Niagara Wheatfield High School - Nucleon Yearbook (Sanborn, NY)

 - Class of 1961

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Niagara Wheatfield High School - Nucleon Yearbook (Sanborn, NY) online yearbook collection, 1961 Edition, Cover

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HJ dj? 'U . kd, JE , fy:,,i6'?9 L, W fu' 'ii Ulxw if if .nw ,if ,aff ,Q-"1 ' jg, X I :fn CV ii i 5 A Sa A lr 1 ' - gf- , F , Q' ' .. 'N .. J -' K - Q-Q .L 1 'Pff ix. .Sf , i X , -J -A -A, 15 ,Q sf" www fg-,.g-.-Pf' - W -5 2 V K .,,,,. ,, W-. -W, ,, . f -5 .. Q Y -- Q71 -45-'T"? ..f'.'L, -' 'r ' ' :-1. ,y -Q5-wif A113 xg H AV 'lu' i ,7"-'V-7fl"':'. if: ' - g , . ' N 4.3, IA.. Y -.QQLQ--J" ,Y s, fam-1-Q-f-N Y . ,, 15 15.1-.. Lr,,,a.5,,,,,,Li i , Q! ug ': f Vs ' . ' "" '... . 'hffff' .Y "mmm " "'V ' u . Ai L ' 'A' "ve-1 . . ,Q V M1 4. ,, M V . ln-r M' IL- 5 g, , R -, , Q 1-:T iw- 1--V-4 h- a f f 'AY - V.- " ' ' 1" '- -.-.W. :tial : V H V 5-Q45 K - , f A' 4 :A nl -t:,:, 1 tr? 142 W- .1 V' 03. u?w,!,.i:' , gvf-Vu V T-41:-1' I M p x - A. 4 , 'J 'W--. 5 ' ' 3 g?-i 15 M 5, ,Q-: , f,c, Q , , ' - 4 mg , .9 Q ,, 1 5.-. . Q K ik . , , x 1 ,-rv ' Lf? . mg- ,ir - , , .-1. - rr- - . 1 f.---w--fm 5 -fs-W f- Q ffm 5 1 .. . X u - " . 1 ,4 .' ' , 'N 1..'fE -qi "f - " ' ." :aa 'X-wa. ,gg 1- a 1 : .. , . , L 3 QQQ ,., A ,"" 1 ,, Nu r-ua. QQ- p u 1 , UQ , ,. .2 , 1 -N4-Q NQSNKW 4 13195 -Q if 5, U5 WY: , f ,WWMM Qwgwwf W QW Q Q Q KW? WWW W W MfMbM wmwjffwfww, wwf WW l W S3555 5 wwf' QQMM jk? 'iiiiggg sY 55 Ni if Q if S1335 Wiffwgjjj Q acleozz l I, ,W UI 'Q ' ,V ' ".-..- I I ' - I I In '. f. A 'I ' 5-Y' 'I ai In ,I I I '7 ' , I ' I' If ' - iw ' ' f '- 9 .FYI I I I, JY" 1 ' fY I NIAGARA I- WHEATFIELD JUNIOR SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL SANBORN, NEW YORK JUNE I96I K X x Q y xfrwjfibl f we we VQW2w.2f JQZM C713 Qevf JJ CVM W 6764, MMM! . Vytuwy Vfwwif ff7iU A f 1 2, if 7 f ,, 4 A 7 A Z3 J3 ,J KJZWUZCL Lf Ji K f W WWW! 15 Lfffwfwf wfffql Zh! I 2 f ffW Vp7Z9Qfj L q9f2Z,fvQfaL " fp ' 1 M ,44WfM1Qw4'.J lm? Afwfaifamw fwf MQ ,mzfwff ELM fffacw XXQMJLM s Ck75CZ6X f5WfJffMfUVQf LG? FV 01015 xyjpjffffjlwy yew!! ,afwkmf ,64ffxQfj7'!gpff M nuff, 1, f V VX 5 WX K VR X N 4 XQ9 l Y? A ' CSL .fx lx O fijablez cf Qoniengf X NT., W 2 I 428, Q I X fy Q X Q N9 'PQ N D TION ,.. .. s.. ,.... - . . 4. - - ENS , ' A - A A ISTRATION ,.Asw.,gi...,-- 1+ -ffff----s--- - , N4 ' U wiZ'T.lZ1'?Lf 5'B""'5f4 --j'jjjji52?0 XGA l , YD X Music -,i4?--!-,1-igggfls-N,-S,'xX. 3? X I I O VQTZATIONS -,,,,.,-,g. gp ..g,g,... f'-' 'X Y . X Q OISONSAiiiigiiiiiiilj N S Q 5' H33 he 4 if 3 6- are Warez' No theme could be more fitting for the 1961 Nucleon than that of "New Horizons." Our school, since it was first envisioned in the minds of forward-looking men and women, has been symbolic of the "new horizons" which present themselves in an ever-changing world. The second graduating class of Niagara-Wheatfield has also taken an active part in the creation of New Horizons. Being among the first to benefit from our modern school building, we have enthusiastically worked to develop school spirit, set high standards and attain new goals. With the 1961 Nucleon, we have endeavored to present a permanent record of the year's activities and have tried to capture the spirit of our school. We hope that in the years to come, that you will pause often to page through this book remembering old friends and the joys of being a part of our Alma Mater. , ' L i FFH-I-I-' 4-Kill 1933! Ivfmomniyvw Di "Ef.'iXXH'R'N1'Ei'1's.'Nw "w.X'MNWw.NX'Nkxk gg .3.:.2I:I:2E,:-:nz.:-:-:-:':-:.:-:-:J --.-A - -3: - - - - . .f.-.-Q-Q-.-.-,.5.3.....,............,.,.,.,-- - E .wlv-d:m..-I I ' O I N -I-I-155'I+!-I-1'2-2f:5:f:5:I:I:1:1:15ISI5:1:1:2:Q155555152S:5:2:5:1525fE:f:f:1:2:I:151515:S:5:5:5:Ififffzfrf:f:2:f:fSIE2S2Zrf:f:3:-.-.-:,g,,- -. . - - ' - ' - - - - V X ' ' 1 ' ' k 11" X 3:::5'2'I-2-:-:"-'I-I-2-I-I-:-:gp am ' :':f:3 :f:1"-:- :7:?:5'2:3 2-:iz X " .mu X X '-:-:-:':-:-: luuannfviluuaumuulllulannwwlxlrtnnfnouc mann vuurn -,-,- . . -.- -,-, . . .-,-, Y... x '.'.-.-.-.-, vu-nf mum: nm-v un-uw-nnrmmmnxmnngnn - - . .-. '.- - - -'-' .'.' - '.'.'.'.'.- vmnnvuuurnfuvuuurnnuxmmnwxumunnnncimnr -.-,-2 -1. -.-. -.-1 '.' .-.-,- ,mupgqgqggggn '.' - -,-,Z --uw nuns- U3 xnnwnna ww may num una. ur: ,-1.1. -.-.-,-, :.:.-.-.-,- 1-Q.: :mann-vnu as -,-,,-,.:.:.:.-,-,-,-,-,- .:.:.-.-,+,-,-,...j.:.-.-.-, J. .C uulcgxyv msn nan ....,. .-.-.-,- .Y.-.-.- - ,Z . v l W v ' . .Tc . . I 9' 5 Mmm -.-.-,-,-,-,-,.'.'.-.-.'.- - . .-.-.- - . . . . .' - - Dedicczfion Mr. Charles R. Clark, our Supervising Principal, through his forceful efforts for the past twenty-five years, has turned the dream of a centralized school into a reality. Thus it is that we, the Senior Class of 1961, dedicate our yearbook to one whom we hold in high esteem, Mr. Charles R. Clark. Seafed: Mr. A. Gensler, Mr. E. Greinerl, Mr. D. Tucker, Presidenf, Mr. H. Walck, Mr. E. Towne Standing: Mr. S. Semberi, Mr. T. DeFro1ene, Mr. P. Hurlburf. Absenf: Mr. Suwicki. BCDARD OF EDUCATIO Mrs. Mabel Surbaugh Lee DISTRICT SUPERINTENDENT BUSINESS OFFICE HIGH SCHOOL PRINCIPAL To the Senior Class of 1961 I wish to extend my heartiest congratulations and best wishes for the future. Your class members were an integral part of the original organization of the Niagara-Wheatfielcl Junior Senior High School. Shoulder to shoulder you and the faculty have been the pioneers of this fine new school. I am sure that someday you will again have the opportunity to build something important from its embryo stage. When you clo, I trust you will remember the lessons you have learned ancl profit by the experiences you have had. You will find that the same rules of honesty, cooperation and enthusiastic effort will apply in building a business, a marriage or a new life as well as they have applied to building a new school. Use your education and your experiences wisely and you will go a long way down the road of happiness. Sincerely, Richard H. Eden A new addition to our administrative staff this year is Mr. Harold Mueller. He came to us from Sweet Home Central to serve as supervisor of sec- ondary instruction. Mr. Harold Mueller Mrs. Shepherd, Mrs. Melton, Mrs. Smith. I GUIDANCE DEPARTMENT Mr. Zimpfer, Miss G. Growney, Mr. Wadsworth. BUSINESS OFFICE Seafed: Miss Camnnn, Miss SeeIy. Sfunding: Mrs. Wiffcopp, Mrs. Carlisle, Mrs. Fogg. CLINIC Mrs. Lindhursf, Mrs. Ducketf, Mr. Buumhofer. ill I iii I A I l X' ,H ,-. it CITIZENSHIP EDUCATION DEPARTMENT - Sitling: Mr. Donald Holt, Mrs. Jessie Hal- ler, Mr. Louis Mazzei, Miss Marilyn Ernst, Mr. Armand Cacciatore. Standing: Mr. Fred Barone, Mr. Lee Leder- house, Mr. Richard Kibler, Mr. Anthony Franc, Mr. Jerauld Adams, Mr. Wallace Stricker, Mr. William Ross. 4, 'HJC Q. 1' 5, I A if K . . , if , J, fb rf .J ' f iw. 2, X-, ywll' n 'f"'L ywishlf x ' J ffL' -. , T' , 1, :ju , H rs fi L, V 1-L wi! c QU- I f 4 . J, 1 K Vg , L ij 0,01 ' , ' ,. , A W" .A A ,x -7, vt f,1 - Y , u .yy L L- sf' '-'f I 'I , l ,, 'fs ur ENGLISH DEPARTMENT - Sitting: Miss Ellen Desimone, Mrs. Mary Sterner, Mrs. Frances Gronachan, Mrs. Mary Bruce, Mrs. Mary .Pat- rick, Mrs. Edna Carman. Standing: Mr. Thomas Mc- Carthy, Mr. Joseph Czora, Mr. Victor Pellegrino, Mr. Bernard Garey, Mr. Charles' Pelcin, Mr. Richard Towne, Mr. Harold Morgan, Miss Karen Connell, Mrs. Molly Parisi. b .7 h ' X ,V X f gf M f fr? J' 4. . Wifi" - 5 , J" .N X 14 ni il .f VJ if gf, ' C' F' . ff 1 ' ltiwl ' ffl ,1,f'iQ',, A ,N w ' ' 1 J ff If yi 'V l fl Tlll ,ffl , to ffgljlfllllilfi-r,.,,,,N X'-.J F ,Jr .lj Rtklrfwk A51 lk lily 'lx' xlslw ff l W r ' y,fV,WQ ll-F Q l' X .vvvv -sf Uxfggxmi X, ,EX v-A-,ig W i Y i V Y X QM W f in w E x ""' S 'TW yi so ,elm iff- 'Vx -i r JM: .X M . ff ,-Mix X1 fvwgxflrl A flffiffesfw M -'D Q ,' ll ' D fum, HPDEPA ,swf T - sif- t W . x ,ai g " ' Lyn RCgg Ung, Miss r, fn anjlga M Ed .fi 1,-V T' 1 -' , V' , r. - lx lard? eqlllagheb, Mr. Edgar V F , ' : I'. giarlow, andmg M James Young, Jr., Mr. Ulys- ses Busmalis, Mr. Charles Collins, Mr. Mitchell Embry, Mr. Christopher Marillo. SCIENCE DEPARTMENT - Sitting: Miss Patricia Minken, Miss Mary Ann Militello, Mr. Stephen Gorzka, Miss Betty Scoville, Mrs. Mary Dicky. Standing: Mr. Lloyd Elmer, Mr. Cornelius Mahoney, Mr. David Doyle., Mr. Thomas Q- JohnsdQfMr.x Rob?vrfy.Filo. ,Al5f' .-I lv 2- Ennio. L lv' XC is-7' A. . , xi 1 f -. ' Af- Ci All L TJ 'll Liz? J zixwf 1 KT' .ff rf., pf' I, 1 1 ff' fm- N A 6 lg, Wi ii xi XFX r Rf' V ld l .1 ,C 71' ,ff E1 I , s, JK-fb ini .Hy NX' ,fl T xl I s t . x , J fs - , ,. l f',41ZfK . jfliff ,-ff 1' 5 'cf 5 fgf.ff?ff ,'fLfzi-xirfbf-S' ' , , I L LIBRARY AND LANGUAGE DEPARTMENT - Mrs. Gayle Schober, Mrs. Alta Grefrath, Mrs. Edna Carman, Mrs. Dorothy Beclcensall, Mrs. Roseanne Miller. Standing: Mr. Raymond Kissel, Mr. Howard Meyers, Mr. John Cosby, Mr. Eugene Miller, Mr. John Auchu. HOMEMAKING AND BUSI- NESS DEPARTMENTS - Sit- ting: Mrs. Judith Lindsay, Mrs. Donna Perry, Mrs. Mary Loftus, Mrs. Virginia Brown- nell. Standing: Mr. James Fadel, Mr. Joseph DeSantis. i. MUSIC AND ART DEPART- MENTS - Sitting: Mrs. Mar- cia Illig, Mrs. Minerva Markey, Mr. Luke Parisi, Miss Judith Witkop. Stand- ing: Mr. Norman Beomish, Mr. Phillip Bley, Dr. Matthew Baranski, Mr. Emery Ashley, X Mr. Dennis Mg 'h IAIJ. if Jo ft W 1 U1 1 f f , L f' ' ,,.. ,E ,N YQ INDUSTRIAL ARTS DEPART- MENT - Sitting: Mr. Milton Mueller, Mr. Robert Harrish- burg, Mr. Stephen Siuta. Sianding: Aristedes Cono- mos, Mr. Gilbert Kroening, Mr. Walter Maiewski, Mr. Andrew Musacchio. fbxafa-5 'W +96-' C 'QAIU M' 'vow .ly-112: 79 lJI1IjD..r PHYSICAL EDUCATION DE- PARTMENT - Sitting: Mr. Earl Smith, Mr. Joseph Ro- tella, Miss Loris Willert, Mr. Elwin Nichols. Standing: Mr. Herbert Porclum, Mr. Herbert Bach, Mr. Alfred Massoti, Mr. Bill Hockaclay. ,M QQZZTQ ' . .au ,Q W fmc 25,60 ,Q!?4afQQ9l6MAQf 4f !fWf0f'if4L. 5 1, J SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS AND ADVISORS Richard Bohmholdt Mr. Massoti, Margaret Stoelting, Mrs. Ward, Joyce Seiwell, Mr. DeSanhs Earl Voelker CLASS COLORS: Blue and Gold. CLASS MOTTO: Forward Ever, Backward Never. We, as Seniors of Niagara-Wheatfield, have many happy memories, both past and present, on which to reflect. We have looked forward to and have enioyed wearing our class rings and signing our senior pictures. We have worked together to spon- sor such activities as the Pancake and Sausage Dinner and the Masquerade Party. The Christmas Party, which we sponsored as a service to the community, is one activity of our senior year which will always stand out in our minds. We will' long remember the choosing of Mr. and Mrs. Santa Claus and the humorous costumes that our tellow classmates wore. We will always have vivid memories of Class Day, the wonderful Senior Prom, and other enjoy- able activities that preceded our graduation. 4 ANN ANDERSON lIAnnII E . N L A 3 JEAN BALL "Jeannie" GLORIA ARMSTRONG "Crisco" X X N X w L CAROLYN BANKS X "Carolyn" 15 JANICE BANKS "Jan" 0 VM Wifi! N I - I 1 N !jf'56'Ln LN " in f f f J r' KJ!!! QM I 1 A xy JI xl A 4 51' ! FRANK BENCHICK IlBennyIl 16 ff v,! w V' 'KJQJ7 ly, A vi 117 Hyip Ping, ff! I A 4411! mf! iq if J R JOYCE BEHM o ALICE BEYEA Ilpunkyll RICHARD BLACKMON lIRickll JUDY BOHNET lljudyll RICHARD BOHMHOLDT "Rich" NANCY BOHNET llNancyIl 17 HELEN BONNETT "Dodie" RICHARD BROWNELL "Brownie" 18 GEORGIANA BRONSON "Georgi" TACY BROWNELL IITUCYII SHARON BURKE "Mclrybell" ROGER CAMANN llRoglI JUDITH BUTCH IIJUII PATRICIA CARDWELL llpafll 'I9 v" y SHARON CARLSON "Sharon" , e 1 XXL' J , . .sv . , 1 ti! Jon-IN CASTRICONE q Q A fffohnff 1 U 1 ,J I K PATRICIA CARSON llparll GERALDINE CERRILLO IlTerryll MARVIN CHAMBERLIN IIMGWII DAYLE CHAPMAN llchappyll JANET CHAPLIN "Beafnik" JERRY CHAPMAN IIJerrylI 21 3 25:5 LAURENT CLARK "Clarkie" SANDRA CONEY llsandyll 22 JANET COLBURN "Janet" DENNIS CRANE llDannyIl CHRISTINE CUSICK "Chris" JOHN DINGWALL IlJohnIl CAROL DIEHL "Carol" AGNES DOWNS uAggieu 23 i r. 9 JUDY DU BOIS ll-Iudyll GLORIA ELMORE "Mrs. Warrant" 24 ALAN EGGLESTON IIA!!! ROGER ESHELMAN IIROQII ROBERT FELLOWS "Simon's" JOHN FRANKE "Johnny" OV f T 0 9 ff ' UM J' S. "i ', f1f,,1,! X P "Sherry" CARLA GAIANI "Carla" 25 2 .f' X KATHRYN GENSLER lIKafhyll JACQULINE GIGUERE "Jackie" LARRY GERDES ULU'-ryll l 4 J waLuAM GIRARD Maur' MARY LA VERNE GOULAH "Leverne" ROBERT HALE llBobIl ROBERT GUYETTE IlBobll MARY HANUSIN "Mary Liz" 27 2 fi, 2 ,-J' n ' Q 1 v A A ef X l'l M G 1 , Y , 'L . L w, Q ' ,,, - ' 'X v ARTHUR HASELEY llMe'll 5 Qs, S525 sig 5- I :I MARLENE HASELEY "Marlene" 28 EILEEN HASELEY "Eileen" JAMES HEFFLER "Spudnuf" WILLIAM Hemz ffamf' WESLEY HERMAN Ilwesll PEBBYL HENDERSON "Pebbyl" VICTORIA HESS Ilvickyll 29 MICHAEL HILLMAN llMikell BARBARA HUNTSMAN IIBarbll v 'N Y U t K 4 mn A ,L BETH HUBER IlBe,,hIl , Nl ' . . B r - in , MARY uNFANnNo "Smil" KAREN JACOBS IlKGtelI A HELEN JAGOW llcurlyll W5 L4 t 0, A Qi DALE JAGOW "Dale" . ffjf,-..ff91LA . f W A WAYNE JAGOW lljagsll 31 F -1 V JERRY JASINSKI lljerryll jj: N I A mu' 55 Nj Viv W ,X V EDWARD JOHNS KW HJ ll V, X erry M CEC ELIA KASHUR "Cee-Cee" E W 40' if m w E B ' CAROL KASPRZAK "Carol" X , W ,X 0 YQ J . xxx! NH,-N ,.Afb"fXv. X ff' f Wg, J KX v xr CONSUELA KITCHENS "Connie" TEDDY KULIKOWSKI "KooIie" DANIEL KLEIN IIDUnll BARBARA LICHT "Barb" 33 LESTER LINGENFELTER "Link" LILLIAN MATTHEWS llLi'II 34 MARY MATTHEI llMaryIl RICHARD MATTHEWS "Rich" KATHLENE MC CULLOUGH IlKafhyIl MARGARET MC NULTY IlMicll RUTHANN MC MILLAN ffnufhff EDWARD MIETLICKI "Lil Polock" BARBARA MILLER llBarblI MARILYN MILLEVILLE "Marilyn" 36 I I I MARLENE MILLER HMG'-II SANDRA MISKO "Sandie" JAMES MOODY "Moose" DELMA MT. PLEASANT "Del-Monte" , f. ,A , ':, , :N M :N 4 M- f:wL,- L, wf f' K is H M ,-f.f- ,V RONALD MORT llRonII JACQUELYN MURRAY "Jacquie" JANICE NICHOLS llldnll RUTH NUZUM "Ruihie" 38 CLIFFORD NIETHE "Cliff" RUSSELL NYKVIST lIRuStyII LLOYD OAKEY Iluoydll ROBERT OSTWALD "Ozzie" WAYNE onn 'fsnmff MYRTLE PATTERSON IIMYHII 39 CAROL PFOHL "Carol" LORRAINE PFOHL "Lorraine" 40 EDGAR PFOHL llziggyll ROBERT PLUFF IlBobIl DOREEN PRESSLEY "Doreen" WALTER PRINTUP IIWGHII DOROTHY PRINTUP HDOIIYII 3 Q -" t A ' ' F 1 , A, ' 1 . r .i 1 LOUIS REELE 1 5, A "Greuser" 41 KENNETH RETZLAFF IlKenll JAMES ROBINS Iljimll KATHLEEN RICHEL llKafhyIl WILLIAM ROBINS "Bm" CLIFFORD RUSSELL "Cliff" DEAN SANBORN Ilsanoll 0 L w .V SQ 0 ,,oW'LBjY'l' .lt My 1 i i KAREN RUTKOWSKI lIKarIl LINDA SATFLEBERG llLynnll 43 if EUGENE SCHULTZ llGeneII PETER SCHULTZ Ilpeiell 44 PATRICIA SCHULTZ llpafll JOYCE SEIWELL lljoycell THOMAS SELL lITomII of BUD SHAFFER Ilsudll PATRICIA SHEPRO llpatll 45 SANDRA SHIAH llsandyll SALLIE SIMMONS "Sallie" 46 LEONARD SIEJKA "Polock" GLENN SKOFF "Skoffy" JAMES SMEATON lljimll PATRICIA SMITH llpafll KENNETH SMITH llKenlI AVARD SOLTOW ' "Avard" 47 JEFF spsoomcs "Jeff" ,wsu is M MARGARET STOELTING lIMaggiell 48 4 1 3 A 3 L CAROL STANGE "Sfrange" MARILYN STONE "Marylyn" CELESTE STRONG "Celesfe" THOMAS STUART llTomlI ROGER STUART IIROQII LORANN SWAN "Lorraine" 49 VICTOR SZAREJ KO llvicll LAWRENCE THIEMECKE llLarrylI STEVE SZATHMARY llsaPp'ell DIANE TOLL "Dee-Dee" JUDITH TRINKA lljudell WILLIAM VIVIAN llwiull 1 T BILLY TURNER I IlBi"ll W. 'N X , , f A . EARL VOELKER "Volk" MARY WILKSEN Il iell QQWW W L WSW? Juv Wvsfil' QW RUTH WOLF llRufhll X MN L cw ,Q JU' Q LFLLLILL Y ,Lf x L fr L ,L If W LWLJL7 EVXWWHW L M l LYNN WILLIAMS lllynnll STEPHEN WOODWORTH "Steve" WALTER WOODWORTH Ilwoodyll DENNIS WURL "Frifz" WW! s E 5 I I JAN WRIGHT ll-lan!! KATHERINE ZIBLUT lIKafhyII 53 JOAN CORNACCHIA "Joan" SANDRA HOCKADEL Ilsandyll 54 MARTHA DUGAN "Mariha" TERRY JOST llTerryll HOWARD PIERCE "Howard" DOUGLAS THOMAS IIDOUQII DAVID SAYERS IlDaveIl VIRGINIA THOMAS "Virginia" 55 GAYLORD WARBLOW ROSE WAYDA "Gaylord" "Rage" CAMERA-SHY SENIORS Bruce Caldwell Gary Cloutier Fred King Barbara Schroepfer Donald Wagner CHRISTMAS PARTY December 22, 1960, was a memorable day for the seniors. Masqueraded as elves, reindeer, and other Christmas characters, they joined with Mr. and Mrs. Santa in entertaining the primary grade children of the central district. The community responded enthusiastically, despite the stormy weather that day, and a good time was had by all. SENIOR ACTI ITIE CAROLYN BANKS - Gaskill: Chorus I, 2, Glee Club I, 2, French Club I, Honor Society I, 2. N-W: Chorus 3, 4, Special Chorus 3, Honor Society 3, 4, French Club 4. JANICE BANKS - LaSalle: Chorus I, 2. N-W: Chorus 3, 4, Synchronized Swimming 3, Basketball Intramurals 3, Madrigal 4, Retailing Club 4. JOYCE BEHM - LaSalle: Chorus 'I, 2, Synchronized Swimming 'I, Maiorettes 2, Special Chorus 2, Basketball Intramurals 2. N-W: Chorus 3, 4, Special Chorus 3, 4, Maiorettes 3, Basketball Intra- murals 3, Lite Saving 3, Future Homemakers of America 3, Synchro- nized Swimming 4. FRANK BENCHICK - N-W: Basketball Manager 2, 3, 4, Intramural Volleyball 2, 3, Intramural Basketball 3, Arcon Club 3. ALICE BEYEA - N-W: Chorus 2, 3, Intramural Volleyball 2, French Club 2, 3, Drama Club 3, 4, Student Council 4, Nucleon 4. RICHARD BLACKMON - N-W: Retailing Club 4. RICHARD BOHMHOLDT - N-W: Jets Club 2, 3, 4, Basketball Manager 2, Intramural Badminton 3, Honor Society 3, 4, Nucleon 4, Class Officer 4. JUDY BOHNET - N-W: Ducettes 2, 3, Intramural Volleyball 2, 4, Drill Team 2, 3, 4, Bowling 2, Nucleon 4, Drama Club 4. NANCY BOHNET - N-W: Ducettes 2, 3, Intramural Volleyball 2, 4, Drill Team 2, 3, 4, Bowling 2, Nucleon 4, Drama Club 4. HELEN BOHNNET - N-W: Forecast 3, 4, Honor Society 3, 4, Nucleon 4, Future Business Leaders of America 4. GEORGIANA BRONSON - LaSalle: Chorus I, French Club 'I, Student Council I. N-W: Cheerleader 2, French Club 2, 3, 4, Chorus 2, 3, French Club 2, Student Council 2, 3, Nucleon 3, 4, Pep Club 3, Intramural Sports Council 4. RICHARD BROWNELL - LaSalle: Band l. N-W: Football 2, 3, 4, Track 2, 3, 4, Varsity Club 3, 4, Wrestling 4. TACY BROWNELL - LaSalle: Junior Red Cross I. N-W: Student Council 2, 3, 4, Chorus 2, 3, Future Homemakers of America 3, 4. SHARON BURKE - North Miami: Cheerleader 'I, Maiorettes 'l, Chorus I. Madrid-Waddington: Chorus 'I. Herman-DeKalb: Intra- mural Volleyball 2, 3, Chorus 2, 3, Cheerleader 3, Soccer Team 3, Intramural Volleyball 3. N-W: Chorus 4, Special Chorus 4. JUDITH BUTCH - N-W: Trampoline Club 4. ROGER CAMANN - LaSalle: Intramurals 1. N-W: Basketball 2, 3, 4, Baseball 2, Intramurals 2, 3, Football 3, Track 3, 4, Student Council 3, 4, Madrigal Choir 4. SHARON CARLSON - N-W: German Club 2, Drill Team 3, 4, Student Council 4, Nucleon 4. PATRICIA CARSON - Future Business Leaders of America 4. GERALDINE CERRILLO - LaSalle: Alpha Kappa Epsilon Sorority 2, 3. N-W: Chorus 4. MARVIN CHAMBERLAIN - N-W: Retailing Club 4. JANET CHAPLIN - N-W: Nucleon Art Staff 4. JERRY CHAPMAN - Intramural Waterpolo 3, Swimming Team 3, 4, Varsity Club 3, 4, Trampoline Club 3, 4. GARY CLOUTIER - N-W: Football 3, Swimming 3, 4. 58 JANET COLBURN - N-W: Synchronized Swimming 3, 4, Intramural Volleyball 4. JOAN CORNACCHIA - N-W, Intramural Volleyball 2, Chorus 2, 3, 4, Special Chorus 3, Sextet 4. DENNIS CRANE - N-W: Intramural Volleyball 2, Track 2, 4, Chorus 2, Swimming 3, 4, Science Club 2, Life Saving 3, Retailing Club 4. JUDY DU BOIS - LaSalle: Chorus l. N-W: Fourcast 4, Drill Team 4. ALAN EGGLESTON - N-W: Band 3, 4. ROGER ESHELMAN - LaSalle: Football, Student Council 'l, N-W: Baseball 2, 3, 4, German Club 2, 3, Varsity 3, 4, Intramurals 3, 4, Science Club 4. SHARON FORD - LaSalle: Library Club. N-W: Fourcast 2, 3, Drama Club 2, 3, 4, Intramural Volleyball 2, 4, Pep Club 3, 4, Student Council 3, Nucleon 4. JOHN FRANKE - N-W: Travel Club 4, Trampoline Club 4. CARLA GAIANI - N-W: Chorus 2, Drama Club 2, 3, 4, French Club 2, 4, Nucleon 3, 4. KATHY GENSLER - N-W: Future Business Leaders of America 3, 4, Honor Society 3, 4, Student Council 4, Nucleon 4, Fourcast. LAWRENCE GERDES - LaSalle, Basketball Intramurals. N-W: Drama Club 2, Track 2, Travel Club 2, Volleyball Intramurals 2, Baseball 3, Bowling 4. JACQUELINE GIGUERE - N-W: Band 2, Chorus 3, Drill Team 3, 4, Future Homemakers of America. WILLIAM GIRARD - Anchorage: Boating 1, 2, Wrestlinig l, 2, Hockey I, Skiing 2. N-W: Swimming 3, 4, Track 3, 4. ROBERT GUYETTE - LaSalle: Bowling I. N-W: Band 2, 3, 4. ROBERT HALE - Taipie: Diving Team 3. N-W: Diving Team 4, Student Council. MARY HANUSIN - N-W: French Club 2, 3, Drama Club 2, 3, 4, Science Club 4, Nucleon 4. AUTHUR HASELEY - N-W: LaSalle: Chorus 'l, Intramural Basketball I. N-W: Baseball 2, Intramural Volleyball 2, Basketball 3, 4, Football 3, 4, Track 3, 4, Student Council 4, Madrigal Chorus 4, Var- sity Club 4, Retailing Club 4, Future Business Leaders of America 4. EILEEN HASELEY - LaSalle: Chorus 'I. N-W: Chorus 2, 3, Special Chorus 2, Drill Team 3, 4. MARLENE HASELEY - N-W: Chorus 2, 3, Intramural Volleyball 2, Pep Club 3, 4, Drill Team 3. WILLIAM HEINZ - N-W: German Club 2, 3, Basketball 2, Intra- murals 2, 3, 4, Arcon Club 3, Bowling 3, 4. PEBBYL HENDERSON - Mynderse Academy: Nurse's Club l, German Club I. North Tonawanda: Nurse's Club 2, 3, German Club 2, 3, Chorus 3. MACHAEL HILLMAN - N-W: Track 3, 4. JAMES HUNT - N-W: Baseball 2, 3, 4, Football 3, 4, Intramurals Volleyball 3, 4. BARBARA HUNTSMAN - LaSalle: Student Council I. N-W: Drama Club 2, 3, 4, Intramural Volleyball 3, 4, Synchronized Swimming 4, Library Club 4. MARY INFANTINO - LaSalle: Chorus I, Honor Society I, Cheer- leader I, Red Cross I. N-W: Chorus 2, 3, 4, Cheerleader 2, 3, 4, Intramural Volleyball 2, 4, Student Council 2, 3, Red Cross 2, 3, 4, Honor Society 3, 4, Varsity Club 3, 4, Madrigal 4, Pep Club 4, Fourcast 4, Class Officer 3. KAREN JACOBS - N-W: Chorus 3, 4, Special Chorus 3, 4, Intra- mural Basketball 3, Synchronized Swimming 4. HELEN JAGOW - LaSalle: Chorus I: Intramural Volleyball I. N-W: Future Homemakers of America 3, 4. JEROME JOHNS - North Junior: Bowling I, Honor Society I. N-W: Drama Club 2, 3, 4, Chorus 2, Honor Society 2, 3, 4, Science Club 2, Bowling 4. TERRY JOST - Nucleon Art Staff 4. CECILE KASHUR - Gaskill: French Club I, Chorus I, Cheerleader I. N-W: Cheerleader 2, 3, 4, Intramurals 2, 4, Student Council 2, 3, Drama Club 2, 3, 4, Chorus 2, 3, 4, Special Chorus 2, Pep Club 3, Varsity Club 3, 4, Fourcast 3, 4, Honor Society 3, 4, Madrigal 4. FRED KING - N-W: Intramurals Volleyball 2, 3, Science Club 2. CONSUELA KITCHENS - N-W: Future Homemakers of America 3, 4, Trampoline Club 4, Student Council 4. DANIEL KLEIN - N-W: Intramural Volleyball 3, Intramural Soft- ball 3, Chorus 4. TEDDY KULIKOWSKI - Baseball 2, 3, 4. BARBARA LICHT - N-W: Drill Team 3, 4, Synchronized Swimming 4. LESTER LINGENFELTER - N-W: Basketball 2, 3, 4, Intramural Volleyball 2, Baseball 3, 4, Varsity Club 3, 4, Fourcast 4, Trampoline Club 4. MARY MATTHEI - LaSalle: Red Cross I. N-W: Cheerleader 2, Student Council 2, 3, Chorus 2, 3, Synchronized Swimming 3, 4, Honor Society 3, 4, Quartet 3, Nucleon 4, Madrigal 4. LILLIAN MATTHEWS - South Junior: Chorus I, 2. N-W: Nucleon 4, Pep Club 4. RICHARD MATTHEWS - N-W: Swimming Team 3, 4, Waterpolo 3. KATHRYN MC CULLOCH - LaSalle: Red Cross I. N-W: Chorus 2, 3, Special Chorus 2, 3, Pep Club 3, 4, Fourcast 4, Girls' Sextet 4. RUTH MC MILLAN - Tonawanda: Chorus I. N-W: French Club 2, 3, Science Club 3. MARGARET MC NULTY - LaSalle: Red Cross I, Bowling I. N-W: Cheerleader 2, 3, 4, Chorus 2, 3, Varsity Club 3, 4, Intramural Basketball 3, Intramural Volleyball 3, Student Council 2, 3, 4, Pep Club 3, Class Officer 3, Madrigal 4, Intramural Sports Council 4, Library Club 4, Retailing Club 4. BARBARA MILLER - N-W: Future Business Leaders of America 4, Nucleon 4. MARILYN MILLEVILLE -1 N-W: Future Business Leaders of America 4. JAMES MOODY - N-W: Baseball 2, 3, 4, Football 3, 4, Intramural Volleyball 3, 4, Intramural Softball 3, Intramural Basketball 3, 4, Bowling 4, Fourcast 4, Varsity Club 4. RONALD MORT - LaSalle: Football Manager I, Student Council I, 4, Football 2, German Club 2, Pep Club 2, Intramurals 2. N-W: German Club 3, Football 3, Varsity Club 3, 4, Intramurals 3, 4, Bowling 3, 4, Nucleon 4, Intramurals Sports Council 4. DELMA MT. PLEASANT - N-W: Drama Club 3. JACQUELYN MURRAY - LaSalle: Student Council I, N-W: Chorus 2, Drama Club 2, 4, Bowling 2, Special Chorus 2, Fourcast 3, 4, Future Business Leaders of America 4. JANICE NICHOLS - N-W: Drill Team 2, Chorus 2, 3, Special Chorus 3, 4, Ducettes 3, Intramural Volleyball 3. RUTH NUZUM - LaSalle: Red Cross I, Bowling I. N-W: Pep Club 3, Fourcast 3. RUSSEL NYKVIST - LaSalle: Track I, Intramural Basketball I. N-W: Track 2, 3, 4, Intramural Volleyball 2, 3, 4, Intramural Basketball 2, Bowling 3, Varsity 3, 4, Basketball 4, Madrigal 4. ROBERT OSTWALD - LaSalle: Bowling I, Intramurals I. N-W: Football 2, 3, 4, Intramurals 2, 3, 4, Bowling 2, 3, 4, Baseball 2, Nose Club 2, 3, Track 3, 4, Varsity Club 3, 4, Fourcast 3. MYRTLE PATTERSON - LaSalle: Bowling I, Intramural Basketball I. N-W: Retailing Club 4. CAROL PFOHL -- LaSalle: Chorus I. N-W: Drill Team 3, 4, Future Business Leaders of America 4, Fourcast 4. EDGAR PFOHL - LaSalle: Band I, Intramural Basketball I. N-W: Track 2, Intramural Basketball 2, 3, 4, Basketball 2, Arcons 3, Chorus 4. DOREEN PRESSLEY - N-W: Student Council 3, Future Homemakers of America 4. DOROTHY PRINTUP - N-W: Chorus 4. LOUIS REELE - N-W: Manager of Football 2, 3, Basketball 2, 3, 4, Future Business Leaders of America 3, 4, Varsity Club 3, 4, Softball 3, Class Officer 3, Nucleon 4, Tumbling 4. KENNETH RETZLAFF - N-W: Wranglers 3, Retailing Club 4. KATHLEEN RICHEL - N-W: Wranglers 3, Future Business Leaders of America 4. BILL ROBINS - LaSalle: Intramural Basketball I. N-W: Intramural Volleyball 2, Travel Club 2, 3, 4, Retailing Club 4. CLIFFORD RUSSELL - LaSalle: Band I, Intramurals I, N-W: Band 3, Intramurals 2, 3, 4, Chorus 3, 4, Swimming Team 3. LINDA SATTLEBERG - LaSalle: Red Cross I. N-W: Cheerleader 2, 4, Chorus 2, Fourcast 3, German Club 3, Drama Club 3, Intra- mural Sports Council 4, Nucleon 4. BARBARA SCHROEPFER - LaSalle: Chorus I, Student Council I, Swimming I. N-W: Chorus 2, 3, Student Council 2, Intramural Basketball 2, 3, Intramural Volleyball 2, 3, Pep Club 3, Future Homemakers of America 3, Retailing Club 4. PETER SCHULTZ - N-W: Intramural Volleyball 2, 4, Baseball 3, Football 3. JOYCE SEIWELL - N-W: Student Council 2, 3, Intramural Sports 2, 3, Future Business Leaders of America 3, Class Officer 4. THOMAS SELL - N-W: LaSalle: Band I, Intramural Basketball I. N-W: Intramural Volleyball 2, Science Club 2, Band 3, Intramural Water Polo 3, Intramurals 4. BUDD SCHAFFER - N-W: Trott: Intramural Baseball. MAYNARD SHEPHERD-Massena: Football I, Basketball I, Baseball I, Tumbling Club I, Honor Society I, Latin Club I. Lewiston -Porter: Football 2, Baseball 2, 3, Basketball 3, Band 2, 3. N-W: Varsity Club 4, Basketball 4, Football 4, Football and Baseball 4, Madrigal 4. 59 SANDRA SHIAH - South Junior: Art Club I, Intramurals I, Chorus I, Student Council I. N-W: Intramurals 2, Pep Club 3, 4, Fourcast 3, 4, Nucleon 4, Future Business Leaders of America 4. LEONARD SIEJKA - LaSalle: Basketball I. N-W: Football 2, 3, Basketball 2, 3, Baseball 2, 3, Varsity Club 3, 4. GLENN SKOFF - LaSalle: Intramural Basketball I, Photography Club I. N-W: Intramural Basketball 2, 3, 4, Intramural Volleyball 3, 4, Arkons 3, German Club 3, Honor Society 3, 4. JAMES SMEATON - Trott: Football 2, Track 2. N-W: Football 3, Track 3, 4, Jets Club 3, 4, Wrestling 4. KENNETH SMITH - N-W: Track 2, 3, 4, Intramurals 2, 3, 4, Honor Society 3, 4, Arcons 3, Wranglers 3, 4, Intramural Sports Council 4. JEFFREY SPEDDING - LaSalle: Intramural Basketball I. N-W: Intramural Volleyball 2, Swimming Team 3, 4, Baseball 3. CAROL STANGE - N-W: Drill Team 2, 3, 4, Pep Club 3, 4, Drama Club 3, Chorus 3. MARGARET STOELTING - N-W: Cheerleader 2, 3, Drama Club 2, 3, 4, Chorus 2, 3, Intramural Volleyball 2, Fourcast 3, 4, Pep Club 3, 4, Honor Society 3, 4, Class Officer 4. ROGER STUART - LaSalle: Intramural Basketball I. N-W: Baseball 2, Football 3. TOM STUART - LaSalle: Intramural Basketball I. N-W: Honor Society 3, 4, Fourcast 4, Intramural Basketball 4, Intramural Volleyball 4, Bowling 4. LORANN SWAN - Kendall: Chorus I, Intramurals I, Avon: Mike 2, 3, Library Club 2, Intramurals 2, 3. N-W: Pep Club 4, Nucleon 4, Fourcast 4, Future Business Leaders of America 4, Intramurals 4. VICTOR SZAREJKO - LaSalle: Photography Club I, Intramurals I. N-W: Intramurals 2, 3, 4, Arcons 2, 3, Track 3, 4, Honor Society 3, 4. 60 LAWRENCE THIEMECKE - Intramural Baseball 2, 3, Intramural Basketball 3, 4, Intramural Volleyball 2, 4, Wrestling 4. DIANNE TOLL - N-W: Future Business Leaders of America 4. JUDITH TRINKA - LaSalle: Student Council I, Spanish Club I, Intramurals I. N-W: Travel Club 2, 3, Future Homemakers of America 3, Drama Club 4, Intramurals 4. BILL VIVIAN - LaSalle: Intramural Volleyball I, Intramural Basket- ball I. N-W: Intramural Volleyball 2, Band 2, 3, 4. EARL VOELKER - N-W: LaSalle: Basketball I. N-W: Football 2, 3, 4, Basketball 2, 3, 4, Track 2, 3, 4, Varsity Club 3, 4, Student Council 3, Red Cross 3, Fourcast 4, Madrigal Choir 4, Class Officer 4, Retailing Club. DONALD WAGNER - N-W: Drama Club 2, 3, Chorus 2, 3, 4, Student Council 4. MARY WILKSEN- N-W: Chorus 2, Drama Club 2, Student Council 2, Intramurals 2, Pep Club 3, 4, Fourcast 3, 4, Red Cross 3, 4, Madrigal 4, Honor Society 3, 4. RUTH WOLF - N-W: Future Business Leaders of America. STEPHEN WOODWORTH -- N-W: LaSalle: Track I, Intramural Basketball I, N-W: Intramural Volleyball 2, 3, Drama Club 3, 4, Chorus 4, Football 4, Wrestling 4. JAN WRIGHT - N-W: LaSalle: Student Council I. N-W: Drill Team 2 Chorus 2, 4, Cheerleader 3, 4, Pep Club 3, 4, Student Council 3, Varsity Club 4, Intramural Sports Council 4. DENNIS WURL - N-W: LaSalle: Bowling I, N-W: Baseball 2, 3, 4, Bowling 3, Retailing Club 4. KATHY ZIBLUT - N-W: Chorus 2, Drill Team 3, Pep Club 3, 4, Future Business Leaders of America 4, Intramural Sports Council 4, Intramural Volleyball 4. Zlvcfercfassrzzefz G - 1-2:5-:-15+:.:-:-:-:-:-:-:- :-:-: JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS Sitting: S. Johnson, B. Bouley. Standing: Mr. Gorzko, Mr. Miller, J. Collins, M. Gervasi JU IOR CLASS Mr. Gorzka is the advisor for the Junior Class along with honorary advisors, Mr. and Mrs. Miller. Continuing the project started by last year's juniors, the class sold coffee and baked goods to the adult education classes two nights a week. Other junior class activities include two dances, "Football Finale" in November, and another following a basketball game. "Junior Olympics," a track and field competition for boys and girls, and the Junior Prom were the year's outstanding projects. Officers for the year are: President, Mario Gervasi, Vice-President, Bonnie Bouley, Secretary, Sharon Johnson, and Treasurer, John Collins. 62 .-1,231.1 . V - -.Zi ' ' :ef .N . 32 'fig --57.3.55 flifbfiwj. X' ' 4 2.15. r . if V . . l 2 "21YHrt" Ei pf A is S. 25 rx V Ly. . , dai. Q. i '2 r I Q Kilim C 41 E ra E R ffilrf - H ff we .iw-fir 1 S. Bergholtz D. Beutel G. Billcheck C. Blank B. Bouley G. Britton D. Bruns J. Brzeiinski B. Caldwell S. Caldwell D. Camann R. Camann W. Camann S. Card K. Cardwell " Y s ...Q ,, .5 1 . Y Q, . ,. S as I x 'Ik I . 3 .4 -as r 3 . mx fix r 2 F Sa ,L . , ,Q S. Alderman P. Aldrow S. Aldrow B. Baldwin S. Bangert B. Barrancl R. Beckensall H. Beecher M. Beecher L. Benneii' , . .1 2. W . . . ..V, 5, fri.. 4. . Q Q15 Zliiziiii 1.5127 E i -i 151 - fy ,A . , gpg .. . .2 E5 sig. ' , eil Q. .fi K ,s if gi .T an 2, f :Z ay N5 3 Q2 M N5 1 fa M M 5 , 331'-H . Y if ' ir . .fa mugs ge H as BMW Q.. ' i -'ii i:'Qi22Q:i. i Wkgj J. Castricone G. Catlin I. Chelius C. Chew R. Church J. Christian C. Clark M. Coble J. Collins J. Converse , Mi s, .,s D. Corr M. Cramb P. Curione T. Daly J. Davidson L. Davis T. Dera G. DeVantier L. Dexheimer f - .1 :i?..1i2fw-'.' ,L 3, , .3 X" .5 - Q 525- fu.. -f'.'-r siwwfif , , 3 ., .Z . , 1- ,.::-' .. fs.. . , Q gm Z.. i I L Q Q6 W5 WF l ' K F mx if ggigcbg er me rg L . 3 x is .3 f Q3 X ...sim P L 1 :R'I":' ' :E V ? .-'."5'. Q.. 1 en '4 ' , vs XX l D' SL ...S 1 f M . rf l 3 -wif-, Q1 --.ff:-W. . , .ff ,V . YM. -. :e. .r.: g. :evs??es5Q?QEis.25 ., .fl-1. w..f.-1.....- .RZ ,swwef , ,,,h as...-1 1, V rw J-my .. .. -L.--.-Nw. 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Y, 1. . in 75221 fe S' Q.. ,gy X . 5 .535 . 3525 3 H. Haseley L. Haseley J. Havens K. Healy W. Herstek L. Hoffman S. Hogg L. Howard M. Howell M. Hutt - 1'-Qf1,f11,f fl ' 1 nf, ..11.,.. -.f'. ...- ..f-ff ..,11 , ,1, -1...1,f11111-1-1 -1 - 1-- -ww. 11 '1,f1.,1-, 1.2 1 ...L MQW? -f fr V 21115. .. - egg. ' at : 3 315. 5-. 'rlli Z f.5 ' 25i1.5SMg1f5f's'?1w 1.. fig 1 1. -vw .A -f 1 Qf12rQ.,,f-, ,,,. '152.L,g1W ,f 1-11 M113 I A 5.1535 . ..f1.1f- .21 1. S, BN gl f. . , .. ,.,. . . -., V V N W f M.1..e,,1, ... 11 -1.11. .. . ..1 . 1 ...., ,W .,,- 1. 1.1. . 11.1. ..w1wf911 11 , 1,1- - 11111, ,?g11wF 1, ...,.., . ., ..,.. Q, .1 21 ' ww E fl 9 . 11-asf ' 1 .W ' J 31 .1 x E ! Sflvsq 4 . ff . U 111 11 .fl .ef f g., gf11w11w Q1y1f:s11., . 1 11 .1 V11 1 .-,S 5-,S , , :,,..5,1.. . . - ' ' . - 11"z.4.1f'.z11Az -Ng, .. w" H11 .11 -1.1. 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Scott Nykvist Orzulok Palmer Purdue Patch Potierson Penesso Peterson Pfohl Pfohl Phillips Pickord Peignet Pifonyok Popacluch J Smith Snyder Sullivan Taylor Tontolli Seiwell Sessmcm Sheridan Sherwood Sick Simmons Simpson Simrell Slowik Smith B. Treichler R. Treichler A Vanclerlip D Wadsworth D Walck N. R J. J. B Walck Walker Weigand Wilcox Williams B. Ziemenclorf F. Zuccari L. Burke . Willmont R. Whitbeck B. Young . Young . Zartmcm SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS Sllilngt 5- Aln5W0"fl'1, J. Harvey. Standing: Mr. Johnson, Mr. Filocamo, Miss Witkop, W. Sargent, F Haseley. SOPHOMORE CLASS The sophomore class which will be the graduating class of 1963 is under the advisorship of Mr. Filocamo. The honorary advisors selected by popular vote are Miss Witkop and Mr. Johnson. The class has been very active in school affairs this year. The members sponsored a dance, February Frolic, following a basketball game February 17th, and a fish fry in April. 1 The officers of the class are: President, Fred Haseley, Vice-President, Bill Sargent: Secretary, Sharon Ainsworth, and Treasurer, Judy Harvey. Al. B. Billings F. Bresette B. Bryner B. Camann R. Camann W. Card J. Carter S. Chapman L. Christian K. Chrivniz H. Church M. Cornelius M. Corra R. Craven D. Crochan 1 ,. . .,. , VIQW . ,3 My ., 1 .....Q... . .. X X -. .. B2 J N N2 L. Abbey S. Ainsworth K. Bagg S. Barber , .11 ., ' if -flellagwggf- ex f L 3 L. Baughman R. Beecher D- Behm M. semen 6 :ax Beutel -L,', s Jia W. Ui F2 X 5.3 , aj sk, fe if Sa Q I , ,. " M . ' . eeilr .1 .X .rl E:."54 fffLv1'ff"': " V -iizfe:.f?li?'ie' .-Q 2 v . ,mu m :: : ' 3 ' 3' 'Q 1 Qiliiilii I 1 , " .f1ZEL5'Li'zV'. ' "F: Q:-f6ih'L4f.L:?7 ' 1 ' fi :I f f , -- 1. -..- ...,..-, . t V L ,.. .. ,.. . , , . ,, f : f ,- we fx V . ec: e., ez.-.. Ja- ww .v - 'fm ' Hi IHQW SSE fi .flilli 5-1 . W .1 ' fi n gf . is '2 H f L . xw Llalql .X 33 f lam. r, .. .V i -is x , .255 we gi i 2 3 . J x . . 5 Q fi g . ' ' K 1 V . - ,, 'N ' 525 -- ' '-lk-gf , ., fy if 1 .mfg-...1,:-1,-1.2. .q.1'. 723245, J fu.. ufl'!f1f'fQ' Ji " ' - 'i E3 "", . lfi. II1'9'EF' .I K 141 2 .59 . 1- . m.:e.:m-.A,:. .Q-ff fzffgszzfwzf . .z - ff- 1 . ' . 2 -,e.2f5.f. egpg.R. A by-.,,f L I 1 I . X . 2 p 'K V ' ' fsifzeyje '- 1-J f ff Y .1 3 K J, . - asf D. Cuslc feel? ,IV 5.51 . Clrn ey A C- Dvvis S - DGVIS - V 1? 1' 'ggi F 1 '11 ri fifkfliii f'5'f5-'T5ii5?'If5?i?i?f2ifiiiilt' ' fillfif ' ' .. 5.1.11 . Ziifgg fi G. DeFrC1ene "xfLff. ' Yrfg,-llflgll'ifffcffflfl " 1. H iff? 'L3fQf57f5f??!:Q!5i.flilfr xl .Q f irm...-Qel..-7Qi,i LQ:.eQe:..f2Lf!Q2 - 2 J. DeSelio J- Dllsle . - M' Delmqler S D- Devanhef a ge: . . - 'ww 1 -W few . ..1:' 2. a f ,f . 5553255 'Flew .1 . 'if .ffzfgnawva ' as f, S. 335.99421 J. Abramaitys K in ,H . ... V.,.. . I 1. mfs: M Q . . we 2' ,:':,:fzzem:' -"Nw - ew? eye. nf X e 5 1 Q F . 3,5 3 sl Egfr.. i all H I , .A ral? M D. DeWeese M. Dickson M. Dilon B. Dock C. Donner G. DuBois J. DuBois R. Dubuc J. Dunham K. Dussler 76351 2 .Ly Ji will MM EWR Sv L. Galley R. Geltz J. Glass M. Goofer D. Gombert J. Gooch J. Gorban G. Gordon L. Grondin M. Grant ,nh X. kai I N gm 2 ,, an 9-ibn 4. K n ff 5 F J f x A 1 'Eve .' K X f f- "'- . ..ii W . ,X . . f l Wig Eddy Eichelberger Ellman Elmon England Eschinger Fellows Fending Ferchen Fiegel Fix Flanagan Fogg Forth Frerichs im L., .. .. -' .a.f., . . ,. '91?fE11's5'D2lT'- 41 : 16. n W H New , , , Q5 1 l E.. 235 .2 ' 13.2 . EM Q' i ,J 55" Y 'll ef,5.Ks1 'ffl W 'Lt ss, 1 . 16355259 ' ?5fsf2-212 t P. Henely J. Henshaw C. Hilts J. Horrocks W. Houser D. .lagow D. Johnson H. Kelly J. Kelly M. Kernan C. Kerns P. Kilgour N. Kratts B. Krizan R. Kuehlewind .1142 rf , H .. J Aww M lp KK iw W 4' f fi M f Q36 H t V f in El .1 ' K , . . " ' l im 5-1 fi . . , . A -- ., L.. 'wi'1i.. '- , r . A ,' f QQ' 7 i ' ilfiiillfflm ' f ' ' .. 2 , W fvffzp t .. ...wi W . H g., . K 2 wT'3E?za71z2 ' ' Q' -'g f ' . -- sw: 11985, .Q mw'is.5s..QL ...W 1 3 .1. .,5f1f.s'z.'2Tw:m.f 1-twz... H fl 95. gy . 5 S fl X 5 Q s f yg 4 WT' L li if f tiff F 'tl l ., .. 5- Z...5?as..rE Hv ' Z . ... . . L i . . f.D?.M X .. X .W ff 'ZH W K P. . '1 FL wx mn 1 WK J. li f ww Y +R' f Q tm X, fx my 2 . . . Q.. 1 A . fw 54.229 , fl.. in Ea., r Q ggff ,. .155 Er! f S52 A tu ... , . 33?-W lt Hr at 2. 1 . . . .w.f,....Q.,: -1r.x,5ii.. W.. -' 1: xy . . ,...Mm.eQ,.ze. W-, Qi., J. . .HU L V 1 w 5 ..... ,. ., . tw K Y .. i t .1 ff ww 'JN P H wi 91.5.5 tl. 4 'Q X P25355 iw? ll E Q J wg A--. my get I fzeifsfzegts. ' - 55 -. -ru. 3 Q . Q it 4 1 35. K if Exe 'L if igill fig L . L an?-xM.rQuf,.:'2+k', . '...15.,L5.1g.,:Ut.L 3 H 7 . , .w..yL.t. .. ,, A ...L y., it V .ff..w..... f i, MH., .... .. ,ty .. f , 1,1 7 , f if e Q Q X S. . . 5?4..,....,i.6M ' K 1.: ,g?fga?Ers:mz.fwi,S ,, .ni ......, gm , K W. 3 L as will K . .i i , ...YK ,Q si . Q. W t w it HQ 2 sg 2 S gig. .. .rf 1 Qin at w 5 .U fy, L ga , U in Z3 . gg.. w : ' . gvgit ,vgtijai 441i2'2Z.HalHf4i5V13f3P222 3 11 t .. ki Q c . ... ,,. iq. 5: . , V' .f - D. Guiliani K. Hamilton E. Harrington R. Hartman J. Harvey F. Haseley J. Haseley K. Haseley M. Healy F. Heisner fl 'lull' ,f. wifi-f S. LaCountie S. LaQuille D. Lemke R. Lemke A. Lester W. Levine G. Lindemuth J. Linton D. Mann M HQ A GX 'B' Swv! K L l 'Q 5. HQ.. K ng .fa sth Xi t 1 V tr 324 5 N it D L 3 . UITI v 23.32 all XS' 71 4? . v uv 11, Q-J ' O. Masters L. McArthur T. McDonald B. McMas'rers M. McMillan T. Mielke Q mm R- Mills . M- Mifrvvich D S. Moody ,A L' gvgiiy J. Moore V -- Qf4f.f?1:?2ii-fxfalsify. If M U rr L1 , f km- ,Jr-:f..:.: 1... .5 f, ,. 4. Jw Cyigggxf 15' D, Prinfup S. Ptasnick F 11:35 J- 'MM, Q C' Rqmond oooMMM. sig! F. Read I ng ,gi ,'L. 5755 1 fi QQ R. Reele J. Refzlaff K. Rickard N. Rickard D. Roberts 5 i., K . 6, Q 5. 1. . . .o g fiffff ::,...s:i .,i2f ,V f if . . m l y , 1 . ' 'S 3? T . J xx x El i w ,JJ QQ ik P 'ef 'L"' 7 S .3 Z saggy.. fl. . . Q . Q. U ggagijrim Jj .N 1 .Q . W wwf X T Swv 1 Q3 ,ig f W , eg 1 ew gg. Q A Q. J sms A . S J .V Y R. Moore W. Morawic J. Mosher B. Mueller P. Myers R. Nashwinter L. Neal G. Nichols J. Nichols R. Niefhe D. Palmer V. Pankow M. Penque J. Pluff A. Poplinski S. Scott F. Seger L. Seger R. Shaffer S. Sharman R. Sharrar S. Shea J. Sheltmire C. Shepherd L. Simrell E. Smith J. Smith J. Smyth M. Spicer L. Spiller H. B. R. N. W. D. C. M. S. D. E. R. J. N K. L. J. J. D. K. Roberts Rog Roszel Salerno Sargent Sattelberg Sattelberg Saunders Schoening Scholz Stephens Stone Strom Stuart Sutter Sweet Tamborello Thiemecke Thompkins Toll G. Townsend K. Townsend E. Treichler J. Troyer D. Tuttle M. Underwood R. Vinson D. Wolck J. Wclloce B. Wayman P. Zuccori fffE'fiii. '75 If iff? ' r 4 ' "W-1511? ,, :J fmawff.: v .nf , , +V , Fix , . - nw. fm ,Ju .H-,fu uw . ,, -ww .:Qgg:.f,w .'f 5' ff W. gf, -A Q .W 2 his 2 E 2 M . , 1. tru . 2' Slx f . we Ia , u.ff.L1,l, V Wendt Wendt Wendt Westermoln Wienke Winkley Wirth West Wolcznske Wolf Woitowicz Yornall A. Young Young C. Zimmerman FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS First Row: B. Reele, K. Palmer. Second Row: Mr. Barone, M. Coniglio, M. Rebar. FRESHMAN CLASS The Freshman Class, under the advisorship of Mr. Barone, has sponsored several successful money-making projects this year. The most outstanding proiect was an amateur show held on April 14th. A pizza sale, directed by President, Mary Frances Coniglio, held during lunch periods on February first, and a record hop in March, "Killarny Kapers" were among their other activities, Andrew Andrews Awramik Balch Baldwin Ball Baney Baney Barone Baptiste Cooper Crane Crauer Culver Derr Doak Donner Dubue Duguay Duguay , l 6?- x i V ,iff ' " J . . :rv i ,. . . . ri A .V mm 4 2 'fixlgj : V a . . ,,,bm,,,,L 1 S' E4 eil v ,S if 4 S Q l 5 um N :ea ,?P,.3,,f.Q?w - f' ,. L X ,..r,,,f, . K Q My a v f B K ' Veg 1 if 2 X .V iq., Q., ' fgggwzfwm Fix? gi5,25"'V '?w:5aMi?Q ., .. ., i s,-i SS! 'f QW2f,:3i'f am :A f f " - . g,fj.'ej.f,E A :.'1a:2as,:iw E' 2 fi Q ff: Becken Benchik Bickel Bissell Blank Bodie Booth Broeker Broeker Brown Brown Cardamone Chapin Coder Colburn G. R. A. G. R. R. G. J. R. J. J. D S. L. J. Gardei Gephart Gervasi Gibson Gill Goss Goodrich Gonzalez Gorzka Graham Grandin Gray Hamilton Hamlyn Hanusin C. R. D. C. K. G. T. M. N. E. Eichelberger Eracitano Estright Evereit Eustice Felshing Finnen Foster Gansworfh Garcia G R. S. H. S. Handley Hardin Harvey Harvey Haseley . Haseley Haseley Hefferon Hefferson Hess C. Hetherington C. Hever D. Hever L. Hewitt B. Hill R. Hilts R. Hills K. Hilfs J. Homiszczak D. Horack lg ll- .' L' so n J W ff if r J 'D, l l 7Q L C. onb! -'.flX J V k X I fl . J hrlftpn li .JJ fl nl l 7 my 1 K' 7 X5 Xb L .1 x X r X NJ lxb lhfl flx Q - ll .Rex ryus ,X ' J if K Illefff QQ N .L f il fi VB ., C U R. Keller T. Kelley C. King R. King S. Kozarowicz J. Howard S. Hubbard B. Huff E. Hurly C. lgow L. Jacobs N. Jacobs D. Jagow P. Jackson S. Jagow F. Johnson G. Johnson L. Johnson P. Johnson R. Johnson fin - lfilf- kill" ' ' 7'.,'3':.-QM! '-v'12j.?1:s ' ' Vfisai V , iff ' - viii... IL' :. A egg: T: z..3gffg,f.3iQrf-'. Ei. . z - : . , . .gfLi?fl5ffi V 'I' .12 , 1 f 1- f.:rz:' A :,a .E-.,5-e Mfg, 7 -z.. .j.' f qv ., ' K 1. 1 . W?f'sf1f.f11sfffw si.: . fl ' .fvzf szs up .ss 51: - y K Q. 2 al 3 K Q ww? A J X 3, 5 fl H X . 8 ,., QM. U: ,,,:..W 5 cf 'Z nv? .5 if SLK' ? fl :Ei J. P. A. L. D. Leenhouts Lemke Lewis Lewis Licht S. S. S. C. A. C. S. M. A. P. Licht Licht Lowman Macallister Mack Mack Mansu Mason Matteson McConnell G C B. G A. D. J. V. J. R. Kraft Krawczylc Krolick Lacey LaChance LaFlair Lambert Lapp Laraba Litchtord W. McCulloch J. Mielke G. Miller L. Miller T. Miller C. Mills S. Milleville J. Meisener A Mt. Pleasant C Mt. Pleasant 5 ...emi 79 Moll Moll Moore Morris Mooris ,.., ,V " X Mt. Pleasant Mt. Pleasant Moses Mueller Mueller V.. V, ,p fXjs1V " . V XQX X.Vt'ft' Perinelli Perusse Phillips Phillips Pivka Potter Potter Profrock Prue Quimby X F3: XX X is Y J J 3 X :mr 'L in PM 3 X IP P is N.,,. .3,..5.,g , X wr, X 95 , X M, .. H ? I n if X if 5 , X . 5 S H gg. ' ' - 1Vf,,4Jf-zX5'gXggff. . , X X . 2 " Xym ef? 4 XX X3 sf' 'J Ja 1 f ' ? is . 9 1 s ea X.+ X X 3 A 2 W MHS PWM 2 2 'Q 53. sr. ,, s, 1- VV . X . ff, .Q X X W 2 S X ea f 5 Xe, 1 XJ' I ye X X XXX X x I l J . A ,W ,W 'i '- rg, fir . se K XE X E F551 WX f XX.. seg 553 w X X, wg X Q rgggfga .3225 ,of- alizv ,. 4145. , ,,... f " s'?eff:.f.i1-'EX V fri I .' '- l V ii.: .15 fr'f'.5 iS,.g if Mil V we V Mm, me fa.:-iw ..,. . .X V. . V 7?V.,:f-X.. ,M . V.. X. NFB! . wr., mu V. . . " , V, QQVYTS 5 up V 7pig,5g!Q,gggg.l2 ,,,,.z,z' X ,":1,'::Q3if"IEEQ:41Q." lf' I fi L' P - lk: V' ' Q as n kleiifmsger --4ve.:V. -:,.:s'...'- ,,, .gfV,,u if - X 'lf ' ' Y Y s A X X -. P5 X 5 N.. 5 in 4 56 f if ax au lg XX?-SW it 'L Y Q X f 3X E. Nagy W. Nykvist R. O'Callaghan D. Onesi D. Overhiser J. Pacante K. Palmer F. Palmerton G. Parfinski B. Pankow B. Parkhill R. Parkhill L. Patterson C. Peace M. Penessa F. Richards S. Robins T. Robinson T. Routhier H. Rowcroft R. Samborski D. Sottelberg D. Schmidli L. Schroepfer W. Scott W. Shafer D. Sharror C. Shattuck D. Shepro D. Shields R. Robe H. Roby J. Roby W. Roy G. Raymond M. Rebcir B. Reele R. Ewhkopt E. Reid E. Rice .. .1 ..,. 1, , lim R. Shimshock M. Shiery A. Siejko R. Skoff T. Slowik J. Smith J. Smith F. Smyth S. Stung K. Stieg T. Stoelting M. Stone M. Strope J. Stubbs K. Supple R. Swanson K. Swope D. Tappendorf " ' jim , . Q . , V -5 1 A , Q ? "M" 1 . ix 3. .,.,.. Y., . 7x h Y ew x K' x L TE , K' . M - , fl srgmgzy f sf f . 9+ J W TTY f f' K ' ff ., we if 'ska' 1223: "" , t ff..ff-eff. . ':'? .. rf , .wif f I.?.e7Q.f' . - f f . 1 EH 1 in Q. - f. '43-'L-ai'f1 ' ' V Mei t 1: . 1 ' 3 H i5vi,.l'2' lg 1 ' K ' if? T i l , ye . 1' . ,: e .. f..3,g:'frg1fv rf 'Q 1 L ,U .. ,- ,-. . Qs , V- . . V Q ,-q w - f - ' m ai ,gfgrf wsifwg,1f . ., J. Tierney T. Toby t ifw Sam , Q t l -x T ' Q 3 up 4 it R Q Q , J l in Nr gy +4 Y .X f 5 5 f .f. .W W 4... sr Tr gr' Q ,X r 4 E My L ,Z Q1 tri 5 PM r M ae t we K X 4 Q? i N W Q ' ?, L .. X .,w,,, -4. -M. 5 f Q i if 3' 'af i s gif. T fi avr - Q ,' P f i-1. fi sg, , ,...,wW.r we 'B B + wx 7212 iwwlirpifnn f' 'L Vw, . . -A ,... -J X I .2 'e R L ii. , 5 .. 2 V 5? ? . . ed 8 as . T. Walker B. Warren D. Washburn J. Webber G. Whitbeck B. Wiegand C. Williams L. Williams M. Williamson J. Wilson T. Toellner M. Travis J. Treichler M. Treichler D. Tubridy T. Universal W. Van Every W. Veikcleffer B. Ventry A. Wadsworth C. Wager G. Walck R. Walck C. Walker S. Walker W tr agp-.J 3: Qs, ' irigb l Q .451 J.. Q . . ,mg i 5 "" ' 0 con if W. Woodward M L. ww: 5 "1E 1 l M- Yvmvl' l R. Zimmer 5 ,, W X 0' N YQ, M , V px ,OW MN aylffmojff f A W if nf' Ash -ll- Y' if .F 3 f 'UD SJ -- I ' ..' , X H P V Q X lL 5 .J 1 ......... 1 4 -+ 'M Q- ---. if' ' 1 2 ve, X A 9 A I W I f I , La 3.5. ARGUND NIAGARA Another overdue book? Character, Scholarship, Leadership, and Servic Shh! Splash! 4 Y 2 'XT' W R1 rr. ry 2 HE TFIELD .... In the swim of things. Anything to get out of class! ' a Our teachers keep well informed. Are our halls too small or are the students too big? GROUP 8-2 - First Row: K. Deweese, S. Oudette, G Brzezenski, S. Mohon, S. Dugan, C. Everett, D. Rip ley. Second Row: M. Geltz D. Mielke, T. Kirk, D. John son, R. Fleet, C. Stoelting Mr. Kroening. Third Row M. Printup, G. Cornclcchio D. Behm, J. Hunt, P. Kelley, W. Petroziello. r 1 I GROUP 8-1 - First Row L. Stone, C. Strvzok, S. Lu- turno, S. Lewis, R. Roberts, L. Tinnermcxn, R. Stepcmo- wicz, D. Word, M. Reynolds, S. Crittelli. Second Row: Mr. Mueller, R. Gerby, F. Plupus, S. Waymon, D. Wil- cox, R. Brown, P. Reilly, M. Henchbarger, A. Beyeu, Mr. Conomos. Third Row: T. Mason, R. Lovrin, G. Treichler, R. Cindric, G. Pirinelli, T. Schmidt, R. Gaines, J. Leveson, J. Girard. GROUP 8-3 - First Row: R. Moody, R. Schmidli, R. Pen- que, D. Thomas, J. Perez, T. Underwood, R. Shortz, B. Stokes. Second Row: J. McSwon, F. Cerrillo, K. Hob- bo, D. Hozelet, E. Lewis, Willdu Show, Mr. Ashley. Third Row: L. Osteen, l. Fcgg, S. Leiner, K. Kelly, V. Wesolowski, J. Johnston, C. Soliday, J. Devine, J. Geib. GROUP 8-4 - First Row: M. Schinabeck, J. Bryan, P. Eracitano, C. DeVantier, B. Hall, K. Rimer, C. Cornelius, J. Wienke, K. Beecher. Sec- ond Row: D. Dussler, C. Wagner, E. Pe-ttitt, P. Guy- ette, T. Caswell, M. Gorlow, R. Riley, Miss Witkop. Third Row: G. Swidergol, C. Treichler, B, Anderson, G. Flich, K. Johnston, T. Suita, R. Quimby. GROUP 8-6 - First Row: S. Lampman, S. Jacobs, J. Reyn- olds, D. Sahr, L. Seger, D. Kent, E. Hill, L. Davidson, R. Papoi. Second Row: J. Scarupa, D. Hazelet, G. Milleville, N. Cerrillo, R. Kowalik, F. Snyder, P. Ros- zel, Mr. Matteson. Third Row: J. Barber, D. MacSwon, D. Peace, H. Hall, R. Gagr, S. Nagy, J. Brownell, J. Lounge. GROUP 8-5 - First Row: S. Dyke, C. Chupko, K. Pogel, L. Licht, S. Keller, K. Baker, D. Calkins, M. Peirce, G. Whitmore. Second Row: l. Taddeo, S. lseley, N. Myers, L. Hull, D. Moore, P. Hunts- man, C. Engel, G. Pressley, S. Burns, Dr. Bairanski. Third Row: 5. Foster, T. Ostwald, J. Stevens, D. Neal, R. Wise- man, T. Ferchen, K. Schue- lerman, J. Bencal, R. Hendrix. GROUP 8-8 - First Row: L. Klaus, K. Schultz, L. Brzezin- ski, S. Billings, L. Wilson, J R'ice, C. Crawley, N. Sell, E Barrett. Second Row: C Charnley, K. Manz, L. Shields, F. Patterson, D. Gilliam, L. Miller, D. Schotz, Mrs. Dick- ey. Third Row: R. Sarko- vics, L. Kolek, J. Hyniak, D. Phillips, R. Uda, D. Wagner, G. Drawdy, L. Lapp. GROUP 8-7 - First Row: D Duckett, R. Galliher, M Chaplin, E. Naradowski, D Ricciuti, B. Bruno, C. Kilgour, R. Mahar, D. Lorenti. Second Row: N. Stafford, D. Schade, J. Mosher, R. Wagner, T. Parker, D. Barrand, B. Johns, P. Biefz, Mrs. lllig. Third Row: T. Hurley, J. Hanusin, L. Langman, D. Phillips, T. Rosenburg, F. Shapter, R. Crochan, G. Salerno. GROUP B-9 - First Row: J. Blaine, L. Staudt, S. Rollings, D. Him, L. Tidwell, K. Rey, M. Shea, A. Croffi, C. Marcette. Second Row: D. Eddy, B. Willcox, P. Dellasin, C. Ferchen, D. Willmont, L. Schultz, M. Justice, S. Rick- ard, Mrs. Hughes. Third Row: W. Nicholson, J. Sar- vey, W. Barrett, J. Candella, P. Patterson, J. Walter, J. Humphrey. GROUP 8-10 - First Row: A. Bauer, N. Hartley, J. Riekoff, D. Scott, S. Pattison with Snowball, N. Fix, K. Travis, D. Dougherty. Second Row: B. Sattleberg, S. Marohn, E. Williams, C. Crane, F. Blank, K. Wallace, L. Miller, B. Shaffer, Miss Militello. Third Row: A. Mrygut, B. Jones, J. Howard, T. Clause, G. Sheely, D. Hermanson, D. Thomas, T. Glass, W. Kaczor. GROUP B-12 - First Row: J. Pivka, K. Sheaffer, E. Kosow- ski, B. Linton, J. Haseley, R. Leenhouts, R. Felsing. Sec- ond Row: R. Green, T, Sieika, R. McClelland, W. Pitts, R. Robins, M. Hor- rocks, Mr. Collins. Third Row: E. Davis, R. McKee, E. Sayer, L. Coleman, L. Sheri- dan, G. Burns. GROUP 8-ll - First Row: B. Fraser, L. Kubacki, M. Murphy, C. Shaffer, B. Goulah, K. Scott, E. Harvey, P. Bussard, C. Pitonyak. Sec- ond Row: T. Washburn, R. Rizzo, R. Kellermaier, J. Clawson, F. Sawma, R. Hen- derson, Miss Minken. Third Row: G. Lloyd, M. Lind- quist, J. Dodson, T. Broeker, K. White, R. Hoover, J. Hill, D. Dillon. GROUP 7-1 - First ROW: E. Compton, K. Walker, D. Dunklebarger, D. Mearbell, V. Krieser, M. Gage, S. Baloga, L. Newbury, K. De Lelio. Second Row: L. Pea- body, R. Schoenherr, J. Shelt- mire, B. Moore, L. Abbey, R. Jensen, W. Clare, D. Treichler, R. Certo, Mrs. Gronachan. Third Row: M. Radowsky, J. Pascoe, K. Sticek, G. Hamlyn, A. Hers- tek, R. Fuller, R. Baker, D. Grundin, G. Hubbard, P. McCarthy. G. Swoope, N. Hartman, P. Downs, A. Stockings, E. Crowley, L. Nelson, J. Scalzo, R. Bickel. Second Row: H. Amacher, J. Hosey, T. Hilts, E. Scarpmski, R. Williams, C. Lengel, T. Ackley, Mr. Meyers. GROUP 7-2 - First Row: M. Eddy, K. Harleman, V. Merchant, N. Walker, R. Mc- GROUP 8-'I3 - First Row: Carthy, L. Scholz, S. Schrad er, R. Hewitt, K. Palmier Second Row: R. Stokes, A Gaines, J. Johnson, L. Bop tiste, S. Buck, J. Nichols, C Young, S. Warcl, Mr Pellegrino. Third Row: N. Tucker, S. Rotella, G. Huff, R. LaCounte, W. Bomberry, J. Chapman, B. Conrad, J. Movawic, D. Penessa. ROUP 7-3 -- First Row: . Laubaugh, L. DeLisle, S. arris, E. Burleigh, S. Eg leston, M. Sullivan, C hiah, C. Yuhasz, D. Ubriaco econd Row: C. Shepherd . Onesi, V. DeSantis, J ook, J. Moreland, L. Jona than, L. Bones, Miss Desi mone. Third Row: E. Rowles, T. Warren, E. Garbutt, J Barbnro, C. Reese, R. Hull R. Fountain, W. Graveley GROUP 7-5 - First Row: N Chelius, J. Garvey, D. Vogel, C. Levine, C. Hunter, B Moines, J. Shirey, S.'I'- ler, E. Schumacher, V. Over- hiser. Second Row: J. Ev- erett, W. Wensley, A. Kai- vola, D. Baudhuin, R. Hase- ley, J. Rendle, M. Mt. Pleas- ant, H. Alderman, S. Sort- man, C. Walker, Mr. Morgan Third Row: T. Borkowski, W McClelland, L. DiRienzo, M. Zwiefka, G. Hill, M. Caliguiri, W. Graves, J. TerBorg, L. Cornelius. 1 1 GROUP 7-4 - First Row: P. Graves, V. Moines, R. Schroeder, R. Lester, M. Cook, F. Deyo, E. Garver, R. McGarvey, S. Taddeo. Sec- ond Row: A. Hecks, D. But- ler, K. Adams, E. Rehkopf. B. Humphrey, R. Salerno, R. Jost D. Chelius, Mr. Towne. Third Row: J. Booth, J. Shirey, W. Zomont, C. Mowery, R. Hartman, A. Piegnet, D. Eichelberger, J. Universal, M. Mettler. GROUP 7-7 - Firsf Row: S Maduy, C. Pollock, S. Scott, S. Mieflicki, S. Irwin, T Tompson, C. Frerricks, J Griffith, C. Amey, P. Hock Second Row: M. Lichf, T. Beecher, B. Westmoreland, S Brascoupi, A. Rickard, V. Skye, C. Falbo, P. Curione Mr. Barlow. Third Row: J Murawski, J. Gensler, J Cindric, W. Parkhill, F Sarginson, D. Nielsen, D Card, D. Pharis. 1 GROUP 7-6 - Firsi Row: M. Lewis, N. Hilfs, M. Camp- bell, J. Mack, A. Greene, J. Laia, H. Mieflicki, K. Donner, R. Palmerlon. Second Row: A. Chrivniz, H. Craft, L. Sandsfrom, B. Muniz, K. Williams, S. Keller, J. Rich- ardson, S. Ballanfyne, R. Becken, Mr. Kibler. Thircl Row: D. Faccini, C. Gasbar- re, J. Aldrow, H. Scoff, F. Igou, T. Joyce, R. Vogel, A. Pollock, A. Westmoreland. GROUP 7-8 - Firsf Row: M. Mikalik, F. Jack, S. Far- ber, P. Linfon, A. Kenyon, D. Brown, A. Anderson, K. Mahar, D. Curry. Second Row: W. Drury, D. Slusser, T. Hedden, J. Belmonf, R. Seyler, J. Skurski, R. Clark, J. Voyzey, B. Webb, T. Carlisle, Mr. Holi. Third Row: J. Griffifh, D. Holclich, J. Rickard, R. Stevens, R. Gep- hart, W. Pasek, W. Sawyer, L. Tierney, M. Preskop. ROUP 7-9 - First Row: K. ollopeter, D. Murray, R. shburg, P. Hefferson, E. alloy, B. Wilkes, J. Wager, . Smith, K. Huntsman, Y. rei. Second Row: D. Timko, . Sax, V. Sgroi, L. Lorenti, . Patrick, R. Kinary, K. ickard, K. Jackson, J. Fiegel, rs. Haller. Third Row: M. Dubuc, P. Bencal, G. Brown, D. Gross, N. Sutton, G. Car- ter, C. Miller, J. Printup, W. Cuddington. GROUP 7-'ll First Row: J. Gooch, S. Shamberger, D. Nelson, 5. Heinbaugh, L. Caughell, C. Buchyn, H. Dugan, P. Robinson, L. Lum. Second Row: P. Provorse, S. Kirk, S. Smith, J. Guyette, R. Bohnet, J. Fotch, C. Coder, A. Jacobs, Mrs. Sterner. Third Row: W. Smith, J. Davis, D. Morohn, F. Housman, R. Darnley, W. Patterson, W. Buck, N. Ferchen. GROUP 7-10 - First Row M. Costoguer, G. Townsend, L. Kandrat, L. Duerr, C. Ben- nett, L. Rippett, J. Hopfer, K Tobey, B. Rollo, E. Scalzo. Second Row: J. Guthrie, M. Popaduch, L. Follick, C. Dchle, M. Narowski, V. Brown, D. Patterson, M. Girard, R. Coble, Mr. Doyle. Third Row: J. Mansu, M Heigel, J. Smith, T. Printup, R. Jacobs, J. Lowe, S. Amey, l. Baer, J. Miller. GROUP 7-13 -- Firsf Row R. Seiler, B. Barone, N. How arcl, B. Hilfs, P. Huff, K Flack, D. Seiler. Second Row R. Tickeif, K. Howard, W Goodrich, R. Flinn, G. Jor dan, E. Snyder, Mrs. Schober. GROUP 7-12 -- Firsi Row B Dunefs, S. Houseman, S Krasinski, P. Moore, J Wright, M. Coder, J. Nelson L. Masfers, P. Haggerty, S Fraser. Second Row: C Gieb, T. Wurl, l.. Walker, M Cerio, R. Priniup, C. Soika J. Sharpe, R. Thomas, Mr. Busmalis. Third Row: W. Travis, l.. Williams, W. Schimschaclc, L. Kramarczyk, J. Hermanson, W. Ptasnick, M. Goulah, A. Davis, B. Payne. GROUP 9-13 - Firsf Row: R. Bolender, D. Hill, D. Hill, R. Nicosia, J. Waifs, H. Sny- der, C. Nicholson, M. Dun- can, R. Chapin. Second Row: J. Hawkins, F. Zeigler, E. Crawley, N. Cerrillo, N. Zomont, V. Schrader, G. Dahle, W. Crachan, Mr. Kissell. THE SCHOOL STORE Mr. Siembida, D. Felsing The Chess Club, under the supervision of Mr. Marillo, has been in existence one year. The members are seventh and eighth grade students whose aim is to learn logic and at the same time relax and enjoy themselves. A CAPPELLA-At Piano: C. Jagaw, M. Kernan. First Row: K. Moll, J. Nichols, S. Jackson, A. Dubec, C. Janes, J. Gonzalez, O. Masters, S. Caldwell. Second Row: S. Critelli, B. Reele, A. Gervasi, M. Coniglio, P. Andrews, C. Shattuck, J. Haseley, E. Treichler, C. Zimmer- man, M. Saunders, M. Beutel, P. Potter, J. Larobee, D. Onesi, Mr. Ashley. Third Raw: R. Robe, D. Marquart, J. Howard, P. Peruse, N. RIHGH MIXED CHORUS - At Piano: R. Robe. First Raw: C. Russell, D. Klein, 5. Woodworth, D. Mann, W. Hauser, G. Partinski, D. Beutel, M. Morwic, R. Ortner. Second Row: J. Carnacchia, G. Cerrillo, M. lnfantino, J. Banks, C. Eichelberger, S. Stange, C. Davis, M. Corra J. Willcox, L. Seger, V. Lapp, D. Craven, B. Scott, R. Nykvist, B. Camann, L. Hoffman, Mr. Ashley. Third Raw: D. Horack, A. Vanderlip, S. Aldrow, D. Clawson, V. Carlson, 5. Brown, R. Wendt, C. Fellows, P. Palmer, L. Spiller, C. Banks, M. Hanusin, C. Mt. Pleasant, B. Walck, M. Stone, K. Jacobs, K. Chrivniz, S. Hockadale, D. Smiclili, B. Calkins, L. Lewis, S. Ainsworth, S. Barber, S. Hogg, B. Bryner, J. Waitowicz, M. Dickson. Fourth Raw: L. Sweet, S. Burke, S. Bangert, J. Behm, R. Reele, B. Krizan, B. Popaduch, J. DuBois, A. Young, S. Hamilton, J. Proefrock, L. Wurl, C. Mueller, K. Sting, C. Shepherd, C. Bryner, C. Hilts. CHORU Krolick, S. Walker, C. Murray, J. Christian, L. Sick, L. Howard, J Smith, S. Alderman, D. Fagg, S. Shay. Fourth Raw: R. Camann, K Dussler, C. Cusick, K. Jacobs, D. Printup, D. Marquart, S. Burke, S Bangert, J. Behm, B. Doak, A. Mack, S. Johnston, D. Barrand, L MacArthur, K. Eustice, J, Wright, S. Ainsworth, M. Winkley, S. Johns M. Penque, P. Henley, K. Coder, L. Falho, D. Shepro, D. Haseley D. Walck. MADRIGAL - First Row: C. Kashur, M. Wilksen, J. Banks, P. McNulty, G. Bronson, B. Huber, Miss Wit- kopp. Second Row: M. lnfontino, M. Matthei, M. Shepherd, R. Nykvist, E. Voelker, R. Camann. Third Row: A. Haseley, E. Pfohl, W. Jagow. JUNIOR HIGH CHOIR-First Row: J. Lorenze, J. Howard, M. Prescott, D. Faccini, J. Barber, T. Carlisle, T. Glass, L. Duerr, J. Sharpe, A Hicks. Second Row: M. Castagner, L. Lum, K. Flack, S. Scott, J. Mack, K. Sheaffer, C. Chupka, P. Provorse, A. Davis, J. Onesi, J. Belmont, B. Rollo, L. Miller, Y. Brel, Miss Witkopp. Third Row: R. Hewitt, S. Fraser, J. Cindric, S. Wayman, L. Sandstrom. J. Shurski, M. Papuduck, V. Weslowski, D. Dougbert. Fourth Row: D. Calkins, M. Ceria, L. Fogg, J. Wright, C. Falbo, W. Shaw, C. DeVantier, P. Reiley, B. Muntz, K Williams, J. Hopfer, C. Dahl, J. Riclmrdson, H. Mietlicki. B. Wilkes, L Miller, M. Girard, K. Mahor, A. Jacobs. -'---W -.-ww... Neem.. -gymvff-M--ww-N wmmnmmm ...Q ,5g,iQn1Agg FIRST SEXTET - Sealed: S. Waymon. Sianding: R. Reele, L. Lewis, J. Hoseley, E. Treichler, M. Piegnet. Missing: S. Caldwell. SECOND SEXTET - Seafed: S. Wcymun. Standing: K. Jacobs, M. Harrington, S. Burke, J. Behm, B. Moeller. Missing: M. Coniglio. AND GROUP The A Bancl, under the direction ot Mr. Beamish, has been an enioyable part of our assemblies for the past two years. As a group, they have participated in they Niagara County Music Festival and performed at an area grade school. The B Bancl, under the direction of Mr. Luke Parisi, is composed of the less experienced musicians of the school. Appearances of this band have been made at Junior High Assemblies. Individuals from this band also entered into competition and have entertained at a local grade school assembly. BACKSTAGE SNAPS OF CHRISTMAS ASSEMBLY 2' aw aflons STUDENT COUNCH- - FlVSl Row: C- KllCl1En5, 5- CG"lSOl1, M- Roberls, B. Huber, Mr. Cosby. Third Row: J. DuBois, E. Pfohl, D. Piegnel, K. Eustice, A. Hoseley, T. Brownell, K. Gensler, A. Beyeo, Wagner, B. Woyman, J. Reilly, R. Sessmon, D. Wadsworth, W P. McNulty. Second Row: J. Thiemecke, J. Hoseley, J. Henshuw, Moruwic, D. DeWeese. L. Haseley, W. Jugow, J. Simpson, S. Card, B. Camunn, H. First Row: J. Skurski, C. Kilgore, C. Hunter, B. Wilkes, K. DeSc1n?is, D. Horrocks, C. DeSantis, S. Hubbard, G. Garcia Donner, l.. Wilson, B. Fraser, J. Bryon, l.. Davidson, J. Gieb. J. Treichler, S. Crane, B. Goulo, K. Kelly. Fourfh Row: A Second Row: K. Main, L. Nururlowski, J. Poscenfe, N. Myers, M. Haseley, P. McCarthy, J. Morelski, J. Ackley, A. Piegnef, l. Shea, B. Porkhill, K. Shattuck, P. Johnson, A. Gervclsi, N. Tucker, Bowlch, N. Zomoni, D. Brown, J. Survey, J. Leveson, J. McSwun B. Reele. Third Row: D. Gieb, K. Eustice, S. Mieflicki, V. J. Glass, Mr. Cosby. NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY MEMBERS - First Row: E. Morzahl, Healey. Third Row: Miss Ernst, Mr. Wadsworth, D. Wadsworth, K. Gensler, S. Ford, C. Kashur, N. Fischer, B. Williams, L. Hose- D. Camann, J. Johns, V. Szareiko, T. Stuart, K. Smith, G. Skoff, ley. Second Row: M. Stoelting, C. Banks, B. Ziemendorf, M. W. Camann, Miss Growney, Mr. Czaia. Matthei, R. Bohmholdt, M. lnfantino, M. Wilksen, M. Gerby, K. The Niagara-Wheatfield Chapter of the Notion- al Honor Society held its second annual induction ceremony February 8, 1961. The new inductees were, Juniors: J. Converse, D. Haseley, and P. Palmer. Sophomores: B. Camann, J. DuBois, D. England. L. Grandin, N. Kratts, B. Mueller, N. Salerno, S. Scott, J. Thiemecke, B. Woyman, and J. Yarnall. The officers of the chapter are at left: R. Bohmholdt, President, M. Infantino, Vice-President, M. Matthei, Secretary, and V. Szareiko, Treasurer. NATIONAL HONOFZ SOCIETY wx 17 S. Ford, Co-Ediforp Mr. Czora, Mr. McCarthy, Mrs. Murkey, M. Matthai, Co-Editor. Seared: H. Bonneti, L. Muithews, K. Gensler, C. Gaiani. Sfanding: B. Miller, G. Bronson, M. Hanusin Seafed: J. Bohnef, S. Carlson, N. Bohnet. Standing: M. Hunusin, E. Mazzariello, R. Mort, S. Alderman C. Guiani, A. Beyea, G. Bronson, L. Sattleberg, L. Mafihews, L. R'eele. YEARBOOK STAFF HEADS -- Sifffing: S. Carlson, M. Hanusin Mr. McCarthy, K. Gensler, M Mahhei, Co-Edifor. Sfanding A. Beyea, N. Bohnet, R. Mort, W. Jagow, R. Bohmholdf, J Bohnef, S. Ford, Co-Edifor. r FOURCAST STAFF - Sitting: T. Stuart, D. Sanborn, J. Moody, M. lnfontino, M. Stoelting, M. Wilksen, C. Kashur, J. DuBois, Mrs Bruce. Second Row: Mrs. Lindsay, Mrs. Illig, B. Popuduch, K. Wallace, J. Mosher, J. Mock, l. Chelius, S. Aldrow, M. Drapkin 1 K. Baker, C. Chupka, B. Fraser, M. Gerby, K. Dussler, Mr. Harrish- burg. Third Row: J. Miller, R. Walker, W. Graveley, C. Shep- herd, S. Shiah, C. Pfohl, K. Hamilton. FouRcAs STAFF The Fourcast is the official news publication of our school. It is produced by ci staff consisting of student reporters, editors, typists and printers. While the primary purpose of the Fourcast is to provide the students of Niagara-Wheatfield with CO EDITORS AND ADVISORS -- M. Wilksen, Mrs. Lindsay, Mrs. Bruce Mrs. Illig, M. Stoelting. the newggof the activities' organizations of our school, it also serves purpose of promoting good writing. y, X , 4 The paper is its third year of publication under the advisorshjip of Mrs. Bruce. ff ,' 3. PRINT SHOP - First Row: L. Bennett, Mr. Harrisburg, Wm. Burns Roszel, J. Collins. Second Row: T. Kulikowski, J. Linton, W Mr. Lock. First Row: J. Simpson, C. Sherwood, J. Wright, C. Stange, S. Ford. Second Row: M. Stcelting, R. Nykvist, M. Haseley, A. Vanderlip, K. Ziblut, D. Walck, E. Marzahl. At Left: Mr. Bach. OFFICERS -- S. Ford, M. Haseley, J. Wright, M. lnfantino PEP LUB The Pep Club, now in its second year, has played an important role in the development of school spirit and increasing attendance at athletic events. Selling game tickets, providing buses for away games, and sponsoring Father-and-Son Day for the football team, are only a few of the services which they have performed. The proceeds from their many fund-raising activities are used to help promote the schools program. Two of their purchases have been a camera for the athletic department and megaphones for the cheerleaders. Advisors to the club are Mr. Bach and Mrs. Parisi. FlfSl Row: P- Kil90UY, 5- Bdngeff, D- F0991 5- Shed, N- KFGTTS- Roberts, J. Delelio, J. Troyer, K. Haseley, S. Chapman, S. Simrell. C. Murray, D. England, J. Henshaw, B. Bouley, L. Smith, M. Fourth Row: N. Salerno, J. Thiemecke, S. Hogg, S. Barber, R. GUCTEF, l-- Spilier, S. Krueger. Second Row: S. Shiah, L. Swan, Reele, S. Ainsworth, J. Abramaitys, L. McArthur, E. Treichler, B. S. Caldwell, M. MacMillan, D. DeWeese, L. Sweet, D. Lemke, M. Krizan, C. Pickard. Fifth Row: M. Penque, M. Carnelius, B. Kernan, P. Young, E. Harrington, L. Matthews, J. Dunham, C. Briggs, J. Christian, D. Pfohl, B. Ziemendorf, M. Pfohl, R. Fazzolari, Snyder. Standing: M. lnfantino. Third Row: S. Johns, S. D. Lee, C. Young, B. Young. Kroening, B. Treichler, J. Steingasser, C. Hilts, J. Haseley, H. FUTURE BUSINESS LEADERS OF AMERICA - First Row: S. Jackson, R. Wayda, D. Patch, D. Toll, 5. Krueger, L. Howard, J. Wright, S. Shiah, C. Pickard. Second Row: K. Ziblut, C Snyder, L. Swan, C. Murray, J. Christian, S. Phillips, P. Carson B. Treichler, S. Alderman, L. Davis. Third Row: Mrs. Ward 1 I B. Miller, M. Coble, D. Everitt, R'. Wolf, J. DuBois, E. Marzahl D. Haseley, M. Milleville, J. Mack, I. Chelius, Mr. Fadel, Mr DeSantis. Fourth Row: L. Reele, A. Haseley, H. Bonnett, K Gensler, J. Murray, K. Richel, C. Pfohl, N. Walck, R. Beckensull J. Castricone. F.B.L. . FUTURE BUSINESS LEADERS OF AMERICA - First Row: L. Patter- son, C. Eichelberger, K. Toll, C. Hilts, K. Chriviniz, M. Spicer, J. Howard, K. Main, S. Becken. Second Row: J. DuBois, C Krawczyk, S. Barber, H. Dillon, S. Scott, R. Reele, M. R'ebar, J. Homiszczak, A. Mock, B. Pankow. Third Row: Mrs. Lindsay, S, Morris, S. Johnson, K. Wendt, J. Prue, P. Potter, S. Phillips, J. Smith, B. Ventry, S. Shea, L. Falbo, O. Masters, K. Potter, C. Peace, Mr. Seimbida. Fourth Row: B. Parkhill, S, Walker, K. Shattuck, S. Lowmon, G. Felsing, J. Mielke, S. Ainsworth, M. Dickson, D. England, F. Smyth, Dianna Estwright, E. Hamilton. r fs.. ,W il lil? ,. 7, . I . ,.v, fl ir 2 Q V -'if 5 4 'V it Q 2. ' .5 L. The Wranglers is a club organized to stimulate interest in horses as well as to teach its members safety measures for riding. At the meetings, drawings and diagrams are used to illustrate the "hows" and "why" of good horsemanship. When weather permits, outdoor instruction is given at which time all members are given an opportunity to ride. The group has attended several horseshows this year, chaperoned by their advisor, Mrs. Ward. Seated: B. Penessa, Vice-President: L. Sick, Secretory. Standing K. Smith, President: B. Treichler, Treasurer: Mrs. Ward, Advisor. - I.l 1 lm , Seated: K. Richel, M. Delmater, S. Fiegel, L. Smith, S. Paoenessa. Standing: T. Harris, J. Abromnitys, B. Treichler, L. Sick, K. Smith, Mrs. Word. vs th 1: VARSITY CLUB - Kneeling: M. Shepherd, W. Jagow, M. DeFrame, R. Hartman, R. Mort, R. Whitbeck, L. Reele, C. Gall, Gervasi, G. Billcheck, C. Matteson, A. Haseley, J. Dillon. Stand- A. Gibbs, R. Nykvist, Mr. Ross. Fourth Row: J. Moody, J. ing: E. Mietlicki. Second Row: M. lnfantino, P. McNulty, K. Collins, J. Fix, N. Cravens, R. Eschelmon, L. Sieiko, G. Gordon, Eustice, J. Wright, R. Brownell, L. Lingenfelter, R. Ostwald, C. J. Chapman, R. Cimini. Kashur. Third Row: E. Voelker, D. Sniffen, H. Wienke, G. TRAVEL CLUB - First Row: J. Dunham, D. Patch, E. Reid, M. Row: A. Vonderlip, Mr. Holt, P. Forbes, W. Robins, A. Barone, Coniglio, L. Spiller, J. Treichler. Second Row: M. Cramb, D. M. Morawic, B. MacMasters, F. Heisner, Mr. Barone. Everitt, E. Williams, S. Curley, C. Donner, L. Dexheimer. Third SENIOR HIGH FUTURE HOMEMAKERS OF AMERICA - Seated: Harvey, K. Wendt, C. Shattuck, S. Becken, K. Hilts. Third Row: P. Smith, V. Hess, C. Kitchens, B. Scott, Mrs. Perry. Second Row: S. Aldrow, L. Davis, H. Jagow, B. Licht, J. Giguere, L. Goulah, D. Crochan, M. Harrington, D. Schmiclli, P. Potter, K. Potter, J. E. Pressley, D. Pressley, B. Gephart, S. Wolcott. F o I I o o JUNIOR HIGH FUTURE HOMEMAKERS OF AMERICA - First Row. J. Garvey, V. Desantis, C. Frerichs. Third Row: L. Lorenti, L H. Mietlicki, B. Malloy, Y. Brei, V. Overhiser, Mrs. Weir. Sec- ond Row: Mrs. Loftus, M. Lewis, E. Scalzo, E. Shumaker, R. Palmerton, I.. Masters, J. Wagner, J. Mack, R. Huett, D. Vogel Sandsfmm, S. Ballentine, K. Hunter, J. Wright, B. Wilkes, B Muniz, K. Williams, A. Green, S. Keller, M. Sullivan. SENIOR HIGH SCIENCE CLUB - Seated: S. Hubbard, C. L. Good, N. Woodward, L. Zink, F. Heiser, A. West, F. Robin- Kcxshur, M. Hcnusin, V. Frerichs, S. Scott. Standing: J. Havens, son, W. Morawic, M. Diamond, D. Brown, G. Mock, Mr. Elmer. JUNIOR HIGH SCIENCE CI-UB - Seflfedr K- HUHTENUI1, B. Militello, D. Temko, W. Cuddington, J. Printup, P. Benccl, Malloy, R. Asbury, A. Smith, J. Wagner. Standing: Miss G, Carter, D, Gmse, G, Brown, F. Patrick, LIBRARY - Sealed: B. Willcox, L. Seger, B. Ventry, M. Rebar, H. K. Main, Mrs. Carman. Third Row: D. Mueller, G. Parfinski, Roberts, J. Harvey. Second Row: Miss Grefrath, S. Morris, S. K. Coder, K. Supple, P. McNulty, C. Gall, J. Banks, M. Miller, Hamilton, J. Whifebread, M. Coble, B. Licht, J. Howard, R. M. Kernan, J. Simpson, A. Gibbs. Rehkopf, S. Jackson, L Howard, L. Sick, N. Walck, C. Chrivniz, DRAMA CLUB - First Row: C. Goiani, S. Ford, J. Glass, L. Rehkopf, S. Alderman, B. Huntsman. Missing: G. Bronson. Sweet, M. Stoelting, Mr. Carney. Second Row: R. Hanusin, R. TRAMPOLINE CLUB - J. Chapman, A. Maheson, A. Wadsworfh, R. Miller, J. Casfnager, S. Johnston P. Henley, Mr. Rofellc. ln fhe Air: J. Casfricone. RED CROSS - Seated: M. Wilksen, M. lnfantino. Standing: Miss Desi- mone, Mr. Filocamo, J. Riely. VARSITY FOOTBALL - First Row: H. Wienke, J. Moody, J. Dillion, C. Siewell, D. Brownell, W. Woodsworth. Third Row: B. Cimini, M. B. Whitbeck, G. Billchek, B. Ostwold, W. Jagow, J. Tambarello, J. Shepherd, M. Gervasi, E. Mietlicki, A. Haseley, D. Sniffen, B. Darneley. Collins. Second Row: Coach, R'oss, E. Voelker, O. Matteson, J. Smith, VARSITY FCCTB LL TE M fi TT F it E l From September to December, the magic word at Niag- ara-Wheatfield is "football." It is a word that brings thoughts of exciting afternoons or crisp autumn nights of cheering for a team that's out to win. Under the expert coaching of Mr. Ross, Mr. Massotti, and Mr. Hockaday, the team had a season of which they could be proud. The Falcon team, in only their second year of playing, finished with a three won-four lost record in the Niagara-Orleans League. Although the competition was stiff, the team showed good sportsmanship all the way. Co-Captain, Earl Voelker, and quarterback, Ed Mietlicki, made the All League All Stars Team. Earl Voelker also wound up as high scorer for the Falcons with 25 points to his credit. At Left, Falcons, in uniform waiting for the game to begin. SEASON RECORD N-W O Medincx N-W 21 Barker N-W 0 Lew-Port N-W 25 Starpoint N-W 33 Wilson N-W 0 Newfone N-W 7 Akron LV. FOOTBALL-First Row: J. Shelfmire, A. Wesi A Lesfer D Hull B A Slelkq B Tldwell B Wqymqn D Lum Capfqm B Sergani Cap Mills, K. Swoope, R. Goss, D. Shurrar. Second Row D Bruns Manager fam G Miller D Benghlck A LqChgnge D Booth Manager wmmm1,i,g.g.:4,:m.awmm msammmnwwwwmwwmwwfwlwmwzfmrm ASKETB LL TE MS CO-CAPTAINS AND COACH - L. Lingenfeifer, L. Reele, Mr. Roiellcu. VARSITY BASKETBALL TEAM - Kneeling: D. Jugow, Managerg L. A. Haseley, B. Ccmonnn. Third Row: D. Grimes, C. Matteson Lingenfelfer, Capfaing L. Reele, Capfainp W. Jagow, Manager. R. Camann, E. Voelker, T. Miller. Second Row: Coach Rotellu, J. Seiika, D. Wudsworfh, D. Miller, The Varsity Basketball Team, in its second offi- cial year in the N-O League, finished the season with a five won - eleven loss record. Under the coaching of Mr. Rotella, the team played hard and kept up their good sportsmanship even when the ticle turned against them. The score for league games were as follows: N-Vw' 44 Wilson 38 N-W 49 Barker 50 N-W 4'l Newfane 43 N-W 44 Roy-Hart 55 N-W N-W N-W N-W N-W N-W N-W N-W N-W N-W N-W N-W Lew-Port Akron Starpoint Medina Wilson Barker Newfane Roy-Hart Lew-Port Akron Starpoint Medina ki JUNIOR VARSITY BASKETBALL - Kneeling: F. Tucker, B. Way- D. Benchik. Third Row: D. Laflair, J' Porter. G- DUBW5 man, Co-Captain, D. Sniffen, Co-Captaing D. Booth. Second Row: Garcia, D. Mueller. Coach Johnson, B. Sargeant, B. Cimini, R. Kuchy, A. Seiika, Our Junior Varsity Basketball players, coached by Mr. Johnson, have had a season of which they can be proud. Finishing the season with a twelve won - four loss record, they took second place in the Niagara'-Orleans League. The Falcon team was victorious over Akron Barker, Lew-Port, Wilson, and Starpoint for both league games, losing only to Newfane, Medina and Roy-Hart. WRESTLING TEAM - First Row: K. Swoope, R. Mills, G. Miller, E. Crawly, D. Hill, L. Balch, N. Cerrillo, G. Ellman, Coach Cacciatore In Front: A. LaChance, J. Frank. Second Rowf G. Stiner, D. Mann, S. Woodsworth, R. Kulak, J Dillon, A. West, W. Zink, J. Castricone, RESTLI J. Weber. Third Row: D. Kelly, B. Brownell, J. Smeaton, W. Miller, B. Curio, J. Tamborello, L. Thiemeke, C. Macallister, S. Buck. Absent from Picture: L. Christian, J. Tobey, D. Nielson, M. Swifka. GTEM "The bigger they are, the harder they fall" is a popular saying of the N-W wrestling team. ln their first year of competition, the boys are set- ting records of which they can be proud. What they lack in equipment, they make up for in de- sire to win. Coachecl by Mr. Cacciatore, the team wound up the season with seven wins, three losses, and one tie. Action against Medina in our first home match. WIMMI G TE M SENIOR HIGH DIVERS --- L. Grandan, R. Gorzka, E. Matteson J. Chapman, R. Hole. SWIMMING COACHES Mr. Kissel, Mr. Nichols The Niagara-Wheatfield swimming team com- leted the season by placing fourth in the AA Sec- onal Swimming Championships held at our school uring March. In regular competition, our team defeated Ak- on, Sweethome and Amherst. They also were ictorious over West Seneca in two practice meets. he over-all record for the season was 7 won-7 lost. SWIMMING TEAM - First Row: J. Fix, H. Beecher, M. Beecher, R. Crane, P. Myers, D. Davidson, D. Shields, L. Schroepfer. Third Beecher, T. Williams, G. Billcheck, G. Gordan, R. Hartman, G. De- Row: Mr. Nichols, Mr. Kissel, R. O'CaIloghan, R. Schimshack, Fraene, R. Craven, J, Miller, S. Sharman. Second Row: G. Felsing, B. Tidwell, W. Warren, T. Clause, N. Zomont, E. Nagy, V. D. Brown, R. Matthews, J. Brezinski, J. Spedding, D. Mielke, D. Pankow, R. Lemke. I VARSITY BASEBALL - First Ro w: W. Walck, R. Rozel, E. Sherwood. Third Row: P. Orzetti, L. Kreamer, D. Grimes, J Mietlicki, L. Lingenfelter, M. Sheppard, T. Kulokowski. Second Hunt, R. Eshelmun. B- Melmnf COUCLI FFUUC- Row: L. Siejka, J. Bachovin, D. Sniffen, R. Cimini, J. Moody, T. ASEB LL TE MS Every boy's dream is to become a second Babe Ruth or a Mickey Mantle. The Niagara-Wheatfield Varsity Baseball players came close to fulfilling that dream with the help of their coach, Mr. Franc. The team came through the season with a record of six wins and four losses. Despite the lack of a training field and equipment, the team finished third in the JUNIOR VARSITY BASEBALL - First Row: J. Quimby, K. Swoope, J. Linton, J. Sieika, B. Sargent, D. Shaffer, B. Camann. Second Row: J. Dillon, D. Wurl, L. Taylor, B. Whitbeck, J. Spedding, N-O League. The outstanding pitcher of the season was Roy Rozel, who won three and lost one. In the hitting department, Don Grimes, Maynard Shepard, and Len Sieika, with batting averages close to .400, were outstanding. The coach has high hopes for the com- ing year as there are nine lettermen returning. T. Orszulak, G. Ellman, Manager. Third Row: L. Gerdes, D. Johnson, M. Gervasi, D. Jagow, D. Lum, P. Schultz, Coach Schick. ' R C ft R Camonn E Voelker K Tompkins R Brownell, VARSITY TRACK First Row A Hoseley K Smith W Justice Mozzei, . ro , . , . , . , . D Chapman M Walck T Paine L Bazunet B Mueller Second N Hunt, D. Phillips, C. Matteson, H. Walck, J. Lc1Chance, P. Row D Gross H Jagow E Mueller D Miller J Smeaton Bissell. The stars, led by co-captains Darrell Miller and Brent Mueller, placed fourth in the N-O county meet. The teom also mode outstanding records at the Section VI Double A Championship in Hamburg. Runners with over 25 points for the season in- clude: Pot Miller, Herb Jogow, Darrell Miller, Pete Bissell, and Ken Smith. Zirk, K. Sutter, C. Donner JUNIOR VARSITY TRACK First Row Couch Mozzel J Smith nd Row: J. Collins, B. Mills, W. S Dyke G Blllcheck W Mowaric C Clark D Roberts Sec D. Wadsworth,J.Delisle. .M RQ TD f ' , . .ll M. lnfnminn Nnllu f' Yrul-ur I Wrinki R Hnknv I C.-.unlknvn B. Moeller, K. Eusfice, C. Gall, D. Marquuri, A. Gibbs. X1 f Firsf Ro .',.PeruSse, V. Carlson, B. Hill, J. Trichler, B. Camann , , Second Critelli, R. Camann, J. Go I z, H. R b ri fmly' A ul- ,.,, N.. . .I - .. nzue O e S RC JUNIOR HIGH SYNCHRONIZED SWIMMING - First Row: C. Loubaugh, S. Critelli, F. Plapus, J. Gieb, C. Kelly, J. Griffith, C. Mietlicki, N. Stafford. Second Row: C. Pollock, C. Amey, SYNCHRONIZ SENIOR HIGH SYNCHRONIZED SWIMMING - First Row: D Felsing, J. Colburn, M. Matthei, K. Wallace, B. Gephart, R Rube, R. Nykvist, D. Carr, D. DeWeese, C. Chupka, J. Henshaw, C. Chupka, S. Keller, D. Duckett, S. Keller, J. Wright, Nicholas. ED WIMMI Mr. Nichols. Second Row: N. Salerno, J. Pocente, B. Ventry D. Estright, E. Harrington, M. Penque, E. Treichler, L. Seger B. Licht, K. Lacey, J. Behm. Mr, SENIOR INTRAMURAL COUNCIL - Firsf Row: E. Treichler, M. Mofthei, C. Gall, G. Bronson, P. McNulty, J. Wright, M. Sione B. Venfry, S. Ainsworth, S. Cord. Second Row: P. Johnson, D Esfwright, B. Moeller, B. Scoif, C. Mofieson, J. Porter, P. Baney, J. Miesner, S. Brown, R. Handley, C. Snyder, L. Satileberg, C Bryner. Third Row: Mr. Nichols, D. Benchek, R. Mort, K. Eusfice SPORTS JUNIOR HIGH INTRAMURAL COUNCIL - Kneeling: C. Amey, S. Todcleo, L. Lum, E. Harvey, J. Reynolds, C. Shiah, C. Ferchen, P. Moore, C. Harelmon. Second Row: Mr. Nichols, C. LeViene, T. Thompson, B. Johns, D. Sahr, N. Stroi, S. Keller, K. Johnson, J. Hoseley, C. DeVon1ier, D. Slusser, Miss Willert, Mr. Rofella. 1 1 R. Kargus, D. DeWeese, N. Salerno, D. Polmer, P. Young, D Guiliani, P. Perusse, R. Orfner, M. Morowic, A. Sieiku, Mr. Rofella Fourfh Row: W. Jogow, H. Beecher, D. Toppendorf, D. Davidson R. O'CalIohan, J. Draper, G. Gordon, G. Townsend, C. Seiwell, D Lum, R. Whifbeck, H. Miller, K. Smiih. COUNCIL Third Row: W. Borette, R. Shapter, S. Dyke, K. Baker, L. Fogg W. Shaw, F. Jack, F. Plapus, S. Critelli, B. Rollo, D. Gross, J Clawson. Fourth Row: G. Treichler, T. Ferchen, B. Shoiz, N Cirillo, D. Neilson, H. Scoif, R. Founfoin, T. Sieika, S. Fosfer E. Repkoff, R. Cindric, R. Hoseley, T. Prinfup, R. Danley. r DRlLL TEAM - Firsf Row: H. Church, L. Wurl, D. Esfrighi, M Corra, M. Pfohl, M. Cornelius, K. Main, D. Wolck, Captain JUNIOR HIGH SOCCER TEAM-Firsf Row: H. Dugan, J. Hopfer, M. Coder, J. Wright, L. Miller, N. Hartman, L. Nelson, A Smith, C. Frerichs, E. Brei, V. Overhiser. Second Row: P. Asbury, Second Row: M. Underwood, S. Buchyn, C. Stonge, B. Krolick, G. Raymond, S. Walker, K. Hoseley, Mr. Mozzei, Advisor. C. Levine, B. Wilkes, 5. Kirk, J. Shirley, J. Grisseltr, S. Mietliche, C. Coder, S. Keller, V. Sgroi, P. Provoce, S. Mettler, Miss Willert. CAFETER'IA STAFF - Sealed: Mrs. Krysu, Mrs. Fulbo, Mrs. Mrs. Muidmenf, Mrs. Szureiko, Mrs. Walck, Mrs. Suwicki, Mrs. Williams, Mrs. Ma-rquurf, Mrs. Mcrciwic, Mrs. Wurl. Sfanding: Winkley, Mrs. Robins, Miss Capozzi. BUS DRIVERS - Firsf Row Mrs. Synder, Mrs. Anclrc kulic, Mrs. Bierly, Mrs. Zurfman, Mrs. Mead Sfunding: Mrs. Voelker, Mrs. Bauer, Mr. Millville Mr. Bagby, Mr. Frufiger Mrs. Juzwiczk, Mrs. Ferchen Mr. Burion. Missing: Mr Chamberlain, Mrs. Proef- rock, Mr. Warner. 28 1 CUSTODIAL STAFF - Sealed: Mr. Carver, Mrs Pfohl, Mrs. Beufel, Mrs Sfoelfing, Mr. Vigue Sfancling: Mr. Mtznlell, Mr. Townsend, Mr. Heur, Mr. Murquurf, Mr. Fowler, Mr. Siufa, Mr. Sfrcssburg. ,J l I - if 'h , l il!! .f If ii! I' 2 I l ' I ' I ilx0l llll! If Ill J K T34 1 Y 24 jf , X. , ,fl 1 ,j , . it if , 0 A7 ji lf! lil! J ', uf Nl ,M i. ff vi J i i if 01 ,fa . nl 'LX i. -,i i . ii B l V 3 Y W' fit' i NW eu, VD .J lfiil' i'N fN-I5 X . i. N f X. rx, X r 3 E V, XM: i 'wif i X' l.. Y " iw'-J X' T' I 1 I. X,-I -X i i 1.a-- '- 'af it X. I , . W Q X VV. .N W, ' J - . F Na , IL' , ,M ., I ii . L .gi ,xii A ND K lr Ji, V, Aix, , ' i i fi ' i J i it 'il i I X , mill," f fav' ' F . i In 'r ' f N ' . l ll-l ,' iwl if Lf 'Lf 4 l X 'UA ,,.d , JU ,M X - -N K- i. - yi ii if'-' M i' if 4 . KJ .A X, t. f U ,fl ,, XM. S X l f ' N, fi of J' X A.. 1 . .- ii f. 11 . . i i V. i. .. , -iv ig W V Ll lk ii ,c- F 1 'E 1 If li ' i wif K ii N Y- F aa i A , ,flflx M fly" li :Sl l - rd ll J' ' 'JA l .Qi i. ,ia X X J i Ll." if I fs ' A j - i ik 2' - fd? il . li ll - 1 ai , . I if oi ja' of JM' 5 fi ,il W W aw .V - t. ,r ftevens Paint and Floor PATRONS Allen Studios Webster, N. Y. Bob Poole Auto Electric 4324 Military Road Niagara Falls, N. Y. Castricone Bros Shoe Store 4615 Military Road Niagara Falls, N. Y. Dan Conny Kroening's Garage Saunders Settlement Road Sanborn, N. Y. La Hacienda Restaurant 922 Pine Avenue Niagara Falls, N. Y. i x . ln -.N ig! la awwc afl ,if ii ,fb a .L l Na li -Lf Z Qjif if W if ly , W M if QW, Nick's Collision Service J ll Saunders Settlement Road ' - a I Niagara Falls, N. Y. Pine Art and Gift Shop gl fl-J M l , 09, a i532 Pine Avenue M ff '7 5 Of W iaaraas, . . Ng FIINY MrM77W,fWV , 6 ' Rainbow Shirt Laundry W 352 Third siieei -ibfgrfvi Wh WJ Niagara Falls, N. Y. 41 U 47? . l Richards and Donahue W V X K Webster, N. Y. ' .X . g ff 411 Richard's Sunoco Service 6' ' 4701 Military Road Niagara Falls, N Y if Riverside Chemical Corp.. North Tonawanda, N. Y. Scott Furniture Store 44l9 Military Road Niagara Falls, N. Y. 145 Niagara Street Sanborn, N, Y. Willard N. Belden lnc RW Covering M My 4' FWZ W 49.92 Sweet i-i0me'R0aQi W BM l 29 li pr, Niagara Falls, N. Y. X 4 PATRONS I Y L Mr. and Mrs. H. Alderman i... Mr. John Andoian an Ziff Dr. and Mrs. Awramil5i.lLfllf7f,.2iQ Mr. and Mrs. Bateman ff? gg W F Mr. and Mrs. Calkins 1 llvgifllfi if QT.: f V. Mrs. Caughell tb 40' Y My Mr. and Mrs. Cianchetti My K 'rQ5'!.W M flkdgyl by Mr. and Mrs. Coleman , Agmzffi Mr. and Mrs. Curulli F' F' Mr. James Fadel F 'Mr. and Mrs. Earl Ford Mr. and Mrs. Thomas B. Franklin Mrs. Robert Frugia Pl Mr. and Mrs. Gall ' , 'X Mr. and Mrs. Carl Gianni " Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Gill gg! Mrs. Cora Kline Mr. and Mrs. E. Lambert ,155 A Wy 3 Mr. and Mrs J. Mazariello QW470 ' X126 dw? Mr. and Mrs Thomas McCa hy fig! 4 Mr. and Mrs. Murray 61, ' j Mr. and Mrs Neudeck J Mr. and Mrs. Nichols I 61' mr. ang mrs gflailgarit O'Brien5m figwj, . r. an rs. e sio , A . , . . . Mr. James Pascoe 'Z jae fam? Mr. James Payne do f wg ' W M. Mrs. Piepnet 'F , A 6' ,. ' D M nd Mrs. Ralter we-' pi ' Y M . a Mrs Allen Reese 5. lggggdx 451,961 r ., . . FS Ralph Schulze fl , . rs Shiah K-f' Ok Mr nd Mrs Smeaton CDXL64 . and Mrs. Texerci -A 1 Mr. and Mrs Tormim Mr. and Mrs. Whitmarsh W Mr. and Mrs Whitmore ' f -I , yl A l:l'lel'1Cl ,fl fl 172 A Friend A J f'AV, l X No il fin 14" fb Q 41 . 1 iff x W ' J 30 yfflf M dl wi WW QW' ri fxj U! yn ,iffwd ' xl' ffl? if X ' ' ty 1 . U or ly,-il ff L 4' , lx 7 .CC ixll KJ X! if Xjzggv 1 X' W. . f xv t Y 4' t J fx I J .X , N Xixf ,J .Nj . . i- i t-li" J M l lx' 'lxlji + Zyl ll! J' fl. fl 'Ai'l,'l X! ' ll: ll H' Xml!! l I l ' s 'fl if, 4 H4 lgltlljl i lvl 'tlljld l ? X 1' I A VA 'I l ' 4' l X X ' X. -cj li Vljyxj 1 X 'L jf 'A I xl . 130 I I j p A :U-X l A U T 0 W yy GRAPHS .W f J 'X fgsxyw ,Q IAS gi J 'L!j,4,,v Q 5 QE J I 7 V "WA ' H ' 2 J wwywfmww www MQM , A '5 5.2" iyfl ,tiff 0 W C9 D .gl M JW E L if wif wg i V Ag' QQ X M?J3gqwLfJm?Q, 5 L H jig-luv X MV AQ 5 51 ,,1'fTUZY W A f ' ' WM Qw WW, mx f,,mwV 1 l MJQW Elf' M up M Ze' w Ji, kg . 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Suggestions in the Niagara Wheatfield High School - Nucleon Yearbook (Sanborn, NY) collection:

Niagara Wheatfield High School - Nucleon Yearbook (Sanborn, NY) online yearbook collection, 1960 Edition, Page 1


Niagara Wheatfield High School - Nucleon Yearbook (Sanborn, NY) online yearbook collection, 1962 Edition, Page 1


Niagara Wheatfield High School - Nucleon Yearbook (Sanborn, NY) online yearbook collection, 1963 Edition, Page 1


Niagara Wheatfield High School - Nucleon Yearbook (Sanborn, NY) online yearbook collection, 1961 Edition, Page 17

1961, pg 17

Niagara Wheatfield High School - Nucleon Yearbook (Sanborn, NY) online yearbook collection, 1961 Edition, Page 129

1961, pg 129

Niagara Wheatfield High School - Nucleon Yearbook (Sanborn, NY) online yearbook collection, 1961 Edition, Page 48

1961, pg 48

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