Niagara College of Applied Arts and Technology - Yearbook (Welland, Ontario Canada)

 - Class of 1988

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Niagara College of Applied Arts and Technology - Yearbook (Welland, Ontario Canada) online yearbook collection, 1988 Edition, Cover

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Digitized by the Internet Arcliive in 2015 https: details niagaracollege1988niag NIAGARA 87 88 President ' s Message As those of you who are in the graduating class complete this phase of your education and look forward to your future endeavours, we all sincerely wish you success in your chosen career. It is my earnest wish that each of you will realize the goals which you have set for yourself and that you will be able to accept life, with its opportunities and limita- tions, joyfully and courageously and reach for higher heights within your working life. I am sure that you will justify our faith and trust in you, our graduates. In years to come, we hope that you will be able to appreciate more fully what your teachers and the staff have tried to do for you and that you will remember us occasionally and the good times we shared. Be willing to share your knowledge and skills with others and bequeath to those who follow you the happy and satisfying aspects of your student days. Take hold of the opportunities and obligations that come your way. You are surrounded by infinite possibil- ities for growth and achievement. I am confident that you will all do well. Sincerely, Jacqueline P. Robarts, President. 1 988-04 S.A.C V President ' s It was one of the three musketeers who once said to his young apprentice, " you will find out very soon, my friend that the future looks rosier through the bottom of a glass. " This may be true, but ULTIMATELY, it will depend upon the composition of your glass as to what you perceive as the future. In years to come I hope that we will all expect memories of this segment of our lives to cause us all to smile, even on the worst of days. Finally, I ' d like to thank the management, staff and students of this institution for making the years I spent here so precious because we are here today — gone tomorrow. Sincerely, Darryl Nadeau President 87 88 3 NIA CA RA YEA RBOOK SER VICES L TD 22 Highway Twemy W. Fonthill, Ontario LOS I El) Jo-Anne Aarts Educational Resources Joanne Abramek Diana Accorinti Nursing Dental Assistant Richard Amoroso-Centeno Hotel Restaurant Linda Anders Health Records Tech. Anne-Marie Ashley Secretarial Arts Kristina Anderson Secretarial Arts Karen Askew Interior Design Diana Auger General College Nadine Austin Dental Assistant Mary Bagarozza Nursing Lorraine Albano Legal Assistant Lori Anderson Secretarial Arts Andrea Aubin Marketing Management j H p iPiww j y jff ' ' 1 Angela Alfieri Nursing Robin Ashdown Human Resources Yves Aubin Law Security Neal Bahro Manufacturing Tech. Diane Baker Human Relations Marianne Balson Interior Design David Baltus Horticulture Tech. Tracey Bangay Educational Resources Dorothy Banman Educational Resources Margaret Bartlett Journalism Pat Battista General College Cheryl Beamer Tourism Charlene Bechkos Health Resource Tech. Cathy Belcastro Dental Assistant Carol Belleville Business Kris Belore Fashion Arts Sue Bentivoglio Law Security Lisa Berardi Early Childhood Ed. Karen Berezowski Dental Assistant Carolyn Berg Health Records Tech. I ! Darlene Berg Secretarial Arts Marion Berg Nursing Eric Beyer Bhavna Bhatia Lisa Biamonte Jennifer Biehn Mike Biesiada Computer Programmer Library Technician General College Secretarial Arts Nursing Lisa Biggar Shelley Billyard Diane Biyleven Steven Bober Darlene Bodak Sales Merchandising Secretarial Studies Horticulture Tech. Ambulance Emergency Nursing Pam Bodnar Juliana Boem Pamela Boles Irene Bolibruch Sherri Bondy Hotel Restaurant Dental Assistant Dental Assistant Fashion Arts Broadcasting Paul Bonham John Bonomo Darlene Borger Maria Bottacin Sharon Boudreau Accounting Technology Social Service Worker Nursing Health Care Tech. Karen Bowes Ambulance Emergency Lori Brooks Sales Merchandising Thomas Brown Ambulance Emergency Grant Burse Ambulance Emergency Lisa Bowlby Dental Assistant Rosemarie Broughton Chemical Engineering Dana Brunette Tourism HP Lisa Brazeau Nursing Tina Bruzzese Dental Assistant Susan Breen Human Relations Ted Brown Operations Management Ml Barbara Brittain Nursing Terry Brown Law Security Alan Bull Suzanne Burke Financial Management Early Childhood Ed. Mark Bush Financial Management Rochelle Butler Legal Assistant Nancy Bylhouwer Nursing Anna Calcagno Library Technician Christine Campbell Secretarial Arts Santo Carpino Retail Management Shirley Cecchini Health Records Tech. Sherri Chilcott Nursing Kimberly Campbell Data Processing Jim Carruthers Human Relations Gail Chalmers Nursing Caroline Chivers Tourism Peter Campbell Hotel Restaurant Admin. John Case Retail Management Kent Chambers Broadcasting Lennee Chornley Nursing Pamela Campeau Early Childhood Ed. Deborah Cheevers Financial Management Frances Citrigno Secretarial Arts Dave Camposarcone Marketing Management Lynne Cheverie Legal Assistant Carolyn Clare Nursing Andrew Caston JoeCaverson Ambulance Emergency Electrical Eng. Tech. Alison Cross Human Resource Mgmt, Ma James Csajaghy Mechanical Engineer Audrey Dalgleish Educational Resources John Delgobbo Operations Management 12 Jon Cross Hotel Restaurant Admin. Michael Dardarian Electronic Engineer Heather Crown Hotel Restaurant Admin. Karen Dean Hotel Restaurant Admin. Nancy Crump Ambulance Emergency Darryl D ' Amelio Broadcasting julie DeBruin Journalism Tracey Dennis Broadcasting Lori Crysler Financial Management Teresa D ' Aria Secretarial Arts I Mary Del Vecchio Dental Assistant Lorraine Desjardins Secretarial Studies A it Dennis Dell Lisa Delorenzo Hotel Restaurant Admin. Nursing Kevin Culp Kevin Culp Data Processing Electronic Engineer Liliane Desmarais Nursing Chr is Devries Health Science Prep Peter Dewar Financial Management Santina Di Carmine Human Resource Mgmt. Cindy Di Paola Sales Merchandisir Connie DiCarlo Secretarial Studies Murray Dickson Accounting John DiCioia Law Security Paul DiMaurizio Law Security _ 4- i ji lyfi Rosie Dimora Health Records Katherine Disher Early Childhood Ed. Helen Doan Journalism Deborah Dominic Marketing Management Fran Doodeman Nursing Darcie Drake Early Childhood Ed. Donna Drover Fashion Arts Lisa Duff Health Science James Dufour Interior Design m Linda Dufton Nursing 13 Patti Duggan Social Service Worker Ma Susan Earle Health Records Tech. Lorraine Eller Hotel Restaurant Admin. Kelly Dunn Dental Assistant 1 1 Warren Easby Law Security Cheryl Farr Chemical Engineer Dennis Enns Manufacturing Technician % Catherine Fenton Horticultural Tech. mm Cecilia Duran Dental Assistant Jenni Ecker Dental Assistant Steve Ernest Retail Management AMI Kevin Fess Hotel Restaurant Admin. Lon Duva Manufacturing Tech. Tim Ede Horticultural Tech. Jo-Ann Earl Ambulance Emergency Gary Elderman Law Security Rob Faragalli Electronic Engineer Pam Fitzgibbon Retail Management Vi Fortier Dental Assistant Glen Futurs General College Enio Ciancaterino Electronic Engineer Cynthia Flint Library Technician Flavia Frasca Educational Resources Leigh Anne Gagliardi Legal Assistant Ivana Giancola Health Records Tech. Nancy Ford Horticultural Tech. Keith French Law Security Ronal Garand Chemical Engineer Robyn Gibson Educational Resources Jankiama Forde Health Science Prep. Kathy Fry Human Relations Jean-Claude Gauthier Electronic Engineer Graham Gies Retail Management 1 Diana Fuchs Legal Assistant Norma General Human Relations Julie Giganti Nursing 1 ShariGill Early Childhood Ed. Jo-Ann Cirotte Early Childhood Ed. Patricia Gieadal General College Paula Goertz Early Childhood Ed. Lorna Goertzen Health Science Prep. 1 Pauline Colightly Dental Assistant Marion Gorges Secretarial Studies Bob Grant Electronic Engineer Julie Green Data Processing Maureen Gregory Early Childhood Ed. Stephen Griffiths Mechanical Engineer Annie Grivas Nursing Michelle Groulx Retail Management Leeann Guitar Secretarial Studie Annalisa Hamilton Health Records Tech. 16 Kristin Hamilton Health Records Tech. Shelley Hann Social Service Worker Pamela Harnur Nursing Cheryl Harrison Law Security Dianne Hart General College Tammy Hart Secretarial Studies Ingrid Heskes Early Childhood Ed. 1 Joan Hodges Mechanical Engineering Linda Hopkins Secretarial Arts 0t ft Lori Hawes Nursing Clyde Head Mechanical Engineer Ed Hildebrandt Manufacturing Tech. -tf Christopher HIne Hotel Restaurant Admin. Karen Hodgkins Hotel Restaurant Admin. Stacey Hoffman Early Childhood Ed. Jeff Hornick Law Security Barbara Horning Journalism Kim Hmes Sales Merchandising Brenda Holman Secretarial Arts Jan Hoselton General College Nancy Henderson Steven Hernandez Legal Assistant Hotel Restaurant Admi Joyce Hlywka Nursing June Hope Social Service Worker Jonathon Howcroft Computer Engineer Jerry Howell Computer Engineer Kelli-Lee Howie Dental Assistant Jane Howitt Dental Assistant Karen Hudspeth Law Security m Kimberly Hume Human Resource Mgmt. Anson Humphreys Law Security Tricia Hunt Law Security Tina lamarino Social Service Worker Marisa lannantuono Early Childhood Ed. Nancy Iker Secretarial Studies o Leslie Istok Law Security Diane Jager Education Resources Stella Jakimowicz Secretarial Arts Nathaniel Johnson Human Relations Sheri Johnston Dental Assistant Mi Helen Jones Hotel Restaurant Admli 18 Brenda Juby Social Service Worker Bohdan Katolyk Data Processing Janice Kiers Tourism 1» tli Kim Jukosky Nursing Sandi Kealey Nursing Mary Kisluk Law Security Heidi Jurgens Early Childhood Ed. Kim Keeping Dental Assistant Darlene Klassen Nursing Bonnie Kostesky Early Childhood Ed. Leslee Jan Kozak Health Records Tech. Kareem Kadhim Electrical Engineering Sandra Keller Library Technician Cheryl Knezich Human Relations Larissa Kozub Financial Management Richard Kannenberg Retail Management Sandy Kelly Dental Assistant Karl Kohnen Horticultural Tech. Lori Krause School of Business 19 Dorothy Krynicki Broadcasting Curtis Lane Ambulance Emergency 20 John Langeraap Mechanical Engineering Jadwiga Kuczynski Operations Management Leeanne Lafantaisie Dental Assistant Barbara Langelaan Nursing Andre Lapointe Human Relations Knsta Lainson Human Relations Julie Langelaan Human Resource Mgmt. Barbara Large Nursing Christine Kulchycki Early Childhood Ed. Brenda Lallouet Early Childhood Ed. Barbara Langendoen Nursing Phouladda Lasavady Health Science Prep. Mary Kyle Nursing Alison Lampman Educational Resources Pam Langendoen Ambulance Emergency Janet Latchford Dental Assistant Claire Lawrason Social Service Worker Mary-Jo Lawrence Nursing Shazad Laxmidhar Human Relations David Leadlay Marketing Management Dawn Learning Secretarial Studies Edward LeBlanc Law Security Terry Lee Mechanical Engineering m Denise Lemay Human Resource Mgmt. Nadine LePage Health Records Tech. Joy Lesperance Secretarial Arts Chris Lewczynski Retail Management Janet Lewis Health Science Prep. Sheryl Lewis Financial Management Marian Linde Kelly Little Tourism Accounting Liesa Little Hotel Restaurant Admin. Sylvia Lockard Nursing Deborah Logtenberg Social Service Worker Mark Lopinski Mechanical Engineer 21 a Kirk MacDonald Law Security Shelley MacPhee Law Security Admin. 22 Rachele Maida Nursing Leanne Lowden Human Relations Ed Lucchetta Construction Eng. w Bruce MacCregor Sales Merchandising Karen Mackenzie Dental Assistant HP Erik Maddocks Manufacturing Tech. Mark Madsen Hotel Restaurant Admin. Anna Maiolo Hotel Restaurant Admin. Mark Mallory Human Resource Mgmt. Christine Macdonald Nursing Rory MacKenzie Electrical Engineer Esther Maerzluft General College Denise MacDonald Secretarial Studies Irene Macklem Social Service Worker Michael Mammoliti School of Arts Sam Mammoliti Law Security Jim Mancuso Marketing Management Maria Marques Law Security Dave Masotti Law Security Teresa Mazzuca Bilingual Secretary 1 1 John Mans Law Security Scott Marr Retail Management " IT Darlene Matthews Nursing Kimberly McBean Operations Management Darlene Marano Educational Resources Beverly Martin Health Records Tech. Lawrence Matthews Financial Management Deborah McCarthy Hotel Restaurant Admin. Sara Marasco Law Security Jeff Martin Computer Programmer Tracey Maw Dental Assistant Steve McCarthy Broadcasting Mary Ann Marko Retail Management Libby Maslink Tourism Tony Mazzei Chemical Engineer Shelley McConachie Retail Management 23 Marcy McCready School of Arts Candy McCuire Dental Assistant Ron McPherson Computer Programmer Greg Middleton Computer Eng. Tech. Audrey McDaniel Financial Management Mary-Ann Mclnerney Ambulance Emergency Jamie McQueen Law Security Tracy Miljus Dental Assistant Richard McMann General College Jeanette Melter Law Security Julie Miller Dental Assistant ■ 1 Chris McGowan Dental Assistant Dennis McMaster Data Processing Jennifer Mendonca Human Resource Mgmt. Philip Mills Electrical Engineer 1 Stacey McCrath Secretarial Studies Lisa McNeil Hotel Restaurant Admin. Ermens Meneguzzi Electronic Engineer Sheryl Minor Fashion Arts David Muelli Hotel Restaurant Admin. Ava Nangle Health Records Tech. Christopher Neron Electronic Engineer Dusan Nikolic Marketing Management 26 Domenic Murdaca Electrical Engineer Julie Nasby Dental Assistant Sandra Neudorf Legal Assistant Susan Nixon Hotel Restaurant Admin. Stephan Murphy Social Service Worker Maria Nago Legal Assistant Tarn Nguyen Chemical Engineer Tony Nuziato General College Lorraine Nelson Library Technician Yvonne Nieuwesteeg Secretarial Arts Carol O ' Keefe Dental Assistant Dorothy Nagy Educational Resources Frances Nero Law Security Ted Nigh Operations Management David O ' Rourke Ambulance Emergency 0 Chris Osborne Operations Management Thomas Parente Electrical Eng. Tech. Leah Osborne Secretarial Arts Alison Parrent Nursing Jeannette Pharazyn Accounting Cheryl Parker Dental Assistant Stephen Payne Broadcasting Victoria Phibbs Early Childhood Ed. Kerry Overholt Nursing Gary Parker Manufacturing Tech. m Denise Pearce Hotel Restaurant Admin. Marise Philip Human Resource Mgmt Shannon Palleschi School of Business Leah Parker Hotel Restaurant Admin. I " 7 Bev Pekrul Educational Resources Donna Phillips Hotel Restaurant Admin. Cheryle Panas Health Records Tech. Cathy Parlatore Health Records Tech. Maggie Perri Nursing 1 Sandra Piccoli Dental Assistant 27 Joanne Pickard School of Arts Diane Porco Tourism Suzanne Prior Human Resource Mgmt. Sophie Quintal Tourism 28 Christina Pizzale Tourism Valerie Posivy Dental Assistant Christina Prioriello Nursing April Rainford Human Resource Mgmt. Jill Plummer Interior Design Stephen Potts Sales Merchandising Pam Randall School of Business Dennis Potyok Law Security Karen Pyle Sales Merchandising Blake Rankie Law Security P P P ! pi»iP4ip i iW l il| Michelle Poos Tourism Elaine Primeau Library Technician 1 Kris Pypka Ambulance Emergency Joyce Rankin Nursing Brian Reece Electronic Engineer Donna Rees Dental Assistant Patricia Reynolds Nursing Christopher Ridley Mechanical Engineer Sandra Rodney Nursing Julie Rogalsky Secretarial Arts David Rooney Accounting Matthew Root Human Resource Mgmt. Deborah Rittenhouse Interior Design Gary Rolfsen Human Relations Penny Rose Fashion Arts Lisa Rennpel Nursing Michele Robert Nursing Robert Romanuk Construction Engineer Diane Rossi Hotel Restaurant Admin. John Reynolds Electronic Engineer Karen Robinson Dental Assistant Eileen Roode Nursing Lee Rotella Secretarial Arts 29 Penny Rowe Interior Design Lori Salvador Human Relations Nancy Sawatzky Nursing Patricia Schmidt Tourism Tanya Rowntree Dental Assistant Shelley Sands Ambulance Emergency Blake Sawyer Marketing Management Lorenzo Sciarra Marketing Management Russell Rychard Marketing Management Debbie Sanford Health Records Tech. Jennifer Sawyers General College Jennifer Seeley Educational Resources Rebecca Sabine Marketing Management Kevin Sargeson Electrical Engineer Lynne Scace Financial Management Tina Seguin Law Security Ann Marie Sahadeo Legal Assistant Lisa Sauriol Accounting Clarence Schaafsma Manufacturing Tech. Robert Sergnese Hotel Restaurant Admin. Laura Stainke School of Business Hi Cindy Stokoe Nursing Barbara Szabo Hotel Restaurant Admin. 32 Patricia Taras Marketing Management Brenda Stolk School of Art William Szijarto Data Processing Elaine Taylor Law Security Admin. Teresa Stevens Legal Assistant Melissa Stewart Educational Resources Theressa Streef Ambulance Emergency Heidi Stuernrier Interior Design Laurena Tallman Nursing Maria Tamburri Legal Assistant Nathalie Stewart Nursing Debra Swaenepoel Health Records Tech. Susan Tanchak Human Relations Helen Taylor Nursing Paul Taylor Ambulance Emergency Derrick Teal Retail Management John Theal Ambulance Emergency DerykTilden Social Service Worker Kimberley Trombley School of Arts Kim Thompson Nursing Wendy Timmins Dental Assistant Josephine Tropea Secretarial Arts Carol Thorne Dental Assistant Ury Tkachenko Computer Programmer George Tougas Eleanor Traver Broadcasting Secretarial Studies Monique Trottier Secretarial Arts Rosalie Toner Early Childhood Ed. fill Nancy Tremblay Nursing Evelyne Tihon Bilingual Secretary 1 John Torrieri Retail Management Sheri T riest Bilingual Secretary Penny Tucker Library Technician Marie Tomini Early Childhood Ed. 33 Ana Tummillo Retail Management Chris Van Hezewky Horticultural Tech. Rose Vanderkant Dental Assistant Max Turavani Electronic Engineer Casey Van Kralingen Mechanical Engineer Anthony Vandermoien Marketing Management Carole Turcotte Retail Management Sherry Van Vessem Financial Management Judith Varadi Nursing RochelleTyo Janice Unger Horticultural Tech. Tourism Ron Vandekamp Law Security Rob Veld Manufacturing Tech. Warren Vanderburgh Electrical Engineer 0% John Vendittelli Marketing Management Georgia Versteegen General College Pina Vescio Nursing Bernard Villamil Accounting Andrew Viney Hotel Restaurant Admin. Kathy Viscek Dental Assistant Patricia Vollick Sales Merchandising 4Wi Dave Watson Hotel Restaurant Admin. Don West General College Wayne Williams Broadcasting Wes Watson Hotel Restaurant Admin. 0 Barbara J. Westera Dental Assistant Danny Williston Ambulance Emergency Teresa Wetten Dental Assistant Jeffrey Willson Human Relations 1 Kimberly Walker Chemical Engineer Lorna Ward Dental Assistant Heather Wedsworth Marketing Management M Samuel Wells Law Security David Whamond General College Angela Wilson Health Records Tech. Victoria Warring Educational Resources David West Broadcasting Gillian Whamond Nursing Diane Wilson Dental Assistant 35 oTa ilA Douglas Wilson Operations Management Gordon Wilson General College Ronald Wilson Construction Engineer Marlene Winters Financial Management Robert Yamich General College Kimberley Young Dental Assistant Darlene Zacharchuk Social Service Worker ■5 Peter Zanon Nursing Lori Woiceshyn Financial Management Allison Zantlngh Dental Assistant 36 To The Graduating Students: On the following pages of your 1988 Graduate Yearbook you will find messages of congratulations and best wishes for the future. Without the support of these community and business sponsors, this graduation book would not be possible. If by chance you should come in contact with any of the following business, please take the time to say " Thank You " for your support! Best Wishes To You The Editors, Communique Advertising GRAPHIC COMMUNICATIONS INC. ADVERTISING • ART DESIGN • TYPESETTING 177 RUSSELL AVE., ST CATHARINES (416) 684-8734 FAX: 684- TKAVm ..the perfect freedom . . count on us for new coaches, reliable and safe service, and comfort and convenience unmatched anywhere! Let us provide you with the " Personal Touch " Experience our 47-passenger coach equipped with air conditioning and washroom St. Catharines Transit Charter Service - 685-4271 37 Niagara College Grads! 51 Niagara Street Welland, Ontario 732-661 1 38 Front (Lto R): Glen Futers, Executive V.P.; Kirk MacDonald, V.P. Athletics; Darryl Nadeau, President; Barb Morrison, V.P. External Affairs. Second Row: Donna Flutur, Office Manager; Steve McCarthy, Social Convenor; Marlene Winters, Bookkeeper; Joe Caverson, Tech. School Rep.; Julie Boone, Business School Rep. Third Row: D.L. Webster, V.P. Internal Affairs; Elain Wilson, School of Art Rep; Ralph Ritner, V.P. of Finance; Brigitte Chiki, Faculty Advisor. THE BOOT SHOP " QUALITY FAMILY FOOTWEAR " • Downtown • Grantham Plaza • The Pen 641-2224 935-3332 685-4031 FRASER INC. THOROLD DIVISION P.O. Box 1046, THOROLD ONT. L2V3Z7 fraser 39 Kaupp Electric Ltd. Electric Motor Sales Sales 225 Merritt St. St. Catharines, Ont. 2271661 :641 ' 1117- ix Four One.Eleven.One Seven KELSEY.HAYES CANADA LIMITED CONROY DIVISION P.O. BOX 278 ST. CATHARINES. ONTARIO L2R 6T9 CANADA HAIR CLOTH CANADA HAIR CLOTH CO. LIMITED St. Catharines, Ontario, L2R 6W1 (416) 688-6372 PL ARK to MACHINE CO. LTD. 423 Glendale Avenue St. Catharines, Ontario L2T1K0 (416) 227-5233 SWAN WOOSTER rwlE NGINEERIN Q Consulting Engineers 76 Hixoll Sr., Si. Calharinn, Ontario 12R )C6 T.L C416) 685-8441 " HinterHoeller 1-416-937-7272 421 Read Road R.R. 6, St. Catharines Ontario L2R 7K6 14 Cushman Road St. Catharines, Ontario lljptt 1 1 6S8 Telephone (416) 685-1301 CUSTOM FABRICATING Mi CO . LIMITED 41 ' Cmmmy 1« •INDOOR OUTDOOR POOLS •WHIRLPOOL •SAUNA SPA •LOUNGE •DINING ROOM CONGRATULATIONS GRADS OF 88 5339 MURRAY STREET NIAGARA FALLS, ONTARIO (416) 356-1333 NE BLOCK TO THE FALLS " Congratulations Best Wishes to the Graduates! Dale Company Limited INSURANCE BROKERS Niagara Falls St. Catharines 6225 Muggins St. 281 St. Paul St. li L2R 3H1 356-4000 688-2772 " The Largest Canadian Owned Insurance Broker " 42 300 Welland Ave. St Catharines. Ontario L2R 7L9 (416) 684-9896 St. Catharines Volkswagen Ltd. 125 Hartzel Road St. Catharines, Ont. (416) 688-5230 Acres Internationai Limited 5259 0orcnesie ' Road PO Bo- lOO ' Niagara Fans O ' a-o L2E 6Wi fStuG)r tCONSTKUCnONLTD. G«neral Contractors and Conatructlo n Maiugan 243 CHURCH STREET, ST. CATHARINES, ONTARIO, L2R 3E8 Telephone (416) 682-8391 THE EOGECLiFFE MOTEL Your Hosts: Tom JiB Newton • lndiv dua»y Contrtifcd Heat Ar Conditioning • Waterbeds Famty Units available • Heated Swimmng Pool - Wadrng Area • Wak to the Fals 4615 CATARACT AVE (QUEEN ST AT RWER RD ) NIAGARA FAUS. ONTAflO (416] 354-1B8« Whiting Equipment Canada Inc. Box 217. Alexander St., Welland, Ont. L3B 5P4 Tel. (416) 732-7585 Telex 061-5187 vnna ' s fashions 33 Lakeshore Road Si Catharines. Ontario L2N 7B3 WEIGHTMAN ' S HIADYMIXID CONCmU BUIlDfi ' SSUrPUlS 354- 1144 S:i$ Mtntrof »Q9i Nicgara fold, Onlorio UH US 43 The f ayside House of St. Catharines 200 QI EEXSTON STREET ST. CATHARINES, ONTARIO UR . ' Z7 PHONE 68«-1898 TREASURER 100 GRANTHAM AVENUE ST. CATHARINES. ONTARIO L2R 789 (418) 684-9251 TORONTO • (416) 869-3798. 366-3177 Fairvlew Mall, 285 Geneva Street St Catharines 937-5000 13 Southworth St N. Welland, Ontario UB 1X8 BUS: 1416) m-tuat ' CarRental 144 East Main Street Wellan(j, Ontario (416) 732-2461 DiSMIT BUHJDAU 384-9706 732-2444 DeSmit Lumber Building Supplies Ltd. 920 NIAGARA ST WELLAND, ONT, L3C 1M3 Welland 440 Niagara St. 735-8080 WE RECOMMEND IgpniSBUtfiH KEN NASH PAINT WALLPAPER LTD. 89 Clarence Street 21 2 East Main Street Port Colborne Welland 834-3359 788-1911 KEN NASH Knapman Denture Therapy Clinic 169 East Main St. Welland, Ontario L3B3VV7 735-2662 MERCURY LINCOLN FARR MtRCURY SALES LTD. 980 MAJOR ST.. P O BOX 281 WELLAND. ONT PHONE 732 1355 L3B 5P4 " THE BEST DEAL BY FARR! " COUWTHV Regional Road 23 Welland. Ont, L3B 3N5 (416) 732-4433: 384-9152 eattie StationeryTi HICKS LUMBER WOOD PRODUCTS CO. Welland, Ontario DANSIBBALD Manager GORD — BLANCHE LTD. Phone 416-734-7242 Fonthill Concrete Products Ltd. aod Builders Supplies PHONE 892-2694-5 LEE WAH LAUNDRY TEL. 734-9246 239 HELLEMS AVE. WELUAND, Ontario L3B 3B8 northAmerican 1 VAN LINES 1 CROWN MOVING STORAGE WELLAND - 732-3444 ST. CATHARINES • 384-9607 NIAGARA FALLS - 384-9607 Monarch ilH ' Flour Flour Maple Leaf Mills Limited Port Colborne, Ontario Premier thurston Fabricators and machine CO. Machine Co. Ltd. ltd. P O Box 187-45 Inverlose Dr. P O Box 274 Port Colborne Ontario Port Colborne, Ontanc L3K5V8 834-3606 L3K SWl Clare ' s Cycle and Sport Ltd. 799 Hwy. 20 West, Fenwick, Ontario 892-2664 Home Savings ■ ml Loan Corporation P.O. Box 1554, 43 Queen St. St. Catharines, Ontario L2R 7J9 (416) 688-3131 estbroolj Qreenhouses limited p. O. Box 99, 330 Main Street West Grimsby, Ontario L3M 4G1 Niagara Holland Nurseries Ltd. R.R. 3. Niagara-on-the-Lake Ontario, Canada LOS 1J0 416 934 1376 THE BIG BLUE AND WHITE Welland Transit F. E COYNE INSURANCE BROKERS LIMITED 164 Division Street Welland, Ontario L3B 5R5 Tel. 735-0970 CONGRATULATIONS GRADS OF ' 88! CHARTERW Sf S LUBRIZOL ($) OF CANADA LTD. P.O. Box 847, Station B, 5800 THOROLD STONE ROAD London, Ontario N6A 4Z3 NIAGARA FALLS 358-5778 50 Taking Care of Information 31 8 Ontario street ■ ■ St. Catharines, Ontario ■ ■ (416)688-1187 ■ ■ ■ : s : i ■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■«■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■ ■■■■■■■■■■PHMaHMBBVUBBaHBaMHBai ■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■a (OomputefUinci) 318 Ontario St. - St. Catharines, Ontario L2R 5L8 51 Best Wishes to the Graduates from ENSIGN SECURITY SERVICES LTD. Kr SECURITY •Car Patrol SERVICES • Investigations •Burglar Alarms y •Security Guards 50 DIVISION STREET WELLAND, ONTARIO ■732-2759 384-9250 Thorne Ernst Whinney Chartered Accountants • Personal and Corporate Tax Planning • Business Advisory Services • Accounting and Auditing • Microcomputer Processing Services St. Catharines Niagara Falls Grimsby 685-481 1 356-7782 945-4942 Member of I UJ Ernst Whinney International 54 Pannell Kerr MacGillivxay Suite 303 Box 848 Chartered Accountants St. Catharines Ontario .2R iMi Telephone |416| B82-H:)t):i Rick ' s Gulf Service 437 Thorold Road Wei land, Ontario 735-9314 R Y Tool Die Co. Ltd. flooU - Dies - %Uer and ftastic Molds River Road, R.R.I Weliand, Ontario L3B 5N4 (416) 732-4545 Free Engraving Plaques 8 Gil wood s - TROPHIES ZZ= " Comfortable and Affordable " Sportsmen ' s Motel Wcllind. Om»rio Phone 892-2667 Approved by o i Hosts: Len Pam Gauvin L RiN CROFl 6400 Lundy ' s lane Niagara Falls.OnUrio , L2G 1T6 (4l6) 356-1161 m Compliments of McDonald s McDonald ' s U U(s. 631 Niagara St. N. Weliand 735-1064 CLA VAL CANADA, Ltd. BEAMSVILLE, ONTARIO CLAYTON automatic VALVES P.O. BOX 10 563-4963 AREA 416 BURGER KING Locations NIAGARA FALLS 6235 Lundy ' s Lane FORT ERIE 199 Garrison Rd. WELLAND 724 Niagara St., (at Woodlawn) ST. CATHARINES 318 Ontario St. 2-10 Tremont Dr., (Opposite Pen Centre) DRIVE-THRU OPEN 24 HOURS BREAKFAST SERVED FOR BEST SERVICE - BUYING OR SELLING CALL . . . 685-7316 ME feeds, Ltd. Hwy. 55 VIRGIL. ONTARIO 468.3286 LOS 1T0 Henderson ' s Pharmacy 15 Front Street South P.O. Box 67, T horold, Ontario L2V 3Y7, 227-251 1 Rose City Service Centre Ltd. 801 Ontario Rd. Wei land 732-6731 A. Newman Co. limited P O. BOX S40 ST. CATHARINES. ONTARIO. L2R 6X8 168 SCOTT ST. ST. CATHARINES, ONT L2N 1H2 HEALTH CARE CENTRE Sandra Fredericks ADMINISTRATOR WARD MALLETTE CHARTERED ACCOUNTANTS Office in St. Catharines Welland, Hamilton, Burlington and Kitchener i (416) 358-7101 F: INGHAM CONSTRUCTION COMPANY LIMITED 4790 Montrose Road Niagara Falls, Ontario L2H 1K5 Roman Cdeese Pvoduds Cimiiei ITALIAN CHEESES AND FROZEN FOODS 4916 Montrose Rd. Niagara Falls 356-2639 John Coutts Library Services Ltd. COUTTS 6900 Kinsmen Court, P.O. Box 1000 Niagara Ralls. Ontario. Canada L2E 7E7 (416) 356-6382 TbrontO: (416) 364-9919 Tfelex: 061-5299 58 The very best grads. . . Now and in the future! S " YOUR KEY TO TOTAL SA TISFACTION " 915 Niagara St., Welland 735-3690 St. Catharines Niagara Falls 384-9533 linCHFMUVASiniA Niagara Artcraft Woodwork Co, Ltd. 4417 Kent Ave., Niagara Falls (416) 354-5657 (416)682-648] your money ' s worth ...and more PEN SHOPPING CENTRE ST. CATHARINES. ONTARIO 15 BROWNLEIGH AVE. PHONE 735-5001 CUSTOM-MADE WINDOWS AND DOOR FRAMES WELLAND - ONTARIO L3B 5X3 For All Your Travel Needs Travel Centr? County Fair Mall 200 Garrison Road Fori Erie (416) 871-5740 United Textile Worlters of America 360 St. Paul Street St. Catharines. Ontario L2R 3N2 (416) 684-9216 omm tciaL PHOTO COPY. LTD. 76 GENEVA ST., ST. CATHARINES 91 WEST MAIN ST., WELLAND BUILDERS ' SUPPLIES Al(do Muratori Fuels Ltd. 186 MERRin STREET ST. CATHARINES, ONTARIO L2T 1J6 OFFICE 2271101 JOHnsonS VICTORIA PLACE (416) 357-4040 5905 Victoria Avenue . Niaqara Falls, Ontario L2G 3L8 59 Canada ' s most complete Craft and Garden Centre A most complete selection of quality craft and garden supplies ... Tropical plants, flowers, yarn, stitchery, art supplies, craft kits, leisure furniture, hardware, lawn care products, grass seed, evergreens,trees, shrubs ... and so much more. QUALITY - SELECTION - VALUE NOW 15 LOCATIONS TO SERVE YOU IN SOUTHERN ONTARIO ST. CATHARINES 459 WELLAND AVE. LINCOLN ANNEX THINK GREEN! young 7od C o B en ie6 FARMS Pelham 892-2681 360 Foss Road Fenwick Young Std Farms c COURT INDUSTRIES CO. LIMITED UAnta Villiaip 6oodtpap Ipc 37 CHURCH STREET ST. CATHARINES. ONTARIO HUNTER WILSON KELLY 101 King Street East, Beamsville, Ontario 563-8289 magara region police association Regional Road 50. R.R. 2. We!!and, Ontario L38 5N5 TRAVEL SERVICE LT D. 5 EAST MAJN ST. WELLAND. ONT. L3B 3W4 PHONE 735-0303 Carl Banmde Limited COMPLETE OFFICE OUTFITTER P.O. Box 694, Welland, Ontario L3B 5R5 Holiday Inn " Newly Renovated " 2 North Service Rd. St. Catharines, 934-2561 61 Congratulations Graduates! Cadbury Schweppes Powell Inc. P.O. Box 714, Yale Crescent St. Catharines, Ontario L2R 6V4 (416) 684-7491 MOn S DIVISION cciuKiy mal|! " Where The City Meets " Open Monday - Friday 9:30 a.m. - 9:30 p.m. Saturday 9:30 a.m. - 6:00 p.m. 800 Niagara Street, Weliand 62 AB JL WHITES INSURANCE BROKERS ' There ' s More To Insurance Than Just A Policy 569 King Street, Port Colborne 834-3228 (416) 227-3811 Local Unions 38 and 2737 UNITED BROTHERHOOD OF CARPENTERS AND JOINERS OF AMERICA HIWAY 58 AT UPPER LANE P.O. BOX 8, THOROLD, ONTARIO L2V 3Y7 CONGRATULATIONS Niagara College Grads Ontario Paper Company 80 King Street, St. Catharines Ontario L2R 7G2 (416) 688-5030 63 For Your Social Events: Fine Catering Experience Banquet Facilities 268 Main Street E. Welland, Ontario 732-5141 THEATRE ARTS GRADUATES from " Your Home Away From Home " NIAGARA YEARBOOK SERVICES LTD. Highway Twenty W. Fonthill, Ontario LOS lEO 4 Your Book Is Our Business 64 BLAKE SAWYER Athlete of Year PAUL HILL Volleyball Freshman of Year PATREYNDERS Athlete of Year Most outstanding intramural athletes Andre Lapointe and Sara Marasco. Delicious Aflbrdable Ffesli Seafood! BUtingsgate Wednesday $3.99 All You Can Eat Fish Chips Lobster Special Only $12.99 1 to 1 Vt lb. Lobster (Includes House Appetizer, Potato, Fresh Vegetable, Salad Roll Butter) Live Lobster Fresh Fish Daily ° Steak Other Coodies Daily Specials ° Open 7 Days A Week ° Clam $ Oyster Bar ° Outside Catering ° Free Parking (behind) 682-2662 MAJOR CREDIT CARDS ACCEPTED 67 MAIN STORE 223 ST. PAUL ST ST. CATHARINES. ONT L2R 6V9 GAMES DEPARTMENT (41 6) 682-7243 It ' s All You Really Need The Standard, bringing the world to yoUr door, six days a week. Now three convenient telephone numbers to serve you better: 684-7211 Circulation Department 685-1321 Classified Advertising 684-7251 All Other Departments we ' ve got the news ' in st.catharines-Nlagara 17 Queen Street, St. Catharines L2R 5G5 St. Catharines Hydro And Electric Commission 129 Church St., St. Catharines 684- 8111 The Trophy Shop 18 Church Street St. Catharines 685- 3012 Zellers Ltd. Pen Centre St. Catharines 684-8761 Upper Canada Consultants 94 Church Street St. Catharines 688-9400 Wei land Flower Shop 216 King Street Welland 732-2422 St. Catharines Glass Mirror 227 Bunting Rd., St. Catharines 688-0133 69 East Main Motors Emmons Florists Ltd. Club Social Inc. 936 East Main St., Welland Plaza Banquets, Danses Wei land, Ontario Fitch Street Salles a louer Welland, Ontario Welland, 735-5713 Eastside Bowling Lanes 128 Division St., Aracuri Cheese World Fletcher Brothers Wei land, Ontario Joe ' s Gelateria And Cafe 306 Ontario Street 732-3041 151 Crowland Avenue Welland, Ontario St. Catharines, Ontario Thorburn Drug Stores Glenholme Shell 5881 Main St., Bowl-O-Rama 6499 Lundy ' s Lane Niagara Falls, Ontario 968 Niagara Street Niagara Falls, Ontario IDA Cuthbert Pharmacy 354-3845 Welland, Ontario Tim Horton Donuts Kreative Kitchens 111 Queenston St., 563 Niagara St., 4 Nihan Drive St. Catharines, Ontario Welland, Ontario St. Catharines, Ontario L2N 1L1 State Farm Insurance Clare ' s Delivery Service 5211 Drummond Road 933 Forks Road West Jonas Sons Jewellers Niagara Falls, Ontario Welland, Ontario 16 Main Street L3B 5N9 Welland Central Communications 732-5434 Honeymoon City Motel 173A East Main St., Welland 732-1339 4943 Clifton Hill Riganelli ' s Bakery Niagara Falls 16 Ormond Street South 357-4330 Thorold, Ontario Mid-Town Bowling [Niagara] Ltd. Be ' aton, Wills, Jefferson The Wood Shop 23 Centre St., 5685 Ferry Street 495 West Side Rd. St. Catharines, Ontario Niagara Falls Welland 688-6820 354-4023 735-9220 70 RETAIL MANAGEMENT CLUB Bottom (left to right): Chris Lew, Carole Turcotte, Shelley McConachie, Joanna Compagnone (Secretary), Scott Marr. Second Row: Pam FitzCibbon (President), Ana Tummillo (Treasurer), Rick Kanneberg, Carolyn Shepherd (Vice President), Mary Ann Marko. Third Row: Jeff Jupp, Derrick Teal, John Torrieri, Santo Carpino. Top Row: John Case, Grahm Gies, Steve Ernest. Peninsula Glass Inc. 219-221 Burgar St., Welland 735-2901 Niagara Block Incorporated 5000 Montrose Rd. Niagara Falls 356-2221 Wellbridge Engineering Co. Ltd. Market Square Welland 735-0275 C.E. Refractories Prince Charles Drive Welland 732-4441 Hymac Machine Shop Ltd. 100 Barrick Road Port Colborne 835-8112 Maslink ' s Inc. Pine North Shopping Centre Thorold 227-1180 Philip T. Barnes C.A. P.O. Box 56 Niagara Falls 354-5694 Continental Motors Westside Road Welland, Ontario Farr Mercury Sales 980 Major Street Welland, Ontario Washington Mills 6225 Progress St., Niagara Falls 357- 1050 Zellers 6510 Lundy ' s Lane Niagara Falls 354-3868 Loris Upholstery 5734 Valleyway Niagara Falls 358- 0211 Robbins Fuels Box 58, 803 Canboro Rd. Fenwick 892-2344 Tuck ' s Jewellers Ltd. P.O. Box 97 Port Colborne 834-3823 Lincoln Pet Centre 525 Welland Ave., St. Catharines, Ontario Nature ' s Creations Florist 440 Niagara St. Welland 735-3301 Doc Audio Service 43 Scott St., Unit 5 St. Catharines 937-4843 Emco Supply 24 Seapark Drive St. Catharines 684-9205 Hulse and English Inc. 75 Church St. St. Catharines 684-6346 Consumer Rental I 226 Bunting Road St. Catharines, Ontario Pongray, Caplan, Ouellette 15 James Street St. Catharines, Ontario Congratulations GRADS Grantham Shopping Plaza St. Catharines, Ontario 934-8161 300 Glendale Ave. St. Catharines, Ontario 227-7481 370 Ontario St. St. Catharines, Ontario 682-9275 465 Central Ave., Fort Erie, Ontario 871-1564 4790 Victoria St. Niagara Falls, Ont. 354-3848 McLeod Dorchester Niagara Falls, Ont. 358-0161 545 Niagara St. Welland, Ont. 732-7501 Port Col borne Mall Port Col borne, Ont. 835-1155 Bridge Street Dunnville, Ont. 774-7545 72

Suggestions in the Niagara College of Applied Arts and Technology - Yearbook (Welland, Ontario Canada) collection:

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