Niagara University - Niagaran Yearbook (Lewiston, NY)

 - Class of 1952

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x,.'1 ,M 4. ..f - A--' PA- w- '-vf,,.?o-LA:1OnFtf'-,:a' I T. ,.. . ,, 1 - 'Q .' ' '-, xv -'Q , gf - , -,. f L , . - . f , .f ,-Mg. .-4' , -' i1y',4'w4y.l'.'3 ..f-u 1 , - K .JJ 'Q , -2- fl-"A'5',1,. - . xf .0 xr -11 Qlgf. A nf.: ' 1 'f - f M .."'g-,f'4f."tA 1 -.1Yf7fe3? 1' -90" Jr.. r .. . -1 4 xr? J,-1 - ' ' 'iv 'A 35,1 !J'e -v ER.: :gtw,,,. fm ' "QV .."k WJ' ,sl m. N-LQi'..J...,'.w M . H ., . ,A . I F Q: .yr 1 5 V ' It 'H in" n D' K , Wax -..- ,'s 'YL nf' 5 1 r K' ,RZ Y . 'uf .V i F 'id v+f?N, . Pt" ZX' -. .ubyw . .-.Q - '- ,- 1 ,. Cub -- .... I h V . .1 M " . ' V ' Miliv- 3. 0 "I" 'lf-W 1. 1 A , . -11.155 4 , ,'1 1' ' wx ' 1 '+A 'P .- - - V ,sv f ' IAN- 5 '. 3992 7 . .Rl o f ,J-" -1 ya'- is yn iv!! .2.'!... k .. N us. . rl A f I 'I - 9 ,wg , gl -- 1 "-sq? . Y , 1! ,, 1125 lx? A :A ' if ' '7 N , Wx . ,g , gig., 1 vi ' ' 14, .I ' 'f P ig iv., Blgifiisglhgg 1 f , ,. .1 H if we . - ,JA .,:,j""' - gint Q, 1 X 1.'N,FN- ' M' ' in u 's-. '1f,," .i'zV', 4' .1 H K-5.41 X- "fi , f, M1 11 XM' 4 if Q a. 94 x ' ,, f W WH' 'Yi -'S X' 3 -- "nn .. , "i F' 'gf Wg' lf f. .f-,gy N - f'?m:2:1 g ,lffai ff A 4 V. 4 . - , 1 ' s -I QT x mgard ll niversity 'MMS os W' X W O R,,,rn,fw X ff f a f fx Ng X , WV ff, , g W . ., . ljyylgf fn ,al ff fx 1? NN 'XX 0 ..I. r-'V X xxN X QM "--A '7- N,-p 'N . aiu v +5 If M, 1-X T4 :af ,gil Q," my T511 , si' -fmrvqnnu.-, S 5 x 3 . Q , E . s M442 Q, P. M H fa if , , r -QA' . ,AU .S Y X ,V A, " , ' ..,x"Wvf. 'en V Q92 f ,...e2l W, ,, 1 nf- , ,A xx , V A ,-,,..,.,.-.fftff .v, .W , . , ,-...-fr, . .9 is A :J-: Y - V ., .,.....w- v A , x - W A W , ,W ,.w..,...... 3 1 2 ,...,....w W .,,Q.,,.,,...,.,,..,.,. -fl U, ,MN,,,,,,, .......- -ww-1 ' , Q ,,,.,,.,...,V. . .,,. , MT 4 5, ' W 3 M - ,, ,,.,,,,.V....-..,,..W..... 3 1 , F 1 Q I . F 4 u u m E , F ' I , S L Q i j , -H ' Lg- . ..... -. - ' - '. l ' Y Q : f V, A M L 'g If 1 . 3 , A 3 is if . I ' 1 5 , 1 P 5 5 5 w F ' 5 1 i A... .... ,. SA- . ' ' -,im In 4 , av 'Wx'- 0 Q V 'N '. yn ' o . , ..- 9' ' -M I -A. X. 5 ' 'E I N XX Y 5 3' 3 4 . - 5-.xii ,f ' "1 x-Mir A 3 14 P 2 Tm: F111 1 E H... ' "' -X'-3-dna--v fvfvf"' MLM s 41. W F F, H N hh . 1 ' - V U r 'Q W V" .4 t .5 f?'i?iT7 ' x 2 f Q 'ef kim .A fn 'B 1' K 3 . , ,3 '? 2 lf, I ld A MTL'-5 I 5 1155.121 E .1--'1 f ' ' . -fic. V -951' I 32? E L' 13? 2 2 . Q'-, X. ,V -W H- - "' ' . -. , W. P ' ' ...-. Q., 4--. . ""f2.m'. F L' n 5 JAMES J. CARRIG ALFONSE S. GRZYWIENSKI CO-EDITORS ROBERT P. MULLER BUSINESS MANAGER REV. JOHN J. HENRY, C.M. MODERATOR 7 Uzm gif Q iff '3. 'Hx"n'? inf 14 ., Lrg .- ' FH ww .. ...N , ai-in A ' ,Z lg- 1 tiyf gl N gig v A If W X , ,A gvggu, M f ,.. -N' H, . A-. 555 , ri rx ' A 5 ,....l'vE'1' . , --:-!P- '- -'di Q.---1 "Th ' 'f":1' 4441.143 .rn-.iig gf!! '--QE - " . , VYA. ?,,..,.,- - ---. - "' ' ,---- "f' -E ': fir..-.--4 .. -,--'Qu-5' ufg ,f,4,z f,47 f, i , if 1f -, N L., .:-. . .-, L,.f..--- -- A """' -gp-fezw . " ' ' ' Y ,-gd ' ' - inf- " V4 Hatter We if , -.- 'IS iaaig ' Father Flannery has served for twenty years in the capacity of Spiritual Director. Realizing the necessity of sound moral principles in training for a Better World, he has worked untiringly to promote the spiritual and temporal welfare of the collegians. Never too busy to see a student, he has guided countless young men in living better lives. To Father Mike whose true, deep influence upon our lives will be- come apparent only as the years pass, this book is humbly dedicated. ff' v, X 1 xg. .yy ,y Q, xcfxt . X . xx XXX, X XX X F-xQ:g .'xx x x .- NX . . xy t X. 'xx -' - ' 'fx X' 'W X ,xx-Wixx ' X .- XSXNXQQ-xXx ff x X q Q wx N 2 T' .1.':1f:H'. 'A -xXf,'2'X , JA v ,V r ,Lg V X l""SNxXX'N,'XX'X k'i:"'L'If.-' .:.tA -1- V Kgsxvx-x , ..,.,-.k,,,, ...-- ' X X- W x Q 1. .,3,Y" r .1 . .-.1 9 'a 4 I A 5 -' z - r ' -+-- . .A ' Qs, '-'H ' N ' nd' '- f s, ,rt ,m""'w V1 .F 'IX ,. A 'Yo cr ' -me-vm:-q,,.,, , 'Sufi' " 'AX U N t" W . 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' x I ' fi f Wfgl. Q V 0 U n ' 4--.. 1. '- 3-ff .. uw l Q -i..4 'eb W . 5.34.3 Et.. I ,' If -'0.'f. ' ' M ,4 I ,,x.+.,,ywi.wb,Si 58:-W ,. ,X my 'hub -J V ,1 , je: Q Qicrza. 9 ,x i ' 1 ' 3 ' ' 3 I fn' 15" I "D-"" , 4 ' ' 0 '5' ' Jr .. i' 'F ' , - ' S L vt :M5 .i .., 'iwf X- ' N' ' ,X-"rd M .' 1' ' f 1 ' 'F' v.-- LUN APA' H. fn' '.., ' j , 'vs 1 a 'N ' PM 8' XI' V -1-g.,..:J::N,.L , JM n Qt. 1. , ' K .f"'Ti:f-f.--'pf " ---.51-+?i':y . " ' .- ' 1 . " R ' - -' j' '-MS'- L! an A VITA- , . .,5. rt . 1- ,- . 16' .1 :vs . 11. J., 1 s '. We- wl Q M s Q U2 v X 'I 5 . ' 1. I i ,s S w tw rf - 1 V , '- I' as , 4 af " ' 'D' 9:-if na HI . 4, 'hill Y r .., Q of 4" ' I 19. .VH ' 1 ,hz by I., in W6 'S - , "J ' ' I tr ', I , , 4 mu. 'gf , 9 ti :rv hi. As 'ful . A ' L X J' 'v Y In ' , 1 . I . X V Q .U y 1 Q m., - n rl - 13- ,-4' :Maxi -s f. -4., ', '41 .. '45, ,,-. -ut? ' . I4 I. pa rg... -,L ,Nm ' 2121 , :PZ 'J"'3' ' 545 QI' 'N ' ' .,. H ' F SA ' , I ,l U11 ' - f' 9' -'ll '-. , 'fqm' 5. l. , H' aglffv' ' 'Q I A e. . 0 3' ' '-Hu. ' G' . I 1,4-,V . 9 A ., ,.'-44, , em "K- M .fr Q - j at iff W 5 ,gy , ' QM id' 1' 57' ffm P' . , X , 'lf ,P I 1 , Q , ,fix ,f X , ,,, . 1' ,Q ll' 1 fm ,N ,f A, fn , f A ,' ,' If ' Q ' 5 ,f f f 1 , ' 'Z FA Eff 17, ' , . . , lvl, A' ,- .gf 4, I , ,Lf , I A V, I,, f , , , Jf ,, ,V A, , ,J , ,,f f ff ,y lf, .' 1 ,I ,' ' ' J Cy' ,ff 1 , 1 ff Y , ' , J . f , ' j f .. f ' A N f' ,f J MII" N X . 41, I ,- , 1, .tj X .- if ,fi WX , ,3 J, , 41, ,, iff .V .N .f ,. , ,. f , .. . . .f .1 - "J ,f -', H I, REV. ELMER G. KIEFFER .lubilarian Fafher Kieffer. born in Buffalo, New York. received his educaiion and Training ar Sainr Joseph's College, Princeron. New Jersey, and Sainf Vincen+'s Seminary, Germanfown. Pennsylvania. He was ordained June I I, l927. A+ The Collegium Ponrificium, +he Appolinaris, ar Rome. he siudied 'foward a docrorafe in Canon Law, which he received in I93O. He was appoinied Assisianr Direcfor of Seminarians ai Sainr John's and served Jrhere uniil 1933. From I933 uniil I937 he was Direcior of Seminarians a+ Niagara. Then he became Direcfor of Seminarians a+ S+. Vincen'r's Seminary in which capaci+y he remained for 'rwo years. The years I94O-I942 he speni 'reaching Canon Law ar S+. Thomas Seminary, Denver, Colo. From I942 unril now Faiher Kieffer has been af Niagara as Dean of Srudies for Seminarians. Ad Mulros Annos. .,wrf" THE MOST REVEREND JOHN F. 0'HARA, C.lS.C., D.D. Archbishop of Philadelphia Your Excellency, lvlosi Reverend Archbishop, we respecliully salule you and exlend our hearllell' congralulalions on your new appoinlmenl. Facully and Sludenls of Niagara Universily ioin lo invoke lhe Grace ol God upon you, lhe Shepherd, and your new Flock. We have been privileged lo have had you as Chancellor. and shall always remember wilh gralelulness your goodness and kindly inleresl in lhis Universily. bm. . - A 'RM ' .f ' f 1, - . x ' 1 5-v p ., .ag-. f-.vy 5 -., ,- .,.. 1 Q-.-. . S :x-,.,. V' - my ,- -V 7. fff5FN'Q 1' "' ' . -- :1 1 N X N . -,M ' W ja,-5 V 'Mn 1 fn ,W A.. ew- 3 I. V hm rv v lt' V. 'Ni '--.. I .ti 1 .. .7v:.," fws. .- , h - E ,V ig-, gr-1- 'JM-.5 .. l Q - A I ' e .SA I. V1 Z5 1-,', 5" 4 -www'--71 51? vm-gm f 'x or-n-in r . -4,..-Q- ., .- 5+-PN .Q --V5 ITL A.' 7 x 7 ' 5 f.. V . 1. , "iw 443 .w i, , Ex 0- nc ' , Pr .,. 1 .- 1 , 4 I, .L f-.-.I Ax 1 'J gi -1, ,Q 13 . 421, ' .. 1 - if - E, ,"'ff' f1'.LfP2:m-- ' .,,-.uv-1" , , 2: .T , fl? . ,Q-.Y M1 ifffa by ' . f' "- "fl task. " -' ' ' 1 f ...- ,niv- r .Hi ' is -N: v 1. ,J rl 1 W' 'gl' - 1. w 25.1. LN' " N315 1,4575 , "-fa ",f,,y.f, lbxqqsglfh Y xfixiziljggaf 35 ' "F-'H5'..'3 . My - 'l1','H,..E.' IN..-" ?1,f , .U ,Q-vw -'gl , -- 5-'V f' .: ' .pffff . 2, F gr -M: ' I th ', 1. IQ" ,. . M 9 Z j . i AXQ, Y' L 5 1 f ff in 5 W I , ,1 4 .,c, Nxaonnn Uxnvsasxrv Orme or nun Pnsnnsr My dear Nlagarens: Once again Niagara University ls writing the last few sentences to another chapter ln her hlstory. A few more weeks and she wlll be sending out another group of her graduates with the seal of her approval upon them. As she does so she will he hoping and preying that all of them will be prepared. She will have no worry if each of them ls intellectually rich, morally capable, soclally competent, and flttlngly healthy. To enrich the mind ls an everlasting work. In four short years we have only time to lay a foundatlon. To change the figure but not the meaning, ln college we can only teach you how to use the tools of knowledge. The rest ls up to you, first to keep on gathering knowledge, and than lett ng years and experience mellow knowledge into wisdom. Knowledge alone, however, does not spell success. What the world needs most le character, and by character ls meant a fine and courageous sense of personal, moral reagonslblllty. What others do, no matter how great their num er, is no sanction for your actions. Moral good and moral evll are as changeless as the God who gives the ave Upon your moral integrity will depend your value to society. Any social unit is only worth what its lndlvldual members are worth. You have many tlmes heard me say, and 1 repeat lt'thle last time, a good society ls not made up of bad people. In all these things, Niagara hopes you are prepared. Sha hopes. too, that you will have the health and vigor to carry them through for many years to come. Whatever you do, wherever you go, may real success be rs laatlng success ln the years of tlme, everlasting YOU o success ln eternity. Sincerely and devotedly yours, 4,jff'x ,fmA5A51, Jkzlzevadg Egli Very Rev. Francis L. leads, G.M., President FLM: me AV csv v'.?' x, . -su- THE VERY REVEREND FRANCIS L. MEADE C.M., Ph.D., LL.D., LiH.D. President VERY REVEREND JAMES McGLINCHEY C.M., S.T.D. 4l i' REVEREND EDWARD J. KIERNAN C.M., Ph.D. Vice-President Dean of the College of Arts and 'Sciences Superior REV. MARK J. MULLIN SR. M. EUCHARISTA C.M., Ph.L. O.S.F., R.N., M.S. Dean of the Graduate School and School of Education Dean of the College of Nursing CHARLES J. EDGETTE B.B.A. Dean of the College of Business Administration NCQ ff REV. WILLIAM J. GLAVIN C.M., M.A. Treasurer REV. ELMER G. KIEFFER REV. GERARD D. CONROY C.M., J.C.D. C-M-1 MA- Dean of Studies, Seminary D600 of Men H'-'wal' A , 9 V. X. lf! I' REV. FRANCIS X. DESMOND C.M., M.A., S.T,L. Rector of the Seminary REV. WILLIAM J. THOMAS C.M. Assistant Dean College of Arts and Sciences lg, Qing. REV. ROBERT J. ARWAY, C.M. REV. FRANCIS A. ATMORE, C.M. DR. GEORGE B. BANKS ROSEMARY A. BARTENSTEIN Philosophy Spiritual Director Seminary Physics and Mathematics Nursing ACLILTY .... R ' K REV. JOSEPH BOEGEL, C.M. DR. HERMAN J. BREZING DR. ERICK K. BUCHTERKIRCHEN REV, FERGU5 A, BURKE, C,M, English and Mathematics Nursing Modern Languages Hlglqry 'R .49 1 T PATRICIA E. BURNS PAUL M. BYRNE REV. WILLIAM B. CADIER, C.M. NICHOLAS J. CAGGIANO Nursing Philosophy English Sociology YN '91 MAXINE D. CAMPBELL Nursing 14? , Y fr ' DR. JERAULD A. CAMPBELL I I T3 Nursing H A L ? W fm .7 I .1 X XXX I FRANCIS J. CANNAN Accounilng DR. JOHN J. CARROLL Nursing 17f',f1Ir.,.f,T.. -mf ,ww ' - ' fix ' uv L 4 A K "5n..- N , i "P . 'V Q A V. SUMNER CARROLL JOHN J. CHAIKA on. sALvAronE J. CHIAPPONE SISTER M- CORDIA. 0.S.F. Economlu A""iMin9 Nursing Nursing n A V 1, C, , .. 1, 1. 'ri-eg. 4- SISTER M. cvm, o.s.r. HENRY J. CZARNECKI on. CHARLES M. MAKE, Jn. on. Jossru rrsmuco NWUIWS Accounting Nursing Nursing I Q, RALPH S, DQROSA JOHN T. DeSANTlS English I-aw ' M144-...T -1-l. 3 'Z'- REV. WILLIAM A. DEVINE, C.M. JOAN DINEEN Classical Languages Nursing Q fa-7 is ' I MARY DINEEN RICHARD C. DOHERTY BERNARD H. DOLLEN CAPT. A. A. EAGLER Nursing English Librarian Military Science ' as .lull Q., -- f .-f 'Q x X , X DR. WARREN K. EGLOF SISTER M. EUGENE JOSEPH, O.S.F. REV. MICHAEL J. FLANNERY, C.M. REV. THOMAS F. FLYNN, C.M Chemistry Nursing Religion Religion Ib' 5 V' f flea I X I SISTER M. GABRIEL, O.5.F. REV. VINCENT R. GALCHUS, C.M. -IUHN J- GAI-LAGHER NORA E. GALLAGHER Nursing Edugqgign Director of Athletics Resident Nurse ACLILTY ,. ,W ' 'Aj' 'S'-T'.-" DR- EDWIN W. GATES JOSEPH L. GERBASI DR. ROBERT D. GLENNIE, JR. DR, GRANT GUILLEMONT Nursing Law Nursing Nursing DR' KENNETH J- HARMON JAMES w. HEARY asv. JoHN J. HENRY, c.M. REV, Joggprq A, Hunan, QM, N""'l"9 ACWWIIINS Enslhh Classical Languages 1 mlgf' I., CHARLES M. HUSTLEBY DOMINICK IANNUZZI DR. PETER J. IANNUZZI SISTER M. JEROME, O.S.F. Law Modern Languages University Physician Nursing ACLILTY fs nl .fw- W2 ' 'i f n, " WN LT. COL. SAMUEL G. KAIL, REV. WILLIAM E. KATZENBERGER, DR. LAWRENCE J. KIELY VIRGINIA KIELY Military Science C,M, Liturgy Biology Nursing A 6- 1 SGT. JOSEPH C. KING Mlscr. CHARLES KNOWLTON DR. SALVATORE LQTONA DR. VINCENT D. LEONE Military Science Milnqyy Sgigngg Nursing Nursing X X , 1 vi DR. WILLIAM R. LEWIS Nursing REV. JOHN F. LYNCH, C.M. English '9!"7 THOMAS J, LYNCH REV. JOSEPH A., MCBRIDE, C.M. Classical Languages PIIIIOSOPIIY Q-kan T' REV. JAMES C. McDONNELL, C.M. REV. JOHN J. McDONNELL, C.M. REV. BERNARD J. McGINN, C.M. DANIEL W, MgGUlRE Classical Languages Chemistry Executive Sec't. Alumni Ass'n. History ' wr' Q X" .2 54 A ie X i f ' A ,fav x M ef' MA K J - Mlscv. KEITH N. McHENRY EDWARD .J- MCKEEGAN ' ' " -z' ' ' Military Science BWIOSY 3 iw Q W- Qi 9.1. 1537 ,fy nf ci. Ls I LT. COL. JOHN H. McKINNON NELLIE A. McLANE Military Science Librarian 'fn Q9- EDWARD D. MAHONEY LEO J. MALONEY HELEN R. MANGANO DR- WA'-LACE H- MATHEWS Law English Nursing Nursing ACLILTY -I 105 f was GN """...?' WILLIAM E. MATHEWS REV. FRANCIS A. MEANEY, C.M. CAPT. HARRY C. MILEY DR- I- FRANK MOGAVERO Nursing Economics Military Science Hlil'-WY ia.. 'Dx "'- 1 '?..."- REV. JAMES P. MORRIS, C.M. DR. THOMAS H. MORTON T. HENRY MURPHY REV. JOHN A. MURRAY, C.M. Malhemaiicx Biology Economics Classical Languages I Q'--+1 . V j, mossy., L 3 - v-1.1.x A .Qi 6 . y nav. JOHN s. MURRAY, c.M. asv. JOHN P.,MURRAY, c.M. .,----""'f""' J- Education Sacred Scripture , ' Ii 'U in 'Yi L' L- ' '62 ELSIE A. O'LEARY REV. BART J. O'MAlLEY, C.M. Nursing Philosophy gv- DR. LEO J. ROZAN REV. FREDERICK J. RUSSELL, C.M. Nursing Philosophy 3.4, tiff' VINCENT NAPOLEON EVERETT B. OCKERMAN Chemistry Economics Kfbff-'Z' ' N A sf nf- ,. -ffm .'if1'. e DR. VICTOR L. PELLICANO DR. WILLIAM F. PHELAN Nursing Education JOHN J. RYAN DR. RICHARD L. SAUNDERS Modern Languages Nursing ijfi 1'0" l T l KARL M. SCHMITT History 's-,L X .NN lx f ' v -QU' LT. EDWARD B. SCHNEYER Military Science Q95 15" ' v--"- REV. JOHN F. SHEAHAN, C.M. ARTHUR W. SHERMAN Theology Accounting if ' fx. C. N K fX T J! f I-'UN .Jn 5 ., .. A fd f C E xx , XX if N XV! lll ,S X, 3 Q L' if J' j ftil xg RN!!! W f ---A A - E tixy N L -ce fx" A K' ' SGT. EDWIN H. SHUEY REV. PAUL J. SOMMAR, C.M. SGT. EDWARD L. SOUNEY VINCENT J. STATE Mllitary Science History and Music Mililury Science Philosophy Y ar'- Q as DR. NORMAN STESSING REV. JOHN J. SWEENEY, C.M. REV .BERNARD E. TIERNEY, C.M. EDWARD A. TOUMA NUl'Si'19 Philosophy Assisluni Treasurer Law 5 1-, REV. JOHN J. TRAINOR, C.M. REV. MICHAEL TUMULTY, C.M. GILBERT R. VAN BROCKLIN SISGT. ROBERT W. WALKER Pgliligql Sgiengg English Mathematics and Physics Military Science ACLILTY lt anus-Q "'-Iv' REV. WARNER K. WALKER, C.M. REV. JAMES J. WALSH, C.M. CAPT. JOHN W. WHITE REV. EUGENE W. WORMER, C.M. Philosophy Classical Languages Military Science Mathematics 4-..,,, REV. JOHN E. YOUNG, C.M. REV. JOSEPH F. YOUNG, C.M. REV. VINCENT R. YOUNG, C.M. DR. WILLIAM H. VICKERS Moral Theology Our Lady of Angels Novona Philosophy Nursing Q v" - a 4 " 1: 1? U , ' A ow f,. . f. .x. ' .sz- f- 1 f .P -u-'ff' , , .VL 5 , 11.- ,V . wh... Ifgqxz . ' .1 .. w' i mu ,,., .45 W , W ' tu. , M.. . +f,Jw"1-n'Q.'. -, . 4. -..s.3. ,N , L 7 cj lu, W' v . If '-f 4' xl Wf ' -gm by ,W P K P Vi .ws ., nl' K wQnl'l""""9"' 2 4443 -. dm Y' .4'-? Q-"5 1 L , K 14 ,.. P .7 5-7 757.l.':4i. . I -117 41. W - I' ' ," 1 7 if ga.--if t ' , 7 -.,'o1!','v -e fi? N-.' . r 1v".' n.' Y "-fl.. k cu the greater share Classes and homewor oc py of the studen's life. The library pictured on these pages is one of the busiest places on campus Students constantly shuffle through its stacks material or reading matter, to find research and they continually utilize its study tables. ' ' ' n of the sciences Niagara provides courses in ma y ducation, and a general in business, nursing, e arts curriculum. All full-time students must ' ' ' th matics take courses an history, English, ma e , and philosophy, in addition, Catholic students must also take religion courses. M614 Fa- 1 ,r 1 1 I Thomas Leddy, Presidenrp James Garvey, Vice- C ! S S Bill O'Neill, Treasurerp Ann Morrison, Secretary CDF '55 President. Siudenls from such widely scallered places as China. Souih America. Europe. and Iraq have mairiculaired al Niagara. From all lypes of back- grounds. lhey have come 'ro 'rhe Ridge as plasiic, ready lo be moulded Jrhrough a sound educaiion info well lrained ciiizens. Confused al' firsir by lhe slrange surroundings and manner of living. lhey soon become adlusled 'ro college life and prepare +o Take iheir righiful place in Hs aclivilies. FRESHME QFFICERS Left to Right: Peter F. Adams Valley Stream, N. Y. James Francis Agen Utica, N. Y. Constance Alex Niagara Falls, N. Y. Thomas D. Amato Elizabeth, N. J. Bernard James Arnold Bellmore, N. Y. John J. Ashley Ogdensburg, N. Y. Thomas Bacon Niagara Falls, N Y. louis Samuel Barone Niagara Falls, N. Y. Sally Anne Barron Nltlgara Falls, N. Y. Ronald Batt Williamsville, N. Y. Barbara Benning Nidgara Falls, N. Y. Thomas F. Berle Cedarhurst, N. Y. Thomas Berrigan Lewiston, N. Y.' Richard Bielar Niagara Falls, N. Y. .Peter A. Bifaro Sllver Creek, N. Y. Sid Binks Niagara Falls, N. Y. John J. Bishop lockport, N. Y. Norbert Boron Depew, N. Y. Joseph Braun Hightstown, N. J. A A '1 -N ' il , . - -2' . . N J - ' -. - ' 4. A h A' .:'... ' Y' .,. 4 : is ' 'ff:..:. .v- -.. .. ... ,,...,, ,:....::-,.'. .... . . X J'- , ,4 ,Q . also-A f y . ,ea ,.,,, J: x 5 'sr .. 2 H X 1 x J Elf. ff4a-9? fb g My J, 1 1 A 1 L 1 4 v ., ,M W C ASS CDF '55 pb r"1 A- X' l J- . ly gd H xx P' Opposite Page: Robert J. Brennen Niagara Falls, N. Y. Harold Brien Lynbrook, N. Y. Hubert J. Brown Elizabeth, N. J. Albert Stephen Butera Niagara Falls, N. Y. Mary L. Butler Port Allegany, Pa. Francis Carasiti Medford, N. Y. Richard Case Niagara Falls, N. Y. Michael A. Chamberlin Great Neck, N. Y. Melvin E. Chambers Niagara Falls, N. Y. John J. Charles Johnstown, N. Y. Samuel Frank Colozzi Rochester, N. Y. John Jay Connors Richmond Hill, N. Y. Carl George Conway ..Baghdad,,.Iraq Thomas F. Corcoran Syracuse, N. Y. John F. Costanzo Niagara Falls, N. Y. William J. Crerene New York, N. Y. Robert Cronin Albany, N. Y. Vito J. D'Agostino Brooklyn, N. Y. William Davis Brooklyn, N. Y. Joseph P. Delaney Philadelphia, Pa. Joseph C. DeMarco Niagara Falls, N. Y. Thomas P. Denn Utica, N. Y. Joseph M. DePolo Newark, N. Y. Lawrence J. Dolan Glens Falls, N. Y. John Evan Dowdall Niagara Falls, N. Y. William E. Dowden Glencove, N. Y. Thomas S. Dowe Niagara Falls, N. Y. Grace C. Dowling Bellmore, L. l., N. Y. Dermott J. Doyle Bronx, N. Y. James F. Driscoll North Tonawanda, N. Y. Robert W. Driscoll Brooklyn, N. Y. William H. Dromgoole Sherburne, N. Y. Richard J. Dunn Wellsburg, N. Y. Raymond M. Durr Utica, N. Y. Thomas Francis Elliott Baldwin, L. I., N. Y. Richard Francis Ellis Niagara Falls, N. Y. Kenneth J. Eysaman Mohawk, N. Y. Francis W. Feely Cohocton, N. Y. Gerald Erwin Feeney Little Falls, N. Y. Louis Ferretti Tuckahoe, N. Y. James J. Ferritto Niagara Falls, N. Y. Victor J. Fischer Williamsville, N. Y. W3 3-qs. xl , 'K Vis, tx ,... I n I ' K f K 1 'X 1 1 ,, W' X he 'SZ' V 1 1 , -V A . 'Vx f I av I' ww ' . I: v ' , xf -'I A xy wf A X X 4 'z ' H. in 1 , SW U 'A X 1 " Wi X ga ,XX-a 'I Wil-"' A Zgaiisflii, 5' :gi ' .5 555555-r.v:.e.1:5 A I my H T . Q -ff 0 I l ' X I ' I N5 ff ' ,wx X ,Q X: Ilbl Y i ,Au .... I L ..:"'- . ,g, ...-, . .. C .-S' Fill wa.. ' .-uw.,,,.. .J aAYP.'7x f . :z-2' .t I. -Q52 X. X , . 3' O osite Page: Joseph Fitzgerald pp Troy, N. Y. Owen Fitzpatrick Rye, N. Y. Edward R. Fleming Pittsburgh, Pa. Robert J. Florack Rochester, N. Y. John J. Ford Buffalo, N. Y. Ralph J. Fraats New Hartford, N. Y. Dolores Franches Niagara Falls, N. Y. Peter P. Franckowiak Bulfalo, N. Y. Robert D. Fraser Niagara Falls, N. Y. Thomas S. Furlong Lockport, N. Y. Donald F. Gaffney West Hempstead, N. Y. Vincent M. Gallagher Brooklyn, N. Y. James F. Garvey Brooklyn, N. Y. Lawrence O. Gerfin Niagara Falls, N. Y. Humbert P. Giansiracusa Norfolk, Conn. Edward Moylan Gilbert Geneva, N. Y. Paul Gizzi Rochester, N. Y. Therese M. Goergen Buffalo, N. Y. Daniel Golden Easton, Pa. William T. Graham Mount Ciso, N. Y. James G. Granite Niagara Falls, N. Y. John J. Gravelle Watertown, N. Y. Thomas Hafney Rochester, N. Y. David R. Hamel Bristol, Conn. James F. Hamill Geneva, N. Y. Robert G. Hart Hempstead, L. I., N. Y. Barbara Hartman Miller Place, N. Y. James Joseph Hawley Binghamton, N. Y. John Arthur Heist Niagara Falls, N. Y. Violet Helwig Lancaster, N. Y. Henry J. Helak Lancaster, N. Y. John P. Hinton Lockport, N- Y- John D. Herrmann Niagara Falls, N. Y. A S S O F ' 5 5 X597 C auth 4!KIHll ,-fn, ..' -MW . L '27 ' EM L v. 'l .il 2001, X M 7"'f'1Z John F. Hogan Sherburne, N. Y. Roger W. Hogan Hudson Falls, N. Y. Charles Hoxie New York, N. Y. Bruce E. Hoy Brockport, N. Y- Thomas J. Hughes Syracuse, N. Y. Francis L. Hunt Niagara Falls, N. Y. Carol M. Johnson Saratoga SpringSf N- Y- Donald E. Kay Niagara Falls, N. Y. Wendell B. Kay Niagara Falls, N. Y. 9511? ve". V--V 5 4 , , 'lv J: , 'li' Y 291 AJ Blu, H C0605 4 '1 l f' llrm I 5 V x lim -.tx . Qi, M510 1 5:19, 1, .zfflziozo , . i".q'l,':"O lla.. ' Q . 'ith 'I ,s L 4 0. -uf . 'Si +7 l CLASS CDF '55 v S-Q ts 1 :- X r it . V lv' 'I x 7 .JJ T will.. wi. F . N.. -N . 5, . l I - Q' H 5-J at :T R A Aimilwi Q '.:!,4'f::-' s 'T wg . -., , L 1 I. .- I ii., 43. ,LYJ ' L. ' .,. ,u .-1 N lla X Nfl .Yx .een T 4534 'I fhi 5' ' .n...M.n-w"'i his Opposite Page: Left to Right: Antoinette Kazmierczak Buffalo, N. Y. Stephen Kennett Philadelphia, Pa. Ann Marie Kero Groton, N. Y. Robert H. Kiefer Flushing, N. Y. Irving J. Kimball Utica, N. Y. Donald Kloda Sanborn, N. Y. Donald Earl Kneeland Corning, N. Y. Matthew E. Knieriem Sparkill, N. Y. Ronald Paul Kopenski Niagara Falls, N. Y. Raymond Robert Kosloski North Port, N. Y. Richard Kossmann Roslyn Heights, L. l., N. Y. Mary Ann Kumro Niagara Falls, N. Y. Frank P. Layden Brooklyn, N. Y. Richard Anthony Leadem Trenton, N. J. Philip E. Leary Bristol, Conn. Thomas M. Leddy Ozone Park, L. I., N. Y. Stanley Lenkiewicz Syracuse, N. Y. Robert E. Liedquist St. Albans, N. Y. Robert Edward Lindsay Niagara Falls, N. Y. Anthony LoCurto Niagara Falls, N. Y. John J. Long Lewiston, N. Y. Philip Loree Hornell, N. Y. Ann E. McCabe Niagara Falls, N. Y. James D. McConnell Belleville, N. J. John F. McDermott Hornell, N. Y. James P. McDonald Albany, N. Y. Carl W. McGee Rochester, N. Y. Ronald Maggennis Lewiston, N. Y. Betty J. Mark Saratoga Springs, N. Y Patricia Markle Niagara Falls, N. Y. Thomas F. Markert Syracuse, N. Y. Thomas Markham, Jr. Lowell, Mass. Stanley Mazur St. Catherine's, Ontario, Canada Robert Meighan Niagara Falls, N. Y. Thomas A. Messmer Rochester, N. Y. Mary Phoebe Michels Scarsdale, N. Y. Francis T. Micozzi Ravena, N. Y. B. Mitchell Robert F. Moloney Brooklyn, N. Y. Sheila A. Moody Syracuse, N. Y. Ann Morrison Niagara Falls, N. Y. Robert E. Morell Lockport, N. Y. P2 'Qs x,,g U-1 'I - 'YO I xx . ,."TY,' ' .. 'Tp , , yf 5. MM , : 5 x 5 rp. Imax: n,.--.-r::- . A Qaxuxfg , -1-- Ww V I. 'W .ITN J' ' " I -' "'. '-'.r'!'J'Ij'f'. M 4 4 ' X ,il .. Ji 'T IX xl ' -4 7 Sxiv' fl g' 'ZF Q Q "X 'err- 'A-vc. ,W j - sv--... 'fa' li R.. cn.- 'Ts' 1'-4 I' T7 'NI A -K l , N- ,fr X -fl f X A 'nf' "J 'iw J - -v if -555 1 X' EA QF' , , eq , M "rr Q' Pxbx ' 'D , 4.,, V 'R ,r V L, adj' 'T' Q Q , X 'T 'P A L N X. 15' X , "NL w ' -. .W A .gp r.'!:.!y 1 I . WI, , .. -'gn v. r fp 'Q 1. 1 ' rv 5- ":'I-ree ' Rf' ' - 'ig vV'.'- 5, ' K- - ' . . .J,t,i9'S, ,J 1 f. 1 :BML ' V ' X' s'7f9".fHF1r? s - wa. . s. A Q ' 4- K nl. "' x A , 3. , 4, KJ f 51 ' ' -v4 s i V, Harold F. Morrison Greenwich, N. Y. John J. Murnane Albany, N. Y. Blase A. Nicolia Middleport, N. Y. Bartholomew Nolan Brooklyn, N. Y. Russell G. Nolan Auburn, N. Y. Thomas O'Brien Glens Falls, N. Y. Colleen Ann O'Leary Niagara Falls, N. Y. Dodge Oliver Niagara Falls, N. Y. William J. O'Neill Brooklyn, N. Y. Vincent P. Palermo Rochester, N. Y. Vito F. Parisi Niagara Falls, N. Y. Henry Patanella Mount Morris, N. Y. Leonard J. Petruzzi Waterbury, Conn. Raymond Pietak North Tonawanda, N. Louie A. Preziosi Freeport, N. Y. Julian S. Prezzano Bayside, L. I., N. Y. Joseph R. Putaski Niagara Falls, N. Y. Francis Joseph Reidy Corning, N. Y. Leonard S. Rendina Niagara Falls, N. Y. Richard Reseska Brooklyn, N. Y. James T. Rinn Niagara Falls, N. Y. James Ritzenthaler Lockport, N. Y. Henry Robinson Englewood, N. J. Jairo A. Rodriquez Opposite Page: Y. Bogota, Colombia, S. A. James F. Roehm Binghamton, N. Y. Harold J. Rose Lewiston, N. Y. Robert Roth Utica, N. Y. John Roy Niagara Falls, N. Y. Bart J. Ruggiere Baldwin, N. Y. Mary Anne Ryan Niagara Falls, N. Y. Left to Right: Donald P. Satterly Buffalo, N. Y. Frank J. Savage Syracuse, N. Y. Jane Scanlan Niagara Falls, N. Y Fred Scherer Buffalo, N. Y. Janet M. Schmidle Buffalo, N. Y. Richard D. Schmit Buffalo, N. Y. Bruce D. Scotland Forest Hills, N. Y. Joseph lf. Screen Rumson, N. J. Katherine Sedita Rochester, N. Y. Robert A. Seifried Kenmore, N. Y. James E. Shea White Plains, N. Y. Leslie Shepherd Niagara Falls, N. Y. ' 'bo A , L.- ' . . ff" 'NI ' "T-. ,ll H R v 1 X I V M . '-W! Q 'lx X Lv' m ff I W, ...E f - .1 ,.,. ,, .L . .v' CLASS GF '55 Yi .1-.,-A I, NJ 'Snr QQ -3 ...T V Opposite Page: Left to Right: Lawrence Silbergeld Niagara Falls, N. Y. Richard J. Sherwood New Hartford, N. Y. John J. Simpson Brooklyn, N. Y. Peter Anthony Sirianni Niagara Falls, N. Y. Patrick J. Skinner Bellmore, L. I., N. Y. Robert O. Smith Syracuse, N. Y. John D. Snell Niagara Falls, N. Y. Edward J. Soia Niagara Falls, N. Y. Theodore B. Spath Utica, N. Y. fr -0 CLASS 0 55 maagfzf., galil: 0 Rf ff iffi . L me X Leon A. Staskiewicz Buffalo, N. Y. Lois Stauffer Niagara Falls, N. Y. James H. Stewart Hornell, N. Y. Albert Stockwell Niagara Falls, N. Y. George J. Strayton Rockville Centre, N. Y. Robert J. Sullivan Bolivar, N. Y. Timothy Swart East Aurora, N. Y. Patricia J. Sweeney Elmhurst, L. l., N. Y. Sigmund R. Taube St. Catherine's, Ontario, Canada Vincent Tempone Philadelphia, Pa. John E. Thiele Rochester, N. Y. Joseph T. Thornton Syracuse, N. Y. John Thurman St. Catherine's, Ontario, Canada Daniel J. Toal Lockport, N. Y. John Joseph Torrell Newark, N. Y. Gerald T. Truesdale Niagara Falls, N. Y. Sebastian J. Trusso Jamestown, N. Y. Edward Tuckef Niagara Falls, N. Y. Joy T. Veltz Rochester, N. Y. Frederick J. Wadsworth Niagara Falls, N. Y. Richard T. Walsh North Tonawanda, N. Y. Patti Weaver Niagara Falls, N. Y. Fred C. Weber Jackson, Mich. George R. Whyte Tuckahoe, N. Y. Leon A. Wiater Rochester, N. Y. Robert F. Witt Crafton, Pa. Joan M. Woicik Niagara Falls, N. Y. William Joseph Wright Short Hills, N. J. Stella Marie Wrobel Niagara Falls, N. Y. Roger A. Yarwood Niagara Falls, N. Y. Paul A. Yerick Larchmont, N. Y. Grant E. Zachary Niagara Falls, N. Y. Constantine S. Zelterys Tonawanda, N. Y. f '37 -1 fav- "' N. .v-,v-'ff -1-.- --.---.,:. . 0.-.' :fm-zsf.-sgf,-. 31:15:12 .105-1551-z-:gi ,.- ,-5 I. .f-.'.1.1-- f'.',-.f..-1"1-.:- I 'Q , Qi. f' gy 5 A .QL '5 fihxfksa ' Nfl gr?-'J' Ls ' 'har 1::.7' N-21 75'- D 5 Dig The dance committee and the class moderator, Fr. A few of the couples sit one out in front of a McBride, stand behind the bubbling fountain. -.A 5.14311 iewelry store window if, K. 1 ' ll ll seven couples lrymg lo make 'he Index' Two upperclassmen and their dates in the French Jay Moran's band wore Americanized French clothes. quarter. .W , V 5 Three ladies from Paris lN. Y.l entertain at inter- mission. l...J"' j .-fl' K ..,-aff I I -n-T. Jim Moriarity knocks while Mary Len- hart wonders if it will open, as Helen Neff and Dave Norris pose before an interesting background. 920514 ww We fir lil Nancy Chase, Jim Catterson, Mary Lou Piper and Gene Delorenzo become Parisians. 9 4049 , Q' 427' -'Q ev, Q . Q3 ,ik Q, in heb 9 'ff' A, ' 4-H 2 y R fyhgaf. Q" A ff? 529. 5' f John Penzotti, Dolores Rotella, Beverly Smith and Sam Tavano sit one out at a candlelit table. 1 J -poi J '- . , , , . w X Ti 'I nfl' f i , 5,9 f 5, . 1 f XJ: a I, .- ,F X T 1 fi' ' if QF' L' 1 1 ' ' Xi' ri Pj X, , e e i Z ' , A - ' 'L 1 'I A 5 ' John Hally, Vice-Presidenlf Thomas O'Neill, Q L A S S Treasurer, Patricia Caffrey, Secrefaryf James Higgins, President. ? The Class of l954, during This pasl year, moved ano'rher siep forward 'rowards Jrheir goal. During I95l lhey assimilaied ihe spiri'r of "old Niagara," which lhey successfully insiilled info The newly-arrivedfreshmen. This class has assumed greaier responsibiliiies, boih as individuals and as a group, in promoiing fhe various campus and social aciiviiies. They are, by developing lhe qualiiries of leadership, carrying on +he Jrradiiions of Niagara Universiiy and leaving a noble heriiage +o Jrhe classes slill unborn. SOPHOMORE FFICER Left to Right: Doris Anderson Grand Island, N. Y. Carmine M. Alfano Lynbrook, L. I., N. Y. George R. Armitage, Jr. Niagara Falls, N. Y. Frederick E. Bacon Niagara Falls, N. Y. Robert Barber Broad Brook, N. J. James C. Barone Niagara Falls, N. Y. l, M 2 . , ., .mln N' ' .'tf:Fil: I . 'Jig ,, ,' -, ...' Ml' lk- . Lg... , 'P ei - P., ri lx it 'fill ' " li? .L ,,,. XR, iz .H ' N.:-I . v , 11: .X XSNQ' ' 5 A . , ,Q ee' . - 'Q . o 5123921f2LEa1giiLg3L1TE""f. iffggfagihi 'exaqw X ' -'elf 'JA ' Iii Ji lil.. John P. Bennison Paul Berrigan Raymond J. Bouley Margaret Briqeland J. Lawson Brown Niagara Falls, N. Y. Lewiston, N. Y. Blasdell, N. Y. Rochester, N. Y. Fayetteville, N. Y. Robert A. Brown Frank B. Brusino Niagara Falls, N. Y. Niagara Falls, N. Y . - E161 , - if Patricia Ann Caffrey Rita A. Caldwell Niagara Falls, N. Y. Tonawanda, N. Y. PH' ,W5liligkiiiihreTi53'55ii??is George Busby James A. Butler Brooklyn, N. Y. Freeport, N. Y. Robert H. Carey Stanley Carson Brooklyn, N. Y. Niagara Falls, N, Y. 'Yo- Rose Caffo Niagara Falls, N. Y. Anthony P. Cassano Niagara Falls, N. Y. w ..Ah U. A A I Aug J 1 x.-.' ., I sg, fr, , - ri, rw. '..:: -53.25-'if-M, H . .. J NX . f . ' T' Effizfr. - -za .. l l . A il R 1 1 John J. Caswell Nancy M. Chase Jeannie Cherrie James C. Chestnut Alex W. Cipriano Syracuse, N, Y, Niagara Falls, N. Y. Niagara Falls, Baltimore, Md. Brooklyn, N. Y. Ontario, Canada ! ' ei ,I , l l 1, I ' . 1 l X W KM"-x ,xv I 3 , wife: S io: a 'Q A' ly MII!! -E. 0 - wi Q iscszzlfz ' ' Q, f I "' '7"5 4 f 1 7 Z9 M fl! ' ' f ' 1 , li ' 'V V ll if v '1 I 9 5 Ann Marie Ciszewski 2 Thomas B- Clarke Niagara Falls, N. Y. V 1 New York, N' yn A L x.L"'-f-Q Y . fi.. 2322 ' -.'l-' ..,.fl . x ,r -s W- ..,., sq. , fai1fJ.:'U L-.w:g,. , , !m:,M 5- . fl Y VA, . 5 . ' f I-f'-W, j ivkffif' Wilt .. Q x,-J ' V0 .. 1 a .. A. , i Elfifii' , x 'Q 'Q:.,.':f:yW. , 53. 5 .. .'f.,,45f,1'ffw .R -- nk. A ' I-51 s if' ' vw ' I . .ew-f Richard A. Coccola James J. Comerford Eugene B. Cone Rye, N. Y. Niagara Falls, N. Y. Niagara Falls, N. Y. John J, Cossenfing Lawrence R. Costello Mary Beth Coyle Brooklyn, N. Y. Mihbd, N. Y. Niagara Falls, N. Y. , 'fi 'r 7 T? Charles G. Connell Edward P. Conway Merrick, N. Y. Piffard, N. Y. Donald T. Cramer Martin A. Crowe Brooklyn, N. Y. Valley Stream, L. I., N. Y. 4. , b 'T 4 " 1 r Vs- K . al, . F , v 'l l Q , 4. , z.. ,, W, JJ'l'?,'+f 7 , . ,fur J -V1 -, 'sf .tw X X V, . ,: 5.,,gf.f.1 ,s4,,., 4- James F. Crowley James D. Cummings James J. Curtin John K. Cusick Chris H. D'Amanda Brooklyn, N. Y. Batavia, N. Y. Lackawanna, N. Y. Elmira, N, Y, Rochester, N, Y, louise Martha D'Anna Edward O. Darwin James J. Dasey Fred A. DeJohn John E. Delaney Niagara Falls, N. Y. West Orange, N. J. Little Falls, N. Y. Tonawanda, N. Y. Elbridge, N. Y. CLASS CF ' William P. Delaney William T. Devens David A. Donlan Robert W. Donnelly Richard R. Donavan SYFUCUSGI N. Y. Oswego, N. Y. Brooklyn, N. Y. Rochester, N. Y. Bellmore, L. I., N. Y. Henry E. Dreher Kevin J. Drumm Frank J. Eles Richard J. Elliott Robert W. Engle Niagara Falls, N. Y. Rochester, N. Y. Highland Park, N. J. Rochester, N. Y. Dansville, N. Y. wl l CLASS of Baltico S. Erias Donald Eucker Anthony J. Falcone Astoria, L. l., N. Y. Ridgefield Park, N. J. Utica, N. Y. A ws. v'5t:1 rffwgji, , 'wt ' ij '- 3591 James H. Farrell Robert E. Farrell Patrick R. Fermoile Marie A. Finley Arthur J. Florack South Orange, N. J. Rochester, N. Y. Rochester, N. Y. Niagara Falls, N. Y. Rochester, N. Y. Q in ' A .I 1 . -l0lm F- FlYm" Tl10mCS F- F0l9Y Arthur A. Francella b John French F James M. Gaebelain Gloversville. N- Y- Webster. N. Y. Bristol, Conn. Waterloo, N. Y. Jackson, Mich. .Qt 61' -. er Mary Jane Gaiser Joseph P, Gallagher Timothy R. Gallivan Norma Anne Ganter Donald J. Garvey Buialo, N. Y. Rochester, N. Y. SYYUCUSBI N- Y- Nlagaffl Polls. BUYSHBI L- l-1 N- Y- Ontario, Canada T Edwin W. Gates Dolores Eve Gay Eugene L. Gazza Joseph Geiselhgrf John Genie, Niagara Falls, N. Y. Buffalo, N. Y. Huntington Station, Kingston, N. Y. Rochester, N. Y. N. Y. . , .w . L i I. ,V W? 1 y . Robert W. Gillard Louis J. Goode Gerard A. Gozalolf DOUGH H- GYCHGM John F- GWWUGY Bellaire, L. l., N. Y. Syracuse, N. Y. Albertson, L. l. R0Cl1eSf0l', N- Y- R0Ch0Sl9f1 N- Y- 'Y , gy xl R M , " nf ' ,r tl gi., ' ,. -N Nd . , S . r rr 1. J r at ,L--EL, Q' 1,3 .' - '. .LJ I V .X 'mx - ' .- I -ge .... 'A e .. t A 4 ' . ik "'A. ' fi Q 3 Beniamin Gulino Brooklyn, N. Y. Richard R. Hatton George B. Hagan Hempstead, N. Y. . ,Q Robert J. Hays Niagara Falls, N. Y. Kenmore, N. Y. V7 Justin J .Herbst Dunellen, N. J. 'KK7' James H. Honsberger Dover, N. J. 3. ,FW :rg . in James P. Higgins Brooklyn, N. Y. Stanley Horab Niagara Falls, N. Y. John E. Hally, Jr. Pittsford, N. Y. 'Vx Patricia A. Heavey Buffalo, N. Y. Francis L. Higman Carthage, N. Y. J xi' 'WTMT3' J 5 fir ' e 'fnlfv W ' ' N 4 . Sy. j. J - .- A EK . 4 . 1 Charles Hughes, Jr. Elmira, N. Y. John J. Hammele Lawrence E. Hanley Rochester, N. Y. Syracuse, N. Y. 1 .5 . T V3 V X XX if 5.7-b 3 Ol .JFFMTL .L A 4 Hniqtij . y -5 ,K gp, K L 1,' . , . we . . -cw. , .. ..f- f. 1 w.-,... . , .Z 'M ,.,aA..a .- Patrick J. Heffernan Rochester, N. Y. Joseph R. Henri Utica, N. Y. Q A . ., YW 1, ., . 112 4' N r- ' A Vf lw f 1 I -nv J f f - ,M 2 XJ is 53. 3 Ralph Keenan John J. Kelly Forrester L. Kennedy Gerard J. Kennedy ANNO-Mdfie KlliPP0l' Corning, N. Y. Batavia, N- Y- Pelham, N. Y. Brooklyn, N. Y. Babylon, L. I., N. Y. Joseph W. Knipper Fred J. Koch Lorraine J. La Barber Edward F. Lamb Peter J. Lannon Richmond Hill, N. Y. Tappan, N. Y. Niagara Falls, N. Y. Brooklyn, N. Y. St. Catherine's, CLASS GF ' Q' :ai HF -A at X 33,55 X N'-.yv Fred S. Laplsardi Joan M. Lauzau Pqgl Leglqng Joseph W, Lindgell Philip Lockman Massapequa, N. Y. Nidgdrd Falls, N. Y. Kenmore, N. Y. Watertown, N. Y. Tonuwdndd, N- Y- Robert L. Logomasini George Lombardi Donald Lukas Patrick J. McCarthy Robert McCarthy Brooklyn, N. Y. Niagara Falls, N. Y. Middle Village, Lockport, N. Y. Niagara Falls, N. Y. L. I., N. Y. 'Q-fv Donald E. McChesney William C. McGarry Marie A. McGraw Bernard J. McClean Francis J. McManimon Kenmore, N. Y. Niagara Falls, N. Y. 4 W 1 . lr . 2 1. - ' l 'Ml John J. McNulty Erie, Pa. John C. Mahaney Zanesville, Ohio :V N.-.f A' lv- I 4' l Niagara Falls, South Orange, N. J. Trenton, N. J. Ontario, Canada lf Q9 James V. Mahar Syracuse, N. Y. 1. , . , 1 ., 'I ' 44' . -. 3 " qi W , 1 I. Y , -ii I . 5. 0 5 -,ff J- e W , if ll W 5 ,fl li w '- .mi Thomas J. Maior Skaneateles Falls, N. Y. Marianne Makowski Buffalo, N. Y. Peter J. May Rochester, N. Y. . Af., - .. J . ' .. . 1 Q, Q QF is v f'.E5,'5i,giEfl.5Q ' , if ' 5 f 'I-l-W: Bernard J. Mangold Rochester, N. Y. Robert J. Mehrmann Brooklyn, N. Y. f 'R C... , ' I ,.sf:gzfflllfflllill'xl1X , X E 7 3'XSs2f:f5f?f':2?- . If ' A 'S f Peter T. H. Mao Dominic P- Carl L. Mathews Kiangshan, China Mastropasqua Lewiston, N. Y. I , Bristol, Conn. . Robert J. Menlchettr Nelson C. Mimeno Paul K. Muller Brooklyn, N. Y. Silver creek, N. Y. Rochester, N. Y. i . Me.. flvf Nur Ik N lj Alfred Mills John S. Monahan Edward J. Mooradian John S. Moore Morristown, N. J. Bristol, Conn. Niagara Falls, N. Y. Utica, N. Y. i 'lvl 'v 4? V is V . 19 Zi ?Y7 fm ' 1 , 1 'AVA 'R William F. Morley " ,I , Ogdensburg, N. Y. f l 9' . .L . ,..,, , .,, t e e.- 5 - F I l 1 ga Walter J. Morrison Valley Stream, N. Y. X 'TZ .73 1 -, V HX I A 5:23 1- l 'Q' ' ' Wx" f ' 114 T'-fiaifili .93 s - .--ee A John R- MWYUY l.eon A. Nardello Fred J. Neroni Richard T. Nicklas Rochester, N. Y. Manlius, N. Y. Glens Falls, N. Y. Ozone Park, N. Y. Frank S. Noce William J. Norwich Edwin S. Nowakowski James R. O'Brien Rochester, N. Y. Niagara Falls, N. Y. Lackawanna, N. Y. Rochester, N. Y. Joseph U. Moriconi Rochester, N. Y. 4 . . . . 9 N 4 Y Eff' f:!,xg,4- 1 g ,term I W . 'Q ... ' 92 X' 9 2 5 3 James T. Morrissey Jackson, Mich. I .:'.. V Q V . '. H 915 ' V: A, l A K P, LEM eb - tw: J'-1 . wwf- 'Q -Q 5.11 ,,j'."X .1 ... A - 2' .. A .w A , ,. Gerald R. Murphy Niagara Falls, N. Y. Robert R. Nicol Niagara Falls, N. Y. Francis J. O'Farrell Niagara Falls, N. Y. '45, 'VP 'N-up ' .I H .L t 1 ll lfffi 'l ' . ng 5.5. .sf ggffgm 2 l N k it 5 'KQV n -rw Q " ' 1 . tllkl l r. Ip 15 Y-.f?., X "' 4:-.-... 'lr' ,I 4' G f l A H, Q 1 swf .zfigv . 2. ' "xJ Edward J. 0'Grady Shirley A. O'Leary A,-ghur J, Qliyer Sperry E. Oliver Thomas M. 0'NeiI Philadelphia, Pa. Canton, N. Y. Rochester, N, Y, Niagara Falls, N. Y. Philipsburg, N. J. William J. 0'Neill Joan Marie Paczynski Edward l.. Palmore Frank L. Palumbo William 5. Pappas Somerville, N. J. Niagara Falls, N. Y. Niagara Falls, N. Y. Rochester, N. Y. NlU9U"U F'-'lllS, N- Y CLASS CF ' 'R E? Y-up Joseph Pasquale Mary Lou Piper Paul F. Power Alex J. Provenzano Ronald L. Quinlan Binghamton, N. Y. Niagara Falls, N. Y. Lewiston. N- Y- Lynbrook, N. Y. Hornell, N. Y. James Redrdbn Edward P. Reilly Edward G. Riley Kenneth J. Reinhart James E. Rosinksi 501060 Fells. N- Y- Ozone Park, L. I., N. Y. Niagara Falls, N. Y. Buffalo, N. Y. Lackawanna, N. Y. l ' -3 X? ce A lf ' .M 3 .4 U Edward J. Roth Harrison, N. Y. Francis Ruggiero Niagara Falls, N. Y. Janet N. Santercole Buffalo, N. Y. George B. Schofield Bound Brook, N. J. C ASS OF' fs-" JP i .LA ,, fx . , Q Donald C. Rung Grace R, Rugsg Rome, N. Y. Niagara Falls, N. Y. John J. Schwan Alex F. Seefried Rochester, N. Y. Baldwin, L. I., N. Y. -, .ff fit an-, Harry B. Salisbury Holley, N. Y. Joseph B. Seiler Rochester, N. Y. " . Yffg iris., lf.. V ,. lj' fi . - ' '."1'..-' j- 5, 1: .'., ' .fa 3:. f ' N' E Richard J. Serianni Niagara Falls, N. Y. 'GET' Neil Shanahan Patricia A. Shanahan Charles P. Shaw John J. Smith Bernard Solon Bangor, Pa. Niagara Falls, N. Y. Melrose, Mass. South Nyack, N. Y. Jackson, Mich. William J. Somerville Russell Sornberger Emilyne M. Sowma Paul N. Spring Michael A. Stabile Albany, N. Y. Sanborn, N. Y. Niagara Falls, N. Y. Utica, N. Y. Somerville, N. J. X ff" an , '. ' v KA , ff, ii -5 5 ' A' I J' gif .ii , F7 Av V' ? A' fl X A .FX ' J-i 4 f is r. 1. 'L li Y ' "X4Q if f 3 f1 Francis W. Stack Ronald A. Starkey Henry F. Stempin Frank R. Swiniuch Diane Thorn Grand Island, N. Y. Marysburg, N. Y. North Tonawanda, N. Y. North Tonawanda, N. Y. Niagara Falls, N. Y. 'tfr Gerald W. Van Egmond Niagara Falls, N. Y. Chris R. Vatidis Howard Beach, N. Y. 2' M s ' li I A NA JD M N J 1 f f ii, Q l 1 . 'uv . mf.. - -:r . .ea "fp A 1 fr.. me-'R' 1 sip- 14,2-wf-we . '- M-" ii.-4,.,.f A . Roman R. Vlolyn, Jr. Amsterdam, N. Y. Kevin B. Weil Niagara Falls, N. Y. ' 1 gylililg asf' 7 flflvsf: 'RZ .:a,, f1'Wi 'A 4 E ' 'li va Anne Louise Voelkl Rochester, N. Y. Edward F. Woods Lewiston, N. Y. l IL 1 ' . Y '. FE J U 1 Kal, . , X 1 . - 0 5 S 'sl Helen C. Wallace Pittsfield, Mass. Richard Wright Jamestown, N. Y. ight-tw,. ... Q. A-111' Lucey Velez Medellin, Colombia, S. A. Florindo J. Viola Rochester, N. Y. fl' 4- my ' 5. flgiiiiflii x -'i Philip G. Ware William E. Wasko Warwick, R. l. Lockport, N. Y. Florence R. Young Thaddeus Ziemba Niagara Falls, N. Y. Utica, N. Y. This picture indicates that seniors as well as sophomores attended the successful Soph Dance. Jack Doherty tion of two campus favorites, Father Lynch and Father Russell. and Chris Horgan do an imita- Betty Spaulding and Sheila Read did a line fob Xl M UH, "L 4' 4, fr r serving the punch. Jeannie Cherrie and Marie McGraw made a hit with "You Can't Catch a Man with a Gun." M Many couples admired the fish pond centerpiece which complemented the theme "Moonlight Gardens." Kay Zurmuhlen, voted Campus Queen on Mov- ing-Up Day, reigned at the Soph Dance that night. 4716? X f i cf 51, is-i Richard Crilly, Treasurer: Dolores Rolella, Secre- 4 I- A S S faryp John McMahon, Presidenfp John Wall, Vice-President. '53 Af lasf fhe eagerly awaifed goal of becoming an upper classman has been realized. Having successfully masfered fhe firsf fwo years of col- lege. fhe juniors now begin fo specialize in fheir parficular fields of sfudy. If is in fhis year fhaf fhey really delve info The core of philosophical prob- lems for fhe firsf firne. Many friendships have been formed by now, some of fhem fo endure for a lifefime. As fhey approach mafurify. fhe bene- fifs of fheir Cafholic college fraining become more apparenf in all aspecfs of fheir developmenf. JLI ICR OFFICER Richard James Albano Chicago, III. O A J, , I 1 ' Qi. figilzlf? 1 .f?Tffli'.: 23" "li" Leo P. Boucher Bristol, Conn. f fm . W l 'i-ffl. is lf' ,will Thomas E. Burke Brooklyn, N. Y. Sylvio Hiliare Albert Niagara Falls, N. Y. John J. Barden Buffalo, N. Y. 'Gr ,cv ite . fl .la 5 Lf Hugh C. Brennan Niagara Falls, N. Y. John V. Burns Niagara Falls, N. Y. f X 'K-our if Theresa J. Appoloney Niagara Falls, N. Y. Charles M. Barry Marcellus, N. Y. 'Ss Marguerite M. Bergeron Niagara Falls, N. Y. ,c I . 6- 4 .f QW A ' li Niagara Falls, N. Y. Irvin C. Brown 1, Vw 1 ,T William D. Burns Elmira, N. Y. AA Ruth P. Argy Niagara, Falls, N. Y. .inrx ,nn . .2 Edwina J. Bennett Holland, N. Y. ec.. l. Charles M. Bladergroen long Beach, Calif. Alemonclo F. Bucci Niagara Falls, N. Y. ' f'.i,., Q W J' fi i, lv' 1' . aiu' flf 52146 fi wif Angelo Butera Niagara Falls, N. Y. CLASS F '53 Sister Mary Carmel Philadelphia, Pa. Robert J. Coccola Rye, N. Y. 'IQ gn-v-r Bernard J. Connolly Albany, N. Y. uk , fu l V! .I-'56 , r Q Y, msgizxle 'A Q, - fli'i':: Mfg Richard F. Crilly Rochester, N. Y. 1-N kb James A. Christian Oswego, N. Y. K v l it I. H J A X' Alfred J. Colucci Buffalo, N. Y. ffl. Mary Lou Considine Niagara Falls, N. Y. Robert L. Crowley Ithaca, N. Y. i V Q A John F. Butler Bulfalo, N. Y. Z. it , X. I, M, Jean T. Cleary Niagara Falls, N. Y. James V. Conboy Jamaica, N. Y. one Robert P. Corcoran Niagara Falls, N. Y. Peter Damick Rochester, N. Y. Q52 John V. Cannaveno Richmond Hill, L. I., N. Y. . Gr Sv". Q Q ilil r J , ', NE. 5.1, XJ. . H. A x' Kevan Cleary Brighton, N. Y. av' Harold A. Condara New Hyde Park, N. Y Ann K. Coyle Niagara Falls, N. Y. i I 5 R John J. D'Arcy Kenmore, N. Y. Louis T. Davis Niagara Falls, N. Y. . R +4.- xll If , Patricia M. DeFelice Niagara Falls, N. Y. J Harry J. DeMott Astoria, L. l., N. Y. 'Ui John" B. Dougherty Great Neck, N. Y. ,6- 1:- ! J l 4' f X Dolores F. Dugan 5 'fr M! Edward B. Dean N'-' H IV ,I Croton-oral-'tlqe-Hudson, 5 X, W ff" U IOR . mi gl ' Mill ll 1 XX , x HQ. M W llfl WX VNWXWXYXX' Pat Delsanto Endicott, N. Y. .gr- as Joseph DeSantls Niagara Falls, N 14" 1 - ' 1... 1. vc- V. - - 1 qv. .. ,'...a,,, r , . , Y mWn,,g-, ,g,f,'.,v X li.. s U. . . w-'4a..f..5 Y.. ,,. I f... x.-1 1'-.1-.-.,,,. .pf wwf -:was f M .X X ie.. ,.. Y. L.'...... L. , QL!-,wx-.,' , -3.1: .5 . . . . ... . 1, w. ft... James Dowling Bellmore. N. Y. G N Irene J. Elia Niagara Falls, N. Y. Niagara Falls, N. Y. Hildegarde F. DiNardo Rochester, N. Y. Q. I .4 md, gg? I A Q :l -rm' l . - - 1 " . .. , 1.5 K?L,EV'5m,z4., g " efjywivf . A ,1 I , v k - .wiv f Joseph Dudas Depew, N. Y. John A. English Niagara Falls, N. Y. l John J. Doherty Boston, Mass. .s b 4 .KV l ,f l li X David P. Dugan Niagara Falls, N. Y. Robert G. English Rochester, N. Y. EM. G. , 'W Mt.'.. ' .Vg " 'f J lv Wg,-j.'1:! MQ, I f H , 1' . ,f2, f E F :. f Y ,z QI, as-.fn . . A Clarence J. Erickson Brooklyn, N. Y. .f 1- in ' v ff- t X 1 Jeremiah D. Farrell Niagara Falls, N. Y. l ' r 'ae . t e- ! f William F. Flay New York, N. Y. my , . E! . M x X L X V . 1 Henry J. Frosini Niagara Falls, N. Y. 6 1 5 .. E .nll1.5" ik Brian J. Gilroy Utica, N. Y. A . I u ! Francis J. Falletta Elmira, N. Y. George B. Evans Youngstown, N. Y. 0 C ASS Harold J. Fink Trenton, N. J. lv K William Joseph Flood Frank L. Frani Floral Park, L. I., N. Y. Oswego, N. Y. Peter E. Gauharou Ernest R. Gedeon Teaneck, N. J. New Hartford, N. Y. gli , 93 .,., " Karen M. Gormley William P. Greasheimer Niagara Falls, N. Y. Somerville, N. Y. X 'S,,,. A Donald L. Farrell Albany, N. Y. CDF '53 R he 'gF?f-X ' ly.. l N. x Mary Lou Fritton Lockport, N. Y. Q , E 9... if Francis R. Geneco Canandaigua, N. Y. Harold K. Grune Mamaroneck, N. Y. .ff W V . ' ii .N .- ,N wj4i'l5j33"Q xml ' x Wfyff , y ,yy ,ffm ,. A . X X l ......-,-.. Q 2 f -6 J 5 2 ' . I. I f 4, -" "2 ,if I ls ill 'ff"v Albert E. Hart Rockville Center, N. Y. g, - 1 v ff.. 'f' nf Richard Hens Hamburg, N. Y. Mary l.ou Jerominek Niagara Falls, N. Y. . N f I 9 Donald Healy Rego Park, N. Y. , K, .' od fix I x W X '.x Richard T. Hogan Q Hudson Falls, N. Y. tio,- 1-"' f , 1 Hi ik'rl."' x i - he C. P fl W ' ..-2, . ,' 'Es -. '12, ""Q. I ..j'1J".".,,.',i. ...A Jlgwil Af.',,f' tw...-mf -..fi4.'., 1 L5 KF1Jk":iF",'- fl , , .4.,,..EQ!7' LvmN.'- .A Raymond K. Hallinen Newark, N. Y. Robert W. Hannah Youngstown, N. Y. us, L. C7 I X . X Daniel F. Henchey Freeport, N. Y. A lifrf' Harold J. Horan Waterbury, Conn. Fu-.1 F .1 ', Robert W. Johengen John J. Jordan North Collins, N. Y. Springfield Gardens, L. I., N. Y. .fa-45. A ' ' John F. Hammerstone Easton, Pa. g. W i ii' J I A! Y 1 Joseph J. Hanrahan Elmhurst, L. I., N. Y. A-.-Q M 'bf v . .Milo Robert E. Hendricks Bound Brook, N. J. if Ally, H-.ff ,, tl., - MASQ' J 1 Chris Horgan Brooklyn, N. Y. Caroline E. Kautz Niagara Falls, N. Y. T Durward W. Kay Frank E. Keane Niagara Falls, N. Y. New York, N. Y. . K ' J A3 Q' Q l.. Q, v, a 'Y Yi.. V Yr . Joan A. Kleinhans Lockport, N. Y. 'sz J, .R if cj t A Richard T. Kraus Rochester, N. Y. Thomas A. Knebel Addison, N. Y. l John P. Lavelle Philadelphia, Pa. l Bernard J. Kennedy Niagara Falls, N. Y. George R. Kouch Wickford, R. I. nr: , 42, K ,, . l ' 1 X I - Joseph J. Lawrence Binghampton, N. Y. I Joseph A. Kerin Scarsdale, N. Y. ISU fV Charles R. Krachl Niagara Falls, N. Y. Donald C. Learman Niagara Falls, N. Y. v , kg, V A sr G K' XX P Edward F. Leavy Claire L. LeFrois Mary Joan Lenhart NRM JP Brooklyn, N. Y. Rochester, N. Y. Niagara Falls, N. Y. fg.lf""'U , As? cw U .A .1 ' " X 2 ' Rt ' 6 A x ' 1 ' ' ' ' 4 , . Q 1 X .if f f 'I . .mill fTSw3.-57 11... i. jf . I K' I -Q J. 7,5362 fy, .,--f----' M A L J R. L' d N.21,f..."E'.T...,e'lL'f'l'. N.Z2'Zf.. ...ILT Jil. 1 0. xii' James McAvoy Rochester, N. Y. 7 0,4 oth.. . Lf q'T7."" -5 757 I. I "X.. mx. .. - ,- wa.-z 60 . - 1.. xw if - ' f. - H. - .n -rpg., 1: , Lf, .,, . .f .- i 5 than " f C X L r fl' 1 left'-,Sf gui-taflmf at lf 1 1 A .sh f J L... nm ,, n.. , 4.4, ' 4 ,,,,,..,. .. ... , ,. ,. George J. McCullough Oswego, N. Y. X l lb 45- in f Bernard J. McQuade Oyster Bay, N. Y. William T. Mahar Beacon, N. Y. A .XI 5 X Carl J. Morrocco Rochester, N. Y. Philip A. McBride Castile, N. Y. nv. l MQ' 1 : flll 51' ' vt' E '.-Q 4 fl hr ,L L Luv, '4 H. -1 ." v xv- ri 1 " W1 lr L. "' S? ' U: wx all Av, r 5 .fr Yin, I Twin Joseph McCarthy Rldgefleld Park, N. J. is A CR.. 1 .21 X r M x James F. McGann John J. McMahon West Hempstead, N. Y. Queens, N. Y. we 4 ff. .. . Robert C. McVeigh Rochester, N. Y. J 'Bin x V 1 l-521' F ie? F ' J ??Si2Zf X H1 to t ...5. 4 I I V. "e' 'Q' A c James W. Maichle Dansville, N. Y. Richard A. Miller za of-' i 12:7 John V. Madden Bloomfield, N. J. James E. Maloney Brooklyn, N. Y. we ,- 2 X c .ix .. Richard J. Miller North Tonawanda. N. Y. North Tonawanda, N. Y. l Harold A. McConnell Niagara Falls, N. Y. '33 Edward P. McNamara Malverne, N. Y. Charles F. McGee, Jr. Balboa, Canal Zone fb Q-" Peter J. Manzone Auburn, N. Y. N R I ' Ax... ff Fi l' , . I J . Walter B. Mittermeyer Rochester, N. Y. fl f 1. ' T' .5 'UQ ' W - . Y ig .' EE1EffEi5ii3i"' .2-'fl1"'.l-2' .5 fl' 1" 1az,:'aasasfe.g,f1 .1 r .12 Anne E. Morton Niagara Falls, N. Y. Robert L. Moore Niagara Falls, N. Y. Jane Mullane George Murphy Niagara Falls, N. Y. Rochester, N. Y. 2 4" f V 5 . 'rf-I , ,f ly 'VT ,X-V2 Donald L. Nickel Rochester, N. Y. 1' ,-Milt. . v,.1.1 ---. t y l'i- 'L He , 'g,Is2Af?giEf:QQn ,. ,,1.,,' . p. g 1 .A 'Q Y" wig. 'A c YM v gk, - vii, . 11, Y esffzsxi-ltifl i.'v!l:',w ,., s.Jp,l'Jf.sf, i.'."'g:.',,',..', . 'K ' , gysegfi15.!5:, h'f,'5"-'C T ,- ' John E. 0'Brien Rensselaer, N. Y. wwf, qv-'T 4 J TWH. h , A 'iff-, xr, ' ,. ,.e, W .' fig Carmine Palleschi Rochester, N. Y. f 'Vfii , l ' 5 Edward J. Niedzialowski Buffalo, N. Y. Ronald F. Nicoletta Utica, N. Y. Robert J. O'Brien Lorne P. O'Connor Glens Falls, N. Y. Niagara Falls, N. Y. an K 1' H , V Az... " - f 4.,', .j rg .5 Warcl G. Pardee Frank A. Parry Hempstead, N. Y. Rome, N. Y. f Y- 'g-5L,Qi.?eff'13 ,avi ,. Q... ,. ,.-. . - ,. .. .B I V. K A: Harry J. Morrison Lynbrook, N. Y. A lv- ' , c W0 '- 0 ': ' ., 1 .vt ,wi -4' . , .....q,,:., 1-1..-,L 1,33 1- 15.51, ggi tw, A - '1- tig, ww, wa. ' . . w ' X if , . . Liga.. . .l 1 William J. Murphy Lockport, N. Y. George J. Noumair Asbury Park, N. J. K A l if Frank F. Pagano Carneys Point, N. J. Joan E. Patterson Sanborn, N. Y. A 5 L, 4 it a iw, :wr Q ni f ,Mika . rn, Y R x " 'Q A . .v ' ' . ' 4, . M Mi. 10. Joseph S. Paxhia Auburn, N. Y. . X X 6. lt X :pf F x. A '1 .MYQ 'il " ' ', V 12 rj .'j',l' 1 1 .- .Ii -f..-.jf-.Q H .- - qw.. .,e,g,f,'.A. L.. -. f. 2 .Y .g.,3bj,gi1?1lwf v'Z'-'g-'-FZ li' ' if ,,lMrQ,,M'i'. w ,,. rl-L wi. fplfxnwi. .ah " Richmond W. Real Dannemora, N. Y. y ,,:. A M, Robert J. Ripley Corning, N. Y. Rennie F. Ryan Niagara Falls, N. Y. Dominic A. Sama Poughkeepsie, N. Y. Arthur H. Pell Baldwin, N. Y. James J. Redmond -' :'5v',.gia,5. . .gf "fr ' "rf-.:Lf' -1.1 . N :.-Fic ' John M. Phair Atlantic Highlands, N. 7 Anthony J. Rendina ..- J. Richard D. Prince Niagara Falls, N. Y Peter J. Ricci New York, N. Y. Niagara Falls, N. Y. Utica, N. Y. ' I ii' ..,.,i' .QQ 1- . K M r I.. xL..k, 17114, .L ' l 'i"' l .',. A ' . ii 'j..g.a"- Dolores A. Rotella Niagara Falls, N. Y. if Florence M. Rymer Niagara Falls, N. Y. William P. Sample Niagara Falls, N. Y. James C. Roth Canandaigua, N. Y. Ill Martin J. Ryan Ansonia, Conn. V f oo WTMK 51085 1451 Wx fr 1.8 IQ ,.-..- 'DIMM ' 3" llllfllm 1:1 J 1, f ff Lff,,.,v ,j E Z, ,C ,, S7 2 . ' lf' 4 .. ,' .. , X .474 . - ' .gifs-'S A if V 1 r I, fl . , . . K f fy I., -I pn f A ' , Y - - 'Zuni Xa A Tf. ' ,-.,- -4 wx X- ......d - -l.- N X, -ne, James L. Sapienza Macedon, N. Y. . an y, 4, A lx . Roland J. Shafer Niagara Falls, N. Y. Q , J.. X X r James R. Smith New York, N. Y. if l I V .J - ir Harry E. Southey Bristol, Conn. Q, 6.1 wr r -' .-ri I Weldon J. Sturdevant Canandaigua, N. Y. l .L Edward J. Schafer Syracuse, N. Y. 1 1 Lyn 5 I John P. Shandorf Amsterdam, N. Y. K .4 John J. Smith Philadelphia, Pa. Betty J. Spaulding Niagara Falls, N. Y. 'Sr' Richard J. Terry Niagara Falls, N. Y. George J. Schneider Staten Island, N. Y. , rs' L' 1 Y John J. Skehan Mamoronek, N. Y. gs i Gary E. Smith Rochester, N. Y. Bernard E. Stack Niagara Falls, N. Y. rw, .1 Q X r. 4 Richard A. Touma Niagara Falls, N. Y. 'Q fall. Donald R. Schreiber Rochester, N. Y. sv, Beverly A. Smith Niagara Falls, N. Y. , Kr , by 1 11: , x ' X X 16 Glen A. Smith Niagara Falls, N. Y. f ' R J' 22- 1 f Q 1 tk! :CS Norman E. Stadler Buffalo, N. Y. s. ' ' F is in . E' Alice R. Tracy Buffalo, N. Y. Paul F. Tuttobene Rochester, N. Y. C ASS A I , " ff ' Q' Q C f ff V N arf, Alfred A. Valenti Fred E. Voss Rochester, N. Y. Glendale, L. I., N. Y. CDF '53 fab' --r A-V . new ... . 3 7 .. R 4. .V . J' 'ef ,, .M- My I . V 'iz Charles G. Walsh Rochester, N. Y. Peter T. Williams Hamburg, N. Y. Richard E. Werner Rochester, N. Y. ,. W.. 42: A h,4'.,4Z,-if . . xc 11441 '- . 1 Robert W. Wright Oswego, N. Y. , Q . 4.1-4 H mu...- . f 1 'W .. 1 John F. Walsh New Britain, Conn. William R. Weckesser Rochester, N. Y. me ' J W S '?. '59 l " ' 3 . , William J. Whalen Lowville, N. Y. Alex A. Young W-na. 'we AX' John A. Wall Dexter, Mich. lk 44" 'I Joseph H. Walsh Marcellus, N. Y. ev 1.7 Frances O. Welch Minerva, N. Y. J. Fred Whitney Susquehanna, Pa '45 Katherine A. Zurmuhle North Tonawanda, N. Y. Staten Island, N. Y Prom Chairman Mike Kidder holds the queen's bouquet as Bob Ralferly places lhe crown of roses on Jo Ann Nicol. Everyone was quite willing lo pose on lhe big evening. ...J Lv 42? " -4 l 1 '-E I f 'Q Aif 94... I' Four people at this table seem contented, but the two on the ends find eye-interest elsewhere. Claude Thornhill and his orchestra satisfied the musical requirements of the evening. Wild! 10772 Y Almost every couple had at least one picture taken in the huge class ring, centerpiece of the Prom. , 1 X. ,lie , x ',r lm rx Y ., -. a 44 ,-1 vw .I , 211. a EAI H val, LJ ra .H M ii! m Ln I . ' 1" .. :'1 fr Wil F I -A 'M M ' I, 7 I if lf: I ,fi .41 ew 5- I Three couples sit one out under the palm trees that helped carry out the lslond Fantasy theme of the Prom. For favors the girls received miniature lighters with an "N" on the side. Christie Connor ably hlls the vocal spot in Thorn- hill's orchestra. f 1 Over 165 couples danced from t0 till 2 in the gaily decorated auditorium. The queen of the Junior Prom, Jo Ann Nicol, poses with her escort, Nick DeSocio, in the center of the class ring. Crossing the gangplank from reality to an imaginative island paradise, a number of couples pause to take in the view. fK"4!.'Luj:y ' w I , 1 I. fi ' L l Standing under the palm tree decorations these couples see to indicate that they are enjoying themselves. m 44 l If 1. .. 1 - ?'r ,rf aruba 1 ffz , f I d Robert Moonan, Secretaryp Pat Sergi, Treasurer: L A S S Matthew Monahan, Vice-Presidentp Leonard Conlin, President. '52 Four years have flown by in rapid succession. H' seems only a shori iirne ago 'rhar we eniered Niagara as green freshmen. Now wi'rh bag in hand, we sland a1'+he lhreshold, prepared io leave. As we look back over 'rhese years we find +ha+ our s'ray has been profiiable. Through classes we have gained iniellectually, +hrough religion, spirifually, 'rhrough organizarions we have learned leadership, afhleiics have siressed cooperaiion, while lhe social life has +augh'r us how 'ro live beHer wi+h our fellow man. S NICDR QFFICER :tg-K i WILLIAM T. ADAMS Niagara Falls, N. Y. B.S. in Chemistry W 1 FREDERICK P. AUMAN Niagara Falls, N. Y. A.B. PHYLLIS A. ALSTON JOSEPH G. ATTEA Niagara Falls, N. Y. Williamsville, N. Y. B.S. in Nursing A.B. 6-11 RICHARD W. AUMULLER CYRIL L. BANKO Bellmore, N. Y. Yardley, Pa. B.S. in Economics B.S. in Economics I U , I h 435- - . 5. , lnfii' ,.-0 I 'iS.i-5,3 ' ' ' TW kjngglh ws 325 fx.-Q15 GEORGE H. BARRY Buffalo, N. Y. B.S. in Economics W as u "' 'J 7 xx I , K1 H. f rf 'g if , . Y 5 I ,QW . . - -. ...fy ' -U39 1 if 1 A Vijgw, ,Nc my-1+ 4 'Q fe-ng GBM Jw J 'V'Q'5ff? JOHN O. BARBER LEO BARRON Freeport, N. Y. Niagara Falls, N. Y. A.B. B.S. in Economics JOSEPH BARTH DONALD J. BENNETT Pittsburgh 9, Pa. St. Catherine's, Ont. B.S. in N. S. B.S. in Economics L FRANK R. BEVACQUA ANDREW P. BLAKE Niagara Falls, N. Y. Baldwin, N. Y. B.S. in Economics A.B. THOMAS J. BENNETT Auburn, N. Y. B.S. in N. S. rn WILLIAM C. ABODENSTEINER BERNARD M. BOLAND Rochester, N. Y. Rochester, N. Y. B.S. in Chemistry B.S. in Economics ...s."Z.e'r1.fL,.... C L A S S 0 I: f 5 2 fam 'fix L- Tj' f .1 STANLEY BONELLI JAMES BOSTON, O.S.F.S. WALTON BRADY Mamaroneck, N. Y. Lewiston, N. Y. Victor, N. Y. A.B. A.B. A.B. K3 -. Ill. CHARLES R. BRAULT WILLIAM P. BRAUN Cazenovia, N. Y. Hightsiown, N. J. B.S. in Economics A.B. JAMES T. BRENNAN Bayporf, N. Y. C L A S S 0 F , 5 2 B.S. in Economics D VINCENT M. BRENNAN KW Y' ...ffza-2 - kj Fort Niagara, N. Y. XX. A.s. G H-i lnffgf l:'X JAMES B. BROWN Roaring Spring, Pa. DONALD G. BROWN Youngsiown, N. Y. B.S. in Economics B.B.A. RAYMOND J. BRODERICK Hartsdale, N. Y. B.S. in Economics ah FRANK A. BURNETT Jefferson City, Mo. B.S. in Economics CLASS CF '52 JEAN BURNS CHARLES V. BUTERA Lackawanna, N. Y. Niagara Falls, N. Y. B.S. in Nursing B.B.A. RICHARD M. CAHILL JOHN F. CANNON Niagara Falls, N. Y. Trenton, N. J. B.S. in Chemistry A.B. BETTY J. CARPENTER Niagara Falls, N. Y. 8.5. in Nursing JAMES J. CARRIG JAMES M. CATTERSON Little Falls, N. Y. Sound Beach, N. Y. A.B. A.B. ELEANOR R. CHLEBOWSKI JOSEPH A. CHRISTIAN Niagara Falls, N. Y. Albany, N. Y. B.S. in Nursing B.S. in N.S. . ., .... ,.-- RALPH A. CHILLE Niagara Falls, N. Y B.S. in N. S. 06 K1 A . A ' ri, mb Q- MARGARET J. CISZEWSKI PAUL J. CLEMENT Niagara Falls, N. Y. 9" 'fi 27- Niagara Falls, Ont. B.S. in Nursin A.B. 75 ' .953 .' xy af' 'v sf" . P, 1 V 14.6 L W . me P9 ,.-- 93.8.3 j 1 R 1 LEONARD M. CONLIN Hempstead, N. Y. A.B. 4'-R' PATRICK CONNAUGHTON PAUL CONNELLY Pittsford, N. Y. Bridgeport, Conn. B.S. in Economics B.B.A. 'Y 'Ex 1, 1 lk PAUL B. CONTESTABLE EUGENE R. CORASANTI JOHN D. COSBY Rochester, N. Y. Utica, N. Y. Niagara Falls, N. Y. A.B. B.B.A. , A.B. n vs' g 1fYE A 1 K fy . Q 3 JANE CRABTREE RICHARD CRAIG Niagara Falls, N. Y. Painted Post, N. Y. B.S. in Nursing B.S. in Economics i""if47'ff' CLASS or '52 -sb ROBERT H. CRAIG ELIZABETH A. CUNNINGHAM Lockport, N. Y. Niagara Falls, N. Y. B.B.A. B.S. in Nursing l' F.-15 HH.. . 16 N JOHN DAILEY Albion, N. Y. B.S. in Economics BERNARD J. DALEY Queens Village, N. Y. B.S. in Economics CLASS 0 x EDWARD P. DAVIS Auburn, N. Y. ' 5 2 A.s. RUDOLPH DeFAZIO FRANCIS G. DELLAVILLA Niagara Falls, N. Y. Rochester, N. Y. B.B.A. A.B. Q-9.1151 sh' , , . Inf. ',df'2.fw.,yL- . , ., .:. LfE:a"!' EUGENE DeLORENZO FRED J. DeVRIES Niagara Falls, N. Y. Newark, N. Y. B.S. in Chemistry A.B. ...-- tlll 9 5 E , .1 Qfil Q W f ww' 'fs' u ' 1' I f ' g . J' .xx WILLIAM J. DEWEY Rochester, N. Y. B.S. in Economics I W ard' u , E ifiv v M .I Il """" : 1 I un ix .E I , f l'l ll? I I' -,Ml l 'wg... W W xx me EDWARD DIBBLE Rockville Centre, N. Y. RALPH R. DIEKMAN, O.S.F.S. Lewiston, N. Y. A.B. A.B. I e,..R mr., i ,L wi FRANCIS G. DiFRANCESCO Niagara Falls, N. Y. B.B.A. JEROME E. DOLAN WILLIAM J. DONOHUE, O.S.F.S Brooklyn, N. Y. Philadelphia, Pa. A.B. A.B. lf, JOHN W. DOOHER Niagara Falls, N. Y. B.S. in N. S. GEORGE J. ENDER Trenton, N. J. 8.5. in Economics ?"'3' 'dfaziiiii-Plfixzziei: JAMES F. DORR FRED A. EGITTO Buffalo, N. Y. Utica, N. Y. A.B. B.B.A. HFS fr -iff' fP5lhonw ' JULE M. ERDIE RAYMOND FAHEY Trenton, N. J. Buffalo, N. Y. B.S. in Economics A.B. CLASS 0 '52 JAMES FITZGERALD JOHN L. FITZGERALD Troy, N. Y. Oswego, N. Y. NEVIN FINLEY Philadelphia, Pa. B.S. in Economics C A S S Q F , 5 2 ?' Nina' DAVID T. FLECK EDWARD M. FLYNN Niagara Falls, N. Y. Niagara Falls, N. Y. B.B.A. A.B. fa? K -11 ,ff I fl an .. A QA! X9 PATRICIA J. FOLEY ' 'AW Sf. Cafherine's, Oni. 'KN wr, .--'tf3"'-, , S lf . sl my I' '74 . F ' " M B.S. in Nursing H fi, l , . f 1 1 f l f f N LEONARD GALASSO THOMAS F. GALVIN Rome, N. Y. Corning, N. Y. B.S. in Economics B.B.A. YQX-v' LEONARD A. GABRYELSKI Niagara Falls, N. Y. B.S. in Economics 6. if-, . ,4 A Y. . JAMES GERACCI Niagara Falls, N. Y. B.S. in N. S. Gb SF 0 Q! 9 M .rf Q f 9138-gs V "EQ it A ' GERALD GILMARTIN MIGUEL A GIMINEZ 'fu if -' ' Illion, N. Y. Puerto Rico I B.S. in Economics A.B. kr, 4 is THOMAS J. GLOUDENIS Waterbury, Conn. B.S. in Chemistry MICHAEL GRECI Rome, N. Y. A.B. LEONARD A. GREENE Brooklyn, N. Y. A.B. .1 1 fU'2 4""' '2GW,l RICHARD F. GREENWOOD ALFONSE GRZYWIENSKI Bridgeport, Conn. Hagaman, N. Y. B.S. in Economics ,f ,1""f ROBERT L. GUINAN Victor, N. Y. B.S. in Economics fv- Sf JOHN A. GUTHLEIN SHAV HANESIAN Valley Stream, N. Y. Niagara Falls, N. Y. B.S. in Economics B.S. in Economics . HUGH HARVEY Syracuse, N. Y. C L A S S O F , 5 2 B.S. in Economics wzge- ' LQ:-.4155 W ,. . px., HAROLD D. HEINRICH Soufhington, Conn. A.B. ,,. f I.. ,ML ,v-, .UA ,.. , 7 WALTER J. HIGGINS Cambria Heights, N. Y. B.B.A. ? . Hg XX, ,' QQ ' f 1 Nw' 1 ,f HM SQ -f X Sk LQ, . ' .Er-fb,-.f 658 F- lllleiil . ' f-'fm "W 4 .5.4 I , f ' .9 JOSEPH J. HELAK I, .f. Lancaster, N. Y. Z7 ,M 1 N UL. .L 'Z' I 1 f M . n W Ml. .583 yavj -"' lgrfig ,.,, Y J l ,S B.S. in N. S. THOMAS HINEY BRUCE G. HOLKA Albany, N. Y. Niagara Falls, N. Y. A.B. B.S. in Economics 3 CONRAD JANIK Niagara Falls, N. Y. B.S. in Economics J if -f -H24 f.' ,..,i2 . 1 kia, fLlf:af" ip- n LAWRENCE- V. KANE Lynn, Mass. A.B. X L I 'Tw-61 aiwl JAMES R. JENNINGS WILLIAM A. JENNY Staten Island, N. Y. Utica, N. Y. A.B. B.B.A. RICHARD F. KAY WILLIAM L. KEENAN Niagara Falls, N. Y. Kenmore, N. Y. B.B.A. B.S. in Economics C ASS 0 '52 'S 415 MARY P. KELLY Niagara Falls, N. Y. B.S. in Nursing X , ' X v Q". Q ' , I-a gi.: A ' M , n., N N94 nf, 5 T 5,1 Q, 14 ,Aw ,, A X 3 Hn' '.?'..f 2.7-'L ' F. Al .-4 'A . 4 ' JOHN J. KENNY Rockville Centre, N. Y. B.S. in N. S. CLASS GF '52 Q. ROBERT F. KENIFIC Niagara Falls, N. Y. B.S. in N. S. THOMAS F. KERR Malverne, N. Y. B.B.A. N JAMES M. KENNY Rockville Centre, N. Y A.B. WALTER J. KERWIN Buialo, N. Y. A.B. JERAULD LaBARBER Niagara Falls, N. Y. CONRAD P. KIESEL Bayside, L. I., N. Y. A.B. B.S. in N. S. n ,-i...--L xx 2 . A . A M VI 41 I 7 Ns SUZANNE LEONE , Niagara Falls, N. Y '-., in A.B. 5:52 E112 l PAUL LAPER JAMES LEAHY Auburn, N. Y. Hudson Falls, N. Y. B.S. in Economics A.B. i.ii.,? XMIM i II - I J 4' u ,B NN W II A, 1 5 I '5 .IH II K k W wr JAMES L. LEWANDOWSKI, O.S.F.S. WILLIAM J. LILLIS LewisIon, N. Y. Niagara Falls, N. Y. A.B. B.S. in Economics HARVEY A. LIMBECK Rochester, N. Y. B.B.A. ---Q 4: FRANCIS LISTON GRACE LONGO Brooklyn, N. Y. Niagara Falls, N. Y. A.B. B.S. in Nursing R A gon 'D N-it P .L LK A L PAUL LUCAS JOHN R. McCUNE Albany, N. Y. Amsterdam, N. Y. B.S. in N. S. B.S. in Economics CHARLES LOONEY Oswego, N. Y. B.S. in Economics .gllhfga 5 bV'- . THOMAS L.. McDONALD JAMES McKENNA Niagara Falls, N. Y. Norwood, N. Y. B.B.A. B.S. in Economics JOHN E. McDERMOTT Valley Slream, N. Y. CLASS OF '52 RICHARD J. McMANUS New Brunswick, N. J. A.B. WALTER MACK Freeport, N. Y. B.S. in N. S. CLASS GF ...N . -- wr , 4--vm THOMAS W. McNAMARA CHARLES MCTIERNAN Brooklyn, N. Y. B.S. in Economics Little Falls, N. Y. A.B. F 'I DANIEL J. MAHONEY New York, N. Y. A.B. '52 RICHARD A. MAJKA North Tonawonclo, N. Y. A.B. t' fi CHARLES MALLQN, o.s.F.s. WILLIAM MALONE gl :-L ' L Lewiston, N. Y. Amesbury, Mass. ,I 'L ' 'Q f Law, ' - V f f' I J I i 2 EQ HENRY P. MERLETTI B.S. in N. S. JOSEPH MAROON EVERETT J. MAXWELL Niagara Falls, N. Y. Hempstead, N. Y. B.B.A. A.B. I Niagara Falls, N. Y. 9 "1 -, N ANN E. MILLER V 3- I ,I 8.5. in Nursing 0 fi! I Niagara Falls, N. Y. I fs llll , I ,, A PAUL R. MILLER Buffalo, N. Y. B.S. in Economics 6 J EDWARD MONAGHAN MA1TI-IEW A. MONAHAN Canandaigua, N. Y. Brooklyn, N. Y. A.B. B.B.A. RICHARD E. MONAHAN Rochester, N. Y. 8.5. in Economics x sq .,.-,f ROBERT J. MOONAN JAMES MORGAN Trenton, N. J. Waterville, N. Y. B.S. in Economics B.B.A. ROBERT P. MULLER Brooklyn, N. Y. A.B. gl JAMES MURPHY, O.S.F.S. WILLlAM.J. MURRER Lewiston, N. Y. Rochester, N. Y. A.B. B.B.A. 7 C A55 QF .52 :mir fa -. HELEN NEFF Niagara Falls, N. Y. B.S. in Nursing 5313 JAMES C. NEVILLE Lewiston, N. Y. A.B. 'rgbby vm im H In x 0, , .n f ,A FRANCIS H. Nevsnerr ig! . ' .gg .1'Xf",' Chazy, N. Y. id, --' sm!-4 s.s.A. W-ti -' f ,,,,,,,f. QA' "' 'Qi M LAWRENCE V. NICASTRO DANIEL P. 0'CONNOR Buffalo, N. Y. Boston, Mass. B.S. in Economics B.B.A. JOSEPH F. 0'CONNOR THOMAS V. 0'CONNOR Mqmqrqneck, N, Y, Valley Siredm, N. Y. A.B. JOHN P. O'LEARY Bridgeport, Conn. B.S. in Economics ,'?w4 ,A mi YF, A' FRANK A. ORFANO Niagara Falls, N. Y. B.S. in Economics , Q 2 WILLIAM J. 0'FARRELL Niagara Falls, N. Y. B.S. in Economics JOSEPH F. PAGANO Carney's Point, N. J. A.B. B.S. in Ecoriomics C L A S S 0 ' 7 5 2 R.. . S 1 I gift' . E 6 5 GENEVIEVE PITEK Niagara Falls, N. Y. ARTHUR J. PHAIR Allanlic Highlands, N. J. A,B, B.S. in Nursing EUGENE POST WILLIAM F. PRITCHARD Brooklyn, N. Y. Lockport, N. Y. 8.5. in Economics B.S. in Economics ROBERT L. PORVAZNIK Allentown, Pa. 8.5. in Economics CARL A. PUEHN Buffalo, N. Y. C ASS GF '52 MICHAEL PUGLISI IGNAZIO S. PULEO Dunkirk, N. Y. Mcmaroneck, N. Y. A.B. B.B.A. jx I v , xx H19 c. I QI ,Q A , f 1 f NICHOLAS L. PULLMAN JOHN C. QUINN North Tonawqnda, N. Y. Utica, N. Y. B.S. in Economics B.B.A. ROBERT R. RAFFERTY Huntington, L. I., N. Y A.B. W ., u ,BJ v W I 'Ill xx -A -- I ,-...,-f- 1:1 . f . ,4""' 'Nw ERNEST E. READ NED J. REAL Youngstown, N. Y. Dannemora, N. Y. B.B.A. B.S. in Economics WILLIAM J. REILLY New York, N. Y. A.B. JOHN F. RILEY WILLIAM L. ROCHE Troy, N. Y. Brooklyn, N. Y. B.S. in Economics B.B.A. DAVID L. ROGERS RAYMOND R. RUSSELL Little Falls, N. Y. Lockport, N. Y. B.S. in Economics B.S. in Economics RICHARD M. RODNEY Canandaigua, N. Y. A.B. DONALD SCANZAROLI WARREN R. SCHMITT Rochester, N. Y. Teaneck, N. J. B.S. in Economics B.B.A. JoHN J. SANDHAAS Hollis, N. Y. a.s. in Economics Q A S S G 7 5 2 'I 5 1 f!:?f,vJ" " 'tix h I .71 , Ill?-X 2-X ' :EW :' 4. AN WILLIAM A. SCHWINGER Niagara Falls, N. Y. A.B. 4 P' E' . 0 X.. Eyv 5 1 RICHARD SHEAR Youngstown, N. Y. A.B. 'Z' RALPH T. 'SEIER Buffalo, N. Y. B.S. in Economics ly JOHN J. SHIELDS Elmira, N. Y. B.S. in Economics FRANCIS J. SERGEL South Amboy, N. J. B.S. in Economics 5 .gffkr - 'X' OLGA SIDONI Buffalo, N. Y. C '52 B.S.inNursing NX f g C4 5 . N- :gy m :JH I ' RAYMOND SIEMBIDA CHESTER 'SLAZYK , Q Depew, N. Y. Buffalo, N. Y. , V 1 I5 I E I I 1 ' B.S. in Economics B.S. in Economics 1 iii., ,,-.5 I aww, I fn- +1 THOMAS J. SMITH A ' South Nyack, N. Y. E 1- N - ' .S B.S. in N. S. QI? JOHN T. SMITH MYRA SMITH Syracuse. N. Y. Niagara Falls, N. Y. B.S. in Economics B.S. in Nursing 'f ,P . I WILLIAM L. SMITH Niagara Falls, N. Y. B.S. in N. S. Q. f IV Y I I lllfii btw . ffl' l IIN -19" I 'Er-" ' JAMES SOTIS JOHN J. SPANBAUER Brooklyn, N. Y. Albany, N. Y. B.S. in Economics B.S. in Economics PAUL S. SNIDER Niagara Falls, N. Y. B.S. in Economics I5 1 CHARLES STAIGER Elmhurst, N. Y. B.S. in Economics WILLIAM S. STANLEY DuBois, Pa. B.S. in Economics 115' RICHARD E. STANTON Brooklyn, N. Y. B.S. in Chemisiry .wr ,. 4:-.Qu RICHARD P. STEPIEN Youngstown, N. Y. B.S. in N. S. ROBERT J. SUISMAN ALICE SULIK I Balboa, Canal Zone Hamburg, N. Y. CLASS O '52 B.S. in Nursing Q .X Q . f "Q l xx -.. A N . Q , DOLORES TAVANO Niagara Falls, N. Y. B.S. in Nursing fl 1 Mg. T., fjl A,B, B.S. in Nursing J 5 3' 'A XV' 1 W .L TIMOTHY F. TRACEY VERONICA momma " Q 2,6-1 ANTHONY VAGNONI Rome, N. Y. B.S. in Economics ANDREW VARGA RICHARD T. VINESKI Niagara Falls, N. Y. Elmira, N. Y. B.S. in Economics B.S. in Chemistry Midaleporf, N. Y. North ronqwqnaq, N. Y. .... KN THOMAS R. WAHL THOMAS J. WALLACE PAUL H. WASZECIAK Rochester, N. Y. PittsfieId,Mass. Niagara Falls, N. Y. B.S. in Economics B.S. in Chemistry B.S. in Chemistry 6 1... Q' FRANCIS E. WEST CHARLES WILSON E f Livonia Center, N. Y. Bridgeport, Conn. B.S. in N. S. B.S. in Economics GEORGE WERNER North Tonawanola, N. Y. B.S. in Economics 1 I- A S S 0 , 5 2 9' H if-fs. RUPERT A. WRIGHT Jamestown, N. Y. A.B. N CHARLES R. ZAVITZ Albion, N. Y. B.B.A. C ASS CF 'Cb CHARLES H. WRIXON Brooklyn, N. Y. A.B. JAMES R. WRIXON Brooklyn, N. Y. A.B. ALFRED W. ZIELONKA Buffalo, N. Y. A.B. '52 1 . DONALD J. ZOECKLER Utica, N. Y. B.S. in N.S. DDITIO AL GRADU TES THOMAS F. BOYLE ARTHUR CAGGIANO JOHN LYNCH Niagara Falls, N. Y. Niagara Falls, N. Y. Niagara Falls, N. Y. B.S. in Economics B.S. in Economics B.S. in N. S. DONALD McDONALD KENNETH McINTOSH Buffalo, N. Y. Utica, N. Y. A.B. B.S. in Economics MICHAEL McKENNA JOHN B. MURPHY STANLEY RATENSKI Niagara Falls, N. Y. Lewiston, N. Y. Niagara Falls, N. Y. B.S. in Economics A.B. B.B.A. ARTHUR SCHWIETZER PASQUALE SERGI Niagara Falls, N. Y. Endicott, N. Y. B.B.A. A.B Ei'-If-if Students relax on landing of Sf. Vincent's between classes. Y K ' K I foc 6+ The music of Tommy Tucker's orchestra floats over the row of pines that boxed lhe dance Noor at the Ball. 71.02 35 if Dick Hens irighii and his date iaik io Fafher Meade, while Dick Maika Uefli enioys a joke fold by lhe hidden siudeni. Two couples dance in a foresf of frees and under a crepe paper sky that carried out the Ski Lodge theme. Harry Heinrich handed out souvenir programs and Mike Greci gave the favors as the eighty couples funneled info the dance. Father Meade presents the queen's bouquet to Beverly Smith while Tommy Tucker, Mr. Ockerman and Ray Broderick, the Ball chairman, look on approvingly. 1 fr' 'lg -. in lt::h "Wil " -7-'F UIQ.. ' Xu' -v.'..,,J:g",.:7Mj-:N 'A gi .il 11- -.Q l In Hi. 'fz-2---use--. - 'C 'I J x 'Win "'.."' B' -- T' A " -'A "' "nm, 'L'M,,,.'--1+ ,- T 1 - ya.. iwgwnhgx 6, H--A MW ,. 4 W.: W.-. s,, A luLn,T,ti'J'L43Qft,k . A' -, K Despite the wintry weather outside, these girls kept to the designs The centerpiece, a scale model of build- of fashion and pleased their audience with bright colors and ings of the university, was constructed strapless gowns. by Fred Auman and Ray Broderick. Lgefzzbw gd ff Residents of Doyle and Reilly Houses in Varsity Village pose with their dates in front of the Ski Lodge fireplace. ye' 37,259 , if -" X-A-any U l --Q5 14- Naturally, there was little difference in the men's tuxedos, but the young ladies' formals exhibited infinite variety of design. P2 'I I A A. 'ix V' -sf K Ni.'YL'fx 9 l'1 " .L-I . . k ' I y X fx , 9 1 4. . 4 X Il 1 4 'ir X . v. I 4 . J 'X' fl' - Nm W e jx. 'Y tk . ' x EJ.: lv 'Sq .Q X xg '. J 1 , v x x v 2 x , x, Q' Lx' , ,X w ' x xv, V L .fx-'V x ll,, 'A l if 1' I .--7. 25 SU -N. vs X :--.a- , xi' E 3 Q i Xu r..?.:Y-lr., 0 1' H v.-.. J' . ' 4 ' 1 fqr' uvgf ,xl I K k 1 ' N' 'ng K Q . -' U, , ,, ,, - .',. N , v. 5 ak st . . M ,fic -rlyil Q, A -, rg! B' 1 V' 1 ' ff .v - , W A.-.. f A - K HAM V' ' f' .. f 'ii7321Z'i13f.,Qg .4 "Z T. S 'wt 2'aQi'k 'ii'-5'r"f ifffff ' . if - ,lsr .5 la: V I at IL' . .7 V V' A 1,v 3 F51-. V ' '- W' l J .v5i.t'L,' A - '. -. A SE' T- - T .3 H Q 4 .y is :4 T Q. ' Y " 1 'V -J M 'st I AV . I 4 D 5' 1' A e T A QW T x Religious training and practice is the backbone of a sound Christian education. Pictured here is the solemn benediction marking the close of the annual mission. Three Masses, which the students may attend, are offered daily on the main altar. The perpetual Novena to Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal is conducted two nights each week. During Lent, the Stations of the Cross are said each Friday and throughout the months of the year various special services are conducted. The Nocturnal Adoration Society keeps an all night vigil twelve times per year and, during May, the students keep an all day watch before the Blessed Sacrament. ' r w :gh Q ina, x i T44 A 5' . 'wtf M1 Z -if P' ' '. D S 4 ". sy 'J' "th ' M Ml 'h 11 'QI' an ' .U ,, . , 4 s. L FP: 1 Q N if . . ' at f . , , , Q- ,. ' - ,A .2 x ., P 'ef ., .Mt . , wx. . X 11 .f 1 -4- 4-. , A . ... . " ",. 214. 'u '--'x f' , . A - , ,A W -,.-.f M ' V if I. I ' .R ' ik, x -.gulf gn ' 5, G ' -i . ' i ' - xp' in ,gf W h 1 Q l I A . 3 . W .' V .4 We have devoied 'rhis enlire yearbook lo 'rhe idea 'rhal a Calrholic educaiion, by developing lhe enlire man, will lead 'ro a beiler world. For Caiholic edu- calion siresses 'rhe dignily of The human person in a machine-mad world +ha+ would make him buf a cog in a proleiarian mass. To +each him as a person +ha+ he can achieve earlrhly success and allain ever- lasling happiness is 'rhe whole reason lor +he exislr- ence of Niagara Universily. Four years ol religious educaiion presenls lhe fundamenlals of religious belief and moraliiy, Chrisr and His Church, moiives and means of Calholic life, lile's problems, and Jrhe lmiiaiion of Chrisr. Courses are designed 'ro this end. A+ 'rhe same Time. every opporlunily is afforded 'rhe sludenl' 'ro praclice his religion. Seminarians of Our Lady of Angels led the pro cession about the campus on the feast of Corpus Christi. Father Flannery, Spiritual Director, answers one Father Tramor Sprrrtual Director blesses throats of the many questions put to him by the stu- on St Blase s Day dents. F1 W., ' V, ,, NH, I. ',l,Q3'7T,:,'f,, Y,, W 1.50, His Eminence, Cardinal Gregory Peter XV A ' ' to cele gagraman prepares brute Mass in the col- legians' chapel. i ww ' frhitf 5 . it , wb .' Ptzallfftdip Students fre ue ti q n y visit the chapel to say the stations o f the cross. l29 A A : ly lip., ix, xi " ' I' " 'TTR , 1 ff N 9 LW 1 sl ,, Ig W e 3 1 .Am ' y 1 Qt W .1 ' , i - i s " ' , ' 1 'Pe ' .2 ' x. -1 W ' , ' I ,a , : My 5 1 ' ' ' -T' ,A V 5 x . . it A rf Q? , I, 1 -Jig .A .551 LL C' 1' ' A ms? '- 2 4 A . Nl 4' f .. ' ' P J4 " ".' iw' --fg,:5m,'1.Z ' 1 ' . . ' W' ' N, H usp. ' 'N J , 5 Iffffni ,wmv-a Q W ,Sf V ' ff'f f' K , - ' v gm Ti, WMM, N .3 I f '. A -M ' " fi' - V- . ' " 'riast f if ','lf,5,.. ,4, .- . . if T - Q5 :ff-fl?-'3,7fQQ., ,F v Y- .jz 4 4 ,4 V-lf? X ?"y,5-5 ,:4-'pai 5: ,fl A :I L . ., ,. ' 1' - . 1' ,X-. 5 " ' ' .5 ' it .ug fiirfa' Nbv. If W5 1, bi if , 1 , 1 ,. .' 'IN' , ' , . . 15-. , ' -A i ' ,E "Lvl -A ., .A 1 ' I . ' 1-ff' min- Tblhrl 'Q' ,M.'.:'-'Q-vw-Jb' y'h.l ' a Q3 ' - I . -A., . , , J' ' .' . f 5,1 , I: ' , f . 'V' , . - V I ., , . , -. 1' .' . f H . , 4 - " - I ' I! - -' ' vf '.' -I 9 1 1' Q' v'-. 4 QOQJ6' 5 'lr . 1 r ' ,I . I . J A 'X 1 X 1, L 1 Q il ,J XY - .. Ql ' iw-L .N v . V.. , ff? 41- ' -rv 5 5 ,rl T 2 if 1 ,A i A, 5 ,, gm 'N Hg hp 1 T' M' 1 fsqfan, X' x Q' M Q' X Ag I lg I , K ,nv J v 1 I .S A , lgtdu. ' I I 1 4' Q' , I JM. ijt: J.. ' gi N. . Benediction was celebrated at three different places on the campus on the feast of Corpus Christi. To commemorate the teast ot Corpus Christi. two hundred priests, seminarians, and students ot Niagara took part in a triple solemn benediction ceremony. A procession tormed in the chapel ot Alumni Hall and travelled to an altar outside the Student Center where the tirst elevation ot the Sacred I-lost took place. The bless- ing was repeated in tront ot the main entrance ot the Administra- tion building, where this picture was taken. The group then returned to the chapel tor tinal benediction. mal W' l3l The Oblates attend most of their classes with Attendance at morning Mass is an integral part the collegians. of a seminarian's life. CBL TES GF ST. FRANCIS deSALE Four times a day the Oblates board their fa- miliar yellow bus to and from school. DeChanfal Hall, Lewiston, N. Y., home of the Oblafes. Four of the Oblafes are piclured here preparing for class at one of the study tables in the library. Q tif' The TorTy-Tour cassocked sTudenTs seen going Trom class To class on The Niagara UniversiTy campus every day, live aT DeChanTal l-lall in LewisTon. They are avid Niagara Tans in all phases and, alThough necessarily limiTed in sTu- denT exTra-curricular acTiviTy by Their religious sTaTe, They do mainTain a greaT inTeresT in iT. They are The members oT The CongregaTion oT The OblaTes oT ST. Francis DeSales and as such They have The vows oT poverTy, chasTiTy and obedience. A quick run Through Their day will show oT whaT Their sTudenT days consisT. Rising aT Tive a.m., They are busy wiTh religious duTies unTil breakTasT aT six TorTy-Tive. Following a quick sTraighTening oT The house, They make The Ten minuTe Trip up To The UniversiTy. AT noon. They head home, grab a quick lunch, and Then dash back To school Tor aTTernoon classes. ATTer reTurning home in The aTTernoon. They work around The house Tor halT an hour, Then have rosary, a refreshing visiT To The Blessed Sacra- menT, and supper. An hour oT recreaTion Then gives Them Time Tor relaxaTion: some play cards. some ping-pong or darTs. ATTer nighT prayers aT seven-ThirTy, They sTudy unTil Ten. "LighTs OuT" sounds aT Ten-ThirTy. The observance of silence, which is a necessary means Tor The aTTainmenT of a sound spiriTual life, and The pracTice of chariTy in all Their relaTions wiTh oThers are an inTimaTe parT oT Their lives. The OblaTes. as well as oTher religious and semi- narians rnusT have Three bones: "a wish bone, a funny bone and a back bone." The Seminary of Our Lady oT Angels is The ToundaTion sTone oT Niagara UniversiTy. When FaTher John Lynch, C.lv1., founded This insTiTu- Tion in I856 he esTablished noT a college buT a seminary which is sTill housed in The original build- ing. AlThough The VincenTian FaThers conducT The seminary, iT Trains men Tor The secular priesThood. This year The seminary has one oT iTs largesT regisTraTions wiTh approximaTely T25 seminarians who sTudy Tor TwenTy diTTerenT American dio- ceses. A seminarian's life cenTers abouT God. His day begins wiTh mediTaTion and Mass. Through- ouT The day he has examinaTions oT conscience, rosary and spiriTual reading To direcT his mind Toward God. The Tinal momenTs oT his day are spenT in visiTing The Blessed SacramenT and reciT- ing his nighT prayer. His day is a busy one. For he musT sTudy. He pours over TexTboolcs ranging Trom Educa- Tion, Economics and Sociology To The more specialized subiecTs, Philosophy, Moral and Dog- maTic Theology, and Canon Law. LesT his Train- ing seem enTirely speculaTive all The seminarians have pracTical experience: Tor They go To BuTTalo and oTher nearby CaTholic cenTers To Teach caTechism To public school children. Because The seminarian needs a sound mind in a sound body, he has Time, Too, Tor recreaTion. All sporTs are played in season. Handball, baslceT- ball, Touch TooTball, soTTball, golf all have Their devoTees. A greaT spiriT oT Triendly rivalry exisTs in The games wiThin The walls. Add To This The seminarians' exTra-curricular acTiviTy. They publish Their own magazine, "The Crusader"g They have Their own chapTer in The CaTholic STudenT's Mission Crusade, The Indian CommiTTee dedicaTed To The conversion of The naTive American Indian. They prove Themselves no sTrangers To The TooTlighTs as is evidenced by The high calibre shows oT Their DramaTic SocieTy. This Tull schedule, which so Tills each day, also gives some realizaTion of The wide scope of Train- ing a man receives on his road To The Holy PriesT- hood. u ' 1 , : -4 I , 4. - 31- K ,, 1 B' T 1 E k " ' , R , N 1 . , , i - li If 5- x ' I Father Arway, Vice-Rector of the Seminary, is evi- "Chow-Time" is always a welcome break in the dently succeeding in putting over his point with this full daily life of a seminarian. class. SEMI ARIANS CDF OUR L DY GF ANGELS Radio and pool along with basketball and long walks fill out the seminarians' recreational needs. A game of cards in the seminary lounge provides this group with recreation. Even seminarians must eat. semi RY SHOP ' a 'WL A V' '5- Q ,. 'ix -V , , ' A . 4, Z: If ' ... we-- x ,gn ' 4-. . if .fr I . ,H .- 3 ' Q7 7 ,-fr 9. . VA Q .I ,vwnk WVQI .1 ,g 5, V, , 5, ' ' ff f?f12.- . if - fu. 'wr' V 4. Pi ' gf' ,wrxl ,,, .. ,X V' 4. .f nm: v-uv in , 1 , I - 35:81 Mr-. .' ,. wp, ,.v- F .,.' 'dz-4 f 1. f 1 ,rl u . K mg Jn, , ' 4 A. ,Hn , nw ,u.L W , fig E 7 f 5 FN U J" Q H :xv Y 'Y ,. W .. 5.5, . V! wsu., , " ' " -um, Y Mdmlw. .:.,,v4 ' V 'M'KW W, U -bw w ,.,..,..a '21, Hin. Www. M 'Bak 4 as The serenading of the faculty is a custom dating back many years. Annually, iust prior to the Christmas recess, the student body gathers about the entrance to the Faculty House to sing the traditional Christmas carols and songs coupled, in recent years, with the Whitlenpoof song. Other activities include Moving-Up Day, class and club dances, banquets, the Knickerbocker exursion, the leture series sponsored by the Student Council, the election of the Campus Queen and her court, the awarding of the Niagara Medal, the Sigma Alpha Sigma tapping ceremony and Christmas Assembly, the selection of members of Who's Who, the Capitol District Club's annual Christmas party for underprivileged children and the Village election. Maw 42772 Z!! WWII .,w. ,...0...w....w.w..... . . -.H.u. .N,,.,.. ,, . V" 1 F45 E I, f f S z W . Y, i V -7. 1 CZ? ff ZW 5 --,4 Q 1 1 N 1 I I mmf if 'VD-X 77e99q Zaefayam zefuzde fgcm Deleuze fotelh f MW bl , me., 'J I Q4 l"' an 'PL I ' A.. W "lf" ' 4 ' J ' 4 4 R-nj'2 f ,- . ' 4 ow 4 H .1 V ' 2 ' 4 , -so V V W , 4 A f f 1 all 31125. 4- ' 1 Aw 1 su A ' . . .4 4 . la 1 www- .. 4 . ' f . - ...W . . W-lf' . 9. .M T213 my ir!! , H ' -Q-"W-"3.,, , ff? -Q .- ', 9 , . 1' T if N. uf 1' .. ' IW 5" ' ' . ,PI-Q. 'FQ . fp , ww ' - . ,W , ' M L ' ' "off-.f' 1 I X u . .J Ma., .Eff ' f W.. N' V Qnd"""". .N M ' J ' V - . , 4 , 4 ,I , , f is, 1 . - , . .14 -,. .- . ff-w--,H-...V ,4 W1 V ..."f44 ., . Nxlyyit 'j '. f "LN , SJZVQX'-3141, ,' ., 4' 4' ,214 .R-1.l,J 1, f H , Q A 1 4 .. . -nr ' I , 4 K Q . I ii. . " H . '--w' "1 1 ' . + -'lR4,.f'ff4"f.1i -951 f -Q'-.. 'rl f 1 f 1' 1- Tm 'Wff , , , JW' ., vw , ,z 1 u ,,' 'iv v' 1. by 0 A J L . - ' a'u'j'k Q 4 V . 4. 44 F . .4 9' "' 'xy' if ' f V ' U - -- Q x ' 4 . xx 4 1 VN . 4 n K S 4 'xo 5 ' In 44 .M ' - 4 K4 4 Q, O i 44 'lr ' , 4 by '1 Q , 9 ,4 'IJ ' ' 1 - . , ' ' X1 . , Ark? A QQ . 523 ,- q' ' A 1 - 'f P ." 'T . , T 4 , 'I 0 41. f m. , 5.4 P,-1 . ,F 1. 4 . . 11 4 W- - P 5 , . W , 5: f . . .4 f' tv- . - 14- ' Nav.. , ' . . 'f nv. ' 'lifbgv ' ,' , f'1f1'A!':K,u. ".Wfl1' 4 ' k 0' I? I "."j.g?3k,2rjLw1-'M 1- . 1, -. WPWQ. ' 525911, , y ' ., , 1 f ' , , ,, '1..' V' 4 ' '-.5-.Urs , ,- T -1, 'LJ- V - , , , ,,4.?', ,M V . . 14 .34 713 'K , V 4 4 1, 4 :- VM ' .' '. W, :-,1 " ,,f- ,G-'-1 - H,-4,4 ,x-f.. '2Aid.'ibg' :Q -ef 'fi' '14, wg. -++f.W.- N4 4 A 3.5 W 4 . 44,,a,l,M: if., 1 . 44 39 -1 3? v 4375 4,3 1 ,gl Q.. if gp., 4 ' ,X L n .mf ,- Q 4 ,ip J.,4,4Ev-94. 4 1, ,gf A nr ,,, w e gi. V ,i .fig . pw , . - it . A ,gf AM, - 44. ' 'H 4. 44, 3: gp .I X 4 1 V. F, n Nr 'agbw f 8 r:..' ' J ' ' T? w K' fl'-'1 3 ' - - i f,-' ' . , - 4 -K V f - . -ml ' ml f' .,-az." 1.4. ,Q-L.. Q- V ' Q, . - -if , If ' m V ,gl AA - ', www ., f -A ' . .,'?'P2 V' ww w., V- .sb .I r P .11 ,xl If LM. 1 ., .- Q, Q.-,J V, 1 -.f- ,,,,. .M . . ',. , 'Q-N . .r ,fn N- sawf,-rf. ,. r f f -. fx-.Y - W, , A J, M, . , JL. P- .1 NRRL, W ' ' ' W 1 !,,,,, .. . 443'-'4'1595'5' 4 Q 2"-za,,,., wt 5-.f -W ' ' . ww- K. . , ' - : -5 :ffl . ff". ' ...dr Q ,.- .. 4W,f!'5". ,A '4.' ' ' . . . , , . , 4 . ' ,, . f .,, , .1 -I., , I :. x X YN I4l an .. , , R The Beta Chi Nu float with their motto: "We nurse, God cures," won top award. gli ' -if-"Y ll lll!.iili!l!'i ,M N 8 , This freshman's dream really came true! Kay Zurmuhlen, the newly elected queen, poses with her court. - Wx. Q " '3L9"a1-MAWW.-qv! ' "-FYR' -w,f5w-,M.'-f-m:'f',M- ....3,,:Ag,g,,,.-3.,a,.' ,, 1 ,. V . .' .,,,-', A -,1.1g,--in f --' rt" z SR' -,.,-, .f,f3k'.P'.Lr 1' 4. Q "" " fewer-tr. eee- -. " -- r ffl-femme mum' "'lf"'iF--C' --- is 1- V N- - -i Y l in A., . ,fiWj""ft . I-2:-'5'',af5' ""x 11 ..'..n-umniib-'51'Ti1Q,'WfHRe3'4 ' ' ff-llfirv - - '- A U' ' ' Tom Birch, winner of the Niagara Medal, poses with Ray Nolen and Joe Cahill, the runners-up. The band marches past the spectators in the stadium at the beginning of the parade. Rennie Ryan, Peggy Bergeron, Dolores Rotella and Kay Zurmuhlen all await hopefully for the big announcement. Part of the "Living Rosary" formed Father Payton visited Niagara and Stephen Breen was the first speaker by the Seminarians for the "Con- emphasized the need of saying the in the lecture series sponsored by vocation for Peace." "Family Rosary." the Student Council. His Eminence Cardinal Gregory Peter XV Agagianian Representatives from nine area colleges attended the speaks to the students during his visit. sessions of the Catholic Action Study Day. :'f'-5-slit -f eu., A i ...q .AT Al' ' fw John "Rocky" McCune, Nubby Nubb presidential can didate, congratulates the victorious "Hoggin" candi date, Bob Moonan, new Mayor of the Village, at the election party. '? George "Bull" Ender demonstrates his capabilities tor the position of Village Athletic Director at the elec- tion rally the night before the residents went to the polls. Campaign managers with some of their candidates: Pat Connaughton lleftl with his Nubby Nubbs, Mc- Cune, 0'Connor and Dorr, Jerry Dolan lrightl points out Moonan, Ender and Monahan for the Hoggin E I. I 0 S Party. Top-hatted, Hoggin candidate, Bob Moonan struts toward the audience to make certain they understand his platform. The crowd came from all the dorms- not just the Village. X ae aim , ,V ff' l' dll 66 Rita Caldwell poses for the camera while her escorl stares af the centerpiece. Flood and hs date seem osse rlie d h th hi W l h and his girl stand tll f the ph Ol' in eac e s Phlg Al g gtheing wasp t l gtlt thenow t d Th g d el F 9t l. GCS 0 U rwie er. rssen ly lib- p f pp classmen t t l'0 OH' 08 Oh! p dt it Th dance lasted from .C 5 Ut 0.93 95.5 Q w. .9 "lla ff ...., K? A ' , M i' :fav 65 OW. O . 9.0 Q 9 .ea V Q ,gb 41, ,.ffQ'fV.W,5. O O Q Q00 glftltg ' QOO95' Q, 9, Q Qi. 9 9 0 Q Q 0 V 5 9 .9 Q Qi 49.0.f.f,f. O O ' Q .9 Q 9. A Q Q o ozozoztff, 'A O 31A , he Jim Christian, Bob Barber, and Dom Mastropasqua entertained a large a WNU. Disc Jockey Chris Horgan acted as M.C. for the Bop City pro- gram. I' 4 ,, 'T i Q .,l X e . ,K F Q -L ,L 5 Q ,Ag d Jean McGraw received much Jeannie Cherrie an ' ' th ir comedy act. applause from the studio audience for e udience over station 'x J f f f' if f f' ,ff 0.55 L O 'Q :' 2 g'o 0: 0, , .0 3 122, ...Y f X v" " 1 T 1 8 x 'J I' 5. WW' E 7'6- M'- Freshmen and Sophomores tangle in a greasy pole climb which was a part of lhe program culminating the hazing period. FRCSH-SCPH RIV LRY The Sophomores slrain al the rope be- fore pulling some hapless Freshmen across the lake. The Freshmen and Sophomores fought lo a 6-6 lie. E as Qr. . Trp -3- --.- 1 ,. lv 1 ' 4-AA . - . lm ' gf Q7 A' M I iii ., i tg, ' , g +13 f' 2 w ig 4 1 1 4 M 4' 'as is PL., ,, , J Q . 1, , .aw l Nxt, fs? K 5 5'- 5 l 5 . 2.2244 if 9 1 - r f . Nfl' , , Q W' if ,z ' -. :J , r 5 ' 7' ' f-ff:""'-,mf ' wr 754' . , ,1,,f,",2f:'K'W'2"1. ,': I SAL I Z-..4.'-'av - w 1 1, M, . 4.1. x ,. Q 1 Under The sponsorship oT The Knicker- bocker Club, The Red Cross Blood drive was a huge success. The club members worked many days in advance of The scheduled da+e Tor The donairions To obTain volunTeers from among The sTudenT body. On The appoinTed day, The gymnasium oT The STudenT CenTer was Transformed inTo a small hospiTal. The donaTions Trom lasT year were l5O pinTs of blood. The ToTal amounT obTained This year was 295 pinTs of blood. a record for Niagara CounTy, which indicaTes The cooperaTion re- ceived by members oT The Knickerbocker Club from The TaculTy and sTudenT body. ff N. i 447' 5 Iwi al' Phil Leary volunteers lhe necessary informarion as a record of his health slafus while the sludenl in lhe center has his blood pressure taken. BLOCDD BAN in .4 TRAVELEUS psf' "1 "' ' ,,. I .,, L.:...,... '- 2-w.-.fu-f---W D K :X 92" fi? Q ,Y 1 1 -.. Z F Sl ffjgifv Y pi v X1 x 1 ' X 1, 1...,,:. 1, ,- ff: I' 'kim 4 Y A - W..- ' 4-lvafiff ,,'f:. L. 4- . sm M n 'f Q? W w 195 Sw M-vw ,J Nffu ff gmi img' Jag M? u H ai? N RW :rw i .,,iMA.V X.,..,WV f t. x ..f ' ' 'o Q ' ' FK I A, ax HIRE ra am " xi ' Y I ' F , L -S J Jn 'Wi Q I -Q, . 4 , ' " ' fr I W' ll 7 P Q ' Yi , , , A I Agar' X , H I Y 53,95 1 1 ,L 4 M XI' , M. ff ' 1 ' ,s. ' ' Q v ,Mm f. j,3l5g? a '5x-,I cigfgitigy- 'X X 5 .Q"l'1' rj '.i'?'h x ,R Q! ,25',4 qu ? MA". J" ',A.14k. HE. lf A A, ff iq ,tn QJYJQQQ, , :Aj 1, X fav' ' 3? ' iq -7: 1 Q 1, gf,1 JT' A w 'X QQ ' 3, if-1 X 235, 4? ' 11 ff 4 N... L xi 4.VdimY 11 yn- E r N r TZ? SH-Il A 3 S-3""f".-0 1 uni' '53, 'i' 900 V 1. I T -sl! :M s' :Q i' ln all occupations, there is a cry for good leaders. Through its various organizations, Niagara University offers to its students ample opportunity for practicing leadership in many fields. Tau Alpha Chi gives promising business graduates practical experience in economic attairs N.S.A. and N.F.C.C.S. enables students to coordinate activities with schools throughout the country, the Index, Aquila and Niagaran offer practical experience in writing, clerical work, advertising, photography and management. Other organizations such as dramatics, district clubs, and social groups, award training in many fields. Pictured here is the student council under whose capable direction all of the various clubs and groups are coordinated. FIRST ROW: Roberl McVeigh, Frances Welch, Mary Lou Considine, Leonard Con- Iin, Harold Condara. SECOND ROW: James Solis, Edward Flynn, William Braun, Edward Schafer. THIRD ROW: Edward Reilly, John Kenny, John McMahon, James Higgins. FOURTH ROW: Joseph Kerin, Thomas Leddy, Thomas McGuire. FIFTH ROW: George Hagan. TUDE T COUNCIL The STudenT Council of Niagara UniversiTy was organized under The leadership of The class of l927 To acT as The represenTaTive oT The sTudenT body. As The represenTaTive iT sTrives To TosTer The inTeresT of The sTudenTs in all maTTers perTinenT To The UniversiTy, To TaciliTaTe The expression of such inTeresT, To promoTe cooperaTion beTween The Taculiy and The sTudenT body. and To perTecT a union ThaT shall work Tor an even greaTer Ni- agara UniversiTy. WiTh These aims in mind, and The TradiTion of Niagara as a guide, The STudenT Council each year works Toward The beTTermenT of The scho- lasiic, aThleTic, and social acTiviTies of The Uni- versiTy. The various acTiviTies of The Council include The supervision of The exTra-curricular acTiviTies. The sponsoring of a LecTure Series, The Frosh Welcome Dance, and Moving-Up Day. This year Sigma Alpha Sigma. the Honor Society ol Niagara University, celebrales its Iweniieih year of exislence. During the pasl Iwo decades. the most oulslanding sludenls of Niagara have been honored with membership in Ihis organizaiion. Ad- mission 'ro Sigma is decided on the basis ol scho- Iaslic excellence, athletic ability, and social en- deavor. Jusl as Christian education strives for Ihe harmonious development ol all Ihe capabilities of the student, Sigma recognizes, with membership, sludenls who have shown Ihis development during their college life. IGM LPH FIRST ROW: Frederick P. Auman, Raymond J. Broderick, James M. Catterson, Leonard M. Con- lin. Edward P. Davis. l 'ii 4. 'Y' . my . I A: Il IGM SECOND ROW: James G. Fitz- patrick, Thomas F. Galvin, Ly- man M. Kidder, Matthew A Monahan, Joseph F. O'Connor. THIRD ROW: William J. Reilly, Richard M. Rodney, John J. Sandhaas, Jr., Warren R. Schmitt, Allred W. Zielonka. J Q, , C- I K fl i . L iQ l 1-f x "F its gr f:1E- X Richard Aumuller fb s. pt Mimi ki A David T. Fleck Ann Miller - I John C. Quinn I60 l Lys. ,, fig J X :Xa William P. Braun wi. ' Edward M. Flynn Matthew A. Monahan Robert Rafferty 'Na James M. Catterson Thomas F. Galvin Robert P. John J. Sandhaas James N. Sotis "Who's Who Among Students in American Uni- versities and Colleges" was established in I934 as the otficialdirectory ot outstanding students selected trom various universities and colleges throughout the United States. To be chosen tor this recogni- tion, a student must be sound in scholarship, a leader in educational and extra-curricular activities, and show promise ot tuture usetulness to the advance- ment ot society. -1-- Eleanor R. Chlebowski , Q .i i g g i? Q l Richard T. Hogan -, 4? 5, s 7 . J Wx Muller Neil A. Natoli 1 William J. Dewey Robert C. McVeigh -J in .M ,. . , , 1 l ' Francis H. Neverett Richard E. Stanton The NaTional STudenT AssociaTion is The only naTional organizaTion represenTing American college sTudenTs and serving all Types of sTudenT needs. lTs obiecTives are: The sTimulaTion and improvemenT of demo- craTic sTudenT government The develop- menT oT beTTer educaTional sTandards. The advancemenT of culTural. social, and phys- ical welfare, The promoTion of inTernaTional undersTanding and fellowship, and The guar- anTee ThaT all people shall have equal righTs and opporTuniTies Tor an educaTion. Niagara's STudenT Council has Taken an acTive inTeresT in The N.S.A. programs on a disTricT, regional and naTional level. ln The pasT year, The S'rudenT DiscounT service. The lnTercollegiaTe VarieTy Show. and The STudenT GovernmenT Service have been carried ouT aT Niagara. Niagara's dele- gaTes and commiTTeemen have been in acTive aTTendance aT The disTricT meeTings. regional convenTions, naTional congresses and various execuTive commiTTee and in- Terim commiTTee meeTings. which have been held ThroughouT The year. Ed Lamb, N. S. A. President, sells a sfudenl discounr card to Paul Snider while Ann Coyle and Rennie Ryan wait in line. N.S.A. FIRST ROW: Rita Caldwell, Palfi Weaver, Edward lamb, Doris Anderson, Palricia Callrey. SEC- OND ROW: Edward Davis, Fran- cis Genecco, John Theirman, James Reardon. N. .C.C.S. Jim Higgins, Junior Delegate, Bob McVeigh, Regional Vice-President, and Joe Kerin, Senior Delegate, check plans for a regional meeting. .1 The Naiional Federalion of Calholic College Students is an iniercollegiaie organizaiion uniiing 'rhe sludeni bodies of over 200 Catholic colleges and universilies in lhe United Slales. The purposes of ihe lederalion are: lo develop Caiholic lay leaders. io serve as a medium of exchange of ideas between Calholic colleges. to prepare adult lay aposlles, to influence student life, and to represent Calholic college s+uden'rs io lhe United Sirates and 'ro ihe world. To accomplish these purposes ai Niagara, 'rhe Federation works through the Studeni Council and i+s campus commissions: Catholic Aciion, Mariology, Family Life, Liiurgy, Press, Interna- tional Relalions. and Jrhe Overseas Program com- miltees. Niagara University is a member of Jrhe Lake Erie Region of lhe N.F.C.C.S. which includes nine oiher Calholic colleges in this area. The leaders of the cells of C.A.W.S., Mariology and Liturgy meet on Friday afternoons to correlate activities. Members of the Parent Cell of the Cath- olic Action Work Study pass out leaflet missals at Sunday Mass. The sale of Catholic magazines is the main service con- ducted by Christ the King Cell. Don Nickel explains a point at a meeting of the newly- formed Liturgy Commission. W13f3'f:s, Father McDonnell, chaplain of the Day-Hop Cell checks plans on the sale of tickets for the "SO-50 Dance ..gM'.s,' + Father Timulty and members of Mary, Help of Christians Cell examine the certihcate of merit awarded for the Construction of the Christmas crib. 'Q Father McDonnell and members ol Mariology set up a rosary board for the use of the students. I ,g,pqg,gn,,m-fwpmm-w4-v.,M-w,--- .- M - HE WORLD T Qsqgx N" HRDUGHN flqy THE RDSARY EVERYDAY 5 1 rw -...i Ill 8 I I I QQNY1 Only one boy shows u h rehearsal. DR MATICS Ed Davis, tired of writing "l should not copy," tries to chan M' ' ' ' ' ge :ss Brooks disciplinary methods. -ZE'f.1 V 1 -iglgisff , yn- , 1-. Q ,'-1' "T -35,4 ' :J ' ' Y ' 3' Kim ff- 1 e " A , . ,. , 1 fi 4' . fi 1 ' L ' 3 -it' c A e www- Q 1 f .7 f 2-L , J ,?,,' ' uf N ' ' l a jk " V i f .1 1 Ann Coyle attempts to e I ' h tough predicament. xp am er way out of a 1 " - i "0ur Miss Brooks" "Our Miss Brooks," a lighT and sparkling comedy depicTing The Trials and TribulaTions oT a young school Teacher was sTaged lasT spring by The Bell and Buskin DramaTic SocieTy. The ploT concerns The complicaTed love life of Miss Brooks who, noT having enough Trouble keeping her sTudenTs inTacT, is given The addiTional Task of puTTing on The annual play wiThin The confines of a meager budgeT. l-low Miss Brooks copes wiTh crying prima donnas. a shorTage of male TalenT, hysTerical Teachers, and imprompTu visiTs from The head of The PTA pro- vided an amusing and delighTTul evening OT enioy- menT. Miss Brooks was played by PaT CaTirey and The obiecT of her aTTecTion was Alan STambusky. Bob Nicol porTrayed The booming principal, wiTh Jean McGraw and Florence Dalousio. The Teuding Teachers. STudenTs included Kay Zurmuhlen, Marie McGraw, Rennie Ryan, Ann Coyle, Anne-Marie Knipper, Karen Gormley, Peggy Bergeron. Delores RoTella, Ed Davis and Jack Kerwin. Mary Lou Considine and Dave Norris compleTed The casT. The stage is an uproar when Miss Brooks and stu- dents create their own sound effects. , T W 1 I l i 5 i l ' 1 T l l i l r l l l l l l T l i l T .l, As a storming principal, Bob Nicol lays down the law to Miss Brooks and inquisitive Marie McGraw. I' 7 wwf, Q nj a . 1 N. QA l l F ' ' ffl:-,r l 15' 51, i H A l :ll A 5 1 r l r 'ax' rx EL-,I li l Q! 99 -r The Upper Room On March I8 and I9, a shorT religious drama "The Upper Room." was presenTed by The Bell and Buskin, Niagara's dramaTic club. A passion play by RoberT l-lugh Benson. The Theme Traces Our Lord's passion Trom l-loly Thursday nighT To Good Friday aTTernoon and The emoTional impacT oT The CruciTixion on The persons in The upper room. Members OT The casT were Edward Reilly as The landlord oT The upper room: John Mahaney as his servanT: RoberT Muller as Joseph oT Ari- maThea: and William Reilly as a cenTurion. Alan STambuslcy porTrayed PeTer The AposTle: Kevin Wei: was John, The Beloved AposTle, while James CaTTerson was Judas. Lorraine LaBarber porTrayed The Blessed MoTher, Jean McGraw was Mary Magdalen and Mary Lou Jerominek played Veronica. Joseph Schnorr was The NarraTor. The capable guidance oT Rev. William B. Cadier. C.M., direcTor of Bell and Buslcin. insured The success oT The performance. Lorraine La Barber, as the Blessed Virgin, dis- plays the veil upon which is the imprint of the "face of Christ." Fr. Cadier, the director, shows Lorraine LaBar- ber the proper way of holding a chalice. The cast enjoyed wear- ing the "strange" cos- tumes which helped to give the play an au- thentic setting. Many rehearsals were held to assure a suc- cess ful performance. ff 3 FIRST ROW: William Whalen, Father Morris. Frank Higman. SECOND ROW: Richmond Real, John Gravolle, Joseph Lindsoll, William Moreley, Ned Real. Auburn Club FIRST ROW: Joseph Paxhia, Polar Adirondack Club Manzone. SECOND ROW: Edward Davis, Paul Laper, Thomas Bennell. Buffalo Club FIRST ROW: Mary Jane Gaiser, Paul LeBlanc, Delores Gay, Mr. Ockerman Marianne Makowslu William Wende. SECOND ROW: Robert Seiglried, Therese Goergan Violet Helwrg Antoinette Kazmrerzak Janet Sanfercole, Janet Schmidle. THIRD ROW: Donald McChesney Ronald Starkey Ronald Batt Robert Hays, James Curtin, Allred Zielanka. FOURTH ROW: Timothy Swart Peter Franchowrak Victor Fischer John Butler, Richard Schmitt, John D'Arcy, Edward Niedzialowslu FIRST ROW: Helen Wallace, John P. Shandorl, William Sammerville, Joseph Christian, Paul R. lucas, Robert Violyn, Carol Johnson. SECOND ROW: Elizabeth Mark, John Spanbauer, James McDonald, Bernard Connolly, John Murname, Donald Farrell. THIRD ROW: Francis Neverott, John Flynn, Frank Mlcozzi, John McCune, John O'BrIen, Robert O'Brlen, Lawrence Dolan. FOURTH ROW: Harold Morrison, Thomas Wallace, Thomas O'Brien, Joseph Fitzgerald. '7 1 I 1' FIRST ROW: lee Boucher, Marlln Ryan, John Walsh, John O'Loary, Charles Wilson, Humber! Gian- siracusa. SECOND ROW: Paul Connolly, Richard Greenwood, Harold Horan, Harold Heinrich, Philip 1 t O t Lgqfy, Fi n e r L k 4 I u b FIRST ROW: Edward Gilbert, Charles Hughes, Roberi Gulnan, Ronald Quinlan, Robert Engle, Edward Conway. SECOND ROW: Weldon Slurdevant, Francis liddy, Ralph Keenan, James Roth, Richard Rodney, Thomas Galvin, William Burns. I Hennepin Club FIRST ROW: Robert Kenelic, Patricia Shanahan, Henry Merlettl, Rennie Ryan, George Armitage, Theresa Appoloney, Lancer Hunt, Ann Coyle. SECOND ROW: Joan Paczynski, Jeremiah Farrell, Beverly Smith, Joseph DeSantis, Domenick lannuzzi, Samuel Tavano, Mary Beth Coyle, Richard M. Cahill. THIRD ROW: Hugh Brennan, Mary Lou Piper, .loan Lauzau, Harold A. McConnell. Wllliam Llllis, Karen Gormley, Marguerite Bergeron, Jerauld LaBarber. FIRST ROW: Ruth Argy, Thomas Markert, Diane Thorn, Mary lou Jeromlnek, James Rltzenthaler, Anne Morton, Frederick Auman, Jr. SECOND ROW: Sally Ann Barron, Frank Bruzlno. Lois Stauffer, Domenick A. lannuzzl, Suzanne Leone, John Dooher, Patti Weaver, Eugene Delorenxo. THIRD ROW: Richard Hatton, Ann Morrison, Harold Southey, Barbara Benning, Paul Power, Mary Anne Ryan, Frank Ruggerlo. FOURTH ROW: Coleen O'leary, Stella Wrobel, Ann McCabe, James Rlnn. Robert Corcoran, Jane Scanlon, Joan Wolclk, Patrlcla Markle. ':i1v 1 FIRST ROW: Robert Craig, Mary lou Fritton, John Bishop. SECOND ROW: John Hinton, Daniel Toal, louis Napoleone. THIRD ROW: Peter Licata, Patrick McCarthy, Robert Morrell. Lock-Cit Club Knickerbocker FIRST ROW: George Strayton, Peter Adams, Vincent Gallagher, Bart Nolan, Robert Keller, Edward Leavy. SECOND ROW: James Brennan, Edward Dlbble, Robert Muller, James Jennings, Matt Monahan, Walter Higgins, Thomas Kerr, Everett Maxwell, Charles Wrlxon. THIRD ROW: James McGann. Donald Gattney, Thomas McNamara, Richard Donovan, John Sandhaas, Conrad Keixel, James Wrixon, William O'Neill, Robert Lindquist, William Davis. x . I 1 'lv if a . , .. , . . . . , ,-. -. ,,,-- ,L ,Av .wp "':'1'1,, ,,, . ,. . f.,.. . g -' ,- .,-.u yo, " 'fqs'iTTi---?'.fe.'1.e-"H"'4Yi.- rf--u??feF'L'f' I-rff '1'i41:" -iff",-wr. MW' :bifr ' '21-'lfigfvs .- , 'V ,'--.1 , , N 'gee-I-' 5 HT. Q 1- .- - . 3, - jg " 1 J-1' ' ' I' ' "Y" ' 'f "'-' If-' -'filalbi 53-if -- f ggff 'heir'-ts? '4 2'bx'g:."- nr-.-Au' u:..' f.,.1TezA1...n-r-.xiibSIQ.f..:R7e.. Club FIRST ROW: Leonard Greene, William Roche, Joseph O'Connor, Edward Dean, John Kenny, David Denlan. Andrew Blake, Leonard Conlin, William Flood. SECOND ROW: Robert Coccola, Joseph Burke, Bernard McQuade, John Guthleln, Robert Suisman, John Lynch, Gene Gaua, William Graham, John Cossentino, Edward Reilly. THIRD ROW: John Keegan, John McDermott, Joseph Screen, Edward Lamb, Francis Listen, James Maloney, Mathew Knieriem, James Shea. FOURTH ROW: Jerome Dolan, James Redmond, Richard Kossmann, Harold Brien, Bernard Arnold, James Higgins. Knickerbocker Club FIRST ROW: Patricia Sweeney, Robert Driscoll, Anne-Marie Knipper, Bart Ruggiere, Phoebe Michaels, Thomas Berle, Barbara Hartmann, Grace Dowling. SECOND ROW: Thomas Elleot. Paul Marciana, Edward Roth, Ben Gulino, Jay Connors, Thomas Clarke, Paul Yerich, Robert Moloney, William Cerand. THIRD ROW: Daniel Henchey, James Butler, Thomas Leddy, Dermott Doyle, James Garvey, Robert Carey, Thomas Burke, Fred Voss, William Flay. Harry DeMott, Edward McNamara. '-me 'f-'f1311,. gg.: ' C- I " nJ"r5"'f . -1' - -'- ' . - ' fn. H . , . A ' ..--- . .. M, vw, .--fr '1- Z':,.,i:'1,, N A +E5.,., is-fvglmbi .,..::?n,r:'1'!vq,,1i: -4. 3?g'.fd,T1,,.'5ig, 6-I ,IHHA ' 'lf' ' ,- A 4: " "nn ' ' 1 1 4 1 v ' - . . Q N- v .f 2""?f'-q-.-52 ,g'.T1"!f29 -ff? 25' ' 1:-4-xi:-f ,Q-5'e,,a sfwq-'wisg,'B.-531' ' 5 . ' Cd!-Lg -Q. .. .r L . .J L llsukfilihflidiwflig V liQ!1LHl2l3V""1Z3 FIRST ROW: Roberl Evans, Richard Albano, Francis Burnell, Neil Gouhin. SECOND ROW: Bernard Solon, James Gaobelein, James Morrissey. THIRD ROW: John McNulty, Lloyd McKenna. FIRST ROW: Allred Mills, Daniel Golden. SECOND ROW: George Ender, .luslin Herbsl, Roberl Hendricks, Falher Russell, George Noumulr, .Iohn Smilh, Vincenl Tempone. THIRD ROW: Fred Whllney, William Slanley, Warren Schmill, Peler Gauhaurou, Richard McManus, Robert Porvaznik, Thomas O'Neil. Mid-west Club Pi u Mu Club Rochester Club VY ll lfflggfl, 51 vt FIRST ROW: Thomas R. Wahl, John Thell, Robert Florack, Patrick Heffernan, Carl McGee, Arthur Florack, Harold Salisbury. SECOND ROW: Donald Schriber, Donald Nickel, Donald Scanzaroli, Charles Welch, Christcpher D'Amanda, Joseph Seller, Robert McVeigh, Robert English. Thomas Hafner. THIRD ROW: Thomas Foley, Richard Werner. FOURTH ROW: Bernard Boland, David Dugan, William Dewey, Bernard Daly, John Halley, Paul Contestable, Patrick Connaughton, Patrick Fermolle, Thomas McAvoy. FIRST ROW: James O'Brien, Robert Donnelly, Katherine Sedlta, Anne Voelkl, Margaret Briceland, Joy Veltx, Vincent Palermo, Frank Patanella. SECOND ROW: Donald Graham, Bernard Mangold, William Dewey, Hlldegarde DlNardo, Frank Dellavllla, William Weckesser, Richard Monahan, Florinde Viola, Peter May. L - f z ,Q 'ff 1- 1 " mlm jr' 3 N' Y' ga -Q f 9.1 ' 'W' W 'P ' lc ', ' 'I f J f Wa H AE- . 4 ,gffx ml ft aff , 3? M. '32 '- I X-, A . 1 , S, vf X - . L. I A " P an Q M K . Hu- --.-L i 3 - - , 1' "f W"Q"W"4 Q .J-Q-qnv -qv- x .-- ' -was-me -,af ,,...,Y.. .- .f ,,.,,. . v....1..-M.,-,,. ,..-p.-A T' K+ 5 .J ,,.,.....,..,.ML.. 1 A 'P . fl i7 f ,, id Twin Cities Club Utica Club FIRST ROW: Mary Ann Kumro, Rlla Caldwell. SECOND ROW: Alfred Young, Rlchurd Miller, Chrldophor ZaIIrey. THIRD ROW: Richard Mallia, Raymond Plolak, Richard Walsh, James Drlscoll. FIRST ROW: John Qulnn, Konnelh Mclnlosh, Leonard Galasso, Nell Naloll, James Agen, Irvin Kimball. SECOND ROW: Ernesl Gedeon, AnIhony Falcons, Ronald Nlcolleha, Potor Rlccl. Frank Parry, Joe Henri, Robert Rorh, Anthony Vagnonl. THIRD ROW: William Jonny, John Herrmann, John Moore, Tod Zlomba, Ray Durr, Paul Spring, Ted Spalh. URSING ln I907, nuns +rom +he Third Order of S+. Francis founded S+. Mary's l-lospi+al and inaugu- ra+ed a +hree-year course in Nursing. As +he years passed, +he need for more girls +rained in +his Held grew increasingly. This need crea+ed a new demand on +he educa+ion +o be o++ered. ln I946, +he +hree-year course was conver+ed in+o a college program, ex+ending +he +ime one year and providing for bo+h an in+egra+ed course o+ s+udy a+ Niagara Universi+y and for prac+ical experience ob+ained in par+ a+ M+. S+. lv1ary's l-lospi+al, in Niagara Falls. 'This as- socia+ion of bo+h college life and hospi+al ex- perience enriches +he life of +he s+uden+ nurse and enables her +o graduale wiHu Hue degree out Bachelor of Science wi+h a maior in Nursing. A+Filia+ions in Psycia+ric Nursing, Pedia+rics, Tuloerculosis, and Conunuuni+y l-leal+h are ob- +ained a+ Buuclialo S+a+e l-lospi+al, Skidmore Col- lege, Depar+men+ of Nursing in New Yorlc Ci+y, Niagara Sani+orium in Loclcpor+, N. Y., +he Erie Coun+y l-lealth Depar+men+ in Bu++alo. N. Y., +he Visi+ing Nurse Associa+ion, and +he Bureau At benediction, nurses thank God for His constant help. X Infant care is an important phase of any nurse's y ly A ' ' 'I J X Y . 5 3 training. I' ' .. I , 4 t i Y .I f F ar Nurses relaxing after hours in the kitchen of the , l l , '-. i i 1 H fl i nurses' home. I 5 A l 1 E .ii Ac.. . .. ' ,AM f ' A as A A EFX Candles held high, the nurses march in procession lo fhe chapel for the inslallalion of Sodalify Officers. Frances Welch, Belly Spaulding and Florence Rymer look up medical references in the hos- pital library. I ls ...., 6 hi-libs' Sodalify Prefecl Dolores Beltino surrounded by her court at the annual May Day ceremony. X .La I---uno A class in nursing technique under Sister Eugene Joseph watches while Frances Welch explains a point. Practical class programs occupy an essential part of the training program of the future nurse. 'Aff' in A ,X A .Al l ..f-'la ,V-' ' ' ..' il , q g ,fx .H wr W . Proceeding down the aisle alter the capping ceremony are Frances Welch and Mary Joan Lenhart. The event, which took place in the collegians' chapel, was well attended by friends and relatives. Relaxing alter a strenuous day of classes and hospital work, a group of students enioy TV in the parlor of the nurses home. H1 flux x ' -f u ' 'H i J W ia 0115 tx . 1 . il . xx X li: X iv , i 4 xl! .R ... ii lin A 1 T' .Mfr of l-lealTh of Niagara Falls. ln addifion many Social ancl l-lealTh Agencies in Niagara Falls graciously exTend Their facilifies To The sTudenT nurses. The life of a sTudenT nurse begins each day wiTh prayers in The hospiTal chapel. There she asks God To assisT her consecraTe her clay's worlc. To receive The siclc in I-lis name, To give her ef- forfs success for The glory of l-lis holy name. The freshman anol sophomore years are spenT on The campus aT Niagara Universify where The sTudenT nurse enrolls in a full-Time college pro- gram ancl Takes parT in all The acTiviTies of The Universify. Eighf weelcs of her firsT summer vacaTion are spenT worlcing in The hospiTal. AT The beginning of The Third year she reTurns To MT. ST. Mary's l-lospifal and remains There unTil February. AT The hospiTal she aTTends classes, clinics, visifs communify agencies and acfually nurses The paTienTs. In OcTober of her junior year, during a beaufiful and impressive cere- mony conclucTed in The college chapel. The sTu- denf nurse receives The cap ancl cape ThaT signify her profession. Among The many ouTside acTiviTies carriecl ouT by The sTuclenT nurses are The Soclalify of The Immaculafe I-learT of Mary and BeTa Chi Nu nursing organizaTion. The exciTemenT of bas- lceTball games, hazing, dances, proms. and oTher sfudenf funcTions play a big parT in her life. SisTer lvlary Eucharisfa sees her dreams for a greaTer nursing school come nearer To final fruiTion wiTh each year's influx of new girls, and in The summer of I95O one of her greaTesT hopes came True. The College of Nursing received iTs naTional accreoliTaTion from The Nafional Nursing AccrediTion Agency. Nurses kneel in prayer during capping cere monies in collegians' chapel. Sister Gabriel dispenses supplies to Frances Welch. QIIII T l Betty Carpenter checks on the progress of an incubator baby. we-1' Lu-v , ""1""- .M ,T mm n ' Tm ' l A A :wil l W ,T whiff: 'QN' ' T Vi .Jaw V Lett to Right: James Catterson, Presidentp Father Tu- multy, Moderator: John Mahaneyf Alex Cipriano, jan nur- DEB TE The iewel oT CaTholic oraTory was broughT back To The campus This year and, wiTh The aT- TenTive polishing and buTTing adrninisTered by The very able coaches, FaThers Frederick Russell. C.lvl., and Michael TumulTy, C.ivl., iT emerged in The guise oT a revamped and very eTTicienT debaTe machine. ATTer a lapse oT Two years, The Luke Grace DebaTing SocieTy was reformed and aT once embarked on as ambiTious a schedule as has ever been enjoyed by any oraTors here on The Ridge. Aside from The local rivalries oT Canisius. I-lamilTon, NazareTh, and ST. BonavenTure, The Purple debaTers meT and deTeaTed some oT The beTTer Teams in The sTaTe in TournamenTs aT LeMoyne College of Syracuse and Kuelca Col- lege, Penn Yan. President Jim Catterson checks details with Fr. Tumuity. Business Manager, Andrew Von Hendy, Phil Loree, Dick Donavun. l,. u ..,i Q. .i... - M FIRST ROW Il. to r.l: David Hamel, Donald Kneeland, James Christian, James Smith, Mr. Henry Zimmer, Director, Ernest Gedeon, Student Direc- tor, Conrad Kiesel, Richard Donovan, Lawrence Dolan. MIDDLE ROW: Carmine Palles- chi, Arthur Florak, Joseph Mori- coni, John Cossentino, Charles Hughes. Peter Gauharou, Jo- seph Delaney, Robert Muller, William Wright. BACK ROW: Bernard Arnold, Joseph Braun, Michael Chamberlin, Robert Barber Anthony Falcone, Fred Voss. Donald Nickel, Charles Welch, John T. Smith. GLEE The loss oT boTh The UniversiTy's music mocl- eraTor and The glee club direcTor seemed To doom The club To anonymiTy This year. The ap- poinTmenT of Rev. William B. Cadier, C.lvl.. as Niagara's Music Mode-raTor, his procuremenT of Mr. Henry Zimmer as DirecTor and ErnesT R. Gedeon as STudenT Direciror and accompanisl' plus The supporT of The 55 male and 30 female sTudenTs who compose The club. saved iT from iTs apparenl TaTe. The TirsT appearance of The club aT-The ChrsT- .5, . s CLUB mas assembly was meT wiTh wholehearTed ap- proval by The sTudenT body. This alone was The sTimulus Tor more concenTraTed pracTice on The parT of The club. On Monday and Thursday evenings, Mr. Zimmer insTrucTed The club in Their respecirive parTs and addiTional pracTices were conducTed during The noon hour. The club worked many long hours To prepare Tor Their radio broadcasT and Tor Their annual concerT wiTh D'Youville College on The 27Th of April in Bulilalo. Ann Marie Kero. FIRST ROW Il. to r.l: Stella Wrobel, Delores Franches, Betty Mark, Mary Lou Frltton, Mary Lou McKinnon, Helen Wallace, Katherine Sedlta, Carol Howie, Jean Grace, Grace Dowling, Joy Veltz. MIDDLE ROW: Anne Marlo Knlpper, Diane Thone, Anne Voelkl, Delores Gay, Janet Santercole, Therese Goer- gen. Violet Helwlg, Sally Ann Barron, Mary Ann Kumro, Bar- bara Hartmann, Antoinette Kaxmierczak. BACK ROW: Anne Morton, .loan lauzau, Mary Lane Butler, Sheila Moody, Pa- tricia Sweeney, Carol Johnson, ll The band, under the direction of Mr Allren playing al the annual Christmas assembly sponsored by Sigma Alpha Sigma AN Ninefeen fifTy-one broughf new hope for Ni- agara's band. WiTh The absence of foofball, The purple and whiTe uniforms were relegafed To moThballs in lieu of R.O.T.C. milifary uniforms. In coniuncfion wiTh The governmenT program fifTy members of The marching band meeT every Monday for pracTice and drill, ToTing brass, wood- winds, and drums in place of a rifle. Aside from The miliTary band. Niagara's con- cerT band of forTy members includes young ladies for The firsT Time. The band's unTiring efforTs and enfhusiasm for music has insfilled inTo The hearTs of fellow sTudenTs The spiriT which Niagara has always possessed. In no small measure These able bandsmen awakened school spiriT, filling Me- morial AudiTorium wifh sfirring marches, cheer- ing The baslceTball Team Through boTh vicfory and The band lines up lo lead the parade for the Moving Up Day ceremonies. ff m4 4 nt' , .AN .R , 'lf' V' ' 'V Kerwin and Mr. Altieri checking the music The band concert with .loan Lauzau as soloist evoked .lack favorable comment from the student body. to be included in the program for the band con- cert. , If uqfrf Mr. Altieri conducting the band during one of its weekly re- heorsals. '45 ' F Rev. William B. Cadier, C.M., Moderator. defealr. Regular band appearances al campus assemblies required adaplabilily and versalilily on The parl' of each member and lhe supreme lesl of lheir abilily was wilnessed al lhe conceris held wiihin lhe year. The 'rrend of lhis year's conceri program was radically changed, and fhe srudenl body was sur- prised and delighled al Jrhe oulcorne. John Ker- win, Sludeni Direcror, realizing lhe need for grealer impelus foward musical apprecialion, discarded 'rhe brass-band lype of classic for a more enjoyable. acceplable iype of music. Largely responsible for 'rhe success of lhis under- Jralcing is Rev. William B. Cadier, Faculry Modera- +or, who made il possible for The band +o achieve ihese new heighls in concer'r presenfalion. The Niagara band is honored in having Louis Allrieri al Jrhe helm. Born in llaly and ioclay a well-lcnown composer, arranger and direcfor, Mr. Alrieri has added an immeasurable amounl ro The music al Monieagle Ridge. fn! i ., . F A g Z A , .Qs ."fi' ! E 'L 'l-J" S ', kv..i.L,-' ' 1 jf' , ' "' AA'-11' -'ff 1. ,J , , , .v- , .Q- - , " Av ww! U 'lf 'Q 'T ri-V 59' "2 ' ' ' , .. , e, an-in it 5 5 Al.: x. I K 4 A l it sf :L 4 w ,E ML 2 A! I 5 . - wmzu. is Q .Y - ' ,N . ' ,. , A 1 KE r' Q, 'A If rg . ,Q ,'.1If?.- Ax Commanding Raymond J Broderick Drlll Master FIRST ROW Allred Zrelonka Assistant Drill Master SECOND ROW Robert Rallerty lawrence Kane James Christian THIRD ROW leo Boucher, Carmine Palleschi, William Whalen, Ernest Gedeon. FOURTH ROW: Peter Damlck, Peter Gauharou. William Reilly. FIFTH ROW: William Lillis, Richard McManus, Robert Wright. SIXTH ROW: Miguel Glmenez, Robert English, John Sandhaas. SEVENTH ROW: Bernard McOuade, Paul Contestable, .tim Dowling. FIRST ROW: Rennie Ryan, Ann Coyle, Mr. Schmitt, Bernard Boland, Karen Gorm- ley, John Piehler, Theresa Appoloney. SECOND ROW: Mary Lou Jerominek. John Cossentino, David Bochkor, James Boston, Thomas Palko. THIRD ROW: Thomas Bo- lond, Kenneth Mclntosh, Frank Burnett, Richard Donovan, Richard Albano, Robert Healy. Drill Team FIRST ROW: Thomas Berrlgan. Edward Dowden, William Morely, Joseph Thom- ton Donald Nickel, Kenneth Eysamam John Bennison, Robert Cronin, William Schwmger, James Lindsay. SECOND ROW: John Kerwin, Paul Spring, Henry Helak, James Barone, Edward Conway, Robert English, Patricia Shanhan. Joan Lauzauf Robert Engle, John Flynn, Daniel Toal. THIRD ROW: Frederick Neroni, Daniel Golden, Robert Brennan, Joseph Pulaski, Carl McGee, Gerald Truesdale, John French, Joseph Mariconl, Nels Militello, Donald Kloda, Ronald Batt, John Bishop, James Fitzgerald. FOURTH ROW: Car- mine Allano, Ronald Starkey, James Fer- itto, Robert Florack, lawrence Silbergeld, Richard Case, Bart Nolan, Peter Mao, Frank Patanella, Anthony Falcone, Rich- ard Sherwood, Joseph Fitzgerald, Thomas Corcoran, Donald Cramer. Octette left to Right: Ernest Gedeon, Robert Mul- ler, James Christian, James Douglas, Con- rad Kiesel. Richard Serianni, Fred Auman, Fred Voss. Ph Club FIRST ROW: Robert McVeigh, Thomas Bennett, Paul Lucas, President, Dr. Thomas Morton, Moderator, Ann Morton, Henry Merletti, Richmond Real. SECOND ROW: James Maichle, Richard Cahill, Neil Na- li Thomas Wallace, Paul Waszeciak. St. John Berchmanls FIRST ROW: leo Boucher, James Chestnut, Edward O'Grady, Rev. Michael Flannery, C.M., Moderator, John Wall, President: Ralph Fraats. William Braun. SECOND ROW: Donald Nickel, Joseph Kerin, James Roehm, Thomas Denn, Joseph Henri, Sec- retary and Treasurer, Richard Donovan, Richard Leadem, Leonard Conlin. THIRD ROW: Justin Herbst, Ronald Quinlan, Richard Wright, John Sandhaas, Harold Heinrich, Theodore Spath, Joseph Thorn- ton, Donald Rung. 1 Winged Foot Club FIRST ROW: Daniel O'Connor, James Cal- Ierson, Allred Zlelonka, John Sandhaas. SECOND ROW: Carl Morrocco, Thomas Bennell, Paul Connelly, Mr. E. W. Ockerl man, Leonard Conlin, James Dowling. THIRD ROW: John D'Arcy, John Moore, Edward Rolh, William Reilly, Nels Mili- Iello, Michael Puglisl, Peler Damick, Don- ald Learman. 7 Sociological Forum FIRST ROW: Richard Moika, Edward Davis, Paul Clomenl, Michael Greci, Rulh Argy, Michael Puglisi, Rennie Ryan. SEC- OND ROW: Edward Flynn, Richmond Real, William Whalen, Ken Mclnlosh, Ann Coyle. Tau Alpha Chi FIRST ROW: Richard Hens, William Jenny, Joseph Karin, Ernest Read, Mailhew Mon- ahan. SECOND ROW: Bernard Boland, Thomas McDonald, Carmine Palleschl, David Fleck, Mr. E. W. Ockerman, Thomas Galvin, Harvey Limbeck. THIRD ROW: Peier Gauharou, David Bochkor, Peler Damick, Robert Cousins, Rudy DeFa1io, James Brown, Leo Barron, John Quinn, Francis Neverell. FOURTH ROW: Frank Burneii, Harold Morrison, Robarl Craig, Ignazlo Puleo, William Murrer, Charles Barry, Francis Fallella, John Jordan, John Sandhaas. lll - RESERVE OFFICERS TRAINING CORPS A casual visifor fo Niagara mighf feel he has sfumbled on a army camp if he should happen fo arrive on campus on a Monday affernoon. Mon- day is drill day for more fhan five hundred cadefs in fhe Reserve Officers' Training Corps. Sfarfed here in April. I936. fhe corps confer- red ifs firsf lnfanfry commissions in I940. Tempo- rarily dispanded in I943 'ro provide ample frain- ing space for Army Specialized Training Program, if was reorganized affer fhe Second World War. Since fhen Niagara has become one of fhe largesf 'rraining uniis for lnfanfry officers in fhe easfern Unifed Sfafes. The presenf corps of approximafely 555 cadefs is formed info a 'rwo-baffalion regimenf wifh firsf and second year advanced sfudenfs acfing as fraining sfaff officers. This year fhe ROTC here will commission 55 officers in fhe ORC and will offer Regular Army commissions 'ro fhree Disfinguished Milifary Sfu- denfs. The regular army cadre assigned fo fhe Uni- versify are under fhe command of Lf. Col. Samuel G. Kail. who recenfly refurned from Korea. Company B, led by Tim Tracy, marches into the stadium for the annual mililary inspection. 15 QA is I I l in--Y REGIMENTAL STAFF Colonel Raymond Broderick Lt. Col. Alfred Zielonka, Maior Paul Miller, Major James Catterson. HEADQUARTERS COMPANY Captain Peter Gauharou Lt. Paul laper, Lt. Thomas Galvin, Lt. Richard Vineski. FIRST ROW: William Flood, Thomas McNamara, leo Boucher, James Ellis, Joseph DeSantis, Kevan Cleary, Harold Fink, Thomas Burke, Jack Skehan, Frank Parry, William lillis. SECOND ROW: Andrew M. Mont, Frank A. Burnett, John Quinn, Robert O'Brien, Chris Horgan, James Darr, William Weckesser, Jo- seph Dudas, Carmen Palleschi. Leonard Conlin. THIRD ROW: Everett Maxwell, Harry Southey, Frank Gagliano, James J. Leahy, Robert Johengen, Thomas Knebel, James Roth, Peter Damick, Paul J. Connelly, Richard A. Maika. FOURTH ROW: Walter Higgins, Robert Guinan, Louis Davis, Richard McManus, Leon- ard Gabryelski, Richard Crilly, Richard Hens, George Schneider. FIRST BATTALION I.I. Col. John Sandhaas Malor Richard Rodney, Capt. W. l. Smith, Capt. l. E. Monaghan, Capt. F. P. Auman. Capt. D. P. 0'Con- nor, Capt. W. O. Farrell. FIRST ROW: John Smith, William Devens, Charles Wrixon, William Malone, Nicholas Pullman, Larry Kane, John Kenny. SECOND ROW: John O'Brien, James Christian, Harold Horan. John Dougherty, Richard Terry, Marty Ryan. THIRD ROW: Richmond Real, John Phair, Harry Morrison, Norman Stadler, William Whalen, Paul Tuttobene, Frank Pagano, Carl Morocco, Robert Hendricks. SECOND BATTALION Lt. Col. James Neville Capt. John E. McDermott Capt. Paul Contestable, Capt. Charles Bladergroen. FIRST ROW: John Dooher, Miguel Gimenez, Edward Davis, Ernest Gedeon, Frank Genecco. Robert Coc- cola, Matthew Monahan, James Wrixon. SECOND ROW: John Hammerstone, John J. Jordan, Clarence J. Erickson, Bernard J. Kennedy, Bernard E. Stack, Fred Whitney, John C. Rubens, Harold Condara, John D'Arcy. THIRD ROW: James Dowling, Edward Martel, Daniel Henchey, John McMahon, Robert English, Harold McConnell, James Sapienza, John F. Butler, George R. Koucheravy. wg ffl., - . ,NYM H COLO EL SWANTO Colonel Swanton receives the report of the rn specting officer at the annual government rn Colonel Swanton and Fr Meade shown at the spection. I , Y. 'fin 1'-wg LQ'-,Ft ., new. The senior R.0.'l'.C. students receive ditions in Europe from the colonel. Lff x xx le 41' J,, 'No fit X, 'Fi L. SUMMER CAMP Father Meade and Colonel Swanton pose with the Niagara students during a lult in the six-week sum- mer camp program at Camp Meade, Md. Dick Maika and Jack McDermott don't seem to like this iob. X fair. 4 Ja . ,f:W.. i A iii ff lvl! 2443, NNUAL RE IEW ' e Guidon bearers present arms as the reviewing party passes. This formal review is the culmination of a year of drill by the corps of cadets. A display of infantry weapons was set up at the First year advanced officers entered in the drill con- reyiew, test. Dan O'Connor won. .4 1 A v Colonel Swanton and Lt. Colonel McKinnon look over "Right Turn, March," is the order given to the massed the competing freshmen. company. NG Wi 7 . :Marv-ww fi All Many 1 :mf-.A YWW, W M n,,'1q,,g'g1'QM',,-,, .'.'. .. . - f' ' .' 1' ,."- '- . " ' I A Q--YL-aw. 1 X x ,Mi 15 x R Jim Moriarity and Benny Gulino show off their knowledge of military apparatus. Willy and Joe form a suitable background for these happy couples. A Formals and smart uniforms are contrasted against the fatigue attire of Willy. N Two sophomore cadets escort their dates to the Military Ball. R 6' w 7 .........-- I . I97 'fill mw""' AQUIL The Aquila has been in circulation al Ni- agara since I937, but Jrhis is the lirsl' year that ir has been published quarterly. Using +he slyle inlroduced lasl year, lhe slall has slrived lo conlinue 'ro improve and expand The conlenls included in the issues of lhis magazine. Composed of arlicles wrillen by members of the sluclenff body, Jrhe Aquila is Niagara's claim lo lilerary fame. Featuring shorl stories, essays, poems, carloons, 'iealures and illustrations, il seeks varialion in ils oul- coming issues. An arlicle on lhe all-lime hislory of foolball at Niagara and an in- Fr. McBridge, Moderator, sug- gests changes in format of the forthcoming issue to Editor Jim Catterson. A group of students pause to examine the winter edition at a distribution table in the Student Center. TormaTion TeaTure on The liTe oT The OlolaTes oT DeSales broughT a greaT response Trom The sTuclenTs. Much oT The rising success and progress oT This magazine is clue To The unTiring eTTorTs oT The Rev. Joseph A. iVlcBricle, C.M.. TaculTy moderaTor. The enThusiasm and in- TeresT oT The sTudenT loocly in liTerary arficles has also been graTiTying To The sTaTl which has aTTempTeol To make The Aquila The sTu- clenT's own magazine. K T x I - ' 01.5, A 4 ,, if -in as ... ..-.5.' ' SEATED: Jim Catterson, Editor, Fr. McBride, Moder- ator. STANDING: Jack Sandhaas, Rita Caldwell, Bob Rafferty, Pete Gauharou, Andy Von Hendy, Al Ziel- onka, John Mahoney, Peggy Bergeron, John Moore, Ed Reilly, Kevin Weil. "1" "ZS Co-Editor Bud Carrig examines prints before insertion Al Grzywienski, Co-Editor, attempts to determine in book. clearest prints. Fr. Henry, Moderator, approves the final layout of the book. QUE' " 'f Q . , 2 . if 14 - If fa 1:7 - ?..zf,fvfW f 1430154 ' A . ff" l l l l i N x T, , A . T -'TT , Q X 1 Business Manager Bob Muller records an advertising contract. NIAGA AN The i952 Niagaran was born wiTh The appoinT- menT oT a ModeraTor and STaTT during OcTober oT l95l. IT represenTs someThing new in year- book publishing here on The Ridge. The chrono- logical TormaT has been discarded in Tavor oT This new one in order To Take advanTage oT The pro- gressive Trends oT modern prinTing. Through picTures and The prinTed word, The sTaTT has aT- TempTed To depicT all The phases oT liTe aT Niagara UniversiTy. The Theme, "A BeTTer World" was chosen only aTTer long deliberaTion. The purpose oT CaTho- lic educaTion, The developmenT oT The whole man wallcs hand in hand wiTh This Theme. For whaT good does a ChrisTian educaTion eTl7ecT iT IT does noT encourage a sTudenT To worlc Towards The beTTermenT oT his Tellow man? The absTracT cover design, Too, conTains greaT significance. IT joins The cupola oT The Ad- The editors consult with Fr. Henry before final copy is submitted to the printer. I, Q , T i T' . - ' i A -wrt r xx- . r aah,-4 ,J , ...WN if KM 7 A Tai' sc ':,gf-'wfgjgwgguayqugn ADVERTISING: ll. Io r.I Fronf Row-Dick Sfanlon, Don Nickel, Bill Weckesser, Paul Snider. Back Row--Dermolf Doyle, Bill Whalen, Bob Donelly, Don Schreiber, Carmine Palleschi, Fran Reidy, Tom Wallace. l'hm...-.-.,-, LAYOUT: Il. to r.I Anne-Marie Knipper, Jule Prezzano, Ronnie Ball, Neil Naloli, Kevin Weil, Rita Caldwell, Peggy Bergeron, Diane Thorn. SCRIPT: II. Io r.I Anne-Marie Knipper, Marianne Makowski Ernie Gedeon, Editor, Jim Hig- gin s, Peggy Bergeron. I 3 if . 4 ' I , I I ww 3,4 'L.xj,3,fr ,. 'CP iii. PHOTOGRAPHY: ll. to r.i Dick Kossmann, Bob Kenefic, Larry Srlbergeld, Ned Real, Staff Edi- 1"1 for Dick Real, Pete Gauharou, V'2,'- .'... 1 Jim Higgins. 1 minislralion Building, which symbolizes knowl- edge. wiih 'rhe school mollo. knowledge and pielyz God 'rhrough Mary. l-lere we see knowl- edge Jrempered by wisdom: learning wedded 'ro pie'ry. On 'rhe 'rechnical side 'rhe reader will find a complele change in layoul. To group relaled acliviiies and To preserve unify we have used dividers: +o 'lacililale localing an arlicle we have included, on 'rhe lasl' page, an alphabeiial lis'r of "'-. -r- W .- x 71 fi! JO. conlenis. We have used larger piclures, in keeping wi'rh modern layoui procedure, 'ro produce greaier clarify. The use ol carloons and skelches is an a'r+emp'r ai eye-calching appeal. Color has been employed lo 'rhe maximum of our budgel' To brighlen as many pages as possible. As pari of 'rhis permanenl' record a senior direclory lisiing 'rhe name and address of each senior is included. W!" If 1-.., n x.-l?n-- 9 wr fbi'-'1"" A 1 it V 5 ' y CLERICAL: ll. lo r.i Ruth Argy, ' Karen Gormley, Theresa Appo- loney, Mary Lou Considine, Staff Editor, Rennie Ryan, Mary Lou Jeromenik, Anne Coyle. 4 - NEWS AND FEATURES: ll. lo r.l Al Colucci, Sian Lenkiewicz, Anne - Marie Knipper, Harry Soulhey, Rila Caldwell, Jim Far- rell, Marianne Makowski, Andy Blake, Mary Lou Frillon, Dolores Gay, Ed Reilly. I DEX Since I868. Ihe slalf of Jrhe Niagara Index has been bringing Ihe news Io Iheir fellow sludenls on campus. Aside from Ihe main purpose of producing a paper represenlalive of Calholic iournalisrn, Ihe Index sponsors several programs. among which EDITORS: ll. lo r.l Sealed-Bob Craig, Bob Ralferly, Al Colucci. Slanding-Jim Farrell, John Mahoney, Ralph Chille, Jim Conboy, Mary Lou Fritlon, Pete Gauharou, Paul Snider. are Ihe Falher Joseph Schieder iournalism con- Iesl, and 'rhe ping-pong Iournamenl, sponsored by 'rhe sporlrs deparlmenl. New 'rhis year. was 'rhe inlroduclion of Ihe smaller Iabloid size issue, which was an allempi' Io make Ihe Index more concise and compact 'f -A ff: T3 -.f,"" fa 1.15 . lmifl f. 1 . SPORTS: ll. to r.l Mary Lou Frit- ix' ton, Pat Skinner, Fran Reidy, Jim Conboy, John Mahaney, ' Q Fred Lapisardi. S? SPORTS Editor Bob Ratter BUSINESS: ll. to r.l Al Chille, Bob Craig, Paul Snider. Standing-Frank Frani, Dolores Gay, Hilda Di Nardo, Mary Lou Fritton, Ann Morton, Dick Maika, Sheila Moody, Rita Caldwell, Mary Ann Kumro, Joy Veltz, Gerry Van Egmond. y types an editorial. Rev. Francis A. Meaney, C.M., Moder ator. PHOTOGRAPHY: ll. to r.l Paul Marciano, Ed Reilly, Pete Gauharou, Fred Lapisardi, Dick Real. 4 1 I 'nr 77' -ll' N34 ? P4 llll Athletics play a vital role in student life. Not only do they teach loyalty and sportsmanship, but they also aid in the intellectual accomplishment by keeping the mind keen and alert. Niagara offers her students a wide variety of sporting activities, both major, minor and intramural. Since football has been temporarily dropped because of the Korean conflict, basketball has definitely become the major athletic event. Track, Cross-Country, Baseball, Golf, Tennis, Swimming, Rifle and Intramurals hll out the curriculum. Pictured on the divider are the captains of the various teams, plus the faculty moderator and director of athletics, while on the following pages is included a comprehensive record of her sporting achievement for 1951-52. 01 m '94, Capt. Fred Auman takes a deep breath going into th e final turn ot a hotly contested 200-yard breast- Joe Hamahan chan Wm' stroke event. - .W 'ima V- ,' :ggi-aiu. . 1+ ry--. .3-rs.. . 1 'ftlf' , gen, rw, F r Don McChesney while a Brockport swimmer wishes Phil Ware "good luck" before the 100-yard tr t l looker is George Kouch, IST ROW: Jim Stewart, Dick Cahill, Coach George F HEY -'Ohh 5mifh 2ND ees ye race. Interested on- . 1 . ROW: George Kouch, Dick "Tubby" Gager, Captain Fred Auman, Don McChes- Sfhmmf Phil Wdfef Ed Kineke, Jim C I row ey, Mgr. U , , ..- mf Phil Ware, practicing his freestyle, races through the Migwl y water as fast and as smoothly as a shark. Auman tenses to start on his leg of the 300-yarcl Medley relay as Kouch tlnishes backstroke and touches pool wally Ware cheers them on. On the strength ot an early season record ot six wins and one loss, Coach George "Tubby" Gager's mermen have established themselves among the tinest ot Niagara's athletic teams. Falling betore the Purple Eagles' onslaught were Buttalo State Teachers'. the University ot Roches- ter, the University ot Buttalo, the University ot Toronto, Brockport State Teachers' and Wayne University. George Kouch and Phil Ware spiced the team victories by setting pool records ot 2:2l.4 and 2:I l.4, respectively, in the 200-yard backstroke and the 220-yard treestyle. The relay team ot Ware, Kouch, and Captain Fred Auman added to the thrills by repeatedly jeopardizing the record in the 300-yard medley as did the Ware. Kouch, Joe l-lanrahan and treshman Ed Kineke quartet in the 400-yard treestyle relay. Dick Cahill. Don McChesney. John Smith and 'fresh- men Dick Schmitt and Jim Stewart also con- tributed to the victory excitement. ,X-Q' 'A N ll' hmm, ,V qmwf- :f-r.w2Xv""5-'f"'f- W 5 Q-mf ' ' Wi 4:14 Q. v .41-alll! Jim Stewart as he is stopped in mid-air by the camera. The Gagermen participated in only a few diving contests this year. A good start is the primary re- quisite for good swimming. Ware, Kineke, McChesney and Smith practice starts in prepara- tion for a coming meet. , -ce. V gn., ,ts A .. ak ' , W I M., ,... ,..,,,- - m w K.. i .,,...--v--"' ' ',,,- In lhe spring, lhe Purple Eagle linksmen came oul on lhe slim end wilh 2 wins and 5 losses. Canisius caplured lhe Lillle Three lille wilh wins al lhe lasl ol lhe lhree malches. The divol- diggers ol N.U. besled lhe Universily ol Bullalo and Bullalo Slale. ln addilion lo lhe Lillle Three selbacks, lhey losl lo Brockporl and l-lobarl. Ni- agara was deadlocked wilh New York lnslilule al 3 all. ln lhe lall season. Niagara was delealed by lhe Universily ol Bullalo in lhe lirsl malch. On lheir second encounler. lhe Purple and While lied lhe Bulls ol U.B.-9 all. ln lheir closing malch, lhe Eagles swamped Mclvlaslers Uni- versily I7-I. Caplain Arl Schnilzer, Joe Ianucci and Ray Zullerman were losl lo lhe leam lor lhe lall sea- son. Jim Jennings and Dick Kay assumed co- caplaincy. Durwood Kay. John Spanbauer, Pal Connaghlon and Sperry Oliver lormed lhe vel- eran backbone ol lhe squad. Fledglings on lhe squad are Don Kay, John Smilh and Dick Melzler. Fair medal honors were caplured by Durwood Kay who lurned in a 73. Dick Kay wilh a 75 and Jim Jennings. who carded a 78. Front-left to right: Dick Kay and Jim Jennings, Co-Captains. Back: Wait Hig- gins, Durwood Kay, Pat Connaughton, John Smith and Don Kay. Joe lanucci practices a swing prior to the big match with the University of Buffalo. Dick Kay sinks a twenty-foot putt during the Little Three match which was won by Canisius. GULF ASEB LL rv-.., 4 . Under The capable direcTion of Coach Wally Rooney. The Niagara baseball Team had a Tairly successful season. AlThough suTFering a close 2-I loss aT The hands of The UniversiTy oT RochesTer nine, in The season's opener, The Eagles came back To deTeaT Fredonia STaTe 7-5. Then aTTer losing a 5-4 decision To ST. BonavenTure The locals de- TeaTed The UniversiTy oT BuTFalo nine I I-IO. The I 'rr' 5 W: 4" V 'i 4 r ,. 'T' sl 1 x . t ' - - ji! A .554 'T First base is well covered during a game at Hyde Park Stadium. ' RooneyiTes Then losT To The New York STaTe ln- sTiTuTe buT carne baclc To Trounce Canisius in The nexT Tray. ATTer suTFering a Trio oT losses To ST. BonavenTure, Canisius, and BroclcporT STaTe Teachers, The Eagles ouTscored BroclcporT 8-4 in The Tinal ouTing oT The season. All home games were played aT The Hyde Park STadium. "l Q- QI' ' lei! ,R ,A lil The leam posed at Hyde Park where they played all Tom Sfeffan, Bob Drumm, Rocky McCune, John Con- iheir games. FRONT ROW: Herm Pennline, Bob nelly and Wally Rooney. TOP ROW: Len Green. Regis Suisman, Dick Julien, Ray Ziembida, Jerry Ken- McKenzie, Ed Davis, Dick Aumuller, Jim Solis and nedy. MlDDLE ROW: Merv Mink, Bob Moonan, Bob Fitzgerald. Wally Rooney and Merv Mink keep careful check on fhe um- pire. BA KETB LL Enfering his sevenTeenTh season as head baslcefball coach aT Niagara, John J. "Taps" Gallagher was faced wiTh The Taslc of rebuilding The N. U. baslceTball empire. l-le had losT The magical scoring Trio of Zelce Sinicola. Tom Birch and Jim Moran. DespiTe The TacT ThaT The only reTurning veTerans were John Spanbauer and John McMahon, Coach Gallagher expecTed a fair season since he had reTurning To his squad several ouT- sTanding members of lasT year's unbeaTen freshman Team. For The firsT half of The Training period, Gallagher worlced his squad hard To find a sTarTing combinaTion. He scrimmaged Them againsf The RochesTer Royals, The professional champions, and by The Time ThaT The season rolled around "Taps" had moulded whaT was To be his sTarTing lineup for The resT of The season. An aggregafion composed of CapTain John Spanbauer, Bo Erias, Ed Fleming, Jerry Kennedy, and Larry Cosfello meT The powerful Sampson AFB five in The season's opener and scored a 69-62 win. This Team, composed of one senior, one freshman and Three sophomores, was paced by cenTer Bo Erias who accounfed for TwenTy-five poinTs. Five days laTer on Nov. 28, in a game played in The STudenT Cenfer, The Eagles meT and defeafed The UniversiTy of Toledo, 5l-46. The Purple and WhiTe had an anemic shoofing average of 20.9 as They builT up an I I-poinT lead aT The half, and Then sfaved off The laTe rally of The Roclcefs To preserve The vicTory. Niagara played iTs firsT game of The season in Memorial Audiforium when They opposed LaSalle on Dec. l. N. U. losT The conTesT 85-74. The LaSalle Team was raTed one of The besT in The EasT and They lived up To pre-season expecTaTions. Sensafional freshman Tommy Gola Threw in 24 poinTs To lead The vicTors, while The fighTing Eagles were paced by Larry Cosfello and Capfain Spanbauer who TogeTher garnered 32 poinTs. Againsf an unheralded Wayne Universify Team, The hosTs loolced any- Thing buT The Team ThaT had almosT whipped LaSalle as They dropped a close bl-58 conTesT. Bo Erias and Ed Fleming Tallied I4 poinTs apiece for The Eagles. "Chucl4in" Charlie Primas capfured scoring laurels wiTh a ToTal ouTpuT of 22 poinTs. Niagara bounced back in The nexT ouTing by drubbing under-manned ToronTo Universify, 72-47. Every member of The varsiTy squad and vari- ous members of The Jayvee Team saw acTion for Niagara. Brigham Young, NIT champs of The previous year, sfopped an Eagle rally To win a 53-48 game in The AudiTorium. Boyd Jarman, liTTle lcnown subsTiTuTe for All-American Mel l-lufchins. paced The winning aTTaclc. His lO poinTs in The final Two quarfers were Too much for The Eagle HU -M .V,.,,,, M, 1 U ' 111 1 111 11 WM1 M , .1 v .N V wwf 'wwvw-41,-ymErw,wv1,,1.m yMwrw.1..,M , V ,, I W M M' ' A 4 M 4 ff 1 i V 1 1 1 111,11 1 f -. 1 1 , 1 ,, 11.1 , 11 11,,s,, 1y111ww,',1y,1, ' ' " " " , Q , ,1 11,'1:xm,1x13N1, 1 ,1 1 1 , - K.. 1 , , 1'.'11A.Mg 11.11191 mwf li' 1.'11x1,1,1.. ww 31 Q11 :111E'W.11:1'. 4--w......,1-......,m-..... ... , ., w,gMf.11W, W 1101 . ww-1111, 1 ,1 ,1 41-1111 1.w1,11,1,11q1111.w,, :,111x1m,,,,,11 ww M m....., H - 1 1'11w1 'uw 1 11 MM 1,,1 11, 1Mm N1,.,.rw1fE7wM'111 um W11' M. 1.-1 -W... w.1.,,1. M .. ,...-ww ,. .,.,.u.,WW,-,,, ' A M K 11 1 ...,m,,... ...... , ,W WW N , ,, , 1 tu- lh --..... X 1 " 1 1,, 1 ' , 'M' lm , ,. , 1111? 1 'M ' ' 1'11'11W 1 1'111'wr1a:,1,1,.1A1 W 11W,N37QiW461111.W1r'm 11 11 1 1M1, . wZ',1ww,110,111,my ' . 'YU ,11i1w 1 ' "1 wfwW,1w1 w ' ' X A " ' "W ""V1w1 W '1fWW1w m i x W W-1W " 192' 1 1 1 11m.,,X,,111www,g, ,,. 1 w 1 w!,1 1M, m M:Lw1, . hx -, -. , A FW 'wr M -s. ' 1.13 ' Y ,ml wmwmwm. .. ' ' Mm... "' WH. N351 ' '55, 1 . 1 11 1 11 1 111 SX fu... M ww 11 111W1x1 1mm111w , , W 1' 'WW'W1iW1 1 . ' 1, ' 11 1 11 1 1 X 1 1 A1 ,.v11H1r111,' 1,11 , V . , WW, wx, , A M' ,W xxx . . 11 ,,,11 V111 N -.M 1 ,, NX ' ,W -x 111, 111.1 11, I rw! A a R - W, W 1, .Q M Q ' M . ' , 0 an . xy 1 N 1. Q . Q N 'ff 1 A 'pg Q w QW. W . V . 4 v . , NR 1 ,, , , , H 1, ' 'r x -. 1 r' 6 "As x s nf Q W M I H 0 'X M1 K P 1 u , 1+ .L 1 1 xa 1 1 P: .. ' 1 X r W 1 1' "0 I 0-,M W l .,, M '- W ' 3 , 1111 Q1 M QM, 0. 1 Q N, ghm WW... .3 J 1 ' 11MHwm1L, , A M 0 -W .1 -.1 M. I wxwm., 1 ' .1-., 5, "fm ' 11 " J 1 , 1.., 1 WM' " w W--1 . ,.!,,, ,M D as-ff ww W .., 1 F 1 WWZW1 ' W M V J . 1" , 1 -11 1 ,Q-1 ... A AM W ""'-W 72"-lv -ww--.,4.1f..11. i , 1 ima 1 11+gg1-- ,. - ,," 'WW 'W ' 1 WWW, ' 1 1 1 1 X , if I ,vilvi 4. M X K 1 r 17 , A ,ff i- .Q Jr Q- Y V f T ,,,,..,.,,..,,..,.,.....,,....,..,., ,x., A., .,.........s... J ., l Niagara T Niagara Niagara Niagara Niagara Niagara Niagara Niagara Niagara T . n Sampson A.F.l3. .. Toledo Univ. ., LaSalle College ,. Wayne Univ. .... Univ. of Toronlo Brigham Young Univ, Syracuse Univ. .... . Bowling Green Univ. Lawrence Tech lnsi. Reddouf of Syracuse grabs Fleming's wrisf as Jerry Kennedy drives in for a one-hander against Toledo. Ed alfempfs fo tip the ball. Torces To overcome. Bo Erias was high Tor Niagara wiTh l5 markers. WiTh an even record of Three and Three, "Taps" prepped his boys Tor The invasion of The Syracuse Orange. Niagara ouTplayed The invaders Tor The TirsT Three quarTers, buT when Eddie Fleming Touled ouT The Eagles losT ThaT rebounding Touch and succumbed. 90-76. This game was probably The besT ThaT Fleming played all season. Big Ed Miller heaved in 28 markers To pace The winners, while Bucky Roche played a brillianT Tloor game Tor The Orange. The Eagles Took Their TirsT road Trip of The season aT This poinT in The schedule. They in- vaded Cleveland and DeTroiT. ln Cleveland The Eagles were handed a 6l-58 loss To Coach Har- old Anderson's hosT Bowling Green STaTe Uni- versiTy five. The nexT game was aT DeTroiT againsl' Law- rence Tech. The Eagles were swamped by Tech. . W' f Q"-1-1 4. l ,-I, N16 7- w 'Q f , fx m ,W 1'0" Captain Johnny Spanbauer .fx gl?" ' 7 ,f ws: .fs it Q LANSAJ' W 4 We-'f' "Taps" Gallagher leads his charges in 1 a prayer before the Sf. John's game. Sl lx E 1 1 Robinson goes in for an under hand lay-up againsf Bonaven lure. Charlie Hoxie by G A p B., ,, XA 'ul FFQQW fl s 4 x 1 rf A ff aan.. ' , T300 l Qfo'o ff 4 I IP Xx x if jjhxvf Y-Qbfagr e" ' l..f,9'.s 1 ,,,. do 'F I L. I D NXT: " H ' ., rl 'lv- NZ' Nm " '4'm,.- 1.. U vm: - Niagara Temple Univ. . Niagara Arizona Sfafc- lTeTmpol Niagara Univ. of ixilosi Virginia Niagara Univ. of Buffalo ..... lNliagara Si. Bonavenfure Univ. Niagara Rocliesfcr Royals lexln: Niagara Jolm Carroll Univ. .. Niagara Canisius College ... Niagara New Yorl: A. Lf. . Niagara Syracuse Univ. 65-45. Blaine Denning, a candidaTe Tor All-American honors, paced The vic Tors wiTh 22 poinTs. ATTer a brieT ChrisTmas respiTe, The squad reTurned To Memorial AudiTo- rium where They bowed To Temple. The Eagles losT This 6I-60 hearTbreaker in overTime, buT held All-American Bill Mlkvy To a mere 6 poinTs. In January The Eagles reTurned To winning ways by walloping Arizona STaTe OT Tempe by a 70-43 margin. Each member oT The squad saw service in preparaTion Tor The WesT Virginia game. Two nighTs before meeTing our Eagles in The AudiTorium, WesT Vir- ginia had blasTed NYU Trom The un- beaten ranks. IOO-75, and The Moun- Taineers were Tavored To run away wiTh everyThing when They Tangled wiTh Niagara. They were, however, sadly disap- poinTed wiTh The slim margin OT vic- Tory. The TighTing young Eagles clawed Their way beauTiTully and held The WVU Team To a 74-7l Triumph. Trailing by only one poinT aT The inTermission. The Niagarans came back deTermined and wiTh TwenTy seconds remaining Larry ,, .l.i Jack Sandhaas and Dick Hatton were two of the cheerleaders who helped lead the Eagles to victory. CosTello hiT on a seT To bring The Eagles wiThin one poinT, buT Jim SoTille oT WVU hi+ The clinch- ing basl4eT momenTs laTer. SubsTiTuTe Bob Donaldson Threw in a nearly impossible shoT wiTh seconds remaining To give The UniversiTy ol' BuTlalo an 80-78 win over The Eagles. On January I2 The Gallaghermen ran up Captain Spanbauer and Coach Gallagher dis- cuss strategy for game against the Red Raiders of Colgate. Niagara won in overtime, 68-66. againsT unbeaTen ST. BonavenTure, Then raTed The TiTTh Team in The naTion. Eddie Fleming and Larry CosTello were unable To parTicipaTe in The Tray due To illness. and The Eagles bowed 65-42. IT was The worsT deTeaT ol The season Tor Niagara. Cn January I6, The Eagles played The Roches- Ter Royals in an exhibiTion game and dropped The conTesT 64-60, aTTer playing whaT was Termed 554-'T , la 42 if 5, 4. Q q ' l a-1'i A , iugl x J I 4' fxff, f ..,i VVIW . ' A, . f si J wi J Q 4' X A i glidp 0 C' 1 -- -- Harry Condara Tom Amato Johnny McMahon lk hv 1 I7 . 2 fi Q I if gG4,p XLG4 Kr Q 1 18,9 ' 0 Jim MacDonald DOH Cfdmef Frank Layden Rickerts of Duquesne retrieves ball after it appears to have fiattened out. A capacity crowd Eiied the Student Center gym to witness the game. Kennedy lets go a one-hand jump sho! against Sf. Francis. Larry Costello aflempfs a jump shot from the side during the first Canisius game. Spanbauer sends up a driving one-hander against Brigham Young. by many Hasioundingly brillianl ball." The hosis unveiled a new scoring 'rhreai in lhe person of Big Charlie l-loxie who looped in I6 poinls for his evening's worlc. John Spanbauer hii for I9 poinis io give lhe Eagles lhe leadership lhey needed lo defeal' John Carroll of Cleveland. The score was 77-62. l-loxie and Fleming hil for I6 each 'ro back up "Spam" Exams and lhe Golden Griffins of Canisius made for pleniy of worries for 'rhe Eagle cage fanaiics. The Griffs grabbed a quick lead, buf lhe boys from lhe Ridge drew closer al' The half, and in 'rhe 'rhird period N. U. acfually weni IO poinfs ahead. Ca- nisius suddenly caughf fire and bounced 'ro viciory in lhe lasl' quarier by a one- poinl margin. The final score was 53-52. The Gallaghermen played a brilliani game. buf lhe superior height and ihe experience of 'rhe Griffs paid off in The Canisius viclory. The Eagles bounced baclc ihe nexi- iime oui and whipped New Yorlc A. C., 78-49. in a game played in 'rhe Siudenl' Cenier. Talenied Tommy Birch lhrew ...Ulf wits. I 1, 5 I JS i ' S 41 . 5 on Tgfeg, :L . vm?" ' , " ,ni 'N-4, w '-v .gn-al Spanbauer sinks a set from side courf. The Gal- laghermen defeated Western Ontario by a wide margin. in IO poinTs in a losing eTTorT. When he was Torced To leave The game laTe in The lasT sTanza via The Toul rouTe, Birch. a member of Niagara's "Magical Trio," received a Tremendous ovaTion from The crowd. DespiTe The TacT ThaT Jerry Kennedy played an ouTsTanding game and garnered I7 poinTs, The Eagles were handed a 78-70 loss aT Syra- cuse. The Grange employed a Two-plaToon Fleming and Hoxie battle Tucker of Duquesne for a rebound. sysTem. which proved To be Niagara's undoing. Then came The nighT ThaT everyone was waiT- ing Tor. IT was The big game wiTh The powerful and unbeaTen Duquesne UniversiTy of PiTTsburgh. The Eagles baTTled The Dukes on even Terms Tor The TirsT haiT, buT 6'7" Jim Tucker and Dick RickeTs proved Too much Tor The Ridgemen in The Tinal halT and "Taps" Gallagher's boys Tell, 64-49. ' Kevan Cleary SAT? , T1 9, if u is 5, x iii A510 N342 1 S W5 M2 226 A A64 34 Larry Costello baffles an Arizona Stale of Tempe player for a rebound. Niagara's arch-rival and sisTer VincenTian school -ST. John's oT Brooklyn--invaded The AudiTo- rium, and despiTe The TacT Thaf Bo Erias and Charlies I-Ioxie held Bob Zowaluk To 7 poinTs, The Redmen ouTbesTed The Niagara Torces, 59-55. IT was a Tough conTesT Tor The Eagles To lose, since They kepT All-American Zowaluk boTTled up compleTely. Two records were seT The nexT Time The Eagles Took The Tloor. The place was The STudenT CenTer AudiTorium and The opponenT was ST. Francis College ol: Pennsylvania. The Frankies were a liTTle-known school, buT They boasTed a Tre- mendous scorer in Maurice STokes. STokes connecTed Tor 29 poinTs To help his maTes amass 92 poinTs -- The largesT number ever scored againsT a Niagara Team. The Eagles Themselves hiT Tor 8I. These I73 poinTs are a new game ToTaI Tor The CenTer. Larry CosTeIIo Turned in The besT scoring performance oT The year Tor Niagara wiTh 27 poinTs. Niagara Then invaded Madison Square Garden To Tangle wiTh power-laden NYU. BuT Boris Nochamkin and company proved a IiT+Ie Too much. The New York UniversiTy cagers came ouT on The long end oT The counT, 67-56. Mel Brasco and Dick BunT Tallied I9, I5 and I4, respecTively, Erias hooks up a shol lhal is good. Miller of Syracuse fries unsuccessfully lo slop him. To lead The winning assauIT, while Ed Fleming had I4 and Bo Erias I2. On The reTurn Trip, The Eagles were surprised by The red hoT Royals of ScranTon and wenT down To a 60-49 deTeaT. ApparenTly Tired Trom Their road Trip, The Gallaghermen were never in TronT. The Niagarans nexT Taced Siena on Their home courT and Tor Three quarTers iT appeared ThaT The Purple was abouT To score a much needed vicTory. The Indians, however, pulled away in The lasT quarTer To amass a 55-47 win. Ed Fleming, Jerry Kennedy. and John Spanbauer paced The Ni- agara aTTack wiTh I5, I2, and IO poinTs respec- Tively.. WiTh Jim SoTis in The driver's seaT and Taps Gallagher scouTing ST. BonavenTure in The Aud., The Eagles rouTed The UniversiTy oT WesTern OnTario 82-72. Every member oT The varsiTy and mosT of The iayvee Team conTribuTed To The scor- ing. I-ligh man Tor The conTesT was Jerry Kennedy who hiT Tor 20 poinTs. John Spanloauer and Charlie I-loxie meanwhile each had I4 while Larry CosTello garnered I2. In a I.iTTle Three baTTle waged on The Tloor oT Memorial AudiTorium in BuTTalo, The Indians oT ST. BonavenTure, already on Their way To The NIT, downed The Eagles 62-5I. Ed Fleming and Jerry Hoxie laps ball in Garden game against N.Y.U. Kennedy wiTh I5 and IO poinTs respecTively. led The Ridgemen, IouT Their work was noT enough To overcome The well-balanced aTTack displayed by Eddie IvleIvin's cagers. Canisius Then overpowered The Purple and Whi+e To Tie Tor The Li++Ie Three crown on March I. The final score was Canisius 74 Niagara 58. For The Eagles, Jerry Kennedy and Larry CosTello each coIlecTed I4 poinTs. while Bo Erias and Charlie I-Ioxie buclceTed I2 apiece. Closing The season on a happy noTe, iusT as 'T Kennedy goes high lo tap in a rebound against Wes! Virginia. They had begun iT, The Gallaghermen deTeaTed The Red Raiders of CoIgaTe 68-66 in overTime. Charlie I-Ioxie, who led The well-rounded Niagara aTTacIc wiTh I6 poinTs, Tlipped in boTh The Tying and winning baslceTs. AlThough The Eagles won only seven while losing TwenTy, Their worsT deTeaT came as The resuIT of inexperience. WiTh a year's seasoning behind Them, however, Ridge fans are already looking forward To nexT year and a winning campaign. W r .. 'N 'N 'W il J' Manager Jim Dorr checks uniforms af the end of the sea- son. JU IOR VARSITY KNEELING: Gus Murmane, Vic Fischer. SEATED lL. to RJ: Jim Smith, Hubie Brown, Don Satterly, Jim Mc- Connell, Chr' V ' ' ' is atrdrs, Henry Robinson. STANDING: Frank Layden, e Naval Air Station, scores on a driving lay-up. Jim Moran, a member of Niagara's unforgetable "Magic Trio" looks on. guarded in vain by Zatorski of th Bob Hughes, manager Frank L d , ay en, Tom Amato, Jim MacDonald, John Simpson, Jim Sotis, coach, Joe Donavan, trainer. Jim McConnell battles for rebound while Robinson waits for ball. Experienced Naval Air Station team included tw f o ormer Gallaghermen. Jumping Jim Moran scored thirty points. I '54 'nw' is sf It L--ff ,xi Tom Amato literally walks through the air to score against the University of Buffalo. The Eagles won, 64-60. Hubie Brown scores on a fast break. Don Satterly follows up the shot. 230 RECORD Niagara ... .... Kimberly Clark . . . .. Niagara ... .... DuPont ........ .... Niagara . . . .... University of Buffalo.. Niagara . .. .... Toronto ......... . . . . Niagara . . . .... Buffalo State .... . . . . Niagara ... .... Canisius ........ .... Niagara . . . .... New York State Inst.. . Niagara . . . .... Bachelor Arms . . . . . . Niagara . . . .... New York State lnst.. . Niagara . . . .... Canisius ........ .. . . Niagara . . . .... Hooker Chemical .. .. Niagara . . . .... Naval Air Station . . . . Niagara . . . .... Canisius ........ . . . . Niagara . . . .... Lockport Y .... . . . . Niagara . . . .... Buffalo State ..... . . V. Niagara Niagara . . . .... Syracuse General Elec .... Canisius The Niagara UniversiTy Junior VarsiTy baslceTball squad compleTed a highly successful I4-3 season, under The coaching oT Jim SoTis. The Team im- proved immeasurably as The season progressed. and They reached Their greaTesT heighTs againsT Ca- nisius College Jayvee Tive. ln The TirsT Tussle The Eagles won. 67-66. To edge The GriTTs Trom The ranlcs of The unbeaTen. ln The second Tracas The Eagles were even more impressive winning by an l I-poinT margin. NoTable vicTories came aT The expense oT Syra- cuse GE, BuTFalo, Hooker, Bachelor Arms Club. and of course Canisius. The club displayed boTh speed and shooTing accuracy, and iTs hosT oT freshman sTarTers are ex- pecTed To bolsTer The VarsiTy nexT season. j'. A -N J I 1 ,,,. 5 X, ji . . 16 , v W 1 Af '- . " . 'm -- L 5 - Jim McConnell sends up a jump shot against Buffalo Hank Robinson drives past two U. B. players to score State. The Sotismen defeated the Teachers on two on a lay-up. Jim MacDonald watches ball as Rob- dilferent occasions. inson shoots. l Ken Reinhardt recovers ball in a scramble in one of the action- packed games preluding the varsity contests in the Student Center. Jim Sotis, J.V. coach, explains play to be used in Canisius game to two ot his players. 4fl x.,....J J Ml r mr ..e. Zijz v i Hiflilfiif' ' ' rg , 4 0, lv. TRACK Wilh capiain Paul McDonnell spearheading Jrhe allack. +he I95I Niagara Universilry lraclc learn drove Jro ils second conseculive "l.i++le Three" championship. The learn look Jrhe Universily of Buffalo, Canisius, and The li++le 'rhree 'reams lS+. Bonavenlure and Canisiusl over ihe hurdle while dropping only one meer, and Thai' from a very powerful 'ream from Broclcporl Siaie. FRONT ROW: Jim Catlerson, Carl Morocco, Al Ziel- onka, Paul Connelly, Donald McChesney and Dan O'Connor. BACK ROW: John Dowling, Jack Sand- . . , z. v f :rw r-W V,- . 4 'usa "47J,,'f'f?fl 'Z'':f,i .r 1 5 'W ' 2 ' . T . - V Ji':'TiliiH" Spring wealher always finds a good number ready lo lry oul for the team. haas, Fran McManimon, Tom Galvin, Tom Bennell and Paul McDonnell. Qwww ,,,3, my lf! Qgch, "Over the Top" might well be used here as this pole vaulter sails over the crossbar. Dick Serianni puts on a burst of speed and manages to beat his opponent to the tape in the 440. 4 f F-2 7 p i' ' f' 'ii.lh Q2 Mm M"'1f ' Q. 'WW Wh if 'f it N' . i Captain McDonnell turned a siellar season. running boih ihe highi and low hurdles and broad iumping. Carl Morocco added no small eiciorl' io Jrhe cause in his showing in 'rhe IOO- and 200- yard dashes. Dan O'Connor, Bob O'Connor. Bill Reilly carried ihe 440 clashes. The 800-yard was eiiecirively run by Dick Serianni, John Moore and Jim Caiierson. The mile and iwo mile evenis were handled by Co-Caplain eleci Al Zielonka, George l-lagan, Andy Vonl-lendy, Ed Roih and Pele Damiclc. The field evenis sporied Co-Capiain eleci Paul Connelly Don Learman, Tom Galvin, John D'Arcy, and Jack McCoy. McAuliffe Morley, Tino, Spring, and Murowslci all added their brawn io ihese evenis. Mike Kidder. Jim Dowling, and Nels Miliiello carried 'rhe "insul'r to injury" pari of 'rhe load as +hey coniinually broke in To capiure valuable places from The opposition. For 'rhe lasi meeting of 'rhe season, 'rhe ieam 'rraveled 'ro London, Oniario. +o partake in 'rhe Wesiern relays. Meeting speciacular runners from Wayne Universiiy, Universiiy oi Toronto, and oihers, ihe eagle iraclcmen. had 'ro be con- tent wiih one medal. and Thai won by Al Zie- lonlca for his ihird place showing in ihe Jrwo mile open eveni. The track meet held on Moving-Up Day gave this high iumper the chance to show his ability. ! E i . T , I Al Zielonka has both feet off the ground as he leads Jim Catterson leads his teammates to the finish line, the pack down the stretch. and a welcome shower, at the end of a late afternoon practice session. l FRONT ROW: Pat Skinner, Pete Damick, Al Zielonka, Chambers, Carl McGee, Jack Sandhaas, John Pete Bifaro, George Hagan and Len Conlin. BACK Moore, Tom Bennett, Jim Catterson and Andy Von ROW: John Dowling, Bill Reilly, Dick Serianni, Mel Hendy. TENN S The Purple Eagle neTmen, in Their spring sea- son, aTTained an overall record oT Two vicTories and Tive deTeaTs. The wins were scored over AlTred and Lawrence Tech. Niagara bowed be- Tore l-lobarT and was besTed on boTh ends oT a home and home series by The UniversiTy oT BuT- Talo and ST. BonavenTure. During The spring, The Team was capTained by Dick Rodney. Newcomers To The squad were Roger English and Dick Prince. Six veTerans were on hand Tor The spring acTion. ney. field." SeT back by The UniversiTy oT BuTTalo 8-I in Their TirsT maTch oT The Tall season, The neTmen came back To deTeaT Mclv1asTers UniversiTy 7-2. On Their lasT encounTer oT The season, The Purple Eagles were seT down once more by The UniversiTy oT BuTTalo 5-2. The powerTul Bulls now hold a Tour year winning sTreak. VeTeran racqueTeers were Bob Evans, CapTain Joe O'Connor, Dick Rodney, Dave Bochkor, lv1aTTy Monahan, and Dick Prince. The new- comer To collegiaTe compeTiTion was Ed GaTes. A pre-mulch conference is held by Joe O'Connor and Dick Rod- Members of the team pose in- formally in front of their "baffle- MMI4 K 'fr flfvi , ., , ' ' A - ' ' , - STANDING: Bob Evans, Phil Prince, Dave Bochkor, Dick Monahan, Matt Monahan, Roger English. KNEEL- ING: Dick Rodney, Len Galasso, Joe O'Connor and Jim Jennings. Joe O'Connor looks ready to re- turn anything put over the net. Bob Evans and Dick Rodney appear confident of victory. Ronald Balt fakes careful arm RIFLE J' .N I ' J jf f FRONT ROW Malt Kmenem John Hersl Thomas Bacon Bob Seefrred MIDDLE ROW Ray Broderick, Ball Flood Sgl Krng Ll Schney er Jack Sandhaas and Bob Nicol BACK ROW Warren Schmlll, Pele Gauharou, .lam Neville, .lim Callerson and Dick Terry. SEO J I 'nw will WKUV' 1 A' f ,Wy r-1 Q wx 5 .5 wil Wm V, ,vfigh-6 .X TA Q , D 'UN Cx f I K' , X 1 Jxlfiyf 4 AQXTIOH .nun M, nv WW 4 -1 V '99 AW' QA 'A .gb 3755 4, Mx Q3 P17 .3-I iw :JUG ,I- The Has Beens, proud cham- pions of the intramural football program, proudly pose for the camera. They had an enviable record of four wins and no losses. Fr. Thomas proudly displays the intramural track trophy which was won by the sophomores. The Winged Foot club spon- sored the event. I TR MLIRALS The ball is in mid-air as Jack O'Leary comes down on it. The side courts of the Student Cen- ter gym were used for the games. An unidentitied player lets go a shot while Jim Catterson bal- ances on one leg. As many games as possible were played each week. " -1 DH. . W , j ff' ,.,., fm- XX X Nb, , if. f 1"! Q' f" fi A f ,f X. .u, g .,,, 4 f JM fs gifts.- wfm h A .n-l1..0' A ,3.-. nf- IC .uni 3 . ' " - U- 'M' . - if-wad-1 '.-an 1'-wanna.-A-f...' 'if Qzff' dun- .Aw U A 'ian Wwuv.-4:m:g, ,fm th-nv..-..,-gap , Qgqg., ,pq x , 1 ' i ,Q , 1 Another chapter in the history of Niagara Uni- versity has been written and on the last page is inscribed a farewell to the class of '52. For four years we have worked and striven for this day. The path has not alway been easy. At times, the obstacles seemed almost insurmountable. For some it was sickness, for others financial worries, while for the vast maiority iust the general vicissi- tudes of life have darkened the way. But within each of us there was embedded a firm deter- mination to complete the education that has as its goal the development of the whole man, both body and soul. This determination fostered perse- verence in spite of all difficulties and, in turn, to this triumph we now possess. For the last four years we have lived under the influence of the Vincentian Fathers. A funda- mental part of our training here at Niagara has come through the example and inspiration of this group of men whose very existence has en- riched and guided our own. We have found as they have, that true happiness results not from receiving but from giving, not from being served but from serving. As we turn our backs to the campus and stare into the wide expanse before us, we find, as have so many other groups in recent years. a world filled with strife. War, both actual and potential, hovers on all sides. Greed, hatred, and godless- ness are rampant. Yet the task is not without hope. Opportunities abound in all fields. Irrespective of what form our vocational endeavors may take - the religious life, law, journalism, medicine, education, pol- itics - there is a need for men and women of sound moral character that has never been greater. Remembering the ideals which the Vin- centian Fathers have instilled within us, we will enter these fields, enrich them, give them life and make of them all that they can become. On June 8, the class of '52 will scatter and only on certain pages of The Niagaran will we continue to exist as a unit. Reunions will bring many of us together but the solidarity will be momentary and once again we will disperse to our homes and iobs throughout the land. Yet, somehow we will never be completely separated. The ideas and ideals learned at Niagara will remain forever with us, binding us together in some intangible way which time will never change. that i 0149 U16 Kagzhuzhg N l ' s 1 M 'MQQNH A Q-F ,L Bishop O'Hara presides at monies. The graduates receive Holy Communion during the Mass which was celebrated in the Student Center. One ol the many graduates as he re- ceives a reserve commission as a sec- ' ond lieutenant in the O.R.C. The graduates parade to their seats while friends and relatives watch. An overall scene ol the commencement exercises which took place on the front lawn before St. Vincent's Building. ,. 1 . J ., ,vi M. the cere V MJ' W "5 . ' - -4 Ak rf, cf... Y -. ,.x .s . V A v . .r M I, ' J' U W . .4-. N ' ' I I ' - . ' - . ' . V f - f ' ' rr , f V' A,' A 1 " ax ' -. WV. '-, ' ff' ., ' - . ,K M , , ' . ' " . .x, ' ,I ' ." I Q Q l " ff 1 ., A 'Q 1 ' ' 1 ' Q ' , . . ' 1 , ,' . I- ' 1 4. - l A . Q, lx-A ,T ' , ' I , '. l-4.Lg,9f'f-'14 ' f . A -l , , 'iw-,544-.1g,3,,LA, - . . ,g ,' A-' 1- ' 0, -' . 'l u . ,c ' . - q-V5 ug ,172 ' ?i my h U ,I y- , 1 21. 1 ' " , "-'-,Ja ' M ,I is '-x ' -' , - :fx , -ro:-if Q", - . .- Q - . , V fy- - Q' 1 , if my . " . , gif? ",, , " A fy-' - - - . 'AWA -'wa 1.4-' ,V ' Q L55 J, wg - . - . .,t,y'. . ' M, ,xl 4 I t Q.. ,,,, -I .. .1 0 ff .I V , IL -Aug' . " A-di ,, ., ' .vb fx.. in Q W , ,v . . 'H f.-nijilfau, """ 3 f A T s,-'Vf' Vw Pivsfzf? L v..Q 'Q 1- . -3 ' A l J- nv ,1 r" 'lim -D-'JF3 -" ' 2 , 5 xi 6. 'R of" 1 by 'x ' 1. is Q' 5 4, ., 'ff H -- .5-F'l"'z. 9 V 2 ' - . 'Y .L y'1a::wgg,. A V, ji - ...i1,"fV?A' ' ,..f ' , l ' 7 5'-s'7":"" Agf' 9 'X- A fflfi , W-5 ff: - 5 -sox 4' -J' SQ ' ' N' :, if X " ww N un , . . wg v Q x I A ' , ,,. Q5 ..- ,n I l x 1 U , , ks. 6 I I .fl THE SENIOR DIRECTORY Adams, William T. ...... I325 Whi+ney Ave., Niagara Falls N. A++ea, Joseph G.. ....... 79 W. Royal Pkwy., Williamsville . , Y Als+on, Phyllis A. ...... 2833 Macklem Ave., Niagara Falls, N. Y N Y Y Auman, Frederick P.. . . . . .2202 LaSalle Ave., Niagara Falls: N. Aumiller, Richard W. ,.......... I2 Gun+her Pl., Bellemore Banko, Cyril L. ....... Barber, John O. ...... Barron, Leo ....... . Barry, George H.. . . . Bar+h, Joseph ........ Benne++, Donald J. .... Benne++, Thomas J.. . . Bevaqua, Frank R. .... Blake, Andrew P. ..... Bochkor, David A.. . . . Bodens+einer, William. Boland, Bernard M.. . . Bonelli, S+anley ....... Bos+on, James, O.S.F.S. Boyle, Thomas F. .... . Brady, Wal+on ....... Braul+, Charles R. .... Braun, William P. .... Brennan, James T. .... Brennan, Vincen+ M.. . . Burne++, Frank A. ..... Y Y . ..... 22 Orchard Ave., Rye, . Y . . . ..,.. 650 Fos+ Ave., Roches+er, . Y . ..... 85 Magee Ave., Roches+er, . Y . . . . .5I0 Carroll Ave., Mamaroneck, Y . . . . . . . . .DeChan+aI Hall, Lewis+on, . Y .... .....34I Is+ S+., Niagara Falls, . Y . . ........ Moore Ave., Vic+or, Y Y J Y Y Y ......................Wa+erviIIe, . N. Y . .Big Oak Rd., Yardley, Pa . 22 Onslow PI Free or+ N Y ., p , . . .2222 Wes+on Ave., Niagara Falls, N. Y. . . . . . . .2305 Fillmore Ave., Buffalo, N. Y . . . . . . . . .208 Mar+ha Ave., Pi++sburgh, Pa 60 Woodland Ave., S+. Ca+herines, On+. ... . . . . . . . .68V2 FuI+on S+., Auburn, . Y WWW "l'1"l 228 P92 gli' lat F' 3 . Spa ' . 3 j. Q. 2 :ig am?-0 2312 age F55- PQ- re? :J 9' 225' -.gI s',,,w 025 UIOD. '9.f2- 595' Pzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz ,U . , . . an-4 .. . . . . .633 I6+h S+., Niagara Falls, . . . . . . . . .7 Wesley S+., Baldwin, . . . . . . .5 Willow Pl., Cazenovia, . . . . .22I Gran+ Ave., High+s+own, . . . . .Conne+quo+ Ave., Baypor+, . G O U1 I Ill '4 Ill 0 -T O 3 U 7 L O :R ID W CII 0 3 Q '4- ZS I 9 a o a Burns, Jeanne .............. I57 Keever Ave., Lackawanna, . Y. Bu+era, Charles V. .... Caggiano, Ar+hur J.. . Cahill, Richard M. .... Cannon, John F. .... . Carpen+er, Be++y J.. . . Carrig, James J. ..... Ca++erson, James M.. . Charles, Sis+er Mary. . Chille, Ralph A. ..... . Zzzgzzi 74 S- . . . . I62I Walnu+ Ave., Niagara Falls . Y. . . . . . . . l244 Pine Ave., Niagara Fall, . Y. . . . . .39I5 Bell S+., Niagara Falls, . Y. . . . . I432 S+uyvesan+ Ave., Tren+on, . . . .709 Linwood Ave., Niagara Falls, . Y. . . . . . . . . . I83 Loomis S+., Li++le Falls . Y. . . . . . . . .Wes+bury Rd., Sound Beach, 8400 Pine Rd., Philadelphia, Pa. . I858 Cleveland Ave., Niagara Falls, N. Y Chlebowski, Eleanor ...... 724 Mon+eagle S+., Niagara Falls, N. Y. Chris+ian, Joseph A. ............. I72 Breva+or S+., Albany, N. Y. Ciszewski, Margare+ ....... I727 Welch Ave., Niagara Falls, N. Y. Clemen+, Paul J. ........... I054 Armory S+., Niagara Falls, On+ Conlin, Leonard M.. . . Connaugh+on, Pa+rick. Connelly, Paul J. ....... Con+es+able, Paul B.. . . Corasan+i, Eugene .... . . . . . . .68 Cour+ney Rd., Hemps+ead, N. Y. ... . . . . . . . . I75 Golf Ave., Pi++s+ord, N. Y. . . . .57 Coleman S+., Bridgepor+, Conn. . ..... 86 Furlong S+., Roches+er, N. Y . . . . I I45 Jefferson Ave., U+ica, N. Y. zzzzzzzzzzggzzgz 747474747474?4I47474?4I4f474?4 Cosby, John D. ....... ..... 2 28V-, 6+h S+., Niagara Falls, . Cousins, Rober+ S. .... ....,... I 466 E. 55+h S+., Brooklyn, Crab+ree, Jane L. .............. 437 9+h S+., Niagara Falls, . Craig, Richard ............ I33 W. High+ S+., Pain+ed Pos+, . Cunningham, Elizabe+h .......... 464 6+h S+., Niagara Falls, Daley, John ............,........ 2 I0 S. Main S+., Albion, Daley, Bernard J. .... 22I-35 Har+land Ave., Queens Village, . Davis, Edward P. ................ I2 Augus+us S+., Auburn, . DeFazio, Rudolph ......... I I I5 Niagara S+., Niagara Falls, . DellaVilla, Francis ..... ....... I 7 Arbu+us S+., Roches+er, . DeLorenzo, Eugene ............ 535 I8+h S+., Niagara Falls, . DeVries, Fred J. ................ 97 W. Union S+., Newark . Dewey, J. William ,.............. 344 Troy Rd., Roches+er, . Dibble, Edward ...... 89 Capi+olian Blvd., Rockville Cen+re, . Diekman, Ralph R. ............. DeChan+al Hall, Lewis+on, DiFrancesco, Francis ........... 627 I6+h S+., Niagara Falls, . Y. Dolan, Jerome ................. I230 Halsey S+., Brooklyn, N. Y. Donahue, William, O.S.F.S. ......... 6I20 Ardleigh S+., Phila., Pa. Dooher, John William .......... 4I I I2+h S+., Niagara Falls, N. Y. Dorr, James F. ..,............ 206 Hun+ing+on S+., Buffalo, N. Y. Egi++o, Fred A. ....... ..... I I I0 Bleecker S+., U+ica, N. Y. . . . . .646 Franklin S+., Tren+on, N. J. . . . . . . .453 Cen+re S+., Tren+on, N. J- Ender, George J.. . . Erdie, Jule M. .... Fahey, Raymond .... ............. I 80 Elk S+., Buffalo, N. Y. Finley, Nevin .............. 250 W. Johnson S+., Philadelphia, Pa. Fi+zgerald, Joseph A. ................... 4I 2nd S+., Troy, N. Y. Fi+zgerald, John L. ............... 262 W. 8+h S+., Oswego, N. Y. Fi+zgerald, Rober+ ............ 39 S+ra+hmore Ave., Buffalo, N. Y- Fleck, David T. ......... I302 Michigan Ave., Niagara Falls, N. Y. . . . . .800 Maple Ave., Niagara Falls. N. Y. Flynn, Edward M.. . . Foley, Pa+ricia J. ........ 25 Queen Marie Dr., S+. Ca+herine, On+. Gabryelski, Leonard .... 22 I2 Cudaback Ave., Niagara Falls, N. Y. Galasso, Leonard ............ 620 Balck River Blvd., Rome, N. Y- Galvin, Thomas F. .............. I85 W. Third S+., Corning, N. Y. Geisenhoff, Caroline ....... I048 Valley Way, Niagara Falls, On+. Geracci, James .......... 20I I Grand Ave., Niagara Falls, N. Y. Gilmar+in, Gerald ..................... 6I Wes+ S+., Ilion, N. Y. Giminez, Miguel A.. .H-9 Caparra Heigh+s, San Juan, Puer+o Rico Gludenis, Thomas J. ........... I30 Park Terr., Wa+erbury, Conn. Gouhin, Neil J. ............. 3706 S+a+ion Ave., Ash+abula, Ohio Greci, Michael ....... ........ 9 06 Cayuga S+., Rome, N. Y. Greene, Leonard A. .......... I4I8 Brooklyn Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y. Greenwood, Richard F. ...... I883 Nor+h Ave., Bridgepor+, Conn. Grzywienski, Alfonse .... ....... 44 Haskell S+., Hagaman, N. Y. Guinan, Rober+ L. ..... ........... R . F. D. No. 2, Vic+or, N. Y. Gu+hlein, John A. ..... .... I 00 Derby S+., Valley S+ream, N. Y. Hanesian, Shav. .... .... 4 56 I9+h S+., Niagara Falls, N. Y. Harvey, Hugh ..... Heinrich, Harold ..... Helak, Joseph J.. . . . . . IO6 Palmer Dr., Syracuse, 65 Ellicolf Sf. Lancas'l'er Higgins, Walfer .I .I .I .I I Sf., Cambrlia Heighfs: Hiney, Thomas ................ 668 Cenfral Ave., Albany, Holka, Bruce G. ..... 8087 W. Rivershore Dr., Niagara Falls, Janik, Conrad ............... Jennings, James .......... .5l6 I7+h S+., Niagara Falls, .63 Govenor Rd., Sfafen Island, Jenny, William A. .................. 907 Shaw S+., Ufica, Kane, Lawrence V. ................... 4I Lewis Sf., Lynn, Kay, Richard F. .......... Keenan, William L. ........ . Kelly, Mary P. ........ Kenefic, Roberf F. ....... Kenny, James M. ...,.... Kenny, John J. .......... Kerr, Thomas F. ............... Kerwin, Walfer J. .... ......... l2ll Roselle Ave., Niagara Falls, . l00 Colvinhursf Dr., Kenmore, .8607 Lindburgh Ave., Niagara Falls, . .2408 Soufh Ave., Niagara Falls, 36 Walnul Ave., Rockville Cenlre 36 Walnuf Ave., Rockville Cenfre, I5 Sydney Ave., Malverne, 43l Lisbon Ave., Buffalo, Kiesel, Conrad P. .............. 33-28 205l'h S+., New York, La Barber, Jerauld ..... Laper, Paul ......... Leahey, James J. .............. . . . . .2927 Soufh Ave., Niagara Falls, . . . . . . . . . .76 Elizabefh Sf., Auburn I3 Paris S+., Hudson Falls: Leone, Suzanne ................ 565 7fh Sf., Niagara Falls, Lewandowski, James L. lO.S.F.S.l. .DeChanl'aI Hall, Lewisfon, Lillis, William J. ......... 6l5 Jefferson Ave., Niagara Falls, Limbeck, Harvey A. ............... 2I Carl S+., Rochesfer, Lisfon, Francis X. ............... Longo, Grace .......... Looney, Charles M.. . . Lucas, Paul R. ....... Lynch, John M. ...... 2063 E. 29'lh Sf., Brooklyn, . I547 LaSalle Ave., Niagara Falls, I0 E. 7lh S+., Oswego, 56 Pennsylvania Ave., Albany, ..................Niagara Falls, McCune, John R. ............ 266 Division Sf., Amsferdam, McDermoH', John E. ....... McDonald, Donald J. .......... Mclnfosh, Kenneih ..... ........ McKenna, James ...... ........... McKenna, Michael ............ 44I l0fh Sf., Niagara Falls, McManus, Richard .... '. . . McNamara, Thomas ............. McTiernan, Charles ............ Mack, Walfer James ............ Mahoney, Daniel J. .......... 225 W. 232nd Sf., New York, Maika, Richard A.. . . . . l62 l0i'h Ave., Norlh Tonawanda, Mallon, Charles J. lO.S.F.S.l ..... DeChanfal Hall, Lewisfon, Malone, William ................ 2l0 Main S+., Amesbury, Maroon, Joseph .......... l50I Pierce Ave., Niagara Falls, Maxwell, Evereff J. ........... 25 Surrey Lane, Hampsfead, Merleffi, Henry P. ........ l353 Asland Ave., Niagara Falls, Miller, Ann E. .......... l642 Michigan Ave., Niagara Falls, Miller, Paul R. .... ' .... Moonan, Roberf J.. . . . Monaghan, Edward L.. Monahan, Maffhew A.. Monahan, Richard E.. . Moonan, Roberf J. .... Morgan, James ....... Muller Roberl' P.. . . . Murphy, John, O.S.F.S. Murrer, William J.. . . . Nafoli, Neil A. ....... Neff, Helen .......... Nevereff, Francis H.. . . Neville, James C. .... Nicasfro, Lawrence ..... O'Connor, Daniel P.. . . O'Connor, Joseph .... O'Connor, Thomas V.. . O'Farrell, William J.. . . Murphy James, O.S.F.S.. I I I I I . . . . . . .73 Edson Sf., Buffalo, .20l Woodside Ave., Trenfon, l I2 Park Ave., Canandaigua, . . . . . .3l3 85'l'h Sf., Brooklyn, . .64 Edmonds S+., Rochesfer, 20l Woodside Ave., Trenfon, I40 Babboff Ave., Waierville . . .DeChanfal Hall, Lewisfon, 266 Curfis Sf., Rochesfer, 2l09 Ofilla Sf., Ufica, . .726 84+h S+., Niagara Falls, ...................Chazy, . . . .27 Niagara S+., Lewisfon, . . . . . l42 Busfi Ave., Buffalo, . . . I5 Lee S+., Jamaica Plain, 630 Sfiles Sl' Mamaron ck . . . . . . . . ., e , . . . .57 E. Oxford Sf., Valley Sfream, 555 24'lh S+., Niagara Falls, l3l Munro Blvd., Valley Sfream, 327 Crescenf Ave., Buffalo, .7 Arlingfon Rd., Ufica, 38 Elm Sf., Norwood, .2 I4 Easfon Ave., New Brunswick, I07 Gafling Pl., Brooklyn, 593 Albany Sf., Lilfle Falls, .256 Park Ave., Freeporf, . . . . . .642 74fh Sl., Brooklyn: . . .DeChan+al Hall, Lewision, N. Y. I0 O' 2' 3. 'O' 2 U5 7" U1 2 3'- .2 -0' 3 0 Ze :4: N. Y. N. Y. N. Y. N. Y. N. Y. N. Y. Mass. N. Y. N. Y. N. Y. N. Y. N. Y. N. Y. N. Y. N Y. N. Y. N Y. N. Y. N. Y. N. Y. N Y. N. Y. N. Y. N. Y. N. Y. N. Y. N. Y. N. Y. N. Y. N. Y. N. Y. N. Y. N. Y. N. Y. N. J. N Y. N. Y. N. Y. N. Y. N. Y. N. Y. Mass. N. Y. N. Y. N. Y. N. Y. N. Y. N. J. N. Y. N. Y. N. Y. N. J. N. Y. N. Y. N. Y. N. Y. N. Y. N. Y. N. Y. N. Y. N. Y. N. Y. Mass. N. Y. N. Y. N. Y. O'Leary, John P. .... ......... 7 53 Norman, Bridgeporl, Conn. Orfano, Frank A. ............. I I07 I3ih S+., Niagara Falls, N. Y. Pagano, Joseph F. ..... Shell Rd., Fenwick Dr., Carneys Poinf, N. J. Phair, Arlhur J. ............. 76 Ave. D, Aflanfic Highlands, N. J. Piefk, Genevieve ........ Porvaznik, Roberl' L. ..... Posh Eugene ........... Prifchard, William F. .... Puehn, Carl A. ...... Puglisi, Michael A. ...... . . . .309 Hyde Park, Niagara Falls, N. Y. . . . . .437 Tilghman S+., Alleniown, Pa. . . . . . I963 E. 22nd Sf., Brooklyn, N. Y. . . . . l3l Corinfhia Sf., Lockporf, N. Y. . . . . . . . I30 Vicforia Ave., Buffalo, N. Y. . . . . . . . .73 Ruggles S+., Dunkirk, N. Y. Puleo, lgnazio ............. l024 Keeler Ave., Mamaroneck, N. Y. Quinn, John C. ......... .. . . . . . . . .78 Emerson Sf., Ufica, N. Y. Rafferfy, Roberf R.. .Cherry Lane, R.F.D. 5, Hunfingion, L. I., N. Y. Rafenski, Sfanley .... Read, Ernesf ....... Real, Ned ......... Reilly, William J. .... . Riley, John F. ....... . . . Roche, William ..... Rodney, Richard .... Rogers, David ...... Russell, Raymond. , . Sandhaas, John ..... Scanzaroli, Donald. . Schmiff, Warren .... Schniher, Arfhur D.. Schwinger, William I I I Seier, Ralph T. ...... Sergel, Francis ....... . Sergi, Pasquale ..... Shear, Richard ...... Sheilds, John J. ..... Sidoni, Olga ....... Siembieda Ra mond Slazyk, CIIBSIBIYA.. . I Smifh, John T. ...... Smifh, Myra ........ . Smifh Thomas J.: . . . Smifh, William L.. . . . Snider, Paul S. ..... . Sohs, James ............ Spanbauer, John J.. . Sfaiger, Charles .... Sfanley, William .... Sfanfon, Richard .... Sfefik, Joseph W.. . . Sfepien, Richard .... Slevenson, William J. Suisman, Roberf John .... Sulik, Alice ......... Tavano, Delores ..... Tracey, Timofhy ....... Tromble, Veronica. . . Vagnoni, Anfhony. . . Varga, Andrew ..... Vefri, Pefer ........ Vineski, Richard T.. . . Wahl, Thomas ...... Wallace, Thomas .... Waszeciak, Paul ..... Werner, George .... Wesf, Francis E. .... Wilson, Charles ..... Wrighf, Ruperl' ..... Wrixon, Charles H.. . Wrixon, James R.. . . Zavifz, Charles R.. . . Zielonka, Alfred W.. . . Zoeckler, Donald .... . . . . . .335 I4'lh S+., Niagara Falls, N. Y. . . . . . . . . . . .Forf Niagara, Youngsfown, N. Y. . . . . . . .Manley S+., Dannemora, N. Y. . . . . . .57 Vermilya Sf., New York, N. Y. ..............4822ndSl'.,Troy,N.Y. . . . . . . . .7806 l9fh Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y. l35 Washingfon Sf., Canandaigua, N. Y. . . . . . . . .72 Church S+., Li'H'le Falls, N. Y. . . . . . IO4 Spaulding Sf., Lockporf, N. Y. . . . . . . . .88-52 l95 Sl., Hollis, N. Y. . . . . .283 Merchanfs, Rochesler, N. Y. . , . . .527 Teaneck Rd., Teaneck, N. J. . . . . . .804 96fh Si., Niagara Falls, N. Y. . ...... 23l 4fh Si., Niagara Falls, N. Y. . . . . . . . .7I Shirley Ave., Buffalo, N. Y. . . . . . . .328 4l'h Sf., Soufh Amboy, N. J. . . . . .207 Oak Hill Ave., Endicoff, N. Y. . . . . . . . . .Lake Rd., Youngsiown, N. Y. . . . . .324 Webber Pl., Elmira, N. Y. . . . .55 Parker Ave., Buffalo, N. Y. . . . . .5l4 Gould Ave., Depew, N. Y. ..........49 Karl Sf., Buffalo, N. Y. . . . . . .236 Robin Rd., Syracuse, N. Y. . . . . . .238 62nd Sf., Niagara Falls, N. Y. . . . . . . .3 Hamilfon Pl., Soufh Nyack, N. Y. . .22I I Grand Ave., Niagara Falls, N. Y. lI62 Onfario Ave., Niagara Falls, N. Y. . . . . . . . .8206 3rd Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y. . . . . . .453 Bradford Ave., Albany, N. Y. . . . . .85-23 54+h S+., Elmhursf, N. Y. . . . . .207 Soufh Ave., DuBois, Pa. . . . I440 E. 37ih Sf., Brooklyn, N. Y. . . . .228V2 4+h S+., Niagara Falls, N. Y. . . . . . .Church Sf., Youngsfown, N. Y. . . . . . l26 Coifage S+., Lockporf, N. Y. .. . . . . . . . .Box 5l5, Balboa, Canal Zone . . . . .49 Henedrson Pl., Hamburg, N. Y. . .92I Walnuf Ave., Niagara Falls, N. Y. . . . . . I7 Orchard Sf., Middleporf, N. Y. 68 Ganson S+., Norfh Tonawanda, N. Y. . . .605 N. Washingfon Sf., Rome, N. Y. N . . . .2745 Grand Ave., Niagara Falls . Y. . . . . . . . . . . I I9 85+h S+., Brooklyn, N. Y. . . . . . . .523 Soufh Ave., Elmira, N. Y. . . ....... 2695 Easl' Ave., Rochesfer, N. Y. . . . . .203 Barileif Ave., Pifislield, Mass. . . . . . .2I4 4+h Sf., Niagara Falls, N. Y. . .249V2 Tremonf, N. Tonawanda, N. Y ...............Livonia Cenfer, N.Y. . .236 Cleveland Ave., Bridgeporf, N. Y. I I2 Van Buren Sf., Jameslown, N. Y. . . . . . .662 84'l'h Sf., Brooklyn, N. Y. . . . . . . . . .662 84fh Sf., Brooklyn, N. Y. . . . . . l I5 Linwood Ave., Albion, N. Y. . . . . . . .7 Egger? Rd., Buffalo, N. Y. . . . . I402 Dudley Ave., Ufica, N. Y. ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS The publishing of a yearbook is a very complicaied and expensive procedure, requiring a greaf expendiiure of Time and effort To do This we have noi been able 'ro work alone: ralher we have sough'r aid and assislance from many sources. As +he l952 Niagaran enfers iis final pages we pausefro Jrhank: The Rev. John J. Henry, CM., whose unliring eFFor+s and able assislance has enabled us noi only +o mee'r our deadline bu+ To publish whai we believe is an excellenr volume of Niagara hisiory. Dr. Thomas Morion for The generous loan of his negafives and prin'rs of campus and local scenes. Mr. Edward Flynn for his kindness in securing many valuable and hard To oblain piclures. Mr. Daniel Solari and his associaies ai Campus Publishing, wi'rhou'r whose advice and Jrechnical skill, Jrhis 'rype of book could noi have been produced. Our siafi ediiors, Ned Real, pholographyg Mary Lou Considine, clerical: Ernesjr Gedeon, sporls and script We Thank also our Business Manager, Bob Muller and +he enlire slaff. Our adverrisers, booslers and pafrons and all olhers who have helped +o make +he i952 Niagaran a realiiy. JAMES J. CARRIG. ALFONSE S. GRZYWIENSKI. Co-Ediiors. Um Adawmm .I I I I 249 e 4191712 ahern "The Food Is Fine All The Time" 21 1 5 MAIN STREET 'A' I 'Niagara Falls' Leading Restaurant and Sea Food Hou For Over 1 6 Yearsv 'lr OWNED AND OPERATED BY THE McDONALDS 250 Telephone: 3 -4 5 5 1 STANLEY KISZEWSKI, JR. HOME BUILDER Remodeling - Paperhanging Interior Decorating 201 67TH STREET S. M. FLICKINGEB C0., Compliments INC' Wflaolesale Grocers of the .15 ROCHESTER CLUB Compliments of K E I.. L I C K S 'A' Printing i' 1 60 5 Main Street NIAGARA FALLS, N. Y. Food Terminal 1 8 0 Niagara Frontier as Institution Supply House -55 Red and White Canned Foods Sun Valley Frosted Foods af- BUFFALO, NEW YORK Phone: TRiangle 8 2 0 0 OUR BEST WISHES FOR HEALTH, HAPPINESS AND PROSPERITY TO THE .CLASS OF '52 'Ir BUFFALO KAY CHEMICAL CO., INC. Sanitation Supplies 'A' 2 1 5 ELLICOTT STREET Buffalo 3, New York Mohawk 4800 252 Zaaafzatatatiaae TO THE MEMBERS OF THE SENIOR CLASS FROM THE CLASS OF '53 HY-SEN SUPPLIES, INC. Everything For tloe Home wk . 2425 Hyde Park Boulevard 'k FREE PARKING PI-IGNE: 2-1285 GR 4424 N.F. 3-4036 Established 1914- Heating and Piping Contractors R. J. MORAN 85 SONS, INC. 3 61-365 Dewitt Street BUFFALO 13, N. Y. Compliments of ELDERFIELD- I-IABTSIIUBN HARDWARE C0 W 40-44 FALLS STREET Process and Industrial Piping - Chemical Piping Power Plant Installations - Radiant Heating Steam and Hot Wfater Heating THOMAS COX COMPANY, INC I BuMmws'5qwmhvL4bal 203 Thirteenth Street NIAGARA FALLS, NEW YORK Telephones: 8401 - 8403 C. C. BREMER Sc C0. Contractors and Builders Office: 257 6 Seneca Avenue NIAGARA FALLS, NEW YORK Dialslso The Largest and Oldest Chevrolet Dealer in Niagara County KELLUGG MOTOR SALES CURP. 902 Main Street at Spruce Ave. 1201 Main Street at Chilton Ave. 7724 Buffalo Avenue at 78th St. 121 78th Street NIAGARA FALLS, N. Y. 254 l ll. H. DODMAN CO., INC. l I Wholesale Purveyors of l n fthe Meats and Poultry l I 67-69 Clinton Street - BUFFALO 3, NEW YORK Hotels, Restaurants, Clubs, Hospitals, Cafeterias and Institutions Supplied Daily Deliveries to All Parts of New York State Wash. 3286 -- 3287 - 3288 255 For the Best Selection of TELEVISION SETS in Town VISIT ROHRER ELECTRIC CO. 13 1 3 Main Street Phone: 2-2331 W. A. CASE 85 SON MFG. CO. 'k 3 5 5 Second Street NIAGARA FALLS, N. Y. in Sincere Best Wishes From the Members of TAU ALPHA CHI FRATERNITY i' "We will do business with merit and honor" VlOLANTE'S RESTAURANT Spaghetti, Ravioli, Chicken Sieaks 8. Chops ir 1210 PORTAGE ROAD NIAGARA FALLS, Phone: 2-9576 Congratulations to the Class of '52 'A' BETA CHI NU pmnmaavu' 74664 Snap Dry Cleaning and Tailoring Well Done 'A' 908 Cleveland Avenue NIAGARA FALLS, N. Y. Dial 9030 Compliments of Mohegan Grill 909 Niagara Avenue ir Fine Foods Beer - Wines - Liquor Good Luck from the Members Of PI NU MU '-'I 3 V2 I GEO. H. COURTER CO., INC. Dial Office Furniture Supplies and Equipment 'A' 3 16 Little Fourth Street NIAGARA FALLS, N. Y. 2-2361 Compliments Of COPPIN,S ESSO STATION 2784 Main Street NIAGARA FALLS, N. Y. l 1 V Compliments o f HOWARD JOHNSON'S ICE CREAM SHOPPES AND RESTAURANTS 2 8 Flavors of Delicious Ice Cream WAFER, INC. 454 Main Street Niagara Falls, N. Y. Compliments of FELICETTI CONCRETE PRODUCTS Manufacturers of Cinder and Concrete Products Plant and Yard: 41 29 Hyde Park Boulevard Niagara Falls, N. Y. Phone: 8330 Congratulations to the Class of 352 from WALLEN'S . . . MEN'S WEAR 3 3 6-3 3 8 Third Street Your Official N.S.A. Disc. Store in N. F. Success to the Class of '52 'lr THE UTICA CLUB 258 SLATER SYSTEM 'k Specialists in Food Service Management since 1926. Slater System is proud to serve Niagara University as Well as over 150 other leading .American Colleges, Schools and Industrial Concerns ax- l Home Oyficer T 25th and Lombard Streets Philadelphia 46, Pa. L-. '17 1 1 I 1 i i 259 F- Gravel - C 1'1c shed Stone - Cinrlers Established in 1884 Top Soil - Bulldozer Rental MILLINGTCN LOCKWOOD WALTER s. KODRANSKI Incorporated CO., INC. .Business F 1z1'1z it zca' e - Ojice Supplies Excavating, Grading and Dump T 1'11 ck Service Dmfting Matermls M Filing Equipment office and Yard Pfinfing 273 3 Niagara Street Madison 1772 omae Phone: 7490 Niagara Falla, N. Y. ELLICOTT SQUARE BUFFALO, N. Y 3 UNITE!! IIFFICE MACHINES it All Makes of Portable Typewriters Typewriter Ribbons and Carbon Paper Smith-Corona Typewriter Agency ir 06 Falls Street Phone: 2-3920 NIAGARA SHOE REPAIRING AND SHINING Men and Women . . . Work Done While U Wait. We Specialize in Invisible Soling and Fall Soles 'k 3 6 5 Third Street Corner 3rd and Niagara Sts. Niagara Falls Compliments of ANDREW C. DEAS 86 SONS CONCESSIONAIRES Student Center Building and Varsity Stadium NIAGARA UNIVERSITY THE PALACE LAUNDRY AND DRY CLEANING C0. "Particular Laundry and Dry Cleaning Service For Particular Peofrlev PINE AT 1 OTH PHONE: 9 1 2 5 26l PERRICELLI PLUMBING 86 HEATING CO., INC. -If 612 Niagara Street NIAGARA FALLS, NEW YORK BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF '52 EDWARD P. ARGY CATAMUT GLASS CII. All Kinds of Glass For Building i' 82 0 Linwood Avenue NIAGARA FALLS, N. Y. Compliments Of CANNON, THIELE, BETZ ' sc CANNON 41 ff' -iff H O T E L ag N I A G A R A W" WfH"' Floyd D. Vandervort .11 Manager First Street at Jefferson Avenue NIAGARA FALLS, N. Y. f-J Home of the Famous Indian Room R Friday - Smorgasbord Saturday - Dances f-J Where N iagara's Smartest Society Congregates SEALTEST ICE CREAM GENERAL ICE CREAM CORPORATION 1295 Portage Road NIAGARA FALLS, NEW YORK 26 QUALITY COALS For Every DOMESTIC and INDUSTRIAL APPLICATION if The Valley Camp Coal Company 1 1 16 Liberty Bank Building Buffalo 2, New York Qaau 8 7449, fue. Builders of Monuments CONGRATULATIONS 9 1 0-9 1 2 Main Street to the NIAGARA FALLS, N. Y. SENIOR CLASS WESTWOOD PHARMACAL CORP. Hospital and Sick Room from the Supplies Complete Line of Drugs Instruments and Medical Supplies I 1020 Main Street Phone: GA 1112 BUFFALO 2, N. Y. 265 BUFFALO HOTEL SUPPLY CO., INC. QMain Floor-Larkin Terminal Buildingj 1 89-1 99 Van Rensselaer Street Buffalo 1 0, N. Y. Telephone: Madison 04495 Madison 3190 Ext. 22 Bufalo China - Glassware - Draperies - Silver Linens - Restaurant Equipment JAMES M. BEDARD, President FALLS PRUIIUCE, INC. Wholesale Fruits and Produce DOMINIC COPPOLA, Presirlent "We Specialize in Quality" 709 16th Street Phones: 6946-6947-7380 Best Wishes to the Class of '52 EMPIRE BUILDING SUPPLY CUMPANY 266 MAY EVERY MEMBER OF THE GRADUATING CLASS ENJOY SUCCESS AND HAPPINESS IN THE FUTURE 'A' The Student L'ounc17 MULLANE-ROSENGOLD, INC. Dodge -- Plymouth Sales and Service Main Street and Orchard Parkway NIAGARA FALLS, N. Y. FRANK COLUCCI, INC. Wholesale Tobaceonist DIAL 2-4240 1 6 1 1 Pine Avenue NIAGARA FALLS, N. Y. Compliments of JIIIINNIE RYAN COMPANY i' NIAGARA FALLS NEW YORK FORGIONE LUMBER CO., INC Lumber and Mill Work College Avenue and Hyde Park Boulevard NIAGARA FALLS, N. Y. Phones: 2-1268 - 2-1269 TIIE UAl'I'l'AL lllS'l'IlIU'l' ULUI! Wishes The Best of Everything to the Class of '5 2 1 111 1 1 1 GOOD LUCK to the CLASS OF '52 from the SYRACUSE CLUB Cataract DRY UIQEANING UIIMPANY Excellent Work 5-1 1 West Niagara Street NIAGARA FALLS, N. Y. Phone: 8494 Peter Elia Company Contractors Metal - Furring Latloing anal Plastering 2 70 2 Woodlawn Avenue NIAGARA FALLS, N. Y. Phone: 7066 Compliments Of M . J . A Il G Y Phone: Garfield 6363 All Makes of Radios Repaired WESTMINISTER ELECTRIC Established 1921 Radio 5 Electric Sales 5 Service 1 02 East Utica Street BUFFALO 9, N. Y. M B. Hanks, Jr., Proprieto Best Wishes to the Class of '5 2 from Lindsay Photo Service 3 5 3 Third Street R E D C O A C H I N N Hotel of Distinction 'A' FACING THE RAPIDS if Banquet Hall Cocktail Lounge Famous for Foods iv . NIAGARA FALLS, N. Y. PHONE: 8431 THE CHARLES H. ELLIOTT COMPANY Engravers - Printers - jewelers Lehigh Ave. and Seventeenth St. PHILADELPHIA 32, PA. Makers of the "Official" Niagara University Ring Sales Representative AL MEIER Campus Representative JOHN BURNS, '53 V ,jf . Q ,sf , 1 Progressive Art Store Diplomas Framed Art Supplies 'A' 407 Third Street NIAGARA FALLS, N. Y. Phone: 5833 Good Luck to the Class of '52 REED'S Iewelers - Opticians ' Two Stores 1931 Main St. 110 Falls St NIAGARA FALLS, N. Y. Qt. yubrfs Mnihersitp Svnhuul uf lam Approved by American Bar Association Member of Association of American Law Scbools if Three Year Day and Four Year Evening Courses Leading to Degree LL.B. I Summer Sessions Conducted Q 'k Law School Admission Test Administered Quarterly in February, May, August, and November if Further information may be obtained from REGISTRAR. St. Jol1n's University - School of Law 96 Schermerhorn Street Brooklyn 2, New York 11 1 1 l 1 1 27I THE FRONTIER STORE Adam Radell Cigars - Cigarettes - Novelties 2 1 2 1 Main Street NIAGARA FALLS, N. Y. I Phone: With Best Wishes to the Class of '5 2 from CHAS. METZLER DeSoto - Plymouth 1202 Main Street NIAGARA FALLS, N. Y. 9137 Meet Your Friemls at . . . RAINBOW THE LEWISTON RESTAURANT LAUNDRY n- CLEANERS For Fine Foods and Cocktails Center Street LEWISTON, N. Y. Mac and Charlie, Props. Same Day Service Specializing in Shirts 352 3rd STREET Compliments Of wut issiun Svture No Laundry or Dry Cleaners could he as widely and so favorably known . . . for so long a time . . . as WALKER,S LAUNDRY, INC. has been . . . without deserving it. 'A' Margaref Walker Division of WALKER'S' LAUNDRY, INC. Main Oyfice North End Branch 3 5 6 Main Street 2 1 27 Main Street Between Falls and Niagara Sts. Corner Ontario Ave. and Main Serving Niagara University and Its Students Through the Mission Store 273 Qlinmpliments THE CLASS OF '52 Congratulations for a Successful Year THE MARTINI FAMILY 825 17th Street NIAGARA FALLS, N. Y. ERNST LANDES COMPANY Commercial Printing Ticket Specialists 363 Genesee Street BUFFALO, N. Y. E nst Landes Don Kroeser SCOTT-STADEL SUPPLY CO. Alex Scott - Roy Stadel Hotel and Restaurant Supplies Floor Covering Specialists China -- Silver - Glasswar Soaps and Cleansers Floor Coverings, Etc. 1 3 5 8 Main Street BUFFALO 9, N. Y. ' Telephones: GA 3633 - GA 3634 .X ,, . X, , fund' NIAGARA FALLS' FAMOUS RESTAURANT Qaad ?acwl Since 7?72 iv . Air Conditioned 'ff . 1 0 3 - 1 07 FALLS STREET NIAGARA FALLS, N. Y 275 General Trucking Equipment Rental SIRIANNI TRUCKING, EXCAVATING 85 CONTRACTING CO. 234 - 12th Street NIAGARA FALLS, NEW YORK PHONES: Office and Yard 2-2528 Residence 2-2579 or 4-6422 FLYNN 'S SHUE STIIRE BEST WISHES Main at South ,k ' to the Compliments of ,S 2 EDWARD M. FLYNN, '52 from the CONGRATULATIONS K N I C K E R B O C K E R to the C L U B SENIUR CLASS from the "N ew York's Finest" HENNEPIN CLUB 276 il STINES DRUG STORE "If It's a Prescription, Take It to Stinesn 'A' 6 6 3 Main Street 2 1 0 8 Main Street 1 92 1 Eighteenth Street NIAGARA FALLS, N. Y. ll00Tll - STRIING LUMBER C0. Lumber and Millwork " I 2637 LOCKPORT ROAD 0 NIAGARA FALLS, N. Y. Near Hyde Park Blvd. PHONE: 7533 I GOOD LUCK I I I to the L I CLASS OF 19 5 2 I from - FRANCIS OPTICAL C O M P A N Y 300 Falls Street NIAGARA FALLS NEW YORK 277 THE PORTRAITS inthe NIAGARAN weremade by J. N. ADAM sc OO. PHOTO STUDIO 3 89 MAIN STREET BUFFALO 5, N. Y ENDRES DELIVERY, INC. Established 1920 i' BUFFALO - ROCHESTER - SYRACUSE UTICA - ALBANY BINGHAMTON Niagara Falls Members Florists Telegraph Delivery Assn. 'k ALLPORT - 7713 Buffalo Avenue BUTLER - Main at Third Street HARRIS sz LEVER - 1225 Main street MacDONALD - 409 Third Street Congratulations Class of 1952 NEFF ELECTRIC CC. Electrical Equipment for Industry Sales - Construction - Service 3 2 1 4 HIGHLAND AVE. Phone: 9 1 6 6 TRAPASSO OLDSMOBILE, INC Parts - Sales - Service 'A' 2 2 0 1 Pine Avenue Phone: 98 5 8 A Compliments of 'DICK FISCHER ATHLETIC GOGDS, INC. 221 Falls Street NIAGARA FALLS, N. Y. Dial 8803 i' Special Discounts to Niagara Students and Faculty 1 li l Distributors of Quality Foods Since 1 91 1 ll. Sz J. PULL TRO Incorporated WHOLESALE GROCERS AND IMPORTERS Hotels, Restaurants and Institutions Supplied 8 08 Main Street BUFFALO 2, NEW YORK Phone: Cl. 6 340 Ed Rose Sporting Goods 5 1 East Genesee Street BUFFALO, N. Y. cl. 2551 i' Everything For Every Game College Outfitters 'A' Buffalo and Western New York Representative for A. G. SPAULDING 8: BROS. and GOLDSMITH SPORTS EQUIPMENT HUBBS 86 HOWE CO. "The Paper 5 Twine People" 'lr Erie Rochester Buffalo Cleveland Niagara Falls G O O D I Arrow Shirls Mallory Hats F 0 O D M O R R E , S F 0 R "Good Clothes" Pl EA S E D "HEC" MORRE, '22 G U f S T S Jonnsextunam 41 Falls Street CHICAGO - l0IlG ISIAND CITY - PHILADELPHIA DAI.I.AS-ATI.AIITA-PlFTSIURGII-DETROIT-IOSIDII NIAGARA FALLS, N. Y. Compliments Compliments of of T H E P U B ,k FIIEIIDIEQS IIUUGIINUTS . 1610 Main Street NIAGARA FALLS, N. Y. 420 Ivyhurst Road EGGERTSVILLE, N. Y. CIIMPLIMENTS AND BEST IVISIIES F R O M THE CARBDRUNDUM CIIMPANY Niagara Falls, New York SCRUFARI CONSTRUCTION co., INC. 'lr General Contractors for Niagara University Student Center and Auditorium Printing Craftsmen . 0 Class Books o School Publications o House Organs EVERYBODY'S craftsmen are experienced and equipped to plan and execute every printing need, large or small, quickly, efliciently and economically in keeping with the highest stand- ards of the modern typography. 0 Envelopes . Letterheads Everybody's Publishing Co. ' I'Wit"ti0"s The Complete Printing Organization Under One Roof ' Olfliff F0""'S 928 Broadway Buffalo 12, N. Y. 0 Programs Phone: WAshington 0555 CUNGRATULATIIDNS to the SENIQIIIS from the SOPHOMORE CLASS Equity Butter Equity Eggs A Equity Cheese l Birds Eye E5 Libby Frozen Foods l Dim-fbmfz by HICKMAN, COWARD si WATTLES, INC. Buffalo, New York CARRIGAN'S NIAGARA DAIRY CO. Finest Dairy Products Portage Road at Chilton Ave. NIAGARA FALLS, N. Y. Phone: 8241 283 BOOSTERS ALBION JEWELERS 1709 Main Street Niagara Falls, N. Y. HERMAN J. BREZING, M.D. 549 4th Street Niagara Falls, N. Y. CAPITOL CLEANERS 223 Ferry Avenue Niagara Falls, N. Y. CATARACT BOTTLING COMPANY 482 19th Street Niagara Falls, N. Y. DeMASI BROTHERS, Painters and Decorators 7522 15th Street Niagara Falls, N. Y. FIRTH JEWELERS 1449 East Falls Street - Niagara Falls, N. Y. FRONTIER AMBULANCE SERVICE 501 Main Street Niagara Falls, N. Y. FRONTIER PAINTING COMPANY 1121 Whitney Avenue Niagara Falls, N. Y. GRAMPS AND GRANNY 1300 Buffalo Avenue Niagara Falls, N. Y. HIGGINS' TYDOL GAS STATION Ontario and Whirpool Street Niagara Falls, N. Y. HORSESHOE RESTAURANT 518 3rd Street Niagara Falls, N. Y. INDUSTRIAL SPRAYERS 319 10th Street Niagara Falls, N. Y. JANLYNN CLEANERS 8743 Buffalo Avenue Niagara Falls, N. Y. J. W. H. KELLY, INC. Lewiston, N. Y. GORDON B. LEWIS, Painting E5 Paperlumging 3272 Ontario Avenue Niagara Falls, N. Y. MANHARDT-ALEXANDER, INC. 222 First Street Niagara Falls, N. Y. REV. MIROSLAV MYSCHYSHYN 339 22nd Street Niagara Falls, N. Y. NORTON TIRE SERVICE 2114 11th Street Niagara Falls, N. Y. JAMES R. OLIVER 1807 Main Street Niagara Falls, N. Y. PARKER HOUSE 627 Erie Avenue Niagara Falls, N. Y. PAT'S SANDWICH SHOP 321 lst Street Niagara Falls, N. Y. IRWIN SIDENBERG, M.D. 751 7th Street Niagara Falls, N. Y. UNCLE VIC'Sq RESTAURANT 364 3rd Street Niagara Falls, N. Y. VETERANS DRY CLEANERS 707 19th Street Niagara Falls, N. Y. WENDT'S CREAMTOP DAIRY 8450 Buffalo Avenue Niagara Falls, N. Y. FRED E. WILLIAMSON, Gas and Oil 1101 11th Street Niagara Falls, N. Y. PATRONS M. J. ARGY REV. EDWARD J. AYERS GEORGE BERRY, M.D. CHARLES M. BRENT DR. AND MRS. J. V. BURNS REV. JOHN J. CAREY V. SUMNER CARROL DR. AND MRS. GUY P. CATERINA A. E. CONNOLLY, M.D. CHARLES M. DARE, JR., M.D. JOSEPH D'ERRICO, M.D. H. C. DUMVILLE, M.D. J. V. FARUGIA ALICE R. GAMMON, '41 JACK E. GELLMAN GEORGE OPTICAL COMPANY JOSEPH J. GERBASI GRAY AND TRIGG NORMAN B. HAYS, O.D. DOMENICK A. IANNUzzI DR. AND MRS. W. J. H. IRWIN JOHN V. JOYCE VINCENT D. LEONE, M.D. W. R. LEWIS, M.D. SIGISMUND M. LOPACRI WILLIAM E. MATHEWS, M.D. R. ROBERT MERINO BENEDICT R. MORACA, 'so WILLIAM J. McDERMID, M.D. JOHN E. O'DONNELL, 'ss THOMAS J. PULVINO, M.D. ERNEST R. ROMANI MR. AND MRS. JOHN J. RYAN REV. J. M. RYAN RICHARD L. SAUNDERS, M.D. EDWIN A. SHQEMAKER, M.D. REV. BERNARD SOKOLOWSKI REV. JOSEPH J. STELMACH MR. AND MRS. ROY A. THAYER G. A. TOUMA, M.D. MSGR. P. J. TRONOLONE OLIVER E. WALKER, M.D. RICHARD A. WILLS, M.D. 285 num WELCOMES 744 Glau of '52 ACKNOWLEDGMENTS ADMINISTRATION ..,. ADVERTISEMENTS .., , AQUILA BAND . ., BASEBALL ,.., BASKETBALL ,.... BLOOD BANK ...,L CADET OFFICERS ..L..,., CAMPUS HIGHLIGHTS . CAMPUS QUEEN ...,,, .. CAMPUS SCENES ..,,L CHRISTMAS PARTY .S CLUBS ......,L,......E.. COMMENCEMENT ..,.. , CROSS COUNTRY ..,,. DEDICATION ....., DISTRICT CLUBS ,,L, DRAMATICS ..,.. FACULTY ............LL FRESHMAN CLASS , FROSH DANCE .. .....,,L. . FROSH-SOPH RIVALRY GLEE CLUB ...., . ....,,, , GOLF ..............EE...E THE NIAGARA INDEX ..LEE, INTRAMURALS ..,, INTRODUCTION JUBILARIAN ,..L.. JUNIOR CLASS .,LL.. CIINTENTS ...,,.248 20 .,....249 ..,V,..I98 ....,..'I84 ......212 ...W214 .,....'l52 223,192 53.1144 67,3138 8 ,L,...'I5I ......188 .....,244 ......235 6 ......I68 ......164 24 36 48 ......'I50 ......'I83 ......211 ......204 ......240 I I7 64 JUNIOR PROM .L,L 76 JUNIOR VARSITY .............. , ...,,E .... 2 29 KNICKERBOCKER EXCURSION ....E ...... 1 54 LIBERATION DANCE ..,.,E ....EB 1 46 MILITARY BALL .....B. 196 MOVING UP DAY BBBI.. 140 N. E. C. C. S. ..,,, 162 N. S. A. .....,.,,.. .1 ....,E.,L 161 THE 1952 NIAGARAN I I..,,B zoo NURSING II,.,B 3. 178 OBLATES ,,,,I,,.II. .,III, I A 132 OUR LADY OF ANGELS 134 RELIGION .....L ,,I, ,.,L I..LLI LL,... 1 2 8 RIFLE ,.LL.. 238 R. O. T. C. LLLL 191 SENIOR BALL .L,L......, 122 SENIOR DIRECTORY . . 246 SENIOR CLASS ............ 80 SIGMA ALPHA SIGMA .IIS I.,...159 SOPI-IOMORE CLASS . ...S I,,... 5 o SOPHOMORE DANCE , 62 STUDENT COUNCIL .SSL 158 SUMMER CAMP ..,..S. 194 SWIMMING .,..,SSS 208 TENNIS ..... 236 TRACK ......,.....,.,..............,......SSS ...Q..232 TRIBUTE TO ARCI-IBISHOP O'HARA ,L I.LS.. I8 TRIBUTE TO COLONEL SWANTON ..I.S.. ,,,,,, 1 93 VARIETY SHOW .,.......E,L,.E....,. ,.... S.,, . . .148 vILLAGE ELECTION .,L, ...... 1 45 WHO'S WHO ........ ...,.. 1 60 yearbook Stark you are corcgfnhllg invited to oval! gourself of our specialized experience our sincere cooperation in producing a gearooolz that will be wortkg of the time and effort you will put into ft. GGHIPUS ,,.,1-'- US PUBLISHI, G rnnAou.rmA Nswvonn - WASHINGTON Auf - luonnvluo Q . . Llrrlnrnugs ' r ' Orrsif " . Ffh - ,, ll, . V ,,, I 4 new, - -..M .,,, ,...,.,....h,... -'--x--r-.......4.....4..4......,... ,-...........,..a..L., s..e-....,. , . .,,.,. ,,.....1.,., ,. ,MH 4 'f ', . ,. A , , 4 ' ' Qyvf hir inf- . .- f .X 1' ' K .,:l.,A.'.J, .TQ ' 'fx' . AJP' ...4'aL-Jiifl-Y.. 1. Y I 3 , J '1 2' , ,pl iv 5 this . , 1' lg, 4 1-agx ,, af 1 1 Liang- W' 1 ' A g I r f 1 rj 1 N , 4 'T 'ar 'il , x ".l15,-flnfgfj 2' I dx 'Q A A w.g,.- aw , . 1 1155 if Q25-.,,-4, li W ,xggd wax, s ' Q' X -1 . ' Jr- .- ,- 1. ' " H:,!gf1,1K--4R4fJ' iff k ff A N s' ' 'L wif. Jr! VK ff ',' 311 , - b - 3 '. 4 ' f H J 'f 3 3 3 1 ' H N 'ff ' ',',.+ ',s':1rf-uw' ff' Ya W., r- F" ,ig pa". V :pit C , l , ' rid gf'...'I ,i Qf,:V . ' 1 2 .x " fx ,Ar A1 4 cw nn! 4 If V' gf ri 1, lp , 1 'f .ix 'fav YQ-A," -V f.w df! Ipit" 4u'l:L'A9 A-Az: , ,M rid 4 '-ggcfz if 4 Y 4 9 I 12, Q ni L, K 6' J4 3 1 Q' " f X! ,ivy A ' , XJ HH, EJ l""'!q, Jil I 1 Q n ' wwf, 54' '4 1 ' Y is H VIL J an " 81 K J. W ' if ,I 'A '44 4 4 1 'Pi ln. I Q X Q 4 . , 7 7. I p 'M' 'V' 5 QW ty A- jjj: , Q if zu1W"r': fs. n 'J' ll wig?- f14 xakeik M -8. 4:1 I J W- Mm 9 'l 1 , o ,fi 1 4. ,' 'fx 4 H 1 ' . 3 .M N 5:45 M ,gm - ,1 'lgfw-'-V "l'.'3f .- ' ,I Z -K J , 1 Q sn, 1 I 141' Q n 1 . K, 1 f ! .6 V , . -', A Al' w, , I 111 A K' 'Q , NVQ if i'-'wry v - V Alf!-fv-.-.Q -' V- W x t , z sh., - . ft' " S A I ,jQL!55,-- -t, ixwsfxlyffsf :fi '-xt':NVT- t""?SLQ'l""l Q14-.mfg - 1 fi,xq,'J.":t X'.f:'S1J gscxx 4 'A' "'W"" 'M . W .X W-1 'WS yt 1 aims. ' -" -613 vu 'f J- 0 ,xg x It . 4, N 4 -. x iq x N' l vm

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