Niagara College of Applied Arts and Technology - Yearbook (Welland, Ontario Canada)

 - Class of 1987

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Niagara College of Applied Arts and Technology - Yearbook (Welland, Ontario Canada) online yearbook collection, 1987 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 92 of the 1987 volume:

Niagara College President ' s i Message It is my earnest wish that each of you will realize the goals you have set for yourself as you graduate from Niagara College. The staff at Niagara College sincerely wish you success in your chosen career. We are pleased that we have played some part in helping you get this far toward your future goals and know that this is just the beginning of many more happenings and suc- cesses in your life. I will follow your fortunes with pride and look forward to hearing of your contributions to your vocation and those whom you serve within whatever community you locate. Perhaps we will have the chance to continue to assist you in upgrading your skills through part-time courses and seminars at the College. The road of life is out there before you. Accept the challenges of each new day and remem- ber, your only limitations for success are those you place upon yourself. Best wishes to every one of you. 1987-04-07 Jacqueline P. Robarts, President. Message It ' s been a year jammed packed with craziness, hard work, good times and fun! Now for the proverbial " real world " — pretty scary! What can we say? Good Luck? Goodbye? Farewell? How about THANKS — for the best year ever. We ' re going to miss the college — the walls, the staff, and most of all you — the students. We all wish you the " Best of Luck " in all of your future endeavours. S.A.C. 86-87 3 NIAGARA YEARBOOK SERVICES LTD. 22 Highway Twenty W. Fonlhill, Ontario LOS lEI) 1 a - Manjula Acharya Hotel Restaurant Admin. 1 b - Irish Aerts Health 1 c - Tim Aiakas Business Id - Bob Allen Business 2a - Christine Anderson Nursing 2b - Melanie Armstrong Arts 2c - Darka Austin Dental Hygienist 2d - Sophie Austin Nursing 3a - Kerri-Anne Backshall Health 3b - Susie Bafaro Dental Hygienist 3c- Kelly Baird Arts 3d - Shelly Baird Arts 4a - Debbie Balanowski Arts 4b -Tina Balletto Business 4c - Colleen Bandy Arts 4d - Tracy Bangay Arts 6 5a - Pamela Barbacki Business 5b - Murray Barber Tech 5c - Mary Lee Barr Arts 5d - Steve Barnstaple Arts 6a - Loretta Battistoni Dental Hygienist 6b - Marlene Beam Arts 6c - Dana Bearss Business 6d - Anita Beaton Nursing 7a - Robin Beaulieu Arts 7b - Wendy Bedford Nursing 7c - Nathalie Belair Dental Assistant 7d - Bonnie Berecz Business 8a - Lori Biederman Nursing 8b - Laura Bilon Arts 8c - Victoria Binding Nursing 8d - Susan -Bntr Arts Ji ' C la - Sandra Bloom Arts 1 b - Kim Bodner Health 1c - Jacqueline Boilard Arts Id - Roxanne Boisvenue Business 2a- Holly Bolus Hote l Restaurant Adm. 2b - Frances Bonanno Business 2c - Sheri Boniferro Health 2d - Lynne Bond Business 3a - Anna Bonomo Arts 3b - A. Boormas Arts 3c - Christine Booth Business 3d - Jacqueline Bott Nursing 4a - Christine Boudreau Business 4b - Marcella Boudreau Health 4c - Rosemary Bowan Business no PHOTO AVAIL ABLE 4d - Wendy Bowden Nursing 6 Mi 1 8 5a - Deborah Bowen Tech 5b - Dorren Bowman Tech 5c - Sherry Bowman Arts 5d - Diane Breau Hotel Restaurant Adm. 6a - Noela Breau Hotel Restaurant Adr 6b - Glenn Brinkert Tech 6c - Bonnie Brown Business 6d - Elizabeth Brown Nursing 7a - Forbes Brown Arts 7b - Karen Brown Arts 7c - Colin Browning Arts 7d - Jennifer Bruno Dental Assistant 8a - Mary Bryan Arts 8b - Leslie Ann Bunting Arts 8c - Brian Bylsma Arts 8d - Kevin Caldwell Tech la - Davene Campbell Nursing 1 b - Claudio Catnpagiorni Tech 1c - Laurie Carbone Business Id - Grace Carniello Business 2a - Susan Carpenter Nursing 2b- Jennifer Cartmell Nursing 2c - Sharon Cavanagh Dental Hygienist 2d - Grant Caverly Tech 3a - Jill Chamberlain Nursing 3b - Kim Chiola Health 3c - Catherine Chirico Nursing 3d - Patricia Ciccarelli Arts 4a - Shirley Ciccarelli Nursing 4b - Patricia Ciccorelle Business 4c - Doris Clark Business 4d - Laura Clark Dental Hygienist 10 6 8 7 V - " 5a - Teresa Clark Health 5b - Lori Clarkson Nursing 5c - Karen Claybourne Dental Assistant 5d - Michelle Coburn Business 6a - Cheryl Colcock Arts 6b - Suzanne Coles Dental Hygienist 6c - Maria Colini Business 6d - Patti Condon Arts 7a - Joe Convertini Tech 7b - Christine Cooley Dental Assistant 7c - Cheryl Cook Business 7d - Thomas Cook Arts 8a - Cheryl Cormack Health 8b - France Cote Business 8c - Elizabeth Cox Arts 8d - Heather Crawford Dental Hygienist 11 1 a - Lori Cruise Business 1 b - Cheryl Csteri Dental Assistant 1c - Judy Cyopick Arts 1 d - Peggy Czepek Business 2a - Lena Dadd Health 2b - Linda Dakin Dental Hygienist 2c - Tina Dal Biano Business 2d -Sheila Daly Business 3a - Kathlene Damude Business 3b - Debbie Danis Business 3c - Leslie Daudeline Nursing 3d - Rebecca Davidson Arts 4a - Karen Dean Hotel Restaurant Adm. 4b - Linda Dean Nursing 4c - Carmen Decicco Business 4d - Pauline Dekker Business 12 6 8 5a- Shelley Dell Arts 5b - Frank Deluca Business 5c - Paula Denardis Hotel Restaurant Adm. 5d - Sheila Desroches Business 6a - Alan Devine Arts 6b - Tracey Dickey Health 6c - Joseph Dinn Business 6d - Tony Dirisio Hotel Restaurant Adm. 7a - Suzanne Dirksen Business 7b - Mary Doan Dental Assistant 7c - Yvette Doiron Arts 7d - Barb Dueck Business 8a - Cinette Duke Business 8b - Dana Dunham Dental Assistant 8c - Daniel Dunleavy Tech 8d - Margie Dwyer Dental Assistant la - Wilma Dykstra Arts lb - Cheryl Dyment Business 1c - Kimberly Eady Nursing Id - Mary Elia Business 2a - Margorie Elliot Dental Assistant 2b - Mary Lou Emke Dental Assistant 2c - Doris Ens Arts 2d - Tamara Erhardt Dental Assistant 1 3a - Bernice Erickson Business 3b - Angle Ewert Business 3c - Debbie Farr Dental Assistant 3d - Linda Farrell Arts 4a - Terry Lynn Farrow Arts 4b - Rosemary Ferri Nursing 4c - Nancy Finnegan Nursing 4d - Tammy Flagg Business 3 14 5a - Lori Flaxy Arts 5b - Kerry Flower Arts 5c - Mary Ford Arts 5d - Kim Fardo Arts 6a - Angela Fudge Business 6b - Laurie Gapp Health 6c - Antonietta Garito Dental Hygienist 6d - Lucy Garofalo Business 7a - Andrea Gdanski Nursing 7b - Ken Gehrke Business 7c - Derek German Tech, 7d - David Gibson Tech. 8a - Barbara Gillespie Dental Assistant 8b - John Gillespie Business 8c - Garth Gilmore Business 8d - Lorna Goertzen Arts 15 la - Heather Goit Business lb - Tammy Gorham Arts 1c - Rebecca Gowthorpe Nursing Id - Brenda Grabatin Dental Hygienist 2a - Carol Gracie Health 2b - Jon Gradon Hotel Restaurant Adm. 2c - Pauline Graham Arts 2d - Barbara Green Arts 3a - Liz Grimwood Business 3b- Kelly Grist Nursing 3c - Ann Griswold Business 3d - Pam Cula Arts 4a - Tracy Crunerud Business 4b - Jennifer Habermehi Arts 4c - Mary Haley Nursing 4d- Christine Hall Business 16 Jl 5a - Jonica Hamilton Hotel Restaurant Adm. 5b - Tracy Handley Business 5c - Brend Hansen Business 5d - Tim Hansing Hotel Restaurant Adm. 6a - Scott Harman Tech 6b - Susan Harris Hotel Restaurant Adm. 6c - Mae Harry Arts 6d - Diane Hartwick Dent al Hygienist 7a - Kent Heaslip Arts 7b - Andre Hebert Arts 7c - Renate Heerlein Dental Assistant 7d - Donna Heidebrecht Arts 8a - Ian Hendry Hotel Restaurant Adm. 8b- Barb Herauf Dental Assistant 8c - Karen Hewitt Nursing 8d - Brooke Hill Arts 17 la - Rosanne Hill Arts 1 b - Debbie Himes Business 1c - Sue-ann Hoadley Business Id - Connie Hoed Business 2a - Gail Holmes Business 2b - Joanne Horvat Nursing 2c - Lori Hotson Nursing 2d - Marilyn Howell Nursing 3a - Wendy Howlett Arts 3b- Loree-Ann Huard Business 3c - Larry Hulett Arts 3d - Lorraine Humphrey Tech 4a - Nora Hunt Nursing 4b - Lori Hynes Nursing 4c - Debbie Innes Nursing 4d - Vincent Interisano Business 1 18 6 8 5a - Yvon Ipperciel Arts 5b - Helena Isaak Nursing 5c - Tim Isaak Tech 5d - Caterina Iwanczak Business 6a - Carmela Izzo Arts 6b - Bonnie James Nursing 6c - Sheila Jamssens Dental Hygienist 6d - Kathy Jarre!! Nursing 7a - Linda Jerome Dental Hygienist 7b - Randy Johnston Arts 7c - Carole Jukosky Nursing 7d - Karina Juskans Arts 8a - Cindy Kaczmarek Arts 8b - Sandra Kamphuis Business 8c - Susan Kane Arts 8d - Marleen Karlson Business 19 la - Frank Kehoe Business 1 b - Gig Kemp Business 1c - Susanne Kerr Nursing Id - Kelly Kimber Healtli 2a - Laurie Kipp Arts 2b - Anna Kirincic Dental Hygienist 2c - Penny Kiss Business 2cl - Donna-Marie Konigshaus Business 3a - Stanley Kong Tech 3b - Ulrike Konzelman Dental Assistant 3c - Mike Korolenchuk Business 3d - Tyler Kovach Tech 4a - Joanne Kowalski Nursing 4b - Sandra Kretz Arts 4c - Olga Kyrkos Arts 4d - Lynn Labbe Business 20 6 8 5a - Paul La Flesche Tech 5b - Natalie Laginski Nursing 5c - Leny Lammers Nursing 5d - Kathryn Latchford Nursing 6a - Jacqueline Laurin Business 6b - Kim Lazaruk Nursing 6c - Sandra Leake Hotel Restaurant Adm. 6d - Mary Lech Nursing 7a - Susan Lee Hotel Restaurant Adm, 7b - Laura Legere Business 7c - Jeff Lennard Tech 7d - Sylvie Le-Tourneau Arts 8a - Peter Lewis Hotel Restaurant Adm. 8b - Shari Little Nursing 8c - Kari Livingstone Arts 8d - Nancy Loewen Nursing 21 la - Linda Loncaric Dental Assistant lb - Lorraine Lovas Business 1c - C. Lockhart Business Id - Katharine Lubera Nursing 2a - Susan Lucchesi Dental Assistant 2b - Tammy Luciou Arts 2c - Melody MacLeod Dental Assistant 2d - Sandy Macoretta Dental Hygienist 3a - Charles Marcotte Nursing 3b - Lorianne Margittay Arts 3c - Kimberly Marr Business 3d - Bonnie Martin Arts 4a - Mrak Maslink Tech 4b - Sandra Masotti Business 4c - Louise M asse Nursing 4d - Debbie Mathews Dental Assistant 1 22 5a - Kathy Mazachowsky Business 5b - Loredana Mazzuto Business 5c - Alyson McAvoy-Tiidus Nursing 5d - Valerie McCartney Busines 6a - Leah McCollum Dental Assistant 6b - Jennifer McDermott Dental Assistant 6c - Mark McEwan Hotel Restaurant Adn- 6d - Joanne McKinley Arts 7a - Nancy McLellan Nursing 7b - Gina McShane Nursing 7c - Diana Meder Tech 7d - Janie Melnyk Health 8a - Greg Mephan Hotel Restaurant Adm. 8b - Linda Meral Health 8c - Charolette Meyer Nursing 8d - David Michael Arts 23 la - Sandra Mikolasek Nursing 1 b - Jane Miil Nursing 1c - Laurie Millar Dental Hygienist Id - Tom Millard Arts 2a - Laura Miller Arts 2b - Sharon Mitchell Business 2c - Pat Monaghan Dental Assistant 2d - Debbie Montreuil Arts 3a - Joyce Morellato Arts 3b - Dianne Morris Health 3c - Dennis Morrison Arts 3d - Norma Moscato Nursing 4a - Darryl Mozel Tech 4b - Cecila Mulhooland Nursing 4c - Adrian Myra Arts 4d - R. Millard Hotel Restaurant Adm. 24 6 8 5a - Nikki Nagy Nursing 5b - Richard Nalazek Tech 5c - Nancy Napoleone Dental Assistant 5d - Patty Neudorf Business 6a - Rahzia Newfeld Tech 6b - Judi Newhouse Arts 6c - Patricia Newman Nursing 6d - Margaret Nicholson Nursing 7a - Sheri Nicholson Business 7b - Karen Nix Nursing 7c - Dianne Norris Arts 7d - Teresa Notatianni Dental Assistant 8a - Yvonne O ' Gorman Arts 8b- Cheryl Olsen Hotel Restaurant Adm. 8c- Gale Olsen Nursing 8d - jOiin Osborne Arts 25 1 a - Marianne Otten Arts 1 b - Diane Ozimok Nursing Ic - Carrie Page Dental Assistant Id - Kelly Palinkas Dental Assistant 2a - Silvana Parisi Business 2b - Melissa Parker Business 2c - Maria Paonessa Business 2d - Kirk Patterson Hotel Restaurant Adm. 3a- Shelley Patterson Arts 3b - Hardy Penner Tech 3c - Linda Pereira Arts 3d - Don Petkau Tech 4a - Karen Perry Arts 4b-Glenda Phibbs Dental Assistant 4c - Ray Phibbs Business 4d - Rosanna Piazza Business 26 6 7 8 5a - Shelley Pietracupa Health 5b - Shelley Pietracupa Health 5c - Frances Pirillo Business 5d - Donna Plante Dental Hygienist 6a - Tammy Postma Business 6b - Peggy Potapczyk Arts 6c - Timothy Rackman Hotel Restaurant Adm. 6d - Tina Raich Dental Assistant 7a - Linda Ramsen Nursing 7b - David Rapelire Arts 7c - Lisa Rashleigh Dental Assistant 7d - Mary-Louise Ravazzolo Dental Assistant 8a - K. Rice Hotel Restaurant Adm. 8b - Sylvie Richer Dental Hygienist 8c - Don Robichaud Tech 8d - Denise Robert Business 27 la - Kim Robson Arts 1 b - T, Rodgers Health 1c - Susan Roode Arts Id -Cheryl Ruckle Arts 2a - Laura Rucks Business 2b - Wayne Sadlak Business 2c - Bootsie Sammut Tech 2d - Becky Sault Arts 3a - Terri-Lea Scott Business 3b - Pamelee Shargour Hotel Restaurant Adm. 3c - Carolyn Sharp Health 3d - Lorraine Shavalier Arts 4a - John Shaw Business 4b - Greg Sherk Tech 4c - Josephine Silvestri Business 4d - Cindy Simmons Arts Midlife 5a - Tanya Simmons Arts 5b - Margaret Simon Business 5c - Paul Simpson Hotel Restaurant Adm, 5d - Vikkie Sisler Business 6a - Catherine Skipworth Arts 6b- Mitchell Slofstra Business 6c - Adrienne Smith Business 6d - Fraser Sned don Business 7a - Penny Sohmer Arts 7b - Janice Staddon Dental Assistant 7c - Kathleen Starrs Nursing 7d - Caroline Stajfer Business 8a - Cheryl Stead Health 8b - Jennifer Steel Nursing 8c - Sharon Strang Nursing 8d - Karen Stranges Dental Assistant 29 la - Mary Ellen Strath Health 1 b - Marlene Stronks Nursing 1c - Plerette St. Germain Business Id - Monique St. Pierre Business 2a - Mary Stuchberry Dental Assistant 2b - Sandra Suk Arts 2c - Wendy Sypher Nursing 2d - Micheline Tanquay Nursing 3a - Karen Taylor Hotel Restaurant Adm. 3b - Barbara Tennant Dental Assistant 3c - William Tennyson Arts 3d - Deborah Thachuk Dental Assistant 4a- Monique Theriault Business 4b - Terry Thompson Arts 4c - Aileen Thomson Dental Hygienist 4d - Louise Thomson Arts 30 6 8 5a - Charlene Tice Nursing 5b - Maura Timlock Nursing 5c - Mary Tisi Arts 5d - Sasha Tomin Tech 6a - Lynn Topp Arts 6b - Carol Toth Nursing 6c - Anne Trudeau Arts 6d - Thuan Troung Arts 7a - Tony Twinstra Arts 7b - Joann Tweney Arts 7c - Patricia Tyler Tech 7d - Renate Usenica Tech 8a - Michelle Vaillancourt Business 8b - Marianne Vandermeer Business 8c- Michelle Vandyke Arts 8d - Debbie Vangameren Dental Assistant 31 la - Dinie Vangameren Business 1 b - Jo-ann VanGeest Business 1c - Caria Van Every Dental Assistant Id - Susan VanHorne Business 2a - Suzan VanLierop Arts 2b - Nadeen Vantrigt Arts 2c - Barbara Vella Dental Assistant 2d - Bonnie Verburg Business 3a - Francis Villamil Business 3b - Tejinder Virk Nursing 3c - Mike Vocal Dental Assistant 3d - Gus Vogiatzis Tech 4a - Jodie Vogt Arts 4b - Julia Volpatti Business 4c - Kelly Vryburg 4d - Sharon Wakulich Arts 6 8 5a - Darlene Walker Dental Assistant 5b- Kelly Walker Business 5c - Anglea Waring Nursing 5d - Yvonne Warner Nursing 6a - Carolyn Washington Arts 6b - Christine Webel Arts 6c - Susan Welch Arts 6d- S.Wells Arts 7a- Shelley Wells Arts 7b - Carol Werkmeister Business 7c - Karen Weston Nursing 7d - Natalie Wetherup Hotel Restaurant Adm. 8a - Catherine Wight Nursing 8b - Brenda Wilkinson Hotel Restaurant Adm. 8c - Flora Willard Nursing 8d - Christine Williams Hotel Restaurant Adm. 33 la - Norma Wilson Arts 1 b - Donna Winterhalter Nursing June, 1987 To The Graduating Students: On the following pages of your 1 987 Graduate Yearbook you will find many messages of congratulations and best wishes. The advertisers listed herein have taken the time to help fund this publication. Please take a few minutes and read the advertisements. The sponsors have made it possible for this publication to be presented as a gift. Many of the sponsors have merchandise and services that may be of value to you in the future. Please use them. If, by chance, you should come in contact with the sponsors of your ' 87 yearbook, please take the time to say " Thank you for the support with our 1 987 Niagara College Grad- uate Yearbook " . Best wishes to you! The Editors, Communique Advertising cnnnomn tire ASSOCIATE STORE 463 Welland Ave., (Lincoln Mall Annex) St. Catharines, Ontario L2M 6P3 684-7412 ilMIO¥ Niagara College Grads! 51 Niagara Street Welland, Ontario 732-661 1 37 CADIC TV Something Good for fnteUectuaU. Best Wishes to Niagara College sit your local Cable TV office today! In Wetland: 317 King Street or call 735-3331 In Niagara Falts: Towers Plaza or call 384-9352 ' INDOOR OUTDOOR POOLS ' WHIRLPOOL ' SAUNA ' SPA _ ' LOUNGE ' DINING ROOM CONGRATULATIONS GRADS OF 87 5339 MURRAY STREET NIAGARA FALLS, ONTARIO (416) 356-1333 I u ONE BLOCK TO THE FALLS " 38 Local 204 , theUNION oftheEIGHTIES 1 Credit Union Drive, Toronto, Ontario M4A 2S6 WARD MALLETTE CHARTtRED ACCOUNTANTS Office in St. Catliarines Welland, Hamilton, Burlington and Kitchener W. WILLIS SONS LTD. FRESH FRUITS VEGETABLES Wholesales Retail Lakeshore Road, St. Catharines Phone 935-6151 935-6212 24 hour banking has arrived at 553 Niagara Street, Welland Banking has never been so easy or so convenient. wtiere people make tlie difference estb rool{ Qreenhouses ' limited p. O. Box 99, 330 Main Street West Grimsby, Ontario L3M 4G1 IE Walter MMONS Florists Ltd. " Flowers Whisper What Words Can ' t Say " Fitch Street, Welland Plaza Welland, Ontario 732-1 31 1 Niagara Holland Nurseries Ltd. R.R, tt3. 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Niagara Falls James Street Cafe 40 James Street St. Catharines 682-9150 Paetqau Pharmacy 30 Front Street Thorold 277-1541 Sharp ' s Restaurant 20 Hartzel Rd., St. Catharines 682-0571 Gold ' s Variety 4338 Queen St., Niagara Falls 354-7411 Party Connection 4410 Queen Street Niagara Falls 374-2641 Stage One Haircutters 64 Hartzel Rd., St. Catharines 684-2102 Electronic Service Centre 118 Lake St., St. Catharines 684-1168 Phoenix Fitness 89 Ormond St., North Thorold 227-0660 48 Daw Sheet Metal Heating 5660 Valley way Niagara Falls 358-3014 Dairy Queen 292 Geneva Street St. Catharines 937-7052 Central Gospel Temple 240 Scott St., St. Catharines 937-5610 Abbey Moving Storage Niagara Ltd. P.O.Box 506, 226 Merritt St., St. Catharines 227-2050 LOUTH NIAGARA ORCHARDS N Vholesale Distributors of Fresh Fruit We Sell Agricultural and Professional Turf Products 49 Ridley Road St. Catharines, Ontario 684-8318 49 iFii mmt II CONGRATULATIONS From the Insurance Connection Insurance Brokers and Consultants CIVIC SQUARE BLDG. • SUITE 103 BOX 612. 71 KING STREET ST. CATHARINES. ONTARIO L2R 6W8 ROSE, HORNE STEVENSON INSURANCE BROKERS INC. transmission (416)682-8679 387 ONTARIO STREET. ST. CATHARINES, ONTARIO C. H. Foods Limited 6592 Lundy ' s Lane Niagara Falls, Ontario L2G 1V2 HEAD OFFICE: 6913 OAKWOOD DRIVE, NIAGARA FALLS L2E 6S5 OAKWOOD PARK LODGE CHESCeNT PARK LODGE 6747 OAKWOOD DRIVE HAGEV AVENUE NIAGARA FALLS, ONTARIO FORT ERIE, ONTARIO L2E 6S5 L3A 6M6 VALLEY PARK LODGE WXt VALLEY WAY NIAGARA FALLS, ONTARIO L2E 7E3 Golden Pheasant Golden Pheasant Tavern 244 Ontario Street St. Catharines, Ontario 682-7818 GAMES DEPARTMENT MAIN STORE 223 ST PAUL ST ST CATHARINES, ONT L2R 6V9 (416) 682-7243 PENINSULA READY-MIX SUPPLIES QUALITY CONCRETE BUILDING SUPPUES DrIveways-Patlos-Addltlons Open Saturdays 50 Bartlett Beamsville 563-8214 53 Buying ACar? FIU ' ER UP NA1URAL GAS CONVERT NOW! O Save on Provincial Sales Tax O Receive $1000.00 in Grants O Save up to 40% on Fuel Costs For Further Information, Call 685-5441 EXT. 274 Provinciai Gas mm i HERB Locations: Niagara Falls 6235 Lundy ' s Lane 4967 Clifton Hill (by the Falls) St. Catharines 318 Ontario Street 2-10Tremont Drive (opp. Penn Centre) DRIVE-THRU OPEN 24 HOURS BREAKFAST SERVED 55 HINGSTON METAL FABRICATORS LTD. 490 Eastchester Avenue St. Catharines, Ontario L2M 6S3 (416) 682-8338 Distributors of Crystal Water Distillers " • a perswi empties s piirse ir to A s e , lo- one can tade it aiam yroni Aim. " " t inuest ne it tn aw c e afmoi , ' ! pei t ie Sest mtc ' est. CONGRATULATIONS GRADSOF87 GA8A dORO Dining Lounge 5875 Victoria Avenue Niagara Falls, Ontario 356-5646 56 i CAWWTCA CANADA LOCAL 199 124 BUNTING ROAD ST CATHARINES. ONTARIO L2P 3G5 PHONE (416)682-2611 Guaranli Trust 144 East Main Street Welland, Ontario (416) 732-2461 Peter J. Dirksen Office Pfione: (416)688-3014 Real Estate 6 Dunlop Drive St. Catharines, Ont. L2R 1 A2 GOSEN ANDERSON RIGBY INSURANCE BROKERS, INC 195 King Street St. Catharines, Ontario 688-5530 CUNNINGHAM FOUNDRY MACHINE CO. GHAr mON FOUNDERS MACHINISTS J0D51NG SPECIALISTS 21 Yale Crescent St. Catharines, Ont. 1864 I-2R 2Y6 (416) 685-6577 Canada Forgings Inc. 130 Hagar Street Box 308, Welland, Ontario L3B 5P8 (416) 735-1220 0 £CAST PO BOX 37 WELLINGTON ST N THOROLD ONTARIO L2V 3Y7 (416) 358-7101 F; INGHAM CONSTRUCTION COMPANY LIMITED 4790 Montrose Road Niagara Falls, Ontario L2H 1K5 57 NIAGARA FALLS CANADA 5551 Murray Street (416)356-0551 (416) 227-381 1 Local Unions 38 and 2737 UNITED BROTHERHOOD OF CARPENTERS AND JOINERS OF AMERICA HIWAY 58 AT UPPER LANE P.O. BOX 8, THOROLD, ONTARIO L2V 3Y7 58 Roman Cdeese Vwduds Cimited nannfirysryyafafarafifa ff MANUFACTUR L g- , ' ITALIAN CHI 11 rr AND FROZEN ERS OF EESES FOODS 491 6 Montrose Rd. Niagara Falls 356-2639 FOR BEST SERVICE - BUYING OR SELLING CALI 685-7316 Premier thurston Fabricators and machine CO. Machine Co. Ltd. ltd. P O Box 187-45 Invertose Dr. P.O. Box 274, Port Colborne. Ontario Port Colborne. Ontario L3K5V8 834-3606 L3K 5W1 Monarch Flour Purity Flour Maple Leaf Mills Limited Port Colborne, Ontario SENECA MANUFACTURING (ST. CATHARINES) LTD. R.R. 4 NIAGARA-ON-THE-LAKE ONTARIO LOS 1J0 685-4831 - 2 KlTCMiNJ VANITIES Niagara Artcraft Woodwork Co. Ltd. 4417 Kent Ave., Niagara Falls (41 6) 354-5657 northAmerlcan VAN LINES CROWN MOVING 8c STORAGE WELLAND - 732-3444 ST. CATHARINES - 384-9607 NIAGARA FALLS - 384-9607 marshall paper ltd 12 WALNUT ST., ST. CATHARINES, ONT. L2T 1H3 SUPPORTED BY 24 Hour Services: •Electrical and Mechanical Repairs to All Makes of Motors •Electrical Electronic Service to Most Makes of Industrial Marine Equipment Service Westinghouse Canada Inc. INDUSTRY SERVICES DIVISION 475 Glendale Avenue, P.O. Box 1625 St. Catharines, Ontario L2R 7K1 (416) 227-1020 Best Wishes to the Graduates from ENSIGN SECURITY SERVICES LTD. •Car Patrol ■Investigations •Burglar Alarms ' Security Guards 50 DIVISION STREET WELLAND. ONTARIO 732-2759 384-9250 60 , {i9S0 One. J I I I L_J I 1 1 L 28 NIHAN DRIVE, ST. CATHAR INES,0NTARI0,L2N1L1 ST. CATHARINES 935-5767 " WE DO CUSlOlt SEWING ALL KINDS Of OEPAIHS " (4161 682-6481 your money ' s worth ...and more PEN SHOPPING CENTRE ST. CATHARINES, ONTARIO StuCbr CONSTRUCTION LTD. General Contractors and Construction Managers 113-11SCUSHMANR0AD • UNIT 17 • ST. CATHARINES ■ ONTARIO Telephone (4 16) 682-8391 Whiting Equipment Canada Inc. Box 217, Alexander St., Welland, Ont. L3B 5P4 Tel. (416) 732-7585 15 BROWNLEIGH AVE. PHONE 735-5001 CUSTOM-MADE WINDOWS AND DOOR FRAMES WELLAND - ONTARIO L3B 5X3 St. Catharines Volkswagen Ltd. 125 Hartzel Road St. Catharines, Ont. (416) 688-5230 lOIMA lONA APPLIANCES INC. P.O. Box 1004, Welland, Ontario L3B 5S1 (416) 734-7476 300 Welland Ave. St. Catharines, Ontario L2R 7L9 (416) 684-9896 61 " Where The City Meets " Open Monday - Friday 9:30 a.m. - 9:30 p.m. Saturday 9:30 a.m. - 6:00 p.m. 800 Niagara Street, Welland CONGRATULATIONS GRADS OF 87 HOTEL 203 St Paul Street. St. Catharines 6B4-4082 62 DE LEUW GATHER, CANADA LTD. CONSULTING ENGINEERS AND PLANNERS 5233 STANLEY AVENUE, UNIT » 1 NIAGARA FALLS, ONTARIO L2E 7C2 (416) 35B-7003 The Royal Canadian Legion POLISH Veterans Ont No. 418) Branch 292-296 VINE ST. NORTH ST CATHARINES. ONTARIO TfavSl Centi County Fair Mall 200 Garrison Road Fort Erie (416) 871-5740 PHIL DENNIS ENTERPRISES LTD. Head Office South Street PORT ROBINSON. ONTARIO LOS 1K0 150 Bunting Road St. Cattiarines, Ont. L2P 3G5 (416) 685-8863 14 Cushman Road St. Catharines, Ontario L2M 688 Telephone (416) 685-1301 CUSTOM FABRICATING CO.. LIMITED S(. Catharines Credit Corp. Ltd. operating: CHtUII BUncHU Ut- tiT. CATHARINES Box 186, 99 Merritt Street. L2R 6S7 CREDIT BUREAU OF NIAGARA FALLS Box 58. 4926 Victoria Avenue. L2E 6S8 CREDIT BUREAU OF WELLAND Box 637, 49 Dorothy Street, L3B 5R4 Commercial Industrial Specialists in all types of: % Air Conditioning Refrigeration Heating QriC Furnaces Boilers ' Electrical Work and Controls Q crescent air CONDITIONING LTD. 131 CUSHMAN ROAD, UNIT 1 ST. CATHARINES, ONT. 688-2241 For Your Social Events: Fine Catering Experience Banquet Facilities 268 Main Street E. Welland, Ontario 732-5141 THEATRE ARTS GRADUATES from " Your Home Away From Home " CONGRATULATIONS CRADS OF 87 LUBRIZOL OF CANADA LTD. 5800 THOROLD STONE ROAD NIAGARA FALLS 358-5778 RAPTIMENNO TRAVEL (ONTARIO LTD.) Lakeshore Square 33 Lakeshore Road St. Catharines, Ontario (416)937-0550 1-800-263-3620 Carl Damude Limited COMPLETE OFFICE OUTFITTER P.O. Box 694, Welland, Ontario L3B 5R5 THOROLD WELDING FABRICATING LTD. 65 Ormond Street N. P.O. Box 176, Thorold, Ont. L2V3Y9 (416) 227-6763 DDlfc ULS international inc. ULS International Inc. 49 Jackes Avenue Toronto, Ontario (416)920-7610 Telex 065-241 57 NIAGARA FALLS BRIDGE COMMISSION Rainbow Bridge Whirlpool Rapids Bridge ' " Lewiston-Queenston Bridge Compliments of magara region police association Regional Road 50. R.R. 2. WeNand, Ontario L3B 5N5 A , MOUJARD , JoMnson$ VICTORIA PLACE (416) 357-4040 5905 Victoria Avenue . Niagara Falls. Ontario L2G 3L8 THE BOOT SHOP " QUALITY FAMILY FOOTWEAR " • Downtown • Grantham Plaza • The Pen 641-2224 935-3332 685-4031 66 CONGRATULATIONS Niagara College Grads Ontario Paper Company 80 King Street, St. Catharines Ontario L2R 7G2 (416) 688-5030 TRAVEL SERVICE LTD. S EAST MAIN ST. WELLAND, ONT. L3B 3W4 PHONE 735-0303 " 1st QUALITY SINCE 1843 " Fairview Mall. 285 Geneva Street St. Catharines 937-5000 United Textile Workers of America 360 St. Paul Street St. Catharines, Ontario L2R 3N2 (416) 684-9216 LEE WAH LAUNDRY Tel. 734-9246 239 Hellems Ave. WELLAND, Ontario L3B 3B8 PHOTO COPY LTD. 76 GENEVA ST., ST. CATHARINES 91 WEST MAIN ST., WELLAND Count on the Commerce for all your banking needs. 41 King Street St. Catharines l CANADIAN IMPERIAL BANK OF COMMERCE DUNWOODr COMPANY 1 Chartered Accountants 37 Dorothy Street, Welland, Ontario (416) 735-6433 DeSMIT 384-9706 732-2444 DeSmit Lumber Building Supplies Ltd. 920 NIAGARA ST WELLAND, ONT L3C 1M3 Chateau Gardens (Niagara) Inc St Zon 120 Wellington Street, PO, Box 985, Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario. LOS 1J0 Telephone (416) 468-2111 124 Bed Nursing Home Overlooking Scenic Niagara-on-the-Lake The Chateau Group of Nursing Homes CI Lsj im eniEJrT AIRN CROFl 6400 Lundy ' s Une Niagara Falls.Ontario , L2G 1T6 (416) 356-1161 Fonthill Building Supplies PHONE 892-2694 30-50 BRUCE ST. - WELLAND. ONT. L3B 2R1 TELEPHONE 734-7424 BUILDERS ' SUPPLIES Aldo Muratori Ltd. 186 MERRin STREET ST. CATHARINES, ONTARIO L2T 1J6 OFFICE 227-1101 i Beattie OFFICE FURNITURE P OFFICE SUPPLIES, STATIONERY BOOKS ST CATHARINES - 688-4040 WELLAND - 735-4400 GRANTHAM PLAZA • 934-9412 FORT ERIE - 871-7030 C C YACHTS LIMITED PARTNERSHIP P.O. BOX 970, 526 REGENT STREET NIAGARA-ON-THE-LAKE, ONTARIO LOS 1J0 CHEVROLET • 0LDSM08ILE ■ CADILLAC BRIAN CULLEN MOTORS UMnED - BRIAN CUUiN LEASING CO UUITEO 386 ONTARIO STUEET, ST, CADiARINES, ONT LW 6Sa P 0 BOX 187 St. Catharines, Ontario L2R 6V4 (416) 684-7491 GET OUT FROM BEHIND THE EIGHT BALL AT (7 GUI Greater Canada Colour Printing Ltd. P.O. Box 130, Stevensville, ONT LOS ISO 416-382-3177 r 5651 Lewis Avenue, PO Box 1004 Niagara Falls. Ontario L2E 6V9 (416) 354-2764 NABISCO BRANDS§ COUNTRY • •• RADIO Regional Road 23 Welland, Ont. L3B 3N5 (41 6) 732-4433; 384-91 52 Lo© IM wm® tetn) ftlliria© Convenient Location For All Your Automotive, Hardware, Sporting Goods and Auto Service Neeos. 227-7481 300 Glendale Ave., St. Catharines INDEPENDENT AUTO TRIM AND GLASS 688-3445-47 200 Louth Street, St. Catharines, Ontario L2S 2R6 McDonalds u u. Compliments of McDonald s 631 Niagara St. N. Welland 735-1064 Would you like a Free BeautvMake-Over To-Dcn;? We can teach you more about beauty in 30 minutes than you ' ll learn in a lifetime of shopping at cosmetic counters An expert will recommend a basic skin care program; then she will colour and contour your face- teach you how to shape your eyes and lips with our fabulous collection of shadows, and lip colours VISAGE products range from excellent skin care and treatments to delicate make-up formulations in exciting shades. PEN CENTRE 684-6041 YOUR FIRST BEAUTY MAKE-OVER WILL BE FREE! Come in today!... Or call for an appointment to visit any one of our salons. Caryl Baker VISAGE ' 73 i Canada ' s most complete Craft and Garden Centre A most complete selection of quality craft and garden supplies ... Tropical plants, flowers, yarn, stitchery, art supplies, craft kits, leisure furniture, hardware, lawn care products, grass seed, evergreens,trees, shrubs ... and so much more. QUALITY -SELECTION -VALUE ST. CATHARINES 459 WELLAND AVE. LINCOLN ANNEX NOW 13 LOCATIONS TO SERVE YOU IN SOUTHERN ONTARIO wcxxtetream FACTORY STORE 5740 ELLEN AVE. NIAGARA FALLS. ONI. (416)357-9597 HOURS OPEN: Wed.-Fri. 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Sat. 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. • FENWICK FISHING RODS • LIFE JACKETS • TACKLE BOXES • DECOYS • LIVE ANIMAL TRAPS • FISHING REELS • LURES NIAGARA FALLS ONTARIO L2E 6T3 416-357-3440 ♦Canada 75 Taking Care of Business information 31 8 Ontario street St. Catharines, Ontario (416) 688-1187 ■■ ■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■ ■■■■■ ■a 31 8 Ontario St. - St. Catharines, Ontario L2R 5L8 CANADA HAIR CLOTH CANADA HAIR CLOTH CO. LIMITED St. Catharines. Ontario, L2R 6W1 (416) 688-6372 G COURT INDUSTRIES CO. LIMITED CANADIAN HOME PRODUCTS, LTD PRODUITS DOMESTIQUES CANADIENS. LTEE Chef Boy-ar-dee Jiffy pop Crunch ' n Munch RO. BOX 2090, 4825 PETTIT AVENUE, NIAGARA FAILS, ONTARIO, UNAOA L2E 6Z2 Fallsway Supply FALLSWAY AUTOMOTIVE AND INDUSTRIAL SUPPUES LTD. • P.O. BOX 284. NIAGARA FALLS, ONT. L2E 6T3 WELLAND BRANCH A BSiOfal Canabtan Hegion 363 MORNINGSTAR AVENUE WELLAND ONTARIO L3B 5B5 416-358-6951 FOUR BROTHERS RESTAURANT TAVERN " Wiere. the preparolion oj excelleni llolion Food is an arl " 52a3 Ferry Street Niagaia Falls, Ontario ]..?.G 1R6 (416) 358-7101 f ' . INGHAM CONSTRUCTION COMPANY LIMITED 4790 Montrose Road Niagara Falls, Ontario L2H 1K5 Bus. 736-4368, 892-3319 Res. 735-6970 JIM ' S Auto Body Shop Complete Body Collision Repairs Complete Paint Jobs Jim Kirchmayer 491 Webber Road Proprietor R.R. 5, Welland, Ont. Thorne Ernst Whinney Chartered Accountants 3 locations in the Niagara Peninsula 1 10 James St., St. Catharines 685-4811 76 Main St. W., Grimsby 945-4942 6225 Muggins St., Niagara Falls 356-7782 Partners G.D. Bark well. D.J. Tucker, B.F. Vessel. J.G. Mc Bride. G.H. Mat Lean, C.J. Burke, T.R. Crowe Member of £f|| Ernsl Whinney International ST.CATHARINES f FLYING ■ - - CLUB NIAGARA DISTRICT AIRPORT BOX 416 ST CATHARINES. ONT L2R 6V9 (416) 684-9447 78 ELMWOOD KITCHENS 445 Eastchester Ave. E., St. Catharines, Ontario W L GRAPHIC COMMUNICATIONS INC. 177 Russell Avenue, St. Catharines, (416) 684-8734 MB Feeds, Ltd, Hwy. 55 VIRGIL, ONTARIO LOS 1T0 468.3286 69 CATHERINE STREET ST CATHARINES. ONTARIO L2R 5E9 MERCURY LINCOLN FARR MERCURY SALES LTD. 980 MAJOR ST . P 0 BOX 281 WELLAND, ONT., PHONE 732 1355 L3B5P4 " THE BEST DEAL BY FARR! " fhe Standard WEVI GOT THE NEWS IN ST. CATHARINES-NIAGARA Your Family Newspaper 17 Queen St., St. Catharines r l Home Savings rQl Loan Cknporation P.O. Box 1554, 43 Queen St. St. Catharines, Ontario L2R 7J9 (416) 688-3131 canal Canal Contractors A Division of ULS International Inc. 155 Cushman Rd. St. Catharines. Ont. L2M 6T4 685-1792 Hamilton 662-1993 Cable CAN ALLAKE Telex 061 -5237 MULTI TRADE CONTRACTORS liiiiliilliiiiipgi™! " ' Iallan ' sI iaBKmfim8M phone 684-2348 60 ST, PAUL ST. W. ST. CATHARINES. ONT. " Comfortable and Affordable " Sportsmen ' s Motel Junciion H vi 50 A 20 Wellind. Ontario Phone 892-2667 Approved by Your Hosts: Len Pam Gjuvin copy Systems 115 DIEPPE RD., ST. CATHARINES 688-9302 CQMCARE ' Employment Opportunities ' Join our team and help others stay independent ' Over a decade at experience 196 King Street St. Cathiarines 685-6501 Congratulations to the Graduates or Health Care Aids 82 PENINSULA PLUMBING SUPPLY 40 SEVENTH ST., WELLAN D. ONTARIO Wholesale Plumbing, Heating Engineering Supplies 416-732-6195 cnnnomn tire nssacmTE store FOX LIMITED 545 Niagara Street Welland, Ontario L3C 1 L7 Store 732-7501 Service 732-1371 Commercial, Industrial Residential Wiring P.O. Box 379 416-562-4168 Higtiway No. 8, Vineland, Ontario, LOR 2C0 PO BOX 2082, STATION B ' ST CATHARINES, ONTARIO, CANADA L2M 6P5 TELEPHONE (416) 684-1 151 Specialists m Polled Plants • Stiippers and Growers 456 Welland Ave. 684 8788, St. Cattiarines, Ont. L2M 5VJ 168 SCOTT ST. ST. CATHARINES, ONT L2N 1H2 HEALTH CARE CENTRE 934-3321 Sandra Fredericks ADMINISTRATOR DRUG SURGICAL SUPPLY Phone 356-8482 5400 Portage Rd., Niagara Falls Henderson s Pharmacy 15 Front Street South P.O. Box 67, Thorold, Ontario L2V3Y7, 227-2511 83

Suggestions in the Niagara College of Applied Arts and Technology - Yearbook (Welland, Ontario Canada) collection:

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