Niagara College of Applied Arts and Technology - Yearbook (Welland, Ontario Canada)

 - Class of 1986

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Niagara College of Applied Arts and Technology - Yearbook (Welland, Ontario Canada) online yearbook collection, 1986 Edition, Cover

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Digitized by tlie Internet Arcliive in 2015 https: details niagaracollege1986niag To the Graduating Students: Throughout the pages of your 1986 Grad- uate Yearbook you will notice many congratulatory wishes and advertising messages from various businesses in the Niagara College communities. These establishments want to recognize your achievements and wish you well as you start out your new careers. Due to the generosity and support of these sponsors, this book has been produced as a gift, so that you may look back fondly on your years at Niagara College. In return, please take a moment to read the advertisements, many of these companies have goods and services that you may be interested in. If you come in contact with anyone listed in the book, mention to them that you have seen their advertisements and thank them for their support. Best wishes to you! The Editors, Communique Advertising. Special Thanks To t ' he Staff and Students from the Niagara News who so kindly donated their photographs. 1 As those of you who are in the graduating class complete this phase of your education and look forward to your future endeavours, we all sincerely wish you success in your President ' s chosen career. It is my earnest wish that each of you will realize the goals which you have set for yourself and that you will be able to accept life, with its opportun- ities and limitations, joyfully and courageously and reach for higher heights within your working life. I am sure tha t you will justify our faith and trust in you, our graduates. In years to come, we hope that you will be able to appreciate more fully what your teachers and the staff have tried to do for you and that you will remember us occasionally and the good times we shared. Be willing to share your knowledge and skills with others and bequeath to those who follow you the happy and satisfying aspects of your student days. Take hold of the opportunities and obligations that come your way. You are surrounded by infinite possibilities for growth and achievement. " The more you give, the more you get, The more you laugh, the less you fret. The more you do unselfishly, the more you live abundantly. The more of everything you share. The more you ' ll always have to spare. The more you love, the more you ' ll find That life is good and friends are kind ... " Sincerely, Jacqueline P. Robarts, President. President ' s Message Dear Graduates: Congratulations! You have now graduated from Niagara College, and with that you have taken another big step in your life. All the time and effort you put into your work while at college, has now been recognized and rewarded with the diploma you received. The Student Administrative Council played a significant role in your stay while at Niagara College. We hope that we were able to make your college years as pleasant and rewarding as possible. On behalf of the Student Administrative Coun- cil, I would like to wish you all the happiness in your future endeavours. Sincerely Yours, U5 John Turner, S.A.C. President, 1984-1986. 3 Niagara College Grads! 51 Niagara Street Welland, Ontario 732-661 1 6 Commercial, Industrial Residential Wiring P.O. Box 379 416-562-4168 Higtiway No. 8, Vineland, Ontario, LOR 2C0 THOROLD CONSTRUCTION ltd CUSTOM HOMES RESIDENTIAL - COMMERCIAL ADDITIONS S ALTERATIONS BONDED S INSURED 30 YRS EXPERIENCE 227-2321 143 COLLIER RD. S THRU) PENINSULA PLUMBING SUPPLY AQ SEVENTH ST.. WELLAND. ONTARIO Wholesale Plumbing, Heating Engineering Supplies 416-732-6195 cnnnomn tire DssocmTE store LIMITED 545 Niagara Street Welland, Ontario L3C 1 L7 Store 732-7501 Service 732-1371 Sports 11 Health Care 120 Wellington Street, Box 985 Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario LOS 1J0 DRUG SURGICAL SUPPLY Ptione 356-8482 5400 Portage Rd., Niagara Falls Henderson ' s Pharmacy 15 Front Street Soutti P.O. Box 67, Thorold, Ontario L2V3Y7. 227-2511 14 16 Horticulture Carl Vallek and Son Nurseries iS! Rose Specialists Hwy. 55 at Virgil 468-7262 Niagara Holland Nurseries Ltd. R.R. 3, Niagara-on-the-Lake Ontario, Canada LOS 1J0 416 934 1376 Vcrmccris y Greenhouses, Welland fo Seasonal Potted Plants Bedding Plants - Hanging Baskets 684 S. Pelham St. Phone WELLAND, ONT. L3C 3C8 735-5744 estbrooli Qreenhouses limited p. O. Box 99, 330 Main Street West Grimsby, Ontario L3M 4G1 Walter vvyiier ICMMONS Florists Ltd " Flowe " Flowers Whisper What Words Can ' t Say " Fitch Street, Welland Plaza Welland, Ontario 732-1311 17 Hotel Restaurant 19 Pasting up the paper. Niagara News While the Niagara News is the teaching vehicle for students in the Journalism-Print program at Niagara College, the newspaper is one of the ways in which students, staff and facul- ty are kept up to date on the activities on the college ' s many campuses. Niagara students themselves make contributions to the Niagara News through letters to the editors on a wide variety of subjects. All of the writing and picture-taking for the News is the responsibility of the journalism students. Professional instructors guide the journalism students in their efforts. The Niagara News thanks the students, the Student Adminsitrative Council, staff, faculty and the coUege ad- ministration for their co-operation dur- ing the year. Page One takes shape. 7986 23 a la - Colleen Abbott Radio T.V. 1 b - Diana Accorinti Health Science 1c - Carolyn Adams Human Relations 2a - Cheryl Aitken Health Records Tech. 2b - Darren Albers Hotel Restaurant Admin. 2c- Cathy Allen Nursing 3b- Judith Allan Nursing 3c - Linda Anderson Educational Resource Tech. 4b - Lorraine Andrew Horticultural Tech. 4c - Darilyn Angle Secretarial Studies 115 DIEPPE RD., ST. CATHARINES 688-9302 C 1 2 3 4 Serving St. Catharines area CONGRATULATIONS for over 50 years! GRADS OF ' 86! 355 Merritt St, St. Catharines 227-6643 24 la - Wendy Antoniuk Nursing 1 b - Ken Argent Electronic Eng. Tech. 1c - Rina Armbrust Sales Merchandisin; 2a - Wendy Atkinson Nursing 2b - Helene Azzopardi Health Records Tech. 2c - Nancy Babin Tourism 3b- 3c Robert Bachetti Business Brenda Baird Dental Assistant Chris Baker Electrical Eng. Tech. 4a - Denise Banzo Law Security 4b - Veronica Barany Nursing 4c - Ceraldine Barnes Social Service Worker THIESSEN FUELS LIMITED 1 10 Cushman Road St. Catharines, Ont. 682-6649 735-4300 " Serving the Niagara Peninsula for Over 28 years " §lOti acl{ mcofpomed PO BOX 2082, STATION B ' ST CATHARINES. ONTARIO. CANADA L2M 6P5 TELEPHONE 1416) 684-1 151 Specialists in Polled Plants • Shippers and Growers HEARING AIDS AUDIOMETERS 177 EAST MAIN WELLAND BECKEN AND ASSOCIATES GEORGE AKERSHOEK PHONE 734-7300 Certified Hearing Aid Specialist PHIL DENNIS ENTERPRISES LTD. Head Office South Street PORT ROBINSON. ONTARIO LOS 1K0 1 50 Bunting Road St. Catharines, Ont L2P 3G5 (416) 685-8863 CUSTOM FABRICATING 14 Cushman Road St. Catharines, Ontario L2M 688 Telephone (416) 685-1301 CO.. LIMITED St. Catharines Credit Corp. Ltd. operating: REDIT BUREAU OF ST. CATHARINES Box 186, 99 Merritt Street. L2R 6S7 CREDIT BUREAU OF NIAGARA FALLS Box 58, 4926 Victoria Avenue. L2E 6S8 CREDIT BUREAU OF WELLAND Box 637, 49 Dorothy Street, L3B 5R4 Commercial Industrial Specialists in all types of: |» Air Conditioning Refrigeration Heating Furnaces Boilers Electrical WorK and Controls ( P crescent air CONDITIONING UTO. 131 CUSHMAN ROAD, UNIT 1 ST. CATHARINES, ONT. 688-2241 25 a c e T la - Audrey Barr Marketing Management 1 b - Audrey Barrick Journalism 1c - Rich Barry Early Clii Id hood Education Id -Carol Bartlett Secretarial Studies 1e - Liz Batenburg Nursing 2a - Sandy Beattie Nursing 2b- 2c Colette Benard Early Childhood Ed. Laurie Bennett Health Science 2d - Ted Berdowski Horticultural Tech. 2e - Janice Berg Secretarial Arts 3a - Randy Bezo Technology 4a - Donna Marie Bilecki Tourism W LEISURE Y WORLD •Grumbacher Art Supplies •Patons - Bernat - Emu - Robin - Wendy Wool •Craft Supplies • Needlepoint •Stitchery Kits • Models MON - FRI 9:30 AM - 9:30 PM SAT 9:30 AM -6:00 PM Present Your Students Card for 10% Off Your Purchases! 357-1872 (7555 MONTROSE RD) NIAGARA SQUARE 26 c 1a- Rachelle Bilodeau Human Relations 3a- Lisa Marie Bosacki Radio T.V. 1b- Lori Bobinski Business 3b- Ruth Bosak Educational Resource Tech 1c- Sandy Bolyki Nursing 3c- Lucy Bottini Marketing Management 2a- Cathy Bomberry Human Relations 4a- Brigltte Bourdages Bilingual Secretary 2b- Gary Bonde Horticultural Tech. 4b- Debra Branchaud Data Processing 2c- Carol Booth Educational Resource Tech. 4c- Rosemary Brandt Secretarial Arts m FOSTER WHEELER LIMITED P.O. BOX 3007 ST. CATHARINES. ONTARIO L2R 7B7 EXCAVATING - GRADING - PAVING Oualily Asphalt Paving Since 1963 GIGANTE PAVING 95 Cushman Rd. — St. Catharines, Ontario 684-8262 CLA-VAL CANADA, Ltd. BEAMSVILLE, ONTARIO C [±3 CLAYTON automatic VALVES P.O. BOX 10 563-4963 AREA 416 ' OS Bodv Service Ltd. Collision Repairs and Painting Frame Straightening and Wheel Alignment Corvette Specialists 24 hour Towing 21 7 NIAGARA FALLS ROAD. THOROLD 227-3595 or 227-5321 . MOUIARD JOMnsonS VICTORIA PLACE (416) 357-4040 5905 Victoria Avenue . Niagara Falls. Ontario L2G 3L8 Gillespie Pontiac Buick 0 9 9 V V $ O Cadillac Ltd. Lincoln Street West f Oil I CODIC Off Highway 58 I UlLLCwr It Welland I EuiMi 735 7151 • 384-9773 " Look for the GM sign for certified select service " Helen ' s DELICAYEIIEN Quality at fair prices 685-0452 50 James Street St. Catharines, Ontario L2R 5B8 HICKS LUMBER WOOD PRODUCTS CO. Welland, Ontario DANSIBBALD Manager GORD — BLANCHE LTD. Phone 416-734-7242 27 a D c r la - Johanne Breault Early Childhood Education 1 b - Lisa Brens Health Science 1c - Christine Brettell Secretarial Studies 2a - Connie Brideau Dental Assistant 2b- Angela Brigante Financial Management 2c - Helen Britton Dental Hygienist 3b - Carol Brochu Early Childhood Education 3c- Francine Brodeur Hotel and Restaurant Admin. 4b - Carol Brown Tourism 4c - John Brown Hotel and Restaurant Admin. 685-1913 TWO LOCATIONS 168 ONTARIO STREET BROCK UNIVERSITY Em Williamson Lalonde Advertising Services Limited P.O. Box 1091, 177 Rus.scll Ave, St. Catharines, Oniario L2R 7A3 28 la - Pamela Brown Nursing 1 b - Roberta Bruce Nursing 1 c - Adrienne Brunei Health Records Tech. Id - Cindee Burgess Nursing 1e- Terry Burgoyne Technology 2a- Kathleen Butcher Accounting 3 4 2b- Debbie Buttner Nursing 2c - Sharon Cameron Health Science 2d - Bruno Campagiorni Mechanical Engineering 2e - Briar Campbell Nursing 3a - Mona Campbell Human Relations 4a - Robin Campbell Law Security CONGRATULATIONS From the Insurance Connection Rose, Home Stevenson INSURANCE BROKERS INC. 71 KING STREET 688-1 534 la - Lorri Canjar Tourism Ib-CarloCardarello Radio T.V. Ic - Tami Carnes Educational Resource Tech. 1 d - Florence Carr Nursing 1e- Tom Carson Hotel Restaurant Admin. 2a- Cathy Carubba Dental Assistant a 4 2b - Joseph Caruso Construction Engineering 2c - Christine Casburn Dental Assistant 2d - Suzanne Cascagnette Nursing 2e - Tracey Case Chemical Engineering 3a - Tina Cassano Nursing 4a - Suzanne Cassar Financial Management D C a e ii 1 30 1a- Corinne Castronaro 3a- Cindy Charlton Human Relations Tourism 1b- Wanda Cattarin 3b- Randall Charlton Marketing Management Human Relations 1c- Cindy Cecchini 3c- Mary Chase Nursing Health Records Tech 2a- Ania Chamberlain 4a- JayeChernish Nursing Health Science 2b- Brenda Chambers 4b- Allan Cheynowski Tourism Data Processing 2c- Phanna Chanhsavang 4c- Maria Chiovitti Accounting Dental Assistant ME rccds, Ltd. Hwy. 55 VIRGIL, ONTARIO LOS 1T0 468.3286 69 CATHERINE STREET ST CATHARINES, ONTARIO L2H 5E9 MERCURY LINCOLN FARR MERCURY SALES LTD. 980 MAJOR ST . P 0 BOX 281 WELLANO. ONT,, PHONE 732 1355 L3B 5P4 " THE BEST DEAL BY FARR! " WEVE GOT THE NEWS IN ST. CATHARINES-NIASABA Your Family Newspaper 17 Queen St., St. Catharines iQ I Home Savings 1 Loan Corporation P.O. Box 1554, 43 Queen St. St. Catharines, Ontario L2R 7J9 (416) 688-3131 canal Canal Contractors A Division of ULS International Inc. 155 Cushman Rd. St. Catharines. Ont. L2M 6T4 685-1792 Hamilton 662-1993 Cable CANALLAKE Telex 061-5237 MULTI TRADE CONTRACTORS Illllllllllllllllllilllllllllllllllllli ■ALLAN ' S 1 U PHARMACY! PHONE 684-2348 CATHARINES. ONT. ST.CATHARINES f FLYING CLUB NIAGARA DISTRICT AIRPORT BOX 416 ST CATHARINES, ONT L2R 6V9 (476) 684-9447 la - Alex Chliwniak Technology 1 b - Tom Cianco Financial Management 3c 4b 4c Ic- Lucy Cianflone Human Relations 2a - Mary Kay Clare Dental Assistant 2b - Laura Clarke Dental Assistant 2c - Daphne Cloet Early Childhood Education 3b -Grace Cole Hotel Restaurant Admin. ■ Brenda Collier Dental Hygienist ■ Maureen Collins Secretarial Studies Linda Condina Secretarial Arts With Compliments CONGRATULATIONS GRADS OF ' 86! John Deere Welland Works, Welland, Ontario L3B 3N3 32 of Acres International Limited 5259 Dorchester Road, P.O. Box 1001, Niagara Falls, Ontario L2E 6W1 la - Jayne Connolly Nursing 1 b - Lina Conte Legal Assistant 1c - Karen Cook Health Science Id - Linda Coring Nursing 1e- Michelle Corson Dental Assistant 2a - Do nenie Cortese Electronic Eng. Tech. 2 3 4 2b - Shari Corupe Nursing 2c - Paul Cousineau Hotel Restaurant Admin. 2d - Tina Coxon Hotel Restaurant Admin. 2e- Francine Cote Business 3a - Brenda Crawford Technology 4a - Wayne Creighton General College 685-7337 685-0861 „ „„ Our Office is open for your convenience till 8pm on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday nights. BIG BROTHERS AND BIG SISTERS OF ST. CATHARINES, THOROLD, DISTRICT ASSOC. 175 KING STREET, ST. CATHARINES, ONTARIO 33 la - SueCrocock Tourism 1 b - Carl Culig Data Processing 1c - Mary Cull Law Security la - Susan Cullen Law Security 2b - Richard Culver Health Science 2c- Janice Cummings Nursing 3b - Doane Curley Tourism 3c - Eleanor Curley Tourism 4b- Paula Curley Marketing Management 4c - Lorraine Cutler Law Security Congratulations From Jfirsft i i ' agara teurante Niagara ' s Most Established Insurance Brokers INSURING HOME. AUTOIMOBILE. LIFE BUSINESS 3643 Portage (Town Country Plaza) Niagara Falls 356-7033 Best Wishes to the Graduates from ENSIGN SECURITY SERVICES LTD. •Car Patrol • Investigations •Burglar Alarms •Security Guards 50 DIVISION STREET WELLAND, ONTARIO 732-2759 384-9250 la - Maureen Cyr Nursing 1 b - Tammy Damico Nursing 1c - Lucie Dallaire Bilingual Secretary , - Lori Dalton Nursing 2b- Tony Damore Electronic Eng. Tech. 2c- Kelly Darling Nursing 3a - Jackie Datema Secretarial Arts 3b - Bruno Davesne Library Tech. 3c- Jill Davis Educational Resource Tech. 4a- 4b Pam Davis Nursing Karen De Bellefeuille Human Relations 4c - Paul De Ruyte Business sCItgimnlMte[Lte= LIMITED 18-20 HISCOTT ST PO BOX 323 ST CATHARINES. ONTAHIO 416-6B5-7368 CUTTING, MEASURING PRODUCTION TOOLS 5234 FERRY STREET NIAGARA FALLS. CANADA 416-358-9456 APPLIANCES Authorized Sales and Service General Electric, Caloric, Econo-Wash, Danby, Whirlpool Repairs and Parts for Most Appliances 5990 MAIN STREET NIAGARA FALLS, ONTARIO L2G 5Z8 TEL 356-9244 , }Ux£i tdM. AumiHoA. (19 so) 9hc. J I I I I L-ll I I I L 28 NIHAN DRIVE, ST. CATHARINES,ONTARIO, L2N 1L1 ST. CATHARINES 935-5767 •■tV£ DO CiJSlOM SEWING t ALL KINDS OF REPAIRS " (4 16) 682-648 I your money ' s worth ...and more PEN SHOPPING CENTRE ST. CATHARINES, ONTARIO StuCbr CONSTRUCTION LTD. Q«nerBl Contractors and Construction Managers 113-11SCUSHMANROA0 • UNIT 17 • ST. CATHARINES • ONTARIO Tsle phone (4 1 6) 682-839 1 wiimiii Whiting Equipment Canada Inc. Box 217, Alexander St., Welland, Ont. L3B 5P4 Tel. (416) 732-7585 15 BROWNLEIGH AVE. PHONE 735-5001 CUSTOM-MADE WINDOWS AND DOOR FRAMES WELLAND - ONTARIO L3B 5X3 35 I 2 O 3 4 5 la - Mary-Anne Delaney Early Childhood Education 1 b - Denise Delia Ventura Nursing 1c - Lynne Demers Early Childhood Education 1 d - Roger Demers Electronic Eng. Tech. 1e- Karen Deroche Nursing 2a - Kim Deslaurier Accounting 36 2b- Eleonora Di Benedetto Health Science 2c - Lisa Di Matteo Accounting 2d - Clenys Diemer Nursing 2e- SIgrid Doerwald Marketing Management 3a - Lucia Donatelli Accounting 4a - Steve Donofrio Radio T.V. Locations: Niagara Falls 6235 Lundy ' s Lane 4967 Clifton Hill (by the Falls) St. Catharines 318 Ontario Street 2-10Tremont Drive (opp. Penn Centre) DRIVE-THRU OPEN 24 HOURS BREAKFAST SERVED la - Elizabeth Drake Financial Management 1 b - Gwendolyn Drenth Early Childhood Education 1c - SherrI Driver Nursing 2a - Christine Drobnich Personnel Management 2b - Lori Duncan Dental Hygienist 2c - Angle Dunnink Early Childhood Education 3b- Fiona Duquemin Legal Assistant 3c - Mary Dyck Data Processing 4b - Cord Dyson Hotel Restaurant 4c - Susan Easton Human Relations Manufacturing and Marketing Total Quality Products to the Automotive, Truck, Agricultural and Industrial Markets HAYES-DANA INC. CORPORATE OFFICE P.O. BOX 3029 ST. CATHARINES, ONTARIO L2R 7K9 24 Hour Services: •Electrical and Mechanical Repairs to All Makes of Motors •Electrical Electronic Service to Most Makes of Industrial Marine Equipment Westinghouse Canada Inc. INDUSTRY SERVICES DIVISION 475 Glendale Avenue, P.O. Box 1625 St. Catharines, Ontario L2R 7K1 (416) 227-1020 37 a c la - Angela Edwards Nursing 1 b - Sharon Ellis Data Processing 1c - Heather Emmerson Nursing 2a - Dianne Enderwick Educational Resource Tech. 2b - Elviera Epp Health Records Tech. 2c - Daniel Eros Hotel Restaurant Admin. 3b - Bonnie Faulkner Social Service Worker 3c - Rebecca Paw Horticultural Tech. 4b - Anna Fay Nursing 4c - Joanne Fekkes Legal Assistant i — V THE BOOT SHOP " QUALITY FAMILY FOOTWEAR " • Downtown • Grantham Plaza • The Pen 684- 41 51 935-3332 685- 4031 2 3 4 CONGRATULATIONS Niagara College Grads Ontario Paper Company 80 King Street, St. Catharines Ontario L2R 7G2 (416) 688-5030 38 :omm2iclal PHOTO COPY LTD. 76 GENEVA ST., ST. CATHARINES 91 WEST MAIN ST., WELLAND Count on the Commerce for all your banking needs. 41 King Street St. Catharines CANADIAN IMPERIAL BANK OF COMMERCE la - Deborah Flight Health Sciences 1 b - Josephine Forcucci Business 1c - Carol Friesen Dental Assistant 2a - Holly Fugard General College 2b - Jennifer Fyfe Nursing 2c - Vicky Gaetano Accounting 3a - Robert Gagen Horticultural Tech. 3b - Jennifer Galipeau Human Relations 3c- Heather Gallagher-Labonte Nursing 4a - Ann Garrett Dental Hygienist 4b - Cheryl Gaudet Financial Management 4c - Germain Gauthier Technology DUNWOODY COMPANY 1 Chartered Accountants 37 Dorothy Street, Welland, Ontario (416) 735-6433 DeSMIT BUIIOAU 384-9706 732-2444 DeSmit Lumber Building Supplies Ltd. 920 NIAGARA ST WELLAND, ONT L3C 1M3 SHORT TERM LEASES t MONTH TO 12 MONTHS Large selection of 1978 and upcars, trucks, vans and station wagons to choose from. BOB ' S AUTO LEASING BB2 ' Biai BBS ' BBIB R y 55 HARTZEL ROAD la - Donald Geisler Health Sciences 1 b - Aline Cendron Tourism 1c - Anne Gervals Early Childhood Education 2a - Amelia Ciammarco Sales Merchandising 2b - Christina Ciancola Marketing Management 2c - Wilma Ciancola Early Childhood Education 3b - Tracey Clllap Dental Assistant 3c Lisa Cillies Human Relations 4b - Judy Classford Hotel Restaurant Admin. 4c Lisa Codwaldt Secretarial Arts la - Bonita Coodison Hotel Restaurant Admin. lb - Ellen Graham Accounting 1c - Mike Graziani Construction Eng. Tech, Id - Brenda Gregovski Business 1e - Sue Crimstead Nursing 2a - Joan Grimwood Technology Congratulations GRADS 2b - Mark Crosicki Technology 2c- Tina Guest Tourism 2d - Joyce Gunter Early Childhood Education 2e - Sigrid Gutthardt Nursing 3a - Andrea Guyon Dental Assistant 4a - Mike Haggitt Hotel Restaurant Admin, MINOLTA TOWER CENTRE 6732 Oakes Drive, Niagara Falls Ontario Canada (41 6) 356-1 501 Towering over the Horseshoe Falls 41 a la - Tammy Hale Industrial Management lb - Kevin Hall Construction Eng. Tech. 1c - Susan Hall Human Relations 2a - Kim Hamilton Nursing 2b- Kim Hamilton Early Childhood Education 2c - Colleen Hardy Human Relations 3b- Ray Harkness Horticultural Tech. 3c - David Harris Law Security 4b- Phyllis Harris Nursing 4c - Thomas Haylock Law Security C Economy Electric Supply Limited WHOLESALE ELECTRICAL DISTRIBUTORS Corner Victoria Burgar Street WellancI, Ontario L3B2T5 732-4475 i V 2 3 4 FRASER INC. THOROLD DIVISION P.O. Box 1046, THOROLD ONT. L2V3Z7 fraser 42 la - Paul Haynes Construction Eng. Tech. lb- Janice Heaslip Dental Assistant 1c - Christine Hebert Nursing 2a - Marie Henderson Secretarial Arts 2b- Jerry Hendricks Retail Management 2c - Chris Henhawk General College 3b - Kevin Hewitt Technology 3c - Robert Hildebrand Electrical Eng. Tech. 4b -Terry Hill Early Childhood Education 4c- Richard Hillier Manufacturing Tech. 2 3 4 Your Host Mb Hotd NIAGARA FALLS CANADA 5551 Murray Street (416)356-0551 (416) 227-381 1 Local Unions 38 and 2737 UNITED BROTHERHOOD OF CARPENTERS AND JOINERS OF AMERICA HIWAY 58 AT UPPER LANE P.O. BOX 8, THOROLD, ONTARIO L2V 3Y7 43 a G a y G 2 V 3 4 la - Dede Hiscock Interior Design 1 b - Pui-ying Ho Interior Decorating 1c - Susanne Hoffman Nursing Id - Don Holditch Electronic Eng. Tech. 1e - Marianne Holley Hotel Restaurant Admin. 2a - Dallus Holmes Technology 2b - Ken Holtrop Construction Eng. Tech. Tami Hopper Business 2d - Peter Home Construction Eng. Tech. 2e - Jackie Horner Nursing 3a - Heather Horton Dicta-Typ. Health Records 4a - Nona House Industrial Management vA oodstream FACTORY STORE 5740 ELLEN AVE. NIAGARA FALLS, ONT. (416)357-9597 HOURS OPEN: Wed.-Fri. 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Sat. 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. • FENWICK FISHING RODS • LIFE JACKETS • TACKLE BOXES • DECOYS • LIVE ANIMAL TRAPS • FISHING REELS • LURES NIAGARA FALLS ONTARIO L2E 6T3 416-357-3440 4 Canada 44 2 3 a C 4 1a- Richard House Electronic Eng. Tech. 3a- Mike Huiliuitzky Radio T.V. 1b- Dawn Hubbard Interior Design 3b- Sonia lamonaco Nursing 1c- Kathy Hughson Personnel Management 3c- Charlene llles Nursing 2a- Garry Hum Hotel Restaurant Admin. 4a- John Ingribelli Sales Merchandising 2b- Barb Hunt Educational Resource Tech. 4b- Luciano Innocentin Financial Management 2c- Susan Hunter Horticultural Tech. 4c- Lucy loannoni Nursing SENECA MANUFACTURING (ST. CATHARINES) LTD. R.R. 4 NIAGARA-ON-THE-LAKE ONTARIO LOS I JO 685-4831 - 2 PANy LIMITED S tar ?!lZcA t S- D ECORATORS W c 0 4 167 RIVERSIDE DR. WELLAND. ONTARIO TELEPHONE (416) 735-1090 Monarch Flour Purity Flour Maple Leaf Mills Limited Port Colborne, Ontario Our Compliments to THE STUDENTS AND STAFF of Niagara College ATLAS EMPLOYEES CREDIT UNION 38 Patterson Ave.Welland 735-4801 51 Central Avenue Beamsville, Ontario LOR 1 BO RANNIE PUBLICATIONS LIMITED Publishers Commercial Printers 416-563-8231 Roman Cfieese Products Cimited MANUFACTURERS O I ' " lif ITALIAN CHEESE |l y AND FROZEN FOO nnmfmRmnnartn ES DS lililiVilrl 4916 Montrose Rd. Niagara Falls 356-2639 FOR BEST SERVICE - BUYING OR SELLING CALI 685-7316 Premier Fabricators and Machine Co. Ltd. THURSTON MACHINE CO. LTD. P.O. Box 187 - 45 Invertose Dr. P.O. Box 274. Port Colborne. Ontario Port Colborne. Ontario L3K5V8 834-3606 L3K 5W1 45 la - Sandra loannoni Nursing lb -Teresa loannoni Computer Programmer 1c - William Irvine Industrial Management 2a - Barbara Ivicic Industrial Management 2b - Christopher Jack Data Processing 2c - Karen Jackson Data Processing 3b - Rita Jackson Dental Assistant 3c - Marlene Jaillet Law Security 4b - Deborah James Health Sciences 4c - Sandra James Secretarial Studies Thome Riddell Chartered Accountants ' Your Most Important Financial Resource " 1 10 James street 31 Main Street East St. Catharines, Ont. Grimsby, Ont. L2R 7A7 L3M 4G1 685-4811 945-4942 563-4785 3950 Portage Road Niagara Falls, Ont. L2J 2K9 356-7782 INDOOR OUTDOOR POOLS ' WHIRLPOOL •SAUNA SPA _ ' LOUNGE ' DINING ROOM Congratulations Grads of 86! 5339 MURRAY STREET NIAGARA FALLS, ONTARIO (416) 356-1333 I u ONE BLOCK TO THE FALLS " 1a- Victoria James Human Relations 3a- Kevin Jewell Electronic Eng. Tech 1b- Connie Janssen Arts 3b- Karen Johnson Business 1c- Sheila Janssens Dental Assistant 3c- Lori Johnson Health Sciences 2a- Terry Jarrell Data Processing 4a- Lori-Ann Johnson Accounting 2b- Linda Jerome Dental Hygienist 4b- Wendy Johnson Law Security 2c- Danielle Jerzyk Dicta Typ. Health Records 4c- Laura Johnston Dental Assistant Local 204 , theUNION oftheEIGHTIES 1 Credit Union Drive, Toronto, Ontario M4A 2S6 WARD MALLETTE CHARTERED ACCOUNTANTS Office in St. Catharines Welland, Hamilton, Burlington and Kitchener TbeWoodShop f CUSTOM KITCHEN CABINETS T. AND VANITIES 495 WEST SIDE ROAD yoc QOOH 1 WELLAND ONT ' oO ' i U ZACHARCHUK CONSTRUCTION 30 HARRIET ST., WELLAND, ONT. OFFICE PHONE 733.3390 GENERAL CONTRACTING - RENOVATING BUILDING MAINTENANCE Specializing In COMMERCIAL INDUSTRIAL RESIDENTIAL (4161 227-4189 Cecchini Masonry Ltd. P O BOX 25. 2 INDUSTRIAL DR THOROLD ONTARIO L2V 3Y7 W. WILLIS SONS LTD. FRESH FRUIT VEGETABLES Wholesales Retail Lakeshore Road, St. Catharines Phone 935-6151 935-6212 24 hour banking has arrived at 553 Niagara Street, Welland Banking has never been so easy or so convenient. w here people make ttie difference ' ' ' ' I ' i ' i ' l John F. Kennedy 357-9700 3643 Portage Road at Muggins Street Niagara Falls, Ontario L2J 2K8 47 la - Cinamarie Jonah Law Security 1 b - Loretta Joyce Health Records Tech. 1c - Catherine Julal General College Id - Lyn Kaior Nursing 1e - Dorothy Kasper Financial Management 2a - Karen Kavanaugh Dental Assistant f 0S 3 4 V 2b- Richard Kazimowicz Industrial Management 2c - Evan Keays Hotel Restaurant Admin. 2d - Dave W. Keddy Human Relations 2e - Susan Kelly Nursing 3a - Rebecca Keltos Law Security 4a - James Keppy Hotel Restaurant Admin. 48 la - Rolf Kessler Technology lb - Patricia Kit Nursing 1c - Laurene Klassen Dental Assistant Id - Rick Kocsis Law Security 1e - John Koeman Construction Eng. Tech. 2a - Terry Koks Interior Decorating 3 4 2b- Monica Kolb Tourism 2c - Ray Kopp Law Security 2d - Erika Koppenhagen Dental Hygienist 2e - Betty Korten Early Childhood Education 3a - Jodi Krah Arts 4a - Rebecca Krasovec Secretarial Arts CONGRATULATIONS BEST WISHES TO THE GRADUATES! Niagara Credit Union Limited Doing better together Branch Offices Throughout The Niagara Region 49 a o la - Edward Krawczyk Construction Eng. Tech. 1 b - Stephen Kuzmaski Personnel Management 1c - Bernie Kwade Horticultural Tech. 2a - Wayne La Belle Technology 2b - Jennifer Lace Smith Dental Hygienist 2c - Monica Lacroix Interior Design 3b- John Lambert Retail Management 3c - Joanne Lane Marketing Management 4b - David Langelaan Data Processing 4c - Michelle Larabie Health Records Tech. y V 3 4 CONGRATULATIONS GRADS OF ' 86! LUBRIZOL OF CANADA LTD. 5800 THOROLD STONE ROAD NIAGARA FALLS 358-5778 50 a c 1a- Carole Larochelle Early Childhood Education 3a- Christine Lennie Nursing 1b- Cinette La tour Educational Resource Tech. 3b- Saverio Leone Law Security 1c- Gideon Laurino Nursing 3c- Marcel Levesque Technology 2a- Janice Learn Dental Hygienist 4a- Brenda Liberty Dental Assistant 2b- Angela Leblanc Computer Programming 4b- Lisa Lindsay Hotel Restaurant Admin 2c- Linda Lenart Health Sciences 4c- Angus Livingstone Marketing Management KELSEY-HAYES CANADA LIMITED CONROY DIVISION P.O. BOX 278 ST. CATHARINES. ONTARIO L2R 6T9 A. Newman Co. Limited P.O. Box 640 St. Catharines, Ontario L2R 6X8 (416) 227-1195 THE PRINCE OF WALES HOTEL NIAGARA ON THE LAKE ONTARIO, CANADA LOS IJO PROVUiOAL CRANE P.O. BOX 1013 NIAGARA FALLS, ONTARIO L2E 6W8 TELEPHONE (416) 354-5621 PONTIAC BUICK CMC LTD. 333 Lake Street at QEW, St. Catharines, Ont., Tel: 934-2571 A NEAL DEAL IS A REAL DEAL ONTARIO GRAPE GROWERS ' MARKETING BOARD Vineland Station ST. JOSEPH BAKERY NIAGARA INC. 53 Facer Street St Catharines, Ontario L2M 5H7 Res 934-6596 Bus 937-4411 Comfortable and Affordable " Sportsmen ' s Motel Junclion Hwyi. SOI 20 Wclluid. Onluio Phone 892-2667 Approved by ® ® Your Hosts: Len Pam Gauvin 51 2 4 t la - Terry Loch Construction Eng. Tech. lb - Shelley Locke Horticultural Tech. 1c- Deborah Lockyer Hotel Restaurant Admin. Id - Mary Longley Dicta-Typ. Health Records 1 e - Joanne Lostracco Early Childhood Education 2a - Mary Lostracco Early Childhood Education 2b - Donna Lowery Legal Assistant 2c - Terri Lowes Horticultural Tech. 2d - Bridget Lucciola Business 2e - Cheryl Lynch Library Tech. 3a - Susan Mach Dental Assistant 4a - Colleen Mackay Nursing Congratulations Best Wishes to the Graduates! Dale Company Limited INSURANCE BROKERS Niagara Falls 6225 Muggins St. L2J 1 H2 356-4000 St. Catharines 1 1 King St. L2R 3H1 688-2772 " The Largest Canadian Owned Insurance Broker " 52 o D C 1 ■ 1a- Lori Mackay Nursing 3a- Joe Maiolo Mechanical Eng. Tech 1b- Sherry-Lynn Maclean Health Records Tech. 3b- Lesley Maitland Health Records Tech. 1c- Melody Macleod Health Records Tech. 3c- Alan Major Law Security 2a- Ruth Macpherson Social Service Worker 4a- James Mallory Computer Eng. Tech. 2b- Jill Maddox Human Relations 4b- Angie Mancuso Human Relations 2c- Jeff Main Retail Management 4c- Cindy Mann Horticultural Tech. Line 2 Andres St. Hwy 55, Virgil 4682135 " Start a Beautiful Roorijer " Peninsula IpKMStcrin Ltd. • Carpeting fi(ViHyI FIo«- Covering • Re-uphcJsterin • Ceramic 1x1 FONTHILL MOTOR SALES MAZDA SALES AND SERVICE 1145 S. PELHAM ST. FONTHILL, ONT. PHONE 892-3544 892-3668 Fonthill Concrete Products Ltd. %»;, and Builders Supplies HWY. 20 FONTHILL, ONT. LOS lEO PHONE 892-2694-5 Direct Tire Centres inc. 55 GENEVA STREET ST. CATHARINES, ONT L2R 4M6 (416)688-4305 BUILDERS ' SUPPLIES Aldo Muratori Fuels Ltd. 186 MERRin STREET ST. CATHARINES, ONTARIO 12T 1J6 OFFICE 227-1 lOI Guararrt) Trust 144 East Main Street Welland, Ontario (416) 732-2461 €® [LL® III P CANADA INC. P O BOX 160. ST CATHARINES ONTARIO SSfSS ' L2R6S4 eut Plus UNISEX SeA NAY AAALL 800 NIAGARA STREET WELLAND, ONTARIO PHONE 788-0580 1a- Karen Mannell Nursing 1b- Karen Manuel Accounting 1c- Joann Maracle Accounting 2a- Jeannette Mariage Bilingual Secretary 2b- Kim Marr Secretarial Studies 2c- Elainne Marriot Nursing 3b- Brenda Marsh Library Tech. 3c- Bonnie Martel Financial Management 4b- Ann Martin Human Relations 4c- Nancy Mather Nursing HINGSTON METAL FABRICATORS LTD. 490 Eastchester Avenue St. Catharines, Ontario L2M 6S3 (416) 682-8338 Distributors of Crystal Water Distillers 4 2 3 4 () M ( . () ( ( ' C(l t(l iC (iioa j •( . " 6 i t c, ' ! ic ( I i o(a c( ( c a tom .i p(f -f ( if if ' lf tm ' . ' i . Congratulations Class of 86 GA8A dORO Dining Lounge 5875 Victoria Avenue Niagara Falls, Ontario 356-5646 54 la - Celene Mattie Early Childhood Education lb - Shelley Matyus Human Relations 1c - Sheila McCaffrey Dental Assistant 2a - Ginette McCormack Nursing 2b - Carol Ann McCrory Dental Assistant 2c - Sheila McCugan Nursing 3a - Linda McKnight Secretarial Arts 3b - Mary Lou McMillan Nursing 3c - Norma McRobbie Educational Resource Tech. 4a - Joanne Mearns Accounting 4b - Kathy Mears Dental Assistant GOSEN ANDERSON RIGBY INSURANCE BROKERS, INC 1 95 King Street St. Catharines, Ontario 688-5530 4c Lise Mercier Health Sciences Mold Reslauranl. Indoor Pool. Water S Round Beds. Efliciencies. Group Rates, 1 2 Block to Skylon 10 Minutes walking to the Falls and Amusements. 5951 Clark Ave. Ferry St. Niagara Falls 416-356-4860 55 a 2 3 4 1a- Michelle Mercier 2b- James Miller Data Processing Horticultural Tech. 1b- Barbara Merkir 2c- Joanne Miller Legal Assistant Dental Hygienist 1c- Renay Mesi 2d- Sabina Mirabella Nursing Nursing 1d- Coleen Mewhinney 2e- Jackie Mitchell Nursing Nursing 1e- Scott Meyers 3a- Cleo Montpellier Arts Nursing 2a- Liza Milinkovich 4a- Chris Mooney Data Processing Library Tech. D O e One Pound Lobster Special Lobster Dinner $8?9 A Complete Dinner with House Appetizer, Salad, Sourdough Roll Butter, Fresh Vegetable and Potatoe Fish and Cliips Every Monday! All-You-Want! A Complete Dinner with House Appetizer, Salad, Sourdough Roll and Butter. BUUngsgate Restaurant One St. Paul Street St. Catharines, Ontario 4166822662 56 la - Lori Moreau Dental Assistant lb - Gloria Morello Educational Resource Tech. 1c - Suzette Morin Computer Programming Id - Judy Morreale Dental Assistant 1e - Tracey Morris Early Childhood Education 2a - Glen Morrow Electronic Eng. Tech. 3 4 2b - Cheryl Mottola Nursing 2c - Jim Mucciarone Marketing Management 2d - Liana Muise Human Relations 2e - Jeff Mulder Sales Merchandising 3a - Meg Mulligan Human Relations 4a - Iris Mullin Secretarial Arts CONGRATULATIONS Graduates Of 1986 v5f§§ A VS Services Ltd. Company o)® services a D o la - Dayna Murchison Educational Resource Tech. 1b- 1c 2a Lisa Murdoch Secretarial Arts Lisa Murphy Secretarial Arts Laura Murray Legal Assistant 2b - Linda Murray Retail Management 2c - Russell Murray Horticultural Tech. 3b - Sylvia Muste Law Security 3c - Michelle Muylaert Journalism 4b - Loraine Myers Nursing 4c- Kelly Nash Financial Management J ' t V 4 50 Years of Service To our Membership and the Community U. A. W. LOCAL 1 99 124 BUNTING ROAD ST. CATHARINES, ONTARIO L2P3G5 682-2611 Congratulations Graduates! Cadbury Schweppes Powell inc. P.O. Box 714, Yale Crescent St. Catharines, Ontario L2R 6V4 (416) 684-7491 MOTTS DIVISION a D o northAmerican VAN LINES CROWN MOVING STORAGE WELLAND - 732-3444 ST. CATHARINES - 384-9607 NIAGARA FALLS - 384-9607 Edward Neethling Electrical Eng. Tech. Karen Ness Horticultural Tech. Giesela Neufeld Dental Assistant a b Ruth Neufeld Dental Hygienist Debbie Nixon Accounting c - Patricia Nixon Health Records Tech. Lucien Noel Data Processing 3b- KimO ' Nell Dental Assistant 3c - Catherine Oakes Dental Assistant 4a - Teresa Ollen-Bittle Law Security 4b - Jim Olsson Business 4c - Gloria Orgar Educational Resource Tech. r 5651 Lewis Avenue, P O Box 1004 Niagara Falls Onlano L2E 6V9 (416) 354-2764 NABISCO BRANDS§ COUNTRV • •• HADIO Regional Road 23 Welland. Ont. L3B 3N5 (416) 732-4433; 384-9152 2 3 4 la - Elizabeth Orr Hotel Restaurant Admin. 1 b - Sandy Orsini Nursing 1c - David Ottaviano Early Childhood Education Id - Lori Overholt Nursing 1 e - Mary Overmeyer Hotel Restaurant Admin. 2a - Roswitta Paganin Arts 2b- Raymond Paille Tech. 2c- Vicl i Palgut Secretarial Studies 2d - Rosemary Panetta Nursing 2e - Teri Pankratz Dental Assistant 3a - Gerard Parker Horticultural Tech. 4a - Deborah Parry Dental Hygienist Buying ACar? FILTER UP NA1URAL GAS CONVERT NOW! O Save on Provincial Sales Tax O Receive $1000.00 in Grants O Save up to 50% on Fuel Costs For Further Information, Call 685-5441 XT. 274 Provinciai Gas 60 o c 2 3 PC ' 4 1a- Maria Passero 3a- Andrew Pepetone Health Records Tech. Horticultural Tech. 1b- Sue Patel 3b- Jonathan Pepper Accounting Electronic Eng. Tech. 1c- Mike Pauco 3c- Evelyn Perrault Mechanical Eng. Tech. Library Tech. 2a- Sonya Payne 4a- Raymond Perreault Law Security Tech. 2b- Heidi Pearson 4b- Ron Perri Nursing Industrial Management 2c- Joe Pendlebury 4c- Santino Perri Construction Eng. Tech. Marketing Management Compliments of McDonald s 631 Niagara St. N. Welland 735-1064 niagara region police association Regional Road 50. R.R. 2. Welland, Ontario L3B 5N5 10% Discount On All Yarns Till June 15th, 1986 XfHe 6eltic Sho NIAGARA ON THE LAKE - CANADA BOX 1016 NIAGARA ON THE LAKE ONTARIO LOS 1J0 468-2642 PHONE (416) 356-1161 or TOLL FREE From Canada 1.800-268-8993 Fiom Toronto 485-2632 From USA 1 800-528-1234 WRrrE: 6400 Lundy s Une Niagara Falls. Ontario. Canada L2G 1T6 ffima 8hall paper ltd 12 WALNUT ST., ST. CATHARINES, ONT. L2T 1H3 ArE 1 VIDCC ycur ticll Qcxl ★ccnnecticn HI-TECH T.V. •VIDEO • SALES • SERVICE • RENTAL 277 Welland Ave., St. Catharines, Ont. (416) 688-5454 M M. mm® (ten) ftfli?©© Convenient Location For All Your Automotive, Hardware, Sporting Goods and Auto Service Needs. 227-7481 300 Glendale Ave., St. Catharines INDEPENDENT AUTO TRIM AND GLASS 688-3445-47 200 Louth Street, St. Catharines, Ontario L2S 2R6 61 2 3 4 la - Manithong Phankham Accounting Ib-Michaela Philliskirk Tourism Ic - Lesley Pickston Horticultural Tech. Id - Joanne Pierroz Dental Assistant 1e - Sal Pino Electrical Eng. Tech. 2a - Sylvia Podobnik Nursing 2b - Nancy Policella Nursing 2c - Monica Poortinga Law and Security 2d -Cindy Potter Dental Assistant 2e - Kathy Pozgaj Law and Security 3a - Mary Beth Pratt Nursing 4a - Diane Prevost Law and Security 62 a c la - Frank Primerano Electrical Eng. Tech. lb- Cynthia Prinsen Early Childhood Education 1c - Caria Prockow Early Childhood Education 2a - Mirella Profeta Dental Assistant 2b - Chris Racey Mechanical Eng. Tech. 2c- Mark Randall Hotel and Restaurant Admin. 3a - Mira Rasic Accounting 3b - Gina Rawden Bilingual Secretary 3c - Gwendolyn Reed Library Technician 4a - Judy Reid Nursing 4b- Beth Rempel Nursing 4c - Margaret Richardson Human Relations PL ARK MACHINE CO. LTD. 423 Giendale Avenue St. Catharines, Ontario L2T 1 KO (416) 227-5233 F. E. COYNE INSURANCE BROKERS LIMITED 1 64 Division Street Welland, Ontario L3B 5R5 Tel. 735-0970 CO Caisse populaire Welland limitee 59, rue Empire, Welland, Ontario L3B 2L3 (416) 735-3453 Instructions In: Jiu Jitsu Kai, Karate, Kobuto (Weapons Art) 4654 Queen Street, Niagara Falls (41 6) 354-4055 R Y Tool Die Co. Ltd. zfools ' ies ' uUer and Tlastic alHtotds River Road, R.R.I Welland, Ontario L3B 5N4 (416) 732-4545 tdOlC Delivery Service Ltd. AAAIL and PARCEL CONTRACTORS Radio Dispatched Office: 732 6892 732 6821 No Cfiarge Call Operator ZENITH 13200 Free Engraving Plaques Gifts rpwood s TROPHIES 266 King Street. Welland, Ontario 735-4474 THINK GREEN! young 7od FARMS Custom Blended Blue Grass Pelham 892-2681 360 Foss Road, Fenwick Young Sod Farms 63 i 3 4 la - Ted Riehl Law Security lb - Susan Rigby Interior Design 1c - Cameron Riley Hotel Restaurant Admin. Id - Christine Ristau Dental Assistant 1e- Marcel Robert Hotel Restaurant Admin. 2a - Heather Roberts Educational Resource Tech. 2b - Larry Roberts Accounting 2c - Robin Lee Roberts Tourism 2d - Teresa Robertson Nursing 2e - Nicole Robillard Early Childhood Education 3a - Sandra Robins Computer Programmer 4a - Glenn Rodgers Social Service Worker Taking Care or Business Information 31 8 Ontario street St. Catharines, Ontario (41 6) 688-1 1 87 318 Ontario St. - St. Catharines, Ontario L2R 5L8 64 C RAPTIMENNO TRAVEL (ONTARIO LTD.) Lakeshore Square 33 Lakeshore Road St. Catharines, Ontario (416)937-0550 1-800-263-3620 Carl DamudB Limited COMPLETE OFFICE OUTFITTER P.O. Box 694, Welland, Ontario L3B 5R5 THOROLD WELDING FABRICATING LTD. 65 Ormond Street N. P.O. Box 176, Thorold, Ont. L2V3Y9 (416) 227-6763 ULS International Inc. ULS International Inc. 49 Jackes Avenue Toronto, Ontario (416)920-7610 Telex 065-241 57 NIAGARA FALLS BRIDGE COMMISSION Rainbow Bridge Whirlpool Rapids Bridge Lewiston-Queenston Bridge la - Anthony Rodriguez Technology 1 b - Brenda Roest Dental Assistant 1c 2a Lynda Rose Nursing Sue Roseberry Health Science 2b - Stephen Rowsell Health Science 2c - Chantal Roy Tourism 3a- Neil Rubel Computer Programming 3b - Angie Rupp Business 3c - Rick Russ Human Relations 4a - Liz Russell Nursing 4b- Mark Russell Retail Management 4c - Donna Ruttan Horticultural Tech. WELLAND METAL SUPPLIES LIMITED FABRICATORS AND DISTRIBUTORS - 208 Burgar Street Box 206, Welland, Ontario L3B 5P4 Glen Nigh (V.P.) (416) 732-4457 Niagara Artcraft Woodwork Co. Ltd. 4417 Kent Ave., Niagara Falls (416) 354-5657 Ampower Canada (1982) Limited Unit 7 113 Cushman Road St Catharines. Ontario Canada L2M 6S9 (416) 688-6770 Telex 061-5348 a o la - AtuI Sachdeva Business lb- Charlie Sackelt Hotel Restaurant Admin. 1c - Kathryn Saddler Dental Assistant 2a - Marilyn Sarkis Dental Hygienist 2b-Tracey Sathmary Chemical Eng. Tech. 2c- Terri Sauder Accounting 3b - Leonard Savoia Secretarial Studies 3c - Christine Sawatzky Nursing 4b - Kellie Saxton Early Childhood Education 4c - Gina Scavo Human Relations m STUDENT SUPPLIES FOR • Drafting ©Business •Typewriters •Calculators 735-5532 I ' M 3 4 Doucet Design Interiors RRl Niagara-on-the-Lake Ontario LOS IJO 416-262-4411 66 a D c la - Gary Schoonings Construction Eng. Tech. 1 b - Leslie Schroeder Nursing 1c - Irene Sebastianelli Dental Assistant 2a - Cindy Seko Nursing 2b - Charlene Senese Computer Programming 2c Denise Seguin Tourism 3a - Brian Serroul Computer Electronics 3b - Wendy Sexsmith Dental Hygienist 3c - Dave Sharpe Technology 4a - Kim Shaubel Data Processing 4b - Francine Shaw Library Technician 4c - Stephen Shaw Radio T.V. 685-8668 •complete line of accessories to dress up your VAN, 4x4 OR CAR EXTERIOR INTERIOR • RV VAN CONVERSIONS 26 St. Paul Cres. St. Cattiarines amI the photographer THE CAMERA PLACE 4746 VaUey Way Niagara Falls, Ontario L2E IWl 358-7232 The Niagara Donut House Limited Box 2503, Station " B " St. Catharines, Ontario L2R 6P7 Ptione 682-0102 Compliments of lUinta TRAVEL SERVICE LTD. 5 EAST MAIN ST. WELLAND, ONT L3B 3W4 PHONE 735-0303 Fairview Mall, 285 Geneva Street St. Cattiarines 937-5000 United Textile Workers of America 360 St. Paul Street St. Catharines, Ontario L2R 3N2 (416) 684-9216 LEE WAH LAUNDRY TEL. 734-9246 239 HELLEMS Ave. WELLAND, Ontario L3B 3B8 67 la - Barbara Sheehan Data Processing 1 b - Teresa Shepherd Dental Assistant 1c - Wendy Shinners Health Sciences Id - Diane Shortt Hotel and Restaurant Admin. 2a - John Siemens Chemical Eng. Tech. 2b - Nancy Simmons Dental Hygienist 2c - Tom Sinnett Data Processing 2d - Domenic Sirignano Law Security a C Mf Our thanks to the following patrons who contributed to the success of our yearbook by means of listing with us. ABC Daycare Center The Executives Hair Salon Lincoln Fabrics Limited 34 Facer Street Michael Morra - Proprietor 63 Lal eport Road St. Catharines St. Catharines St. Catharines 937-4843 684-5122 934-3391 Burcher Fabricating Inc. Glendale Day Care Center McNamara Reynolds 51 Cecil Street 150 Glendale Avenue 46 James Street St. Catharines St. Catharines St. Catharines 935-4420 684-0300 685-4884 Coy Bros. Ltd. Garden City Auto Glass McGee Marking Devices 14 James Street 221 Queenston Street 10 Niagara Street St. Catharines St. Catharines St. Catharines 685-6529 684-9473 684-1191 Doc Audio Service Girotti Machine Works Ontario Street Service Centre 43 Scott Street, Unit 5 26 Seaparl Drive 242 Ontario Street St. Catharines St. Catharines St. Catharines 682-9484 684-6584 684-8622 Dinning Decorators Hulseand English Inc. Partridge, Pelissero Co. 20 Battersea Avenue 75 Church Street Chartered Accountants St. Catharines St. Catharines 50 William Street 935-9185 684-6346 St. Catharines, 685-4231 Emco Supply Homer Salvage Auto Wreckers The Proctor Redfern Group 24 Seapark Drive 32-34 Cushman Road Consulting Engineers Planners St. Catharines St. Catharines 210 King St., St. Catharines 684-9205 366-2077 688-4272 la - Cynthia Smith Early Childhood Education lb - Karen Smith Horticultural Tech. 1c - Kristin Smith Social Service Worl er Id - Monica Smith Nursing 2a - Monique Smith Education Resource Tech. 2b- Wayne Smith Hotel Restaurant Admin. 2c - Eileen Smyth Dental Assistant 2d - Ron Sokoloski Computer Eng. Tech. 2 Our thanks to the following patrons who contributed to the success of our yearbook by means of listing with us. Barry ' s Haircutting Place Coons Heating Sheet Metal Ltd. Peninsula Glass Inc. 46 East Main Street 24 Hilda Street 219-221 Burgar Street Wetland Welland Welland 732-2111 732-6075 735-2901 Bamboo Restaurant East IVIain Motors J.J. Patterson Sons 641 King Street 936 East Main Street Funeral Residence Ltd. Welland Welland 19 Young Street, Welland 734-6229 732-6167 735-5713 Central Communications, Inc. Georges Restaurant Rice Road Greenhouses and 173A East IVIain Street 10 McCabe Street Garden Centre Ltd. Welland Welland R.R. 2, Welland 732-1339 735-8555 892-5832 Greece ' s IVIobility Systems W. Hunka Son Salvage Inc. Rose City Service Centre Ltd Hwy. 20 1030 Railroad Ave. 801 Ontario Road Welland Welland Welland 892-3519 734-9512 732-6731 C.E. Refractories Jonas Sons Jewellers Santo ' s Pizzeria Prince Charles Drive 16 Main Street East 284 East Main Street Welland Welland Welland 732-4441 732-5434 735-2222 Club Social Inc. Niagara Bookkeeping and Albert Saltarelli Realty Ltd. Banquets, Danses Business Information Systems 148 Main Street West Salles a louer 76 Division St., Welland Welland Welland, 735-0131 734-6813, 734-6303 732-6222 1 a - Dave Sowers Horticultural Tech. lb- Audrey Spak Interior Design 1c - Pamela Sparkes Secretarial Studies Id - Donna Speck Health Science 2a - Lorraine Starr Dental Hygienist 2b - Terry Stead Mechanical Eng. Tech. 2c - Kathryn Stengel Nursing 2d - Jo-Ann Stensen Hotel Restaurant Admin. 1 2 Our thanks to the following patrons who contributed to the success of our yearbook by means of listing with us. Thorold Public Library 14 0rmond Street N. Thorold 227-2581 Niagara Donut House 45 Ormond Road Thorold 227-6307 Aero-Safe Technologies Inc. 1-599 Industrial Drive Fort Erie 871-1663 Allied Chemicals Canada Beaverdams Rd., P.O. Box 55 Thorold 227-1532 Buzby ' s Variety Box 892 Beamsville 563-4161 Canadian Gasket Company Ltd. 505 Central Ave., P.O. Box 66 Fort Erie 871-0600 Dwor Metal Company Box 37 Port Colborne 834- 3653 Dart Foundries Limited P.O. Box 160, Eagle St. Stevensville 382-3106 Ennisteel Service Centre South Street, P.O. Box 10 Port Robinson 384-9794 Empire Store Fixtures Hvi y. 8 St. Davids 262-4765 Hymac Machine Shop Ltd. 100 Barrick Road Port Colborne 835- 8112 Jerry ' s Auto Body R.R. 3 Beamsville 563-7702 John ' s Gulf Service Ltd. P.O. Box 162 St. Davids 262-4201 Lincoln Florist Lincoln Ave., R.R. 3 Beamsville 563-8472 J. A. Myers Insurance Brokers 974 Church St. Fenwick 892-3524 Maslink ' s Inc. Pine North Shopping Centre Thorold 227-1180 Nigh ' s Sweet Shoppe 3757 Netherby Rd. Stevensville 382-2511 Old Niagara Bookshop 44 Queen Street Niagara-on-the-Lake 468-2602 1 a - James Stepien Chemical Eng. 1 b - Maryann Stojkiewicz Tourism 1c - Brenda-Lynn Stolk Educational Resource Tech Id - Carole Storms Horticultural Tech. 2a - Dave Stutz Electronic Eng. Tech. 2b - Tracy Suess Educational Resource Tech 2c - Stanley Szczepanowski Horticultural Tech. 2d - Evelyn Szeto Accounting Our thanks to the following patrons who contributed to the success of our yearbook by means of listing with us. Peace Bridge Brokerage Limited Times-Review Constable Transport 33 Walnut Street 401 B Garrison Rd. Hwy. 58, Allanburg Rd. Fort Erie Fort Erie Thorold 871-6500 871-3100 227-3705 Bobbins Fuels Thorold Hydro Electric Commission Natures Creations Florist Box 58, 803 Canboro Rd. 47 Front Street, North 440 Niagara St. Fenwick Thorold Welland 892-2344 227-5294 735-3301 St. Catharines Corrugated Containers Vary Industries Ken Nash Paint Wallpaper P.O. Box 36, 1827 Allanport Rd. 31 7 South Service Rd. 212 East Main Street Thorold P.O. Box 160, Grimsby Welland 227-0521 945-9691 734-4373 Star Tile Centre Ltd. Niagara Institute Frank Lee Sunoco Box 488 176 John Street 180 Fitch Street Fonthill Niagara-on-the-Lake Welland 892-5756 468-4271 735-3822 Thermapan Industries Inc. Ken ' s Siding Seamless His ' n ' Her Hair Design Box 479 706 Memorial 21 Cross Street Fonthill Fenwick Welland 892-2675 892-6636 735-4983 Tuck ' s Jewellers Ltd. Keith ' s Restaurant Ceply ' s Pools Spas P.O. Box 97 1502 Pelham Rd. 633 King Street Port Colborne Fonthill Welland 834-3823 892-3261 735-9131 71 a D c a Our thanks to the following patrons who contributed to the success of our yearbook by means of listing with us. Rodgers Real Estate 83 Ontario Street St. Catharines 688-6663 Zellers Limited Pen Centre St. Catharines 684-8761 Swap Shop 236 St. Paul St. St. Catharines 682-5755 St. Catharines Hydro-Electric Commission 129 Church Street St. Catharines 684-8111 Kaupp Electric Ltd. 225 Merritt Street St. Catharines 227-1661 Speer Opticians Lake Lakeshore St. Catharines 935-1234 Sisters of Service 398 Vine Street, Apt. 307 St. Catharines 937-0910 Global Theatrical Supplies 130 Hartzel Road St. Catharines 684-6983 Louth and Niagara Orchards 49 Ridley Road St. Catharines 684-8318 P.D. (Phil) Sheldon Chartered Accountant 3Tara Crt, St. Catharines 934-8090 Sew Knit 37 James St. St. Catharines 682-0577 St. Catharines Glass Mirror 227 Bunting Rd. St. Catharines 688-0133 The Trophy Shop 180 Church Street St. Catharines 685-3012 Douglas Ure Sons 66 Queen St. St. Catharines 685-5931 Pongray, Caplan Ouellette 15 James St. St. Catharines 688-0066 Vine St. Floral Gardens Ltd. 310 Vine Street St. Catharines 934-7134 Upper Canada Consultants 94 Church St. St. Catharines 688-9400 Niagara Plastic Signs 12Woodburn St. Catharines 688-5545 a D c d la - Elizabeth Ticknovich Dental Assistant 1 b - Reeny Timmermans Nursing 1c - Colleen Tiner Secretarial Studies Id - Janet Tisi Human Relations 2a - Sharon Titian Social Service Worker 2b - Cordana Todorovic Radio T.V. 2c - Gisele Tontsch Dental Hygienist 2d - Wendy Tooke Educational Resource Tech. Our thanks to the following patrons who contributed to the success of our yearbook by means of listing with us. Women ' s Place Welland Flower Shop Welland Gas Car Wash Shelter for abused 216 King St. 554 Niagara St. Women their Children Welland Welland 24-hour line 788-0133 732-2422 735-0611 Eastside Bowling Lanes Zar Graphics Weins Equipment 128 Division Street 76 West Main St. 80 Federal Road Welland Welland Welland 735-3041 735-3560 735-0273 A-1 Flooring The Select Uniform Shoppe Riverside Excavating 6 Clark St. 171 King Street 264 Riverside Dr. Welland Welland Welland 735-3223 735-1442 735-1413 Greetings to Falconers Scrap Iron Metal Requip Limited Students Faculty 20 Rusholme Road Hwy. 58 Mel Swart, MLA Welland Welland Welland-Thorold 735-0080 735-4810 T.R.E. Incorporated Hydel Engineering Regional Rustproofing Systems 201 Major St. P.O. Box 662 89 Shaw St. Welland Welland Welland 735-8330 735-5492 735-4712 Vineland Canning Company Wellbridge Engineering Co. Ltd. Peninsula Saw Co. 77FOSS Rd., P.O. Box 670 Market Square 136 Broad ay Welland Welland Welland 892-3631 735-0275 735-2774 a c a 1a- 1b- 1c Id- 2a- 2b- 2c 2d- Janice Tope Nursing Donna Toth Financial Management Barbara Towne Interior Designer Beverly Traver Secretarial Studies Lori Triano Social Service Worker Bambi Trozzi Sales Merchandising Mac Turnbull Technology Debbie Tweedle Radio T.V. 4 1 2 Our t ianfcs to the following patrons who contributed to the success of our yearboolt by means of listing with us. Philip T. Barnes Chartered Accountant P.O. Box 56, Niagara Falls 354-5694 Brodericl( and Associates 4365 Queen Street Niagara Falls 356-2621 Chapman IVIurray Associates Architects 6385 Colborne Street Niagara Falls 354-1674 De IVIol ' s Tire Sales Service Centre 5844 Temperance Avenue Niagara Falls 356- 7544 Four Brothers Restaurant Tavern 5283 Ferry Street Niagara Falls 358-6951 Honeymoon City IVIotel 4943 Clifton Hill Niagara Falls 357- 4330 State Farm Insurance Co. Washington Mills Ltd. 5211 Drummond Road, Suite A 6225 Progress St. Niagara Falls Niagara Falls 357-2511 357-1050 Mid-Town Bowling (Niagara) Ltd Zellers 5685 Ferry Street 6510 Lundy ' s Lane Niagara Falls Niagara Falls 354-4023 354-3868 Niagara Block Incorporated Fagans Food For Thought 5000 Montrose Road 5259 Victoria Avenue Niagara Falls Niagara Falls 356-2221 358-8471 Roadway Inn, Niagara Rocco ' s Auto Service 5640 Stanley Ave. 4523 Drummond Rd. Niagara Falls Niagara Falls 354-3754 356-0177 George Skelding Landscaping Loris Upholstery 4063 Kalar Road 5734 Valleyway Niagara Falls Niagara Falls 357-5258 358-0211 Thornburn Drug Stores Butler Insurance 4391 Queen St. 4740 Valleyway 5881 Main Street Niagara Falls Niagara Falls 356-6635 74 a boa la - Leanne Tyler Interior Design 1 b - Rosa Uribe Personnel Management 1c- RonVahrmeyer Marketing Management Id - Elaine Van Beek Retail Management 2a - Andy Van Egmond Electrical Eng. Tech. 2b - Joyce Van Huizen 2c - Andrea Van Ophem Secretarial Arts 2d - Alida Vander VIeuten Horticultural Tech. Our thanks to the following patrons who contributed to the success of our yearbook by means of listing with us. Dr. G.J. Alexander Associates Dr. R.C. Pupo Dr. F. Emilio Raimondo 325 Thorold Road West 7 Riverside Drive 4 Sullivan Avenue Welland Welland Thorold 732-4777 735-7571 227-5215 Dr. Brian F. Bergman, D.D.S. Dr. J.J. Sassi Dr. Wm. Petrachenko, O.D. 80 Welland Ave. 38 Albert Street West Optometrist St. Catharines Thorold, Ontario 245 Pelham Road 688-5334 227-4303 St. Catharines Dr. T.E. Diclcinson Dr. Morton Yablo Dr. B. John Empringham 5400 Portage Road Dental Surgeon Box 185 Niagara Falls 570 King Street Niagara-on-the-Lake 356-2236 Welland 468-3023 Sam Chaarani - Denture Therapy Clinic Dr. Catherine Vetrano Dr. Booth 187A Church Street 245 Pelham Road 5400 Portage Rd. St. Catharines St. Catharines Niagara Falls 688-5260 688-4866 358-0171 Dr. Norman J. Haigh Dr. M.F. Lee Dr. Grossman Doctor of Chiropractic 64 Queen Street Niagara Square 519 Mississauga Street St. Catharines Niagara Falls Niagara-on-the-Lake, 468-2442 688-4830 358-6684 Dr. Michael Finnlgan Main West Animal Hospital 157 West Main, Welland 735-7877 75 a D c CI 1 a - Gerry Vanderlee Horticultural Tech. 1 b - Connie Vanevery Arts 1c- Janice Vecero Radio T.V. 1 d - Anna Marie Venditti Dental Assistant 2a- Rita Venditti Educational Resource Tech. 2b - Bambi Ventresca Secretarial Arts 2c - Lena Ventresca Educational Resource Tech. 2d - Ramona Verbrickas Arts Our thanks to the following patrons who contributed to the success of our yearbook by means of listing with us. Carl Electric Co. 589 Peiham Rd. Welland 732-2512 Dan ' s Dive Shop 48 Lakeport St. Catharines 934-2160 The Senator North End Plaza St. Catharines 934-0492 Black Lantern Tavern 64 Niagara Street Welland 735-3830 Card ' n ' Quill Glenridge Shopping Plaza St. Catharines 688-1900 Murdoch Tire 285 Killaly Street Port Colborne 835-8832 Casa Del Toro 1030 Niagara St. N. (Hwy. 58) Welland 735-6666 Star of the Sea Church 34 Elgin Street St. Catharines 934-1170 Lancers Restaurant 24 St. Paul Street St. Catharines 684-3640 Holiday Inn " Newly Renovated " 2 North Service Rd. St. Catharines, 934-2561 Blenkhorn and Sawie Limited 100 Grantham St. Catharines 684-9251 Westburne Electric 42 Wright St. St. Catharines 688-1282 Harder Insurance Brokers 73 Ontario Street St. Catharines 688-4010 Niagara Trailers Hwy. 8 Niagara Falls 262-4518 The Bowery Restaurant 310 Lake Street St. Catharines 937-2100 Golden Pheasant Tavern 244 Ontario St. St. Catharines 682-7818 Geppino ' s Grocery 5504 Lewis Ave. Niagara Falls 356-9715 United Steelworkers of America - District 6 2972 Queenston Street St. Catharines 76 I la - Lisa Venditelli Early Childhood Education 1 b - Patricia Verstraeten Health Records Tech. 1c- Franeine Vincelette Early Childhood Education Id - Anne Von Bortzell Arts 2a- Rich Wallace Law Security 2b - Tricia Walmsley Nursing 2c- Jason Walsh Construction Eng. Tech. 2d - Allison Warner Law Security 2 2 Over 60 Stores Services " We ' ve Got It All " Monday thru Saturday 9:30 a.m. - 9:30 p.m. 800 Niagara Street, Welland SOON-OPENING SOON-OPEN i g o CD Onn T AT TT for information o O s i MSdO MOOS ONIM3clO MOOS a c Y 4 ok : . V P 1 a - Frances Wassenaar Tourism 1 b - Michael Waters Law Security 1c - Jennifer Watson Nursing 2a - Nancy M. Weiss Social Service Worker 2b -Susan Welch Early Childhood Education 2c - Michelle Werner Interior Decorating THE BIG BLUE AND WHITE Welland Transit roy wormald electric ltd. 36 Duncan Drive St. Catharines Ontario 934-1997 3a - Geoff Wheaton Survey Tech. 3b -Sally White Law Security 3c- Janet Whitely Computer Programming 4a - Karen Whittaker Dental Assistant 4b - Doris Wiens Nursing 4c - Wayne Willis Data Processing r RESTAURANT PHARMACY 200 Garrison Road, Fort Erie Monday - Saturday 9:30 a.m. - 9:00 p.m. " Only You ' ll Know How Little You Paid " DE LEUWCATH6R, CANADA LTD. CONSULTING ENGINEERS AND PLANNERS 5233STANLEYAVENUE,UNIT «1 NIAGARA FALLS. ONTARIO L2E VCS (41B) 356-7003 a o St. Catharines Volkswagen Ltd. 125 Hartzel Road St. Catharines, Ont. (416) 688-5230 lONA lONA APPLIANCES INC. P.O. Box 1004, Welland, Ontario L3B 5S1 (416) 734-7476 la - Ken Winer Data Processing 1 b - Scott Winger Hotel Restaurant Admin. 1c Susanne Whittlieb Dental Assistant 2a Louis Wolbert General College 2b - Jim Wood Arts 2c - Elaine Yatulis Library Tech. 3a - Jay Yatulis Electronic Eng. Tech, 3b - Terry Yockell Mechanical Eng. Tech. 3c - Roberta Young Health Science 4a - Susan Young Financial Management 4b - Roger Yurkiw Computer Eng. Tech. 4c - Gordon Zacharchuk Construction Eng. Tech. (NIAGARA) 300 Welland Ave. St. Catharines, Ontario L2R 7L9 (416) 684-9896 St Clair Fairview Mall Geneva Street the paint St. Catharines 973-581 1 paper Pen Centre people. Glendale Avenue St. Catharines 685-4534 79 D C 1 1 a - Tracey Zamprogna Early Childhood Education Ib-TonyZangarl Financial Management 1c - Marilyn Zapp Health Sciences 2a - Rina Zilio Hotel Restaurant Admin. 2b- Bill Zizian Technology 2c - Judy Zurawinski Accounting 81 86 Anne Bittersohl Nursing Education Div Eleanor J. Bull Allied HIth Preschool Educ D David P. Abraham Math, Econ, Part-time Dev Div Stewart C. Black Creative Arts Human Services Thomas H. Busnarda Horticulture Adult Basic Educ Frank S. Adamson Allied HIth Preschool Educ D RoyG. Blake Chem Comp El Ec Div Felix K. Bussmann Hospitality Office Adm Legal Anthony D. Albano Math, Econ, Part-time Dev Div Barbara J. Blue Comm, Social Sci. Gen Studies George Campbell Mfg Mech Construction Div Kenneth W. Anderson Student Services M. Diane Bond Nursing Education Div John C. Cassidy Applied Mgmt Division Stephanie A. Anderson Horticulture Adult Basic Educ Mary Bondarchuk Allied HIth Preschool Educ D Clara L. Casucci Applied Mgmt Division Lou W. Appe! Chem Comp EI Ec Div Kenneth Booth Resource Centre for Skills Dev Rosemary Cawthorn Student Services Janet E. Arnott Allied HIth Preschool Educ D Morris Bosey Student Services Janet 1. Ceply Horticulture Adult Basic Educ F. Billie Atkinson Allied HIth Preschool Educ D Alyce Bowes Student Services Betty Ann Chandler Nursing Ed Centre Vincent M. Audibert Applied Mgmt Division Robert Bowman Creative Arts Human Services Patrick L. Chandler Allied HIth Preschool Educ D Thomas C. Ball Horticulture Adult Basic Educ Ivan Bradaric Mfg Mech Construction Div John C. Chapman Math, Econ, Part-time Dev Div Nancy C. Barber Nursing Education Div Joseph L. Brandy Horticulture Adult Basic Educ Gordon K. Chen Chem Comp EI Ec Div Frederick]. Bassi Athletics Joan Brannon Hospitality Office Adm Legal Barbara J. Chevalier Nursing Education Div J. David Berry Math, Econ, Part-time Dev Div Frederick C. Bridgeman Creative Arts Human Services Brigitte Chiki Student Services Sara Biamonte Nursing Education Div Jocelyne D. Briggs Planning Development Raj K. Chopra Math, Econ, Part-time Dev Div M. Lynn Bird Creative Arts Human Services James B. Brooks Comm, Social Sci. General Studies Elizabeth A. Christensen Nursing Education Div John E. Birney Applied Mgmt Division Beverly D. Brown Creative Arts Human Services . Erika Church Comm, Social Sci. Gen Studies Aubry Bissett Comm, Social Sci. Gen Studies Gerald M. Brown Chem Comp EI Ec Div Frank A. Ciccarelli Chem Comp El Ec Div YolandeC. Bissonnette Hospitality Office Adm Legal K. Richard Brown Applied Mgmt Division Gino J. Cieri Mfg Mech Construction Div 88 Nicola T. Ciolfi Mfg Mech Construction Div Leo Chartrand Chem Comp EI Ec Div Albert D. Cipryk Hospitality Office Adm Legal John W. Clark Chem Comp EI Ec Div Neville S. Clayton Math, .Econ, Part-time Dev Div Dagnija B. Clinton Nursing Education Div Michael R. Collins Comm, Social Sci. Gen Studies Donald L. Combe Horticulture Adult Basic Educ Donna J. Conradi Nursing Education Div David L. Corner Matli, Econ, Part-time Dev Div Kenneth E. Cosgrove Comm, Social Sci. Gen Studies Carmel K. Costantini Horticulture Adult Basic Educ Lawrence R. Cote Applied Mgmt Division Misette A. Critelli Student Services W. John Crossley Mfg Mech Construction Div Michael Curcumelli Chem Comp EI Ec Div GarryJ. Curnock Mfg Mech Construction Div Donald A. Currie Creative Arts Human Services Harriet D. Davidson Horticulture Adult Basic Educ Joan L. Davies Creative Arts Human Services Paul M. Davoud Creative Arts Human Services Kenneth I. Delandro Horticulture Adult Basic Educ Patrick A. Delaney Applied Mgmt Division Abraham Dief Math, Econ, Part-time Dev Div Vincent Dileo Resource Centre For Skills Dev Dominic Diodati Hospitality Office Adm Legal Dorothy A. Doyle Student Services Patricia A. Drozdoski Hospitality Office Adm Legal Maura B. Dugas Math, Econ, Part-time Dev Div W. Stuart Duncan Nursing Education Div J. Philip Durrant Creative Arts Human Services Sandra Dzakovic Applied Mgmt Division Maria C. Edelman Learning Resource Centres James A. Eden Resource Centre For Skills Dev Kenneth H. Eller Math, Econ, Part-time Dev Div Paul A. Evans Resource Centre For Skills Dev Alexandra R. Fic Comm, Social Sci. Gen Studies Darrell J. Firby Hospitality Office Adm Legal Paul R. Firlotte Creative Arts Human Services Margaret A. Fleming Horticulture Adult Basic Educ J. Edward Fox Math, Econ, Part-time Dev Div Jack S. Eraser Chem Comp EI Ec Div Thomas W. Eraser Chem Comp EI Ec Div Margaret A. Freeman Hospitality Office Adm Legal Richard Furbacher Chem Comp EI Ec Div Carolyn G. Giganti Hospitality Office Adm Legal Arthur R.Gill Resource Centre For Skills Dev Catherine L. Gillis Creative Arts Human Services Debra A. Gilmore Applied Mgmt Division Merry M. Goffin Nursing Education Div Ronald S. Gordon Creative Arts Human Services Anthony J. Goss Math, Econ, Part-time Dev Div Gordon W. Goulty Mfg Mech Construction Div Valerie L. Grabove Creative Arts Human Services Brian N. Green School of Applied Science Te Jennie Griffiths Comm, Social Sci. Gen Studies Romain H. Guay Resource Centre For Skills Dev Thomas C. Hales Resource Centre For Skills Dev Heather A. Halpenny Nursing Education Div Maura Hamill Creative Arts Human Services Irene M. Hanlin Hospitality Office Adm Legal Joan F. Hastings Comm, Social Sci. Gen Studies James B. Heron Math, Econ, Part-time Dev Div Heather O. Hewitt Creative Arts Human Services GoldieM. Hill Creative Arts Human Services Margaret A. Hodgins Nursing Education Div Ross K. Holmes Applied Mgmt Division Thomas D. Honey Applied Mgmt Division Robert J. Hurl Comm, Social Sci. Gen Studies Miroslaw Huryn Mfg Mech Construction Div Mario E. Iseppon Mfg Mech Construction Div Archibald Jamieson Applied Mgmt Division Austin Jelbert Comm, Social Sci. Gen Studies Janice A. Jenter Nursing Education Div I. John Jocsak Applied Mgmt Division Marti L. Jurmain Comm, Social Sci. Gen Studies K. Joseph Kelly Comm, Social Sci. Gen Studies Brian D. Keppy Comm, Social Sci. Gen Studies JohnC. Killip Hospitality Office Adm Legal Evelyn J. Kita Nursing Education Div Emil Knebel Chem Comp EI Ec Div Nestor M. Komar Math, Econ, Part-time Dev Div Joseph A. Kopec Chem Comp El Ec Div Dorothy E. Korchok Horticulture Adult Basic Educ William J. Kovacs Applied Mgmt Division Marian J. Landry Nursing Education Div Beverly A. Langley Nursing Education Div Janice F. Lapierre Nursing Education Div Iris Later Horticulture Adult Basic Educ Gregory W. Laughton Comm, Social Sci. Gen Studies Adrienne Lefebvre Nursing Education Div Alan R. Leith Creative Arts Human Services E. June Long Nursing Education Div S. Keith Longster Hospitality Office Adm Legal Elvira H. Lucas Creative Arts Human Services Marie-Therese Lynch Creative Arts Human Services Carol Ann MacKinnon Nursing Education Div Erik H. Madsen Student Services Eugene L. Maltais Comm, Social Sci. Gen Studies Patricia C. Mancuso Nursing Education Div Anne L. Manjos Hospitality Office Adm Legal J. Paris Mansfield Horticulture Adult Basic Educ Angela Martin Allied HIth Preschool Educ D Kenneth W. Martin Mfg Mech Construction Div Bonnie J. Martyn Nursing Education Div Terrence L. Mason Comm, Social Sci. Gen Studies Susan D. Matheson Allied HIth Preschool Educ D G. Raymond Matthews Comm, Social Sci. Gen Studies John J. McCabe Hospitality Office Adm Legal Wayne P. McCreadie Chem Comp El Ec Div Thomas J. McGuinness Mfg Mech Construction Div D ' Arcy E. McHayle Creative Arts Human Services John F. Mclntyre Horticulture Adult Basic Educ E. Craig McKay Comm, Social Sci. Gen Studies Bruce D. McNiven Hospitality Office Adm Legal W. Gordon McPherson Student Services Patricia Menon Comm, Social Sci. Gen Studies Hans R. Miethig Mfg Mech Construction Div Brian F. Millard Applied Mgmt Division Chantal Millet Applied HIth Preschool Educ D Bruce C. Milligan Creative Arts Human Services Albert E. Mills Mfg Mech Construction Div Marie T. Mills Horticulture Adult Basic Educ M. Marilyn Minards Nursing Education Div Narendra K. Misra Chem Comp EI Ec Div Mavis M. Monck Hospitality Office Adm Legal Glenn A. Mount Mfg Mech Construction Div John Muggeridge Comm, Social Sci. Gen Studies Eileen R. Muir Creative Arts Human Services Alan D. Munro Mfg Mech Construction Div William B. Munroe Creative Arts Human Services JaneC. Murphy Comm, Social Sci. Gen Studies William Mymryk Chem Comp EI Ec Div Marvin Nash Resource Centre For Skills Dev Sandra J. Nemcko Horticulture Adult Basic Educ James Nicholas Comm, Social Sci. Gen Studies Angela S. North Creative Arts Human Services Mary I. O ' Laughlin Hospitality Office Adm Legal Margaret A. O ' Neill Nursing Education Div Mary H. O ' Shea Horticulture Adult Basic Educ Aniamma Oommen Nursing Education Div Ruth P. Oppertshauser Nursing Education Div Duane N. Orr Student Services David C. Oscvirk Resource Centre for Skills Dev Wilhelmina M. Ostrander Applied HIth Preschool Educ D Donald J. Papple Horticulture Adult Basic Educ John G. Peacock Hospitality Office Adm Legal Don E. Pearson Applied Mgmt Division Zarko M. Petkovic Comm, Social Sci. Gen Studies Ellas Petras Creative Arts Human Services Marcella D. Pittana Comm, Social Sci. Gen Studies Janet M. Potton Comm, Social Sci. Gen Studies Wilma H. Puttee Student Services Marilyn J. Quinn Nursing Education Div Dougas J. Rathbun Creative Arts Human Services Susan L. Reinhart Comm, Social Sci. Gen Studies Marie-Marthe Rennie Hospitality Office Adm Legal Nancy Ressler Nursing Education Div Shirley A. Roberto Student Services Virginia L. Roberts-Hannah Comm, Social Sci. Gen Studies David A. Robinson Resource Centre for Skills Dev Douglas B. Rogers Comm, Social Sci. Gen Studies Norma D. Rolls Learning Resource Centres Sherri E. Rosen Creative Arts Human Services John W. Russell Math, Econ, Part-time Dev Div Peter L. Rylander Athletics Philip D. Scoones Chem Comp EI Ec Div Constance M. Scott Nursing Education Div Adam Sczelecki Resource Centre For Skills Dev M. Isabelle Seburn Nursing Education Div Barry C. Sharpe Math, Econ, Part-time Dev Div Russell M. Sheppard Hospitality Office Adm Legal Barbara A. Sherk Nursing Education Div Gordon Sherk Horticulture Adult Basic Educ Mary Sirotnik Nursing Education Div M. Joanne Skog Nursing Education Div Helen Sladeczek Comm, Social Sci. Gen Studies Muriel M. Slinn Applied HIth Preschool Educ D Eleanor M. Snider Applied HIth Preschool Educ D C. Allison Soave Applied HIth Preschool Educ D Lawrence R. Stacey Horticulture Adult Basic Educ Sandra M. Stewart Applied HIth Preschool Educ D Roger F. Stouck Math, Econ, Part-time Dev Div Thomas Strawford Chem Comp EI Ec Div Peter J. Sullivan Applied Mgmt Division Stan Szaflarski Creative Arts Human Services J. George Takata Mfg Mech Construction Div R. Bruce Tallon Comm, Social Sci. Gen Studies Lawrence J. Taylor Creative Arts Human Services Peter E. Thompstone Horticulture Adult Basic Educ Christina Tilden Nursing Education Div Wayne J. Triano Applied Mgmt Division Dominic Trimboli Planning Development James Tucker Chem Comp EI Ec Div Angus A. Uruski Mfg Mech Construction Div Janice R. Vallance Nursing Education Div Gordon R. Veinot Applied Mgmt Division James P. Vida Applied Mgmt Division Ariel E. Wadsworth Comm, Social Sci. Gen Studies William D. Walker Mf g Mech Construction Div Brent L. Wallace Planning Development Constance V. Warner Nursing Education Div Garfield W.Webb Comm, Social Sci. Gen Studies James C. Weller Comm, Social Sci. Gen Studies Stanley West Hospitality Office Adm Legal Margaret A. Wilkins Horticulture Adult Basic Educ. Linda C. Willms Nursing Education Div Edmond Wilson Comm, Social Sci. Gen Studies Christine D. Wraight Nursing Education Div Willard G.Wright Creative Arts Human Services John H. Yates Horticulture Adult Basic Educ Carl S. Yeager Resource Centre For Skills Dev Geraldine M. Young Comm, Social Sci. Gen Studies Robert E. Young Applied Mgmt Division Ferruccio A. Zanatta Mfg Mech Construction Div Edward A. Zanetti Applied Mgmt Division Congratulations and Best Wishes To The Class of ' 86 commun advertising All concept and design for the 1986 Grad Book and included sponsorship advertising done by Communique Advertising. Art Direction: Sue Stodola Concept Sponsorship Co-ordination: Jenifer Cass Communique Advertising Specializing Concepts for Design ♦ New Business ♦ Catalogues ♦ Brochures ♦ Corporate Identity ♦ Slide Presentations ♦ Other Advertising Materials 5200 Morrison Street, Niagara Falls, Ontario L2E 2E4 (416) 354-3168 NIAGARA YEARBOOK SERVICES LTD. 22 Highway Twenty K Fonlhill, Ontario LOS lEO 4

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