Niagara College of Applied Arts and Technology - Yearbook (Welland, Ontario Canada)

 - Class of 1979

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Niagara College of Applied Arts and Technology - Yearbook (Welland, Ontario Canada) online yearbook collection, 1979 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 104 of the 1979 volume:

NIAGARA COLLEGE BEGINNINGS 1979 NIAGARA COLLEGE OF APPLIED ARTS AND TECHNOLOGY PRESIDENT ' S MESSAGE FOR YEARBOOK As those of you who are in the graduating class complete this phase of yoiu- education and look • forward to the future, we all sincerely wish you success in yoiu- chosen career. As you leave Niagara College, I would remind you that your accomplishments will be measvu-ed by your ability to keep an open mind, a keen and wholesome interest in your fellow -men and -women and con- tinue to be a student throughout your lifetime. You are entering or re-entering the world of work at a time when many rapid changes are forecast for employers and employees in all walks of life and consequently you have a responsibility to give thoughtful consideration to the future and to prepare for it wisely. Consider the past - cherish its strengths and build on them. Use the wisdom and the experience of those who have gone before you but do not dwell on the past. Do not discard older ideas just because they are old. Consider their merit. Do not rush impetuously into the new just because it is new. Consider the merits of the new also. Perhaps a balance between the two should be your choice. It is my earnest wish that each of you may realize the goals which you have set for yourself and th at you will be able to accept life, with its opportunities and limitations, joyfully and courageously and reach for higher heights within your chosen career. I will follow your fortime with pride and look forward to hearing of your contributions to your vocation and those whom you serve. I am siu-e that the undergraduates are longingly looking forward to the day in the not -too-distant futin-e when they will join your ranks. In the meantime, they will carry on the traditions you have fostered. To all the students of Niagara College I would exhort: " Write your name in kindness, love and have mercy on the hearts of those with whom you come in contact year by year and you will never be forgotten. Your name and your good deeds will shine as the stars of heaven. Use your talents faithfully and they shall be enlarged; practise what you know and you will attain to higher knowledge. " Jacqueline P. Robarts President. PRESIDENT ' S MESSAGE STUDENT ADMINISTRATIVE COUNCIL (S.A.C.) The end of yet another school year is upon us once again. This yearbook will help to bring back the memories of activities, of friends, of good times and of personal achievements. I sincerely hope that it has been a good and worthwhile year for you. I would like to thank all the people who helped in organizing events and those who par- ticipated in them. The best of luck to you in the futiu-e and I hope the Student Administrative Council helped make your time at Niagara enjoyable. Jeff Adamson President 9 OUR THANKS TO THE DIRECTOR OF STUDENT SER VICES MR, ABOUD 10 SCHOOL OF APPLIED ARTS 2EC11 2GA12 2LT11 2EC12 2GA13 2LT12 2EC21 2GA14 2LT21 2EC22 2GA21 2LT22 2ER11 2GA22 3HRA11 2ER21 2HR11 3HRA12 2FA11 2HR21 3HRA13A 2FA12 3ID11 3HRA13B 2FA21 3ID31 3HRA21 2GCP14 3ID32 3HRA22 2GCP11 3ID12 3HRA31 3RT11 3ID13 3HRA31 3RT12 3ID21 3TA11 3RT21 3ID22 3TA12 3RT31 3ID23 3TA21 2SW11 3 J All 2HT11 2SW21 3JA12 2HT12 2GCP12 3JA21 2HT13 2GCP13 2LS11 2HT14 2GCP21 2LS12 2HT21 2GA11 2LS21 2HT22 FASHION ARTS - 2FA11 FRONT ROW: Jenny DelBuono Marcia Backer Dominique Huertas-Jourdo Joanne Cracknell MIDDLE ROW: Carrie Anderson Debbie Boese Ramona Cavasin BACK ROW: Cathie McGlynn Verona Huitema Debi Combe Alexandra Overbough Kathy Sczelecki Annette Rockx Angela Biamonte 2FA21 4 r FRONT ROW: L. Twaddle, B. Silverthome, C. Huard, S. Tod, L. Newman, R. Cianflone. BACK ROW: J. Henye, W. Hannigan, L. Martin, K. Ashley, C. Overbeeke, D. Albert, K. Kaarsemaker, T. Ward. INTERIOR DESIGN - 3ID31 32 FRONT ROW: Frank D ' Angelo Kathy Simpson Debbie Firson Pam Lengel Terry Ellis Sandi Pallister BACK ROW: Mr. Paul Firlotte Christine Szyszka Jim Walker Jim Hare Sandy Young Suzanne Simmons Peggy Masterson Mr. Staszek Szaflarski LIBRARY TECH ' S - 2LT1L 12 F RONT ROW: Linda VanderTang Michelina Pennetta Wendy Wardell Alison Thomson Theresa DeRoo BACK ROW: Edith Stone Paulette Facey Margaret Neufeld Sheila Mann Francine Darton Patricia Gunn 13 COMPUTER CLUB FRONT: Mr. John Clark, Instructor; Steve Joe. MIDDLE: Robert Bilinsky, Paul Erickson, Jeff Davis, Rob Acker. BACK: Simon Claughton, Mark Dowker, Jay Collins, Evangelo Costadimas. ABSENT: Mike Kovacich, Wilf Unruh, John Kuchyt, Dmo Ruscitti. 3CN31 TOP: Marvin Solavey, Dennis Blais, Wes Postma, Domenic Corrado, Larry Kulchar, Paul Moiseff, Rick Aubin. BOTTOM: Frank Walz, Wayne Cook, James Little, John Delisle, Alex Vacca, John Loshak. JOURNALISM - 3JA11 FRONT ROW: Joanne Bulanda Fred Dupon Jim Colyn Doug Janzen Peter Benner BACK ROW: Tim Byng Jim David Steve Savoia Soo Dejong JoAnne Deleeuw Terri Neufeld Brad Butcher John Gerl FRONT ROW: Amy Thibault Carla MacKay Susan Stone Heather Oakes Floyd Turner BACK ROW: David Napper Lorrie Smith Len Saccone Greg Datling Sue Spencer Cheryl Keech Juanita Tooke ABSENT: Rusty Silvestro RADIO AND TELEVISION - 3RT11 FRONT ROW: Joyce Iseppon Wayne Labrosse Ellen Batorski Debbie Cartmer Alison Love SECOND ROW: Sandy Lapere Scott Hill Jeff Seabrook Jeff Salt Bryan Bodnar THIRD ROW: Greg Unrau Karen Collings Lori Carter HUMAN RELATIONS - 2HR11 FRONT ROW: J. Lafreniere, S. Millson, S. Eckert, S. Jackson, V. Geffen, N. Forray, S. Allen. MIDDLE ROW: A. Boyd, T. Colboume, D. Burke, S. Conway, C. Marcou, M. Lightfoot, D. Kostick, K. Stele, M. Laroche. BACK ROW: M. Masterson, J. Freeman, R. Cermenara, J. Gualtieri, P. Edwards, D. Marinelli, T. Demizio, R. Coons, Tim Barrett. EARLY CHILDHOOD ED. - 2EC11 FRONT ROW: K. Trussell C. Zimmer Y. Dejong R. Pulice B. Levesque C. Funk C. Gallant MIDDLE ROW: S. Kukucska L. VanDyk D. Ferguson E. Provenzano A. McRae M. Carusetta P. Straus K. Swayze BACK ROW: A. VanStraten M. Lofthouse J. Stewart M. Hoffman J. A. Young B. Vant C. MacWhitten P. Danks 2EC22 FRONT ROW: Elizabeth Kemp-Welch Lucy Marchese Suzanne St. Laurent Doris Letourneau Barbara Zila SECOND ROW: Kathy Bandi Barbara Iowa Lorena Bovolotto Linda Groff Nancy Bylhouwer BACK ROW: Birgitta Ross Kim Cliff Cathy Nelson Darlene Wright Janet VanDriel 18 LIBRARY TECHNICIAN - 2LT21 Carmen Cassar Antonietta Arcuri Julia D ' Alolsio Wilma Goerz Tracy Featherstone Diane Burt ABSENT: Kerry Buller Norma Corkin Sue Dibblee Janice Eberle FRONT ROW: Linda Isaac Carolyn Mosher Jenny Hiew BACK ROW: Helen Heerema Pauline Landry Jane Maxwell Barbara Mulder ABSENT: Annette Tennier Nancy Kierstead Phyllis Wright 19 SCHOOL OF APPLIED SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY 3TE11 3ME31 2EL21 3TE12 3CO EO EL21 2E021 2TE13 3C031 2MD11 3CH21 3E031 2MD21 3CH31 3EL31 2RA11 3CN11 2CT11 2RA21 3CN21 2CT21 2SU11 3CN31 2EL E011 2SU21 3ME21 2EL E012 AIR CONDITIONING, REFRIGERATION 2RA11 FRONT ROW: Rick Martin, Nick D ' Avrizio, Fred Jessome, Gord Hamilton, Alan Perusse, Brady Saver. SECOND ROW: Sean Poeta, Frank DeGasperis, Terry Armstrong, Don Black, Henry Dykema, Dan Miloff. THIRD ROW: Carlo Ventresca, Bruce Smith, Kevin Barr, Roger Delisle, Lloyd Fretz, Harvey Forrester. 2RA21 BACK ROW: Normand Fournier Bill Milani Robert Merrill James Goodreau John Capuano Angelo Dilienzo FRONT ROW: Ken Billy Wm. Brytwak John Allman Rick Boonstra Ron Muntz Dale Morton CHEMICAL ENGINEERING - 3CH21 FRONT ROW: Bill Ashbum Greg VanNest Olugbenga Segun Diane Bloomfield Judy Rogers Debbie Wilgosh Indira Varade BACK ROW: Alanb Arnett Kevin Klassen David North David Damude Bruce McQuiggin Robert Slater 3CH31 BACK ROW: Peter Baranek Scott Boyd Brian Kinsman Keith Norman Glenn Kallies FRONT ROW: Barbara Schmidt Martina Friesen Evi Kiisel Mary Cools Linda Hohnan 22 ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING - 2E0ELJ I BACK ROW: Ron Labatte Vince Andrilovic Mario Digaetano Dan Briscoe Carl Benner FRONT ROW: Bryan Baltves Rudy Burger Rick Mamros Lehman Gibson Hardy Penner 2E0EL12 Vi 1 FRONT ROW: Rick Katch Dale Rienzo Chris Claringbold BACK ROW: Bill Hambling Gary Serroul Chris Elgner ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING - 2EL21 FRONT ROW: Barry Dunham Joe Pfeifer Cliff Ballinger Randy Cressman Aldo Avolio BACK ROW: Bill Woodward Charles Stuckey Mauro Avolio Wayne Somerville ELECTRONIC ENGINEERING - 2E021 FRONT ROW: Ray Toscani Mike Franic Don Lasco Mark Lowe Rick Avakian Donald Chechak Dave Johnston Eno Lowry Rolf Paul 24 ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING - 3EL31 MECHANICAL ENGINEERING - 2ME21 FRONT ROW: Vijay Varade Bill Conners Ann Dingwall Peter Klinowski Scott Horner Peter Prophet BACK ROW: Walter Woelfl Alnasir Awadia Edward Thieseen ABSENT: Kevin Chin 3ME31 Mike Kicul, Ron Cleaveley, Rob Litz, Rico Ferrelli. ABSENT: Dave DalBianco. SURVEY TECHNICIAN - 2SV11 FRONT ROW: Mike Gruhl Wayne Stadnyk Joe Caruso Jim Sharpe Gary Thomas BACK ROW: Mike Hrychshyn Mike Bowden Dominic Elia John Allman Norm Fournier Ron Macintosh Anton Cret Scott Skursky 26 2SV21 FRONT ROW: Larry Mills, Dave Edwards, Frank DeBortoli, Stephen Bustard. BACK ROW: Frank Gentile, Rob Wilson, Don Payson. COMPUTER TECHNOLOGY - 3C031 Gerald Orban Doris Mattie Stephen Joe Dan DeGasperis 27 TECHNOLOGY - 3TE12 FRONT ROW: F. Bell P. Erickson R. Hirst H. Hessels T. Piplack BACK ROW: R. Price B. Riley R. Veeneman G. Slingerland S. Murchison A. Brown R. Hamm J. Corkum B. Thieesen 28 CONSTRUCTION ENG. - 3CN11 BACK ROW: Dino Morabits Lawrence Jorsyth James Woods Roy Atkinson Harold Ross Larry Koop Thomas Schilf Ruth Haist FRONT ROW: Rick Tureski Tom Vattovaz Gary Jensen Bill Harper Marc Baronette Ed Denbok 3CN21 FRONT ROW: B. McNeil J. Lessard R. Tatone M. Stephens BACK ROW: T. Avello B. Blakely F. Zucco R. Shaw G. Rusztin K. Hay T. Kerr R. Tenden COMPUTER ELECTRONICS - 3CO EO EL21 FRONT ROW: M. Hrycyshyn M. Gruhl B. Dyment M. Dowker J. Murray MIDDLE ROW: J. Davis R. Stortz W. Unruh B. Pegels J. Kuchyt N. Houtby BACK ROW: A. Ralston E. Costadimas J. Johns B. Stec E. Manning R. Acker ABSENT: M. Vovacich J. Wiltshire 3E031 FRONT ROW: R. VanBrenk G. Ostrykow A. Nairismagi BACK ROW: J. Collins T. Trasmundi R. Lutka 30 MECHANICAL DRAFTING - 2MD11 FRONT ROW: K. Gora F. Kimber L. Petriello T. Wright A. McCoUough P. Ikonomu BACK ROW: J. Benjamins J. Mateka O. Gilbert G. Damiano K. Jones W. Charlton G. Giovinazzo 2MD21 FRONT ROW: Kerry Servos, Steve Ranifire, Dennis Schinkel, Jean Drolin, David Misener. BACK ROW: Carlo Tiano, Rick Carter, Stan Aiello, Leo Lupul, Steve Pirosko. SCHOOL OF BUSINESS ISDll 2SA12 ISSll 2SA13 1SS12 2SA21 1SS13 2SA22 1BL12 3BA11 2BL11 3BA12 2BL21 3BA13 2TTA11 3BA14 2TTA21 3BA15 2GB22 3BA21 2GB23 3BA22 2GB24 3BA23 2LA11 3BA32 2LA21 2GB12 2RM11 2GB 15 2RM21 2GB 11 2SA14 2GB13 2SA11 2GB21 GENERAL BUSINESS - 2GB12 FRONT ROW: JoAnn Hardy Catherine Loranger Roseanne locca Adelina Mastroianni Karen Fretz Ginette Pagliaro BACK ROW: Robert Harmon Ralph McRae Greg Locey Amadeo DeLuca David Patterson Ted Rog Peter Stranges Steve Grosse 2GB13 FRONT ROW: Brenda Walton Kerry Smith Sandra Wren Moira Groetelaars Nancy Benner Josephine Miele Gwen Zavitz BACK ROW: Jacqueline Ripley Cythina Van Rooyer Tammy Gilliss Karen Lodboa Mike Cowsill Tom Fabiani Denis Dallaire Paul Skleryk Kathy Papp Roger Moore 33 GENERAL BUSINESS - 2GB15 BACK ROW: Chris Cage Jim Booker Don Haynes Ray Green Trevor ToUey Wayne Creighton Rick VanLeuvenhage FRONT ROW: Roger Dheviet Chris dejonge Yolanda Sakas Jane VanderValk Mabel Hutchison Helen Runciman Patricia Canfield Yvon Cavon ( f . lair . M jjil Id, J " M BACK ROW: Angela Berardi Carmela Colangelo Kenny Chair Jim Fazzari Dan Gentitcore Mario Azzarello Nancy Tassone Bobbi Cosby FRONT ROW: Tracey Brown Linda Ferro Monica Uhde Dyanne Corkum Susan Dickson Rosalie Borghesan Darlene Ghetti 2GB21 in 2GB22 0 ():cz A ilh liiir ?l. r . f. BACK ROW: Annette Hoeksema Stanley Chan Mark Zinatelli Anne Milne Betty Mclntyre FRONT ROW: Sharon Nixon Candare Starshuk Miranda Ma Charolette Somerville Cheryl Reaman Mary Ellen Martin BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION - 3BA11 FRONT ROW: A. Pretty B. Perrur R. Passfield D. Stoykovich Brad Young Raymond Scodellaro CENTRE ROW: J. Dorsey P. Winfield K. Mazi A. Krahn E. Hildebrandt J. Moccia C. Luv BACK ROW: M. Kamminga K. Wegelin R. Roessner J. Sumbler P. Pallon J. Wiley I. Quarmby M. Rennie M. LaFratta Walters 35 3 B A 1 2 FRONT ROW: S. Bisson, W. Chehowski, H. Ives, S. Lewis, C. Clemens, N. Epp, K. Hartleib, K. Bartolini. SECOND ROW: J. Colford, T. Beckett, J. Baldinelli, M. Brown, A. Armenti, R. Haycox, J. Woodhouse, K. Guay, J. Ammendolia, J. Davidson. THIRD ROW: P. Cherniuk, T. Cabras, D. Girotti, J. Beroud, D. Fevcht, B. Harper, B. Dunbar, T. Andres, R. Janzen. 3BA13 FRONT ROW: S. Young M. Wdowczyk T. Mauro M. Moccia R. Paucoski R. Lauder J. Beroud BACK ROW: J. Morden J. Antonello T. West J. Lyons D. Mcllroy J. Wilcox I. Ogrizek H. Smith S. Garton M. Blanchard N. Keeck P. Waylie 36 3BA14 3BA15 FRONT ROW: J. Hay V. Cole B. Laquerre L. Huebert D. Besta M. Blom C. Dimarco A. Chan L. Griffiths MIDDLE ROW: R. Furry B. Hartley R. Janzen R. Bartolomeo M. Delouca J. Saldarelli J. Dakin G. Collins M. Cercone T. Fleming BACK ROW: K. Hallborg T. Kemp L. Dupnis T. Farr J. Balenovich T. Andreola N. White S. Bahnuk M. Dejonge E. Gillespie G. Bonn Tony Dimoriscio, Ed Odorico 37 3BA21 FRONT ROW: N. Spittle N. Krizanovic N. DeLuca R. Biancanilo M. Czerlau SECOND ROW: K. Balint M. Anderson D. Erb B. Klingender F. Barretto BACK ROW: A. Bilinski S. Bond A. Aiello C. Beattie S. Baggio ABSENT: J. Champagne D. Cousins D. Powell M. Iker M. Sizaire 3BA22 Terry L. Fretz FRONT ROW: M. Forgione C. Hall M. Rao E. Graca K. Philip BACK ROW: L. Pepperall J. Nasiiun R. Duhaime K. Kiirpinchick D. Lemerick P. Kabel 38 3BA31 BACK ROW: M. Gibson R. Jones A. Gigvere S. Fnrtney T. Gurnick A. Coughlin J. Adamson B. Lake M. Bolcso MIDDLE ROW: A. Brown A. Cameli M. Jahsen B. DaCosta D. Lostracco J. Ingham FRONT ROW: D. Jones N. Berg L. Lindley J. Brown C. Bartone A. Bachynsky N. Beaton R. Graffi G. Caperchione 39 3BA32 BACK ROW: Charles PoUak Ken St. John Garry McAninch Rob Lagerquist Arnie Look Bob Schellenberg Trent Harrison Dan Brennan Rick Detenbeck FRONT ROW: Barrie Wood Denise Thompson Christina Duczmal Pamela Wallcer Rosanne Garisto Laura VanderVooren Deb Rawson John MacDonald 3BA33 FRONT ROW: G. McDonald D. Jones E. Perlman N. Berg G. Snopek K. Wakil D. Lostracco BACK ROW: J. Ingham D. Thompson J. Adamson G. Gizzie R. McKay P. Koncir M. Gibson B. Lake R. Graffi 40 TOURISM - 2TTA11 FRONT ROW: S. Brunner R. Rigg D. Laffin M. Kisilak D. Harper E. Grehan J. Reiter CENTRE ROW: W. Beaver L. Haggan D. Newlands C. Seredine D. Morrison S. Rahn T. Per r in S. Moon D. Potter BACK ROW: L. Cieri S. Roy L. Vermeersch S. Jaskula P. Roddis P. Zemaims J. Campbell C. Savoie L. Darlington M. Mattiazzo A. Brunei L. Mander FRONT ROW: D. Deangelis L. Swinton L. Bnrwell B. Hern M. Daly B. J. Latimer BACK ROW: J. Dunham S. Shappard L. Scott S. Halness C. VandenDoU S. Casey M. Wileichuk R. Gizzie L. Blaszyski K. Newell K. Rahn D. Hodgert N. McGregor LEGAL ASSISTANTS - 2LA11 FRONT ROW: L. Laframboise Ann Golbourn Sally Tanzi Anna Noiles Janet Pejskar Marge Wray Jackie Williams Anna St. Angelo BACK ROW: Ann Baldwin Chris Tomkin Cindy Williams Faith Haton Chris Wishart Elizabeth Levy Rose Raimando Marg Black 2LA21 FRONT ROW: Pauline Reichel Joanne Whitman Mary Ann Wark Byron Balgom Rachel Fogg Karen Quin Heath Buckingham BACK ROW: Margaret Postma Cathy Buchanan Glenda Cleaveley Norma Ball Margaret McPhail Karen Jones 42 RETAIL MANAGEMENT - 2RM21 FRONT ROW: Ping King Paula Stephens Terri Scott Chris Peshko Rose Notarianni Gus Zois BACK ROW: Dominic Gazzellone Steve Kenderic Dan Vigna Andre Deschamps David Chan Dave Ervine Serge Carpivo SECRETARIAL ARTS - 2SA13 FRONT ROW: Melanie Giacometti Angie Tota Zina Arista Toni Provenzano BACK ROW: Joanie RiganeUi Betsy Pizzacalla PhyUi s Sardella Brenda Patterson 2SA21 FRONT ROW: Barb Wagner, Elaine McDermott, Nicole Francoeur, Heather Campbell, Melanie Mitchell, Kathy Gillespie. BACK ROW: Angie Soupionis, Jane Minor, Arlene Jaques, Lisa Woodcock, Rosanne Marcello. DICTA-TYPIST - ISDII BACK ROW: Pam Perron Julie Royen Cathy Lauell Kim Backlund Teresa Greco Gaitana Brigante FRONT ROW: Cheryl Kelly Lori Trombley Angela Aza Linda Wozniak Rosie DiFruscia Tammy Brown SECRETARIAL SCIENCE - 1SS12 FRONT ROW: Monika Schmitz Diane Waterhouse Dianne Roman BACK ROW: Dora D ' Angelo Cathy Dillon Inta Rosts Pat D ' Addazio ABSENT: 12 SCHOOL OF HEALTH SCIENCES lAEll 1DA12 IDTll IDAll IDHll 2MR11 IHSll 1DH12 2MR21 , k ' DENTAL HYGIENE - IDHll FRONT ROW: Roberta Irvine, Charlie Feduck, Sue Cooper. BACK ROW: Margaret Graham, Dianne Alexander, Ralph, Cathy Campbell, Kathy McNeil. 53 54 COMPETITIVE, INTRAMURAL, PASTIME NIAGARA COLLEGE PLAYS SPORTS WITH D-E-T-E-R-M-I-N-A-T-I-O-N ATLAS ' 79 RANA REALTY LTD. " The Attention Givers " St. Catharines: Towers Plaza 935-0330 20 Hartzell Rd. 682-9234 CLEMENS AND MILLER 1 Drew Street Welland 734-4594 LOSTRACCO UNISEX SHOP 602 Main St. E. Welland 734-6610 P J ' S PLANTS FLOWERS 132 King sway Welland 735-7621 George Boc Construction Co. Limited GENERAL CONTRACTORS Phone 734-6557 - Broadway Avenue WELLAND, ONTARIO P.O. BOX 8 L3C 5M6 JIM ' S AUTO BODY SHOP Webber Road Pelham (Welland) 735-4368 ASTRA TRUST CO. 72 East Main St. Welland 735-8444 384-9444 BANKING FACILITIES • MORTGAGES REETA HOTEL 90 Main St. E. Welland 734-4581 LANCER RESTAURANT TAVERN Geneva Street St. Catharines For Reservations Call: 684-8211 SMALL BANQUETS AND MEETINGS ETERNO ENTERPRISES INC. 54 Clark Welland 735-4142 RIGANELLI ' S BAKERY LIMITED 16 Ornnond St. Thorold 227-1156 A-1 POODLE SALON 125 1 2 Russell Ave. St. Catharines 688-6193 Bern ice Price MARSHALL PAPER LTD. 12 Walnut St. Catharines 227-6666 Zenith 76500 MACGILLIVRAY CO. CHARTERED ACCOUNTANTS 15 Church St. Suite 303, Box 848 St. Catharines, Ont. 682-8363 LIBRAIRIE WELLAND BOOK STORE 476 East Main Welland 732-6962 GAIL ' S BEAUTY SALON 728 Main St. E. Welland 732-3705 INN ON THE LAKE Geneva Street St. Catharines 934-3384 arreri- assori Travel SEAWAY MALL WELLAND - ONTARIO 416-735-6923 L3C1M3 416-384-9754 ECONOMY ELECTRIC SUPPLY LTD. 249 Burger Welland 732-4475 SHISLER ' S REFRIGERATION 766 King Port Colborne 834-4147 DORA ' S HAIRSTYLING Seaway Mall Welland 735-6991 REDKEN, ORLANE AND DERMETICS PRODUCTS KUPPER NEON, PLASTIC COMMERCIAL SIGNS LTD. Port Robinson 384-9573 HOLLANDIA NURSERIES AND GARDEN CENTRE Regional Rd. 50 R.R. No. 2, Welland 384-9634 FRONTIER AUTO DISMANTLER LTD. R.R. No. 1 Port Robinson 735-0481 63 WELLAND PRINTING CO. LTD. 60 Main St. W. Welland 735-5532 ETERNO ENTERPRISES INC. 54 Clark St. Welland 735-4142 FABRIC CARE CLEANERS " SAME DAY " DRY CLEANING 8 Facer Street 937-3552 FREE ESTIMATES PROFESSIONAL DEEP STEAM RUG CLEANING Boutique MarhJan WOMEN ' S APPAREL THE DOWNTOWN MALL Marie Jeanne Fournier - Proprietress 72 E. Main Street Welland. Ontario Phone 735-8915 FAIRVIEW INN TAVERN Fairview Mall St. Catharines 937-641 1 ECONOMY ELECTRIC SUPPLY LIMITED WHOLESALE ELECTRICAL DISTRIBUTORS Corner Victoria and Burgar Streets Welland, Ontario L3B 2T5 Telephone 732-4475 BELDAM LASCAR PACKING LTD. INDUSTRIAL MARINE SUPPLIES 162 West Street Port Colborne, Ontario 834-4527 L3K 1B7 834-7772 F.J. FOLEY PLUMBING 198 Burger Welland 735-5860 CHURCH LANE FABRICS Seaway Mall Lakeshore Sq. Welland St. Catharines 384-9309 937-5161 Niagara Sq., Niagara Falls MOSS PRESS LIMITED 19 Knoll Port Colborne 834-3380 GUNTER SHOE LTD. GUNTER STEGNER, PRES. R. R. No. 1. LORRAINE RD. BUS: 834-6161 PORT COLBORNE, ONTARIO RES: 835-1556 MALLOY ' S MILK LTD. 481 Thorold Rd. W. COMPLETE LINE OF YOUR LAST MINUTE GROCERY NEEDS. 64 YOCKELL SAW SALES SERVICE 623 Niagara Welland 735-5132 M. BUTLER INSURANCE AGENCY LIMITED 4740 VALLEY WAY - P.O. BOX 930 NIAGARA FALLS, ONTARIO L2E 6V8 EACH OFFICE INDEPENDENTLY OWNED Onluij - nn Zl® PHIL AUDET REALTY LTD. MEMBER BROKER 479 East Main, Welland 735-8844 SEAWAY COFFEE SHOP AND LUNCH ROOM 23 Hellems Welland Ont. 734-9122 PHILLIPS EQUIPMENT 73 South Pelham Fonthill, Ont. 892-2646 DAIN CITY AUTO WRECKER ' S R.R. No. 3, Port Colborne 834-7111 IMPERIAL OPTICAL CO. 38 James St. St. Catharines 684-2342 MARTEL HAULAGE CONSTRUCTION LTD. 67 Rosedale P.O. Box 52, Port Colborne 834-6762 BRADSHAW-STRADWICK PRODUCTS LTD. 31 Alexander Welland 735-5731 GENTRY Unisex Hairstyling SPECIALIZING IN HAIRCUTTING Ask For: - Rino or Louise - Chelwoodgate Plaza Phone 735-3614 440 Niagara St. Welland, Ontario HOOPLE MADGER TRAVEL SERVICE 210 St. Paul St. St. Catharines 685-7355 STEED EVANS LIMITED 1600 Cream Rd. Box 99, Fenwick 892-2647 65 SEAWAY PLATE STRUCTURAL STEEL LTD. 65 Bruce St. Welland, Ont. 734-3131 ST. CATHARINES BUSINESS MACHINES 56 Queenston St. Catharines 685-5451 St Clair seaway Man , . 800 Niagara Street the paint WeMand, Ontario L3C 5Z4 paper 735 767i people. MOTHER ' S PIZZA 440 Niagara St. Welland, Ont. 735-8080 THE GENERAL TIRE RUBBER CO. LTD. John St. Welland, Ont. 735-5631 A.B.C. DAYCARE Carlton United Church BRIAN CHISHOLM 527 Carlton Street Bus. 937-4843 St. Catharines, Ontario Res. 682-2541 Compliments of: ST. CATHARINES CORRUGATED CONTAINERS INC. P.O. Box 36 Thorold (Allanport) 227-0521 H. S. HEAT TREATING PHIL DENNIS ENTERPRISES LTD. South St. N. Port Robinson 384-9355 AVONDALE STORES 10 Dunlop Dr. St. Catharines, L2R 1A2 Welland: 256 Fitch 548 Lincoln WELMET IIMDUSTRIES LIMITED A OIVnStON OF CAB NMOUamiES LTD. 317 KING STREET- P.O.BOX 370 WELL- VNJD OrsTTARIO • CANADA- L3B 5R1 66 BELMAR WELDING P.O. Box 1145 5th Ave. South St. Catharines 685-9475 BAKH ASSOCIATES ■ One Church Street, St. Catharines, Ontario L2R 3Bl (416) 688-9400 REINIE VOS, B.A. Associate Planner ■Consulting Engineers - Development Consultants AUTO TRUCK ELECTRIC 117 CUSHMAN RD. ST. CATHARINES, ONTARIO PATE PRECAST RAILING INC. Hwy. 58 Welland 732-6301 GRAEME SCOTT Tel: 688-1483 BASELL ' S RESTAURANT AND TAVERN 4880 Victoria Avenue Niagara Falls For Reservations or Take-out Orders - 356-7501 CENTRAL SUNOCO 186 Clerence Port Col borne 834-7933 R. A. HOT COLD SUBMARINES 2 Haist St. S. Fonthill (Top of the Hill at Canboro) 892-6633 YOUNG ' S - GRAVES INSURANCE AGENCY INC. 60 James St., Suite 204 St. Catharines 416-688-2772 Niagara Falls Welland Kitchener QUEENSTON LABORATORIES 282 Unwell St. Catharines 935-1100 225 MERRin STREET - ST. CATHARINES, ONTARIO 121 1J7 INTER-CITY MANUFACTURING LTD. P.O. Box 3009, 340 Welland Ave., St. Catharines, Ontario, L2R 7B8 Telephone (416) 682-8621 ARCHER TRUCK CENTRE (WELLAND) LTD. Hwy. 58 Welland 735-6661 67 GERT ' S UNISEX BEAUTY SALON 82 Welland Welland 735-5194 W QjlxXMhA, jommAAJtulvL Mon. - Fri. Sat. 9 a.m.- r Main Office: 601 Main St. E., Welland, L3B 3Y3 — Tel. 735-1499 Branch Offices: 10 a.m. -5:30 44 Michigan — 735-8880; 260 Fitch Street — 735-4530 1 2 noon We Serve Your Financial Needs MARSH ENGINEERING LTD. 118 West Port Col borne 834-3624 BIRDLAND CHEV OLDS LIMITED 572 Niagara St. N. Welland 735-3690 or 384-9155 " Welland ' s own Chevie Dealer " Qenco ' s staurant tavern J KI K OUR SPECIALTY IS COOKING AT YOUR TABLE m HV Your Host V.A.GENCO Tower ' s Plaza y — — Bunting Carlton e l-£ TEL. 935-1339 kyir in CONSTPUCTION IVIwlK COMPANY LIMITED BOX 4-76 • ST. CiTUAPINES • ONT4KIO TELEPHONES: (416) 686-7121 • 14161 685-7126 POSTAL CODE L2R 6V9 HYDEL ENGINEERING LTD. 566 Ridge Welland 735-5492 ballett ltd, 71 eait main st. ujtLLand 3S4 - 92S3 G.H. WARD PARTNERS CHARTERED ACCOUNTANTS St. Catharines - 26 Queen Street 684-6386 Niagara Falls - 5627 Main Street 356-6627 Welland 735-4151 Kitchener - 39 Weber Street 745-6863 Best Wishes for the Future Compliment of TOWERS DEPARTMENT STORES LIMITED 1000 Main Street East Welland 735-5000 68 R. Y TOOL DIE CO LTD. R.R. No. 1 Welland 732-4545 F ROCK PHONE 416.835-8413 198 Welland St. ORT COLBORNE, ONT. lll y 333 Lake Street 3 St. Catharines i L2M 6P6 934-2571 P.O. Box 2190, Station B CANTEEN OF CANADA LTD. 29 Maywood Avenue St. Catharines 682-7245 DIANE ' S HAIRSTYLING BOUTIQUE 78 Lincoln St. W. Welland 732-3333 COKTRACTORS i V ENGINEERS head office FABRICATORS 6i thorold road " » WELLAND, ONTARIO LSD 5P1 (416) 735-2401 GUARANTY TRUST CO. OF CANADA 62 Main St. E. Welland 732-2461 DON HERMAN OPERATIONS SUPERVISOR Tricil Limited 144 Dunkirl Road P.O. Box 2130, Station B St. Catharines, Ontario L2M 6P5 (416) 682-2022 PAT ' S APPLIANCE SERVICE SALES 300 Lincoln E. Welland 735-2730 -| ABITIBI PROVINCIAL PAPER a division of Abitibi Forest Products Ltd. Thorold, Ontario, Canada t WESTINGHOUSE CANADA LIMITED 234 WELLAND AVE. - ST. CATHARINES Lincoln Authorized Repair Depot - IN-PLANTand ON-SITE SERVICE - REPAIRS TO ALL MAKES OF ELECTRICAL APPARATUS ALL HOURS 682-8336 St. Catharines - 685-5342 Niagara-on-the-Lake Residence - Niagara-on-the-Lalce 468-7215 Residence - 468-7768 Niogora Fruit and Vegetoble FRUIT BUYERS AND SHIPPERS 6r ¥r8r$ 1 1 M 1 T 1 0 VIKOIL, UN I . VINCENT ' S UNISEX HAIRSTYLING 22 Thorold Welland 732-5031 • ' Rice Road Plaza P.O. Box 331 Welland, Ont. Phone: 73 L3C 5Y6 ® 5-2560 2-6495 CAISSE POPULAIRE WELLAND LIMITEE 59 Empire Street, Welland 735-3453 Lincoln Plaza, Welland 735-3453 284 Geneva Street, St. Catharines 937-7270 WHITING EQUIPMENT LIMITED Alexander St. Welland 732-7585 ' f7 m ' fAo ' unerr? 2 me4, Ltd. PORT COLBORNE CHAPEL f 1 ) i WELLAND CHAPEL !35 CLARENCl ' : STUKK T i J ' 2 HKLLKMS AVENUK A. R DAVIDSON. Pres JlJ J T H. HASLER, Mgr FORT ERIE CHAPEL 21 VVINTEMim.; STREE ' J- H ■ ■construction H H ■ ■ ENGINEERING H CROWLAND PAVING CONSTRUCTION CO. 96 Marc Blvd. Welland, Ontario 734-4756 DIV. OF STONEBRIDGE PAVING CONST. LTD. GENERAL PROP FORGE LIMITED 500 Major Welland 734-7455 70 CANADA FORCINGS WELLAND. ONT. HeadOf?t :c • Plants- Empire Street Empire and Major Streets FOSTER WHEELER LIMITED 81 Eastchester St. Catharines 684-8321 A LOCAL COMPANY THAT GIVES YOU PERSONAL SERVICE THE REGIONAL TRUST COMPANY 190 Division Street Welland 735-6671 PORT COLBORNE IRON WORKS LTD. Frazer Street Port Colborne. Ont. Tel. 834-4544 Engineers Fabricators Gordon Pomerantz Limited CLOTHING - FOOTWEAR - JEWELRY CRESTS - UNIFORMS - CLUB JACKETS ALTERATIONS 8 Front St. S. Residence Thorold, Ont. 227-3843 Teleplione 227-2750 227-3372 HOUSE OF TEAK FURNITURE 290-292 Lake Street N. St. Catharines, Ont. 935-6098 IMPORTED FURNITURE SCANDINAVIAN, MODERN CONTEMPORARY MAY FOUNDRY CO. LTD. 6029 Clark Niagara Falls 354-2768 THE ONTARIO PAPER COMPANY LIMITED 80 King St. St. Catharines 688-5030 Allanburg Road, Thorold WELLAND HOME HARDWARE 440 Niagara St. Welland, Ont. 735-3663 ABE DICK MASONRY LTD. 31 Church St. St. Catharines 682-8308 SUNNYSIDE DAIRY CO. LTD. 24 Seventh St. Welland, Ontario 735-8440 THE TROPHY SHOP 10 Niagara Street St. Catharines 685-3012 GOULD OUTDOOR (POSTERS) LIMITED 29 Nielson St. St. Catharines 685-4261 SEE R. HOMES LTD. REAL ESTATE THE HOME OF PROFESSIONALS RESIDENTIAL AND I.C.I. 440 Niagara St., Welland 735-8101 MARTEL HAULAGE AND CONSTRUCTION LTD. 67 Rosedale Port Colborne 834-6762 ENNISTEEL SERVICE CENTRE South N. Port Robinson 384-9794 RANGERS RESTAURANT TAVERN Turners Corner Hwy. 20, Pelham 892-3114 PARR MERCURY SALES LTD. 980 Major Street Welland 732-1355 GOODWILL ELECTRIC SUPPUES LIMITED SUBSIDIARY OF UNION ELECTRIC SUPPLV CO LIMITED Bob Somerville Manager 6040 Buchanan Avenue Niagara Falls, Ont. L2G 3V5 358-7111-4 Stevensville 382-2073 McBRIDE, FUNSTON WEED LTD. TELEPHONES: INSURANCE BUS. 685-6561 118 GENEVA STREET. ST. CATHARINES RES. 935-4638 COONS HEATING SHEET METAL METAL FABRICATION SERVICE REPAIRS - HEATING AIR CONDITIONING 24 Hitfia St. 732-6075 WEIXAND, ONT. t3C SN2 KINGSWAY Phone: 735-2141 bowling lanes 215 Riverside Drive Ken Edna Coles WELLAND. ONTARIO Phone 735-5713 J. J. PATTERSON SONS Funeral Residence Ltd. 19 young street. welland, ont. j. p. korman manager - funeral director THE ROWAN SPRINKLER COMPANY LIMITED 22 Lock Street ST. CATHARINES, ONTARIO L2N 5B5 1 ROB COOPER TEL. 732-1224 P.O. BOX 274 PHONE 416-834-3606 A. A. YALLIN THURSTON MACHINE CO. LIMITED PORT COLBORNE, ONTARIO ROBT YOUNG 0OD FARMS ltd LOCAL GROWERS OF QUALITY TURF Field Pick-up and Delivery Office Phone " Locations: Office Address Ml 6) 892 2681 ° Pelham 360 Foss Road ' Poth Road, R.R. 1, Lowbanks R.R. 5, Fenwick 1 service parts LEASING VW BEETLES, RABBITS, SCIROCCO UAST MAIN MOTORS 336 Main St. E. 732-6167 Guy ' s Meat Market 25 Welland Avenue Welland, Ontario Telephone 732-5662 IVades discount cleaners 15 NIAGARA ST. WELLAND ONTARIO PHONE 735- 253 73 " You have to taste it to believe it " y SPFCIAI l7INn IN BIG BROTHERS BROASTED CHICKEN of Welland J J FISH X CHIPS Wm im 1 FULL COURSE MEALS 636 King St. 1 — TAKE OUT 1 RESTAURANT iAr tuui Welland, Ontario II M J RESTAURANT 1 OO-UOfU r ANn TA PRN t j M IN 1 M V c n IN (Cor Rose Avenu© Opposite Plaza) 312 Thorold 735-3681 ROYAL CANADIAN LEGION SHERK-LUMBER LTD. o dl lOI 1 H) 333 Davis ' R ' Mnrninnstar J J J IVIVyl 1 III I OICII Port Colborne Welland 834-4541 734-6601 You ' re with the leader when you choose a career with Century 21. You become part of a winning real estate team whose professional training and proven sales tools make them The Neighborhood Professionals. Become part of the Century 21 BERKHOUT team. S.P. Berkhout Port Colborne 834-7777 G.J. Berkhout Fonthill-Welland 892-2632 74 MARKARIAN ' S fi STEAK HOUSE M Dining L ounge i H,.,. Charcoal Broiled Steaks - Beef Tenderloin - T-Bone Steaks New York Sirloin - Filet Mignon - Surf Turf Chargex - American Express - Diners Club - Master Charge - AAA for Reservations 410 Ontario £ ) yi ™ Open Daily Till Midnight DO Of OO .Where ou I-,.,; v, CHEVROLET OLDSMOBILE CADILLAC LTD. 4303 River Road Niagara Falls, Ontario Tel. (416) 358-7154 Hard OX Hardware Building Supplies Ltd. 250 Bunting Road, St. Catharines, Ontario Telephone: 682-2633 RAY ' S SUBMARINE LTD. 278 Lincoln E. Welland, Ont. 735-4947 GROFF TIRE BATTERY LTD. p. 0. BOX 188 WELLAND — ONTARIO L3B 5P4 FLOWERS FIRST AND ALWAYS. 216 KING STREET PHONE T32-2422 FRAIVK BIRO Welland, Ontario SERVING METRO NIAGARA CLAIRE ' S DELIVERY SERVICE LTD. Since 1949 • COMPLETE COURIER SERVICE •GENERAL CARTAGE • EXPRESS PICK-UP DELIVERY 732-6892 732-6821 CLAIRE SIMPSON 15 Rlverbank St. E. WEIGHTMAN SONS CO. LTD. Ready Mixed Concrete Masons ' Supplies 5268 Montrose Rd., Niagara Falls • Dial 356-1166 WEIGHTMAN (CHIPPAWA) LTD. Lumber, Hardware Builders ' Supplies 3848 Main Street, Chippawa • Dial 295-4381 Estimates on all your requirements PRESENTED BY: GARY E. WEIGHTMAN WIENS EQUIPMENT WF : K_ ART VFIDHUIZEN 3a4-?755 BUS. 227-5297 HEAD OFFICE: RES 684-6705 PINE ST. N. SHOPPING CENTRE 1{jlili§fi pUilC1[ 287 Main St. W. John A. Kruise TRAVEL SERVICE Port Colborne, Ont. President Tel. 834-7666 75 DIFFINS FUEL OIL — SERVICE 212Burgar St. WELLAND, ONTARIO Tel. 735-5637 NICK ' S Cleaners Tailors SPECIALIZING IN DRAPERY CLEANING AND ALL ALTERATIONS PROPRIETORS: 483 EAST MAIN STREET WELLAND, ONTARIO ROCKY MAIDA , GUY PAONE ' DOMENIC SIRIANNI TELEPHONE 734-9930 PENINSULA ANTENNA A TOWERS SERVICE Antennas of All Types J[ ] C V Apartment Systems JL 5 Year Warranty on All Towers PHONES: 735-1801 —834-6555 6 Paul Street Port Colborne, Ont. Floor Wall Tiles Ceramics Stainless Corlon c4udette Vile Centre J d. Counter Tops Paints Carpets Telephone 732-4488 506 East Main St. Welland, Ontario L3B 5P2 ROMA PIZZERIA FAST TAKE-OUT DEL I VERY SER VICE PIZZA - SPAGHETTI - SUBMARINE SANDWICHES WITH • Residential - Commercial • Farms NEUSrAEClTER MEATBALLS OR ASSORTED SALAMI CHEESE Open 10 AM -2 AM 734-3661 631 Main E. [At Scholfield] • Income Properties • Appraisals REAITOR 5£-„: 4 • Mortgages Arranged aQA QCQO WELLAND AVENUE D0 " 00 3 ST. CATHARINES, ONTARIO MARIO ' S ELECTRIC Residential, Commercial Electrical Heating 740 BUCHNER RD. TELEPHONE 735-1294 R.R. 1, WELLAND, ONTARIO THE WINDPOPPY 8 Pelham St. N. Fonthill, Ontario 892-6262 KING 5-MINDTE CAR WASH 670 KING ST. — WELLAND Phone 732-6722 C. J. CLARKE. NIAGARA. LIMITED CONSULTING ENGINEERS ONTARIO L ND SURVEYORS LINCOLN STREET PLAZA WELLAND, ONTARIO L3B 4N4 TELEPHONE (416) 73B-784I DAVE PRICE MEN ' S WEAR LTD. 43 DIVISION STREET, WELLAND. ONTARIO REGENT 2-1251 DAVE PRICE PRESIDENT featuring w - -m x - clothes PONTIAC- BUICK LIKE NEW USED CARS 16 Lincoln Street West WELLAND fi -■ ADILLAC LTD " " CALL 735-7151 " - 384-9773 76 Phone Port Colborne 834-3636 SIDEY ' S TRAVEL BUREAU 216 King St. PORT COLBORNE, ONT. L3K 4G7 PETER PERRY Agents for All Air, Ship, Rail, Bus, Hotels, SANDRA PERRY Tours and Cruises GENSTAR CHEMICAL LTD. NUTRITE FERTILIZERS GIVING NATURE A HELPING HAND J Brockville Chemical hKl«»»tHe$ Limited Box 100, Welland, Ont. L3B 5P2 Tel. (416) 735-5563 | JUTRITE ■ ' For all your glass needs. ' MAIN REGIONAL GLASS LTD. Commercial • Industrial • Residential Plate Glass - Closer Repairs - Safety Glass - Mirrors Insulglass - Plexiglass - Storm Windows - Store Fronts JIM MAIN Emergency Call Collect HPietzAve. 899-1684,732-1128,835-8234 Telephone Welland, Ont. 735-851 0-1 1 CO. LIMITED FAIRVIEW MALL ST. CATHARINES, ONT. STAMFORD CREDIT UNION " ONE STOP FINANCIAL CENTRE " With 3 offices conveniently located in Niagara Falls, Ontario 4780 Portage Rd.. 358-3275 6661 Lundy ' s Lane. 356-5140 3822 Main St. (Chippawa), 295-3522 Fonthill Concrete Products Ltd. Builders Supplies HWY. 20 - PHONE 892-2694-5 FONTHILL, ONT. LOS lEO Hot Bu ffet Daily Chicken Wings N.Y. Style 4 Front St., Thorold Tel. 227-1655 fi - — Area Code 416 |r » TELEPHONE 682-8371 ■ WESTERN CUSTOM FURS 254040 LTD. EXCLUSIVE QUALITY FURS MADE TO ORDER SALES AND SERVICE Repairs - Remodelling - Cleaning - Glazing - Storage 232 St. PAUL St«eet St. Catharines. Ontario kJl Cljiicuakj PorhD l_2R 3M2 IVI. oHUSHAN, rHiJr. fc-«.r wi i OFFICE ESTABLISHED 1 9 1 2 TEUEPHONE: RECORDS TO 1 866 (416)68 5-593 1 DOUGLAS G. URE SONS CONSULTING ENGINEERS ONTARIO LAND SURVEYORS 66 QUEEN STREET ST. CATHARINES. ONT. FREDERICK A. URE l2r shi BEST WISHES FROM NIAGARA WELDERS SUPPLY LIMITED Head Office: Wrighit Snnitfi Streets, P.O. Box 1206, St. Catharines, Ont. Tel. 688-5223 — 382-3175 W6l isna bran en - 4uo n umuer biorit? nu . , i ci . t 78 New Work, Repairs, Remodelling, Two Licensed Master Mechanics Wm. Clare Plumbing l Heating 751 CLARE AVENUE, WELLAND, ONTARIO L3C 3B9 24 Hour Emergency Service — 734-3414 Now Registered Gas Dealers 9 YOUR COMPLETE fHKt DECORATING CENTRE BuSiStSn A COMPLETE SELECTION W ffjjSr CITY WIDE DELIVERY Showroom 685-4884 45 james (1 U 5875 VICTORIA AVENUE tt jjj NIAGARA FALLS, ONTARIO l ' Telephone: (416) 356-5646 TAMMY SHOPPE F ' RST IN FASHIONS Fitch St. Welland Plaza 732-5217 Serving you is our pleasure - We care The Stag Shop Hairstyling Riccardo Ventura 322 Thorold Rd. W. Bus. 735-7445 Welland Automatic Transmission Repair 493 Lincoln St. E. Welland, Ontario Phone 734-7501 MEADOWS PHARMACY LTD. Stamford Green Shopping Centre 3533 Portage Rd., Niagara Falls, Ont. L2J 2K5 Telephone: 354-3023 358-3913 PHONE (416) 356-8665 5647 MAIN STREET McLaren henry funeral home limited NIAGARA FALLS, ONTARIO CfiDBURV 5CHUJ€PP€5 POUJ6LL LimiT€D RQ Box 714. 5t. Cotliorinos, Ontario. Con. L2R 6V4 ' Uke Vineland Cannings Company J td. 77 FOSS ROAD, P.O. BOX 670 WELLAND, ONTARIO L3B 5R4 Phillips Gulf Service 437 THOROLD RD. W. WELLAND ONT. PHONE 732-6566 " Service with Value Since 1850 " 79 TRW CANADA LIMITED THOMPSON PRODUCTS DIVISION ST CATHARINES. ONTARIO, BOX 3004, L2R 7B5 Compliments of THE BANK OF NOVA SCOTIA 38 East Main St. Welland Tel.: 734-7497 Niagara Thorold Welland Tel.: 735-8750 Lincoln Plaza Br. Welland Tel.: 732-4415 THE BANK OP NOVA SCOTIA CREEK ROAD MOTORS MASSEY-FERGUSON SALES 8 SERVICE ELVIN PENNER 468-7823 VIRGIL ONTARIO PRESIDENT MARIO VENTRESCA RES. 732-4150 Uni) LIMITED P.O. BOX 84 ST. CATHARINES ONTARIO. L2R 6R4 CANADA canal canal electric ltd. ELECTRICAL-MECHANICAL COMMEPCIAL-INDUSTRIAL-MAPINE CONSTajCION MAINTENANCE 24 HOUR SERVICE ELECTRCAL MECHANICAL ENGINEERING 8c CRANE SERVICE 685-1792 155 CUSHMAN ADVERTISING DESIGNS ANNUAL REPORTS ARCHITECTURAL RENDERINGS AUDIO VISUAL PRESENTATIONS BROCHURES MOTOR HOTEL FULLY LICENSED UNDER LL IROll • lilFI SHOP I POOl S BEST Western AX IN COMFORT IN OUR ■ SHAKESPEARE LOUNGE " FEATURI r, NIGMTIV ENTERTAINMENT DINE IN-THE CHANDELIER DINING ROOM fOR IHI WOil mSCRIMlNAriNC (.OURMEI MAJOR CREDIT CARDS ACCEPTED 356-1161 t LUNDY S LANE WILLIAMSON LALONDE ADVERTISING SERVICES LIMITED 177 RUSSELL AVE, ST. CATHARINES. ONT p. O Box 1091 - Phone 416 684 8734 TRANSMISSION AUTOMATIC SPECIALISTS 152 HARTZELL ROAD ST. CATHARINES ONTARIO Bette-Cyn 3asftons SPORTSWEAR DRESSES LINGERIE BLOUSES SWEATERS Rpftv Pool Pmnriptnrp 5 ci tamfnrrl C rc art Pla a Phone 358-8212 Niagara Falls, Ontario COLE ' S JEWELLERS SINCE 1890 E.W. Cole, Owner 4348 Queen Street lAMi ' RA. ' 0 Nianara FalK Ont L2E 2L1 H 1 DJ OiJH OfcO 1 1 lay cii a i aiio, l- l. £. i— i Wilkinson Kompass Ltd. Industrial Distributor- AG Scott St. Ol. dlimi limb , XJIll. lei. DO ' 4-y ' foD E.M. Henderson, Phm. B. J.E. Henderson, B.Sc, Phm. PHARMACY LIMITED I ' S Front Thnrnlri Hnt 1 ' J 1 IVJIll wL. O. IllUIUlU, will. 227-251 1 uniMx Barry ' s 732.2111 HAIRCUTTING PLACE SPECIALTY CUTS for GUYS and CHICKS 46 Ea«l Main Street ' upstairs ' Welland GRAFF! STUCCO PLASTERING 141 Plymouth Apt. 3 Welland, Ontario " 70C c A or 735-5420 WELLAND HEALTH FOODS 49 Evan Street Welland, Ont. (416) 732-6872 BERT ' S SUNOCO SERVICE 935 Quaker Rd. Welland 732-7151 SPORTSMEN ' S MOTEL R.R. No. 2, Welland, Onf. Jet. Regional 50 20 Turner ' s Corners. 3 miles North of Welland, 7 miles West of Niagara Falls, 5 miles soutfi of St Catharines. Open Year Round Phone 892-2667 TONY ' S SHOES REPAIRS 663 King St. Welland, Ont. 732-5792 Blakes Men ' 5 Shop Welland ' s Foremost Fine Clothier Big Tall Department Unisex Fashions 5 Main Street E. Welland Phone: 732-2922 GOOD ' S BUTCHER SHOP LTD. Culp Road, Vineland 562-5212 ROSEANNA ' S BEAUTY SALON 513 Lincoln St.- E. Welland, Ont. WELLAND VARIETY BILLIARDS 93 Welland Welland 735-6373 MINOR ' S GARAGE (FONTHILL) LTD. 26 Pelham St. S. Fonthill, Ont. 892-2461 nil Welland Radiator Service Your Radiator and Air Condition - Specialist - BUI Kaas 6 Shaw Street Phone 735-6733 GAME STEREO 23 HAGAR STREET WELLAND, ONTARIO Panasonic • Auto Sound Expert Electronic Repairs TOM GAME Telephone 732-5902 Sixo loxUt gift Skofi DISTINCT DESIGNS •FLO WERS B Y WIRE 453Thorold Rd. W. Welland. Ont. ' .HTsof OARYTOTH (r BENT (BERT) JENSEN Seafood hous 5 GENEVA STREET St. Catharines Ontario mmu mxmmi supplies ltd. 606 WELLAND AVE. P.O. BOX 203 ST. CATHARINES, ONT. ELMWOOII jit ™E.l Ltd. Kitchen Cabinets Vanities, Countertops 445 EASTCH ESTER AVE. ST. CATHARINES, ONT. L2M 682 PHONE 416-688-9770 OPEN FR 1. TILL 9 P.M. WEST SIDE ROAD P.O. Box 43 AND SHAW Street Welland, Ontario L38 sne BUS.; 734-3483 Continental MotorJ ° fa s pim ' tJ S° ° DESMIT LUMBER AND BUILDING SUPPLIES 920 Niagara St. Welland, Ontario Business 732-2444» 384-9706 Residence 735-7008 ROB DESMIT Fonthill Realty Limited — REALTOR _1 NORTH PELHAM ST., FONTHILL, ONTARIO John M. Learn Real Estate Broker General Manager Phone [416] 892-2619 Res. [416] 892-5213 1 Fairway Motor Hotel j 1 — 136 Rooms — | Niagara Falls, Ontario [ 1 5951 Clark Street 1 1 For reservations, Phone f ! FAMILY BIELICH 416-356-4860 ■ 357-3005 | MAIN JEWELLERS WELLAND LTD. Quality and Vahie 4 MAIN ST. E.. WELLAND. ONT. by the bridge Phone 732- 1833 Sales Service 1 R.V. ANDERSON ASSOCIATES LTD. 1 CONSULTING ENGINEERS AND PLANNERS ■6 DIVISION ST. WELLAND, ONTARIO L3B 3Z7 82 (416) 563-8289 PrOMPT PROFeSSIONaL SeRVICE Hunter Wilson Limited " ALL TYPES OF INSURANCE " ROBERT KELLY, B.A. President 101 KING ST. EAST BEAMSVILLE, ONT. ail s ( R,adio ervice SPECIALIZING IN AUTO RADIOS AND TAPE PLAYERS SALES - SERVICE DON TAIT 61 SOUTHWORTH ST. WELLAND, ONTARIO L3B 1Y3 TEL 735.0981 liU Gentne, ltd. TILE AAARBLE TERRAZZO CARPET Box 488 NO. 20 HIGHWAY , FONTHILL. ONTARIO LOS 1E0 TELEPHONE 892-5756 (Tlj. Start of Cpualit TUCK ' S JEWELLERS Diamonds - Watches 1Q Ciarence St. Esl.ibli ' hcd 1900 Port Colborne, Onf English China Tel; 834-3823 VERMEER ' S Green Houses 684 South Pelham Road For All Your Potted Plants, Bedding Plants, and Hanging Baskets Call 735-5744 MOTEL OLYMPIA Centre St. McGrail Ave. — Niagara Falls, Canada Only 3 blocks to the Falls, park your car avoid congested traffic by walking. Featuring: Restaurant, Snack Bar. New modern accommodations, beautiful heated pool, steam bath, wall to wall carpet, TV., tubs showers, open year round. Owner Management Phone 416-356-2614 P O N Tl A C B U I C K GMC TRUCKS 2 . C. CHIROPRACTOR J iagara Motori Jlimited P.O. BOX 70, VIRGIL, ONTARIO LOS ITO WELLAND PLAZA FITCH ST.. WELLAND 1003 Niagara St., Welland, oodman ' iL Lo L±t and Greenhouses 42 DIVISION ST V ELLAND PHONE: 732-2481 MARINE CONSULTANTS DESIGNERS (CANADA) LTD. rcltilecis and Q Ylarine Engineers 39 QUEEN ST., ST. CATHARINES, DNT. L2R SG6 TEU 416-6 4-6QBn TELEX 06 1-5232 Edelweiss HAIR FASHIONS 24 Burgar Street. Welland. Ontario 735-7924 83 SKIING FACILITIES SKI SKI SCHOOL FONTHILL. ONTARIO ■ ■ ncw smooi s«. p«ogb£SS.on 892-2631 , PRO SHOP- ART SCHRBINBR ) MEMBER OF CANADIAN SKI INSTRUCTOR ' S ALLIANCE Ski Tours to Itlay - Aspen - Utha 9A Hr : iki Rpnnrtina GENEVA STREET 24 Mrs. Ski Reporting Catharines, ont l2n 2E8 Phone 934-8400 934-2682 Buildings Engineering ||fj| 107 Yates Street ll l St. Catharines, Ontario, U U Canada C.D.ROrke Area Code 416 Consultants 684 6331 Limited TONE CRAFT LIMITEO R.S.(BOB)GRANGER-Associate Dealer 583 NIAGARA ST. S.. WELLAND. ONT. L3C 1 L9 Tel. (416) 735 299 6360 LUNDY ' S LANE NIAGARA FALLS ONTARIO. L2E 4B5 Tel. (416) 358 300 •« x i tilde Sa;. @ W FINE FOOD ' i yW TAVERN gt Phone 356 7075 qfLttM 7280 Lundy ' s Lane, Niagara Falls. Ontario Dominion Bridge Company Ltd. 4674 FERGUSON NIAGARA FALLS. ONTARIO TEL. 354 5621 824 4 LAKE STREET- AT CREDIT UNION LANE ST. CATHARINES. ONTARIO Serving Public Employees In Niagara Region SALES AND SERVICE S PIRIEB HOME _ APPLIANCES APPLIANCES " LIMITED Maytag Automatic Washers H Dryers - Dishwashers - Disposers H 324 Merritt St. St. Catharines, Ont. P Tel.- 227-3953 or 227-3309 President: J.T. PENTESCO Telephone: 685-4831-2 Vice-President: W.J. PENTESCO SENECA MANUFACTURING [ST. CATHARINES] LTD. R.R. 4, NIAGARA STONE ROAD ST. CATHARINES, ONTARIO Metal Stampings - Tools - Dies - Jigs - Fixtures Michael ' s Inn ' ' Falls View Room ' ' -featuring Niagara ' s ONLY Open Hearth Dining Room 5599 River Road pj 354-2727 Niagara Falls, Ontario FIXTURES — LAMPS — ELECTRIC HEATING WIRING SUPPLIES DON ' S LIGHT HOUSE {[ LTD. Day or Night We Have The Light 935-3621 296 Lake St. St. Catharines, Ont. L2M 6P6 84 Acres Consulting Services Limited 5259 Dorchester Road, Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada NIAGARA FRONTIER CATERERS LTD. Est. 1954 Locally Owned Company Complete Cafeteria Vending Services Food Prepared daily in your College Kitchen Commissary Catering available for your Weddings Banquets School Functions For Information Free Brochures Please Call 684-8788 McDonald y u. McDonald ' s Restaurant 631 Niagara N. Welland, Ont. McDonald ' s for Your Late Night Snack SUMMER HOURS Sunday through Thursday 7 A.M. to 12 P.M. Friday and Saturday 7 A.M. to 12:30 A.M. Now Serving Breakfast OPEN: Mon. - Sat. 7 a.m. to 1t. ' 60a.m. — Sun. 7 a.m. to 11:30 p.m. CANADIAN IMPERIAL BANK OF COMMERCE 22 King St. Welland, Ont. 735-5653 MISENER TRANSFORATION LIMITED P.O. Box 100 St. Catharines, Ontario L2R 6S1 Ralph S. Misener Chairman of the Board Scott A. Misener President Phone (416) 688-3500 A LOCAL INDUSTRY " SERVING WORLD INDUSTRY " WITH ADVANCED CHEMICAL PROCESSES. PO. BOX 814 ST. CATHARINES ONT. L2R 6Y3 (416)684 6887 Telex 061-5228 CROWN MOVING STORAGE WELLAND - 732-3444 ST. CATHARINES - 384-9607 PORT COLBORNE - 732-3444 NIAGARA FALLS - 384-9607 JACK COLES OWNER MANAGER AGENT FOR northAmcrican van lines noflhAmerican ATLAS HOTEL Dining Lounge Upstairs - Serves Daily Smorgasbord Live Exotic Dancer Entertains You Also 7 Foot Movie Screen Disco Lounge Downstairs Proper Dress Required 35 Southworth St. North (Corner Lincoln Southworth) Welland, Ontario 735-5051 STEEL FABRICATORS LIMITED 70 ROSEDALE AVE., PORT COLBORNE, ONTARIO L3K 5W1 ENGINEERING DRAFTING SUPPLIES COMPLETE PHOTO REPRODUCTION SERVICES Negatives, Plates Engravings for the Printer PHOTO COPY LTD. Thorold Community Credit Union Limited 76 Geneva St. St. Catharines, Ont. Tel. 682-8686 519 King St. Welland, Ont. Tel. 732-3989 HELPING YOU TO HELP YOURSELF. Compliments of F. E. Coyne Agency Limited WELLAND ONTARIO 164 Division Street. Phone: 735-0970 Wclland ' s Largest Insurance Agency Robert Palframan Manager ToROiyrroDoMiNiON bank 553 Niagara St. at Thorold Rd. Welland, Ontario L3C 1L7 Tel: 732-2491 Crowland Sash Frame Ltd. Custom-Made Windows and Door Frames 15 Brownleigh Ave. Welland, Ontario L3B 5R2 Telephone 735-5001 Complinnents of Welland Automotive Industrial Ltd 22 Hellems Ave. Welland, Ont. Tel. 735-7000 CLARE ' S CYCLE SPORTS LTD. 799 Hwy 20, Fenwick Harley Davidson, Honda, Triumph, BMW Yamaha Snowmobiles Motorcycles 892-2664-5 384-9911 Ed O ' Gawa SS Ph. 734-6632 O ' GAWA ' S SERVICE STATION WE DO A LITTLE MORE THAN JUST PUMP GAS Lincoln at Prince Charles Dr. Welland, Ont. Bowl-O-Rama Lanes Fully Licensed Lounge Restaurant L.L.B .0 . 968 NIAGARA N. |at Quaker Rd.], WELLAND, ONT. a " The Home of Modern Bowling " " g fe 36 Lanes Fullv Automatic 3GS? 20- 10 Pin 16 -5 Pin Tel.: 732-71 12 VKT TALLMAN FUNERAL HOMES LTD. ■ KAMSVILLE Be3-8Z2S CHAPELS AT VINELAND 862-8484 THREE LOCATIONS campden ses-sxas FLOWERS WHISPER WHAT WORDS CAN ' T SAY. WALTER EMMONS LTD. % P.-OK,STS PHONE 7 32 - 1 3 1 1 DAY OR NITE 53 MAIN ST. WEST WELLAND ONT. ( r M NORTON u DONUTS 563 NIAGARA ST. , WELLAND 735-0767 Telephone 732-7332 Nights 734-9330 GOODMAN-BROWN MACHINE AND MARINE LIMITED CUSTOM MACHINERY, STEEL FABRICATION MAINTENANCE SERVICE 924 SOUTHWORTH ST.,S. GEORGE BROWN Welland _ Ontario PROFESSIONALS IN TRAVEL 111 Main St. E. Welland, Ontario, Canada 732-4466 NORMAN LLOYD Mm Ik TREASURER-MANAGER SERVICE SAFETY SECURITY NIAGARA FALLS COMMUNITY CREDIT UNION LTD. 5627 MAIN STREET NIAGARA FALLS. ONT. TELEPHONE 1-2G 5Z3 356-2275 Market Square Phone 735-0275 Welland. Ontario L3B 3G8 24 Hour Service Welbridge Engineering Co. Ltd. S.H.M. ELLIOTT, P. ENG. MANAGER Fire Extinguishers - Sales - Insiallations Service - Inspections - Automatic Hood Systems Scuba Sales Service - Breathing Equipment JL mmm Other Parts of Region HKIMtllS lit III iitlliiiili 1-800-263-7309 jB Sg MKt k Niagara Falls and ■ W« ' P™ " ™ j St. Catharines jMB- 384-9010 jH Welland 734-9926 Representative ALEXANDER AIRPORT LIMOUSINE SERVICE WELLAND MASONRY LTD. 289 Santone Ave. Welland, Ont. 732-7290 • 732-6654 BROWN, JAMES TIZZARD TRAVEL SERVICE LTD. 18 King Street (Main) Welland, Ont. 735-0303 THE RACQUET SHOPPE 11 Summer St. St. Catharines, Ont. 688-4898 HARRY HOLCOMB SHOES 232 East Main St., Welland 734-3416 " Quality shoes at Reasonable Prices. " " We welcome you Niagara College. " BOB WHITE ' S MUSIC STUDIO Phone 735-3383 No. 11 Semley Ave. at Broadway NIAGARA BOOKKEEPING AND BUSINESS SYSTEMS LTD. 76 Division St. Welland, Ont. 734-6813 GEORGE HUMPHRIES GARAGE 136 Thorold Rd. W. Welland, Ont. 734-9078 CANADIAN TIRE CORP. ASSOCIATE STORE 545 Niagara St. Welland 732-7501 SIMPSON ' S VARIETY 790 Clare Ave. (Corner of Woodlawn) Welland 734-3823 DAVEY Automotive Industrial Supplies Ltd. 6032 MAIN STREET - NIAGARA FALLS, ONT. LEE-WAH LAUNDRY 239 Hellems Welland 734-9246 WELLAND LEATHER GOODS 32 Niagara St. Welland, Ont. 734-4729 ATTACHES, BRIEFCASES, AND PORTFOLIOS 10% DISCOUNT TO STUDENTS CHARTERED ACCOUNTANTS WINSPEAR HIGGINS STEVENSON CO. Grinnsby St. Catharines Welland Niagara Falls WELLAND DENTURE CLINIC 57 Division St. Welland 735-3210 .IIV1PERIAL 2 0 5 5 1 20 Division St.Welland, Ont. □ 0 735-2680 UOPTICAL 1975 DIAMOND JUBILEE VEAB IMPERIAL OPTICAL pT BEAVER LUMBER fJfL COMPANY LIMITED C L Eastchester 4 1R St. Catharines 685-7328 WELLAND FLOUR FEED STORE 22 Mill Rd. Welland, Ont. 734-4589 REQUIP LIMITED TOOLS EQUIPMENT Hwy. 58 and Shaw St. Welland, Ont. 735-4810 G L WILSOfJ ' S HARDWARE T.V. LTD. 57 South Pelham Fonthill, Ont. 892-2144 • WHOLESALE VSI PLUMBING HEATING STrflH SUPPLIES WESTERN SUPPLIES LIMITED Viiu 42 Clark Street, Welland Telephone: Branch - (416) 735-1310 Residence - (416) 735-4006 Don Snnith, Branch Manager THE HIGHWAYMAN MOTOR INN 420 Ontario St. St. Catharines, Ont. 688-1646 B.P. CANADA 286 Lincoln St. Welland, Ont. 734-61 1 1 CAESAR IMPORTS SHOES LEATHER GOODS 4871 4875 Victoria 175 Main E. Niagara Falls Welland, Ont. 3545712 735-1957 PIZZA STOP 248 Wellington Welland 734-4591 PAT ' S VARIETY 601 Southworth S. Welland 735-4942 Derek Wardle General Manager Auto-Truck Rustproofing (Niagara) Ltd 556 Ridge Road, R R 4, Welland, Ontario L3B 5N7 (4 16) 732-6244 SCHILL BENINGER LTD. 7 Christie Dr. Beamsville 563-8814 SANDY ' S UNIFORM BOUTIQUE 4536 Queen Niagara Falls 356-8833 HIS ' N HERS HAIR DESIGN 21 Cross St. Welland 735-4983 Prop. Lyie R. Morden and Nancy Morden ' We Care For Your Hair ' WELLAND METAL SUPPLIES LIMITED 208 Burgar Welland 732-4457 REGIONAL COLLISION SERVICE 24 HOUR TOWING LENNY SERRAVALLE Phone 227-2771 Res. 277-0359 106 Ormond St. S. Thorold, Ont. TECHNICAL SURVEY SERVICES LTD. 4677 Ontario (at Queen) Niagara Falls 354-6114 YOUNG DRIVERS OF CANADA 107 Welland Ave. St. Catharines 682-1111 LINCOLN GRAPHICS 22 Export Ave. St. Catharines 685-4286 THE TOWER GROUP (Landscaping) Hwy. 406 and Beaverdams Rd. St. Catharines 688-6481 90 ST. CATHARINES HEATING PLUMBING 120 Dunkirk St. Catharines 685-6547 CAPRI RESTAURANT proudly announces the opening of THE LIVING ROOM (LOUNGE) Jo Complen,ent The Leading 5438 FERRY AT STANLEY Restaurant In The Niagara Area NIAGARA FALLS. ONTARIO El ' S-t-n- ' Co a,A, ' If . ' .T Tc. ' tZ ' P,.-Dinne, Entertaining or 354-7519 Relaxing Repartee MANAGER MR. ALFIERI COLONIAL HOTEL 302 King St., Welland 734-4221 FERRANTI-PACKARD LIMITED Dieppe Rd. St. Catharines 685-6551 FRANCH LEE SUNOCO 180 Fitch St. Welland 735-3822 SEAWAY TRAILER SALES 1115 Niagara St. N. Welland 735-8033 SALES SERVICE RENTALS OF HOLIDAY TRAVEL V.S. SERVICES 23 Hiscott St. St. Catharines 682-3169 18 East M«in Street Welland, Ontario, Canada Telephone (416) 734-6201 SEAWAY CHRYSLER LIMITED 355 King St. Port Colborne 835-1108 LIONS II FLOWER GIFT SHOPPE 11 Burgar St. Welland 735-1099 ARC COMMUNICATIONS CENTRES INC. SALES AND SERVICE — C.B. TWO-WAY RADIOS — Welland St. Catharines Niagara Falls 669 King Street 194 Church St. 6752 Lundy ' s 735-0095 682-8232 Lane 384-9805 357-0231 i jr— - ir- m -g jrai arm. Beaver Lumber Company Limited BEAWER 300 East Main Welland, Ontario L3B 3X2 (416) 735-5613 TUFTS AUTOMOTIVE INDUSTRIAL 32 Cross Welland 735-5672 m R R CHEMICALS UjjjJ 117 CUSHMAN RD., ST. CATHABim, OUT. (416) 684-8119 CUSTOM PAINTING - GLASS ETCHING Accessories for Trucks and Motorcycles, Installations Good Year Motorcycle Tires, Race Car Lettering 293 Morningstar Ave. Unit 5E Wpllanrl Ontarin I ' KO-O ' XOCi nr 7 R-4Rfl7 VVC7IICIIIVJ, J .0. J 1 O O yj Jl 1 0 J H J J 1 HARPWOOD TROPHY GIFT SHOP 316 King Welland 735-4474 MCMAHON ' S CLOTHIERS LTD. Welland Plaza Welland 735-2666 FONTHILL LUMBER CO. 105 Hwy. 20 East Fonthill 892-2641 Nine " Floral Vine St. Floral Gardens Ltd. 310 Vine Street, St. Catharines, Ontario 12M 4T3 Telephone 934-7134 THE SHERATON HOTELS 5685 Falls Niagara Falls 354-7441 COOPER ' S TRAVEL CEN TRE 274 King St. Welland, Ont. 735-8001 THE PROCTOR REDFERN GROUP 110 James St. St. Catharines KINNEY SHOES OF CANADA LTD. Seaway Mall Welland TOWN COUNTRY SHELL Town Country Plaza Niagara Falls 354-9722 92 KLAGER ' S FOOD MARKET Fonthill 892-2616 Business Phone 685-5643 CUSTOM FABRICATING CO. LTD. 40 Cushman Road, St. Catharines PORT COLBORNE LUMBER LTD. 361 Davis Port Colborne 834-3634 WINSPEAR HIGGINS STEVENSON CO. 69 Ontario St. St. Catharines, Ont. 688-3021 THE DEN SALON FOR MEN 684-4477 Midtown Plaza 0 S AUTOMOTIVE MACHINE SHOP 32 Cross Welland 735-1933 FILTER QUEEN c o P.G.L DISTRIBUTOR 32 Davidson St. Catharines 688-2210 J.C. BAKKER SONS BAKKER GARDEN CENTRE Martindale Rd. N. St. Catharines 934-6455 CARL DAMUDE LIMITED 66 Hellems Welland 734-7712 BRIDAL SALON by Constance Lachance 456 East Main St. Welland, Ont. 732-4751 W.P. LONDON ASSOCIATES LTD. 4056 Dorchester St. Niagara Falls 356-1543 93 BELDAM ASBESTOS PACKING LTD. 162 West Port Colborne, Ont. 834-4527 ST. CATHARINES FLYING CLUB Niagara District Airport Box 416 St. Cattiarines (416) 684-9447 TRAINING, SIGHTSEEING, CHARTERS BUS. (416) 227-5233 RES. (416) 732-5077 Peninsula Saw Co. Dan Sardella MACHINE CO LTD. 423 GLENDALE AVE. ST. CATHARINES, ONT. 9 Pietz Avenue Phone 735-2774 Welland, Ontario L3C 1Z5 Knife Grinding HOLLYWOOD MR. JOSEPH ' S HAIRSTYLING 18 King St. St. Catharines 688-5143 KELSEY-HAYES OF CANADA LTD. CONROY DIVISION 55 Catherine St. Catharines 685-5431 ALLAN ' S PHONE 684-2348 60 ST PAUL ST. W. ST. CATHARINES. ONT. ONTARIO AUTO SUPPLY LTD. 219 Welland St. Catharines 682-7217 TARTAN BEAUTY SALON 528 Lincoln Welland, Ont. 735-0319 WEDGEWOOD MOTEL 5234 Ferry Niagara Falls 358-9456 NEWMAN BROS. CO. LTD. 4A Clark St. Catharines 684-8511 94 95

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