Niagara Falls High School - Niagarian Yearbook (Niagara Falls, NY)

 - Class of 1942

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Niagara Falls High School - Niagarian Yearbook (Niagara Falls, NY) online yearbook collection, 1942 Edition, Cover

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J Li-ii if 8,66 I 1 2, 1 . NW F NE W' XM x 1-11.5 A zagatzan 1942 A SHG SC DIII IE DAIJAJ Y THE NIAGARIAN STAFF NIAGARA FALLS HIGH SC HOOL I I 1QlllllllllllllllllljllllllllllalllllllIIlljllllllllllljlllllll- Fi AGAR L H HO0L ' A ' LJ is L.: I' - 1 ' I . F- Q ' ":ga- -'Taxi QQPJD JJ u f e I CAS? SOI GPI LOST SIKI XX 11 1111 I11x IIIIIII 11 II LH l N 11,111 1 111116 S1111 II 11 KI K5 JI Nl 1 'NIIIZSIC QIN 1 INRLI W1 S11 11111111115 11,1 IK 11 1 1 I XX XI 2 'I LNIIII l I II I C XS I I IXIII Iglll l ll I1 I IL N f 111ll1CI I11 , J SPICINC1 SIC IION L 111 1 1111 C111111 11 I51111 111 111111111 1111 1 IIl11I 11 I1 1 1 ll X 1 I"II1X11 7 W1 U 11 XNK 1 H 1 N X HN x 1 - 1 v 1 'P ' 1 ' 1 1 1 1 g . . I .NI I Q1 f, 'ION I51111- I11:1' '111LI :I If1'x'!xI '. 1111 C1 VIII11' I" .I1 H I'I1'11NI1 911'1111'1w N-'I :MI 811. 11111 .II O1 'I'1':11'I11'1s II-1'1 I11111I1:1II II1-IN ff1111'11I111' I,:111'11I 1" -I11111111 I'I:11' JI I71.1111:1111' C1111I1I QI 'IA' 1115 If C31II QI f,Ill'I11I.Il'X' ffI11I1 14 I.1I11':11'1' 15 .I11111111 CIPA-11C:1I I.1'g 51 1 111 I'1I'I 1' .1 111' l' IIIII1' CI '11 ICI1' IH 'II11' IXI I1 CI1' QS fi 'I I311 '1' '1-5 J? XYf'I1"'f ,'if'I'I1 ' Ik'-IQII II-11 C ' 1 1111 S11 j' C " ' 14 IJ1'11II1"lI1111 SI. II 14 I':111 11-II1-111C 17 I1-111111111111-1 :1l11I S111'111'1111's V7-'Ia IYIf V' ' LXR I'71Il IC1'x11'111x .IMI I31' 11. '4 11111 49 I,1's I1:I1'II1 1Is 111 I 71'111s'I11'1' I1111' WI I111 .I 511'111'iIi1's T12 f11 Aft " 'va 11 NLQ. 1111 S11 II '14-V1 II1-XIX 51-37 IXI 111' O1'g:1111f:11' 1111 UI-113 lD11I11111 H '111 C4- 15 N11 I ' CI111'I4 ff-17 S111 1111 I I111' 151 U11-', 1112 S11 J' Yi 1'1I H11-MI S1. I . 'Q XVI ' 1' I'a111'1' 'Z .1 -. '1 AIIIII ' I91'1111'1'1 74--5 801111111 711--7 51' ' I,IL'IlII'l'5 N1,-IIIK S1111 1' II1f XIX' IIV 51-111 ll I,Il1l I11'1'X' I1I-' lfI41w P111-111 I Ii? f11'l 111' IIII '. " 1-Il III ELLO FoLKs.' Me, Fm Oscar. No last nameg just Oscar, any senior with a story to tell about h1s school It s been mv home for the past three years and Im rather fond of Alma Mater The Nlagara Falls I-hgh School IS really a remarkable place when you get to know If A lot of thmgs have happened to us fhlS past year and I d llke to tell you about them Let me show you our school our teachers the senlors of 42 and some of the thlngs we ve done It s been a full year, so we d better start at the be g1nn1ng That s the way I ll tell the story to you rlght through the year from September to une You ll get to know us better and you ll enjoy my story better 1f you read thls book 1n the order that lf s wrltten Now you re all set Comm 'P ww' ,F H. X X X Q 492 ' a v ' 1 , . - v 9 7 - 9 1 9 . . , , . . - 9 J 7 7 ' . . . . , . , - 1 iff ,""" QI ' ' U 2 ' , Al Q 1' YQ - f . N v . ,Q , k.lfA gg If T 0' 0 if ' 1: 2!"i'2'f. - P17113 'F 73 .f K"4E,f?? rf ...V 'A .Ji QE., ,Iggy 1 77- ' " fe st -7 1 ,ei f ig e 5 G I 4 - Q" Q' E., 3 "i'f.,.v -azfl 44 W ,ix f . ' 541611 I we 5+ fu iff, gy sash -- REGISTRATION The A u akeuzug About the first week 1n September strange noxses could be heard 1ssu1n from th g e blg stone bulldlng on the corner of Pme and Portage It wasn t the ghosts of the d gra uates wanderlng but the host of workers preparlng Hlgh School for the ram pages of a new arlstocracy the Semors of 42 September 5th a sea of smrlmg faces could be seen mrllmg around the doorway Everyone and everything was ready for a hard years work except about 1500 stu dents and 60 teachers who were st1ll dreammg about that beautlful summer 7ffr"-vw WMA . Y , - , . , . , . '- .. Fi , , .ft . KWWL 11111066115 Abroad From our lofty heights, we Seniors delgned to notice the bright and Smlllng new faces ln our mldst Their halr was combed and then' ties were stralght Behold the Frosh, wllled to our gentle care by North umor Under our sheltering wmgs they soon came to know where room 150 was and why the fourth floor has two parts No sooner had the school year started, with xts perslstent demands for study, than orgamzatxons began to function once agam Fraternmes, Sorormes, H1 Y s, the ten ms, golf, and football teams all began mtegratmg the Frosh IIIEO the life of High School Many Frosh emerged as leaders, and by the time for class orgamzatlon, Frank Vaccarella was chosen as president, Bob Russell as Vlce President, Mary Lou Hoff as secretary, and Albert Chllle as treasurer of the class of 44 Le I to Rxglvt RUSSELL CHILLE HoFF VACCARELLA 1' 7 "N ' X jfffj' f lxti. ,lfff f., LQ? QC z ' gf ' i 'ff ' , fifz ,fy , i, ,X ,.c'rg,1v! -1 ,147 tag, ,-:'7L5, .,. , g 5 W p' W A 41: THE FROSI-I wg 4 ffff-if , "4 1 -f- A ' 55.2 ?Kf arf. ff? if a . I ,li J - , - 9 f ' 1 . , , - SGPHOMORES Top ROLL CALLS 153 154 Bottonz: ROLL CALLS-254, 402 CLASS OF 44 1 R011 CILS 156 7 Button ROLL CALLS 104 L 4 Lal ADMINISTRATION Tbe 'I num vzmte LXNDON H Snzousn were or DR JAMES F TAXIOR EMMA HULEN lrmcrpal Yupz o Yrlvoolx I Ire Prm To the Class of 1942 You are leavmg hrgh school to face 1 challenge such as no group of young people have met m all the hrs tory of America the challenge of total war which makes every crtrzen a participant xn some capac1ty It ls your duty and your prrvllege to find your place and do your share m the battle upon whxch your future and that of your country depend The challenge calls for hard work, wrlhng sacrrfice, and loyal servrce We shall watch your achievements w1th prtcle I would luke to comphment the staff of the N13gHfl3H on thrs very worth while yearbook Wfe are all proud of our hlgh school students for the way that they are measurmg up to all the respons1brl1t1es of these troub lous trmes Amerlca IS xmmcrble as long as xt has young people of your calrber 10 rx pal You of the class of 1942 are grad uat1ng 1nto a busy world You are wrllmg and eager to shoulder the many responsxbrhtres arnsxng out of these crxtxcal txmes We hope each of you may feel better able to carry your partrcular responsrbrhty because you have made the most of oppor tunmes offered through home com mumty, and school Miss PUGIIESE Mas OBRIEN fha Power Belmza' The Throne 1 . . ww Wfiwgri - ' - , ,f,f,,q' Wu" r f t41rdJu4.fl . fimwfym, cg, W, f ,ws,., 'f ' ff If I. . A . fx !,. . . I .I ' . y , , . , K , . . . . . 9"- ' , . a Q ' OUR TEACHERS Tl9eir's To Command Ana' Our's To Obey un- WIMFRED NAYLQR FRANK BAGGALLAY HARRIET DONOVAN ELIZABETH MITCHELL ENGLISH eadm and Wrztzlz OLIVE CHATTERTON MABEI ESHEI MAN BERENEICE OLIVER JAMES FABIANO RUTH Ream DELLA HUTSON HELEN THIELE ROBERT BAXTER Www E Ex ELS N KhlM Alix CORA GRATRICK COMMERCIAL Gregg Babson, and Uuderuood FSTHER NEUBECKER Viz, 'ff A41 ILZLAXQ ig N. WILLIAM Cgowyg VIRGINIA DONAHUE RUTH JAMESON Vu W' 'i WSF' CAROLINE LENG EDWARD STAFFORD MARGARET TICE ANCIENT LANGUAGES Lafzmzs, fl, um ETHEI. BLOOMIINGDAIE GERTRUDE TRESSELT RUTH YOUNG MODERN LANGUAGES Culture GlllIf'llIlf66lf I Al ICE FINN sim AK' RUTH Cook PAUL FOWLER ELVERTA MILLER WELDON OLIVER SCIENCE Bugs and Atoms if HARLAN FREEMAN MAY CRAMER GREGG ABBEY MARK BEDFORD ALFRED BENSON -IOSEPH Orr N INA HARWOOD EIJMOND SKIMIN ESTHER DA!-ILQUIsT SOCIAL STUDIES History-Apes to Hitler HARRY ABATE DOROTHY MAHONEY THYRA RASMUSSEN LA RUE SMITH ADA STEELE ESTHER STURGE f MATHEMATICS Abstractzo 71 to Dzstmctzorz CHRISTIANA I-IATHAWAY FLORENCE ABENDROTH ..,.. wg! .mga RETA HALL CATHERINE MORRISSEY BENJAMIN TIMM ' 1 ' I x m ,, uni , V A Y . 0' 771- 115, LAK I In IK. W PHYSICAL EDUCATION Grunt ll ' Groa 71 A ,,e:gg.z pau B HAROI n CRIPF RA ART Tbe FIIIEY' fbmgs .fig ' V 5-fx TV lu-s lNARn PARSONS F1 ORFNCF SKINNFR AME! IA WHITE FRANK BEDASKA MARGARET I-IEYER M ARY LECKLIDER MUSIC HOME ECONOMICS la Now Tlns Is Practzcal ' The Savage Beast To C arm WARREN Sco'rcHMER CLYDE EMER1' 'll I L LOUISE MOSHER ADDITIONAL TEACHERS DOROTHY APPLE ANNA BAADER ETHEL BRAY Gow BRowNELL IRWIN DUCETTE MAY GENTRY MIRIAM HEARY RUTH HAUCK MARY RYAN MARIAN TRUDGEON After everyone ln the school had got acquamt d and llfe had settled down to 1 regular routme we students began playlng and going to football games Of course the team had been practlcmg almost from the first day of school but the student body dldnt see lt 1n actlon untll September Z6 That was wlth Lackawanna a nxght game at Hyde Park Stadlum We lost that 3531! 12 0 but the followlng week our boys defeated LaSalle to make up for If tfhmfnmvnttnrmamxnauwn UO-'Cv Q UW C C I ' ' e ' . 9 ' I a . , . . . . . 1 1 ' 9 ' 7 4:3 , . , 6 ,awww ' - V V ,, ,p ,V A , f . 1. N "L -1 QT - e i...' M - - 5 f""X F001- X 4 , S64 H, L9 f 1 4 X ,MWA Qw- On October 10 North Tonawanda beat us 14 7 ust to keep the score even our team then upset Lockport 13 6 That was a muddy ramy day It was an out of town game and our band went along to provrde a llttle moral support The muslclans were tamed out but the game went on just the same The Lockport boys came out all dressed 1n whlte so they really got messed up The rest of the season didnt go so well We bowed to Kenmore Tonawanda and as a final blow to Trott So the football season ended, none too successfully lf would seem from the scores but st1ll those who go to the games enjoy them Coach Crxpe IS our football mentor He had lots of Seniors on h1s team th1s year, some of whom may be back for post graduate work The captam was Les Tarc zynskl our well l1ked bashful center oe Bulack was the runnmg dodgmg back who added a lot of spectacular runs to the varlous games Then there was Bob Scholtz wlth h1s green socks and Dud DCSIIHO who dld the passrng These and all the others were our 41 football squad They all had to work together and whrle they d1dn t w1n many games we strll appreclate them At least they beat LaSalle and Lockport CAP1-Am L55 TARCZYNSK1 Back: DEBACCO SIENER DEs'rxNo PENELE Lme ROTELLA PAPUCCI CENTOFANTI TARCZYNSICI SARKISSIAN SCHOTZ WAGGONER 41' . w - A if l Ax xv f f 1 v ll f l at ff 1 r y .Jilwnf Qffffk f. ' ' ,1 T y o T A fe' ty, L, , ,I li d! ' " K " 1,4 s ' ' ,I l 1 , - U , n - . . . , . u . . , i ' 5 ' 7 7 1 , ' l . , . ., . , , O J l . , . 9 - - I , I n . n , . QORRIDCR PATROL Om Gm1rc1'm11 A11 gel v As the wet and ralny Autumn wore on other aCf1Vlf1BS began Notrceable among them was the qualnt habla a good many boys had of belng S1Ck for a weelc or so They tool: thelr rest cures IH long walks 1n the woods wlth guns under then' arms Appar ntly the authorltles clldn t mmd too much About th1s t1me certain students w1th tlme on thelr hands were organlzed xnto Corrtdor Patrol Truly th1s 1S a noble 1nst1tut1on The 1dea IS that lf students are statloned 1n various p rts of the school no outslder w1ll dare to mtrude 1nto our happy halls Actually the patrol IS very useful ln openmg doors running er lands and getting frlends out of study halls Rosemary Lynch ane Galley or Bud Retter s med to be near the front door most every perlod although they must have gone to class sometxme Dons Hollmger and HOWIC Adams alternated between tgnormg each other and be ng constantly together wh1le Danny Schwartz kept pop pmg 1nto th ofhce to do any work that MISS Pugltese had for h1m Corrxdor Patrol was better than averag th1s year because of whlch behold their smiling faces . -y,,: , . .. ., . .s e . 9 . , . G s - 9 9 ' 9 ' ,J v '32 , . . Q . - . . S 7 . . .5 . 9 . . . . .. . , , . JUNIOR PLAY Charley s Aunt The school was really fallmg 1nto shape Slgma PS1 held a War Relief dance at the Cataract House the Monocle started the Upsllons presented their Harvest Capers Dance and Dramatlc Club had 1ts Hrst meetlng One of the projects of thls club was cooperatlng wlth the class of 43 rn presentlng The play was Charley s Aunt wlth Ralph Fnedman playmg the part of the Aunt oan Humbert and Francis Hmckley the grrls and Ed Baker and Don Clark the boys In between garter scenes and eatlng 1ce cream on stage rehearsals were fine When the brg nlght came on November 7th the show was a howllng success before a full house 2 4 7 w ! K V , s 4 ' ' g . . . . . , . . the Junior Play. So tryouts were heldg the cast was choseng and rehearsals started. ff 3 7, ' ' ' S J , 5 , . , . , TW f DRAMATIL GUILD The Rzsmg Stars ,X 5 X S ,fy Those who trod the boards are organlzed mto a dramatlc gulld Ir used to be called Dramatic Club but gulld sounds so much more professlonal W1th Berny DlPl3C1d0 as IIS presldent the guxld held varxous meetmgs throughout the year wlth programs of plays or other dramatxc presentatlons The flrst one of these programs turned out to be a rather corny llttle sklt whlch laid a mce round egg and then faded lnto obllvxon as soon as the club could forget lt Other meetings turned out to be much better Once there was a Truth or Consequences uxz where une Edwards created a sensation by g1v1ng a very real lmltatlon of a cacklmg hen Another txme Olga Demas revnsecl and produced a Red Skelton type program wxth 1m Berry mlmlclcmg Red Some day our Dramatlc Guild may pro duce another Cornell or Barrymore Then we can say wlth prlde 1n our voice Why T lcnew her when .-n Z1 ,,Wvr,l, i f ' f . Qu ..x 5,02 X 13' a Gly, in XXV? K -Y sa,- -- .ap J- I ' .flt '11 'V - . . .X , "N Way, .wg lm Wfff H. h ffl "7 italic q N X V -v....-.,, X -..- UE Qlfwz. jlmfz ffxlf gxfxf' . .H . . ,tu , t x ' ,uf-1 1 u Top: BATUG, BE Bottom: B SETH. ELSE, GOLDSTEIN ucx, REIF One of our llttle known teams IS the Tennis squad ACIIVC throughout Sep for the wmter to reappear 1n warmer days Thls year our n wlthout a defeat Prospects k tember, they hlbernate racquet men came through the first half of the seaso for next year look bright too, for most of the team are unlors Raymond Buc , the Captain, and Hans Relf are the only Seniors One of the stars IS Gordon Lowle, a unlor whom we mherlted from Gasklll Harold Goldstem wlelds a mean racquet too The doubles combxnatxon kept shxftmg but Clark Else, Herb Ruff Bud Reiter, Hans Relf, and Frank Batug paired off for various matches lc on wmmng games as they have ln the past N F H S wlll If the boys can eep have another champlonshxp team to its credit l f ffl- ?-XZ gh' ff .fi EAM , of fl ' Q llmwl' TENNIS T f 'Y Q Q Ef f Racqueteers W ,J I msnunmuu f may rw 'WW xx! I li 'J -"RSD I 'J l ' ,ie l 1 1 f x ' NJ ,4 4 kt 22 ,, g I lim ' 9 1 , . . . . . . F-fy - ' Y, f , YV -mtfflzfzipji. ,f L" ,ff-'H wif ef-fi: - el 2 at e- ., Z5 ,tex I, X, QQ V Asyy 5 f :,, g WX' -. " " P' X ' of at Q , 2 ,Mb -f 'lla Q1 f- - f t U . 1:3 'L' 'N' - f7i4.-'f.- -I-.-tw . - ll' l -:P I 'V ?7f'll l . f u ' ,WY E ' all ll 5 J We -, 1, l .qrwlll 1 WX'-l-' - W' " ' l,"f:0lf.v f V ,W 'ir 'l" 'WP' f 4-I 0'. i I ,t - - ,-4, 'HP ,yff'Q' . N ' U nf 7:43 A' 'fl ' 52, Il 1 9 In ff X - , 15 , Q If "-i V' ft" ' s "v,,- 1, -,Af f . " l lx, 4, ala fl x 'I 7 R:-Eg gl, -' 'K .I A . 1' f 'v ff sf' Qxfi "' Q15 , X ,av S Q SL'-41 N GOLF TEAM W Divot Dzqger v X K X L X NW 4?-Nl Like tennls olfn g ng IS almost entlrely a sport for the zeal to follow the t partrclpants Few fans have eam on thelr trek across the swarcl On those clear mrld Fall days the team conslstmg of about s1x boys could be seen out at Hyde Park wallopmg those p1lls about the golf course The golf team wlth Don LeVan as captam came out on top ln thelr Autumn half of the season wmnmg three our of thelr five matches The rest of the games were scheduled for the Spring D Parsons coached the dlvot dlggers through thelr S matches wlth the T oc eptember and May schedules of onawandas Trott Kenmore Laclcawa port teams nna LaSalle and Lock Top VACCARELLA, SOBIEGRAY, SCZELEST LEVAN Bottom RYCHEL, S'rEN'roN 2-3 X l -'z-- f r. if ff ' 11 ii-N W3 5 tb-'ig 3 X f 'fm f f' X "ftff'1ff.-Q file - - . K ff 'ff55g45:33:rfa.1:fgjgf? Q ,L r - X -iefffafa f I 1' l, l f 3, .7 I K 1 X ggix NV,-5 ,rm 3,5 5':..f:l 5 'A y "' 'I' .- f j 4. M:-V . ' -' ff 2' Y . 'sofa-..-,,,, X J I-. c . 17 "use M - X M Y. ' "vw-,. s LZ L- 54411, 'mil bf' , . , , . . . , . , . . , . . ' ' K! 7, . 9 s 9 9 1 ' Standzng ABBEY B WYCKOFF CARLSON VEXHDEFFER DON-RTO LAMBROS HEALEY KRUE ER MR BENSON SHAHIN Pmtosopx-los Osnomsz Seated LEVAN TAYLOR MCKEEHAN GOLDMAN CHEMISTRY CLUB Flasks and Retorts b t FIOUS olngs on rn the chem lab each Wednesday afternoon Throughout the year there have een mys e g About 20 buddmg young chemxsts gathered each week and followed the1r whlms ln the world of test tubes The Chemxstrv Club restricted to students who have taken or are takmg chemlstry ha contmued m splte of Clif? Sl'lO!'f3gCb of many ITlaI8I'13lS SIDCQ the Wal' Tl1B expertments have ranged from ohn lVlcKeehans ex ploratlons lnto the chemlstry of making fudge to Drck l d Don LL Taylors expermments m makmg pastxcs an glass to lxqulfyxng chlorme and sulphur dxovude through the use of drv ICE For the Hrst half of the year anet Abbey was the only glrl rn the club but about mrdyear sexeral others recogmzed thls fertlle held They dxd very well rn chem club The presrdent was R1chard Taylor who has been actrve ln the club for two years I was serlously thmkmg of jomxng the club hut when Mr Benson the advlser saxd Oscar look at the spat fefed Celllng above YOUI' locker V1S1OI'1S of I'l1U'lC 3ClCl plus glxcerme ran through my m1nd tor the spots re mmded me ot my predecessor s profile I fled Q ' : , . , , , . , , . , G , . , ', 3 a .' . v , , .... ,- Van,s work at micro-chemistr ' from attem ts at makin v g I 9 T 4 ' C. 3 x - tr ' 7 5 7 ' 7 , ' X ' , in LIBRARY Wfzsdom of the Ages U p on the thlrd floor rs the Hlgh School llbrarx It s the most nth nts panelecl walls and brg wtndows Mrss I-Iutson 15 the guardtan of thrs qutet retreat And quret It beautrful room rn school w IS wlth the usual hushed reverence that preva1ls around any hbrary Students can get excused from study hall to come here and read or just browse around It l cl have nothmg else to do s a ways a goo excuse rf you Of course one l1brar1an cant do all the work so Mlss Hutson has varlous grrls help as her asststants They get nothmg for therr work but the knowledge of hbrary routrne and llttle metal pans bronze for one year sxlver for two, and gold for three Some of the old tuners are Marran Foster Marle Falsettx Gwen Charles Florence Pretkxewlcz, and Vrrgrnla Nlcholas Before d f h an a ter sc ool and durxng perxods you can see these glrls hltng cards bxndmg magaztnes, and checkmg out books ln a way they re jacks of all trades, domg anythmg necessary, from helpnng a freshman find the btography secnon to dusrmg chaxrs We have a good lookmg hbrary wrth a wxde selectlon of books Keepmg xt and the stude d nts tn or er rs a complrcated job whtch the hbrary staff does well So cheers and bouquets all around Back KNIGHT KROPP Ross LOFSTRAND PIETKIEWICZ Miss HJTSON FAISETTI ADAHA Pas Tons Fenlcr Fosrrsn SMITH TRYBALA FADELL ROACH DAMORE NICH oLAs Fran! FALBo CHIARNALLE CHARIES MCCARTHY BENTLEY MCDERMOTT DALAISIO , 4. 4 I X x 1 Y rj ' . ' 4 Tw L ,f 1. N' l . . . , , , . 1 . , . . K. -r . . , v , 1 1 J V 9 - 1 9 9 ' 9 5 r - . , . I . . , . v ' . 4 , . , y 4 - , Y v . , , -' y l y - Y , Y A T V. j 25 Among our worthy classmates are an unfortunate few who have been doomed to study Latln Admlttedly there are some who llke the nonsense but alas SCICHCC has as yet found no cure In the meantlme these unhappy souls have managed to elce a llttle pleasure out of the grlm reallty by pretending that they are back 1n the League Thexr programs held ln the aud1tor1um lncluded everything from llvmg statues to a burlesque of Caesars death About this t1me m November the club was orgamzed and electlons were held MISS Gratrxck was the advlser th1s year and one of the Hrst meetmgs under her guldance was the formal 1nstallat1on of officers The Senate sat on stage wrapped up ln sheets for togas and solemnly llstened to Marjorxe Krausman mtone a prayer to the gods for an omen of a successful year It turned out to be just that so ap patently the sp1r1ts were w1th them ,5 A days of Caesar. All those who take Latin are formed into the Junior Classical JUNIOR CLASSICAL LEAGUE Omeus, Sellrltors, and Sllbjllllffllf' Mood FORENSIC SOCIETY Dzsorder to Order and Back Agazn Students may come and students may go but Mr Bedford goes on forever And wxth hlm goes the Forensic Soclety ThlS year Forensxc made a speclal study of Robert s Rules of Order Like the dxctxonary, nt IS rather dry readmg, but how useful lf can be at such tlmes as sen1or meetmgs' Whrle the club dxdnt present any play thxs year, several socxal functxons were held A slexghrlde was planned for the Fall Comphcatlons set m and the party ended up at the Ray Ott, but stlll everyone had a good txme Several mterestmg speakers addressed the club for some of the programs The Forens1c Soclety meets every other Tuesday evenmg Thxs year about half of the meetlngs have been held xn the music room whlle the others have been at the homes of the members Paul Reld was the presndent for the Hrst semester and Clem De Fellce tool: over ln the second term Let Row BAUM Rem SWARTZ WAHENGEL GOLDMAN DoLAN GELLMAN WYcKoFF C1-use n Baoronn Rnght Raw DEFELICE DEMAS GLEASON joencsn LoNG JENSEN Kswon WASHINGTON BEALS YALE Bxruc I' . . i , . . , . .. .. . . ., . . . . . . . . l f: , , . , , - I 1 ' : 7 7 I f I J 'P 7 I , 'x .Standmg DESIDARIO DONNELLY ADAMS BAS T1-1oMPsoN CHAPMAN FICNER STEWART BURKE DooLEY REED SDAO Sealed KASMARCZYK CALDERONE KUSHNER MR CRowlE Invmc Mc KENZIE THE MON OCLE Cyclops On the lower end of the journalxstxc scale IS the lnfamous Monocle There lf ls, a mere piece of fiber board, hung m the cafeterla Thereon are posted notlces, cartoons, ed1tor1als, and gosslp It grew to be the bane of the Hlgh School as the unwary wolves saw their mlsdeeds IH prmt The Eye the g0SSlP column, saw too much, but the students, llke drug addlcts, scurrled back for more And so the Monocle wended lts merry way through the year, xn and out of favor, tw1xt the Charybdxs of censorshxp and the Scylla of slack emng mterest It came out safely and surv1ved, an lgnoble but fond memory of our semor year 28 CHRONICLE The Ultzmate Of the anclent and venerable 1nst1tut1ons m Hngh School, none r1se to the posmon of the Chronzcle From the ed1tor1al room 353 MISS Hauclc, the aclvlser, and Annette Kush ner, the edltor, supervlse the preparatnon of the hterary dlet of the school Regularly each month on a Thursday, Wednesday, or Frl day, as the case may be, this master brew of excellent reportmg, and accurate forecastlng, splced w1th h1lar1ous humor and mterestmg features, IS offered to the students There were many spectacular new addxtxons to the Chronzcle A Roto section was add ed and amazmgly delightful speclal Issues were publ1shed among them, an adorable Apr-1l Fool s Day edition on pmlc paper THE QHQVW ' Q 7 7 ,V J ' ' 0 : ' . , , - , , - ', ' QQ 99 ' Y . , . . . ' n C! ii ' l e x . . f . 5 I 64 L4 I , A Wwbb J .V,, 1 N'l2- Z I 4 I GIRL RESERVES 7 I I I I f jfvv . ,I f I GIF I UPPER CLASS ff 5. G . MA RHO BLUE SKIES an NUI' BRGWN LEAVES TI-IANKSGIVING dn MUSIC BUT BUT PLEASE' VACATION AI-I' d d TURKEY GOBBLER r,,-r ,- Vw. an K inter -' ... 2?- F x f Q Jma . fwfv f fi TX - 14 M Z BASKETBALL and SWIMMING ft' L l' King lVi11ter's Sports .ff I ,:j. , ff' Q Our basketball team came through a fatr season that was dlstmgulshed mostly by games that were almost won Tlme and txme agam our boys would lose by only a few pomts Qur hnal standmg was a t1e for fifth place ln the league One br1ght spot was the Golden ubxlee game played wlth Lackawanna The proceeds from the match were glven to the fund to bulld a memorlal for Dr Nal sm1th the orlgmator of basketball Our team won that game 25 23 DOm1UlCli Penale was the captam and although he had to leave for awhile be cause of work he managed to play wlth the team all season The outlook for next year IS brlght because only Darco one of our ace guards wlll be gone So rhe 42 43 season really ought to be somethmg Comes December comes the swlmmlng team Coach Crlpe agaln brought hls team through a successful season The team of about thlrty fellows partlclpated ln elght League meets The sem1 finals and finals were held here 1n our hlgh school pool The competltlon was strong but our boys put up a fme showmg Nevermore wlll Russell Potter Harold Whlte Ralph Stewart oc Bulack or Mooradlan do their stuff for dear old N F H S ,V ,WTF D for they graduate thls year Wally Stackowxcz and Lawrence Harrington dtd thexr bxt for vxctory as managers of the 42 team -S: '4 'i Y-ii 2 ...aff A ' H 7 4 ' u , - , . 7 9 9 Q . ' ' V4 F . , , . . J ' . . ' ' ' ' Y . . . . . , j ,..,1:.",- S, -19, ,X .J M 1? 4 '5 1' . ew 1 f J ,lf'-L-1, -', x.+ N--a"' 2 -1 xx YYY V l ,Z , 2" . ' . BASKETBALL Dribble and Pass Stmzdmg COACH PARSONS MALR0 SPARBATI QUINONES Mnmoov PRESUTTI ADAMS BRANDE1 Seated BLTERA Dfxngo GONZALEZ PATTERSON GARCIA SWIMMING Paddle and Splash Back Row HARRTNGTON STACKOWIC7 GOTOWKA SAFRAN BLJTLER BLEW LAMAET TRANS CQALH Crum: Center Row HAMMOND MARKEIONIS R WHlTh Envy POTTER H WHITE STLART MOORAIIIAN BLIAQK Front Row Nxcnols Kzsruz DARIIARIAN RUG Emo ME ENTIMQ Kasnrz Slrwzk XVATERMAN if STAGE CREW PROJECTION STAFF Scener Srzmsons L1 bts, Camera J' 3 The Stage Crew and Projection Staff serve all year round but durlng the Christmas play the school became aware of the exlstence of them Charlre rs the boy who pulls the curtalns wh1le Domxnrck and Bernard help get the stage ready Ed Rhoney usually manages the lxghts Of course the boys work terribly hard we ve always been somethmg One group that has truly been affected by the war IS the Projectron Stall: Thls group of about elght boys under Mr Fowler though smaller than m prevrous years has helped 1n over a dozen de fense meetxngs It has been an act1ve year for the fellows for they have also helped 1n the Clare Tree Major plays and have shown pictures for Engllsh Those were busy days between Thanlcsgxvmg and Chrlstmas Pearl Harbor had aroused the natlon we were a country at war But our school affarrs went on w1th hardly a thought of the days and years to come A journalrsm conference was held ln Buffalo some of the Senior English classes had a party at the Plan tatxon the I-I1Ys held their annual banquet at the Y and on the last day of school a Chrlstmas pageant was presented ln Assembly So school closed and the season of mlstletoe and holly began While the outside world prepared to destroy itself our own little lrves were happy It was Chrlstmas txme and snow was framing the trees There was war ln the world but peace ln our hearts 34 . O I I I, , . . . . . , 1 a ' s - , I 1 u Q 9 3 afraid that one of them might sprain a fmger or History and Science classes as well. - l - , - 7 - re an. - 9 ' 9 , . Ql!1'i5fllI2I'.5 15141 COLD and CRISP REST FOR THE WEARY WAY THIS MODERN GENERATION' TWAS THE NIGHT BEFORE CHRISTMAS LET COMFORT COME THIS X?'X.r ix , I Eufllll 1 ffm QT PAN HELLENIC X ,K Q Our Nights Were Filled Wzth Muszc 'L f ,QV ' 'lla f WMx C v Y kd .A fffw 1 - Zgib Chrlstmas vacauon brmgs wrth rt the freedom to sleep rn on the mormng after the mghr before So every year about thrs time the Greeks hold therr biggest and best formal dances Out ide bands come to the cxty and the Nragara Hotel ballroom IS filled with sub duecl lrghts swrrlmg gowns corsages and music Of course we enjoyed other evemngs of the year too Pan Hellemc as a umon of all the Fratermtxes and Sorormes, presented their annual dance Aprrl 17 and a very successful affair rt was On the followmg pages are pictures of the l"I'3fCl'nlIl6S and Sororltles They form a certain class here at the Hlgh School that lends a lxttle color and society to the drab processnon of classes Morning and night they and therr fnends gather rn the Cafeterla to tallc over the gossxp of the day and to fltrt wrth the members of the opposlte sex From pot luclc dmners to open house at Krllran s It s qurte a lrfe and the Greeks are qurte a bunch Top JAMES Scuwfmrz REITER REID REYNOLDS KRAF1' ELSE STRACHAN Bottom RUNALS, DAGGETT, MAC GREGOR, MUNNOCH, TUEBE, BnowN, LYNCH, Lnuvramx, LVM BURNER, Cum: -guin- x X i If I , Hu TZ Y A 1 . 7 - wi" , X I . -,fr X f, ,-32' 1 K , , 75: Q-L 1 Qxb 4 -L:-1'r.:.f A- ss S -3,5 I N u ' ' ' ' ffffilrz' F2527 L N 'Z' f?f , .1 , x C ,... .. Z A 've r X -, --' . . gy xx , j 1 J I K S., K . .- uv ff' I' " if fab. ' ' Q! 7, ' ' ' , . , . . , , . D . . I . , . 7 9 . . , - , . - Q' ,, . . . 7 7 ' I I I Y qv 123 Eli 'Q Q. SW: M- "11N A 2, , av Q, 'I . -' ' tx' t ' ' , .X ' 2: N ga K .. T HhT A LAMBDA CHI SORORITY 112+ 39 GAMMA SIGMA FRATERNITY 90 90 40 ' V AL W 22 A 5 'A ' rw W C.5l?,P,, 9 "gif ing 9 mate 5 fjtgz 54238 was FRATER I. 'T F . M W NA? R A ' Y-L., N . 'F ' ' :- ,,, H MIK 4 I ' -N . 8 J t f Q50 "' , Q - -X ,..,, 1.4 1' - if 'X 'iw , 'M fs' Q ,ZA my I Q Q. Q ' ,, I T7 W 7,4 ns Q AWD N ALPHA THETA KAPPA FRATFRNVIX 0? QQ 42 i i9 x Lia -v-Q fa 49' O , 'yu 5' avi. :L ..,.. 71, Q O :I W" 0 O arf 21 G 7? X w C 5 0 'S P7 Q '45- W wx., Nfl? mg, ZETA SIGMA EPSILON SORORITY I jf 43 1-I A 55 A 4 A 1 1, H I - vpfifgz W' n . A ' 4 -4 A :'LY,' , ,, Z' I . Q gg :QI 'L' , , Q 3 1 '19 ZETA TAU IOTA SORORITY wwf XM 'ixnw an 44 il" mb XJ wwf 7? fhww sf Q' KW! has K..-f' A J Y A A, 2 "' ",V A , ,V W av Q7 . A Us 7.1, ,. A izl f 1 ' J '- fr. I' 'If e:" I 1 ' ,.,., '- s.,.,,,fL 7 . , A . , ,f,, 2 ,za nw fi , M " M' L A, A lvlv f ' 'M , ", " U M-5' I ' 4, lb -VQA M ,,WA i L f Y Q ' V A :'- Q M f g "-A V0 GAMMA DELTA PSI FRATERNITY 45 Q . -5' . 1- A ' 1 sf- ' W!-A S- . -x nr , 'PK ' , 4' Spa. W , , i 'V THETA XI UPSILON S0110 T 5 moi!" 9 is gyuvf is ,555 sv 58 M9 We 35699 BETA ALPHA SIGMA SORORITY '4 8- Nv' ,Q gf W A ff Q Q 3229, I AJ 15- av Q! 47 If---f ITH the skung and the sleeplng and the whirl of dances over school days drew near agam' The old year passed and 1942 began We hlgh school stu dents welcomed It ln with parties shows and a lClSS for the one and only r,.1 uf yea!! 1942 N390 Eg" fi?-7 1 5 ff ai My REGENTS AND REGISTRATION s MW Exodus and Geueszs 1 M X41-.f Q X5 WM Back to school and back to work for regents were only two weeks away The teachers drove and the students slaved all preparmg for the ordeal to come One brlght moment appeared however and that was the Nmgarzan Ice Carnival on anuary 16th The blggest crowd IH years came to the gym that night to dance toss pennles and buy ICC cream It was a combtnanon fxremen s ball and Coney Island Everyone had fun and the Nzagarzan raked xn the profits That was only the calm before the storm Regents followed the next week Of course thls was a vacatlon for many especlally the underclassmen but for others If meant exams day after day Toward the end of the week reglstratlon started 1n the school gym It was far less compllcated than the one 1n the Fall because all of us knew what we were golng to take and whom we wanted to teach lf A few new courses were started a bunch of gurls qulte unexpectedly joined the Personal Reg class to learn as Betty Noble hopefully announced how to comb your hair and when to say No The second lap started the followmg Monday Sprlng term 1942 the best was yet to come N "lb 49 I 1'g5f'f" . -.Hui K6 9 n 'ff Hal' -C' gg , ,Ja 4- A as 'iv , ' f'?,ff -tg' Av 18:5 1 'fl uf. 7, I I ' ' '71 XCX vii' bc h 1' H 35 o 0 --Q , -I' 1 f V a l . Q- V, R ' ft 4 ax ,' lj - A ' , ff- mul, ' V 4 ' x . 1 lv lf' 1 'EX 'Q . -V 1 'Zheng in-. V ff,-lx:-K, Aix, , h fxffy.: 5 ..,4x ggi: 4 t '-fv f ,f.27 im, ' Q' t ' X s 1 Xt, " , . K x t L 1 XI f ,fx uf. ' , . , . 7 9 J - - . . . . , , . s 9 a 9 , . 9 ' 9 - 1 9 ' tt 77 s 1 7 ' - v 3 ,. , I' f 7, f fw f " LES BABILLARDS 1 be Chatter boa es Parlez vous francaxs mons1eur9 and rf you do you X " may he 1I1V1fCd to jom Les Bahrllards Theoretlcally the is- Chatterhoxes speak only French but ln pract1ce a llttle Engllsh sllps 1n now and then At therr meetings Marge Le1gh presrcles as Mademol selle la Presxdente whxle Catherlne Halley records and X S reads les fa1tes affalre The March party at oan umherts ended up rn a snowball fight w1th everyone gettlng soaked ln a true Parlslan manner For the Chustmas party Les Fetes des Roxs Mrss Frnn baked a cake wxth a com ln lf The lucky finder became kmg for the dav Hans Relf found the com and chose May ohnstone as hrs queen The Chatterlnoxes dldn t lIlCll.1lUC ln any polmcal act1v1ty hut we ll assume they re all Free French The only one that were worr1ed about IS Emar ensen wrth hrs subverstve plans to send representatrves to Les Babrllards conventlon 1n Rochester .4. "f f'a3Q I get by I L5 as M ' Mr 'm - , I 1 S ' A , . , x Q 1, ' ' ' ' Q, n '.a', , . if A .I ag v,,, 1 'ff' fain' ,, . . , . 1 ff, ' ff, 'QW vis . 't I h , I .7 A a 9,1 " I V I Xamgglfbl ee I as . - ' , I f f ' Y l KQn.f"i,v, , , I jf' ,yy ' I 'L ' 3 ff? . . . . ' Qi, X L :vin . , I .y . 24 ' , s-'T' . ' . A . ' A ,fit jf, - WNY xx V yr 1 . I L ' N w 4' - q D u, J J 1 l ' ' I, Q . . . . . . . . 5 J ' . . , . . . . . , , D , - , . . . . . . J DEUTSCHER BOTE Ach Hzmmel' Was Gzbt's9 Regardless of the polntlcal turmorl nn the world today the German Culture of the past llves on 1n the Deutscher Bore The Fakultalsvertreterm faculty advlser of thls monthly mlmeographed The entlre paper of seven or e1ght pages IS wrltten m German The cartoon embel llshments by Vlctor Sarlcrsslan and Herby Damm have l1vened up the publlcatlon Edltorlals h1story and Oflglhal SIOFICS fill the pages However the page whlch IS mvarlably the first to be read IS Through the Keyhole where all the latest dlrt gathered by Dave Klauder and company can be found MISS Baaders thlrd year German classes have done most of the work 1n lSSUlI'lg the Bore but the Hrst year class Issued the April Fools 1ssue Though thls paper only costs three cents they couldn t seem to keep thelr treasury low so donatlons were made to the Red Cross and the Band Umform Fund , . . ff 99 ' ' , 7 German paper is Miss Baader. Janet Abbey and Clem DeFelice are the co-editors. . . , . , . . . t . . . . . ,, ,, . 7 . , . . . , . . ' , , . . 9 Men Of The Hour After mar had heen declared d feme claeses were stwrted 111 Trott and NX'h1tney Ave Schools Over 100 how and g1rls from H1gh School jomed these after school clqssee learn l1ow to weld r1wet 1111x el1t?IT11 cals, and heulcl a1rplar1es The courses took three hours exerx day hut tl1e hovs feel that thex 11 he repa1d for all the1r trouble mth good Joh 111 defense 1ndu5tr1es Here vou see som if these hoxs at work, and at the top some them at play O the upper lt 1 t1e H1gh Schools 11111111115 hom 1111, PP' team and 111 tl1e I'lQl1I the xollex ell c1amps Tl1e PICILIYL 111 the ce11ter NIOWS some ol t1e frm s and IFIWLI1 txons that our photogmphers h1 I go through for tl1e 1lce of de1r ol Nzagarzan 11 The Better Half And tlme gxrls were busy too Marte falstttx on tlme left rtprebented our sclmol In the Atlxletlc Councll On tht utptr ltft an Flllalnetlm am :mm md lms Miltmu rht lva mm Inn Cnmp Kun 1'l!'tN IN pax mt, Ruwm Hood Cllr tt x 1 an wlulr slum ur lrlen N oo un In tu upptr rxelut ns om of flu glrls ow mt, ttams and to the rxslxt 1 Amta Dtlwzm gtttmg lur ttetlm exammed m tu clm1c as all lnblm sclmoo atu mth vert supposed tv d 1n te Spring Btlm from ltfr to rlgllt are Bu Pltlds and Nlarx Frost playmg 11 tlwmrd m f t hrxt ax clvsee md N nun Gerhn Nlargaret Kuclm and Margaret French at pmg Pong NIAGARIAN STAFF Double Double TOIl und Trouble bdztor A fvzstant f dztor A vszstant Hzmrzecf Fan ultx A411 1ser Manager CLIFFORD SWARTZ AMPS WYCKOFF Ox-nw Duma MR SKINIIIN , VV ,U . Bnsineys Manager DAVID Gl.FASON , . Fourth floor-iron steps to the roof-secret compartments in desks-Varga cal- endar-ever changing crowds of people-small dark room-setting for either a murder or a yearbook, or both. Above the door to this den of iniquity is inscribed the same legend that is written above the entrance to I-Iell-"Abandon hope, all ye who enter here." How truly the words do prophesy, for this is the N iagarian room. In those sheltering walls, the Ice Carnival was planned and executed, the early February blitzkrieg sales campaign that broke all records was launchedg the movie that undermined the daily class routine was ordered. From within that room photog- raphers cameg around that table adviser and engraver consulted, and on that roof the editors played handball and threw parties. Many there were who sacrificed much for the sake of the yearbook. Besides those whose pictures you see, there were Rose Mary Lynch, Catherine Hailey, Bill Hallet, Bill Frank, Charlotte Miller, Janet Abbey, Regina Caldrone, Marjorie Leigh, May Johnstone-dozens of others. We love them all, and to all of them goes any credit and any praise that the '42 N iagarian may have earned. WHAT MAKES THE WHEELS GO ROUND X OE DoNoFRo God s G1ft to Niagarzan BETTY NOBLE lnspzratzon DAVE GLEASON They Don t Balance Bon Kusi-INER Watch the Bzrdze GWEN CHARLES Right Hand Woman SAM COVELLO Creator 0 Oscar HELEN GOLD Posters and Things , V 1. E' T y ' J . . . . .- C - Q . .I ' U f , Sta dmg: CASTILONE, GLEASON, SWARTZ, YALE, MR. B151-lov, LEVAN, LEE, Cowmucx, MCKEEHAN, I-I. WYCKOFF Seated: DEMAS, WEBB, J. WYCKOEF, BAUM, VEIHDEFFER, DARIN, DlMoNn, GOLDMAN, DAY. 9 9 ' 3 7 ' Q! S! . , . . . . - , . ' 7 7 9 - J , s J a ' 5 1 3 9 - ALPHA DELTA HI Y The Wolves In the m1ddle of February a couple of weeks after the Nzagarzan bhtzkrleg the N1agara Falls H1 Y councll had a Jamboree wlth Buffalo and Lockport clubs at tenclmg There were games 1n the afternoon a dinner at the Cataract House and a dance afterwards at the Maln St Y There are four H1Ys 1n the H1gh School the second oldest IS Alpha Delta They puttered along at a good cl1p th1s year Their advlser Howard Buntmg was sh1pped out of town early m the year but the Club was lucky ln securmg Bob Blshop for a new advlser Delegates from Alpha Delta were sent to the State H1 Y Assembly ln Albany 1n December A serles of speakers on the lndustrles of N1agara Falls provlded some lnterestlng programs The officers th1s year were ames Wyckoff presldent ack Baum vxce presldent Bob Kenyon secretary and B111Webb treasurer Ytmzdmg LDNG. FRANK. ADAMS. MR. BEDFGRD, LEGACY. JORDAN. SULLIVAN. BESETH. CIPPERMAN. CLARK, EDDY ZOPHY Sealed: BEALS, TAYLOR. REID, HODGE, BAKER, INSULACO. WELCH, LYTLE, EDWARDS. , 1 . , J . . . . , . . ' ' ' Q! 77 . . , . . . . , . . . , , . J - . . I , ALPHA HI Y Ibn I omzger GU1L'l'llfI0ll, The monthly Open Houses for HIYCFS and thelr dates proved to be a blg success, gammg momentum as the year rolled on These Open Houses are a com b1nat1on dance and party at the Ma1n St Y One long to be remembered Open House 1n March was sponsored by Alpha H1 Y The boys really put over a swell party w1th mov1es, refreshments, and everythmg Alpha IS N1agara s oldest club, and 1n the good old days, used to w1n the H1 Y League troph1es cons1stenly Bes1des the regular run of programs, Alpha members tr1ed to l1ve up to the H1 Y code better by observ1ng some rel1g1ous customs 1n the1r meet1ngs and attendmg dlfferent churches together Mr Bedford lS Alpha s advxser and ofhcers for the Sprmg term were, Ed Baker, pres1dent, oe Long, VICE pres1dent, Bob Taylor, treasurer, and B1ll Zophv secretary - gg BETA HI Y Ibe Old Older Cbaugetb vwffww Que club that we re very proud of IS Beta They meet every Sunday mornmg at the Boys Club Not bexng content w1th just wmnmg the scholarsh1p cup last year they proceeded to come out ID first place rn the H1 Y Sports League so they 11 get that cup next Fall The Sports League was a neck and neck race thrs year between Alpha and Beta It ended pracucally m a t1e, and wasnt decrded untll a final badmlnton game eased Alpha out p g spea ers at etxcs xscusslons, movles, etc One of therr series of talks thrs year was hy Dr Lathrup Betas ofhcers were Frank DelBosco presldent, Manuel Nlunlz v1cepres1dent, X73.I'lC1S amgo lnan treasurer Arnold Lozzr secretary, and the adv1ser was Fred Flggenbaum N ad ze Goxe Loslshblrlrxo GHANA MR lt1c,c,LrxBALx1 Twp Mars baremsslws Bx1lc,lA.N PAUL-UNO ROTI-IIA NLAR Kon SARKISSIAIN DEFRANCO A Mosucxan Wol FE Sand Pwrzorss DEFALIO CIAMBRONE Axoowmw Mumz DELBOQCO ANIGOLHIAN Lozl F Moscxsn I a - I , 1 . f' ' ,V 4 ' 4 A: uf:-. Q. , U In ws" -'bfi L 7 7 I ' - v v . . . . , Of course Beta has the usual Hi-Y ro grams- lc , hl ' . d' ' ' . 7 7 x. . . v . I . . . J - C' . 1 ', ' ' ' ' . ..'.:rvg: 1 . ' '. ,' . '. , 5. F! il. ', ' ' . 97... . As iiw n 98 SIGMA HI Y Tb e U lbsla rts Swmgmg 1nto IIS strlde, S1gma has completed one of IIS best years so far At tendance has been good and mterest has run hlgh 1n programs of speakers and 1ound table d1scuss1ons Better left untold IS the standmg 1n the H1 Y sports league, but there has been a good turnout each Saturday afternoon and anyway 1ts the sp1r1t that counts Vmcent Neudeclc was presldent, ack Walmsley, VlCC pres1clent, and Bob Tlerney, s cretary treasurer Stan Baum, Athlet1c D1rector of the lVla1n St Y was the new adv1ser th1s year On the past four pages you have seen the Hlgh School s H1 Ys They re only part of the great H1 Y organ1zat1on spreadlng throughout the world To create ma1nta1n and extend throughout the school and COfTllTlll111Iy lugh standards of Cl1r1st1an character reads the1r pledge Wh1le all our H1 Y s may fall some short of tlus marlc the motto st1ll stands as a challenge to tht H1 Y OYQEIINIHCIGII here 111 Nlagara H1gl1 and across tht Il'1Il0l1 Sztmdmg BRENNAN DANIS OWEN? Russ LeRox lN1c1-1015 NIORGAN Summa Sealed FAVERO Ouvsn BRAGG SHAW INELDECK Russo WALMSLEY Amex . in . 'Vu ' - A A 2 f . ' I fe 5 e rv ', '5 'f q . , ' ' ' Q! 77 e - . . , ' - 9 - 7 9 Q . . . . ,, 4 7 ' - av - - ' w 1 - ' , . . , 1 L g 1 A l ' ff ' 4 . c ., I ' . ' . ' .. . . '. ' . . "'. , : , . . . ' ' '. ' . '. ,. -vvs-v..,,,, -" V' ORCHESTRA Muszc, Maestro' Poor mlstreated orchestra' They slaved as hard as the Band to F3156 that unlform money but all they got was the joy of playmg It wasnt all Joy elther To say the least the orchestra s part of the Fall concert was not what It should have been But by the tlme Sprmg rolled around everythlng was 1n better shape The orchestra gave a credltable performance for 1ts part of the show and the Band A Cappella and Chorus dxd good work too Thls concert was the most wldely attended ln recent years The money for those umforms rolled nght ln In the past we students have not been 1ncl1ned to favor the muslc of the masters But Gordy at h1s pedal Tlmps and Klrby Wlth h1s fiddle seemed to enjoy Bach and Beethoven w1th a llttle Boogy Woogy on the Slde , " ' v J' 1? -" ' .'b'1 ' -. 'ff 1' f - 1: ' I . . , . . , , . v . , . , . 7 7 7 , . 7 H'DJ'-9-57!sUA0t BAND MN' W That Mczrtzal An' If you ve worn a su1t of clothes for twenty years you must be elther Chinese or a Band member For twenty Autumns those same capes and pants had been marched onto the Football field But all that IS past now The year 1942 wxll go down 1n h1story as the date that new umforms were purchased for the Band Scotty had been threatenmg to take actlon for some tlme and last year he re celved half of the necessary funds from the Board The only catch was that the they got They sold 250 worth of magazme subscrlptlons helped put over the Sprlng Concert w1th Mr Emerts publicity and by the tlme the concert came the uniforms were bought-on a loan from the Board 1' 1 ' , . . . 7 rc as - - - Band had to raise the second half in order to claim the first. So down to work . . , . . ' . ' 7 5 .aff 'kg A CAPELLA CHORUS L1 e s But A Song In th1s hect1c age of swmv and such one of the havens of the better t e of YP musxc m h1gh school has been the A Capella Chorus under the d1rect1on of Mr Scotchmer The Chorus has done many splrltuals hymns anthems and lullabys The T hanlcsgwxng Concert was complete 1n every deta1l except for the notable lack of an audlence The Sprmg Concert had even thxs detaxl so everybody was happy Durmg the year the chorus performed at the ZIOH Lutheran Church and f or several assemblles as well as part1c1pat1rg 1n the Chr1stmas Pageant They w1ll also smg at graduatlon The Gllbert and Sulllvan opera HMS Pmafore presented on Aprll 21 23 and 24 was thelr biggest productlon of the year Closely related to the A Capella Chorus IS the M1XCd Chorus ' ' ' QQ 77 5 9 ' 9 9 9 ' ' 7 - 9 , . . 7 ' ' ' Q 9 9 , . THE MIXED CHORUS Lzve We Snzgmg Under the leadership of Mr Scotchmer the mixed chorus has performed many of the better known classlcal works They had an xmportant part m the Thanks g1v1ng and Sprxng concerts May lst they all went over to South unlor Hlgh School to smg for the younge generation Ir IS an impressive thing to hear 140 voices let go m the audltorxum The mixed chorus has provided a place for all the lovers of music m hlgh school to CXCICISC therr vocal talents Though It IS dlfhcult to shme w1th so many others to blot you out nt com s m very handy when an oif note 15 covered The Associated Music Clubs composed of the members of Orchestra Band The Mlxed Chorus and A Capella has dlrected the mus1cal act1v1t1es rn school Conme Morell was elected presldent Kenneth Dxmond vxce president oyce Lever and Peggy Delghton recelved the offices of secretary and treasurer respectively The annual Musxc Clubs party m the muslc room was held at Chnstmas txme Every body had a good tlme w1th peanuts to burn and plenty of hot muslc to sooth the savage jitterbugs. MR Brmonn Amis Wwrnoii Niagara lalf Negative Negative Afhrmatix e Aflirmativt Negative Af1"irmatix t Afiirmatix e Negative Negative Negative Affirmative Affirmative Affirmative Negative Afhrmatixe TOURNAMENT AT C1 FM DEFEI III PAU1 REID I RANK BATUG EIINAR -IEINSEN DEBATE TEAM 1942 Schedule Oppomn! Silver Creek amestown amestown Fredonia Amherst Central Amherst Central Canisius Fredonia Canisius Kenmore Silver Creek Kenmore LaSalle LaSalle Rochester U. MEDINA Dat March March March lVIarch March March March March March March March March April 9 Apri 16 April 25 CSI II 1 om: Sxx ART! Pun 1 ll GFI 1 MAN WY: n B Silver Creek amestown N F H S Fredonia N F H S N F H S N F H S Fredonia Canisius Kenmore N F H S N F H S N,F.H.S. LaSalle Non-decision At the dehate tournament at Medina Niagara Falls carried off top ratings. Both Affirma- tive and Negative two man teams won all three of their debates. The awards for the best spealcers also were won hy the four Falls dehaters. DEBATE They Work By Night Resolved resolved resolved and the debaters go forth to war ust as they have for the past sxx years they brought home the bacon thls year too The trouble IS that our only consecut1ve champ1onsh1p team gets less attention for thexr troubles than any other group except the Peace COUnC1l The top1c for the season was um versal mlhtary traxnlng Thls was declded on several months before the war started so when Pearl Harbor d1d come along the Afhrmatlve case was a mess to say the least But w1th the hypocr1t1cal dexterity for which our boys are famed they wormed their way out In fact the Afhrmatlve came through the season with only one defeat whlle the Negatlve dldnt do well at all according to the Judges Reld Batug and WyckoH shared the doubtful honor of being the Negatlve team but after the trlmm ng they gave LaSalle all was forglven how much argumg was done In the early days of practice, If used to take two hours to get through a ten mlnute speech and then nothing much was settled Eventually everyone was happy Clem took the arguments Einar took the books and Swartz took the blame Phll spoke so earnestly that he nearly persuaded hxm self he was right So Mark R produced another cup wmnmg team It dldn t look very probable around February but he coaxed pleaded and threatened untll both teams were 1n top shape Now Mark and the boys can rest ln peace while the cup rusts ln the showcase We lead a happy hfe here ln schoo' Eat dance and copy homework tomorrow we may be expelled On the next two pages we ve pictured a student s day from early dawn t1ll late at mght As you can see Late to bed and late to rxse makes one stupld but who cares? , , s - J , . 9 , - 9 - s . . . , . . . , ' , 7 9 1 , . The usual hours of work were from 4:30 to 6:00, or maybe 7:00, depending on . , . I a - 3 3 . , ' . . . , , 3 , . ' , I l 1- 9 9 5 , ' , ' 1 3 . . ,, . ' T a ' ,, , . 7l5 4' fa 3, 'xt find affix in 'Y' i 844 hu' Yiaosi f'a .rlfm CLOSED V" ll.59 MILLENIUM . H . A -, K , 1 f gg . I A L I 'Q -... I 44 , . ' 1 . ' f -M 9 H Li V' -213 . L - A ' siahike- 'A' ' ' L, bfk 4, 'x ,A . , I Au W sm.. . wg , 5,525 7' Q, f ' " ' .5 ,L 'ix ' E , , I 3 0 7- A - V , ,I X , 9 I V af. F .yfx f A ' , v 5 Y ' V K' 4... + 2 Y' s I SENIOR PLAY Vzmczous Lady Rumors and plans for Semor Play had been in the malcmg even before m1d year exams After the new term had started work was begun rn earnest Supposedly, tryouts were held early enough to leave plenty of txme for rehearsals but as always happens there was Just about t1me to whlp It mto shape before the 19th Vlvacrous Lady was the name of the play, and Beth Long was our VIVACIOUS herome Ed Baker aged some forty years put on a monocle and turned mto a college presxdenr wrth May ohnstone as hrs lovmg but tem peramental wxfe Chi? Swartz, wlthout too much actxng became a rather t1m1d professor although love and a b1t of excellerator arranged everythmg mcely, 1n more ways than one The only people not happy towards the end of the play were Kexth and Helen, played by Al Crpperman and Catherme Halley, but even these partner rn m1sery patched thrngs up and all was serene So the curtam came down on the 42 Semor Play whrle Bob Crewe as Culpepper yelled Down wnth the flowers' The crowd was large and the play was good Afterwards the cast presented Mrs Threle wlth a bouquet of roses As the long suffermg drrector she deserved them and more, for all those hours of rehearsals . . 9 9 . . . . U . . ,, . L, , ' J - - 9 9 5 . , . . 1 tt . 99 . . , . . , , . OPERA H M S Pnmfire Ah' Sprmg wrth the flowers and the brrds when all the world turn to song High School drd just that when H MS Pmafore the Hrst Grlbert and Sullxvan Opera g1V8h rn hrgh ch ol rn man ears was produced Mr Scotchmer had a brg job whrpprng both the S 0 Y Y orchestra and the A Capella Chorus mto shape for the hng performance The two matrnees on Aprrl 21 and 23 gave the I-hgh School and umor Hrgh School students a chance to see lf Gettrng out of seventh and erghth perxods helped rmmeasurably rn frllrng the house The students were well satlshed however The plot pleaslngly rlchculous as Gllbert and Sullrvans usually are was hullt around the K C B portrayed hy Paul Reld and Ralph Rack traw played hy Paul Mltchell can Pearson as Buttercup succeeded nn stralghtenmg matters out Accessorxes before the fact were Ken neth Dlmond as Captain Corcoran ames Wyckoff as Dlclc Deadeye oyce Lever a Cou rn Hehe and Herman Camp as the Boatswarn Fnday evemng Aprrl 24 was the brg nnght The show went over very successfullv wrth a brg house As the flnal curtam was rung down to the last strams of the Star Spangled Banner the cast Joyfully collapsed or went out to celehrate -or both . . E I l u . y . . ' , ' - rr - sy ' - ' ' ' . . . , , V u a , . . . . . . , . 3 , eternal triangle. Josephine, played by Constance Morell, was torn between Sir joseph Porter, . . ., , 5 , ' 1 ' , S A ' 5 J , ' ' - 5 J ' ' , S . s , , . V . , . , V . . A V Q . . , - STUDENT COUNCIL The Polztzcmus CLEM DEFELICE PAT CLARK PAT MOORE Miss HULEN Prcvzdent 4 Prcszdcnt Treasur 1 Fa41cft3 Aduzsu Viv ' PAUL REID A Sefretary ,. . 'f' ' ' 1 1' V When the opera was over and finished, elections were held for next year's student council officers. Theoretically the student council is the governing body of the school, and while we're proud that we have this machinery for local democracy, we're afraid that it is not nearly so powerful as it could or should be. However some progress was made this year when the Activities, Committee was set up. The ex- pressed purpose of the committee is to arrange activities of the various organizations so that they will not conflict. As time goes on, the system ought to become more influential The Council ventured to change the assembly opening and under the leadership of ohn Baum planned an Impresslve ceremonial begmnlng Another banner event was the arrival and initiation of our new sound projector After years of dreaming and schemlng, we finally managed to buy it Then there were three assembly programs sponsored by Student Council Hug gerhite, the archer, Payne, the page hoy and Shearer, the modern dancer, all added entertainment to our school day COUNCILS WITHIN THE COUNCIL SITTING IN THE COUNTING I-IOUSE ANY BONDS TODAY THE ART MODERNE -5 N- M... PAPERS, PENCILS an NOTEBOOKS ACTIVITIES COMMITTEE HARD AT WORK .mmf Ns-I . . Z . x ff? ? if I i A . ' J K I 'Ii A .K . 6 'W-W , it d V' y T. o . 5 I A, I 1 .: y ' WHITE PAPER ust an ldea ln 1938 Stardust has grown smce that mme mto a full fledged member of High Schools publxcatlon l1st The covers of the Creatlve Wr1t1ng class annual enclose short stones essays book report , short subjects and verse Wrth no sales campalgn at all about 650 coples were sold Catherine Halley and anet Abbey were the co ed1tors and ohn McKeehan served ln the capacity of Busmess Manager Wlth the help and guidance of Mlss Eshelman the best work of thls group of seniors was gathered and early 1n May Stardust was ln the students hands There comes a txme slowly xnevxtably, when the truth must come out Mld dxre threats of paper shortages, libel sults and bod1ly harm the Whzte Paper of H1gh School surrept1 tlously crept through the mlmeograph machme and 1n no time the hd blew off the school Th1S combxnatlon expose and advxse to freshmen told everythmg from the best way to make your way around the roof to recommendatxons for changes ln school polxcy No faculty member would rlsk advlsershrp and smce the paper came out the edltors have been hlbernatlng Address all communlcatlon to Cell 6957A Alcatraz or ln case of escape try the French Forelgn Leg1on ...l Ex ose if - J , 9 Q 5 ' 3 - 1 s 9 - 9 2 ' , . , . 7 ' 5 9 9 9 I STARDUST Mzltons In The Raw P ,aI 'S' JUNIORS J!! That Awkward Age W"'5Qfi' wx WJ' X VAX K , wo X N! 'fu ,X fs 9 4 1 1 'ff f!fz2 y Senior Day was May 15, and wrth that grand and glorrous day over, the Semors pre pared to leave Nxagara Hrgh Exams and graduatxon were only a few short weeks away However, all wlll not be lost when the Senrors go Somehow, the school always manages to struggle on We leave to follow rn our footsteps the class of 43 Ir would be uncalled for to say that thls class consists of dreamer-s, wolves, and adolescents, and we wrll not mentron the fact Of course they arent an unusually bad unxor class, by any means In fact they have members on practrcally every team and orgamzatron ln school and some of the young ladles are queens rn their own rlght rn splte of bemg only unxors When Fall comes round agam these chrldren whose pictures you see on the followmg pages, will be hrgh and lofty Senxors May they wear well that mantle that the class of 42 places on thelr shoulders Let lo Rzglvt MR CROWIE Advrser FRANK BATUG Vnce Presrdent MILDRED Romans Secretary EDWARD DARIN Treasurer WILLIAM WEBB Presndent 56" f Y il l e r li Ill I .Z-It . Lili! Nl? D -I If I .!YL,1i,a'! My K ., X. 'rl s Q 2 ' 'kf9f1l'f"li'tl2f: Tfif r.,,sf 1 f , "iw: if V llli' if ' r r fffpf, -.ZA -. t 'wf?4-. ' Al' , - N ' wL3f5f'A -sn . 'gif All ' x " ,,:EEi2s f ' ff all . 2' :WEN V lv X v,..r ' A gi LS- shi:-A . ,-. '--X A -' -if.v':.f: b " ' .tr ' SLA, nga- - 54, 41 ' ' ' ' 9' xiii, H2 ' 7 , . 7 Y 'I ' , . . . . . . . , f ' I - , ' 3 , ' ' 9 , 5 , 9 , ' - 1 ROLL CALLS 351, 352, 303, 405 2. ROLL CA1.LS 353, 300, 401, 350 3. ROLL CAI.LS149A, 14913, 102, 155 "vii f ' 4 " ' I, . , , n .xiii 3 i"i Eiga 24 'G' 2 wwmw H 'Y 2, Q. R' 3 Q ,ii,6.,e , e ff? Qi Eff, E as 6 s 'f 2 Q M ll ll I' lf ll 'Q He ll iyfgiksffifg 2 ilglalgigin 5 .52 f 'f 9 Q Q ? 'W ? 2 ,.,f in 6 'ki' .1 8 si SENIORS Class o 42 L! If ye have tears, prepare to shed th em now une means graduatlo , cl the Semors say farewell No more wxll their Semor meetings dlsturb the peace and qu t school No more wlll DeFel1ce open and close assemblres No more wr sN an Klrlny be kicked out of orchestra Oh, it wlll be a strange ungodly pla ' we wou le ve, memories of a class and of a year Niagara Hlgh, we were war graduates O r boys and our girls went lnto trammg classes, first for defense and then for war Many of our frlends slgned into the navy or army, ready to go when school s over But whxle war raged, we kept on l1v1ng sane and balanced lxves here 1 ' sc l On th ost o us have enjoyed Nlagara Hrgh, most of us are sorry ln a way to leave 1 , but all of us are looklng forward to a larger world OUISldC wlth r bl g eater pro e greater tasks, and greater happmess e following pages is plctured the class of 42 f Left to Rught MR SMITH Adviser ALBERT CENTOFANTI President PAUL REID Secretary EDWARD BAKER Vice Presndent VARKIS BALIGIAN Treasurer js? ff ff' Q 1 J, lf 33 J ' . - gy ' v . . . . . . X . . . fs V . Lest Nlagara forget, there are memorles that ldr . .K . . . 0 I . . . , M . , XL! SENIOR HISTORY A Class lV1tb A Past As we the class of 42 hear the famxhar sound of the doors of N F Hb close behrnd us for the last trme we pause to recapture some of the well remembered mo ments of our stay ln hrgh school We w1ll never forget that first day way back rn l939 when we trmld freshmen pushed open the portals of the school 1n wh ch we were to study for the next three years we hoped and became lost IH the maze and rntrlcacles of the halls We elected to lead us through that first year three outstandrng members of our class These were Robert Arthurs Presrdent Danrel Proctor Vice Presrdent and Al1C6 Nolan Secretary Treasurer Finally wrth une upon us and regents loomlng ahead we sat home mghts and crammed emerglng trxumphantly from our ordeal as could It be true unlors Durmg our junior year we elected Clem DeFel1ce Presrdent erry LaRose VICC Presxdent and Allce Nolan Secretary Treasurer Marchrng vlctorxously through regents agarn we reached the goal toward whrch we had strlven for two years Wonder of wonders we were Senrors Wrth our Sen or Play VIVHCIOUS Lady we Hlled the aud1tor1um to overflowlng Beth Long played the part of the Vrvacrous Lady supported by many other Senrors In our first semor meetlng we selected the followrng officers AdVlS6f Mr Smlth Pres1dent Albert Centofantr Ar the next semor meetlng the followrng officers were chosen V1ce Presldent Edward Baker Secretary Paul Reld Treasurer Varlcrs Balrglan Statrstlclan 1m Destmo Testator Franlclrn Hollrnger Prophetess ane Galley HISIOFIHD Ralph Beals Wlne and turquoise blue were chosen as the class colors and sweetpeas and roses became the class flowers The motto of our class was The wrll to do IS the way to success Davrd Gleason won the contest for the class poem and Margaret French and Loys Glenme won the class song contest Now as we continue upon our chosen paths out 1nto the world we loolc back and wave a fond farewell to our school RALPH BEALS Class Hzstorzan 1 f . , . . -, , , . . . . , . 9 9 4 J, - 7 - ' v 9 9 ' 9 , ' . J 1 9 Q - -J . 9 9 J 9 ' 9 9 ' - 7 . , . : Q, . , ,, . . . . , , . re - - 77 - , . , . . . - 7 9 I cc - - Y 77 9 x a ee an , JR. in Tin: DRE! is.. KM M ,ff M,-'WR' Nu., FRANK ABATE And fre 15 ueleome JANET ABBEY Dzlxgenfe nzcreasetlv the flllf o 1111 EUGENE ABBOTT From fare Im ree CHARLES ACKERMAN Sxceond lfwzcfjvts are e1er nxver ROBERT AI SXVORTH Fxucdzngly Well read I OLA ALVAREZ Wwe nafkr the 11 aterc Izkc' a 111 1 e ROBERT AMBLER H14 orm was 0 the rnanlzest beau JEAN AMERY Hal artzft and hal anelnorze JANET ANDERSON A penszme and happy fare JULIANN ANDERSON learn ng, haf 1t5 'vafue CI ARA APIGIAN Her naw are ways o pleasantness ROBERT ARTI-IURS fzrst 111 ew ery grace Ill deed BETTE ASHE Sfvef pretty to Walk wzllv ERIC ASHTON Youth 15 ull 0 sport FERRIS ASWAD Ne1 er other company JOHN AVDOIAN Tfns sudden rmscfvze JACK BADER WMA lztlle Work a 11tt1e play JPJOSEPH BAIO One xzlence and one element STFI I A BALIOR Ironnmg al flu more o flu uorlz ESTFI I F BAK Humorv t not or 41 cronn "' uv EDXVARD BAKER A mgfvtv man xv bc FRAINCFS BAKER Fozztzrzzud pnau and lon VARKIS BALIGIAN ff? :ct uncv QTL? EDNA BALL 4 an exlcrzor a en nronznzcn datzorz ...ah l RONALD BANKS I lift o fm In zc t QHIRLEY BANKS And Zuni, a normzn RICHARD BARBER I-IL said lzttlc but lo pu po MURIH BARR .Slut n ips lt fl77UllL'!7 Cannol do more IRENE BARTOLOWIEI -N' I I be be old enouglz A LOTT'E BATOR T wa! Lould not lu a und r ANTHONY BATTISTA And nlzetf tfe appctm Of mortal good RALPH BEALS E er 0 ffm I 1 Uldl drcamm SARA ISLINBOXV In th bloom o yourln RULH LIRMHNGHAM lou nzlf conqmr at an JOHN BISHOP fue one flu onlx C1 L ofm 74, 7l Q .. Q. I . i f V f N I In r" I , ru I , , r Q N A 4, . A SN - . . . W G .. .. ..,,, .E 14 f Y. U W- E t...... . Y I 2: 6 A 5' "Hike ,v'1'rz v- - I " , V Af , ' if ff! 1 - . A A! A ,y 4, 5" L W -. -1 Wei I 'fi ' f r ' er H 3 S ., V. I I ,, an 7 , . ,V 7 ceuw . V W In -. J ,, I. K -, 1 . , fy Q I JQAN BARRON L21 C t H an V nf Y ., ,V ' .. I Q . V , , ., I I ' 1 s L 6 Q x A v -- .,, If ,. -,, f , , ' 5' , if A " f " 1' , ' 'tiqwz I H R I A-La 1.1! I 'DUN s5Xf' CATHERINE BI AIR Sh f tzfleled non DOROTHY BLOUNT auly n xv neur ost rulers rv gozng xteady BETTY BLUMREICH And yet was neaer loud DONALD BOHNSACK Tln endearing elegance o emale rxendshxp ALICE BOLOOZIAN To show rome reason MARX BORGESE Happyan I M, we ML f mf WILLIAM B O Thu must: to my heart AMY BOWIE Neal not gaudy ELIZABETH BOWMAN IVztty to tal mth ROGAR BOWMAN The baldness o your speech EVERETT BRAY The patient conquer MARIE BRAY A lonly ally ROBERT BRIGGS .Studxoux to please yet not a ram' to azl -IULIETTE BROWN W hat a wats! or an arm VIRGINIA BROWN Fortunes monte WILBUR BROWN "Youth if Wholly experimental' MARGARET BROWNE "A pensive though happy fdftgy GLORIA BUCK "A Woman of an invincible spirity' RAYMOND BUCK The xolttary chxld EDITH BUERGER Thy vozce 15 I1 e a ountazn JOSEPH BULACK Some Cupzd :Its with arrows WALTER BULKA I Our revels are now ended RETA BULLOCK Thine eyes and thoughts Sweet gxrl graduate ROGER BURNS Best man zn the feld CONSTANCE BURTCH Heart 0 my heart CARMELA BUTERA You are a royal one NORMA CAIRNS ln her own grace REGINA CALDERONE Smxlm through BETTY CALIA She knows her man LEONARD CAMPBELL Knows everything from soup to nuts GUELFO CANALI A ltttle nonsense now and then CONCETTA CAPORELLI "Alf: hu" DOROTHY CARR "Ought not to deny" RALPH CARR "He waxed lrke the sei' PATRICIA CASEY "Truth ts the strongext argument PP ' ' !3 rf - - If - sv rr - - v, ' ' - , , P' v rr - a, MARGARET BURKE re - v rf ' an rr f Q: FF 75 rr v fr - - s as rr 1 PF ' Lv PF ' !J ll XJ flb 'x 'Hr' 'Tb' 75 iff 'Y' among. iw. ngu- .fglanymw . A ul M Q J, . AA-'Au f rd' M JUNE CARTER "We are charmed by neatness IRENE CASSERT The stzll small wwe o gratitude GENEVIEVE CECULA To find you our rzend ALBERT CENTOFANTI A man s man PALMA CENTOFANTI Eye that told you so NANCY CERMINARA Thou hast spoken rzght '1-f" ANN CERTO Makes szmplzcxty a grace PEGGY CHAMBERLIN You do my eyes a avor JOYCE CHANDLER The mtldest manners RUTH CHAPPLE Slzght not whats near EVELYN CHARBONNEAU The gentlest heart GWENDOLYN CHARLES What 15 so rare as a Wtlltng worker? ADELINE CHIARAVALLE Slowly silently DONALD CHLEBOWSKI Much learnmg doth make thee mad DOROTHY CI-IRISTIE She roulal stand alone ANGELA CHUDZINSKI Such as I love ADELINE CICCHETTI O honorable reckonmg ALVIN CIPPERMAN 'A lion among ladies is a dread ul thing-a Wol is Worse DOMINICK CIRILLO "By his rare example" JEAN CLARK "Divinely fairy DOROTHY CLARKE "Pleasant to think ony, RUTH CLEARY Words Words Words WILLIAM COLLING In all labor there IS pro t EILEEN COLPOYS She as the hopeful lady THELMA CONSIDINE Get her heart VINCENT CORRIERE Roll on the hall roll on the green SARAH CORTELLINI Brewty 1s the soul 0 Wzt JOAN CONSTANTINO T011 1s the sure o ame FRANK COSTANZO To you azr reedom I retzre ROBERT CREWE Its a home run LAWRENCE CRICK Nlen are men BENJAMIN CRITELLI The secret o success 15 the constancy 0 purpose JEAN CRUICKSHANK Her paths are paths o peace GAYLORD CUMMINGS Kicking hx heels rn the street HAROLD CURRY The flame wzll yet burn lmghtly LILLIAN CZECHOWSKI Conszder zt not so deeply 'Q 6 'FF' 2' 1 'W' 1 SYLVIA DAMIANI The lady 0 my delxght HERBERT DAMM Cartoons women and radxo-a gay lx e GENTILINA D ANDREAMATTEA Your consent gwes strength SAM D ANGELO What he gravely thought he nohly dard ANDRO DARCO To see thee once HELEN DAVIDSON The lzght of love DOROTHY DAVIS Forgiveness is better than revenge WARD DEAN Stately and tall he moves rn hall BETTY DEAS When Fortune smxles embrace her ANITA DE FAZIO The sxght o you 15 good or sore eyes CLEMENT DE FELICE And pantmg Tzme toiled a ter htm xn vain FRANK DEL BOSCO A lad of goodly parts FLORENCE DEL GROSSO Constder xt not JOHN DEMAS Play fiddle play musxc doth charm them ANTHONY DE MUNDA Seek hap y mghts to appy days W4 PARSON D R OHANESIAN A soul rn hlrss JAMES DESTINO Facts and Fxgures' Put em down THERESA DI CAMILLO Well apparel d MORTON DIMET "Youth large and lusty" KENNETH DIMOND "God giveth speech to all, song to few" BERNARD DI PLACIDO "Bernardo speaks of this" EDWIN DOJKA "Great is truth and mighty above all things" RUTH DONATO "The pen is the tongue of the mindw HELEN DONNELLY "One more, most welcome" ROSEMARY DONNELLY "l'll look to like" JOSEPH DONOFRO "Whom not ever critics criticise" ROSEMARY DOOLEY "W'e'll have no cupidsn GEORGE DOSDORIAN "Whose youth was full of foolish noise LAURA DRAKE "And her face so fair" MARGARET DRYDEN "We mean well" RICHARD DUNKIN "He owes not any man" ELISABETH DURKIN "This is she" STANLEY DZIEWISZ "I care not for these ladies" BEATRICE EBBING "Woman of good carriage" JUNE EDWARDS "What Elysian have ye known" THOMAS EDWARDS "Let me pass out quietlyl' inn. EL if 1--' 'UU' '? fa-1? I 1 'Wuku in J, VN DOROTHY EISENHAUER The mtrror 0 courtesy CLARA ELIA Oh take those lips away EDNA ELIA Here thy gold ELIA As sueet as apple czcler HARRY ELLIS A good times comtng CARMELA EMANUELE Eyes so blue EDWARD EXLER Youth ull o orce ANNE FADEL Sxlence never betrays you MARY FADELL I or thee wall keep MARIE FALSETTI Soul Wlfhln her eyes ANITA FERNANDEZ Wztlr anxious heart CONSTANCE FICNER The thoughts that rtse tn me BEVERLY FIELD Her lovelmess I never new SHIRLEY FILLMAN How deep the stream and szlent LORRAINE FITZSIMMONS O gwe me thy hand RUTH FLOOD Mzzsxc ts the voice 0 angels MARY JANE FORMICA ' Smash away trouble EDWIN FORSTER Time hath a taming hand MARION FOSTER I do remember well ANGELO FRACASSI Thzs had kept hzs eyes alxght WILLIAM FRANKE There rs no wzsdom like rankness KATHERINE FRANJOINE Hath thwarted our mtents MARGARET FRENCH Her smzle zs a preczous thmg RICHARD FRENCH Heres to my love MARGARET FROMMERT Tle lzght that hes in woman s eyes MARY FROST The rost lay round GRACE FRUSCIONE He came with lowers JOHN GABRIEL Here fO7n?5 d mdn O C0771 OT! MARIE GABRIELLI Be ore hls tzme JANE GAILEY The Lady jane was tall LAWRENCE GARCIA Loved I not honor more V EMIL GAZY Be good to me BETTY GEORGE Slave to patzence VIVIAN GERFIN Wlvo knows what lurks eneath tat calm exterior MARIAN GILLETT The arrest o them allv ANTHONY GIOVE Be szlent and be sa eu ,rx f .ff JM' 'Q "' 'T ,pw 9' Ifu If R QD Q 87 496 IRIS GLAZIER Memory owes :ts charms to tle ar away DAVID GLEASON The mxnds the standard o the man LOYS GLENNIE Be acquamted mth thzs maxd STEVE GNIAZDOWSKI He could not mass m HELEN GOLD All that gllstens zs not gold JACK GOLDMAN Clever men are good OSCAR GOLTARA I the man he a hachelor KENNETH GOODBERRY Haste makes Waste PATRICIA GOODFELLOW With Words we govern men JEANNE GORMLEY Very cornel y M Y GRANATA ameless here orever more CAROLINE GRANATO L1 e II real CLARA GREGORSKI We brmg you to hzm ARTHUR GRINHAM H re he comes ILHELIVIINA GROCHALA YK 'G I love to lose mysel m a myster MARION GRUPPO The tread o danczng eet HELEN GRZELAK You come most care ully BETTY GUDISBLOTT Szlver sandallerl eet 7 ANTHONY GUETTA The violet smells to htm ARLINE GULLETT It xs hard or woman to eep counsel MORTON HABER Men are but children LAURA HAGERTY A lovely apparztxon CATHERINE HAILEY Elyslan beauty melancholy grace LIZETTA HANNUMS As thou art JEAN HANSON You lust hrs songs MAE HARRLNGTON Lose your heart THOMAS HATTERSLEY Chze of a thousand or grace MARJORIE HEALEY Honor lzes xn honest tozl FREDERICK HEASLIP Can alone commend the rest ROBERT HENNESSEY To he or not to be .Sa DONALD HENRY The best sometrmes orget JOSEPH HIGGINS Mans the master o hzs ortune ANNE HOFFMAN Peace sxts wzthm thy eyes JEROME HOGAN Young romeo as xt? IRENE HOLLERAN ln the same gure FRANKLIN HOLLINGER 4 mighty hunter hxs prey wc man .. . . ,V ' .. . f k ,, . F' ' ,T , , 0 ' U U I ff ,, ,. . . ,, F' 3, 'F ' f f 37 f- - - - fy V , . pf sy , V 'P Y, -- ' f ss " 3 f ' f !7 ff ' ' ' Y ,. A - ,- , . ff 5 I7 .. . . I ,, M I , , W, SHIRLEY HOLMES forelnacz' so smootlr and ln l7 LOIS HOWE Hllflv your wagon to a star VIRGINIA HUNTER Doe: not grow alone VINCINETTA INICORVAIA By some lvalnt CHARLES INSALACO Seuns to nallq on wing ELIZABETH JACOBY Holdf zt a aylnon 74-f--6.44 VARTKESS JA GOC AN W'earmg lu W1 dom hglvtly LILLIAN JARZAB STEPHEN JECKOVICI-I Genius doev nlnal 11 must ROBERT JENSEN Man 5 master 0 lny ate ADOLPH JIRCITANO Hfortl y nr JEROME JOERGER Apt allzteratzon 5 art ul aid MAY JOHNSTONE Fazr ladle: make mouths zn a glass SANFOMDJQNES DOHH6' dO1lbIf fOlld7'ldfTO1ll7l6 JACKJORDAN Ill TdfhET d ool to md E me Nlfffy RODERICK JORDAN Unrnaslered zmportunzty IVIARJORIE JORGENSEN Dunk to me only mtl: tlvzne eyes RICHARD JOSEPH Born or suffers he seemed .. . . ,, e g f- r an "" P7 . I I. I I .. I ,,, .. 7 I . y ,, f- - If ' rs vf .. . . . . ,, v ' s "Slve,5 all my fanfy painted nerr' ,. . . ,, -- - v 7 .. . . , ,, " ' ,J J 5 A .. , f k ,. . . ,, .. . . . ,, P' f 73 THERSA -IULIANO You have trxpped smce COLETTE KASZYCA Tongue txed our queen ARTHUR KAUFMAN To mingle rzendshzp ar IRENE KAY As good as she as an GEORGE KEHOE L1 e 1: short ana' we are young JEAN KELBERER I love tranquzl .folztude DENNIS KELLEI-IER Our praues are our Wages BARBARA KELLY A ree ace put o SHIRLEY KEMP Sweets lo the yweet EDWARD KENNEDY You know ought o me CURTIS KESTER Love 15 hllnd LOLA KIRBY Wxth one so! Us ROBERT KIRBY L1 es a sweet fddle JAMES KIRCI-1 W Some doubt ul p ase MARGUERITE KIRK So grace and mercy DOROTHY KIRKORIAN You have heard MARGUERITE KITCHEN She should break ll now SOPI-IIE KLA-IA Speak to her be gay 1 , DAVID KLAUDER You are the vanilla o society STELLA KLE-IDYS Never departed more DONALD KNIGHT A man possexsed o splendxd talents JOHN KRAGH A mce unpartxcular man MAR-IORIE KRAUSMANN O surpamng beauty RICHARD KRUEGER Oh what endlexs Work MARGARET KUCH Love me love my dog ROSE KUDELA Let zn the mazd GENEVIEVE KULAGA Turns to aoour and prettmess ANNETTE KUSHNER Get the news st ROBERT KUSHNER Photographer deluxe JULIUS KUTNER Good should be pertment PHYLLIS LABARBER O head pzece extraordinary FLORENCE LABUDA?Lu,...,.,C3D LA! So air :he takes the breath o men away HENRY LABUS M oxt gracxous PAUL LACEY "A maid at your wzndonf' JOSEPHINE LAGRECA It :tall came home" MICHAEL LA-IOIE "To see hxs noblenexf' MARGARET LANGLEY Man I5 the hunter Woman If lm game LOUISE LAPORTA Kindness IS Wxxdom JERRY LAROSE Only the zgnorant defpm uluralxon MARY LOUISE LARSON Ewer air and never proud VINCENT LAURENDI A cwxl Word or two LOUISE LAWSON Faxr lady ROBERT LEE As staunfh as a mountain THOMAS LEGACY Wisdom lx better than rulnev JOSEPH LEONE Obezlzence 15 the mother o vufcevr FLORENCE LESHNER See how polxte I am DONALD LEVAN O this learnxng what a thing xt 1 CATHERINE LEWIN She has deluszons 0 glamour SOPHIA LIS I raxsed the tempest PAUL LOCKE 'Catch who catch can BETH LONG "ln li e and on stage-'Vivacious Lady JOSEPH LONGO "I Il drown my book' RUTH LOOS "Not a frown" ANGELINE LORENTI "Slight not what's near" lu- 38 'Sv 7- J X IESSIE LOSFH A woman s gums I5 mon aerurate ROSE LOSTRACCO All my habits are good MILDRED LOZINA She looks a queen ARNOLD Lozzl 3 Z MAL lacking nothxng VIVIAN LUCANTONIO Middx' A man 5 ccrtaxnty PEATRIS LUPICA Yneet lznef 7 NOREEN LYMBURNER Sunny as her 5 1es ROSEMARY LYNCH forget Ihec ne1er DAVID MACBAIN All geniuses are zmpetuous LII LIAS MAQGREGOR od humor 1 one o the hes! article: 0 dren MARX MACGREGOR My oo! 15 on my name heath and my name IS MacGregor JACK MACHANIAN A f11CL11dmC lasts orewr IJAULINE MACHOWCZYK O slender reputalzon ELIABETH MANASIAN l1ttle and sweet CHARLES MANN It IS ar easzer to lc wn men than to know Man ANGELO MARIGLIO Take exception to my loae ELPINA MARINELLO lr anvners no MARKO MARKOFF In good tzme MA-'+A 'fee' JOSEPH MARRA O exfellent motion ALICE MARSH 6- Fond o lmmlwle tlnngs ANNE MARTIN Q.,,,,,,, You tlnnk too RITA MARTINEAU Studxous o ease DIVINE MARTINEZ Moxtd111nely azr GEORGE MASON Frzendslvxp prefxouf GUY MASTROMATTEO I have enlertazned thee DOLORES MATARRESE Hath lze not a son 'VN I ,,- 1 I Zig! ,. f . , -- . f U M ?,, JOHN MCCARTHY "Education is tlue apprentzceylnp life" H l -- - f Jr .. . I H . "J 12 f J f 'I A YY f 7 JOHN MCCLANE Men nd 11 more easy to latter than to pram HARRY MCCLUSKEY Be not merel ood be oo or some y g f tlnng A-73 'Cl,wvf,4.q MARGARET MCGILL Th? l707lOf 0 d mdld 15 ,767 Yldlflt EILEEN MCGINNIS An orclnd are RAYMOND MCINERNEY Opportunity comes to all who watt ANGUS MCINTYRE Wisdom gwetl7 lx e to tlzem that l7a1e zt JGHN MCKEEHAN df 0 dll ffddel' and 771d5l6T 0 qlllff L1 FW ISABEI. MCKENZIE Sweet lady MARGARET MEIKLEJOHN Content to ollow when we lead 1 Wd 'W' 33: 'Y' Q' 1:7 M ,ft an 6' ARNLTTA IVIEITZ Seen: I nhat I am CHARLES METZLER From a gentle man PETRINA MICALE Angel like per ectzon EMILY MIETLOWSKI I make bold JOAN MILLER IVhats 'your will BARBARA MILNE Instance and argument JOHN MINICUCCI Only this one MARIANNE MINICUCCI 'Vo boy ALICE MISTERKIEWICZ There is a gentle Woman AGNES MITCHELL Her beautv is exquisite PAUL MITCHELL From sailor to captain Your Honor LOUISE MONTAZZOLI W Soft hair on which light drops a J! diaclem HMM SUREN MOORADIAN "Supply me with a habit FORD MOORE "Handsome is that handsome does PATRICIA MOORE Bend on me then thy tender eyes CHARLOTTE MORGAN "Are not these large enough ' FLORENCE MORGAN "At a guard with envy ' EREDA MORGAN "Not as desiring more PRISCILLA MORGAN WA ' "But splendidfy A MARY MORREALE 3' "' I would not Nu, JEAN MCRRISON Ma e me not your story BETTY MORT Sober stead ast and demure EMILIO MOSCKER Stolen lame: are always the sweetest KAISFR MOVESIAN Humor o the best WILLIAM MUNSON Men gwe llke gods BRENDQN MURPHY -'54--"L Varzety 15 the spzce o I1 e MARIORIE NEUDECK Fazrer ar than other maxdens are The very pznk o per ectzon WALLACE NEYERLIN He has a heautz ul head o skm LILLIAN NICHOLS You avor eyerythxng GENEVIEVE NIEDZWICKI All the world 5 a stage ANNIE NIELSEN She If If BETTY NOBLE Iet these descnhe the ALICE NOLAN T176 l7c11T 15' Ike 11617651 ornament O WO771d71 EDWARD NORWICH Sane your honor STEPHANIE NOVAK Maxden no remedy ut , .X v7 I " k " , f , U F' f J! Dm ,, . . . f r- A f BETTY NEUFANG -r - f f - ar " 'f f rf H I ' 'W' nuff' 1'1- I J '17 'U' 3 gg-uf LEO NOWICKI Knowledge comes but uisdom lingers ELIZABETH OKEEFE Innocent eyes not ours CHARLES OSBORN Hts smiling eyes with sxmple truth were stored RUTH OUTLAND Slnglng Gnd Slnglng d fneffy dlf CHARLES ovERHoLTf24..,,,f.J To them accordmgly ,IZA ALBERT PADUANO Not that I know MARIE PALERMO f Z Theres always time enough or courtesy PI-IYLLIS PALMERI Belng good rs a lonesome job PAUI PNLUMBO Wxtnes good hrxngxng 1p CATHARINE PANTAS B3 her own repvrl DOMINIC PAONESSA As large as lx e and twice a natural THERESA PAONESSA Mv cherry lxps ROLAND PAPUCCI Extremely stretch d ELIZABETH PARKER Pamted Ixps do not change the heart neath MARILYN PARONE She oats upon the rwer o hzs thoughts EDITH PASTORE I will hear MARGARET PAULINE Noble respect VINCENT PERRICELLI Knowledge once garned lxngers AUDREY PERRY Wflvir main' will serve" RHETA PERRY "I suffer for the lrutlv ALICE PETTIT "She was a plranlo MARY PHILLIPS "I am xurev VELMA PHILLIPS "Comfort me, boy" MARY PHILOSOPI-IOS "I-Iorzest labor bears a lovely are FAYE PIERCE "Is relislvea' by tlre lies! of tlvern RUSSELL POTTER "The flying jqslrv FRANK PRESUTTI "Forgetting notlring ELEANOR PREVITE "I love not to be crosseaw ANTHONY PULLAN "No, no, ok, nolu ANTONETTE PUL lx "Sing, boy" MILDRED PUTZAK "Most prettyv "Most sweet Hercules MARY RADOGNA "Do it in an lrour, IRENE RAYMOND "I will wifi! tlreen MARTHA REED "With that fare?" BONNEITA REEVES "A woman" JOSEPH QUINONES Hb' C -1 xull' M-0' ng.: f V W? My PAUL REID Let any man peak long enough he wzll get lrelzerers EDW ARD REITER In love I hope MARY REYNOLDS Dzmmely tall and mort cluznely a r EUGENE RHONEY lwe lned and loved IRENE RICH Blushzng 15 the complexion 0 virtue OSCAR RICHARDS Am I th rt LAURA RICKERSON A roll1ng stone gathers no moss FLORENCE RIEFFANAUGH Empress o my love BETTY ROACI-I A thmg 0 beauty 15 a jov orever MERLE ROBINSON A good name 15 better than T1Cl?Ef BETTY ROI-'IE I by me broke EDWARD ROMANFK My 1ow was heavenly WALTER ROSCZYPALA I would orget ROSE ROSS Gooa' heart MARJORIE ROTUNDO i ANTHONY R FFOLO Wh IfV6d7l11g hu wxvdorn hglvrly JANE RUNALS There 15 11oth1ng so power ul as truth MAURICE RUSSELL Hail ellow well met-in act very well rnetl ARCHIE RYAN I ast rom lore BERNICF SAM I am honest MARGARET SANDER All who would W1 I If ANITA SANNICOLA My ships come home 1.5 MIRIAM SAUBER W "" Toxlmg on tr. 1'5- HELEN SAUTKUS I-Ieaven and thy thoughts AL. VINCENT SBARBA FI Last man m our mouths BETTY SCALZO .. f f ',, ff A ,, if ff' ' .. . . ,, ,. ff ' "A blush is heauh ul hut o ten mcon ' 1, I ,, . ., . 1 ff ' 71 ff f ff " f venzent WILLI SCHWAB Latm wohn aid Women Ol: 0 LOIS SCOTT Boys wzll he wolves at Osinqffolaseg ADRIAN SEGARRA I 0+ All mankznd lo over FRANCES SER Cheer cheer for IN FH S RUSSELL SERRIANNE You look merrzly GORDON SHAHIN Master o the Pedal Tzmps JOHN SHAW Great love grant CHARLES SHEPHERD All may do what has b PHYLLIS SHEUSI Lady of my delight ABE SHIAH A youth 0 grate QC" in JOSEPH SIDONI Good ortune MILDRED SILVEY A drop o :nk may make a nation think RHODA SIM Who shun: thy lore GRANT SIMPSON Impossxhle 15 a word I newer nan! to hear FRANCES SINATRE It 15 never permzssthle lo say I ay HELEN SKOTNICKI Love md F5 yO1lT OVIZUIC JEAN SLACIx azr one I think so MARIE SMITH There s one grape yet ROBFRTA SMITH Such a huszness Zhu educatzon EDWIN SOBIEGRAY A language I speak FRANK SPAGNOLA No man 15 happy who does not thmk IJIWIXEI LUCILLE SPALENCZKI Thy rnodestys a candle to v merit DAVID SPILLANE Everythzng comes to hznz who warts WILLIAM SPILLANE H15 words are wrrtzngy m ARLENE SPREEIXIIAN Your pleasure szr WALLACE STACHOWICZ Intellect is lJra1n orcc EDITH STAGG I dare no! OLIVE STELL In my opzmon gOld6'P1 dllif ROLAND STENTON 111 lend xt tlvee DONNA STENZEL Time marches on JEAN STEVENSON True source 0 charm DOROTHY STEWART Pleasant smile WILLIAM STEWART let me see tfvee nalk MARGARET STOCKWELL And lvonest company ga,,.,lf...1 V545 MARIA STOLZ QS' Women wear the breeef RALPH STUART All are not mardens who wear an hazr BEVERLY SURPRISE O surprmng beauty ff! CLIFFO D SWAR And be sometmzes goes to classes KATHLEEN SWIBER y Ta e my ring SATRAG TARPINIAN Men are ltke wme v RICHARD TAYLOR Screnre rs organzzed knowledge EMMA FERRANA I am mee BETTY TERRYBERRY I am content ROBERT TERRYBERRY I you low me stay JOHAN THOMSON "Trust my honesty JEANNETTE TIERNEY "Most tall and statuesqu ' i 'UD-. in 'Zvi 'C' X-WTS 'wwf qu:- ig? G- Jg-47'-If J PATRICK TOOLE Some merrv ones JOHN TOROSIAN You promzsed me SAM TRAPASSO Among the rst zn Wlt MARY TWEEDIE A good :fort KATHERINE URQUHART! 'I The nlllflf bfedthlng TOW1 1767 :ICC MARY VALENTE As whzte as drwen snow -IOSEPHINE VALENTI A sound a ectxon SARAH VALENTINO Con dent to speak CHARLES VALLE Words but as thoughts BARBARA VanRAALTE Happiness tzs nowhere or everywhere AMELIA VARACICH I cannot be sad WALTER VEIHDEFFER As merry as the day 15 long JENNY VILARDO Zia? Despazr not rrzadam W SALVATORE VILARDO Your own 15 yours KATHERINE VITULLO I need not repeat need I9 ANDREA VIVERITO Constant you are EDITH VOELKER funk. U-0-Uwv By the work one only the Workman LAWRENCE VOELKER A gentleman HAROLD XVAGNER Beauty draws us wrtlr a szngle baxr DONALD WALCK sn W Fdlflf hffdff 716167 WOYI dll' DOROTHY WALKER Her smile ts the sweetest twat erer was seen ELLEN WALKER Walks the pathway to Ins heart STERLING WASHINGTON An anczent and zltustrxour name ELIZABETH WATSON Farr tresses mans zrnpenal rar snare Q BEVERLY WEIMER Slender and axr A DOROTI-IH WHITBECK Hope ully re resfred HAROLD WHITE Only the brave deserve the a r ELMER WHITMIRE Fear teaflv us Breathlessty exctt AUDLEY WILLIAMS Young Colts are always rzsky ROBERT WILLS O wxll power extraordmary JEANETTE WILSON So much complexzon NORMA WILTSE She doth lxttle deeds o kzndness ETHEL WISE Fear attends her not ROLLIN WISEMAN For the avor 0 Fortune BERNICE WOJTOWICZ Honey sweet WW .hal K, 6 'Qi' JU! Qui M04 ffl ef' Gladys Bak Dorothy Baldassaro ,lean Bartoszewski Emily Bialy Fiorre D'Aloisio Frank Daniels Marjorie Dexter 106 I 2 'K BERNARD XVRIGHT "I-Ionor brigfitn IRENE WRIGHT "Cc:ntentment reigns" JAMES WYCKOFF "He sleepy regularlyg once a weekly EVA XIGGES V".c,f'1if Y T77 Zfkw "True evidence of good exteemw MARJORIE YOUNG "W'onzan of good deeds" KATHERINE YUKIE . "A Willy wo an is a easurew EIVIIL ZAjAIl "To blusfa and beautify' LAURA ZANCI-IET W, , . . 1, L-fx, Vf , in L4 IM.. LI, ,.,f, "Her sunny locks hang Ori her temple! like golden fleecev VINCENT ZELONES "Man delights me not, nor woman eitlverv MARGARET ZEWIN "It seems to me ,tif only noble to be goodv JESSIE ZILM "Keep true to the dreams of thy youthil ETI-IEL ZIMMERMAN "Though yozfre gone We wonit forget thee" ANDREW ZUCCO "Though last, not 1ea5t'7 ADDITIONAL SENIORS Arthur Dietrich James Dugan Pat Ferraro Mymie Flanagan Burton Funke john Glasgow Wilbur I'-Iaseley A' ,1-Aff, L' 1 milf! J Carmella Indovine Annette Kapalowslci Helen Kolcoszlca Doris Martin Vivienne IVIcCarrel Ethel McCarthy Duncan Mcsporran Viola Moore Peter Morreale joseph Muniz Robert Murray Helen Pierog jean Rajczalc Hans Reif Ted Rhodes Edith Richards Virginia Serianni Melvin Tompkins Bernhard Walck John Ward Charles Wigle John Young SENIOR CLASS STATISTICS Ibfs Ullfzccoznliable Class I belxeve that the mam reason for my belllg elected as semor class SIQUSIICISII was my ability to count my fTI'lg6I'S over and over agaln and repeatedly get a total of II Therefore II was my duty to fllld the followmg Stat1StlCS wh1ch are about the fifty fourth graduatmg class of Nlagara Falls I-Ilgh School In the 42 class the 511 Semors conslsted of 250 boys and the rest well they re glrls 32l ID number The average Semor completed lus course ln 4 years vwhlle a very few school lovers subscrlbed to the 5 year plan By une about 150 Senxors or 26' of the semor class w1ll have made plans enter college The average of 30 packs of paper used by the students throughout the year can be separated Into 685 200 sheets of Wflflllg paper Th1s IS a total of 17 130 packs used by the whole senxor class If each sheet holds about 400 words then these 17 130 packs of paper could have had 274 080 000 words wrltten on them Upon meetlng a group of boys and asklng them a few questlons I learned the following facts Smce last September the average Semor boy has bought 3 palrs of pants at 6 50 a palr Th1s means that a total of 750 QHIFS of pants seat pohshers to you were bought at a total of 4875 In hgurmg that a plece of cloth about 4 square feet was used for each palr of pants then 3000 square feet of cloth were use Throughout the latter part of the year defense stamps were bemg sold to the students SINCE the sale IS stlll gomv on I drew my own concluslons If each Senlor bought enough defense stamps to trade for an I8 75 bond enough money would be ralsed to buy I 6 of an Alracobra Whlle walkmg 1n the halls from class to class I see gxrls carrymg a large number of books Stopplng to count some I have found that the boys carry only 1 3 the number of books that the glrls do That proves exther that the boys know more or that the gxrls know more Or II mxght prove that the boys are smarter by bemg dumber or then and agam and so on far 1nto the mght IM DEsT1No Class Statzstzrzan 9 -1 ' ' 1 5 I T1 Q . W . l . . . , Y. If 77 ' j ' , Q - ' ' to . , .. A . . , U - 1 v' . . i . i, . l . , . . S. 1 3 ' c 3 P, 5 - ' ' d. 1 ' . . . . O , . t . 5 - , . ' , f , ' .... 1 6 ' ' J. J SENIOR PROPHEQY 110111 Fbe Omrlc I was a fallurel I had agreed to wr1te a prophecy for my classmates from the N1agara Falls I-Ilgh School but I could not foretell future events so how was I to accomphsh my task? In desperat1on I brewed a potent dr1nk of herb julces and slumped to the Hoor xn a deep sleep Soon I was wandering through the once famlhar streets of Ntagara Falls th1rty years later As I strolled along Pme Avenue and 1nto my Alma Mater I soon dl covered that th1s m1ghty mst1tut1on of learnmg had become th ofhce of a d1ctator Wl1at dlctator I thought to myself I was told that xt was Clem DeFel1ce and If was not long before I dxscovered that the promxslng tra1ts of my classmates had been suppressed The class of 42 was broken and submlsslve under the cruel ruth less rule of thelr tron handed leader Clem however was exceedlngly klnd to me and offered to dr1ve me around h1s tCC1111l1g metropohs Before startmg he had to fill up h1s tank wlth gasohnc that l1qu1d wh1ch cars consume m such enormous quantltres Nevertheless fhlS was no hardsh1p because he had been hoard1ng the I13I101'1 s supply for th1rty years A last we were off and r1d1ng on rubber t1res for Clem had also been conservmg these B111 Sprllane was st ndmg on the corner of Thlrd and Falls Streets attemptmg 1n va1n to sell some funny books wh1ch he had wrltten Among the thousands of people waltlng in front of the Strand Theater to see that great actress Beth Long play m XIIVHCIOUS Lady or Fun after F1fty WlllCll has been on Falls Street for endless seasons were those regular movxe goers Beverly Ftelds Ida Ella and Gwen Charles I-Ixdmg behmd an enormous stgn readmg Palumbo s Popcorn for the People was Paul Palumbo and h1s cart Standmg 1n the mxddle of the street 1gnorant of the HCIIVIIIES around them ohn Demas 1llustr1ous braln surgeon and h1s assistants Paul Reld and Doc Arthurs were havmg a serrous conference Veterlnarlan Dave Gleason was crawl1ng on all fours barkmg whlle attemptmg to attract customers The streets as usual were swarmxng w1th plckpockets and hoboes most of whom I recognlzed as former classmates but feel too benevolent to hst After watch1ng I-Ielen Gold sketch the Falls for several mxnutes Clem and I ate a del1c1ous lunch wh1ch had been packed by h1s head d1et1t1an Marjorle Kraus mann As we relaxed Rlchard Dunkm passed us wlth h1s nose 111 the a1r 1n a splck and span umform maklng h1S da1ly IIISDCCEIOII tour atop the garbage truck Wlmxlc passmg the Nlagara Room of the Indlan Hotel Clem and I declded to get a glass of m1lL Professor Crewe and h1s famous dance band were featured N - f 4 - 1 9 9 ' 9 9 . , 5- . . . , . E . - 9 - 9 V . . , . Q , . . 1 , ' 5 5 7 . , , - 9 . . . , . t 9 9 3 I . , - ez 9 - 77 ce - 77 7 7 7 l 7 . - 9 9 9 9 - - ee 9 77 - , . , , J . . . . . . Q, ,, 9 9 9 9 9 - 9 9 ' fl 97 - . , . - 9 9 , A . . l . . .I . , , SENIOR PROPHECY there Bettv New lang famous laslnon dtslgner was slttlng at 1 l:1r off table lceenly scrutlnlzlng each of her well tramed models Monnle Frommert m particular who were promenadmg among the tables I later bumped lnto news reporter nm Wyckoff who was readmg the day be fore s Chronlcle for the latest As we drove up 111 front of an lmposmq structure of modern constructlon I no tlced a slgn Home For The Mentally Insane A very short tlmc elapsed before I learned rhar most of my lfflllldb and classmates were harbored rn thxs lI1Sf1fLlfl0I1 for as we Walked across the lawns we were almost run over by Bob Wllls, a former tau cab operator who was now speedmg across the Grounds rn a lclddre car George Kehoe 3.IId 2lClC OI'Cl21I1 Wl'l0 had l3CSFl fldllig 3I'OLlflCl 111 C1fCl6S l:0I' hve YCEIFS OH fl'l61l' fI'1CyClCS fllially SI'D3Sl16Cl IDIO each OIl'lCI' Bud RPIICI' I1OIEd for EllWayS belllg fl'l6I'C WHS OH hand l:OI' Il11S bil' of SYCIIBYDCIII Bllnded by tears I turned away and stumbled from thls horrlble place I crlnged w1th fear then awolxt suddenly sxclc at heart for thls was the class of 4 ANL GAILEY Plays Propfvetesv CLASS POEM Aim' Im 1111111011 RHYTHM OF YOUTH To man made mus1c, wall: we modern youth Wlth qulclc nmg pulse and seelcmg hlgher goals To beats whlch touchmg human souls Create a rhythm sttrrrng all to Truth We walk to muslc deep m heart of steel wh1stle from a derrrclc s steammg maw shrrllmg screech of plEI'ClI1g power saw sound of turbme s whrrlmg servant wheel, musrc sweeter yet from Nature s source Forever grvmq proof that there 15 peace Where men umte and hates wrth war soon cease, Where love LXISIS, supplantmg human force Through gI'0WlI1g C1111 of H1311 S 1I1ClLlSII'l3l FORK We l'HZll'Cll IO Hll'Cl llfi' jllbf IllI'0lJgl'l fllt OQCH CIOOI' Davin G1 r Asow Class Poet - - s ras . I. X "K , . ' , 1 c n Q w . 4 . - X - . , c v - ff sa , . f 1 - Y . .. . . ,, Q ,, . r x Q .x i 1 x . . . . . 1 a I 1 '. 1 ' ' ' . 1 , , D . . c , . Q. ,, . . . r Q A . 1 . . . . , , ,s , , 2, ' a . . ,. . . v 1 v Q T . . , . 0 1 I0 1 o ' ' " - I' T ' ' 0 1 L ' . ., ' . v v 1 C ,, . . , . . 1 v 1' ' 3 . SENIOR CLASS WILI And Nou In lbcsc latin Days We the class of 42 of Nragara Falls I-Ilgh School havlng successfully overcome the hurdles of three hard laborIous years ID the persuance of knowledge do declare and publlsh thls our last Wrll and Testament ARTICLE Item 1 Item 2 Item 3 ARTICLE ARTICLE ARTICLE fem tem tem Item tem tem Item tem Item tem Item I To the Faculty We leave falth to continue to tutor future students We leave our thanks for pullmg most of us through three tough years and preparxng us for advanced years of study We leave enough scotch tape to seal the mouths of those students who 1l1SlSf upon talkmg after the bell rlngs II To the umors We leave the sophIstIcatIon and dIgn1ty of senxors and the ablllfy to get thelr homework and book reports ID on schedule III To the Soplwomores We leave the courage to cont1nue on through two more years of une Regents IV To the ollowzng nzdzvzduals We ma e these bequests To Robert Lytle we leave Morton Haber s physlque To ames Berry we leave Don Bohnsack s ab1l1ty to fascmate the more beautlful glrls around school To Phll Gellman we leave Clxlf Swartzs debatlng techn que To ean Maul we leave Rosemary Lynch s corny jokes To LOIS Satchel Maloney we leave ullet Brown s haIr styles To Bob Nablo who decIded to take five years Instead of three we leave Ward Deans pat1ence To the Chl s we leave the Tau s handbook on How to I-Iookey School To Fraulem Baader we leave George Pete Edwards May she l1ve through If To Danny Schwartz we leave Ralph Beals vrm vIgor and v1talIty 10 To Bob Butler we leave Ted Forster s curly halr 11 To all those who can t behave we leave Room 354 at 3 05 wltness whereof I Franklln I-Iollmger I13VlI1g been duly elected Testator for the class of 1942 do here subscrlbe my name and set my seal th1s sIxteenth day of Aprll In the year of our Lord n1neteen hundred and forty two FRANKLIN J I-IOLLINGIR Class Testator We the undersxgned havlng wltnessed the sald Frankhn I-Iolhnger to afhx h1s sIgnature to thIs document do hereby subscrlbe our names I-I Tuo BILCEWATE R FERDINAND 1? J l .: . . . . ' J - J, . . . . W , li I I I. , ' ' . I -I Y ec as a -- - I 3. ' ' '- ' Q . 4- J ' 6 J ' - I 5. ' 4 I J ' ' ' . I 6. , ' I , I 8. . ' 1 I . ' 9. ' ' , ' ' ' . I . I A In . , , . . , . Q HAT my frlencls I9 Nngara Falls High School Freshmen unlors Seniors Teachers classes actxvltles a whole year of work and play Now If s all over In a few years we Semors mll have been forgotten by Nlagara I-hgh But we wont forget we cant You see weve left somethmg of ourselves here and we re talcmg a lot away We re talcmg more than just knowledge wlth us we re talcmg frlendshlps that will last experiences that will help and memorles that we wlll cherlsh 1n the years to come Thats why I showed you the school because all of us are proud of lf If m the years to come other thlngs crowd upon you and busmess and the klddles and the taxes throw a haze over Hlgh School memorles open your 42 Nlaga lan and come on back Ill show you through any txme Its fun because thrs IS our school and thrs was our vear f i Z S xaqfx , xg x K Ya S v .I v 9 a v v . , . . Y - ' s ' 7 Y . , . , . , . , . , . , . ' . . . . , , . 5 ' 1 X 7 . . , . . , Y' , . . . . , . . . . , , I . muff ' ' X7 f , 1 , ,ff li-jf: .af 311: fra-35 Z ,-va, nt - ,fi . 'j ,L f v .. N I, , - . Q fg- W.. . fx. 1, We fwfx 'f Af - ff' -Y! f' 'K fa Q X r '11 E, , N y -4,

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