Niagara Falls High School - Niagarian Yearbook (Niagara Falls, NY)

 - Class of 1951

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Niagara Falls High School - Niagarian Yearbook (Niagara Falls, NY) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Cover

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ff r. f' '45 'iw 1-Af Q . 3 ff' J . Y ,pa Q R' a. 2 ' Y .,-"f'-YJ ' if ...v-I!" 4 -,,,,, ,,., N-,-rv-rf"'f"1' Avg ' no " 'fi ' S, v , g vs M iff' -9,5595-'15 if. P. 'H v r I .Q ae rf?-s,. 1:9 1 5: .rf ,,..,, THE 1951 N AGAQ 3 Alma Dardarlan Robert F rasca co edztors Donald Chisholm Rosalle Llparl co buslness managers X . X' o 1 C1 5 f L ,I as o v 52 o R nt! in . fukin, , K' 5 T g 'x 1 J , 'f 4 ,- ThG195l l prese nfed by e NIAGAIQIA 5 QPF iagara Pallas I-H511 Qcfjgol w If F 15, .. ffffxzffk ' - , M 1. ' , xp. " yi mgwfww Y Ei hx is ? ,igfgggwgmfwg ' 'f X 'whiz ' 634 Qu 1 w. 4 .2' W, -.,, hem' -V xv ' r Q-:suv-f s5fgi.,gi4g,:f.,,,x'Y -A . z fi 1921 .2 . i Q Vi Q ' Q Qi Q" I, , ,F The Niagarian stall' has been doing considerable research in the school files in order to find what progress has been made by our school. We are taking this opportunity to bring to your attention the achievements which have been made by our Alma Mater in the first half of the twentieth century. DEDICATICD To Miss Mabel Eshelman, in grateful recognition of 4-5 years of distinctive service as a teacher in our public schools, we respectfully dedicate the 1951 Niagarian. ., 8 Q54 I Lp, ffm ,r sl 1g M ,J . X P Q., x , , ,.. r M '13 fm .3 E a ' ,v 'Nz Q u'0 X 5 f -. , ,,....', , , , 17 kv s .. A . t Y h .5 . Q .i '41 ,. A, : . -g,,,,,,ff-Nxeg-,3!""' 'gr "5 ' fx Mmirj 1555,--,W rv. - I - ' M . ns - , '3 1, ' 'z V MM sfmmmfoN ,V H 94 xr' xl q s SEM RS M ANIIZATIGNQ AQCTIVITIE ATHLETI Q ,rat sa' 'E' SM E 1 E 1 i i I K ,nw . 'R l , " - 1 5- '. kg , '- ,Q I ' E I s . 1 E ' , Q i 5 2 5 A if A I v , , wx l 1 I 1' 1' L 3 A ,, a I n Q , . , Z I 5 I A Y 2 . ' 1 X V i . A 9 -. I . s I ' fs i 7 V. I , 5 , , , f Q I 1 1' 5 i 5 Q 'ef 1 l f 7 A ' , I . 1 X. F ' 4-in 'k . ,.:z:,. ,., """ ' F ' H 1 f'!""""" f'Q " if 4 Aff - -" " ' A 'b . - ' ,,., . ' RW M ,j pvbggv . -, ' 1 . 7 ' -,::1-Mg- ,T fy - 43 , - Vjrfi i Q, fifimk -, , V. . m ' ' 'J m " ' " "'f"4 " ' MDNINNHST HEMQUCUDN , Y .- ,. M 1-1. ' ' -,J, - ' Y-" ",f-'X g in , ."" ' W ' ,, . , ,s Q QN X , , , 2-52"""-we 5 1- ' M Y ,,Qy'1f, f ' Z1 ii an .v.i.Lr ky- .,-.,--'v-'Ace' Km A .fagww . 1 g r I 15 in 'Ml Q K V H I if . Y, . , . 1 iw. f . f . Q , I , . 5 ' A 'Ai i kf1MW"f 1. :T V' A .1 fa .f . A . 4' Y ,, X . ,I mf' Z' A EOzL'?:Q1 :QOL f I mn. V 2 4013, iii EDRNERSTDNE LAID November, 1902-A laying of the cornerstone ceremony was held in the new high school building though it is still incomplete. A box of documents, among them being a copy of the Gazette, a picture of the cataracts, names of three hundred students and many important people of city, state and country, was placed in an opening under the bottom step and sealed. . Left to right, seated: William J. Small, Superintendent of Schoolsg Mrs. Mary L Bialecki Dr Charles M Brent Presidentg Miss Nea Brown, Secretary. Left to right, standing: Arthur M. Silberberg James H Erwin Deputy Super intendent of Schools: Stephen McMulleng Wilbur Connell: Victor de Wysockig Frank Lang Business Manager Ed ward D. Mahoneyg William L. Salacuseg Wesley L. Kester. THE B0 RD OF ED C TIO In 1892 when the city of Niagara Falls was incorporated, the first Board of Education was appointed. Succeeding boards have seen schools destroyed by fire and authorized new ones to be built to take their places or to fill the needs of a growing city. The work of the board is carried out largely by its three permanent committees whose titles are self-explanatory. They are Finance and Operation, Buildings and Grounds, and Purchase and Equipment. Any special committees are formed when they are needed. This year through the combined efforts of these committees our auditorium received com- plete redecorating from the careful repainting to new draperies and curtains. Besides providing material things, the board forms the poli- cies and plans of our educational system and sees that they are car- ried out. We deeply appreciate having had the sound judgment of the board in guiding us throughout our years in school. 9 The past fifty years is a short period in the his- tory of mankind, but in terms of human achieve- ment it-has been the greatest period of all time. The results of scientific discovery and technological de- velopments have given us a standard of living far beyond that of any other people. These achievements do not necessarily assure us of the good life. To preserve the privileges of our democracy we must devote ourselves to the respons- ibilities of citizenship. We must strive for a better understanding of human relationships. Your generation must meet the challenge of the next fifty years. .c, ...WK 1, 51: my Y Superintendent of Schools i 'll - - lass. DMI The past fifty years were marvelous years Un believable scientific inventions were made and our ways of life were completely changed. Unfortunate lv we did not learn how to live with each other in the world-the two greatest wars in history result ed. Men forgot they were civilized and used their scientific inventions to destroy others. You are en- tering the struggle to determine whether man should live for the state or the state for the individ- ual. The struggle between these two ideologies will affect your whole life and in our American way of thinking will probably be more important than all our great scientific inventions. I wish you success. if Deputy Superintendent of Schools 10 TRATIO .. Fifty years-only a sentence on the pages of time, but almost a lifetime to many. Modes of tra- vel, means of communication, philosophies of gov- ernment and family relationships-yes, methods of instruction too, all have changed. Fantastic pro- gress has been made in some things but we have retrogressed in others. The answers which were sought by our students in 1900 still are being pur- sued by the graduates of today. We, who have dedi- cated our lives to assist boys and girls in develop- ing a better world through education, are not whol- ly disillusioned. We still have the finest assistants- the educated youth of America. May we go forward together and solve the many world problems and permit mankind to enjoy its rightful heritage-a useful and happy life. Vice Principal To The Class of 1951: Your graduation, which comes at the mid- century, also comes at a time in the world's history when it is dillicult to tell whether civilization will move forward, or whether its progress will be temporarily retarded. This situation is not new, because men in all periods of history have had to meet challenges to their way of life. The present world crisis, while probably on a larger scale, is not different from that which man has had to meet in every generation. Because our American way of life is worth preserving, we must work diligently for its preser- vation in times of peace, as well as in times of war. We have won the wars, but too often lost the peace. May your generation be the first to win a permanent peace. When you leave Niagara Falls High School, the best wishes of the Faculty go with you. 647, Principal Q gf S E, Y fr A ,,. . . rg A ,ff 2 a is Gy! 4 -ni 1 ,ff , Q ix is 5, 'f i,V1j47?.'l.f3', fy, 1 'frizfcfl .j ,AE , T. iw' "af - 'H ' , . . ffl. Dorothy Apple Frank Baggallay Frank Bedaska 3115111655 English Mechanical Drawing W --in xj', .. f ' f ,xv Q .,T . fi ' ,Q . 0. X 4 A ' A Lf? X u -, .1 -. b ii . , . ii ' A -. l k I' A Elhfin Chfislmflnn Ruth A- Cook William H. Crowie Driver Education Language Bwiness A. 'F RI . 'H X W,- . V May I. Lanigan Business lQ l' Charles M. Long English Q, vw' Dorothy A. Mahoney Social Studies 'R Murray P. McKaig Elizabeth Mitchell Joseph E. Moran Af! English Business .X 'l X lg' Q13 1 .6-, K, . A Mark R. Bedford Alfred W. Benson Science Science Esther E. Dahlquist Virginia Donohue Mathematics F C !. vvh I l2 .D I . ry l ,JJ - LTY 5 5 . 1' li . 1 , 0 5 3 id 'z .A A f A - A 4. A gk i 1 I A- ? 5 , M Q4 'fb -1- Ethel L. Bloommgdale ,lame Latin ff' ENGR: QQ! ,M,,,,, If li Mi l ie. 2 . ff? K -W Pearl A. Gow Brownell Olive T. Chatterton Supervisor of Languages English Reg, 4 tr '67 , v QF f 3. Q -Q-3 ,., x X' so E' . .Or A 4, , " -Q f' 3 'J' i ' ff l? -' -f s v ,1 ., 5 f . 1 ' V. VJ, 4-f 'A' Harriett W. Donovan John H. Edwards fnes . Fabiano Anne S. erges Della Hutson English Science English Business Librarian 44" 'if il ' fl wie A J .- vl V t 1 - X 1 Lucy Massimilian Helen McCarney Mary E. McDougall my Y in 4 Social Studies School Nurse Physical Education ,. P, X X , . R X ' x r R 1 5 he , 13 'Qw- g, il Catherine Morrissey Florence Morse L0lliSC B. Mosher Mathematics Physical Education Home Economics up 2 F A C U L T Y an d o o is-lt., Michael O'Laughlin Bereneice M. Oliver L Physical Education English -wig, .f 1' , 'x' 9-4-f' Joseph 0. Ott Brainard N. Parsons Thyr Science Physical Education I l s A-ex 5 if Qs! David W. Reeser Raymond Rindfuss Henry Schoepflin Harry W. Schrader Warn Health Driver Education Guidance Guidance ,oft gm -as., 3 . ff wg, -gpm' Q x J 4 'W mf' Q S "" i 3 ,':, '-1. kim - , .,i, i if ff -Em! c5,f'x Zag A4J4iKj7,fQ' , ,Leah Simmons Edmond J. Skimill Edward V. Stafford Margaret P. Tice - Bel ' .Social Studies Social Studies Business Business 4 o X - I - J W l' Ruth A. Young. Gertrude Tresselt Mnzgulgiaxelmer Amelzefwylhlte ggzilzllgtudgege Business and Lam James H. Boardman Carrie I. Brownell May A. Gentry Health English Business Miriam A. Heary Elverta I. Miller Jeanette E. Sulkey Business Language Business OFFICE TAFF Agnes 0'Brien Doraine Sanzio Senior Stenographer Sgenggrapher 15 C0 GRATUL TIO 2 ' 5 t :E Jw' 'QQ-dsx NIR TIMOTHX A OBRIEB Tlmothy A O Br1en came to Nxagara Falls Hxgh School as VICE Pr1nc1pal ln September 1949 He was promoted to the prmclpalshrp of Gasklll .lunlor Hlgh School Aprll 1951 Hls brlef stay w1th us IS only an mclxcatlon of the rapxd stages wh1ch hlS professxonal career IS destmed to assume Mr 0 Brxen possesses a ready Wlt a keen mmd and an uncompromzslng code of ethlcal values The aura of respect and dlgnlty wh1ch he mamtams has been a contaglous element 1n our school Stu dents know hlm as a real frlend Teachers find ln h1m a professxonal leader who possesses sympathe tlc understandmg of educatlonal problems H lmpresses everyone w1th h1s mtegnty and klndness We shall mxss Wlr O Bnen at Nlagara Falls Hxgh School but we wlsh h1m abundant happmess and great success Ill hls new opportunity 16 ,Q ' 1 MISS BEATRICE BALLINCER When we entered the 0ff1CC of the Nlagara Falls Hlgh School one morning m early Aprrl a new smlle greeted us We soon dxscovered thls kmdly lookmg person to be Mlss Beatnce Balhnger our new Vxce PI'll'lClp3l Over a perrod of several years Mlss Ballmger has been a faculty member of three other secondary schools of thus cxty We feel thexr loss IS our gam In our brlef assoclatlon w1th her we have come to know that she wxll always turn a helpmg hand and graclous smlle toward helplng us solve our many problems We welcome Mrss Ballmger to our honored halls of learmng and extend to her our very best WlSh8S for happlness and success ln the future SMNMQDMQS he Q hawk? f a , 1 X , -lxm 4 .N H1 A 1 ,' K' , . . 1 . 1 . ,Q 1ifl'f"" 1' 3 , ,4 fa - on -if I fs ' 3 'Li 5 , .A V ' 313 7.8934 i L 23,5-if Fu .K A y ,,:. 1, . i 'W - f- 1. -K . :yi A 7' it 1-4 Q N22 if' k' A I A . ,. ,L 1' g K N X,-will : an r, ' 3' ' X '- ' x, ' N M ALMA MATER WRITTEN February, 1911-The Chronicle sponsored a contest offering a prize for the best school song. From the student entrees, our Alma Mater was chosen. A. Gow Brownell was awarded the prize of 52.50, MOTTO Progress is the march of intellect. COLOR Ruby red and gold. FLOWER Red Rose CLASS OF 1951 OFFICERS Carl Costanzo President James Mott Vice President Dorothy Smith Secretary Norma Masters Treasurer Mr. John Edwards Advisor l l if L? S . we -X X, , 9 57 'Y ... Ida Abbey Helen Adams Where Oh Where Has My But Beauuful Lzttle Dog Gone? .loyce Adam Am t Mzsbehavzn Constance Alex Through A Thousand Dreams Barbara Alberts Patrlcxa Alcurx Aearest Thmg to Heaven Poe Told Every Lzttle Star Kanary AIOIBH Ralnbow Mood Phylhs Alongl Dark Eyes RSS Pretty As A Pzcture My Luck Never Changes Beautiful Dreamer You Call It Madness s A -x A A is S . . . ' 9 ' ' 9 7 . . , ' . I 'Q' Y I l :Q . ,,Y.,: A lx ,x- N .Y K Off' h . V, X A as 9 es: , ' 1 if J' X. If - X. A jf V , F fl ggi ' ' A A , A ? 'AJ V? ' 2'-A 5 l A A A A33 we Angie Angelosanie John Appoloney,Jr. 18 Carol Archie Julian Archie Vlola Astolh Its a Hap-hap Happy Day Aldo Avellmo Play a Szmple Melody Esther Bachmann Dlane Baird Frank Balassone h B Now and Then One Ramdrop Doesnt Make Mad about t e oy a Shower 19 Rxchard Bank They Dzdn t Belteve Me Rosemarle Battaglla Irene Beahen Rosemarze I Love You The Best Thgqngs m Lzfe Are 19 Best of Al ree R. X Robert Banks lane Barrows The Echo Satd No Steppm Out wtth My Baby J U f"'f J! -I Clorla Beemer Cormne Behrens l I Never Heard You Say N ' B gi B T e 45 T sc. f 1 'Q' ' 1 e ff? esttts B g 'kkr N 222 1 -15 1ss,e 4- eff! A, ' N "r -Fw Beverly Bement The Source of Smzles VD! Teresa Bettmo Shes So Sweet .lean Blanzenskx Dreams Are a Dzme a Dozen MY Slum 3 S-...J M John BOIlgl0V8Ilhl Do Not Forget Me .lames Blfano As Ltfe Goes By .losephme Bobek Sweetness Personzfied Lllhan Boscarmo Barbara Benmng You ll Never Walk Alone if-L ,LLIQ or I LL! fm ,AL we 5' Q54 as Beverly Blakeslee Come Lets Be Merry Rn. Class There Fve Saul It Again Darwm Bolden 'K R "Why- if S1 . 'F ,P 'N "' 5 fa i t, an at iff' f 3 f 3 Sam Boscarmo Ann Boswell Thafs g C0011 Girl 20 There's Nothmg to Do but One Alone Sleep 4. - l sl ll I H , A laee A f - 511 -' 4- l " - N T B f "l: -J e ' -1- "4 ' ' A k Q b V'.' , Q ' Y I S I -"a wie . - - S .1 G.. f iq 'V . - ! , I h h X Qi .M 1 k K kl- 2' F " R , D ,W A 5 X X A . A J .ii , XXXX L B A A , X ,Qfgzfii - 'Aa Verna Bowers W e Could Make Believe Helen Boynton Wzsdom Exceeded Only by Sweetness of19 ,vw it I-ai N.. f' Donna Boyd Let There Be Love Vlfglhla Braas Nell Brewster Laugh and the World Lzfes Luke That laughs with You Janet Broome Side by Side Wxlham Bruce Anthony Bruno Just Plam Bull If I Could Tell You Rxta Buckley Jack Budaklan Dale Bunce Ida Burgess My Darlmg My Darlmg That's It Just F nends Heres to Romance Jean Burgess Small Talk Julia Cana Wzth a Smzle Vlrgmxa Calarusse Would I Lone You Davld Callahan Eugene Campana Jr Tzmes a Mmor Element Going My Way Mary Cardone My Best to You Rlchard Capatosta Dome My Darlzn Albert Butera Gzrls Czrls Gzrls Patncla Calladxne Patrzcm My Darlmg Patrzcza Norma Carlmx June Carr Palncla Carrlere Be Happy Go Lucky 22 Szncerely Yours Patty Ann Your re Grand 11 " . .T ,. x ML ' i... ,Z 'fy , K sf, .ffl ., fl Fx Q, 2 3 we 1' ' . , . , . ,J if . li x 'Q I , x77 'lu ' . Q ,I L' - ' Q, vc. - . a U bf' X M ' I 3 S S of W, ' 9 - - Y ' . ., if- lw Q: X N40 N,-' Blanche Craven Sleepy Tune Gal 'iw Ronald Crocheron I've Cot Rhythm 9 Dorothy Cunnlngham Blue Heaven and You and I Lena D'Andrea John D'Anna Pm Dreaming of You Oh Johnny, Oh Johnny 25 l ,pf fi Qian Stanley Crocheron Jr Young Man wzth a Horn Myra Cutler You Beautzful Redhead Alma Dardarlan With a Twmkle ln Her Eye and a Smzle ln Her Heart S r hi- 'i Ben Jamm Crltelln Intermezzo Jamce Culp Dzd You Ever See a Dream Walkzng -u-F55 'S' --ng X Jerry D Amxco The Vagabond Kzng Eva Davls Tenderly, Thznk of Me , - vs .' ' ' . - ax , A -.M , h S, 1 'v I 'RVN Ay' I. f f f . , rf 1 4-' iv y ff ,. ' .,f , bs: .-X' f ' J' r as N . "' '. fi C j ,, - , - x r - y V ' ' . .J I I! ,. Q , . ,. L' li x, Li' E 'IJ' , 4 rl I b f ,,-1 Af' I. i x - N... - .' H I f" l N '1 I 'lv l .' x , .1 I WX I wJ 5 'n ' ad . l r . . . . . uf ' . - 4 K 9 h U an L Gs ' ' . .C ii , l ,117 1 F' 1 , X ' ? ,. ,H 0 ' e M- I Ax 4 1, , 5521 me , e 1 leeee 'XA . , . ' N K 0 5 . ,. ,i X N W , 1 P' Nw . A X S 5'-X, 'lm I-Q-. ij. .ly ,f'K Marilyn Day Janelle Deas Imagination Celene DeF1l1pps With a Smile and a Song 2 "' 'WX .K-1 Joseph DeMarco Do 'I W orry9 W -Egg Oh, Promise Me I w Joseph DeG1ul1o Don t Cry Joe lx Yolanda DeMonte Its a Wonderful Life if Donald DeSant1s Time Out for Love 5 Delores Dell Short and Sweet Class Im a Big Girl Now Stout Hearted Men Aren t You Glad You re In My Svllfwie You 9 A I . Y V ' 'Tr 1 na s 5 K j O s Q Es X, Q W "' if Q' gi . ff- 2X jf f , . . ' if V P v A Q x . Q 6' K L' Lena DeSgntis Guido DeSimone 26 Marie Deuro Dennis DeVtmt1er MX! Ellzabeth M8 i, Mary D1PasquaIe What Da You Do on Boy? unday9 Anthony D1Noto Where s My Wanderzng ofl9 A Albert Durow Myra Ldge y lzngo' By Gee' Born to Dance Q lv' X Rxchard Dxmond Diamonds Are a Gzrls Best F nend if Nagy N5 f X Peter Dodd The Mad Chemist Lydxa Eleuten Little Ctrl Blues Rlchard Elhs Shlrley Elhs 27 Robert Everest Delores Fadel I'll Never W lsh for More Glue Me the Szmple Life One Love I Hear Music Than This A -- x 'f + .J ,f A 1- ff ' 7 A. ' ".' X' Ewfkfv .1 ' ' Z-X ff MJ , i X M, If V V ' B D .1 ' 'I' . Q i ., f Qi 'h ZW ' V . 9 Q- B Q, 3 jf, B A 1 if B ' r-'vig ff 7 e J FE' 154. f A. Q .ril . , . ,,, if , K 1. fs 1 B fer M . - I - , M er A F Q' f ,g,,. ' 'W' W w ' If L 4 rf: s 3 U- -,Y James Falsetti I'll Sail My Ship Alone Frank Faso My H ero Agnes Ferlxto Addle Felker Buttons and Bows 5 Q Joan Femtt James Ferntto You re the Apple of My Eye Look for the Stlver Lznmg Easy Come Easy Go QQ ef xx? Sully Ferntto Jr Carmella Flhppelln 28 Wxlham Flanagan For Me and My Gal The Darlmg of My Heart Thar Old Irtsh Look yn Haag Louis Falsetti Indian Love Call l Dorothy Ferchen Stars zn My Crown HS Jane Fleet Personality Donald Flowers Nobody Belzeves Me u-fx! 2 'bv Q- Norma Forbes Lookmg at the World through Rose Colored Glasses of 19 Walter Freeman Do Me a Favor, Will You? Dolores Franches Mlschzef m Her Eyes A Robert Fraser For Hes a folly Good Fellow Eleanor Freberg You re the Cream zn My Coffee '35, Wu- X K 'Ml ku. Roberta Frltton He's My Guy 29 Her Future Ie Assured Geraldme Frusclone ,Lf Shlr ey Folla Muszc Muszc MU8lCl lf Robert Frasca The Merrzest Fellows Are We "tv QD Howard Freeman Everybody Knew but Peter Fubelll How about That? L 5- , 'G br lf, .4-I , ' if a 47 ' ' . 'I V or ,ff F X X jg . Q! IL 1 f,-of F f X for I . . ! A xx ,ffl-3 5. ! Lf '.l if .,, 0 L Fl 'l z. 'E F w qi , il N T ,fl lx F le 1 Q ki ll If 1 9 . is w 2' Ma 'S' "" 51? '. 'la N! 'HIP Ronald Fulgenzx Eugema Fulgenzx Full of Fun and Fancy Free You and the N zght and the Muszc Emlly Fuslllo Susie Gabrlelll Frank Calvano Body and Soul I'll Always Remember You Fm That Kmd of a Guy "' 21S Ronald Garven Flfx George Lawrence Gerfm Me and My Shadow You r Eyes Have Told Me A Pocket Full of Dreams ilia- Iames Ceschwcnder Edward Ghougasxan 30 Nancy Gllhck Bonna Vear Gllmore Tune on My Hands Wandermg All the Thmgs You Are A Dream Is a Wzsh Your Heart Makes I , 'I S f , ! 'lj :xx F W 4 . ' 1:4 J s g p, H A V L 1 . 6 - r se x ' f Wk . f f tp' . 'O' , . Tl. fo wifi- ., . A k 2, IV -' - 7' 0 X A ' 1 - f Y al fel .x ws- ' ' s.. , S So d Q df k sz ' ' d W Q -'f. ., fr f v a f A 1 i , f s 1 's E. e . R I c .loan Godyn Q Eleanor Grabka Your Heart Belongs to Me Farewell gg Dreams Dorothy Granata You Are Loved fv- 'Nr MW Raymond Granlerl olores Graves Lzve and Learn JHappy Talk '15 la I cu A gh Q Vi fl 5, L sf lf l one 'gl ,A AAA: V' E IA .A . . n e l A ,o.f 52. ey ' lfar' iq' l ,J e Q ' Q 3 lr i K , xy QB, 'F A 1' Vqz, Z X. ' r ' l oh, ' 1 '- - A A .av 17 4' X I ' ' . Mar yn Gr1Hith Theres a Ford m Your Future X Carol Greig Logan Gflmfl Shes a Home Gzrl Slow But Sure lf Anthony Gugmo Dolores Guth Heaven Can Walt 31 It s Wonderful 55 nd .lacquelme Grlliith Those Golden Slzppers Carl Hamam They Can t Conmnce Me . ..., ,, Y 7555 L: g:'6.55:fF W 1 V ,Y-15, -- 15.5. 73 lt! ff gl X 1 .--V., .. - - YE' f-if f Q :xox , :U it -- r E Q 3 , ,MRS .E 1 V 'W-bwwf - M ,... Eugene Hamilton Day Dreamin' 'sf HR Wx . K 'gifs 'g j f Carol Hansen zzle for Me fa! Ruth Haseley I m Feelmg Sentimental over You W . ,..., ,. .,,, f fb Nancy Harder Eyes of Blue X Joan Hastee Jerald Hatch Wzthout a Song If I Could Tell You VW!!-Elk? FM MM Wane ,,,V ,f J' 5 Nancy Hanna Oh, Lady Be Good M lub Queenle Harris Queen of Them All AN, Class l John Hens! ylle Helwlg Robert Hendrxck Thomas Hlbbard 2 ' ' x. v ' 5 . " w g . "F 7' 3 . v r QY H .. " H or I if if v1 All, Af K' it ,L , , 4 px , Q2 e L.. E, 4 XE ,QL , , . E ,. , - fix-'gig 5 -5 .' . G-., 4 , 5? ' W: , ' ' "'! ,. 1- n. .f:g5::r:f-j:,z 3 , A H or eg, - l . ,Q '7 H ?5'fSQ1:.-'-'5541Qgl3i: 4' ,21 Q A H M ' ' ,iii VX ' ' y - '-Uzzffr --2.9.54 MBA , ::' 1:4.f1" ..,. , L A 1 I ' 'll' ' ',,,,5.'Q You Must Walk the Line .ff altzing wiyf You 32 Runnin' Wild I WGN! ll Girl N-T' vi" Warren Hoffman Joseph Holiday Whafll I Do? Every Day's a Holiday Dolores House Can t Help Lovmg That Man Ethel Howard Frank Humzec Jr The Echo of Her Footsteps Why Was I Born? of 1951 Patr1c1a Hunter Farewell to Love 'WIP'-Wh 95- kiwi ff,-9, 'Www L Sue Irish Donna Irwm Sweet Sue .lust You Thmkmg of You if E Margaret Hvozda Frank Insana That Old Dems My Destmy 'fjjffl 60,14 'Zi' 4 423, 5-3, Orlando Iuele Rxchard Jack People Are Funny Always Leave Em Laughmg U ' . T X 5, . N 5, ,. Mr , VJ 0 1 'rd I . E , I I 1 1 , Y W ,' zgixfx it fp N 9, 'V , ' Ng 2 , 1.. NW V A K' I K , v ' . A r ' l ' L 3 'l glff J 1 - - 9 ' . 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Q r q, ,X P f 4 h y , 5 fee e , e . , . s y ' 5 :fa -5' d e 9 . . e - . 4 Q is , , 'H 5 4 ' V ,, 'N h A 1-r 2 - V 5- HN Rose Mane Marmo Theres Beauty Everywhere ii" Dommxck Massaro Norma Masters Thats the Way to Do It Thou Swell Mwsnrf QW' -'K James McCracken Lzfe Is So Peculiar QS, 'QV Rlchard McNally Among My Souvemrs Rlta Mclntyre My Wild Irish Rose 3 x Shlrley McKay Its a Marshmallow World Mary Marullo Mary Is a Grand Old Name Anne Maxfield Dream a Lztlle Dream of Me Class K 5 eg, 'K 4 5 A X Lewxs Mxlazzo Isabelle Mlller John Mlller I Want to Be a Football 40 My Dreams Fll Get BY Hero ,fr NG" 1-QW Ruth Miller Everybody Loves a Redhead George Mllls James Mllne To Sutt My Fancy Its a Wonderful Ltfe ,.l"""'x 0fl9 Alfred Mltchell J Donald Mocerl Cant We Talk It Over? My My Peggy Morgan Eugene Molak Frank Moore Those W mntng Ways Its a Great Ltle 4 No Other Love ffl .fl Joyce Milleville Smile, Smile, Smile Ny! I' . 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Thomas Page Norma Palmeri Oh, You Beautiful Doll Lena Panattoni John Panza Sunda Dfivin' 43 I'm Looking over a F 7' Leaf Clover Duf J'-7 ira- Vxrgmla Palm A Lady From Twenty Nme Palms ei Laura Parenti Stars Are the Windows of Heaven Mary Ann Parnell l'll Be Seemg You Joseph Pasquantmo My Devotzon Bernard Pedlow Tell It to Me Robert Perez Don't Be That W ay gwx Janet Pass Can Anyone Explaln9 Jennle Penca Lzttle Gzrl Youre as Cute as Can Be Ronald Perrx The Smlle That Fzlls My 441 9 W in Shlrley Pender Heres A Happy Face Marlon Perma Isn't That lust lzke a Heart with Sunshzne Woman' sl if rolyn Pascmk Some Sunday Mornzng irq Qtr' -ww- vi-2,5 John Paul Oh You Kzd' Clas 34' Gerauld Pethybndge Pm Gonna Buy a Paper Doll . 1 I Vx o, Y 'S di,-fig ....m1l.. CH Q . i, K V 7 jr 4 1 3 I q . 3 V is 5 AKQJT 5 Lip , J ' N of Hr i X In J 1 J i : 3 11 F ey , yyyy 3 q.f1 N ' x 5 , xl. . ' . V Qs 9 . ' gn x ' -. Dx S Galway w gr L 1. '.krk - Sire E, . 37" sa wi 4 ' 5... 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S , Gertrude Taydus The Sun Is My Best F rzend xxx rw' Q estme Taylor I Talk to Myself about You Marie Thomson Barbara Tilton Angels Guard Thee Beverly Tucker Eugene Ulrlch There's N0 Buszness luke Far Away Places Show Buszness Joseph Tedesco Mary Telatm in X47 I Arthur Taylor Be Sure Theres No Mzstake Q-6' Gan 'Q' Wiff' Muszc Maestro Please Pm Old Fashloned IT x.-df' Patrlcxa Toohzll To Thmk Youve Chosen Me .lane Upper 52 Happy Talk lass Q' Richard Uren Trajzc Jam 1- fa is X f 11 '. ,,,, X .Q . W W - XN , . , X li l? , .1 if , T J T I gf T . x 41 si 2 fl- . . .' -Q ' . 0 K fx 1 T T W " .Arw- . If . 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Man Whysong For You for Me Forever More ,lean Wlll18mS Stairway to the Stars 3' Carol Whlte Roses for Remembrance if Leo Wleczarek Jr Its Never Arlene Wmgert Fneda Wrlllams Lets Play Ball Joan Wnuk When You're Away 54 I Can Dream,Can't I9 NIHIIC Whltehead My Marze IIS 'OX Vlfglnla Wnuk The Touch of Your Hand 'ff as e A 4 ' I 'I 1' fl K V 4-'l V , i l 'Dvd N V 7 ,NJ X R ' f x D vi W" , ff . T iv' ' 1 Q' "S ' ' - 5 , 53 l 'I x L is I' Q ee T , 'i i L - .q z , as 'H 5 rg . I 'if' uf ,fe T 3. Y Alfred WoJtow1cz Shackles and Chams Donna Woodbury Its Dream Tzme 1951 ing i Teddy Wozmak This Cant Be Love no-:Xi 1' N9 KJ Margaret Young Rxchard Young Easy to Love In My Solitude 49' Dorothy WCJIOWICZ One Alone I Mary Yorlo You May Not Be an Angel Z' Zanghl Little Gzrl .Arm Joe Zanskl, Jr Rxchard Zasucha Bernard Zerfang JoAnne Zelmsky Whafs the Use of Worrymw Love ln the Dzcuonary 55 That Old Gang of Mme Why Can'z You, Behavep f , 9 fx X 1 1 xr is r. nee eq L L F , r,,e L ! L L Mix. - lrggr kk K as 0 f L f ,af 'J ' x Shi X V' , A r in D Q Q l 'TLA' ' gi A 13 few fffeygf my Rlchard Zelger Lomse Zlss The Llfff of Riley When 1 Grow T00 01.1 to Dream S S LAMEIM sm SEWIORS Niarguerlte Basl Qomedav Sweetheart Harold D8AUglSt1DE Nobodys Chasm Me Merlm Houpt 'Y Wantmg You Hem Co ed nna M Annze Get Nell St John Wme Women and qong Maw Struzlak Mawbe Pm Right Janet Thomas The Rozzn Kmd Thoma Ward I ou Was Wanda W1lll3mS Sentzmental Date Daud Wrlght Dm After Day 56 in 6 kr 1 V J I a 0 f 19 1 A M r fgW,Qx. h 1- N X ' 5 fjjrnirf Q Betty Jordan X X l 3 1' ' .J , K X ' Ae eg-5115? 't MX A ,s A. R gy! N .ws A ' X C L A S S H I T 0 R Y 'iff "iq ', f,r5:.'N., .1 . 2, r QQ. N. , 'ss f 3115, .N y 2 lnitlllgtii In the memorable year, nineteen hundred and forty-nine, Niagara Falls High School opened its doors to the graduating class of 1951, who assembled from Caskill, North Junior, and South Junior High School. As voices joined to sing the Alma Mater, fears were forgotten and new friends were made. The school welcomed its incoming juniors as well as its new executives, Mr. William F. Jack as principal, assisted by Mr. Timothy O'Brien, former LaSalle alumnus, as vice-principal. After becoming firmly established in N.F.H.S., we were led through two successful years of adventure and exploits. As November rolled around, our thoughts were turned toward the election of vice-president of our Student Council, who was to be elected from the junior class. Carl Costanzo, formerly of South Junior, was elected to this office. Time drew near for the officers of the Junior Class to be selected. Bill Scouler was elected president, William Johnson, vice-president, Bernard Zeifang, secretary, and Bruce Rhodes, treasurer. Under the able advisorship of Miss Esther Dahlquist, we completed a memorable junior year. With Christmas drawing near, our efforts were devoted to the promotion of the junior play f'Chost Trainv. Under the capable direction of Mr. Frank Baggallay, we found hidden behind shy faces, unbeknown talent. ln the field of sports, our football team captured the city championship league. On the basketball court we were equally successful, winning 11 of 14 games. With spring, came new activities, new sports, and the production of a talent-filled variety show. September, 1950, and we were at last seniors! Getting off to a good start, we elected Carl Costanzo, president, James Mott, vice-president, Dorothy Smith, secretary, and Norma Masters, treasurer. Under the capable guidance of Mr. John Edwards, our advisor, we advanced through our senior year. Our class, although not record-breaking in size, proved itself capable of directing a profitable magazine sales campaign. One of the outstanding improvements in N.F.H.S. for the year 1950, was the complete redecoratign of our auditorium, at a cost of over 812,500 To complete the changes, new flags were donated by the class of 1950. During the World Series, a television set was donated to the school so the students could enjoy the Series during study halls. This was greatly appreciated by everyone. With the month of June, our thoughts turn, as have the twenty-five other graduation classes before us, toward Class Day, and the grand climax of twelve years of education. N.F.H.S. opens its doors to send one more grad- uating class into the future. agdijfiaw- sz...,,...,, QQMMWJ 74.49. aka. 57 as ff.. . "YT" n ff. A f full f fs' vb .,, 4. , A an H f5"y fa , :Q-ff'r ,L sf' 1 ff ag: t 'U :CW ,x . o if' gr Yeti HBH ou uf? it CLASS STATI TIC We, the Sixty-third Graduating Class of Niagara Falls High School, stop the turning wheels of progress to calculate the statistics of the Senior Class of 1951. The average healthy senior tumbles out of bed at 7:20 A.M. and is rudely awakened by the snap, crackle, and pop of his breakfast cereal. Through our questionnaire, we found that 257 vigorous seniors walk to our beloved halls of learning. 163 of us have to suffer the joggling and the 12c fares on N.F.T. However there are 'quite a few thrifty seniors who take advantage of the weekly 50c bus ticket. The rest of us hitch a ride with Dad or a frlend Of course there are a few who don t get to school at all on some days It comes to light that 42'Z2 of our school loving seniors at some time or other have played hooky How shocking' Due to the fact that 173 of us have television it was found that 174 dont do their homework every night fthe 174th obviously watches his neighbors setl The remaining students clazm to spend one hour a night doing home work All this studying makes the average 81 195 lt was amazing to discover that 210 seniors drive automobiles but only 173 have driver s licenses Better look into this Mr Rlndfussl Co Niagara' Yea team' can be heard as 66 2 367 of the senior class cheer the seasonal teams on to victory Most of us prefer to freeze at the football games with the basketball games our second favorite Sammy Senior IS 17 years old He weighs 157 pounds has brown hair brown eyes is 5 feet 10 inches and wears size 10 shoe Suzy Senior IS 17 also She has brown eyes brown hair fpartly blonde IS 5 feet 4 inches tall and wears slze 55 shoe We have found through much studying of the questionnaires that 180 intellectuals are deflnltely going to college or other schools of higher learn ing whlle 280 will not go on in school and the rest are undecided The Draft Board will probably have something to say about th1s 50 patriotic seniors are looklng forward to Joining the armed services and 169 draft dodgers are praying that the government won t ever find them The average height of boys and girls together was found to be 5 feet 6 inches a total of 4000 feet or when placed end to end will reach from N F H S to Spinners and back 3 times Blue was found to be the favorite color red and green being a close second while one undecided senior chose plaid It was interesting to note that 67 of the seniors are anxlous to enter into the state of wedded bliss soon after graduation 63W are willing to walt a few more years before taking the final plunge The remaining 31 'Zn will leave it all up to fate allowing cupld s darts to hlt where they may 73011 of the senlor class bring 134 sandwiches in their lunch 26'7 buy 1f you are a senior that you drink chocolate milk Now havlng completed our duties as class statlsticians as well as our stay at Niagara Falls High School we lay aside our pencils and question nalres as we set the wheels of progress in motlon again Tlme marches on' Maafawe t - ,r If a 1 f 2" ay, .7 Til, if o .fu I' I MAH! idk QWMMR 540211 ,M fwf 58 'X E GC T' .57 CG ,i -3, . 7 ' K U . ' A I V. ' . l fl' f 5 f ' 7 l ls I . Q , , ' 1 p . n 1 7 1 1 u 7 - 0 their lunch and 151 apparently doesn't eat lunch at all. The odds are 5 to 1 .-,J , ' t R T e - fm, tffs .jx ,.. .li W, t . 'W , ...e Z .. A T, 3 , 1 A gg ix ' M , ' wwf fo A 9 lx' Q A, ' ' S :li K lf U CLASS PROPHECY Here on Pluto the year IS 1975 A D A new instrument the supersomc telev1s1on which IS focused on the planet Earth IS about to be tested In thls solar shaklng occaslon man on Earth will be viewed by Plutonlans for the first t1me The inventors of this marvelous machme Robert Kolenkow Henry Juda Dolores Marlno and Moose fE1nste1n Massaro are now pproachxng it and the lights of this monstrous audxtorlum bullt by J Archie and A Puccl Enterprises are about to be dlmmed by Janitor Rlchard Ellls A hush falls and after a deaf emng roar chlef mechanic Fred Schmidt with the ald of electrlcxans Gerald D Amlco and Nell St John tunes 1n on our old home town Niagara Falls Many changes have taken place there rerry Runway formerly Ferry Avenue has just been completed by Erlc Schuk Joe Marmo and Joe DeMarco of Master Minds Inc Buses have been ehmmated and the latest means of transportatlon are Freeman s atom1c shlps Laraba s helicopters and Perez s autogxros On one of the runways the annual D Drmond A1r Regatta IS taklng place Such daredevll jet pilots as Frank Rlchardson Ed Ghougasian D1ck Uren Benny Mitchell and Marshall Welnsteln are competmg for a date with Miss America of 1974 Julia Calra Some new 1ndustr1es are now flourlshlng in Niagara Falls One of these IS the Jenss and Johns Bathing Suxt factory A fashlon contest IS now 1n progress The models are wearlng the latest 1n bathmg sults from Venus de signed by Erna Wasmund and Kanary Aloxan Modehng are Joyce Adams Carol Archxe Barbara Benning Pat Stahl and Helen Adams Judglng the contest are Bruce Rhodes B1ll Scouler Orlando Iuele and Tom Hlbbard The bathlng sult judged best w1ll be worn by Marcla Wagner 1n her next movle Water Level whlch was written by Charles Lambros Scoopmg the big event for hrs Nlagara Falls Gazette IS On the spot Hamam trymg to beat his fellow competltors Anne Phllhps John Mlller and Eugenla Fulgenzi of Young s Mornlng Star Another mdustry whnch IS becommg solar famous IS the Smnth Denture Company Presldent Gordon Ulcers Smith IS ln conference Wlth hls board of dlrectors Dorothy Shlrley and Elsie Smlth It IS the pollcy of this company to manufacture teeth which do not come out during football games In one of the workrooms Gene Molak and Bud Johnson are testing the teeth on Toohlll s tasty chewmg gum and Maxfield s crunchy peanut brlttle The attendant then turns the dial and our old Alma Mater N F H S IS visible What a change has taken place The Buffalo Runway Annex has just been completed by the Geschwender and Bolden Construction Com pany The dedication ceremonies are now in progress The honorable Joan Ferrltt Mayor of Niagara Falls IS about to cut the ribbon held by her private secretaries Jean and Marie Corsaro Among the notables present are Carl Costanzo Prlnclpal of the school Bernard Zerfang Governor of New York State Stephen Stiles Superm tendent of schools David Klmball President of the Board of Education and Marllyn Day Congresswoman The mterlor of the school appears and on the first floor we find that the cafeterla has been replaced by the pllleterla Attendants Eleanor Freberg Peter Dodd Cosmo Commlsso and Jean Conklin are filllng the machines w1th pllls marked Egg a la Goldenrod and Cream de cocoa Samplm the pxlls are Jlm Milne Jack O Brien Mlckey Mokhlber and Joe Hollday Aha' It sounds as though the lost chord has been found by the members of Shirley Folland s muslc class In another room Pat Hunter IS g1v1ng German class yellow pllls marked lesson five We then enter Mlss Carolyn Mac Vean s model class room where the latest ln Carr s Easy Chairs are bemg tested wh1le the students watch a true crime story on their telev1s1on receiver They are watching Ronny Fulgenzl and Jim McCracken apprehend the notorious Lofstrand gang Dlck McNally Rmky Roberts and Louls Muraca are d1v1d1ng up the loot from the robbery of .Io Anne I forgot my lines Zellnsky Broadway Idol In the mam office Geraldine Lutz Irene Collins and Theodosla Poulos are trymg to maintain order Now the top of the school comes 1nto view Here IS .lack Sarklslan flymg lnstructor who was just mlssed by a student in a Woznlak training plane 59 9 ' ' 9 9 9 9 9 ' 9 9 9 9 as 77 . I J n . . . . . . . 9 Y 9 9 ' . . . . . . . . , . . 9 9 ' 9 , . 1 . 9 9 9 9 9 9 . , . . , . , . 9 9 ' 1 . . q 9 9 9 3 9 u 7 . - 9 9 5 1 ' 9 9 I 9 ' . . . . . . . gg ,, . . ' 9 . . . H . ,, . H ,, . . 9 . . . . . , U , . ,, 9 9 9 ' . . . . . . . gg 99 9 9 9 ' - 9 . . , . 5 , . . . ., . . , , , , . 9 9 9 9 9 ' 5 9 9 9 ' ' 9 9 9 ' ' . . . . 7 . - g 9 9 . , . 9 . , . . . 9 ' 9 9 cc - 39 - , . , . ' 9 9 PROPHECY On Main Runway, Shirley Preuster and Virginia Calarusse are seen wheeling their twins in their new Lee baby carriages purchased at Faso's babyland. Next door to Faso's is the famous lady barber, Wilhelmina Salva, who is giving Tony Gugino a close shave while Rita Buckley is giving a manicure to Joe LaMarca. In the beauty salon, Lena DeSantis is getting a mud pack as John D'Anna, chief mudpacker, squirts water on the mud. In Panitoni's Riviera Casino, hostess Connie Alex is escorting Alma Dardarian and her escort to a table. The floor show is about to begin. In the star studded revue are vivacious Phyllis Simone, vocalistg world famous adagio dancers, Myra Edge and her partner "Tippy T0es"Swickg also the skating sensations Mary Di Pasquale and Dolores Graves. Entertaining nightly are Jim C0rsaro's Downbeats composed of Joe Tedesco, Chuck Petrozzi. Bill Rotella, Dick Castilon, Stanley Crocheron, Jim Soluri at the piano and a canary, Evelyn Joseph. In a down town skyscraper counting the proceeds from the new visaphone, on which you can see the person you are talking to, are Don Chisholm, president of the company, and visaphone operators Nancy Kane, Ruth Kenyon, and Georgia Reed. Wiping the dust off the old telephone books are Al Butera, Mel Chambers and Dick Phillips. Our focus changes and we are viewing a peach orchard where farmerettes Margaret Pitonyak, Sue Irish, Rosemarie Battaglia. Irene Pilch and Carol Loomis are harvesting the peach crop for Tony Vilas and his fruit monopolists, Steven Ventry, Joe Zanski and Arthur Ray. Wie then see Broome town, formerly Youngstown. In NIott's Drug and Delicatessen Store, Ruth Miller is selling Barbara Kemp's and Mary Ellen Kauffman's best seller "Beans and What They Can Do For Youf' In the bargain basement Helen Jagow and Joyce Milleville are buying a Jack Prefabricated House. Outside these is a Perri moving van to move it to Seatter's Sunny Beach. As we follow the moving van we come upon Rollo Dexter Lutz drinking a bottle of Veryl's Carbonated Pop at Joe W'allace's Roadside Stand. At the beach are Chuck Salacuse. Burt Richardson. Tom Kimball. three new members of the Beachcombers League. which meets every other day to discuss how to pick up old beachwrecks tships. that isl. Due to interference by a passing space patrol. the transmission of our supersonic television set is broken off and our view of Earth dims out. 13 C .Qc---f-0-44.2 BLWJZAM 7fHfmA,5'f4J'c,4, IWANTLE ORATION In behalf of thls Senlor graduatlng class of 1951 I would luke to leave you the undergraduates wnth some thoughts that w1ll help IH your success for the comlng school year It IS lmportant to remember that success comes only from strong effort and slncere determmatlon from each and every member of a graduatmg class In this trme of world COIIHICI It IS hard to tell whether peace wxll remam w1th us Only through prayer and sacrlfice to Cod w1ll peace be ours We the youth of Amerlca have a vltal job to do We must ln the near future prepare to build professions and work to make our lndustrles strong Certamly IH thls time of hardshlp I cannot overemphasxze these facts to you The better the work you do 1n hlgh school the better w1ll be your fhames of success Remember good results can be yours only lf you do a good job and so I bestow on the representatlve of your class thas mantle of Semorlty I smcerely belleve that you w1ll carry on ln the best tradxtlons of thls school and I know that your school and our country wlll be proud of you 5 41. MANTLE RESPON E It IQ wlth decp prude and sxnrere apprc-matron that I representalne ol the Junior fla s of 'N ax ax 1 lralls H1 h bfhool accept tlus honored symbol of SCIll0I'llX the mantle of lied xr I I ray Very oon xox: ull be enterrn helds of lnghex learnxn mdustrxes or very likely the armed suxtces Then the hard mor whlch you have put forth durxn your senlor year wlll be IU to pay d1v1dends The task of runnlnv the school mll then fall on our shoulders We realxze the responslblllty that we shall have and wlth the example you have set before us we thmk we can accomplrsh our job as successfully as you our predecessors With best wrshes for contlnulng your good work we accept thls responslblllty and leadershlp MM 5 7 9 7 7 ' 9 5 , . , . , : 5 ' '. . . 5.1-.A"V.. .V V , ,, M . hp I of , ,gt ' " .. . - 4 ll' - v' 1 .I ' . v 1 I ' 'V Ing.. '.. 'U 1 ., '. , . r -, . -. lu Lg. c . Z., . , ,, . . -. y , , I Tl. 1 ' '. S V. .U . . 1 . U . N . V V ' . rf ' , nv -a , ' S '- D . L 7 7 , , , ' 7 H . I I Q s 0 Q's Jn O O 4 KX . "2 'wr 0 0' 4456,-Y, Q 'Z n', s f" '76 pf' A " "f In BSN. QF, ,rd04'ov4 N W vlatqw Q- x'4.4vf'l'n'v iv 1 s fqx 5'q I tfqagy f Q ' ff LJ ' dt. J Q 1 M 51 'L I7 sv' 2 03120 053' r up ' 3 ' - ..N'f 'W v- u 1: D 0,90 lr 4 " ll I I V 0 35, , N' I I It IYU fb S08 r ,va N ul be QR 9. my 3 'J .l rf J' I 1 '. ,Af ' o -vA::,p:,,r'g In I f V N YA Q 7,5 F X' .EH H 0 1,1 .. 1" s -a v' ,.4"', ' .1'f,' V 1 M "O 'Gmwyif np ,J 'u, I ,f 59.123 M1 " n'. .. lu tu fi J. K 1?g,e1 Il ' " U I ft 'xi I 1 : n he I ! .Qs 1- ' .I L 1. 1. Qflzz 4 ff n 1. ,V '4,v I' f v , 4 ,r 1 1, s A Q mf ' 'Q , . 1- 'ha 'tl A U 1 ,. Q93 xg 'Q .:e:.i x 'IW ,M A N Q 5a qt' tv' mlm, L, 1 ss' 504 a,' ,Q nag, Q -'. X5 l u C, If 01 Eu ix: Q50 all E l' 2 ' 1: Q I tg. 5,7 f' 'fl 1, I t S r ':'. C33 . Q O ' Q W 0.9 ' .x fn: Q4v,2,,A- .to fy af 5 4,3-A 1 NL J' f' -, 'anal-':'.-f" V 4144 1' '5 yeahh A' L s -v f1 " 'o'.s.,i'4, A!1 I . ' '41 ' 1 U of aaa G' SE IOR CL SS POEM On our Journey through llfe we have come to the place Where we must prove how mature we have grown The world and 1lS problems we know we must face As the old generatlon glVCS way to our own And now here we stand w1th the world at our door And so rullng wlsely w1ll be our great task, To govern, to vote, to serve, and stlll more But are we prepared for these dut1es9 you ask In our free country the people can rule, And 1n the near future, we ll have just that chance So the trammg that we have obtamed here 1n school, Wnll a1d us 1n makmg the natlon advance. Let us try, lf we can, to follow the road, Whlch we hope, ln the end, w1ll lead to success As workxng together w1ll llghten our load, We w1ll, lf we strlve, make our country progress. ima ', JI 71.4. 9 cn aww- at - , -. sfmuu , v r,'::,'.1 .QJI ,f. an , 71 s- 'iv , 03- 'ri - 4 'Q .Gm-I., -.5 q:, 'I o f - .F - A it so .ajft I-t 5 ,-in '4 - . 'x. . jk. I - , ...'x"', X AJ ,ffl ' ' ' 1-9. 1 -1, . , v A. . 7 , L 'v' -I ,z 4,4 I.. . ww-uf' -', Q 'w.f M- W ,A t., .,. . , ,. . vy,,,, Q' H... In 33- qw ' K f ,RI U, t :' f".:""' 'I' ' " 'Q ' l 1' ' r ' ' ' 'd lah? ps' - -7 'Q f 'I '7' AA' x l V aww - wwm,+ t ,,, are .- 1' .- 1' t 'af -.- Q dv, - ,' L' .- . -.' r t 'X ,' '4' 5- ' fl . 'A' S X nc' I 44 W J " lf -U Af w ..-.- '- -' - '- s ,- ,.' c- " 'lr .- K . -' .' . I ' 1 r I I K bn ,. Q 4 - .- . , ,r 4. ,, ,, If x g f' -.H".',-' .' '- V... ff' ' 4. E5 I' ' ' 4 ,.- -- Q 'Zur -1 d '.f' " .. 'W-. . :"' r -0 1 .' ' .,. Q, - . ,f . ,. v vs ..'-.-.ex ,lf-u '., wi - f..'1.-' , 1' L ., Q ' ' '.::. "" nf' "' N. "' ' ' ,:' 4 X 1' ,a 2' .x A:5- 'ff' '-fn, P73 . 4' :url 'C 1 1 .f-- . -. -:-- iw 'Jr' p ,I N '1'.v.v-1-Q-T' .v - 0.4 I ' . fnlq af? 53,4 U 1 , - 1' 1 pf' 7 s 'I I al 14' 6 I I' 'JV5 .1 l 1' ' QC l ,: Q 'ry 'v' . 3' 5' P ' . ff M :I L ' I, 5,1 .0 A ay ans .1 g. . .5 ,. , ' H - T, '.z tt N 'A bYs . . " '.1 Ml' t C ,I . . '. v - ' w 5. Mf- r ""' ' ' . ..- .tsbtl ' .Ps f1,hs-it 9 'ln 5 -gl, 4'. Q . . wwhwr - ' ri' fx' . . t , ln' " N, I' .x "X I 5 4 5. g " 8 51 L' qt'-. . : Un 4 'f :. 1 nl ' , .., .. .rg ,. ' lv ll " I Vu 7 . ,4 u.h ., 4 V' 1, v, 1, . . . ' 1 ,"' ls X p ' f ,. '- .v ls 'Q - - , gt w , . 2 H , I Q '1 ll a' ' V 2' Kll 'X ' ' . 4 I 21 '! - qi I: " - 'I I J S :' L' 'l . 5' ft' '4' lt If ,P . , . - 1' an . .. ,f f s, 9 , .. . .4 U 1, . . . . ., 5' , I '.,f Q 1, . . . . . SENIOR CLASS COMMITTEES I CoCha1rmen I Burness W Johnson Senzor Volta A 'Vlaxfield 1Cha1rmanl B Johnston G McKay E Ohneth Caps and Gowns D Bunce LCha1rmanl P Toohlll E Was mund A Maxfield N Kane ,I Bobek S Pender T Bettmo D Bunce S Sawyer J Shanabrook D Youn B Way J WllIl8mS D WOJIOWICZ F Rlckert D MBYIUO D Myers ,I Mllne D Kelly H Malllla D Cranata S Cabrlelll C De Flllpps B D1CamlIlO E Fulgenzl N Forbes M Smlth M DePasquale N Brewster D Balrd N Hanna N Harder I Collms R Ellls A Rlcotta E Howard Colors and Flouers R Battagha fCha1rmanl I Burgess Masters E Mt Pleasant Class Cz! C Costanzo fCha1rmanl I Mott R Swlck Johnson Music J Solurl lCha1rmanl I Marmo D Flowers F Balassone SENIOR PROM COMMITTEES F0 Chazrmen B D1Cam1llo D Sexsmxth Arrangements S Ventry lCha1rmanl M Telatmk ,I La Marca R Laurrle Decoralzons S Sdao D Massaro 1CoCha1rmenl D Dlmond D Massaro S Sdao R Perez B ,Ienss J Zelmsky E Joseph R Kenyon R Fulgenzl S Swlck B D1Cam1llo C Solurx B Scouler D Sexsmlth I Carr 'I' Hlbbard C MacVean B Rhodes B Zelfang M R1vers T Jack B Richards R KISZCXVSICI D Franches lnvrtatzons R Rhodes 1Cha1rmanl P Calladlne H Boynton M J Sulllvan 65 ' I '. U,. . II 'I -.I ' ,. III -. A' ,, 7' 7' 7' 7' 7' 7 . ,. ,. ,. g,. ,. 9' 7' 7' 7' 7' 7' 7' 7' 7' 9' 7' 7' 9' 9' 7' 7' 7' 7' 7' 7' IV ,-. ' ' ,. ,N. ,.1. . v 'f-. ' ,. ,.f,B. VI '-. ' ' ,. I.. ' -5 x II -. ' ,. 111 '-. ,. .' , ' 7' 7' 7' 7' 7' 7 7' 7' 9' 9' 9' 7' 7' 7' 7' 7' IV "-. ' ,. , I-ILL J-vm N, ll '5-ff' Um X QQBEQT KOLENKOW DAQWIN BOLDEN CJ WESTINGHOUSE scmqcs S AM Lecsxow ODATOQICAL WINNH2 WINNEI2 Yi! 1' ff! ROUND TABLE DISLUSSION v CAQOL WHITE PAF HUNTER? BASKETBALL OFHCIATXNG BASKETBALL OFFICIATINC RATING RATING 5N,,,,NkN-SRM.. 0 rw NFHQ ONT!-IE AIR Cl 5 cwxmps SECTIONSUAAWINNEQS , J K LZ '1 . 3, 2 A A ' PY 15 IX M A 21 l A V ln- .jp ' .Jl'- A ' A iw -" L. 4 :N E - 'N 6 'v-41 Sail Cf: 1 A Q 7 0 A' '55 65 A ' 55,5 f , ,Sf 910 ' 5 W 2 4 r 7 h 1 V 'Mk-w.. kmxQs.XiNSNM,m Y , 'RN ' ., 1 , ' 1 ' , 5 N 'N 'Nw A Ag i.A A A' . f 'V' 'Y 'J L A5244 ,S MULUEHQDIPQS + 'Q' 1 'M . N N' iff' + il: Q, 1 J YE?-jx N. gf 5 y P, SEI-IIIIUL BURNS January, 1922-Niagara Falls High School is completely destroyed by fire and only the walls of a once majestic building remain. For seven and one half hours the building was a raging inferno despite the heroic efforts of firemen. ' CLASS OF 1952 As we the class of 1952 look back upon our jumor year at Nragara Falls Hrgh School we find that we can boast of several outstandmg accom pllshments The 551 members of the Jumor Class early rn the fall elected Albert Kman Frank Srrranm Carl Sheusr and Fred Carpenter to lead them rn the capacrtres of presldent vrce presrdent secretary and treasurer respectrvely The losrng candrdates for offices were Frank Pullano Kenneth Tompklns Janet Ramnle and Robert Plunkett Our advlsor thls year was Miss Lucy Masslmlllan Our Junror Play What a Lxfe was a rollrckrng comedy by Clifford Coldsmrth The productlon showed a net profit of 395 00 In January a ,Iumor Class assembly was held rn which all the class pressed by Presrdent Albert Kman Mr Jack our prlnclpal then gave a talk on the draft and how It would affect our futures The Junror Class wrshes the best of luck and success to the senlors who are leavrng to take therr places m the world In assummg the role of senlors we the Class of 1952 shall do our utmost to uphold and to further the hugh standards and fine tradltlons of Nragara Falls Hlgh School d4ff,C'79'-a9.La,4fv1- OFFICERS Albert Kman Preszdent Frank S1r1ann1 VICE Preszdent Carl Sheusl Secretary Frederlck Carpenter Treasurer Mlss Lucy Massrmllllan Advzsor l JUNIOR OFFICERS Left to rzght Albert Kman, Presldent, Frank Srrlanm Vrce Presldent Carl Sheusr 67 Secretary, Mrss Lucy Massxmxllran, Advrsor, Frederlck Carpenter Treasurer , , . . . , . . , . 7 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 ' 9 9 , . I s 46 u Q, I 1 l 9 9 , . , . . officers were mtroduced and thelr apprec1at1on for thelr electron was ex- ' ' 9 9 , . I . 9 9 9 Left to right, First row: Diane Donohue: Rose Marie Abbo: Ida Battino: Harriet Bloomstine Rita Bedroslan Seeond row: Lois Boyle: Marguerite Amery: Barbara Austin: Nancy Bangs: Caroline Adams Kathleen Broun Patrivia Ambrosia: Genevieve Benton: Charlene Bale: Marjean Andres: Gail Auvhmoody. Third rou Don Adamc Joe Del.uke: Milton Becker: John Anderluh: Bob Barone: Willie Amerson: Harold Ashley: Ronald -Xllera Stanlew Aueoin: Alphonse Adamus: Alfred Aswad: Allan Berry. State ..... Governor ...... Lieutenant Gov. .. Bed Gross Advisor Alternate ........,. Boy's Athletic Mgr. Girl's Athletic Mgr. . . Advisor ......... State Motto .. ..........Florida . . . .Gail Auchmoody , X . . . . . .Bob Barone yn-,Nj . . .Kathleen Brown f . . . .John Anderluh .. . . . .Alfred Aswad . . . .Gail Auchmoody . . . . .Mr. Boardman . . .All for our country H0 EROOM 150 Left to right: Gail Auchmoody. Governor: Robert Barone, Lieu- tenant Governor, lll Left to right: Doris Wittkopp, Covernorg Frank Pullano, Lieu- tenant Governor. H0 ER00 305 State ..... ............ l owa Governor . ..... Doris Vllittlcopp Lieutenant Gov. . . . .... Frank Pullano X Red Cross Advisor . . . . .Ellie MacKenzie gag Q Alternate .......... .... P aul Zubkoff f Y ' X Boy's Athletic Mgr. . . . ...... James Zucco X Girl's Athletic Mgr. .... Angela Zanghi Advisor .......... ....,........ 5 liss Massimilian State Motto . . . .... Our liberties we prize and our fl ' rights we will maintain UE ' m Left to right. First row: Nanvy Whitmire: Diane B. Wolf: Angela Zanghi: ,lean Woomerg Marilyn A. Sartino. Sec- ond row: Sandra Wloodz Joann Pendergast: Ellen J. Wilson: Doris .l. Wittkopp: John Wilson: Carole Whitmire: William Williamson: Pat Kaeppelerg Marie Zewing Effie MacKenzie: JoAnne Zarbo. Third row: Paul Zuhkoflz Donald Couttsg Frank Pullano: Joe Zasog Gary Wintersg Alfred 0'Bresly: Walter Zabretskyg Richard Wnuk: ,lames Zucco. Not Pictured: Margaret Brydges. A l 1 Q X 5 of Left to right: Pat Donovan, Gov- ernor: Elvin Ecelbarger, Lieu- tenant Governor. .rv H0 ER00 350 State . . . . ...... Connecticut Governor ..... . . .Patricia Donovan 1' . Q v 1 if row: Colleen Dugan Bernice Fituimmons: barger: Abe George Andrew Dutko. Not Lieutenant Gov. . . lied Gross Advisor Elvin Fcelharger Abraham George Alternate .......... ...... E stelle Davis Boyis Athletic Mgr Girl's Athletic Mgr. ... ,... .. Advisor ........ State Motto .. Elvin Ecelbarger .Norma Forcucci . .Mrs Donovan ...He who has transported us sustains us. Left to right. First row: Norma Evans: Norma Forcucci: Jeanette Filippelli: Mary Fazio: Estelle Davis. Second : Sarah Finitz: Pat Donovan: Joan Finelli: Betty Fisher: Barbara Dobson: Betty Bledsoe: Lorraine Dt-Marco: Audrey Flood: Alice Domagalski. Third row: Logan Grilfiinz Elvin Evel- : Frank Gniazdowski: Ken Donald: Matt Castek: Lawrence Grass: Philip Gazy: James George: pictured: Stanley Drabczyk, Joan Davis. i 9 it Left to right, First row: Gloria Rogersg Esther Previteg Mary Ricciardig Philomena Prisuttog Nicoletta Ricci: Sec- ond row: Patty Parfinskig Betty Anne Patterson: Jeannette Muscarello: Mary O'Sheag Angela Muscarellog Bever- lv Ray: Beverly Rickard: joan Rommel: Rose Ann Prin tupg Molly Pranterag Lois Reppenhagen. Third row: Ruth Robbg Sam Perrig Jim McMahong Louie Poling Peter Previteg William Porrecag Edward Polkag Charles Pikeg Jim Plumerig Michalina Romanek. Not pictured: Helen Mengeg Virginia Reag Louis Savageg Donna Riley. State ....... ....... N evada ,, l f uf Governor .... .. .Mary 0,Shea ., ,Q ' P ' f Lieutenant Gov. .... . . .Rose Printup Q ' 'E X Red Cross Advisor .. . . .Helen Menge h fifqx Alternate ......... . . .Gloria Rogers fp ' Boy's Athletic Mgr. . . ........ Sam Perri ' Girlis Athletic Mgr. . . . . .Angela Muscarello X Advisor .......... .......... lt lrs. White ' State Motto .. .... All for our country. H0 ER00 1 2 3 C17 Left to right: Mary 0'Shea, Gov- ernorg Rose Printup, Lieutenant Governor. ff? ,gi V 55 .irq L? iam?-a-me Q is ra Left to right, First row: Vickie Dominguez: Gloria DeMiglio: Mary Beth Conahang Palma DeCregorio: Jeanne DeChimes. Second row: Virginia DiBellonia1 Margaret Falvog Mary Cristofanellig Alice Detkasg Yolanda Conte: Nan Lee Curry: Shirley Eskewg Adel Denchoffg Pat Colpoysg Carolyn DiLaurag Lena DiPietrog Theresa Corsariog Frances Cuttaiag Evelyn Dawkins. Third row: Elliott Dell: William Feder: James DiNicola: Pat DeCamiIlog Edward Mahoneyg Donald Drewg Jack Faixg Carl DiGiovineg John DiProiig Marion Gniazdowskig Vincent DeLorenzog Mal- colm Edmonds. A .Qj2n.,... 1 I W -44 I 2 -0 I State ..... ........ K entucky Governor ...... .... C arl DiGiovine Lieutenant Gov. .... ........ I ack Faix Red Cross Advisor .. ......... Don Drew Alternate .......... .. Palma DeCregorio . . . . . . .John DiPofi . . . .Frances Cuttaia Boy's Athletic Mgr. . . . Cirl's Athletic Mgr. .... . . . Advisor .............................. Miss Britton State Motto . . .United we stand, divided we fall. H0 ER00 151 Left to right: Carl DiGiovine, Governor Jack Faix, Lieuten- i - ' 6 A QQ? i 3 5 2 r L ' 5 ,A , A ig ant Governor. '1-sw 1 ,,, 2 ft 'xi' Left to right: Bill Widdowson, Governor: Anne Wendt, Lieuten- ant Governor. H0 EROOM 302 State .... Governor ...... Lieutenant Gov. .. Red Cross Advisor . Alternate ......... l3oy's Athletic Mgr. . Girlis Athletic Mgr. Advisor ......... . State Motto . . . ..........Virginia ... ...Bill Widdowson .. Anne Louise Wendt . . .Florence Van Liew . . .Kenneth Tompkins . . .Douglas Weitzman . . . . Rita Whysong . . . . . . .Mrs. Mahoney Thus always to tyrants Left lo right. First row: Mary Grace Volpe: Rita Whysong: Patricia Tyson: Donna Snider: Mary E. W'illiamson. Sec ond row: June White: Donna Weiss: Lois Houser: Patricia Tysen: Marjorie Wilson: Anne Wendt: Grace Vitello Kay Yerner: Barbara Whitmore: ,loan Trapasso: Shirley Vanden Bosch. Third mu: Florence- Vanl.iexs: Anne Walker Calvin Weir: Bill Widclowson: Daniel Yenditti: Donald Walter: Frank Wilson: Charlotte Voelker: Douglas Weitz man: Ken Tompkins: Ken Schell. Not pictured: Philip lftley: Frank Virga. Q i Q S . W r Left to right: Fred Carpenter, Governorg Ed Bassuk, Lieuten- ant Governor. H0 ERUOM 254 State Governor Lieutenant Gov Red Cross Advisor Alternate Boy's Athletic MU Girl's Athletic Mgr Advisor State Mono New Mexico Fred Carpenter Edwin Bassuk Bertha Bubar Suzanne Belden Joe Archie Suzanne Belden Mr Timm It grows by going 'f ,f , Six ' f um, FJJN ' ' V- -g,f,gs3fg-Aff : tw l We 371. W tj . X , U Left to rzght Fzrst row Marjorie Broun Rem Belli ,lune Booth Kay Brown Bertha Bubar Second row Irene Bat tista, Rosalie Bruno Marilynn Beckeng Suzanne Belden. Harriet Buron: Juanita Bulmlm. Xlarilvn Baxter- Connie Borgese Marlene Burow Grace Blshara Patrma Qannella Third row lNaphtal1Br1tman Tom Blamonte .lim Bak Eddie Bassuk. Not ptctured. Avah Boyerg Marie Cannaby Ronald Blakeley. Robert Reed :Y ' f ' ' Cr. . . ....... pf .I x I E1 Ns, v erg Dave Robertsonz' Ridhard Browng Rbbert Bastag George Bartholomew: Art Birdg Joe Archieg Fred Garpenterg ,172 9' 3' A f -,af wa l -ew U4 M H' Left to right, First row: Connie Garritano, Gloria Julianog Marcella Jones: Carol J. Hollingshead: Marie Garritano. Second row: Barbara ,lo Harris: Carol Johnson: June Hallett: Carole Hanslcy: Karen Krueger: Mary Alice Hakes: Kay Greene: Patricia Kriner: Florence Hurd: Loretta Kostanbader: Ann Hayes. Third row: lack Kajfaszg Al Kinan: Roger Kushner: Ronald Houckg Albert jackson: Walter Hoffman: Armand Sanzio: l,everne Holland: Cal Kerchevalg Bob Hurtienneg Charles Holder: Gus Jafargian. Not pictured: June Knightg Ray Finitzg Bob Rairie. AJ.. x tw, 5 0 lx .T , 5 ,' 3,5 State . . . . 4' 1 ' , . V 1 .5, Governor ...... 'uf HL Lieutenant Gov. . . . 255- Red Cross Advisor . . . . . . if 1 ' Alternate ......... f i' if '- Boy's Athletic Mgr. .. X.. ,Q cirrs Athletic Mgr. .. t Advisor .......... State Mono . . . H0 ER00 Left to rzght June Knight Lleu tenant Governor Al Kman Gov ernor . . . .Washington . . . .Albert Kinan ... . .June Knight Barbara ,lo Harris . . . . . .Ray Finitz . . . .Gus ,lafargian . . .Marcella Jones . . .Mrs. Oliver . . . .Bye and Bye Left to right: Janet Rainnle Covernorg Robert Plunkett Lieu tenant Covernor. H0 EROOM 2 State .... . . . . Governor ...... Lieutenant Gov. .. Red Cross Advisor Alternate ......... l50y's Athletic Mgr. .. Cirl,s Athletic Mgr Advisor ......... State Motto . . . . . .South Carolina . . .Janet Rainnie . . . .Bob Plunkett . . . .Pat Pollard ..... . .Jean Pitari . . . .Walt Patterson . .. .......... Mary 0,Brien . .............. Mr. Stafford While I breathe, I hope. wh Left to right, First row: Joan Pitroneg Dolores Quiglianog Mary O'Brieng Adele Pellechiag Patricia Pollardg Second row: Erma Nuzumg Caroline Swedenhjelmg Jeannie Parisi: Jean Pitari: Janet MacNeilg Janice Pietag Joanne Machelor: Beverly Parsonsg Mary Ann Putaskig Janet Rainnieg Mary MacConnell. Third row: John Morgan: Joe Paganog William Persiag Tony Paroneg Anthony Pattig Jerauld Peckg Walter Pattersong Ronald O'Polkag Myron Pinizottig Mike Pastizzog Roy Plattg Robert Plunkettg Philip Harris. Not pictured: Rita Marchettig John Mosley. Left to right: Franklin DeCarlo Governorg Mary Lou D'Arc'ange lo, Lieutenant Governor. H0 ER00 303 State .... Governor ...... Lieutenant Gov. .. Red Cross Adivsor Alternate .......... . . Bofs Athletic Mgr Cirl's Athletic Mgr. .. .. . Advisor ........ State Motto . .. New Hampshire .Frank DeCarlo Lou D'Arcangel0 . .Pat Cosgrove George Detkos ..... Joe Cicco .Eleanor Collins .Miss Simmons Live free or die. Left to right, First row: Caroline Colosig Norma Clay: Dolores Caterina Pat Cosgrove Irene Collins qecond row Mary Lou D'.-Xreangelog Ray Beningog Sylvia Compolongo: Shirley Clark Franklin DeCarlo lack Dans Gloria ll-.'xI11UTt'I llarlmara i.llZllllllt'f'N1 lfleanor Mullins: Yiolf-t 1 limi in 4 1 ltlldrl T1 rout Harry Ja:-nlng Sam llumlmg George llr-tkusg llonaltl tlarte-r In .ph Ilun rn Nun lllNJI'tlO 'lom Damiano Anthony Cristianog john l7iYit01 lohn Peters Audrey Dean: Antoinettr lrltelll Ralph Cotterlll x F 1 l fb ,al Left to right, First row: Shirley Rinaldog Jeanne Levittg Shirley LeBrung Yvonne Hayesg Arlene Johnson. Second row: Dorothea LaPierre: Sarah Lostraccog Frances Holstromg Nina LeSacchig Claire LaCountg Delores Kwarciakg Anne Harvey: Arlene Pattersong Patricia Kujawag Carolyn Hartmang Margaret Latkog Fern Lange: Ruth Houtz. Third row: Harvey Mackg Richard Wahlg Watson McCalisterg Cary Payne: Jerry LaPoint3 Ed Kowalski' Allan Lambertg Howard Lehman: Tom Mahoneyg Matt Laughling Barton Lingenfelterg Jimmy McEweng Richard Lathamg Not pictured: James McElwaing Jack Lawrenceg Ray Gruaren. 7? ' xf State .... ...... N ew York E, Governor ...... .Richard Latham infix Lieutenant Gov. .. Edward Kowalski 'I Red Cross Advisor . . .... Arlene Patterson Alternate ,........ ..... J eanne Levitt Boy's Athletic Mgr. .. .... Gerald LaPoint Girlis Athletic- Mgr. .... Amie Harvey L 'Il' Advisor ......... .... N lr. Moran A State Motto . . . . . .Ever Upward , H 0 E R 0 0 2 0 3 4 ,ff Xl .......nsm1'f ' Lieutenant Governor. 79 Left to right: Richard Latham, V Governorg Edward Kowalski, 3 6 4 a f X ,--"""'t Left to right, First row: Eve Riggi: Angie Pullo: Martha Sarkees: Grace Salvaggio: Suzanne Roberts. Second row: Flossie Blackmore: Annette Quinn: Nancy Sanfilippo: Lydia Rizzo: June Sonnenbergg Marjorie Russell: Angeline Ruscitto: Dorothy Rowski: Edith Skilbeck: Dorothy Spina: Laura Raush: Nancy Pharo. Third row: Laurice Camp- bell: Anthony Serrianne: Lowell Scott: Daniel Schemmer: Joe Scrivani: Benny Roth: William Schultz: Gerald Sil- verman: Walter Ripson: John Sajah: Joseph Rua: Ethel Price. Not pictured: Marlene Robacker. State ......... Governor ....... Lieutenant Gov. . . . . Red Gross Advisor Alternate .......... Boy's Athletic Mgr. . . . Girl's Athletic Mgr. . .. Advisor ......... State Motto . . . . . . . . . .Maryland . . . .Walter Ripson . . . .Edith Skilbeck . . . .Nancy Pharo . . .Lydia Rizzo . . . . . .Benny Roth . . .Nancy Sanfilippo .. ......... Mrs. Gentry . . .Always be prepared. 'fi-SA " J. jg' ,, sim A l v ,f X f .vi i I' V X H0 EROOM 255 5 pf X Left to right: Walter Ripson, Governor: Edith Skilbeck, Lieu- tenant Governor. 81 5... ' 19 4 ff rev U H0 ER00 State ...... Governor ........ Lieutenant Gov. . . . Red Gross Advisor Alternate ........ Boyis Athletic Mgr. Girl's Athletic Mgr. Advisor .......... Stare Motto . . . Q x N Left to right. First row Laurice George: Ann Fitzpatrick Carolyn Feelev Lollie Camlmoian Louise fears Flame Hoc man Diane Fre scino: Gloria Hidde: Gloria Frusclone Andrea Coltare .lean Furay Constance Gromoll Shirley Forsythe Thzrd row: ,lim Hickox: Richard Wasmund Jerry Jaffe Philip Infantmo George Gromaslak Joe Hlmes James Green Pat DiLaura: Edmund Haus James Henders e 1 Left to right: Frank Sirianni, .2 rf: Governor: Kenneth Sparks, Lieu- b Q 1 tenant Governor. I - A I Q 4 i 'if' . ' , I 3 A X A H 0 E R 0 0 3 0 1 .6 N I, . State ...... .... M assachusetts Governor ........ . . .Frank Sxriannl . Lieutenant Gov. .... .... K enneth Sparks , ' Red Cross Advisor . . . . . .Geralda Uhri 5 Alternate .......... . . .Nancy Smith fl Boy's Athletic Mgr. . . .... Mike Sullivan l ' i' Girlis Athletic Mgr. . . . . . . . . .Patricia Tedesco t 'fi Advisor ......... ................ M r. Skimin ' 0 State Motto . . . . .By the sword we seek peace 'XY ' but eace onl b libert . N X X P Y Y Y QV, t F 1 U ' A x 'WN' Left to right, First row: Nancy Stickney: Jeanette Spinuzzi:.Elaine Soprano: Pat Trunzo: Vincenette Vaccarella. Second row: Barbara Tolotti: Margie Terenti: Geralda Uhrlz ,loan Svntvlinier: Rf-wrly Shafer. Charlotte Strong, Sally Ann Streit: Evelyn Smith: Patricia Tedesco: Nancy Smith: Ann Vlanvliisiri: Pauline' Soprano. Third row: Lawrence Proulx: Erle Wirth: Benny Stamboulian: Richard Soja: Nlivhael Sullixanz Marvin Stoelting: Kenneth Sparks: Frank Sirianni: Jack Smoyer: Richard Woolcutt. Not pictured: joan Slango: Beverly Dean. aww' cs Left to right First row' Helen Clark Sue Ca erichione Anna C l D l C R l , . 3 p : apannoag oores aimanog osaie Mercurie.Sec- and row: Carol Clarksong P t ' ' B kl - P C l' - ' ' " ' ' aricia uc ey, eggy asterme, Audrey Capton, Mary Ann Carlini, Clara Ciraolo, Carmella Catanese: Gertrude Cheathamg Rita Cebulski: Audrey Burryg Barbara Buccosg Janette Ciraolog Mar- jorie Greenwood. Third row: Robert Cindrickg Thomas Ciambroneg Richard Bowserg Edward Burns' Ronald Bass' Bob Carrieg Bill Carmang Lee Brussg Roger Chowng Ronald Burnett. Not pictured: Rosemarie Chiodog Beverly Burns. I State .... Governor ....... Lieutenant Gov. .. Red Cross Advisor Alternate ........ Boy,s Athletic Mgr. . . Girl's Athletic Mgr. . . Advisor ......... State Mono . . . H0 ER00 306 . . . . .Wisconsin ... . . . .Roger Chown . . .Gertrude Cheatham . . . . . . . . .Mary Carlini . . . . Margaret Casterline Bill Carman . . . .Carol Clarkson . . . .Miss Rasmussen . .. .. .Forward. 51 sf: A if 'fi' ' Left to right: Roger Chown, Gov ernorg Gertrude Cheatham Lieu tenant Governor. il S A ' W, . 74' -- Q ' ' . 84- 1 0' I U 4' g I QM S 'V .3,,kl! fx , 5 4' a 4 ! . , X jr .,..pi.i7 Left to right. Rebecca Rosati, gm f Governorg Carl Sheusi, Lieuten- its . I ant Governor. State .... . . Governor ....... Lieutenant Gov. . . 5 r S Red Cross Advisor 'X- ' Boy's Athletic Mgr. . . . 3 Q Girl's Athletic Mgr Advisor ......... ' . State Motto .. . x Alternate .... . ..... . . H0 ER00 300 . . . . . ...Colorado . . . .Rebecca Rosati . . . . . .Carl Sheusi . . . . .Alice Saunders . . . . . . Ruth Seaman . Donald Schumacher . . . . . . Marie Salerno .........Miss Wylie Nothing without God. Left to right, First row: Yvette Cuddyg Carmella Talericog Joanne Smith: Marion Sheprog Angie Simone. Second row: Elizabeth Stephen: Alice Saunders: Sandra Ranallig Jeane Talaricog Becky Rosati: Juanita Smithg Marilyn Pierceg Geraldine Rodenko, Mildred Reedg Marie Salerno: Lorraine Scottg Joanne Schweitzerg Virginia Spinag Anne Sil- varoli. Third row: Norman Sitgreavesq Jack Thomas: Bob Knappg Raymond Scottg Don Schumacherg Stan Sulinskig Robert Sherlockg Bob Scalia: Donald Spaconeg Carl Sheusig Francis Skrzypekg Paul Sand. fi w E, 9 V ww s 4 .v I 1. 53 It , KW? 63 5 sf gi be ,W ,K M Q R375 , s ' fV ,, . :J :sux or fs fx 5. CHVUWW HES : .f I SEI-IIIDL PAPER WIN CLIP April 1931-For the second consecutive year the Chronicle was proclaimed the most representative high school paper in New York State. The award, a silver loving cup, was made at the New York State Scholastic Editors' Convention at Syracuse. HONOR SOCIETY First row Left to right Marlyn Grlliith Dorothy Granata Marilyn Day Esther Bach mann Julia laliosky Norma Masters Helen Ja oss Shirlew Sdao Kathleen Milne Helen Boynton Second ruu, ,loyee Milleulle N dine Johns: Marjorie Smith' Nancy Kane' Julia Caira: Irene Sannicola' latrivia Calla- dine: Helen Adams' Ida Burgess. Third row: Don Flowers: Bernard Zeifang' Tom Page' Robert Lind:ay: Tom Hibbard. 6450 Left to right, First row: Ed- win Bassuk: Naphtali Brit- man: Jeanette Filippelli: Norma Forbes: Patricia Pol- lard: Mary O'Shea: Marjorie Greenwood: Janet Raiimie: Kathleen Brown: Shirley Fol- land: Florence Rickard: Georgia Reed. Second row: Carolyn Adams: Charlene Bale: Joan Finelli: Mary MacKenzie: Josephine Bohek: Barbara Harris: Mary Ann Carlini: Carol Hansley: Ger- aldine Rodenko: Mary Alice llakes. Third row: John An- 4l1'lilllllZ Robert Fraser: Rob- ert Perez: Frank Pullano: Robert Plunkett: Frank Gal- vano. HONOR SOCIETY Left to right, First row: Mary Telatnik: Shirley Sawyer: Rose Marie Battaglia: Evelyn Joseph: Dolores Marino: ,loan Fer- ritt: Jane Upper: Sue Swick: Frieda Wil- liams: Kanary Aloian: Anne Maxfield: Nancy Cillick. Second row: Elizabeth DiCamillo: Carolyn MacVean: Alma Dar- darian: Mary Lou Schulz Michelene Mari- ano: 'l'ere:-a Bettin0: Janet Broome: Ros- alie Lipari: James Soluri: Frank Richard- son. Third row: David Sexsmith: William Scouler: Frank Balassone: 4Anthony Bruno: William Rotella: Warren Kahn: Henry Juda, HONOR SOCIETY Left to right, First row: Noreen Silvaggi: Ann Wanchisin: Marilyn Livermore: Carmel- la Filippelli: Barbara McKee: Betty Jardin: Doris Walck: Marie Thompson: Alice Saun- ders: Joanne Schweitzer: Richard Jack: Louise Ziss: William Johnson. Second row: Audrey Capton: Patricia Colpoys: Sibylle Helwig: Evelyn Dawkins: Yolanda Conte: Mary Christofanelli: Joseph DeGuilio: Anne Wendt: Roger Kushner: Albert Kinan. Third row: Anne Harvey: Harold DeAugistine: George Detkos: Patricia Tedesco: Beverly Tucker: Adeline Denchoff: Pauline Ludwig. Left to right, First row: Josephine Zanghig Norma Forbesg Donna Mae Irwing Ann Ricotta. Second row: Doreen Kel- ly: Phyllis Alongig Carol Archieg Barbara Albertsg Constance Alexg Ruth Kenyong Dorothy Sillimang .lo Anne Zelinskyg Myra Edge: Alma Dardariang Rosalie Liparig Mary DiPasqualeg Nancy LeMastersg Barbara Jenssg Mary Centofanti. Third row: Ida Abbeyg Irene Collinsg Diane Bairdg Marie Thomsong Barbara Reichertg Elaine Print- up: Anne Phillips: Marjorie Smithg Nancy Kaneg Lorraine Klender: Peggy Young: Eugenia Fulgenzig Sally Ladd: Georgia Reed: Shirley Ellis. Fourth row: Rodney Rhodes: Bill Bruce: Joe Holidayg Jim Mottp John Millerg Joseph DeMarcog ,lerry D'Amicog Louis Muracag Joe Marinog Carl Hamamg Leonard Rendina. Fifth row: Gerauld Pethy- bridgeg Bob Hendrickg John D'Annag Bill .lohnsong Robert Larabag Aldo Avellinog Stanley Crocherong Frank Rich- ardsong Richard Phillips. M" X Q. 74 EDITORIAL STAFF Left to right, Seated: Jim Mott Anne Phillips: Alma Dardariang Nancy Kaneg Mrs. Bereneice Oliver, Advisorg Norma Forbes. Standing: Myra Edgeg Rosalie Liparig William .lohnsong Carl Hamamg Richard Phillipsg Bob Hendrickg Frank Richardsong Eugenia Fulgenzig Ida Abbeyg Marjorie Smith: Rodney Rhodes. Since the first publication in 1879, the Chronicle has come down from a one page twelve column issue to the present four page five colum publication. The journalism classes of N.F.H.S. edits the paper under the supervision of Mrs. Bereneice Oliver. The Chronicle has been a member of the Central lnterscholastic Press Association, the Western New York Inter-state and National Press Association to which the paper still has membership in the latter two. ,ludged first prize winner at the Annual Scholastic Editors' Convention held at Syracuse in 1930. the Chronicle took first place honors for its 'iLights Col- den ,lubilee Edition". Letters of congratulation were received from Governor Franklin D. Roosevelt of New York and from Sir Esme Howard, the British ambas- sador to the United States. On November 24. 1943 an honor rating was re- ceived from the N.S.P.A. for the paperis fine work for the previous year. During the school year 1944-45, a weekly one-cent supplement was printed and on April first of the same year a special edition was printed in blue ink with the startling headlines "School Evictedf, It has been the goal for some of the students to gain membership into the National Quill and Scroll. To become a member, students have to have excep- tional qualifications as a reporter. The present policy of the journalism classes is to publish six issues of the Chronicle yearly and students are able to buy the paper for ten cents a copy. 89011110 ICLE ' v. x tgp, R. , Agtfifj EDITORIAL STAFF Left to right, First row' Norma Forbes: Joan Fer- ritt: Jane Upper: Con- stance Alex: Alma Dar- darian: Ethel Howard: Geraldine Fruscionez Bar- bara Alberts: Sue Swick: Marcia Wagner: Lorna Kragh. Second row: Carol Hansen: Nancy LeMas- ters: Dolores Franches: Teresa Bettino: Beryl Jenss: Nancy Cillick: Marjorie Smith: Patricia Hunter: Anne Maxfield: Sally Ladd: Nadine Johns. Third row: Tony Vilas: William Scoulerg Bernard Zeifang: Robert Frascal Rodney Rhodes: Richard Jack: Albert Butera: Jos- eph DeMarco: Dale Bunce. Not pictured: Mary Ellen Kauffman. 90 RIA YEARROOK ADVISORS AND CHAIRMEX Seated, Left to right: Mrs. ll. Donovan, Advisor: Miss J. Wylie, Assistant Advisor: Mrs. M. Tice, Business Advi- f'3' sor. Standing. Left to right: Sally l.add, Theme Chair- man: Roy Shelso, Photo- graphic Chairman: Alma Dardarian, Co-Editor: Mr. M. McKaig, Art Advisor: Rob- ert Frasca, Co-Editor: Kan- ary Aloian, Art Chairman: Rosalie Lipari, Assistant Bus- iness Manager. ,Yot piclured: Donald Chisholm. Business Manager: Nancy Cillick. Publicity Chairman. The editorial. art. business. theme. publicity. and photographic staffs of the '51 Niagarian have all worked together to make this year's book a little better than last. The staff has chosen as its theme. 'ffifty years of progress in N.F.H.S." Through- out the book. references to the founding date of the various organizations haxe been made. The write-up for each "State" has been cut down to a small outline making a better looking page and'leaving room for an informal snap of the Student Council Representatives. The emblem of each Creek letter organization is added to its page. We have added a page giving recognition to our new vice-principal and to our de- parting vice-principal and another page of faculty caricatures. FF PHOTOGRAPHIC, ART AND THEME STAFF Left to right, First row: Kan- ary Aloian: Marguerite Basl: Dorothy Silliman: Sue Swick : Geraldine Lutz: Lorna Kragh: Delores Dell. Second row: Irene Pilch: Beverly Blakes- lee: Dolores Franches: Nan- cy Le-Masters: Elaine Print- up: Yolanda DeMonte: Ethel Howard. Third row: Nadine Johns: Louise Ziss: Sibylle Helwig: Sally Ladd: Lor- Elsie Smith. raine Lee: Fourth row: Richard Phil- lips: Dennis Ladouceur: Ber- nie Zeifang: Richard Jack: Eric Schuk: Roy Shelso: Ronald Roberts: Gordon Smith: Frank Humic-c: jack Sarkisian: Dale Bunce. The art stall has worked hard to carry the theme of progress throughout the book. Each division page represents an important event in that division. The white division page was used instead of a colored one because we felt that the detail in each drawing showed up better on the white. We hope that you will get as much pleasure from the '51 yearbook as we have had working on it and that we have set a higher goal for all yearbook staffs of the next fifty years. --fr If BUSINESS STAFF Left to right, First row: Al- bert Butera: Cordon Smith: James Mcliracken: Carl Hamam Richard Jack. Sec- ond row: Emily Fusillo: Angie Angelosante: Marlene Rivers: Ann Ricotta: Lydia Eleuteri: Phyllis Simone: Josephine Zanghi. Third row: Frieda Williams: .lean Wil- liams: Beverly Blakeslee: Dorothy Cranata: Dolores Marino: Agnes Ferlito: Ros- alie Lipari: Myra Edge: Mar- ilyn Day: Mary Whysong: Mary Yorio: Rosemarie Bat- taglia. Fourth row: Shirley Ellis: Carol Pasciak: Nina Robins: Loretta Ramseyer: Lena DeSantis: Pat Calla- dine: Diane Baird: Lorraine Lee: Mary Lou Schul: Vir- ginia Braas: Barbara Reic- hert: Barbara Benning: Ver- na Mae Bowers. 91 PROJECTIO STAFF The backbone of any stage pro- 1- duction is the stage crew who seldom receive credit for all the hours of hard work they put in. The Stage Crew plans and makes all stage sets and manages the lighting for all productions. Organ- ized in 1925, the crew of twelve boys is under the supervision of Mr. Frank Baggallay. In 1940, a crew was selected under Mr. Paul Fowler to supervise the showing of class- room movies. 'V I. mi' :HR M 4- 11413 7 i ' sv 1 Six? 1 "Mfr, .e ' ii' ,n?7"" if i' :IJ-1.j':f,f"' '- Ig ' wax! Left to right, First row: Virginia Palm: Norma Forcuccig Joan Tra- I passo: Marie Corsaro: Irene Sannicola: Nancy Kane: Janet Pass: ' " ,, Mr. W2 Crowie, Advisor. Second row: Jim McMahon: Richard Ure-nz Edmund Haus: Roy Shelso: Jerauld Peck: .loe Himes: llennis Lallouceurz Richard Phillips. . , .f " 175414 ,K 1' A -:tg . J: . 3' Mr. William iCrowie is in charge of the '51 Pro- J jection Staff consisting of 8 boys and 8 girls. In September each member is presented with a grey "NM bearing a lightning bolt which signifies membership in the staff. x 1 I Y S AGE CREW 'xiii an Left to right, seated: Art Ponzig Joe Marinog Stephen Ventryq Ernest Krell: Louis .1 ii Muraca. Second row. Standing: Mr, Baggallayg Richard Ureng Joe Zasog Donald Paczynskig .lames Shumway. "'f""W'i"" -fi U' ,.. -K-.,'f'-' sf 94 THE CHOOL TORE The history of N. F. H. S. is long, but that of the school store is comparatively short. It was established in 1928 under the guidance of Miss Emma Hulen. When Mr. Jack came to high school in 1942. he assumed the management of the store. In 1945 Miss Virginia Donohue took over the supervision of it, and has been running it suc- cessfully ever since. The store was set up as a convenience to the students especially because of a diffi- culty in obtaining specialized paper for bookkeeping. Next, other supplies were added so that we now have a complete stock of school supplies. This money helps defray the expenses of our paid assemblies and raises money for student council. Aside from the sale of notebook and typing paper, pencils, erasers, rulers, and shorthand notebooks, etc. red and gray plates for cars, pencils with the basketball schedules on them, also in red and gray, and book covers, done in the school colors are stocked. At the end of each year awards for participation in store activities for one year are made These awards are felt letters of red and gray The treasurer of the Student Council Eugene Molak IS also responsible for the funds in the school store Among those who work in the store each morning and noon are Virginia Stagg Jacqueline Griffith Dolores House June Sonnenberg Elizabeth Stephen Rose Ann Prlntup Rita Whysong Sibylle Helwig and Eric Schuk Virginia Donohue Advisor Elizabeth Stephen June Sonnenberg Slbylle Helwig Eric Schuk Rose Ann Prlntup Diane Bai d Delores Tabone Marjorie Greenwood 95 7 9 . 4 . . . . , 7 7 7 . 7 5 9 ' . 7 I ' Left to right, Seated: Virginia Stagg, Jacqueline Griffith. Second row: Rita Whysongg Miss CHOOL OFFICE C IDA CE OFFICE First row, Seated: Doro- thy Cunningham: Miss Mary Werner: Barbara Benning: Ruth Kenyon: Norma Masters: Elizabeth Dicamilloz Myra Edge: Dorothy Silliman: Helen Adams. Second row, Stand- ing: Mr. Schoepflin: Dolores Dell: Joyce Mil. leville: lane Upper: Doris Walck: Barbara Tilton: Marlyn Griffith: Eva Davis: Mary 0'Shea: Mr. Schrader. p . Anne Harvey. Under the direction of ltliss Jeanette VVylie and lN'Iiss Doraine Sanzio the school office functions smoothly with the help of thirteen students. Mrs. Agnes O'Brien, secretary to Mr. Jack, also has the added duties of filling out student transcripts for colleges and jobs, permanent record cards and diplomas. Miss Sanzio compiles attendance and absentee reports. The school bul- letins are mimeographed and drawn up under her supervision. During the first period, Michalena Mariano and Ann Ricotta file lists of absentees and sort attendance cards. ,Ioan Shanabrook takes Miss Sanzio's place in the office during fifth period. June White, Kathleen Brown, Laura Raush, Colleen O'Leary, Kathleen Brown, and Ann Harvey collect and check attendance sheets during the eighth period. The ab- sentee cards are collected by Nancy Kane, Sylvia Kishoian, Peggy Morgan, and Delores Cecot in the moming. The efficiency of the office has been increased through the efforts of these girls. Since 1945, one of the most essential departments in Niagara Falls High School has been the guidance office. Each student is helped greatly by the efforts of both Miss Werner and Mr. Schrader. Assistance in making out high school programs, in obtaining working papers, and in choosing suitable vocations and colleges are some of the many services given will- ingly by the guidance ofhce to the students of Niagara Falls High School. T' Left to right, First row Ann Ricotta: ,Ioan Shana brook: Miss Doraine San Zio. Second rout Sy im Kishmoiang Alltllfltflf Mariano: Peggy Morgan Kathleen Broun: li ra .lean Roush: Colleen O'Learyg Kay Brown Not ictured' June White ,- Left to right First row: Marlyn Griffith' Betty Jardin' Marilyn Day' Helen M. McCarney, R.N.' Loretta Walas' Norma Forbes' Mrs. Donovan. Second row, Standing: ,loan Rommelg Nancy Gillick' Barbie Benning' Gloria Beemerg Helen Adams' Georgia Reed' Marjorie Smith' Nancy Kane. CLIC The Clinic IS under the supervision of MISS Helen NlcCarney, Nurse teacher Am ple first aid is elven by the nurse assisted by a staff of twelve Uirls from the Honor Society Miss McCarney is here every day and Dr LaDuca is here on Friday morn mes The school Clinic was built 1n 19241 and the school nurses came only part tlme un til 1943 when Miss McCarney became the first school nurse to be here every day Also in 1943 the Honor SOC1Cty girls were first chosen to staff the Clinic The girls working in the Clinic, one each period are: Nancy Gillick loan Rommel Loretta Walas, Mary Ann Par- nell, Marilyn Griffith Helen Adams, Nancy Kane, Georgia Reed, Marjorie Smith Bar- bara Benning, Marilyn Day, and Betty Jardin. Since 1926, the usher squad has served Niagara Falls High School. The H E R squad ushers at school plays, graduation exercises and extra curricular activities. S U A The captain of the usher squad for this year is Norma Masters. The group is advised by Miss Lucy Massimilian. x. X Left to right, first row: Bonna-Vear Gilmore: Mary DiPasqualeg Geraldine Lutzg Norma Masters: Erna Was- mundg Alice Saunders: Barbara Krueger: Dorothy Wojtowiczg Phyllis Alongig Rita Whysongg Rosemarie Battagliag Janette Palermo: Patricia Cicciarig Pat Trun- zog Patricia Cosgroveg Vin- eenette Vaccarellag Mary 0'Brif-n, Second row: Pat' ricia Hunterg Jean Furayp Doris Wittkoppg Ida Ab- be-yg Anne Phillipsg Diane Bairdg Ann Boswellg Jose- phine Bobek: Miss Massi- milian, Advisory Marlyn Griffithg Dolores Marino: Mary 0'Sheag Julia Labos- kyg Dorothy Granatag Jean Williams, Third row: Sib- A ylle Helwigg Diana Fresa " cinop Louise Zissg Karen Krum-gerg Patricia Kramerg Florence VanLiewg Betty Fisherg Eugenia Fulgenzig Lorraine Leeg Teresa Bet- tinop Arlene Pattersong Barbara Whitmore. 97 ' H-XQ5-Xxx x 1 Q , , , 5. K, y A L' i i 1 A may gp, Q 'fy 3:1 iifiww fffh mmf 125423 A ,' ,, '-fu-rf ' M- 4' - ,,, X Q, P. ,S 1,-. --. yu ,:.f.:,- A - .fm ' S ,.,, yi , 1954 fgk-Q M, '- -gijigy U' NNII l ' 45. -,1 151' H- 1 ' T ' ' ' ' ' . af vi 'fx' 4 .f H , fm . , K 9 ,A-.vw ' A if- X f f 5 x, ,Eu 3 A rl A x s 4 1 rf 'V 5535 M l , I' Y -ii rj E M335 ' gt, '53 ,ft KFEJ' . jf' . ' . , ,iiifv y 3-, U X x ff 'e bi LP . fi, EY . 1 Jim 0 4- 1- x 1 . J 2324 5 : - WL 1 . 5 - " ' .Lifu ' ' 5? -- v: -w ftgff A 1 S if . wif R"A ,E A n g,-ww-3' L 1 ' fl ' 2 ,f "i w:-' 77 1 5 ' 5 3 X 1 1 x A K W, ,, , ,M M ,Af- K sn.. H. ,z '1' ' 1: Aww :QsfQ23iwLh V136 Q, gig. is S X rr ,mggfr ,,, ,Y 'K .QB . I K , I . 35. , , Ines' I 1 'G an, ff ,LL-51, - . .,, .V f 5.553 Q .113 ,. 4 eivzrgi , , , -jfaigfffl , 1 --np t. 1 ffz5 2?g f 1 355551 f 1315 f 5:25 QQ . A' 4 ,ff QL,-asf' 1 1, Ax- V E .S . wie. Lili. f ugh .V v .W 1. 1 I 'X 1 2: '.e' B , in 4,v- ,'r satis by . I 3, I Q, . - .ww , vp ,. Y ,A get 5' .Q A it t"r': - Ay. ,, iii' 1- : Q .4 ul it 3 JV . , xx 4, I V . ,sl 1 Q' 89' 4' ,L I , 'V' , 4 E IOR PL Y "Erstwhile Susan". presented by the senior class on April 11th and 12th, is a delightful three act comedy written by Mary Ann DeForest. It centers around the simple countrified family of a widower, Mr. Barnaby Dreary who decides to marry a rich widow, Juliet Miller in order to help manage her money. Instead, Juliet completely takes the family affairs into her own hands and tries to teach them some of her fashionable New England ideas by redecorating their simple home and persuading Mr. Dreary's daughter, Barnabetta, to go to a private school, much to the dismay of poor Barnaby. The members of the cast under the capable direction of Mr. Frank Baggal- lay are as follows: Ronald Swick as Barnaby Drearyg James Mesler and David Robertson as Jacob and Emanuel. Barnaby's two sonsg Beverly Tucker as Juliet Miller lErstwhile Susanl 3 Ann Wanchisin as Barnabetta Drearyg Peter Previte as Abel Ruchter, Rarnabettaas suitorg Janet Pass as Ramah Schwenkfelders. Jacob's fianceg George Bartholomew as Judge David Jordang Robert Kolenkow as Governor Robert Marshg Richard McGinis as Absalom Puntzg Ralph Man- fredi as Joseph Yoderg John Justiana as Abe Wackernagelg Michelene Mariano as Em Wackernagel. his wifeg Ethel Howard as Jennie Getzg Audrey Flood as Alice Winthropg JoAnne Zelinsky as Mrs. Winthrop and Anne Boswell as Helen Meredith. , , . . A . - 1 Y '. 'FJ 'VJ J? 5 Left to right: Ethel Howardg Michelene Mariano: Janet Passg James Meslerg David Robertson: John Justiana Ralph Manfredig Richard McGinisg Beverly Tuckerg George Bartholomew: Anne Wanchising Peter Previte. ' r P a 'oi 4 t. . .1914 9 QV -J 4 , .X f ' s , J 2 Left to right, Seated: James Meslerg Janet Passg David Robertsong Ronald Swickg Richard McGinis: Beverly Tucker: George Bartholomewg Anne Wanchising Peter Previte. Standing: Ann Boswell: JoAnne Zelinskyg Aud- rey Flood: Robert Kolenkow. 99 First row, Left to right: Helen Clarkg Donna Mae Erwing Wilhelmina Salvag Joan Ferritt: Shirley Smith: Mary Jane Sullivan: Irene Beahen. Second row: Patricia Cosgrove: Patricia Toohillg Evelyn Dawkinsg Frances Cuttaiag Nan- cy Harder: Lena DiPietr0: Ann Boswell: Helen ,lagowg Beverly Blakeslee: Rita Cebulskig Nancy Smith: Anne Phillipsg Marion MacLeod. Third row: Janet Pass: Sibylle Helwig: Barbara Langg Betty Fisher: Elsie Smith: Nancy Cillickg Norma Palmerig Gloria Beemerg Janet Broomeg Barbara Reichert, Irene Pilchg Mary McKenzie. LIBR RY Fifty years ago this city did not even have a public library. We have progressed greatly since then for today the school library con- tains 5500 volumes with more being added yearly. Our library was first used in 1924 when the present building was opened. Through the years improvements have been made, additional shelves and storage space have been added as the supply of books grew while just this year a new lighting system was installed. Since from books we canuobtain both infor- mation and pleasure, the library is one of the most useful and enjoyable rooms in the school. At the student's disposal are novels, plays, poetry, biographies, encyclopedias and reference books. It also contains college cata- logues and copies of the 45 magazines to which it subscribes. Perhaps the most unusual feature for any high school library is the Clark J. Peet collection of record albums which may be borrowed. Always willing to help us make use of its facilities are: Miss Hutson, the librarian, Mrs. Chatterton and a staff of 28 girls and Miss Rasmussen. With its pleasant paneling, shelves of books and atmosphere of peace, our li- brary is indeed inviting. Left to right: Miss T. RassmussengMiss 101 Della Hutson, Librariang Mrs. O. Chat- terton. if, .SWB 3 i hifi 5 M, 'iizgiz vm Q X41 I' S Q , is .. L. 5 S lf if -Mm . . 4. X 1940 MQCEANUZZWHCIDNS 'EI P - HELL ENIII F URMEIJ November, 1939-The Greek letter organizations, wishing to be recognized as a part of the school, formed an organization called Pan-Hellenic. Each sorority and fraternity has two representatives present at the meetings. ,rf afi- Left to right, First row:'Thomas Hibbardg Bill Widdowsong Robert Fraserg Jerry Jaffe, Richard Mcwilliamsg Al- bert Butera: Cordon Smith: Richard Jack. Second row: Mary MacConnell- JoAnne Zelinsky' ,lanet Broome' Mar- ipgie Russell, Shirley Ellisg Lorraine Leeg Beryl Jenssg Evelyn losephg Mary Beth Conahi-mg Miss E. Mitchell, visor. -HELLE IC Pan Hellenic is an organization composed of two representatives from each of the Creek letter groups. The sororities and fraternities banded together in September of 1939. For many years prior, the clubs had unsuccessfully tried to organize. Their motive is better understanding between themselves and the ad- ministration, and they act as a clearing house for dates so one organization doesn't conflict with another. Pan Hellenic assists the school in many ways. lt presented the school with a flag and established a fund for a sound-motion picture projector. In the spring of 1940, Pan Hellenic held its first dance, pro- ceeds going to the above mentioned fund. Since then, this organization has held a dance almost every year. The proceeds always go to some worthy cause within the school. Frequently the group has presented an out- standing assembly. Pan Hellenic also controls sorority and fraternity pledging to a certain extent. Each fall, at the begin- ning of the "rush seasonn. the leaders issue a set of rules decided upon by the members and the adminis- tration and which each organization must follow. Thus there is unity and cooperation among the represented groups. 103 . Z K O P q':+,m2 ,, 1 -' " 'W-Q. -' 1 . .'ff"fN5fi 5 M gpm Y ' f fq., wg Y Ea., ., xt i - IT DOROTHY APPLE Advisor lr 'C' ,px VVS- ,QQ fl ALMA DARDARIAN SALLY LADD MARY E KAUYPMAN MARY Mo,cCONNE 'Prnmlnnt Vica Prasidsnt Business Manner Tnssurer ,Q CABOLYN PEBLEY MARILYNN IBEUKEN BEVERLY BLAKBSLEE VIRGINIA BBAA3 BEBYL JENSS Roco Correspon :ding Socretsry 63' "CV ding Secretsry -6 w-.., COLLEEN O LEARY MABGE PITONYAK NINA ROBINS , -of .-f AUDBEY BUBBY JUNE HALLETT MARY O BEA MAB-JEAN ANDBES PATRICIA BUCHEY ,y N w 'T vv MARY BAUON JOAN COYLE BETTY HOUSE JOAN MASON GAIL RE A JOAN TARGOBZ HELEN WALTERS Qgsqgigx WANDA MARION WILSON NANCY WRIGHT ,jfs me vi 0 104 OT R 4: , f . LL , A 1 cr' I 'C ' 'U 'rx 'fi 4 4' f f V x, X E A LVL - V- A v 'Q Mlm-Uigiu .izu q i yi 4 L.V?Z.,,,5 ..,kv X. D ' .- 4 'L 1 , R- A I N' 'sf YQ' ' . f , 5 , ag gf f ' A I 1 --E H Q ', , i Q- Q" if 3 " " . A Q. ' ' , P J AR R '57 35' f 1 52 ' ' . M 7 A A I' .4 Y 2 Q 'Q fg , ,gs A at , N 0. A Q5 sf Xie, QQ, ggi! A,-is, -ff' ma? MASSIMILIAN MARILYN DAY LORBAINE LEE Advilox' Prnidont Vice Prelidont 1. 1-:ar 1 M if ,dv 'Q .J ALIBERTS COSSIE ALEBSIE MARILYN BAXTER F? 'Cr JANE DAWSON NORMA EVANS FRANCES FRACHELLA X4 465 RUTH ENYON MARIE LDNGO JOANNE MARINO ,. W ,J A 4' 'X 1 ok 53 . I -Sm 'E ' 3 NORMA MASTERS DOROTHY GRANATA PEGGY YOUNG Treasurer Corresponding Secretary 3000141118 Secretary fix V rf!! . id MILDRED CAMPBELL THERESA COSSARO NAN LEE CURRY f eff? vo ,ix 2 'J MN JANET GORMIJEY LOIS GRANITE SUE IRISH MARILYN PIERCE ANNE PHILLIPS MARIE SALERNO -1 'C' THEREBA STANHK DOROTHY STOCKWELL ELEANOR UCCI ADELE WASIEWITZ BARBARA B- 7 up L3 U WILLIAMS BETA ALPH BEVERLY RYAN JANELLE DEAS HELEN LOPACKI X -. I 1 I I We TAL D RUTH MILLER NANCY LEMASTERS SUE SWICK DIANNE LAUEB. SHIRLEY POLLAND .TUNE CARR President Vice-President Recording Secretary Treasurer Corresponding Secretary Grand Recorder SHIRLEY ELLIS K' A ELLEN WIIJQON N J' JACQUELINE LYONS NORMA SMITH . A 'KT K' L MARJORIE RUSSELL Yrfzv f 'I c'A1ibLE HANSLEY MARJOEIE WILSON K J! CONSTANCE ALEX BARBARA KRUEGEB DOLORES KAREN KRUEGER JANET Ma.cVITTIE DOROTHY NICHOLSON JOAN A-in -:Y ROSE MARIE CANNABY GAIL YOBKE AUDRY BRADT JANET DICK W A 23 -:Se 'Q 2. E 5 JEAN MORTIMER JANET NORRIS GAYLE NUSSBAUM JEAN NUSSBAUM DIANNE G. d , I no A.Id f L I ,Qi .A A JOYCE WISHART PATRICIA WOOD GEORGIA SWIFT RUTH SEAMAN , . , A W wag1g4.1,,M1 nib WV ' N V , W, V ,K va - . Nb P A ? -'A A 1 A , , '. A. - .5 1'-'nv NOT P MRS. SHEDD Advisor JEAN ASHBY 106 THE BARBARA KEMIP President Fx" .f Qi far , 5' nfl T XI P ILO vb! le' 5 3 Y. xg BARBARA BENNING CAROLYN HARTMAN MARY CAROL HOWEY Vice-President Recording Secretary EVELYN JOSEPH JANE IBABROWS MABUIA WAGNER. MARY BETH CONAHAN GLORIA RODGERS Treuurer Social Convonor Corresponding Secretary MISS ETHEL OLANDEB, Advisor Q '23 TUNE WHITE JEAN ANN LEVITT ANN MOSES MARY O BRIEN BARBARA CANTARA K' -TUDITH CULP ANN DISTEFANO THERESE DODGE NOREEN HOAK WANDA MATYJAS A -2 ' 9 93 ii , i lx A 4 2 3 1 JOAN BOMIIEL PATRICIA WEST AUBELANNE ABEL JOANNE HEIDER , "'A . f '45 P 1 '4' I A Y? as FLORENCE MORRIS PATTY WEAVER FLORENCE MORSE NANCY GILLICK CABOLYN MMVEAN JANE UPPER ANNE MAGIELD CATHERINE Advisor President Vice-President Trouurer Corresponding Secretary B-00024111 if Y ,ipsu Q 1 Y 'i I ,- ,, 8 0 , ip, w.. ? .f 2 , f A Q . X ,si R X 1 '- r X v FRANCES GRAY JOAN KRAUSER GLORIA BEEMER JANET BROOME f v-., - X.. if PAT BUELL Historian " 'WK ' 63' JUDY ENGVALL ANNE HARVEY MARY JO SHERMAN BARBARA LANG FLORENCE Va.nLIEW CAROL JOHNSON JANET BAINNIE BARBARA N1:vxL1.r: slnnou .moans -J GERALDA UHRI SUE BELDEN . aj,- .'a N . ,,. hi f xo, E V 'Fx Q CARRIE SHAW 'N' ,r BEVERLY SHAFEB. .45 an P Z P1 Fl rn Q Ill b li "I , 59 'AW r 5 .R 3, 8' i A K ' -0 'ey GAIL BASH IJ, 1112? aff 'hm MARCIA CREAGH KAY DEMMON GRETCHEN STROUGH MARY FERGUSON MARY PERSOHN I 4 6 ,pm 'Nr MR EDMOND SKIMIN ROBERT FRASER KENNETH SPARKS JOHN 0 BRIEN EUGENE MOLAK Pre Secretary Treasurer Advisor sident Vice President are 1 3w' WILLIAM SCOULER JAMES MILNE ROBERT FRASCA GORDON SMITH ROLLO LUTZ Marshall JAMES MCCRACKEN MITCHELL Moxznnnn .1AM1:s GREEN PAUL sANn Jo!-IN w1LsoN 'G KENNETH TOMPKINS FRANK SCALLETTA .TERRY STACK ARMAND CACCIATORE ROBERT CINDRICK RONALD O'POLKA RONALD BROWN WILLIAM PRYOR JERRY MASON DICK MEI-NOTTE ROY PLATT MMA IG NOT PICTURED CORNELL DEAS DON SCHUMACHER up nv N-A-G31 205 IAN 'D -' 1 77 00001 LPH THETA KAPP Ulmll ., ALBERT BUTERA R McWILLIAMS CARL SHEUSI ANTHONY GUGINO Mute: Warden Scribe Pretect ROBERT MALONE CHARLES LAMBEOS SULLY FEBBITTO RONALD FULGENZI Corresponding Scribe Psrlementuim ROBERT REED STEPHEN PLUMERI A SWGMATORE JOHN' MOOBADIAN DOUGLAS WEITZMAN NOT PICTURED CARL HAMAM ORLANDO IUELE Jr Master WILLIAM SCHULTZ RAYMOND SCOTT .shi 2 by xp . Noe ,H cf 'd , H' 1 ,X 110 JERRY' JAITE BILL WIDDOWSON JOE TALERICO JIM FERMOILE JIM MCEWEN HENRY GIARDINO EDWARD FROMIMERT HARVEY MACK MALCOLM EDMONDS ROBERT FERMOILE 2: v-sv NOT PICTURED HARRIS WILLIAMS RICHARD DUSHER J' OSEPH DUFFY RAYMOND PIERCE NEIL ST JOHN' BILL FEDER JAMES MCELWAIN BURT RICHARDSON 111 MR MAEEWFEDFORD THOMAS HIBBARD BERNARD ZEIFANG RICHARD JACK VERYL JOHNSON 01' THOMAS PAGE JACK HEIST DONALD FLOWERS WILLIAM RICHARDS DALE BUNCE wh, 14 ROY SHELSO CHARLES E ROBERT PLUNKETT ROBERT CARR CHARLES KUHNS R .1 WILLIAM CARMAN CALVIN KERCHEVAL JACK FAI! GEORGE PROATES CLOYD SOWERS 'x WILLIAM VAN LOAN PETER WOLF GLENN BRIGGS K1 Y V 112 ,Lf-' 1 N I ,L 'IQ'- ' ' 1 r 04 Lrg 'Q-4 . 1 Af. f ' ' 95 x Y-, - 4 ' ' , ',, IUK IE ' , :Z F I M, " ,N L ,fi v, -,gr , 2 - - 'A G? Q 1 ig Q ET: '23 1: bf H 1 MIB VETO ALONGI STEPHEN VENTBY BOB PEBEZ .TOE DELUUA Advilor Pxolident Vice President Secretary FBANHIYN DBCABLO RICHARD WAHI. JULIE AROHIE ABHANDO PUCOI TIBIIRIOI .rosnrn .moms savor: mmm nun: INSANA Jon. rnuom an.. N--'V up iv SS13- 4-al JOHN DiPOFI P T UK DQOAIIILLO JOSEPH TEDES00 RICHARD ROTELLA WALTER BIPSON NOT PICTURED JIM CONTEB BENNY D AMIBROSIO DOM DEL BROCCO CHARLES GIARIZ A FERRUSI JR Xf f,f BETA HI Y A anim! :f2" ikrrk I - . J JJ J 51: 1' 'T l ,TE E Q Q A, -iq ' ' J 9 X . 5 J ' 355 3 . 1' ' 1 V 5 gf imiiyh x v Z, I DX ., 'LI 555593 N ' ' f"T XS "' I , If X I Y Z0 2, f J . Q Qi 1 H Y TEEN RUSS A HOFFMAN HELEN ADAMS KATHRYN CROUCH Advisor President Vice President MARIE CORSARO CAROL ARCHIE SYLVIA HSHMOIAN JANET MACNEIL NANCY .TAQUI SH PATRICIA DAROS CARMIILLA BORGESE S 'QB fx LORNA PEREN RHO NORMA FORBES Secretary FLORENCE HURD CAROLE WHITMIRE ROSEMARIE CHIODO RO MIECH LILLIAN MLATTACCILLI ANGIE RESTRAINO FEDINA FRIONA ESTHER SPAMENI MARY MARGARET LATKO . 5 J ' I xi - -1 7 i , ,Q f -J 'U 1 14 'Q TERESA BETTINO PHYLLIS WAGNER P H I G M M B E T NUT PICTURI-in ,VV A Advisor FRANCES CUTTAIA JEAN PITARI GLORIA FRUSCIONE V. VACCARELLA JOAN FINELLI President Vice-President Treasurer Secretary Corresponding Secretary , E I A A E b , 'Q' I A R 1 . And BITA WHYSONG MARY DiPASQUA.'LI'. NANCY SANFLII-'PO PATRICIA TRUNZO NICOLETTA RICCI CELINE DQPILIPPS GLORIA D'AMORE LILLIAN BOSCARINO G. FRUSCIONE SARAH FINITZ SHALVEY RITA CEBULSE MARY RICCARDI DOLORES PITARI SHIRLEY COOPER REBECCA ROSATI SANDRA RANALLI LEE ANN MURPHY ROSE MARIE NICASIA BEVERLY BAKER ANN DONOFRO YOLETTA D'AN'DBEA MARLENE MOORE SERLEY SHAPIRO ANNA HAY' GAEVZY ANG-ELINA SIHONE 'Vw "KV MABIAN SHIIPRO JOAN GORDON Q. 115 DOLORES EDWARDS JEAN Di CRIMES LORRAINE McELROY LENA D1PIETBO DOLORES TABONE Advisor President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer PATRICIA PAWLOSHI MARIE WHITEHEAD PATRICIA MCNALLY MARY GABA SUZANNE CONNOR -I MARLENE RIVERS GEORGIA SOLURI ELAINE PRINTUP YVONNE HAYES BARBARA MARUCA vb.. or 3' 'sa' RUTH HOUTZ JOYCE KNOX ROSE MAB-TINEZ JOSEPHINE VERGA MAGDALENE BOTA W7 DOLOBES GBAVBS FRANCES LICHTANSE MARTHA LUNDY SHIRLEY WALTON DOROTHY WOJTOWICZ 116 To Bov T0 B0 VI HIY JOHN D ANGELO JOSEPH MARINO BILL BRUCE JOSEPH HRAWCZYK Jr Advisor Vice-President Connell Representative Corresponding Secretary MARION LISZEWSRI FRANK PANTO LARRY HAIETTA ARTHUR TAYLOR Recording Seaetery GOBDON SANDSTBOM JOSEPH DeMABCO RICHARD CASTILON DONALD DQSANTIS RICHARD KOWALSKI JOHN SAJDAK 1 118 NOT PICTURED DONALD WIRTH President MARIO BUGGELLI Treasurer RONALD BLAKELY' DONALD DUFFY JOSEPH LIZZIO JOHN PANZA DICK BIENIAK RONALD PAVLAK DON PERSUTTI C. ZITO President D. STECKO Secretary DEUBO DETKOS K. GREEN LEO I A ANTONCICCI BET CHI M. WATSON Vice-President NOT PICTURED A. CAPANNOLA KITTY KELLY E. MERANTO S. RINALDO D. THOMAS IWISS D. ZITO Advisor S. SDAO P. SIMONE R. BATTAGLIA Treasurer I. SANNICOLA M. CASSANO E. MANUCCI X M Q P. ALONGI J. PALERMO E. DiCAMILLO I-X 0- L. DBSANTIS J. TRAPASSO V. DCBELLONIA A. MOBAWSKI I. BATTISTA C. TALERICO N. ESENWEIN P. TEDESCO C. CARBIERE DONNA SNYDER J'. SVETCOFF JERRY MARINO C. MANUSE -0 ' cf PHARO xv I Q . in 4 L. CONTI A g a A S. BONANNI FRANCES BAIO B. PATEBSON J. MALLAMACI ANITA ZISKE D. MATUSZ'SKI L. DQMABCO J. TECCHIO E. COLLINS ia f Z 5,,K N. MCHUGK J. COLLEN'LLI NANCY KASPA 'on '? ALBERT KINAN ROBERT HENDRIOK RONALD ALLERA RICHARD McNAI4LY MR R J VARTANIAN pl-,,1d,nt Vice President Secretary Treasurer AdVil01' EUGENE DiNARDO MICHAEL SULLIVAN RONALD PERRI NORMAN SITGREAVES GEORGE SHAHIN ROBERT MANENTE ROBERT BASTA WILLIAM PORREOA WILLIAM PRRSIA WIILIAM RISKARA Uh HAROLD HOLDER WILLIAM RIPLEY NOT PICTURED SAMUEL DINARDO PHILLIP INFANTINO FRANCIS MANNING JAMES PRYCE ANTHONY SARDELLA DONALD SPACONE A Nmmls A , , zqvn. - ' ,-.f' ' ff'f1J.:1" A . ff.. -ff' N 3 I G A M M A P H I 120 M WEINSTEIN GEORGE DET NAPHTALI BRITMAN ROGER KUSHNER PAUL ZUBKOFP 1' SAM MORREALE CARL DI GIOVIN VERYL JOHNSON CARL SHEUSI ALVIN WEIR WALTER ZABBETSKY ROBERT WINTERS ROBERT MALONE EDWIN OHNETH ALFRED MITCHELL DARWIN BOLDEN LARRY SILBERGELD LAWRENCE GERFIN KENNETH SPARKS KENNETH TOMIPKINS NOT PICTURED NEIL BREWSTER RICHARD DIMOND WARREN KAHN THOMAS MAHONEY KEY CLUB I .J . if A A '+' 1- , . h I N A ' f KN 5 E C F E IC 0Cl Y STEPHEN STILES ROBERT KOLENKOW JACK STARR. DARWIN BOLDEN MARK 5 BEDFORD A visor Qi? M DARROW WELLS KENNETH SCHEEL BERNARD ZEIYANG ROBERT FRASER THOMAS HAHONEY ROY SHELSO DAVID BEXSNITH ROBERT WAY GEO BAETHOLOMEW JAMES SEATTEB '3 ..f DAVID ROBERTSON PZLLIP ROBERTSON 122 0 BERNARD PEDLOW DARROW WELLS DAVID WRIGHT EDWIN OHNETH RICHARD PHILLIPS .max sun RONALD swrcx CI-OYD BOWERS mms! cuss WILLIAM Munn d"i.-:Vik 'Ui Mfg avfi Vs, WILLIAM UAEMAN DONALD DREW ARNOLD TYPE JEBAULD HATCH GEORGE PROATS BENNY BOTH PBANK WILSON MALCOLM EDMONDS PAUL ZUBKOPP LESLIE SHEPHERD LN-'C 'CAM ROBERT SHERLOOK 123 I 1 HL 1 T Q4-" id wg? , - J, H ' A' Q ,few f-.. -2- ffw Q. I , w . 3 fir, Z r if A 'f' at ' ' .sk l 24--M ,,. ,. . K Y. A vc ' I x Qi gm. R5 6 qnxwk ,7 Q1-F 'ff' H E65 Y. , - ' FQ N xv ' 1- 13' X V fa- ?r. Hg 'tix 1 Li.A .i21 fx f... tx I a 1 if ':1:f,f v N-7?-E1 P' S A .K .75 A. 'WH I 1 N7 at ' - 9 f. X Q j f - 55 2 S: 1- L ... Y , -f ' f'!fffQ?5, " x' 'V 4? - ' ' A Q if My xy 1 "V - K Lv , ' ' I V, V XV- , X , ' 9 V Q 'Ca Yay Ii' Wh fi J Y ' 1 f , u :wel . -'if 17 f 1 A E 7 'f K NI' ' .J .Z ' . :Q MM , V. l ' ' I r Vw1.,a ' - ' 'W ,, ' " " ' ' ' A ' 1 1' ., - .. rx, V v .W L. . . . A". .Q-,-:HE-4-mi ,--rw-M N Q 1' I Q w 1 fx 7 .gg 8 if-fi' fe 1 Ii it .4-'arm A? 195 ZWWHIMWUCLS NIAGARA WINS SAVAGE TRDPI-IY june, 1950-The Lt. Tom Savage Memorial Trophy offered by the Men's Club of the Y. M. C. A. became the permament possession of Niagara Falls High School since we had won it for three con- secutive years. This cup was olfered to the school in the city having the best varsity sports record. BOYS'SPORT NX ft CTD Q, . .V 0-.U A, ?L,A or wt. . nn. ,"'f'--si W... A O First row, left to right: B. Pryorg .l. Creeng R. Zeigerg R. Chowng R. Capotastog W. Johnson: Captain, J. Anderluhg E. Kowalski. Second row, Staggered: D. Buccurossog R. Heutienne: M. 0'Laughlin, Coach: M. Castekg T. Manzxg B. Scalia: B. Webberg F. Scallettag K. Terry: G. Gromisiakg D. Adamsg N. Lathamg R. Cindrickg R. Wnukg S. BASEBALL Perri: C. Holderg S. Morreale. After a successful season last year, Coach 'slVlike" O'Laughlin called his boys to practice early in muddy April. In a sea of Nmuckw at Haeberle Field, the team drilled for its double round of the frontier baseball league. Led by captain "Bud" Johnson, a veteran shortstop of four campaigns, the team will meet Kenmore in their first of 14 games. "Fireball Bog" Chown will lead a strong pitching staff consisting of Jim Green, Bob Scalia, Tom Manzi, Dick Bank, Sam Perri, and sophomore "Red" Webber. For the infield, returning from last years' squad are tight fielding. hard hitting. "Edoo" Kowalski, Dick Capo- tosta, and Johnson, while sophmore Bill Pryor will be tried at first base. "Homerun Oookiev Anderluh will furnish most of the power for the "Cataracts" Dick Zieger, and Frank Scalletta will handle the catching chores, rounding out the team. With this UFine Ninen, N.F.H.S. will be hard to beat when the umpire yells "Play hallln BASEBALL SCHEDULE 0 .. V43 tg Y '. . 'L ' GLW! A' A .V fl' ' , .. U X x 1 2 1 .ff ,-1 . rf- xy... "' UV mist , . f '12 f' QP? v " I f 1,-fflkqn' 53 5 , 'A' 'I ' X lil 1 4 A 41. .-i ...., t 9 I ig- April 26 . . . . . Kenmore May .,.. Kenmore May . . Tonawanda May . . . Tonawanda May .4 . . . .......... Trott May .......... Trott May 8 . . . ......... Lockport May ....... Lockport May North Tonawanda June NOrlll TOh3W2lr1fla May ........ LaSalle June- ........ LaSalle May . . . Lackawanna June .... Lackawanna FRANK FA 'X' BENNY D AMBRO SIA ' - IO SEPH WALLACE Y'--p ANTHONY VILA8 54.- X 'PY' WALTER PATTERSON Z Qs.. GORDON SMITH BRUCE NORTON RICHARD CAPATO STA W., VARSITY FOOTBALL E337 The IN F H S 1950 grldmen retamed their relgn as cm football champlons and turned ln a record of 6 mms and 2 losses for second place and the most successful season a local hzgh school has ever had m the Frontler Football League The Red and Cray team coached by Mlke O Laughlm Bob Lltchka and Murphy Plttares 1 was the llghtest team ln the league but the boys dld not take football llghtly Each player had the des1re to mn and they all worked tlrelesslv to satisfy thelr deslres The only way to name the stars or most valuable players on th1s great team IS to refer you to the team roster whlch appears below the plcture Each boy was a star rn h1s own way and each was a vltal cog an thls great machlne whlch has brought glory to N F H S Each game had 1ts obstacles but the boys never qult trymg They always worked together and drsplayed spmt along Wllh a brand of football whlch every one who IS ln anyway assocxated Wlth the Red and Gray should be proud Many congratulatlons to the coaches the players and the faculty and student body who by worlcmg as one body have placed our Alma Mater on the way ln area football clrcles for the first t1me 9 A Q. -cr "-T MN' K Sf i"?..-"ffl XY' g W1 A LEWIS m1.mxzzo 123 Co Clptlinl 511413 MQTT WALTER PUTASKI JOHN ANDERLUH RODNEY RHODES Q Bauer: nz-zonns K' EUGENE MOLAK 'f-...TQ Q.- .TOHN PANZA xmgb Sv: 'Hu 14 x 5'-M, 1 JOHN MILLER ' A A. ' . y J k ' 57 'A , .lg N A.. ' . K 'V - H , Q , YQ F 'F' , - c 'A X F Q fe.-,X so A 'H f"VQ ' - E " -, 'Q a s F F F x "'i f A , 'T R A my Q ast - " E 4 " - Y Y YY' +3 N , . . . . . v K4 v 7 A V' ' . S F V is ' ,,. g Q . ' . . I 1 I L " 1 ' . . . . ,sr V 1 - fn V . . F 1' I L. ,f f X f , my sf o . K i M Q xc ki- Z iff t , f' ll 1" X , K V ...M Q lx ' VK , L K ' f A A ' w ff' A A -, fx Q4 , Y o , ,-, 'eg ., 1 i QS ygp 1-fd if gy . , 'y A an V 1 'U' A ig if ' .A 3 - uf K mf EV If SX 5 3 Q , 4 9 'J ' ' - " 'H 9 fa, y 'V as W J ,, x Auf? i M - H, ,Q ,,, H xt- .f Q 52 ' 1 I 55 Q ft: -MVV A V 1 V 1 V A " ' up V K I 'T It 39 37 .4-3m so is 4 A MQ k . - . 2 , 2 M., m 'V 9 , I 11' e ,J Lx -- 'L 'A -"' 'fl 'ff"f,.2' ' A 2,1 5 I 5 ,V ' 'N . mf 'ff A L4 ,.Ly bp H " ' wi - 2 -uf I W . vs -I 'x J wiki? 4 4 V' ' L 1 I an ' '4 L 64. V Vg t , Q -5 Q :KL V - I K N, ,E 4 U I W f , .. 3 7 A .QQ-F 'AS 5 if ar i g , I t , Q. 34 - S, f , M ., w w Q 'A f 1 - 5' ' I E ,3 M, S+. b hifi? . A . L L ' M Eat. ' Y fg" ' " . Atlus if A Sv ,B it ,. 1 A j, ,f 4 Q gg? Q N wi v W1 Q V,.k Wg P My 2 iw- Ex k A. , m gs "-" Q ' 4 Wi, g. ' M3 fg 1 f W A - 4:1 Q5 , rg ,ff in 7 A .5 My . , K - it .. k ' ' y A Q NWN I , T ' . , IK? .ff . Eg i Q A ' b ' 3 ff 'fi ' 5 ' ff? -1' L ' L x A ,W 'iQJf553 f I l ' -ww--Q 5 z" N 1 - .- ' x P0 ' . ' t ig- - -. ,9.'r-, ry- A-3 A 6 . ,, M ,A gui V vs' W 4 , 4 . , J ,Q ,fy , 1 'W Wsw: N.F.H.S OPPONENT 65 Kenmore 41 N. Tonawanda 62 LaSalle 41 Tonawanda 74 Lickport 59 Trot! 52 Lackawanna 76 Kenmore 64 N. Tonawanda 67 LaSalle 67 Lackawanna 56 Tonawanda 76 Lockport 67 Trott 65 Playoffs LaSalle 64 Semi-Finals Lackawanna 60 Finals Tonawanda 92 Sectionals Amherst 65 Sectionals Jamestown Total I5 wins and 4 losses V R ITY BA KETB LL Coach B. N. "Doon Parson's 25th anniversary at NFHS was one of the most successful years in the school's basketball history. Co-Captains "Bud" Johnson and Ron Perri along with Bruce Rhodes, Bill Scouler, and Ted Wozniak made up the starting team. As the season pro- gressed, Tom Damiano replaced Wozniak when Ted enrolled at the Uni- versity of Buffalo. The Red and Gray ended the regular season in a tie with Lackawanna for second place with ten wins and four losses. The team hit its peak in the play-offs when the Cataracts defeated La- Salle, Lackawanna, and Tonawanda respectively to become the play-off winners and gain the honor of representing the Niagara Frontier League in the sectionals. They defeated Amherst and Jamestown in the sectionals to become the section VI class AA champions. The season can be summed up by quoting Mr. Iack's words, "NICE GOING, CHAMPS". Clockwzse Coach Doc Parsons Frank Richardson Bill Scouler Joe Wallace Dick Dimond Bill John n R P D kZ so on erri IC asucha Jim Zucco Tom Damiano Bruce Rhodes Below left to rzght Dick .lack Rodney Rhodes . jx t , .. . ' . 55 N s ' . ' I . I ' 1 ' 7 'I ' 9 Y 7 , Q , 9 Z - 1 . g . I lli CK fxfxxf-'Srl I ...ff- Left to right, First row: Allen Lambert: Jerry Lehman: Tom Hibbard: Cordon Smith: Eugene Molak: Bob Carrie. Second row: Bill Feder: Charles Lamlmrosg .lerry Jaffe: Tony Vilas: Bill Suouler: Frank Sirrianni. Third mu-: Coarh "Dov" Parsons: Melvin Chambers: Javk Heist: Ron Blakley: James Zurco: Calvin Weir. Fourth row: Eugene Campana: Willie Amersong Stanley Crocheron. Left to right, Seated: Paul Sand: Anthony Pulli: Cary Winters: Robert Hendrick: James Scatter: Edwin Ohneth: Richard Capatostaz James Jones: Daniel Venditti. Standing: Coach Mike 0'Laughlin: Dick Case: Walter Zabretsky: Gordon MacKay: Robert Way. BOYMS LIFE AVI G inh- ,, Tx! X ax L' l v k'x u '41 A 1 'Gifs S t 1 ' 1 4 ,X fffif BOYS TENNIS Left to right: Mr. E, Stafford, Advisor: Neil Brewster: John lYAnna: Robert Frasca: Ronald Fulgenzig Jerry LaPointq ,loe DeMarco. B 0 Y 7 The 1950 N.F.H.S. Mnettersn captured first place in city competition and fourth place in the Frontier League. High scoring went to Jerry La Point followed closely T E N by Bob Frasca and Ronald Fulgenzi. J. V. players were Neil Brewster, Peter Dodd, ,lohn D'Anna. John Justiana. lack Star. Bob Way and Joe DeMarco. Both teams were coached by Mr. Ned Stafford. 41 Q F' Lew ,WL if .ecffegi NN? S"' 'i ,Q 'QR YN - I ...HQ . .QS- -..... ,i MM, I--U U, Im, BOY' GOLF TEAM The city golf championship was gained by the N.F.H.S. team who also placed second in the Frontier League. Dick Zasu- 'h . ' l '. d S ' ' ' - 1 a 'hm P umerl an Joe quam Com Left to right: Mr. John Sharp, Coach: Robert Hendrick: llosed the team fnached by NIT- John James Plumerig Calvin Weirg Richard Zasuchag James Sharp. McCrackeng Joe Scrivani, Manager. 132 VARSITY SWIMMING With five letter-men returning, N.F.H.S. mermen finished a very successful 1950-51 season in the Niagara Frontier Swimming League. The team recorded an impressive record of eight wins and four de- feats to wind up the season in third place. The highlight of the season came when Niagara Falls handed the previously unbeaten N.T. Lumberjacks a 37 to 29 decision, their first loss of the season. The team ended the season by dropping a close decision to Kenmore 37 to 29. Individual scoring records were broken during the season by Walt Patterson, Joel Farugia, and Peter Wolf. Patterson broke a 19 year old record in the 100 yard free style. The new time of 57.1 was enough to beat the old time of 57.3. Joel Farugia clipped off three tenths of a second from the 220 yard free style record. His record time was 2:30.5. Peter Wolf washed away the 100 yard backstroke record with a good 1:06. The old time was 1:07.9. The co-captains for next year will be Bill Widdowson and Walt Patterson. f-42 f-0, I ,fi I -s N Q-, . I gps ,s I , I 'x .ff i A X A ff it Lf? V one Left to ri ht, Stafnding: Coach David Reeserg Captain Walt Pattersong James MacElwaing Donald. Schumacher Peter Wofi' Joel Farugiag Joe Zanski' Paul Sandg Henry Holcaq Dom Trapassog Bill Widdowsong I-l'arold,Mil lerf Ralph bongeon. Kneeling: Manager Michael Ricci. I I .s 2 ff' jk lx f' ' """5 Kfqjf if? '-Qflf' Left to right, First row: Tom ,lusticeg Ralph Quarantillog Joe Archie: Dom Bucceroso: Armand Cacciatore. Sec ond row: Alfred Aswad, Manager: Jerry Boudreaug Ed Kowalski: Bill Pryorg Arnie Zimmerg Mike Sullivan: Tom Manzig Anthony Cristianog Bob Carrieg ,loc Bacellig Michael Pastizzo, Assistant Manager. UNIOR VARSITY BASKETB LL x UNIOR ARSITY WIM I C Left to right, Seated: Howard House: John Digirolomig John Mooradiang Carl Fatulag Charles 0'Brien. Left to right, Standing: Coach David Reeserg Bob Scalia: Saar Porrathg Bob Carellag Michael DeMarco: Michael Ricci, Manager. 134 is. f' Ns-13 Left to right, First row: Rita Mclntyreg Carolyn MacVean, Sue Swickg Mary Jane Sullivang Lorraine McElroy Captaing Geraldine Lehmang Barbara McKee. Second row: Erma Wasmundg Patricia Hunterg Anne Maxfieldg Bever- ly Tuckerg Barbara Lang: Virginia Staggg Diane LauergSue Irish. Although intramural girls' volleyball has not been active for most of the past fifty years, it has become an increasingly popular indoor fall sport. This year the annual after-school toumament began October sixteenth and seventeenth. Every Tuesday and Wednesday thereafter was devoted to the games until the finals were completed just before Thanksgiving. The results of the toumament were as follows: Twelfth grade winners home rooms 102 and 103 combined with Co-captains: Barbara ,lenss and Erma Wasmund. The girls on the team were: Virginia Stagg, Mary .lane Sullivan, Sue Swick, Beverly Tucker, Sue Irish, Carolyn MacVean, Anne Maxfield and Patricia Hunter. Twelfth grade, second place, room 206 with Captain, Elise hit. Pleasant. Team mates were: Ruth Kenyon, Nancy LeMasters, Carol Loomis, Helen Malizia, Donna Mylar, Mary Ann Neri, Betty Rendina and Arlene Wingert. Eleventh grade winners, home room 4-00 with Captain Lorraine McElroy. Members of the team were: Barbara Lang, Diane Lauer, Geraldine Lehman and Barbara McKee. Eleventh grade, second place home room 300 with Alice Saunders, Captain. Team members were: Marilyn Pierce, Sandra Ranalli, Geraldine Rodenlco, Rebecca Rosati, Marie Salerno, Joanne Sweitzer, Lorraine Scott and Jeanne Talarico. , f , ,f L A wg-535, . ., K., gif ililzff 53 '- 5 g 7 X rg taxi c xx ,X X - L-Q A GIRL' VOLLEYBALL 135 GIRL' TENN Much interest was aroused last fall by 11th and 12th grade tennis tournaments. A large number of girls participated in the games and competition was keen. In the llth grade Frances Cuttaia won in the singles'tournament and Anne Harvey and Suzanne Belden won in the doubles tourna- ment. Betty DiCamillo was the winner in the 12th grade singles' tournament and Janet Broome and Joan Krauser were win- ners in the doubles tournament. 4 W f Left to right, First row: Janet Broome, Betty DiCamillo, Ann Harvey, V' Suzanne Belden, Frances Cuttaia. Second row: Karen Krueger, Ruth f. Kenyon, Nancy LeMasters, Diane Lauer, Carol Hansley. 5 he .- . june GI 9 B o W L 1 M-- R. IJ -1 Wmkoppl Aranixasteel Swiclfi . . D005 B gq,in03 you es Fidel? Hunief' ' . Wilson-' Teresl e ns- Delof , Patrwla dak! Whyeongl Eagan, F0rbS9'.an. joan lohfjiane Barre-er Qgrol Pe Rita ' r an ' mii' Ro In ' Y . ' 5 DH . L00 ' ' g twmfm-. and 'ow . AWB .. Lawl . ' 2 Nm . lf FirSl .'Uu.itf1llillie S1W'E.?"2.i5- Third lmilisfote Wlmmte 'Cf' tu rgdnim Weitz Cifol ilillsfitel' Udiaith. Nanci Kane' W:?e:Lo,!,ingno?S? xf0tanSf::gLf'M,f30ric Sm raarilrf' UWT. Virsim' ijanei ,Bi-args., Geof gil Six teams make up the girls bowling league. These bowling teams of the half-century bowled fewer gutter- balls than any group in the past. High-scorers were 1 Lorraine Scott, Alma Dardarian Rita Wh son and 136 , , v Y S, Carol Whitmlre. 1 lth GRADE M BASKETBALL Left to right: Marian Sheprog Juanita Smith q fix Marie Salernog Sandra Ranallig Jeane Talaricog Becky Rosatig Marilyn . Pierce. Standing, Left to s right: Joanne Schweitzerg X Geraldine Rodenko. ,ge bsesx ,zf .'N.,xi A ffm vt Q 6 fwcrfo 12th GRADE BASKETBALL Left to right: Carol Loomis Nancy LeMasters3 Ruth Ken yong Doreen Kellyg Elise Mt Pleasant: Mary Ann Neri Helen Malizia. Standing, Left to right: Lena DeSantisg Vir- ginia Stagg. GIRL' ASKETB LL This year girls' basketball tournaments began January I6 and ended late in February. The eleventh grade teams represented single or combined homerooms while in the twelfth grade each cap- tain organized her own team. The captain of the winning twelfth grade team is Amelia Rodriguez. The members of her team are: Phyllis Simone, Yolanda DeMonte, Susie Gabrielli, Norine Silvaggi, Dorothy Smith, and Shirley Ellis. The winner for the eleventh grade is room 300. The members of the team are: Sandra Ran- alli, Geraldine Rodenko, Rebecca Rosati, Marie Salerno, Joanne Schweitzer, Marian Shepro, Juanita Smith, and Jean Talarico. In preparation for the basketball season, a clinic was held in the girlis gym in order to train officials for the game. A rating test was given twice by officials from Buffalo. Carol White received a local rating, which enables her to ofhciate at any girlls basketball game for pay. Patricia Hunter re- ceived her intramural rating which means she can officiate at a girl's basketball game in any school. lr' f . .. :W .,. LIFE SAVING Left to right, First row: Virginia Palmg Norine Silvaggig Nancy Pharog Jeanne Levittg Rita Whysongg Barbara Krue- gerg Gloria Julianog Joan Johnsg YO. landa DeMonteg Joan Trapassog Pat Stahl: Betty Anne Patterson. Second row: Rose Ann Printupg Marcella JOIICSZ Angela Muscarellog Lorraine S0093 .MUY Ann Putaskig Jean Pitarig Sue Himleyg Ida Abbeyg Carol Loomisg Catherine Greeneg Georgia Reedg Barbara Nevilleg Karen Krueger. Third row: Colleen O'Learyg Carol Clarkson: MHVY Jane Daltong Rosalie Brunog Georgia Soluri. T BLE TENN Left to right: Wanda Macielagg Marie Corsaro: Irene Sannicolag Suzanne Belden: Marjorie Russell: Eleanor Grabka: Lorraine McElroy: Ruth Kenyon. Much interest is centered around the girls' gym in the spring when the 55, X table tennis season is in progress. About ten tables are available in the gym and are kept occupied during the class periods and the after school tourna- ments. Last year's singles tournament champion was Ruth Kenyon and the doubles tournament ehampions were Eleanor Crabka and Wanda Macielog. 5 K. BADMINTON lt was with much enthu- siasm that 37 couples entered the annual girls doubles badminton tournament, The tournament progressed ra- pidly to the semi-finals which saw .lane Upper and Anne Maxfield playing Betty Di- Camillo and Ruth Kenyon: Joan Krauser and Janet Broome playing Molly Rod- riguez and Marion Persia. Kenyon and DiCamillo after playing two close games of 18-17 and 15-10 won the 12th grade crown. Sealed left to right: Janet Broome: Anne Maxfieldg Sally Anne Stereitg Anne Harvey. Stzzndilzgz Peggy Casterline: Jane Upper: Dorothy Smithg Janet MaCVittie: Joan Krauser. 138 Left to right: Jeanne Corsarog Sue Irish: Co-Captain Barbara Kemp, Irene Sannicolag Marie Corsarog Dolores Franchesg Co-Captain Carol Archie: Dorothy Myersg Marcia Wagner. CHEERLEADI G Since 1931, the, cheerleading squads have taken an active part in all athletic activities of the school. The '51 squads guided by Coach Parsons and under the leadership of Barbara Kemp and Carol Archie, Varsity and Carolyn Hartman, Junior Varsity, have done much to instill pep and en- thusiasm in the student body. Left to right, First rowa. Jeanne Levitt, .l. V. Co-Captain: Eve Riggi J. . Mary Beth Conahan. Second row: Diane Donohue, Mary MacConnell Lorraine McElroyg Marjorie Russellg Marie Salernog Marion MacLeod Carolyn Hartman, Co-Captaing Mary O'Brien. CY ' Q -ff? fi? 1-P. 1 fi ' .V ' I M if "Av 1? V5 ft ' ,Sf fi' 1 v ?iWi?5 330 31 L Q 53' gnv llotfglf can ,www o o ' ' :o.4.l.u o' 4 gfaf ma' 5 0 N 4' If f'0o'5' nv on: . .0 oc' hub' ln-3:5 2:3 W .Q.I'l:z.lz 8 . .. of 'O 9 1 1 Nfl 'IS .'. on 'H ,N fa us IK 'no 4339 guna ","5. . . ff: 5 9. 4- 'V' l.f4o 0 1-... 4' O I., ut' 8 0 c ol .,.o ol' 0 , ll' he 40. Q. Slnlo egos! oao'0Q2,z ooo. GIRL Western New York Champ fo Nlagara' Varslty fheerlende-rs Iook before you leap Stars 10 Badminton enthusiasts Watch the bxrdle' Ill s1gn you up Hut em h1gh' Congratulauons PORT I I I' 4654, . 2. . ' Sf S , , A , I N, f . 7 ,, ' - -5 'Sn :P 95 N T' - . V X . - X . . V! h- 5 0 s 5 ' 5 Q vig f uv, N 9. :u :' is .i . U, , , H0 1 1 4. 0 x wi ,Nw - . :D QQ H Q V SW Q , ' f QV,ZN.,3: -A w , ' if 1' Q 'Q Q, ,' D f .' 1 ' 525, , -4 if 2 -P, Zyw-:A . u N.. .-jjef-.zvii 'f n ov . A . ' - 1 . 31 '. A " - J .' u ' A ,f , O I ,A A 5: goo' o eu. -:F-5' 2 "' . U 0. I, 'W 4 ':3:l2il.g . 1 5 A, f 1" , U9 I A ,- L ',f.,,i:,Qs: 1 ,Y N A N , Y x 'Vt 4 u e ' 'J 4 I i . - A1 S . 9 , 41. ,, . ' , -A . 7, 1. 0 ' 3234" o 5 I . 1 1 uuewgew , 4. ' Qin ',-- . : ' sift 'ff H ,gl . , o ,, 1.: 'ef 'Q Q va' ,fz, n . 51? mi giE gg? as a fs ll mix . Q X133 W 1' " H' 1' M x A' ,KNAW Wg ......-- ,s,:,p.,rf5Q ,Q KET?-0 5, H1 f ,J 512159 ith' -INN' Fsga-km in i K IT I1 BOY 7 2 3 4 6 Bug Wheels Who's got the ball' The pride of our stmk' Co get 'em ref Grrrrrrrrrr Vllas alaas "Atlas" N 142 7 8 9 10 ll 12 "The Bram hehmd the brawn l Khown on the mound Ulllanvlng ln the Dark ' J V Champs P 0 R T Baby Its cold outside Deuce' 5, c. . X' ' l Y' 7 ' .gl A , 'V , fs- - ,-' - - V V 2 fel-mee . . . R . 1 - as ef as s . ,, Q sw : gf fi 5fkT,f ,- f "Q , Q ' . f ,-Q3 . A- -Y-5 -' 'fl - , si. -, 1 ,, ,-,X 5,3 :few ' ' ' 1 e e 31 5 7 f Sz, hr . .KN ,, , I .. ,ami A . S F :Z ': K 51" X- , Q' , .J 1 .. XR 1 , ti. ,Q Q7 45' J ,5 ,.,i..:d W' - - F ' .' ll ' elif 12 , is .t .i gf J 4- ' in . 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Suggestions in the Niagara Falls High School - Niagarian Yearbook (Niagara Falls, NY) collection:

Niagara Falls High School - Niagarian Yearbook (Niagara Falls, NY) online yearbook collection, 1948 Edition, Page 1


Niagara Falls High School - Niagarian Yearbook (Niagara Falls, NY) online yearbook collection, 1949 Edition, Page 1


Niagara Falls High School - Niagarian Yearbook (Niagara Falls, NY) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Page 1


Niagara Falls High School - Niagarian Yearbook (Niagara Falls, NY) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 1


Niagara Falls High School - Niagarian Yearbook (Niagara Falls, NY) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 1


Niagara Falls High School - Niagarian Yearbook (Niagara Falls, NY) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 1


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