Niagara College of Applied Arts and Technology - Yearbook (Welland, Ontario Canada)

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Niagara College of Applied Arts and Technology - Yearbook (Welland, Ontario Canada) online yearbook collection, 1968 Edition, Cover

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The 1968 Tower Proudly Dedicates Too often, those involved in creating the basic structure in a college such as ours, perform their tasks unseen and without recognition. The basic structure is not the cement walls behind which we study day by day but rather the formation and framework in co-ordinating and inaugurating policies that provide the students with a clear, broad scope in education which enables them to have the opportunity to accumulate knowledge. This they do with great amicability and affability without any thought of personal acclaim. We, who have come in contact with such men, are honoured that we have gained their friendship. We are privileged to have such a man at Niagara and so it is with great esteem that we dedicate the first " Tower " to our first President, Dr. W.G. Bowen. Inside Niaga 4 I 5 1 cAcvtacten, can 3tand tcdt time. axe 11 14 15 16 Administration And Faculty The President ' s Message As the first year of Niagara College comes to an end, it is appropriate in this, the first issue of " The Tower " , to pay tribute to the Student Assembly who have contributed so much to the successful inaugural year. The College and the Student Assembly are symbols of our era and a focus of great attention. Both are moulders of attitudes and catalysis in our society, and will have a valuable influence on social and economic action. The impact on our country of the general population patterns which formerly existed is being delayed because young people are continuing their education further than ever before; but the surge of youth is being felt. Today, close to half of Canada ' s total work force is under the age of 35 and the proportion is growing rapidly. Not only are there more young people; they are doing more important work. Perhaps self-confidence has always been common in young men and women but now it is backed up by advanced education and a new emphasis on trying to meet and solve problems. Our youth are moving into a world of work that has been transformed; where a rapidly expanding number of jobs require skill and the assumption of responsibility; and where new ideas and new methods are needed earlier than ever before to handle new challenges. I am sure that both Niagara College and its graduates will be in the forefront today and tomorrow. 19 The Dean Speaks To You The first year of Niagara College ' s operation saw many events wfiicfi will be unique in our history. The official opening of the College and installation of our first President on February 28, 1968 is " first " covering such features as the Winter Carnival, College Formal, selection of College colors and crest, hockey, basketball. Student Administrative Assembly, film society, as well as examinations and our first graduates ' from the one-year Secretarial programs. Inevitably, in getting under way from a bare field in May, 1967 to a registration of 468 students only four months later, there are many shortcomings in our facilities. We are hopeful that permanent buildings will soon start to rise. At times, staff and students alike, have struggled with mud, blocked drains and floods of water in the parking lots. If adversity is good for the soul, then we should, by now, be spiritually uplifted! Great credit is due to the entire student body and staff for putting such tremendous effort into establishing an enthusiastic Niagara College spirit. The start made by the classes of 1967 augurs well for our future. A. Wyatt, Dean of Studies. 22 Heads of Divisions Technology S.H.M. Elliott B.Sc. 24 I.D. Buchanan, Architect; M. P. Forestell, Dr. W.G. Bowen. The Board of Governors I.D. Buchanan, Chairman Mrs. Rupert Buchanan F.P. Downie M.P. Forestell, Vice-Chairman E. Goldsmith R.C. Harwood W.R. Koth Dr. D.H. Macdonald His Worship Mayor Allan Pietz M.F. Pummell R. T. Sawie A. Sharpe Dr. W.G. Bowen, President 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 36 3T1 FRONT ROW: C. Parent, A. Davison, R. Crysler, T. Dolle, M. Dzugan, R. Brown. MIDDLE ROW: B. Andress, G. Bocskei, J. Cotnam, G. Bradley, E. Gattardo. BACK ROW: D. Clayton, S. Talbot, J. Lukach, S. Goosen, G. Balon, G. Domitrek, J. Durley. ABSENT: L. Braine, D. Gibson. DAW CONTRACTING Plumbing, Heating, Electrical Fenwick, Ontario 892-3988 892-3980 37 3T2 FRONT ROW: L. Stewart, S. Lesniewski, B. Cower, M. Gurnick, T. MIot, G. Mayer. MIDDLE ROW: D. Labbe, G. Najbert, M. Maurice, T. Miller, L. Lauro. BACK ROW: T. Hudson, L. McNeil, M. Maney, B. Jenkins, R. Manno, I. MacGregor, E. Koziej. ABSENT: B. Hancock, L. Hartley, R. House, D. Ma it land. AVENUE STEREO AND T.V. LTD. 43 Hellems Avenue Welland, Ontario Sales and Service 734-6219 38 3T3 FRONT ROW: R. Politewiz, E. Ristan, J. Spadafora, W. Robson, N. Walroth, S. Stoll. MIDDLE ROW: G. Vittie, J. Van- lochem, J. Nasmith, A. Burnagiel, A. Secord, D. Pinchin. BACK ROW: M. Smity, A. Bartok, W. Stefinashen, R. Shapland, C. Stewart, R. Plato. ABSENT: D. Vincent, B. Perkins. MARINE SALVAGE LIMITED Shipbreakers Port Colborne, Ontario 39 3T4 FRONT ROW: L Domitreck, K. Anderson, B. Tweedy, P. Rybiack, N. Cooke, B. Jones. MIDDLE ROW: A. Santucci, D. Currie, P. Dudas, B. Barnett, P. Heden. BACK ROW: W. Smith, D. Lodba, P. Weaver, P. Zahody, T. Aubertin, B. Ward, D. Bearss. ABSENT: L. Borisenko. DAW SHEET METAL Heating, Ventilating, Air Conditioning 1760 Valley Way Niagara Falls 358-3014 40 2D1 FRONT ROW: J. Chicoski, V. Andres, D. Gray, D. Humphries. MIDDLE ROW: K. Gay, S. Sardamone, B. Hartman, J. Bernard! ' . BACK ROW: E. Kwarta, H. Diepold, T. Free, J. Desimone, H. Massey. ABSENT: D. Daniels. WELLAND GLASS PAINT CO. 225 Main Street East Welland, Ontario 41 2D2 FRONT ROW: D. Plain, B. Huffman, T. O ' Reilly, D. Nicholls, J. Turner. BACK ROW: C. Sroka, J. Tevelthuis, P. Ptiillips, D. Morgan, M. Sheehan, W. Wilson, B. Melville, A. Nikolaus. ABSENT: H. Pahl. G. PARENT ROOFING CO. Asphalt Shingles Built-Up Roofs 217 Wiltshire Boulevard Niagara Falls Phone 358-7313 Phone 42 2D3 FRONT ROW: H. Vesely, S. Sardamone, D. Reid, G. Taylor. MIDDLE ROW: B. Hanes, F. Carchidi, B. Yaeger, T. Petrachek. BACK ROW: L. Vail, P. Teutenberg, M. Mackinnon, B. Young, D. Bruce. ABSENT: G. Romeo, J. Perry, J. Barwell, B. Creamer. HARRY NEAL LTD. Paints Wallpaper 212 Main Street East Welland, Ontario 43 Humanities And Applied Arts DUET SHOES Pen Centre Service - Fit - Satisfaction 47 21 2 FRONT ROW: S. Sawada, M. Gaverluk, Mrs. M. Marlow, D. Pacaud, S.M. Isbester, R. Digout. MIDDLE ROW: C. Gilmore, G. Whelan, G. Paenessa, D. Skeoch, J. Mclntee, E.R. Fennell. BACK ROW: A. Turner, R. Hongisto, C. Saxe, P. Medlar)d, G. Williams, D. King. BARRONS FLOWERS Fonthill, Ontario 48 2L1 FRONT ROW: D. Gibbons, D. Codner, K. Botari, F. Chiki, R. Milburn. MIDDLE ROW: E. Sahs, A. Shewchuk, J. Begin, L Simons, G. Boucher, C. Walker. BACK ROW: J. Simpson, J. Robb, I. Beard, M. Hill, S. Findlater, I. Sauer. ABSENT: N. Armstrong. MANNER ' S CAMERA STORE 38 Division Street Welland, Ontario JACKIE ' S VARIETY 65 Hellems Avenue Welland, Ontario 50 1S7 FRONT ROW: L. Seburn, S. Walker, J. Burbidge, J. Lemay, S. Hlywka, G. Dibernardo. MIDDLE ROW: M. Istanboulian, M. Gregson, F. Bald, M. Stecjuk, C. Lambert, M. Clark. BACK ROW: G. Falosa, G. Barrick, B. Pysher, A. Riley, C. Birmingham, V. Col I iris. ABSENT: P. Morris. D WE PRICE MEN ' S WEAR LTD. 43 Division Street, Welland Agent for Warren K. Cook and Cambridge Clothes SPIROS 41 West Main Welland 53 Business 3B1 FRONT ROW: W. Stewart, G. Gilmore, P. Campbell, C. Calvert, D. Kives, I. Smith, C. Bowman. MIDDLE-ROW: F. Brickell, B. LaChanse, R. Cyr, R. Doornekamp, A. Marinelli, J. Thompson, G. McTavish. BACK ROW: P. Barchiesi, D. Wilson, M. Repar, J. Morrison, R. Ewen, F. Bedard, B. Aaroe, P. Lenc. BROCK MEN ' S WEAR 1 15 Division Street Welland, Ontario 735-1567 WILSONS HARDWARE T.V. Fonthill, Ontario 57 3B2 FRONT ROW: K. Doucet, A. Girotti, W. Schneider, S. Thususka, A. Kurcz, W. Latimer. MIDDLE ROW: H. Wong, J. Craig, N. Patal falvi, J. Barrow, S. Sharpe, R. Reynolds, P. Pennachetti. BACK ROW: R. Baker, R. Durdan, J. Ungaro, T. Sibbald, K. Luczycki, R. Popowich, D. Bland. ABSENT: L. Ciolfi, A. Gegieckas. MISS VOGUE FASHION SHOES 48 Main Street East Downtown Wei land 735-1565 3B3 FRONT ROW: T. Down, J. Kispal, B. Massard, R. Stubbings, E. Serbina, T. Weightman. MIDDLE ROW: G. Tederoff, H. Berkhout, J. Stewart, G. Stevens, R. Shephard, G. Campigotto. BACK ROW: D. Sullivan, P. Vyfvinkel, K. Burgess, B. Lamp- man, B. Anderson, B. Lawrence, J. Barkovich. ABSENT: K. Robertson. SMITH ' S STATIONERY SHOP LTD. 46 Division Street Welland, Ontario ' Courtesy and Service Our Watchword " 59 3B4 FRONT ROW: H. Popiluk, F. Judge, M. Miller, J. Panunto, R. Price, D. Reece. MIDDLE ROW: A. Mackler, D. Gallaway, M. Maselli, V. Freimanis, M. Graham, J. Duncan, K. Collis. BACK ROW: C. Richardson, R. Templain, R. Furtney, F. Lizzotti, W. Nichols, J. Cunningham, B. Peat. ABSENT: L Lanigan,A. Hill. 60 3B5 FRONT ROW: P. Elphick, E. Henderson, F. Cristofori, D. Gamer, J. Puhl. MIDDLE ROW: D. Matheson, J. Toth, J. Rempel, S. Skinner, D. Waud, E. Fenwick. BACK ROW: N. Vaccaro, V. Polecrone, B. Kernahan, B. Finch, R. Galipeau, F. Pitkettily. ABSENT: J. Coome, C. Dawdy, A. Fazari, M. Landry. 61 2B1 FRONT ROW: R. Moscato, A. Scott, F. Vodeb, B. Wainwright, D. Rose, G. Shergold, J. Daniel. MIDDLE ROW: A. Sansano, R. Dunk, R. Burgoyne, D. Moscato, J. Runka, L. Bates. BACK ROW: R. Serotuik, R. Vaandering, J. Mulligan, J. Yea, E. David, R. Audet, G. Ruch. ABSENT: J. Barrow, J. Foster, P. Gunning. 62 FRONT ROW: L. Paiko, G. Massie, M. Yankiwsky, T. Winchar, M. Ruzylo. MIDDLE ROW: T. Rajkovich, H. Jones, J. La lama, V. Pietrocarlo, J. Nagy, P. My re. BACK ROW: D. Garrod, K. McNames, D. Williams, W. Gardiner, J. Holt, B. Graham. ABSENT: D. Campbell, W. Sinclair, P. Brandt, F. Cotroneo, A. Tanguay, G. Chamberlain, C. Paolozzi. 63 2B3 FRONT ROW: D. Bellhouse, J. Spencer, S. McCutcheon, J. Rufrano, P. Rusling. MIDDLE ROW: D. Rowell, W. Kacur, T. Bowen, D. Berketo. BACK ROW: D. Dunn, F. Tisi, J. Robinson, B. Law, J. Flynn, B. Mcllory. ABSENT: S. Roy, T. Paolone, L. Channel , J. Daniel, L. Paiko, M. Stockwell, K. Mellikov, W. Lapp. 64 Inauguration of Dr. W.G. Bowen, first President of Niagara College of Applied Arts and Technology. February 28, 1968. 67 69 72 73 Clubs And Organizations student Administrative Assembly President ' s Message Enthusiasm, spirit and success are the only words which can properly and significantly indicate the atmosphere created throughout our first year at Niagara. Without exception, the college as a whole participated in varied activities augmenting the constant driving ambition already engendered by the administration in an incessant effort to give Niagara the reputation of the finest institution of its kind. The Student Administrative Assembly is happy to be a part of this growing concern. We believe along with the administration that a wide scope of activities is pertinent in order to create a full rounded citizen. The Tower is only one aspect of the variety of projects commenced in our initial year. To the editor and all those associated with the production of this collection of memories we give a hearty vote of thanks for the sweat and ingenuity in a job well done. FRONT ROW: F. Bald, J. Lemay, H. Kilty, R. Nolan. MIDDLE ROW: J. Panunto, K. Collis, J. Cunningham, C. Richardson, R. Baker, M. Graham. BACK ROW: L. Lanigan, F. Lizzotti, D. Callaway, J. Nasmith. B. Furtney. ABSENT: A. Shewchuk. 77 79 r(Mt ecUtcn . . . 77?© Tower represents Niagara during its first year, the events, the happenings, the frustrations, the fun and the damn hard worl of everyone who attended, taught or administered at Niagara. This book was started six wee (s before final examinations which put many restrictions on its development; most of which were overcome. There is an abundance of pictures and a minimum of copy to show what happened at Niagara. I would like to give my sincere thanks to all the yearbook staff for giving their time to put this edition out. Special thanks should go to Larry, Andrea and Rita who spent many hot summer nights in room 27. It was encouraging to receive such fine co-operation from the faculty and office staff when called upon for their support. To all those who attended Niagara best wishes for success in the future. 80 BOTTOM ROW, Left to Right: R. Galipeau, H. Wong, R. Baker, K. Doucet, J. Craig. MIDDLE ROW: R. Sears, S. Findlater, S. Skinner, D. Kives, C. Bowmen. TOP ROW: J. Morrisson, R. Brown, Mr. Cote, Faculty Advisor. Film Society 81 FRONT ROW, Left to Right: Ian MacGregor, Joan Lemay, Heather Lee Kitty, Reade Bal er. BACK ROW: Brian Anderson, John Nasmith, K. Luczycl i, Dennis Bland. Insight 82 84 85 86 Hockey NIAGARA 2 Brock U. 3 9 3 5 6 3 1 1 1 3 9 5 3 3 Sheridan Lambton Mohawk Sheridan Brock U. Number Seneca Seneca Sheridan Sheridan Conestoga Cambrian Northern Conestoga 9 3 3 7 3 5 3 8 5 8 5 1 1 14 4 Home Games. Mark Graham Sam McCutcheon Ralph Judge Eric David John Cunningham Gary Bradnam John Rufrano Nick Manzo Bob Lampman John Durley Pete Teutenburg John Stewart Moe Yankiwsky Arnie Davidson Mr. E. Zanetti — Coach Mr. J. Birney — Sports Dir. 88 91 92 94 97 98 99 100 i 101 The classrooms are an ideal portrayal of the enthusiasm of the students at Niagara. An ex- ample of the spirit of our school is evident in the numerous activi- ties in which students partici- pated. The Film Society started midway through the school year. They have created for today and posterity a superb collection of slides and films depicting Niagara as it really is. The Tower extends its appreciation to these students for the many photographs used in this book. The Ski Club, Circle K, and the school paper. Insight, also added to the school. In April, the classes ended. For some it was too soon; for most it was about time. Our first convocation was held in June and our first graduates were thrust out into the world with a bit more wisdom to meet its challenges. A year has gone and with it its memories. Yet another year will begin and bring a challenge to us all. Patrons And Advisory Committees Patrons Dr. A.J. Zeldin, St. Catharines Don Hammond Appliances, Welland Dr. A. Jarvis, St. Catharines Dr. E.A. Speers, Welland Port Weller Dry Docks Limited, Port Weller McBurney, McBurney and Durdan, Niagara Falls Martin, Calvert, Sheppard and Clark, Niagara Falls Black, Harold E. (Reeve), Fonthill R.K. Ross, St. Catharines Thomas N. Longo, M.D., Thorold Lynn Enterprises Dr. A.L. Purdon, Welland J. McLean, M.D., Welland Dr. S.V. Railton, Welland Ferranti-Packard Electric Ltd., St. Catharines Fernand N. Gibbs, B.A., L.L.B., Welland Dr. H.B. Thomas, Welland Reid Veterinary Hospital, Fort Erie Kovacs, Forestell Budgell McBirnie Cleland Clinic, Port Colborne Dr. Matthew D. Taylor, St. Catharines Dr. G.S.M. Wilson, Welland Dr. J.O. Creighton Advisory Committees ACCOUNTING Mr. Selwyn E. Harper Harper, Tory Company St. Catharines, Ontario FOOD SERVICES Mr. J.G. Aiken Manager Esquire Hotel St. Catharines, Ontario Mr. Francis Cutaia Welland, Ontario Mr. Max Kaminski Manager Queensway Hotel St. Catharines, Ontario Mr. Jim Zarafonitis Manager Mr. William Thompson Vice-President Finance Hayes-Dana Limited Thorold, Ontario Mr. G. Brewer Manager Sheraton-Brock Sheraton-Foxhead Inn Niagara Falls, Ontario Mr. Jack Cairns, Cairn-Croft Motor Hotel Niagara Falls, Ontario Mr. S. Outerbridge Holiday Inn St. Catharines, Ontario Mr. L.J. Cutaia Manager 104 Fallsway Motor Hotel Niagara Falls, Ontario Port Colborne Club Mr. B. Johnson Owner and Manager Cedar Bay Inn Port Colborne, Ontario Mrs. M.A. Michaud c o Austin Hotel St. Catharines, Ontario Mr. T.J. Thomas Vice-President General Manager A W Drive-In Restaurant St. Catharines, Ontario Mrs. E. Turroni Turroni Catering Welland, Ontario MANUFACTURING Mr. R.E. Mander Plastics Division Oakville, Ontario MARKETING Mr. W. Henderson Manager Simpsons-Sears Limited St. Catharines, Ontario Mr. H. Nash Jack Nash Limited St. Catharines, Ontario Mr. G. Shepherd Vice-President Sales Seaway News Limited St. Catharines, Ontario PERSONAL MANAGEMENT AND INDUSTRIAL Mr, N.A. Henry Sec reta ry-T reasu rer Newman Steel Warehouse Limited St. Catharines, Ontario Mr. W.P. Symons Administrator Operations Analysis Factor Accounting McKinnon Industries Limited Mr. R. Markarian Markarian ' s Steak House St. Catharines, Ontario Mr. W. Roberto President Half Moon Restaurant Tavern Welland, Ontario Mr. A.J. Smit Manager Welland Club Welland, Ontario Mrs. Shirley Wallington Caterer Crystal Beach, Ontario Mr. E.G. Marsh E.G. Marsh Limited Port Colborne, Ontario Mr. C.C. Hoffman Managing Director Niagara International Centre Limited Niagara Falls, Ontario Mr. A. Rossman Rossmans ' Furniture Appliances Limited Port Colborne, Ontario ELATIONS ♦♦Mr. John E. Horn Manager of Industrial Relations Foster Wheeler Limited St. Catharines, Ontario 105 St. Catharines, Ontario On Technology Advisory Committee SECRETARIAL Mr. Gordon H. Armishaw Manager Canada Manpower Centre Dunnville, Ontario Mr. William M. Caton Treasurer Lubrizol of Canada, Limited Niagara Falls, Ontario Mr. J. Moffat Assistant Administrator Greater Niagara General Hospital Niagara Falls, Ontario Mrs. J. Murphy A.N. Meyer Secondary School Niagara Falls, Ontario COMMUNICATION ARTS Mr. Larry Smith, Managing Editor (Chairman) St. Catharines Standard Mr. William Rannie, President Rannie Publications Beamsville, Ontario Mr. Robert Redmond, President Radio Station CHSC, St. Catharines Mrs. Margaret Butters, Women ' s Editor Welland-Port Colborne Evening Tribune DEAF AND HARD OF HEARING Dr. E.P. Fogel, Dentist Port Colborne, Ontario Mr. R.B. Juneau, Teacher Port Colborne Programme Chairman Niagara Deaf Hard of Hearing Association Rev. R. Montague, Asst. Pastor St. Ann ' s Church Niagara Falls, Ontario Mrs. L.Y. Burniston Secretary Atlas Steels Limited Welland, Ontario Mr. D.G. Humphries Maclnnes, Spencer, Humphries Blackadder Barristers and Solicitors Welland, Ontario Mrs. M. Swalm Secretary Brock University St. Catharines, Ontario Miss Mary Burgoyne, Managing Director Station CKTB, St. Catharines Mr. J. Brammall, Manager Advertising and Public Relations Atlas Steels Limited, Welland Mr. Tom Morrison Welland Evening Tribune Mr. Bob Spencer Spencer ' s Decorating Centre Port Colborne, Ontario Mr. O. Haist, Personnel Manager John Deere Welland Works Welland, Ontario Mr. D.E. Kennedy, Supt. Ontario School for the Deaf Milton, Ontario Mr. J. Monteith John Deere Welland Works Welland, Ontario Publicity Chairman Niagara Deaf Hard of Hearing Association 106 Mr. J.L. Rothman Special Services Branch St. Catharines Board of Education Mr. W. Towill 21 Briarfield Cres. St. Catharines, Ontario EARLY CHILDHOOD EDUCATION Dr. Olga Rogers, Consulting Psychiatrist (Chairman), Thorold High School Lecturer in Nursery School Education Brock University, St. Catharines Mrs. Margaret Hamilton Director of Day Nurseries St. Catharines, Ontario Miss Elizabeth Currey Kindergarten Teacher St. Catharines, Ontario Mrs. Phyllis Robins Nursery Education Association of Toronto Co-ordinator of Training Toronto, Ontario EDUCATIONAL RESOURCES TECHNICIAN Mr. v. Belyea, Vice-Principal Beamsville District Secondary School Mr. N.L. Cheeseman, Supt. of Secondary Schools, Pelham Mr. J.L. Field, Asst. Supt. of Public Schools, St. Catharines (Chairman) Mr. Howard Henderson, District Supt. of Education, Area 6 St. Catharines, Ontario Mr. A.R. Petrie, Supt. of Secondary Schools, St. Catharines Mr. John Goman, Supt. of Public Schools, Welland Mrs. V. Taggart, Teacher Maplewood Public School St. Catharines, Ontario FINE ARTS Mr. W.G. Hollenback, Chairman Engineer Rev. R. Rumball Evangelical Church of the Deaf Toronto, Ontario Mrs. D.M. Emery Dorothy Nursery School St. Catharines, Ontario Mrs. R.B. Sigg Supervisor of Day Nurseries Department of Social Family Services Dr. J.B. Dobson Pediatrician St. Catharines, Ontario Dr. Kenneth L. Wright Director, Psychologist Services Niagara Falls School Board Niagara Falls, Ontario Mrs. Catharines Bessey, Principal Burnaby Road School, Wainfleet Twp. Dr. E.L. Crossley, Supt. of Secondary Schools, Pelham Mr. W.D. Grills, Principal Niagara District Secondary School Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario Rev. R.L. Rolls, St. Martin ' s Church Niagara Falls; Member, Niagara Falls District Board of Education Mr. Alex. Kuska, Area Supt. of Secondary Schools, St. Catharines Rev. L. Harbour, St. Paul St. United Church St. Catharines, Ontario Mr. F.J. Turner, Area Supt. of Separate Schools, St. Catharines Mr. W. Cyopik, Artist Welland, Ontario H.G. Acres Company Limited Niagara Falls, Ontario Mr. P. Harris, Director Rodman Hall Art Centre St. Catharines, Ontario Mr. R.W. Long, Art Teacher St. Catharines Board of Education Mr. A. Pattemore Co-ordinator of Art St. Catharines Board of Ecucation Mrs. A.F. Prittie, Artist Port Colborne Art Association Mr. C.S. Scott, Teacher St. Catharines Board of Education Mrs. B. Smith, Counselling Secretary Sir Winston Churchill Secondary School St. Catharines, Ontario HORTICULTURAL Mr. J.F. Sandham, Secretary-Treasurer (Chairman) Ontario Fresh Fruit Growers Marketing Board Mr. C.H. Henning, Principal Niagara Parks Commission School of Horticulture Dr. J. Archibald, Director Horticulture Experiment Station Products Laboratory Ontario Dept. of Agriculture, Vineland Dr. W.B. Mountain, Director Dept. of Agriculture Research Station Vineland Mr. G. Rendall E.L. Crossley School Fonthill, Ontario Mr. H. Palmer, Teacher Fort Erie Secondary School Mr. F. Anderson, Administrator Parks Recreation Commission St. Catharines, Ontario Mr. H.A. Dawson, Farm Manager Niagara-on-the-Lake Mr. J. Emmons, Florist Fonthill, Ontario LAW CLERKS Mr. R. Cairns, Barrister St. Catharines, Ontario Mr. J. Swayze, Barrister Baker Swayze, Welland Mr. L. Ziff, Barrister Ziff George Fort Erie, Ontario LIBRARY TECHNICIAN Mrs. Elizabeth Lockett, Supervisor (Chairman) School Libraries, Niagara Falls Mrs. Phyllis Laurie Library, H.G. Acres Company Limited Niagara Falls, Ontario Mr. F. Israel St. Catharines Public Library Mr. H.A. Vespry Library, Brock University St. Catharines, Ontario Miss Shirley Jones, Librarian Mrs. Evelyn O ' Brien Welland Public Library Dunville Public Library Mrs. J.B. Volz Welland County Library PARA-MEDICAL Dr. L.W.C. Sturgeon, Director (Chairman) Welland District Health Unit Mrs. Ruth Ferguson Public Health Nurse, Welland Miss Evelyn Gay, Director School of Nursing Greater Niagara General Hospital Dr. Glen Keffer Welland, Ontario Mr. D.D. Thornton, Administrator Port Colborne General Hospital Dr. J.F. Booth, Chief Pathologist Greater Niagara General Hospital Dr. James Sim Dentist, St. Catharines Dr. T.E. Briant Surgeon, Welland POLICE SERVICES Mr. L.H. Goodwin, Q.C.. Crown Attorney (Chai County of Lincoln Mr. R. Cirocco, Sergeant Welland Police Department Mr. J. Ferrand Thorold Town Township Police Mr. A.E. Kirkby, Supt. Ontario Provincial Police Mr. J. Roberts, Magistrate Niagara Falls, Ontario Mr. A.C. Shennan, Chief St. Catharines Police Department PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION Dr. D.C. McNeill, Director (Vice-Chairman) Dept. of Radiology Welland County General Hospital Dr. F.E. Dawe, Dentist St. Catharines, Ontario Dr. E.C.P. Henderson Dentist, Welland Dr. C.G. Shaver, Supt. Niagara Peninsula Sanatorium Dr. H.A. Cardwell Psychiatrist, Welland Dr. D.M. Eraser St. Catharines Mr. J.W. Birnie Birnie Cresswell Dental Lab. St. Catharines, Ontario Mr. E. Cary Robinson, Administrator St. Catharines General Hospital i) Mr. R. Bevan, President (Vice-Chairman) Police Association of Ontario Mr. T.J. Clement, O.C. Niagara Falls, Ontario Mr. C. Ford, Constable Niagara Falls Police Association Mr. D.M. McArter, Chief Welland City Police Department Mr. D. Scott, Crown Attorney County of Welland Mr. F. Davies Ontario Police Commission Toronto, Ontario Mr. H. Augustine, Head Mr. A. Greaves Geography Department Welland High Vocational School Prof. J.J. Jackson, Head Geography Department Brock University Mr. W.A. White, Planning Director City of St. Catharines RECREATION LEADERSHIP Mr. R. Christie, Recreation Director (Chairman) City of St. Catharines Mr. H. Draeger, District Scout Executive Niagara Falls, Ontario Mr. J. Hood, Executive Director The Boys ' Club of Greater Niagara Mr. W. Ogden, Recreation Director City of Welland Mr. R. Sones, Recreation Director City of Port Colborne SOCIAL WELFARE Mr. S.C. Symington, (Chairman) General Secretary Young Men ' s Christian Association St. Catharines, Ontario Mr. J.C. Elliott, Director Children ' s Aid Society St. Catharines, Ontario Mr. J.L. MacGregor, Director Children ' s Aid Society Dunnville, Ontario Mr. K.K. Stokes, Welfare Administrator City of St. Catharines Mrs. M. Dool, Chieldren ' s Aid Society St. Catharines, Ontario Canon G.N. Standish St. James Church Port Colborne, Ontario GRAPHIC ARTS Niagara Falls Suburban Area Planning Board Mr. W.A. Salter, Senior Partner Salter, Flemming Secord, Architects St. Catharines, Ontario Mr. D. Davidson, Phys. Ed. Depart. Niagara Christian College Mrs. Pamela Graham, Asst. Director of Recreation, City of St. Catharines Mrs. E. Lounsbury, Occupational Recreational Therapist St. Catharines General Hospital Miss E. Pitt, Executive Director Y.M. - Y.W.C.A., Welland Mr. E.L. Stanbridge, District Representative Community Programs Section Ontario Department of Education Mr. D. Alfieri, Regional Administrator Dept. of Social Family Services St. Catharines, Ontario Mr. M.G. Fraser, Welfare Administrator Social Services Dept. City of Welland Mr. E.J. Pennington, Executive Director Social Planning Council of Greater Niagara Rev. L.J. Rooney, Asst. Pastor St. Ann ' s Church, Niagara Falls Mrs. E. Calhoun Welland District Health Unit Mr. G. Brooks, Pres. Gen. Manager Lincoln Graphics Limited Mr. J. Campion John Campion Advertising St. Catharines, Ontario Welland, Ontario Mr. N. Rett The Renown Printing Company Limited Niagara Falls, Ontario Mr. S.J. Pychyi Audio-Visual Consultant Welland Board of Education Welland, Ontario Mr. C. Vandevelde Mount Hope Mr. D.C. Williamson, President Williamson Lalonde Advertising St. Catharines, Ontario MARINE TECHNOLOGY W.A. O ' Neil, Project Director The St. Lawrence Seaway Authority St. Catharines, Ontairo G. BIack Vice-President General Manager Port Weller Dry Docks Limited St. Catharines, Ontario J.E.F. Misener, President John Misener Marine Equipment Port Colborne, Ontario R.C.H. Reed Canada Steamship Lines St. Catharines, Ontario Capt. S.J. Stewart Examiner of Deck Officers Welland, Ontario TECHNOLOGY Mr. K.G. Cameron, President Cameron Phin Limited, Welland Mr. W.L. Gibson, Vice-President H. G. Acres Company Limited, Niagara Falls Mr. M.D. Head, Supt. Research Stations The International Nickel Company of Canada Port Colborne, Ontario Mr. J.E. Horn, Mgr. Industrial Relations Mr. F. Plato Audio-Visual Co-ordinator Niagara Falls Board of Education Mr. R. Rewbury Rewbury Printing Company Welland, Ontario Mr. E.I. Vranesic Graphic Arts Director W.R. Grace Company of Canada Limited Cooksville, Ontario G.W. Corbin, Marine Supt. Quebec Ontario Transport Company Limited Subsidiary, The Ontario Paper Company Limited Thorold, Ontario G. McConnell, (Chairman) Dept. of Transport St. Catharines, Ontario G. Mitchell Scott Misener Steamships Limited St. Catharines, Ontario Capt. C.E. Tully Department of Transport St. Catharines, Ontario Capt. D.R. Young Canada Steamship Lines St. Catharines, Ontario Mr. J.M. Gardiner, Vice-President H.G. Acres Company Ltd., Niagara Falls Mr. L.M. Guest, Personnel Manager Horton Steel Works Limited, Fort Erie Mr. R.M. Hildreth, Training Co-ordinator Horton Steel Works Limited, Fort Erie Mr. G. Howard, Chief Engineer 111 Foster Wheeler Limited, St. Catharines Mr. O.J. Krohn, Master Mechanic McKlnnon Industries Limited St. Catharines Mr. R.J. Martin, Vice-Pres. Gen. Mgr. Ferranti-Packard Electric Ltd. St. Catharines, Ontario Dr. R.H. Read, Mgr. Quality Control Metallurgy Atlas Steels Limited, Welland Mr. A.D. Walker, General Manager Glass fabricating Operations Ford Motor Company of Canada Limited Niagara Falls, Ontario Thompson Products Limited, St. Catharines Mr. G. Marshall, Rep. United Steelworkers of America Welland, Ontario Mr. D. Maxwell, Technical Director Port Weller Dry Docks Limited St. Catharines, Ontario Mr. A.D. Tassonyi, Chemist Ontario Paper Company Limited Thorold, Ontario Mr. M. Zuberec, Architect Niagara Chapter Ontario Assoc. of Architects St. Catharines, Ontario Best Wishes to Niagara College From DONALD ALSOP AGENCIES LIMITED Your Fonthill District Real Estate Broker Our Motto: " FRIENDLY, COURTEOUS, SERVICE " 1 North Pelham Street, Fonthill, Ontario Ph. 892-2619, Evenings, 892-2374 YOUR SPORTING GOODS SPEC. 1510 Ferry Street 356-4850 Niagara Falls, Ontario 115 JOHN DEERE WELLAND WORKS MARGARET ' S BEAUTY AND WIG SALON 91 Durham Street Lincoln Plaza 116 SERVOMATI®N FOOD SERVICE of ONTARIO, LimiUd 117 M.A. KENT STORES LTD. PETER HURST DOUGLAS WHITE Men ' s and Boys ' Wear Shoes for the Entire Family 397 Queen Street KAUFFMAN || CAMERAS ' ' £.[[and ' i ' }bi£.i.t Cainzxa cStoxz 20 King Street CAMERA REPAIRS BERNARD MUDGE Niagara Falls 732-6323 PETER KAUFFMAN 118 It is a pleasure to support the Students of Niagara College of Applied Arts and Technology in the prepa- ration of their first Yearbook. We hope that some of the Future Graduates will become members of our Staff. THE INTERNATIONAL NICKEL COMPANY OF CANADA LIMITED. NICKEL REFINING DIVISION PORT COLBORNE 119 WE AT ATLAS STEELS, CANADA ' S FOREMOST STAINLESS STEEL AND ALLOY STEEL PRODUCER, HAVE A CONSTANT NEED FOR THE TRAINED PEOPLE OF TOMORROW. BOTH THE STAFF AND THE STUDENTS OF NIAGARA COLLEGE ARE TO BE SINCERELY CON- GRATULATED ON THE SUCCESSFUL COMPLETION OF THEIR INITIAL YEAR OF OP ER- ATIONS. ATLAS STEELS CITY OF NIAGARA FALLS, CANADA BEST WISHES TO NIAGARA COLLEGE 124 126 127 INTER-COLLEGIATE PRESS, LTD. Publishers — Manufacturers Yearbooks — Yearbook Covers Diplomas — Graduation Announcements Inkster Boulevard at Bunting Street Winnipeg, Manitoba

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