Niagara Falls High School - Niagarian Yearbook (Niagara Falls, NY)

 - Class of 1961

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Niagara Falls High School - Niagarian Yearbook (Niagara Falls, NY) online yearbook collection, 1961 Edition, Cover

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. 'Af .5l'M71j Jug! gnu: 'X UW, Jw 1 ftf,WhKf1M. M I e-wvmfvflf'-j.we..A-12344 ,LQ 2Zn.Z.l'Ff'fj2f--. LL 04015 NRKPXNL 3 xxN xlrk A w - 1,-' , , A . ' f Y lx vw X X ,r mf 1 hx 1 New . fxwl f f 'rw 'J x fm. wfx K Si 9 , K X 5 if 6 Q xx 4 1 4 x f vx A fl FX ?,?f 12736 5? jfjsgxgpwfcy wi MAA, AW fy QS' - Ownfeqf Qv'fYvwf'y2N'4fQ1eL'2j!Qc6 425 pw ly Q' 6 Pimvgw' Q ff 2 M X, X Jxx ' n, if 109 I A , fwiw WM!! Q 4 i31DLCL1W."Q' wfK3f391 QZQQ., 7W M5U, w-wif., .L fjyjimw '44 GM,-Zji' f Q, Qilkf WQSQQ J , .. . . .. ., , . . piyxiuglyff Q22 GMM. Mei ffiits- . Wwigfgiiai 3? E fix Q QS g f S9555 Qgigggiisi My 16D In EP y V D X lifflf' QR QQ? iclljaglgopw or fo ,ws iw fu lf L of ' fp ,ffjfl X QDNVC , J 91" . Qf d .-iff -off' S 45 Q s gms ,SN N . J Cv, ...N NIAGARA FALLS HIGH SCHOOL Niagara Falls, New York Nancy F ulwider and Judy Manley Co-Editors Mary Jo Marino and Dolores Tiribassi ST. M-4-1... - Co-Business Managers rim FOREWORD The house lights are dimmed, and the theatre slowly fills with people. It is opening night. Now the work of the writers, the lighting technicians, the stage directors, producers, and countless other members of the staff who create a show is over. The production is on its own and has every opportunity to prosper. All the participants have done their utmost to insure its success. with our own abilities and the guidance our teachers have given us, we wait in the wings for the rising curtain. Anxiety and fear are felt, but that is only natural. As we step upon the stage, our worth to society must be proven. Every chance for success is ours, whether in a large or small degree. It cannot be measured, each achieves it i his own way! T this end, then, let us awaitklrithexsiiiugigztirtaiiijf notoxydth resignation or fear, But, wi ettefrnw' n Sand Tiziikergaiiilelgizlysitoour gziiiiehildiiatlhi, pizmiehsokriiges Courage- QQ' wi' wg , 1 D I ,Xen XM .Q . fl i WW W!! . il if N l , y . . t , t tr we sf if if i it T ,r Muff rl T My fit? Ng vw 1 X. I ft W ltklfl Q? M4 is +44- X, . ,.,, t ... 'li'-"Vw V I v,:1 :xzliv -,JQQJ si-',v".X13AlfpNj.X':' 'Mfg--4 N I- - !f,.i,:3,Ugl,1,, --'.. . ..5,.g:,.f,, K r wg-'sg-6-,s4i,.:L1r Qs W it IQEDICATIO N 1 I X, 1 L' ,I ,sf . , -lg Cv K J J., . .PSA 1,4 'cfj,W ' at ex, a. ,X r , A ,' ri-'I ,AQ ,ruff fi .N if A4 Xxij ? . , , .J 7 ,J 5 ,IQ by X 'X z Z x J, 1, N Every performer who achieves a position of stellar importance upon the Grea X1 White Way knows that success is not the product of coincidence. It is an ad- ff mixture of perspiration and inspiration, the former usually the more generous X ingredient. Nfl A great man just as a star is not borng rather he evolves through the crisis with which he is confronted and above which he must triumph. Within our midst, there is one who aptly can be known by the appellation "stan" Under his tutelage, mental and emotional growth have been fostered within thousands of students. With deep appreciation, we dedicate the 1961 Niagarian to you, Brainard N. Parsons. 3 X v l KX, lx ' Qi " R RK s N- Y - X3 J N '-,, fx, we v - ,X ,LQ lxhtxxx - - -l 2 x Ky 5, N1 NX, ., QNX wx, xl Q it fi rig, M X Y . ll x X we W it Q 23 is ii ,. it XXX., ,,.,. wb, Y X, ' cl -. W Q fs., XX as N N N 2' s Q N' X' QQ be if ,J Rx -X 5 . NN X. P K tw ll , if F W-TXQ S s I' F F' V V' F F F rrr . . r Fri' 4-'MLW U 4 ' LTJL. 'iff rfr U' 5' " ' rrr K.. . . .l -. I' .. .wg ma V 5. I fu iflp lk' W 9 I, 1 ,1 ,. 15:4 f' P5 3,2-5.9 4: ,, ,gf -.m , . Jr' wife? :ff"u-?fP""" QQUP 'Z :Ju I.. 'FV u V F V V ,J Pr. . l xg Sf 'AE' 'ur-, 53 All I " r ' 1-'V . .H . V 1 r4. --V nz: , 1 I .A Q. . .m-12-viii.,-isis.. ' V830 0 ocgo Ja Bfbooo oo o oo 00000000 o O o 0 QUOC '- "".-afg..w':'x' J e xr.-.ssc 4 ' -, I0 dmsetga I 4-L 1111- 9 Classix'-ef -'...: - im 0 0ye.fw3'f,-15. 5 H ' 9-4139's J-VCE' 'Q .Je'h.s1:f w ' , Li' - Lai:-'fiiiiga ' 1iEa-sfma -4 4 f f t'?Z,.5wG!,1-3.2 0 :mlm-ug-.'g.e.1 sf-: -sffnazx Ur :ew . :,l57qIb.,' 3, 94.1 zlltgkq- J . M , ' , ' w-M: 'Sidi-'c'f -' Lp'N1-Q'.vE'2'.ff:v f' , , fem..-27,5142 ,uit-sfqfg.. Oli' ZfiIQf9Egvi53 0Q'Q?Sf5g.2251 wifi f 'xii-r2fN 6" R' ,'5:E-Ei'-'l""v'N Lv 1 --: ' 'f:-551.5 K sM!w 'rff' ' Z?h?5:f1T.21,w5:sz og-,.'S':sLr"' 52:31. I ,K , N ,.E'.gs3,f9ew:Q2v 9 Qpppaapoaoaoo 0000 0 0 Q 000 Q goooo o o 0 UQ -z . . "' I ' . la' oy ' . 'QSEIEN ilu-13 -5' ' ' -1:5 ,,. :d?Fg599 5 ' A - -19:1-.13 'F- . fi" J", it W, :ue-4-Q.: : ' v1'2',xx'l ,a . 43255-580 Ong: R. 1 ' Earn .212 F5550 021:- ima!! -- 55.13130 O O l U., I is'-'ga oqaoooooo OOOOOOPOOOGOC-7000000 00 06300 00000 " ,fm Q 'cf-'fsvt 6- f ..... gli ' ' , px.3.1,g,:,?g.g --:-- 0 X I I Mfr ,P gsirg-Ning . I . O . , sg -' mv" . - '-9l1d'.- - O QUT- ms.. ,.Lri,gf.3 , 732.-Slgfi . -1' 0 0 - . 'fits'-iytf? 6,156 E E mf .Q - .... . 'P ,-.1155 ff. rv' J-I---A U R. 5 , ' "' xiii' .1519 tw ' ' vf ' I Q Q 1 'E' . M33 '31--gulf , X x -N... .--.fn my FM Q f.-U-'X 5 ma- fri-" 9 P ' 0 8 . E E 1 . .- . 3 -'lei Z'-fc. 315435 -, oo ooo o 0 oo oo ooo ao 0000 ff q N Q . .6555 .gg , 5 m fp... . 6 f ,game .f , .N - . -1 11. 1 MAB' I n - 3":'.:1 ' : gg-kj Q73 7, 9535- fr:--5 . 0 0 0. .3525 5 3' bm-m5 v 'H M.. Ll..-H.: " . - . - . '-. -fpwfg. Qi--- ...ef Q 0 , -1 ---f - .. . f 2 U. iv ,. 1: - A 553H5t?i'x . ' cm "'2?f'C9i ' Qgfix 155 -fi' ' I?+12"i.E- .gp " ' Q :MQ-1 Eff 5'ff.l.-Q . Q11 ttf mb: ax... H -- 'J .gy ' 15- 4' gg-. - A 1- 5-3 pmfzfiif mfs Eiea 0 0 Q- E Q J - zfggg, og... O r, 40. ,. 2151 1 air,-1.,: .3 , , 'Jawa -ww Q ,. emma: Q .1 ,.'0..,. 'nary M .. f .m-gxv.,.-. . .N .25-w A ' 1'7f"4, O ,ng uf 1 'Emu-2 me KY mv. 0 . is-11-x LR12 . 1,3-5? .., - c-,-.J Q55 C: N,:,q'! ,L .5 4 . s . gg 'U-3 1 -5Q:.g,q5.- -- ' H , . 0000000 0000009 00000 0 ococ,-000 0 0 0 Oo "'-N x 55,5 E B be-E-if ' 071- -.-V5 3" 1 wif! ia- 0-- F 4321-if-5' X Bei!! if - . ' . O 0 5 A 1493: Q-1' f -3 .,3.1.., ,. 0 ,.. .f :gh . ,. .1 .:+y:f2:. 1 . I Wa 1' . 5. 11541.51 ' E, ' -2 gligfs. V - ,H - 'LS ' - x, . , . -Q,w,- lgslgig. gig . If - ng. A593135 ?4:g?3'gf- 5 5-'ff' :JCIC6 I --.. Q. W Q-fffijf: .- ig: Av. 5 A , -I , ,L.,'.j, xiilfggg z Seb 530000 000000 000900 000O00o0g00oo0o0o mf., iciglq - -' , 1. 'A 'I Z U 's-', 'iaqmsf -14:2 , -S21-Q, Qibfxd, x -Lv-I L ' ' 9 ,-AIL.. S-:Wg w-:fax-ig:-. Nl: g 2:1425 uqgpsunv. .9553 O 0 0 I4 33: Qf3fQ'f7."?' 01- Q 2,551 f sw.-g-Q-. .-If N' 9 'gr-1--T sjfgiij-3-51 'WW-.f 0 0 Ling Gi-. f 'l11-H- tfgssa QA . 0 1 52231. I' ' ' .SQ-PTR I QHJ1' Elrtvil-IL'-' - -wif, - ':.-gs an,-. 1 H 791' 0 . 'Qi Y' JM' 0 0 --f-. . ' -- Vg.giQ125f-.- ' 3..g.jf4, . - g , 1, , QIQ 0 -,f """ - ' jg. 'LI f':.'..'a,,1 -. 200, ,V ' .. .., 4.3 . Q -Q Q QQQQ- , -- ... . , Ji.. . 55.4-'. isis '.33X-533 'Z'-nvS4?g?25SBEg?f?B5P3:1g11s. """ 3 2' -'gtivifz as aa. f' - , - W , x , f ,- ., f - - 1 , J r- f'-', .p-f.51'-,J .-3115: fp-Y, I ' hm -I . ,..g.:!g,, E " A " HH Q gf f f'-f '1 :J ' , '47 qewzw, . I sf, .. e:,',7Wbw' ' A ' ,s ' 1. 1: . '-- '0'v?'f4 f' D 2-7 21.129-,: ' Sp 5 . l , . .Je 1.155-153 'A i -,V ,A Q : V Q 6 F N P ' x 6 i Qu! ig sl . ' - . - - A , . ,v ,' ' , . N ' T54 l 2 ' , A' if s 'mn H ' -. an - H 4 . A . .sf - . -.1 -f 1 fl f Q . . -Q 1 A ' 'f " fi' ' mi Q I M59 , J 0 . .' f I '. .11 . .1 ' - ' ' . - 1 . . .3 -- - T , W M . I : .-7 ' ' ' ' Ex 4 ' ff , i I 'f "-as az-' ' K " V' ' L, x 'I' ' 'JA . . U 'EG aff ' C ! E2 - iffiiif-:S 3- "2il.1i.f-EWR. - 51' 'A , , fi' ' f ' . f f - 'f' ,L 5.'-SSW" gas' ' 15'-N' Qfrgvg-3 vgkir-, A .- xl 1 ,,." , 5 , 1 V A A. w-hlB',c- A953 :Jr xr - .I Ql 43. n V V., - . -' X V . . -, - - ,4. rr ,Q Tivo. -..trngl.q, cQ,.,, , . 4 M, A uf,--3-.,5,,.....,g'A A ..5,'g,' :,Q.x-,K .A. - -x ' v . -- -'fi l ltixtgill ?1'2'-Xi? .cw -I,5..g1.:,'...x.-Y1-.--1:f...Lh-.gk .mfifvfwsafi-ffmtimeic:as-Svsf'fs'e-wszevr..5.-x:4:ses.z.fas1:mfw9Ea'-s,uw-.f.ww:evLf ,f i-+" .. . e f ew .ff-f-.+1:fQ.fqg.-,....1 "-w-,,- -X-4f:!..f.-,-.hx c .wff-:v'y,,"':, VLH! IW!-,r g,.,,,c,-5.4-g33.,4--h g-Aj., '- I H . , Q - A A ,,,,.. , ,:1,g,-Tf.---.':4r .a1,...-.-.-J:-1STeL3.e'.egLw,,5.--.?fQv.'l.wi-'ff-.m'f,1.,Q-'bmi2rf':.-vk.:.w1:ag-Q-5251.-g-if-K"Xl-'ff'fL1f:i1s'r1 . ,.mf1'--"-Y-.fg19.:g.9jf-.-,.1,...-gf,,,,.2.----U - L.,x.,-97,-g.v,e,?s.q,1Qg-yiffqafiggisggg33333.5galaE9iQf3g5.gg24,.g3ggf.Qgg.Q,95,31JJ, :4y,:,.. .55,.5y,:l, ., X-. Z., .f . Q .. ,, H , In libl A A ,. .. ., . H--1, , I ' ' V - , ills-p3'.'r ,vhvliz-.5Il'3.g,1. .gif-' . . P s' ,.','t'i-,'1'P:jjj' 'C-Q4gg4!,'g,p,XN,T , ADMINIQTRATION wwau K CHECKING Mrs. M. Heary, Mrs. M. Lynch, Mrs. A. O'Brien. CONGRATULATIONS TO MR. HARRY F. ABATE y ppointment as Deputy Superint dent of School ELTON C. SCHWINGER y ppointment as Director of Secondary Education 6 y ppointment as V1ce-Pr1nc1p l f N g ra Fall High School. A LEAH M. simmons BOARD OF EDUCATION SEATEDr Mes- Marybeth Brown, Mr- George Kauber, Foso. Mr. Peter Longhine, Mr. William Collins. Mr. Frank President, Mrs, Laura Pifer, Miss Nea Brown. STAND- Lang, Deputy Superintendent of Business Affairs, Mr, ING: Mr- Harry Abafe, Deputy Superintendent Of Seheels, Joseph Chino, Mr, Robert McKnight, Administrative Assist- Mr. Weldon Oliver, Superintendent of Schools, Mr. Albert ant, Mig Richard Doherty, BOARD OF EDUCATION The Board of Education consists of able citizens elected by the people of Niagara Falls to foster the betterment of our city's school system. It functions to promote the principles which it has formulated and which we students strive to attain. Weldon R. Oliver Superintendent of Schools Harry F. Abate Deputy Superintendent Frank D. Lang Elton C- Sehwinger Deputy Superintendent of Director of Secondary Educatio Business ,Affairs To the Class of 1961 : Much preparation goes into every stage production, and those which succeed in catching the attention of the public and be- come fabulously successful, sometimes have no more prepara- tion than those which fail. In school life, the opportunities and preparation for adult life is there for all, but just as in plays, some of the performers are successful and others are not. In both instances, preparation and the quality of the perform- ance are important. Try-outs in plays eliminate some applicants as not suitable for the part. Try-out courses in your early years of high school helped steer you into the areas of study where you thought you would be rewarded with success. The fact that you are graduating indicates you have been somewhat successful, al- though your main goals are yet to be achieved. Often a prompter supplies the cue which makes an actor a brilliant performer and successful actor. We sincerely hope that our promptings as teachers have helped each of you along the road to success. I wish great things for our graduates as they move across the stage of life. Timothy A. O'Brien Principal ADMINISTRATION To the Class of 1961: "All the world's a stage, And all the men and women merely playersfl This well known quotation from the famous work of VVilliam Shakespeare is as applicable today to the individual person as when he wrote it. Throughout life each member of the senior class will play many parts. You have chosen Broadway plays as the theme for your year- book. Before the thrill of an opening night much planning and preparation take place. In like manner, as you approach the time of your graduation from high school, years of plan- ning with your parents and teachers have helped you reach this goal. Some Broadway plays are more successful than others. The degree of their success depends a great deal upon their appeal to the public and the talent and skill with which they are presented. Your success in future activities will depend upon your training and enthusiasm for whatever occupation or pro- fession you choose to follow. As you leave Niagara Falls High School, may I extend my congratulations and best wishes for a very happy and success- ful future. Leah M. Simmons Vice-Principal 8 Citizenship Vemon Abel Norman Anderson Dorothy Apple Richard Babbage Science Business Business Education f , wx --... h t . sgzm - S EQ 1 .s s 3 f Mark Bedford Marjorie Blackmar James Boardman Sofia Bogdanovicz Librarian Citizenship Russian Education Science il 'm.. . A , N191 1 3 .H-191 up i 51.1 ,QW Q,-L.,.... Arthur Calandrelli Judith Centofanti Albert Chille Physical Education Art IQ '- Citizenship Q jx Education Rosemary Dahl Health Frank Bedaska Mechanical Drawing Q Q i- is fi' William Brady English John D'Angelo Mathematics Q Arthur Dietrick Adeline Dominianni Latin Business Miss L. Simmons congratulates faculty brides, Mrs. B. Rickard and Mrs. R. Dahl. 9 V 'Y' 1 Virginia Donohue Harriett Donovan Business English f G 1 ii ii N 1 Donald Gillies john Hadden English Music Miriam Heary Business Business Pauline jones Estelle Karnm Art Business Anne Herges Eric Ducette john Edwards Gretchen Erwin Citizenship Science Guidance Education L- f . s i 1, . V John Hagerty Mary Alice Hakes Alice Hazen English Music Home Economics "TF ,, ' . Clara Hill John Janowski Ruth Johnston English Guidance Science Mr. T. O'Brien wishes Mrs. B. Rickard au revoir. 10 ivss. .: gsgfff.,- zr. - ' b.,A .6 ,. ,C ,..A. be .,:,. .-E . , :I 'W "' . I , ,gg issgsg - - - f:f'r-if 1 :F S I .2 '5': N . 3 it ssgfff, 't B sf S 'E Y S C . Z 5 J -X is x 'R W W , s 51 e K it . S .' ' v May Lanigan Business Mary McDougall Physical Education Florence Morse Physical Education Charles Proudfoot Science Irene Lukasiewicz Citizenship Education Richard Meckes Driver Education 4 f :, me .P is R 4 Frank Orfano Business Q ysl, l . I .1 'iii ...Q Lucien Rainville Language Dorothy Mahoney Ann McCabe Citizenship English Education " i is A? s E X E3 si we xi Elizabeth Mitchell joseph Moran English Business Brainard Parsons Roman Pavlock Physical Driver Education Education Helen McCarney School Nurse Catherine Morrissey Mathematics 1, s i :Z i V Russell Pitrone Science Faculty relaxes at tea. ll David Reeser Health 5, QT s 2951333 " 7 -4 George Stankovich Citizenship Education George Wood Guidance Marius Risley English Bernadette Taczak Business - 'V' - S S it Q .,r . V if '- Q. Edward Woyksnar Language Agnes O'Brien Senior Stenographer Margaret Lynch Stenographer Heschel Shapiro Robert Simpson Mathematics English . ,,., ' ' Q s , 1 -tse ., s .Yi V. a ,,.: 'A -' K ,. i ka sf . mi Q, Rosemary Amelia White Vanderhoff Health Home Economics Jeanette Wylie Citizenship Education Barbara Yandian Language Edward Stafford Business Reta Whitley Mathematics Coach M. O'Laughlin greets A. Calanclrelli, his successor. 12 9-ENIOR9 f i Q ag - if L? E x. iw if l gi I , A If gf V V 2 X as s E i E 5 W n Q P SENIOR OFFICERS SEATED: Marzina Curdamone. Secretaryg Mary jo Marino, Treaxurerg Dennis Scouler, Vice-President. STANDING: Richard Davey, Presirlentg Mr. A. Chille, Advisor. ' CLASS WILL CLASS STATISTICS CLASS HISTORY Nick De Felice and Geraldine Ma- Don Bizzozero and Deanne Meranto, Co- Kris Easterly and Nick Rizzo, Co loni, Co-Chairmen. Chairmen. Chairmen. CLASS SONG William Engle, Edwena Douglas and CLASS POEM AND MOTTO Peter Schultz and Peggy Lewis, C Chairmen. Carl Bongxoxanm, Co-Chalrmen, Jan- ice Longo, Eleanor Barbari, Ronald Cicero. Class Flower ........ Carnation Class Colors .. Green and White CLASS FLOWER AND COLOR CLASS PROPHECY Richard Brad: and Dorothy Martin, CQ- Braden Macdonald and Sandra Scalzo Chairmen. Co-Chairmen. E 5 Q a I CAP AND GOWN CLASS GIFT CLASS DA Y STAGE Alan Kranitz and Susan Hickox, Co- William Bradley and Eva Chapados, Co- Anthony Finelli and Jo Ann Renko, Chairmen. Chairmen. Co-Chairmen. .. :LVL-f5:wzZ ' ' XB .: PROM COMMITTEES L. A . 'X FUND RAISING Classlhliotto ' ' 'Q' Liarn to ini' Nancy Soule and George Beckwith, and hvc to learnq C0-Chairmen. Bayard Taylor SCHOLARSHIP PLANNING Marsha Bemat and Teri'y Franks, Co- Karen NVendt, and Donald Thompson TYPING Chairmerl. Co-Chairmen. Joyce Black, Co-Chairman. is' .-M PROM DECORATING Gary Mazza and Ann Rose Mallo. BANQUET PROGRAM Ce' BANQUET TABLE Susan Gugino, Bonnie Johnson, Hallie Stiegman. PROM BAND PROM Ronald Cicero and Lester Sconiers. COMMITTEES PROM REFRESHIVIENTS Joan Boardman. PROM CHAPERONES AND INVITATIONS Annette DeLorenzo and Robert Leach. 1 5 L E Q in 4 5 S .V S .5 " as Ju' 1 A X1 H X Q fx y 'as - ss' V ' U O . , - ,-1.24iJV'H15iiW X: f S734 '11, +5215--T ' ff f ' 1 Vi , ,. , ' ' ,552 W, , X, ,, I If 'Ek sv Q x I Q ,Mg 2 5 Y A W .A .,V.... A. w gh A ,Q 'fl K 1, Qsftiax 534 1 A Barham nakefg wi11iam Br.ild15yQ juaim M0mm, . RiQhan1 JOSEPH ABRAMAJTYS WILLIAM ALBERTS SANDRA ALLEN JOHN AKERS College College College Work GEORGE AMENDOLA JOSEPH ANTONUCCI GILDA ARICO College College College GERALD ASHKER DIANE AUGHTMAN Armed Service Work GLORIA BACKORSKI MARJORIE BAGOCUS College Work Lf -'Q' , 14:1 Q Pfmlus H! , 1 J N i 43' X' ?,Su45:'4SF"'., - gs Y, je A' MWC 'kr '5 7: -'R 5 N r, :. I vs X , 'ISM 6 7 f ' 'L 5 ws! 1 7,9 Nm .Bri f 7 -+11 ' -'Surf Axis V I' 9 PAUL BAILEY Ammed Services BARBARA BAKER College MARY LOU BAKER Work Amled Services MITCHEL BAKER JAMES BALE College College CAROL BANKS DRUCILLA BANKS College ,pup K li X Q.: g ixxlrhf , it 5, 4, f-- ,ATM ELEANOR BARBARI DONNA BARBER College Work 'ELTON BARBER YVONNE BARCLAY College Work GLORIA BARNES MADELINE BARONE ROBERT BARRETTE JAMES BARTO Work College College COUCEB 19 DANIEL BAZZANI College ,E MARJORIE BEDROSIAN Work BEVERLY BENJAMIN College MARGARET BIGGINS College NANCY BEACH GEORGE BECKWITH, DOROTHY-JEAN BEDGOOD College College College CV g K., lf? elol F N SAUNDRA BEHM College MARSHA BERNAT ROXANNE BERTSCH College College JAY BISHARA KAMIL BISHARA ROBERT BISHOP College College College 20 ll, DON BIZZOZERO JOYCE BLACK SANDRA BLAKELY NANCY BLOOM College Work Marriage Work 'X . fl A '- fl ml :ai i' ,- 0 gg! '44 ' ,s ' Men ' ' . AW , H1 V .C V 1 nd 5 JUDY BOAK JOAN BOARDMAN W0rk College RITA BONGIORNO CARL College IRENE BOVIER JO ANN BOYD DOROTHY College Cqllege Work 21 ALBERTA BORGESE College PATRICIA BRADIGAN College WILLIAM BRADLEY RICHARD BRADT JAMES BRASWELL LARRY BRITTON College College College Armed Services JOAN BROWN College JOHN BRUNO College 1 DAVID BUNDY College RICHARD BURCH College RONALD BUCELATA College X5 LINDA BU RGESS SHARON BURNS College Work CATHERINE BURTCH College Q SSN-1, ' fy, 1' T' I X" ew ,Il gp g' qv: V .-- p :EEK I 'fig 1 W.. TQ' we-H4 J NA-. ' -'a 'w 1 MQ' I 39 I f " .4 f A A iQXSl . gf, GARY BUTT College SANDRA CACCAMISE GERALDINE CANCILLA College Work Q 3 5' Po 3 9. E 3 JAMES CAPALUPO L Armed Services ,r .m l md D A mi? 'Q J fy.. 1, 1. 1.1 5 - Bn. GERALD CASSATT College MARGARET CASSFORD Work JOSEPHINE CANCILLA College SARAH CARBONE Work MARZINA CARDAMONE College SHIRLEY CASTEK Work MARK CANFIELD College JAMES CARDAMONE College ROBERT CARR Armed Services JEANETTE CATANZARO Work LOUIS CATERINA Work SUSAN CHINNOCK College RONALD CICERO College PHYLLIS CIRRITO Work SHARON CATHERINE EVA CHAPADOS WILLIAM CHICK College College College o f ll fi I C GERALDINE CHRZANOWSKI , 5 A WM MARY LOU f Work Armed Services ALFONSO CIRRITO 'wwf' , WILMA CLAYTON EVA CLERK MARIA COLUCCI College Marriage College 24 . hi 2 1 sin SANDRA CORSARO WAYNE COURTS ERNEST COVEY MATTIE COX Work Armed Services College College .1 fa ff 1 f 51 ' -:L ' 'ft 1 355 ' f MVS W' l . ' N94 , 1 ,I Ag A S nu P- E X JAMES CRANE JUDITH CRANE X -A J Vkpcfxw College College pf!! ' .JC r 1 " 5 Alf! , ,ff ":J,1f'! GERALD CRITELLI JEAN CROMBIE LINDA CUMMINGS Work Work College JUDY CYPHERS LOUIS D'AGOSTINO JOHN D'ANNA RICHARD DAVEY College Work College College 25 KATHY DAVIDSON WALTER DAVIS Work Work 'K hi LEONARD DeFAZIO NICHOLAS DeFELICE College ,1 College ,EJ KL XXXL'- DONNA College LARRY DELONG Work 1 . HAZEL DEAN MICHAEL D'ELIA Work Work JUDY DelGROSS College , 111.51515 I I'-'. J, "t:?k.x64u1 Q 'I' ,-., D kv ' lf L A .2 , if . s ,Nav xl? l 1:1 Q! xv Q Q f qs QN 5 A :-, ni' 1? E WL -- W Q-2--if-L' x --'X "'l' B-Pl, -S. L ' ANNETTE DeLORENZO MARILYN DeMARTINO College Work College Work GABRIEL DeMUNDA MARY DENITTQ f Q' 9? 4 3 IV. BEATRICE DeSIMONE ELVERA DeSIMONE JOANN DETKOS MARILYN DETKOS College Work Work Work ANDREA DiCAMILLO ELIZABETH DIER AGNES DiGIOVINE College College Work G-99 H' v' J I H ' wg .Lf YQ 'Y .1 .- it V 1 E X si ff-Ff'g'7 V vw --1 'E' 'BEM TERRI DiGREGORIO DOREEN DILAR Work College CHARLENE DiNOTO RUSSELL DISPARTI VICKI DRVITO College Work Work Work 27 ERNEST DIXON College if A. SANDRA DOBBS DOREEN DONATELLI College Work College EDWENA DOUGLAS ,F g . K I rf, f fi ' , ...K. ak. JAMES DUNLAP GEORGINA DUNN College College KRIS EASTERLY College dl oo l 5 WILLIE ELDER Armed Services l Q Q Q BONNIE EATON GEORGE EGGER College Work MILLARD ELLIS WILLIAM ENGLE SUSAN FARBER College College College 28 SHIRLEY FEDERICO GAIL FELDMAN FRANCES FELICETTI College College . CE :af ' 5' .113 ,-I X I A mg! N94 I - ,. M ag I I M " nd ' - DIANE FONNER College TERRY FRANKS College Work MARY FRI EDRICH ANTHONY FINELLI Work College I . , 5 LYNNETTE FISHER BEATRICE FITZGERALD College Work CHARLES FOWLE PHILIP FRANKS Armed Services Armed Services MARGEE FROST NANCY FULWIDER Work College KATHLEEN FURGAL JOHN GALBO ANTHONY GANCASZ College College College STEPHEN GAWRIZIAK College BARBARA GILES College CHARLES GLOVER College PATRICIA GARVEY LIBORIA GIARRIZZO College MARGARET GLASGOW College ANGELO GODINO College Work MARY ANN GIBBONS College W g' l SMI, A 4 f r fo. J "l' xiii--H5 fl!! I f J 33' fi 'SVN 'I : , If .,. FIJI 'gl ff" l lf xi. J 'li ' QE! ff 5 - -vb.. ' -'Spf A-,yr , FRED GRABEK BRIDGET GRACE College College DENNIS GRACE WILLIAM GRACE DEBORAH GRAY SHARON GROBENGEISER College College College Work if GLORIA GROCHALA Work I be lle ll e 2 AE ' "AE-x PATRICIA GRUPPO College MICHAEL GUADNO Work DOROTHY GROSE Marriage GERALDINE GROSE Marriage BARBARA GROSS JOANNE GRUNER Marriage Work SUSAN GUGINO MARY HALLETT College College RUBY HARRIS College LINDA HEROWSKI College JOHNNY HIGHSMITH Work SHIRLEY HARSHMAN Work SUZANNE HICKOX College JEANETTE HLAVENKA College ANDREW HASTEE MARGE HATHAWAY College College JOAN HUGHES College 'Si :Fas S" , . V f . K s ilk A , 11 " I if 5 Y " 4,'l isff J H .Jeff RICHARD HULL ELIZABETH HUMPHREY JANICE HUNT MARILYN HUNT College College College College S , J S ei N f SARA ANN HURST JEFFREY INCORVIA CAROL IRVINE BEVERLY ISLER College Anned Services Work. College S lb ,9 mfl 19 ,. at A '51 ri V . L A 1 r A 'li f 3 1 ww, 2 M ZA.. ' .egg -' 4 GERALDINE ISOM SUZANNE JACKSON College Work S S x f 1 if e 1, VINCENT JAROSZ THOMAS JARZAB BONNIE JOHNSON College College College WILMA JOHNSON WINSTON JOHNSON ROBERT JOHNSTON ROBERT JONES Armed Services College Armed Serivces Work 33 WILLIE JORDAN SUSAN JOY BARBARA JUNQUERA ROBERT JURON Armed Services Work I Work College ' X HELEN KANIA MARGARET KANOUS SHARON KASE Work Work Marriage -.,' , I ' X QQEW5-, ,J A ' . ly - fx '65, M-4 . ' . If f , .H f N.,f FY aa- LS I will iff I RICHARD KATTIVIAN JAMES KAVANAUGH College College SUSAN KECK LARRY KELBERER SUZETTE KENNEDY DAVID KENNY College Armed Services Work Work 34 TED KEYES DIANE KINDZIA GERALD KINDZIA JOHN KINDZIA College Work College College SX-d'Q,lw, -S QQ,Q"l' Y-WQNL5' kxbxktxt -lvgg XD9'clxU,, Kew -NcbeQo.eQk v-Ji: leg? 'QV 32913 Xllxea o5?fO'3 K0"b"?A'k' D, -Qwl-'efwS9LS'- QQY Se- X xbwx x-Iowan .0301 CQN-mxo-5 LINDA KLETTKE LOIS KONIECZEK FRANK KOPCZYNSKI 'ATG " ' ' X College Work College I - , 2 'WMS-f ' f X02-iilf DAX O fv eieassz-SS. we QM W We Q- A owns www: 4-- , I QRS' I Us ., . ,. Zi fl-- ,ack B DIANE KORYL JOHN Kos1NsK1 College College I KATHERINE KOWALSKI GRACE KRAFT ALAN KRANITZ CHRIS KRUPPA College College College Work 35 MICHAEL KRUZEL Work DAVID LAPP College 1 Q ,S PAMELA La CHANCE JOHN LAMB CLAIRE La PLANTE Work Work Work VICTORIA LARRATTA GARY LASBY DORIS LAUGHLIN PHILIP LAURENZI College Work Work ooo. Ill I JACQUELINE LaVERDE ROBERT LEACH GERALD Le BLOND CAROLYN LEWIS Work College College Marnage ELAINE LEWIS PEGGY LEWIS GERRY LIERMO JOHN LONGHINE Marriage College College College go '25 , 1 sl ..,, X gi .31 r , ig ' .m ' . avi Z , , I' . -l I ' 1. 1 5 . A X wi " A ' uJ J - E P9 WN" 3 - f P E L A JANICE LONGO JOHN LONGO College Work MARY LOUGHNANE DORA LOWE GEORGE LUCAS Work College Work ANGELA LUNA JERAULD LYNCH BRADEN MacDONALD JOHN Ma.cLEOD Work College College College 37 JOSEPH MACKENNA College NANCY MACRI Work ANN ROSE College MALONI J l FRED MACVIE College f Af WN, PETRINA in . aim-J lg," N 1 X' 4' r vm., ' fl fri?-ws, ff il Ji . l.. l if fy' Q ,l' : l' ,r i xx f N ' A -+L - QA . RICHARD MAMON J! JI?-PITH MANLEY MARY ANN MANUCCI Work W llc? Work .gy.'3,,lQM X 'pl .71 A IMVKQVB JN A My rw :Wk A all JV A ll THOMAS MARGLE MARY JO MARINO GEORGE MARRA MARIE MARSHALL College College College Work BOBBY MARTIN DAVID MARTIN DOROTHY MARTIN Armed Services College College K. "' I I l e? L ol e G .1 ,' .5 .t3:?:R: M. f f -" ' 1 el e e I 1 1- ' "",- 'Ban EILEEN MARTIN GAIL MARTIN Work Work MARGARET MASELLI WALTER MAURER CLIFFORD MAYES GARY MAZZA Work College Armed Services College 39 ,,, , 7 ,7 ,,, ,449 DOROTHY MCBRIDE ANN MCCULLOCH JAMES MCLUCKIE KARYL MCMURTRIE Work College College College ' I ' 'V ' ,pl fy G Q I I O 'I ffl 641 JJ I' ml W .MIINFP ll RICHARD MEACHAM LINDA MEARBELL Armed Services College JEANNE MEEHAN JUDITH MEIERER ROBERT MEIERER College College College DEANNE MERANTO NORMAN MERRILL DIANE MILCZARSKI JAMES MILLER College Work Work Armed Services 40 ' I I , . I K V Xl I ,fav , vllxy . -QW ' ,X : 4x,A N J P4 I SJ Q? Q? RUSSELL MILLER JOHN MINGUS LARRY MINNARD 5 QQ. NN Xl' Work Armed Services College fb N XM -gl X L It , , T f1 , n at R. W 1 ' M92 A xx 5-94 95 ' 374' A ff? X ' U' 'J' NN f k.,' x E O, L K A. - A5111 f X A xx., O K4 , '--. x,-X Xe x .J , .ggg 'gi' N Y . rf., ' Q1 FN AGNES MITCHELL "Y JOYCE MITCHELL ' XJ Work Work ' ' -xx , K. ROSEMARY MONDI College ' :sn BARBARA MONCZYNSKI Work CHARLOTTE MOLETTO RAYMOND MOLINARO College College FRED MONFORT JUDITH MORATH FRED MORDEN College College College 41 ANDREA MORELLO MAMIE MOSES JOSEPH MUSSARI BARBARA MUSIAL College Work College Work X . 521 , DONNA MYCOCK IRVING MYERS CAROL NALBONE College Armed Services College .' H3 K ' V- oo' 5 ,lm ,- f 13 ,Q .Nffff.'n5,, U "ff W., 'if . ? iff :--x:"'-,Nlllw LEE xr , yy l.r- - ,ga SA' f l Y V gi ff? ',QEXfgfb0Z .: . ij- i Q Xffdf. PETER NAWROCKI KAREN NEILSON College Work 1, Al..L K JOANNE NELSON RICHARD NEUBAUER RUTH NEWMAN ROBERT NICORA Work College College Work 42 WILLIE NIX GERALD NORGIEL JOYCE NUNNERY BERNADINE OCHAL Armed Services College College Work RICHARD OLENICZAK MICHAEL ORSI L MARGARET ORZULAK College Work Work 55 ' , , -lb. l' A , ff Ri l L Mig: ,gwiwwv F' - S-bein KAREN OZZIMO CLARENCE PACE College College ALICE PAIGE WILLIAM PALUMBO CHARLOTTE PANE JANICE PANE Work College College College 43 PETER PAONESSA Work CAROLYN PAPUCCI College CHARLES PAWLOSKI MARTIN PENNINGTON College College JOHN PASSALACQUA College GERALD PATRICK Armed Services F2535 'Sf I 1.: 4 H C"':e I F "'C 0 nfl I ' . ncwwv ill LOUISE PERA LAWRENCE PERRIMAN Work Armed Services MARK PETTIT JUDITH PIAT Armed Services Marriage 44 "' I DONNA PETERS Work ANTHONY PLUNE JOHN POKRZYK Work Armed Services CAROLYN POLASTER DIANE POLEWICZ Work Work v 41' ' S 3- 1" A 'L' A i I R52 e 1,454 Q I 1 ,4 ' AU L fl f f . mn P- I I ul ' I MARY JANE PRESUTTI College THOMAS POLLEY DIANE POORMAN College College GLADYS PORTER PAULINE POULIN College Work CAROL PREVITE NANCY PREVITE College College ' ELAINE PRICE HOWARD RADELL GWENDOLYN RAINBOW PHYLLIS RAJCZAK Work Work Marriage Work X LE ROY RASPA Armed Services WILLIAM REID Armed Services JOANNE RENKO College ESTELLE RAYFORD Work Work MARJORIE REESE EDWARD RENFORD College Armed Services JOHN RIGGI Work EDNA REAGLE ARDELLE REID College . ! - 1-ww' X NM Ag f ag -GYMN' H I fl If K ' ,A I ,..- :Cf ll I- H! XY 11.534 All N-'fi 3 f A 'I ,QSXIQQML .- . l R in 'fr 51-q 1- l , RUTH RIORDAN MICHAEL RIPPLE LEORAN RIPSON ROBERT RIVERS College College Work Work 46 NICHOLAS RIZZO College Ffa 'E X ,gm fi I 'S of -4- "' 'Bain NEVA RIZZUTO MARY ROBINSON DOROTHY ROBIS Work Work Work SHARON ROBSON NANCY ROGERS FABIAN ROSATI College College College NANCY ROSE JOHN ROSS College College 5 .Q DIANNA RUSSO College CYNTHIA RYAN DANIEL RYBARCZYK CAROL RYDELEK College College Work 47 'J v'5W,, 'Lib NA SANDRA lv N s lx, I At, fp 'GEQRGE SAIKC N, of MARY ELAINE SAXE PAUL SCALETTA x 3 ."College ,J I ," College College 1. ..-'l v , l L 'cf K I I I . Q , I 1- I A .YX ,' f f ' ef' f' v- . 1 I r f Q. N1 Jw., :ggi V O I I ' r f if 5 I r I J , U X l J . I f li I ,Isaac lil ELENA SCARFONE, A -, . ,I l 4 X ' ,pf College I 1 X J' W - ' ,' fl '. " . 1 ' an TOM SCHOEPFLIN JAMES SCULTZ PETER SCULTZ Work College College LESTER SCONIERS DENNIS SCOULER THOMAS SCOZZAFAVA College College College Collcgc 48 BARBARA SCRIVANO w MARILYN SENESE JAMES SERRIO SHARON SETTIMI College College College Q 2532531 QSM 9? S5 SSO DIANNE SHARPE MARY SHINE if -T College College :ff sz GUY SICURELLA ELEANORE SIMEONE SUZANNE SIMONDS College Work College BARBARA SIMONETTE ' IRENE SIMPSON LEONARD SISLER DENNIS SMITH YVork NVork Armed Servires Armed Services 49 JOSEPH SMITH Work fsfifmr INIICHAEL SORCE Armed Servltles JUD ITH STAHLMAN Work K' MICHAEL SMITH Work Marriage College BARBARA SNYDER JANICE SOLURI NANCY SOULE ANTHONY SOZIO College Armed Services f- -f' Elf?-'A+5., ,lf V A g r - . L ,v ' 1 WILLIAM STEFANCO College STANLEY STEPHENS JAMES STEWART HALLIE STIEGMAN MARGARET STIRLING College WVork College IVork 50 il ROBERT STONE ARTHUR MARY ANN STRUZIK WESLEY STRZEGOWSKI College College College JUDITH SV MAXINE SYRACUSE RICHARD SZAFRAN Work College Armed Services Q29 ' ' 'SJ H is -. bl R w s , A . J . V As, , I QV eq, A ANZ ,...l ,' N ,V lf ' .151 '26-- 'Fe , L. fc-4: , 2-ea it M! F' - -Phan , BERNICE SZARSZEWSKI WILLIE TABB jftjff l Work College ,Q V Y 1: . MARY JANE TAYLOR SHARON TAYLOR FRANCES TEDESCO MICHELE TEDESCO Armed Services lNIar1'iagre College W'ork 51 Q? THOMAS TESTA ADA THOMAS DONALD THOMPSON College College JEAN THOMPSON DOLORES TIRABASSI Work College JANET THOMPSON College College Q. .lx I V L l ' . ,., l X I' ff X ' I ll .umm LELA TODD RONALD TOTH PATRICIA TRAINOR College Armed Services ARLENE TRAPASSO SANDRA TRAPASSO College College Work MARTHA TROJAN Work 6' I R, 1 l JEAN TROTTER Work X, ELIZABETH TROW JOHN TYLER College Armed Services 4 . rg lx il 531'-A - is fi ya 0' - 'LQ A ' 7 l ' .5 ' mia 04 - A0 A " m 9' uJ EDWARD UTNIK College SAM VARTANIAN College MARILYN VACCARELLA College C if JACQUELINE VAN EPPS College MARIE VENTRESCA Work GARY VOREL CAROL WADDELL College WV0l'k JOSEPH VILLELLA Work JOYCE WAKLEY Work CAROL VIRTUOSO College KAREN WALKER VVork PAULA WALEZAK Work BENNIE WATSON Armed Services KAREN WENDT College PATRICIA WHEELER College BERNARD WALLENS College fx--Qt. LAURIE WELCH College ALBERT WEST Armed Services , .. 'l+i"?X 'Z Sir wg -e"?7,f.J52I ii-1 '1 ' vw S l Q3 L CAROL WICKENDEN College 'Q DONALD WALTON THOMAS WASSON College Armed Servires 181.-XRY JANE WELSH College I L! xl 'S f, Q f fm , V f'lll G, L 'I ,f 'Af V ' 'e,, all R ff' M ,gl R M, Airy. e,.. f V-0 SWT fff+g 5 ge X, ,A -x , A ,x S Vcflifiw - A .SL --T mf ' --Y ANN WIGLE LEO WILGOSZ College College U .J-2 -I. H' . A Q, li I x'm A 6 ' 9' , lf I , i , CAROL WILLIAMS EVELYN WILLIAMS RICHARD WILLIAMS PATRICIA WILLIS Work College Armed Services College MARIE WILSON YVONNE WILSON MICHAEL WINEBURGH Work College College ' I 5 I K I F ,J i ki ,I If I f QWZ5 , far es iq +I I"I "" 'BBN NEAL wIxsON ELIZABETH WOJTOWICZ EMILY WOOD ROBERT WOODRING Work College College Work SHARON WOODWARD Work LAURENE WRIGHT College 55 ROBERT WRIGHT PAUL WUSTRACK Armed Services N College Si fix f s STANLEY ZAREMSKI Armed Services l FRANC INE ZASO College ROSE ZODA Work MARTHA BIRD Work ROBERT YOUNG LORRAINE ZABRETSKY College Work e . . " H ,I ' Q 5" '531fv ,- ' xg5IL l'5'v g 1 . at ' .- ff Nikki - + LARRY ZIMMERMAN D an. .QL -, Work FINAL PERFORMANCE STAGE smuclc QENIORQ Richard Burnham Winfried Mueller james Muggleton Betsy Nea.r Bradley Porlilio Richard Smith VICTORY AND DEFEAT KEY CLUB AWARD PARTY CANDIDATES Paulette Smith, Peter Wilson, Marilyn Martino fwin- Donald Thompson, Richard Davey, Bonnie Johnson, nerj, Maria Colucci, Donna Demmin, Sandra Scalzo, Dorothy Martin, William Bradley, Gary Mazza. Bemard Wallens. THE WINNERS Bonnie johnson, Mr. T. O'Brien, William Bradley, Donald Thompson. Q fy I 1 HONOR SOCIETY INDUCTION ACCEPTANCE SPEECH Betty Organisciak speaks to student body on character. Bonnie Johnson, accepts her new oflice as secretary and Mr. T. O'Brien listen. 57 Marilyn Martino, Victor Robertson, Mrs. J. Marsh, Mr. M. O'Laughlin, Miss B. Ballinger, Carl Mooradian, Mr. T. O'Brien, Mrs. M. O'Laughlin, judge J. Marsh, Mrs. CLASS DAY SENIOR BANQUET CLASS DAY STAGE Mr. J. Erwin, Miss B. Ballinger, Mr. M. O'Laughlin, Mr. T. O'Brien, Mr. H. Aba-te and committee heads watch singing of Class Song. T. O'Brien, Vema Conti. YEARBOOK DEDICATION Mr. M. O'Laughlin receives honors from Niagaxian C0- Editors Wendy Wittlin and Mary MacLeod. K. BANQUET STAG TABLE CLASS DAY BEGINS Carl Sheusi, joseph Marinello, Carl De Luca, Albert Mr. M. O'Laughlin and Mr. T. OlBrien watch Seniors Meranto, William Maggs, james Forcucci, Joseph Con- pass through arch to their seats in the assembly. gerti. 58 -lg may rm Y "qfM.-wr FIRST ROW: Maria D'Angelo, Janice Capizzi, Louise Anthony Danielewicz, Dolores Zuba, Patricia Czapla DeMunda, Donna Cafarella, Dana Berman, Judi Conjerti. Doreen Black, Virginia Burr. THIRD ROW: Bonny Burt SECOND ROW: Mr. H. Shapiro, Advisor, Sal Capatosto, Kenneth Deal, Stanley Cole, Carl Brown, William Brem- Joan Costanza, Nelson Austin, Curtis Bolden, Shirley ner, George Zalocha, James Bowe, Edward Ciszewski Zrcbiec, Michael Chipallo, Joanne Bojarski, Patricia Zykas, William Czechorowski, Ralph Boniello, Sandra Braswell. State .... .... C onnecticut Governor ............ . . . Ralph Boniello Lieutenant-Governor .... . . . Curtis Bolden Niagarian Salesman . . . .... Pat Czapla Chronicle Salesman ...... ,..... P at Czapla Red Cross Representative . . . . . . Louise DeMunda Advisor ................. . . . Mr. H. Shapiro Ralph Boniello, Governor 1 Curtis Bolden, Lieutenant- Governor. UW mug EP1' 1' J 11' TIN. HOMEROOM l 54 HOME ROOM 355 -1-.f ,.f,..:f,s-te, :ig,m,ssg-1-'m2g.,,-,avg-,-.,.s . Wee X .-,,,,,fQ1-u M- - '?li?:i'i-g'5p 'gP541+1? 155"' sa..-i'.+2i'fP.:Qim 5':sf2t?:'a.- N-sb 4 51250 A o o oIoIb1AIeI0I0l5l4l. 0 , f f WWIIIIHD UAW' Q -.V+ .4 .sf-M -0-'fs-ff-smwwa isa '-fw oo d c5'3io" J -' J 4 'OQQYQQQD DQ ' 0 . fa Now f l A ' Ogg 3OiO DO C O OO O O I U O 4 "VJ-1 va ,-J f jf! . 'R fi .aww S,.W...G ,ew Es K ' '- 5' ls N lNG . ,D FA'3CtNA't'l ef' s is a 5: it -A .aw ge :NLM Imm- D . . 5- gn H, - 51' fi if U U X un if. ' - Jil' v1g,a:?.fg:E53 Ik' joan Kaczynski, Governor UD U D ' in 1 I, Ali, ii ' l Governor "N" l 1 , ei ' UU Y, 5 ,f f5a.ay375? .,.-4.--. Rick i-Iavens, Lieutenant- NEU N fa va fa l v . i A1 ' L State . . . Governor ........... I.ieutenant-Governor . . Niagarian Salesman . .. Chronicle Salesman ...... Red Cross Representative . . . Advisor ...... ......... FIRST ROW: Joan Kaczynski, Joan Pasek, Judith john- son. Marguerite La Scala, Connie Parise, Margie Pavlisin. SECOND ROW: Allan Leo, Tim McGuire, Linda Lutz, Dolores Jasek, Jeanette McDonald, Frances Leardini, Jack C.. G. ........Maine . . . Rick Havens . . . . . . . joan Kaczynski Marguerite La Scala . . . . . . Frances Leardini . . . Rick Havens . . Mr. D. Gillies Higgins, Mr. D. Gillies, Advisor. THIRD ROW: Michael Horton, Anthony Michaels, Richard Moldenhuuer, Rick Havens, Walter Michaels, Lucinda Newhall, Joe Leone. Brian Mitchell. FIRST ROW: Betty Grassler, Christine Charles, Darleen Burton, Judie Brown, Carolyne DiCecco, Rosemarie Car- men. SECOND ROW: Bill Corsaro, Vivian Diem, Judith Casey, Richard Briand, Charlene Cody, Annie Evans, James DiCamillo, Judith Cota, lwlarguerite Ethier, Miss B. State ...... Governor ........,. Lieutenant-Governor . . . Niagarian Salesman . . . Chronicle Salesman ........ Red Cross Representative Advisor ................. Yandian, Advisor. THIRD ROW: Mirhacl De-Felice Diana DiCamillo, Al Blood, Robert Clayton, Tom Bro dowski, Peter Cirnolo, Michael DePasquale, Jim Korsoloski Richard Clements, Eileen Brooks, Bart DeRosa. . . . . . . . Delaware . . YVilliam Corsaro .. Michael DeFelice . . . . Eileen Brooks . . lkiarguerite Ethier . . . . . Judith Cota . . ltiiss B. Yanclian -e .15-8' Q"' L f lla W ' ii 5 -fii-E W-,l"'flgf:Qi2s3ffl51iFf74"fll'9:2Nf Il IIES' -v ' A J 'iqlgzwf 9R?.a45g5Q:fg4f:eg+,fffig'.QLsEgi I nl 'IJ FV' ' .fTf"lf15?f5ufZf?3'49' fiHWK"ii?-.. x Q I 1 fftJQ1f55f-Lwqfl' Aw, f il nl "-I5'v,,LR- ' tif-' i tir-J-... 'vff' - X tm. '42 :Ji .. , .1 W J rf M ' - - f I .55 lm? f at +L "f.'i:?L"fQ1-.E-'f .-,, .' if - . . "wfg.wZa:iqf 153,322 '--. " 'UIIIIIIHIII l ' Bill Corsaro, Governor: Mike fin: ',. . "jf n lllllmuu ' S Q DeFelice Lieutenant-Governor. 'ixlilvii'l'?li" f'fm,., ,, . O ' X "'v. 5 i ' '-Jsffil' ' 'f'-gig-.K-. ?'1Tl:i" 'i .nf-" S ll, i 'f - yt'-5' Gieffm -fb l ' H '- ' y in f . 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Advisor ........,........ FIRST ROPV: Joanne Zarrillo, Marcia Newburg, Bron- wyn Watts, Thelma Neilson, Candace O'Neill. SECOND ROW: Richard Scibilia, Karen Tato, Margaret Morgan, Nancy White, Judy Olszewski, William Smith, Lynn -.K Allyn Wagner, Governorg John Thomson, Lieutenant Governor. 'S . . . New Hampshire . . . Allyn Wagner . . . . John Thomson Candy O'Neil1 . . . . Carol Zanghi . . . Elyse Olearczyk . . . Mr. Moran Tiifany, Sandra Wasenko, Carol Zanghi. THIRD ROW.' Mr. J. Moran, Advisor, Elyse Olearczyk, Mary Lou Wini- arczyk, Bill Stewart, Joe Scibetta, Lee Taylor, Sandy Wilcox, Jackie Zelinsky, Al Wagner. es1 v swlau FIRST ROW: Miss R. Johnston, Advisor, Rose Rizzoto, Elaine Shaw, Janet Rickabaugh, Pat Sander, Elizabeth Ferrell, Sally Stenton, Irene johnson. SECOND ROW: Carol Sevchik, Joan Rydelek, Linda Winstanley, James Sevchik, Mike Tomaino, Russell Welch, Patricia Polka, State ...................... Governor ........... Lieutenant-Governor . . . Niagarian Salesman .. Chronicle Salesman ....... Red Cross Representative Advisor ................ Vivian Carli, Margaret Zecco. THIRD ROW: Mary Lou Soluri, Sharon Ziegler, David Winker, jane Schroeder, Charles Vartanian, Salvatore Zoda, Joe Zaccarella, Wil- liam Tarpinian, John Zipp. . . . New jersey . . . . Pat Sander . . . . Carol Sevchik .. Rosemary Rizzoto . . . . . . Vivian Carli .. Elizabeth Ferrell . . . Miss R. Johnston Pat Sander, Governor, Carol Sevchik, Lieutenant-Governor. . - Q r .A l -T' HA l 1' X L V :S Q - 'lx .. 4. . .- . , 'W , . -1. ,I . 1 t. i 'fl-E.-4-' . . .. . .L-2.7 .45 Jig,-J I ' as-ir? " - ,. HOME ROOM 40 I HOMEROOM I O6 f "4 - . M fist: ,gf V -Je I, - I 14, A , . . If l ii., Q, L 1 ' . " A rf" ' " 1' ' I .f . x ' , A . 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T. elf tt.c W, .M . , Donna Hann, Governorg Lynn McCabe, Lieutenant-Governor. FIRST ROW: Barbara Marehelos, jill Jordan, Elizabeth Gertli. Patricia La Bernardo, Lynn McCabe, Diana MeLennan, Ann Grenzy. SECOND ROW: Mary Jeffer- son. Frank Gugino, Matt Martinkowski, Helen Jones, Carol Hasson. Gerald Leo, Ken Haney, Eileen Mielnicki. State ...,.. Governor ........... Lientenant-Governor . . . Niagurian Salesman Chronicle Salesman ....... Red Cross Representative Advisor ................ HOMERODM 302 HOMEROOM Q06 State ....... Governor ...... , . . . . Lieutenant-Governor . . Niagarian Salesman . . Chronicle Salesman ...... Red Cross Representative . . . Advisor ................. FIRST ROW: Dorothy Plarek, Cheryl Campbell, Arlene Falzone, Sandra Fields, Phyllis Forcucci, Nfarilyn LaMon- ira, Angela D'Al0ise. SECOND ROW: Jim Colosi, Eliza- beth Foshee, David DiMarco, Carolyn Caprino, Peggy Curtis, Phyllis Canfield, Diana Crawley, Michael Cirrito, 0I'l"lOl'. ...... Georgia . . . Gary Falsetti . . Peggy Curtis . . . . . Sandra Fields . . Marilyn LaMonica . . . . Phyllis Forcucci . . Miss D. Apple Marjorie Lester, Miss D. Apple, Advisor. THIRD ROW: Anthony DelGobbo, Charles DeFazio, Ollie Dozier, Willie Cox, Gary Falsetti, Mike Raymond, Jerry Colosi, Jon Ed- wards, Arthur Cowart. Peggy Curtis, Lieutenant- Governor: Cary Falsetti, Gov- FIRST ROW: Elaine Hadad, Margaret Grafuis, Janice Kramarz, Judy Lasher, Elizabeth Haslip. Nancy Krueger, Ann Drozdowski. Jackie Thompson, Joyce DeTroia. SEC- OND ROW: Lois Zaleski, Sharon Graves, Lorraine Drabczyk, John Goodfellow, Don Etopio, Leslie Donato, Virginia Dell, Paulette Gray, Miss J. Wylie, Advisor, Ho- man Rairie. THIRD ROW: Tom Kassay, David Graff, Paul Charbonneau, Douglas Hale, Ted Worosz, John Sala, Joseph Hurst, Robert Kusnierczak, Richard Greene, Jim Sandonato. Tom Krajcirik. 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SECOND ROW: Rose- mary Valenti, Lorraine Sunicki, John Struzik, joan Smith, Nancy Vanone, Marcia Zafuto, Sharon Trapasso, Mark Al Soluri. Governorg Chauncey Swalwell, Lieutenant-Governor. State .... . . . Nebraska Governor ........... ......... A l Solnri Lieutenant-Governor . . . . . Chauncey Swalwell Niagarian Salesman .... Maria Myers Chronicle Salesman ..... . . . . Letty Merino Red Cross Representative ...... Sharon Trapasso Advisor ................ . . . Mr. WV. Brady Siegel. Mary VVclch, Sharon Welch. THIRD ROW: Rob- ert Soluri, Adulia Talbott, Chauncey Swalwell, Al Soluri, Leon Smith. Michael Shepard, John Sieck, Diane Tracin- ski, Jim McDougald, Anthony Teber, Mr. W. Brady Advisor. s FIRST ROW: Lisette Barbezat, Bonnie Bhaqwat, Elaine Buscemi, Heather Buchanan, Raymond Attia Mr R Sobczyk, Alice Brundage, Patricia Bates, Kathleen Colosi. Meckes, Advisor. THIRD ROW: Joe Bradt, Richard Boos SECOND ROW: Helen Snyder, John Costanzo, Jean Don Allen, Joseph Bruno, Thomas Berryhill Wxlham Burmaster, Frank Calvello, Mary Ann Bradberry, Nancy Brockman, Michael Colucci, William Antonelh Sam Bisig Skwarzynski, Dorothy Blackman, Jane Babuich, Marilyn nano, Robert Cacner, Jim Blinn, Pat Smieck. State ..... ...... C olorado Governor ........... . . . Tom Berryhill Lieutenant-Governor .. ..... Pat Bates Niagarian Salesman Chronicle Salesman ...... .... Red Cross Representative . .. Advisor ............... . . Patricia. Bates, Lieutenant- Governor Q Thomas Berryhill, Governor. . Kathy Colosi . Kathy Colosi . . . Lisette Barbezat Mr. R. Meckes 5 61' j HOMEROOM I 49 slerllviw HOMEROOM 301 A ,1- X K, 1 34790 'G Agifizg f n s" , "T , ' J-lil.-Aly K 'il ' li -- , .' ,hi . , - gm- q rim' I ' - ' ' . ' ffji-1 , 'W , ,,. .,, -' 1 ' f. f ff - ails -if. .- ' It r.:'?.3 - 'X R. 5 ' "- '-2,1-1-4. - MVA. Lx t ' K - - vc- -'Q L- -ag WU.. 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THIRD ROW: John Viso, William Jones, Joe LaPorta, Larry Lang, Joe Mag- liarditi, Jack Holloman, Ted Labaj, James Greig. FIRST ROW: Janice Goodman, Cheryl Hartburg, Judy Ingrasci, Robert Finn. THIRD ROW: Eileen Deeter, Os Gibson, Sandy Bxyk, Jackie Espina, Richard Haick. SEC- car Frazier, John Parrish, Bob Garrecht, Jeffrey Guehring, OND ROW: Donna Francis, Geraldine Cortellini, Lillian Gerald Haseley, Dennis Dowling, Theodore Dutko G. Cox, Jack Gibas, Gloria Giles, Sharon Currie, Beverly State . . Governor Lieutenant-Governor Indiana Oscar Fra zier . Jacaueline Espina . Robert Garrecht Niagarian Salesman . Chronicle Salesman ..... Red Cross Representative . Advisor Jackie Espina, Lieutenant-Gov- ernorq Oscar Frazier, Governor. 1 l tr .. Cheryl Hartburg . Beverly Ingrasei ...Mrs. R. Whitley VY' F A ' Q IL f ' I 1 I M 5 w i : 1 I . I -'. 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D i FIRST ROW: Marie Gravanti, Julee Richardson, Joan Lynch, Cathy Siever, Barbara Housser, Lucille Longo, Rob- ert Porreca, Winona Selfridge, Amanda Carter. SECOND ROW: Jeri Slish, Claudia Shemik, Lorraine Ponzi, Louis Muzzillo, Joanne Rafalko, Bill Popowich, Ronnie Riggi, 'D. Y-0+-9 Minnesota Mary Ann Rinaldo . . . . Louis Muzzillo . . . . Marie Gravanti . . . Catherine Siever Irma Phelps . . . .Mrs. H. Donovan Jacob Ward, Marjorie Luffman, Carole Rajczak, Mrs. H. Donovan, Advisor. THIRD ROW: Sharon Lynch, Jerome Peak, Irma Phelps, David Truesdale, Charles Phillips, Bob Kindzia, Joe Kellar, Marsha Skrlin, Judith Small, Mary Ann Rinaldo, Cheryl Lochren. FIRST ROW: johnina Laughlan, Marilyn Lampman, Robert Walker, John Kartalian, Helen Owens, Helen Marlene Raymond. SECOND ROW: Janette Laughlan, Lee. FOURTH ROW: Floyd Milsops, Joseph Palermo, Peggy O'Neal, Patricia Reed, Mary Ristoppolo, Alene Donald Morgan, Steven Witkowski, Robert Wojcik, Joseph Richards, Sandra Rangatore, Gretchen Rice. THIRD Palumbo, joel Joseph. ROW: Barbara Munger, Diane Scalzo, james Parnella, State ......, .... M assachusetts Governor ......... . . . Steve Witkowski Lieutenant-Governor . . . . . Mary Lee Ristopolo Niagarian Salesman .... Peggy O'Neal Chronicle Salesman ..... .. Gretchen Rice Red Cross Representative . . . ..... Barbara Munger Advisor ............... Miss I. Lukasiewicz .5 1 Qi' gli 4 . 2 '1' 'Ff5.:.-M 1 I L' -3' ,R R A ' H x if if ' ' . ri-'X hx 5d Q' "Vi 2 ' Ky va' 15.0 tag?-ei I - X9 xl fs i tg, . . Ap' 5615 . ' I R' N R. Steven Witkowski, Governorg ' ,if , ' , San Mary Lee Rlstopolo, Lleutenant- Om Q we-,gg I-gj...,ff SEQ 1 WJ' " Govemor. ' 5'-3' It S 1 . ' Q p 2 ' fi . . . r 'fu A .f 1 . x L-. J ' x I E? .f 1:4 fx I iv fi fi if E . M J -S , or ij. wi fr' F215-. fi: ' H S T gf: P2 285,50 Nh ,'-i- 51" e. . x l n ga: ,r . fs' , ' ' """ ' uf" . , . . ,-IH?" -' ' ,wffg--v 1, . 'S , qgi?-55s. ,t5,,'-211, -as tx Efx'f'1f up L -'7 ig -' iSfe'1?ffNiw.efi3gSf :- ' 2 A 11- f. -. S' "L ,1'-2. .- flfiksl ' ifgttfilgfifsfgg 51,4-'Y . ffgj-:rife ' tf.5.3?t5g,g,1MXL, ,sshfgvemgygga , . 53:1-.efffllgg-Irqftzeg 5 af535g.t,:-,ggggf 4.1555 ' Q. 'R,Q,L EQ - 'Q 1ar2'fqffng,vvD4-iff:- - " ,s-. mi?-ia. Q-833, 5 f HOMEROOM 305 HOMEROOM 352 - State .... Governor ........... Lieutenant Governor .. Niagarian Salesman Chronicle Salesman ...... Red Cross Representative Advisor ................. FIRST ROW: Tannis Valley, Eleanor Massar, Jill Sisler, Earl Shaffer, Lucille Alongi, Rosemarie Mauro. SECOND ROW: Anna Jean Massar, Jean Collar, Judy Pauline, Mark Tillotson, Linda. Tomala, Eva Smith, Marion Shul- George Lozina, Govemor Bruce Seamans, Lieutenant Govemor. 'XG , , f , ,f, . . . . . Montana l r .. George Lozina ' A M .. Bruce Seamans .. Kathleen Pasco ......JillSwifti' N . . . Dennis Tosetto 3 Dr. M. Risley ,af-.,p 5-, f'-1 .K V t tenburg, Pat Taylor, James Mackay, Kathy Pasco, David Silverman. THIRD ROW: Margo Toole, Jill Swift, Made- line Routhier, Bruce Seamans, Gary Smith, Dennis Tosetto, George Lozina, Donna Mattace, Tom Martin, Jim Scrivani. FIRST ROW: Irene Sanchez, Virginia Sally, Barbara Sull- mon, Martha Strutz, Ann Tabone, Norma Studi, Delores Mariano. SECOND ROW: Rose Scarano, Shavy Sanders, Lucille Szczerbacki, Carol Supple, Georgine Rosatone, Fran- cise Marinucci, Gwen Mackenna, Marie Terrano, Amold State ....... Governor ......... Lieutenant-Governor ,. Niagarian Salesman .. Chronicle Salesman ...... Red Gross Representative . . Advlsor ....,.......... Ruben, Pat Maglio, Miss A. McCabe, Advisor. THIRD ROW: Judy Makoski, Carolyn Stouck, Donald Prinz John Scavulli, Robert Ricker, Wayne Landesman, Pat Robertson Paul Schultz, Wesley Szalach. Missouri .. Gwen Mackenna . . Pat Robertson .. Delores Mariano .. Gwen Mackenna Pau1B1air . . Miss A. McCabe Gwen Mackenna, Governor 3 Patrick Robertson, Lieutenant- Governor. 7' juz! C f ,:,,.,. Q t,s5gi.':.-V: ' , . 1 l is if f'.' .' ,- -i 3.1, '. . x ,- .1 ' ..- ,. 3 I- Ll v.,,34. . f 30:1 ff is . I 7' ' HOMEROOM 351 s1...:1:I-. .5-:1.'." gui.. F? " -leux I HOMEROOM 253 Joe D'Angelo, Governorg Paul State ............. Govemor ........... Lieutenant-Governor .. Niagarian Salesman . Chronicle Salesman ...... Red Cross Representative .. Advisor ................. 6- Grabek, Lieutenant-Governor. Idaho . Joe D'Angelo .. Paul Grabek . . . Joan Dowe Gloria Grimaldi Jackie Civiletto Miss E. Kamm FIRST ROW: Julianne Griggs, Gloria Grimaldi, Mae Du- cilla Grant. THIRD ROW: Nick Curtis, john Furan, pree. SECOND ROW: Karen Conte, Judith Gordineer, Mandell Glazer, Paul Grabek, Joe D'Angelo, Pamela Robert Dobrasz, Charlotte Conti, Jacquelyn Civiletto, Pris- Gwozdek, Joy Colucci. lu -1 'N 1 lg FIRST ROW: Joan Trunzo, Gwen Raybon, Darlene Pri- chard, Alberta Previte. SECOND ROW: Betty McGhee, Pam Williams, Lillian Williams, Pat Kowalski, Barbara Ko- walski, Anne Marsh, Helen Cook, Jane White, Dianne Mc- Gee. THIRD ROW: Mabel Wasmund, Gloria Powell, Bob State ........ Governor ......... Lieutenant-Govemor .. Niagarian Salesman .... Chronicle Salesman ...... Red Cross Representative . . . Advisor ............... Wilson, Dennis Morgan, Sydney Marquis, Lois Mabry. FOURTH ROW: Leslie Massingell, Roger Wojak, Susan Kerr, Marie Puisys, Aretha Moore. FIFTH ROW: Andy James, Duane Johnson, Gary Meteer, Jerry Spinley, Tom Neil, Charles Wheeler, Miss B. Taczak, Advisor. Maryland Aretha Moore Patricia Kowalski . . . . Anne Marsh . . . Alberta Previte .. Mabel Wasmund ...Miss B. Taczak .FW- Aretha Moore, Governor, Patri- cia Kowalski, Lieutenant- Governor. aff' -'U te 'Sk 'Www if ll 1 . ,Z x ALI., -11 Q-nm .11 .rj X'-.J wkyu HOMEROOM 304 OUR GUESTS Larry Britton, Mrs. J. Hill, Mr. J. Hill, Nitzia Morales, William Bmmner, Mr. E. Hallett, Mrs. E. Hallett, Mary Hallett, Mr. T. O'Brien. STUDENT EXCHANGE PROGRAM 5 ADIOS Mary Hallett and Larry Britton 79 The Initial effort of the Student Ex- change Program has produced numerous innovations within Niagara Falls High School. Not only have we come to under- stand and appreciate our Latin American neighbors to a greater degree, but we have also enriched our own environment by such an association. THEIR NATIVE DANCE Nitzia Morales and William Bremner IN ME MORIAM JAMES H. ERWIN Deep sympathy fills the hearts of those who knew and worked with James H. Erwin during forty-five years of dedication within the educational field. The strength of his influence will long be felt by both teachers and students. It is with profound sadness that we mark his passing. 80 li b I I E Ni A, is 'x .,.J-: ,ig gg., M I I I I ACTIVITIES 'I , 1 1 S E , . , ls I -ff" I I? .Q 'Q Q V l ww C' '15, ' fx, I 9 E M I ., S , 5" Ngxf' "' fx I STUDENT COUNCIL OFFICERS Ne., 4 'Y I ., .Ni , X M, 'Sxxmy M V, K W ' N. f A- ffl-va :Iv-93 ' SEATED: Bonnie Johnson, Secretary, M. J. Edwards, Advisor. STANDING: joseph Hurst, Vice-President, Donald Thompson, Treasurer, William Bradley, President. Mary Lou Cichelli, Suzanne Simonds, Charlotte Pane, Donna Hann, Gwen Mackenna, Sharon Burns, Hallie Stiegman, Al Wagner, Bill Corsaro, Ray- mond Molinaro, John Kosinski, Mary Hallett, Patti Ligam- mari. SECOND ROPV: Mary Ann Rinaldo, Gary Mazza, Oscar Frazier, Braden Macdonald, George Lozina, Joe STUDENT The Niagara Falls High School Student Council is com- posed of one representative fgovemorl and one alter- nate Clieutenant-governorj from each homeroom. These people attend meetings once a week to discuss various school activities. The purpose of the Council is to unify the school activities by bringing together all committees and clubs under a central organization, thereby pre- venting duplication of work and keeping students in LIEUTENANT-GOVERNORS FIRST ROW: Mary Loughnane, Susan Keck, Carol Sevckik, Paula Walezak, Terri DiGregorio, Carol Nalbone, Ann Rose Mallo, Peggy Curtis, Pat Garvey, Mary Lee Ristopolo, Pat Kowalski. Jackie Espina, Joan Herman, Patricia Bates. SECOND ROW: Karen Wendt, Bruce Semans, John D'Angelo, Stephen Gawrysiak, Marsha Bemat, Lester Sconiers, Aretha Moore, Pat Sander. THIRD ROW: Ralph Boniello, Michael Beningo. Dennis Scouler, Joe Hurst, Gary Falsetti, Fred Macvie, Rick Havens, Thomas Berryhill, George Beckwith, Anthony Gancasz. COUNCR touch with the problems and functions of N.F.H.S. Projects of the Student Council include the Community Chest Drive, School Insurance Program, Salvation Army, Christmas drive, and promotion of general school spirit and sportsmanship. Officers for the year 1960-1961 are: President, Bill Bradley, Vice-President, Joe Hurst, Treasurer, Donald Thompsong Secretary, Bonnie Johnson. The advisor is Mr. John Edwards. Goodfellow, Joe Mackenna, John Thompson, Gabriel De- Munda, Curtis Bolden, Mike DeFelice, Louis Muzzillo, John Bruno, Elvira Bell. THIRD ROW: Robert Nicora, Richard Davey. Paul Grabek, Elton Barber, Robert Wood- ring, Nick DeFelice, Phil Laurenzi, Patrick Robertson, Chuck Pawloski. FIRST R0l'Vf .loan LYUCI1, Cathi' Si9VCl', tie, Lillian WVilliams, Priscilla Grant, Yvonne VVilson, Ger- Janioo Goodman, Lorraine Srmioki, Mario Torrono, Joyce aldine Isom, Lynn Tiffany, Virginia Dell. THIRD ROW: Black, Kathy Pasco, Dolores Tirabassi, Marguerite La- Chuck Pawloski, Joan Boardman. Joan Hughes, Margaret Scala, Marilyn L3mPm?1H, Bovorly ISlCf' SECOND ROW-' Bak, Margaret Zecco, Louise Hooper, Dorothy Hughes Nancy Rose, Marsha Bernat, Lorraine Ponzi, Shirley Mon- Adulia Talbgtt, Joy Coluqfi, CHRONICLE The Chronicle, our school paper, offers many enjoyable moments to our student body. Joyce Black, the Editor-in-Chief. and her many assistants and reporters are dedicated to Finding news. The paper affords all the opportunity to read about the V school highlights and personalities. Mr. W. Brady is the able advisor of this publi- FIRST ROW: Gloria Grimaldi, Marilyn La Monica, Alberta Previte, Eleanor Barbari, Deanne Meranto, Joyce De Troia, Gerry Chuan- owski, Dianna Russo, Letty Merino, Marge Bedrosian, Cindy Ryan, Cathy Siever, Peggy Lewis. SECOND ROW: Gretchen Rice, Patricia Czapla, Joyce Black, Ada Thomas, Barbara Giles, Cheryl Hartburg, Anne Wigle, Bonnie Lutz, Gwen Mackenna, Carol Zanghi, Joan Brown, Marguerite Ethier, Agnes Di Giovine. THIRD ROW: Joan Hughes, jill Swift, Robert Meirer, Victor Gomez, Mackey Baker, Jim Kavanaugh, Robert Stone, Emie Covey, Jane Abbott, Joan Boardman. DEEP IN THOUGHT Nancy Fulwider and Judith Manley ADVISORS Mrs. H. Donovan and Miss A. McCabe. Co-Editors ......... Co-Business Managers Facul'ty Chairman .. Senior Chairman . . . Junior Chairman . . . Activities Chairman Sports Co-Chairmen Co-Advisors ......,. Art Advisor ....... ALWAYS A PERFECT BALANCE Mary J 0 Marino and Dolores Tirabassi NIAGARIAN STAFF .. Nancy Fulwider and Judith Manley Mary Jo Marino and Dolores Tirabassi Dolores T1fabaSS1 Barbara Baker Judith Morath Andrea DiCamillo Carl Bongiovanni and Dorothy Martin . . . . lvirs. H. Donovan and Miss A. McCabe Miss P. Jones FIRST ROW: Susan Dolores Tirabassi. THIRD ROW: Susan Farber, Judy Mo- Keck, Gail Feldman, Peggy Lewis, Jacqueline Van Epps, rath, Dorothy Martin, James Kavanaugh, Nancy Soule, Andrea Di Camillo. SECOND ROW: Nancy Fulwider, Barbara Baker, Janice Longo. Judith Manley, Dana Berman, Kathy Pasco, Carol Zanghi, A M0 9tENl Sandra FIRST ROW: Arlene Trapasso, Deborah Gray, Sandra Fields, Candace O'Neill, Sharon Settimi, Irene Bovier, Peggy O'Neal, Suzanne Hic- kox, Marjorie Reese, Mary jo Marino, Dolores Tirabassi, Kathy Pasco, Marie Meierer. SECOND ROW: Paul Sca- letta, Ann McCulloch, Rose Rizzotto, Marguerite La Scala, Donna Magdziak, Patricia Czapla, Kenneth Haney, Dolly Mariano, Anne Marsh, Carol Virtuoso, Neva Rizzuto, Helen Kania. THIRD ROW: Judy Cyphers, Barbara Baker, Nancy Rogers, Norman 'Merrell, Bob Garrecht, Richard Davey, Bonnie Lutz, Elaine Hadad, Eileen Brooks, Patty Jo Sdao. STAFF The Yearbook has been assembled, pictures have been taken, a deadline has been met, and once again, students are able to look back and relive some of the days when a king and queen were chosen, officers were elected, a game was won, and a hit was pro- duced. It is this which the members of the Niagarian Staff endeavor to attain. Under the direction of Mrs. H. Donovan and Miss A. McCabe, the editors, Nancy Fulwider and Judith Manley, worked to compile an edition which would be memorable in the years to come. The Hnancial aspect of the publication was most ably executed by Mary Jo Marino and Dolores Tirabassi. 91 NEGESQAPX NGRE y Rizzuio' N ev 3 Seal?-0 and " Susan Farber. Words alone will not aptly portray the incidents of a year, and so, Miss P. Jones and her art staff aug- mented the script with student drawings paralleling the theme. The climax of the campaign's Hnancial goal was at- tained by the production of the Niagarian Variety Show in the month of November. Mr. Louis Angelo of the Varden Studios most graciously donated the tickets for the performance, making the evening a total profit. It is the hope of all who have given of their services during the past months that the 1961 Niagarian will evoke pleasure and pride in this past school year. A FWAL 7 D. . Pettergl 3:1 McEIM7a- EDITORIAL BOARD James Kavanaugh, Janice Longo, Andrea Di Camillo, 15'E,4TE Miss p acke In K , . nn U ' enn Mitchell, gigs, Rose 1ijTf4JVD1 gh r ey Federico zotto, one OFFICERS Richard Hull, Ma ' C d nina ar amone, Miss E. Mitchell, Mary Hallett, Andrea Di Camillo. fa , ,af :xg-ig .. . ,Ir x m -ii -:ggi NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY Membership in the National Honor Society is avail able to all students who maintain both a hi h scholas: S tic average and exhibit the qualities of leadership scholarship, character, and service. The society's ac- D t1v1t1es for the year include two inductions, a com- bined splash party and pot luck supper, and sponsor- h. s 1p of the Victory Dance after the Student Council elections. The society also maintains a book-store where students may purchase recent Hction and non- Hction books and the classics. Profits from this book FIRST ROIV: Deborah Gray, An- nette De Lorenzo, Kathleen Furgal, Andrea Di Camillo, Irene Bovier, Roxanne Bertsch. Karen Wendt, Mary Hal- lett, Nancy Fulwider. Bonnie johnson, Janice Longo. San- dra Caccamise. SECOND ROW: Mazzina Cardamone, Dorothy Martin, Laurie Ann Welch, Stanley Stephens, store help toward the sponsorship of a scholarship. The officers for the year are: Marzina Cardamone, President, Mary Hallett, Vice-President, Andrea Di Camill S 1' ' o, ecretary , and Richard Hull, Treasurer. Miss E. Mitchell is the advisor assisted by the follow- ing faculty committee: Miss L. Simmons M . r . , J Boardman, Mr. J, Haggerty, Miss D Apple Mr H Shapiro, Miss R. Johnston, Mr. Al Dietrick, Miss G. Erwin and Mr. T. O'Brien. Richard Hull, William Kosinski, Nancy Soule, Gloria' Bachorski Susan ,Farber THIRD ROW: James Dunlop Gabriel De ,Munda Th i . , omas jarzab, Richard Kattman, Gary Lasby, Janies Kava- naugh, David Lapp, Mark Canfield. Stefanco, Kamil Bishara John CO-CAPTAINS AND ADVISOR Christine Kruppa, Miss I. Lukasiewicz, Lynnette Fisher. USHER STAFF Miss Irene Lukasiewicz is the advisor of the group the school. They also usher at Commencement ex- h U h r StaH' These girls ercises in June. of girls who comprise t e s e . show guests to their seats at all evening functions of , .X -i 'fy N .755 1: Q, s XFeE,:-:f .f- f 429- WRITE R'S WORKSHOP No doubt some of the future Norman Mailers, James Joyces, Virginia Woolfes and Eudora YVeltys are rep- resented in Niagara Falls High School's literary magazine, "Stardust" Advisor of this illustrious staFf QTAFFFIRST ROW: Agnes Di Giovine, Letty Merino, Charlene Di Noto, Eva Chapa- dos, Marge Bedrosian. SECOND ROW: Dianna Russo, Charlotte Moletto, Carol Zanghi, Priscilla Grant, Shamn is Dr. M. Risley. Priscilla Grant and Tannis Valley are the Co-Editors, and Thomas Polley is the Art Editor. Settimi, Cindy Ryan, Carol Nalbone. THIRD ROW: Tannis Valley, Jill Swift, Bonny Burt, Joseph Mackenna, Adulia Talbott, Lorraine Sunicki. FIRST ROW: Janice Longo, An- drea DiCamillo, Betsy Stiegman, Eleanor Barbari, Donna Mycock, Barbara Jo Snyder, Jane White, Priscilla Grant. SECOND ROW: Patricia Willis, Tannis Valley, Margaret Bak, James Schultz, Nancy Rogers, Elizabeth Trow, Mar- sha Bernat, Richard Davey. Mark Canfield, Paul Scaletta, Ray Corsaro, Frank La Via. THIRD ROW: Joyce Black, Carol Sevchik, Gabriel De Munda, Mark Pettit, Richard Williams, Richard Hull, Peter Ciraolo, Ronald Cicero, Mr. J. Hadden, Director. ORCHESTRA The orchestra of Niagara Falls High School supplies music for the annual Christmas Assembly, the Spring Concert and Graduation Exercises, This year, for the first time, the orchestra, along with the other musical organizations, participated in a Christmas Program presented for the public. In May, the orchestra trav- eled to La Salle High School where a combined music festival was initiated. BAND The Niagara Falls High School band is an essential ingredient, creating an enthusiastic atmosphere during the football season. During this year, the or- ganization allied with the cheerleaders in endeavor- ing to provide the student body with musical cheers. FIRST ROW: Richard Davey, Marsha Bernat, Jim Cardamone, Barbara Snyder, Richard Hull, Peter Ciraolo, Ronald Cicero. SECOND ROW: Eliza- beth Trow, Suzanne Simonds, Bill Corsaro, Peggy Ad- ams, Ray Corsaro, Bruce Seamans, Mark Canfield, Bill The group is active in playing for assemblies, the Spring Concert, and the Music Festival at La Salle High School. The Director of the band is Mr. J. Hadden. Engle, Donald Allen, Gary Falsetti, Joseph Palermo. THIRD ROW: Jean Burmaster, Eleanor Barbari, David Silverman, Jeff Guehring, Gabriel De Munda, Mark Pettit, George Beckwith, Douglas Hale, Richard Williams, Mr. J. Hadden, Director. FIRST ROW: Marie Marshall, Michele Tedesco, Gwendolyn Rainbow, Beverly lsler. Linda Mearbell, Hallie Stiegman, Charlotte Conti, Gloria Powell, Edwina Douglas, Robert Barrette, Carol Previte. SECOND ROW: Arnold Ruben, Eleanor Barbari, Marilyn Lampman, Judith Johnson, Geraldine Cancilla, Ann McCulloch, Irene Bovier, Donna Mycock. On the Stairs: Ronald Cicero, Marilyn De Martino, joan Brown. Judy Cyphers, Nancy White, Yvonne Wil- son, Beatrice Fitzgerald, Ronald Riggi, Linda Cum- mings, Sharon Graves, Michael De Felice, William Engle, Betty Bernat, Donna Mattace, Geraldine Isom, Wilma Johnson, Gloria Bachorski, Carolyn Stouck, Paul Schultz, Braden Macdonald, Joseph Palumbo, john Lamb, Joseph Sciebetta . 5 -1-- Ich I ,- q.:.q' ,,g sf - " 1,5 e in Qgzi t.-sr-U 1-E i- gg., ge., . 55? . 5. Nynx - X Zs5" x Tr:5x Q E, A CAPPELLA Members of the A Cappella are selected from the chorus on the basis of voice quality and sight reading ability. A Cappella members look forward to their annual Christ- mas party to which many alumni are invited. This year the alumni were invited to participate in the Christmas Assembly. This group makes an annual appearance at Gaskill Junior High School, sings for the Spring Concert, and participates in the Niagara Falls High-La Salle High music festival. Miss M. A. Hakes is the direc- tor of this group. A Cappella performance for student body. FIRST ROW: Marie Marshall, Michele Tedesco, Joan Lyneh, Nlarie hleierer. Candace O'Neill, Geraldine Canvilla, Judy Stahlman. Karen Oz- ziino. Marilyn Lainpinan, Bronwyn Wlatts. Dianne Sharp, Cynthia Callan. SECOND ROIV: Nlarilyn Deklartino. Carol Banks, Rose Marie Mauro, Georgina Dunn, Bonnie Bhagwat, Judy Gibson, Donna Mycock. Drucilla Banks. Carol Previte. Kathy Pasco, lrene Bovier. Nlary Jane NVelsh. THIRD ROIV: Nancy Previtc, Hallie Stiegman, Patti Ligammari, Petrina Magaddino, Delores Zuba, Mary Lee Ristopolo. Gilda Arieo. Judie Brown, Phyllis Canfield. CHORUS 'Cb -,. ,,.-2- -:-1 : 1-Q si Y " - a A. isa. ,J X , ,I-,.,:.f".L--e A X 1 ' 'N ' t ,- - , ,ff .If 5. A IX Z N 7 X ?L QQ S A vg- Under the Capable direction of Miss M. A. Hakes. the chorus lifts its many voices in songs both old and new. Chorus members are an attraction at the FIRST ROW: Mae Dupree, Mary Shine, Beverly Isler, Elizabeth Haslip, Mary Lou Cichelli, Elena Santoro, Arnold Ruben, Eleanor Barbari, Marge Bedrosian, Alberta Previte, Gwendolyn Rainbow, Judith Johnson. SECOND ROW: hlargaret Stirling, Shavy San- ders, Elena Searfone, Mary Elaine Saxe, Cheryl Hartburg, Gwen Niackenna, Charlotte Conti, Delores Mariano, Bev- erly lngrasci, Lucille Alongi, THIRD ROW: Norma Studi, Marlene Raymond, Gloria Powell, Karen Walker, Beatrice DeSirnone, Barbara Marchelos, Suzanne Hickox. Pat Kowalski. FIRST ROW: Lorraine Sunicki, Charlene Davis, Sharon Lynch, Sandy Wasenko, Nancy White, Marilyn Buscemi, Lillian Williams, joan Brown, Lorraine Ponzi, Linda Cummings, Linda Mearbell, Pat Garvey. SECOND ROW: Donna Hann, Judy Cyphers, Shirley Federico, Beatrice Fitzgerald, Gloria Bachorski, joan Hughes, joan Boardman, Joanne Renko, Alice Paige, Bonny Burt, Dorothy Hughes, Marie Puisys. THIRD ROW: Carolyn Stouck, Irma Phelps, Mike DeFelice, Paul Schultz, Joe Scibetta, Joseph Palumbo, Ronnie Riggi, Rosemary Love, Geraldine Isom. I Ti 1 af.-se es X, 1r "'i' - . egf sxff S --R: A L CHORUS Christmas Assembly, Spring Concert, and the music festival held with La- Salle High School's group. FIRST ROW: Ann McCulloch, Lois Mabry, Susan Chinnock, Edwena Douglas, Yvonne Wilson, Marie Ventresca, Bc-tty Bernat, Sharry Graves, Anne Wigle, Barbara Harshman, Margaret Grafuis. SEC- OND ROW: Pat Sander, Nancy Bloom, Gail Andres, Dorothy Blackman, Lorraine Drabfzyk, Lillian Cox, Donna Mattace, Wilma johnson, Lisette Barbezat. THIRD ROW: Bob Barrette. Braden Macdonald. Patricia Willis, John Lamb. Barbara Baker, William Engle, Ronald Cicero. lc SEATED: Christine Kruppa. STANDING: Nancy Beach, Margaret Zacco, joan Boardman. jean Trotter. QCHODL STORE The school store opens every day before classes and during lunch periods to help the student body prepare for school with the proper materials. The advisor and co- ordinator of the store is Miss V. Donohue. 3 'Q yi 1? L,-5-, -g'1 i X-,S-4, ' 3 j X Qc -2 V Q .X i X x 'i4 K4 vc. SCHOOL OFFICE STAFF To facilitate the complex workings of Niagara Falls High School is one of the pri- mary functions of the office staff. Making the task of administration more efficient. Mrs. A. O'Brien and ltirs. M. Lynch. enlist the aid of volunteers to collect attend- ance cards and distribute attendance blue sheets. STAGGERED: Nancy Bloom, Linda Herowski, Joan Smith, Marge Hathaway, Shirley Castek, Joan Pasek. Carol Virtuoso, Pamela Gwozdek, Priscilla Grant, Rita Bongiorno. Pat Bradigan, Catherine Burtch. SEATED: Barbara Scrivano, Cota, Diane Fonner, Diane Shubsda, Anne Wigle, Nancy Doreen Donatelli, Hallie Stiegman, Joan Herman, Dolores Soule, Margaret Bak, Judy Manley, Deborah Gray, Mary Tirabassi, Vicki Di Vito, JoAnn Detkos. STANDING: Mr. Jo Marino, Miss G. Erwin, Counselor. G. Wood, Counselor. Mr. J. Janowski, Counselor, Judie GUIDANCE The Guidance Counselors of Niagara Falls High School, Miss G. Erwin, Mr. Janowski, and Mr. G. Wood, desire to help students make a satisfactory adjustment 'to school life and plan realistically for the future. To college-bound students, they offer aid in selecting colleges, meetings with college repre- sentatives and information about scholarships. Test- ing programs given throughout the year show each student his own abilities and interests. A staff of volunteer students assist the counselors in clerical tasks. ,.... . 'Cb ,. -f!-1 -axe af.-Ea - ,fir-.:.: zfQi Q- ' -" for 'a-4'1"':'-'21-'N 1 " le' ,,- 5,45 nx X Z, ,..- , Ti1iiz5S4 A vg- CADET TEACHERS Girls who are interested in teaching as a career have an excellent opportunity to see if they are Fitted for their vocational choice. The cadet teacher program under the advisorship of Miss G. Erwin, guidance counselor, is the answer. Thirty eight Niagara Falls High School students take part in this program which consists of observing elementary classrooms for two hours weekly. In this way, the trainees have 21 first hand opportunity to see what their future yo- cations have in store for them. FIRST ROW: Norma Studi, Donna, Harm, Phyllis Forcucci. Ardell Reed, Suzanne Sim- onds, Marilyn Lampman, Julianne Griggs, Arlene Falzone, Marie Meirer, Peggy Lewis, Patricia Bates, Marilyn La Monica. SECOND ROW: Rosemary Valenti, Lynn Tiffany, Lorraine Sunicki, Barbara Munger, Anne Marsh, Shirley Montie, Janice Goodman, Judith Con- jerti, Priscilla Grant, Sharon Lynch, Pat Kowalski, Phyllis Canfield, Yvonne Wilson, Kathy Pasco, Pat La Bernardo, Virginia Sally. THIRD ROW: Barbara Henderson, Suzanne Hickox, Donna Mycock, Lillian Williams, Anne Wigle, Joanne Bojarski, Margaret Bak. On the Stairs: Miss G. Erwin, Counselor, Jo- anne Cancilla, Sandy Wilcox, Joan Hughes, Dorothy Hughes, Elyse Olear- czyk, Adulia Talbott, Sally Landes. 2 SEATED: Ann McCulloch, Diane Milczarski, Louise Hooper, Barbara Mary Friedrich, Miss H, McCarney, Janice Hunt. STAND- Henderson, Barbara Junquera. Deanne Meranto, Eva ING: Rita Bongiorno. Catherine Burtch, Lynn Tiffany. Clerk. CLINIC Busily at work in their white-tiled abode, High Schoolis "angels of mercy" care for the minor ills of the student body and faculty. They also maintain the health cards which record our physical well-being throughout school. Miss H. McCarney, school nurse, guides those volun- teer activities which are such an integral part of the daily routine. ..-if , ,- . B , -, 'Q ,,, - .43-'9.-:'f.-A rf - 5. N1f4-1 5g - M-I X Qv ,l,,..'-+-- ' X ll ' X f 1' X T - - X . 1' ---""" 'rf 6' S fy 4 X 1 CIVIL DEFENSE At the sound of the "alert" signal the civil defense team mobilizes. All are instructed in first aid and can help the injured in case of an actual attack. FIRST ROW: Mr. G. Wood, Di- rector. Miss H. McCarney, School Nurse, Elena Scarfone, Deborah Gray, Nancy Fulwider, Lynnette Fisher, Betsy Stiegman, Charlene Di Noto, Dianne Sharpe, Michele Tedesco, Frank Gugino. SECOND ROW: Mary Ann Gibbons, Barbara Giles, Edwena Douglas, Gerald Leo, They are aided by the radiological team which is constantly on the watch for the presence of radioac- tive material in the school. james Lamar, Mary Anne Struzik, Ada Thomas, Evelyn Williams, Ken Haney, Peggy Glasgow, Bridget Grace. THIRD ROW: Stanley Stevens, Walt Mamon, James Schultz, Richard Kattman, Rick Havens, Peter Schultz, William Jones, William Hamblin, Matt Martinkowski. FIRST ROW: Mary Lou Baker, STAGGERED: Sue Joy, Charlene Davis, Barbara Kirk. Barbara Henderson, Dorothy IVICBride, SECOND ROW: Mary Shine, Eleanor Simeone, Sharon Jessup, Jacqueline Lillian Williams, Darleen Burton, Diane Fonner, Joanne V811 Epps, Barbara Sim0HCtt8. Gruner, Linda Tomala, Kathy Kowalski, Gloria Grimaldi. LIBRARY Wlith approximately 300 new books each year to get ready for the shelves and the countless other duties involved in operating an efhcient library, lN'Iiss M. Blackmar and her assistants are kept very busy. The girls, who volunteer to work during two of their study halls each week, check books in and out, help students locate materials, maintain the trophy case, and the library bulletin boards. In addition, the girls check on overdue books, check out books and do all other tasks regularly associated with a library. . -.. 1-- . - -1'g't"' 'H 1 Y " e 1 N24-E ta'-'-4 255- " 19' is-9 - -X . R A ve, JUNIOR RED CROSS '4Good things happen when you help" is the motto of the Junior Red Cross. Its purpose is to help chil- dren and hospitalized veterans through special proj- ects. This is achieved by sending school supplies to European children, and by decorating hospitals for the holidays to give a little cheer to the sick. Mrs. REPRESENTATIVES rms T ROW: Louise DeMunda. Madeline Barone, Letty Merino. Nancy Beach. Georgina Dunn, Libby Giarrizzo, Shirley Montie Christine Kruppa, Phyllis Forcucci, Beverly Ingrasci, Liz Barbezat. SECOND ROW: James Lamar, Marilyn Vac- s R. Dahl, Advisor, and the officers - Rosemary Mondi, Presidentg Winona Selfridge, Vice-Presidentg Donna Magdziak, Secretaryg Jackie Magdziak, Treasurerg have helped to make this year a very successful one. carella, Winona Selfridge, Donna Magdziak, Judi Cota, Susan Chinnock, Ann Rose Mallo, Jackie Magdziak, Wilma Johnson. Rosemary Mondi, Francine Zaso. THIRD ROW: Nancy Previte, Irma Phelps, Gary Mazza, Dennis Tosetto, Paul Blair, Sharon Jessup, Karyl McMurtrie. LIGHTS. CAMERA. ACTION! mm Row.- Joe Kellar, Bob Wojcik, Steve Gawrysiak, Joe Abramajtys, Fred Grabek. ON PLATFORM: Bob Garrecht, David Martin. The stage and the projection crew are composed of those "behind the scene menl' whose work and energy are im- measurable. They are not the ones who receive a bouquet or take the last bow after one of our successful assemblies, plays or variety shows. Guided by Mr. R. Babbage, they coordinate the lights, sound effects and curtains. For these and numer- ous services a sincere "thank you" is extended. STAGE AND PROJECTION CREW EDUCATIONAL T. V. For the first time, we are enjoying the facilities of Educational T.V. Programs in English, Science and Citizenship Education, to mention a few, uave been viewed by students and teachers. This new phase of our education has been highly enjoyable and informative, and it is hoped that the program will be expanded. REHEARSAL FOR SCIENCE DEMONSTRATION ENGLISH PROGRAM Ruth Newman, Mr. J. Edwards, Richard Kattman, SEATED: Mrs. C. Hill. STANDING: Alfonso Cirrito, Susan Farber. Beatrice Fitzgerald, George Beckwith, Hallie Stiegman. f 96 FIRST ROW: Ralph Boniello, Curtis Bolden, Lester Sconiers, Robert Meirer, Richard Briand, john Bruno, Bill Corsaro, Michael Cirrito, John Costanzo, Bob Dobrasz, John Longhine, James Schultz, Richard Kattman. SECOND ROW: Fred Morden, Guy Sicurella, Jack Holloman, Mark Canfield, Bernarad Wallens, Richard Hull, Don Bizzozero, Thomas jarzab, William Stefanco, Don Etopio, Jim Colosi, Gary Lasby. THIRD ROW: Arthur Strong, Bill Palumbo, Cary Vorel, Ernie Covey, Richard Davey, Fred Grabek, Rob- ert Young, Mike Wineburgh. ON THE STAIRS: Steve Gawrysiak, Paul Scaletta, Joe Abramajtys, Peter Schultz, Neal Wixson, Patrick Robertson, John Thomson. Mr. M. Bedford, Advisor. COLLEGE CLUB -,.--1T7i -, , 4:1 . --2'-S Hib- K 5 I fun .54-3 ll: V - - 'T-1 .xx x21-111-1 l 'Q' - -I l s,,41' 's 'l ' t 245' 1 "' -5x .E - ' Every VVednesday evening the fourth HOOI' of our school is a beehive of activity. College Club is just assembling! This prominent organization is most helpful to a college bound student. Mr. Mark Bed- FIRST ROW: Rita Bongiorno, Joan Herman, Sharon Welch, Andrea Di Camillo, Donna Mycoek, Charlotte Conti, Tannis Valley, Carol Banks, Georgina Dunn, Betsy Stiegman, Irene Bovier, Lillian Williams, Kathleen Furgal, Suzanne Simonds, Mary jo Marino. SECOND ROW: Virginia Dell, Joy Colucci, Evelyn Williams, Laurie Welch, Catherine Bur- teh, Barbara Munger, Marilyn Vaccarella, Drucilla Banks, Margaret Crafuis, Ada Thomas, Carolyn Pa- ford, the advisor, strives to aid students in their choice of colleges and to help students find their in terests and abilities. The value of this club cannot be measured. It is appreciated by all who attend. pucci. THIRD ROW: Shirley Federico, Judy Morath, Nancy Rogers, Cindy Newhall, Marsha Bernat, Nancy Rose, Nancy Soule, Marzina Carclamone, Dorothy Mar- tin, Anne Wligle, Judy lklanley. ON THE STAIRS: Rich Neubauer, Stanley Stephens, James Kavanaugh, Chuck Glover, Crerar Douglas, Niike De Felice, Peter Hessin- ger. Gabriel De ltiunda, Bill Bradley, Dennis Scouler, Nick De Felice, Robert Stone, Braden MacDonald, Don Thompson. FIRST R O W: Joan Herman, Margaret Bak, Mr. J. D'Angelo, Advisor. THIRD ROW: Norma Studi, Ruth Newman, Anthony Gancasz, Marie Fred Grabek, Ralph Boniello, William Stefanco, Peter Meierer, Sharon Lynch. SECOND ROW: Sandy Wilcox, Schultz, Gary Lasby, Joe Abramajtys, Steve Gawrysiak. Nancy Rose, john D'Anna, Russell Miller, Bill Palumbo, MATH CLUB The slate of officers for the year 1960-61 Math Club is: Peter Schultz, Presidentg Margaret Bak, Vice- Presidentg Ruth Newman, Secretary-Treasurer. The members under the supervision of Mr. J. D'Angelo seek to explore mathematically the opera- tion of those complicated computers, the I.B.M. and the Model 650. The year was climaxed when a gen- tleman from industry lectured to them, and the members witnessed the practical utilization of the forementioned mechanisms within a technical envi- ronment. egg:-, JOHN MARSHALL CLUB Wlhen the roll call is taken at the district Model them-is United Nations this year, the delegates answering for Austria and the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics will be composed of members of the John Marshall Club. This workship, based on the General Assembly of the real United Nations, is one of the many ac- tivities in which the club participates. They have been well trained for it by their own informal discus- sions and debates on current events or subjects per- taining to Citizenship Education. This spirit of self-expression directly relates to the organizations motto "there are two sides to every question: find FIRST ROW: Suzanne Simonds, Virginia Sally, Julee Richardson, Suzanne Hicltox, jim Blinn, Donna Hann, Ruth Newman, Bonnie Bhagwat, Dennis Morgan. SECOND ROW: Arnold Ruben. Lor- raine Ponzi, Mark Canfield, Marzina Cardamone, Elyse Twenty-four members comprise the club, fourteen Juniors and ten Seniors. Membership is limited to those who can maintain an 87 per cent average in Citizenship Education. At the annual induction, candidates for membership deliver a prepared speech which they follow with a brief, extemporaneous talk on a chosen subject. An award established by the club is bestowed in June upon the student whom they feel has shown outstanding qualities in citizen ship. Mr. E. Ducette is advisor to the group. Olearczyk, Jeanette McDonald, Priscilla Ashley, Catherine Burtch, Bob Barrette. THIRD ROW: Ralph Boniello, Jim Kavanaugh, George Beckwith, William Bremner, Bob Garrerht. Carl Bongiovanni, William Stefanco. FIRST ROW: Andrea Morello, Susan Keck, Rita Bongiorno, jill Jordan, Jackie Espina, John Costanzo, Barbara Kirk, Dianna Russo. Elena Scar- fone, Janice Soluri, Guy Sicurella, SECOND ROW: Laurie Ann Welch, Mike De Felice, Lorraine Sunicki n Diana Di Camillo, Gabriel De Munda, William Bremner, Bill Palumbo, Fred lwiorden, Jerry Liermo. THIRD ROW.- Ralph Boniello, joan Hughes, Cindy Newhall, Don Thompson, Joan Boardman, Wayne Landesman, Catherine Burtch, Georgina Dunn. SPANISH CLUB The newly-formed Spanish Club is composed of stu- dents who wish to learn more about the Spanish- speaking people. This year the organization was very fortunate to have as a member, William Bremner, our foreign exchange student from Panama. This enabled the members to hear a first hand account of the life in Panama. Mary Hallett, our foreign ex- change student to Equador, also was able to give us a thorough report of her visit there. The present of- ficers, under the advisorship of Miss B. Yandian, are: Ralph Boniello, President, Mary Hallett, Vice- Presidentg Rita Bongiorno, Secretary, Laurie Ann VVelch, Treasurer. 'Z-"" a' -"'-Ea u ella." - - fx' 43: 57 -- '- --A c -f FRENCH CLUB Every first and third Thursday of the month at 3:10 P.M., the French Club, "Les Chevaliers de la Table Ronde," meets in Room 156 under the guidance of Mr. L. Rainville. The purpose of the club is, in Mr. Rainville's words, "to gain proiiciency in the lan- guage and provide an opportunity to study the French culture." The ofhcers of "Les Chevaliersl' are: Guy Sicurella, President, james Kavanaugh, Vice-Presi- FIRST ROW: Curtis Bolden, Arn- old Ruben, Arlene Falzone, Guy Sicurella, Irene Bovier, Mr. L. Rainville, Advisor. SECOND ROW: Joanne Bo- jarski, Anne Wigle, Lorraine Ponzi, Bill Corsam Virginia dent 3 Arlene Falzone, Secretary, Terry Franks, Treas- urer. Each year the club has a community project, in 1961, the members decided to make a contribution to the Damon Runyan Fund. The members are planning to go to Montreal dur- ing Easter Vacation in order to use the French they have studied so diligently. Dell, Joy Colucci, Joseph Mussari. THIRD ROW: Joe Zaccarella, Terry Franks, Robert Stone, Bob Garrecht, Den- nis Scouler, Peggy Orzulak, James Kavanaugh. FIRST ROW: Mark Tillotson, SECOND ROW: Frank Gugino, John Kosinski, Richard Chalmfcl' Swalwfflls Cfefal' Douglas, David Liallamf LHTTY Hull, Curtis Bolden, Don Bizzozero, Mark Pettit, Bernard Minnarcl, Richard Clements, joseph Scibetta, David Lapp, Wallenss Jerry Le Blgndgv Richard Kattmany john Long- Thomas Bcrryhill, Neal YVixson, Mr. A. Chille. Co-Advisor. hiner Alfred Ki,-Cher, QML R, Simpgons C0-Advisgr, KEY CLUB The Key Club is an organization for boys sponsored by the North End Kiwanis Club. It was established as a service to both school and community. An annual ac- tivity of the group is the sponsoring of a i'Miss Key Club Contest." Either a junior or senior girl is chosen by the student body to represent the Key Club. There is also a traditional induction dinner at the end of the year. Meetings are held every other Wlednesday with their Co-Advisors. Mr. R. Simpson and Mr. A. Chille. The officers are: Gerald LeBlonde, President: Neal Wixson, Vice Presidentg David Lapp, Secretary: John Kosinski. Treasurer. Neal Wixson, John Kosinski, David Lapp. Gerald Le Blonde. 100 w O F Neal Wixson, James Schultz, Richard Davey, Crerar Douglas, Mr. M. Bedford, Advisor. FORENSIC The Forensic Society under the guidance of Mr. Mark R. Bedford is composed of the male element of our student body which enjoy engaging in extemporaneous talks, debates, and general discussions. Their meetings occur every other Tuesday night at a xnember's home. The highlight of the year is an oratorical contest for all the members and a gold plaque is given to the winning speaker. This organization also serves the community in various projects such as collecting books for the Boys' Club and repairing toys for the Childrens Aid Society. The present slate of ofiicers in- clude: Neal NVixon, Presidentq Crerar Douglas, Vice Presidentg James Schultz, Sec- retaryg Rick Davey, Treasurer. Peter Hessinger, Mark Siegel, Cre- Neal Wixson, Michael Wineburgh, Robert Young J ff rar Douglas David Mallam, Robert Dobrasz, Bernard Guehring, Mr. M. Bedford. Wallans Richa-rd Davey, James Schultz, John Longhine, FIRST ROW: Eva Chapados, Mi- chele Tedesco, Betty McGhee, Shaaron Settimi, Mary Elaine Saxe, Sue DiGiovine, Frances Felicetti, Dianna Russo, Drucilla Banks, Lillian Williams, Irene Bovier, Candace O'Neill, Janice Goodman, Judy Delgross, Cindy Ryan. SECOND ROW: Catherine Burtch, Shirley Castek, Judy Cyphers, Pat Garvey, Wilma Clayton, Carol Banks, Ada Thomas, Evelyn Williams, Karyl McMurtrie, Janet Thompson, Gwendolyn Rainbow, -Winonce Selfridge, Marsha Skrlin, Don Thompson, James Braswell. THIRD ROW: Sharon Currie, Jeri Slish, Mary Lou Winiarczyk, Jackie Civiletto, Judy Makoski, Marsha Bernat, Shirley Federico, Eleanor Barbari, Judy Manley, FOURTH ROW: Paul Scaletta, Braden Macdonald, Bill Bradley, Joe Mac- kenna, Bernard Wallens, Nancy Skwarzynski, Helen Kania, Marcy Newburg, Wesley Szalach, Nancy Fulwider, Dennis Scouler. STAIRS: Marge Hathaway, Judith Cota, Pat Robinson, Jim Miller, Tony Finelli, Larry Minnard, Marie Terrano, Diana Crawley, Irene Simpson, Shirley Zrebiec, Bonny Burt, Karen Ozzimo, Patricia Czapla, Vir- ginia Sally, Margaret Grafuis, Shavy Sanders, Lois Mabry, Rosemarie Mauro, Donna Mattace, Jim Colosi, Michael Cirrito, PEP CLUB The Pep Club under the supervision of Mr. Moran is one of the most popular organizations at N.F.H.S. Its foremost objective is to promote all school activities and spread that necessary school fervor. In November, the Pep Club sponsored a Victory Dance after a very successful football season had been completed. They sold rosters and tickets at all basketball and football games, made posters advertising FIRST ROW: Elaine Lewis, Carol Geary, Phyllis Majchrzak, Connie Tripoli, Patricia Taylor, Shirley Montie, Elizabeth Haslip, Helen Cook, Karen Wal- ker, Carol Waddell, Joyce Wakley, Arlene Trapasso, Pat Gruppo, Mary Ann Manucci, Carolyn Polaster, Marilyn Vaccarella. SECOND ROW: Mary Anne Struzik, Joanne Cancilla, Dorothy Blackmon, Shirley Harshrnan, Velma Glover, Annette DeLorenzo, Elena Santoro, Eleonore Si- meone, Connie Parise, Gretchen Rice, Dianne Sharpe, Elena Scarfone, Janice Soluri, Susan Gugino, Karen Wendt, Jill Swift. THIRD ROW: Marilyn Hunt, Georgina Dunn, Louise Pera, Marion Shultenburg, Margaret Zeeco, Pauline Poulin, Georgina Rosatone, Dorothy Hughes, Beatrice Fitzgerald, Judy Morath, Dorothy Martin, Chris- tine Kruppa, Diane Polewicz, FOURTH ROW: Sally Landes, Judith Swircek, Andrea Morello, Sandra Braswell, Neva Rizzuto, Anthony Gancasz, Al Cirrito, Ralph Bo- niello, Homan Rairie, Anthony Manarina. On the STAIRS: Robert Woodring, Robert Young, Neal Wixson, Richard Davey, Chuck Pawloski, Lester Sconiers, Oscar Frazier, Mike De Felice, Bill Corsaro, Raymond Molinaro, Bob Barrette, Mark Canfield, Rich Neubauer, James Dunn lop, Gabriel De Munda, Nick Rizzo, John Ross, Jim Barto, Lillian Cox, Aretha Moore, Joan Hughes. FIRST ROW: Kathy Colosi, Dar- lene Pritchard, Diane Koryl, Louise De Munda, Marie Marshall, Sandra Corsaro, Letty Merino, Judi Conjerti, Marge Bedrosian, Charlene Di Noto, Joyce De Troia, Lynnette Fisher, Peggy Lewis, Dolores Tirabassi, Carolyne Di Cecco, Madeline Barone. SECOND ROW: Mary Jo Marino, Charlotte Conti, Kathy Pasco, Phyllis Forcucci, Rose Rizzotto, Joan De Masi, Sharon Trapasso, Barbara Kowalski, Elaine Hadad, Eileen Brooks, Carol Sevchik, Patricia La Bernardo, Carol Williams, Eva Clerk, Agnes Mitchell, Sandy Scalzo. THIRD ROW: Carol Nalbone, Sharon Jessup, Gail Andres, Ann Rose Mallo, Maria Co- lucci, Jerri Maloni, Gwen Mackenna, Lucille Alongi, Deanne Meranto, Jane White, Ann Tabone. FOURTH ROW: Jill Jordan, Rita Bonjiomo, Sandee Trapasso, Sharon Woodward, Sharxy Graves, Elaine Price, Martha Trojan, Marguerite La Scala, Bonnie Lutz, Patricia Reed, Dana Berman, On the STAIRS: Barbara Marchelos, Joan Herman, Carol Virtuoso, Peggy Glasgow, Anne Marsh, Judie Brown, Betsy Stiegman, Carolyn Stouck, Nancy Rose, Linda Cummings, Barbara Baker, Angela Luna, Patricia Zykas, Francine Zaso, Linda Mearbell, Sharon Burns, Donna Del Grosso, Terri Di Gregorio, Nick De Felice, Al Barber, Philip Laurenzi. the Niagarian Variety Show and presented an award to the best all-round senior boy or girl on class day. The officers this year include: Mary Jo Marino, President, Dennis Scouler, Vice- President. Carol Nalbone. Secretary-Treasurer. F LISHER SOCIETY FIRST ROW: Lynette Fisher, Marie Marshall, Louise DeMunda, Charlene DiNoto, Gloria Grimaldi, Alberta Previte, Connie Parisi, Darlene Pritchard, Joan Brown. SECOND ROW: Gretchen Rice, Christine Kruppa, Karyl McMurtrie, Marlene Raymond, Mabel Wasmund, Marilyn Lampman, Rose Marie Mauro, Carol Zanghi, Shirley Montie, Mary Gibbons, Mary Elaine Saxe. THIRD ROW: Tannis Valley, Elaine Sobczyk, Betty McGee, Lillian Williams, Beverly Ingrasci, Ada Thomas, Elaine Price, Drucilla Banks, Jill Sisler, Carol Banks, Joyce Mitchell, Pat Sander, Christine Charles. FOURTH ROW: Bridget Grace, Sharon Woodward, Mary Lee Ristopolo Betty Grassler, Paulette Gray, Jackie Civiletto, Ruby Har- ris, Marge Lester, Pat Reed, Martha Trojan, Joan Board- man. FIFTH ROW: Evelyn Williams, Marsha Skrlin Jane Abbott, Lillian Cox, Irma Phelps, Eileen Deeter, Aritha Moore, Diane DiCamillo, Barbara Baker. On the stairs: Donna Mattace, Mary Lou Winiarczyk, Pat Taylor, Linda Tomale, Sharon Curry, Lois Celeski, Lisette Barbezat, Betty Bernat, Jill Swift, Shirley Zrebiec, Elaine Lewis, Priscilla Ashley, Wilma Johnson. - 3 BEHIND THE SCENES T Mr. G. VVood, Miss G. Erwin. M. ON STAIRS: Mr. M. Bed- Bak, H. Stiegman, Mr. J. Janowski. ford, Advisor, D. Scouler, N. Wixson, P. Schultz, S. Ste- phens, B. Bradley. FIRST ROW: L. Welch, J. Morath, M. Cardamone, M. Bemat. SEATED: R. Mondi, Mrs. R. Joyce Black. Dahl, Advisor. l BULLETIN BOARD COMMITTEE Left to Right: C. Haxtburg. K. Wendt. I' ? E. H1 sf - 'fr 1: rf-rr. B18 I IW .. ' FIRST ROW: G. De- munda, R. Williams, B. Snyder. E. Sweet, J. Cardamone. B. Engle, Burmnster, R. Silverman. SECOND ROTV: Hale, P. Scalctta, S. Simmonds. P. Adams, R. Cicero, J. Palermo, E. Bzlrbari. THIRD ROW: R. Cacner, B. Sea- mans, R. Corsaro, B. Corsaro, R. Hull, P. Giraolo, J. Black. FOURTH ROW: M. Pettit, G. Beckwith. M. Can- field. M. Bernat, R. Davey, G. Falsetti, D. Allen, Mr. J. 104 Hadden, Director. OFFICERS STARDUST EDITORS T. valley, P. FRENCH CLUB OFFICERS Grant. SEATED: T. Franks, Kavanaugh. STANDING: Mr. L Rainville, Advisor, A. Falzone, G. Sicurella. MARSHALL CLUB OFFICERS MATH CLUB OFFICERS P. Schultz, SEATED: G. Beckwith, S. Hickox. STANDING: M. M. Bak,R.Newman. Cardamone W Stefanco , . . CNIL DEFENSE GEIGER COM- SPANISH CLUB OFFICERS FIRST ROW: P. Schultz, S. Stephens, SEATED: Welch, D. DiCamillo. STANDING: R. B J. Zipp. STANDING: R. Kattmnn, NIL RI. I visor, J. Schu tz. Bedford, Ad ello, R. Bongxomo, M. Hallet. 05 BEHIND THE SCENES A Bliss L, Sxmmons, Vice-Principal and Mrs. M. Stewart, Attendance Office. Mr. T. O'Bricn, SEATED. Left to Right: Mr. J. H. Erwin, Deputy Superintendent of Schools, Rabbi S. L. Schorr, Nlr. P. Longhine, Reverend B. Magee. BANQUET PROGRAM COMMITTEE ELECTION CAMPAIGNING J. Hlavenka, M. E. Saxe. P. Pay, D. Bazzani, R. Monti, A. Meranto, C. Sheusi, W. Emmcns. Ap...- jguv. HOME ECONOMICS CHRISTMAS ELECTION SKIT KNEELING, J. FCM.. Y I T. Egert. STANDING: R. Kreitner, N. Duke, N. De SEATED: C. Tripoli. STANDING: P. Marco, D. Koryl, J. Mazza, T. Insana, F. Casale. Majchrzak. D. Milczarski, A. Thomas, M. Cox, D. Black, M. A. Gibbons, B. Brace, D. Burton. 106 ' .e I - .. . - 1 - Q Y 'f , K 1 Y 1 Q FOOTBALL Left to Right: G. Marra, D. Kenny, STAGGERED: N. Rizzo, N. De L, Wilgosz. Felice, D. Bazzani, Barto, M. Ellis. FIRST ROW: Mr. M. O'Laughlin, Coach L. Maj, B. Meierer, J. Bruno, L. Wilgosz, B. Barrette. SECOND ROW: B. Popowich, J. Edwards, J. May, J. Ross, G. Egger, P. Scaletta. P. Robertson, N. Rizzo, R. Briand. THIRD ROW: S. Witkowski, J. Norgiel, D. Scouler, M. Ellis, B. Kindzia, J. Lamb, B. Macdonald, N. DeFelice, J Scavulli.FOURTH ROW: R. Riggi. G. Zalocha, J. Braswell, G. Falsetti, D. Bazzani, J. Guehring, L. Lang, D. Kenny, F. Kopcynski, J. Barto, B. Seamans. KNEELING: J. C - J. May, M. Ellis, J. Ross, G. tanzo. STANDING: L. Minnard, J. Mackenna, T. Gelati- Eggcr. CHSZ. 108 INFORMAL VIEWS Left to Right: Mr. M. D. Kenny, J. Barto, B O'Laughlin, Coach, J. Barto and I. Norgiel, Co- Meierer, N. Rizzo, D. Bazzani, M. Ellis, G. Marra. Captains g Mr. S. Blinco, Assistant Coach. CONGRATLILATORY BANQUET Coach Mike accepts gift at dinner honoring Niagara Falls High School football team. OFFENSIVE LINEUP Left to Ri ht M F. Kopczynski, J. Norgiel, B. Meierer, J. Lamb, B. lliaci Left to Right: G. donald, J. Braswell, D. Scouler. Egger, J. Bruno. 109 Va rsit Football D LQ ' - GU! 4 Q JERRY NOFIGIEL. so ' 1 l n fl J 0 Oo PAU L. SCALETTA N COACH MIKE O'LAUGHLlN JIM BARTO N :ni A 'LL J. www JIM aRAswsu. BOB BARRETTE JOHN BRUNO DE BRAOEN MACDONALD LEO WI LGOSZ JOH N RO 55 GEORGE EGG ERT M4 110 FRANK nopczvusm JOHN LAMB BOB MEIERER JAMES MAY A 1 AN BAzzANl ICK DEFELICE ICK RlZZO N N IS SCOULER LLARD ELLIS FIRST ROW: Leo Wilgosz, Robert Meirer, John Scavulli, John Lamb, James Barto and Ger- ald Norgiel, Co-Captains, Paul Scaletta, John Bruno, James Braswell, Nick Rizzo. SECOND ROW.' James May, Bra- den Macdonald, Millard Elli-s, George Marra, Dennis Scouler, Daniel Bazzani, David Kenny, Frank Kopczynski, John Ross, George Egger, Nick DeFelice. THIRD ROW.' Patrick Robertson, George Zalocha, Joseph Genovese, Rob- ert Kindzia, Ronald Riggi, Willie Cox, Richard Briand, Tom Dominski, Steve Witkowski, Joe Palumbo, Bruce Sea- mens, Jeff Guehring, Jon Edwards, Gary Falsetti, Leo Maj, John Zankowski, Gary DiLaura, Larry Lang, Bob Barrette, Coach S. Blinco, Coach M. O'Laughlin. FOOTBALL Again this year, the Niagara Falls High School Foot- ball team has won the City Championship. Through the desire to come out on top, Coach Mike's 1960 Cataracts ended with a 7-1 record, which placed them in second place in the N.F,L. The victories over both Trott and LaSalle gave the NFHS squad the opportunity to bring home the City Champion- ship. The first game of the year, our only defeat, was an upset because of our defeat by only one point, thus preventing an N.F.L. championship. Neverthe- less, the NFHS Cataracts are determined to bring home, next year, another unblemished record with all honors due a team of champs. FIRST ROW: Frank Bichl, Rich Torca-sio, Gary DeFelice, Ed Ciccato, Frank Colucci, Tom McGee, Jim Candella, Frank Gallo, Sonny Coates, SECOND ROW: Donald Cirillo, Jim Mamon, John Gregory, Roger Raye, Rich Nation, Phil Sargent, Dan Meacham, Bob Anderson, Mike Panepinto. THIRD 1960 Schedule N.F.H.S. OPPONENTS 26 ..... . . .Kenmore East . . ....... . . . 27 33 .... .. .LaSalle . . . . . 6 27 .... ...Lockport .... . O 32 .... . . .Lackawanna . . . O 18 .... .... J amestown . . . 12 25 .... . . .Trott .... . . 0 15 .... . . .Tonawanda . . . 7 34 .... . . .Kenmore West . . . . . 18 ROW: Coach, Mr. R. Meckes, Coach, Mr. D. Freeman, Rich Skwarzynski, Rich Spalla, Bob Inskeep, Larry La Blanc, Louis Tonetti, Paul Mokhiber, Al DeLuca, Clyde Mason, Frank Carter, Ron Nabers, Jim Singleton, Herb Johnson, Clarence Ward, Mr. M. O'Laughlin, Coach. .. - ---X: is if "L- Varsit Ba ketball I WAYN E LANDESM ROBERT STON E K.-K Vh DENNIS SCOUI-ER JOE HURST coAcH "ooc' PARSONS ROBERT CL4 BILL BRADLEY BOB DAN LEON DAVID JEFF GUEHFMNG Q 5 5 L. ' Q Q1 L J GEORGE ZA!-CCHA DO NALD THOMPS F I FIRST ROW: Bob Woodring, Bob Parsons. SECOND ROW: jeff Guehring, Dave Truesdale, Jones, Robert Stone, Dan Bazzani, and Dennis Scouler, Bob Clayton, joe Hurst, Wayne Landesman, George Zalo- Co-Captainsg Don Thompson, Bill Bradley, Coach "Doc" cha, Leon Smith. BASKETBALL SCHEDULE Coach Parson's Cataracts again improved over their N.F.H.S. OPPONENTS preceeding year's xecord. Sparked with inspiration to 54 ---------- Locklmft -- -'--------- 42 win and good sportsmanship, the student body is 34' " Lackawanna ' ' " 45 proud of this team. Seniors Dan Bazzani, Bill Brad- 51' A' lcfnawandgv " +5 le Bob jones Dennis Scouler Bob Stone Don mmorc est " 41 yf , G 1 A ' 1 54. . . LaSalle ...... . . . 49 Th0mPS011 and B05 WOOCUIHS Save JUUIOTS1 Bob 80... Kenmore East ..... 39 Clayton, john Goodfellow, Jeff Guehring, Joe Hurst, 45. . . North Tonawanda . .. . 44 Wayne Landesman, Leon Smith, Dave Trusdale, and 57- -- Trott --..-...- . .. 56 George Zalocha good examples of sportsmanship 52-H Lockport ----- 39 and conduct which have characterized all Niagara " gackawanna " 55 Falls High School teams. 48: Kggizggdiivest' ' 71... LaSalle ....... . .. 47 56. . . Kenmore East . . . . . 40 69. . . North Tonawanda . . . . 67 58... Trott ......... ... 50 FIRST ROW: Frank Printup, Fern Gavazzi, Peter Fontana, James Williams. Carter, Lovell Stephens, Charles Rader, Philip Sargent, THIRD ROW: Jerry Laughing, Herbert Coates, Mike Ronnie Nabors. SECOND ROW: Coach J. Perry, Earl Panepinto, james Zelinski, Pete Hartmans. FIRST ROW: Joe Magliarditti, John Bruno, Denny Cirillo, Al Meranto, Jerry Tubinis, Denny Scouler, Jack Burns, Bob Watt. SECOND ROW: Bob Barrette, Manager. Claude Poulin, Statistician, Rich Bradt, John Goodfellow, Art Strong, Phil Sargent, Don Thompson, Danny Bazzani, Moe Berringer, George Zalo- cha, Jim Barto, Paul Scaletta, Murray May, Coach O'Laughlin. BASEBAU. The Niagara Falls baseball team finished second to Tonawanda in the final league standings with a 12- 3 record. They beat Tonawanda in the playoffs which enabled them to represent the Niagara Frontier league in the Section VI championship game. They played Amherst and lost 3-0 as Al Meranto pitched a five hitter and struck out 9 batters. John Good- fellow, a sophomore, was the team's leading batter at 429. Jerry Tubinis was next at .42O. A1 Meranto, Jerry Tubinis., and Dennis Scoulcr were selected on the N.F.L. All-Star team. Qhge to TRACK The 1960 N.F.H.S. track team had a highlv success- ful season. Compiling a 6 won, 3 lost record in regu- lar dual meets to finish fourth behind tri-champions Kenmore West, Tonawanda, and Kenmore East, the team also won the annual all-city track meet, nearly FIRST ROW: Willie Wilson, Les Sconiers, Jacie Jefferson, Roosevelt Bradberry, Ben Wat- son, John Barnes, Jim May, Carl DeLuca, Charles Hard- ing, Ron Nabors, Robert Jones, Philip Frank, Ed. Renford. SECOND ROW: Coach "Doc" Parsons, Dennis Wilson, doubling the score of second-place Duffy. In the city meet the scores were: Niagara Falls - 57, DuH'y - 291l2, LaSalle - 261!n, Deveaux - 15Va. Trott - 14. Coach "Doc" Parsons and Assistant Coach Mr. Moran hope 1961 will be even more successful. Frank Gugino, Wilbur Haynes, Otis Renford, Bob Martin, Charles Glover, Millard Ellis, Earl Clayton, Joseph Smith, Bill Granish, Jay Bishara, Jerry Norgiel, James Dunlap, Frankin Martin, James Braswell, Mr. J. Moran. I FIRST ROW: Bill Siener, Jack Foster, Douglas Ely, Mike Smith, Gary Martin, Andy James, Rick Brian Talbot, Stanley Stephens, Don Tillotson, Ted Havens. THIRD ROW: Coach D. Reeser. Dutko, Eddie Barter. SECOND ROW: james Crane, I tn awe eff? SWIMMING SCHEDU'-E Coach "Dave" Reeser once again navigated the Varsity Swim- ming Squad through a good season. Among Mr. Reeser's retum- ing lettennen are: Co-Captains jim Crane and Mike Smith, Andy James, Gary Martin and Rick Havens. All through the 1960-61 season, Niagara Frontier League competition was stiffer than ever. The Falls Mermen set their share of school, pool or league records. Andy james churned his way through many pool marks setting a league record of 18.6 in the 40 yard freestyle. Captain Crane reached several new marks in the strenuous 200 freestyle event. Gary Martin pulled away from some of the roughest competition to set a new league mark by breaking the one minute barrier with a 57.8 in fast moving 100 yard butterfly. Martin has also excelled in the 200 yard Individual Medley. Junior Varsity coach Mr. J. Famgia has had sparkling results with t'he second Niagara Squad. Let's keep our fingers crossed, and hope the future Varsity Squads will achieve great heights. Dec. Dec. Jan. jan. Jan. Jan. Feb. Feb. Feb. Feb. Feb. Feb. March March 13 14 5 11 18 26 2 9 15 16 23 28 2 7 NIAGARA FALLS OPPONENTS 41 Tonawanda ..... 45 66 Lockport ......... 19 68 Lackawanna ...... 7 34 Tonawanda ...... 50 32 Kenmore YVest .... 54 42 LaSalle ........ 4-1 40 Kenmore East . . . .46 46 North Ton. ....... 40 29 Kenmore East ..... 57 70 Lockport ..... . . 16 6 Lackawanna ...... 6 32 Tonawanda ...... 54 40 Kenmore West .... 56 51 LaSalle .......... 35 l FIRST ROW: Tony John Hessen, Dale DeBacco. THIRD ROW: Richard Scrufari, Richard Garbedian, Neal Twist. SECOND Moldenhauer, Bill Siener, Mike Shepard, James Hyla, ROW: Ronald Woods, David Cook, Edward Potthoff, John Schultz, Richard Krizan, Coach Joel Farugia. SEATED: Richard Kattman, STANDING: Mr. L. Parsons, Douglas Ely, Tom Jarzab, Mark Canfield, James Kavanaugh. TENNIS Niagara Falls High Sehoolls Tennis Team found the Frontier League. Coach L. Parsons guided 196O,s out- l96O season most successful, They won ten games and standing squad. A prominent singles played, Tom lost four, which placed them third in the Niagara Jarzab, was chosen captain of the 1961 tennis team. Qhgeae . Q5 Z. This year the boys' bowling league took place at the Bowl-O-Drome on Tuesdays at 3:30'Docf' B. Par- sons was in charge of the teams. Two sessions were held. The first session lasted eight weeks, with eight teams bowling every week. In January, a new session was started with only six teams, each having three men bowling at one time. Not only was a successful season achieved in bowling but the boys received a practical application in the principles of good sports- manship. Dennis Morgan and Richard Mamon. W-. X H ,S -., 2 . m - .e .,,..,.i-.W M... ........xM-.W -.5 A '- Q' sr i . M ,Me . . 1 5 ....,...awfw maiuuiv-F254 lai- W.-:in ,Yes khkbw- .Lv L,-,. I K, , K K V WM I WWA A ' . ' . is, 1- ' 2- ,hu gum . , v .5 t. WJ. --3 5' 'X ...MMM if .wg ' if'-IR I " Q 5 'gi A . .. ii., ' - 7s.esvvt.'fjigg-y--We A' V M ss ia.. . ,V , A .Q 1. 'kwsewtsfm ---- W ef I ,fs ,J - sl A 'sgsiwif' .4 " -We s 'sever 1 . .. ag 1 .fl',.j. k . f.,f,.,.f M-'-M"""-X " ' . A V1-'SN 1' ' , A- Wfsgzpg- . ,bt . -2 :JW NV- Q-'M' ,gy . .2 K A ,eu . ., K i f as Q . v JW?-" Q: M.-s..sass.e::s-:f'1S" f4f"t-iiw' N' 'WN Q ' M-,aa I K ,.A.L.i2--,nes .etfxsfw rf' . In wi 1 - ' - X ' My gm .TB 55. 1 . ,mg wx - ' . E i Q ,Q 4 k .M , 'N "E, I J W -----0-.-.1-ov., A. Q -, A.. ll V. als A 1. K 5 f SPX fx i as gp X W X in-S, . fungus! vnu... ...4 I , r in . J L. - ,. , . , LEADERSFIRST ROPV: Cindy Newhall, Judie Brown, Jacqueline La Verde, Madeline Barone, Dianna Russo, Mary Friedrich, Barbara Monczynski, Rose Marie Zoda, Mary Shine. SECOND ROI'1f': Dana Berman, Karen Wendi, Elaine LCWiS, Karen Ozzimo, Francine Zaso, Sandy Scalzo. Nancy Previte. Donna DelGross0, Gwendolyn Rainbow, Wilma Clayton. THIRD ROW: Sharon Jessup, Claudia Shemik, Donna Magdiak, Shirley Montie. Shirley Zrebiec, Rosemary Love, Octavia Booker, Dorothy Mc- Bride, Mary Hallett. FOURTH ROW: Marie Wilson, Lela Todd, Helen Cook, Lillian Cox, Jerri Maloni, Mary Jo Marino, Louise DeMunda, Linda Mearbell, Angela Luna. FIFTH ROW: Judie Crane, Anne Marsh, Betsy Stiegman, Judy Manley, Agnes Iwlitchell, Marilyn Hunt, Saundra Behm, Mary Ann Gibbons, Carol Banks. SIXTH ROW: Carol Rajczak, Kay Munro, Connie Parise, Gretchen Rice, Carol Wickenden, Rosemary Mondi, Vivian Carli, Lillian Williams. GYM LEADERS Miss F. Morse and Miss M. McDougall are ably assisted in their gym classes by girls who give up their free study halls to act as gym leaders. These girls aid in taking attendance and in refereeing games within the gym classes. The rules and regulations of the various sports must be learned and practiced by the gym leaders so t'hat they may successfully help other students. 64555.22 of f. CHEERLEADERS This year the Niagara Falls High School cheerleaders have worked hard in promoting school spirit and good sportsmanship. Under the leadership of Miss M. Mc- Dougall, the cheerleaders try to bring enthusiasm and interest in school sports to the student body. More than 100 girls tried out for the J.V. squad. From those girls, 10 were chosen to represent our Junior Varsity sports. In selecting the Junior Varsity cheer- leaders, the candidates were required to possess a friendly personality, rhythm, ideals of good sports- manship, enthusiasm and an 80 per cent average, passing all their subjects. We are proud of these girls and of the way they represent us. ' JUNIOR VARSITY CHEERLEADERS Top to Bottom, FIRST ROW: Mae Dupree, Carolyn D'Ceeco, Rose Rizzotto, Jane White, Dana Berman. SECOND ROW: Kathy Colosi, Carol Sevchik, Marguerite LaScala, Sharon Graves, Bonnie Lutz. Carol Banks, Gwen Rainbow, Mary Hallett, Barbara Grose, Sandra Scalzo. GIRLS' BASKETBALL Every YVednesday afternoon girls interested in bas- ketball may learn how to ofliciate and improve their basketball skills. A tournament was held in 1960 with seven teams participating. The tournament was or- ganized and supervised by Miss Mary E. McDougall. The winning team was captained by Barbara Sadler and Leona Boling. Mary Ann Groomes and Nancy Macri were co-captains of the team winning sec- ond place. Qhgfg' el? 1 Sixteen teams of twelfth grade girls and five teams of eleventh gade girls meet at the Central Bowling Allies to compete in a bowling tournament on Tues- day and VVednesday. Bowling is becoming one of America's leading sports. The junior and senior girls of N.F.H.S. give evidence to this fact by their ability and enthusiasm. Judy Brown held the high junior's single score. Judy Swircek bowled the high score of the senior girls. The leading teams were the "Alley Meeciesf' "the Sarneysf' and "Rivals.,' FIRST ROW: Joan Dowe. Marsha Lynch, Sharon Currie. THIRD ROW: Andrea Morello. Bernat. Sharon Burns, Elaine Lewis, Shirley Harshman, Eileen Deeter, Cindy Newhall. Dorothy Robis, Barbara Karen Neilson, Elvira Bell, Nancy Rose. SECOND ROW: Scrivano, Gloria Barnes, Agnes Mitchell, Susan Keck, Judith Swircek, Bonnie Lutz, Sue Gugino, Judy Casey, Marie Marshall. Elizabeth Dier, Sandy Wasenko, Pat Kowalski, Sharon ON the BOARD and SEATED: bow. Carol Banks. STANDING: Jane lvhite Rosemary Viuan C1rlx 111 Sisler, Carol Wickenden, Shirley Montie, Mondi, Marzina Cardamone. Pat W heeler Bernice Szarszewski, Mattie Cox, Gwen Rain- SWIMMING Swimming. under the direction of Miss M. McDougall, provides recreation and en- joyment for many Niagara Falls High School girls. Miss M. McDougall stresses the importance of being able to swim to all her students. She emphasizes the factor of safety for oneself and others. This year there were two splash parties with the boys' swimming classes, one in December and the other in March, Another scheduled event was an intramural swimming meet held in May. PERFECT FORMATION FIRST Row Terry DiGregorio, Nancy Rose. SECOND ROW Jane White, Nancy Vanone, Shirley Montie. THIRD ROW Judy Manley, Dorothy Martin, Judy Morath, Cindy New HOLD THAT POSE Judith Mmm. hall, Andrea Morello, Sandra Scalzo, Joyce Black, Claudia Shemik, Cindy Newhall, Mary Hallett, Judi Brown, Barbara Henderson, Joan Herman. TABLE In the eleventh grade singles, tournament in table tennis, Sandy Scalzo defeated Joyce Black 21-18, 21-6. Other contenders for the title in table tennis were Shirley Federico, Mary Hallett, and Dorothy Martin. Sandy Scalzo was also successful with her TENNIS partner, Andrea Morello, in the doubles, tournament. They gained the title by defeating Carol Nalbone and Charlene DiNoto 21-13, 21-15. The table ten- nis tournaments will start in 1961 after all other ac- tivities in the gym have been concluded. QM-fa ek Much enthusiasm has been shown this year for one of the most popular girls' tournaments, badminton, under the direction of Miss F. Morse. This year, the 12th grade singles was won by Joyce Black, who defeated Marsha Bernat. The doubles were won by Shirley Federico and Marsha Bernat after defeating Joyce Black and Sandy Scalzo with a brilliant display of technique. The 11th grade singles' winner was Cindy Newhall after she defeated Karen Taro. The 11th grade doubles was won by Mae Dupree and Jeanette MacDonald after they defeated Mary Ann Rinaldo and Karen Tato. KNEELING: Shirley Federico, Sandra Scalzo, Joyce Black, Mae Dur- pee. STANDING: Cindy Newhall, Mary Hallett, Mary Ann Rinaldo, Jeanette MacDonald, Marsha Bernat. 15? t L, .10 . tj W . tiljlvff y ft l' JA tf lit, V L5 H I I ,xl-fkl l . Z lgfliji tr' ef , at . ft!-ft" f- L L I :np V I if 4 , iL.bxQh,TI,orrai,nc'I5onzi. GIRLS' Tennis has become one of the leading international sports. It is enjoyed by people of all ages, especially teenagers. Girls at Niagara Falls High School also take an active interest in tennis. In the eleventh grade singles' tournament, Barbara Munger downed lf: ll A ri 1flNisEL11vG.- Dorothy Martin. STANDING: Barbara Munger, Marsha Ber- Lorraine Ponzi 6-l and 6-4, In twelfth grade com- petition, Dorothy Martin defeated Marsha Bemat 6-4 and 6-4. The games were played at Hyde Park in the early fall. abate at 1. VOLLEYBALL A volleyball tournament for both 11th and 12th grade girls was held in the fall. In order to give each team a chance to play all the other teams, the "round robin" system was used. In first place in the 12th grade was the team captained by Gwen Rainbow 3 FIRST RO W: Gwendolyn Rainbow, second place went to Karen Ozzimo's team and third place was won by Mary Friedrich's team. In the llth grade, Sharon Graves captained the vsdnning team, in second place was Adulia Talbotfs team and third place went to the team captained by Dana Berman. FIRST ROW: Barbara Henderson, Gladys Porter, SECOND ROW: Evelyn Williams, Ada Sharon Graves, Joan Herman, Mae Dupree. SECOND ROW: Thomas, Wilma Clayton. THIRD ROW: Geraldine Isom, Dorothy Hughes, Mary Ann Bradberry. THIRD ROW: Carol Banks, Drucilla Banks. Jean Burmaster, Cindy Newhall, Donna Hann. ALMA ...H TER g We love thee, dear old high? miil 'f' With yqurlhalls of lC3I'l'!i!'iglgI'8l'1d.Q1-' Your hold high, - To the wffll proudly stand? hhi:'h staunch and trug! oli Q .o xo loik ok y o , And your praasexgalkoud we ll smg, We to thge our homggeshring. Falls! NIAGARIAN VARIETIES PARISIAN GAIETIES Nancy Rose, Nancy Soule, Judy Morath, Judy Manley, Nancy Fulwider, Dorothy Martin, Mary Hallett, Hallie Stiegman. SHALL WE DANCE? Judy and Jim Crane. SENIOR COURT Donald Thompson, William Bradley, Joe Mackenna, Dennis Scouler. Sandra Scalzo, Peggy Glasgow, Deanne lNIerant0. Bonnie Johnson, Terri Di Gregorio, llfiaria Colucci, Carolyn Castrignano. CORONATION Maid of the Mist CCarolyn Castrignanoj crowns our own King and Queen. WHAT ARE LITTLE GIRLS MADE OF? Nancy Fulwider, Mrs. R. Dahl, Dorothy Martin. BARBERSHOP QUARTET PLUS FOUR Neal Wixson. Mark Pettit, Fred Grabek, Richard Ole- niczak, Richard Hull, Don Bizzozero, Richard Davey Richard Kattman. x x . if 2 s f Q ,Tsuama Qi L vm ,.L.k was Q 4991 JV - "'k'kwgg.Qe- 4, A f f eggs., .. .Jw "-S' , -If vi, 522: 5 K1 A :Ay-X X. W. fi P325 ' Q: ,- My . 'K i f xy? xxx .Mx 3 w 1 ., 3 s ff. v cymgi yu., 15 f W x ffl Q Q, 'C' at rg, in QS A if X 5' Q 3 5 f f -we Ar., f 7 HW ..s4,.. - :ass QQ., .lil 3 u 135. Us sig lui Q QW Ea : 'i . M 5? .12 A LN SN- 11 3' E 713 Ei Q 5 xii '- ,S its 3 4-A Q- , 9 A HERE AND THERE HONOR SOCIETY INDUCTION-CHARACTER Left to Right: James Dunlop, Kathleen Furgal, Pau- line Poulin, Gloria Bachorski, Dorothy Hughes, Peter Schultz, Arlene Falzone, Barbara Scrivano, Sandra Fields, Priscilla Grant. HONOR SOCIETY INDUCTION-LEADERSHIP Left to Right: james Dunlop, Kathleen Furgal, james Kavanaugh, Susan Farber Cback to cameraj Dorothy Hughes, Peter Schultz, Arlene Falzone, Bar- bara Scrivano, Sandra Fields. ,: I I Q . E ., 5' 4 v I V I. X QL Q it it I i 31,71 ,,t,,. , ' A' QQ: it ,.,, . .: :5:Q.'l" r" ll 1 A TRIBUTE TO LINCOLN Crerar Douglas lst, ill -I ,Sf fm 4 ' HONOR SOCIETY INDUCTION-SCHOLARSHIP Left to Right: Kathleen Furgal, James Kavanaugh, Irene Bovier. 5 5 CIVIL WAR MEMENTOS Left to Right: Katherine Kowalski, Miss M. Blackmar, Jacque- line Van Epps. l26 WITH OUR ATHLETES A TYPICAL GYM DAY AT N.F.H.S. VARSITY CHEERLEADERS AT PRACTICE. CONGRATULATIONS TO OUR NEW COACH. BADMINTON PLAYDAY SPORTS' AWARD DAY 2 A I fff,-' Xx f M Y Jo HIKING JUDY 'a C' 515 fl lj X Half 'Dil' As the old bromide states, "the show must go onf' So it is with us. The curtain of life has scarcely riseng each has a role which he must interpret to the final word and gesture. For some, tragedy will shadow the performance 5 for others, comedy will predominate. Inevitably, life will convey challenge. It is upon our generation that the world focuses its vision. It is our hope that we shall play our parts well! 128 I fl llfyf if ll 1 45140454 W I' if ,e W 'WWMWW fy MQ' 3,0 W W?Z f iff WW Siffiifg Sssfifisfsfi J! NPT' n ! Sufi gf A r 594971. Q - 1 A SJ33JgvcjyQv g 3.5 V3 A ! C9Y3i,id3 i,9ff5g1h,:f 4,ij ig? 9? WW i A4 ,,Qvyn ,Q5 Q 4 , . , if w mf Qjfjdwyfiufagfjoy jig? 5? Jr! UP:-'I - ' X sf' 'N 'xy x 2. y jj OJ .3 ' fN13f,ffJQ Ye . L nf -P9 XJ if Q 053' N35 L' rf " v X Eff , JJ - V ff. ,J , . J "P " 57 J ff fx ,y fy fd fy SQ f' 9 9 Q57 OKI: Q! jj O' GE ,Qu ii W Q5 F - X32 , x I-X Sf . Q xy? gi 63 655, Q J' Q Q GTC' L75 Gig! CY 3 4 fn dv G ' ' 3Q ff' gf 62 ' . . ff? N O -V Q' ' I J ffl? Q ,4'aA"'Lv E.oaJ4"'JV 9 QQ' -. ,f MDM! gpg. lab 0200.1 5 , W ZZf'5j" www 7...-7lZ"' - - ,Q MMG? ' rgmia 'lf sw M0 CLASS ff is !?6l in goyce Cynilclaen fblanz QM. fjgazpg Margaret Stirling cuss OF mn wwuw YQ X L L f X x I, X L x X Qi mL- Y J , k ,f , i x , V .-X wk ix lxvx X , W LYX K x X xx fx XA E Nl JT x X X K X I 'I V n X EH' , K w X X di X 1 Q 1' . ' x Q ' K I sk V U, . I 1 mx .,l x M I Lu 'ff 1 Au' mLVXX Cx ' 31' .1 , h k fn if YR " ff' 'fx I W3 4 'K V M ,f I xy kt J W f IXW M3 C jj JNL 1 7 rw 1 2, XV! X vi :yr M 1 V fat b Q5 f. AL 1 A 1 A N vfxfpf. I f Y 1 fl xl 4' W 4 I

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