATRICIA PALMER A ' Y lgpatll "A girl with a glow." 'V NANCY PARDUE llNGnCIl Here, there, and everywhere." THOMAS NORMILE lITornll "Eager to live and learn." DONNA PATCH "Donna" "Blessed with charm, the certainty to please." 45 CECELIA PENESSA "Bonnie" "Ii is easy fo go on foof when one has ci horse by fhe bridle." JEREDITH PETERSON "Jeri" "Her words have meaning." MARJORIE PFOHL 11Morge1l "Noi bold, noi shy, or shorf, or fall, buf a nice mixiure of fhem all." 46 DIANE PFOHL llAnnlI "Worthy of any praise." CATHY PICKARD "Irish" "Ready for a good lime." were ll SHARYN PHILLIPS "Sherry" The eloquence of sincerify belongs fc her." MARY LOUISE PIEGNET "Mary Lou" Sweef as ihe fune she sings." THERESA PITONYAK llTerryIl "Life is not life of all wifhouf delight." 47 BARBARA POPADUCH "Barb" 'Hope not for impossibilitiesf' FRANCIS RICHEL "Frank" "Good time have l" ELAINE PRESSLEY "Elaine" "Some may think she's shy, some may think she's quietg but when you get to know her, she's really a riot." ELAINE RICE "Elaine" "Nothing endures but personal qualities." RONALD ROSZEL llRonll Men need laughter more than food." ARDELL ROWLES llstumpyll They can conquer who fhink they can." STEVE RIPLEY llRipII "Why follow rules, my way is more fun BARBARA scorr Hsconyf' "My hoir's noi red-if's jusf blushing ,A mi C i L' i1ff!L , Lf' CHARLES SEIWELL "Chuck" "School wouldn't be half as difficult it the teachers wouldn't change the lessons every day." JANE SIMPSON "Simpson" "She works, she'plays, but most of all she likes to chat." 50 RAY SESSMAN l1BUdll "This guy is like a volume, if you know how to read him." JOHN SIEJKA "Johnny" "Nothing is ever past hope." GERALD SIMS Iljerryll "ln a calm sea, everyone is a pilot" SHIRLEY SIMRELL "Shirley" "lf laughing is good for your health she'll live forever." ANDREW SLOWIK llAndyIl "What will be will be, so why exerf myself?" CAROLYN SNYDER "Carol" i "Pretty as cv picture Qnice frame foo.' si GARY STINER llGGryl1 "Why hurry to school? It will still be there when l arrive." JUDY srEuNoAssER fuudaff Happiness is above all things." LEONARD TAYLOR IILenII "His main aspect is ease." 1- it E 'S-f SARA SUTERA "Sara" "Sweet and gentle are her ways." "This guy is fasf-his driving fhaf ls. ROGER TREICHLER HROQH ' H ,, W. ,QS ,. gk K BONNIE TREICHLER llBUnnylI "Peaches 'n cream" my AIQINETTE VANDERLIP "Nehe" FREDERICK TUCKER llFredn "The roofs of educcfion are biffer, buf fhe fruifs are sweet." RALPH VINSON "Vince" "Siill wafer runs deep." x 'X W V, ,, J ,M tw x X .. X x N 'x f xv we i RTV 1 NM xg .X DONALD WADSWORTH .E uDonn bfollows his endeavors N NANCY WALCK llNonCyll "Goodness is easier io recognize than fo define." 54 DOROTHY WALCK IIDOTHII "Care is on enemy fo life." GERALD WEBER Il-lerryll Better late than never." ROBERT WALKER "George" "A load becomes light when it is cheer fully borne." RALPH WHITBECK "Butch" "Always into something." JOHN WEIGAND "John" "The time of my life." 55 ELIZABETH WILLIAMS llBeHYll "Lovcble as a kiHen." JUDITH WILLCOX llljudyll "A bubbling beaufyf' BETTI LOU YOUNG Ill-oopll "PreHy fo walk wifh, fun fo Talk wifh, nice fo fhink abou! foo." 56 KENNETH WILLMOTT Ilwi I Iyll "Never a worry, never a care DONALD ZARTMAN llDonn "The secre! of geffing on is gefiing sfarfedf' CHERYL YOUNG "Cheryl" "A good young girl, buf nof foo good, for the good die young." BEVERLY ZIEMENDORF l1Bevll "Happiness does nof consisf in whof you have, buf in whaf you ore." FRANK ZUCCARI "Zucci" "Frankness invifes fronknessf' 57 gsm: i SANDRA BERGHOLTZ Ilsondyll Nofhing is impossible to a willing heorf. RAY CHURCH HRGYII Quiet!! You should know him beffer. Q! y -Q-25 ogg, ' .L YVONNE GRIGGS "Bonnie" Boys don'f inferesf me . . . or do fhey? ,wg f, ., -R ANDR-EA Glass 58 Li ,lk 5 iiAndy11 l was cuf out fo be an angel, buf fhey losf fhe paffern. -i l' A i if iiiwfizi leaf' - , RUTH NYKVIST llNiCkyll You don'f have fo hang from a free fo be a nut. W ' tag ' RICHARD KULAK "Dick" He loves his cars. :-V ' J , JAMES SMITH ll-limll Fafe friecl fo conceal him by naming him Smith. CLIFFORD TONTOLI "Cliff" Good nafured and friendly SENIOR ACTIVITIES SHARON ALDERMAN-Chorus I, 2, 3, 4, Library Club I, 2, 3, Fourcast 2, Drama Club 3, Nucleon 3, 4, Future Business Leaders of America 3, 4. PATRICIA ALDROW-Intramurals I, Future Business Lead- ers of America 4, Future Homemakers of America 4. SHARON ALDROW-Intramurals I, Chorus 2, 3, Fourcast 2, 4, Future Business Leaders of America 4. BUNTY BALDWIN-Nucleon 3, 4, Art Club 4, Wran- glers 4. SUSANNE BANGERT-Chorus I, 2, 3, 4, J.V. Cheerleader 2, Pep Club 3, 4. DONNA BARRAND-Student Council I, 2, 3, Chorus 3, 4. RONALD BECKENSALL-Science Club I, Band I, 2, 3, 4, Swimming 2, 4. HENRY BEECHER-Swimming 2, 3, 4, Varsity Club 2, 3, 4. MARK BEECHER-Swimming 2, 4. DONALD BEUTEL-Chorus I, 2, 3, 4, German Club I, 4, Intramurals 2, Soccer 4, Travel Club 4, Nucleon 4, Pep Club 4. GARY BILLCHECK-Gaskillz Basketball I, Student Coun- cil I. N-W: Varsity Club 2, 3, 4, Swimming 2, 3, 4, Football 2, 3, 4, Track 2, 3, 4, Prom Committee 3, Student Council Treasurer 4. BONNIE BOULEY-Pep Club 3, Class Vice-President 3. Nucleon 3, 4. JOHN BRZEZINSKI-North Tonawanda: Swimming I. N-W: Swimming 2, 3, Bowling 4. LINDA BURKE-Herman - DeKalb: Photo Club I, Intra- murals I, 2, Chorus I, 2, Future Nurse's Club 2. N-W: Intramurals 3, 4, Trampoline Club 4. NAOMI CALDWELL-Band I, Special Chorus I, 2, 3, Pep Club 3, Sextet 3, 4, Chorus 4. DAVID CAMANN-Science Club I, Chess Club 2, Future Engineers of America 2, National Honor Society 2, 3, 4, Band 2, 3, 4, Math Club 4, Pep Band 4, Summer Math Institute 4. RAYMOND CAMANN-Intramurals I, 2, 3, 4. WILLIAM CAMANN-Band I, Science Club I, J.V. Base- ball I, 2, Intramurals I, 3, J.V. Football 2, J.V. Basket- ball 2, National Honor Society 2, 3, 4, Basketball 3, 4, Baseball 3, 4, Varsity Club 4, Math Club 4, Fourcast 4, Hall Monitor 4, Class Vice-President 4. SHARON CARD-Intramurals I, Band 2, 3, 4, Student Council 3, Sports Council 3, Dance Band 4. JEAN CASTRICONE-Trampoline Club I, 2, 3, Band 2. GARY CATLIN-German Club I, 2, Intramurals I, 2, 3, 4, Soccer 4, Nucleon 4. IRENE CHELIUS-Fourcast 3. 60 CHERYL CHEW-Chorus 2, Wranglers 2, Intramurals 2, 3, 4, Debate Club 3, Prom Committee 3, Acapella Chorus 4, Hall Monitor 4. JOANNE CHRISTIAN-Chorus I, 2, 3, Future Business Leaders of America 3, 4, Prom Committee 3, Pep Club 3, 4, Nucleon 4. MARIAN COBLE-Intramurals I, 4, French Club 2, Library Club 3, Future Business Leaders of America 3, Nu- cleon 4. JOHN COLLINS-J.V. Basketball I, 2, J.V. Track I, 2, Student Council I, 2, 4, J.V. Football 2, Football 3, Track 3, 4, Sports Council 3, Varsity Club 3, 4, Intra- murals 3, 4, Bowling 3, 4, Fourcast 4, Future Teachers Club 4, Pep Club 4, Class Treasurer 3. JEANNE CONVERSE-Intramurals I, Fourcast 4, National Honor Society 3, 4. MARY ANN CRAMB-Travel Club I, 2, 3, 4, Intra- murals 2. BARRY CURCIO-lntramurals 3, Wrestling 3, 4, Varsity Club 3, 4, Basball 4. PETER CURIONE JR.-Swimming 2, Math Club 4. JAMES DAVIDSON-Swimming 2, Math Club 4, Wres- tling 4, Track 4, Nucleon 4. TUANE DERA-Prom Committee 3, Nucleon 4, Pep Club 4. GARY DEVANTIER-Intramurals I, 3, 4, Band I, 3, 4, Fou rcast 4. LARRY DEXHEIMER-German Club I, 2, 4, Band I, Travel Club 2, 3, Student Council 2, Chorus 2, 4, Baseball 3, 4, Wrestling 4, Varsity Club 4, Hall Monitor 4, J.V. Baseball I, Pep Club 4. JOHN DILLON-Baseball I, 2, 3, 4, Intramurals I, 2, 3, Bowling I, 2, Wrestling 3, 4, Varsity Club 3, 4. JON DRAPER-Swimming 2, 4. MARSHA DRAPKIN-Austin: Junior National Honor Soci- ety I. Lewiston-Porter: Newspaper 2, National Honor Society 2, Intramurals 2, Joe Berg Science Foundation 2. N-W: National Honor Society 3, 4, Fourcast 3, 4, Intramurals 3, 4, Math Club 4. KAREN EUSTICE-Chorus I, 2, 3, 4, Drill Team I, J.V. Cheerleader 2, Pep Club 2, Cheerleader 3, 4, Varsity Club 3, 4, Student Council 3, Prom Committee 3, Sports Council 3, Class Secretary 4. NANCY FISCHER-Chorus I, Science Club I, Student Council I, National Honor Society 2, 3, 4, Nucleon 4, Math Club 4, Hall Monitor 4, Junior Red Cross 4. JEFFERY FIX-Swimming 2, 3, Varsity Club 2, 3. CAROLE GALL-Student Council I, French Club I, Chorus I, 2, Intramurals 2, 3, 4, Cheerleader 2, 3, 4, Varsity Club 3, 4, Prom Committee 3, Library Club 3, Sports Council 3, Hall Monitor 4. JERRY GEORGE-La Salle: Band 1, 2. MARTHA GERBY-Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Chorus 1, Science Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Student Council 1, National Honor Society 2, 3, 4, Fourcast 2, 3, 4, Dance Band 4, Wind Ensemble 4. MARIO GERVASI-Track 1, Travel Club 1, Intramurals 1, 2, Student Council 1, 2, 3, 4, Varsity Club 3, 4, Class President 3, Pep Club 4. BARBARA GEPHART-Future Homemakers of America 1, 2, 3, 4, Intramurals 1, 2, 3, Trampoline Club 3. ANDREA GIBBS-Chorus 1, 2, French Club 1, Intramurals 1, 2, 3, Student Council 1, Cheerleader 2, 3, 4, Varsity Club 3, 4, Library Club 3, Drama Club 4. LARRY GOOD-Audio-Visual Club 1, Library Club 1, 2, 3, Science Club 2, 3, 4, Fourcast 4. BONNIE GRIGGS-Pep Club 3. DONALD GRIMES-Gaskill: Intramurals 1. N-W: J.V. Basketball 2, Basketball 3, 4, Baseball 2, 3, 4, Math Club 4, Varsity Club 4, Pep Club 4, Intramurals 2, 3, 4. MARY LOU HARRINGTON-Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4, Intra- murals 1, 2, 3, 4, Synchronized Swimming 2, 3, Future Homemakers of America 3, 4, Sextet 3, Fourcast 4. DIANE HASELEY-Chorus 2, 3, Future Business Leaders of America 3, National Honor Society 3, 4, Nucleon 4. HOWARD HASELEY-Band 1, 2, 3, Store Experience 4. LORNA HASELEY-Chorus 1, 2, Cheerleader 2, Pep Club 2, Class Vice-President 2, National Honor Society 2, 3, 4, Student Council 3, Nucleon 4. JOEL HAVENS-Science Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Fourcast 4, Math Club 4. KAREN HEALY-National Honor Society 2, 3, 4, Math Club 4, Nucleon 4. LYNN HOFFMAN-Intramurals 1, Chorus 2, 3, 4, Future Homemakers of America 4, Hall Monitor 4, Future Business Leaders of America 4. SANDRA HOGG-Special Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4, Pep Club 3, Sextet 3, 4, Future Business Leaders of America 3, 4, Fourcast 4. BARBARA HOUSSER-Lewiston-Porter: Drill Team 1, Li- brary Club 1, Intramurals 1, 2, Theta Xi Upsilon Soror- ity 1, 2. N-W: Pep Club 4, Hall Monitor 4. LINDA HOWARD-Frontier: Chorus 1, 2. N-W: Chorus 3, 4, Library Club 3, 4, Hall Monitor 4, Future Business Leaders of America 3, 4. MARION HUFF-Chorus 1, Future Nurse's Club 2, Intra- murals 2, Hall Monitor 4. SHARON JACKSON-German Club 1, 2, Intramurals 1, Wranglers Club 2, Library Club 3, Chorus 3, Nucleon 4, Future Business Leaders of America 3, 4, Hall Monitor 4. DALE JOHNSON-Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4. DOUGLAS JOHNSON-Basketball 4, Math Club 4. MARTIN JOHNSON-Science Club 1, 2, Football 4. SUSAN JOHNSON-Hirsch High, Chicago: Spanish Club 1. South High, Utah: Spanish Club 2, Girl's Rifle Club 2, Future Teachers of America 3, Junior Red Cross. SHARON JOHNSTON-Drill Team 1, Trampoline Club 1, 2, 3, Chorus 2, 3, Future Homemakers of America 4. DAVID KELLY-Intramurals 1, Swimming 2, Wrestling 4. SANDRA KINARY-Drill Team 1, Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4, Pep Club 4. RICHARD KORMAN-Chorus 1, 3, 4, Nucleon 4. SHARON KROENING-Travel Club 1, Pep Club 3, Chorus I: Intramurals If 2, 3, 4: Ducettes 1, 2, Nucleon 4. SANDRA KRUEGER-Chorus 1, Drill Team 1, 2, Pep Club 3, Prom Committee 3. RICHARD KULAK-Wrestling 3, 4. KATHLEEN LACEY-Trampoline Club 1, 2, 3, Intramurals 2, 3, 4, Synchronized Swimming 3, Fourcast 4, Student Council 4, Hall Monitor 4. JAMES LEPARD-Central High School, England: Flying Club 1, Photo Club 1, 2, Band 1, 2, French Club 2. N-W: Nucleon 3, 4, Band 3, Photo Club 4, Hall Mon- itor 4. JOHN LINTON-Fourcast 1, Intramural 1, 2, 3, 4, Student Council 1, Baseball 2, 3, 4. PAUL LOZINSKY-Gaskill: Basketball 1, Football 1, Base- ball 1. Trott: Football 2, Basketball 2, Baseball 2, Bowling 2. N-W: Basketball 3, Baseball 3, Chorus 3, Bowling 4. ERIC LUTHER-German Club 1, 2, Swimming 2, 3, 4, Life Saving 3, Intramurals 3, Chorus 4, Track 4. JUDY MACK-Fourcast 3, Future Business Leaders ot Amer- ica 3, 4. DOROTHY MARQUART-Chorus 1, 2, 3, Ducettes 1, Cheerleader 2, 3, 4, Sextet 3, 4, Student Council 4. EDELE MARZAHL-Chorus 1, 2, Pep Club 2, 3, 4, Nucleon 3, 4, National Honor Society 2, 3, 4, Future Business Leaders of America 3, Future Teachers of America 4. CHARLES MATTESON-Westfield Academy and Central School: Track 1, Chorus 1, Student Council 1, Basket- ball 1. N-W: Basketball 2, 3, 4, Track 2, 3, 4, Varsity Club 3, 4, Football 3, 4, Student Council 2, President 4. ELAINE MAZZARIELLO-St. Mary's: Glee Club 1, Library Club 1. N-W: Library Club 2, Nuclean 3, 4, Chorus 3, Hall Monitor 4. EDITH MCCULLOCK-Intramurals 1, Chorus 1, Library Club 3. JUDITH McKlE-Science Club 1, Travel Club 1, 2, 3, Future Homemakers of America 4, Spanish Club 4. 61 DAVID MILLER-Football 2, Basketball 3, 4, Math Club 4, Fourcast 4. JOHN MILLER-Swimming 2, 3, Fourcast 2, 3, 4, Base- ball 4. RUTH MILLER-Trampoline Club I, 2, 3, 4, Chorus I, 2, 3, Drill Team I, Art Club 4, Nucleon 4. SHARON MILLER-Intramurals I, 3. WESTON MILLER-Wrestling 3. BONNIE MOELLER-Chorus I, 2, 3, 4, Drill Team I, Cheerleader 2, 3, 4, German Club 2, Pep Club 2, Stu- dent Council 2, National Honor Society 2, 3, 4, Class Treasurer 2, Sports Council 3, Girls Sextet 2, 3, Mad- rigal Choir 2, Hall Monitor 4, Future Teachers of Amer- ica 4, Varsity Club 4. RONALD MOORE-Mt. Morris High School: Football I, 2, Latin Club I. CAROLYN MURRAY-Pep Club 3, 4, Future Business Leaders of America 3, 4, Chorus 3, Prom Committee 3, 4, Nucleon 4. TOM NORMILE-Audio-Visual Club I, 2, 3. RUTH NYKVIST-Chorus I, 2, 3, Pep Club 2, 3, 4, Spe- cial Chorus 2, Synchronized Swimming 3, 4, Prom Com- mittee 3, Future Business Leaders of America 4, Life Saving 4. TODD ORSZULAK-Baseball I, 2, 3. PATRICIA PALMER-Pep Club 2, Chorus I, Student Coun- cil I, Intramurals I, 2, 3, 4, Life Saving 2, 4, Synchron- ized Swimming 2, Nucleon 4. NANCY PARDUE-Chorus I, 2, Maiorette I, 2, Prom Committee 3. DONNA PATCH-Travel Club 2, 3, 4, Future Business Leaders ot America 3. CECELIA PENESSA-Lewiston-Porter: Intramural I. N-W: Wranglers 2, 3, Intramurals 2, 3. JEREDITH PETERSON-Intramurals I, Travel Club I, 2, 3, Nucleon 4, Spanish Club 4. DIANE PFOHL-Pep Club 3. MARJORIE PFOHL-Pep Club 3, Drill Team 3, 4, Nu- cleon 4. SHARYN PHILLIPS- German Club I, 2, Library Club I, 2, Future Business Leaders of America 3, 4, Nucleon 4, Future Homemakers of America 4. CATHY PICKARD-Pep Club 3, Prom Committee 3, Future Business Leaders of America 3. MARY LOUISE PIEGNET-Chorus I, 2, 3, 4, Special Chorus I, 2, Student Council I, 2, 3, 4, Sextet 3, 4, Hall Monitor 4. THERESA PITONYAK-Future Business Leaders of America 3, 4, Nucleon 4, Pep Club 4. 62 BARBARA POPADUCH-Travel Club I, 2, Intramurals 4, Drill Team I, 2, Chorus 2, 4, Special Chorus 3, Four- cast 2, 3, 4, Library Club I, 2. ELAINE PRESSLEY-Maiorettes I, Intramurals 2, Prom Committee 3, Future Homemakers of America 3. STEVE RIPLEY-Student Council 2, Intramurals 3, Bowl- ing 4. ARDELL ROWLES-Curwensville Pa., Joint High School: Babe Ruth League. N-W: Wrestling 3. BARBARA SCOTT-Chorus I, 3, Future Homemakers of America 2, 3, Student Council 2, 4, Prom Committee 3, Fourcast 4, Class Secretary 2. CHARLES SEIWELL-Basketball I, 2, Student Council I, Football 3, Track 4. RAY SESSMAN, JR.-Student Council I, 3, Varsity Cheer- leader 2, Red Cross 2, 3, 4, Travel Club 3, 4, Nu- cleon 3, 4. JOHN SIEJKA-Basketball I, 2, 3, 4, Baseball 2, 3, 4, Varsity Club 4, Intramurals 4. JANE SIMPSON-French Club I, Pep Club 2, 3, 4, Stu- dent Council 3, 4, Library Club 3, Hall Monitor 4, Nucleon 4. SHIRLEY SIMRELL-LaSalle: Bowling I, Intramurals I. N-W: Intramurals 2, 3, Pep Club 3, 4, Student Coun- cil 4, Hall Monitor 4, Nucleon 4, Future Business Lead- ers of America 4. GERALD SIMS-Football 2, 3. JAMES SMITH-Swimming 2, Track 2, 3, 4, Football 3. CAROLYN SNYDER-Zama American, Japan: Jr. Red Cross I, Library Club I, Intramurals I, Pep Club I. Kenmore East: Library Club 2. N-W: Wranglers 2, Pep Club 3, 4, Future Business Leaders of America 3, 4, Intramurals 3, 4, Trampoline Club 3, 4, Jr. Red Cross 3, 4, Hall Monitor 4. JUDY STEINGASSER-Wranglers 2, Pep Club 3, Prom Committee 3. GARY A. STINER-South Junior: Football I, Swimming I. N-W: Wrestling 3, Fourcast 3, 4. SARA SUTERA-Watertown: Intramurals I, 2, 3, Bowling 2, Library Staff 3. N-W: Intramurals 4, Fourcast 4, Math Club 4. LEONARD TAYLOR-Intramurals 2, Baseball 2, Art Club 4. CLIFFORD TONTOLI-LaSalle: Band I, Intramurals I. N-W: Football Manager 2, Intramurals 3, 4. BONNIE TREICHLER-Wranglers 2, 3, Pep Club 3. ROGER TREICHLER-Band 2, 3, 4. FREDERICK TUCKER-Intramurals I, 2, 3, 4, Track 4. ANNETTE VANDERLIP-Chorus I, 2, 3, 4, Intramurals I, Pep Club 2, 3, 4, Travel Club 2, 3, Nucleon 4, Hall Monitor 4. RALPH VINSON-Basketball 3, Track 3. DONALD WADSWORTH-Student Council l, 2, 3, Sci- ence Club l, Baseball T, National Honor Society 2, 3, 4, Band 2, 3, Track 2, 3, 4, Basketball 2, 3, 4, Soc- cer 4, Class President 4. DOROTHY WALCK-Chorus 'l, 2, 3, Pep Club 2, 3, Drill Team 2, 3, 4. NANCY WALCK-Chorus l, 2, 3, 4, Special Chorus T, 2, 3, Library Club 3, Future Business Leaders of Amer- ica 3, Nucleon 4. ROBERT WALKER-Fourcast 3, 4, Soccer 4, Student Coun- cil 4. BARBARA ANN WALLACE-Washingtonville: Band l, 2, 3, Stage Craft Club T, Newspaper l, 2, 3, Glee Club 2, 3, Dramatics 3, Cheerleader 3. N-W: Band 4. GERALD WEBER-Student Council 'l, Intramurals 2, 3, RALPH WHITBECK-Basketball l, 2, Baseball 'l, 2, 3, 4, Football 3, 4, Varsity Club 3, 4. JUDITH WILLCOX-Chorus 2, 3, 4, Pep Club 2, 4, Travel Club 2. BETTI LOU YOUNG-Pep Club 3, Future Homemakers of America 3, 4. CHERYL YOUNG-French Club l, Pep Club 3, 4, Future Business Leaders of America 4. DONALD ZARTMAN-Band l, Travel Club 2, Track 4. BEVERLY ZIEMENDORF-Science Club l, German Club l, 2, National Honor Society 2, 3, 4, Nucleon 3, 4, Future Teachers of America 4, Pep Club 3, Prom Com- Wrestling 3, 4, School Store 4. f v 1 mittee 3. f ,V -' 35' :. V ig I 1 QQ? , XQ' Q 1 . T , it , qsS?fc,f, Ffffgf l ' ' 1 , C' ic' XC l y it F .16 Q7 X? 3 J l ,- :X -I V -7:59 ' if -- f 7 fl L F -2 ' X N 1 'f li 1 2-F-jj is T' ii 'iii' H CSD f it 4 se, 22 A is 1 sie, ,ff ff? of E .HX MC-ygf - Kb .5 n -5 L V1 ,Qs ii N ,Q T2 f , jp - co ef F5 if K- - Q 1 fe S. Qf...e5ee5e 4.521 I C N HPD . t Cas. T? he ' '?s , xq? i7 . P - Lili FT . TTS X 4-7- 'ili Fc Bef' SQ 'ED N15-xv cc 'ef ' gl sz. 7359 D? Ei "TTT, ee. 27,7 Lf Go, Team, Go! XJ Q31 63 I , fl. CLASS OFFICERS - LEFT TO RIGHT: Mr. Pelcin, Mr. Johnson, l. Christian, W. Mora- wic, W. Sargent, H. Wienke. JU IOR CLASS The Junior Class started the year off with the Refreshment Center for the Adult Education classes. This was headed by Marie Winkley and Jerianne Woitowicz. Our next activity was the "Peppermint Twist" held on December 8. The dance was headed by Pauline Henley. We started practicing for the Play Festival to be held on March 9. Mr. Pelcin wrote the play from an original happening, entitled "God Bless Lt. Seidl." It was di- rected by Sharon Ainsworth and Rosalie Reele. Our next event was the Junior Weekend which included a Splash Party held on April 6 and a concert by the Springfield College Glee Club on April 7. Everyone was very impressed by the wonderful singing of this group. The big event of the year was the final activity of the Junior Class. lt was the Junior Prom held on May 29. J. Abramaitys S. Ainsworih K. Bagg S. Barber L. Baughman L. Bazinet R. Beecher D. Behm M. Beutel D. Brosius . ff i, s ja Q i H. 4 HK v. T M A -.. mn. sv Aw gm' ME G. DeFraene J. DeLelio D. DeVantier D. DeWeese M. Dickson C Donner G. DuBois J. DuBois J. Dunham G. Ellman 'ian .F -n M s 8 f' 1 L? if f ". ? i ,.,, -. .il 2 ff F' ' 9 Qyus as QQ 5 -'fL: i 3 ii, ii 'gf x A , . ,.' if ,L I B. Bryner B. Camann R. Camann S. Chapman L. Christian K. Chrivniz H. Church B. Cimini M. Cornelius M. Corra R. Craven . Cusick . Darnley Davis Davis "iv ef' Z? :K L' l :F wk W' I 323 .hi "' fig' 2 . . 1 V W. .hz L. Galley J. Glass M. Gloaier D. Gombert G. Gordon L. Granclin M. Grant D. Guiliani K. Hamilfion E. Harringto R. Hartman J. Harvey F. Hoseley J. Haseley K. Haseley 1 ,Q 1 22. 68 1 .gag-C V - k Q .. 'L fn? P51511 My , Jloe .. WA . .ag . , ,f V 'fvy' Z "li j -J ,, 5 asm 1 , js'- J U: Q L . l P' X fi , f V 1 2 L Y f fm... -., F' 7 4 6+ ww . me .ul M X f "' ,' q ,K J , ,.,. if. L, V All f .': LL-. .5 X. 2 1 F ' fi L A ...N 1 ., fx, wf.. mi Q . ,J A fe. . ' 'mf' W X. Hp.. - 'iw " - -1. . -, 5 L., . 51, . 'He li D. England C. Fellows T. Fending S. Fiegel D. Fix C. Flanagan D. Fogg P. Forbes T. Forth D. Gallahue L "f3l?59iT?' -. ...f M- -3 f w. .1 ' , 'L L . - H H Q L Qu-'Y 91.2-223 - I 3 151.35 T l i V I . W 'zf ' - M335 C ' ll' J. l ' We H' QQ' ee' is J 1,.j'.. H . if 2 Q M K . . , W.. v , A ,sssw J .1 We. gy , f ies? . 5 aw 6 I fm-A i A - 11522. J" -I .xt .-.. . 'U .ax J L , ,.,.. ,V, Q . M. Healy J. Helms P. Henley L. Hewitt R. Hickman C. Hilts J. Horrocks W. Houser D. Jagow S. John H. Kelly M. Kernczn C. Kerns P. Kilgour S. Klodo .1 H. Krobbe N. Kratts B. Krlzcmn , 1 Q . 5 X W his R. Kuehlewmd y S I ,, . S. LclGullle -- -f,..g..Qig 6 Q wg. R ,,, '.', 1 . ' if L E Y . i - H r ff'-- 'W , , or A- . , . -- . "', 1 12 ' - -in gwgik .,.- X Qi 'lf 4. .. Xkk ,fn gb on . Q reg 4 ... ,fm . l rf: N A R. Nashwinter L. Neal G. Nichols R. Nlelhe R. O'Collcnl'1c1n T. Orszulak D. Palmer V. Pcnkow R. Patton C. Peace . 151- . K 1 Y ' f .3 ,... .. L. fly .. M3512 1. . :fa t . 'ge . i 6 1 1 V 3 Haw New . . ani , . we ' K Q A K. -... H KX - Q Q 4 if .K . 1 X e Q Q ' s 2 ,ff x 3 M ir . 2 -.W H 5 f 1 'iv N g... Q. XXV". me ,.. 2-Ee? ' f l -fp D. Lemke R. Lemke A. Lester B. Levine G. Lindemuth D. Lum D. Mann L. McArll1ur M. McMillan D. Mielke T. Mielke S. Moody W. Morowick B. Mueller P. Myers Jn! ew' '59 nf 'N N it I L ' A Russell Salerno Sargent D. Sattelberg G. Sattelberg M. Saunders S. Schoening D. Scholz S. Scot? F. Seger L. Seger R. Shaffer S. Sharmon D. Sharrar C. Shepercl Q .. , Q fi!-In . if ' ri :. 1 A I my iff ' Y- Qw ,a. in w, " -5 'L ' iff W. my . ....,, h e as .A M. Penque A. Poplinski S. Pratt S. Ptasnick C. Raymond R. Reele J. Retzlaff M. Rickard H. Roberfs F. Robinson . ., 9, --Q.. cm, ,. vfk R. Simrell C. Smith L. Smith J. Smyth D. Sniffen L. Spiller J. Strom N. Sfuarf J. Thiemecke K. Toll ' X . 91 . fu. 'L 2 1 2 J fs' . iw. 'R Q x- l lx X 3 in 4 " 01 fe im Q ff.-L D 455' 'I' " RY. -wi, lgmefif A D. Tompkins E. Treichler J. Troyer M. Underwood D. Walck J. Wallace B. Warren F. Wendt R. Wendt R. Wenclt 4- . Q . 1a.. Q mx ' X J ,lit 3X t X fs ? sg W ---.figs . fiw"'i R xx .qlf gg, , 1' f A. West H. Wienke C. Williams T. Williams M. Winkley J. Wirth J. Woitowicz D. Wolanske X- tO Quiet Please! uni".-'E' 0 + . ss? X ..... 2 it , H. Wolf J. Yarnall A. Young .F P. Young C. Zimmerman w. zank P. Zucarri 'li H r X, x SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS: D. Onesi, J. Gonzalez, B. Calkins, B. Krolick, Mr. Cosby. SOPHOMORE CLASS The Sophomore Class has been quite active during the T961-62 school year. One of the highlights of the fall season was their annual dance, ap- propriately named, "Jack-O-Lantern Jive". Their Christmas candy-cane sale and after-game dance were both highly successful. The Play Festival, spon- sored by the Student Council, was won by the Sophomore Class. They also ioined with the Junior Class in sponsoring a concert given by the Springfield College Glee Club in April. To wind up the school year a variety show, "Club 64", was presented on March 30. G. Andrees S. Awramik ..,... R. Babcock Yr'-ss.. W B. Baldwin . -P Z , 1 "" . .,,. M- J Q4 I' 1,-i if-' " T ".' ' 'V ffl ' ii A ' Mice- ' ii iii ' f',' Zizisi. iff, If ' ' A ,E .A Q ' L- Balch - . 'l ...,. , 1- ' ' .if s. in , W M -. - ' D M- 53 1" , ,..' ' . . " " -V Y e P. . . .fx ss.. ' x X 7 X 1 4 1 fs. , K Q5 14 A 'K' if . , E. in X .. 5 . i"'!vil' ii" 1- Q k , Elven . . Ti QW S tum r .. . .1 E gr, . me cf 1 .., . . C. Ball B. Baney P. Baney A. Barone 5. Becken D. Benchik R. Bickel L. Blank N. Bodie D. Booth f F 'gi' H 42 Q, - K. 'K r ii .3 . , .Q . A awk Q, X.. Q. HV x Q D. Cerio R. Cerrillo D. Clawson M. Coniglio L. Cooper M. Cooper G. Craft S. Crane D. Craven S. Crilelli rm X 'Sf q q R. Bowlin G. Brierly P. Broeker D. Brown S. Brown S. Buchyn B. Calkins L. Cardamone V. Carlson D. Carr E. Carter J. Carter H. Case J. Catagner M. Caswell wa, I -N ff 213 ,, Doak Dominski Donner Duguay Eichelberger Eichelberger Eracifano Estright Finnen Fitzgerald Frerichs Fuller Gardei Gansworth Gervasi Q: 1 .fi W 2 5' -5 5 s 4 4 . .ll . . A if A " :B l gr W 5 H S gi, x we, ff f , f xf , N., 1 -.z,, 17- im- Q A. gl L K gg ma. .319 i X' si, ,Mi iw. Ni 4 ?f.L?15K'?gf' 'XX :... i 'uw 'S r ' 1 G' f- 4 ' if ., , . 5. , ....- ., ...ff J" 'ji' ww ,X Q... .EQ Y 'ri-QLSE' FAQ .Q-.. .X C Culver D Davidson E. Dera M. Derr K. DeVan1ier J. Dexguay D. Dietrich S. Diggins M. Dimond B. Doak G. Gibson R. Gill J. Gonzales J. Gooch G. Goodrich R. Gorzka R. Gross J. Graham J. Grandin D. Gray S. Hamilton L. Hclmlyn D. Honchey R. Handley J. Honusin B. Harvey T. Harvey D. Haseley G. Hclseley R. Hasley K m ,H , uf -If .wf": N. Jacobs D. Jagow S. Jagow A. Johnson L. Johnson S. Johnson D. Johnston G. Jones D. Keller R. Keller " ' l'l .V Heisner Henshaw Heuer Hilts Hilts Homiszczak Horack Howard Hubbard Hubeneffe Huff Huff Igou Jackson L. Jacobs an X , ' A Q 2 - ' 1 X - 4,3 , age ZPXX ...Q .W W "'37' ef gg! ., ,:,, H 2 'lsr S. LaCou nte D. LaFlair J. Lambert J. Laraba R. Latchford J. Leenhouts P. Lemke A. Lewis L. Lewis D. Licht W. Lindke J. Little A. Mack G. Mack K. Main Xi X , as-rf! ,ok ,Z n . 0' W.. 1 f :rn ,f, . vu-'fy' . wwf J. , "DD , .1-af' I 'L V .FW fare TQ? fate ,.. . ' . ,,,. V 'bf '1 ,, ., A' I s S f e xx 3 T. Kelly B. King J. Kosat G. Kraft G. Kraft C. Krawczyk B. Krowlick R. Kuchy G. Lacey A. La Chance ful, . .. X . Xb? ll ff. Q ' -2' .lf f ' Ca f K in , -'Sl' ii ,:V-- Q W 'H B 3 1 AxJ1b i, N -V l Wi ..-J V- .5 A '-. 1. AV A ' G. S. A. M. O. C. P. B. D. Malinowski Mansu Matteson Mason Masters McAllister McConnell McCulloch McHaugl1lin M. Micinowski 2 .rl -Sf sa o qi s J. Mielke . m V G. Miller W P .2 ff. 2 vizl H. Miller S. Miller 7. "" - A , ij A , T. Miller 2 ,.. ,.- 3 ' ,if VAAq N A 1. ' kai.. . 'lxlf S. Milleville I n .V . f J. Misener 5... Q mVAV My f C. Mohr 1- sf- ' ' at gi. It K. Moll , A ALL' ,IT51 " i x 3'3" b WVZL ',.k A K .". - Q ' -, 4 'f M x . Y - ' I f .lbw . VX 'lvl J 5. N R. Morris ,N .flflll lllvl ' Y. Moses 3 l l!l,f'J li. + J ., ' sq, A Mt. Pleasant A" ll f tl MW' r C Mt. Pleasant V1.5-' 'fl' , , i f- C Mueller lnnfv My by xliljt ll fl l N l W 5 Jil" LW Nlhl if . e V .lf f yi J V V, ,VN D. Mueller ljllii . L1 I, Q L gg. g J iff ,Q QQ' U s K .,..V I J. Nichols K ', f . is an :ii .:,l M C. Nicolai fl., Ll fl f i QM 1 1 ' M J J Neilson L l .,, .M , . .,V' I F , r v 'xx - fl! V K E.-Q, iss , . P r gg P J . W. Nykvist , J' J' - , fx . fig 1. 1 P Q . ld x 'l . Q-if 'K 'J w Q N N . X fi , P t . P M , ,I 'J D. Onesi K IX 4 , OV lL?w!,',Xr,,-g6!,J1f4 3 'Q K. Pal r M, b 4,01-7, ,+'2'7 W, ls ' 2 F. Pulmerfgf M,-wff' ff Q lit., B' Pankfffwaf ei,3'2f1.ff7-7 Ai J Axle!! ' jg, vqnl' G. Parfinski 'J J, ' B. Pqrkhau 11, G , MQW J. Pascente . 1 -- V A ' .. ,ii L. Patterson f I "' . ' ' R. Peete if . - of ..fl..3?1fTI . U P. Perusse iti I R. Phillips .-Q 'uf ii T. Pivka f i.,. 113' .J J. Pletcher Q J. POTTSI' .z,x..' Q S 9? rr . nf x 77 is . i' .. if . W ig. 2. Y Q ,,.,, .- K W . Q? is A at xi ? E. Reid D. Roberts S. Robins B. Rog D. Samborski xx 32 D. Sclttleberg . . F D. Schmidli , S. L. Schroepher ' it it iii? W. Scott B. Shafer Q. . w 4 D. Sharrar . C. Shattuck 1 J. Sheltmire ' D. Shields A. Sieika i r S' 13. .-w, gf: N' TE.. : ,. 2 f OFT? 'vii-5' PET 'H' Q Y ., In I ff, Q.. A, 'Q Eg :ii ,...--" L KY K. Potter J. Proefrock J. Provorse J. Quimby R. Robe J. Roby W. Ray J. Raymond M. Rebar B. Reele 1 yo- f..- - x J - ' K ttt ef T :ik 2 , J. Sims R. Skoff J. Slowik A. Smith J. Smith J. Smith J. Smith M. Spicer E. Stephens K. Stieg ve:-F' 4, 1, Q-Hi' 4 . if l S. Stoelting M. Strope J. Stubbs K. Supple R. Swanson D. Tappendorf C. Thompson B. Tidwell J. Tollner M. Travis N .T A Q , . Q 9 Q, Xi ,,. w N. D , S 'rxxj x v A Q3 -. ' .x 1. , 1 ., iw C ,M . 1 W1ax+Ja.s, .f.Q X' ,f Y 3, is Q far Jjwwk iz , , Q Q 1 Q . W. .gf 0 A A ' r ' ...... xr i A n w - i' ffl J like J, S ' Q H' , 'N 3 ' A. X 3 My 2 "' J. Whitebread B. Wiegand L. Williams M. Williamson J. Wilson A. Wolanske N. Woodward L. Wurl N. Zomonf K. Zuch law- J. Treichler M. Treichler T. Universal T. Urban B. Veihdeffer B. Ventry A. Wadsworth C. Wager R. Walck C. Walker S. Walker D. Washburn R. Wegerski K. Wendt G. Whifebeck :Jil ' , . 4' Li. Q L 1.55. ' is M ig . -H F . ., , Y iii- 1 u'1"1'L . L if R .Es Q ,V ,s.- 13" ' ' Xi' ks 5 .QW 79 FRESHMAN CLASS The Freshman class officers and homeroom representatives of Niagara-Wheatfield have worked exceptionally hard this year in setting up high standards and policies for the class to follow in the future. Under the leadership of President Sandy Critelli, Vice- President Ted Washburn, Secretary Linda Tidwell and Treasurer Jim Leveson, the class was able to carry on its activities with a great amount of success. A pizza sale on November 16th started the year with a bang. Other highlights of the year included a St. Patrick's Day dance and the annual amateur show held on May 4th. Faculty advisors, Mr. Cacciatore and Miss Militello, have devoted much time and effort toward making the Freshman Year a big success. V - .K J f B fi f J 3 gi iv? T gg, N., lgagxlg W 2 . . ..FE V -ig., V ' . .vig A. Albert K. Baker K. Baney J. Barber D. Barrand E. Barrett W. Barrett A. Bauer V. Beard K. Beecher H . M.. gl, . , . L. I W v in NS 9 'iff i zhfgiy Lf i .gj,..,: .gf f . . A123 e 56312333 .. Q. . if' wi 'M . if A-' l 6 A ' V i5i!ziUll'4f Higham fa- -g .-., .waz i n - K g: J W 1 i, K " H ' aww" . W. .,,.Ah , ., .-.. Q H , , ,f.. pf v sv Y ' ri-f K f. 9 T2 x W3 , 1 . .ix 5 v fx . , ' ' A " 'NQ:.f115 X i , 4 1. 9 if S. Burns D. Calkins K. Camann K. Camann M. Camann M. Camann S. Camann T. Caswell S. Caughell N. Cerrello . , M. x- . I 3 1 '54 BJ Q . ' ad , if 2 I 8 F 135.-if ' as ' x . ,. Q M 9 11 as 3' ? 'E x f ,,...,, f. .- 2' A ' Q-.mi uf .2 ' -- X 54 , fi f Q... - 2 7- . -Q .- L.. .-S. ibffx' fx . ' 5- M E if All A . L. ' IG x ,hw -no ,Y M I ,..,. X. D. Behm A. Beyea P. Biets S. Billings J. Blackman Broeker R. Brown J. Brownell J. Bryan C. Bryner G. Brzezinski L. Brzezinski R. Buchholz J. Bullman G. Burns ' ' es -1. wwf f' ' L. F. Cerrillo M. Chaplin C. Charnely C. Chupka N. Christian .l. Cinclrich R. Cindric A. Cioffi T. Clause L. Coleman Q. .Q I e. , ' K C. ku K C -. K V. . V W will 'E f dl KW? mm' V V .xv ....L ' I . .N 7. -4- I 'Ll' Yi .. i . Q, E , W .5 4 if A W' Q. ' Cf . V ' V 'vi ,.,,, QF! C 1. Q "gif .Af MM R V Q 4 'K if 3 ifi- Q! X A x 7251 - ' EQ NTU' 4' A Q A V :wb .Pa W C. Cornellius , X C. Crane ..,. K ..f'. V --M . I C. Crawley gre 5 . is . . 4-no S. Cfllelll Q R D I I ., ,.,, , . ang er if ,wi 4 ' il' . I f. I " H 9 14:.:s??.f A '-iff nl.: V Q ' 1 W! Q "" nsatisffh xi L. Davidson E. Davis P. Dellasin M. DePadre C. DeVan1ier J. Devine K. DeWeese D. Dougheriy G. Drowdy S. Dugan fb- li ' 82 'X 'fiff . .926 5 f .A A. Dunn l. Dworzanski S. Dyke D. Eddy D. Ellman C. Engel C. Everett C. Ferchen T. Ferchen D. Fiegel G. Fisher N. Fix G. Flick L. Fogg S. Fogg R. Forsey A. Fose S. Foster B. Fraser B. Frost 'B X K 'wh E' xg 3 lulthv Q1- ,. tf-'YQXK slgvii I 5 Ki fl um m X ,,,., N. Hartley E. Harvey J. Hclseley D. Hcnzelet M. Henchborger R. Henderson D. Hermunson B. Hess B. Hill E. Hill . . 5 llc 'H' 1 A ii . .L , 155 x .1 -Q. if - 'i E255 1 i f ri'i ... W1 gy l .,, ..,... I if .3-iff xx-33. - "'?- 1 1 V 3, R. Gomes . L R R- Gflllihef l.., k,f. : Vi k' I G I W E .. iiw, :ll Cl' 0 M. Geliz .4 fi: Q f X ,she I 5 5 we ' Q Vail. , .2 - H Q.. L vi E' 3 5 74" 4 4. Q yi' I if if wife R. Gerby i . r W. Gerdes A M yl. - B J J. Gieb . gg ., - . Gloss B. Goulah Mgt K M. , T WJ B we wx Q A le.. wif' R. Green B - :l" P B. Greene F B. Hull ' if' J. Hunusin . V L. Hcipencm ' V if L Wir! .. :. 52 Q r . ... , ' I V: f, I ., .gp..., Q -, ' 'R , Q V , .fi N ' . J' ' 1 . . , ., ... . e ff N T. Hurley J. Hymiak S. Jacobs D. Johnson J. Johnston L. Johnson M. Justice B. Kaczor K. Karge R. Karyus S. Keller J. Kelly K. Kelly P. Kelly D. Kent s ll wg. . f ff, 4 ' all ' 7 5, of ef! gsgoyg , ig . M5 . L er z',,v S x 23- .. . ' lg lu , ' , W . X Sli yx -um Qs f Till' ff! K. E J. Hill D. Hilts R. Hills K. Hobba R. Hoover M. Horrocks S. Houser J. Howard V. Humphrey W. Hunt K iii fx 5 4-1, , Q fb . 2.- 'fl f T. i 'F Y X E S + 3 3, in 9 f A t W. , as- . K l is l J 4 2' 5 X Q? EXW ig al X f . -,M .- . , . W. q f .,,-l. 4 C. Kilgour W. Kirk L. Klaus L. Kolek E. Kosowski S. Kozarowicz L. Kroening B. Krugar L. Kubacki L. LaFlair J?-... , J. LoPocca K. Lasher B. Loss L. Lecht R. Leenhouts S. Leiner S. Lefourneou J. Leveson E. Lewis S. Lewis 'W iifii - ' J . , .... ., , B ...L ' Q . h ..,,A . L ' '+R , , -1-. S ,...:" i a0!g!,,'r,xxl X x K' : f?f?5'inw. ' QV 5 big? . rs L L my if . .-K J . ij W 3.24 9 W NN. . B. Licht M. Linquisi G. Lioyd C. Longin S. Mclbon L . '5 1 L. Miller L. Miller L. Miller G. Milleville B. Moll B. Moll C Moll J. Montolbo R. Moody D. Moore Q, . .T Mg 5 r - 5 . 'i' ff V ... .egg .., . NWS.-fassff.Q xx F 52. ' . xg , if -5 ew? . . - f 'fs we, 1- QA A 1. 5 1 ., '33, ECL 4 lg:-1 fi ju D. McJcSwcm J. MclcSwcin K. Mcmz S. Morohn N. Martin T. Mason R. McKee N. Meyers D. Mielke L. Miller Qs-:,.. - r 5255? ii- ! 'fzfgfie . Q zeixfa if , fi.. ' Q? .i ,. if . . W ' ' K N w. 'Elf ' :Jw v ..,. .. V- .iff- 5 ' 1 f :QQ .AF 4: Ex, -, K fx 1 1 ' -. 4:3 a ' 'Kuff . " i 'f 5 L Vw X i ,px Agar .1- X kxtiqesxs Nm Q. . sf. JV. f we R. Papoi T. Parker P. Patterson S. Pattison D. Peace A. Peck S. Pemmin M. Penessa R. Penque T. Pettit R. Pharis D. Phillips D. Phillips G. Pirinelli C. Pitonyak , A randi. . . Q N. fs- T. 3 2 if , 5'9'1G.1'i.--" LCN .. A ..v asa .M , -'Q-gjjjik ' Hi 1 fx fi or K X. . T ik L. Moskwik E. Mt. Pleasant M. Murphey K. Myers M. Nashwinter L. Naradowski D. Neal L. Osteen T. Ostwald S. Oudette J, 1 - K I I l ' .J ' i A Q"s!wk:.. - . la: I 34 f, .V i -lf Q ' . . g ':1"iaf P ., - A .. ' ' 'ir 'J D-. I ' 1 'M 1 .,.. . T.. , G 1 5 -fa X x 'za' -' , Q ,,.. .... . , , . . S I z: - .. L' M.. 5.1" -V ff E - pw J' . .,, . . - H - L. i 1 I l ?.:g.l,,E . w - Wit , f - . . J .. -1 f-iti l? 1:2931 . , Z- , .. sur, .X 4. 1' M. .3-, -A., - . W. . H gel- ' J A . Y -'ts2.3!' ,, .,. V D 1. - .win I g . .IQIV W. Pitt J. Pivka K. Pogel M. Pond G. Pressley M. Printup J. Proefrock J. Reynolds M. Reynolds R. Roberts ff fi L if Q X t A . r fi gi t' . it 't A 1 we ' 5 Bw --PM 4 iz SK -U ., swf 6 xx: . A , 4, Q? Q X., , . we l? Q Robins V W R09 1 . . i, Rosenburg f' ' Rosh 8. 74- L' I Roszel i i AQ7: Routhier Riccuiti , A ,... 1 Q , fi H . Rickard li ilff 1 Rigckhoff mit Ewl. ' ' .gr - 3' Q, Ki ig ini ,Y . ."5'v'f i VVA , .P . 6 .. , ., fi, Y-S an R? 3539 any i ...J P ., .. ,,.. ,.. L 'f Schoelermcn ii V Schotz , i,,..x Schubert .ui ,1:z Schultz V S V Scott M f i . it 'S 1 E Scott Sell Semon Sewor Sho pter gi :ia-.S s 1 i Q .ti '92 . - - W 52,12 V R. Riley K. Rimer D. Ripley R. Rizzo R. Scirkovics J. Survey B. Sottelberg S. Sowyer L. Scorfone J. Sccirupc: B. Schode D. Schclde R. Schimshcck R. Schmidli T. Schmidt , EK - W wi ' : L J 'A ..,f4i"5w- v f . f f ' '31 ,mga ,St . 1 S ,gl LE V 4 gf! - wafgnl . i .v"'?fC.. . A k ' m' , A eg , f 'N A , . , 519. ,. if V. :nv I ' 5-'i.'i..',f1 uh, K in . .fe Q: , -3 , ... is ,.,' f if Q. K. Stenzel -' K. Stenzel ' ., L R. Sfepanowicz M N 3 .L J. Stephens . f we ' .322 M. Stoelhng LV.. V 2 . , ..,i ggi . : B. Stokes V L. Stone T. Strassburg ,' C. Struzlk i T. Suita . ,, ,V I . 5 f 7 . T ' f i. gg G. Swldergal Z V . K. Swoope ,e 'mg A 'Li - v . fs K 2? U . . lg .3 1 X. i I. Taddeo ' 1. f 3 .. M L. Tidwell z 'L if - mf f . A ,N Kn i ., . i f Q ...gels in - i T 1 ' 52 V 5 'M G Q, 1 W, 5 'E gi. ks . ' !5e.'-'Ni 'N S -H' ie gg 'Y' Q 4? 1. L, 'il x fi ie s 'N x. at K 4 f .4 W. Shaw M. Shea K. Sheaffer L. Shields T. Sieika D. Simpson F. Snyder C. Soladay D. Sfange L. Staudt s,,.,.,..- -. S. Q T x 'B aw 1 1 .2 -L L.. 2. 'S 12, 1 :W ...Q if . ,K NM 4 5 Y i an A is ...whim :KL , V ii .iw Q46 2 ,W W V 2. i ,M FF? MQ y sf? . L L. Timmerman K. Travis C. Treichler G. Treichler B. Uda T. Underwood C. Wagner D. Wagner D. Walck J. Walker 5 WL ,A ,V . Wallace Warblow Washburn Wells Wendt Wienke Wilcox Willcox Williams Wilmot Q ,L , K A Sm' np., Q Flgvyg k , if s ii c , bb-"' - Q ' " A . , S p ill, I lil I :E K gig.: "l if-l K f-'i' E 4 1 . ff N SAYNXXI u IVNMNX mx It r y .mm tu ....t.. 4, . it ki Q El? L. Wilson wa . -- -Q52 s..W.,,ss. -ux- R. Wiseman lv ,N ok . a p i H. Wozniak 1 Q G. Wolf 'iv L. Zastrow X .-ci , 4:9 ' 19532 F ' la w R. Ziemendorf N-W played host to its first foreign visitor by welcoming to its doors Gustave Adolopho Villa Mar- tinez, a 15 year old boy from Medallion, Columbia. Gustave spent his summer vacation at the home of Francis E. Sortman, Townline Road, Sanborn, and attended N-W for this period. The student body of N-W has greatly benefited from the presence of its first foreign student by re- ceiving a better understanding of international af- fairs and the customs of his country. The Spanish classes especially appreciated his presence since it gave them a better understanding of the language, customs and life of the Spanish speaking people. 89 8-2 - ROW ONE, Leff to Right: l. Boer, D. Marohn, G. Salerno S. Amey, M. Meiiler, Mr. Camp bell. ROW TWO: S. Shamberg er, P. Frosr, C. David, J. Smith D. Grose, A. Westmorland, A Kenyon. ROW THREE: P. Bos sard, G. Huff, A. McDougall, J Candella, J. Nelson, A. Hersieck A. Greene. 90 1 1 8-1 - Row ONE, Lefi fo Right: T. Hedden, J. Miller, E. Rowles, B. Zurefsch, L. Lum, N. Chelius, M. Lichf, J. Boolh, Mrs. Weir. ROW TWO: P. Young, K, Mahar, L. Abbey, B. Shaffer, J. Grif- feih, M. Coder, K. Jackson, S. Houseman. ROW THREE: T. Printup, S. Bruscoupi, L. Di Rienzo, M. Goulah, J. Chap- man, R. McCorfl1y, W. Schim- schack, H. Alderman, R. Harf- man. 8-3 - Row ONE, fo Right M. Case, J. Angelo, P. Wendt, T. Beecher. ROW TWO: G. Townsend, F. Jack, L. Duerr, J. Garvey, K. Hunfsman, A. Smith, K. Delelio, D. Curry, Mr. Davis. ROW THREE: R. Dulainslcy, R. Mahar, J. Hopfer, L. Follick, D. Harriss, H. Mietlicki, R. Mc- Garvy, R. Bechen. ROW FOUR: L. Sandsform, K. Sficek, J. One- si, R. Hull, S. Keller, J. Pollock, R. Fountain, C. Gasbarre. L. Lorenii. 8-4 - ROW ONE: Left to Right: T. Borkowski, T. Phillips, D. Caldwell, A. Hicks. ROW TWO: Y. Brei, P. Graves, N. Hilts, V. Sgroi, Mr. Barlow, J. Gooch, R. Hewitt, C. Falbo, E. Schumacher. ROW THREE: S. Fraser, D. Baud- huin, D. Dunklebarger, M. Cat- agner, M. Lewis, M. Eddy, K. Tobey, P. Robinson, E. Gurver, R. Oliviri, D. Murray. ROW FOUR: R. Jensen, D. Faccini, J. Watt, C. Buchyn, B. Malloy, M. Ceria, R. Lester, V. Overhiser, T. Joyce, J. Barbaro. 1-seossoiih 8-6 - ROW ONE: Left to Right: M. Peirce, R. Stokes, C. Young, H. Craft, M. Fyke. ROW TWO: B. Johns, J. Blaine, G. Carnac- chia, L. Kranarezyk, W. Zomont, C. Bennett, L. Caughell. ROW THREE: C. Mowery, R. Kinary, D. Thomas, B. Humphrey, K. Johnston, W. Clar, J. Hunt. 8-5 - Row ONE, Left to Right: C. Levine, R. Certo, S. Taddeo, W. Smith, Miss Minken, K. Ad- ams, D. Chelius, S. Scott. ROW TWO: C. Yuhasy, J. Murawski, R. Jost, L. Masters, M. Camp- bell, J. Wager, D. Pharis, C. Amey, C. Shepherd. ROW THREE: A. Anderson, M. Pres- kop, C. Hunter, B. Wilkes, L. Bones, J. Guyette, R. Vogel, J. Richardson, W. Graveley, D. Trei- chler, J. Griffith. 91 A 8-8 - ROW ONE, Left to Right: N. Stafford, A. Young, J. Print- up, M. Mt Pleasant, Matthew Baranski Dr., L. Jonathan, J. Everett, K. Walker, D. Patter- son. ROW TWO: J. Kranking, P. Curione, B. Muniz, W. Petro- ziello, V. Kreiser, N. Lansberry, C. Dahle, C. Saunders, B. Lin- ton, E. Shaffer. ROW THREE: R. Gephart, J. Aldrow, J. Voy- zey, R. Jendrian, F. lgow, J. Scalzo, B. Anderson. 8-7 - ROW ONE, Lett ta Right: J. Mansu, P. McCarthy, L. Rip- pett, C. Shirk, H. Jansen, P. Hoch, E. Scalzo, N. Ferchen, D. Slusser. ROW TWO: G. Carter, B. Youngdahl, J. Lata, J. Farber, R. Schroecler, L. Lozalc, J. Mack, C. Shaffer, J. Universal. ROW THREE: G. Hubbard, H. Scott, M. Caliguire, W. Parkhill, R. Gage, F. Sarginson, R. Jacobs, G. Brown, L. Williams, F. House- man, J. Morawic. 92 8-9 -- ROW ONE, Lett to Right: S. Rotella, A. Gaines, M. Hei- gel, D. Butler, T. Carlisle. ROW TWO: J. Guthrie, J. Rickard, N. DeVantier, C. Frericks, D. Vogel, R. Palmerton, J. Sheltmire. ROW THREE: R. Schoenherr, K. Donner, S. Sortman, S. Eggleston, D. Penessa, L. Scholz, A. Piegnet, J. Newbold, Mrs. Markey. ROW FOUR: M. Girard, N. Milleville, M. Cook, A. Rickard, R. Seyler, J. Skurski, S. Kirk. 8-10 - LEFT TO RIGHT: J. Her- manson, L. Turner, K. Hodge, Mrs. M. Illig, E. Burleigh, B. Dunets, S. Maday, W. Bomberry. W. McClelland, J. Lowe, S. Miet- licki, S. Smith, L. Seger, J. Lorenze, R. LaCounte, R. Quimby. H. Hull, R. Boker, J. Martino, R. Kowalik, C. Reese, E. Sayer, G. Hamlyn. 8-12 - ROW ONE, Left to Right: Mr. Suite, D. Timko, L. Tierney, D. Gieb, D. Duckett, L. New- bury, A. Davis, J. Grant, R. Wells. ROW TWO: S. Suita, T. Thompson, J. Fiegel, B. Haseley, N. Walker, R. Fulton, S. Preston, R. Cable, N. Frost, H. Dugan, C. Pollack, G. Phillips. ROW THREE: E. Garbutt, W. Conrad, J. Wright, L. Fuller, D. Gilliam, P. Guyette, P. Roszel, D. Eichel- berger, M. Schinabeck, V. Skye, P. Moore. 8-'I'I - ROW ONE, Left to Right: S. Wilksen, W. Drury, R. Thomas, N. Tucker. ROW TWO: J. Bel- mont, R. Salerno, Mr. Conomos, Mr. Mueller, M. Mihalik, W. Travis. ROW THREE: S. Harris, B. LaPorte, D. Townley, L. Sax, J. Nichols, S. Krasinski, L. Cor- nelius, C. Miller, M. Popaduch, D. Brown, P. Haggerty. ROW FOUR: F. Patrick, L. Titus, P. Ptasnick, K. Williams, R. Darn- ley, R. Haseley, W. Narowski, S. Delorm, W. Patterson, B. West- morland, R. Hendrix. 93 7-2 - ROW ONE, Left to Right: D. Clark, I. Campbell, S. Dea- con. ROW TWO: C. Travis, J. Bryan, H. Flack, J. Daley, C. Curione, C. Cimini, M. Chamb- erlain, A. Andalora, R. Clark, D. DeMers. ROW THREE: D. Wilson, R. Copen, C. Campbell, N. Burns, B. Cindric, S. Dillon, J. Peck, A. Digennaro. ROW FOUR: B. Caster, J. Gensler, P. Conrad, D. Cooper, J. Curry, W. Devine, A. Davidson, P. Calkins, D. Deifrich. 94 7-'I - ROW ONE, Leif fo Righl: D. Zamiela, J. Frick, M. Krafi, S. Gawrzyk, Mr. Leone. ROW TWO: S. Bomberry, A. Chrivniz, D. Morgan, M. Dubuc, C. Walker, M. Valery, J. Cindric, P. Pro- vorse. ROW THREE: D. Rice, R. Fickelf, G. Bridges, W. Granes, S. Oleiarczyk, G. Stevens, S. Humphrey, P. Nichols, V. Brown. 7-3 - ROW ONE, Left ro Right: F. Greene, B. Gansworth. ROW TWO: W. Harlley, H. Gardei, G. Hickman, C. Dinanf, Miss Hazleil, K. Pascoe, M. Grandin, C. Franklin. ROW THREE: l-- Harris, J. Valery, M. Gczy, R. Hapeman, S. Good, R. Haze- lei, C. Rofella, B. Duckeff, S. Flinn, H. Gray. ROW FOUR: W. Fuller, S. Ford, C. Oliver, R. Vicki, W. Gibson, G. Hill, D. Heffler, H. Duff. 7-4 - ROW ONE, Left to Right: A. Griffith, H. Fraser, S. Healy, Mr. R. Kibler, K. Besaw, K. Delmater, A. Berge. ROW TWO: D. Farnham, L. Hamm, C. Young, L. Duncan, A. de- Blnnc, R. Bartolomie, J. Corr, K. Curtin. ROW THREE: E. Dropkin, N. Castiglione, B. Fol- mar, M. Glandon, D. Cook, P. Chew, P. GanzHorn, M. Bluey. 7-6 - ROW ONE, Left to Right: D. Lewis, M. Maxim, C. Maurer, D. Lovria, Mr. Le Gait, S, Mc- Manigle, P. Masters, M. La Ven- ture, K. Mietlicki. ROW TWO: G. Townsend, J. Knox, J. Stren- koski, J, Lipa, J. Parks, P. Mt. Pleasant, C. Mills, P. Torreano, J. Kulaic, M. McCarthy, D. Kuchy. ROW THREE: T. Mt. Pleasant, G. Lewis, W. Mt. Pleasant, B. Lewis, C. Soika, A. Kooy, G. Martain, Y. Marberry, J. Lengen. 7-5 - ROW ONE, Left to Right: D. Houser, J. Brian. ROW TWO: R. Hill, J. Johnson, D. Johnson, J. Hobba, S. Kelly, E. Compton, P. lsner, P. Kinary, D. Hill. ROW THREE: Mr. Baron, D. Hurley, J. Kornacker, R. Jones, P. Wil- liamson, R. Scherrer, R. Schim- shack, P. Trivoli, F. Jones, D. King, E. Jack, S. Hymack. ROW FOUR: S. Hoover, S. Hudspith, D. Dueger, M. King, P. Keller, D. Hilts, D. Homisgcyak, B. Keel- er, M. Hope, M. Jerla. T77 T95 ASQ 7-8 - ROW ONE, Left to Right: E. Slowilc, D. Scott, R. Snyder, R. Sheel. ROW TWO: R. Smouse, J. Sisson, T. Walgak, C. Anderson, Mrs. Gronochan, B. Sharpe, C. Toromino, T. Stumpf. ROW THREE: D. Bom- berry, J. Spranlcle, M. Seeloff, D. Shields, J. Karge, P. Smerno, E. Sutera, D. Strom. ROW FOUR: A. Wager, L. Sorginson, L. Sargent, K. Scarpinski, L. Wiegand, J. Seyler, R. Shorrow, C. Schmidt, K. Spring, J. Sharpe. ik. .-se., 7' 7-7 - ROW ONE, Left to Right S. Preskop, D. Pettitt, S. Pro vorse, L. Ray, Mr. Baugh, T Palmerton, C. Petrozie-llo, R Roberts, C. Nichols. ROW TWO K. Muth, M. Posa, G. Wade J. Peace, J. Pluff, Y. Pressley W. Panlxow, B. Papoi, R. Ran- nelli. ROW THREE: K. Wurl, J Edwards, R. Printup, R. Myers T. Fraser, P. Preston, R. Huttle mayer, S. Powell, R. Sanders. I ....... ,f E ,,,,...1..,,yf 4 i f .rfr 96 7-9 - ROW ONE, Left to Right: C. Broeker, M. Williams. ROW TWO: J. Scalzo, W. Baney, T. Wurl, M. Birchard, E. Barnett, S. Brown, B. Stafford, L. Bap- tiste, D. Wilcox, W. Sparks. ROW THREE: L. Boone, T. Ander- son, B. George, L. Brihon, S. Boone, W. Arehart, D. Bierly, J. Bradt, P. Allen, Mrs. DeSantis. ROW FOUR: L. DePadre, J. Boss, L. Atkinson, B. Broeker, B. Bee- man, C. Webster, T. Warchocki, D. Bauer, R. Juzwiak, J, Alle- man. 1 1 1 7-l0 - ROW ONE: Left to Right: R. Misener, S. Rotella, R. Ma day, D. Mielicki, P. Gronachan M. Orzulak, B. Strassburg, J Juracek, J. Krolick. ROW TWO K. Pagliari, M. Russo, C. Potter, L. Moore, C. Hermanson, A. Ray- mond, P. Sullivan, S. Mabon Mrs. Haller. ROW THREE: S Heina, D. Rosebaugh, D. Hoff man, S. DeVries, C. Molinow ski, P. Matthei, G. Underwood J. Leveson. 7-T2 - ROW ONE, Left to Right: K. Undercoffer. ROW TWO: L. Fountain, L. Nelson, D. Hew- itt, E. Beasoclc, Mr. Traina, A. Koroschetz, S. Schrader, R. Downs, J. Davis. ROW TWO: S. Mettler, N. Hartman, J. Cer- rillo, R. Fickett, D. Jones, P. Linton, M. Gage, D. Vivian. ROW FOUR: F. Peete, L. Bap- tiste, R. Stevens, T. Clawson, B. Raverinni, R. Reichert, R. Bohnet, D. Zimmer. 7-ll - ROW ONE, Left to Right: B. Ford, N. Jacobs, D. Stevens, Mr. Lamb, D. Nelson, R. Aldrow, W. Rohm, R. Billings. ROW TWO: S. Woodcook, F. Kyler, T. Warren, P. Hefferon, J. Can- della, S. LeTourneau, D. Bagg, W. Schoolfield, G. Provorse. ROW THREE: W. Buck, K. Rick- ard, J. Britton, J. Ellerington, G. Doak, J. Hosey, D. Ackley, L. Balch, D. Grandin. 'Wi 97 8-13 - ROW ONE, Left to Right: Mr. Edward Kress, R. Murphy, E. Crawley, P. Huff, N. Howard, Mr. Howard Meyers. ROW TWO: W. Goodrich, G. Swoope, J. Mohr, C. Lengel, H. Amacher, M. Wilkinson. ROW THREE: R. Tickeit, K. Howard, T. Hilts, E. Scclrpinski, T. Ackley, R Bickel. 98 9-13 - ROW ONE, Left 10 Right: M. Paflon, D. Hill, Miss R. Wei- ner, Mr. R. Kissel, R. Nicosia, A. Stockings, C. Milleville. ROW TWO: M. Duncan, N. Zomonl, J. Watts, V. Schrader, R. Williams, D. Hill. ROW THREE: P. Mack- ie, G. Duhle, W. Mclcie, R. Bolender. 7-13 - ROW ONE, Left to Right: R. Kyler, D. Seiler, J. Neal, G. Sims, R. Seiler. ROW TWO: C. Lansberry, K. Flack, E. Hunt, M. Crawley, B. Barone. ROW THREE: J. Giguere, G. Tickeit, E. Snyder, G. Siaudi, H. Hoff- man, G. Jordan, R. Flinn. l.-I, STUDENT couNcli-- orrlcens - Left to Right: L. MacArthur, C. Matteson, P. Perusse, G. Billcheck, Mr. Barone. STUDENT COUNCIL Throughout the 1961-62 academic year, the Stu- dent Council of Niagara-Wheatfield has proven to be a most sound and effective instrument of student expres- sion and government. Its most earnest objective is to foster a healthy atmosphere in our school, so that both academic learning and social adjustment may be real- ized by each student. The Salvation Army proiect and MONITORS Goodwill Campaign did much to create class competition and enthusiasm, while the Betterment Campaign en- deavored to improve various aspects ot our school be- havior. One of the major projects of the Student Council has been the establishment of the monitor system. This group is responsible for the flow of traffic in the corri- dors during class time. Members of the system are sta- tioned at ten posts located in vital areas throughout the building. They check passes and student conduct, and generally perform the duties of o classroom teacher. Monitors wear special identification buttons and are selected on the basis of scholastic and citizenship abilities. 'I01 NUCLEON ART STAFF - Left to Right: K. Hodge, R. Miller J. Harvey, Mrs. Markey, B. Baldwin, M. Delmater. L .I TYPING AND BUSINESS STAFF - ROW ONE, Lefl la Right J. Christian, M. Pfohl, N. Walck, T. Dera, D. Haseley. ROW TWO: B. Williams, S. Jackson, Mrs. Ward, S. Chapman, H. Church, Mrs. Jacobs, S. Kroening. ,J 5 fi S Q is Ei. gi' ...E YEARBOOK STAFF - ROW ONE, Left to Right: B. Faccini, S. Alderman, S. Jackson, A. Vanderlip, l.. Haseley. ROW TWO: J. Lepard, R. Korman, M. Piegnef, M. Coble, J. Peterson, G.. Catlin, R. Sessman, D. Beufel. X f Z 0.8 ii X 5,5 J EDITORS AND ADVISORS - Left to Right: N L E O Mrs. Mclrkey, Mrs. Ward, E. Marzahl, Mr. McCarthy, B. Ziemendorf, Mr. Czora, Mrs. Jacobs. STAFF Edele Marzahl, Beverly Ziemendorf. ART EDITOR Bunty Baldwin. LAYOUT Patricia Palmer, Jeredith Peterson. TYPING Nancy Walck. SUBSCRIPTIONS Betty Williams PHOTOGRAPHY Marion Coble, James Lepard. SPORTS Donald Beutel. JUNIOR STAFF Sandy Chapman, Helen Church. ADVISORS DEPARTMENT HEADS -- ROW ONE, Left to Right: M. Coble, J. Peterson, E. Mar- zuhl, 'B. Ziemendorf, N. Walck. ROW TWO: J. Lepard, B. Baldwin, B. Williams, Mr. McCarthy, Mrs. Markey, Mr. CZOFCI, D. Beutel. Mrs. Jacobs, Mrs. Ward. 'I03 il., tal? ,,,,,, lf, ...,.,, 11-' -i OPE An estim to schooln fo annual Open organized las to go throug the day. A brief ceded the under the di opened the m known Spanis then introduc and other hon He welcomed purposes of t conjunction w Soon the periodn class running to keep up witu oueir busy schedules. Student Council guides were on hand to direct parents around tie building. Throuvh their efforts the number The Fourcad, now in Hs founh year of pubhcahon, B the official newspaper of Niagara-Wheatfield. The primary ahn ofthe newspaperisto keep N-VV dudenn and facuhy up to date on the news of the activities and organizations of our schooh The Fourcast has won several awards and last year was named runner-up for the Gannett Newspaper Award which is presented to the outstanding newspaper in Niagara County. methods and materials used in the class. In this way, the parents could become fam- iliar with the courses and programs of 104eir children. ff' i Iii!! iii! fi commotion, instability and frustration. The whole theme of life is best summed up by the expression, Uwhen I'm eighteen, I'm going to be drafted, to do before thenln I've a lot of living Every time we pick up a newspaper or turn on the radio we are greeted by the reports that our world, the only world we know, is on the brink of chaos and rapidly nearing the edge of destruction. we wonder: What will the final out- come be? Will we be able to lead normal lives in, peace and freedom, or will we be forced to live, like frightened animals, underground? Then, shall we go one step ler if there will be a world FOURCAST STAFF continued on page 2 ls! F-. M----1.L HONOR SOCIETY MEMBERS - ROW ONE, Left to Right: K. Healy, M. Drapkin, D. Hoseley, B. Williams, N. Fischer, D. Camann, E. Marzhal, M. Gerby, L. Haseley, B. Moeller. ROW TWO: Mr. Wadsworth, Miss Growney, D. Wadsworth, W. Camann, J. Converse, B. Ziemendorf, P. Palmer, Miss Ernst. ROW THREE: N. Salerno, B. Camann, J. DuBois, D. England, B. Mueller, N. Kratts, K. Toll, J. Yarnall, Mr. Czaia. HONOR SOCIETY OFFICERS - LEFT TO RIGHT: 5, The National Honor Society represents scholar- Williams, D. Camann, N. Fischer, E. Marzhal. ship, service, leadership, and character. The pur- pose ot this Society is to create an enthusiasm for scholarship, to stimulate a desire to render serv- ice, to promote leadership, and to develop chor- acter in the students of N-W. HONOR SOCIETY INDUCTEES - ROW ONE, Left to Right: B. Calkins, L. Lewis, W. McCulloch, B. Krolick, P. Lemke, V. M. Micinowski, S. Sufera, D. Jagow. ROW TWO: D. Keller, Carlson, K. Moll. -- ,W-wr-, --or ,,,,,.. ...W 105 FUTURE TEACHER OF AMERICA 'Dem' . B- XWO- EE: C,- ROXN W TUV' x Hcsexev- use- nO Edson' i Leaelho 00" W' X ynif l' ning' yellow' A mann. li Ulillluf-. 5' Uciljtrighl' S. wx - N1 B' Co nf D' GG orzolllf D' Q25 Er'- ... -0 M 2- 'A ! Q S - ONE' E orlln' C' chbulg Q i v Q ROW S. . M- He' 69 A ' 2 g endofl' ,dl Q. 012 ' . ,4 I is ghephe i 5 - RZ!! 0 ', LIBR RY CLUB ONE, left fa Right J. Carter, M. Harrington, S. Hamilton, L. Howard, J. Howard, B. Baldwin, D. Walck. ROW TWO: L. Wells, S. Pudetie, P. Bcney, O. Masters, D. Corr, D. Esfright, S. La Counie, M. Slrape, S. Schoening, V. Frerichs, Mrs. Grefralh, Mr. Horni. ROW THREE: B. Lass, P. Dellasin, A. Smilll B. P Rh' ' , ar ill, J. Provorse, P. Perusse, B. Ventry, N. Fix, D. Scofl, A. Barone, G. Purfinski. ROW GERMAN ROW ONE, left fo Riglvf- S befgf I landon bard C' . . Overlwiser, J. Lilile, R. Luther, D. England, L Dexlweimer, C. Sallle- , A. Dunn, L Sclwuliz. ROW TWO: D. Robins, D. McSwan, M. Diamond, S. Hub- , . Wagner, J. Wallace, J. Srrassburg, V Panlrow, D Haseley, D. Beufel J Wirth, D. Brown, Mr Bruxin LUB FRENC T. Shaw, W. c- . bl , ner, Gle Hels h, J' I, F' - sworl 5mY' ' 5. Alf' k J. Ie, PCC ' Ree A. B- er, dleY' hbufg H'-'ln Henc . - R- .M. ., D. schmgggw TWO-W, f to Righhservasi. Robinson, Le' A- ,, F- ONEI Young, Karma ' ROW He P- EE: R' , THR Hubene ROW Donner' 4 N . ml if u I 2.21 zwmmwag STANDING, Left to Right: D, Wuick, Mrs. Murkey, T. Forth, SITTING: P. Young, B. Bold win, H. Wolf, S. Chapman, M. Delmoter, P. Delesin, J. Harvey, B. Krizan. RT CLUBS STANDING, Left to Right: Mrs. Illig, R. Snyder, P. Conrad, S. Broscoupi, K. Curtin, T Beecher, A. Berge, Mrs. Markey. SITTING: J. Jurocek, A. Digennoro, C. Loubough, K Hodge, C. Falbo, J. Newbold, C. Levine, S. Fraser. BN. SENIOR HIGH SCIENCE CLUB E. Reid, L. Wurl, V. Frerichs, Derr. SECOND ROW: D. Esirighf, D. Carr, K. Healy, M. Drapkin, B. Panlxow, S. Suiera, M. Healy. THIRD ROW: SCIENCE JUNIOR HIGH SCIENCE CLUB - ROW ONE: C. Bennel, J. Bryan, C. Cimini, S. Cl-namberger, R. Copen, A. Andalora, J. Peck, D. Wilson, J. Palfer, D. DeMers. ROW TWO: D. Wilcox, P. Smerno, R. Rannilli, C. Tormino, J. Sharp, S. Deacon, R. Clark, A. Berge, R. Blake, R. Shell, R. Barfholome, M. Russo, J. Karge, J. Richards, B. Slrussling. ROW THREE: A. Davidson, I. Campbell, K. Curiin, A. DeBIunc, M. Glandon, M. Popaduch, - FIRST ROW, Left to Right: C. Flanagan, D. Keller, M. Mr. Johnson, J. Honusin, S. Hubbard, B. Popaduch, L. Good, S. Overhiser, J. Havens, N. Woodward, W. Show, Miss Scoville. FOURTH ROW: J. Misener, D. Heuer, M. Diamond, K. Heuer, M. Micinowski, S. lseley, S. Fuller. CLUB D. Brown, J. Mack, J. Wright, B. Willrs, J. Lola, S. Heina, N. Casfaglione, S. Maihei, N. Hartman, S. Provose, M. Gozey, P. Calkins, Miss Millifello. ROW FOUR: Mr. Legait, R. Triechler, D. Cooper, L. Balch, G. Underwood, P. Preston, B. Graves, T. Fraizure, J. Allemen, P. Motfhei, H. Duff, D. Dietrich, B. Jez- wiak, D. Pharis, Mr. Mahoney. 1,2 L J . .V,, . Q. 'Sf' SEATED: K. Healy, N. Fischer, M. Dropkin, Mr. Young. STANDING, Left Io Right: D. Camcnn, J. Havens, G. DeVon1ier, D. Miller, W. Comann, D. Johnson, D. Grimes, L. Dexheimer. SENIOR HIGH MATH PHOTOGR PHY CLUB STANDING: Miss Illig, Mr. Busmolis, R. Korman, J. Lepurd, M. Lindquist. SEATED M. Horocks, R. Gerby, C. Shepherd, J. Lorenz, M. Preskop, R. McCarthy. 1 1 , 51? KNEELING: C. Falbo, W. Shaw, C. Penessa. SITTING: Mrs. Ward. STANDING: S. Isley B. Rogg, S. Fiegel, T. Hubeneffe, L. Smith, B. Baldwin, M. Nicosia. WRANGLERS SEATED: J. Girard, T. Mason, G. Treichler, T. Schmidt. STANDING: J. Leveson, Mr. Barlow, R. Brown, T. Suiia, T. Beecher. ROW ONE, Left io Right: S. Hogg, C. Hills, S. Simrell, T. Pitonyak, C, Snyder, L. Howard, J. Carter, K. Chrivniz, K. Main, M. McMillan. ROW TWO: Mrs. Jacobs, P. Aldrow, S. Jackson, L. Hoffman, J. Chrisiian, C. Murray, K. Scoit, E. Young, S. Fiegel, C. Shepherd, Mrs. Lindsay. ROW THREE: S. Ains- worth, J. Mack, S. Alderman, R. Moore, R. Nykvist, C. Young, S. Kinary, M. Goafer, J. DuBois, M. Winkley. F.B.L. . ROW ONE, Lefl lo Right: B. Venlry, M. Rebar, J. Homiszczalx, S. Johnson, B. Hill, S. Walker, J. Ramen, A. Mock, P. Broeker. ROW TWO: Mr. Brown, S. Hamilton, L. Miller, P. Perusse, J. Howard, K. Potter, P. Porter, B. Pankow. ROW THREE: G. Brezezinski, L. Brezezinslci, E. Williams, D. Ellman, B, Parlchill, J. Provorse, Mr. Fadel, Mr. Hoolihan. mi. Mm' SENIOR - FUTURE HOMEMAKERS OF AMERICA - KNEELING, Left to Right: P. Broeker, A. Mack, A. Stockings, P. Downs. ROW ONE: M. Dickson, J. Carter, B. Young, S. Johnson, M. Harrington, K. Wendt. ROW THREE: Mrs. Teresi, P. Aldraw, N. Jacobs, S. Phiilips, J. Ball, L. Hoffman, J. Montablo C. Pitonyak, S. Miller, M. Winkiey, S. Schaening, C. Shattuck. I O O O JUNIOR - FUTURE HOMEMAKERS OF AMERICA - ROW ONE, Left to Right: L. Newbury, C. Shaffer P. Moore, B. Shaffer. ROW TWO: Mrs. Loftus, D. Duckefte, P. Palmerton, S. Hauseman, C. Frerichs, K Donner, L. Masters, S. Eggleston, Mrs. Weir. The Pep Club is in its fourth year of organization with Janice Abramaitys as President, Jane Simpson as Vice President, Carolyn Snyder, as secretary and Sandra Johns as Treasurer. Mr. Frank Brusino is the advisor. The club's obiectives are to promote school spirit and to aid the athletic fund. The club activities have The Travel Club endeavors to promote international understanding and good-will through a program of study and discussion. Speakers who have traveled afar, films, and debates on current world affairs highlight The Travel Club meetings. Currently thefgzbfgjscysadopted a Foster been selling tickets to the games, sponsoring dances and assemblies. Booster Weekend was the biggest event this current school year. Future plans -will include all of the above as well as other activities. The club is open to all girls in the tenth, eleventh, and twelfth grades. child from Vietnam. Through direct financial aid we have tried to help stem the rise of Communism in this distant land. The Club also engages actively in area Model United Nation Meeting. This year we have at- tended the Model U.N. held at Fredonia and at Buffalo. TRAVEL LUB .M L, . 1 L VAR ITY LUB DRILL TE M The Varsity Club was organized for the purposes of acting as the chief initiating and promoting force for maintaining a high standard of athletics and to act as a stimulant and inspiration in building a strong, well rounded athletic program. Under the able leadership of its president, Gary Billcheck and faculty advisor Mr. Ross, the Niagara-Wheatfield Varsity Club has com- pleted another successful year. A varsity letter winner in any sport is eligible for membership. The person's character and academic record are also considered. Every school year the Varsity Club presents a trophy in each of the seven varsity sports to the player iudged "Most Valuable" by his teammates. The club also presents a trophy to the outstanding graduating senior. LEFT TO RIGHT: Mr. Mazzei, D. Walck, M. Cornelius, J. Troyer, S. Leiner, D. Fogg, C. Davis, C. Shattuck, N. Kratts, M. Underwood, M. Stoelting, K. Haseley, P. Young, M. Beutel, S. Demmin, L. Fogg, M. Pfohl, D. Calkins. . .cs . , , . if A ' JUNIOR HIGH DRAMA CLUB - ROW ONE, left Yo Right: Richardson, C. Hunier, J. Gooch, E. Sufera, I.. Newbury, Y S. Kirk, T. Thompson, D. Meorbell, J. Shelimire, R. Schoenherr, Brei, J. Sisson. ROW THREE: A. Berge, P. Gronachan, J. Mor- R. McCarthy. ROW TWO: Mrs. Gronochun, J. Wager, J. owic, R. Burtolomei, S. Rotellu, F. McCorfhy, R. Cerfo. JU IOR HIGH DRAMA CLUB AUDIO-VISUAL AUDIO-VISUAL - ROW ONE, Left to Right: M. Gouluh, J. Blockmon. ROW TWO: Miss Jagow, Mr. Rizzo, M. Morawic, C. Donner, V. Schroder, F. lgou, Mr. Cosby. 1"' 3 R N SITTING, Lefi fo RigI1f: D. Fogg, M. Derr. LYING: J. Profrock. STANDING: S. MiIIeviIIe, C. Duguoy, J. Triechler, D. Scholy,,C. Piikonyfmk, J. Dugucry, Miss McCoII, M. Beutel, D. Qwor- iunski, L. Wurl, V. Frerichs, K. Reimsfr. A X 5 - FUTURE f URSES I LUB' x REDICROSS , I ROW ONE, Left Qc Right W. Show, C. Snyder, J. Simpson, S. Eggleston, R. McGcrvey1 ROW TWO: Mrs. DeSanfis, Mr. Bough, R. Sessmon. , Z- ,, . . 1 H 1 s . E w 'Gil SENIQR HIGH CHORLI The Senior High Mixed Chorus, under the dire'ction of Mr. Jansen, has been an enjoyable part of our Christmas and Easter Assemblies. They have also participated in the annual Niagara County Music Festival. .IU ICR HIGH CHCDIR The Junior High Choir, which consists of more than eighty members, is under the direction of Mr. Corsaro. As a result of enthusiasm and participation it was necessary to split the choir into two groups, meeting on alternate days. 1 1' SENIOR HIGH CHORALE The Senior' High Chorale, under the direction of Mr. Jansen, has also performed at the Christmas and Easter assemblies. They have made an appearance at the Air Force base and have participated in the Niagara County Music Festival. JUNIOR HIGH CHOIR The choir has provided entertainment at many assemblies and at the annual Spring Concert. With continued effort, this group will soon become the nucleus of musical organizations at Niagara-Wheattield. . 47 1-nr J If .lf .fx f I ,mul . , rr' 'XI' mf EH GRADE CHOIR K., ff 6 4 E 1 x'11 , ' H 'L " .. . . . Jaya,-1 cuddmon To our music department as The 7th grcnde choir, under 'V 1 if "'a..'i.z' . . I--,jJr.f""7 ,, j U ?1l'rraf'j9Hirec1lqr5'f,7of Mr. Bley. The choir has been on enloycxble port of the Chrnstmcxs H f-NH F. '. . "7 . , pg I' senqaltkgpcnd the Annual Sprung Concert. W ,f 1 ' ii 5' X ff -J if ' fi Af QP' ,f fl , ji-gf" L ' J, igryxr q 2 A X-WI' .U ,X .f " Q j arf? i f Y. v A I SEAIED Hoseley, G. Lindemuth. STANDING, Left to Right: B. Hill, S. Hogg, W. McCulloch, D. L. Dexheirner, D. Beufel, M. Coniglio, S. Coldwell. ff., f, x 1 VOCA NSEMBLE GIRLS' SEXTET W'--Ms Q- 'Yu' fi , tem.. SEATED: M. Kernan. STANDING, Left to Right: M. Piegnet, E. Treichler, J. Haseley, l.. Lewis C. Shepherd, R. Reele. PEP BA D The newly formed Niagara-Wheotfield Pep Bond, under the direction of Mr. Beamish, has done its port toward building up school spirit. They have played their "peppy" music at the Fc1lcon's sports events throughout the year, and at the Pep As- semblies which are presented to encourage school spirit. The Pep Bond has done cz fine iob in producing music, which all students enioy. SENIOR HI H BA D The Senior High Band, under the direction of Mr. Beamish, is composed of the more experienced musicians of the school. They have participated in school assem- blies and concerts throughout the school district. Several members have taken part in county and state competition. CADET BA D The' Cadet Band, under the direction of Mr. Peer, is primarily a training group that has acted as a stimulant to school spirit by participating in assembly programs and the annual spring concert. x k Y.: 759' W'VF,-f . - ' q'-gp' 'Fifi 1 K I 5' ' ? .uffgp an .. 1-f t ...i:L.'-i. A A if,'1 4? x?.. ' . , . 5? -ff ,B Hi, I V 43 gi W", . aff? 'Z Aff' xv Q S 'ffm ight. f ,.f.f ,4f,,' gqfvffh fl 1 M. Q., 7 -. 3. i' fu -. 1 ,W -' :M O X '41 L A - . b L7 'x x vmii - if 1 Q ,. . 'fx' K fv -s 3 fc . 5 .441 P , ,,,. My' P ' ff. j ,i a .Mxgf Q,.,3.i TT , .A W .I ,,, 'FT' ,.3,',:Q,f2" ru ,gf ' 'Q , . 5 " "' V " .T N, ,Y-'5 .x VW."-'g'f1,..1f ffiff -A -Q ri, . 15-jf fifgl'-5 i M,f.f "2?' A-. X .75 Q , ,X3'5Q.af1-W'..,,,J2rLujPx "EIN ww., 1 .' wtf-2 x iii , 1 ff 1",1f1"fz:r,sg,,-L, 'hm 1' 113, 4- . 'P .-..t' 4ffiv2gy.1e,?i:3 . +5 ' -rv .Q"':+ 2' ,mgig W - 4 - .-15 -1 I . .1 - , vi 3' .aiifxig fuiifyffi' PM 5.30513 J- 1- ,- --vw 1 'V-'vm -v-:mf . rf"-,f ff 2 ' 4- -'A ' PM. W.: Ag 'hr 65.1, .N N.f,,7l5,4, f, M, ,N 3 ,gmhy 4,1 . 1.,zfA1's11?44iff-zfz1z'1f+ '-, x icifem. , . : f- - ,Q - f f-. ff-W ' 'Y ..s Q1-mb: J 4-,ggH.,- ,:r.m,Qe,.k454+. .3 fb. " L, ,-if X , , ..Q,.-.?2f?'-' gg ," 'j: Ig?-,fygg-i,'Q,Q5W51'f?:Qggg152'fgf .1f'1'fx' f.5',:-1 - . . ofa-'t,f' f.'Su:?W'61if-ff 'itvrsx frm.:-." ., , - f , ' '.V'ffEV,'.vWv43?1' :GRV LVJJ Huff, 2? 2:ff'?-"flew k A , A YLZS2- a??f'.i4'a9ff4 2' i , ,QL A 'W ' ' lt . " W 'W' , 9 ",. -f 1 fx, v, -w Mg A ' .1 ,ewzmg -rv. ,,f.- f 'fwyqk .1 lqwy If ,n ' Q1 .g , -1 1. 411 'Q Q XA 1-11f:.ijif'3if 53" . ' 1 f -' V -- UR 'Q 514. ff 'im' lfv' .vw -1 W Q,-' -M 4 , bg N ,, x. ,f.g:Q,1 ,, W u K 5 gk, it . W , ,4 gSwE:.i . , . . , H. , N ly, ' wf JI.. u A N : :X-,Q . A. , f V, .. 5 . M gas! k Neff 9. . 1... J -.., ..--ws., QA ' 51.5 ',Ff'T"' K f .2425 ' -Mi, ., , 1 .,"74w.,:, .- 'gg .. 'r ' F . ... . 1 H:L.7f3?? 5-,il Q ky k k ,lxgffaku -H. ,K , X ,f , , .VF , .plk 3 . gwi, A . , V. 15452 ww Riff 1 .yw 3 4 4 . . ' f 'Aim , 1- H Q SIM-ff,-.. .:, ,J 1 ' XL- .if w 21. 3' ' , , -ff +YgwWz.fw,. 1. ,'f.-Nw, - 1 V-Q! inn , - . big' 4, - i ua, K V 4 1 ff 3 ' r J 97, r:'5Q7...... 7 V LN: , A A ' .13'f,.K.,1e ji ,NK 'L "nuff f?gveg1:Qr,.,5i"' ' A ' ' sf, f""4.?"k' A 1' "Y I 4 4' 2 ' . I+- WT? 'if' .. 31 y.. . Q H Yi? V jk . . ki. ,, gf 1 f My Nu. , V. S., A ,X X -K lt xy A t . S k Ae., I Q., 1 yt e, , I - I ,F . ' 1 4. sf if K Q E fsggt X K I I W X Q A .E ,Kit . . ':' K . ' I - 3, f " 3' A Wfwf . 'I QR 'A i ' ff H g g 'I my ' H Wilt I 7 ki. X , .. 1 I I I xyiff I f- I 2- Q - ' . A , - t , ' lf? Ap L I , ly ' N , ai., , 5 V . N S-Y f ,gg t , . m ay 'Iii . K " W lk.. .1 , X I' wx I ,. ff um, ,eli:fT9. "'Af It I ' , I .. ur N- - . 7. fx N . v . --.L X, l X, 1 Tv' ll - 1 N eff 1' f 4 l Vw Q- - x f ,x,- X K . ' 1 , - R X ty , L, Q- 'fuk 1 N Q L 2 A X I I s F I A -NQZ 1 .V N Msgs, s Q if ,hh h yd " ' Q? ' ' 'Q .. .- ' sofa , ' x Q . f Wg., KJ X x T., , L 1 c 1 , A I., 1 A V, A ,..- I S jr . K. 'O -. It . 'ki A . . "-. .iw li I VARSITY - ROW ONE, Left to Right: J. Sieika, R. Eselman, D. L. Dexheimer, P. Schultz, D. Wurl, E. Mielicki, Coach Franc, T. Grimes, B. Tidwell, D. Neff, D. Lumm, W. Sargeant. KNEELING: Kulikowski, W. Camann, J. Moody, B. Wayman. R. Whitbeck, J. Dillon, J. Linton. STANDING: L. Linkenfelter, 1961 Baseball Report N-W 10 Roy-Hart 2 Last year the Niagara-Wheatfield Varsity Baseball N-W 1 Lew-Port 6 team was fourth in the Niagara-Orleans League. Led by N-W 5 Medina 2 the hitting of Dennis Wurl and Roger Eschelman the Base- N-W 6 Wilson ball Falcons had a final record of six wins and tour losses. N.W 2 Starpoint 3 N-W 7 Newfane 0 N-W 0 Lew-Port 7 N-W 1 Barker 3 N-W 8 Medina N-W I6 Akron 3 JUNIOR VARSITY - ROW ONE, Left to Right. R, Schaffer, como, W. Veikdeffer, G. Gibson, R. Mills, H. Wienke, J. Miller, R. Gorzka, A. Matteson, T. Finner, T. Williams, R. Darnley, D. D. LaFIair, D. Jagow, D. Sattleberg. DeVantier, K. Swoope, K. Baggs. STANDING: Coach Fila- Qi' A .Qu 2 .fl "iii 125 BV 'Km VARSITY TRACK TEAM - SITTING, Left to Right: D. Hill, W. Morawic, C. Clark, D. Wadsworth, J. Chapman, T. Smith, G. Billcheck, W. Scareito, A. Haseley, D. Washburn. KNEELING: W. Girard, R. Nykvist, G. Skoff, J. Smith, J. Collins, M. Hill- TRA Ri man, R. Oswald, J. Delisle, R. Vincent, I.. Cooper. STANDING: Coach Mazzei, J. Smeaton, T. Jost, J. Porter, R. Brownell, R. Sharrar, R. Camann, E. Voelker, D. Mueller, C. Matteson, Coach CK VARSITY TRACK TEAM Niagara-Wheatfield's Varsity Track Team, under the coaching of ,Mr. Mazzei and Mr. Bach, had a very suc- cessful l96i season. For the first time in our school's history the team took the Niagara-Orleans League Track and Field Meet championship. At this meet N-W had fourteen individual winners. Co-captain Jerry Chapman was voted most valuable player of the season. ti,' Q is Chuck Matteson, N-W's leading pole vaulter, ended up the season by taking a first place at the AA Sectional Meet. Coach Mazzei was very proud of his team this year and has high hopes that the team will continue its suc- cess in the future. N-W N-W 'WW' INDIVIDUAL WINNERS - SITTING, left to Right: C. Matteson, J. Chap- man, Coach Mazzei. KNEELING: E. Voelker, R. Camann. N-W N-W SCORES Lew-Port Medina Wilson Starpoint 30 32 32 22 2 .pilgr- he sv. 'trys KN, -flituwfy ei . . TRACK SEATED: P. BdU9l'lmU"i, E- Ml- Pleuscni- ROW ONE, left to W. Zink, F. Robinson. ROW TWO: Mr. Bach, V. Pankow, Rishi! D- R0bef9S, G- -l0l'U1SOl1, l-- CUYdUYT10H6, D- TUPP9l"Cl0l'f, Sutter, R. Keller, F. Haseley, G. Lacey, F. Heisner. SOCCER Niagara-Wheatfield'S newly formed Soccer team under the coaching of Mr. Hendricks showed great enthusiasm for the new sport. With this year's beginning ex- periences, Niagara-Wheatfield should show great success next year in the Niagara- Orleans League. ROW ONE, Left to Right: G. Ellman, D. Beutel, F. Robinson P. Baughman, D. Wadsworth, A. Shaffer, W. Morawic, G. Maclr, R. Walker, D. Sattleberg, D. Gray. ROW TWO: G. Gordei, iiiefff :I kr . 1. , 2: , A ' , r V.. -. -V - 3s?'5e1::: 1 . ,uf W. 4110. ! 7 7 .xx Q6 9lit"f'.-:N gy, , K. , G. DeFraene, R. O'Callagl1an, i.. Hewitt, J. Wallace, Coach Hendricks, G. Catlin, C. Donner, L. Balch, R. Morris, S. Mansu. 'UWB ' it 127 gs VARSITY FOOTBALL - KNEELING, left to Right: K. Boggs, J. Porter, M. Johnson, C. Matteson, G. Billcheck Co-captain, M. Gervasi Ca-captain, R. Whitbeck, D. Lum, A. Matteson, B. Tid- well. STANDING: Coach Ross, Coach Hockaday, A. Lester, S. VAR ITY FOOTB LL Sheltmire, W. Sergeant, A. Sieika, D. Booth, K. Swoope R Sharrar, H. Wienke, R. Weis, J. Neilson, G. Gibson, J. Quim by, B. Cimini, R. Sniffen, A. West, T. Glass, R. Darnley. "Go Falcons Go" N-W's motto, was heard Throughout the football season. The autumn leaves and the cool, crisp days brought many spectators to see our Falcons at work. The N-W Football Team under the coaching of Mr. Ross, Mr. Hockaday, Mr. Yerge, had a season of which they can be proud. The Falcon team, in its third year of playing ended the season with a three and tour record in the Niagara-Orleans League. The team showed good sportsmanship all the way. Co-captain, Gary Billcheck, a tackle, made the first team, while co-captain Mario Gervasi, a fullback, and Harris Wienke, a center, made the second team of the All League All Stars Team. R x 41' .fy :ee s .W - ew N-W N-W N-W N-W N-W N-W N-W COACHES AND CAPTAINS - LEFT TO RIGHT: Coach Yerge, G. Billcheck Co-captain, M. Gervasi Co-captain, Coach Hockaday, Coach Ross. SCO RES Roy-Hart Medina Baker Albion Starpoint Wilson Newfane ,JJ J 3 5 A 2 ,sa B F PF lfiislilb A ii i, Q iw. W2 4 if J.V. FOOTBALL - KNEELING: J. Strom, J. Hunt, R. Zimmer, T. Schmidt, C. Mills, M. Williamson, T. Sieika, D. Hill, B. Gage. STANDING: Coach Ferge, T. Parker, G. Garsi, G. Perinelli, R. Eracitano, J. Lacey, G. Miller, D. Washburn, T. Finnen, S. Hubbard, R. Shimshaclc, D. Benchit, R. Keller, J. Clawson, Manager B. Hess. .l.V. The Junior Varsity football final record of 2 wins, 3 losses. FOCDTB LL team under the coaching of Mr. Yerge had a The team was only able to obtain five games through the entire season. We hope that next year the "Baby Falcons" will be able to participate in more games. N-W N-W N-W N-W N-W VARSITY LINE-UP 0 Medina 7 'I3 Newfane 19 7 Albion 0 T3 Akron 20 20 Starpoint 6 - STANDING: D. Lum, H. Gervasi, B. Cimini, W. Sargeant. CROUCHING: C. Matteson, J. Porter, G. Billcheck, R. Whitbeck, H. Wienke, A. Lester, B. Tidwell. 2 z s go -..J 5 3 E n 3 1 3 . r .us v L9-I ," '34 r Wy. "fx 1 .wif I W 1 ' A "Ga iss- M 1. 2 X W- Q 'Q Jr "ff ,--ev kj" rr , - 'S' in QT' . . . fl' - ' J .F n a V 2 r..f it z J as .X f - g I- A5 4 7 W it ' ' ,J f, M Y, Q ,, 4 V .A ,, timid : Af ,, JL :,,.TL,..g if Q. -. " ' i d' ,if if Lam-In A i hgwf... . 1..TM.,."3g:5ft-1---1 he , .. ' ls 1. .'?'f:..b.Zil.i'! "" . . .. 'W 'fu' f."'-FM E51-' f 2 'A ' -1- ,Q!'5""K . Hi , 3 " ' W'- ' F'-, . ' M .srk 1732 ' ---1 1- ' Y K f A -' mi. """:'-5 if j'I,'-1 V,-k ' A , - " I- 'mg'-. A ww , ,A , -- K ,H W-, Q ,,- ,iff-1h. .,, , ,"4',, ' f --sv -sl -ip ".w,g,m v,,': or f f . -I . 'x M .. x ,S ,. KV? 7 is .I L V, , g.f.u?p,k.35,, xg 42 3, . M . .rl . W V Vg., via: I, WZ- " 'i"" K "" - - . " ' ' AT 'ff A 7 .g ' y. . N -at ysysgwr M y xrqgzfx . ir X u.. sf' m r-, ,, C. .. 'slit Lgf :JM Eg V, i:'9+, im?f4,, yr in f- .- 'o.5'.. : ., W ..-54- is o-' .f 3. vw A ,ag-'JV ..u:J42:-'.'r- it i l? ' 1 ' , .,'.5fii' 'ifflmis .. Tl'fi':"' I . tx VARSITY - FIRST ROW: T. Williams, R. Hartman, G. Gordon, B. Tidwell, N. Zomont, T. Clause, R. O'Callaghan. STANDING: Coach Kissel, D. Davidson, E. Luther, H. Beecher, G. Billcheck, G. DeFrane, G. DeFrane, S. Sharman, Coach Nichols. WIMMING TEAM The N-W swimming team under the coaching of Mr. Nichols and Mr. Kissel completed its season with a third place in the AA Sectional Swimming Championship held at our school. The team worked hard and the boys are setting individual records of which they can be proud. The over-all record for the season was 6 wins and 7 losses. School records were established by Co-captain, Gary DeFraene in the 'IOO yard breaststroke with a time of I:O9g Co-captain, Gary Billcheck in the 'IOO yard butterfly with a time of 58.75 Bob O'Callaghan in the 'IOO yard Freestyle with 24.7. CO-CAPTAINS: G. DeFrane, G. Billcheck. H I DIVERS - L. Grandon, R. Gorzka, A. Matteson, D. Neil. N-W N-W N-W N-W N-W N-W N-W N-W N-W N-W N-W N-W N-W SCORES N. T. Hamburg Akron Lewport Niagara Falls East Aurora Sweet Home La Salle Kenmore West N. T. East Aurora Lewport Niagara Falls In the Sectionals our team did exceptionally well, setting the following new records: Billcheck, the 'IOO yard Butterfly in 58.7, Beecher, the IOO yard Freestyle in 53.4, and our Medley Relay Team, with DeFraene, O'Callaghan, Billcheck, and Beech- er, in 'I:48.9. JUNIOR VARSITY - FIRST ROW: D. Shields, T- 5Cl1mlCl7, 5. Wendt, V. Pankow, D. Peace, R. Ziemendorf, R. Uda R. Barrett Leveson, G. Treichler, M. Williamson, D. Brown, V. Girard, M. W. McKee, D. Dunkleberger, D. Sattleberg, Coach Nichols Lindquist, R. Bowlin. STANDING: Coach Kissel, R. Morris, G. f-wie, W i f42 az .. Qi . Q K .Q - ci iii .- 3.5 -. ...Q .113 i S l VARSITY BASKETBALL TEAM - FIRST ROW, Left to Right: B. DuBois, T. Miller, J. Porter, D. Grimes, D. Mueller, D. John Darnley, D. Wadsworth, B. Camann, J. Sieika, B. Sargeant, A. son, D. Miller, C. Matteson, Coach McLaughlin, R. Patton, Sieika, D. Sniffen, R. Patten. SECOND ROW: F. Haseley, G. B B VARSITY BASKETBALL scones Medina 62 N-W Wilson N-W The Varsity Basketball team in its third year of the Barker N-W Niagara-Orleans League finished the season with a 6 Newfane N-W and 10 record. Under the coaching of Mr. McLaughlin R?Y!""-'Vi N'W the team worked hard and kept up good sportsmanship Qkllonn Sym, even when the tide was turned. Don Grimes, the Falcons Smrpoim N-W leading scorer for the year, was named to the All-League Medina N-W All-Star Team. Wilson N-W Barker N-W Newfane N-W Royhart N-W Albion N-W Akron N-W Starpoint N-W 132 . 15,11 . . 0 . X . A . Ni-If A if. 'I .. . ., I M 11 1' 1 I it T 1 ,J if 1. li 1 X IX! I X, UL la T yr.-XJJ J I A V" Lili LBJ fm! I. 1 fx ' 'L , A JD A X 1,1 ' U L ,JV Lf! if In 1 XL. fy I ,Y yt 1 'IX ' fm' X JUNIOR VARSITY BASKETBALL TEAM - FIRST ROW, Left to Right: R. Keller, B. Nykvist, B. Gill, D. Benchik, G. Garcia, D. LaFlair. SECOND ROW: J. Toellner, B. Veikdeffer, H. Miller, D. Hoseley, D. Tappendorf, P. Kelley, T. Sieika, Coach Vinton. Niagara-WheattieId's baby Falcons, under the ex- pert coaching of Mr. Vinton, took first place in the Ni- agara-Orleans Basketball League with a 13 win - 3 loss record. Niagara-Wheatfield should be very proud of this Junior Varsity team. This was the first time in our school's history that the Junior Varsity team achieved this difficult goal. We hope that next year's team can keep up this record. We are sure that if the team N-W N-W N-W N-W N-W N-W N-W N-W Medina 31 N-W 45 Medina 40 Wilson 26 N-W 31 Wilson 27 Barker 39 N-W 53 Barker 48 Newfane 43 N-W 39 Newfane 37 Royhart 47 N-W 40 Royhart 38 Albion 23 N-W 57 Albion 35 Akron 41 N-W 49 Akron 46 Starpoint 25 N-W 55 Starpoint 46 ,eu x V. .1 . CM continues as it has, it will again be able to achieve this X7 , vu ,lm honor, but we must do our part to keep this school ,117 ' , f'f',z.fU6' f Xlvfl' , ' ,-Y' ff' A 'IJ-ff' spirit alive. . if -QQ . .- .f ' ' , ,-ff ' if ,if fu gulf' .' ,Lo ,M ,wwf ,J -' , - Lf . J QU V ,, VF WV JL. 17' ff 'iff ff' ' ff fu' .fm ,Q A , img, , I7 kr, P, FRESHMAN BASKETBALL TEAM - FIRST Row, Left to Right: P. Lovrin, T. Mason, ,ff ' A , 2 4" ff? QL E. Taddeo ,G. Burns, A. Beyea, S. Foster S.ECOND ROW: Coach Massoti, J. Bull- 11,1 'I Q I 77 Y all C-. 4 man, D. Phillips, D. Johnson, T. Parker, D. Walck, T. Rosenburg. 'fy T1 2 Kyzfl, " , , 1 A ,L-,f ' Ls.- H, fyfifg, J: 'Lg' 9 fl" ' D Q L .1 fi . L! l fyif L , . mf, V,f,,L, f..,,.1r.ff A if 52 A 1 QW if Q U C T 0 Mflfl' ,fi ' 1 133 WRESTLING TEAM - ROW ONE, Left to Right: W. Stores, R. Walck, T. Universal, J. Stevens, G. Ellman, co-captain, A. La- Chnnce, Co-captain, F. Palmarton, G. Gardi, C. Treichler. ROW TWO: D. Hill, R. Wirth, J. Sanusin, R. Gage, D. Roberts, L. RE TLI The N-W grapplers under the coaching of Mr. Cac- ciatore, ended up taking third place in the sectional meets. Going into the meet the team had a 9-4 record. Al LaChance, co-captain of the team, remained unde- feated for 13 consecutive matches. Leslie Christian took a first at the sectional meets, while Danny Hill, Bill Stokes, Al LaChance, and Franklin Patterson each took 134 ' 4 Q, pf... Bulch, K. Swoope, J. Weber, D. Keyy, R. Kulak, L. Christian. ROW THREE: Coach Cacciatore, D. Beutel, L. Dexheimer, J. Strom, D. Gumbert, E. Krolik, B. Forsey, J. Hunt, A. Lester, F. Patterson, D. Thompkins. GTEM a third place. Coach Cacciatore predicts that the team will have an even greater season next year. SCORES N-W 26 Lockport 24 N-W 53 Starpoint 3 N-W 34 Lockport 12 N-W l6 N. Tonawanda N-W 52 Roy Hart N-W 14 Tonawanda N-W 27 Medina N-W 5'I Roy Hart N-W 'I2 N. Tonawanda N-W 34 Medina N-W 21 Ken. West N-W 45 Starpoint N-W 22 Tonawanda it E ' l 2 1 1 i . 1 ' I A T ,gp . s . , ,QM 1 Ain, Jew J x EVN-is ., ,wx if . . .112'L..,, LEFT TO RIGHT: E. Harrington, R. Camann, D. Marquart, L. McArthur, K. Eustice, B. Camann, B, Moeller, C. Gall, H. Roberts, D. Palmer, A. Gibbs. VARSITY CHEERLEADER On November 21, 1961, tryouts were held for Var- sity Cheerleaders. Nerves were on edge, and some- what of a panic broke out among the girls who had been on the Varsity squad before and were fearful of being eliminated. Early the next morning tears of ioy were mixed with those of regret for both the girls who had been chosen, and for those who had not. Andrea Gibbs was chosen as captain and Helen Roberts as co- captain. New rules and regulations were established and the Varsity Squad began to do their iob as Niagara- Wheatfield cheerleaders. Tryouts for a new J.V. Squad were held on De- cember 5th and 6th of 1961. Again the atmosphere was one of apprehension as the iudges proceeded to choose five regular J.V. cheerleaders and one substitute. The six lucky girls turned out to be Anna Wadsworth, captain, Barbara Parkhill, Linda Stout, Kari Palmer, Sue Critelli, and substitute Pat Peruse. Our Niagara-Wheotfield cheerleaders have done a tremendous job in promoting school spirit and enthusiasm. Dressed in smart black and white, the girls, under the direction of Miss Schuessler, have cheered the football and basketball teams to many victories. W, Time Outl W 4 1 1 ADULT EDUCATIQN WP MW W f y ff!!! W 52,4744 . My 422241 ADULT EDUCATICDN x M w I., U ,f L' ghjwil 2 17 fi f Q: Ag, , as 3 ma ? 1 ., M. 'V ,, V, KE X ,xl 4' f' ' ' JV' yjft' 1 X ' 4' -.v ' + ' " SN APSH CTS C 5 r .V Q. F 1 Q ,' 'L,,,f, ' 1 ' fi ' - A 9 f: V I lf' ' illxytiby 5? , 1 JU h J :gV J 3 g,,: Mlffl Y airy .I V' inf I JI J VU. W' V 'f' A 1 A xx film . Q- ,lf w, Nj Di fl' XXVI 2 hw :ff L 'X 'Y 1 1 " R A, M, 'Q nw . ,, , Patrons L. X . ALLEN srubios - , 1950 Empire Blvdf Webster, N. Y. V 4 ' BEECHER BROS., INC. ' Ward Road X I I Sanborn, N. Y. D. F. CALKINS LUMBER CO., INC. I 7 LI 2874 Niagara Street M Sanborn, N. Y. if PETE CURIONE-REAL ESTATE, RENTALS, INS CE Upper Mountain Road -.5 O , I Sanborn, N. Y. cj-,X A I J , gr , , DR. HAROLD L. DLNGER 9 ' A, it f it tt if JoHN G. GAMBLE - JUSTICE or THE P CE , ,tif ,UN Buffalo Street VI Sanborn, N. Y. f I HOOVER'S DAIRY INC. 6030 Hoover Road Sanborn, N. Y. ALL 'OCCASIONS JACKSON'S - TENTS FOR 9655 Lockport Road . Q PEKIN GARAGE 5193 Town Line Road Pekin, N. Y. PLAYER PIANO, ROLLS 8. SERVICE 6983 Nash Road North Tonawanda, N. Y. RICHARDS 81 DONOHUE 950 Ridge Road Webster, N. Y. SANBORN MILLING CO., INC. Ward Road Sanborn, N. Y. STEVENS PAINT 8. FLOOR COVERING Niagara Street Sanborn, N. Y. TOWN BARBER SHOP Sweet Home 8. Military Roads Niagara Falls, N. Y. C. F. TREICHLER INC., FLORIST Saunders Settlement Road Sanborn, N. Y. Niagara Falls, N. Y. A RALPH L. TREICHLER, FLORIST ' N gxbv I 5668 Townline Road KRoENLNG's GARAGE U-'L sqnbom, N.Y. Saunder Settlement Road - U. QW' xygyv Sanborn, N. Y. , wt ' W. E. TREICHLER, GREENHOUSE ' V Ivlfq Saunders Settlement Road LE VAN HARDWARE, INC. 1 IN -f Sanborn, N, Y, 5856 Buffalo Street QW M .V A Sanborn, N. Y. L tx , 'J I MARVIN W. WENDT, WELL DRILLER I Townline Road Af NI-ERIE SUPPLY CORPORATION xii NV' Sanborn, N, Y, , S .2899 Niagara Street H I Y- A 9 :Sanborn, N. Y. ISP' X My I , Ov J , I P' C IU fp? wt itil Patrons S 3 Mr. 8. Mr .yard Claky ix Helen S. nverse X Q . Mrs. Hilda .l w Mywwewe mr. 8- Mweogge McC4och M . Her n Mu r ff- 9gvff9uF Mwrs. Anthon ak . 8. r Pressle s Mr: 9lelv, 22,- Mr r . G r A. W Ik r f?5'f4?'gf9e1gl'Qf Friend f Now we have reached the end of our labors. We hope we have given you something to remember your years at Niagara-Wheatfield. The 1962 Nucleon staff would like to take this opportunity to extend a sincere thank you to all who have in some way contributed to the success of this yearbook. We feel that this message from our principal, Mr. Richard Eden, is an appropriate closing. To the Class of 1962: Congratulations and best wishes for the future to the Class of 1962. Niagara- Wheafield is particularly proud of your class because it is the symbol of a dream that has come true. You are the first group of students that has been truly edu- cated in our local schools, from kindergarten right through high school. Many people of our community contributed their time and efforts to make this possible. Now it is up to you to go forth in this world and utilize the things you have learned. You have been given the tools and the knowledge, the future is up to you. 5 47 L A , A 1 qgglvjg ,fs 51- I, :L-tgafh, Q57 it Ki- " K 1 J, fygzoigalqff gf' LQ fl-fffagv 5 Richard H. Eden Dj LK V K, 67? fn if High School Principal Q4 , ' gf fjffc 7 CQ. , 52157 .A ef f- 4-5i,j f qff'lL,Z?,f'bfJ -1 zgffeiii, , 'f4f?Effiif,f' 140 " YL, ?1!ief4Y.5 Ycfgidzrj iniikiv f .-TEL' fy ' ' Calf X , QL x if Qf: YJ 41 A. f T 1 ,gg ,fftb M O? za 1, 5 ' M GN A JL QTECW ' 3 Nqlfijcefx , P Q- Q , .- C Q ,ff ,H I Q U 5 f Q Jw 253 X A S 0 X R41 '52 I ' 'f - I Ly ' , ,wiv Jj J ' VV ' . K If-pf, Y! Ax 3,-P Uh ' K Ayp V ,, pw' MUN! , X .X U My " Mjf' 'N L, AW MU! JQ xy' OP , ff MV W ,pw W QL" WJ f QV? Cf VL 'W 'LpyU'6Uv Vi I KDS A-56,910 X dm bulb? IMLAJ A AHJVM X Xjgjkd' A M, V, a , A yu XIX, U f rf , f W f' 00 , W 'vw 'J ' 1 iw F' Y 'f JFK wxjlff .JU of Nj Y W3 A ,k :L J 141 I x X. Bit, fayyfx Hy l '1'g2?j. W. ZA .XL'lgr'yw' f ww gig Qihzqf ,lil , ,vw jL"fD 6'f V 4703 M3 'H'MNb' " ' KSN fXfWfXL7x'aP'y xi L Q N 4 A I 6 0 RV . .. , I N , L r X .X Q . 'HI-fi. A .3 AQ Y ,P Q 24 U, L Ly V7 E k Clfbwfk L N X i U .K -x . N 1 f , 1 ,wlpxf X. .fy X X X xi f . v , J., .H 1 .f , b--mx a x X x X . u H JY ' X K -:blk X . N 'N xx N 77? N'xT,sQ , , 1 X + n X 1 ..r xxx' Na 3 J J w 19,51 MWHMMWM'4 QM! MV rf4ffL7 .1 f' 01 ,1 xr MUG glgfigui gyg?iiLpWJii1KfP?ilAyDjJiiQyMPT-3't Q ffgjllgfyyyf lik! , pQfU'QWWWMJWlf'wfJWf W OVW FW pw! fm. do V QAM W M 25 'D Q MU ff M if Mw2WMHfwfwM! Mpfw JL .fA' 4 ' -,qw rw! MDW gg My fy wi, 6 WWW f cj! L-'JJ Viv! ,3'PlQA,yif?' ,WM MM W f MW X K , lg? gx J in Tylgil 4pDf 4,fflb I uf J git, . fb, X xvfyh jy 0' pnm Llvy . aff' f JU! WAN my ,ff 1 4 ' ' f U fLf7 U bf ,fby Xvvf ,jf fn 44 L My , 1--1 ,N U 5,11 M y,yg A1 W ' LM W ' ' 0 fyyff L6 U A 1 XM WV A 1 fx ,Ala 0 'I "H . Ji pf' pf JV if V ff" J A y Af W if fx. If WMD W ,V W 1 5L,j,A'K jf! F W JW QM ff 1 ww i .,,, I ' I ff! 1 Q 1 Qafff V il! Lum XLV ' . NYU if ,V if ,I f M WV N' if ,M 1 'fy y V X J W , tj -X 1 X 1 vp 1 F J A I' X Ig Aj 'DIL' IV fl! bl-I, Q ,I Q Liga 1 ,Wy , L h . ' 1 N :L+ I ,A ., f V K ywfl 'Lrg' . if r V! ALJ AG!! ll, i.v,X,f UWM I k x-, X XMI llvjff i 1-J I ,.- I Q ' LP 'Ind ,f Q 'f ,X ,V my 5 1' b' ,fv we X. '5-in Sywflff P T .- 770 ' 'UCL k XXX f"'f' P I fir! iL',4v'! ' YK' M131 i rdf 3353! t 'LLM P, V , Wk, : '54, '14 G Jw! f ,M , W . X Jw A ,XNA i Il, , X J 'vu YR av cw, I V :VA .. X. gl V, J I, PQQJJ , 1 fif ' W 5.313 93 45 LL .Lg AA ,V wa 1 L A xg JL5 pf 0 M 1WVq FJ fy W 'wklfb' 1 QY vkfyx' ff Jfvw I X4 X fy' xy 141 4 3 "4" 'llzxlf' Q H: fffxfwf' :MZ 4 A--,J - I ' I 4 x X fi JV .4 yd ' Q li AI,fL1',lU-'X ll KJJX Pjrfc! I MX -ff X 'fs Q v 2 f 1 L'l'4'S qw fs, CXN .WJ V, . mf ,, 5 2 V If V. U .' X ,L VTX' Q h AA-X I - I X ' H V s,xE wif, C- O af' X J 'I A. C. 1 I W - 3 , , fm: 'I ' m V, I, ff , ,' . lu, Q l 1 , , If x K , X ,, X, X lx I 1 1 R , . I . Y 4 , I , K - " . ' .f. V' ' . I if ' x O I I, F3 ,, ' I w l , 'Q fd ,, I I , , 1 - s ,I , 1 I l . fl 1 " s I f X 4 ' "lf f l , x i V R aft? fa ll 111. ' , ' 1 " 5 A. "f N 1' 5 ' ' if "V, - .-I l 'r' Ml fx l 1-9. 'yi' I ll 1 I I 1 N! , . J X Q! 3 Y .l , , r ' ' f' f f' ' l . I ! ,. f -e fr, ' I I It I R ..f1' H 'x fi - J f' K r ', I ' .f 1 X: Vljelff I, riff! f.,,i I 'I' I 1 !l',j-2 r'lI IMI mx :V ' -f' 5 lf, ll X- '-J 1 I 'X Y T' J- ff ff, f .J H, 'fl , ,A Wx V, fu I. 'X X ' 1 ' x : ag ' K A,-1 1' Q.. Zh I , 3 .-',' X ,ra ' . V A A .V ll 'x JP l X V, 1, fx ,fy Q , . xuj!! W 1 J ' , ' -. - 4 , 0 7 Q2 7 m of Nth 9Jjf' f ,Kp M .W ,w W M .K go! 1 db BMJ' MBT A fx, ., " , - V ' , HX ,,- v :xy - - . , gm f R,--I F" XA. if X , X N .1 x , ' -X U5 t UV X-wydy' i kpyu 1 i-XX, -R Xl Qi ,AN A V x .,A,. R, my X113 v,, :L X X X A H if W Q v , - X Q, ly, A ..: 33,3 . 1 . a v."-. I . 'U T !.k, I: E Q Q, I YD Q N x -9 1 Xxx MEN , is QQJJ 3 di If X f ' an 2' 4' 1 f K , hxivt X' X3 xg If xx w V VUL xii IJ X-mai , . BQ 'J -4 'ff' Vx? X! 5, -. . f gd' Alqfil qxx-L, e. A X I 1 Cl W - 3 . .J W3 .- 'J CW ' , S fy!!! I X , fy, If 'Q f V - ' ' I ' ' 55 f , hp 0- H' -J - ,- ij-5'fA,lJ'd1-?4' !11j.fjrJ ' if pn' 1,41 V r f MU 1, , as VJ' 'lfffbf J . I I fl' Sl V u ,r .f V' xj ' , 'gzirxfb fx - .ul My is YU , PJ 15, J J b 'G A A P K' C15 Ki .17 if A 1 if i . MQ?Lqif9,b , gf ffyjj ,jwvf ,nn LLM60 fy Ky' W -M i of W, W ef QM 'iv CKE OW my Lip iv QW! J if Q iw if fi ig ,ff iriihmw ii if if W ry' 9 0 Yfyfzdgyitnfb ty "iw QLWLLLL -iw -xciiiffgv X9 1Q9bLv2WDWf QF K fi W gixmg-'Gym 2. y,Q9jLAP8jCPP6ViiVE8gL,jx Wwgywgfg G fgyvfwy cwigf Q igjyifpglfxfw brffii ' ' iw Off if V' J My . W an MM rf Niff?'i'5fff"A w i M Qagfk M W ew if INTER PRESSQX wiv pizijgii ii. gif Kansas City - Winnipeg U . 5 ishers - Manufacturers qx Gig ooks - Yearbook Covers - Graduation Anno CSR SZQXX QNX usA gas, 212 MQ flibyf Qf,fN?39bf4iVXJG,,Q? W f5JVOf9 C535 OQDikJQ X.XVXLYNqB9p 5-C fi Jyififj fjigwi? 3 :N A g Y Q if curb, I i M X W ffW'j,fff?3S,w f? Qfiffiff M W . ., id-sa.,,,, I i 1 Y I If 'fr ' I if ' xx 2' Q I ' 'L 1 -F-JV 1 ' ' F " '. - - - ' E 61: -Y A33 1:32.-Y 1 5 'ff -fb Y l llffl i,uI ., K V u S 'I ri , I -HUG 1.-.::.-eu.-fi-r-"'1' L7 P" .LIQLZQ ai-rims. I I- ' L I 1, .1 ' .-' -...J 1 , , - , - 1 I r A ,T sk' A 'A 5 "1 :sf N 'ft' -Y "Y,,"f:" .RGGAK M - 114- -1' xl 1,f:'-,,f ', E I' 1' ,f v-.1 . v V 4 - '4- A f -'J' f ' I 4 . - -,, M ... . fb -, -. 4 -U - x lv. VM. , -, H '15-4:2-E M -V9-.uf A , AQ,-. 'nw .... n- F. 1 'V I' 6.",7f,i"','5"f"4Y': f"I1.l'-J' 21 wn-v-w:'UVA'Ll-v- J n 1 :. ' ' ' ',. , " Y I A x X I x H 1 I 1 .' 4., I H-,',,. N 8 A A . 1 ' 4. .4 . , . I 1 . I f 1 ...Q - , V nv- 'n- - I -" r. up il , , , X Y ,, I I .Q f' 1 ' r . I 4 '- , -, -,. -z-' 1: Y' -"E.'::'.A?Zl'? '

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1962, pg 46

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