Niagara Falls High School - Niagarian Yearbook (Niagara Falls, NY)

 - Class of 1963

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Niagara Falls High School - Niagarian Yearbook (Niagara Falls, NY) online yearbook collection, 1963 Edition, Cover

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A . , A if xy' Jaw ' J QQ if xk I Q ,, . a . Jw My my W tfgjtfif Qgijoiffffify '1 MJ -wb ZMZMQZYM -9 'gxisspigwwy ' wlilqe me MMA? XFX E323 Q S'?W W Xe N E ,X Q six 3? v K Mx V A .,L ,' A., , 1,A, , ,, , A:. . QA , . , , . ix ' D Q V -- V A-,. '.- A A . Q , . , Q . ,. ,,q , A . ., V V -Lt. : LJ V, I .y V M K, ,. E X N X x A BH Q ,.. . , .5 R J Air MZ! 7 "WS 'Zz A ,fm " ' . W XM! ' 1 , 11" lil' ff" ' 44f"Q 2? M-f Q Aw J' fy -I Wff 4" 74+-zfg po 0' ox .. I Jig -f , Z jy3,. m,2 t l' .,fZ4P-0211, W. F, 1 flbc67gL0a'7, ,M - A QYX' 7ff g0Z2fg, J H5213 A AL JMD X D W ' -Q. ' jk M 1191 V 1" Q"'y'ff'fI Kg L :Wo 'L 0 ada Qi In V W dw! W if ffidqff J ' g I V, Y t fi' 'Cff-.JQ.,55 V MK 45 66' QS XM ff my ' ,M ,M fri 14' Q fQ '1'f -9 ww- We - 2 ' ' 'PH'--' fz- - 4 .11 . , , 4,1 -'Ea ' H-':'1f "' -fz' f" ' - iv ? -", a f" .Q N., x M A-:v I -'AuQftTZ7,,L12K5' ' ., il: V , .Q . .W V M,-M , r. . .I f,,,.,.L . .f. . . ., . .J if ik Week ,V 1'-'femqgwf le - ' I ll : 'W -1- --wif. ' .-ra V21 - f, .V . '-,::,f"mz:, , VJ: ,Q l,!,E, , Mary Magliarditi and Robert lnskeep. IAGARIAN Co-edifors - Linda Becker and Carol Wigle Co-business managers - Mary Brermerw and Barbara Noblin Niagara Falls High School Niagara Falls, New York fx X .I 1, 1 FOREWCRD The key is symbolic of mony things. lt denotes power, trust, ond knowledge. A key is o tool by meons of which one seeks to ottoin, to discover, to reveol. lt is the solution to ci puzzle, the onswer to o problem. Sought through the oges ore the keys to prosperity, knowledge, ond hoppiness. lt is in the l963 NlAG- ARIAN thot one finds onother key - thot of the memo- ries ot high school doys ond experiences gone by. With it is unlocked the fulfillment of high school educotion ond the door to opportunity. A Year's Hard Work , A K r x Xi Goal Attoined i M J . l XV 'u J , , , ,, , ii-1, F55 Q ,,...-vw-""' ,,.,,,,.,-ff 'F 4+ Q Arriving at School DEDICATION The paramount Thrill of compiling a yearbook is aT- Tained in The dedicafion. The myriad hours of pic- Ture Taking, Typing, and proofreading are minimal in comparison To The greaf pride which is achieved in choosing one among us who is Truly vvorThy of such an honor. IT is wiTh deep admiraTion and graTiTude ThaT we, The Class of 1963, dedicaTe The NIAGARIAN To you, Mrs. Margaref Lynch. Registration Time All m a Day s Work 5411! QW fx Foreword . Faculty .... Seniors . . Juniors ... Sophomores Activities . . Sports .... TABLE OF CONTENTS Mary Magliarditi and Robert lnskeep Mr. Robert Simpson David Polley and Mary Brennen Jill Palumbo and Tom Carlson ... .... Margery lannuzzi . . . Donna Stephans Carmen Formica and George Courson Mary Brennen, Co-Business Manager, Linda Becker and Carol Wigle, Co-Editors, Barbara Noblin, Co- Business Manager. Application and determination are the keys to success for this year's "Niagarian." ln its concept, the "Nia- garian" will be a collection of memories for the years to come. tr' A Harry F. Abate Deputy Superintendent for Instruction Weldon R. Oliver Superintendent of Schools BGARD OF EDLICATIO SEATED: Mr. R. Doherty, President, Mrs. E. Runals, Mrs. l., Pifer, Miss N. Brown, Dr. W. Oliver, Superintendent of Schools. STANDING: Mr. W. Collins, Mr. A. Fose, Mr. F. Lang, Deputy Superintendent for Business Administration, Mr. P. Longhine, Mr. J, Chille, Mr. H. The Niagara Falls Board of Education has been in exist- ence since l892. During this period, it has been the out- standing factor in developing an improved educational system. The members have met and conquered such prob- lems as ire, enlarged population, and antiquated facili- ties. A beautiful new annex, renovated cafeteria, and modernized gymnasium bear proof of their sincere ef- forts for improvement. We, who have benehted under the policies and leadership ot the Board of Education, offer our deep appreciation for its able planning and in- terest. Abate, Deputy Superintendent for Instruction, Mr. J, Lunney, Mr. W. Salacuse, School District Attorney, Mr. R. McKnight, Administrative Assistant of Business Affairs, Not Pictured: Mr. G. Kauber. Elton C. Schwinger Director of Secondary Education Frank J. Lang Deputy Superintendent for Business Affairs in E TIMOTHY A. O'BRIE Life is every man's heritage. Success is his goal. lt is the result of his ability to meet and overcome the challenges present in each new experience. When a career is devoted to the education of the fertile, young mind, it is nobly utilized. New professions enable one to evoke so profound a result, so deep an impression. Throughout the years Mr. Timothy A. O'Brien has exhibited that the teaching profession is indeed ennobling. It is the initia- tion of learning, the fruition of the years of dedication. Our loss is deep, our Wishes are sincere for the happiest of retirements. 8 ,H : ,fm 4 Q. uw ADMINISTRATIO To the Seniors: Each year, as a class graduates from Niagara Falls High School, the faculty has a renewed feeling of satisfaction. Secondary education provides the keys that the high school graduate may use to open the doors to all the facets of living in this rapidly chang- ing world. You are entering an era of untold op- portunities. You have opened doors to advanced education, pro- fessions, athletics, industrial arts, homemaking and many others. Living one's life wisely is a difficult task, but through your everyday experiences you are better able to meet the challenge of today's world. Now that you have opened many doors it is impor- tant that you keep these doors open wide - never failing to take advantage of all the opportunities offered and to make your worthwhile contribution to each. My sincere congratulations and best wishes to each of you. Leah M. Simmons To the Class of 1963: This year you have experienced the satisfaction of look- ing into a new world because you have used the Keys of Success - perseverence and work. This indeed should have been a wonderful experience for you be- cause your own efforts brought this success to you. As you go into this new world, you will find many more keys opening new horizons for your exploration. None of these, however, will be more useful than the two above. Your own personal satisfaction will be your re- ward for using these keys carefully and wisely. I am sure you will do this. My best wishes go with you. Timothy A. O'Brien FACU LTY VERNON ABEL Science NORMAN C. ANDERSON Business VINCENT AUNGI ER Mathematics RICHARD BABBAGE Social Studies PAUL BALASSONE English ROBERT BEATON Science FRANK BEDASKA Mechanical Drawing MARK R. BEDFORD Science WILLIAM BERKELY Social Studies CLARA BISHARA Business MARJORIE BLACKMAR Library SOFIA BOGDANOVICZ Russian OLGA BOSSO Social Studies L,i,gE : .- ine' -N wa . it .I A w fi Q.. .M .,,,,, ,. Q - I , 2 I fpifizii Sq Ei fi? f:...1J?,?3x . :, . " , ..::- .' . - 3553 11513 ilu WILLIAM BRADY English MARY BRENNAN English ARTHUR CALANDRELLI Physical Education .IUDITH CENTOFANTI Art ALBERT J. CHILLE Social Studies PAUL CITTI Latin JOHN A. D'ANGELO Mathematics JOY DeVITO English ANTHONY DICHARA Science ARTHUR DIETRICK Latin EUGENIA DIFRANCESCO Mathematics ADELINE DOMINIANNI Business VIRGINIA DONOHUE Business HARRIETT DONOVAN English ROSAMOND DOSSERT History ERIC M. DUCETTE Social Studies NORMAN DUQUETTE English GRETCHEN ERWIN Guidance MARIE FINLEN Business PATRICIA GILBERT Art JOHN F. HAGERTY English ANNE S. HERGES Business THOMAS HEUSTIS Mathematics CLARA V. HILL English MARY INGRASCI French JOHN P. JANOWSKI Guidance RUTH JOHNSTON Science MAY I. LANIGAN Business RICHARD LINGG Health ROBERT MAGEE English Q 'W is-f is 4 ""' Q is x x s, A Ji :taxi If 4?- 4' 4 4 N? -'J 52 ' If ' I iaffmfslif ' wi Q .. , QQ 5. K 4 'Q f x Q ,ff vi .. W ., , fi 1 1. I I .- - , :wiighgssis I f f ,L 1 13 wa!" 14- DOROTHY A. MAHONEY Social Studies JOSEPH MAROON Business WILLARD MAYO Music ANN E. McCABE English HELEN MCCARNEY School Nurse MARY E. MCDOUGALL Physical Education RICHARD MEC KES Driver Education JOSEPH MIRANDA Language ELIZABETH MITCHELL English BERNARD MONTANARI Science JOSEPH E. MORAN Business CATHERINE MORRISSEY Mathematics FLORENCE L. MORSE Physical Education BERNADETTE ORDIAN Business FRANK ORFANO Business JAMES O'SH EA Physical Education ROMAN PAVLOCK Driver Education RUSSELL PITRONE Science LUCIEN J. RAINVILLE French DAVID REESER Health KENNETH RIDEOUT Science MARIUS RISLEY English ESTER SCHOLTZ Business ROBERT SCHULTZ Science JOSEPHINE SCIARRINO Science EDITH SEATTER Guidance HESCHEL SHAPIRO Mathematics ROBERT SIMPSON English JEROME SLY Mathematics EDWARD STAFFORD Business l S VA ,A M ' ,gf H K ,. ,l ,L awe? Bissau, K - ,wg - GEORGE STAN KOVICH Social Studies BERTHA STOREY English ROSEMARY VANDERHOFF Home Economics MARY WACHTER Language MINNIE WILSON Business ROLLIN WISEMAN Social Studies IRENE WITKOWSKI Business GEORGE WOOD Guidance EDWARD WOYKSNAR German ROBERT WRIGHT Music JEANNETTE WYLIE Social Siudies BARBARA YANDIAN Spanish V04 Agnes O'Brien Margaret Lynch Emedia Everitt Irene Simpson Senior Stenographer Stenographer Secretary Clerk INSTRLICTIVE STAFF Antonio Rinaldi Arthur Shaw Custodian Engineer Maintenance Personnel, Down the Stairs, FIRST ROW: Sandra Marchetti, Philomena Terrameo, Veronica Mrs. A. Capone - Maintenance Andrews, Elvira Bartolone. SECOND ROW: Jessie Cicotello, Pat Chicippone, Tony Etari. THIRD ROW: Bill Zucco, Helen Marzec, Helen Rykiel, Rose Travis. Cafeteria StafTf Left to Right: Ann Swircelc, Emily Mroziak, Angie Lagatta, Stella Butry, Rose Greco, Netta Colosi. PARENTS ARE WELCOMED Lett to Right: Mr. T. A. O'Brien, Mrs. R, Baxter, Mr. R. Baxter. PARENTS' NIGHT Parents' Night is an annual event sponsored by the Student Council. A program explaining the function- ing ot the school and its many activities was pre- sented this year with the A Cappella Choir and Stu- dent Council otticers participating. After the pro- gram, parents were given the opportunity to meet the teachers and talk informally with them. STUDENT PARTICIPANTS Left to Right, Seated: Robert Kaczynski, Rosemary Searcy, Dennis Ormsby, Charles Rader, Sandra Tantillo, Linda Martino, Robert Anderson. Speaking: Joseph Genovese. I A fx REGISTRATION Seated: Mike Panepinto and Casimer Kott. USHERS Left to Right: Leslee McBride and Paula Gro- chala. VISITING THE TEACHERS Left to Right: Mr. and Mrs. N. Evert, Miss H McCarney. 5 JM J 5" . ,h ' my xii 1-f :if am- ' Zigi t gfgmm u. 3, J: 5? f ,QQ 34 5' fir , ex xg ij .1 W 4 T 'F R ' f ,rf Jr' 5 1 5 ' '+ S . 5 E wi 'g l . uf' 5 3 'Q is Q W., ,..,,,. if" , Q f 11553 K f 355 gs !f , f 4 X my , Q in WM M-il 'W ww SEATED: Rosalie Dangelo, Hazel lsom. STANDING: Robert lnskeep, Mr. R. Meckes, Advisor, Kenneth Pavan CLASS OF I963 President .... . . Robert lnskeep Vice-President . . . . . 4 Rosalie Dangelo Secretary . . . . .... Hazel Isom Treasurer .... ........... K enneth Pavan Class Motto Class Flower Class Colors "Knowledge Lights the Way" . . ................ Carnation . . Red and White 21 Bonnie Abel Andrea Adams Roy Alongi Ronald Anderluh Caps and gowns . . Gloria Anderson Robert Anderson Shirley Andrews Roberfa Andrewzwski June Anfonucci Joefie Armeli Karen Armstrong Hx K5 ,, Q- X Paul Atamian Sharon Ausiin John Babi Gail Baker . . . dances and rings, lfalo Baldassare Jane Barber Tanis Barnes Edward Barsycz Edward Barter John Bartolomei Joanne Basso Sandro Bozzoni Lindo BeCker Michael Becotie Karen Benninger Robert Berruni Michele Berrhot To each June graduate . . Eldcx Bevilocquc Frdnk Biehl John Bies Judith Bishciro Kathryn Bishop X . Mr RX. if x, 14.41 Thomas Boardman Phyllis Bobek Raymond Bonar Dawne Bowen these are the things . f . ,f , fa M, ' nf I William Bradigan Judith Bradley Af' 32 Kandace Brad? Mary Brennen Ronald Brooks Cheryl Brown Henry Bryk -M fr . Barbara Buchanan Ernestine Burnett Carol Buscemi Cheryl Cccner John Cafarella li Anne Cale James Candella That make each senior . . Joseph Campese John Cane Charles Canosa Daniel Conflon l Deborah Capafosta Sharyn Carmen reluctant to part Michael Carosellcx Richard CCIVV O 0 Q Frank Carter Kathleen Cavanaugh Annie Cauley Edward Ceccalo Peter Cerro Frances Cerlo Constance Ciamarro , ' J .':3.':'5f.':1,5-,-1,1-5,,::ff,ai1'5iE'55:Z!4'j'i'Eli--'Q F' G' Cen , ....,:.,,.., .... .. ,.,,,,.2.4M. ru .. wsgmmv- ,v,xll, 8529.36 ,. -B,-L A 5 f 0- Joseph Cirillo Jacqueline Clayton Joyce Cline Sondra Cole Rose Coliceno Frank Colucci From the associations . Kathleen Conti David Cook Helen Cook Brenda Cooper Marie Corsono -an George Courson Arlene Courts Dennis Cracknell Samuel Crisanfe Sandro Croisdule Jocnn Cummings . . . so close to the heart. Ronald Cunningham Clara Curtis Barbara Cyphers Chcrlvene D'Amelio Rosalie Dgngelo N. W 7, A, , Robert Dclubney Glenda Dovis Helen Dcvis Volerie Davis For it was . . Christine De-Fozio Gary DeFelice Josephine DelGobbo Christine DeIGrosso Victoria Delill Alfred DeLucc Ivana DeIMoncco 7.1 we :.-:.. . K fgleiefgiyfl ggaa.2f.gH.,se..z.. ai : ' 3. iwriiggfz fffz.i,1 w ww. ,M V, , . m imfxzs 1 'V eww' , ' e fm l .M ' ?- in 5 T . Q- ' fl S 3 X i E, , . Sandro Dickerson Foy Dickie Gary DiLourc: Charlene DiLeonordo but twelve falls this year Lorraine Dispcirfi -i ,lf 3 , I David Dlugose George Dlugoz Judith Dochstcder Beverly Dolce Ccnherine Dominski Clcurice Donimcri Sally DuMoulin Donna Dulgnan Ted Dulko Mona Eddy Gladys Jean Edwards Suzanne Emmens That a small child . . . l Ann Ewalf l Roger Fabin Marion Farella Susan Feldmeyer Donald Craig Finger Katherine Firih TCFVY Fischer Maria Fitzgerald Diane Florio Formica Jack Foster . . . cheek touched by a tear Barbara Fox Richard Fruscione Maryl Gallen Michael Gallo Joseph Gaffi at ' f " - i'::E - if - ' f. 1. in-W' 14 Trent Gqvqzzi Robert Gellmon Carolyn Genova Joseph Genovese Left the security Jcmes Gerfz Bonnie Gibson Daniel Gillis Juonifc Gonzalez Neal Gonzalez Patrick Gorman Lindo Govern Mary Grace Charles Granata Arden Gray Theodus Green of a Parent's hand James Greig Herbert Griflin Eleanor Grissett Carolyn Hager Nettie Hales Elizabeth Halkowicz Patricia Hamam .W A5 Phyllis Harrison Peter Hartmans Franklin Haugabook Shirley Haynes Wllbllf l'lUYne5 Judith Heller To encounter the world . Elaine Hennegan Jane Hewins Maureen Hickey Nancy Hill Roderick Holloman I TG' .f ll Lindo Honudle Donald House Sarah Howard Jean Hudson Carole Hughey Judith Hunt eager to stand . . . Ann Hustleby James Hyla Robert Inskeep Robert Irvine Hazel lsom Judith Jamurco Christine Jorosz Annie Jefferson Joseph Jellison Alone, Sometime fearful . RubyJohnson Lewis Jones Norma .losey John Justyk Susczn Kodykowski Frank Kankolenski Phillip Keller Scott Kennedy Marguerite Kishmoian Robert Klein Steven Klemsczyk Joyce Kowalski of many things. Robert Koperski fl' if NU M Joanne K Casimer Koi? Carol Kowalski Nancy Krell Richard Krizan Charlotte Krysfek John Kuczwanski Geraldine Kurowski Jane? LaBernardo Allen Lamar James Lamar But eager to find . Palrick LaMoy Anthony LaRosa Carol Lorrabee Elaine LaSota Gerald Laughing :KV X . Vionn Lcurendi Larry LeBlanc Sandro LeBlond Dennis Lee Pomelcl Legg Marilyn Leone the knowledge life brings, Sharon LePage Josephine Lepicno Kathleen Ligamorri Mary Long William Lops Jusleen Lorek Frank Lorenc Flora Lowe Lois Mabry We labored so diligently . Linda MacKay , WW ,Q , 1 ji f Wg? 1 W my 'wir' P4 E Sf 1 M V W, 18374 gt lawn 'fn' F A-4. H of-5 wi J ' all r an Leslie MacKenzie William MacVie Sully Mcidei Mary Mogliardili Michael Mahoney Judy Malvestuto ' James Mamon Elizabeth Manning Nicholas Marchelos Robert Marinucci to write and to read, Samuel Marra Diane Maroon Douglas Martin Gary Martin James Martin Robert Martin Samuel Martin I W Carol Mcfuranl Linda McClinfoch Jean McCulloch Terry McFarland Beverly McGee Thomas McGee if 112247 zgifliksi 53' - ,.W,AA.,, . , To learn the new lessons . . Edward McGhee John McGovern Michael McKinney Jane McNerney Samuel McWilliams J' QQ , 211- f Gretchen Mess Anioinefte Messina Linda Mefzler Sonic Micole 3 X Frcnceen Micon Bo rborc Milczcrski that each would need, Janet Militello Claudio Miller Ralph Minervino Poul Molchiber Dominick Molinoro Katherine Monko Aretha Moore Anne Morgonti Roger Morris To conquer the summit . . Marcia Mosolf Heidi Mueller Joanne Mule Roslyn Murgia Henry Musgrove Ronald Nabors Patrick Nalbone William Nulbone Donna Nathanson Richard Nation Toni Nero to reach the goal, Frank Nicoletii Minnie Nix Diana Nookes Barbara Noblin Kathleen O'Floher1'y Aris Ohonession Karen Olsen Helen Owens Anna Paciorek Phillip Palmeri Michael Panepinfo 'SH Peier Paonessu David PGSl40 To make a success . . Judy Pafernitfi Kenneth Pavan Edna Povlisin Elias Pemblefon Rosalyn Peri 4 'f Linda Perkins Jack Perman Alice Perry Geraldine Pescrillo Laurena Phillips Stephen Pierce of each individual role. Teresa Piefras Diane Pilafo Rubina Pinzofti James Pitman Frank Pifonyak Patricia Placek David Polley John Porreca Samuel Porter With hope in the future . Florence Promowicz Carol Prozeiler Lorraine Puisys Gerald Pysniak Stuart Rabbe Michael Reele Claire Richards 1' Carl Riggie James Riggie Thomas Rinallo Janet Rizzatfo regard for the past Edward Robinson Patricia Robinson Roberr Robinson Geraldine Rodie Gary Rogers Barbara Rosino Marlene Rosokoiff David Rofello Janice Russell James Ryba rczek Laurence Ryder Susan Rufl Janet Ruffner Nina Ruggirello John Russell We set out at last, Eugene Sabla Joseph Sacco Brian Sage Sylvia 3Gl4OCl'1 Ronald Sandonato Edward Saraceni Martin Sawma Barbara Savage Louise Scheider Now we are grown. James Schroeder Nancy Schug John Schultz Donald Scott Anthony Scrufcri Ronald S'clao John Seick Rosemary Serianni Barbara Seyler no more do we look, Daniel Shapiro Margaret Shavalier Judith Shenk Michael Shepard Ellen Sheridan Laurence Sicurella William Siener fha Vincent Simone James Singleton Carol Sirianni Jill Sisler For we have taken . Donna Skrlin ,I .43 Richard Skwarsynski Gerald Sliplfo Lizzie Smith Viola Smoke Dorothy Sobczyk Richard Sobczyk Anthony Scluri Richard Southwood Marianne Specht Gladys Steele M0151 Judyth Soluri Linda Soprano James Sorour Richard Spalla Iife's challenge, Donna Stephans Gloria Stephens Barbara Stewart Stephen Strach Susan Strock John Streb Kenneih Sutter . I :AV 46 . ' i :ir Thomas Szafran Joyce Talarico -, ., .,A- f - 11:51, iq, ' A page from its book . Brian Talbot Sandra Tantillo Sema Tarpinian Sidney Tarpinicm Sandra Teber -fn if .. 35? . . Beverly Tedesco Alice Thompson Soundra Thomson Harvey Thornton The future calls . Louis Toneiti Patricia Toni Richard Torcasio Sharon Tossell Richard Townsend Donna Travis Mary Tucker Tv? Rita Umbriuco Thomas Vaccarella Richard Valenti Angelo Valentino it beckons us come . Linda Vallina Robert Vartcnian Joseph Vilarclo Barbara Viscomi Beatrice Walerowicz Bridget Walsh Clarence Ward Martha Ward Peggy Ware Roberta Watson Scott Watson Shirley Wowsczyk Paulette Weld We greet it . Charles Wheeler Charlene White Irene White Paulette Whittle John Wiatr Carol Wigle Nancy Wilson Christine Witkowski Janice Wodowka Patricia Wozniak Preston Wright with longing, Richard Wynes William Wynes Carol Yankelunas Patricia Zachary Steven Zafuto fa Bernard Zqlegki Patricia Zalacha Francis Zanghi John Zankowski the diploma is won! Matthew Zarosl r i 3 , A Gary Zimmerman Thomas Zona Berfy Zygmonf Petrina Fruscione CDT PICTURED 62 iii., i Q of - Xxx , it 2 I t i E- A K ' ' , 1 of 1 , fetifgisf' 3 fe. A 1,6 -' 5,1 s X M ALMA MATER We lovelthee dear old High, g With' your halls of learning gran Your colors we'll hold high, To the front we'll proudly stand Always, always staunch and true, Always, always proud of you, And your praises loud we'll sing, We to thee our homage bring. Nine 'rahs for Niagara Falls, Nine for the Red and Gray, To duty now she calls, That success may with us stay. So we pledge ourselves anew, N.F.H.S. we'll be true, And for you wgglligclimb the height Niagara, youlre all right. THEI QLIIRI G REPORTER Douglas Martin: In my opinion, the Key to Success is diligence. working hard and Without pressing on, a person will never get ahead in life. Although luck may play a part, more people can succeed and go even fur- ther with diligence than with luck. As Edison said, "Genius is IOM inspiration and 90W per- spirationf' Christine Jarosz: The Key to Success is basically, I believe, a respect for one's self and others. The respect must include that of rights, color and creed. Preiudice cannot exist in the life of a successful man. You cannot hesitate to accept help or ad- vice which may aid you be- cause the person who is relat- ing it is not of the same cQlor, nationality, belief or ethical principles. Perhaps, if we apply the Golden Rule more often and earlier in life, we shall ob- tain success more readily and at an age where we can fully ap- preciate it. I Charlene DiLeonardo: In my opinion, the Key to Success is the ability of a person to want to reach the goal for which he sets out, without wanting to give up when he is part of the way through. Anyone can set his goals high, but the truly successful person is the one who can attain these goals without giving up. 'xl 'Named' Charles Granata: The Key to Success can be nothing other than education. Education alone, however, cannot compose com- plete success. The formula in complete may be described in this order: OPPORTUNITY, EDU- CATION, and DETERMINATION. The latter mentioned, in my opinion, is of the greatest im- portance for without it educa- tion and opportunity may be forgotten completely. Marcia Mosolf lnquiring Reporter i Kenneth Sutter: The Key to Suc- cess is simply fulfilling life to its capacity. A person who does what he knows is his best in all his encounters throughout life is to himself a success. Donna Skrlin: In my estimation, the Key to Success is obtaining happiness. When a man is happy and enioys his position in the world, he has achieved his goal in life, and this, I be- lieve, is success. A man does not necessarily have to hold such qualities as leadership, in- genuity, or prosperity, but only has to reach his goals and am- bitions in life, whether they be large or small, intimate or open. To be happy with that accomplishment is' to reach the peak of his life: Success. 64 51 ffm' Donna Stephans: I feel that one will only reach success after carefully evaluating himself. Be- fore reaching success, one must first explore his capabilities and limitations. Then, he must select a goal in life toward which he can use his capabilities. Learn to knowiyourself, and use your personality to get along with others to insure success in the future. Neal Gonzalez: I feel that the Key to Success is education. Ed- ucation is my zenith and, I feel, it should be the ambition of every living person. Without ed- ucation, man would not have progressed through time as he has done. In years to come man, if he obtains a higher ed- ucation than he now has, can progress to unbelievable heights in industry, medicine, and in many more fields of life. With a higher education, he will be able to prevent war and restore peace through the entire world. SE IOR COMMITTEE .ht CLASS WILL AND STATISTICS: Left to Right, FIRST ROW: John PROM AND BANQUET MUSIC: SEATED: Gloria Anderson. Kuczwanski, Paul Mokhiber, Sandy Thomson, Louise Scheider. SEC- Left to Right, STANDING: Clarence Ward, Robert Marinucci, OND ROW: Sema Tarpinian, Rosalie Dangelo, Susan Struck. Henry Musgrave, Tanis Barnes, Ralph Minervino, Paul Mokhiber. EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE: Left to Right: Rosalie Dangelo, Robert Inskeep, Kenneth Pavan, Betty Halkowicz, Jack Foster, Hazel lsom. . ll in i' is J: - SCHOLARSHIP: Carol Wigle, Marcia Mosolf, Heidi Mueller. BUDGET COMMITTEE: Kenneth Pavan and Anne Cale. 65 PROM DECORATIONS AND SENIOR BANQUET: Sharyn Carmen and Elizabeth Halkowicz. .l CLASS SONG: Nancy Hill and Hazel Isom. TICKETS: JoAnn Cummings and Karen Armstrong. PUBLICITY: Mary Gene Long and Vicki Delill. PROM REFRESHMENTS: Andrea Adams and Gail Baker. PROM CHAPERONES AND INVITATIONS: Anne Cale and Toni Nero. 66 COMMITTEE CLASS POEM: Patrick Naibone. CLASS FUND RAISING: David Polley and Carol Mafurani. CLASS PROPHECY: Rubina Pinzotti and Brian Talbot wi? CAP AND GOWN: John Barfolomei and Michele Berthor. CLASS GIFT: Martin Sawma, Maureen Hickey, and Kenneth Pavan, CLASS HISTORY: Faye Dickie and Craig Finger. 67 I I SENIOR COMMITTEE CLASS MOTTO: Charlene DiLeonurdo. CLASS DAY:Jock Foster and Viunn Lcurencli. VARIETY SHOW: Leslie MacKenzie, Carmen Formica and Soroh Howard. TYPISTS AND DUPLICATION: Kathy Bishop ond Pom Legg. 68 4 Q k K W 14 . 5 E 1 5 X 5 E 21 q""'-fi , V -hlfifims 'DV f , f J if E 2 5 S i X E S ,Q.V QS RQO6 06,2 4N " Owzwvvx 2 O enum S onqnse Nwmsi mNHuks " . f .il ua Ns: ,O 50 Sc NGS? GRANDQ no 9 L YA MOST All 457, f,?A C-QX LORRAKNE. LAUZONIS 'vvxogf out Ne4c'c," WEXSPLOG wx 'S S HoxAS"" JAMES UELINSKN 051 AT ALF Wifi W N, fm Q 1 Qlwwmfxnsmammcasvofg 5 Left to Right, SEATED: Dennis Ormsby, Rosemary Searcy, Charles Rader. STANDING: Miss M. Finley, Robert Kaczynski, Mr. K. Rideout. CLASS QF I964 President ..... , . Vice President Secretary ..... . . . Treasurer .. Advisor .. Advisor .. . Charles Rader . . . .. Dennis Ormsby Rosemary Searcy Robert Kaczynski . Miss M. Finley . Mr, K. Rideout Governor Chronicle Advisor . Frank Fair, Lieutenant-Governor and Louise Grande, Governor. Lieutenant-Governor ..... . Niagarian Representative .. Representative . . . . Red Cross Representative .. HOMEROOM 26 Louise Grande ..... Frank Fair . Jeanette Gornicki Lea Del Monaco . . . Tom DePetris Mr. R. Pavlock September comes and with it confusion FIRST ROW: Julie Evert, Carol Malinverni, Darlene Gordon, Dale DeBacca, Louise Grande, Adele Emsweller, Isabel Ellsmore. SEC- OND ROW: Mr. R. Pavlock, Advisor, Patricia D'Arcy, Kathleen Fur- man, Sheila Elliott, Joseph Hawkins, Larry Hunnell, Tom DePetris, Richard Garabedian, Lea Del Monaco, Enzo Balassone, Marie En- gle, Janet Gallo, Janice Gallo, Barbara Etopio. THIRD ROW: Judie Gornicki, Anthony Gualtieri, John Davy, Alan Karch, Michael Murr, Larry Matsulavage, Frank Fair, William Fisher, Robert Heisner, Douglas Evert, David Donato, Jeanette Gornicki. ney, Barbara Thomaszewski, Rose Scozzafava, Karen LaMonica, Mary Stetanco, Linda Hoag, Elizabeth Semans, Jerry Sheusi, Nancy Heck. Not Pictured Robert Burton Marla Stone. SECOND ROW: Mr. A. Chille, Advisor, Linda Shultz, Gary Sicurella Fred Shnpp Jerry Sawma Patricia Shumway Linda October days bring new illusions Governor ......... .. Patricia Shumvvay Lieutenant-Governor ..... ..... E rnest Risdin Niagarian Representative .. .. Elizabeth Semans Chronicle Representative . .. Karen LaMonica Reol Cross Representative . . .. Rosemary Scott Advisor ................ .. Mr. A. Chille HOMERCOM CAFETERIA EAST 73 FIRST ROW: Rosemary Scott, Sharleen Scozzafava, Colleen Malo- Smith, Robert Carclomone Kathleen Lake Wende Jordon THIRD ROW: Christina Sosnowslcl Karen Steele John Saul Terry Sawma FIRST ROW: Janice Banks, Peggy Muhlbauer, Mary Ellen Ambrosio, Karen Barnaby, Donna Alvarez, Linda Angold, Sandra Benninger. SECOND ROW: Mrs. D. Mahoney, Advisor, Kathleen Balon, Linda Augustino, Shirley Bale, Joe Alex, Cassie Abrams, Augustus Bagley, Mary Ann Hvogda, Karen Bakota, Phyllis Aughtrnan, Nancy Ab- bott. THIRD ROW: Harry Allen, Benjamin Cicciari, Joe Artymowicz John Baird, Greg Barter, Ed Adamski, Gary Barbanera, Stan Cole Frank Baldassarre, Barry Bathurst, Veronica Beebe. Not Pictured Peter Arico, Ray Barbari. November arrives . . . Mary Ellen Ambrosio, Governor and Karen Ba kota, Lieutenant-Governor. sin. Governor ......... ... Mary Ellen Ambrosia Lieutenant-Governor . . . ..... Karen Bakota Niagarian Representative . Chronicle Representative .. Red Cross Representative . .. Advisor ............... .. Karen Bakota John Baird Barry Bathurst . Mrs. D. Mahoney HOMEROOM CAFETERIA CENTER 1 HOMERGOM Governor ........ . Lieutenant-Governor . . . . . Niagarian Representative . Chronicle Representative .. Red Cross Representative .. .. Advisor .............. . . Report FIRST ROW: Pat Loria, Karen Lloyd, Marie Trapasso, Rick Siegel, Madalyn Triscari, Jackie Turco, Margaret Walker. SECOND ROVx. Dorothy Ventry, Mary Beth Martin, Harry Street, Maxine Swierczek, James Smith, Ronald Sterns, Donald James Stephenson, Jane I20 .. Marie Trapasso Theresa Urbaniak . . . . . Karen Lloyd ..... Jane Webb Theresa Urbaniak Miss R. Vanderhoft Theresa Urbaniak, Lieutenant-Governor and Marie Trapasso, Governor. cards appear. Webb, Phyllis Van Horn, Tom Ball, Lillian Swoveland. THIRD ROW: Joseph Synoradzki, John Gaynor, Teresa Urbaniak, Pat Whitney, Brad Smith, Julius Toenniessen, Robert Andrzeiewski, Mike Stahl, Robert Taylor, David Sunderlin, Shely Watson, Joan Ventry. Leo Ward, Lieutenant-Governor and Patricia Pasco, Governor. HOMEROOM l32 Governor .......... .. Patricia Pasco Lieutenant-Governor ...... ....., L eo Ward Red Cross Representative . Estelle Minervino Chronicle Representative .. Ronald Vigue Niagarian Representative .. .. Yvonne Warner Advisor .............. .. Mr. H. Shapiro The fun of Christmas . . . FIRST ROW: Estelle Minervino, Bette-Lynn Watts, Sandy White, Jens nifer Vitello, Yvonne Warner, Mary Ann Thomson, Virginia Mash. SECOND ROW: Pat Pasco, Christine Wilk, Mary Ann Wroblewski, Rocco Migliazzo, Margaret Williams, Ann Mazza, David Weaver, Mary Montgomery, Shirley McCormick, Gregory Trane, Glenn Gardner, Katherine Zaczek, Joanne Yacus. THlRD ROW: Mr. H. Shapiro, Advisor, Ken Wolcley, Fred Teoli, Cheryl Whetham, Ste- phen Lochren, Ken Wells, Ronald Vigue, Todd Wallens, Thomas Tedesco, Jill Palumbo, Joseph Struzik, Leo Ward. Not Pictured: Floyd Boling. FIRST ROW: Judy Adams, Marge Butski, Sandra Jolley, Sob Haick, Susan Kersey, Connie Jordan, Carolyn Harfsell, THIRD ROW: James Marilyn Ann Ricotta, Dorothy Kowalski, Charlene Hanson. SECOND Montgomery, William Lundy, Carl LaFountain, Barry Long, Carl Mc- ROW: Catherine Gadacz, Pat Guercio, Annie Louise Kelly, Sharon Elwain, David McAllister, Don Jarzab, Walt Kazial, Charles Mulley, Ketch, John Hesson, Mildred Kimble, Gary. Hayes, Carol Harnum, Francis Fritton, Mike Murphy. Not Pictured: John Hamilton. December is here. Governor ......... .... J ohn Hesson Lieutenant-Governor ..... .. Michael Murphy Niagarian Representative . . . . Connie Jordan Chronicle Representative .. .. .. Sharon Ketch Recl Cross Representative .. ..... Carol Harnum Advisor ................ .. Miss A. Dominianni HOMEROOM 2 I 2 Michael Murphy, Lieutenant-Governor and John Hesson, Governor. FIRST ROW: Sondra Fiore, Paula Farina, Barbara DeMundo, Kathy Charlene Delio, Sondra Matusik. THIRD ROW: Eric Miller Jim Roybon, Jacqueline Fallon, Rosemary Elia. SECOND ROW: Michele Bruno, Ted Colton, Paul Greene, Robert Dobbs, Joe Corsaro Rob Falsetti, Kathy Farley, Sharon Conibear, Kennetha Comer, Joe Di- ert Cooley, Ron Cindrick, Mike Harchar, Jim Grittin, Dawn Eddy Ramio, Kathleen Frisina, Myron Gross, Inez Ewing, Gary Dashineau, Not Pictured: Susan Crick. Susan Crick, Governor and Kennetha Comer, Lieutenant-Governor. January dawns . . . Governor ......... ..... S uson Crick Lieutenant-Governor ..... .. Kennetha Comer Niagarian Representative .. .... Dawn Eddy Chronicle Representative .. .. Sandra Matusik Red Cross Representative . . Kennetha Comer Advisor ............... .. Miss M. Finley HOMERGOM 234 HOMEROOM Governor ......... Lieutenant-Governor ..... Niagarian Representative Chronicle Representative . . . . Red Cross Representative . . . . . . Advisor ............... . . mls 238 tr rr Sai? .. John Zacher . James Zielinski . Mary Lou Zarosl . Robert Zambito Maryanne Puerner Miss l. Witkovvski James Zielinski, Lieutenant-Governor and John Zacher, Governor. . . . report cards once more. FIRST ROW: Lynne Pickwell, Sandy Zaremski, Elaine Kozdranski Francine Schiro, Jeanette Zoda, Anne Salacuse, Kay Wise. SEC- OND ROW: Bonnie Zetes, Barbara Zohno, Mary Lou Zarosl, Pam ela Shearer, Ruth Ann White, Carol Zanlcowski, Paulette Zalocha Bob Zambito, Maryanne Puerner, Kristine Wieczorek, Bill Woztowic, Miss I. Witkowski, Advisor. THIRD ROW: Norina Rydelek, Christine Zaleski, Elbert Childs, Thomas Zasucha, Jim Zielinski, Ronnie White, Norm Wynes, Byron Wittlin, John Zacher, Dennis Wilson, James Zardel. Governor .......... Lieutenant-Governor ..... Niagarian Representative . Chronicle Representative .. Red Cross Representative .. Advisor ...,.......... Annie Cauley, Lieutenant-Governor and Janice Civiletto, Governor. February games . . . HOMERCCM 242 Janice Civiletto Annie Cauley Sandra Charles . Shirley Butski i. Annie Cauley . Mr. J. Moran FIRST ROW: Marilyn Clarke, Mae Ola Cauley, Ray Crocknell, Kath- Bwtski, MGVJS CGPJZZL Ernestine Gfimn. THIRD ROW: Annie Brun le-en Brosnan, Jo Agnes Cirrincione, Donna Cassatt. SECOND ROW: didge, Tom Burns, Michael Fleming, Paul Butry, Bradford Elliott Mr. J. Moran, Advisor, Sandra Charles, Janice Civiletto, Peggy Mark Mills, George Brinkman, Victor Figler, Anthony Ciavaglia Caughill, Joseph Cozzi, Annie Cauley, Marianne Wengzyn, Shirley Not Pictured: Myra Brooks. FIRST ROW: Sandra Kotalik, Donald Roulley, Frank Magliarditi, Bruce Fitzsimmons, Sharon Lewis, Judy Maman. SECOND ROW: Miss R, Johnston, Advisor, Judy Luch, Pat Manzell, Marcella La Chance, Jeanie Lynn, Gary Marino, Danilene Leone, Linda MacKenzie, Pat Lambert, Jeanne Manning, Nancy Mara. THIRD ROW: Robert Kac- zynski, Richard Monarina, Mary Ann lannarelli, Frederick Mann, Stanley Carl Hriczak, John Kasprzak, William Justyk, Douglas Knox, Dale Flagler, Anthony Gruppo, John Kerr. Nat Pictured: Judy Colosi, Janet Fazzo. . . . find us keeping score. Governor .......... . . Lieutenant-Governor ...... Niagarian Representative .. . Chronicle Representative .. . Red Cross Representative . . . . Advisor ................ . . .. Bruce Fitzsimmons Anthony Gruppo . John Kasprzak Nancy Mara Miss R. Johnston Dole Flagler, Governor and Bruce Fitz simmons, Lieutenant-Governor. Dale Flagler HOMEROOM 304 FIRST ROW: Norine Lounsbury, Shirley Janese, Betty McTyere, zie, Gerry Manzi, Marcia Normand, Mary McClain, Tom Schroeder James Mackie, Barbara McBride, Mary Lasher, Sherry Mele. SEC- Mark Miller, Anthony Serrianni, Ron Kreitner, Barbara McQueen OND ROW1 M555 R- DOSSSVT, ACJVFSOF, MGN59 Mauldin, April Martin, Charles Rader, Henry Sandonato. Not Pictured: Patricia Wieleba Linda Masters, Linda Martino, Joanne Martin, Paul Montgomery, William McCandles, Virginia Lapp. Emily Lewellyn, Carol Martinkowski. THIRD ROW: James MacKen- Applause rings in March . . . Linda Martino, Governor and Sherry Mele, Lieutenant-Governor. Governor ......... Lieutenant-Governor . . . . ' E - Niagarian Representative Chronicle Representative .. Red Cross Representative " fic. Linda Martino . Sherry Mele Tom Schroeder .. Mark Miller Emily Lewellyn Advisor ............... . Miss R. Dossert HOMEROOM 309 HOMEROOM 3 IO Governor ..,...... ... James Blachinsld Lieuienani-Governor .... . Lynne Brovaia Niagarian Representative .. .. Rosanne Briand Chronicle Represeniaiive .. .... Tom Carlson Red Cross Represeniafive .. .. Roland Chapados Advisor .............. .. Miss J. DeViio James Blachinslci, Governor and Lynne Brovaia, Lieufenani-Governor The play is the thing. FIRST ROW: John Bell, Ruby Blaclc, Nancy Borghetro, Marsha Brooks. THIRD ROW: Sam Beningo, Patricia Bruno, Mark Baxter, Cline, Sandra Bozek, Roland Chapados. SECOND ROW: Miss J. Thomas Blair, Torn Carlson, Carol Nowak, Michael Beckage, James DeVito, Advisor, Eugene Beresny, Barbara Ann Besch, Rosanne Blachinski, Robert Tabb, James Blain. Nor Pictured: Mary Barr, Ron- Briand, Guy Bax, Lynne Brovafa, Jerri Corieri, Jeanie Bociak, Hazel ald Cen1'ofanfi,Lore1'Ta l-lighiower. Governor Leslee McBride, Lieutenant-Governor and Diane Wyrauch, Governor. HOMEROOM 3I2 Lieutenant-Governor .... Niagarian Represenfaiive .. Chronicle Representative .. Red Cross Represenfaiive .. Advisor ............... Our make-up transforms us . . . FIRST ROW: Carol Teizlaff, Carol Szarszewski, Shirley Seals, Mar- garet Langevin, Leslee McBride, Theresa Szydlowski, Marion Wol- ker. SECOND ROW: Amy Setrimi, Mike Scozzafovci, Linda Thomp- son, Jill Sprague, Frances Sisson, Jeff Smifh, Frank Serrio, Matt Schiro, Frank Scaleita, Mary Jo Szwedo, Carol Gentile, Linda Diane Wyrauch Leslee McBride Amy Setfimi Darlene Moore Sandra Yudichak Mr. P. Balassone Trunzo, Mr. P. Balassone, Advisor, THIRD ROW: Diane Wyrauch Lovell Stephens, Nancy Stiefel, Robert Genovese, Mike Kosuf Tom Randler, John Scheider, Gary Shaw, Bob Rotundo, Sandra Yudl chok, Michael Soluri. FIRST ROW: Leonard Cancilla. Carol Chiorenzo, Emilia DeSimone, Ella Mae Jane, Mary Ellen Donoughe, Rosemary Casfellani, Don Capatosra. SECOND ROW: Mr. R. Lingg, Advisor, Helen Conley, Patricia de Ponceau, Mary Couch, Stanley Chmiel, Sally Cavalleo, Druscilla Capoceffi, Stephen Frank, Lemar Cain, Karl Guidotti, Es- telle Hoffman, Sylvia De Monica. THIRD ROW: Mark Foster, Tom Carroll, Joe George, Phyllis Daniels, Larry Graves, Roberf Corey, Vince Bulffamonfe, JoAnn Cook, Karen DiGregorio, Bill Bullivant, Brian Gillis. . . . from students tokings. Governor . .. ..... . , Niagarian Represenfafive . . . Chronicle Representative . . . . Red Cross Represenfafive . . . Advisor ............... Leonard Cancilla Emilia DeSimone Lieufenanf-Governor ...... . . . .. Sarah Cavalleo Karen DiGregorio .... Brian Gillis . Mr. R. Lingg HOMEROOM 3 I4 Leonard Cancilla, Governor and Emilia DeSimone, Lieutenant-Governor. er me uxmszf. FlRST ROW: Jean Ridgeway, Diane Paonessa, Shari Cole, Elaine Julie Petit, Jchn Serianni. THIRD ROW: John Pileggi, Cynthia Promovvicz, Eileen Quimby, Sara Richardson. SECOND ROW: Mr. Chiodo, Joseph Ventrilla, John Pennington, Ed Sarurnian, Freddie J, Hagerty, Advisor, Virginia Rey, Tamara Halliday, Dennis Perez, Owens, Larry Tosetto, Wayne Sorkees, Jim Sharpe, Patricia Colosi Louise Riga, Diane Patterson, Sue Ann Raley, Kathy Costantino, Donna Reed, Dennis Perez, Governor and Cynthia Chiodo, Lieutenant-Governor, The air is electric . . Governor ....,... Lieutenant-Governor ..., Niagarian Representative , . . Dennis Perez .. Cynthia Chiodo ..... Julie Petit Chronicle Representative .. ....,. Donna Reed Red Cross Representative .. .. Kathleen Costantino Advisor .,,.......... Mr. J. Hagerty HOMEROOM 320 HOMEROOM Governor ......... Lieutenant-Governor ...... Niagarian Represenfafive Chronicle Represenfaiive . . . . . Red Cross Represenfafive ., . . . Advisor ................ . . . April, FIRST ROW: Kaiherine Kidla, Rose Levy, Mary Anne Hackett, Joe Crifelli, Phyllis Lester, Sandra Kazeangin. SECOND Row: Jean Bishop, Pat DiPasqUale, Carol Lee, Margaret Hart, Jane Kuloik, Bar- bara Hlastala, Sally Lawrence, Sal La Scala, Dr. M. Risley, Acl- 338 . . . . Rose Levy . Joseph Crifelli ..... Rose Levy . Par DiPc1squale Barbara l-llasfala Mr. M. Risley Joseph Crirelli, Lieutenant-Governor and Rose Levy, Governor. no school! visor. THIRD ROW: Rhera Lanfear, Bob Hewitt, James Peterson, Wayne Jones, Frank Lubas, Linda Halm, Tom Lubas, Stephen Hyla, James Pasko, Jean Landes. HOMEROOM 404 Governor .......... . . . Peter Fontana Lieutenant-Governor ..... .. Paula Grochala Niagarian Representative .. .... Mary Talbot Chronicle Representative ....... .. Steven Kargatis Junior Red Cross Representative Jeannette Farrell Advisor .................... .. Mr. K. Rideout Paula Grochala, Lieutenant-Governor and Peter Fontana, Governor. Election in May. FIRST ROW: Steven Kargatis, Kathy Fittante, Mary Katherine Hart, Talbot, Sharon Gilbert. THIRD ROW: Don Kensinger, Duane Fal Sharon Hillman, Maureen Gray, Sam Gariano. SECOND ROW: Pa- cone, Jeannette Farrell, Carl Fosseen, Richard Horner, Harry Harris tricia Hamilton, Paula Grochala, Ellen Grissett, Michele Hallen, Michael Freeman, Roger Kennedy, Cheryl Hamera. Not Pictured Karen Higgins, Thomas Furgal, Mary Grace, Pat Gaetano, Mary Peter Fontana,Joe Hyde. FIRST ROW: Darlene Shimmel, Donna Griggs, Francine Kianoff, Luis THIRD ROW: Karen Dingwall, Barbara Lewis, Darlene Canne, Ar- Rodriquez, Mary Lemke, Beverly Hatfield, Rose Colozza. SECOND nie Sinatra, Leslie Boughner, James Magee, Stanley Slominski, ROW: Walter Watson, Bolo Gazy, Sue Stiegman, Mario Basso, Sharon Davidson, Esther Isler. Thomas Weistlog, Michael Karch, Cynthia Barkley, Janice O'Lay. Governor Lieutenant-Governor ...... . Niagarian Representative . . . . . Chronicle . excitement's the rule. ...SueStiegrnan Arnold Sinatra Francine Kianoft Representative .. .. Cynthia Barkley Red Cross Representative ..... Mary Lemke Advisor ................ . . HOMEROOM 40 Arnold Sinatra, Lieutenant-Governor and Sue Stiegman, Governor. 5 .M FIRST ROW: Murcia Rilchlln' Marsha Dmolo' Sandro Sohoglon' THIRD ROW: Carol Rulli, Rosemary Searcy, Mark Pirolli, Dale Rin Marie Ruggirello, Lorna Jayne Rusk, Marianne D'Angelo. SECOND ker, Dimitri Rimanoslcy, James Serpa, Jett Plumer, Sam Rangatore ROW: Kathy Schapel, Sandra Ripson, Delrae Scheie, Margaret Ro- Gretchen Rose- NOT piduredz Roy Whithom. sino, Sheila Dunlop, Bettie Zak, Annie Sue Ryals, Donald Neg. June graduates wear proudly . . . Carol Rulli, Governor and Jeff Plumer, Lieutenant-Governor. Governor ......... .. Carol Rulli Lieutenant-Governor .... Chronicle Representative .. Niagarian Representative .. ..... Sheila Dunlop Red Cross Representative .. .... Jett Plumer Marcia Ritchlin .. Marianne D'Angelo Mr, R. Pitrone HOMEROOM 4lO Advisor ............... HOMERCOM 420 Governor .,....... . . Lieutenant-Governor .,.., . . Niagarian Representative .. . Red Cross Representative .. .. Chronicle Representative . . Advisor ............. .. Mrs. J, Centotanti Roberta Mielnicki Mary Cardarrione .. Carole Marsh Molly McWilliams Albert McFaclyen i i i Mary Cardamone, Lieutenant-Governor and Roberta Mielniclci, Governor. . their red and gray FIRST ROW: Magclelene Naccnrata, Sue Morgan, Roberta Mielnicki, Eleanor Clark, Sarah Jane Morganti, Molly McWilliams, Gail Man' taneri, SECOND ROW: Mrs. J. Centatanti, Advisor, Beverly Nar- dellc, Susan Brydges, Cwaradine Fair, Barry McRae, Barbara Mans- tield, Mary Cardamone, Ray Falcone, Mark Pulli, Carl Smith, Carole Marsh, Chris Macnialc, THIRD ROW: Barbara Newman, Dennis Sil- bergeld, Keith Meeker, Lucille Minci'v,ni, Jearld Moldenhauer, Al- bert Mclfadyen, Fred Snyder, Jim Sharnrnot, Tarn Milclefchn, Louise Mojeslca, Frances Moore - W will i,,,..,,.,ww.......,.....M..M,,1, i.,,.N..,,,t,,1..,, ,. L Q t Dennis Ormsby, Governor and Jean Nunnery, Lieutenant-Governor. HOMEROOM 422 Governor .......... .. Dennis Ormsby Lieutenant-Governor .... .. Jean Nunnery Chronicle Representative .. Sue Noblin Niagarian Representative .. ...,... Sue Noblin Red Cross Representative . . .. . Neziezadie Mings l Advisor .............. . .. Miss P. Gilbert Juniors look forward to a year from today. FIRST ROW: Suzanne Page, Debbie Page, Sue Noblin, Diana Merritt, Marie Martin, Marcia Polewicz, Mary Beth Neville. SECOND ROW: Miss P. Gilbert, Advisor, Mary Ann Pietrzyk, Christine Oltano, Helene Osetkowski, Carolynne Mickiewicz, Linda Mosher, Nezieza- die Mings, Jean Nunnery. THIRD ROW: Dennis Orrnsby, Jon Teaman, Gary Taylor, Walter Kindzia, Harold Reid, Barry Stearns, Bill Or- ganisciak, Charles Harding, Charles Rignall. I QLIIRI G REPORTER Question: What would you do differently in your schooling and activi- ties if you had the opportunity to relive your experiences? u Kathleen Lake: I would take ad- vantage of more of the activi- ties and courses made available to me, and I would be more willing to work harder for the things in life which I desire. Norina Rydelek: If I had the opportunity to relive my experi- ences in school, I would par- ticipate in more school activi- ties. During junior high I shyed away from many chances to make new friends and take part in many activities. Since I have been attending Niagara Falls High School, I have joined some of the clubs formed here. I re- gret that I didn't do this earlier. As to marks, I would have studied a little more for each subiect. Since I can't relive my experiences, I will try to do better in the future. Joanne Mule Inquiring Reporter Fred Teoli: I would strive for higher marks, but I don't think I would change very many of my experiences, because I think that when we are older we should have something on which to look back. . . :Ti Mark Baxter: I would not do things much differently if I had the opportunity to do so. Per- haps I would participate in more of the social events pre- sented by the school if I had it to do over again. With the help of such competent guidance counselors in our iunior and senior high schools, I have been completely satisfied with my schooling, thus far. Instead of looking back on what I might have done differently, I prefer to look ahead to the future, setting a goal for myself and striving to reach that goal. 93 3 . '11 Linda Heck: I would not have worried about trivial things that will hold no meaning later on in life. Most important of all, I would have worked harder to- ward my specific goals in life by being more critical of myself and less critical of others. ' M we . e - 4 we Francine Schiro: I would try to do better work in school by changing my mistakes to correct answers, In activities, I would try to become more of a part of things and to make more friends among the people I would meet. That you benefit by your experi- ences is very true, because sel- dom do you make the same mistake twice. Tom Carlson: Other than par- ticipating in a few more activi- ties, I don't believe I would change any part of my past school life. The friends I have made and the experiences I have had are all too good to be altered in any way. f ' it . g ,, Mark Foster: My one regret concerning my school years is that I haven't participated in more of the many activities available to us. The memories that I would have gained would have been well worth the ef- fort. One of the lasting mem- ories in later life will be school and its activities, and for this reason I wish I had done more for the school and myself. HIGHLIGHTS GF JU E '62, A l-me A solemn mornenf on Closs Day for the Class of 152. The niglwl everyone looks forward To - The Senior Prom. Tlw S'fl7l!7lf we gallonlly oslwerecl Yo llweir Senior Class Presiclenf Ralph Boniello giving Yearbook co-edxlors Elyse Olearczylc souls, 1heManrIeOrmlan. and lVlll4e Puerner present the "Ni- agorianu To Ylne dedicotee, Mlss l.. Simmons. ss gf 55 ss 12 Election Day tabulotors at work, Mr. T, A. O'Brien and Miss L, Simmons congrotulafe the Election Day winners Joseplw Genovese, Roberl Anderson and Sando 94 Tantillo. G f' OS 'i Z,,,. 2 QQ I Q WALQS 3, ' V'g,':, M091 MMU' x s X ff 0 7 Q U ty ' 414 XX 71 8.1 Z SSX Vi lj? U Q X Q 4x ? XO 3 V O E9 xv if fo ' fix .4 0 xf ff 5 vnu Yxvfj. O 5 xf X ?, Q-xq' LAPJRN5 VV X I 1' NXQSIX ,EQ VA 4' Q QQ 1 C.f X VAQCOXA Lf 6AR5,q K' ' 603 QA L X + H 51x05-Y AW RAC-TKVEN EONQQ sg 6 if Y Miz? Left to Right: Mr. F, Orfcuno, Advisor, Rochelle Grofl, Carol Giglioffi, Gerald Feldman and Marlorle Gugnno CLASS OF I96 Presiderwf .... . Vice-President Secretary . . . . . . Treasurer . Advisor .. . Carol Giglioffi Gerald Feldman Marjorie Gugino .. Rochelle GraFl . Mr. F. Orfano ,M .L :if if v, .N ,mx 5 iff? V iQ 3:5 "HWY '2 it ,WJ gif' 5 Vlf fag? 'ii K 4? ji? .aw . ly ' if . A, gg ,J Mzg, N , .s 'T Q 522 i g , V . ' .f 'Rai 'N 'Uv ' 7-sn 5 mfs: , P, . . W 2 , . .y.,i,fgsggwf.ff2Q,.- .. w.g,f.f-...SM ,Q,.,wg.g '- el, rffflf-..ff+sq5vs..aV . ,,.,..,-my f, :w,Qzlm11fiwwf .fwfff 1 .Ni ' ' 'ani f W, .51 ,,xg:m:.i:, , . MWQ , sing. x x ..2 QQ? 'ig m. Sir. in 3 . N., ,. mf-- V1 ,S .5 E. LX, ,. , H 1 .f M ff.. A L iV-' Q 3, ,gg Q 1? 7 V 5 132 1 "" E 3 ' if . as if Q EE is .Q I as 1 K V a j 1 . ' A H ,z , . ..,, ,1 1 g ' 5 ...J 3.95 1. if i f H Q, ,Q H5 3? 59 gi Q 2 3 3 W V, FIRST ROW: Kathy Kaczynski, Evonn Sideris, Subonna Morgan, Janice Strasburg, Rickey Wilkenteld, Marge Gugino, Julie Ponzi, Shirley Perdikas. SECOND ROW: Judy Goss, Charles Sorce, Mar- garet Collins, Arlene Pettit, Vicki Riggs, Charlene Zielinski, Jennifer Palmer, Barbara Placek, Bonnie Voelker, Peggy Verna, JoAnn Scalzo, Ann Pittroff, John Sharp. THIRD ROW: Linda Shaw, Martha McCullock, Steve Moieski, Frank Miklitsch, Jr,, Robert Col- ling, James Austin, Gary Casten, Ray Erway, Gary Adarnski, Robert Kattman, James DeFazio, Lynn Augerot, Margaret Dunlap. Harder work, independence, more things to do Governor .......... Lieutenant-Governor ..... Niagarian Representative .. Chronicle Representative .. Red Cross Representative . . Advisor .............. .. Judy Goss .. Linda Shaw .... Ann Pitroft Bonnie Voelker . . Evann Sideris Mrs. B. Orclian HOMEROOM I I4 Linda Shaw, Lieutenant-Governor and Judy Goss, Governor. FIRST ROW: Carol Mokhiber, Tony D'Grillo, Gail Gellman, Gail Raiczak, Rochelle Graft, Margery lannuzzi, Barbara Leonard, Cathy Muehlbauer, Sheila Farrell. SECOND ROW: Miss J. Wylie, AClviSOI', Maryanne Harvey, David Fontana, Sherry Morgan, Cheryl Herman, Hatmaker, Pat Caggiano, Christine O'Grady, Carol Gigliotti, Terryl Fadel, David Smith, Rich Caccamise. THIRD ROW: Marilyn Lyons, John Brucato, Margaret Cannon, Robert Buehl, Rebecca Brown, William Becker, Leigh Armistead, David Burmaster, Frank Langdon, Dee Simpson, Barbara Reese, Denise Demmin, Dona Lamson, Pat Louis Cirrito, Marilyn Kutis, Robert McCoy, James Maloni, Bill Gray. Confronted usg we had become a part of Niagara High School! Carol Gigliotti, Governor and David Burmaster, Lieutenant-Governor. Governor ........ .. Carol Gigliotti Lieutenant-Governor .... .. David Burmaster Niagarian Representative . .. Barbara Leonard Chronicle Representative .... Gail Gellman Red Cross Representative .. .. Patricia Hatmaker Advisor .............. Miss J. Wylie HOMEROOM I I6 I QUIRINC5 REPCRTER Question: What are your feelings toward the opportunity you had to come to Niagara Falls High School in your sophomore year? How has it affected you? Santa Micale Janice Strasburyt I'm very glad that I had the opportunity to come to Niagara Falls High in my sophomore year. The results have been rewarcling. No long- er do the teachers treat you like little children. They treat you like mature adults and you begin to feel like one. It has made me more mature and helped me to realize the re- sponsibilities that are placed on everyone. Pat Moriarty: I feel privileged to have the opportunity to attend N.F.H.S. in my sophomore year. I feel that I have become more adult, inasmuch as the teachers treat you more grown up than those at the iunior highs did. I have made many more friends and widened my interests be- cause of the great variety of activities at Niagara Falls High School. Joe LaMantia: It was a wonder- ful opportunity that was given me when I came to Niagara Falls High, The atmosphere is much different from iunior high, the school itself buzzes with ac- tivities, friends are easily come by, and the teachers are usu- ally friendly. Its effect upon me is that the environment helped me to mature both socially and emotionally. Rick Ingrasci: Coming to N.F.H.S. at the beginning of my sophomore year has been a great advantage for me. It has enabled me to take courses which I would not have been able to take in tenth grade at South Junior lie. Chemistry. Math Ill. I have made many new friends who have broad- ened my interests immensely. 101 inquiring Reporter Darlene Mule? I am glad I had. the opportunity to come to Ni- agara Falls High School. I think I have become more responsible because of the adult atmos- phere. The teachers are so friendly, and I have made many friends from other schools. Also, I have ioined extracurricular ac- tivities, which they do not have at Junior High School. Judy Goss: I feel that I was privileged to have the oppor- tunity to attend N.F.H.S. in my sophomore year, as it has defi- nitely given me a for greater chance to advance in my studies. High school has made me realize how important it is to get all I can from my classes. I have enjoyed associating with my new group of classmates and sharing in the fun of their activities. Larry Krizan: Although I felt a little bewildered at first, I have come to we-Icome the oppor- tunity I had to come to Niagara Falls High School. I enjoy the more mature atmosphere and the great responsibilities which are placed upon the students themselves. David Finn: I am glad I had the opportunity to come to high school. We were accepted sur- prisingly well by the iuniors and seniors even though we were greatly outnumbered. Being able to attend high school has given me a chance to acquire many new friends through the mixed grouping of classes. AROLI D OUR SCHOOL lint! 115 Mrs. E. Force addresses the Marriage and Family Class. A representative from Elmira College speaking to college-bound students. Miss Woods, a student-teacher from Niagara A little confused, Charlene DiLeonardo? Mrs. J. Mills monitoring the halls University, seeks aid from Mr. G. Stanlcovich. during January Regents. Mr. P. Sciarrino and his homeroom. Miss L. Devic instructing basketball practice. 102 IAGARIA Co-Editors .......... . Co-Business Monogers . . . . . . Foculfy Choirmon .... . . . Senior Co-Choirmen .... . Junior Co-Chairmen ... .. Sophomore Co-Chairmen . . . . . . . . Lindo Becker Carol Wigle Mory Brennen Borbciro Noblin Morcio Mosoif .... Ann Evvolf Coroi Prozeller Borboro Noblin Todd Wollens Mory Brennen Sonfci Micole ADVISORS: M Activities Co-Choirmen Sports Co-Chairmen .... . . . Typisis . , . Advisors .... Ari Advisor . . . rs. H. Donovan, Miss A. McCabe. Donno Sfephons Robert Doubney Cormen Formica George Courson Mory Mogliordifi Shirley Wowscyk Poulo Grocholo Judy Gornicki Mrs. H. Donovon Miss A. McCabe Mrs. J. Ceniofonri TYPISTS: Left to Right: Shirley Wowscyk, Mory Mogiiordifi, Judy GOI'f1iCki, Paula Grocholo. CO-EDITORS: Linda Becker and Carol Wigle. NIAGARIAN REPRESENTATIVES: Left to Right, FIRST ROW: Yvonne Leonard, Karen Bakota, Susan Maloney, Sheila Dunlop, Richard Warner, Amy Settimi, Rose Levy, Ann Pittrott, Mary Brennen, Bar- Sobczak, Tanis Barnes, Francine Kianatt, Elizabeth Semans, Helen bara Noblin, Karen Lloyd, Marguerite Kishmoian, Lorraine Puisys, Davis. THIRD ROW: Mary Lou Zarosl, Dawn Eddy, Kay O'Flaherty, Steven Kargatis. SECOND ROW: Sandra Charles, Barbara Cheryl Cacner, Julie Pettit, Carole Marsh, Chuck Granata. IAGARIAN STAFF The i962-l963 school year at Niagara Falls High was a year ot growth and modernization. In keeping with our school's changing atmosphere, the NIAGARIAN staff, guided by Mrs. H. Donovan and Miss-A. McCabe, has incorporated many new techniques and approaches to recreate the wonderful events ot the past year. An ex- ample is the poetic history ot the year's activities which runs throughout the Senior, Junior, and Sophomore sec- tions. Co-editors Linda Becker and Carol Wigle are especially proud of the fine work done by the entire NIAGARIAN statt. The NIAGARIAN inquiring Reporters did an ex- cellent iob ot polling each class to get the "people's opinion," scholastically speaking, while other question- naires indicated the students' choice of class "masts," Finances were boosted by the spring Variety Show, which was co-sponsored by the NIAGARIAN and the Senior Class. The Business Committee, led by Mary Bren- nen and Barbara Noblin, ably managed yearbook sales and collections and balanced the innumerable accounts. EDITORIAL BOARD: Left to Right, FIRST ROW: Barbara K Noblin, Mary Brennen. SEC- OND ROW: Karen Lloyd, Linda A Becker, Francine Schiro, Ann Salacuse THIRD ROW: Pat Pas- ' co, Donna Stephans, Marcia Mosolt, Carol P r o z e l I e r. FOURTH ROW: Karen Steele, Mary Montgomery, Linda Heck, Maryanne Puerner. FIFTH ROW: Marilynn Suchan, Jane Webb, Norena Rydelok, Heidi Mueller. SIXTH ROW: Bob Daubney, Todd ' chen Mess. is? I Wallens, George Courson, Gret- GOVERNORS: Lett to Right, FIRST ROW: Sandy Thomson, Kathy Ligammari, Peter Fontana, Louise Grande, Diane Wyrauch, Leonard Cancilla, Pat Pasco, David Finn, Susan Crick, Roberta Mielriiclci, Marie Trapasso, Dennis Perez, Ann Cale, Rose Levy, Donna Ste- phans, SECOND ROW: Brian Talbot, Judy Goss, Janice Civiletto, Den- The Student Council ot Niagara Falls High School is the most necessary and vital organization to the students, for it is through this student group that the students voice their opinions to improve our school. Led by President Joe Genovese and his otticers, Linda Martino, Sandy Tantillo, and Bob Anderson, the Student Council actively engaged in the Tri-School Council ot Niagara Falls and also participated in District Conven- nis Ormsby, John I-lesson, Sue Stiegman, Clarice Donimari, Carol Gigliotti, Elizabeth Halkovvicz, Angelo Valentino, Linda Martino, Carol Rulli. THIRD ROW: Susan Strock, John Zacher, James Blachin- ski, Clarence Ward, Casirner Katt, Ronald Nabors, Edward Cec- cato, John Bartolomei, James Maman, Dale Flagler, Pat-'icia Shurn- tions. Future post-election training periods tor newly vvay. elected otticers, the use of voting machines tor tabulat- ing election votes, and a new organizational plan tor the more than titty hornerooms were all recent innova- tions introduced by the I962-i963 Student Council. Perhaps most important measure ot all this year was the adoption of a revised constitution. OFFICERS: SEATED: Robert An- derson, Treasurer, Mr. A. Chille, Advisor, Linda Martino, Vice- President, Sandra Tantillo, Sec- retary. STANDING: Joseph Genovese, President. LIEUTENANT GOVERNORS: Left to Right, FIRST ROW: Cheryl Brown, Sherry Mele, Leslee McBride, Ed Barter, Carole Hughey, Lynne Brovata, Cynthia Chiodo, Lynda Shaw, Patrick Nalbone, Kathy Cavanaugh, Mary L. Gallen, Bruce Fitzsirnmons, Karen Bakota, Paula Gtochala, Joe Critelli. SECOND ROW: Kennetha Comer, Jean Nunnery, Thomas Magee, Jeff Plumer, Michael Murphy, Sema Tar- COUNCIL The Student Council sponsored two highly successful drives. One drive was for the collection of Christmas food baskets for the Salvation Army. Over sixty brightly decorated baskets were distributed to needy families in the Niagara Falls area. The second drive which was sponsored sold insurance plans to the students. These plans protected the students going to and from school, and also while they were in school. Some of the many other varied activities of the Student Council were: Teacher Recognition Day, which gave Ni- pinian, Teresa Urbaniak, Kandy Bradt, Paul Mokhiber, Leslie Mac- Kenzie, Leo Ward, Annie Cauley, Bill Nalbone. THIRD ROW: Roger Fabin, Dan Gillis, Frank Fair, Richard Skwarzynski, David Bur- master, Larry Krizan, Michael Panepinto, Jim Zielinski, William Wynes. agara Falls High students an opportunity to show their appreciation for their teachers' efforts throughout the year, an exciting after school sports' movie showing highlights of many of the N.F.l-l.S. football games. Both the Student Council and the entire student body owe a big thanks to Advisors, A. Chille and R. Schultz, who guided the Student Council to such a successful year. E Joseph Genovese and Linda Martino fill baskets for the needy. HRONICLE E S Z CHRONICLE STAFF: Lett to Right, FIRST ROW: JoAnn Basso, Anne Salacuse, Sandra Matusik, Diane Wyrauch, Jacqueline Fallon, Sally Madei, Carol Prozeller, Marge Butski, Patricia Pasco, Mary Stefaneo, Mary Talbot, Marcia Ritchlin. SECOND ROW: Ann Ewalt, Carol Lee, Matthew Schiro, Susan Crick, Marcia Mosolf, Teresa Pietras, Linda Heck, Sharon Ketch, Christina Sasnowski, Vicki Delill, Mary Gene Long, Shirley Butski, Christine Jarosz, Michael Soluri, THIRD ROW: Gret- chen Mess, Rosalie Dangelo, Mike Becotte, Todd Wallens, Mike Kosut, George Courson, Susan Strack, Donna Skrlin, Marilynn Suchan. i i 2 l x Mary Long Coeeditor The many and varied activities which take place within the walls of Niagara Falls High School will never be lost to posterity, All events are discovered and duly recorded by the staff of our newspaper, the Chronicle. For eighty-two years, advisors, editors, and statt members have worked together to present this publication for the benetit of Niagara Falls High School students. During the year i962-63, editors Mary Long and Vicki Delill, along with their capable assistants and the advice ot their moderator, Mr. W. Brady, have worked hard to assure Chronicle subscribers ot being among CHRONICLE EDITORIAL BOARD: SEATED: JoAnn Basso, Donna Skrlin, Sally Model, Marcia Mosolt, Mr. W. Brady, STANDING: Rosalie Dangelo, Mike Becotte, Susan Strack, George Courson, Teresa the area's best informed people. Pietras, Carol Prozeller, Patricia Toni. Vicki Dem! CHRONICLE REPRESENTATIVES: Left To Right, FIRST ROW: Marcia Ritchlin, Gail Gellman, Ann Ewalt, Sandra Matusik, Carol Prozeller, Mary Talbot, Sue Noblin, .loyce Talarico. SECOND ROW: Cynthia Barkley, Carmen Formica, Shirley Butski, Bob Zarnbito, Sharon Ketch, Jane Webb, Anna Paciorek, Bonnie Voelker. THIRD ROW: Toni Nero, Marilyn Leone, Ron Vigue, Tom Carlson, Ronald Brooks, Alice Perry, Marian Farella. Co-editor JUNIOR RED CROSS REPRESENTATIVES: FIRST ROW: Nancy Moro, Rosemary Scott, Donna Nathanson, Barbara Fox, Evann Sideris, Emily Sewellyn, Karen Rowles, Roland Chapados, Annie Cauley, Molly McWilliams, Marianne D'Angelo, Janet Ruttner, Estelle Miner- vino, Christine Charles, Neziezadie Mings. SECOND ROW: Kennetha Comer, Lois Mabry, Kathy Costantino, Barbara I-Ilastala, Donna .ILI IOR RED CROSS The Junior Red Cross is an international organization composed of volunteer representatives dedicated to service for our school and community. The school organizational chapter meets once a month under the direction of its advisor, Miss I. Witkowski. Each year a school- wide fund raising campaign is held to obtain needed contributions for the year's proiects. This year, twenty-tive gift boxes for needy persons overseas were sent from the local school chapters, posters were made for Thanksgiving and St. PatricIc's Day and were displayed in the corridors. The members were led through these activities by President, Mary Lemke, Vice President, Karen Rowlesg Secretary, Carol Harnumg and Treasurer, Estelle Minervino. Travis, Phyllis Bobelc, Sandra Yudichak, Judy Wroblewski, Pat Hat maker, Karen Armstrong, Tom DePetris, Mary Lernke. THIRD ROW Carol Harnum, Barbara Savage, Joyce Kowalski, Teresa Urbaniak Jerry Slipko, Ronald Brooks, Jeannette Farrell, Brian Gillis, Ann Hustleby, Fay Dickie, Claudia Miller, Susan Feldmeyer. ONE OF THE MANY SERVICES OF THE JUNIOR RED CROSS: Barry Bathurst, Rosemary Scott, OFFICERS: Carol Harnum, Estelle Minervino, Mary Lemke, Karen Rowles, Miss I. Witkowslci. it K I -,X 1 if in Left to Right, FIRST ROW: Richard Siegel, Anne Salacuse, Claire Richards, Karen Olsen, Estelle Minervino, Francine Kianott, Ann Ewalt, Elizabeth Manning, Shari Cole, Linda Becker, Carol Maturani, Bob Klein. SECOND ROW: Shirley Wawsczyk, Mary Gallen, Karen Rowles, Maryanne Puerner, Elizabeth Halkowicz, Marcia Mosolt, Tom Weisflog, Carol Yankelunas, Charles Rader, Carol Wigle, Vicki Delill, Mary Cardamone, Katherine Firth, Linda Perkins. THIRD ROW: HO OR Scholarship, leadership, character and service are among the qualities which a student must possess to be- come a member ot the National Honor Society. Atter being accepted into this Society, which has inductions in November and March, the person must continually dem- onstrate these attributes and be a credit to school. Ultimate recognition comes to the senior members ot the Honor Society when they are graduated in June. These graduates wear special gold mantles in honor ot their achievements. As in the years past, the Honor Society again main- Jill Palumbo, Joe Genovese, Gary Martin, Hazel lsom, Roberta Andrzeiewski, Alice Perry, Gretchen Mess, Mike Reele, Frank Kan- kolenski, John Zankowski, Brian Talbot, Teresa Pietras. FOURTH ROW: Todd Wallens, Byron Wittlin, Bill Siener, John Kuczwanski, Douglas Martin, Brian Sage, Brad Smith, Carl Hriczak, Mary Mag- liarditi. SOCIETY tained o bookstore to guide the students to better read- ing habits both tor work and pleasure. Also in con- iunction with the Honor Society was the Hall Duty Pro- gram, in which members volunteered to monitor the halls and guide any visitors who might come to Niagara Falls High School. The society is under the direction of Miss E. Mitchell and Mr. P. Balassone, its otticers are: Brian Talbot, President, Carol Wigle, Vice-President, Linda Perkins, Secretary, and Bill Siener, Treasurer. OFFICERS: SEATED: Miss E. Mitchell. Lett To Right, STANDING: Bill Siener, Linda Perkins, Carol Wigle, Mr. P. Balassone, Brian Talbot. 5. ggi E .. 5? sitfsg tm C13 rffatfl .3 'Annan 1 1 si ..,. Wm. Lett to Right, FIRST ROW: Paulette Weld, Diana Merritt, Barbara Fox, Beverly Hatfield, Mary Lasher, Gloria Anderson, Terry Fadel, Wendy Bizzozero, Hazel lsom, Roberta Mielnicki, Sue Stiegman, Susan Feldmeyer, Kandy Bradt, Shari Cole, Pamela Shearer, Janice Wadowlca, Sandy Thomson, Down the Stairs: Bob Anderson, George Courson, Joe Vilardo, David Dlugose, William Siener, Gary Hayes, Q " is 'ifiwii A 1 sir 5 fi as 1 ss-1' I i ,fi-: igrk 2 ,-,. .rvsi .,,A W - 11. We Gary Sicurella, Gary Adamski, Tom DePetris, Brian Talbot, Louise Scheider, Susan Strack, Benjamin Cicciari, Angela Valentino, Patrick Nalbone, James DeFazio, Lorraine Lauzanis, Margaret Williams, Delrae Scheie, Sharon Tossell, Nancy Abbott, Carole Larrabee, Adele Emsweller, Nancy Hill, Barbara Noblin, Marilyn Clarke, Bare barbara Reese, Jill Palumbo, A CAPPELL The A Cappella Choir, under the direction of Mr. W. Mayo, added much to the assemblies and programs of our school. December, their busiest season, tound Them participating in the Christmas Assembly and caroling in the halls. They also made public appearances for or- ganizations throughout the city. The Spring Concert and graduation ceremonies tinished another Hne season for this group, SOLOISTS AND ACCOMPANIST: SEATED: Hazel Isom. Lett to Right, STANDING: David Dlugose, Louise Scheider, Kandy Bradt, Brian Talbot. FLUTES Left to Right: Emily Lewellyn, Karen Ben- nmger Jacqueline Tompkins, Wendy Bizzozero. BRASS Left to Right, KNEELING: Richard Spalla, Mark Horton. STANDING: Nick Santora, Samuel Mc- Williams Bruce Fitzsimmons. TRUMPETS: KNEELING: Walter Watson. Left to Right, SEATED Ray Barbari, Michael LaBarbera, Peter Paonessa. STANDING: John Russell, Lewis Jones, Phillip Palmeri. BAN D Many people were fortunate this past year in seeing the band arrayed in colorful uni- forms cheering our teams on to victory at football games. The band participated in the Memorial Day Parade. The band also played many famous marches at the school assemblies, Spring Concert, and Spring festival. WOODWINDS: Left to Right, SEATED: Michael Soluri, Diana Merritt, Alan Karch, Karen Steele. STANDING: Barry Bathurst, Frances Moore, David Burmaster. PERCUSSION AND BASS: Left to Right: Mr. R, Wright, Director, Raymond Bonar, JoAnn Cook, Paul Mak- hiber. PIANIST AND DIRECTOR Raymond Banar and M R Wright VIOLINS Lett to Right FIRST ROW Leigh Armistead Hazel lsom Jennifer Palmer Jill Palumbo SECOND ROW Estelle IVIIHGVVIHO Cynthia Barkley Kathy Kac zynski, Fam Shearer, THIRD ROW: Kathy Evans, Ann Ewalt, Roman Hrycun, Mary Baizik. STRINGS: Lett to Right, SEATED: Sherry Morgan, Karen Benninger, Diana Merritt, JoAnn Cook, Lorna Rusk. STANDING: Paul Mokhiber. ORCHE TRA Under the caretul direction ot Mr. R. Wright, and alter many days ot practice, the or- chestra displayed its talent by performing tor many school tunctions. Some of the pro- grams included the Christmas Assembly, the Spring Concert, the Spring Festival, Class Day, and the day to which all seniors looked forward, Graduation. BRASS: Lett to Right, SEATED: Ray Barbari, Lewis Jones, Walter Watson. STANDING: Samuel McWil- liams, Mark Horton. WOODWINDS: Left to Right, FIRST ROW: Emily Lew- ellyn, Susan Brydges, Wendy Bizzozero, Jacqueline Tompkins, Alfredo Maiorana. SECOND ROW: Alan Karch, John Saul, Michael Soluri, Barry Bathurst, James Riggi, Left to Right, FIRST ROW: Sheila Farrell, Pat Hamilton, Margery Hlastala, Mary Jane Riggi, Lynn Augeroy, Marian Farella, Shari Iannuzzi, Sue Maloney, Marilyn Clarke, Adele Ernsweller, JoAnn Cole, Bridget Walsh, Jane Webb. THIRD ROW: Jean Landes, Carol Scalzo, Sue Noblin, Paulette Weld, Sarah Howard, Nancy Crowley. Yankelunas, Marianne Specht, Jill Palumbo, Susan Strack, Barbara SECOND ROW: Shirley Ann Haynes, Bonnie Voelker, Barbara Seyler, Sharyn Austin, Annie Cauley. CHORU Strains ot music can be heard twice weekly, seventh period, as sung by the large mixed chorus. Under the direction ot Mr. W. Mayo, students with vocal ability have an appor- tunity to show their talent. These students are again achieving the high reputation which has distinguished the Niagara Falls High School chorus for many years. Left to Right, FIRST ROW: Sandy Tantillo, Barbara Buchanan, Claire Lauzonis, James DeFazio, Patrick Nalbone, Brian Talbot, Bob Ander- Richards, Nancy Schug, Subonna Morgan, Ann Ewalt, Barbara Mc- son, Wendy Bizzozero, Janice Wadaruka, Chris Mocniak, Betty Jane Bride, Mary Beth Martin, Kandy Bradt, Chris Wilk, Helen Conley, Zak. THIRD ROW: Beniamin Cicciari, Tom DePetris, George Courson, Terry Fadel, Marion Walker, Margaret Walker, Gail Gellrnan, Susan Garry Adamski, Joe Vilardo, David Dlugose, Gary Sicurella, Gary Feldmeyer, Joanne Yacus, Marguerite Kishmoian. SECOND ROW: Hayes, Angela Valentino. Marcia Polewicz, Theresa Szydlowski, Gloria Anderson, Lorraine Left to Right, FIRST ROW: Kathleen Brosnan, Ann Buckhout, Roch- elle Graft, Neziezadie Mings, Sue Morgan, Kathleen Furman, Chris- tine Olfano, Emily Lewellyn, Margaret Williams, Judy Maman, Juanita Gonzalez, Sharyn Carmen, Sally Lawrence, Roberta Miel- nicki, Nancy Hill. SECOND ROW: Nancy Abbott, Pamela Shearer, Sue Stiegman, Peggy Verna, Vicki Delill, Jennifer Palmer, Alice Thompson, Mary Long, Mary Baizik, Barbara Reese, Heidi Mueller, Sharon Tossell, Delrae Scheie, Lindalee Shaw. THIRD ROW: Mary McClain, Pat Hatmaker, Denise Demmin, Barbara Hunt, Gretchen Mess, Karen Witmer, Jacqueline Tompkins, Mary Grace, Dawn Eddy, Beccie Brown, Margaret Cannon, Fay Dickie. CHORUS The melodious songs of the Chorus were heard this year during Parent's Night, the Christmas Assembly, and the Spring Concert. Their activities were supplemented by out- side concerts and performances at other schools. Left to Right, FIRST ROW: Julie Evert, Sandra Kazeangin, Flora Lowe, Cheryl Hersey, Diana Merritt, Judy Goss, Barbara Noblin, Marilyn Lyons, Shirley Perdikas, Donna Nathanson, Annie Cauley, Kathy Ligammari. SECOND ROW: Sara Richardson, Barbara Fox, JoAnne Basso, Debbie Page, Norene Lounsbury, Janet Rizzoto, Pam- ela Legg, Sandy Thomson, Mary Loshe. THIRD ROW: Leslee McBride, Sheila Elliott, Carole Larrabee, Hazel lsom, Karen Benninger, Beverly Hatfield, Linda Hazlewood. Lett to Right, KNEELING: Bill Woztowic, Steve Zatuto, Sam Marra, Benny Cicciau, Joseph Sacco. Standing, FIRST ROW: Anne Cale, Sandra White, Sharon Tobey, Bill Lops, Carol Buscerni, Sandra Bazzani, Juanita Gonzalez, Joanne Martin, Mattie Mauldin, Garad- ine Fair, Jean Edwards, Barbie Cyphers, Pat DePasquale, Carol Maturani. SECOND ROW: Margaret Hart, Teresa Pietras, Kennetha Comer, Cassie Abrams, Anthony Soluri, Janet Militello, Charles Canosa, Ronald Brooks, Floyd Boling, Jim Schroeder, Bill Macvie, Mary Grace, Mr. F. Ortano, Advisor. DECA CLUB The Distributive Education Clubs ot America are de- signed for boys and girls enrolled in retailing classes. Their main obiectives are to encourage career study, leadership development, and group participation among their members. The D.E.C.A. Club of Niagara Falls High School spon- sors several tund-raising activities during the year. Under the direction of Mr. F. Ortano, the thirty-two members ot the D.E.C.A. Club participated in a local and state-wide Creative Marketing Project Contest in which they presented a research marketing problem in- volving the Niagara area. This contest provided incen- tive and recognition tor the vvork done by the members ot DECA. CLUB OFFICERS: SEATED: Kennetha Comer, Secretary, Ronald Brooks, President, Joanne Martin, Vice- President. STANDING: Steve Zafuto, Treasurer, Mr, F. Ortano, Advisor, Joe Sacco, Sergeant-at-Arms. ....: Left to Right: Gary Hayes, Margaret Butski, Connie Jordan, Miss A. Dominianni, Advisor, Mike Murphy, Jeanette Gornicki, Sob Haick. BUSINESS MA AGEME T COMMITTEE The Business Management of Niagara Falls High School, agement takes charge of the financial aspects of such under the leadership of two very capable advisors, Miss activities as the senior banquet, the senior variety show, A. Dominianni and Mr. A. Dietrick, handles the business and the Niagarian variety show. part of many fund raising activities. The Business Man- The school store, supervised by Miss V. Donohue, proved cils, pens, notebooks, erasers and many other essentials a life saver tor many students at Niagara Falls High tor the students. These supplies can be purchased daily School. The store keeps a large supply of paper, pen- before school and during lunch periods. ,, .,,,.,..l " St l if 55" Y XIV gf? fs'V1g,fw fm X, sliezfiiii' ,e,,.igZ,s, 3 l I SEATED: Alice Perry. STAND- ING: Miss V. Donohue, Advisor, Karen Rowles, Sandra Yudichak, Kathleen Brosman, Virginia Mash, and Janet Rultner. Left to Right: SEATED, Kandy Bradt, Carol Maturani. STANDINGg Davvne Bowen, Jackqueline Clayton, Kathy Bishop, Nina Ruggirello Connie Ciarnarro, Anne Cale, Clarice Donimari, June Antonucci Carol Sirianni, Patricia Wozniak, Irene White. The Office Staff of Niagara Falls High School is corn- sheets and collect attendance cards. These girls also as- posed of a group of able girls that can be found scurry- sist Mrs. A, O'Brien and Mrs. M. Lynch vvith other in- ing throughout the building everyday to distribute blue numerable otice tasks. QFFICE STAFF BU LLETI BOARD information for the entire student body can be easily under the supervision of Miss M. Lannigan, All holidays found on the bulletin board next to the office. The bul- and important school events are found on the bulletin letin board is kept up to date by a group of students board to help keep the students vvell informed Robert Inskeep, Steven Frank, Larry Graves, and Rich Krizan. Lett to Right: FIRST ROW: Mary Long, Marla Stone, Margaret Langevin, Viann Laurendi, Molly McWilliams, Linda Hoag, Kathy Evans, Carol Prozeller, Francine Kianott, Diane Wyrauch, Linda Becker. SECOND ROW: Mr. M. Bedford, Susan Ruff, Carol Wigle, Michael Soluri, Matthew Schiro, Patrick Nalbone, Mary Brennen, ard Sobczak, Louis Tonetti, Cynthia Chiodo, Linda Heck, Danilene Leone, Jill Palumbo, Ann Mazza, Luis Rodriguez, Jeanie Lynn, Carol Gigliotti, Tony LaRosa, Bill Bradigan. FOURTH ROW: Gretchen Rose, Jane Webb, Robert Martin, Mike Gallo, Marilyn Leone, David Polley, Robert Rotunda, Marilynn Suchan, Sue Stiegman, Numerous other benefits may be reaped by ambitious members ot the College COLLEGE CLUB COMMHTEE - Left lo Right! SEATED: lock Sheila Dunlop, Cheryl Herman, Walter Watson, Michele Berthot, Alice Thompson, Vicki Delill. THIRD ROW: Cynthia Barkley, Rich- COLLEGE CLUB The College Club, under the able supervision of Mr. M. Bedford, proved to be one of the most beneficial organizations to Niagara Falls High School this past year. Any student interested in improving his education was welcomed as a member. Members met each Thursday evening to take various aptitude and scholar- ship practice tests. The club otlered to its members the use at college cata- logues and general college informations. ln the future, as in the past, many students will be accepted at the college of their choice due to the aid and invaluable guidance ot Mr. M. Bedford. Anne Salacuse. F Club. Lett to Right: FIRST ROW A Julie Evert, Claire Richards, Wende Jordan, Pat Loria, Beverly Hatheld, Adele Emsweller, Sharon Lewis, Heidi Mueller, Linda Perkins, Kathleen Lake, Donna Stephans, Mary Talbot, Joe Critelli, Sandra Kazeangin, SECOND ROW: Gretchen Mess, Ann Hustleby, Karen Bingaman, Sam McWilliams, Ken Pavan, John Zankowski, Edward Ceccato, Jack Foster, Jett Plumer, John McGovern, John Bartolomei, Ed Barszcz, Sam Crisante, Foster, Sue Stiegman, Mary Brennen, Carol Wigle. STAND- ING: John Zankowski, Brad Smith, Bob lnskeep, Mr. M. Bed- ford, Bill Siener, Douglas Martin, Louis Tonetti, Joe Genovese. Joe Genovese, Carl Riggi. THIRD ROW: Ron Kreitner, George Cour- son, Brad Smith, Robert Koperski, Richard Krizan, Thomas Zona, Pat Whitney, David Burmaster, Carol Nowak, Dimitri Rimanosky, Jonathan Schultz, Denny Gray, Bill Siener. FOURTH ROW: Carl Hriczak, Brian Sage, Michael Kosut, Robert Gellman, Tom Carlson, Pete Hartmans, Ralph Minervino, Gary DeFelice, Douglas Martin, Mr. M. Bedford. mm Left to Right, FIRST ROW: Sandy Tantillo, Charlene DiLeonardo, Janice Strasburg, Patricia Moriarty, Vicki Delill, Donna Duignan, Joanne Yacus, Anne Salacuse, Sharon LePage, Jeanne Manning, Toni Nero, Ann Ewalt, Madaline Triscari, Elizabeth Manning, Sandy Thomson, Francine Kianoff, Darlene Mule, Marge Kishmoian, Annie Jefferson, SECOND ROW: Miss G. Erwin, Advisor, Carolyn Hager, Elizabeth Halkowicz, Carol Scott, Mary Cardamone, Cynthia Bark- ley, Heidi Mueller, Sharon Tossell, Linda Shaw, Carol I-larnum, Pamela Miss G. Erwin, Guidance Counselor, is the advisor of the Cadet Teachers' Program, which enables students inter- ested in teaching to become acquainted with the tasks performed by those engaged in this profession. Students interested have the opportunity to spend two hours weekly in an elementary school aiding teachers with vari- ous activities. Many of the students participate in the Shearer, Mary Beth Martin, Margaret Williams, Karen Armstrong, Alice Thompson, Mary Long, Susan Kadykawski. THIRD ROW: Ellen Sheridan, Marilynn Suchan, Phyllis Bobek, Fay Dickie, Lynn Aug- erot, Jill Palumbo, Rosalie Dangelo, Joyce Kowalski, Sue Stiegman, Dawn Eddy. FOURTH ROW: Clarice Donimari, Pat Whitney, Lucille Minervini, Sema Tarpinian, Ronald Brooks, Brian Sage, George Cour- son, Susan Strack, Gretchen Mess. classrooms of handicapped children. This type of train- ing gives them the opportunity to get a preview of what their chosen profession is truly like. This profession offers many responsibilities to those interested, and with this offered training the participants have a head start in their future career. CADET TEACHERS GUIDANCE The guidance department proves a great aid for the students of Niagara Falls High School. Members of this staff include Miss G. Erwin, Mrs. E. Seatter, Mr. J. .lan- owski, and Mr. G, Wood. The counselors advise students on their problems and their plans for the future. The counselors are particularly valuable to college and ca- reer bound seniors who are frenzied by problems of Left to Right, FIRST ROW: Eliza- beth Manning, Elizabeth Halko- wicz, Vicki Delill, Claire Rich- ards, Mary Long, Carol Prozel- ler, Karen Armstrong. SECOND ROW: Sandy Tantillo, Maureen Hickey, Sandy Thomson, Rubina Pinzotti, Anne Cale, Marcia Mosolf. THIRD ROW: Sema Tar- pinian, Susan Kadykowski, Mary Cardamone, Denise Demmin, what to do after graduation. The counselors aid all stu- dents in planning their schedules to fit the requirements needed for entrance into a chosen career. The guidance office has a staff of students aiding the counselors by running errands and helping with much of the clerical work. Toni Nero, Gretchen Mess, Fay Dickie, Michele Berthot, Heidi Mueller, Clarice Donimari, The purpose of The Future Nurses Club is To acquainT girls inTeresTed in The nursing field wiTh The Trials, Tribu- laTions, and rewards earned by nurses, The club aids The girls in selecTing The righT courses and schools To obtain Their chosen goal. The writing of a consTiTuTion headed The lisT of acTiviTies for The club This year. The girls also aTTended The "open house" aT various nursing schools and hospiTals. The Left To RighT, FIRST ROW: Miss G. Erwin, Advisor, Margaret Cannon, Maureen Hickey, Donna Griggs, Elizabeth Manning, Bar- bara Fox. SECOND ROW: ldown stairsi Marilyn Leone, Kafhy ConTi, Maria Corsano, Fay Dickie, Marfha McCulloch, Mar- gareT Langevin, Nancy Hill, MargareT Williams, Peggy Ver- na, Michele Boling. THIRD ROW: Linda Hoag, Joanne Mule, Sara Richardson, ,lean Ridgeway, Vi- ann Laurendi, club provided The girls wiTh The opporTuniTy To work on proiecTs in relaTed fields, and also provided movies for The girls' enioymenT. PresidenT of The club is Fay Dickie, who is assisTed by Lorraine DisparTi, program chairman. Miss G. Erwin serves as The advisor. Membership requiremenTs neces- sary Tor The club are an inTeresT in professional nursing and a sincere desire To succeed in This goal. FUTURE URSES' CLUB CLINIC The "Clara BarTons" of Niagara Falls High School were found all cluring The school year in The clinic, The girls worked under The able supervision of Miss l-l. McCarney. The clinic served as an aid for The minor ills of The Tac- Left To Right, SEATED: Sue Stiegman, Miss H, McCarney, Diane Wyrauch. STANDING: Rifa Umbriaco, Sandy Bazzani, Pat Hafmaker, Rochelle Graff, Fay Dickie, Donna Duignan, Linda Perkins, Anne uITy and sTudenT body. The members of The clinic sTafT assisTed Miss McCarney in recording The names of all sTudenTs coming To The clinic, hling The healfh cards, and TreaTing The minor illnesses of everyone. Husfleby, Cynthia Barkley, Mary Brennen, Sandro LeBlond, Sue Morgan, Barbara McQueen, Viann Laurendi. Left to Right: Rosemary Scott, Christine Jarosz, Gretchen Mess, Pat Nalbone, JoAnn Basso, Robert Klein, Jane McNerney, Bette-Lynn Watts. The Stardust, Niagara Falls High School's literary mag- azine, displayed much of the creative skills possessed by many students during the year. Dr. M. Risely, with the aid of other faculty members and the Stardust Staff, chose the best selections submitted by students and then UB The library, under the experienced supervision of Miss M. Blackmar has functioned smoothly and efficiently all during the school year. No small reason for this was the effort made by a willing and able library staff. These girls generously donated their time and effort to make our library a credit to Niagara Falls High School. ln the future, Miss Blackmar and her staff will be con- tinuing their work in new quarters. With the completion Library Staff - Left to Right, SEATED: Linda Vallina, Barbara Vis- comi, Elizabeth Semans, Mary Ann Thomson, Patricia Zachary, .lean McCulloch, Sandra Jolley. STANDING: Marilyn Ricotta, Nancy Maro, Patricia Wieleba, Clara Curtis, Linda Augustine, Dorothy Sobczyk, Carmen Formica, JoAnn Basso, Sandra Teber, Ellen Grissett. printed them. With the help of many willing students, the magazine was bound and put on sale. Upon com- pletion of the magazine, Niagara Falls High School students were guaranteed much reading enioyment and entertainment. RARY of the new addition, the now crowded library will ex- tend its boundaries to include what is now the teachers' I'OOiTi. This new and much needed addition will be used only as a reference room. New shelves will house books and magazines capable of satisfying all data seekers of Niagara Falls High School. Left to Right: Dorothy Sobczyk, Miss M. Blackmar and Roberta Andrezywski. Lett to Right, FIRST ROW: Richard Siegel, Joe Critelli, Diana Merritt, Marla Stone, Mary Brennen, Diane Wyrauch, Ann Salacuse, Matthew Schiro, Kathy Kaczynski, David Finn, Pat Pasco, Beverly Hatfield, Karen Rowles, Karen LaMonica, Wende Jordan, SECOND ROW: John Sharp, Sherry Morgan, Bruce Fitzsimmons, Maryanne Puerner, Charles Rader, Jill Palumbo, Karen Witmer, Marilynn Suchan, Jane Webb, Jacqueline, Tompkins, Linda Heck, Mary Cardamone, Cynthia Barkley, Linda Hoag. THIRD ROW: Tom Weis- flog, David Pasko, Tony Gruppo, Carl Hriczak, Tom Carlson, Dale Flagler, Todd Wallens, Robert Kaczynski, Richard Manarina, George Courson. DRAMA CLUB One ot the newer organizations seen at Niagara Falls High School is the Dramatics Club, which was started last year by an ambitious sophomore English class under the direction and advisorship of Mrs. C. Hill. The otticers elected this year are. Maryanne Puerner, President, Tom Carlson, Vice-President, Diane Wyrauch, Secretary, and Mary Cardamone, Treasurer. The club meets every Wednesday and requirements for membership include the writing of a formal letter to Mrs. Hill and a screen- ing of the applicants by the executive board. This year the club is open to all students to further the primary objectives ot the organization - the stimulation of dramatic activity, the appreciation of good shovv- manship, and the awakening ot an interest in the theater. Lett to Right, STANDING: Mary Jane Riggi, Barbara Reese, Lynn Augerot. SEATED: Gail Raiczak, Dona Lamson. MEMBERS: Lett to Right, FIRST ROW: Alice Thompson, Margaret Cannon, Mary Long, Nancy Abbott, Jeanne Manning, Margaret Dunlap. SECOND ROW Cdown stairsi: Sharon LePage, Sheila Dun- lop, Carol Prozeller, Francine Kianott, Estelle Minervino, Barbara Fox, Maryanne Harvey, Elizabeth Manning, Donna Duignan, Linda FRENC Under the advisorship ot Mr. L. Rainville, "Les Chevaliers de la Table Roundef' more well known as the French Club, enjoyed an educational and worthwhile year. The primary obiectives ot this group are to practice speak- ing French and to learn the customs and traditions of the French people. Meetings are held eyery other Thurs- day with the business portion in English and the planned program in French. Members ot the French Club are ac- Martino, Carol Wigle, JoAnn Basso. THIRD ROW: Susan Strack, Ivana Del Monaco, Rosalie Dangelo, Norina Rydelek, Carolyn Hager, Lynn Augerot, Mary Riggi, Fay Dickie, Linda Perkins, Silvana DeLuca, Linda Becker. LUB tive in arranging bulletin board displays and selling refreshments after home basketball games. Membership is open to all students with their participation in a poster contest. Ofhcers elected tor the year: Linda Perkins, President, Estelle Minervino, Vice-President, Rosalie Dangelo, Sec- retary, Linda Martino, Treasurer. OFFICERS: Rosalie Dangelo, Susan Strack, Mr. L. Rainville, Advisor, Linda Martino, Estelle, Minervino, Linda Perkins. eff ,NM ll FIRST ROW, Left to Right: Ellen Sheridan, Nick Marchelos, Donna Gonzalez, Marcia DeSantis, Edith Simpson, Judy Glass, Ann Jankow- Stephans, Margery lannuzzi, Margaret Langevin, Mary Tarantino, ski, Susan Ruff, Vicki Delill, Ann Paciorik, Linda Augustino. Jean Hudson. SECOND ROW: fdown stairsi Robert Daubney, Neal SPANISH LUB The Spanish Club, a relatively new organization to Ni- agara Falls High School, has had a very successful third year. Meetings were held on the second and tourth Wednesday ot every month, and were open to all Spanish students who maintained a passing average. Miss B. Yandian served as director and advisor. New steps were taken this year to broaden the students' knowledge and appreciation of Spanish culture. This was accomplished by the showing of color slides ot Spain and Latin America. A correspondence was carried on with a student living in Latin America, and a party was held at the end ot the year with members preparing Spanish dishes to create a more Spanish atmosphere. The Spanish Club is one way tor the students to mix language study with fun. SEATED: Victoria Delill, Secretary, Neal Gonzalez, President, Marcia DeSantis, Vice-President, STANDING: Luis Rodriguez, Historian, Nick Morchelos, Sergeant-at-Arms. Top to Bottom: Douglas Martin, Brad Smith, Marcia Mosolf, Carol Wigle, Mary Cardamone, Jill Palumbo. Lett to Right, FRONT: Linda TH The purpose of the Niagara Falls High School Math Club is to delve into subiects not covered in regular courses of study. Such topics as the Slide Rule, and Statistics and Probability are dealt with by the mathe- Becker, Francine Kianoft, Estelle Minervino, Mr, J. D'Angelo, Advisor CLUB matically inclined students of the club. During the year, the members eriioyed a trip to the Board ot Education building to observe the workings of computers there. OFFICERS: Left to Right: Brad Smith, Secretary-Treasurer, Marcia Mosolf, President, Douglas Martin, Vice- President, Mr. J. D'Angelo, Advisor. ull FIRST ROW: Julie Ponzi, Marianne D'Angelo, Shirley Haynes, Philip Gray, Linda Becker, Sora Richardson, Maryanne Harvey, Bob Klein. SECOND ROW: Jane McNerney, Cynthia Barkley, Linda Perkins, Phyllis Bobek, Louis Tonetti, Nicholas Marchelos, Patrick Nalbone, Jerry Feldman, Maeretta Shine. THIRD ROW: Paul Mok hiber, Stanley Slominski, David Pasko, Byron Wittlin, Rick lngrasci Martin Sawma, Rosemary Searcy. JOH MARSHALL CLUB The John Marshall club has been functioning in Niagara Falls High School tor the past eight years. The club is presently advised by Mr. E. Ducette, The main objective ot the club is to train the members tor debates. This past year, as in previous years, the members par- ticipated with other area high schools in organizing a model United Nations. Each school chose the country they wished to represent in the United Nations. Then, all the countries held a session as the real United Na- tions would do in New York. As a special proiect, films on parliamentary procedure were shown to members to familiarize them with such procedure. The members also held a party to which each member contributed a food representing a differ- ent country. Officers elected tor this year are: President, Nicholas Marchelos, Vice President, Linda Perkins, Secretary, Shirley Haynes, and Treasurer, Jane McNerney, OFFICERS: Left to Right: Nicholas Marchelos, Jane McNerney, Shirley Haynes, Linda Perkins. Left to Right, FIRST ROW: Sheila Farrell, Marilyn Lyons, Griggs, Ann Mazza, Kathleen Lake, Pat Loria, Gail Gellman, anne Harvey, Gail Raiczak, Joanne Mulef Karen Lloyd, Maloney, Rochelle Graff. SECOND ROW: Patricia Robinson, Micale, Bridget Walsh, Shirley McCorrnfck, Karen Armstrong, Montgomery, Cynthia Barkley, Sheila Dunlop, Mary Jane Anne Evvalt, Barbara Fox, Shirley Perdikas, Jo Ann Basso. Donna Mary- Susan Santa Mary Riggi, THIRD ,--.. G by-Qx I: 1 r Q ROW: Lynn Augerot, Christine Jarosz, Terry Fadel, Barbie Cyphers, Kay O'Flaherty, Pat Hatmaker, Jo Ann Scalzo, Sue Stiegman, Ellen Sheridan, Susan Crick, Joyce Cline. FOURTH ROW: Joyce Kowalski, Marian Farella, Susan Kadykowski, Phyllis Bobek, Ivana Del Monaco, Pat Whitney, Gretchen Mess, Karen Witmer, Bonnie Abel, Suzanne Emmens. Once again, the Usher Squad has proved its worth at school functions such as concerts, the Parents' Night program, the Variety Show, and Class Day exercises. This year the squad was composed ot forty-seven girls under the direction ot Miss M. lngrasci and Miss J. DeVito. Bridget Walsh and Christine Jarosz served as co-captains. CO-CHAIRMEN AND ADVISORS: Left to Right: Bridget Walsh, Miss J. DeVito, Miss M. Ingrasci, Christine Jarosz. ,smmuumf-mme -- A Lett to Right, FIRST ROW: Mr. D. Reeser. SEATED: Rosemary Castellani, Beatrice Walerowicz, Nancy Hill, Charlotte Krystek, Elda Bevilacqua, Maureen Hickey, Kathy Ligammari. SECOND ROW: KNEELING: Janice Civiletto, Karen Lloyd, Donna Nathanson, Carol Chiarenzo. STANDING: Rose Levy. THIRD ROW, Down Stairs: Robert C1VH.ED Under the supervision ot Mr. D. Reeser, the Civil De- tense assists the entire school in practicing safety to prevent casualties in case ot an enemy attack. At the sound ot the siren, each member proceeds to a pre- assigned post to carry out his duties. Should there be 'A Cu lnskeep, James Gertz, John Cane, Jae Vilardo, Mike Becotte, Robert Daubney, Richard Krizan, Craig Finger, Patrick Nalbone. FOURTH ROW: John Seick, Richard Wynes, Richard Sabczak, Tom Vaccar- ella, Alice Perry, Sheila Reiter. EFENS any iniuries, stretcher bearers would transport the cas- ualties to the tirst aid stations tor treatment. This team of well prepared students is ready to react to any emergency. Radiological Detection Squad The Radiological Detection Squad of Niagara Falls l-ligh School is an organization which operates at the times ot "Air Raid" drills and would tunction it an actual air raid occurred. The members ot this group are designated by arm bands having the Civil Detense insignia. The members ot this group are equipped with radiation de- tection instruments vvhich indicate the intensity ot radio- activity at a given time. lt is the responsibility of the members ot this group under the direction ol the chair- man and faculty advisor to see that the equipment is in working order and available tor use in an instant's notice. Left to Right: Brian Talbot, Douglas Martin, Bill Siener, Brad Smith, Mr. Bedford, Advisor. .c-. - aw swx w a ,,,, , N, ,M A . A 4 rf 'Y W ,.fg,,1.W, ,. , - ,'."e95 , -:" , . V Y 27 QWAQH' -7 :wwf , K: 153, 'wifi ' X 44' -4 x f wr 's xg? 2 4 COUNCIL BOOSTER COMMITTEE The Student Council Booster Committee wos previously and fostering all school activities. Betty Hollcowicz and known os the Pep Club. Under the supervision of Mr. R. Linda Martino have done o fine iob moking this com- Schultz, the Booster Committee wos active in making mitteeosuccessfulone. banners for the school gomes, selling booster pins, EDLICATIO AL TELEVISIO The introduction of television os o vital educa- tional force is an important step in the evolution of educationol techniques. While the individual classroom teacher and his relotionship with his students is still the primary factor in good learn- ing, mony teachers have found educotionol tele- vision o helpful means of enriching course content ond supplementing classroom instruction. Q g. Mr. William Brody wos on instructor of o tele- vised educationol program in Americon literature for senior high school students, The series was telecast by WNED television every Tuesdoy and Thursday for twenty minutes. Watching a telecast. Left to Right: Mr. J. Sly, Mr. A. Chille Advisors Lindo Martino Miss A Dominianni Miss J DeVito Ad visors, Robert lnskeep. COMMITTEE ON SCHGOL PPEARANC The committee on school appearance is in its second by posting the familiar Keep off the grass signs and year ot existence. Its job is to see that our school is lcept suggesting that the students pick up those pieces ot in spic-and-span condition, and it accomplishes this task paper BUSINESS WORKROOM The Business Workroom Committee is one ot the most indispensable groups ot Niagara Falls High. This service group attends to the typevvriting and duplicating needs ot the Stu- dent Council, "Stardust," Senior Class and various other organizations. This year the group, under the supervision of Miss V. Dono- hue and Miss M. Lanigan, had the pleasure of working in the ultra-modern boolcroom ot our new annex. Left to Right: Carol Yanlcelunas, Alice Perry and Robert Andrzewski. i ft 5 2 rw' ,x W' .f W- or ,ff M-1 .W f of ww' .X -. 'lxts ',,,,w-4' Congrotulotions on your retirement 3.3 ,-4-L.....o,.N,, Heien McCcurney 133 ii if is 'ee' , ,, . . , 4, . 7 W , .QQLZ W , S4,, Es Q figgi f wi.. v Q x . 4 If Wy ' 'V W W ' -- If 2- W, A K ,I ,. , A nw. x WTA, 4 A --li 4, V , mil? Jw , E A3 3 fig a Q W fmt Y Y . if 'f f -er QW " a' M . A12 4 , i :gg SE vw.. . . mf , , -:-' 5 3 EK, 2 - ,g Q Xin- L is I 3 f ...M ,, , BE Q . . . L -- is we .,,':,.:, . wg- a -i f 1 5 f, V 1 , . . . Aw : A. QL rf ' S 3 .,: 5 :- " . .EN f r A ,... V , s wif E 3? ifzz?ESfsgfLA2?E lpiiwiwffs 5 5 ,zz-53556523553 .V 7S,,, , i -Ql?i:94ii5 i?'3 we13::1QzP5g4s-:Q-A , -.2-agffiifk' :F- 'gga ,M X, 5 if M 49 x X 2 'I x x X Q 512 I V-ii' R297 2 wir ,V fm M , in L,L. if Q A A J H , . .Vg rw . 'V '55 2- 7 ' ' Tixfiiki' '-fl 1,, n- fig.. Q . ,Jn W. , ig if Q32 jf ,Q A L35 k 1 5, W. f 'Q W . ' ' . s ,gsm A V I N , --1 S.. X , ,A QQQ L gf i?s2f 5 gif? if 5 i f ' w2'2'?2f 2:15 ff A- 5 I MEMORIAM ELTON C. SCHWINGER Director of Secondary Education 136 5 gs 1 5 ? is Lett to Right: Gary Martin, Robert Anderson, Joseph Genovese, Marilynn Suchan, Vice-President, Robert Inskeep, President, Kathy Conti, Secretary, Craig Finger. SPORTSMANSHIP COUNCIL The Sportsmanship Council ot Niagara Falls High School is a member of the Niagara Frontier League Sportsmanship Council. This league council has been in existence for twenty-seven years. The council, which also consists of Trott, Lockport, Lackawanna, Tonawanda, Kenmore East, and North Tonawanda members, tries to promote citizenship through sportsman- lilce conduct at all school, intramural and inter-school functions. They recently adopted a grading system which briefly works as tollows: Niagara Frontier League Sportsmanship Council representatives attend athletic contests and iudge the sportsmanship qualities of the team, cheerleaders, and spectators. The highest possible score which a iudge may grant at any athletic contest is twenty points. Totals are compiled at the end ot each particular season, and the winning school for that season gains a leg at the Sportsman- ship Cup. Niagara Falls High scored the highest number ot points this tall tor its conduct during the football season, and it appears that we have an excellent chance to win this award and achieve a Hirst" in the history of the Sportsmanship Cup competition. 138 Left to Right, KNEELING: James Mamon, John Goodfellow, John Vilardo, Peter Hartmans, George Zalocha, Joe Magliarditi, Frank Zonkowski, Larry LaBlanc, Mitch Adamschick, Tony Cevaglia, Ronald Kankalenski, Anthony Gruppo, Vincent Buffamonte, Leo Ward, Bator, Ronald Cindrick, John Teaman. STANDING: Mr. S. Blinco, George Hurt,Mqnager. Coach, Ed Ceccato, Gary Walos, James Zielinski, Gary DiLaura, Joe Wins NH-is Opp't Lockport l4 4 Tonawanda 3 2 Kenmore West 9 3 Lew-Port 5 2 Kenmore East 5 l North Tonawanda lO 5 Lackawanna 7 3 Trott I3 l Lockport 9 2 Lackawanna 5 2 Tonawanda 8 7 LaSalle 7 2 Amherst 2 l Jamestown IO O North Tonawanda 7 5 BA EBALL Niagara Falls High School's baseball team continued its winning ways last year, securing the Niagara Frontier League regular and sectional playoff cham- pionships. Under the guidance of Coach Stewart "Buzz" Blinco, the Cataracts won l5 of lo games en route to their second straight championship. Their only loss came at the hands ot LaSalle, 3-2, in an early season game. Great pitching, clutch hitting, and tremendous speed were the earmarks of last year's well-balanced squad. Along with this, the Cataracts were the high- est scoring team in the League. Leading hitters on the team were seniors .loe Magliarditi, George Zolo- cha, John Goodtellow, and Ron Bator. The Cataracts placed six men on the All-City Team: Joe Magliarditi, George Zalocha, John Goodfellow, and Ron Bator made it for the second year in o row, along with outfielder John Zankowski and pitcher Jim Zielinski. 139 LaSalle Loss NH-is oppff 2 3 ,g14 ' ir -f' ...L - 2 1 fb 1 iff I1 , ' x Q-my E f, G ' l K,-N,,-..- t ,M I ' gfc ' fxls f , 1 ,-. .-4 iff, Fnrnq XA CU-unc-A-H Lm'upW9' fW + ' 4 X ff, OE ' ' X ,. AH, W 1 ' J' L. X f 'NLNF Q,l,gJ,-X-Jflh ,-,M f PMI TN!! QA Lx MMT ' ,W cc 'DM Y f fucks Viv! Jn? ' lm RN!! 'Q-5 fill? ?nKo'5x.. , 4 IZ, N, f' .V , - Q f 4, ,, ffw '1 f K H w 1 " ,14!,,1: fx. I 5'-.MJ x 1 6 fo f2.- vi' pHNEPWA H . ff L ' Y JL N19 X rmx A , f tr-l gl ill' 1, Nw fwilif' 'IW ,fy .l. Wsqybfyll ' M: ,L M., pi 5 y1fg2 ?W ,3 az,fjgl?'jff'F ,YQ O5 MN U57 sf' O , QHMIL W X ,PON MMA ,IW Among 1 11 'X 'Y l Q, I, . I" is I 1 fr!! if CIRYHLLC Munn GHLLC g xx 4 xf ,M : 0' ,X W W!" w' !1IrfI'!itTi f lm L w x 1 f .-- '1 ff W H J I RLN XM' W K ' ' are L 'A R 1 I J", V' 1 -..f 'WL f'9f9i9a , if M, 20N kowii'-V N-,J ,jg 7 I , ' H w f' ' 4 , N V1 f ,jg Nfl' GENQXIE SQ if nhlif MY XX -.. J , eccm-U 1 FV Ls Nf' if Q 9 ! , j Q' S EN I O R Com' K VAPNT9 Q .1225 :,. ' I I W W f W V X? 1, 3 1 , 1 gf. ' A - V' : 5 A i 'gi I ' ' , y 9' KN P, 1 ' 1 , 5 I , Z I I 1 , SWAQI wax x 1 .X 1. g , , I 1 AS uinx NT Ml' X ' , v :mul A , 4 , f I , LING-G ' 5 , ' f E I 1' COA Xwninsmwv X 1 J I N ,f Har COALN X f I 1 5 X I 1 CALENO A L me can ' i? xmlgl 'X x. . , ,Z Vw X X Q ,fi f Wwmaa s X X X I CN l ff X . lrequtilf! All K mr. Nfxefzrh Z Q .ofa f ' - - X YL' 17, ckiff Ekucm PK 5 RJQQQ ' X , I Q , We , X V ,1 . S . fx 6 X I A, , .-.Y xg, AJ X X12 X ,tx 5-N K 19" K X K A U gf 7 MENS!! in -ki gif -J ' 5 A F-jun umwl n-as b 'x KnXverX V16 Y' L: Left to Right, FIRST ROW: Jim Zielinski, Joe Cirillo, Mike Gallo, Jim Maman, Mike Panepinto, Tom McGee, Gary DiLaura, John Zankow- ski, Rick Nation, Bob Anderson, Ed Ceccato, Joe Genovese, Clar- ence Ward, Matt Zarosl, SECOND ROW: Al DeLuca, manager, Stanley Hriczak, Tom Zasucha, Jeff Plumer, Tony Gruppo, Bill Or- ganisiak, Ron Nabors, Rick Skwarzynski, Frank Fair, Gary Hayes, fy Y N. 6 xx ya Bill Billups, Fran Zonghi, Frank Carter, Chuck Harding, manager. THIRD ROW: Coach R. Meckes, Coach R. Lingg, Carl McElwain, Tom Randler, John Hesson, Dennis Ormsby, Rick Mann, Jim Magee, Er- nest Risdon, Mark Mills, Gary Shaw, Leo Ward, Larry Graves, Jim Sharp, Jim Smith, Coach A. Calandrelli. VVins NFHS Opp't Lackawanna ..... 32 O Kenmore East .... 20 O Kenmore West .... I2 O Lewiston Porter QI I3 Lockport ..,.. . 40 O VARSITY FOOTB LL The season marked the thirteenth winning season for the "Cataracts" football team. At the end of the sea- son our record stood at a won five, lost three mark, and we had beaten all opponents except North Tonawanda, LaSalle, and Tonawanda. This fine dis- play can be attributed to the rigorous coaching of Mr. A. Calandrelli, assisted by Mr. R, Meckes, and Mr. R. Lingg. Their four shut-outs against Lockport, Kenmore East, Kenmore West, and Lackawanna em- phasized the capabilities of a defensively excellent team. Led by half-back John Zankowski, who broke Jerry Tubinis' league record of Il2 points scored in one season, our offensive unit won its share of honors: The Cataracts were the third highest scoring team in the Niagara Frontier League. Singular honors went to: John Zankowski, who was elected for the second straight year a member of the all-city first team, and who also was named on the all-league first team, Gary DiLaura and Mike Gallo, all-city tTrst team members, Matt Zarosl and Rick Skwarzynski, all-city second team players. The starting team, led by co-captains halfback John Zankowski and guard, Gary DiLaura, consisted of Joe Genovese and Jim Magee, quarterbacks, Mike Gallo and Tony Gruppo, tackles, Ron Nabors and Fran Zanghi, ends, Jim Maman, guard, Clarence Ward, halfback, Matt Zarosl, fullback, and Ed Cec- cato, center. 141 Losses NFI-IS Opp't North Tonawanda . 7 I2 Tonawanda ...... 2G 26 LaSalle .. ... I2 20 '35 1 ii' 1111 111 1.111115 f Z ! Q I JV' 1 1 I 11 HJV1 14 1! 11 '1111111' 1 1 1111 1 E11 1 1 111,j 1 1 1J1l1 1 COACH Jw. O1SHE2R 1 '11 11211111 1 111 11 1J:' 1 1 1 11 1 '1 ' 11, 11 1 11 1 1 , 1 1 1 1111? 1 1 J Z 1 ix LX FT N 1 K Ml L1- U. N, f X N I ,fii I M1 1 K JSR 1-'AX I gf 1 CRWIG- F4NC- pg 1,11 1 1 ,H Y! X1 5 SENIOR 2 156441 X EQVYST1 rx 1111 1 Nl! E 111111, 1 1 M1111 .H 11 11 1 1 11 1 1 f' 11 ' 1 '16 W1 M X22 1 111111 21 ' 1 1 1-1' 1 1 Q1 11111 11111 1 -1 4. C 1 V 111111 1 1 1111 1 1 1 V1 Z ff 11111111111 W 11 N 11" '11 1 1 7 111 111 1 .1r,1 1 1 1 xEW11!111.11 11 X 1, N11N 1111! 1 11 11 1 11' , 1 1 1 1111 12 ,11 1 1 W f 1' 1 1 ' 11 11 V 1 1 ' 11. I 1 1 111 1 -'11 ,,. . 1 ,.' 1 ,L 1 ' 11 1W'Ef 11 11 A ' 1, X 11 1 11 1 1 1 1 11 11 1 11 1111 1 11 "V 11 111 Z1 1' 114 1111111111 1 111 111- 11 1 111 11 1 111 ' 1111111111 1 1 111 5 1 1 P, 111 11 111 11 1 1J , 1 1 11 1, 1-1111 11 1'1'1111 1111 1,111 1 111 1111ju111 1111 U11 1 1 111, 11 1 1 X1 111' 1113 1 111111 1 11M. 1 1 111 1 1 1 11 S 1 11 11: 115 V ,11ij3 fi Ji 1, Y ix '11 1111 CfPJ7,1 1 Figure, Dmvhngg M1 12611614 111,11 WL? Left to Right, FIRST ROW: Ronald Nabors, Peter Hartmans, Jesse Stephens, Coach J. O'Shea, Craig Finger, James Zielinski, Charles Jefterson, Thomas Randler, John Hayes. SECOND ROW: James Rader, Trent Gavazzi, Robert Tabb, manager. Gertz, manager, Frank Carter, Frank Fair, James Williams, Lovell VARSITY BASKETB LL Trott, our traditional rival, proved victorious in the season's opener against the "Cataracts," lout this did little to affect our team's spirit. We rallied forth and at the middle of the season had a win-loss record of six-and-three. Sophomore John Hayes, one ot the outstanding players in the Niagara Frontier League and holder ot the NFHS record tor points scored in one game, gave us new hope tor another successful season in '64, Sadly missed by next year's team, however, will be seniors Frank Carter, Ron Nabors, Craig Finger, Pete Hartmans and Trent Gavazzi. Trott ....... Lackawanna . . . Tonawanda . . . Kenmore West .. LaSalle ..... Lew-Port ...... Kenmore East . . . North Tonawanda Lockport ....... Lackawanna . ., Tonawanda . . . Kenmore West .. LaSalle ....... Trott ........ Lew-Port ...... Kenmore East . . . North Tonawanda Scores Nriis apps .....44 51 ...71 53 42 54 ...72 55 ...55 54 ...55 47 ...75 55 ...55 57 ...53 51 ...54 41 50 51 ...71 57 ...52 47 ...27 68 ...93 42 ...71 61 ...55 69 FOOTBALL: Lett to Right, SEATED: Mitch Adamshick, Harry Gam- mon, James Preuitt, Robert Paonessa, Michael Jakuboski, Michael DeMunda, Norman Gray. KNEELING: John Woodward, Clarence McGhee, Joseph Carosella, James Maloni, Carter Whitesides, Gary Walas, Richard Kinan, James Laster, Terry Barnes. STANDING: Coach R. Lingg, Larry Krizan, Richard Wright, Edward Baird, Kerry Hennegan, Keith Gilmore, Keith Richmond, Hiram Haynes, Howard Stevens, Gary Montie, Jett Homick, Roderick Lundy, Roger Kanoutt, Donald Kensinger, Manager. JU IOR VARSITY Football Record Niagara Falls High School Junior Varsity teams per formed well this year, displaying the fine sportsman NFHS OPP'T Trott ,... . . 39 O LaSalle . . . . l4 6 ship and determination of which N.F.H.S. is proud. Basketball Record NFHS Opp't 43 4O Football and basketball teams alike show great TVOE --'-- --'--- 23 50 promise for winning seasons as returning Varsity ligikgivrgnms' ' 62 42 LeW'POrl " lg 6 lecms' Tonawanda ..... . 54 4l Troll "" ' A 32 O Kenmore West .... 59 4l Duffy ... .- 56 O LaSalle ..... ... 56 52 LaSalle .. .. l4 i3 Lew-Port ........ 41 37 Kenmore East .... 70 59 North Tonawanda . 55 53 Lockport ........ 6l 56 Lackawanna .... 6l 42 Tonawanda ...... 62 42 Kenmore West .... 59 52 BASKETBALL: Lett to Right, KNEELING: Howard Stevens, Flavio Lear- Charles Wilson, George Thompson, Frank Batino. STANDING: Ron dini, Ronald Groci, Bob McCoy, Phil Holoday, Phil Murphy, Rich old Fulgenzi, Coach, and Walter Rivers, Manager. Wright, Bill Duff, Pete Falvo, Gary Wallace, Mitch Adamshick, s.uiefam::- wm11 n 'vfe Left to Right, KNEELING: Albert McFayden, William McCandless, Laughing, John Saul, Bradford Elliot, Robert Martin, Steve Hyla, Ken Richard Siegel, Leslie MacKenzie. STANDING: Ralph Barto, Gerald Wells, Coach R. Pavlock, CROSS COU TRY Cross country, a sport introduced to Niagara Falls High School in l96i, is coached by Mr. R. Pavlock. Leslie MacKenzie, Captain, and Gerald Laughing proved to be our most outstanding runners in the duel and tri- angular meets which involved distance running ot two to two and a halt miles. At the end ot each season, league and sectional meets are held, in which every team is permitted to enter a limited amount of contestants. The method used for scoring is based on the positions in which the first tive runners of each competing team cross the finish line. We placed seventh in the league meet and thirteenth in the sectionals. Although cross country experienced a difficult year as a result ot a shortage of runners, this sport is a valuable addition to our athletic program. Cross Country Scores Nrns opponmrs 68 .. .. Kenmore West . .. North Tonawanda . 78 ,. .. Lockport . .. Kenmore East ... 63 .. .. Lewiston Porter . .. Lackawanna .... CROSS COUNTRY TEAM MEMBERS AT PRACTICE: Left to Right: Leslie MacKenzie, Bradford Elliot, John 1 if 'A M W4, i Lal, ,, "' , Saul, Albert McFayden, Robert Martin, Richard Siegel. await' 1 I A 1, 1 ' A .5 ' Q 'wi X . 5 'E .A f ' 17 - al, . '. 11,, '1 ' .gf 'me 515 A , ,, f"- 11112 Vmqrm 1 - . 3 1 1 . NI 1' , 1 1 'Nl Ji A fj f, M,4,?' . i l .1111 W1 .1g'J H' r x A 1 la l 1,1 11 1, , 1 J L ,lP1wA WW , l 1UHm!11 Klfmf 9, WM 5 f MW 'X 'I ' f 'Mil Wqyn ' A 4- "!,4,' , ,E Aw, I1 V fr ul' 1' :V fn lx W!! X1, YPM1 J N 5 1 X 11 T , A Aytllmfgqmmmghlff . N ,1?eeser A V 1M 1m 1lA.,il ,,2f'1 Q "' ,fi 1,1 '11 W?q?'l Y " X717 " 'N Vf il mWWVwf 1wMmwwP 5V' JYSF W1 ,Q 11 A 11-M1 fl - f 1 1 Y PM 14,1 Y ,1 :W 1 XAYVLV N J!1y'y Y 'S K WQFHPQ Ntljl flt, I' 1 l ! X K1 q vi""x 111 1111 111 v 1 7 61 tl L N, W W W F? 1 1 vuw! ,M f 1.15 5 Y xv l l!! Rig" X X X 4 S 1 5 f 1 xl 1 Q 4 . 1 NW , IQ. i f - X' HM . A 4, 1 '51 , ,11J 1 1l 1 f 1111111 - -11: G1 1 1 ' '11 1 - 1 N 1 Nj, 1.1 ,V 1 1 14 :1"if'W 2 1 F Af 5H1W' 75x L1f jxf'-Hy 1 ' M LQ?m,yfF5yh iy H 5 1 1 1 1 1 I I 1 MN if ' 110' 1, W 1qW H JOVW r.,n T111 , A ,N V ,Y 16 .,. ,X A mhz I fl Lf 'XA' X111 , X - 11 1 11 X X10 fb 1 lLLK 1 5, ,io Win Mes X5 Lf 1 1 A MA Ac-mn I ' 1 1 1111111124 IlL'1 1 1 -ax Y R b M, , V JNU M If ,Q Uh ,J ' ' M11 JIM fr 1 P W3 ,y 1x Q11 1' 1 on 'WH 7 W 1 ff ' 1 M 1,1 1, 1 1 f W, iid 1 11 , 1 . 1 1 3151 .1 N 1 1 ' I kb ix , 1 i W' 1 IA 1! M Pi if Y W X mf 1 1 1m'v11Y 5,1161 JM' I I Ax xygjlksfl , JA 1,1 ff' XX.. iifdxs MIIIHH X16 W1 fr w'J1'1J' 1l 1' 'M f A V K f:'5M1M MFKK it Lv l ' YA! 15 I 0- 1 1 ' 1 Q ' '1 f I' KC 1 A '1 I 1 'V1'.f,111 y Km , , . - STEQ , J L '1 1 Um x J X vi' if 1 J X 1 f1 1"fw11'11f+1 1 1 1' W -af of' U 5 O 1 ' 1 1 ,, 1 ' 1,1 91 Q11 , Y' fx' - J W " ,"': L1 1 19 'gif V 1 'J I fN 1 , WK1 in 1 X1 41 1 rx H1 1 K WJ 1 x . V 1:11 X L 1 . 1, 1 1F 1111 J 1 1111 I 1 H N 1 J v 1 N 11 -11,5 ' dm .V I I , 113 1l1y'1z.1 1 thu Q M -1 ". 1 9 .gl 1 ' ', Q '1 -' '11 '11 I ' XA ,xx - 3 8 wmxly x Y I -.. V N HJ!! N 1 F 'N I Y ' 'V W M X, A 1 JA X '. QL 51 X My 1'11ff ffl! , J f 1 1 ,LI , 4 , , 1 .,1 ,L 11,11 L 1 X 1 G f m 1 'Q--2 1 -1 ' NM MW X V1 Q K udp . im! fl LL I I 5? 1' R gi" Mft V, 1 V 1 ' ,l 451117 N ,A I 1-W I MMM f 1 !1 .. l f 115 V 'Y' 11 ' -1 In 1"A1f 13' 1V1K!.f1 " 1,32 N " 113111, x 1 R' QJJJWL, ' W!! 4, 1 : 1 Nw M N!! J WC I , 1 WJ , 1 11 A "QV SW wt: 11,"fJW, , X 1' 1 --:X 1 1 . A I Nl I 11 I 111 A ' 1 1 ' N f A 1 '5111111 1 119 1 1 1 1 1'1111Q'11,11 1 1 1 1 J1z1 ,,11 1 1 1 1 X1 1M1 1',.1 '1 I 11 1I11 1151-11 f 1 1 ,11 131 '11,W. 1 : ,X 1? J' jx ' 1, 1, KM-1' J 1 X MN 11' Vx'ff -m11wV 1 1Vfm 511 L1 '11 N . W Q 'J ,1 1' 12' 1. 1 . ,1 J MVXWKQQMAFW ff1'?a ,1k1 mWMYyWhw 1 7111-1 VARSITY: Left to Right, FIRST ROW: James Mackie, Dennis Perez, Gary Martin, Frank Kankolenski, Jonathan Schultz, Jack Foster, Da- Thomas Morello, James Griftin, Bill Siener, Richard Krizan, Brad vid Vanone, Mr. D, Reeser, Coach, John Bies, Manager. Smith. SECOND ROW: James lngrahm, Joseph Alex, Brian Talbot, SWIMMI G The Niagara Falls Swimming Team, captained by All-American Gary Martin, swam valiantly in the nationally-ranked Niagara Frontier League, despite the many obstacles in their path. Season Record N.F.H.S. OPP'T The greatest thrill to Coach Reeser's "Cataracts" occurred when Gary NIOQGVO Vxfliefllflelfil ----- 30 65 Martin set a new state record for the IOO yard butterfly. His time was l-0Cl40W0nfW0 '----- -- 84 ll fifty-five seconds flat. LOWGWGVICQZ ---- - - 25 7g . . . . . . t . . . . . . 26 6 The outstanding mermen of Niagara Falls High School include: Bill Sue-, enmore es f . . . . Kenmore East .. .. 36 58 ner, backstroke specialist, Brian Talbot, record-holder in the breaststrolce, Losoue 36 - 59 Jack Foster, free-style artist, Gary Martin, who displays a variety of " b .H. f T k Lew Port ....... .. .. 30 64 V' 'On 5 ro es' North Tonawanda .. .. 22 72 Lockport ...... . . . . . 56 39 JUNIOR VARSITY: Left to Right, FIRST ROW: Buddy Hayes, James Sharp, William Grobengeiser, Doug Bowen, Duane Bathurst, Steve Harvey, Fred Snyder, John Mackie, James O'Neill, Joseph Pinzotti. Hoyle, Manager, James Jones, Coach. SECOND ROW: Michael Forcucci, Manager, Leonard Ostrowski, John 1 . ,. A K 2 . i , Q A E P 1 K X Wu ,. ' Y ?f""' 1-""'f F . H f .,,,,.,,. ,A 4 'I ',.f'.f" ,, , A I "" R 7 fi - ,,,K, . s,,.s,.. ,g Q- , ' gf' - K, K Wt 1 :-f 1 , , r 'J , .1-12" ', ' ss-. Qtr is y J' K Q ' , x of r 5 s t Left to Right, KNEELING: Fred Myles, James Smith, Dennis Ormsby, Neil Atkins, Steve Strock, Steve Hyla, Vincent Maneely, Larry Munn, Richard Mouldenhauer, Curtis Bolden, Paul Schultz, Charles Hard- Gary Shaw, Paul Atamian, Michael Panepinto, Ronald Nabors, Wil- ing, Joseph Hurst, Frank Carter, Joseph McGee, Jesse Lee, Leon bur Haynes, Ronald Anderluh, James Magee, Robert Rotundo, Eddy Smith, James Martin, Gary Marino. STANDING: Coach J, Moran, McGhee, Ollie Dozier, Clarence Ward, Robert Tabb, Leslie Mac- Brian Mitchell, manager, Ernie Bevilaqua, Jack Perman, Peter Arico, Kenzie, Charles Glover, Coach A. Calandrelli. TRACK The 'Niagara Falls High track team possessed many out- standing athletes vvho led the "Cataracts" to great heights in track and f1eld during the 1962-1963 season. Frank Carter, while still a iunior, went undefeated in all league meets for both the high jump and broad jump events. ln the State Section IV finals, Frank placed first in the high iump with a leap of 6'2V2" - a height which was reached by only one other boy in New York State during 1962. Star sprinter Jimmy Smith is oFf at the gun. 554 At the track meets, each school is allowed to enter three boys in each event. Continuous winners for NFHS in these events turned out to be: Jimmy Smith, an excellent sprinter, Chuck Harding, our top miler, Leslie MacKen- zie, our star half-miler, Curtis Bolden, star of the "44O," Dennis Ormsby, 220 yard runner, Clarence Ward the 180 yard hurdler, and of course, Frank Carter, victor in the high iump and broad iump. lt's ance over lightly for Frank Carter. Z' rw it V., New Q if I 1 1 Q55 S, f . , , 1 , G Q, A ygfggggggl ' ju Q J '1:,z,j : ,f J ff f , , 4 5, ' , , -W. . y M55 i u,gY'3'W7 ' K MA ' , 15 , -, - . -' 'j' -"M ' if 1 , ' 'M fi M ' 1:-1 w ,... X- 1 Hg sf'--L ffffs. A 4 W. 1 ' - ., ' Y 4 f 'f ' 1? Dk. 'ff' ' J 31 - , , Kg, 55' ' , X fa, 51 -A ,f ' " X " Enix Xi gif, Iv ,Q H , my :Ziyi 5 ,, ,. , I -K X ., -. M ' M , :if ,E 2' ,. ww, , '5':: , ' " ' .sq 1 ,M ,zj in 1' A " Q ' Qfifw -gjgp af J , ,, 1 f W,,. 1 4 X pg Ek., Q " L ,gm f ,.: ,. ,g X 'RA a f-+V ' 3 , 32: ,iw , V Q7 Q W fwf f a' I gf X , 7' tl f, V3 - ' - 3 SL M 4, 9 wk. iffy, N ff1x5vS,,,s Q fi N51 QQ. 53 f fs V . f 1 K .ms 5 ,52..,,qAs,y,ffg1,332,553 ,bl .1351 ,U f-9 : AF-f - 5:52. K ' '11x",:z: V 2 ., ' '.f "ss: :Ji 'sw' ' A W' wi- --2-,nw 'em :wif-1 fz --1 : - bf, : ,..e- ws E. - L, - E .- nk iw? Y E , .3 VOLLEYBALL CHAMPIONS: Left to Right, FIRST ROW: Marge Butski Sandee Matusik, Francine Kianoff, Joanne Mule, Neziezadie Mings, Mary Baizik, Gloria Anderson, Sandra Bozek. SECOND ROW 1 Carole Marsh, Fay Dickie, Joyce Danielewicz, Darlene Cannf, Ivana DelMonaco, Lorraine Lauzonis, Jennifer Palmer, Catherine Dominski, Mary Couch. VOLLEYB LL The girls' volleyball Tournament started early this fall. Many hard battles were fought in order that the cham- pions from each grade might be determined. Members from each of the successful teams had the opportunity to go to the Volleyball Playdoy, sponsored by LaSalle Senior High School. Our Red and Gray teams fought valiantly to defend Niagara Falls High's title, but they placed a close second to the LaSalle Team, GIRLS' BASKETB LL Girls interested in playing basketball practiced in the morning before school began. The group vvas divided into squads and played a tournament. A Basketball Basketball Playday at LaSalle Senior High School. Playday was held at LaSalle Senior High in which all city senior highs entered teams. Red and Gray team members battle for ball possession, ., ,I T BLE TENN S Table tennis is the last girls' sport to be ottered to N.F.l-I.S. students tor participation, and tor This reason it creates much excitement and enthusiasm. Battling Through hard-fought contests, the Niagara Falls I-ligh School victors included Carol Wigle and Linda Perkins, Doubles champions, and Linda Becker, Singles cham- , pion. North Junior High School winners were Carol l Marsh and Jane Webb, South Junior's champs were Toni D'Grillo and Pat Guercio, while Gaskill's contri- bution to the ping-pong world were Rosemary Scott and Bette Lynn Watts. Left to Right, FIRST ROW: Rosemary Scott, Linda Becker, Toni D'Grillo Bette Lynn Watts. SECOND ROW: Carol Wigle, Linda Perkins, Carole Marsh, Pat Guercio. GYM LE DERS Girls interested in earning titty merits toward a "Block N" letter did so this year by assisting Miss M. McDougall and Miss F. Morse as gymleaders. During extra study Left to Right, FIRST ROW: Francine Kianott, Lois Mabry, Sandy White, Emily Lewellyn, Pat Guercio, Elaine Promowicz, Shirley Mc- Cormick, Pat Loria, Sue Stiegman, Lorraine Hightower, SECOND ROW: Joyce Danielewicz, Sharon Tobey, Sema Tarpinian, Patricia Toni, Charlene D'Amelio, Tanis Barnes, Aretha Moore, Shirley Seals, Margaret Hart. THIRD ROW: Estelle Minervino, Sandra Charles, halls, they aided the gym teachers by caring tor equip ment, giving tests, otticiating at games and aiding the girls in any way possible. Mary Anne Hackett, Justeen Lorek, Glenda Davis, Jean Lancles, Lor- raine Lauzonis, Bernice Carlisle, Sally Cavellero, Kennetha Comer. FOURTH ROW: Christine Olfano, Marilyn Ricotta, Geraldine Fair Pat Whitney, Katherine Kidla, Carolyn Hartsell, JoAgnes Cirrincione Mary Montgomery, Karen Armstrong. -. ..- mam 'ss fi . "l I Wffrzaseauazaeaa Q1'lZi'1'i?"' firm--....,., LIFE SAVING: Left to Right: Nancy Schug, Mary Cardamone, Sandy White, Francine Kianoft, Sandra Bozek, Ann Ewalt, Judy Goss, Lorraine Lauzonis, JoAnn Cook, Barbara Savage. GIRLS' SWIMMI G Water skills and safety measures rank first in the in- ter aquatic skills so that they may pass their swimming struction ot girls' swim classes under the expert super- tests. vision of Miss M. McDougall. With the assistance Ot Annual splash parties and playdays are offered to the qualified swim leaders, the girls are guided toward bet- girls, as well as after-school lite saving instruction. SWIM LEADERS: Left to Right, STAGGERED: JoAnn Cook, Francine Emily Lewellyn, Kathleen Bosnan, Sandra Bozek, Barbara Savage Kianoff, Mary Cardamone, Judy Goss, Ann Ewalt, Nancy Schug, Colleen Maloney, Sandy White, Lorraine Lauzonis. 1' f-T. , ,. f.' if . J .-f-"""" ...N 44", -Most Attractive . ,Yfiobert Andersori ""' d nYiVAn.uqgQoIe , M ST . Wg :WW MW 5 Q Most Murcia Mosolf and a 5 E 2 5 5 1? EE E Q 0 is ,AHF fi WT5 Carter ELCCME X g ' 9 .L I A .Q 12 x A ,. h,,,- W A..- mf A glamorous apartment building on Fifth Avenue? Sophomores . . No! Our new annex entrance. c-nd more Sophomores! i' z .gf bit. .. i .. 'Sf' fi., if q-gi, If 1' 5 tgseiei at Nw . 9'7zs!?50 cg 'was Hou Carol Milczarski and Paulette Skap are welcomed. Mr. F. OrfC1nO directing imported teachers, Mrs. E. Bosso and Miss A. Brennan. Mrs. H. Donovan and Dr. C. Long stand nearby. 156 SOPHQMORE E A strange new world. A cool drink for Bob Gee, John Ghongi, ond James Gotowko 1 1 fs if 31 I4 7... ? 31 l- 55 Mr. A, DiChioro registering. Y Y 5' New classes in new rooms. 157 Pre-go me wormfup ,MS mas.: -f,. 5 ,M fy,-,N A.w,. , 2232-gA9mn,.i,.., , IW wlslgriseki - X: H V-' WWW' Assiiij if .fx X 'f ' ' .-ie: if 6 i 'M' .r J A few J A 5452? I i iiiii i ii .. ,, 2 , n, i1l i ii , , " , , K 11- ' mmf "M ,N f"d'Qwgit::-nike, fiviefssf .Qi ugg,Ms1'9?3is?fziii5I9H+f1il :gnu if , -- H r' M W -3 IW W, -- Q A Senior Stars preparing for Hight. Swim Practice Oimers e nt o boskerl 1 igiz, N131 , i : -iihz ' Q u ai he ww? We , . , A wwgzwfsfip gsgg Q 1 i,..,: L, W is Q- J nanny' V4 fl mm' N A.. , P. ,wwf . -f , 'Q q 8 Jk Q . Q X.-9' V K 3 U4 :ww .vol gg Nm"-'w,'r1 5 .2 w' W .. Q A 7fX,. qgwv kig Y fa 21: A623355 5 W 5 ai sh ,Q E gi- A W E, M5 'fl 3 if L, f Eggs 1275255 '7' 25 1 M? 4 , We 3, ef ? 259' 5 1 vs Mgr Swiss 3559131 S aww E32 IX fi X Xa L 1 2 ., F f T , 'QF ar H M13 V MW, S ' gg f , ,Az ...,,+:,, ., 1- ffl- '-W"i '3f' 5 W vie.-,L,,f5X gt-43: 1- NL 3' ,I 1. g - V H Q 5 x - Y .. ' , 1. . . . '25, .-, - N. V ., ,V . I I 1 WMM Q ,V - , ', A I E M' M W QW W5 M fpiggymjgf XR my if ff W L Q0 MffMiSfL,, yy Oxggwmblf ' OSL Q? M Um QW fE?g5Wojiyib2w V 57' Q gif Vywyijipf Wifi? Zg3yfw? QG? WW PM W ,WG if ,Q ww QHQJQQJ K ? vblmxxiikjk' 4Q9gViQy,f NyMj kj Q . ' ' .. . , N 1 , f. W ' - .' - . -' ' J,-" 12.1 1 I gx,'V -3:-' ' ' :.9i'1' :'.f'IQ1. , .. L ' '-ift li .Pig "7""" x mv-af' ' , - 4 ' 1 ' , , ' 7-:p i-" f ' If: XF - 4, .f--41T"f.'+ - J L, ""M7. f ' A' " ' ' , ':,: 335. . ,A VX..." l ygzdg 1 ,,,- A' I , i' .itz . M,-,.4:,nxf' fi 7f"e'?"' A 1 A 'P' K-4 ,.-41.4-:gl,w A ,-, . uf, -: .-.,:-.M A uf - l . -1 ,-w , ,-- U' ,Q "Hp, " -, 5' ,. 1:1-A rn - 1 - 'W-'F .., ,y,: ,.- TJ 'JE '-4-1' "' '-1 :":'.'4Qa'ff'D-u. --L -f 3' fj,,,5 , S,::,, twgw g-1-1 vw, f'y."1w-, ,,,x,5,q!a,---Q-', , 2. Y . bm . , - I 14 23 - ' ' X. ' -' ' v ,, , , , af , I 5 C. N m D ' D P, V C L Q ay lr YY4 2 1 f , , G in OL I 1 f yy in VZ' fl ' ff V Wwfff ff Af Wfjub VY 3 Qjgfwjffyfvl qi My ZH G5 f f if 1 f 5 2 U rf!! -, ' 0 1 If I ff' ! ff XJ k ax! J , jjj! W X5 H! X, fvWj?,f+"' MQW! 5 w1f WS?M Wififfiiyfff WJ WX ' ' W MMMWM ff 8 ,M W M ff! J 442 JW 3,1 cw Wvjwl WW ff MAJ dm i fjQffg,Zf, 4? 4 A

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