Niagara Falls High School - Niagarian Yearbook (Niagara Falls, NY)

 - Class of 1966

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,QL re W 1 , M wh 99 ' PM In r 'rw 'rw + 7, ,, My 'fu W w MV Nw wh 4 74 4 4 u .5 in 1 I 19114, Q , ., 'Nj S M M 0 W X , ws H' I f' All 1 KMA, K I ,gf fl wx l 3 M up 1 Wi W. f W fe a n W, k LAM f ,N fx ,r X' M' Q , WMM I rf 'N ff-w . Q1 . ,urfgf .3 Jw, Wi, , f, W sf . 3 .f 5 ww-M, , X V ,, ,Q Q' 'jug wifi, g ' . if, 'V 331 . :Erin ' X I 'E i-if!! . f. W ' ff ff 1 fr' J - ,g ' ,, V' ' 'f --'w ' , " ' Jr Q 1 5 S f E 'Fl in sax ,E f ' Af A V i, 1 2 1 3 , 2 5 3 as 1 m ni m ui mn 5 "' W' . . v ' ,, 153 JVM. IA GA RIA 1966 "Happy is the soul that has something to look backward to with pride, and something to look forward to with hope." Reverend Oliver G. Wilson Judith Baumgartner, Editor Lydia Colosi, Assistant Editor Patricia Nichele, Doris Noblin, Business Managers Miss Ann McCabe, Mr. Robert Simpson, Miss Marie Finley, Advisors Mr. Russell Grauer, Principalf Judith Baumgartner, Editor of i966 Niagarian F ORE WORD ln the coming years, you will look back upon the i966 Niaga- rian with a feeling of pride and warm memories of Niagara Falls High School. Reflecting upon your high school years, you will recall many hours of work, fun-filled activities, and unfor- gettable friendships. This yearbook marks the end of a chap- ter in the lives of the students and faculty of Niagara Falls High School. Realizing that high school is a fundamental foundation of our education, the i966 Niagarian also denotes the beginning of a new phase in life. We will look forward with high hopes and expectations to a successful and promising future. Judith Baumgartner, Editor 2 Table 0 Contents Faculty Seniors Juniors Sophomores Acfivifies Sports Senior Personalities DEDI CA T10 In recognition for the numerous services performed graciously, in appreciation for the leadership mani- fested uniquely, in gratitude for the inspiration en- gendered continuously, in acknowledgement for the devotion rendered effectively, we, the stat? of the 1966 Niagarion, are honored in behalf of the senior class, to dedicate this yearbook to Mr. Frank Bedaska. 4 .5515 ,, m,1mfg,'g1,i 1 Mwezfmwfggssggg, H M11-wfzmmg W "::'.fs,ii7L,1v75b3gsg Wim, , , 1 wwxw 'wmv Q, -4 " if ailffki , 'sw ex K UQ - Lxiyaeuiii? X X - ,:f:1b.5.fq5,s-,,. Jliizzsiiwf I : f , V ff'-1s1jbi':.zAj5,, 1413- K S fs' 1 'f1efL2?fwsw,+' p 3 , . ,,.., Av,.v, , W L, .,,, ,, ysriyrk WSW 2 '1m1g- fl --f-- 'fx'-W L--L Q ,W . . f??i2w:xw.f - , . w'fwf:'s-fain:-gre-iff, f ' f' "1'w'111- ''igsimzisz.L-1-111,12 Si ffmfffff: . .fp . gizijfsz f2g+ 5,,,. . Lww.,f,,,-s1v- 5 L 'wwf 3' fl . .. swam ,,,,f.2,:X,,,,N 975:i5f5lss3 fi MM ww, ,. ,, M 1 xl ff J-is mx 1,11 M, ., LWWft33.ux. wgkfmff i, fm fsfssf ' -iw, gm Sf if Ewa? 11fg1sQ1a:Lsyw 11,15-bgzgggxfgg Azfwzzi -7 l1 fwL24iezfs:3?'f2' lgzkfzx wfis -' if xx Lf? .fzkfwgkf Dr Weldon Oliver Left to Right, SEATED: John Lunney, William Collins, Nea Brown, McKnight, Francis Lang, Charles Cummins, Weldon Oliver, Ray- Richard Doherty, Joseph Chile. STANDING: Arthur Ray, Robert mond Evans, Peter lannuzzi, M.D. BOARD OF ED UCA T10 The Niagara Falls Board of Education, originating in l892, is the administrative body of our educational system. lt has been an outstanding factor in the mold- ing and the maintaining of a dynamic scholastic at- mosphere. The general aim of American education is the fullest possible development of the individual within the framework of our present industrialized democratic society. The Board members' ultimate goal is to prop- erly prepare us, so that we may be able to face and cope with the complexities of life following our school years. They stress the need for the individual to be an Mr. Harry Abate iwwm, educated person, to be an educated member of the family, to be an educated producer or consumer, and to be an educated citizen as a member of the commu- nity. The educated American might well measure him- self in terms of the obiectives of self-realization, hu- man relationship, economic efliciency and civic respon- sibility. For their invaluable contributions to our future lives, we the students, sincerely thank these men of the Board of Education for their willingness to serve so unselfishly for the youth of our community. Mr. Herbert Bothamley Miss Geraldine Mann 'Vie r"s-'nn Learn, andyou will learn sornethingg teach andyou will learn much more. Abbe Ernest Dimnet FA CULTT all E IlIIHHlllllIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIEIIllumu e, i To the Class of 1966: As the class of 1966 approaches completion of its high school years, its graduates face a world filled with many opportunities and problems. Each of you will go his or her way-new friends and new interests. Keeping in mind that "he who moves not forward goes backward," each of you will achieve success in his own manner. Each of you has developed your capacities according to your individual skills and effort. These skills and effort will give you strength and wisdom in meeting the problems of the future. lt is my hope that during your stay in Niagara Falls High School you have strengthened such qualities as integrity, good sports- manship, consideration for the rights of others, self- discipline, responsibility, tolerance, and a sympathetic understanding for the problems of others. My sincere congratulations and best wishes to you. Leah Simmons, Vice-Principal ,S- To the Class of 1966 lt is the fervent hope of your teachers and administrators that you have gained the necessary knowl edge during the years you have spent at Niagara Falls High School to help you prepare for the future You are now well on your way toward acquiring the skills so necessary to compete successfully in this highly competitive world of ours Your graduation from high school is lust the first step toward this goal May you continue to take advantage of every opportunity available to you to continue your education May l extend my congratulations upon your graduation and my very best wishes for your future success Russell F Grauer Principal To the Class of 1966 You are to be congratulated upon having successfully completed your courses of studies at Niagara Falls High School You have all taken a giant step in the right di rection since an education today more than ever before in our history is a prerequisite for effective participation in our society I hope that in addition to having learned sublect matter you have learned many other equally as important things toler ance sense of duty an appreciation of the f1ne arts which are part of our culture and regard for the other fellow s rights Wherever you go college military service or lab training remember the lessons of life you have learned during the past three years Strive to improve work toward a goal and serve your community My best wishes for your continued success George Stankovich Assistant Principal QL I CMLJLXMJ J"'jl1VM0V 41 Uri W J W? :Wjj,uffA" Vernon Ab l Norman Anderson Arthur Aramini Paul Balassone Robert Beaton Frank Bedaska William Berkeley Clara Bishara Mariorie Blackmar Stewart Blinco James Boardman Sophie Bogdanovicz Mary Brennan Arthur Calandrelli Judith Centofanti Dorothea Connell John D'Angelo Richard Defviunda Arthur Dietrick Eugenia DiFrancesco Adeline Dominianni Blanche Dominianni Brian Donley Virginia Donohue .JJ '!""""'? 'Na- nv,-a-MM" ,ov 11" i0 lil Harriet Donovan Eric Duceite John Dundas Gretchen Erwin Lillian Filocamo Marie Finley Gail Fischer Eugene Foley Alice Goltz Emory Goff John Hagerty, Jr Mariory Helstrom Ann Herges Clara Hill Thomas Huesfis Clarissa Hyser Mary lngrasci John Janowski William Johnston May Lanigan Richard Lingg James Lombardi Joseph Lozina Roberf Magee Angelo Mariglio Joseph Maroon Willard Mayo Ann McCabe John McCarthy Mary McDougall Mildred Meckes Richard Meckes Jean Mills Alfred Mis Elizabeth Mitchell Bernard Monranari Joseph Moran Dominick Oliver, Jr Frank Orfano James O'Shea Eugene Pacia Roman Pavlock Rosamond Presufii Lucien Rainville David Reeser Kenneth Rideouf Marius Risley Robert Rosa 2?-t 15 .QQ 14151 Ester Scholtz Robert Schultz Josephine Sciarrino Peter Sciarrino 'Q -'U' f"'F"' Edith Seatter Robert Simpson Glen Smith Edward Stafford Bertha Storey Hubert Swift Rosemary Vanderhoft Leonard West Q an Jeanette Wylie Barbara Yandian Hua-Nien Yin Rollin Wiseman Irene Witkowski George Wood Edward Woyksnar NON-INSTRUCTIONAL Agnes O'Brien Margaret Lynch Irene Simpson STAFF I will stuajw and get ready and perhaps my chance will come. Abraham Lincoln SENIOR S in 'R' .xr-is si, Xaser" mir' James Adams William Adams i4 Carroll Akers Jack Alessi Christine Alex Martin Aloian Gary Alt Judith Amorelli Annette Antonucci Anthony Antonucci Ernie Antonucci Nancy Armeli Stephen Ashby Craig Austin Lawrence Bailey Anita Baldassarre Patrick Barber Camille Bardon Mary Barnett Sharon Barnett Jean Barone Cynthia Barr Margaret Barrett William Bass Judith Baumgartner Barbara Bax Christine Bach Rebecca Badorian JW? EPS 15 Aniio Bazzoni Ann Bclzzoni 'fa 4175 94. ii? .f""!' EMA I6 June Belmont Raymond Belirono Sharlone Bennett Tony Bercrdo Susan Berds Peter Bevcicquc Gerald Bicmonfe John Billups Jacqueline Bingcmon Dianne Bliss Matthew Bozek Judith Brandon Richard Brezlng Gregory Brindo Jerrine Brunn John Bruno Larry Bruno Jennine Brydges Sondra Bryk Thomas Buflfomonte Joy Buffon Donald Burford Norman Burgess Pofricio Burnett Jerry Breff Beverly Brew 17 John Burns Sharon Bufera ,J I8 Robert Bufski Frank Cacciafore Frances Cale CliFlord Calvello John Campbell Walt Campbell Alan Cap Mary Caprio Renato Carcucci Thomas Carella Olivia Carlino Barbara Carr Barbara Case John Caiaiano Bonnie Caugheli Michael Cavanaugh Janet Cecuia Janice Centofanti Francine Cerminara Gloria Chiodo Rosemary Ciambronedn Marinella Ciavaffa James Cicero Vincenette Ciesielski Cynthia Carver Eira Casazoia .I 19 John Cobb Douglas Cohen Safurna Colavecchla Mary Collins Norman Collins Lydia Colosi Richard Colosi Relena Colvin Caroline Coney John Connell William Confe Denise Cortese Larry Coty James Coughenour Carol Coulter Jean Cowen John Cox Nannette Craffon Barbara Craver Sheila Cristelli Cassandra Crifelli James Cunningham Ernest Curto Thomas Culini Donald Cosentino Madlyn Costa nfino gf? ...Q-Q" wwf 2l s Linda Czepinski Judy D'Aloise 22 Paul D'Aloise Janice D'Amore Debbie D'Angelo Vincent D'Angel0 Joseph Dashineau Shirley Davis Donald D'AvoIio Deborah Dean Denise Dean Jeaneiie De Bacco Dominic De Fazio Russell De Fazio Murray De Martino Linda Dennis Janice De Padre Thomas De Remer Donna Destino Barbara De Troia Daniel De Vaney Marina Diaz Charles Dickie Beverly Dier Cheryl Diffine Vinceni Di Marco Barbara Dellaree Karhleen De Long 23 Ronald Di Rcmio Ernest Domanico 24 Janice Drabczyk Judilh Dunlap Larry Dunlap Richard Dunning Beverly Dury Stanley Eckel Janelle Eddy Janette Eddy Patricia Edwards Glynn Elliott Daniel Ensmlnger Beniamin Eodice Albert Evans Deborah Evons Robert Ewult Sharon Ewing Trudy Fcbin James Fadel Sondra Fudel Joseph Fczlsetti Peter Fclvo Toni Fomu Thomas Fanning Anita Forello Lindo Eodice Christine Estelle 25 -ef'-u.. 11" Ellen Faso Stephen Feketic 26 Linda Finger Kafhleen Fitch Sandra Fitzgerald Sharon Fleury Nick Foglia Guy Forcucci Janet Forcucci Joe Forcucci Richard Fox Thomas Francis Beverly Franciszkiewicz Francine Frazier Barbara Fritz Michael Furan Lorraine Galabinski Janice Galante Michael Gallina Ernest Garcia Linda Garrow Barbara Gawel Keith Geering Samuel George Kenneth Giambatiista Luciano Giampa Candace Frerk Cynthia Frisina Anfhony Giannone Joyce Gibbons 4,5 ,mfg 'SS' 28 Valerie Gilmore Elaine Gilpatrick Wayne Gladish Stephan Goclzisz Janis Golanka Michael Gold Ben Golden Dennis Goltara Rita Gonzalez Thomas Gorczynski John Grace Linda Grace Robert Greig - Joan Grela Huber? Grooms Sharon Guercio Thomos Gwozdek Borbczrcz Hadod Emma Hull John Holliday Doniel Hamel Brion Harms Wclfer Hartman Donna Harvey r 29 Richard Haseley James Hauser rl 30 Richard Hayes William Hayes Thomas Heck Patricia Helie Roionna Henneman Cheryl Henwood Marjorie Hewitt Sandra Hilliard James Hines Diana Hlastala Joseph Hiavenka Kafhleen Hoag Karen Hopkins Sharon Horton Susan Horton Barbara Howard Frank Hunt Patricia Hutchinson Vincent lacovifti Jan lngras Angela lncorvia Evelyn lnguaggiafo Keifh lsler Faye Jackson Kathleen Holt Deborah Homewood 95 "v"":nfSlif1- ' ' 1 ww-" , A. T, KA. , an ff Beverly Jagow Diane Jankowski C' 4-4-0 32 Gerald Johnson Mary Jones Robert Jones .leaneffe Jordan Ted Jordan Randall Joyce Anthony Kalita Sharon Kehoe Kafhleen Kellerman Suzanne Kionoff Thomas Killian Gary Kilmer Edward Kirk Lois Knapp Gary Koch Richard Kodeski Constance Kowalski Stanley Kraikowski Michael Kranitz Ronald Krawczyk Karen Kuklevsky Thomas Kukulka Joanne Labosky Dale La Count Charles La Marca James Lane 'di' 33 Monica La ne Cheryl Long 34 William Long Bonnie Lo Porte Karen Lo Scala Roche Lcskowski Roberf Luster Mciry Lcuzau lil Carol Lczerution Mark Lcizeraiion Robert Leorn Donna Lee Robert Le Fevre Diane Lelller Ronald Lester Chcmrlonn Levy Thomas Lewis Walter Lewis Gregory Lidgett Michele Ligammare Diane Linza Carlo Lochren Ronald Lonberger Charles Longo Jock Lotterio Ernest Luccntonio Timothy Leono rd Lindo Lesniok H1 35 'iii- xi Paul Lupke Cheryl Lyall SAX 36 Rita Lymon John Lynch John MacKenna Donald Manarina Vincent Moneely Diane Mangione Karen Marcucci Francine Mariglio Roberta Martell Gerald Martin Lois Martin Lonnie Martin Jeanette Mash Joann Massaro Anthony Mattace Christina Matthews Linda Matthews Joseph Mauldin Patricia Maurer Linda Mayes Earl Mayne Willam Mazzei John Mazzocchi Diane McCatterty Darcy Martinez Gloria Martinez J, 421 37 --ni' 14 Maxine McCandless Aubrey McCasTer 38 John McCaw Susan McClintock Alberta McCoy Ethel McCoy Margaret McCreary Donna McDougaid James McGovern Dennis Meierer Mary Ann Merino Rhonda Meyers Loretta Milczarski Marlene Milczarski Marilyn Miller Gregory Mitchell Linda Mitravich Dominic Mifro Lois Moehrle Sandra Moffit Donald Monfanari Gloria Moniani Warren Moore Mark Moralh Elaine Morreale Samuel Morreale Glenn Miller John Miller 39 4' JF Emma Mort Debby Mosher 40 Douglas Mosher Sandra Mugglefon Linda Munger Paul Murphy A Geraldine Myles,Lyvf!K3j CQWQ . L5 X Gerry Na ll: Z, Gigi 51 C VKSLJCB-fp fx Sa Q59 I 3959 Jas ka? C lf SW 1, EVE A049922 f -- J :mam 'W X Li afale E QQQX Sharon Nathanson Linda Notion Olf' msc cuff-3s:.e1D I James Navis Charles Nero Nancy Neubauer Shiv 2 Michael Noworytc Lindo Nunnery James O'Bc1rci Ellen O'Collc1hcn Edwin Ochol Tcircu O'Connor Steven Ohonessiun Karen O'Lay Joyce Oleiarz James Oleniczolc John Orynowkc John Orzolick ..j1f1"M-Q LQQK 7:25353 1 Qi' M-fl fill- William Ninness Ann Nolfe JE 41 Suzanne Osfrozynski Johnny Otto 42 if Janie Owens Erma Pace Arnetta Page John Palazzo Paul Parise Frances Passalacqua Sue Pairick Susan Pay Roberta Payne Jeanette Pecoraro Judy Peller Janet Pena Sammuel Perkins Beverly Perno Linda Perno James Perry Karen Petrczzoulo Stanley Petts Paula Peunic Carol Piccirillo Mary Pierce Arthur Pierrot Stanley Pietras Alan Pilon Michael Pennington Diane Perclikas Q' A r Louise Placek Joan Plenneri 44 Deborah Piumer Lawrence Ponzi Anne Porreca Juanita Prah Catherine Praydich Frederick Price Joanne Price Candice Proudfoof Wade Prozeller Anthony Puccio Susan Puerner Jean Pyra Wanda Ramage Cynthia Ramos Shirley Reed Kim Reeves Marge Reiman Linda Renford Alan Rennie Felix Ricco Barbara Richardson Jeanie Richardson Geraldine Richwalder Nardene Ricotfa Gloria Quaglia Cla udia Raham Charles Riggs Albert Rinaldo wwf if il! 46 V 'S f li' , 4 Joseph Riscili ' Surlines Rivers Marlene Rizzo Margaret Rizzotto Guy Rizzuto Gloria Rodriguez Francis Roell Frances Rogala Richard Rofella Kathleen Ruff Joseph Ruggiero Anthony Salacuse Sylvia Sanders Karen Sandonato Gary Sankes Lindo Sannicolo William Sanfersero Rachele Safarian Kathleen Saulino Patrick Saulino Jonathan Sax Patricia Scalzo Frank Schieppaii Anne Schifano Edward Solacuse Thomas Sales s 2 47 ,ff if 'N-:sux Ian Schofield John Schultz 48 Elizabeth Scott Glenn Scott Larry Scott Patricia Scott Joanne Scozzafava Rosemary Seals Louise Searcy Walter Searcy Adele Selfridge Eileen Selfridge Anthony Serianni Leonina Serianni Lynn Shafer Susan Shaner Susan Shapiro Cynthia Shaw Judith Shaw Theresa Shear Deborah Shearer Marvin Shimmel Linda Shira Nancy Sikora Gloria Simpson Sharon Sinclair Diomedes Serrano Eloisa Serrano axis?152zff3q4?'?525ife?Emsggssfk ii'iL ??ffQs5i:99fftjL1L1Qi .Y7'fLff'i551i59'f'fjg'2 ""M"L wg? fi' J-Q, i George Sisson Linda Skrlin Theresa Slesinski Michael Slipko Bonnie Smith Carl Smith Janice Smith Patricia Smith Robert Smith Patrick Snyder Robert Snyder Bernadette Sobczyk Laurel Sobczak Daniel Sotici Marcia Sosnowski Richard Sparacio Salvatore Spaforico Beverly Spencer Carol Spencer Glenna Spencer Janice Sprague Edward Sfamborski Judifh Sfanek Eugene Sianwich Chrisfine Steele Lewis Sfenis Judith Soluri Grace Sarce 4451 51 Maureen Stewart Joanne Stoianofl Gregory St. Onge Janice Sfrassburg William Sfremble Barry Strong Michael Sfruzik Donna Stull Mitchel Stumpo Gloria Sweney Robert Swinson Fra ngoise Sylvesfre Rita Talarico Gerald Toreco Jeanette Taylor Louise Thomas Delvcm Thornton Ralph Thornton Robert Tobey Mae Todd Dana Toellner Ramon Tomaino Lawrence Toni Donald Torre Robert Szatron Cheryl Tabb 53 amy Robert Torre Elaine Toscani I' 'HW' -urn: 54 Douglas Tossell Noel Toucheffe Walter Tracinslci Philip Trane Mary Trapasso Marilyn Trowman Joseph Trunzo Conrad Tubin Diane Turner Frank Vacarella David Vanone Anthony Venfresca Chrisfine Wade Kathy Waggener Andrea Wagner Terence Wagner llene Wake John Walerowicz Robert Walerowicz Larry Walker Sharon Wall David Wolos Lorraine Waney Ken? Wafson Andrea Vive-rito Louise Volpe 55 Shirley Watson xdra Weigel l 1.... V: 56 Mary Jane Welch John Welsh David White Frances Wilszczyk Linda Wilk Sharon Willefie Lydia Williams Robert Williams William Williams Ernest Wilson Monica Wilson Mark Wineburg David Wright Donna Wright Juanita Wright Stanley Wright Peter Wrobel John Wykrent Brenda Wynn Linda Wyno Barbara Wysocki Walter Zaczek Elizabeth Zaleski Andrea Zaso Pete Woolverton Mary Wooten 57 Peter Zito Phyllis Zrebiec SE IORS OT PICTURED Gary Agnello Mexico Aguilar Deborah Amoretti Dorothy Anderson Cheryl Ashker Glenda Black John Bobbera Jack Boikoff Michael Burson Marilyn Carson William Clemenger Margaret Dalporto Betty Davis Anthony Desimone Deborah Donner John Dorgan Arvie Ewing Barbara Fitzsimmons Robert Green Gary Hall John Harris Alfred Hunt Philip Jarosz Robert Jenkins Francis Kirsch Anthony LaBarbera Charles LaViolette Allen Leehan Jim Ligammare Carol Maman Lonnie Martin Ronald Masic Michael McLeod Joel Michaels John Minicucci Victor Misterkiewicz Leslie Moore Christine O'Grady Susan Orzulak Eugene Palmer Sherry Palmer Susan Perriman 58 Carolyn Peters John Portik Michael Rodowsky Barbara Reed Anthony Ricciuto Dorothy Sanders Sandra Sieika Jerry Simone Donnie Smith Michael Stampor Gordon Thompson Wayne Tobey Linda VanEpps Barbara Vespa Felix Viscuglia Thomas Warner Robert Watson Faith Woods Richard Zemszal Joseph Zito Patricia Zydzik IN MEM URIAM MARCIA CRITELLI A UGUST 18, 1943-JULY 27, 1965 ALMA MA TER We love thee dear old High, With your halls of learning grand, Your colors we'll hold high, To the front wefll proudly stand. Always, always, staunch and true, Always, always, proud of you, And your praises loud we'll sing, We to thee our homage bring. Nine 'rahs for Niagara Falls, Nine forthe Red and Gray To duty now she calls, That success may with us stay. So we pledge ourselves anew, N.F.H.S. we'll be true, And for you we'll climb the height. Niagara, you're all right. A. Gow Brownell '14 60 September 8, 1963 marked the advent of 795 sus- picious sophomores to Niagara Falls High School. We confused the upperclassmen with the presence of our large class, since we were the first complete class of sophomores to enter N.F.H.S. after the completion of the new annex, In that year, we were introduced to the l.B.M. machine which produced our program schedules and later our report cards. Automation was not a complete success. Equally unsuccessful, as far as the sophomores were concerned, was the lengthen- ing of the school day by the Board of Education, happily, this innovation was short-lived. The sophomores then elected their class oftlcers to settle the confusion. They were: Diane Perdikas, President, Deborah Plumer, Vice-President, Roberta Payne, Secretary, and Robert Falsetti, Treasurer. They were guided and assisted by our class advisors, Miss Barbara Yandian and Mr. Vern Abel. That opening year brought great excitement, some expectations, and some tragedies. The filming of Route 66 filled everyone with the expectation of see- ing our great city on television, although the show never quite made the air due to technical difficulties -so they say! At about the same time, the world renowned "Beatles" made their formal entrance into the music world bringing along with them a whole new creation of fads and fashions. ln November, we were stunned by the tragic death of President John F. Kennedy. lt was a great shock and disappointment not only to the students but to the people of the nation. The first appearance of our classmates in the field of sports proved interesting. The Junior Varsity football team, led by some of our sophomores, achieved first place in the Junior Varsity League. The sophomore year marked the beginning of our wrestling team, and although it did not become league champion, the team became a prominent addition to the sport activities at the school. The Fall of T964 brought us back as the iovial iuniors of Niagara Falls High School. We soon elected our class ofhcers to guide us in our second year. They were: Anita Bazzani, President, Alan Rennie, Vice- president, Steve Ashby, Treasurer, and Linda Munger, Secretary. Our class officers were helped along by our advisor Miss Clara Bishara. Our second year also brought many new creations of fads. Boys with extra long hair, girls with pierced ears, James Bond, and skateboards were among the newest crazes. It was a year of "firsts" when the American Field Service was formed and Pheng Phieng, our first foreign student, was graduated. Our photo- genic mayor, E. Dent Lackey, made an appearance at our school to present our Varsity Football Team the "Mayor's Trophy" for being intra-city champions. That year brought the political scene into focus with the election of Lyndon B. Johnson as President of our country, carrying his "New Society" with him. The national election was not the only one being con- HIS TORT ducted. The student body of N.F.H.S. was carrying on its own election of its Student Council. Elected to govern the student body were: Anthony Serianni, President, Ron Anderson, Vice-President, Debbie Plumer, Treasurer, and Mary Trapasso, Secretary. Guy Forcucci was elected president of the Forensic Society, while Jim Hauser was busy winning the finals of the Society's annual oratorical contest. Mitchel Stumpo was chosen to head the '65-'66 Chronicle staff and, in March, many of our talented juniors played in the Drama Club's production of Arsenic and Old Lace which was a great success. ln the line of sports, our basketball team reached a new high scoring record of iO4 points over North Tonawanda. Coach James O'Shea announced his re- tirement as head basketball coach at the end of his team's i6-2 season. Our football team was renamed the Power Cats that year by its members. This same year saw the birth of the Niagara Falls Varsity Club which is composed of members of all the varsity letter winners. As serious seniors, we returned to the hallowed halls of N.F.H.S. in September of l965. We were looking forward to an exciting year. The Senior Class ofhcers chosen were: Luciano Giampa, President, Kathy Ruff, Vice-president, Diane Perdikas, Secretary, and Rich- ard Brezing, Treasurer. Miss Clara Bishara, Mr. Robert Rosa and Mr. Robert Simpson accepted the task of advising the senior class. Our senior year marked the arrival of a foreign visitor, Taking a trip across the ocean was our French exchange student, Francoise Sylvestre, who spent her senior year at N.F.H.S. Honors were accorded our class when Anne Por- reca and Joanne Labosky were chosen as National Merit Semi-Finalists. Greg Brinda was the second highest scorer in the Niagara Frontier League, and Tom Buffamonte, Luciano Giampa, and Greg Brinda were picked as members of the city's all-star football team. Also Luciano Giampa was selected for the Ex- change Club's award of Outstanding Senior of the Month. The social activities of the senior class began with a record hop, followed by a Student Council Hoote- nanny. Both were a great success. The Christmas As- sembly on December 2l was excellent. The choir sang the traditional carols, but instead of the usual en- semble in flowing robes, the carols were sung in a cozy setting of a living room. The band and choir also brought some fame and good fortune to N.F.H.S. The band was fortunate to participate in two annual Band Days at the State University at Buffalo and at Cornell University. The Class Day activities were held May 26, at the Parkway Inn, The dinner and festivities of that day will not be forgotten. The Senior Prom, held on June 24th at the Parkway lnn, was a glamorous and excit- ing conclusion to the history of the Class of T966. Historians: Barbara Wysocki and Joanne Labosky We the seniors, of the class of 'I966 at Niagara Falls High School, being of sound mind and body, hereby bequeath the following: Section I: To Mr. Russell Grauer, we leave our everlasting grati- tude for his patience and indulgence. To Miss Leah Simmons, we leave encouragement, encouragement that the class of '67 will not emulate our notorious class. For Mr. George Stankovich, we leave. Section II: To Mrs. O'Brien, Mrs. Lynch, and Mrs. Cadille, we ex- press our appreciation for their help and courtesies extended in processing our transcripts. Section III: To the Guidance Staff, we bestow one automated Al Ruff to run errands and to check programs, in addition to our gratitude for their help and guidance in filling out our college applications. Section IV: To the faculty members who have worked to impart their wisdom to us, we bequeath the Junior class. To- Miss Bishara, Mr. Rosa, and Mr. Simpson, we express our indebted- ness for their advice and any unpaid bills accumulated by the senior class. We thank Miss McCabe, Mr. Simpson, and Miss Finley for this great Niagarian. To Mrs. Hyser, we leave the records and memories of all our aches and pains and our thanks for the use of her office as a rest haven whenever we could manage it. Bobby Jones leaves Mr. Donley in search of musical talent to replace the "Great Amen". Section V: To the ensuing faculty members we bestow: To Coach Calandrelli, we leave 20 laps. To Mr. Lingg, we dedicate a first aid book entitled "First Aid for Writer's Cramp". For Mr. Simpson, we purchase a copy of the book entitled '1Who's Who with One Finger Speedtyping". To Mrs. Donovan we renew a prescription for a supply of Pep pills. For Mr. DeMunda we requisition a not-so-little black book. The choir leaves Mr. Mayo a sweet disposition for next year's "singers", along with a bottle of tranquilizers. We leave Mr. Wiseman a new Luger and a hope for better hunting. To our roll call teachers we leave our vow not to reappear. Section VI: To the Juniors and Sophomores we leave the writ- ing above and the gum below the desks and the privilege of attending N.F.H.S. another year to follow in our dignified foot steps. Greg Brindo and Tom Butfamonte leave their football ability to Raymond Lucido and Joe Farago. To next year's basketball team, we leave this year's prominence. WILL Stan Wright leaves the new drinking fountains on the third floor to all thirsty souls. Kippy Steele, Wayne Gladish, Jonathan Sax, Sharon Fleury, and Don Burford leave their deck of marked cards to Bill Smith and future members of the early morning gambling sessions. Tom Heck leaves his unique parliamentary procedure to next year's Key Club president. Rich Brezing "bitterIy" relinquishes his golden treasurer's keys to future financial wizards. Kathy Ruff, Sue Shapiro, Claudia Raham, and Cyndy Ramos leave their personal memories of America's Beach Boys to Alicia Blachinski, Debbie Wallens, Doris Noblin, and Sally Martin. Cindy Frisina, Sharlatne Bennett, and Bernie Sobczak leave their sore throats, natural flexibilities, and their last hurrahs to next year's cheerleading squad. Albert Rinaldo leaves his swimming tins to Jeff Walker. Jackie Bingamin, Cindy Carver, Bonnie Caughell, and Andrea Zaso leave their hidden capacity for dominating the male sex. Anne Porreca and Joanne Labosky leave their interior I.B.M. ma- chines to Kirk Robinson and Joanne Vorel. Luciano Giampa leaves his oratorical ability to Bill Manarina. Diane Perdikas and Mary Trapasso leave their John Hancocks to two prospective secretaries. Nick DeFazio and Lydia Colosi leave High School arm-in-arm. Tony Serianni is purchasing next year's Student Council presi- dent a megaphone and loud speaker system for Thursday's afternoon meeting. Judy Baumgartner relinquishes all lay out and dummy sketches to next year's Niagarian editor. Mitchel Stumpo relinquishes his time spent standing on street corners screaming, "Can you spare a dime for the Chronicle?" Gloria Chiodo leaves her saddle shoes to Linda Antonucci. Joe Mauldin leaves his suspenders to Melvin Mason. Vince lacovit- ti leaves his knowledge of Algebra lacquired over these past yearsl to Mike Gailbraith. AI Evans, John Mazzocchi, Tom Gwozdek, and Corky Salino leave the radiator to Vince Pasqualichio and Sal Pascucci. Anne Schifano leaves her driving ability to Bob Virtuoso. Chuck Longo and Joanne Scozzafava leave their weekly argu- ments to next year's "happy couple". Mike Gold and Gary Sankes leave the middle ten feet of Falls Street to next year's motorcyclists. Cheryl Dimne leaves all her melted ice cream to David l.aSota. Section VII: To our school, Niagara Falls High School, we leave three years of our love and loyalty and take with us the fondest of memories which we shall never forget. Testators: Suzanne Kianoff and Guy Forcucci 62 We, the statisticians of the Class of 1966, proudly announce the records set by a most outstanding and intellectual group of students. These intellectuals are the "masts" ever to stroll through the corridors of Niagara Falls High School. In 1948, as our American soldiers returned from overseas, thankful that World War ll was over, 669 war babies were born in this universe who were destined to become members of the largest graduating class of Niagara Falls High School. We have been under the education of one school or another for a period of thirteen years. As gradua- tion approaches, the tension of the intellectual giants mounts as they prepare to go out and "set the world straight." We leave behind us 77,760,000 seconds spent at Niagara Falls High School. We also leave the 2.5 books carried home by the average senior each night in our permanently closed lockers. We also relinquish much of the responsibility which was be- coming too heavy for our poor weak shoulders. As we make the weekly Saturday afternoon "cruise" down Main Street, we spot the average 5' 9V2" and 155 pound senior boy and the 5' 4" and 111 pound senior girl walking hand in hand down the street with Cupid following closely behind. This couple is one of a minority of seniors to wear glasses, and they are eighteen years old. They are talking about their future college plans. Today is their day off, as they happen to be a part of the majority of seniors to have working papers in use. We've npw followed them into a music store, where they're play- ing everyone's favorite song, "Eve of Destruction". They look at the popular type of albums by their favorite group, the "Rolling Stones". They see the average senior's favorite singers' records on display, those of Barbra Streisand and Johnny Mathis. Be- cause of the large crowd in front of the Rapids Thea- ter, they wonder what is playing. Oh, a double fea- ture, our seniors' favorite movies, "Goldfinger", featuring that popular Sean Connery, and "The Ox- Bow Incident", starring the vivacious Sophia Loren, the seniors' favorite actress. Now our romantic couple see Jim Oleniczak, the best dressed senior boy, and Madlyn Costantino, the most humorous girl, standing on the corner in front of Jenss. At the same time, they observe that most STA TISTIC scholastic boy, Dan Ensminger, and that scholastic girl Joanne Labosky ambling down the avenue talk- ing over Einstein's theory. As our ideal couple enter Jenss, they bump into the most handsome senior, Mike Gallina, who is talking to Rose Ciambrone, the most friendly of all seniors, together with Kathy Ruff, the best dressed senior girl. As these popular seniors de- part from the store, they begin to exchange the latest gossip of the seniors. It is decided by some to break up this group by their announcing they are going swimming, the favorite sport of most seniors. The others decide to go home to prepare for the evening's entertainment. As they enter their respective homes, each finds Mom cooking his most delicious food, steak. Instead of helping with the preparation, each one seems to pick up the Gazette and to turn to the comics and read "Pea- nuts", the most popular comic strip for seniors, As din- ner is announced, each senior enioys his favorite in- door sport by being first at the table and last to leave. After their scrumptious dinner, the average senior occupies two hours each night doing his home- work, English being his most enjoyable subiect and math being his most disliked course. Since no member of the senior class wishes to be con- sidered rude, he spends one hour and thirty minutes on each of his personal telephone calls. Since all seniors have Hnished their favorite book, Gone With The Wind, the average senior patiently awaits each week his favorite television show, "Man From U.N.C.L.E." For a "night on the town", most seniors go to the teen's favorite hangout, Pee Wee's. On their way, many frequently see Mr. Richard DeMunda, their favorite male teacher, polishing his "cool" car again, as if it doesn't shine enough. Others, while walking down Pine Avenue, wave to Mrs. Eugenia De Fran- cesco, their favorite female teacher, as she drives by in her green Wildcat. At Pee Wee's, some of the gang is sitting around, while others are doing the "ierk", their favorite dance. Cindy Frisina, the most athletic girl, is often found dancing with Tom Buffamonte, the most humorous senior boy. Greg Brinda, the most athletic boy, and Craig Austin, the senior boy most likely to succeed, are talking over Student Council problems with Tony Serianni and Debbie Plumer, the most popular senior boy and girl. Nancy Armeli and Michelle Ligamarri, the most talkative girls, are gab- bing away to the most affable senior boy, Rich Colosi. Everything goes into a deep silence. Everyone turns toward the door. Look, here comes Denise Cor- tese, the most attractive girl. No wonder all the males are falling all over their own feet. Even Though she's here, Jonathan Sax, the most talkative guy, is still sitting in the corner. Of course, he's talking the ear off Judy Baumgartner, the girl most likely to suc- ceed, and Mary Trapasso, the most courteous senior girl. lt's really been a great night, but now it's time to leave. Each senior eventually bids each other goodbye, because he must get his eight hours beauty sleep. Thus we can see that these interesting statistics con- Hrm, without contradiction, that the references made by the class historians prove that this group of seniors is the "bestest of the mostest"! Statisticians: Anthony Serianni and Stan Wright. ln 1968, it was discovered that Stan Wright possessed a supernatural understanding of space travel. He became the head of the aeronautical program at Cape Kennedy. Shortly after, Joe Hlavenka and Lu- ciano Giampa landed on the moon and liked it so much, they decided to stay. After the passage of three decades, Joe and Luciano have been requested to return to the United States for personal tours with their famous rocket powered by Greg Brinda and Ernie Domanico. They will make their first stop in New York City, where they will witness a tremendous musical pro- duction under the direction of Craig Austin featuring Nick "Barrymore" DeFazio and the vivacious Claudia Raham. Lydia Colosi, the loquacious publicity agent, is the permanent audience. The musical score has PR OPHE S T been composed by the multi-talented Bob Jones, and the distinctive costumes designed by Vogue's editor, the renowned Ilene Wake. The skillfully painted scenery is the creation of John Campbell and Janis Golanka. The choreography has been under the su- pervision of Cindy Ramos. From New York City, the duo will travel to Albany to visit the state leaders headed by New York State's first woman governor, Susan Shapiro. The Demo- cratic controlled Assembly has as its leader, Guy For- cucci, the Republican Senate Maiority Leader is Ernest Curto. Just prior to the arrival of the distinguished guests, a terrible tragedy occurred. The reticent Patrick Snyder collapsed of suffocation during his last filibuster. The garrulous Jonathan Sax even- tually revived Patrick by mouth to mouth resuscitation. From Albany, the astronauts will iourney to Niagara Falls by chartered plane with the Bazzani sisters as pilot and co-pilot. They will be greeted by Chief of Police Gary Sankes and a fire department squad headed by Jay Buffan. They will be introduced to the world renowned Nobel Prize winner, Mitchel Stumpo. Incidentally, a greater honor was conferred upon Mitchel when he was given honorary membership in the N.F.H.S. Honor Society. The duo will also visit the high school where they will find Denise Cortese, Bernie Sobczyk and Sharlane Bennett teaching classes filled with boys. This fact illustrates that the l.B.M. machines can "be fixed." Washington will be the next stop on the itinerary. Here Joe and Luciano will be introduced to President Anthony Serianni and his cabinet. His Secretary of State is Kathy Ruff, his Secretary of the Treasury is Jim Hauser, his Secretary of Defense is lan Scho- field. Debbie Plumer is Secretary of the Interior and Lynn Shafer is Secretary of Commerce. President Serianni has iust appointed John Miller to head the poverty program. Rich Brezing, because of previous experience, has become Director of the Budget. He will "meet the press" which is directed by Judy Baum- gartner, Tom Killian and Greg Mitchell. The duo will next be greeted in sunny California by Bill Lang, a prosperous executive. They will be treated to a presentation of the Three Stooges iEd Salacuse, Dan Sofia, and Frank Vaccarellai which is under the supervision of Mike Gold. Candy Proudfoot will en- tertain them by singing folk music. Steve Ashby will allow them to see his television orogram, "The Fugi- tive." This week Steve is running from Tom Carella, who, in turn, is escaping from Mr. D'Angelo. An elite banquet will be held in honor of Luciano and Joe. Master of Ceremonies for this important event will be Noel Touchette. Father John Bobbera and Sister Donna Destino will give the invocation and benedic- tion respectively. The speakers will be Stan Pietras on "Listening to One's Own Voice" and John Schultz on "Bob Dylan." After the dinner, they will enjoy a wrestling match whose contestants are, in the heavyweight class, 300 pound Mark Lazeration against 310 pound Jan Igras. The middleweight competition is between he-man Marv Shimmel and anyone crazy enough to chal- lenge him. In the lightweight classification is the amaz- ing Greg St. Onge taking on the determined Bob Laster, the agile Larry Ponzi and the rough and ready Jerry Biamonte, all at the same time. Simultaneously, Tom Gwozdek and John Cox will compete in the latest sport's fad, a sleeping contest. Giant Ron Lon- berger and speedy Paul Parise will have a drag race down the aisles to attempt to wake them up. From California, they will fly to Hawaii to be met by millionaire hotel owner, the handsome Pete Woolver- ton. Pete's associate, Kim Reeves, owns a biological plant filled with turtles which he feeds his own con- coctions. Employed by Pete's hotel is the friendly Tom Heck, who led the United States to victory in the tennis matches for the Davis Cup. Mike Slipko is the golf instructor at the hotel. He will show the duo the finesse in hitting a two iron. Mike, incidentally, won the U.S. Open. The head lifeguard is Mark Morath, who recently swam the English Channel the wrong way. The astronauts will now head for Africa. They intend to see the dedicated missionary, Mark Wineburgh, who is teaching the Swalks how to take College Boards. They will also see the two legendary men of N.F.H.S.'s basketball team, Bob Torre and Dave Walos. An Indian tribe will do an ancient dance for the visitors. The dancers include Tom BuFfamonte, Larry Toni, Joe Mauldin and Albert Rinaldo. Finally, the picturesque scenery of the glens will be shown by guide Kathy Holt. Donna McDougald, the head of the Smithsonian ln- stitute, had great hopes that Joe and Luciano would decide to remain on earth and donate their capsule to the institution. It looks as if she is going to be very disappointed. They are now ascending into their rocket. They think that the United States is dull and unchallenging. Americans are too concerned with trivial matters as college boards, proms, and colleges. Un the moon, they feel more at home, more inde- pendent and industrious. A cloud of fire is soaring into oblivion as the final glimpse of the rocket is seen Maybe, in another decade, some lucky Americans will go on a luxurious tour to the moon. Prophets: Susan Shapiro and James Hauser. CLA SS POEM DO N07 DESPAIR Do not despair. The future is not dim and far away but right before us shining, urging us toward our goal. This beige-brick home is not a shuttered building forever in the past. The knowledge that we gained while in this place forever with us will remain to help us o'er the obstacles that dot our path. Do not mourn or sing a dirge to youth, but ever look to youth as pleasant thoughts of pleasant days spent in pleasant ways. Carol Coulter 66 l Ifnooking steadzbf at the door fyfoploortu- my will sureQ2 open it to success. john Wanamaker jUN1oRs Eugene Able Sander Abramson Catherine Adams Elizabeth Adams Marian Agugliara Linda Alfonse Diane Allen Linda Alvarez Leigh Angold Shirey Archie Sharon Armistead Charles Augustino John Bagocus Eileen Bailey Martha Bailey Mary Baio Joseph Baizik Darie Banks Carol Barbato John Barber Linda Barrett Dave Barrette Sandra Bax Rick Baxter Linda Beaver Peter Beckett Marian Beecher Elizabeth Belkota Estelle Belkota Linda Belkota Ermina Bellone Flora Belton Henry Bennett Bruce Berdick Alicia Blanchinski Sara Bomberry Dominic Bonanno Michael Bool Thomas Borcleau Adele Bossa Robert Bouvy Ronald Bozek Jean Bradigan Judith Bradt William Brodie Eleanor Brooks Kathleen Brown Maxine Brown Paula Brown William Brown Robert Bucci Marlene Burns Gertrude Burtch Joseph Buscemi Linda Buscemi Patricia Buscemi Richard Cadille Marisa Caira Kent Cairns Kathleen Calandrelli Ginger Caldwell Rose Calviello Charles Cameron Frank Campese Judith Bernot Cheryl Betha Michael Bies Michael Birmingham Katherine Carter Karen Carver Darla Catherine Theresa Cerro David Chiodo Mary Ann Ciamarro Betty Cicero Joyce Cichelli Claudia Clark Noreen Clarke Penny Cole Cheryl Collins Anthony Colosl Jo Ann Colosi Diane Candido Carol Congi .lone Conroy Winfrecl Cook Deborah Cortese Joseph Coyle Deloris Crafton lono Crittenden Henry Crum Thomas Culver Kathleen Cunningham Thomas Curry Earnostine Curtis Linda Cyphers Sandra Czarnecki Dawn Daclust Mary Daniels Wayne Davis Marie De Felice Vincent De Franco Paula De Labio George De Long Michael De Long Peter De Loreto Antoinette De Troia Barry Deal Patricia Dean Peter Del Gobbo Theresa Detkos Anthony Di Cecco Armand Di Francesco Roseanna Di Meo Daniel Dingwall Patricia Di Vita Saundra Dixon Daniel Dlugose Marlene Dobbs Mary Jo Dolliver Frank Donato Jerome Douglass David Drake Francine Dudrick Wendy Duignan David Einstein Bosilee Estell Paulette Fabery Karen D'Amelio Judy D'Angelo Nick D'Angelo Richard D'AngeIo 1-,ff Douglas Fadel Elizabeth Fadel Frederick Fadel Jacquelyn Fadel Bianca Fagiani Frank Faiola Irene Fair Charles Fantrazzo Joseph Farulla Michael Fedak Jim Felicetti Margaret Fell Michele Fetcho Anthony Figurilli John Fiori Richard Fiori Cathy Fisher Anthony Fitch James Fitzgerald Susan Fitzmorris Colleen Fitzsimmons Cynthia Flanagan Veronica Foster Judith Frails Pamela Frank Robert Franks Lula Freeney John Gainer David Gatley Mark Gatley Nancy Geary Richard Genova Mitchell George Som Gimas John Grace Sharon GraFF Mary Ann Gregg James Griggs Tim Grochala Matthew Grzelak David Hadacl Carol Hamilton Victoria Hammond Bonita Hampton Bruce Hann Daniel Harris Janice Harris Jearlean Harris Charlotte Hathaway Stella Haugabook Larry Hazel Lorraine Heath Margaret Heath Carol Henderson .lacquelyn Henneman Linda Henry Robert Henschel Philip Hessinger Ronald Hewitt Wilma Higgins Russell Hill Sharon Himes Elizabeth Hottman Anna Holecek Patricia Giovannucci Christine Gombert Barbara Gonzalez Diane Grace 'x ,-TT. l Michael Hoplight David Hughes Paul Hughes Charles lnfantino Joseph Insana Jennifer lsler Robert Jackson John Jazdzewski Bulah Jefferson Annie Johnson Evelyn Johnston Patricia Johnston Gail Jolley Linda Jones Karen Jordon Marcia Jordon Cynthia .lozwik Andrea Kaifasz Christine Kaletcl Stanley Kasprzok Wayne Keck Charl Keller David Kellerman Deborah Kennedy Marsha Kilgore John Killian Walter Kirby Tom Kirk Francis Kirsch Irene Kislack Ernest Kitchen Darlene Kok Cynthia Kosoc Christine Kowalski Wilson Lamar Dorianne Landers Luther Lane Robert Lane Claudia Lang Joanne Larafla Lois La Scala Carmen Laurendi Frank Laurendi Kenneth Lee Bonnie Lehman Candy Lemay Donna Leo Karen Leone Lincla Lesfer Philip Leia Nicholas Levett Edward Lewis Christine Lipniarski Raymond Lucido Ronald Lukaszonas Mary Mackenzie Darlene Maday Marian Maines Suzanne Mai Maureen Mallo Cheryl Maman William Manarina Debbie Mannarino Margaret Manning Greg Kowalski Gloria Krawczyk Kathleen Kurowski Marshall Lago gf , rw" 'lm N-..,,v9' 5 . QS? Sally Martin Kathleen Martineau Gail Martino Karen Martino Sandra Maselli Barbara Masic Michael Matchak Edward Mathews Christine Mayville Dennis McAllister William McClelland Catherine McGee Dave McGillivray Paul McKenzie Paul McManigle John McNaught Patricia McQueen Patricia McQuillan Kristina Mess Nicholas Miller Barbara Milliken Frank Minervini Clayton Moeherle Pina Montante Jacqueline Moore Lucy Morales Shari Morden Rodger Morrison Margie Mort Steven Moshides Robert Muehlbauer Jerry Muoio Mary Murphy Raymond Murrell Julie Norton Christine O'Connor Kristine O'Donnell Linda O'Flaherty Avis Oglesby Frank Oliverio Richard O'NeiII Cheryl Onesi Kathleen Orsi Bonnie Osman Joseph Packer Joe Page Thomas Palermo Barbara Palmer John Palmer Lynn Paterniti Maria Petas Judy Piatrowski Thomas Piatrowski Christopher Pietrangeli Frank Pietrangeli Jane Pietras Louise Pietras Julie Pinkney Jean Pino Joan Pino Susan Pippard Carol Pokoi Rita Pokoi Darlene Polniak V Sandra Naccarato David Newman Patricia Nichele Doris Noblin hw CID is ,av 5' Linda Promowicz Joelle Rachwal Marcia Rajczak William Raiczalc Jane Reed Robert Reese Burnell Reid Sharon Reid Tom Richardson Janice Richwalcler Van Ridgeway Loretta Rigo David Rolerad Geraldine Robinson Kirk Robinson John Ruff Gary Rosenberg Sue Rotella Patricia Rufrano Stephen Runals Elizabeth Russell Linda Russell Donna Rutledge Barbara Ryals Larry Rybicki Louis Salciccioli Patricia Sanders Moira Sangster Mary Saul Mark Schaffer Lynn Schiro Diana Schul Gary Schultz Audrey Schulz Mary Jane Sesto Mary Sever Marguerite Shaghoian Judith Sharp Gary Shear Walter Shubsda Mark Sideris John Sidoni Carol Siedlecki John Sikora Jacqueline Siudut Janice Skowronek Michele Skrlin Daniel Slepian Gary Sloma Helen Smith Sharon Smith Shirley Smith Rosetta Smouse Madeline Sneed Paul Soluri Joanne Sowa Gloria Spears George Spencer Sheralyn Spencer Lucious Stephens Sarah Stirling Frederick Stone Veverly Street Robert Studi Judi Scott Susan Scrivano Gwendolyn Seals Jenelsie Searcy -A' Carl Swann Cheryl Swift John Swinford Joseph Tarantino ...a-" an Bruce Taylor Carol Terezia Carrie Thomas James Thompson Margaret Thompson Brenda Tobey Michael Tubinis Spencer Turnipseed Alexander Uieski Joe Ungaro Gilda Ventresca Andrea Vigue Kenneth Virtuoso Robert Virtuoso Linda Volpe Michael Volpe Joanne Vorel Sharlene Walerowicz Margaret Wahl Deanna Walker Dawn Walker JeFFrey Walker Maxine Walker Deborah Wallens Patricia Ware Judy Ward Marcia Watt Glenda Webb Steve Webster James Westgate Sandra Wilson Gary Winker William Winkler Donna Winstanley Judith Woodley Jerry Woodring Clara Wright Walter Wroblewski Karen Young Richard Young Michael Yorio Judith Zafuto Leonore Zajac John Zykas Patricia Wheeler Barbara White Florence White Howard Wilson .212 Homework assignments ... I Miss Leah Simmons, Vice- principal. .Z MMT'-n., Mr. George Sfmnkovich confers with students. of lk It is not what is poured into a student but what is planted that counts. Joel Hildebrand S OPHOM ORES Rina Alfearie Jefi Alvarez W John Amorelli Marion Antonacci Mary Antonacci Patsy Argenbright Linda Arane Beth Ashby Donna Ausderau Andrew Bachleda Betsy Baer Laverne Bagley Bruno Baldassarre Karen Banach Terry Baitiston Brenda Bedore Barbara Bell Albert Beltrano Louise Berdick Bernadine Berock Francine Bevacqua Mary Biamonte Michael Bland Carol Bliss Patricia Blunt Judith Boland Dane Boling Cosimo Bonanno Rory Bonaro Donna Bongiovanni Pamela Bordin Fredericka Bradt Janice Bray Bonnie Brew Mary Buscemi Cheryl Butera Marlene Butski Linda Cacchio Joseph Cacciatore Clara Caira Patricia Calandra Marie Cale Mary Cammarata Janice Cap Sharon Casey Marlene Caughill Frank Certo Betty Chambers Patricia Cheeley Joanne Cheff Antoinette Ciavatta Cathy Ciccarelli Candace Clark Michael Collins Patricia Collins Victoria Collins Joanne Conny Marlene Conti Gail Craver John Curtis John Cwierley Christine D'Aloise Elizabeth Danoian Donna Daubney Susan Brezing Paulette Britton Vincent Buccirosso Robin Burns Monica De Fozio Barbara Dennis Bonnie Dennis Margaret De Vaney Robert Di Angelo Mary Jo Di Laura Michael Di Paolo Elizabeth Doherty John Donatelli Sandra Douglass John Du Puis Pat Eckel Bonnie Ellis Linda Ellis Rodney Ellis Darlene Emmons Gloria Espina Saleem Faclel Lola Ferguson Marilyn Fickett Christine Figler Arthur Finegold Carol Fleury Michael Forcucci Christine Forster Paul Fortunate Michael Fournier Angelina Fracassi Patrick Freeman Dennis Frey Franklin Frisina Nancy Gabriele Kathy Gaetano Patricia Galante Douglas Garis Vicki Gellman Deborah Gigliotti Sandra Gigliotti Linda Gilbert Sophie Gniazdowski Karen Gola-nka Patrick Gray John Griltin Kenneth Griffin Gary Guidotti Paul Gunther Mitchell Haick Patricia Hall Jacquelyn Hamilton Janet Hamilton Lessie Hamilton Pearl Hamilton Wanda Harchula Jacqueline Hardy Andrew Harvey Catherine Harvey Merle Haseley Kathleen Heider Terry Henschel Celeste Hevia Patricia Hilditch James Hlastala Kathy Hogan Michael Holt Carla Gallant Maria Galvano Sandra Garcia Alice Gardner -our Rebecca Homick Rita Homschik Judy Hoopsick James Horst Margaret Hurtienne David Ianni Gerald Imerese Colene irish Barbara Jagow Richard Jayne Diane Johnson Robert Johnson Rosemary Jordan Stanley Kaczmarczyk Stephan Kaczmarzyk Rodney Kcuik Catherine Keener Lucinda Kennedy Wayne Koch John Karzak Karen Krulisky Christine Kuczwanski Susan Kuklevsky Paul Kukulka Marian Kwiatkowski Marianne Lobosky Theresa Lane Gene Le Fevre Arthur Lefstein Richard Leonard Deborah Leone Virginia Lester Barbara Lewis Edgar Lewis Elizabeth Luzak Lawrence Lymon Linda Lysiak Teresa Macri Mary Maida Charles Maney Roberf Marcel Charlene Marino Joseph Marino Barbara Marsh Elvera Martino Sandra Martini Marie Mason Elizabelh Mafhison Kyle Moybee Kevin McCaw Robert McConnell Brian McCormick Bernadeffe McManigle Ma ry MCWhorTer Michelle Mellon Donald Meseck Richard Metro Robert Metro Patrina Milicia Mary Milton Maria Minicucci Jean Mis Maureen Moir Emme Monfi Walter Lisowslci Janelle Loss Thomas Losfracco Genevieve Lucchefli LX Robert Morgan Gerald Morreale Glenn Mort Nelson Mule 4 James Murphy Barbara Muscatello Mary Nalbone Susan Narkiewicz Priscilla Newman Dan Nicoleffe Thomas O'Bara Mary Oblamski Peggy O'Callaghan Ann O'Connor Linda O'Neal Pairicia Onesi Rita Orefice Gary Owens Carolyn Pace Gail Pane Evelyn Paradise Alan Pasler Lawrence Passanese Kenneth Payne Dominic Penale James Penman Deborah Petrazzoulo Edifh Peflll' Gretchen Peunic Mary Phillips Philip Pietrobono Mary Pinzotfi Barbara Pisarski Kathleen Pitarresi Rebecca Printup Judy Promowicz Joseph Pullano Richard Reader Meredith Reid Susan Riggi Orlando Rigo Susan Rimmer Kathleen Rinaldo Christine Ripple Vicki Rizzuto Janet Rogan Gloria Rosen Robin Ross Richard Rowles Christine Rubino Pat Ruggirello Michael Runals Roberta Runals Linda Rutherford John Santora John Sarkees Carl Schifano Linda Schofield Thomas Schubmehl Thomas Schulz Patricia Scipione Fred Scott Cynthia Scozzafava Frank Seliga Betty Pittroff Geraldine Polizzi Carol Ponzi Deidra Poulos Gerald Senese David Shapiro Gary Shapiro Terri Shapiro Eric Sharp Susan Shearer Sara Sheldon Patricia Sinclair Roseann Sirianni James Skrzypek Thomas Slaiman Juliette Smith Michael Smith Patricia Smith William Smith Joan Sofia Tom Sokoloski Darlene Sonka Joe Spallino Deborah Sparling John Specht Debra Spencer Anthony Spendio Rita Spendio Susan Stepien Arthur Stickney Patricia Stiner Linda St. Onge Bruce Strasburg Dennis Strong Dennis Sullivan Andrea Swaha Peter Swank Danny Sweney Henry Thornton Linda Tirahassi Beverly Tobey Erwin Tobey Virginia Todd Cynthia Tompkins Candice Toni Cheryl Trojan Scott Tuttle Carey Tyler Dorothy Urbaniak Samuel Vaughn Victoria Ventresca Blanche Viavada Wayne Vigue Jerry Vito Bonnie Wade Nancy Walker Joanne Walos Thomas Walter Paul Warren Joyce Westgate Daniel White Paul White Robert Wilk Gwendolyn Williams Jackolyn Williams Sonia Williams Lawrence Wilson Alan Wineburgh Rose Szarszewski Joseph Tarnowiecki Barbara Theis Eloise Thomas ol" if 49' Gail Zoleski Janet Zcinkowski Frank Zelinsky Crystal Winicirski Darlene Winters Paul Wright William Wysocki Think happy thoughts ana' a'o things that make other people happy This is a great ormuta or success asyou will a'is eooer by tgfzng it Norman Vmcent Peale A CTIVITIES KZ fy my- Q f n f n , n ' ' - Eglg di? g . A jg Left to Right: Anthony Serionni, President, Mrs. Eugenia DiFrcn- visor, Mory Tropcsso, Treosurer. Not Pictured: Joseph lnsonci, Vice- cesco, Advisor, Debbie Plumer, Secretory, Mr. Robert Becton, Ad- Presidenf, STUDENT COUNCIL HOMEROOM REPRESEN TA TI VES PRESJDENTS Rory Bonoro, Tony Alterio, Joyce Westgcite, Art Fine- gold, Koren Golcinko, Christine Forester, Pot Peri, Michoel Blond, Eugene Guodeus, Robert Johnson, Mory Oblcimski, Gerold Senese, Donci Mort, Lindo Cocchio, Sue Rotello, Pete Forster, Dorothy Czoplo, Mory Lou Dcsniels, George Chrisopoulos, Pot Deon, Cothy Col- cxndrelli, Cheri Onesi, Joe Insono, Lindo Promowicz, Kciren Leone, Don Horris, Gwendolyn Seols, Don Sle- pion, Mory Soul, Mike Moloney, Bill Bosso, Shoron Smith, Shorlene Wolerowicz, Ernie Antonucci, Croig Austin, Jonice Drobczyk, Toro O'Connor, Bonnie Coug- hell, Dione Perdikos, Denise Cortese, Russ DeFc1zio, Kathy RUFF, Stcxn Wright, Cindy Frisino, Jonis Golonko, Torn Heck, Lynn Shofier, Susie Puerner, Robert Folsetti, Ilene Woke, Mory Louzou, Chuck Longo, Bernie Sob- czyk, Myro Stephons, John Mozzocchi, Loretto Milczor- ski. VICE-PRESIDENTS Mork Bruno, Alfred Archie, JoAnne Wolos, Rozonne Cirrito, Poul Kukulko, Dione Johnson, Edith Merino, Jocinne Be-rordo, Mory Cornmoroto, Sophio Gniozkow- ski, Rick Renoud, Cdthy Pullono, Lorry Lymon, Sondro Gigliotti, Ronnie Boziok, Sonder Abromson, Froncine Dudrick, Mory Boio, Suson Fitzrnorris, John Goiner, Glorio Belligio, Andreo Kciitoz, Shoron Hines, Charles Infontino, Noncy Leonord, Stcm Kosprzok, Lynn Schiro, Vince Poscuzzi, Louis Solliccioli, Dcirlone Trone, Pot Buscemi, Steve Webster, Ken Virtuoso, Judy Amorelli, Ann Bcizzoni, Greg Brindo, Sue Shoner, Ernie Domon- ico, Noel Touchette, Lydio Colosi, Nick DeFc1zio, Mcir- goret Rizzotto, Wolter Zolczek, Mike Gcillino, Rito Gon- zolles, Andreo Viverito, Morvin Shimrnel, Cloudici Ro- horn, John Hollidoy, Evylyn lnguoggioto, Gciry Holl, Cheryl Lyoll, Don Sophio, Gerry Tcxreco, Dione Mon- gione, Donno McDougold. STUDENT COUNCIL One of The mosT imporTanT organizaTions aT Niagara Falls l-ligh School is The STudenT Council. lT is Through This viTal body ThaT The sTudenTs can express Their ideas and voice Their opinions Tor The beTTermenT of The school. The STudenT Council holds iTs successful annual UniTed Giver's Fund drive in OcTober. ThroughouT The course oT The 1965-T966 school year, The Council sponsored dances, a l-looTenanny in November, and various acTiviTies for The enioyme-nT of The sTudenT body. Pep rallies were held aT various Times in The year Tor our TooTball and basl4eTball Teams. This year's STudenT Council advisors were Mr. RoberT BeaTon and Mrs. Eugenia Di Fran- CGSCO. AnThony Serianni, PresidenT, Debbie Plumer, SecreTary, and Mary Trapasso, Treasurer, spenT many hours working Toward The successful accomplishmenT of all STudenT Council acTiviTies. -1, Q' .itil Urwe T Y D m tif? Q Q IA GARIA The Niagarian for 1966 is an attempt at excellence. Its editor, Judith Baumgartner, and its assistant editor, Lydia Colosi, have spent countless'hours preparing a complete representation ot all the memorable events of l965-66. Miss Ann McCabe and Mr. Robert Simpson advised the staff in the production ot the Niagarian, while Miss Marie Finley conquered the enormous task ot balanc- ing the budget. Kathleen Hoag and our other typists prepared the myriads of copy. We hope that this, your yearbook, will provide many years ot enioyment and tond memories. LITERARY STAFF Left to Right, FIRST ROW: Ann Nolte, Suzanne Ostrozynski, Kath- leen Hoag, Francine Mariglio, Cynthia Ramos, Judy Amorelli, Janet Pena, Gloria Martinez. SECOND ROW: Sue Shapiro, Mon- ica Wilson, Lydia Colosi, Judy Boumgartner, Sandra Weigel, Debbie Wallens. THIRD ROW: Miss Marie Finley, Charl Keller, Linda Finger, Nick De Fazio, Mr. Robert Simpson, Linda Nation, Cathy Harvey, Miss Ann McCabe. 14.4 1-u""'s BUSINESS STAFF Left to Right, SEATED: Marsha Kilgore, Doris Noblin, Pat Nichele, Debbie Wallens, Raymond Luciclo STANDING: Barbara Dellaree, Miss Marie Finley, Bill Raiczak. IA GARIAN BUSINESS REPRESENTA TIVES Left to Right, FIRST ROW: Ilene Wake, Claudia Lang, Jacquelyn Sondra Weigel, Cheri Onesi, Sue Horton, Henry Bennett, Linda Fadel, Marcia Raiczak, Mary Lou Daniels, Eileen Bailey, Kathy Finger, Jacky Suidut, Janice Skowronek, Judy Sharp, Judy Amor- Rutt, Karen Carver, Linda Grace. SECOND ROW: Gloria Simp- elli. FOURTH ROW: Philip Leta, Linda O'Flaherty, Greg Mitchell, son, Kathleen Brown, Joann Vorel, Linda Buscemi, James Hauser, Ernest Curto, Michael Gold, Mitchel Stum-po, John Killian, William Barbara Capizzi, Susan Fitzmorris, Cindy Carver. THIRD ROW: Adams. CHR ON I CLE The Chronicle, our school newspaper, has completed its 85th year of publication. This year, under the excellent guidance ot Miss Bertha Storey, has been one of the most successful in its entire history. The aim of the Chronicle is to keep its subscribers informed ot school functions such as sports, meetings, evening programs, and other activities. The able staff also adds a personal touch by including articles on school 'celebrities', plus a collection of many amusing selections to entertain the readers. W 100 CHR ON I CLE EDITORS EDITOR M he-I sfump NE WS EDITOR Sondra Weigel FEATURES EDITOR G Q Mafchelu SPORTS EDITOR M h I G ld EDITORIALS EDITOR Kmhy R ff BUSINESS MANAGER Judy A n EXCHANGES GI s p PHO TOGRA PI-IER E c OFFICE MANAGER L d F Q COLUMNISTS c dy c ver, Ilene woke ADVISOR M B h s y CHRONICLE REPRESENTA TIVES HONOR SOCIETY BOOKSTORE Left to Right, Staggered: Mr. Glenn Smith, Janice Centotantl, Susan Shapiro, Craig Austin, Linda Mayes, Nick DeFazio, Bob Ewalt, Candy Frerk, Miss Elizabeth Mitchell. HO OR SOCIETY The Niagara Falls High School Chapter of the National Honor Society, under the super- vision ot Miss Elizabeth Mitchell and Mr. Glenn Smith, provides one of the school's most outstanding organizations. Students are inducted into the Honor Society on the basis of scholarship, service, lead- ership, and character and must maintain an 88 average throughout the year. Two of its main projects are the monitoring of the corridors during the day and the up- keep of a paperback bookstore. The society also sponsors a project to raise money to present one or two of its members with scholarships. This year the Honor Society oflicers were Craig Austin, President, Dominick DeFazio, Vice-president, Susan Shapiro, Secretary, and Robert Ewalt, Treasurer. Under the direction of such capable advisors and officers, the Honor Society is truly an asset to our school. 102 --K W. fn, 1, W M ,,,., K w:E,,k,.l., if -7 5 va., me ' 15? if 2 Vi 6 v 1- , ,KV 5 1 if 11.1, Q W, , ug" .NV ' , , sf! A ,Q - wr 1. fi G 'Y an 5, U Q-f Fiqh, vb ,K T. Q., Q, 328 XR i 1.1 . f fiiiy 4- .4 ' Wil' 'PT 4 2. , Kc 3 1- lafkik ' V 1 1' 1 A 'YL QM? 731- 5. 2 E Q, I . ra X uka 4 Q Q ,gg aff fsf X Left to Right FIRST ROW Betty Pittroff, Arthur Lefstein, Anne Meredith Reid, Henry Bennett THIRD ROW Larry Hazel Craig Porreca M Rollin Wiseman SECOND ROW: Vincent Bucci, Austin, Francoise Sylvestre, Ernest Curto Mitchel Stumpo Bob Wayne Gladish Patrick Snyder Nick DeFazio, Frank Seliga, EWGlT, Donald Burford. JOH MARSHALL CL UB The debating club of Niagara Falls High School, the John Marshall Club, has been functioning for the past ten years. Each member must be able to express him- self in debate on many topics pertaining to citizen- ship education or current events. One of the club's annual events was its participation in the model United Nations. Each group selects the nation it would like to represent and familiarizes itself with the nation's problems and cultures. The discussion which follows is a duplication of the nation's proce- dure for coping with the United Nations. Advisor to the group was Mr. Rollin Wiseman of our Social Studies Department. Without his guidance, this year's officers Mitchel Stumpo, President, Wayne Gladish, Vice-president, Patrick Snyder, Secretary, and Donald Burford, Treasurer, would not have been able to function as successfully as its aims and objectives demand. 104 Left to right FIRST ROW: Frederick Fadel, Jonathan Sax, Jim THIRD ROW: Mr. John Hagerty, Advisor: Craig Austin Ernest Hauser SECOND ROW: Guy Forcucci, Wayne Gladish, Nick De- Curto, Michael Gold, Thomas Sales, Mark Shatter, Mitchell Stumpo Fazlo Douglas Fadel, Frank Seliga, Peter Beckett, Vincent Bucci. Dan Ensminger. THE FORE IC SUCIETT Good fellowship, and practice in public speaking and debating-the purpose of one of the school's oldest and most selective organization-the Forensic Society. At formal dinner meetings held on alternating Tuesday nights at the members' homes, the participating students are exposed to a variety of programs. The design of the year's agenda includes presentations by prominent community members, prepared group discussions and debates, impromptu discussions and individual speeches, and the annual inter-club oratorical competition. After weeks of elimination, the student who is judged the winner by three qualified professional men of the community has his name engraved on the school plaque. Other functions of the Forensic Society include one service proiect for the community, one money-raising proiect, one social activity, and the annual Fathers' and Sons' Banquet. This year, the Forensic Society was under the capable supervision of Mr. John Hagerty and leadership of President, Guy Forcucci, Vice-President, Ernest Curto: Secretary, Craig Austin, and Treasurer, Nick DeFazio. The Society is totally proud of the individual progress, development, and enjoyment received by each member as a result of his par- ticipation in the organization. 105 Left to Right, FIRST ROW: Art Finegold, Joe Spallino, Richard Brezing, Pete Paonessa, Jim Oleniczak, Rick Rotella, Sam George Leonard, Mr. Richard DeMunda. SECOND ROW: James Hauser, Felix Ricco. FOURTH ROW: Dave Chiodo, Tom Heck, Frank Vaca Alan Wineburgh, Joe lnsana, Jim Filicetti, Mario Nardelli, rella, Dave Walos, Frank Minervini, Paul Parise, Tony DiCecco, Wayne Davis. THIRD ROW: Armie DiFrancesco, Pat Peri, Richard Tony Serianni, Bill Lang, Bill Manarina. KET CLUB The Key Club is a service organization devoted to making high school years more pleas- ant and beneficial to its members. This club sponsors varied activities made successful by the initiative and drive of its mem- bers. These activities, such as its frequent pizza sales, the annual election ot "Miss Key Club" and the annual Jazz Concert, are welcomed by the student body. Under the direction of Mr. Richard Delviunda, the Key Club provides incentive for the student body and gives its members many good times. The officers are, Tom Heck, Presi- dent, Sam George, Vice-President, Peter Woolverton, Secretary, and Richard Brezing, Treasurer. 106 Left to Right, FIRST ROW: Barbara Delaree, lona Crittenden, Mary Ann Ciamarro, Pat Smith, Sue Pay, Rich Colosi, Linda Muzzillo, Linda Promowicz, Debbie Manarino, Winfred Cook, Linda Skrlin. SECOND ROW: Gail Jolley, Beverly Franciskicwicz, Fred Laugh- lin, Kathy Cunningham, Monica Lane, Adele Selfridge, Diane Allen, Anna DeMunda, Theresa Slesinski, Ernest Lucantonio, Shir- ley Smith. THIRD ROW: Albert Evans, Maureen Stewart, Randy Joyce, Michael Kranitz, Carol Riggi, Eileen Selfridge, Mary Mack- enzie, Kathy Korowski, Anthony Matace, Maxine Walker, Nanette Crafton, Mary Cauley, Judy Frails. FOURTH ROW: John Orzulak, Carrie Thomas, Sandra Mottltt, Diana Schul, Christine Estelle, Lois Moehrle, Marlene Clontz, Linda Volpe. FIFTH ROW: Mary Pierce, Richard Hayes, Judy Scott, Chuck Longo, Arthur Pierrot, Vincent Pacazzo, Lonnie Martin, Mary Alice Wooten. DECA CLUB The Distributive Education Club of America, or Deca Club, identifies a program of youth activities relating to distributive education and is designed to develop future lead- ers for marketing and distribution. It is organized on local, state and national levels to provide incentives and recognition for distributive education students. lt encourages group participation, leadership development, and career study. Mr. Frank Ortano is the advisor tor the Deca Club at Niagara Falls High School. Under his supervision, members sponsored an annual candy sale. Proceeds from such functions were used to the advantage ot club members. ln the past, the members have cooperated fully in all activities and have taken great pride in Deca. This year Deca proved to be an SVCD QFSOTSI' SUCCESS. as 'Y 'rf' .,,. LM, -fi, ,, Left to Right, FIRST ROW: Doris Noblin, Betty Pittrott, Linda Mun- Judy Baumgartner, Frank Keough, Janice Centofanti, Karen Pet- ger, Denise Cortese. SECOND ROW: Betsy Baer, Claudia Raham, razzoulo. FOURTH ROW: Linda Finger, Suzanne Kianott, Patrick Maureen Mallo, Janet Pena, Lydia Colosi, Kathy Holt, Cynthia Snyder, Francoise Sylvestre, Michael Fedak, Walter Tracinski, Ramos, Nancy Walker, Claudia Lang. THIRD ROW: Kirk Robin- Linda Nation, Cheryl Swift, Monica Wilson, Debbie Wallens, son, Estelle Belkota, Florence White, Debbie Evans, Sue Shapiro, FRE CH CL Stimulating an interest in the French language and civilization, the French Club com- pleted a memorable year under the direction ot Mr. Lucien Rainville. "Les Chevaliers de la Table Ronde" carried out various activities, including the annual sale of N.F.H.S. sweat- shirts andthe awarding of a scholarship to an outstanding senior. Working to make the club a success were its otticers tor i965-Woo: Judith Baumgartner, President, Cynthia Ramos, Vice-President, Lydia Colosi, Secretary, and Claudia Lang, Treasurer. 108 R USSIAN CL UB The Russian Club, under The drrecnon of Mrs Sofla Bogdanovucz has been functioning at Niagara Falls High School for Two years Thus group seeks to sfxmulafe an rnferesf in The language and customs of The Russlan people Early in the year The club was h st To an open house and planned several excursions The members also subscribed To var: us Russian magazines The 1965-66 officers were Andrea gaso Presndent John Fuchs Vnce Presrdent and Kathy Ruff, Secretary-Treasurer. . T ix , ll J ls rll N wlv Gfllvs n Fw 'dvlv wh wb blullg 3 BTW lullw an I5 VT I 1 , K I lv? 'u Left To Right FIRST ROW: etty Jane Fadel Linda Wllk Keith SECOND ROW John Fuchs Dan Mocnlak Ted Jordan Robert Geerlng Andrea Zaso, Paul Hug es, Mrs. Soha Bagdanovxcz Torre Conrad Tubln John Ruff Lawrence Barley 2 2 E 3 SEATED: Judy Peller, Dan Mocniak, Thomas Killian. STANDING: Kirk Robinson. STARD UST The Stardust, under the direction, of Dr. Marius Risley, has been Niagara Falls High School's annual art and literary magazine for over twenty years. This compilation is composed of poems, essays, and short stories by our talented student authors. Many selections are submitted, and from them the best are chosen, printed, bound and then put on sale as one issue. This otters much reading enioyment to the student body as well as an encouragement tor other students to submit their work for the coming year's publi- cation. The editors for this year were Thomas Killian and Kirk Robinson. 110 COMP TER MA TH The Computer Math Class is a small group which meets twice a week to discuss such things as the basic fundamentals of computer operation or the mathematics involved in programming scientific problems. Under the direction of Mr. Thomas Huestis, the students operate an IBM key punch, which makes cards tor computer use. The cards are then ted to a T6-20 IBM system, which reads questions on the cards and answers them. The Com- puter Math Class helps students prepare for their future careers. Left to Right: Robert Monroe, Jim Felicitti, and Gary Sankes. Lett to Right, FIRST ROW: Lorraine Galabinski, Andrea Zaso, Debbie Dean, Diane Mangione, Linda Alvarez, Jan Pena, Janis Golanka, Erminia Ann Bellone, Denise Dean, Myra Stephans, Eve- lyn Inguaggiato. SECOND ROW: Beverly Fransiszkiewicz, Angela Incorvia, Mary-Jo Dolliver, Cheri Onesi, Joan Plennert, Betty Zaleslci, Debbie Wallens, Florence White, Estelle Belkota, Nardene Ricotta, Tina Mess. THIRD ROW: Ann Bazzani, Ann Nolte, Judy Sharp, Sandra Bax, Judy Baumgartner, Gloria Rodriguez, Darlene Polnialc, Gloria Martinez, Karen Marcucci, Rita Talarico, Bonnie Caughill, Donna McDougald. FOURTH ROW: Carol Henderson, Judy Dunlap, Janice Skowronek, Linda Nation, Lynn Shafer, Bar- bara Wysocki, Eugene Stanwich, Janet Cecula, Charl Keller, Cheryl Swift, Suzanne Kianott, Diane Perdikas, Mary Trapasso. CADE T TEA CHERS Under the guidance of Miss Gretchen Erwin, Niagara Falls High School students have an opportunity to gain valuable knowledge and experience in the field of education. An organization open to all students, the Cadet Teachers helps to prepare its members for teaching careers. One day each week, the members assisted teachers in elementary schools throughout the city as in a student-teacher program. Left to Right, FIRST ROW: Denise Cortese, Karen Carver, Doris Noblin, Janet Rogan, Debbie Cortese, Jill Ventresca, Ilene Wake. SECOND ROW: Francine Frazier, Nancy Leonard, Sharon Nathan- son, Kathy Ruit, Claudia Lang, Sharon Graft, Andrea Wagner, The group prepared several successful activities during the year. Among these were bake sales and the sale ot ballpoint pens. The I965-66 otticers were Judy Baumgartner, Presi- dent, Judy Sharp, Vice-President, Myra Stephens, Sec- retary, and Nardene Ricotta, Treasurer, and Karen Carver, Assistant Treasurer. Christine Rubino. THIRD ROW: Claudia Raham, Cindy Carver, Sue Fitzmorris, Susie Puerner, Elaine Toscanni, Jerrine Brunn, Candy McCombs, Andrea Kaitasz, Karen Leone, Cynthia Ramos. Left to Right, FIRST ROW: Nancy Armeli, Colleen Fitzsimmons, Mary Jane Welch, Bulah Jefferson, Darie Banks, Tara O'Connor, Darlene Kok, Louise Thomas, Helen Harchula, Karen Petrazulo, Anita Farrella, Sandy Fitzgerald, Nancy Neubauer, Elizabeth Bel- Marian Beecher, Marcia Raiczak, Gloria Chiodo. SECOND ROW: kota, Eira Casczola. FUTURE URSES CL UB The Future Nurses Club is under the direction of Miss Gretchen Erwin and Anita Farella, the club president. The purpose of this organization is to interest girls in a rewarding career and to teach them more about the profession. The main event of this year's club was "Career Night". Girls representing their nursing schools and colleges from nearby cities and counties spoke on this wonderful profes- sion and also about their schools. The club hopes to prepare girls and help them gain an idea for a rewarding future ca- reer. H3 AMERICAN FIELD SERVICE The American Field Service, under the direction of Miss Mary lngrasci, promotes friend- ship and understanding among the students of N.F.l-l.S, This organization has spon- sored our first exchange student, Mademoiselle Francoise Sylvestre ot Le Mans, France. The group held a pizza sale and candy sale in the Fall to raise money for Francoise's expenses in Niagara Falls. The A.F.S. also sponsored various social events to acquaint Francoise with our customs, foods, and culture. Working with Miss Ingrasci to insure the success of all activities were the 1965-66 oFFicers, Ann Bazzani, President, Kirk Robin- son, Vice-President, Sandra Hilliard, Secretary, and Susan Shapiro, Treasurer. H4 J 1012 RED CR oss The Junior Red Cross, under the direction of Miss Irene Witkowski, is an international organization composed of student volunteers. It participates in many activities for the benetit of our school and community. They have participated in many service proiects for the unfortunate and have contrib- uted substantially to the well-being of the community. An annual occurrence is the roll call Red Cross drive. Funds were raised in each homeroom from the student body. OFB- cers for the year were: Madlyn Costantino, President, Lynn Shaffer, Vice-President, and Joan Pino, Secretary. 115 SER VICE ORGANIZA TIONS Essential to the success of any scholastic program are the time and effort con- tributed by the student body. Many students at Niagara Falls High School freely donated their time to its various sewice organizations for the efficient functioning of the entire school. The distribution and collection of attendance sheets was carried on by girls who volunteered their study halls. As well as assisting with attendance records, the girls also helped with other ohice tasks. Miss Adeline Dominanni and Mrs. Hua-Nien Yin supervised the organization of this group. The library, fundamental to many student activities, functioned efficiently dur- ing the school year. Under the supervision of Miss Marjorie Blackmar, the ef- fort put forth by the capable staff helped to make the library a credit to our school. Advised by Miss Virginia Donahue, the school store was a valuable asset to the student body. Essential school supplies were purchased daily before school and during the lunch periods. Under the guidance of Mrs. Clarissa Hyser, the clinic staff helped to meet the needs of the student body during the school day. The workers assisted in com- piling records, tiling cards, and treating minor illnesses. One of the busiest places at Niagara Falls High School was the guidance office. Miss Gretchen Erwin, Mrs. Edith Seatter, Mr. John Janowski, Mr. George Wood, and Mr. Herbert Swift advised students on their individual problems and future plans. Assisted by a capable staff of students, the guidance department performed many services for the entire student body. Preparing televisions and protectors for class utilization and film and sound equipment for assemblies was the task of the audio-visual group. The lighting, scenery arrangements, and special effects of stage productions are often as important as the performers. These behind-the-scene activities were carried on by the stage crew. Both the audio-visual and stage crew were under the di- rection of Mr. Robert Magee. The Radiological Detection group, organized by Mr. Kenneth Rideout, assisted the entire school in practicing safety to prevent casualties in the event of an enemy attack. The members of the group were trained to act as stretcher bearers and couriers. Throughout the year, the Usherettes was an essential part of all school functions. The girls, under the direction of Miss Mary lngrasci, ushered at such events as Parent's Night, Class Day, and Commencement exercises. lnformation pertinent to the student body was easily found in the bulletin board outside the main ofhce. Miss May Lanigan supervised the posting of various announcements. The showcases in the front hall contained many beautiful and clever displays throughout the year. These exhibits were capably co-ordinated under the super- vision of Miss Mariorie Helstrom. II6 Left to Right, STANDING OFF STAGE: Eira Cazazola, Linda Angela Incorvia, Joann Labosky. STANDING ON STAGE: Nardine Mayes, Carol Lazeration, Madlyn Constantino, Carrie Thomas, Ricotta, Debbie Yogerst, Ann O'Connor, Beverly Perno. LIBRARY WORKER SCHOOL STORE SEATED: Susan Pay, Janet Forcucci, STANDING: Left to Right, Midge Hewitt, Theresa Slesinski, Becky Ba- dorian, Mary Pierce, Christine Estelle, Bonnie La Porte. t I I gs fi I , 3. 5 I 155! .fda SEATED, Left to Right: Miss Adeline Dominian Suzanne Mai. A TTENDA BL E SHEET COLLECTOR Left To Right FIRST ROW: Delores Crafion, Darla Catl'1erine,Anne Sandra Hilliard Judy Dunlap Darlene Polniak Mary Lauzau Mrs DeMunda Frances Cale. SECOND ROW: Gloria Rodriguez, Bon Hua Nien Yin nie Caughell Evelyn lnguaggiafo, Francine Mariglio. THIRD ROW ,nm , .N Q A A ., , Left to Righf, SEATED: Mary Jane Welch, Debbie Dean, Denise ING: Susan Pippard, Joyce Oleiarz, Tara OfConnor, Nancy Neu- Dean, Mrs. Clarissa Hyser, Mary Saul, Claudia Raham. STAND- bauer, Bonnie Caughell, Marlene Dobbs, Diane Mangione. CLINIC ASSISTANTS G IDA CE WORKERS Left to Right, FIRST ROW: Mr. John Janowski, Mr. George Wood, Donna Lee. FOURTH ROW: Patricia Scott, Nancy Neubauer, Rita Mr. Hubert Swift. SECOND ROW: Mrs. Edith Seailer, Miss Gref- Talarico, Sylvia Sanders, Geraldine Richwalder, Theresa Slesinski. Chen Erwin. THIRD ROW: Elaine Toscani, Lorraine Galabinski, yang- f,es.f2IL"-'fx Left to Right, FIRST ROW: Rick Baxter, David Einstein, Mr. Robert Magee, James Adams, Glenn Scott, William Adams, Robert Monroe, Thomas Walter, Sam Gronata, Rich Cadille, Rich Renaud. A D10 VISUAL RADIOLUGICAL DETECTIO Left to Right, FIRST ROW: Mark Wineburg, Marvin Shimmel, Henry Igras, Walter Tracinski, Mitchel Stumpo, THIRD ROW: Roche Las Bennett, Richard Fox, Mr. Kenneth Rideout. SECOND ROW: Jan kowski, Johnny Otto, Robert Monroe. W.,..,., , T, Left to Righf, FIRST ROW: Betty Pittroff, Darlene Trane, Jan Pena, Roberta Runals, Meredith Reid, Judy Peller, Sharlane Bennett. Louise Thomas, Chris Gombert, Pina Montanie, Marcia Raiczak, THIRD ROW: Judy Baumgarfner, Dione TUVHSV, l-if1dG MOVES, SGH- Leonina Serianni. SECOND ROW: Eloisa Serrano, Jane Conroy, dra HiIliard,Judy Sharp, Gloria Rodriguez. SHERE TTES STA GE CRE W Qgufii- 5 - , an-UF-lik! . : .... Mm- H I e - ,- .W ig , -Ms 15 A ,M 5 in A X iii 1 L 1,m2:'ssnQxx1e uxlxxmm ,L - , was Left to Right, FIRST ROW: Irene Fair, Darcy Martinez, Micki Kyle, Christine Steele, Debbie Evans, Jacquelyn Fadel, Louise Piet- ras, Susie Puerner. SECOND ROW: Marisa Caira, Cheryl Betha, Sandra Hilliard, Sharon Armistead, Elizabeth Carter, Barbara Fritz, Judy Sharp, Patricia Ann Helie, Betty Jane Fadel, Carol Barbato, Elizabeth Hoffman. THIRD ROW: Susan Fitzmorris, Cyn- thia Kosoc, David Gatley, Larry Passanese, David Wright, William Smith, Michael Pennington, Ronald Hewitt, Bob Serianne, Robert De Angelo, Carol Terezia, Linda Finger. FOURTH ROW: Mary Lauzau, Donald Harles, James Supon, Albert Beltrono, Paul Wright, Wayne Koch, Thomas Culver, Bill Stremble, Gary Koclc, Larry Hazel, Richard Fox, Gary Owens, Dianne Bliss. A CA PPELLA The A Cappella Choir added melodious entertainment to assemblies and musical pro- grams held throughout the academic year. Organized and supervised by Mr. Willard Mayo, the Choir performed at Parent's Night, the Spring Concert, and Commencement exercises. The members of the group spent many hours perfecting their abilities, and as a result produced excellent performances. CH OR Mr. Willord Moyo once ogczin conquered the enormous tosk of directing the chorus. Under his coreful supervision, students out Nicigoro Folls High School were able to ob- toin o useful toundotion for musicol backgrounds. The chorus proved highly successful, providing musicol entertainment ot such speciol events os the onnuol Spring Concert. 23355 H C :ii ima ":'n'rn -- i ,nan 3 4 in 1 31 n 338333333 :Q ?'22::,g.::vvnuua1u sununnu n -Q menu new-nam nous Q on unnuuum a angst 3" 'Q Vififffii 5 Q9 8138. u ann u as an nit. NIMH.. nn an .N 1 , g :u :Min Q 3 Qu 0 neue Q N 1 , ,, .M..M.,MA,sM...W..,.-, r 3971091 ixfmhcf r 2'X k 'Pr lv uw fm. .A it p:uv2i,4,g3i,i,,,5.,w,g v3wMM,.,.s Eff ,.,,f9 44 W. MMM .a,M,,v,,Nv:1 ., s.e...a'., rife. 1 N- n,r,.v,,.,.-m,N .sind ,L wc , . .., psi: xg M sz! snug-vuw5,sfi,ii, M ,iw-,.H , ,, . .. , ' 1 Qwest 2 2fP+Mf1em ,, K 'L ' - -2 - '- was xii!!! 1 ' . , MM ,Min s 1 M wn.,ss.p ,H+ Ur can Q 4 .-su. .nu 4 U1 nan s ann-u mn s 1 if qu .1 5 ,i,, .. -v Q 41 , nu. nnifiliffl ", u . an 4 2222222 .,,,,,,,ug3 1, a u u :::::::::f.1:fnu ui....num-Q-4.-nina-...N Jffffdu -V ,,, is W ,. .1 .. ,A -- ,u,:..... mm:,m.. . . ............2:.:':':' : x .::::"""':::::::...::::::gzs ..:5 4 -A Q' is .. I 1 ' I J . if :Z OR CHES TRA An opportunity for emotional expression and creativity was oftered to the student body by participation in the orchestra. Successfully directing the group, Mr. Brian Donley in- stilled enthusiastic feelings among the students. The orchestra provided musical enter- tainment for students and taculty alike with its performances at assemblies, the Spring Concert, Class Day and Graduation exercises. Left to Right, FIRST ROW: Pat Hutchinson, Carolyn Pace, Paul Gunther, Delvan Thornton. SECOND ROW: Flora Belton, Mary Pinzotti, Janet Rogan, Marian Antonucci, Linda Finger, Deborah Sparling, Mary Antonucci. THIRD ROW: David Zawadzki, Robert Frailey, Elizabeth Hottman, David Wright, Debby Evans, Christine Steele. FOURTH ROW: Mr. Brian Donley, Rodney Ellis, George Bradley. Q , . ....,..... ....., ,,..,... ,s.,.m:.,.:.,,,m,w X -H::e:f'::::::an.'-5. za: :x:::.:., JH., msgs. :::...c::....,,..... .....m:z::: :::::.S:z:,. iw..sagxmsi-zgggggiqfgzarzzr" ww-' :mx .,..,. .W S-f-f11"y'2:,'lfQ,,,,,,,,.s!52,,,-w..was-44u,4x:...2:,Av ,mmm gQ::,,2,,.L,Mq. 4 ...,..,.,..W.-. ws 1- ,gmt CH OOL BA The Niagara Falls High School bancl has completed a highly successful year. Of primary importance was the group's enthusiastic participation at football games. The members provided half-time entertainment and added lively notes to the cheers. The success of the band may be attributed to the direction of Mr. Brian Donley, as well as the efforts of the students. Excellent entertainment was also provided at assemblies and the Spring Concert. T25 '--va .,..4 lk Nxakri N-Q'fss2ff Mr. John Jcznowski files cz report. vi ilii Blood Typing in Advanced Bi- ology with Mr. Foley. Sfudy, Study, Study! X I Mig -All Mr. George Stcmkovich, Assistant- principal. Altogether now one two, Three Tony Rinaldi, Custodian. Class Doy 1965 Mr. Collins, Miss Simmons, cmd Mr. Evcuns of Gradua- tion 1965. Ann Piffroff and Angelo Mc- lone presenf the first copy of The 1965 Nicgoriun to Miss Moy Lcnigon. The Radicals, Moria, Sheila, ond Vicki. -XS ,-N 'IS Pom Tropcisso is chosen Miss Key Club of the Jazz Concert. The Seven Candles. Senior Banquet l965. 1, Q xL4-Afraid-Qwfww' H" " www 1 i f f Mr. Hubert Swift checks his mail. Mr. Russell Grcuer, Principal Wz'n without boasting. Lose without excuse. Albert Payson Terhune l S PORT S Lett to Right, FIRST ROW: Cindy Frisina, Sharlane Bennett, Lydia Colosi, Kathy Hoag. SECOND ROW: Peggy Barrett, San- dy Weigel, Henry Bennett, Sandy Hilliard, Judy Amorelli. THIRD ROW: David Wright, Greg Mitchell, Bill Adams, Judy Baumgartner. POR TSM NSHIP COUNCIL The Niagara Frontier Sportsmanship Council first came into existence in l936. Meeting twice a year, in the Fall and Spring, the Council discusses problems, oFlers so- lutions, and generally works together to promote better sportsmanship. All inter-scholastic sports activities are iudged by the Council. The coaches, players, spectators, and cheerleaders are evaluated on attitude, partici- pation, and conduct. The school with the highest num- ber of accumulated points at the end of the year wins the Sportsmanship Cup. Miss Mary McDougall was the Sportsmanship Coun- cil's advisor and Sandra Weigel was the group's presi- dent for i965-l966. LE TTERMA CL UB The Letterman Club was tormed last year to represent each sport at N.F.H.S. under one organization. Anyone earning at least a squad or iunior varsity letter is eligi- ble tor membership. The club has a triple purpose. The members ot every team are able to present and discuss problems which face all athletes. The promotion ot sportsmanship and Left to Right, FIRST ROW: Greg Brinda, Felix Ricco, Joe Trun- zo, Luciano Giampa, Mike Gallina, Ernie Domanico. SECOND ROW: Bill Adams, John Burns, Frank Vaccarella, Joe Hlavenka, furthering support at every athletic activity are also im- portant objectives of the Letterman Club. The Letterman Club was under the direction ot all the coaches. The otticers for i965-i966 were: Luciano Gi- ampa, President, Chuck Augustino, Vice-President, Joe Hlavenka, Secretary, Tom Buttamonte, Treasurer, and Don Torre, Sergeant-at-Arms. Jim Adams, Robert Falsetti, Henry Bennett. THIRD ROW: Tom Buttamonte, Chuck Augustino, Stan Kasparczak, Don Torre, Al Rinal- do, Dave Vcinone, Dave Walos, Mark Morath, Ernie Kitchen. Left to Right: Donna Destino, Bernie Sobczyk, Judy Peller, Louise Thomas, Cindy Frisina, Jeanette DeBacco, Sharlane Bennett, Debbie Plumer. VARSITY CHEERLEADERS Under the careful supervision of Miss Sandra Scalzo, the cheerleaders prepared for our annual football and basketball seasons. They sacrificed much of their time and practiced diligently morning and afternoon in the gym. Kindness, consideration, and ambition are lust a few of the many qualities which these girls possess. Our cheerleaders play a vital role in encouraging school spirit, cooperation, and sportsmanship. Captain Cindy Frisina, accepted her responsibility with the attitude that the cheerleaders would not just be good, but would be the best. The goal which she set was, indeed, high. Nevertheless, at every game all could see that these girls did achieve it. l33 Lett to Right, FIRST ROW: Walt Zaczek, Joe Hla-venka, Joe ROW: Joe Tarantino, John Zygmont, Gerry DeMunda, Stan Kas- Mauldin, Greg Brinda, Luciano Giampa, Tom Buttamonte, Don Tor- parczyk, John Herowski, Bob Bucci, Jerry Nardelli, John Locklin. re, John Burns, Joe Trunzo, Tom Curry. SECOND ROW: Larry FOURTH ROW: Mike Pippard, John Gritflin, Dave Smith, John Toni, Robert Falsetti, Mike Gallina, Ernie Damonico, Ken Virtuoso, Cobb, Dave Chambers, Bob Stallworth, Leon Nix, Bill Raiczyk, John Bobbera, Chuck Augustino, Dave LaSota, Mike Rivers. THIRD Cgqch An Cglqndrelli, Couch Dick Lingg, VARSITY FOOTBALL This season marks the achievement of a record-tying year for Head Coach Calendrelli and Assistant Coach Lingg. Among the six wins and two losses, one of the most gratify- ing accomplishments was our triumph over Tonawonda. lt was the first defeat they had accepted from the Cateracts since the beginning of Coach Callendrelli's supervision. The starting line-up, as ot its last game, included such notable players as Larry Toni, Ken Virtuoso, Don Torre, Luc Giampa, Chuck Augustino, Greg Brinda, and Mike Rivers, Greg Brinda was second in scoring with 54 points. Outstanding players on defense in- cluded Dave Smith, Mike Rivers, Tom Buttamonte, Leon Nix, and John Cobb. 134 P w 'IP A 2 'jkkx -g its 2 in 1 2' Y i w Q 1, Left to Right, FIRST ROW: Jim Stewart, Roger Murphy, Robert Chrlsopou os Rocco Pendola James Trainor Doug Garris Danny Merino, Peter Paonessa, Eugene Badalato, Patrick Gray, Arthur White Mike OLaughlln Bob Harms John Morello Paul Fortunate Adams, Larry Collins, Richard Renaud, Paul Kukulka, Armand Vir- Charles Strack Mike DlPaolo Dave lannl Eddie Ceccato manager tuoso, Larry Lyman. SECOND ROW: Coach Scaletta, George JU IOR VAR ITT FOOTBALL The Junior Varsity Football team of Niagara Falls Hugh School is under the direction of Coach Frank Scaletta. The Baby-Cats maintained a win loss record of 6 l Larry Collins was the Northern League individual scorer. KNEELING: Aubrey Smith. STANDING: Lucious Stephens, Dave Walos, Ernest Kitchen, Basil Estell, Bob Torre, Mike Hoplight, Charles Augustine, Dan Harris, Jerry Ellison. Missing: Coach Sam Rotella. VARSITY BASKETBALL With the expert coaching of Sam Rotella, the N.F.H.S. Power Cats have completed anoth- er successful season. ln spite of two losses at the start of the season, the team bounced back victoriously. Among the outstanding players were: Bob Torre, Dave Walos, Cap- tain Aubrey Smith, Chuck Augustino, Basil Estelle, Lucious Stephens, and Jerry Ellison. 136 Left to Right, FIRST ROW: Mike Thompson, Erwin Toby, Dave Watson, Barry Dunstan, James Alston, Bob Collins, Dave Wrobel Ianni, John Morello, Tom Wrobel, John Kaczynski, Dave Shapiro. Coach Danny Bazzani. SECOND ROW: John Adams, Ronald Fedri, Jerry Vito, Harvey JU IOR VARSITY BASKETBALL The Junior Varsity Basketball team, coached by Danny Bazzani, began a successful i965- I966 season with a winning streak. Due to the skillful coaching of Mr. Bazzani and the hard work of the entire team, the Baby Power Cats completed another outstanding sea- son. 137 Left To Right, FIRST ROW: Edgar Lewis, John Gainer, James Brooks, Terry Langford, John Fiori, Larry Lymon, Paul Fortunate, Howard Wilson, Robert Jackson, Phil Silverthorn, John Palmer, Ken- ny Lee. SECOND ROW: Joe Hlavenka, John Minicucci, Gene Tessire, Nathaniel Lee, Leo Swanson, Russ Zimmerman, Ron Scott, Jesse Jelterson, Ernie Moore, Keith Gilmore, Dennis Ketch, Charlie Pace, Joe Page, John McKenna, Joe Proietti. THIRD ROW: Coach Art Calendrelli, Assistant Coach Joe Moran, James Stewart, John Mai, Dave Smith, Mike Gallina, Robert Falsetti, Jim Alston, Stanley Morris, Don Torre, Bob Stallworth, Leon Nix, Burnell Reid, Delvan Thorton, Joe O'Grandy, Stan Kellerman, Lucious Stephens, Wayne Davis, Eddie Matthews, Bruce Taylor, Henry Thorton. TRA CK Most of last year's squad is back to improve upon last year's 6-2 record. All the boys really worked hard to achieve their goals in hurdle, relay, IOO, 220, and 440 yard dashes, shot put, discus, broad jump, hop, skip, high iump and pole iump. Each school was allowed to enter three boys in each event. Some outstanding athletes were Jesse Jetterson, Mike Gallina, Robert Falsetti, and Don Torre. Lft to Ri ht FIRST ROW: Jim Alston, Bill McConnell, Ernie Wayne Davis. THIRD ROW: John Palmer, Wade Prozeller, Dave e Q , Kitchen, Larry Bailey, Howard Wilson, Dom Sweeney. SECOND Hoplight. FOURTH ROW: Bill McClellan, Coach Dick Meckes, ROW: Bill Cacciotore, John Lichfield, Saleem Fadel, Peter Paciorek, Dean Johnson, Selma Birch, Joe O'Grady. CROSS COU TRY Niagara Falls High School produced an outstanding team for its fifth season of grueling competition in the two and two and the half mile cross country races, Tri-captains Ernest Kitchen, Larry Bailey and Jim Alston are a few of this year's best runners. This is a sport which requires a great deal of determination and rigorous training. Coach Richard Meckes is hoping that the 1966 season will bring greater glorification to the well- deserving team members. l39 -'M ,v-31511124 1' mi Mari Left to Right, SEATED: Jeff Walker, Sam Morreale, Jim Bevi- lacqua, Rich Kodeski, John Lewis, Tom Lostrocco, Bob Henschel. STANDING: Coach James Jones, Al Rinaldo, David Drake, Roche Laskowski, Dave Vanone, Mark Morath, Tim Leonard, Mike Bies, Mike Birmingham, John Clemens, Bob Hunt, Carl Schwenkbeck. SWIMMING The Niagara Falls High School swimming team, under the direction ot Coach James Jones, has completed another successful year. Among the outstanding swim- mers in the following categories were, free-style, Mark Morath, Mike Bies, Sam Morreale, and Jeft Walker, backstroke, Dave Vanone, and Carl Swenckbeck, but- Left to Right, SEATED: Larry Tibbet, Paul Holka, Paul Butski, Brian Wilson, Sam Giambattista, Gordon Reeves, Terry Henschel, Peter Sciarrino. STANDING: Mike Bland, Richard Bayne, Mike terfly, Roche Laskowski and John Lewis, breast stroke, Al Rinaldo and Tim Leonard, diving, Jim Bevilacqua and Tom Lostracco. This year's co-captains, Mark Morath and Al Rinaldo, and the entire varsity and iunior var- sity teams worked hard to achieve their outstanding record. Holinka, Dennis Frey, Doug Garis, John Sarkees, Assistant Coach Harry Brown, Tom Richardson, Sam Morales, Bob Soluri, Mike Beach, Mike Kaczmarzyk, Tom Urbaniak. mwb? if lid' h9H!"i'ii . SEATED: Larry Rybicki, Hiram Haynes, Mike Jakubowski, Gary Laster, Jef? Walker, John Cobb, Tom Curry, Don Davolio, Chuck Walos, Mitch Adamschick, Jeff Homick, Frank Batfino, Bobby Lozi- Augustine, Tony DiCecco, Frank Vaccarella, Chuck Kotalik, Felix na, Tom Butfamonte. STANDING: Coach Stewart Blinco, Bob Ricco, Rich Kinan, Manager. BASEBALL The Niagara Falls High School baseball team completed another successful year under the guidance of Coach Stewart Blinco. Great pitching, clutch hitting, and tremendous speed characterized last year's well-balanced squad. Among the outstanding players for 1965 were Larry Rybicki, Mitch Adamshick, Bob Lozina, Chuck Augustino, and Hiram Haynes. l4l Left to Right, FIRST ROW: D. Davis, D. Hriczak, L. Coffee, D. P. DeLeroto. THIRD ROW: P. Gates, J. McKinnon, A. Barkes McKinnon, B. Savino, B. Hughes, V. Parmer, B. McClellan, F. Hamil- dale, B. Jones, T. Jackson, P. Green, P. Ruggirell, J. Dolson, S ton. SECOND ROW: J. lvey, D. Sweeney, Paul Hughes, D. Skrzypak, Enis Edwards, J. Harris. Hoplight, Jim Fitzgerald, L. Bradley, B. Hazel, H. Crum, J. Palka, WRE TLI G The Niagara Falls High School Wrestling Team started its fourth year under the direction of Coach R. lvleckes. Although there were six returning varsity matmen from last year's varsity. Team is made up of iuniors who played last year on J.V. While they still lack a little in experience, it is hoped that by next year they will be ready to bring a winning streak to the Niagara Falls High School Matmen. The 1965-66 tri-captains were Greg St. Onge, Mel Cunningham, and Marv Shimmel. I42 Left to Right, FIRST ROW: Alan Rennie, Mike Matchalc, Jim Hauser. SECOND ROW: Rich Brezing, Henry Bennett, Rich Kodeski, Bill Adams. THIRD ROW: Tom Heck, Pete Woolverton. TENNIS TEAM With the superior coaching of Ed Philips our Niagara Falls High School tennis team had o successful season. They concluded the year with 8 wins and 5 losses, placing third in the league of ten teams. Some outstanding players were Jim Hauser, Richard Brezing, and Torn Heck. 143 GIRLS ' SPORTS This year a Gym Club which met 7th period, Wednesday and Thursday was organized under the supervision of Mrs. M. Meckes. Barbara Lozi- na, president, Beverly Spencer, vice-president, Pat Nichele, secretary, and Michele Fetcho, was treasurer. The goal of these girls was to de- velop flexibility, balance, strength, control and agility for both self- satisfaction and demonstration. A new show of poise, self-control, con- fidence and endurance was gained from the tumbling exercises, trampo- line, mini-tramp, parallel bars, modern iazz and Danish Gymnastics to mention a few. The advanced swim class, open to girls who completed their Red Cross Swimmers Test met Tuesday and Thursday 7th period under the instruc- tion of Mrs. J. Mills. To be eligible for a Senior Life Saving Certificate a minimum of l7 hours of instruction Cincluding a final written examina- tioni is required. Lifesaving training includes forms of self rescue, knowl- edge for the rescue of the potential victim, and resuscitation. Carrying the victim and defense methods against this training. Final grades were based on satisfactory completion of class work, attendance, attentive- ness and informal tests. Swim leaders and gym leaders, girls that voluntarily give up their study halls to aid Miss Mary McDougald, Mrs. Mildred Meckes, and Mrs. .lean Mills, were another facet of girls participation. These girls earned 50 points apiece per semester, These points plus points acquired from other participation in sports can make them eligible for a Niagara Falls High School letter. An accumulation of 350 points earns a 4" letter, 450 points a Hve inch letter, 550 points earns the largest, a six inch let- TGV. Girls sports also included volleyball and basketball intramurals, and a bowling league under the supervision of Miss Mary McDougald, which led to another opportunity to acquire points. I 44 W GTM AND SWIM LEADERS WQ:5 Jf1-fziQ:z , lxiwuzimg -1 f. Q G 4 aff, iff .,,l L. N 3 . M W ,, 5 5,1 fg,.,gf QA ' 'Y if H263 Q9 Q' SW: M , mu ,N ., . R43 S1555 M , ,yfyff qc, wi P . awww 11.21 Hum A viii' . Q x 'NS Ribs' ms , J. mmf ,V gy- iw: :Hy F- '-faf My szsh iw? V 'UW ,lgkfinf , 'Y' xiii 4711215 WEB qlQQf was 2 5- 3 . 44 ,Q f' we 1 'Y wh L,.. L gn Kiwi 5 f x,,,,,., L K Z 2 Z 1 2 , E s s K X i f Jim Bevilccquc diving cnt swimming practice. i s M M-wi -- 'G 4 Q Q ax 3, E P23 Q Q 3 3 y wha 3 ai Kai Q 4 2 2 Sm K K we Hb IIFGSEE fefggls., a?'rsx:us F -.ei ww., af.gWm-'Q .W ,, fn ..i., i,,, :ww ww' 5, 3 wmwiwfbg-, M, .W - , 1f.m..e,, J, . nwg-11,,.1z, " A " W' Mmgw M. , . . efwm, A , 2, - 'i N ,M M..- gr A 552' A6 0. S, it 2 Mw A S v '1 Jesse Jefferson cn? cz track meet. Girls' Life Saving. ,,, L 2 HW ap M ,,,, Q Q I wx wax M, r if 4 a Q? JU 4 1. JF 45? 'arf 'gk-1 -w.l'7' I L,I5,.,. ' lnlhfk sv -Q wk U :Y fx A 5 , QQ 5 .ak 4? F 5 'wffl i 5 + 1 ' sq, ,ef i yw 5 5LUQ Q2 2 f, 5 v 51 V 'F 7 2 L15 2 is 5 7 2 i fgns 4. 5- 'KQWS ni ,,-4 vff i-acl .... -':1:- -'H W W-,. , 9. Q X A ' f 2455535932 gg 4-V N, sw Yam -S53 , 2 , Q f 5 5 A. f ri' X7 2 K ik wr as up ,- um Mmm Q3 5 SQ A-5 Ak . Pi xx gh, j 'F K1 'zu-iw .W Qw- W fa 1 z., We 92 .4 Q' we W Av A 1 - 11 Q Q , 5 x U ,., " --a-P , Ka -A gm .Q W 1 -- , lr: 'Q ' un ,Y M Q ' 1-Pam . , :z- j'WZ:?zQzixL T-A ' Liza' 'i755'5755f-,7' fi ' ' wd,1, -fg51f,iVw w- mlm-. . p..me5x i,L15ff ,H Buying lunches in The cafeteria. M 4 V.,,k A ew. .ggi f we we' ,,,.A ef Jim Hauser on hull duty. Arthur Show, Engineer Couch Stewart Blinco and Bob Luster. i Futu re "artists" at work. .fx Home Ec. with Mrs. Golfz. v-1-...u xi! L., ,I t if 'rx Ccfeferic study hall Meditation. Driver Education with Mr. Richard Meckes. llllHlllll Many oftomorrowiv leaders will need to have youth in their pockets . . . H. R. Movros SENIOR PERS ON ALI TIES RNS? if X gwifei 4 QQ Xxiigiei N H lllllll Nancy Armeli Steve Ashby Q fl S 2 r . if , in ,MJ its l54 Craig Austin William Bass Peggy Barrett Anita 8K Ann Bazzanl Tony Bera rdo Pete Bevacqua Richard Brezing Tom Buffamonte Frances Cale Cindy Carver Bonnie Cuughell Lydia Colosi Madiyn Costanfino Ernest Curio Debbie 8- Denise Dean Nick DeFazio Dan DeVaney Sharon Fleury Guy Forcucci Candy Frerk Mike Gallina Wayne Gladish Michael Gold Donna Harvey Kathy Hoag Jan lgras as isa eiiwg , Mary Lauzau Sam Morreale Diane Mangione Gloria Martinez Roberta Martell John Miller Mark Morath Linda Munger Linda Nation Roberta Payne Janet Pena Skip Pells Kathy Ruff Linda Skrlin Bill Sterner Dan Sofia Mifdnel Stumpo Gary Sankes Gloria Simpson Walter Tracinski Dave Vanone Ilene Wake Sandy Weigel Pete Woolverton Anne Porreca Alan Rennie 157 :L aa ig 3 14 Q. S Q 3 if s -22 5 5 az f si Ei SE 2 1 1 sf mx Ls-fi -'fx f w-nzixisifwm.visig-imawf2QsS'2.iSxe21,f2a1eP?ffgQiimQ:au vii. - 1 . 1 'ffm'we,s'isiF?'s9zQQ?Q eQ,L. , . is Siem? izrsazif A U T0 GRAPHS 0,,A, jl f W! 0 f fgllffygwwjfk ww kj? W wfxdgawfvx W7'MC7V ' 'QM 47 Jw N J A ,MJiw I 1 h su VW, jjggfiy Jo W,gZ4 jf,fZJ7i3EZg5lQ M Q vw WUQZM My Qsiffffff w f v J f MXWVPW X 5 Jfgfjf WW W WWMQV VKX! Q9 QS5+5 hki wbgmbf Sf W W W! ix? E 'QJ 4 Q I 55 5 A UTOGRA PHS W 7 ff Q .gfzg Hfczflwfw W7 f f M Qfiifggf B My wa Q3 ,J 5, f Q59 up .XV ' ' f My C239 ge J filw WW, ffm' Q33 7yyQ,v ,03 ew Quia 84403. Q: QQQQ xgifwwfsmu iw X5 if? QW QWJWMJW 5 Eg? My 'WWW NQQX COLL kdlxxsab xmmww 1 WLQOQQCL QNQV N XQLLMQJ ,M 'z.i.E My A UTOGRA PHS ywfgb N M Qwwyf WW JM QQQW fiw M JMQJW V M M ,WZQWWMWMW CMM? M NYM. WQQW WQWJWMQ ' WM M AM yffofw 65? MEM? M Lib? 6504! W if WM' W v fffvf-Z 5 MM ff X Q PQ ffm 227 4? " M Suk? V ,f , M A U70 GRA PHS pjfjihwfffb P 1 ,ZfL, fVQU My ggi! if fi VL ,WM I Ujfjv wfM7igff,af W MMM M I ? WV'5,W36ffWfZ!Q9i2?Q4f5 M 5f'Qifj,jd!ff my Q? fi? fig W X ,WJ W' QQQVQ QW M MW X Q am Ywi3 qv QQ AUTOGRAPHS Qwvkyiyikjycwm JJ Qqiqy wjfwifflfiw A361 hifi if QW YE? E my WN Wg w ww QWQQZKW gm iff 2' Q9 N 5w5Sir?5Q VV Wil ll .1 X, A my H f+ .Q ww. qv iw. ' 'sa AA 'H .fs W Q nM1"N'n. WWI: ' -'ft uf QP- x' .,. .H .' 8 MPX ' L" i A ,QQEK .W . K A - "'- . Q. . X ' wvh "'? 1519? E "' 'M 6 ' in 'F ' 1 , x fl ,Q e, qs-1,1 f Q s V . f ef .... Q- 2' jg , '. , 'K k ,.7w..l'A' .1 ,H Q., 1 ' M ' . 2 ,gf M , ' H - fn' fi, ' 1 Q ' ' ,Q if if' M M - 2 ' 'hmm "Ni N V H S K wi ,. .. N , Q L , vs I 5 'F A M -' NK ' ,Q ' 2, -V ' Q: I "' Y- J Q L M , ' .R ' P ' Q . ,, ' 7 M ,, 1 ,, I . 3' f ., .1 ga. 4 I 1 -. Q ,V 4 .-, ZZSF5' A I-u ff' "WL 'U M Vw '. f' -fxx H' 1 1 , J l UM., NK: E. - if x sf . .MY M ' f, 1 'aff WW ,Eva may , will 3 A V , 1 ,A . 5 .gi ,mm ,ii 'MMMW mmm 'W EN Z 1 1 .1 ww -- . fi,:"f'ff g ill

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