Niagara Falls High School - Niagarian Yearbook (Niagara Falls, NY)

 - Class of 1953

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Niagara Falls High School - Niagarian Yearbook (Niagara Falls, NY) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Cover

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iagaviau NIAGARA FALLS HIGH SCHOOL Niagara Falls, New York Frances Frachella EDITOR Margaret Calladine BUSINESS MANAGER Migl.-,,,,....a-a':-. ' 2 - Q ..::,ws.-"" NS..,'. . - . A gp -"-'-"' I-S n1,A:,!95J .ai YUITYUIII Filxk KNIGHT is poised on the crest of a hill. Behind him are stretched the years of study, of gaining confidence and experience and of making new friends-- the years of striving for maturity. This knight, now resplendent in his shining ar- mor, was once but a lowly page, performing his menial tasks with obedience and an eagerness to learn. We, as juniors, were once as insignificant and uneasy in our new surroundings, yet anxious to prove our worth. Through the able guidance of the superiors in his castle, the knight was able to attain near perfection in his many fields of endeavor. We too, after long and some- times difficult preparation now are better prepared, to meet life's increasing chal- lenge. The administration of our school has guided us through these last two years with a gentle hand and sometimes a helpful prodding. The medieval youth, after fulfilling his duties as a page, continued on to squire- hood with its increasing responsibilities. As seniors we also had many new obliga- tions to meet. Realizing that soon we must enter our chosen professions or ad- vanced training, we became more serious in thinking of the future. In preparation for knighthood, pages and squires were vigorously trained in body as well as mind. We have also been given this wonderful opportunity, each student has been able to participate in a sport of his choice. In the great halls of the castle, hours of relaxation were spent in watching traveling performers, troubadors and bards. In our assemblies we were enter- tained by guests as well as by those from our own wealth of talent. Squires and pages perhaps were not so fortunate as we in having their hours of study interspersed with many activities and the opportunity to join organizations. These groups helped to develop latent talents, promote cooperation and have given us the opportunity to make new friends. The knight is poised on the crest of a hill. Before him lie the most important years of his life. We too, are standing on the threshold of our lives. In our hearts are thanks for those who shared with us some of their knowledge and experience. Now it is up to us to make a success of our lives. ri kg. Khly -2 "' I -'i' A ' 5 5: I A - 2212 . Q12 J ., xy A C ,gf .X a gi v . X X Qks L' -Rift 2551 J W Wi QZXQX ' no X xx ' gsxzglez .x xi? X N XJ fixxxif N x y XE 1 -' 9 1 " ,Vp .a.T f A ffm I 1 9 ,I A 4,72 5' :fl 5 , , :gl M. -' ' ,al "'z- ,' -H l I I at I-4 H I V 'F "". 'P if I. , 1 . -2. Il .-- , 1'-A.. .- r-. DEDICA TION CNC Miss Beatrice Ballinger, Vice-Princi- pal of Niagara Falls High School, who, through her constant concern and genuine in- terest in each student of our school, has be- come a friend to all, and who, through her un- ceasing efforts has helped to make ours a better school, we affectionately dedicate this 1953 Niagarian. E 15, F 1111. -A 'typ' -atlf, ,W ,L ' ' 'Q 'VN - ,gN x!E.'s.1.Q2f H ,535 it mmwwv 45 5 E VABQKIQ? X Q? ! 'KY as R05 if RWM 'U'i73i'YqgEMi U U fi ' If , yy A L . 9' 5 U V Q ' '51 Q? ' r dn A01 ,.1 Left to right Seated Dr Charles M Brent Dr William I Small Superintendent of Schools Mrs Mary L Bialecki William L Salacuse President Wesley L Kestcr Miss Nea Brown Secretary Left to right Standing Wilbur Connell Victor Dc Wysocki Arthur M Silberberg James H Erwin Deputy Superintendent of Schools Frank Lang Business Manager Edward D Mahoney OR a page to become a squire and a squire to be come aknight there must bea guiding hand to lead him along his way The lords and ladies of the Board of Education work un ceasingly for five years solely for the benefit of the youth of this kingdom Through their provisions for more pleasant surroundings and modern facili ties the life in the schools of the kingdom is more onducive to improving the minds of all those involved The young mod ern page has learned to take part in all sorts of tournaments and extracurricular activities Not only has the Board of Educa- tion instituted modern courses for young individuals such as driving, etc. but also has in- stilled the desire for further ed- ucation even after the goal of knighthood has been reached. Its interest in producing noblemen has placed the Board of Education in a position of high esteem in the eyes of all those who have achieved knighthood Eg Board of Education 1 3 'v XX X Z E f 'BX M YI E.. XX :gf YY' L, ji or ,X T-" - rks V - , il , I pk fi -apjigl , ' E " 'ii' 'f Bde lei gf 1- f- l B 9 f iff h i 5 L-jf joe? - Q be L- Q : 1 ' ,, ' '71 rfilfl l 1- 5 ,sem 7 To the Class of 1953: There was a time when graduation from high school was a fairly good preparation for life. Today, this is no longer true. The complexities of modern social and economic life requires not only education beyond high school either in school or while at work, but continuous learning throughout our lives. Therefore, as you approach your graduation day you should have some plan for further education. This may be in college or in some type of employ- ment that offers an opportunity for learning while working. You may be sure that the rewards of such a program will be Worthwhile. May I extend sincere congratulations and best wishes. William J. Small Superintendent of Schools 5 4' hi -, ami .gui gl ,'y7Z.5e,gg4gi,f iffjfa' ,vi gay, M9 ff T4L '5'f Hi , m f J I fill . . or X-X-, . W., I PQ", V Tx ' i ,K xx 1 34 ix To the Class of 1953: My congratulations on your completing your sec- ondary school program. I hope that you are con- sidering this just one phase of your whole program and that other steps to follow will be completed. Ed- ucation is a continuous program and should lead to a better and happier life. Life is much more compli- cated than in the era of Knighthoodg therefore it re- quires much more from each individual. Are you planning a successful program? James H. Erwin Deputy Superintendent Za To the Class of 1953: The fundamental hopes of Man have not changed since the days when the Knights of old envisioned an ever brighter future. Man has always been a pioneer, forever going forth in search of a better world. Age after age he has pushed forward with the belief and hope that the future would be brighter than the past. All his heritage has been won by daring adventure into the unknown, and by a deep conviction of the val- ue of things to come. In search of truth and freedom he has endured all thingsg and to establish justice for himself and all mankind he has bravely lived and bravely died. With all his progress Man still looks for a happier world where equality shall be the fruit of brotherhood, and good will shall be the law of all nations. It is my fondest hope that the members of the Class of 1953 will embrace with eager hearts the privilege of lives dedicated to an ever better world. As you leave your Alma Mater, the best wishes of the Faculty go with you. ,p , 3 William F. .Tack . X Qi , . Mi Principal X ' ' N 1 r V'-N W rim Q, I I .Ml 33: I ,,, - ' 5 1 0 I i eil' r--D H tal ni f X ,ig if .g:, , . ,-v .5 , 5 1 N ll ,., A p Y .V , YN WM iill iit 6 if M ng 1 ' 77,777 71, :.-'-'-if- ' - +7.1- -2- . .,, ,, fi-f?. . lv , 1 'f- ' ' nj, - - 1, -- ,Ji-. ,gig Administration -9 9 -9 f fake 9, if ,fg J ---Q , 4, ,f 47 , f ff, , , , , 1 f -- -- ' f gif, f-f - J 4 f XXXX p-ff- ' 23 -gm-tifgix '4' 'J ff? To the Class of 1953 The old order changeth yielding place to ne ' and the age of chivalry and knightly combats is now only a colorful page in history and legend Yet ancient conflicts are always repeating them selves in new forms To grapple with problems arising from modern scientific advances, you may have to arm yourselves with more and more know ledge To secure the benefits of good citizenship in your community you may have to fight social IHJUS tice and greed Because the whole world IS presently engaged in a great struggle between the ideologies of democracy and of communism you may even be called upon to rescue the oppressed in other lands. Civilization never ceases to move forward because the youth of each generation bring to its problems a spirit of adventure and enthusiasm. I hope that Niagara Falls High School has helped to prepare you for the challenge of our times. My best wishes to each one of you. Beatrice Ballinger Vice-principal 9 Dorothy Apple Frank Baggallay Bus1ness Engllsh QM Ethel L Bloommgdale Latln Ruth A Cook Language 35 if Esther E Dahlqulst Mathematlcs .L 95' QQ James H Boardman Health Robert L Cooley Eng11sh Joseph De Fe11ce Drlver Educatxon gs Frank Bedaska Mechamcal Drawmg IWW-P James J Bonglorno Languages 'Yin 35- f9r ya., 'hun Pfe- W1111am H Crow1e Bus1ness Vlrglma Donohue Bus1ness Mark R Bedford Sclence 095 Pearl E Brltton Health Faculty X It s 7 fs. fr ' J ' B' J X J 4.1, f af, U 'cf ' J ' ' Z9 I 'X ' J f f 'ff' 6- A J NJ . L51 Q -A W ' e A ,,Kk . ' . -I f.:. I -a .ff 1 ,X ' ., ff 2 -J fli p Yxfz- ' 4 ..Y . atw ,JJ -.0 1- 'fav Jr? V my - 1 JL 92'-. a ' ' ' ' " ft : - - Z-2' 1 I ff, 'r Jr- .- 01 'fs X , 14 'I 'ff J V 51 My I. ff, X 6 av wx .Xt ,A x . .J E," .V M ' , lf 11 L J e 6 J Q J? T " 'L :Q J X , X if 15' if ' ' pf 'f ' ji' C J any 10 Harr1ett W Donovan Enghsh Mlrzam A Heary Busmess '51, in 10 May I Lamgan Busmess 9 John H Edwards Sc1ence 436. dang-Q Herbert Helmerle Guxdance li Damel Layer Sc1ence Lucy Massumllan Soc1al Studles James V Fablano Engllsh 'Ox 'ing iz Anne S H erges Busmess Charles M Long Englxsh Wayne Gallagher Sc1ence GG, Y""'7 Della A Hutson Llbrarlan Dorothy Mahoney Soclal Studles Helen McCarney Mary E McDougall School Nurse Physlcal Educatlon or -1, , 5 J yA H A f . I 'J x y . I x i wr D lf X ,lj , . x is n M ' I Vw, . .D D R M , 5, D ' if i F: 7? 11 ,-A 9+ Murray P. McKaig Art Florence Morse Physical Education Bra1nardN Parsons Physical Education Barbara Rickard Home Economics it M. Elizabeth Mitchell English Louise B Mosher Home Economics Thyra M Rasmussen Social Studies Kenneth Sawers Driver Education Joseph E. Moran Business Michael O Laughlin Physical Education David W Reeser Health f f Warren A Sotchmer Music Catherine Morrissey Mathematics Leo Orynawka Music Facult E ' if P .Y S V gy, M- N E , ,. ix" , itv Q., l a t L 6 c 12 Leah M Slmmons Soclal Studles BenJ am1n H Tlmm Mathematlcs Facult lk 4Q., 'hu Edmond J Sklmln Soclal Studles Gertrude M Tresselt Latm ADDITIONAL TEACHERS Carrxe I Brownell Engllsh May A Gentry Busmess Elverta I Mlller Language Jeanette E Sulkey Busmess Agnes C. 0'Br1en Norma Forcuccl Sen1or Stenographer Stenographer Edward V Stafford Busmess Mary E Werner Guldance Jeanette Wyhe Soc1a1 Studles Margaret P T1ce Busmess fi' Ameha E Wh1te Health Ruth A Young Busmess and Lat1n Qffice Staff -sry? 1 :XX x f 1 ' XXN f 92" , gc 5 M M 1 , I X , Q 'ti' - . I ' L teyaa ff ' f. -L at rety 5 fv 'GH E A K ' i .,?:'Ax . 1 - X xv,- 13 In Mem0r1am TX .sm 4 Nw ,I g HMO 4.7 RADT, Class of 195 Class of 1953 ,ard CLASS OF 1953 OFFICERS THOMAS JUSTICE President ARMAND CACCIATORE Vice -President NA TALIE HARTENBERGER Secretary MAURO BUZZELLI Treasurer MR. M. O'LAUGHLlN Advisor CLASS MOTTO Crescat Scientia May Knowledge Increase CLASS COLORS Royal Blue and Yellow CLA SS FLOWER Yellow Carnation Seated: Natalie Hartenberger. Left to right, Standing: Armand Cacciatore, Mr. M. O'Laugh1in, Thomas Justice, Mauro Buzzelli. 15 '35 DOLORES ABDULLAH Drifting and Dreaml IOYCE AFFLECK Bluebird of Happiness nn t Got Txmr msn. ,,. ...Q LEONARD ALESSI Here Am I jOAV ADAMS JAMES ADERMAN ROCCO ADRIATICO My Happlness Hldh NOON The Continental fi? jOAN AGNELLO JOSEPHINE ALAIMO COSIMINF ALESSI I m ust A Dreamer The World Is Hxne 1. VARY ANN ALEXANDER THOMAS ALLEN IOSEPHINF ALONG! A n t She Sweet You Can Depend on He Somebody Love: Me 16 . , .ng A . , Q ? bi K' V j ' I A ' ' J X A Q I-' " 5' '7' " as 'sf fe , ' R f x . .il SQA ,f f L vx Y . I vw A 5 ix Y . AUGUSTA ALSABROOK Homxny Gr1ts MARY IANE ANTONE The Nearness of You jOSEfH BACELLI SANDRA ALVAREZ Best Thing: xn Lxfe Are IOHN AMATO Free Lover Uv.. MARTHA ANTONUCCI SHARON ARCHER You Sweet One My Faollsh Heart FRANCES BAIO I m Sxttxng an Top of the World Lovely to Look At ELAINE BAIRD Goody Goody 17 vnu- rw: MARY ANN ANGELOSANTE My Blue Heaven AUDREY ARMSTRONG Ieepers Creepers ELIZABETH BAKER Aln t Mlsbehavxn DOROTHY BANKS You Belonj to My Heart 'I 62 'UIIU-s 'wi Q ff X BENNETT 1ng RODERICK BOESKIN Rambl Ang Wreck SHIRLEY BARKSDALE You Wonderful You l LE ROY BEUTEL They Dxdn t Eelxev 'PP' wwwvm GAIL BASH Comes Along a Love a lll-lg if ' ROBERT B M Easy SY G0 X WILLIAM BISHARA STANLEY HOBEK I ll Get y Fancy Free My XIV TALIVALDIS BOGIS SYLVIA BONANNI It s Been Good to Know You Bggufgful Brown Eyes ati MARY BONGIOVANNI You H Never Walk Alone 1 . M. .ea A' L W - In gi J :if ! . D ' 5 x v S fu I 7,1 A A ' Q I .3 1 ' Q' 1 V V ., F iw 'Y , f Y 'VJ AQ 'if A-34 EA' Z - 5 I X ' If ' ' ' e Me ' B In f , v1 Q ' x f.L' Q 9 "yo ' I f , ,N X , 1 X K X V JL.: -ilk' - V .3 - ,' V 5 1 . f w 18 Doxng jf' JERRY BOUDREAU What Comes Naturully MARY ALICE BOWSER Buttons and Hors AVIS BRACKEN HAVIS BRACKEN It s Dream Txme Wrap Your Troubles xn Dreams DONALD BROWN When Hy Sugar Walks doln the Stree! J Q-af .s PEARL BROWN Tell Me Why ELIZABETH BOYNTON Betty Co Ed 'K PAUL BRIGGS Keepxn Out of M1 ch 'SY P' ev BARBARA BRAAS jul! Because DANA BROWN IC Redhead RONALD BROWN IRENE BRUNER Gee' But You're Swell Hy Darlxng Q A If A ,V L ,?f! .L I Q , Q?vgE??g?? ? t , IV :'i?iLEg g - - Gu ' I x 'QI A ff ' D- L'-1 A A ,S i 'N 5 I . 4 . , , .S . f .9 ' , . Us w W 19 PL, - Z' , . f 1 BETTY BRUNO Easy to Love DOMINICK BUCCIROSSO DONALD BURRY is s... ...A if S-S 3 . ...JMW ' JOYCE BRUSS Gal in Cal BERNICE BRYANT just You jus! M HILDA BRYANT Wan!1ng You JOHN BUTLER MAURO BUZZELLI I m ln Love L st ln a og My Time Is Your Time Too Marvelous for Wards PATRICIA CABELLO ARMAAD CACCIATORE CARMELLA CACCIATORE JAVFS CADZOW Sweet Dreams V k ce Nor If You Can Get I! Little Bit of Heaven I Want to Be Ha PV -U V-" if '6 H' f Quik 115 .1 g yi!! JEANINE CALANDRELLI jeanrne I Dream of Lxlac MARGARET CALLADINE THOMAS CALLEN MILDRED CAMPBELL Txme Good News That Old Gang of Mxne Castles of Dreams MARY CARLO Dreamer s Holxday BARBARA CANTARA jomv CARELLA S0 EHSY Of' the E795 The Gypsy ln My Soul 5-R 'F v YJ Z' DOLORES CARMAN SHIRLEY CARR CONSTANCE CARRIERE Yvv Wad! M' Love You A3313 You're So Understanding 21 PA UL INE CARLO Star Dreams 1 128' fav, x 139' ROBERT CASHATT Be a Clown I ,r., T Q ff' 1' L"1,'LfXff f E ?f j, Clk! ff 4f X -' A M A f ,4 A i f 9 Kp., 3 V,i,,fg,, as Ling, f ' ,W 5.44 Lf? if A A ,, . . 1 f 1 ' ,ff M' 1411 ,X A ' X ,aff Y 1 x 0, Q. ' I V, V A 5 HM 1 , I , 1 , , j 'E' 'R R 9 ASQ My ,W A 1 E M, f N ' , -X Q . - N x XEMX ,R re X Xx x. X, RICHARD CASPER MARILYN CASTLES 'Deed I Do Maybe It's Because TERESA CENTOFANTI MARY JANE CERTO Getting to Know You I Can Dream Can t VINCENT CATANZARO Sentimental He ROSEMARIE CESARI I Rose Marie I Love You S I . If r I LOUIS CELENZO I Cover the Waterfront MAE CHIARENZO HJPPY Talk i GX T' E' PHYLLIS CHRISTIANO HELEN CICCO LOUISE CICCONE ELAINE CIHIVO Mike Believe In the Blue of Evenxng Soon Eyes that Haunt M 22 6' , Q 3 E- ' y 5- '59 A 5 vs- .H F , VVKV V Via V I 1 'S Lb idigy w, 11.8 j0ANN CIMINO PAULINE CIRAOLA ROBERT CISEK Fnxthful Forever Forget Me Not My Heart Is a Hobo on 6- My E AEM? NANCY COLANGELO MARY ANN COLOSI I Double Dare You Smrl Right Back at the Sun If When v ETHEL CLAYTON I Grow Too Old Dream MARILYN COLOSIMO PATRICIA CONNOLLY s Dream Txme Skylark fv- SUZANNE CONNOR LORRAINE CONT! SHIRLEY COOPE f- R ALECIANN CORBIERE Pretty eyed Bnby S Ieet Lorraxne Someone xn Love Infatuatxon 'E 6' XS - A f -Q Y , A ' ,V XR l V A 'K , ' to aa. 5 Q 6. , A E , ve- . Q sf' . 1 AJ x 'lift A 43 L' 2:1 Q -A it 'X -' ' .8 Xue, g i Q n X E A A f' ' 9 'X p A 1 DJ' 9 1 , -Q U9 LEONARD CORSARO Shgll Ye Dance? 6- CHARLES CRYSLER The Very Thought of You YOLETTA D ANDREA Them There Eye: 'Q' JOAN COYLE GLORIA CRAVER HARCIA CREAGH When You re Smllzng Wxshxng on a Star Sweet and Lovely JAMES CUB LLO JUDITH CULP BENNY D AMBROSIA Gonna G f 8 5111 Hey Good Lookxn Lucky Lucky He 5 PATRICK D ANNA SUZANNE DARIEN INA DAVIS Where Are You? Some Enchanted Evening You Do Something to He 24 A is I N Sv ! , X7 Yxw K ., 6 3 -. Q . I - M I y A -43 X X , I I ,L ,Q of x f - . x 1 - 5 A 'A 'L We K w My A j,4NE DAWSON You're just in Love DONALD DE FAZIO Singing in the Ra PHYLLIS DE FAZIO in I'll Remember You MARY ANN DEL MONTE ,IOSEPH DE LUCA Love You Madly jump for foe KATHRYN DEMION L1 ttle Girl -6, DOMINIC DEL BROCCO Making Whoopee ...., 'Wm IOYCE DERRICK L1 fe Is a Song IDLORES DE SALVO ELAINE DE VANTIER JAMES DEYRUP DON D1 BACCO S Wonderful Homework Stop Look and Luten Music Algggrrp Plggge 25 Q' 6 ' 1 1 Q JOHN DE BACCO RONNIE BARTDLOMEIS JANET DICK WILLIAM DICK Swznglng on A Star You the Tops Beautiful Dreamer L ok for fhe Sliver L1n1 g or Vis 'Q' MARY ANNE D1 FRANCO EUGENIA DI GIOVINE IOHN DIGIROLOMO VERLA DIHOND Let .1 Be Buddzes Dark Eyes Oh johnny One Dozen oses jf C' R "' 'tx-,Q ANN DISTEFANO ANNETTE DI VITO KATHRYN DOAN THERESA DODGE Sophxstnznted Lady Hemorles of You You re Adorable Oh' You Beautzful Doll 26 X L .L A 5. el A 6 A L, W 'lv X ,A A A A X V. b ' A' 'A DI 5 Hrs I 'T X. f . . ' F I X f ki 1 , A . , L! I 1' 1 I -'Q , N . Q' f f I' , X" L Q f 5 J 1 + 'V ,f I 'L I A N X 4 .5 A X ' ' A 4 CALVIN DONOP BARBARA DOROCHAK PATRICIA DOROS Lucky Day You Are My Sunshlne Patricia Wy Darling Patrzcx 1: "' BETH ERASMUS Oh So Nlce EDWARD DUMPHREY HERBERT EMSWELLER He and My Shadow New Sun xn the Sky FRANK EUGENI ROBERT FALCONE FRANCES FALSETTI Be Flu' Nabody's Chagxng Ne Gxrl of My Dreams 27 HK? DONALD DUFFY a I Got Rhythm IOSEPH ETOPIO Every Day Is Ladxes HERVAN FALSETTI Thanks for the Vemor Day J j, . 5 fe 5 x A up 6 A , ' I Ns V r. fx . ' f M ,Ax I i ,I 'fr Q N4 N R 0 5 r iii Q A X A 5 A ' x Wi 5 sf, 6' A ' . - A Z4 Y S . X "C , , X a X 2 1 , k K , if 7 ev, MRA N 4'6- 6- . lk' N, Y ,, VR . ,t f A J, Ill ' 5 f I lllh I urn - 'llll 2 f A f 4 7"f I cn., f S Q K Q I M rl I I ff 'i M FRANK FANTO JOEL FARUGIA Haven t Got a Worry Personality the World E GAIL FINLEY GRETCHEN FLEMING Younger than Sprzngtlme A Little Bxl Independent 3 ,4 E' MYRA FORD Moonlzght and Roses NORMAN FORBES Cruzy Rhythm , X ' f f. , ' f, A A 'MM V5.3 I LORNA FEREN MARY FERGUSON Out of thzs World Clucago gy JANET FOLDEN ELLEN FORBES Moon Glow Let A Snule Be Your Umbrella pe rv: 6 RICHARD FORD FRANCES FRACHELLA s Great to Be Alive Knee Deep xn Stardust I ,.,. fa. 9 'sl x x ' A ,A A of A- ' I F '- " K KJ lr If , K , . X 1 X K, A ' . .1 15 W '71 ' It' ' ' 28 JOSEPHINE FRATTAROLI lt s a Blue War d WURIEL FRITTON Lxnger Awhxle gf Nxvj 'Z' s JOHN GABRIELE Hy Flckle Heart A, d AJ' 1 f,l,f7,f7','f Z? fff V BEVERLY FREEMAN Wish You Were Here EDWARD FROUHERT Dream a Llttle Dream JOSEPH FRESCINO FEDINA FRIONA D n t Cry oe One Alone XXX SANTO FRUSCIONE JANE GABRIELE Strxng Along When Hearts Are Young -55? 1 Mx LILLIAN GARABEDIAN With a Sang xn Ny Heart 2 JUANN GARDNER BERNARD GAREY Satlsfled RSHECF 3 Sons f ANNA MAE GARVEY Life Can Be Beautiful FRANCES GIANNONE Velvet Moon RICHA Happy and Fr ee JEAN GERAMN JOSEPH GERMELE I Wanna ge Loved Life Is just a Bowl of Cherrles HENRY GIARDINO MROTHY GILBERT Who Knows? MARY GIRARDO In the Mood .lust Ima I n... RONALD GIANCOLA Gay Sp 1 r 1 t s gxne 'R' ZA 92 Z' ::::: :::: :::S: -f,,.,.'5 2.12 fi RD GODINO HENRY GONZALEZ BARBARA GOODWIN I m Bashful I s a Han s War d 30 BARBARA GORDINEER I m In the Mood for Love 53- 5' N I ,1 K' X ' U, K V R B ,f A Eff Q A fi ff Q f A X N f ' f X 1 'I I 3 Vx' If N L' .X N' x iff Xffi mi 4 ! V 1 fQ?:u Xl I f " rf at I I R 75 Eg L' ' R , . if K 'Au V' N A I Nh' 1 -k', - , t. . . I , . JOAN GORDON Mellncholy Baby X NORMA GRINNEN Sol: texre NANCY HARE Because af You ELEANOR GRAHAM DEYILLO GRAY DELORES GREEN V9 Told EVGYY Llttle Star just Live for Today Down the Rxver of Dreams CATHERINE GUERIN Nlght and Day DOROTHY GULLE Y GEORGE HAMPTON Might As Well Be Sprzng Fools Rush In NATALIE HARTENBERGER DONALD HAZLETT PAUL HENDRICK Gentlemen Prefer Blonde: L1 fe Gets Tedxoua Button Up Your Overcoat 31 1,2 , . V, ' . V , K ' - if Q I ' If , jk. ,. . . A 4 C ,f K X ' -Q s ' . V , 5 I ,E A L' 4 Y at A . . . It , , . 2 - 1 5 ' .1 - I , 4 , T T' i , DUANE HENNEUAN LORRAINE HEWITT NARJORIE HICKS All the Thin!! Y0U Af? ll See You ID My Draanl Suddenly It a Spring 915 Heaven Can Wax! JUSTINA HODICK You d Be So Nice to Come Home To gee You Lovely Lady ,f'9Xs- HAROLD HOLDER MARVA HOLLAND I Dream of jeanne Stairway to the Stars 32 ARTHUR HILL Home on the Range You Are But a Dream LESTER HOOPER Lester jumps In 0- ' n s K , . 7' . I, , , . vfi. X 5 Q , , 12 ' L' I i ',,, -1 f X, 7 f V T K, ? A Q 'ii PATRICIA HILL h ix HIXON IULII HLAYENKA NORRINE HOAK ' 4 XX of If I Hall , m . 'L G, . 1 if X fx. lqgwr K, X K ' 5. A 7 - vi A .1 ' L -2 0 , L1 Q' 'Wg f ' ' 1 If! A , 'jfaf V, V WIP BETTY HOUSE IANICE HOUSER DORIS HUFF MARILYNN HUFF I Only Have Eyes for You And the Angels Sing Street of Dreams Roses ln Wxntertzme ALMA HUGHART I ll Be Fezthlul 4 - - fro Ti WIP' IOHN IACKSON A Fellow Needs a Gxrl AVA HUGHART LOUISE HUNT ll Be Seeing You The Muni! Love MARY ANN JACKSON Hooray for Love WILMA JACKSON Red Sells zn the Sunset NEAL HUNTER Five Nxnutes More DELORES IAGOW Honest and Truly FRANK JANESE I Don t Want to Set the World on Fxre SARAH JOHNSON Two Sparkling Eyes G-J NANCY JAQUISH Skater s Waltz X DONALD jOHNSTON One of These Days JAMES JOSEPH JR THOMAS JUSTICE Full of Fun and Fancy Free M JOSEPHINE JASEK Come josephxne ln My Flying Machine -Hu.. fini' MARISTINE JESS Two Little Men on a Flyxng Saucer lm HAZEL JOLSON MARY ELIZABETH JONES You Beautiful Redhead Tell W NANCY KACZYNSKI WADAD KARAM Touchdown U S A Nancy with the Laughing Face Slawpoke STANLEY KARP JAMES KAZEN 'hy th, 1 go,-,,a Young Mqn W1 th a Horn 6 CLARICE KELLY Great Day for the 'X- Irlsh MARY ELLEN KELLY Has Anybody Here Seen Kelly 1 BETTY JEAN KING Sm: les j0YCE KNOX GEORGE KOSUT x 11' 5'v X' PAUL KIRBY WILLIAM KLAHS WILLIAM KNIGHT Louxse The Good Humor Han I m Late 1 HARJORIE KOTARBA RICHARD KOWALSKI Florida Georgxe Pargle Crazy over Horses Lover Man 35 A qi is . bf f- ,I M . A Y .1 IF ' A at , , ' ,, i A ' J fi Y 9 N y . nv 1 . I ' It's n ' F 'x W J - f I! 1 'xr 5 S Rx XX ' X 48 5. , . nb G A A I' s 5 ' 5 A A f ' ' 5 . nn' X '. 'N f E ' x MARVIN KRANITZ STANLEY KRAWCZYK Don t Glve Up the Ship Take Ne Out to the Ballgame HELEN KRUPA Wishing wr Q, ADRHAN LATHAM Haunted Heart al C' HELEN KURILOVITCH Mxlllon Dollar Baby WILLIAM LAUZONIS Bill REGINA KRELL In the Blue Canadxan ROCRIQS ANNE KRIZAN By the L1ght the Sxlvery Moon '65, MARILYN LAKE RICHARD LARABA Could Wrxte a Book Vagabond Shoes QQ!! iii FLORENCE LAVIGUEUR Heart and Soul 1 fERRY LEIFER Breexing Along with the Breeze -ra. W6 .7 'W'- STELLA LIGAMMARI CARMELLA LIPARI CONNIE LEO BERT LEUPPIE Stella by Starlzghf Pretty Baby Cindy Trylng l S- 1- 1400 GERALD LORE MARIA LUCIANI BERNICE LUKE MARIE LONGO Yours Slncerely You Were Never Lovelxer TOUCICYU' F1ne and Dandy Jim 12' JACOUEI-YN LYON SHERIDAN MAC FAYDEV MARY MAC IVER IOSES MACKLIN DBHCIHS Fee! Many Happy Returns Blue Skzes y An thxng Goes 37 1 , -' 8 A o 5' I , V, 3? 1 Hr X X N X if ' , X X f X H ...Q 1. 5 v 0 44 F E lil L-I - Ns OG Ns I 'Q I 'C P' 0 O R' - Q 5- fl 75 D . 3 U' 0 I ELA INE MADA Y 'T' RN 1 BARBARA MAINS A11 by Mysuf Q IOANNE MALLAMACI Sprzng Is Here ANN MANNARINO ROGER MANNERBERG SAMUEL MANTELL CONSTANCE MANUSE Over the Rainbow Easy Lxvxng Moody s Mood for Love Pretty Gxrl Is Lxke a Melody WILLIAM MARCIN SUSAN MARIANO 053141-DINE MARINO just Plzun B111 Sree! Sue jult You I ve Lost My Heart 8 iw JOANNE MARINO St urdus t 2 , Q A A1 1 'X X 'Ss A 'lk 4 g Qi 7 Sr l X., V , V Y- ' I x A f A , A 2 f , ' :ui 2 I A ,V A ei ' A '. " 0- -' fe ,3 2 of wifi I ' L. fi .A . . . , A , , Y QV R 1" I , S , Nr 0 , If , ' . C5 . ,V f V of fl A 9 3 .9v-- if 4? Y' ART MARKUSON jR j0HN MARNON JR NORMA MAROON FRANCES MARRA I m Forever Blowxng Bubbles Sunday Drxvxng It s Great to Meet a Frxend Deghnatxcn Moon -. 'Q W i ,JAMES MARSH LOUISE MARTINEZ ROSE MARTINEZ DONALD MARTINUCCI Flzp s Baogxe Lady of Spain Say S S Do I Worry? 'Bu- BARBARA WARUCA MICHAEL UASHOIAN IERAULD MASON JOAN MASON Lzttle M135 Mxschie In a Sentxmental Mood Babyface G G 3 a.. L ,, 4 f 'f' ! N if 'S , 44' ' 1 , L '. , ,, V, V' If 'rl , I J , .1 1" , I I I A ,. 444'-Q H V"' ar X I f fa 'I , I ' Q ef-. 2 ' Q if W ,XS A P 3 if , - .14 -If-" ' , , , V gp .L,, ffgv A v R? ' ' ' ' 1 i , 1 3 ' , 4 , ' , ' I. ' ' f ' . 0, o, Go 9 RICHARD MASSARO Busybody DOROTHY MATUSZEWSKI Exactly Lxke You VARY VASTROMATTEO a B g W1 e Wonderful World WANDA MATYIAS Body and Soul HAT LEE HCDONALD RICHARD UCGRATH IR Hopscotch Polka Sound Off m 2' ,ii Hymn ALBERT VATSULAVAGE At Your Command BARBARA MAUK Danclng In the Dark 7 I '4'-I5 JEAN HCGREEVY Tulxps and Heather 'E' LILLIAN MATTUCCILLI My Dream Is Yours 'vow NORVA MAURO I Got the Blues gn FRANCIS HCKENNA The Heather nn the Hzll 6 S' Sw y ' - 14:0 A x I I . ' X X , U, X 1 ' ' QL 4 Vlfngg I I!'S A I , 'd , I I , J' 3. . at f "' , IS K' N gf it Q A A I X , , "5 V A -X I :HL a , A X1 . 4. 1 9. N 75A J 6- ' Af' ' 40 6. Q , n IAN HCPHERSON Fl1ng If ROBERT MELONE -QU5 KARLA MEEKER And There You Are 1' SHEfLA MEFFORD Lazy Bones ROBERT MEOGROSSI LILLIAN MEZHIR A Wonderful Guy Slap That Bass Cocktaxls for Two kk RICHARD HELNOTTE Why Can t You Behave ,s FRANK MICALE Oh Lady Be Good T' x .ff CONNIE MILLER MARILYN VICKIELSON DOMINIC MIGLIAZZO ROSE NIHICH VICRCY Dream a Lzttle Dream of Me Good Han Is Hard to Find Drxftxng and Dreamxng 1 -1 DANA MILLER You re a Sweetheart 'Ev- Nw DIANE HOLAK My Dx une MARLENF MOORE Coque I t e ROBERT MILLINGTON ANTHONY MINICUCCI RONALD MODI Dreamer with A Penny Sonny Boy xrls xr s xr L! DOROTHY MOLAK JOHN HOORADIAN EDITH MOORE The unshlne of Your Smile School Days Great Day ROSE MARIE WORREALF SYLVII HOPRISON -IEAN VORTIHFR Rose Rose I Love You W th a Smzle and a Song I m us! Wzlri about Har ,V 42 Q5 C' 7, G, 3. 1 V wr f E X ' Y' I G' , G' I , G' Is 45 Us E Jn uv Sb ,. J ,X X Xu, '. O t , 'V , , A . Y K H XX, W N F x h ,bl Exif Q XS! . , 'IW ' UN, -- ' ' , i ' , ' j " r NOREEN MDSOLF Blue Velvet iw 3'1- EM M R1 15 0 Z 3: NS O: X 1 FREDERIC NAGLE And So to Sleep Agaxn ELIZABETH MRYGUD You Must Have Been n Beautiful Bnby Q In PAUL MUSCARELLA Neighbor ELIZABETH NASSOIY My Best to You 43 BEVERLY MUELLER Wonderxng ,4lllll IEAN MUSSARI You Go to My Head SN-Q. JANET NORRIS ust a Memory CLAYTON MUGFORD Whlsperlng ALICE MYERS What Could Be Sweeter Than You SHIRLEY NORTON I Wake Up Smxllng 5' X 5' ,- X I O JN i "A ' 71412 V . NE i '. ggi N I A V .x Q 'w . 1 A A A A ,Q tf A A A A W' A A ff Q - I fi' ' 15139: : . , iq -X' f 4 ' igmxgygem, Q+4i+ Q A' Jg ' ' . 'A -, A 1 e Hi ' , P . V Q- J . I , if N 4 3 Q . .4 4 3 1 U L . . 2 V - ' J . , qw al' GAYLE NUSSBAUM My Heart Belongs to You JEAN NUSSBAUM Moonlight Becomes You 7 'T PATRICIA ORTNER Would You Believe lt9 'R 16' DOROTHY PACZYNSK1 ELEANOR O DONNELL My Wild Irish Rose 76 PETER PALMERI just n Cheerful Little Enrful All for Love 95. if 5 ALBERT PIONESSA, IR. Louis PAONESSA Carefree DYDIHOI 'Eur 51 PHYLLIS O GRADY When Irish Eyes Are Smiling ELISEO PALONI Because You re You 'Q' PARNELLA IXJUGLAS PA SCHKE Music, Music, Music Pigskin Polka BARBARA PASCIAK Always Leave Them Laughxng PATRICIA PAWLOWSKI Blue Rxbbon Gal 91 RITA PASEK Start the Day vlth Song ADA PEARCE Thinking of You LUCILLE PASSERO Small Fry SARAH PECORARA Zlng a Little long RONALD PAYLAK If I Had My Way VINCENT PELLEGRINO I Hear Muslc 6- FRED PENUAN MARY PENMAN RONALD PERA JERRY PERHAN W at ll 1 0? I Mug: Be Dregmgng Enjoy Yourself I m Not Afrald 45 BARBARA PETTIGREW ust the Way You Are ra- Hhrx WALTER PETTIT High an the List 'C' dlllv Qt jAMES PHILLIPS MARIE PIRINELLI Happy Ti mes Mad about the Boy Delores Congratul ,I ua DELORES PfTARI HELEN PfZZUTI DIANA FLETCHER STEPHEN PLUNER1 ations Someone Llke You Don t Fence Me I 8. 1 ,f 'E' s NN. HEVRIETTA FOTEMPA JOAN POLLARD LORETTA PONZI SAAR PORRATH TYUC All Dressed Up to Smxle Hengh Ho It s a Good y , f- 415 1 IVY PRENTICE Ivy ,ft ,pus ROSALIE PROIETTE April xn Parr 3 DON PRESUTTI Trumpeter s Lullaby 'D' CATHERINE PREVITE MACARIO PROCOPIO Parsdlse I Love Life 1 N' gg-v" 27 Z jACK PUCCI B11 Boy Salxtude IARY PULITO LOIS QUIIBY NANCY RASPA Mary Is a Grand Old Nnme A1'BYl Le!'s Have A PnrtY GERALD PUGRANT ROBERT PUGRANT Roll Out the Barrel KU RICHARD REDLINE It Ain't Necesslrily So li- VICTOR REICHFRT That Old Black Hngz 1 VERNA RIZZO With My Head OID Vin ln the Clouds DONALD REITER DOROTHY REITER Whxstle Whzle You Work 1 Love You Truly MPV' ws 'US PHYLLIS ROBACKER ELIZABETH ROBIN5 It s Only a Paper Moon Confesslng IAHES ROBIS HAR1 Strxctly Conf1dent1a1 Always ou ANGIE RFSTAINO You Are Love N017 ' 1-...L BETTY ROBINSON Dream Oh RODRIGLFZ ROSE ROMANO ROBERT ROSENSTEIN Y Oh Babe Speedlzner 48 6 2,01 ' X M. 1 N 41' iv I .LJ W Y A ! , , QM WVU! A v 9 5' 'W 'f as L Y X 4, S.- Nw. f '-... , R gr W L 1 L , L .f 6 Q 9' sz .X . , r LLC, L4:aV, ff . A T? " . 8. .. BRUCE ROSOKOFF RONALD ROTOLO SYLVIA ROUSSI BARBARA ROVNER Funny East of the Sun Stay as Sweet as You Are You d Be Hard to Forget was f"""'k DORIS ROYER JANET RUSCITTO Lovely Day Tomorrow I Understand 3 My 'W LLCILLE RUSCITTO Beyond the Blue Hor ,iq VARIE SALCICCIOLI zzon The Kuss ln Your Eyes FRAVCES SAVSALONE LEO SARIAN IOHN SARKISSIAN COVSTANCE SARKOS G t a Kxck out ol u R1d1ng Hxgh Wake Lp and Lxve Dedxcated to You K M I f -A A fr , f R , X x Q gg It s a ' ' ' f Q L ' 3 ff - H 9 , 0 '- x r . ' E X V R 3 ' Q 1 q 4 A X L . f 6 , . A I yo . . .I , l V , A A I I 49 JOSEPHINE SAVINO jasephxne lease D n t lean an the Bell 1' FRANK SCALETTA There Is Nothxng like a Ame BEVERLY SCHMIDLI Unforgettable ELIZABETH SCHUL SALVATORE SCLAFANI RICHARD SCOTT When You Wish U n St ,K O GEORGIA CCHROEDFR Georg1a Is on My M n MARY SCOZZAFAVA po a ar Flamingo You Ought to B in P1ctures We t V T NORHA SCRIVANO june january e e anxght ln Dreamland ,r ALMA SEPE LOUISF SHAKAPIIAN WIILIE SHAKESPEAPI I Get Ideas 50 L the Rest S ngxng a Song to the itars of the World Go By ROBERT SKOWRONSKI Boulevard of Broken Dream: ELLEN SODANO Spellbound IOAN SPILSBURY Magrc Is the Moonlxght IAMES SMITH Smxlxn Through CLOYD SOWERS IR Don t Worry About GERALD STACK Laughing on the Outside 1' NORMA SMITH Underneath the Stars FRANCES SPADORCIA Know You Is to Love You qv 1x4 SHIRLEY SMITH So Rare CLIFFORD SPARKS How I Love the Kisses of Delores RUTH STAGG ELIZABETH STAHL Dance Ballerina Dance Star Eyes TERESE STANEK You Are Too Beaut1 'C7' GRETCHEN STROUGH D4d You Ever See n Dream Walkxng7 :N 'I af DOROTHY STOCKWELL Because 1 qpsuf WILBUR SWICK Kxss of Fzre MM ar-5 if Q' 5 'T 'x ff ,ZX x f 4 " ' ,J :,' A, I .-ff! W'm ff! Zigi? GEORGE STROTT Runn1ng Wild IRENE STREHBLE Serenade EQUILLA SYKES GEORGIA SWIFT NY Buddy Candy and Cake ANTHONY TALLARICO JOAN TARGOSZ Seexn' Is Bellevxn' Bgcg use You're Hxne BERNARD TATO DARLENE TAYLOR He's Tha! Kind Of B GUY So Near and Yet So Far 53 M A 9 J, ,W ' ,V 'I L New-Y' . . any J 1 m'.v f ' ,, 5' A 2' li ,Q.', '11 ' Y gg ' ,4'?W- e 4i1, X 3 L32HJi:4:' gfa 2JwnE.x 4' ' 325' 'E -'2ii:ffq1i1ijf-2. ,L V' ' :1 7Q'fif4fjfLifi 1 f .,.. J A ' " ,i'17s5Le5f555 2 'xi 2lw wwifiiaki ff5H3i52 iw' i fa ..-41111911-.f ?f'Si'ii1':s.fl12+'.- ' 1 f 1' " ' 52 3 55- -5 'ful ' 4 . 6' in- , 'uv 145 W f K I I ' T f S Sap 2 x I 0 I .xl 1 t 7 g tb , .IACQUELINE TECCHIO D1dn t Know What Time It MARILYN TERRYBERRY Weaver of Dreams Q G- ROBERT TEETO Smooth Sa1l1nl ..,N. IOANNE THOMAS The Breeze and W.. ik tu '29 in! T j0HN TELA TNIK DONALD TERRYBERRY IllGet y fn. RICHARD THOMAS As Time GOD! By Up a Lazy River tn..- CLAYTON THOMPSON Shuffle Off to Buffalo HERBERT TIMBERLAKE, IR. HARLENE TOIYNSEND NORMAN TOWNSEND Tnme on My Hand! Dancing in the Moon Stout Hearted Men RONALD TRA INA Bo I c ha N n BRUCE TRA UGO TT BARBARA TREMHLEY WALTER TRZENSK1 fudy Keep Your Sunny Side Up I gf 11 I 09 we ,bw ELEANOR UCCI MICHAEL UDU1' One Love Do I Worry CARMELLA YITULLO jAMES VOLPE No One But You You re an Old Smoothxe ,ff ELEANOR YANDERHOFF Aren t You Glad You re You? TQ CONSTANCE TUBINIS Best of All FRANCES VILLELLA I Dream of You ALICE WADOWSKI DALE WAGONER Paxntxng the Clouds On Wings of Song vxth Sunshine is .' OS 3 ., A , l V J .ff 5? A- . if ' n ' n. M' ' YN I A Y: I 1, , 'R ' 'N fgh n S, , A 5- QR3 M .f A I 4 N" 55 1 .ff YY JOAN WARSZAWSKI How Cute Can You Be? HELEN WALTERS Lover Come Back to Me ,JH fb. STANLEY WEGRZYN jANE WELCH 6010! HY WHY Be Bop Spoken Here i- OM . .... j PATRICIA WEST WILLIAM WESTCOTT When Did You Leave Heaven, My Destiny ADELE WASIEWICZ DAVID WATSON Somedsy Sveethenr Hlcycle Eu1lt for Two RICHARD WENGZYA If I Could Tell ou AUDREY WENDT a Gxrl Now GLORIA WHITTLE JOAN WIELOSZYNSKI You Have Everything X Blyk H0011 x so s 1 , X x X, V- N,, . ' 1 x Q 9 N' X' .Wx sf' H1 J EDWARD WILL IAM5 Racxng wxth the Moon MARIAN WILSON Hpppxness Is a Thing Called joe WANDA YILLIAMSON m STEVE IINKIEWICZ Undecxde JOYCE YISHART Serenade In Blue PATRICIA WOOD Daddy s Llttle Gxrl r 1? AUDREY WILSON FRED WILSON Thxnk ol Me A GUY IS I Guy nb Six ,f ,Wav 5.1 ROBERT WINTERS The Darlxnj ol My Heart T' x'The Gxrl That I Harry Z Vgyn IINQWDSZY U t YILLIAH YORRELL IENDY WOZNTAK H9 l I 10117 Good PC1107 There ll Never Be Another You 57 , S- - E fi' ' X . If 1 b W 1 . , Q E.-4, A ' , , ji . 5 . 65 I j r, I ' f' z V A p " lfqf ' 5 Q -11:4 'r ,-5, IA b 5 M , . , d , . . E . C ' - , C -ds. , v 5' ' q 1-N 1 - -xalai ln- 1. x x NANCY WRIGHT Now Is the Haut GARY YOUNG Hero .f Ili c Jilva. jo.4N Ikon!-:L Someone to Watch Over Me DOROTHY ZACCARELLA Short and Sweet BARBARA WYCOFF Among My Souvenxrl PAUL ZAIDEL Peg of My Heart cur fi! DAVID YOUNG lould You Believe It' 55- -an--' DAVID ZEY Now and Then Sn, ll!!! ilu ARNOLD ZIHNER ANITA ZISKE VALERIE ZITO ROBERT BRENNAN HIS FCC!! T00 Bl! fvf the Bed Heartbrenker You and Your Benutxful Eyes Happy Dry: NOT PICTURED E'-'Bene Clerk Andrew Dutko Robert Hunan Jacob Yxllxnms ,Q L 2 xl gr Q N X D,f A x ' gy ' in : ' S ' f 5 V u . , 4 I 'P .5L n , i .Ki of A . 5 My -6 9 A A - 4. w f X X . Y 58 Senior Class History ROM their junior high homes of Gaskill-on-Hyde, South-on-Port, and North-on- Cleve, a half thousand young pages came to our renowned castle to enter their train- ing for the knighthood. The young pages, not knowing what to expect in the line of duty and service were informed by the Honorable Mr. W. Jack and Miss B. Ballinger. Page Justice was elected to the noble ranks of vice-president of the castle, an honor be- stowed on few. Pages Farugia, Buzzelli, D'Ambrosio and DeLuca were also raised to the high posi- tion of leaders. By popular votes they became: president, vice-president, secretary and treasurer, respectively. Ten weeks of blood, toil, sweat, tears, and confusion came to an end, with our hon- orable football team having battled for a championship tie. With the winter blizzards howling about the cold stone ramparts, the field of competition moved to the inner court. Sir "Doc" Parsons led his basketball team thru 7. 1 hours of combat on the dangerous courts within the league. , Anno Domini 1951 the court physician, Blood-letter Mc Carney, decreed that our class had the strongest eardrums. It was proved by actual count that only 2596 of our class had suffered from ruptured eardrums at the close of the Chateau de-La Salle basketball tournament. The Pages as well as the Squires-to-be witnessed the gracing of the auditorium with a harpsicord, sometimes called the piano. The second year as Squires brought forth many new experiences. In the early part of the year the members of the court provided for the enjoyment of all, a great production, "The First Year, " directed by Sir Frank Baggalay. This was the year another trophy was added to the trophy case of the football team. To help raise money for the castle all of the 2nd year squires put forth all of their efforts to selling subscriptions, in order to raise funds for the needs of the castle. We are now approaching the threshold of Knighthood and having reviewed the fun we have enjoyed and the work we have accomplished in our castle during the last two years, we realize the importance of these activities in our training. Sam Sheusi, Chairman Gretchen Fleming Marcia Creagh 2 Seniors Class Statistics C E, the chief mathematicians of the castle, have polled the senior squires of the court and have brought to life the following information: Of the 538 members of our court, 246 are boys and 292 are girls. Most of us are seven- teen years of age, although there are three infants of fifteen and two old men in their early thirties in our midst. The average weight of the Lancelot is 151. 8 pounds, of the Guineveres-119 pounds. Com- bined, our court weighs fifteen and one-half tons and is 28, 497 inches tall. Lancelot, under his heavy armor, wears a size 19 sock and Guinevere wears a size 105. Each girl eats 1. 48 sandwiches for lunch and each boy eats 5, 766. The latter figure is caused by a certain athletic figure who needs 1, 000, 000 sandwiches a day to keep in shape for football practice. In combining these figures, we discovered that the court consumed 128, 045 sandwiches a year or approximately 38, 413, 500 calories. 247 students were satisfied with the presidential election. 291 were not. Many expressed their satisfaction that Howdy Doody had won. When the Lancelots and Guineveres cuddle up in front of Merlin's Crystal Ball, their thoughts most often turn to "I Love Lucy" followed by "Howdy Doody, " "Martin and Lewis, " and "Arthur Godfrey. " When spinning discs, 172 prefer Toscanini, 20? Stan Kenton, 57? Patti Page or Don Cornell, and 696 Red Foley. 149 members of the court wear glasses. 4696 of the girls have medium length hair, and most of them wish it were jet black in color. This explains the wide use of peroxide and other bleaching agents. Our football team won the greatest number of jousts by amassing 1855 yards rushing 487 yards passing, and completing 30 out of 84 passes. Our favorite sport is basketball, followed by football, swimming and baseball in that order. Our favorite foods are spaghetti, turkey, steak Sz pie, with many expressing a preference for lasagna, calamadie and pizza. 16. 031, of the court go steady. Only 8. 9? own their own car. 257 like pegged pants but the other 281 do not. Squares. Most of the students walk to school, with bus Ka car a close second and third. Some of our more fortunate members arrive by dogsled, rickshaw, or stagecoach. One youth with modern ideas travels by jet-propelled pogo stick. And now, we drop our heavy pens and wearily make our way back to our remote tower to rest our blank minds and bodies. Beth Erasmus, Chairman Joan Mason Paul Hendrick Barbara Sidenberg STATISTICIANS B. Sidenbergg B. Erasmus: 1. Mason: C. Carriereg P. Hendrick X S, Q N 0 'X R- X X r .1 Q xx -XQECT rs. X -v 7 R . . . so 'l xl.. Class Prophecy C ERLIN of K1ng Arthur s Court gazes mto h1s crystal ball and fa1ntly sees images of people People are crowded 1n the streets and cheers of exc1tement echo throughout the town Ar r1v1ng 1n this l1ttle town is the Maharalah of the "Mosolf Islands John Mooradian Among the banners and streamers decoratmg the town can be not1ced a large plaque upon which IS written Melnottevllle, founded by Rlchard Lavay Melnotte 1n the year 1980 A D ' W1th the Maharajah IS the pr1me mimster, Rlchard Kowalskx and his dancing g1rls, Frances Vlllella Conme Manuse, Nancy Kaczynski Shirley Shap1ro a.nd the pr1me minister s favorite, the 6XOt1C Harem da.ncer, Tom J ust1ce The Chancellor Herbert Emsweller has under his super v1s1on the Harem which conslsts of Al1ce Wadowsk1, Jean Di Giov1ne, Kay Demmon, A1106 Myers and Gretchen Fleming The Maharajah IS bemg greeted by Mayor Rosenstem and IS presented the key to the c1ty by the city s most prom1nent soc1al1te, Joanne Marino The processlon moves down the street to Z1to Hall The Maharalah and h1s guests are led to seats of honor at the banquet table Among the celebr1t1es not1ced are Joan WICIOSZYDSKI famous pian1st, Norrme Hoak, foot spec1al1st and Vmcent Pellegrxno, false teeth constructor The vo1ce of the MaharaJah IS heard dlstinctly by Merl1n and the members of the court as he tells that h1s 1slands are owned by the m1llionaire, Ga1l Bash Walters Port the capztal of the Islands 1ncludes Volpe Theater where at the present time Leonard Corsaro is recreatmg dances done by the great Valent1no Every week end the theater presents a Jam session featuru1g Don Duffy and h1s cool band, w1th Lee Arm Murphy as star VOC3.1lSt Pr1ncess Gretchen Strough of the Islands, her ladies in waitmg Mary Ann Colos1, Patricra Cabello Mary Carlo, and Dolores Carman are well known for their harp and z1ther band Tele v1s1on IS very popular The ma1n statlon IS C B S QCasper, Baccelll and Strottl Some of the popular programs are Ballet Tlme wxth Herman Falsett1 and Cossie Alessi All Star Humor ous Garey" w1tl1 B111 B1shara, Dolores De Salvo and Donald Brown, and the famous western pro gram, Sklp Along Falcone ' featurxng Dangerous Bob and h1s two sldekicks Saddle Royer and Terrlble De Fazlo The most popular commercials are Fearless Perman gum Del Monte plckled cereal Bruno chlorophyll toothpaste a.nd Porrath C1g2.I'S When a gay evemng IS des1red, there 1S the Club Palmeri to go to where such stars as Frances Frachella, torch smger, Maman W1lson, toe dancer and Sher1dan MacFayden, lmpersonator per form mghtly If lt IS popular music you want to hear, the Islands are the flrst to introduce them At Burry s Musxc Store you may buy records by any famous vocal1st or band A few of the records most 1n, demand are by Tess Stanek, the "gone one and Rom1y Brown, this year s ' Mar1o Lanza Good food IS plent1ful One can buy a lusc1ous Sw1ft ham at any of the grocery stores owned by Rose Romano and Bruce Rosokoff If a person is sport s minded he may watch football at Hendrlck Stadlum, where J olm D1g1rolomo, Benny D Ambroslo, Doug Pashke, Armand Cacc1a tore and George Hampton always supply exclting football games Durlng the half you can buy Wr1ght s popcorn at Kazen s concess1on As the MaharaJah continues, he states that the Islands are up to date 1n everythmg They even have a b11l collect1ng agency owned and operated by Nancy Raspa If there are shoes to be repa1red, favorable servlce IS the motto of Godmo s Cobbler Shoppe There, one may even get a shoeshme from Vlctor Rerchert or John Carella Famous throughout the world IS Coyle Park noted for 1tS statues At the entrance 1S a statue of Judy Culp th1rty s1xth pres1dent Next to It IS a statue of James Ph1ll1ps who d1scovered the formula for p1tless peaches, but the most prom1nent statue IS that of Dom Bucc1rosso, the lover The newspaper IS owned and operated by Fred Penman Star reporters are Beth Eras mus and Ela1ne Baxrd Wlth Wanda W111l3.H1SOn X t F i G- i - 61 mi - , . . . . 0 - . . . . . ,, , . . . . H . . . , 0 . . . . . . , 1' t 2 . - . , . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ' x . 1 . , c , n Q o . . D - . - . . . . . . tl - n - ' . ff , ' Q 6' n , n ' u n . . . . . . , , . . V 0 , . . . - 77 . 7 r ' 9 2 . . 9 ' 9 . . . . , . . - . . , , . . . . 1. A1 ' 1 r . . . 7 ' - . . - 'I E A. Zimmer: A. Myers: I. Coyleg F. Frachellag T. Stanekg B Rovner CLASS PROPHECY CContinued from pg. 611 in charge of the social page and Al Paonessa in charge of the marriage and obituary sections. Headlines of the day are: Bob Melone Elected!! In a recent election, Bob, well known politician and lawyer, defeated the beautiful Congresswoman Barbara Rovner for the office of palace piano tuner. The bus line is owned by Dana Brown. One of these islands contains the homes of the famous dress designers Leo Sarian, Rnmiie DiBart, and Edward Dumphrey, whose designs are known as "the creations. " The new designs are usually introduced at Madam Longo's Dress Salon. Star model is Therese Dodge, well known beauty. Recently the best-dressed women of the year were selected. They were: Ann Distefano, Gerry Marino, Wanda Matyjas, Josephine Alongi and Marie Pirinelli. At Amato's Men's Shop, star models are: Ronny Traina, Jerry Mason and Norman Latham. At Lore's Aqua Theater, you may meet many famous 'swimming stars such as: Bob Pugrant, Rita Pasek, J erry Pugrant and Henrietta Potempa. If one has talent, one may visit the Pitari Talent Studio. Many stars are members of the studio club. Some of them are: Sharon Archer, writer of the hit song "Street of Schemes", the tap team of Don and John Di Bacco and Wendy Wozniak, a girl violin wonder. The Maharajah stops to consume a little Mashoian soda water and then continues his talk. On the Islands there are many tall buildings constructed by the great builder of the time, Cloyd Sowers and designed by Clayton Mugford. The famous Cadillac plant on Nussbaum Avenue is owned by the Cadillac magnate, Arnold Zimmer, whose cars are tested by Jack Marnon, dare- devil driver. 'I'here is great competition on the Islands since James Cubello opened his automobile factory. Mauro Buzzelli is designing him a car with wings. From the tobacco picked on the large plantations, famous cigarettes are made. The newest of these is Fanto's "triple threat size. " When the sun shines brightly, many of the inhabitants go to Spadorcia's Beach to relax. There on the beach sits Jerry Stack, famous bathing suit designer, surrounded by his models, Barbara Maruca, Norma Smith, Barbara Gordineer and Barbara Cantara. All of these models use "Sparks" cologne manufactured by Traugott and Company. The largest bookstore in the world is located on Targosz Street. Topping the list of best sel- lers is "Pm Always Flippin' " by James Marsh. Another new invention is the calender designed by Joel Farugia. The cover features the exotic and beautiful Joan Mason. Every cent of the Islands' money is in the hands of the Kranitz Bank whose treasurer is Joe Etopia. The radio has not entirely died since TV came into the picture. There is still one pro- gram left-"J azz with Jane Welch. " The opera house owned by Marcia Creagh feat1u'es such re- nowned singers as: Fred Nagle, Dorothy Zaccarella, Art Markuson, and the star vocalist Lillian Garabedian. Supplying the music is Louis Celenzo and the exciting harp and organ player, Sarah Pecorara. Wrestling is very popular among the Island people. Many matches take place at Doan Square Garden. Some of the more famous wrestlers are: Stan Krawczyk, Richard Thomas, Bob Meo- grossi and Harold Holder. Referees are Natalie Hartenberger and Shirley Barksdale. A well knovm landmark on the Islands is the Savino Mansion, which is surrounded by the most beautiful garden in the world, landscaped by Robert Cisek. The newest movies are always shown, such as "Quo Lipari" starring Carmella, Bernard Tato and Neal Hunter. "Since You Came Back" with Regina Krell, Mary Ferguson and Norman Forbes, and the academy award winner "Hunt's Folly" with Louise, Anita Ziske, and Diane Molak are two more of the features. In Ford's Library, books by the noted writers Yoletta D'Andrea, Diane Pletcher and Dorothy Molak are preserved. As the Maharajah ends his talk, suddenly a groan is heard, something has happened!! The Maharajah slumps down in his chair. We see Dr. Barbara Sidenberg jump up from her chair. Nurse Dorothy Matuszewski rushes to the Doctor's assistance. Darkness strikes and it is no longer possible for Merlin to gaze into his crystal ball. Thus the future can no longer be revealed to us. PROPHETS Tess Stanek, Chairman Frances Frachella Barbara Rovner Ioan Coyle Arnold Zimmer Alice Myers ,N Hem, asf 1 estamcnt He- L W 'll asc T c E, the knights of Pine Portage Castle, after having survived a thirteen year crusade for that noble cause of education, now pause briefly on the threshold of a new campaign to bequeath our earthly belongings to the noblemen and servants of the kingdom. Being of sound mind and discerning intellect, we deem it fitting and proper to declare and publish this as our last will and testament. Article I -- Article II -- Article HI -- Item 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Item Item Item Item Item Item 8 9 Item Item Item 10 Item 11 Item 12 Item 13 Item 14 Item 1 5 Item 16 Item 17 Item 18 Item 19 Item 20 Item 21 Item 22 To King Jack, Queen Ballinger, and all the lords and ladies of the retinue, we leave the task of reigning over Pine Portage Castle without our expert guidance. To our class advisor, Duke O'Laughlin, we leave a gift certificate from the Palace Laundry to have his red and grey jacket cleaned. To the junior boys we leave a year's subscription to Esquire. A courier will deliver the copies each month to Mr. Moran's mailbox--first come, first served. To the junior girls we would like to leave Arnie Zimmer. To certain deserving squires and pages we make the following bequests: Article IV -- Article V -- -- We leave Joe DeLuca's "spit curli' to Sam Agnello and Guy Caterina. Lilliam Garabedian leaves her golden voice to Don McGinis. -- Jim Marsh would like to leave his flip to Donald Travis. Tess Stanek leaves all her gallant knights to "Pinky" Pinkoski. To Dot Racey we leave Bob Melone's baby-face. Sam Sheusi leaves his back-seat technique to Vally Butera. The senior Kappas would like to leave their picture of Marilyn Monroe to the junior Kappas. Jolm Di Bacco leaves the gossip column of the Chronicle to Audrey Thompson. Those two gallant knights, "Lancelot" Kowalski and "Galahad" Melnotte leave their chivalry and respect for woma.nhood to the "Rover Boys, " Louis Pullano and "Turkey" Manarina. Judy Culp leaves her size four shoes to Paul Snyder. -- We leave John Amato's black suit and powder blue suedes to Ralph Meranto. Gerry Marino and Norman Latham leave the privilege of holding hands when- ever possible to any couple. Ronny Brown leaves his turned up collar to Joanne Dorso. -- We leave John Di Digirolomo's water-wings to Perry Domzella. "Frankie" Del Monte wills her swaying sacroiliac to Carol Amendola. We would like to leave Tom J ustice's henna rinse to "Red" Weber. The senior members of the band leave a padded cell in the dimgeon to the junior members to be used when Mr. Orynawka finally cracks up. Fran Frachella leaves all her cheerleading energy to Joanne Linza. To all the bruised and battered victims of Saar Porrath's humor we leave our sincerest sympathies. Wanda Matyjas' leaves advice on how to get a man to Alice Kapalowski and Margie Rocca. Bruce Traugott leaves his track shoes to Dave Taylor. But remember Dave, "You'll Never Get Away. " Jean German leaves her serious outlook on life to Norma Stiles. We, the undersigned, do declare this to be the Last Will and Testament of the class of 1953. X X x 'X at TESTATORS: Ioan Wieloszynski, Chairmang Sylvia Bonannig Joanne Marinog John Mooradiang Nancy Kaczynskig Anna Mae Garvey. X A Wieloszynski Mooradian Bonnam Marino N I X fix, I M Y' Mantle Oration UR country, at the present time, as she always has, needs strong, brave, and educated youths. It is the duty, as well as the privilege, of each and every one of you of the junior class, to prepare yourself in your senior year to accept the responsibility of adulthood. To meet these obligations, you must put trust in your classmates and teachers, and faith in One mightier than yourself and mightier than any living person to face the problems which you will meet. However, these problems which are to be faced, no matter how great, can and will be con- quered by youth - a youth that has been trained and has had the proper instruction. It takes co-operation and understanding to live in a country with millions of people. With these words, I present in behalf of the senior class, the mantle of seniority to your class president, Manlio De Santis, with a sincere hope that you will take to heart the obliga- tions which you are to meet. Thomas Justice Mantle Response T is with gratitude and thanlcfulness that I, the representative of the Junior Class of Nia- gara Falls High School, accept this highly honored symbol of seniority, the Mantle of Red and Gray. Many of the Seniors will go on to schools of higher learning. Many of them will become leaders in different fields of work. They will learn they will live in a world that has many troubles. Some may falter from the burden upon their shoulders, but they will get up to try again, until they succeed. Next year it will be our duty as Seniors to uphold the standards of Niagara Falls High School. In the years to follow, we also will be confronted with many problems. That is why it is essential to get a good foundation in education. In closing, we wish the Class of 1953, the best in everything. Manlio De Santis President of the Class of '54 Manlio De Samis and Thom3S Justice Class of 195-4 C E, the Class of 1954, are about to take our most important step a- cross the threshold into our Senior year- from the state of squires to knights. Our Junior class, composed of ap- proximately 550 students, elected early this fall Manlio De Santis, Ken Martin, Pat Mason and Mike Alonzo to represent and lead us in the capacities of President, vice-president, secretary, and treasurer, respectively. We were capably assisted throughout the year by Mr. Joseph Moran, the Junior Class Advisor. We can boast of many accomplish- ments throughout the year. Our school play "The First Year" in which many juniors participated, was a great success. The Junior Class also contributed many fine players, who helped to bring Niagara Falls High School atrophy for an out- standing football season. As seniors, we the class of 54, will strive to make our year one of many achievements. We will sincerely do our utmost to uphold the high standards and fine traditions of Niagara Falls High School. Patricia Mason Secretary af I X xx L' A-All Q 'fi' .fa 591 J Ax'i'0'i I " 'll' J 4' by fi '11 lm la I. ll .1 'ig A . Widow: 6 7 l Seated, Pat Mason, Secretary. Standing, Left to right: Mr. Moran, Advisor Manlio De Santis, Presidentgl-Cen Martin, Vice Presidentgl. Michael Alonzo Treasurer. 1 "J In J J Q, A",- X X4 A2 rg.: 72" 1 I. Ap. , l ' if V P' V l U. ' ..f"' 'l A , rl M , ' J , , 4 4 r. A W A e -is-S ' Q it ,rf x " - ' ' f 'r- 5 C ,, ' . H-f if 1 fn 1 ww L A " ,J V lil' K 4::o::' ' W l If ' 0' js Q "I W rw. 'P+ i Left to right: Carolyn Alessi, Lieutenant ' 1 X 1,23 D v . 1 ' Governor: Micheal Alonso, Governor. 1 ff' vqxp H. 'U " x ,Q t 14' ,X ' E- I I .ufjlililyx , l - ,"':' xl State ..... ...... M issouri A M it . J Governor ....... . . Micheal Alonso ' Ill V ' A106 gags X Win , Lieutenant Gov. .... . . Carolyn Alessi ' I all l 5 . yy . y , 5 1yl',,: Red Cross Advisor .. . Patricia Baker 1 Il, r A I .,f i 4 'r' . Alternate ........ .... M ary Cone K1 All 1 ill ' "GH A ,il pf A Boys' Athletic Mgr. . . . . Mark Allinson ,"f.:,,, A M 'thi W Girls' Athletic Mgr. ....... Patricia Baker "Xl-lj .r lW,li?iX 7 m tl: Y Advisor ................. Mr. Boardman '-ml llwllliw. J all it W Motto . . . . The Welfare of the People nklllrl ' IN M 'C ' Shall Be the Supreme Law ix, J J J il XETMX. X i s X I Left to right: First row: Carol Amendolag Pat Zimmerg Anna Marie Allottag Carolyn Alessig Virginia Abbog Dolores Abdullah: Iudy Ashby. Second row: Naomi Barber: Doris Angelosanteg Carol Beling Helen Andrewsg Tom Aristg Sam Agnellog Frank Accettag Margaret Barrg Sue Allenderg Alice Ashton: Angeline Appoloneyg Mary Ruth Cone. Third row: Pat Baker: Connie Giordanog Betty Bakg Micheal Alonsog Mark Allinsong Edgar Abrayg Denny Barnetteg Tom Baiag Leonard Alessig Dorothy Mahoneyg Lauren Beaverg Sandra Appelgateg Carlyle Miller. Not pictured: Francis Appoloney. Home Room 150 . ' u iHomc Room 152 'N 4 X fq .ww ,- 4,LiN':'x.h - N' Xa , . ,f y ' " N lu' N y f- I - ,' 1 Q X , ' L A rx , f 1 all -L X F, R. ' X' V xl dx: Q7 It my y 1 XXI 'N pf A H -Mill Q'!ueLldgyY f Q -2 as 1 4, 4" I Left to right: Judy Brinklow, Lieutenant 1 71 Governor: Bob Calendrelli, Governor. "4 sig ,, fgyfgl me 5 I A If fi 1 I' i NX 'fi 1' 'V ix ME 2 --'Ai I State ....... ..... V irginia V. QF - 0 F' 1 vw i Governor ...... . . Bob Calendrelli , if i sf Lieutenant Gov. .... . . . Judith Brinklow W' ix X Q ' V ', all Red Cross Advisor . . Barbara Chabala tl 2 E A ly l fy it f Alternate ........ . . . Ioan Cicatello 1' ' XX K , i Boys' Athletic Mgr. . . . . . James Cantlama " " X L ' y .4 rj, K E Girls' Athletic Mgr. ....... Ruth Campanaro ' . X. N X Q11 I I It Advisor .................. Mrs. W 't ' ' XQXH.l.NXxu'y' in C 5 Motto ............ Thus Always to Tyr . ' " if- Al rf t 'ff rv 1 - , WM lx C il - x' . Left to right: First row: Barbara Christy: Geraldean Ca s Barbara Chabalag joan Campbellg Ina Ciadellag Lois Marshall: Joan Cicatello Second row: Kay Casherg Frances Cerrninareg Sarah Ja reg Larry Briggs: Louise Cicconeg Loretta Centofanlig Eleanor Marie Colangelo Lewis Custode. Third row: Nancy Saundersg Ruth C ana 5 Rosemary Carusog Richard Conroy: Judy Brinklowg Jim Cantlang Bob Calen- drellii Donna Carlig Anna Ciraolo. Not pictured: 9' Bongiovannig Lou Dal Portog Francis Danielsg Edward Whatling. 'S Left to right: First row: Eva Davisg Gail Conawayg Dorothe Sanzog Robert Dell: Mary Brock Davy. Lorraine Cirritog Joanne Currie, Second row: Maxine Crowley: Lettie Davisg Mary Carterg Janet Daillyg Mary Lou Clarkg Rita Czaplag Richard Colettag Vicky D' Aloisog Joan Drayerg Marlene Corsaro. Third row: Robert Dutkog Carl Fatulag Paul Donleyg Ronald Connorg John Ciavagliag Manlio De Samisg Leonard Coughenourg James Brookerg Perry Domzellag Irene Cieslakg Larry Favorite. Not pictured: James Cliffordg Ann Marie Colavecchia: Dorothy Daltong Dorothy Dash. State ..... ..... N ew York Governor ...... . . Manlio De Santis Lieutenant Gov. . . . . . Perry Domzella Red Cross Advisor . .... Mary Davy Bovs' Athletic Mgr. . . . Paul Donlev Girls' Athletic Mgr. . . .Maxine Crowley Advisor ......... ..... M r, Moran Motto . . . .... Higher Q Left to right: Manlio De Santis, tenant Governor. Home Room 203 Governor: Perry Domzella, Lieu- I 1 Home Room 252 umm, ot NUTS Left to right: Rose Marie De Marco, Lieu- tenant Governorg Diana De Felice, Gov- emor. State ..... . . .... Oklahoma Governor ....... ..... D iana De Felice Lieutenant Gov. . . . . . Rose Marie De Marco Red Cross Advisor . . ..... Ann De Miglio Boys' Athletic Mgr. . ........ John Dryja Girls' Athletic Mgr ..... Geraldine Di Camillo Advisor .................. Mr. Stafford Motto - - - - -Labor Conquers All Things Left to right: First row: Rose Marie De Marco: Rose Marie De Sancisg Priscilla Donaldsong Shirley Dot-terg Ann De Migliog Carol Dolang Mar- garet Doan. Second row: Josephine Damiano: Wilhelrnina Dobbs: Nancy Douglasg Sam Garag JoAnn De Notog Geraldine DiCamillog Jo- anne Dorsog Josephine De Simoneg Frances Dobraszg Marilyn Deitchg Michelina D'Amico. Third row: Diana De Feliceg Mary Fuller: Daniel Detkosg Guy Daddario: Helen Tankowichg Joseph Ficorillig John Dryjag Ronald Coty: Roland Crossleyg Allen Fowlerg Mary Ann Donofro Not pictured: Clara Colvin: Margaret Dellg Ronald Drabczykg Robert Emmensg Anthony Fratello. . 3 Left to right: First row: Molly Duffyg Betty Pontaiereg Rose Marie Dziedzicg August Franco: Jean Englandg Elaine Feldmang Bella Faiola, Second row: Joyce Edwardsg Shirley Dugasg Anna Marie Fioccog Mary Lou Emmensg Marie Emanueleg June Flemingg Shirley Flayg Lorraine Doklag Adela Espina. Third row: Eleanor Faietag Verley Davis: Walter Greigp Teddy Davisg Iim Flemingg Bob Gads- byg Richard Fayg Ted Giaquintog Ralph Gougeon. Not pictured: Robert Bechett: Irene Dunng Carol Ehlers: Celestine Garciag Sam Gattog Iohn Lauerg Robert Reed. State ....... Governor ....... , Lieutenant Gov .... Red Cross Advisor. ' ' 7 ' N Boys' Athletic Mgr. x X A ,- jx 2 Girls' Athletic Mgr. N 1' l ,' 4 Advisor ........ Q H Zf Motto .... - Q ' ,aff - 5 V! Q V X' ' v K J, QE X fe . V1 ' S-Q . Q ' v'5x,s5,xxxN ..l L E XQNN - Q Alt Z' xf. 'SRX , 2 H 7" V l X " df-Qs... 'c g X l ' 4 Q ' I X Ji J 3 e- ' l 1 i ' u. Qimiwilrr V A ' xx ff V I - - XJ -X X i J XX qsibr ss, if: Home Room 254 . . . . Florida . . . jim Fleming . .Celestino Garcia . . .... Molly Duffy . . A1 De Franco . . Joyce Edwards . . . . Mr. Timm . . ln God Ne Trust Left to right: Celestino Garcia, Lieutenant Govemorg Jim Fleming Govenwxpj X MAA Lf ,f tu ' f r'-'V , ,' fx!! .W HJ, .ly 1 l H J V 300 onpc Roo J , , A f ,cf 1 , ,J 1 , f - A kf- if f , ,, 11 his 9 Y " A ' 4 ' if ' ' ' i f' K 1 "i I , ' .39 3 f 1 ., . 1 ,. 1 'lkx ' -X A A iw i . 1- ,Q ' , ,1 1 U SY xx. ', XNGT OF Cow XXQNQA-bgixf Left to right: Henry Holka, Lieutenant , 2 " f' XS 00 Governor: Harry Hooper, Governor. ' LY Q x I7 wg 9754 1 E- ' P-:N 5: l ,tn tllffw 'iijfg 2, is 5 4' -X ,j,,,,,,, v J. Q15 V fig, fy' 1, . fi...lw -iw 'J State ..... . District of cciiimbia xy E 1-umm WJQJJJ , Q ,, f Governor ....... .... H arry Hooper J-xr iii, S ll,.LI'hy7,.' VU Lieutenant Gov .... . . Joseph Laspisa ' .5 3,2 pAjS1l4lqJ!.1lf. g-iggf yy A Red Cross Advisor. . . . Marg Gamboian XFN 5? K 22 " ,W Boys' Athletic Mgr. . ...... A1Kru1 H 1 ,f ,gut Girls' Athletic Mgr. . . . Norma Finitz r ' Advisor ......... . . Miss Wylie Ll' 5-.j.gig4f4ggjjfg" Motto ......... . . Justice to A11 1 ,fl ' ' Aw ' o'?.ff l - New , ' XS cg! PJ I , ' . X fxy, JS . 1 fl' Left to right: First row: Oma Fugateg Marilyn Force: Dorothy Raceyg Marsha Grarzg Judy Frommertg Delores Graceg Margie Gamboian. Sec ond row: Joanne Frankg Audrey Fercheng Norma Finitzg Janice Georgeg Mary Gourlayg Joe Laspisap.Caroxl Gameg'Frangggderg Joyce Fer Cheng Rosemary Garveyg Jean Truesclale. Third row: Lorraine Gromosiakg Bob Dominskyg Terry Hcjckmang Harry Hooperg Darrell Eddings Al Krulg Duane Eckerg Casimer Golankap Richard Goulahg Henry Holkag Richard Hillier. Nor pictured: John Irishg Don Haslett: Eleanor Gra ham. I N 1 Q-Qui fx Left to right: First row: Elaine Yates: Lois Wigleg Carol Weinsteing Lucille Zodag Jean Weberg Elizabeth Wiatrg Audrey Winker. Second row: Phyllis Youngp Dorothy Wersockg Marie Wroblewskig Sue Wrightg Sal Zabaldoq Joan Wroblewskig Yvonne Ziehm: Lot- tie Zakg Joan Watersong Carol Zimmer. Third row: Red Weber: Curtis Wilksong Larry Wilsong Paul Zeigerg Paul Snydergwilliam Wilson: Robert Young: Virginia Whiteg Francis White. NDI pictured: Philip Di Pasqualeg Lanny Williamsg Howard Williamsg Judith Winter. , ' 5 9 0 if i State ....... ...... Ka nsas 'Y hilly, Governor ....... . . . Paul Leiger '9 Lieutenant Gov. ..... . . . Elizabeth Wiatr V, . Q 1 s...,N Red Cross Advisor. . . . . .Virginia White Wflflfrx jf Boys' Athletic Mgr. . . . Larry Wilson ,qc ,Q L L chris' Athletic Mgr. ........... Lottre Zak ,ffm o Q Advisor ................. Mrs. Rickard iffy' gre! '5'71,, Motto . . . . .To the Stars through Difficulty ly fll o ,Q 6 ' V 1 ' - ' O -2 . ' 'V 'E' 1. vs -oh L 'Q g rim in 4" I A' D7 'X l- , f-gfy v 5 1 Left to right: Paul Zeiger, Gover- ffl r it ' 'Q V" 'f V '37 5 '4 norg Elizabeth Wiatr, Lieutenant 2 N G- J ' "iff, .L Governor. H-X 44, X 6 X yls X ff NX I fllftlll Home Room 301 Home Room 302 Y W 1 I' 1 , JMN - folio R X .rf-J . ,JP QS . W 'T f" f' il X ' xx 4' 1 A T .wtf V 5, Y K -A gg I ,A r. if 3 xi . 'T: 'K-44.1 'I' ir' X, fl - n .Wie I T I C or EMQQ gk N 'Y M K U Left to right: Bob I Labosky, Governorg Ste- ' x A A R phame Jakubowski, Lieutenant Governor. 5 -W Y T 1? 'Q f ' - if If A ul' F 63 I ' 'fl E3 .1 ge- A State ....... ......... G eorgia ' " '- , T . Governor ....... ....... B ob Labosky Lieutenant Gov ........ Stephanie jakubowski of T ' 5 W Red Cross Advisor . . ...... Barbara Joseph lp. ' 7 76 lt Boys' Athletic Mgr. . . ...... Terry Kryway Nl y Q 'yf' XXV Girls' Athletic Mgr. .... Stephanie jakubowski rl i Q ,T IX Advisor ................. Mrs. Mahoney 'Q' , M l-, it Motto . . . . Wisdom, justice, Moderation , A 'V W ' fd . A .-' 1 x 1 if f - 'Ink V? M lf' X N Left to right: First row: Irene Iarzabg Marlene Houck: Mary Jasek: Stephanie Jakubowskig Barbara Iosephg Betty Jolmsong Valentine Kish- moian. Second row: Edward Mormelg Barbara Kavanaughg Wilma Lee Jones: Tom Illstiauag Grace Himesg Dora Lee Ming: Alice Kapaloskip John Gabriele. Third row: Robert Laboskyg Betty Ionesg Richard Kozlowski: Leo Matdirosiang Don McGinisg Joe Manarinag William Greeneg Terry Krywayg James Logan. Not pictured: Rudolph Coleman: Ruth Hooker: Donald Jercitanog Janet Kraft: Dolores Krell. Home Room 305 ,1 -' v i' J y' Lf 1 J gf 9 -fmt. . J ' 'Z lifefii ' . P FX rf lzrgal' K xx. J K. J D l. ln yt 1 L-ri "1" na X 45 f fllgp' A ' J uk S J lr' es S Z I 1 ' Left to right: Hycinthxa Loverde, Lxeuten- J T N x-ak ant Governor: Ralph Meranto, Governor. I Q1 ,,, ' tp J l Q 'Ji' J . I Ax . f 4 , QD M, ' Q5 l Xu l I 'J 'O lx J v f ,ll s , . . il is , ..f'l""- bb ll State ....... ..... M isslssippi J y , X J Governor ....... .... R alph Meranto l T: Lieutenant Gov. ..... . . Hycinthia Loverde l N NQ' Q Red Cross Advisor . . ...... Irene Loria R Boys' Athletic Mgr. . . ..... Steve Pasek Girls' Athletic Mgr. . . ..... Janet Mack l Advisor ......... . Miss Massimilian Motto . . . By Valor and Arms J Left to right: First row: Patricia McNally: Joanne Linzag Isabel Lounsburyg Roberta Leeg Virginia Maggsg Janet Mack: Mary Jane Malvestuto Second row: Jim Lizziog Ralph Merantog Rena Manuccig Edna Litteng Robert Lenz: Helen Majewskig Marge Mclntoshg Denise Mclntyre Catherine Lucheseg Ann Maclverg John Molinaro. Third row: Irene Loriag Helen Larrabeeg Don De Longg Tom Mooreg Ronnia Pennesi James Kennedy: Robert Kosutg Eugene Piegnetg Steve Pasek: Tom Metzlerg Hycinthia Loverde. Not pictured: Daniel Piemgki, Left to nght FIISI row Phylhs Martin Joanna Manno Mary Rose Marazzo Tom Moscau Slurley Movesiang Faith Nighg Patricia McFadyn Second row Patncra Mason Pat G1l1 Anme Marner Betty Medahs Ray Ponzl Gabe Portog Eleanor Maneyg Margueritta Murchlson Marlene Manano Dons Mrelke Thrrd row Carl Nalbone Ray Placrdo Lours Pullanog Teddy Chrzanowskig Gilbert Pleronr Saar Porrath Albert Prevrte Anthony 'vianllo Joe Oswald Not plctured Ann Maynard Janice Stevens. . . . . . Alabama . .Anthony Marillo . . . . Pat Mason . . . Saar Porrath . . Gilbert Pieroni . Marlene Mariano . . Miss Rasmussen . . Here We Rest Left to right: Anthony Marillo, Gov- ernor: Pat Mason, Lieutenant Gov- CXTIOI. PJ i In ' ' Home Room 350 ff- cf . ' Ir' . ti X . " .' . ' 5 1 ,lf f' .lf ,-' X, gif U 1' z a f ' , S L M . gl' ,fir '.f dbx r fi ,lr S ' ' S 'X ' Z Q Left to right: Shirley Ogden, Governor: Coy ffl an Q Henry Rajczak, Lieutenant Governor. Q E NS .17 'E Z X s'7 Q x C ff' ' -f f iifyl F T' al Y. 4 ffl a f X 1 V ' . Q ' State ..... . .Massachusetts 253 if fix? ," y' J: Governor ...... . . . Shirley Ogden j 1510 H ff Lieutenant Gov .... .... H enry Rajczak X Qbfw ' , Red Cross Advisor. . . . Barbara McGovern f ,,f,1g,,ffja1 C , Boys' Athletic Mgr. . . ..... Joseph Rinallo tg-'iipf-2.535 Girls' Athletic Mgr ...... . . Violet O'Bresly ig.-ffagwiggf 1 Advisor ................. Mrs. Donovan f 2131725532 Motto . . . . By the Sword We Seek Peace, , j 1 -Y? 'P' -, But Peace Only under Liberty ' J - X ,X V rs I f Left to right: First row: Mary O'Donnel1: Shirley Ogden: Mary Patronski: Louis Paoue: Dorothy Micon: Lilla Paci: Shirley Meyers. Second row: Margaret Paton: Mildred Oakey: John Robbins: Francis Ouaranta Jr.: Mary Mokhiber: Betty Jane Newman: Elaine Neumann: Joseph Rinallog James Peters: Nettie Sykes: Barbara McGovern. Third row: Violet O'Bresly: James O'Brien: John Rutherford: Henry Rajczakg Stephen Quaglia: Emest Rodak: Jimmy Aughtman: Dan Grahamg Chuck O'Brieng Sally Pasek. Not pictured: Connie Perricelli: Ted Romain. 'iagl '-,. f ff. "1--VIII'-sry ,t 4 in ,Z Left to right: First row: Shirley OwensgOrphia Plnkowskip Jane Rayg Pat Pelsoneg Florence Reedg Cora Printupp Rose Marie Perricelli. S ilid row: Pat Ortnerg Bob Plumerip Jeanette Poirier: Helen Oliverg John Gravantig Jesse Sabing Ramon Llama: James Saccog John epielliq Marilyn Quarantillog Evelyn Rainnie: lean Pulitog Carole Pike. Third row: Carmella Petroneg Ann Puisysg Carol Marie , ,Pivpp Brian Harterg Tony Ouarantillog Frank Romag Vincent Scuterig Donald Rymcrg Walt Romanekg Teddy Buchalskig John Pick- . I, wgllp Elizabeth Prevostg Geraldine Prygon. Not pictured: Robert Santangelo. f' 1 , .lv , ' ' , ,J 44 ' , L 'All f lvl 1.4 L!-'s , 6 -L' '- . ' ' 0 , K , I ' 51, T' , State ...... ...... IV iaryland ,-- R. Governor ....... ..... N alter Romanek gf I T , . i . Lieutenant Gov.. . . . . Anthony Quarantillo Q ,X 1 lx 1 - Red Cross Advisor. . . . Elizabeth Prevost K - 91' 14 V wil-cg-1,2 , Eoys' Athletic Mgr. . .... Frank Roma 5-...A 0 K , - f Girls' Athletic Mgr .... ..... E velyn Rai ie , 5 '::,,,, v Advisor ................. Miss Mir ell 4.55, 1 I':x,fp' Y 0 .,,.i,5,,,,. T, Motto. . . . . .Manl D ds, Womanl df rds V, gmifggfggr'-' QNTATI3 u ,iii C , f M! 0 eaefieiff' or ' ' fl f l A A W i T ii , 1. ff 4 T we ' 9 . e , ' ,ff A ' iii?" Q if 5 R. 0 f "X f . . :Ig iii? 2 t Q Q Q y V Le t to nghtg Anthony Quaranullo, -L ig, O Q., In f i Lieutenant Governorg Walter Ro- o 'Z Q KI " .f I 2 V if manek, Govemor. 2 at W1 L ff- 3 .5 . ' 'll ww 1 R ii r ' v Y K ' I. L"",'s4 M ' , If kg Q A .xl-IM1 L: vw ' i ,... -5, o ' T-. 1 if , -. 'f 't 'x xp f 1 il- l . if Z if .V -KIM B32 R3 X 1 in 1 .. - lx 0 ' , ' V 'Q Y gl X v O i , ,N 'Nj X l F , 2 1 f ' , id tx 6 ' X by ' . o Q -:git X' Home Room 351 x . Nt A .Tr 4, ff T g T Home Room3 3 - ft , fi 1 , ' ff ' Q Ci' - , x A V' Sp-,L .J :Mft D CE I P f x xx V, I I ., A , .fs Left to right: Kenneth Terry, Governor: Audrey Thompson, Lieutenant Governor. V ' P' F A State ....... . . South Casrolina Governor ..... .... K enneth Terry Lieutenant Gov. .... . . Audrey Thompson Red Cross Advisor . . .... Dorothy Tyran Boys' Athletic Mgr. . . ...... Ken Terry Girls' Athletic Mgr. . ..... Denice Van Liew Advisor ................... Mr. Cooley Motto . . . . . . .While I Breathe, I Hope K Left to right: First row: Susan Thomas: Carol Ureng Elvira Villanig Audrey Thompsong Betty Volpep Mabel Van Volkinburgg Shirley Walker. Second row: Anne Verrocchig Tom Wanchiseng June Walckg Dale Wagonerg Judith Valley: Denice Van Liewg Shirley Walton: john Tolomeog Gladys Walck. Third row: Dorothy Warnock: Virginia Veihdefferg Bernadette Walasekg Pat Tompkins: Bill Westlundg Albert Umbriacog Don Travis: Norman Townsendg Ken Terryg Dorothy Tyrang Leon Grubka. Not pictured: June Loweryg William Thompsong Gordon Tubbe. Left to right: First row: Mary Ann Lauzaug Shirley Gray: Carol Hassefeltg Helen Banachg Shirley Itzkowitzg Pat Iessimang Gloria Griggs. Second row: Paul Forceg Ingeborg Geskeg Betty Humanp Monica Giglellg Beverly Hagerg Beatrice Gazegiang Loretta Gui- dottig Ruth Riffanaughg Lillian Gilbert: Gladys Haugabookg Lois Gradin. Third row: Ellen Hayesg Bj,1L.Ey-fog Phyllis Handleyg Karol Schrieberg Bill Kankolensldg Richard Klimeckog Benjamin I ihns: Darwin Loweg Anthony Longog Ro g Judy Hawkinson. Not pictured: Gordon MacDonaldg Grace Hogang Diana Hopkins, . . 3 ,fy f mee .iffy Lili ,' ,, ff, 4'f fe' L4 A 1 wow? L M W - stare ....... . . wisconsin W' N . 'i Governor ...... .... B en johns V -f Lieutenant Gov: .... . Beverly Hager QM , ,H J Red Cross Advisor . . . . Karol Schrieber "'- " Boys' Athletic Mgr. . . . Darwin Lowe Y, Auuy Girls' Athletic Mgr. . . . .Betty Human " 'lift "-lt, Advisor . . . Miss Sulky 1- ,- HE -1. U ,,ii T vor T 57,950 ' Motto.. . Forward r " Qs K -:4 YFVSQMFEQQSQ ' f fx Og A E LT H O T, 92 X, jffi, Zi X X - KD I sa " Li Left to right: Ben blohns, Governorg Q iff V w 1 Beverly Hager, Lieutenant Gover- ,CA -r K Aly: :E nor. it xii? , Home Room 35-4 Home Room 355 -'pl . f I 1 1 , I i ' ' V A , 4 r V Fl ,- t' X ' Y H 1 A , . I jg- Left to right: Duane Stoelting, Governorg Carol Ann Spinuzzi, Lieutenant Governor. State ....... ....... L ouisiana Governor ...... .... D uane Stoelting Lieutenant Gov ..... . . Carol Ann Spinuzzi Red Cross Advisor . . ...... Joyce Smith Boys' Athletic Mgr. . .... Nick Tate Girls' Athletic Mgr. .... . . .Norma Stiles Advisor .................. Mrs. Gentry Motto - - - - - Union, Justice and Confidence Left to right: First row: Pat Bullmang Marie Ann Sobczykg Lou Anne Silvaggig Toni Spamenig Louise Shaghoiang Norma Stilesg Marie Trib- bets. Second row: Camille Sulinskig Carol Talbotg Mary Jane Simpson: Carol Stremble: Barbara Sidenbergg Marlene Slonisg Judith Stephens Charles Slack: Carol Spinuzzi. Third row: Nick Tate: Joyce Smithg Theresa Skrzypekg Duane Stoeltingg Robert Smithg Bill Tiddg 'Herb Hull Mary Ann Stollg David Taylor. Not pictured: Gene Scrivani William Smithi-Joe Susfolkg Joan Tarapczynsldg Carl Schmidli. . Vf 1 if gl!!l1'fle'f" f ff! y . . . -f Lf 0' V7 Left to right: First row: Jeanette Scalzop Margie Roccag Connie Redmondg Marian Shumwayg Mary Jane Salvatore: Shirley Serriannig Jacqueline Reed. Second row: Pat Scottg Katherine Rendag Luella Robbinsg Sharon Steinbrennerg Evanthia Sarkosg Edward Williams: Angela Serpap Geraldine Shepherd. Third row: Claude Santarosag Charles Schmahlg Robert Rudleyg Sandra Shaverg Al Slipkog Sonny Sanfilippop Tom Stirrat. Not pictured: Douglas Snyderg Mike Spendio. E ' State ...... . . . Pennsylvania Governor ....... . . Sonny Sanfilippo in Lieutenant Gov .... . . .Patricia Scott S A Red Cross Advisor . . . . Eva Sarkos W' 5 Boys' Athletic Mgr. . .... A1 Slipko f j K Ri or A Girls' Athletic Mgr .......... Margie Rocca , ' - 6 Advisor ................... Mr. Layer P 11 1 Motto. . . . .Virtue, Liberty and Independence 49 rw.-- jr i i E Q' Yi I F B ff Q' 0 ' Left to right: Patricia Scott, Lieu- Y 1 L j 3 Egrjgtnjovernorg Sonny Sanfilippo ily ll- I I l i fn' ffl? ,, 'T ! f::'f:?f G' li fbi, ,-W -. 'ii ' A 2 'Vila Home Room 401 'The Brains" wrhe First Year" Scholarship Club W 15, 'ft Qa e GAS Bu Sy Be QSM -the WO Pk Shop Nlagafx an px 515 Left to right: Mr. E. Skimin, Advisor Joe Baccelli, Presidentg Bob Weber, Vice-Pres.g Ioel Farugia, Treasurer Seated: Wanda Williamson, Secretary. Student Council CNHE governing body of Niagara Falls High School is com- posed of representative and one alternate from each of the 35 homeroom states, under the able leadership of joe Bac- celli, President, Joel Farugia, Treasurer, Wanda Williamson, Secretary. In October, the student body elected Robert Weber as vice- president, thus completing the Council officers for the year 1952-1953. The first project that the Council tackled this year was the Community Chest Campaign, winding up with a total of S103 for the school. The TV set which was donated to the school last year was used during the World Series, under the supervision of a Stu- dent Council Committee. The Student Council voted to have program sheets mimeo- graphed for each of the football and basketball games. The responsibility of holding dances after each of the bas- ketball games was again a very successful project. A very helpful committee, composed of Student Council members, purchased and delivered apples to the football mem- bers and then during the basketball season gave our oranges to boost the moral of the players. The task of repainting the boys, second floor lavatory, af- ter it was damaged, was carried out by the Council with the schools appropriated funds. On the whole the Council of 1952-1953 had a very success- ful year, thanks to the efforts and co-operation of Mr. Edward Skimin, Faculty Advisor and Mr. William Jack Principal. Left to right: First row: Lorraine Contig Gretchen Flemingg Marcia Creaghg Joan Warszawskig Wanda Williamsong Cossie Alessig Stephanie Jakubowskig Diane Pletchcrg Ralph Merantog Armand Cacciatoreg Carol Spinuzzig Pat Masong Shirley Ogdeng Elizabeth Wiatr, Diana De Feliceg Pat Pawlowski. Second row: Judy Brinklowg Michael Alonzog Sonny Sanfilippog Red Weber: Ken Terry: Louis Celenzog Celestino Garciap Louie Pullanog Mauro Buzzelllg Robert Laboskyg Barbara Pettigrew: Josephine Alongig Fedina Frionag Beverly Hager. Third row: Henry Gonzalez, Ken Marting Harry Hooperg Stanley Bobekg Perry Domzellag Hoe De Luca, Joel Farugiag Walt Romanekg Robert Meloneg Henry Rajczakg Earl Bowersg Robert Calandrellig Richard Redline. Fourth row: Joan Targoszg Manlio De Santisg Paul Ziegerg Anthony Quarantillog Robert Skowronsl-:ig Jerry Lore, Fifth row: Mr. Edmond Skiming Jim Flemingg Arnold Zimmerg Ben johns: Joe Baccellip Duane Stoeltingp Michael Mashoianp Neal Hunter, Wilbur K. Swickg Richard Thomas. Z Nix -K1 . 1.1-:slit-4, was ar ' 2 Left to right, Seated: Miss 1. Wylie, As- sistant Advisorg Mrs. H. Donovan, Advisor: ! Frances Frachella, Editor: Gerald Stack, Chairman of Art Staff. Standing: Mrs. M. Tice, Business Ad- visorg Mr. M. Mc- Kaig, Art Advisor. Not pictured: Mar- garetCal1adine, Bus- iness Manager. xxgk Adwsors 81 Eduors 1 Y U. fr, A. f.. 4. N , ' fi 1 . 1 rip? 4 ,, 1 fx we - K "K-,,.V, 4 X Xw zvle f ' 1. 'Z' s.J I, X wE.'f,-AYQY sa. J 'C N- lf: cnuwf Q' NIAGARIA HIS year the Niagarian staff has worked especially hard to portray the different phases of kmghthood as they would apply to the modern student Under the able supervision of Mrs H Donovan, yearbook advi- sor, the staff has tried to make the '53 Niagarian one of Niagara Falls High School's best books In keeping with the theme of knighthood, the art staff has produced scenes for the divider pages showing authentic replicas of the armor and other impliments employed by the medieval personages. They have also constructed a coat of arms for each junior home room using the state em- Editonal Left to right, First row: Beth Erasmusg Anna Mae Garveyg Io- anne Marinog Frances Frachellag Tess Stan- ekg Joan Targoszg Beverly Schmidli. Second row: Barbara Rovnerg Constance Caniereg Sylvia Bon- annig Paul Hendrick: Marcia Creaghg Gret- chen Flemingg Alice Myers, Third row: Barbara Sidenbergg Joan Coyle: Ioan Wi- eloszynskig Arnold Zimmer: Nancy Kac- zynskig Constance Sarkosg Myra Ford. 88 Left to right, First row: Jean Di Giovineg Connie Miller: Elaine Ciminog Jean Mc Greevy: Jean Mussarig Betty Brunog Ethel Claytong Shirley Norton: Cossie Alessi: Carmella Cacciatore. Second row: Constance Carriere 5 Jackie Tecchiog Mary Ann Jackson: Verla Dimond:WadadKaramg Diana Molakg Joyce Wishartg Pat Pawloskig Jeanine Calandrellig Sylvia Bonannig Carmela Lipari. 'Third row: Gloria Craven Mildred Campbel1gFedina Friona: Joyce Affleck: Frances Villellag Margaret Cal1adinegElaine De Vautierg Elizabeth Bakerg Betty King: Sharon Archery Pat Doros. Business STAFFS blem as a basis. Another innovation is the use of a descriptive song title for each mem ber of the senior class. A picture of each special committee such as the will, prophecy, his tory, and statistics is another new idea used this year. Since the editorial a.nd art staffs in conjunction with the special com mittees have worked together so faithfully to produce a better yearbook, we sincerely hope that you will take pleasure in owning the 1953 Niagarian. :ws Left to right, First row: Mr. M. McKaig, ad- visorgYo1etta D'Andreag Stanley Karp: Steve Winkiewiczg Tom Moscatig Connie Manuseg Lois Marshall. Second row: Joyce Smithg Leo Mardirosiang Ronald Perag Jerry Stack: Joe De Lucag Frank Romag Louise Martinez, Left to right, First row: Claudia Wienertg Ro- berta Leeg Carol Spinuzzig Janet Mack: Adela Espinag Carol Talbotp Marsha Gratz, Loretta Lostraccog Norma Stilesg Carole Pikcg Angela Serpap Ann Di Migliog Marie Sobczykg Elvira Villani. Second row: Marilyn Quarantillog Irene Jarzabg Elaine Neumanng Sharon Stein- brennerg Marlene Slonisg Walckp Marlene Marianog Marlene Houckg Beverly Hagerp Alice Wadowskig Rena Manuccig Janet Daillyg Pat Pawlowski. Third row: Dave Maniagog Paul Forceg Joe Etopiog Curtis Wilkseng Virginia White: Jim Kennedyp Nancy Kaczynskig Carrie Shawg Pat Tompkinsg Carol Ehlersp Paul Zeigerg James Deyrup. Honor Socnet Left to right, First row: Barbara Marucag Kath- ryn Doang Barbara Rovrierg Norma Maroong Kay Demmong Ada Pearce. Second row: Muriel Frittong Jackie Tecchiog Joan Adamsg Frances Frachella: Joanne Marinog Cossie Alessig Beth Erasmusg Marjorie Kotarbag Helen Kuriloiiitch. Third row: Joyce Affleck: Noreen Mosolfg Nat- alie l-lartenbergerg Connie Tubinisg Alice Myersg Sylvia Roussig Gretchen Flemingg Marcia Creaghg Patricia Hill, Left to right, First row: Don Browng Delores Jagowgl-Ienrietta Potempag Fedina Frionag Lillian Garabediang Elizabeth Schulg Joan Masong Jus- tina Hodickg Barbara Gordineerg Janice Houserg Mary Girardo. Second row: Paul Hendrick: Barbara Goodwinr Dana Browngjoan Wieloszynskig Bemice Luke: Joan Coyle: Margaret Calladineg Wendy Wozniakg Barbara Pettigrew: Dorothy Reiterg Jerry Perman. Third row: Richard Ko- walski: Neal Hunter: Robert Winters: I-Ierm Fal- settig Tom Justiceg Talivaldis Bogisg Tom Alleng Donald Reiterg Joan Targosz. C f' ,5 F5 " Hn in " A I 5 513-.H"'-' Q ,f ' BOUT 429 years after the invention of the print- ing press, the first issue of a -Q, school paper was put into ex- istence at N. F. H. S. That was way back in 1879 when the handwritten paper was then known as "PinaIore. " This is 1953 and the Chron- icle still plays a very impor- tant part in our life at Nia- gara Falls High School. The school year, 52-53, gotunder- way with a subscription cam- paign. The first of the ten issues came out in November with Norma Smith and Joel ixbn, Farugia crowned queen and .- klng' l , , , 1-Cf! I0 right: J0hrl Di BSCCO: Mr. Robert L. Cooley, Advisorg Marjorie Kotarba. Acting as editor-in-chief this year is John DiBacco. ffx , X , 1 Mr. Robert L. Cooley is the gi 5, Lf ,- 1 7 K ' "' - I ' faculty advisor. up V l .f ,- ff ' LZ I -I 1 V ' l I I 7- ,f' 1 A V V .. 'v 1 L 3 V ,wig Left to right, First row: Samuel Sheusig Dom Del Broccog Ronnie Di Bartolomeisg John Mooradiang Nancy Ann Wrightg Lee Ann Murphyg Dolores De Salvog Beverley Freemang Marjorie Kotarbag John DiBaccog Mary Ann Colosig Nancy Raspag Betty Jean StahlgBarbara Gordineerg Yolctta D'Andreag Jane Dawson, Anne Krizan. Second row: Barbara Dorochakg Henrietta Potempag Shirley Cooperg Marilyn Castlesg Audrey Wilsong Judy Frommertg Marsha Gratzg Jean Di Giovineg Joan Pollardg Frances Baiog Jeanette Scalzog Frances Falsettig Marilynn Mickielsen: Jerry Pcrmang Tony Minicucci. Third row: Robert Rosensteing John Digirolomog Norman Forbesg Janet Dickg Barbara Can- tarag Louise Shakarjiang Josephine Savinop Maristine Jessg Constance Carriereg Louise Huntg Mary Scarpinatog Wanda Matyjasg Mary Jane Salvatoreg Joan Gordong Anna Mae Garvey. Fourth row: John Amatog Saar Porrathg Louis Celenzog Eliseo Palonig Pat Dorosg Julia Hlavenkag Nancy Jaquishg Elaine Bairdg Dorothy Tyrang Norma Grinneng Rich Casper: Tom Callenp Mr. Robert L. Cooley. ffg i hurl f- l i 51 ?f , . Q93 Left to right, First row: John Pickwell: Robert Fadel: Robert Labosky: Verley Davis: Harold Holder: Donald Travis: Willie Shakespeare: Jesse Sabin. Second row: Allen Fowler: Louis Pullano: Guy Daddario: Sam Sheusi: John Gravanti: John Sepielli: Ernest Rodak. Third row: Don McGinis: John Laur: Bruce Carter: Sonny Sanfilippo: Walt Romanek: Paul Force: Ted Flynn: Jacob Allen Williams, Fourth row: Marilyn Terryberry: Nancy Lamb: Audrey Thompson: Pat Pelsone: Jacqueline Reed: Rose Marie Dziedzic: Jackie Tecchio: Lorraine Hewitt: Shirley Itzkowitz: Judith Hawkinson: Mary Maclver: Lillian Garabedian: Kathryn Doan: Joan Adams: Mildred Campbell: Shirley Grey:Orphia Pinkoski: Lorraine Cirrito. -Fifth row: Marie Wroblewski: Pat Pawlowski: Marie Longo: Betty Jean Human: Verna Rizzo: Rose Mihich: Carmella Vitullo: Helen Andrews: June'McClelland: Denice Van Lieu: Norma Stiles: Karla Meeker: Stephanie Jakubowski: Janice George: Dorothy Tyran:Mary Ellen Scarpinato: Sara Pecorraro: Judy Frommert: Loretta Lostracco: Barbara McGovern: Margie Rocco: Frances Vilella: Joyce Smith. Sixth row: Diana Hopkins: Evanthia Starkos: Dorothy Stockwell: Carol Game: Pat Doros: Anna Signorelli: Audrey Winker. Stairs, First row: Mari- lyn Castles: Janet Kraft: Helene Kromer: Geraldine Shepherd: Jeanette Poirer: Shelia Mefford: Shirley Meyers: Barbara Kavanaugh:Mary Paula Leone: Ermina Blank: Eva Davis: Nancy Saunders: Louise Hunt: Carmela Lipari: Barbara Maruca. Second row: Carol Marie Piver:Sylvia Roussi, Marva Holland: Nancy Douglas: Carol Talbot: Shirley Cooper: Valeria Le Masters: Lee Ann Murphy: Norma Frinnen: Joan Wieloszuhski: Barbara Goodwin: Constance Carriere. CNHE mixed chorus is a group of about one hundred fifty members, con- ducted by Mr. Warren A. Scotchmer. As R79 vat, C'HIS year, the A Cappella chorus the official chorus of Niagara Falls High and Mr' Scotchmer have again dis- Schools it is an important Part of our UCD, played ahigh standard of musical per- music department- formance. A Cappella's engagements 5' 'J V, before various clubs and groups and at gf NJ schools throughout the city have estab- ' 'io Lp lished it as the finest high school chorus x in the area. Left to right, First row: Pat Pawlowski: Patricia Wood: Verna Rizzo: Judith Hawkinson: Jackie Tecchio: Barbara Maruca: Orphia Pinkowski: Sylvia Roussi: Marva Holland: Marilyn Castles: Frances Villella. Second row: Marie Longo: Dorothy Reiter: Janice George: Mary Ellen Scarpinato: Eleanor Graham: Carmela Lipari: Constance Carriere: Barbara Goodwin' Norma Grinnen: Joyce Smith. Third row: Rose Mihich: Dorothy Tyran: Diana Hopkins: Evanthia Sarkos: Mildred Camp- bell: Joan Wieloszynski: Lillian Garabedian: Norma Stiles: Shirley Meyers. Fourth row: John Pickwell: Robert Labosky: Louie Pullano: Don Travis: Terry Kryway: Herb Ernsweller: Paul Force: Sam Sheusi. Fifth row: Sonny Sanfilippo: Rob- ert Fadel: Bruce Carter: Walt Romanek: Jesse Sabin: Bernie Tato: Emest Rodak. Sixth row: Allen Fowler: Verley Davis: Willie Shakespeare: Donald McGinnis: John Laur: Harold Holder: Jotm Gravanti. Left to right, First row: Joan Wieloszynski: Marva Holland: Ernest Rodak: Robert Skowronski: Judith l-Iawkinson. Second row: Terry Kryway: Dorothy Ann Gilbert: Pat Doris: Elizabeth Prevost: Dan Brown: Lillian Gilbert: Gilbert Pieroni: Paul Zeiger: Joel Farugia: Don Presutti. Third row: Joan Adams: Mary Gourlay: Don Di Bacco: Don Duffy: Lee Ann Murphy: Sarah Jane Clare: Vincent Pellegrino: Loe G. Orynawka, Director: Celestine Garcia: Sam Scalafani. XPERIENCE and an appreciation of good music are gained by members , of the orchestra. Under the leadership of Mr. Orynawka, it performs at school plays, on the radio, and at the annual spring concert bringing much credit to our school. ff' 4 - , 7'-4 Y -I '-"'?W-'L ,, J ' 7 gzip, f f P- -f- if -f--4 Y K , 5, Q-'EQYW 1,1 rifff-, 1 J.-Zl CHE band, directed by Mr. Leo Orynawka, plays the opening and closing exercises at all school assemblies and has had many concerts and engagements outside the school. With the help of junior high members, the football band appeared at all home games. Donald Travis: Paul Zeiger: Lillian Gilbert: Dorothy Gilbert: Ernest Rodak: James Kennedy: Vally Butera: James Deyrup: Duane Stoelting: Sally Clare: Lee Ann Murphy: Margie Rocca: Alice Kapaloski: Jerry Perman: Ralph Meranto: Dick Hillier: Earl Bowers: Norman Forbes: Louis Custode: Joan wieloszynski: Sonny San- filippo: Jim Logan: Louis Pullano: Betty Bak: Ken Schemmer: David Taylor: Sam Scalafani: Ron Pera: Joe B dy Manarina: Dale Waggener: Robert Beam:James Kazen: Don Presutt.i:Joel Farugia: Gilbert Pieroni: Don Brown: Bob Skowronski: Robert Reed. Projection Staff Left to right, First row: Paul Zaidelg Edgar Abrayg Lorrie Zak: Dolores Battagliag Air. W. Crowie, Advisor. Second row: Marie Wroblewskig Joan Wroblcwskig Stanley Karp, Allen Fow- ler: Carol Game, Carol Zimmerg Sally Pasekg Carol Piver. NLIKE the knights of old, we in the i Niagara Falls High School are fortun- ate in having a capable group of 13 students who make up our projection staff. Mr. Wil- liam Crowie is the advisor of this group which was established in 1938 and has done a splendid job of serving the school ever since. Their main task is to take care of and run the sound system and the movie pro- jectors throughout the school year. Their equipment consists of two 16 millimeter sound movie projectors, three slide and strip film projectors, two microphones, one 3 speed record player and three screens. As this group is a great asset to our school, we hope that it will continue to serve us for many years. f i HE great job of creating and moving scenery, lighting, operating the curtains, and managing 4 sound effects are some of the responsibilities of the stage crew. Along with their advisor, Mr. Frank Baggallay, the boys put in many hours. The knowledge gained by these boys is very profitable. The work done behind the scenes was very difficult, but was greatly appreciated by everyone. Stage Crew Left to right, First row: Richard Colletta, stage manager: James Smithg Jim Kazeng Fred Nagleg Don Presuttig Paul Kirby: Allen Fowler. Second row: M.r. Frank Baggalay , Advisor: Sam Sclafariip William Klahsg James Phillips, Sheridan MacFaydeng Ron Di Bartolomeisg Leonard Corsarog Louis Celenzo. 1' no S X17 School Store if fe f er Seated: Miss V. Donohue, Advisor. Left to right: Jean Mortimer: Julia Hlavenkag Fedina Friona: Pat Scott: Joel Farugiag Lee Ann Murphy: Mildred Campbell: Rose Morreale: Carmella Cacciatore. RIGINATED by our former vice-principal, Miss Emma Hulen, our school store has been aconstant source of income to our school. Miss Virginia Dono- hue, the present supervisor in conjunction with the student helpers, has efficiently run this establishment for the past eight years. As treasurer of the student council, Joel Farugia is responsible for the funds derived from this source. An interesting and popular addition to the supplies this year was the "be-bop" pencil in phos- phorescent colors. Another variety was the gray pencil indicating our basketball schedule. In addition to pictured personnel of our school store, Barbara Dorochak is also one of the capable workers. N the Pallet and Brush Club, the castles' artists and Qi - would-be artists can experiment with their own crea- A g L -. jf -. A tive ideas. Oil paints, water colors, clay, charcoal and ,rg 1g fl lg' . . . . -f 4-" 5 '.-. I if ' , other drawing materials are some of the materials avail- 1 A 331 Q -S ' er it able. Activities to increase the members' appreciation of 2 - ' A J A-' art include trips to the Albright Art Gallery and slide re- g ' 7 .. -- U productions of paintings. rx ' " " The after-school meetings on Wednesdays are presided wt over by Marcia Creagh, President. Other officers are: Roberta Lee, vice-president, Phyllis Handley, secretaryg Elaine Neumann, treasurer. Mr. Murray McKaig is the I I advisor. -wg-,J Left to right, ' Seated: if Lois Marshall Beth Erasmus Marcia Creagh Marsha Gratz Joan Adams Standing: Judy Valley ludy Stephans Dolores De Salvo Marlene Moore Lillian Gilbert Roberta Lee Phyllis Handley Elaine Neumann Joyce Smith Alice Wadowski Sarah Clare N1 Jean Di Giovine BeverlyAnn schmmn Mr. M. McKaig, advisor 95 School Qificc Left to right, Seated: Joan Targoszg Miss Norma Forcucci. Standing: Elizabeth Wiatr: Nancy Lamb: Louise Hunt: lane Kurekg Mary Fergusong Loretta Lostraccog Marlene Slonis. IAGARA Falls High Schoo1's office is very important in the functioning of the school. Mrs. Agnes O'Brien and Miss Norma Forcucci are the supervisors and under them the duties of the office are performed. Some of Miss Forcucci's work is to check absentees, weekly, monthly and annual attendance reports and she also operates the switchboard. Mrs. O'Brien fills out student transcripts for colleges, records marks on permanent record cards and checks diplomas. Under the supervision of Miss Simmons a group of girls pick up the attendance cards each morning and collect the blue sheets eighth period. Some of the typing of attendance lists for ab- sentees is also done by these girls. With our well organized office staff, duties are performed efficiently and promptly. nl W .. !'fl'l'S,, !.! bf V fx 1 ' 1 K, N ' I ,ft iwf fjffdagf X 'X i lff!Af1'.KXlXX X635 S - ' ,f,f1Qva?fL4h , I I N c 21. J igg 2' ffiezgalilffij 3 Q rig ?iTi il,j HE Guidance Office under the direction of Miss Mary Werner and Dr. Herbert B. Heimerle is the helping hand of Niagara Falls High School. Every year each student is given a per- sonal interview to help plan his vacation and to check his credits for graduation. Here in this of- fice a student is helped to obtain working papers, in taking interest, intelligence and achievement tests, in receiving information about scholarships and in choosing suitable vacations and college. Here in this surrounding of friendliness a student may bring his problems about schoolwork or higher schooling. Guidance Qfhcc Left to right, Seated: Miss M. Werner, and Doctor H, Heimerle, Counselorsg Karla Meeker. Left to right, Standing: Marilyn Terryberry: Beth Erasmus: Mildred Campbellg Gail Finleyglean Di Giovineg Dorothe Sanzo. T .gm 2 35 Left to right, First row: Helen Krupag Joanne Marino: Gretchen Fleming. Second row: Marcia Creaghg Ioyce Affleckg Helen Kurilovitchg Sylvia Roussig Miss Helen Mc Carney, School Nurseg Connie Tubinisg Joan Coyle: Wendy Wozniakg Barbara Pettigrewg Barbara Braasg Justina l-lodickg Barbara Kavanaugh. INCE 1943 the local chapter of the National Honor Society has sponsored the school clinic. Directed by Miss Helen McCarney, Nurse-teacher, a staff of about fifteen girls treat mi- nor injuries, administer first aid, and perform other medical duties not requiring specialized training. The girls work in the clinic, one each period, and Miss McCarney is here every day for at least half of the school time. Left to right, First row: Mary Carlo: Nancy Raspa: Barbara Josephg Barbara Boyceg Shirly Grayg Connie Miller: Anne Mae Garveyg Ioan Gordong Lillian Mezhirg Carol Brandon. Second row: Lily Bowmang Betty Humang Katherine Guering Gretchen Stroughg Audrey Winkerg Christine Kubarskig Ethel Clayton: Elizabeth Prevostg Lillian Gilbert: Helen Kramerg Barbara Corbierreg Naomi Barberg Joan Adamsp Joyce Affleckg Shirley Cooperg Lee Ann Murphy: Jane Dawsonp Barbara Gordineer. Fourth row: Miss Massimilian, advisor, Barbara Brass: Ioan Targoszg Ioan Wroblewskig Joan Coyleg Alice Ashtong Betty King. CN' OR many years our efficient usher squad has d served Niagara Falls High School at such functions S as school plays, concerts, variety shows, and gradua- tion exercises. The girls have contin- ued their work this year , under the supervision of Miss L. Massimilian. 6 5 Ioan Targosz heads the group as captain. N X --, ' zz X- e A '- g - , . L ' v ' A 1 ' - ff 7 -Q: ' .1 9. I 'Q :Q-3375 .'f ' . r 1 ,561-1 '12 5' 'Z7'-e f -in-.1'4a't:f-' "ff ' , 1' A lg , ,..-- rr' ':.,"..j . "1 ' bsigyfru ,,.' 1- ':- - 2, F. gag, I 5 I V1'mY,4y ' ' L AQ: lllllmw 5 , i . Q ' n I t in alfa! Left to rlght Donald Mc Guns Patncla Baker Tom Sllvey Edgar Arbray John Laur Eleanor Graham at 3 Joan Brrerly Paul Hendnck Judy Brmklow F such lngredients as a well wrltten play a hard workmg and talented cast and an able dl rector are mlxed together, a product1on, 11ke The Flrst Year ' lS the result Th1s spar kl1ng comedy was produced November 20 and 21 1n the Hlgh School Audltorlum under the dlrectlon of Frank Baggallay The Fmrst Year ' deals w1th the d1ff1cult1es encountered 1n the fxrst months of marrled hf Shy and unromantlc Tommy Tucker was surprlsed to fmd hlmself marrled to the beaut1fu1 and popu1ar,Grace Llvlngston desprte the more obvlous attractlon of hrs rlval D1ck Lormg Tommy IS thwarted m h1s attempt to sell some property to a ra1lroad for a cons1derable sum by D1ck Lormg Tommy s resentment of th1s leads to a quarrel wlth Grace and she leaves h1m How ever, 1n the fmal act all problems have a way of working out and Tommy and Grace are reumted desprte themselves Leadmg the fme cast were Paul Hendrlck as Tommy and Joan Br1er1y as Grace Tom Sllvey completed the romant1c tr1a.ng1e as D1ck Lormg Others IH the outstandmg cast were Mrs Llvlngston, Eleanor Graham, Mr Llvmgston Edgar Abray Dr Anderson John Laur Mr Bar stow, Donald McGinisg Mrs Barstow, Patricia Baker' and Hattie, Judy Brinklow .-mm ,A - . 1 : il A ' X fl. 4 ,ff X lluuuulllfaff 5 Q, l 'iMMm,"u,' A Q Q Il- 1' 'UMW , ,Hwy x x .V ff x S i -.-lru,,llllhJ awp. mv A x ' "" 98 Afffil, -- , ,fb N -. - '-- xx, 115 90 NX 'WZ X s. l I.. 1 V 'K RN wk va ' f " P xx N ia ' 'I QA WQ' 'll Il V 5 f fx' Lv , ", 2 E .ff df ,, ,af 5 i 1 ,ff -is Yi I .tnf El, .. 4: ff I Y 'M f g ' " ' - ' ' ' xx X X i ' . dr!! f 26-'LQ X Y Q Xe 5, P . ,Q 1 1 Q ai 1 ' if dv HARVEY N March 25 and March 27, an enthusiastic audience welcomed the spring play, "Harvey", the 1935 Pulitzer Prize play, written by Mary Chase. "Harvey" tells the story of a kindly, likeable man, Elwood P. Dowd and his friend, who happens to be an invisible 6'5" white rabbit named Harvey. This white rabbit makes it diffi- cult for Elwood's sister, Veta, and his niece, Myrtle Mae, to advance themselves socially, so they determine to have Elwood placed in a sanatorium. Their efforts to have Elwood committed at Chumley's Rest and cured of this white rabbit made for a bright, fast moving comedy that was enjoyed by all. Leading the cast as Elwood P. Dowd was Paul Hendrick. Veta was alternately played by Eleanor Graham and Pat Baker and .T oan Brierly was Myrtle Mae. Others in the cast were: Dr. Chumley, Tom Silveyg Dr. Sanderson, Fred Nagle, Wilson, Donald McGinnis, Kelly, Judy Brinklowg Judge Omar Gaffney, Edgar Abray, Mrs. Chumley, Claudia Weinertg Mrs. Chauvenet, Marilyn Deitchg and E. J. Lofgren, Richard Coletta. This play was under the direction of Mr. Frank Baggallay. I Left to right, Seated: Paul Hendrick: Joan Brierlyg Patricia Baker: Marilyn Deitch. Standing: Richard McGinnis: Fred Nagle, Edgar Abrayg Richard Col- I. 1 I M 3 rf - - , , , A - A 7 If letrag Claudia Wienertg Tom Silveyg Judy Brinklow. LJ. 0 Z n A S+ A Left to right: Tom Callen, Treasurer: Barbara Maruca, Presidentg Barbara McGovern, Secretaryg Barbara Joseph, Vice-Presidentg Miss F. Morse, Advisor. unior Red Cross CN' HE American Junior Red Cross is com- posed of a representative and an alternate from each homeroom. Meetings are held by- weekly under the advisorship of Miss Florence Morse. Barbara Maruca is president of the or- ganization, automatically assuming this posi- tion after being last year's vice-president. The other officers are Barbara Joseph, vice-presi- dent, Barbara McGovern, secretary, and Tom Callen, treasurer. Each year, the organization carries on many activities. In the fall, colored party hats and ca.ndy were sent to the Veteran's Hospital in Buffalo. In January, five hundred cookies were sent to the same hospital. The Junior Red Cross also made up a chest to be sent to a for- eign country. With this, they sent an album of pictures and drawings of our school and city similar to one received from Germany last year. The American Junior Red Cross held its annual enrollment in December and Miss Mar- uca reported that the student cooperation was outstanding. i Left to right, First row: Barbara Marucag Miss F. Morse. Second row: Margie Gamboiang Shirley Movesiang Molly Duffy: Ann De Migliog Norma Maroong Jean Di Giovine: Mary Bongiovannig Beth Erasmusg Barbara Joseph: Barbara Chabalag Eva Davis. Third row: Evanthia Sarkosg Elizabeth Schu1:Jean Nuss- baum: Elizabeth Prevostg Barbara McGoverng Mary 1 Paula Leoneg Pat Bakerg . V2 Natalie l-Iartenbergerg G u , L Joyce Wishartg Carmela A V I' 1 - if Liparig Jackie Tecchio. - Fourth row: Tom Calleng ' Saar Porrathg Clayton 5 . i U Thompson: Jim Barrg Joan L y - 'Q Targoszg Virginia Whiteg Dorothy Molak: Ronnie Di Bartolomeisg Dorothy Ty- rang Joyce Srnith. Librar C UCH knowledge and enjoyment can be de- rived from books, whether they be beauti- fully bound modern volumes or hand written sheets of parchment as in medieval times. Therefore, we, the students of N. F. H. S. are proud of the many books found in our li- brary. In the quiet, peaceful atmosphere, a wealth of information can be absorbed from the numerous encyclopedias, novels, histories, bio- graphies and books of poetry. Facts about all high school subjects can be found on the shelves of our library to help us with our academic work. In our moments of leisure, we can en- joy reading about the adventures of various characters in the fiction books. Always eager to lend a helping hand to the students, is Miss Della Hutson, and her as- sistants Miss Rasmussen and Miss Mitchell. This year, thirty-four girls volunteered to help with the many tasks in the library. We are truly fortunate to have easy access to this library and to be able to make it such a great part of our life at N.F.H.S. Miss D. Hutson. k,,..A ,yn -gs Left to right, First row: Carol Weinstein: Sally Clareg Bar- bara Boyceg Beverly Schmidlig Elaine Madayg Ruth Rieffa- naugh. Second row: Josephine Jasekp Carol Game, Dorothy Banksg Phyllis Handleyg Elaine Newrnann: Virginia Veidhcffer: Judy Valleyg Mary Jessg Barbara Kavanaughg Lillian Gilbert, Elizabeth Nassoiy. Third row: Pat Dorosg Evelyn Rainnieg Judy Frommertg Martha Gratzg Mary Rose Marazzog Robert Lee: Marian Shumwayg Joyce Wishart: Betty Jean Stahl. ff c.r1Mu!6 Left to right: Miss E. Mitchellg Miss T. Rasmusscng A Q7 -4 N, AC? Ui T7 Loquators Left to right, First row: Karla lvieekerg Harold Holder: Bill Bisharag Mary Jane Certo, Patricia Woodg Ronald Browng Clay Thompsong Mary Bongiovanni. Second row: Barbara Wycoffg Pearl Brown: Lillian Garabedian: Eleanor Gra- mond: Bernice Bryant: Augusta Alsabrookg Hilda Bryant. Third row: Herbert Timberlake: Rocky Adriaticog Bill Knightg Tom Sitekg Joe Etopio: Marvin Kranitzg Jerry Leiferg Donald Terryberryp Charles Bennettg Mr. James Fabi- ano, Advisor. ACH year the public speaking classes of Mr. James V. Fabiano, under his guidance, de- T 1 velop a club composed of all the class members. The name, Loquator's Club, means "Speaker's Club." The aim of the group is to provide more speaking opportunities than those offered in the regular classes. Fall term officers were as follows: Ronald Brown, president and club correspondent, William Bishara, vice-president, Patricia Wood, secretary, Mary Jane Certo, treasurerg Harold Holder, sergeant-at-arms, and Clayton Thompson, parliamentarian. The club meets during each Friday class period and programs are conducted each week under the voluntary chairmanship of individual pupils. The entire class shares in presenting panel discussions, extemporaneous speaking contests, and other enjoyable and beneficial ora- torical activities. The Loquators' Club provides an excellent experience for all its active members by ac- quainting them with correct oratorical practice and supplying fine opportunities for self-ex- pression. Cs' HE Science Club, instituted for the purpose of providing means of science as U applied to everyday life, again took a prominent place inour school. The club took tours through various plants in our city, including the hydro-electric plant. The members also played an active part in the Science Exhibit, held in April. President Sam Sheusi presided over the weekly Thursday meetings. The other officers were: Iohn DiBacco--vice-president, secretary-treasurer-Eleanor Van- dgrhoff, sergeant-at-arms--Paul Snyder. Mr. Iohn Edwards proved a very capable a visor. Although the Science Club is provided with both materials for chemical and phy- sical experiments, the bulk of the activities take glagelt iii the cgiemistry laboratory. The girls ' n ascina ing to make cosmetics, and the S 4 l ID boys find a more masculine type of experiment. u Barbara Pettigrew: Wendy Wozniakg Elizabeth Baker. Third row: Douglas Snyderg Carol Ehlers: Nancy Kaczynskig Sam Sheusi: Paul Snyder. JL "rr ff rufggi c ss .ffxv r glans K 1 K 'ff -33.3,-l" hamg Don Browng Frances Villellag Verla Dia- Left to right, First row: Mr. John Edwards, Advisory Patricia Tyson: Marilyn Lake' Connie Tubinis. Second row: Frances Villellag John Mooradiang Joan Brierlyg John Di Boccog Sylvia Roussig Barbara Cantarag Eleanor Vanderhoffp Connie Sarkosg Rotaro .'ff':f:.,. N 's all 1 ' if Q lege' ' WNJ " ' K ,' L y qgfffyl '!j-IA! 4,1 fail-l f'4f"."'ii -7 Ir ez? 7 I l Q X X N ,Waugh Nm df! Staggcred, left to right, First row: Eleanor Vanderhoffg Betty Kingg Joyce Wishartg Loretta Ponzi, Dorothy Reiterg Ronald Trainag James Cadzowp Ronald Parnellag Jerry Stackp Rich- ard Redlineg Alice Myers: Robert Meloneg Dolores Carmang Gretchen Strouhg Cloyd Sow- ersg Marcia Creaghg Mr. James Bongiorno. CN' HERE is that instinct in human nature to create beauty and to make people happy. Some produce this effect with paints, crayons, chalks and charcoal, others achieve this by the colorful art of words. Writers' Workshop is that branch of English which aids students in developing their creative abilities. By trial and error and by studying the works of other authors, these seniors, under the capable supervision of Mr. Long, strive to increase their skill in writing poems, essays, short stories and plays. The best of these appear in the annual publication, "Stardust, 'i for the enjoyment of the student body. CN' HE Niagara Falls High School Rotaro Society, public speaking club, holds regular Friday meetings, third period in the auditorium. For the first semester officers elected were: Robert Melone, president, Gretchen Strough, vice-presidentg Marcia Creagh, secretary, .Terry Stack, treasurer, Cloyd Sowers, parliamen- tarian. During the second semester, those who held office were: Robert Melone, president, Dorothy Reiter, vice-presidentg Joyce Wishart, secretaryg Gretchen Strough, treasurer, Betty King, par- liamentarian. Mr. James Bongiorno is advisor to the group. Membership in this club gives each student an opportunity to participate in parliamentary procedure which is part of the public speaking program and to take part in radio broadcasts and class discussions on current topics. Students also are given an opportunity to enter the Ameri- can Legion Oratorical Contest, one of the major events of the year. Robert Melone, president of the Rotaro Society was winner of the school contest. ' 5 S , 7 Left to right, First row: Tess Stanekg Maristine Jessg Josephine S If Frattarolig Anna Signorellig Phyllis Robackergfjossie Alessip G S Q Joyce Derrickg Marilyn Terryberryg Beverly Anne Schmidlig Phyllis De Fazio. Second row: Fred Penmang Mauro Buzzelli: Don De Faziog Bernie Tatog T, ,.l-- ,fc '... Alice Wadowskig Elizabeth s Bakerg Janice Houseng Mar- lene Townsend, Carmella G G Vitullog Jackie Tecchio. - ' Third row: Mr. C. Longg x A L Richard Ford, James Smith: Joe Baccellig Michael Ma- shoiang Herman Falsettig Jerry Loreg Dom Buccirossop Don Presutti. T,- hus' -,H Q il. M sa-'P B,s.,:Q'F l. QF? -339' 4 ul? -I-v x,.......,.. .i J ,igvgl 1 --f - -.-- .,- ...Q 1 - 0 v X " . ' ' ' ' -' f ,' - i :yi ' -U .' I ' . A 5- 1, 153 x. ', I Q fb ' , L Q flrfx' , K -A ' Q 1... V w " 1 1 53" '-- L I I 1 . 4 . . -N U , I K R. ' Y I 'rs' 1. Y V . ,,, , ' . -- ,,,.. .. .- - - .A . f -r ' J Ni dxixiq L I nf 1 595 'ling 935, A I -5 I I 1 , Left to right, First row: Joanne Dorsog Pat Masong Janet Dickg Tess Stanekg Wanda Matyjas: Joan Masong Elizabeth Wiatrg l Cossie Alessi. Second row: Stanley Bobekg Perry Domzellag Robert Winters: Cloyd Sowersg Gail Bashg Evelyn Rainnieg Herbert Emswellerg Ronald Brown. Standing: John Mooradian: Mr. Moran, advisorg Stephen Plumeri. UST as the Round Table banded together the different king- . doms for harmonious relationship, so Pan Hellenic bands I I together the Greek letter organizations of N. F. H. S. The sororities andfraternities of Niagara Falls High School each have two representatives in Pan Hellenic. Since its ori- gin in 1939, the member organizations have found it an ideal way for their clubs to work together smoothly. Under the advisorship of Mr. Moran, Pan Hellenic receives helpful suggestions from the faculty. A few weeks before pledging begins, a set of regulations pertaining to the pledge period are drawn up. These rules are approved and observed by each Greek letter group.. This year Pan Hellenic initiated "Help Week. " Each sorority and fraternity undertook some charitable project during that week. In sponsoring "Help Week, " Pan Hellenic strove to unify the groups in purpose and thus bring about better understanding. 7".'2Tf1'f NTER-CLUB Council is an organization consisting of the officers of the five Y-teen groups. The council supervises the pledging rules and various activities that are jointly sponsored throughout the year. The biggest activity is the "Know Your Nation" trip that takes place during Easter vacation. The council is headed by the president, Jean Mussari,who is assisted by the secretary, Bar- bara M31-nga, These Qfficers are elected at the beginning of each year and meet twice each month. Mrs. 'W. Lynch and Mrs. F. Wattenbarger are the advisors of this group. Inter-Club Council Left to right, First row: Barbara Marucag Margie Rocca: Carmela Liparig Louise Huntg Shirley Anne Shapiro: Mary Ann Donofrog Norma Finitzg Dorothy Warnock, Dorothy Tyrang Dorothy Molakg Nancy Kaczynskl. Second row: Joanne Linzag Jean Mussarig Shirley Owens: Shirley Gray: Frances Baiog lrene Loriag Sylvia Bonannig Jerry Di Cam- illog Marilyn Quarantillog Molly Duffy. Third row: Mrs. Phyllis W. Lynchg Mrs. Agnes Wattenbarger. fgif- MNQ C M-XC COINM' I I Adusnr HYCINT HIA OVERDE Treasurer NANCY WRIGHT GAIL REED JOAN TARCJOSZ BARBARA SIIJFMBFRG MARION VHI SON Busmess Manager President Vlce Presldent IOAN COYLF BETTY HOUSE IOAN MASON if y.- LOIS MARSHALI NANCY LAMB MARY ANN LEGGLTT AUDREY WOICIK IOAN BRAAS BARBARA CUC-INO 59 WINIP RED LYNCH lbs CAROL REAGAN GAII THOMPSON JANET WII SON ZETA TAU IOTA MARY PITONYAK 106 'P MARY RUTH COT'-L 1.111 rxnhnu VNIATR Recordmg Secremry Correspondmg Qi 1 ret xry fc S HEIEN WAITERS XNANDXVHI IIAMSON , nn PAT BAKER TANI5 PFDLOXK CAROI COYLE ANN AUCHMOODY Q rxwv' MARTHA WU I IAMS DOINNX ARINH PRISCI LLA HUTSOXN L " 5 A Q- I f- -Z- X ' za fv C 4 s 4549 L . . . , '. 1 ' , . . I ,X Q V, ' . I V , 4 , . m b ly' , fx 'V . Q Q " v gk ff . ' J 4.- s ' Lf - . 9' is X. 1 K w Q f' . of R. bi , , . H 6- , COSSIWINE AI ESSI Presndent M XPIE I ONGO HISIOFIBII VAI ERIE IPO as DIANE SC HMIDT BARBARA ROVNER Vxce Presldent GD-G 19 TESSIE STANEK Socxal Convenor IANIE DA VSON X' ARINO reasur ANGIE APPOLONEY Recording Secretary FRANCES FRAC HELLA Pledge Mxstrees, FI EANOR UCCI MARGIE ARGIE BETTY MEDALIS HELEN LOPACKI 1. 'VIARI ENE MARIANO CHRISTINE KUBARSKI MILDRED CAMPBEL L Correspondmg Secretary DOROTHY STOCKWELI. LORFTTA I OSTRACCO BEVERI Y BIEHI CAROLE CAMPBELL DELORES CAPOLUPO MARGARET MCLEOD IEAN VEROCCHI BETA ALPHA SIGMA 107 JEAN NUSSBAUM Presldent JUDY ASHPY Grand Recorder Sf 'ua JOKCE WISHART 1' uHIRLE Y FL A 1 IEAN MORTIMER Vlce President GEORGIA SWIFT .r P xTR1C1A 0011 'li tw ,Lf L-was NORM N QMITH Treasurer 0..- Q' GAYLE NUSSBAUM DIANE PLETCHER SUF IRIGHT INNFT KHUT q"'t- Q. JO ANNE MCQUEENX Recnrdmg Secretary IA NET NORRIS JANET DICK M xrzcmrr DOXIN give MQ? MARIIINCASTLES MARGARET DELL Cnrrespondmg Secretary Sorgexnt at Arms JL A LINYLYONI DONNA BUXTON IZFVERL I HAGER I-HMBETH Przrvobr JUDY . u LF joarwi IJIRMINGHAM mx wcmz mush xw JLDY Hxwmmox UDRFY THOIN PSON VXLERIF LE MASTERS NORM-X STILES . M . 1 4 We me . L, V 4 y , e I I I A a V , f a I 6 , I ,E I' , 1 :ff Q,2'N' - A q -,WN I N 'N ,xx ,wlw ' I xx, . 1 'L :-, I I lf- . W . we I ,A . , f . . L 1 G, 4 I 1- 9 i +-I , ,L , Q ' Q iiiifgftn . fx, : , , , ' . ...Y 1 ' ,, A ' Db 5 I j 1 I I 4 f ' ' ' A, F " 'A ,er 2 f I 5 Z Y oy' I sv-A V m ' 5 , rr A D, we I 'F A ' I A It ,QA 'A M , E Q5 , V X, . .. " f U' A O Y O' I wr' N I I Z H A A 'QW g' L fi if I I Q E I 'I T 1 ' ,N f 18 ' ' 4- N ,, ' "" 'UWM H ' Eijfnfw I I I I . ST-is , - , 74 F- . 2 TV 47 J ' li U F 4. I' a L 7 V Ex I V v. I ' 9 ' , Q 5 Q I i. , 4 A' i 3-7 A N I ' ' 'W , AQ ,V ,. Y, N A, . , , . mfr, 7 ix M RV AC IVER -IOXNCAMPBELI WKTRICIA MXSON 25. .7 CXROI MEIT! 5 NORRINE HOAK Presldent CAROL AMENDOLA PHYLLIS DLUGOSL PEGGY MC COULF PAT WEST Treasurer 4- a X JOAN BRIERLY DONNA FLORIA IOA NNE M ASTE RS BARBARA CHABALA Correspondlng Secretary 'ff wif A IUDY BRINKLOW MARY ANN FERRITTO BARBARA MILONOVICH BARBARA IOSEPH WANDA MATYLAS Soclal Convener BARBARA CHRISTIE DHIRLEY OGDEN DOLORES LASKA JANET KANTONISTA PHYLLIS RECKERDS CARMENQABIN BEVERLY STEMPIAN LEILA UHRI LINDA WEAVER ELAINE ZITO THET XI UPSILO 109 ,I . , ' . I A 6 , A 1 - , f ,J , f A 4 , A A iz A A ff A A 45? ' M: G fr x ' v fr , 5 ' . I 'Z ' " a x' . is in ' on A 6 MARCIA CREAGH Presxdent CARRIE S HAW Chaplaxn IOYCE SMITH M my ANN STOLL VIVIAN O CONNOR IUDY HARV KA DEMMON VICE Presldent .4-v' ANN ROMME LL Press Agent ID: EVE LYN RAINNIE DE NISE VAN LIEW v,v SHARON STEINBREINNER MA t R9COX'dH1E Secre MARSHA GRATZ Sergemt at Arms IUDY FROMMERT G 'XII SPARLING EY SUE ANNIACKSON ary 6 f PH RY FE RGUSON Correspnndmg Secretary GRETCHEN STROUGH f PAT SCOTT VIRGINIA SHERMAN 3 ELIZABETH COUGHLIN LIBBY DAGGETT ZETA SIGMA EPSILO C AROL DOL-K rw Treasurer SHARON ARCHER X GRD if NANCY SA UNDERS LOI5 HAMMOND SUE KRA FTS JA NET M AC K Hlstorxan ,A 1 wx ? GAIL BASH X GAIL SUMM ERFIELD .1 BEVERLY BROWN LINDA NEFF , NA O .5 ,H I 4 I ' 6. K I Q! I Fi S ' I A ' ' I If If Y , V A X A ' Y ' . I . ' I . , . ' . I I. 6' . 7 6 A If Is A X ' LA 3 ., I 6. M X 5 A E fl f I fi . I R 1, K L. , gn N , 1 It W 6. ' A 1 V fr F ' N.. 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LOUIS PAONESSA s 1 . ROBERT LOZINA HIY ORL ANDO MARRO Treasurer G 1 DOMINICK DEL BROCCO Louis MORRELL R LARRY GHOUGHASIAN I ,rr 1 ,f -1 I ' ff K Q I 5 X Q' 1 , X L X fp, I V 1 I , 1:-Z I N P 'F ' 6 ' I 3 J . 1 7 F I . N A MRS A SCHULTZ SYLVIA BONANNI Senior Advisor Pl'9Sld9n! f ANN DI MIGLIO IPublicity Manager IRE NE LORIA Treasurer SUE MARIANO IOANNE MALLOMACCI ALICE MYERS PHYLLIS CHRISTIANO 1' JERRY DI CAMILLO Vice Presxdent FRANCES BAIO Secretary LORRAINE CONTI JEANINE CALANDRELLI -K- MARTHA ANTONUCCI HELEN MAIEWSICI MARY ANN COLOSI FRANCES FLORAMO BELLA FAIOLA Corresponding Secretary CONNIE MA NUSE 'vs MARIE LUC IANI fx MARILYN SCAPPUCCI 6 ADELE CHRISTIANO MARY VENTRY ROSE MARIE TRIPOLI MARIAN PENNZOTTI BETA CHI nf ' Q x , - I, 1 I nl I X X ' .1 l i' .- In ' , V' , . .J K ' Q . J G' - v 6 X . 5 6- A L , ' ' .f f f Nj f , fy D 4 ' 1' , .X X. I fp S E L- LN S- 5' fi Q t I , 5. 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KATHRYN ENGLAND ADELE ESPIN-X ROSILAND oownmc NANCY CHAMBER JANE CAREY MARGARET CHICK GAMMA RHO J u- s ' !f Ye, X4 Q VA 3. 6 ff ,, N . A W K ' I 5Q1 A T l Lv ' 6 fo- . 5-5.4 ,wh A-, L ' sy ,. . Rf QF, 63 ' 6 BARBARA MARUCA Presldent IEANNE BOWMAN ANNIE FERRARA IOANNE LINZA MARGIE ROCCO PATRICIA PAWLOWSKI ALICE Secretary Treasurer ,fx ROQEMKRIE DE MARCO ALICE ASHT MARILYN MILLS NANCY HURTIENNE STEPHANIE IAKUBOWSKI PAT SKRYZPEK BARBARA ZANKOWSKI -- SHIRLEY WALKER PHI SIGMA PIII JOYCE DROZDOWSIG BARBARA MCGOVE RN VI ADOWSKI I I 6 0 " fv 9 A L C . " Q Q I I . Lf 5 , A C K ON ' 1. I W 1- S ,, 122 S 6 Q PETER IULIAN Secretary BILL BISHARA , President ,- ff! 'MM Lx. 1 FW L , , . l,v j E1 W"f1f 51 QV- VW ., 3dhqlfVX.1 SAM AGNELLO Sergeant at Arms GAMMA PHI HI Y 5 4? -I ROBERT AQUINO ROBERT PLU MERI 1 2 3 THOMAS MOSCATI 5' v Ss 4,-- MR M BEDFORD Advxsor 6- x TOM SXLVEY I C' RICHARD MELNOTTE DONALD REITER PAUL HENDRICK Secretarv Prestdeni Vice Presxdent L. -1 SAAR PORRATH PAUL ZEIGER sua' VALLY BUTERA ROB DAVE WITTSTEIN FORENSIC SOCIETY We ERT WINTERS DUANE HENNEMAN DAVE MANIAGO ROBERT EMMEFS V a " T F 7 Q X' A Y ai - x I ' ' if , I K fs 2 g- if' J 58 . I za' 'ml P- x NX lt, K ,1 ' K 5' 1 Q ' ,vu X ' x R' ' VJ V X ' 5 549 f Premdem ix ss , ,N BOB XVINTER., IOE FICUREHLI P-'SUL KIRBY Vlce Presxdent Secretary Treisurer IDC ps- -Q.. Y VINCFV1' PILLLFGRINO WALTER GREIG ROBERT EIMME NS yon osw ALD DONH D TRXVIS D-U, ID sk ITTQTEIN fii' X DICK HILLIER RALPH MERANT0 KEY CLUB U- S-K AR PORRATH RONA LD PAONLQSA 1 -. I I l , . K s- D y go . A. A , . a Z ' ,h Q V 1 fr Q 1 'N . 'r- V' 'Q lf - L f 1 Ie x "' -ff if f 432 - f R R4 1 J X 4 aa. Q A 9 fp 4 Q L "N"'k A -gf .4 1 . . Q 1,0 A SGS" Eli- A in SO To S :yr ' f' TA LEED? THRU' -Q: . QA " L ' N N 3 V fs -4 gn f , I -1 ' 3' X .. N V OH! NO!! 958 -in Z IOTA Q5xr'f4R if FN 15 42 1 S f- x . 4 Left to right, First row: Tom Moscati, Manager: Dom Mlgliazzoa Nick Tate: Ken Terry: Pete Julian. Chuck Colvicchiag Sam Scalafanl, Manager. Second row: Manl1oDe Sands: Bob Weberg Herb Hull: Jerry Casperg Frank Scalettagjoe Baccelligliruce Traugottg Coach 'Mike' O'Laug,hlin. TE baseball season of 1952 got under way with "Mike" O'Laugh1in returning to coach the N. F. H. S. baseball team V to a 12-2 season. The two losses were suffered at the hands of U N, 5. our inter-city rivals Trott and LaSalle. Sparked by co-captains fl 'fl John Anderluh and Eddie Kowalski, the Red and Gray captured Q f f the Niagara Frontier League Championship for 1952. The team 1 2 g ,,9' ' represented the league in the sectionals facing Olean in Offerman x ' Q, Stadium in Buffalo. Brilliant pitching by Red Weber plus Ander- X ggi luh's tremendous home run over the left field wall provided a ,K AL, 4-2 win. '?:2fu'2 -:'iaE5Ef Returning to better last yea.r's squad will be Weber, Terry 'Qjjfiiiv' J Migliazzo, Scaletta, Casper, and Joe Baccelli, who was last W ' year's League -leading batter. Some other starters may be X y f' Herbert Hun, Nick Tate, and Pete Julian. l N fl lr Jffllllf 5 f I Niagara Falls 5 1 Kenmore , .I 4 0 Tonawanda ' I . 13 4 Lockport l ' 3 4 Trott L 10 0 Kenmore , 1 ' wg., 9 0 N. Tonawanda 11, I 5 2 Lackawanna gy!-, KQQ 9 2 Tonawanda I 1' iepjg 923. 6 5 Trott 'T 213. 7 2 N. Tonawanda ,, 9 ' 4 1 Lockport np. ' ' iff 293' 6 5 LaSalle ,, 'r 3251 6 8 LaSalle ?f 3 g if Sectionals ,if f 2- -fx XV Cnmni Niagara Falls 3 1 Olean 127 J.: . S I, C0 C""" co cfwr I f"'?"sx . if ' - - ' 8 p 1 ul N ' S 1 'LA f LJ H5 , W snmrls Boss - DE I: 1 SCA:f?rA D Af2'aRoS'0 DE 6 uusrfcf CAN? NME 5 CA H5 V Q 11. msfm lf I V? f I if f 1 . If 4' 1 , I I XX .1A,vf.rF v1Gnze..:nof ' x N C 1' xx f i x , MA any G- E7'0Pg0 r ALLlN5'0,y X f 7' 7-Arg' Aw f if , I fx k I ' N -V 5 f QQ X ' Suflro WORRELL PASCH r Fa wmn? 1' ff CARL-'ALA G Hflfliffif F ,'X, -BOE5KlN 6: A f FALSITTI r . 4 I Left to right, First row: Stan Bobekg Bill Worrellg 3 Douglas Paschkeg George Hamptong Frank Scalettag Thomas Justiceg Herman Falsettig Victor Reichertg Joseph Etopiog John Digirolomog Frank Ianese. Sec- ond row: Perry Domzellag Claude Diggs: Francis White: Joseph De Lucag John Ciavaglia: Armand Cacciatoreg Roderick Boesking Ass't. Coach, Mr. R. Litchkag Mike De Marco: Richard Casper Kenneth Terry: Jerry Casperg Albert Previteg Kenneth Mai-ting Charles Lee. Third row: Coach M. O'Laughlin: Charles Von Groff, manager Sheridan MacFayden, managerg Nick Tate: Mark Allisong Manlio De Santisg Al Slipkog Earl Heimang Edward White: Gabe Porto: Iohn Carella Richard Coletta. 1952 FOOTBALL SCHEDULE Home Opponent Team Sept. 19 Kenmore 19 44 " 26 N. Tonawanda 7 13 Oct. 3 Dunkirk 6 19 " 11 Lockport 7 27 " 17 Lackawanna 6 0 " 24 Tonawanda 7 25 Nov. 1 LaSalle 0 32 " 8 Trott O 31 'flifffxp iifp f ' ' JH, ' 'f f. 1 .L , . A74 I3 at -un x 2'-tl fl' ' N 1 ll ' Nil Q ik K J .. W C '41 1 QM Section VI Basketball Champmns HE 1952-1953 basketball season was another banner year for Coach "Doc" Parsons. Co-Captains Joe Baccelli and Tom Justice along with Jerry Boudreau, Bruce Traugott, and Arnie Zimmer make up the starting team. As the season progressed, Justice and Baccelli fought it out for the league scoring title with Baccelli as the winner. In the play-offs, we defeated Lackawa.nna and Lockport to earn a place in the sectional finals. Here, on Saturday, March 21, in Memorial Auditorium, Niagara Falls High School defeated Jamestown to emerge the wirmers of the Class VI Sectionals. xv K n ,f Ai' " ' BASKIQTBAL1. . , .1 f X , . I ' . A - wtf, A ,Y ' A P--' I J Opp. H. T ' I f R K '- ' 1 'A - I Dec. 5--Kenmore 50 '75 ' . Q 13 n 'FP Q L " 12--Tonawanda 58 74 K.. H A " 19--Tron sa vo , J ' Jan. 9--Lockport 53 49 If 'K no - g g .'., , ,,Q' vs' " 13--N. Tonawanda 43 '79 5 f F , " .,,f1"" " 16--Lasalle 50 69 X , W A ' 2 A -1 I K Y 6' " 23--Lackawanna 45 41 I ' 2 3 5 " 30--Kenmore 56 83 i , , I V ' Q V Feb. 6--Tonawanda 61 92 V -f " 13--Tron as so ' , ' 1 is V ' " 17--Lockport 54 56 ' ' X Q " 20--N. Tonawanda 45 83 . ,Q V 1 x " 27--Lackawanna 43 65 x A Mar. 6--LaSalle 34 55 5 A 4-, " 21--Jamestown 53 66 and if t-Q ' -H 9.1 W, - Left to right, First row: Ken Terry: Ioe Baccellig Tom Justice: Jerry Bou- dreaug James Clifford, manager. Second rowg Arnie ZimmergAl Slipkog Vince ScuterigBruce Trau- gottp Jim Aderman. 130 Q' r Q 1' f' ,x E 29, QW Track Left to right, First row: Ken Martin: Rocco Adriaticog Richard Casperg Joe De Luca: Armand Cacciatoreg Bill Worrellg Tom Justiceg Steve Pasekg Mike Alonzog Herman Falsetti. Second row: Cordell Deasg Ben Johnsg Richard Klimeckog Joel Farugiag Bob Barrg Mark Allinsong Tino Garciag Robert Lowe: Don McGinnis: Mike De Marco: Benny Pasco: Perry Domzellag Earl Heimang Guy Caterinag Bruce Traugott: Frank Fantog Joe Baccellig Harold Molly Pete Valenti: John Firth: Roy Propstg Coach "Doc" Parsons. it ef I I ' C ' xfwx CN HE sport most closely allied to the days of knighthood is Q e' ,f W track. From the earliest times we have had runners, 'L xv, t discus hurlers, jumpers, etc. Our track team will open its -"Ubin season about May 1st, A large quad, made up of many I X 'C veterans and consistent point winners together with a group of , ' new aspirants, turned out for practice. Among the returning i veterans are Ken Martin, Tom Justice, Joe De Luca, Armand X Cacciatore, Mike Alonzi, I oe Baccelli and Bruce Traugott. A With a past record of two consecutive sectional wins, the -' team hopes to make this their third win for the Sectional title. ""' 91-'lwn xx 131 I Left to right, First row: Manlio De Santisg Tom Truesdaleg A1 Massottig Nick Tate: Robert Weber. Second row: Robert O'Queeno, James Ritchlin: Jerry Casper: Nick Babyekg Claude Diggs: Anthony Quarantillo. Third row: Richard Godinog Ronald Ganan: Jeny Putnamg Steve Nawrockig Jim Mc- V Basketball XXS X X St S 4 Farland. ..LLLl - s 1 'M f if I Left to right, First row: Ralph Gougeon: Paul Donleyg Paul Irishg Carl Fatulag Lou Morrell. Second row: Henry Holkag Bill Williansong Perry Domzellag Harold Holderg Bryce Daily. Last row: Francis Mc Kenna, Managerg John Mooradiang Saar Porrathg Mike De Marcog MI. D. Reeser, Coach. Varsity Swimming FTER losing eight varsity men from 1952's championship team, the Niagara Falls High School swimming team and its coach, Mr. David Reeser, had little hope of a wirming season. They dropped three meets at the beginning of the season but came through in championship form to take third place in the league standings. Co-captain Henry Holka, driver, was undefeated throughout the whole season, while the other Co- captain Ralph Gougeon, also turned in an impressive record. Bryce Dailly, with only one defeat, and Bill Williamson are two freshmen who will be assets to the team for another three years. In post-season meets, a few of the boys took some of the first six places in the Eastern Scholastic Meet in Princeton, New Jersey. About ten of the team members expect to take part in the Buffalo Athletic Club Meet late in March. Dec. II Jan. I' ll ll Feb ll ll II ll Swimming W SWIMMING 1 1 N. Tonawanda 1 8 Tonawanda 7 Kenmore 1 5 Lockport 27 LaSalle 29 N. Tonawanda 3 Tonawanda 5 Kenmor e l 1 Lockport 1 8 Lackawanna 19 LaSalle N. ..- u . id ' i Left to right, First row: Gordon Tyson: Daniel Potateg Steve Wieloszynskig Bamey Rogersg Richard Learman. Second row Steve Davis: Bob Armstrong: Ted Romaine Bob Douleyg Jack Mc Ctacken. Last row Francis Mc Kenna. Manager: Roger Wolfg Guy Caterinag Neil Harris: Mr. D. Reeser, Coach. Ev Left to right, First row: Carol Amendolag Florence Reed: Lorena Lostraccog Joanne Linzar Juanita Bossog Phyllis Klejdysp Lois Gradin. Second row: JoanBrier1eyg Jerry Di Camillo, Captain: Io Ann De Notop Dorothy Tyrang Helene Kro- merg Geraldine Shepherdg Alice Kapaloski. f , it f .V 4 any W J r vu! ntvvfvux , X L IV. Cheerleaders ry, X 4 i X X L - V 2 X 'lil il X W Q. Y L ,gan xr X f il lib so 6 N W i L gal x Il wnmc Varsity Cheerleaders Left to right, First row: Frances Frachellag Shirley Cooperg Shirley Shapiro: Par Pawlowski , Capraing Jean German: Marie Longo, Co- Captaing Dolores Carmang Joan Wieloszynski. Second row: Muriel Fritton: Wanda Matyjasg Norrine Hoak. , , r 4 X1 Q v' 1 Q Q-"" :II n Left to right, First row: Joan Wieloszynskig Jean Mussarig Fedina Friona: Frances Frachella. Second row: Judy Stephansg Natalie Hartenbergerg Mary Ruth Cone: Jerry Di Camillog Judy Frommert. . 9 ACH year, early in the fall, a tennis tournament is f held. This consists of a single's and double's tourna- ment which arouses much enthusiasm. The winner of the eleventh grade sing1e's tournament was Geraldine Di Cam- . illo and Mary Ruth Cone and Judy Stephens won the double's T tournament. In the twelfth grade, Natalie Hartenberger won the sing1e's tournament and Joan Wielosynski and Frances Frachella won the double's tournament. IRLS interested in bowling have found a champion in . Miss M. McDougall. Arrangements have been made 7 with bowling alleys throughout the city so that high school S teams may have tournaments at low cost. This year some of the outstanding bowlers have been Jean Nussbaum, Joan . Drayer, and Gail Finley. Teams high in league standings B 1 were the Whipperettes, captained by Louise Hunt, and the 0 Splitettes, whose able captain was Rose Marie Caruso. Left to right, First row: Gretchen Flemingg Louise Huntg Mary Ruth Coney Carmie Vitullog Mary Ann Alexanderg Mary Rose Marazzog Mary Ann Lauzaug Shirley Owens. Second row: Miss M. McDougallg Jean Nussbaumg Janet Ruscittog Marie Wroblewskig Nancy Kaczynskig Elaine Neu- mann: Carol Brandowg Phyllis Robackerg Vicky D'Aloisio. 5 l i A i I Left to right, Second row: Marva Hollandg Teresa Centofantig Connie Carriereg Kay Demmon: Mildred Campbell. Front row: Hilda Bryant, Captain. Girls, Basketball TAGED in the gym was the girls' basket- ball tournament. In round-robin form, the teams played to win the greatest number of games. Of great value in developing sports- manship and fair play, these games will ulti- mately result in creating fine characters. Stu- dents not only participated but also did their share in refereeing. it f?iQ, it or X, - X 4 , f..-ip. nf y , iff' f llll ' X 1 , u fkkgil , f W Left to right, First row: Dorothy Warnock: Claudia Wienentp Dorothy Tyrang Helen Oliver: Denice Van Liewg Evelyn Rainnie. Second row: Jane Rayg Shirley Owens: 166116112 P0il'i6r: Orphia Pinkoskig Florence Reed. Left to right, First row: Sarah Clare: Betty Jane Stahl: Elizabeth Boynton: Myra Ford: Elaine Neumann: Janet Mack. Second row: Marsha Gratz: Clarice Kelly: Mary Ann Stoll: Denice Van Liew: Jerry Di Camillo: Ruth Stagg: Gretchen Fleming: Mary Lou Clark: Miss M. McDougall. Third row: Gretchen Strough: Audrey Thompson: Patty Bullman: Dana Brown: Beverly Freeman: Delores De Salvo: Marlene Moore: Gayle Nussbaum: Jean Nussbaum: Rosemary Caruso: Roberta Lee. 4 Life Saving . V - Q -. X- r. Fi V K "4 gk, gf' - E 1 lx 5 V x f V- i . K if f f " isa- 'Aff' X L- V N x --T - X S :A X K -'SA q' " ,N N X ' - ' 1 -L 95 K' li' MIN Q, X . .skis .gr : Q- S 1' Ehkxfzfaggihzx., Q V F' r , Q X -, '9-- 71f-'-f- Lgxvww ' "vi C 4:,""'2 xkgp A ' ' J 2 ' 4.5 ' K 'v X - , f X ' e'-Pifflf.. QMS b L ,Ji Y Af, ef fy ,mu ' ' 'T ' -9- ' ' il 4 Q N '?- " X ' fl --?1'. ' in ' 0 lm. ,.Y- 5 '15 x ' Y . .1 K ,pri Y s.f:f lj, 3,5 '-T1-? v First row fin the poolj: Marilyn Terryberry: Carol Brandon: Janet Kraft: Elizabeth Boynton. Left to right, Second row: Patty Bullman: Audrey Thompson: Mary Scozzafava: Carol Spinuzzi: Marilyn Boss: Norma Maroon: Lois Marshall: Patricia Cabello. Third row: Joanne Marino: Shirley Shapiro: Phyllis Robacher: Roberta Lee: Marsha Gratz: Margaret Siciliano: Jean McGreevy: Clarice Kelly: Mary Ann Lauzau: Frances Spadorcia. Fourth row: Judy Frommert: Tess Stanek: Joan Drayer: Elizabeth Baker: Shirley Smith: Beverly Hager: Dorothy Stockwell: Janice Houser: Joyce Whittle. Fifth row: Myra Ford: Joyce Smith: Carrie Shaw: Lily Bowman: Dana Brown: Joan Wrobel: Karol Schreiber: Connie Sarkos: Carol Game: Mary Gourlay: Elaine Neumann: Beverly Mueller: Rosemary Caruso. dowAii H' Swim Leaders Left to right, First row: Dolores Grace: Audrey Ferchen: Judy Frommert: Marsha Gratz: Norma Finitz: Joanne Frank: Carol Game: Janice George. Second row: Carmela Cacciatore: Jeanine Cal- andrelli: Constance Car- riere: Mildred Campbell: Margaret Calladine: Hilda Bryant: Bernice Bryant: Marva Holland: Teresa Centofanti, 3 ID OHE girls' volleyball championship playoffs got 11' S 0 C 3 Q! underway in the girls' gym at the beginning of October after school. The games were played on two nights each week until the finals were reached. The teams were composed of girls from 11th and 12th grade homerooms in the school. The winning senior homeroom was 103, with the following girls: Hilda Bryant, captain: Ber- nice Bryant, Jeanine Calandrellig Margaret Calladine, Mildred Campbell, Carmela Cacciatore, Teresa Centofanti, and Marva Holland. The winning junior homeroom was 300, with Norma Finitz, captain: Joyce Ferchen, Marilyn Forse, Joanne Frank, Judy Frommert, Margie Gamboian, Carol Game, Rosemary Garvey, Joyce George, Dolores Grace, Marsha Gratz, Dorothy Racey and Jean Truesdale. o , .. , 'JJ 6 l . g U! 0 f Ewizsisiissiiiyltiill I , N, I 5 ""'Wem1H i f fm' M ix 'J' A ' as iii H fi ' 0 71 - , f i 'J so "3 Girls G m Leaders Rosemarie Cesari: Carmela Cacciatore: Frances Baio: Mary Ann Alexander: Joan Cimino: Betty Jean Stahl: Betty Robinson: Jean Mussari. Second row: Fedina Friona: Joan Wieloszynski: Mary Ferguson: Wanda Williamson: Katherine Guerin: Lee Ann Murphy: Tess Stanek: Dorothy Banks: Elaine Baird: Charice Kelly: Audrey Wilson: Hilda Bryant: Verla Dimond. Third row: Elizabeth Baker: Josephine Savino: Louise Shakarjian: Marlene Moore: Dolores De Salvo: Beverly Jean Freeman: Josephine Jasek: Denice Van Liew: Pat Scott: Myra J. Ford: Gretchen Strough. Left to right, First row: Betty Bruno: Karla Meeker: Barbara Maruca: ' SINKERS f U 2, fi M BASKET BE AUTWUL BOWLING CHAMPS GRIDIRON HEROES -' ' 7,. ll ' 5 inf .J R54 L CHEERF UL U' FAST 2-I Q 'i l S F5 ,r -' x ., r 4- Q, i ,Q W4 My 3 will lm 'Mil 'llallrrqi vrri we i r1,.i,?4j" v 1 's about to descend the IKE the noble knight who 1 hill in quest of adventure, we, too, are final- espective goals in life. Like ly ready to pursue our r this servant of king and country, we will also e to meet the challenge of the outside world ra ed so do we striv and emerge victorious. As he p y , also pray that with the help of God, our deeds and accomplishments may bring honor not only those who have trained to our names but also to us from childhood. 4 X I ' 'H -Ry N, . 1 ,lp sm v ' 'Twill A l x Q 1, . lil 'w l , r 1 l l l 41' Q0 fr we is f 'X a fv ' f 1. .1 ' .TA '. -. A 4- J, .lv , ,I ,f 1 A. -417 M. 1 T 1'Z?MQg,,, .Qu 5 ,f .,1,' ' gk ' c ,xl F V S4 K .A . 1 :Nb-

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