Niagara College of Applied Arts and Technology - Yearbook (Welland, Ontario Canada)

 - Class of 1984

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Niagara College of Applied Arts and Technology - Yearbook (Welland, Ontario Canada) online yearbook collection, 1984 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 120 of the 1984 volume:

I I I ! 1 ( I ! i i ■I ! i i i i j I 1 i 1 I i i i ( I 1 Congratulations to the Graduating Qass of 1984 Presidents Message As those of you who are in the graduating class complete this phase of your education and look for- ward to the future, we all sincerely wish you success in your chosen career. As you leave Niagara College, I would remind you that your accomplishments will be measured by your ability to keep an open mind, a keen and wholesome interest in your fellow men and women and continue to be a student throughout your lifetime. You are entering or re-entering the world of work at a time when many rapid changes are forecast for employers and employees in all walks of life and, consequently, you have a responsibility to give thoughtful consideration to the future and to prepare for it wisely. Consider the past-cherish its strengths and build on them. Use the wisdom and the ex- perience of those who have gone before you but do not dwell on the past. Do not discard older ideas just because they are old. Consider their merit. Do not rush impetuously into the new just because it is new. Consider the merits of the new also. Perhaps a balance between the two should be your choice. It is my earnest wish that each of you may realize the goals which you have set for yourself and that you will be able to accept life, with its opportunities and limitations, joyfully and courageously and reach for higher heights within your chosen career. I will follow your for- tunes with pride and look forward to hearing of your contributions to your vocation and those whom you serve. I am sure that the undergraduates are looking forward longingly to the day in the not-too- distant future when they will join your ranks. In the meantime, they will carry on the traditions you have fostered. To all the students of Niagara College I would exhort: " Write your names in kindness, love and have mercy on the hearts of those with whom you come in contact year by year and you will never be forgotten. Your name and your good deeds will shine as the stars of heaven. Use your talents faithfully and they shall be enlarged; practise what you know and you will attain to higher knowledge. " 1984-04-09 Jacqueline P. Robarts, President. SAC. Presidents Message As your college year comes to a close, I can picture you holding wliatever time is left, reminiscing all of the joys and tears that have been geared towards your obtaining your diploma. Meanwhile, on those days and nights that never seemed to end you often said, " get me out of here " , or " just let this end " . Well if this is any consolation to those feelings. Congratulations on suc- cessfully completing your course and best wishes in your future career. As I see it, the world could be compared to a huge blueberry pie where everyone is entitled to a piece, but unfortunately there are just not enough pieces for everyone. So, reach out and make sure you are one of the lucky ones who gets their piece of the pie. If not, hold faith in hand, and eventually your turn will come. You can rest assured that you ' ve gained something in attending Niagara College. On behalf of SAC ' 83 84 I wish you all the best of luck in the future. It was a pleasure working for the student body. Here ' s hoping that most of your dreams come true. As the old saying goes: " The older you get, the wiser you are " . It can only get better! Sincerely, Denis Noel, President, S.A.C., 1983-1984 Editor ' s Message Dear Graduates: With the Student Administrative Council of 1983-84 (SAC), I wish to congratulate you on your graduation from Niagara College of Applied Arts and Technology. This year is a landmark in your lives that will, hopefully, bring you success in the future. Your hard work and long hours throughout your years at Niagara College are finally being recognized; this book is but one of the ways. May it, in future years, bring back fond memories of places, friends and good times. As you leave to attain your goals, I wish you well and leave you with this piece of advice from William Blake: He who bends to himself a joy Does the winged life destroy; But he who kisses the joy as it flies Lives in eternity ' s sunrise. Sincerely, Stuart MacDonald Editor 1983-84 Autographs 7 Good beer Fine music What fun 1983 LETTER OF APOLOGY I would like to express my sincere apologies to those students whose pictures were not placed in the 1983 Grad Book. Maria DiFelice Editor 1983 Kathy Walker Helen Warford Holly Washuta Janet Watterworth Cynthia Watts Diane Weasner Charlotte Weber Terri-Lynn Weber Derek Weistra Denise Whipp Charles White Lettie White 10 12 Class of 1984 Barbara Ahluwalia Horticulture Dawn Bacon Educational Resources Lori Aird Human Relations Sandy Baggot Horticulture Cathy Amme General Antonella Baiocco Law and Security Admin. Evelyn Archer Library Technician Jean Bambrick Library Technician 13 Brenda Briggs Early Childhood Educ. Ray Broccolo Law and Security Sandra Bryant Law and Security Deina Burley Interior Design Monique Champagne Early Childhood Educ. Rosemary Cheel Early Childhood Educ. Mary Rose Bufalino Law and Security Pauline Cleland Early Childhood Educ. Grace Cowell Social Services Pete Cramp Broadcasting Roy Dos Santos Broadcasting MaryAnne Duerrstein Lynn Dunbar Brenda Dyck Kathryn Ellerbeck Educational Resources Early Childhood Educ. Library Technician Early Childhood Educ. Karen Ellis Tammy Finlayson Nancy Fisher April Fortler Early Childhood Educ. Educational Resources Library Technician Law and Security Joanne Frigault Early Childhood Educ. Mary Ellen Garvey Early Childhood Educ. Sandra Gill Social Services Michele Gamble Social Services V Carole Gauthier Early Childhood Educ. Jackie Glaves Human Relations Carolyn Graves Early Childhood Educ. Theresa Gretzinger Journalism Karen Grundy Social Services Keith Gurr Horticulture Lee Green Interior Design Ronna Hecker Early Childhood Educ. Denis Jackson Tracey Jackson Terri James Pamela Janvary Horticulture Early Childhood Educ. Early Childhood Educ. Early Childhood Educ. Don Krowchuk Law and Security Jenneke Langendoen Library Technician Betty Laemers Early Childhood Educ. Scott Laing Law and Security Karen Lamb Fashion Arts Rozanne Larmour Social Services Brenda Lattimer Horticulture : •J Ann Lefrancois Social Services Linda Leslie Social Services Kelly Lester Early Childhood Educ. Linda Lintaman Social Services Yvonne Lohnes Law and Security Christine Lever Early Childhood Educ. Joanne Lizotte Fashion Arts Marie Lovegrove Law and Security Darrell Mac Donald Broadcasting Ann Maclean Social Services Sylvia Madsen Early Childhood Educ. Monica Maier Law and Security Anna Marinich Fashion Arts Maureen Marshall Social Services Shelley Martin Tina Martyn Maria Matacic Rosemarie Maturi General Library Technician Early Childhood Educ. Law and Security Elizabeth Milne Patti Mino Horticulture Human Relations Michelle Mooney Alan Morden Darlene Morris Nancy Moscrip Interior Design Horticulture Law and Security Early Childhood Educ. Sue Newman Library Technician Laura Putman Early Childhood Educ. Peter Raakman Horticulture Patsy Reid Human Relations Carol Riley Early Childhood Educ. Darlene Robinson Broadcasting Deanna Romeo Early Childhood Educ. Janique Roulllard Early Childhood Educ. Jim Rusk Law and Security V 4 Kelly Ryan Early Childhood Educ. 26 Debbie Sabo Human Relations Robert Sangster Law and Security Mike Sambrano Broadcasting Jackie Samuels Interior Design Paul Sbrizzi Law and Security Leslie Sharp Human Relations Pat Simpson Human Relations Debbie Sanford General Loretta Sharp Educational Resources Jacqualine Sirett Library Technician Liz VanderGriendt Educational Resources Class of 1984 - Abbas Amirgholi Manufacturing Eng. Paul Campbell Construction Eng. Steve Athoe Mechanical Eng. Aubrey Balthazaar Electrical Eng. Gilles Brochu Mechanical Eng. Mark Cayouette Electronics Eng. Anthony Cercone Mechanical Eng. Darren Clark Mec hanical Eng. 32 34 Denis Noel Mechanical Eng. Frank Perri Mechanical Eng. Mike Popescul Jeff Race Bob Reid Gregg Remmelgas Refrigeration Tech. Mechanical Eng. Chemical Eng. Chemical Eng. 38 39 Class of 1984 Dave Acaster Data Processing Joanne Arghittu Legal Assistant Patty Adams General Richard Agnew Industrial Management Karen Anger Financial Management Norm Arteau Business Admin. Carolyn Atkinson Secretarial Arts Kathy Awrey Accounting 40 Dana Bogner Data Processing Jane Dunleavy Retail Management A A Rob Falconer Merchandising Yollande Desjardins Secretarial Arts Kelly Devereux Secretarial Arts Shelley Doucette Personnel Management Richard Dougherty Marketing Management Irene Dyson Legal Assistant Sharon Ecker Data Processing Sherry Eden Secretarial Studies Susan Falconer Secretarial Studies Teresa Ferraro Data Processing Dominic Ferreri Retail Management David Gill Financial Management Tim Grech Marketing Management Pat Hagan Data Processing Karen Greply Data Processing Darrin Hale Accounting Douglas Hall Industrial Management Nicole Hayhurst Hotel Admin. Jutta Gutthardt Industrial Management Jane Hallewell Legal Assistant Myra Hayward Hotel Admin. Chris Lott Hotel Admin. Brenda Lowe Data Processing Gail Lowe Accounting Nancy Luerina Secretarial Arts Kelly MacDonnell Legal Assistant Joan MacKenzie Business Admin. Demetrio Macrl Hotel Admin. Tina Masmeyer Data Processing Brent Masterson Hotel Admin. 52 Dan Millar Hotel Admin. Joanne Miller Financial Management Miriam Mitchell Acc ounting John Marcone Financial Management Andrew Morgan Accounting Christine Morin Merchandising Angel Morris Secretarial Arts Christine Mosco Secretarial Arts Julie Muraca Secretarial Arts John Nagy Financial Management Jack Poulin Data Processing Darryl Porrit Retail Management Diane Pritchard Legal Assistant Kelly Quinn Legal Assistant Pam Potts Accounting Lyndon Reashore Accounting Rob Reilly Accounting Mike Rennpel Industrial Management Sue Rider Secretarial Arts Starr Rogers Legal Assistant -4 Joanne Rose Marketing Maria Rossi Data Processing Rene Rotermundt Business Admin. Michele Ross Merchandising Cliristina Rossit Business Admin. Sylvia Rudolf Legal Assistant Chris Rupp Financial Management ■ 7 Lorrie Rustenburg Secretarial Arts Anthony Ryan Industrial Management John Scaizo Data Processing Teresa Scaizo Hotel Admin. Phyllis Schiavone Secretarial Arts Karen Schmidt Carol Schofield Industrial Management Legal Assistant Debbie Schroeder Lena Scozzafava Legal Assistant Retail Management Karen Sebert Jacl ie Sebeslav Jan Shah Dawn Sherar Data Processing Secretarial Arts Accounting Data Processing Helen Simpson Jayne Singer Matthew Slak Cheryl Smith Tourism Hotel Admin. Industrial Management Financial Management Jacky VanRoestel Business Admin. Shelley VanTrigt Financial Management Arnie Zubrickas Personnel Brenda Zuvic Tourism 60 Kevin Agnew Emergency Care Kathy Alexander Dental Hygienist Pat Armstrong Dental Assistant Shelley Baird Dental Hygienist Cathy Batcules Dental Assistant Catherine Belanger Dental Hygienist Cheryl Bacher Emergency Care Joanne Bell Dental Assistant Susan Christie Dental Hygienist Kathy Cocquyt Cathy Coltedge Susan Conrad Melinda Dawny Emergency Care Health Records Tech. Emergency Care Nursing Joe Degiorgio Kathy Dekker Anna DeMeo Connie Demizio Emergency Care Dental Assistant Dental Assistant Dental Assistant 63 m Sheila DesRoches Health Sciences Steve Dewar Emergency Care Barbara DiSinnone Dental Assistant Nina Dus Dental Hygienist Ida-Marie Dyke Emergency Care Lynne Edwards Health Records Tech. Elfriede Epp Emergency Care Gloria Fioravanti Dental Hygienist Christine Foxworthy Dental Assistant Cheryl Friesen Dental Assistant Lome Fry Emergency Care Bonnie Gardner Health Records Tech. Denise Goch Dental Assistant Cathy Halamay Health Records Tech. Michelle Harrisson Dental Assistant Judy Henderson Dental Assistant Celia ludiciani Dental Assistant Brenda Grabatin Dental Assistant Karen Hughes Dental Assistant Bill Jaques Emergency Care Debbie Kalman Health Sciences Carrie Kavanaugh Dental Assistant Anna Kirinic Dental Assistant Gayle Knott Health Records Tech. Shelly Kociulym Dental Assistant Carolyn Kowalik Dicta-Typist Joanne KowalsKi Health Sciences Renay Lambert Dental Hygienist Joanne LaScala Dental Assistant Susanne Latchford Dental Assistant Terry LeGros Health Sciences Jo-Anne Made Dental Hygienist Eleanor Lindsay Emergency Care Carol Lockhart Emergency Care Karen MacMillan Dental Hygienist Deanna Marceau Dental Assistant Heidi Lukosius Dental Hygienist Sheryl Margeson Health Records Tech. Joy Maxmenko Annette Michels Health Records Tech. Dental Assistant Jayne Schneider Dental Assistant Sandra Schneider Dental Assistant -HOTEL- Welland ' s " PARTY HOUSE " LIVE ENTERTAINMENT GOOD FOOD DRINK SPECIALS Join us in the RAMBLIN ' ROOIVl 35 Southworth Street North 732-5051 NIAGARA POWERMATIC CAR.WASH CENTRES LTD. SELF SERVE AUTOMATICS HIGH PRESSURE BAYS WITH BUBBLE BRUSH SYSTEM POWERFUL VACUUMS OPEN 24 HOURS 1 79 St. Paul St. West 685-51 31 48MerritSt. 227-1384 ST CATHARINES, ONTARIO LUNDY ' S LANE AT DRUMMOND RD. Drive-through open 24 hrs. Breakfast served. also: CLIFTON HILL (by the Falls) NIAGARA FALLS 318 Ontario ST. St. Catharines 2-10Tremont Dr. St. Catharines NEED REVENUE FOR FUTURE PUBLICATIONS?? HANDBOOKS, YEARBOOKS, CALENDARS, PROGRAMS ETC. Publishing and Promotional Services Community and Sports Organizations Colleges, Universities, CONTACT: Publications Inc. 181 Seaton Street, Toronto, Ontario IVI5A 2T5 call collect (416)928-3074 71 Congratulations to the 1984 Graduates UAW LOCAL 199 124 Bunting Road St. Catharines 682-261 1 RANGER ' S RESTAURANT TAVERN steak House Coffee Shop Open 6 a.m. to 1 a.m. Turners Carrier; HWY. 20 50 Pelham Phone 892-31 14 329 Welland Avenue St. Catharines 662-6601 4898 Victoria Avenue Niagara Falls 356-S303 37 Hellems Avenue Welland 735-9861 CONGRATULATIONS GRADS! The cramming and partying is behind you It ' s Time To Work! Come to Econoprint to have your Resume typed or typeset and printed Show I.D. and receive 10% off VALID UNTIL SEPT. 1 , 1 984 Not Valid with other specials. TRW Canada Limited Leaders m manufaciuring Automoiiue. Agricullutal and Mining producls lot over 50 vcafs Facililies for: Cold Forming, Hoi Press Forging. Upseller Forging. Precision Warm Forging. Machining and Assembly Complele Heal Treal, Laboratory and Toolroom facilities TRW ' s on going program of Capital Investment in new technology and equipment is part ol the company ' s ability to maintain a competitive edge TRW Canada Umited Thompson ProiJucIs Division PO Bo 3004 Si Calharines, Oniario L2fl 765 4166058411 MMXWW Cappa Professional School of Hairstyling Inc. 154 ■ 6 KING STREET, ST. CATHARINES L2R 3J4 (416)688-1175 Blenkhorn and Sawie Limited 100 GRANTHAM AVENUE ST. CATHARINES, ONTARIO L2R 7B9 (416) 684-9251 , 1 -800-263-7242-3 Telex No. 061-5220 WORK SAFELY and EFFICIENTLY . . . REDUCE JOB COSTS! { ' Rentals • Sales • Leasing • Service liiiicfiQiipN 1 1 2 Ormond Si. South, Thorold 227-3321 HOLY ROSARY PARISH (THOROLD) CREDIT UNION IIMITED 35 ALBERT ST. WEST - THOROLD, ONT. TELEPHONE 227-S22S 72 London Arms PUB RESTAURANT Come one. ..Come all and enjoy yourselves ENTERTAINMENT Friday Saturday BRITISH NITE in THE PEN Every Wednesday 688-0228 Open Mon. to Sat. 11 a.m. to 1 a.m. Sunday 12 noon to 11 p.m. SHELBY METAL MECHANICAL CONTRACTING LTD CUSTOM SHEET METAL WORK STEEL FABRICATION Industrial Sheet Metal Work 218 Hwy 20 E Pelham 892-8235 Shop 87 Shaw Wei land 735-5985 Best Wishes to the Students Staff! CANADIAN IMPERIAL BANK OF COMMERCE Seaway Mall Welland 735-7744 Congratulations to the Graduates! CANTEEN OF CANADA 20 Maywood Avenue St. Catharines 682-7245 SIMPSON ' S VARIETY 60 Niagara, Welland 734-3823 60 Margery, Welland 735-4061 563-A Niagara St., Welland 790 Clare St, Welland 735-2327 1000 Ontario, Welland 734-6800 Plus two more stores in Fort Erie D.J. ' S. Skating Fashions (Call for Special Appointment) 20 Highway Fonthill, Ont. 416-892-8560 10a.m. -5p.m. Fri. 10-9p.m. closed Monday HOMER PHONE 684-8591 -2-3 SALVAGE AUTO WRECKERS LIMITED 32-34CUSHMAN ROAD, ST. CATHARINES L2M 6S8 DIAL TOLL FREE FOR AREA 416 1-800-263-7204 DIRECT TORONTO LINE 366-2077 73 Sears SIMPSONS-SEARS LIMITED NIAGARA PENINSULA SHOPPING CENTRE GLENDALE AVENUE ST. CATHARINES, ONTARIO L2T 2L1 682-6481 MJ eJur (2zjtax£c!c. CBe oA. 160 FRONT STREET NIAGARA-ON-THE-LAKE 468-2167 JUST FOR THE HEALTH OF IT White Oaks tennis and racquet club ALL YOU NEED TO FEEL GOOD - AND YOU DESERVE IT Racquetball Handball Squash Tennis Q.E.W. at Glendale Ave. St. Catharines 688-6800 l pBolstcrin Ltd. " Start a Bcautijiil Rocxpcr " 468-2135 coiffutts THE PEN ST. CATHARINES 684-7427 Beatrice AVONDALE DAIRY R.R. 5 NIAGARA-ON-THE-LAKE 684-8151 XEROX XEROX CANADA INC. 63 Church Street St. Catharines 682-6623 74 I I J " ' ast expertsenice. 1 appointment needed. NIAGARA FALLS ST. CATHARINES 356-4940 682-8352 227-7070 934-2586 735-3536 ( Speedy you ' re a somebodyr AUTO DRILL of CANADA, Ltd. 1 1 3 CUSHMAN ROAD UNIT «20 ST CATHARINES, ONTARIO L2M 6S9 Tel (416) 685-1320 PAUL A. McKINNON VICE PRESIDENT NUMERICALLY CONTROLLED ' DRILLING • ROUTING C ® L L® III D CANADA INC. P.O. BOX 160, ST. CATHARINES, ONTARIO L2R 6S4 CLEANING SERVICES Complete Janitorial Services Rugi and Upholstery Steam Cleaned 24 HOUR SERVICE Commercial, Industrial and Residential 416-935-3998 INTERNATIONAL hmmmm COMPUTER lawriMm cwmtrb JOHN HEANEY . APPLE . DIGITAL . IBM . COMMODORE Sales and Service Bus: 688-2331 117 St. Paul St., St. Catharines, Ontario L2R 3M4 MID-TOWN BOWLING (NIAGARA) LTD. TEN PIN BOWLING Pro Shop — Trophies ■ Telephone 354-4023 KEITH JO-ELLEN KARLSON 5685 Ferry Street Niagara Falls, Ont. L2G 1S5 300Glendale Thorold 227-7481 HOLY ROSARY PARISH (THOROLD) CREDIT UNION 35 Albert Street West Thorold, Ontario TELEPHONE 227-5228 OFFICE HOURS: Monday to Wednesday 10A.M. - 5 P.M. Thursday Friday 10 A.M. YOUR CREDIT UNION. •8P.M. IT ALL BELONGS TO YOU 75 LU S5 LORALEEA. QUESNEL CERTIFIED MAKEUP ARTIST LICENSED INSTRUCTOR THE PEN ST. CATHARINES, ONT. TEL: 684-6041 SEAWAY MALL, 2ND LEVEL WELLAND, ONT. TEL: 734-7663 COMPLIMENTS OF A FRIEND Best Wishes to the Students and Staff from NIAGARA DENTAL GROUP Compliments of NCO METALS COMPANY ONTARIO DIVISION PORT COLBORNE NICKEL NICKEL REFINERY CAREER SCHOOLS OF HAIRSTYLING Call for Free Brochure - enrollment every month 63 Geneva Street St. Catharines 684-9297 Fraser Inc. fraser 1 John Street Thorold 227-5271 Best Wishes to the Students Staff UNITED STEEL WORKERS 214 King Street Welland 384-9575 JOHN TRIES COMMERCIAL INDUSTRIAL CONSTRUCTION HEAVY LIMITED CONSTRUCTION ST. DAVIDS, ONTARIO GENERAL CONTRACTORS LOS 1P0 (416) 262-4282 PROJECT MANAGERS SINCE 1954 Weekly Contests CASH PRIZES CINrP IQli M.T.V. 7 Ft. SCREEN Satellite aUiUI 134 featuring all mafor sporting events TUN MAKES US FAMOUS ' 76 Oular Of HIntertioallcr Yachts frill I INCHCT) YACHT SALES SERVICE Box 670, NI g«ra-on-th -L k«, Ontario LOS 1J0 Norm VmutoKt Bualnaaa: (416) 468-3224 Home: (416) 934-6606 LIMITED FORTY-SIX JAMES STREET ST CATHARINES, ONTARIO L2R SB8 TOM LOVE CONSULTING 11 Albany Drive St. Catharines 937-4062 125 Cushman Road St. Catharines, Ontario L2M 6T2 416-688-2214 CLA-VAL CANADA, Ltd. BEAMSVILLE, ONTARIO CLAYTON automatic VALVES FRED NORTON, GEN. mgr. C. W. (CLIFF) THOMPSON 5125 VICTORIA AVENUE NIAGARA FALLS. ONTARIO L2E 4E4 416: 358-852B holidav rent-a-car system V m LD.A. CUTHBERTS PHARMACY serving the health and beauty nee ds of the community 1 1 1 Queenston St. 682-5491 John Wiens THE PRI CE OF WALES HOTEL NIACARA ON THE LAKE ONTARIO, CANADA LOS IJO TELEPHONE (416) 468.3246 K|. (lack) Warmbold General Manager lUERGEN PhIUPP (CANADA) INC. ' fruit processors PO Box 2271 station B StCathaiines, Ontario L2M 6P6 Telephone (416) 684-8536 37 38 Telex 061-5175 PETER SUKKAU REALTY LIMITED 200 Welland Ave., St. Catharines 685-7316 Thinking about a career in Real Estate? For the Best Possible Service in Real Estate Buying or Selling CALLUS St. Thomas ' Day Care Centre 99 Ontario St., St. Catharines L2R 5J6 688-3191 Gov ' t Licensed ■ Qualified Teachers Mon- Fri 6:30 a.m. — 6:30 p.m. Infants ■ 3 mos. - 18 mos. Toddlers - 18 mos. - 2-1 2 yrs. Pre-schoolers - 2-1 2 yrs - 5 yrs Omni Omni Fndt Vine Nursoy VIRUS TESTED FRUrr TREES GRAPE VINES Niagara RIvct Paikway Service Road 58 RRl, Nlagara-on-the-Lake Ontario, Canada LOS IJO (416) 262-4231 BUI Mori PENINSULA READY-MIX SUPPLIES Open Saturdays 50 Bartlett Beamsville 563-8214 JORDAN le STE-MICHELLE CELLARS LTD. RICHARD B. MITCHELL PKESIDtr T k CHIEF EXECirriVE OETKTR JORDAN ISUNGTON (416) COMPLIIVIENTS OF A FRIEND FERRANTI- PACKARD LIMITED P.O. BOX 548. ST. CATHARINES. ONTARIO. CANADA L2R 6W9 Virgil, CARL PALLEK SON Specializing in ROSEBUSHES EVERGREEN • SHADE TREES FLOWERING TREES Catalogues for Roses on request ON HWY 55 Niagara-On-The-Lake 468-7262 ACRES ACRES CONSULTING SERVICE LIMITED 5259 Dorchester Road, P.O. Box 1001 Niagara Falls Ontario L2E6W1 354-3831 Beattie Stationcryi,iMrrED P.O. Box 56, SI Catharines. Ontario. L2R 6R4 H. WHITTAKER DENTURE THERAPY CLINIC 4107 Portage Road NIAGARA FALLS, ONTARIO L2E 6H2 TEL. 356-2535 Westlnghouse Canada Inc. Industry Service Division 475 Glendale Ave., St. Catharines 227-1020 ALL HOURS In Plant and on site services Repairs to all makes of Electrical Appliances CQI STHIJCTJQI □ClPJTEHs«i.«s BRIAN BRADSHAW Prwidenl Estimating — m hanical, elecincal. ipnnktet. imulaiion EfecirKdl 0«tiBn Accounting 32 Granada Drive. St Catharines, Ontario L2N 2S6 Bus 416-935-3336 • Res: 416-935-1865 2A Hf Answei Service 356-0033 Factory Authorized: Inglis ■ Whirlpool Kenmore - Coldspot Relfigefaiion and Appliance Repair Commercial Walk- ns Cases SPEED AND CUSTOM EQUIPMENT MACHINE SHOP SCflVICE — CUSTOM REBUILDINO FLETCHER BROTHERS PERFORMANCE CtNTRE 1155 King St. E, HaiNlton. OnL 306 Ontario SL SL CadiaiUwa, Ont. 3X Plains Rd. E Burtlngton, Ont Tal. 54S-4907 Tel. 685-6846 Tel. 637-8022 77 HARRIS SIGN CO. TRUCK LETTERING, SHOWCARDS, PAINTED SIGNS, SILK SCREENING 340 Queenston R oad Telephone 682-4294 St. Catharines, Ont. NEW UPDATED LOOKS ROBERT OF ROME BEAUTY CENTRE 937-2650 685-4112 DAVE VERNON DRAPERIES LTD i CVrtM A KAVT MAK 735-3332 HENS SHOP MEN ' S WEAR AT ITS BEST CANADIAN BRAND NAME SUITS FOR SHORT. TAU. 1 OVERSIZE MEN BIG t TALL DEPARTMENT FORMAL RENTALS 732-2922 51 MAIN EAST FAMOUS M HUSARA FOR MEN ' S • YOUNG MOTS SUITS Good ' s Butcher Shop Ltd. CULPRD. 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JANIS RAWLE 96 Niaga ' a SI Catha-ii L2R JLJ BEV GOIT HAULAGE GENERAL TRUCKING Single Tandsm Axle Dump Trucks Product Trucking Sand, Top Soil, Storx Excavatmg R.R. 2, Beamiville Phone 563-7951 563-4409 JACKSON ' S AUTO BODIES A WRECKERS EST Smce 1M3 COMPLETE COLLISION SERVICE FRAME S BODY STRAIGHTENING PAINTING INSURANCE CLAIMS USED CARS TRUCKS BOUGHT J.SOte- " 24 HOUR TOWING " USED NEW AUTO PARTS WAINFLEET 899-3006 RR 1 FENWICK nfTERHAriuMAL P.O. BOX 1013 NIAGARA FALLS. ONTARIO L2E 6W8 TELEPHONE (416) 354-5621 RONALD L. COOK CHIEF FINANCIAL OFFICER TORONTO ■ I4I0I 3ee-67oe HAMILTON ■ 4I6 327-2063 WELLAND METAL SUPPLIES LIMITED — FABRICATORS AND DISTRIBUTORS — Roberts Gordon Furnaces 208 Burgar St., Box 206, Welland, Ontario L3B 5P4 HAID-aOCII PWHK CO LTD INDUSTRIAL - PLANT - OFFICE FREE ESTIMATES CONCRETE CURBS SIDEWALKS D.E. FIEMMINC 4 R C. BAKER ARCHITECTS RICHARD C. BAKER BAB01 MRAIC. 107 YATES ST BOX 820 ST CATHARINES, ONT L2R6VJ 416-682 2623 Cornmeicial and Society Splinting lonjpt Setvict . . . Slione 834-3380 CONTAINER SERVICES LTD REFUSE REMOVAL COMMERCIAL ' INDUSTRIAL - RESIDENTIAL FRONT END i DOLL OFF SERVICE RESTAURANTS. PLAZAS. STORES MOTELS. OFFICE BUILDINGS APARTMENTS. SERVICE STATIONS 77 BERRYHAN 684-7414 78 82 Lake Street St. Catharines 685-1761 64 Hertzell Street, St. Catharines 685-7727 Riganelli ' s Bakery Ltd. Breads, Rolls, Pizza, Cakes Call for all your Party Needs 227-1 156 leOrmondSt. S Thorold. Ont. dana: HAYNESDANA THOROLD 688-9511 NATIONAL BANK OF CANADA 469 East Main Stret, Welland, Ontario L3B 3X7 (416) 735-4633 BRETT McNALLY tiflanager, Ontario and Western Division Wm. Clare Plumbing Heating Ltd. 751 Clare Avenue. Welland, Ontario L3C 3B9 24 Hour Enwrgency Service 734-3414 or 734-4735 980 East Main St. Welland, Ontario Phone 735-0620 Niagara Falls St. Catharines Phone 384-9777 IMPERIAL OPTICAL CANADA 38 JAMES STREET 684-3342 ENSIGN SECURITY SERVICES LTD. Compliments to the Students of Niagara College 50 DIVISION STREET WELLAND. ONTARIO. L3B 326 732-2759 384 9250 •TRUE " DISCOUNT PRICES • Cosmetics • Fragrances • Sktn Care • Hair Care • Gilt Ideas • Accessories LOW PRICES BORN HERE RAISED ELSEWHERE an experience you II LOVE Melissa ' s cosmetics 201 St. Paul Street steak and Seafood 357-4500 Hose Citymvel Ltd. WORLD WIDE TRA VEL ARRANGEMENTS tfOC ' S HAIR FASHIONS — UNISEX — MONDAY - THURSDAY 8:00 A.M. - 6:00 P.M. FRIDAYe:0O A.M. -8:00 P.M. SATURDAY 6:00 A.M. - 5:30 P.M. WALKINorCALL Phone 73S.H76 HAIST IDA PHARMACY TWO LOCATIONS 139 Main St. E. 735-5103 551 Niagaras!. N 735-5644 WELLAND. ONTARIO Locations Throughout the Niagara Peninsula 98 SI Paul SI Granlham Plaza Seaway Mall 1400 Pelhani SI SI Caltiarines SI Catharines Wellanc] Fonthill Ont L2R3M2 Onl L2m3W4 Ont L3C1M3 Onl LOS lEO 688 3473 935 1381 735-6923 892 2691 OLD STONE INN 5425 Robinson Street Niagara Falls. Ontario Canada L2G 7L6 • Daily " Happy Hour " in Rendez-Vous Lounge • Call our Catering Manager for your graduation party lei: 357-1234 Sportsmen s Motel JunclionHwys 50 4 20 Wellanrl Ontario Phone 892 2667 " Only 7 Miles to Niagara Falls Featuring •An ConOilioning •Cenlral Location •Kitchenettes ' Commercial rales -Q.E.W house ofhain 1 7 Victoria Ave Vtneland. Onl For Men Women Open 5 Daysa Weel Thurs Fri Evenings 562»7206 ZmilesoltO.E.W. TRICIL LIMITED P.O. BOX 2130, STATION B ST. CATHARINES 688-9030 ivwB of Canada Young Drivara OVER 150,000 GRADUATES RECOMMEND 107 Welland Ave.. St. Catharines, Oniario. L2R 2IM4 (4161682 1111 - CENTRES ACROSS CANADA - PETER J. DIRKSEN REAL ESTATE BROKER 2:i;iCAKi;i ' ()NSTKKi-;T ST. CATIIAKINK.S. O.N I ' AKIO (i«K-:illl 1 CompuleflQAd MAKE FRIENDS WITH THE FUTURE ' Restaurant - Tavern ■ Take Out Catering °Ct " TOTAL NEW LOOK " Under New Management We Welcome Teams, Individual Bowlers New Leagues tor the 84-85 season also Summer Leagues " We " re Air Condilioned Full course menu S Dining Loui Licensed under the LLBO Thorold Bowlaway ar d450 Lounge 6 Claremont St. Thorold 227-4600 Come in rind nienlion Ihis receiwe 1 5% off Bowling. Food or Beverages 79 GENERAL CONTRACTOR 684-8549 OFFICE SHOP 13 HISCOTT ST. NABISCO BRANDS LTD. Box 1004 Niagara Falls 354-2764 ouuimTtim — CKEQUIHG SAvmCS, CUARAMTtEO DAU. DfTUEST ACCOUNTS TEMIDEnSITS PeitSOtlAL LOANS HONTCACE LOANS fCTKEMDfT SAVMGS PLANS WILLS AND eST ATE PLANHDK Guarant) ROYAL CANADIAN LEGION HALL RENTALS — CATERING LARGE OR SMALL GROUPS EXCELLENT FACILITIES LEONARD M.SALMON Secretary-Manager H.T. Church (Ont. 24) Branch Royal Canadian Legion 111 Church SI.. SI. Catharines (416)685-846 A.S. FORRESTER Manager Royal Anchorage Motor Hotel 186 Ricardo Street Niagara-Ort-The-Lake Ontario Telephone 416-468-2141 TELEPHONE 688-6655 P O. BOX 1360 40 QUEEN STREET ST. CATHARINES. ONTARIO SULLIVAN, MAHONEY, GRAVES, MATHESON MUTATORI Barristers Solicitors CENTRAL HOME HARDWARE GABECAMILLONO 16 FRONT ST. S. THOROLD 227-2883 4ia 22T.OB2l RCS.1 (416) fl0B.830e DON FORSYTH PRESIDENT St. Catharines Corrugated Containers Inc. ALLANPORT ROAO CASA d ' ORO NIAGARA FALLS, CANADA The Casa d ' Oro Dining Lounge Dine in leisure in an old world atmosphere STEAK HOUSE ITALIAN CUISINE ACCOMMODATIONS FOR BANQUETS FOR SMALL PARTIES The Rialto Room Dancing 9:00 PM to 1 :00 PM 5875 Victoria 356-5646 Niagari Falls Ample Free Parking We Honour Most Major Creilit Cards ' FDnterfpeUer 8 Keeler Road. St. Catharines, Ontario. Canada L2M 7N9 Telephone: |416) 937-4440 Compliments of Best Wishes Students Staff ST. CATHARINES SCREW MACHINE PRODUCTS HOLLYWOOD COMPLETE HAIR CARE SERVKES FOR MBI WOMEH MEN ' S HAIRSTYLING 18 KING 688-5143 S.G.G. SALES INC. Sydney G. Goldford 4 Craiglee Terrace St. Catharines, Ontario L2T 2H9 688-6933 A Prmwimcimiamm Life Is better In 80 many ways with economical dependable NATURAL GAS " FOR INFORMATION CALL " PROVINCIAL GAS CO. 15 Church Street 685-4844 TXephona: 3S6-4134 BIG MIKE ' S HITCHING POST Rinaurwtt a Tavvm 7184 Drummond Road Owned Operated by Niagara Falls, Ontario MICHAEL J. QUINLAN STALLWOOD ' S EQUIPMENT LTD. Farm and Industrial Equipment RALPH STALLWOOD TERRY STALLWOOD 227 Hwf. t20 Eatl Fonthlll, Onlirio LOS 1E0 T l«ption» (41fl) n2 570a BURTNIK PRINTING INC. OFFSET II LETTERPRESS PRINTING 78 QL ' EENSTON STREET ST CATHARINES, ONTARIO L2R 2Z2 eg2-2458 FULTON MANUFACTURING limited SHEET STEEL SALES AND CUSTOM FABRICATING " MANAGER TRAINEES " Work evenings Saturdays for Local retail outlet Must have own transportation a desire to work Call Mr. Chris Earrick 688-6660 for personal interview UNITED STEEL WORKERS OF AMERICA 1 1 Bond Street St, Catharines 684-9216 Baadia Services Ltd. • Moving Storage • Landscaping • Snowplowim • Driver Leasing Bookkeeping • Income Tax • Barb Dave Amos (416) 935-5032 32 Dunkirk Rd.. Unit 5 St. Catharines. Ont THOROLD CONSTRUCTION LID CUSTOM HOMES RESIDENTIAL - COMMERCIAL ADDITIONS S ALTERATIONS BONDED i INSURED W YRS EXPERIENCE 227-2321 143 COLLIER RD, S THRLD BURNSTEIN CASTINGS LTD. 69 Catharines Street St. Catharines Ontario L2R 5E9 688-2022 canal R. S. (Rick) Veldstra Treasurer Canal Contractors A Divition of ULS International Inc. 155 Cushman Hd. Si. Catharines. Ont. L2M 6T4 685-1792 Hamilton 662 1993 Res.: 934-2854 Cable CANALLAKE Telex 061 -5237 MULTI TRADE CONTRACTORS 80 M tio ' i $lace F iMILY RESTAURANT AND PIZZERIA We Ciler to Small Parties FuUy Licenced Dining Room Phone 734-7422 Compliments of Best Wishes DELCAN LTD. 5233 Stanley Niagara Falls 356-7003 TATE 1 Villi yvMMr iiclly «»c l ♦ ccnnectlcn John Harris 277 Welland Ave., St. Catharines, OnL (416) 688-5454 TLC Marketing John R. Harrison Jr. President and General Manager Tel; (416) 357-5527 4144 Bridge St. (P.O. Box 722) N iagara Falls, Ontario L2E 6V5 ANGELOCASARELLA Sales Representative CUSTOiM COUNTER-TOPS Specializing in post formed Countertops Wholesale Retail 247 Bunting Road St. Catharines, Ontario STAR APPLIANCES We SeU Ntw i Uied Buy A Ttade Fridges, Stoves, Washers, Dryers or Buy Whole Contents RONALD A. CAVERLY, C.A., M.T.C.I. Executive Vice-Picsident Covparanoii P.O. Box ISM. 43 Queen St. St. Catluriiia, Onlario L2R 7J9 (4I0«U-3I31 PHONE 892« VIL1 GE BAKERY 29 PELHAM TOWN SQUARE FONTHILU ONTARIO LOS lEO New York Restaurant Tavern 5027 Centre Street Niagara Falls, Ontario Canada Phone 354-5213 SENECA MANUFACTURING (8T. CATHARINES) LTD. WALT J. PENTEBCO ■.IL M NUOMUMN-mMAKf mmuuo lei uo 685-4831-2 C C YACHTS LIMITED P.O. BOX 970 526 REGENT STREET NIAGARA-ON-THE-LAKE ONTARIO LOS UO 468-2101 210 Bunting Rovl St. Catharina, OnL L2M S Y 1 BOB PRENTICE 682-1808 RECTANGLE AUTO SUPPLY - We sail the best and scrap the rest - 128 Cushm, St. Cathafir HACOILIalVRAT CO. CHAItTCRED ACCOUNTANTS IB CHURCH ST. SUITE SOS. BOX SAB ST. CATHARINES. ONT. L2R BZB 4IS 8B2-B3SS SHOP 227-7777 B B ELECTRIC 434179 ONTARIO INC. COMMERCIAL INDUSTRIAL INSTALLATIONS MICHAEL BORSODI P-O. BOX 977 FONTHIU. ONT US lEO rrr CHO ' HYDRAULIC COMPONENTS DIVISION KMW PRODUCTS LIMITED 183 MERRITT STREET ST. CATHARINES, ONTARIO, CANADA L2T-1J7 Best Wishes! LIFT LINE MACHINERY 140 Federal Welland 788-0971 Best Wishes to the Students Staff from Canadian Legion 383 Morning Star Avenue Welland 734-3611 WASHINGTON MILLS LIMITED 6225 Progress Street P.O. Box 2025 Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada L2E6Z2 Telephone: 357-1050 Telex: 061-5375 SERVING METRO NIAGARA Cla laire i DELIVERY SERVICE LTD. roy wormald electric ltd. 36duncandr. 9341997 St. Catharines Ontario I4KI 7JJ-I270 W Homi, Onlorlo T«n MI-SIM TalKDplaf Conodo Forging A Dfviiion of Terononl IndvctrlM IM. Sox 30t. WaJlofMl. Ontario 131 SM ■AULT BTB. MAmC BT. OATHAniNKB BCNERAL CONTRACrORB AND ENGINEERS I NTEfWATtONAL B WTHEflHOOD OF E LECTRICAL A 01 81 MODERN EXPOSAIC CO. LTD. 8620 OAKWOOD DRIVE NIAGARA FALLS. ONTARIO L2E 6S5 Compliments of LOCOCO WHOLESALE 4167 Victoria NIAGARA FALLS 358-3281 5647 MAIN STREET NIAGARA FALLS. ONTARIO , L2G 523 Best Wishes to the Students Staff! SUNDOWNER INN 8870 Lundys Lane Niagara Falls 358-9124 THE ONTARIO GRAPE GROWERS ' MARKETING BOARD P.O. Box 100, Vineland Station, Ontario LOR 2E0 Telephone (416) 688-0990 Compliments of CLAIRES DELIVERY SERVICE LTDj| 933 Forl s Road Welland 732-6892 State Farm Insurance Companies fcUTO - LIFE . IRE AND CASUALTY DAVE PHILIPSON AOEHT 103 LAKE5HORE ROAD. SUITE 207 ST. CATHARINES. • L2H zn TELEPHONE: BUS. {4lfl) 037-7SOO RES. (4iaj 084-2004 tcrin Ltd. " Slan a Beautiful Roon)er " RICHARD COLLEE TRUCKING EXCAVATING Industrial Demolition Dismantling Conracts Fully Insured 7863 Gardner Road Niagara Falls 356-5401 Compliments of Raiico Intermodal Service 4 Micliigan Welland 732-3747 934- €676 i iagara P.O. BOX 98S. NIAGARA-ON-THE-LAKE. ONTARIO LOS IJO TELEPHONE (416) 468-2111 ANDREWS TRUCKING LIMITED YACHT CARRIERS CREEK ROAD, R.R. NO. 4 NIAGARA-ON-THE-LAKE, ONTARIO CANADA LOS IJO CANADA HAIR CLOTH P.O. Box 426, St. Catharines, Ontario L2R 6W1 DIRECT FILM COMPLETE PHOTO FINISHING SERVICES TOP QUALITY DEVELOPING PRINTING COLOUR. B W, PORTRAITS. ENLARGEMENTS Seaway Mall, Welland 732-1502 Best Wishes Students Staff BARNES WINES Martindale Road Q.E.W. St. Catharines 682-6631 AIR, RAIL, STEAMSHIP BROWN, JAMES TIZZARD TRAVEL SERVICE LTD. Phone 735-0303 5 Main Street, Welland, Ontario " Let ' s Talli Travel " Cecil (Cec) James, c.t.c. MANAOER - PRCSIDKNT »Mmm, fr MV Siyyttt WELLAND. ONT. L3B 3W« TRAVEL SERVICE LTD. PHONE 735.0303 Compliments of BEVAN ' S SHELL SERVICE 3748 Main Street Chippiwa 295-4522 MacQUILLEN ' S SURGICAL FITTINGS LTD. 44 OnUrio StreO. SI. ruhtrincs. Ontario L2R SJ4 PHONE 685-8473 MRS. W.W. MacQUlLLEN MR A.J. DICK J. J. PATTERSON SONS FuNKKAL RmiOINC Lto. J. P. KORMAN THE ST. CATHARINES TRANSIT COMMISSION ice BUNTING ROAD L2M 3Y1 W. HUNKA SON SALVAGE INC. 1030 Railroad Welland 734-9512 1 82 BAGGOrS BRASS BEDS DIV. PIETWOOD UMITED P.O. BOX 174. 7 INDUSTRIAL DR THOROLD, ONTARIO. CANADA. TELEPHONE L2V 3Y9 (416) 227-722 1 Best Wishes to ttie 1 984 Graduates! Atlas Employees Credit Union Ltd. 38 Patterson Welland 735-4801 FAIRVIEW MALL 285 GENEVA STREET. ST. CATHARINES. ONT. L2N 9Z9 WELLAND AUTDMDTIVE AND INDUSTRIAL LTD. ROOFING V R.R. 1 BEAMSVILLE FREE ESTIMATES 563-7374 MARTY 934.3aX CHUCK Compliments of KINNEY SHOES OF CANADA LTD. Seaway Mall Welland 735-2587 Niagara Meadows Holiday Travel Park East Service Road 8676 Oakwood Drive NIAGARA FALLS. ONTARIO L2E 6S5 Thfto Morin Res(416)357-5243 Telephone 8us(4ie)354-1432 Best Wisties to ttie Graduates! E.J. POW LABORATORIES INC. 382 Dundas Woodstock 265-9265 Compliments of Best Wisties to tfie Students Staff from DORAL TOWERS 100 Lancaster Drive Welland 735-6444 Best of Luck! Crazy Lee ' s Rose City Plaza 815 Ontario Road, Welland 735-4241 KEN SUESS SALES REPRESENTATIVE . ST, CATHARINES MARIO ' S ELECTRIC Residential, Commercial A Electrical Heating TELEPHONE 735-1294 D.SMIT DeSmll Lumber Building Supplies Ltd. ROBERT DeSMIT 384-9706 732-2444 920 NIAGARA ST WELLAND, ONT L3C 1M3 COMPLIMENTS OF Katch E. Concrete Constructors aiOCrowland Welland 732-1511 Best Wishes to ttie Students! WELLAND HOSPITAL 3rd Street Welland 732-61 1 1 Regency IVIotor Hotel Mountain Road at Q.E.W. Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada (416)358-6322 20 Motel Units • Colour T V • AM-FM Radio • Showers Aif Conditioning • Open All Year • Licensed Patio Dining Cocklail Lounge • Sleaks Chinese Foods Banquet Facilities lor 50 -200 (416) 688-5545 A DIVISION OF — PHIL DENNIS ENTERPRISES LIMITED — Head Ollice Soulh Slreei Norlh PORT ROBINSON ONTARIO LOS 1 KO ' THE LATEST IN MEN ' S STYLES " The Stag Shop Hairttyling Riccardo Ventura 322 TTiorold Rd. W. Bus- 735-7445 SCEOSUEN a SEED QROWERS Wayn 0. Gal Congratulations to the Graduates! K.P. INSULATION SERVICES 6124 Belaire Niagara Falls 356-8291 1 Taro Construction Incorporated 22 Nihan Drive St. Catharines, Ontario L2N 1L1 (416) 937-7011 WELLAND LUMBER 918Southworth Street South Welland 734-4555 NIAGARA WELDERS «um.v uMino WRIGHT AND SMITH STUEH ST CATHARINES. ONTARIO 12R 7A9 DON STIRTZINGER 83 LA RMERA MOTEL ■417 FEURV t. maoaha hlu OMTARIO tan RiUf rvMion (416)356-0211 k hUnMuat Acnpud Congratulations to the 1984 Graduates! WELLAND H OUSE HOTEL 30 Ontario Street St. Catharines 685-7371 Blue Knight Travel Tour Brokers FOR BETTER DEALS IN TRAVEL 4eoeOusenSt. Niaoara Falls, Ontario L2E2L6 (416)357-2570 The New Birdtand " Your Best Buy Centre " ■l«D CHEVHOLIT OU»MOIIlE (IHI) LTD. 572 Nisgiri Street, Welland, Ontario Wellind: TUMM St. Catharlnea NIageri Falll: U4.MU Hunter, Wilson Kelly Ltd. N5URANCE BROKERS ROBERT KELLY, B A GOSEN, ANDERSON, RIGBY INSURANCE BROKERS, INC. 190 King St., P.O. Box 488 St. Catharines, Ontario Bus: 688-5530 L2R6V9 Compliments of TALLMAN TRANSPORT LTD. 1003 Niagara Welland 735-1410 niagara region police association Regional Road 50, R.R. 2, Welland BEST WISHES! LITE BROTHERS 6131 Virginia Niagara Falls 356-6641 Niagara Structural Steel P.O. Box 730, 23 Smith Street, St. Catharines, Ontario L2R 6Y6 BEST OF LUCK! NORTON CO. ELECTRIC FURNACE 8001 Daly Niagara Falls 295-4311 BEST WISHES! MARCH OF DIMES 160 East Main Street Welland 735-3463 Best Wishes to the Students Staff Leon ' s Furniture Market 803 Niagara Nortti Welland 735-2880 P.O. BOX 3011 A orviaxw of uis mtehnationm. mx ST. CATHARINES, ONT. L2R 7C1 — TELEPHONE (416) OUSai CABLES PORTWELLEROOC TELEX oei.aias Congratulations to the Graduates MAC LAWN SPRAY LTD. QEW Highway, North Service Road Beamsville 563-8562 ALF. MYERS LIFE- FIRE - AUTO AND CASUALTY INSURANCE BROKER REAL ESTATE BROKER PHONE 416 - 892-3524 FENWICK. ONTARIO Compliments of KARA FASHIONS Lincoln Mall Welland 732-4374 P.O. BOX 60 4960 CLIFTON HILL NIAGARA FALLS, ONTARtO L2E 6Sa COURT INDUSTRIES CO. LIMITED PHONE 202-4918 262-4033 niAGARA onmm or rnntuA spoan • koieatioml sales a SEnicc. lmited The Wayside House of St. Catharines 200 QUEENSTON STREET ST. CATHARINES, ONTARIO L2R 2Z7 QSL CV4.M K STEAMSHIP UNES Thomas R. Emeraon 84 L AND V POULTRY PROCESSING PLANT WHOlESAtE AND RITAIL BEAMSVILLE, ONT. THORNE RIDDELL FUNERAL HOME IAN H RUSSELL 75 Church Si reel Si C3tharines. Onlario S,,,, ,. ,Y,J FAIRVIEW MALL 285 GENEVA STREET, ST. CATHARINES, ONT. L2N 9Z9 Whiting Equipment Canada Inc. ■ «VY INDUSTRIAL lOUIPMlMT P.O. BOX 217 WELLAND, ONTARIO NIAOAR SAUSAGE MEAT PRODUCTS LTD. WE MAKE HAMS, SAUSAGE WEINERS, BACON FRESH MEAT . WHOLESALE RETAIL Ridge Road, Welland 734-39 ' ROBERT H FUNK. REGIONALTRIST The Regional Trust Company 190 Division Stwi Welland, Ontario L3B 4A2 M lland (416)733-6671 S« Catharnes (4161 384 9591 Toronio (4161 283 2037 Steed and Evans Limtted Engineets and ConlFaclots ' ConsltucKon Division Ray Sexton Constiuclion Miniga Niigiri Filli (416) Ji P O. Box 420. Niagara Falls Ontano L2E 6T8 E. C. (ED) GOULD WELLAND OFFICE SUPPLY INC FRF.E F.NGRAVINC Pl.AQUF.S ANO GIFTS RON HARPWOOD 735-4474 Congratuations to the Grads HICKS LUMBER BUILDING 50 Bruce Street Welland Phone 734-7424 D. f. PRESCOTT BRANCH ACCOUNTANT ROYAL TRUST Best Wishes from GRIEF CONTAINERS INC. 4219 Dark Street Niagara Falls, Ontario Phone 358-3271 Lincoln Sireel Wcsi f || I FC mr Off Highway 5B I UlLLtorlt Welland ssm 735-71S1 • 384 9773 " Look far the GM sign for certified select j. KING ' S FLOWERS A Gli 149 CLARENCE STREET PORT COLBORNE, ONT L3K 3G4 PHONE 68S-SBS3 MEATLAND SAUSAGE CO. 1 so BUNTING ROAD L2P 3G5 ST CATHARINES. ONTARIO COONS HEATINIi SHEET METAL METAL FABBICATION SERVICK REPAIRS - IIEATINU AIR (X NI»ITIONlNn MAhC COONS Congratulations to the Graduates! CANADA EMPLOYMENT CENTRE 225 East Main Street Welland 735-3951 Best Wishes to the 1984 Graduates! FRANKS CONSTRUCTION GENERAL REPAIR 1 Fairlawn Road St. Catharines 937-0702 RON STEVENSON . JH di PaxK. Xodq £i One. S) HgQtJ ' P LIMITED IKy. 5R Shiw St., r.O. Ilni 1 Wrtlind, OntHho UB Sr2 SALf.S - RENTAL — SKRVICK 85 r. G. riqfit % CO.. LIMITED p. O. BOX 510 NIAGARA FALLS. CANADA L 2 E 6 V 4 Best Wishes Willis Lakeshore Fruit Market R.R. 6 Lakeshore Rd. Niagara Falls, Ont. 935-6151 Maclean Hunter Cable TV Cadbury Schweppes Powell Inc. 170 ATTWELL DRIVE REXDALE, ONTARIO M9W 5Z5 ANDERSON, R.V. ASSOCIATES LTD, 3rcl Fir - 76 Division Welland Phone: 735-3659 D £CAST P.O. BOX 87, WELLINGTON ST. NORTH THOROLD, ONTARIO. L2V ZTl W. H. WILTSHIRE PLUMBING HEATING LIMITED P.O. BOX 343 VINELAND. ONTARIO LOR 2C0 Peter D. C. Brown Chartered Accountant 188 James Street St Catharines, Ontario L2R 5C5 E. H. FERREE CO. LIMITED 5701 LEWIS AVENUE NIAGARA FALLS, ONT. L2E 6V5 AUREL GERVAIS GENERAL INSURANCE AGENCY LTD. 706 E. MAIN ST., P.O. BOX 454 WELLAND, ONTARIO L3B 5R2 Best Wishes to the 1984 Graduates! BARNES WINES LTD. Martindale Road St. Catharines 682-6631 THURSTON MACHINE CO. LTD. P C Box 274 Port Colborne, Ont. U3K 5W1 LINCOLN MALL ONTARIO ST. SCOTT ST. HARTZELL TREMONT DRIVE INC. P.O. Box 550 WELLAND, ONTARIO L3B 5R3 MISENER Transportation ttzT,:[ ' :zr. P.O. BOX 100, 63 CHURCH STREET ST. CATHARINES, ONTARIO L2R 6S1 MOVER MEBEL LIMITED Queen Elizabeth Way, Jordan Station, Ontario, Canada LOR ISO RrainerPrintliig P.0.B0Ke46-Nn0ARn FALLS. ONTARIO LeE6T3 FRANK LEE ' S SUNOCO 180 Fitch Street Welland, Ontario L3C 4Vd Tel. 735-3822 BARTLETT M N INC. 931 Bartlett Street Beamsvllle, Ontario 563-8261 MICHAEL ' S INN 5599 River Road Niagara Falls, Ontario Phone 416-354-2727 C L WILSON ' S HARDWARE T.V. LTD. FONTHILL - ONTARIO - LOS lEO MEADOWS PHARMACY LTD. 3533 PORTAGE ROAD NIAGARA FALLS. ONTARIO U2J 2K5 r £incoln ™ farm; P P LYi faraU Your [ Champion] Over 30 Vgan of QuaHly Servtce 86 RED LION PLACB ; Marcel Daoust 51 NIAGARA ST. WELLAND, ONTARIO L3C1J1 735-3342 iijBiBt» MARINE PRODUCTS LTD. 66 CLARK ST.. WELLAND. ONT. {416)732-1171 TLX, 061-5440 PETER STEVENS GENERAL MANAGER UIEURMO Hera cenrer Cordon Vanderstelt Flying Instructor AVIATION SERVICES FLIGHT TRAINING MCDONALDS RESTAURANT McDonalds for your Late Night Snack 6348 LUNDY LANE NIAGARA FALLS 356-8591 Rainbow Travel Agency Travel Representative 300 Lincoln Si- E. Lincoln Plaza, Welland, OnL Bui. 783-0373 After Hours 732-5437 A HAPLC LEAP Maple J ai J u%5e%ie6 J lmited r.r. no. 3. srd street louth St. Cathari nes. Ontario l2r ops QT AID ' he paint Ol V.»I_M in paper people ■PROFESSIONAL ADVICES DISCOUNT PRICES PenCentre . 685-4534 Fairview Mall 937-581 1 THORNE RIDDELL Chartered AcoouDtanIa 110 lamaa St, PO Boi 1294,, St. Cathariaaa, OnL. L2I17A7 PHONE (416) 356-1161 or TOLL FREE From Canada 1-800-268-8993 From Toronto 485-2632 From U.S.A. 1-800-528-1234 WRRX: 6400 Lundy ' s Une Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada L2G 1T6 Quality 8i Service KLAAS DEKKER BUILDING Construction Renovation Klaos Deltker Res 682-1362 14 Dexter Street St. Cattiarines L2S 2L3 .TWIN , INDUSTRIAL CMETT UNION Ud 7184 DORCHESTER ROAD NIAGARA FALLS, ONTARIO L2G 5V6 Teleptionc 1416) 358-7101 Residence (4161 356-7426 F. INGHAM CONSTRUCTION COMPANY LIMITED DOUG INGHAtWI 4790 Montrose Hoad Vice President Niagara Falls, Ontario L2H 1K5 735 Fourth Line. Oakville, Ontario. L6L 5B7 DONN CANADA LTD LTEE 356-4850 HENDRIE COMPANY LIMITED HH Established 1655 ERNEST H. CRtPPS Tcrminui Manager (St. Catliailnt ) Ximitzd ♦ DIAMONDS ♦ SILVERWARE ♦ WATCHES ♦ GIFTS " COMPLETE WATCH S JEWELLERY REPAIRS ifilLLiAMS CREDIT JEWELLERS 682-3621 105 ST PAUL HARRISONS MOVING CO. 2 WAYS TO MOVE A. Regular Moving Service at Competivive Rates B. Alternative Program - you load the van save money 935-3977 Trailer Van accommodates all your lurniture Level enlrance lor easy packing ■ Time saving lor you REFERRALS UPON REQUEST • EKperienced Men • Free Eslimales • ?4 Hour Service • 1 Days a Week restaurant and tavern $ 1.00 off any pizza ' Hometown Julio ' s Plant One Julio ' s Gale House 9T7-644O " " 261 ' Julio ' s Take Out " 934 933£ .Sei-sSl " 935-7971 ' OANCINO THE CASA O ' ORO DINING LOUNGE ONf H LEISUW n AN aO WOHLD ATMOSPICIK STEAK HOUSE A ITALIAN CUISINE ACCOmiOOATDNS FOfl SWAll PARTES rpt •■t . ' V i»i liw The " Rialto " Rpom 1 356 -5646 i S87S VtCTOniA CLEM ' S READY MIX QUALITY CONCRETE BUILDING SUPPLIES Driveways - Patios - Additions " CALL " 735-3622 Federal Road QUI) MEMSERS ARE NONOUIIED AT OVER SM NORTH 4HERICJIN LOCAnONS WE ' RE - ■ NVONE 682-1 666a MOVIE • VCD REMTALS WITH LANOE SELECTION OF HDVEB TO CHOOflE FWM fV iint ' ' 3 " your j ' ' J banking needs. Commerce OF " ■owe OF The FINEST EUROPEAN COLO CUTS RYE BREADS « CAKES IMPORTED CHEESES FREEZER BEEF MEAT a CHEESE PLATTEBS SAUSAGE k BEEF PATTIES FRESH FISH I FROZEN SCA FOOD FRUH MCAT - AOCD - TWMMtll CUT TO HUFECTIOM WELLAND PLAZA WELLAND 734-7753 87 « STAGE one HAIRCUTTERS 684-2102 R YTOOL DIE CO. LTD. Manufacturers of Tool Die Rubber Plastic Molds Claude Beaupar iant River Road, R.R. 1 Phone(416) 732-4545 Wedaid, Ontario L3B5N4 ( 416)732-4546 Compliments of Thorburn Drug Stores (Niagara Falls) 5881 Main Street Niagara Falls 357-3845 STAMFORD SPORTS, CYCLE LIMITED 3493 Portage Rd Niagara Falls, Onlano L2] 2K5 Phone (416) 356-2921 Niagara Regional Native Centre Queenston Taylor Roads R.R. 4 NIAGARA-ON-THE-LAKE, ONTARIO L0S1J0 688-6484 Your Family Newspaper in Si Catnannes-Niagara 1 7 Queen Street, St. Catharines. Ontario L2R 5GS A.P. BROWN JEWELLERS LTD. Diamonds » Watches • Jewellery A.P. BROWN AWARDS • Trophies • Prizes • Ribbons • • Custom Engraving » 82-92 West Mam St. Welland Telephone 734-3841 STORESIDE PARKING Soolco Wooico 0 pl. Slor Lincoln Mall St. Catharines, Ont 685-1721 DORAL TRANSPORT CO. P.O. Box 802 ST. CATHARINES - ONTARIO - CANADA 685-4237 TIM NORTON DONUTS 563 Niagara Street Welland 735-0706 Best Wishes! COLOR YOUR WORLD 54 HARTZEL ROAD ST. CATHARINES 685-1212 Goodman ' s Your Extra Touch Florist 42 Divisiorj Street, Wdland Wayne Goodman Residence 735-6708 Business 732-2481 |ALLAN S I PHARMACY 60 ST PAUL ST. W. PHONE 684-2348 ST. CATHARINES. ONT. MacDonalds Restaurants 500 Welland Avenue St. Catharines 688-5461 1 G. LYON S LIT HO LIMITED 585 Indusifial TO Ba« ill Ion [ne d.i llA 5M9 Tel 8713233 TUFTS Automotive and I ndustr iai 32 CROSS STREET Terry Tutts WELLAND, ONTARIO Owner (416) 735-5672 Shelley Lewis New York Style Dance Studio 223 Church Street, St. Catharines TAP •MODERN JAZZ •LYRICAL •STREET DANCING 934-8135 -or 685-1294 Compliments of GENERAL TIRE General Products Division Welland, Ontario Phone: Area Code 416 735-5681 PARTY NOVELTIES Nevadaman 318 ONTARIO STREET ST. CATHARINES. ONTARIO L2R sue 416-688-6111 416-688-6302 KEN CAMPBELL 1-800-263-6660 1-800-263-1230 CENTRAL MUSIC Sf AWCE TO STUOBtrS « P«W GWTABS DRUMS AMPLIFIERS SOUND SYSTEMS KEVBOARDS STEREOS Hapife - MNTALS - Ill LOW MCC - LUOC KELECnON ALL rOnHJUl MMOt 732-4885 2C1IUMU«T wmANO CT f l AID " le pain t Ol wLnlii paper people • PROFESSIONAL ADVICE DISCOUNT PRICES PenCenlre 685-4534 Fairview Mall 937-5811 Rex Hotel Limited 346 King Street Welland 734-4652 Congratulations to the Graduates! MOOSE LODGE 5284 2ND AVENUE NIAGARA FALLS 356-0822 illfliOOR WALLmniiii] BRAND NAME CARPETS FROU BURUNOTON - CELANESE - PEERLESS - CORONET - HARDING FLOOR COVERINGS BY CONGOLEUM - ARMSTRONG - LURAN - DOMCO WALL TO WALL INSTALLATIONS DONE BY CRAFTSMEN OVER 200 ROLLS IN STOCK (COII«)fCUai (HWV HI TWOIOCATKM 735-3223 mumiM oamTMMM 384-0851 STCATHAiwn 688-9200 88 Dufferin Garden Florist 72 DuUer ' fi SKeei (between Haig Si Taylor Ave I Si Calharines Ontario L2R 128 Owfier 68? 8348 MaidaCoull 68? 83d9 Open Monday lo Saiurday — 9 lo 5 30 PARTY NOVELTIES LTD. 318 Ontario Street St. Catharines. Ontario Canada L2R 5LB • Trophies • Halloween Supplies • Party Needs • Make Up • Decorations For All Occasions • • Imprinted Buttons Glassware • (416) 688-6111 1 ■800-263-5660 Bus. 934-2521 Zenith 12120 22-34 Secord Dr. St. Catharines, Ontario Thorold Community Credit Union Limited Mr. M.snary thokoio. out. 227.1 Manager HELPING YOU TO HELP YOURSELF . 4548 Queen Street Niagara Falls 358-5734 CUNNINGHAM FOUNDRY MACHINE CO. LTD. joBDMG SKCIALISTS ' JAMES H. CUNNINGHAM 21 Y l Cm.St.Cath«tnM.Ontwk LZnzYe 4ie-«8»«ST7 Office: Phone 934-1376 St. Catharines NIAGARA-ONTHE-LAKE NIAGARA HOLLAND NURSERIES LIMITED LAKESHORE ROAD R.R. 3 ONTARIO LOS 1J0 5000 Montrose Road Niagara Falls, Ontario L2H IKS 356-2221 WE SHIP COAST TO COAST ■ The coast ol Lake Erie lo Ihe coast ol Lake Ontario ' NIAGARA BLOCK company limited IVAN NIELSEN NIELSEN ' S AAAINTENANCE LTD. 7 Hiicott StfMt St. Ctthirinn, Ont. 685-4234 Td. T.i2-mm l:)HCi-(i vlaiul Avi... Wdlanil LiBRAIRIE WeIXAND BOOK StORB - SPECIALISTE French Books - AGENT - Canadian Government Gojvernement Canadien Mr. FURNACE HEATING AIR CONDITIONING INC. Unit No. 6 1980 HIGHWAY No. 20, R.R. No. 1 FONTHILL, ONTARIO LOS 1E0 Family Dining and Take LT=,=r- Out « = " IHuiuuf Best Wishes TOWERS 1000 Main Street Welland 735-5000 Compliments of MOBILE WASH 3 Hiscott St. Catharines 935-4444 Best Wishes to the Students Staff! WILLBERT DEVELOPMENTS 4950 Clifton Hill Niagara Falls 357-5911 PENINSULA PLUMBING SUPPLY 40 SEVENTH ST.. WELLAND. ONTARIO TiLCPnONE Bus 416. 732. 6195 WATTS 1S0O.263 7311 Best Wisties to ttie Stud ents Staff ROCHESTER PITTSBURGH P.O. BOX 385 834-3414 Congratulations to ttie 1 984 Graduates! MURPHY ' S RESTAURANT PEG LEG TAVERN 620 Niagara North Welland 735-3921 Compliments of M.B. FOODS LTD. HWY 55 DOWNTOWN VIRGIL 468-3286 Jack Van Klaveren Ltd. P.O. BOX 910 ' ST. CATHARINES • ONTARIO L2R 624 Best Wishes from Robinson ' s Department Store PEN CENTRE ST CATHARINES 688-5410 Congratulations to the Graduates! ROMBY ' S RESTAURANT DINING LOUNGE 488 Lake Street St. Catharines 937-0331 Fonthill Concrete Products Ltd. and Builders Supplies Ampower Canada (1982) Limitecl Unit 47 1 13 Cushman Road St. Calharines. Ontario Canada L2M 689 89 PHIL DENNIS ENTERPRISES LTD. Head Offlcs South Straat PORT ROBINSON, ONTARIO LOS 1K0 683 Niagara St, S. Welland, Ont L3C 1L9 Phone: (416) 735-0299 George Irvine Associate Dealer Compliments of DONN CANADA LTD. 17Keffer St. Catharines 937-7222 Ban ick Road. Watt Paal Mofs Top Soil - Bulldozing Excavating - Grading Contract Trucking - Ftotovating Induitrial •intenanca end Rapain GARY ADAIR P.O. Box 443 Port Colboma, Ont. L3K 1B7 Tel. (416) 834-9266 CARL PALLEK SON SPECIALIZING IN ROSEBUSHES Catalogues For Roses On Request ON HWY 55 Virgil Niagara-On-The-Lake 468-7262 EVERGREENS - SHADE TREES - FLOWERING TREES Congratuations to the 1984 Graduates! LETS TALK BUSINESS RR 1 FONTHILL 892-2617 Best Wishes to the Students Staff MAPLE LEAF FUDGE 114 Queen Street Niagara-On-The-Lake 468-2211 Congratuations to the Graduates! BIWAY STORES LTD. PENDALE SHOPPING PLAZA ST. CATHARINES 688-3466 EXCAVATINQ . QRAOINO • PAVINQ Quality Asphalt Paving Since 1963 GIGANTE PAVING t?6. SSCushmtn Rd. — St. Catharines, Ontario L2M eS7 VIC GIGANTE 684-8262 harry OELINE Registered and Bonded under the Consumer Protection Act dahlberg zenetron 5J3 MAICO UNITRON DANA VOX BECKEN AND ASSOCIATES HEARING AIDS AUDIOMETERS GEORGE AKERSHOEK Certified Hearing Aid Audiologist Phone 734-7300 1 77 East Main Welland, Ont. L3B 3W7 Best Wishes! SKILLET RESTAURANT Div. Zellers Ltd. 6510 Lundys Lane Niagara Falls 345-3868 Compliments of ZELLERS LTD. PEN CENTRE 684-8581 with the compliments of MEL STUART MLA forWelland-Thorold lr Ate-- ' BUSINESS 416-227-6763 RESIDENCE 416-688-2295 ED UHL 65 Ormond Street. N. P O. Box 176 Ttiorold. Ontario L2V 3Y9 THOROLD WELDING FABRICATING LTD. OTHERFORO ' s WOODS rOVES Corner Forks Rd Elm St Welland, Ontario Wm. Ruthsrford S77 Elm St. Port CoLsoiiHa. Ont. MILLEN MARINE MILL SUPPLY LTD. BRUCE FOLEY Bua. 834-7220 Rn. a34-7Se4 Congratuations to the Graduates! C.E. REFRACTORIES Prince Charles Drive Welland 732-4441 COMPLIMENTS OF A FRIEND Crowland Sash Frame Ltd. ISBrownleigh Welland, Ontario Phone; 735-5001 RIGHT ' )POOLS Of U ' i not a Wxig t PooL . MICHAEL J. WRIGHT xong U OOL 177 SCOTT SIWfT Sr CATMAMNCa, ONTMtO TILEPMONE HI si aais Economy Electric Supply Limited COONen VICTORIA 6 eUNGAH STS P 0 BOX «00 WELLAND ONTARIO L3B 2T5 4 90 UPJOHN HEALTHCARE SERVICES 15 Church Street. Suite 607 St. Catharirtes, OnUrio L2R 3fi5 (416)6S8-S214 Corinne Stewart Administrator, Health Care Services NIAGARA FRONTIER CATERERS 456 Welland Avenue St. Catharines 684-8787 GOSEN, ANDERSON, RIGBY INSURANCE BROKERS, INC. 190 King St. P.O. Box 458 Bus: 688-5530 St. Catharines, Ont. VESTA REALTY LTD. MAIN OFFICE 85 RUSSELL AVENUE ST. CATHARINES, ONT. 688-6440 AU SLATTERY Pord L«d. Phones: Welland 734-7443 607 Nlaoara St., Fort Erie 382-3844 Welland. Ontario St. Catharines and L3C 1 L9 NlagatB Falls 384-9254 ULTRASTAGE SALES - RENTALS - INSTALLATION OFTHEATRICAL LIGHTING - SOUND - STAGING SET DESIGN 6680 Leeming St. Niagara Falls, Ont. Mimsie Bohannon (416) 356-0499 or 356-6088 Cecchini Masonry Ltd. P.O. Box 25, 2 industrial Dr. THOROLD, ONTARIO L2V 3Y7 PHONE 227-4189 Specializing in Commercial Industrial Work COMPLIMENTS OF A FRIEND Wright Machine Tools Limited DRIVELINE SPECIALISTS GENERAL MACHINING 684-8583 Altar Houn 354-8452 127 Vine St-. St- Catharines. Ontario L2R 3Y3 Three -D MEATS A-l QUALITY MEATS JENSEN CHEESES Don ' t Pur Mast Saung Party Trays Lunchaon Maals Fraazar Ordars Fi«h by Ordar (Behind Valdi) 14 Douglai Ava. Walland DON VOGT Prop. Phona 734.4370 ANDERSON TRAflLERS TRAILER HITCHES INSTALLED FULL WIRING FAST EFFICIENT SERVICE Read (just North of Carlton). 682-4472 Lino ' s House of Hair Fonthill Shopping Plaza Fonthill 892-5840 3tGClcon Engineering ENGINEERING SERVICES STRUCTURAL MECHANICAL 32 St. Paul Street St. Catliarlnet, Ontario L2R 3M2 (4161 SSS41S1 22S OUEENSTON STREET. P.O. BOX 1177 ST. CATHARINES, ONT., L2R 7A7 Lincoln Mechanical Contractors SPECIALISTS IN: PLUMBING - HEATING - VENTILATION AIR CONDITIONING - WELDING - PROCESS PIPING SHEET METAL WORK - ENERGY CONSERVATION 41II-6B4-748S ONTARIO L2E flW2 NIAGARA PLASTIC SIGNS INC. Harry Andonian 12 Woodburn Street Representative St. Catharines, Ont. Electrical- PIplng-Mlllwrlght-Rigglng-lnstrumentatlon R.V. " Dick " Evans Niagara Region Stata Contractor Inc. 24-115 Cushman Road St. Gatliarlnes, Ontario L2M 639 Tel: (416)682-6565 Telex 061 8358 State FIRST NIAGARA INSURANCE Bart Waves Larry Morningstar Wayne Gilmore Ricit Favaro Carol Sawyer Julie McCauley Robert Putt Bryan Hart John Hopkins John Gill Doug Lundy 356-7033 Alf Mottoia J . a 3 K A rvt ■ TSBL FAaniCATORS LIMITBD 70 ROSEDALE AVE., PORT COLBORNE, ONTARIO PHONE (416) «34-7»1 — 7324 St. Catharines Credit Union Limited BOX 186, ST. CATHARINES L2R 6S7 227-3093 MOLUARO JownsonJ VICTORIA PLACE Mario, Victor Coflmo Menachella (416) 357-4040 SMS Victoria Avcnua . NUgai Fall , Ontario L2G 3U CRESCENT AIR CONDITIONING We specialize in all types air conditioning, refrigeration, heating, electrical work and controls Unit 1, 131 Cushman Rd., St. Catharines 688-2241 envoi sc. c vi ii. RiNF..s BOX 3012 CITY HALL ST. CATHARINES, ONTARIO CANADA L2R 7C2 caiat populaire wnlland Nmilto Victor Duonhlors dlr«twr comptoirB: wetland. Ontario (410) 73B 3453 284. rue genevt •I O •octal Sa ru« impire It. caiharinv). oniano (416) 937-7270 welland. ontano (416) 73B-3463 91 Empire Store Fixtures Limited Store Fixtures Custom Furniture Store Designs PO Sox 69 St Davids, Ontario LOS IPO 262-4765 BETTY ' S 1 1 RESTAURANT 4 TAVERN 4616 VICTORIA AVENUE NIAGARA FALLS, ONTARIO L2E 4B7 I HERCULOCK ! KENNETH W. FILER i ' 416 354-3875 WkrdMallette Serving the Niagara Peninsula with offices in: 81. Catbarinnt 6M.4S42 HelLuMl735-4ISl WALKER DONALD C. WALKER tnduflHal Cladding — Roofing — Plant Main PRESTIGE CAR RESTORATION ■ ' PUT YOUR BODY IN OUR HANDS " GENERAL SIGNAL APPLIANCES 600 Hansler Welland 734-7476 NATIONALTRUSTCO.LTD. 26 Queen St. St. Catharines 682-6683 MR. TRANSMISSION 152Hartzell Rd. St. Catharines 682-1990 RONALDO ' S FOR HAIR SKIN 5221 Victoria St. Niagara Falls 356-6033 BATHTUB KING 802-64 Roehampton St. Catharines 685-0033 SANDRIN BROS 1968 LTD. 227 Bunting Rd. St. Catharines 684-4233 KAUPP ELECTRIC LTD. 225 Merritt St. Thorold 227-1661 MR. JOHN LOVETQ.C. 66 Main St. Beamsville 563-4845 ALESSANDRO SALON 125 Ontario St. St. Catharines 682-3321 QUEST REALTY LTD. 141 Lake St. St. Catharines 688-3791 RUSSELL HOTEL 203 St. Paul St. St. Catharines 684-4082 SEXTON FLORISTS 117 George St. St. Catharines 685-5525 SOUTHWAY DELI 6175 DunnSothway Plaza Niagara Falls 357-0416 WHITEHEAD FINANCIAL SERVICE 3487 Portage Rd. Niagara Falls 357-4610 LINCOLN FLORIST Lincoln 563-8472 FONTHILL VILLAGE FLORIST Fonthill 892-2613 LAKESHORE ORCHARDS CO-OP NURSERY SCHOOL 600 Lake St. St. Catharines 934-4578 LADYS CHOICE HAIR SALON 505 Geneva St. St. Catharines 935-0822 COMPLIMENTS OF A FRIEND COBBLE STONE GALLERY 463 King St. Niagara-On-The-Lake 468-2097 HIPWELLS MOTED 299 Hwy. 20 W. St. Catharines 892-3588 DONNA FASHIONS Lakeshore Square St. Catharines 938-1717 BAZAAR NOVELTY 300 Welland Ave. St. Catharines 684-9896 NIAGARA IMPORT SERVICE 242-1 2 Niagara St. St. Catharines 937-2455 OLD NIAGARA BOOKSHOP 44 Queen St. St. Cattiarines 468-2602 MISTER TRANSMISSION ' 387 Ontario St. St. Catharines 682-8679 ST. CATHARINES VOLKWAGEN LTD. 76 Hartzell Rd. St. Catharines 688-5230 LOCK 7 MOTELS RETAURANT 24 Chapel St. Thorold 227-6177 GREATER NIAGARA ASSOCIATION FOR THE MENTALLY RETARDED 4625 Ontario Ave. Niagara Falls 357-5606 WINTARtO 37 Church St. St. Catharines 684-1179 HOLLYWOOD MENS HAIR MR. JOSEPH ' S HOUSE OF BEAUTY 18 King St. St. Catharines 688-5143 FORGET ME NOT Lakeshore Square St. Catharines 937-4662 ADELSTEIN SAM CO. LTD. 492 Welland St. St. Catharines 684-6365 DR. WM. PETRACHENKO OPTOMETRIST 245 Pelham Rd., St. Cath. 685-3115 38 Division St., Welland 734-3402 BUZBY ' S VARIETY STORES Box 892 Beamsville 277-0244 HILLVIEWI.G.A. 369 King St. W. Beamsville 563-8921 ROBERT LEIDEN TENT SERVICE 1014 Church St. Fenwich 892-2343 DENNIE ' SREAL ESTATE AND INSURANCE LIMITED 51 Niagara St. St. Catharines 684-5565 ROSEDALE FURNITURE 6094 Main St. Niagara Falls 684-9541 CYRIL SMITH ELECTRIC LIMITED 510 Mountain St. Beamsville 562-4168 PANASONIC LOWER CENTRE 6732 Oakes Dr. Niagara Falls 356-1501 BURCHER FABRICATING INC. 51 Cecil St. St. Catharines 935-4420 CANADA MORTGAGE HOUSING CORP 50 William St. St. Catharines 685-6521 J.A. COLONNA ARCHITECT 94 Queen St. St. Catharines 684-6881 NESBITT METAL FABRICATORS LTD. 490 Eastchester Ave. St. Catharines 682-8338 ASTRON VILLA MOTEL 7939 Lundy ' s Lane Niagara Falls 357-3535 GARDEN CITY WHOLESALE 13Secord Dr. St. Catharines 934-6139 KOSMIC CREATIVE ARTS 30 St. Paul St. W. St. Catharines 684-1890 DIOCESAN OFFICE OF RELIGIOUS EDUCATION 6917 Portage Niagara Falls 357-3091 STAGECOACH FAMILY RESTAURANT 45 Queen St. Niagara-On-The-Lake 468-3133 GEORGE COPPELL JEWELLERS 261 St. Paul St. St. Catharines 685-0122 CLOYTON HENRY W. LTD. 43 Maywood St. Catharines 685-5688 TROPHIES UNLIMITED 4 Canboro Rd. Fonthill 892-6211 CATARACT HEATING AIR CONDITIONING INC. 4537 Bridge St. Niagara Falls 358-3311 THE LUNDY HOUSE 7456 Lundy ' s Lane Niagara Falls 358-7298 GRIFFITH SEWING CENTRE 95 Niagara St. Catharines 682-5258 CANADIAN ODEON THEATRES Box 880 St. Catharines 682-7267 SUMMER HARVEST CHRISTIAN BOOKS 89 Queen St. Niagara-On-The-Lake 468-4494 UNO ' S HOUSE OF HAIR Fonthill Shopping Centre Pelham 892-5940 DO IT YOURSELF AUTO REPAIR 454 McAlpineSt. N. Welland 735-4101 THE PILLAR POST INN King John Sts. Niagara-On-The-Lake 468-2123 YOUNG SOD FARMS 360 Foss Rd. Fenwick 892-2681 FAIRVIEW RESTAURANT Fairview Mall St. Catharines 937-6411 MURDOCHS TIRE 285 Killaly St. Port Colborne 835-8832 SUNNY ITALY VARIETY 6119 Main St. Niagara Falls 354-8352 HARRY HOLCOMB SHOES 232-234 East Main St. Welland 734-3416 VIDELS 131 Queenston St. Catharines 685-0197 RYMER FIBREGLASS MANUFACTURING 179 Lake St. St. Catharines 682-8050 SWAN WOOSTER ENGINEERING CO. LTD. 26 Hiscott St. St. Catharines 685-8441 C.A.E. METAL ABRASIVE DIVISION 650 Rusholme Welland 735-4691 GALERIE ALICIA 97 Burger St. Beamsville 735-6060 DE VRIES LANDSCAPING 35 Shotwell Welland 732-5612 1 FURNITURE GALLERY 240 Bunting Rd. St. Catharines 685-4819 ACADEMY DECORATORS 66 Leeper St. St. Catharines 684-6132 HONEY MOON MOTEL 4843 Cliffton Hill Niagara Falls 357-4330 CHAMPION SELF STORAGE MALL 539 Eastchester St. Catharines 685-6519 EASTER-LEWANDOWSKI CORDS 82 Lake St.,2ndFI. St. Catharines 688-9110 SKIN CARECLINIOUE 271 East Main St. Welland 735-0353 CROWN MOVING STORAGE 467 ScolfieldN. 732-3444 COMMISSO ' S FOOD TERMINAL 835 Ontario St. Welland 735-2525 KREATIVE KITCHENS 4 Nihan Dr. St. Catharines 934-3739 NIAGARA FALLS DRY CLEANERS 6182 Dixon St. Niagara Falls 356-6720 NICK ' S CLEANERS LTD. 438 East Main St. Welland 734-9930 CRECCO ' S MOBILITY SYSTEMS R.R. 2 Welland 892-3519 CITYCOLLISON 173 Southworth St. Welland 735-5962 ONTARIO MOTOR LEAGUE 4444 Drummond St. Niagara Falls 688-0321 SUNDY, SWICK SUNDY Chiropractors 140Thorold Rd. Welland 732-4464 AVONDALE STORE 256 Fitch St. Welland 732-5221 i I UNITED MENNONITE HOME FOR THE AGED 45 2nd St. Lincoln 562-5543 ELSLEY ASSOCIATES REAL ESTATE 48 Carlisle St. St. Catharines 688-1991 MARLIN MOTORS LTD. 5-7 Perma Crt. St. Catharines 684-8635 VINE FLORAL 310 Vine St. St. Catharines 934-7134 S.O.MASON BROKERS LTD. 131 Division St. Welland 735-7591 CARLDEMUDE LIMITED 66 Hellems Ave. Welland 734-7712 LALONDES WILLIAMSON 177 Russell St. St. Catharines 684-8734 COOMERCIAL PHOTO COPY 76 Geneva St. St. Catharines 682-8686 TAYLOR PAUL R. BARR 149 West Main Welland 735-2921 F.J. FOLEY PLUMBING 198 Burger St. Welland 735-5860 LOUWES LTD. Box 120 Vineland 562-5931 BOMAR SECURITY INVESTMENTS 222 King St. St. Catharines 684-8371 CITY PLASTERERS 65 Monarch St. St. Catharines 934-8510 NIAGARA DRY CLEANERS LTD. 6182 Dixon St. Niagara Falls 389-4150 ALLEN BALLETT ACCOUNTANT 7 College St. St. Catharines 688-4260 NIAGARA KITCHENS WOOD PRODUCTS LTD. 68 Grantham Ave. St. Catharines 685-7717 I COAHLIGHT RESTAURANT 4843 Clifton Hill Niagara Falls 357-4330 GROTE SALES LTD. 1967 P.O.Box 2062, Station B St. Catharines 688-4180 ELMWOOD KITCHENS LTD 445 Eastchester St. Catharines 688-9770 OUEENSTON MEDICAL 282 Unwell Rd. St. Catharines 935-1100 SUNSET INN 5803 Stanley Ave. Niagara Falls 354-7513 CM PETERSON CO. 40 Scott St. St. Catharines 685-7377 LTD. DAYBO RENT A TRUCK 378 Welland St. Catharines 688-0122 PRESTIGE CAR RESTORATION 8620 Earl Thomas Niagara Falls 356-3756 ALOETTE ONTARIO 4597 Queen St. Niagara Falls 356-5935 PANASONIC TOWER CENTRE 6732 Oakes Dr. Niagara Falls 356-1501 RIGHT TO LIFE 81 Bald St. Welland 732-3017 PHOENIX FITNESS Pine North Plaza Thorold 227-0660 THE TROPHY SHOP 180 Church St. St. Catharines 685-3102 PHARMASHIELD DISPENSARY 5400 Portage Rd. Niagara Falls 356-8482 CATARACT CITY CREDIT UNION 6289 Huggins Niagara Falls 356-4467 WHITEWATER P (hK 7430 Lundy ' s Lane Niagara Falls 357-3380 95 HENDERSON ' S PHARMACY 15 Front St. Thorold 227-2511 SNEAKY PETE ' S Niagara Square Niagara Falls 357-1825 WOODSTREAM CORP. 5781 Elian Ave. Niagara Falls 357-3440 BRUNNER MFG. SALES 5720 Don Murie St. Niagara Falls 356-9060 MR. HENRY JANZEN 114 Dunkirk St. Catharines 688-0303 PROVINCIAL GAS CO. 15 Church St. St. Catharines 685-5441 DECREW CRAFT INC. 112 Dunkirk St. St. Catharines 684-6381 CHRISTINE ' S DAIRY LTD. 64 King St. E. Beamsville 563-8841 DIANAS FLOWERS GIFTS 6710 Drummond Rd. Niagara Falls 357-3560 BESTVIEW LODGES 168 Scott St. Catharines 934-3321 KELSEY-HAYES CANADA LIMITED P.O. Box 278 St. Catharines 685-6431 TUFFOROS MANOR 312Queenston St. St. Catharines 682-0411 SERVICE MASTER OF ST. KITS. 202 Pelham St. St. Catharines 688-2010 SUN COLLISON CENTRE 219MerrittSt. St. Catharines 227-7671 DOUG URE SON 66 Queen St. St. Catharines 685-5931 MODERN REDWOOD PRODUCTS LIMITED Box 357 Beamsville 563-4933 HERMITAGE BUILDERS 285 John St. Niagara-On-The-Lake 468-3488 YORK CLEANERS 179 York St. St. Catharines 685-8445 NIAGARA TRAININGS EMPLOYMENT AGENCY Canby Rd. Port Robinson 384-9491 NIAGARA HOUSE OF PANCAKES 7241 Lundy ' s Lane Niagara Falls 356-5050 NORMAN HUDSON GENERAL CONTRACTOR Allanburg 227-5678 RALSTON PURINA CANADA INC. Campden Vineland 562-4191 WABBLIES 50 Hertzell St. St. Catharines 685-1200 JUDITH JAMES UNISEX HAIR DESIGN 934-4064 PAUL FOY PONTIAC BUICK 4318 Portage Rd. Niagara Falls 358-7117 NATURE ' S CREATIONS FLORIST Chelwood Gate Plaza 440 Niagara St., Welland 735-3301 NIAGARA ARTCRAFT WOODWORK LTD. 4417 Kent Ave. Niagara Falls 354-5657 REGENCY GIFTS Welland Plaza Welland 735-1690 BIG BROTHERS BIG SISTERS 175 King St. St. Catharines 685-7337 FONTHILL METRO SALES 1145 S. Pelham Fonthill 892-3544 GOLDEN PHEASANT 244 Ontario St. St. Catharines 682-7818 COSY GRILL 148 Hartzell St. Catharines 685-6759 GARDEN CITY FLORIST 156 St. Paul St. St. Catharines 685-5541 NIAGARA MOTOR BIKE 15Hiscott St. Catharines 682-2001 MEENO TRAVEL 33 Lakeshore Blvd. St. Catharines 937-0550 CONSOLIOATED BUILDING MAINTENANCE 12Nihan Dr. St. Catharines 935-7934 HAIR QUARTERS Men ' s Hairstyling 56 St. Paul St. W. St. Catharines 682-0434 FEDNAV LIMITED SHIP MANAGEMENT DIV. 115 Cushman Rd. St. Catharines 688-2933 BEGOLO ' S BODY SERVICE 217 Niagara Falls Rd. Thorold 227-3595 MEADOWS PHARMACY 3533 Portage Rd. Niagara Falls 354-3023 L.S. SHIPPERBOTTOM Certified General Accountant 6383 Drummond Rd. Niagara Falls 358-5729 DONMORE ' S FIREPLACE SHOP 4 Nihan Dr. St. Catharines 935-5012 ED LEARN FORD LTD. 375 Ontario St. St. Catharines 684-8791 RODGERS RON REAL ESTATE 120 Lake St. St. Catharines 688-6663 LEEWAH LAUNDRY 239 Hellems Welland 734-9246 KOPY KATS 25 Moywood St. St. Catharines 682-1198 SOOTER PORTRAIT STUDIO 286 Lake St. St. Catharines 937-1155 BRODERICK, MCLEOD, CLIFFORD, MARINELLI AMADIO, SULLIVAN P.O. Box 897, Niagara Falls 356-2521 PORT COLBORNE BLOCK LIMITED P.O. Box 400 Port Colborne 735-2164 A.E. LEPAGE 122 Niagara St. St. Catharines 6 88-4561 FITNES FOREMOST 6394 High St. Niagara Falls 357-5942 UNION ELECTRIC SUPPLY CO. LIMITED 33 Maywood Dr. St. Catharines 684-7496 R.B.R. WELDING 77 Shaw St. Welland 735-7442 MANULIFE MANUFACTURERS LIFEINSC. CO. 15 Burger St., Welland 384-9673 AVONDALE STORE 548 Lincoln St. Welland 735-4207 WELLAND TRAILER SALES 967 Niagara Welland 735-1001 EAST MAIN MOTORS 936 Main St. E. Welland 732-6167 DAIRY OUEEN 5500 Ferry St. Niagara Falls 356-3033 BOBGILMORE LTD. 286 Lincoln E. Welland 734-3551 STEAM QUEEN CARPET UPHOLSTERY 36 Paffard Niagara-On-The-Lake 682-4442 WILEY BROS. LIMITED R.R. 1 St. Catharines 682-0877 TARNO ' S SILVER BLADES CYLCLE 379 St. Paul St. St. Catharines 682-1454 PENNER BUILDING Hwy. 5, Virgil Niagara-On-The-Lake 468-3242 FOLK ARTS OF ST. CATHARINES 185 Bunting Rd. St. Catharines 685-6589 97 Our thanks to the following patrons who contributed to the success of our yearbook by means of listing with us. CHRISTINA ' S DELICATESSEN 260 Lakeshore Rd., St. Catharines 937-6224 COLONIAL FLOWER SHOP 577 Ontario St., St. Catharines 934- 3333 CLARE ' S CYCLE SPORTS LTD. 799 Hwy20, Fenwick 892-2664 REBER RIDGE STABLES LTD. R.R.1, St. Catharines 688-3460 BEAMERS FRUIT MARKET Hwy 20 East, Pelham 892-8051 FEASBY GARMENT LINEN RENTAL 234 Oakdale Ave., St. Catharines 684-6501 HOSPITALITY SERVICES 24B Nihan Dr., St. Catharines 935- 8111 THE PORT MANSION 12 Lakeport St., St. Catharines 934-0575 RODS MOVING STORAGE 79 Provincial St., Welland 384-9381 DAW SHEET METAL HEATING 5760 Valley Way, Niagara Falls 358-3014 PHILLIP C. LOCOCO P.O. Box 958, Niagara Falls 356-7661 M. SLADE CONSTRUCTION LTD. 40 Johnston St., St. Catharines 934- 1091 JOHN W. POWELL 279 N iagara St., St. Catharines 935- 5634 ONTARIO ST. SERVICE CENTRE 242 Ontario St., St. Catharines 684- 8622 FAST FREDDIE ' S STEAK PALACE 358 Ontario St., St. Catharines 682-5344 DO IT YOURSELF 1 1-514 Queenston St., St. Catharines 682-7235 McMillan bookkeeping 5914 Main St., Niagara Falls 355-5744 BOOK WORLD Lake Shore Square, St. Catharines 685- 2591 STEWARD HINAN CONTRACTORS Bartlett Rd., Beannsville 563-4941 NIAGARA DONUT HOUSE LTD. 45 Ormond, Thorold 227-6397 STEDMAN SON JEWELLERS 29 Front St., Thorold 227-5412 TODD SIGNS 2 Alexandra Blvd., St. Catharines 684- 5884 COY BROTHERS HARDWARE LTD. 14 James St., St. Catharines 685- 6529 DR. BOOTH 5400 Portage Rd., Niagara Falls 358-0171 RICK ' S TRANSMISSION CENTRE 4537 2nd Ave., Niagara Falls 358-5555 CORBY ' S FLOWERS 5936 Main St., Niagara Falls 358-9313 MACS MILK 434 Lake St., Niagara Falls 934-0460 PIONEER POOLS 243-1 2Carlton St., St. Catharines 685-1358 COUNTRY STYLE DONUTS 66 Geneva St., St. Catharines 685-7444 JACK SHELDON PLUMBING HEATING LTD. Niagara Stone Road, St. Catharines 684- 8672 DR. JOHN BALL 131 Ontario, St. Catharines 682-8186 THE LUIS 245 King St., Niagara-on-the-Lake 468-4038 DOC AUDIO SERVICE 43 Scott St., St. Catharines 682-9484 THE NIPPONIA HOME R.R. 3, Beamsville 563-8312 MASCOE ONTARIO LAND 94 Church St., St. Catharines 685- 5850 PIRIEAWNINGS 63 Rosedale, St. Catharines 682-1821 TRIANGLE DIE AND TOOL CO. LTD. 604 Welland Ave., St. Catharines 688-8171 DR. AKILIE 208 Belton St., St. Catharines 688-0787 NIAGARA AUTO BODIES Hw y. 56, Virgil 468-3541 JOHN ' SGULF SERVICE Box 162, St. Davids 262-4201 SHOE TREE 321 St. Paul, St. Catharines 688-4828 CAPS NURSING SERVICE 13 Strathmore Rd., St. Catharines 684- 4566 WESTLAND GREENHOUSES (JORDAN) LTD. P.O. Box 72, Jordan Station 562-7022 AUTOGLAZE SHOPS 455 Merritt Ct., St. Catharines 685- 0227 ALLIED CHEMICAL CANADA Beaverdams Rd., Thorold 227-1532 ROSE BROTHERS COLLISION P.O. Box 126, Fenwick 892-2633 JOHNNY ON THE SPOT P.O. Box 342, St. Catharines 562-7301 AUTO CONTINENTAL 43 Emmett Rd., St. Catharines 684-1177 Our thanks to the following patrons who contributed to the success of our yearbook by means of listing with us. SANDRA ' ? CRAFTS 525 Welland Ave., St. Catharines 684-2732 Aabex 84 Dunkirk St., St. Catharines 682-8675 SAWMILL GOLF COUSE 856 Sawmill, Fenwick 562-4041 DANCEWORKS 183 King St., St. Catharines 684-9666 BARBER OF SEVILLE Lakeshore Square, St. Catharines 937-3444 PENNINSULA FITNESS STUDIO 7 Frank, St. Catharines 685-3774 JERRY ' S AUTO BODY Old Hwy 8 Before Legion, Beamsville 663-7702 D.N. KIMBERLEY INSURANCE BROKERS LTD. 25 king St. E., Beamsville 563-8271 OVFRHFAD ACnilSTIC A DRYWAI 1 Thorold 468-3360 G L WILSON ' S HARDWARE T.V. LTD. Fonthill 892-2144 Al FXANnFRTOni S 1 TD 18 Hiscott St., St. Catharines 685-7368 CHARTER BUILDING CO y 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 LJ vJ 1 L 1 1 " I JI VJ • 149 Lake St., St. Catharines 684-6542 Rll RFRT PARENT 12 East Main, Welland 384-9960 FELLOWSHIP BOOKCENTRE 384 Vine St., St. Catharines 937-4553 NIAGARA ROOKKFFPING 78 Division St., Welland 734-6813 JACKW HARPER CONSTRUCTION LTD J vj l V V • 1 1 III 1 1 _ _ 1 vJ 1 1 I w _ 1 1 _ It 1 LJ . 13 Hiscott St., St. Catharines 684-8549 JIM ' S AUTO BODY SHOP 491 Webber Rd., Welland 735-4368 ONTARIO GLASS CRAFTSMAN LTD. 17Secord Drive, St. Catharines 934-3307 VERMEER ' S GREENHOUSES 684 S. Pelham St., Welland 735-5744 HERITAGE TRAVEL P.O. Box 266, Niagara-on-the-Lake 468-2161 WELLAND SEWING CENTRE 117 East Main, Welland 734-6568 HAUBROK UPHOLSTERING 170 Mary St., Niagara-on-the-Lake 468-2844 DORAS HAIRSTYLING Seaway Mall, Niagara St., Welland 735-6991 FROESE AUTOMOTIVE Read Rd., Niagara-on-the-Lake 468-7412 THE SELECT UNIFORM SHOPPE 171 King St., Welland 735-1442 REIMER INSURANCE BROKERS LTD P.O. Box 250, Virgil 468-3553 BARRY ' S HAIRCUTTING PI ACF 46 Main St. E., Welland 732-2111 BEAMSVILLE HOME HARDWARE CENTRE LJ L_rA IVIVJVILI..L- 11 J IVI L. 1 1 li LJ V V iX l_ VJ 1 N I 11 1 37 King St. E., Lincoln 563-8254 CONTINFNTAI MOTORS 113Shaw, Welland 734-3483 GIROTTI MACHINE WORKS vjiinv 1 1 1 tvirAwniiNt vvvjnrxo 26 Seapark Dr., St. Catharines 684-6484 RAMROO RESTAURANT 641 King St., Welland 734-6224 jL|F HAIR DESIGNERS Linwell Plaza 935-8733 Al 1 SEASON Al UMINIIM 37 Albert St., Welland 735-4177 PROVINCIAI WOODCRAFT 3rd St. Louth, St. Catharines 682-9151 OTcpHENA EDDIE 97 Lake St., St. Catharines 688-2447 CARD ' N OUII 1 VJrA 11 LJ 1 N Vjf 1 1_ L. 226 Glenridge Ave., St. Catharines 688-1900 CREATIVE CRAFT SUPPI IFS 3-6710 Drummond Rd., Niagara Falls 356-5067 ST CATHARINES Gl ASS AND MIRROR oi.wrtinrtnii ' ic ovj i_rAoo ryi u IVI 1 n n w n 227 Bunting, St. Catharines 688-0133 RORRINS GAS RARS 803 Canboro Rd., Fenwick 892-2344 CONSTARI F TRASMPORT 1 TD Hwy 58, 650 Allenburg, Thorold 227-3705 JESIKEA ELECTRIC 100 Martindale, St. Catharines 684-7740 MAPI F HURST CHRONIC HOSPITAI ivmn nvjno i ,jnnv« iMi » nv oi i i 14 St. Davids St. W., Thorold 227-2301 LA FIESTA FISH AND CHIPS 6072 Main, Niagara Falls 354-1941 DELSAN TRAVEL 6225 Huggins St., Niagara Falls 357-4700 KLIPPENSTEIN JOHN REALTOR 57 Jefferson Dr., St. Catharines 935-1083 LAWRENCEVILLE RESTAURANT Highway 55, Virgil 468-4333 DANLIWS 126 St. Paul St., St. Catharines 688-3660 ABC DAYCARE CENTRE 34 Facer St., St. Catharines 937-4843 99 Our thanks to the following patrons who contributed to the success of our yearbook by means of listing with us. THREE STARS RESTAURANT 342 St. Paul St., St. Catharines 684-6216 BERGMAN ' S LEATHER GOODS 80 King St., St. Catharines 684-0717 VINCETILES 103 Niagara St., St. Catharines 684-4121 CORAL INN 7429 Lundy ' s Lane, Niagara Falls 354-9922 VALU MART 80 Page St., St. Catharines 688-4047 NIAGARA PREMIUM SALES LTD. Oakdale Ave., Box 7, St. Catharines 684-2632 ONTARIO FOOD MARKET 5824 PeerSt., Niagara Falls 356-4604 THE PINE PORCH 102 Niagara St., St. Catharines 688-0264 WILSON GILMORE INSURANCE 323 Merritt St., Thorold 227-4499 MARWAY MOTORS 415 Merritt St., St. Catharines 684- 7416 LUC ' S AUTO CLINIC 135 Martindale Rd., St. Catharines 686-7060 TONY ' S TREATS 19 Queenston St., St. Catharines 682-1855 INDUSTRIAL POWER TOOL 48 Scott St., St. Catharines 682-2855 BERKLEY CUSTOM TAILORS 58 St. Paul St., St. Catharines 688-1241 TAYLOR SHOW STOCK R.R. 1, St. Catharines 685- 1575 OAKWOOD DARLING PRESCHOOL CENTRE 7154 Adams Ave., Niagara Falls 356-9300 PAIDEIA PRESS P.O. Box 1000, Jordan Station 562-5719 ACE JEANS Fairview Mall, St. Catharines 937-0270 CRY ELECTRIC 20 Henrietta, St. Catharines 688-5576 DR. MORGAN BROSNAN 131 Ontario St., St. Catharines 684- 9668 CENTRAL SHAVER CLINIC SALES 407 St. Paul St., St. Catharines 685- 5932 STEP STYLE 52 Pelham Rd., St. Catharines 685-7738 Q-WAY MOTEL 260A Lake St., St. Catharines 684-9245 SHADY REST MOTEL 4009 River Rd., Niagara Falls 354-5353 GALLAGERS FARMS 346 Hw y 20, West Fenwick 892-5385 DR. JERRY KOSTANDOFF 105 Queenston St., St. Catharines 688-3444 HARRY RUBIN SON LTD. 45 North St., St. Catharines 684-1161 TRILLIUM INDUSTRIAL SAFETY 13 Albert St. W., Thorold 227-5225 PENNINSULA REALTY LT. 4780 Portage Rd., Niagara Falls 357-3000 OLYMPIA MOTEL 5099 Centre St., Niagara Falls 356- 2614 SCORPIO TROPHIES 90A Oakdale Ave., St. Catharines 684-4555 ROBERT SALES AND SERVICE 226 Bunting Rd., St. Catharines 684- 6341 GORDON McNAB 3950 Portage Rd., Niagara Falls 357- 4510 CHAE ' S DESIGN 5628 Main St., Niagara Falls 356- 6551 D LANTIQUES 4215 River Rd., Niagara Falls 357- 9097 QUATTRINI QUATTRINI ACCTS. 11 Front St., Thorold 227-2661 SQUIRE MEN ' S HAIR STYLING Lake Carlton Plaza, St. Catharines 685- 3614 PEST MANAGEMENT SERVICES 73 Geneva St., St. Catharines 685-4439 COUNTRY COLLAGE STUDIO 50 Main St., Jordan 562-5979 STAR OF THE SEA CHURCH 34 Elgin St., St. Catharines 934- 1170 MARSHALL PAPER CO. 12 Walnut St., St. Catharines 227-6666 CANADIAN RACING PLATE CO. LTD. 4097 Victoria Ave., St. Catharines 356-1711 CAPITAL EUROPEAN CAR 531 Ontario St., St. Catharines 935- 8181 M BUTLER INSURANCE BROKERS LTD. 4740 Valley Way, Niagara Falls 356-6635 ROYAL INN HOTEL 4152 Bridge St., Niagara Falls 354-2621 HAMILTON TRAVEL NIAGARA 4536 Zimmerman Ave., Niagara Falls 356-1126 BARROTT CATERING 5980 Atlas, Niagara Falls 356- 5491 B N MOBILE MAINTENANCE 3487 Portage Rd., Niagara Falls 357- 4518 Our thanks to the following patrons who contributed to the success of our yearbook by means of listing with us. DAN ' S DIVE SHOP INC. 48 Lakeport Rd., St. Catharines 934-2160 LOUWS KITCHEN DESIGNS Glenridge Shopping Plaza, St. Catharines 685-1961 TYMOSHUK ELECTROLYSIS 505 Carlton, St., St. Catharines 934- 9192 NIAGARA COMMUNITY PHARMACY Hwy 55, Virgil 468-2212 DANTE ' S BARBER SHOP Fairview Mall, St. Catharines 937-5911 SPECIALTY HOUSE 1-49 Scott St., St. Catharines 682-9155 CHRISANDRA ' S COFFEE SHOPPE 282 Linwell, St. Catharines 935- 8080 G G CLEANING 83 Shorline Drive, St. Catharines 935-1269 GARANTEE CARPET CLEANING 66 Sherwood Avenue, St. Catharines 684-6170 AVAKIAN SHOE REPAIR 69 Taylor St., St. Catharines 684- 5964 DRROSSH.SHEPPARD 35 Church St., St. Catharines 682-0962 METROPOLITAN LIFE INSURANCE 15 Church St., St. Catharines 685- 1373 DONALD W. MURRAY MOVERS (1981) LIMITED 299 Plymouth Road, Welland 732-2431 LAKESIDE HOTEL 16 Lock St., St. Catharines 937-0664 LIKEN STOP FAMILY COUNSELLING 327 Scott St., St. Catharines 934-0644 PETER JOSEPH ANTHONY ' S HAIR DESIGN 3747 Portage Rd., Niagara Falls 357-3305 FONGS RESTAURANT 18 Claremont, Thorold 227-4466 G.E. HILDERBRAND, OPTOMETRIST 17 Front St., Thorold 227-1302 SKYWAY LUMBER CO. LTD. 464 Glendale Ave. E., St. Catharines 227-5278 A-CON FORMING 2225 Effingham Rd., Ridgeville 892-5366 TURNERS MACHINERY SALES 1 Old Oxford St., St. Catharines 937-3737 THIESSEN FUELS LTD. 110 Cushman Rd., St. Catharines 682-6640 THOROLD HYDRO ELECTRIC COMMISSION 47 Front St. N., Thorold 227-5294 OVERHOLT GARDEN PRODUCE R.R. 1, Fonthill 892-3165 HARTWICK FRANK AUTO SALES 188 Lake St., St. Catharines 684-6394 KIRNS SERVICE CENTRE 5400 Ontario St., Beamsville 563-8059 INVESTORS SYNDICATE LIMITED 89 St. Paul St., St. Catharines 682-7292 SHAW ' S LANDSCAPING LTD. R.R. 5 Read Rd., Niagara-on-the-Lake 682-2553 BRUNO ' S PIZZA Northend Plaza, St. Catharines 934- 9325 COLEMAN JOHN REAL ESTATE 12 Church St., St. Catharines 682-8382 DEB-SAN HOME BUILDERS LTD. 4376 Stanley Ave., Niagara Falls 356- 4257 HAMBURG HONDA 7227 Dorchester Rd., Niagara Falls 357- 2471 RIVER VIEW GOLF CLUB R.R.I, Fenwick 892-3774 HARTZELL PHARMACY 170 Hartzell Rd., St. Catharines 684-2385 INDUSTRO-SERV ELECTRONICS LTD. P.O. Box 251 , St. Catharines 935- 1412 CURLING CLUB 220 Grantham, St. Catharines 937-4641 JOHN ' S CUSTOM TAILOR SHOP 164 St. Paul, St. Catharines 684- 2585 QUEENSTON MEDICAL LABORATORIES 282 Linwell Rd., St. Catharines 935-1100 NIAGARA FRUIT VEGETABLE GROWERS Creek Rd., Virgil 685- 5342 JOHN BENTZALUMINUM MFG. 136 Bayview Dr., St. Catharines 934-0112 GRANTHAM T.V. CENTRE 391 Vine St., St. Catharines 934-9952 ENNISTEELSERVICECENTREINC. South St, Port Robinson 384-9794 PEN PERSONNEL 205 King St., St. Catharines 685-7338 ABBEY MOVING STORAGE LTD. 226 Merritt St., St. Catharines 682-6011 HORSE WORLD 318 Ontario St., St. Catharines 682-2545 HUDSON BAY VENDING Allanport Rd., Port Robinson 384-9433 DETROIT MOTOR INN 13030 Lundy ' s LaneW., Niagara Falls 227-2567 GENEVA PICTURE FRAME GALLERIES 78 Geneva St., St. Catharines 685-7480 Our thanks to the following patrons who contributed to THOROLD SUPERMARKET 26PineSt. S.,Thorold 277-6871 DERYCKES PLUMBING HEATING 26B Front, Thorold 227-091 1 DUOTEMPSIDING 105 Merritt St., Thorold 227-6692 MRWMHEELISBARR 14 Ctiurch St., St. Catharines 684- 8503 EVANS REFRIGERATION 8407 Stanley, Niagara Falls 354-4424 KIRBY CO. OF ST. CATHARINES 35 Geneva St., St. Catharines 688-2180 JOHN BOLDT CONSTRUCTION LTD. R.R. 3, St. Catharines 682-5958 QUEENSWAY AUTO PARTS 6740 Marshall, Niagara Falls 295-4318 PHILIPT. BARNESC.A. 4824 Macray St., Niagara Falls 354-5694 NIAGARA RUBBER SUPPLY 94 Kunkirk St., St. Catharines 682-7272 THE RODGER BAILEY REALTY CORP. 183 King St., St. Catharines 682-7259 RALPH ROBERTTHE PAINTER 199 Geneva St., St. Catharines 682-5466 PITTSBURGH PAINTS 4847 Victoria Ave., Niagara Falls 354-3808 ARTIC REFRIGERATION 47 Victoria Ave., Vineland 562-4761 STYLE SETTER BEAUTY SALON 71 D Williams St., Jordon Station 562-5600 TOM GREGORY AUTOBODY REPAIR 82 Oakdale Ave., St. Catharines 682-0333 HARDER COMPANY 73 Ontario St., St. Catharines 688-4010 RICE ROAD GREENHOUSES LTD. R.R. 2,Welland 892-5832 THE HAIR PERFORM LTD. 5965 Main St., Niagara Falls 354-1322 UNIT RIG EQUIPMENT CO., LTD. 4300 Stanley, Niagara Falls 356-8362 RIDLEY COLLEGE P.O. Box 3013, S t. Catharines 685- 6922 RONALD H. BROOKS 21 Duke St., St. Catharines 688-5401 SEW AND KNIT 37 James St., St. Catharines 682-0577 ROMEO ' S FINE JEWELLERY 98 Niagara St., St. Catharines 682-3882 the success of our yearbook by means of listing with us. GABRIEL MAINTENANCE 9 Seapark Dr., St. Catharines 688-3066 HARJOHN INDUSTRIES 128 Grantham Ave., St. Catharines 685-4861 GEPPINOS GROCERY 5504 Lewis, Niagara Falls 356-9715 ANDY ' S GROCERIES 34-1 2 Sullivan, Thorold 227-5523 ARMENIAN JEWELRY REPAIR 259 St. Paul St., St. Catharines 682-1222 DR. A. BONDARCHUK 21 Queenston St., St. Catharines 682-9890 RATKOVSKY SONS 5 perry St., St. Catharines 682-1376 PETERS GARAGE 81 Lakeport Rd., St. Catharines 934-2923 LAKESHORE TEXACO 142 Lakeshore Rd., St. Catharines 934-3402 EASTWOOD GREENHOUSES 68 Simpson St., St. Catharines 934-0478 GILUN JAMES JEWELER 130 Lake St., St. Catharines 684- 3942 ROYAL INSURANCE CO. 1 St. Paul St., St. Catharines 685- 1531 IDEAL DONUT 6864 Lundy ' s Lane, Niagara Falls 356-3401 FAIRVIEW GENERAL R.R. 1, St. Catharines 685-3928 DR. B. JOHN EMPRINGHAM 1 1 3 Queen St., N lagara-On-The-Lake 468-3023 DR. F. EMILIO RAIMONDO 4 Sullivan Ave., Thorold 227-1480 W.P. LONDON AND ASSOCIATES LIMITED 4056 Dorchester, Niagara Falls 356-1643 ROMAN CHEESE PRODUCTS LIMITED 4916 Montrose Rd., Niagara Falls 356-2639 MISTER TRANSMISSION 4087 Stanley Ave., Niagara Falls 356-5655 KRUEGER HOME HARDWARE 6161 Thorold Stone Road, Niagara Falls 257-2454 BETTE-LYN FASHIONS Stamford Green Plaza, Niagara Falls 358-8212 RONALD MacLEAN BOOKKEEPING SERVICE 88A Church St., St. Catharines 684- 2065 REMPEL VIC ELECTRIC R.R. 1, Beamsville 562-5036 STARKS SIGNS LUMINEX NIAGARA 2-7 Frank St., St. Catharines 685- 8589 Our thanks to the following patrons who contributed to the success of our yearbook by means of listing with us. REIN TOLKSDORF CARPENTRY 60 Lincoln St., Welland 735-6966 CLUB SOCIAL 810 East Main, Welland 735-0131 MaclVER ' S DECORATING CENTRE 200 Fitch, Welland 734- 3822 WELBRIDGE ENGINEERING CO. LTD. Market Square, Welland 735- 0275 C.A.TALMAGE 221 Division St., Welland 732-4477 ROSE CITY SERVICE CENTRE LTD. 801 Ontario St., Welland 732-6731 CAT ' S CABOOSE RESTAURANT Glenridge Shopping Plaza, St. Catharines 688-2292 THE HOME WARMERS Box 1178, Beamsville 563-7542 WESTLAND GARDENS Mountain View North, Beamsville 563-7618 DUTCH CLEANING SERVICE 21 Windermere Ct., Welland 734- 7802 JULIE ' S STEAK HOUSE TAVERN 41 Main, Welland 732-1777 R. METHOT ALUMINUM LTD. 46 Eraser St., Port Colborne 835-8313 CHOW RADIO STATION Regional Rd. 24, Welland 384-9152 NIAGARA FALLS BRIDGE COMMISSION 5687 River Rd., Niagara Falls 354-5641 ST. CATHARINES HYDRO-ELECTRIC COMMISSION 129 Church St., St. Catharines 684-81 1 1 NIAGARA FLUID POWER 6 Secord St., St. Catharines 937-1822 PENINSULA SAW COMPANY 136 Broadway, Welland 735- 2774 SANTO PIZZERIA 284 East Main St., Welland 735-2222 HYDEL ENGINEERING LTD. 566 Ridge Rd., Welland 735-5492 LIGHTHEARTS CLEANERS 388 King St., Port Colborne 834-9202 THEWINDPOPPY Fonthill 893-6262 F.E. COYNE INSURANCE BROKERS LIMITED 164 Division Street, Welland 735-0970 RENT A WRECK 1031 Niagara, Welland 788-0030 NIAGARA SQUARE CHIROPRACTIC CLINIC Niagara Falls Square, Niagara Falls 356-6491 COLONIAL CLEANERS 6595 Drummond Rd., Niagara Falls 356- 7711 LIZANNE ' S SHOPS LTD. Pendale Shopping Centre, St. Catharines 685-7363 KING DRIVE INN 4787 Victoria St., Niagara Falls 357- 3622 ROD ' S DELIVERY SERVICE MOVERS 70 Provincial St., Welland 735-6869 G.L. BETTS REAL ESTATE 15 Hidden Key PL, St. Catharines 934-5069 THE NIAGARA INSTITUTE Box 1041, Niagara-on-the-Lake 468-4271 NEUFELD BRS. FARMS INC. R.R. 3, Niagara-on-the-Lake 937-1021 TEMPLE CLUB LTD. 268 Main St., Welland 732-5141 COMCARE LIMITED 196 King St., St. Catharines 685-6501 CANADIAN PORTABLE SERVICE Box 547, Niagara Falls 684-2049 ARC INDUSTRIES 4337 4th Ave., Niagara Falls 356- 0484 PARAGON HAIR DESIGN 78 Lincoln St., Welland 732-3333 EASTERN BOUTIQUE 4983 Clifton Hill, Niagara Falls 357- 9010 HOOPER HOMES PORT A MEDIC 4 Rivercrest Dr., St. Catharines 682-4469 ENTERTAINMENT UNLIMITED 43 Ontario St., St. Catharines 682-2626 WORLDWIDE MINI MOVIES Box 960, Niagara Falls 356-8033 BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT DEPT. Box 3012, St. Catharines 688-5600 MAIN WEST ANIMAL HOSPITAL 157 West Main, Welland 735-7877 THE MILL R.R. 1, Welland 834- 7466 BEN VERDONK AUTO TRACTOR SERVICE R.R. 1, Port Colborne 835- 1340 ORCHARD GROVE MOTEL 8123 Lundy ' s Lane, Niagara Falls 358- 9883 JOSEPH ' S HAIR STYLIST 195 Main St. E., Welland 735-0821 GABE ' S BARBERSHOP 208 Main E., Welland 734-4787 J.R. TUCK SON LTD. P.O. Box 97, Port Colborne 834-3823 Our thanks to the following patrons who contributed to LINDA ' S HAIR FASHIONS 180 Killaly St. E., Port Colborne 834- 4740 HYMAC MACHINE SHOP LTD. 100 Barrick Rd., Port Colborne 835- 8112 GERTS UNISEX BEAUTY SALON 82 Welland, Welland 835-5194 CENTRAL COMMUNICATIONS 173A East Main, St. Catharines 892-3184 RIDLEY ENTERPRISES 478 East Main St., Welland 788-0183 WELLAND FLOUR FEED 22 Mill St., Welland 734- 4589 WADE ' S CLEANERS 15NiagaraSt., Welland 735- 4253 HOPE DRIVING SCHOOL 19 Colbeck Dr., Welland 734- 4225 AUTO VAN CENTRE 577 Niagara St., Welland 735- 8821 DON HAMMOND APPLIANCES 57 West Main, Welland 734- 7743 HORNBY FLORISTS 505 East Main St., Welland 735- 5822 VALENCIA UNISEX COIFFURES 471 Thorold Rd., Welland 735-6753 ALFAI STUDIO OF CERAMICS 30 Rice Rd., Welland 735-9642 G.P. RESTORATION 490 Geneva St., St. Catharines 937-6510 PENINSULA GLASS 219 Burger, Welland 735-2901 AATELCOMMUNICATIONS INC. 91 Geneva St., St. Catharines 684-6531 UPPER CANADA CONSULTANTS 94 Church St., St. Catharines 688-9400 ALF HILL SON PLUMBING St. Catharines 562-5884 THOROLD COMMUNITY YMCA Pine Shopping Centre, Thorold 227-4611 DON DEAN CHEVROLET Duffern St. 384-9484 BULLER GEORGE MASONARY 42 Ziraldo, St. Catharines 937-3741 the success of our yearbook by means of listing with us. BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT DEPT. Box 3012, St. Catharines 688-5600 CANADA BLDG MATERIALS 324 Allanburg, Thorold 227-6241 UNITED CO-OPERATIVES OF ONTARIO 540 King St. E., Beamsville 563-8242 KEN NASH PAINT WALLPAPER LTD. 212 East Main, Welland 734- 4373 SEAWORTHY MARINE DIESELS INC. 2 Cushman Rd., Unit 12, St. Catharines 688-1713 SEALTEST SILVERWOOD ISOCurtisSt., Hamilton 688-1200 SWICK IMPRESSION DIE P.O. Box 2433 685-0822 JACKS SIGNS 14 Ave. Place, Welland 735- 6402 CENTRAL VARIETY 5421 Victoria, Niagara Falls 357-5387 BISSON PLUMBING HEATING 591 Lincoln St. E., Welland 734-6260 MARGUERITE BANT 159 Lake St., St. Catharines 684-1387 WELLAND AUTOMOTIVE TRANSMISSION 493 Lincoln St. E., Welland 734-7501 TOLMIE DONAL R. BARRISTER 189 Main St. E., Welland 734-4517 W. HAUN SONS R.R. 3, Fenwick 892-3782 DR. R.F.DELIA 93 Ontario St., St. Catharines 682-8375 NATIONAL BANK OF CANADA 270 St. Paul, St. Catharines 682-2605 GREEK CULTURAL CENTRE 2349 Portage Rd., Niagara Falls 354-4025 COLES JEWELLERY STORE 4348 Queen St., Niagara Falls 354-3261 LORDS LADIES HAIRSTYLING 60 Picton, Niagara-on-the-Lake 468-4345 SALTARELLI ALBERT REALTY LTD. 148 West Main, Welland 732-6222 PAULS SECOND HAND STORE 563 King St., Welland 734-6844 Our thanks to the following patrons who contributed to CARRYMORE LIMITED 13 Cushman Rd., St. Catharines 688-6810 PENNINSULA COLLISION SERVICE 335 Welland Ave., St. Catharines 684-6551 DEMOLS TIRE SALES SERVICE 5844 Temperance, Niagara Falls 356-7544 ST. JOSEPH BAKER 53 Facer St., St. Catharines 937-4411 DWAYNES SERVICE CENTRE 7901 Portage Rd., Chippaw 295-6657 SUNSET RESTAURANT 180 St. Paul St., St. Catharines 682-2287 CLOSET DESIGN 161 Church St., St. Catharines 684- 1898 LINCOLN FLORIST Sobie Rd., Beannsvllle 563-8472 EDDIE ' S RACE DINING LOUNGE Lincoln Mall Annex 682-3370 DR. GERTRUDE EUIERT 273 Scott St., St. Catharines 936-5560 FRIEDMAN ' S LADIES FASHIONS 73 St. Paul St., St. Catharines 685- 8533 N lAGARA CONSULTING SERVICES LTD. 5 Race St., St. Catharines 688-1880 DIANE BEAUTY SALON 82 Main St., St. Catharines 935-2076 AVONDALE STORE 126 Townllne Rd. W., Thorold 227-4023 MISSING LINK 339 St. Paul St., St. Catharines 685-0212 ST. DAVID GROCERY VARIETY Hwy8, St. David 262-4512 HOTEL EMBASSY 106 Lakeport, St. Catharines 934-1231 GLENDALE DAY CARE CENTRE 150 Glendale St., St. Catharines 684-0300 COVELLI SERVICE STATION Corner Creek Rd. Line 8 262-4653 TURF ' N ' SURF 5759 Victoria Ave., Niagara Falls 354-3921 STAMFORD AUTO BODY 5552 George St., Niagara Falls 358-6202 COFFEE STUFF 80 King St., St. Catharines 682-7878 ARTISTIDETACINELLI CUSTOM TAILOR 30 Church St., St. Catharines 682-8121 HERZOGS 449 St. Paul St., St. Catharines 684-7467 the success of our yearbook by means of listing with us. ANNA ' S GROCERY 54 Queen St. S., Thorold 227-1782 THE PROCTOR REDFERN GROUP 1 1 0 James St., St. Catharines 688-4272 DAIRY QUEEN FAMILY RESTAURANT 292 Geneva St., St. Catharines 937-7052 FRIEDAS KNIT SEW SHOP 35 Geneva St., St. Catharines 682-3398 PINE CENTRE RESTAURANT Pine North Shopping Centre 227-5921 WELLAND AVE. CAR WASH 272 Welland Ave., St. Catharines 682-2143 NAILS BY STEFANIE 200 King St., St. Catharines 682-31 1 1 LEVITTS CHINA 165 St. Paul St., St. Catharines 685-6811 DAVID SHANTZBARR 259 St. Paul, St. Catharines 688-4650 MARY ' S BEAUTY CENTRE 10 Centre St., St. Catharines 688-4727 KENMORE CONSTRUCTION Glenridge Shopping Plaza, St. Catharines 684-2317 LAKESHORE TEXACO 142 Lakeshore Rd., St. Catharines 934- 3402 GENERAL AUTOMOTIVE ELECTRIC 4474 1st Ave., Niagara Falls 356- 1116 FRED HANNAH FUELS LTD. 4677 Buttrey St., Niagara Falls 354-5050 JOHN FRASCA PHOTO GALLERY 5979 Lundy ' s Lane, Niagara Falls 357- 4420 FALLSWAY AUTOMOTIVE AND INDUSTRIAL SUPPLIES 5583 Desson Ave., Niagara Falls 354-1681 A S ELECTROlO MOTOR SERVICE 4528 Bridge, Niagara Falls 354-6603 J.J. CRANE SERVICES LTD. 6 Forster St., St. Catharines 935- 6177 DENTURE THERAPY CLINIC 187A Church St., St. Catharines 688-5260 CONNIESVARIETY 242 Pelham Rd., St. Catharines 682-6877 DESIGN I 350 Scott St., St. Catharines 937-3770 HARRY RUBIN SON LTD. P.O. Box 1 204, St. Catharines 684-1162 FAST COMPANY RACING SERVICE 5986 Lundy ' s Lane, Niagara Falls , 356-7228 D. MacAUTHORSIGN 7961 Portage Road, Chippawa 295-4128 Our thanks to the following patrons who contributed to the success of our yearbook by means of listing with us. LADORIA RESTAURANT 4067 River Rd., Niagara Falls 356-6666 PEPPERMINT STICK ICE CREAM SHOPRE 4414 Portage Rd., Niagara Falls 354-2521 RICK ' S CERAMIC TILE FLOORING 341 Lake St., St. Catharines 935-0599 LUBECK ' S GARAGE 228 Allanberg Rd., Thorold 227-5614 MARY ' S FAMILY SHOE STORE 23 Front St. S.,Ttiorold 227-3647 GRANTHAM PACKERS LTD. 147 Hartzell Rd., St. Catharines 684- 4357 STAR TILE LTD. Hwy. 20, East Fonthill 892-5756 THOROLD PUBLIC LIBRARY 14 0rmond St. N., Thorold 227-2581 AQUARIUS SALON North End Plaza, St. Catharines 934- 6655 LEE PATTERSON PHOTOGRAPHY 161 Church St., St. Catharines 688-6160 FORTIS RESTAURANT 135 Queenston St., St. Catharines 682-6167 G.C. MOTORS 123 EastchesterSt., St. Catharines 685- 3041 WILLIS FRUIT MARKET R.R. 6 Lakeshore Rd., St. Catharines 935- 6212 HORTICULTURE RESEARCH INSTITUTE OF ONT. Victoria Ave., Vineland 562-4141 RUSTY ' S STEAK HOUSE TAVERN 279KingSt.,Welland 735-0111 DELTA NEILL LTD. 190KingSt.,Welland 732-7505 LISA ' S GIFT 5891 Main St., Niagara Falls 356- 6291 FIVE CORNERS PIZZERIA 6200 Thorold Stone Rd., Niagara Falls 357- 5511 NIAGARA CAB 168 Mary St., Niagara-on-the-Lake 468-3010 CULLIGAN WATER CONDITIONING 94 Dunkirk St., St. Catharines 688-3322 NIAGARA FEDERAL EMPLOYEE 4267 Bridge St., Niagara Falls 356-4152 SANDT PRINTING CO. LTD. 4865 Kent Ave., Niagara Falls 356- 4440 NIAGARA FALLS ATOM HOCKEY TEAM 6675 Frederick St., Niagara Falls 357- 1909 LEE HARRY SUNOCO SERVICE STATION ■ Welland Junction, 4 Kingsway, Welland 732-4946 GUNTER SHOE LTD. 39 Prosperity, Port Colborne 835-1556 PORT COLBORNE ANIMAL CLINIC 288 Main St., Port Colborne 834-6620 CROWLAND KARTWAY 687 Doan ' s Ridge Rd., Welland 734- 4924 DR. R. WALSE 391 Merritt, St. Catharines 684- 4561 NASATO PHOTOGRAPHY 3756 St. Paul St., St. Catharines 685- 0363 THE HUNGARIAN TAVERN RESTAURANT 5329 Ferry St., Niagara Falls 356-2429 SANDY ' S UNIFORM BOUTIOUE 4532 Queen St., Niagara Falls 356- 8833 JOE ' S VARIETY 269 Main East, Welland 735- 6960 LEISURE WORLD Niagara Square, Niagara Falls 357- 1872 CAUGHILL AUTO WRECKERS LTD. East West Line, R.R. 3, Niagara-on-the-Lake 934-1941 VIRGIL VARIETY STORE Niagara Stone Rd., Virgil 468-2208 CAPRI MEN ' S HAIRSTYLIST Tovi n and Country Plaza, Niagara Falls 356-2144 LITE BROTHERS ELECTRICAL SUPPLIERS 6131 VirginaSt., Niagara Falls 356-6641 ROCCO ' S AUTO SERVICE 4523 Drummond Rd., Niagara Falls 356-0177 ANTONIO ' S BARBER SHOP 6749 Drummond St., Niagara Falls 356-9595 BEST WESTERN YOUR HOST MOTOR INN 5551 Murray St., Niagara Falls 356- 0551 NIAGARA INDUSTRIAL INSTRUMENTS 8345 Stanley St., Niagara Falls 357- 3020 MARTIN SHEPPARD BARRISTERS SOLICITORS 4607 Huron St., Niagara Falls 354-1611 PORTAGE LICENSE BUREAU Stamford Greenshopping Plaza, Niagara Falls 358- 5021 UNION TAXI 4487 Simcoe St., Niagara Falls 358-3232 GEORGE BEIAN PILAUS CHIROPRACTIC 6279 Higgins, Niagara Falls 356-1212 REGINAS BEAUTY SALON 169 Bark Rd., Niagara Falls 262-4142 CELI PRESTI SUPERMARKET 505 Lincoln E., Welland 734-7166 DR. GROSSMAN Niagara Square, Niagara Falls 358-6684 Our thanks to the following patrons who contributed to the success of our yearbook by means of listing with us. ASTRAL PHOTO 7555 Montrose Rd., Niagara Falls 357-9616 BLACK LANTERN INN TAVERN 64 Niagara, Welland 735-3830 CHIQUE HAIR DESIGN 271 East Maln.Welland 735-4574 ROCKFELLER ELECTRONIC SERVICE R.R. 2, Welland 384-9056 JONAS SONS JEWELLERS 16 Main St. E., Welland 732-5434 BEATTIE ' S STATIONERY LTD. 120 East Main, Welland 735-4400 THE FURNITURE TERMINAL 40 Page St., St. Catharines 682-7664 DR. R.J.WILKINSON 4444B Drummond, Niagara Falls 356-7822 DUECK ' S MEN ' S APPAREL 60 King E., Beamsville 563-7244 DR. J.A. HODGSON VET. SURG. Elizabeth St., Niagara Falls 354-1341 JACK ' S BIKE LAWNMOWER Mountain View and Green Lane, Beamsville 563-7194 CARSA 5017 Victoria St., Niagara Falls 356-9662 JORDAN HOTEL R.R. 1, Jordan 562-4532 JOHN P. GENGE 86 Village Rd., St. Catharines 735-4983 NIAGARA PLASTICS SIGNS 12 Woodburn, St. Catharines 688-5545 INDIA BOUTIQUE 196B St. Paul St., St. Catharines 688-9553 JADEE MEAT PRODUCTS LTD. 1420 Bartlett, Beamsville 563-5381 M.J. DUMONT ENTERPRISES LTD. 9 Bovavem Drive, St. Catharines 935-2226 JEFFREY GREENHOUSES 1036 Lakeshore Rd. W., St. Catharines 934-0514 LA FRATE MACHINE WORKS Hwy 8, Thorold 227-6141 WELLAND ANIMAL HOSPITAL 194Thorold Rd., Welland 735-7410 WILKINSON KOMPASS LTD. 46 Scott St., St. Catharines 684-9435 TCG MATERIALS LTD. Hwy20W. Fonthill, Pelham 892-2636 PRESTON HASKELL PHOTOGRAPHER 48 St. Paul St., St. Catharines 689-6305 AIR CANADA 1 St. Paul, Unit 14, St. Catharines 688-1567 ROADWAY FRIENDSHIP INN eoOrmond N., Thorold 227-5453 TRANSIT MIXED CONCRETE CO. Box 296, Niagara Falls 563-8214 PINGUE ENTERPRISES LTD. 538 Ontario St., St. Catharines 935-1420 MIKES BOOKSTORE 4534 Queen St., Niagara Falls 356-6668 BIG VALLEY CAMPGROUND Hwy 8 West 13th St., VIneland 562-5616 WELLAND MASONARY LTD. 289 Santone Ave., Welland 732-6654 KIRKWOOD MOTEL 239 St. Paul W., St. Catharines 685-4892 MEDICAL ARTS PHARMACY 6150 Valley Way, Niagara Falls 354-7956 LAKESHORE ESSO SERVICE 125 Lakeshore St., St. Catharines 934-1723 McOUSTRA ' S SALES AND RENTALS Rear 233 St. Paul St., St. Catharines 688-2882 CANADIAN TIRE Granthm Plaza, St. Catharines 934-8161 JERRY ' S ALLEY 181 Ontario St., St. Catharines 688-2882 ADAMS LOCK KEY 286 Lake St., St. Catharines 682-5633 CALGARY MAILING SERVICE 4167 Victoria Ave. 356-9456 SPEER OPTICIANS Kakeshore Square, St. Catharines 935-1234 CASA DELTORO STEAK HOUSE 1030 Niagara North, Welland 735-6666 BEDARDS GENERAL TIRE SERVICE 162 Limpire, Welland 734-9594 CLASSIC AUTO PAINT 509 Webber, Pelham 892-5212 WILSON, R. G.S.M. 165 Plymouth Rd., Welland 735-1375 Un. WAYNb LI 1 1 Lt 6641 Lundy ' s Lane, Niagara Falls 354-7623 ROSE VILLAN TAVERN 154 Riverside Dr., Welland 735-5203 BROADWAY AQUARIUM 30 Broadway, Welland 732-3905 DR. PUPO 7 Riverside Dr., Welland 736-7571 107 V

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