Niagara Falls High School - Niagarian Yearbook (Niagara Falls, NY)

 - Class of 1962

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Niagara Falls High School - Niagarian Yearbook (Niagara Falls, NY) online yearbook collection, 1962 Edition, Cover

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Timknex- cow WSTQ Ckeowx WWQS 4 - . . , . QNQ1 Ks 5 x.,. , , A NK xr A 0 YV Q Q, c L xg SK 7 T x -AX yX X R W SW 73? NC jew F ox , m N W CQ CY Q:oX Y Aka-V: . Q .TSW ,X pg J li 1 ,. ll ,. X. 0 I li, 51 U if 'JV , VUk2,:V4KvJ:YU . A Af ,Q kmwx XS' 1 y 'J 'fq Qi uf X V fy AW MU: YH XY am: JY jx! 1 W QS X if , 5 5 my 1' jr F Xi Ty ,WMf' RQ M1221 Q NV iLfjv"EY,y 5? 1' V WW 1 NW fm ry Q - qfpgyj cfm! Q! Uhffg U ., ' I M Af , fu X01 ,BMX c,O.,uS"""c . 4 W il QNX fffcjffififf 'fm w5Z'A",5'Jrwf 'Z i X Q OWQ Mfxiti M A X Wlgwijvjgwa YR3x5x WQ QF X M XV SL, 'Wlfllm' - MYR MM? M 5 img R 'lf' X13 122751 'i in J el 'C fa .1 km L51 :fm If 1 1. lifi 2-Q2 Z 17? h rf -.S Q' .h L H ' 1 1 , - r A V 'V 8 . . sf if Q iq N I W.. S, 3 . -. M f . L , L 1 V , , n if il 5 Q5 1 Q-' 'QF' x v . fi k ' C, 21 E 3 "ff Af? f :Q -Q lg- A if-, 4- 1 15' ,427 if w 5 iw L 1-. .hi NIAGARIAN Co-ediiors - Elyse Olearczyk and Michael Puerner Co-business managers - Georgine Rosaione and Virginia Sally Niagara Falls High School Niagara Falls, New York FCREWORD As we, the Class of 1962, approach the final door of our high school days, ci period of transition awaits us. Upon leaving high school, we will enter a world Hlled with many doors, the choice is up to us. The classes we have at- tended and the instruction we have received will provide a sound basis for our future en- deavors. Though the doors be varied through which we shall pass, the Class of 1962 will aspire to further the progress of our community. It is not our intention, however, to blot the memories of the past two years. By publishing the 1962 "Niagarian," we shall leave this door slightly aiar, so that we may always look back on our happy days at Niagara Falls High School. KE? A Q? sw 1: A ,ig .ff i 3 ' - 4 J ' 2 f : -5 , 0 1 S u 5 ' w u ' 1 - 6 X I 6 3.1 3 1 ' I x 1 A va , 2 'ai fig S ' ' L M7 Q M ' K l .4--. .v - 554 5 IM 2:5 . f My' ' A? i A fl- s l I I 5 I! ,-'ff--Jn..-...Af M F Z ..,xx M, . W W , E 3 3 ? I 1 lr -f' .mi Wil. E' 8 . Q ...nv C4 Hmm.. vm X 5. , rf' 1 1 DEDICATION Progress is typified in many ways. lt can be the accumulation of day by day effort evolving into a lasting impression or, perhaps, it may be evidenced by one stroke of profound intelli- gence. Often one sees the former illustrated, other times the latter is predominant. Seldom can one find these two composites in one per- son. ln our midst is an individual who genuinely em- bodies such attributes. Leadership, kindness, service, and a profound sense of loyalty mark her as one most worthy of acknowledgement. lt is to you, Miss Leah Simmons, that we dedi- cate this, the 1962 "Niagarian." .f 4? ,KS "ian as " X K. an W . .sw Q fxefq Q Us 'Ni 'N .Q 1 a Q' l Q,,,,, If TABLE CF CONTENTS Foreword . . Administration Seniors. . . Juniors. . . Sophomores. . Activities. . Sports. . . Dennis Dowling Georgine Rosatone Mr. Timothy A. O'Brien - - Dianne Di Camillo , u .lack Foster Ann Cale Gary Shaw ' ' Mary Ann Puerner Crerar Douglas ' Jean Burmaster Carolyn Stouck Leo Mai - - Jane White Anthony Michaels v -5' 27 I? .f.J99f'7r.,.' fi" T L' ,. T A-f"W"""""" E .-eww l-'i 'N N WW . Michael Puerner Co-Editors- . . I. Elyse Obmzyk Production of the "Niagarian" is initiated by the use of a few simple tools and concepts. Hard work and determination mold these ingredients into our annual yearbook. TIO SCHOOL PAST A D PRESENT As one glances at the diverse views of Niagara Falls High School, it becomes most apparent that the years have produced both change and progress. Structurally, the building was razed by fire in 1922, this effected a program of reconstruction and ex- pansion which was completed in 1923. Progressively, strides have been made to meet and adjust to the multi-faceted world in which we live. Equipment and facilities relative to the various phases of educational development have been in- corporated into a program rich with an appreciation of the total student. Now, as girders once more are placed to form an expanded Niagara Falls High School, we look forward to a future bright with promise. SEATED: Mr. Peter Longhine, Mrs. Hugh Pifer, Mr. George Kauber, Richard Doherty, Miss Nea Brown, Secretary, Mr, Frank Lang, Clerk, President of the Board, Mr. Joseph Chille, Mr. William Collins, Mrs. Dr. Weldon Oliver, Superintendent of Schools, Mr. Robert McKnight, John Runals. STANDING: Mr. Albert Fose, Mr. John Lunney, Mr. Administrative Assistant of Business Affairs. WELDON R. OLIVER Superintendent of Schools BOARD OF EDUCATIO Every public school system must be run by a conscientious body of citizens who are truly interested in furthering the cause of education. The Niagara Falls Board of Education fulfills this need. The rate of progress of the Niagara Falls School system testifies to this fact and assures us ofthe continued growth of our educational needs. HARRY F. ABATE Deputy Superintendent for In struction ELTON C. SCHWINGER Director of Secondary Educa- tion .Y N FRANK J. LANG Deputy Superintendent for Busi ness Affairs To the Seniors of 1962: You have now reached the doorway which you alone must open, and beyond it lies your future. Up to this time, you were able to proceed with a planned program whose goals were rather easily seen and evaluated by you. Your classes were steps to them, and your teachers counseled you along the way. The threshold has a good founda- tion. Your progress through school has made you worthy to approach the doorway to life with a good degree of confidence.,We know the years ahead will be a wonderful adventure. My best wishes go with you. Timothy A. O'brien Principal ADMINISTRATID To the Class of l962: You have chosen as your theme "Progress is the Doorway to Life." When you entered kindergarten or first grade, the doorway to educational oppor- tunities was opened to you. As you have advanced through school, new and wider doors have been opened. Each of you has developed your capaci- ties according to individual skills and effort. Your personal power is yours alone. Nothing worth having is easy to win. lt has been said that when one ceases to progress, he begins to deteriorate. As you leave high school, each of you will go his or her way - new friends, new in- terests and new opportunities. Your life will de- velop according to the manner in which you take advantage of these opportunities. lt is my hope each of you will travel the road of progress. My sincere congratulations and best wishes to you. Leah M. Simmons Vice-Principal VERNON ABEL NORMAN ANDERSON Science 6 , Business gong wwf MM 'fm im JW.-f N' is . QL: ' f-N2 W MARK BEDFORD Science JUDITH CENTOFANTI Ari SOFIA BOGDANOVICZ Russian ALBERT CHILL f Social fu ' RICHARD BABBAGE Social Studies FRANK BEDASKA Mechanical Drawing CLARA BISHARA Business WILLIAM BRADY English MARY ALICE CURRY Music I ,fx MARJORIE BLACKMAR Library igiizis , ' fa ff-1.4 " . 'R ' f ,' 'fr ARTHUR CALANDRELLI Physical Education JOHN D'ANGELO Mathematics ARTHUR DIETRICK ADELINE DOMINIANNI VIRGINIA DONOHUE HARRIETT DONOVAN Latin Business Business English WNW Wfk' ML ERIC DUCETTE GRETCHEN ERWIN PATRICIA GILBERT My Social Studies Guidance Art ALICE GOLTZ JOHN HAGERTY MIRIAM HEARY Home Economics English Business I ANNE HERGES CLARA HILL JOHN JANOWSKI RUTH JOHNSTON Business English Guidance Science 12 ESTELLE KAMM MAY LANIGAN RICHARD LINGG CHARLES LONG Business Business Health English DOROTHY MAHONEY ANN MCCABE HELEN MCCARNEY Social Sludies English School Nurse MARY MCDOUGALL RICHARD MECKES ELIZABETH MITCHELL Physical Education Driver Education English 449' JOSEPH MORAN CATHERINE MORRISSEY FLORENCE MORSE THEODORA NORWICH Business Mathematics Physical Education Language 13 Y , Q. 9,44 fic .Y if ,. M gil s X, E 1. mx Kiki Q FRANK ORFANO JAMES O'SHEA ROMAN PAVLOCK Business Physical Education Driver Education X .,,' in MARGARET POLITO LUCIEN RAlNVll.LE X DAVID REESER Mathematics French X Health . S, KENNETH RIDEOUT XQD RISLEY X ROBERT SCHULTZ Science English l Science U T Q T RUSSELL PITRONE Science HESCHEL SHAPIRO ROBERT SIMPSON EDWARD STAFFORD GEORGE STANKOVICH Mathematics English Business Social Studies 14 BERNADETTE TACZAK Business gizcdw--if-Q ' ,C47:'74A ROSEMARY VANDERHOFF Home Economics GEORGE WOOD Guidance FFICE STAFF ff K AGNES O'BRIEN Senior Stenog rupher MARGARET LYNCH Stenographer IRENE WALSH RETA WHITLEY Social Siudies Mathematics EDWARD WOYKSNAR ROBERT WRIGHT German Music JEANNETTE WYUE BARBARA YANDIAN Social Studies Spanish CQNGRATULATIONS . . . l Our New Teachers Our New Teachers SEATED: Miss C. Bishora, Mrs. M. Polito, Mr. K. Rideout. STAND- Miss P. Gilbert, Miss T. Norwich, Mr. J. O'Sheo. ING: Mr. R. Wright, Mr. R. Schultz, Mr. R. Lingg. On Your Retirement, Mrs. R. Whitley . Mr. T. owen, Mrs. R. whafley, l On Your Marriage Our Newest Teacher Mrs. M. A. Curry, Mrs. M. Polito, Mrs. l. Walsh, Mrs. A. Golrz. Mr. Jerome Sly Q 5 E Q5 sg' E k I 1 . 5152542 W. if ii' 5 1 . if fi Q 5 if 4 Q, Q 43 if is S ai Q 4 ' i 5 f 1 '9 1, ii' Q3 wg Q A X: N S 5 gl , 3 V . 'Q -Q f mf' 1? Hui R f 4 ik mriil ICQ? 1 ,ASG ' , -wk 5 fs? ' 1-ffl, an Q, . , , My W Q ..,. .Q . rg 155, f 3' 'W , 33? A - 1 A k iHE?i.E,,E. 1 sn 2 Q N Q if mme Qdss of Nxneieem 3iXty'TWC? ummm zammgwsiga SCM Qommencemerfl Exercsses mesdq evemng, june jfwemy-severfWw W T T Wm ecimescly Gxfemmg June New-GQ dt eugbjt ddock Sioux Audzlcomum SEATED: Mary Ann Rinaldo, Kathleen Pasco, Ralph Boniello. STANDING: John Visa, Mr. H. Shapiro Advisor President . . . Vice-President Secretary . . Treasurer . . . Class Motto . . . . . . Class Flower Class Colors CLASS OF I 962 "To grow in conscience ... Ralph Boniello Mary Ann Rinaldo .. Kathleen Pasco .. John Viso and consciousness" Robert lvl. Hutchins .. Rose Gold and White 19 X X JANE J JOYCE ADAMS MARG ELAINE ALATI College College Secrefc ry K With old friends and new friends BOGDAN ALEKSIEJUK Penn Military College DONALD ALLEN LUCILLE ALONGI College College GAIL ANDRES WILLIAM ANTONELLI 20 RICHARD ASHKER PRISCILLA ASHLEY College College College Fisk University Wlilill A1-HA JANE BABIUCH MARGARET BAK JUDY BALLARD Work University of Rochester Secretory "" fii .,,, wa' ,EJ M' Mhz- ,nz ' A ' " ' - Together once more, LISETTE BARBEZAT Alfred Tech. JOHN BARNES PATRICIA BATES College Houghton College J ., wg, Navy Work Work College Y T V ' Y K 1 fx RONALD BATOR LYNDA sAx 21 FRANCES BELLAVIA DANA BERMANl 7? QW fl! I BERNAT BONNIE BHAGWAT NANCY MURIEL BIGGINS College College Work SAMUEL BISIGNANO DOREEN BLACK College Work Work Y J e, iii EX QweriieealwgQ We .gl we WWW? KEQQEW be ml QTEK? EERE fQfEk o+X2i LM Our senior year's starting DOROTHY JAMES BLINN ALBERT BLOOD 22 ROSE ANN BOETTO JOANNE BOJARSKl College Navy College College CURTIS BOLDEN " RALPH BONIELLO SHARON BOVANIZER College College Work Q iw 4, Aw 1 2 reef gm fe L RICHARD BRIAND College But just as before f 9 W U20 I Mol w CARL BROWN JUDITH BROWN 'A ALICE BRUNDAGE Air Force College Marriage BRASWELL School I!- THOMAS BRODOWSKI College EILEEN BROOKS College JOSEPH BRUNO College SANDRA BRYK HEATHER BUCHANAN Beauty School Work Col lege cmzo DN 5 A ix sl W ICK JEAN BURMASTER wr- A We rush with tight schedules SHIRLEY BURNSIDE Work I VIRGINIA BURR BONNY BURT College Nursing School Q , , , , Q .. J JJ' 1 , J DARLENE BURTON MARILYN BUSCEMI PATRICIA BUTCHER ROBERT CACNER Work Work 24 Work Col lege A CAFARELLA CYNTHIA CALLAN FRANK CAVELLO CHERYL CAMPBELL eouty School Work College is! if 6 ' 5 L F , R if 1. A 5' E 1'5'5 iz -gmgm-iaggg13..,1gQj"MT,.:23j2f-K lim "" M"v""""M ' W miffiff ,,,,,WL'T"'TT w5ff,,,--, ' - - ifm'51f,gii3":S2f-wifjw' f Q , There s no tlme at all. Work SHARON CAMPBELL Work --'W-4--W-9:55-, 1 :ff--eff:-'M' , - E! SALVATORE CAPATOSTO Work JANICE CAPlZZI cAlzoLYN cAPlzlNo VIVIAN CARL! ELAINE cARl.lNl l work work 25 College College .v1........d -....'.v:, ,....:,- . I .5 N xl . f N ,, ,fl L ' I I ' ' 7, , 1 A ,ll . E I 'N l 'X g u . X ' I JOHN cosTANzo Juom-I come' ll -, 9 AITTHUR cowART LILLIAN cox College College , I -,Al University of Buffalo College U '. w I X ,T 1' ll M ,H ll ee. . E:-iii? . dei?-M ' ,ln- WILLIE COX DIANA CRAWLEY Marines Work AGNES CUDAHY Work When homework is finished ,,,wM,,...,,mN,,, f1m2i"i.,, --H ...Q .... .ge ee. ww f Mgfxgl. SHARON CURRIE NICHOLAS CURTIS 28 PEGGY CURTIS PATRICIA CZAPLA Work College Work College WILLIAM CZECHOROWSKI ANGELA D'ALOlSE JOSEPH D'A GELO College Work Wo? Q -MZ ..., H,- MARIA D'ANGELO CHARLENE DAvls Col lege College ' There's time left for fun. ,, eg? KENNETH DEAL College an ,Q EILEEN DEETER CHARLES De FAZIO 29 MICHAEL De FELICE VlRGlNlA DELL Secretary College - College College ANTHONY Del GOBBO LO SE De MUNDA College College BART De ROSA Work AE DIANA Di CAMILLO JAMES Di CAMILLO College College CAROLYNE Di CECCO EILEEN DICKIE College College DANIEL ASQUALE MICHAEL De PASQUALE Col le Work fg- 1 'l 1 5 A M, A-f--M M., W f mf, , , 'i'i"T5mE5IS'1W-M..., M, HMM,-W .. ' 1 N-,. .-4 Y -HQ'-'smm With football games weekly if , f f"l lf lx ,six-,W - QW 30 DAVID Di MARCO SANDRA DOBBS College Nursing School la i ggi? we Q. .44 - 'ff-M so A ,wr "sts: ,-sf L in We're kept on the run. ,Q -was M ' " W '- Q5 '7 X I U if W 1 DOBRASZ THOMAS DOMINSKI Armed Servuces Work College DONATO CRERAR DOUGLAS 77 1! LfHL!Zf!'i"' ju 1 JOAN DOWE Work 2' J -f?if:T"'?1'?5?'E'f52:V5f-54'?f'fE23?f55'VQ1:'3'Ff'?i5?"'N'X'f' O if .f Q pff' 'Ai - ' . M , , , ,.,,ff,fx-mxefeelsym, , ,Mo 0i,y.s . ,. WN ,.f.f,,.. ,.. ERS.. . , W? ,e:f5 ef .I - , DENNIS DOWLING DARLA DOYLE l A 5' ll College College P .' x- F . A f ir OLLIE Doz1ER LORRAINE DRABCZYK 31 ANN DROZDOWSKI JUDITH DUGAN College Work Work Work ,f71w-A . 'jo sf. .. ' . v .Ill MAE DUPREE JUDY DZIEDZICX' JON College Work Col-lege B . . X Wy' ' JUDITH EDWARDS A College PATRlClA EDWARDS LAUREL ELIAH College Work I DOUGLAS ELY L, College A l ? , A XL As winter approaches "Q-'SFv2'fi-3'??L'Q"k1Rf-:P-Q?fi'2' v.Qfzs3:17- -rf-.zgf-.gugew .A . . ww - N, - Qq,-o-q.L1.---:.-y..-,2.'-,..1-QQ. -. N. ...F -.,,.:, ,,., . ga.. xNogq,,.,.,f5Mfe,mQp-wogefwQgqggwx.,.xQ i,QM!r.p.l, QM HQ,-.. N .Q5ewmlm,,S,4.L.,. .C:,h:,,,4 ,,g,..,-QL, 1, MLM, .. N.. M K -fe-Q.':w w1w1.L.-,T.WF ,T x C . . . ., M.. -,,. TP .e., ?e JACQUELINE ESPINA DONALD ETOPIO 32 ANNE EVANS GARY FALSETTI College College Virginia Union University College if nf, Lg , 'ii ef Qtiegiif 32:4 l filf' we fiisw .ififvif 1 -la:-' f, - S19 .1 ll -ev- L, . E 'lie if if T I' ARLENE FALZONE JOHN FERRITT SANDRA FIELDS ROBERT FIN jig' Buffalo Stare College Work College ,K 'X rw PHYLLIS FORCUCCI ELIZABETH FOSHEE College Marriage And Christm s v DONNA FRANCIS Airline Hostess OSCAR FRASIER JOHN Howard University College MARY GABRIELE ROBERT GARRECHT College College ,f "TL lf x 0 X, I JN if' if fl x 4 N E, gif ELIZABETH GERTH JOHN GIBAS JUDI Ia5oN Work College .-vm ,L GLORIA GILES ge Beauty School If W MANDELL GLAZER College M W v!66L0Mfd:f I IM W LARRY GODDING JOHN GOODFELLOW jr My X College College " J ,VA J 'Q I E1 f JANICE GOODMAN ll A .Lf.lUD,lfl'H'G?5RDlNEER 34 PAUL GRABEK College Business School Air F0liC9 Thoughts drift far ahead to ,lfffll I . I DAVID GRAFF Work Lv lljg JP f'99v M 4,2 RET GRAFUIS ege College PRISCILLA GRANT Qu :aaa--mgmsssng im ,E,,.f .,.f: BETTY GRASSLER MARIE GRAVAN1-I College Mc rncge Our June graduation SHARON GRAVES College A A i f- ' PAULETTE GRAY THEODUS GREEN College Air Force ANN GRENZY JULIANNE GRIGGS 35 GLORIA GRIMALDI JEFFREY GUEHRING Work Cgllege .H Business School Cal. Tech. S53 L ' fx va I - A I Q Jn 'K FRANK GUGINO PAMELA GWOZDEK JAMES HACKETT ELAINE HADAD College College College Work RICHARD HAICK College HALE f rf-'M--f i' f ' :ISE . f, The start of a new year WILLIAM HAMBLIN College KENNETH HANEY DONNA HANN 36 GARY HARMS BARBARA HARSHMAN Work College Navy Work ae X1 ELIZABETH HASLIP CAROL HASSON Work College FREDERICK HAVENS PATRICIA HAYNES College College CHERYL HARTBURG GERALD HASELEY College College WM All shiny and bright ....A- - -W .. -A 7 M-Y .. -- - 3.0L -V - --A mmap, 55 A, ,J f I NW HEALEY QW If Services I BARBARA HENDERSON PETER HESSINGER JUDITH HICKEY HIGGINS Bouve-Boston College College ffmed SGVVICGS 5. fl! 1' . J WI I MARY ANN HIGGINS JACK HOLLOMAN LOUIEQLOOPER MICHAEL HORTON Work C0lleS-le College oem-225' -Q But coming exams find us .sgggwg WT? ANGELINE HRYLOROIC Mcrricuge .fm J ,AWA-f 1 X l JOSEPH HURST DOROTHY HUGHES College I College BEVERLY lNGRASCl KARlN IRIZARRY 38 ANDREW JAMES DELORES JASEK College Business School College College WW MA new EFFERSON DUANE JOHNSON TSIDESS School Nqvy IRENE JOHNSON JUDITH JOHNSON College College I 33229 Wfmmwwwmk' weE2kfeniSmE'lm.el sE NAY HELEN JONES Work WILLIAM JONES JILL JORDAN College College ,Z JOEL JOSEPH JOAN KACZYNSKI 39 College College I I I X' - 1 fy'-0 . i f ' . ' ' I F Crammlng each night. 0 I I I ' K L if X y! I THOMAS KAssAY V 7C-I 1 College ,Lf JOSEPH KELEAR SUSAN KERR ROBERT KINDZIA ALFRED KIRCHER California Slate Work College College BARBARA KlRK ROGER KOCHAN College College ow having free time, when ,www nm' Qfufgieifflmk, M5 2TM ,, E ,, 'Y l Q ,e 1?:?. W, - 3,i"Wsf' we-wwf, I ::':K-...: KATHLEEN KOONTZ Work lX lil JAMES KORSZOLOSKI BARBARA KOWALSKI 40 PATRICIA KOWALSKI KRAJCIRIK A College College College College JANICE KRAMARZ Q ANCY KRUEGER Work College km A . if A-QU E fii 1515? 'I 5 I - " I ROBERT KUSNIERCZAK THEODORE LABAJ College Rochester Institute PATRICIA LQBERNARDO MARILYN LQMONICA n i f! Col lege Col lege Our frlends have the same I A MARILYN LAMPMAN College SALLY LANDES WAYNE LANDESMAN 41 LAWRENCE LANG MARGUERlTE LQSCALA College College College College I QX i. X A iil V JUDITH LASHER REBECCA LASHER LAUGHLAN JOHNINA LAUGHLAN Work Work k Work We all meet again at FRANK Lu VlA College X SS .fc"' FRANCES LEARDINI HELENLEE College N. Q. Pl Llalif' LV JAMES LEMKE College W L ALLAN LEO N GERALD LEO JOSEPH LEONE L College Armed Services College , '-""' lv C' . X., , ' 'S'-f ff' CL! N Uilbfbfojkyyf' A ,- KNW, In c- f 7 L! ZX J ANNIE ork L., T? .52-1 gx PATRICIA College K..-f' Secretary X CHERYL LOCHREN LUCILLE LONGO ifE n a z..- Wifi' ,lf A basketball game. 1 , lv" W l Uv! lub L alla' l Qlb 1 L 'v L nj 1 U L l LLP ,jo L L IXL 2 Rial 1 l l Q! . ft L GJ9 5 1 Il LJ L 3 W L, ff ' " glow all x l X J V SIN lv Lll '. xll lf 1 J 'p , 'VH . .. N NNW ' l LOVEKQ N r . 4 lllAN.,f xy fl QA 7, '- l --TR' af ll., . , L lv Dx' 'Mi-7 N if DORA LOWE by' BONNIE EMU QM LUTZ H College ll College . 1 J wx, , LINDA LUTZ jg UQ' ii JOAN LYNCH 43 SHARON LYNCH CARL FIORI College Niagara Umversny College Armed Services lvl? X f JAMES MACKAY GWENDOLYN MACKENNA JACQUEUNE MAGDZIAK JOSEPH MAGLIARDITTI College College College College ter if QE get rf em. Xt PATRICIA MAGLIO l LEO MAJ College Work 0 O As memories form, with JUDITH MAKOSKI College TERRANCE MALANEY WALTER College Armed Services if 44 BARBARA MARCHELOS Bryant 8x Stratton Q Aw, ev is five? emi? ef? 5, aim 4 DELORES MARIANO College 5 ' 0:-I. 1 Q, J 5 EDWARD MARINUCCI FRANClSE'MARINUCCI K HSYDNEY MARQUIS ANNE MARSH College 'College - . l JP College College ' lg, .A Q 9 +4 l R Air Force Armed Services rg ,.,. THOMAS MARTIN MATTHEW MARTlNKOWSKl Each day going by 53 5' -QP ..1?'lQf y . lf f ' U .3 , ' R , ELEANOR MASSAR 'Work, ' ' DONNA MATTACE MARIE MATTUCCILLI 45 ROSEMARlE MAURO LYNN MCCABE - Work Work Secretory College . P JEANETFE McDONALD JAMES McDOUGALD DIANNE McGEE BETIY McGHEE College Work Work From sights, sounds and scenes DIANA MCLENNAN Work . ..V Www 5 MARIE MEIERER MARCIA MELLON l V College, X Work N 1, 1-.3 , l ve . , . rx AD ll lv. NU X LETITIA MERINO GARY METEER 46 ANTHONY MICHAELS WALTER MICHAELS College College College College SS 3 Q EILEEN MIELNICKI KENNETH MILLER MARGARET MIS MARY ANN MIS Work University of Buffalo College College lagara Falls High A BRIAN MITCHELL Col lege gal X 0 3' g df A 4 I . 5 5225 W ii- : we We if gg I A f- vA1 'l' RICHARD MOLDENHAUER ARETHA MOORE College College DENNIS MORGAN DONALD MORGAN 47 MARGARET MORGAN RICHARD MORGANTI College College College College , l KAY MOSHER ROSE MULLEY College College LOUIS MUZZILLO MARCIA NEWBURG Niagara University College CATHERINE College Work We stud for finals I THOMAS NEIL Air Force SANDRA NEYERLlN ELYSE WU , JUDITH OLSZEWSKI PEGGY O'NEAL 48 Work College Secretary Marriage eil CANDACE O NEIL BILL ORCUTT JOSEPH PALERMO Floral Techmclon Work College D 1 ' QM X r W X9 N4 U College Prepa rung with zest nl 2X J Ks .. v:: ',-:L -ff' 1--5, f-+:.4r Q ' WY' 2 JFZSET: 5122? , f fi? l . . 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CLAUDIA SHEMIK DIANE SHUBSDA MARION SHULTENBURG MARK SIEGEL College Air Force Work College dancing and fun CATHERINE SIEVER DAVID SILVERMAN College College P ll' llljy NANCY SKWARZYNSKI JERI SLISH 55 JUDITH SMALL PATRICIA SMIECH Morriage College College College I - 11-353351: E EVA SMITH JOAN SMITH LEON SMITH PHILIP SMITH College Work Work Armed Forces -3'-1i DONALD SNYDER HELEN College We The climax approaching ELAINE SOBCZYK College I ALFRED SOLURI MARY LOU College Work ROBERT SOLURI GERALD SPINLEY College College ff' l' ,X of ff M4 3410 fm Q . I 52 Ae '52 0 'P Gb A A A 5, Q SALLY STENTON ,f ILLIAITFSTEWART ELLEN STONE CAROLYN STOUCK Work Collegefifi' Idaho State University Ccllege Excitement runs free .Lx -if 'N QA? c QE Cope-C., Wi Q MARTHA STRUTZ JOHN STRUZIK Work Army BARBARA SULLMON LORRAINE SUNICKI NORMA STUDI College sums N. CHAUNCEY SWALWELL Work College Work ' College JILL SWIFT WESLEY SZALACH ANNA TABONE TALBOTI' College College Beauty School College Commencement rehearsals WILLIAM TARPINIAN College Q 4 E+' We KAREN TATO LEE TA College I PATRICIA TAYLOR ANTHONY TEBER 58 MARIE TERRANO GAIL THOMPSON Work Armed Services College College JACQUEUNE THOMPSON JOHN THOMSON LYNN TIFFANY MARK mLoTsoN Work College College College day after three. MICHAEL TOMAINO College D Sim LINDA TOMALA DENNIS TOSETTO University of Buffalo College DIANE TRAClNSKl DAVID TRUESDALE 59 BARBARA. TRUNZO JOAN TRUNZO College College Work College Qbwwf Uvw. f olwf www S g -Q U We W 0 kb'-ev-ffSl xm lb bxiwvr -'ff ff? BONNIE TUTT ROSEMARY VALENTI TANNIS VALLEY , Marriage College College jf 1 l , rm, are Q: Je.. 5 V I X X N Z l I 1 l 2 5. 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JOHN ZIPP SALVATORE ZODA SHIRLEY ZREBI EC College College E CAMERA SHY FRED BURTON RONALD MISH 63 W, .. MD .M W. .mifiirff -- f i fy u.a,s3s, ,qi 1-ww rf frm Q- ww- Q is Q, s gf W Q :Fi wrfebi qi I sggiiilfl r, gg.. .J ,, . yr.. s R. .M .-..',- , fa: :,, K . 1,,f if f . 3' P1 ligne:---11 ,A Y - M. .2552-Q SS, ,. f. .sw ' f C51 'sf 5, T - . - K" ' .ZZ ET if ,if fi.-22 ' if -E . as 1: if 5- Last Will and Testament Class Motto Lorraine Ponzi, Chairman. Judy Cola, Charles DeFczio, Mark Tillofson, Eclrl Shaffer, ond Lillian Cox, Co-Chairman. SENIOR Class Statistics Wesley Szclach, Chairman. Class Prophecy Class History Lindo Tomolo and Robert Woicik, Co-Chairmen. Mark Siegel and Marie Meierer, Co-Chairmen. af syfissiwiikssfggss . 7? -. -fr A ,fi -2 tfgiissifg-xffffi ' i s as Qi' '. l.. 7 Class Song Class Music Priscilla Ashley, Paul Schultz, Gloria Powell, Peter Ciroolo, ond Douglas Gloria Powell ond Peler Ciroolo, Co-Chairmen Ely. COMMITTEE Class Flower Pal Haynes ond Jackie Espino, Co-Chairmen. Class Poem Class Colors Pol Kowalski ond Lillian Cox, Co-Chairmen. Judy Edwards and Barbara Kirk, Co-Chairmen. M, Fund Raising Banquet Kenneth Deal and Beverly lngrasci, Co-Chairmen. Bonnie Tuii and Marguerite LaScala, Co-Chairmen. SENIOR Prom Decorations Sandy Wilcox and Janet Rickabaugh, Co-Chairmen. Class Gift Prom Band Dennis Morgan and Priscilla Grant, Co-Chairmen. Peter Ciraolo, Al Soluri, ond Allan Leo, Chairmen. i 1 g, l X Banquet Program Prom Refreshments Dana Berman and Donna Francis, Co-Chairmen Robert Cacner and Walter Michaels, Co-Chairmen. COMMITTEES Publicity Bill Czechorowski, Joan Lynch, Chairman, Kathy Pasco and Michael Cipola. Class Day Stage Class Day Decorations Gretchen Rice, Chairman. Ann Tabone and Julee Richardson, Co-Chairmen. Prom Chaperones Tickets Lucille Longo ond Charlene Dcvis, Co-Chairmen. Judie Brown COMMITTEES Scholarship Typist Bob Porrecu, Rosemary Valenti, Chairman, and Mark Siegel. Judiih Gcrdineer Cap and Gown Mantle Oration Robert Ccicner and Pct Bates, Co-Chairmen. John Zunkowski and Ralph Boniello 3532358 If '- wvik x.,, 4 EMM" F NM. .,,,,.w y , a - i and Crercqr Douglas. A - E 2 MCS RTEOLIS Michael Pdenjner and Barbara Munger. K fi. , :QV SENIOR 'ii 4: i 's Q! H! f itz 5 H' -s FMOSTS ' ' "1 Q Q.. "' , K Q - 3 1 TN X '1-ng ' v M-ish-my 1 ai lt Q , -. ,K R ' X X S 51? , M "'W ' V - Tam 3 I YPL I ' . ,L I ' , I . , ' 'A,': ::,. , , X 'ciuwwwvf' F' LN WW--g. S QL MOST ATHLETIQW George Zolocha and Lillian Cox. kg FIRST ROW: lrene Simpson, .loan Brown, Susan Winstanley, John Pringle, Madeline Barone, Miss P. Gilbert, Advisor. SECOND ROW: Edward Utnik, Clarence Pace, Michael Orsi, Charles Glover, Martin Pennington, Frank Giancola. Clarence Pace, Lieutenant-Governor and Charles Glover, Governor. This is the first time the Post-Graduates of Niag- ara Falls High School are appearing as a home- room in the "Niagarian." Serving as Governor is Charles Glover, aided by Lieutenant-Governor Clarence Pace. The position of Chronicle, Niaga- rian, and Red Cross Representative is filled by Frank Gioncola. Supervising this state of Michigan is Miss P. Gilbert, the advisor. HOMEROOM 455 ' x I 44' I f 525 ig' M- , Q 5 sl: :KL ,H Z -- -MI.L.W 5 1: J W! S ' ' 5 1, 3 4 v W 1 .QE Q? 5' Qs 3' , 3 1,5 Www 2 I i I a Ji. J Ii ' 5--4 my fy, ,-, Q W: -,552 , 555,39 2 f' ff Fab? Qi l r ,ig , 3 A " 5 if v S 25559 " ' - ' fini K ' , 22 3 '?Sf LQ.: Mosr Afmrmve Gov LN BHRTHOLOMZI , 1 ,. .ins 1,3-"' . X x 5 iv? : ' K f' sq K in N MOST ATau.T1c G RL mi., 11 425 , V Tuwie IQ -4 OQI Q. 'ff ".. V"' E V we Svsnu Smal-t , i il M ,Q x N MQ 'AX N Q, :. ,if if , Q X , K., if W f 1 xxx, f 5 .Q 3? q X x we x N Q ' , gay 5: , Q5 'N " I xml' A X I N A K Q xx 'S Nw 1 4 .ax 'f num. . ., f d Mm Fovmx Gm. x v r g W, ,mm 'yu txisgnuv-izndujf . K ' -I XX 1 -- 3' ff 1-gif' K- S1 1 xl RR . m f 1' " c g ' Muff AT1-ELEM Mm DOPKJLAR BOY Q N 60526 'WDERSON Qmsm Luc 4 MATT imiosx. f"I Noir Srumous SAW Kmmw .Baa Lmovesz BAY .-4 Q ,Q 0 j WM xx 9, Q A "'i if L ' Nh-J 'Z .,.. l N - 'A' X QV . 9. ' ,662 i ' ' .v. ,+q-- I 22 A A 1 Q 'mfgwx I F X ,X 4 .., .f-Q? 'N Q ' SEATED: John Zankowski, Ann Cale, Miss C. Bishara, Advisor. STANDING: Jack Foster, Sandra Tantillo, Mr. R. Babbage, Advisor. CLASS OF I 963 The result of the Junior Class election of officers produced some very outstanding lead- ers for the present year. John Zankowski was elected Presidentf Jack Foster was chosen Vice-President, Anne Cale became Secretary, and Sandy Tantillo was selected Treasurer. The new officers were ably guided by faculty advisors, Miss C. Bishara, and Mr. R. Babbage. In the meeting which followed, several fund-raising activities were discussed. The variety and originality of the suggested projects showed the trust placed in its new representa- tives bythe Junior Class to be well founded. 75 FIRST ROW: Cheryl Brown, Linda Becker, Viola Smoke, Loretta Bell, ninger. THIRD ROW: Rochelle Bidnarski, Judith Casey, Charles Judith Bradley, Marguerite Brown, John Bies. SECOND ROW: Kath- Canosa, William Bradigan, Joseph Campese, Raymond Bonar, Ed ryn Bishop, Carol Buscemi, Joann Black, Richard Carr, Sandra ward Ceccato, Ernesiine Burnett, Frank Cimino, James Candella Bazzani, Michelle Berthot, Phyllis Bobek, Gary Borger, Karen Ben- Judy Bishqm. State . ... . . Maine Carol Buscemi, Governor and Edward Ceccato, Lieutenant-Governor. Governor .. Lieutenant-Governor . . . Niagarian Representative Chronicle Representative Red Cross Representative Advisor . . . 12 .2-52 Carol Buscemi Edward Ceccato .. Judy Bradley .. Cheryl Brown .. Phyllis Boloek Mr. R. Simpson HOMEROOM IO3 Homeroom IO4 State .. .. North Carolina Governor .. . Frank Carter Lieutenant-Governor .. .. Anne Cale Anne Cole' l-feU'e"U""'G0Ve"i0' Gnd Frank Carter, Governor. Niagarian Representative .. .. Cheryl Cacner Chronicle Representative .. .. Gary De Felice Red Cross Representative Barbara Buchanan Advisor .. Miss C. Morrissey FIRST ROW: Deborah Capotosta, Kandace Bradt, Downe Bowen, Jacqueline Clayton. THIRD ROW: Georgina Cusick, Earnestine Chat- Mary Brennen, Anne Cale, Frances Certo. SECOND ROW: Con- man, Richard Green, Frank Colucci, Frank Carter, Ronald Brooks, stance Ciamarra, Barbara Buchanan, Kathleen Conti, Joseph Cirillo, Gary De Felice, David Cook, Cheryl Cacner. Samuel Cresante, Peter Cerra, Rose Coliceno, Dennis Cracknell, wg, gtg . HOM EROOM I0 Or' X . O G3 G, X XJ - f. pp arefmgj ..... 'N J , ve .... . ,... , .... X. . Roger Fabin, Governor and Mary Davisff . J JTGDODT- VSFFIOI' .......... i Lieutenant-Governor. "A " xhtml! f X K Niagarian Representative ..... fel. . . , at f J Chronicle Representative . . . XJ h 'V Red Cross Representative' . . . Advisor . . . A FIRST ROW: Brenda Cooper, Charlene D'Amelio, Sandra Croisdale, . South Carolina Roger Fabin . . Mary Davis George Courson Sandra Dickerson Rosalie D'Angelo .. Mrs. A. Goltz Davis, Mrs. A. Goltz, Advisor. THIRD ROW: John Sirianni, James Charlene DiLeonardo, Annie Cauley, Mary Davis, Kathy Cavanaugh. P ,,,--- "" L amar, Clarence Ward, Gary DiLaura, Robert Daubney, Rod Holla SECOND ROW: Sandra Dickerson, Marie Corsano, Christine Del.,-f" Grosso, Christine DeFazio, Lorraine Disparti, Rosalie D'Angelo, George Dlugoz, Hazel lsom, Sandra Cole, Glenda Davis, hlelen man, Stuart Rabbe, George Courson, Roger Fabin, Dale Messing Ronald Cunningham. Not pictured: Kathleen O'Flaherty, John Cord ner, Lucille Szczerbacki, Carl Fiori. FIRST ROW: Beverly Dolce, Anna Massar, Donna Cirillo, Christine Witkowski, Barbara Fox, Judith Shenk, Diane Floria, Charlotte Krystek. SECOND ROW: Josephine DelGobbo, Gladys Edwards, Marian Farella, Terry Fischer, Roy Falcone, Polly Franklin, Clarice Donimari, Petrina Fruscione, Barbara Cyphers, Patrick Gorman, Linda Govern, Catherine Dominski, Patrick LaMoy, Mr. F. Orfano, Advisor. THIRD ROW: Steven Zafuto, Valerie Davis, Ivana Del- Monaco, Jack Foster, Daniel Gillis, Robert Gellman, David Dlugose, Herbert Griffin, Denny Gray, Arlene Courts, Suzanne Emmens, Craig Finger. State ., Governor . . . Lieutenant-Governor . . . Niagarian Representative . . . Chronicle Representative Red Cross Representative . . . .. Vermont . Craig Finger Marian Farella Robert Gellman . Anna Massar . Valerie Davis Advisor Mr. F. Orfano A HOMEROOM I 5 0 79 Marian Farella, Lieutenant-Governor and Craig Finger, Governor. FIRST ROW: Danna Duignan, Silvana DeLuca, Carolyn Genova Katherine Firth, Sally DeMoulin, Maryl Gallen.l SECOND ROW: Janet Faso, Victoria DeLill, Diana Pilato, Carolyn Hager, Neal Gon- 1 zalez, Fay Dickie, Bonnie Gibson, Jane Hewins, Ernestine Griffin, State Governor .. Lieutenant-Governor .. . Niagarian Representative . .. Carolyn Hager, Lieutenant-Governor and Joseph Genovese, Governor. Red Cross Representative .. Advisor Chronicle Representative .. Juanita Gonzalez. THIRD ROW: Michael Gallo, Joseph Genovese, John Gaynor, James Gertz, Judith Dockstader, Eleanor Grissett, Trent Gavazzi, Aris Ohanessian, Dennis Lee. Not pictured: Meddy Eift, Phyllis Harrison. . Tennessee .. Joseph Genovese . Carolyn Hager Phyllis Harrison .. Trent Gavazzi .. Fay Dickie .. .. Mr. D. Reeser assi, . ,. HOMEROOM I 5I 80 F, X HCMEROOM l 52 fi i 0 4 I J l x Q ' v l Q 555518 X 1 ' 'LV' 4 . tr' D" ' ,A Q. V, N 'fx Y ' 'WL State .. ..... Minnesota wi Governor .. .. Charles Harding Lieutenant-Governor .. .. Charles Granata Chmles Harding' Govemof and Charles Granata, Lieutenant- . "' Governor. Niagarian Representative .. .. Judy Jamarco y Chronicle Representative .. .. Ann Ewalt Red Cross Representative .. Susan Feldmeyer Advisor .. .. Mr. J. D'Angelo FIRST ROW: Elizabeth Halkawicz, Judith Hunt, Sarah Howard, Ann Jamarca, Mr. J. D'Angelo, Advisor. THlRD ROW: Edward Barszcz, Ewalt, Linda Honadle, Nancy Hill. SECOND ROW: Sharon Gilbert, Franklin Haugabook, Paul Haseley, John McGovern, Samuel Mc- Judith Heller, Rudy Johnson, Mona Eddy, Mary Grace, Eddie Mc- Williams, Peter Hartmans, William Holt, Carl Hannold, Wilbur Ghee, Charles Granata, Carole Hughey, Susan Feldmeyer, Judy Haynes, Charles Harding, John Gregori. Not pictured: Jean Hudson. State . . Governor ,Q HOMERODM l53 Robert lnskeep, Governor and Norma l-leUlenQnl'GOVem0r ' ' - Josey, Lieutenant-Governor. Niagarian Representative .. Chronicle Representative .. Red Cross Representative . . . Advisor . FIRST ROW: Phyllis Hengst, Nancy Kocher, Carol Kowalski, James Martin, Joann Krajcirik, Susan Kadykowski. SECOND ROW: Mr. A. Dietrick, Advisor, Carole Larrabee, Joyce Kowalski, Norma Josey, Geraldine Kurowski, Nancy Krell, Elaine LaSota, Janet LaBernardo, .. North Dakota . . Robert lnskeep .. . Norma Josey . . . Norma Josey Susan Kadykowski .. Joyce Kowalski .. Mr. A. Dietrick Lorraine Hightower. THIRD ROW: Nelson Stewart, James Hyla Kenny Sutter, William MacVie, Douglas Martin, Robert lnskeep M chael Mahoney, Donald House, Joseph Jellison. Not pictured: Mar lene Hammond. FIRST ROW: Jean guerite Kishmoian, ROW: Flora Lowe, Mary Magliarditti, State . . Governor Lieutenant-Governor . . . Niagarian Representative .. .. McCulloch, Nancy Kilgore, Pamela Legg, Mar- Sharon LePage, Linda MacKay. THIRD ROW: Joseph Gatti, Steven Christine Jarosz, Geraldine Penque. SECOND Klemsczyk, Robert Koperski, Frank Kankolenski, Casimer Kott, Lewis Vianne Laurendi, Patrick Nalbone, Mary Long, Jones, Phillip Keller, Scott Kennedy, Richard Krizan, David Pasko, Marilyn Leone, Robert Irvine, Robert Klein, Freddie Myles. Not pictured: Richard Forcucci. . South Dakota .. Pamela Legg .. Phillip Keller Christine .larosz Chronicle Representative .. Marilyn Leone Red Cross Representative .. .. Vianne Laurendi Advisor .. Mr. E. Woyksnar ,., g may- 'f-v. 5, ,,, A HOMEROOM I 55 83 Pamela Legg, Governor and Phillip Keller, Lieutenant-Governor. FIRST ROW: Barbara Noblin, Josephine Lepiano, John Porreca, THIRD ROW: Sandra I.eBloncl, Beverly McGee, Gretchen Mess, Larry . . Nebraska Karen Olsen, Franceen Micon. SECOND ROW: Mr, L. Rainville, Acl- LeBlanc, John Kuczwanski, Laverne Powley, Steve Lochren, Donna visor, Carol Maturani, Anthony LaRosa, Jeanette Pickwell, Jane Mc- Nathanson. Nerney, Linda Metzler, Mary Lou Mattson, Kathleen Ligammari. State .. Governor .. Lieutenant-Governor . . . Niagarian Representative . .. Carol Mafurani, Lieutenant-Governor Chronicle Representative .. and Kathleen Ligammari, Governor. Red Cross Representative Advisor . . . gsivfmye K tt-IKM GT? gs Kathleen Ligammari Carol Maturani .. Barbara Noblin .. Margaret Lively .. . Carol Maturani Mr. L. Rainville HOMEROQM I 6 Hoivimzooivi 25: v. ' 'K State . . . . . ..... .............. . . . Missouri Governor .. .. Janet Militello Lleulencml-Governor ' ' ' ' Gary Mumn Gary Martin, Lieutenant-Governor and Janet Militello, Governor. Niagarian Representative . . Anne Morganti Chronicle Representative . . . . . . Darlene Moore Red Cross Representative .. .. Claudia Miller Advisor .. Mr. E. Staltord FIRST ROW: Edna Pavlisin, Anne Morganti, Santa Micale, Anna crillo, Barbara Milczarski, Roslyn Murgia. THIRD ROW: Janet Mili- Paciorek, Linda Perkins, Heidi Mueller. SECOND ROW: Mr. E. Stat- tella, Claulia Miller, Robert Martin, Antoinette Messina, Gary ford, Advisor, Joanne Mule, Sally Madei, Kathy Manko, Nicholas Martin, Sam Martin, Gary Rogers, James Marnon, Thomas Magee, Marchelos, Mary Ann Bradbury, Judy Malvestuto, Geraldine Pes- Samuel Marra. Not pictured: Larry Ryder. HGMEROOM 252 State . . . . . Kansas Governor .. .. Ralph Minervino Ralph Minervino, Governor and Lou- Lieutenant-Governor .. Laurena Phillips rena Phillips, Lieutenant-Governor, Niagarian Representative .. Sheila Reiter Chronicle Representative .. .. Teresa Pietras Red Cross Representative .. .. Marie Nowacki Advisor . .. Mr. N. Anderson FIRST ROW: Judith Paterniti, Doris Crochan, Claire Richards, Diana Janet Rizzoto, Teresa Pietras. THIRD ROW: Rosalyn Peri, Robert Noakes, Marie Nowacki, Toni Nero. SECOND ROW: Mr. N. Ander- Tabb, Timothy Marseilles, James Schroeder, Ralph Minervino, Ron- son, Advisor, Janice O'Lay, Laurena Phillips, Michael McKinney, ald Nabors, Brian Sage, Henry Musgrave, Paul Mokhiber, Sheila 'cert Marinucci, Richard Nation, Minnie Nix, Richard Molinaro, Reiter. Not pictured: Linda Oates, Roger Morris, Joseph McGhee. FIRST ROW: Loretta Schultz, Rubina Pinzotti, Nina Ruggirella, Janet Ruftner, Patricia Placek, Barbara Rosino. SECOND ROW: Mrs. M. Polito, Advisor, Sharyn Carmen, Patricia Robinson, John Babi, Alice Thompson, Maria Fitzgerald, Alice Perry, Susan Ruff, Brian Talbot, Carol Scott, Peter Paonessa, Marlene Rosokoff. THIRD ROW: Flor- State .. .. Colorado Governor .. Brian Talbot Lieutenant-Governor .. . Michael Panepinto Niagarian Representative . . . . Louise Scheider Chronicle Representative .. .. Alice Perry Red Cross Representative .. Rubina Pinzotti Advisor .. Mrs. M. Polito ,.., . iihg, HOMEROOM 255 ence Promowicz, Scott Watson, Stephen Pierce James Singleton Janice Russell, Michael Panepinto Michael Shephard John Selck Barbara Seyler, Michael Carosella Gerald Laughing Louise Schei der, Lorraine Puisys. Not pictured Cheryl Sabatme William Silver Michael Panepinto Lieutenant Governor and Brian Talbot, Governor Z ........1,,.,eo.sMsvse.il3,i.y aeiianm, LUKUI oerianm, man- L. oisnara, Advisor. IHIKD ROW: William Nalbone, Kenneth Pavan c Schug, Judlth.9"Solurip Dbrothy Solocz k. SECOND ROW: Linda James Pitman, Barbara Stewart, Leonard Naughton, Susan Strock, Y VM. se' it ll Y i i .4 Soprano, Lizzie' Smith,9Jack,gPelman, Adele Smith, Marianne Specht, 'V li Y. 'Y 'll' ."" L . . . . Q rDoT1na Silggrlin, 1,SyQllYllEJ Sglgack, Patricia Simpson, Gladys Steele, Miss A 'll its F: gmt 'V 'Ni-AL: I if r ,-km 'fd 021 I State . . K 4 ll V ll ' ' '+L' l ik ll Mug I' A' Q mg? gift Governor ' r r r I' Qi ' " f Lieutenan :J Niagarian Representative .. . Donna Skrlin, Governor and Shirley Seals, Chronicle Lieutenant-Governor. Red Cros Advisor . Frank Nicoletti, Ellen Sheridan, David Polley. .. Utah . . ... Donna Skrlin t-Governor .. Shirley Seals Ellen Sheridan Representative .. .. Donna Skrlin s Representative .. Judith Soluri . ................... Miss C. Bishara il 393 ' ,, HOMEROCM 303 HOMEROOM 306 State .. . . Arizona Governor . . Cheryl Taylor Martin Sawma, Lieutenant-Governor Lieutenant-Governor .. .. Martin Sawma and Cl'efYl TUYlO'f Govemof- Niagarian Representative .. Sandy Thompson Chronicle Representative .. .. Patricia Sawma Red Cross Representative .. .. Carol Wigle Advisor .. Mr. E. Ducette FIRST ROW: Beverly Tedesco, Sandra Tantillo, Clara Curtis, Carol Dave Rotella, Joseph Sacco. THIRD ROW: Roberta Watson, James Wigle, Sharon Tobey, Sidney Tarpinian, Martin Sawma. SECOND Rybarczyk, Michael Reele, Frank Pitonyak, John Russell, Eugene ROW: Sandy Thompson, Cheryl Taylor, Sandra Teber, Peggy Ware, Sabia, Ronald Sanclanato, John Universal, Sema Tarpinian, Edward Patricia Tone, William Lundy, Dolores Sydorowicz, Joyce Talarico, Robinson. ru w',u X. Q i i il e0f0R RJ . .4 'A-- , f 1 if .1 i :Q we 'r 4' I' X R.. nn: 9 F X- Q J W State . . Governor Edward Barter, Lieutenant-Governor and Robert Anderson, Governor. Lieutenant-Governor Niagarian Representative .. . Chronicle Representative .. Red Cross Representative . .. Advisor . . FIRST ROW: Gloria Anderson, Tanis Barnes, Marcia Mosolt, Italo Boldassarre, June Anderson, Karen Armstrong. SECOND ROW: Jane Barber, Joann Basso, Elda Bevilacqua, Carol Anderson, Robert Anderson, Edward Barter, Roberta Andrezywski, Frank Biehl, Billy Anderson, Shirley Andrews, Andrea Adams, Bonnie Abel, Mrs. C. .. Oregon Robert Anderson . Edward Barter . June Anderson Karen Armstrong .. Paul Atamian Mrs. C. Hill Hill, Advisor. THIRD ROW: James Stanton, Gail Baker, Thomas Boardman, Ronald Anderluh, Scott Worsham, Robert Bertam Paul Atamian, Michael Becette, John Bartolomei, Roy Alonge, Sharon Austin. FIRST ROW: Marie Turco, Barbara Whitman, Donna Stephens, Rich- James Sorour, Anthony Soluri, Donald Scott, Jonathan Schultz, ard Sobczak, Barbara Tomoszewski, Gloria Stephens. SECOND Robert Robinson, Richard Spallo, James Riggi, Stephen Strack, Ger- ROW: Mr. V. Abel, Advisor, Carl Riggi, Thomas Szafran, Beniamin ald Slipko. Cicciori, Thomas Rinallo, Ronald S'dao, Mary Tucker. THIRD ROW: State .. .. Washington Governor . . . Lieutenant-Governor .. Niagarian Representative Chronicle Representative .. Red Cross Representative Advisor . . . Donna Stephens Thomas Rinallo . James Sorour Anthony Soluri Richard Sobczak Mr. V. Abel o HQMEROQM 402 91 Thomas Rinallo, Lieutenant-Governor and Donna Stephens, Governor. Nancy Wilson, Barbara Viscomi, Rita Umbriaco. SECOND ROW: FIRST ROW: Martha Marshell, Sharon Tossell, Thomas Vaccarella, mone, Joyce Cline, Janice Wadowka. THIRD ROW: Anthony Scru fari, John Zankowski, John Streb, Bernard Zaleski, Joseph Vilardo Mr. R. Schultz, Advisor, Linda Vallina, Donna Travis, Edward Sara- Mathew Zarosl, Lawrence Sicurella, William Wynes, Helen Owens ceni, Daniel Shapiro, Angelo Valentino, Louis Tonetti, Vincent Si- Not pictured:.Iohn Wiatr. State . . .. West Virginia Governor John Zankowski Lieutenant-Governor .. .. Daniel Shapiro Niagarian Representative Anthony Scrutari Jnnn Zvnkowskif GOV'-tfnof nnsi Daniel Chronicle Representative Anthony Scrufari Shapiro, Lieutenant-Governor. Red Cross Representative Advisor . . zfiweif ,J . Daniel Shapiro . Mr. R. Schultz 1 HOMERQOM 452 HOMEROOM 406 'Waxes V1 wi Sw-'QSM F1 5,4 Yi! ,RT rt QT, ' ' S598 A 2 ,, .W cyl ww e-,SK W4 State . . , . . Virginia Governor .. Paulette Whittle Lieutenant-Governor . .. . . Bridget Walsh Paulette Whittle, Governor and Bridget Walsh, Lieutenant-Governor. Niagarian Representative .. .. Paulette Weld Chronicle Representative . . . . Nancy Wilson Red'Cross Representative . . . . . . Charles White Advisor .. .. Mrs. J. Centotanti FIRST ROW: Paulette Weld, Laura White, Paulette Whittle, Charlene Shirley Wawscylc. THIRD ROW: Michael Streibel, Beatrice Walero- White, Patricia Wozniak. SECOND ROW: Dorothy White, Bridget wicz, Richard Wynes, .lohn Cone, Robert Vortoniun, Pat Wieleba, Walsh, Mrs. J. Centofanti, Advisor, Al DeLuca, Carol Yankelunos, Preston Wright. Not pictured: Richcrd Valenti. .Vu 5 uqg. 'ly see by State . . . Governor . . William Laps, Lieutenant-Governor and June Antonucci, Governor. Lleulenonlusovernor ' ' Niagarian Representative .. Chronicle Representative .. Red Cross Representative .. .. HOMEROOM 350 . . . Idaho June Antonucci .. William Laps June Antonucci .. William Lops Patricia Zachary Advisor .. .. Mr. R. Lingg FIRST ROW: Diane Maroon, William Lops, Elizabeth Manning, Jo- Lingg, Advisor. THIRD ROW: Carmen Formica, Patricia Zalocha anne Wyrosdick. SECOND ROW: Sandra Haclcadel, Patricia Zach- Phillip Palmeri, Francis Zanghi, Leslie MacKenzie, Nettie Hales Not ary, June Antonucci, Justeen Lorek, Margaret Shavalnin, Mr. R. pictured: Betty Zygmont, Joyce DeTroia. my si 31 AQ- 1 ,. .L ' wmf 1, Wg H' visa, , , ,,:,?:, JE a SOPH H, .. -J . .1 MQ. , . yi, 2 E14 iff we' :Eff ye ,ic WT? 3,1 , X ' MQ, ,. I L, . 1 M. 2213 1 V Q 'SU' g 1- Ag . , 4, L imfzfsgg ,, 4 212. Z x M ,I Qmf., K , Q ,. W., ,, A W ag. 1. L,, .Ei f Sg:.:1,f ylq MLK, Es -5, 3 w, N L .W x N M Q, ' i N 37 fi X r l Lg Pak wi X , 55, 'Z Q5 1 EZ s .2 X , Ei X Nw ,Q Q iv Q K tg? s y , ,Q- E Eg 'x i If YS QF? 4 in zz M, Q Q 2,1 ..--,, I: -w, 'f',2sv.. 335 ,Eg ,, ,VVD ,,,,. k,, ,mi 0 ,, ' . 5 3 . , ., ,fgxl w' ff,-f --ff, ,sf f, ,, .., ,x fx. yvy Mix., 11 K Rss! if? ii ' 5, - , ,,., 5, 1 2 fn - .. 2 ' ' f-1,9 , . A . A yi, 4, ,E-V13 Q 54, H ' 7 ff'5f,,.' ' F W , . . 1 1 u i -E x A V: 1 v f Q he gg if is en ,gf X 515' Fw :T -' 1 Y ,,, Q I ' A 2 , W 'n- A I ,,-- I I I Q JJ-agww , A' ' I . , ' ' 'kkk Jef? Guelfriyng, Senior, and Rick Siegel, Sophomore ssfgkf 2 ,. K - wg, . fx .911 x A ' X, V I Q WTF! -, ' " M wiv A - -,A a ,Q 2 Q , H 1 ' 11 l Q1 1 ' A . .ss Todd Wallens, Bradley Smith, Byron Wittlin, Charles Rader. CLASS OF I964 As a representative of the first tenth grade class N.F.H.S. in many years, all of us have had a truly unique experience. There have been many opportunities for sharing our activities and schoolwork with the juniors and seniors. We elected our class officers and advisors as follows: Charles Rader, President, Bradley Smith, Vice President, Byron Witt- lin, Secretary, Todd Wallens, Treasurer, Miss J. Wylie and Miss B. Taczak, Advisors. As we progress, it is our hope that we may become an intregrol part of student life at Niagara Falls High School. 97 State . . . Governor .. Lieutenant-Governor . . . Mary Cardamone, Governor and Joseph Critelli, Lieutenant-Governor. . ' ' Niagarian Representative . . . Chronicle Representative .. Red Cross Representative . . . Advisor .. HOMEROOM 300 Washington, D. C. Mary Cardamone .. Joseph Critelli .. Cynthia Chiodo . . . . Linda Heck Kathy Costantino .. Miss J. Wylie FIRST ROW: Shari Cole, Beverly Hatfield, Kathleen Lake, Joe Cri- Longevin, Diane Wyrauch, Francine Kianoft. THIRD ROW: Mary telli, Marsha Di Noto, Wende Jordan. SECOND ROW: Marianne Carclamone, Linda Heck, Cynthia Chiodo, John Baird, Dale Flagler D'Angelo, Leslee McBride, Sheila Dunlap, Linda Hoag, Kathy Cos- Stanley Hriczak, Frederick Mann, Tony Gruppo, Gary Marino tantino, Peter Arico, Susan Brydges, Bruce Fitzsimmons, Margaret Charles Rader, Cynthia Barkley. FIRST ROW: Karen Lloyd, Virginia Mash, Patricia Loria, Richard Siegel, Maryanne Puerner, Sue Stiegmon, Estelle Minervino. SEC- OND ROW: Ruby Johnson, Karen Rowles, Anne Solacuse, Shirley McCormick, Mary Montgomery, Thomas Weistlog, Robert Rotunda, Jill Palumbo, Ann Mazza, Pamela Shearer, Mary Beth Martin, Wal- State . . . . . New Hampshire Governor .. Lieutenant-Governor . . . . Niogarian Representative . . Chronicle Representative .. Red Cross Representative . . . . . . Advisor . . . . . Miss B. Taczak Q 'i'4' l'1 , -. ,..- , -emit VZ' .my M 'Q .Q -,,.w.M i zrr'-: . zz - HOMEROOM 304 . Richard Siegel .. Todd Wallens Marilynn Suchan ter Watson, Matthew Schiro, Miss B. Taczak. THIRD ROW: Francine Schiro, Marilynn Suchan, Sandra Yudichak, Bradley Smith, Byron Wittlin, Patricia Whitney, Julius Toenniessen, Michael Kosut, Gary Shaw, Todd Wallens, Richard Wagner, Norma Ryd lek, Patricia asco. 1 , 1 5 . r 4 7V P 1 ,,411',7,jf49'1ZL6 Q 6Mj,,Z7der 72, 05 WM' ,MLW W Susan Stiegmon .. Shirley McCormick Richard Siegel, Governor and Susan Stiegman, Lieutenant-Governor. ,eff THE I QUIRING REPORTER Question: What do you, as a member of the Sophomore Class, think of Niagara Falls High School? :ak -A . -si ff es H i - ' Q , .. L f 51. 1' f .,.,, ': . f fuk?-J f ' I f .5 at is -f" fs'-2 ":.72'i 2 i ' "Q Nfl", t. 'i .sfelit-.sri f-ZIV? .. 'Q e 'l ,' 't . if -ul Tom Weistlog: I like the High School better than the Junior High School because of the more adult atmosphere. Cynthia Barkley, I like itl There are more people to meet and more extracurricu- lar activities to participate in. However, I get more homework which I don't have time to do. Mary Ann Puerner: I like the freedom in the halls in High School. The mixed grouping' of classes is good because we meet many people in the iunior and senior classes. Diane Wyrauch: There isn't too much difference in the school itself. We still get the same amount of homework. 100 Barbara Munger inquiring Reporter Charles Rader: The High School is very nice but the lunch room is rather crowded. There are more nice girls here - and that interests me. Jill Palumbo: The teachers are friendly. I was really surprised that the upperclossmen accept- ed us as well as they did. Most of us were afraid of coming to the high school because we were in the minority. ,Nxf ,,. v M A W L -'Q- M f M., , RWE ug .. , ' L C ACTIVITIE s. Advisors Mrs. H. Donovan NIAGARIAN Co-Editors . . . Co-Business Managers . . . Faculty Chairman . .. Senior Chairman .... Junior Chairman ...... Sophomore Chairman . . . Activities Chairman .... Sports Chairman .... Typ ists ........... .. Elyse Olearczyk Michael Puerner Georgine Rosatone Virginia Sally . . . . Kathy Pasco . . . Margaret Bak . Bonnie Bhagwat . Barbara Munger .. Jean Burmaster Dana Berman Georgine Rosatone Bonnie Lutz Co-Advisors . Mrs. H. Donovan Miss A. McCabe Art Advisor .. . . . . Miss P. Gilbert Miss A. McCabe Typists Co-Editors Bonnie Lutz, Georgine Rosatone Michael Puerner, Elyse Oleurczyk STAFF Niagarian Representatives Left to right: Gloria Grimaldi, Barbara Noblin, Joan Lynch, Margie Pavlisin, Karen Olsen, Virginia Sally, Judith Hickey, Christine Jarosz, Elaine Carlini, Pat LaBernardo, Judie Brown, Judy Bradley, Patricia Bates. SECOND ROW: Patti Ligammari, Margaret Zecco, Judie Jamarco, Michael Cirrito, Shirley McCor- mick, Georgine Rosatone, Norma Josey, Phyllis Harrison, Ellen Sheridan, June Anderson, Carol Wigle. THIRD ROW: Louise Scheider, Cheryl Cacner, Barbara Kowalski, Betty Bernat, Anthony Scrufari, Bob Gellman, George Courson, Prank Giancola, Madeline Routhier, Cynthia Chiodo. The Niagarian Staff, guided by Mrs. H. Donovan and Miss A. McCabe, have donated a great deal of time and effort to make this year's Niagarian the best ever. Led by Co-Editors Elyse Olearczyk and Michael Puerner, the staff introduced each facet of school activity. It is their hope that the book will become a permanent part of each student's memories. The theme which was se- Editorial Staff lected by the staFl is "Progress is the door to life." Among the additions to this current yearbook are a senior history, flags of the homeroom states, and a sophomore section. The selling campaign was successfully launched by the Variety Show, which had a vaudeville theme. High- lighting the show was the election of a king and queen. SEATED: Elyse Olearczyk, Dana Berman, Michael Puerner, Kathy Pasco. STANDING: Lorraine Ponzi, Jean Burmaster, Bonnie Bhaqwat, Barbara Munger, Anthony Michaels, Margaret Zecco, Marion Shultenburg, Margaret Bak. Highwq ,AGARIAN ewse The OU Lynch, sho' def' 50" X f P?tPovXXS""' emo Mofsve comm Yfnon N n. vow gods' udxe B N10 x OXeoTC-dk' Faculty Bqckdrop Cemofo - 1 Mrs. nfl, M,-S. H b Do . A. Ganz, Miss nom' M' 5 R I AMCQ S obe. l Johnsmn, Mrs, J. Grefchen Rice and Todd W ll 0 ens. RCU' Mon LO Mo AW n MOQXC , vARlET'E5 The Varsity f W 110 Bo 09 ' bockdgvbed' wi v- FOCU, N055 10? ' mf- H' Drugs: S. Rongafore, R. Scibilia anzo, J. Espina, W Corsaro, C A. Michaels, J. Lynch XX- 0u9o MCD WS M' vo' Shop ,P.L .Loch ,R.Ri' aBernarclo, J. Cos ren, S. Morro, J. Goodman, ggi, K. Colosi, L. Ponzi, D. Berman. if .QEETRIV pb . Flappers X Dia ne Wyrauch an d Sydney Tarpin ian. a0"' Lon Cc,,,w" , fo , gm wo Mx 105 in BOTTOM TO TOP: Pat Zachary, Connie Parise, Susan Feldmeyer, Judy Soluri, Carol Maturani, Charlene White, Ruby Pinzotti, Miss R. Vanderhoft, Advisor, Dorothy Sobczyk, Sandy Thomson, Barbara JU IOR R The maior goal of this worthy group is the Red Cross Drive to raise funds for Junior Red Cross projects. These activities include sending school supplies to underprivi- leged children and cheery decorations and gifts to hos- pitalized veterans during holiday seasons. Marie No- walci, Kathy Constantine, and Rosemary Love are our Officers -- SEATED: Virginia Sally, Karen Tato, Dangelo, Miss R. Vanderhoff, Advisor. Buchanon, Barbara Munger, Fay Dickie, Phyllis Bobek, Claudia Mil- ler, Rosalie Dangelo, Joyce Kowalski, Irene Simpson, Daniel Sha- piro, Thomas Rinalla. ED CROSS representatives at the lnterschool Council meetings. The otticers are: Virginia Sally, President, Rosalie Dangelo, Vice-President, Joyce Kowalski, Secretary, Ruby Pinzotti, Treasurer, Karen Tato, Assistant Treasurer, Miss R. Van- derhott, Advisor. Kathy Costantino, Rosemary Love. STANDING: Rosalie GOVERNORS - FIRST ROW: Kathy Ligamarri, Pamela Legg, Donna Stephens, Bill Lops, Sandra Fields, Donna Skrlin, Gail Andres, Joe Genovese, Janet Militello, Brian Talbot, Mary Cardamone, Dennis Morgan, Carol Buscemi, Cheryl Taylor, Paulette Whittle, Marie Meierer. SECOND ROW: Bonnie Bhagwat, Bob Anderson, John Goodfellow, John Viso, John Zankowski, Stan Cole, David Winker, Chuck Harding, Dianna DiCamillo, Bob Woicik, Elyse Olearczyk, Craig Finger, James Lemkei THIRD ROW: Pat Robertson, Bob Ins- keep, Ralph Minervino, Frank Carter, Rick Havens, Tom Dominski, Charles Glover, Roger Fabin, Bruce Semans: STLIDE T COUNC STUDENT COUNCIL OFFICERS: Joe Hurst, Curtis Bol- den, Mr. A. Chille, Advisory Gwen Mackenna, Joe Genovese. Every homeroom at Niagara Falls High School is a state represented in the Student Council by a governor and a lieutenant-governor. The governors meet weekly to transact business pertaining to stu- dent activities. A record of the meeting is sent to each homeroom in the form of an agenda sheet. Thus the students are informed of "what's up." The Student Council this year sponsored a Spud-nut sale, the Sal- vation Army Christmas baskets, and dances after home basket- ball games, The proceeds from the dances go to the general stu- dent fund, part of which will be used for a Block "N" dinner hon- oring our athletes. The dances also promoted school spirit. An innovation this year was the Tri-School Council, consisting of the officers and two representatives from each of the three high schools in Niagara Falls. Three times yearly this council met to ex- change ideas and make suggestions for better coordination of ac- tivities and proiects. Student Council officers for I96l-1962 are: President, .loe Hurst, Vice President, Joe Genovese, Secretary, Gwen MacKenna, Treas- urer, Curtis Bolden. Mr. A. Chille is their advisor. LIEUTENANT-GOVERNORS - FIRST ROW: Richard Siegel, Alberta Previte, Carol Maturani, Anne Cale, Rene Phillips, Marian Farella, Carol Zanghi, Charles Granata, Sandra Rangatore, Bridget Walsh, Rose Rizzotto, Judi Conierti, Mary Davis, Shirley Seals, Joe Critelli. SECOND ROW? Frances Leardini, Norma Josey, Mary Ann Rinaldo, Tom Rinallo, Edward Barter, Richard Briand, John Scavulli, Martin Sawma, Louis Muzzillo, Thomas Martin, Daniel Shapiro, Carolyn Hager. THIRD ROW: Lorraine Sunicki, David Graff, Edward Cec- cato, Michael Colucci, Clarence Pace, Phillip Keller, Gary Falsetti, Allan Keicher, Michael Panepinto, Gary Martin, Bonnie Lutz. ford 96.-, CHRONICLE STAFF, FIRST ROW: Mary Davis, Linda Becker, Patrick Nalbone, Marie Terrano, Linda Heck, Christine Jarosz, Marcia Mo- solf, Ann Ewalt, Janice Goodman, Sally Madei, Marilyn Lampmun, Joan Lynch, Shirley Seals, JoAnn Basso. SECOND ROW: Patricia Toni, Lillian Williams, Mary Long, Joyce Talarico, Margaret Zecco, CHRONICLE Our highly praised school paper, The Chronicle, aFforded an opportunity for all those interested in iournalism to gain valuable experience and provided the student body with accurate news ot school functions and personalities. Joan Lynch and her Capa- ble staff, under the guidance of Mr. W. Brady, succeeded in putting forth a publication worthy of the merits it has received. The facts and fun presented were appreciated by the many subscribers. CHRONICLE REPRESENTATIVES, FIRST ROW: Maria D'Angela, Pa- tricia Bates, Richard Haick, Julianne Griggs, Betty McGhee, William Lops, Gretchen Rice, Cheryl Brown, Arlene Falzone, Lucia Ven- turelli, Karen Olsen, Charlene White, Karen Armstrong. SECOND ROW: Carol Zanghi, Teresa Pietras, Kathy Pasco, Priscilla Ashley, S wa Joy Colucci, Lorraine Ponzi, Susan Kadykowski, Teresa Pietras, Vic- toria Delill, Lorraine Sunicki. THIRD ROW: Donna Skrlin, Louise Hooper, Dorothy Hughes, Susan Stack, Ronald Brooks, Bob Gellman, George Courson, Gretchen Mess, Rosalie Dangelo, Adulia Talbott. A vote of thanks to Joan Lynch, Editor-in-chief, Lillian Williams, News Editor, Ma-rie Terrano, Feature Eclitorg Joy Colucci, Sports Editor, Louise Hooper, Editorials and Adulia Talbott and Lorraine Sunicki, Business Managers. LEFT TO RIGHT SEATED: Marilyn Lamp- man, Margaret Zecco, Dorothy Hughes, Joan Lynch. STANDING: Marie Terrano, Louise Hooper, Lorraine Sunicki, Adulia Talbott, Lillian Williams, Joy Colucci. Norma Josey, Marilyn Leone, Linda Heck, Ann Ewalt, Patricia Toni THIRD ROW: Susan Kaclykowski, .lane Schroeder, Eileen Brooks Frank Giancola, Anthony Scrufari, Louise Hooper, Sally Landes, Alice Perry, Donna Skrlin. MEMBERS - FIRST ROW: Jill Jordan, Margie Pavlisin, Rosemary Valenti, Beverly lngrasci, Jean Burmaster, Barbara Munger, Bar- bara Henderson, Elaine Shaw, Robert Porreca, Karen Tata, Joan Lynch, Arlene Falzone, Margaret Adams, Patricia Bates, Judy Ed- wards. SECOND ROW: Wesley Szalach, Pat Haynes, Mark Siegel, Charles DeFazio, Margaret Zecco, Geargine Rosatone, Linda Ta- mala. Priscilla Grant, Crerar Douglas, Sandra Fields, Bill Corsaro, Tannis Valley. THIRD ROW: Mary Ann Rinaldo, Dorothy Hughes, Pamela Gwozdek, Joe Hurst, Jeffrey Guehring, Ted Worosz, Diana DiCamillo, Bonnie Lutz, Jim Colosi. HONOR SOCIETY A high scholastic average, plus the combined qualities of character, leadership, and service make any student eligible to membership in the National Honor Society. This group promises to supply many of the leaders of tomorrow. The members maintained the first floor book store, the profits ot which provide an annual scholarship tor an HONOR SOCIETY OFFICERS: Barbara Henderson, Secretary, Jeftrey Guehring, Vice-President, Miss E. Mitchell, Advisor, Mary Ann Rinaldo, Treasurer, and Crerar Douglas, President. outstanding member. Besides being active in at least one other outside activity, the students are kept busy with two induction programs, the Victory Dance alter the Student Council election, an excursion and ioint ban- quet with the three other senior Honor Societies in the city. BOOK STORE, STAGGARD: Ted Worosz, Bill Corsaro, Joan Lynch, Chuck DeFazio, Barbara Munger, Jean Burmaster, Peggy Adams, Diana Di- Camillo, Pamela Gwozdek. . - ll H'-1. Q I -Q 45, 5 K6 'Qwifr 4' A fe' K Q2 W Q "5 Rf A . Ml .5 X-.f ir Q E wh Q an Q ,..xf 2 rl X' 1. gt' 7 A , i ,ff . -fi V A f ,,,, u ,NR K Ty 'x x JP' .Q meg 1 S . V b y W Q-QM ,:,,.,, 5 ,V yy A Q, V , m "- ' , n ' g m - 'ff f , 'W' A g - ' H K . YAK. V Q 1 X' 1 ' m , , . ' "'L H - ' ' ,.L- A' - T M 4 N L 3' f L I. f-- V A V I -- 1 ,.L.. g,,.,,x. , 1 - ' 4 ' 1 mg ' - f l , xz - V 1 , Y Tqggd-.,if'..44a-nu-aaqw: I ,gk , E K K I iid ' MX- 1 . X '," ' - ' f ' ' Asgbmif Y-swf ' F2-WL : ' f Ai . f -. W A f ' - Y AQ ' W 3 L L , . 'F W """'f ? . -ww, .V-z..ww ,, W W 2 A K Af 1 sv , s A-- 'K K - . W T E -3 L ' W ' ff ,m,x, -5 A L A - . 'f.' 5 - L' 15 S 4 J . 'K "1'xf.,61.,-, 4 ,, gf- -1- -W, A .J ik. k .. , f . fin - 12-Nwlfffg 3 kxkk U x5 W ' 2 ,, ' 1 - 1 iff . 'asv 1:2 -L ' .: ' 1 " ' 4 - 1 2 ' ' ' X- i,,,5,,. , .A A ,. ,Q if g --f 45. 2: s, K- sf 2 si 21543 if? 1 , ,.fL..d.if wzgig gq. .- , tg is 1. fi" ' 2:2 si. ,a- f,- us- Merge ,.,, -, 9- -,QQ A 3:3 A ji iag K ' 5 ,. 1 f , ,Y r avg! f 5 4 5 Ld v 1 v I Y Qi 4 4 ' 5 Y, S, A' 4- fx? Y -wh 'si , 1 XXX Ihxfln MS! ix f gi x W , K Q.. ' , ixlt , Al . 3 --g , u K .., ,. frm xl V ,-ga W K w V in X11 1 fgj1, :g v 'f ' X' is Y 'Q ". Q4 ' I N. -1 .. . I 'F flf' f I ,4IJ',K, 4 'f 4ggQf,53jQi? -P r.:?31'A" ' 1' -in.: , 461 , . f . gig-Qi A ,f 'L , 4 Q :Qi s 2,5 x X li' 'igkg 5 +44 , Qlffiifir ,SM . A 3 'S 1 A' B 'Lxgg 5.4k- gss sw FIRST ROW: Peggy Ware, Elaine Carlini, Anne Cale, Delly Mariano, Dara Lowe, Ann Ewolt, Barbara Fox, Janice Wadowlca, Francine Schiro, Pat Loria, Leslee McBride, Kathleen Lake, Elizabeth Haslip, Barbara Viscome, Nancy Kocher, Mary Davis. SECOND ROW: Susan Brydges, Patricia Toni, Sharon Le Page, Shirley McCormick, Ann Mazza, Heather Buchanan, Adele Smith, Mary Montgomery, Bridget Walsh, Rene Phillips, Linda Hoag. THIRD ROW: Carole Scott, Mar- garet Grafuis, Judith Casey, Lorraine Drabczyk, Pat Whitney, Bar- bara Seyler, Dorothy Blackman, Gail Andres, Barbara Horshman. CHORUS Biweekly, the sound of music invades the halls during seventh period. The large mixed chorus, directed by Mrs. M. A. Curry, sang for the Christmas assembly. FIRST ROW: Helene Davis, Juanita Gonzalez, Marie Nowacki, Gloria Powell, Pamela Shearer, Mary Long, MaryAnn Puerner, Mary Car- damone, Mary Beth Martin, Victoria DeLill, Lorraine Sunicki, Carole Larbee, Tannis Valley. SECOND ROW: Lillian Williams, Marianne Specht, Susan Kadykowslci, Alice Thompson, Sharyn Austin, Fay Dickie, Jill Palumbo, Donna Hann, Bonnie Bhagwat, Carol Wigle, Marian Farello, Carol Yanlcelunas, Beverly lngrasci, THIRD ROW: Paulette Weld, Hazel Isom, Sharry Graves, Sandra Yudichak, Betty Bernot, Louise Scheioler, Sue Stiegman, Nancy White, Bonny Burt, Lorraine Ponzi, FOURTH ROW: Gretchen Mess, Cheryl Cacner, Carolyn Stouck, Jane Abbott, Lillian Cox, Irma Phelps, Donna Mat- tace, Sema Tarpinian, Rosemary Love. LEFT TO RIGHT - FIRST ROW: Cheryl Taylor, Norma Studi, Sarah Marlene Raymond, Kandy Bradt, Phyllis Canfield, Shari Cole, Ger- Howard, Shirley Seals, Anne Salacuse, Nancy Hill, Pat Kowalski, ald Haseley, Judy Johnson, Sandy Wasenko, Charlotte Conti, Nancy Sandy Thomson, Marilyn Lampman, Beverly Hatfield, Patti Ligam- Schug, Donna Duignan, Francine Kianoli. THIRD ROW: Joe Palumbo, mari, Linda Becker, Margaret Langivin, Annie Cauley, Susan Feld- Bill Antonelli, David Dlugose, Pete Ciraolo, Tom Carlson, Joe Sci- meyer, Flora Lowe. SECOND ROW: Shavy Sanders, Paulette Whittle, betta, John Barnes, Joe Vilardo, Gary Mills. CHORUS The Spring Concert, and the Music Festival was held with La Salle High. Selected voices enriched a city-wide women's chorus which sang at a Philharmonic Concert. Chorus 4 - FIRST ROW: Rubina Pinzotti, Janet Rizzotto, Linda Val- DeFelice, Candace O'Neil, Gloria Anderson, Barbara Nablin, lena, Judy Paterniti, Patrick Nalbone, Arnold Ruben, Marie Meierer, Cynthia Callan, Elizabeth Gerth, Sandy Tantillo. THIRD ROW: Brian Cheryl Brown, Joan Lynch, Ruby Johnson, Marge Kishmoian, Mae Talbot, Dennis Weigel, James Sorour, Paul Schultz, George Courson, Dupree, Pamela Legg. SECOND ROW: Donna Nathanson, JoAnn Benjamin Cicciare, Frank Giancola, Angelo Valentino. Basso, Virginia Mash, Linda McClintoch, Bronwyn Watts, Michael 2 as I 'ue-rw-rffr'-"e'fr-l" s LEFT TO RIGHT: Muriel Biggins, Judie Sandy Cole, Rosemary Carmen, Louise Committee This ambitious group handles the financial aspects of many scholastic fund raising activities. The ticket sales for the Niagarian variety show, senior variety show, senior banquet, and their financial reports were care- fully done by these girls. Judie Brown as Chairman, Brown, Miss A. Dominianni, Mr. A. Dietreick, Advisors, Pat Sander, DeMunda. Sandra Cole, Patricia Sander, Rosemarie Carmen, Mu- riel Biggins, and Louise Delvlunda contribute much time and effort towards the success of these activities. Miss A. Dominianni and Mr. A. Dietreick are their supervisors. BUSINESS MANAGEME T SCHQCL STORE "Gosh, I forgot to buy paper," is no excuse for Niagara pencils, notebooks and other essential supplies. Miss V. Falls High School students. The School store, open daily before school and during lunch periods, sells paper, Donohue supervises the workers. Salesman SEATED: Betty Grassler, STANDING: Sandra Fields, Shirley Wawsczyk, Irma Phelps, Alice Perry. A . . is 1 y or 2 I ff f 2 if ,.-" I s . 5 I I SEATED: Paulette Gray, Sandy Bryk, Donna Francis. STANDING: horoic, Jacqueline Magdziak, Sharon Tobey, Mrs. M. Lynch, Adviser, Cynthia Callan, Cheryl Lochren, Lorraine Drabczyk, Angeline Hry- Jean Edwards, Santa Micale, Elaine Hadad, Delores Jasek. As o progressive society results only from careful ad- Lynch. An able stat? of volunteers assists them with their ministrative practices, so our etficient administration duties. The girls distribute blue sheets and collect at- arises from the desks of Mrs. A. O'Brien and Mrs. M. tendance cards. OFFICE STAFF BULLETI BOARD Another group of girls, under Mrs. R. Whitley, keeps our bulletin board up to date with information for the student body. STAGGERED: Cheryl Lockren, Judy Gibson, Donna Francis, Margaret Grafuis. FIRST ROW: Patricia Bates, Marilyn Lampman, Gretchen Rice, Juli- anne Griggs, Alberta Previte, Marge Kishmoian, Arlene Falzone, Mary Davis, Virginia Mash. SECOND ROW: Marilyn La Monica, Marcia Mosolf, Ann Ewalt, Karen Rowles, Salley Madei, Saundra Thompson, Linda Becker, Wesley Szalach, Sandy Tantillo. THIRD ROW: Miss G. Erwin, Advisor, Karen Armstrong, Judy Pauline, Lil- lian Williams, Carol Hasson, Paulette Gray, Gail Andres, Heidi The cadet teaching program offers girls interested in teaching an opportunity to discover whether this is to be their chosen profession. For two hours weekly, the girls observe elementary classes. They may help the teacher by leading games, exercises, or by reading stories. Mueller, Claudia Shemik, Alice Thompson, Clarice Danimari, Mary Long, Barbara Kowalski, Bonnie Bhagwat, Barbara Ann Kirk, Carol Sevchik, Donna Hann. FOURTH ROW: Rosalie Dangelo, Bonnie Lutz, Jill Palumbo, Norina Rydelek, Mary Lou Winiarczyk, Joanne Boiarski, Clarence Ward, Ronald Brooks, George Courson, Jane Abbott, Sema Tarpinian, Judy Makoski, Gretchen Mess, Sharry Graves, Jeri Slish. Some of the students observe classes of handicapped children. Actual participation in classroom activities gives the individual a preview of his future in this worthy vo- cation. Miss G. Erwin, Guidance Counselor, is the ad- visor of the cadet teacher program. CADET TEACHER GUIDANCE The Guidance Department provides many services to aid students with their problems and plans for their voca- tions. Complete information on colleges, their require- ments, scholarships, and loan-funds, part time jobs and after-graduation work opportunities is available. SEATED: Miss G. Erwin, Advisor, Carol Sevchik, Arlene Falzone, Jackie Espina, Karen Toto, Sandra Tantillo, Marilyn La Monica. STANDING: Mr. G. Wood, Mr. J. Janowski, Paulette Gray, Mar- An auxiliary staff of students assist Miss G. Erwin, Mr. J. Janowski, and Mr. G. Wood by correcting tests, run- ning errands, and keeping other clerical work up to date. garet Bak, Elyse Olearczyk, Pamela Gwozdek, Mary Ann Rinaldo, Joanne Boiarski, Tannis Valley. SEATED: Sally Landes, Miss H. McCarney, Nurse, Elizabeth Gerth, Barbara Henderson. STANDING: Lynn Tiffany, Sandra Neyerlin, The clinic is the abode of High School's "Clara Bartons," under the supervision of nurse-teacher Miss H. McCar- ney. The fourteen monitors assist Miss McCarney in re- Carol Geary, Carol Wigle, Alice Thompson, Diana Pilato, Sandra Bryk, Diane Wyrauch, Joan Pasek, Rubina Pinzotti, Mary Brennen. cording the names of all students coming to the clinic, maintaining health cards, and caring for the minor ills of the faculty and student body. CLINIC FUTURE URSES CLUB This, another group new to N.F.H.S., is made up of prospective nurses. They are sponsored by the Women's Auxiliary to the Medical Corp of Niagara Falls. This year's meetings were concerned with discussing prepara- tion and requirements for various nursing schools, visit- SEATED: Linda Hoag, Joyce Adams, Lorraine Disparti, Elizabeth Manning, Judy Edwards, Margaret Adams, Joanne Mule, Maria Cor- sano. STANDING: Miss H. McCarney, school nurse, Miss G. Erwin, ing area hospitals, and having lectures on related top- ics. The grand hnale was Future Nurses' Rally Day in which the girls participated. Beverly lngrasci, President, and Barbara Munger, Program Chairman, guided by Miss G. Erwin, conducted the meetings. guidance counselor, Margaret Grafuis, Barbara Kirk, Joy Colucci, Fay Dickie, Lillian Cox, Barbara Munger, Mary Ann Rinaldo, Cheryl Hartburg, Nancy Hill, Marlene Raymond, Beverly lngrasci. STAGGEREDi Priscilla Grant, Jeri Slish, Wesley Szalach, Adulia Talbott, Pat Nalbone, Elaine Carlini, Richa-rd Krizan, Tannis Valley. WRITERS' WORKSHOP The "Stardust," our school literary magazine, offers stu- dents a chance to display their creative skills. As this year's copy is bigger and better, more students are en- tering their works for publication. The staFl members choose the best selections and edit them it it is neces- LIB Our library's face changed greatly this year, New ad- ditions include a science corner with many new scientific books and periodicals, tour new sets of encyclopedias, much appreciated new open work tables and many good books. Our Librarian, Miss M. Blackmar, with her STAFF: FIRST ROW: lKneelingl Karen Armstrong, lSeatedJ: Gloria Grim- aldi, Diane Wyrauch, Charlene White, Josephine DelGobbo, Deborah Capotosta. SECOND ROW: Lillian Williams, Judi Casey, Linda Heck, Kathleen O'Flaherty, Barbara Kirk, Judie Hickey, Christine Jarosz. sary. When their work is complete, and the issue pub- lished and bound, the "Stardust" gives us many mo- ments ot fun and entertainment. We discover that N.F.H.S. has many authors in the making. RARY numerous assistants, is kept very busy executing her many duties. The girls help by checking books in and out, maintaining the trophy case and bulletin boards, and locating materials tor students. LEFT TO RIGHT: Lillian Williams, Miss M. Blackmar, Librarian, Barbara Kirk. SEATED: Todd Wallens, Karen Rowles. STANDING: Beverly Hatfield, Mary- KNEELING: Todd Wallens. STANDING: Patricia Pasco, anne Puerner, Carl Hriczak, Charles Rader. Peter Arico. D RAMATI CS Renewed interest in theater acts and dramatics shown by the students of Niagara Falls High School led to the formation of the new Drama Club this year. The group was formed under the direction of Mrs. C. Hill, Advisor, and has a membership of thirty. Officers elected at the beginning of the year are: Todd Wallens, President, Karen Rowles, Vice-President, Charles Rader, Secretary. The purpose of the club is to enrich the knowledge of each member both in the actual participation of plays, and also in those things directly connected with the production. These would include directing, lighting, and stage setting. The group's first major effort was the production of FIRST ROW: Richard Siegel, Bruce Fitzsimmons, Karen Rowles, Mary- anne Puerner, Peter Arico, Mary Cardamone, Diane Wyrauch, Wendy Jordan, Joseph Critelli, Ruby Johnson. SECOND ROW: Linda Heck, Charles Rader, Gary Marino, Todd Wallens, Norina "The Valient Villain," a melodrama with a "twisted" plot. The villain, Todd Wallens, is continually chased by Mary Ann Puerner, the heroine. The hero, Charles Rader, keeps interfering to save the farmer's beautiful daughter." The farmer and his wife, Stanly Hriczalc and Karen Rowles, their other beautiful daughter, Bev- erly Hattheld, and Patricia Pasco, the villain's wife, all help to add confusion to the plot. Finally, the villain is saved by the sheriff, Peter Arico, and gladly turns over the mortgage to the farm for his freedom. With such a successful season, members of the Drama Club express their confidence in an even greater group next year. Rydelek, Thomas Weisflog, Pat Pasco, Mrs. Clara Hill, Advisor. THIRD ROW: David Pasko, Dale Flagler, Stanley Hriczak, Thomas Carlson, Richard Mann, George Courson, Cynthia Barkley. FIRST ROW: .lo Ann Bossa, Ruby Pinzol-ti, Elaine Carlini, Estelle Minervino, Donna Diugnan, Pat Kowalski, Beverly lngrasci, Marilyn La Monica, Arlene Falzone. SECOND ROW: Barbara Fox, Murcia Mosolf, Joy Colucci, Virginia Dell, Susan Straclc, Clarice Donimari, FRENC To further their understanding of the culture, country, and customs of the French people, French students meet every other week under the aclvisorship of Mr. L. Rain- ville, At the meetings they have an opportunity to use and improve their oral French and to increase their in- terest in French Literature. The members partake of an Otlicers: Joe Palumbo, Beverly lngrasci, Patricia Ko Falzone. Barbara Kowalski, Arnold Ruben, Sharon Le Page, Linda Perkins. THIRD ROW: Joanne Boiarski, Norma Rydelek, Elyse Olearczyk, Jo- seph Palumbo, Ellen Stone, Louise Scheider, Crerar Douglas, Cyn- thia Chioda, Rosalie Dangelo. CLUB excursion, f"Les Chevaliers de la Table Roncle"l and sell refreshments at home basketball games. The otticers are: Arlene Falzone, President, Joe Palumbo, Vice- Presiclent, Beverly lngrasci, Secretary, Susan Strock, Treasurer, Pat Kowalski, Sergeant at Arms. walski, Susan Strack, Mr. L. Rainville, Aclvisar, Arlene A: i sk . 5 il ' .' 1 s is f , X US Flricinnnnug .... Srnhisiihus FIRST ROW: Miss B. Yandian, Advisor, Mary Davis, Donna Stephans, Janice Wadowski, Joseph Gatti, Neal Gonzalez, Nickolas Marchelos, Lorraine Sunicki, Barbara Ann Kirk, Diana DiCamillo, Richard Krizan. SPANISH CLUB The Spanish Club, which is only two years old, has for its purpose the promotion of better understanding ot Spanish-speaking countries and people. Arranging a bul- letin board with a Spanish display, playing Spanish games, and holding a Christmas party with a Spanish theme, complete with pinotta are some of this year's OFHCERS SEATED: Donna Stephans, Diana DiCamillo, Mary Davis. Gonzalez. activities. The members hope to purchase a Spanish flag for their room. The officers, under the advisorship of Miss B. Yandian, are: Nicholas Marchelos, President, Neal Gonzalez, Vice-President, Diana DiCamillo, Secretary, Donna Stephans, Treasurer, Mary Davis, Historian, Joe Gotti, Sergeant At Arms. STANDING: Nicholas Marchelos, Neil FIRST ROW: Anna Jean Massor, Donna Cirillo, Pat Zachary, De- lores Sydorowicz, Janice O'Lay, Beatrice Walerowicz, Teresa Pietras, William Laps, Sandra Teber, Lorraine Hightower. SECOND ROW: Minnie Nix, Steve Zofuto, Anthony Soluri, Beniamin Cicciare, Johpn The Deco Club of N.F.H.S. is the new local chapter of a state and national movement called Distributive Edu- cation Clubs of America. Membership may be held only by those enrolled in cooperative part-time distribu- tive education, lts meetings otter the students an oppor- tunity tor greater understanding of the field, and pre- sent them with information on future opportunities. The pattern of operation includes social, civic, benevolent, Zipp, Charles Canosa, Louis Muzzillo, lrene Simpson, Eileen Brooks. THIRD ROW: Tom Brodowski, Oscar Frazier, Arthur Cowart, Lee Taylor, James Sandonato, James Schroeder, Ronald Brooks, Anthony Danielewicz, Mr. F. Orfano, Advisor. fund raising, and professional activities. Besides co- operating with the proiects ot the Chamber of Com- merce, this year's group mode posters for the Halloween Parade given by the North End Merchants and went on field trips. James Sandanato, President, aided by Wil- liam Laps, Vice-President, Teresa Pietras, Secretary, Arthur Cowart, Treasurer, and Mr. F. Ortano, Advisor, preside over the bi-monthly gatherings. DECA CLUB PEP CLUB This year, in coniunction with the Student Council, the the sponsoring of victory dances, and various other Pep Club aims to promote school spirit and sportsman- projects are included in the year's curriculum. ship at all school activities. The sale at booster buttons, Pep Club Officers: Mr. R. Schultz, Advisor, Phyllis Forcucci, Vice-President, Marcia Zatuto, Secretary-Treas- urer, Mike De Felice, President, Frank La Via, Sergeant at Arms. 'EQ ga A :J ,, .. -QS fx Nw' Q: S 35 , 2, 1 If ii K. . ?.:fi,.x ww. x 1 Mx-5, ,NH WN. QA 4, .. fn 'YK -Ef2'5uS? f133QW iQ:i '?2SfifA ' M V 2' Lift? iv .Q. 2? if Rf , 5 " H ,X f X W M 252 52 -t Sixth, .. ,Mg ik, SWA: , "NM 'U 'ii if K EDLICATIO AL TELEVISIO Although only in its second year of existence in our school system, Educational Television has proven itself beneficial to many students. We are privileged to view programs in English Literature, music, and world history prepared by students as well as teachers. Experiment- ing with classes was found to be a novel and informa- tive way to present old ideas. Mr. W. Brady is in charge of this program at N.F.l-l.S. LEFT TO RIGHT: Edward Marinucci, Bill Czchorowski, Tom Carl- son, Mr. R. Pitrone, Advisor, Gary Meteer, STAGGERED: Bob Woicik, Bob Garrecht, John Cordner, Bob Do- brasz, Patrick Gorman, Bill Smith, George Courson. STAGE A D PROJ ECTIO CREW Lights, sound, scenery, curtains and special effects es- sential to all stage performances are the duties of this group. These well-informed, able-bodied persons per- form their behind-the-scenes activities silently and de- votedly under the direction of Mr. R. Babbage. To them we owe o vote of thanks for their important part in the success of our assemblies and variety shows. AU DIO-VISUAL Readying projectors and televisions for class use, and sound and film for assemblies are the duties of the Audio-Visual crew. John Kartalian and Bob Dobrasz are the chief assistants of Mr. R. Pitrone in this field. LEFT TO RIGHT: Bob Dobrasz, John Kortalian, Gary Meteer, Mr. R. Pitrone, Advisor. FIRST ROW: Judy Edwards, Robert Wilson, Pat Sander, Nancy White, Sandra Wasenko, Margaret Morgan, Joy Colucci, Virginia Dell, Janet Rickabaugh, Carol Hassan, Peggy O'Neil, Rebecca Lasher, Mae Dupree, Miss H. McCarney, Advisor. SECOND ROW: Judie Brown, Carolyn Caprino, Irene Simpson, Frank LaVia, Joseph CTVH.D As the whine of the alert siren begins, the clinic and cafeteria become first-aid stations, and the civil defense team moves into action. ln the event of an actual at- tack, stretcher bearers would transport the iniured to the stations to receive first aid under the direction of The Science Library, one of several improvements on the fourth floor, is something entirely new this year. ln it are the books gathered from each science room, plus several hundred books available through the National Defense Education Act. Students are encouraged to use the references, the magazines, and other books during Science Library SEATED: Mary Ann Rinaldo, Karen Rowles, Lillian Williams, Susan Kerr, William Stewart, Dennis Dowling, Richard Valenti, Kathy Cos- tantino, Lorraine Sunicki, Miss R. Johnston, Advisor. STANDING: Sharon LePage, Kathy Koontz, Tanis Barnes. Palermo, Gerry Leo, Jerry Peak, James Parnella, Michael Cirrito, Phyllis Forcucci, Sandra Fields. THIRD ROW: Ollie Dozier, Robert Clayton, Philip Smith, Gary Meteer, Peter Plavisch, Kenneth Deal, Patrick Robertson, Stanley Cole, James Colosi. EFENSE our nurse, Miss H. McCarney, and her assistants. Cour- iers relay messages between the air-raid stations, home- rooms, and office personnel. The team, instructed and prepared, is ready for any emergencies. their study halls for assignments or for personal re- search. A staFf of student assistants carries out the li- brary duties each period. lt is the hope of Miss R. John- son and Mr. R, Pitrone, the organizers, that this library will grow and contribute greatly to our science depart- ment. Radiological Group KNEELING: Douglas Ely, Peter Hessinger. STANDING: Joe Hurst, Mr. M. Bedford, Advisor, Jack Holloman. FIRST ROW: Marilyn Lampman, Donna Cafarella, Marlene Raymond, Phyllis Canfield, Shirley McCormick, Kay O'Flaherty, Sharon Lynch, JoAnn Basso, Linda Becker, Janice Capizzi, Jill Jordon, Judie Brown, Karen Lloyd, Gloria Grimaldi, SECOND ROW: Nancy Bick- ford, Cheryl Taylor, Betty McGhee, Sandra Teber, Elizabeth Folee, Barbara Cyphers, Maria Corsano, Marlene Rosokotcf, Karen Arm- strong, Rose Ann Boetto, Pat Sander, Jane Schroeder, Jill Swift. THIRD ROW: Elaine Shaw, Lillian Williams, Paulette Weld, Adele Smith, Judith Gordineer, Beatrice Walerowicz, Christine Jarosz, Joyce Kowalski, Bridget Walsh, Phyllis Bobek, Susan Kadykowski. FOURTH ROW: Ellen Sheridan, Gretchen Mess, Priscilla Ashley, Pa- tricia Zykas, Jane Abbott, Marsha Slcrlin, Aretha Moore, Betty Ber- nat, Barbara Stewart, Barbara Kowalski, Lisette Barbezat. U HER SQUAD Directing people "This way, please" to all new seats in Walsh, and the stat? members assist with the school and the auditorium is the duty of our usher squad. Jill Swift community activities held in our auditorium. and Jane Schroeder, co-chairmen, advised by Mrs. l. B D W Co-Chairmen and Advisor it Q Q D Jane Schroeder, Mrs. I. Walsh, Jill Swift. , Q X I I ,IIIIIIIIIHEE3 egngunaaeuuaaeegs '-vmQ3geza,zaua.a-4-:veil is-xrswisssfsstzzna-a-41.41 wwwesamwsnaaddf fl ' S It 5 J,4,i-4-!R'1"i ZETEZZEQQSSJJM--as 'lllifQ3BJJdd44'3 eewnase 3Jdd4,,q Y fi ,i Isl 3 UW,Wf U v it Civil 4 . I 4 Alf? 5.4 K ek 1 I , . , u , -M 'Q' ' ' L'f. Ao. :V 4 i" 37 K QB Eiga. fgffff mn- 1 :i:i'553l2:::5:g:gff B :::gg'g'f?2:::x::z:: - '1:. -Hu:-:::' . - :1fvH3??::::Z 27 gag? R 1 -52 M L R ! 425 FIRST ROW - BOTTOM TO TOP: Frank Gugino, Charles Radar, Mark Tillotson, Bob Anderson, Jim Pitman, Crerar Douglas, Thomas Martin, Bradley Smith, David Paska, Bruce Semans, Richard Krizan, Douglas Martin, Robert Inskeep, Mike Puerner, Robert Garrecht, .let- frey Guehring, Mr. R. Simpson, Advisor. SECOND IROW: Patrick J. Key Club Officers SEATED: Douglas Martin, Crerar Douglas, Mr. R. Simpson, Advisor. STANDING: Curtis Bolden, Mark Tillotson. Nalbone, David Silverman,o Nicholas Marchelos, Brian Talbot, Charles DeFazio, Curtis Bolden, Gary Martin, Ralph Boniello, Ken- neth Deal, Richard Clements, Byron Wittlin, Al Kircher, Joe Scibetta Bob Gellman, Tom Carlson. KEY CLUB The Key Club, sponsored by the North End Kiwanis Club, is a chapter of an international service organi- zation. lt has undertaken many projects in attempting to serve our school and community. Some activities this year were selling pizza after school, displaying posters tor various organizations, delivering pack- ages to our teachers, and distributing maps to all new students in September. According to tradition, the Miss Key Club contest was held. Bi-monthly meet- ings were held under the supervision of Mr. R. Simp- son and the leadership ot Creror Douglas, President, Douglas Martin, Vice-President, Curtis Bolden, Secre- tary, Mark Tillotson, Treasurer, and Robert Garrecht, Chaplain. FIRST ROW: BOTTOM TO TOP: Richard Siegel, Dennis Silbergeld, thew Schiro, Robert Rotundo, Nicholas Marchelos, Peter Hessinger, Mark Siegel, Robert Dobrosz, Crerar Douglas, David Pasko, Douglas William Siener, Byron Wittlin, Arden Gray, Jeff Guehring. Martin, Brian Sage, Mr. M. Bedford, Advisor. SECOND ROW: Mat- FORENSIC SOCIETY One of the oldest functioning groups in our high school is the Forensic Society. At the meetings every other Tuesday, its masculine members engage in de- bates, discussions, and extemporaneous speaking. A dinner at the host's home puts the finishing touch on each meeting. An oratorical contest, iudged by local attorneys, is the climox of the year. A gold plaque is awarded to the finest speaker. The group also undertakes community service projects, as the Com- munity Center clothing drive. With the help of Mr. M. Bedford, Advisor, the officers: Creror Douglas, President, Robert Dobrasz, Vice-President, Mark Sie- gel, Secretory, Peter Hessinger, Treasurer, Forensic had another successful year. Officers: Mark Siegel, Robert Dobrasz, Crerar Douglas, David Pasko, Peter Hessinger, Mr. M. Bedford, Advisor. i x L, ,E ,iii Lay ' s f7 'Q if-v .4 1 1 A M4 . L If 9 ff 5 11 ia! I . , 1 A 9, v A , l 0 5 C Q as :j"l ' Ji, ,i,,,. f ' QS g.. ssgqLf M4!,..,.q,,s, K x F 'lr HE 4 .gg 5,1 li l W K S X Q V! X ' TS! ka 5, f X ' 1,-Q g 'Q wa"-was Wi ' .alf- NEME 2 wffff-S 131' A Q IQ, Air? gf , We -X wr.:- X x Q 1 X: L. LS-QR 5,1 it , -is .. Ami X bfi? f JS 3 ,0 - L 4 H Q-'QSC' X S N an - " Q' .. N , M.. Q 1 1 Y' 1 2 Ib' L11 1 fn 4 yn , ' A wrmrf' ., ' ' f' f .rl-i' M sizfizikmv A X L .fn N liz- NEVER A DULL MOME T A 4 Students entering the Planetarium Miss A. McCabe, English teacher, greets parents on Parents' Night Mrs. H. Donovan, preparing the stage for pictures Lecture at the Planetarium Janet Rickabcxugh of the Niagarian Art Staft N.F.H.S. soloists rehearsing their numbers Nancy White, Gloria Powell, Frank Giancola, Hazel lsom, ac- companist, David Dlugosc, Carolyn Stouck. , 25' - "' ff X ,E I 1, , xl ES? , , - 5iQaZ ,au1g..u?g1fif' T? fi iifiif ,wif Q: TT' gf 2 X-Q f' , Rf-iiizwr 2 Ffa YN."f'?11w ff 2. 'Nm 4. -1 1 'ff if -.1 giraaffiij piss M 1:11 f 5 FY, Qifli ' fi- Q K A Q W 1 1: M - f' .. iialmgg.,-L:'. V- . f- fefsfxfl we A fi w :L 1 f If A -wwvfs-fif, , Q,-+L gs: fggffgkf agar f .51 10-'kkxf 1 f gn, L 3341.2 x., ify ,t f . Ae, 32 2' i -' -X 5v:l,,,.Q y k 7 H H , . Y . AL. l' Q 1'F,f'zfi' 4 Q .Q ,J E 9 A 3 i SEATED - LEFT TO RIGHT: Bob Anderson, Kathy Conti, Jett Guehring, Sharon Graves, John Scavulli, Miss M. McDougall, Advisor, Bob lnskeep, Gary DiLaura, Kathy Pasco. SPGRTSMANSHIP COUNCIL The Niagara Frontier League Sportsmanship Council is one of the many contributing factors to the sportsman- ship of N.F.H.S. The Council consists of ten schools, and meets twice a year. At these meetings, the delegates exchange ideas, discuss problems, and become better acquainted. The member schools, besides Niagara Falls, are: Ken- more East, Kenmore West, Lackawanna, La Salle, Lewis- ton-Porter, Lockport, North Tonawanda, Tonawanda, and Tratt Vocational. John Scavulli, President, .leFl Guehring, Vice President, Sharon Graves, Secretary, and Miss M. McDougall, Ad- visor, preside over our chapter of the Sportsmanship Council. 136 MO,-y Kan 1 EES V T P 0 D 0 W l C H JL-........ .Ik Y CURU5 LEON SMNH J dgixxx D c ARD ff. 1175 QF AI g f A Q. CQACH A CALANDRELL1 JOHN SCAVULLI 4 1' :v i li PM .. -as 'li' 9 ' ' t tie 1 l g .. - A in - l iliwrrn ... i Varsi KNEELING: John Seick, Jeff Guehring, Joe McGee, Leon Smith, Willie Cox, Jon Edwards, John Scavulli, and ty Leo Mai, co-captains, Joe Palermo, John Goodfellow, Bill Popowich, Gary Falsetti. STANDING: Assistant Coaches S. Blinco, R. Meckes, A. Calandrelli, Coach Joe Genovese, Rick Nation, Mark Singleton, Bob Ins- keep, Frank Carter, Ron Nabors, Ed Ceccato, Francis Zanghi, John Gregori, Clarence Ward, John Zan- kowski, Gary DiLaura, Mike Gallo, Larry LaBlanc, Tom McGee, Rich Swarczynski, Matt Zarosl, Bob Ander- son, Rich Mamon, Al DeLuca, Dick Molinaro, George Zalocha. FOOTBALL This year Niagara Falls High School football team completed a very successful sea- NFHS OPP'T son under their new coach Mr. A. Calandrelli. They finished the season with a six North Tonawanda 20 26 and two record, beating all their opponents except North Tonawanda and Tona- Kenmore East ..... T9 T3 Wanda. The fine coaching of Mr. A. Calandrelli and the leadership of co-captains Tonawanda .. . . T3 27 Leo Mai and John Scavulli molded this year's team into one of the best in the LaSalle .... . 6 O league. Their four shutouts in a row against LaSalle, Trott, Lewiston-Porter, and Trott ......... . 27 O Lockport emphasized the prowess of an excellent defensive team. Also, the Cata- Lewiston-Porter .... 20 O racts again emerged as the city champions. Individual honors went to George Za- Lockport ..... . . T2 0 locha, named to the all-league team and the all-city team, and to Leon Smith, Lackawanna .. .. 28 i2 and John Zankowski, who were named to the all-city team. KNEELING: George Hart, Jim Zelinsky, Leo Ward, Eddie Wakely, John Hesson, Jae Tabone, Dale De- Bacco, Steve Kargatis, Dennis Ormsby, Jim Smith, Charles Radar, Don Stephenson, Gary Palato, John Teaman, Mark Plrolli. STANDING: Mr. R. Meckes, Coach, Ernest Risdon, ca-captain, Jeff Plumer, Jim Magee, Bill Organisiak, Bill Zasucha, Gary Hayes, Carl Hriczak, Vince Buttamonte, Stan Morris, Tony , , Gruppo, co-captain, Frank Fair, Fred Mann, Jim Woods, Lovell Stevens, Wayne Jones, Tony Civaglia, Junior Varsity Larry Humana. 'iziif I AF! NHEHWS 4 Q, X 6' EE if 1 I I I, sd? !f Je GL 1 i 5 A 4 I , f 1 I 1 F V O Varsi FIRST ROW: George Zalocha, Craig Finger, Leon Smith, John Goodfellow, Ron Bator, Tom Martin. SEC- ty OND ROW: Frank Carter, Joe Hurst, Pete Hartmans, Robert Clayton, Jeff Guehrmg, Wayne Landesman, Ronald Nabars. THIRD ROW: Bogdan Aleksieiuk, Manager, Mr. J. O'Shea, Coach. BASKETBALL Coach James O'Shea encountered a gigantic 'rebuilding iob in his initial year as cage mentor at Niagara Falls High School. The loss of the 'first seven players of the i960-61 season left Coach O'Shea with few experienced players. Neverthe- less, the Cataracts came up with a team that spelled danger to the first division clubs throughout the season. The "Cataracts" improved steadily as the season progressed, and after the second Kenmore-East game experienced a three game winning streak going into the tinal two games against North Tonawanda and tra- ditional rival and City Champs, Trott. Niagara Falls High School can boast of two of the league's leading scorers in Ron Bator and Leon Smith. We predict now that with the return of Frank Carter, Ron Nabors, John Hayes, Pete Hartmans, Craig Finger, Lovelle Stevens and a sound Junior Varsity squad, the Cataracts will be sound contenders for the league cham- pionship next year. Seniors Ron Bator, Leon Smith, John Goodfellow, George Zalocha, Jett Guerhing, Bob Clayton, Joe Hurst, Wayne Landesman, and Tom Martin have instilled in the returning team examples of time sportsmanship, the desire to win and uphold the proud name of Niagara Falls High School. NFHS Season Record NFHS OPP T Lockport .......... 63 Lackawanna .... 54 Tonawanda ,.... 5l Kenmore West .. 45 LaSalle ........ 56 Lewiston Porter .... 45 Kenmore East . .. 59 North Tonawanda 46 Trott .......... 59 Lockport ....... 45 Lackawanna .... 64 Tonawanda .... 47 Kenmore West .. 70 LaSalle ........ 60 Lewiston Porter .. 80 Kenmore East . .. 54 North Tonawanda 58 Trott FIRST ROW: Bertram Thompson, Charles Rader, Joseph Tabone, Bob Lozina, Howard Stevens, John Has- , , ley, Jim Williams. SECOND ROW: Gary Wallos, John Hayes, Mitchel Adamschick, Julius Tennyson. Junlor Va rslty THIRD ROW: George Hart, Ronald Cindrick, Jim Zielinski, Ronald Fulgenzi, Coach. their i iii gs. an 3 P-GAQRA S . gh 926,201 if? KNEELING: Ed McGee, Havard Coates, George Hart, Richard Smith, Wilbur Haynes, Richard Haick, Frank Foin, Jim Dunlop, Paul Schultz, Gerald Casset, Leo Ward, Don DePasquole, Steven Strack, Sam Bisignano. STANDING: Mr. J. Moran, coach, Bob Martin, Leo-n Smith, Edward Renford, Jim May, Willie Nix, Charles Harding, Mar- Our track team last year had a typical year. We were perennially strong in the dashes and field events, and through the efforts of many fine seniors we were able to earn a 5-3 record. We could count on wins from Bob Jones in the high jump and broad iump, Millard Ellis or Nick Rizzo in the hundred yard dash, Jim May in the hurdle and Jerry Norgiel in the shot. Other sen- iors were Don Thompson, Jerry Dunlop, Joe Smith, James Broswell and Charles Glover. Outstanding juniors include Curtis Bolden in the 880, tin Pennington, Charles Glover, Millard Ellis, Joe Smith, Don Thomp- son, Bob Jones, Frank Kopczynski, Charles Powloski, Joe Hurst, Curtis Bolden, Jack Hollamon, Ted Labai, Richard Booze, Pat Rob- ertson, Mr. B. Parsons, coach. Leon Smith in the hop-step and lump, Otis Rentord in the dashes, Ollie Dozier, and Joe Hurst in the high lump. Our miler last year was a sophomore Charles Harding who should be back this year. Individual honors must be given to Bob Jones and Mil- lard Ellis for ettorts in the Section VI Class AAA meet last year. Bob Jones made a double win in the high iump and broad lump for ten points while Millard Ellis added another seven points to give Niagara Falls a third place in the meet. TRACK CROSS COU TRY In I96I, Niagara Falls High School was one of the last N.F.L. schools to be introduced to a new sport, cross- country. This is a sport which requires a great deal of rigorous training and determination on the part of the participants. The dual and triangular meets consisted of a race anywhere trom two to two and a halt miles in KNEELING: Charles Conoso, Chuck Harding, George Dlugosz, Les Mackenzi, Mike McKinney, Bill Seiner, James Candella, Dan La Verde. STANDING: Roman Pavlock, Coach, Jerry Simone, John Col- length over a preplanned course. Points are scored on the positions in which the first tive runners of each com- peting team cross the tinish line. At the end of the sea- son, league and sectional meets are held in which each team is allowed to place a limited number of contest- ants. vin, Louis Tonetti, Joe Hurst, Curtis Bolden, Dennis Lee, Richard Moldenhaur, Steve Hylo. C ' KNEEUNG: Edward Barszcz, Richard Haick, James Scrivani, Terry Malaney, Frank LaVia. STANDING: Syd Marquis, Bill Bradigan, Walter Michaels, Richard Gertz, Jerry Colosi, Bruce Semans, Richard Swarzynski, Richard Nation, Mr. J. O'Sheo, Advisor. Every Tuesday afternoon a group of boys invade the Bowl-O-Drome bowling alleys at three-thirty. Their ad- visor, Mr. J. O'Shea, supervises the boys while they bowl. As in every league, good records must be kept, and Carl Brown has been elected Secretary to take care of this. A team of boys, composed of the best bowlers in the league, represented Niagara Falls School in the Spring Sectional meet in which we placed sec- ond last year. BOWLI G TENN S The Niagara Falls High School Tennis Team finished the l96l season fifth in the Niagara Frontier League with an overall record of 6 wins and 8 losses. Captain Tom .larzab led the singles players in CI num- ber of wins while in the doubles the team of Jerry Zipp and Mark Canfield was prominent. One high spot of the season was the second match with Kenmore West when Tom Jarzab came through a grueling three hour ordeal to win the second singles, i3-6, 12-IO, ii-9l. This was the lone win of the day. Varsity LEFT TO RlGHT: Tom Jarzab, William Stewart, Douglas Ely, Don Jarzab. MN lv 'fllwf-3' ,- E bs fi . FIRST ROW: Edward Barter, John Seick, Douglas Ely, Jonathan Schultz, Richard Krizan, Bill Smith, Michael Shepard, Bill Seiner. SECOND ROW: Mr. D. Reeser, Coach, Richard Molclenhauer, Frank Kankolenski, .lack Foster, Andy James, Gary Martin, Bob Gazy, Don Tillotsan, Brian Talbot, Dennis Perez, John Bies, Manager. M MIN G NFHS Season Record NFHS OPP'T L W' t Porte .... 35 60 Once again, as in preceding seasons, the Niagara Falls Swimming Team, captained by Andy James, Le is O2 r 69 25 was hampered by a shortage of swimmers and a short pool, now the only one in the league. ln OC po ""' ' spite of these difficulties, the squad managed to fare favorably in the N.F.L., the third ranked l-Qckowonnc - ' -- 83 ll league in the nation. Tonowanda .... . . 38 57 Coach David Reeser's nators, however, received a bad break in the meet with Kenmore-East in which Kenmore West ..... 51 44 the last event was necessary for a victory by either team. The Cataracts flashed to victory but were Kenmore E051 - ' 41 45 stunned by a disqualification which cost the meet and their place in the first-division during an L k O . oc port .......... 7l 2 abbreviated second round. K VV 47 47 Although lacking in numbers, the Niagara Falls High School squad had its share of outstanding enmore est ""' performances. Record-breakers were juniors Brian Talbot, Bob Gazy, Gary Martin, and senior Andy Lackawanna ' -"'- 75 l0 James. LClSCtlle ........... 53 42 Niagara Falls High took two first places in the Sectionals last year. Gary Martin won the butterfly NOl"ll'1 -l-Oi'lClWC1i'idO . . 40 55 and Andy James captured the freestyle event. FIRST ROW: Jim Harvey, Tom Morello, John Saul. SECOND ROW: O'Neill, Mark Foster, Gary Taylor. Mr. J. Farugia, Coach, James Coach Stuart Blinco's debut as baseball coach was very successful as the Cataract's were the NFL champions with a IO-2 season record. We lost to Tonawanda in the playolts to end the season, Joe Magliarditi led the team in hitting with a .370 average. Our team was the hardest hitting team in the league, and we had two of the best pitchers in the league in George Zalocha and Dave Kenny. Eight members of the team were se- lected on the All-City team, Dennis Scouler, Dave Kenny, John Goodfellow, George Za- locha, and Joe Magliarditi were named on various All-League teams. BASEB LL KNEELING: Leo Wilgosz, Dennis Scouler, Joe Mogliarditi, George Zalocha, Rich Bradt, Bob Stone, John Goodfellow, Phil Sergant. STANDING: Coach S. Blinco, Steve Bloom, Jim Zalinski, Ron Bator, Richard Mann, Gary Ruff, Tom Martin, Dave Kenny, Frank Kanko- lenski, Wayne Landesman, John Bruno, Bob Barrett, Manager. Richard Williams, Manager, SSN K -Q. 2 -,- 9 5 I li - L. as , FIRST ROW: Bonnie Lutz and Dana Berman. SECOND ROW: Kathy Colosi, Dennis Morgan, John Costanzo, Varslty Mae Dupree. THIRD ROW: Marguerite LaScalo, Rosemary Rizzotto. FOURTH ROW: Carol Sevchik, Peter Hes- singer, Steve Pierce, Carolyn DiCecco. FIFTH ROW: Sharon Groves, Don Prinz, Tony Michaels, Jane White. CHEERLEADERS The Niagara Falls High School cheerleaders do their best in promoting an enthusiastic school spirit and the importance ot good sportsmanship. Under the supervi- sion of Miss M. McDougall, these girls try to interest the students in backing their team. After tedious hours of practice, the cheerleaders stand before a roaring stu- dent body and cheer on their team. ln addition to pro- moting spirit, the varsity cheerleaders, captain, Bon- nie Lutz, and co-captain, Dana Berman, fulfill other re- sponsibilities. One of these is to aid in the advancement of the colors during the opening exercises. Another is to prepare and present entertaining pep assemblies. At the beginning of the year, the iunior varsity cheer- leaders are selected from a large group of girls. They must possess such qualities as a pleasing personality and good ideas of sportsmanship, besides maintaining an 80 per cent average. Next year they will carry on the du- ties performed by Niagara Falls High School Varsity cheerleaders. Junior Varsity FIRST ROW: Linda Perkins, Rosalie Dangelo. SECOND ROW: Louise Scheider, Marilyn Leone. THIRD ROW: Cathy Conti, Vi- ann Laurendi. FOURTH ROW: Janet Rizzotto, Ruby Pinzotti. TOP: Charlene DiLeonarclo. Q' L: fi.-N .555-'.'1' --5.a'Q.,,f ff A 'L 2, E ,K V 'I-A x V , ., 4 'W ,., - 'su . Y gb - 3' Y xf , 3+ Q 0,53 4 .v ' Qs V fieliguw-1 x Mai' ' x igfifiig, V , 'HJ' ' 6 o as Q, QQ Q 3 , uf fn St? ,. - 5 ,352 5 5 L' I 5 3 is ma i r fn., STANDING: Jane White, Rosemary Love. Lillian Cox, Sema Tarpinian, Betty McGhee. KNEELING: Carol Scott, Linda Perkins. BA KETBALL Besides having a boys' basketball team, N.F.H.S. also ofters girls a chance to participate in basketball. Under the coaching of Miss Mary E. McDougall, girls meet every Wednesday and Friday mornings in the gym. The girls learn to improve their basketball skills and to ofticiate at games. Four teams are formed to participate in the I962 tourna- ment. The winners will attend a basketball playday in March. The captains and co-captains of the teams in- clude: Betty McGhee, Sandra Braswell, Lillian Cox, Linda Perkins, Jane White, Carol Scott and Rosemary Love. FIRST ROW: Diane Shubsda, Shavy Sanders, Barbara Seyler, Gladys Steele, Linda Perkins, Marguerite l.aScalo, Kathy Colosi, Carolyn DiCecco, Roslyn Murgia. SECOND ROW: Fran Certo, Betty McGhee, Irene Johnson, Janice Wadowka, Carole Raiczak, Sharon Tossell, Ann Drozdowski, Maria D'AngeIo, Pat Zachary. THIRD ROW: Carol Scott, Sandra Teber, Beatrice Walerowicz, Norma Josey, Lillian Wil- liams, Minnie Nix, Carol Maturani, Rene Phillips, Pat Sander. GYM LEADERS Niagara Falls High School girls interested in working towards an athletic letter are given a chance to earn points by participating as gym leaders. Extra study halls are devoted in the gym, assisting Miss M. McDougall and Miss F. Morse. Each semester, titty points are earned by otticiating games, giving tests, and caring for equip- ment, along with their other duties. FOURTH ROW: Madeline Routhier, Marianne Specht, Chorlvene D'Amelio, Patricia Toni, Elda Bevilocqua, Dorothy White, Tanis Barnes, Priscilla Ashley, Dora Lowe. FIFTH ROW: Sandy Bryk, Nancy Vanone, Jane McNerney, Sally Lancles, Sandra Braswell, Aretha Moore, Christine Jarosz, Ivana DelMonaco. SIXTH ROW: Sandy Neyerlin, Jane Hewins, Rosemary Love, Dorothy Blackmon, Bonny Burt, Sandy Wilcox, Leslie Donato, Barbara Munger. u u Ni xx My 5 55 x Y xx . ez 5 gi 4 .,.. r 'Z-T 5 K-Lg! X 5 XA 31 K 2.1 '. SSVQ , ',-er ' x ivy S? ii. fi n'f , gi V E Vg! Z s 5 ii' iii - , fr S- L W'-' ' .M "-:,-: ff hi V . ,. 6, . s , raw, 2' X -.3 I ' 3 Q Q ,1 ....m.....-.1-.. 4 i , Le fs ,Z 1 . . MM ., x L R-me -- V L"'t'Q-,N ii ,Y . ' gy.. x -.NN 1 Bill? 1 S , K X iii ,, SWA A 5 Y ' if 25 IF f X . gh L,ii .. Z, . fs-5' Mg: we ,ein gs, 6 A r 5 , 1 E 1 i 2 E x . ..,, may Ngnii., gy " ' 2 . ' SZ iff , , I f X k - V Q - 19 Qf if h W., wa, ,X is' z lyk ,,- M,m-- H, ..w,E,n A, 5 . J V 5' " . .- X fl xii' X. if, px -A 5 if , g g, , TA 1:5:13v2fW, ' f WSW . i A Q x , " . - - -f gmweqif s i ' ' -iii Fwy Q 2 in 25. 'eff . -5 I i L 5 21, ' ff? Ei? f Y I iii 1 . .3 Q TY 1 25:5 -vs X i W ' BADMINTON The girls of Niagara Falls High School are of- fered Tremendous opportunity to improve and exercise their abilities in the field of sports. One tournament held during the year to further this was badminton. There were actually two badminton tournaments during the season: a singles and a doubles. Each girl could enter either or both of them. The obiect of the singles tournament was to select the most talented junior and senior badminton player. The obiect of the doubles was to tlnd the two outstanding junior girls and two senior girls in the sport of badminton. Under the supervision of Miss F. Morse, the win- ners of the doubles tournament attended a play day at LaSalle Senior High School on April 11, 1962. The competing teams were Trott Voca- 1 tional High School, LaSalle High School, and L Niagara Falls High School iuniors and seniors. Betty McGhee was chairman of the event. KNEELING: Mae Dupree, Karen Tata, Rosemary Sirianni. STANDING: Catherine Dominslci, Kandy Braclt, Mary Ann Rinaldo, Carol Wigle, Jeanette MacDon- ald, Dorothy Hughes. TABLE TENNIS ln June, 1961, a very diligently taught battle took place among the girls ot Niagara Falls High School in the table tennis tournament. After meeting on Wednesdays at 3:00, the final outcome was Barbara Henderson, win- ner of the singles. Her opponent was Mae Dupree, and the scores were 21-11 and 21-11, Similarly, in the struggle for doubles' champions, Barbara Hender- son and .loan Herman were victorious in their game against Ann Marsh and Judy Brown. The scores were 21-12 and 21-14. The table tennis tournament was the last sport event for girls' participation in school. LEFT TO RIGHT: Barbara Henderson, Ann Marsh, Barbara Noblin, Linda Becker, Earnestine Chapman, Carol Scott, Sema Tarpinian, Patricia Toni, Mae Dupree. SPORTS HIGHLIGHT Football Banquet Track Practice Mr. R. Meckes, Mr. S. Blinco, Leon Smith, William Popowich, Mr. A. J0SePl1 Hurst, Bill Sienef, CUI'TiS Bolden. George Dlugosz, Louis To- Colcmdrelli, Couch, George Zalochci, Leo Mai, Mott Zcirosl. helll, Cl'lf1l'le5 Harding, Mr. R. Povlock, COGCH- Backfield High School Varsity Leo Mai, Mott Zarosl, George Zalochci, John Zonkowski, Ed Cec' Cato. Hit lt! 'Yea Faculty! John Goodfellow and Dennis Scouler Mr. R. Shultz, Mr. T. O'Brien, Dennis Morgan, Mr. R. Lingg, Mr. A Chille. 153 THI III W in 6. Home Economics Class Breakfast Santa Micale, Marlene Raymond, Rita Umbriaco. Inter-city Student Council Organizes. Our Custodian Parents' Night Mr. A. Rinaldi. Miss A. Daminianni greets Mr. and Mrs. F. Landes Lunch Time Yearbook Dedication Mrs. R. Scalettcl and Mrs. A. Swircek. Judith Manley, Mr. B. Parsons, Nancy Fulwider. 154 THAT College Club Committee School Engineer SEATED: Sharon Welch, Joe Hurst, Jef? Guehring, Ted Worosz, Tan- Mr. A. Shaw nis Valley. STANDING: Mr. M, Bedford, Advisor, Joe Leone, Sharon Graves, Ann Hustleby, Crerar Douglas, Jean Burmaster. Cleaning Woman Student Council Elections Mrs. A. Capone Mr. J. Edwards, Advisor, Joseph Hurst, George Beckwith, Manager, L Gwen Mackenna, Curtis Bolden. Our Good Neighbor Policy International Relations Crisline Martin, from Argentina, and Mr. T. O'Brien, Principal. R0bel'T ll'1SkeeP, CI'lSliN6' MGVTFD Gnd LUCiG Ghiboudi, ffOm South America, Bonnie Lutz. SW fi 4- if' f i' ,aid f ig ily 1 .gy A Q -X AK Q M Au fx 4 1 'W Q' 1 E 2 . 5 I g , 2 1 hr 'Qui ,ds-M546 mi sh 'Q-,FE , Es fl-ff? Eiiiii film 5 xi 5? 1, fy, x S gn i 3' 1, .5 . 5 .0 af, 'Q sf? I sfvw 5 3 . Q . Qi Q2-5 ki WMM. ggi 47? 533 agp 'fif R fi? 6444 fdwwwfjf "KJV I , 4, f:AW W W MV" M72 , My X , KL K Xb f awww Kf Q W fb Mfgfiiw 5 W gjfjl wwiw jfiff MffQ,,,,JZg Qfwjgwffm A jl 2 1 5 lik E 'ign- x,i'2f?Q M w"'?f"MpfXff Q . .X :fr -' F Q- V... 1, -31 n".'1 B93 J'i - Wy fy FGEWMQQQY W WM MM mwffflw 4- ,1- :fu- Tm . 'V ffikfw' + xffw 1 mf' 'r E4:'!5,3f.-,. -A 5- H ww 'f 7 REU V Inf. . - 'f 1 1 . Q - .- ' -I 5 f I E 3 r , 5 A ..4. x WWW wily f M H, f Qc' ,gl gl, 11" nw ,fe '1 5 vi wf 9 yu, 'Jin ,060 . IHZMDQ 40 16' 'JMC' 5,61 uri. Q 0 ug! 'Jo F .7 94? ,rn ff" Nfl ynv' W' 6 f"'Jl 515 gifyabff 719 . ' . 3165 pau!! K 1 "' WU4 bad' aff J 4' gh! nw K Q.S. Agfa? wi T90 " 6 5

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