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5 7 v K E I 1 I 1 N I 1 4 I x f I V f uname su X P5 +G' " v Q 0 U Q "ts, 'Off' o Q Y Canada 4 Ng X R N., R V i NORTH R , . if 2 t PACIFIC " 0 Umled d P Im 5 ml rgmclsco S' Z Hufnws R Q LONG Q3 Q Midway Q, ldlndl 'TE ul Q W 4 3 'l 6' RE' 0 9, Q Hawaii N QS n 0 oxdlsaolumu 5 2 re, HARBORQQ O Q Eg 9 X llfalzo 5 on """" ei c c l . .Christmas ' gzxfclcn 4ac4 gqua ,Of "gland :ry Q 1 1 Moe? 4,1 1 1 S 1:1 1 1 1 n x 4 R Q b Islands.: 5 O Pl .i 54' X J, 0 Q X 5. ,4,,'.a5Zf: , . 54 :N ' 7 V1 5g'9b4'g', is O NX 64 v 4, -xv vw" av v f Q o Q0 --x . +5 qu gffwa. if gg. Qsx O O4 4 gl N yy.. Q, Va Q "W, 'Q-'Q 3, 0 ' 'M "'fff B o , SOUTH , , Pac unc R 4 2 ' Q Q 5 "NIAGARA FALUS STEAMED V ,li tp 2 2 35,446.5 MILES DURING in S HER WESTPAC 1982 JOURNEY cl wmmolow . . E 3 .- S .A O 9 oo, 5 1 7 .1 Z 1 f, W1 .SSW IW xmfh R 3 HMM Vg. M25 , Q Vi -VVS 'R EQ Q V, sine: ,VVs, EVA V555 "WJ VINE, ' Vw- . WV: ll 5 5,3-V f rf. Y-TV VV, K... Ewfgeisf VV-S 2 QV VV VV wa V54 E, V V V-Bs -fi '-5 P+, VL 5 ,"i 'ii '- B' 5 ' P-3 , ' -53.14 - VV2 S 34 Vi 1V'ff'VViqVVV V - 1-g 'V VV- V V 1 V 1 K V . V V xv - - ' Vi ' V.:VV-V ' V -V 'Q 2 - .VV--Vg: -:V-VV: gl " NV- 1- -,QV -QV 5 , " QV,-Q:-VVV V V - :5f?Q,V w, 7- Q1 X V V x,D,FV.VVVV , - --six -2 ' V -Q-fV-ca15i525VQ'VS:f5V- , E 'QVVQ - ' VL .' XV-V-:-55VVgV:V-:gil ' V V V:V , 3 555 -faxik-4VQVVV X V VV VV X-Z V-V 255-f . SXQS52:VfaVV-1 X VV " . 'r d TKVVQ A , L- VVVV-VV itz. VK ,V i X S --A-xgigiqiww V Vs,-QVV-V1VzVVVf1:V:VVV 2.Vg:fV5 "-ifif- ' -V:VV- V:VffV1.1gV V V VV. VV--P - HV- 1 51.3555 V1 ' - '-Vfrtvig 5 'K "'i5l41:g,Vx V X-:g,5f3VfV5,Vt::Q3 K VVV2!,1V -: V1-i1':: 112 ' V QQ ' V V,.4V.F-'-' EW ck VVVV VV'1L1fV1-'ZVVVV-VV,V-H N -- -V V-V, -X V - IVV.-f-V fy. -EV , - Y. , V VV X VV - W il - ww-VVVVV 'VVVf55VV2V-iVVVgx::-wV:.gq9.Vx - .-V1:-VfV-:g.:V-:- V1VVfVV'VV V, --:V -v5V:.VV, " -'x' - V 1i:V-Vi-125-VVVQV. V --'-1fEif?V.iVVVT1 5 VV., V VV:-Vgag-V:1i-5511-51efV ,... gVV-V-if - 23 V-5 XXX:Sqfrz'-rgf:VfV-:V-ix VV -,1sV'VVAVVVVV:V.V.VVV VV V -VVVVVVVVVQVVQV V --Vzaifyfsgg gssfg-Vf grfggfbz'-'giviqeqi-fffiprig-::1Vfcggff-:Vg'55'ibVf.'-V .112 -S VV .V -V -- Q Zilslfflisiifjifr rV:VV l--Vigariwi-xV:1q-VV, i QV-V :- i-:gi ' Vf:VV15:5'sy1f:1-Q-S31 VV sg ,xg N K Vila-c'1, 'f-'F Q- V V fQi:iVVEfAf5-3p3:rgfVqg53 --V31gi1VfQ:32:gfj:,'-1-ii V V -- - .J-Sw' ' by "F'5f:?V L iq' V- V ' .'--.99-5l?+J:?' Va-SR--.-,VV V , V on - VN-ggi M Vrgg . VV gi V- j V:V V Vx? jf - V 5 S V XM 1V.VQ4:w-VA .VVV .V V V V ,... VVQV ,... V V Vbxxxr V ,V 1 V. 2 A ViiiV.V:SS?ixV V V fx- ,, , VK gl ki, VV V ,VV- A V VV ,,XVV,,:VV V H .v V - - 'A ' V ' 'RQ'-? 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' 'i J' ' V ' 'S-l5f::+ViEle'1l 5-2525 -'Qi-H - VT-' V ' -' - - V - V - VV V.V, V Vx, K VVVVV VV ig, VI: K V5 V, -VV V V V !yV:VJ15,.Vpu V Viv,Vi,-:?xEiV,lV VV 54 P - - A V ' VV! -V ' if-'Y 3- "'f3fQf5?iVV5VV "iii"-fi ' "HIV-EVfV"'5' , f U ff'f'V' ' 4 A -V 'V V 'S - "f-'E ,VV " -V -'Vjif " ' Q ' V V -' V -V -V V i '-' V 'af' - VV V 5V -1i'Vf9e21iV,VV V .V 2 ' 1 ' V' - V - ' if-VVVVV :T ' V V V Af " k ' ,V , -- 5 ,gf K V V.: MQ?--.ij 7 V f 'Wi V1 3 V, :VVV,V'IV,jT1:-Q51 V ifVjl-V-j'j,I,':j:14Vf"V-V5-VL . -V V V Vw b 5 V ' - V ' 1-QVVVVVVVVVVVVWV Q -' gi V 7,7 1, ,V-VfV:'gtgV 1fV?fgj55V-55 '- -jg,jgVQVV. kV - - V " V' V ' x Ll?-.V'V iff' '?2'JfV V " G- V- .2 S V " I' V' VV V VVS V- V' ' "3 ' - gf- ' -1 VV'-,W - ': ' VgVVV:?j5- " -2525 ' N :VV Q M k 0 5722765 lil J: W U Z!-gif: x '- -- - VV VV?-gf - - V W -- Vrli-:VVV3k:jg,- - QV , ,VVwV3VVVVV',VV- V VV - V t 'L -V V V -'K-"f?1-V Q 2 Vg 7'gV2?fg?ifi'VV'Qf,, "J " ffV3:Vl"'f' -' 'V 'ffif' VV-9,2 1-7-V5 5-fyig-VVV. -1' -iff, k A ' 7-f1VVV ' 3 V AVV iii . ' V V V V V ' V. -V fb, .hz-1 ,2- .1-1 in. V W ..::A:iQ:.,,,g1. kuQZ::2gA,AA4,.4QA 7.,, -1 ' ,V 4 fu USS NIAGARA FALLS QAFS-3, WESTPAC '82 SHIPS IN THE AFS CLASS ARE NAMED FOR IMPORTANT U.S. COMMUNITIES. USS NIAGARA FALLS IS THE FIRST SHIP TO BE NAMED IN HONOR OF THE INDUSTRIAL AND RESORT CITY IN NEW YORK STATE. THE SHIP WAS CONSTRUCTED BY NATIONAL STEEL AND SHIPBUILDING COMPANY, SAN DIEGO, COMMENCING 1 FEBRUARY 1965 AND WAS COMMISSIONED OF 29 APRIL 1967 AT THE LONG BEACH NAVAL SHIPYARD. CURRENTLY HOMEPORTED IN ALAMEDA, CALIFORNIA. NIAGARA FALLS HAS ALSO BEEN HOMEPORTED IN SAN DIEGO AND SASEBO, JAPAN. NIAGARA FALLS DEPLOYED APRIL 20 FOR SEVEN MONTHS TO THE WESTERN PACIFIC AND INDIAN OCEANS. DURING THE CRUISE, THE "FRIENDLY FALLS" TRANSFERRED OVER 1,700 TONS OF PROVISIONS, 93,000 BARRELS OF FUEL, 5,800 PALLETS OF CARGO, 57,000 POUNDS OF MAIL AND 370 PASSENGERS DURING NINETY DAYS ON STATION IN THE INDIAN OCEAN. THE 450 MAN, 581 FOOT AFS OPERATED WITH THE AIRCRAFT CARRIER RANGER AND HER BATTLEGROUP ESCORTS IN THE ARABIAN SEA, MAINTAINING CRITICAL U.S. PRESENCE IN THE SEA LANES OF THE FREE WORLD. CREWMEMBERS ENJOYED VISITS TO PEARL HARBOR, HI, SUBIC BAY, REPUBLIC OF THE PHILIPPINES, SINGAPORE, DIEGO GARCIA, BRITISH INDIAN OCEAN TERRITORY, PERTH, AUSTRALIA, HONG KONG, GUAM CMARIANAS ISLANDSD, AND SASEBO, JAPAN. NIAGARA FALLS WAS AWARDED THE BATTLE EFFICIENCY "E" AWARD AND THE SECRETARY OF THE NAVY ENERGY CONSERVATION AWARD FOR 1982. 3 'M - 'fuzz'-' "Oh Lord, it 's hard to be humbl Oh Lord, it's hard to be humble When you 're perfect in every way, We 'll unrep anything floating And we get better at it each day. To know us is to love us Cause you know that we're a hell of a crew Oh Lord, it's hard to be humble When you're doing it the way that we do. Our skipper now he is a winner . A virtual man among men, When things get too tough for others Well that's when they 're just right for him. No problem will the let disgust him He just calls on his hard charging crew, Oh Lord, it's hard to be humble When you 're doing it the way that we do. A Our helo's are stroking and smoking Vertreppin ' those loads through the air, Our unrep stations are tensioned Showing that grace, style and flair. Please excuse our shining devotion To a ship with which none can compete, Oh Lord, it 's hard to be humble When you know you 're the best in the fleet! - revised version of "Oh Lord, it's hard to be humble or ship's underway replenishment break-a-way song By CDR Sellers, ENS HIHCS and MM2 Wlley - SS V f,,,4 x . X , Q 5 453551 iff 232 263451 CQIM-MANDI s G OFFICE aafmwwmya .QW ww Captain Terry, a native of Texas, entered the Navy through the Naval Aviation Cadet Program in June 1956, after attending the University of Houston. He was commissioned in August 1957, at NAS Cabaniss Field, Texas, and designated a Naval Aviation Observer icontrollerl in August 1958, at NAS Glynco, Geor 'a. His first tour of duty was spent flying with Airborne Early Warning Barrier Squagfon Pacific stationed at NAS Barbers Point, Hawaii. In September 1960, Captain Terry be an Radar Intercept Officer QRIOD training in Fighter Squadron ONE TWENTY-ON E at NAS Miramar, California, ang was designated a Naval Flight Officer QNFOJ that same year in F-4B aircraft. Captain Terry joined Fighter Squadron ONE FOURTEEN in January 1961, and deployed with USS KITTY HAWK on her maiden voyage in 1962. On board were the first F-4B's to arrive on the Asian scene. In a demonstration observed by President Kennedy, he flew in the lead plane of a formation of four F-4B's and coordinated the simultaneous firing of four Sparrow missiles. Reporting to Fighter Squadron ONE TWENTY-ON E in November 1964, Captain Terry served as an instructor and became one of the first N ava Flight Officers to be officer-in-charge of a weapons detachment consisting of 12 F-4B aircraft and 30 officers. He also became the first NFO to be trained as a Landing Signal Officer. In May 1966, he became the N avy's first safety officer while assigned to Fighter Squadron ONE FIFTY-FOUR at NAS Miramar. After arriving in the Gulf of Tonkin aboard USS CORAL SEA, he flew 26 combat missions before bein shot down and captured b the North Vietnamese on 9 October 1966. Captain Terry was returned with honor 14 Marci 1973, after six and one half ears in captivity. Upon his return, he studied for a degree in business management at the University of Rhode Island and graduated from the Naval War College in Newport. In July 1975, he re orted to Training Air Wing SIX at NAS Pensacola, Florida, where he served as NFO training officer while awaiting ordrers as Commanding Officer of Training Squadron TEN. During his tour as Commanding Officer, Training Squadron TEN, his squadron became the first to completely organize its ground and flight syllabus under the Instructional Systems Development QISDJ program as set forth by the Chief of Naval Operations. Training Squadron TEN set the guide lines and pace for all Navy flight training missions in the ISD format. His squadron's efforts culminated with winning all of the Chief of Naval Air Training Awards, the CNO Safety Award and each squadron member the Navy Commendation Medal. In July of 1978, Captain Terry served as Operations Officer aboard USS LEXINGTON followed by an eight month Degree Completion Program tour. He graduated from the University of West Florida with a degree in Social Sciences in August 1980. His naval awards include the Silver Star, the Legion of Merit with combat "V", the Distinguished Flying Cross, two Bronge Stars with combat"'V", Air Medal with ill, two Navy Commendations, two Purple Hearts and Vietnam Campaign awar s. He and his wife, the former Susan McClanahan, also a Texan, have five daughtersg Donna, Lori, Debbie, Gwen and Trudie. - - Y W Y - Y - YL., . ,... -. V- - f - 133:-f EE? EEYFULUL? , , r I CDR. W. N. SHELLENBERGER Born in June, 1942 in Alliance, Ohio, CDR Shellenburger graduated from Grove City College in 1964, with a B.A. in History. He received a Masters of Public Administration degree from the University of Washington in 1974. Commissioned through OCS in 1966 his assignments have included: CIC school NTTC Glynco, 1966, ACICO and CICO on USS NORFOLK IDL-11, 1967-683 Destroyer School, 1968-693 Operations Officer on USS ARNOLD J. ISBELL IDD-8691, 1969-703 Weapons Officer on USS FRANK KNOX IDD-7421, 1970-71, Instructor NROTC University of Washington, Seattle, 1971-74, First Lieutenant on USS WHITE PLAINS IAFS-41, 1974-763 Plans Division, CINCPACFLT, 1976-783 Prospective Engineer Officer Course, Idaho Falls 19783 Engineering Officer on USS TRIPOLI ILPH-101, 1978-805 and Executive Officer on USS NIAGARA FALLS IAFS-31, 1980-82. S The Commander is married to the former Pamela Jean Wrathall of Southhampton, New York. CDR Shellenburger is currently assigned to the Staff Commander Carrier Group SEVEN, homeported in San Diego.. W a l, l. V i n r u l' UVVULEIEIWE Q r f X l I LCDR R. A. ERWIN LCDR Erwin graduated from Ashland College, Ohio in 1969 and after completing OCS at the US Naval Academy, Annapolis received his Navy commission. His assignments have included: Gunnery Officer, Electrical Officer and Assistant Engineer on USS PYRO IAE-241, 1969-71, and Navigator and Administrative Officer on USS FANNING IFF-10761, ' ' 1971-72. A - After a brief civilian hiatus, the Lieutenant Commander returned to the Navy as a part of the Training and Administration of the Naval Reserve CTARJ Program. His assignments have included: - Electrical and Personnel Officer on USS LEXINGTON ICVT-161, 1974-763 Afloat Programs Manager for all New England Surface Naval Reservists, 1976-77g Naval Surface Warfare Officer School, 1977-78, Operations Officer on USS HULL IDD-9451, 1978-803 Commanding Officer of the Naval Reserve Center Pacific Grove, California, 1980-81. In April, 1982, after completion of Prospective Executive Officer School, Newport, Rhode Island, LCDR Erwin reported aboard the USS NIAGARA FALLS as Executive Officer. LCDR Erwin has continued his civilian postgraduate education concurrently. He attended Arizona State University from 1972-74 and received his M.B.A. from Golden Gate University Extension in 1981. LCDR Erwin is married to the former Debbie Davis of Dayton, Ohio. They have one son and reside in Monterey, California. f ' "W "m"'2' ii- ' ,f-g"'i'a"""" ' 1"'F"" W' -J' ' - " X . ' ' .,.. f ' W H W ' A - ' ' ' ' S' "' ' - --- :, -r"N'-wwf' 2 'M' ' 'AA 9--.-an , ll ssmon E rLlSTE, Anvlson I SKCS WAYNE Y FONG I SKCS Wayne Y Fong was born May 9th, 1950 in Toyshan, China fProvince of Kwantung1. He settled in Sacramento, California after immigrating to the U.S. in 1955 and enlisted in the U.S. Navy in February 1969. Prior to reporting to the NIAGARA FALLS, he has served in the "Storekeeper" rating aboard the USS DIXIE IAD 141, USS OUELLET IF F 10771, USS BRYCE CANYON IAD 361 and USS SHASTA IAE 331: and shore commands Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, San Diego, California and Newport, Rhode Island. SKCS Fong has been awarded three Good Conduct Medals, Vietnam Service Medal, National Defense Medal, Vietnam Service Campaign Medal, Combat Action Ribbon and Battle Efficiency "E" Ribbon. He is married to the former Susan Ann Hurley of Newton, Kansas and has an 8 year old daughter Amy and a 5 year old son Eric who reside in Vallejo, California 1 ,150 ,-X w R7 fx X, ,, ,,,Af A 4 ' 'SLN ,fo - gg- , . --' .H-1 - -W' Y 4Y-....-,.--A--M 7.1---ran... ,VJ ggi -3 Y T' 1 f-' ' ' ' 'ff-'f':""' ' ' """"f -x...1,,x---V ,---zvrzoqg ---- V -fur U- V wc- :1-- --f '-g1- -y.,,:- Y 1 11, - ,. V :-.- . V 4- 7' Q 'v-...N E , 5 fi 'W ' ff, , LEUEZWUDIJ 14 A x 1 . 'x . .-is' ., X 1 , .Q I, X, K ., m ' wr 177553 1:51 - -- - . mf-V--N--,l 1 F,.f--,N-W-hvv.. , ,gm gn., ,L ' ff 1 1 nh.: 'AQCK - 1" gxf .5-' ii, 'T ' if ' 4: l 1-...Lf -- Ltzegfg.- " , 4 "'N""""5'MennJ- "'jp:"' 'df K' Q 1 ' Q -V V 4- V F Y' I "" ' Q V " V V " Y - 'EI Q 1 i ! , . N N l 6 F 1 . 1' 4 ff 1 R A. x I , . W 5 1 1 I , 1 ' X l , 2 . I 1 , 1, g , 2 1 1 1 . ,-- , ..,. b . 4 , 5' - 1 Q ' ? . I Q in , I - ! Z 3 3 ' 2 1 .., . E 5 ' - . m Q 1 I C A n I X 1 1' ' i 5 Q ,...4 V . - ,,,..- nfk. X 9 .u. -1 K f.' ..., IST LT LTJ G P.l-I. CI-IINERY LTJG Chinery enlisted in the Navy and attended recruit training at Great Lakes, IL in 1960. He has served onboard fourteen ships, made three back-to-back, round-the-world cruises, toured Vietnam and participated in the "Saigon Evacuation." Mr. Chinery chose the rate of Quartermaster and ultimately was promoted QMCS onboard the USS KAWISHIWI IAO-1461. He became ship's boatswain onboard the USS ASHTABULA IAO-511 and was commissioned CWO2 in April 1979. In 1981 he advanced to his current position as IST Lieutenant and Head of the Deck Department onboard the USS NIAGARA FALLS. Mr. Chinery graduated from the Pacific Maritime Academy and later served as a professor in Deck and Navigation at that same institution. He maintains a 2nd Mate Oceans Unlimited license in the U.S. Merchant Marines. After retiring, LTJG Chinery plans to settle in New Zealand and "just play golf." 18 served in the SHlWl CW02 rtment igation ies. IST DIVISIO f C.A. Masters Pen Argyl, PA Wllllam Downs Kewanee, lL Donal R. Fuchs San Francisco, CA Rlc Hamel Lake George, Ml Charles Heustess Sacramento, CA Ralph Slover Bellflower, CA Rlchard Wllson Seattle, WA Donald Bessman Circle Plnes, MN Mlchael Keough Mllwaukle, OR Freddle Blake Rochester, NY Curtis Boudreaux Morse, LA Arlon Calvln New Orleans, LA Karl Felton Chicago, lL Norman Hess Buffalo, NY Ronald Hauser Springfield, OH Dennls Lokken LaCrosse, Wl Frank Lucero Denver, CO Jeff Wllllams New York, NY Peter Beyer East Meadow, NY Dan Griffith Los Angeles, CA Brett Holquest Sand Point, ID Kevin Lewls Los Angeles, CA Mark J. Powers Minneapolis, MN Cory Butler Phoenix, AZ Dennis Carey John Carroll Scranton, PA Jeffrey Davls Dayton, OH Leo Grler Atlanta, GA Danlel Gurrero New York, NY Edward Heyward Florida Rlck Root South Lyon, Ml Carey Thompson Detroit, Ml James Whltmlre Lockhaven, PA Jeff Wlnskowlcz Boston, MA .:.. ,JL 7 ,-.. Y Nothing happens onboard the NIAGARA FALLS without the men in dungarees of 1ST Division. In addition to their role in VERTREPS and UNREPS, 1ST Division personnel are found standing underway watches on the bridge, manning the helm and running lookout positions. They can be found chipping, painting and sweeping, and in case of man-overboard they are in charge of the starboard whale boat. Possibly most important, 1ST Division personnel are in charge of the accommodation ladder, better known as the "steps to liberty call." 19 """"-,.....--- A KW 1 no ,fs woes amass anvxas onsosw I I i I I I W I 1,2 H . 1 f w ,B f s I 1 I ff f ,, 44.4 J W 4 f ,V f 1 v- N- it 7--- K - Y w Since 2ND Division is apart of Deck Depart- ment they play a vital role in all UNREPS, VERTREPS, and CON- REPS. Furthermore, their responsibilities in- clude maintenance and operation of the ship's small boats, including the captain's gig. They maintain the helo hanger, flight deck and holds four and five. Any towing of other vessels is also coordinated by 2N D Division. 2ND Division is comprised of forty men who, with "pride and professionalism," keep the USS NIAGARA FALLS looking "s D. hot." ' 22 Patrlck Moore Honey Grove, TX D.L. Peterson Garden City, SD James Hoben Kilkenny, MN Jeff Irwin Warren, IN Andre Redar Pembroke, FL Richard Snow Richmond, CA Craig Swelgart Tucson, AZ James Fitchett Heron, MT Gregory Funchess Portland, OR Richard I.. Behn Sevula, IA Dennla Cagle Deering, MO Tlmothy Case Little Falls, NJ Scott Elllnwood Somerset, MA Wllllam Howard Washington, DC Charles Ketner Wellington, TX Richard Klotz West Lebanon, NH Ken Matthews Andover, NJ Jeffrey McBride Boardman, OH Willard Parker Tulsa, OK Chrls Rlney Los Angeles, CA John Dlehl Vermlllion, OH Samuel Gordon Miami, FL Glen Grlego Albuquerque, NM David Jones Wood Haven, MI Drake Kohatsu Honolulu, HI Mike Margolln Mountain View, CA Tim Mllbourne Westover, MD Jlmmy Shriver Jere, WV Ronald Smith Stockton, CA Jeffrey Vogel Tinley Park, IL Bryan White Louisville, KY Rafael Alvarado Los Angeles, CA Cedric Arrington Cleveland, OH Kelth Boone Chicago, IL R.F. Beyers Dillon, MT Sergio Caballero Inglewood, CA D DIVISIO Damon Coots Dayton, OH Lloyd Long Panama City, FL Mark Proesch Pembroke, FL wi-. 5 E 5 Q f 5 . l 1 114352 , E1 A :iiff 'L ' J , 5 f5QQ:.1 F P m ' lf f X X .' ! V4 1 ' 1 xg: L M l 7 5 I f i ' Q 3 n Ll- 'iq ,I F A W ' Qi l 1 5 , I f 1 X I 5i 1 il X4 J if I , I, , s' 2 . 1 1 I 1 N, 1 U Q, V W W, i , V 9 1 1 l . i . Q Wmgnm Xl U RD DIVISIO 55 Douglas W. Jones Disney, OK Robert M. Brown Newark, CA Eddle B. Alvarado San Antonio, TX lra Anapolsky Bloomfield, CT Wllllam Earl Jr. San Antonio, TX Mark Matthews Arlington, MA Rlck Wallin ST. Cloud, MN Steve A. Woodhouse Burnettsvllle, IN W.G. Plummer Brawley, CA Rodney G. Easter Omaha, NE Kevln Cox Walnut Creek, CA The 3RD Division of Deck Department is the Gunnery Division. Onboard the USS NIAGARA FALLS this involves the operation, 'maintenance and repair of the twin, forward-mounted, 3"f50 caliber gun mounts as well as small arms, magazines and ammunitions. Personnel in 3RD Division hold the Gunnersmate 26 CGunD or GMG rate and are capable of making detailed casualty analyses of electronic, hydraulic, mechanical, electrical, and servo systems. Furthermore, they maintain ammunition handling equipment, inspect and maintain magazine sprinkler systems and maintain rocket projectors, gun ammunitions magazines and small arms weapons. .-v-""""-"- I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I If I W , 3 ' f 6 I .I ' , I I 'W I I I ,- I I I I Q7 The responsibilities of Deck, Machinery and Rigging Division are the most varied in the Deck Department. Not only must DM 85 R personnel be versed in personnel quality standards, such as bridge and lookout Watches, but they must be accomplished in the traditional boatswain's mate rate. Additionally, with the aid of qualified engineering personnel, they operate and main- tain twenty hydraulic winches, six UNREP stations, four cargo booms, four boat davits, and the anchor windlass. Clearly the presence of DM 85 R Division is crucial to the primary function of the NIAGARA FALLS. DM 85 R is led by BMCS Brown. 28 DMBR DIVISIG James Brown Veneta, OR Roger L. Eakin Westpoint, CA Terry Lowery Centralla, WA lgnaclo Mangantl Philippines Ron Sapp Las Cruces, NM Edward Beltran Pampanga, RP Ralph Jefferson Oakland, CA Richard G. Wiley Piney Grove, TN Gregory Hannan Culvert, OK Aaron Snyder Waco, TX Steven Weber Wapakoneta, OH Frank A. Albert Sacramento, CA Lincoln Basalng Royerstord, PA Mark Pat Brown Norwalk, CA Michael Erickson Apple Valley, MN Barry Flanagan Highland Park, lL Rlck Houston Mldvale, UT Joseph Jaramlllo Los Angeles, CA Ronald P. Krout Dallas, OR Davld T. Lane Clayton, DE Rlck Plummer Saco, ME Stewart Schrock Modesto, CA Martin Scully Toma, NY Phlllp Slclllano Glendora, NJ Kelvln Thompson Chicago, lL Chester Frult Bonka City, OK Leonard Jackson New York, NY Davld G. Knutson Pleasant Ridge, -Ml Nelson Labarron 1 Rochester, NY Ernesto Vlctorla Olongapo, RP 1 Q F555 f A ff .9 .- Nw-2 f' X , lam! ! . av ' it uf " 'W xt , 1 zg 9. Tlm Bartoszewlcz Milwaukee, Wl Randy P. Chavez Albuquerque, NM R. Lucero Denver, CO Fred Shamp Tucson, AZ Richard Sllvlera Modesto, CA 'Q ,, , . , 5-,,,. -- .. D- .M -- --- ------ ---'H -""""'-r "W-' "'- ' A-"""" X g,-' i 7 NN-A sxfmw 'v "WHEN ONE HANGS, WE ALLI HANG 17 -.,WMW "IF THE NFL STRIKES, WE STRIKE I J 5""'X ' N .N X ,lm-,gf 6 "' x VW, 5 if ff ff f M ,MN ff 5, S 5 4 5 F3 ff J' .f x 'B M if 5 E 3 Sr i X wk: ' 3? X , f 5 5 E i 3' f f MX Rm ' ,.-- . 3 J S 1 Q 'E J? X I 1 Q , X S' X 31 5 xg V JS yw,,.w-ww,-.A-..,NXx Ki JW' F? S 5 fx' f ,mm..z, V" 5 3 g 1 Swv ft MAX . 2 S 2 MJ ft , ff 2 S aJ,,,w...m,my 4 1 Q vi .fx ix 1 fy X ,f x X if 24 XX !wf""' w',,fwY"""mNNAX SQ V N, ,f 1 ' x X, X A f K K i g .WNAXW 4 Q 5 X 1 X XX Na' x X .- Q z X X Q-www ..X. , J M ' R, g il!" X A K XX X " Q, xx xx fx X X Kxxw 'X iw +0 4 N N3 ,, .f .N 2 ix 5 N 3 Y, "N E Y 'S Q db 9 S , , EWR xxwwwi i ,X 4 X HN X Y X 3 mx 5 K NY 4rQ1w- ' " . ' 5 wx Mm Q A X X wx... 1 ff 52 Y -vw Ni 1 A 2 2 . I' 5 W Z , Rx! 'www-.....,....,,-KQZXR fx ff 1 Q 1 X 3, KX-mwfdkvzx f x f if-ff,..X,.+-v'-f"""' "XR xi x -iwwm Q 3 jg Mui' 4 , S X ,f"'M' A 2 E if W if JM U N ' 2 Q 'NX A t I Q K.. g S A .x I , 'M I X ' 5 1 , pf '3 SQ x -f 41,1 4 X ww AK WWW ing? 1 1 'W if I 953 4391- 253 9 fw ww ff ff-VOM r w ff? -.fa ENGINEERING iw ,xA . MNV ,N LX . - :Y I?" ' :+V'!??1f1 1 QNX A is Ni.. """ "7 2' 1' WW i 1 J EJ 'w wi I gi , W Q, 2 S i! -1 E Fx N 1 I J 1 Y 1 I xr! . . :R 11 I XV' 23, 2-' 3 ,, if , qc H li l -oi Y L 1' Y 'AZN' , 5, ,Qi 'W Q A 44-4 Z .4 My Q25 , X ' W 4 I X ,WWW .V Q ,U V, -cms ---1 ww' -- f-- -'-wrfli' W-QQ f-v-M ,V A A'-M, " ? ,,,,,, ...aa- ,f ,S X 1 s W 76 L ' 1 t jf l Q61 s I ws., , . f kg Q! W ' 1 1 ' 4.4 if . ---, ' -lf., e l 1, 4 V4 ,Q - N ew ff X 5 z, 2 1 S l 2 5 on J I The "Fire Room:" Where the Boiler Tech- nicians tend three gar- gantuan kettles which create steam at 620 psi and 850oF. Anytime the plant is "lit off" there are at least six BT's on Watch to tame the flame that provides the power for virtually everything on the ship. The Boiler Division, is responsible for the maintenance to the boilers and all as- sociated auxiliary equip- ment such as the au- tomatic combustion con- trols, pumps and com- pressors. The BT's also receive and transfer massive amounts of fuelsg almost 4 million gallons were handled in the first three quarters of 1982. The "Fuel, Oil and Water Kings" of B Division chemically test and treat all fluids used in the main engineering system. Home for these firebreathing Snipes is the lower level of the "Hole" where a cool day in the Indian Ocean can be 115oF. 36 'if 2.9 If Gary Phelps Antioch, CA James Davenport Novato, CA Charles Walker Oklahoma City, OH Darrel D. Wood Las Cruces, NM Donald Cleland Glennie, MI Jim Falconer Sacramento, CA Kevin Gulledge St. Louis, MO Lewls H. Hall Moorestown, NJ James Janaszak Cedar Rapids, IA Steven Jarose Eureka, CA Gaspar Santos Lapaz Tarlac, RP Nelson Bailey Pawcatuck, CT Anthony Guerrero San Fanclsco, CA Brian T. Lewis Bronx, NY Melvln Stewart Los Angeles, CA Paul Williams Sterling, CO , Claude. Woody Cottage Grove, OR Thomas Abraham Dallas, TX Charlle Daniels Jay, OK Robert Falrclough Llvonla, Ml Michael Locke San Dlego, CA Chad Nelson Superior, WI Gary Westbrook Abilene, TX Ricky Gasser Ft. Jennings, OH Stephen Onderko Elizabeth, PA Luke Root San Franclsco, CA Henry Shubln Graham, WA Robert Steele Farlbault, MN Don Swlft Shlnglehouse, PA B DIVISIO ZQA '56 Brian Tronnea Longview, WA Ulysses Wllllaml Houston, TX Davld Holaton Newark, CA f fs .g x 2 1 f 0. M DIVISIO Sharing the sauna with the BT's are the Machinists Mates. The MM's harness the workhorse steam and extract its tremendous power. The main propulsion turbines provide up to 22,000 shaft horsepower and drive a propeller that stands 20 feet tall and weighs 28 tons. The MM's also utilize the steam to drive three generators, to produce up to 32,000 gallons of fresh water daily from the evaporators and to run a huge number of pumps and other specialized equipment necessary to operate the Main Engineering Plant. The MM's don't just put the steam to work. They also put themselves to work maintaining and repairing all of the highly technical equipment required to keep the NIAGARA FALLS steaming. Dale Fenske West Point, NB Romulus Dumlao Cotabato City, RP John Cozart Pine Mt. Vly., GA Enrique Gloria Lucena Clty, RP Paul Woodward San Antonio, TX Lofty Hutchins Norco, CA Leonard Lane Hayward, CA Dyke Wllde Loretta,'Wl Kelley Balley Reno, NV John Culllm Pleasant Hlll, CA Frank Phillips Modesto, CA Terry Rector Tulsa, OK Mark Repka Lancaster, NY John Roll Hammond, IN Alec Rosen Brooklyn, NY Gary Stack Fountain Vly., CA Bruce Storey Lansing, Ml Herman Thomas Gulf Port, MS Darwln Trapp Phil Campbell, AL Melvln Arlnder Aztec, NM Michael Garland Haines City, FL Kent Hampton Lebanon, OR Ira Goldberg Baltimore, MD Luis Lopez Huntington, Pk., CA Kelth Role New Braunfels, TX James Vaars Rough n Ready, CA Mark Wever Mt. Hood, OR l Z N., li I I,, ' I M5111 J-I .:.-Fr? .I I 4 S 3 .r "I If f . U1 44-1- W -Q I W 1 f A N wwww I I i I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I ip I I g, I I I K I T I I I I I I I 1 ak-..x "j S 3 4 5 4 w i 4 5 n . Q u I X w 1 W V 1 3 A '1 , 40 I 4 THE ENGINEEIPS LAMENT ga-ER Cauthor unknownj Now each of us from time to time, has gazed upon the sea And watched the warships pulling out, to keep this country free And most of us have read the book, or heard the lusty talk About the men who sail these ships, through lightning, wind, and hail But there's a place within the ship, that stories never reach And there's a special breed of men, that legends rarely teach. 9 It's down below the waterline, it takes a living roll A hot metallic hell, that sailors call the "hole". It houses engines run by steam, that make the shafts go round A place of fire and noise, and heat, that beat your spirits down. Where boilers like a hellish heart, with blood of angry steam Are armored God's without remorse, are nightmares in a dream. Whose threat from the fires roar, is like a living doubt That any minute would scorn, escape and crush you out. Where turbines scream like tortured souls, alone and lost in hell As ordered from above somewhere, they answer every bell. The men who keep the fires lit, and make the engines run Are strangers to the world of night, and rarely see the sun. They have not time for man or God, no tolerance for fear There aspect pays no living thing, the tribute of a tear. For there's not much that men can do, that these men have not done Beneath the decks, deep in the hole, they make the engines run. And every hour of every day they keep the watch in Hell For if the fires ever fall, their shipis a useless shell. When ship's converge to have a war, upon an angry sea The men below just grimly smile at what their fate may be. They're locked below like men foredoomed, who hear no battle cry It's well assumed that if they're hit, the men below will die. There's not much difference down below, that every war may bring For threat of ugly violent death, down there's a common thing. For every day's a war down there, when the gauges all read red Six hundred pounds of heated steam, can kill you mighty dead. So every man down in the hole, has learned to hate so well That when you speak to them of fear, their laughter is heard in Hell. The men below are fools who watch, their spirits slowly die Who can't often remember how, a cloudy sky looks. So if you ever wrote their song, or tried to tell their tale The very words would make you hear, a desperate spirits wail. And people, as a general rule don't hear a dying soul So little is heard about this place, that sailors call the Whole". But I can sing about this place, and try to make you see The hopeless life of men down there, "cause one of them is me". And I've been down there so long, that part of me has died The part that lives on without light, to be a lost hopes guide. I've seen these sweat soaked hero's fight, in superheated air To keep their ship alive and right, though no one knows they're there. So when you see a ship pull out, to meet a warlike foe Remember faintly, if you can, the men who sail below 1 E DIVISIO i an 9 The job of E Division is first, to create electricity C"excite those electronsvj and second, to maintain, troubleshoot and repair all electrical equipment. While E Division means high vol- tage power surging through the nervous system of the ship, it also means that whether one makes a tele- phone call or puts bread in the toaster, E Division has a hand in it. ' There are three work centers in E Division, each minding its own electrical business. EE01 maintains the ship's generators, electric tools and lighting. EE02 is responsible for telephones, sound-powered phones, in- dicators, sensors, the gyrocompass and the closed- circuit TV system. EE03 handles battery-powered equipment Cviz., forkliftsj, various emergency lighting, hydraulic door circuits and movie projectors. Wllllam P. Hoker Annapolls, MD Derek B. Kemp Owego, NY "Joe" Josafat Vallejo, CA Danlel Hltson Bonanza, OR Jonathan Bordley Philadelphia, PA Michael G. LaRosa Palmoale, CA Paul E. Coutant Dallas, TX Gary T. Dalekl Minneapolis, MN Eddie J. Ladson Simpsonville, SC Reggle Marshall Chicago, lL Jlm McKallp Indianapolis, IN Kirk Roach Newark, NJ Milton Ross Ablngdon, VA Ray Washington Chicago, lL W. R. Hunnlcutt Galesburg, lL Ken 0. Jaynes Libby, MT Rlchard M. Kollen Union, OR Rick Tamorla Castlllejos, RP Jim K. Tennant Pleasanton, CA Robert Gllnsman Wlnnemucca, NV ..- -Yi-.- .it-1 .,,.-i-, . in uf W wk N S5 Y X N C 1 I i f W' f I . Vg 5 Wxsfrw v"-E., 'Jil'-' Wi W' " -. ,.- -QT" A ' 1 v E 1 I 1 4 I i I i 1 'P x Vi R DIVISID H. Benjamin Vallejo, CA Domlnador Bangad Solano NV, RP Wllfredo Caceres Camarines, RP Mlchael Barthman Martinez, CA Stephen Greer Santa Clara, CA Robert Rlfenbury Lltltz, PA Dual Strlcker Mlaml, FL Donald Wurtzler San Jose, CA Dave Freeman Helena, MT Brad Heckman Greensburg, PA Chris Kelly Yuba City, CA Stacy Shank Hugoton, KS Daniel Shoop Key West, FL Jack Falkensteln Athens, OH Steve Hammer Waterford, WI Steve Lanterman Vacavllle, CA Joseph Stuart Willow Springs, MO Dennls Foust Roseville, CA R Division is comprised of Machin- ery Repairmen and Hull Technicians and is responsible' for maintaining the physical integrity of the ship's hull. This includes fabrication parts for various equipment and maintenance of the hull. Additionally, they provide training in general damage control and are the core of the helo crash crew during VERTREP operations. -,...-a-1fva- ,ai RX 3 hc, ..,.. ..- .fn-A 2 7 7, fm W 7, 5 X fox? Qf 1+ f - A, M 5, , , - , -,.,.-.. V.. ,-f.-.,, ff, iff HLA., , .5 , -..Z " --WW awww, M, n .X X any - sw 's 7 'X Wi in xl , . WW- 4' - ,,,,,..v , , I 'WWW WZ Mm . . . M W ,wg I X X W WWW! x af f' 7 K f , W, I , S y KYQ Y gh' H005 I , f f I - N 5 QV? 3 W Wil, N, an .Ng gn f , My sf 3. ,A .. SM Wffwmf W G ,, , ' X . , W XQNXJ. X xr --15 . x A, . ?f, :f v ff,4 , .X-x,,:5,y Nxfwn, f ,ff ff 'W f j".'f - ,, :.1g,,, G iw jd! I KEN? 'S f 4 ,,,, J A vp, , Wm VVVV ,. WWW' 1:,'-s-'iv N f y' M , 542 fy .f 1 W m . xsgnw mf X ,ff fy ,,,, , W 6 , ,, 91,5 Dfw:-. ' . "AL " 4 " A ' M ,,f,,f,,29'7'y"' M H f f M. bf , , Wm M, , 4 ' A , W 1,292 ,,:f. h I --X- yr w ,Aff Ax 1 X K Q W7 , Aif- Q! A x WW' V My a X. - H J "', , :L W A 3' F"Q'- ,-. ,. .. ,.- - xii -ff Mew, .-, ,, 47 SUPPLY SUPPLY oFFlcEn can JoHN s. PAINE CDR Paine started his naval career at OCS, Newport, RI, and then went on to graduate from the Navy Supply Corps School, Athens, GA in March of 1963. The NIAGARA FALLS will be his third ship. He previously served aboard the USS HYMAN IDD-7321 and the USS SYLVANIA IAFS-21. He has been stationed on the east and west coasts, Hawaii, and Subic Bay, Republic of Philippines. CDR Paine's decorations include the Joint Service Commendation Medal, Navy Achievement Medal, Meritorious Unit Commendation with Bronze Star and the National Defense Service Medal. He also holds a B.S. degfee in Business Administration. CDR Paine resides in the Bay Area with his wife, Bev, son, Doug, and daughter, Stephanie. The Commander is very active in athletics. He referees basketball and soccer, and umpires both baseball and softball. He also enjoys playing golf and tennis. Ass1s'rAN'r A SUPPLY orncmn LCDR ROBERT J. TISSIER LCDR Robert Tissier, Assistant Supply Officer, received his commission through Naval ROTC at the University of Notre Dame in 1970. The NIAGARA FALLS is LCDR Tissier's third ship, his previous sea tours were aboard the USS CORAL SEA ICV-431 and the USS MOUNT HOOD IAE-291. His shore commands include the Naval Audit Service, San Francisco, Naval Air Station, Lemoore, California and the Naval Supply Depot, Guam. S Born in San Francisco, LCDR Tissier is a loyal 49'ers fan who enjoys playing racquetball and takes interest in most sports. LCDR Tissier now lives in San Mateo County with his wife, Merry and daughters, Patricia and Ginger. ,, l .E fSlE 5 Ollicer. IQ at lllt HAGARA resi0l15 552 51.431 and coxnmalif fco. W M1 Supsii-' ,tg Eow2149"' . mggreiw 'San Mgr: - ' :gi PZTCZ s-1 Q DIVISIO ma., I Yana ith' Steve L. Rlnehart Rome, GA Tlmothy Sherman Port Orchard, WA Mark Cunnlngham Racine, Wl Ezzat Sollman Los Angeles, CA Danlel Hart Fremont, CA Mark D. Westin Waldport, OR Preston Coulter Sunnyvale, CA Brian K. Garrlgan New Oxford, PA W. Y. Fong Vallejo, CA F. Lee Dodd Knoxville, TN Mike F. Hutalla G L Q, RP Lee Paslon Baguio Clty, RP Alex A. Alejo STA Cruz, Laguna Nick Arlmboanga Olongapo City, RP Joe Bayan Rosario, Cavite Rlcardo Caslmlro Alameda, CA Joe T. Castlebury Guymon, OK Larry D. Collins Boise, lD Willie Guevarra Pampanga, RP David Kelly Tampa, FL Malcolm Alonzo Donaldsonvllle, LA Jimmy Bartolome Daly City, CA Mark A. Gllmere San Antonio, TX Davld W. Lander Angleton, TX Ed Pungyan Pandacan Manila. Edward Alexander San Antonio, TX Edward Crawford Cheyenne, WY Alfonso Hodges Philadelphia, PA Ben C. Pallera Las Pinus, RP Dennis Bowman Detrolt Lakes, MN Larry Fitzgerald Dyersburg, TN Paul Hanson Orovllle, CA . Kevin Borgschatz Frontenac, MN Kenneth Gerhardt Elyria, OH James Logan Ziegler, IL Q S-1 Division is the heart of the Supply Department and is broken down into three offices. The Supply Office is m a n n e d b y Storekeepers CSKD who process all incoming requisitions from our own ship as well as our customer s h i p s . U N R E P requisitions are screened and a "breakout listing" is written which describes what supplies are to be unloaded and packed for each ship. The Automated Data Processing Shop CADPJ is manned by Data Processing Technicians who operate a Univac 1500 Data System. System maintenance is performed by Data System Technicians. All requisitions received by the Supply Office are given to ADP on IBM cards and are then fed to the computer for supply updates. Supply history files are kept on magnetic tape and current files are given to the SKs in computer printout form. The Supply Support Center serves as a liaison for internal supply and the Supply Department. Action on all requests for issue, procurement, and turn-in of material is determined here. The Supply Support Center is manned by Storekeepers and Aviation Storekeepers. I 49 '5 N -a ' T':,, i 'MQW I 'Q ,vm-www mf-ww ,,,, Mffff X ff my R ZW?-'W Nu.. M 9, "l 3,'fQf.-W ,,l4,!,..ygf4. Mfg. , QW' N h x 5 .i X Nfo X5 . S-2 Division is respon- sible for the receipt, inventory, security, and issue of S18 million worth of stock. All the divisionis efforts are aimed at supporting UN- REPS, the ship's primary mission. With only three months of the cruise complete, some 40 vessels had been replen- ished with over 893 gross tons of stock. The division's motto is "S-2 can"-do - and does." 52 Derrold Burnett Alameda, CA E. J. Selorlo Ilollo City, RP D. Calacsan Union City, CA M. M. Macaplnlac Pittsburg, CA A.M. Resurrecclon Alameda, CA Bobby Sevllla Babuyan ls., RP Louls J. Vasquez Los Angeles, CA Mlchael Delfin - Sublc Clty, RP Timothy Gross Kokomo, lN Patrlck Rlchard Cupertino, CA Lowman Harris Hayattsvllle, MO J. Matarazza Buffalo, NY Vlctor Thomas Chetopa, KS R. ,Colller Shreveport, LA Hector Gonzalez Puerto Rico Kenneth R. Haller Decatur, lL Danny Shockley Memphis, TN Frank Knobloch Pueblo, CO Wayne A. Loeschke Montevideo, MN James R. Mink Beaver Dam, KY Greg Nelson Modesto, CA Nelson O. Parks Bastrop, TX Kenneth R. Peavy Manchester, GA J. K. Randolph West Memphis, AR J. Rlchardson San Antonio, TX Gabriel Salas El Paso, TX Harry McClure Sacramento, CA Edward D. Stevens Lakeside, OH Thomas A. Stlcht Tucson, AZ Kenneth Werllng Paso Robles, CA Chrls Campbell Hunnlngton, CA Robert C. Conger Jeffery Clty, WY Kent A. Green Memphis, TN G. D. Mitchell Memphis, TN W. A. Poulln Redondo Beach, CA Nathaniel Westry Brooklyn, NY S-2 DIVISIO Mackenzie Young Cleveland, OH Cedric Arrington Cleveland, OH Ron Merwln ' LaPuente, CA Scott Samson Philo, OH M. Vlllamonte Omaha, NE PFW-'W' R """'T"'!'ff 54 A ',,..-vnu. 'WW 1 ,, A A ,W My 14 lu. VA, 1 u 3,14 'awf- W W if 53 Mk Am f ,, , - A ' f f 4 , M7 V,f, If!! ,I X 1 ff AW f " f iff WM If Q7 W, y A " I A 4 ff WM z 3 ,ff xx M" 2 - bi X A',,,-.ww '17-f 's m, Z 411141, no ffl 55 1 N 'f S 3 DIVISIO Steve J Hines Rocklin CA Rogello D Cruz Camlling RP Romeo Alcantara Cavlte RP Fred Arellano Batangas RP Gil Cervantes Pangaslnan RP Crispin Cocoba llollo RP Ellezer Delmendo Baguio City RP Percy A Labauan Olongapo City RP Bien San Pedro Rizal RP Rey Asban Mekeni RP San Serrame Fernando Fonseca Cavite RP Bert Gonzales Clark AFB RP Mlchael Harris Albany NY Michael Loghry Everett WA Scott Sawyer Detrolt Ml Reece Wagner Jr El Paso TX Ted Wlckers Long Island NY Michael Gratton Santa Rosa CA Richard Reese Blrmlngham AL Peter Tranchlna San Francisco CA Plummer Cooper Norfolk VA Brad Rodgers Mount Vernon, MO - I Ilocoslobakya, RP S-3 Division is charged with preparing and serving 3 meals a day, 365 days a year to over 400 men. Fresh bread and pastries are baked daily in our bake-shop. 20 Mess Management Specialists and 26 Food Service Attendants all have a part in seeing that every meal is of the highest quality possible. We are the only restaurant in town, but we are still very competitive in our attitudes toward food and service. We may live without poetry, music and art, We may live without conscience and live without heart. We may live without friends, and live without books, But civilized man cannot live without cooks. 56 N X x rf'D"'1 LT VH - fx vb ' 91 I 1 X K x A I , 3 I 7 gf -45 N - ? ' E '. ' 3, , , -D ' 431 2 4 , , gf Si? pew -' 2 4 245' ." li ' . iff. L . f ' 4 f . Af' ww-' 'lf . A -wp- 31 IMS .Q XA 57 K- F--A v - ------1 ....-.., sh - M , ang W f ' ,. ,. 4 X ' :II .T ll , if T J in gi'--"" Sf 9 Q Stags K l X 2.3 Q S W I f ' f - fa. k f Q ' , , , K , X I 3 Af i 2 x E 1 E . K X li ' s "X Z 1 X . f S -5:2 X X . , . X KR 4 -Ex HW f ',.-1-vw s-4 mvlsro Bradley Gutcher J oplln, MT Raymond, M. Davls Cleveland, OH Chrls Hayzllp Denver, CO Armando Lavarlas San Carlos, RP Ealvln E. Davis Rock Island, lL J. F. DeGuzaman Zambalez, RP Mlchael E. Kau Honolulu, HI Wlluon H. Stanley Western Samoa S-4 Division handles a wide variety of responsibilities. The retail section, headed by SH1 Binaoro, along with SH1 Davis, SH2 Stanley, SH3 Kau Cwho transferred in Septemberj and SHSN Doty maintain the ship's soda fountain, soda vending machines, ship's store and process all the involved paperwork. Services such as laundry are tirelessly performed by SH2 Lavarias, SH2 Hayzlip, SHSN Davis and SN Boudreaux. Long hours in excessive heat only causes them to work harder. A thankless job to say the least. P The entire crew is kept looking sharp by the ship's barber - SHSN Williams. The Disbursing Office, tasked with maintaining and processing pay records, allotment requests, travel claims, pay vouchers, check cashing and safekeeping is run by DK1 Mayor fwho transferred in Augustj and DK1 Cowan, DK3 Deguzman and DK Heisinger. The Division Officer for S-4 is Ensign Gutcher who can be found running back and forth from the ship's store to disbursing at almost any hour of the day. S-4 Division's motto is "nobody does it better" - and nobody does! 60 Romeo B. Blnaoro llolloclty, RP Cesar M. Mayor Zambalez, RP ...A Brlan L Doty Sheridan: Ml ., 4, ,Aw Lamar W. Durham Los Angeles, CA Joe L. Helllnger Delmont, SD T. Wllllaml Newark, NJ 1. i' V . ,, xNiH gkvfff 1 AV X gm Vw? xxx X M X w , x wg- -f 4 X. X ' Z .- 2 , , , 5, xwu gg 3 'K X 4 if ,XX xx 'fix -SMT N AM i A . F 1 3 H 5 3 :i ' ni H E r , 4 5 'U fw I f 4 15 1 1 W: 1 if 1 T 2 x N 62 ' OPERATIONS 1 OPS BOSS lr N W 4 .l 7 W ff . 4. 54 LCDR JAMES R. BURGESS LCDR James R. Burgess reported aboard in September, 1981 as Operations Officer. He obtained his commission via the NROTC Program at the University of Virginia, at Charlotesville, in january, 1972. His first tour of duty was onboard the USS CHIPOLA IAO-631 homeported in Pearl Harbor, HI. LCDR Burgess then served as the CINCPACFLTXCOMNAVSERVPAC Torpedoes Officer before being transferred to the USS MARS IAFS-11 in Sasebo, Japan. He obtained qualifications as a Surface Warfare Officer and Engineer Officer of the Watch. Upon completion of this tour LCDR Burgess served as Executive Officer of the USS ILLUSIVE IMSO-4481 in Charleston, SC. Next he served as the Head of Personnel Services and Benefits 'Branch of the Bureau of Naval Personnel. He attended SWO School, Department Head Course in Newport RI., prior to his assignment as Engineer Officer onboard USS MILLER IFF-10911. LDCR Burgess' decorations include the Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal, Navy Marine Corps Expeditionary Medal, Humanitarian Service Medal, Meritorious Unit Commendation, Vietnam Service Medal, Vietnam Campaign Award and the National Defense Service Medal. He is married and resides in Alameda with his wife and neurotic dog. LCDR Burgess enjoys hacking around at various sports, including tennis, golf, and basketball when not in active pursuit of the ultimate vintage, estate-bottled wine or engaged in the creation of epicurian delights in his kitchen. ,li ,yi li 3 l 'TK is .? Sl 1 M 1 ,Q 1 ly 64 A l I l M fix 0 DIVISIO r 'T I w :gy , Vs? rx Z X' . E . -' X rs' 'es ndv K '51, lry. ,ess RS lch. in val leer lary ion. munll xled I .X Brett J. Edwards Kendallvllle, IN Thomas C. Klein Long Island, NY Jon Qulne Spokane, WA Randy Wllllamson Wlchlta, KS W.E. Flsher Alexandria, LA K. D. James New York, NY Ralph Marquez Los Angeles, CA Ron Darnell Moblle, AL N -Q , ., MW we-v f ,sw ,- ,f We M. Wllllams Gainesville, FL Jack L. Jost Bakersfield, CA Bob Duval El Toro, CA Davld B. Reld California Mlke Stack New York, NY Bob Blythe Southle, MA Herb Gallo Lake Charles, LA Jerry Jones Llndsay, CAV Robert Taylor Cedar Rapids, IA Mark Buzzard Hartford, IA Casey Fitzgerald Huntington, CA Sandy Glllesple Castle Rock, WA Kelth Hannaleck Adams, MA Anthony Chavez Denver, CO Vlc Ledbetter Defiance, OH Mike Waters South Windham, ME Curtis White Detroit, Ml Patrlck lmplcclnl Dry Tavern, PA OC Division - com- prised of two commun- ications ratingsg the ship's Signalmen and Radiomen. The Radiomen live in the electronic world utilizing modern-day technology to transmit and receive ship's messages by tradi- tional long-haul thigh frequency and line- of-sight 'UHFXVHFU or the Navy's five tactical satellites orbiting 22,500 miles in space. Radio Central is a 24 hour a day job - processing messages ranging from personal telegrams Cclass "E" easy mes- sagesj to the all impor- tant schedule change for our port visits. The Signalman Rating is one of the oldest in the Navy. Signalmen, com- monly known as "the eyes of the ship" have three methods of send- ing messages: semaphore Csort of like sign lan- guagej, flashing light and signal flags C75 different onesj. The Sig- nal Bridge is manned 24 hours a day underway to keep a watchful eye and communicate whenever required. 65 f f r I I f 1 C f r i T I KA i 4 ,,,,f T f WCW? , as. -.ual - , -:LJ it ar '1 Operations Electronics Division is responsible for the preventive and corrective maintenance of all ship's electronics systems. This includes surface search radars, navigational aids, and communica- tions systems with their associated antennas and couplers. The Electronics Material officer ensures that all systems are combat-ready and operational. Presently there are nine electronics technicians who maintain this equipment. 0 DIVISIO Leonard J. Brown Austin, TX J.W. Lewis Vallejo, CA G. Heaukulanl Honolulu, HI Richard Gonzales Tucson, AZ E. R. Camp Melrose Park, IL Carlos Guzman Stockton, CA Dennis Newman Groves, TX Steven Wasco Medford, OR Jerry Llllenthal San Jose, CA 68 f f? 4 W W ff '7 W f X Q26 454' ' v aw I ' Q ',-r--fv-r 152 " - .rx Keith Tumer Chicago, IL Scott Dalebroux Fvsvbos, WI John Robbins Mudville, IN Bruce Woeller Aurora, CO Michael Brodrlck Bakersfield, CA The function of OI Division is to gather and disseminate tactical information. This involves processing and displaying intelligence information, DIVISIO R.D. Oswald Redmond WA M. Andrews Peoria IL Stephen Roth Temperance Ml Tim Tepper Boston MA Robert Franklin Wheatland, OK M. Guarnery lndlanapolls, IN Rocky Neaves Pontiac, Ml Willie J. Brown Deland, FL identifying, designating and tracking all air, surface, and subsurface contacts, and determining all other possible external threats. Furthermore they maintain shipboard radio circuit guards and assist the bridge in all operational evolutions. 70 l-is.-l 1- 4rd -1-f l W ?W"'SJ ' ,gf I Y! W X 39" X 1, , """ T"j"'T7 1--V 71 Michael Muldoon Newington, CT C. W. McGrath Medford, OR Wllllam G. Mozee Pittsburgh, PA Mike Slavlnskl Shamokln, PA Marvin B. Beckham Wllllngboro, NJ The primary function of ON Division is to ensure the safe passage of the ship through all waters. Navigation and charting of the ship's position employs radar and various electronic aids in addition to celestial and direct visual methods. ON personnel also serve V as meteorologists, restricted- maneuverability helmsmen and keepers of the Deck Log. - , ' ON Division is comprised of quartermasters who consider it an honor to be part of this select team, which demands dedication, responsibility and intelligence. , 72 DIVISIO Luster E. Taylor Jackson, TN Bernard Erickson x Whentrldge, CO Michael Lockwood Kawkawlln, Ml Danlel Fedorenko Sacramento, CA 53162 JSMZ, J , K jffg zff mf' X M, I NX HROPM. S l-i'a Thomas Jacobson Peoria, IL Harvey Cunnlff Beaumont, TX Armando Prestosa Union Clty, CA Ricky Bogle Carlsbad, NM Lance Guelfo Lynn, MA Dave Huntsman Napa, CA Harvey Pitcher Central Pt., OR Thomas Clauson Olympia, WA Russ Coons Novato, CA Doug Jenks Albuquerque, NM Onezlme Blagas San Francisco, CA Vincent Clarla Seaside Hts., NJ Jay D. Price Deary, ID Daniel Casteel Smyrna, GA Jessle Godlnez El Paso, TX Alan Hanagriff Houston, TX Kenneth Horn Pasadena, CA Grant McEIdowney Saginaw, MI X Division is saddled with .many tasks. Most important in the crew's mind is the Post Office. The ships office serves as a library for personnel records and Navy instructions, as Well as a clearing house for intraship message traffic. The Master-at-Arms force provides the infrequently needed ship's "police" Also included in this division is Career Counseling and the ever-popular Site-TV, providing up to three channels of audio andfor video entertainment while at sea. The Chaplain's assistant runs the ship's library and sets up religious services. C653 DIVISIO ,f yi f f X ff If Q, ff 1:4 W Q Z f K 4 s 7 4 ,f W ' X W WWW W' f 4? , ., MQW , . ig. in 141 gfz ,fix 2. Q Q J ,. . - ff ' jj ,Ly Z f e "ff Iii? .il an l N f X 5'f XX X x N . X X xx 4 '+ .S ,Qi x- XR .. 5 T Twig. +4 L 2 Z Q 4 f, 2 x x Nl yrqxw 2 -N-....,,, ---...M X-M,...,., 1... Xl ? 1 Wu x x x X if-in , Ns i 0 : i - - v MEDICAL 0FFICER'S s DR. RICHARDSON Dr. Richardson served as Medical Officer during the final four months of WESTPAC '82. Born in Florida and raised in Southern California the doctor attended the University of California at Irvine. He received his Bachelor of Science degree in 1977 after majoring in biology and chemistry and performing research in the field of gene-cloning. He promptly began his medical studies at the University of California at Davis. In 1978 he received his commission as an Ensign in the Navy Medical Corps, and was advanced to Lieutenant in 1981 after receiving his M.D. After completion of his internship at the Naval Regional Medical Center, Oakland, the doctor flew to the Indian Ocean and joined the ship at Masirah, Oman. At the conclusion of his sea tour, Dr. Richardson plans to enter Psychiatry Residency at the National Naval Medical Center, Bethesda. 1 Dr. Slightam is no stranger to the military, having been raised in an Air Force family. He graduated Magna Cum Laude with a B.S. degree in biology from the University of Dayton in 1977. He received his M.D. in 1980 from the Ohio State University, School of Medicine. He attended on a Navy Scholarship. After completing a one year internship at the Navy Regional Medical Center at Oakland, California, Dr. Slightam reported aboard the "Friendly Falls" on 20 July 1981 for a one year tour as the ship's Medical Officer. As such he made only the first half of the cruise before departing to begin his training in Psychiatry at the National Naval Medical Center, Bethesda, MD. Dr. Slightam and his wife, Sallie are originally from Dayton, Ohio. DR. SLIGHTAM 77 li Clprlano Mata Aambales, RP Steve Martin Tulsa, OK Bret Bolt Fresno, CA Mark Beede Palisades, CA The Medical Department resides in Sickbay and is headed by Drs. john Slightam and Mark Richardson. Leading Petty Officer and Work Center Supervisor is HM1 C.F. Mata. HM2 Steve Martin is Supply Petty Officer and X-ray Technician. HM3 Bret Bolt supervises the pharmacy and lab, while HM3 Mark Beede handles sickcall and supervises the operat- ingftreatment room. Medical Department responsibilities include establishing standards of environmental sanita- tion, industrial hygiene, and other measures for the prevention of illness and injury. Additionally the department trains ship's personnel in first aid, rescue, hearing conservation, heat stress, respiratory protection, and VD control. The department manages critically ill patients not only from the NIAGARA FALLS, but with the assistance of the Air Det, makes "house calls" to nearby ships whose resources are less extensive. MEDICA N, ,- g . J l A ? i , , l Trl Wm 532211 Q . -',. Sxvg ffm ,Q "ix X I 1 r 1, nnmclous Pnocn Ms CHAPLAIN LARRY G SELLERS The Commandmg Officer has the direct responsibili- ty for the religious program aboard ship The Chaplain by nature of his ordination and primary duty assignment IS responsible to the Commanding Officer for the implementing of the program Chaplain Sellers is involved with individuals of every faith and religion and takes part in every aspect of shipboard life He conducts a weekly worshlp service and holds daily Bible study and fellowship groups He performs the Sacraments of the Church counsels and visits various work stations He supervises the Lay Leader Program as well as the assigned religious specialist personnel Chaplain Sellers reported aboard NIAGARA FALLS in july 1980 His prior duty assignments include Naval Mobile Construction Battalion Forty Dav1sv1lle Rhode Island U S Coast Guard Station New York New York Fleet Religious Support Activity Norfolk Virginia Naval Undersea Warfare Engineering Station Keyport Washington and Naval ROTC Unit University of Cal1forn1a at Berkeley California Cpost graduate study programj Chaplain Sellers his wife Jennifer two daughters and son reside at Hamilton Air Force Base in Novato California ----'if-3" 71-'U l ' W ' - ,,- an-,-sz: x 3,3-::-: ,' f I f I .' ' fu: '.- .e '--' Q2-'---T :Tit , ' X-0 ,I -4 'H-:CT--X -N ----:: ll ,!l1, V f ,' I I ' 1' . J I 1 sb ,if l f , I- E 1, Ll.,,.-Q-.rx-xjiil Q, K ' ---- 5 X51 SSM--N.. 0 LQ' my .4 . . . . . . ' v . . . . . r . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . , f . . . . yy-1 1'- s o 1 n Q s - ,, . . . . . . 1 Q 1 u Q X , . . . . . . . 1 . . x ' ' 9 . . . . . . . . . J 9 9 . . . x U To u 0 1 . . . . , , ' r , a . . . . , . 1 an V 4 , W ,gr V 4- t .. - - '-if-fa, R f',1T.1,z:. - ' Y Q Ll: WF' 57505 , w : - wr! . "7'!':5 N '. br: " , .. iw? , Z ' ' 3171: Y I '41, 1 , Y, ,553 1 x ,, J 4 n f w J I . Wav . I , ' A4 . , 5 . 151,11 I A . 1 1 H , V I 0-fl. A ESM M' . 1 7. 1 M 'A 'W- 4 w ff' I W 4, i K . i I '2 X3 f f afr Q I F . Ar 1 ,I 1 55 Y' W w 3 M I 7 X , My R W .J f x .Ml Z?-W Ky. I 4' -14--1-' 'f' hm 1 7 9 ,f , I f Q if 1' The Navy's safest helicopter squadron is proud to have a detachment on- board the "Friendly Falls." Det 106 has logged more flight time and completed more missions than any other helo detachment in the Indian Ocean. Name the place and "Golden Arches Airlinesl' has been there. The Air Det consists of two H-46 Sea Knight helicopters, six of the world's greatest aviators, a "veter- an" warrant officer who directs the maintenance ef- fort, a senior chief who not only directs the enlisted side of the house but also flies as an aircrewman, and nineteen men who are specialists in their rates both on the job and during liberty call. Five of the nineteen 'act as aircrewmen when not per- forming maintenance. When it comes to VER- TREP, Det 106 is "the class of the fleet." 80 C3 DET 106 Dave Rlch Portland, OR Tony Shaddlx Mobile, AL Mike Flllppel Boston, MA Rlck Reasor Grapevine, TX Jeff Reed Boulder, CO Frank Groff Clinton, MO Lonnle Klnderman Fort Pierce, FL Ken Bing Blnder West Babylon, NY Vlncent Galzerano Palmsprlngs, CA Bllly Guzman New York, NY William JoQuln New York, NY Harold Mllton Las Cruces, NM Warren Sumlln Tampa, FL Kenneth Watson Natchez, MS Alan Wllllams Atlanta, GA Danlel Zylla Temple City, CA Davld Clalr Cypress, CA Gary Ellis St. Louis, MO Desl Gama Othello, WA Nate Garrlty West Mifflin, PA Joe Hlnojosa Victoria, TX Archllle Jullan New Orleans, LA Todd Anderson Westlake Vll, CA Chester Garcla Reseda, CA Ronald Mlsner Freemount, CA x H ll Fu.. , I E' M4595 , - ruygi' -i' , K-IJ:'-- .,.Y,.4-. Q... 1 i 55536 -.6251 fa W ' f -'zzrff , wffafqcz ,, ,M-:ef -W ,Y 7 J I I I 6 . N I , , , I , I V I, ,gl f '-- :4Jaf'w "'- ---5 -x -., ,gg5. 5 Q A V A , .A i -L'-'J "' 1 IQSCSQ-'ai' -'- - Taz.-L?--" ' ""' CAG IR BOSS LCDR S. F. LETCHWORTH LCDR S. F. Letchworth served as "Air Boss" or department head for the Helo Department. Previously he has been a pilot at NAF Sigonella, Sicily, Air Officer aboard the USS CLEVELAND and SAR pilotfFRS instructor with H-16 at NAS Pensacola, Florida. Currently he serves as pilot and officer-in-charge of HC-3, NAS North Island, San Diego, California. He is married with two children. 83 QU ffwfgfg 13679 'fi W 'Y1 ,f ff ff! X" ff L, X ,--rf ! 'ff f'f .- ff lf' If f "" 47 f' f W f JJ X ff D . f ff ff ..,, A175 -iff!! ff iff ff ,4- 'kx ,i "vw Q' .,11,: ,1 IG' 15:2s,1ql'f14"1bJ1251V111gs1'1 1 ' , :34t1:1f11,w11, 1 ' my . 4 1 1-rw iw..-. 5 ,X af 541155.55 1 ' ' , 4111+ '1 1 11.-.,:1. wr, -z.1,1,f1z. - '91 .fy 74 'WL 'W M ig 11. f' ff 11 ,. ,17 1 1 1, ff' ,.11, U, , i 1,,M! 1 ,Nw . Q11 ...J 1 .,,,11.,.1'-1 1.,. --1,-,1..,,1 1 , '4 1 W M , 'W , 1, 11 15 LL 4 11 11 1 1 -' 1 V wg, 253' '-"5Il5fF2Vi1f52 , . ' M- 1 : ,115 ..,1.1,,,.J .1,1w1,411 1. 1 , .. ,, , 2. M2515 111,146-1222715111 . ,Wiiz-f, iff - ' ,5 i1'5z4?11 5, '11-Q..w.7a1,1gegfg:' gip1,.f.-,- ' ,111 1, , ' 1 ,. ',f1,"121f1e.1 f1-1141514 111-,L-3-1 , -A --11 . 1 119' " H3155-'iz f,1Wc1.. 1" W 5:41-11 "sf'H5' 1 '- 1g1112g3iJr' gif " 1 111.,l1r3f ' if 1-1117 "f 1i12E51f:f.f3g '7f"'L:-1 22' pi 1-WH, HTL! "Mk Fr . 1 I L5'S'W2i+'1-lf: ', 11,11.,, ,171111,-zf1f11.p- 1 .,-1'1zU11,13191.-74311151111,15, 1 .. f ' 11, 1i:1w11:1':, ,1w:f,1:1f:' 1 :1:f:1F11'1:1-:-11:1 a -1 ' f .. 4V?v ,.wi!f'21:ve5a: 2651111 1,i?-',,11'1:1W'1' 'QJM ' f ' '1' 1 . ' 1f1:,tH141:1- 1 2'r1L:1f11fp.-1,1 ' - 5:1917- ,, .1.1.11f 'jQ 3M1i372 ' 1-:NQE1 wifi 1"2Qi171:. - 1 M' W,1,11"E5F f9l5fEii+i+i:'1 531 ,,.'??Q14lE-,f 1 12-.?71:ilE1 iiliiifii- "hu 1. 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TQWJW L-11 F.- 1 W..11v-an-q A m 552215520 f'w-,1:1,f1- I Y V T' 'l iifzfyt M 1 1 --K , X ,M . ' - 'K . Q, ,,1,g:4KLAm 1 ' , 1 1 X' lv- ' 1 1 7 , 5' 'f K. 9 5 as 1 'ff ' as A .I ly ' Q gfm R na-K IEHQ s 'M if 11 627 we M K vt. .mr T.. gf ..-... k 5 X ' , 'E pu an 5 ,,.YA- -- A 1 .I i H n ci i 3 1 v L .tw F f "' ,xx 'WJ Cx 'E ww-- TW' 1 W .41 L 1 I I we-.fy H I, ' Mw. . ' lbw.. L V ffiiw., 43 Y X, f,-.M V42 saw' fr V my-.V AI. 1" ,L 1. 1: w 1 l J I ,. 9 J I I 4 1 E I P 1 -u iz : lf 5 I in 'l ' ix r l E X :I fr S w l 5 ' 1 fx 1 1 2 ! I ,ii l1lll li y 1' V -13. -4212751 5., in " N 47 .-v i 'ip' w fa w:'f.7:ff.hT?5f'P54W7 3 me QQ af 6 HUM Q nj -.JVM ULUM' I' U V U H WI! ' - ,. I' I v'-- lllllll ..--.5..- .Ain..-....,.-........ .. .. --.....-..,. .... M, - W. 'w 5 i ' 1 N W W W 'L W 1 n. I v 1.1 S mm 4 W gf v,x.,,W 9 1 17 v v E rw 1, 1 , 1 1 AZ 1 i i l fjgvjj' - . V -QQ: f K ' M- ,uni . 5 . 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UUE!! wwcmmww Z 4 2 e 5 4 2 2 'mv 'mn E M 19959 U HnR0 fn at HuMaLz HeLcdMs mem nm if ,,,....f-M -f A 'I W 5 f. 4- gk :H . ,, 1 J. V311 WI. 2 1: ' V' 1 K 3 i V X I ly V , L . F L F + F fl W 4. l Y ' N M lv M, , 3 ' 1 Q U ,, if, N i 1 E 5 6 L? F W ,. 5 l 'r Y W 1 W i ' E gr . 4 120 bi ,J -,Qi - A ' " "'-"-'- - -- - --f--- f- --M --- -- -A f .. ..,.,-....-, ., - ,yuh ...:x..-,.-.. .-, .. M..- .... .- .,.,...:.n1.,.., r- -- ,- ,-..:.,.,,,,,.,,,,,,L,,,,,-,, . W f ir- They Welcomed Photos by Curt Fargo Fireboats, vintage planes bearing the sign "Oh Lord, It's Hard To Be Humble", escorted the "Friendly Falls" under the Golden Gate when she returned home just before Thanksgiving. Hundreds of families and friends waited on the docks for the USS NIAGARA to tie up. During the seven-month deploy- ment, the NIAGARA, commanded by CAPT Ross R. Terry, operated with the USS RANGER and her bat- tle group escorts in the Arabian Sea. The 450-man ship, visited Pearl Harbor, Subic, Bay, Republic of the Philippines, Singapore, Diego Garcia, British Indian. Ocean Territory, Perth, Australia, Hong Kong, Japan and Guam. In September, the 581-foot vessel won the Secretary of the Navy Energy Conservation Award. Cruise FALLS Ecstatic FN Frank Alberts gets a hug from his sister Jenny highlights included an aerobatic flight demonstration by Helicopter Squadron HC-3 Detachment 106 over Hong Kong for a crowd of 40,000. 121 ..- 19 B0 CRUISE K STAFF WALSWORTH Cruise Book Sales Office 889 Grand Avenue-Office E MARCELINE. Mlssoum saesa San Diegih CA 92109 , f W, V - 4, guy, 3. . V f Jw? I ,, - g n, S3453 ' if , Q - 'E Gill' bggfffvi f:,.,- Em wif f '?1xy'f'11f-. '??1fE?i' ,S w - ' '12 -. M Q I n.' -1 f -7 . Wiz: ialz' - Eff...-4 if 353.21 ., 1 , 5 ' V ' L A-, ' f 35:95 , v ' "TW , ' , .Emi -, ,,,,, .wiv , Y P T x X M 4 . 1 , gf' I , 5559- ' 4, x 'J' fn K 2 J, ., f - 'fKvfw4:f, - l ,X-,gy -1 Yi-P ' 'V' 5552 r x . ,LW ,. 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