Niagara Falls High School - Niagarian Yearbook (Niagara Falls, NY)

 - Class of 1964

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Niagara Falls High School - Niagarian Yearbook (Niagara Falls, NY) online yearbook collection, 1964 Edition, Cover

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My wif w wwlfs-r'.xi3 7 1 , If A L. . 1, 1 nv Al gt... M119 R. K ,. 12 F ? fr S Ai Q 3 . , L' . ' A ,L,4w,Ab ,k?wfi-! N L' if iv if I Lf ff' 'A ,,4z., f,4 , , U WL' 1-2 ' Kr . ' fF!4?' if N Li'f-.J Amy" M 5 V I V L .QL ,llfkf 5 1 5 Ly A I jw1:i,' . X r I ' ' , V ,X s My P 4, , AX ,I 5. f X F in I ., L L 'cy P, ,NX , , ilu J fig!! ,LSL .df Aiwa w E 5' -'T v, gi Vx Q Il U, JP , i,' Vf lm if Y ' 3 . U K , ,kg . if 'Ll ' , ,"' ' Htv iw - uf" ,f . lx' , Q Ax A, fx! A, ' A , ' 2 , NWI' 'gd l 1 ,w Ju ' I W za! NSN X J ff 41 ' 1 QQ, Q if? N VA ily' ' ' vjmimflwux 'PN ,l,? ' N Q' ft' W! Q41-Q. M . W A Jw M fl O UK VW H J' W M kg ' , M' A. W V nwWWM WJ QWMWMWA W W ff QMf W WW M MJHZWW wp, ww fwwifjfzfwww V fC J W . f fy QW w W W if qw M M My WM Wfijjgfk 64 WSW M W A5523 JWQJHWMQ Xwfw 72 agarmfz FGREWO RD A mulTipliciTy of Tangible resulTs marks The dynamic progress which we now see abouT us. Newly consTrucTed highways and bridges span disTance and creaTe new horizons of communicaTion, The RoberT Moses Power De- velopmenT, no longer an archiTecT's concep- Tion Upon The drawing board, now breaThes addiTional life inTo The lives we daily live. Each individual, if he is To know success, musT make progress boTh a means and an end. IT musT become an insTrumenT with which a TuTure is hewn from oblivion. IT musT mark The emergence of The adulT from The child, The evoluTion of The TUTure from The pasT. Q. fzzdgariafz 'Klf' f '1 riff' ' i 52? -QR ,xi if 4-2. 5, yy' iiifyiyttil Q2 eel f if A Welcome at Parents Night S Interviewing a Student W' DEDICATIO Myriad hours essential to the ma- terialization ot an annual appear minimal when the realized goal par- allels the ettorts ot an enthusiastic staff. No facet ot a yearbook is as evocative of deep satisfaction as the selection of an individual whose at- titudes and achievements mark him as one worthy to be chosen as ded- icatee. Throughout the past years, dignity, understanding and wisdom have been continually mirrored in his kind and considerate demeanor. Both students and teachers are cognizant ot the profundity of his understand- ing and the breadth of his educa- tional horizons. It is with sincere gratitude that we dedicate the i964 NIAGARIAN to you, Mr. Russell F. Grauer. 1 G-J Eureka-lBM Report Cards ,v w g 2 ff . M , W iw , ,- W.. .2153 1 if A-mW,,g,i, .1 ff Ks' I .MZ WN? Foreword . TABLE GF CONTE TS Faculty .. .. .. Mr. Heschel Shapiro Senior .. Cynthia Barkley and Dennis Ormsby Junior .. .. Rochelle Graft and David Finn Sophomore .. . Linda Munger and Joseph Hlavanlca Activities . .. . Janice Ciyiletto and Thomas Randler Sports .. .. Linda Martino and Anthony Gruppo FRONT ROW: Jane Webb, Co-Business Manager, Ann Mazza and Marcia Polewicz, Typists, Susan Noblin, Co-Business Manager and Tom Carlson, Co-Editors, BACK ROW: Maxine Swierczek STANDING: Miss A, McCabe, Advisor. Lett to right: Mrs. Erma R. Runols, John C. Lunney, William F. A. Kauber, Albert J. Fose, Charles R. Cummins, Joseph Chille, Collins, Miss Neo I. Brown, Richard C. Doherty, Harry F. Abate. Frank J. Lang, Robert J. McKnight, William L. Salacuse. STANDING: Dr. Weldon R. Oliver, Dr. Peter J. lannuzzi, George ,il Dr. Weldon R. Oliver Superintendent of Schools BCARD OF EDLICATIO The Niagara Falls School Board, in existence since 1892, is the administrative body ot our system. It consists ot a group of citizens elected by popular vote. The policies which they develop determine the course of school year. We, who have benehted under their leadership, express our appreciation to them. NH' 'w-fig '25 4 11 SHE, i gf Q wt '31 lt ' Herbert Bothamley Frank J. Lang Director of Secondary Education Deputy Superintendent for 7 Business Affairs 4 -R 9 L X ,Q Sl 5 f cw.. 'fit .1 'I Harry F. Abate Deputy Superintendent of Schools 301111 .fxtggvralb kennels-1 1917-1963 "Ask not what your country con do for you osk what you con do for your country 8 gr, wg, E fn A .nzhl 'A R V. up ' gl wx ,g f .aw 4 '-K' F ,.,.3. 97' "1L ,Hamm -wigs. mg . - - W ik - . usuw-W - 1 V K . .fr uf. -- 1 LLL' " ' -1, ' A A' 'K V,1r 1. , , X, -A W w . ,E js, M' ,Q W FACU LTY To The cross af 19641 You have chosen progress along the Niagara Fron- tier as the theme for your yearbook. You have chosen wisely. The story of this advancement is comparable to your progress through school. lt has been said that "he who moves not forward goes backward." The most important step toward your goal has been, and is still, the desire on your part to progress. As you have advanced through school, new experiences and new opportunities have taught you new duties and new responsibilities. Your progress has been in accordance with your desire and application in accepting these new adventures with enthusiasm and sincerity. Many new fields of science, industry, agriculture ancl social achievement are being developed every year. lt is my earnest hope that as each one of you leaves Niagara Falls High School you will accept the chal- lenges presented in these new areas and continue to profit from each and every opportunity offered by them. Congratulations and best wishes to each member of the graduating class of 1964. Leah M. Simmons 10 To the Class of l964: During the years you have spent in high school, many changes have taken place in our local community. New highways have been built, new bridges and overpasses constructed and many new buildings have been erected. All these improvements have been made in The name of progress. You have also made progress as evidenced by your graduation from high school. lf you are to keep in step with the inevitable progress going on all around you locally, nationally and inter- nationally, you must be ready to take your place in this rapidly changing society of ours. I sincerely hope that your graduation from high school will be only the first of many progressive steps you will take toward the ultimate goal of a successful life-health, happiness and prosperity. My congratulations and very best wishes to each of you. Russell F. Grauer VERNON ABEL Science ARTHUR ARAMINI Science PAUL BALASSONE MARY LOU BARTHOLOMEW English Social Studies MARK BEDFORD WILLIAM BERKELEY Science Social Studies STEWART BLINCO JAMES BOARDMAN Physical Education Social Studies NORMAN ANDERSON RICHARD BABBAGE Business Social Studies ROBERT BEATON FRANK BEDASKA Science Mechanical Drawing CLARA BISHARA MARJORIE BLACKMAR Business Librarian SOFIA BOGDANOVICZ ELGA-CLAIRE BOSSO Language Social Studies i , .,: . A: Q EA X. fs W' G f sz' WILLIAM BRADY MARY BRENNAN English English --5 f'-nu DOROTHEA CONNELL CHESTER CZEKAJ Mathematics Science 2 T 3, l ARTHUR CALANDRELLI Physical Education JOHN D'ANGELO Mathematics i-'k 1 K 1 A .File :lk 1 ARTHUR DIETRICK EUGENIA DiFRANCESCO ADELINE DOMINIANNI Language Mathematics Business JUDITH CENTOFANTI Art RICHARD DeMUNDA Mathematics BLANCHE DOMINIANNI Business NORMAN DUQUETTE VlRGlNlA DONOHUE HARRIETT DONOVAN ERlC DUCETTE Business English Social Studies English LILLIAN FILOCAMO GRETCHEN ERWIN Guidance English A PATRICIA GILBERT EMORY GOTT Art Language .9 4:35 x . .f ARNOLD HIERL CLARA HILL Social Studies English A-'Q MARY INGRASCI JOHN JANOWSKI Language Guidance MARIE FINLEY EUGENE FOLEY Business Science JOHN HAGERTY, JR. ANNE HERGES English Business THOMAS HUESTIS CLARISSA HYSER Mathematics Nurse WILLIAM JOHNSTON MAY LANIGAN Business Business A ...... ,zazggg , , . 5.-, ,:,5: . - E gp, A V ,,.v .V RICHARD LINGG ROBERT MAGEE JOSEPH MAROON JOY MASSARO Health English Business English w 'R' 5 I WILLARD MAYO ANN MCCABE JOHN MCCARTHY MARY MCDOUGALL Music English English Physical Education L . J: if In I--rs 'Pty RICHARD MECKES MILDRED MECKES JEAN MILLS ALFRED MIS Driver Education Physical Education Physical Education Art an fl ,.s. L , 1, - ' , in I In E ' 1 , ELIZABETH MITCHELL BERNARD MONTANARI JOSEPH MORAN WILLIAM OGDEN English Science Business Science 14 1,41 , ,. M ,g,, A --Q as ,f , . , if me , . A tit f if Nj Us 5 DOMINICK OLIVER, JR. FRANK ORFANO JAMES O'SHEA Business Business Physical Education f IQ , iz: X if , i 5 ji 5 MARY ANN PLEUTHNER MORGAN PETRI RUSSELL PITRONE Social Studies Science Social few! LUCIEN RAINVILLE DAVID REESER Language Health Science ROMAN PAVLOCK Driver Education ROSAMOND PRESUTTI Social Studies MARIUS RISLEY English ROBERT ROSA ESTER SCHOLTZ ROBERT SCHULTZ JOSEPHINE SCIARRINO Social Studies Business Science 15 Science T R, ' 'Q l l T R Q 4 PETERSUARRINO Business X l sl NK W JEROME SLY Mathematics BERTHA STOREY EDlTH SEATTER Guidance EDWARD STAFFORD Business ROSEMARY VANDERHOFF I .H ,L X 37, ,ik Q Q HESCHEL SHAPIRO ROBERT SIMPSON Mathematics English GEORGE STANKOVICH, JR. MARIE STANKOVICH Social Studies Home Economics MARY WACHTER ROLLIN WISEMAN English Home Economics Language Social Studies I' f IRENE WITKOWSKI GEORGE WOOD EDWARD WOYKSNAR ROBERT WRIGHT Business Guidance Language Music 5 JEANNETTE WYLIE BARBARA YANDIAN HUA NIEN YIN Social Studies Language Mathematics NON-INSTRUCTIO AL STAFF AGNES O'BRlEN -A--A 553 MARGARET LYNCH Senior Sfenographer Sfenographer A Q- me ia, .3 3 X as 'Y 3 Y' EMIDIA EVERITT Secretary IRENE SIMPSON Secretary in Library M ' --SW tl 4 Q' ai in .lsisgk si' A X ,hi 2' 'X X4 554 W s Qnqqiy, , ' X h v ' , ,, ,.f NX . 1, A ,X .KA ... rw , K ' . 7 as Y 'iv . ' v. 'X :I K . it We, A 72 ,' Q . ' sw . 1 , ,1 -M Nant: A A Kb si ' 'QE ' ' an ff? if A r ,Q We - A A . 2 1 Ag! 15:5 FEES' iii? if ls 1, g. g. r 3 4 :fy ' , ' :V ,, " :'V5l?Q7?'5'g,iS V' ' 5 , , . F 1 1 5' -- 'fry . A gf? - gig i , , M , -wee' x , sz f -+51 - - ,i gg, ms' nz, ig sf? we Vt s 14, .mfs f ' L , iii A ,-,' r C , ffm ,i , Qwest, J? ft 'Q TE 't .1 Q ,. , , , ALMA MATER We love thee dear old High, With your halls of learning grand, Your colors we'll hold high, To the front we'll proudly stand. Always, always staunch and true, Always, always proud of you, And your praises loud we'll sing, We to thee our homage bring. Nine 'rahs for Niagara Falls, Nine for the Red and Gray To duty now she calls, That success may with us stay. So we pledge ourselves anew, N.F.H.S. we'll be true, And for you we'll climb the height. Niagara, you're all right. .gill inf Z SENIOR MOSTS 5 x ff Q' E rr' M, 5 nw L as EE ww- wk 1 4 Mary Cqrdgmone Roberf Dobbs Maryanne Puerner Thomas Weisflog MOST PERSONABLE MOST SCHOLASTIC Charles Rader Linda Martino MOST ALL-AROUND ' 'Ulf T 'L Dennis Ormsb Lorraine Lauzonis Y MOST ATHLETIC 20 President . . . Vice-President Secretary . . . Treasurer . . . Class Motto . Left to Right: Mr. F. Orfano, Carole Marsh, Mr. J, Sly, Joseph Critelli, Dennis Ormsby, Janice Civiletto, . . "Education is t CLASS OF l964 .. Joseph Critelli . . Janice Civiletto ... Carole Marsh . . Dennis Orrnsby he keystone in the arch ot freedom and progress" -John Fitzgerald Kennedy Class Flower . . White and yellow rose Class Colors . . . ..... White and yellow I BARBARA ABDULLAH CASSIE ABRAMS Work College JUDITH ADAMS Armed Services JOSEPH ALEX GREGORY ALLEN College College HARRY ALLEN DONNA ALVAREZ College Work EDWARD ADAMSKI College CLASS OF MARY ELLEN AMBROSIO ROBERT ANDRZEJEWSKI LINDA ANGOLD College Armed Services College 22 PETER ARICO College , 'il , iv!! ,JD-J QW -Ll nn -LVi.11 JOSEPH ARTYMOWICZ PHYLLIS AUGHTMAN Armed Services College College LINDA AUGUSTINO il M Alu JOHN BAIRD College AUGUSTUS BAGLEY College ll H I964 ,f FRANK BALDASSARRE Armed Services . -. Y Q? .M i i i, THOMAS BALL ENZO BALASSONE KATHLEEN BALON Armed Services College College 23 , ,, i x. X , Q KAREN BAKOTA Work ll i SHIRLEY BALE College ,xl JANICE BANKS Business School v ab GARY BARBANERA College ,if KAREN BARNABY Work BARRY BATHURST College RAY BARBARI GREG BARKER College College RALPH BARTO College GUY BAX College CYNTHIA BARKLEY College CLASS OF ll MARK BAXTER MICHAEL BECKAGE VERONICA BEEBE JOHN BELL College Armed Services Work Armed Services 24 ff SAMUEL BENINGO SANDRA BENNINGER EUGENE BERESNY BARBARA BESCH College Business School College Work 964 Pl"llLl.lP BIES DAVID BlLLUPS College College Bl.ACl'llNSKl THOMASW BLAIR JU Q0 bf . yu l l l School xx CATHERINE GADACZ MICHELE BOLING ll NANCY BORGHETTO Work College Work 25 , .4 x M 'fax N' A W X N f If X , , LESLIE BOUGHNER SANDRA BOZEK ROSANNE BRIAND GEORGE BRINKMAN College Business School Business School College CLASS OF KATHLEEN BROSNAN LYNNE BROVATA College l College PATRICIA BRUNO L ' BUSLFIGSS ' Business School A 'M SUSAN BRYDGES VINCENT BUFFAMONTE WILLIAM BULLIVANT THOMAS BURNS College College Armed Forces Armed Forces 26 PAUL BUTRY MARGARET BUTSKI College College 964 C SHIRLEY BUTSKI Business School LEONARD CANCILLA College DRUSCILLA CAPOCCETTE Work MARY CARDAMONE BERNICE CARLISLE College College THOMAS CARLSON College LeMAR CAIN Armed Services DARLENE CANNR College MARIE CAPIZZI Work TOM CARROLL Armed Services ww V of DONNA CASSATT PEGGY CAUGHILL Work Work MAE OLA CAULEY SALLY CAVALLERO College Business School ROLAND CHAPADOS SANDRA CHARLES College College ERNESTlNE CHATMAN CAROL CHIARENZA Business School Work ,r ilu I ' Q lr l ,gf .J ,X 4 I, l f Eg Jlxr LV f X 'ig ' 'I ROSEMARY CASTELLANl ANNIE CAULEY Business School College CLASS OF lbll ,. 5 C Y if L. C7 CYNTHIA CHIODO STANLEY CHMIEL College Armed Forces r-1 J ANTHONY CIAVAGLIA BENJAMIN CICCIARI RONALD CINDRICK JO-AGNES ClRRlNClONE College Work College College 964 lf, if SHARI COLE College JANICE CIVILETTO ELEANOR CLARK College Work .AA STANFORD COLE JUDITH C LOSI Armed Services 29 MARSHA CLINE Work f--Q.. ROSE COLOZZA Work TED COLTON KENNETHA COMER CHARLES COMPTON SHARON CONIBEAR Work Business School Armed SQy1ices Marriage I l I . , . oi ,- CLASS or 1 . HELEN CONLEY JOANN COOK Business School College ROBERT COOLEY GERALDINE CORIERI College Work JOSEPH CORSARO KATHLEEN COSTANTlNO MARY COUCH JOSEPH COZZI Business School College Armed Services College 30 L is 1525 L SUSAN CRICK JOSEPH CRITELLI SUSAN CRITELLI MARIANNE D'ANGELO College College College College . 1, 'xx , q 4? X PHYLLIS DANIELS PATRICIA D'ARCY ., X N - - W' 1 ,X I ' College College Y L fx fl Y 1' .- ' In f , Y' x N 'x N . I 'l' ' L L 1 P ' C J I . xl' P r-Ill l X I 1'-av' X we We ,uw .f' ,. 1 ,f ,I 'f 1 X j , ff l - ' Fx -. r ll l , ff ly - ll X 'il 2 'fr X 1 X' ,W , X L mm YS ' L. , ' A ' X1 ,y. x 1 -' N ,Nil ly - 1 l : If' X' K.. ' ' - i l GARY DAS:-HNEAU , , ll f ' ' I V. College 'XA ,1 . , I JOHN DAVY DALE DeBACCO CHARLENE DELlO LEA DelMONACO Armed Services College Work Travel 31 SYLVIA DeMONICA DeMUNDA College College EMILIA DeSIMONE KAREN DiG-REGORIO College College 'S KAREN DINGWALL Business School College MARSHA DiNOTO PATRICIA DIPASQUALE JOSEPH DIRAMIO ROBERT DOBBS College College College 32 THOMAS DePETRIS PATRICIA DePONCEAU CLASS OF DAVID DONATO College f xi e MARY ELLEN DONOUGHE SHEILA DUNLOP DAWN EDDY ROSEMARY ELIA Morrioge College College Work I964 MARIE ENGLE College Q e BARBARA ETOPIO Business School N A SHEILA ELLIOT College v ISABEL ELLSMORE ADELE EMSWELLER Business School College DOUGLAS EVERT College JULIE EVERT College INEZ EWING FRANK FAIR Business School College M13 JACQUELINE FALLON MICHELE FALSETTI College College it " F 3 Q ,4 if I f , 4' A, KATHY FARLEY PAULA FARINA Work Work 1" GARADINE FAIR College DUANE FALCONE Work CLASS O i SANDRA FIORI TERRY FISCHER WILLIAM FISHER KATHLEEN FITTANTE Business School College Armed Services College BRUCE FITZSIMMONS JAMES FLACK DALE FLAGLER MICHAEL FLEMING College College College College 4 V PETER FONTANA CARL FOSSEEN College Work aww' ffv' .X ff ,iff MARK FOSTER STEPHEN FRANK College College X MICHAEL FREEMAN KATHY College College Q3 ELTAA lieel A Z2 FURGAL KATHLEEN EURMAN College Business School 1 l I If . ll 'I 'I ' fl A1 :N K--.Ln ,fx nv ,I I If V4 I 41 , lf I 4 I I ' N' fll if El lv- Q, I., . ,f , ff 'kj -Lf K J ',' A eil , I PATRICIA GAETANO JANET GALLO JANICE GALLO RICHARD GARABEDIAN College College College College GLENN GARDENER SAMUEL GARIANO College College ,Q I S K' Q, +I . fl 6- M- Q x ge Real A ffl, - uw - ROBERT GAZY CAROL GENTILE College Work JOSEPH GEORGE FRANK GIGLIOTTI CLASS CF SHARON GILBERT DIANE GILL College College Work College BRIAN GILLlSQj DARLENE GORDON .IEANETTE GORNICKI JUDITH GORNICKI College X College College College I 964 MARY GRACE LOUISE GRANDE . Work Collegevywrjrg HA . nl ia x lllv E , X54 A l W Y MAUREEN GRAY PAUL GREENE College Work gf C K JAMES GRlFFlN ERNESTINE GRIFFIN DONNA GRIGGS ELLEN GRISSETT College Work College Work 37 , 1 ,gf l V6 xx J PAULA GROCHALA Work PATRICIA GUERCIO College SOB HAlCK College TAMARA HALLIDAY College MYRON GROSS Armed Services MARY ANN HACKETT Business School MICHELE HALLEN Marriage L, ANTHONY GRUPPO College s ANTHONY GUALTI ERI Work CLASS CF LINDA HALM CHERYL HAMERA JOHN HAMILTON Business School Work Armed Forces PATRICIA HAMILTON CHARLENE HANSON MICHAEL HARCHAR CHARLES HARDING College Work College Armed Forces CAROL HARNUM SHARI HARRIS College Marriage -mx ,ll 964 I MARY HART CAROLYN HARTSELL College College BEVERLY HATFIELD JOSEPH HAWKINS GARY HAYES LINDA HECK College Business School College College 39 , .W Q ROBERT HEISNER DAVID HERENDEEN JOHN HESSON ROBERT HEWITT Armed Forces College College College A. f Y' fx LORETTA l'llGGlNS SHARON l'lll.LMAN College Work CLASS OF fo! X '7 BARBARA HLASTALA LINDA HOAG Wed f :A ,,,Z,,,,,:,7 College College . WC A M01 CANDACE HODGES ESTELLE HOFFMAN RICHARD HORNER STANLEY HRICZAK Work Work Armed Services College 40 'Q 1 fs LARRY HUNNELL MARY ANN HVOZDA SUSAN HUSTLEBY College College STEVEN HYLA I MAR ANN m College I l A M ' LLM .wf, , College ESTHER lSLER College lay: jj in SHIRLEY JANESE Marriage SANDRA JOLLEY WAYNE JONES College Work CONNIE JORDAN College 4-1 M 'UQ' DONALD JARZAB College TN WENDE JORDAN College . If lr-fl T' WILLIAM JUSTYK Business School College College College ROBERT KACZYNSKI I PETER KAMINSKI MICHAEL KARCH W g T CLASS OF STEVEN KARGATIS College College JOHN KASPRZAK ROGER KAY Armed Services College SANDRA KAZEANGIN WALTER KAZIAL ROGER KENNEDY DONALD KENSINGER IJQHN KERRT x X College Armed Services Business School v "'!C0lle5e A , L f '. L L . , ,N 1 , 42 ,If T, fl , by I f fl + Work K College 964 MICHAEL KOSUT SANDRA KOTALIK College Work SHARON KETCH FRANClNE KIANOFF College MILDRED KIMBLE College fl lx FRANK KOWALSKI College pl'-I , J of . C Lf f .J H f A VS-' 2 .A ' l2LJ NX d wi , fill if MKATHY KlDLA I I f,jBusiness School WALTER KI NDZIA Business School DOUGLAS KNOX College KOZDRANSKI Work - RONALD KRE lTNER College KATHLEEN LAKE College KAREN LCIMONICA College RH ETA LANFEAR College JANE KUBIK Work UQ PATRICIA LAMBERT Work JEAN LANDES College MARGARET LANGEVIN College l my MARCELLA LQCHA Work VIRGINIA LAPP Work CARL LQFOUNTAIN College CLASS OF SALVATORE LQSCALA Work MARY LASHER LORRAINE LAUZONIS SHIRLEY LAVIQQEURSQQ- C -fb' xy Work College 964 4,1 K SALLY LAWRENCE Business School MARY LEMKE College PHYLLIS LESTER ROSE LEVY EMlLY LEWELLYN College College Morrioge 4-5 w V ey ew 6 JEANE LQVERGN College 50 LWWMK CAROL College AQ tiff L N Mil LQ DANILENE LEONE College ALTON LEWIS College Wx f,,.u-Y' BARBARA LEWIS Business School BARRY LONG College PATRICIA LORIA ,uw SHARON LEWIS KAREN LLOYD STEPHEN LOCHREN College College Armed Forces CLASS CF RONALD LONG College College FRANK LUBAS College Work THOMAS LUBAS JUDITH LUCH WILLIAM LUNDY College Business School College I 46 I JEANIE LYNN JAMES MQCKENZIE College College LINDA MQCKENZIE Business School JAMES MAGEE College 964 FREDRICK MANN JEAN MANNING If' BARB College College Work 47 .71 JAMES MACKIE College CAROL MALI NVERNI Work RICHARD MANARINA College xl? f I ATRICIA MANZELL College If Z ., I , ,,-,offs Q, ' Aa GERALD MANZI GARY MARINO fwfr, NANCY MARO CAROLE MARSH College College if of Business School College JOANNE MARTIN MARY BETH MARTIN College College Q. 3520 .X -'Is M Q CLASS 0 RJR ,IX-IQ-' NL, I xx jj MARIE MARTIN CAROL Business School LINDA MARTINO VIRGINIA MASH' X LINDA MASTERS SANDRA MATUSEK College College QL Work College 48 MATTIE MAULDIN ANN MAZZA DAVID MCALLISTER Work College Armed Services 964 BARBARA MCBRIDE College LESLEE MCBRIDE OSCAR MCBRIDE College s , N Armed Service if iv, ff fl W 5 I L L WILLIAM MCCANDLES MARY MCCLAIN College Business School SHIRLEY MCCORMICK CARL MCELWAIN ALBERT MCFADYN BARBARA MCQUEENI College Armed Services College Work 49 ff, fr 47 i X, f. L-1 A WW 'uw BARRY MCRAE College Business School BETTY MCTYRE fl K, SHARON MELE DIANA MERRITT lo Work College M 5. ,mm NICHOLAS METRO CAROLYN MICKILWICZ College Business School ll ,T MARY McWlLLIAMS College 2 'X xv X 'C .J la , N KEITH MEEKER Armed Services 4 I . if T T CLASS OF ROBERTA MIELNICKI ROCCO MIGLIAZZO THOMAS MIKLEJN ERIC MILLER Work Work College Travel I x x, T fl .f vAfrXQff fall 1 ' li' ' , l : X. a QA 1 x MARK MILLER MARlKlMll.l.S LUCILLE MINERVINI College College College - ,. le-M. .he .1 ,,k, .,,kf5,1.:z,:bg, , .. .. gl M ,,. ' gf 4, Ii J T' H, fix 5 NEZEIZADIE MINGS Armed Forces 964 ' z LOUISE M JESKI College Q Q JAMES MONTGOMERY MARY MONTGOMERY PAUL MONTGOMERY College College Armed Forces 51 i . ,.- -V .f,- , K , Q f x .illxt A ,4 gl ESTELLE MINERVINO College . ,J . nf LI CHRISTINE MOCNIAK Work JEARLD MOLDENHAUER FRANCES MOORE Work X n W Qlvlflxf N X Aw SUE MORGAN SARAH MORGANTl STEPHEN MORREALE LINDA MOSHER Work College College Work ll PEGGY MULHBAUER College MICHAEL MURR Work CLASS O PHILLIP MURPHY FREDERICK MYLES f 'A' ' 5 l College Armed Services l" f- i MAGDELINE NACCARATO DONALD NEFF BARBARA NEWMAN MARY BETH NEVILLE Business School College Work College SUSAN NOBLIN CAROL NOVVAK College College I964 I I IN J SUZANNE PAGE College ll ,fl X S lf JILL PALUMBO College x, xg , .W f L y M I S 5 I ll x V 'Lf 1 x , iv' I V I N JEAN NUNNERY ' V CHRISTINE OLFANO College N Business School WILLIAM ORGANISCIAK College College DENNIS ORMSBY HELENE OSETKOWSKI DEBORAH PAGE Business School College DIANA PAONESSA PATRICIA PASCO Business School College ,,, Y, , JAMES PASKO DIANE PATTERSON JOHN PENNINGTON DENNIS PEREZ College Work College JAMES PETERSON JULIE PETTIT Armed Forces College MARY ANN PIETRYZK JOHN PILEGGI Work College EDWARD PIOTROWSKI MARK PIROLLI JEFF PLUMER Work College College 54 CLASS OF MARCIA POLEWICZ Work ELAINE PROMOWICZ MARYANNE PUERNER LINDA PULl.l MARK PUl.Ll Work College Woflf College l N 1 Q l l . 1' l ' C A 1- l s x -l . s I f N I ' Q K L, Q fo ' ,ffl , HLEEN QUIMBY CHARLES RADER , ' A f A College College . , , I . X F Q 5 X x , 4 f x F, X Q N "' , l J A - . K, . X l ' 4 I 1 l 964 if -A ' . R f' P , l , , ,. . f 1 NL X X u Q X 0 ' x S , j Wi' sue ANN RALEY SAM RANGATORE A lb Work College l I A.A?9g Q., '. lv' xii: I" A THOMAS RANDLER ANITA RAWLEIGH College Work f as KATHY RAYBON Morrioge 55 DONNA REED College i VIRGINIA REY Business School HAROLD REID SHEILA REITER College Work MARILYN RICOTTA SARA RICHARDSON Business School College JEAN RIDGEWAY CHARLES RIGNALL Work Armed Forces LOUISE RIGO DlMlTRl RIMANOSKY DALE RINKER Work College College 56 JEANETTE ZODA Business School CLASS CDF SANDRA RIPSON Work , I 'IIN 1.1! LJ' 1 'I A f , " fl If 1 fy I f ,Ulf ,ff -IL x - I Lf' 'I 1 fl I . I 9 ERNEST RISDON MARCIA RITCHLIN WALTER RIVERS LUIS RODRIGUEZ College College College College 964 WLES X9 MARIE! CAROL RULLI LORNA RUSK NORINA RYDELEK ANNIE SUE RYAL5 Business School Work College Marriage 57 KAREN SAEGER SAND SI ANNE SALACUSE ROBERT SANDERS Morrioge Work College College X' K " CLASS OF r College College 3, JOHN SAUL GEORGE SAWMA Armed Services College JOSEPH SAWMA FRANK SCALETTA JOHN SCHEIDER FRANCINE SCHIRO College Work Work College 58 E rr V II MATTHEW SCHIRO THOMAS SCHROEDER LINDA SCHULTZ College Work Work MICHAEL SCOZZAFAVA College 964 SHARLEEN SCOZZAFAVA Marriage ROSEMARY SEARCY ELIZABETH SEMANS FRANK SERRIO College College College 59 ROSEMARY SCOTT College ROSE SCOZZAFAVA Work SHIRLEY SEALS Marriage JAMES SERPA Armed Services HY GQ lo FTPIYY I I K7 NBII My , . -N I A 'N W W I ANTHONY SERRIANNE AMY SETTIMI 1 College Work GARY SHAW PAMELA SHEARER College College ETHEL SHEPERD GERALDINE SHEUSI College Marriage lp JQMTTIQ W 'Q SHARP Nblof CLASS OF W In WJ ll' M "in rr' MAERETTA SHINE FREDERICK SHIPP PATRICIA SHUMWAY C II g C II g C II ge O66 GARY SICURELLA College I964 RICHARD SIEGEL DENNIS SILBERGELD ARNOLD SINATRA College College College FRANCES SISSON STANLEY SLOMINSKI College College BRADLEY SMITH JAMES SMITH NANCY SMITH College College PAULETTE SMITH FREDERICK SNYDER MICHAEL SOLURI College College College 61 J CHRISTINE SOSNOWSKI Work DONALD STEPHENSON Armed Services 5 . 1 NANCY STIEFEL College JOSEPH STRUZIK Armed Services Q-3 'VS' v , 21 M 1 le MWF? , W Q X 5, Q X5 f , we I 4 Q' W 5 iff W , 1 If f 5 ,, -,W .1-fig? q,4-Q'MArg,1f:,'wgi, ' 1 + f f f . 2 xi 4 L, errr - A KAREN STEELE MARY STEFANCO l.OVEl.l. STEPHENS College College Armed Services CLASS O RONALD STERNS Armed Services Q , SUE STIEGMAN College ' MARILYNN SUCHAN MAXINE SWIERCZEK JQSEPH SYNORADZKI College COHGQS College 62 1 5'1" Q Y . 5 . . P l' , Y , CAROL SZARSZEWSKI r I MARY .lo SZWEDO THERESA SZYDLOWSKl ROBERT TABB Work I - Work l Work College ,W4 1 .,- l A ltixkl AIL. jx All X W l MARY TALBOT JOHN TARAPCZYNSKI College Armed Services 964 GARY TAYLOR ROBERT TAYLOR College Business School JON TEAMEN THOMAS TEDESCO FREDERICK TEOLI MARY ANN THOMPSON Work College Armed Services Work 63 ml l N Vw ,LM 'Xb lllli ,LX -,i 4 ,, ,. if LVL ,x, Mi I l sHARoN Tosev N ' N Work MARIE TRAPASSO Business School x 5- LINDA TRUNZO Work TRESA URBANIAK College J ,. L, ,J All i fl' WJ I f , Q rig. l ', 1 Q4 hifi L1 ' JULIUS TOENNIESSEN LAWERENCE TOSETTO GREGORY TRANE College College College MADALYN TRlSCARl College CLASS 0 JACQUELINE TURCO Business School 'E' PHYLLIS VonHORN JOSEPH VENTRILLO JOAN VENTRY Work College Business School 64 X . I f 1 jx GARY VerI'IAGUE :ER VITELLO RICHARD WAGNER KENNETH WAKELY College Work x College College X 964 MARGARET WALKER MARION WALKER College College TODD WALLENS LEO WARD College Business School YVONNE WARNER WALTER WATSON BETTE-LYNN WATTS DAVID WEAVER Morrioge College Work College 65 'V JANE WEBB THOMAS WEISFLOG KENNETH WELLS MARIANNE WENGZYN College College College College CLASS OF CHERYL WHETHAM BARBARA WHITCOMB Work Morrioge RUTH ANN WHITE RAY WHITHAM Work Armed Forces PATRICIA WHITNEY KRISTINE WIECZOREK CHRISTINE WILK JAMES WILLIAMS College College Work College 66 xl AIZGARET WILLIAMS KAY WISE BYRON WITTLIN WILLIAM WOZTOWIC College Work College .1 Business School 1 I I I' If ff L, L MARY ANN WROBLEVVSKI NORMAN WYNES Work College 964 JACCQUELINE WYNN DIANE WYRAUCH College College .IOANNE YACUS STANLEY YOUNG SANDRA YUDICHAK JOHN ZACHER College College College College 67 KATHY ZACZEK Work CHRISTINE ZALESKI Work College SANDRA ZAREMSKI Business School fl ROBERT ZAMBITO V ?95 , rl' Xl BARBARA ZAHNO JAMES ZAIDEL BETTY ZAK Business School College Work CLASS OF Work . U K PAULETTE ZALOCHA ff lll l I K f l w A r llllb' O My! lllllllrlllllllllllll l 1964 CAROL ZANKOWSKI Work y MARY LOU ZAROSL THOMAS ZASUCHA JAMES ZlELlNSKl Business School College College 68 ADDITIO AL SENICRS Fred Abramaitys Michael Argy James Blain Mario Bosso Eric Brooks Claude Burson Charles Canosa Larry Clute Donald Dorso Raymond Falcone Harold Hooper Bernadette Hufl William Huff John Lolo Wenford McCroy Tom Nacera Janice O'Lay Frederick Owens Stephen Pierce Leta Powley Mary Rider Ralph Rhinehart Margaret Rosino Patricia Rutlcowski Shary Sanders Donald Scarpinato Kathy Schapel Lawrence Terry Richard Townsend Clarence Ward Sandra White Bonnie Zetes SENIOR COMMITTEE 1 va-hnhvfwxstll CAP AND GOWN: Mr. H, Shapiro, Shirley McCormick, Mary Montgomery. STATISTICS: Mrs. R. Presutri, Cynthia Chiodo, Joe Ariymowicz. 1 Sz is gi 5, 52 f' qu' ' HISTORY: Mr. N. Duquette, Patricia Whitney, Sharon Kefch. E535 'Q F K 5, CLASS DAY: Fred Shipp, Mr. F.Orf0nO,JeGr1 Nunnery. PROPHECY: Sue Sfiegman, Mr. J. Hagerty, Patricia Laria. W 70 SENICR COMMITTEES .puny gg I JW' ri , ,Q PUBLICITY: Miss M, Finiey, Rosemary Elia, Karen DiGregorio, Carol TICKETS: Connie Jordan, Miss A. Dominianni, Gary Hayes. Mickiweicz. CLASS SONG: Beverly Hatneld, Thomas WeisfIog, Diana Merritt, Shari Cole. E PROM INVITATIONS AND CHAPERONES: Patricia Siwumway, Rose- mary Scott, Mrs. E. Bosso. '25 Ill. r--4 Qu. S 6-Q KG' JH? YQ .if A in CLASS GIFT: Suzanne Page, Mr. J. Boardman, Edward Adarnski. 71 r 5. 'KN 3 .M ,, .3 .fm SENIOR COMMITTEE TYPING1Lemar Cain, Miss I. Witkowski, Jean Nunnery. 3 Jw 1, W" . W 04, 'Qi , 1 ., in " PROM: Sheiifl Elliot MIK R- PUViOCif, Cflihie Furman. BANQUET: James Wil-Iiams, Mr. P. Baicissone, Susan Hustleby POEM, MOTTO, FLOWER: Shirley Seals, Barbara Eiopio, Jean- nie Lynn, Lorraine Lauzonis, Judy Gornicki, Jean Manning, Carol Maiinverni, Diane VVyrauci1,Jo:epi'1 Hawkins, Dr, M. Risiey. 72 SENIOR COMMITTEES CLASS DAY FLOWERS: Jearld Moldenhauer, Carol Harnum, Mr. E. Foley. SCHOLARSHIP: Mr. R. Pitrone, Michael Soluri, Rheta Lanfear, Steve DECORATIONS: Patricia Bruno, Linda Augustino, Veronica Beebe Hyla, Carol Nowak, Carl Hrlczak, Rosemary Searcy, Sheila Dunlop, Maryanne Dangelo, Miss P. Gilbert. Mary Cardamone. CLASS WILL: Mr. R. Wiseman, Barbara DeMunda, Brian Gillis 73 SEEI G DOUBLE Jim and Mary Montgomery Helen and Ellen Conley Marion and Margaret Walker Ann and Anita Bgzzgni Janette and Janelle Eddy Janet and Janice Gallo Sharon and Sandro Cicatello 74 SENIDR SNAPS Marge Butski, Mr. W. Brady, and Sharon Ketch work on the Chron- A bargain you can't afford to pass up! icle. French students use the language lab. Maxine Swierczak and Liz Seamans plan for future activities. Mr, R, Simpson with our representative to Girls' Store, Maryanne Puerner, and Boys' State, Brad Smith. 75 I MEMCRIAM Robert Sanders, Class of '64 February 7, 1946-February 17, 1964 Terry Fisc1'1er,CIc1ss of '64 Augusf 9, 1945-January 25, 1964 wir af? my if JUNIGR CLASS HOOTENANNY 78 Left to Right: Richard lngrasci, Lawrence Krizan, Miss M. Brennen, Toni D'GriIIo, Mr. N. Anderson, Pamela Trapasso. President . . . Vice President Secretary .. Treasurer .. Co-Advisors . . . CLASS CF l965 ... Miss M. Brennen and 79 Richard Ingrasci Pamela Trdpasso .. Toni D'GrilIo Lawrence Krizan Mr. N. Anderson SCHOOL ELECTIONS Thinking it over Regisfroiion. A difiiculf decision! on the dotted line, please," 80 May the best mon win! Gary Aclarnski Gloria Allen William Allen Linda Amato Richard Anders W Jacquelyn Anthony Leigh Armistead Madeline Asvyad Lynn Augerot Robert Augustine Jim Austin Sharyn Badolalo Nancy Baer Ronald Bagley Robert Bailey Edward Baird Mary Baizik Gloria Baldassarre Linda Barber Thomas Barber Terrence Barnes Cynthia Barr Heather Barr Duane Bathurst Ronald Battista William Bailey Bill Becker Guy Bellavia William Bianco David Biederman de .ly H, 1 'J' l A Karen Bingaman Wendy Bizzozero Kathy Black Bonnie Boling Earnestine Bradley Thomas Bradley Arnberleen Brandon Lois Brigham Myra Brooks Rebecca Brown Michael Brown John Brucaio Annie Brundidge Linda Bruner Michele Buck Ann Buckhout Robert Buehl David Burmaster Linda Burr Maureen Buller Richard Caccamise Joanne Cacioppo Par Caggiano Jerald Cairo Cheryl Calandrelli Jean Calvello Susan Cantlon Joseph Carasella Gary Caslon Lela Cauley ,dw w' -ev .qv ,.,v-W W.-H fm Wk' 83 Mary Centofanti Lorraine Cesari Carol Chioclo Michelle Ciamarro Sandra Cicatello Sharon Cicatello Lorraine Cieplinslci Loretta Ciocco Vince Ciroolo Cleo Clark Nancy Clingersmith Carol Clute Claudia Coleman Margaret Collins Steve Collins Donald Colquhoun Robert Colosi Rosanne Colucci Ellen Conley Cindy Cordell Antoinette Corsoro Eugene Cowart Ray Cracknell Anna Crisotulli Patricia Cristiono Ester Crittenden Vera Crittenden Nancy Crowley Cheryl Curcione Christine Cwierley in 'YK 014 84 Cindy Damiano Vincenzo D'Angeio Linda D'Anna Linda Dash Betty Davis .lim DeFazio Mary Ann DeFranco Amelia Deiuca Caroi Deizoppo Denise Demniin Mary Ann DeRosa Terry DeRose Marcia DeSantis Toni DeSantis Louis Destino Linda DiCamiilo Emma Dickerson Toni D'Grillo Angeio DiGregorio Cindy DiLaura Robert Dixon Daniel Dobrasz Christine Doian Rebecca Dotter Cathy Dryievvski Margaret Dunlap Donaid Dutico Diane Ecker Concetta Emanueic Robert Engstrom vm nn .319- 85 ww Ray Ervvay Kathy Evans Peggy Ewing Terry Fadel Joanne Fair Roberf Farber Cafhy Farina Sheila Farrell Fred Fedri Nancy Fekeric Gerald Feldman John Felicetti Diana Fernandez Judy Finegold David Finn Paul Fisher Andrea Fiftante David Flaim David Fontana Henrieria Fontana Gordon Forder Kaye Forsey Sandra Foshee Phyllis Frafello Janel Gaerfner Harry Gammon Bill Gam Robert Gee Gail Gellman Sandra Gibson 'WF' vb dv .as- qrr, g , R A 4 'Q --A- piz- ,W Xu .K ,f 'lf' M. . 005 ,cd fn' 57 4" Charles Gierach Carol Gigliotfi John Glasgow Judy Glass Judy Goss Jamie Gorowlco Margaret! Gowling Thomas Grace Ronald Graci Rochelle Graff Lennie Gravino Bill Gray Philip Gray Thomas Gray Virginia Gregg Bill Grobengieser James Grochala Fred Grose lvlarge Gugino Francine Gullo Judifh Gurz Janet Hall John Hall Micki Hamera Bertha Hamilton Palricia Harnillon Joseph Hannold Cherie Harder Pafrick Harlburg Marian Hartman Q5 Y -.rl .,-rv ,fe it .ns .uf .Qi i Maryanne Harvey Patricia Hafmaker John Hayes Linda Hazelwood Cheryl Hersey Linda Hewitt Candy Hildebrandt Rebecca Hilliard Beverly Hillman Thomas Hodick Phillip Holody Curtis Hopkins Mark Horton Roman Hrycum Harry Hunnell Barbara Hunt Margie lannuzzi JoAnn lmporfune Pele Ingram Richard lngrasci Lynne Jackson Michael Jakubowski Ann Jankovvski Florence Jasek Gloria Jones Celia Jusfiana Kathy Kaczynski Daryl Kapelka Bob Kaifman Marcia Kelrnan -....,, -nv? 1-4 Dennis Ketch Richard Kinan Peter King William Klettke Linda Klink Delores Knepp Geraldine Koepke Karen Koryl Margaret Karzak Elizabeth Kosowski Jerome Kowal Frances Kozdranski Daniel Kramer Diane Krencisz Marilyn Kutis Michael La Barbara Joseph La Mantia Dona Lamson Carolyn LaNasa Judy Landesman Claude La Plante Joseph LaPorta Leonard Larratta James Laster Anthony Laughing Gail Laurendi George Lawrence Flavio Leardini Linda Ledingham Donald Lee '26 -'nhl if JSI 'Pav .M fr Barbara Leonard Joanne Lepiano Richard LePine Linda Lester Larry Ligammare Michael Litchfield David Lloyd Frederika Lowe Bob Lozina Tyron Luna Rodney Lundy Jane Lynch Marilyn Lyons Jolin Mackie Kevin Mackrell Cindy MacLaren James MacLaren Angela Malone James Maloni Susan Maloney Carol Mamon Joan Mandziak Vincent Maneely Mary Margaret Mann Gary Manuse John Manzell Nat Marazzo Skaidrite Marga Raymond Martinez Linda Masirolembo Patricia McClain Martha McCullock Cheryl Mclnerney Suzanne Mercier Glenn Meteer David Meferko Susan Meizler Dan Miller Louise Minervino Carol Molchiber Michael Monfanfe Darlene Moore Ruben Morales Pat Moriarty Thomas Morello Sherry Morgan Cafhie Morrison Carmen Mosier Catherine Muehlbauer Darlene Mule Larry Munn Gerald Munzi Sam Mussari Norma Muzzillo Barbara Myles Jeanne Nalbone Nat Nasfasi John Nawrocki Barbara Newburg Jane O'Brien John Oleorczyk Ross Olfono James O'Neill Edwino Owens John Owsinski Goe Ozzimo Charles Pace Jennifer Palmer Robert Poonessu Sylvio Pczonesscz Donna Porks Ccnrol Pczsisz David Posquontino Ramon Penci Shirley Perdikos Theresa Perekovich Betty Perricelli Joyce Perrimon Carolyn Peters Arlene Pettit Phiengpheng Sylvio Piott Joseph Pietrms Becky Pike Ronnie Pike Joseph Pinzotti Lindo Pitorresi Ann Pittrolt Borlocxro Plocek Gregory Pogson 'W' vid ,av , , Amy Poleiii Rosemary Poletti Julie Ponzi Mary Ann Presutti Frank Previte Marilyn Price Patricia Pucci Sandra Pugrant Cheryl Quaglia Pafricia Rachwal Gail Raiczak James Ramell Carl Raybon Joanne Raymond Mary Kay Raymond Kathy Redanz Barbara Reese Diane Reed David Reynolds Jean Reynolds Anthony Ricciuto Frank Richards Jim Riclcer Dennis Riggi Mary Jane Riggi Claudia Robinson Susanne Robinson Elsa Rodriquez Dennis Rooks Fern Rofh xv ,-4, 1-'fr .,1f, fo"- 5 Q K a., 4 .9 MQL3 ' ': ' ' , ,--.. we 1 i Charlotte Roberts Sally Roell Monica Sahagan Susan St. Denny Linda Santangelo Nick Santora Rosemary Sawma Frank Scaletta JoAnn Scalzo Judy Scepanski Bette Schneider Jacqueline Schollock Bonnie Schul Karen Schulz Alice Scrutari Eileen Selfridge Beverly Sell Rose Serianni Mark Serrianni Darla Settimi John Sharp Linda Shaw Annie Shine Marie Shavalier Laurel Shofstahl Evann Sideris Kathleen Simcox Jerry Sirnone Therese Sivulich Paulette Skoros sw 4 4, 4-ya.,-A rm :Sv 3 .fy ,,.-- Q. Y-nv une' .fs ,wa- Margaret Slaiman Marie Sliski Marcia Smiech David Smith Fred Smith Kathy Soluri Sylvia Somerofl Gloria Sonka Russell Sparling Karen Spencer Barbara Spillenaar Deborah Spuller Tony Stamborski Elwood Steele Charles Steen Bette Stempien .loan Stenton Clarissa Stewart Alan Stone Kathleen Strack Janice Strasburg Carol Swank Marcella Szarszewski Karen Szczes Cheryl Tabb Joe Tabone Lucilla Tantillo Marie Torantino Terry Tempest Julie Thomas ,fv- na- u-I ,,..-- sv-5 -:Nui Bertram Thompson June Thomson Kathy Tilton Jackie Tompkins Marc Touma Pamela Trapasso Tina Trapasso Constance Tubin Richard Tucker Kathy Tworney Diana Valenti Patricia Valentino John Venfresca Paul Verciglio Margaret Verna Rhoann Vicini John Virtuoso Bonnie Voelker Sylvia Wackett Donald Wagner Brian Walerowicz Gary Walos Philip Washburn Helen Watson Shely Watson Eileen Weaver Loretta Webb John Webster Gustin Welch Bonnie Welsh 40 Charlene Zielinski Russell Zimmerman Antoinette Zoda 96 Sandy Whispell Darlene White Patricia White Carter Whitesicles Richard Wilkenfeld Charles Wilson Melinda Wineburgh Charles Winlcel' Karen Witmer John Woodard Jane Woodley Faith VVoods Kathy Woznialc Rich Wright Delores Wroblewski Judy Wroblewski Suzanne Yanik Tom Young Solie Zdjelar Janice Zecco E -R X Q ,g ' f.: ,asf ,L , Q .I -YA A,,. 4 ,ww E , ' 5 fi, . W ,:, A , , . 3, t 4-3 if R, Z Q ' . wil , ' ig ,. il - V if 5? if , Q 6 , ,.., A i, - 3-.,. - 'E' ' Zi H18 .r fx f.-M ff. -wi v Q? gif: 324'- Y ' 'fm5sfUifs 7 - - ?2TqEf,l4szLg11'6i.4A . . vw., Wffmik ma., , - 7 V. A ' ""'f 0-6 viii Mmm I QLIIRI GREPORTER Question: How do you feel the upper- classmen treat you as sophomores? Anne goiqcuse cl Albert Rinaldo: l haven't gotten acquainted with too many up- perclassmen, but the ones on the swimming team treat me very fairly. The ones in my classes are nice, and they make me feel as if I were not really a sophomore but one of them. Kathy Holt: I think that on the whole, the upperclassmen treat the sophomore class as equals. Of course, there are a few who resent us because of the over- crowded halls and lunch peri- ods, but that's to be expected. Most of them, especially the seniors, are friendly toward us, and help us find our way around. l feel that some of the juniors, on the other hand, wished that we were back in iunior high so they would have more room, The majority of both classes make us feel as though we were wanted and belong in High School. Trudy Fabint The upperclassmen of Niagara Falls High School treat me as an equal. They speak to me as one on their own level, and they do not look down on me because I am in a lower grade, They associate with me as they do with mem- bers of their own class. Mark Morath: The upperclass- men treat me as an equal. When l started at Niagara Falls High School in September, l thought l'd be with my own group of friends from iunior high, which I wasn't. I was more or less forced to make new friends, quite a few of whom were upperclassmen. l'd say this year l've been treated well by upperclassmen. 98 inquiring Reporter ii Tom Heck: The seniors and iun- iors of Niagara Falls High School have accepted us as fel- low classmates. l have been in many activities with them, and I have felt a part of these ac- tivities because of their friendli- ness. Working with them has helped me to mature in my aca- demic and social life. A Rosemary Ciambrone: The up- perclassmen, I must say with pleasure, have been very hos- pitable toward the sophomores. Entering a large school like Niagara Falls High School is very frightening. The seniors and iuniors have helped us in every way possible. Most of them are very friendly which makes it easier for us. In my estimation, as a whole, the up- perclasssmen are wonderful. Left to Right: Robert Folsetti, Mr. V. Abel, Roberto Payne, Diane Perdikos, Miss B. Yondion, Deborah Plumer. President . . . Vice-President Secretory .. Treasurer .. Co-Advisors . . . CLASS OF I 966 .. Miss B. Ycxndion 99 Diane Perdikos Deborcxh Plumer Roberto Payne Robert Fcilseiii ond Mr. V. Abel ,JY wwe iles! ei H'5'E3Wb?Z"'l59iL f2 5 , M V W. Q. I""'X's an A15 EQJQ.. If-e . , fm w if : 'X Q Q W, if Q + as i gg ,, 1 , . in if .. John Abate James Adams Sandra Adams William Adams Mexico Aguilar Jack Alessi Christine Alex Diane Allen Judith Amorelli Annette Antonucci Anthony Antonucci Nancy Armeli Steven Ashby Craig Austin Rebecca Badorian Lawrence Bailey Elizabeth Bale Daria Barbery Camilla Bardon Mary Barnett Leslie Barone William Bass Judy Baumgartner Barbara Bax Anita Bazzani Ann Bazzani Jane Belmont Raymond Beltrano Sharlane Bennett Susan Berds .fa .-uw .,-1 wi ,is , 1 ..,Z4.f'2zy,- ' .: " , 1 2121 ,aim Vsniaehmgggggi A s 42 S ' S -fs? fin W usd! y mi ,, if L s 31 Wr- H f M530 I W- 5 4 - .ni .2 - M, 6 ,:,. MW' , fe .nv f-v Aiea? -up '19 Q3 3 , ' 1""'7"n. ga -...Jw --A me we inf may W sk. .L Q, A. .,, y ' EE? fum ur' -:gf-' as-'lv , f . 96' wie Z .., ......-af . y wtf' sa- , 101 Peier Beyacqua Gerald Biamonfe Jacqueline Bingaman John Bobbera Judith Brandon Beverly Brew Gregory Brinda Jacqueline Brown Perry Brown Larry Bruno Sandra Bryk Thomas Buffamonie Jay Bufian Sharon Bufera Robert Bufski Frank Cacciarore Frances Cale Clifford Calvello John Campbell Sharon Canrlon Renato Caracci Thomas Carella Barbara Carr Cynthia Carver Eira Casazola Barbara Case Bonnie Caughell Michael Cavanaugh Janet Cecula Janice Centofanti get ef-uv s fa rf? Kr rev' X if "X ' ' " '. A 3 me 5, 1 N W D fu.- -4.- .-,ff 'iii ,dz fwfr .fi v S 077 +605 'uk ,J -f . . ' ra 'ray I, ' f ' if s 1' , J X if! f ' J l i l t i . l . X K QW, -ai ...+- an-rf i Francine Cerminara Gloria Chiodo Mary Ann Ciamarro Rosemary Ciamlarone Sally Jo Clifton Marlene Clontz Dorothy Cobbs Cindy Colavecchia Norman Collins Lydia Colosi Richard Colosi William Conte Winifred Cook Denise Cortese Madylyn Costantino Larry Coty James Coughenour Jean Cowan Barbara Craver Carolyn Crier Sheila Cristelli Marcia Critelli Ernest Curto Thomas Cutini Linda Czepinski Judy D'Aloise Margaret DalPorto Deborah D'Angelo Shirley Davis Donald D'Avolio I VV wr 9 ,.,.-f-f 'U Cv 'Qs ,.r' initio. fy' ,H Deborah Dean Denise Dean Jeanette DeBacco Russell DeFazio Barbara Dellaree Gerald DeMunda Linda Dennis Janice DePadre Donna Destino Barbara Detroia Marina Diaz Cheryll Dimne Darryl DiNoto Danny Dingwall Ernest Domanico Barry Donner Janice Drabezylc Judith Dunlap Beverly Dury Glynn Elliott Albert Evans Deborah Evans Sharon Ewing Trudy Fabin Sandra Fadel Robert Falsetti Peter Falvo Toni Fama Anita Farella Ellen Folso 25? i be . if v Q ,e -nr , we 1 my K. N v , , 3 is are 'sl H f 5033? Mig? H + 522.25 fest h ifi Wg, F ,,,,. cv 1 ve' fl ' 7, i 2 :ci pm, ,pfl+'y..c if X x . l ,5 Q A, R , Catherine Feder Patricia Ferguson Charles Fiore Lois Fisher Sandra Fitzgerald Barbara Fitzsimmons Chester Florence Guy Forcucci Janet Forcucci Richard Fox Beverly Franciszkiewick Shirley Garrison Linda Garrow Barbara Gawel Samuel George Luciano Giampa Wayne Gladish Janis Golanka Rita Gonzalez Linda Grace Kevin Green Robert Greig Hubert Grooms Thomas Gwozdek Gary Hall Richard Haseley Richard Hayes Tom Heck Patricia Helie Cherri Henwood Mariorie Hewitt Michael Heylilc Sandra Hilliard James Hines Diana Hlastalo Joseph Hlavenka Kathleen Hoag Kathy Holt Deborah Homewood Karen Hopkins Sharon Horning Sharon Horton Susan Horton Alfred Hunt Frank Hunt Patricia Hutchinson Vincent locovitti Jon lgros James lngram Angela lncorvio Evelyn lnguaggiato Keith Isler Beverly Jagow Diane Jankcwski Bobby Jones .lonnie Jordan Ted Jordan Terry Jordan Jeanette Jordon Anthony Kolita Ilene Keller Kathleen Kellerman Jack Kensinger Suzanne Kianofl Thomas Killian Edward Kirk Robert Knickerbocker Garry Koch Constance Kowalski Stanley Kroikowski Karen Kuklevsky Tom Kukulka Dale LaCount Monica Lane Karen LaScala Carol Lazeration Donna Lee John LeFevre Diane Leffler Edward Lester Ronald Lester Charlann Levy Walter Lewis Charles Longo Carla Lochren Ronald Lonberger Paul Lupke Cheryl Lyall John Lynch John MacKenna 73 V . si M 5' ' 'I GW ., yf' , li Fil y i ,E , D.,, is ,A i .p sf e- 'LS f his 92152 ' Sk t 3 l X iii. M is iglii, .,,. " is-E If' ' ' K t R 'N X .. ,,, I?ii1 , - . - , J fem' ,265 'Wan ,visa , k Q my Y " I-4 is L do X its .f 1: s-fl 3'3- ...W-f 'X-or Y Um f , '.'. 'V '.K- . J fi . 52 Q W.. ' 45 JI 4r s Vg lf Q .Jr JSR ll J G- if ' yzfQ?i3llB5'?i'3Si:Q1f,.z'24sf ig X. flwir-. A i Vkkiix., EM:,,. rdf 107 f 'QA , I. George MacKenzie Diane Mangione Karen Marcucci Walter Marcyan Francine Mariglio Roberta Martell Gerald Martin Lois Martin Darcy Martinez Gloria Martinez Jeanette Mash Christine Mathews Linda Mathews Anthony Mattace John Mazzocchi Diane McCafterty Maxine McCandless John McCaw William McClellan Susan McClintock James McGovern Mary Merino Joel Michaels Loretta Milczarski Marlene Milczarski John Miller Marilyn Miller Doris Milton Dominic Mitro Lois Moehrle ,Y v ' ,gms cv. -'ww V ...A rr l ,ff ,ee :ri if 41 lf A? H, 'li A - -ffl. KL' IH, ' H x jrdlf, ll f s f 4 ' .ww av- vi m. y 1 fi- '16, if , I 'X QQ'-'-J: is jig , A p Nm 4-u Cx 5 'n J-his ::".: 3 ' , 1 'JZ' 'TV s.--N 3' ,gi 93' is V ,nv- Qi? ravi Gloria Manfani Mark Morafh Josephine Moro Elaine Morreale Sfanley Morris Sandra Muggleron William Murphy Sharon Nathanson Linda Nation James Navis Charles Nero Nancy Neubauer William Ninness Edwin Ochal Tara O'Connor Margaret O'FlaherTy Karen Olay Joyce Olejarz James Oleniczak Eileen Osfrowski Susan Ostrozynski Janie Owens Paul Parise Arnetie Page Michael Pawlukovich Jeanette Pecoraro Judy Peller Diane Perdilcas Sammuel Perkins Linda Perno Q ft X swis- L, :I '-:fig fl- Y, ,- X I ' .- - 1 V ' 4 I- , I If an 1 , iii 5, te l . JV , R A ,fo X. -aff . fl S It My X. Eg is .L is fl 4 at -:-f 3 F 3 Z2 f wg, l ,mv ,P -nw James Perry Juanita Peters Stanley Petts William Phillips Charlene Piatt Mary Pierce Louise Placek Joan Plennert Deborah Plumer Anne Porreca Juanita Pratt Catherine Praydich Richard Prinz Anthony Puccio Susan Puerner Jean Pyra Claudia Raham Wanda Ramage Cynthia Ramos Shirley Reed Durwood Reeves Alan Rennie Richard Reysen Barbara Richardson Jean Richardson Nardene Ricotta Albert Rinaldo Joseph Riscilli Marlene Rizzo Margaret Rizzoto 5 ii' 1 lf N 5 7 E Y? ,V W. if tar f 1 5' 'QLf,313' -,i.ii,,ki J , Hsgwa it ,Q 9 Q if Guy Rizzuto Jackie Roberts Francis Roell Larry Rocks Kathleen Rui? Mark Satterstone Thomas Sales Sylvia Sanders Karen Sanclonato Gary Sankes Rachele Santarian William Santersero Pat Scalzo Anne Schifano John Schultz Betty Jo Scott Larry Scott Larry Mae Scott Rosemary Seals Walter Searcy Adele Selfridge Anthony Serianni Leonina Serianni Lynn Shafer Susan Shapiro Cynthia Shaw Judith Shaw Theresa Shear Debbie Shearer Linda Shira vw- ,fe , L... Jiang 428 4 ,my ,U 5951 'ff' 'E , X -ear' f . f A-r 'rf raw ,K gvl , t If .xxx 'f ,Q i f .sw 1 fv. Q- ,uw , ft.. 111 Nancy Sikora Gloria Simpson Sharon Sinclair George Sisson Patricia Skoritowski Linda Slcrlin Bonnie Smith Rhonda Smith Bob Snyder Patrick Snyder Bernadette Sobczyk Laurel Sobczyk Judy Soluri Grace Sorce Marcia Sosnowski Carol Spencer Glenna Spencer Janice Sprague Michael Stampor Judy Stanek Eugene Stanwich Christine Steele Myra Stephans Elizabeth Stivers Joanne Stoianoft Lynn Stoner Michael Struzik Donna Stull Mitchel Stumpo Gloria Sweney ,g-0' ,ii -1 I r rr - re A. aim ,B 'H-1 r f.a-' -an 4' 'ww 'eve Jw " y , , S.. 35, ....-- 'Ru- 'rw' 'B ff ws, k li 5 l' 'Sv r N x 'ff rs T f L W ,L W 2 LW: LA ,V are gg 'Wi L Q S le 1 K K M i f-1-.,. rr ,wwf i P' I ll' L? 2 Robert Swinson Rita Talarico Gerald Tareco Louise Thomas Delvon Thornton Larry Toni Donald Torre Robert Torre Elaine Toscani Noel Touchetfe Walter Tracinski Mary Traposso Joseph Trunzo Kathy Turner Linda Van Epps Dave Vanone Louise Volpe Andrea Wagner Terence Wagner Ilene Wake Sharon Wall Lorraine Waney Shirley Watson Sandra Weigel Mary Jane Welch Ruth Wheeler Lydia Williams James White Linda Wilk Monica Wilson ,fggfbh Margaret Woztowic David Wright Barbara Wysocki WOITGI' ZGCZ6k TH E YU LE SPIRIT! The Eddy twins Uonette and Jonellei ond Guy Forcucci, Jr. trim the Christmas tree. 113 ADDITIONAL U DERCLASSME Cynthia Abramaitys Michael Adamshik Laura Cuccia Cheryl Echols Judith Goldstein Gary Hoffman Marcia Intantino Donna Korpolinski Patricia Marino Barbara Pllclc Janie Rizzuto Joseph Chilberg James Fadel Candy Frerk Cindy Frisina Janice Galanti Joyce Gibbons Michael Gold Sharon Guercio Irene Gullage Roianna Henneman Gail Jolly Richard Kodeski Donald Manarina Melvin Mason Greg Mitchell Janet Pena Michael Pennington Paula Peunic Linda Sannicola ex,-fw gms Jn A N K iw? A Ms iiilisem :saw 25 92 Ml! slr l lf H K I fy ill ill ll? any QKN ill? QKQ QHQ HKU 1 ,S i IAGARIAN This year's Niagarian, we feel, is one of the best ever presented to N.F.H.S. students. The Niagarian staft tried to incorporate in this yearbook a composite of all the memorable events ot 1964. In order to accommodate the expanded number of stu- dents, numerous adaptations were employed. Co-editors Ann Mazza and Tom Carlson were aided Left to right: Susan Noblin, Jane Webb, Co-Business Managersf Tom Carlson, Ann Mazza, Co4Editors. 5 'K rg. W Advisors: Mrs. H. Donovan Miss A, Mqfjgbe throughout the school year by an extremely able staff. The business managers, Susan Noblin and Jane Webb, succeeded in conquering the herculean task of balanc- ing the many accounts. interest was augmented by the inclusion of each graduate's tuture plans. We hope you enjoy this, your yearbook, tor many years to come. TYPISTS, STAGGERED: Pat Hatmaker, Paula Grochala, Marcia Pole- wicz, .loan Stenton, Maxine Swierczek. 1--' Lett to Right: Barbara Leonard, Angela DiGregoria, Anne Salacuse, garet Dunlap, Linda Heck, Maryanne Puerner, Cynthia Barkley, Matthew Schiro, Nancy Crowley, Eileen Quimby, Marsha DiNoto, Francine Kianoft. THIRD ROW: Marilynn Suchan, Norina Rydelek, Rose Levy. SECOND ROW: JoAnn Importune, Barbara Reese, Mar- Darlene Cannef Tom Carlson, Mike Kosut, Dennis Silbergeld. IAC-IARIA STAFF COMMITTEE CHAIRMEN, FIRST ROW: Francine Kianoff, Cynthia Barkley, Rose Levy. SECOND ROW: Matt Schiro, Linda Heck, Maryanne Puerner, Norina Rydelek, Anne Salacuse. Left to Right: Annie Shine, Susan Maloney, Joanne Lepiano, Linda Karen Barnaby, Gretchen Rose, Rochelle Graft, Judy Goss, Shirley Santangelo, Ann Mazza, Mary Talbot, Diane Wyrauch, Karen Lloyd, Perciikas. THIRD ROW: Margie lannuzzi, Phyllis Daniels, Patricia Marge Gugino, Gail Raiczak, SECOND ROW: Mary Stetanco, Fran- Shumway, Sue Robins, Karen DiGregorio, Karen Steele, Angela Ma- cine Schiro, Emilia DeSimone, Sheila Dunlop, Mary Montgomery, lone. WW, W 5 'Y ww- . ,4,. V, 'W-,. W1 fu 'pf U ,J ', 55 ., '5 ' :,g.z,M,...s.s.,,,Mm,,-up , , Left: Mr. R. Schultz, Co-Advisor, Todd Wallens, Treasurer, Charles Rader, President, Linda Martino, Secretary, Carol Gigliotti, Vice-President, Mr. G. Stankovich. Co-Advisor. The Student Council ot Niagara Falls High School is one of our most vital organizations, tor it is through this stu- dent representative group that the students are able to express their opinions tor improvement. This organiza- tion, led by President Charles Rader and his officers Carol Gigliotti, Linda Martino, and Todd Wallens, has actively participated in the Tri-School Council of Niag- ara Falls. During the year, the Student Council sponsors many Left to Right: Rose Levy, Jenniter Vitello, Joe Critelli, Jean Nunnery, Gary Marino, Molly McWilliams, Jim Mackie, Janice Civiletto, Mary Ellen Ambrosia, Sherry Mele, Marie Trapasso, Dennis Ormsby. SEC- OND ROW: Dennis Perez, Michael Karch, Robert Zambito, Guy Bax, TUDE highly successful activities. Among these are the bundle drive for clothing and the collection ot Christmas food baskets tor the Salvation Army. Another 'drive in which the Student Council has actively engaged is the sale ot insurance plans to the students. These plans protected Kathy Castantino, Kathleen Lake, Sheila Dunlop, Carol Rulli, Louise Grande, Michele Falsetti. THIRD ROW: Carole Marsh, Gary Hayes, Byron Wittlin, Dale Flager, Brad Smith, Linda Heck, Frank Fair, Chris Wilk, Sue Stiegman. FIRST ROW: Cindy Damiano, Cheryl Curcione, Cheryl Calandrelli, Linda Ledingham, Joseph Pietras, John Brucato, Rick lngrasci, Marie Sliski, Marge Gugino, Judy Goss, Naomi Conti, Flavio Leardini, Jo- anne Raymond, Fran Kozdranski, Lennie Gravino, Mike Marrone, Mark Serrianne. SECOND ROW: Linda DiCamiIlo, Carol Mokhiber, Norma Muzzillo, Janie Rizzuto, Judy Landesman, Paulette Skoros, COUNCIL the students in school and while they were going to and from school. Among the other varied activities ot the Student Council was a Sports Dance which was sponsored in order to honor the cheer leaders and the football and basket- FIRST ROW: Susie Puerner, Debbie DiAngelo, Rita Gonzalez, Shar- on Nathanson, Barbara DiTroia, Phyllis Zrebiec, Lynn Stoner, Nar- dene Ricotta, Marinella Ciavatta, Gloria Martinez, Kathy Holt, My- ra Stephans, Mary Ann Merino, Bernie Sobczyk, Nancy Armeli. SECOND ROW: Diane Allen, Angela lncarria, Albert Evans, Guy Larry Krizan, John Mackie, Kathy Wozniak, Annie Shine, Marcia Smiech, Betty Perricelli, Tom Morello. THIRD ROW: Kathleen Black, Cynthia Barr, Dennis Ketch, Michael Adamshick, John Hayes, Robert Paonessa, Jamie Gotowka, Joseph Hannold, Gloria Allen, George Thompson. ball players. The Student Council also originated a Teacher Recognition Day which gave Niagara Falls High School students an opportunity to show their apprecia- tion tor their teachers' ettorts throughout the year. Advisors Mr. R. Schultz and Mr. G. Stankovich have guided the Student Council to a successful year. The entire student body and the Student Council owe them a hearty thank you tor their interest. Forcucci, Daryl DiNoto, John McCaw, John Mazzocchi, Tony Ven- tresco, Tom Gwozdek, Diane Perdikas, Tom Cai-ella, Clifford Cal- vello, Joe Riscili, Cindy Frisina. THIRD ROW: Joanne Nabors, Craig Austin, Noel Touchette, Paul Parise, Anthony Serianni, Vincent Sacorritti, David Walos, Chuck Longo, Cheryl Long. nv- FIRST ROW, Left to Right: Anne Porreca, Kathy Ruff, Charlann Levy, Margaret Dal Porto, Jeanne Nalbone, Rosemary Ciambrone, Lillie Rentord, Annie Shine, Marie Shaval-ier, Jennifer Palmer, Donna Lee, Nezie Mings, Nancy Armeli, Gae Ozzimo, Edwina Owens. SECOND ROW: Carolyn Crick, Betty Jo Scott, Debbie Evans, Gloria Chiodo, Francine Cerminara, Janis Golanka, Cindy Carver, Cindy Cola- vecchia, Debbie Page, Roberta Mielnicki, Norene Lounsbury, Joanne Nabors. THIRD ROW: Gary Koch, Mary Baizik, Rosemary Sawma, Barbara Case, Diane Allen, Mary Lasher, Pat Bruno, Suzanne Page, Nancy Maro, Shari Cole, Catherine Drylewski, Pam Trapasso, Sus- an McClintock. FOURTH ROW: Louie Cirrito, Pete Bevacqua, Ted Colton, Jan lgras, Tom DePetris, Keith Geering, Donald Burford, Richard Fox, David Wright, Charlie Pace. Niagara Falls High School is this year endowed with two choruses, both under the direction ot Mr, W. Mayo. This division was necessitated by the increase in the enrollment and the variable class schedules of prospective members. FIRST ROW, Left to Right: Francine Frazier, Darcy Martinez, Shar- lane Bennett, Mary Jane Welch, Catherine Praydich, Annette An- tonucci, Chris Civierley, Joanne Massaro, Barbara Spillenar, Ellen Conley, Sharon Nathanson, Patricia Helie, Cheryl Diffine, Bonnie Schul, Naomi Conti, Myra Stephans, Beverly Franciszkiewiez. SEC- OND ROW: Judy D'Aloise, Sharon Butera, Christine Olfano, Sally Lawrence, Kathy Furman, Sue Morgan, Carolyn Peters, Linda Gar- row, Pamela Shearer, Linda Finger, Gloria Rodriguez, Mary Caprio, Lynn Stoner, Dorothy Kowalski. THIRD ROW: Barbara Groomes, Judy Dunlop, Kathy Straclc, Judy Landesman, Erin Brown, Jacque- line Brown, Anita Farella, Laurel Sobczak, Sheila Elliott, Linda Van Epps. Left to Right: Marsha DiNoto, Susan Noblin, Adele Emsweller, Molly sowski Barbara Zahno Gloria Jones Christine Olfano Marge Wil McWilliams, Barbara Reese, Jeanie Lynn, Donna Harvey, Carol liarns Karen Rowles Sandra Hilliard Linda Wilk THIRD ROW Clute, Christine Steele, Bonnie Zetes, Theresa Sivulich, Jeanette James Fadel Chuck Harding Matthew Mins Benny Cicciari Gary Mash, Andrea Wagner. SECOND ROW: Betty Davis, Elizabeth Ko- Hayes Claudia Robinson Lorraine Lauzonis Jean Landes CHORUS Therefore, we now possess an exceptionally talented conventional tour part chorus, plus the less common three part all girl chorus Both groups enhance our school with lovely music presented at assemblies and special events Left to right: Rachele Satarian, Louise Volpe, Joanne Yacus, Diana Merritt, Susie Puerner, Leonina Serianni, Morinella Ciavatta, Mary Trapasso, Rose Serianni, Janet Hall, Emily Lewellyn, Kathy Hoag, Gloria Simpson, Judy Arnorelli, Louise Thomas. SECOND ROW: Val- erie Gilmore, Marilyn Clarke, Margaret Langevin, Barbara Hlastala, W , if ,, 23 if? 55? 1 '-.1 1 , w ' f ,.ff f' A ff ff E .E Q Qs 3 e. I W 'L 8 Qlllkwqggl UMUIW -"" Q 'F W ,.Mf!' I h Q Q gif? ing? 1, ' wp sv' Lett to Right: Mary Jo Szwedo, Frede- ricka Lowe, Rosemary Scott, Judy Baumgartner, Sandy Weigel, Tony Ventresco, Roland Chapados, Maureen Butler, Emily Lewellyn, Dolores Wrob- lewski. SECOND ROW: Joyce Gib- bons, Shely Watson, Judith Gurz, Mex- ico Aguilar, Jcan Stenton, Patricia D'Arcy, Barbara Hlastala, Carol Del- zoppo, Jeanette DeBacco. THIRD ROW: Ester Crittenden, Sandra Hilliard, Brian Gillis, Robert Berthot, Janet Cecula, Mildred Kimble, Kennetha Comer. .IU IOR RED CROSS The Junior Red Cross, an international organization, small gift items to be sent overseas to needy children. entered its second year this tall under the direction of This is one ofthe most popular projects ot the year. Our Miss I. Witkowslci. This group of volunteers meets to dis- chapter also has two participating members on the cuss ways of contributing to our school and community. executive council, which meets once a month to co- One of this year's activities was the filling ot boxes with Ordlnole The Ocllvlfles of Greg Clubs' Lett to Right: Miss l. Witkowslci, Barbara Reed, Bernice Sobczyk, Kathleen Brosnan, Shirley Perdikas, Paulette Smith, Estelle Minervino, Mary Lemke, Ann Buckhout, Arnetta Page, SECOND ROW: Virginia Rey, Karen Barnaby, Pat Hatmaker, Ross Oltano, Karen Rowles, Nancy Maro, Rita Lymon, Jean Calvello. THIRD ROW: Bar- bara Newburg, Robert Ewalt, Barry Mc- Rae, Tom Rybicki, Bardtord Elliott, John Billups, Joanne Nabors, Roberta Martell, Carol Grant. SEATED: Barbara Hlastala, Miss I 'r Witkowski. STANDING: Shirley Per dikas, Karen Barnaby. Q V! UPPER BRASS, FIRST ROW: Iett to right: Shirley Watson, Joseph Pietras, SECOND ROW: Walter Watson, Perry Brown, Michael La Barbera, .lay Button, Nat Nastasi. THIRD ROW: Vin D'Angelo, Ernest Curto, Michael Gold. Alfred Hunt, Norm Burgess, John Dochstacler. LOWER BRASS, FIRST ROW, left to right: Stanley Young, Charlie Pace, Mark Lazeration, Dan Miller, SECOND ROW: Mitchel Stumpo, Roche Laskowski, Mark Horton, Nick Santoro, Bruce Fitzsimmons, THIRD ROW: Mark VVineburgh, Wayne Shatter, Frank Scaletta. SCHOOL We ot Niagara Falls High School have a band of which We can be proud. Arrayecl in their colorful uniforms at football games, they cheer our team on to victory, Mmoiesrtrs AND DRUMS, left to right: Emily Lewellyn, Mary Ann lannarelll, Sara Morganti, Mary Ann Defiran- Co, Gloria Montani. SECOND ROW: Pam Shearer, Joe Hlayenka, Frank Hunt, Larry Scott, Bill Stremble, Giles Phelps, Mark Safterstone. It if ? 'Ox ,uf ,f"' i J ,ff ... ., .fl if fvffi W ' 'K ' -- .W UPPER WOOD, Lett to Right: Louis Destino, Vince Ci- raolo, Diana Merritt, Frances Cale, Michael Soluri. SECOND ROW: Joe Riscilli, Steve Godzisz, Dorn Mitro, John Mackcnna. THIRD ROW: Guy Rizzuto, Joanne La- bosky, Thomas Sales, Tom DePetris, Richard Reyson. FOURTH ROW: Wendy Bizzazero, Susan Brydges, Jac- queline Tompkins, Jane Woodley, Cynthia Mac Loren. LOWER WOOD, Lett to Right: Barry Bathurst, Joe Trun- zo, John Miller, Vince Di Marco, Frances Moore. SEC- OND ROW: Gerry Martin, Charles Nero, Vince Maneely, David Burmaster. BA They also present spirited marches at the school assemblies, Spring Concerts, and the Spring Festival, This year's band, one ot Niag- ara Falls High School's best, greatly adds to both our enioyment and pride. DANCE BAND Lett to Right: Barry Bathurst, Joe Trunzo, Joe Riscili, Louis Destino, Gerry Martin, Chuck Nero, Vince Maneely. SECOND ROW: Dan Miller, Mark Horton, Nick Santora, Stanley Young, Mark Lazeration. THIRD ROW: Michael LaBarbera, Gerry Brown, Jay Buffan, Vin D'Angelo. FOURTH ROW: Dorn Mitro, Frank Scaletto, Carmen Mosier, Frank Hunt. , xx 4 ,IM L X if 1, 15 iiii iil l I H i i 5-75 K 5 , 9, f 1 , V A ix ' y f ' I nf, : M f 4 0- UE, Q iii? , ' 4 AW, ,Vg ah. - -f 4 kj! n.,,,,.d uf Vs Y 3 :- QW' M5 G j ,ISV V J vw , gf' ii T 1 ,Xf,it5g y L bf 1 if xg rx ' 'fag A T 5' Y w 'Q' www'-W-..,........,,.45 id ' Q i 2 0 1 5 K ,bn L 4' lj J ig i '-J . f f 5 . ' V' MMM' W Oo . R Q: 4' 3 'M l s Left to Right: Mr. F. Orfano, Sylvia Paonessa, Terry DeRose, Jean Calvello, Irene Szopinski, Sandra Foshee, Catherine Drylewski, Eugene Cowart, MaryAnne Hackett, Pat DiPasquale, Sylvia Pratt, Shirley Janese, Edwina Owens. SECOND ROW: Cassie Abrams, Benny Cicciari, Marsha Kelman, Kathy Frisina, Ronald Centotonti, Donna Lewis, Kennetha Comer, Gary Pilato, Bill Woztowic, Don Dutko. THIRD ROW: Donald Calquhoun, Beverly Hillman, Veronica Beebe, Garadine Fair, Dennis Rooks, James Laster, Jim Shammot, Walter Rivers. DECA CLUB The Distributive Education Club of America was de- signed especially tor students of business subjects. In this group, advised by Mr. F. Orfano, members are encouraged to learn more about business careers and business leaders than is usually known by high school students. One at the proiects sponsored by the D.E.C.A. Club of Niagara Falls High School is the sale of school book covers at our store. The club also takes part in a mar- keting contest which provides an incentive tor mem- bers to participate actively. Left to Right: Cassie Abrams, Treasurer, Ronald Centofanti, Sergeant-at-Arms, Kennetha Comer, President, Donald Dutko, Vice-President, Mr. F. Orfano, Advisor, 1- f,,f- Sis KiQL7"7k2iWsLiEiHHsi lt i 2' wav . . wus, ,LK """"'Pk'iis he 3 X y 'JE xxx? A E., A E mmmwew W Left to Right: Cathy Muehlbauer, Cheryl Calandrelli, Nancy Crowley, Margie Ian- nuzzi, Cindy Dilaura, Francine Kianoft, Estelle Minervino, Francine Schiro, Mars- ha Cline, Mary Ann Wroblewski, Shar- leen Scozzatava, Mary Baizik, Florence Jasek, Darlene Mule, Janice Strasburg, Ann Pittrott. SECOND ROW: Toni DlGril- lo, Steven Kargatis, Emilia DeSimone, Anne Salacuse, Gretchen Rose, Jill Pa- lumbo, Jeanette Gornicki, Maryanne Puerner, Mary Cardamone, Patricia Pas- co, Mary Talbot, Paula Grochola, Rick Siegel, THIRD ROW: Carole Marsh, Todd Wallens, Byron Wittlin, Carl Hriczak, Linda Halm, Bradley Smith, Greg Bar- ker, Robert Hewitt, Frank Serrio, Tom Weisflog. HO OR SOCIETY The Niagara Falls High School Chapter ot the National Honor Society, under the supervision of Miss E. Mitchell and Mr. P. Balassone, serves the school in many ways. Among its projects are the maintaining ofa paper-back bookstore and the monitoring ot halls during the day. Eligibility for the Honor Society depends on tour quali- ties-scholarship, leadership, character and service. An 88 per cent average must be kept throughout the year by all members. When a senior vvho is a member of the Honor Society reaches his graduation night, he is honored with a gold mantle on his robe and a gold seal on his diploma. This is surely one of our schooI's outstanding groups. Left to Right: Carol Lee, Jeanne Man- ning, Karen Rowles, Marilyn Clarke, Susan Brydges, Linda Hoag, Jeannie Lynn, Carol Ann Malinverni, Shari Cole, Kathy Evans, Carol Gigliotti, Rochelle Graft, Shirley Perdikas, Marge Gugino, Pat Rachwal. SEC- OND ROW: Carol Nowak, Rosemary Searcy, Jennifer Palmer, Kristine Wie- czorek, Enzo Balassone, Richard Wil- kenfeld, Charles Rader, John Olear- czyk, Jerry Feldman, Karen Bing- aman, Joan Stenton, Norina Ryde- lek, Arlene Pettit, THIRD ROW: David Fontana, Roman Hrycum, Robert Buehl, Goerge Brinkman, Robert Pa- oriessa, David Burmaster, Rick ln- grasci, Stephen Hyla, Dimitri Rim- anosky, Robert Dobbs, Frank Mik- litsch. Stiff, W if-1 3-1 .t fri . .tk if M --, 4 '- it SR? 45, V Q It ,gt Hi in : 3 4- M ,I A yu :sv ., . "' dez,. " ,ft t 5'L2'?:i.1:, ' W P fliihlsi: '- iiflixni OFFICERS Left to Right: Byron Wittlin, Vice-President, Mr, P. Balassone, Co-Advi- sor, Richard Siegel, President, Miss E. Mitchell, Co-Advisor, Bradley Smith, Treasurer, Jill Palumbo, Secretary. ,s-ff-M,- ff. Left to right: Robert Rotunda, Michael Soluri, Ann Mazza, Patricia Loria, Patri- cia D'Arcy, Adele Emsweller, Marilynn n Suchan, Donna Griggs, Marian Walker, 3, Margaret Walker, Eugene Beresny, Mike ' Scozzafava, Jo Agnes Cirrincione, Janice Gallo. SECOND ROW: Estelle Minervino, Leonard Caricilla, Joe Critelli, David Do- nato, James Zaidel, Margaret Lange- .. vin, Byron Wittlin, Robert Hewitt, Bev- erly Hatfield, Patricia Pasco, Pat Guer- cio, Rosemary Searcy, Jo Ann Cook. THIRD ROW: Mr. M, Bedford, Walter Watson, Matt Schiro, Brad Smith, Greg Barker, Ed Adamski, Donald Lee, Bruce Fitzsimmons, George Brinkman, Tom Weisflog, Stanley Slominski, Phil Wash- burn, Mary Talbot. COLLEGE CLUB The Niagara Falls High School College Club, under the direction of Mr. M. Bedford, has proven to be of invalu- able assistance to many college-bound students. Meet- ing every Thursday evening, the group is prepared for examiniations such as the College Boards by taking su- pervised tests. These are corrected and gone over care- fully in order to insure that students will profit from their mistakes. Also available to interested students are nu- merous college catalogues and bulletins. We are cer- tainly aware ofthe great services offered by an organi- zation such as this. liams, Marsha DiNoto, Kathleen Lake, Louise Minervino, Rick Siegel, do, Kathy Twomey, Marcia Ritchlin, mane, Gretchen Rose, James Mont- gomery. SECOND ROW: Bob Gazy, Donald Neff, Rosanne Colucci, Bar- bara Newburg, Judith Gurz, Marcia DeSantis, Cynthia Barkley, Karen Witmer, Margaret Cannon, Charlene Zielinski, Deborah Spuller, Mary Montgomery, Eileen Quimby, Susan Noblin. THIRD ROW: Larry Tosetto, Richard Wilkenfeld, Jerald Molden- hauer, Ramon Pena, David Burmas- ter, Mike Kosut, John Hall, Jeff Plumer, Ronald Kreitner, Thomas Gray, Robert Buehl, COLLEGE CLUB COMMITTEE, Left to right. Cynthia Barkley, Anne Salacuse, Joe Critelli, Jane Webb, Ron Kreitner, Maryanne Puerner, Tom Weisflog, Patri- cia Loria, Mary Cardamone, Jearld Moldenhauer, Brad Smith, Mr. M. Bed- ford. Left to Right: Philip Gray, Anne Sa- lacuse, Jane Webb, Molly McWil- Jacqueline Tompkins, Cynthia Chia- Maryanne Puerner, Mary Carda- Wineburgh, Patricia Pucci, Betty Jane Zak, Christine Olfano, Frances Moore. STAFF ticiency has been the eFlort of a willing and able staft. These girls have donated their time and effort in order to make our library a credit to our school. STO RE g ance o iss V Dano out the lunch periods. Due to the increased number of hue enables students of Niagara Falls High School to students enrolled at our school, the store has become purchase school supplies before school and through an invaluable part of student lite. SEATED Rebecca Dotter Barbara Etopio STANDING Elizabeth Kosowski, Sandra Yudichak, Mary Beth Martin 4 it 'ill l l fl q . as lg? AIM 3 ' iv SEATED, Lett to Right: Lindo Holm, Mrs. M, Lynch. STANDING: Maxine' Swierczek, Phyllis Von Horn, Chris Wilk, Paulo Grochc1lc1,Morilyn Clarke, Francine Schiro, Roberto Mielnicki, OFFICE STAFF Often seen distributing blue sheets ond collecting ot- tendonce cords, the ottendonce stott performs other tosks, such os delivering moil ond operoting the school's svvitchboord, which leove the stenogrophers tree to pursue duties requiring their specidl trdining. ATTE DANC The girls who eoch doy give voluoble help to our ot- tice stoft by distributing ond collecting ottenddnce sheets ore volunteers from vdrious study holls. These girls report to the otohce ond toke obsentee lists to every room in the building, towords the end of the FIRST ROW, Lett to Rightz Mory Ellen Donoughe, Corolyn Hortsell, Sondra: Jolley, Chris Wilk, Donno Cosscntt, Dorothy Kowcrlski, Jon- ice Bonks. SECOND ROW: Morilyn Clarke, Sylvia DeMonico, Mil- doy, they ogoin go to edch room ond collect the ddy's records. Without these girls, our perrnonent stott mem- bers would be forced to vvoste 0 gredt deol ot time with this time-consuming chore. dred Kimble, Connie Jordon, Jeanette Gornicki, Corol Hornurn, Pot Guercio, Mory Groce, Sharon Ketch. is xylfi X Q' 1? fi' , W' 1 lx i Q-ar INSIDE ROW iDowni: Pat Whitney, Karen Steele, Mary Montgom- ery, Cynthia Barkley, Cheryl Calandrelli, Shirley McCormick, Suz- anne Page, Linda Klink, Jeanne Lynn, Jeanne Manning, Maeretta Shine, Charlotte Roberts, Julie Evert. MIDDLE ROW: Connie Tubin, Cynthia Abramaitys, Cheryl Herman, Cynthia MacLaren, Kathy Evans, Linda Martino, Sheila Dunlop, Cindy DiLaura, Karen Witmer, Susan Kianoff, Mary Cardamane, Francine Kianoft, Anne Salacuse. INNER ROW: Sue Stiegman, Kathy Kaczynski, Evanthia Sideris, Lynn Auge- rot, Janice Strasburg, Linda Shaw, Gail Gellman, Jane Woodley, Susan Berds, Jane Belmont, Linda Ledingham, Jill Palumbo, Nancy Clingersmith, Carol Harnum, Lucille Minervini: CADET TEACHERS The increased enrollment in the Cadet Teachers Club shows that more and more students are becoming aware of the opportunity it affords. Membership is oftered to all students with a sincere interest in furthering their education in the field of teaching. The club is advised by Miss G. Erwin. OUTER ROW lon righti: Sue Robins, Mary Lemke. SECOND ROW, ON STAIRS iDowni: Marilynn Suchan, Sharon Fleury, Suzanne Mer- cier, Angela Malone, Carol Pasisz, Alicia Golanka, Marge Butski, Marcia DeSantis, Cecelia Justiana, Pat Hatmaker, Madalyn Truscari, THIRD ROW: Jo Ann Scalzo, Ann Buckhout, Rochelle Graft, Susan Each member spends time weekly in an elementary school classroom assisting the instructor with various ac- tivities. ln this way, he is given a chance to see what teaching is actually like. This background and experi- ence help greatly in acauainting the members with the profession they have chosen to follow. Maloney, Sofia Zoielar, Loretta Higgins, Dawn Eddy, Marcia Ritch- lin, Joann Raymond, Loretta Webb, Sandra Matusik, FOURTH ROW: Marie Sliski, Melinda Wineburgh, Subonna Morgan, Darlene Mule, Phyllis Fratello, Diana Fernandez, Pam Trapassso, Lynne Jackson, Shrley Perdikas, Judy Finegolcl, Miss G. Erwin. -S-RN f -' J, .A FIRST ROW, Left to Right. Kathleen Black, Betty Perricelli, Deb- orah Spuller, Laurel Shofstahl, Linda Dash. SECOND ROW: Molly McWilliams, Margaret Williams, Barbara Reese, Gara- dine Fair, Sue St. Denny, Patricia Loria, Linda Hoag, Patricia D'Arcy, Margaret Slaimen, Delores Irish, Linda Carlino, Dawn Eddy. THIRD ROW, lon stairsl: Nancy Stiefel, Sharon Ketch, Jean Landes, Margaret Langevin, Mary Baizek, Martha Mc- Cullock, Margaret Cannon, Frances Sisson, Peggy Muhlbauer, Sherry Morgan, Eileen Weaver, FOURTH ROW: Mildred Kim- ble, Cynthia Abramaitys, Mary Ann DeFranco, Jacqueline Tompkins, Mary Jane Riggi, Peggy Verna, Diane Landes, Cathy Farina, Sheila Elliott, Jackie Wynn, Clarissa Stewart, Bertha Hamilton, Delores Knepp. FUTURE URSES' CLUB A large group of girls, interested in nursing, compose the Future Nurses' Club under the supervision of Miss G. Erwin. Members obtain a general idea of what nursing is truly like, so they may be sure it is the career they want to pursue after graduation. Last spring a "Career Night" was held. Representatives from the maiority of nursing schools in Buffalo spoke to the girls about their future profession. Other activities included a tour through Niagara University, a brownie sale, and a Christmas party for the children's ward of Memorial Hospital, which proved entertaining and heartwarming to both children and members. Girls belonging to this club will go on to aid our com- munity and others with one of the noblest and most ree warding services. LINIC The young volunteer workers found in our school clinic and simply being near to lend a helping hand truly add assisting our new nurse, Mrs. C. Hyser, minister to many to the healing atmosphere encountered by all who have of the needs of ailing students during each school day. the opportunity to see our junior nurses in action. Recording pertinent information, caring for minor ills, Left to Right: Laurel Shofstohl, Phyllis Daniels, Margaret Langevin, Emilia DeSimone, Linda Hoag, Martha Mc- Cullock, Peggy Verna, Mrs. C. Hyser. Margaret Cannon lon the couchl. 1-S- A --.4., 'ev' 3? Left to Right: Sandra Matusik, Mary Talbot, Matthew Schiro, Mariorie Butski, Mr. W. Brady, Advisor: Todd Wallens, Marilynn Suchan, Carol Lee, Patricia Pasco. CH RGNICLE As the Chronicle entered its 83rd year, editor Marge Butski found that her duties were numerous as well as diversified. Advised by Mr. W. Brady, the Chronicle launched into another successful season. Because of Niagara Falls High School's increased enroll- ment, Chronicle staff members were kept busy recording Left to Righti Matthew Schiro, Diane Wyrauch, Sandra Matusik, Mary Centofanti, Francine Schiro, Gail Raiczak, Joann Caccioppo, David Fontana, Diane Fernandez, Mary Stefanco, Beverly Hatfield, Mary Talbot, Marge Butski, Anne Salacuse, Michael Soluri. SEC- OND ROW: Linda Santangelo, Patricia Pasco, Cindy Damiano, Rob- items of interest and information for subscribers. The aim of a school paper is difhcult. Keeping students aware of important functions and up to date on school policies is not an easy task, but we feel the Chronicle has fulfilled this goal. ert Tabb, Kathy Tworney, Mike Kosut, Carol Lee, Judy Landes- man, Sharon Ketch, Margaret Dunlap, Joanne Lepiano, Jacauelyn Anthony, Beverly Furan. THIRD ROW: Carol Pasisz, Marilynn Suchan, Lorri D'Amelio, Sue Robins, Todd Wallens, Karen Witmer, Jacque- line Fallon, Angela Malone, Phyllis Fratello. ,Jr pgs ?:s-11 sift Qisiit .M-,iw-fy maui' Lkg,mAi:n ,sg , s Q A:,r.Qi+9' Left to Right: Ann Buckhout, Gail Gellman, Marcia Ritchlin, Sherry Mele, Chuck Longo, Rose Serianni, Mary Montgomery, Phyllis Fra- tello, Mary Barnett, Terry DeMunda, SECOND ROW: Jerrine Brunn, Lynda Shaw, Sandra Matusik, Robert Rotundo, Judy Wroblewski, Mitchel Stumpo, Debbie Plumer, Kathy Holt, Angela lncorvia, Rob- ert Zarnbito, Dianne Paonesso, Bonnie Welsh. THIRD ROW: Melinda Wineburgh, Pat Whitney, Karen DiGregorio, Stephen Collins, John Kasprzalc, Albert McFayden, Cynthia Barr, Marianne Wengzyn, Susan Kersey, HRONICLE REPRESENTATIVES The Chronicle Representatives are organized to lacili- tate the collections tor subscriptions and the distribution ot our school paper. lt is with their co-operation that the Lett to Right: Richard Colosi, Gail Laurendi, Jeanne Nalbone, Pat DiPasquale, Irene Gullage, Christine Alex, Laurel Sobczak, Elaine Morreale, SECOND ROW: Carolyn Arraiz, Cindy Damiano, Sharon distribution ot the Chronicle is carried out as ethciently as it is. Tobey, Sharon Cicatello, Cynthia Barlcley, Valeri Gilmore, Lynn Shafer, Kathy Rutt. THIRD ROW: Terry Baines, Peter Falvo, Jessie Jefferson, Mike Kosut, Lela Caulev. slim' 7. , '56 3' ,fi f . , f 'Y 5 iszzgzgitggfr. tg,fQ4Lfig,i. is i 'i STANDING IN FRONT, Mary Jane Riggi, Diane Wyrauch, Patricia Loria, Anne Porreca, Kathleen Lake. INSIDE ROW ltop to bot- toml: Cynthia Barkley, Claudia Raham, Kathy Ruff, Judy D'Aloise, Susan Kianoft, Sheila Dunlop, Karen Bingaman. MIDDLE ROW: Sue Shapiro, Lynn Augerot, Molly McWilliams, Sandee Matusik, FRENC This year our school was again aided by the French Club. This group endeavors to stimulate an active in- terest in both the language and customs of the French people. The club meets under the direction of Mr. L. Rainville to discuss subiects of interest. The business ot meetings is conducted in English, vvhile the rest is in French. Julie Ponzi, Barbara Newburg, Margaret Dunlap, Marge Butski. OUTSIDE ROW: Mary Cardamone, Charlotte Roberts, Rosanne Colucci, Francine Kianoft, Estelle Minervino, Frances Cale, Kathy Evans, Pat Guercio, Terry Biamonte. CLUB One of the French CIub's money raising proiects is the selling of school sweatshirts, they also plan excursions, hear interesting lectures, and create beautiful bulletin board displays. Membership is open to all French stu- dents. Left to Right: Molly McWilliams, Treasurer, Mr, L. Rainville, Advisor, Francine Kianott, Secretary, Kathy Evans Vice President, Estelle Minervina, President. Y ,. Nei' M... fs ,, 1 'l f 'V A Tec' 'sl lf? Wim it -',72 ff 4 lj! f gr 1? if FIRST ROW: Jimmy Hauser, Jane Woodley, Cynthia Barkley, Shir- man, Jamie Gotovvko, Byron Wittlin, Donald Lee, Sue Robins, ley Seals, Susan Hustleby, Sara Richardson, Maeretta Shine, Julie Rosemary Searcy, Mitchel Stumpo, Marianne D'Angelo, Jan lgraz, Ponzi, Rick Siegel, Thomas Gray, Philip Gray, Rosemary Scott. STANDING: Ramon Pena, Rich lngrasci, Larry Krizan, Jerry Feld- John Hall, Stanley Slominski. JOHN MAR HALL CLUB The John Marshall Club is a debating group which has been functioning for the past nine years at Niagara Falls High School. The present advisor is Mr. R. Wise- man. Every member must be able to express himself in debate on such topics as current events or citizenship eclucation. One of the annual proiects has been the participation in a model United Nations along with other area high school clubs, Upon choosing the country they wish to represent, the members familiarize themselves with the cultural and political background of the land. A model workshop is held, in which the functions of these coun- tries in the United Nations are duplicated by mem- bers. Rosemary Searcy, Vice-President, Cynthia Barkley, Secretary, Byron Wittlin, President. ' si XR.M W FIRST ROW, Left to Right: Joe Critelli, Wende Jordan, Kathy Kac- zynski, Mary Cardamone, Diane Wyraucli, Linda Hoag, Diana Mer- ritt, Richard Colosi, Karen LaMonica, Betty Perricelli, Margie lan- nuzzi, Rick Siegel. SECOND ROW: Rose Levy, Bruce Fitzsimmons, Tom Weisflog, Cynthia Barkley, Peter Ingram, Jane Webb, Linda Hewitt, Jacqueline Tompkins, Charlotte Roberts, Beverly Hattielcl, Charles Rader, Matthew Schiro, Mrs. C. Hill, Mr. P. Balassone. DRAMA The Niagara Falls High School Dramatics Club has been functioning for the past three years. Advised by Mrs. C. Hill and Mr. P. Balassone, this group ot over titty stu- dents produced a play and presented it to the public this year. The money from the production, "Best Foot Forward," was donated to the senior class to help cover expenses. buf' THIRD ROW: Pete Bevacqua, Michael Fleming, Sherry Morgan, Maryanne Puerner, Wendy Bizzozero, Bob Kaczynski, Melinda Wine- burgh, Karen Rowles, Patricia Pasco, Norina Rydelek, John Sharp, Linda Heck, Jill Palumbo. FOURTH ROW: Richard Manarina, Karen Witmer, Dennis Ketch, Jamie Gotowko, Dale Flagler, Carl Hriczak, Todd Wallens, Marilynn Suchan, Sue Robins, Marie Sliski, Frank Knowles. CLUB Also among the yearly activities were various trips to see local productions and observe actual rehearsals. All ot the proiects ot the club mirror the chiet objectives ofthe group-organization of the many aspects ot the theater, stimulation of interest, and appreciation of good sfiow- manship. Lett to Right: Jill Palumbo, Vice-President: Maryanne Puerner, President, Tony Gruppo, Secretary, Diane Wy- rauch, Treasurer, Mr. P. Balassone, Co-Advisor. 5 'Q KNEELING: Linda Heck, Carol Harnum. SEATED: Margaret Williams, Karen Steele, Florence Jasek, Diane Wyrauch, Sue Stiegman, Wen- de Jordan, Mary Cardamone, Mary Talbot. STANDING: Mr. G. Wood, Mrs. E, Seatter, Darlene Canne1Pat Whitney, Jeanne LaVerg- -4-vw, ne, Cynthia Chiodo, Louise Grande, Francine Kianott, Jill Palumbo, Mary Montgomery, Jean Landes, Claudia Robinson, Miss G. Erwin, Mr. J. Jankowslci. GUIDANCE One ot the busiest places in Niagara Falls High School is the guidance ottice. Advising college and career bound students, our counselors, Miss G. Erwin, Mrs. E. Seatter, Mr. J. Jankowski, and Mr. G. Wood, are con- stantly in demand. In order to facilitate their work, they STARD Under the direction ot Dr. M. Risley, Niagara Falls High School students publish an annual magazine containing the best ot our authors' short stories, essays, poems, and plays entitled Stardust. An amazing number of creative writers have displayed their growing talents by submit- Lett to Right: CSITTINGJ Rebecca Brown, Madeline Aswad, Nancy Crowley, co-editor, Karen Witmer, co-editor, Louise Minervino, Ann Buckhout, Shirley Perdilcas, Susan Maloney, Sue Robins, Joseph La- are assisted by a group of students who do such tasks as running errands, tiling catalogues, and relieving them ot much clerical work, This enables the counselors to consult with more students every day, and consequently, guide more ot them toward successful futures. UST ting their original works to this group. Upon completion, the Stardust goes on sale to the student body, and stu- dents can purchase a pleasant souvenir to remind them ot their high school years. Manti. STANDING: Dr. M, Risley, Advisor, Mexico Aguilar, Thomas Killian. 'im -rs 1 " e m rmai: : Left to Right: Molly McWilliams, Barry McRae, Frances Moore, Marsha DiNoto, Mary Talbot, Shirley Seals, Rose Levy. STAIRS, TOP TO BOTTOM: Lucille Minervini, Dennis Silbergeld, Kathy Cos- BOOSTER The Booster Committee, formerly the Pep Club, is one of the groups designed to add to our school's reputa- tion. This is accomplished through campaigns which encourage students to support school functions such as tantino, Sarah Morganti, Mary Carclamone, Carole Marsh, Bar- bara Mansfield, Madge Noccara, Roberta Mielnicki, Emilia De- Simone. COMMITTEE football and basketball games. This group, greatly en- larged since last year, adds a great deal to building morale and school spirit. CLOCKWISEZ Molly McWilliams, President, Frances Moore, Vice-President, Rose Levy, Secretary-Treasurer, Mr. R. Schultz, Advisor. .. ,, . A .A .A ,.....-Q..-..T. iffy. CLOCKWISE: Joe DiRami, Peter Ingram, Jim Payne, Ed Rybarczyk, Frank Miklitsch, Mr. R. Babbage, bruce Fitzsimmons, Myron Gross, Glenn Scott, Gary Dashineau. AU D I O VIS UAL Under the direction of Mr. R. Babbage, the Audio Vis- structive material viewed by the maiority of students ual crevv readies slides, movies, and projectors for class use. Without this group, the enjoyable and in- The Civil Defense unit at Niagara Falls High School is I a highly trained group which is prepared to take charge of emergencies in the event of a disaster. Lett to Right: Anthony Georgakis, Bradley Smith, David cam, John Olearczyk. would be seen by only cz few. CIVIL DEFENS Should the need arise, these students would act as stretcher bearers and couriers, they are surely an in dispensable part of any efficient school Burmaster, Mr. M. Bedford, John Hall, Roman Hr C4 Top to Bottom, INSIDE ROW: Robert Kaczynski, Byron Wittlin, ROW: Mr. R, Lingg, Douglas Knox, Gregory Barker, Steve Hyla David Burmoster, Fredrick Mann, John Hall, Richard lngrosci, Rob- Mark Baxter, John Zacher, Brad Smith, Frank Serrio, John Bru ert Farber, Larry Tosetto, Robert Kattman, Robert Hewitt. OUTER cato, Robert Zombito. STANDING: Robert Hewitt, Secretary. SEATED, Lett to right: Mr. R. Lingg, Advisor, Byron Wittlin, Treasurer, Stephen Frank, Vice President, Robert Kaczynski, President. 53' KA--I NE KEY CLUB The Key Club is a service organization devoted to making high school years more pleasant and beneficial to its members through various protects carried on within the school. The activities ot this group require that its members be outstanding within the student body. Initiative and drive are prerequisites to the club's etticient tunctioning. Fre- quent pizza sales and the annual election ot "Miss Key Club" mark several of the year's activities. Under the guidance ot Mr. R. Lingg, the Key Club provides an incentive for the student body, and it also senfes as an essential part ot the student activities. 142 SA' 2 ,.. .Jo ,Q OUTER ROW Top to Bottom: Ray Pena, Phil Washburn, Byron ROW: Mr. M. Bedford, Advisor, Donald Lee, Jerry Feldman, Rob- Wittlin, David Burmaster, Michael Brovvn, Bradley Smith, Laurence ert Farber, Robert Rotunclo, Matthew Schiro, Thomas Gray, Den- Bailey, Philip Gray, Richard Wilkenfeld, Guy Forcucci. INNER nis Riggi, Richard Siegel, James Hauser. FORENSIC SOCIETY The Forensic Society of Niagara Falls High School is one of the oldest organizations functioning in the school. Un- der the guidance of Mr. M. Bedford, the organization seeks to fulhll its obiective of fostering interest in public speaking, stimulating group discussion, and promoting good fellovvship. The members are chosen after their presentation of a prepared speech on a subject of their choice. During the year, the annual oratorical contest is held in an assembly for the student body, participants are iudged by local prominent businessmen. The vvinner has the honor of having his name inscribed on the society's gold plaque of past vvinners. At the meetings, the boys present individual extempora- neous talks and participate in group discussions. Fre- quently, citizens of the community serve as guest speak- ers. Left to Right: Byron Wittlin, Secretary, Mr. M. Bedford, Advisor, Richard Siegel, Vice-President, Bradley Smith, President, David Burmaster, Treasurer. Q-3 LISHER SQUAD TWOUQFWOUT The YGOV, The U5heV SQUOCI PVOVGS HS Vie- events as plays, concerts, and the Commencement Ex cessity to our school functions. Its large membership, ercises. Ann Mazza and Patricia Whitney serve as co under the direction ot Miss M. Ingrasci, ushers ot such captains. Patricia Whitney and Ann Mazza 199' l 4' I e Left to right: Gary Hayes, Sob Haiclc, Connie Jordan, Miss A. Dominianni, Advisor, Michele Falsetti, BUSINESS MA AGEMENT COMMITTEE The business management committee is a very worth- while organization at Niagara Falls High School. Guided by a capable faculty advisor, it concerns itself with the fund raising problems surrounding such ac- tivities as the senior banquet and the annual variety show. Without this group, it would be extremely diffi- cult to carry on the many proiects in a school the size of ours. STAGE CRE More often than not, hidden from view, the members of the stage crew, supervised by Mr. R. Babbage, devote themselves to perfecting lighting, scenery, and special effects. Through their assistance, numerous worthwhile produc- tions come to life, and Niagara Falls High School stu- dents are given the opportunity to proht from their many hours of service. ON LADDER: Glenn Scott, Jim Payne, Fred Shipp. STANDING Left to Right: Mr. R. Babbage, Advisor, Frank Milclitsch, Gary Dachineau, Maryanne Harvey, Ralph Barto, Stephen Collins, Bruce Fitzsimmons 145 BEST FCOT FORWARD STUDENTS GREET MOVIE STAR Left to Right: KSTAGGEREDJ Anthony Gruppo, Diane Wyrauch, Todd Wallens, Charles Radar, Matthew Schiro. For the first time in many years, the Senior Class at Ni- agara Falls High School sponsored a play in order to raise money for its expenses. Directed by Mrs. C. V. Hill and Mr. P. Balassone, the production "Best Foot For- ward" was performed in early spring. The play, written by John Cecil Holm, dealt with the mix-up and misunderstandings which occurred at a boys' prep-school during prom time. Bud Hooper, the hero, found himself with two dates: Gale Joy, the movie star, and Helen Schlessinger, his regular girl. The ensuing panic which resulted, caused him to lose Helen and in- curred the wrath of Miss Joy, not to mention the fact that the principal expelled him for inciting a riot. How Miss Joy, Helen, and the other members of the cast banded together and saved the day for everyone made for ci delightful and amusing time. We are sure this memorable performance will not be soon forgotten by the many who were entertained by our senior thespians. IAGARIA REPRESENTATIVES JUNIOR, FIRST ROW: Carol Pasisz, Margie lannuzzi, Susan Maloney, Ann Pittrofl, Steven Hoyle, Joanne Lepiano, Chris Cwierley, Maria Tarantino. SEC- OND ROW: Betty Stempien, Susan St. Denny, Mary Ann DeFranco, Cleo Clark, Gary Walos, Amy Poletti, Judy Scepanslci, Janet Hall, Carol Clute. SOPHOMORE, Lett to Right: Janet For- cucci, Ilene Wake, Sharlane Bennett, Charlann Levy, Rosemary Ciambrone, Juanita Peters, Susie Puerner, Kathleen Kellerman, Eira Casazola, Judy Amcref- li, SECOND ROW: John Miller, Susan Kianoft, Gloria Montani, Glenna Spen- cer, Judy D'Aloise, Andrea Zaso, Susie Shapiro, Cheryl Diffine, Eileen Ostro- wskie THIRD ROW: Robert Greig, Mike Heyleh, Mitchel Stumpo, Robert Torre, Donald Manarina, Donald Burford, James Fadel. SENIOR, FIRST ROW: Madalyn Tris' Cari, Barbara Etopio, Virginia Mash, Mary Beth Neville, Emily Lewellyn, Sarah Morganti. SECOND ROW: Shirley Seals, Rosanne Briand, Sally Cavallero, Janice Civiletto, Ronald Bagley, Susan Noblin, Phillip Murphy, Jane Webb, Jessie Jet- ferson, Mary Lou Zarosl, Judy Luch, Dar- lene Canne, Dawn Eddy. in , 6' ' .,,--:F-: . M gp! 1 wk A ,ag gsm-V 2 2 ZQ 1-1 1. Y SEATED: Mark Horton, Pat Hatmaker, Marilynn Suchan, Mary Talbot, Marge Gugino, Jane Webb, Kathy Twomey, Marianne D'Angelo, Mark Mills, Miss M. McDougall, Advisor, STANDING: Don Colquhoun, Gary Walos, Flavia Leardini, David Wright, Jerry Feldman, Tom Randler, SPORTSMANSHIP COUNCIL The Niagara Frontier Sportsmanship Council came into existence in l939. The council came about at the suggestion ot Niagara Falls High School to improve the conduct ot students at games. Later a pledge was adopted which again was suggested by Niagara Falls, who also wrote it. Today eight schools are mem- bers of this council. The council meets twice a year, during the tall and spring. Last tall Niagara Falls played host to the area schools. All intramural sports activities are iudged by the council. The coach, players, cheerleaders, and stu- dents are evaluated on their conduct during the game. The highest score each ot these groups can attain is tive points, making twenty at a game a perfect score. The highest scorer at the end ot the year wins the Sportsmanship Cup. High School's council representatives are: Marilynn Suchan, President, Don Cloquhoun, Vice-President, and Jane Webb, Secretary. Miss M. McDougall is advisor. .47 KNEELING: Frank Painter, Don Wagner, Leo Ward, Frank Kanko- linski, Tony Ciavaglia, Mitch Adamchik, Pete Fontana, Vince Buffa- rnonte, Mike Jakobowski, James McCray. STANDING: Tony La- Rosa, Jeff Homick, Bob Taylor, Ron Cindrick, Bob Lozina, Jon Wh.. Teaman, Gary Walos, Tony Gruppo, Larry LeBlanc, John Zankow- ski, Joe Vilardo, John Cafarella, Rick Mann, Greg Barker, Coach S. Blinco. BASEBALL Under the guidance of Coach S. Blinco, and led by Co-captains Joe Vilardo and John Zankovvski, the Niagara Falls High School baseball team finished the season with a win-loss record of six and seven. The coach and team are both looking forward to a better season next year. 151 SEASON RECORD N.F.H.S. OPP'T Trott ..... . 3 O Lockport .... . O 6 Tonawanda .... . 2 l Kenmore West .. . 3 0 Lew-Port ........ . 3 7 North Tonawanda . . . . . ll 5 Lackawana ..... . . . IO 2 LaSalle .... . 9 ll Lockport .,...... . 7 4 North Tonawanda .. . 2 12 Tonawanda ..... . O 2 Kenmore East ... . 4 T4 LaSalle ....... . O 2 S ,f ' N iw rw i N-1+ , 4 ' W .' " -' " T. if 5? A V ",V' 11.111 , . , VV Nm V V V. V 4 V VV, U ",-, V, ' , ,VV 4 X , V Q gf.. R' V 3 X j Nun! Z V if G V QE X I fi VL 5 .4 x s Q V V , 2. 5 Q i lx i 5 , - i g? i L g VV 5 if-" ' fi V . Tom Zosucho A V V 1 ' f i ' Ve' I ,V i FrcmkFoir1 "V H ' J 5 I Q i A 1 5 4 f 1 fi 1 '5 . ' I K ' A.,, 5 - 1 if, A VV 1 QA E Vw 3 Vg V A 5.4! S .g 5 ' UVA QQ 5 is--"SQ " ' ' ' ' 5 A MIM .i is f. Q Mi i. L. ' 'L . .1 1 ul Montgomery 5 5 M:- V. ,mg 1 ' . ' ff... '44 - yy - ' - if V My 3 - 4 XIV I i . wg wr 1 3 A , i . Alykr V .V-hswffif V LV V- X5 - K VV . L.. , V V mm A V 1 V 5 J ' - f"vixg,, ' -- - ,mai i f , ' ' LLK, .N ni 5 X ' , 'H i V A ig , ' Hun 1 3 ' 4- f i . 'Q L . L E 5 1. . z , 'fi - i A . . A - 'fffk K 'K if i K f - , 5 W v5N"w ' M ,R i 'K , , .,l,, , . V . .M Q - L. , v'-i, . Il ' i V- 'L,-' . - ' 'X , :V 1 AL ' 2' A V jx Dennis Ormsby ZL. ,, H ' 5 , S' V A YK 5.2 V. -Q.: G 3? VV ' V jk .W ' V r wx ii V j i , -V. -1 Q X h Arthur Colandreliii . - i X , f W-Q... ' . i W . ii Q 1 . ii . 2 . f :if V 1. -- 1 f ,- Lf': f ' " if -' " "-'- ,. ' - . 1-gg-My r , ... W. v.,, V , ,V V SVVK V VV VV w i KVV, VV V VV . . V, 1. V V VV 7g:?Vj2gQ'g5V , EV. g',' V v:-' 2 i -M 'ijt i' - Q U . g l ,fiiir f .fag-HQ:-Fifi' ' . 2 , 'I , , 'K 5 . V' ' f r ' - , ' 1 ' -ii?-wM - ,.if-.iw .X,-. , ,ff W wg? lp f i in . A if . -W V. , -' i ' . L- if Q13 fEib.f, -fQ'7?+-ffl 1- ' f I ii , -Uifirg. f,-' My - azz' ug, f, -iiifxz-'2r'4s f,S. IZ, -' '- ,q i . 'I ' N. - , V i K g ... ' T - f ' - A . JX1i ,X23r'i1 ffs??"?f Qiiaifgi-fiziz "--: 2 "3 " 31 , in '- r Q ,- f ' " - QI f A . if5ii7fff.1iifQ3'Umes Mvsiw- h VV ,,,, , MW. VV k,V..7 . ,V ,Vg .V ,iV i ' ff . ix E, K .. ' Q . a 3 'i -fig! . 3 i i i i ' 1 3 W .. i 1 if W ,...,, L 4 V -.,. . . . X -. 5 fl . W i . . .1 1 fi X i -uw fi i " "I" ' A . Ex f . "" ' A - '-' i Q -i . ' ff - f i - - . . . -- f ii! if .E i : ' ' H x i ' W if-f' if . i 1 jf - gg, ' . , "'K..,: . i V ,V L mf j ' 5" " ' m I ' V . , f V ' V W . 3 3 W , :...:V M! V5 , Z V? -' .Ham V , V VXLYV V , 3. M , I ji "" .','.'. . g 4 ,D9Y?5'11UP5 VJefi.P.1x:mef l 1 2 , f VV V V.V V,, 5 , , .," K V - V' A ' 2 a 1' fm f ' Q 'ww , , . 1 I 5 "9'Q-my M-S. Smnrh V, E ima 2 A X , s HMV - ' .. 1 I , .. f X I ' ,, , K .V ' Y L.,,L....,', - ,M ,.,, . , . V, , A .. V, ,--yi., v,-, ,-,,, WA , V f. . , ig X 'M1,VVVVV ,I ' f 2. , ' j W' gf ' . V -V Mark Mills " ' - V Tom DePefms ' i- V , - k A ig 4 n S . ig' Y, K K 7 ' K NM . 'W 1 ' V.-.V , ' Y 4, if, 141"'W V' ni A L 5 in Pau! B 1' JVM MVR ,V V V V u ry 'V Wi' i fi , F M., - : ' "kwa kxiw ,S K ' Y wkifgi' "ff-PHVQNM V ,R . 3 M. V ' 1 ' gd . . . Bvgc T? V-1 -V9 Bill Orgomscrok . , VfQ,,3pVVVV,.9VmVV V V V . . , - VV? .MVVVA VV V V, NQVQ V :MV ww V. in maxim 3.5 Vp g gh 1"-fx? w 'fix Vg' fwxmf, ,-., . ,V - .5 V - Lett to Right, SITTING: Paul Montgomery, James Magee, Vincent Buftamonte, David Billups, Frank Fair, William Organiziak, Carl Hriczak, Dennis Ormsby, Anthony Gruppo, Mark Mills, Jeffrey Plumer, Leo Ward, Gary Hayes, James Zelinski, James Smith, Tom Zasucha, SECOND ROW: James Dobbs, Norman Gray, Guy Gian- cola, James Maloni, John Ventresca, Mike DeMuncla, John Virtuoso, Gordon Spencer, Gary Walos, Hiram Haynes, James Lester, Rod- ney Lundy, Charles Wilson, Robert Paonessa, Keith Richmond, Larry Krizan. THIRD ROW: Mr, R. Meckes, Mitchell Adamchick, Melvin Spencer, Jetntrey Homick, Joseph Carosellci, James Ramell, Stanley Tusinski, Keith Gilmore, Paul Butry, Coach A. Calandrelli. ARSITY FOOTBALL This year's season marked a 3 CLockport, Lacavvanna, and North Tonawandal vvins against 5 losses iKenmore East, Tonavvanda, LaSalle, Kenmore West, and Trottl season for the Cataracts. Our starting line-up was--Co-captains-Tony Gruppo RT and Dennis Ormsby RHB, Frank Fair RE, Jeff Plumer RG, Carl Hriczak C, Gary Hayes LG, Mark Mills LT, Jessie JeFIerson LE, Jim Magee QB, Jim Smith LHB, and Ernie Risdon FB. Lett half back Jim Smith was our high scorer this season scoring "26" points. Outlook for next year We have quite a few WINS N.F.H.S. OPP'T Lockport . .. . . . 26 14 Lackawanna ...... . . 6 O North Tonavvanda .. .. i4 12 promising juniors whom we think vvill be outstanding. They are-Larry Krizan T, Hiram Haynes HB, Melvin Spencer FB, Bob Paonessa G. and Gary Walos QB. Tri-captains for next year are Larry Krizan, Gary Walos, Hiram Haynes. It's true this year's 5 loss record isn't traditional of a Niagara Falls High School football team, but we are sure next year's team will bring us back to the top division. You iust ask any of our boys and it's a sure thing you'll hear, "JUST WAIT UNTIL NEXT YEAR." Yes, just wait until next year! LOSSES N.F.l-l.S. OPP'T Kenmore East ... ... I3 i4 Tonavvanda . .. ... i2 45 LaSalle ....... . O I3 Kenmore West . .. . O 27 Trott ........ . 7 19 'Q Y ll l f 1 5, :ll A"'5QX ' X . ,,,, 1 if -LJ WV, J ggi, Philip Murphy J L5 . , Q fl 23, ,ESF , 'Illia' S L, . ' Gggb, :yi ,w..., I l ezx faifii-ff 9 l 1 X r b., Lovell Stevens wk""'V"'- . 3 , . . ,,:- . ,, WSP N ll f F615 31 ' I s,M M l , f,,: , V l , Q ggl: if H 3 ,, ll 2: 'HL all h x 5 Ql,..wWl 1 fl . S-...W , A.A- Lf John Hayes L....J M James Williams FI-ls, "Y Q Tom Rcmdler lx ' 5 r Ill L N 1 ,FJ Ed Pifrowskl KNEELING: James Williams, John Hayes. STANDING: Layelle Phil Murphy, Jesse Jetterson, Bob Lozina, Edward Pitrowski. BACK Stephens, Mitch Adamchick, Gary Walos, Tom Randler, Bill Duff, Robert Tabbjvlanager, Coach J. O'Shea. Starting the season by defeating our traditional riyal, Trott, we then extended our winning streak to tour games. At the end of the tlrst round, we held a win- loss record of 6-3 with hopes ot a successful second round through the ettorts ot such outstanding players as Tom Randler, John Hayes, Jim Williams, Jesse Jetter- son, and Ed Pitrowski. 155 Trott ........, Lockport .,...,. Kenmore West .. Tonawanda .... Lackawanna . .. LaSalle ....... Kenmore East . .. Lew-Port ....... North Tonawanda Trott .......... Lockport ...... Kenmore West .. Tonawanda .., Lackawanna . .. LaSalle ....... Kenmore East . .. Lew-Port ....... North Tonawanda SCORES N.F,l-LS. OPP'T ...88 72 ...87 70 ...76 37 ...70 47 ...36 50 ..,47 51 ...96 55 ...66 40 ...49 59 ...64 47 .,.79 73 .,,76 62 ...85 53 ...58 49 ...5l 38 .63 60 ...96 55 ...49 63 FIRST ROW, Left to Right: Sal Saparico, Luciano Giampa, Gregory Brinda, Jerry Demunda, Joe Trunzo, John Bobbera, Tom Bufta- monte, Daniel Hamel, Buddy Hayes, Ernie Dornonico, Don Torre, Bill McClintock, Noel Tauchette, Michael Gallina, Tom Warner. SECOND ROW: Ben Eodice, Joseph Hlavanka, Michael Pawloko- Lingg. vich, John Cobb, Joseph Mouldin, Nick Foglia, Larry Bruno, Dan Sofia, Dale LaCount, Tony Antonucci, Vince Iacovitti, Robert Fal- setti, Chuck Fiore, Larry Toni, Dennis Meierer, Joe Chilberg, Paul Parise, George Sisson, Walt Zaczek, Jim Coughenour, Coach R. JU TOR VARSITY FOOTBALL RECORD N.F.H.S. OPP'T The Junior Varsity teams of Niag- ara Falls High put forth a great ef- BASKETBALL RECORD N.F.H.S. OPP'T 46 Trott .. ,. T4 O tort, showing themselves to be a Trott ........ .. 55 LaSalle .. .. 32 T3 credit to our school. Bath the toot- Lockport ..... .. 67 70 Levvport .. 33 6 ball and basketball teams gave Kenmore West 67 6T Trott .... .. 22 T3 great promise tor their return next Tonavvanda ...... 54 55 Duffy . . . . 7 6 year. Lackawanna . . . . 52 44 LaSalle .. .. T9 T9 LaSalle ...... ,. 46 37 Kenmore East .... 55 62 Levvport ......... 54 4T North Tonawanda . 39 46 FIRST ROW, Left to Right: Coach S. Rotella, Paul Williams, Louie Hoplight, Walter Searcy, Jim White, Robert Tone, Gary Sankes, Cavanaugh, Aubrey Smith, Dan Harris, James McClean, Wilson Larry Rybicki, Charles Augustino, Barry Deal. Lamar, Lucius Stevens. SECOND ROW: Manager, Terry Baker, Mike 4--un or ."" 1: - ,, l'M - , er I Lett to Right, KNEELING: Gary Shaw, Leigh Armstead, Richard lan Schofield, Wayne Gladish, John Brucota, John Davy, Joseph Tucker, Steve Hyla, Douglas Evert, Julius Toenneson, William Mc- Synoradzki, Roman Hrycum, David Smith, Robert Donahue, James Candles, David Bederman, Dennis Ketch, Walter Lewis. STANDING: Diedote, Mr. R. Pavlock. Cross country, introduced to N,F.H,S. in 1961, is coach- ed by Mr. R. Pavlock. Elected co-captains include Al- bert McFayden and William McCandless. At the end of each season, league and sectional meets are held, in which every team is permitted to enter a limited number ot contestants. The scoring method is based on the positions in which the tirst hve runners of each competing team cross the finish line. Despite a ditch- cult year as a result of a shortage of runners, cross country has proven itself a valuable addition to our athletic program and the outlook tor next year is hopeful. The tinal stretch, xr - i ,f - ' . . 'H gn ,c , I v '-"L-.'.,',frL"i fd we 2 ' Q - Kgs t fi, ., , 1, r M it . 'T inii "i' ' ' ti,' , rrr, K, M .,,k , nu - f . , . Q- . A-V ,. ... ra K Ks ww aw-'wr 2 A , iw P E f K M .. iii r I ' Patrick Hamburg ' Q ,, "L, , yt . g Z S, sfsav- wx-Mg W .V Q.: Afwhfff:-iff". fr ,M-,F1,7f:f515xP-W-1sfgSA,Qff21fK'' N - .-,.i3Qe,g fm a?+ J. i .L,,A. ,,., ,, 2 3 X 2 Q 8, Q 6 M 2 . :E is , 4 25 X, A K, gs 51 1 A - ff' ., Q 4 s I Torn Morello , 3 2 1 i xi f A. f 'YQ iv Jock Harvey 656V-1 war A L Richard Gurubedion w,,.,,,JL,,,Q,,,,,,,,QQ mx. WK V WW f nl 3 E2 1 J Q f I I f . ..-' 1' WY fini 5 K ,,,, , H-,X Ugg Dennis Fefe! , ,,f. QA, 1 SEATED: Dennis Perez, Pat Hartburg, Gary Merritt, Tom Morello Bill Hayes, Jim Ingram, Steve Frank. STANDING: Frank Miklitsh, SWIMMING After losing eight varsity men from I9o3's teom, Coach D. Resser and his team, Ied by Coptoin Dennis Perez, had Iittle hope of a winning seoson. A strong effort, however, vvas put forth by such outstanding swimmers as Dennis Perez and Tom Morello, butterfiy stroke, Dave Vanone, bockstroke, Joe Alex and Gary Mer- ritt, diving, and Rich Garobedian, free style. The team is looking forward to a better season next year. STANDING, Left to Right: Jim Jones Icoachi, Barry Strong, Jerry Woodring, Dave Drake, Jock Kensinger, Bob Swinson, Don Ding- waII, Rich Kadeski, Mike Bies, Tom Richardson, Sam Moreale, Jim Wav 1 . Ng, a .,-,. A . k ,g,..j:v FIRST ROW, SITTING: Gerald Laughing, Charles Harding, Charles Glover, Dennis Ormsby, James Perriman, Clarence Ward, David Polley, Joseph Cozzi, Richard Garabedian, Lavelle Stevens, Ed- ward McGhee. SECOND ROW, KNEELINGZ Paul Montgomery, Samuel Gariano, Walter Saraczyski, Alan Karch, Clarence McGhee, William Martin, James Previtt, Paul Bradberry, James Smith, Keith Gilmour, Lamar Cain, Robert Green, Joseph DiRamio, Fred White- sides. STANDING: Coach A. Callendrelli, Barry McRae, Fredrick Myles, Frank Carter, Anthony Scrufari, Ronald Scott, Stanley Morris, Donald Lee, Ernest Risdon, Walter Lamarr, James Magee, Edward Adamski, Michael Panepinto, David Billups, Gary Shaw, John Cobb, Kenneth Wells, John Billups, Albert McFayden, Hiram Haynes, Dennis Ketch, Charles Wilson, Assistant Coach, Mr. J. Moran. TRACK TEAM The Niagara Falls track team of i963 successfully par- ticipated in track and field events tinishing with a 6-2 record. They won the city championship and ranked third place in the league. The events the boys entered into included: hurdles, relay, lOO, 220, and 440 yard dashes in track, shot put, discus, broad jump, hop, skip, and jump, high jump and pole vault. Each school OH to a go was allowed to enter three boys in each event. The outstanding athlete was captain Frank Carter who won the sectional high jump title. Excellent sprinters were Ron Scott, Jirn Smith, and Denny Ormsby. Jesse Jeffer- son excelled at the high jump, and the hop, skip, and jump and Leslie McKenzie was one ot the top half milers in the league. od start! , 'Te 'sj jj.-M 2 i 2 ,fr s R i r gs f ig. s we s f.'-.. , .-. . . " 'ff 'a if . 5' -, T' f'LG29J25ir'fL-C-2 X X . VARSITY, FIRST ROW: Diane Paonessa, Janice Banks, Janice Civil- Mary Ellen Ambrosio, Cynthia Chiodo, Dorofhy Kowalski. THIRD effo, Mary Talbot. SECOND ROW: Karen Bakota, Carole Marsh, ROW: Linda Martino, Paula Grochala. The pep and spiriT which is evident af The sporTs func- This year's Varsify squad was headed by co-capTains tions of our school are largely The resulf of The work Linda MarTino and Mary Ellen Ambrosio, while The I of our cheerleaders. Their many hours of diligenf prac- Junior Varsity was led by Alice Scrufari and Cindy Tice have given Them The precision which makes Them DiLaura. I such CJ fine group. JUNIOR VARSITY, FIRST ROW: Alice Scrufari, Cindy DiLaura. Goss. THIRD ROW: Lynne Jackson, Naomi Conti, Par Rachwal, SECOND ROW: Margie Iannuzzi, Rose Serianni, Nancy Baer, Judy Marge Gugino. Ti: H1 A 5 0.1. 'lm --N, aim ss. -. E 1 "2'.wm, 3 5 1 "U-vu... On diving board: Denise Cortese, Cindy Colavecchi, Evelyn ln- Clintock, Lydia Williams. STANDING: Mrs. J. Mills, Sandy Bozek, guaggia, Bette Schneider, Ann Bazzani, Cindy Frisina. SEATED: Daryl Kapelka, Barbara Myles, Frances Rogala, Patricia Guercio. Kathryn Connor, Geraldine Richwalder, Mary Jo Szwedo, Sue Mc- GIRLS' SWIMMI Water skills and safety measures rank first in the in- struction of girls' swim classes under the expert super- vision ot Mrs. J. Mills. With the assistance of qualified On the board: Joyce Ann Gibbons, Rosemary Scott, Debbie DiAn- gelo, Sandy Bozek, Bette Lynn Watts, Sharon Fleury, Irene Keller. Standing an board: Marge Butski, Shirley McCormick, Pat Guer- cio, Maeretta Shine. STANDING: Sue Horton, Kathleen Balon, swim leaders, the girls are guided toward improved swimming skills so that they may pass the required tests. Kathryn Connor, Francine Muriglio, Helene Osetkowski, Lorraine Lauzonis, Garadine Fair, Karen Steele, Maureen Stewart. SEAT- ED: Carla Lochren, Peggy Lester, Francine Kianoff, Beverly Brew, Christine Steele, Linda Carlino. 4? I ll E., .. Q , eg? Tl Left to Right: Irene Gullage, Helene Osetkowski, Elaine Kozdran- ski, Sandra Fiore, Kathy Farley. SECOND ROW: Maeretta Shine, Rosemary Scott, Gloria Jones, Joyce Gibbons, Linda Carlino. THIRD ROW: Betty Watts, Margaret Anderson, Judy Gurz, Fran- Girls interested in earning merits toward an athletic letter were able to do so by participating as gym lead- ers. Each week they devoted extra study periods to assist Miss M. McDougall, Miss J. Mills and Mrs. M. Left to Right: Pat Moriarity, Janice Strasburg, Veronica Beebe, Cynthia Barr, Carol Grant. SECOND ROW: Sandy Bozek, Gloria Allen, Marinella Ciavatta, Marilynn Suchan, Mary Montgomery. cine Muriglio, Barbara Etopio. FOURTH ROW: Garadine Fair, Patricia Guercio, Carolyn Peters, Clarissa Stewart, Lorraine Lauzane is. GYM LEADER Meclces in the gym. Among their duties were to take attendance, ottlciate at games, care for equipment, and offer their aid wherever needed. THIRD ROW: Bette Schneider, Sue Ryals, Judy Mamon. Linda Burr, Becky Datter, Annie 'BU' l if R 'i s z I 2 I ffm iff?- ""---,,,.., Heads up! Keep M! Rebound. "Le1's stay on top, everyone." We've got the 'world on our feet! Gymnqgfig Club, GIRLS 164 11 -W The py,-Gmidh For physical fitness-deep knee bends SNAPS Having a ball! Kick higher, point foes, stand straight. Going off the deep end. Jumping The hurdle. i , Q.. . . ' f Dennis Ormsby wins award. Coach A. Calanclrelli presenis award to James Smith. Coaches and Capfains talk strategy. D. Ormsby, Mr. R. Mr. K. Rowe, Director of Pnysical Education, speaks. Meckes, Mr. A. Caiandrelli, A. Gruppo. Ready for ac1ion?? Wh0'S 90? if? SPQRTS 166 ww ,.:m'LZ'WPV 1 NM E i rife Q ..... ii- Bosketboli Co-Captains Jim Williams and John Hoyes. Scrimmage i SNAP Where does it go? Touchdown. ,Ab Le1"s gol Wrestling Prociice. v Yearbook dedication to Mrs. M. Lynch. Announcement of the 1964 yearbook editors Senior officers at Class Day. Seniors enter the auditorium for Class Day. Mr. T. A. O'Brien speaks. 168 N ITEM Q4-A ' i 'I " Jeanne Nalbone Mark Foster and Gary VerHogue sq M :-: M 5, anm,.b..,f'is,ws2ui'h8 QQ' .nina , Lia Eileen Quimby John Baird and Rick Mann Melvin Spencer lcapfain of the wrestling teamj Leslee McBride, Todd Wallens, and Patricia Shumwoy -Ev ,anne-w Rachele Saforian Left to Right, FIRST ROW: Ann Buckhout, Barbara Noblin, Gret- chen Rose, Carole Marsh. SECOND ROW: Eileen Quimby, Sheila Andrews, Adele Emsweller, Dani Leone. 169 v- ARQU Admiring the showcase i i ji i J-fl'-, The presentation of merit awards Parents' Night Display Miss Donohue's Shorthand class THE SCHOOL Honor Society Book Sfore ,X ii 'sf ' v-, K P i ,. ,iw .. ' A V ,wwf Miss L. Simmons and Mrs. M, Stewart discuss attendance problems. Home Economic classes entertain at Christmas tea Miss R. VanderhoFf's home-makers. FIRST ROW: Mr, R. Meckes, Mike Fonner, Edward Sfamborski, Mar- vin Shimmel, Dave SmiTh, John Manzell, Leo Ward, Rick Mann. SECOND ROW: Howard Stephens, Tom Critelli, Melvin Spencer, Larry Toni, William Bell, Dan LaVerde. WRESTLI G VarsiTy WresTling is a new sporT aT N.F.H.S. inTroduced This year afTer Two Trials as an inTramural sport. Coach- ed by Mr. R. Meckes, iT is The only group of varsiTy grapplers in This ciTy. There are Twelve divisions of FIRST ROW: Glenn Scott, Roland Chapados, Bob Snyder, James Coughenhaur, MarTy Aloian, John Grace, Tom Heck, Jack Welch, Mr. R. Meckes. SECOND ROW: Gordan Spencer, Keith Richmond, weighT from 95 pounds To "unlimiTed." N.F.H.S. should be proud To be Taking part in This new and exciTing sporf. Harry Hunnell, Joe Mauldin, Stan Tusinski, Rod Lundy, Mike Fleming Robert Lasfer. Km i 1 Q , , se, A, MAINTENANCE STAFF muff' T I Left To Right: Mrs. A. LaGai1a, Mrs. E. Mroziak, Mrs. A. Swircek, Mrs. R. Scalefta, Mrs. S, Buffy. s... Mr. A. Rinaldi Mr. A. Shaw Custodian Engineer If-ns ,fr Left To Right: Mrs. E. Mielnicki, Mrs. E. Barra, Mrs. A. Abdullah. SECOND ROW: Mrs. V. Andrews, Mrs. H Rykiel, Mrs. S. Marchetti, Mrs. R. Travis, Mrs. P. Derrameo. HERE Civil Defense Crew in Action Gary Wolos ond Rich Wright orrcinge lhe schedule At the Power Vista Air Roid Drill AND THERE Axf Biology Students or Work The Staff of the Business Workroom fur Mrs. E. Scholtz, Miss L. Simmons, and Mr. N. Duquetre i . Q , Mrs. Sfcmkovich cmd her Sewing Class S x N v I 3221 . W , X-1 . ,J 1 I 7 i 2 T'4?fff' 4 5 My S 4 ' 1, 4 ,, . 2 ,J'fK, rx .?Ahg4, 3: , .o 'r 5, fs Q. . 'XJ ' gg L 'iq T N ,,, , H h2i1 I , 8 4' v fm ' 'N 'W . 'L -A N iam' by . ' 'F Q XJ 'X Q! . .X , 7' 'Y ff 1. f ,A gfbw, ,fgpve 4 ,if FST' Q - +Qf 'J J.fMX y 1 Q f 1 -:in +V-sl, xfn If 5 r,.-.-fr: T' Y f-X --1-715g-my 7 V,--1-.--qw--1--3-E i 13 W lv ., H, . .ww Habit' 'JE ,Lx H s, -91-W4 31 11, 32,4-5 .W 1. Y A mx A , V Y M Y wd,WQW-5f1,g.-gf,wmW3w Wm, - -X ,,A- ,,,,.,NWW ,,,,,m1.W, .,.l..,,.,,.,,,,W.V,., n,,.... ,,. .uw , . . , , ifwgf-N .5 , ,. , N by v AA v - Y Q " 36 in M w X P 1 M v f f 4 af kk 'M i 1 P V 1: 1 3 w M is ' , if e ,Pix , W" ' . gai.,4:'?+a:i?2Z'i' ' 'Mfr "?.fQ3,yf"li25'l25l21 I .. ,., . v fj.,iWf1s',iz-239 A M - 'V f f fg1,fq,11-if? 2,:iea-Zf:i?'h- My ,fwiiiifiig "4?ff 1f??5fg,,5-E12 1 , , 4 ,W ,V , 0 5 x, 46 Q :'f.Z'f- ' 'X -ml ' 5 ', 'Lin f .Mn W., . ,, M., fl fry? tl P 'E 5 3 A V . .lv if , iff M- M, Q. W W., w Q 5 f' 5' xp' Zi' WW' lv- r wflwwrw, A wx, iw wi! H' wi' fu- an MA, I,u,.L.,,, w mmm! A A "OSI 11' E. ,Ex 1: ggi X , ig 'ig -E' 1 - S11 ', e Q, 1,32- X Q. 33V Q4 -5 CX 5 , ' f Q kg 1 A ig i it 4 3 it BQ Q 1? 35 f ., w V - . , , -- Q .Q ' fu ' if . Q 1 2 Y K -, N ' 93' N , ff ' , W 5' f"M ' W M , f 7 .ff k 1 , .A . if gb, xhx Nz-W H , X if

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