Niagara Falls High School - Niagarian Yearbook (Niagara Falls, NY)

 - Class of 1932

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Niagara Falls High School - Niagarian Yearbook (Niagara Falls, NY) online yearbook collection, 1932 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 140 of the 1932 volume:

, I, .. -.rrvv - I,' . 5 '55 1' -1 u1I.l lisa- I 4. III- IWFW K 'A -F5119--F-122-T'Sif.feWS11 II '11f""-JI-1 I.- I, 1-HI-II.I.I:II..I"T nba I,-1-1III..-1!I'-iL:Iy.-fP7:II-,IIHMI.'I--f1 ,'1-1I1g...qI- - "1. .P-'-'1 "'k2f"'f'..fPI' - 151-.52-'-513Tift''5?5.E'93'-55"I-1.-'I't'Y'?'i1R.fE555 ".lf"5Y'EU"""-"L -. -nf' 'MII IIIII- III I3-II,I 1-.11 . -III, LIfI II If IIIII r1,II FIA i,II..'f ,MJ .,1.1II.I'.I,LII III LIUQIII VI .HI III gig, A-F .r:.II:I-1. 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I 1,113-I .1 II -Cuz:--I rw 1.. - - .' ,-1'-.,-'.1I1I.,"f' I, 1.5, 1-I, 'fvq .1 I - -5 gf." -EL' 'f-'13 I1 U3'.1T.q"1 f. -f-3-.5 . If-13 'ge -.'.,e.i,,-'1fg'-3.11.gtfqga.-.Q..?aI-.iff-f5'lf 1 -.-129--21'.1-vg"r'1'5-.-.-5-.' if ff 111.11-+1-A-.11-1-. -- 1-. 41:11 Y ' 'U 11' 1-.J ,-- . ---- 3, - -. -- . . v.-- -4- I. .- f .- -1:3 f "I ' ""?1fI.' f' ' ,HN '73 '.,'5 'fy 'II' ' "'fq. I-.' hh' " .jg 1 H J 1, 14-IH"-I'-PJ.-"g"."'T'I -af.-7' 511111. 'EW 1121: '. f-.-.- . 11 .'T"'7r .JI -'fe 1 11 1.. I 1. I H 1 J 4 ' A , 5' . .I 1' .1 ' , .' I- -4-3. gr? F:f1 A11 J' 1.I.' I IH ,IP T 4" 1 I' . F1 HIIQ. 1 L ' III .P-1' V1 -r 1. ,IIIIII II I . F . . II .. J?-.I ' lv ' T .lf . . 4 if 'U' - 'E+ V'-f"""" . 7-iii-f 11-I.. I ,.f.I' 1 I,I. . .. I -I .- .JJ--51.-J -1-1 .55-I-L' 11 .-,-...-. 113 -..-.-.I.',1,.1 -1---1,.. - 55 L.- .- ,-f-'gg' -I-gg 1f-I1,..,..- - - T41-5,-g.':,--'I-.w,15 -. . I:-.f'. 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' -3------u.1-1-- JLLLN- -MJEL---1--f.f'HI:L fin-1-we-.111---C...-f..-...-h-1-A f-a'1..'1.?P1'.EJfQ. -E-21?-U3'...Tf?-"Ai-H16'. w I 9 I. uf 5 r The Niagarian VoIume III s I I Published by the SIENIOR CLASS OI? 31932, NIAGARA IFALLS I-IIGI-I SCI-IOOL Niagara I'7aIIs, N.-Y. THE Nmsaulm NINETEEN,THlDIY'lWO! 0 Nl' f Z 'V DEDICATION This edition of the Niagarian is dedicated to the Spirit of Progress, which includes growth in knowledge, character, and efficiency. The welfare of the nation depends upon the progress of individuals, nations, and the world. May the associations of our student years imbue each of us with qualities which will make us leaders in that advance. Nl V A 53 THE NIAGARIAN Lf NINETEEN mimiwo? FOREWGRD The fact that the Olympics are to be held this year in our country influenced the staff in choosing a theme for this Niagarian. Since, however, the student body is interested not only in sports but in music and drama and all other departments of education and culf ture, the more comprehensive Greek theme was decided upon. i6l az , s THE NMGAQIAN a ?NINET!2ENfTHIWY-IWC X, ' "A" 'A URDER GF BCOKS Administration Seniors Senior Activities Undergraduates Athletics Organizations Features E73 THE NLAGAIUAN 51 tmlmiririmgmlvnmg -A all I! L 1 gf IN MEMORIAM Life's picture is a blending of sunshine and shadow. Cur high school days were saddened by the death of several of our student body whom we all admired. For those we cherish a fond rememf branee and count them as class' mates who have graduated into a higher life. ., MARY ELIZABETH KILLIAN CHESTER AMES WALLACE DOMAGALSKI ESI 1: .Q - , THE NIAGAQIAN gil ENINETEENITHIIZIXFIWO? ' Qu X z ,L ,QA 1 z .4 '. 11-1--, 4.. . , .Hx- ': I., .,. v,.-.Rig :vig 1- il ' ,, '-.,,1:,.f,,x,l..-13. r. r " ,,4,., , -,, J-A ,Wy yxpij - ,--H .......,.... ,W-umnnnn:-v.: 333.11355 'v ., 1, V A N. " ,QQ ' " I - ., ,.,.: I w P X UQUF ,riggywm V , C: 1 9 A 1.5 if 4 .Eg- . ' :sae-A 1 x 'gf - U ,fi ,K . '- '.-gp: win it r 'f V ' '. W 5 ,f, "'-7',. ' .,?,. ,,,?f : Z . .Q J: 1. , J-I V 'mes 4 V , . Y -, -' T .Y ' ' V :V "TA 1 4 . 3,g 'f --.ff-N :""'- - J WW THE NIAGAIXIAN ji ' ?N1NETgEN mm4W6? ,: Q y, U01 G ,, THE NIAGAIQLAINI lNETEEN,'1HlUYfDNO? ff 4 U13 THE NMGAIUAN ' NINETEEN mmawo! N H37 f 'ad ' fy X Yr? J "Good order' is conducive to safety, but want of order has already proved fatal to many." -XBNoPHoN's ANABASIS. I 12 3 wf w 11 f - ... ,,, . I. . -:If . ".5,.. .-Iw'7-'-'Mr 41,-.,q:f -- ..-I-5+ , . . fg - -'r uk., ' --"fHfw3'f- - rf'--15-' ' v"-mira. ' Q 9 -.W vw .4'lii'f""'Qi4Z'!fZ:'5"i Q'-M ..,.1:.7:-fC,4.u'.1. 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'f T1 NW 12475-.1391?ft"4,m5'a:Y 'I F r'..g..Q ':':,gQ'X -.5.-5. .:ig,,,g5.,...vf,:III II :h I' 4. W ' H Tf"'f!w":':'Jf '-'. -2' ififff 1 f' 2' ' 1 X 1?J"'?'f'f'P"f5'1'f?QQ' ' WJ 1' 'Wi ff:"fL,:iZ1.y' ' If14pN -' - 31'?31fivf'J ' E L-9' I.,--2fq'3Y22-fg,5q252?1J5.234 ,f M www 1'WXxAZ1u'1jf r iq, I: v my a . . ., 1 4 -,1 I..-. . v ,f 1. .-1246?-Y'-' f .-'-Wea"'-11-.:.?f-I'-N-fI7:f'w 'Y-V 41.26 .S '-' ' 1.5-' 'Lin4:v'u9v",".-Xfhilf W' .AWN , 1 'v:g...'-F '2'1-.'n,,fJ'3'-L51-422:-".'7v5,1'v!'q4,:g"'hW- 164'fL'--".'ILn,',v:"'-vf'gm-:fha. k .r ,, , -4.1,a 10.1 f 9 x I n In ,W 14,1 I., I ,yr ,nw I,mU.f g S Q U. I,-nm I 'Un .- 1 ' '5'W7'r"'f ' "HZ ?':h!'V"i7 "'l5' f ' 'N N' ' ' 5' iw 'WC' - IM.,446EZrf:,,,fQ:iQ,:qI?EfZ:Ifgg4,gq,QZZ. .,.:,f .null L9 'U 1 Lfmm 02? I4 f J A W f ,fs 'Y MW in aj f3"Z'b"' ,. fi I A Wm W , MH x , p. v 1 W P 'U M 'FIU Wi N " '- i1:':x ph N 4 VXI si 12526 W I LI :LI ,: III 4-ng in HI! I ..,-. '.,. y.a,.- ': fl .Ji ' ' Q. V1 , 1,p"'-3,g'.j5 .g..IQ' ,4 -I .vfrfik .1 '4'I5fm2f55y.'b,2442ap?2f "II-5'6'22-:1,f XZ" :fax ff f -f zgxtflf' iff? fI-V - ' ff IN SX .-4. .,. - vv,1,.e: I f, Y ,, : 'f I. , f f X ' mygwpal qi, ,. II,I:,f.1IfLI.-4.I:gg5g.?, 1 .I II fi, jx' 141.5 ,y Q I.-Qgzg 1n'.fl..aj1 4p"""-,-1PLh:1'1m5 14344, fn'-y -1 .QQ X Q 4' -.kwzgwa-.rr I xg ' K " I J fi. j f yn X f f I ., Qfw wfywfy My f My f R-.fiI9:f'IQI'9f' ,g ' N ,Ig WV W 5' - IIII , f.-f I 'II-.g:I'IIIL I-:' "AI, 1 -,. A, - ., fr' V Af' 2 Ig, N' 7 I if . W ' "5 I-W I gfgfyf' 2' ,fx "E, 4 fi-if y f ff MW 4. 1 X I 1 ,WX , n f' , , 1, I ,gf ' "hs- ' , Iv ,, V 1.-.-45 I W ' ,fgzf SQ" . .v V! '. 74 "' V ' , f 'D 'f J' ' v 1 ,.,, .. - I . I ,f ff . .X , f .,.ff' I ffw Igf' . , ff ,1 l xI f fm M91 f W, Wi ,Q :II Us D , V If ' ' 5 Q 'ff ' ff , AWSMX A I 125 li 'fy if 1 4 E ix X.. J I 5, I "Qi NX x I X P r f- N-x' ' :T X ' Wi'- KN ffifiixxbr. N' if 75. 3 5 Q X A X. X .X,I X, I II 5' .IX X NN W x i X W, I X m41Evw.:iz W Z E li .. STX Wx Mx -we W W g " Xl W X 1' i, , B E-'vllkw ii Z2 - 7 4' ,fy I H , ,., , .5 I A I Y 'I ,,.f A ,ICQ YIHIIII S.: -Eg If I w W mv m mm jsgfr iff? THE NLAGARIAN NINETEENYFHIUYTWO Q, LYNDON H. STROUGH Principal The fact that Mr. Strough came to Niagara Falls High School the same year that most of us entered does not alone account for the strong ties of friendship between us. He has won a permaf nent place in our hearts by his willingness to help us and by the fellowship he has extended. In his presence, we have always felt free to discuss our personal troubles because we have been confident of a pleasant, helpful answer. For these reasons Mr. Strough may be assured that when we leave our school we take with us a pleasing memory to cherish as long as any thought of school life remains with us. 5143 ag THE NIAGAIQIAN NINETEENKTHIQTYWO Miss EMMA HULEN VicefP1'io1cipal To Miss Hulen We extend our sincerest thanks for her many kindnesses during our high school career. She has furthered our student government through her active interest in the Student Council. Many of us have met with her individually to work out program problems. Those who have not been privileged to know her personally have often been aware of her influence among the student body. When the Seniors voiced their desire to organize their class during the first term, she most ably assisted us. For many years we shall remember our pleasant contacts with Miss Hulen. l15l THE N1AGA12lf-iN NINETEEN,llllUYllNOEi , MARK R. BEDFORD Class Adviser Although not every graduating Senior has been able to come in close contact with his adviser, the class as a Whole has been benefited by the kindly advice that Mr. Bedford has offered. To the existence of a Senior Class, an adviser is as vital as are its class officers. We have found in Mr. Bedford such necessary qualities as friendship, graciousness, and interest. Because of these char' acteristics we approached the last of our class meetings with a sense of regret. The entire Senior Class wholeheartedly appreciates the voluntary service which Mr. Bedford has extended in his inimitable manner. lQ16l THE NIAGAIQVXN ?NlNETEEN,THllZl'Y'llNOg Miss MABEL E. ESHELMAN Adviser to the Niagmfian The Seniors are extremely grateful to Miss Eshelman for her interest in our class, which she has shown most effectively as adviser to the Nia' garian staff . It is our pleasure to assure her that the time she has spent in helping us make our Niagarian a success is appreciated, in particular her many original and helpful suggestions. The senior annual represents considerable effort and is a great accomplishment in the history of the school, since it is the result of the vvholehearted cooperation of the class. We trust that in the years to come as we turn the pages of this book We shall appreciate even more fully our friend and teacher, Miss Eshelman. iwi E THE NIAGAQIAW Ei 'NINETEEN mimYw isa -ii ! . 263 i- - ' i l i l r i JAMES F. TAYLOR Superintendent of Schools The Senior Class of "thirtyftwo" feels that it owes Mr. Taylor a deep debt of gratitude. As he is an executive in the schools, we have all felt his guiding influence during the years of high school life. Through his talks in assemblies, he has brought us many helpful suggestions, which, if We but heed, will help us successfully to accom' plish the tasks ahead. Although we have been privileged to see and hear Mr. Taylor too seldom, we have been pleased and have profited when ever he has been present at Niagara Falls High School. We leave with him most sincere thanks for his interest. mi QTHE NIAGAIUAN . rN1NEImQi1uYW FACULTY OF NIAGARA FALLS HIGH SCHOOL LYNDON H. STROUGH, Principal Colgate University, B. S. EMMA HULEN, VicefPrincipal Tufts College, B. S. Columbia University, M. A. ENGLISH VJINIFRIED A. NAYLGR, H cad . Teachers' College, Columbia Univ., B. S., M. A. ETHEL F. BRAY . . . . CARRIE I. BRCDWNELL OLIVE CHATTERTON . MAEEL E. ESHELMAN ELLEN HOLDEN FREESE HILDA GOLLNIGIQ . RUTH L. HAUCIK . RUTH JENNINGS . . . BERENEICE OLIVER . GEQRGIANA MONTGOMERY CARRIE E. RICE . . RUTH A. YOUNG . NINA C. I-IARWGOD, Head HARRY F. ABATE . FLORENCE M. HOWE DLJROTHY MAHGNEY THYRA M. RASMUSSEN JESSIE C. ROBILLARD . ADA L. STEELE . ESTHER M. STURGE . Syracuse Univ., B. .A. Wellesley College, B. A. . Alfred Univ., Ph. B. . Columbia Univ., B. S. . Cornell Univ., B. A. Middlebury College, B. A. Ohio Univ., B. S. in Ed. . Univ. of Rochester, B. A., M. A. Seton Hill College, B. A. . Northwestern Univ., A. B.g Bryn Mawr Col. HISTORY Fredonia Normal . Williani Smith College, B. A. Syracuse Univ., Ph. B. . State College for Teachers, Buffalo, B. S. LATIN MARGARET J. HUTGI-IINsoN, Head . . RUTH A. BARNES . ETHEL L. BLOOMINGDALE St. Lawrence Univ., B. A. Univ. of Rochester, B. A. . Syracuse Univ., B. S. Univ. of Buffalo, B. A. Syracuse Univ., B. S. Rochester Univ., B. A. . . Buffalo Normal Univ. of Buffalo, A. B. Univ. of Rochester, B. A. CORA J. GRATRICK . . N. Y. State Teachers Col., Ph. B., Cornell Univ., B. A. GERTRUDE M. TRESSELT ...... Alleghany College, B. A. U91 . 51 . -, E THE NIAGAQIAN NINETEENJTINIUQIYHINO QT. Rav ':.- .. FACULTY OF NIAGARA FALLS HIGH SCHOOL ALICE M. FINN, Head . ANNA W. BAADER . A. Gow BROWNELL . RUTH A. COOK . . ELVERTA I. MILLER . FLORENCE R. NIESZ . WELDON R. OLIVER MARY ALICE SCUTT CHRISTIANA S. HATHAWAY, OLIVE M. ALLERTON . FLORENCE E. A. MILLER BEULAH T. NEWTON . BENJAMIN H. TIMM . ANNA A. WALKER MARY A. WALSH . DOROTHY TREADWELL . MODERN LANGUAGES N. Y. State Teachers Col., B. A., Middlebury Col., M. A. . . . . . . Syracuse Univ., Ph. B. . Syracuse Univ., Bi A., Northwestern Univ., M. A. . Syracuse Univ., B. A., B. M.g Penn State, M. A. . . . . Univ. of Pennsylvania, B. S. . . . . . Univ. of Buffalo, B. A. . Colgate Univ., B. A. . . . . . Syracuse Univ., B. A. MATHEMATICS Head . . A . . Elmira College, B. S. . . Syracuse Univ., B. A. . . . Syracuse Univ., B. S. . . Univ. of Buffalo, M. A. Univ. of Buffalo, B. S. in Ed. . . . Ohio State Univ., B. S. . . . . . . 'Oswego Normal . Wells College, B. A., Columbia Univ., M. A. COMMERCIAL ESTHER C. NEUBECKER, Head .... Rochester Business Institute MIRIAM L. ANDERSON DOROTHY K. APPLE . HELEN L. BARTHOLOMEW L. DALE BLENDINGER . JOHN A. FITZ'PATRICK NAOMIE G. FORDHAM . M. ALICE INNES . EVELYN M. KEIM CAROLINE M. LENO . ELIZABETH M. MALLAM MARGARET M. PARSONS MARY RYAN . . HARLAN P. FREEMAN, Head B. GREGG ABBEY MARK R. BEDFORD . ALFRED W. BENSON MAY B. CRAMER . JOSEPH O. OTT . . .... Plattsburg Normal Lockhaven Normal, Bryant Eh? StrattOn's . . New Rochelle College, B. S. . Univ. of Buffalo, B. S. in Com. Ed. . Univ. of Pennsylvania, B. S. . . Elmira College, B. S. . . . . . Rochester Business Institute . . . . . . Syracuse Univ., Ph. B. . Univ. of North Dakota, B. A.g Gregg Normal School . . . . . . . Elmira College, B. S. . . . . . . Syracuse Univ., B. S. . Geneseo Normal, Univ. of Buffalo, B. S., M. A. SCIENCE . Amherst College, B. A., Columbia Univ., M. A. . . . . . Hobart College, B. S. Houghton Col., B.A., Columbia Univ., M. A. . . . . . Syracuse Univ., B. A. . . Syracuse Univ., B.A. . Canisius College, B. Ai, M. A. IZOI QTHE NIAGAIZIAN 351 NINETEEN interim? Alf 1 ' FACULTY OF NIAGARA FALLS HIGH SCHOOL MUSIC WARREN A. SCOTC1-IMER, Head . . Ithaca Conservatory of Music, Mus. B. HELEN E. CLEMENT . . . Eastman School of Musicg Fredonia Normal VJILLIAM R. MCELWAIN . Von Ende Music School of New Yorkg Royal Academy of Music, London, Eng. NEWTON W. WARD . . Eastman School of Music, Mus. B. PHYSICAL EDUCATION BRAINARD N. PARSONS, Head . .... Cornell Univ. HAROLD Cxumi . . . . La Crosse State Teachers College BERYL T. LANG . A in AMELIA E. PHELPS . THOMAS S. SZCZERBACKI FRANK BEDASKA . ABBIE L. BLACKMAR LOUISE B. Mosi-ma . MAUD13 A. CATHCART . DELLA A. HUTSON, Ass't. . . . Cortland Normal Sargent School La Crosse State Teachers College DRAWING Buffalo Normal . Thomas Normal HOME ECONOMICS . Mechanics Institute, Rochester LIBRARIAN . . . . State Library School, Albany . Geneseo State Normal OFFICE STAFF AGNES COLEMAN, Secretary RUTH SCHULTZ, Clerk IZII ffcfp THE NLAGAQWN1 NlNETEEN7Tl1llIlYflllV6? . Q T, "Eyes have I, and ears, and both my feet, and a stable mind of no mean fashioning. With these I will go forth." -HOMER,S ODYSSEY. E22 Il 1111 W1 1 1 1 11 1 1 1,1 H71 1 1 1 , jk! Z 1 Q 1 1 1 1 fi 1111 I W Ex 1 gyy QE' 1 XXX: X121 1 x X K NH 11 291 Zffql Nmw wl f V 11 1 11f 11 I2 1 Q 1 11111111111 f 1 . 11 , IXIQ 1 :gf , 1R,L11k 1igTf 1? f 111111 1 11 I 1 ? -Q 1 11 11, 1 1111151 1 1 11 I S 1111 1 1 11 1.111111 41 111 X1 1 3 111 1 1 V 111 21 1 I xXK f J I, 1111 X 1 1 1 1 1 11 11 1 11 1 111 1 1 H1!1 9,1 ,. 11 1 F ,1 1 1 11-111 1 , "5141"11-s 1 11 151111 1,1 1 ,111 1111111 1 J f 1 11 f 1 Q X1 1 F151 A ' - 4 "3-F-'T--17 211 42u:4iv143,f2"ff4f f11ffgug1 1,1311,.111j .1, W N 1 1 , 1 Q Q' H-2:11 f' - . HX 1 f- A711575 11 1111' -Q16 - .ix 1 4. in 11111, L15 YWQSNQZ1 x X , ,F N ,,,ia'bE1'3 ' 5 1 11 L ! 11 11 11 11 1, 1 1 1 111111"1 1 X QRWN " ' 1111 111111 1 111 - ,I 1 . V-. ., X ,. ig-5117i f 1 1 1 1 1 T11 HSQ111L1171f, F- f' 1, 1 Q1 1 1 ' 77- 1 N ' if jx 1 1 1 V 1 'e2wgj1W, 1 1 1 1111.15 1 1 I 1 1 11 17 71753 I 1'pLN111f111l2:i 1111 YE" d1'111Q1 -4 1 11 f111, .11 X1 ,1 111 ,1 1 1 NIM! 1 X I lljgil .5 ly fail 1 15,11 1111 111 I A ' 1 ' fs 1 .31 1 '16f"fff'.f 'f' f' ' ' M 11 1 111 1 fgQ,?. 1l1 1 ' 1 Img' '1- . 1 1 ff HW " '. 1 5 'UI1 1 1411 7 MASK' .212 Q 151,111 11 1 11151 111 1 111 ' 11 f 111 1 . me 111 X 1 ' 1 f '11 1 ' 1111 1 11 11 1 12 1 ' - W il llll 1111 11 1 1 1 -11 11 f7 1 f 5 - 1 1 1 1 11 17 1111, 11lVW1111 1 ! X X 1 fm' R1 X 1 1 11 1 11 11111 11 1 ,,1 - ff ,AW A IL 11 11 A 11111 'I11111 1 1 1,1 1 1 'KJ 51 '1 1 ,1 ij" 1. .1 1,1 ,I ln 1 1 1 f' L1 1,142 ,QM-.1 ,H 2 11111111-1 111,111.1 111 41, 11 11 INS 'WJ 11 1 11 1.1 ff Q N212 Zpff 1 K 1 '11 , 4 1 11 11 11 f' Q 15 Q 1 11-1111 ' 'Q Pgw., , .. 1 ywv ,Q fx ek 11, 11111112 1 .1 11 1, X 'X fx 1 ff 1 M5-1111 1 X 11 X115 1 ff , IIIXI 111, 1111 X Q1 MR X ,1 V Xb f 11, R "1 11 1 1 f 1 X 11 1 IIN 1 1 I f M X 1 11 N 1 f f 1 1 11 1 K 1 X 1 I I J f m I -lL1lE"' QQ 11f - 1? 1' 1 , '1 1 9 ' f 1 - 2 1 1 1W 1117 1 1111 fif Ii S X 1 xi 1 M if .1 MTH1 fn 1, , fxg. R 1 , Q31 1 N 7 1 1 if f by 1 11 1 11 1' M Wgwf 11 fb 11 X M Q' 1 W ' ,fx ,11y if 1 i 51 MXN 1l X X 1 3553 1 1 1 11 k Z 1Um 11l 11 W 1 W 111511 11 111f-11111 1 ' XM 11?-7 1231 1 Q1 U Yi? , 11 El 1 1 1 11 1 1WZW1g!1 1 1 1 HM 11' 1 w Q w 1111111 1 , 1151, X1111111 f11S2:3W.4f-.A IQ W fx 1? 17 4 11! 11 I W 311111 , W 1l 1 1 1 1 11 11 1 1 4, 7 if 1111115 11 71 'AJ 1 111 A ! km xml 11' 11 1 1 11 . 25: L M, O TTHE NIAGAIZIAN O NINETEENTIIIRIITNQ? President . VicefPresident Secretary . Treasurer . Prophet . Historian . Testator Poet . Statistician Song Writer Mantle Orator Nl. I Class of 1932 Organization OFFICERS CLASS NIGHT 'LTHE NIAGARIANl1 GTTO BALTUTH . NORMA LEE JEAN HAIKRISON HUGH LAIDMAN JOHN HENDEIKSON ARTHUR MAGVITTIE . ZORA GRIENER VIRGINIA MOIKRISON THOMAS TUTTLE RUTH KREMERS HENIKY KENNEDY EditorfinfClrief . . . . DONALD WELCH Business Manager . . OLIVER KRENKEL Literary Adviser MISS MABEL ESHELMAN Financial Adviser . MR. MARK R. BEDFORD MOTTO "May our differences be written in sand, And our friendships on marble." COLORS Coral and Silver FLOWER 'Talisman Rose U41 THE NMGAMAN T I W 47 Committees f NINETEEN mmnzvo? COLOR E? FLOWER COMMITTEE RICHARD WIGGALL, Chairman Jack Wetzel Martha Crawford Margaret Putman Bernice Lambert MOTTO COMMITTEE BRENDA BEARCE, -Chairman Hans Fadum Josephine Costantino Leo Mang Dorothy Dillon GIFT COMMITT EE NORMA TAYLOR, Chairman Samuel DeLorenzo Millicent Lowry Kenneth Weiss Robert French CAP E3 GOWN COMMITTEE Boys: Girls: JAMES SPEIDEN, Chairman VERA HEXIMER, Chair nan Howard Bandy Charles Harris CLOTHES COMMI Edith Preston Bertha Harris TTEE Boys : Girls: ALBERT MUFFITT, 'Chairman Myron Donley Ray Wigle Hubert Noonan Oscar Wilso11 IDA HICKOX, Ch Evelyn Nicoud Dorothy Fuller Helen Napoleon Bernice Kieck CLASS NIGHT COMMITTEE OTTO BALTUTH, Chairman john Henderson Arthur MacVittie Thomas Tuttle Ruth Kremers Zora Greiner Henry Kennedy Virginia Morrison DANCE COMMITTEE CHARLES I-IARTZNER, Chairman Gardner Dales Helen Schubert George Mitchell Mary Mansfield Kenneth Carver james O'Haire tm Eunice Allen Dorothy Adermann 26 O'r'ro I. BALTUTH . ,Forest'ry-Syracuse Univ. Pres. Sr. Class, Football '29, '30, 31, Swimming '30, '31, '32, Interfclass Vol' ley Ball '30, '31, Wing Collar Day Comm. '30, '31, '32, Baseball '30, '31, "N" Club '31, '32, Wrestling Champion 160 lb. class '32, Water Pageant '32, NORMA LEE VicefPres. Sr. Class, Varsity Swimming Team '30, '31, Student Council '30, '32, Pres. Social Comm. '32, Social Comm. '30, '31, '32, Representative on Athletic Council '32, Asst. Business Mgr. Year Book '32, Library Stall '30, Badminton '32, Tennis '30, '31, Water Carnival '30, Wing Collar Day Comm. '30. JEAN R. HARRISON Secy. Sr. Class. HUGH LAIDMAN . . Phoenix Art Institute Treas. Sr. Class Art Editor Year Book, Student Council '31, '32, lnterfclass Basketball '30, '31, Interfclass Volleyf ball '30, '31. Zona LUCIA GREINER ...... . . . Bujfalo State 'Teachers College Class Testator, Dramatic Club '32. JOHN HENIDERSON ....... . . . Bujfalo State Teachers College Class Prophet, Sr. Play '32, Student Council '31, '32, Varsity Swimming '29, '30, '31, Forensic Society '31, '32, Dramatic Society '30, '31, '32, Year Book Comm. '32, Wing Collar Day Ac- tivities '31, '32, Intereclass Volleyball '30, '31, '32, Asst. Mgr. Baseball '30, Inter' class Tennis '31, Water Pageant '30, '32. RUTH JANE Kasmlzns . . Sargent School Class Song Writer, Les Babillards, Stu' dent Council '30, '31, '32, Swimming Team '29"31, Color Guard '32. ARTI-IUR R. MACVITTIE Univ.of Michigan Class Historian, Year Book Staff '32, Chronicle Staff '32, Mgr. Swimming Team '31, Wing Collar Day Comm. '31, Student Council '30, '31, VIRGINIA B. MORRISON . . Private Secretary Class Poet, Student Council '30, '31, '32, Scarlet Quill '30, '31, '32, Les Babillards '31. '32. THOMAS R. TUTTLE . Lawyer-Cornell Univ. Class Statistician, Chairman Executive Comm., Sr. Play '32, Pin and Ring Comm. '32, Debating Team '30, '31, Capt. Debating Team '31, Forensic So' ciety '30, '31, '32, Vice-Pres. Forensic Society '31, '32, Chronicle Staff '31, '32. DONALD WIzr.crr . . . Niagara University Editor Year Book '32, Vice-Pres. Student Council '31, Pres. Forensic Society '31, Executive Comm. '32, Pin and Ring Comm. '32, Editor Chronicle '30, '31, Debating Team '29, '30, '31, Student Council '29, '30, '31, Capt. Debating Team '30, '31, Forensic Society '29f'32, Dramatic Society '29f'31, Les Babillards '31, '32, Treas. Dramatic Soc. '30, '31, OLIVER W. KRHNKBL . .Niagara University Business Mgr. Year Book '32, Student Council '31, 32, Chronicle Staff '30. 1 HHLENE WEIKNER . William Smith College Literary Editor Yr. Book '32g School Council '30, '31, '32g Chronicle Stall' '32g Social Comm. '32, Band '30, '31, Inter-class Baseball '30, '31g Inter-class Basketball '30, '31g Inter-class Volleyball 130, '31g Interfclass Soccer '3 l.g Les Babilf ards. HENRY C. JOHNSON ...... . Engineer Worcester Polytechnic Inst. Sr. Organization Editor Yr. Book '32g Swimming Squad '3Og Les Babillards '31, '32q Forensic Society '31g Student Counf Cil '31, '32. WALTER BLAKE . . Univ. of Michigan Literary Editor Yr. Book '32g Student Council '30, '32: Band '29, '30, '3lg Tennis '32, Sr. Play '32, JAMES W. MCWHIRK Univ. of Notre Dame Club Editor Yr. Book '32g Cofeditor Chronicle '32: Student Council '30, '31g Forensic Soc. '31, '32g Dramatic Soc. '30, '31, '32g Sr. Play '32, Doaxs H. BENTHAM . . Private Secretary Assoc. Editor Yr. Book '32g Handbook '31g Student Council '30, '31g Pres. Stu' dent Council '32g Sr. Exec. Comm., Rin'g and Pin Comm.. Hoon Rum, JR .... Pmn Arr Institute Art Editor Yr. Book '32g Interfclass Vol' leyball '30g Inter-class Basketball '30g Chronicle Stall '31. JOHN JASPER . . . . Syracuse Univ. Sports Editor Yr. Book '32g Sports Edif tor Chronicle '32g Band. HERBERT K. PETE . . Univ. of Michigan Club Editor Yr. Book '32, Interfclass Coll' '323 Interfclass Tennis '32g Band '30, '3l. JANET Wmncs . . Williani Smith College Sr. Org. Editor Yr. Bk.g Varsity Swim' ming Team '30, '31, '32g Student Counf cil '30, '31, '32g Usher '32g Social Comm. '32: Badminton '32g Tennis '30, '32g Water Carnival '30, '31, '32g Dramatic Club '31, '32g Sec'y Dramatic Club '32g Wilig Collar Day '30, 32g Sports Editor Chronicle '32, GARDNER DAL13s .... Cornell Univ. Sr. Yr. Book '32g Student Council '28, "29, '30, '31, '32g Dramatic Club '29, '3Og Band '28, '29, Orchestra '28g Little Symphony Orch. '29g Swimming Team '30, '31, '32g Interfclass Soccer '28, '29g Intereclass Tennis '30, '31, PAUL JOHN BRUCATO .... journalist Assoc. Editor Yr. Book '32g Cofeditor Chronicle: Forensic Soc. '32g Mgr. Swim- ming '32g Asst. Mgr. Swimming '30g Inter-class Sports. MELVIN STANTON HAZIEL . Univ. of Buffalo Sr. Yr. Book '32g Sr. Play '32g Exec. Council '30g Inter-class Basketball '30, '31, Inter-class Volleyball '30, '31g Treas. Dramatic Soc.g Plays-Dido and Aeneas, Erstwhile Susan. fav 28 HARRY ABRAMOWITZ . Commercial Course MAX ABRAMOWITZ Interfclass Volleyball, Intcrfclass Soccer. MARY ANN ADYDAN ..... Nurse O. C. A. Shorthand Certificateg Wood' stock Emblem, Chronicle Typistg Yr. Book Typist. . DOROTHY ADERMANN . . . Secretary Chronicle Typist '31, '32g Student Counf cil, '29, '30g Yr. Book Typist '32, ALMA CHANDLER ALLEN ..., . . . . . . State 'I'eacl1e'rs College EUNICE S. ALLEN ....... . . . Buffalo Stare Teuchers College Chorus '30, '31, '32g Pinafore '31, Martha '32g Choral Club '30, '31, '32g Pres. Choral Club '32g Les Bnbillards '32. MARY JEAN ALLERA . . Bookkeeper ROBERTA G. ALLEN , . Univ. of Bufalo Orchestra '29, '30, '31, '32g Quintet '29, '30g Dramatic Club '30, '31, '3'Z. MOLLY A. AMBRO . Comptometeof Operator Typewriting Awards, Woodstock Emb' lemg Bandg Orchestra. josnpx-1 E. ASHKER Glee Club '30, '31, '32g Chorus '30, '31, '32g Marthag Pinaforcg Interfclass Sportsg Student Councilg Hand Book Comm. ETTA V. AVERY . . Private Secretary DOROTHY MARIE BAKER 1 GERALDINE Louise BARCLAY . . Nursing Usher '31, '32g Dramatic Club '31, '32g Student Council '32g Sr. Yr. Book '32g Sr. Play '32. MILDRED ELIZABETH BALE . . . Nurse Literary Soc. '29g Student Council '28. DORIS IRMA BARBER MARIE MARCIARET BAKER MARJORIE L. BARBER . Williaawi Smizh Col. Scarlet Quill '30, '31, '32, MARION BANKS ........ . . . Buffalo State Teachers College Library '3O: Swim. Team '29, '30, '3l. MORRIS WHITNEY BARTON .... . . . . . . . Physical Educaticm Football '24, '25, '30, Baseball '30, '31, Captaing Baseball Squad '27, Inter-class Basketball Champs '25, '26, '29, '3Og Interfclass Volleyball Champs '30, Chronicle Staff '31, '32g Student Counf eil '26, '27, WiI1g Collar Day Comm. '32g Interfclass Baseball '32g Golf In' structor '32. BRENDA WYETI-I BEARCE , Vassar College Dramatic Soc. '30, '31, '32g Les Babilf lards '31, '32g Chairman Motto Comm.g Sr, Play '32. WILLIAM BECK . . School Council '32, . . Cornell Univ. BERNIECE M. BENNETT . . Srenogmpher O. G. A. Certificate. LENA S. BENNETT . . . Snenographev O. G. A. CertiHcateg Forum. RALPII BONIELLO . Law-Niagara Univ. 1 29 550 EDWARD JOHN Bowen . . Nashona House Sec'y Stamp Club '29, '32g Pres. Stamp Club '30, Interfclass Soccer '32. MARION I. BOOTH .... Bookkeeper Student Council '31, '32g O. G. A. Short' hand Certificate, Treas. Student Counf cil '32, Chronicle Typist '31, '32, Ni' agarian Typist '32. LUCY V. BOX . . . Buffalo State Normal Orchestra '30, JEAN MARIE BOWERMAN . . . Teacher Assoc. Music Clubs '29, '30, '31, '32, Orchestra '29, '30, '31, '32, Band '29, '30, 313 Little Symphony '30g Pinafore '31q Martha '32g Student Council '32g Advanced Chorus '31g Chorus '31g Choral Club '31. ROBERT F. BRADT .... Cornell Univ. Tennis '30, '31, '32, RUTH BRAGG Orchestra '29, '30, '31g Chorus '29g Badminton '31g Library '29, '30. THELMA Biuoos .... Trained Nurse Student Council '31, '32. DONALD BUTTERWORTI1 . . Minister Forensic Society '32. THOMAS CAGLI1 ...... jou-rnalist Chronicle '29, '30, '32g Inter'-:lass Swim' ming '29g Cheerleading '29, '30g Wing Collar Day '30, '31, '32g Yr. Book '32. MADELYN CAMPBELL . . Niwse WILLIAM E. CAROSELLA . Niagara Univ. Inter-class Baseball, Interfclass Basketball. KENNETH W. CAIWER . . . Engineer Football '31, Senior Play '32, 1 ANTHONY P. CATALFAIYIO lntcrfclnss Baseball '31, Intcrfclnss Vol' lcyhall '31, Inter-class Volleyball '32. EILIIIQN CATINIERINIS CASEY . Srcnograplwm O. C. A. Ccrtiucutc. MILDRLSIJEIDITH CI-IIzsTuIufIEI.D . . . . . . . . . . . . Boolglgeepev' RUTH E. C1fIAPI.1N JANII T. CISZIEK .... Srenogmplier O. G. A. Certificate, Woodstock First: Emblem. AGNES CIIIAPPONB O. G. A. Ccrtillcatcg Wcvodstock Award, Forum. MARY H. COLLINS . Stenogmpher C11AIu.Ifs J. COHEN ...... Lawyer Les Bubillards, Capt. Inter-class Basket' ball Team '30, '31, Mgr. Intevclass Vol' lcybnll Team '30. Gnoncarz W. CoMsTocK . Antioch College Band '29, '30, '31, '32, Orchestra '29, '30, '31, '32, Dramatic Club '29, '30, '31. VIRGINIA E. COLVIN , . Beaver College JOSIIPHINII COSTANTINO Orchestra '30, '31, '32, Pinaforc '31, Martha '32, Student Council '32, JosI2PI-I FRANK Coscm . Syracuse Univ, Varsity Football '28, '29, '30, '31, Var' sity Baseball 29, '30, Intcrfclass Volley- ball '29, '30, fill 32 LEONARD CULOTTA . N. T. Forestry College Interfclass Tennis '32. MARTHA CRAWFORD . .... . . . . Buffalo State Teachers College Color and Flower Committee '32. MARY DAHLSTROM ....... . . . Buffalo State Teachers College ALBERT D'AMICO . . Toronto University Football '30, '31g Baseball Manager '30g Senior Play '32. Louise DAWLEY . . Secretary SAM DELAURA . . University of Buffalo Mgr. Football '29, '30, '31g Track '29g Inter-class Oflicial '29, '30g Interfclass Soccer '29g Interfclass Golf '29, Basket' ball '29, '3O. GERALDINE R. DELELIO . . Stenographer O. G. A. Certificate. SAMUEL J. DELELIO , . . Bookkeeper Interfclass Basketballg Interfclass Volley' ball. ORLANDO L. DELORENZO ..... . . . . . Carnegie 'Tech Institute Volleyball '30, '31, '32, Intereclass Soccer '3Og Interfclass Badminton '31, '32g Inf terfclass Handball '32g Intereclass Wrestl' ing '32. SAM DELoRnNzo .... Georgia Tech Varsity Football '30, '3lg Volleyball '30, '31, '32g Interfclass Badminton '30, '32q Interfclass Wrestling '32g Intereclass Handball '32g Sr. Gift Comm. '32. LEONARD J. DEPIERRO . Public Accountant Crchestrag Student Council '31, '32, JOHN THOMAS DESANTIS ..... . . . . . . Georgetown University i DoRo'ruY lVlAl3 D1L1.oN . Univ. of Buffalo Les Babillards '32g Scarlet Quill '30, '31, '32: Dramatic Soc. '30, '31, '32g Erstf while Susan '31: Wirmg Collar Day '32, Senior Play '32: Color Guard '32, ANTHONY DlC1zcco , . 'I'rifSrate College IDA Rosie DIRUSCIO . Private Secretary Badminton Champ. '3Og Tennis Doubles Champ. '3O: Tennis Singles Champ. '31, Mixed Doubles Badminton Champ. '31g Tennis Doubles Champ. '31g Interfclass Sports: O. G. A. Certihcatcg Woodstock Award. B1.ANCHli R. DOMINTANNI .... . . . Buffalo State Teachers College O. G. A. Ccrtihcate. Er.i.ifRY Ti-uzonoxw DRAKE .... . . . . . . Ollio State University Orchestra '30, '31g Chess and Checker Club '31, '32. KATHLEEN DOVIESMITH Sr. Play '32: Dramatic Club '31, '32g Chorus '30, '31, '32, Sec'y Choral Club '3lg Pinaforcq Martha. ADOLPI-1 BERNARD ECKERT .... . . . . Medical-Niagara University Inter-class Basketball '29, '30, Interfclass Volleyball '30. IENNIE C. ELIA . . Commercial HAROLD ELLIS . . University of Michigan School Council '30. MARY FRANCES BLIA ..... Nurse Usher '31, '32g Chorus '29, '3O. GLORIA MARY ESPINA . . Steaiogmplzer RorsuRT ARTHUR EVANS . Cornell Univ. K 33 Joi-:N FABIANO . . University of Buffalo Interfclass Sports, Basketball '29, '30, '31, '32, Softball '30, Volleyball '29, '30, Soccer '29. HAILIS FADUM . . . University of Illinois Swimming Team '32, Treas. Science Club '32, Motto Committee '32. ELLEN FAULKNER . Potsdam Normal School O. G. A. Certificate, O. A. T. Award, Woodstock Award, Oflice Assistant '31, '32, Library '29, '30, '31, Orchestra '29, '30, '31. MARY C. FELDMBYBR . . Stenogmpher Chronicle Typist '31, '32, Niagarian Typist '31, '32, O. G. A. Certificate, LILLIAN FORBES .... . Nurse Wing Collar Day '31. JACK Fosran Band '28, '29, '30, '31, Football '29, '30, '31, Track '30, Student Council '28, Interfclass Wrestling. ROBERT FRENCH . University of Michigan Student Council '30, '32, Dramatic Society '31, '32, Orchestra '30, '31, Tennis '31, '32, Gift Committee '32. WINNIFRED M. FRANKB ...... . . . Buffalo State Teachers College VERNA LUCY FUCARINO . . Bookkeeper O. A. T. Award, O. G. A. Certificate. ANITA FULGENZI . . . Private Secreta-ry Chronicle Typist '31, '32, Niagarian Typist '32, O-. G. A. Certificate, Wood' stock Award, Tennis, Badmintong Inter' class Sports. INEZ GEARTZ . Nurse-Memorial Hospital DO'ROTHY FULLER . . . Oberlin College Student Council '32, Orchestra '31. 1341 EUZAEET1-I M. GENTLEMAN . . . . . . . D"Y'onville College Louis S. Guwovnsu FRANCES R. GIBBS . . . Stenographer O. G. A. Certincateg Woodstock Award. ALICE C. Gmno . . . . Stenogmpher Student Council '31g Book Storm-:g Forum Club. ELlZAlllZ'l'l'I M. GLEASON . . . . Buffalo State 'Teachers College Pres. Dramatic Club '31: Student Coun' cil '32: Swimming Team '30, '31g Dramatic Club '30, '31, '32g Annual Play '30g Water Pageant '32. GEORGE JOHN GOMBERT Band '30, '31, '32g Interclass Volleyball '30g Inter-class Basketball '30, Vro1.ETM.Goun1NEER . EVELYN M. GREEN . Tl'IIi0DOR1i GREEN Volleyball '31g Science FERNE E. GRIEEEN Enwfmn H. GROEENGIESER STELLA MARIE GRIMALDI O. G. A. Certincate. . Boolqlqeeper . Stenograplzer Club '3 2. . Commercial i 35 9 2 E361 ALVA R. GROSE . Dietician-Cornell Univ. Dramatic Club '30, '31, '32, Costumes '30, '31, '32, IOHN P. GUINTHER Band '29, '30, '31, '32, Orchestra. THOMAS J. GUISTO .... Commercial Band '29, '30, '31, '32, Intevclass Sports '30,'31,'32. YETTA HABER . . . . . Accountant C. A. T. Award, O. C. A. Test, Forum Club. MARJORIE B. HAGEN . Simmons College Student Council '30, '32, Year Book '32 DOROTHY E. HALSTED ...... . . . Buffalo State Teachers College Choral Club '30, Chorus '30, Dramatic Club '31, '32, Erstwhile Susan '32, Les Babillard '31, '32. EDNA CAROLYN HANNEL . Post Graduate Chronicle Staff '31, '32. .BERTIIA HARRIS ........ . Nurse-Niagara Falls Memorial Hosp. CHARLES E. HAIXRIS . . West Point CHARLES H. HARTZNER VERA HEXIMER . . . Private Secretary ' Chronicle '32, Tennis '31, '32, PAUL HBWITT Student Council '32, Cross Country '29, Track '29, E. Hicxox ........ . . . Bujfalo State Teaclievs College Secretary-Treasurer Choral Club '32g Chorus '30, '31, '32g Choral Club '30, Pinafore '31g Martha '32g Wing Collar Day Committee '32, IDA MARGARET M. 1-Irons . . Stenogmplier Vkfoodstock First Emblem, Oliice Ass't. RUTI-I J. HILL ........ . . Bryant-Stratton Business College Library '30, '31, '32. HuLeN F. HOTCI-I KISS HAROLD HOWARD HOUTZ . Chemical Engineer Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Secretary Science Club '32. RUTH HUMAN ........ . . . Buffalo State Teachers College WILLIAM HENRY HUNT, JR ..... . . . . . . . . Business School President Stamp Club '31. MARION JAMES IRENIZ GIZRTRUDE JACOBS . Bookkeeper GRACE E. JAMIESON Tennis Doubles Championship '29g Ten- nis Singles and Doubles '30, '31, Bad' minton Singles and Doubles '31g Intere class Soccer '31, Chronicle Stall '32. Esri-IER M. JeNss . William Smith College Choral Club Accompanist '29, '30, '31, '32g Little Symphony II '31, '32, Scarlet Quill '30, '31, '32g Les Babillards '31, '32, Handbook Comm. '31g Student Council '3O. KATHERINE M. JENSS ...... . . . . . . William Smith. College Sec'y School Council '31, '32g Vice'Pres. Les Babillards '31, '32g Chairman Ring and Pin Committee. I 371 38 CHARLOTTE JOYCE . Public Accountant O. G. A. Certincateg Student Council '3Og Forum Club. JAMES IIRCITANO . . Syracuse Univenity Volleyball '29, '30, '3lg Intewclass Basketball '29g Interfclass Softball '29. ALICE KANE . . Buffalo Normal HAROLD E. KATTMAN ,..... . . . . Architect--Miami University Year Book '32g Student Council '29, '30, '31g School Handbookg Pin Committee '32 MARJORIE M. KELLEY ...... . . Teacher-Kelley Business Institute Senior Play '32g Smdent Council '31g Dramatic Club '30, '31. f THELMA KATZ O. G. A. Certificate '31g Student Counf Cil '30, MARY ESTHER KELLEY HENRY D. KENNEDY . Niagara University Business Manager Senior Playg Mantle Orator. KATHERINE KENNEY . . Pvivate Secretary Dramatic Club '30, '31, '32g Student Council '30g O. G. A. Certificate. BERNICE KIECK ..... Stenographer O. G. A. Certilicate. RICHARD W. KLETTKE . Business College Inter-class Sports '29, '30, '31g Athletic Manager. FRED KLAUCK ......... . . . Civil Engineer-Tale University Dramatic Club '30, '31, '32g Science Club '32g Senior Play '32g "Dido and ' Aeneas" '3O3 Year Book '32. Il Rouuruczc M. Lfxnn .... Dartmouth Golf '31, '32, Swimming '29, '30, Stamp Club '29, Senior Play '32, SOPHIA M. KOSCIOLEK . . Stenograplzer Chronicle Typist '31, '32, Badminton '30, '31, '32, Tennis '30, '31, '32, Arch' ery '31, '32, Yr. Book Typist '31, Swim' ming '29, '30, '31, Woodstock Award, Book Store '31, '32, Pin and Ring Com' mittee '32, MIcI1AIzI. LADOTA ....... . . General Electric Apprentice School Intcvclass Basketball '29, '30, '31, '32, Interfclass Volleyball '29, '30, '31, '32, Intevclass Baseball '30, '31, '32, Inter- class Soccer '29, '30, Interfclass Tennis '32. PHILIP Vmcnwr LAMANTIA .... . . . . . . Radio Engineering- . . . Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Interfclass Volleyball '30, '31, Football '31, '32, Baseball '30, Orchestra '30, '31, Senior Play '32. BERNIECH E. LAMBERT .... Teacher Color and Flower Comm., Chorus '30, '31, '32, Chorus Accompanist '31, '32, Choral Club '30, '31, Orchestra '31, '32, Little Symphony Orch. '31, '32, Pina- fore, Martha: Dramatic Club '32, Wing Collar Day Committee '30. RUTH MILDRED LANDBRS . Ofice Work O. G. A. Certificate. JOIIN T. LANGLEY Inter-class Basketball '29, '30, Interfclass Baseball '30, '31, '32, Interfclass Volley' ball '31, '32, Basketball Squad '31, '32, MILDRED E. LAUBOCKER . Stenographer MAoDAI,IzNIz LAUR MARY Louisa LAWLER . . Stenographer Woodstock Award, 'Water Pageant '32, NALO LEONARD LAVERY Assistant Football Manager '31, Bad' minton '31, '32, Tennis '31, '32. ANGELA MARIE LEONE E391 40 BERNARD LEVY . . . Niagara University Publicity Director Niagarian '32g Exec. Comm. '32: Pres. Forensic Soc. '32, Ring and Pin Comm. '32g Sr. Play '32, Sr. Yr. Book Comm. '32g Debating Team '30, '31, '32g Student Council '30, '31g Capt. Debating Team '30, '31g Forensic Soc. '29, '30, '31, '32g Dramatic Soc. '29, '30, '31, '32: Cheerleaders '29, '30, '31, '32g Head Cheerleader '31, '32g "Dido and Aeneas." Joi-IN R. LEWIS . . Niagara University Band: Orchestrag Assistant Business Manager Senior Play. MILLICENT LOWRY Sr. Play '32g Gift Comm. '32g Dramatic Club '31, '32g Sec'y Dramatic Club '31, Chorus '30, '31, '32g Scarlet Quill '31g Honorary Member Babillards '32. CASIMERA NATALIE MAJKOWSKI O. G. A. Certincate. RUTH MCCAULEY . . . Commevcizl ISABIEL M. McCoMBs . . . Szenographer O. G. A. Certilicateg Forum Club. KATHERINE MCCUSIQER . . Teacher FRANCES MCGAHEY . . Stenographn JAMES P. MCGRAW Cross Countryg Stage Crewg Stage Mana' ger '30, '31. MARGARET E. MCMULLEN .... . . . Bujfalo State Teachers College Dramatic Club '30, '31, '32, WILLIAM MCRAE' . . Syracuse University Swimming Team '29, '30, '31, 32g Capt. Swimming Team, Interfclass Sports '30, '31, '32, French Club '29, "N" Club '31 '32 , . CARMINE JOSEPI-IINE MAGLIE . Stciiographer J Josmln B. MALLO Band '29, '30, '31g Orchestra '30, '31g Intcrfclass Basketball '29g Champion Inter-class Softball '29: Tennis '30g Inter' class Volleyball '29, '30, '31, Interfclass Basketball '32, Donorm' K. MM-IAR . . Stenograplia Library Staff. Lao CHARLES MANG Football '29, '30, '31, Motto Coming Water Pageant '32, Interfclass Volleyf ball '31, '32, Interfclass Swimming '29, Student Council '3O. MARY L. MANSFIHLD ...... . . . . . Mount Holyoke College Les Babillards '31, '32g Scarlet Quill '31, hs., HELEN BARHARA MANSOUR .... . . . Bnjjfalo State Teachers College Dramatic Club '30. '31, '32g Annual Play '30g Wirig Collar Day '30g Library '31, '32g Tennis '31, '32, Badminton '31g Water Pageant '32, MARGARET E. MARQUART ..... . . . BryantfSt1atton Business College O. G. A. Certificate. Rosa MARY MASTROMATTEO . Stenogmphev O. G. A. Certiucateg O. A. T. Award. EMAN Mauus . . Public Accountant JANE S. Mazun . . Stenogmpher YOLANDA G. Mazza . . . Ste-nogmphev O. G. A, Certiiicateg O. G. A. Certifl' cate Superior Mcritg O. A. T. Award. HOWARIJ WM. Muss . Univ. of Pennsylvania Student Council '28, MARION E. Mlnnaum-1 ...... . . . Buffalo State 'Teachers College 1 41 'S 13 K, 421 GEORGE MITCHELL . Univ. of Michigan Orchestra '29, Stage '30, '31, "32. WILLIAM EDNVARD More . . Srereorypisr Track '31. ELMER W. Mom . Fredonia State Normal Orchestra '29, '30, '31, '32g Chorus '29, '30, '31, '32g Pinaforc '31g Martha '32g Double Quartet 31, '321 Glee Club '29, '30, '31, '32, Band '29, '30, '31, '32g VicefPres. Assoc. Music Clubs '31, 32. Moxuus MoxH1B13R . Niagara University ROBERT Mo1.YNeux . Niagara University Football '31. JOSEPHINE Moose . . . Office Work O. G. A. Certificate. MARION MORGAN . . Private Secretary CHARLES MORELLO Inter-class Sports. DOROTHY MT. PLEASANT . Rochester Univ. Intereclass Basketball, Soccer, Baseball, '29, '30g Wing Collar Day '29, '3O. RUTH MUNSON ........ . . . Buffalo State Teachers College O. G. A. Certificate. LEONA M. MURPHY . . Rider College Library '32. SANDY A. NALBONE Interfclass Soccer '29g Interfclass Volleyf ball '30, '31g Interfclass Basketball '30. FRANKLIN D. NHWMAN HIELEN R. NA1'OLEON Orchestra '29, '30, '31, '32, Band '30, '31, '32, Trens. Assoc. Music Clubs '31, Pres. Assoc. Music Clubs '32, Little Symphony '30, '31, '32, Milam. Noium N1C11OLAS . Stenogmphef Forum '30. CAM1moN E.N1c1-loi.s . . Cornell Univ. EVELYN Nicoun Swimming Team '29, '30, '31, Student Council '32, Color Guard '32, MARGARET E. N1xoN Varsity Swimming Team '30, '31, '32, Wzltei' Pageant '30, '32, Student Conn' cil '30, Choral Club '30, '31, O. G. A. Certiheate. HELEN IRHNE NOGACKI . Private Secretary O. G. A. Certihcate. CHARLES P. Noufn . . Medical Surgeon Chronicle '32, Ass't Manager Football '32, Senior Play '32, Inter-class Basket' bull '31, Interfclass Baseball '31. Huniaivr N. NOQNAN . . . jmwnalism Yr. Book '32, Chronicle '30, '31, Tennis '30, '31, Usher '29, '30, '31, '32, Flag Comm. '30, '31, Chairman Flag Comm. '31, '32, Forensic Soc. '29, '30, '31, '32, Badminton '31, Student Council '30, '31. TIAIELMA P. ODELL . . Szcnographer Badminton '31. JAMES P. O'HAnuz, Jn. . . Niagara Univ. Bus. Mgr. Chronicle '32, Senior Play '32, Track '30, Basketball '29, Intevclass Basketball '30, Interfclass Baseball '31. Douorl--ir O'KEEl'E . . Dental Hygienist 43 44 KATHERINE O'KEBFE ...... . Nurse-Syracuse Memorial Hospital Student Council '32g O. G. A. Certify cate. EDITH M, Q-LIVER .... Srenographer O. G. A. Certiiicateg Chronicle Typistg Year Book Typist. RUTH OLSON . . . University of Buffalo O. G. A. Certificate. STELLA PACIA . . Bookkeeper LUELLA OSBORN . . . . Bookkeeper Chorus '30, '31: Choral Club '30, '31. MARIO C. PAGLINO Interfclass Sports. ANGELINE PAONESSA . PostfGraduaie Course Choral Club '30g Chorus '30g Les Babil' lard '31, '32g French Honor Society. SALVATORE PAONESSA . Niagara University Band '29, '3Og Orchestra '30g Volleyball '32 Tnruzsia PAONESSA . . Private Secretary Woodstock Awardg Badminton Singles and Doubles. HELEN E, PBLLICANO . New jersey College Les Babillards '31, '32, Associated Music Clubs '30, '31, ANTHONY PBNELE ....... . . . . Foreign Languages 'Teacher Pres. Les Babillards '31, '32, Student Council '32g Senior Play '32g Senior Ring and Pin Committee '32g Handbook Revision Committee '32. JACK PERMAN Debating Team '31, '32, Forensic Society '31, '32. 1 EVIZLYN CAROLYN PERRY . Stenographcr Chorus '29, '30g O. G. A. Certiicate. VALERIA G. Prmczuic JEANHTTE E. PIERCE . Univ. of Michigan FRANK J, C. PIETAK, JR. Golf Varsity '30g Wing Collar Day '30g Interfclass Basketball '29g Interfclass Baseball '29g Interfclass Volleyball '29, GARDNER V. PLAIN . . Univ. of Buffalo Pin and Ring Committee. ROBERT LLOYD PORTER . Business School Debating Team '32g Forensic Society '32g Senior Play '32g Handball '32. GUSTAV J. PRATT! .... Bookkeeper Orchestra '30, '31, '32, ANTHONY T. PoLi.oGr EDITH PRESTON . . PostfGmduace Work ALICE L. RALSTON . . Srenographev MARGARET R. PUTNAM .... Nurse Band '30, '31g Orchestra '31g Student Council '31g Wing Collar Day '31. ROBERT RAYNBR Basketball '31, '32g Volleyball '31, '32g Handball '32g Tennis '32, 1:4 FP 5 46 ELEANOR LUCILLE REDINGER . . . . . . Buffalo State Teachers College Senior Play '32. EDWARD I. REED ..... Bookkeeper lnterfclass Basketball '31, '32, Interfclass Baseball '31, '32g Inter-class Volleyball '32 GER'rRuDE K. REED . General Office Work Interfclass Soccer '30, '31, lnterfclass Volleyball '30, '31, '32g Inter-class Base' ball '30g Wing Collar Day '30, Student Council '30, '32. ELVA J. REID MARJORIE FRANCES RINALDO . Commercial Student Council '30, '31, '32. SUSIE P. ROGERS ..... Bookkeeper O. G. A. Certiicate. DOROTHY JEANNE ROGERS . . . Nurse Choral Club '31, '32g "Martha" BELLA ROSHN O. G. A. Certificate, Woodstock Awardg Forum '31, '32, Student Council '31. JOSEPH A. ROTELLA . Niagara University FRANK ROSINSKI . . Niagara University Varsity Baseball '30, '31, Student Coun' cil '31g Inter-class Soccer '30, '31g Basketball Squad '29, '30g Interfclass Basketball '31, '32, Champion lntereclass Volleyball Team '32g "N" Club, Hand' ball '32, Interfclass Baseball '32, Inter' class Volleyball '30, '31. MARY V. ROTELILA . . D"Youville College O. G. A. Certificate, Chronicle Typist, Year Book Typist, Forum. JULIA MARGARET ROTELLA .... . . . . . . State Teachers College Usher '31, '32, Wing Collar Day '30, Chorus '29, '30, Glee Club '29, '30, Library Stall '31, 3 . GIiN1jVlliVIl M. ROZANSKI . Stenographer Chronicle Typistg Year Book Typist, O. C. A. Certiucateg Woodstock Awards. VERONICA 1osx3P111Ne ROUNDS . . . . . . Buffalo State 'Teachers College Swimming Team Sub '30g Inteimclass Baseball '3lg Wing Collar Day '31, Cirls' Sport Meet '32, Gearxxumz RYAN . ..... . . . . Buffalo State Teachers College Dramatic Club '31, '32g Manager Inter' class Basketball '31. FLORA Downes SAFARIAN . Stenographer O. G. A. CertiHcateg O. A. T. Award. EL1:ANoa MARIAN SBARBATI .... . . . Bufalo State 'Teachers College ADELINA CATHERINE SCALZO . . . . . . Buffalo State Teachers College Dramatic Club '30, '31, '32g Wing Collar Day '31g Usher '32g Forum '32. HELEN Mmun Sci-ruisear ..... . . . Bujfalo State Teachers College Sec'y-Treas. Scarlet Quill '30, '3lg Honorary Member Scarlet Quill '31, '32, Dancc Committee '32. ALFRED E. SCHULTZ ELDON H. ScHuLrz ....... . . . Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Baseball Squad '3Og Interfclass Sportsg Golf Team '32. SARAH Sou urzn . . Secretary MURIEL M. Sci-iutrz . General Office Work Soccer '30, '31g Volleyball '30, '31, Wing Collar Day '30. JOHN WILSON Scorr . Cornell University Sr. Play '32, Student Council '30, '32g Football '28, '29, '30, '31g Baseball '30, '31, '32g Dramatic Clubg Wing Collar Day '3lg Basketball Squad '30, '31. 47 KATHRYN E. SEARLES Chronicle '31g Library '30. EMMIE Lou SIzIr1-:Im . . . .Stenogmphef O. G. A. Certificateg O. A. T. Awardg Woodstock Award: Balfour Ping Library "l9g Dramatic Club '29, '3Og Sec'y Dramatic Club '29g Student Council '30, '31g Dramatic Typist '31, '32g Office Assistant '31, '32g Typist Social Science Department. ANNE Rosa Srmricx . . . Stenographer O. G. A. Certincateg Woodstock Award. CARL L. SERPA ........ . . General Electric Apprentice School Glee Club '3l. BERENIECE M. SHEWAN . . Scenographer ELIZABETH SHARDON ...... . . . Buffalo State Teachers College Clinic Duty '30, '31, '32. RICHARD E. SIMONDS . Niagara University MADELINE SITGRBAVES HAZELSMITI-I . ....... . . . Bufalo State Teachers College ELIZABETH SPARLING . . Snenogfapher IDA EDYTHE SPIICTOR O. G. A. Certificateg Library '32g Stu' dent Council '30, '31, '32, JAMES NORRIS SPEIDEN i481 GEORGE F. SPULLBR ..... . . . . . . Certified Public Accoimtant Interfclass Basketball, Interfclass Golf. MYRNA BARBARA STEINBRENNER BARBARA SWAN Student Council '31, '32, Secretary Asso' ciatecl Music Clubs. JAMES W. STIRLING H11LnN TADOR Student Council '29, '30, Scarlet Quill '30, '31, '32, Dramatic Club '29, '30, '31, Library '32, NORMA G. TAYLOR ...... . . . . . Albany State 'Teachers College Student Council '32, Les Babillards '32, Dramatic Club '30, '31, '32, Scarlet Quill '31, '32, Chairman Gift Comm. RUTH E. TAYLOR . . Stcnogmpher CHARLES Cusi-imc THOMPSON . . . . . . . . . University ofBu1fal0 HAROLD J. T11fIrANY Basketball '31, '32, Chronicle '32, Inter' class Baseball '30, '31, '32, Interfclass Golf '31, '32, lnterrclass Volleyball '32, Interfclass Basketball '30. CLIFFORD T1'1WEATT Les Babillards '31, '32, Forensic Society '32, Senior Play. RALPH TOMPRINS . . Cornell University LOIDA C. Tosnrro ...,... . . . 'Toronto Conservatory of Music O. G. A. Certiicateg Chorus. I 49 50 GERALD 'VANDERVORT Basketball '28g Varsity Basketball '29, '30g Captain Basketball '31, '32. Esrusa C. UNGER . . Saenographer O. G. A. Certificate. ALMA ANTIONBTTE WAGNER . Bookkeeping O. G. A. Certificateg Office Force. EMILY MILDRED WALCK . . Nurse KENNETI-I WEISS . . Univ. of Cincinnati JACK Student Council '29, '3Og Stage Crew '29, '30: Forensic Society '32g Gift Comm. '32g Senior Play Properties '32. W. WETZEL Swimming Team '30, '31, '32g Senior Flower and Color Comm.g Student Coun' cil '31g Water Pageant '30, '32g "N" Clubg Captnelect Swimming Team, Inter' class Sports. SAMUEL O. WHITTLETON ..... . . . , . . . Chemical Engineer RICHARD H. WIGC-ALL ..... . RAY . . . . . john Hopkins University Capt. Debating Teams '30, '31, '32g Sec'y Forensic Soc. "30, '31, '32, Pres. Science Club '31, '32g Les Bnbillards '31, '32, Sr. Play '32, Chairman Flower and Color Committee '32, E. WIGLE Varsity Swimming '29, '30, '31g Inter' class Volleyball '29, '3Og Student Coun- cil '31, Wing Collar Day Comm. '32g Water Pageant '30, '32g Sr. Comm. '32, Occasional Member Detention '31, '32. OSCAR WILSON . . Syracuse University Senior Play, Basketball '30, '31, '32, Baseball '30, '31g Captxelect Baseball '32g Inter-class Sports, "N" Club. BETTY WINCHESTER . . . Stenographer ART Il O. G. A. Certificate. HUR C. YAGGIE . . Clerical Position Interfelass Sports. Howann D. BANDY . . . Civil Engineer Champion Volleyball Team '32, Inter' class Basketball '32g Champion Handball Tournament '32. ANNA E. ZISS . . . . Private Secretary O. G. A, Certificate. IRls L. CHAPMAN O. G. A. Certificate. RUTH M. CLANCY ....... . . . Buffalo State Teacllefs College Chorus '30, '3'Zg Choral Club '30, Scarf let Quill '30, '31, '32, Les Babillards '31. BERNICI1 L. ELPER1' ....... . . . Buffalo State Teachers College Winig Collar Day '31. MYIKON P. DONLEY . University of Buffalo Football '29, '30, '31. MARY Annu: FINDLAY ...... . . . Buffalo State Teachers College Usher '30, '3I: Baseball '30, CARL Wum' FALKNER . . Niagara Univ. Intevclass Sportsg Dramatic Club '29, '30, '31, Rose AULINE LEONE . Buf. General Hospital IRRNE JANE KLUGA . . . Bookkeeper O. C. A. Certihcate. PRIEDA KRAMER ........ . . . Buffalo State Teachers College Dramatic Club: Student Council '30, "His First Dress Suit" '30, Howmw COLLINS Gmsorsr Swimming '28, '29, '30, '31, Tennis '28, '29, '30, '3l: Student Council '28, '29, 30g "N" Club. I S1 MARGARET MAE Monsn ..... . . . Buffalo State Teachers College Student Council '31. ALBERT MU1fFITT . . Syracuse University Social Committee '30, '31, '32g Year Book '32, Senior Play '32g Scnior Play Program. MILFORD W. Pmucea . Syracuse University Interfclass Sportsg Life-saving '29f'32. CHARLES PHELPS . . Cornell University Student Council '31g Varsity Tennis '29, '30, '313 Captain Tennis '32: Senior Play '32g lntcrclziss Volleyball '30, '31, '32. HILDEGARDE MARY RINGLEB JOSEPH ROMANEK ....... . . . Buffalo State Teachers College Interfclass Sports '30, '31, '32. CHARLOTTE Rurxcowsici . . Stenogmplier ALFRED WALTER SCHULTZ . Accountant Interfclass Sports '30, '31, '32. Rosiz EDNA STIZINBRENNER . Bookkeeper ROBERT H. TAYLOR ....... . . . . . . U. S. Naval Academy Yr. Book Stall, Forensic Soc. '31, '32, Cofeditor Chronicle '31, '323 Interfclass Sports '29, '30, '31g Ass't Mgr. Foot' ball, Ass't Mgr. Baseball. GEORGE S. WILSON Interfclass Sports '30, '31, '32. JOSEPH DEPIETRO ....... X .... Metropolitan School of Art 1 Orchestra '29, '30, '31, Band '30, '31, '32, Little Symphony '29, '30g Interfclass Sports '30, '31, '32g Wrestling '32. 1521 KENNETI-I M.NllVIN Bovnn . . . . . University ofWisC011sin Science Club. WILLIAA4 LLOYD LASHXVAY . . E11gi7ICCT1U71lUCTSifj'Of-MiCl1igd7I Student Council '29, '30, '31, '32, Chorus '3Og Orchestra '31, Dramatic Club. Ash, Edith Astor, Norman Baker, Mildred Bauer, Ernest Constantine Bauer, Kurt Bennet, Mildred Benson, Walter J. Blanzenski, Sophie J. Bryan, Eliie Estelle Caldwell, Harry Carnegie, Harry Carpenter, Doris Margaret Carter, Raymond F. Channing, Elizabeth M. Corp, Katherine M. Dean, Gertrude V. Deters, Robert Dozier, Earlyse Marie Dugan, Helen Marie Eaker, Dolores Elias, Joseph Steven Farr, Margaret Elizabeth l+o - Additional Seniors Fintko, Jeanette T. Fracassi, Lucy Galleciez, Francis Joseph Gillingham, Leslie Goodson, Roy Guidotti, Emma Hansen, Norman D. Hancock, Roy Elmer Hasely, Elizabeth C. Hess, Winifred L. Hessinger, Alvvyn G. Hirschowitz, Morris Irving, Elizabeth E Kindig, George H. Lake, Dorothy M. McCoI1nel, Ethel B, McNairn, Winifred J. Marsh, Paul Moir, John Morrison, Clga Mortimer, Violet Lucille U31 Nanea, Angelo Nash, Jack P. Neville, Beulah E, Ostrozynski, jane S. Outhvvaite, Audrey M. Pulvnio, Clara Putnam, Charles E. Quick, Edna Irene Sarkissian, Barbara Scaletta, Sam . Scalzo, Horace R. Schoelles, Mary Sievert, Gladys Soboleski, 'Stanley' Stacey, Eloise L. Sullivan, Edytha Walos, Genevieve Pola Walsh, William John Warszawski, Edward Whitman, Isabel Rogers Winger, James W. Wiiiterbourne, Cyril THE N1AGfx121A1N1 NlNET1iENm1mmN6? Z , 13, "Yet it is more honorable and just and upright and pleasing to treasure in the memory good acts than bad." -XENOPHON,S ANABASIS. I 54 I THE NRGAQIAN I' ?NINETEENITHH2TYffW6? Class Poem - Class 1932 MEMORIES As a fine picture, softly blended, rich, alive, and glowing from the skillful, loving touch of a Master's brush: A smooth, long stroke of hours with patient, understanding teachers of useful lessons, And the bright splashes of color that were our plays, our dances, our games- ' Within these four walls, as a frame, which are the Symbol of the end of a desire-a desire that each of us be better equipped for Life, that each of us face the world with the strength of knowledge at our call, So, in the years to come, shall be our thoughts of you: an unforgettable portrait, loved and honored, hung in the gallery of Cnr Memory. ' VIRGINIA B. MORRISON f56l EW THE N1A6aQ1AN NINETEEN WlHYW Class Song TUNE: Mansfield State N rmal Class Song 1920 I Like the splendid friendships that the Grecian knew We here at Niagara High have formed ours too They have cheered us And endeared us Through these years with you. Chorus: Dear High School comrades, The time has come to partg But the bond of friends Time itself commends, Strengthens in each heart. So let us laud her To whom so much is due- Honor high and praise we sin Love and loyalty we bring, Niagara, to you. gn II Though We now must leave you now must say goodbye We'll return in spirit as thoughts backward fly To our memories joyous memories Of Niagara High. Chorus: T l 57 ,, X r E THE Nmsmiaim f NlNETEEN4THIl9IYfIW6gi : Q y, Pffesidenfs Class Night Address QNX fry three years of pleasant variety Most of us have found divers Kg, in some form of high school activity in dramatics in socia A organizations, in music, in athletics, or in school government, however, all of us, whether we enjoyed them or not, have finally conquered our studies, our Hrst stepping stone to success. 1 HIS program officially brings to a close one chapter of our'lives- . ion 155 7' 3 1 We have labored persistently and conscientiously to attain the goal, Graduation, and now, as we look back, we feel that the records we leave depended on our efforts. Many of you are saying to yourselves, "How vain these high school graduates are," but our demand for honor is coupled with an intrinsic feeling of inexpressible gratitude for those pillars of educaf tion who patiently toiled over our inconsistent characters for three long years, and who, instead of looking down on us as the hopeless group of individuals that we were, cheerfully shared our experiences and carefully moulded us into a graduating class. As we depart from our Alma Mater, it is not that we so much regret leaving the material things, as it is those hours spent Hlling our minds with happy and serious thoughts that will forever be a cherished memory. Cur books and this school though, not so close to our hearts, are the things that made our school life possible and we take the greatest pride in the fact that some day we shall be furthering the splendid work of our parents and friends in providing similiar opportunities for those who in later years will be seeking knowledge. Pausing at this milestone, we look back on our lives whose every step was guided by the efficient plans of experienced educators, and we look forward into a new, untried tomorrow, unable to prophesy what successes or what failures will be ours as we travel through life. The goal for which we have striven so long is reached, from tiny seedlings we have grown into stout saplings, but as yet we have not pushed our heads to the dazzling sunlight at the tree' tops, there to experience the full blast of life's wind, snow, and rain. The great question in your minds and in our minds is, shall we survive? Shall we have the ambition and strength of character to steer our ships over any sea to whatever end we seek, or shall we float about in protected inlets fearing to cross the tossing main even though golden opportunities await us on the other side? Let us advance through life with the conhdence to think with sound judgment, to act with unhesitating decision, and to carry ourselves with dignity and courtesyg but, whether or not we are attended by material success, "May our differences be written in sand and our friendships on marble." OTTO BALTUTH, President of Class of 1932 f53l ' N::i' .x: In V A ' ,.-ig. i fji raii NIAGWZIAN INETEEN riiiariiiV , A' RQ-N X Class History CCKING at the Senior class now, one could hardly imagine that we were once insignificant freshmen. We undoubtedly were, ag! 1, although that year seems a dull haze in our minds now. We R' came, individually and collectively, from North, South, and Central Junior High Schools, full of hopes and expectations for a vivid and happy high school career. What a sorry sight We must have been, wander' ing through the corridors, gazing inquiringly at the numbers on the doors of the rooms. After we had become acquainted with the customs and pracf tices of high school life, we felt more at home, despite the fact that the upperclassmen made it as miserable as possible for us, with their threats of dire punishment due us on Wing Collar Day. We survived the day, though, and in june, we very modestly took our advancement. After the first few days of school in our junior year, we began to feel more and more a part of Niagara Falls High School. We looked down on the freshmen and not so far up to the Seniors. XVe moved down from the balcony of the auditorium to the rear of the main floor for assembly, and although we couldn't hear or see nearly so Well, We felt fully recompensed by our advance in position. Wing Collar Day came around again and what people thought was a blush of success was only the reflection of our red ties and ribbons. All went serenely for the rest of the year, and in June we passed the regents with flying colors. ' We returned to school, Seniors, in September of 1931, feeling that we were Niagara Falls High School in its entirety. We looked down on the juniors and didn't even see the freshmen. After the January examinations, the senior list was published and at once we began to organize our class. At our first meeting, we elected the Senior Executive Committee, coin' posed of Thomas Tuttle, Chairman, Doris Bentham, Jean Harrison, Donald Welch, and Bernard Levy. This year was the first time the committee system was used, and it proved very successful. Because of the efforts of this committee, we obtained our class rings and pins about three months earlier than usual, and the year book was published while school was in regular session. fCo'nti'nucd on Page 601 U91 I ,,,, A , THE NIAGARIAN N1NETEENjrn112iifni16? CLASS HISTORY - Continued The second meeting of the Senior Class was held February 25, 1932, to elect the class officers. We elected: OTTO BALTUTH . . . President NORMA LEE . . Vl'C6'PTESiC16?1t JEAN HARRISON . Secretary HUGH LAIDMAN . Treasiwev At the next meeting, we elected the class night officers: JOHN HENDERSON . . Prophet VIRGINIA MORRISON . Poet RUTH KREMERS . . Songwriter ZORA GREINER . . Testator THOMAS TUTTLE . . Statistician HENRY KENNEDY . Mantle Orator ARTHUR MACVITTIE . . Historian At subsequent meetings, we selected our class colors, coral and silver, our class flower, the talisman roseg and adopted the motto, "May our differ, ences be Written in sand, and our friendships on marble." On April 28 and 29, the Senior play, "The Ivory Door," was presented with much success. We have lived, worked and played together in this school, and of course we feel a certain sadness in leaving. We realize that there are many hard and dangerous trials for us to follow in the future, but We feel that by our hard work and success here in Niagara Falls High School, We are pref pared, yes, even anxious to meet and overcome these obstacles that the future holds as we have those of the past. Respectfully submitted, ARTHUR MACVITTIE, Historian, Class 1932 E601 THE NIAGAQIAN E I QNINETEEN mrzTYaW5? X Class Prophecy PROLOGUE I - T ' 'EW literary efforts lack a prologue an introduction of so-me sort, so I feel I -avril . ' . lx it my bounden duty to add one to this. iq if QQQ4 : Since my election to the Prophetship I have searched long, patiently, and earnestly for some divining, some revelation of the future. I have "-' " consulted necromancers, numerologists, mediums, astrologers, horoscopof Porridge Hot". gists, conjurers, fakirs, sahibs, but "all to no avail" as Kostonyovna says in his "Pease I have purchased twentyfthree crystals, twelve horoscopes, many a numerical chart but nary a divination, nary a foreboding have I received. Confronted a few- nights ago with these mental lacunae, this hiatus of prescienee, I had indeed a weighty problem. Despairing, I was heading for the yawning Niagara when I chanced to meet my old friend, Williani Randolph Hearst, the publisher. I explained my difficulty and he kindly gave me permission to look through his iles. As some of you may know, all the news you read is made up in advance for quite a time, so I was able to get a great number of clippings. Of course, I couldn't get all the headlines in, and I couldn't get all of your names. In a class this size naturally there are some who may not attain prominence. Please bear in mind that these clippings cover a period of about twenty years. And now, to quote The Immortal Bard of Avon, 'LLend me your ears". CITY COMMUNIST MEETING RAIDED Led by Sergeant joseph DePietro, a squad of picked men raided a Commun' ist meeting at 204th Street and Tonaf Wanda Avenue. Those arrested were Roderick Ladd, no address, Fred Klauck, no address, Anthony Penele alias Mus- solini, no address. and Leonard Culotf ta, no address. Those arrested were charged with disturbing the peace and picking wild flowers, second degree. TYPISTSETS NEW MARK Miss Mary Rotella, in a special speed test, today established a new world's record of 2,049 words per minute. Miss Rotella burned out six typewriters dur- ing the test. DeLORENZO HABERDASHERY SAMUEL DeLORENZO, Owner HIPPODROME: Evelyn Nicoud in "BLUE MONDAY" wilh Ray Wigle T611 MORE VICE-PRESIDENTS ADDED TO COMPANIES Pittsburgh, Pa., Nov. 15 QASQ-Mr. Arthur R. MacVittie, President of the U. S. Steel Corporation, today an' nounced the appointment of several new vicefpresidents, as follows: 157th V. P.-Charles Nolfe, Ph. D.-- Chairman of the Board, Nolfe Steel Company, Director Herbert Pete Pub' lishing Co., Harold Tiffany Book Stores, Inc., Colvin Lingerie Stores, Inc. 158th V. P.-William McRae, Presif dent Marine Trust Company, Director Niagara HudsoncPower Co., New York Trust Company. 159th V. P.-James Speiden, Presif dent Speiden Casket Co., Director Golf leciez Cigar Corporation, Bradt Tooth- pick Works, Bauer Bros. Mattress Co. THE NEW BOOKS "Neef: Nife," by Rufh Clancy "My Life," by Zora Greiner French DePierro Publishing Company "Tulips and Insurance" by Mary Mansfield 55.00 nag . L J H E . THE NIAGAQIAN NINETEENITHIDIYTINO 5 . v 4 N, IN THE SOCIAL WORLD PERSONALS The Rev. Dr. Otto Baltuth and family left for Tampa, Florida, to spend the winter. Miss Katherine ,lenss has returned from Gasport, where she was the guest of Mrs. Marion Middaugh Mang. Thomas Tuttle, Ir., has returned from Ossining Prep School to spend the spring vacation with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Tuttle of Tuttle Heights, Tuttle' ville. Mr. James O'Haire, noted esthetic dancer, was the guest of Mrs. Ida Hickox De Laura at a pink tea in his honor. Mr. O'Haire graciously received the many guests, courf teously kissing the fingers of each lady pref sented to him. Rev. Albert Muffett left for Chicago to conduct revival services there. He will be assisted by three women evangelists, Kitty Brody, Jeanette Pierce and Bernice Brydges. Mr. Robert Rayner entertained at a party in honor of Mr. Ralph Boniello, bride-groonr to-be. This will be Mr. Boniello's ninth marital venture. - +++ AMERICANS SWIM ATLANTIC OCEAN Capetown, S. A., July 12 QAPQ--Aff ter having battled the Atlantic for two years, George Comstock and john Guin' ther crawled ashore here last night. Having lived on raw 'fish and scraps of food thrown to them by airliner pas' sengers, they now hold the distinction of being the first persons to swim the At-- lantic Ocean. LINGERIE SHOPPE OPENED Ruth Chaplin, Helen Napoleon and James McWhirk, former "Follies" Blues singers, opened a charming lingerie shoppe. They will be assisted by the Misses Dorothy Baker, Alva Grose and Bernice Lambert, and Messrs. Jack Wet' zel and Alwyn Hessinger. ELIAS DETECTIVE AGENCY JOSEPH ELIAS, Chief ASSOCIATES Hans Fadum, Clifford Thweaif, Sam DeLaura If63l AMERICAN BOHUNKS CONOUER EVEREST Howaya-this-morning, Thibet, July '26 QASJ-Using oxygen tanks the last two miles a party of American explorers today scaled Mt. Everest. Those who made the trip are: John Jasper, Com' manderg Paul Marsh, VicefCommanderg and Profs. Gerald Vandervort, Raymond Carter and Edward Bower. Brig.fGen. Walter Blake commanded the coolies. Two white labourers named Ashker and Levy accompanied the party to the sum' mit. o+o SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA RETURNS FROM DETROIT The Niagara Falls Symphony Orchesf tra returned from Detroit bearing with them the award for Best Sportsmanship in the Charles Phelps Musical Tournaf ment. Prof. Joseph Coscia, Director and Conductor, expressed his appreciation of the honor in a few words of his beloved mother tongue, Swedish. Mernbcrszm First Violin-Joseph Rotello, Martin Turban, Nalo Lavery, Sandy Nalbone, Jack Foster, Stanley Soboleski, joseph Mallo, Carmen Serpa, Albert D'Amico and W. Lloyd Lashway. Second Violin-Oscar Wilson, Rich' ard Klettke, Michael La Dota, William Moe, Thomas Guisto, Alex Dolansky, and Adolph Eckert. Cellos-William Walsh, Edward Gro' bengieser, and James Stirling. Basses-Morris Mokhiber, Theodore Green, Jack Nash. Brass and WoodfWind-Louis Genof vese, Harold Ellis, Norman Astor, Rohf ert Evans, James jircitano, Angelo Na' nea, Gustav Prath, Arthur Yaggie, and Oliver Krenkel. Percussion-Cameron Nichols, An' thony Catalfamo, and Henry Johnson. Harp-Leo Mang, John Fabiano. Chaperones-James McGraw and john Langley, B. L. S. ,THE Nnsaman NINETEENTFIIRTYM gr, 'f" " I949 NOBEL PRIZES AWARDED AMERICANS Stockholm, Sweden, December 10- Formal announcement was made today of the 1949 Nobel Prize winners. Amer' ica again dominated the awards. Physics-Miss Mildred Bennett, for her treatise, "The Effect of NeofPlasmic Gamma Rays on Half Fried Eggs." Chemistry-Dr. Dorothy Fuller, for her dissertation, "True Boiling Point of Sodium Pyrophosphate, with other rc' marks on the Composition and Render- ing of Stannous Chloride Tin." Medicine-Dr. Williaini Beck, for his work in curing hangfnails. Literature-Miss Virginia Morrison and Brenda Bearce, for their trilogy, "Pansies and Peanut Shells," "True Sunf set" and "Moonlight and Soap." Peace-Rev. Charles Putnam, for his work among indigent R. P. I. basketball players. MNH- --We WERNER APPOINTS NEW INSTRUCTORS Superintendent of Education Helene We1'1icr today announced the appoint' ment of several new teachers to the var' ious High Schools as follows: , History-Misses Margaret Putnam, Mary Allera, Marion Booth, and Messrs. Norman Hansen and Kenneth Bovee. English-Misses Eloise Stacey, Eliza' beth Gleason, Marion James, and Ida Spector. Math-Misses Jean Harrison, Bernice Kieck, Geraldine Barclay, and Thelma Odell. Physical Education-Misses Martha Crawford, Eunice Allen, Mary Collins, Mary Adydan, and Messrs. John R. Lewis, and Eman Maulis. AT THE THEATRES STRAND: Roberi' Deiers, in "DAUBING THE HAMLET VERMILLIONH BELLEVUE: Hazel Smi'I'I1 and Esther Jenss in "SISTERS TWAIN" CATARACT: Doro+I1y Lake in "WHAT A MANI" wiih Kenneth Weiss I 631 I wm-I Ti-is oReANlzATloNs I Star of the North, Walter Winchell Chap' ter, will hold its next meeting at the home of Miss Helen Schubert. -' Daughters of Jupiter, Richard Simonds Chapter, will hold its next meeting at the home of Mrs. Elizabeth Sparling Paglino. The weekly meeting of Mu Mu Sorority will be held at the Hotel Nebrick. Past Grand Wortliy President, Edna Hannel, will be a guest. Club Henry Kennedy will be the scene of the Spring Hop of the Loyal Order of the Sons of Peregeus, Hypatia Chapter. WOMEN'S SYMPHONY RETURNS FROM CHICAGO The Niagara Falls WOmE11,S Symph- ony Orchestra has returned from Chi- cago where it won tenth place in the Thomas Cagle Foundation contest. The various members, including Dorothy Adermann, director, and Sophia Kosciof lek, conductor, think they got gipped. Those who made the trip are: First Violin-Mesdames Margaret Nixon Spuller, Thelma Katz Whittleton, and the Misses Bella Rosen, Edith Pres' ton, Yetta Haber and Ellen Faulkner. Second Fiddle-Misses Josephine Moose, Grace Jamieson, Anita Fulgenzi, Eleanor Redinger, Luella Gladys Osf born, Elizabeth Irving, Magdalene Laur, and Gertrude Reed. Cellos-Misses Bernice Bennett, Iris Chapman, Lillian Forbes, Mary Kelley, and Margaret Jaynes. Basses-Misses Lucy Box, Bernice Elf pert, and Margaret McMullen. Brass and WoodfWind-Misses Char' lotte Joyce, Ferne Gribben, Madalyn Campbell, Lena Bennett, Julia Rotella, and Frieda Kramer. Percussion-Misses Angela Leone, Alma Allen, Frances Gibbs, and Roberta Allen. Harp-Miss Ida DiRuscio. WINIFRED HESS, D. D. S. ORTHODONTIA Finger Waving, Marcelling. Manicuring THE N1AsA12lAN 9 fNlNETEEN,'llillIIY-'DTI5 X, Class Statistics E, the Class of 1932, maintain not only that our vitality is of the highest quality but also that we have the honor of being the ig! largest Graduating Class in our high school's history. We are QJWQ not claiming to be a group of "perfect pansies", for, although our average is very-well, high enough-we have had our desires fulfilled in other than just scholastic ways. To get on with my statistics-I can rightfully say that our graduating class has developed many ine qualities, relevant and irrelevant to our school itself. Some of us have: Learned to treat those green freshies with a large and digniied respect -especially those with the reddened lips. Been inspired beyond all words of mine by the excellent standings attained by several members of our class-and we have learned to look up to those five greatly. Our class boasts of having in its possession throughout the year 3 38,972 gallons of gas for splendid cars. 338,970 gallons were consumed between our fair city and Lewiston, Lockport, Buffalo, or I-Iannel'sg the other two gallons have seeped out of a few decrepit excuses for cars. We have, by claim, two hundred cars which we call our own, but, in truth, one hundred ninetyfsix belong to Dad. And now for some statistics dedicated to the fairer sex alone. I have discovered that at least ten have tried to go jean Harlow, and the one that has succeeded is to be commended, about twenty have made it a daily practice to walk by the front of the office at least twice each passing of classes, thus disturbing the industrious males gathered there to talk of studies. By careful listening I have come to the conclusion that at least one hundred different tunes were softly hummed, whistled, or sung in the senior studyhall, the most popular of which I found to be, "Would You Like To Take a Walk." When interpreted by those dignified teachers it was, "Please, Take a Walk to the Office." But a student merely bummed, "Would I Like To Take a Walk, And How!" I found that about half of these love lyrics were bummed while the hummer slyly watched to see if the fairer sex heard his plea. By psychological analysis I determined that all of these heart stirring melodies were heard, and many a dainty eye was turned to see if she were the object of his ballading. What a moment! And now I must conclude, saying if anyone has a complaint to make, please see one of my secretaries-that is, any member of the Senior Class. THOMAS TUTTLE. I64l TTHE NIAGAIZIAN ,gil Nimiiiirimjiiiarrmgfg X, f Class Will , si f E, the Senior Class of 1932 of Niagara Falls High School, Niagara 5 a' f y Falls, New York, being of sound mind, and of more or less lavyful age, do declare, conhrm, and assert this to be our last i"?T4'31 wi l and testament. FIRST: We do give, devise, and bequeath to the lowly class of 1933, all cafeteria chairs which catch and tear stockings. SECOND: We do devise and bequeath to the aforementioned class of 1933, the making of detestable history notes. THIRD: We do devise and bequeath to the senior oral English classes of 1933, Bernard Levy's oratorical ability fyou may divide it, as seems fitting-there will be enough for all to sharej. FOURTH: We devise and bequeath to next year's senior class, the right to slip out of room 25 5, eighth period for any other period, in factj, stay in the library without permits, or break any other unnecessary rules. FIFTH: We do devise and bequeath to the class entering Niagara Falls High School, the warmest rooms in the school, 149 and 150, capable of being used as a hotfhouse to make the youthful ambition of the Freshman sprout and to develop their scanty intelligence. SIXTH: We do devise and bequeath to the adviser of the senior class of 1933, the undying patience, the ability of supervising the senior class, and the cooperating genius of Mr. Bedford. SEVENTH: Last, but far from least, we give our dearest possession, the patient, understanding, willing, and skillful faculty from Mrs. Scutt on the first floor front to Mr. Bedford on fourth floor rear, including Mr. Strough and Miss Hulen on the second floor-all to these future classes. We do declare, assert, and confirm, on this twentyfseventh day of June, in the year of our Lord. nineteen hundred and thirtyftwo, this to be our last and everlasting testament. Signed: CLASS OF 1932, ZORA GREINER, Class Testator. WITNESSES: Socnfvras Homin PHEIDIPEDES PLATO Uufssizs I65I 1 ,THE NIAGAIMN of ZNINETEEN m1nrW6 as-W x ' .,,A , 1 l . A ff 'Q fg: Ti I . XJ, . A' V' A I ' 1 1 V !'Hi' fr 4 is hx 44' 1 ' JF E P V A I 4- kg, 1 ' Y . 1 5.1, ' 4 " ' ' i L - A J Niagarian Staff members are as follows, left to right. FIRST Row: Donald XVelch, Miss Mabel lishelman, Mr. Mark R. Bedford, Norma Lee. Oliver Krenkel. SECOND Row: Ianct Weeks, Herbert Pete, Doris Beutham, Bernard Levy, NValter Blake, Helene VVerner. 1932 Niagcwian Staff HE staff of the 1932 Niagarian has endeavored to edit the most representaf tive year book yet produced in Niagara Falls High School. It is their 5 honest belief that this annual excels all others and leaves it to the reader to decide the correctness of the belief. If the 1932 Niagarian is judged to be superior to previous editions of year books, it can attribute its success in part to the early start it received in the second semester, the complete cooperation of the student body, the faculty, the organization and the experienced staff. For the first time in the history of Niagara Falls High School a year book group was formed previous to the second semester. The formation of the group resulted in the accomplishment of much preparatory detail necessary before actual work was begun on the yearfbook. This group was dissolved duringthe middle of the second term and a permanent staff for the 1932 Niagarian was organized. The result of the appointment and work of the temporary staff was a much more complete year book offered for sale earlier in the season than in previous years. The school organizations have aided considerably in the furnishing of material. While the Niagarian is an achievement of the graduating class, it is also a school publication, representative of the entire student body and the various groups therein. The yearfbook offers a permanent record of the incidents in and about school. For this reason, school clubs and societies are always anxious to present their accomplish- ments of the scholastic year in the annual. It was the work of the 1932 Niagarian staff to gather all the material assigned, organize it, and publish it. The staff was the medium through which the incidents of the past year were concentrated and placed on permanent record. They selected the Grecian theme, considered most appropriate because of the important part the T661 f I . Q F gl. . Q 3 . ... Al, .J r M PSP .4 ' " 15 - ff. 't ' i is T . . 7 2 49. Niagarinn Staff, group two, follows. Fxizsr Row: Hugh Reid, Marjorie Hagen, Arthur MacVittic, Hugh Laidman, Geralizline Barclay, Robert Taylor. SECOND ROW: Harold Kattmau, Thomas Caglc, John Jasper, James McVVl1ix'k, Henry Johnson, Paul Brucato. United States is playing in the Olympics this year and because the Greeks hold as their ideal a manyfsided culture such as is being emphasized in our high school today. The staff has endeavored in the yearfbook to cumulate the Grecian love of beauty. The book is of ultrafmodern design and is made up in such a manner that the pictures and writefups are convenient for the reader. As a result it is a fitting example of the high grade of work done by the students of Niagara Falls High School. Almost the entire staff of the 1932 Niagarian is experienced in journalism. Donald Welch was EditorfinfChief and was assisted by Doris Bentharn and Paul Brucato, associate editors. Oliver Krenkel was business manager with Norma Lee as his assistant. Bernard Levy directed publicity of the annual. Arthur MaeVittie and John Jasper acted together in charge of the sports department. Helene Werner and Walter Blake were literary editors. Hugh Reid and Hugh Laidman, well known artists in Niagara Falls, were in charge of the art work. The club editors were james McWhirk and Herbert Pete. Janet Weeks and Henry Johnson were the organization editors. The reportorial work was done by Geraldine Barclay, Thomas Cagle, Gardner Dales, Marjorie Hagen, Melvin Hazel, Harold Kattman, Marjorie Kelley, Fred Klauck and Hubert R. Noonan. The typists were Mary Feldmeyer, Mary Adydan, Genevieve Rozanski, Mary Rotella, Anita Fulgenzi, Marion Booth, Edith Oliver and Dorothy Adermann. It has always been the ambition of senior classes to excel preceding classes in every particular. The staff of the 1932 Niagarian presents this yearfbook to Niagara Falls High School with the hope that it may always be an example of the best youthful endeavor. Time will be the test of this book, to those who possess it, it will be a much cherished keepsake in the future. T671 front ixiifiefnifiixi' iNiNETiirNj1'iiiirainW 9-'W . ,.,. f THE Nifxeftzvxm Nlmtramgmiurm Q . ,: Q X, ffii higlgilf " r The above picture is taken from Act One, Scene One, of "The Ivory Door," presented by the Class of '32. Count Rollo is presenting the picture of Princess Lilia to liing Perivale. Uffhe Ivory Door" HE play presented by the Senior Class of 1932 was a delightful fantasy, "The Ivory Door," in three acts, by A. A. Milne. The plot centers around an Ivory Door, which, as the legend goes, is the doorway to a laid , world of bottomless pits, devils, spirits, and black leopards. The legend also says that many people have gone through it and no one has ever returned. Even up to the time of King Hilary, the legend was still an interesting subject to the people. The main character of the play is King Perivale, whom the audience has seen fifteen years before, in the prologue, as a very little boy, bombarding his father, good King Hilary, with questions about this mysterious door. As a child he was searching for the truth when he asked King Hilary, "What is the Ivory Door, father?" He is King Perivale now, and he is still searching for the truth. He has found the key. On the day of his marriage to Princess Lilia, whose picture he has just received from Count Rollo, he makes up his mind. His old servant, Brand, tries to restrain him but in vain. Horrified, he watches his King march through the door, erect and unafraid. A few hours later he returns, ragged and weary after his sojourn in the darkness, and meets with a mummer who has "played Kings in the presence of Kings." He is the first person that laughs at Perivale's utterance that he is the king. Then the cap' tain, a burly, vain, stupid man, arrives on the scene, and he too laughs at Perivale's "joke" ' The Chancellor, whom I have not mentioned before, is a political pest, who also doubts Perivale's story. The captain and he are the villians of the play, for it is they who decide what is to be done with the "fake" E633 THE NIAGAIZUXN My Nlmsiamfmlmrm gi, f .:,, This photo represents the questioning of the identity of King Perivale by the Captain and Chancellor. It is an incident from "The Ivory Door," Act Three, Scene One, presented by the Senior Class of 1932. The Princess Lilia comes, shortly after this, to be wedded to Perivale. When she is told that he is dead, she will not believe it. Then for curiosity's sake she decides to go through the Ivory Door. Perivale gives her the key, which he still has in his possession, and she goes with Thara to the door. Meanwhile, Perivale is still held prisoner. Lilia returns and makes the astounding statement that she has found the King. Amid the utterances of surprise, she points to the prisoner, and says "There," The captain orders the two soldiers of the' guard to bind Perivale and Lilia. Brand, Perivale's servant, is then ordered to state whether the prisoner is, or is not, the King. He answers, "No, he is not the King." The two villians, the captain and the chancellor, leave, and Brand tells the King and Liliavthat the legend must always he in the minds of the people, and that they must go through the Ivory Door again. The people preferred to lose their King rather than their tradition. The characters of "The Ivory Door" were as follows: PROLOGUE: King Hilary, Anthony Peneleg Prince Perivale, Onofio Mazza, Servant, Philip La Mantia. PLAY: King Perivale, Thomas Tuttleg Brand, Melvin Hazel, Anna, Dorothy Dillong Thora, Millicent Lowryg Chancellor, Bernard Levyg Jessica, Brenda Bearceg Anton, Clifford Thweattg Old Beppo, Robert Porterg Simean, john Henderson, other sightseers: Eleanor Redinger, Geraldine Barclay, Kathleen Dovesmith, Roderick Laddg Count Rollo, Richard Wiggallg Attendants of Rollo: Fred Klauck, Walter Blakeg Mummer, james O'Haireg Titus, soldier, James McWhirkg Carlo, soldier, Charles Nolfeg Bruno, captain, John Scott, Soldiers of Guard: Albert D'Amico, Charles Phelps, Oscar Wilsoii, Kenneth Carverg Princess Lilia, Marjorie Kelley. FUTURE: King, Joseph Eliasg Prince, John Trapasso. E693 l ,l" V- "'.a.-.14-r:v:i'e:-5-ss-iff'--'i4'5TlL' ' "" ' ' "Sl V, " -"1" '1- 'Lf f, ' Z55g..5.:,,,4.,,.,j 1iQ"T""'-'--1'1fs-f'1-A:,""nn FH 7 !EQ E'.2Z'!QUQs . C?'iT'l!5 CLASS OF 1932 AS SOPHOMORES 3 CLASS OF 1932 AS IUNIORS Q E THE NLAGAQIAJNI at NlNETI?ENfTl'1lllTYHW6?T "Vouchsafe that this my son may yet become among the Trojans imminent like me, and nobly rule in Iliumf' -HOMER,S ILIAD. i721 X , im. N 1 F 1 A I I ffcfz: Q THE NIAGAIUAN Ml N1NETnN,m1mY if' g Abel, Virginia Abendschein, Ward Abramowitz, Jeanette Abramowitz, Charles Achieveta, Consiglia, Mary Ackerson, William Adam, Barbara Addenbrooke, Leonard Agulia, Sam Albion, Agathon Albion, Nancy Alfonse, Louis Allen, Charles am Ende, Werner Andrews, Marjorie Ankney, Martha Anthony, Bruce Archie, Mary Astor, Norman Baird, Charles Baker, Edward Baker, Hubert Baker, Ralph Balassano, Daniel Baldwin, Emily Ball, Willard Banks, Louise Barns, Jeanne Barowski, Anna Bartlett, Billy Bass, Helen Bass, Marjorie Bazel, Frank Beach, Harold Backus, Elias Beegle, Edwin Beegle, Ruth Behm, Wilbert: Bellmore, Olive Benfante, Clara Juniors Benjamin, John Benson, Ida Berthot, Sylvester Bichler, Genevieve Bilski, Genevieve Bingenheimer, Jane Binkley, Anna Bird, Ruth Blaine, Earl Bland, Loretta Blankstein, Meyer Bligh, George Bolducci, Assunta Boles, William Booth, Albert Boron, Genevieve Bowen, Edward Bower, Lillian Bower, Ona Bowers, Joe Bowers, Rita Bowman, Dorothy Bowman, Ruth Box, Alfonso Box, Joseph Boyle, Elva Bradshaw, Gordon Bradshaw, Clifton Bradt, Robert Brice, Rosaline Bridgeman, George Brierley, Edith Brincla, George Brinklow, Ella Broadbent, Ethel Broda, Walter Brookland, Donald Brooks, Ralph Brophy, John Brown, John i741 Bryk, Joseph Buchner, Lester Budd, Arthur Budrewicz, Bernice Budge, William Buerger, Louise Bullock, Alice Bunzer, Bunadette Burch, Victor Burdick, Dorothy Burns, Floyd Butterworth, Marion Buxcelli, Carmela Caccamise, Josephine Joan Cagle, Elizabeth Caggiano, Carmen Caldwell, Lee James Cale, Samuel Calladine, Virginia Jane Call, L. John Calvano, Theresa Capani, Mary Virginia Caprio, Elizabeth Lucy Caputo, Nick Frank Cardamone, James Wm. Cardamone, Margaret C. Carlisle, Marian Ruth Carnegie, Donna Elizabeth Carr, Charles Carrigan, Robert Warren Carter, Dorothy Carrigan, Virginia Carver, Jenneth Case, Gene Casselman, Daniel Castellani, Agatha Castiglione, Anne Centofanti, Dante Chapple, Melborne Chiappone, Dorothy fllfINMGWMN EQM Chiodo, Angelina Chrapla, Theodore Cerrito, Carrie Clarkson, Laura Clark, Luella Clayton, Elinor Cockburn, Margaret Confer, Kathleen Conibear, Marguerite Conner, Kathryn Connors, Frank Conrad, Marjorie Constantino, Carmela Cooley, Robert Coram, Cliiliord Corkill, Margaret Cossar, Marjorie Costantino, Frances Crainb, Ruth Crawford, Ernest Creagh, Esther Crosier, Robert Culbert, George Cross, Edward Cunningham, Marie Cusimano, Caroline Dabrowski, Irene Dales, Herbert Dalgleish, Mary D'Aloise, Guido Dana, Clara Danahy, Roy Daubney, Roy Davies, Muriel Davis, Alice Davis, Evelyn Davis, john Dean, Ruth Dent, Floyde Denslinger, Ida 9 Dera, Mary De Santis, Louis Dibben, Kathleen Diedzic, Joseph Dietz, John Dietzel, M. Jean Dietz, Ruth Diffine, Glenn Di Ruscio, Irene Doane, Iris Dodge, Geraldine Dolanski, Joseph Domagalski, Eugenia Dominianni, Adeline Donley, Eunice Donia, Isabel Donovan, Jack Donovan, Kenneth Dotter, Dorothy Doyle, Robert Dresser, Neal Duffett, Virginia Durnin, Dan Eckel, Stanley Ehrhart, Gerald Eliah, Miller Ellis, Vivian Engstrom, Bert Espina, Alestine Evans, Herbert Everett, Dorothy Mae Ewart, Emma Ewing, Richard Farella, Mary Farley, Rosemary Farrell, George Feeley, Kenneth Fell, Margaret Fellows, Leonard Fergen, Howard H V751 ININETEENITHIIHYWF lxiaify JUNIORS Continued Ferguson, Vera Ferrara, Nina Fickett, Vincent Finley, Eleanor Finn, Robert Fioritta, Louise Fisher, Robert Fitzgerald, Grace Fitzgerald, Margaret Flater, jane Florence, Margaret Florio, Joe Flynn, Dorothy Flynn, Margaret Foot, Donald Forcucci, Laura Forsythe, Helen Foster, Howard Fowler, Tom Frame, Susan Franke, Anna Franks, Lucille Fraser, Helen Fraser, James Freeman, James Fratello, Dominic Frid, Mable Frommert, Gladys Frye, Vernon Fucarino, Anna Gagnon, B. Phyllis Galie, james Galliher, Mildred Gardner, Archie Garner, Howard Gasse, Arthur Gault, Melvin Garthur, Patricia Gazda, Louis I Gee, Clarence CLASS OF 1933 W-.4 QTHE NIAGAl2lAlXl E33 ZNINETEEN rrurarm f- Q, .i'. l ' A ' Gehr, Vecilda Gellman, Jack Gerbasi, Mary Geschwender, Isabella Giambattista, Nick Gibson, Raymond Gifford, Gladys Guisiana, Aldo Gleason, Will:L1'd Goetzman, Mildred Gold, Lewis Goldman, Bill Goldpenny, Margaret Gombert, George H. Gonzalez, Julia Goodbrodt, Leona Goodroe, Albert Googc, Willizim Gorczynski, WlIltCI' Gordineer, John Goslin, Charles Gould, Harold Grace, Edward Grace, Stella Grady, Dorothea Granato, Ella Gray, Frederick Gray, Helen F. Greene, Leo Greenwald, Howard Greenwood, Leonard Grizanti, Sebastian Grochala, Sigismund Guarnieri, Alfred Guisto, Thomas Gutoski, Anna Hagen, Ellen Hallett, Marion Hambridge, Douglas Hanahan, Cecelia JUNIORS, Continued Hann, Floyd Hansen, Marian Hardy, Sheldon Hardy, Gordon Harries, Betty Harris, Dorothy Harris, Rodney Harvey, Virginia Haseley, Herbert Hatfield, Leonora Hawkes, Roy Heary, Fred Heath, Lincoln Heath, Virginia Hepburn, Mildred Heuer, Elmer Hewitt, Donald Hewitt, Dorris Hill, Ethel Hill, Ruth Hiller, Marie Hilliard, David I-Iilrs, Ruth Hitchcock, Howard Hodge, George Hodgkins, Ruth Hoifman, Casimir Hogan, Thomas Holstrom, Hilana Howell, Doris Howell, William Huckins, Eleanor Hughes, Doris Hughes, Esther Hughes, Emrys Hull, Herbert Human, Chester Hummel, Julia Humphries, Florence Hunt, Williani U71 Hunter, Virginia Hyde, Jed Hyde, Robert Jacob, Philip Jacobs, Kathleen Jackson, Margaret Jameson, Louise Janiak, John Janik, Stephania Jaroszewski, Theodore Jarvis, Glenn Jasiak, Marie Jayne, Marshall Jenczewski, Irene Jenkner, Ester Jenks, Ruth Jenkins, Ida Johnson, Bissie Johnson, Sam Johnson, Taylor Johnston, Willianl Jones, Elizabeth Jordan, Violetta Junquera, Alberta Kaczowski, Agnes Kaczowski, Frank Kaganiec, Roman Kaiser, Sanford Kajda, Irene Kalita, Frank Kandt, Helen Kane, Hilda Kapelka, Sigismund Kargatgis, Manuel Karwacki, William Kay, Marion Kelly, Isabel Kelly, Dorothy Kelly, Vincent Kenesky, Ralph THE NIAGAQWNI NINETEEN m1mY ' 4 5 ' 7 x- -il E , EV' F, Kinbaum, Alexander King, Ruth Kinsley, Charles Klino, Leslie Kluga, Edwin Knapp, Nadene Knox, Janice Kopacz, Mary Kogut, John ' Korpolinski, Leo Kranitz, Abe Krouse, Lillian Krowinski, Adeline Ksen, Lillian Kugel, William Kwapisz, John LaGamba, Rachel Landes, Forrest Landis, Cecil LaPointe, Marcel Lapp, Mary Laratta, Mildred Larrabee, Howard LaTona, Salvatore Latta, Doris Lauster, Jack Lavers, Robert Lawler, John Lawrence, Margaret Lecksell, Betty Leighton, Elizabeth Leimontas, Bruno Leone, Helen Lesiak, John Levin, Bernard Levey, Rhea Leworthy, Nina Littlewood, Edith Long, Grace Longhine, jack JUNIORS, Continued Longo, Angelo Loverde, Mary Lucas, Leonore Luce, Thelma Lucci, New York Luszcz, Genevieve Lynch, Winifred Lynn, Sam MacDonald, Bruce Macintosh, Harold McAllister, William McAnulty, Semmeon McGinley, Martin McGraw, Florence McLaren, Dorothy Mabon, Olive Macfarlane, Johnny Madera, Fred Marley, Irene Magee, Kenneth Mahoney, Catherine Mahoney, John Makowski, Julia Maloney, Ruth Manuse, Joseph Manzell, Veronica Marciniak, Lillian Marsden, Oliver Marsh, John MacGregor, Alice Macay, Alice McGaw, Sarah Martin, John Martini, Alma Maslen, Doris Maslo, Anne Mason, Dorothy Mason, Olive Masterman, Marion Matarazzo, Carmella E731 Mattio, John Maxsom, Laura Maybee, Orrin Mayer, Katherine Mayne, Frank Mazzie, Angelo Mazzaco, Natalie Mellon, Edward Merino, Robert Merrin, Virginia Mess, Charles Mess, Robert Meyers, Leonard Miller, Gerald Mokhiber, Netty Mary Moniuszko, Mary Theresa Moore, Mildred Morello, Jennie Lucy Morgan, Floyd Morre, Augustus Morrison, Angus W. Morrison, Louis Moses, Herbert Moss, Lola Mae Moss, Sarah Mullin, Margaret Louise Munson, Marie Murphy, Catherine Muth, Edna Mary Myers, Ray Ralph Myers, Shirley Marion Nassoiy, Blanche Neal, Dorothy Near, Annie Nelson, Mary Neubauer, Rose Nevinger, Shirley Newman, Daniel Newton, Billy Newton, Mona J - 1 , 05 f-' t gTHE NIAGAIZIAINI gl NINETEEN mlm-wo ' f LR a Ny 9-:JV ' Nichetta, Ida Nicholas, George Nicoletti, Ralph Niemiec, Joe Nixon, James Noakes, Gladys Nogash, Stanley Normand, Otto Novara, Lucy Nowacki, Helen Nowack, Chester Nudo, Amelia C'Connor, Eileen OlCOI1I101', Irene O'Dettc, Ruth Odorczyk, Walter O'Gara, john O'Laughlin, Michael O'Leary, Marsden Oliver, Augusta C'Neill, Helen C'Neill, H. Thomas Orfano, Cecelia Orzechowski, Edward Outland, Willa Owler, William Pace, John Page, Gordon Page, Walter Pagliari, Frank Palermo, Joseph Panfili, Pasquale Palumbo, Angelo Paonessa, Angeline Paonessa, Marie Paonessa, Mary PaPuch, Catherine Parker, Mae Parker, Ray Parry, Eluned JUNIORS, Continued Parsons, Ruth Pasch, Mary Pastore, Immaculate Paul, Robert Paul, William Peck, Jeanette Peck, Laura Peller, Joe Pellegrino, Mary Penczek, Edward Peri, Patsy Pettit, Rose Pierce, Melvin Pietak, Stanley Pilmer, Evelyn Pino, john Plain, Gardner Plock, Jane Porreca, Rose Powell, Edith Price, Dorothy Prindle, Robert Prozeller, Peter Pyska, Stephen Quarantella, Fred Randolph, Mary Ray, Richard Rayner, Frank Read, Edith Rector, M. Aileen Reagan, Ruth Reeves, William Reeves, Norma Reichert, Helen Reid, Mary Reisig, Alice Rendall, Dorothy Rees, Doris Reggi, Joe Rinaldo, Albert E791 Ringleb, Marian Robins, Florence Roell, Margaret Rooker, Richard Ross, Charles ' Rotella, Elsie Rotella, Ida Rowe, Robert Ruff, Arthur Ruggirello, Joseph Russell, Ernest Rushton, Muriel Rutkowski, Irene Sabella, Luke Safarian, Reuben Sage, Raymond Sam, Chester Santersero, Angelo Santersero, Dan Sarkissian, Barbara Savage, James Saxe, Charles Scalzo, Thomas Schact, Dorothy Scarpino, Gerald Schiavi, Oswald Schiavone, Ida Schmelzer, Elliot Schmitt, Lillian Schoonover, Roy Schroeder, Milton Schultz, Martin Schulz, Lydia Sciera, Wanda Sciuk, Frank Scotland, Ada Scott, Jean Scozzafava, Lena Scrufari, Bruno .fix ., LTHE NIAGAMAN 'NINETEEN mnwavvo? SQ- Seminara, Laura Serpa, Mary Settimi, Angelo Shafer, Paul Shaheen, William Sharp, John Shaw, Arthur Shedd, Charles Shepherd, Grace Sheperdson, Elsie Sherwood, Helen Sheusi, Carl Shiya, Thomas Silverthorn, Philip Simon, Anthony Sinclair, Margaret Siracuse, Sam Sisson, Josephine Skurski, Lottie Slaby, Felix Slack, Larue Slocum, Marjory Smart, Alan Smith Douglas Smith Earl Smith Ford Smith Robert Smith Virginia Snell, Mary Soluri, John Sozio, Nicholas Spencer, Fern Spendio, Frank Squires, Fannie Staley, Mabel Stamps, Frederick Staniszewska, Anna Stanley, John St. Denny, Maurice Steele, Robert A Xi.. .f JUNIORS, Continued Stewart, Mary Strohl, Margaret Stirling, David Strong, Kenneth Stube, joy Sturmer, Betty Styka, Felicia Sullivan, Ruth Sullivan, Helen Swain, Charles Swalwell, Eileen Szumlanski, Edith Taylor, William Thomas, Janet Thomas, James Thomson, Alex Thompson, Beatrice Thompson, Marion Tidd, Dorothy Touchette, Albert Tracey, Howard Traub, Hazel Traziak, Mary Trojan, Laura Tucker, Matthew Turner, Kathleen Tyran, Leo Upton, Jack Van Sickle, Phyllis V an Orman, Harold Van Raalte, Lillian Vaughen, Kenneth Veale, Emily Ventry, John Violante, Catherine Viso, Sam Wackett, Harold Waggener, Kenneth Walezak, Marie Walker, Arline T803 Walker, May Walter, Winneld , " Walton, Mary T Wardell, Bert VJaters, Roslyn Watson, Gwenn Watson, Leona Webb, Mary Weglicki, Harry Wiegand, Charles Weinheimer, Dorris Weiss, Ruth Weller, Milford Wendt, Eleanor Wendt, Kenneth Werner, Esther Wheeler, May Whitmire, Harry Whitinore, Dorothy Whitt, Elene Whictleron, Janet Wiggzrll, Daphne Wigle, Robert Wilhelm, LeRoy Willizrnuson, Mary E. Wills, Albert Wilsoli, Edith Wilson, Edward V-Jiniarski, Eugenia Wojciehoski, Sophie Wojcek, Edward Wood, Arnold Wood, Rhea Woodell, Roberta Woolison, Betty Yngve, Joyce Young, Helen Zabkowski, Nora Zakia, Nelson Zasuha, Joe . THE NIAGAQIAN ackerman, franklin alvarcz, arthur amendola, virginia ansley, ernest arney, ruth aubert, annie auther, david baer, arnson baker, robert haldassaro, joseph haltuth, bertha harker, edythe baron, helen harrs, lenore barszez, edward hecker, gladys beningo, thomas benner, priscilla bentley, minnie hergey, marie bernstein, morlcy best, norman blake, harlan bond, joan boos, harold box, allonso leo box, joseph t. brady, mildred brinchly, myrtle broadwell, jane hrooking, william brown, edison bruno, mike bull, margaret burns, reuben burton, arthur hyram, robert e. caccamise, franklin james carlson, eva carreno, henry Channing, ruth charron, james charron, veda ciszek, wanda clancy, grace cleary, john Freshmen coney, francis conners, donald cook, james covatto, emilio crewe, earl cushing, everett cutting, sherman czyz, theodore dale, emerson daly, walter d'ambrosio, joe dean, marjorie defranco, frank delorenzo, anthony dickson, charles dickinson, harlyn donovan, marie g. clonovan, helen dornan, irene downs, earl doyle, katherine durnin, albert dye, anna engel, james evert, william fabin, frank fees, kenneth feeley, william felicetti, john lill, carrie hsher, barbara fisher, thomas fix, leone flechsenhaar, donald foley, margaret fonner, raymond ford, emma forsythe, ruth french, edward frieclman, ethel friedman, minnie fulgenzi, emma gaertner, jack gager, robert gallagher, iris gallinger, esther garlow, ruth E811 ..f 6954? ININETEEN mrrrr-Magi gazcla, casimer gentleman, maurice george, georgette gillian, richard gillis, marion gleason, mancer glover, irene gorbaty, lewis gormley, anne grail, harry gray, margaret greer, may grimaldi, joseph gudelis, john hageman, 1. Coulson hall, frances hallam, margaret harbatowski, joseph harris, john hart, geraldine hartburg, donald hartzner, louise-adele hashagen, melvin hawthorne, virginia heaton, robert hecl-ter, ann henderson, mary eliz holstrom, charles homewood, dorothy hollihan, eugene hooper, gwendolyn hornish, ruth hunt, james jack, vernon james, david jameson, george janis, marjorie jasek, bernice jeannette, frances jewett, Willis johnson, eileen jones, mary lcajdasz, joseph kaminski, stella kane, hilda kelman, Curtis kirk, william abeth CLASS OF 1934 M7 ...I TVHE NIAGAIUAN jgj iNlNETEEN1THIl2TYilNQE 7'1" 4 Q5 lclein, irene lcremers, martha kretzman, vivian krupa, peter kuczwanski, ted labarbera, anthony lambert, william langley, winilred lee, james lee, margarette lcighton, eleanor lenhart, lucille leo-wollc, gertrude lisman, carson lisowski, henry lowry, robert lubas, Wanda maclaughlin, dorothy macvittie, eclna mcanulty, darphus mcbricn, freddy mckelvy, doris mcvicker, john magdiak, julia martin, marjorie martini, elma mathews, ruth mayle, betty mayle, betty m. mazza, onofio meehan, fred meierer, ralph miner, lawrence mitchell, aloysius moeller, dorothy moir, elizabeth mietlowski, bruno millcvclle, gerhard mis, emily mitro, lucia moody, kenneth moore, helen alice moore, paul vincent morse, elsie elizabeth moyer, kathryn jeanette muscarella, fanny marie napoleon, estelle rg.- FRESHMEN, nutting, eugene obcnhack, mildred olrogge, henry olson, floyd orr, william paonessa, mary paulus, irene pellicano, lucy pemhleton, doris pcploe, orvilla pete, robert pierce, ruth pollard, dorothy pollogi, charles popp, theodore porreca, john potter, florence pratl., eva preuster, lois prince, thelma udy pringle, james pullano, rose putnam, marie puto, casimer quaglia, marie ramos, angelica ransom, dora read, jack reed, allen reed, grace reed, laura richardson, laura rickert, kenneth riley, albert rizzitano, natale robertson, jean roflle, Caesar rose, benjamin ross, philip russell, charles sabella, marie salehow, george salek, walter schiro, joseph schmidli, charles schmoyer, gertrucle settini, violet seymour, cliflord l33l Continued 3. shejka, alex siegel, janet simpkins, charles skene, julius skoranski, helen sliska, jane Smalley, jean smith, byron sowinski, irene stanton, lauretta stivers, earle stover, mildred strachan, jean strassburg, alice strayer, irma styres, vern suitor, bernard suzynski, joe swain, juanita swierzek, stanley syracuse, frank tattersall, fredrika toles, richard tompkins, edmund tosetto, lydia tucker, mary turner, eleanor urban, edward urso, joe ulrich, clarence vitello, frank voelker, melvin wagner, leonard walos, peter weiler, elsie Whittaker, juanita wicker, edward wigle, helen wigle, lamont Wilcox, eleanor Willis, eleanor winquist, dick wojcik, chester Wolfe, john wright, nancy Wyman, frances yarnold, ronald THE NLAGAQLAJX1 NINETEEN THIRTYW? X, ' 2 XX ll' h f I . x - "They all would pray for greater speed of foot rather than for gain of gold or rairnentf' -HOMER,S GDYSSBY. If 84 l YJ KVI! lf ,nf 1, ,4 IW. ,- H'wwr 'Ivv ww 1 WH f n W ' .wa W: W -ZMHS if '-AA x WT ,,,f""ffAMM' w A. - 1 Q 1za f-' 'ml ff f W 4 W A- M:- w W fw -mw g:ff ' A 1 w m, " , v ,.A 4 W , f' Mir-F : Vw M .i?1E5 m5 ,WW W 4 f nf V 1, Q5.,s26if5F My M n1 J , M4:P 1 iuwv HL Hv? ' -02. f " - 4 f7 , , ' f 'H E' wg .Ag 7' fr W 3'-HYiM'!'Q'aIW 2 h K Ffa 2 X -1 iq WvN.uf:h J Viilfiigaig 2 V' ni- 111'-',.f' '41 ggfz- ' ' 44gQ Z Q' 1 i ff E5 E 3 fgz f f-R- ,, , gl .i - EN, f f i E 1.1- ,. fl iw Y, ' -, '- -f- ii -3 r x. I' .4 ,L i ' QTHE NlAGAl2lhlNl f il ?NlNETEENIllMYdlN xkxl. dx! , ,:A,1 , 9.1 .gg- I v 'iiiljj'-1j:.lflQf1': igjiffiffif' :3.3.. 3, , ' I , .X ..34-1.-:gm-:li-I-:vga-L-1.3it-1 '.-. .-m-:+:-,f:l.l:a35 gn ,S -'-. . 5. ,.gL,, l Members of the 1931 Football squad. BACK Row, left to right: Harold Cripe, assistant coachg 1:Brown, 'Myers, fMcConnc1l, 4'Coscia, 'La Barbara, ilingstrom, 'l'Landes, 1Wilson, TBernstein, iCarve1', "Quarantillo, 'Mercexx iPhilips, iSchuunover, IBeningo, "Foster, Thomas Szczcrbzncki. coach. TIIIRD Row: "D'Ambrosio, captain: tMacDonald, "Mixing, "Sabella, 'Pollogi, "Selkirk, 'Scrufari, +Paul, iSciuk. SECOND Row: "'Hilliard, 'Hardy, 'Douley, 'Gornbeirn 'Dc Lorenzo. ibhedd 'Mael1a, iMolyneaux, ?tL1ng1ey, FIRST Row: 1Quarz-uxtillo, TD'Amico, 'Pullogi, iVaughn, iB3lliL1t1'l, TKel1y, 'fScarpino, 1Miuor, 'Fasten X Received Major Letter. T Received Minor Letter. 1: Received Squad Letter. 1931 Football Team lHE football team successfull com leted a difficult schedule of ten games, iff ,at I t I Y P H L with five VICCOIICS, four losses and one tie. Niagara had lost many good men by graduation and the season opened with a comparatively inexf perienced squad. The entire team showed the fighting spirit that has characterized Niagara teams in past years and when injuries did much to slow up the team in midfseason, changes were made by the coaches and other players carried on the attack. The most diflicult game of the season was played with Erie East High, who boasted of an almost invincible football machine. Niagara lost by a large score but had the distinction of being one of the few teams that was able to run up a score on the Erie eleven. H A curious angle enters the football scores when it is considered that although Niagara had a successful season their opponents piled up the greatest number of points. Niagara accumulated 125 points and her opponents scored 137. The team was captained by James D'Ambrosio and coached by Coach Tom Szczerbacki. The following are the scores of the games: Niagara's points are given 'drstz 39-St. Mary's-6g IS-Batavia-13g O-Jamestown-Zig 6--Tonawanda-63 6- Lackawanna-Og 32-North Tonawanda-7g 12-Erie East-53g O-Dunkirk-13g 12-Lockport-6g O-Niagara Frosh-8. l S6fl N 1 Mya ?THE Niasaizifim 1 5NINETEEN miiimi? . : 5 " dl. " ' ., 1 lb'lC'll'Illf'l'S nf the 19.1112 Basketball team are, as shown above, left to right, BACK ROW: Lyndon ll. Slfflllgll. Coacli P'arsons, Vlfelzlon Oliver, Vllilliam MeConnel, Gilbert Terrebcrry, Bruce Mac- Donald. .-Xugelo Longo, John Sharp, Mike Stcpaniau. FRONT Row: Dan Durnin, .Edward Quaran- iillo, Oscar Wilson, Gerald Vandurvurt, Robert l'rind1e, Angelo Mazzie, Stanley lrlenrlerson. 1931452 Basketball Team FTER getting off on a bad start the 193162 basketball team rallied to rise to second place in the R. P. I. League. a- -J-l, SWRKTQ1 LQNAAXL1 1 fl. XX The first game of the R. P. I. schedule brought an unsuspected surf 1-Q -V prise when Lockport defeated the Red and Gray 16-13. The team W again met defeat at the hands of Kenmore the following week. The Niagara cagemen rallied after their second defeat and by fast playing de' fcated Batavia 20-14 and then chalked up a large score against Tonawanda. The team again met defeat from North Tonawanda but they quickly retaliated and defeated Lockport, Kenmore, Batavia, Tonawanda and North Tonawanda in the Hnal games of the season. R. P. I. SCHEDULE FOR 193162 N.F. OPP. NP. CPP. Lockport . 13 16 Kenmore . . 21 14 Kenmore . . . 19 20 Batavia . . . 28 23 Tonawanda . . 41 16 Tonawanda . . 27 14 N. Tonawanda . . 16 22 N. Tonawanda . . 3 6 22 Lockport ...... '22 15 Members of the Red and Gray basketball team that received major letters were: Dan Dnrnin, Robert Prindle, Edward Quarantillo, Gerald Vandervort, Oscar Wilson, Gilbert Terryberry, Williaiii McConnel, and Michael Stepanian, Mgr. Minor letter awards were given to: Stanley Henderson, John Langley, Bruce MacDonald, Cliver Marsden. Frank Pagliuri, Philip Silverthorn, Harold Tiifany, Angelo Mazzie, and Robert Watt. 1371 QTHE Nnamzlav 9 fN1NErnN,m1nYW VY FR, ii" ix E Members of the 1932 Swimming team, BACK Row, left to right: Hans Faclum, Weldon Oliver, Mr. Lyndon Strough, Ray Danaliy, Mr. Harold Crips, Paul Brucato. SECOND Row: Norman Beat, ,Toe Harlmtowski, Theodore Czyz, Howard Penman. Herbert Dales, john Henclcrsun, Leo Korpolinski. TIIIRD ROW: Floyd Olsen, Forrest Landis, Roy WValls, ,Tack Wetzcl, Ray NVigle, Ray Carter, Jack Longhine. FUVURTII Row: John Kwapisz, 'l'homas Fisher, Otto Baltuth, Marshall Jayne, William McRae, Robert Carrigan, Edward O'Shea. 1932 Swimming Team -HE swimmin team emer ed from the tank, lorious in victory, after a ga, ,Q g Q 3 highly successful season which ended with the enviable record of nine victories and only one defeat. The season marked a Niagara victory over QQU li QQ Bennett for the first time since 1929. The team dis la ed excellent form fmt . . P Y 111 all its meets and won most of them by large scores. The team was captained by William McRae and coached by Coach Harold Cripe. The lettermen for the season are: Major Letters: Otto Baltuth, Robert Carrigan, Ray Carter, Herbert Dales, Roy Danahy, John Henderson, Marshall Jayne, Forrest Landis, Orville Landis,.Jack Long' hine, William McRae fCapt.j, Howard Penman, Harold Van Orman, jack Wetzel, Ray Wigle, Kenneth Wilson, Paul Brucato fMgr.j. Squad Letters: Norman Best, Harold Boos, Theodore Ozyz, Gardner Dales, Thomas Fisher, Donald Foot, joseph Harbatowski, Leo Korpolinski, john Kwapisz, Floyd Olsen, Edward O'Shea, Peter Prozeller, Kenneth Vaughn, Roy Walls, Hans Fadum and Frank Grills fAsst. Mgrsj. 1932 SCHEDULE F H S 74 Dec. ll-Here ...... ..... ..... N . , . r. East High 21 15-There ...... .......... N . F. H. S. 38 Bennett 33 Jan. 8-Here ..... -.. ...- ..... N. F. H. S. 30 Bennett 45 29-Here ......... .......... N . F. H. S. 46 Kenmore 29 Feb. 1-There ...... .......... N . F. H. S. 47 N. Tonawanda 28 10-There ...... .......... N . F. H. S. 42 Tonawanda 33 16-There . .. ...... ..N. F. H. S. 49 Kenmore 26 18-Here .....,... .......... N . F. H. S. 43 N. Tonawanda 32 24-Here ......... .......... N . F. H. S. 49 Tonawanda 26 26-Here ......... .......... N . F. H. S. Sl Lafayette 24 Niagara 449 Opponents 297 T833 f 1 as .. QTHE Niaeaiwxn E511 'NINETEEN miuYm ' lrxait o 9-S-W' " iw, l Tennis team, as shown above, left to right, FIRST Row: Angelo Nanea, Robert Bradt, :Anthony Pollngi, Russell Kennedy, Charles Phelps, captain, V.lil!mm McConnell, Thomas Szczerbaekx, coach. Sicconn Row: Edward Gorubein, Nalo Lavery, Joseph Bellonte, John Soluri. 1932 Tennis Team g HE Niagara Falls High School tennis team will make all efforts possible this year to add the new Letchworth Trophy to the collection that they 1 'i have won in previous years. Last year the net men won the trophy for the third time. This gave them permanent possession of it. l l' H The six teams that belong to the league are: Nichols, Kenmore, Tonaf wanda, North Tonawanda, DeVeaux, and Niagara Falls. The teams from these schools play a round robin tournament. The winner of the league is determined by the total number of points made. The candidates for the team play a round robin among themselves for practice and from them Coach Szczerbacki selects the team. The members who expect to carry the team to victory are: Phelps, captain, Mc' Connel, Mallam, Pollogi, Bradt, Bellonte, Lavery, and Kennedy, from last year's squad. Hardy and Baker have been raised from the second team to the first team. It has also been strengthened by many new candidates. After the intramural schedule is complete it is expected that they will strengthen the squad considerably. 1932 Golf Team Golf is a new sport that has been introduced into the Niagara Falls High School this year. Last fall the team played and defeated teams from East High of Buffalo and Kenmore High School in golf tournaments. This spring the team expects to get games with Batavia High and Kenmore High Schools. When this went to press no schedule had been formed. The players will not receive letters until a regular schedule is made out. The members of the team are: Pagliari, Ladd, Maciejewski, Paglino, and Pietak. The team is coached by Coach B. N. Parsons. E893 'N ,THE NIAGARIAIXI Ae f ?N1NETrrN,,Tr11ianfni6 se, Q, Q FQ l- :ii 'mill -X ' i 'liz' . 11- 'V 5,1 N",-.f12.A, ...A ' ,.- Z L, , --, la p g , i 1 . - Six of Niagara's premiere feminine archers are shown above, upper left., The girls' badminton team appears at upper right. Below left, the girl champs in tennis are pictured. fo the right are Niagzn-a's mermaids. Girls' Sports 1173 OR the first time in the history of the Niagarian, girls' sports are being 1 represented. Swimming, tennis, badminton, and archery have been the E outstanding sports of the year. Over three hundred girls contested for the championship in these various sports. "Ag "A This year, the usual girls' class swimming teams were displaced by two picked swimming teams. A unique "Sport Meet" was held in which Janet Weeks' team defeated Virginia Harvey's team by the close score of 44-41. "Water Wooing," an old fashioned romance, was the water pageant presented by the swimming department. It was given under the direction of Mrs. Beryl Lang and Mr. Harold Cripe. Both girls' and boys' swimming teams participated in this water festival. In the fall, the doubles championship contest was held. Ida and Irene Di Ruscio won the doubles championship by defeating Virginia Merrin and Gwen Watson, '7-5, 8-6. The singles tournament was played in the spring. Over thirty girls contested for the championship this year. The badminton singles were played in two leagues: League A and League B. Virginia Merrin became the winner of League A by defeating Irene Di Ruscio: 11-2, 5-11, 11-10. Emma Fulgenzi captured the League B Championship by a score of 11-1, 11-10. Her opponent was Teressa Paonessa. Irene Di Ruscio and Charles, Phelps won the mixed badminton finals when they defeated Irene Dabrowski and Elton Auchmoody. Participants in the semi-finals were Norma Lee, Anthony Pollogi, Sophia Kosciolek and Sam De Lorenzo. Although archery is a comparatively new sport in high school, a great many contestants registered. Helen Nowacki took first place with the score of 427, making 11 bull's eyes and 83 hits out of 90. Mary Swerk came in a close second with the score of 425, and Ruth Carlow, a third, with 420 points. 15901 E THE NIAGARIAIXI My i iNlNETlfEN,THlHY4W-Clgf X, 1 V ' -ill - . W Af -.., T X H V V ' -' -t ?""'E'.l'-aL'V"'f' fffrfr' r m 1 N 5 .. ai- ifkfr.. V .i rw ' 'iiltsas , , i .-fi xl: ' Upper left, Jack Gellman and Bernard Levy, Niagara's chief cheerleaders. Upper right, the same, with thc arlclitinn of Bill Lambert, our newest cheerleader. Below, left and right, Stanley Pictak is shown in two poses as he opens the 1932 golf season. Intramural Sports NEW project was undertaken early in September of 1931 with the for' lik fy mation of the cheerleaders' club. This club was formed so that the older cheerleaders would teach the new candidates and the school would not be without competent cheerleaders. ' The ollicers for the Hscal year were: Jack Gellman . . . . President William Lambert . . . VicefPresiclent Bernard Levy .... Secretary-'1' reasurer The first appeal of the society was made to the school council for uniforms. A sum of money was alloted to them to buy three uniforms which are to remain the permanent possession of the society. The cheerleaders appeared in many assemblies leading cheers for the various teams. They were present at all the football games, basketball games, and meets, where they lead the students in cheers. Bernard Levy and Jack Gellman received their third letters in cheerleading this year. Due to the expense connected with interscholastic baseball it has been temporarily dropped from the extra-curricular activities. Interfelass baseball has been substituted. The teams under management of Coach Cripe played a double round robin tournaf ment. There were two leagues: American and National. The winners of the inter' mural games played the winners of the interfmural games of Trott Vocational School. The games were played at Hyde Park field and Twentyffouith Street Stadium. On June 4, picked teams from Niagara Falls High School and Trott Vocational School fCo'ntinued on Page 921 i911 1 THE Nl!-XGAMAN A' i ?NlNETEEN',TlllWY-Tm? . i f A group of handball players are shown at upper left. The airplane spin is being deftly demonstrated at upper right, Below left, softball players are in action. The .girls gained the distinction of appearing in place of a boys' team, since they are champion hailnnntoncers of the school. INTRAMURAL SPCRTS fContinuedJ played for the championship of the city. After the winners of the American and National leagues had been decided, there was a World Series game played to decide the winners in the interfmural league. Intramural tennis, coached by Coach Thomas Szczerbacki, has proved to be a very popular sport, this year as well as in past years. The leagues were played for elimination, the winners participating in playoffs to decide the champion. There were both singles and doubles tournaments, with boys and girls participating. The students were allowed to play on the courts during school if they had gym or a study period. The schedules were arranged so that the boys used the even periods and the girls used the odd periods, changing about every week. Softball was well supported this year, with about ninety boys signed up for the leagues. Coach Parsons was the coach, and was in charge of all the games, which were played on the Haeberle Municipal Playground at the corner of Portage Road and Pine Avenue. The equipment was supplied by the school. The leagues were run in the form of a round robin with playoff games to decide the winners. At the same time of the softball league in the school, games were held during gym classes in the form of practice for the boys who were participating in the intramural games. Intramural golf, which was just inaugurated last year into the extrafcurricular, has been very popular with the students. More than 100 boys signed up to play. Singles and doubles tournaments were held, and the games were elimination contests. The games were all played on the Hyde Park Golf Course. Coach Parsons was in charge of all games. After each game, the contestants had to turn their score cards in to Coach Parsons, and after the tournament was over, he picked the best players to meet with other nearby schools. As there was no interfscholastic league in golf, E921 ZTHE NIAGAl2lAlXl 5. lNINETEENfTHllIfYWOgi -:.v I I! Above left, the boys' champion intramural basketball team is shown. Above right is a group of intcrclass players. Below left, the two De!-urcnzos are :lemonstratiug the art of wrestling. The "Holmes," champion volleyball team, appear at the right, there was no need for a varsity team, but the winners of the leagues had varsity prac- tice through the practice meets held with local schools. Wrestling was introduced this year into intramural sports for the Hrst time. There were about sixty boys participating in the several classes. The champions were: 110 pound class, Mike Stepaniang 120, Sebastian Grezantig 130, Theodore Czyz and Joe Box, tied, 140, Elton Auchmoodyg 150, Cecil Landis, 160, Otto Baltuthg 170, John Ventry, 180, John ,Ianiakg 190, Otto Normand. All bouts were fought in the gym with Coach Parsons as referee and John Sharp as timer. Interfclass volley ball was played in two tournaments, Leagues A and B. There were six teams in each league, and after the league games were played, the two highest teams in each league played "playoff" games. The two highest teams in League A were: The Echoes, average 1000fZJ, and the lnvincibles, average, 85073. The two highest in League B were: The Flashes, average 85O'Zp, and the Goblers, average, 8501. In the playoffs, the Echoes won 3 games and lost 1, making an average of 75 OW. The Echoes team was composed of Frank Wadowka, Harry Weglicki, Roman Kaganiec, Bruno Normand, Otto Normand, Joe Czapla, Howard Bandy, and Frank Rosinski. Handball was arranged this year in the manner of an elimination tournament, with a winners' league and a consolation league for the losers. The winners in the leagues were, League A, M. St. Dennyg League B, Oscar Wilson, League C, E. So' winskig League D, E. Quarantillo. In the consolation tournament the winners were, League A, S. Pietakg League B, G. Vandervortg League C, C. Pollogig League D, H. Bandy. In the playoffs for the winners, Oscar Wilson came out on top. Howard Bandy won the consolation playoffs. There were 68 boys participating in the four leagues, playing in all, 279 games. In the final playoffs, there were four boys in the winners' tournament and four in the consolation. Eight games were played in the playoffs. E931 I a X THE NIAGNUAN A' ?NlNETEENAWhlIUYfIW6? "They clasped each other's hand and pledged their faith." -HoMBR's ILIAD. 94 J ,Y - ff! I I Q I L 4 Q1 K :I H g I WT 1 E 'A 5 Y f , f ' , THE Nneauvxlv p' i rmlmstrrmgmiari-naiig. Members of the School Council, group one, from left to right, BACK Row: Gardner Dales, Oliver Krenkel, Marion Booth, Leonard Depierro, Joseph Ashker, Paul Hewitt, Walter Blake, Taylor Johnson, Wm. Beck, Henry Johnson, Gene Case, Ralph Brooks. THIRD Row: Iosephine Costantino, Katherine Jenss, Anna Binkley. Dorothy Fuller. Ruth Huntley, Raymond Fonner, Marjorie Hagen. SECOND Row: Elizabeth Gleason, Martha Kremers, Dorothy Baldwin, Eugenia O'Connor, Wanda Ciszek, Nancy Albion, Virginia Merrin, Geraldine Barclay, Ruth Kremers. FIRST Row: Jean Bowerman, Thelma Briggs, Jeanette Abramowitz, Alice Davis, Jean Dietzel, Dorothy Burdick, Virginia Hawthorne, Fannie Muscarella, Alice Gingo, Edna MacVitt1e. SchoolC3ouncH HB 1931-32 School Council of Niagara Falls High School has completed a very successful year under the capable leadership of Doris Bentham, 3,Q1' presidentg Peter Prozeller, vicefpresidentg Katherine Jenss, secretaryg QQVJQ Marion Booth, treasurer, and Miss Emma Hulen, faculty adviser. in During the past year, the Council sponsored two very interesting assembly programs. The first was presented by the Golden Jubilee Singers from the Utica Industrial Institute in Mississippi and consisted of negro spirituals and folk' songs. The second presentation was a lecture on deepfsea diving by Mr. Robert Zimmerman, noted underfsea explorer. Mr. Zimmerman illustrated his talk with exhibits of hundreds of specimens he had secured during his work on the bottom of the sea. His vivid descriptions of marine wonders, his tales of fights with denizens of the deep, and his friendly personality, made Mr. Zimmerman immensely popular with the student body. The programs this year have been so wellfreceived that the Council is planning to bring two more similar presentations to the school next year. Through the medium of the Council, uniforms for the cheerleaders have been purchased. These uniforms, consisting of red sweaters and grey corduroy trousers, were secured in time for the LockportfNiagara Falls football game, At Christmas time, the Council representatives led a campaign to collect food and clothing for needy families. The result of this was that the school sent iiftyftwo baskets to those in want. The chief project of the second term was the compiling of the 193283 hand- book. The president called for volunteers and was authorized to appoint a central committee to work with Miss Hulen. At the meeting of March 23, 1932, the president read a letter from Mr. Taylor, Superintendent of Schools, stating that the money which was to be appropriated for planting the school grounds was not available. A motion was made, seconded, and E961 K M671- gT'HE Nifxaftzian E51 lNlNETEENIlllll-ZTYHW6 1 7, ,I 5: .J .,,. . V M allrxd-C Group two of the 1931-32 School Council, reading left to right, BACK Row: Hugh Laidman, Forest llartcr, Lloyd Lashway, Mike Laughlin, Robert French, James McWhirk, John Henderson, Bill Lambert, Robert Rowe. TJIIRD Row: Williani Taylor, Mary Mansfield, Ailthouy Penele, John Scott. Reuben Taylor, Charles Nolfe, llernard Suitor, Fred Stamps, Jed Hyde, Peter Prozeller, Srzcrmn Row: l-lelen Reichert, Virginia Morrison, Marjorie Riualdo, Gertrude Reid, Katherine O'Kut-fe. Evelyn Nicoud, Mary Randolph, Helen O'Neil, Mary Watton, Ida Spector. FIRST Row: Helen Tabor. Kathleen Turner, May XVlu-elcr, Esther Hammond, Mary Snell, Norma Lee. Mildred Olienhack, Roberta Vlloudell, janet Weeks, Esther Crezxgh, Helene Werner, Gertrude Sclimoyer. carried, authorizing the treasurer to pay 1560.00 for this purpose. The Council took this action because it felt that it will be for the beautification of the school. The representatives present at the meeting of April 13, 1932, voted to award permanent Council pins to members who fulfrll certain requirements. Any person claiming a permanent pin must have served two terms over a period of three years and have attended eighty per cent of the meetings of each term for which he desires credit. It was agreed that the president appoint a committee to adopt a new design for the pins. Several minor activities of the Council have been for the benefit of the student body. The representatives have carried on the banking and have endeavored to encourage thrift. A college catalogue committee has brought up-to-date the collection of college catalogues in our library. At the meeting of April 13, the Council elected two of its number to act on a nominating committee with the four officers, This committee, with Miss Hulen, selected two people to run for each office. The results of the election, held May S, 1932, are: President . . Peter Prozeller VicefPresident . . Richard Rooker Secretary . . . Robert Rowe Treasurer ........ Helen O'Neill The 19314-2 Council wishes to thank both the students and the teachers for their cooperation. In its continuance during 1932-33, the members express the desire that their work will be accepted with as much good-will and courtesy on the part of the student body as was shown during 193111932 As the only real bodv in the school which fulfills the ideals of student government, the Niagara Falls High School Council will again take up its earnest endeavors toward unity and democracy next September. l97l i , THE NlfXGAl2lAlXl . lNlNETEEN,TlillIZFYdlll5 ':'s. -ill f . ' .. inf H, Dramatic Society members, group one, are as follows, BACK Row, left to right: Ioe Elias, Albert Iosepli, Alex Kinbaum, Raipii Brookes, Lester White, New York Lucci. Founrn Row: Dorothy Halsted, Iohn Henderson, Frank Kalita, Melvin I-lazel, Fred Klziuck, Tllomas Fisher. Edward Baker. THIRD Row: Ruth Bird, Marjorie Kelley, Margaret Louise Iaynes, Virginia Hawthorne, Gwen Hooper. SECOND Row: Hilda Kane, Zora Greiner, Elizabeth Gleason, Geraldine Barclay, Marian I-lallet, Roberta Allen. FIRST Row: Brenda Bcarce, Lillian Van Raalte, Alva Grose, Katherine Kenny, Agnes Kaczowski, Emily Baldwin, Millicent Lowry. The Dramatic Society -3 HE Dramatic Society held its first meeting October la 1921 Ofhcers were elected and took oflice immediately. They are Rae Wright, Presif dent, Marjorie Kelly, Vice Presidentg Janet Weeks, Secretary, Melvin Hazel, Treasurer, and Mrs. G. B. Montgomery, .Faculty Adviser. W 'iErstwhile Susan" was the annual fall play presented on the evening of December 10, 1931. It was a comedy of Pennsylvania Dutch people in three acts. The cast was as follows: Alex Kinbaum, Melvin Hazel, Jack Nelson, Frank Kalita, Ralph Brooks, John Scott, jack Gellman, Dorothy Dillon, Esther Creagh, Eileen Swalwell, Marjorie Kelly, Norma Taylor, Dorothy Halstead, Thomas Fisher, Rae Wright, Emily Baldwin, and Ruth Parsons. Another interesting presentation was Flowtow's opera "Martha" It was pref sented by the Chorus and the Dramatic Club with action in silhouette pantomimes. The story of "Martha" takes place in England. Lady Harriett, weary of court life and longing for a change, conceives a wild idea of masquerading as a servant. With her maid, Nancy, as companion, the Countess of Richmond goes to the Rich- mond fair, where she and Nancy are engaged by a farmer Plunkett and his adopted brother, Lionel, as servants. When the two girls are asked their names, Lady Harriett assumes the name of "Martha" and her maid the name of "Betsy." The employers are horrified to dis' cover that their servants do not know how to spin. They show them how spinning wheels work. After a short time practising at their new employment, Lady Harriett and Nancy welcome Sir Tristam Mickelford, "Martha's" cousin, who comes to rescue her. The engaged servants escape with Plunkett and Lionel fast in pursuit. Lionel declares his love for Lady Harriett who pretends she does not know him and has him arrested. Later Lionel learns he is Earl of Derby but he is driven mad fby despair over Harriett's rejection of his love. Lady Harriett tells Lionel she loves him I i981 ,fl m e THE N1AGft21A1N1 ?N1NETrrN,mnTnW6? y, Members of the Dramatic Society, group two, left to right, BACK Row: James McWhirk, Bernard Levy, Roderick Schoales, Robert Cooley, Iack Nelson, Edward Baker. Truim Row: Eileen Swalwcll, Dorothy 'Rendall, Jack Gellman, Ruth Parsons, Bernice Lambert, Loretta Stanton, Catherine Mahoney, Fredrikn Tattersal, Norma Talylor, Adelina Scalao. SECOND Row: Mildred Obenhack, Dorothy Price, Dorothy Dillon, Janet Tiomas, Alice Rersig, Gertrude Ryan, Irma Scalzo, Estelle Napoleon. Fins-r Row: Catherine 1"aPuch, Virginia Smith, Mae Parker, Helen Mansour, Rhea Lcvey, Roberta Woodcll, Esther Creagh, Janet Weeks. and he recovers his understanding. In the meantime, Plunkett has won the heart of Nancy and the story ends happily. Two plays have been presented in assemblies. They were "The Tender Passion" and "The Pie and the Tart." This year the Dramatic Society has increased its membershm from 75, the usual number, to 90. New members are Fredericka Tattersall, Virginia Hawthorne, Doro- thy Price, Gwen Hooper, Mildred Obenhack, Minnie Friedman, Geraldine Barclay, Zora Griener, Roderick Schoales, James Engel, Estelle Napoleon, Hilda Kane, Mar' garet Bull, Katherine Mahoney, Loretta Stanton, Janet Thomas, Roberta Woodell, Alice Reisig, Bernice Lambert, Earl Crewe, Russell Williams, New York Lucci, and Morley Bernstein. With the addition of these members, new and more talent has been supplied to the club. The 1931462 year has been a most successful one to the Dramatic Society. I A ' Stage crew members as shown above, left to right. BACK ROW: Taylor Johnson, George 2.lFlEcl1v.gI,uClax-cxice Kremers. FRONT Row: Leonard Culotta, Charles Mellon, Arnson Baer, o n a . i993 ' ,THE NlAG!Xl2l!-NN v ?NlNETEEN,TflllZlY4WCl?T Zi , 'Z' All .. Q: . . , :. , ,A N 3 s . 1 ,., .,:2,A- ,W . Ms 'R' l 5 I .ef ea Members of the Social Committee, as shown above ure, left to right, FIRST Row: Emma Ewart, Freddy Gray, Miss Mallam, Norma Lee. SlicoNn Row: John lirown, Al Mulfctt, Helene Werner, Donald Foote. Social Committee HE Social Committee of the Niagara Falls High School is a well established unit of the school life of Niagara Falls students. The present accepted fag? purpose of the Social Committee is to provide entertainment for the student body, and this entertainment has gradually become the arrangf ing for and the prov1d1ng of student dances. The personnel of the committee is limited to fifteen students and a faculty adviser. All classes of the high school student body are represented and comprise six seniors, five juniors, and four sophomores. The work of the committee is divided into several subfcommittees, appointed by the president at each meeting previous to a dance. Upon these subfcommittees falls the actual charge of the dance, and its success depends upon their efforts. Among the regular committees are the floor committee, which has charge of preparing the floor and arranging the chairsg and the orchestra committee, which, as its name indif cates, provides an orchestra suitable to the dancers. Besides these, there is a door committee which receives the money at the door. For some dances there must be groups to arrange for decorations, refreshments, tickets and programs, and checking facilities. This committee has complete charge in all arrangements in preparing for and conducting the dances, including the decorations and the dispensing of refreshments, and must plan that the affairs are self-supporting. Two evening dances are given during the school year, which are more elaborate and call for much planning and effort in securing and placing the decorations. Special lighting effects, ornate decorations, l'Moonlight" dances, and novelties, besides refresh' ments, are features of these evening dances. Each two weeks an afternoon dance is given at the close of the school session, at a very nominal admission charge. It is 51003 fl a -4 STHE NIAGARIAIXI T iNlNETEEN1TlilUYdW L ery Af.. af.. -6' ,-,I 'B .... , , 5, , "'Y!.. ' L Social Committee, second group, FIRST Row: john Mncfarlane, Jeanette Abramowitz, Eloise Artlan, Albert Reilly. SECOND Row: Janet Vlfeeks, Dorothy Bracketl, hVlli1Z1II'l Lambert, Freddy Tattersall. necessary that the receipts of these afternoon dances will show enough profit to partially finance the more elaborate evening dances. The afternoon dance of i'Wing Collar Day" provides a fitting climax to that day's activities. The "WhofDofDzince" can be taken as a typical example of the evening dance. A specially erected orchestra stand held "Little Freddie Large" and his well known broadcasting band. A canopy over the stand threw the music out into the room. Spotlights, focused upon the orchestra, reflected on the instruments. Overhead a mat of varifcolored paper was artistically draped. Hanging down from this, Japanese lanterns furnished the light. At each end of the room were large spotlights before which colored discs were spun. The St. Valentine's Day Dance used an entirely different arrangement. Large red hearts were hung along the wall. Strips of white crepe paper connected these hearts. Red and white streamers stretched from the sides to a red heart suspended from the center of the room. During intermission special dancers provided enter' tainment. These talented tap and novelty dancers were among the best in the city. The annual "Autumn Prom" held in the fall of the year, is based upon a Halloween theme. The decorations consist of Jack o' Lanterns, corn stalks, and autumn leaves. To keep in harmony with the surroundings, cider is served at the refreshment stand. The afternoon dances are held at the end of the week with the music supplied bv orchestras from among the students. These dances are regularly attended and well enjoyed by a large portion of the student body. The Social Committee cooperates with other groups giving dances in the school by undertaking their management. 51011 gTHE NLAGAMAN fN1NEmiN ,m1nY six il. X any Members of Les Babillards, 1932, reading from left to right. BACK Row: Marjorie Kelley, Ray Carter, Wm. Goldman, Charles Cohen, Anthony Penele, Clifford Thweatt, Henry Johnson, Richard Wiggall. Timm Row: Dorothy Halstead, Izunice Allen, Norma Taylor. Mary Mansfield Helen Rickert. Secorm Row: Miss Finn, Dorothy Dillon, Brenda Bearce, Virginia Morrison Katherine Ienss. Fmsr Row: Helen Pellicano, Ruth Kremers, Lydia Tosetto, Angelina Pziunessa Esther Jenss, Helene Werner. 1 I 1 Les Babillards Wifi? NE of the most popular clubs in Niagara Falls High School is the Iota 4 A chapter of the French honor society known as "Les Babillardsw. The purpose in forming the club is two fold: one, to incite in the student an X interest in the French language, and, two, to give the student an opporf ,ba ,--nfl . . . . . " ' tunity to practise speaking French. A student becomes eligible for membership, when he is taking second year French and only on the recommendation of the teacher and election by the members, the number being limited to twenty-five. The officers for the year 193162 were as follows: Anthony Penele ......,. President Katherine Jenss . . VicefPresident Brenda Bearce ...... Secretary Doroth Halsted ........ Treasurer Y The meetings are usually held in Room 15 6 every other Monday, directly after school. At these sessions the student delights in speaking French and singing some of the popular French airs. The program for each meeting was under the supervision of Helene Weriier, Social President, with the help of Miss Finn, who has been our faculty adviser and who has greatly aided us in arranging the programs. She has told Les Babillards many interesting things which will prove valuable to each member. r , P2 D During the past year, the members have enjoyed many delightful meetings. .At the induction ceremony, held last fall, the new members were put thru different initiaf tion stunts before their formal acceptance as members, Following this, the members adjourned to the cafeteria where a delicious spaghetti dinner was served. At Thanksgiving time, the club helped a needy family by making up a food and clothes basket. The members were happy in the thought that they had made some one happy. In the last few months, they have had two parties, one at school and the other at the jefferson. Delicious refreshments were served at each party. fiozj A J .THE NIAGAIUAN jc . fumTm4m1mYW Forensic Society members, back row, reading from left to right, are: Thomas Tuttle, Kenneth Vlficss, Hubert Noonan, Richard Xlliggall. SIQCUND Row: Bernard Levy, Clifford Thweatt, 'William Goldmzm, Robert Cooley, Paul John Brllcato. FIRST Row: Robert Porter, Jack Perman, Jack Gellman, James McXVhirk, Roderick Schoales. Forensic Society T ' e NCE again the Forensic society has lived up to its motto, "The most progressive body in school." Many speakersqhave addressed the society lgv-99 on familiar topics of the day during th-is year s programs. The members xg X529 were thus able to study the technic of some of the city's best speakers. ' as f Extemporaneous debates and speeches and other forms of public speaking were the subject of most of the programs. This year's members of the society were: Bernard Levy, Thomas Tuttle, Richard Wiggall, Rae Wriglit, Donald Welch, Hubert Noonan, Jack Perman, Jack Gellman, Robert Porter, Paul Brucato, Donald Butterworth, Robert Taylor, Herbert Ritzhaupt, Clifford Thweatt, Robert Cooley, and James McWliirk. Mr. Mark R. Bedford as critic and adviser for the society gave many useful and helpful suggestions for the club's betterment. ' Usually at every meeting he submitted an interesting critic's report. The program committee is to be commended for its excellent programs. Among the most interesting of the Forensic Society programs this year was that of April 19, when Mr. Strough addressed the group on the subject of parliamentary law. He added great interest to his talk by giving the attendants in bulletinized form the most essential rules of parliamenf tary law. Another interesting program was that given by John Henderson during March, in which he described the various customs of the Scotch race. The officers for the school year of 19314932 are: Bernard Levy . . . President Thomas Tuttle . . VicefPreside'nt Richard Wiggall . Secretary Rae Wright ....... Treasurer Oilicers for 19324933 had not been elected at the time the Niagarian went to press. 51033 ' arse Ntasamfxn INETEEN ninim? ,f 1 s 'Z lil ' 1 RZ- '4' I f .V , ,... jg I in ' is I sr . gf , . ' I e , Q -it -2- ' , i s- 1 X- avg' I zo, ' f r l I L Debating teams, as shown above, left to right, Fiasr Row: Donald Welch, Bernard Levy, Mr. Mark Bedford, Thomas Tuttle, Richard Vkfiggall. Siacorm Row: Jack Gcllman, Rhea Lcvey, VVilliam Goldman, Robert Cooley, Roderick Schuales, Robert Porter. Debating Teams EQ 'HE ancient art of debating was well upheld by the four teams that repref sented Niagara for '31 and '31 aka llr f J i , . - , , ' ,gs gs 1. On September 24 many candidates were present in order to try out for the debating team. The topic was, Resolved: that capital punishment if ' should be abolished. The successful candidates were: Donald Welch, Thomas Tuttle, Bernard Levy, Jack Perman, Roderick Schoales, and Josephine Costanf tino, jack Gellman, alternates. The question debated was, Resolved: that the several states should enact legislation providing for compulsory Unemployment Insurance. Mr. Mark Bedford, Niagara's competent coach, chose two teams from the eight. Representing the affirmative, Donald Welch, Bernard Levy, Jack Perman and jack Gellman, representing the negative, Thomas Tuttle, Richard Wiggall, Roderick Schoales and Josephine Costantino. The affirmative traveled to Bradford on Decemher ll where they were defeated by a close decision. The negative team which remained home defeated Bradford's affirmative team. On December 2 the negative team traveled to Warren where they won by a 3fO decision. The aflirmative at home also beat Warren 3fO. The tryouts for the spring team were held on March 17. The topic was, Resolved: that japan was justified in their present action against Soviet Russia. Those chosen were: Roderick Schoales, Jack Gellman, Jack Perman, William Goldman, Rhea Levey, and Rae Wright as speakers, Robert Cooley and Robert Porter as alternates. The two teams chosen were: afiirmative, Jack Gellman, captain, Rhea Levey, ,lack Perman and Robert Porter, alternate, negative, Roderick Schoalcs, captain, Rae Wright, William Goldman, and Robert Cooley, alternate. Unemployment insurance was again chosen as the question. On April 15 both teams lost to Hornell's debating teams by a 2f1 decision both at Hornell and at Niagara. On April 20 the affirmative team defeated Kenmore while the negative lost to Kenmore. 51043 ' THE NlACiAl2l!-XN 'S 'K ENINETEEN TTIIRTYW6? ' iff X I ff X K .---.. yi ' L' 'lil f ':.-,.-- wX?: i42f ,... Q ' . g I , , .fxj1"' aa . - , r a b!" 11539 , , .. ' Q, ' 1 l if 4 K' l 'Y W --,Q ..4 1 x x:5"uk . 4-1 A . ,-,-, Scarlet Quill members, as shown above, left to right, FIRST Row: Ruth Hoclgkins, Anna Guloski, Miss Mabel lishelinan, Martha Krcniers, Paul Brucato. SECOND Row: Virginia Morrison. Margaret Bull, Ruth Clancy, Dorothy Dillon, Marjury Barber. IFHIRD Row: Helen Tabor, Helen Schubert, Norma Taylor, Iistlicr Qlenss, Ellen Recd, Mary Mansfield. Scarlet Quill Scarlet Quill is one of the youngest among clubs and societies of the Niagara Falls High School. Its aim is to foster public interest in reading poetry, in writing original verse, and in studying the work of modern . . "fw- poets. , The club was organized in October, 1930, by Mrs. Gollnick. Since then, under the guidance of the faculty adviser, the members have studied many poets, and have also written original verse. In the fall of 1931 the club again began to function. At the Christmas party, held at school, the time was spent in fun and feasting, and in writing verse containing words suggestive of the holiday, Wheii Mrs. Gollnick resigned shortly after Christmas, Miss Eshelman became the Club adviser. After midyear a new course of study was mapped out for the remaining weeks of the school year. One meeting was devoted to the study and reading of ballads, one to epics, one to sonnets, and another to lyrics in general. On March 16th the faculty adviser entertained the whole club at her home. Another feature of the Scarlet Quill is the bulletin board in the library. At the top of the board is a large placard with the name and symbol of the club, a scarlet quill and inkwell. Committees elected every few weeks take charge of this work. Membership is limited to fifteen students who are elected for their aptitude and interest in poetry. Meetings are held every two weeks on Wednesday afternoons. The officers are: Ruth Hodgkins, presiclentg Anna Gutoski, vicefpresidentg Martha Kremers, secretarytreasurer. QIOSI fmt NU-xGfta1AN lNINETEEN ,m1nYW Y XML, QT-TV -Q 1. -1 . t I fx: 4. Q 3 f I hfff d if "H ag ' 1 . ,Q l . U , , t . , K ' f'a"x.'.fl: -f L I 4- . hw. L..l' 7' 4" Els? :fa ' l Members of Chronicle Staff, group one, are as follows, left to right. Fmsr Row: James Mc- W'hirk, Charles Nolfe, Mrs. Oliver, Paul Brucato. Sizcono Row: Vera 1-leximer, Dan Dui-nin, janet Weeks, James O'Haire, Anna Gutoski. Tinian Row: Morris Barton, Joyce Yngve, Dorothy Brackett, Jack Gellman, Dong-ilcl Butterworth. Chronicle Staff URING the school year 193142, the Niagara Falls High School "Chronif cle," the school's official publication, accomplished much, both for the 'ia school and for the paper. They published fifteen issues, of which two were special, the Washington BifCentennial and the Wing Collar Day L 'MJ issues. The Washington issue dwelt upon the life of George Washington and revealed many unknown facts concerning the "Father of Our Country." The Wing Collar Day issue was very well received by the student body. This issue is a purely 'ifun affair" and makes students and teachers subjects of ridiculous happenings. Delegates were sent to three conventions during the school year. They were: the Western New York interscholastic Press association meeting held at East High School in Buffalo last Novemberg the fifth annual High School Editors' convention held at Syracuse University in April, and the Western New York Scholastic Press Association Convention at Buffalo in May. At the Syracuse convention the "Chronicle" was judged as one of the three best high school publications in New York state, a distinction which it has held for the last three years. The staff, under the guidance of Mrs. Bereneice Oliver, set a fine record for past and future years. It was the largest in the history of the paper, numbering thirty members. f1061 f THE NIAGARUXN 1 fNlNETErN7111zrYfniv'6 E, 5 . it f the " e' . 51 ' QQ B l i 1 g , T H15 , . as -9' 1 - V l V i l. A 4 " 1 1 ' ' -iff Group two of the Chronicle Staff, left to right, Fmsr Row: Betty Harries. Harold Tiffany, Violet Mortimer, John Jasper, Edna Hannel. SECOND Row: Hugh Reid, Thomas Tuttle, Helene VVL-rncr, llorzxcc R. Scalzo, B1.::m'ico l-Ioplcins. Tuum Row: Thomas Cagle, Grace Jamieson, Edward O'Sl1ea, Edytha Sullivan, Arthur M:icVittie. CHRONICLE STAFF Co-Editors for 1931 . . . Thomas Tuttle, Robert Taylor CofEditors for 1932 . . james McWhirk, Paul Brucato Assistant Editors . . Betty Harries, Anna Gutoski Sports Editor . . . . Charles Nolfe ohn as er, Harold Tiifan , Sports Reporters ' ' lanet JWLeeks, Vera Heximelr Exchanges . . . . Joyce Yngve Business Manager . . . James O'Haire Circulation Manager .... . Jack Gellman REPORTERS Beatrice Hopkins Grace Jamieson Arthur MacVittie Charles Mingay Violet Mortimer Hugh Reid Horace Scalzo Edytha Sullivan Robert Taylor Thomas Tuttle Morris Barton Dorothy Brackett Donald Butterworth Thomas Cagle Edna Hannel Edward O'Shea Helene Werner CHRONICLE TYPISTS FOR 19314932 Mary Aclydon '32 Anita Fulgenzi '32 Marion Booth '32 Mary Feldmeyer '32 Dorothy Aderinann '32 Mary Rotella '32 Genevieve Rozanski '32 Edith Oliver '32 51073 , THE Nnsftzlan 4 :NlNETENfWlHY 'N X! 'i. . Members of the Forum, 1931-32, are as follows, BACK Row: Agnes Chiappone, Edna Hall, Dorothy Flynn, Louise Buerger, Iean Attfleld, Aurel Donnely, June Young, Martha Ankney, E ' LaBd S' T'b' S R Al' G' A Gt k' M B hl llgeflla Ll 3, USIC 211 l. ECOND . ICC ll1g0, 1 H1121 ll DS I, 'X'S. Ziff O-OUICW, Mary Rotella, Arlene Ciambrone. Tninn Row: Annie Cirrito, Rose Trapasso, Ida Sclnavone, Ida Denslinger, Irene Marley, Adeline Scalzo. Forum Club X-f r. RGANIZED for commercial students, the Forum Club does much in AN showing the members conditions of the business world. Their visits to NSY? Buffalo, Mount St. Mary's Hospital and Nurses' Home, the offices of the .vig local enterprises have taken them to the Frofjoy Ice Cream Company in L ffm Niagara Falls Gazette, the Carborundum Factory, and a local bank. Speakers of noted ability have appeared before this group, giving some excellent explanations of business. The visits to the firms have shown them how community business affairs are carried out. ' For the first time since the beginning of their club, the members held a dance Friday, April 15 , in conjunction with the Social Committee, with a novel exhibition of dancing. A candy sale was held during the dance. All students who take at least one commercial subject and get an average of 8OfZy are eligible to join. The club meets bifmonthly on Mondays in Room 204 at 3:25 P. M. Last year the high school students from Trott Vocational School were admitted to the club. The adviser from Trott is Miss Virginia Donahue. Mrs. Niles C. Bartholomew of Niagara Falls High School is the chief adviser of the Forum. The following students belong to the club: Louise Buerger,' Presidentg Dorothy Flynn, VicefPresidentg Anna Gutoski, SecretaryfTreasurerg Jeanette Abramowitzg Martha Ankneyg Jean Attfieldg Lena Bennettg Lorraine Bunceg Anne Cirritog Agnes Chiapponeg Norma Dingmang Alice Gingog Nellie Gutoskig Irene Kobiernag Wzxiida Korpolinskig Eugenia LaButdag Anna Madijg Lorraine Mazgueg Sarah McGawg .lack O'Rourke, Rose Petitg Bella Roseng Mary Rotellag Adelene Scalzog Ida Schiavoneg Stella Tirabasseg Mary Townsendg june Youngg Phyllis Van Sickle. gjiosg 'f y lag M in -J ,I THE NIXXGAIMN ?NliiErrrN,rriirzrHiN ' .125 ' I so ill, ' X T 7 X s if This picture opera Society and Music clubs. was seen hy c A large screen nas cters, who appeared silluinellerl on il. "Martha" V J N March 18 the Dramatic Club and Associated Music Clubs joined forces in giving one of the largest productions in the history of the high school. The Chorus under the direction of Miss Clement prepared 4 the music for the opera, and the Dramatic Club under Mrs. Montgomery FF .-,fxQ":'l- 893:-.,. fm prepared the action. A new experiment was tried and proved successful. Several numbers were given in silhouette instead of in regular manner of giving this type of productions. The lighting, under the direction of Charles Mellon, was especially effective. Spot lights were turned on the soloists and chorus whenever they had a part alone and then slowly dimmed, showing the silhouettes in the center of the stage, On either side of the silhouettes sat the chorus, numbering 95, in front of them the soloists, and in the pit, the orchestra, who so ably furnished the accomf paniment. The cast was as follows: Cifmaacrrea Lady Harriet ........ Nancy .........,....... Lionel .......... Plunkett .. ..... .. Sir Tristan ........ Sheriff ................ .. Maid Servants .... .... Farmers ..... Soroisrs Lois Timm ............ Ruth Hill .......... ,lames Hughey ....... ........... Elmer Moir ..... -.. Ralph Brooks ..... joseph Ashker .. Lauretta Stanton janet Thomas ..... jean Barns ............ llired Gray .............. lKenneth Moody Siruouerriz ...........Laura Louise Peck Irma Scalzo New York Lucci Morley Bernstein Alee Kinbaum jack Nelson Dorothy Carter Alice Reisig Emily Baldwin Joe Elias Edward Baker This was a great undertaking for a high school, hut the fact that it was successfully done proved its worth. 51093 FIRST VIOLIN SECOND VIOLIN VIOLA ' 1 THE Nnsaumv l 'NlNETEEN,Tlill?fl'YWClgl X, in i l The Niagara Falls High School Symphony Orchestra is shown above on the stage of the auditorium. Mr. Warren Scotclimer is conducting the group. Symphony Orchestra URING 19314952 the Niagara Falls High School orchestra has continued to show a steady growth both in numbers and general ability. For the first time in its history the group has attained sufficient perfection to play 6 a symphony in its entirety. This symphony, the wellfknown one in E -- flat Major of Mozart, was successfully given at the annual Spring Conf cert on April 14. For that event Lester White appeared as soloist, playing the Mozart concerto in A Major with the accompaniment of the full orchestra. The orchestra also took part in the Thanksgiving Concert, at which time they shared honors with the chorus. Members from the orchestra worked hard and faith' fully and gave a very good account of themselves when furnishing the accompaniment for the opera "Martha" The personnel of the orchestra under Mr. W. A. Scotch' rner's direction follows: Irma Scalzo Gladys Frommert Ross Lymburner Virginia Smith Roberta Allen Bi-eta Wood Gustav Prath Howard Garner Mollie Arnbro BASS Arline Walker Marjorie Conrad OBOE Willis Iewett TRUMPET Mancer Gleason Leonard Greenwood HORN Elmer Moir Iean Bowerman James Pringle Casimir Hoffman Marie Putman Dorothy Homewood Frances Iennette Arthur Ruff Leonard Fellows Eleanor Wendt Louise Fioritta Roy Schoonover George Salchow CLARINET Helen Napoleon John Guinther Frederick Gray Iohn Marsh TROMBONE Edgar Battson Edward Cross TYMPANI Charles Russell 51101 Josephine Costantino Edith Littlewood Edward Wojcik Gertrude Leo-Wolfe CELLO William Smith Louise Jameson Rhea Wood Bernice Lambert Estelle Napoleon Anna Dye FLUTE George Comstock Frances Costantino BASSOON John Macfarlane DRUMS Kenneth Waggner Lloyd Lashway WVe1-ner am Endo 1 Q51 J THE NlAGAiZlAlNl ,il NINETEEN mm-iwo f y, A e ill, ' ' , X The Niagara Falls High School Baud for 1931-1932 is shown above, with Elmer Moir as leader. Niagara Falls High School Band HIS organization, under the leadership of Mr. William McElwain, had its first meeting on Tuesday, September 15, 1931. With great eagerness, flag' Profil the band settled down to its routine of two rehearsals a week. The band now numbers 53 members. In 'the early fall the band was divided into two units known as "The First Bat' talion" ahd "The Second Battalion" bands. The former spent most of the regular band periods during the fall months in drilling outfoffdoors. By dint of much hard work, this marching unit under the direction of Elmer Moir had a very important function in arousing "Ye Olde High School Spirit." This band played at nearly all of the major athletic events during the year. With skillful maneuvering, the letters N. F., and those of the opposing teams were formed on the field. Mr. Scotchmer, head of the music department, deserves credit for his valuable aid in making this division of the organization a success. On Cctober 27, the band furnished music for the double assembly. Among other things, the band has figured in several civic events. Cn Friday, December 11, 1931, the band played for the Childrens Christmas program at the city hall. The musical program consisted of a few marches and Christmas Carols, the high School Chorus assisting in the latter numbers. . On Friday evening, April 22nd, the entire band, in Red and Gray uniforms, marched in the American Legion parade, thus affording the individual ample opporf tunity for display of skill on his instrument. Later in the spring, an open air concert was given. Considerin the fact that last june many players of excellent musicianship were lost by gradgiation, one may comment favorably on the progress made by the organization during the past year. The community, as well as the school, can be really proud of an organization that thus perpetuates the glory and fame that come: to our Alma Mater. 51113 ,p 4 THE NIAGARIAN NINETEQENITTIIIIFYHWEE1 , Q 4 X, " 'ill J Y The chorus., whose -full membership includes ahout ninety-tive students, is pictured above. Miss Clement directed the organization during 1931-1932. Chorus S June and the end of another school year approaches, the members of the chorus look back on an unusually eventful year. They have pref sented an opera and have taken part in the presentation of an oratorio, I X experiences which are very valuable to the performers. The first ap' pearance of the chorus of 95' students was at the annual Thanksgiving concert. This was given along with the high school orchestra, as in the previous year. This was their first successful event and spurred the group on to other things. At Christmas the chorus gave a short cantata, "The Child Jesus," by Clokey. This was a very interesting collection of old Christmas carols arranged to tell the story of jesus' birth. The soloists in this were james Hughey, tenorg Lois Timm, sopranog Ruth Hill, contraltog and Elmer Moir, bass. The cantata was given in assembly. After Christmas they began work on the opera "Martha," which was to be the most extensive project of the year. The Dramatic Club joined the chorus in the production and tried an experiment which proved very effective. The story of this production may be read on another page. After this was all over the chorus rather felt a "let down", but not for long. Mr. Spencer invited them to assist at the Phil' harmonic Society in giving the "Creation" by Haydn for Music Week. This was a great privilege and something very much worth doing. Not long after accepting this invitation the group found that Music Week was a very busy week. Tuesday, May 3, the annual Niagara Frontier Meet was held. The purpose of this Meet really was to demonstrate what each school and outfofftown schools are doing and to furnish inspiration to the different organizations. The chorus sang a selection from L'Martha". Friday of the same week the group sang at South junior and gave them a taste of "Martha". This concluded the year and the group is looking for- ward to another just as successful. f1121 mf 1 1-.f-A . I -A . e THE NIAGAIQIAN gl NINETEEN iiiiiznawo g ,-L X 4, K ! 2 Q-i-1' Q gim- i E Above, left, are thc officers of the Associated Music Clubs. To the right is a scene from "M:u'tl1a." Below, left, the Little Symphony, and right, the Little Saloners. Associated Music Clubs N the picture at the top of the page we have this year's officers of the Q 'LW Associated Music Clubs. The president was Helen Napoleon, Elmer l lg. xi Moir was vicefpresident, Louise Jamieson was treasurer, and the secref ':"jilv"'fy tary was Barbara Swan. This was a busy year for the Associated - f - 'l Music Clubs. They started off with a general meeting, at which oflif ccrs were elected. Then followed our Halloween party, at which everyone ate his fill of doughnuts and drank his ill of cider and had a good time. Their Hrst serious job was the Eighth Annual Thanksgiving Concert, which was given by the chorus and orchestra on November 24. Then came "Martha" on March 18, which required the best efforts of all hands. After this quickly followed the Annual Spring Conf cert of the High School Symphony, the Frontier Meet, and the Appreciation Conf cert. This last was given as a part of the series which the clubs were able to offer to students at the remarkably low price of 25 cents for three concerts. Little Symphony, cmd Little Saloiiers The two orchestras pictured are the Little Symphony and the Little Salon Or' chestra. The Little Salon Orchestra was formed this year because there were so many calls for music from our friends in the city that the Little Symphony could not handle them all. Both orchestras had a busy year playing for plays in the High School, banquets, luncheons, meetings, and conventions. Mr. Ward directed the Little Symphony, and Mr. McE1wain had charge of the Little Salon Orchestra. 51133 THE NMGAQLAJQ fNlNETEENfm1RTYW6? J 1 X, "" ' ' "If any word That hath been uttered gave offence, May storms sweep it away forf ever." -HoMER's QDYSSEY. f 114 1 1 1 I w rf, THE NIAGAIQIAN T Nineteen "' 25" -,AV . 4 ear oFF 0 X56 ME roof Mx cqf ' af ' - . e- 9 . . ef: s v rv 1 O ..r' '0 0 - v A A paso' up :.,:.'iV' ' f fail bex ,-as . Qi, ,1 .sg is 'qi Y if .14 is -. hw' N' EETINC wsu. coME M 'rd ORDER V'-,Aa is. gymgxx. . . X 1 QE.. vig. ly ! ., fx. .if were Calendar 19314932 14th SEPTEMBER -School opened today with a large registra- tion. They crowded 502 seniors, 750 jun' iors, and 315 sophomores into the old Alma lvlater. Handbooks were sold for the first time in N. Ffs history. 15th-Hundreds stood patiently or impatiently in 23rd line to change their programs. Either they didn't like the subject, or the teacher, or they found that there was too much to do. -The first meeting of the student council with the following ofiicers: Doris Bentham, Pres' identg Peter Prozeller, Vicefliresidentg Mar' ion Booth, Treasurerg Katherine jenss, Se' cretary. 24-th-We had an assembly sponsored by the 1. M , .. ,: a nv ulgggm C'MoN Now- NINE lpxpxgg FOR THAT TEAM student council, featuring the Utica Jubilee Singers, nationally known radio artists. Flashing eyes and shining faces-who could help liking them. T th-The last day of our first month back to school. Already the old grind is heavy upon us. But cheer up, we can count off the ref maining months on our Hngers. OCTOBER d-Well, the football season has begun. Right off the bat, the team travels to Batavia and defeats them. Pretty good! But there's more to come. N M M-f-" 14th-Poor little, dear little freshmen! Mr. Strough ,ra led an assembly for them in order to give -X V them much needed instruction. We hope X . K la the L'welcome" was not too strenuous!! 'l ll f llll A 'V K l 21st-Football assembly to cheer on the team for the coming game. More excitement! The V, ... N ,. first evening dance this year, the Autumn -li Prom, was given by the social committee. 27th-Now who has forgotten Dr. Clausen? Ref member the crooning minister from Syraf 1 cuse? Everyone enjoyed his talk and songs, Q teachers included, and we'd like some more QQ? like tim. I," N 30th-More football. And what a game! The If ,M A team defeated North Tonawanda 33 to 7. I f nif!?U Niagara, Niagara, rah, rah, rahlll Keep it T -'P ,,,. up, boys. Qggmcfi-vs -l l:116:l . THE NIAGADIAN gil A 'NlNETEr31x1yTa1aTYm y XXL- if , NOVEMBER 4th-Today we had the first play of the year in assembly. "The Tender Passion" was pref sented by the Dramatic Club fwith kind permission of the copyright ownersj. 6thsThe Annual Teachers' Convention was held in Buffalo. N. F. H. S. was well repref sented in the discussions, we understand. And now, here's to more teachers' convenf tions! 9thQDr. Willizini Pickin, Field Secretary of the National Association for the advancement of colored people, spoke in assembly. And he said what he meant, too. Yas sub! 11tbgThe Annual Armistice Day ceremony was lltb held on the steps of the school. As usual, taps and the firing salute were very im' pressive. -AFrom one extreme to another. Today some of the students went to see "The Mer' chant of Venice" starring lvlaude Adams and Otis Skinner. Don't some people get all the breaks! 16th-fThere was a teachers' meeting and also a Zlstef meeting of the heads of the departments. We sincerely hope it's nothing serious like a St1'ike!?l Oh boy, our old rivals! The LockportfNiagf ara football game was played here. Need I tell you who won? We did, of course, with a 16-12 score. 24th-The Eighth Annual Thanksgiving Concert 2nd was presented by the Associated Music Clubs. Few of the students realize the won' derful work that is being done by this great organization. DECEMBER -The VJarrenfNiagara Debate was held in the assembly. The arguments were good on both sides. But our boys carried off the honors in a 2-1 score. 51173 6'LoN-FAKE - L- f f ' , :ga TIME 5 ' m 'lil O .. ., l a l fill . 2 I ., . "Wx Wi N 4.-N , 1 lt W ' ,ite Tol l. ydfgfi X , A Wills 'f 4.-' f ., g, ,, Nl' i X-4 anD0' .L N! rf l ' li f X- MW EA Sf' it ri.. fi 'ill' :fl if T at 5a ,.,...,,.. 1 'I ,I 54 - "-N V --raeaeeoee X36 Of THE . is AFHRMATHVE l i ' 0 Mr 1 K' QQ J 5 SQ? Q i l - 15:7 QQEQ7 Q gill llulll" N-x .5 ' . X,TTTfINMWQMN 55,51 ONLY A LITTLE MER wobjz CHARWY ON -THEY UAW., THATS N,-u.5."o ,wa , 0012 PART. ll? A I , G 'iff lf, llll lflf, llfgft ' N I . lil, X.Q7LURP vs j I com: COME - VLAY Tl-E GAME no SCOWLLVCT ? . lllllllllli 2 waATs 3 THAT5 rjb I - ' X Ng Mg WHATAILS -moss GWS Zgffou xi CASSIDY Z YS gage- i xv DXCQLINGS- K+-f-f' xqlllulll tx"2 , 0 1'-mil l " 4th :iii V v A L, Q S5- '9""1!. ria ff TNINETEENQWHYJNNO xxx M' X Il. DECEMBER fC0'ntinuedj Ind-The charity football game with the Niagf ara University Frosh was played on our field. And for the sake of sweet charity we lost to the tune of 8-O. 10th-The first public presentation was the play "Erstwhile Susan," which was under the di' rection of Mrs. Ivlontgomery. Dorothy Dil' lon certainly made an excellent Susan and Alex Kinbaum shared honors as Barnaby. 11th-The debate with Bradford was held in the assembly. Niagara won with a 3-O score. Let's hand out some praise to this victorious group. They're very successful. 11th-More success! The swimming team handed East High a terrible beating in a meet here. The score was 54-21. Ain't it swell? 11th-A banner day, say we. Our basketball team again conquered the East High team. A close game? Not much! The score was 32-19. How's that? 15th--This WAS an event when Niagara nosed out Bennett by a 38-37 score-and in Bennett's pool, This was the First time Bennett had been beaten by anybody for years! 22nd-Our team was out to "Trounce Trott" and they did a good job. The score was 38-12 with Quarantillo and Wilson carrying off the honors. 23i'd-We had the first Alumni Day in our history. 152 graduates registered. They were royf ally treated with an assembly and a basket' ball game. The Block "N" club also had a dance. JANUARY -Well, school opened after a glorious vacaf tion. Most excitin I Of course I mean the 7 good times we had. And everyone seems to have recovered from uwine, women, and song". f1181 THE NlAGAl2lAlXl w ?NlNETaNfm1mYW 'ga 1 A' XXX 5" ,x,i:. ' ' gal vi 13th-fOur budding young moving picture producf 19th- ers, Clarence Kremers and Charlie Mellon, presented in the assembly the movies of the famous LockportfNiagara game. W-"We see by the paper" four Chroniclej that Mr. Scotchmer and Josephine Costanf tino have found that students studying music get higher standings than those who do not. Really! 20th-Don't you just love contests? So does james 22nd 22nd 2 5 th- Cardamone, for he had the largest cabbage head or rather he brought the biggest head of cabbage for the charity drive. -Another victory for us when we "Bounced Batavia" with 20-14 in an exciting game. Lanky Durnin was high scorer with Quaran- tillo a close second. -Today also closed the essay contest about Washington. We set our hopes on several persons' winning the trip to Washington, D. C. Donald Welch carried the honors in our section. MAb me! Half the year gone, for it is now regents' week. What sorrows and joys this brings to our pals is too long a tale to tell. 'Nuff said! . FEBRUARY lst-Registration again for the second term. And what a crowd! I am informed that 1613 pupils came back. You know all about it, so why talk! 'ith-Captain Hickox came to address the assemf bly on "Safety" in keeping with a Safety Drive. His slogan is "Stop, look, and listen, Cr you'll be missin'." 15th-Robert Zimmerman, noted undersea explorer and diver, spoke to us in assembly. It was the best assembly in three years or more. Some was hard to believe but his line was good. 1:1191 D AT Nl ATS , Y I , N j Il wlummuq 'El l llll1II" .r C1-O ' 7 'sQ'2ec l lll. Q 2 lym e-f "'te ' . + A A, I ly no 1 ' H W NOTHJNQ T0 IT pours -fi ? Ili.- N - ,K n gl' X7 593 f 1- -4 pP , ' fi fgvlfgfx -,own ' ef- Q .L QW XX, fr? 'QI' if M b 1 X ig 5. we ' .Q 'i Fino: Q I Q5 LISTEN . ,L 4 X OP- X ggi 1 ' l A - -71' . -H 9iL' :Q , V ,, misfks-:A s i e . .,.- I l Q ----'rf- r . 5 TF: '-. 5 -i' . " M l.. i.. 2 o an A THE Niaeauvxixi y 'NlNETEENfTHllIfYW6Ei X, l E,-Dos ggucious Mlfjltygae EXQUISITE ZRAND vaonosrzsuc li?-J., if Gi , ll ll' ,Sl lk' Si fi- fl T 'r if il. f ir ll lliyxlf llll i fagg lkgl' A M1. l ECJAD' 5.2.5155 im .Es U ee oro p l , h e r- M ll 'alle l 1 ' ll' l i i Y mari: it l 5 . ,uljui I ii T li W 1 .i a,i1'1:, Giard " A Q " ALL GREIQQT 'M'f,.- i DVANCES ' QiviuzATlON PRE .Quits 4 MADE gy aQUEER jg' W P VEOPLE H W elif I l x fi 645 0 'dl 4 Vw Q39 Qi lM - C ffl f ml' f f '- if Q gf ' N swf' 'klli fs 1 X. T llll-li " 'As if wwf' 1 A if 22nd FEBRUARY qoomfmiedp -The birthday of George Wasliingtoiil Rev. Davies gave an address which most people accepted. But we should remember this as the day of the death of "Mickey Mouse," killed by our stage crew!!!! 'lith--One of the most, if not the most important Senior meeting. The- four class officers were elected in a noisy getftogether. See for your' self, if you don't believe it. MARCH 1st-Wlio stole the tart? It's no fairy tale, just 6th- a reminder of "The Pie and the Tart" which the Dramatic Club presented. Wouldn't Norma and Rae make a loving couple? -More about George Wasliiiigtoii. Don't you know his life inside and out? But the movies were a treat, even though the teach' ers disliked our laughing. Oh well .... I 16th-At last we know the true origin of Wirig Collar Day as told by Mr. Taylor himself. We also know about German politics. Re- member? And how about "Martha" next Thursday? 24th-How could you forget dear old Wing Collar Day! The April Fool Chronicle was a little early, but you know what they say. And the dance-and then Easter vacation! Whoof pee!!! APRIL 4th-Back to school after a big vacation. Now for the long seige 'til june. Forward, Sen' iors! fThe rest can come too.j Aren't the teachers looking bright too-that is, physif cally? 13th-My, oh me! We're growing up. just think, debating with people from Hornell. 13th-Hurrah! The nrst Niagarian Assembly. Hur' 19th-Our 20th-Our rah! Remember how dainty the little creaf tures were, stepping out of the big book? And the scholar-well!!! Wlizrt an ideal! Chronicle representatives went to Syra- cuse with the cup and came back without it. old friend "Davy" Jones from the Y. He's a good fellow and we'd like to from him again. M. hear 51203 27th 1 st- :THE Niasaizvxlxff :NlNETEEILfljjllZiYm b -Again the Niagarian had an assembly. But at this time, most attention was turned to "The Ivory Door". P. S. The play was a big success. MAY Business is rushing for the Niagarian staff to make this "a Niagarian for every Niagarianu. Doesn't the book speak for itself? lst-Have you noticed all the Seniors frantically 25th chasing around with pictures for the year book? Well, we know you're beautiful or handsome to grace these pages. -Taps have sounded. 'Tis Memorial Day. Although we laugh or grumble, down under' neath we really feel sad and awed. But away with such thoughts, for this is the month of May. 31st-Well, well, we're leaving this month to start lst- 1 st- 1 'S th 20th on the last lap of our journey. just think how all the little dears will spread their wings and fly away-after regents. JUNE Witli graduation in view, the ofhcers of the senior class should be considered although they were elected long ago. President, Otto Baltuthg vicefpresident, Norma Lee, secref tary, jean Harrisong treasurer, Hugh Laid' man. And more officers. Poet, Virginia Morrisong songster, Ruth Kremersg testator, 'Zora Greif nerg prophet, John Hendersong historian, Arthur MacVittieg statistician, Thomas Tuttle. -Hail, hail, the gangs all here! The N Club met for their big banquet in the cafeteria. --Horrors! Regents Week is here! Midnight oil is burned, teachers are hounded for extra work-everyone is cramming. But the relief when all is over is worth all the trouble. 27th-Class Night with all its dignity and joy. And 28th then the Senior Dance. Both heartfthrobs and heartfaches were felt, but we know 'Lan enjoyable time was had by all." -Ah, sweet day! All befcapped and be' gowned, the worthy Seniors file by with glee' ful smiles to receive the muchfcoveted Clif plomas. Well, this is the end of a "per feet" year. Amen! 51213 F8253-E' 5 :wo WAT J7 f lute NI, L 23?-, Sin Q 1 xg-Zif f' - X .5 2 Q A I T Ax ,lbw 4,4 ta 1 X l , an 1 r x , - 1 rg- gi 4. 2 fgf -f K7 Zh.: .Ile Max X sn 5" 5 ,NI 1 14 -4 ,e - 'i1'il"'i 50Y-.I HOPE we NCAT Uwe -wma sven- eoov Loomis SNAP T o ft :..j:,s.' - .V . my ' uf J f a is-:ea9?-Fiiwfw 5 'ta X . :-wth: 'N .1 ha, 4,555 gl. ' n "Warne 1 Qillv f ! 22' A Qs? score! W PWM A ll Trish: Qf . ,X fl" lllillw WRX, lf.-' fbi'-1 if" :Vi 1:15323 W X Q E22 1-:P':1.+, -1 N if ,. - . .. vr,:g,3::g 1,11 X 4, ral , , i rl ' - . I fl, X K l aye' .H K' Why M ' skim: - COULD I I-IP-V5 'rue NEXT DANC- ! I' v ECL- AH' , 'Sn it ii:'w TS Qi .1 0 if si 9 ' , :xp . y W ., V v I . W ' is Q51 1 J ., V THE NIAGAIZVXN NlNETEEN!TI'1II9IY-TVVO? I3 ff 1:1221 V' THE NIAGAIZlANf 'NINETEEN Tn1QTYmiQ SL QQ-ff H233 THE NIAGAQIAN N1NETEEN,m1mmN6 Z-L37 51243 NIAGAR IAN -- :.,, J nxt: ' 4 THIQT , , YQW6 ' x ETHE Nnsf-MAN 5NlNETEENgTlilUY-llmgi . Q A: Q X. 'JA' ' 1932 Typing Awards T i HE O. G. A. fOrder of. Gregg Artistsj is a certificate awarded by the publishers of Gregg Shorthand to those who pass successfully a test on the principles of the system. 1.71" "SY l ' O. G. A. Certificates were received by the following during 1931 and 1932: Mary Adydan, Mildred E. Baker, Bernice Bennett, Lena Bennett, Marion Booth, Elsie Brillhart, Eileen Casey, Iris Chapman, Agnes Chiapf pone, Catherine Cieplinski, Jane Ciszek, Blanche Dominianni, Ida Di Ruscio, Emma Guidotti, Ellen Faulkner, Mary Feldmeyer falso Honorable Mention Pinj, Anita Fulgenzi, Frances Gibbs, Alice Gingo, Stella Grimaldi, Thelma Katz, Katherine Kenny, Bernice Kieck falso Honorable Mention Pinj, Joseph .Kocik, Mildred Klouse, Irene Kluga, Ruth Landers, Casimera Majkowskig Margaret Marquart, Joe Maulis, Virginia Merrin, Mildred Moore, Josephine Moose, Ruth Munson, Ethel McConnell, Jessie McConnell, Mary Nawrocki, Edith Oliver, Susie Rogers, Bella Rosen, Mary Rotella, Genevieve Rozanski, Barbara Sarkissian, Anne Sertick, Alma Wagner, Genevieve Walos, Anna Ziss, Helen Nogacki, Thelma Briggs, Marjorie Rinaldo, Margaret Hidde, Harry Abramowitz, Helen Napoleon, Helen Nogacki, Katherine O'Keefe, Dorothy Fuller, Geraldine De Lelio, Jeanette Fintko, Verna Fucarino, Charlotte Joyce, Mildred Laubocker, Rose Mastromatteo, Yolanda Mazza falso Superior Merit Certihcatej, Frances McGahey, Margaret Nixon, Evelyn Perry, Flora Safarian, Ida Spector, Lois Timm, Loida Tossetto, Betty Winchester. The O. A. T. is a certificate awarded by the Gregg Publishing Company to those students who successfully pass typewriting tests issued by the company. O. A. T. Certificates were received by the following during 1931 and 1932: Verna Fucarino, Yetta Haber, Rose Mastromatteo, Yolanda Mazza, Flora Safarian. The Woodstock Hrst Emblem is awarded to those who type from the monthly test sent by the Woodstock Typewriter Company at a net rate of from 25 to 39 words per minute. " The Second Emblem is awarded to those who write at a net speed of 40 to 49 words per minute. The Woodstock First Emblem, a small triangular pin, was received by the folf lowing: Mary Adydan, Mollie Ambro, Evelyn Bale, Agnes Chiappone, Jane Ciszek, Ida Di Ruscio, Ellen Faulkner, Anita Fulgenzi, Dorothy Gassner, Frances Gibbs, Margaret Hidde, Bernice Kieck, Mary Lawler, Theresa Paonessa, Genevieve Fozanf ski, Bella Rosen, Anna Sertick, Arthur Yaggie, Lena Bennett. . The Second Award was received by Mollie Ambro, who wrote 45 net words, and Genevieve Rozanski, who typed 47 net words. The Underwood Certificate of Proficiency was received by Mollie Ambro, who wrote 48 net words. f1'26J fTHE NIAGMQIANI NlNETEEN mm'Ym? X, Q -,,. P. Qutogfraphs UJQP35 ilffifiii iv A fifndfwwu. fr!- 01063-L. K 'LLflfcLv1l" ,,-TJILGWL' I E243 :MM 7 3 DA ,- O,....ll,5L-fl-. Ca -, , GEM? 7050 ff, s 4 I . 2 ,f . - ' ji ,V ' XKXLQ,-r . " -f, "4 ng? ' Ati:-"5 'ii 'X ,' f' ' A:-f ' 17 J f , ' 1 I ' , . , J, f L f w,fLZfm2 Gif-iii Wm nfvuv. af ffwm-' if 5 ,X xx' f' Lx ' ff,w-an w i c,.:w.:. Wind U Q ,ff U ffcfp THE Nmefxmfw NlNETENlWIHY-DA-6 "' 555 ,,..,. f Qutographs - r 1 1 1 , 1 1 K n . 1

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