Niagara College of Applied Arts and Technology - Yearbook (Welland, Ontario Canada)

 - Class of 1985

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Niagara College of Applied Arts and Technology - Yearbook (Welland, Ontario Canada) online yearbook collection, 1985 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 112 of the 1985 volume:

ODngratulations to the Graduating Class of 1985 President ' s As those of you who are in the graduating class complete this phase of your education and look for- ward to your future endeavours, we all sincerely wish you success in your chosen career. It is my earnest wish that each of you will realize the goals which you have set for yourself and that you will be able to accept life, with its opportunities and limitations, joyfully and courageously and reach for higher heights within your working life. I am sure that you will justify our faith and trust in you, our graduates. In years to come, we hope that you will be able to appreciate more fully what your teachers and the staff have tried to do for you and that you will remember us occasionally and the good times we shared. Be willing to share your knowledge and skills with others and bequeath to those who follow you the happy and satisfying aspects of your student days. Take hold of the opportunities and obligations that come your way. You are surrounded by infinite possibilities for growth and achievement. " The more you give, the more you get, The more you laugh, the less you fret. The more you do unselfishly, the more you live abundantly, The more of everything you share. The more you ' ll always have to spare, The more you love, the more you ' ll find That life js good and friends are kind ... " Sincerely, Jacqueline P. Robarts, President President ' s Message Dear Graduates: Congratulations. You have now graduated from Ni- agara College, and with that you have taken another big step in your life. All the time and effort you put Into your work while at college, has now been recognized and rewarded with the diploma you received. The Student Administrative Council played a significant role in your stay while at Niagara College. We hope that we were able to make your college years as pleasant and rewarding as possible. On behalf of the Student Administrative Council, I would like to wish you all the happiness in your future endeavours. Sincerely yours, John Turner S.A.C. President 1984-85 Autographs 4 EXP E R I EMC E NOVEMBER 28 84 C F e. T e F? I A Bi-ACK W ft i_(SUT LETTER OF APOLOGY I would like to express my sincere apologies to those students whose pictures were not placed in the 1984 Grad Book. For those of you who do not appear in the book with names and courses please check the last four pages that contain the unidentifiable graduates. Sue Stodola, Yearbook Editor Sylvie Aspirot Bilingual Secretary Mike Avetissian Personnel Management Wendy Awrey Nursing Lucy Bailey Secretarial Arts Tony Bartkowiak Human Relations Susan Bass Interior Decorating Paul Bates Business Admin. Janet Bauman Financial Management Brenda Bayne Dental Hygiene Mary Bean Fashion Arts Lucinda Bearss Business Admin. John Beazley Computer Programmer Louise Bedard Bilingual Secretary Irene Bedarowski Industrial Management Christine Bell Nursing Darryl Bell Mechanical Eng. Karen Bellinger Hotel Administration Theresa Bellon Nursing 12 Kelly Belore Educ. Resource Tech. Laurie Beltrame Nursing Iris Bennet Library Technician Eric Bent Horticulture Tech. Gary Berg Manufacturing Eng. Janet Bergman Horticulture Tech. Carolyn Berman Library Technician Bogdan Bienias Mechanical Eng. Carolyn Bezuyen Early Childhood Educ. Brian Biescheuvel Electronics Eng. Michael Biesiada Emengency Care Margaret Black Dental Assistant Richard Blasko Computer Eng. Rita Boel estyn Data Processing Jean Paul Boisvenue Cliemical Eng. Matt Boles General Collge Angela Bonavolta Dental Assistant Anna Bonomo General College Dave Booth Broadcasting Henry Bosch Emergency Care Denis Boucher Hotel Administration Nicole Boucher Educ. Resource Tech. Gary Boudreau Electronics Eng. Debra Bowerman Emergency Care Lisa Boyd Interior Design Melisa Brittain Diane Brochu Horticulture Tech. Bilingual Secretary 15 Carol Brownson Nursing Greg Bull Refrigeration Tech. Mike Burke Broadcasting Adriana Bruno Human Relations Kelly Burke Industrial Management Lorraine Burkin Dental Assistant Deina Burley Interior Design Laura Burns Computer Programmer Suzanne Burton Nursing Denise Byrnes Retail Management Joanne Caldwell Educ. Resource Tech. Shelly Cahill Secretarial Arts 16 Ron Calvert Financial Management Donna Campbell Dental Assistant Sandra Chartier Social Service Worker Donald Cheese Chemical Eng. Karen Chisholm Human Relations Richard Christopher Mechanical Eng. Joanne Ciancio Financial Management David Clarl e Ennergency Care Angela Corso Dental Assistant Josephine Condina Retail Management Elizabeth Clinton Broadcasting Jennifer Corkin Educ. Resource Tech. Richard Cosby Theatre Arts Nick Compare Financial Management Julie Corriveau Bilingual Secretary Juliette Cousineau Horticultural Tech. Randy Cowan Law and Security Admin. Philip Cowie General College Cheryl-Ann Craik Hotel Administration Sandra Csanyi Horticulture Tech. Barbara Csemez General College Christine Cummings Dicta-Typist Judy Cumnnings Data Processing Catherine Dal in Nursing Bruno Daloisio Construction Eng. Maria D ' Amelio Nursing Mark D ' Anna Hotel Administration Anna Danyiko Financial Management Anne Dashner Interior Design Heather Davies Sales Merchandising 19 Anna Dilettera Nursing Wayne Dilts Law and Security Deborah Diplock Social Services Rosie Dilettera Human Relations Roseanne Dimarco Law and Security Donninic Diserafino Personnel Management Darren Dipasquale Theatre Arts Diana Divarano Secretarial Arts Laurie Dipetta Accounting Scott Doan Marketing Management 21 Dawn Dobbie Retail Management Tannmy Dollar Journalism Ronald Dominick Hotel Administration Ann Donworth Nursing Marl Dosser Linda Doucet General College Law and Security 1 Blake Downey Horticulture Tech. Darlene Dubeau Early Childhood Educ. Thomas Duggan Horticulture Tech. Irene Draaistra Early Childhood Educ. Marianne Ducharme Early Childhood Educ. Alan Dundas Hotel Administration Anita Durand Early Childhood Educ. Barbara Ely Law and Security Kaveh Etezadi Survey Technician Nina Faico Health Records Tech. Tracy Ellinghann Computer Programmer Kathryn Etmansl i Horticulture Tech. Teresa FaIco Nursing Elvin Earle Angela Edwards Electronic Eng. Nursing Melanie Elmer Bob Embury Health Records Financial Management Danny Favero Computer Programmer Julie Featherstone Computer Programmer Tina Fiorucci Accounting Diana Ford Nursing Pamela Foster Emergency Care Antoniette Frattaroii Secretarial Studies Christine Galvin Early Childhood Educ. Randall Garrett Ennergency Care Laurel Gavard Hotel Administration Daniel Garl Horticulture Tech. Brian Gauthier Human Relations Catherine Geary Secretarial Arts Barbara Gerbes Dental Hygiene Julie Gialanella Sales and Merchandising Debra Giammarco Retail Management Deborah Gibson Nursing Chris Giles Personnel Management Steve Gill Data Processing Mgt. 26 Heidi Goss Marketing Management Dorothy Gould Health Records Tech. Gail Graveline Early Childhood Educ. Eileen Grehan Nursing Tracey Grunerud Accounting 28 Heidi Grabell Tourism Daniel Graver Law and Security Lou-anne Grinnwood Nursing April Guthrie Nursing Heike Graf Tourism Brenda Grealis Horticulture Tech. Jacqueline Groen Dental Hygiene Mike Guzda Marketing Management Paul Grant Refrigeration Tech. Gail Gregg Nursing Catherine Grose Horticulture Tech. Susan Haas Dental Hygiene Kim Hadlow Dental Hygiene Gayle Hately Secretarial Arts Rose Hearn Library Technician Karen Halinda Dental Assistant Deborah Hauck Retail Management 1 r Rozetta Heerschap Nursing Luc Haman Survey Technician Kelly Hawken Human Relations pi; Cindy Heintze Dicta-Typist Judy Hartle Early Childhood Educ. Colleen Hearn Dental Hygiene Wendy Helmkay Early Childhood Educ. Connie Helwig Dental Hygiene Sandra Hilton Early Childhood Educ. Carl Hipkiss Retail Management Jeff Holman Construction Eng. 29 Catherine Holubowsky Dental Assistant Barry Home Construction Engineer Bill Holte Electrical Engineer Shari-Lynne House Nursing Mike Home Marketing Management James Howard Emergency Care Joan Hotson Social Service Loree-Ann Huard Secretarial Studies Dawn Hubbard Interior Design Christine Huggar Dental Assistant 30 Sen-Hua Hui Computer Engineer Dolores lannantuono Marylnneo Chris Jack Theresa Jacl son General College Dicta-Typist Connputer Programnner Computer Progrannmer Patricia Jollitte Educ. Resource Tecfi. Neil Jones Meclianical Engineer 32 Margaret Kaior Nursing Cindy Kajaste Legal Assistant Bonnie Karal Secretarial Studies Williann Karkus Industrial Managennent Thomas Kasouf Horticulture Tech. Laurie Keba Nursing Rosemarie Kellner Hotel Managennent Bruce Kellogg Hotel Managennent Janis Kelly Dental Hygiene Nancy Keresturi Horticulture Tech. Monica Kiers Horticulture Tech. Debbie Kinnberley Early Childhood Educ. 33 Kathy Knock Personnel Management Mike Knoll Marketing Management Linda Kobryn Journalism Rosemary KonKie Secretarial Studies Lorraine Koop Nursing Gerald Kooter Mechanical Engineer Joanne Kotuza Dental Hygiene Jannie Kovacs Nursing William Kovacs Electronic Engineer Jennifer Lace Dental Hygiene Alexandra Kovmantaros Retail Management Carolyn Kriter Retail Management Gord Kwade Marketing Management Duare Lacey Dental Assistant 35 Sally Lancaster Early Childhood Educ. Margaret Larouche Nursing Anna Lattanzio Secretarial Arts Faye Lake Broadcasting Stephanie Lane Business Administration Rebecca Lake Personnel Management Karen Langendoen Early Childhood Educ. Michelle Lambert Law Security Michelle Larabie Dicta-Typist 36 Robert Leach Hotel Management Kerry Leclair Early Childhood Educ. Gail Leavitt Nursing Beverly Lee Nursina Patricia Lebedowycz Legal Assistant Wendy Lemick Educ. Resource Tech. Louise Leblanc Bilingual Secretary Debbie Lenchyshyn Financial Management Henrietta Lenos Data Processing Roberta Lenos Computer Programmer Jeannine Lheureux Eva Lief I Tourism Nursing Ricky Lundy Hotel Management Arlene Machado Fashion Arts Kelly MacRitchle Secretarial Arts Karen Lune Ennergency Care Robert MacKay Nursing Karen Maisonneuve Dental Assistant i Angela MacArthur Dental Assistant Charlotte MacDonald Health Records Tech. Kenneth MacKenzie Computer Engineer Denise MacPherson Early Childhood Educ. Layah Makoutz Data Processing Mary Dolores Mannella Human Relations 39 Karey Martin Tourism Paul Martin Mechanical Engineer Sandra Martin Health Records Tech. Penelope Marzano Hunnan Relations Rhonda Mason Dental Hygiene John Mataya Financial Management Patricia McAleese Nursing Laura McCooey Nursing Carol Matome Personnel Management Louis McCurdy Health Records Tech. Susan McGregor Human Relations Sandra McGowan Dicta-Typist Tracy McGregor Computer Programmer Beverly McKay Hotel Management Debra McKechnie Accounting 41 Karen McKinnon Interior Design Sherri McLellan Nursing Beverly Meme Nursing Sandra McMaster Legal Assistant Blake Merritt Computer Programmer Sharon McMichael Emergency Care Fran Mete Dental Assistant Elizabeth IVIedland Hotel Management Trent Meyer Data Processing Mary Michlik Nursing Andy Montana Linda Montean Elizabetti Moore Lucille Morgan Construction Eng. Computer Programmer Nursing Early Childhood Educ. Marilyn Morganelli Human Relations David Morningstar Personnel Management Gezina Mulder Horticultural Tech. Frances Murdaca Secretarial Arts Carmen Morinello Hotel Management Catherine Morris Early Childhood Educ. r Maureen Mullen Health Records Tech. Janet Murdoch Early Childhood Educ. Joe Morinello Vince Morinello Financial Management Electrical Engineer Tim Nigh Hotel Management David O ' Laughlin Mary-Joan Ostryhon Argo Pace Terrance Parl Personnel Management Secretarial Arts Municipal Clerks Emergency Care Michael Pankow Broadcasting Victoria Partington Law and Security Anna Pascente Retail Management Joanne Passaretti Nursing Cheryl Porter Computer Programmer Janet Postma Legal Assistant Steffanle Prins Early Childhood Educ. Kathryn Prohaszka Emergency Care James Poyton Jr. Social Service Worker Anita Prentice Marketing Management Roseanne Provenzano Secretarial Studies Mary Prudden Interior Design Irene Quibell Accounting Nicki Radice Health Records Tech. Gabriel Radovanovics Manufacturing Eng. 49 Caria Rossit Data Processing Sally Rua Hotel Management Christine Roy Dental Assistant Terry Ruiter Data Processing Mgt. John Roy Personnel Management Melissa Russell Early Childhood Educ. Tim Rutter Mechanical Engineer Therese Roy Early Childhood Educ. Pat Rutka Social Service Worker Ricardo Ruzgys Construction Eng. Eileen Ryan Tourism Anita Rytkonen Nursing 52 KimberlieSchaubel Antoinette Schutten Bruce Scott Elizabeth Scott Nursing Fashion Arts Law and Security Nursing 53 Thomas Scott Human Relations Karen Seeley Tourism Brian Serroul Electronics Engineer 54 NeilSeguin Maria Serafini Pamela Seres Survey Technician Nursing Dental Assistant Swen Shannon Gary Shaw Stephen Shaw Broadcasting Electrical Engineer Electrical Engineer Anthony Sirignano Horticultural Tech. Paul Sivilotti Horticultural Tech. Sandra Sobie Sales and Merch. Anna Soltys Retail Management Brian Somnners Mechanical Engineer Trudy Soucoup Theatre Arts Virginia Southwell Nursing Jacqueline Sp eed Early Childhood Educ. Audrey Spak Interior Decorating Darlene Spencer Library Technician Karen Spencer Dental Assistant Darrel Spratt Mechanical Engineer 56 Norma Springer Interior Decorating Diane Springgay Early Cliildliood Educ. Gina Sorbara Fashion Arts Caroline Staats Early Childhood Educ. Greg Stafford Horticulture Tech. Sally Staples Nursing Patricia Stahn Dental Assistant Danny Stark Industrial Mangement Joyce Stark Marketing Management James Stepien Chemical Engineer 57 Claire Stevenson Hotel Administration Kimberley Strong Diana Sutton Darren Swartz Jenifer Swiercz Theatre Arts Hotel Administration Law and Security Marketing Management 58 Mary Swords Social Service Worker Laurie Szumowski Marketing Management Mary Tatone Law and Security Admin. Paul Tatone Financial Management Elizabeth Tilson Dental Hygiene Kynn Timmers Early Childhood Educ. Cynthia Tyrrell Social Service Worker Diane Unsworth Dental Assistant Angela Vacca Educ. Resource Tech. Lawrence Vandermolen Horticultural Tech. Diana Vanderpryt Law and Security Paul Vanderwiel Electronics Engineer Ellen Vandriel Educ. Resource Tech. m m m Peter Vanderskuls Computer Programmer Jim Vanderzalm Horticulture Tech. 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HeKAT, R-I L 41MM-74M dwd. J amudE limited YOUR OFFICE SUPPLY CENTRE 60 HELLEMS AVE.. WELLAND. ONT. PHONE 734-7712 734-9431 80 OAHiaCRG rn (...en UNITRON ZENETRON A4. OANAVOX BECKEN AND ASSOCIATES HEAMMGAIOS AUOaOMCTlflS GEOHGE AKERSHOEK 1 77 Ent Main CwtilM HMtina AM Audiolognt W«««nd. Om. Phon 734-7300 L3B 3W7 " TRUE " • Hair Care • Gill ideas • Accessories LOW PRICES BORN HERE w RAISED ELSEWHERE LA Vi MeliSSB ' S Cosmetics 201 St. Paul Street Best Wishes (rom GRIEF CONTAINERS INC. 4219 Dark Street Niagara Falls, Ontario Phone 358-3271 cnnnDinn tire ASSOCIATE STORE B4B NIAGARA ST . WKLLAND. ONTARIO TEL TSl-TSOI EAST MAIN MOTORS VOLKSWAGEN AUDI 936 East Main St. — Wetland 732-6167 TRICILLTD. 144 DUNKIRK ST. CATHARINES ONTARIO GRAPE GROWERS ' MARKETING BOARD iiiclaiKl Slalioii, Onhirio PARTY NOVELTIES LTD, 318 Ontario Street St. Catharines, Ontario Canada L2R 5L8 (416) 688-6111 Come In And Visit Us For All Your Part Needs Art 1 viDcc rour ticllwvQccl -A-ccnnecticn SALES • SERVICE • RENTALS 277 Welland Ave., St Catharines, Ont. (416)688-5454 Compliments of Royal Canadian Legion Peter D.C. Brown Chartered Accountant 188 James Street St. Catharines, Ontario L2R5C5 (416)684-5321 the Food Terminal Low Food Prices • Fast, Friendly Service Quality Satisfaction Guaranteed Open Men. - Fri. 8am-1 1pm • Saturdays 8am-10pm 835 Ontario Rd. 318 Ontario St. Welland St. Catharines Compliments of Best Wisties Students Staff from Pat ' s Variety 12McCabe St., Welland 735-4942 PEOPLES FAMILY RESTAURANT 276 LAKE STREET ST. CATHARINES, ONTARIO L2N4H1 (416)9117 St, Compliments of VESTA REALTY 3 Geneva Street Catharines, Ontario 688-6440 PEN PET SHOP Complete Line of Pets Pet Supplies PEN CENTRE 682-2123 Best Wishes Stephens Rankin Inc. 112 Dunkirk St. Catharines 684-1181 ST. CATHARINES BUSINESS MACHINES P.O. BOX 312, 56 QUEENSTON ST. ST. CATHARINES, ONTARIO 685-5451 Best Wishes To All! from N.E.I. CANADA Compliments of GREATER NIAGARA ASSOCIATION FOR THE MENTALLY RETARDED (Affiliate of Ontario Assoc. United Way) NIAGARA FALLS, ONTARIO L2E3P8 and ARC Industries 4337 4th Ave, Niagara Falls 356-0484 Congratulations: HEALTH CARE AIDS COMCARE has full . part-tinne positions available on our staff. Use your new skills and help to care for people in theirown homes. Position available in your area. Call: COMCARE 685-6501 196 King Street Serving ttie Entire Niagara Region ATLAS DRIVING SCHOOL AND RENT-A-CAR • DAILY, WEEKLY MONTHLY RENTALS • WEEKEND SPECIALS • UNLIMITED MILEAGE AVAILABLE • INSURANCE REPLACEMENTS 6043 Main Street Niagara Falls, Ontario L2Q 6A1 357-0866 357-0886 Alexander Tools Ltd. Design Manufacturing of Specials 18-20 Hiscott Street St. Catharines 685-7368 TIM NORTON DONUTS 563 Niagara North 330 Ontario St. Welland, Ont. St. Catharines, Ont. L3C1L7 L2R7A8 688-3363 81 Fonthill Concrete Products Ltd. and Builders Supplies PHONE 892-2694-5 " JENO " ' Body Service Ltd. Collision Repairs and Painting Frame Straightening and Wheel Alignment Corvette Specialists 24 hour Towing 217 NIAGARA FALLS ROAD.THOROLD 227-3595 or 227-5321 HAIR QUARTERS 56 ST PAUL ST W 682-0434 YOUR MEN S ■ HAIRSTYLING ■ SHOP ■ IN ■ WESTERN HILL m MS GUARDS - PATROL SERVICE - ALARMS HEAD OFFICE ST. CATHARINES 222 King St. NIAGARA REGION 684-8371 382-3137 " Hinterfhelisr 1-416-468-3224 P.O. Box 670 N iagara-on- the- Lake Ontario, LOS 1 JO DUNWOOOr COMPANY Chartered Accountants 37 Dorothy Street, Welland, Ontario, Canada L3B3V6 MENNO TRAVEL SERVICE (Ontario) ltd Lakeshore Square 33 Lakeshore Rd. St. Catharines, Ontario L2N 7B3 Office (416) 937-0550 Zenith 97110 CANADA HAIR CLOTH P.O. Box 426, St. Catharines, Ontario L2R 6W1 yMassgrij 9BSt. Paul St. St. Catharines, Ont. L2R3M2 Tel. 416-688-3473 NIAGARA MERION SOD nrnmrnrm NIAGARA LANDSCAPING CO. .TO. (416 ) 899-3438 R.R. 1, PETnT ROAD (416) 688-0811 WAINFLEET, ONTARIO LOS IVO 1-800-263-0402 J7 J . □ S K A M ■ T8EI. FABRICATORB LIMITED 70 ROSEOALE AVE.. PORT COLBORNE. ONTARIO P.O. BOX 907 ■ L3K BWI Ampower Canada (1982) LimHed Unil 47 113 Cushman Road St Catharines, Ontario Canada L2M 6S9 H 1 )688-6770 Telex 061-5348 lYACHTBl 526 RECENT STREET, NIACARA-ON-THE-LAKE. ONTARIO, CANADA LOS 1 10 TELEPHONE 416-468-2101 TELEX 06-15314 NIAGARA MICRO SOURCE COMPUTER CENTRE 525 Welland Ave., Lincoln Moll. SI. Comorines Onlorlo 1.2M 6P3 Office: (416) 684-9411 MOTHER ' S Mother ' s Restaurants Limited 5360 South Service Road Burlington, Ontario L7L 5L1 Rainbow Travel Agejncy 300 Lincoln St. E. Lincoln Plaza, WeJland, Ont. Bub. 788-0373 After Hours 732-5437 The Wayside House of St. Catharines 200 QUEENSTON STREET ST. CATHARINES, ONTARIO L2R 2Z7 COURT ANIMAL HOSPITAL 20 COURT ST., ST. CATHARINES, ONT. PHONE 688-3720 DR. R. D. FORSTER, D.V.M. MB recds Ltd. Hwy. 55 VIRGIL, ONTARIO LOS 110 468.3286 LIMITED FORTY-SIX JAMES STREET ST. CATHARINES, ONTARIO MACHINERY LTD. Bus. 416-788-0971 BUILDERS ' SUPPLIES Ai de Muratori Fuels Ltd. 186 MERRITT ST.. ST. CATHARINES, ONT. OFFICE 227-1101 lliilllllllliililillliililliliiiilill ALLAN ' S 1 R. W. LLAN.PHAlfMACV LTD. laiMilflEBia PHONE 684-2348 60STPAULSTW. ST. C ATH A R 1 N ES. O N T. 1 . A S. ' MC InMUft PHIL DENNIS ENTERPRISES LTD. Head Office South Street PORT ROBINSON, ONTARIO LOS 1K0 82 WEAVERS OF DRAPERIES - INDUSTRIAL FABRICS LINCOLN FABRICS LIMITED 63 LAKEPORT ROAD ST. CATHARINES, ONTARIO PHONE 416-934-3391 Cunningham Foundry Machine Co. Ltd. ST, CATHARINES, ONTARIO L2R 2Y6 KLAAS DEKKER BUILDING Construction and Renovation 14 Dexter Street St. Catharines, Ontario L2S 2L3 — HOTEL- 35 Southworth St., N, Welland, Ontario L3B 1X8 tu 69 CATHERINE STREET ST CATHARINES. ONTARIO L2R 5E9 LINDSAY LUMBER of Ridgeville Ltd. ROGER LINDSAY ALAN LINDSAY 416-892-2552 410 Canboro Road Ridgeville, Ontario LOS 1M0 UNITED TEXTiLE WORKERS OF AMERiCA AFL-CIO-CLC 11 BOND STREET ST. CATHARINES, ONTARIO L2R 4Z4 StuGor CONSTRUCTION LTD. QenemI Contractors and Construction Managers 1 13-11 6 CUSHMAN ROAD • UNIT 17 • STjCATHAfllNES ■ ONTARIO Telephone (416) 682-8391 Canada Forgings A Division of Toromont Industries Limited P.O. Box 308 Welland, Ontario L3B 5P8 J[irst $ iagara insurance rokpra 3nc. NIAGARA FALLS, ONTARIO PHONE 356-7033 CANADA LTD GTR INDUSTRIAL PRODUCTS COMPANY (CANADA) John Street Welland, Onlorio L3B 5R9 416-735-5631 PETROCANADA Bob Gilmore Ltd. 286 Lincoln Street East Tel: 734-3551 Welland, Ontario 734-6111 DINNING DECORATORS 20 Ballersea Avenue. Si. Catharines. Ontario • L2P IL7 682-2860 935-9185 DeSMIT BUII0AU DeSmit Lumber Building Supplies Ltd. 384-9706 732-2444 920 NIAGARA ST WELLAND, ONT L3C IMS €I)ateau (Sartiens; P O BOX 985. NIAGARA-ON-THE-UAKE. ONTARIO LOS IJO GOSEN ANDERSON RIGBY INSURANCE BROKERS INC 190 King St. P O. Box 488 St. Catharines, Ontario L2R 6V9 1 MDS Laboratories 30 Meridian Road Rexdale, Ontario, Canada M9W-4Z9 ■ m THE ;| ROWAN 1 ■ SPniNKLER CO LIMITED 22 LOCK STREET. ST CATHARINES. ONTARIO L2N 5B5 THE ST. CATHARINES TRANSIT COMMISSION 166 BUNTING ROAD L2M3Y1 ST. CATHARINES, ONTARIO Scotiabank 3 THE BANK OF NOVA SCOTIA SENECA MANUFACTURING (ST. GATHARINES) LTD. R.R. 4 NIAGARA-ON-THE-LAKE ONTARIO LOS IJO 6B5-4B31 - 2 ST. JOSEPH BAKERY NIAGARA INC. 53 Facer Street St. Catharines, Ontario L2M 5H7 Res 934-6596 Bus. 937-441 1 83 CROWN MOVING STORAGE WELLAND - 732-3444 ST. CATHARINES ' 3S4-ge07 PORT COLBORNE - 732-3444 NIAGARA FALLS • 384-9607 northAmerican DUNN ' S BESTWAY 9ulniiut£ ' Daiiu ANDREW ARTINIAN ANDREW ARTINIAN CD. LTD. GARDEN CITY FLORIST ' Always Something Special " 1S6 ST. PAUL STREET ST. CATHARINES, ONTARIO PHONE 685-5541 RUDY THIESSEN Repres enting THE BARBECUE CENTRE SKYWAY PROPANE CENTRE THIESSEN FUELS LTD, JOR-VINE ENTERPRISES INC. PEN VENTURES INC. 110 Cushman Road St. Catharines. Ontario Office 682-6649 Home 562-4324 A Division of VS Services Ltd. SdVKGS 23 HIacott StrMt St. Catharines. Ont. Hamilton Area 1-800-263-7275 St. Catharines (416) 682-3169 DIVISION Of ULTRAMAR CANADA INC PO SOX 517 530 EASTCHESTER AVENUE ST CATHARINES. ONTAHIQ L2R 6W6 ' Miners 6lite( 0ods td. 10929 Niagara River Blvd. Niagara Falls, Ontario L2E 6S6 (416) 295-4351 Telex 061-5197 BUY » SELL • TRADE New and Used Musical Instruments • Stereos • Jewellery Miscellaneous Articles 236 St. Paul Street St. Catharines, Ontario L2R 3M2 416-682-5755 RANDY Claire ' s Delivery Service Ltd. • Mouintj Specialists • Ger erai Cartage • Courier • Radio Dispatched Office: 732-6892 732-6821 No Cliarge Call Operator ZENITH 13200 BOGNER PHOTOGRAPHY LIMITED 28 Main Street West, Welland, Ontario L3C 4Z6 Phone (416) 735-7551 Thies Audrey Bogner ISEPPON SPIRONELLO CONSTRUCTION S ENGINEERING INC. ATEG " Red " ISEPPON P.O. Box 522 4673 Ontario Avenue Niagara Falls, Ontario L2E 6V2 Bus,: (416) 356-8183 Res.: (416) 262-4333 Pager: (416) 688-2621 No. 3726 If la MACHINE CO. LTD. Bus. (416) 227-5233 Res. (416) 688-0388 davio s shontz BARRISTER SOLICITOR (416) 688-4S50 P.O. Box 1203 Suite 202, 1 1 0 Jannes Street St. Catharines, Ontario L2R 7A7 INDEPENDENT AUTO TRIM AND GLASS 200 Louth Street St Catharines. Ontai L2S 2R6 PETER SUKKAU REALTY LIMITED 200 Welland Ave.. St. Catharines. Ont. Office 685-7316 Pager: 935-9131 1015 SALES • RENTALS • SERVICE Theatrical Equipment Supplies 6680 Leeming Street Niagara Falls, Ontario L2G 5J1 (415) 356-0499 869 Delaware Avenue Buffalo. New York 14019 ( 716)885-0123 OTFCAST P.O. BOX 37. WELLINGTON ST. N. THOROLD. ONTARIO U2V 3Y7 NIAGARA WELDERS SUPPLY LIMITED WRIGHT AND SMITH STREETS, ST. CATHARINES. ONTARIO L2R 7A9 0 crescent air ; 1 " iTi ' .; ' i .0 LTD. 131 CUSHMAIM ROAD. UNIT 1 ST. CATHARINES. ONT. L2M 6T5 688-2241 COMMERCIAL DUSTRIAL AIR COIMDITIONING HEATING REFRIGERATION ELECTRICAL CONTROLS Box 25, Fairlane Road, Jordan Station, Ontario LOR ISO CLA-VAL CANADA, Ltd. BEAMSVILLE, ONTARIO CLAYTON automatic VALVES P.O. BOX 10 663-4983 AREA 416 PENINSULA PLUMBING SUPPLY 40 SEVENTH ST.. WELLAND. ONTARIO Telephone 416-732-6195 Local 204 iheUNION oftheHGHTIES 1 Credit Union Drive, Toronto, Ontario M4A 2S6 84 15 BROWNLEIGH AVE. PHONE 735-5001 CUSTOM-MADE WINDOWS AND DOOR FRAMES WELLAND - ONTARIO L3B 5X3 22 Niagara Street St. Catharines, Ontario L2R 4K7 Telephone 684-5678 B ©YEIR OOEBEIL ILDIMIDTEO OUEEN ELIZABETH VAY. JORDAN STATION, ONTARIO. CANADA LOR ISO Cm3 NESBtTT METAL FABRICATORS LIMITED 490 Eastchesler Avenue, St. Catharines, Ontario L2M 6S3 CLANCY ' S RESTAURANT LAKE CARLTON PLAZA ST. CATHARINES BUILT ON CUSTOMER SATISFACTION SINCE 1968 ' RESIDENTIAL COMMERCIAL COMPARE OUR SERVICE!! im ust« l fWl lKy _ M V M V .a REPAIRS - REROOFING M .f. fik q3 374 hew roofs LINCOLN- MERCURY IHDIiiSIEI NainM Monms (iitji ltd PACE CAR IMPORTS FORD TRUCKS 684 41 peninsula Fence a Landscapng Inc (416) 356-564« Wetland, Port Colbome 743-4555 Niagara Falls, St. Catharines 384-9555 COLONIAL HOUSE HAIRSTYLING 4108 Mam St Chippawa Niagara Falls. Ontario Phone 295-4581 WITH OR WITHOUT APPOINTMENT THE BEST QUALITY FOR THE LEAST PRICE Tile Carpet CARPET 262 Bunting Road VINYL FLOORING = ' l2m 3= 0 " ' " ° CERAMICS (416) 684-6321 1 Government of Canada Gouvernement du Canada Canada Employment Centre 225 Main Street Wetland, Ontario Woaico Dept. Stora Wooico Dept. Store Lincoln Mall Seaway Mall St. Catharines Welland 685-1721 de Boer Specializing i... ' R.V. Van Conversions ' Complete Line of R-V. Van Accessories ' Complete Line of Pick-Up Car Dress-Up Accessories. EXTERIOR or INTER OR de Boer Does It all 26 St. Paul Ores. St. Cattiarines, Ont. L2R 3P7 (41 6) 685-8668 or 685-0888 " For All Your Insurance Needs " Wilson. Glllmore Graves Insurance Brokers 361 Merritt Street. St. Catharines. Ontario 12P 1P7 Bus: (416) 684-9451 FOSTER WHEELER LIMITED i£A5tNG GIVE US A CALL 682-6181 685-6616 MERCURY LINCOLN FARR MEKCVRY SALES LTD. 980 MAJOR ST . P C BOX 281 WELLAND, ONT,, PHONE 732 1355 L3B 5P4 " THE BEST DEAL BY FARR! " PHONE 892-3544 892-3668 FONTHILL MOTOR SALES MA ZDA S ALES AND S ERV ICE 1145 S. PELHAM ST. FONTHILL, ONT. Wbstbrool Qreenhouses limited p. 0. Box 99. 330 Main Street West Grimsbv. Ontario L3M 4G1 A. Newman a Co. limited P,0 BOX 640 ST CATHARINES. ONTARIO L2R 6X8 Gillespie Pontiac Buick 0 9 9 9 9 9 Q Cadillac Ltd. - - Lincoln Street West [ Oil I CODIC Off Highv ay 58 UlLLCOlIC " Look for the GM sign for certified select service " ST CATHARINES RM 345, WEST BLOCK. HOUSE OF COMMONS OTTAWA, CANADA KIA 0A6 (6131 995-1013 CONSTITUENCY OFFICE 43 CHURCH SUITE 606, ST CATHARINES, ONTARIO L2R 7E1 (4161 684-2211 ST.CATHARINES FLYING CLUB NIAGARA DISTRICT AIRPORT BOX 416 ST CATHARINES. ONT L2R 6V9 (416) 684-9447 Welland County General Hospital Third Street, Welland, Ontario L3B 4W5 Dave Vernon Draperies Ltd. Specializing in Custom Made Drapes, Stieers, and Bedspreads 30 RICE ROAD, WELLAND, 735-3332 Durward Jones Barfcwell Company Chartered Accountants 69 Ontario Street, P.O. Box 505, St. Cattiarines, Ontario L2R 6V9 (416) 684-9221 With Compliments B NTERNATIONAL U nOTHERHOOD OF Ulectrical w 0 P 0 BOX 8 THOROLO ONTARIO L2V 3V7 HWY 58 atto UPPERS LANE ThORQlD ONT OFFICE HOURS MON ThuRS 8 a it 5 d FRl 8 a m 2 DTI ■ T . TELEPHONE 14161 22? 730 " ZACHARCHUK CONSTRUCTION 30 HARRIET ST., WELLAND, ONT. OFFICE PHONE 732-3OT GENERAL CONTRACTING - RENOVATING BUILDING MAINTENANCE " Sonne Build Fast - We Build to Last " Specializing In COMMERCIAL INDUSTRIAL RESIDENTIAL Cecchini Masonry Ltd. P.O. BOX 25, 2 INDUSTRIAL DR THOROLD, ONTARIO L2V 3Y7 ROBCECCHINI (416) 227-4189 395 Niagara Street St. Catharines, Ontario L2M 4V9 Cliff Farr 934-9862 Tom Farr 562-7049 Serving the Peninsula ' s drainage needs since 1 922 " BY FARR - THE BEST " NIAGARA hotel restaurant supply ltd. TOM DeCICCIO General Manager 1 1 6 Dunkirk Rd. St, Catharines, Ont, L2P 3H5 1416) 685-8428 227-2883 CENTRAL HOME HARDWARE 16 Front St. S. Thorold 4A CANBORO RD. W., FONTHILl, ONT. Goid and Stiver S,iampmg — Engraving — hfianufoiAvnnQ Custom D«iign Phone TW 2-6211 A, E. HOWEY The Royal PjmaJian Legion POLISH Veterans (Ont. No. 418) Branch 292-296 VINE ST. NORTH ST. CATHARINES. ONTARIO FIRE INSURANCE RESTORATION EXPER ' lS GENERAL CONTRACTORS P.O. BOX 475 ST. CATHARINES. ONT. L2R 6V9 R G. (DICK) TOWARD BUSINESS 688-3873 HOIulE 682-1274 7%e1Vood5i)op CUSTOM KITCHEN CABINETS AND VANITIES 495 WEST SIDE ROAD WELLAND, ONT 5234 FERRY STREET NIAGARA FALLS, CANADA L2G 1 R5 Maid of the Mist Steamboat Company 5920 RIVER ROAD P.O. BOX 808 NIAGARA FAltS, ONTARIO L2E 6V6 ( Ut Plus UNISEX - We Specialize In - PERAtS, HAIRCUTS, COLOURING UP-TO-DATE STYLES FACIALS, MANICURES PEDICURES, EAR PIERCING HAIR REMOVAL t MAKE-UP SEAWAY MALL 800 NIAGARA STREET WELLAND, ONTARIO TELEPHONE 78S-0580 ■ THOROLD ■ CONSTRUCTION ltd 30 YRS EXPERIENCE RESIDENTIAL - COMMERCIAL 227-2321 ADDITIONS ALTERATIONS 1 43 COLLIER RD. S THRLO BONDED 8 II 1SURED ffima(sh ll paper ltd 12 WALNUT ST., ST. CATHARINES, ONT. L2T 1H3 ROBERT H. FUNK, peng.ols. CONSULTING ENGINEER ONTARIO LAND SURVEYOR 585 KING ST.. WELLAND. ONTARIO L3B 3L3 416-732-5824 86 QUEST STEVE LEISTNER FRI, RRA PRESIDENT RES: S63-4287 (local) BUS: 6S8-3791 141 Lake Street, St. Catharines, Ontario L2R 5Y4 Niagara Holland Nurseries Ltd. R.R. 3, Niagara-on-the-Lake Ontario, Canada LOS 1J0 416 934 1376 Min-TAWM RAWl IMA (NIAGARA) LTD. Ten-Pin bowling - Bowling Suppliea Tavern ■ Laundromat CCa C Carru G raat Mi an Bra Ealla Ontarin 1 Oft ICR 0009 rBrry oiresi, niaQSra rniiB, ununo lzu loo (416) 354-4023 ' Hinter foeJJer 8 KEEPER ROAD, ST. CATHARINES, ONTARIO WELLANO BRANCH 4 Hopal CanaliUn legion 3B3 MORNINGSTAR AVENUE WELLAND ONTARIO Niagara Glass Ltd. Entrances - Mall Sliders - Storefronts Wall Systems - Windows - Shadow Form Bus. 684-7481 36 Dunkirk Rd., P.O. Box 363 St. Catharines, Ontario canal Canal Contractors A Division of ULS International Inc. 155 Cushman Rd. St. Catharines, Ont. L2M 6T4 685-1792 Hamilton 662-1993 Res.: 227-1337 Cable CANALLAKE Telex 061-5237 MULTI TRADE CONTRACTORS 168 SCOTT ST. ST. CATHARINES, ONT L2N 1H2 1 » " 934-3321 HEALTH CARE CENTRE With Compliments ACRES INTERNATIONAL LIMITED 480 University Avenue, Toronto, Canada MSG 1 V2 Tel. 416-595-2000 Telex 06-217815 Cables ACRESCAN Toronto AL a LATTERY Ford Ltd. Phones: Welland 734-7443 607 Niagara St., Fort Erie 382-3844 Welland, Ontario St. Catharines and L3C 1 L9 Niagara Falls 384-9254 Best Wishes from Sutherland Pharmacy 218 Lakcport Rd. St. Catharines, Ont. 935-6313 9 PROVINCIAL CRANE P.O BOX 1013 NIAGARA FALLS, ONTARIO L2E 8W8 TELEPHONE (416) 3i4-5«21 TORONTO . (416) 366-6708 HAMILTON - 416) 527-2965 PAKT QIDGE ' PELIMEPO so mxtm n., px . mk 4ii, ST. QMRMMNta, om., L2RBV9 (416)685 1 iQ l Home Savings fOl Loan — ■ Ccxporation P.O. Box 1554, 43-Queen St. St. Catharines. Ontario L2R 7J9 (416) 688-3131 LIMITED " BRAND NAME FASHION FOR LESS- ROSE CITY PLAZA 815 ONTARIO RD. WELLAND, ONTARIO 416-735-4241 EST. 1950 AWNINGS CANVAS li ALUMINUM AWNINGS CUSTOM BUILT LARGE TENT RBfTALS FOR RECEFTIONS, 9AR MFTZVAHS TfkRpAUUNS LAWN PARTIES, PLANT OPENING ETC ST CATHARINES 935-5767 36 SECORO DRIVE Edward Lenchyshyn PRESIDENT - BROKER Office 685-1541 House of Homes Limited Realtor Home 934-7436 47 Scott Street St. Catharines, Ont- L2R 1E1 641-11,11 SIX FOUR ONE ELEVEN,ELEVEN. THOROLD WELDING FABRICATING LTD. P.O. BOX 176 THOROLD, ONTARIO L2V 3Y9 DVCA CREDIT UNION iniagarai LTD. St. Catharines -Box 2217 Stn. B-320 Vine N. L2M 6P6 FAIRV AY MOTEL 5958 Buchanan Avenue Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada L2G 3V5 EFFICIENCY UNITS • HONEYMOON UNITS COLOR T.V. • OUTDOOR POOL ROUND WATER BEDS HEART TUBS FAMILY BIELICH For Reservations, Phone 416-357-3005 niagara region police association Regional Road 50, R.R. 2, Welland, Ontario L3B 5N5 UniTED STEELUJORKERS OFRTTIERICR DISTWa6 29 ; QUEENSTON STREET ST CATHARINES ONTARIO L2R 2Y8 87 APPLIANCES Authorized Sales and Service Repairs and Parts for Mosl Applian. General Electric, Danby. Whirlpot BOX 1011 KING AND JOHN STREETS NIAGARA-ON-THE-LAKE ONTARIO. CANADA. LOS I JO MAIDS utchison UNUMmsD The complete cleaning service 935-1415 " VHiere acconnting THORNE is only RIDDELL the begiimmg. " Chcateied Accountants 110 James Street St. Catharines, Ontario Ii2R 7A7 685-4811 31 Main Street East Grimsby, Ontario Ii3M 4G1 945-4942 Vv . 1 • Custom-Tvladc Furniture terin Ltd iJ pery fB ispreat Carpeting fifViHyl Floor Covering Re-uphoIsterin$ Ceramic Tilcj P.O. Box Virgil, Ontario LOS ITO (4161 468-2136 " Start a Beautiful RoOTper " 20 Horteel Rood Centenniol Centre St Cothorines 684-0605 TfMenH. REDWOOD PRODUCTS LIMITED 210 Bunting Road BOB PRENTICE St. Catharines. Ont. L2M 3Y1 682-1808 Th« B»Bl In Kllchan Laundry Appllsncci LINCOLN HOME APPLIANCE CENTRE SALES — SERVICE — PARTS 12 Dunlop Dr St Catharines L2R 1A2 Sportsmen ' s Mctel Your Hosts: Gorrf artd Eva Sommer • Colour T.V. and Radio - Telephone • WaTerb«dt Available ■ Enclosed Porch EntrBfii • Air Conditioning Phan (416} 093-3667, R.R. 7. Walfand, Onti . UOUUARD „ JoMnion$ VICTORIA PLACE MarEO, Victor Cosmo Menechella (416) 357-4040 5905 Victoria Avenue . NIagafa Falls, Ontario L2G 3L8 CUSTOM FABRICATING A. V. (AL.) COLBEY 40 Cuihmsn Road St. Caiharinn. Ontario L2M 6S8 Telephone (416) 665-1301 nnfc ULS International Inc. TORONTO - ST. CATHARINES, OMTARIO, CANADA " -CONGRATULATIONS § GOOD LUCK " TO ALL STUDENTS Henderson ' s Pharmacy Be 25 Front St. S. Telephone 227-2511 P. 0. Bon 67, Thoiold, Ontario L2V 3Y7 PONTIAC BUKK GMCLTD. 333 Lake Street at QEW, St. Catharines, Ontario, L2M 6P6, Telephone: 934-2571, RO. Box 21 90, Station " B " F. E. COYNE INSURANCE BROKERS • 164 DIVISION ST. • P C BOX 700 » WELLAND, ONTARIO • L3B 5R5 • TEL. 735-0970 IHK PKISCt OK WALKS HOTtL NIAGARA ON IHt LAKt. ONTAHIO. CANADA LoS IJO STEEL FABRICATORS LTD. P.O. BOX 250, JOHN ST. — BEAMSVILLE, ONTARIO LOR IBO PHONE: LINCOLN 563-6245 roy wormald electric ltd. 36 duncan dr. 934 1997 St. Catharines Ontario U. Lucchetta jii JtJB YK- Construction Limited CUSTOM HOME BUILDING and CO mERCIAL TORK UGO LUCCHETTA 491 Quaker Road Welland, Ontario Phone 732-2658 CBOWLAND PAVING T- • and Construction Co. ' = Division of StoncbridKe Pftvins and ConBlniction Ltd. ASPHALT, DRIVEWAYS AND PARKING LOTS EXCAVATING, GRADING, STONE, FILL WN ROLLING, LOADER SERVICE, SNOW REMOVAL Res.: 96 Marc Blvd.. relland, Ontario Shop: 36S Dain Avenue, Welland, Ontario NIAGARA FLUID POWER Division of H.B. Fluid Power Service Ltd. 6 Secord Drive, St. Catharines, Ontario L2N 1 K8 BERNIE SCHAFER SALES AND SERVICE Pneumatic Hydraulic Equipment Bus: (416) 937-1822 J WORK. HEPAIHS, REMODELLING, LICENSED GAS FITTERS Wm. Clare Plumbing Heating Ltd. Dealer for RHEEM Central Air Conditioning Wm. Clare 732-5819 Gord Clare 735-1401 Al Clare 788-0653 WHITING v -y-f EQUIPMENT CANADA INC. — yjTbjVjj l tuMAA ( —- HEAVY INDUSTRIAL EQUIPMEHT P.O. BOX 217 WELLAND, ONTARIO I TELEPHONE. (416) 73 88 INNISKILLIN HOUSE OF WINES R.R. 1 N iagara-On-The-Lake 1-968-9472 A TOTAL CONCEPT IN DESIGN AND INTERIOR DECORATING WE INVITE YOU TO VISIT OUR NEW SHOWROOM, VIEW SOME OF OUR PRODUCTS DISCUSS ANY OF YOUR DECORATING PROBLEMS WITH OUR QUALIFIED STAFF, STAR PAINTERS DECORATORS COMPANY LIMITED 167 Riverside Dr. Mario Venlresca 735-1090 President CENTRAL TAXI (St. Catharines) Ltd. OVER 40 CARS TO SERVE YOU OUT-OF-TOWN TRIPS AIRPORT SERVICE TORONTO— HAMILTON-BUFFALO DELIVERY SERVICE 685-7343 SPEED AND CUSTOM EQUIPMENT MACHINE SHOP SERVICE— CUSTOM REBUILDING FLETCHER BROTHERS Performance Centre 306 Ontario St., St. Catharines Tel. 685-8846 SHOP 416 356-3756 PRESTIGE CAR RESTORATION " PUT YOUR BODY IN OUR HANDS " RICKAIELLO 8942 McLeod Rd. ERNIE ROSEBOROUGH NIAGARA FALLS, ONT. MOVIETV ' S VCR ' SSATELITTE DISHES CD ' S VIDEOCAMERA RENTALS • SALES • SERVICE VIDEO WORLD 260 Lakeshore Road 224Glenridge Cambridge Plaza Glenridge Plaza St. Catharines, Ontario St. Catharines, Ontario 937-4422 685-761 1 WELLAND OFFICE SUPPLY INC. 60 West Main St., Welland, Ontario 735-5532 Stationery, Furniture, Equipment And Student Supplies A COMPLETE TRANSMISSION SERVICE, SALES AND PARTS MISTER TRANSMISSION 387 Ontario Street, St. Catharines Ontario (416) 882-8679 KEN CATTEAU COMPLIMENTS OF KARA FASHIONS 4485 Queen Street Niagara Falls 358-8784 WELLAND METAL SUPPLIES LIMITED —FABRICATORS AND DISTRIBUTORS- Roberts Gordon Furnaces WHOLESALE ONLY Complinnents of Valk Greenhouse Ltd. 280 Main West 945-2889 Best Wishes! J.H. RAHAM LTD. 223 St. Paul St. St. Catharines 682-7243 SPICER MACGILLIVRAY CHARTERED ACCOUNTANT 15 CHURCH ST., SUITE 303, BOX 848 ST. CATHARINES, ONTARIO L2R6Z6 682-8363 JOHN F. DINING DECORATORS 20 Battersea St. Catharines 682-2860 WARD MALLETTE CHARTERED ACCOUNTANTS 610 Niagara Sired, P.O. Box 338. Welland, Ontario, (416) 384-9210, 735 1151 WILLIAM B. SKINN.B. MATH .C.A. PARTNER Offices throughout Canada Internationally, Binder, DijkerOtle Co. ARAX JEWELLERS GOLDSMITHS EXCLUSIVE CUSTOM MADE JEWELLERY EDKHATCHERIAM 212 St. Paul St. St. Catharines, Ont. 688-2144 CANADIAN HOME PRODUCTS 4825 Pettit Avenue Niagara Falls 356-2661 Highlander Dry Cleaning Laundromat Center (DRYCLEANING DONE ON PREMISES) Thorold Road at Wilson, Welland DRAPERIES, SUEDES, LEATHER PICK-UP DELIVERV OPEN 7 DAYS Sam - 1 0pm 735-1271 DON HAIST LIMITED Specializing in Connmerical AirConditioning Refrigeration Sales — Service — Installations " WE SERVICE ALL MAKES " 540 Niagara N 735-5849 Compliments of Best Wishes Students Staff from KINNY SHOES •SERVICE ' SIZES •SELECTION Niagara Square, Niagara Falls 357-1655 R YTOOL DIECO. LTD. Dies, Jigs, Form Tools, Jig Bores Precise Grinding SPECIAL MACHINERY R.R, 1, River Road, Welland 732-4545 Computerland Make Friends with the Future 318 Ontario Street, St, Catharines 688-1187 VINELAND FEED SUPPLIES Complete Line of Quality Feeds for Poultry— Hogs— Cattle— Horses 17 Main street East, Vineland 562-4231 Coachlight Restaurant 4943 Clifton Hill, Niagara Falls 356-8422 ' After All These Years Still The Favorite For Distinguished Dining ' ' 89 Best Wishes Students Staff from INTERNATIONAL GOLF SERVICE C-15 Nielson St. Catharines 685-9696 TAMMY SHOPPE Serving you is our pleasure - We care Fitch St. - Welland Plaza Welland 732-5217 1 ur 1 0 Automotive and Industrial 32 CROSS STREET Terry Tufts WELLAND, ONTARIO Owner (416) 735-5672 PETER DIRKSON REAL ESTATE Residential - Commercial - Rural - Rentals Mortgages 6 Dunlop Drive 688-3014 CARL PALLEK SON SPECIALIZING IN ROSEBUSHES EVERGREENS — SHADE TREES — FLOWERING TREES Virgil Niagara-On-The-Lake 468-7262 DAN SIBBALD GORD — BLANCHE LTD. HICKS LUMBER Manager WOOD PRODUCTS CO. Phone 416-734-7242 Welland, Ontario THREE STORES SERVING NIAGARA THE BOOT SHOPltd 211 St. Paul St. Catharines 684-4151 Pen Centre 685-4031 Grantham Plaza 935-3332 W. WILLIS SONS LTD. FRESH FRUIT VEGETABLES Wholesales Retail Lakeshore Road, St. Catharines Phone 935-6151 935-6212 UNCLE SAM ' S HOME OF ROCK ' N ROLL IN NIAGARA PENINSULA OPEN MONDAY TO SATURDAY FINE FOOD 8860 Lundy ' s Lane Hwy 20 West Niagara Falls, Ontario 354-9534 Compliments of RED WHITE MEATLAND 150 Bunting Road St. Catharines 685-8863 GOLDEN PHEASANT TAVERN 244 Ontario Street Good Food — Good Times Daily Specials — Happy Food Hours Cater to Small Groups Best Wishes Staff Students ATLAS EMPLOYEES CREDIT UNION 38 Patterson St., Welland 735-4801 Mr. Joseph ' s House of Beauty Hollywood Men ' s Hair Styling 18-20 King Street St. Catharines, Ontario 688-5143 Compliments of Commercial Photo Copy 76 Geneva St. St. Catharines, Ontario 91 West Main St. Welland, Ontario BURNSTEIN CASTINGS LTD. 69 Catherine St. St. Catharines 688-2022 BELMAR WELDING LTD. P.O. Box 1145, 5th Ave. St. Catharines 685-9475 WESTBURNE ELECTRIC 42 Wright St. St. Catharines 688-1282 THE PRESERVATION OF AGRICULTURAL LANDS St. Catharines 735-0793 XEROX CANADA INC. 63 Church St. St. Catharines 682-6623 RECTANGLE AUTO SUPPLY 128 Cushman Rd. St. Catharines 684-6368 NIAGARA DESIGN DRAFTING 67 Hellems Ave. Welland 892-2172 CAUGHILLAUTO WRECKERS East West Line, R.R. No. 3 Niagara-On-The-Lake 934-1941 FLORA PACKING. P.O. Box 2082 St. Catharines 356-6554 ROSE, HORNE STEVENSON INSURANCE BROKERS INC. St. Catharines 688-1534 FAMILY RECREATION CENTRE 318 Ontario St. St. Catharines 685-5184 DAVID C.ORR INSURANCE BROKER St. Catharines 688-1422 BRADLEY PROFESSIONAL ELECTROLYSIS St. Catharines 688-2874 WOODCRAFTS 192 Church St. St. Catharines 682-8882 90 ROSE CITY TRAVEL LTD. 200 Fifth St. Welland 735-2050 MANCHU WOK FAST FOOD Pen Centre St. Cattiarines 682-6747 CHECKPOINT CHRYSLER 357 Ontario St. St. Catharines 688-2802 PENNINSULA CO LLISION SERVICE LTD. 335 Welland, St. Catharines 684-6551 WILLIAMSON LALONDE 177 Russell Ave. St. Catharines 684-8734 OAKDALEAUTO SERVICE 302 Oakdale Ave. St. Catharines 682-5122 GEORGE COPPEL JEWELLERY 261 St. Paul St. St. Catharines 685-0122 FRANKS CONSTRUCTION 17 Roehampton St. Catharines 937-0702 EXECUTIVES HAIR SALON 212 Glenridge St. Catharines 684-5122 LINCOLN FABRICS 63 Lakeport Rd. St. Catharines 934-3391 CUT PLUS UNISEX 800 Niagara St. Welland 788-0580 MIDAS MUFFLER 406 Ontario St. St. Catharines 684-8743 WELLAND INDOOR TENNIS 1110 Niagara St. Welland 735-4530 BILLINGSGATE RESTAURANT 1 St. Paul St. Catharines 682-2662 THE TROPHY SHOP 180 Church St. St. Catharines 685-3012 BROCK GOLFLAND Merrittville Hwy. St. Catharines 685-1411 HARJOHN INDUSTRIES 128 Grantham Ave. St. Catharines 685-4861 CANADIAN NIAGARA POWER 83 Queen St. Fort Erie 871-0330 C.E.TYLER CO. OF CANADA 225 Ontario St. St. Catharines 688-2644 PIZZA PLACE 106 Niagara St. St. Catharines 688-6040 GREATER NIAGARA ASSOCIATION FOR THE MENTALLY RETARDED Niagara Falls 357-5606 RYKO ELECTRIC LTD. 5629 Slater Ave. Niagara Falls 358-9314 CANADIAN HOMELOCATORS 69 Geneva St. St. Catharines 688-9153 GIGANTE PAVING CO. 95 Cushman Rd. St. Catharines 684-8262 WILEY BROS. LTD. R.R. No. 1 St. Catharines 682-0877 SEAWAY BILLIARDS Seaway Mall Welland 732-2884 UNIT STEP 92 Grapeview St. Catharines 682-0513 L.D. BAGGOTT LTD. 110 Church St. St. Catharines 684-8101 BOOK WORLD 33 Lakeshore Rd. St. Catharines 934-6666 KELSEY-HAYES CANADA LTD. P.O. Box 278 St. Catharines 685-5431 PROVINCIAL GAS CO. 15 Church St. St. Catharines 685-6441 KREATIVE KITCHENS 4Nihan Dr. St. Catharines 934-3739 91 JOHN TRIES CONSTRUCTION 8A Highway St. Davids 262-4282 PENISULA READY MIX 50 BarlettRd. Beamsville 563-8214 BUZBY ' S VARIETY 520 Ontario St. Beamsville 563-4161 CYRIL B. SMITH ELECTRIC 33 Main St. West Vineland 562-4168 SIDEY ' S TRAVEL BUREAU 216 King St. PortColborne 834-3636 YOUNG ZOO FARMS 360 Foss Rd. Fenwick 892-2681 RANGER ' S TAVERN Corner of 20 57 Fonthill 892-3114 MR. SUBMARINE 4716 Victoria Ave. Niagara Falls 357-4184 IGA MILLVIEW 369 King St. W. Beamsville 563-8921 KLAGER ' S FOOD MARKET 1507 Pelham St. Fonthill 892-2616 MULLEN BROS MARKET 4856 Drummond Rd. Niagara Falls 354-3235 PINE CENTRE RESTAURANT Pine N. Shopping Centre Thorold 227-5921 LOCK 7 MOTELS RESTAURANT Thorold 227-6177 TRILLIUM IND. SAFETY 13 Albert St. W. Thorold 227-5225 ST. CATHARINES CORRUGATED CONTAINERS Thorold 227-0521 THOROLD AUTO PARTS 1665 Beaverdams Rd. Thorold 263-4708 KAUPP ELECTRIC 225 Merritt St. Thorold 227-1661 WESTINGHOUSE CANADA 475 Glendale Thorold 227-1020 BARTLETT INC. 931 Bartlett Rd. Beamsville 563-8261 PRESTIGE CLEANERS 111 Highway 20 E. Fonthill 892-5642 WEDGWOOD MOTEL 5234 Ferry St. Niagara Falls 358-9456 LYONS LITHO LTD. 585 Industrial Rd. Fort Erie 384-9409 EXOLON-ESK P.O. Box 280 Thorold 227-1164 BLUE KNIGHT TRAVEL 4608 Queen St. Niagara Falls 357-2570 INN ON THE PARKWAY 7857 Niagara Pkwy Niagara Falls 295-4371 MINOLTA TOWER CENTRE 6732 Oakes Drive Niagara Falls 356-1501 FONTHILL MOTOR SALES 1145 S. Pelham St. Fonthill 892-3544 CANADIAN GREENHOUSES P.O. Box 160 Grimsby 945-9691 COLBORNE POULTRY R.R. 1 Port Colborne 835-8575 THURSTON MACHINE CO. 227 Fares St. Port Colborne 834-3606 GROTE SALES LTD. P.O. Box 2062 St. Catharines 934-8951 NIAGARA DONUT HOUSE LTD. Box 2503 St. Catharines 682-0102 92 TARO CONSTRUCTION INC. 22Nihan Dr. St. Catharines 937-7011 CM. PETERSON CO. LTD. 40 Scott St. St. Catharines 685-7377 VIDEO WORLD 224 Glenridge Ave. St. Catharines 685-7611 GENERAL DROP FORGE 500 Major St. Welland 735-8660 RAD SHOP 128 Cushman Rd. St. Catharines 684-6360 NIAGARA IMPORT SERVICE 242-1 2 Niagara St. St. Catharines 937-2455 ROGERS REAL ESTATE INC. 83 Ontario St. St. Catharines 688-6663 HULSE AND ENGLISH 75 Church St. St. Catharines 684-6346 CUSTOM COUNTER TOPS 66 Grantham Ave. St. Catharines 682-4347 AD SIGNS 244 Welland Ave. St. Catharines 935-1755 WELL AND AERO CENTER P.O. Box 224 Welland 735-9511 HEALEY ' S CUSTOM FRAMING 3 East Main St. Welland 735-3970 THOMAS G. CAHILL 27 William St. St. Catharines 682-1364 DECEW CRAFTS INC. 112 Dunkirk Rd. St. Catharines 684-6381 WELLAND AVE. CAR WASH 272 Welland Ave. St. Catharines 682-2143 BOWL-O-RAMA LANES 968 Niagara St. Welland 732-7112 MANIO ' S PLACE 816 East Main St. Welland 734-7422 COLOR YOUR WORLD 583 Niagara St. Welland 735-0299 ECONOMY ELECTRIC SUPPLY P.O. Box 400 Welland 732-4475 PHILIP LOCOCO 5079 Victoria Ave. Niagara Falls 356-7661 US FOR PRINTS 38 Division St. Welland 735-2757 VERMEER ' S GREENHOUSES 684 S. Pelham St. Welland 735-5744 EMMONS FLORISTS LTD. Fitch St. Welland 732-1311 FALLSLOGY AUTOMOTIVE 5583 Desson Ave. Niagara Falls 354-1681 MANUFACTURER ' S LIFE INS. 15 Burgar St. Welland 735-2160 T-D BANK 553 Niagara St. Welland 732-2491 HERITAGE BUILDERS LTD. P.O. Box 621 Niagara-On-The-Lake 468-3488 ALPINE MOTEL 7742 Lundy ' s Lane Niagara Falls 356-7016 ONTARIO APPLIANCE REPAIR 607 King St. Welland 735-0497 JOE ' S HAIR FASHIONS 308 Thorold Rd. W. Welland 735-9476 THE LUIS ' HOUSE 245 King St. Niagara-On-The-Lake 468-4038 DETROIT MOTOR INN 13030 Lundy ' s Lane Niagara Falls 227-2567 93 AP BROWN JEWELLERS LTD. 82 West Main St. Welland 734-3841 LIGHT INDUSTRIAL WELDING 77 Shaw St. Welland 735-7442 HAWBROK ' S 170 Mary St. Plaza Niagara-On-The-Lake 468-2844 HORTICULTURAL RESEARCH INSTITUTE OF ONT. Vineland 562-4141 WALKER INDUSTRIAL CONTRACTORS Welland 384-9606 TURRONI CATERING SERVICE 59 Riverside Dr. Welland 735-5850 MR. TRANSMISSION 655 Niagara St. N. W elland 732-1224 DICK AND ANDRE LTD. 1st St. Louth Niagara-On-The-Lake 262-4480 ASTRAL PHOTO 7555 Montrose Rd. Niagara Falls 357-9616 NIAGARA ARTCRAFT 4417 Kent Ave. Niagara Falls 354-5657 WASHINGTON MILLS LTD. 6225 Progress St. Niagara Falls 357-1050 ROMAN CHEESE PRODUCTS 4916 Montrose Rd. Niagara Falls 356-2639 SCHEFTER BUYER INS. 50 Dorothy St. Welland 732-2570 DAVE PRICE MEN ' S LADIES WEAR LTD. Welland 732-1251 SUNNY ITALY VARIETY 6119 Main St. Niagara Falls 354-8352 BRUNNER FLEET PRODUCTS 5720 Don Murie St. Niagara Falls 356-9060 LEE WAH LAUNDRY 239 Hellems St. Welland 734-9246 T.V. MOVIE CENTRE R.R. 2 Welland 892-8616 EMPRESS MOTEL 5947 Clar St. Niagara Falls 356-4860 FOUR BROTHERS RESTAURANT Niagara Falls 358-6951 DOIT YOURSELF AUTO REPAIR CENTRE Welland 735-4101 PETRO-CANADA 286 Lincoln St. E. Welland 734-3551 CORAL MOTEL 7429 Lundy ' s Lane Niagara Falls 354-9922 RIVERSIDE TAVERN Cummington Square Chippawa 295-4211 ROSE VILLA TAVERN 154 Riverside Dr. Welland 735-5203 HARRY LEE SUNOCO SERVICE STATION Welland 732-4946 RACEY BROTHERS TILE 6744 Lundy ' s Lane Niagara Falls 358-3141 N.F. BRIDGE COMMISSION 5781 River Rd. Niagara Falls 354-5641 lONA APPLIANCES INC. P.O. Box 1004 Welland 734-7476 JIM ' S AUTO BODY SHOP 491 Webber Rd. Welland 735-4368 FIRST NIAGARA INSURANCE BROKERS Niagara Falls 356-7033 CON. RACING PLATE CO. 4097 Victoria Ave. Niagara Falls 356-1711 94 YOUNG DRIVERS OF CANADA 107Welland Ave. St. Catharines 688-2811 RIDLEY COLLEGE P.O. Box 3013 St. Catharines 682-1121 BIG BROTHERS BIG SISTERS 175 King St. St. Catharines 685-7337 NIAGARA MOTOR BIKE 15Hiscott St. Catharines 682-2001 NIELSEN ' S MAINTENANCE 7 Hiscott St. St. Catharines 685-4234 ST. CATHARINES VOLKSWAGEN LTD. St. Catharines 688-5230 SUN COLLISION CENTRE 219Merritt St. St. Catharines 227-7571 HARTLEIB HOPKINS COLTON 43 Maywood Ave. St. Catharines 685-5688 J.A. CROSSINGHAM BARR. 15 Church St., Unit 601 St. Catharines 684-4361 SWAN WOOSTER ENGINEERING St. Catharines 685-8442 RADLEY PROFESSIONAL ELECTROLYSIS St. Catharines 688-2874 ADMIRAL DRYWALL LTD. 24 Nihan Dr. St. Catharines 935-1201 ED LEARN FORD Box 726 St. Catharines 364-8673 DAIRY QUEEN 292 Geneva St. St. Catharines 937-7052 WILLIAM GOODMAN INC. 37 Church St. St. Catharines 684-1179 ROY WORMALD ELECTRIC 36 Duncan Dr. St. Catharines 934-1997 DR. R.F. DELIA 93 Ontario St. St. Catharines 682-8375 FRIEDA ' S KNIT SEW SHOP 35 Geneva St. Catharines 682-3398 SANDERCOTT OPTICIANS 30 James St. St. Catharines 684-3953 HEIDI SWISS RESTAURANT 30 Wellington St. St. Catharines 688-5555 DON ' S LIGHT HOUSE 296 Lake St. St. Catharines 935-3621 STACEY ' S MOVING LTD. 7 Neiison St. St. Catharines 685-6591 FEDNAY LTD. 113 Cushman Rd. St. Catharines 688-2933 BOSWELL ' S LEATHER GOODS 800 Niagara St. Welland 735-6471 H RCONTAINERSERVICE 75 Berryman Ave. St. Catharines 684-7414 DIRECT TIRE CENTRES INC. 55 Geneva St. St. Catharines 688-4305 DAVIDSON PARTNERS LTD. 33 Queen St. St. Catharines 684-8701 KENTUCKY FRIED CHICKEN Finger Lickin ' Good Welland 824-9190 MRS. HAZEL E. HALL Financial Planner St. Catharines 682-7292 HERITAGE ARTS CHINA 12a Nihan Dr. St. Catharines 935-2070 COPY MAN PRINT SHOP 128 King St. St. Catharines 682-0520 MABO WESTSIDE CONSTRUCTION LTD. Welland 732-3003 95 Our thanks to the following patrons who contributed to the success of our yearbook by means of listing with us. TOMCO SERVICES MOULIN ROUGE MOTEL AA7( loncnn troot MianarQ PqIIc fHfU JcpaUll Oil cel. nidydra ralla R R 7 Wpllanri n.n. ttL, vvdidiiu 354-1661 732-2159 LOVE BALLOONS THE WOOLSHOP R Maccaii Rri Patharinoc u ndoodU nu . , oi. OdiiidiiMco 1R Thnrniri Rri U pllanri lu iiiuiuiu nu., vvciidiiu 934-2120 735-5417 WATERS CORFIELD MEREDITH STAR OF THE SEA OU 1 -to 1 0 UllldllU, lildydid rdllo " iA PInin Aup Patharinpc o t ciyiii HVc., Ol. udiiidiiiico 356-4324 934-1170 W.P. LONDON ASSOCIATES LTD. DR. JERRY KOSTONDOFF ORAL SURGEON r.u. DUA luctj, nidydid rdii! in i riiippnctnn Patharinpc lUu UUCClldlUll, 01. udllldllllCd 356-1543 688-3444 NIAGARA HOME MAINTENANCE BLENKHORN AND SAWLE LIMITED RRA Rauiri Rri U pllanri uQ4 udviu nu . , WclldllU inn Hrantham t Patharinpc 1 UU ui dllllldlll , Ol. l dllldi lliCo 732-3068 684-9251 COMPLIMENTS BLACKADDER, GREEN, LEON HALINOA OF A Main 9t Pact U pllanrI 1 OU IVIdlll Ol Cdol. WBIIdllU FRIEND 735-3620 SPECIALTY HOUSE ANGELO S VARIETY Rnv 9Rni tn R !t Patharinpc □ UA Cuv I , OUI, D, 01. Udllldl IIICo 7SR 1 inrnln U pllanri CUIJ LIIILUMI Ol., vvciidiiu 682-9155 735-0656 NIAGARA REGION SEXUAL ASSAULT CENTRE MACS MILK juii viLiuiidMVc.,nidydidrdiid IRRR Pnrtanp Rri Nianara Pallc oouo ruiidyc nu., nidydid rdiio 356-9662 356-4893 WATERWHEEL ERECTORS LIMITED KEN JAMES PHOTOGRAPHY r.u. DUA C4U, WtSlldllU ATAR Uallpuuuau Nianara Pallc H f HU Vdiicywdy, iiidyoid rdllo 735-5122 358-7232 RIVERSIDE EXCAVATING (NIAGARA) LTD. DR. C. VETRANCO 9Rd Riuprcirip nriup U ollanri 7dR Pplham t Patharinpc c tj rcMidiii, Ol. uoiiidiiiico 735-1413 688-4866 WEINS EQUIPMENT LTD. THREE PORTS RESTAURANT Rd Fpripral Rri Wnlianri OU rBuci di nu., vvciidiiu RniQ Ppntrp Nianara Pallc ju 19 Incline Ol., nidydid rdiia 735-0273 356-6110 SOUTH NIAGARA ORCHARDS LTD. STAGE 1 HAIRCUTTERS AQ Ririlou Rri Palharinpc H9 niuioy nu., oi. Udiiidiiiico RA MartTol Rri Ql Patharinpc 04 ndllccl nu . , Ol. Udllldllllcd 684-8318 684-2102 TONYS PIZZERIA ICE CREAM PARLOUR ANNA ' S GROCERY R9niR 1 iinriu ' c 1 anp Klianara Palic o£u 1 □ Luiiuy 9 Ldiic, nidydid rdiid fliippn Qt Q Thnrniri UH UUccll Ol. O . , 1 llUIUlU 357-5777 227-1785 rut 1 c N 1 iTn nnnu FALLS AUTO BODY REGIONAL RUST PROOFING SYSTEM AA A Rririno Qt KJianQra PqIIc 4H iH Diiuyo oi. , nidydid rdiio RQ ihaui U pllanri 03 OlldW, nclldllU 354-2822 735-4712 JACQUES BEAUTY CENTRE DON HAMMOND APPLIANCES RAI Pnrtnnp Rri Nianara PallQ ijuHO ruiidyc nu., nidydid rdiio f 7 U pct Main U pllanri ol nuai IVIdlll, YVclldliu 358-9722 734-7743 ESTHETIC STUDIO WELLAND GAS CAR WASH 917kinn !t Patharinpc c 1 1 iViiiy oi. , oi. Udiiidiiiica R iA Nianara £t U pllanri uot nidydid Ol., WclldllU 684-0604 735-0611 KIRKWOOD MOTEL MONA LISA COIFFURE Paul Patharinpc cOiJ Ok. rdui OI., OI. udiiidiiiico ' iA ' i I inufpll Rri Qt Patharinae 04 1 Liiiwcii nu . , OL. odiiidiincs 685-4892 935-2700 THE MANSION HOUSE CEPLY ' S POOLS, SPAS SAUNAS William Patharin pc J milldlll Ol., Ot. l dlllallllCd R ' i ' i kinn trppl U pllanri ooo rviiiy oiicci, wciidiiu 685-5651 735-9131 IGNAZIOS HAIRSTYLING UNISEX T.R.E. INCORPORATED 1 7fi U ftllanri Aup «t Patharinpc 1 f u WDiidllU nvts., Ol. UdllldllllCa 9ni Mainr Qt U pllanri £U 1 major Ol., Wcllalia 682-2156 735-8330 MARC PATRICK MOTORS DR. MORTON YABLO 1RRHart7AlRri t Patharinpc 1 oo ndii£ci nu., oi. Udiiidiiiica RTn l inn Qtrppt U allanri Oru Fviny oiicci, Wciidna 685-3636 732-5312 GARRY ' S GAS BAR WILLIAM MOSCOE, ONTARIO LAND SURVEYOR ini Thnrniri U pllanri OUI Miurulu, WclldllU 94 unuicn ol., ol. uainareines 735-6882 685-5850 MAJESTIC RESTAURANT COMPLIMENTS Cifl Main P U allanri UU IVIdlll C, WolldllU HP A 743-3236 FRIEND DANE ' S FLOWERS WESTSIDE DELI SMILING SUB nO Pnrtanp Rri Mianara Paile UOU9 ruiidyc nu., nidydid rdiio £UU wesisloe noda, ron uoiDOino 354-8323 835-8254 TURNING POINT MINISTERIES MY ORTHODONTIC LABORATORY LTD. King St. East., Beamsville 159 Niagara St., St. Catharines 563-7240 685-1123 COMPLIMENTS THERMAPAN INDUSTRIES INC. OF A 2514 Hwy 20, Fonthill FRIEND 892-2675 96 Our thanks to the following patrons who contributed to the success of our yearbook by means of listing with us. JEFFREY GREENHOUSES 1036 Lakeshore Rd. W., St. Catharines 934- 0514 NATIONAL COLLISION SERVICE INC. 7 Petrle St At Eastchester, St. Catharines 684-5554 V SIGNS LIMITED 57 Prosperity, Port Colborne 834-9850 BEATTIE STATIONERY LIMITED 14 Queen St., St. Catharines 735-4400 MEL SWART 195 E. Main St., Welland 384-9437 COMPLIMENTS OF A FRIEND KLEENRITE JANITOR SERVICE 168 Unwell Rd., St. Catharines 935- 7223 RITTERHOUSE SONS LTD. Main St., Jordon Station 562-4233 JEN ' S HOMESTEAD BAKERY 371 St. Paul St., St. Catharines 684-6453 LEON ' S FURNITURE LIMITED P.O. Box 460, Stn. A., Gordon Mackay Rd., Weston 735-2880 BALTUS FURNITURE 2-A Rosedale, St. Catharines 684- 9541 SEXTON FLORIST 117 George, St. Catharines 685- 5484 DENNIE ' S REAL ESTATE AND INSURANCE 51 Niagara St., St. Catharines 684-5565 C.L. CLARKE, NIAGARA LIMITED Lincoln Plaza, Welland 384-9824 VIRGIL SERVICE CENTRE Highway 55, Box 41, Virgil 468-2116 SHAW PIPE PROTECTION LTD. Ridge Rd., Hwy 140, Welland 735-0014 STYLE SETTER BEAUTY SALON 71 -D William St., Jordan Station 562-5600 A DGROCERY 547 Thorold Rd., Welland 735-9431 AVONDALE STORE 548 Lincoln Ave. E., Welland 735-4207 FALCONER SCRAP IRON METAL Ridge Rd., Welland 735-0080 MADDALENA ' S SPORTSWEAR 565 King St., Welland 743-3293 PARK LANE MOTEL 7797 Lundy ' s Lane, Niagara Falls 356-5070 JACKIE ' S VARIETY STORE 65 Hellems, Welland 735-3700 PETE ' S AUTOMOTIVE 3rd St. North, St. Catharines 934-2331 COMPLIMENTS OF A FRIEND CARL ELECTRIC CO. LTD. 589 PelhamRd., Welland 732-2512 CASINO NIAGARA LTD. 38 King ' s Grant Rd., St. Catharines 937-1183 CARRYORE, LIMITED 113 Cushman Rd., Unit 26, St. Catharines 688-6810 DR.B.JOHNEMPRINGHAM 113 Queen St., Niagara-On-The-Lake 468-3023 NIAGARA AUTO BODIES Hwy 55, Virgil 468-3541 ZELLER ' S 6510 Lundy ' s Lane, Niagara Falls 354-3868 DUTCH CLEANING SERVICE 21 Windermere Crt., Welland 734- 7802 PORT COLBORNE BLOCK LTD. Hwy. 58, Welland 735- 2164 EMPIRE STATE FIXTURES Hwy. 8, St. Davids 262-4765 JOHN ' S GULF SERVICE Box 162, St. Davids 262-4201 TERRY ' S AUTO CLUB 179 Welland Ave., St. Catharines 682-4943 LIDKEA, STOB, VOS VENEMA 327 Scott Street, St. Catharines 934- 0644 DR. J.Y. WAIKILB.A., M.D. Suite 102, 16 Towering Heights Blvd., St. Catharines 685-8454 LOUS UPHOLSTERY 5734 Valleyway, Niagara Falls 358-0211 ONTARIO STREET SERVICE CENTRE 242 Ontario St., St. Catharines 684-8622 ROSE CITY SERVICE CENTRE 801 Ontario St., Welland 732-6731 C-E REFRACTORIES Prince Charles Dr., Welland 732-4441 JERRY ' S EXCAVATING BACKHOE 14 Rampart Dr., St. Catharines 684-4073 NORMAN J. HAIGH 519 Mississauga St., Niagara-On-The-Lake 468-2442 KIRKPATRICK AND O ' BRINE LTD P.O. Box 24, Fonthlll 872-8283 BUTLER INSURANCE BROKERS 4740 Valleyway, Niagara Falls 356-6635 COMPLIMENTS OFA FRIEND ERIC JONES ASSOCIATES INC. P.O. Box 36, St. Catharines 684-2771 JOHNSTON MAROTTA 189 East Main St., Welland 734-4571 VALLEY INN TAVERN 93 Arthur St., St. Catharines 935- 5019 Our thanks to the following patrons who contributed to the success of our yearbook by means of listing with us. VINELAND CANNING CO. LTD. OR.T.E. DICKINSON 77 ross no., weiiano CCnjI KAMI DnvtnMn DA Wtnrtnm Cnltn 53U4-D4UU Portage ho., Niagara rails FRANK LEE SUNOCO ALFAI STUDIO OF CERAMICS 180 ritcn St., weiiand AAI Tknvnid tlf IftfAllnniJ 443 inoroio w., weiiand 733-3oZ2 ■70c ncjio 7 J3-Hb4Z MECO ' S PIZZA PARLOUR KEITHS RESTAURANT 248 Wellington St., Wellano 1 5DZ rieham at the Lights, Fonthill 734-4591 ono OOC4 892-3261 CENTRAL COMMUNICATIONS OWOR METAL COMPANY LIMITED 173A East Main St., Welland Box 37, Port Colborne 892-3184 n 0 J Of E 0 834-3653 FRUITBELT TRUCKING INC. JOHNNY OF THE SPOT 12 Smith St., St. Catharines P.O. Box 342, St. Catharines 684-7461 ceo Ton-f 562-7301 COMPLIMENTS McAVOY PARKER OF A P.O. Box 69, Port Colborne FRIEND 834-3666 PENNINSULA COLLISION SERVICE HOLIDAY INN 335 Welland Ave., St. Catharines 2 North Service Rd., St. Catharines bo4-D33l noji 0CC1 SJ4- 3bl BERGSMA SERVICE CENTRE ST. CATHARINES HYDRO ELECTRIC COMMISSION 128 Cushman Rd., St. Catharines 129 Church St., P.O. Box 83, St. Catharines col -« occ 682-1866 684-8111 NIAGARA TRAILERS LUBECK ' S GARAGE Highway 8, St. Davids 000 Allnnk.ivn Dd Tl nvnl«l 228 Allanburg nd., Tnorold 0 CO jl CI □ 227-5614 GALAXY MAILING SERVICES THOROLD PUBLIC LIBRARY 4167 Victoria Ave., Niagara Falls 14 Drmond at. N., ot. Latharines 0 CC f1 Jl cc 00 7 OCO-I DAW SHEET METAL HEATING KEN ' S SIDING AND SEAMLESS GUTTER SYSTEMS LTD. 3760 Valley way, Niagara rails 706 Memorial Drive, Fenwick 358-3014 ono ccoc 892-6636 MORI GARDENS CO OPERATOR INSURANCE R.R. 2, Niagara-On-The-Lake 453 King St. W., Beamsviiie ji CO 00.1 0 4bo-o£lo ceo OTOil 3bJ-t) 4 JOE ' S VARIETY UNITED MENNONITE HOME OF THE AGED 259 East Main St., Welland 45 2nd St., Vineland 735-6960 562-5543 NIAGARA GREENHOUSE LTD. LAWRENCEVILLE RESTAURANT R.R. 3, Lakeshore Rd., Niagara-On-The-Lake Hwy. 55, Virgil 934-3986 J c n J 0 00 468-4333 SEW AND KNIT THEISSEN FUELS LTD. 37 James St., St. Catharines 110 Cushman St., St. Catharines 682-0577 682-6649 DANYLIW ' S SHOES BAMBOO RESTAURANT 126 St. Paul, St. Catharines 641 King St., Welland coo 688-3660 T 1 ii c oon 734-6229 A-CON ELECTRONICS UNLIMITED 2225 E ffingham Rd., Ridgeville 22 Secord Drive, Unit 5, St. Catharines 892-3366 noE onnn 935-8900 MURPHY ' S RESTAURANT DR.WM.PETRACHENKO, 0.0. 620 Niagara St., Welland 245 Pelham Rd., St. Catharines 735-3921 685-3115 ONTARIO FOOD MARKET DELTA NEILL LTD. 5824 Peer St., Niagara Falls 190 King St., Welland 356-4604 732-7505 FONTHILL LUMBER W. HUNKA SONS SALVAGE 105 Highway 20 E., Fonthill 1030 Railroad, Welland 892-2641 734-9512 CROWLAND KARTWAY CONSTRUCTION COMPUTER SYSTEMS 687 Ooans Ridge Rd., Welland 32 Granada Dr., St. Catharines 734-4924 n oc 000c 935-3336 RUTHERFORD ' S WOOOSTOVES COMPLIMENTS Corner Forks Rd., Elm St. N., Welland DF A TOO OTOC 732-2735 FRIEND CHAPMAN MURRAY ASSOCIATES ARCHITECTS J. HILOEBRANDT 6385 Colborne Street, Niagara Falls 15 Royal Henley, St. Catharines 354-1674 935-7954 PITTSBURGH PAINTS PETER COSCO HAULAGE 4847 Victoria Ave., Niagara Falls 49 Broadway Ave., St. Catharines 354-3808 935-2886 COMPLIMENTS SUNSET RESTAURANT OF A 180 St. Paul St., St. Catharines FRIEND 682-2287 98 Our thanks to the following patrons who contributed to the success of our yearbook by means of listing with us. MAGICLEAN SERVICES ALBERT SALTARELLI REALTY LTD. 274 Geneva St., St. Catharines 148 West Main St., Welland 937-7550 732-6222 J.J. CRANE SERVICES DR. RONALD M. YARASCAVITCH 6 Foster, St. Catharines 278 Unwell Rd., St. Catharines 935-6177 935-4066 DEVRIES LANDSCAPING ELECTRONIC SERVICE CENTRE 35ShQtwell, Welland 118 Lake St., St. Catharines 732-3441 684-1168 BEVGOIT TRUCKING ROSE CITY SERVICE CENTRE R.R. 2, Beamsville 801 Ontario St., Welland 563-7951 723-6731 QUEENSWAY AUTO PARTS RECYCLING PUMA TRAVEL AGENCY 6740 IVIarshall Rd., Niagara Falls 279 Niagara St., St. Catharines 295-4318 935-5735 COMPLIMENTS RICHARD S. COHEN PLASTIC SURGEON OF A 187 Queenston, St. Catharines FRIEND 688-2626 HONEY ' S HIVE FLOWER SHOP ROYAL INN 8234 Willoughbley Dr., Niagara Falls 4152 Bridge, Niagara Falls 295-6383 354-2621 ACADEMY DECORATORS PHILIP T. BARNES 66 Leeper St., St. Catharines P.O. Box 56, Niagara Falls 684-6132 354-5694 E.D. PRODUCTS LIMITED COY BROTHERS HARDWARE LTD 6-22 Secord Dr., St. Catharines 14 James St., St. Catharines 934-3313 685-6529 81 FROST ENTERPRISES DR. AKILIE 803 Frost, Pelham 208 Bolton, St. Catharines 892-3355 688-0787 ARMSTRONG COMMUNICATIONS LTD. ALLIED CHEMICAL CANADA 76 Division, Welland Beaversdam Rd., Thorold 735-3331 227-1532 LINCOLN METAL FINISHING SERVICE MASTER OF ST. CATHARINES 15 Kent St., St. Catharines 202 Pelham, St. Catharines 682-5729 688-2010 SAWMILL GOLF COURSE PONGRAY, CAPLAN AND OULETTE 856 Sawmill, Vineland 1 5 James St. , St. Catharines 562-4041 688-0066 NIAGARA DESIGN DRAFTING DR. J. STEWART 67 Hellems Ave., Welland 156 St. Paul Cres., St., Catharines 892-2172 684-8507 RUBIN STRUCTURAL STEEL VECCHIO ORNAMENTAL IRON 45 North, St. Catharines 36 Clark Street, Welland 684-1161 735-7101 D.N. KIMBERLY INSURANCE INDIA BOUTIQUE 25 King St., Beamsville 196B St. Paul, St. Catharines 563-8271 688-9553 BARTLETTINC. MISTER TRANSMISSION 931 Bartlett, Beamsville 152 Hartzell Road, St. Catharines 563-8261 682-1990 WELLAND MASONRY LTD. DR. WILSON G.S.M. 12 Clarke St., Welland 165 Plymouth Rd., Welland 782-6654 735-1375 MR. SHISH-KA-BOB HOWARD JOHNSON ' S MOTOR LODGE 196 East Main, Welland 89 Maadowvale Dr., St. Catharines 735-6862 934-5400 DORA ' S HAIRSTYLING SISTER ' S OF SERVICE Seaway Mall, Welland 398 Vine St., St. Catharines 735-6991 937-0910 DICK AND AUDRE LIMITED M. BUTLER INSURANCE BROKERS LTD. 1st Street South, R.R. 3, St. Catharines 4740 Valley Way, Niagara Falls 262-4480 356-6635 CONSUMER RENT-ALL COMPLIMENTS 226 Bunting Rd., St. Catharines OF A 684-1153 FRIEND PAT ' S GIFT SHOP CONDOTTA AND FORTUNA 24 Eraser St., St. Catharines 6 Industrial Dr., Thorold 937-3850 227-0330 TEMPLE CLUB DR. R.J. LISZAK 268 Main East, Welland 236 Glenridge Ave., St. Catharines 732-5141 684-8329 COMPLIMENTS BARRY ' S HAIRCUTTING PLACE OF A 46 Main St. E., Welland FRIEND 732-2111 99 Our thanks to the following patrons who contributed to the THE BOWERY RESTAURANT 310 Lake St., St. Catharines 937-2100 AUTO CONTINENTAL 43EmmettSt., St. Catharines 684-1177 TCG MATERIALS LIMITED P.O. Box 1390, Brantford 892-2686 HYMAC MACHINE SHOP LTD. 100 Barrick Rd., Port Colborne 835-8112 GEORGES RESTAURANT lOMcCabe, Welland 735-8555 COMPLIMENTS OF A FRIEND HORNBY ' S FLORIST 505 East Main, Welland 735-5932 DR. ALALBANESE 314 Hellems St., Welland 732-1419 TRY-MILL AUTOMOTIVE 18 Thorold Rd. E., Welland 788-0771 STAR TILE CENTRE LTD. Box 488, Fonthill 892-5756 MCCLELLAND ' S WEST END STORE LTD. 106 Queen Street, Niagara-On-The-Lake 468-7639 MACLEAN BOOKKEEPING AND INCOME TAX SERVICES 88A Church St., St. Catharines 684- 2065 PIC ' S MOTOR CLINIC 709 Highway 20, Fenwick 892-3041 SVOBCO MFG. R.R. 3, Wainfleet 899-3481 STACEY ' S MOVING LTD. 7 Neiison, St. Catharines 685- 6591 IMPERIAL OPTICAL CANADA 20 Division St., Welland 735-2680 WOMEN ' S PLACE 109 Chaffey, Welland 788-0113 UNION ELECTRIC SUPPLY 33 Maywood Dr., St. Catharines 684-7496 E.A.JESIK ELECTRIC 100 Martlndale, St. Catharines 684-7740 BENEFICIAL INCOME TAX SERVICE 22 King St., St. Catharines 684-2303 PROCTER REDFERN 210 King St., St. Catharines 688-4272 ERNEST PENNER INC. 53 Queen St., SI. Catharines 688-0579 METRO NIAGARA SCHOOL OF DRIVING 107 Welland Ave., St. Catharines 688-2421 HIS N HERS HAIR DESIGN 21 Cross St., Welland 735-4983 COMPLIMENTS OF A FRIEND 100 of our yearbook by means of listing with us. RENT-A-WRECK 1031 Niagara St., Welland 788-0030 CURIOSITY SHOP St. Paul St., St. Catharines 684-8284 VIRGIL VARIETY STORE Niagara Stone Rd., Niagara-On-The-Lake 468-2208 DR.J.SASSI 38 Albert St. W., Thorold 227-4303 ALL SEASONS ALUMINUM 37 Albert St., Welland 735-4177 RBR LIGHT INDUSTRIAL WELDING 77 Shaw, Welland 735-7442 THOROLD LUMBER HOME CENTRE 20 Cleveland, Thorold 227-1174 BROERDICK, MCLEOD, CLIFFORD, MARINELLI, AMADIO SULLIVAN P.O. Box 897, Niagara Falls 356- 2621 W.E.JONES INSURANCE 161 2 Front St., Thorold 935-4875 COUNTRY PANTRY 30 Rice, Welland 732-2280 STATE FARM INSURANCE COMPANIES 5211 Drummond Rd., Niagara Falls 357- 2511 DONALD A. MACKLEM 4606 Queen St., Niagara Falls 354-1665 JOHN KLIPPENSTEIN REAL ESTATE 57 Jefferson Dr., St. Catharines 935-1083 DART FOUNDARIES LIMITED P.O. Box 160, Eagle St., Stevensville 382-3106 CHRISANDRA ' S COFFEE SHOPPE 282 Unwell Rd., St. Catharines 935-8080 NIAGARA CONSULTING SERVICE 5 Race St., St. Catharines 688-1880 GEORGE SKELDING LANDSCAPING 4063 Kalar Road, Niagara Falls 357-5258 NIAGARA DELIVERY SERVICE 7 McGee Cres., St. Catharines 684-3602 THE TWO WORLD TRAVEL SERVICE 5001 Victoria Ave., Niagara Falls 356-0427 HUNTER ROAD GREENHOUSES R.R. 3, Hunter Rd., Niagara-On-The-Lake 468-2875 HAWBROK ' S FURNITURE 170 Mary St., Niagara-On-The-Lake 468-2844 COMPLIMENTS OF A FRIEND CHRISTIE ' S DAIRY 64 King St. E., Beamsville 563-8841 CATTARIA CONSTRUCTION 23 Secord Dr., St. Catharines 937-2440 J.R. TUCK SON LTD. P.O. Box 97, Port Colborne 834-3823 Our thanks to the following patrons who contributed to the success of our yearbook by means of listing with us. CHIPPAWA TRAVEL CO-MAR AUTOBODY INC. 3464 Cattell Dr., Niagara Falls 4655 Kent Ave., Niagara Falls 295-4346 357-2745 OVERHOLT WAYNE LITTLE, B.Sc, D.D.S. 1896 Hollow Rd., Fonthlll 6641 Lundy ' s Lane, Niagara Falls 892-3165 354-7623 DR. P.L. KARNER — VET NORMAN J. HAIGH 194 Thorold Rd., Welland 519 Mississauga St., Niagara-On-The Lake 735-7410 468-2442 SANTOS PIZZERIA BOB CAMPBELL OPTICIANS 284 East Main, Welland 5974 Main St., Niagara Falls 735-2222 357-2432 WELLAND FLOWER SHOP LTD. CECIL HOOVER LEARNING CENTRE 216 King Street, Welland 5017 Victoria Ave., Niagara Falls 732-2422 358-5053 COMPLIMENTS GLOBE TRAVEL SERVICE OF A 4906 Victoria Ave., Niagara Falls FRIEND 358-3122 CELI PRESTI SUPERMARKET ST. DAVIDS HARDWARE 505 Lincoln, Welland Box 121, St. Davids 734-7166 262-4701 REQUIP LIMITED JERRY ' S AUTO BODY Hwy. 58 Shaw St., Welland Hwy. 8 West of 30 Rd., Beamsville 735-4810 563-7702 L JUSED FURNITURE ST. CATHARINES CIVIC EMPLOYEES CREDIT UNION LTD. 290 King Street, Welland 82-84 Lake St., St. Catharines 734-6844 688-2044 LADY ' S CHOICE BERKLEY TAILOR 505 Geneva St., St. Catharines 58 St. Paul Street, St. Catharines 935-0822 688-1241 THE SENATOR VALU MART North End Plaza, St. Catharines 80 Page St., St. Catharines 934-0492 688-4047 MARY ' S FAMILY SHOE STORE THE PINE PORCH 23 Front Streets., Thorold 102 Niagara St., St. Catharines 227-3647 688-0264 CLARE ' S CYCLES SPORT LTD. DENTURE THERAPY CLINIC 799 Hwy. 20, Fenwick 187A Church St., St. Catharines 384-9911 688-5260 ROBERT ' S SALES RENTAL SERVICE GARDEN CITY MEATS 226 Bunting Road, St. Catharines 55 St. Paul St., St. Catharines 634-6341 685-5574 PAETKAU PHARMACY CONSULTING ENGINEERING STRUCTURAL MECHANICAL 30 Front St., Thorold 32 St. Paul St., St. Catharines 227-1541 685-0181 G.L. ' LES ' HAZLEY MARLIN MOTORS LIMITED 244 Grantham Ave., St. Catharines 5-7 Perma Court, St. Catharines 935-2914 684-8635 DOUGLAS G. URE SONS THE HAIR DESIGNERS 66 Queen St., St. Catharines Unwell Plaza, St. Catharines 685-5931 935-8733 R.J. FRANKS TRANSPORT LTD. CLOSET DESIGNS P.O. Box 700, Alliston 161 Church St., St. Catharines 461-4280 684-1898 PARAGON HAIR DESIGN NASATO PHOTOGRAPHY 78 Lincoln St. W., Welland 375 St. Paul St., St. Catharines 732-3333 685-8363 COONS HEATNG SHEET METAL SPEEROPITICIANS 24 Hilda St., Welland Lakeshore Sq., Shopping Centre, St. Catharines 732-6075 935-1234 BLACK LANTERN TAVERN INN BURCHER FABRICATING 64 Niagar St., Welland 51 Cecil St., St. Catharines 735-3830 935-4420 WELLAND SEWING CENTRE COMPLIMENTS 117 Main St. E., Welland OF A 734-6568 FRIEND WELLBRIDGE ENGINEERING CO. LTD. DOC AUDIO SERVICE Market Square, Welland 43 Scott St., St. Catharines 735-0275 682-9484 CRECCO ' S MOBILITY SYSTEMS FOR THE HANDICAPPED HORSEWORLD Highway 2, Welland 318 Ontario St., St. Catharines 892-3519 682-2545 COMPLIMENTS HIPWELL ' S MOTEL OF A 299 Hwy. 20, P.O. Box 253, Fonthill FRIEND 892-3588 101 Our thanks to the following patrons who contributed to the success of our yearbook by means of listing with us. DANTE ' S BARBER SHOP Fairview Mall, St. Catharines 937-5911 DAIN CITY COFFEE SHOP 6 Klngsway, Welland 735-7740 PARAGON HAIR DESIGN 78 Lincoln West, Welland 732-3333 SNEAKY PETE ' S Niagara Square, Niagara Falls 357-1825 WELLAND RADIATOR 6 Shaw Street, Welland 735-6733 COMPLIMENTS OF A FRIEND WILLIAM CLARE PLUMBING HEATING 751 Clare Ave., Welland 734-3414 ST. CATHARINES GLASS MIRROR NIAGARA LTD. 227 Bunting Road, St. Catharines 688-0133 ROBBINS FUELS R.R. 4, 803 Camboro Road, Fenwick 892-2344 NIAGARA BOOKKEEPING Upper 76 Division, Welland 734- 6813 GALERIE ALICIA 97 Burger Street, Welland 735- 6060 NICK ' S CLEANERS AND TAILORS 483 East Main Street, Welland 743-9930 LINDA ' S FASHIONS 3669 Portage Road, Niagara Falls 357-9603 DR. GERTRUDE EWART 273 Scott Street, St. Catharines 937-5560 CONSOLIDATED BUILDING MAINTENANCE 17 Secord Dr., St. Catharines 935-7934 ENNISTEEL South Street, Port Robinson 384-9794 THE FURNITURE GALLERY 240 Bunting Rd., St. Catharines 685-4819 PAUL ' S SECOND HAND STORE 563 King St., Welland 743-6844 DR. KEMPSTON 245 Pelham Rd., St. Catharines 688-4644 STALLWOOD ' S EOUIPMENT LTD. 227 Hwy. 20 East, Fonthill 892-5708 FRONTIER PART MART LIMITED Townline Road, Hwy. 58, Welland 735-9255 ALLIED CHEMICAL P.O. Box 55, Beaversdam Rd., Thorold 227-1532 WELLAND GUARDIAN EXPRESS 60 East Main Street, Welland 735-0282 CAPS NURSING SERVICE 13 Strathmore, St. Catharines 684-4566 COMPLIMENTS OF A FRIEND REV. PETER J. DICK 3 Tablemanor Drive, Apt. 3, St. Catharines 935-7898 HOTEL EMBASSY S WELLAND HOUSE 106 Lakeport Rd., St. Catharines 934-1231 DUO TEMP SIDING 105 Merrit Street, St. Catharines 227-6692 GEORGE E. HILDEBRAND, 0.0. 17 Front St. S., Thorold 227-1302 BRIANG. PIHACK, D.C. 6279 Hoggins Street, Niagara Falls 356-1212 SCORPIO TROPHIES 90A Oakdale Ave. , St. Catharines 684-4555 GLOBAL THREATRICAL SUPPLIES 128 Hartzell Rd., St. Catharines 684-6983 ZELLERS LIMITED 6510 Lundy ' s Lane, Niagara Falls 354-3668 LANCER RESTAURANT 24 St. Paul St., St. Catharines 684-3640 AVONDALE STORES LTD. 126 Townline Rd., St. Catharines 227-4023 CLUB SOCIAL 810 East Main St., Welland 735-0131 RICE ROAD GREENHOUSE 1361 Rice Road, Welland 892-5832 JIMMY SWAGGART MINISTRIES 6102 Perkins, Niagara Falls 356-6445 K.P. INSULATION SERVICE 6124 Belaire Dr., Niagara Falls 356-8291 PENINSULA GLASS INC. 219-221 Burgar Street, Welland 735-2901 JONAS SONS JEWELLERS 16 Main St. E., Welland 732-1833 NATURE ' S CREATIONS FLORIST Chelwood Gate Plaza, 440 Niagara St., Welland 735-3301 SEAWORTHY MARINE DIESELS INC. 2 Cushman Rd., Unit 12, St. Catharines 688-1713 GABRIEL MAINTENANCE 9 Seapark Dr. , St. Catharines 688-3066 THOROLD CAR TRUCK SERVICE 112 0rmond St. S., Thorold 227-6464 MCDONALD ' S GENERAL STORE 256 Ontario St., St. Catharines 684- 1404 COMPLIMENTS OF A FRIEND DR. R.A. MARKULIN, D.D.S. 179 Ki ng St., St. Catharines 685- 9343 PEACE BRIDGE BROKERAGE 33 Walnut St., Fort Erie 871-6500 TYMOSHUKELECTROYSIS 505 Carlton, St. Catharines 934-9192 Our thanks to the following patrons who contributed to the success of our yearbook by means of listing with us. ROYAL BANK Mississauga Rd Mary, Niagara-On-The-Lake 468-3288 WASSINK EXCAVATING LTD. R.R. 3, GentsRd.,Wainfield 899-1755 THERMO PANORAMIC WINDOWS 514 Queenston St., Unit 4b, St. Catharines 682-1234 GILUN JEWELLERS GIFTS 130 Lake St., St. Catharines 684-3942 ABE DICK MASONRY LIMITED P.O. Box 245, St. Catharines 682-8308 COMPLIMENTS OF A FRIEND HEELS, WILLIAMS LITTLE P.O. Box 1056, 14 Church St., St. Catharines 684-8503 KIRN ' S SERVICE CENTRE 540 Ontario St., Beamsville 563-8059 ALF. MYERS, REAL ESTATE BROKER 974 Church St., Fenwick 892-3524 G L WILSON ' S HARDWARE TV LTD. Fonthill 892-2144 DON DEAN CHEVROLET OLDSMOBILE LIMITED 52Dufferin St., Fort Erie 384-9484 FAIRVIEWMALL Geneva St. at QEW, St. Catharines 682-9630 SANDY ' S UNIFORM BOUTIQUE 4532 Queen Street, Niagara Falls 356-8833 LINCOLN FLORIST R.R. 3, Box 575, Beamsville 563-4511 DR. S.V. NADKARNI 163 Queenston St., Suite 3, St. Catharines 688-9060 MR. JOSEPH ' S HOUSE OF BEAUTY 18-20 King Street, St. Catharines 688-5143 QUEENSTON MEDICAL LABORATORIES LTD. 282 LInwell Rd., Suite 115, St. Catharines 935-1100 ARISTIDE (ALEX) TACINELLI CUSTOM TAILOR 30 Church St., St. Catharines 682-8121 T.W. DODD MACHINEWORKS CO. LTD. 35 McGhie St., St. Catharines 682-4481 LALLE SON JEWELLERS 248 Geneva St., St. Catharines 937-6330 JACK SHELDON PLUMBING HEATING LTD. R.R. 4, Niagara-On-The-Lake 684-8672 ABC DAYCARE CENTRE 34 Facer Street, St. Catharines 937-4843 BETTE-LYN FASHIONS Stamford Green Plaza, Niagara Falls 358-8212 GLENDALE DAY CARE CENTER 150 Glendale Ave., St. Catharines 684-0300 COMPLIMENTS OF A FRIEND CHATELAINE VILLA 103 Pelham Road, St. Catharines 688-1031 THE SHOE TREE 321 St. Paul St., St. Catharines 688-4828 CHIQUEHAIR DESIGN 271 East Main St., Welland 735-4574 B.J. ' S D.J. SERVICE 48 Bula Drice, St. Catharines 934- 8998 BARRY ' S HAIRSTYLING PLACE 46 East Main Street, Welland 732-2111 DR. G. S.M.WILSON 165 Plymouth Rd., Welland 735-1375 MASLINGK ' S RADIO TV Pine North Shopping Centre, Thorold 227-1180 OLD NIAGARA BOOKSHOP 44 Queen St., Niagara-On-The-Lake 468-2602 KENMORE CONSTRUCTION LIMITED Glenridge Plaza, St. Catharines 684-2317 NORTH NIAGARA HOUSING AUTHORITY 71 King Street, St. Catharines 364-4135 ROBERTSON RENTALS 15 Blafour, St. Catharines 682-2555 JOHNG. GLEDDIE, B.ScD.C. 327 Scott St., St. Cathrines 935- 3210 COURTESY AUTO SALES 188 Lake Street, St. Catharines 684- 6394 NIAGARA PLASTIC SIGNS INC. 12Woodburn, St. Catharines 688-5545 MCGEORGE ' S AUTO ELECTRIC LTD. 88 Geneva St., St. Catharines 685- 9179 DUECK ' S APPAREL FOR MEN 60 King St. E., Beamsville 563-7244 POL GLOBE TRAVEL 30 Lincoln Ave., St. Catharines 688-6977 J.J. PATERSON SON 19 Younge, Welland 735-5713 EASTWOOD GREENHOUSES 68 Simpson, St. Catharines 934-0478 MACS MILK 6869 Morrison Towersmall, Niagara Falls 356- 3191 A S ELECTRIC MOTOR SERVICE 4528 Bridge St., Niagara Falls 354-6603 COMPLIMENTS OF A FRIEND MAYCOURT BARGAIN SHOP 60 St. Paul St., St. Catharines 685-3143 ELSILY ASSOCIATES REAL ESTATE 3964 Portage Rd., Niagara Falls 357- 1990 CAIRN CROFT MOTOR HOTEL 6400 Lundy ' s Lane, Niagara Falls 356-1161 103 NIAGARA YEARBOOK SERVICES LTD. 22 Highwas Twenty H . Fonthill, Ontario LOS lEO

Suggestions in the Niagara College of Applied Arts and Technology - Yearbook (Welland, Ontario Canada) collection:

Niagara College of Applied Arts and Technology - Yearbook (Welland, Ontario Canada) online yearbook collection, 1981 Edition, Page 1


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Niagara College of Applied Arts and Technology - Yearbook (Welland, Ontario Canada) online yearbook collection, 1988 Edition, Page 1


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