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mlm: mmf. rv-,--V -- -,--. S- .......,.,.......H.....-ha. - ..a...h, -, , -Y '9 XTJTQ '5.,4..nL. , -.-...f....L:,5..,,A-J, D JM iff' , A ',., A .E THE DEVELOPMENT . + X OF THE MATURE MIND AS RECORDED IN 1 I l. , 'K THE . , , . ,av y.. 1' NIAGARA UNIVERSITY NIAGARA FALLS, Ng Y. S ,Q K a is mu EH W W sz H B nl E H . H gwzi www as Q E B - B KISS M ' 'xi may ' W: . um msn? '- 'V E X 5 fl, X, WL" Ugg W X -H L- as Ki NVE 9- A I SS Ki EX in B V SS Nm! E E ss 1 zu' V . 1 ss sf 'wa my-NM r N, 'L M Q1 af?M"' Wg! ai + I' K xt Ea IE Al WI E it "' n R - fig 'fy an 'f ' in "ff L il U Mi J' 4' 1 .42 , 9 'N X. K v' A-" M-fi' ' L...-- imjg, ' ,." j, .- , - N 5, , Af, ' '.'i13 . 1' I . ' ' v , xf.fW'f" ,P .z w, ,. L, , -7. -: -Q A SSJJF .er I Q. . r Q.. n x 'L N RSM! ,gfn , W Q 1 It . Z 3 'J if gin? - 1 im b A Ml bt 45 if: u ' : K, ' Q , I -D ,1 ,EFQ-. 1 , . rg, A Q' JL - . - -M awp- A - li. ly!-, Qu "- 1':Q:5'ffJ2figs,-9?jg' 1 if 2 tg "V ' , ,ZW ' ' . . si is 'R gf-mmf . K-5 Q .M-ja' , ' .K iw .1 'I ii?" 1. ,Y .ig -7,54 . " 9: if . .+ F H :rgiqgixx W. ,-- J A ffw- ff' -14 'E 1' .. 51 U , ...... .Li ko f A r ,. --'IH-f',a4-'11 1, ,. PW x 1 5 ll I 7 , W- .I 5' url f if f vt r Y 5? ,Q 'E+ A .aw ,E .gy xi J -'fum Q 1 Q n ., , .MQ , .xc 5- 'f ' M- 'f s ' 3 Vw xf' MU, , 9 X gi, ,lr . fr Am -.. L: N Q.. I v um 1:9 ' amz? . A 0 6 C xg. .2- -if E W J! wfg I' - nj! r--.Ju 'MA - Is. ,. - .,., - V' T5 Wy go' A ' , C f?:,.f-.-,.'. . .-f lip u-:.LQ.F- I P , ti- lx L. -1 . U 'I , . r 1,+4 5 a4.iQQi - 1 if iw A , 5-Sw" f ..Y' -'14 15- , Y ' V. '.:-41,'1Q,.g.l, . -1- , V. 'Ea ,'frn5q?'a 'tk , y - 5 tjqf 'i4-feskj' -, 1-. A . .ajgl V . I-1-if --D ".-.-Un-2 L . 4?-s x, 42, ., , . J.. , - KM V, i - 'J A . -f as . ..f:s , -Q. 5324 .A A Q-,QV , V su '!144Zi 1 'U T: . Uv '. 31-,J N' ' -.-jg, . . f.1 -.Th -A 24,1 'rf , Y, 3 iw A 'warg . N1 wr... y '-.v-, Ylkxv V. if I: .4 XX 3' 3 5-1 1 X . N K X A , J. f' .Q S' I. I 1 3 -r .,. 1 ORGANIZATIGNS SPORTS, AND SENIORS ., ji, DEDICATIO In the early days of autumn it is the traditional duty of the Niagaran staff to assemble in secret conclave to select the re- cipient of the yearbook dedication. At this time we are especially proud to bestow the honor upon an outstanding member of the university faculty-Dr. Thomas J. Lynch. Possessing an excep- tional academic background, including membership in Phi Beta Kappa, Dr. Lynch for fifteen years has instructed students in ' J 1-T' .gg , 1 J J ki? 1 '12-,':, , Tu 333- Ypf- L' -jf- p w ,yn ,..fx . H H, , E, ,R 55554 1-, LT." Q sw 1 ' W 1. siaegx, -, k 8 1 V s ? if 5 B fir 4 L 1 H YT! . Li 9 j ' ' vw, iff' " .V I 3 N H yj ilx i L . .t 9 -L 'V 5 Ff E Y f V - 32 , 31-56" Al 4 4 1 5 .' if 1, -,I 'A - 97+ A ,Hg 1 I-gg! 1 .P ff! 1 Q ' xg fi ,if-14 : 1' 1 1- ' fs , ', v " i M997 v THE INTELLECTUAL AND SPIRITUAL DEVELUPMENT OF THE MIND IS GUIDED BY VARIGUS UNIVERSITY DEPARTMENTS . . . ADMINISTRATIGN AND FACULTY MOST REVEREND JOSEPH A. BURKE, D Chancellor of Niagara University, Bishop Buffalo. VERY REVEREND SYLVESTER A. GART, C.M., S.T.L., S.S.B., LL.D., Provi of the Eastern Province of the Congregati the Missions in the United States. 51, ,. . . . , . . F? Fifi bf - 1-f11F2+Grfi? ? 1 V. 3 ,.,f,: ' , 1 , .x.- , . Lg- A.-1 ,-., Am 7 I' -,jj ,L- S cl, mt ' W ijt'-L.',41:t:,H,,5A.z f',.A-1-:-g-- -,L ' ,-"wa- . - - . M- .. J . - N 4 ,I , . , -, wwf.. V.. 11 ,1 -cxxvyv lf, EV -' ,A fx.. A4ti5"fk ,I:1!.,gfb.f . . ,., I. , - v, - . .., ., V,-"wi L : , ' '. 1' 31 ,ut .,,f . , -f . .- - ,-.U ' "U" 'f"' " - If . zum' Q- ' ' va-in-iv. kv" l -A-,411 ,jifgi .331 fig! 2 ,'1h ,,.. sf- V 'fi-'i .WWE .J , J I ji!" WE! ,H 1 ".:5i .ii 5 11 , I f . W . 'R' - 4 i 1 1? ax Vx 'v JI 1: I . VERY REVEREND VINCENT T. SWORDS, C.M., M.A., LL.D., Superior and President. THE ADMINISTR TI E . . . REVEREND JOSEPH T. CAHILL, C.M., M.A., Academic Vice-President. REVEREND WALTER F. DIRIG, C.M., M.A., Executive Vice-President. REVEREND ROBERT J. RIVARD, C.M., M.A. I Registrar. I I I I I I I I REVEREND WILLIAM T. SWEENEY, C.M., M.S., Treasurer, Vice-President for Financial Aifairs. 3 REVEREND JOHN W. CAINE, C.M., A.n., Dean of Student Activities. REVEREND DONALD L. DOYLE, C.M., As sistant to the President for Development. REVEREND GEORGE E. KROCK, C.M., Execu- tive Secretary of the National Alumni Associa- tion. EDWARD FLYNN, A.B., Director of Publicity and Placement. REVEREND JOSEPH T. CAHILL, C.M., M.A., Dean of the School of Arts and Science. 1' - xl.. 1 ' Q3'Yil?: 3i ,. M1022 H rt. 5741- kkf w zzidwig " , pe X- -1. . , . ' V' ,V ms. ,th Vkvr We , 5 - it A SS - ,,., I 'S' -ui'-3-J SISTER OLIVE MARIE, O'.S.F., Ph.D., Dean of the School of Nursing. REVEREND KENNETH F. SLATTERY, C.M., Ph.D., Dean of the School of Education. CHARLES J. EDGETTE, B.B.A., D.S.C., Dean of the College of Business Administration. DEANS "Of course I want to teach French, Father, Comprenez-moi ?" 3 R we " ' X f he f ge , 'v ' ' U I t R E A ' . Q I Q 5 is f in Q i 5 - The Niagara University Chapel at morning Mass. Reverend Thomas P. Pow- ers, C.M., M.S., Chairman ?li Aloysius P. Grass, Quillian, C.M., M.A. Reverend Thomas P. Mc- Gourtey, C.M., M.S. Ex Reverend Edward F. Mc- Reverend Lester T. DeMott, C.M. THE of ,.f-4' Reverend John T. Nelson, C.M., M.A. Reverend Walter J. Menig, C.M. Reverend John W. Caine, C.M. Reverend Joseph R. Wright, C.M. THEOLOGY... RELIGION SPIRITU L DIRECTORS . . . If-ti? K V, J. Reverend Edward F. McQuil1an, Spiritual Reverend Thomas R. McGourtey, Spiritual Director. Director. Father McQuillan and a student tackle a problem that needs a quick solution. if 'S-.59 Father McGourtey delivers a sermon at the Tuesday noon Sodality. D PHILGSDPHY . . . Reverend Walter F. Dirig, C.M., M.A., Chairman Reverend Edward M. Cook, C.M., Pl1.D. gf i I ,. , R b i Reverend Elmer G. Kiefer, C.M., J.c.B. Reverend James C. Morris, C.M., M.A. Reverend John B. Burns, C.M., Ph.D. Brian J. Cudahy, M.A. 03, Write a paragraph on "BronislaW Malenkowskii That should cause a com- motion. FACULTY THE ART . . . MODERN LANGUAGES Is this my French 5-6 class or have I by chance wan- dered into "Ten Easy Les- sons in Arabic?" Thomas J. Lynch, Ph.D., Chairman 41. Reverend Joseph T. Cahill, C.M., M.A. Reverend Charles R. Gagne, M.A. Daniel W. McGuire, M.A., Chairman w- Frank I. Mogavero, Ph.D. Frederick J. Carrier, M.A. Mary W. Litzinger, M.A. Domenick A. Iannuzzi, M.A., Chairman Ph.D. John J. Ryan, M.A. Reverend James J. nell, C.M., M.A. CLASSICAL LANGUAGES HISTORY Erick K. Buchterkirchen, Nlicholas J. Caggiano, M.A., Dhairman W Reverend Joseph P. Ganley, C.M., Chairman POLITICAL SCIENCE ENGLISH Daniel J. Sulli- C.M., M.A., Oxen., Michael J. Tum- , C.M., M.A. Cotton Mather was a halfback for Southern Methodist. "Sometimes I Wonder if I am getting through to these students. Reverend James J. McGlinn, C.M., M.A. Paul V. Hale, M.A. J 1 Q I Leo J. Maloney, M.A. fr--x E' 1 5 'sg Frederick S. Lapisardi, A.B. Reverend 'George E. Browne, C.M. Robert R. Nicol, M.A. D THE SCIENCE . . . vw- wx '- --22 . 51 Vg gg i i ..2,... I .- 2.11, . . 5611 H EM weisusmxw. f.. ' ,, V w 2sm1LgzM.e,g. , E E - , .. Wf'5Vf?F3?i23z?'zlff L . wfixgw ff:ifi5fQ1l" . we .. - f . W -hw-V. .3 f ,pw Mr. Glahe and his senior physics group seem to be enjoying their class in the Q new Science building. MATH AND PHYSICS Francis L. Higman, M.S. Elizabeth Kimmel, B.S. Reverend David L. Symes, Harold W. Feder, B.S., William H. McVernon, M.S. c.M., A.B. B.B.A. i . my gm George B. Banks, Ph.D., Chairman Harold C. Glahe, B.S Donald R. Quinn, 3 . X .1 . 'Aiiw f :Sv . 1 . ,'- i .ffl N if J Q ' " ' A A- La l ' ' ' A homas H. Morton, Ph.D., Lawrence J. Kiely, Ed.D. Edward J. McKeegan, Jr., John J. Reedy, Pl1.D. lhairman M.S. BIOLOGY li n CHEMISTRY in A. Hubbard, Ph.D., Vincent D. Napoleon, B.S. Wayne A. Gallagher, M.A. Joseph J. Forrester, M.S. Dr. Reedy pages through his notes before beginning his famous lecture on "Amazing Arachnidsn .nf THE BU INESS O O O Charles C. Hillegas, M.A., Francis D. Litzinger, M.A. Norman W. Blessing, Ed.M. John J. Chaika, Acting Chairman , Imliffirg xt ,,- Y J Z :Zig iii ft.. f A A l ,.,, f Q l i on V4 bln , . VE: , i 2 OF -5, 'Ji ' ik-.5 ' -.1 Everett W. Ockerman, Joseph M. Foran, B.S. Henry A. Knopf, M.S. john M. Murphy, M.A Ed.D., Chairman "I can't hear you, son. This is an oral "Future accountants, I address you in report." all humility." ACCOUNTING AND LAW autenant Colonel Jacques mningham Major Charles Roggenstein 'I.fSgt. Sven Lindquist Captain Daniel J. Gormley, S3730 - 3'5" SFC. Ivan Copen tain Higgins, Major genstein and Captain ey discuss the merits and erits of the R.O.T.C. I. Jr. 'flu ' 1 1 y , , Major John Higgins l MJ Sgt. Robert T. Gibbons Captain Michael J. Corey M SFC. Kenneth C. Kane AND MILIT RY 0 O Q THE NURSING 25215 . . m-,., , Sr. Patricia Ann, O.S.F., M.S. 1 ,-' 5 I Rosemary Bartenstein, .-Q Q, 'Q 'Q' ,.,.x .J 5 ,, L A ' -iii I f Mary Panak, M.S M.S. Sr. Mary Cordia, O.S.F., BS. Elizabeth B. Marshall, M.A Q X .f-. 'iv A,-F -C-. -El If t -an 14 ,L I wi half Sr. Margaret John, O.S.F., Annamarie Frainier, M.S M.S. Elsie O'Leary, M.A Anne L. Cioppa, M.S Mary Dineen, Ed.D. joan Dineen, M.A. Helena Hale, M.S. Sr. Olive Marie awaits student nurses and their scholastic problems. Beverly L. Tucker, . . i sf, Z , -Vu!! xi- g ir. Hoca pauses in the Student Center between classes "Twenty-seven basketballs are missing chat with fellow professors. What do they do with them DUCATIO YSICAL EDUCATION UCATION V. Deegan, Ed.D., Myron M. Hoca, Ph.D. Milton W. Krum, M.A., Chairman E' C, Zenon B. Sahan, Ph.D. Chester R. Przylucki, M.S.P.E. IJ Q THE DISCIPLI ARY .N ,' ,. - , . ,, 9 1 ' 0 'Q - -: 5 .. 1 Q In , ,, ,, J .- -. ' I 4 RESIDENT DIRECTORS Father Demott, C.M., Timong Fatlr Menig, C.M., Perboyre Hallg Fatl Brown, C.M., Varsity Village, Fatl' Tumulcy, C.M., Dean of Discipli Father Grass, C.M., Clec Hall. Miss from picture, Father Nelson, C. Lynch Memorial. PROCTERS ,..1--1 First Row: James Maloni, Garrek Md., John Grogan, New York, James Morrow, Elmont, N.Y.g Whisker, Bedford, Pa., Joseph Louisville, Ky., John Vaithus, W bury, Conn., Scott McGowan, A Pa. Second Row: Frank Rader, P Pa., Robert Guilday, Washington, James Smith, Brooklyn, N.Y.g Campione, So. Orange, N.J.5 Bruno, Staten Island, N.Y. William Guire, Pittston, Pa.g John Hain Mary's, Pa. Richard Flint, Philad Pa., Nalewajk, Stratford, Conn. "Wahl now, Ah hate to grieve 3 but Ah just can't believe that this in the bed is litle ol' McKendry." INFIRMARY YN. C ,f-eb Rosemary Cunningham, R.N., turns to greet a entering the iniirmary. Q-is . olf and Jim Kane ask Librarian Norman Brennan advice concerning their term papers. y, the University policeman, awaits offenders in his V 3 'd car. D THE SERVICES . . . LIBRARY Nellie A. McLane, M.A., Bernard H. Dollen, M.A., B.S., in L.S. B.S., in L.S. ,M " 5 4-v-"E"" . jr., ,AL- . Q 4-1 'si' I ,.ff"f' If I , . 29 THE STAGES OF DEVELUPMENT ARE SEEN IN THE . R 'X 4,,- .XX If f-v!44 I ,,.-f X.. X ZX. . Xxx 1 X ' , !,-,ff"!", M , 'yer'- f'r"',Y,,,--1 N... +lil--444f21n-v,.f- . 1: , 'J 2. Kg 3 Q afar 4' i M ,..,...-Q ,.-.-e-A'H""""" fl i. CLASS CDF 1963 ... Sitting: Terrence Wallace, Pittsfield, Mass., joseph Vanotti, Torrington, Conn., Arthur Spaulding, Fayetteville, N. Y., Adalbert Wnorowski, Amster- dam, N. Y. Standing: William Stewart, Rochester, N. Y., John A. Striegel, CLASS OFFICERS-1963 John Rose, Vice-President, Timothy Elma, N. Y., Robert Reiley, New Hy Park, N. Y., David Jezewski, Chee towaga, N. Y., George Rabito, El hurst, N. Y., Frank Lamanna, Uti N. Y., Timothy Murnane, Plattsbur N. Y. lg Dwan, President, Lorraine Granieri, Secretary, John Hennessey, Treasurer. 5 1-ts. J J if E. - .l f-' - e-HI i 'l' Hr: 4 H L L. u X s 1 1 Vincent McAvoy, Geneva, N. 1 Y., John Rose, Valley Stream, , N. Y., Peter Manion, Buffalo, N. Y., William Kennedy, Ros- elle, N. J., Thomas Fitzpatrick, Syracuse, N. Y., Frederick Pestorius, Rochester, N. Y. Monica Kadykowski, Niagara Falls, N. Y., Vincent Pesce, Ni- agara Falls, N. Y., Peter Phelan, Albany, N. Y., Mary Talbot, Niagara Falls, N. Y., Joyce Testa, Niagara Falls, N. Y., Donna Gavazzi, Niagara Falls, N. Y., Alfred J. Picogna, Kenmore, N. Y., Kathleen Quaglia, Niagara Falls, N. Y., Denis Preziosi, Freeport, N. Y., Robert Soulerin, Niagara Falls, N. Y. John Magaddino, Niagara Falls, N. Y., Robert Ball, Tonawanda, N. Y., Edward O'Connor, Niagara Falls, N. Y., David Jones, Buffalo, N. Y., James Meger, Lancaster, N. Y., Michael Grattan, Rochester, N. Y., Robert Ellwood, Riverhead, L. I., N. Y., Peter Marra, Niagara Falls, N. Y. James Ferris, Holley, N. Y., John Dobermiller, New Bruns- wick, N. J., Donato Fiorentino, Canandaigua, N. Y., Richard Valvo, Forestville, N. Y., Sam Florio, Rochester, N. Y., An- thony Dardano, Utica, N. Y., Edward Flynn, Islip Terrace, L. I. W, 1 ,, , ,. :PLL Wallace Tucker, Oswego, N. Y., Eu- gene Stranges, Welland, Ont., Daphne Dzwonkowski, Lewiston, N. Y., John McCurdy, Lexington, Mass., John Gouldrick, Victor, N. Y., Robert Mari- nelli, Buffalo, N. Y., Andrew O'Connell, Brooklyn, N. Y. Norbert Kosinski, Amsterdam, N. Y., Louisa Coogan, Niagara Falls, N. Y., Francis Zagrobelny, Niagara Falls, N. Y., Thomas Wishowski, Niagara Falls, N. Y., Donald Marvel, Ridge- wood, N. Y., Thomas Brophy, Prince- ton, N. J., John Hennessey, Queens Vil- lage, N. Y., Mary Eileen Thomas, Lewis- ton, N. Y., Donald Wind, Lewiston, N. Y. il. x ' ' VV., -T I 1 i First Row: Sandra Oechsner, Williams- ville, N. Y., Elizabeth Cassidy, Niagara Falls, N. Y., Rosemary Sarkees, Ni- agara Falls, N. Y., Thomas Redwood, Bordentown, N. J., Daniel Keegan, Pittsfield, Mass., Lorraine Granieri, Ni- agra Falls, N. Y., Joyce McArdle, Ni- agra Falls, N. Y., Kathleen McSpadden, Lewiston, N. Y. Second Row: Daniel Shiel, N. Y., N. Y., Robert Ricci, Charleston, W. Va., Terrell Hebert, Waterbury, Conn. William Foote, Morrisville, Pa., Vladi- mir Ptasiuk, New York, N. Y., John Scirocco, Schenectady, N. Y., Henry Poreda, Trenton, N. J., Eugene Har- zenski, Trenton, N. J., Alexander Spagnuolo, Bloomfield, N. J. JU ICR Sitting: Robert Ellwood, Riverhead, N. Y., Francis Dennis, Niagara Falls, N. Y., Joseph Cardin, Tonawanda, N. Y. Standing: Charles Brennen, Niagara Falls, N. Y., Samuel Rapa- sardi, Sanastota, N. Y., Gay Wind, Williams- ville, N. Y., Christine Banas, Niagara Falls, N. Y., Thomas DiCamillo, Niagara Falls, N. Y., Dennis Courtney, Grand Island, N. Y., Fidelis C. Dolansky, Youngstown, N. Y., Mary Collins, Lockport, N. Y. ,, - H was .. Nmmsesfyzfw. mu, ,fe 'WH' 11 1 , N - .gswsvgevzsfizsw . . THE! yi!! wg' First Row: Janet Aberdeen, Lewiston, N. Y., Thomas Marsh, Kenmore, N. Y., -Donald Guercio, Kenmore, N. Y., Albert McNab, Lock- port, N. Y., William Cassidy, Corning, N. Y., Walter Cempura, Buffalo, N. Y. Second Row: Thomas Grosse, Thorold, Ont., John Campo, Dansville, N. Y., Douglas Crowley, Niagara Falls, N. Y., Salvatore Cioili, Niagara Falls, N. Y., James Karpick, Buffalo, N. Y., William Grimes, Niagara Falls, N. Y., George Giardino, Rome, N. Y. First Row: Ruth Conrad, Grand Island, N. Y., Margie Babor, Flushing, N. Y., Jackie Werner, Rockaway Park, N. Y., Mary Ann Viehmann, Rochester, N. Y. Second Row: Frannie Bum- balo, Buffalo, N. Y., Rose Loth, Grand Island, N. Y. JU IORS N Sitting: Mary Ann Thomas, Mechanicville, N. Y., Sheila Mc- ' . g ' ' Clincy, Niagara Falls, N. Y., Jean Borgatti, Niagara Falls, ' N. Y. Standing: Sylvia Samulski, Marilla, N. Y., Bonnie Lark, Long Island, N. Y., Barbara Roll, Lewiston, N. Y. 'S ' ' . Edward Flynn, Islip Terrace, N. Y., Anthony Dardano, Utica, N. Y., Liberato Iannone, Auburn, N. Y. ,uf 8 .' Sitting: John Cunningham, Albion, N. Y., John Reynolds, Lima, N. Y., Stephen Ryan, Queens Village, N. Y. Standing: Charles Harnish, Tonawanda, N. Y., David Volin, Pittsfield, Mass., Donald Peters, Hudson, N. Y., William White, Euclid, Ohio, Thomas Hogencamp, Utica, N. Y., Steven Gaesser, Rochester, N. Y., Robert Fay, North Arlington, N. J., Richard Fasanello, Clinton, N. Y. Top Row: Philip Caponera, Glens Falls, N. Y., Henry Santulli, Elmira, N. Y., Michael Fischette, Clyde, N. Y. 311 2 Sitting: Philip Badame, Buffalo, N. Y., James Buzinsky, Trenton, N. J., Anthony Barletto, Bridgeport, Conn., Jim Albano, Rochester, N. Y. Standing: Mike Bigen- Wald, Orchard Park, N. Y., Bill Adams, Albany, N. Y., Joe Doddridge, Buffalo, N. Y., Jerry Barnell, Amster- dam, N. Y., Tim Dwan, Torrington, Conn., Tony Beeaker, Trenton, N. J., Dave Bentley, College Point, N. Y. .f .-ar., , M 4 QA Sitting: Joseph Conti, Niagara Falls, N. Y., Patricia Casale, Grand Island, N. Y., James Curtin, Bingham- ton, N. Y., Kenneth Cuneo, Elmhurst, N. Y. Standing: Edward Evert, Niagara Falls, N. Y., Samuel Civiletto, Niagara Falls, N. Y., John Curtin, Syracuse, N. Y., Daniel Gregg, Syracuse, N. Y., Samuel Costanzo, Ni- agara Falls, N. Y., james Engel, Niagara Falls, N. Y. Kneeling: John Tracinski, Niagara Falls, N. Y., Thomas Escovar, Endicott, N. Y., Joseph Pawlowski, Niagara Falls, N. Y. Standing: Ronald Skuse, Niagara Falls, N. Y., Joseph Maddrey, Aliuquippa, Pa., Thomas Rig- lin, Niagara Falls, N. Y., David Campbell, Kenmore, N. Y., Claudia Sturmer, Niagara Falls, N. Y., Penelope Thomas, Niagara Falls, N. Y., Patricia Nowak, Niagara Falls, N. Y., Frederick Pestorius, Greece, N. Y., Paul Mays, Rochester, N. Y., Roland Phillips, Wilsgn, N, Y, . H -: If j W.-az, nr, V, ,. ' ' '- ' ' Y. 1.5 vf' "- , , , :W ' Sitting: John Sweeney, Torrington, Conn., Robert Starck, Kenmore, N. Y., John Shannon, Syracuse, N. Y., Raymond Kellmurray, Utica, N. Y., William Wasulko, Cheektowaga, N. Y. Standing: Rocco Venuto, Niagara Falls, N. Y., Thomas Riley, Buffalo, N. Y., David Ciciarelli, E. Syracuse, N. Y., Kathleen Flynn, Lewiston, N. Y., Robert Perlman, Niagara Falls, N. Y., Richard Rockwell, Jackson Heights, N. Y. First Row: Mary Lee Sulkowski,VVi1liamsville, N. Y. Second Row: Mary Ann Albers, Brent- wood, N. Y., Ellen Main, Port Washington, N. Y., Marre Brace, Aruba, N. W. I., Harriet Carter, Dannemora, N. Y., Alicia Ryan, Tona- Wanda, N. Y. Sheila Supples, Buffalo, N. Y., Barbara Neyer- lin, Niagara Falls, N. Y., Nancy Chiarello, Rockaway Beach, N. Y., Bernadette Dorsch, Bronx, N. Y., Dr. Victor Szyrynski, Sandra Hewitt, Niagara Falls, N. Y. CLASS GF l 1964 . . . 4515 , Treasurer: Ray Merkel, President Lew Vice-President Joe Ciancaglini. Gardens, N. Y g George Klimek, Bristol, Co Steven Krause, Watervliet, N. Y.g John F. K nedy, Troy, N. Y., James Larocca, Brookl N. Y.5 Philip Carapella, Corning, N. Y., J Demember, Elmira, N. Y., John Lech Rochester, N. Y., Patrick Kennedy, Applet N. Y. John Cain, Utica, N. Y., Joseph Kelly, K . ' n 4 c I1 ... - . First Row: Stanley Jarosz, Niagara Falls, N. Y., Robert Scheesser, Niagara Falls, N. Y., Mari- anne McConnell, Stanhope, N. Y., Ann Teplitz, Spring Valley, N. Y., Kearons Whalen, Pitts- field, Mass., Kathleen Quinlan, North Tona- wanda, N. Y., Patricia Ratchuk, Silver Creek, N. Y., Stephen Foster, Chaumont, N. Y. Sec- oml Row: Richard O'Bara, Niagara Falls, N. Y., James Schermerhorn, Rochester, N. Y., Mary Ann Ryan, Niagara Falls, N. Y., John Luraschi, Buffalo, N. Y., Rocco Bruno, Niagara Falls, N. Y., Dennis Silverthorn, Niagara Falls, N. Y. ' Christopher Reimels, Hicksville, N. Y., Paul Reagan, Syracuse, N. Y., John Pickering, Rochester, N. Y., Phyllis Popowich, Niagara Falls, N. Y., Rich- ard Patterson, Marcellus, N. Y., John Delea, Hollis, N. Y., Lawrence Joh- mann, Beachwood, N. J. Sitting: Kevin LaCroix, Rye, N. Y., Peggy Benz, Williamsville, N. Y., Kathy Lucey, Lan- caster, N. Y., Marty Codin, Camillus, N. Y., Francis Mangine, Glens Falls, N. Y., Maureen Cleary, Buffalo, N. Y., Kay Chalfant, Donora, Pa., Gretchen Behringer, Buffalo, N. Y., Janice Kocher, Alden, N. Y., Viola Everson, Tallman, N. Y., Carol Ackman, East Norwich, L. I., N. Y. Standing: Tony Mascari, Canastota, N. Y., Eugene Gaughan, Buffalo, N. Y., George M. Telatnik, Niagara Falls, N. Y., Joseph Lynch, Apalachin, N. Y. M ,ggzgzbazy 1, zmsffz, ' ff' 5x,: vs S' Wu V 's if-qi 4 r I "' 5 wi I I f 'S me f' M L 1' W iw I HB. H , M . M f Q 'PSQ First Row: Jerauld Schnee- berger, Buffalo, N. Y., Peggy Pfohl, Grand Island, N. Y., Elizabeth Sawczyk, Niagara Falls, N. Y., Gary Salvatore, Brockport, N. Y. Second Row: John Nestor, New York, N. Y., Philip Potempa, Niagara Falls, N. Y., Ann Martowski, Ware, Mass., Stephen Schulz, Roches- ter, N. Y. Third Row: William Jankowski, Broadalbin, N. Y., Charles D'Arcy, Niagara Falls, N. Y., Frederick Samulski, Ni- agara Falls, N. Y., Daniel Reilly, Belmar, N. Fourth Row: Carl DiVita, Niagara Falls, N. Y., John Glahe, North Tonawanda, N. Y., Frederick Kohrer, Niagara Falls, N. Y., Francis Reilly, Wolcott, Conn. Sitting: Josephine Galati, Ni- agara Falls, N. Y., Valerie Couch, Niagara Falls, N. Y., Cynthia Justyk, Niagara Falls, N. Y., Patricia Ormsby, Ni- agara Falls, N. Y. Standing: Nelson Leone, Niagara Falls, N. Y., Robert Castellani, Ni- agara Falls, N. Y., Lee Erick- son, Niagara Falls, N. Y., Jerry Alvermann, Bath, N. Y., David Porreca, Niagara Falls, N. Y., John Gray, Niagara Falls, N. Y. J-J 1, . v ' jf. V 1 -1- GD Eugene Mylowe, Trenton, N. J., Rose Friona, Niagara Falls, N. Y., Judith chiodo, Niagara Falls, N. Y., Rosemary Fratello, Niagara Falls, N. Y., Claudia De Marchi, Niagara Falls, N. Y., Lawrence Monin, Niagara Falls, N. Y. Kneeling: Gary Cantwell, Rockville Centre, N. Y., Richard Jankunas, Am- sterdam, N. Y., Francis Giancaterin, Rochester, N. Y. Standing: James Kasidas, Waterbury, Conn., Robert Grandjean, Bethpage, L. I., N. Y., John Howard, Geneva, N. Y., David Hy chalk, Morrisville, Pa., John Harvey Lewiston, N. Y., Arthur Johnson, Hills dale, N. J., Richard Holms, Westport Conn., Anthony Aragoni, Syracuse N. Y. Raymond Merkel, Rochester, N. Y. Robert Cirillo, Eastchester, N. Y. James Hosp, Syracuse, N. Y., Steve Dinda, Farmingdale, N. Y., Josep Braun, Garden City, N. Y., Davi Coheleach, Baldwin, N. Y. First Row: Ann Henry, Brooklyn, N. Y., Sharon Marano, Earlsville, N. Y. Sec- ond Row: Joseph Chmielarski, North Tonawanda, N. Y., Rose Micale, Ni- agara Falls, N. Y., Lena Romeo, Seneca Falls, N. Y., Patricia O'Hara, Trenton, N. J. Third Row: Mary Ann McClean, West Hartford, Conn., Mary Rose Haller, Grand Island, N. Y., Johann Crick, Niagara Falls, N. Y., Sally Bald- win, Niagara Falls, N. Y., Lillian Kuchy, Niagara Falls, N. Y. Fourth Row: William Markland, Oceanside, N. Y., Conrad Johnson, Medina, N. Y. Stanley Olszewski, Bridgeport, Conn., Vincent Ortolani, Rochester, N. Y., Linda Candido, Niagara Falls, N. Y., Francis Monahan, Sea Girt, N. J., Rita Berthot, Niagara Falls, N. Y., John Mulholland, Waterbury, Conn., Rich- ard Nicol, Broadway, N. J. First Row: Mary Marcin, Niagara Falls, N. Y., Therese Giles, Niagara Falls, N. Y., Lois Mecca, Gowanda, N. Y. Second Row: Richard O"Bera, Niagara Falls, N. Y., Daniel Kelley, Niagara Falls, N. Y., Barbara Berock, Niagara Falls, N. Y., Gerald Galdys, Niagara Falls, N. Y., Marilyn Lovett, Niagara Falls, N. Y., Ann McCarthy, Niagara Falls, N. Y., Patrick Conway, Niagara Falls, N. Y., Eileen Dawson, Niagara Falls, N. Y., John Bienkowski, Niagara Falls, N. Y., Brian O'Donnell, Niagara Falls, N. Y. Paul Levy, Niagara Falls, N. Y., Henrietta Golanka, Niagara Falls, N. Y., Thomas Brennan, Woodside, N. Y., Thomas Mil- ler, Johnson City, N. Y., John Murphy, Niagara Falls, N. Y., Elwood Tauscher, Grand Is- land, N. Y., David O,Dea, Ni- gara Falls, N. Y. f Standing: Joseph Conlon, Brook- lyn, N. Y. Sitting: Frank Clark, Snyder, N. Y., Richard Stil- well, West Point, N. Y., Ray- mond Sottilaro, Jersey City, N. J., James Ludeman, East Northport, N. Y. L7 Mfy-zudff 04 " A Q, ' U 0 3 ,f7f1"fL"ffAjp!LZ 74 I SCPHCMORES E' Jr" , . .ugly - 5, ,Q .1 M VK., '4x :- 11? ,Z ' 1' If , 42: .ml 'E in 1 ' Am ' :lf ,V . ,Z-:K+ M .,g,.,Lv, .Q if , A., .., ,lf iff Q '. 'Ng 4. x . if if' 1. rr .Ar , ' ', Q X fa ' --uv 'R w 4 iss, QL -.-ee " J V 1 -. JH' 1 , - , -' ' ,I 4, . . ., ,W , ww 5' , N ,, . '- I, A.n,x,', . f..- . ,U .. 'Y - av-3' -.Q J 0 Ji' 'sl'-, - . -A : A. ff ,- 'fig xg-9.-IA, ,-W' , - . . -r' Aa A ! ,LX Q 1 W,-N'!' . ff' , tw ' wg .,xQ35"i'- 1:7 '17?gSi:' , 'fimaw-H . I9 , E. .5 I '-.ew Us , ' " . li 'V an , x X251 LJ , r' V . Y , .I g! 7 . .bi f . gpg 'I ',,, A ., A 1" Y' i E ,MI '-, 'fi 4 ' , . .' Y N , ww? 55514 ' IEW '.'-IJ "Q V .MTV .- 1 '1 4 , 'fv ,,,.n ., A -, ,vr . 3 .Sf '41, CLASS OF 1965 CLASS OFFICERS-1965 Jerry Dermody, Treasurer, John O'Connor, President, Paula Cheles, Secretary, John Colabrete, Vice-President. First Row: Karen Ande Lewiston, N. Y., John Donoh New York, N. Y., Sharon Br nan, Niagara Falls, N. Kevin, Donohue, New Yo N. Y. Second Row: Lawre Downs, East Riverton, N. Dorothea Dennis, Rockv Center, N. Y., Patricia Dol Buffalo, N. Y., Joseph Drag Carteret, N. J., Nancy Gre Wald, Lewiston, N. Y., Tho Diskin, New Rochelle, N. Clement Diglio, Syracuse, N. Patrick Dolan, Syracuse, N. john Galbo, Niagara Falls, N. Y., Richard Geuss, Kingston, N. Y., Mary Ellen Gallagher, Niagara Falls, N. Y., Phyllis Foit, Buffalo, N. Y., Thomas Fuller, Rome, N. Y., Michael Fleming, Geneva, N. Y., Michael Coleman, Syra- cuse, N. Y., John Fries, Arcade, N. Y., Edward Fries, Oceanside, N. Y. Franklin Reuter, North Tonawanda, N. Y., Terrence Pinzel, Grand Island, N. Y., Maureen Raidy, Niagara Falls, N. Y., Robert Martinez, Niagara Falls, N. Y., Edward Petner, Philadelphia, Pa., Joseph Patti, North Tonawanda, N. Y., Blair Hoplight, Niagara Falls, N. Y., Peter Simpson, Niagara Falls, N. Y., Daniel Pickett, Mechanicville, N. Y., Virginia Howe, Lewiston, N. Y., Peter Rochon, Waterbury, Conn., An- thony Pelliccia, Rochester, N. Y., Wil- liam Prouty, Niagara Falls, N. Y., Philip Penny, Buffalo, N. Y., Peter Pritchard, Utica, N. Y., Francis Pom- mett, East Norwich, N. Y. James Monk, White Plains, N. Y., James O'Mahoney, Brooklyn, N. Y., William O'Keefe, Syracuse, N. Y., john O'Con- nor, Brooklyn, N. Y., Robert Mills, Brooklyn, N. Y., John Massimiano, Richmond Hill, N. Y., Daniel Nally, Rochester, N. Y., John Murphy, Brook- lyn, N. Y. James Fox, New York City, N. Y., Robert Gibbons, Mount Vernon, N. Y., Sandy Greco, Niagara Falls, N. Y., John Ford, Niagara Falls, N. Y., Shir- ley Federico, Niagara Falls, N. Y., Carole Ferraro, Flushing, N. Y., Bar- bara Eckert, Buffalo, N. Y. First Row: David Schwab, North Java, N. Y., Wilham Scanlon, Rochester, N. Y., Joseph Savittiere, Lockport, N. Y., George Kugler, Lockport, N. Y. Second Row: Thomas Scala, New Hart- ford, N. Y., Roger Savidge, Floral Park, N. Y., Robert Schleelein, Rochester, N. Y. Third Row: Albert Fasti, Wil- mington, Del., Richard Sanders, Can- adaigua, N. Y., James Powers, Mont- clair, N. J., Phillip Russell, North Tonawanda, N. Y., Donald Scott, Bridgeport, Conn. FRESHME Y 1 luv Y anim!! "U '5"Li' 50 :-a-6,--- 5 lg. . I A! Y H 7' 'F V3 V' I, -'- ff- if I A l - ' . 1.1-.A F, 2 , . ,Q-. . b- I gd A 1 ., v' ,gg2f'i"1 F , , 1,1 uf ? -- . P , , V1. ' " A 4' P- , , -1-f in 'I ,' H 9 -if I ix , :gf ' ex " nf" ff ' . ' - ,ga gf s 4 J! , V .... . . I Y Fr, 'Q ' i , A J I ' U ! Q5 ':J3?.5 pg 1 f J fu If W1 H 4 ,TF A 1' Aix 47-39,-Q' . I, -4'-fa I Q, 11.9 i ,' .. , ., :HIE I - .. , A el 5 A 8 I 1:-5, 1 f':'i5.v?q' ij 26,4 ' -'Er ? 2151 HQ' A ww 3 gl I Y gj ,Q 8 wm- FRE HME Robert Piccoli, Brooklyn, N. Y., Rocco Barrese, Lake Ronkon- koma, N. Y., Anthony Mordaci, Rochester, N. Y., Donald Jellig, Franklin Square, N. Y. First Row: Jeane LaVelle, Niagara Falls, N. Y., Bruce Hamel, Westbury, N. Y., Mary Ellen Henry, Port Henry, N. Y., Marian Hamilton, Peabody, Mass., Paul Gross, Sanborn, N. Y., Lee Lawler, Canton, N. Y., Krista Hover, Stuyvesant, N. Y., Mark Hailey, Ni- agara Falls, N. Y., Mary Ann LaGreca, Hamilton, N. Y., Georgia Hebert, Beth- page, N. Y., Bryan Harradine, Albion, N. Y., Mary Hanusin, Niagara Falls, N. Y. Anthony Klarman, Folsom, Pa., John Kennedy, Troy, N. Y., Eugene Kulbago, Niagara Fall, N. Y., Maralee Kirwin, Harrington, Del., Gary Lane, Ransom- ville, N. Y. L gag,-l'.,a.Q,L'Q. ....'1f'.-ia.1'Hu-IE? ir If In A. J-1' 5.-,ig .dQ..1mf '- '- . - Li. - . Q bfizf s.' if f ' 1 FRE HME B. fy Q' First Row: Andrea Hetzel, Portland, Conn., Lynn Haefner, Buffalo, N. Y., Karen Keller, Niagara Falls, N. Y. Second Row: Alan jones, Rochester, N. Y., Jerome Ingate, Mountainside, N. J., Richard Iocco, Clyde, N. Y., Edward Kampf, Albany, N. Y., James Hay, Brooklyn, N. Y., Vincent Jarosz, Niagara Falls, N. Y., Lanson Hyde, North Andover, Mass. Jack Winden, Lewiston, N. Y., Jack McLane, Auburn, N. Y., Robert Hast- ings, Geneva, N. Y., Paul Makowski, Albany, N. Y., Jerauld Lynch, Niagara Falls, N. Y., Lynn Napierski, Buffalo, N. Y., Robert Leach, Niagara Falls, N. Y., Edwin Haley, Rome, N. Y., James Nix, Rome, N. Y., Edward Law- lor, Canton, N. Y., Louis Reele, Niagara Falls, N. Y. First Row: Frank Reuter, Niagara Falls, N. Y., Mar- garet Lewis, Niagara Falls, N. Y., Kathleen Ryan, Ni- agra Falls, N. Y. Second Row: James Smith, Long Is- land, N. Y., Robert Manley, Syracuse, N. Y. First Row: John Wurts, South Orange, N. J., Peggy Lewis, Niagara Falls, N. Y., Richard Kittle, Torrington, Conn. Second Row: Ruth Riordan, Niagara Falls, N. Y., Gerry Urbaniak, Niagara Falls, N. Y., Joan Guzdek, Niagara Falls, N. Y. Third Row: Grace Kraft, Niagara Falls, N. Y., Kietha Patterson, Niagara Falls, N. Y., James Smith, Huntington, N. Y., Kath- leen Ryan, Niagara Falls, N. Y. Fourth Row: Sally Thomas, Niagara Falls, N. Y., Kevin Kelly, Flushing, N. Y. First Row: Kathleen Barnas, Clifton, N. J., Alberta Borgese, Niagara Falls, N. Y., Mary Jane Beelein, Olcott, N. Y., John Donofrio, Auburn, N. Y. Sec- ond Row: John DeDeyn, Mas- sapequa, N. Y., Robert Davis, - Lodi, N. J., Nicholas DeFelice, Niagara Falls, N. Y. Third Row: William DeBe1lo, Peek- I - f skill, N. Y., Alan Diefenbach, Albany, N. Y., Richard Collins, North Tonawanda, N. Y. Fourtb'Row: James Dougherty, Tonawanda, N. Y., George Drmacich, Tonawanda, N. Y. -it if FRESHME Seated: George Hoca, Kenmore, N.Y., Kevin Kelly, Flushing, N.Y., Thomas O'Dea, Lewiston, N.Y., Thomas Rohr, john Davies, Niagara Falls, N.Y., William Barrington, Syracuse, N.Y., Ralph Toscno, Rochester, N.Y., Terry Franko- vich, Niagara Falls, N.Y. 'TF THE DEVELOPMENT OF THE MATURE MIND GROWS IN STAGES, IT PROGRESSES FRCM If Mi . wg 11-P AV ir 1 , 2 y,--Q---'z T lt The spiritual advisors Welcome the students and offer help for the forthcoming year. A renovated Niagara Welcomes both new and familiar faces to the growing campus. The record number of 1,782 students which registered for the 1961-62 academic year, the largest enrollment in N. U. history, succeeded in keeping IBM machine clicking furiously throughout. Coaches K1-um and Pryzlucki sign the incoming Fresh- men for intramurals. REGISTRATIC D Y nv., 'Swe- , ,Tian f .ar x Incoming Freshmen fail to escape the R.O.T.C. table where Don Pachuta and Jerry Hyzy conscript recruits. Student Council Representatives collect fees and present students with mem- bership cards in the National Student Associ Q... 'im X "Powdered sugar, eggs, and flour are perfect for removing dandruf and giving hair that 'come hither' look." D O THRGUGH HAZING if-If kip ff? l 1 "Perhaps you should forget a "Yes sir, I am a creep." "Look, Alive, Fresh!" college education." WJ WEE The Indoctrination Master looks like something out of the Untouchables as he glares at the incoming Freshxnen "-Skir- 'H 4 qui' The Frosh use each other for the wheelbarrow Walk at the Liberation Day games. Shouts of orders and scurrying bodies mark the 1961 Indoctrination period. For three hectic weeks Frosh girls teeter under the Weight of ankle-length skirts, while en- terprising Frosh boys serenade upperclass- men with traditional hymns. United by mutual "misery," the Frosh develop into a well-knit Freshman class. " s. H UN 4-.1 The dejected Frosh struggles hard to maintaxn a Stoic face in front of her Indoctrinatwn Mistress. "More Wind ou deflated Fresh." 1 Y I 5 i ?f':n.i4' 1- uf' issii' I.'?f3L1'lf5E1f- 5' ll-T 's"'E5:5' ' T25 " -. Q- -- T , . -.. .fp m sf, ,1 ,- .4"':-:"1'.'. , 4--1 V " 51 . ..,. , in .. f b ..:'.y '!-- . . - t X- J' -asa: - . - f . 'K 2 f .J-' .-mg 1: QF - ' ll ,I Q E: " 'gi V i-f,:.:?k 7-7 ?I'5L.:- .- ,.-.X , . - - ' J a! 1 ' UQ- -ml gf, " - i HL' "fl '.,:l 1 1 L: - 1?-55 sf" . A --5331 5 P4 -'if' 'Y' ' 1912, .,"'-'f'n'3"f-. -Y ff ' 1 -2 -f - 55,1 -' .4 V ,JU 1 51.1 ' " ' , . T' '-lff ,-,L-,A " 1--" 171.-." ,H .f Y' 4 . Y- ,- f-3f,f.,.. -..f- V J ,- 1 ,r : , un! -' .-,.. .. M- ,.f .,. ,-.-5 . 5-,fn , -- 11',-1"gf'1u++-aff -+'f'f: Mi,-' " fi 1 - rx M f'41:.1' " 1-f lf' :MJ i-'5.fCA': .' Juli ', .if " 2-11f-'V'+.'-23f'Q2.L5.iL sg jf' lg ,:' ' , .:' 5-H . ily ."'L"' Elia 1. -a i--ra fgj -f , - , M -. E., 41hm,1f.':g,f3, ,fgizfff-., "?:b,.r4 4.1, , Q- ,L -- .s ff:.:. ..-. Wi 'L 3 1' -K., .,,-A,5,,4y'n Q- .. ..e, ,-.,,,,31.., j L, ,, 1, ,i -, - , .5 . :If ..,,,..L-. ag-5.3-,,, 539. ' ,- 43551. f5.f15,,5xfH-,cl , , ' 1 -' 'V" 1 - ' '-" 2" ffm' ,.' ' ff! T ,- fr 5 ' "- I f' 4. , n-1, f"4.'. f4.M--.x,1,-'1 --Um., - if-, A Y .-., 11 A ,-,-1.",1,rfg---'--, , s,., l 1+ , A '. ,L-'53, ,gf--4 QA, ,- -Q -Wy , -:- 53,5 Eff' ,ka 'J g,fff?W-' ag ' .,,sb2ff' ?fff Ft" "I haven't done this since I was a babyj, T0 LIBERATIO DAY . . . Spirited cries of "Whoopee!" replace the fawning "yessir's" as Frosh prepare for Lib Day. Patient and lowly no longer, they discard tie and dink, to show their athletic proficiency at Saturday's vengeful games. Later that evening, at the long awaited dance, they merrymake in their new freedom, after officially becoming Freshmen. Clothes tear, knees are scuiled and noses bloodied as the Intramural teams clash in touch football. Three growling players pounce upon an opponent and force hi.m to drop with the ball. Father McGlinn entertains some of the students from his famous English class of 308. The opposing touch football teams glare at each other before Two Freshmen enjoy their new freedom at che the center snap. Liberation Dance. The tremendous crowd at the Libera- tion Dance climaxed indoctrination as a great success. 3? Q yi I ! ' 1 f is -,Q f.i A' Vi ' 1 lr - Y E Q , ,M 1 f N B- 1 ,FF M f -. ,Q v J' 5 ' "Salute," cries the chorus of tee- totlers, Joe Iocco, Randy Pollard, Jim I r v in g , Jim Kane, Larry Urschel, Bob Rice, Jerry Stoy, and Charlie Sweet. Rf d D The senior nurses and rien s so- cialize at their overcrowded table. Leo Nojaim, Fran Bumbalo, Phil McCann, and Kathy Quinlan converse across the bottles. I j U 1 5 X' T",-.4 'Q n 1 , 5' V . I. V Y K 'gm up :Q wg . . 'J w- - - .. Ki X A -:I i fs ay! X fk.r4 'il '34, Q3-"V v X I '. ' ' ,H slit, K X 1 4 :F 515 . X -Ai -,X X ,W.'kVj! v -.X , 4 '.- V D vfxwflw by E ,, , tiff- if 'V' j- 43 w. I V , T2 4. -F . L is 43 L ,Em 74 Q' 1 ' 'i,T,' '- x :ii-F' .ne ,, ' I ' w -x V 2' - f .V ,5 ,J fa, mr f"H'u, D- .. A . ' . 1 5 ff J ' ' " fy ' 1 4 - V f 5,7-,V ' '--v 1-my 4.-1 -.A .I ' A. ' 4 4 .' -yy f V. 'X -J , if!-.K Q4 -'MF' I: 35 113' V - ' , rl 3, - 14. V ,pk m N" 135'-W - -' '--4 M- - ML lr mf- V .X .- - f Q1 f f- .F V f Q gr J V , RN , V., I Y, . .,. N ,, - , V , V , .V I x-'gg vw A VA ' 1? ig 1 , I v"'5f,.f-.', A- I ,KV V- 'R it 7, H u I ,U IV .A - l- , , - If Nr' 1. - . Wx.. -1.1 .f 1. ., rf . , - A - - - 1 ' 'C ' R -- , .- 1 D ' . , - he - V., 5, A 3 ' 4- . . , V I A 212-M V. V I h gr V X , 7. Ii., i -. Y! I . N ,jf 1 V M , gy ' V ' , ff., gf! V f 1 V. f A ,M .51 J V .UAV f Q., V. 'l ,-"- P 1' AV. V 'I ,ja..a., ' K 'U' : , g I . I nu.. W M ' - b A' h ' '...h.'.-A S , ' ur fa x 1 - , H. , 1 I 9 xi r ' A ffiqx 34.4, ., IE, , VJ' fp 1 f U l ,r 1 .ff -' A .+ E Aa gf' x-I if wav ....-f fc -is 41 'X'-Q, - Nkjwg-Ski " 7 Q-we Q Q Q v bus K 1 i 43, -1 ., , T? ? .-- i. E Q M we AK! ' - ' ' 4 4, .,,-"w,- 'QW' . 'J ' m ' , il , .,v, - .X 7l'N.f.l x . , 'b!.,'!':iEQf' xxx 1 fx- 41- .1- 'X X wfy. ' 'Q X Y 1.-, vkllq A X ,-fwJ3,..4, ,1 X A v. 2 gAM X 'I4ff?...S?,' 1, 'm Fax ' 5 3, ',. , :p2i,'AL,,-is :jg ,K 'mlm , g.q',..,E -.9 T 1 , 'F E X G? . x A ' is .f. F .A xx Y .. SJ 2 ' , 1 I CHRISTMAS BRINGS THE TREE LIGHTI The crowd sings "Silent Night" before going in for cocoa and doughnuts. What Was lacking in snow at the 1961 Christmas Tree Lighting was supplanted by holiday spirit. The tree, donated and decorated by the Rochester Club, burst into multi-colored life during the student carol- ling. The beautiful crib scene provided an inspirational note for the ceremony. Later the choristers filed over to the Student Center for hot chocolate and doughnuts. mas tree aglow. Fr. Joseph Ganley and Fr. Vincent T. Swords pull the switch tha sets the 100 foot Christ IA UARY, THE MID-TERM EXAM . . . "Does your pepsin lose its flavor on the bedpost overnight?", sings Jim Tuholski as he pores over a diagram of the human stomach. Father Ganley's Political Science class gnaws at pencils through the long hours of the final exam. "The primary formal effect of quantity is the actual extension of Corporeal Substance in respect to itself." What? AND THE SENIGR BA QUET . . Doctor Kiely's incomparable jokes are a highlight of the Senior Banquet. Doctor Kiely's homorous remarks provoke gales of laughter the annual Senior Banquet. WE MOVE U T0 WI TER WEEKE . . . Leo Nojaim and Franny Bumbalo reign as King and Queen of Winter Weekend. Under the co-chairmanship of Phil Mc- Cann and Tom Cahill, the 1962 Winter Weekend was a tremendous success. Despite the warm Weather and the meager- snow statues, the collegians participated eagerly in the scheduled events. Highlights of the weekend were the concert by the Ray Mc- Kinley Orchestra, the Niagara-Seton Hall basketball game and the Saturday evening social at the Hotel Niagara. The Lower Level rocks as Freshmen couples do the "twist 39 o The Glenn Miller Orchestra, directed by Ray McKinley, blasts forth with "String of Pearls" at the Winter Week- end Concert. Coffee, cokes, and gossip are the prime ingredients at a Student Center table. Mary Eileen Thomas and Sis Dawson collide with Adrian Menichetti as the boys, wearing boxing gloves, tangle with the Purple Princesses. Miss Joanie Shepherd, vocalist for the orchestra does a solo. 0411156 In a fleeting moment of glory, Paul Barra stuns his opponent with a vicious left. Jack "Rock" Dwyer unleashes his patented kidney punch against Billy Bishop of Buffalo. jim "Killer" Kane gives the fight fans a fine example of defensive boxing. Manuel Estavez catches a right to the head bt comes back with his famous two-hand counts punch. D THE THERE'S A IGHT AT THE FIGHTS O O 0 Perfect Sophomore examples of the Well dressed Niagara male. WE USHER IN SPRI Fellow students prepare for the Niagara astronaut's- landing as he returns from his flight around the campus. Seniors of Varsity Village assemble around the garbage can for a hot dog roast. cf- D WITH IT. . Couples danced to the smooth orchestra- tions of the Les Elgart band under a canopy of midnight-blue veiling, an appropriate setting for "Magic Moments," theme of the 1961 Junior Prom. Prom-enaders then transferred their gaiety to Hotel Niagara's Indian Room for the post-Prom social. Saturday afternoon's picnic preceeded a gala dinner dance at the Century Club, all this fittingly climaxed by Sunday,s Mass and Communion breakfast. King Chris Busch and Queen Mary Ann Ryan reign over the 1961 Junior Prom. THE JU IDR PRGM . . . -3' 1 Three jubilant couples leave the Hotel Niagara on their way to the prom at the Student Center. Paul Fuller and Bernie Halligan order drinks at the pre-prom social. Chuch Panepento entertains the crowd with his rendition of the "Twista" Mr. and Mrs. "Taps" Gallagher give the youngsters a lesson as they dance the "cha cha." Queen Mary Ann Ryan smiles at her court of lovely ladies and their dashing escorts. Smooth strains of music by Les Elgart glide over the Student Center at the Junior Prom. The front rank comes forward as a line of Juniors leads the Grand March. Tom Cahill and his date seem unaware that, the music has stopped playing. im Tuholski and his date pause to enjoy a drink at the aturday afternoon picnic at Jayne Park. Bernie Dorsch, Kathy Lucey and Nancy Cluarello ride THE E D DRAWS NEAR WITH MCVI G UP DAY . . . Niagara nurses demonstrate the technique of blood donations with their Clara Barton float. Student Council President Jim Irving, Queen Kathy Quaglia and Ugly Man John Proiitlick are escorted in a new convertible. 4 mv r 1 2 The Class of '62 float depicted an 1890 beach scene at H Atlantic City with Pat McKernan in a bathing suit as the main attraction. 'hx ,PF SW " ,..,fr C Humidity failed to repress the traditionally high Ni- spirits on Moving Up Day, 1961. At a student assembly, the Sigma Alpha Sigma induc- tion began a chain of exciting events. Announcements of class officers, MUD queen, Ugly Man and Student Council president were eagerly awaited by the crowd. Afterwards, the "Gay Ninetiesv parade headed for owntown Niagara Falls. Colorful floats which repre- ented many hours of work highlighted the afternoon. Friday evening collegians enjoyed a social at the Hotel iagara. The hectic Weekend ended with the Saturday UD Dance in the upper level of the Student Center. onica Kadykowski leans out of the window of the N.U. train o talk with Timmy Murnane. c.. ii -al . -' 'AI-Sud J . t '75 . . 4' . -bldg 1 542, .+ '13 -- -113:--' -lf. -+ ff X - e'il,i'fQFti-5 -,131 1 4 .v , ff F risflfri-i 1 ' ,-fi, . s ,, L . ho'-fl i H' , in -ww" gs:-E, . 5 121 4 f I '-55133--ic 'H 'S' M ,'-'iL.1i,1Q7g. 4 f ,.,'-'am--9, : Q 7 .-.,. -,751 19 Y 1,115-. Fr-sais--' ' 1 . - 415 1' L- vw ,caffgag .C i 1, - 'lf-.-' -11i'.':f:'Z71. 4- , - fmf - -'jfgzxfwx-ff'1rf-:QIf'-1-was - A : A 'L.l:4L!.lL:trL:,5,4A '- if-ff F -, I ffm 'gilslggwf 'ER-.,x it ,. a -..-mm gaut- 1-n 5 it ' - :rv ,F rakg? ' ' . 351 ' f. T-ii? 1 ' i M Q? v ..- ,V-LL :ss ,17Il'--xt, ' 1' E . In wil " . 'H . I 1 1 " ,, "3 ,1 if 1' W -- f : 3...-ri, 1 55:-3 ,. 5 , r...1-- . , -.. JP' " wk'--.a,a,i Ji 1 -rj-g"luu-....i.,,, -', . ., wi ' -an 3 -Q, , 'A W My L 'ffl " ' Q. . ,a t in ' ' Eg,L'P"f1qm..?- A ,, , P ,i L5 .4?'?gs5f:. - us- . i. - - K Y N Ji ' -1 ' Q.'l'S"i ,, Q- . -Q "Jig - 7 M as l , - U t :Il 1 VY 1 - , i1511fBl1H F-V 15- nil .5 Q65 . ' x-A 157, 7 ,A " ,, .1,f"1'Z7fg,- U' f'fH.f 5' w w1'! .af fungi' , V , q- ,'!,J' ,yi JV, at uf v -""v'V! N 'Q Q N T19 'W I " QQQXUW ff"?P2-"5 . .fl fr 2 A .f uf, :gl 4 ,B as. gig' v1. p ye ' ff H5 fe M" it 3' I " ti. 'lb ' sf' .- I F V , 5- . il' is Q S .f s if , 11157 0 J' gm 1 f' .. , w 1 ' 0' ' ,.,, I Q hqigisagiml, 31, - 11.1-'iijgii-f, -W,,.v X,X. .,,.A,,, , - W' QQ Y 1 'gg fgi 5 33551512 25312135553 ' '?Ei'Z15iiiieg9f '7 , ,, . f as , V M ,gp -,, 'ff H. I, E f f . ' vflkc' ff'-Bw Vg - . fn , '1 ,fp ' --fl 0 gf A , 2 5- 1 Nw' ,-- -, 1.5 I2 ,pi , 1 . - 1 fyqi' ' ,555 ,J ' .- A- , .fx 43 fl - iff .4 .,.,k:f ' -, , F ' 'SV xifS"CZ"-,giff :Ng , ff ' Q-I fin 4 I I 55 1 'PT5 E 'jfwit 'S . ' OA V ' : ' 4,74 iii xt! Q! if fjgy. .4 vi + wig if 'Eb , q i f lv , 1 l X X' Y il fn 5, 4? ,V -4 I WK ,g . H 'H ' , , 4 i ' ' 'W ' 2 in ' L: A If v 4 N ' D - X. I f , , in Q13 rr Q 1 , I ' 'arf gp W N if 5 --6 2 , ' lf. .x R . j i, i I q 'Y X A J' F. ,Y V n x .-o- 1 I ., ' 41'A,kY I, A 4, sf. If-5-M1 gP'f"i 'JI A vhlgn. . l"L"5-wa THE MATURE MIND GROWS AS IT BRGADENS ITS SCQPE THUS WE JOIN . L O 1- A -I FUR THE TALE TED . . . GLEE CLUB The 1961-1962 Niagara University Glee Club and director Mr. Michael Slomin- ski. The Glee Club practices diligently as one member eats an ice cream cone. Under the direction of Mr. Michael Slominski, 1961-62 proved to be another successful year for the Niagara University Glee Club. Outstanding performances at every concert proved sufficient evidence of the many hours of strenuous rehearsal. The excellent reputation which the Glee Club has earned for Niagara is one of which We can be proud. Mr. Michael Slominski, directorg Sheila girls' presidentg Bill Cassidy, boys' Fr. Morris, moderator. ' "H Six:- r'g2i'2'- -.V ' was ld. i V, 1'g?3,Ha Bob Rooney, and Gabriel Zanche watch at- tentively as the technician, Ed Teucholka, ex- plains the intricacies of program production. Fran Troy and Wally Tucker get ready to broadcast the news of Niagara at the WHLD station. DEBATI delivers his speech on labor unions. Cook smiles broadly as Richard Suttell bombastic V RADIO IAGARA Radio Niagara has served the school for fourteen years. Every week WRNU broad- casts the latest campus news and sports to an eager audience. In learning the arts of communication and self-confidence, the members of Radio Niagara benefit person- ally from their service to the student body. ':N 'N ' -. By acquiring the ability to express themselves with precision and clarity, members of Niagara's debating team realize that their training in this area will be a valuable asset throughout their lives. Under the expert guidance of Fr. Edward Cook, the N.U. debaters have completed one of their most ex- tensive and successful seasons. Debates with teams from the University of Buffalo, D,Youville, St. Bona- venture, LeMoyne, Syracuse, Rochester, Cortland, and others have provided opportunities for Niagara to challenge some of the most forceful collegiate speakers in the Eastern United States. The list of numerous vic- tories, including the Canisius College Tournament, at- tests their expanding ability as debaters. Niagara's outstanding debate team with the trophy won at the Canisius College tournament: Donald Peters, Richard Suttell, Paul McCarthy and James O'Mahoney. 1:amm DRAMATICS Disorder reigns behind the curtain as the stage crew makes the final preparation for the great production. The first production of the University Players was ushered in with the last minute hurry-scurry of dress rehearsals, the sounds of the stage crew as they arranged the scenery, and the numerous cases of the "shakes" But the curtain finally rose as the endeavors of the thespians were realized in the December production of The Wbife Sheep of the Family. IJ .'l.l1lL I V ibti There's really nothing to fear," consoles Father ley in an attempt to lessen the last min e jit rs. if r Henry Poreda, a Well-to-do crook, upsets the en cast when he decides to reform in the fall play, " White Sheep of the Family." U55 ?x "TH u W-ABE5'-ip. -319. w. ., AQUILA "What redundancy in this last issueg Who wrote this article anyway? Oh, I did?" Y , 'x 'ra H u A , m lm 1 is Hs'?mlWa The Aquila, one of Niagarzfs campus publications, provides the student with an excellent outlet for his literary talent and originality. The magazine, published quarterly, recognizes particular creative achievements in both prose and poetry. In the last few years, The Aquila, by presenting a more flexible format, has pro- duced a variety of short stories, playlets, essays, and poems. J. Argus Huber, Bob Giannetti, Joe Reidy, Tom Schwab and Dave Carr seem not to be so greatly impressed with the literary offering as is Fr. Sullivan. 9 I don t think that passage from Cbatterle 's Lover its in the J' 33 I ' 1? f 1, 9l FUR THE F HO GRED . . . 8 John Curry, President Thomas Schwab, Vice-Pres I Theresa Murphy, Secretary John Grogan, Treasurer Patricia Ziobro Donald Pachuta Robert E. Lee Dorothy Rollo SIGMA ALPHA SIGMA Selection of members for Sigma Alpha Sigma, Niagara's highly respected Honor Society is based on the applicant's outstanding academic achievements and significant extracurricular participation. The traditionally exciting "tapping" ceremony highlights induction into the society which occurs at the annual Moving-Up Day assembly. It is then that the newly elected Sigman receives the symbolic gold cord, representative of the high standards and Christian ideals to Which he is pledged. A James Mylod' s ing A V! nl A ' , "f!'545ii - -I 'X f iC,f,Ji-few. Y - i fffrfrngk emi H ,i 1. rfH,f.pN,XFx3 fffghji 11535, L., ,, S ..-f 5 '2.jgi?g .ii -. 'liffhf Pi J'Q4J?.fif-f'5?l'ff-asif . ff?.g!5s,f, ix gjf?!'53i'g ' .f:f!ffffff,- ,,:ffff1'f:ffrrf:f ,,fZna4 or wif 'Jiifivffl illiiiff' James Remenicky Dennis Riley Michael Kenny Judith Liszka Anne Long William Gresser 5 X9 4 3 as '- 1 ,ll '.l'. - .1 .. .. .M-,v: V -,-9. --1, - ,M ,. E , ,..1 " 1 f b ' N" - p,. :- sara 1 v"'??!l.i 0 V " f f - .,g'wf,j' , ,, gs 5, ff: . E. ings! sinus!! V A 'I Q 5:2 n I- J ,nz ,Q- Collegians ,who have demon- strated outstanding achieve- ments in extracurricular as well as academic pursuits re- ceive national recognition in the publication "Who's Who in American Colleges and Uni- versities." 'Factors influencing selection are included in a brief biography of each student. Ni- agara's honored seniors include: Thomas Cahill, Kevin Connelly, Jack Curry, Paul Fuller, Wil- liam Gresser, John Grogan, james Irving, Paul Kennedy, Robert Lee, Anne Long, Theresa Murphy, James Mylod, Donald Pachuta, Philip McCann, James Remenicky, Dennis Riley, Doro- thy Rollo, Thomas Schwab, Barbara Crane, Patricia Ziobro, Michael Kenny, and Judith Liszka. . 31' DELTA EPSILON SIGMA Sitting: Judith Lynch, Secretary, john Grogan, Presi- dentg Dr. Morton, Advisor, Dorothy Rollo, Treasurer, Robert Lee, Vice-President. Stanrling: Donald Pachuta, Edward Canavan, Margaret Wilbur, Donald Jackson, Thomas Schwab, William Privett. Delta Epsilon Sigma, the national scholastic honor society for students of Catholic colleges and universities, is represented at Niagara by the Alpha Zeta Chapter. The top ten percent of the stu- dents in the Schools of Education and Arts and Sciences, based solely one scholastic achievement, are elected to active membership in the spring semester of their junior year. The organization promotes projects, seminars, offers benefits, and extends life-time membership to its elect. Don Jackson, Bob Lee, Dr. Morton and Bill Privett examine a painting for the Delta art show. FCR THE SERVICE MI DED . . . John Curtin, Thomas Cahill, James Maloni. Carol Dolansky, Lorraine Granieri. The Crusade Society Worked diligently toward goal of dedicating prayers and sacrifices to the of the missions. Clothing and stamp and substantial monetary contributions to fulfill these aims. Y. Robert Perlman, Publicity Chairmang Timothy Dwan, Kathleen Flynn, Kathleen Quaglia, Mary Eileen First Vice-Presidentg Bert Iannone, Presidentg Joseph Schaller, Second Vice-President. RUSADE SCCIETY ALPHA PHI CMEGA Among the organizations making a definite con- tribution to Niagara's extra-curricular program is Alpha Phi Omega. Membership is open to stu- dents Who desire to render service and develop leadership on campus. N.S.A. The United States National Student As- sociation is a confederation of student bodies of four hundred American colleges and universities which represent the schools through their democratically-elected stu- dent governments. The only completely student-controlled organization on college campuses, the N.S.A. is exclusively de- voted to serving the needs of all American students. Since its establishment, the or- ganization has worked to represent accu- rately the interests, problems, and aspira- tions of the American student. .F.C.C.S. -fd' Peter Manion, Senior Delegateg John Cain, Junior Delegate. Niagara's delegates to N. F. C. C. S., Dick Kelley and Joe Dodderidge, read the proceedings of the latest regional meeting. The National Federation of Catholic College Students is the official coordinating organization, representing Catholic colleges and universities throughout the country. Its purpose is to serve as a clearing house for information on all phases of Catholic college life, to reflect the opinions and beliefs of Catholic college students on the national level, and to provide the opportunity for discuss- ing and implementing common needs of the Catholic college community. Sitting: Father Ganley, Kathy Quaglia, Lorraine Granieri, Penny Thomas, Mary Ann Thomas, Frannie Bumbalo. Standing: Sandy Oechsner, Kay McSpadden, Claudia Sturmer, Ruth Con- rad, Nancy Chiarello, Jackie Werner, and Rose Loth. C.C.D. Sitting: Mary Ann Ryan, Secretaryg Chris Busch, President. Standing: Ed Flynn, Vice- President. The Confraternity of Christian Doctrine is one of the most influential religious or- anizations on campus. The C.C.D. is an utstanding example of Catholic Action. very Week volunteers teach religion to hildren in public schools. In the spirit of he liturgical movement, C.C.D. members lso direct dialogue masses in the neighbor- ng parishes. They can Well be proud of he contribution the Niagara Chapter is aking to the lay apostolate. Y.C.S. The organization of Young Christian Students is Niagara's contribution to the lay apostolate. Its purpose is discussion of the religious and social problems which face the Niagara student. Through a study of the gospels and their application to every- daylife, the members strive to model them- selves after the ideal Christian student. This year Niagara coeds under the super- vision of Fr. Ganley formed a chapter to represent the young women on campus. Among its other activities, the Y.C.S. directed and sponsored the 1961 Christmas Tree Lighting. I 1 il. -sf-, T ,v.,f, Jn 1. c V' - 1. ,. V , 'v V faq-Lf. i I l 5 -Jm1'f" .pf rm , it N152 N L - 4 e is -gf F? W .. .5 ' will mise Us ' , 5 f' 55: :G an we . W ye - . f 5 M Q :M .sr ,. "gf 4 in 2 H k i ' 5 "i ' nil .t Q. Ev 5 bei V3 if M., 1' - ! 5 2 ,fn W 2 .14 ii- w Kathy Quinlan, Corresponding Secretaryg Fr. Caine, C.M., Moderatorg Jim P 'cl t and Jick Curry Vice-Presidentg listen intently as Sheila Irving, resi en . , joyce reads the minutes of the last meeting. STUDE T CGUNCIL Each week the competent representatives of each class meet to administrate a vast scope of student legislation. Niagarzfs governing body, the Student Council, handles problems existing on the part of the collegians and fosters administration-student body cooperation. Through hours of slow, but progressive Work, the council discusses the scheduling of events, regu- lates the use of campus facilities, and plans post- game socials. Inter-class activities such as the Liberation, Winter and MUD Weelrends, are also under the direction of the council. Niagara recognizes the competence and signin- cance of this legislative body and on it bestows her highest praise. i ii ii 4 :lj-. i , I 5 A Q i, ,. -Y 9 "1 , 45' l x , ff-5, 5 'x ' ' :Ear ' Co-operation between faculty and students for the betterment of Niagara is emphasized as one of the prin- cipal aims of the Student Council. Senior delegates Dennis Riley, Tom Cahill, Paul Fuller, and Phil McCann ponder the problems concerning their class activities. 1' Y Good relations among Student Council members and a spirit of team co-operation facilitate the functioning of Niagax-a's most important organization. g . J ..,c.W--- n - 5 - -er-l 'L 'Q - w w 1 J N 233 Q5 -C. li I FOR THGSE WHO SEEK CWLEDGE GERMAN CLUB First Row: Jack Pettitt, Mike Genewick, Richard Schneider, President, Dr. Eric Buchter- kirchen, Moderator, Thomas Stevens, Ed Scott, Philip Car- pella. Second Row: Judy Paonessa, Keitha Patterson, Martha Ryan, Nancy Philson, Cynthia Justik. Active on campus since 1930, the German Club en- deavors to instill within its members a greater apprecia- tion for the land, language, and culture of the people of Germany. Under the guid- ance of Dr. Eric K. Buchter- kirchen this objective is real- ized through a series of slides, movies, lectures, and field trips. -f- 41-- pH CLUB Standing: Dr. Morton, Moderator. Sitting: George Rabito, Vice-President, Paul Fuller, President, Patricia Ziobro, Secretaryg Dennis Riley, Treasurer. The pl-I Club, Niagara's extra curricular organization for undergraduate science stu- dents, is now in its twenty-fifth year. To stimulate accomplishment and competition, a Biology Medal has been given every year since 1948 to a senior who has displayed outstanding achievement. Under the direc- tion of Dr. Thomas Morton since 1937, its members strive for mutual improvement of their scientific knowledge through a better understanding of recent developments in the field of science. BH Chairman Bob Giannetti instructs Pat Casale, Louisa, Coogan, Cathleen Kitching, and Charlie Panepento in the art of reading Robert Frost. First Row, Sitting: Janice Parker, Patricia Casale, Elizabeth Cassidy. Second Row: Robert Giannetti, Katherine McSpadden, Father Sullivan, C.M., Louisa Coogan, Michael Hayes. Standing: Charles Panepento, Hugh Delaney, Kathleen Kitching, J. Argus Huber, Rosemary Sarkees, David Campbell, Robert Starck. 3 'PVT 4' ,g-1.. fs BASILIA LITERARY ASSCDCIATIO The Basilian Literary Association, Niagarais oldest and most distinguished campus organization, is limited in membership to twenty-five students. It functions primarily is a discussion group. Using the tragedy as a research project, the members this year studied works from Sophocles to Eugene O'Neill. The B.L.A. is Well known on campus for its poetry readings which, in reality, are experimental dramatic productions. As a service to the student body, the group sponsors a number of excursions to local events of cultural and intellectual interest. SOCIOLOGICAL FGRUM Oilicersz Gay Wind, Vincent Moore, Father Ganley, Moderator, and Terry Murphy. i ,gl The Sociological Forum is Niagara's extra-cur- ricular organization for Sociology and Social Science majors. The goal of broadening its mem- bers knowledge of recent developments of socio- logical interest is attained through the periodic presentations of lectures and films. i. X., Ae Jyfcgf If The Current Events Club, of particular interest to history majors, strives to familiarize its members with World problems. As its secondary aim, the club endeavors to stimulate among all the univer- sity's students a greater awareness of current affairs. Preparing to discuss world problems are the officers the Current Events Club: President, John Huber, vi President, Robert Lee, Treasurer, David Bentleyg Secretary, Patricia Ormsby. CURRE T EVE T -7 C a 5 1 ,ap I . NK 5. o -1 Q! -1 I a . Q ' U Q -Us -91' w .., .... . o . 2 0 ' ' V 0 5 f. o fi Qi P .K 7753 fi Q 15 -V: -'1 5, I N fha K5 W' . 'asxrrwef' x'i5'ii35' 4 E iv F A fl P " ' '27 r' Q V 1-f, BF' , 4 'P 4 -I -' Q. 'V' Wu T' . Eff 'iQi,' 9 I 'a ' 'G V4 l. H- 8 h FY N k . 235' P , 'ii ' N . E i Vi lf? N hi gig ' .M " 'Q ,. Q It ' sa , , Vg, 1 QV ' ' ' O . ? vv au: -4 g'.,.-4 ' usb ' f ' o . Q Q Q S as ,' Q I -.5 l 5 S A 1 PERSHI G RIFLES Pershing Rifles is a Natinal Honorary Military Society composed of Freshman and Sophomore students in the basic R.O.T.C. corps. Besides pro- viding its members with the opportunity to develop their military ability through drill and rifle teams, this organization is also concerned with molding the full personality of each cadet member. P.R. Capt. Donald Pachuta leads his pledges on a Sunday outing to "Siberia." First Row: Capt. Daniel Gormley, P.R. Capt. Donald Pa- chuta. Second Row: R. Venuto, B. Iannone, D. Courtney, R. Leo, R. Perlman, D. Ciciarelli. Third Row: A. Beeaker, D. Jones, R. Rockwell, R. Vona, J. Curley, R. Elwood. Fourth Row: C. Janczewski, J. Oista, F. Pommett, D. O'Dea, K. Whalen, J. Kelly. Fifth Row: D. Hychalk, E. Gaughan, R. Panetta, P. Dockery, W. Miles, E. Lynch, J. Hay. Sixth Row: F. Reuter, W. Cunningham, T. Pin- zel, J. Donnelly, J. Emperor, R. Rowe. Seventh Row: R. Kelley, D. Selner, E. VanEpps, R. Jordan, R. D'Agos- tino, D. Schneider. Eighth Row: F. Baran, T. Siepil, J. Cain, G. Kugler. Ninth Row: W. Markland, R. O'Keefe, J. Conlon, J. Remenicky, R. Schleilein, E. Tauscher. FUR THE RELIGIGU . . . ST. JUHN BERCHMANS Members of St. John Berchman Society assist the good Fathers at Niagara at the daily offering of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. In addition these Knights of the Altar participate in other religious services, performing a duty close to the hearts of all Niagarans. Jr- .1 Wilham Cassidy, John Gouldvick, Daniel Amigone, Don Fiorentino, Fr. Lester DeMott, C.M., Don Peters, Steve Gaesser, Tom Reynolds, John Dobermiller. NOCTURNAL ADCRATION Seeking to deepen the spiritual Values at Niagar University, the Nocturnal Adoration Society func tions as an organization dedicated to the Worshi of Our Lord in the Blessed Sacrament of the Alta on the First Friday of each month. I First Row: Henry Dattola, John Hammill, John Gould rick, F. Giancaterin, Don Fiorentino, Don Peters. First Row: Jerry Sypeck, Hal Mumford, John Cunning- ham, Peter McNeil, President, Bill Malec, Vice-President, Francis Duran, Mr. Donald Litzinger, Moderator. Sec- ond Row: Michael O'Barra, Dick Walsh, Jim Welch, Larry Urschel, Mike Kenny, Mike O'Connor. Third Row: Pete Morgan, Jim Engel, Jerry Stoy, Ed Kennedy, Bill Murphy, Sam Rapisardi, Paul May. Fourth Row: LPH K PP PSI Paul Kennedy, Ed Flynn, john Delea, Sam Civiletto, Bill Jankowski, John Bienkowski. Fifth Row: Jerry Gormley, Jim Fleming, Bob Schiesser, Larry Monin, Terry Wal- lace, George Wynes, Tom Reglan. Bill Smith. Qirtln P'-10: Paul Fracangelo, George Visakaly, Steve Dinda, Dave Jones. FOR THE PRGFESSIU AL . . . Following its motto, "Living Christ through Nursing," Beta Chi Nu, Niagara's undergraduate nursing sorority, stimulates our future nurses in the pursuit of professional as Well as social objec- tives. It complements the academic curriculum in preparing members for their roles as Catholic nurses. BETA CHI Oilicers of Beta Chi Nu: Thea Schmidt, Kathleen Quinlan, Ann McHenry, Lois Mecca. FCR THCSE WHC COMMUNICATE IAGARA' LIFE 0 O 0 INDEX "Rewrite this article." "I need a headline." "I'1l beat the man in the morning." "Coffee for every- body!"-and another INDEX goes to press. Every Monday and Tuesday the staff works late into the evening writing, rewriting, typing, copyreading, editing, and laying out the following, Friday's INDEX. But the week's end does not bring a well- deserved rest for the tired editors and staff, because there is no end to the task of publishing a news- paper. It is not all work, however, as anyone who has attended a staff "bull session" will testify. Ed Flynn, editor during the second semester, and Kay McSpadden, first semester editor, discuss the merits of the Index for the 1962 school year. Headline writers Betty Cassidy and Claudia Sturmer confer with Donna Govazzi, Clerical Editor. 2" i 1' nun.-1 nr: .iv :nun , -r -V, u ul '- ' Q Iliff!!! ' nun: V 'N I - ,fp R -.. Q. 'fa 'K ki .L I . , Business Manager Tom Sweeney and Sport Editor Frank Clark pore over the expenditures of the Index. Jerry Shields, feature editor, makes an important call to the printer concerning galley proofs. 1" McCarthy, Copy Editor, receives some able assis- from former Index editors Terry Murphy and Kay Joe A1-way tries his skill at enlarging a in the dark room. f ,X w :iii am' il THE O, the headaches and heartaches of cre- ating a yearbook! Missed appointments, ruined negatives, and lost copy were vital essentials in the production of the 1962 Niagaran. There was a steady activity which always increased as the section dead- lines approached. For fthe staff, the yearbook oflice became a "second home" and general rendezvous for the discussion of progress and problems. Although at times it seemed that the year- book was an intolerable burden, the editors can look back on many hours of hard Work, utter confusion, and hilarity. Certainly the 1962 Niagaran gave to its staff important lessons in experience, the art of cooperation and service to the university. The 1962 Niagaran Clerical Staff: Kathy Rior- dan, Mary Thomas, Louisa Coogan, Editor, Claudia Sturmer, Rose Sarkees, and Carol Dolansky. The Business staif: fSeutedj james Welch, Law- rence Urschel, Business Mgr., David Lincoln. fStamlingj James Meger, john R. Pollard, Eric Wilhams, Thomas Escovar, Peter McNeil, Francis Duran, Samuel Annalora and Anthony Santandrea. NIAG RA Literary staff members Lorraine Granieri and Barbara Berock spend many hours searching for the appropriate Word or phrase for the Niagaran copy. The Sports Staff Editors, Bob Kenney, Bill Privett and Pete Morgan, exhausted from hours of planning, taking pictures and typing, stand before their completed sec- tion. ' I- 'N gc' ,1- T Pi?-Fi3"?'5 1 i I - , . . I ,.., by E V A "i""',, ?f"E, ,- l V X z..,,,, 11' 'T . 1- 1,5 L. X Klub Fail' .45 Tom Diskin adjusts the camera during the ritual of preparation which guarantees perfect shots. Deep in contemplation, editor Mike Kenny tries to pick the best photograph. Tig , ,... Aff-Y j lI3 V.. "What's the matter with this back space", sighs clerical editor Mike Kenny erases a mistake with the filthy Louisa Coogan. towel from the dark room. Work on the Niagaran for 1962 progressed under the guidance Editor Judy Lynch's blank stare indicates an- of faculty advisors Rev. james M. McGlinn, C.M. and Mr. Leo other long night session in the yearbook oflice. J. Maloney. Q22- D sv 2' The Niagaran's Photography Staff, Kevin Donahue, Tom Diskin, Joe Ar- way, John O'Donahue, and Editor Norb Kosinski, surround their beloved press camera. Editors of the 1962 Niagaran-Cm Editors: Michael Kenny and Judy Lynch. fStandingj Sports: Bob Kennyg Business: Larry Urschelg Clerical: Louisa Cogang Photography: Norb Kos- inskig and Sports: Bill Privett. .. A 'J fi Q., id, , II6 ' FOR THE ATHLETE 1 TRAMURALS C Student chairmen of the intramural program Thomas Brophy, Pat Casale, Kathy Riordan, Don Stravino, and Jim Albano pose with director Milt Krum. Bob O'Brien and John Proiitlich: captaixfs of the Purple and White Intramural teams. 4 4 Directors of Intramural Program. Milt Krum, : Fr. Caine, and Chester Pryzlucki. k O 6 O WI GED FOOT CLUB First Row: Sam Rapisardi, Ken Cuneo, Russ Fazio, Bob Rice, President, Larry Monin, Dave Carr, Phil Badame. Second Row: M. Morrissey, Pete Marra, Chris Reimels, Joe Conlon, Jim Remenicky. AND FOR THOSE WHO JUST WA T TO E JOY THEMSELVES . . . Airilifqf'-st E-sh IS volunteer oifers his arm to the nurse Knick Club's donor program. At the Albany Club's Christmas Party, the chil- dren visited with Santa Claus, Junior Pete Phelan. DISTRICT CLUBS Albany, Syracuse, New York City, Utica are not so far when students can get together from these areas, here at Niagara. The District Clubs were formed to unify inter- ests and plan social and service projects. They plan socils and dances in their own home towns over vacations and here they conduct projects such as the annual blood drive and the Children's Christmas party. These clubs are an integral part of college life at Niagara. Larry Urschel, Albany District Club ticut District Club Terry Hebert, Connec- DISTRICT CLUB Jerry Hyzy, BuEalo District Club Jim McCarthy, Knick erbocker District Club Q, ig, fi Ya. PRESIDE S Bob Ungerer, Syracuse u '35 District Club Ray Kellmurray, Utica Pete Morgan, Pi Nu Mu. Mike Lorre, Hennepin C11-lb Club. fx bw R-7 iz-2 kj THE MATURE MIND DEVELGPS NCT ONLY INTELLECTUALLY, BUT ATHLETICALLY . 5 I ALJ I' a, alia 1 .,,, -H .I 1 X. . Af! p Y .Q A Q, L Q 2. ' ,V ' I ' Q H' f 7 1 - J 4 3' , Qu' v Q 4 -fs!!-7.1 THRCUGH THE CGACHES WHO VEY THE " GW-HOW" Besides being Director of Student Activities, Father John Caine ' ' Aft 17 ' ' ' if if doubles as Moderator of Athletics. He completed his second year ' A as moderator this seaeon. Coach "Taps" Gallagher reviews tactics with the varsity during a time out. Freshman coach, Milt Krum, intently Watches his charges at work. Mr. Krum molded his quintet into a smoothly running machine as he prepared them for varsity action next year. g I Swimming coach, Chet Pryzlucki, is catching up on some desk work. Besides doing a fine job with the swimming team, he also took able charge of the intramural programs. V THROUGH THE PRINCIPALS WHO PLAY THE SPORT Captain Ed Ladley dives on a loose ball against Saint Bonaventure. Ed's hustle helped provide the Eagles with a 71-51 upset. Andy O'Connell lays drive over outstretched arm of Southern Illinois defender. O'Connell with Kenny Glenn and Jim Kuryak led the Eagles to a 84-70 Win. Ballerina step gets jimmy Kuryak two pointer against Southern Illinois. Jimmy's 17 points sparked Eagles to impressive 84-70 win in opener. I 9 Q 1 I 5 Q -II 3 L .5 u 'A ,fl Y Q 1 if L 'g'lI9Qz" 5. r as If Iv l H L I 5 -3' I 2 " ' X '23, Captain Ed Ladley often drew the task of guarding the opopsition's top scorer. Here he checks Seton Hall star Nick Werkman. Ladley and O'Connell crash the boards against Villanova. The Wildcats, using an effective zone, handed Niagara its first loss of the season. Jim Kuryak C121 and Andy O'Connell 133, spelled backcourt trouble for opponents. Both durable per- formers, the two guards were often on the front end of a fast break. Tricky Bill Kennedy enjoyed his best game against Villa Madonna scoring 24 points. Kennedy befuddled the opposition with his passing ability. X of 5 " 9a'5Q2'f 4. P 1 be 'SME ' N , :is 8195. , ,lb i ' , .4 ww. I ' T. o li 'Eff .K o ij -if -1 M' Y--' .9 Q 15' ia, Q .ml-1-.. , .,,.,, -ilw . 0? 4- . .--.........................,.- 'am' -- ..-.,, I 'v w1g2.fwggy ' :Lg ,, . A . 5 - . Qi f .-ff,-1" 1 -lf?-s?'1,,.'1?.pri-Fil-"'f nf- ' fx , ' .A42fs.f-T?-been-BH.u5.:2e.f K "0 W N if . EJ: ZT!6'ff"r:::f . X61 Q A-'ww M WK ff ,SEBI N - i5,,Eyg, NEG'-, x5G2l:' 'i"ik?' :-- W 'REQ' M, ' 'fi J 5 K f' .a-- 1 Q f? M' 3 'I + - "ful '-'- - ',."LQ,lx.-4'1" J ' RX , Q 2 ' I ' . ., . , . , 5 X ' XI X ' ' ' i w?f'f'f' "14:axx,y:2'f'i?fbw. F , W if. J' , -. 1???ff ff K . Q " ' Tv 'ffffi'-v 1 V Y J .V X W: gas: 4 K y .x 1' A i ' A3 4 i " V , , f yy Y ' , -- I F, Y f E f' Q, A 3 5 K ' 'X it 1 , -, f I V 1 1 v I , 1 V. L A MII, ,wg . 4- . . 4 J - yi ff ig? Q ' M151 " If K J A ' ' '41 49 was M, X - in 1 Q ,ggi 4 -.f j,w0.'9 'qua 5. witlfl ,'1 1 S 90 D 4 M. o 41 k u ' '- a r . ,sms 995 ' 5 I .,, Mk g 5 A .- ll ' Bm '4 Q-VV: in ,A IH - A W . I '. Y- , Y f I fm' L, lr ,. 4? Q5 ?"" rag , ' - vw' '-4 . . , . -I 1, LP'. . ' ' 4453 ' X Q gn X. rv.- . N v 7 A no Q-Q-if J 1 Qlnnugf. Q 11 if i r.x 'EM 3 x ff -aw.: 36 1 s 5fii'l"" Ig, f '- l BA EBALL Senior members of the 1962 varsity baseball team take time out from practice to pose for the camera. Left to right: Denny Riley, Bob Kenney, Dan Spaulding, Ron DePerto, Jim Tuholski, and Ed Ladley. ,M Y-I if , in :.L fi r 17' ,X 1 .ff. ff' H! Jack Dobermiller provided punch from the left side of the plate and is expected to supply Niagara with an air- tight defense this spring. Ron DePerto, star infielder, slaps a single to right against Canisius hurler Tom Chester. "The Blasclell Bomber" carries a .600 plus batting average into spring competition. Niagara is expected to field one of the strongest baseball clubs in recent years for spring competition in The Western New York Conference. High hopes are based on the return of seniors like Ron DePerto, an infielder with the clubis highest batting average, Ed Ladley, powerful cleanup man, and top flight pitchers like Denny Riley and Jim Tuholski. Jack Dobermiller, Gary Salvatore and Ray Kellmurray are top infield prospects. Pete Morgan, Jim Skvorak, Tony Barletto, Buck Spaulding, Rick Stoy and Bob Kenney will vie for outfield positions. rf ' 'Q T .Q .' . 1 ir'S.' " J ?i'f'?2"5 .'la , - -is -g 4 -1 gy? E ,, up ' .uf ' g "' . Li "- - 542. " :1 ,M .- - A' -y. ly.: rf i .2 'ar v ,w-fit, s-A ,lv Ev p 1 L' 1.-4,6 . 3 , A s . lk v fu 1 4 1 47 H1196 ..f,, TW, ' sl ' .N-. 1 l' a , .4 I -' Ray Kellmurray blocks bad throw in at- tempt to nip Canisius runner. A steady hit- ter, Ray should help erase the infield depth problem that existed last spring. Captain Ed Ladley is the club's most power- ful hitter and is noted for his ability to play almost every position on the Held. Jim Tuholski, a top rate mound performer, also is one of Niagara's leading hitters. "Redeye" plays first when not pitching. CROSS CCU TRY A lack of depth contributed to one of Niagara's poorest showings in recent years in cross country competition. At the end of the season, Niagara Was winless after six defeats. Seniors Bob Rice and Jim Remenicky provided some stiff opposition for opponents capturing high honors in many of their meets. Coach McDonald feels that the ten men returning from the freshman team should provide the varsity with the support it needs to improve its record next season. Harriers-Bottom Row: Jim Remenicky, Lou Spiegel, Bob Rice. Top Row: Manager Sam Rapasadi, Ken Cuneo, Dave Campbell Paul O'Brien, Coach Paul McDonald. Bob Rice proved to be the team's most con- sistent runner. This time he finished far ahead of the field. Niagara runners await the gun in dual meets agamst CZDISIUS rivals. Canisius harriers man aged to edge Niagara's ive by a narrow margin. TRACK Niagara's speedy Bert Iannone springs from blocks in the one hundred yard dash. Joe Maddrey along with Bob Rice and Jim Remenicky were the big scorers for the track team. Here Joe clears the six foot mark against Buffalo State. I Niagara's track team was led by high scorers Bob Rice and Jim Remenicky in Western New York competition last year. Rice ran the quarter mile, half mile and the mile While Remenicky was unbeaten in both hurdle events. iw- Bert Iannone, Joe Maddrey, and John Doble will return with Sophomore new- comers to make Niagara a track threat this year. Western New York high hurdles champion Jim Remenicky drives toward finish completing an undefeated season for himself in this event. Under the direction of new coach Chet Pryzlucki, the swim- ming team got off to a strong start, winning two of their first three meets. The team was led by seniors Paul Barra, Tom McDermott, Pat Cannan and junior Terry Hebert. Swimming team: Paul Barra, John Bensley, Pat Cannan, Bob Coll, Tim Dwan, Bob Gibbons, Dick Heatherton, Terry Hebert, Al Jones, Jim Kasidas, Lew Maynard, Ralph Minervino, Clyde Mulholland, Dick O'Keefe, Pete Quaid, Frank Riley, Dick Shugrue. E . -A ,SY SWIMMI Di, 4 aj 1, iam 'J' ,g1-i'.-- ' a 'I 'Q Z n vi L ' - . - ,I , 1, . li . ,., 1 pei: ,ff 4. fa - , .lf-"vf'.a::: .Y' "" ' productive year in swimmmg comp tion. Paul Barra and Terry Heb were Niagai-a's most consistent poi getrers. Co-captain Paul Barra enjoyed anotl . . . . e e Senior Tom McDermott opens le against Buffalo State opponent. Ton performance helped the varsity to victory over State. "' 1 tw,:', ' . " ' GULF Niagara linksmen will rely heavily upon the play of this year's returning lettermen. Captain Mike O'Connor, Dan Keegan, Phil Caponera, Art Spaulding and Bob Zur are all capable of scoring in the low 70's. Niagara hopes to be in contenttion for the Little Three Crown this spring. Golf team captain, senior Mike O'Connor, sharp- ens his putting game on practice green. Mike returns for competition this spring. TENNIS Niagara s tennis team will be strengthened this spring by the return of six members of last fall's squad. Captain Tony Leskovitch who has Won 18 of his 21 matches for Niagara will spearhead the club. N ' 'F The 1961-62 edition of the rifle team chalked up an impressive seven Wins in its first nine matches in the inaugural season of the New York State In- tercollegiate Rifle League. Scoring leaders were cap- tain Tom Wishowski and Jim Meger. Jim shot 290 of a possible 300 in setting a Niagara firing record. Other high scorers were Joe Torre, Paul Setlik, Wayiae Bailiff, Jock Dittle, and Bob Piccoli. The varsity rifle team was impressive in its first year in the New York Intercollegiate Rifle League. Front Row: Jock Dittle, Joe Torre, Paul Setlik. Back Row: Bob Piccoli, Jim Meger, Wayne Bailiif and manager Bill Slade. RIFLE TEAM Sergeant Copen instructs freshman joe Dragon in the fundamentals. Freshman rifleman, Front Row, left to right: Leo Con- nolly, Jim Cardella, Jim Way, Joe Dragon. Back Row: left to right: Francis Waller, Pete Chiarolanzia, John Crough, Joe Zeppieri, Dick Vona, Sgt. Copen. HygR?..f 3 , Fw A A , ., X V, ,,:L..1g-' - A 'LL 5,1 f ,- 5 .L-"' J'- Y2?? 423115, . 1? QU' :V ws, - W. .. . A ik? - -l'Q,-L' -NA ab, .5 A 1..f-L' 1' 'nr- ,f-Qi' , S , 3'4'n,AV N' 0- . . if 15' I Q RTE 1' J-. 'E' 1 'J LLL FH fi rf' 129 ' ' V3 Q-A W" - I ' I i vx X, 1 f F, rx Ex ,, X: ? 4'T'S" F ',f'A . 1 M f if I .f Y v i V- .,, ' f i.A ' 1 1 likfi - F 'q I fi. Pfwpfi' ' , 'D 0 ,12 'X 2 . Ji 53 I if N QW K I 3 5. I Q ,sh 4 -A fi 5 .. if ' -15571 A . B 9' 4' ' ' 41 -, H ' n f E -SK. . ji JY g 1:1 -s H I TRAMURALS joe Dragon is about to release his Weapon as he unleashes a one man attack on his ten pin enemy. Other bowlers contem- plate strategy and tactics in battle of man over wood. ,tx 1... E L A , ' mag H, ' sp- i ".. Q5 45 13, . ff :., -pg--UI: .,, , pm sf Senior bowlers, the "Jenny Secrets," ranked high in intramural standings all year. Jack Dwyer carried the league's highest average. Kneeling, left to right: Bob O'Brien and Paul Hossen- lopp. Standing: Jack Dwyer, Tom D'Agostino and Dick Braun. Monday afternoon pin action at Lewiston Lanes twenty teams competing for laurels. Over one students took part in the biggest bowling seaso D many of the intramural football were played under adverse Weather con- there were always a few brave sup- to root their team on. ard charging Bert Iannone converges on Wye's uys' quarterback John Profitlich. John's flex- ble throwing arm has been the key to his team's potless record over the past two years. ith Profitlich leading the interference, "Wye's uys" halfback Buck Spaulding eludes Don arvel and registers extra point in playoff ame against the "Rebels" Intramural sports activity is initiated by fall touch football. Playoffs take place later in the season to determine the top team on campus. Here Rod Bobbins carries leather in crucial playoff game. ti t! , Pg 1 fe 3.521 1 QF! -F I YK Ewswf t az- N FP!! mf A E- J iii' '.V' f 'fu ?'i -.qgw 14 A1 AX- ' "Skip" Zink clings to ball after being knocked to ground E i "A by advancing runner. Action such as this typifies the Y '55 ' f ,' play that exists in softball intramurals. W' . .3 tiguf ' -it . - .E fj f cyl! Q l 4 Q' fn' H 5, Psi - y w I' , v ' 1 ,' g . 4' ' 3 V I Y -. 1-75 X5 x WP .w 2 a I X l H -X ' LM ,L',,', p , - , :Hn , ,.. 1 ' , fs ,. ' ' I , L J gi: , N '.f ' MQ,-I .. rf' 'Y .4 :F-ek H C .Kr . ' - ' iii in Ai .rfflill 1 .f - ' -. as 'i f " ' .--1'.Q1?f " "- Q " , fr'-' ',-4951 ' - ' ' X ' ' ' Q. -N fiffrc-gy u V .. A ir-,Jr . E -- ml 'Y vf,:k..-1. N ,' X , - a 4. ', 1. ,ggi .-' - QL. -s- 1 ,.-. '-ff. i. ' - Y ' -f .' q--' 'TW' . x. . ': ' - x ,F A ' ' .f"S4,i.3l5Qirv,j7.w. ,. .ffft W V' 5 .J - . :3,,'H:.--. .. ...T:f'i"1'9,-'L -All--5-S' W ' Ae' Nil- . - -- . . .K,.:,'. . V A ' ,,.-JT.-H : ,Q ...-A,.,, ,- - , ,K an , -'E 5. A -Y. Q . -- . V' . '-.-f : t. A' '....1'9f"' " my ' 'JI' - . . Q --'. 'TP ., ."' . ' -.-. . .. . ... t ' .H:",' 'l if r- -7 ' . ' rw!-'i':"-:r.f'-'V '- . 7' i' In " " A- - V i . Ti '-45-1,'-.x-ftf,4"g:' J' ', h- '-'2"' -' . g ' 4 "it-ei. .,: e --'yup fi, Klzf . ' .- ,, -- ' :M ..-P Q, 'ri-52zrJ-4.1, e.-S 1 - ' f ., ,-,, i p ','-57' .,:4 z,,j.,.:- , 5 . -- ,, 'E -an .-L. -..-f-2, f- -115. f-1 'W V, A 2 3 ,- - Softball in the spring brings to a close the intramural program. Norb Kosinski displays his batting skill which helped his team capture the softball championship. The intramural track meet is one of the sports features on campus during the spring. Competitors help to achieve spirit and unity for their respective classes. restling competition under the direction of Chet Pryz- was for the first time incorporated into the intra- program. Opponents are Doug Fitzmaurice fleftj Pat Cannan frzghtj. V THE SENIORS THE ELDER STATESMAN THE MATURE MINDS OF NIAGARA 451: - .,:f'! 'Gif' Atv", -,- ., ,, f fll.-i,-5 :ix . A . , ,r 55, f. gQu,.,w"1t IFJQIX U - ., .--. ., w-- 1 ' ' v' ?E5'if1-ff., v i -I . t,.'ArA.-14, -- vb 'ffffw-i-11:35 s b , V S ,!li7,?T,,. 1L " - ' ' I4 3 ,1 ' "':.'- - 5 5:5 1 I-. -L.,',. 5"J'L'?-ik '4' I lf' 131.7 .. - lf- 7' rltf- My -QJGQ' ,'I1 , v 1 "F El 4 5 ' Ar' 52? EFF . , A , lv' , f--. -x,Bf :1Q 5 4 ff? ' .1 I I Mflkwxxy ,Ax J W f X ,J M PRESIDENT DENNIS P. RILEY 1 P . B.S., ARTS AND SCIENCES Buffalo, New York VICE'PRESIDENT if JOHN P. GROGAN B.S., ARTS AND SCIENCES New York, New York S? gilbkwrfi 'WM 'flgrwjwwr QBfff?Mffcj'M3,k'7 4 ig J W IW I III if fri' I SECRETARY PATRICIA C. ZIOBRO B.S., ARTS AND SCIENCES Buffalo, New York. TREASURER JAMES A. PITTS B.B.A., BUSINESS Riverside, Cozzrzeczfieut 1962 GR DUATES SAMUEL D. ANNALORA B.S., ARTS AND SCIENCES Mount Morris, New York PETER S. AUTY B.S., BUSINESS Broadalbilz, New York '50 an-f-yi 43" PAUL A. BARRA B.S., ARTS AND SCIENCES Bayside, New York JOHN H. ASHENBRENNER O.S.F.S., B.S., ARTS AND SCIENCES Lewistown, New York GREGORY J. BARCKLOW B.S., ARTS AND SCIENCES Flushing, New York HENRIETTA BARTOS B.S., NURSING Niagara Falls, New York JOHN A. BEATTIE O.S.F.S., B.A., ARTS AND SCIENCES Lewiston, New York CLASS l FRANCIS E. BENNETT B.S., ARTS AND SCIENCES New Rochelle, New York. l JOSEPH BISHARA B.S., BUSINESS Niagara Falls, New York. JGSEPH A. BEATTIE O.S.F.S., B.A., ARTS AND SCIENCES Lewiston, New York RICHARD B. BENNETT B.S., BUSINESS B7tjfflll0, New York LEON BONIKOWSKI O.S.F.S., B.A., ARTS AND SCIENCES OF... DAVID E. BIBIK B.S., BUSINESS Richfield Springs, New Y EUGENE F. BRAKE O.S.E.S., B.A., ARTS SCIENCES Lewiston, New York RICHARD M. BRAUN B.S., BUSINESS Lancaster, New York OLLEEN B. BRODERICK B.S., NURSING Niagara Falls, New York MARGARET M. BREIER B.S., NURSING N ortlo Tomzwamia, New York ANTHONY M. BRUNO B.S., ARTS AND SCIENCES Ozone Park., New York MARILYN J BRICK B.S., NURSING Buffalo, New York PATRICIA A. BRYK B.S., ARTS AND SCIENCES Niagara Falls, New York 19 THOMAS F. CAI-IILL B.A., ARTS AND SCIENCES Westport, Comzeczficuf THGMAS CARPENTIER B.S., BUSINESS Cfzzlyvillcf, N ew York, JOHN C. BUSCH B.A., EDUCATION Rockville Cenie-r, New York EDWARD M. CANAVAN B.A., ARTS AND SCIENCES Altanzolzt, New York RICHARD P. CASTIGLIA B.A., ARTS AND SCIENCES Blusdcll, N cw York PATRICK F. CANNAN B.A., ARTS AND SCIENCES Ia-mosfown, N rw York 1 GUY L. CATERINA B.A., ARTS AND SCIENCE. Niagara Falls, New Yorl RONALD NV. COOLEY B.S., BUSINESS Niagara Falls, New York ai S' JOHN L. CURRY B.B.A., BUSINESS Ufiea, New York BASIL j. CRABTREE B.A., ARTS AND SCIENCES Wellarnl, Onfario, Canada A ., I THOMAS C. ITAGOSTINO B.A., ARTS AND SCIENCES VViIliamsL'i1le, New York BARBARA B. CRANE B.S., NURSING New Harford, New York RONALD R. D'ANNA B.S., ARTS AND SCIENCES Niagara Falls, New York 1962 GR ROBERT A. CHAISSON B.S., BUSINESS Woodside, New York JOHN M. COMERFORD O.S.F.S., B.S., ARTS AND SCIENCES Lewiston, New York DUATES VINCENT T. CIRULLO O.S.F.S., B.A., ARTS AND SCIENCES Lewiston, New York KEVIN J. CONNELLY B.A., ARTS AND SCIENCES BZL5t1l0, New York ya? ROBERT G. CLERC B.S., ARTS AND SCIENC Lewiston, New York BERNARD M. CONN B.A., ARTS AND Syracuse, New York E, 'Ni' ' mer- " CHESTER C. DAWSON B.A., ARTS AND SCIENCES Niagara Falls, New York A WALTER G. DESA O.S.F.S., B.S., ARTS AND SCIENCES Lewiston, New York R . JOY A. DEVITO .A., ARTS AND SCIENCES 1 RONALD J. DEPERTO B.A., ARTS AND SCIENCES Blasal ell, New York E' PETER B. DEVINE B.A., EDUCATION Albany, New York KATHRYN E. DILLON B.S., NURSING qara Falls, Ontario, Canada East Walpole, Massaelausezfzfs JOHN G. DOBLE B.A., ARTS AND SCIENCES Rochester, New York ALEXANDER A. DOBRASZ B.A., ARTS AND SCIENCES Niagara Falls, New York JOHN J. DOLAN B.S., ARTS AND SCIENCES Syracuse, New York FRANCIS NV. DONALTY B.S., BUSINESS Utica, New York. JAMES E. DOLAN B.S., ARTS AND SCIENCES Syracuse, New York JOSEPH J. DOLANSKY B.A., ARTS AND SCIENCES Youngsiowfz, New York. DOROTHY DRISCOLL B.S., NURSING Garden City, New York HUGH G. DUERR B.A., EDUCATION Ridgewood, New Yo EDWARD D. FEE B.S., BUSINESS Iejfersou, New York. FRANCIS F. DURAN B.S., BUSINESS Dejzew, New York JOHN J. DWYER B.S., BUSINESS RICHARD E. DURHAM O.S.F.S., B.A., ARTS AND SCIENCES Lewiston, New York. MANUEL H. ESTEVEZ, JR B.A., ARTS AND SCIENCES New Harzfforcl, New York. Niagara Falls, New York .. 'I .M gas -4 E' PAUL H. FOURNIA SANTO J. FRUSCIONE B.A., ARTS AND SCIENCES B.S., BUSINESS Massena, New York. Niagara Falls, New York 19 .911 'Q- JOHN R. GADAWSKI B.S., ARTS AND SCIENCES Niagara Falls, New York , 'fo-SI , ' W1 . ta L- FERRIS GOODSON B.S., BUSINESS Brooklyn, New York . PAUL G. FULLER, JR. B.S., ARTS AND SCIENCES Rome, New York '-nov' MICHAEL S. GENEWICK B.S., ARTS AND SCIENCES Lockport, New York sl A - WILLIAM P. GRESSER B.A., EDUCATION Hollis, New York Qgq li" KEVIN A. GERAGHT B.S., BUSINESS jersey City, New jersey '06 WILLIAM T. GUYD B.A., ARTS AND SCIENC Syracuse, New York J. I-IALLIGAN B.S., BUSINESS Douglaston, New York IEE G. HAYES ARTS AND SCIENCES Durrkirk, New York JOAN G. HALTER B.S., NURSING Brooklyn, New York DOUGLAS C. HAMBRIDGE, JR. B.B.A., BUSINESS Niagara Falls, New York CURTIS P. HENDERSGN JEANNE M. HOGENKAMP B.A., ARTS AND SCIENCES B.S., NURSING Rome, New York Orchard Park, N ew York 1962 GRADUATES PAUL L. I-IOSSENLOPP B.S., ARTS AND SCIENCES Barker, New York JAMES T. IRVING B.A., ARTS AND SCIENCES Esperanee, New York. JEROME J. HYZY B.S., ARTS AND SCIENCES Buyfalo, New York DENNIS J. KANE B.S., BUSINESS Kenmore, New York JOSEPH A. IOCCO B.S., ARTS AND SCIENCES Clyde, New York JAMES F. KANE B.A., ARTS AND Glemzs Falls, New York TI-IANOS G. KARRYS B.B.A., BUSINESS Toronto, Ontario, Canada "ilk, l :lx E, 4,5 AUL B. KENNEDY B.S., BUSINESS renton, New Iersey "'-RQ, ,.,x "ill:-.v TIAEL F. KENNY B.S., BUSINESS Iselin, New Iersey EDWIN M. KENNEDY B.B.A., BUSINESS Flushing, New York ll. ROBERT G. KENNEY B.A., ARTS AND SCIENCES Staten Island, New York ,.-bl' GEORGE F. KERNER B.S., ARTS AND SCIENCES H6l1U1'f01UlI, Pennsylvania ALBIN B. KOCIALSKI B.S., ARTS AND SCIENCES Depew, New York CLASS Q . DANIEL KOWALSKY B.S., ARTS AND SCIENCES Brooklyn, New York EDWARD J. LADLEY B.A., ARTS AND SCIENCES Staten Island, New York, EDMUND F. KONCZAKOWSKI O.S.F.S., B.A., ARTS AND SCIENCES Lewiston, New York. 1: - I. A FRANK J. KRAJCA B.A., ARTS AND SCIENCES Binghamton, New York Liiv' EUGENE J. LANDOLFI B.A., ARTS AND SCIENCES Rego Park, New York OF... CAROL A. KRAMARZ B.S., NURSING Niagara Falls, New York DAVID H. LEARY B.B.A., BUSINESS Masseua, New York ROBERT E. LEE ARTS AND SCIENCES Brooklyn, New York C5 ANTHONY M. LESKOVISTCH ARTS AND SCIENCES Falls, New York THOMAS J. LEE, JR. B.S., BUSINESS Plairzjielfl, New Iersey DAVID W. LINCOLN B.S., BUSINESS Rochester, New York JOHN C. LENAHAN B.A., EDUCATION Sfaien Island, New York JUDITH A. LISZKA B.S., NURSING Buffalo, New York 4?-31' 1 9 I ANNE J. LONG B.S., NURSING Troy, New York PATRICIA A. LOUCKS WANDA A. LUBAS RAYMOND LUM B.S., NURSING B.S., NURSING B.A., ARTS AND Watertown, New York. Niagara Falls, New York. Rofbesier, New York JUDITI-I L. LYNCH PHILIP J. MCCANN, JR. JAMES J. MCCARII B.A., EDUCATION B.S., ARTS AND SCIENCES B.A., EDUCATION Niagara Falls, New York Slizzgerlaufls, New York. Rockville Centre, New Y ,A 'W' Q' -.K M. MCDERMOTT B.S., BUSINESS augatuck, Comzeczfieuf UL P. MCKERNAN B.A., EDUCATION LeRoy, New York Q V ' , JOHN M. MCGILL B.S., ARTS AND SCIENCES Tapper Lake, New York l DAVID M. MCMAHON B.A., ARTS AND SCIENCES Lewiston, New York DANIEL J. MCKENDRY B.A., ARTS AND SCIENCES Philadelphia, Pe1z1zsyl11a1zia PETER M. MCNEIL B.S., BUSINESS Scotia, New York 1 L , 5,5 , 'li DORA F. MACLEAN B.S., NURSING Niagara Falls, New York .xf WILLIAM F. MALEC B.S., BUSINESS Arnsterclarn, New York MICHAEL F. MANZULLI B.S., ARTS AND SCIENCES New York, New York W f 'won- RICHARD J. MAGGIO B.A., ARTS AND SCIENCES Liverpool, New York -NXJ 'J 35 I QS! 4'1" JAMES C. MALONI B.A., ARTS AND SCIENCES Garrett Parlz, Marylarzel TERRENCE MARK, FRED MAROZZI, B.S., BUSINESS B.S., ARTS AND Elmira, New Yorlz. Cromwell, Comzeetien 'wx-I" -Cf' E. MICHAELS B.B.A., BUSINESS iagara Falls, New York. fusl W 'Y CHARLES T. MATAR B.S., BUSINESS Niagara Falls, New York fN-IX ADRIAN J. MENICHETTI B.S., BUSINESS Endicott, New York 1959 X SHEILA A. MOORE B.S., NURSING Rochester, New York. J JUDITH A. MAZZA B.S., NURSING Niagara Falls, New York ,." NANCY L. METZLER B.A., EDUCATION Niagara Falls, New York CQ-,W VINCENT J. MOGRE B.A., ARTS AND SCIENCES Kenmore, New York CLASS l GERARD J. MOSCIANO B.S., ARTS AND SCIENCES Trenton, New Iersey JAMES P. MYLOD B.A., EDUCATION Brooklyn, New York. CAROLYN L. MORRIS B.S., NURSING Niagara Falls, New York QF' HAROLD C. MUMFORD B.B.A., BUSINESS Rome, New York BARBARA L. NEBEL B.S., NURSING Kenmore, New Yorlz. GF... THERESA A. B.A., ARTS AND Lockport, New Yorlz KENNETH R. N11 B.B.A., BUSINESS Niagara Falls, New Y l N. NEMARICH CHRISTINE M. ROBERT C. NICKERSON ARTS AND SCIENCES NICISZEWSKI B.S., BUSINESS Plainview, New York B.S., NURSING Medina, New York Buffalo, New York LEO A. NOJAIM ROBERT J. O'BRIEN ROBERT M. O'CONNOR ARTS AND SCIENCES B.A., ARTS AND SCIENCES B.B.A., BUSINESS Syracuse, New York West Orange, New Iersey Elmira, New York 19 l, TOM H. OSBORN B.S., BUSINESS Wolcott, New York MARJORIE A. O,NEII. B.S., NURSING Bi1zgba11zto11, New York. DONALD M. PACI-IUTA B.A., ARTS AND SCIENCES Trenton, New Iersey -9 CHARLES F. PANEPENTO ANTHONY T. PANZONE B.A., EDUCATION LeRoy, New York B.B.A., BUSINESS Ufiea, New York R. FRANCIS P B.A., EDUCATION Waterfowfz, New Y PATRICIA A. PASTC B.S., NURSING Niagara Falls, New Y LOUIS J. PECA B.S., ARTS AND SCIENCES Lockport, New York NY D. POPPITI O.S.F.S., B.S., ARTS AND SCIENCES Le-wistorz, New York 95" FREDERICK F. PFEIFFER, JR. B.S., BUSINESS Searsrlale, New York WILLIAM H. PRIVETT B.A., ARTS AND SCIENCES Eastporf, New York 6 A JOHN R. POLLARD B.B.A., BUSINESS Bujfalo, New York JOHN H. PROFITLICH B.S., BUSINESS Rockville Centre, New York 1962 GRADUATES JOSEPH R. QUAGRELLO B.A., ARTS AND SCIENCES Clyde, New York JOSEPH P. REIDY B.B.A., BUSINESS Elmira, N ew York EDWARD J. QUINN O.S.F.S., B.A., ARTS AND SCIENCES Lewision, N ew York JAMES P. REMENICKY B.A., ARTS AND SCIENCES Lackawanna, N ew York, DENIS H. REDICAN B.A., ARTS AND Middle Village, New Y A JOSEPH R. REMPE B.A., ARTS AND SCIEN Elmira, New York ROBERT P. RICE B.S., BUSINESS Malverne, New York. ILLARD J. RUCINSKI O.S.F.S., B.S., ARTS AND SCIENCES Lewiston, N ew York. MARY S. RYAN B.S., NURSING Loekporf, New York. ,Q-"I 'S-I THEODORA E. RIZK B.S., NURSING Buffalo, New York. 1 LAWRENCE F. RYAN B.S., ARTS AND SCIENCES Niagara Falls, New York. TI-IERESA M. SACCO B.S., ARTS AND SCIENCES Buffalo, New York DIANE M. SANKIS B.S., NURSING Ivmldlf Village, New York 19 gf 'MN ANTHONY R. SANTANDREA B.S., BUSINESS Albany, New York JIU? ANTHONY T. SCHELICH O.S.F.S., B.A., ARTS AND SCIENCES Lewisfon, New York JOSEPH S. SANSONE B.A., EDUCATION Lockport, New York. ' If te-A WILLIAM R. SCALZO B.B.A., BUSINESS JOSEPH P. B.S., ARTS AND Niagara Falls, New York Corning, New York THOMAS E. SCHWAB B.S., ARTS AND SCIENCES North Java, New York -'sr' PAUL J. SETLIK B.S., BUSINESS North Tonawanrla, N eu! 1 W0 'tar "" PETER A. SIPPLE ARTS AND SCIENCES Elmira, N ew York. B.A., ARTS AND SCIENCES Bellvnore, N ew York. E. SPAULDING CATHERINE A. STAHLMAN B.S., BUSINESS B.A., EDUCATION ayetzfeville, N ew York, Niagara Falls, N ew York WILLIAM F. SLADE ANTHONY L. SPATORICO B.S., EDUCATION Niagara Falls, N ew York JOHN R. STARK B.S., BUSINESS Niagara Falls, New York 'ins GERALD P. STOY B.S., BUSINESS Treufou, New jersey ANTHONY STRUZIK B.A., EDUCATION Niagara Falls, New York THOMAS J. SWEENEY B.A., ARTS AND SCIENCES Greeuwieln, CfIlIllUC'fiCIlf .it il, 1, DONALD E. STRAVINO B.S., BUSINESS Bufalo, New York JOSEPH W. SUPKOSKI B.S., BUSINESS Dlllllljfk, New York -1--P CHARLES P. SWEET B.A., ARTS AND SCIENCES B.S., BUSINESS Ezzclicoif, New York. Youngstown, New Y HARRY E. SYLVIES, -5 TDITH M. TIFFANY B.S., NURSING Buffalo, New York , ' L 4 r' 12" ' , GERALD F. SYPECK B.B.A., BUSINESS New BI'lll1SlUlC'k, New Ierxeg' ,. EUGENE T. TERRERI B.S., ARTS AND SCIENCES MOVl'lSf0lUlI, New jersey can ff- ...x 'vf"" DOROTHY F. TORI B.S., ARTS AND SCIENCES V7esf Islip, New York. dll? FRANK P. TEDESCO B.A., ARTS AND SCIENCES Niagara Falls, New York, .f""" DAVID A. THIBAULT B.S., BUSINESS Syracuse, New York Ci BRIAN E. TRENT B.S., ARTS AND SCIENCES Long Island City, New York 1962 4 K 5 X -f- .' 'J FRANCIS H. TROY B.S., BUSINESS Elmira, N ew York JAMES H. TUHOLSKI B.A., ARTS AND SCIENCES Buffalo, New York GR DUATE YU5 'Hunn- DORGTHY A. TRZECIAK B.S., NURSING Niagara Falls, New York. 7112? ' 'QQ' ROBERT L. UNGERER B.A., ARTS AND SCIENCES Syracuse, Nrw Yorlz, I A . A .X ,R ka. -f -1-T" TIMOTHY N. TRZECIA B.A., EDUCATION Niagara Falls, New York 5 if Y Mia 7-' . .. LAWRENCE URSCHE B.B.A., BUSINESS Albany, Nrw York 3-gg-5-I elf - .AFT GEORGE A. VISAKALY B.B.A., BUSINESS Welldlld, Olzfario, Canada ,P 2' 'ga ,S 1 L 'wt '1T"'Tb P. WALSH B.S., BUSINESS ns Village, New York ,fi C2 W- ,, uv? ' I-f::1' JAMES R. NWELSH B.B.A., BUSINESS ilbrabam, Massachusetts I FRANCIS A. VITULLO B.B.A., BUSINESS Niagara Falls, New York WQIIQ CHARLES H. WEAVER B.A., ARTS AND SCIENCES Niagara Falls, N ew York ...Q fa JOHN W. WHALEN B.A., ARTS AND SCIENCES Massesa, N ew York. JOANNE H. WHITE B.S., NURSING Niagara Falls, New York 1962 GRADUATE Y MARGARET C. WILBUR B.A., EDUCATION Niagara Falls, New York. ROBERT E. WOJTON B.S., ARTS AND SCIENCES Niagara Falls, New York ERIC C. WILLIAMS B.S., BUSINESS Niagara Falls, New York JOSEPH P. WOLF B.A., EDUCATION Bujfalo, New York DONALD A. B.A., EDUCATION Niagara Falls, New Y JOSEPH C. O.S.F.S. B.A., ARTS AND Lewiston, N ew York WE HAVE ESTABLISHED THE FOU DATIO 'rt -an giving. if V E Commencement is not the end of Catholic educa- tion, but it may rather be called the beginning, the starting point of the anticipated futures which have long been awaited during the training of the under- graduate years. The formal cause of education at Niagara Uni- versity is the Well-rounded preparation of each stu- dent so that he may take his place in society as a solid Catholic citizen. Upon completing the course of studies, each graduate is better equipped to serve God, his fellow man, and his country. ,l if -1 ARGY INSURANCE AGENCY Edward P. Argy William W. Warren Richard Cary, Jr., Associate 'k AUTOMOBILE - FIRE - THEFT LIABILITY - BONDS 'k LIFE INSURANCE AETNA CASUALTY sc SURETY COMPANY INSURANCE ANALYSTS "See Us About Any Insurance Problem" 'k MARINE TRUST CO. BLDG. 256 3rd Street NIAGARA FALLS PHONE: BU 4-9931 I80 SEALTEST FOODS DIVISION NATIONAL DAIRY PRODUCTS CORPORATION F00 QN 1 2 9 5 Portage girl, Road 1- NIAGARA FALLS, N. Y. Best Wishes to Class of '62 Kinds of Glass WALKERSS LAUNDRY, INC. for Buildings Launderers and Dry Cleaners 8 2 9 CATARACT SIX STORE LOCATIONS Linwood GLASS CO TWENTY BONDED ROUTEMEN Ave, 3 56 MAIN STREET NIAGARA FALLS, N. Y. BUr1er 5-7555 BU 2-2111 GEORGE H. COURTER V I O I.. A N T E ' S CO-5 INC- Italian-American Cuisine Industrial Stationers "IVhere Collegians Meet ,k to Eat" 'k 3 1 6 Little Forth Street NIAGARA FALLS, N. Y. Phone: BUt1er 2-2361 1 2 1 0 Portage Road NIAGARA FALLS, N. Y. l8I Congratulations from HERFF JONES CO Indianapolis, Indiana A' Represented by: THOMAS P. COFFEY 57 7 East Quaker Road ORCHARD PARK, N. Y. Telephone: Area Code 716 UN 2-7460 i Manufacturers of NIAGARA CLASS RINGS AND PINS Compliments to the Class of 1962 METZLER MOTORS Your Plymouth - Valient Dealer 'k Phone: BU 5-9137 ERONTIER LANES, Inc. 845 Cayuga LEWISTON, N. Y. 'A' 40 Lanes Student Rates 3 Games 31.00 Monday Thru Friday Until 6:00 Best Wishes to the Class of '62 'k SANFORD 1-HOUR CLEANERS GERHARD LANG Meats 85 Provisions, Inc. 461-463 Ellicott Street BUFFALO, NEW Yom: Phone: TL 2-835-1-2 i' Congratulations to the Class of ' 62 For Complete Automotive Service See SAL MAGLIE GENERAL TIRE, Inc. 1 7 1 5 Military Road NIAGARA FALLS, N. Y. Bliverly 6-0202 BEverly 6-0411 As another year draws to a close at Niagara, the Niagara Falls Chapter of the AMERICAN RED CROSS again thanks the faculty, the student body and the seminarians for their participa- tion as a unit in the Red Cross Program. Blood is an ever-stronger ally in com- bating disease, in meeting the emer- gencies of accidents, childbirth and surgery. Numerous Niagara Univer- sity people shared a part of themselves again this year with patients at Saint Mary's Memorial and vicinity hos- pitals by being volunteer blood donors through the RED CROSS. The RED CROSS is deeply grateful for the assistance it has received from the University. Our congratulations to you. CONGRATULATIONS from THE NIAGARAN Rev. James M. McGlinn, C.M. Mr. Leo J. Maloney Mr. Daniel A. Solari Mr. Michael F. Kenny Miss Judith L. Lynch Mr. Norbert B. Kosinski Mr. Robert G. Kenney Miss Louisa E. Coogan Mr. Lawrence J. Urschel Phone: BU 5-8431 Banquet Hall RED COACH INN Hotel of Distinction Facing the Rapids Famous for Foods 'k NIAGARA FALLS, N. Y. Joseph Zalocha, Mgr. CONGRATULATIONS FROM THE CLASS OF 1963 CLASS OFFICERS President: Timothy Dwan Vice-President: John G. Rose Treasurer: John T. Hennessy Secretary: Lorraine Granieri STUDENT COUNCIL William Kennedy Alexander Spagnuold Peter J. Morgan Rocco C. Venuto I84 CONGRATULATIONS FROM THE 1961-1962 STUDENT COUNCIL COUNCIL OFFICERS President: James T. Irving V President: Kevin J. Connelly Treasurer: John L. Corry Secretary: Sheila M. Joyce Moderator: Rev. John W. Caine, C.M. WMHO DR. AND MRS. ALFRED EARRA DR. FREDERICK F.lABEALE MR. AUSTLNLLCYLBEECH Bayside, New York A Boston,.Mass. A EWyckoH,i N. J. E MR. AND MRS. FRANCIS c. CANTY A MR. LAND MRS. 'PAUL CHAISSON, SR. DR. cHADs.o. CHALFA Grand lsland, N. Y. E 1 ,Jackson Heights, L. l., N. Y. Donora, fa. , . MR. AND MRS. JOHN DeDEYN Qi.l.RiMlR.jf!fH0MASYA.gDISKlN Y MR. AND -MRSA. MLCHAEL Dmscc Massapequa, N. Y. L New Rochelle, N. Y.J I Garden City, L. I., iN. Y. MR. AND MRS- J0.HN,FARKA5 - L. . MRS. .PAY .p.MRe ANP..MRS...WiL.LlAM:r Jackson Heights, LII., N. Y. L ll A ' West Caldwelli N. 4,., MR. AND MRs.JoHN GOODSON A l MR. AND MRS, Brooklyn, N. Y N R . 'RTT .r.- A l AYNR R New ..Yn' MR. AND MRS. 'JEORME 'FioSSENigoPP'i9 IMP-ERATOSL MR. Barker,. N.. Y. . L . .....A , ' EggertsviUe,fN,:.Y,Qf. LiX,..1.f.!.Q.Q. MR. AND MRS. A GEORGE D. KARRYS ,fks 2 Y5ft2R:.g5igxND...yRMgs...LAMES R. LAwLoR EMR: AND .MRs,g1Lg1QMASs. Toronto, Ont., Can. .Waterbury 8, Conn. A Plainfield, N. J. MR. AND MRS. LAWRENCE E. MARK MQJAND MRS.. FREDSB. MIELKO MR. AND .,MRS.,,cEgARgES,.g..MY Elmira, N. Y. ' f Hamilton, Ont. ' A A Brooklyn 15, N1 A A MR. AND MRS. HARRY J. o'BRLEN MR. AND MRS. WILLIAM P. o'KEEEE MR. AND MRS. RAEYMBNDLJ. R Hicksville, L. l., N. Y. . Syracuse 5, N. Y. Brooklyn 4, N: Y.'f7. Y. V ' DR. AND MRS. HENRY RADZIEWICZL W MRS. SARAH REDICAN MR. ANDVMRSQROBERT RE Brooklyn 7, N.,Y. 4. , Rego Park, l., N. Y. New Hyde Park, L. lg, N. S MR. AND MRS. VINCENT c. SAVLDGE . . MR. AND MRS. JOSEPH A. SCHNEIDER. . L ylii Q Q 1 f Floral Park, N. Y. Syracuse, N. Y. M . f MR. AND MRS. WILLIAM A. SLADE MR. VAND MRS. ALQERT, SMQRAL DR. :AND MRS. .JQSERH J, SDQTLL Bellmore, L. l., N. Y. ' Solvay, N. Y. ' A Jersey City, NQJ. A 'T L MR. AND MRS. PAUL TREN1 My MR. AND MRS. STANLEY TRZECIAK A MR. AND ru Long -Island. City 4, N. Y. 1 A .Niagara Falls, Ng Y. i A f OSWEQQ,'NJAY553Vfbl,,X..'l513 MR AND MRSA. JoHN woL1E'R Y MR AND MRS?J6SEE'FLlDQiQ1iW5fBRA PGLLIGII1 MUHQF 1 ., Y . A S A Perth RER fff 'E Q flf rf. Nzzzgara 14 lfcrsz qwqncor-Rd' ...milf ' A A 'WL rl' L ' ' I " 51E:.ivi:.'QNgfl .L-.gifgggfr ,, .. . S1 A ,f I L , M ,K 'N A -. V' - ' fy., 4, 4 ," lff.-r'0-1 31 G . A' v Iagj:-.A ' 17,2 'rfl r -. -' . .E-awfffsf. ' P 'L' "-..f'f' l 3 . .R -"- -' f"'3319k-A ' ?f"' -' 'EE' 'E -. . Pf.v?.,... if 4 7' Z f 5' 4 P K ' "7': 2 2 4 4 2 4 5 4 4 4, , 533.235-' V, llfykggjfflffr If .:. Ii l,,?5..,5g..5.. ,Ay .Qu :IFF-' '- 5 'z,:Z "' , 'Q . I ' ' ' I ' A , - - - - fi iiivf 9 ' I' V , 3, . . -fffrf.- " Lag QITEIQ ckrzauflcdges ' R. AND MRS. FRANK BENNETT MR. EDWARD J. BURKE MR. FRED BUSCH ew Rochelle, L. I., N. Y. Buffalo, N. Y. Livonia, N. Y. Z. ROGER CLERC MR. AND MRS. MARTIN J. CONNORS MR. NICHOLAS DARDANO ens Falls, N.Y. Syracuse, N. Y. 1 Utica, N. Y. I. AND MRS. CASMIR DUDEK MIR. 'AND MRS. WALTER EPPINK MR. VICTOR FALCONE UQUFU FUIIS, N. Y. Kenmore, N. Y. New Hartford, N. Y. R. AND MRS. JAMES E. FOOTE MR. AND MRS. EDWARD J. FRIES MR. AND MRS. CARL GIARDINO orrisville, Pa. Oceanside, L. I., N. Y. Rome, N. Y. R. AND MRS. CHARLES HARNISH MR. A. K. HARTLING MR. GEORGE M. HEISEY nawanda, N. Y. - Newington II, Conn. Havertown, Pa. E AND MRS. DAVID JONES MR. AND MRS. JOSEPH W. KAMINSKI MR. JOHN J. KAMPF alo, N. Y. . Shelton, Conn. Albany 9, N. Y. S. JANET G. LENNEY MR. AND MRS. JOHN V. LYONS MR. AND MRS. EUGENE McGOVERN ' t Orange, N. J. Westwood, N. J. Rockville Center, N. Y. . AND MRS. VINCENT MYLOWE MR. AND MRS. THOMAS NESTOR MR. AND MRS. JAMES M. NIX ton 8, N. J. New York 32, N. Y. Rome, N. Y. ' . AND MRS. PHILIP J. PENNY MR. AND MRS. ROSWELL PFOHL MR. AND MRS. STEPHEN POPOWICH alo 15, N. Y. B Grand Island, N. Y. ' Niagara Falls, N. Y. AND MRS. ROSS VIHJROBERTS MR. PETER P. ROCCHIO, SR. MR. AND MRS. DANIEL SANTANDREA , N. Y. , Hempstead,jL. I., N. Y. Albany, N. Y. AND MRS. JOSEPH SHANAHAN MR. HERSCHEL H. SHIPP MR. DWYER SHUGRUE. alo, N. Y. A Detroit, Mich. Fresh Meadows, L. I., N. Y. AND MRS. PAUL STOY MR. AND MRS. DONALD J. SWEET MR. AND MRS. CHARLES A. THOMPSON ton 8, N. J. ' Endicott, N. Y. Syracuse 9, N. Y. AND MRS. WILLIAM J. WALSH DR. AND MRS. WILLIAM E. F. WERNER MR. AND MRS. RAYMOND V. WHITE ns Village, N. Y. ,j RockawayPark, N. Y. F I Hempstead, N. Y.' A AND MRS. EDWARDKERWAN MR. EDWARDJ. PETNER ing, New York Philadelphia 35, Pa. ivcrsifyDvvela,wr1cuf Program - Approved by the American Bar Association Member of the Association of American Law Schools School of Law Three-Year Day Course SL Four-Year Evening Course Leading to the LLB. Degree 'A' APPLICATIONS ACCEPTED FOR SEPTEMBER AND FEBRUARY CLASSES 'k APPLICANTS ARE REQUIRED TO SUBMIT SCORE OF LAW SCHOOL ADMISSION TEST ADMINISTERED NATIONALLY BY EDUCATIONAL TESTING SERVICE, PRINCETON, N. J. 'k For Information Apply to The Secretary of the School of Law ST. JOHN'S UNIVERSITY 96 Schermerhorn Street Brooklyn 1, New York I88 CONGRATULATIONS FROM THE CLASS OF '64 CLASS OFFICERS President: Lewis H. Maynard Vice-Prsidnt: Joseph L. Ciancaglini Treasurer: Raymond J. Merkel Secretary: Sharon G. Ross STUDENT COUNCIL James F. Kuryak George D. Dranichak Thomas E. Colman I89 One of Niagara Falls' Leading Restaurants YE OLDE TAVERN Famous for Seafoods 2115 Main Street Niagara Falls, N. Y. Phone: BU 2-963 5 Owned and Operated by the McDonalds for Over 26 Years Congratulations to the Class of 1962 if NYLIC The New York Life Agent in Your Community Is a Good Man to Know 'A' RALPH S. DE ROSE, C.L.U. 104 Neisner Building NIAGARA FALLS, N. Y. Congratulations to Class of '6 2 'A' EMPIRE BUILDERS SUPPLY CO., INC. 820 Cedar Avenue NIAGARA FALLS, NEW YORK Compliments of DAIRYLEA MILK "Because Your Family Deserves the Finest" 'k 1 1 24 Portace Road NIAGARA FALLS, NEW YORK Phone: BU 5-8241 I9O CONGRATULATIONS TO THE GRADUATING CLASS OF 1962 t WM. HENGERER COMPANY HOTEL NIAGARA NIAGARA COUNTY'S FINEST AND LARGEST HOTEL 'A' First Street at Jeiferson Avenue NIAGARA FALLS, N. Y. Phone: BU 5-932 1 HAROLD A. LEVIN, Manager I9l CONGRATULATIONS FROM THE CLASS OF 1965 CLASS OFFICERS President: John M. O'Connor Vice-President: John R. Colarete Treasurer: Gerard F. Dermody Secretary: Paula cheles STUDENT COUNCIL Carole A. Ferraro Bernard T. McCann Bernard J. Malone l92 Coffee at Its Best Fountain Service Congratulations Supreme from a Tasty Snack to a Full Course Meal to the ROUND THE CLOCK RESTAURANT Yearbook Staff We Never Close 829 Main Street from NIAGARA FALLS, N. Y. THE FACULTY AND Cvmplfmmfs of B O B ' S I N N Robert and Aurora Sabourin Specializing in Sizzling Steaks OF if 93 0 Ontario Avenue NIAGARA UNIVERSITY Nm Mm Congratulations Class of 1 9 6 2 'A' woman DISTINCTIVE FEMININE FASHIONS 'A' "Nothing Takes the Place of Qualityi' NIAGARA FALLS, N. Y. Congratulations to the Class of 1962 from NATIONAL LEAD CO. Titanium Alloy Manufacturing Division 'A' NIAGARA FALLS, NEW YORK Best Wishes to the Class of 1962 MANDIA'S N iagara's Only Ratbskeller For the Finest of Foods and Drinks uk 1 8 1 2 M Main Street NIAGARA FALLS, NEW YORK 1 ALPHA GAMMA PSI CHAPTER KAPPA PSI A H Best Wishes to Class of 1962 Congratulations, Class of '62 PHOTO CENTER .k 3025 Niagara Street Near Hyde Park Boulevard STAUFFER "Everything Photographic" "Tape Recorders" f 'A' Phone: BU 4-1623 Lewiston Road NI F PARK FREE IN OUR NEW YORK BIG LOT I94 Congratulations from KNICKERBOCKER CLUB President: James McCarthy i CAPITAL DISTRICT CLUB t I BIG FRANK'S BAR AND GRILL 2 1 09 Main Street if HOWARD JOHNSON'S RESTAURANT 454 Main Street WE WISH TO THANK The William T. Hengerer Co. for the senior portraits Mr. Daniel A. Solari of the William T. Cooke Publishing Co. Lawrence Urschel, Business Manager Robert Kenney, Sports Editor Louisa Coogan, Clerical Editor Norbert Kosinski, Photography Editor Rev. James M. McGlinn and Mr. Leo J. Maloney, Yearbook Moderators and The members of the staff who willing gave of their time. Sincerely, Michael F. Kenny Judith L. Lynch Co-Editors, 1962 Niagaran I95 WE, THE CLASS OF 1962 THANK EVERYONE EOR THEIR WISHES OF KINDNESS CLASS OFFICERS President: Dennis P. Riley Vice-President: John P. Grogan Secretary: Patricia C. Ziobro Treasurer: James A. Pitts STUDENT COUNCIL President: James T. Irving Vice-President: Kevin J. Connelly Treasurer: John L. Curry Vincent J. Moore Phillip J. McCann Paul G. Fuller I96 p Qg554,ffyWw w ff ,df Mmfmfjpffwf Wfifffiffffif WW ff? MMWWM Wwifw ffwww EM ? WM Q! ,N Swwiwfiw pw K.

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