Niagara Falls High School - Niagarian Yearbook (Niagara Falls, NY)

 - Class of 1945

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Niagara Falls High School - Niagarian Yearbook (Niagara Falls, NY) online yearbook collection, 1945 Edition, Cover

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V7 ,.-- , - ,, , - . W. - . :W ,, ,. , 7 -, V K , I .1 H - X - - --T-,MW-T-M -M67 Y V7 k Y Y 4 ,-Mfg L 5 -, 1'-7 , C df-066 .imma ' ' 1 w V v l R vw P 1 3 4 4 N I 1 ,M 1-"ffl-HF --11 1 .ff".fl"5L'x 2.11.31 2 .FFT - ,,.,yfff5ji. 4 TT: 1: ,gf-43:-4 J' .VAL Zllagags . ,Q 71 ' ' , I L.. 3 ' 11 1 r 1 wr- wg'-H ah i 1 f:w:.f::,w4 :. It xi W w l --:4.:L-fa-s- 1, 1 L r'!' EW 1 1 val 11 4 rs gif -vue-1-prfevefi-'-w'F2'i?f vff- K W Y , I , f, v Y , J N Q! u fl y Q Y , M A a , 1 Y . 3 , A .-,3Q.T-..3.ff:z,- ,, J, nyiff- -,,,,,,.,, . ' -v ' '- .M i g '-:..-'?:..L .,- af 1 . ,-im +'- b 'Q " '- P '- '-fl "1 - N,- r--' 1 a ,an , .+.-.., -Q-W, . J' ..-Q.. 'X . fr- . - ,1fU.f in ,.-Jig? 3,--.KY 11-, . - ,. : - ,5 , , ' ' 'gf -. ri" ..-i,..,iQl M W'-'W I ' k '11-L T1 "-:yf'ff"n2 ,ff uggif il gf Y I w I Z . V ' A H 41 I . , 1 1 ., V - W 3 Y . V - , ,, ., , . - , ,, ,,,., . .- -Q . V ver L.Aw, .. ,,'.',.-.. ., ..g-,.--,, -:I,,.,' , ' "":i"' fl-. , ., , .v'x?':'T'1. ei 'W I i4 Qa- 11 ,f ' 'gag v. A 6 , 'fl' tv 'fl 1 f: I f , 1 ' .b lf , 5, I- ll 'I I - ,r ,1 -- 'N-. a., "Q f ij Q' I QA' .5 'J ,A 1 , 'LA' SU? . -'-,:4 t- , V I an IEX IL ll IB ID IIS Ll, COPYRIGHTED, 1945 by CARL Foss C -E o s MARGARETE MIQAS O Du' R FRANK BOWEN Busmass MANAGER THE SENIOR CLASS Qf NIAGARA FALLS HIGH SCHOOL Prefenzir IFILAXSIHIBAMCIKS 'DIF H9415 DIRECTORS. . . . . .The l"acu!z'y STARS .... . . .The S6llI.0l'd' PASSING PARADE. . . . . .0l:QdI1l.ZHfl.0l1J FEATURES. . . . . .Pall-Ifelleflfc SPORTS SHORTS. . . . . .fllhfelic J.r.r0cz'aIz'0n NEWS OF THE DAY. . . . .Snapflzolw ID IE ID Il 'CAUT ll UN DR. JAMES F. TAYLOR To Dr. Iames F. Taylor, Superintendent of Schools, Niagara Falls, New York, the educator who has developed our local system of education to its present standingg ' the administrator who has guided our schools through many adverse circumstances and trying wartimesp the scholar who is responsible for making our school days a cherished memoryg the friend ol' many generations of students, wc, the class of 1945, respectfully dedicate our senior book with the hope that he may enjoy many happy years of well-deserved rest after his long and most successful public service. IPD ID IEMV 10 IIQ ID "ALL the world's a stage and all the men and women merely players," Shakespeare observed in the early seventeenth century. Things have changed a little since then, and we, the class of 1945, find that our world is a motion picture. 1"fa.r1'1back.r of 1945 is the movie of our high school days. It is the best movie we have ever attended, perhaps because we starred in it, or perhaps because its plot is happier than that of other movies which we shall make later. It was made by an all-star cast of seniors, with hundreds of supporting juniors and sophomores, and under the capable direction of a principal, vice-principal, and faculty to whom we shall always be grateful. The setting of our picture, of course, is Niagara Falls High School, erected before our time but decorated partly by our art staff and supervised by our student council. There are many sub-plots in our movie, but essentially it is the story of a girl in a baggy sweater, a plaited skirt, bobby sox, and bangle bracelets, and a boy with a brush cut, a tent-sized plaid shirt, and cuffless trousers, who find happiness in a world of laughter, music, sports, milk shakes, and even . . . a little learning. The houselights dim and the curtain rises. VVe are transported back to our high school days as we see with renewed joy and lasting delight Fla.rhbacfQ.r of 1945. --21 6 In-' SIEWUFIINIE E ! NIAGARA FALLS HIGH SCHOOL Commanding an imposing position in the heart of downtown Niagara Falls, stands a building which is the scene of our movie, Flarrhbacler of 1945. This building has been the scene of tragedy, sorrow, and happiness, but for us its cheerful hours have far outnumberechany other moments. Quiet at times, and at times often bursting with noise of confusion, the halls of "Old Niagara" are filled with the memories of its former students. For those of us still present and for those of us who will graduate, Niagara Falls High School will remain a treasured interlude in the symphony of life. --21 7 Izcf' AILMAX MKAUFIEID WE love thee, deer old High With your halls of leeeeihg ee-ehd. Your eelehe Wen hold high, To the front we'l,l proudly efehd. Always, always staunch and true, Always, ehveye proud of yeh! hed your Qraises loud Wen eine.: we to thee eee homage bring. NINE 'rahs fee- Niagara Fallsl Nine for the Recl and Grayl To duty now she calls, That success may with us stay. So we pledge ourselves anew, N. F. H. S., we'll be true, And for you welll climb the height. Niagara, you're all right. fl. Gow Browneff, '14 .QI 8 lg.. xlxw 7-SAN I 'TIN Sa..i SQ! , ti' pf ID u ID IE'C1'UIDS ff' IS SR. ks Q KBXRECTOR QR i l . ,LYNDON H. STROUGH If , ,,f':,5-"" Principal ftljXfl7l,ltf' fkllf2lflfw1lff' if H kg' To THE CLASS or 1945- Your graduation marks the completion of the first important step in your educa- tion. The good habits which you have formed and the things which you have learned to do will be of inestimable value to you in the years ahead. Regardless of where you may go or what you may do, be alert for opportunities to continue your education. May your achievements be exceeded only by your desire to achieve. To THE CLASS or 1945- Graduation seems to you, no doubt, to be the and of a long and wearisome journey. In reality it is the com- mencement of a longer and Still more clifficult venture, one that will demand greater effort and will offer corres- pondingly richer rewards to those who strive for achievement. While some of you will seek further education in the immediate future, and others will spend some time in military Service, Sooner or later all ofyou will take the full responsibilities of Self-directed citizenship. You will establish homes and build careers, participate in community improvement and assume positions of influence and leadership. AS the future ,Years unfold, may you always hold true to the best ideals you learned during these high school days. t l I I XVILLIAM F. IACK jc I"1'L'e-l'1'z'11cz'pal --21 10 la-- B. Gamer: Anm-:Y , .. . .1 Sv1'unz'u FLO1usNc1: M. ABENDROTH . lIlI1l78l7lflfl.L'J Qi R' FRAN xi BEDASKA Jlucfznlzicnl Drawing f CLARA BISIIARA liN.r1'nz:.r.r Lalfn RUT1-1 Cl,lVl2ll MAY B. CRAMER Social Slzuifcw Science IFAWC IU ILTFV ETIIEI. L. BLOOMINGDALE :JI 11 In-A ' A v,' FRANK BAGGALLAY ,Q Enylllrlz DOROTHY APPLE BLlJl'l16JJ F- 1 ALFRED W. BENSON MARK R BFDFORD Science Science .1 ,, - . '- A. Gow BROWNELL OLIVE C1-IATTERTON .fllodcrn Language Llllgfllffll 6 'f HAROLD CRIPE XVILLIAM H. CROXVIE Plzywical Educalion Bufinemr ESTHER E. DA1-ILQUIST 1III1f!IBI71t1fl'L'J' MABEI. E. ESI-IELMAN EIIQZIIJIZ RETA H. HALL Jlallzcmaliar ESTHER M. IENKNER fllallzemaliar V - xv C, .X Q . ,. 'W R , K I' N If V1uG1N1A DQNOHUE I3u.rine.r.r IAM ES V. FABIANO Engli.rl1 CH RISTIANA S. HATHAWAY JIallmnzalz'c.r - A11 W lnx1clU1L1W Cnvmc B. EMICIFF .ll1l.rl'z: I'IARliIET'I' W. DoNovAN lt'11.47l1'.rf1 ' . g '-23" Colm I. CHQATNVICK HARLAN P. FREEMAN Lam' Sczlwzcc -1-7 Mmmm A. HEARY D1cr,r.A A. I'IU'I'SON Bu.r1'1zz'.v.r Ll.lIl'I1l'l.!II1 1 . I l Phi 1 1 i n MAY I. LANIGAN MARY O. LECKLIDER IDOROTIIY ASHTON Mxmoms Buwinew ga! Social S!udz'e.r --QI I2 17:-A LUCY lx'1ASSlMlI,lAN IS'of'1'al .9l1l1l1'u,r I 1 I WINII-'RI-:Im NAX'l.Q3R l2'f1.f1l1'.rll 1'- HANS A. Pom- Soclnl .S'lml1'c.r . --. 'M is D ,Y X" -tl.-V FLQRENCE M. SKINNER .l'l14y.r1'r'f1l lfducalfon IFAII IU IUFY RUT1-I MILLER Social Sludlcw 1 ESTI-IER C. NELYBECICEII jill-!'l.l16.l'.I' uf -Jw Y H,R'I,.iE..E h Q.. ,v',,.m , if ' - x ' I '-1 ' V il ,A ai h nf' fx' i f-A 7 E Y' 'J ---- x gl, TIIYIZA M. RASMUSSEN Social Sludfmr lp is M. ELIZABETH MITCHELL Engryllwlz LOUISE B. MOSHER H0016 EC0I10lHl.CIF UUA BERENEICE OLIVER Enldlcrlz BRAINARD N. PARSONS Plztyaical Educallon XVARREN A. SCoTcI-IMER .f7Iu.ric EDMOND I. SKIMIN Social Sludlem EDNVARD V. STAFFORD ADA L. STEELE ESTHER M. STURGE Bu.rlnc.r.r Social Sludlem Social Sfudicx ...II 13 12:0 MARGARET PARSONS TICE BLIJAIZEJJ' IFAVC IU ILTPY BENJAMIN H. TIMM Science .-A? .?"'v GERTRUDE TR ESSELT Lalin GRETCHEN WATTS W Social Sludiea' ANNA W. BAADER .... ETHEL BRAY ....,... CARRIE I. BIIONVNELI.. . . . RUTH A. COOK ....... RUTI-I ML HACKETT ..... RUTH L. HAUCIC .... N MARIAN S. J If I AGNES O'BRIEN 5 Educalfon ,,. . .. . .-.., RUTH A. YOUNG Lnlilz, Enyliwlz ADDITIONAL TEACHERS . . . . .Gcrnzan . . . ,Elzglllflz . . . .El7gll'J'll , . . .French . . . .Bu.rine.r.r . . . . ..El7.0li.Ffl EVELYN M. KEIM ..,.. I'IELEN M. MCCAIINPJX' .... ELVERTA I. MILLER ..... CATHERINE MORRISSEY .... MARY RYAN. ......... LAURA C. THORNIE .... . . . .liumincrr . . . .Arrlll'd'C . . . . .Spr1nz'.rf1 . 17l!1IllEllI!Ifl'L'J' . . . .Bu.o'1frIe.r.1 Social Sludic.r TRUDGEON .......... ..... ...... B I l.rfnc.r.r 6. . . -ll OFFICEK STAFF MARY PUGLIESE --:JI 14- IIC-- WF II-1 IE SWA IDS ,vt ,uv E? SIEN II 'D ID 'CILASS 'DIFIFIICIEIIQS President ....... ..,..... W 1LL1AM WILSON Vice-President ..... ...,. R OBERT QUARENTELLO Secretaryf .... .......... I ULIA CABELLO Treasurer. . ..... RONALD ZITO Advisor ...... MR. POPP ' Class Flower ..... ......... Y ELLOW ROSE Class Colors. . .......,.. SKY BLUE AND GOLD Class Motto ..... . . . ."SUccEss IS MADE, NOT GIVENU H11 16 12:-A L l DCJRO1'l IY A IaIao'r1' "Dol" M. MARILYN ADAMS "Molly" MAIIGAIIIQT AcN1sI.I.o ".fIla1j11" LORRAINIQ IWARY A1,AIMo Lorrm NOIlb1A MADIELINIC AI.Iar:II'rIN1 lV0l'llll1 R ussIcI.I, A. ALLISON Ulelldflfu DAVIlJ A. AI.oIAN "Dave" ANTIIUNY AI.oNGI .,, . ,, 1011111 "S'I'IcI'IIIsN AI.0NGI "Sieve" EVELYN AI.sToN ll' ' ' ll 151110 RUTH jI5ANl5'I"I'l9 AAInI.Is1I "R11Il11'c" MAIIY AMOIQIAN "Jla1Qy" MARIE ANIJIQIISON .. I ., bwcdc ELAINE L. AQUINO Al,-I - ., 1 Hill!! NOIIMA AIIACNE "Norm" ,.. . . I 'xc L 'N . I I 'fv- ' wxwffi I f. , A' B ,gn V 5-.- .C-, ,I ,I fu. I " A 1 IH- V 'I' ' F li r I! P. - g In. .... f I-3 siJ,55:I::-.-' BQLIIIQQL LE if!-:F E' A 1 ' L'Y'?9'x17HzT'-.., 1::2s'w- ' ---fsf'.-222251111-.'.1,. :-11: 1'-5-'f3"" ':. 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LEO I. BARRON .mmm HELEN LOUISE BARTH Il ' ll Lozuc HENRY BATTISTON "Hank" SHAI-KEN BEDROSIAN Hshy., AQERNIEST W11.l.1AM BEVACQUA "Hill" ,AMES ALAN BILGER "Jim" RonErz'r PETER IRLAMER "Bal," ELIZAUETII ANN BLUJUS .. . ,. lbllc EDITH BERNICE BQEDEN "1fcl'kj1' ' XVARRICN lol-:N BOOIIMAN HTNMW., B EVE 11 LY Sl I 1 RLEY Bow m. 1-: R Bmw FRAN N Emvmzu BOVVEN H1'y'17lllx'I'CH MARY Lou Bmfn "Pndoucl1' 1 DOUGLAS ALEXANDER BRADT ' ' Doug" GEORGE F. BRETT "Jerry" Wu.1.1AM C. BREWER "Biff" VINCENT Iosvcvu BlllIf2llI.I5Y .. HH., N1ARTllA JANE BRUXVN "Brown1'c" , PETER L. N. BROWN "Pele" 7 E N, - -r 1. -L J , 1- Ju :Alf-F, hx W I ,fix w I 'L' X 'S 1 U 31 B5 init 5' Q 51' f L " -'X ,. N fmlx 6' el , Eb Q X k. Q If .V t x, 'K 1 , I A 'Wmfw i EK a .QI 1 9. 3 K' 9'-A Ulffbl. 'Wx vw- f' ix Q. --QI 20 112-- PnY1.1.1s BUCCARELLI "Philly" FRANCES MARGARET BUEFONE "1l1a1y" AGNES GEli'l'llUDE BULACK ' 'Ducl1e.r.f" BETTY IANE BURNS "Ba1'11ey" JULIA ANNE CABELLO ..REd., RICHARD C. CAIN "Dick" ANN M. CAMANO "Snzilc.r" MUIQIEL EDITH CAMANO IIC ll Hill JOSEPH L. CAMPO A ., .loc ROSE ANNE CAPUTO Klleoly JACK M. CAllL1,'C3N "Jack" NANCY M. CARTER "Nan" ALICE PATRICIA CASEY Pal EI.IZABE'FPI A. CASEY "Haig" NVAYNE R. CHASE " Wayne" DoRo'rHY L. ClIl5A'I'I,l'I "Doi" ELEANOR M. CnM1m.Ansm "B1lh.r" ANTo1N1a1"1'lQ LENA C1ruu'ro .., . ., larry MAIN. T1ucuoN Cmmi "Cl111'kf'v" CW Smn1,IcY I. CLAUS "Snnlrz cyIlllJ'n lV1ARGUliRI'I'E ANN CLIFFORD .. ,, 111111141 'l A N 6 1 I f' Y gf '- -. 1' V ll, LQ ' . ' 1 ff 1".S".ll?'Q I j AV" I i ' ,4 L F. " 4 , ' ' ' K' Ai 'AHB ' -,. ,ik c'-A H S ' 4' - ' L Ai , . , 4 I? ' w T 4- Z' ,yfi LK ,Aw Vi ' X . J f .J 'w IWW 4' - ' . 'If' iq'-.-9"f ,- 'Je -g- f' W -fljgfl AQ A .2-'lk' ' V ' N ' Q.. ' Lf- L ' g A 7' . ' ' x , .af ,Y . W wg. Qlg nikki: ,Kr'?'ff V -f MS' ...'g. LJ Gmmx.n1N1: CIJNGL-:1uwmN ' ' ' Q' Uf,lfl'l'ljU , ' 1 i 5' 'X Ifmlzs PAUL Coma r f 1 Hi .1 - .. pu .lun , . A gl Q 9 ,D PA'rn1cxA ANN COMPTON x-gil 5 354 lt' Idl ja V A - Ai ' P.-x'1'u1C1A E. CONFER nljafdlvv fx lf' "DONALD Romcwr CoRm2'1"r "lkadeyc" BETTY IRAN CORBIN ll1ic1LVJl Iosmvn PAUL Cos'rANzo ., 1 ,. Con' 'PAUL JOHN Cos1'ANzo HCM.. GIENIEVIEVE A. CROISDALI: Gene Q Q- 5 pa-. 'CDN' ,- F . I. V 1 rv- Fg - -'I' ,v- OWU f' lv' 1- A-21 22 Ip. TIMOTHY Romcnw CROTTY MBOAII FRANCES R. Dnmmmo "1'h1rz11.y" Emc G. DAH1.s'ruoM ltrzc I. GEIZALDINE DAx.u1.msu Jerzy INEZ D'ANDIlIiA ., ,, Inez Vmcmm ONALEE DAV "Undef" RUDOLPH F. Dl42l7AZlO "Rudy" FRANCES D14:Roc1'mc "1'T11l1" '6LAw1zr:Nc14: DESANTXS 1.13,-on Er.1zAmsT1-1 Rosle Dl5VITA "Img" DOMINICK Acnu.1.1 DIMIEO "Dom" EMILY DIPI,ACIDl7 "Lum" FELIX VINCENT DIPKJIFI "M:l1'.v" ELEANQR F. DONALD HM., Lois IWARIE DONATO .. - ,, Lola IS Tnonms I. IJONNENNVIRTH ' ' 1'0lHlIlyU 5- . 'ii Mmqouuc IEAN Dmscou. "Jlr11y1" DOliO'I'llY ANN DUSTIN "Dumb," VIULET JANE DU'r'rnx' "Dui" MARGAIUV1' ESTIIER EASTON ll l,c.ILlL1lll Sumuav ANN EDMUNDS , Af -'sim-1" 'W AJ, N . Y 1145. wwf W IQOBERT C, ELM .ww "Bob" XVOLANDA ANN EMA " 1'r1l1'e" Rom-:wr A 1.1.AN E1-:ms R .. TUAW.. Iosrwu M. l"Anuou1. "Jac" Es-rm-zu M. FADEL "lair"'r GEORGE FADHLI- HAH., WILLMM l"Amcm.1.l "Bill" ..1,we., IELEANOR G. Fmc:rcNso1IN -v 'f 0 'f'. fl 5 iq: -i V! ' 7 MICIIAIEI. FRANK FARINA 7' .5 ir- ' , . I: I R I ,, f x ".- " - ' : ,Z lr 5 , nh-In "I A-11 20 Ire-- nfl., 'R A. pf Z? V? 'I L. ,FM r- 1, -VP: 'F v ,SCT "', . -6"-IFS sf '- I ' .gnu ,EL vu ,I f I . 5 1 if V b, I '. 'I I JW:--1 1:-LQ? W: ,fi ' ? ' if- ...g'f2?,'f3' . - . gf:-'71 -Q" 1 mf s 'i 'F ,' I 1 ,,,:z if , " z' 'J' W: ' Y -. V 1 I. , 1: I X "UI, -A ' N yn ,Tyr f I X I 'f I px ' ir-y I 7 -, f, C , --QI 24 Ia-- ANGELA FILIINANDEZ I. .. Dal'r.j11 CLARA F12 IINANDEZ .. Cork-VH MAllY FERNANDEZ "Pk:-die" IDIIN S. FEIIIIARA ".lolm1IIc" EMMA M. FIELD ull., TIIr:IzIssA MAIIIE FILIPPELLI "SlIorly" TEDDY FILosoIros .,Tcddy,, MARILYN LOUISE FINK Hl"l'lIA'l.t'n LESLIE ITINNEY .. .. .. l'LllIl ANGIBLINIQ FIORI "Julie" IOIIN MDIIDEN FISIIEII il Y' ll l'lJ'f1 'KCOLETTA E. FITZMORRIS .. , ,, Cole AUDRISY FDDTIQ "Audie" YDLANNE Foncuccx Yolle IOSEPII IAMES FORIIESTER III "Joe" CARI, XVILLIAM Foss, JR. "l'b.r.n1y" SIIIRLIEY MAR FURRY ' 'Slll'l'l.r" ELIQANUR Rosle GAIIRIEI, nm.. MAIIILYN G. GAERTNIQR .. ., Lyn ELVIRA GARCIA ..h.l,. lsAm:x,I. CARRY "lJ1'z,qv" ANm:I.o A. CIASPARRO .. - .. flllhlllf GRACE GALJNT "Grace" PEARI. I. C-ERIIER "Pearl" HI:NRm'r1-A MAIIY GIANcoI.A "Hank" EUSEBIA N. GIARDINO .1 I ., ltu.rc GLADYS ELIZARIETIVI GIBBON "G1'l1lqy" LEO FRANCIS GLEASON ' 'G'I'6t1.Ft!l7l1 11' ' PAUL j. GONZALEZ "Paul" EVIQLYN NORMA GOODFELLOXV "live" I 5 I vii I fs. I I 1 ' SI' II ' I x "' I 1 .I '., 'M 1:23-If I 1 1 b I,-"gg-+v-I' ygffgel, I .1bf,?.v..f. '13 fl' 1 Y-h 1 --:JI 25 12:-A I' uv I 'R' I, E A ' I I I ,1 1 --AI 26 IA-- N f , 154- . -7 5 l I MARY ALLENE GOODWIN ., ,. fffaljy DOUGLAS GRAHAM "Lucky" MAli'I'IlA GRANJERI "zlIarly" PETER LOUIS GliAN1'fPI "Pele" HELEN MAIIIPJ GIIAVANTI I nlinlu CAROL PATRICIA GREEN Carol VIRGINIA LOUISE GREENE .. - ., Jum' A. PAUL CIRICINER 4'1'au!" ,ACK IQRAUSMANN GIIIIEBNER "G'1'1'el5y" SIIIRLEY LoUIsE GROSE "Sl1z'1'lc" CAROLYN PIIYLLIS GUARINO "Pl1yl" IANE AUUREY GUENTIIER .. - ,, Jams IAMES GULLE'I'T ".lIln" PIIYLLIS HAINES "Phy!" IVXARY JANE HAI,I, .. - H Janie DERAN HANESIAN HDR.. ARLISNE C. PIARMATYS .. U Jr! JAMES HARPER, JR ' 'J immy' ' I Q as N 1 Q DONAl.D EDWARD HAX'NI5S "Don" "MARY IEANNE PIEIGL ".-llaljy Jeanne" RONALD G. HENDERSON "Run" lLoi'c1'y ELIZABETH JEAN HILL .. Img. RACID-:L HODGE "Rae" MARGARET I-IOFF "JIa1Qq" WRICIIAIIIJ I'IUFI?MAN "Dirk" 'DONALD HAROLD I'lOl.LAND on -V A - ' ,, ' UN I, ,,,, wa, '?-'Watt' 'lv "-'27 1 -4 ,f,1...'-V,-0 MARJORR FRANCES HOUSE YQ.. ' f"'-11T"'1u1 " 7 H ,. ,,.. A., "l10ll.I'l'EH -'lt -' f ?G.3e5"i" -. .V , J'-. S191 X W 'SN , 3. qv, W. F Y - ,. ."' 6 Zim. . .'.-,Q I ' 3157.4 -jf' Y 3535" . v..-f . - . :--1 w:::::a:t':1:SWx ' - ' , , - Q5 if fl..-350 wiv:-3 , . - . . ..., ,mm Ev -5- , J fi, '.v:2.g,+f,.,p'-:is -3 s ' vu Az-4-:..s"-W-V " 1 NOIXNIA Louzsrz IIOUSMAN "Norm" Lois IANE HOWARD "Lodis" LUCY MAX' HUDSON IILGMII Y sq . A . , fm-, , N '14,-11:11:15 Fw 5.-,.-gg ,g. ' - - Y .-ui. mw',f.'- I -I, mf. 1 Z' "K ' 15 5 gm-3, . gl -4 1 --1 D rl ,735 N' fl vi at-I . vw' 4, --:II 27 IIC" A ROBERT EDXVARD HUNT lfB0bIl MEIIEDITII STEVVART IREYS HP I. ele PATRICIA ANN IACK l'l'ajan1a.r" :Q Z 'I ZSCYJ-an-rnlk -04,.,4.l4-A MARION JUNE JACKLIN ., . .I Jackie ALICE IAFARGIAN .. HU 1 :kFRANK C. IANESE, IR. ' 'l"l't1I1kl.6U IWARJORIE L. IANIAK "111aly'l'c" STELLA JAsEIc llsnmyll NOIIMAN THOMAS IEFFORDS .IJQJU 'BILL IEKIELEK ,.Jek,, BETTY ANN JENSEN "Eddie" DOROTHY IOIINS I lljoill MARTI-IA JEAN Io! INSTONE "I-Jlarllf' JEAN MAIIIE IONES A - ., Jeanie JULIA MARIE IULIANO ll ' Pl Julie IUDWH IUZXVICKI ".l11'q1Ly" HEl.lEN KAczMAnczA1c ' '1I1Ill'2'l.CI ' MAIQCIA INA ICANN "Balch" IRENE MAnc:AmfT KASPRZAK "R1:nec" Rrcnmzn FRANCIS KAY "R1'arf1" DOUGLAS V. KELLER, In. .. ,. Doug LAw1usNcu ANTHONY KIQLLER .. ,, Larry JOHN Kmnsvlcll "I0l1lllI.lju XVANDA B. Koxi "W'infLy" ELIZA nmu M. KONCZ "Jian" lox' RlcmsccA KOSTUK ..J0.V,, I,oU1sA Liars Kovnu ALM., W11.MA liONVALSKI " Will" l"RnsDA ETIIEI. KRAMER l'rL H. NKICHAEI. liRIKORIAN " Il'l'l'A'.V' ' mf JWN 'F J l v ' I '53 5 . J: f I -:I 29 Ib-- x 'Q' 1 -, I h Ls 1 "1 5 , U' 5 1, I -1 A 1 . , fr 1 I 1 A , 193, 1 5 1 1 1 - gg-fm, .i 'g ' , "'4'7'i': A 4 ' 1 aux 'Uh 4--1 4 I F.- 1 --QI 50 Ia-1 'dis 4'RoB1f:RT EDWARD Krzurccsmz "Gnu" HELEN Mmm: KULIESZA "lIefen" CAROLE A. KULICK .. , 1, lxu DOIZCJ'FlIY A. KURISIKO "Dal" WFRANK LA GRECA "l'?'ankz'e" PATIIICIA LAMu1snT "Pal" PIELEN LAMBROS "ll-Lac" Josavmms Mmm LANASA "Nan" :"PAUL Lfxulcu "Paul" Su1m,1aY MA:-: LAUTZ "Sh l.l'ln Dorm BELLE Liam "D1'n1pfc.1"' T. CAn1.moN Liss "Ca1'lcl" HELEN Uxclclzslcl .. 1 1, 1S11ookJ H1r.nA MAIIION LEISSLE 1. ,1 Lew ANTHQNY CnA1u.Es LEONE ll' I Il lony Im' I,rf:T1' "Joy" Dowmss l. Lnawls "lIo1ll'c" ANNA Rosle LIISURDI "l,z'lml'di" BE'I"l'Y R U'l'Il l.l'l'CllARD "Lim," HENRY I. Lojlm ' 'Slzadf-111-k" Rosle I,oMuAum "Rn.r1'c" ANN El-1zAm-:'ru LONG "fluff" PAUL Luvs, lu. .. - ,, Jlullol' B 1-:'r'1'x' fwlklllli LORICNZ "lid" LOUIS S. l,OIll'INZE'1"l'l ULlllTifL'l'U EMILIQ Gr-:onmc LUCCllli'l"I'l "l',ufvc" IRENE LUKASIICXVICZ 4 'I,ukc" MAn10unf: I,,uNs1fonu ".flla1yle" BIi'l"l'Y FAX' LYMBURNIQR " 7711-lf' ' Iosmfn A. MACORlC'I'TA .lloumc 3 A A G. '.,.. , Ke. v 1 . N .W ., w 'P A '-2151 1p-- i. U I gl .fl 1 lg' L Er er r -' J P I A A lf- I, 1 I X 1 V f i -L L" -K ,Ev 'L- za: g- Ei 'T VV' ,X Q' 4 ef -.L.e..- --21 52 12:-A A 'IAMES MACRI "J171nn1.y" SAMUEL MACIII .. w U bam RosE ARLENE MAGLIO .. , ,, I cle TERRENCE DUANE IVKAINES H ., Tcrly MARY ANN MALINVEIQNI It ll .-lla! JEAN MARJORIE MALONEY .. - ., Jeanne ANNA MANASIAN "Tiny" GRACE MAIIIE MANCINI .. . ., Gm CLARA MARIIi IVIANCUSO n1KalLVH GERALD IVIANN "Jerzy" GARY S. MANUSE "Green, lQye..r" MAFALDA C. MARIGL1O "f11iclcey" NOIQAXA MARGARET MARIKUSON "Norm" DOLORES M. MARTINEZ "Dada" IDA MAIITINEZ "Jlzu'ly" MARGARET ETIHQI. MARTUS ' 24111111112 ' ' Lmn Mmm: ANIARZO "Lee" Dono'rl1x' BAHHAHA MASI,1Eli "mf" JOHN L. NKASSIMILIAN ' 'Joluz ny" I 3 1 1 w 4 GIENIEVIISVIG ANNE MATIASI1 1 "Jenny" Q VIRGINIA MATUIQANI X .. A H 4 Jcmzn: 1 I i Y LENA IWAULH when 4 3 MARIA PATRICIA AVIAURO ..Jlm:V,, Iosravu Mfxxm ucvflllllfflln CLARA MAZANKA "R1l.fL11" fx 51.7, 3 19 1 Blsvlcnm' I. MCBIIIDIPL lllgcull LAURENCE los:-:vu IWCCANN ' f ".-'llnc' Lois FIQRN MCCANN "Jim,-" "'E1.L1sN Mmm-1 MCGnAw W X! D Q y ' 'G1'11.1,fL-1" ' , I Ioxm W1L1..1AM MCINTUSH X ' '.-'ll11r:" 35 IIC'- ff- .-, V' 1 IW- IAMES M. MCINTYRIS .fllnc DICK CHARLES MCKELVDY "Richard" DONALD EVERETT MCNUTT "Alas" JACK H. MCSPADDEN "func" ANGELINE MElII'1'CII "Balch" ADA RUTH MEIKLIQJOIIN dl , ' l! Jlzch MAIKTIN G. MELLON "1lIcl" DONALD XVALTER MENSINGIQR "Donny" ANDREW MYIQON MENT0 "fluffy" Rocco CARMEN MERANTO nlcovkyn ANGELINE IEAN MESSINA H - ., Jeanie RICHARD H. METCALFE "Dick" PA'rR1C1A A. METZLER "Jlclz" HAPPY IOHN Mrsznm Left to enter Navy Mmm LYN BROOKS MICH LNLR ".fl1ilclz" IWARGARETE VIvII':N NKIDAS ".7likc" MI':I.vIN ROY MII.I.IsI:RG ",'IlclIf" CATHIERINIC NKARIIE MILLliIl Iflfayu MAIIY MINIIIIAM ",1lal'c" CA'I'llIillINIC MARIE MITTICSA ulfabln ANOIIRINIQ fV1OlilIll.iI'1R ll' V ' ll I IIII-lllfl'Hl0 IICANNIQTTII: MORIIIIIIQR Nlllllln VIoI.Ia'I' MONIIOuQuIs'r'I'If: I1 QUICI-:NIIQ MOORADIAN "QllCCIl,, BIsNIsnIcT R. NlURACA .. - .I 136111116 IOSIQIIII RICHARD IIWORACA , ".llo ' MARGARIQT H. NlOllRlSON "Muffy" LAWRI-:NCR MOI.IN'r "Lalv1V" Aswan IWOVIESIAN "Ale:-k" RICIIARII TIIOMAS MUI,I,ANI-: .flckn 54 5.3 -4- fy ra .1 ' I JI, ,. I-'I . ,Av 1- I VI I. 1 .1 ,tf HI J I I I ,.:-II 35 Ig.. pf' rn- 'I . ,I N I I I 5- 1..gHij ' ' 1 I I I 'K 1 I I I I I I I -I ,xi I j in XX L 'P B ll' 1 . ,, l. IMI I . 1 W 'ka pg.. . X 4' f i"- n fb ' avg. 'E I fA Q' V 1 YK I J ' - O47 1 A P I I DORIS LORRAINE MUTII "Darth" MAIIIE MAE NADEAU ll ' ' I! lfrencfue MARY ETTA NEILSON .. ., .vllarc RUTII MARJORIE NEUBAUER "Dufchic" AVILLA ARIE I OL ON S M N cI-I s njvlkktyu ROSE NICIIOLOFF lANic-ky!! IRENE MARIE NOGACKI ll ll Renee EMMA LOUISE NORTON NLM., ETIIEL VIRGINIA OLANDER HO! H QV JOYCE IRENE O'NEII.I. .. I, Tommy PATRICIA ANN O'NEII.I, Irlpaln MUIIIEL ANNE O'POLKA "l'olky" JOSEPH S. OSETKOXVSKI 1. U Jac ROSALIE IRENE PACE .. . ., Rip JOHN STANLEY PACZYNSKI .. ,, Palclmr I. I , x . 1 , . W ELEANO11 Lois PAGE Q Hn9l10l'lllU MAIQY C. PALLONE ".fllnl1y" '- 'A M ' Dommlcx C. PAONESSA "Dom" I 12 GLORIA PARRISH "perky" PIIYLLIS P. PASQUALICHIO ..Cal,. LODA BELLA PASSER "Lain" TIIELMA IRENE PEARSON "D1'mpIc.r" l 4 4167011 GLORIA PECK L L V REGETTA MARY PENALE G "Kl'A'l." 3 i .1 vase 4 GULA ANN PENm.E'I'0N .. , U I army SY ROBERT Primm HBOLPI PATmcxA ANN PERSOHN ..1,aml., OLGA PHILOSOPIIOS ' Holm., Iorm XVILLIAM PIERANGELINO ne, H.l0llllIl-yu "" I I STELLA P1LAT "Peewee" --an 57 Lu if 111' ir I W I 1 1 1 I I ,1- T w W w 1 .A 'P 4 'Q jg 1. 1 ., Wx., ,f ,- --sq 58 pe-- IOHN ALBIER1' PINXZOTTI .. . -,, 1441111 Iosmm-1 ANTHONY PIZZIMENTI ..l,, ,. wav IULIA PODSIADLO HJ., ELIZABETH PoN'1'xscouvo "Belly" 'BRANKA M. Povovxcn .. - ,. Bounce MAR1 LYN RUTH PfiIDDl.E "Jlar1'lyn" ELEANOR V. PRlNClCVAI, .. , . .,, f l'lI1l'lU MAIQGARE1' PnooD1AN "l'a1'aad.r" Iosm-11 S. PRZYBYLSKI "Blondie" MARY Pucci "Red" Roursm' AUSTIN QUAIlAN1'II.LO "Bob" PA'rmcxA ANN QUINN "Pal" EDVVIN RACHXVAL "16oL-Ay" VINCENETTE H. RANGATORE " Vinm'e" PuyL1.1s JEAN REAGAN HI,0'Q11l'EU Ioxm RICHARD Rmzvms "Happy" ANTHONY I. RENDINA "Zeke" Pfvrmcm ONA RICE ..1,H,., JULIA ANN Rrzzo "Judy" NORMAJEAN ROACH "Dulvlr" IEANNIC H. Roulclvrs "Jeep" 'Alzrnulz IAMES Rou1l.LAuD "flrl" MAXINE RomNsoN "I3efznic" Nom-m B1cx.1.E RomNsoN "Belle" MARY A. Rocco ., U KV., 1 lll' LORRAINE RUTH RODENKO H .. Larry IENN11-'Eu RODRIGUEZ "Jen" Bnuczl: Romans "Buck" MANY ELIZABETH Romusu 1415614110 XVANDA ROMANIEK "Wanda" 'A DRA' , 'im K3 W y '- 'N ax, , I . i . u ' x mx, - ,L x Q'-17 " 0" -P 'f:,,5'+FfE-3. Gu- 11? 1 E 5 P . L A ,ffl , ug, 'S 1 A ' If ' M'-if I .Q-X vis --Q1 39 yn-- 6' ,- -Bri ,.', .3 0 my 011 40 IA. LORRAINE Dowmss RosA'roNE "Raina" FAYE IQOSENBERG "Kaffe" MARY l1'uANcEs Ross "Jladdu" RACHEL Ro'1'uNuo "Kayaks" FELICITA Louxsrz RUDA "Phil" JULIA M. RUGGIRELLO "Ru.qql'e" CONSTANCE A. Russo .. - ,. Comm: JOAN CAROL RYAN ".l. R." Gw1cNuo1.YN G. SAND .. . A Gwenn Louis 'lfmzomcli SAN'r1a1.1.1 "Woo" AN'1'o1Nm'rrE SANTORRI "Ton1"' ANN SCALZO "llone,11" CATIIEIIINIE ANNE SCALZO "Kz'll11" 'flnsooomc N. SCHNITZER ATM., GICRAI.DINl91 IWARIORIE SCHUL ., A GCI'l1V FRED G. SCIHVARTZ ' ' ' l"1'frd" CA1'rHc1uN1c SCIMEMI .. "L'all1ic" ' EDWARD F. SENGLAUP "lCd' MAIIIAN S1smuANN1c HDOILV., ANNIQ SNAGHOIAN 1. .. 11111112 Euwfum PETEH SHALES HBllI'l'llN1dV 1 Dono'1'HY Louzsm SIENER "Dal" ,P- 471. MARY Glmmvlrzvm Sncmm Uljlllzlzlf June" Mmm: L. SHHANN1 A 1 :legen 1 "A 1 Q 1 L . Kmzol, S'rANl,rcY SKOTNICKI Hn9l'fILfH Clccxcnm MARY SLAZYK ..SnlLV,, Lois JOAN SMITH ' 'Sm iffy" MARY Loulsla SMITH ".7l111y Lou" - C , RACHAEL SMITH ' "Rae" GLEN E. SNYDER "G'fe11" N41 41 If:- 3 ,M 'Sul .0-, 'Ex SS' ' I - - I-Q ik A., I' - I S , , ..',,, . 'Ox' ' 1 z.. .L -- - .:::Ix'- I -.-- . ,,...'- XI-mm l,. -',.0,m A U If WIIYIII, I, II In.. ,, .. ,IQ-Iwuy. I Ia,-, 'I In-uh! H vx AIA ' ':r:n:::?:.+- I 1x....m5:. , 53.43. . '11 , .ILIIIIIQI J 'NQI T I If L. f I U- I -1.-"XI 'bis-'V .- , - I., , N 41 V -II , I . I 5- GQ .QI 42 Ip.. I 'X X . --1 LAXVRENCE T. SNYDILII ..Bud,. Rosrc SONSIADLO "Howie" CAIKDIINIC ANN SOPRANO ' ' Ca rm ' ' IAIIIES F. SPALIQNCZKI ".h'nI" BETTY Lou SPECIAN "Speck" SYLVIA SPENDIO ..LSM,. NVII.I.I,-Im THOMAS STARIQ "Hill" XIOYCE MAIIII-1 S'I'l5El.E .IJWU DoIIoTIIY STIzIIIIIs'rT "Dol" TI-IELMA ELLIQN STEWART "Slew1'e" HILDA LOUISE STIRLING "SI-ally" EL1ZABIE'FIl STOCKNVELL HL!-zqlln IIIEN P: RQSALII: STIIUZI K "Irene" WIUNE MAIIION SULLIVAN .. ,. June - INXARY ELLEN SULLIVAN 'Ullaly l5'lIen" BETTY RU'I'II SWAIN .. Bd.. PIIYI.I.Is SXVIl"'l' , "PlIyll" RIIMAN SZYIIA HRUKV., ANN AGNES TLIIIIIIKINS ' ' Tomnzy' ' FRANCIS I. 'l'ooI.Is Hl'?Y1IIkU MAIIIQIIIIQ T0oMA'I'II ".lla1Qqc" ROSIE'I"l'A ANNE TIIACEY "D1'z'k" RI'I'A II-:AN TIIAINA "Ro.If" XVILLIAM A. TIIAINOII "Bill" RAYMOND WIcsI.If:Y TIIOWMAN .. ., Ray IOAN K.-'I'I'IIIzYN TYIII-:Is ' '6'1-1:11:11 fc' ' VINCENI-:'I'TIc GI.oIIIA UI.I.o .. ,- I lllllllf RICIIAIIII C. U'I'z ..Dl,vk., Ross: MARY VAI.IIN'I ING "SII'lIhbl.U', DAVID Glcomzm VANIIERIIOIQII "Dave" I'- f? Q I I I I I I I I-1 ll, I I I I I - I I I . I I I I J I I I I 3.1 I -III 45 II-- 1 1 f Qs: 1, 3 L Z V J 2. ' ' A J!" 1' 3, l I 1 'A .v S qs- -Q T r sf- V I --Q1 44 JL-- ROSEMARY KATHLEEN VANDERHOFF "" DOROTHY ANN VANONI "Dol" DOROTHY ANN VANZANDT "Dal" MARY VOLPE "JIa1y" JAMES C. XVADDINGTON .. - U Jmmzy EMILY M. WADOWKA Ulf. ., ,llllllill BETTY XVALKER "Cookie" IAMES ARTHUH xVARNE .. - ,, Jim XVILBUR L. WASliINLITON " Wil" IAMES B. XVATERS, In. "J, B." RAGEAN Cl-IARLOTTI: XVATKINS A'Cl18I'6l' DONNA HOWARD WATTENGEL ,, . -U L-ookle RUTH ISABEL WmisTx:u "Rulfu'e" IOANNE HOUGIiTON NVELLS "Joey" AUOREY ROSE XVIGLE fl DOIQOTIH' PAIILINI3 WI I,I,S "Dal" NANCY XVILSON "lx7HllC1!U NVILLIAM XVILSON " Wi!ly" FLoRIcNcIf: MAY XVISE ul"l0l'l'l.Cn DONAI.lD B. XVITTMAN ' ' Don" I'II5I.IfN K. NVOITGXVICZ ' 'N fck y" ,EAN MAllIl'1 XVOLFIE "The Wad" ARI2I.I:NIa Woocli "I1rlcnc" JIQAN MAIQIIC XVRIGHT .I - ,I IIUIIIH6 ALBINA WRUIIEI. "l5I'1Ia" MICIIAIEL A. XVROTNIAK "J lLI1l'0l'n WAI.'rIsR IoIIN YAGGIE .. , I ngqlc YoI,ANIJA M IcIII2I.I-1 YANROSKI "JlickqI1" CIIARI.I:s ANTIIQNY ZAIIALIJO "Chuck" IRIENE ZAsucIIA .1 - I, Rennie A 6 L E' 'Fx .CII 45- II3.. ,- 3 4. 41' 'E- 2 P I v g AUDREY ZILM i "Audie" N' RONALD L. ZTTO ff A Ronny I 5 J T HENRY EDWARD ZMUDA ' "1lIia'ge" ADALGISA ZULIANI "Aida" JEAN C. STROUGH "Silk" ADDITIONAL SENIORS BARTOLOMEI, EDXVARD X BRINSON, IAMES COLAN, EDINIOND E. DOWLING, ALICE IANE N akczlndidates but not qualified Seniors. w KNOXVLES, PETER D O,LEARY, JAMES POTTER, CHARLES SCOTT, MAIllI,YN --:II 46 121-- 'C ILASS II'l II STU IEW 'I7'S hard to believe that we are Seniors at last. It seems but yesterday that we were bewildered sophomores scrambling up the steps in the Fall of '42, Somehow we managed to survive that first year and went on to our junior year which found us greatly enlarged with addition of classmates from Gaskill and South lunior. Kenneth Pearl was elected Vice-President of the Student Council. The lunior plays, "Out of the Blue," "The Valiant" and "Idlings of the Kings," with Carl Foss and lack Carleton, were superl ' Before we realized it, we were high and mighty seniors. Dick Clancy was elected President ofthe Student Council. When he graduated in Ianuary, our famed basketball star, Paul Costanzo, took over. We'll never forget the im- pressive assembly the lanuary graduates presented. The president was Canter- bury Coleman. His speech left most of us with few dry eyes. A big event was the crowning of Bill WVilson and loey Vllells as King and Queen of Niagara at the yearbook assembly. The Senior play "Clarence" was a huge success under the capable direction of Frank Baggallay. Carl Foss and lean Wright' were smooth in the leads. In March we organized the Senior class. Hans Popp is advisor. The otlicers are: President, Bill NVilsong Vice-President, Iulia Cabello, Secretary, Bob Quarantillog Treasurer, Ronald Zito. Class day othcers are: Statistician, Nlartha Iohnstoneg Testator, Lois Smithg Historian, Carole Kulickg Prophet, Frieda Kramer, Poet, Isabell Garry. The class colors are sky bluefand gold- and the class flower is the yellow rose. The motto is the inspiring: "Success is made, not given." As our Senior year draws to a close, all of us hold fond memories of our high school days. No matter what the future holds for us, we can face the world confident that the knowledge gained here will be an asset to us, wherever we are. CAROLE KULICK. Q-:AI 47 Ile-- 'C ILASS ID IDD ID II'I IBEW HE sun poured its rays through the study hall window on to the white pages of my algebra book. The imaginary numbers before me swam as my heavy eyelids tluttered. But suddenly the rude bell woke me. I raised my head from the book. The pages were now yellow-as if from age. The teacher walked briskly toward me. It wasn't the same one, she looked like Vincenette Rangatore. "I'm sorry but youlll have to get a pass from the office, ma'am" she said. As I was walking down the corridor toward the office, I saw Glen Snyder. I called to him. He stopped. "Look, lady, my name's Bill. My a'aa".r name is Glen." A bit confused now, I stepped into the office, where I saw Rose Sonsiadlo sitting behind the secretary's desk. I asked her jokingly, "Are you the secretary?" She replied with a very formal "yes," and showed no sign of recognizing me. From where I stood I could see a gray-haired Paul Costanzo sitting behind the principal's desk. Dazedly I walked out of the office, only to bump into Beverly McBride. I guessed she was a member of the faculty. Sorrowful strains of a chorus flowed from the auditorium. There was Ethel Olander shaking a stick at twenty potential singers. In the gymnasium, I saw Eleanor Princevalle teaching a group of girls how to acquire a drape shape. A .drummer, remarkably resembling Vincent Brierley, was assisting her. He was beating out the one, two, three bend on his drum. Assistant instructor, Rose Maglio, was just scolding him for not paying attention to his instrument and paying too much attention to the girls. Tiring of the intellectual atmosphere in the school, I walked out into the fresh air. But everything looked different here, too. As I walked down the street, I noticed that a new building had arisen where the Palace Laundry used to stand. I soon discovered that this was the NIcKelvey-Bowen Hospital for the feeble-minded. Upon entering the hospital I found Paul Greiner, as chief surgeon-not as a patient. In the infirmary, technician Faye Rosenberg was trying to relieve Ronald Zito of a few corpuscles. Among the angels of mercy trodding the plastic floors were Loda Passer, Carol Green, Vincenette Ullo, and Gula Ann Pendleton. Unfortunately the patients were nowhere in. sight. Across from the hospital was the Brown and Brewer Brewery. The happy owners, Pete and Bill, were sitting on a keg, partaking of their thirst-quenching .if 48 pc.. 'I2 ILASS ID IDU ID II'I IEICV product. Not far away was the Rohrer radio station. As I walked in, I saw Betty at the controls and announcer lerry hlann giving out with a commercial. It went something like this: "Little boys who go to school, You don't want to be a fool. Eat Exler's Cornflakes and you'll be Like that big, strong man, Less Finney." Being very confused but very hungry, I entered the Moraca Spaghetti House, whose blue plate special was one meatball. Singing there as a spaghetti house duet was tenor, Gary Manuse, and baritone, Louis Santelli. From there I went to the "Thrilling Theater" owned and operated jointly by Bud Snyder and Iimmy VVarren. In front of the theater was spread a huge picture of Carl Foss and underneath it in huge letters was CFIVIBL. Reading on, I found that he was favorably compared to the late Van Iohnson. The picture, in which he was starring, was entitled "The Sleepy-eyed Boy" and co-starred lean Wright. The double feature, Hlailbird Iackief' featured the great lack Carlton in the title role. A few yards away a bright neon sign glowed, "The Putty Girls." I stepped closer and found myself in front of a charm school. Peeking in, I saw, amidst taffetas and Silks, models Betty Koncz, Pat Quinn, Ray Rotunda, and Eleanor Feigensohn. Wa1x'ing paint brushes furiously about Cand incidentally spilling paint all overj were artists Betty Casey and Gorden Badgley who were endeavor- ing' to put the "Putty Girls" on canvas. Cameraman Eric Dahlstrom was "shooting" a certain angle ofGloria Peck. As head instructor, Branka Popovich, came walking toward me, I quickly turned and ran down the street. I was more bewildered than ever now that I had seen all my classmates as adults. Suddenly, as I passed the Abbot Antique Shoppe, I noticed a portrait, strangely familiar. Upon walking back and examining it more closely, I dis- covered that it was not a portrait. It was a mirror! c FRIEDA KRAMER, Clam Pmplzeiemf. ...II 49 in-- 'II lLAXSS SWMUFII SWF II 'CS ECAUSE 1 succeeded in exasperating my mathematic teachers, and ac- complished the great feat of Htlunkingu geometry, and intermediate algebra, 1 have been chosen as class Statistician. The facts and Hgures hereof, comply with all O. P. A. regulations. It was discovered, upon looking up the Senior list, that those stuclious, lovable Seniors are 445 in number. The 296 girls have to fight over the remaining 149 boys. After long hours of hard work, and referring to several mathematic books, the conclusion was drawn, that 592 feet have followed the 68,455,200 footsteps of the masculine sex. Their attendance record is a remarkable one. Out of the 165 school days, 5 Seniors managed to get to school every day, 100 missed a few days, and 542 got here at most 2 days per week. On the days missed, 46 trips were made to Buffalo and 150 movies were seen. At the beginning of the school year, Mr. Strough purchased 400 books ot yellow slips, and 500 books of tardy slips, with each book containing 100 permits. Out of these 7,000 permits, only 100 had authentic teacher's signatures. Ten Seniors are now serving a 10 year term at Sing Sing on forgery charges. Also 150 short day passes were given to graduates who said they wished to work. One hundred and twenty of these energetic people enjoyed the park benches across the street, and the 4 comfortable booths in Spinners. Out of the 400 hours spent by students in Spinners, 250 were claimed by Seniors. Out of the 6555 cokes tsomeone only had 5cj bought there, only 106y2 were bought by them. Of these 106yZ cokes, 58 were bought with borrowed money which was never returned. As each Senior spent at least S10 for gradua- tion expenses, those kind-hearted souls, who so cheerfully lent the money, might as well give it up as lost, and keep their wallets out of sight. Issued to the upper classmen, in the past year, were 600 school books. Each night, 60 were carried home, while the remaining 540 stayed in lockers from September to June. Those who did carry books home, knew that the only way they could pass was by making a good impression on their teachers. This shows that education ranks first and always in their minds. Eating is a subject that even the thinnest enjoy discussing, especially when eating means hot dogs. This tempting dish was served in the Cafeteria 6 times last year, and 600 hot dogs were served each time. The boys consumed 5,000 hot dogs, while the teachers and members ofthe fairer sex fought over the remain- ing 600. The teachers may have had more intelligence, but with the commando tactics taught in gym, the girls didn't have to put up much of a fight. Now after barely passing our subjects, and the fear of being caught "hooky- ing," no longer haunting us, we leave our alma mater-many of us to fight for victory, others of us, to stand by at home, awaiting its arrival. Yours, 'till 1 look up more Hgures, MARTI-IA Ioi-1NsToNE, Claw' S111 l1'.rlz'1.'z'a n . i-5:1 so rp-4 'C ILASS IDD IEMK Open wide the gates, Through these portals we shall pass, Into a world, VVhere freedom is our greatest goal, Some shall climb the ladder, To success, glory, and fame. Cthers will be waylaid, To make this country free from enemies. VVe will go from here, today, With heads uplifted. A Free from fear of what lies before us. Eyes open to meet great obstacles. VVC hope and endeavor to enlighten, What seems to be a grim future. Helping those to follow, Uur one ambition, always accomplished. So we say farewell, To those who have guided us thus far. From this day forward, The light of victory shall be our guide. ISABELL GARRY, --:il 51 In-A Claw Poelew ILASIF MV II IL IL AN ID IFIESIMXMKIENIF E-the Class of 1945 known indubitably as the most outstanding and extraordinary class in the history of our Alma Mater,-hereby deem it fitting and proper, with due respect to our successors, to declare and publish this, -our Last Will and Testament. ARTICLE I: ARTICLE II: ARTICLE III ARTICLE IV Item I Item 2. Item 5 Item 4 Item 5 Item 6 Item 7 Item 8 Item 9 Item 10 To the Faculty-we leave our deepest and sincerest appreciation for their assistance, under innumerable obstacles, rendered in preparing us for more advanced fields of study. To the Iuniors-we leave the responsibility of supervising the school and the problem of living up to, or excelling the remarkable reputation of our class. To the Sophomores, those innocent individuals+we leave the courage to survive two more years, and the ability to avoid school on those super-de-luxe days. To certain individuals we make these bequests: To his Frank Accardo we leave Bill Iekielek's physique Qespecially shouldersj and football ability. To Dick Stevens we leave Doug Graham's ability to fascinate the girls around school. To Peter Knowles we leave Iack Barclay's trim figure. To Barbara Barr we leave Rose Caputo's dancing and skating ability. To Bill Simpson we leave Ioe Moraca's unintentional UD but very witty remarks. To some poor unfortunates we leave a study hall supervised by Miss Sturge. To Bill Credicott we leave Glen Snyder's remarkable skill in playing tennis. To Pat CDeanj Miller we leave Eric Cjust call him Proj Dahl- strom's unique ability in bowling. May our Pro some day bowl a 500 game. To Patricia Morris we leave Betty Lymburner's beautiful hair. And last, but not least, we leave to all the students our good friend and companion, Mr. Strough. IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I, Lois Smith, having been duly elected Testatrix for the Class of 1945, do hereby subscribe my name and set my seal, this 51st day of April in the year of our Lord, nineteen hundred and forty-five. ISEALI Lois SMITH, Claw 1 'emla lrlx ' 45. We the undersigned, do declare this last will and testament duly published by said Lois Smith and hereby affix our names. XVILLY LUMP, IOSOI5 BUZGETTI, SAL HEPATICA. --QI 52 Ia-- 1. The Gang. 2. Boolcworms. 3. Relaxing. 4, Stuclious Mzxc. 5. Pat and lean. 6. The clowns. 7. Appendix! 8. Lining up. 9. Stenographer? IO. 255. ll. Bull and chain. 12. Pleasure? 15. Fountain of youth. 14. Iokes? 15. Hello Cookie. 16. Bill and Betty. --QI 53 In-' ,- I I mv 'ing 1,42 I ' V ' ir , 'I ,I . ,I . - . I . N . - - -I I A I ' ' . ., 5 ' ff. N -- -' "'.'j:. ' fx fr'?.'F515'fi-' ' ' '-I','f1.? iifj.-ja II . . 42323-' 1-. , ,ja--,f:'::4-.1-, f ii. , :--:--, If' A I I P I A 4 'I '. 1 R1 I 1 . -.,--.:, Im' 65. 'Q ' -'i:Aacf- WL... ng: , ', IL, . Y'-. 'WL' ,251 H- -13:1 7111: J -1 " 4 131' K N I I 'FQ 'Q X 5 --R154 IA-- ,Sy 'C' 4PM I J AXNIIJAXI MOFQTCJN I'IAROI,D ABRAMQWITZ ARSEN AVDOIAN PETER S. BA'I"I'AGLIA FRANK BONGIOVANNI I'IENllY I. BDRGESE RONALD G. BRIGGS AN'I'1IoNY PATRICK CASSANO RICIlAIlD CIIARLES CLANCY WILLIAM C. COLEMAN JAMES L. CORDEI.L LEONARD N. CUSTODIE DONALD D. DEIFAZIO E. PIAROLD GEREIN GLENN RAY GOODWIN ARON HAIKOLD HABER Y 'G IDA ID IU AUT IE Ilcuomzc Ioslsvn Honwrrz I1lCNllY IouN Mua'1'1.oxvs1:1 Al,IilCR'l' 1. PINIZOTTI JOHN Emvmzu Rm-:nv Flmmcls FRANK Ronmourcz FIIANCIES Sl4:1uANN1 Dolus LEUNA Smwrn IUHN SMNNIQR MURRAY B. 'I'noMsoN EDVVARD ZACHARA Romsmcn MACT I NNAN In ALMA MARY MCMUI LEW! President ......, Vice-President ..... Secretary-Treasurer. . . Historian .,...... Statistician ..., Prophetess .... Poet ....... Testator ........ Faculty Advisor ..... Class Flower JI AN IU AXIIQV SIEN II 'D ID 'C ILAXSS fDlI:lI:ll1Cllfll2S Class Colors .......... . . . .CANTERBURY COLEMAN . . . .ANTHONY CASSANO . , . . .FRANCES SERIANNI .. . . . . .IEROME Honwrrz . . .MORTON ABRAMOWITZ . . . . .FRANCES Si-:RIANNI .. .. . . . .RONALD BRIGGS .....,....HENRX' BORGESE . . . .Miss T1-DIYRA RASMUSSEN .....,......WurrE Rose NAVY 'BLUE AND GOLD Motto-Semper Ferre .... ...... A LWAYS ADVANCING N order to enter college or the Armed Forces, twenty-eight of our classmates graduated in Ianuary instead of Iune. Through hard work Linder the ac- celerated program, they managed to complete two years work in a year and a half. Despite their heavy burden, this brave little group found time to put on two of the year's most outstanding assemblies. The first was a student forum based on the radio "Town Meeting of the Air" at which Canterbury Coleman repre- sented the affirmative while Ierome Horwitz and Dick lVlcKelvey argued for the negative on the question, "Peacetime Conscription of 18-year olds." The second was the Class Day assembly shortly before their graduation. After a short play written and directed by Ronald Briggs which depicted their first day at high school, the history, will, prophecy, statistics, and testament of the Ianuary Class were read. In conclusion, Canterbury Coleman presented Mr. Strough and the school with a banner to commemorate the class. NO one who attended the assembly will ever forget Canterbury's farewell speech, given while the rest of the class softly hummed "Auld Lang Synef' Graduation meant no relief from work for these boys and girls. By the time graduation exercises were held lanuary 50, several of them had already left for the Armed Forces or college. NO matter where they may be when we graduate, we shall think with pride and admiration of those who should be with us, but who gave us pleasure and amusement to do their duty. nal 56 Ia-- IDASSIINNE IDAIIQAIDIE VIEAIIQ IDD 'U Ili 'ID IFIFII 'C IE IDS -YA .ga fv- CARL Foss DTARGARETE MxDAs BETTY ROHRER FRANK BOWEN C0-lfdflor Co-Edilol' zl.r.r1f.rlanl Edllol' lgll.I'L.lItJJ'.l' Jfrznnyer BETTY CASEY Jr! Edifor ri HARRIETT W. DoNovAN MARGARET P. Trcla p?IL'Lll4lf fldviwol' ,1.r.fiJl11nl fldrulrof' , , . . I i Q 75 IVIARTIIA BRONVN CAROL GRIEEN MARILYN CvAEllTNlCR .Pl10l0'gl'Il,Ufll'C lfrlifor Tillc and Tlwmu l,Llbll'!.'l.4V A-Q1 58 VIEAID IIBUDIIY STFAXIFIF EDITORIAL STAFF Shirley Eclmoncls, Marilyn Fink, Betty lean Hill, Margaret Hoff, Patricia lack, Nlartha Iohnstone, lean Maloney, Gula Ann Pendleton, Iean Wright. PIIOTOGRAPHIC STAFF Dorothy Abbot, Eric Dahlstrom, lane Hall, Ray Trowman. BUSINESS AND SALES STAFF Emma Fielcl, Anthony Leone, Marjorie Lunsford, lack McIntosh, Benny Moraca, MllI'iCl O'Pollca, Rosalie Pace, Anthony Rendina, Rose Sansiacllo, plus the entire staff. THEME COMMITTEE Margziret Easton, Cvlaclys Gibbon, Frieda Kramer, Faye Rosenberg. ART COMMITTEE Richarcl Cain, Eric Dahlstrom, Eleanor Feigensohn, Marjorie House, Rachel Rotunda. . TYIJISTS Dorothea Athoc, Elizabeth Blujus, Muriel Camano, Dorothy Cheatle, Lois Donato, Yolancla Elia, Theresa Filipelli, Shirley Furry, Eleanor Gabriel, Ioy Kostuk, Patricia Lambert, Betty Litcharcl, Mary Malinverni, Grace Mancini, Patricia Metzler, Queenie Mcmoradian, Muriel O'POlka, Mary Pallone, Lorraine Rosatone, Julia Ruggirello, Anne Shaghoian, Carmine Soprano, Betty Swain, lean Wolfe. --:II 59 II:-' lfIH IE 'CIH IDDN IICILIE SWAIFIF Editor Emeritus ..... ....................... S HIRLEY EDMONDS Co-Editors ..... ......... .... L L OYD B. PATTERSON, THOMAS THORNE Administrative Assistant .... ........................ M ARCIA EOLOF Sports Editor ........... ........... B OB GAGEN Circulation Manager. . . ..... MICPIAEL NVROTNIAK ASSOCIATES Ioseph Campo, Iack Carlton, Nicholas Carosella, Martha Iohnstone, Martin Kotarba, Iane Kremers, Morris Passer, Sam Russo, Michael Silbergelcl, Edward Taylor, Betts Van Liew, Darlene Woodarcl. REPORTERS Dorothy Abbott, Lillian Barbao, Vincent Brierly, Beatrice Cole, Elizabeth Falsetti, Mary Forgione, Marilyn Gaertner, Catherine Hess, Anthony Leone, Mario Maselli, Norma Iean Martin, Bennie Moraca, Thomas Wojtaszelc. TYPISTS Iulia Cabella, Angela Fernandez, Irene Kasprzak, Margaret Martus, Ieannette Mokhiber, Stella Pilat, Normajean Roach, Florence Wise. Advisor ...,.................,.............. ..... M Rs. BERENEICE OLIVER Financial Advisor .... .... . MR. WILLIAM CROWIE --al 60 Ir-- Slfllj ID IENTF 'C 10 lU N 'C ll IL President. ...... . . .PAUL COSTANZO Vice-President. . . ....... DORA BERTOGLIO Secretary ..... .... R OBERT QUARANTILLO Treasurer ....... . . . .ADELINE BANAS Faculty Advisor. . . . .WILLIAM F. IACK HE board of executives of the N. F. H. S. Motion Picture Company is better known as the student council. Although the manpower shortage of recent years hit last year's student council drastically, we managed to pull through 1944-1945 with just two council presidents. Paul Costanzo, the school's basketball star, replaced Dick Clancy who was graduated in Ianuary. Some of the numerous projects the council has undertaken include the sale of tickets for "The Road to Zanzibar," the movie sponsored by the yearbook, the collection of money for the A. W. V. S. QU. S. OJ, the sale of war bonds and stamps, and the collection of soap for the Polish people. Despite the coal shortage and many other war emergencies, the social com- mittee is to be commended on its work, which included a dance after one of the basketball games. The good sportsmanship committee, formed during the basketball season to promote the spirit of friendly competition among the schools participating in the tournaments, has also done a remarkable job. Working hard and long, the assembly committee provided that touch of entertainment necessary to Complete a well-rounded, happy school year. .ai 61 Ip.. NAUFIIIDNAXIL II'l'DN'DII2 SUCIIIEWIY ACH year, the Academy of Nlotion Picture Arts and Sciences presents an award to the outstanding workers in the industry. Our Academy Award winners are those who became members ofthe National Honor Society because of outstanding scholarship, character, service, and leadership. At the Hrst Academy Award dinner ofthe year, in our case a breakfast on Halloween, twenty-six new members were inducted. Acting as toastmaster was Dick lVlcKelvey, while Ioanne Wells, Frank Bowen, Margarete Midas, and Carl Foss spoke on the four basic qualities. Because of the interest in group discussion which became apparent in heated pre-election arguments, some of the members formed a discussion group whose weekly meetings were open to any one interested. The chief innovation was the society's new function as corridor patrol. Given jointly with the La Salle chapter, the banquet held Ianuary ll, was considered the outstanding event of the year. There, strengthened by steaks and French fries, the members were entertained by Earl W. Brydges, guest speaker, and a truth or consequences program under the direction of Carl Foss, Master of Ceremonies. Officers for the first term were Bill YVilson, Presidentg Ioanne Wells, Vice- President, and Carol Green, Secretary, while Frank Bowen, Dick lVlcKelvey, and Iulia Cabello were elected to these offices for the second term. The largest group ever to be admitted to the Honor Society at one time was inducted at a surprise tapping ceremony in assembly on Nlarch 7th. Among the spring projects were a splash party and the annual picnic which concluded the year's activities. P ..:1I Ig.. ILII II3 IDA IDY S each motion picture studio has its research division, Niagara has its library. The cheery room, with pine-panellecl walls and endless rows of books, is the ideal place to escape cross study hall teachers and delve into another world. 1 But behind the scenes, who checks the visitors in and out, stamps the books, and collects the fines? lt is the library staff, a group of girls who have shown their school spirit by giving up their study halls and putting in many hours a week to work under Miss Hutson's supervision. To become an assistant, a girl must have an 80 per cent average. After a lew weeks of training, she is able to do any of the numerous jobs in and around the library. The work is divided and rotated so that each girl receives experience in checking books, magazines, and papers. To these girls who serve so efficiently to keep the library running smoothly, the school owes a debt of gratitude: S. Wills, B. Stagg, I. Downey, M. Puccio, R. Vanderhoff, Miss D. Hutson, R. Poulos, A. Cirrito, M. lenson, Sekula, F. Daddario, H. McClure, M. Cali, I. Penman, M. Carusa, S. Davis, C. Stempien, Shepherd, P. Mazuronski, B. Iensen, D. Ciadella, E. Asby, R. Shankland, M. Shahin, Rutherford, G. Poplrey, G. Iohnson, B. Staknunas. M. L. Burke, S. Rieffanaugh, V. Mclntyre, M. Spaulding. 1 5 --:ll 65 Ib-- BAND BMUDMS --Q1 64 pc-A -5 , 3 ii- iw B Elizu.L il-f L- A 'C IL ILA 'D IDC IH IESTT IDA ASS'D'ElIAUfIEID Mwusll-13 'CILIUIIBS USICAL background for our real-life movie was provided by the Asso- ciated Music Clubs. At a meeting in October they elected the following officers for the year: President ..,.... . . . .BETTY BURNS Vice-President .... ..... H ARRY EASTER Secretary ........ . . .ELIZABETH OSBORN TREASURER .... ....... Y VONNE Fix Under their capable direction, the Associated Music Clubs of Niagara Falls High School have enjoyed a successful year. The orchestra appeared in public five times. "F'inlandia" presented by the orchestra at the autumn concert, December 5, was especially outstanding. The orchestra lent dignity to the solemn occasion of graduation, both at Ianuary and Iune. Its other public appearances were at the spring concert, May 10, and in an assembly program at South Iunior High School. The mixed chorus also appeared in the autumn and spring concerts. Especi- ally well received was "Gianina Mia" from "The Firefly." Students at South Iunior found "The Lobster Quadrilleu from "Alice in Wonderland" very enter- taining when the chorus presented an assembly there May 5. The A Cappella choir has had a full year. They sang at the autumn concert and participated in the Christmas assembly. On March l, the choir was invited to sing at the Lenten service at St. Paul's Methodist Church before an audience of about 1,500 people. At the spring concert, they sang Franz Schuberfs Cantata, "Miriam's Song of Triumph." The band under Mr. Emert's direction appeared on the football field through the year, contributing color to the enthusiasm voiced at the games. They also participated in two assemblies here, one at South Iunior, and one at Trott, at which the band piyed, The clarinet quartet played at South Iunior and in the autumn concert of the Associated MLISTC Clubs. In assembly April 24, the students and faculty enjoyed a medley of Victor Herbert favorites and the processional from "Peter and the YVolf" by Prokoheff. The annual spring picnic crowned the social events of the Associated Music Clubs for the year. A-:KI 66!It-- IFID ID IE N S II 'C SUE Il IETF' BACI Row: IOIIN DUNAJ, DAVID AI.oIAN, JAMES FORRESTIQR, MARli BEDFORD, WILLIAM BISHOP LLOYD PATTFIISON, CARI.'I'ON Lrzlf. IRONT Row: W1I.I.IAAI SIMPSON, lVlARTlN KOTARBA, IOSEPII MAXIM, IOSEPH CAMPO, HARRY EASTER PETLR lxNoIvI I s FRANK GOLDIIIAN. HE Forensic Society has completed another successful year under the able instruction and supervision of Marla R. Bedford. It was formed a number ol' years ago by a group of high school boys wishing to improve their public speaking and everyday conversation. Early in the school year the othcers were elected to serve until Ianuary: HAR RY EASTER . . ................................... President IOSEPI-I CAMPO .... .... V ice-President CARLTON Lise ...... ....... S ecretary FRANK GOLDMAN ................................... Treasurer Soon afterwards arrangements were made to admit new members. Each candidate must meet certain requirements before becoming a member. He must be a male member of Niagara Falls High School and be able to present to the Society a three to five minute speech on any subject he desires. He must participate in a forum discussion with the other candidates on a subject chosen by the members. After this, a vote is taken on the candidates and if he is ap- proved by the members, then and only then can he be admitted to the Society. Five new members were admitted by the vote of the Society. The election held in Ianuary determined the oliicers for the remainder of the year: IOSEPH CAMPO .... . . . ....... President IJAVID ALOIAN ..... .... V ice-President IOIIN DUNAJ ........... . . .... . . . . ....... Secretary MAR'I'IN KOTARBA. ................................. Treasurer The meetings which are held bi-monthly, Tuesday evenings include round table discussions, panel discussions, talks by well known persons, extemporaneous speeches, character analysis, and movies. lncluded among the activities performed by the members of the Society were two movies. One was a group of slides illustrating some of the historical places and events of Niagara Falls, and the other was a technicolor movie shown by Nlartin Kotarba giving a view of Grand Canyon and the surrounding territory as well as a vivid illustration of a Spanish fiesta. The year's activities were concluded with the annual picnic. 67 ID IEIIBAUFIE WFIEAXMK MARK BEDFORD, GIL xVEIL, BETTY IEAN HILL, VINCENETTE RANGATORH, MARGARET Hom-'. ID IDDJI IE'C1I'II'D N SWTAIFIF T BACK Row: ROBEI2'l' RADMORE, ROBERT CHASE, MATPIEW SPTTZER. FRONT Row: LOUISE WINSIIIP, CHARLES GORDON, JANE LARKE. V-ml 68 Ir-' SIEN II 'D II2 ID ILAV CLARENCE" Llaxencef' Booth Tarlcingtoifs comedy-stage success, was presented as the senioi pl ay this year. The cast of characters included: Nlrs. Nlartyn. . Mr. Wheeler. . Nlrs. WVhoeler. . Bobby Nvheeler. . . . Cora Wheeler. . Violet Pinney. . Clarence ....... Della ...... Dinwiddie .... Hubert Stem ........ . . . . . Faye Rosenberg Warren Booram . . . . .Carole Kulick . .lack Carleton . . .lean Wright . . . .Clara Mazanka . . . . .Carl Foss . . . . .Phyllis Haines .Andrew Mento . . .ferry Mann In this particular scene Miss Pinney, the governess, and Mr. and Mrs Wheeler have been interrupted by a triumphal procession led by Dinwiddie and Dellw the two domestic servants. Clarence, playing his saxophone is noislly 'lccompanied by his ardent admirer, Cora. Bobby quizically inspects Clarence s new attire while Hubert Stem looks scornfully on the whole scene. -QI 69 Le.. I3 IIIIQIL IIQIESIEIDWIE 'CIUUII3 BEDA CHI 3 -A -er f TF I ' . QW 'Q J.- "lil ' f T- '1f"'1f4p 5 5. 119 1- V 3 ' . "1 , '54, ' :-,,, Iv I I an I we ' . ff ' J' . F -A '?vi12i Xe g ' -Ju'-A' I 9. 9 -v I I 5, .1 -J '3' . A l-, . f 9' ' K f' ' f IN F Y' Q tj sf ! 1 5 . ,M.k l M I 19 f ' ,Q . I., l war' . . - 1' P4 'z-'.r:n5M h 5 " if ME' .5 K, fl ,I ,. ,' . 's , jje"fL.-' t,q, :Q 4 'L' I . ' Ri A .' - 'A -- ', ' ' 9 ff , 3 , - ' 4.5 - ' A vm .A V. ,. I ., . ' 1, -'AQ -"""I'4 "l6iIfIf INF' ..-I J J ,L lilii' ' L-L' 'I ' . L. ALAIMO E. AQUINO M. HEWITT I. Rizzo H. LAMBROS I. Buoolcs M. MAURO L. XVES1 V. Nou. B. PARONE E. Musomwo R. PONIUQ , M. NIARTINEZ E. WA1zmcN I, Sx-ucvmznn B. SHAW' I. BOVVERMAN L. FERNANDEZ .QI 70 Bc., 1l3 II ID IL IIQIESIEIIQWIE ICILIU II3 TDI-Y r E A S. B 1: 1 1 I I "' , , If , N7 1:1 ' -,- . I , F1-1, ' 3-51331 1 V' I A I '12 NY .1 JIM ' I I 1 3- if 6 ll A 1 , J 'S A ' 'M - , ' ' Y : .I V . -sv I 11 Lf ' I .A . 11 V W I v' F N x , I 1 1 ff . 1 . ' 5 af I 1 n -gr ,I 1 Q 1 1 . 'A A 1 js I I 16, 1 1.1 1 M 1 1 -A 1 sf: 1 Q' . , s 1 S H 1 11 , . 1 I ., ' 1 ,,. ' 1 ' 1 Eiga .1 I 1 1 ' ' I 2. ' '57 ,, I If M I . ' . ' . "'g11f1f. 2. t' " 1 1 fx 1. . -44. S 1 , . Eid. I il Q A. LONG I. HARRINGTON M. PRIDDLE IIQNKINS V. ULLO R. SONSMDLO M. FINK T. ASHTON B11Ox.xNs1u V. S"l'I:1lNEL M. Fmzn A. STARK I. CLINGERMAN IIOAK C. FITZMORRIS I. SONSIAOLO S. TAYLOR A. FINK IOHNSON I. Srxsvlu-:N I. MANNERHERO I. SCOTT I. SCHNITZER XVISE P. KACZMARZYK A. XVIGLE D. LUKASIEXVICZ M. RUFHANO L. BLACKLEY P. DAETZLER M. PHILLIPS --11 71 Ip-- f. I3 ll ID IL ID IESIEIIQWIE W fl 3.1 Q. 1 1 Q, X if 1?w.,,,,,4,--. C -,-..,,. .......,M-.-. . 1 ,,m.W 1 lx.. :HR-2 ' ' Q5 2 ' '-4 I 3 ' 3 Ava .x . ' .'B.g L'i A. R 3 2" -X R E. P1uNC1zvAI.1.E R. VALENTINO M. FouG1oN12 R. NXAGLIO R. MAGLIU A. PORRECA M. Fmcco M. Bxsczxowsm C. Porno L. XVALCH 'll IL IU IB GAMMA DHD 'i X. ,- A L 4 . 0j1J-4' V -Q 1 7 3' .6 '4' .I ' I T2 ,Q A I .gv - '15 , K 9 X, V. CLARK ETOPIO M. FIQRNANDIQZ G. Gmmxow PINKOYVSI M. Ifmscfx S. PARADISE MA1ul.1.o E. FALSETTI C. DURO DRAPIC S. E1.l.SwoR'r1l C. Bram- ScA1.zo E. E'rovm V-11 72 pe.. EMULIMSEDWE ' 1 'lrz-cf Adv ' .S 3 u , 1 151 ,V 1.1 .f nv' , 5 J .1 L. PlZZU'Il M. FL1cA1uNo N. Vrsmcn, I. B1cN'1'1.1ex' V. DIAN11: L. if I -5' -ff: "' If .1 A .1 Al V is 2 ' .Q 'G' U-A,v1,'y-3,1 , '., A "I an A - -J 'Q' -X ,,4l-9 ...- 'Z fv- -A -9- U3 B. BOOKHOUT I. DAVIS G. D1zMA1zco L. XVINSIIIP C. Ifmosz MAIQTIN ' 13,- ,,. K . ClMB A-QI 73 111-- DHI I 65"- .z' I JZ N vi -45 1 W .3 ,Ps f 'A vi 'f ., V 1 ' 1,111 A 72" I Q -.-? A! :1,f..,L r A, 1: , -,'.s.. ' . f f 1 U 5 5 1 4 fyzbfl .R -1:5153 A, x .1 K -4 ,Q ,:. 5.411 .St . emi . .21 Af. F. MARTIN M. CARUSO L. STEXVARD S. XVILLS M. Xxccrss C. BIAMONTE GAMMA I3 ETA , na 1-A , av 1 " A i . ,, .!." 11 as 4-.4 'Q' 1 K . v ii E O m :- F: 2 N O Sig- .,' v X I. ADAMS L. SHAHIN M. SHAHIN M. PALLACI 9-00. 'IE ll ID IL ID IESIEDWIIZ 1CILlU IBS HE Girl Reserves under the general supervision of Mrs. Iones are playing a very important part in the activities of N. F. H. S. This year the combined efforts ofthe Girl Reserve Clubs have fostered many activities. "The Angel's Delight," a formal dance, was held for the cadets of Niagara University. During Lent, the cooperation of the clubs brought some ofthe city's prominent speakers to the Y. A number of girls from each club have signed up for service work in the local hospitals. The girls have also aided the soldiers at Fort Niagara by sending Christmas cookies and packages to them. A mid-winter conference of Girl Reserves inspired representatives from each club. TRI Y The Tri-Y with Ann Long as president really went to town this year. A scavenger hunt and a closed plaid shirt dance called "Shirtails for Two" high- lighted the fun. "Bundles for Britain" appreciated the etlorts of the Tri-Y in making slippers for the children abroad and aiding them in other ways. BEDA Cm In the Beda Chi, the girls enjoyed a hayride and a Valentine Dance. An unusual bake sale was one of their activities for the year. Lorraine Alaimo is their president. GAMMA RI IO The Gamma Rho Club with Rosemary Valentino as president went all out on the "Gifts for Yanks Who Gave." A spring dance and hayride were among their activities. P111 GAMMA BETA The Phi Gamma Beta's with Florence Nlartin as their president are the babies of the G. R. They were just formed in the past year and are over 30 strong. Their name means "find and give the best." Although they are new, they have cooperated in all the general activities and have had several parties of their own. e-:JI 74 Ir-- . I 4 i V 4 v V I . I I L . 1 Q..-F I 73' Z c av .14 -3" iff Q r r f ". . .5 H' Q V.: dxf., 3 s ' N fx ff!! r 3 2 ' R ...4zvi'ff2iL . .. I .iiil H292-311-, - , Assiwifsw , if ffifiyig I fffif E 3-3511215555 R af! gif. iiffkfflflff FL-152' M355 W. W1r.soN R. Rousn D. BUTTON nf D. KELLEIQ A IL ID IH A II'I II "W g .,,,,w,. r . 1 Q .19 xi, g I . E . .1 J I -2-1: Q ,.- K ? . S J v I R I E rf '5 iz 11: , ' H , .. . I ,V 43 -151 I. IWCSPADUIEN M. BEDFORD E. SHALES F. NIURPIIY I. FRASER R. ROUSH W. G11.Lm"r D. ALOIAN I. FERNANDEZ R. ZASTROXV D. MILLOY T. F1LosoPHos A-MI 75 Ii:-' I AE A IL ID II'I A ID IEILIFA I I-In f--f- Eg- -- - - I If . I ' I-ja I -Ji I ,I II'I II I-Y 2 '3 - .D .4 X l X23 I II 45 .4 ' CY? I' J E 1 , I . . I A , ., I 'z-.31 ' - I I , A , I I I Q ' . 3 A I -s- .' ' gpg? M : 55312 , 5-I-XIEZQK .31 517315 I . v Q II. A.: ,II WWI... . 131: .r-7. I .f . . .,1. . Ax... I. SPALENCZKI I. FORRESTER H. POPP P. LoPs R. HUNT F. GOLDMAN I. FISHER H. EASTER E. PERRX' M. IQOTARBA I. DUNA1 I. CAMPO I. BUGAY D. Kursou I. Lovs H. SPINNER D. Io:-1NsoN B. FITZSIMNONS W. SIMPSON D. DEAUGIS'l'INE R. BISHOP I. URSPRUNG R. STEVENS I. KLAHS I --:II 76 lic-- v 6 -' X 1 v A: X 1 ' .:"g'L!1, ' I E ' .. G .' .2 YC , ' ' I W 1 . 6- - v N i V . . l y' 1 NJ! ' I ' M. AH' N N A G' 5, .41 .5 . V ri! l 1 Y 1... H .'-I-fri-1:1:i'sf'-4 A. A. PIICRONI R. QUAIiAN'l'lI.I,.C7 F. Plcczsnlnm P. EMA IB IEWFAX IH I '-XY W f 7 f fl., 'G y , 'ff 1.5 . ,, ' 'l N, Y, 13", -'. , V,.4..,:f,. Ipu 9 'fu 5' . ., ,Q ' .4 , '?I:'.-'4 fx -,W 9 ny Q ' 11. . :a'.-- .. '1! "'zf- V. -fiY'E'z. .r s v W 4 v u N I . -.nm 4-11-.H l.- '-. xxx: 1, ,, In .x v xx J, x 'Ir , IW '. J-. -1 5 RACHVVA1. Blcmzosmw MARRA D'AN1ICO u x- me Q v Q' lm: , A .. . -fm I, .x N, - :-QQ 552522 1 ., re-'MQ Miz- f I 5' 0 'V' ,. W 1 - E. ,.-.x-.rg-.-+. X-... W . I L 1 x 2 N 54,7 I 1 I 1 ,,.x.H . ri... tmwq .--5:1-x 11, ,jg -V 1 I I 4 ff nag. 12115:-.M ,Q ,651 I x. N Syst 11,35 V ES5Z15'1a-' ?-- l . 1 A . . 9 . 1 'f5'5'71s.. ' t -, ' -.LK -v , ,:.f.j.:..., r .. ' H' R. GRAUER A. LEONE R. Zwo D. PARETTA S. TAVANO H. 33. 1 . N - Fix , .-- , ...J- " 6 O f 'X 69. 1 S ' -ff :::? ,' ' fl .sf zz 1 , 9 5- flv 1 X 4 J V ' . Mil "JE cg' -4 .gg Q21 'if , ,,'.'.gf"lZ1" , I ,, 3 f U . I Tie I 3-fx, gf. 1,3 ff- -'4-I-C-fo' 1: ,j. ': N... 5 - W U 5 r I I I N 'L - ' "-' "'f: 3 . " , Q, -- 5 .1 A I ns? TAYLOR CASSANO MOORADIAN N Uno IH ll 1-V95 A LP11 A HE Alpha chapter of the Niagara Falls Hi-Y organization has been operating longer than any other local Hi-Y chapter. A varied program throughout the year was designed to develop the mental, moral, and physical aspects ofthe members of the group who rotated in planning and conducting meetings. Nlovies were shown and several speakers discussed worthwhile subjects of interest to the youth of today. The cooperation between club officers, the faculty, and the other club members has resulted in an interesting and inspiring year. IXLPHA DE1.'rA The Alpha Delts' year began with the open house and the beginning of pledging. After a strenuous football season came the formal initiation. The high-point of the winter came on February 1 with the election of officers. Pledging was again resumed in February. Two of the more social activities of the Alpha Delta Hi-Y were the Hi-Y dance and the Alpha Delta picnic con- cluding the ninth year in the history of the Alpha Delta Hi-Y. BETA There are few people in N. F. H. S. who remember the day the Beta Hi-Y was organized. This year, as well as previously, members of the club have been proud to participate in school activities under the leadership of Anthony Rendina and the advisor, Mr. Grauer. To the football squad the Beta Hi-Y lent Mike Aiduk and Tony Cassano. Active in basketball this year were: Bob Quarantillo, Tony Cassano, Anthony Mooraclian, and Nlilce Aiduk. The musically adept members ofthe club participated in school choral groups, band, and orchestra. A social feature of the year was a party ofthe Gamma Rho girls' club. As each member graduates, his name is added to the Scroll of Honor to link him always to his school club. a-:xl 78 If IE AUT IU ID IE S X J IDAXN Il-I IEILILIEN IIC Theta Lambda Chi. Gamma Sigma .... . Sigma Psi .....4... Alpha Theta Kappa. Zeta Sigma Epsilon . Zeta Tau Iota .... Gamma Delta Pai.. Theta Xi Upsilon. . Beta Alpha Sigma.. REPRESENTATIVES . ..... MARJORIE DRISCOLL, PHYLLIS SWIFT. . . . .EDWARD SHALES, IAMES STEPHENS. . . . .FRANK BOWEN, WILLIAM GILLETT, HOXVARD DALEY . . . . , .GEORGE LAMBROS, SAM RANGATORE. . . . , . .AUDREY FOOTE, LAURA COWDRICK. . . . .BETTY JEAN HILL, DARLENE SCI-IIEMAN. . . . .LELAND EATON, WILLIAM MCDERMOTT. . . . . . .YVONNE FIX, DARLENE WOODARD. . . . . . .MARILYN SCOTT, SONIA BUCK. IDAN II'I IEILILIEN IIC S a special feature, we are presenting a brief study ofthe activities of the "Greeks" They had a busy time this year, beginning ambitiously early in the fall to reorganize Pan Hellenic, a union of all the fraternities and sororities, by drawing up a. constitution based on former rules and regulations. Room 152 became the scene of many hot debates on Tuesday afternoons until it was decided to hold regular weekly meetings, although it meant giving up a lively time at the soda fountain after school. They also decided to invite as Pan Hellenic advisors the faculty advisor of each separate sorority and fraternity. The inter-fraternity football games resulted in the usual number of bruised noses and twisted ankles. However, what's a broken leg among fraternitiesl The sororities showed their fraternal spirit by whole-heartedly attending the annual pot-luck supper. Considering themselves experienced at the art of cooking, they bravely ate their own poison. After the supper each sorority contributed some form of entertainment which was the finish ofa very enjoyable evening. In the fall we saw the usual number ot' pledges looking lost and harried at first, but gaining a look of serene happiness when their time of pledgeship was over. The new members quickly became loyal supporters of Pan Hellenic. ln the spring Pan Hellenic again sponsored an assembly entertaining this time with Ross Burley, a magician, who mystified even the most sophisticated senior. ln the spring a young man's fancy lightly turns to thoughts of love, but the "Greeks" turn to thoughts of spring dances. There was an especially large number of dances in the spring of this year-almost one every week in fact. The "Greeks" put on some "smooth" dances despite wartime handicaps adding color and excitement to our high school days. At the same time these dances cheered the lives of those less fortunate, for profits were often given to charity or put into War Bonds. Crowds ol' the "Greeks" congregated before and after school in the cafeteria to sec their friends and worry about the day's tests and assignments. They little realized that they were part of an organization which greatly benefits the school and fraternal organizations. -al 81 ln-- TIIH IEWFA ILAMMII3 IDA an I .a 4, 'A 45 'EY I sa v , ins 3 N P ABBOTT REAGAN STEWART WxLsoN DYKSTRA MARTINSON Ll A. D P. B. M. I. 7 E , , ,N 'UH II? at -,, 5 -Af W' ff' ff 2- -d 'S' T ,... 1' v A H L- Lf MAGORIAN LEWIS SWIFT LEWIS BOKVIE HATCH M. TUCKER an , 5 ' -'if lv-ff' n ' --'A -3 'Jf ri E. PAG1-1 G. PECK H. CLAPSATTLE M. Scummq' C. HESS I. Mu.1..Eu M. NAsson' S. Vomc B. BRAUN B. SEARS I. XVHELAN E. PEDLOW --QI 82 Ib-- B. SEAMAN fi . I , IL f, 1.A.4-l.S3a'frf ii .J Q' Y W 4 -4 I. TYREE M. Dmscou, S. Muwwocn M. NEVILLE B. NVILSON A. CUDNEY 0: .-AV -A X, ,.4. 'S' xcQ -dl KS' x r 'J L. FxNNm' I. AUMAN J. Smvsfow R. A1mo'1"1' D. KAY MR R L T R I. 'IEAXMKMKA SlI'l5M1A fi' 'x alfa, .JI X .,.. ,Q . -0 ' ff lf 'a J .an .r .93 nd -JD '5 x SKIMIN THOWMAN BARRUN MCDUNALD Rousn Doousy --21185 Ip-- -ou' r 2 'T'-? 1 J 'I 'Q' ' -D- ua J ei lf. .3 ing . -' "v J Q, ,' Q F, J. MACSPADDEN I. GULLETT E. SHALES I. STEPHENS R. ROUSH D. EVANS W. WILSON W. HAUENSTEIN I. DAVIS R. FITZSIMMONS RI 'GADSBY SII 'IE-MMX IDSII I A I '-'-" ' - fe T Q 3: " Xt 1'-'I 1 ' iff 7, .3 ', 'W QQ X .gf '. ' 15.5 HD 4 Q 'Q 0 7 .VI Q5 ' 'L L T li' A' ri Q " Q' .3 , , . , A . ,QA Nl Q' .GDI a 'I-I . - Z ri 5 ' '29 I I A I , J fp. an 3 ,g h -3 - .-if fx' i X , R. CLANCY F. BOXVEN I. LARDI W. XVELCII M. MCKENNA R. SCOTT M. BEDFORD P. O,HAIlA I. CROTTY I. FRASER R. O'HARA B. COLLIPP D. FREY W. GILLETT D. ARGY D. ALLEN W. YALE W. MAIITIN D. WVOODWARD --RI 84 IE-- D. BOTTORF T. IJONNEVVIRTII G. HAEBERLE R. REID I. THOMPSON N. CAROSELLA H. DALY I U A- n 2 TJ N 93 1 J i v3 -?' 19" if "7 W. P. P. I. F. R. h BREWER BRONVN FREEMAN CARLTON MUIIPIIY PRIDDLE AXILIDIH A TFIHIEWMX IKAXIDIDA A441 E b L '.,I xy X 1 1 J. I My' .' . j K 5,,i,.A . W' 555.14 - . f . 'C' : LN I H" . . lx ! lx' 4 .J . 9 Z-- . A . U - a -9 LW' STAN: F. SCHWARTZ GRIEBNER R. HENDERSON I. MCINTOSH DI Mio E. DOLAN Lfxmmzos P. DICKINSON mst- .X V . .-. -J. A. T. POLLY M. FARINA BADGLEY S. RANGATORE R. BARLON A-HI 85 Ik-- .ns . K. PEARL D. MCCOLLUM CORDBLL R. THEAI. S. Russo D. YATES Moxmco SHAFER WEIL GRIEBNER ZIEITA SII'l5MMX IEIDSIIILUN 1 .lk -F BIB- ,vam , 17 f av . 0' I . F' 'ni 15 - T' Q A. FOOT12 M. HOUSE I. QUINN I. YOUNG P. HALI.IER K. MACK M. BOYD N. LANKTON K. ORR M. NXANNING L. COWDRICK vs X -if Q an ' -6 . 'Q O A av, 'L LS' I. xVELLS B. XVALKER N. PAGE L. LE ROY M. IVIANNING I. Nlswcomn B. HOUSE E. IOIINSON -'QI 86 Ii:-A M. BROWN F, 4-S- -3 -4 T ui LM: 'C .4 3 . 4 . 'U 3 5' N B. Romain M. THOMPSON D. WA'r'1'1zNO1zr. L. Su.-.NNON I. Town-:R I. MOORE I. KRICMIERS I. Nicol. M. MCEN'FP2l5 B. MCCOLLUM B, VAN Lngw I. WALKER M. WAIQIJIEII 1 IEITA IFAIU II 'UTA ,J I 1 I ,, ' I ' I ' I A I 'B . ' I .ah 1 Y ' ' I ' I I I ' 3 f. ,-, ws K I S- as . I ' , ' wi'- Ia kg' b 15' 1 as '4 I f I 3 .- , -1 I 3' I . ,'f' i A V ,. '-jx Y . , , -F? ...lf , - 'J . - I I ,.,dh. 1 Nh I1 .fL Id ' 4 Ii 'g'.g. ..Nf-. I X b I I 1 A A I Jn-.. X I I P ' I I Q I gl, .l' L, I Z I an 3? V 1 I I ' I 5"'1', I .,.. ,.., H . II'rVfIgs'?N IIIIQJ, ci I I , If I In I!! 2 II lv I .MX ' . mf- I I J M . .I . -I I - I I I 3 73 I a ,. . I 5 P Z- I - QL. I I I -A I A , W . . wh. I av - .16 . .Im . Ilff. I J 1 I V Y ' 1 ' an -vb I I 2 I 3-f 12 -V, I, W ga I fa I- 1 . I f My I A . I I - 7 FQ- Igiwf- - T. ffl' " "' I- ,- ' "U"' M Inxxf lx- .- ' E V'-If 1, 1 f, if I . . I H I . ' , U , V '-2 -" 1 ' 7' -4, I N N732 . ' I I I . . . -f I . "'Yf"w I I I, L I ' I I , . - .I -4 I H M. Iiomf I. GU12N1'1-mn M. IOIINSTONE D. Brclzroczrlo - C. Kuucn I. STROUGH I. NIALONEY L. Rmslc I. Ixmss B. HILL D. SCHIEMAN E. KONCZ E. OLANDER R. CI'III.DS B. HoNsmcnc'rR B. BLUE B. COLE M. BRAAS A. CAn'1'1-:nc V. PALMER P. O'LEARY B. EVERSON T. ARC!-Iaoln C. lVlULLIGAN R. Mmou I. MOIQRISON -qwp 'EAXMKMMX ID IE ILWMX IDSII N Y . Q w w I Qrns' D. W1T'rNAv M. HAVENS H. Romans I. IWANN G. Come I. LYNCH G. IONES -.all 88 Ile-- KN-i ., X .le , fl if' K V XG- ' l 4, Q--.-A EATON R. DE FAZIO FERGUSON C. CASSERT N Wfll-IIEWFAX XII IUIDSIIMDN 9 5 1 , T '32 A 1 "3 I . 3 29 S. SIIAIII-:rc N. ROACII M. ADAMS D. WII.soN L. O'lJOl.liA I3AII.IsY SAND GREENE MONIIARSII PIQAIISON O,NEILL .FIX HIQAIIN XVOODARD IAMISS G. ANIaI.I2R B. FRANKLIN -'QI 89 II:-- GOLDSTONE OIPOLKA WILSON W ILsoN GEERING an A 3:-A lg IB IETTA A IL ID II'l A S II 1l5fMAX 0 '27 M. SCOTT S. BUCK F. STEELE R. PRESUTTI E. ALSTON D. BATES A. MAIINON I. Swouoofx :S I. SHEPHERD R. CLIVER M. OVERHOLT S. IWADDEN R. ICLETTKI B --QI 90 Iz:-- I. I'IE1GL M. ANDERSON M. Ovr:1uIo1.'r E. SHANNUN D. Mlcluilcr S. FINNIGAN D. MAS'fEllS E. ATIIOE XVILLIAMS SIDQUIIQTTS SIHIDIIQWTS - d 4.4 Q 4 Coaches. . . Managers. . . Captains. . . ACCARDO, IOE AIDUK, MIKE BATTAGLIA, PETER CASSANO, ANTHONY CELENZA, IOE CENTOFANTE, AL CONDINO, IOE COSTANZO, JOE N. F. H. S. 19.'.... 1 19 ..... 0 7 ..... 0 ..... 6 ..... 0 ..... IFUDWFIIBAXILIL . .. .. .. . . .. . . . . .. .HAROLD CRIPE, HARRY IKINSEY ...DONALD CORBETT, HENRY IEKIELEK, DOMINIC PALONE TONY CAssANO, IOE CONDINO SQUAD DALPORTO, IOE DEFAZIO, DONALD DELGROSSO, IOE DIDOMIZIO, ADAM GABRIELLE, IOE GRANATA, FRANK IEKIELEK, WILLIAM MARKELONIS, IAMES SCORES DATE .Ooh 15 .... .... .Oct. 21 .... ..,. .Oct 28 .... .... .Nov. 4 ..., .... .Nov. 11 .... .... .Nov. 17 .... .... .NOv. 23 .... .... '-:al 92 IA- MERANTO, Rocco MULLANE, RICHARD PESCRILLO, PAUL PETRONE, Rocco WADDINGTON, IAMES WATERS, IAMES WATROBA, ADOLPH OPPONENTS Tonawanda 0 LaSalle 19 Kenmore 21 Lackawanna 7 Lockport 15 N. Tonawanda 7 Troff 0 IDIEWIIIENV 'Ulf lfll-IIE SIEASUN UR game with Tonawanda October 8, 1944 marked the first game with a Frontier League Team in years. The stands were packed with an expect- ant, cheering crowd of supporters and anxious for a win. Charging to their positions from their first huddle with blood chilling yells, the Falls boys excited the crowd, and with Ioe Condino, Bill Iekielek, and the rest of the team turned in stellar work. Our smoothly-functioning team had Hyde Park Stadium shaking with the cheers of the rooters accolading each touchdown. At the final gun, a somewhat-surprised Tonawanda eleven found themselves decisively beaten, 19 "O, by a superior Falls squad. The next game at LaSalle before a large audience was a thrilling game from the first to last minutes va see-saw battle in which the lead changed hands several times, both teams fighting for the ball and a score. A beautiful pass play from Condino to Costanzo put us in the lead only to have LaSalle tie the score in the last minutes. NVith Kenmore next on the list, we journeyed there with hopes of a win to put us in the lead. A bruising game, there were no scores until near half time. Unfortunately Bill -Iekielek and Frank Granata suffered injuries-Frank, a broken ankle, which dampened our spirits. Despite the Herculean effort of the Falls squad, the Kenmore team rolled up a 21-0 score against the weakened 'Falls crew. WVith the loss ofa strong center lineman and a smart half-back the Falls team traveled to Lackawanna with a determination to return to the win column. ln a close battle played in a rain storm, the Lackawanna team trailed a good part of the game only to force a 7e7 deadlock which was the score at the final gun. Despite all the Falls squad could muster, a strong Lockport team defeated us I3-0 in our next home game. An out-of-town game with North Tonawanda saw the home team defeat us by the narrow margin of 7-6. Underrated before game time, the Falls eleven played well despite the rain and to use a common slang expression, "we was robbed." It was only on a lucky break that N.AT. scored. The final game of the year was played on a wet, snow-covered field Thanks- giving day against our arch and ancient rival-Trott. A large crowd of partisan rooters were on hand to witness a hard-fought, see-saw battle. The game ended in a 0-0 tie. It was a moral victory for both sides and gave the season a successful climax. A word of praise should be given here to the V. squad who played 4 games with the Trott and LaSalle teams and came out on top in three of them. They worked hard and deserve credit. --al 95 In-' l I. Bench Yvarmers. 2. Smashing Through. 5. Support. 4. Band on Parade. 5. Rah, Rah, Rah! 6. Around right end. 7. Ir. Varsity Champs. 8. Morale Builders. r .-Q1 94 1p- N MARKELONIS, JAMES SMS' IIIMMK II IN 'E I ' I Ill Coach .... .... H AROLD CRII E M8l1ZlgCl' ...... . . . . ....... DICK CAIN VARISTY BOOER, NELSON FEDERSPIEL, JOHN HATALAK, MICIJAEL KOK, RONALD LYNCII, JAMES MARILLO, CHRISTY A., JR. SQUAD AUMAN, FREDERICK P., JR DUNN, JOHN FERRITT, WALTER J. MCKELVEY, DICK TIIEAL, ROBERT M. TROWMAN, RAYMOND SPALENZKI, JAMES MARQUIS, FRANK ZASTROW, RICHARD 0'LEARY, JAMES SIMPSON, JAMES TI-IOMPSON, JACK WVILSON, WILLIAM SWIMMING REVIEW The past season represents the first time in our high School days that we have participatecl in the Frontier Swimming League. Niagara Falls abandoned the Sport in 1942 because of wartime conditions. The team was off to a fine start when coal shortages caused by storm conditions Closed the pools. We hope the team will enter Competition next year. ' SCORES N . F. H. S. OPPONENTS 15 .... .... K enmore 55 29. . . . .... Tonawanda 56 29 .... .... A mherst 57 40 .... .... N . Tonawanda 25 -QI 95 Ig.. IFIIQIUNWFII IEID ILIEAME IU IE IIBAXSIK IETF IBA IL IL 'C IH AMX ID II 'D NS Coach ...... ..... B RAINARD N PARSONS Manager .... .... . . ....... ALBERT PINIZOTTI Captain. .. .................... ..... F RANK RODRIGUEZ VARSITY SQUAD SAM AUSTIN Q DONALD MENSINGER IOSEPH COSTANZO HENRY MIE'FLOWS1iI PAUL COSTANZO PAUL PESCRILLO DONALD DEFAZTO DANIEL WALOS THE SEASON N. F. H. S. OPPONENTS 59 ...,.... ................ K enmore 17 55. ...,. ...... N . Tonawanda 21 56. ..... ...... L aSa11e 18 45 ...... .,.... L ackawanna 24 57. ..... .... T onawanda 29 49 ...... .... L ockport 25 57. ..... .... T roitt 15 55 ...... ...... K enmore 19 27. ..... ...... N . Tonawanda 25 46 ...... .... L aSa11e 19 51 ...... .... L ackawanna 56 46 ...... ...... T onawanda 29 49. ..... ................ , ...... L ockport 51 54 ...... ......................... T rokt 26 PLAY-OFFS AT KENMORE 25 ...... ......................... T onawanda 41 . ..... .........,............. L ockport .QI Ig.. 58 55 IDIEWIIIEMV 'Ulf lflI'IIE SIEASDN HE champs ol' the Frontier League started the season with a win against Kenmore High. Not only did they defeat the Kenmore tive, but they went on to emerge unbeaten at the end of the first round. Stellar play by Frank Rodriguez and Hank Nlietlowski baffled the opponents in every game. A smart tip-up play on the jump, from Austin to Rodriguez to Mietlowski, almost always started the game with a score for Niagara. The fine pass work of the others, Xvalos, both Costanzos, Pescrillo, Nlensinger, DeFazio, and Aiduk set the stage time after time for scores. Our zone defense worked wonders and we were scored upon the least by far of any team. We went on to win ten straight and there was some talk of another undefeated season. Our eleventh game was against Lackawanna, at the time the Hhottesti' team in the league. This game was played on our own home court where the spectators crowded close to the side lines. It was one of the most exciting contests ot' the year for as one team scored so did the other. With amazing accuracy and some lucky "breaks," Lackawanna emerged the victor of a most bitterly fought game, 56-51. Our team never lost hope and in the last seconds, quick shots by Captain Rodriguez were good to narrow the score as for a time it appeared we might forge ahead to victory. The gang bounced right hack to the winning column. Rodriguez, Mietlowski and Deliazio played their last game of the season against Lockport in the second round and the High rooters gave them both standing ovations. Frank and Hank had been hulwarks of offense and defense as they were top scorers on the team. Don displayed good form in his substitute role. The next morning these fighting sons of Niagara were inducted into the service. In the play-offs in Kenmore, the fellows had an OH' night against a "hot" aggregation from Tonawanda, and Niagara won only, third berth. This review would not be complete without a word of praise to the undefeated Iunior Varsity. Prospects of a great team again next year are in order from the V's. The I"la.vf1b11ck stall and its student supporters say, "Hats off to the fellows of the basketball squad." --al 97 Ia-- 'E II'I IE IE ID IL IEA ID IE IDS I. CIESIELSKI F. PECCIRELLO L. FERNANDEZ M. Fmcco G. MAIZILLO R. A. MAGLIO C. SOBIENIAK C. MOIIINELLO E. PRINCEVALLE V. ULLO bevy of beautiful cheerleaders is the chorus line of our movie. Whether we play a winning or losing game, they do not cease trying to spur the team on to victory until the last gun. They are the one group of students who feel the outcome of a game equally as much as the team. The girls have worked hard all year under the supervision of their advisor, Coach "Doc" Parsons. Having already organized as a club, they elected as oHicers for this year: Captain ....... . . .ELEANOR PRINCEVALLE Co-Captain. . . ............ VINNIE ULLO Secretary .............................. CARMELLA MORINELLO They never failed to give an all-out effort to boost the morale of the school and the team. One of the many new and highly successful cheers used was: Chick-a-de-rick, Chick-a-de-rick, Chick-a-de-rick, Chick-a-de-rick-a-roo, We're the kids from high school, lVho the heck are you? A-boom-a-racha, A-boom-a-racha, Sisl booml hah! Niagara Falls High School Rahl Rahl Rahl NIEMVS 'Ulf Tfll-IIE IDAY Q. .Nw -1 W1 NN ERS UH1ll"lND1i Silva QONTE5 1 I ' 2.55, 1. The architects. 2. 1V1arlc. 5. Our advisor. 4. Our popular office gal. 5. Mx's. Ianilc. G. Natural? 7. Pals. 8. Shannon and Sears. 9. 'Nuff said. 10. Oops! 11. "M11rph." 12. Cronlcs. 15. Fnscinators. 14. 0117-boumls? 15. Aren't we cute? 16. Homeward bound. 17. Need we say more? 18. Three o'c1oc1c. 10011:-' . I' R -Q-, ? 'I ll 0 xx DVM wk L K E QV Dil fa ff .4 HE school store staff' headed by Dora Bertoglio includes the following clerks: Gladys lohnson, Nicholas Carosella, Betty Stagg, Colette Fitzmorris, Pat Metzler, Isabel Stefanski, Edith NVood, Maree Dykstra and Theresa Felicetti. These students have worked untiringly in their etiorts to provide a convenient store for their fellow classmates. The profit from the school store sales is used for different assemblies throughout the year. YVar Bonds and stamps have been sold at the school store by Yolanne Forcucci, Marian Serrianne and Rose Sonsiadlo. The approximate amount of bonds and stamps sold this school year totaled S7,000. The publicity staff of the yearbook presented the movie "Road to Zanzibaru from 1:50 to 5:00 on February 28 in the auditorium. Starring in this movie were Bob Hope, Dorothy Lamour and Bing Crosby. An additional extra short subject was also presented. A totl of 700 tickets were sold and the funds received were used by the yearbook stall. The yearbook assembly, one of the most outstanding ofthe year, was presented by the publicity staff' of the yearbook under the capable direction of Marilyn Gaertner. The Court of Niagara under the supreme rule of Queen Joanne YVells and King Bill Wilson, created that novel touch. Their royal attendants were Dora Bertoglio and Joe Fernandez representing the Iunior Class, and Barbara House and Nicholas Carosella from the Sophomore Class. Carl Stewart's band supplied plenty of "hep" music and the clever "singing commercials" were rendered by Betty Burns, Pearl Gerber, and Angie Mehitcll. The Iunior Iivers consisting of Eleanor Princevalle, Rose Maglio, Canterbury Coleman, Iolm Pinizotti, Albert Pinizotti and Gary Manuse sang many popular songs. Carl Foss, Court Announcer, presented many acts performed by Pat Metzler, Bob Hunt, Ioe Forrester, Iohn Barclay, Carole Kulick, Martlia Brown, Eric Dahlstrom and Ierry Mann. Y-11 102 Ip-- .5 X .JH ll. - ,"' 1. Niagara Royalty. 2. Ir. livers. 5. Early Birds. 4. YVheaties. 5. Pan Hellenids Assembly. 6. Ianuary Class Day. 7. "Pyg. 81 Gul." r-:AI 103 Ir-- 1. Yearbook Dance. 2. Bunny. 5. Iifzterbug XVinners. 4. Happy Fnursome. 5. Carol-'and'? 6. Chuperones 7. Oh my! 8. Cute. 9. Mill: bar? 10. YValf.z Champions. '-:il 1043.- lfn emnriam FRANKLIN DELANO ROOSEVELT 1882 1945 The only ilzfng we have lo fear :lr fear iftrey f-:rl 105 Ib-- ILYNIIJDN IH.. SlfIlQ'OlU'l3II'I HE year 1945 marks the end of a very pleasant period for the faculty of the Niagara Falls High School. For sixteen years, Mr. Strough has held the direction of our school. Some of us have been associated with him during all that time, and others, for a shorter span. But, whether the term has been long or short, it has been a happy relationship whose termination would make us sad were it not for the realization that this change means a greater opportunity for Mr. Strough. There will he left with us many agreeable recollections. Chief among these will be the memory of deep-seated kindness. We have heen impressed by the fact that that quality has prevailed in all the situations where good-will and tact are so essential. There has never heen the easy petulance which aggravates difficult moments, hut rather an understanding which prompts the right word and gesture. This good-humor and this self-control are not characteristics easily maintained. They, indeed, give the measure of the man. Mr. Strough has furnished us with intelligent and successful leadership. We shall recall with pleasure the ideals which he has set hefore us and the problems which we have attempted to solve with him in the light of these ideals. YVe shall think often ofthe skill with which he has presided over faculty meetings, assemblies, and other gatherings. He has shown gracious levity when lightness was required, and dignified seriousness in its place. His words have heen marked hy an admirable balance of warmth and nice restraint. So it is rightly with regret that we see Mr. Strough leave us. But he does so with the assurance that our kindest thoughts accompany him to his new post. We feel that the community which receives him will soon develop that affection and esteem which we have for him. Our last hand-clasps will convey to him our ardent wish for his prosperity and success. ' 106 11:4- 1VlONG the graduates of 19-15 is the man who has guided and watched over us alleour principal, Nlr. Strough. He leaves Niagara Falls High School to take over his new duties as Superintendent of Schools in Rome, New York. XVitl1 him go our lmest wishes for further and even greater success, and our deep, lasting gratitude for all he has done for us. It is dillicult to imagine our Alma Matex' without Mr. Strough. But, as he himself said, he will return occasionally, just like an alumnus. In his new position, he told us, he will not be so close to the students as he was to us, so that we would remain his "first love." That is gratifying to know, and our answer is that he, too, will remain ours. YVe the Class of 1945, are proud to have Mr. Strough as fellow-graduate. The rest ofthe school joins us in good wishes, but if we could utter only one word, we would say, humbly and simply, "Thanks" -ai 107 115. I WW . MW qi AxrU1r10'ellQAxlDlHs ff ,.f-'G' ,ffig 07' XE? W M M 14? M M T3 QQ +3 Q W in ' f E215 S Q x if my J 4 X Jy A wi xg ff ,' 4 'fa -. 4 5 A 6: 2 --6n,.,,,L . M QQ U N - Qlwaziwb 'S W " , 3 xlU1r10-elnAxaD1Hs 'ff , 2 Lf MJ' 52, W WF? fm 3625 J -- ina -D, L 74i,L Y KJ' X . 1 X X x . for -A ' MM M' Qifff AMW W N WWMW Mjafjgk 1 Kf1 YNY s W .LTWJW4 W Jf5f"WQ A f, ,I V?,, W , A4 . gig S34 axe. A IU TT MM W M 535 M WW , 4 W M WW? ffwff W i .

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