Niagara Falls High School - Niagarian Yearbook (Niagara Falls, NY)

 - Class of 1955

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Niagara Falls High School - Niagarian Yearbook (Niagara Falls, NY) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Cover

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as 1 1 iff. 51 2: 10 100' 5 I px ,5- cb ' ' Y Wit.. 5 1 .l I I - Q Q X 01010 --1 ff, , - f ,u 4,161 T521 Ygx . QR I I "XH Cf lil, W Xi A., A xl N X fA' , A L V :V 3 1 N A 5 W i if , i L2 f! V, ' !! j RN N i Fx X Q v S. , 1 ' I I ll I J A NE enema:-11 , X D Ill Nl mll J A1 :A L IEEE Q A -if ur Q Q! ' A A I li 52 eg X eh K 'El m-f ' wx a 'S 15 ' N NNXNXN 4 NN 4 A Q! 4? Ak 79 I gf Q 5 E! ' .M ' .WL " H 9 0 , f 31 W 3' , fi 7 gm 0' .Q- nm, J , x 'L m ,uuulllllllllllllllil mlm mlm' u X N W 0 Q F L- f FOREWCRD Te'evus1on is The most egechve medlmw cf Comrmmcotuorw Sure f X Wo r we me we hmm C505 n 4 w no Q m nw c nu Q Q mc: Q compared NH-is wnh Q TV srohon IT IS o wr f n +0 rfvmw TMP event NC wa c c ,ou Je m e Qcmes 1 c up our sm: opercmon cmd To meer The pcxrflcupcm' Sfclhom NFHS TV Of e ofmg on Cl scho Osh CI d socuul frequency of Cl TWO yeor cyde with srudlos of Pune CH I Portage DVFSQPTS The IQ Nrgwrs of 1953 1953 3 1 'id' , , . I V Q L r L- .1 , L , L L ' ,XL X r ,lf ' yv lx, L T, V 7 tv , W x J f Y 1 X L Nxt' L' X ml X X Q I x 'I f' 4 . ,Viv 1 it i743 grown cmd dee, ped during ou' VI 'E N '- Q " C15 our HQ L ffl' The T955 INAXQCIFICIU. Uslwg cw V czjl ,fi rw sw P v- of our school years by various Television programs. !m our preservof New X 'H Mk: v Y V' d Th , 1 or Q2 JH' yew of ifom im X r ' ' YS. H H , L i ,I , 1 ,A x ' E . x ,' mf 4, V ,Q RI X A y 1 1 ' 1 " , .f I9 . V f Lf 5 l V x . nf r . N' - Q x X K V Q ,H Y .Q X - I y N ,X vb s xl A A ,I , , ' A 3 ' 'T lx ' X. 7 K I , A ' , . 1 X X I , ' X " , l' .. 5 VV DEDICATION f if vit, i U, s 'E x ,' O . ce Vi OG oo Oo Oo 8:1 Because of your example of the qualities that make one re- spected and loved, we dedicate the 1955 Niagarian to Mrs, Gertrude Tresselt. To many ot us, you have been an inspiration. We have profited by your friendly attitude and willingness to assist at all times. By your extensive and valuable work with young people in our school and community, you have served us well. Theretore it is fitting that we dedicate our yearbook to you. P 1'lR l CCNTENTS ADMINISTRATION SENIORS ACTIVITIES IQ, ATHLETICS my ORGANIZATIONS CI'IcI-rin-'QI Chan nel 59 .JUNIORS CB BCA QL Clip ADMINISTRATIDN li 11 -M to if 2 XX ,X X , M x X Y I H I XX . -V-"t MQ LEFT TO RIGHT, FIRST ROW: Mrs. May L. Bialecki, Mr. Wesley Kester, Mrs. Laura M. Piter, Miss Nea Brown, Secretary. SECOND ROW: James H. Erwin, Deputy Superintendent, Dr. Charles M. Brent, Mr. Peter Longhine, Mr. Victor DeWysocki, Dr. William J. Small, Superintendent, Mr. Frank Lang, Business Manager. NOT PICTURED: Mr. William L. Salacuse, Presidentg Mrs. John Runals, Mr, Arthur M. Silberberg. Board Of Education Members of the Board ot Education are the sponsors ot station N.F.l-l.S. They have been responsible for providing our facilities, equipment and statt, We appreciate the service they render to us and the citizens of Niagara Falls. Administration ,M f,'f'.,, 1' is 'lov W 3 L' ' V' ,J P- Q, JY gg. - F 'm V- WlLLlAM J. SMALL JAMES H, ERWIN Superintendent of Schools Deputy Superintendent 9 To the Class of 1955 To the Class of i955 The theme of your yearbook, "Television," is as modern as the break of a new day. We are living in an exciting age of great inventiveness. Every day some new commodity of great usefulness is called to our attention. In our excitement over the new, may we ever remember that our nation's true wealth and greatness consist not in an abundance of the things which we possess but in the justice of her institutions. My best wishes go with you as you leave Niagara Falls High School. William F. Jaclc N f A. as Principal . 'rt T ZF ? , 1.5, ,I H 'I '7 yi 5 ' I lf. lt . l 1, lt f e . fb l' i i ' . .s - l, , l , l Wh ' X S I T ' 4 ggi Administration To the Class of i955 fl 2- ff A r B 'Wi ' 1 it 4, f 'jig Congratulations upon completing one more phase of your educational growth. Never before have there been such demands upon our capacities for alertness and understanding. Television, for example, may in time bring the whole world to our door- steps, even now it is enriching our lives both in entertainment and increased knowledge. As an educated person, you are surely called upon, not only to see and hear what is going on around you, but to discriminate, to evaluate, and to act upon your conclusions. l believe that young people today are prepared to be, not merely passive viewers of life, but active, participating responsible citizens. My best wishes to each one of you for a happy and suc- cessful future. Beatrice Ballinger Vice Principal ,glam qq,,,,..- 'Nr DOROTHY APPLE FRANK BAGGALLAY Busmess Englush 3 ROBERT COOLEY English PEARL E BRITTON Health WILLIAM A BRADY English wwf?-X naw 41" WILLIAM H DARRALL VIRGINIA DONOHUE Englnsh Business ESTHER E DAHLQU l ST Mathematics Faculty li 5 ep 1, FRANK BEDASKA MARK R BEDFORD Mechamcal Drawnng Scrence YJ JOSEPHINE COPELAND Englash 81 Spannsh :WX HARRI ETT W DONOVAN Englrsh fe... may GV JAMES H BOARDMAN Health eww- 1 fir fQs..w4 Elle' 'J- WILLIAM H CROWIE Busmess JOHN H EDWARDS Sclence 1 'PH ., 452535255 A A "Df"' ' A A '2-t A , 5 Q fvff gif: 5, . ' -0 mt t A ., - A A aa at A ,f-Lp' . 4,-it . N ian V ,V'l,V 'E 5 '4 L W ,L ' A . V 'V,: - L A 5. .,., , E L-a J, . A x , 4 A A Q, r ,na ,Q ' , A R "' ff ' l ' KA I I L Lx A L l A Y L L X H f , ' X WAYNE GALLAGHER Scnence WILLIAM HEROLD Language RETA H HALL Mathematics DELLA A HUTSON Lubrarlan MIRIAM A HEARY Busmess 19- 451' fH:,,,..""' PAULINE H JONES r MAY LANIGAN DANIEL LAYER CHARLES M LONG Busmess Scuence Enghsh TEE.. fx 03 41' DOROTHY A MAHONEY LUCY MASSIMII IAN HELEN MCCARNEY Socnal Studies Socxal Studnes School Nurse 12 "'t..71 E ANNE S HERGES HERBERT HEIMERLE Guidance Busnness 'W-.J ESTELLE KAMM Busuness Faculty MARY E MCDOUGALL Physucal Educchon Q M ELIZABETH MITCHELL English LOUISE B MOSHER Home Economics Q IJ if Wifi! ,. 'Q-T: JAMES E MORAN Busnness MARJORIE E NEIDRAUER English CATHERINE MORRISSEY Mothemofucs MICHAEL O LAUGHLIN Physlcal Educohon .?' 'X . , :W ' as ,. ffi FLORENCE MORSE Physical Education LEO ORYNAWKA Musuc I S , Qu 'Tl -Qq... + .,, "?1-ii... - 'L , N liz! Facuhy BRAINARD N PARSONS Physical Educofion BARBARA RICKARD Home Economncs 13 THYRA M RASMUSSEN DAVID W REESER Socnal Studies Health SAMUEL ROTELLA KENNETH SAWERS Drnver Educuhon Drlvers Educahon A I 5, Q- lm, w 432 5 Uk X 1, ' K -S 1 :Q A I I 'N 'X Xe- ' 'x' A We ' ' , I 1 . A w , f ffl? 0 4 -O- lf". Q' y , -A-I ai' Ad, ls. WARREN A. SCOTCHMER ROBERT C. SIMPSON EDMOND J. SKIMIN Music English Social Studies MARGARET P T CE GERTRUDE M TRESSELT Business Lqfm if , 3 Q, Q x QV' ' Q EDWARD V. STAFFORD Business MARY C WERNER JEANETTE WYLIE Guidance Social Studies Additional Teachers nm' X f X 5 Qu -iii l q i- 7 '-keg! yo MAY A GENTRY Business ELVERTA I MILLER Language GERTA SWENSSON r JEANETTE E SULKEY Business AMELIA E WHITE Health 14 Office Staff AGNES C O BRIEN MARY GOURLAY Senior Stenographer Stenographer In Memoriam ,JV JAMES J BONJIORNO 1 What's My Line? 6- Mary E. Werner In appreciation of your many years of service as a guidance counselor at Niagara Falls High School, our thanks. We're Salaried Mr Gallagher I work with molecules Miss Hall Her formula B2 + C4 life Miss Parane I deal with dates Mr Boardman Mr Reeser bring em back alivel Behind The Scenes vm 4.-. Tony our custodian cause those fifth period aromas Mr House engineer 16 in ge MJ 1 4. Mrs Jamk .. . l I:- l : -. K iff Q1 ' f Q .. .. . ' . 3' k , J- Q' V M 3, . X 4' ' 1 ' , 1 . if J., ,Y : , - x' ' A , .L ff ,. !" , 'f,ae1 - . 1 " - . Q X s 1 f . r - S A ,' W H 3 15. 112- 5 V P 1 , ' 'Y - Y 3 an , 0 . ' 'N .',.7f.'-' if 1 5 - ffm' ' l ' 1 ' . " 5 'I' g x h . E' .. gt-,.vi,L, , . , ,.- 1 'sw 4' fs 2.155 5 4 'I' V L I4 rl t . Q . 4 . ff- e ' V - ' . We ' . . - ' . . ' . nn f"n V1 6-.,..f--1 FTF! Z5 fi .gli l"lf'l f-s 9 HH Orin FIN VI CLASS MOTTO If you would something CLASS COLORS ID ond snlver CLASS FLOWER Punk Rose Officers JERRY CASPER President EDWARD WHITE Vnce Presndem' LINDA NEFF Secretory HUGH MURPHY Treasurer MR W BRADY Advisor oie somethmg you musf be BEE HHH UD DFT EBV EBU! EEE! rl' II U5 EEE U Unanf "Dx 'Nr wana mm nv'- rg-"1 'WN yA 'Nix 'RTM7 A4 dfxgy . A 20 4:-me 495 3 vf' xi' Nun.- Anne Auchmoody Dowd Ausderou '31 'li Sharon Barker Thnerly Borksdale ,lv Susan Barrett Pauline Barry vii? Patrncuo Bellemore 1 B BEEF HBH pn 21 Dorothy Babcock Wxlluum Barney i l Charles Bash Mary Baney A' fv- Loulse Barone Daniel Bednorsku Ib ,x I ,. 2 ' f 'F "Q 3 'sq 'fwi ' H K fl' 7 A , L A I fx Fm E 1 A . do ' X X 1 C, 54 5? frr Q 4. fi r A is A 'x If . xr X AX B I xy , 1- N-'N 9 Il K Bt F B za f f f W pp fy ee fr .WMP if d nur aaa aaa , u n f Q nff VUE 'P EBU! BBE! rr H S F cull, f- fax K M., EE HBH F WL 'ear "' M 96. Q-..,,, NUI' Byd sk Bgd E if QW' 23 'if' ix X U I J" a u ' ll R' x Bt E B J ' l E L 9 3 F E " ' . 43 P F F I A 39.5, I Theodore Blochinski l my sa QQ , l p - i 4 A EV9lYV' Bl k Grace BOQGH Dolores o ovif Rosalie Bond fl l R 46. 1 K Q . l 'A - Gail Bongiovon ' Thomas o Annette Bozek Joan Brqus x . 3 6 "' se: xr ' ,l f e Affhvf Bflnkmcn Surah Britmcn Barbara B ' Lolfse B ll ll BBE BEE E sugwql EBV una 959 135' 'Pi EBU! BBE! F M 10 Q? My J up--A Q12 68' -elm 24- Q'-4 C' ftq fi' fi Am 13 9' 'Us Q- C' Sandra Byrne Frances Calnello ,J X 'sf 'hr ons Campbell Dorothy Canceml .vs 'X fb 'wx .lane Carey Mary Candi ng- X Carole Campbell 'S Barbara Capuzzr Q32 1' Jacqueline Campbell Qx Delores Capolupo ,fi 'Qs' 3:1 'WK' James Car: Pauline Carlnna I Q -aug- 'tx Q"""7 B EE Fl FT P H Q X l? F F Josepl1Carlo 25 39.5 ff' F qw I 1 3 A, v "5 X l xi C e X "' i ' J E ex w --L ' V lx ' M ,C , l x 'X l U I Ili ,xk,. ' y ., C ee PM A " E if' AQX' 4--'i"...s Q we .1543 Ei Ab: BY EEE U Off UUE QEE W 26 f"""xx Gdc "n HHEV C' 1' Y Pzga 1" JU. Mg Ck ary Char m ,f'w MTA-, 'A x n',f- fimstg 1 1 5 's' . x 5 Y 1, ' T: C A . 'T' 'vt'-rx' .... Paul Carson Richard Casale Jerry Casper Doroth C k za , c , , - X , ,, F V , 'N . , - , v A n .S C C 1. Diane Caterina Louis Caughill il a I re Dominic Cenfofanti fs f . . ,B hh 4 W W . ,C nw" ,Ng Y C! 3 Nancy Chambers Peter Cherenzia V' Y Chior ar are? hic Q U BBW 'P El E El E EY E BV UW ia EH BF UUE ' B B f u N Y -1 55, EB 7 fgr sary . A ' " I -s. M 'ag ' 05- YQ' h S 11, BEEF HBH n pn ,- ..-viii.. 1,1--v bf ph YC" Q 'Wav' ,nn NNN Q' CI 4 XR '1""' CC 'slr' ?-2' 'P BBE EEE U D mfr HBH? anim BBE! E TS aaafaf 'Z' 'Y'-'H pC U7"?'!P h'f2', 'if QS" gff 5709 'nf CT Nw "'C:"" ,W C I h W 1127 "ll"""'7' .JL 3 i EE FPR P "? 29 396 Nw' Nunn!-H ff "'lluq. we if yD N M D h Q'-0 as 'vin dqnv' DOh if 11 ,S Q:-'f 'M'- 41 d HBH! UBS' EEIEI BBE 'F QW E55 II in Er? U05 E F 4' L dDR 30 v M Y M i X 15, . Nm Y 'iw' l 4, . MOI' SMGVCN S DeMarco Patricia De at ary erO anessian ggi x Virginia er onession R' h d D P nce Elaine DeVontier Karen DeVc1ntier is , .V.? H ' X ,nr . 3 '-' . ii? "hi 1 f Q' 'W ' W i it , m H ard De T Amelia Dezek E y L D Clqu e Diggs 'P BV FB H W' I B H I' i G E U rw I i Y Q.. U Q H f' if f V H H H . ' .5. 1 1. Alf e i occo i 1-. ef BEM FDB 11' ,fl 39,5 pt-1' L. -sas "' tj, jn- gg' "Q"' I yD b 256 "" f,XxX AVA DQ 31 x, Q, X U A 'THQ , A W fx at -X - E B ' e L - 5 ' ' y 3 " " I f - i' F 0,19 fl -- F IFIHFPE- oonne DIRuscio 1 Donna VDiven5 Phyllis DIUQOZ ROSGIiFId DOIT1iFllCk 8' Qs 595 A -r" f ' Aw-1 , x V, ' I W ' V ' V f , .1 . .af-. y 1 . Robert Donl y Mar rob k Tom Dro czyk Joyce Drozdowski W fa nf if X ' if Lena Dubvc D I' D Ffy Joan ul arson Donold Dumas EEE BEE 5 HV EBU off UUE 9 L 'S "' DEV EV DOUGH Feldmeyef Annie Ruth Ferroro Mary Ann Ferrnto John Flrth Heather Fnsher John Fltzpctrlck or Frances Florcmo Louis Florer Louise Forcucc -v-wnunnq..,,.s Cello Fortuna app EE FNB 33 1 I I5 JoAnne Fnlbert Vlcforlo Fleck Sara Forgnone N PpF Ham EEF Baa BBE ff EEE U U D Off UUE f' 34 A X 1 if -J f I Q. . F35 .1 -. l ir A a. . V V Q ? R Harriet? Fowler Janet Fowler John Franciosa Raymond Franco sr I A I ,W V fjysyfl James Franey Gary Franklin Margaret Ann Fr 1 II Blanche Frgemgn ' 6 x , , E A X 4 N , I x kk Pamela Frerlcl hili rio Donald Frost Carol Ann Fuerch " 1 B l' B H 'P I U U E F fp f ' l J Fl H E . fp. . I Q D wn Furry I' l X EEE FI FEE! I i Q N U I -'fi F R 'x x . su ,F at ll gran , sa PF' -- 'F 335. fwi -L Gb dG vu 'ZZ' Ch 43 YG MyG T' AA 35 h X. 4 'Y BEE UD mfr BBS' gr UUE! El EBU? aaa af' UUE I' b Goodg PpGff M? VIN xj S l G Phy G MlIyG rddyeu 36 'ix F arm I9 Lo1s Hammond Joe Hansen Nell Harr S W .0 Judy Harvey N Hasele Loss Haseley Gerald Hcser Earl Henman Naomi Heisner Theodora ' Nancy Henderson Patricia Hewitt Nancy Hodges I V , v a nk 'a . M fx kf f ' , I i XX if Mx BI XL v"X..Lf BB? Uv , K Et ED EB agp! BEEE EEE F, .- 1 ll F X EB E 37 JP-6. ' IHPFPUZ 'N 'lb QM' vnu.- Hy if Gd ,M QU .naman 5' eg J Ham Mir 8551 BBE ff HHH II Dr? uuagagl l- T- Elizcbeth Jon 38 It . 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I' EBV H V 111151959 42 E FDB pn Margo et Moc Leod Por Moc Ronald Moc R chord MacV e Yvonne Mcdoy Gus Meng o e 1 33.5 an---O Ell s Mc1CSpo Charles MocV Joan Molocc Anthony Memo f Pctr c c Mann Faye Mariano John Mor ono 43 3' x, 'X X B I MQ I ,X M ,Q BH F ll me a E k 3 g F B Q L B E E V E ' ' E H - - I M Q k P F F 1 ' M. 1 H H F P r V , :,, Wm l M 2 -ff1A. ,ni Gs O , I' --f Q. h M 1 V I . ,,, , 4 fifig L M 4 ' XX lli 1 EEE HHH UD Uff HBV EBU BEE! II r I" U fps HHH'- O lando Ma C ol Mo Conch to Mart Angelo Mcsscro Alf ed Massott F ed Mcxste mc oA ost M tth Rchord Mmygos Matelov c Florence Mctsulovag II Phy MCA ch 44 XJ X X- Peggy MC COUlf John McCracken John McCune Davnd McFarIan 17' Jane Mc Ghee Maureen McKenna Mnchael Mc Nerney Mary Anne McNulYy Eloise Means Rose M arse Messuna Jean Meudenbouer EE FTPH PQ FF I 1 HF Carolyn Me tz Alayne Mercze 4.3 37.5 :E M Nt' W' BBE BEE MID mfr yA DEV EH una is Sby MH ,Q hw' EBU! aaa Eff UUE IH U 4 HHH? 4-6 g M Id L y Monrolbo X11 Us B E E P F4 P H F F Louis Morrell Vnnc nerte Marnnello Richard Moscat 'x X 1-Q X f F 1176 Mary Mucha Hugh Murphy is' R chord Murphy Myla Musser Pamela Mutton Rosalie Muzz llo fri X N Par ca Nashwmfer Duane Nassau Stephen Nawrock Llnda Neff 41 'P BBE HBH D mfr F' EBU! BBE! lv T' UUE II fp. HI' 16 s V Ogd yA Pd if 48 'Q-1: 'II S., dc1P Jerry Pcusquonf no c n s Pedlow it iw F onk Pedulla ctor Pellegrino Alanna 4' W Alfred Perri Robe 1 Peterson "1 4 1WN 99159, M ru-8 1 Moron Plnzotl M y oe BF E apps! Robert Plumerx 9 Gercldune Pethybrudge Afmry Prronyok I 1 Jcmlce Pfohl Ffh gg.. fs' eur P cm 4 .Tb S' A 1 x - ,,,, 1 ,-, 'Wi x f :fx V f ,X i b, I, - x, X X Us 3323 B li' uae Bl 59 FB EL 5 E5 E EE HHH V , R .4 r I - ' 'FH F F t F 4 Y Wulf KK 19? BBE HHH ED Off QTY I' 55. 1 '1Y"" EBV une 9 50 T. 5. Q25 'fur' 'bg X Km KVI' EBU BBE f' BEEF HBH Cl T I X X x . U 4 ,TW Bu' R' Bt F 4 F 325 .pawn R5- Q gs-rv Nw... Re QN 'fe T' h f? i- 'F Robb C OV Robe Y 51 6044!- 'VX is f i,,,nf-as if Q I fu- 1 ,,, 0" 'N-Q .is -,Q O gg 'sr VN '-'Q'-2'-.."" I9 - B , 1' f' K E L - V E X ea -- ' , Hnrp EF ng p f I ,- F i s - PENIS Reck rd X ' x l- ' 'CN R , f N '-H , Y Ckxudio ed Nancy Rennie Assunto Ricciordl Jem Ricotta :N ,b,b h Q. h Ruby Reegonough James Ritc lin Avlene Rivkin Rozufe Rizzo xv W , R .A ,V -N R if 5 R 9 I if 3 Q fs- , :I , ' 'ft , , R-, . f n' .Ziggy A . ' V' 1 . . 1, Us ,cn ins c' B .1-f R bmson So Rob nsorv 'P BBE EEE UU urr EBV una H fDS EBU BBE I- F' W iq naeu .1 .3 3 4 Q l I' WI' hm W 461545 wang 'QQ YW gl www HW 'hu 4 "bf xii M x nn ,,,, 52 in-g.. 95 l HHH.' -sun t A '1 i , L Robert Rodl . .in FS W r ' Q 'L K W N 'lj ss' E , af? A .S Joanne Roma illiom Roscn' Wreothc Roseng Richard Roth ck , 'ir' .. Y K' 'iii war' K fl Paul Ruben June Runcl ll Anno Marie Ru ok Sl' I y Russell sl ,, 'll 21 ' N' b 1 , , l i SN - 1 a N , V S G x f h U qw fl" l lj l 5: Ax' W 1 'Q W S 'N Jufklw ll f - 1 1' OX Q1 Ffcmlc Sacco Alfred S d Edward Sur' L y 5 leffc fff fu -23967 - f Mm Ur' Scooucc Pomcnc Sch M5 PUGWQN 17" Uv inn- 1' if 'Q' Roy wo d Schultz Bo born Schumacher 1' fb-. Q"'7"' SQ Ooh emory S cr I 1 Gr' EE Hug -eq av, WSC Cc: IG- Schm dt 25 Io s Schuster W II um Schwe tzer F F JP 5 DL me Seems? 53 1 Q5 Q90 fa. 'F""" fn 5" M X 'hp ig lf! ll Sk yp I EBU! HBE! r I' BBE HHH Nfl ME, sea II E TS 54 Sh 'Q' f' da '55 gr' QT'- all 36" V -rv b in ' we H an lk 65 f "' fn- R f h 99 x. 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X ax ' r V I! if X mx t I. ' , -.-' P Yricia Stafford B ' ly S p' ffgzfb fe' Te ani Cafcl Stevens 5 EBV BBE D f Off ua ig TS BBW i BBE! 4 r" 35" ll E .givi- F Q 'gr f1W5,qQ S ppl ii YT' bf' fl- s.,- B T B H y 6 i i w ii V U U , i' ,X yn R E EI U H i F fp r ' -- . i i y 4x Wayne Sfoeifi g fx -IQ A 2 .it TN, X F -L bs Barbara ST h R y S ranges Patricia u e B b S ,, fc- 'Q 4 L 2. K A ' ,. gi-5, . Ann Swann J n Szelest Sidney Tarpinian Robert Tay '- im Q-'H 8- 9 i i " X -0' 1 'i It ""' , 3 Q. 'Q' YQ, L A' Q i iessondra Tecch' R iw rd Terryberry Gail Th p James Tierney 56 9 'Fun ,C-V li. lx She o ,345- Qi" ZW-Y' I ""N E' I """' Id CI p 55 RF xvx cz e do N. I Udhll EH 'F 'i UI u Bu' :V Gt A EEE! EPB V PPP ' ' 32.5 57 31: 'W 'rv-5 rT W ,ff-' IWW C lc Uh EB E FWF n U 'Z' '13-GN f -1 vi: ng f 'Q G" f "Q" BEE BEE UD rr ll 'iwlrwf' fu1.,iB My 4-my Iv..-r VV Wlk UB EB T- S. H 'a EBU! SBE r" ' HHH? 'E' ' 4 George Wallace B g rt N' QL EE 41 W h in W W FPR F I i F ff W Nh- fahr IdWI 9' ti-A 2 'Km G'-0 fm 9'- tar-A7 dWht 'ur Amit 35m ,VX 1-f tWI hWl 59 F ina! ldW f . I hffjz 'f ,V ' ff' , , -' 1' 'Y ff jj -. , Ml , VJ .1 Ky Rf 17. rf ft K 1 W X Q x ff" U I 31 X X . H H ' B' E E E B 4 ,f : Q f 5 9 V E 1 "VU FFF F' E. ' PP - , H . r 1 Patricia als Yi I ' i tl w .1 f 'N --:,--- tv t !"' Q 'L4f ,qw I Zggv x wXA fl- if F t t , 3 x mr illiom otson Llndcz eover Robert Wegrzyn Jero end N' lg x 8 1: X I A L wiv: -4 A In Ltcitle Westcott Carol White Edwor ie Herbert Wickend , 2 , ' . f-' ' sy A 1 X hx, M. ,- N V AJ nal!! w K , X DOUG i500 Jane 'son Kevret i sort Lee Arthur Wil 'P EEE BBB E D Uff EBV Imam BEE! 1- r' II UUE EE 'P . +V' 41"-N' B L9 ,fx- gn, ' Id 1 1 ww. .1 Aan-X495 N' r 118' xx ax 'ug-W KKK Q sihna... W Q 'Qir 60 46 Wtfk pp J R y 'Y Q4 G Zonko by if :AEA 'S' Q? A. Ralph Z m e mon Elo ne Zfo CQ 012 eb ec V41 -1 'Wan wa., 'Sv Qs- Lo sZeb ec John Co Camera Shy Seniors Joseph Bruno Donoid Fmiey George Glovowmm Donald Grondm Lois He-rbe-VT Theodore Romom 31454 O 0 AAN -E5 xg l an f h N- 'Q' ' 'X H xo Borbor wski i rn r 5 5 ,V r 9 . ' -' y I ' L, . , I K 'Q W - 5 ., ittn 1 I - , . F fo ,,.."' vp , J, V' aw l. 'nf 1 ui r i ntl O .1 , "J 4, v 1 Q X X lr' X XY j X 'xo I XXX X x G -Y , ,I -. ? .1.1.. .4... 2 - Senior Class Committees v u I A Prom Commiffee LEFT Io RIGHT: Carol Stevens, Ales- sandra Tecchio, Phyllis Diugoz, Sa! Pace, II 'N- Class Flower and Color LEFT To RIGHT: RosaIie Muz- ziIIo, George Lansfrum, Co- Judy Harvey. chairmen. 1 - I I ClassMotfo LEFT lo RIGHT: Sue Jackson, Paul Ruben, Frank Alongi, Sally Cice'o. Class Gift LEFT fo RIGHT: Dolores Las- ka, Angelo LaDuca, Co- LL5 Prom Decorations LEFT to RIGHT: Barbara Col- lins, Clwaries McVie, Co- chairmen. Cap and Gown LEFT to RIGHT: Faye Marj- ano, Tanis PedIow, Co- Chairmen. CITGIVWSU- Prom Reception Class Song LEFT to RIGHT: Elizaberh Jones, Molly LEFT 10 RIGHT: Alfred DiRocco, LeiIa Greenwood, RoasaIie Goldstein, Bar- Ulwri, Co-Chairmen. bara Hunf. Senior Class History Seniors, do you remember September 6, T953 when five hundred and sixty-four of you en- tered Niagara Falls High School for the first time, and do you recall your bewilderment those first few weeks? "lt is a pleasure for me to welcome the Class of 1955 to Niagara Falls High School and to wish for you a most happy and productive two years." Mr. Jack was confident that your class would continue to carry on the high traditions of N.F.H.S, Yes, Seniors, you must remember, for This ls Your Life' "Go Niagara go, Go Niagara go, Hit 'em high .. ." This was an ever popular cheer as the '53 foot- ball season progressed. It proved to be a victory cheer for the J.V. squad as they again carried on their unbeaten record for the sixth consecutive year. It seems you were heeding Mr. Jack's suggestion that "Hard work pays off." "I appreciate the honor you have bestowed upon me and it is a pleasure to introduce the other officers of our junior class, Al Masotti, Vice president, Barbara Milanovich, Secretary, and Jim Ritch- lin, Treasurer, Mr. Brady will act as our advisor." Your ofticers did lead you in many successful activi- ties, such as the Junior Class Assembly and the Junior Class issue of the Chronicle. "This award will henceforth call to mind the services rendered to the students of this school by Benjamin H. Timm." At a surprise assembly honoring Mr. Timm's retirement from teaching, Mr. Ros- enthal presented an award to be given annually to the two students showing the best qualities of citizenship, leadership, scholastic average, and school spirit. Linda Neff was the Junior Class recipient of this first citizenship award. "Vote Triple Ml Vote C.N.S.l" These were familiar sounds often heard echoing in your halls during the week-long campaign for Student Council Officers. M.iVl.M. proved to be victorious in the end, as Angelo Massaro captured the laurels as president, Al Massotti as Treasurer, and Barbara Mil- anovich as Secretary. "Have O r1lCe Summer." "I'll SGS yOU in the falll" These familiar farewells helped to close your junior year. The entire class looked forward to returning in September as "Sophisticated Seniors." Your junior year had been a memorable one and much enthusiasm was shown when your senior year finally began. To carry the highest honors Of the class you chose Jerry Casper, his able co-workers were: Eddie White, Linda Neft, and Hugh lvlurphy. "The Giants don't stand a chance!" A few staunch Cleveland fans stood behind their team while viewing the H54 World Series on the wide screen television set purchased by the student coun- cil. This was a luxury appreciated by all. "lf only l had sold another subscription." Yes, Kathryn England, if only you had, you would have won the jackpot during the magazine sales. Karen Connell was high salesman for the class. The sale proved to be a good project and your efforts helped to make your senior year a successful one. Yes, Seniors, you've led a' rich, full life these two years at Niagara Falls High School. We are sure that the future holds many opportunities in store for you. lf the past sets a precedent for the future, the road of life upon which you are travelling should continue to be a wide, clear, highway to success. Winifred Lynch, chairman Annie Ruth Ferrara Blanche Freeman lEl. - - ,C---1' Roseanne Beningo lj Freeman, Annie Ruth Ferrara. -4' L tl OF iitfrt iii J LEFT TO RIGHT, FlRST ROW: Roseanne Ben ingo, Winifred Lynch. SECOND ROW: Blanche Statistics This is the place, Niagara Falls High School. The facts you are about to read are true Nothing has been changed to protect anybody We were working the day watch out of High School when in walked seven private eyes ff 1f', ,ng :t ple cf Senior Ques- tionnaires. The seniors claimed their class of i955 was the most unique and gifted class to oe graduated from the Niagara Falls High School. Our assignment was to investigate and gain evidence to prove the truth of sucn a s'aternent. We started the investigation by securing the knowledge that the senior class consisted of 262 fernales ana l95 males. Another piece of information we picked up was that the average boy is 3 days, 6 hours, 50 minutes, and 24 seconds older than the average senior girl. Durn de dum dum. We proved that the girls were outstanding in their beauty because it was necessary for on'y 32 of them to change the color of their hair. l3O of the BeautyCultur1sts ofthe class of '55 agreed that short har is defirwtely the trend. Our officers in patrol cars, patrolling the streets, noticed that IOO seniors drove, 242 walkcd, lO took the bus, and 4 took a taxi to school. With the assistance of Mr. Sawers and Mr. Rotella, we uncovered that all-important fact that l2O seniors took Driver's Educa- tion first semester and approximately l2O were signed up to take it second semester. From the Traffic Division, we found that 43 cars are registered to members of the senior class, We then decided to find out if these cars were paid for. We decided to investigate the social activities of the seniors and found that 5252 of them belong to an organization such as a sorority, faternity, Y-teen, honor society, key club etc. Pertaining to future plans the facts revealed that l5O plan on working, 4l are getting niarried, 37 are answering Uncle Sam's call, i2 are going to loaf, and those 2l2 whose mental capacities have not been exhausted in high school will go on to college. Upon further investigation we found that these hep seniors chose as their favorite disc iockeysr Guy King, Bob Wells, and "the man of the hour," Lucky Pierre. The seniors proved their excellent taste by choosing Stan Kenton, Ray Anthony, and Glenn Miller as their favorite orchestras. Eddie Fisher drew top honors as male vocalist while Joni James was voted favorite ferna'e singer. The Crewcuts "Sh-Boom ed" their way to the top as the most popular group. There were 66 "squares" who were definitely not planning on attending the Senior Prom, 44 are undecided, and the re- maining 347 have given their promise to attend. The girls good tastes were further proven by their choice of orchids and roses as their favorite corsages. Dragnet was voted the best T.V. show by the critics of the Class of '55 with Medic and the George Gobel Show as close seconds, With alli these facts, there wasn't a doubt in our minds that the Senior Class of i955 was the most unique and gifted class to be graduated from the Niagara Falls High School, LEFT TO RIGHT: Priscilla Hutson, Patricia POil'iClO MOViftfCl1GlVm0f1 If 111 Mann, Lois Campbell, Dorothy Castek, Molly L0l5 Cvmpbell I0 Us Greenwood, Nancy Rennie, Paul Ruben. P"l5Clll0 HUYSOH 54 Paul Ruben ' 7 G Nancy Rennie M12 ' Dorothy Castek Molly Greenwood t S F-v ,t 5 U La t Will and Testament We, the producer: of NFHS-TV, Channel l955, Nagara Falls, our contract having been fulfilled, deem it fitting and prop- er to focus our cameras and adiust our microphones, to telecast the execution af our LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT. Article I-To MR. JACK AND MISS BALLINGER, our capable directors, and their associates, to show our sincere gratitude for your helpful guidance, we leave the studio intact. Article II-To MR. BRADY, our station advisor, through the courtesy of our sponsors, the Curtis and Collier magazine companies, we leave a full year's subscription to all of their magazines. Article Ill-To the JUNIOR CLASS, with mixed sympathy and envy, we leave our comfortable contour chairs near the television set, to ease away the countless hours of hornework. Article IV-The following beneficiaries are the lucky recipients of these, our valuab'e possessions: The SENIOR GIRLS donate to tne JUNIOR GIRLS, and v our musical library that they didn't break, when two years of square dancing became too much to bear LYNN BROOKS, the captain of the Usher Squad of this next year's captain. Item l, ery cheerfully we might add, any square dance records in Item 2. studio, bequeaths her ticket stubs and leftover programs ta tem 3. BARBARA COLLINS, one of our star performers, leaves to PAT SIKORA, Our "Quiz Kid," DAVID HOWELLS, leaves nis, and we next year's Honor Society President DIANE NASSAU, SARAH BRITMAN, and BARBARA l'lUNTr ed copies of "The Three Musketeers," and Mr. HEROLD, her teddy bear and half interest in the record "Sisters" Item 4. quote, "Leadersh.p, Scholarship, Character, and Service" to Item 5. the only members of the French IV class, leave autograph- to their successors. We hope that Monsieur will not be bored with his newly acquired peace. DELPHINE GNIAZDOWSKI wills her sympathy to SANTO pronounced ar misspelled as often as hers was. Item 6. CANDELLA in hopes that next year his name is not mis- Item 7, JEANNE VERROCHI leaves a map locating the studio seats containing wad: of gum to any iunior who has equal energy in exercising his or her jaws. Item B. HDODO LASKA, MOLLY GREENWOOD, LOIS CAMPBELL, and the many other SENIOR GIRLS who wear crinolines, bequeath them to any JUNIOR GIRLS also opposed to the Dior look Item 9, TOM "LIBERACE" DAY's candelabra and toothy smile are to go to any iunior worthy of them. Item IO. CLAUDE DIGGS bequeaths his let-propelled sneaks and spikes to JERRY CALANDRELLI. ItomII.JUDY HARVEY and SUE JACKSON donate their halos Ihairbonds, reallyl to PHIL MERANTO, 'o keep whatever hair he has out of his eyes. Item l2."DOC" MASSOTTl's detailed high altitude weather reports go to MARIE BONGIORNO, in case she's interested. Item I3. Attention GIRLSI BARBARA MILANOVICH leaves her brother "SONNY" to you. Now don't fightl Item I4. All the SENIOR GIRLS who follow the fad of wearing kneesocks leave them to the JUNIOR VARSITY BASKETBALL TEAM to keep their legs warm. Item I5. PAUL RUBEN, our expert cameraman, donates his burned-out flash bulbs to the Physics department for further re- search in the field of electricity. Item I6. FRED MASTERMAN and the other thespians of our stage bequeath their worn-out scripts to Mr. BAGGALLAY with hope that they can be put to use at some future time. Item I7. JERRY CASPER bequeaths his shy smile to VITO SABETT, Item I8.An album ol FRANKIE LAINE's records is willed to the school's musical library by FRANK PEDULLA to be played in his absence, Item I9.To MR. BEDFORD we would like to leave an extra day in which to finish all his accumulated work. Item 20. The gigantic energy of pint-size FANNY LEVITT and CARM ANGELOSANTE goes to RONNIE MALACARNE and GORDIE SLIPKO. ltem2I.BENNY PASCO wills his travelogues to the school to be shown on this station next year. Il any junior is also bitten by the travelling bug, we hope he brings back films of the places BENNY never quite reached. Item 22.MARY CARIDI leaves a vacant chair in the conference room and a list of leftover "Quotables" to next year's "Inquir- We, ing Reporter". the Class of I955, of Niagara Falls High School, City of Niagara Falls, State of New York, being of sound mind and body, do hereby make, publish, and declare this to be our Lost Will and Testament. In Witness Whereol, we have hereunto set our hand and seal, in the presence of witnesses. The foregoing instrument being duly signed, sealed, published, and declared by the Class of I955, as their Last Will and Testament, in our presence and in the presence of each other, we hereunto subscribe our names as witnesses. Sarah Britman C h' xtssxsg'lllll""r' 0-C airmen et" all F4 ""+, Diane Nassau Rosalie Goldstein X G Mary Ann Modi h Q 9 l 1 4 I givin! O n ,..f6y,4Q o 3 E 'rv -. S,-i'l1"fiKl'mg semen. sarah Brannon. STANDING Mary O : M QT.,-: 0 Ann Modi, Rosalie Goldstein Diane Nassau " 'Wil f 9 'th 1' "occ 'T' ov H SCF T. V. , GUIDE LEFT TO RIGHT: Mary Pitonyak: Sharon Barker, Sue Jackson. CLASS PROPHECY PUBLISHED BY: SHARON BARKER EDITED BY: SUE JACKSON, MARY PITONYAK SATURDAY, JUNE 20, 1975 12:30 P.M. Channel 4 TELEVISION EVENT OF THE YEAR. See the televised meeting of the President's cabinet, directly from the White House. President ANGELO LADUCA will introduce to the world Television audi- ence his recently appointed cabinet, ANGELO MAS- SARO, Secretary of State, HUGH MURPHY, Secretary of the Treasury, LINDA NEFF, Secretary of the Interior, JOAN MINICUCCI, Secretary of Defense: CHUCK COLAVECCHIA, Secretary of Labor, JIM RITCHLIN, Postmaster General, and EDWARD WHITE, Vice-President. The newest position of Sec- retary of the Wild Life that was established by the President, is held by DICK SPENCER. Meet the President's lovely wife, BARBARA GUGINO. Hear stimulating comments on procedures by KAREN CON: NELL, Editor of the New York Times. Don't miss it. 8:00 P.M. Channel 7 WORLD FAMOUS PIANISTS to Play. AL DIROCCO and ELIZABETH CROWE will make their T.V. debut from the MUZZILLO Auditorium. They are known through-out the music world for their accom- plished piano duets. SUNDAY, JUNE 21, 1975 1:30 P.M. Channel 2 CAVALCADE OF SPORTS GEORGE LANSTRUM and ELLIOT PUTNAM clash in the National Open Golf Tourney sponsored by the PASCO Golf Association. The TRUESDALE Cup for good sportsmanship will be presented to the winner of this event. 7:00 P.M. Channel 6 FRANK SINGSI FRANK PEDULLA appears on his weekly television show, sponsored by the TRAUB, TOMPKINS, AND TRAPASSO Tire Corporation. As his guests, he will have MADIE CURRIE, Metropolitan Opera Star and DAVE KINSLEY, the bobby-soxers delight. MONDAY, JUNE 22, 1975 5:30 P.M. Channel 10 UNIVERSITY OF BIRMING- HAM ROUNDTABLE. Dr. WALTER BUEHL and Dr. GEORGE VON FUCHS, of the University's physics Department, question Dr. WARREN EDDY, on his recent rocket experiment to the moon. 10:00 P.M. Channel 1 "THAT'S MY GlRL" "A must for Monday!" starring BARBARA MILANO- VICH with CHARLES KELLY, MARY ANNE MCNULTY and DELPHINE GNIAZDOWSKI. This hilarious comedy is written by MOLLY GREENWOOD, directed by FRED MASTERMAN, and produced by MARY ANN MODI. Don't miss itl TUESDAY, JUNE 23, 1975 4:45 P.M. Channel 7 TIPS FOR PHOTOGRAPHERS! PAUL RUBEN, winner of the PINZOTTI Prize for photographers, gives helpful hints to amateurs. His subject this week will be how to take good action shots of sports. 8:00 P.M. Channel 6 THIS IS SHOW BUSINESS! SALLY CICERO, famed mistress of ceremonies, re- views the life of TOM DAY, owner of the world famous Day and Nightclub. Among the sparkling personalities appearing out of the show business world will be: PAT WALSH, JACK MCCRACKEN, BARBARA COLLINS, BOB LOZINA, LYNN BROOKS, and JANET WILSON. WEDNESDAY, JUNE 24, 1975 3:30 P.M. Channel 11 WEEKLY STOCK CAR RACES! JUDY HARVEY and SUE CRAFTS will race in the spine-tingling semifinals tonight at the PAUL IRISH field. This event will be narrated by well known sports caster, ELIZABETH COUGHLIN. 7:30 P.M. Channel 4 FASHION PARADE. SYLVIA MACEY will reveal her latest creations to the women ofthe United States. Models, GAIL SPARLING, FLORENCE SKRLIN, YVONNE TUSCHER, and PEGGY MCCOULF will wear these wonders of couturiere's art. OFT. 900 PM Channel 3 COMEDY HOUR' EARL HEIMAN and ARLENE RASPA parents of The year wall make a guest appearance on comac FRANK ALONGIS program other guests wall be the Ha waaaan Hula Dancers LINDA WEAVER GAIL THOMP SON ELAINE ZITO BEVERLY STEMPIEN MARY CARIDI LOTTIE JONES and GORDON TYSON II00 PM Channel 8 NEWS FRONTS OF THE WORLD' Newscaster TONY CICCIARI shows the exclusave falms of some of the many escapades of the Inter nataonal playboy and worlds most elagable bache lor JERRY CASPER wath has Two latest romances BARBARA LAKE and BARBARA BUTRY THURSDAY JUNE 25 1975 2 00 PM Channel 8 FUN TO LEARN' Its fun to learn about musac with solos by ROSALIE BOND and RUTH JOHNSON farst vaolanasts of The MEITZ Pops Orchestra and SAL PACE noted accor daonast They wall Tell thear TV audaence of thear recent appearance at The MEIDENBAUER Paladaum 430 PM Channel I4 HEAR US AMBASSADORS TO GREENLAND' Just returned from a conference wath Presadent FRANK SACCO of Greenland BYRON TIMBERLAKE and ROSALIE GOLDSTEIN wall glve a farst hand report of The condataons behand The ace and snow They wall MOLL 1000 PM Channel 9 WRESTLING! Bearcat SUE JACKSON wall wrestle Gorgeous MARY PITONYAK an The womens sema fanals from AUCHMOODY Audatoraum The final w.all be a Tag Team match wath JIM SCHWOOB and CHUCK BASH vs RAY SCHULTZ and GEORGE WYNES I0 30 PM Channel 3 TWENTY QUESTIONS TO STUMP THE EXPERTS' Ex basketball coach RON GRANERI traes to out wat The panelasts FRANCES LEVITT JOHN CONTI MAY BUROW BILL BIRO and PRISCILLA HUTSON JERRY WENDT as The master of ceremonaes of thas program full of wat and humor FRIDAY JUNE 26 T975 I45 PM Channel 'I9 ALL STAR GAME FROM CALIFORNIA' The greats from The football faeld wall meet for the annual U S All Star Sax Man Football Game CLAUDE DIGGS AL MASSOTTI PETE CHERENZIA ROGER ANDREWS DON CENTOFANTI and RICHARD LEAR MAN wall comprase the farst Team whale BOB TA VANO MATT VILAS BOB AQUINO TED BLACHIN SKI ALFRED SANDSTROM and CARM ANGELO SANTI wall start for the opposang Team Coach ARTHUR ELSTON has hugh hopes for has team whale DOM PAONESSA coach of the second Team as very confadent 330 PM Channel 4 CAROLES COOKIN CUES' CAROLE MILLER authoraty on food and homemakang wall demonstrate the correct method of concoctang a FRENCH Fantasy The dessert whach won The S25 OOO BENINGO Award for I975 The new atomac stove Invented an the GULLETT SCALETTA and VENTRY Laboratory wall be demonstrated for the farst tame See thas dynamac dascovery' 530 PM Channel 5 FOR THE KIDS' Mother Goose portrayed by TANIS PEDLOW gathers her young fraends around her for a new adventure of fun Thas as wonderful entertaanment wath the help of clown BILL OGDEN paanast LEILA UHRI and songs by JOAN MALACARNE 8 00 PM Channel I6 IT TAKES TWO TO TANGO"' Revaval of an old dance sweeps the nataon' See DOLORES LASKA mastress of ceremonaes demon strate the newest Tango steps wath The help of her able staff DAVID HOWELLS HARRIET FOWLER JOE CARLO CLEO BURNETTI DALE ECKER PAT FARELLA LESLIE PRIEST LOIS HAMMOND DON FELDMEYER and THEODORA HELLWIG Detectave DON FROST explores the realms of mystery as he solves a perplexang murder wath the help ot has clever secretary FRANCES MACDONALD The talented cast Includes JOE HANSEN as the gualty butler DIANE NASSAU has charmang wate BEVERLY BROWN BILL WATSON JEAN VERROCCHI FRED GANDT and LOIS CAMPBELL It wall be sponsored by the FLORAMO ROSATI Daaper Servace 1000 PM Channel 3 CLASS OF 1955 REUNION" The farst tame an event of thas type has been televased See The twenty year reunaon ofthe Class of 55 darect from the new Naagara Falls Hagh School bualt by CLANTON ELLIS mallaonaare contractor The Prancapal JOEL JAFFE and Vace Prancapal CAROL CYPHERS wall be on hand to welcome the class back to thear Alma Mater Short speeches wall be gaven by the Superantendent of Schools of Naagara Falls PHIL GRAFF Deputy Superantendent LOUISE BROWN and Presadent of the Board of Educataon EDWARD ARGY To gave the response on behalf of The class wall be Mayor of the caty of Naagara Falls JACK WYNES Excellent entertaanment wall be provaded by the var aous members of the Class of 55 who have reached stardom an the last twenty years Dont mass thas fabulous extravaganza" Z . . . I . ' 1 I - ' l I . 1 - ' .A I I I - , 1 1 I A I I I ' 1 . 2 . . f . I ' I I . I I . . - , ' , , I I , . . ' ' , I . 1 1 ' ' 1 , , I I I I ' 1 1 be interviewed by news commentator, HAROLD 9:30 P.M. Channel I4 SUSPENSE!! Z . . I 1 I 11 11 . ,, ' , . al - 1 - - ' , ' ' A I I . I I I . I I v I . . . . I ' ' ' . ' ' I , D . I . - . . I I I 1 ' F ' I I , . . . ' I . ' , I I I I . I I ' I - I l . . . . . . . , I - . 1 - - I I I - ' 1 1 ' -- 67 Class Poem ln Tribute to Our Alma Mater We leave your halls of learning To march along life's ways, And always we're rememb'ring The many marvelous days At our Alma Mater. We tread the straight and narrow Path which God has laid before us Brave and strong through trial and sorrow As we heed the ringing chorus Of our Alma Mater. You've kept your standards flying high And we'll attempt to follow suit Waving your banner to the sky In solemn and sincere tribute To our Alma Mater. Anne Lockwood Class Poet Mantle Orahon Today The Senaor Class of l955 buds a flnal farewell to ats Alma Mater Whale we must soon leave Niagara Falls an the physacal sense actually we shal' never be away For we shall carry Through out our laves warm memoraes of The many fraends students and Teachers alake that we have made here and of The many pleasant and rewardang days we have spent here Nor shall we forget The hagh adeals whach have been gaven to us by our parents our Teachers our coaches and our advasors standards whach we may not have fully apprecaated or realazed here but whach wall serve as an ansplr ataon for us an our future laves To Mr Jack Miss Ballanger and to all the faculty for thear contanued anterest and understandang and thear constant desare to gave us the very best the class of l955 ex presses ats sancere gratatude What of the future? Whether at be the servace college andustry busaness or the home we do not know One thang we do know however Niagara Falls Hagh has equapped us well to meet what ever problems and challenges that life an thas complex atomac age may present As to the ammedaate future of Naagara Falls Hagh we are certaan that at as an good hands The Class of l956 has already shown that at has the enthusaasm and school sparat needed to carry on where the great classes whach have preceded at have left oft and by ats example to anspare future classes to even greater honors and accomplashments lt therefore gaves me great pleasure to bestow upon you Santo Candella the Presadent of the Class of l956 the mantle of senaoraty the mantle of recognataon and responsabalaty Jerry Casper Presadent of the Class of l955 Santo Candella and Jer y Casper Mantle Response am deeplv honored as representatave of the Cass of 56 to accept thas Mantle of Senaoraty an behalf of next years Senaor Class Soon you will be leavang Naagara Falls Hagh School to take your place as adult catazens an our communaty ln this venture we wash you every success To you the Seniors this may well be The crossroads of your laves A great adventure awaats you as you enter varaous vocataons or further your educataon Whatever path you take the Junaor Class as certaan you wall meet wath success Today more than ever an our hastory our country needs good catazens We feel that the years you have spent here at Naagara Falls Hugh School wall have provaded you wath the traantng necessary for good catlzenshap We realaze that our task as Senaors wall be a great one but we accept at wallangly wath the hope that we wall measure up to your hagh standards ln closang the members of the .lunaor Class wish to express thear thanks to Mr Jack Mass Bal langer members of the faculty and Senaors for thear help and guadance durang the past year Well done Class of 55 Godspeedll Santo condemn Presadent of the Class of 1956 69 I Remember ---- " ' 11 -W nr- 1" Q 4 . w g i , 1 ,fc fQ'1' ,' 4 7 A, M 5 vff- - f M' 1' lQef-'fl 3' V -K-4 A X, 5 Q 'Sr ' I A Hats off Oo Harrie! V Who'Il You Have? I 5 , ' Feafher in their Caps N Ill! Maine Votes-I0 MMM, 'IO C N S Papa loves Mambo 4" 'b If . 4 ' XX Siliih, Svliililll uw Wi' ' W ' 1 4 ' P Q Dig Thou Crazy Outfits!! "Garb4-aging Up!" 'T JU ISR N SYM ffl-J'.4v1-L'7aT4" WA wi' ., J ,lf ,, l ,K NY' xy' fl LEFT to RIGHT SEATED Santo Candella Joann Page Nick Babyak STANDING Ronald Mala arne Mr G Stanko ich Jumor Class On November 24 Santo Candella Ronald Malacarne Joann Page and Nick Babyak were the four happiest Juniors In High School having been elected by the Junior Class to the ofhces of Presxdent Vice President Secre tary and Treasurer respectively The assist ance throughout the year of Mr George Stan kovich our class advisor was greatly appre clated The Junior Class has played an important role in the year of i954 in Niagara Falls High School Several of our Juniors took part in the fall play The Shop at Sly Corner The par tlcipation and enthusiasm of the football squad also showed the active spirit of the Junior Class. We, the Junior Class, feel like a real part of N.F.H.S., and are about to step into the shoes left by the class of '55. As Seniors, the class of '56 will strive for the goal set for them by previous graduating classes of N.F.H.S. Joann Page, Secretary LEFT TO RIGHT Al Artuso, Gover- nor Nick Babyak Lieutenant i ff State -. ,- I Governor ,, ,, Lieutenant Governor Red, ross Representative Bo Athletic Mgr. Girls' Athletic Mgr. Advisor ,nc , State Motto ,, Home Room 150 . , 1 -..V XI I 1?o'f-S FA' , ef l l - LWWJ x 'Q ffgiizil Q. . LEFT TO RlGl-lT FlRST ROVV: Rosalind A-vdolany Joyce Bartalomeig Mary Jane Bakery Marie Baneyy Antoinette Antonuccig Shirley Barrett SE OND ROW: Bob Armstrong, Barbara Ayersp Catherine Bakarichy Marla Bale, Mary Anne Babcock: Thomas Ashmang Grace Augustino Edward Arniriang Barbara Andrewsg Anita Barberop Frances Bornetteg Rose Marie Antonuccig Melvin Bates. THIRD ROW: lrene Baldassarre Al Artuso, Phyllis Aubeg Ralph Altonse, Richard Bellinog Nick Babyakg Glen Aitken, Mike Augustinog Vartan Balegiang Rodney Austin Barbara Andrews. NOT PlCTURED Gail Jamieson. i LEFT TO RIGHT, FIRST ROW: Marie Bongiornof Diane Bonannip Judy Bennett, Dianne Blank, Barbara Bateman, Donna Beitman. SEC- OND ROW: Sharon Marchlingerg Ernie Bevilacquap Lois Buckf Vivian Bogdovitzp Virgil Black, Karen Balyardg Barbara Biedermang Lea Bax, Sylvia Bialy, THIRD ROW: Pat Battaglia, Gary Brawnp Joe Cram, John Biasuccip Stephen Bernot, John Bleecherp Joe Bishara. NOT PICTURED: Robert Bocek, Barbara Boucherg Jane Bryant: Gerald Calandrelli. State J, , L Governor ,, , , Lieutenant Governor Jn, Red Cross Representative Boys' Athletic Mgr. W Girls' Athletic Mgr. is Advisor We , , , State Motto ,, , North Carolina , Ernest Bevilacqua Marie Bongiorno , Diane Bonanni Gerald Calandrelli Anita Cacciatore nn, ,,,,,,,,,,, Miss P. Britton To ber other than to seem Home Room 151 75 LEFT TO RIGHT: Marie Bongiorno Lieutenant Governor, Ernest Bevilac qua, Governor, Home Room 'I52 X rf LEFT to RIGHT: Larry Carella, Lieu- tenant Governor, John Christopher, Governor. State . . . . . .Colorado Governor . John Christopher Lieutenant Governor Larry Ccirella Red Cross Representative . . .Pat Clark Boys' Athletic Mgr. Bill Clayton Girls' Athletic Mgr. . . .Carol Brotzer Advisor Mrs. A. White Stare Motto Nothing without God LEFT TO RIGHT, FIRST ROW: Jackie Britton, Judy Britton, Carol Brotzer, Mcriorie Chambers, Rita Ciarczak, Lois Brown. SECOND ROW: Lucy Conte, Patricia Clark, JoAnn Carter, Henrietta Cicero, Thomas Cicero, Christine Cebulski, Diane Costello, Fay Clontz, Virginia Carlson. THIRD ROW: Bill Clayton, Caroline Castrignano, Evelyn Brown, Morley Carl, Bill Byrne, Bob Waid, John Chris- topher, Mora Caughill, Janice Cody 5 LEFT fo RIGHT, FIRST ROW: Barbara Daniels, Barbara Ann De Fazio, Connie Davis, Josephine Chiarenza Marlene Fiscus Patricia Corsaro. SECOND ROW: Madge Cicco, Louise Cantalano, Palma Danelon, Delores D'Agostino, Laura Clark Santo Candella Gordon Cruickshank, Beverly Chew, Veronica Dawson, Katherine Catalano, Dorothy Banks. THIRD ROW: Shirley Cozzi Barbara Reed Tom Cicero, Stephen Davis, Alta Davis, Bryce Dailly, Dolphus Davis, Patricia Cutting, Daniel Cantara, Michael Cumbo Emily Craw ford. NOT PICTURED: Sandra Culotta. X xxx X x Q, ICE ,Qt- ,M .C Q X fe Y. -44 -1.,,1-i. ilfztss xii .- K 'Q A xs XJ . 73 N b . X . is- . , N X- -, . -X ,, Q . rx '. fx , 'N w A Bt J xt Nl l 1 v State .. .. Governor . Lieutenant Gov. Red Cross Advisor Boys' Athletic Mgr Girls' Athletic Mgr. . Advisor . . . . . State Motto Q -zgglwix ,X Qvi K igjfii Home Room 203 lvlayest T .1 Lula. - Idaho . Santo Candella Katherine Catalano . . .Michael Cumbo Santo Candella . . . Sondra Culotta .....Mr. J. Moran hou Endure Forever LEFT to RIGHT Katherine Catolano Lieutenant Governor Santo Condella Governor, Home Room 251 , , 1 Z' fX ff x 7 KX 'O ,K fi X f fW -N f 'xv W A X- ,fx fo ' V'- s7f v f A LEFT TO RIGHT: Emmie Lou Dias, 6 Lieutenant Governorg Frank DiGio- J vine, Governor. "Zi N i , X r " ' ' ,- f 1 I State WW, , W Alabama ' Governor Frank DiGiovine Lieutenant Governor L L , Emmie Lou Dias , Red Cross Representative ,,,, , ,W , N W , , W Agnes Fqclel Boys' AIIIISTIC Mgr. ,,,, ,,,, ,WW Y, WY, WW Bruce Enyeqrf ' Girls' Athletic Mgr. L, ,, W , ,,,, W, Mary Ann DIPOH , Advisor L -V D, LLLL DDL, LLLLLLL - LLLLL Mrs. M. Gentry ' State Motto ,,,,,,,,,,,, , ,E We dare defend our rights LEFT TO RIGHT, FIRST ROW: Emmie Lou Dias, Agnes Fadelg Marietta Costas: Patricia DiGiro. SECOND ROW: Robert Dunning, Dolores D'Anncig Gail Czorneckir Lucille DiRusciof Patricia Edwards: Frank DiGiovine. THIRD ROW: Mary Ann DiPofip Christine Em- mensg Dorothy Jean Dqhlgreng Bruce Enyeart, John Didisingp Pot D'Anna, Charles Easterlyi NOT PICTURED: Dennis DeMott. LEFT TO RIGHT, FIRST ROW: Margaret Flournoyp Gwen Grimes, Priscilla DeVantierf Gloria Ray, .lulia DiCesoreg Annette Faiola. SEC- OND ROW: Ronnie D'Grillog Mary Ann Geddesf Charles Flayf Barbara Delvlasig Geraldine Grezlakg Dorothy Fobing Charles Frvuscionep Donna Greene, Marian Forbesy Barbara Donofro, Evelyn Hare. THIRD ROW: Lynn Grimes, Janet Garrecht, Bob Dobson: Ed Elstrodt, John Codzowp Anthony Gollog Robert Crarnerg Larry Geeg Bill Farleyg Linda Gibbsg Roman Goncasz. NOT PICTURED: Robert Gisrnondi. Y- ,r 1 . ,. VII! fl 0 A Aagvatl .,l X l3j,l.uJ. zz 40" -1-,.4 'Fx it fl' fState , , Michigan:"' 'll' 'Aff JV A ' - Governor Anthony Gallo 7- rr V - "F i X Lieutenant Governor ,L Ronald D'Grillo , A.. f e' ' - ,, , I Red Cross Representative Janet Garrecht 'xl L 4 r e 'ix Boys' Athletic Mgr. Otis Covvart ' ' ,lv V Girls' Athletic Mgr. , Evelyn Hare 'Q 1. ff 'X ., 5 Advisor H 7 , ,, ,, , Miss D. Apple NI i L State Motto lt you seek a pleasant peninsula, look about you. i Home Room 252 LEFT TO RIGHT: Anthony Gallo Governor, Ronnie D'GrilIo, Lt Governor. 1 Q i :il Home Room 254 ff'fN Z' 'D K3 P'Nf" 1 f-Q f5 nf E-fx f1 I -rl ,fy K f'N',x .L 5 ,Q ,gx KQ rw S- if 5-.1 px ix fx 1-gc ,,4-4 ZQ K5 I5 1 ' .vi X3 5 L LEFT to RIGHT: Freak Gara, Lieuten- ant Governor, Jackie Fernandez, Gov' ernor. ' '- ui IO lou! L FT' Ill O I ' X - State , . .,.,.,. . ,,...,.... Delaware -V ' , A Governor . . ,. Jacquelyn Fernandez A L Lieutenant Governor . , , . . , . . Frank Gara Xi' Red Cross Representative . . Louise Gillick l Boys' Athletic Mgr. . , T . Edward Heider Girls' Athletic Mgr. . . Alice Heindenreich Advisor . . . ,... , .,t.. . , , Miss R. Hall 1 Motto , ,..,..,,,, . ...,., . ,. Liberty and Independence LEFT to RIGHT, FIRST ROW: Marie Godino, Doris Hall, Melinda Hill, Carolyn Holt, Joan Holody. SECOND ROW: Jackie Fernandez, Theresa Hochadel, Norma Heuer, Sara Heembrock, Ernie Gambora, Ronald Wilkins, Louise Gillick, Sidney Horowitz, Annette Faso. THIRD ROW: Janet Holstrom, Ronald Haynes, Alice Heidenreich, Bruce Johnson, Paul Inskeep, Bob Gall, Darry Henneman, Marlene Goater, Frank Gara, Lionel Hutkoft, NOT PICTURED: Diane Gandt, Mary Ann Hayden, Sam Fruscione, Paul Halleen, Edward Heid er, Edward Hour. X ,- -5 3 I 9 .3 I +1 .ra-qqnv ' G ' fix' 5, fl ,!,,:, MN- V 3, ffm. swf, . N EQ H ' ' -' GV. 1: IJ M : H " V, ",: "Q ,Ji',,1-O Nwzm Lzmg 21- " , .' ': 1 Hwy? Z, , 'H Q2 F., :W Kwfivwi J- ,rw JTICLxiOVT 1 F1 o 1x D.:..f,: H-' ":, -CM lg ww- 'iv' ": 'ff-rf-. 1 ,.15qJMw DCM 1 lfwup Mwx STCITQ Gccfgig Gcvcmcx' Swv- 3f,1Tf4:g if: Liifcmzwif G3.ef:'3:' Frgmk Fcxzzdgw Red Cfcse Repr'ese'vQ:fi.fgf Loufm Joseor Boys' miwhfic Mgr. Som Bmfcsgiicz Girls! f5xTWfLTiC Mgr, Advisor' Morto Br'-Qmdo Lenz r'v1r'. E. Skiwiv 'aidwf Jw'x'f- v 'xd'wVC'lCVT ,,x,,!,,1 K., .b' f'YCi xJ"'i' L - f Q zu mm JO' C' 5. Home Room 255 A 81 Home Room 255 B 3. N X '-. 'N i ,, 1 .U V Y .1 1 , ".", ' .V . .. 'f " - n ' . 1 , ,-' LEFT TO RlGl-JT: Jacqueline Joseph, Lieutertaift Governor, Richard Jurori Governor PCT: State Oklalwoiwia Governor Riclward Juroii Lieutenant Gov. Jacqueline Josepli Red Cross Representative Craig Havens Boys' Atliletic Mgr, Vito Saloett Girls' Atlilctic Mgr, Jacaucliiie Josepli Advisor Mr, R. Cooley Motto Labor Coiiauers ,ell ltiiiigs, LEFT TQ R3GHT FIRST ROW: Fleaiwor Kumiiiski, Pa' Mgzliirz e, Cr: ere L5-V:l.LJ ,, Stair V, ,a'J:1"t::, Reze Logs SECCND ROW: Rlcvard Juorvg Jacqueline Josigily Tciiy Celeste, Rose Marie Koezzzzg Lvrrag l'lg:"l' vtqi in Corel iileck, EQ: :pau Kowalski, Eofv Heath Elleri Butler, it-HRD ROW: Marian Osman, Janice Larriced Razer! K'ec'z:-, Bill Koittim, Rtzriqrd Kozfar, Leooard Lazza, Vito Sovetfg Delores Krulg Sharon Kaiie NOT PlCTLJRED1 Dolly Geyge, Craig Heuer: Vliowias Jacl4of.slci, Kathryn Jones, Richard Margesong Mary Valentino. LEFT TO RIGHT, FiRST ROW: Jean MacKay, Barbara Masters, Theirna Lowrrang Guf Lupisciia, Josephine LaS:fiiag Dorothy Knouse. SECOND ROW: Josephine Lapreteg Rebecca Marting Elizaoeth Mciienzieg Richard C. Lape, Mary Lawson, Giafia LaPointg Kenny Martin, Robert King, Nancy Lauzaug Lesiie Martin, Janet Magenti. Ti-HRD ROVV: June Lozinsky, Kathryn Mettordg Richard Leer' ' -J houtsg Cynthia Kiinieckog Aiexander Leep Eddie McCrayg Roger Leenhoutsg Lydia McElvvain, Pat Merino NOT RiCTURED: Safri Lowre J ,f y 'nq,.'i'AJ! XD!! -- State Maine . V Lil, fr, Q Govenor , Robert King Ar IU! if JJ Lieutenant Governor Rebecca Martin X, V ' ,til Qi! , i 4 ,' if Y Red Cross Representative , Kathryn Mettord ",- Qjfsx by Vfnv Boys' Athletic Mgr. , Eddie McCray ' il-'W' fylk Giris' Athletic Mgr. , Lydia McEIvyain if" Y- " A NL ' if Tn, I V , , 1 Advisor '-31, Miss J, Wyiie ,NVQ i i Lib JU ' X State Motto W , :U I Guideyjj ,", i LJ J LV' V E L if A 'Wifi' xiii Lit if-Ai L' A L X VJ LM-1' 41' X byte it-i gi ,M fyvify - , , Pi tiff 'J Ci U' Ji J", .f . , , 7.1 , A i i . ft, SX lad' X V !6,l,,-v - .vyf ,A I YL r U fm Q A 1 w i rift ' ri it ,Q it X iv, J J J LEFT TO RiGt-ti: Reaegca I rt , -E' X V: 5 jf fl Lieutenant Gowerno-', Roincr Kink, U iii , 4, ' Governor Q fax F.-1 an .41 ,, -.. xfi --X x - Y Home Room 300 83 , V tu-' ali? .F ' ' 1' 7? fl., f , ll I Y ,A f If 5 al Q L affix" Q X xg, li ifdfzbs-f2L"QL, ' U f 4- - f Q 'I' ll , 1,'fQ1D4 A 1 fri, Q L. 9 xv 6 x, if .,. L, we L--XXX fLf'Z!1L LQ, , Home Room 301 'Qi l 1 L I . 5 ' - ff P' 3 X l l " X . T X ' A 5 Q vm L - ' fi 2- K 'L I ll'-gif? , 2 f E 114 , N' , ' X ' y LL , I f A 7 , " 1- 517 I 1 TX I li . v fv' lj 1 . 1 l ' f f , , J L" f e . 1 X . 'ILM r l .u ff' , - -l ' Z 'Y' J t'LrldL X, x A l ah! LEFT ro mein: lnez Main-elm, I -l xr QW Lieutenant Govefnorg Russell Mcxrig- 1 V lio, Governor, IAA l'-xx l 1 T i 'LL ul xl V . F K, lr Stole New l-lompslwnre ik' 'XL' Governor Russell lvloriglid k xx A Lieufenonr Governor lnez lvlislrelfo IX J- G l X51 Lx , , Red Cross Represenlolnve L, , Judy lvlelnolle - X X - tl, I I LV Vx xr, Boys' Ailwleiic Mgr. , Poul lvlelrer N' K ' Girls' Atnlelicllvlgr, Plwvllis lvlorullo . s 4 I v J lr w Advisor , Mrs. B. Rickard L , V Sidle Molto Live Free or Die N 'I lx ix lv L Y, , LEFT TO RlGl-l', FRST RCVV: Judy L,nclwy Jcovne lfliilill wig Tlwonms Mow, Bqzrbnxrcx lxflfxrfin, Roiolle Morncn. SECOND ROW: JoAnn Mvcrsg Novi: i.'u:i'm:fi, Boo Muriwllop Pork 'fg:r'y1i,,og Judy Melnom-g Russel Mzuilglmx, Ronald Morelrlg Paula Luiz, Phyllis Mofulle, Am' 'Aol-gsfufo. THIRD RCW: Guy Mom lnifz Mislrelru, Beverly M-,if-'sf Jenn Nocneg Rdn ivlolocorneg Marv Moorep Guil Mcndiog Clworles Morinello, Bruno Morelti. NOT PlCTURED: Bernedelle Motrino: Noncv Grollo. A- W 'N . -.L 5552 F3211 m23- EM-4 Or:1:O FMC Han E F E330 ,f ,I 5' W3 .18 QSLi1f -1f2'5 2511-+ 1 Q Ognw Oil? 000 -Off? -+4-KO-C44 Of f if-.ww -f KD Ogvz O8 N xfjfbij 1 5" 33 3 2 j?l,6QQ 12321 "gag 50 uno 3:7065 QW,-o FXVWNQQ ,X gg GQ U4 Hgi. Zg5f9' 'XX 21:2 LQCQwi nmji 37'Qg' QU3r ii ' QXJZPU fu 3 f?Qi9 4 Y 350 cb x Q--ig .1 99212 25?1g' 'ARM Xfzum mf?--u NxO5x Nw 100 'QWQK X if mimi xfYoU,f' iTOli' F Nw X 1. rfigm 34 X-x Ei? 31" X XX -'Q-if Jw' X, '-'f3.D.Q 45 Q X' f' - . X 'UMHL Qgx x-XQ W-UN T Q-V, , wx 5357. rq. Rm LQ, ,mix WSJ o T49 E ,QQ L+ gfocrm 31 Q! 11 50 314, 'i 134' E .,. v. X - QQZEFQEQ 1 'J Q 44Ok'i O6 72033 ,OQCQQJ Bw. , ESQQHRQE' 0959 ,N4roN4E,3-QLQ ,QU--9' Wflfaw vunwm WXYXK1 'hy Lil O off'lZ ff' 2 fwsv ff 7' Jfif L-gn. ' 'V'3ifC Y. f"1f.A 1 4,5 A'-xN'U L - Kp- W Q-QM 'L' 'Ffa- ' 5'-'G-4 if ,J I T X ,. IIIIIII Q u . f ' , 1 I 4 r 1 V I sl 1, ! 1 5 7 .L, 7 f .. I -,I ' . , t ' Nenofvr Governor - . . ' ,. . . . V A' 1 v 4 S-., . . -,z:" .,',s,-.f"1'-' : ., .f 1-'-" if '32 li 3' K1Y'l', ffl J Q qx bxx3isX.i ivy? '7 " T Home Room 302 80 LIP C R169-if D 1 M5-v'Q1"Y - ' ' Gaefrcf, Geovgy N' -much, Lie ' fr 1 - ,f I ,A'Iflf' ' , iv e! , i Home Room 303 I Q- . ' J , 0 J'f'-'JJ I V, -I i W, x. 1 I Ax J I A . I Q I x 1141, V K . J, 3,1 , f V- I N 1 --5 VX ' K f' I -- m -- 1- 1 of X r I-is 'Ill 1' 1 X ' LEFT TO RJGHT. Adeline O"zeY!r, 'f, Lieurenonr Governor, Joonn Pogo, Governor. , I s Ar I J T Srofe Ufon X V X Governor Joonn Po e ff 9 ' K Lieurenonf Governor , Adeline Orzeni X X . , Red Cross Re resenrofive Donno Nmckerson J , -4, p ll 11 Boys' Afhlefic Mgr. Terry Piccirelli JUJVXQ Giris' Ainleric Mgr. Pouline Novvok ' Advisor Mr. G, Sfonkovicn A jf X' Store Morto Jndustry f J .AJ J LEFT TO RQGHT FRS' RCI"- Bev:-'L Nrxou ,Conn P:1'e""'o,Joc1nv Page Mimi- Po me J, Jing-I Pr QM SECCN3 QCA. Corrs Name Jean ORourke, Nancy Cgrodovxskr, Nancy Pvnzorn, Pounne Ncwokp Morro Posserog Robert Oleksiskg JoAnn Pclinp Adelme Cfz Scxlly Prlndibleg Myrel Nuzwn THJRD ROW" Borboro Onnetng Hizobern O'Bre5lyg Hovvord Noonan, BH! Noroirrg Fred Ownzq Le Plerceg Jornes Nowrockig Pnynws Ookeyg Jcnn Plecun ,f ,rx K H s. LEFT TO RIGHT, FIRST ROW: Vera Renfordf Jacqueline Printupg Carl Pornellap Judy Printupg Barbara Bank. SECOND ROW: Jane Pat- ronslcip Leonard Perrnang Lee Richardsg Uta Frickeg Lois Pernpeitg Ruth Phillipsg Dennis Pasauantinog Barbara Peunicg Sharon Piercep An- gela Ranallig Judy Pollard. THIRD ROW: Hedria Porrathp Donald Robertson, Gerald Parenti, Elvin Pearl, David Reiter? Duane Parlcerg Marion Pietlciewiczg Terry Preston, Shirley Reuse, NOT PICTUREDQ Shirley Pierce. r . State , I' I f ei ' L Governor Wx Q F M Lieutenant Governor yi! fix l Red Cross Representative " ,7-..,'7, Boys' Athletic Mgr. ,WW rj T, , M- , . 4 L -L Girls' Athletic Mgr. L if , QL .Qc ' r Advisor , ,J X' lryQL.1 S uv tate Motto fl Maryland Dennis Pasquantino l-ledria Porrath Uta Friclce Dennis Pasquantino Sharon Pierce Miss L. Massimillian Manly Deeds, Womanly Words, Home Room 305 LEFT TO RlGHTz Hedria Porrath Lieutenant Governorp Dennis Pas quantino, Governor. II I iii' LEFT TO RIGHT: GefaIdine Reeser, Iamcnanv Gove'nc": SaIva1ore RI- orfo, Governor Home Room 306 3 Z A I WMIWIH -' .L X I J .J Stafe H , RI'1ode Island Q4 ' X' Governor SaIvaTore Ricona X Lieufenanr Governor Geraldire Reeser , J Red Cross Representative Glorig ROI! L , I Lf JI , 'J Boys ATIwIeTIc Mgr. Frank Robins 'Um I GIVISI ATIWIGTIC IVIQV. Geraldine Reeser - . ,"'I I Advisor Miss T. Rasmussen r,' fl SIGI6 IVIOIIO Hgpe , ,Q f 1 LEFT TO RIGI-IT FIRST ROW- Jcfxrwf- RrrIw,Muna-Rr:-W-I-'o,lv'm1yAw- RYZJU, FdC1"Cf RNS R 3'r'1 R4 'I SFCQN3 ROW 592 K 'W RI5:I6'y: Cr,:roI REIT! G:'oIf-RI1I'r:11iC", Of--r1Idwvw Rf,-. -f'- S.1I.,1"J. , R x."': .IO6y'E.'V'IG RTL' ,"r CIWI' RU, I' ,i"r'f- Q :I-V1 F FIU I THIRD ROIN, Nancy Rankieg Er+mIy Rongzng-Ii, Guy Ri:?'n:ndIg NICK Gong' ez, Rower! Rwo- Jf:r.a1ILI 51I' L5 R :LI Ross: nu S ReeIef Romeo Russo, Frank Robwns NOT PICTURED: SIvirIev Rizzop Sc:IIv Rendup Audrey Riocobaugn 5 i A Q I q Q " vt 4 .-, ,ll J ,Hn gr ' Z , md Wa 5 ff N ff 'Qw- 'X A S, LEFT TO RlGl'll', WRST ROVV1 Marlon Sclnnolwlg Vlvion Sorkissxong Fronlx Scolzog Burlncucx Sl,-Q-lv, Mfnfv Sfnnsolonr,-g Korlu Slwurnvv fn QND ROVV: Donna Rormk, Sfxnflm Slwrxnvrorg Anne Scirnewnl, Wlllcl Slxowgvs, Mory I-.nnee Srxnllllppo, Jonal Sc-wmno, Milly C--uh Sclm 1 Molllyn Rolbltinm Dorollwy Sgrol, lynno Socllok, Carol Ronvnefl l'l'llRD ROW! Rody Scznpn-lllg Bolv Sonnlfvlro lDon Slnirnplon, Bil 5 vc, Ron Svnlgrnororg Lows McCorlyg Anthony Sclolonlg Joe Roluncipif Rolrpy Scoiiilffyfq X-V170 F dC4i.,,1k 4 I , Ull-' ' -Af nfl 'A L, ,X l J ,' ll!! V X , fl' l' , ' ' l '.4 r gli . , ,71 7 1 V -5 rbi, V , Q F . f',Q1lVI: fall " I ,AK '. Store - ' . R, . Arnzono l lr - , Governor Williom Sclwolz ' I F .. ' 'x . r J, J lneulenonl Governor Borboro Seely 1 , r- V 'X ' Siva' Aflwlefnc Mgr. Fronlc Scolzo ,M el J, l lUx!I3irl's Athletic Mgr. Lynno Sedlok X ' J f . . fi 5 Red Cross Represenfollve Rosolue- Scorl K ,l I rlg1'g'5f Advisor 14, Mrs. H. Donovon I' gl Stole lvlollo ' ..f,, God Enriclwes I' A A 3 if ' ' f ' f 7 A ' Ls ' . V, I - , t .K , , i- MAI, .. ' I, ,-' R . 'l fl V C9 Q 9 x r 'V F' .OO H X COM, 'D A x 7 X -l CK X ' -. .. av , 'flif 5552 '- ' K"-'iz 'A' .,, E3 1' W g A Home Room 350 '7 u X lo Q . 1-- . 1 f - X I x uk 3 x V ' 1 x T h 'T-1... HOV. 44 I LEFT TO RlGHT: Blll Sflworz Go ' ' norg Borlooro SQelyLieorfAn'1r cvu X i 1 89X Home Room 351 LEFT TO RlGHT: Baroara Solari, Lieutenant Governor, Jael Teaman, Governor. State W, W, Governor , Lieutenant Governor Red Cross Representative Boys' Athletic Mgr. Girls' Athletic Mgr. Advisor ,W H, Nebraska Joel Teaman Barbara Soluri Jack Stark Kenneth Slonis Virginia Tato Miss E. Mitchell State Motto Equality before the Law LEFT TO RIGHT, FlRST ROW: Rose Sheprog Mercuria Scrutarig Margaret Skurskig Virginia Tatap Elsa Sweetg Marilyn Srnith SECOND ROW: Doris Sensabaughp Ellen Swaing Patricia Sikara, Dorothy Silcora, Carl Mallaryy Helen Stoelingg Richard Sellrnann Rosalie Slracuse John Brown, THlRD ROW, Barbara Solurig James Silvaggip Robert Sembert, Jack Starkg Dorothy Sitekg Gordon Sllpko Ken Slonis Gerald Skeney Joel Teaman, Richard Sdaof Shirley Soprano, NOT PICTURED: Diane Stenzel. LEFT TO RlGHT, FlRST ROW: Tonita Thompson, Janice Teaesco, Elsie Smith, Elizabeth Srnith, Maureen Supple. SECOND ROW: Wnliarri Touchette, Barbara Thomas, Angeline Striver, Arlene Szareiko, Joellen Valley, Diane Ziolek, Beverly Traposso. THlRD ROW' Larry Vag- nozzie, Dwight Strasburg, Chuck Tarnborello, Gene Cizelc, David Thomson, Ted Srnilten, Vince Crossley, Bernadette Tazalc, Don Terry- ,A oerry, State , Governor , Lieutenant Governor Red Cross Representative Boys' Athletic Mgr. Girls' Athletic Mgr. fm. 7 M,Lff, 4 i,-L4-. Kentucky rypll ig , Janice Tedesco "T jf! David Thomson 'fl A K.. y, ' Arlene Szareiko A L L if 1 , Vincent Crossley " ii .Z ,y fi tc' l Bernadette Tazak T . V I i l u gl! Advisor L , , Miss E. Karnm Q lo, ff .N l State Motto United We Stand, Divided We Fall. ' ' ' I' X 7 , Q x..4 ln ll Q' 5'i',-df' 2 fl ,331 f . K C, 21 2 ,JEL l , Ig ff ye, X I X 5 K. Home Room 353 LEFT TO RlGl'lT: David Thornson Lieutenant Governor, Janice Tedesco Governor. It ""'-Q" I .1 .. new . ljynrme Room 355 fs 1 l hx L, ,, .. -I . uf '- " p T ,V , , 'V -',. 5: Xl rx U H, , J T ,f w ' hx l ffl If .X N .X r , ' lv ,f J , T M T T VV . 1 V lf . rl X gr ' UIJ, V' Rv J X : I,-Nj ' ' f ' . vu 'O rl 1 rl w pl jGj l ,-X T I 1 ' , n x fi J 2 T U Fl T A T was 1 fm T A fxifq T Xt ve Z!! XE k,f 'I X-.X wall T' lx xxx I J J .. LEFT ro mem: Tech Walsh, cover x 5 nor,.Brlll VV lh, L' ul noni Governor, Fh- Of me X e X ' N Ala T I if M -I l ' ' D ff LO-'A ff- 4 ' .QYT53-I I Smile Missouri GOVGVWOV Jock Wolsh Lieurehohr Governor Bill Wglgh Recl Cross Representative , Te-re-gg Vglemim Boys' Arhleric lVlQV. .lim Lgndeen GlVl5' AllWlGllC Nlgf. Dgrleem Vxfgggnlqg Advisor Mr. VV, Darrell Srore Morro The Welfore of The People Shell Be The Sbpgeme Low, R l Q X K , LEFT TO RlGHT, FIRST ROVV: Chrisrlhe Verhoneg Therese Volerwrihog Peggy VVc.1llcergMor'lll,'rw ygglois Wolter. SECOND ROW Koflr VVo5hlJurm .lulle Volpe, Johv' Vrm Dcwschg Dmleon Vxloservlrog Helen Vcm Gorderg Bill VX'c1ls yferxrrwsccug Don Ven v ll 1 VXL-ixvr-rg John Vcmdr-vw Boizlxf Fvgmce-5 'Jervlry THIRD ROXN: Jiww Lorvdeehg Joy Vim Orhvcmq ug hx Vlhllxrrg Michael Trunl r Tyron, Peggy Weller, Jock VUolsh, Nof'mm Vocco, Keorey Watson, Roger WoclcetTgJohr1 Coqrson, IOT PTCTURED: Frances Km o Bur Misener. Hu-1 3 ji- LEFT TO RIGHT, FIRST ROVV: Moriorie Zofurof Muriorie Wensleyp Tneresci Wnvsong, Jerre Weinsieiriy Teresa D1AvoIio. SECOND ROW: Borboro Yondiong Helgord Wienerif Ann Zortmcznp lone? Wirixery Diane Wilson, Elaine fviillerg Por Vvniskeri Mary Ann Wolig ,errw WW- kiewiczg Joan Wilcox. THIRD ROW: Edna Wilsony Dove Zi'T1'ii5Fg Duane Wendt, Spike Wielosz-,fnskif Bill Zgcriceg Bill Willicvnsonp Jef'-,f Wengerp Iviorgo Wiegondp Putricio Zoloc. NOT PICTURED: Jdrie Wright, Riclword Zuccori ,J , Store Governor Lieuienorii Governor Red Cross Representative I Boys' Ainlefic Mgr. Nf' Girls' Athletic Mgr. - Advisor if 1 Ii Store Morro ,. ll i W II 1 , fl I .7 iI I - X1 ' A, i f .2 y I Y 1' vermonr Bill Williomson Iviorge Wensley , Duone Wendi Jerry Winkiewicz Edno Wilson Mr. D. Lover Freedom ond Unity LEFT TO RIGHT: Bill VVEI iwnson, Governor, Moriorie Wensley, Lieuierioni Governor. W' Home Room 401 .,' ,, -1 ""'..,h..w..'n fi h A +13 n--..- -...W "' ' . .ov Y! ll ----N n-4 Q40 - 1 A . WNW V Our Alma Maier We love thee, de-or old High, VViih your holls ol le-orhihg grorid, Your Colors well hold high, To The hom we'lI proudly siohd, Alwoys, olwoys SlClLJlWClW ond true, Alwoys, olwoys proud of youl Amd your praises loud we'll sing: We io thee our homoge bring, Nine 'rohs for Niogoro Follsl Nine for The Red cmd Groyl To duty how she Colls, Thor success rhoy with us sioy So we pledge ourselves cmew, lNl.F.H.S. we'll be True, Arid lor you we'll climb The height Niogoro, you're oll right. A Gow Brownell, 'lil 94 ,vw ++ +'++ ++ on X, N 1 I , gl ,V1' F, F Q , vs, 2 5' III: .. , M52 - JA we if LEFT TO RIGHT, FIRST ROW: Governors, Janice Tedesco, Kathryn England, Jackie Fernandez, Angelo Massaro, Dick Spencer, Joann Page, Roseanne Beningo, Russell Mariglia. SECOND ROW: Richard Juron, Louise Forcucci, Barbara Collins, Anthony Cicciari, Paul Irish, Angelo LaDuca, AI Artuso, Virginia Cummings, Sam Battaglia THIRD ROW: Frank DiGiovine, Joe Critelli, Sal Ricotta, Santo Canclella, Dave Gullett, Phil Meranto, Robert Tavano, Hugh Murphy, Ernie Bevilacqua. FOURTH ROW: Jim Schwoob, Jack Walsh, Bob Tompkins, George Lanstrum, Bill Williamson, Joel Teaman, Robert King, John Christopher. President Angelo Massaro, vice-president Santo Candello, treas- urer AI iviassotti, and secretary Barbara Milanovich are this years I council officers. The system of homerooms as states, and electing governors and lieutenant governors is one of the unique traits of our student council, a highlight being the states' convention in May. All the officers are seniors except the vicerpresident, who was elected last November from the Junior class. Mr. John Edwards is the counciI's able advisor. This year the council purchased a TV set on which the students of NFHS were allowed to watch the World Series. Among its many activities the Student Council held a dance in V December so money could be raised to provide transportation to some of our Alma Moter's athletic contests. During the year the Student Council presented numerous personalities to the student body, They also contemplated holding a Student Council-sponsored Variety Show. We must not forget this group sponsored the Community Chest and other worthwhile proiects. 'l Thanks to the co-operation of both the administration and the students, the 154,55 Student Council has had a most successful term of office. LEFT TO RIGHT, FIRST ROW: !Lieutenant Gavernorsi Marie BongiornO1 MUVQS W9n5I9Yf Efntnie LOU Dios: Bvrberd MIlUn0ViCl'ii BUVIDGVO LEFT TO RIGHT: Santo Candella, Barbara Milanovichg AI Massotti, Mr. John Edwards, Angelo Massaro. Soluri, Barb Seely, Diane Caterina. SECOND ROW: Katherine Catalanoy MGfiCIn DGnI'40i MGVY Anne McNulty, Carolyn Meitzf Adeline Onzetti, Becky Martin, Gail Thompson, Joan Szelest, Bill Walsh. THIRD ROW: Elaine Zito, Rosalind Dominick, Geraldine Reeser, Joan Braas, Charles MacVie, Jim Ritchlin, Larry Carella, Hedria Porrath, Frank Fazzolari. FOURTH ROW: Ernie FusiIIOf ROn Skusef Nick Babyak, Earl Heiman, Dave Thomson, AI Massotti, Dominic Centofanti. Q-. sv' , U 1 1 Niagarian Staff Editors The Staff Co-Editors , Business Managers Art Editor . . Faculty Advisor Ass't Faculty Advisor Business Advisor. Art Advisor 3 As All . LEFT TO RlGHT: Beverly Stempien, Sally Ci- Mrs. H. Donovan cero, Sylvia Macey, Mary Anne McNulty, Peggy McCauf. Sally Cicero and Mary Anne McNulty Peggy McCoult and Beverly Stempien Sylvia Macey Mrs. H, Donovan Miss J. Wylie Miss M. Tice Miss P. Jones The Niagarian Stott, working from our station NFHS has developed the theme of television. While carry ing out our theme we have interwoven the popular TV programs. Some of the programs that have provided opportunities for originality and imagination are, "Ths Is page are new features of this years book Our Art Business and Editorial Stalts have appreciated the able assistance of our advisors Editorial Staff LEFT TO RIGHT, FIRST ROW: Elizabeth Coughlin, Barbara Gugino Priscilla Hutson, Rosalie Muzzillo, Cleo Brunetti, Mary Anne Mc Nulty, Sally Cicero, Winnie Lynch, Mary Chirigoni, Sarah Britrnan Ruth Clarke, SECOND ROW: Sue Jackson, Karen Connell, Judy Harvey, Karen DeVontier, Barbara Hunt, Molly Greenwood, Dor othy Costek, Lois Campbell, Diane Nassau, Patricia Mann, Joan Krueger, Mary Pitonyak, Alessandro Tecchio. THlRD ROW: Susan Barrett, Lynn Brooks, Doranrie Bucheit, Joan Braas, Sue Crafts, Sharon Barker, Tanis Pedlow, Genie Gorey, Ann Lockwood, David Kinslev, Miss J. Wylie X., 0 r R u ll Your Life" and "Dragnet," The use of circular pictures and the reproduction at the cover on the Niagarian . ' ' . 1 ' . . .V V. 1- , .- M.. f .1 ff ww - 4 ,. 'f -,zur-f--5 1. wr -A . rw . - 5. K ,v ' 2 ff... .' 1,11 ffff ',fx,:f" K. 'jfs-ff ,J , -Q Ve?" . 'ffl .ff .x....,M4,M v RV .V , L AI, x ,r 9. .7 gf pl. , , I ,t , ., , ., . N, . .N , i. ,. 1, Vr 1 ts ,.g ,f-.. f 'xfffsf' .f, NM-,....... . - 1, 1, ' " ff - A-if-E iff f V, .225 ' fig- I VY . ff .V V. 7' '11-.. 'A '2 n ,galil T 'I if".:ff.f"VlCUffr',, ' 'f' 'f9'VM'f-7 2ff"'L?'sfn:1' . . it -vw-Q-' 'ass-.1-:e . .T-I:-M sm., r , g,4Vw..1V'V'f.' .fi - . W V N .,M,,q .,. ...3mf, M. . Y, wa 4, ,cw X. A .fri 5. ,. x i K 'v-Vr...::'f..J,V"s.,g '- ' f w A ,N .. 4- .V , -' s V . s . 'sm' a., N M"i"" 1 TTT' "fr . -I ' r 31- . V lift., y Nil, ,MITOL ,Tv .,V,gb?fgj5J,iE,j..g:if.5 A , es.-D.. V Nc. 5 V .W 1 A f if"-f ':g:T'::1..-'IN LV? V3 1 ' n N- -" " .1 .,. .'i,V .. ,Nw .y . , ,..,V---bw 7 'f .HAIL ' f .M -.. . I - A,....., 4,1 A - V V ' -3' '..":'?:'1-f ig,---' :xi V WV ,. ...,?-.L:',,,,., Q 4 --.Ja I ..--r 'I-P., ...,,'... -.. ., nax,Y ,N n, ,, 'QR' ' V --..- ' 'fi-13'15f3':' 1 'L' yvlbsw. .1 3. at XY 1 Miss M. ,I s. ,vi It LI n , n f. ,an- hxs Tice vi. 'ii .i , . ,X V . ,Q . Rutln Feri'a'a. Wiititred Lyncn. Ungaro, Felicia Gloria Kleidys. an.. . L- -- QI 1. ,.f., ' 1' if., ii' I' Business Staff. LEET Tc RIGHT, FIRST ROW: Sandra Ciccltello, Anniei Miss P. Jones Kathryn England, Joanne Filbert, Beverly Sternpien, 7 7' . Y' ' Peggy McCoL,Ii, Maureen McKenna, Janice Abray, Mary Ann Ferritto, SECOND ROW: Phyllis Sowiclci, Frances Florarno, " 1 Grace Matthews, Alessandra Teccliio, Irene Underltill, Sybrnee Jones, f, 1 . Sheila Tobin, Janet Kantonista, Yvonne Klino, Yvonne Tusclier, Betty A i WMMKVV . Ealsetti THIRD ROW: Louise Forcucci, Joyce Caulis, . 3 Marion Danlco, Nancy Henderson, Barbara Collins, ' Elaine Zito, Mary Ventry, Joan Szelest, Joanne Masters, Madeline 1 5' Ll-:Vi ,Lf .65 fy is rj , ,gfki-.i . ihg, ., jigtf' Q r'i,'?3I'. . "M, ' - '. . r'1."r'?,ff 4 Vljn. -. mi., ' fr S -14 A "RN ' .G ,Elw- ,..f ,. A s. L, . , ,..- .. .,..,f Scuteri, Dolores Laska. FOURTH ROW: Karen DeVantier, Sheila Lynch, f.4,VVf,y-dQy,:'S?,.j, x, L-X' "' A' Vf',,:"--fijg--N, 'fr its . QQ' A' Barbaia Butry, Mary Jane Baney, Carol Stevens, Susan Barrett, Dar- Tixfggiwf- fc:"g1T., I -., 4,2'f,,L'Z1. , .K A anne Buclwheit, Rosalind Dominic, Joyce Soluri, Gail Sparling, Dolores :.V':W,, 1'-'f1",fifJ'N . . - ,if nu , -f-r - ' 9 f 't , Bogdovitz. L-.5-.,?4,"?.3:il.,qL W ficjiwrffj A . . X ., lg..-,4..g3gg'..n.g" , I I' E' 0-. ., Q If fd ' rs' S-3. A . T 'W 'U' it-Ieis ii J I Us ' i .V-.J-'.g:iV.f:2,.2i.-42Rs .2 'L L2 I VSQIV Sl K,.F.:y..mJK.5,q1 V,.. , I ' -iislrifftil S V..-V . " 'Y H f' ' fl w :,s W 5 il: V I ,S ,,, 5 ..-L 6 .1 .L V. V, Eg.. . QLAVV-'faux ?.s?3?f.'iJ- gf 'AN jp. 5, K. vc -A fr k 5212. ffgfw V' I ., f w- A . , ,ng -J' ff :'agf.g.4 'Z I ' 'wi' fr .Vx 11 gr 3 . . ' f js I. L.: - I g 1 ,,. g SU tiff, 513 . I 1 V mu . 5' 4- ..4 - . ,, 1 W,-. KJ". . raw -f-- T- E'f,.5.ii I5 ff ' E' -r re V .' ' I I - " I wr , Q .2 3 -- X-.S -wt V 1: ' pigs- wt X- i'i?'15'l.2I3b5lEg if L is ,-gg, :R 1. A. ,P l. ir.. -f I A I V, Art Staff. LEFT To RIGHT: William Toni, Marietta Costa, Pat Horbatawski, Miss P. J0n9S is Y. Gerry Halter, Sylvia Macey, Judy Harvey. l' ,Z 5 1' I I is V :RV ,L 5, XZ X? A - ,LMI , . iii?-Jgv, , Ia ,L- f '. -, .An . M f rf, E' fffsp' I . -1, I wx ,f ..Y. -,fri 'Q' . V , x.' U-.5 V 7' 'Vg s 0 ,, , '-H.. . ,, ,- .V V X 4 h. , Vg P ' . .. ff'-Qii' 1 , f ' . J K 4-. ,V , .nx wimfil--5 '- A ,Ay , A 296' 1-It ' ,. - -as -asc-L I V -ff KEEA.. sz ',s , , 1 1 . z V -A.. 1 .. X . . .- , 3 y . . fr . 1 T sn N, . i .V , r' I .I e. .K - 3-C"-.5,' .lv . s X 'x . V 12.3. . f I . T. . . L -1, A wfr L' AX, J . ., ft .K X I. y. Y--' - 4 ' 4' .-.V-H4 ., A. . L I -1.-.X c L. T, x s 4' I -' 7 A- -2 IX ' LEFT TO RIGHT, FIRST ROW: Ruth Johnstong Sarah Britmcng Carol Ccirnmingsg Barbara Stonehamg Blanche Freeman, Florence Glimb Alessandra Tecchiog Beverly Stenspieng Rat Nashwinterg Joyce Drozdowskig Roseanne Beningo. SECOND ROW: Dorothy Cancemi Joonie Kruegerg Patricia Manng Dolores Lcskag Karen Connelly Sally Cicerog Da v." id Howells, Barbara Hunt, Carolyn Meitz, Marg Ann McNuItyg Rosalie Marie Bondi Wglter Buehlg Linda Nettg Rosaiie Goldstein, Carol Martin. THIRD ROVV: Josephine Bulka Margaret Ann Fratellog Anthony Cicciafig Karen DeVontierp Ann Lockwoodg Yvonne Maaay, David McFarIaneg Pamela Mutton Phyllis McAninchg Harriet Fowferg Janice Bielat. FOURTH ROW: Joan Braasf Harold Mollg Sylvia Maceyf Lynn Broolcsg John Firth George Von Fuchsg Bob Tompkins, Warren Eddy, Fred Mosterrnang Paul Rubeng Donna Lee Divens, Honor Society Niagara Falls has its own "Quiz Kids" in the torrn ei tne National Honor Society. To become a member, a student must attain a scholastic average of 9O'l , and a good rating by all teachers in Character, Lead' ership and Service. The Scholarship Club, Open to all members ot the school is sponsored by the Honor Society and a scholarship from the profits ot the annual carnival is presented to a deserving student. This year the Niagara Falls chapter was host to the Lasalle chapter at a dinner. New members were inducted at a dinner at the be- ginning ot the year and later at a school assembly. LEFT TO RIGHT: Dorothy Cancemi, Secretory, David Howells Presidentg Carolyn Meitz, Vice-President, Carol Martin, Treasurer cwgf . 4, - I , I TTI ' I 1 O 4 5 1 1 i Chronicle Editors LEFT TO RIGHT, FlRST ROW: Paul Rubenf Karen Connelly Carolyn Meitz. SECOND ROW: Ann Lock- wood, Angelo Massarop Hedria Porrath- Peter Cherenziaf Donna Lee Divensp Blanche Freemang Joanie Krueger. The Chronicle Embarlcing on an ambitious ten-issue schedule, the Chronicle stait strove to make each succeeding issue better than its predecessor. New feature pictures were included in every paper, A tundsraising drive earned more subscribers than in previous years. The Chronicle staft included: Editor-in-Chief Managing Editor cn, Business Manager News Editor Feature Editor ,, Activities Editor Boys' Sports Editor Girls' Sports Editor Sales Manager Exchange Editor Photographer Karen Connell Paul Ruben Carolyn Meitz Donna Lee Divens Ann Lockwood Joanie Krueger Pete Cherenzia Blanche Freeman Angelo Massaro Hedria Porrath Paul Ruben Artist , , Alice Heidenreich LEFT TO RlGHT, FlRST ROW: Agnes Fadelg Mary Chirigonig Sandy Tecchiog Carol Erdmang Carol Whitey Jackie Ferriandezf Ernrriie Lou Diasg Mary Ann Leggett: Karen Connellg Paul Rubenf Sheila Tobin, Ernest Bevilacquag Peggy McCoulfg Betty Ungarog Melinda Hill, Beverly Sternpien, SECOND ROW: Janet Kantanistag Gloria Kleidysy Madeline Scuterig Joanie Kruegar, Sharon Pierce: Helgcird Weinertg Blanche Freemang Joan Szelest, Marion Pinzottig Sally Cicero, Joyce Coulisg Ann Lockwoodg Barbara Hunt, Annette Faiola, Dolores Laslcag Angelo Massaro. THlRD ROW: Mary Ann Modig Mary Ventryg Paul lrishg Carolyn Meitzf Dorothy Jean Dahlgreng Jane Bryant, Hedria Porrathg Yvonne Maday, Louise Gillickg Patricia Merinog Barbara Collinsg Rebecca Martini David Kinsley. FOURTH ROW: Mr. R. Cooley, Adviser: Robert Bocekg Joan Braasg Alice Heidenreichy Al Massottig Art Wilson, Peter Cherenzia, Carol Stevensg Sue Crafts. f A f ' 9.8 gg ,Q ri' x'Qx l x gs, 'U Y1 I Fx LEFT To RIGHT, FIRST ROW: Wayne Stoelting, Fred Krueger, Bob Grabek, Romeo Russo Carolyn Galankri Walter Buehl, Helen Wagner, Rodney Austin, Paul Ruben. SECOND ROW: Kearney Watson Richard DePonceriu, Eugene Walker, Williani Ogden, An- thony Nicholas, Sam Robinson, Jerry Wendt, Harold Moll. THIRD ROW: Hugh Murphy, George Wyncs, Ed I-leider, Lynna Sedlak, Madie Curry, Carol White, Jacqueline Joseph, David Shields, Joe Reele, John Christopher, Norman Kenny, John Blcecher, Mike McNerny, "Spike" Wieloszyshi. FOURTH ROW: Evelyn Black, AI Di Rocco, Bob Yudichak, F'arces Macdonald, Lou Morrell, Thomas Day, Don Shrimpton. Our school band is a very important part of our school program. Besides participating in most assemblies, the band, under the direction of Mr. Leo Orynawka, perfor-med for a iunior high school audience and were featured in an assembly. The marching band played at the home football games and took part in the merchants' annual Christmas Parade. Orchestra With a large and varied repertoire, the orchestra, conducted by Mr. Leo Orynawka, played at the Christmas and other special assemblies. They enter- tained a junior high school audience with many delightful compositions. The Orchestra also played at the fall and spring plays. LEFT TO RIGHT, FIRST ROW: Media Curry, Linda Neff SECOND ROW: Rosalie Marie Bond, Sally Cicero, Nancy Lauzau, Barbara Ayers, Walter Buehl, Helen Wagner, Paul Ruben, Rodney Austin, Wayne Stoelting, Fred Krueger, Elizabeth Crowe, Ruth Johnston, Edythe Mateiovic Tanis Pedlow. THIRD ROW: Barry Rose, Victor Pellegrino, Carolyn Golanka, Marion Pinzotti. FOURTH ROW: Jerry Wendt, Anthony Nicholas, John Bleecher, George Wynes, Eddy Heider, Lynna J, Sedlak, Carol White, Kearney Watson, Eugene Walker, William Ogden, FIFTH ROW: Carl Parnella, AI DiRocco, Don Shrirnpton, Thomas Day, Spike Wieloszynski, Jim Schwaob, Don Feldmeyer, Bob Grabek. New Chorus LEFT TO RIGHT, FIRST ROW, B. Daniels, J. Drazdowski, R. Johnston, S. La Mantia, P. Paterson, M. Kaczynski, N. Hurtienne, A. Tecchio, G. Thompson, C. White, A. R. Ferrara, M. A. Ferritto, B. De Fazio, V. Rentord, D. Johnson, G. Mayville, B. Boucher. SECOND ROW, R. Ciucczak, D. Custello, J. Pirolli, P. Supple, P. Clark, R. Mosley, M. A. Hayden, M. A. Padlo, G. Matthews, B. Thomas, N. Burgess, E. Buchelty, L. Jones, P. Hewitt, R. M. Bond. THIRD ROW: C. Castrignano, M. Hill, M. L. Stone, I. Underhill, Leila Uhri, B. Zankowski, L. Campbell, J. Printup, P. Gray, C. Erdmann, J. Weinstein. D, J. Dahlgren. FOURTH ROW: L. Sedlak, Lynn Brooks, J. Bryant, N. Pinizatti, D. Sitek, L. Gillick, J. Melnotte, E. Brown, SI. Pierce, S. Jackson. 19 , '5' f ' A , - A I P - f f if I 94:5 J - 1 I I ' C. ' X I I :Ire . ...E A ... . .sm fy .cry sfff ij I I ,g r 1 ' A 1 Qffxy. . ff' l V . .. -inf. 5, A Af 3 gpg s- J I . 5 .A X fx.. ,v . Q A ' ' f 5 -X - Q z 'hun n NW 6 . LEFT TO RIGHT, FIRST ROW: E. Clanton, J. Salacuse, T. Day, E. White, R. Federspiel, D. McFarlane, L. Longley, M. Carl, R. Armstrong, C. Flay, A. Wilson, B. Rose, D. Reiter. SECOND ROW: B. Colosi, S. Wieloszynski, M. Bates, J. Milne, P. Hartenberger, D. Pasquantino, J. Biasucci, R. Moretti, J. Nawrocki, A. Sandstrom, P. Cherenzia, W. Ogden, F. Prinz. THIRD ROW: J. Page, B. Lake, S. Tobin, M. Balmen A. Malvestuto, P. Dlugoz, L. Conte, S. Johnston, N. Rennie, B. Seely, David Kinsley, L. Merino. FOURTH ROW: R. M. Lops, S. Soprano, M. Pitonyak, A. Fadel, E. Szepello, P. Day, T. Darian, V. Cummings. N.F.H.S., T.V., is proud to present its large mixed chorus again this year. The ofticial chorus ot N.F.H.S. has a large cast composed ot both junior and seniors. One of the most impressive Christmas assemblies was produced this year by the chorus and the orchestra combined, presenting selections from the "Messiah" Mr. Warren A. Schotchmer produces and directs this very fine group. LEFT TO RIGHT, FIRST ROW: M. Hailey, K. England, J. Meacham, B. Masters, C. Meyers, J. Clontz, E. Sweet, M. Wensley, M. Chick, B. Freeman, D. Nickerson, D. Spencer, B. Nixon, N. Rankie, J. Bennett, J. Myers, M. Bongiorno, M. McKenna. SECOND ROW, J. Pfohl, P. Carlino, B. Lenz, L. Hartman, J. Wilcox, M. Forbes, M. Drabczyk, R. Dominick, K. Jones, L. KOFJOZ: N- AHQOICIJ L- Grimes: J. Fernandez, B. Biehl, M. Cirrito, J. Pericelli, M. A. Geddes. THIRD ROW, H. Sroeltinq: Y. Klinof Linda Gibbs: E. Jones, P- Merino: E. DeVGr1tIer, V. Mueller, M. Moore, A. Faiola. FOURTH ROW: I. Mistretta, T. Whysong, S. Shammot, A. Heiderneich, C, Schmidt, S. Jordan, F. Price, P. Donelon. 1 as A f - Y fl A 'S I I' .ni .gm In , Gm Q.:-. LEFT TO RlGl'lT, FIRST ROW: Lorraine Kopaczg Mary Cirritog Annette Falalap Barbara Ccf'insg Nancy Rernleg Mary Ann Geddesp Blanche Freeman, Donna Nickersonf Jeanne Meacham Many Anre Ferrlttap Becky Marfmg Neale Cur'yg Jsclt, Vt:"TC"Sg Rosalie Bondi Lynna Sedlak. SECCND RON: Elizabeth Janes, Linda G pbsg Carole Camppe lr 'wfirginfa Cummfngs, Tac s Peacw, Baztara Hunt, Phyllis Grayy Sheila Tobing Barbara i.akeg JoAnn Page, Snzrley lawlantiag Janet Favvierg Rufn Crarkeg Carol Nhteg Alessandra Tecchiog Jeanette Grant, THlRD ROW: Darry Hennemang Lea Baxf Thamas Day, Mo'ley Carly Barry Rose, Davld Kinsle-,ff A-'fhur Wilson: Bill Colosig Albert Evans, Anthony Cicciarig Bill Ogdeng Peter Cherenziag Altzed Sandstrom. FOURTH ROVV: lc-svwalcl Salacuseg Dick Spensery Stephen Davisg James Milne, len Longley, David McFarlaneg ,Viel Bates, Robert Federspiel, Spike Wmlaszyrtskig John Biasucci. W, A. Scotchmer, Director. A Cappella Truly worthy ot a television debut is the tamed A Cappella Cnorus. Under the tine direction ot Mr. Warren A. Scotchmer, their reputation has been establisned as one at the outstanding musical groups in Niagara Falls, Each year they are invited to sing at one at the community Lenton Services held at St. Paul's Methodist Church. Their excellent leadership in this service always nelps to make the Lenton Season a more memorable one for the peaple of Niagara Falls. Mr. Scotcnrrer and the chorus i i'.' ere highly honored last Sep- tember vfhen they were asked to sing tor tne Music Section ot the Western Zone Teachers' Conference in But- talo. l-lovvever, even singing betore this distinguished audience, the chorus pertormed in their usual superior style. Besides their many civic appearances, Niagara Falls l-ligh School is very tortunate to hear them each year at the Christmas program in assembly and the June commencement exercises. We salute Mr. Scotch- mer and the A Cappella Chorus tor all the enioyment they have given bath Niagara Falls High and the com- munity. ' 1 104 ,, LEFT TO RIGHT, FlRST ROW: Don Feldmeyer, Mr. W. Crowie, SEC- OND ROW: Dorcmne Buchheit, Richard MacVieg Carole Campbell, Darry l'lenne'nan Behind the scenes of any Television program, one tinds many unsung heroes. They are the stu- QP? dents, who make up our stage crew, tor they spend many hours preparing and helping in our pro- ductions, by creating and' building sets, operating the curtains and taking care ol the lights. So as we look behind the scenes, we applaud the vvork ot Ivtr. F. Baggallay and his fine crew. LEFT TO RlGHT, SEATED1 R b Stage Crew Xi Proiecfion Staff In any well run television studio, care must be given to the different equipment and skilled operators are needed to run them. This is true of our well organized proiection staff, supervised by Mr. William Crovvie. Their iob is to take care ofthe public address system tor assemblies or vvherever it is needed throughout the school. They also run the movies in the auditorium. The staff is composed ot about seven boys and girls trained in this work. 4 r 0000 o ert Priceg Mr. Frank Baggalloyg Fred Masterman. SECOND ROW: John Didising, Ellis MacSporrczn Elvin Pearl, Art Wilson, Larry DeMartino, James Nawrockg Richard Murphy, Henry Stewart, James Milne. 91 T 'Olav-' , -,L "'N Q 1 From our sTudios in The Ulabf our own "Science in AcTion" pro- gram, sponsored by The .science Club has been carried on This channel every Thursday alternoon. Under The direcTion of Mr, John Edwards, The Science Club in some aT iTs educaTional and enjoyable programs has explored The Held aT Science as applied To everyday living, The big exTrovaganza of The year was a demonsTraTion of The Induslrial Exhibit Paul Ruben holds The ofhce of presidenT This year. OTher oTTicers are: Don Feldmeyer, EdyThe TvIaTeiovic and HarrieT Fowler. School Store Under The very capable supervision of Miss Virginia Donohue, our school sfore has been operaTing efTTcienTIy Tor many years. The school sTore makes iT possible Tor The sTudenTs To buy pencils, paper, shorThand noTe- books, and many oTher iTems of necessiTy. IT is a consTanT source of income To The school as The profTTs are handed over To The STudenT Coun- cil which in Turn sponsors paid as- semblies Tor The enioymem oT The sTudenTs, Science Club LEFT To RIGHT, SEATED: I-Ia'r'eT Fowle' Edyfhe MaTeiovic, DaroThy Jean Danlgreen STANDING: Don Feldmeyer, I.eona'd Rerrncn Harold Moll, Paul Ruben, Mr, John H Ed wards Advisor, Elaine Miller, RoJl Ross Hr-r be-rT Wiclferden, John Didising LEFT To RIGHT, FIRST ROW: Barbara Gugino, Miss V Donohue, Judy BriTTon, SEC OND ROW: PVISCTIIO DGVGVTYISV, Sandra Cicchello, Jim Ritcnlin, Maureen McKenna THIRD ROW: Rosalie Man-ion, Alice Bissell, Diane KeTch 106 Guidance The work of the Guidance office, under the direction of the counselors, Dr. H. B. Heimerle and Miss M. Werner, is an important service to N.F.H.S, Here a student plans his program of studies to fit his interests. He may obtain information about colleges from the hundreds of college bulletins or he may have an interview with the representative of the college of his choice who is visiting the school. A student may also be aided in find- ing work outside of. school and these types of problems are also discussed and clarified here. LEFT To RIGHT, STAGGERED. Gail Bongiovanni, Frances Cabello, June Lozinsky, Miss Mary Gourlay, Nancy Lauzau, Lynn Brooks, Thelma Lowman, Sarah Britman. GGG ti 1' p 5 A g LEFT To RIGHT, FIRST ROW: Barbara Capizzi, Shirley Graves, Frances Ventry, Ros- alie Marnon, Helgard Wienert, Roseanne Beningo. SECOND ROW. Dr. Herbert Heirrierle, tboys' counselorl, Margie Mingus, Delores Collins, Irene Underhill, Karen DeVantier, Alessandra Tecchio, Pat Nashwinter, Florence Glemb, Miss Mary E. Wer- ner lgirls' counselorm I LABOR II BUSINESS EDICIN ARP-'AGE EIN . Z ' SW Office Workers . I . M In any T.V. studio it is most neces- sary that the office work be taken -.,, care of neatly and eHicientIy.So it is true of our school ofhce under the competent leadership of Mrs. Agnes t O'Brien and Mary Gourlay. Each morning several girls collect attendance cards and also pick up the blue sheets during eighth period. They also perform odd iobs when needed. l I Mrs. O'Brien is kept constantly busy by filling out college transcripts and checking diplomas while Mary an- swers the switchboard, checks absen- tees, and compiles the Weekly News bulletin. It is clear to understand why our oliice is run so efficiently with such little effort. 107 Clinic Staff The School Clinic, under the direction of Miss Helen McCarney, R.N., is an important part of N.F.H.S. In the fall, girls are chosen for this job. They learn First Aid, and much other valuable information. Often they are left in complete charge of the clinic. They must have sufficient practical knowledge to take care of whatever might arise. The services of the clinic are under the sponsorship of the National Honor Society. K.,-ff 1 SEATED: Miss H, McCarney. LEFT TO RIGHT, STANDING: Jane Carey Jackie Dalesandro, Pamela French, Carole Schmidt, Elizabeth Jones Joan Braas, Tanis Pedlow, Theo Hellwig, Linda Neff, Pauline Carlino Usher Squad The Usher Squad, under the supervision of Miss L. Mqssimilian, has done an excellent iob in many of our special programs such as plays, variety show, concerts, and graduation exercises. With their captain, Lynn Brooks, this organization has made it possible for these activities to be successfully presented. FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Rosemary Scrivano, Sharah Britmcn, Joan Perricelli. SECOND ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Nancy Trapasso, Gail Galloway, Jane McGhee, Carol White, Edythe Mateiovic, Helen Von Gorder, Gloria Mayville, Nancy Angold, Beverly Brown, Pamela French, THIRD ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Margaret Fratello, Dolores Bog- Diane Nassau, Karla Shumway, Marilyn Tobey. dovitz, Harriett Fowler, Shirley Graves, Jane Glover, Patricia Moore, Marion Ochob, Ellen Butler, Phyllis Gray, Gail Spcrling, Karen Connell, Marion Pinzotti. FOURTH ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Barbara Butry, Pat Berdick, Theo Hellwig, Alice Heidenreich, Irene Jaquish, Dorothy Sitek, H ,loan Braas, Lynn Brooks, Carole Schmidt, gi. 71' E LEFT TO RIGHT, Fred Masterman, Lionel Hutkolt, Robert Price, Joan Pericelli, Charles Kelly, Vincinette Morinello, Delphine Gniazdow ski, Diane Nassau, Larry DeMartino, Dan Curry. Fall Play ,S g .ITT A '17 uv vrfifsmll """W' A , .. lj :fee it five- As the cameras swung around to begin telecasting, it was evident immediately that hard work, com- bined with a talented cast and an accredited director had produced another T.V. first for station N.F.H.S. The play "The Shop At Sly Corners", presented on November T7 and I8 under the direction of Mr. Frank Bag- gallay, was a suspense-filled melodrama. Descuis Heiss, after leading a lite of crime, had come to London and opened an Antique Shop. His one aim in lite was to provide for his beautiful daughter Margaret, who was ignorant of his crimes and was a promising violinist, engaged to a young doctor. The antique shop was merely a front tor some ofthe shadiest characters of the underworld. Archie Fellowes, discovering this, begins to blackmail Heiss, thereby he soon finds himself in a grave. When Heiss sees an inspector from Scotland Yard entering his shop, he kills himself in a moment of panic. The Inspector had only come merely as a customer, and thus Heiss's shady dealings are never revealed to his daughter. The cast consists of, Lionel Hutkoff as Archie Fel- lowes, Fred Masterman as Descius Heiss, Joan Perricelli as Margaret Heiss, Delphine Gniazdowski as Joan Deal, Vincinette Morinello as Mathilde Heiss, Diane Nassau as Mrs. Catt, Charles Kelly playing Dr Robert Graham, Dan Curry as Corder Morris, Larry De Martino as Steve Hubbard, Robert Price playing John Elliot, and Richard Murphy as an understudy. 109 I r .3 , L L LEFT To RIGHT, FIRST ROW: Rosalie Scott, Diane Bonanni, Phyllis Dlugoz, Alessandra Tecchio, Patricia Clark, Mary Chirigoni, Gloria Roll. SECOND ROW: Patricia Mann, JoAnne DiRL,scio, Loretta Joseph, Ann Auchrnoody, Pat Berdick, Mary Caridi, Kathryn Meftord, Phyllis Recherd, Gail Shultenburg, THIRD ROW: Larry Ghougasian, Duge Wendt, Daniel Potote, Jack Stark, Benny Pasco, Blll Rosati, Phil Friona, Michael Cumho Junior Red Cross N.E.H,S.'s Junior Red Cross is on organization consisting of a representative from each home room. The weekly meetings are under the advisorship ot Miss E. Morse. In September, elections were held with the tol- lowing people elected: Phyllis Dlugoz, Presidentg Larry Ghougasian, Vice President, Judy Melnotte, Secretary, and Philip Eriona, Treasurer. In the tall the Junior Red Cross collected two dozen cookies trom thirty-six homerooms and donated them to the Veterans Hospital in Buffalo. Before Christmas they staged a very successtul enrollment drive and also tilled the stockings of needy children as a charity proiect, SEATED: Miss F. Morse, STANDING, LEFT to RIGHT: Phyllis Dlugoz, President, Larry, Ghou- gasian, Vice-President, Philip Friona, Secree taryg Judy Melnotte, Treasurer, . -. r JN t Som: 'I-sa, eww Q -i-1 5 IW Z., G, 9,3 l. 9, 4 l W S l .lr '- I . y E595 - Ifllil it ii Ii ftp. li mit , i l as - -'f ' i .. ,., 'M gl- ' L FF: S T SEATED1 Miss o, Hutson srmsioirsioi Miss r "- Z Rasmussen, Miss E. Mitchell. , uf i clara 'L ,' ' ' rl 'i -57 :B f ' Library Many people say that television keeps America away from books, but we have proven the opposite in our library. An increasing number ot students this year used the library tor research, homework assign- ments, or tor pure enjoyment. Miss D. Hutson, school librarian, has run the library very efficiently for several years. Each year about thirty girls volunteer to help with desk work, keeping books in order, taking attend- ance, and doing many other things to keep the library in the perfect order we find it in when we arrive there. LEFT To RIGHT, FIRST ROW1 Karla Shumway, Shirley Miller, Marilyn Tobey, Joanne Ripley, Madge Cicco, Priscilla Hutson. SECOND ROVV1 Barbara Zankowski, Angeline Stiver, Sue Jackson, Edythe Mateiovic, Carol Poendzy,Emrnle Lou Dias, Rosalie Goldstein, Eliza- beth Coughlin, Grace Matthews, Tonlta Thompson, Shirley Barrett, Vivian Sarkissian, Ellen Szupello, Julia Di Cesare. THIRD ROW: Barbara Biederman, Caroline Castrignano, Arlene Szareiko, Emily Romanek, Sheila Lynch, Arlene Gardner, Patricia Supple, Gail Galloway, Elizabeth Smith. FOURTH ROW: Carol Stevens, Rosemary Kovatch, Sylvia Macey. LEFT TO RlGHT, FIRST ROW: .lanet Wilson, Patricia Serrianne, Frances Florarno, Gail Bongiovanni, Rosalie Muzzillo, Cleo Brunettip Felicia Falsetti. SECOND ROW: Mr. Charles Long, Advisor, Maureen McKenna, Stephanie Christoft, Arlene Milliron, Janet Fowler, Carol White, Louise Forcucci, Sally Cicero, Louise Barone, Dorothy Babcock, Phyllis tvlcAninch, Alessandra Tecchiop Lois Hammond, Ellis MacSporran, Peggy McCoulf. THIRD ROW: Connie Butera, Barbara Collins, Chuck Colavecchia, Mary .lane Baney, Elizabeth Jones, Al DiRocco, Fred Masterman, Fred Kruegar, Ralph Bennetty Carol Stevens, Mike Laps, Ann Lockwood, Phyllis Serrianne. Stardust Staff Writers' Workshop under the capable supervision of lvlr. Charles Long, gives aspiring writers an op- portunity to practice their skills in creative writing. The best ot the student poems, plays, essays, and short stories are compiled in the publication ot the annual magazine, the "Stardust" Ed'tors LEFT TO RIGHT: Cleo Brunetti, Louise Forcucci Fred Masterman, AI DiRocco, Charles Colavec chia, Rosalie Muzzillo. l A 9 - 112 FIRST ROW, Left to Right: Walter Buehl, David McFarlane, Angelo LaDuca, Lenard Longley, SECOND ROW: Paul Ruben, Robert Bocek, Paul Ross, Morley Carl, Jerry Silbergeld, Larry DeMartino, THIRD ROW: Leonard Permon, Barry Rose, John Mariano, Warren Key Club The Key Club is an outstanding service organization in High School. Notable achievements of the club Eddy, James Nawrocki, Jerry Wendt, Joe Jambro. during the past few years are the polishing of the school trophies, establishment of the office intercommunica- tion system, donations to the school record library and to the general school fund. Officers for the year include, Angelo LaDuca, president, David MacFarlane, vice president, Leonard Longley, secretary, Walter Buehl, treasurer, Paul Ruben, historian, and Warren Eddy, program chairman. Mr. Sam Rotella is faculty advisor. Forensic The Forensic Society is one of the oldest-school sponsored organizations in N.F.H.S. Devoted to the learning and use of correct public speaking, this society combines good fellowship with the learning of this useful art. Because the membership is limited to twenty-four boys, definite requirements must be met to become a member of the organization. One must make a three to five minute speech on a topic of his own choosing and then participate in a discussion with the members of the group. In the course of the year each boy acts as host, as the bimonthly meetings are held at the homes of the members. Programs consist of extemporaneous talks, prepared speeches, group or panel discussions, talks by guest speakers on topics of current interest, or entertainment. With the fine tradition the Forensic Society has built up, we hope we may continue to be one at the leading school organizations and with the aid of our advisor Mr. Mark R. Bedford, may continue to foster good public speaking in N.F.H.S. FIRST ROW, Left to Right: Dale Ursprung, Tom Marr, Ed Stiles. SECOND ROW: Neil Harris, Richard Tyran, Fred Moir, David McFarlane Steve Davis, Angelo La Duca. THIRD ROW: James Milne, Jerry Silbergeld, Morley Carl, John Mariano, Robert Armstrong, Mr. M. R Bedford, Jeswald Salacuse, John Noone, Alan Ellis, Anthony Ciccari. I X!x".' we-N 1 -4 Drnvers Ed Safer on e 4th floorl' Swlng m up and swung em down MLK was Debate Future Orators'P Dnp and Dnve Buzzm Bees Happy Daze Student Councll payslll Sensor Athletic Managers .Iumor Athletnc Managers Good Sportsmanship Promotes Good JOUFf1eySEf1d COS? Cutlzenshnp , , 'mf f -3 r 1 gn 9 . 1 43,4 Af .4 ' T I' W " 5' EBAPQIR , t 3 'G , M- -1' Q S lf Pg , , K ff ' . , r ,I V ,L x S a. J sw - . S -'-'- Espugnole 3. Spanish Club 2. 114 SPURTS Q an , 1 -- - - Mum: Sa ' 2, :w,.1?f7Zfr:-7----T-Z QQ: 'A' - LL' - ' It 1 1 K. f..,c i1 ,A win 2 E.: its uni mil: i fl ,W -FN Q4 xl 9, l'S am AR fs FIRST ROW, Lett to R:ght: Chuck Colavecchia, Anthony Quarontillop John Ciavaglia, Nick Tate, Bob Weberg Jerry Casper, Pat McCune Dove Kinsley, Pete Julian. SECOND ROW: Ellis MacSporran, Manager, Dan Potote, John Jackson, Chuck Petersonf Bill Schotz, Manlio DeSantis, Al Massotti, Phil Meranto, Paul Hartenburger, Carl Carmang Frank Alongi, Manager, Mike O'Laughlin, Coach. Baseball When the Niagara Falls Nine take the tield this spring, they will try to make tive consecutive championships in the Niagara Frontier League. Lost year's team chalked up a season's record of l2 wins and 2 loses. Niagara Falls beat Jamestown to clinch the sectional playotls. Bob lRed1 Weber who in tour years contributed enormously to the team, hnished up his High School career with a sparkling record ot l9 wins and 2 loses. Coach "Mike" Olaughlin will have on his l955 squad, Chuck Colavecchia, Dave Kinsley, Chuck Peterson, Jerry Casper, Harold Terry, Phil Meranto, Jim Ritchlin, Al Massotti, Dan Potote, John Jackson, Bill Schotz and Paul Hartenlourger. We hope they will have as successful a season as the '54 team. Track Many ot "Doc" Parsons' veterans from last year will be back this year in the N.F.L. "Doc" will be counting on these boys to do it again in the traditional red and gray style. He won't have the greats of last year, but he says, "his griders ot 55 will do an equally good iota." Veterans from last year's squad are Claude Diggs, Paul lrish, Lou Morell, Dave Gullet, John Jackson, Benny Pasco, Ed White, Ralph Bennett, and Jerry Calendrelli. Among Doc's heroes of last year were lanky Dick Klimecko who came within one Inch of an N.F.L. record. Our record for last year was third in the A.A.A. and second in the N.F.l.. Our only two defeats came at the hands of Kenmore and North Tonawanda. Niagara Falls High is again looking forward to a successful season for the '55 Track Team. - Ct QQ W ' E 'l gif 4 . Y A. - " 'Ng Hg ill ,Si Q, ig if . - VI i C , l 5 'Nr :Wy H5 lllkgsl -21 " 5:11 Q -1.0 JFH l. Q 53 '7 1 SANTO CANDELLU FRANK ALONQI IUBEM' FEDERSPIEI. 'Alb HATHEW VILLAS MIKE O'LMlGHLlN COACH IWW! Rounw slwse PMILMERIINTO CLAUDE pleas TEDDY BLACKINSKI .. 'W F9 ACA l elif nu. Maasovrp CARMEN Anszmsnm nooia Auoacw: Munn MAL nn: Qs -at Q' Q 17 6 E II 414' H I JIIRY Clif!! ROBERT AQUINO RONRLD MORT RICHARD LEARNNC ff wr RDBIRT TAVANO DUANE PARKER EDWARD Wulf! Don CENTOFANII Varsity Football ' 3 f I A X . lf " -, " 4- L L- - -H 1115 "vt at ' .haf ,f,,iAf,.1.y , 'Q , ' 'gf - ,Q yfk Q ,f f . A , l I I 8 f Q 1 t A xl 4 A LA...- .T A 4. M fg L A X .- A MJ J s I . i I 5 guna , Ati' 3 ' "I Mia? I - r" " , 3 , i 'f X f ,, " M ' ' if -- A 4? " ' ' ' 1 , A ' A 4 'A F ' ' 1 - H Y 17' C NA,, 1 W ' q ' 4 Wk, , - - K Z j 'Mfg' ' XWQ? , - 1 ., 4-14 .xi M V . f . .I : . - 6 I . ' iii, n , ' if' ,X A - dl E v-5' Q V ' Eff' X' lggtbfib . 51:11 jf, . ' -I 'F' 5' - L ' ' ' N , .9 , - I. 1 5 1 0 P xii W P""K 5 91 4 1 A s K , 1 ' L 1 'W ff AH t ,Q Q fs, f , ' .J , X 7 if 3 4 4 :B 1 .M I YI M' "' IL H - - I K if ' v u vs Q W' Q ww -' ' F' , Qiikiiihsag fl. ,N ' QQ., E., mg 1 ,, , -.. N. ,, -'- -f g P' N '-fr ' 5 5 1 VNATVT b ,ff I' i 'Q ,, 5 L I 4 .. .Sv 4, M-A h 3-in ' . Q tk iq, 53 Q-M 'Q , , xl gg., 1 W 'wwgv -,wg :'i.'.,2:ESf i -vial A., v , I ., . at ' . 'F - Aviv Q V .F , W Q f I , ' ' if K 5" .jfi w , 4 3 V , A K, A 'Q , 1 ff! v .1 1, - . ,, f -v. . 4 'Q 'eb ' ' 7 1: 43"-I 'V Q ,. V 1 'all'- GK J N Varsity Basketball League Champlonsn' I 1 ,J ' 'i a x xfJ b ,f V C ,I 1 I M V, XJ gf, ' N? . V .ff A I K K f K -, I Xt, if L i 5 a a , .1 R f R K . Y ye , y K X . 4 ' P Q ig f i E -e ' m ' e x Q ' , , .alan ' V lb , . ' 5 J ,- a ' 1 c , X I L 9 QRANQEPI f f J 'rom vnu cunaoe ouaas I C - .UO IPZWT S. l ig Al PH.,- iv' , L-4 F WX-, FIRST ROW, Left to Right: Gordon Slipko, Phil Meronto, Jerry Colondrellig Ken Slonis, Tony Gollog Bill Schotz, Fred Prinz, Mr. S. Rotello, J.V. Coach, SECOND ROW: Jack Egger: John Biasucci, Joe Bruno, Tim Trzecik, John Jackson, Joe McCrae. THIRD ROW: Jack Rufraro, Ronald Mort, Louis Marino, Charles Peterson, Mike Ventry, FOURTH ROW: Ted Vieleg Otis Cowart. Varsity Schedule Niagara Falls High Opponents l7 56 Trott Jan. 7 69 Lockport ll 64 N. Tonavvanda l4 65 LaSalle l8 59 Kenmore 2l 62 Lackawanna Feb. l 76 Tonowanda 4 56 Trott ll 58 Lockport l5 6l N. Tonavvanda 48 l8 49 LaSalle 47 Led by 6 4 Torn Truesdale, scoring ace of the season as league champions. Traditional rival LaSalle almost upset the Cataracts but Elliot Putnam's throw to Casper in the last 5 seconds ot the game, enabled Casper to make the winning tally. With veterans Fred Gandt and Al Massotti the steadying tactor throughout the season, Claude Diggs' and Jerry Casper's fine defensive efforts, and the able bench strength ot Ron Granieri, Elliot Putnam and Otis Cowart, the l954-55 season ot the Niagara Falls High School Varsity Basketball closed successfully, I Junior Varslty Basketball Dec. lO 58 Tonawanda 44 NFL., the Cataracts emerged tor the third straight 33 A 34 7 53 L ' 35 ' 47 is i 49 4l 48 V 25 52 Lackawanna 38 Reach "Diggs" "Doc" in action. Hung On "Truesdole ps W" il x' l ' xl 4 I J, X Q95 V i ' I I :- 9 .... XX 4 Varsity Swimming Team Finishing the season with tive wins, tour losses, and one tie, the varsity swimming team gained the league's third spot. Diver, Lou Morell, suttered a lone defeat in the campaign tinal, while backstrolcer, Bryce Dailly, and treestyler, Bill Williamson, were also consistent victors. Losing six seniors, Coach "Dove" Reeser neverthe- less has a fine nucleus tor next year's squad. Boys swimming their tinal season include co-captains Lou Morell and Paul Irish, Gordon Tyson, Jack McCracken, Dan Potote, and John Noone. Junior Varsity Swimming Team FIRST Row, Left to Right: Jim Shields, Bill Touchette, .lim An- drews, James Engle. SECOND ROW, Philip Fittante, Richard Rhode, Romay Ganzes, Pete Siger. STANDING, Larry Carel- la, Manager, Gary Gaul, Bill Cord, Mr. D. Reeser, Coach. Tonawanda Kenmore Lockport LaSalle N. Tonawanda Tonawanda Kenmore Lockport LaSalle N. Tonawanda FIRST ROW, Left to Right, Gor- don Tyson, John Noone, Lou Morrell, Paul Irish, ,Iohn Mc, Cracken, SECOND ROW, Larry Corelle, Manager, Robert Arm- strong, Bill Williamson, Bryce Daily, Howard Noonan, Mr. D. Reeser, Coach. THIRD ROW, Daniel Potote, Bob Donley, Stephen Davis. Niagara Falls Opponents 4i 25 33 33 32 28 56 IO I8 48 26 4O Niagara Falls Opponents 20 46 44 22 56 IO I9 47 5 .f wr Vw 6 , X. E "ini, Y l - l 1 f C FlRST ROW, Left to Right. William Ogden, Coach John Sharp. SECOND ROW: Hank L so ski, Robert Armstrong Elliot Putnam, Hugh Murphy. Golf Team SEASON'S RECORD 11511 . 0,0 NF 15, T5 '- LaSalle . 3,3 NF 12, T2 Lackawanna . 4,5 NF 11, 10 Lewiston Porter O, NF T5 Kenmore 7,l0 NF 8,5 Atter a year's absence, NFHS Golfers reioined the Niagara Frontier League and gained a first place tie with a 7-l record. Coach John Sharp's crew split matches with Kenmore to acquire 'top honors. Members of the team were Bob Emmens, Tom Metzler, Bob Armstrong, Hank Lisowski, and Elliot Putnam. Tennis Team Returning to league action, Coach Ed Statiord's netters finished with an even 7-7 record to clinch fourth place. Comprising the team were Ben Johns, Jesse Sabin, Sonny Sanfilippo, Walter Romanek, James Ritchlin, Frank Sacco, Fred Krueger, Ralph Meranto, and Michael Alonzo. SEASONS RECORD Tonawanda . 5,5 NF 0,0 Lockport .4,4 NF l,l W' Trott . 0,2 NF 5,3 ll' :sy LaSalle . , 0,2 NF 5,3 l' Lackawanna , l,O NF 4,5 Kenmore 2,5 NF 3,0 North Tonawanda . , 5,4 NF 0,l LEFT TO RIGHT: Coach Edward Stafford, Fred Krueger, Frank Sacco, James Ritchl n NFHS Sport-O-Scope Whm fp' n ' xr . Chaik up Two for "Doc" Junior Athletic Managers Far Above Nuagara s Waters Mermen Smnle Vlctornousl min J- Better Than Champnons Kegler Stars Leaders ofthe Band Uh .k::' Sensor Managers Lead nn Sports or you Coach Bob 124 Y Q y 11,5 13 Cl xv X' u 4 P ll! x. ef-V V FIRST ROW, Left to Right: Peggy McCaulfp Frances Leviltf Arlene Raspa, Captain. SECOND ROW: Carole Campbellg Patricia Suppleg Gail Thompsang Joan Minicuccig Judy Harvey, Phyllis Dlugoz, n I ff-1513: Y L.. Varsity Cheerleaders if ll ' SPORT 0 i." 'lGlRLS I l 'ill ll I - Vfm Qh Junior Varsity Cheerleaders FERST ROW, Lefr To Right: Barbara Deliazio, Captain, Reb ecca Martin. SECOND ROW: Mercu Louise Gillickg Sandra Colctfag Darlene Wasenkog Brenda Lenz? Rosalie Scotty Virginia Taro, fl , i i gi I l -3 ' ria Scrufarig y W .., I.. ll JL Joan Wilcoxp Pau Ia Lutz S FIRST ROW, Left to Right: Elizabeth Coughling Stephanie Christoh. SECOND RON: Joanne Birrninghamf Sue Crattsf Pat Berdickg Ruby Porter, Grace Boganf Karen Connell Senior Basketball One ot the most enioyable sports at l-ligh School tor the girls is basketball, This game is very tast and takes good coordination tor an exciting game, As the girls work together, they learn howto get along with people and work with them. Under the direction ol Miss Florence Morse, we have a round robin elimination tournament among the homerooms. Many ot the homerooms are com- bined so the teams may have substitutes. The games are played atter school on Tuesday and Wednesday nights with one game on each court. The girls themselves ofticiate at the games, They take turns so that each girl has a chance as reteree, urnjuire, timekeeper, and score keeper. Basketball is one ot the outstanding sports ot the year and everyone in some way participates whether it be playing, cheering, or just giving moral suppcrt as spectators. On this page are pictured the i2th grade winners. The l lth grade tournament had not started when our book went to press. Pictured below are the llth grade girls who act as reterees tar the tournaments. Referees n, ...'x.,-,j g:'f:Q'? H '05 , . 51 ' x V '::'::if' ' lf ':'e:::f!i55' - if' . 'Q iff K A5 FlRST ROW Lett to Right Joann Page Brerda Lenz Joan Andrews SECOND ROXN Lynna Sedlak Dane Vvilson Donna Nickerson Mary Ann Ge es Janet Holstrom Lnda Gibbs rf I 5 1 Q Us 4 Q ow, Y T V I FIRST ROW, Left to Right: Carol Brotzer, Barbara Ohneth, Emmie Lou Diaz, Edna Wilson, Willa Showers, Mercuria Scrufari, SECOND ROW, Idiving boardi Marion Pinzotti, Sut Crafts, Elizabeth Coughlin, Darlene Wasenko, Blanche Freeman, Dorothy Sitek, Emily Craw- ford, Beverly Myers: Bfendfl Lenz: Pat DiNot0: Joan Krueger. THIRD ROW, Miss M. McDougall, Mary Lou Stone, Pamela French, Genie Garey, Rita Ciurezak, Henrietta Cicero, Barbara Schumacher. Life Saving Life Saving is a course that benefits everyone. Safety in and on the water and the ability to assist or rescue a person in danger of drowning are the objectives of the Water Safety and Life Saving Course. After the course a girl will be able to obtain iobs at swimming pools or summer camps. This year we have 26 girls enrolled under the Hne direction of Miss Mary McDougall, our swimming instructor. Many of the girls interested in swimming help our instructor, Miss Mary McDougall, in all the swimming classes. Invaluable experience in leadership teaches the leader how to understand and evaluate the needs of her pupil. She learns the details of the stroke or activity thus enabling her to better her own performances. Leadership involves keeping friendly relations with the pupil and requires patience and sympathy on the part of the swim leader. Swim Leaders FIRST ROW, Left to Right1Jaanne Meacham, Edna Wilson, Darleen Wasenke, Genie Garey, Gail Shultenburg, Mary Ann Modi, Phyllis Sowicki, Joan Dulgarian, Margaret Ann Fratello, Elizabeth Coughlin, Janet Kantanista, Peggy McCouIf, Phyllis Dlugoz, Brenda Lenz, Annie Ruth Ferrara. SECOND ROW, Left to Right, Emmie LOU DIGS: Willa Showers, PGI DINOVO, Edvth MGYSIOVICIO BGVLJOVO Schurnacker, Shirley Mack: Jeanne Platt, Claudia Reed, Mary Rose Piro, Pamela French, Lynn Grimes, Pat Hcrbatowski, Gerry Halter, Nancy Hurtienne. THIRD ROW, Left to Right: Henrietta Cicero, Ruby Rieffanaugh, Barbara Zankowski, Pat Supple, Blanche Freeman, Florence Skrlin, Gail Sparling, Sally Renda, Gwen Cuttaia, Joan Krueger, Vincinette Morinello, Jane Ann Rundell, Carol Rommel, Victoria Fleck, Jane McGhee, Jean Partinski, Alice Pagan, Kathryn England, Miss McDougall. FIRST ROW, Left to Right: Dorothy Sitek, Barbara Obneth, Gerri Konecki, Dorothy Castek, Barbara Butry, Ilene Lowery, Mary Lou Stone, Loretta Young, Nancy Henderson, Virginia DerOhanessian, Rosalie Scott. DIVING BOARD, Anne Lockwaad,' Karen Connell, Marion Pinzotti, Tanis Pedlow, Frances Mac- donald, Carol Brotzer, Mercuria Scrufari, Sharon Kane, Myla Musser, 'I in.-sn A ' R82 fri-fri 0 in . 4- t T s, ctw r it 1' ix I 815135, . r ,io-,ill Q, ', i ' A . , . ,A v tx 4 3 ' i 4 J Badminton ." Mary Pirog Nancy Hurtienneg Margaret Kaczynskig Rebecca Marting Judy Melnotte, Mary 9 FW .WG x ' "Q 1' FIRST ROW, Left to Right: Gail Thompson, Sue Crafts. SECOND ROW: Florence Skrlin, Anne McNulty, Joan Andrewsp Barbara Andrews, Lynn Brooks, Badminton is becoming a better known sport aT High School. Even The swimming Team extends a hand to the racket, on Tuesday and Wednesday after school when the girls play. This year in The 12th grade singles Tournament, Sue Crafts came out on top, defeating Gail Thompson. ln the doubles Marge Kaczinski and Nancy Hurtienne defeated Sue Crafts and Mary Anne McNulty. W3 ll 'T' it The Juniors held Their doubles tournament with Becky Martin and Judy Melnotte defeating Judy Andrews and Barbara Andrews, Under The' direction of Miss fyence Morse the girls enjoy a fine season f b d ' T . fr? ' o a min on , L L Ky, 1 if 1 K-6 f V , ' 1 The tabl Tennis Tournaments take place in the Spring. i, Last yea , in Hth ode Joan Soluri defeated Kqfen C 'nnell 22-20 and,f2i-T6 to win the girls' singles. In the doubles "cont t .loan Soluri and Joan Slelesrdzlffifljed Kareng fonnell and goanfkraeger 8-2l,'! 21-7, 214129, to beoome The winners. if Q, Thergames were played after school and were e oyed b'y gall. X 'I A ' X X ,,,,v fl Z I X K Z, L, I, I, , Z- ,I f ZW , lf f FIRST ROW, Left to Right: Melinda Hill, Jane Bryantp .Joan Szelestg Peggy McCouIfg 1 Joan Solurig Karen Connellg Sharon Pierce, Rosalind Avdoion. Table Tennis V i Volley Ball Champions The Girls' Volleyball Tournament started early in October and ended a week before Thanksgiving. The games were scheduled to be played on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. The results were as follows: Twelfth grade winning homeroom, lO3 and TO4 with Joann Birming- ham, Captain, Pat Berdick, Beverly Biehl, Grace Bogan comprising the team from lO3 and from lO4 Jacquelyn Campbell, Captain, Sarah Britman, Lynn Brooks, Frances Cabello, Carole Campbell and Donna Lee Divens. Tied for second place were: Homeroom l53 with Karen Connell, Captain, Barbara Collins, Elizabeth Coughlin, Joyce Coulis, Sue Crafts, Mary Drabczyk and Stephanie Christoff. Also homerooms T56 and 206 with Nancy Hurtienne, Captain, Margaret Ann Fratello, Pamela French and Maureen Hailey from T56 and from 206 Margaret Kaczynski, Captain, Phyllis Gray, Nancy Henderson, Janet Kantanista, Gloria Kleidys, Yvonne Klino, Geraldine Konecki. The llth grade winning homerooms were 355 and 401. The runner up for the ilth grade was homeroom 305. The gym leaders are doing a fine iob helping Miss Morse and Miss McDougall during their free periods. Among the many duties per- formed by the girls are refereeing the inter-class games and taking care of the attendance. They also aid the teachers in marking tests. LEFT To RIGHT, FIRST ROW: Pat Whisker, June Wright, Darlene Wasenko, Peggy Weller, Barbara Yandian, Margie Weaver, Diana Wilson, SECOND ROW: Grace Bogan, Sarah Britrnan, Barbara Butry, Lynn Brooks, Pat Berdick, Jacquelyn Campbell, Beverly Biehl, Frances Cobello, Joann Birmingham, Jose- phine Bulka. AOP uv! if Q17 it . iQ i 4 mi 3 2 iv I j 'PH Gym Leaders LEFT To RIGHT, FIRST ROW, Anne Marie Rus- nock, Sharon Pierce, Grace Matthews, Gail Shultenburg. SECOND ROW, Florence Skrlin, Deanna Spencer, Blanche Freeman, Elizabeth Coughlin, Mary Pitonyak, Pat Supple, Annie Ruth Ferrara, Joyce Drozdowski, Kathryn England, Peggy McCoulf, Pat LeSacchi. THlRD ROW: Thierly Barksdale, Mary Rose Piro, Jane Rundell, Pat Berdick, Sheila Lynch, Dolores Bogclovitz, Tanis Pedlow, Gail Thompson, Louise Forcucci, Margaret Ann Fratello, Bar- bara Lake, Dolores Laska, Pamela French, Ruby Rieffanaugh, Shirley Evans, Ruby Porter, Nancy Hurtienne. FOURTH ROW: Barbara Butry, Delia Duffy, Lottie Jones, Jacky Camp- bell, Mary Ventry, Sue Crafts, Barbara Zan- kowski, Mary Ann Padla, Gerri Konecki, Margie Kaczynski, Pat Farella. Tennis Champion fix E ,I jgfx 7. - S H Z5 5 X1 ffl L I be 1 . I Ja-2 f 555' LEFT To RIGHT, FIRST ROW: Gloria La Point, Karen Connell, Barbara Martin, Ther- j -5-A esa Surman. SECOND ROW: Lynn Grimes, Gwendolyn Cuttaia, DeIia.Duffy, Pamela French, Frances Macdonald, Becky Martin, Gail Thompson. 2 ,ZX L' ' if - -, F 1 94'tl'f-iff' R X X - ' -' f . A sa .f lfrjg A-gli'-,QM 1 lf::t..ff. I ' 4 t V I A' .I if ' x 41 3 A . , " " fr -rf -Ji ' ..,-no f FK' . -wx 1 Q In the early fall, the girls started their tennis tournament at Hyde Park. In the Senior singles Gail Thomp- son sparked to victory over Frances Macdonald, 6-2, 6-4. In the Senior doubles Pam French and Delia Dufiy defeated Karen Connell and Joan Krueger, IO-8, 2-6, 6-4. The Juniors also carried out an exciting tournament. In the singles Becky Martin and Gwen Cuttaia were the singles winners due to bad weather at the time of the hnal game. In the doubles, Lynn Grimes and Gloria La Point defeated Theresa Surman and Barbara Martin for their victory. The games were played after school and they added to the girls' sports program. Under the able supervision of Miss M. McDougall, the sixteen girls' bowling teams had a very successful season. The girls were very enthusiastic in their try for the prizes which were awarded at their annual bowl- ing banquet. The tournament was conducted in round-robin fashion with each team attempting to win the greatest number of games. Great improvement was noted in the scores by the end of the season. LEFT To RIGHT, FIRST ROW: Jacqueline Campbell, Stephanie Christoff, Evelyn Hare Pat Beningo, Theresa D'AvoIio, Joan Andrews, Diane Caterina. SECOND ROW. Donna Greene, Beverly Myers, Lorraine Kuiawa, Lynn Brooks, Bernice Wittkopp, Ann Lockwood, Judy Melnotte, Pat Paterson, Peggy McCouIf. tt 00 Girls' Keglers X :l, jeff URGANIZATIO 5 -.T-i V -1 2 1 1'-lei TE V 31155 .ii L u X K, V X X Pan Hellenic Under the supervision of Mr. J. Moran, Pan Hellenic members elected Dolores Laska, Presi- dent, William Ogden, Vice-President, and Pris- cilla Hutson, Secretary-Treasurer for this school year. LEFT To RIGHT: Mr, J. Moran, William Ogden, Raymond Schultz, Paul irish, George Milanovich, Mary Pitonyak, Priscilla Hutson, Dolores Laska, Barbara Milanovich. SECOND ROW: George Von Fuchs, Richard Spencer, Veronica Dawson, Mary Bongiorno, Emmie Lou Dias. X' kz ,, l , . ax fl P ffifliiifffg E ' Z .s,r ,, Inter-Club Council lnter-club council is the co-ordinating body lor the Y-teens. The council plans the over-all Y-teen pro- gram. Christmas lngathering, Friday Night Canteen, and the annual spring picnic are sponsored by lnter-club. Highlighting this year's activities was the successful Penny Carnival, the proceeds of which went to the Y.W.C.A. centennial tund. Inter-club has as its otticers Josephine Disparti, President, Louise Forcucci, Vice- President, Joan Krueger, Secretary, Ann Lockwood, Treasurer, and ,is under the advisorship ot Miss Roberta Skeary and Miss Jean Grott. - I - , ' 'I 'F l ff ' ' A ' i ' U' I ' s 7 A . ' ' I S l 1 I J. ff " Y l Xi! l x fl 1.4 LEFT To reiom, FIRST ROW: Jem Graff, Director, Rose Marie Lops, Sheila Tobin, Louise Forcucci, Sally Cicero, Jacqueline Joseph, Josephine Disparti, Sandra Byrne, Lynn Brooks. SECOND ROW: Carol Cyphers, Betty Ungaro, Jane Glover, Mary Ann Padlo, Joyce Coulis, Carol Stevens, Ales- sandro Teechio, Jackie Fernandez, Ann Lockwood, Karen Connell, FIRST ROW, LEFT To RIGHT: Ralph Meranto, David Kinsley, Sonny Mllanovich, Paul irish, Ronald Smigmator, Robert McNally, SECOND ROW: Bill Touchette, Dan Gornell, Frank DiGiovine, Bob Barone, Vito Sabett, Robert Grabek, Tom Jackowslci, Sam Pascuzzi, Ronald Reid, Ernest'Bevilacqua. I Q 'f 5 , 4- , N U A fl . :fi Q 1 - , ! "gf 1 .I ily! uvv, fl L Y: wif.. J ' . f ,f T lx f lfllrl , ,ll ff" fs ,Lf f , ' , T Alpha Theta Kappa 'ff - , tt, , f i , The Alpha Chapter at the Alpha Theta Kappa Fraternity is novv celebrating its twenty-third year ot existence. Nine new members were inducted. They have sponsored many successful activities during the past year. The 23rd Annual Dance, the Kappa Kruise, presenting the Kappa Athletic trophy to the school, donat- ing Easter Baskets to the Children's Ward of Memorial Hospital, are only a few of these activities, ln .lune a beach party vvas held in honor of the graduating seniors, and to celebrate a year ot success. SEATED LEFT To RIGHT: Sonny Milon- ovich, Jr. Masterg Paul Irish, Mas- ter. STANDING: David Kinsley, Scribep Ronald Smigmator, Wardenp Ralph Merantc, Prefect. 1 llm!T"'l"l' 'lil v v 5 A W f. " Ax Mr, K. Sawers, Advisor 9 lp ' . :I -91:19 jg Srffi 9 . 134 t. I I K lx Ax x . H, f X 1 u s 5 N s s 5. I IG. LEFT To RIGHT, SEATED: Julie Volpe Recording Secretary, Delores Capalupo President, Miss Ann Mac Lead, Advisor Sally Hare, Vice-President. STANDING Shirley Pierce, Treasurer, Patricia Mer ino, Corresponding Secretary. Beta Alpha Sigma The Alpha Chapter of the Beta Alpha Sigma Sorority started the year '54-'55 with its annual Rush Tea. Six weeks of pledging ended with the Induction Dinner. During their weeks of pledging, one of the major eftorts undertaken by the pledges was the rattling of a cashmere sweater. The pledges also knitted afghan squares which were later sewn into an afghan and presented to the War Veterans at the Buffalo Hospital, A Thanksgiving basket was presented to a needy family in the city. Twenty orphan children were the guests at a Christmas party where each member presented her guest with a gift. A Christmas party for the members was also held. After the holiday festivities plans were started for the April dance. LEFT To RIGHT, FIRST ROW: Beverly Ortner, Sylvia Pitonyak, Carol Yanek, Virginia Zelinsky. SECOND ROW: Shirley Pierce, Sally Hare, Delores Capulupo, Miss Ann Mac Leod, Patricia Merino, Julie Volpe. THIRD ROW: Margaret Macleod, Sharon House, Joan Wilcox, Patricia Supple, Maureen Supple, Jackie Evans, Beverly Biehl, Carole Campbell, Patricia Edwards, Mary Ann Westland. FIRST ROW, LEFT To RIGHT: Mary Pasquale, Helen Winters, Jacqueline Attica, Adele Christiana Gilda Celeste Penny Appoloney Juliet Aceti. SECOND ROW: Carol Boniello, Catherine Surace, Thelma Ferrara, Nancy Rislo Marion Pinzotti Phyllis Carbone Eleanor Cooke. THIRD ROW: Marie DelGrosso, Rose Marie Antonucci, Santino Caridi, Marion Ochab Dorothy Fabir Dorothy Sitek Dorothy Dahlgren, Judy Close, Jessie, Mary Craclmnell, Mary Commisso, Peggy Warrick Beta Chi Among the many activities of the Beta Chi were service protects a tashion show card parties and skating parties. Beta Chi is an organization sponsored by the Red Feather Agencies SFATFD, LEFT To RIGHT: Ja:lue Fernandez, Sergeant at Arms, Sandy Techio, Pzesidert Jacqueline Joseph, Treasurer, Joyce Bar tolomei, Corresponding Secretary. STAND ING: Dorothy Cancenm, Publicity Manager Paula Lutz, Recordrg Secretary. ll V 136 FJ5 SEATED, LEFT To RIGHT: Mr, J, Grana, Advisor, Mr. A. Grana, Co-advisor, Jerry Joseph, Vice' President, Angelo Massaro, President, Vincent Chiarenza, Recording Secretary, Ron Granieri, Treasurer. STANDING, LEFT To RlGHT: Orlando Marra, Chaplain, Bob Lozina, Pledge Master, Don Paonessa, Sergeant at Arms, Frank Sacco, Corresponding Secretary. Beta Hi-Y The purpose at the Beta Hi-Y is to create, maintain and extend throughout the school and community high standards at Christian character. This year as in the past twenty-tive years, the active brothers ot the Beta Hi-Y have successfully upheld the high ideals ot their worthy organization. Under the advisorship ot Mr. Julie Grana and Mr. Anthony Grana, the Betas during the past school year, have conducted various charitable activities tor the benefit ot the community. FIRST ROW, LEFT To RIGHT: Sam Battaglia, Larry Ghoughasian, Russel Murriglio, James Pino. SECOND ROW: Mr. J. Grana, Mr. A. Grana, Jerry Joseph, Angelo Massaro, Vincent Chiarenza, Dom Paonessa. THIRD ROW: Orlando Marra, Richard Juron, Phil Meranto, Jerry Lavassur, John Firth, Bob Lozina, Phil Graft, Ron Granieri, Tino Rozini, Phil Alterio, Michael Augustino, Frank Sacco, Robert Tavano. E a J , i I , T .t , , i i 4 l K t 1 , , , , I: , i i . l- it i i I LP 2 l hi s 1 0 4 i i i i SEATED, LEFT To RIGHT: Brian Kennedy, Dick Moore, Bob Cramer, Ray Swann. STANDING: Mike Cutting, Arthur Wilson, David McFar' lane, Leonard Longley. DeMoIay All that was best in Ancient Chivalry lies now in the Order at Delvlolay. It is an international fellowship ot young men between the ages of fourteen and twenty-one. DeMolay has tor its purpose, the teaching of clean and upright living by practicing the virtues of rever- ence, love ot parents, patriotism, courtesy, and fidelity. The supreme etiort is to create leaders and develop character. Get TO9ether bl QD' X I E 10 . :Y f X i -v 5 x 'ffftkf 49 RL,,.z - .ap I Pledge Banquet I Gamma Delia Psi Gamma Delta Psi, one of the only tvvo International l-ligh School Fraternities in the world, was founded in l879 at l-laryard University. Alpha Eta Chapter, chartered at Niagara Falls High School, has an active membership ol thirty brothers. The purpose ol the Fraternity is to promote social enioyment and mutual benetit. FlRST ROW, LEFT To RlGHT: Larry Carella, Alex Dobrasz, Joe Bruno, Jack Rufrana, Robert Chabala, Bruce Coutts, Jim Salerno, Louie Alangi, Ross DEBacco. SECOND ROW: Howard St, John, ,lim Siluaggi, Lon Lonberger, Ron Mont, Richard Fermoile, Dick Eisarnan, Bryce Dailly, Ralph Bennett, Richard Sdaa, Larry Vagnozzi, Chuck Stevens. 3. tl it -.---n hun-up E a I J 4 'K 1 B J Qu FlRST ROW, LEFT To RIGHT: Bob Plumeri, Sonny Barone, Ron Carieri, Julius Schapel, Ronald Corsaro, Harold DiRomio. SECOND ROW: Sal Pace, Larry Scaletta, Frank Alofg Erhe Fusrllo, Charles Caccamrfe, Mke Laps THlRD ROW. Benny Pasco, Joe Sparacio, Pete Vaccavella, Ralph Scozzalava, F'anl- Pc-della, Jitcli Stalls, Ronald Fadel, Peter Elalenti, Robert Soulerr, Robert Aquino, Mario Posserc ff ' J' C ,ll X ,!F3...,f-4' Q . fill. ' ," " fl ,, ' ' ff' - , . , X Q- f L K -I H253 FW- 5' '57 1' - 'l1fls,.r Gamma P I W, 'fl 1? ,Mx vw 2 -ff, if.: J rl , . The Gamma Phi l-liAY has completed a very successful year with its many activitiesfand'worthwhile projects, under the guidance ol Mr, Charles Caccamise. The proiect highlighting the year was the Annual and Miss" Red Feather Dance, from which the proceeds were donated to the Community Chest. Other activities included the Hi-Y Nighter's Club, Hi-Y Area Assembly, and participation in the statewide l-li-Y Government Program at Albany, Gramma Phi also has a strong interest in sports with a football team and, a basketball team. SEATED, LEFT To RlGHT: Charles Coccamise, Advisor, Ernie Fusillo, President. STANDlNG: Frank Alongi, Vice-President, Larry Scaletta, x Secretary, Michael Laps, Treasurer. ' FiRST ROW, LEFT To Right: Virginia Gugino, Rachel Wright, Pat McClintock. SECOND ROW: Rose Marie Pullo, Miss Dorothy Beck, Rose Marie Micon, Beverly Boyd, Beatrice Bofvrrarr, Sandra Arbanas TrllRD ROW, Sandra Vvaezak, Betty Adams, Ella Toussaint, Evelyn Black, Lrnda Lockwood, Alice lrleidenrrech, Sylvrra trfacey, N na Dean, Brenda Thompson, Karen Lake, Judy Conte, Nancy Metzler. Gamma Rho A swittly growing organization, Gamma Rho Y-Teens this year welcomed torty new members. The successful tour week pledge period was highlighted with numerous service protects. Money was donated toward the organization ot a new school tor mentally retarded children in Niagara Falls. Other protects included dances, bake sales, skating and card parties, and rummage sales. During the Thanksgiving Season, the club made tavors tor children's hospitals and rest homes. Gamma Rho was also active in the annual Community Chest drive. Spring activities included the third annual Mother and Daughter Tea, a spring formal tashion show, and the i955 lnternational Cen- tennial Conterence which several Gamma Rho members attended in New York City. Culminating a successful year were the annual senior banquet and a club picnic in early summer. FIRST ROW LEFT To RIGHT: J. Glover, Sergeant at Arms, L. Brooks, Program Chairman, K. Connell, Pres., C. O'Kain, Vice-pres., A. Lockwood, Corresponding Sec. SECOND ROW: S. Cicero, Publicity Mgr., J. Disparti, Treas., S, Barrett, Historian, J. Krueger, Recording Sec., G. Roll, Pledge Mistress. FIRST ROW, LEFT T: RTGHT: Vincinette Morrello, Josephine Drsparti, Sally Cicero, Joan Krueger, Marrlyn Clapp, Faye Mariano, Joan Fry SECOND ROR. Jan- Glover, Lyrn B o:-- Win" Connell, JL-art ii.!,:':1'r, J Advisor, Arr Leawood, Sue Barrett Tl'llRD RON, Ruby Porter, Da sy' A 'rrey Barbara Lake, : Dsify, Sne-rfii Tobrn rV1:Q: rr-,t Ann Fratello, Pat Moore, Nancy Grotto, Mary Ralf",- Glorra Roll, Walter Nas- Ashley, Nrary Lou Ru ct, Colleen O'Kain. ' i Q., 3 7 ' l ,4- FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Robert Tompkins, William Williamson, Joe Carlo, John McCracken, Bruce Enyeart, Bill Ogden. SECOND ROW: Bill Schatz, George Wynes, David Gullett, James Ritchlin, Ray Schultz, Jerry Casper. THIRD ROW1 Mr. William Herald, William Zgonce, Howard Noonan, Mike Trubisky, Jack Walsh, Nick Babyak, Edward Heider, John Biasucci, Tim Treziak, Louis Marino. FOURTH ROW: Carl Brenner, John Christopher. Gamma Sigma This school year has been one that will be remembered by all members ot Gamma Sigma. First, tribute was paid to the school tootball team at our annual Pigskin Prom. Gamma Sigma also won the Niagara Falls High School Fraternity Football League Championship with an impressive record. Five new members were inducted into the brotherhood at the annual Father and Son banquet. Gamma Sigma contributed gener- ous amounts to charity both in national and local drives. The social tunctions were highlighted by many ioint parties with sororities. FIRST ROW, LEFT To RIGHT: George Wynes, Vice-president, John McCracken, President, Mike Trubisky, Secretary. SECOND ROW: Mr. WiIIiamAHeroId, Advisor, Joe Carlo, Marshal, Robert Tompkins, Treasurer, James Ritchlin, Corresponding Secretary. Father and Son Banque! Tilii A l""l: 'llll :ll 5 'Huggy nl 'Xhxw-gl' V a S my J," 6. 0. 5' I FIRST ROW, LEFT To RIGHT: Beverly Trapas- so, Corresponding Secretary, Joan Tra- passo, Advisor, Carol Cyphers, President: Louise Shalcariian, Jr, Advisor. SECOND ROW: Inez Mistretta, Sergeant at Arms, Betty Ungaro, Vice-President: Louise For- cucci, Secretary. Phi Gamma Beta Phi Gamma Beta is one ot the fastest growing clubs at the Y this year. Starting with a small group ot old members, the club now numbers torty-tive, With two new advisors this year, the Misses Joan Traposso and Louise Shalcarjian, the club has undertaken many new proiects. The tall program began with a big dinner tor new and old members and was tollowed by a card party, bake sales and other proiects sponsored 'by the club. Much credit goes to the otticcrs ot the club tor their untiring etlort in building the group into one of the top clubs of the YWCA. FIRST ROW, LEFT To RIGHT: Dorothy Kriouse, Diane Paczynslci, Sally Molinciro, Pat DiNoto. SECOND ROW: Joan Borghetto, Carolyn Crossley, Pat Sabatine, Anita Forgione, Joar Bloom, Emily Heath. THIRD ROW: Donna Greene, Lydia McElwain, Patricia Sikora, Jean- ette Maturarii, Sally Miller, Elste Paglino, Janet Sczivano, Peggy Conway, Pat Farella, Mary Ann Ruscftfo, Dot Stlcora, Blanche Klimeclco. ii ' I . , ,r- ' . - f ,' QT, 1 r V s,i 5. - 1 Q . ,Qi . , I ,V .,r - at I ii'Tfl ' i iii il 2 , 1- . 2,345 ' I ' L A " vs' :I f, FA g ' , f' I rs I I O Y Y 11-f ,Q 4 CJ' 5 FlRST ROW, LEFT To RIGHT: Rita Cuirezalc, Nannette Tyrell, Fay Clantz, Miss Nancy Kane, Advisor, Marilyn Mills, Henrietta Cicero, N,ercu'ia Scruiari, SECOND ROVX1 Nancy Biro, Dolores Gonzalez, Arlene Ligornfnari, Ji,dy Tutt, Beverly Oruner, Janice Lambert, Betty Bernadawiz, Annette Monezynski, Janice Karbcwski, Doris Sensabougri, Jeanette Allotto Olga DfAntuono. Phi Sigma Phi lliis year tive Plii Sigma Plni Yeteen ltelcl its annual banauet at the Sheraton Brock Hotel, Bake sales, liayrides and rummage sales were a few ot tlte groupe activities, Plans were also underway tor tlte annual "Know Your Nations" trip taken by the Y-Teens during tlie Easter Holidays. FlRST ROW, LEFT To RlG-HT: Fay Clonta, Vice President, Nancy Kane, Advisor, Marilyn Mlls, President SECOND ROVV1 Nannette Tyrell, Pulalfity Cnairrnon, Rita Ciurezalc, Ser- geant at Arrnsg Mercuria Scrutari, Treasurer, Henrietta Cicero Secretary. Dime, Gi the Brock MIM Annual Christmas Formal Sigma Psi Founded near Jcuse in l9l9, Sigma Psi Fraternity Incorporated has eight chapters throughout the Western New York area. Nu Chapter, consisting of twenty-two members, under the advisorship ot Mr. Mark R. Bedford, has a constructive and beneficial curriculum consisting ot: The Annual Christmas Night Formal, basketball, football, the Mother and Son plus the Father and Son banquets, and many others. ' FIRST ROW, Left to Right: George Von Fuchs, Dick Spencer, Joseph Elia, Edmond Stiles, George Briggs, John Mansour, Don Rupert, Dale Ursprung, John Dobrasz, SECOND ROW: William Whitham, Charles Bash, Peter Coyle, Richard Tyron, James Miller, David McGowan, Mr. M. Bedford, advisor, Jesswald Salacuse, Richard Margioson, Darry Henneman, James Schwoob, Bruce Johnson, Gary Chormann. FIRST ROW, Left to Right: Pat Seaman, Lynn Bair, Muriel Bradt, Joan Hager, Marion Forbes, Joyce Pletcherf Judy Modig Barbara Legge. SECOND ROW: Joann Birminghamg Veronica Davvsong Joann Pagep Blanche FreemangMiss Patricia Swittg Carolyn Meitzg Yvonne Madayg Ruth Johnston. Tl-llRD ROW: Sandra Sturdevantg Donna Niclcersonp Joellen Valleyp Virginia Cummings, Nancy Muisenerg Linda Gibbsp Diane Wilson, Lynna Sedlakg Sue Traubg Lee Richards, Phyllis Gray, Mary Anne Modii Marian Danko, Kathleen Johnston. NOT PICTURED: Yvonne Tuscher. Theta Lambda Chi T-True Friendship L-Loyalty to Sisterhood C-Courage Undaunted H-Healthtul Living A-Ability to Progress l-l-Helpful to All E-Eternal Faith M-Mystic Enchantments l-Intellectual Minds T-Triumphant Victory B-Beneficial Activities SlTTlNG, Left to Right: Blanche Free' A -Adrnirable Qualities D-Determined Purpose man, President, Miss Patricia Switt, Ad- visory Carolyn Meitz, Vice-presidentg A-Appreciation Acknowledged Yvonne Maday, Recording Secretary, STANDING: Veronica Dawson, Grand Recorder, Ruth Johnson, Publicity Man- agerp Lynna Sedlalc, Sergeant at Arrnsg Joanne Page, Treasurerg .loan Birming- ham, Pledge Mistress, Santa Visits the Chi's fx ' f . Q Tre! 1 I -' X, 'f I ' 4 , xv " ff! ff' ,f f sf I I f .y .f' ' . 1- ' 1 1 f -. 1 Fiiesr Row, Left to Right: Mary Ann Padlo, f ,. "I if! Secretaryp Joyce Coulis, President, Carole T ,4 4 ' I ' X' Richardson, Pledge Mistress, SECOND ROW: , 1 - I " J -f Barbara Butry, Corresponding Secretary, Nancy Henderson, Treasurer. Theta Rho Iota Theta Rho Iota Y-Teens began their fall program with a paiama party. Next came the annual Pledge Dinner to honor the new members. As their part in the Y-Teen Penny Carnival, the club put on a side show with the pledges acting as the attractions. Other activities in which they participate are ofhcers' retreat, the Christmas lngathering ceremony, and the various Y-Teen conferences. Through the year the girls work together planning fund-raising projects for the "Know Your Nation" trip taken in the Spring. FIRST ROW, Left to Right: Kay McKenna, Kathy Washburn, Shirley Mack, Josephine Chirenziag Maureen McKenna. SECOND ROW: Carole Richardson, Barbara Butry, Mary Ann Padlo, Joyce Coulis, Pat Cutting, Nancy Henderson. THIRD ROW: Barbara Kankolenski, Vincanetta Syracuse, Mary Ann Baboclc, Louise Catalano, Lorraine Wishowski, Barbara Ferguson, Theo Hellwigp Cynthia Kenny, Delores Lesniak, Virginia Pero, Loretto Huozda, Teresa Hochadel. 5 f 5 ai ,S 49 3 I .- 6, 4 . cv 6' , 5 . r . Cf' i r' I: I f - . V . " 4 uv' . 'i i Nr L.. FIRST ROW, Lett to Right: Joann Mastersg Sheila Levittg Peggy McCoulfg Delores Laskag Joan DeLore'1zop Gloria Kleidys. SECOND ROW: Agnes Fadelg Barbara Milonovichg Mary Ann Ferrittop Phyllis Reckerdg Janet Kantanistag Phyllis Dlugozg Linda Weaverg Theresa D'Avoliop Paulette Bosso. THIRD ROW: Carol Rommelg Elaine Zitog Beverly Stempienp Nancy Manerinag Lois D'Ameliog Kathleen Levittg Sandra Wadeg Barbara Merinog Barbara Sdaop Janice Barone. FOURTH ROW: Sandra Plumerig Joyce Archieg Barbara Stanekg Darlene Dunng Madeline Catalanog Angie Ranelli, Elaine Sorourp Sharon Jacksong Leila Uhrip Pat Bakota. Theta Xi Upsilon Alpha Chapter of the Theta Xi Upsilon lnternational Sorority welcomed lo new members, last November. Fund-raising protects tor the year included the "Bunny l-lop," held April 9 at the Hotel Niagara, a card party, and a rummage sale. Baskets ot food and clothing were given by the girls to a needy family at Thanksgiving and at Christmas. During the Lenten season the Upsilons participated in the Easter Seal campaign and spon- sored a party forthe crippled children at Niagara Street Schogj. In Jijge, the departing seniors were honored f I with a banquet. ,JJ-'ily -J , ,jf , ,I , I 1" ' " ry First Row, Left to Right: Home zifo, vice- -. ul ,. presidentg Janet Kantanista, Presidentg Bev- 'f I I I' T M . .I ' ' erly Stempien, Treasurer. SECOND ROW1 ,A li Vx ff - Theresa D'Avolio, Corresponding Secretaryg I. . I, ' gr' l 1,1 X Linda Weaver, Recording Secretary, Agnes 'fl V l is Fadel, Social Convenor. I I 'I 5 I Xl T .I 6, . y Q f e X 1' C3 0 - cy , is 'F v- . fl! 5 cw ' 3 I n fi aff' . if i i l1l,.L 4- 14-3 TG- tiff FIRST ROW, Left to Right, Sue Crafts, Vice-president, Linda Neff, Evening in Toy Land President, SECOND ROW, Virginia Sherman, Treasurer, Becky Martin, Recording Secretary, Cindy Aungier, Corresponding Sec- retary, Sue Jackson, Historian. Zeta Sigma Epsilon The Beta Chapter of the Zeta Sigma Epsilon Sorority concluded another successful year with numerous charitable, civic, and social activities. Assisting with the Cerebral Palsy Drive, sending clothes and gifts to their adopted child in Germany, and aiding the Fire-man's Toy Fund were a few ot the proiects they participated in. Plans got under way for the formation of a Delta Chapter of Zeta Sigma Epsilon to be established in Lewiston. The highlight of each year was our annual Christmas dance, and it was a big success. FIRST ROW, Left to Right: Diana Willers, Helgard Wienert, Sandra Richmond, Frances Macdonald, Marie Bongiorno, Emmie Lou Dias, Jackie lNahl, Melinda Hill. SECOND ROW, Elizabeth Coughlin, Virginia Sherman, Becky Martin, Sue Crafts, Miss Joyce Nutting, Advisor, Linda Neff, Cindy Angier, Sue Jackson. THIRD ROW, Beverly Brown, Gail Sparling, Lois Hammond, Emily Wallace, Nancy Lang, Joyce Rose, Vivian O'Connar, Nadine Lennik, Linda Young, Louise Gillick, Pat Murphy, Gretchen Bauer, Mary Ann McNulty, Judy Harvey. ,-. vs X FlRST ROW, Left to Right: Mary Jane Dobrasz, Janet Wilson. SECOND ROW: Gail Thompson, Margie Weaverg Carol Reagan, Jeanne Saraceni,tFrances Wustrakg Tanis Pedlow, Priscilla Hutsong Mary Pitonyak, THIRD ROW: Winifred Lynchg Marie Loverdeg Judy Mishg Martha Williams, Barbara Gugino, Joan Zeifang, Judy Britton, Barbara Masters: Gail Jameison. FOURTH ROW: Mary Ann Leggett, Marie Barone, Carol Coyle: Anne Auchmoody, Marilyn Deshler, Barbara Pitonyakg Audrey Woiickg Joan Braas, Donna Arms, Joyce Ogden, Pat Kerns, Ellen Pedlow, Judy Melnotte, Mary Jane Baker. Zeta Tau Iota In November, eleven new members were inducted into the Zeta Tau Iota Sorority at the Hotel Niagara. Handmade dolls were given tc needy children and also, Thanksgiving and Christmas baskets were given to needy families. On October twenty-third the "Filth Annual Pledge Prcmf' was held with over two-hundred couples in attendance. The "Christmas Formal" held December tvventy-seventh was also very successful. . 1 , ,ji ', , Qt ' ,X J riresr Row, Left to Right: Monro wniioms, ff ,y Q' r' 4 '4' Vice-presidentg Margie Weaver, Parlimen- 1' ' ' It N ' it tarian, Mary Pitonyak, Business Manager, ' f, 7, Ji I IJ Gail Thompson, President. SECOND ROW: f I I 7 4 -- 1 - . Miss Clara Bishara, Advisor, Judy Melnotte, if - N M ., rl , , ', , L. ll f 1 f n Treasurer, Barbara Masters, Corresponding ' ,ff , J! lj Secretaryg Joan Zeifang, Recording Secre- I ' tary. KM , f fi 1.n0 2 L4 Loqucfors In case of emergency 1 uf' Almost reached The Goal' Speakers Roforo Roforo B Quiz Klds ffm on NFHS represents Indonesia Oroforfcol Wrnrver 1 -.av 1 ,, ..!l1H H Buy your own Recd your own Chronncle' LK A Y' SSW 0 fume 560m Plain and fancy cookin 15 "Toast of The Town" Angelo Massaro Sv- N E Meet The Press Karen Connell Two for The Money PEQQY Mcffoulf and Bever y V Hall of Fame 'fl Love Lindo" "ThaTs Our Boy" Jerry Casper Linda Nef? AQ K is-fx Q-..,f Superman Ed WhnTe 16' HIT Parade Al Doc Massofn er' nw Droodles Sylvia Macey T eg L1TTIe Rascal Musncal Revo Ron Gramerl Torn Day 1' .nm 1'- ,av ho 1 l STempan Mary n s U Thus we brnng The 1955 Nragarlan To a close WIT an predad progress wall be made ID The Held of Televrsron As we leave our Alma MaTer we Too look To The Tumre wnth confldence Thaf our members wall go forward To success an new fields of endeavor lo Prod "Private Secretary" Barbara Milanovlch -as f' Musrc Showcase EllzabeTh Crowe Gay Blade Frank Along: 3 fit. 'S ucers Showcase d Sall Crcero A FS McNUlTy an y h The nexT few yea rs experTs we , 7' fp 'i T , N ,ML ,fi V ...N lv. ., W . ' K K A Q , 1 I 4: T S' A agp is-f 5 2 - ,, S ' 5 I 5533 T ,, . ,, ,, N me N ,T S T -sl X 1 T .W T A 5. T' I A J l km! Q H . H H . H I V 1 1 1 '2"' S Y. ' wi, ' Q". ' ,vi if A S ' ' 'C' - T 5 5, . ,-ff-xgv - 4, I C, , Y ai' ' f T ...PL I4 N T f , ' r .T J , . . . '2 YN 1 I Ny wi' N, ,1 af ,I N W- ? ' N E U r IOM 1 I 1 f 5 ' Q8 3 JJ J' ' 4 J 2 2 6 5 gy ' 1 X. 4 N J' i Vg Sw I2 R 5 I' 1 xo 1 9 3 87 4 f i 6 5 i-1,-gltflkgg Q Q5 .QQ-,Q Q59 0 fm CE G Q X Ns 1 , A2 23 1 g A Q R

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