Niagara College of Applied Arts and Technology - Yearbook (Welland, Ontario Canada)

 - Class of 1980

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Niagara College of Applied Arts and Technology - Yearbook (Welland, Ontario Canada) online yearbook collection, 1980 Edition, Cover

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CONTENTS NTRQDUCriON CLASS PIJQIUBES SPORTS AND ACTIVITIES ADS 108 4 THE WAY WE WERE Memories light the corners of my mind, misty water colour memories--of the way we were. Scattered pictures of the smiles we left behind Smiles we gave to one another for the way we were. As those of you who are in the graduating class complete this phase of your education and look forward to the future, we all sincerely wish you success in your chosen career. As you leave Niagara College, I would remind you that your accomplishments will be measured by your ability to keep an open mind, a keen and wholesome interest in your fellow-men and -women and continue to be a student throughout your lifetime. You are entering or re-entering the world of work at a time when many rapid changes are forecast for employers and employees in all walks of life and consequently you have a responsibility to give thoughtful consideration to the future and to prepare for it wisely. Consider the past - cherish its strengths and build on them. Use the wisdom and the experience of those who have gone before you but do not dwell on the past. Do not discard older ideas just because they are old. Consider their merit. Do not rush impetuously into the new just because it is new. Consider the merits of the new also. Perhaps a balance between the two should be your choice. It is my earnest wish that each of you may realize the goals which you have set for yourself and that you will be able to accept life, with its opportunities and limitations, joyfully and courageously and reach for higher heights within your chosen career. I will follow your fortunes with pride and look forward to hearing of your contributions to your vocation and those whom you serve. I am sure that the undergraduates are longingly looking forward to the day in the not-too-distant future when they will join your ranks. In the meantime, they will carry on the traditions you have fostered. To all the students of Niagara College I would exhort: " Write your names in kindness, love and have mercy on the hearts of those with whom you come in contact year by year and you will never be forgotten. Your name and your good deeds will shine as the stars of heaven. Use your talents faithfully and they shall be enlarged; practise what you know and you will attain to higher knowledge. " Jacqueline P. Robarts President PRESIDENT ' S MESSAGE 10 I would like to congratulate the graduating students on their achievements while attending Niagara College. I hope in the years ahead that you will look back on your days at the College as a meaningful and productive experience. The past year has seen a considerable Increase, both in the numbers of campus student clubs and their memberships. The Varsity Athletics program has also been expended to include rowing and the intramural and recreational participation by students has grown considerably. Much of this is due to the excellent efforts of your Student Administrative Council. Graduation need not sever your ties with the College. We may be of continuing service to you even after you have entered the world of work. The College will always be available to provide for your continuing education needs and as we grow, your social and cultural needs as well. As members of the growing Niagara College alumni, congratulations on your past and present achievements and best wishes for future successes. DIRECTOR OF STUDENT SERVICES MESSAGE PRESENTING ... THE STUDENT COUNCIL FAMILY 1979 - 1980 LEFT TO RIGHT: JOHN BALENOVICH, Vice President of Athletics KEN WEGELIN, Executive Vice President JOHN RAVENDA, Vice President of Internal Affairs JIM WALTERS, President MARK ANDERSON, Vice President of Finance NANCY TWERDOHLIB, Secretary JOANNE WILCOX, Club Convenor 12 I In the past year, we, the members of the Student Ad- ministrative Council have made a conscientious attempt to provide the students with a wide variety of extra- curricular activities. Students should take part In both academic and non-academic activities in order to make their stay at Niagara College a more fulfilling experience. We tried to offer different activities to suit different student ' s needs. I would like to wish all graduating students and returning students the best of luck in the future. Sincerely, President EDITOR ' S MESSAGE It is my hope that as you turn each page of this book that you will call to mind some of the finer memories of Niagara College this year. Remember not only the long, strenuous hours of work, or the crazy things you did between classes or out of school, but also all your invaluable friendships that you began during the college year(s). I hope that everyone discovers their purpose in life and reaches that goal successfully, never too unwilling to learn more about themselves, their family or friends. Special thanks to the people who are responsible for any assistance regarding the production of this book, especially: Dan Pooler for his photography, Dagmar Urbancock for his cover design and others who entered the contest, Nancy Twerdohlib for her assistance. Student Council for their patience and financing, Richard Lane for his eagerness to help, and my family for putting up with me and my mess! Rose Kirchmayer Editor 1980 14 3BA11 FRONT ROW: Olive Burrows, Linda Ellsworth, Carrie MacDonald, Nancy McLean, Wanda Shirton, Una Storgato, Pamela Snnith. SECOND ROW: Terri-Lynn Walker, Debbie Perry, Laurie Krowchuk, Rosemarie Christie, Jane McDonald, Roberta Pang, John Jocsak, Instructor. THIRD ROW: Josephine Carbone, Susan Denisho, Wayne Hawes, Steve Cowell, Gordon McClory, Bill Manninghann, Brian Anderson, Kevin Hoare. BACK ROW: David Rankin, John Dyson, Craig Book, Brad Ciccarelli, Mark VanLankveld, Philip Schneider, Joe Mitchell, Brian McCooey. 3BA12 FRONT ROW: Barb Cosby, Tracey Winters, Lori Walters, Pat Marischuk, Pann Edwards, Pat Holland, Cheryl Cook, Robin Reed. SECOND ROW: Mr. Jocesak, Larry Dugo, Colleen, Dione Carver, Ginry Lepp, Sandra Montgomery, Sandra Buccione, Stella Dante, Bill McKensie. THIRD ROW: Greg Pisano, Allan Brown, Rob Tiessen, Dan Knox, Ervin Unruh, Perry McEarchen, Terry, Kevin, Dwayne Romaniuk. BACK ROW: Ted Voth, Ron DeFelice, Don Sorley, Tom Rose, Tom Svob, Bob Czerleau, Brian Heffion. 3BA13 FRONT ROW: Sandra Nash, Carole Packham, Rosemarie Christie, Kathy Detler, Jacqueline Bulloch, Shirley Ruiter, Marsha Young. SECOND ROW: Tom Fang, Barry Paulenko, Fred Gamula, Loriana Chiavetti, Annie Canjar, Mary Voogt, Steve Conn, Mark Cudney, Frank Auricchio, Joe Garvey. BACK ROW: John Spagnoletti, Mike Cavezza, Mark McBride, Philip Ross, Paul Dosky, Luigi Scodellaro, Richard Stayzer. 3BA21 FRONT ROW: Valerie Nieuwesteeg, Jerry Antonello, Mary Blom, Dawn Besta, Margaret Kamminga, Carol Dimarco, Lana Huebert. SECOND ROW: Jack Annmendolia, Michael Rennie, John Balenovich, Sam Bahnuk, Rick Bartolomeo, Julie Dekker, Karen Nesbitt. BACK ROW: Ed Odorico, Gil Bonn, Mario Cercone, Gary Mete, Reginald Hodgins, Tony Cabras. 3BA23 FRONT ROW: Annie Krahn, Debbie Mcllroy, Sandi Garton, Lorraine White, Irene Ogrizel , Monica Rausclier, Georgie Schisler. SECOND ROW: James Walters, Robert Pauco, Brian Pekrul, Ron Furry, Pauline Winfield, Leroy Rodney. BACK ROW: Angelo Armenti, Barry Dunbar, Bradley Harper, Jan Colford, Gary Magda, John Morden. 3BA33 FRONT ROW: Randy Kerr, Natalie Krizanovic, Terry Thompson, Irene Ecker, Carmelle Hall, Joanne Froats, Debbie Powell, Ramsey Mac. BACK ROW: Kevin Karpinchick, Leroy Rodney, John Noiles, Stan Moore, George Vander Schelde, Georges Fulham, Bill Wilson, David Petruzella, Terry Rowland, Michael Forgione. FRONT ROW: Sandra Lewis, Brenda Norman, Dawn Besta, Mary Blom, Tannra West, Carol Dimarco, Monica 2! Rauscher, Joanne Lyons. BACK ROW: Karen Nesbitt, Lorraine White, Kim Hartleib, Robert Pauco, Ken Parr, Tom i Jones, Mark WInitehead, Sam Bahnul , Ted Woodhouse, Lana Huebert. 2GB11 21 2GB12 CO CO CO CD DC LU Z LU CD FRONT ROW: Lea Artista, Louise Jolin, Ann Fazzalari, Mary Ann Deschamps. SECOND ROW: Mary McKay, Margaret McCabe, Mary Ann Rowell, Karin Hodgkinson, Diane Forstingee, Natalie Collins, Tvon Farnhann. BACK ROW: Dave Ricard, Cindy, Ken Thomas, Wayne Leppert, David Larett, Annette McGill, Jill Ricard. FRONT ROW: Karen Rocco, Donna Bomberry, Scott Prentice, Rick Beyer, Cindy Sathnnary, Cindy Kessler, Rosemary Pelusi, Betty Federico. SECOND ROW: Cindy Whalley, David Hill, Chris Johnstone, Paul Marquis, Victor Wiens, Shilly Paquette, Martha Ralph, Ken Boyle. BACK ROW: Scott Price, John Gilbertson, Dave Burkholder, Sandra Witzell, Becky Conners, Mary Narducci, Margaret Olah. 22 2GB14 FRONT ROW: Sheila Turnbull, Bonnie Ironside, Lori Newman, Jackie Kenniford, Anne Wong. SECOND ROW: Allan Weaver, Annette Bernard, Henry Vuyk, Brent Simpson, Brian Roepke, John Conte. THIRD ROW: Wayne Stortz, Leslie Tomlinson, Christine Zahra, Natalie Taras, Cynthia Warren, Mario DiGaetano. BACK ROW: Cathy Hanson, Valerie Thomas, Janis Hall, Harold Ross, Larry Palmoba, Randy Haycox, Deborah Gifford. 2GB21 FRONT ROW: Mabel Hutchinson, Karen Farr, Janice Davidson, Chris Dejonge, Adelina Mastroiannie, Rayanne Bertulli, Donna Crogie. SECOND ROW: Kyoung Han, Anna Bryk, Yolanda Sakas, Linda MacDonald, Marianne Hofstede, Patricia Canfield, Luanne Berg. BACK ROW: Kevin Large, Ray Green, Mike Cowsill, Ivo Coia, Greg Locey, Rosanne locca, Joe Dallos. ABSENT: Dominic Fruci, Dave Johnston, Hov ard Peters. 2GB22 FRONT ROW: Sandra Wren, Gwen, Linda Pearson, Ginette Pagliaro, Barbara, Donna. SECOND ROW: Tom Fabiani, Maria Croce, Katliy Papp, Louise Tisi, Paula Ventresca, Tammy Gilliss. BACK ROW: Ralph McRae, Brian Wilkie, Dave Patterson, Greg Watson, Roger Moore. 2BL21 FRONT ROW: Lori Wilson, Lori Biscotti, Heather Barnes. BACK ROW: Karin Feulgen, Valerie Spratt, Claudette Girouard. ABSENT: Marcelle Gareau, Cindy Laneuville, Line Breton, Marina Sever, Joan Buttineau. 2SA11-14 FRONT ROW: Karen Gora, Patricia Walters, Patti Shannon, Cathy Rusl in, Martha Deline, Ida Memme, Theresa Benincasa, Jo Siciliano, Lori Cseh, Antoinette Giancola, Vita Del Duca. SECOND ROW: Barbara Boles, Donna Brydges, Melanie Suppanee, Jannie McNaughton, Rose Morinello, Linda Brooks, Lenore Bailey, Erica Centawer, Peggy Winstanley, Lorna Fretz, Brenda Nagami. THIRD ROW: Judith Jackson, Sue Cosby, Cora Vandenhaak, Sue Fournier, Diane Kerr, Holly Davis, Sandra Labricciosa, Kathy Bandi, Mary Provenzano, Lori Quin, Sara Climenhage. FOURTH ROW: Theresa Biancaniello, Liz Hasenack, Wendy Beuerman, Susie Lubberts, Cathy Spencer, Anna Baldinelli, Emily Bosco, Nancy Canal, Dorina D ' alessandro, Margaret Hili. BACK ROW: Lucy Riolino, Mari Sirignano, Barbara Martin, Jo- Ann McLaren, Charlene Rooney, Shirley Thompson, Cheryl Smith, Jo-Ann McAndrew, Heather Molnar, Corena Brown. 2SA21-23 FRONT ROW: Brenda Patterson, Brenda Keneyeres, Sharon Gordon. SECOND ROW: Lucy Vacca, Irene Sowa, Mary Jane Sherk. BACK ROW: Toni Provenzo, Angelo Tota, Joanie Riganelli, Phyllis Sardelli, Cheryl Quin, Nadia Chiavetti, Pat Agrapides, Karen Apolcer, Melanie Giacometti. 25 2LA11 FRONT ROW: Francine Ferraci, Sherry Gascon, Darlene Sleeman, Darlene Scott, Francine Cowe, Lori Anderson. SECOND ROW: Pat Drozdoski, Co-ordinator; Pamela Johnston, Sheila Woods, Joanne McLeod, Fiona Stewart, Vicky Wolfe, Linda Crouch, Janet Liddle. BACK ROW: Sherry Foster, Lori Rainforth, Donna Walz, Colette Dubois, Susan James, Cheryl Hulick, Betty Arcaro. 2LA21 FRONT ROW: Lynne Keith, Janice Cummings, Lisa Pullar, Karen Michels, Christine MacMahon, Susan Keys. BACK ROW: Jaqueline Girard, Julie Grabowski, Rita Janzen, Mary Prinzen, Catherine Booth, Joanne Soloman, Margorie Viejou, Parry Hagedemetriou, Susan Hatter, Judy Tkalchuk. 2RM11 FRONT ROW: Susan Mingle, Lisette Acker, Sandra Poehlman, Denise Vendetti. SECOND ROW: Joe Isabella, Claudio Sceppacerqua, Jill St. John, Sheila Trihornej, Laura, Tonn Lostracco, Rock Venditti. THIRD ROW: Lina Yochim, Ralph Head, Gus Menna, Dale Court, Kirby, Rob Petruniak. FOURTH ROW: Herman, Al Matchett, Ralph Kisac, Sue Granger, Steve Yochim. BACK ROW: Kevin Jackson, Greg Fon, Garry Knemrod, Scott Murray, Dave Saravelli. 2RM21 FRONT ROW: Jim Booker, Kerry Smith, Karen Lodboa, Trevor Ward, Ken Knapp, Egidio Marconi. SECOND ROW: Carlo Turavani, Enio Marcella, Paul Skleryk, Steve Grossi, Johnny Ng, Toni Paul. BACK ROW: Rick VanLeurenhage, Steve Williamson, Denis Dallaire, S. Reinhart. 2TTA11 2TTA21 FRONT ROW: Linda Vermeersch, Janic Packard, Suzanne Roy, Cathy Seredine, Eileen Greiian, Laurie Cieri, Wendy Beaver. SECOND ROW: Donna Harper, Mary Kisilak, Debbie Laffin, John Campbell, Debbie Morrison, Debbie Newlands, Sherry Moon, Elizabeth Mander, Sylvia Brunner, Rena Rigg, Charlene Savoie. BACK ROW: Isabel Johnson, Mary Matiazo, Sandy Jaskula, Pete Zemaitis, John Wolstenholme, Patricia Roddis. 1SD11 FRONT ROW: Theresa Koabel, Julie Chytra, Doris, Betty Shoup. SECOND ROW: Sue Olsen, Carol Podwinsi i, Nicole Audet, Mary Fabiani. BACK ROW: Jenny Nero, Shah Tennier, Gail Hartle, Lily Maziotti. 1SD12 FRONT ROW: Kathryn Meagher, Deanna Claringbold, Adelia Crivicich, Lori Howe, Patricia Bertrand, Mei-Wah Chu. BACK ROW: Beverly Jackson, Sue Meloche, Judy Collard, Julie Rivet, Laurie Bretherick, Cheryl Blain, Sue Ferri. 1SS11 - 1SS13 FRONT ROW: Chris DeLazzari, Rita DeFelice, Jeannette O ' Reilly. SECOND ROW: Anita Hofmann, Janet Parkin, Lucy D ' onofrio, Brenda Freeman, Elizabeth Mellon, Diane Gibson. BACK ROW: Pauline Karal, Elaine Cahil, Marilyn Kowalski. ABSENT: Angela Farr. 1SS12 FRONT ROW: Teresa Kciuk, Jane Noiles, Shirley Demicoli, Shelly Good. BACK ROW: Charlene Hull, Rose Kirchmayer, Crystal Johnson, Sylvia Varga. FRONT ROW: Cathy Bird, Deanna Weston, Twila Moore, Lenore Ruegg. SECOND ROW: Sandi Salfi, Bev Coleman, Barb Hall, Chris Falkenham, Terri Hebert. THIRD ROW: Silvan Domanico, Barb McKnight, Marlene VanderMeulen, Sandra Christian, Sandy Blakely. FOURTH ROW: Linda Lecompte, Beth Vethaak, Karrie Anderson, Kathy McLister, Caroline Giguere. BACK ROW: Shelley Holditch, Jennifer Willis, Sue Miscio, Veronica Baird. ABSENT: Florence Gruer, Mary Allinotte, Antoinette Perron, Patti Koabel. 2EC12 m J3 O 57 ' . - 1 t FRONT ROW: Paula lacchetta, Karen Wright, Laurie Murley, Shelley Winters, Suzanne Blais, Kelly Cleland. SECOND ROW: Arden Secord, Linda Lefebvre, Laurie Walker, Susan Southcott, Ennnny Montemurro, Angela Dekori. THIRD ROW: Bach D ' Amelio, Linda Sherk, Anne Halfyach, Wendy Oliva. BACK ROW: Gene Maltais, Carrie Metcalfe, Noreen Taylor, Pat Benson, Rose Hetherington, Maureen Jiggles, Lorraine Rozon, Colleen Martell, Lois Stark, Kathy Greco, Lucy Marinelli, Anna Calendino, Francine Visser. LU FRONT ROW: Joanne Stewart, Barbara Vant, Kim Rees, Mary Gallant, Eieanora Provenzano. SECOND ROW: Charlene MacWhirter, Angela VanStralin, Sharon Kukucska, Kathy Trussell, Rena Pulice, Mary Hofmann, Linda VanDyk. BACK ROW: Marilyn Lofthoust, Pam Straus, Jo-Anne Young, Mary Ann Azzopardi, Carolyn Funk, Yvonne DeJonge, Susan Waite, Darlene Ferguson. z 2EC22 O LU FRONT ROW: Cathy Clifford, Marg Chagnon, Phyllis Greco, Mary Brajkovic, Barbara Tronzo, Heather Birney, Anita Eykens. BACK ROW: Joanne Anguish, Jo Montgomery, Cathy Hendericks, Edyth Pickel, Cindy McDonald, Bernadette Sheehan, Lyn Thompson. 2ER11 FRONT ROW: Barbara Swayze, Rose Lupia, Jean Butcher, Elaine Courtnage, Linda Fraser, Debbie Butler, Sue-Ellen Martin, Linda White. SECOND ROW: Rosalina DeMizio, Penny Edwards, Carol Regnier, Pam Chapman, Dave Napper, Joe Bond, Tim Noxel, Marilyn Young, Sandra Davidson, Lauren Notar, Cindy McPerson, Kathy Davis. THIRD ROW: Sue Stevens, Karen Roach, Lisa Ebel, Kim Angle, Tracey Shoveller, Linda Kantor, Yvonne Feddema, Ellen McCallum. BACK ROW: Tonina Gualtieri, Beverly Voch. ABSENT: Ethel Suk. 2ER21 FRONT ROW: Caroline Hunter, Tracy Ullman, Anna Giarratano, Kim Farr, Rose Carey, Betty Newton, Kathy Ivankovich. BACK ROW: Debbie Chittick, Terry Colosimo, Anita Stephen, Betty Otten, Sandy Turpin, Diane Kaminsky, Sue Robins. I FRONT ROW: Mike Buckanfuse, Linda Binder. SECOND ROW: Laurie Sharper, Kathy Selicki, Joanne Cracknelg. BACK ROW: Terri McLure, Vickie Stephenson, Jenny Kang, Jenny DulBuno, Angela Bionnente. FRONT ROW: Margaret Mater, Kathleen Dobi, Heather Lane, Trudy Hanoian, Brenda Lukacsy, Louis Berai. BACK ROW: Lorrie Hinar, Sharon Mclntyre, Gail Dilmarter, Cathy Potter, Cathy LeBlanc, Grace Lee, Laurie Williams, Nancy Grant, Cindy Renwick, Lianne Kinsman. FRONT ROW: Danuto Hawranek, Barbara Furniss, Susan MacDonald, Lilly Momchilovich, Carole Bozzato. BACK ROW: Joanne LeBlanc, Trish Kawula, Susan Boyle, Debbie Kastiuk, Freda Ballyns, Carol Bader. 2GA11 FRONT ROW: Elizabeth Poiko, Lydia Centawer, Shelley Jones, Karen Bellinger. BACK ROW: Joe Burik, Robin Morse, Chris Buckmaster, Dan Andrews, Erie Von Wallis. 2GA12 FRONT ROW: RJ Borger, Rick Arnds. BACK ROW: Wanda Camillo, Tony Fisher, Lynn Terescsik. 2GA14 FRONT ROW: Debbie Steffen, Johanne Lalonde, Cindy Boutiliier, Cornelius Spek, Dawn Halpening, Hannah Bucl ley, Daniel Limolag. BACK ROW: Joyce Humphreys, Dianna Marrocchio, Gino Anzovino, Jo-Anne George, Jeff Rigg, Susan Watson, Sandra Jackson. 2GA21-22 FRONT ROW: Kim Gagnon, Tony Napolitano, Marcia Katzman, Joel DeBoer, Sue Nicholson. SECOND ROW: Marlene Horn, Lisa Carpenter, Lynn Terescsik, Bribri McVanel, Teacher; Brian Brygier. BACK ROW: Rick Sabucco, Rick Beltrame, David Plummer, Dagmar Urbancok. 2HR11 FRONT ROW: Holly Fisher, Cathy Stevenson, Jill McColman, Linda Crozier. SECOND ROW: Debbie Gvozdanovic, Colleen Kenny, Cida Mastroianni, Michelle Sit, Janice Gredner, Z. Petkovic. THIRD ROW: Joyce Kearns, Peter Strangers, Linda Welch, Tinn Barrett. FOURTH ROW: Ann Visser, Bog Muchowski, Lorrie Smith, Cindy Tufts, Diane Wheeler. BACK ROW: Nick Luongo, Cindy King, Filomena Cangianiela, Suzanne Dargie, Karen Coates. 2HR21 FRONT ROW: Shirley Milson, Sandra Allen, Nancy Forray, Kim Steele, Anne Boyd. SECOND ROW: Mark Masterson, Rocco Ceminera, Mark Lightfoot, Dale McQuiggin, Joe Gualtieri. BACK ROW: Joan Lafreniere, Sue Conway, Randy Coons, Lou Manieri, Chris Marcou, Jocelyn Freeman. ABSENT: Don Marinelli, Peter Edwards, Tony Dimizio, John Vlasitz. 2JA21 FRONT ROW: Gail Shafer, Tim Byng. SECOND ROW: Helen Gates, Larry Francavilla, Karen Montgomery, Amy Thibault, Cheryl Keech. THIRD ROW: Heather Oaks, Joanne deLeeuw, Caria MacKay, Terr! Neufeld, Brad Butcher, Peter Benner. BACK ROW; Joanne Bulanda, Brenda Stokes, Lisa Kirchmayer, Len Saccone, Lewis Silvestri, James Adams, Jim David. 2LT11 Eva Morber, Ganday Acaster, Antoinette DeBiasi, Barbara Ambrisko, Jenny Zaniol, Vida Slak. ABSENT: Barbara MacDonald. 2LT12 FRONT ROW: Kelly Moberly, Mona Ambrose, Cheryl Fretz, Karen Gohm, Debbie Pont, Faith Simpson, Pat Bilous. BACK ROW: Wendy Haynes, Sandy Summerville. 2LT21 FRONT ROW: Margaret Neufeld, Alison Thomson, Colleen Nicoll, Wendy Wardell, Sheila Mann. BACK ROW: Pat Gunn, Theresa DeRoo, Elsie Jennings, Marilyn Penner. 41 2LS11 FRONT ROW: Dennis Correia, Brenda Frame, Eric Enkelar, Jill Ireland, Dan Corfield, Nina Bonuomo, Pat Colton, Fiorenza Roversi, Mark Anderson, Pat McDowell, Bob Clark. SECOND ROW: Shari Davidson, Les Gyenge, Nigel FairClough, Don Sage, Dave Brady, Tom Cook, Tharyn Factley. BACK ROW: Karen Duffy, Cindy Deterling, Julie Blance, Judy Minor. 2LS12 FRONT ROW: Pat Lundhild, Kim Knezich, Brian Boichuk, Rick Foreman, Hugh Maclsaac, Rick Hamilton, Steve Kocsis. SECOND ROW: Norm Belanger, Cathy Manion, Sue Mailer, Jamie Gillespie, Pat Mackey, Frances Gangarossa, Debbie Kirchmayer, Sharon Lidbetter, Rachelle Foucault. BACK ROW: Bill Bailey, Dave Marye, Jeff Sentineal, Joe Shuster, Rob Hammond, Mike Martyn, George Knisely, John Gora, Mark Pomeroy, Cathy Gillis. 2LS13 FRONT ROW: Pat Savoia, Cheryl Larcher, Joanne Sathnnary, Pam Goodfallow, Frankie Defazio, Diane Nicholson, Pat Sobye, Debbie Wyatt, Pat Toms. BACK ROW: Daryl McDonell, Rob Neal, Jim Putney, Darren Ulch, Stephen Matthews, Rick Bosco, Colleen Reid, Erik LaBute, Heather Morphet, Julius Pokol, Tony Kozuk, Gord Speller, Alvin Mikus, Dan Pooler, Dave McCart, Joe Setar, Una Case. ABSENT: Jim McLaris, Marlene Dolmwood. 2LS21 FRONT ROW: Dale Arseneault, Sammy Browneil, Al Boyd, Doug Hawkins, Anita Ventresca. SECOND ROW: Carol Ann Brown, Jo-anne Diagneault, Marie Wultchyn. THIRD ROW: Dianne Preston, Vera Mykytiuk, Julie Draeger, Marie DiPardo, Sue Bloye. BACK ROW: Dianne Cornett, Darren Schutt, Rick Gray, Brent Loggie, Wilf Muller, Jay Simons, Stan Muntz, Mark Patterson, Judy Pollock, Doreen Nedeiko, Tracey Duffield, Terry Horvat, Pat Landry. ABSENT: Wayne Ingle. 3RT11 - 3RT12 2SW11 FRONT ROW: Vicki Buck, Rose Gordyn, Jean McMullin, Sandy Moldowan, Phyllis Childs, Karen Henderson. SECOND ROW: Cindy Thomas, Diane Wilson, Carolyn St. Angelo, Rota Burl, Anne Smith, Kathy Rapelje, Linda Strzelecki, Karen Hunter. BACK ROW: Lynda Garner, Vickie LaMarsh, Patty Gingerich, Dianne Evans, Peggy Stevenson, Susan Murch, Claire Soucie. ABSENT: Marina Villella, Heinz Rudnik, Anne Rice, Ruth Millard, Anna Gabriel, Beth Bridson, Dave Barszcz. 2SW21 FRONT ROW: Lynn Clancy, Michelle Schaeffer, Margaret Moore, Lena Nicaletto, Cathy Costello, Karey McDonald. BACK ROW: Debbie Rollick, Patti-Jo Barrett, Joe Timmons, Greg Lidstone, Joe Santagata, Fern Lucarelli. FRONT ROW: Use Sorensen, Linda Delano, Nancy Mocsan, Tracey Warden, Ruth Ellis. BACK ROW: Kim Schwenker, Dianne Furtney, Francis Vanderhyden, Mary Anne Schimpf, Betty Currado, Darlene Allen, Barb Moody. 3ID12 Donna Hussey, Anna DiCicco, Wallyine Boshold, Karen Moody, Fred Coop, Judy Winterstein, Sharon Jenter-Zavitz, Debbie Stevenson, Joanne Schmidt, Kari Hillis, Cheryl Olm. 3ID31 FRONT ROW: Linda Horn, Steve Campion, Pam Jones. BACK ROW: Nancy Romeo, Lorraine Cherney, Jacqueline Bunting, Sylvia Lau. FRONT ROW: Luaine McMaster, Jennifer Noble, Vicki Kurz, Share Bownnan. BACK ROW: Daniela Emili, Jeanette Burkink, Pann Muggins, Helen Slobodian, Shelley Tucker, Ivanna Nimchuk, Roxanne Aalders, Judy Brooks. ABSENT: Cathie LeJeune. FRONT ROW: Debra Serigh, Joanne Harves, Nancy Candella, Nancy Green, Carrie O ' Bidowski. BACK ROW: Kevin Wright, Mark Pepper. FRONT ROW: Tori Caulson, Yvonne Wikkerink, Theadora Bylhouwer, Marian Needham. BACK ROW: Laura Massey, Doris Greenwood, Tracey Weber, Diana Hundt, Marian James. FRONT ROW: Linda Cornnier, Nina Legace, Susan Wills, Lida Zamparo, Mary Porco, Dianne Romanin. SECOND ROW: Linda Gramalini, Joanne Baranek, Donna Faragher, Lynda Kereluk, Lindy Herzinger, Kim Baljkovac, Marlene Clark. BACK ROW: Mr. Gary Webb, Diana Bendes, Beatrice Visocchi, Evelina Van Roosmalen, Darlene Middleton, Carol Vapni. 1DA11 FRONT ROW: Debra Willick, Louise Hicken, Michele Cheverie, Shelina Amiani, Filomena Albidone, Lynn Fenwick, Judy Wilbur, Sheryl Mergl. SECOND ROW: Karen Kocfi, Sherri Prech, Kim Kinsella, IVIonika Gornidk, Michele Denick, Sonia Gatto, Delizabeth Coburn, Gina Pelegato, Laurel Smitli. BACK ROW: Carey Dello, Linda Hudson, Lori Dartnall, Violeta Cvetkovic, Marlene Penner, Pan Davis, Kathy Jackson, Margaraet Lykes, Dianne Kelsey. 1DA12 1DT11 FRONT ROW: Cheryl Course, Christine Wilier, Frances McGinlay. BACK ROW: Judi Hadfield, Marisa Sergas, Lisa McGrail. 1HS11 FRONT ROW: Pat Groves, Susan Sokoloski, Terri Ouver, Sue Muraco, Roxanne Hallett. SECOND ROW: Jill Beselaere, Susan Swayze, Melissa Woodruff, Susan Buck. THIRD ROW: Diana Mino, Donna Willick, Maureen Atkinson, Beryl Murrell. BACK ROW: Kelly Andrews, Cynthia Mele, Dianne Wills, Sara Kramer. 1HS11 FRONT ROW: Roxanne Hallett, Sue Muraco, Lori Boniferro, Retamarie Fortin, Susan Swayze, Pat Groves, Melissa Woodruff. BACK ROW: Zarko, Petkovic, Fady Miller, Karen Shock, Sara Kramer, Terri Oliver, Tracy Wallis, Beryl Murrell. 1AE11 FRONT ROW: " Annie " and Linda Duguay. SECOND ROW: Barb Cronkwright, Eileen Haynes, Charlotte Weber, Betty McKenzie, Karen Missere, Sue Biederman, Sue Makin. THIRD ROW: Laurie McClintock, Gary Girard, Paul Scott, Graig Slack, Monica Lowenberger, Jan Rynberk, " Skeleton " , Sue Williams, Lisa Both. BACK ROW: Marie Cardinali, David Booth, Dale Boyd, Steve Yates, Kirk Palmquist, Ken Zutell. 3TE11 3TE13 FRONT ROW: Pat McDonagh, Don Criger, Dennis Paganin, Tim Brown, Dave Perlinski, Mike McDonald, Craig Allen, Donninic Circone, Tom Jedemann, Gerard Pare, Greg Hepburn. SECOND ROW: Peter Vince, Wayne Hampel, Rick Durrer, Frank Hreija, Aziz Muliawan, Dale Giacometti, Wayne Smith. BACK ROW: Andy Warbucks, Chuck MacLean, Rick Chapman, Brendan Grace, John Mann, Tony Mancino, John Cigatbody, August Kuhling, Micheal Birmingham. 3CH21 m z o m m DO O I m 3CH31 O m O m m m O H m O O m O O O Q TOP PICTURE, FRONT ROW: Miguel Colangelo, Pat Pambianco, Angela Meffe, Vicki Parker, Gloria Koziello. BACK ROW: Mark VanderVeen, Alan Radzikoski, Dan Barton, Rod Spence, Paul Sacco. BOTTOM PICTURE, FRONT ROW: David Damude, Olu Segun. SECOND ROW: Debbie Wilgosh, Diane Thompson, Judy Rogers, Greg VanNest. BACK ROW: Bill Ashburn, Bruce McQuiggan, David North, Kevin Klassen, Al Barnett. 3ME21 3EL31 TOP PICTURE, FRONT ROW: Ben Vanleur, Lanny Michael, Steve Apps. SECOND ROW: Mark Brown, Gary Clarkson, Mark Jansen, Kwang-Nam Hug, Frank Vasko. THIRD ROW: Edward Slachta, Andy Vandriel, Ronald Vandebeld, Thomas Willianns. BACK ROW: Andre Mercier, Shawn Chappel, Ken Kormos, Sergio Borghesi. BOTTOM PICTURE: Michael Gruhl. 3CN11 FRONT ROW: Ronnie Vivaldo, Michele Gerennia, Mike Stortz, Dave Maiden, Joseph Lukasik, David Parkes, J. Autoine. BACK ROW: Robert Kimpinski, Paul Emmerton, Jeffrey Allan, Gary Wolff, William Parker, Ronald Laudry. 3CN21 FRONT ROW: Edward DenBak, Geral Sebastiany, Roy Atkinson, Dino Morabito, Bill Harper. BACK ROW: Keith Atteck, Robert Johnston, Maro Baronette, Ted Sojda, Tom Vattovaz, Jim Woods. 2RA11 Q 2RA21 FRONT ROW: Carlo Ventresca, Fred Jessome. SECOND ROW: Lloyd Fretz, Don Black, Gord Hamilton, Roger DeLisle, Al Perusse, Terry Armstrong. BACK ROW: Frank DeGasperis, Nick Durizio, Harvey Forester, Art Thomas, Henry Dykema. ABSENT: Kornelius Hildebrant, Mike Fisher, Brady Saver, Larry Semev chuck. 2MD11 FRONT ROW: Bob Herniak, Peter Tokar, Ron McCutchen, Rick Young, Helen Runciman, Frank DeBlasis, Mike Haberer, Frank Mclnnis, Steve Montague. SECOND ROW: Boris Martinic, Martin Heikoop, Enzo Albanese, Carmen Mignelli, Bob Beck, Lyie Falkins. BACK ROW: Art Page, Mike Dudar, Bill Van Oosten, Pasquale Garofalo, Doug Spiece, Richard Bailey, John King, Grey Kellogg, John Vendromin. ABSENT: Tony Dimaurizio, Craig Finn, Sue Turcotte. 2MD21 FRONT ROW: John Benjamins, Kelly Jones. SECOND ROW: Kevin Gora, Loui Petriello, Joe Defillippis, Owen Gilbert, Gino Damiano. BACK ROW: Wayne Charlton, Al McCullough, Ernie Billeau, Steve Fung. ABSENT: Paul Czepek, Geo Giovinazzo, Jeff Mallory, John Marinelli, Jeff Mateka, Randy O ' Mara, Tom Wright, Leo Lupul, Steve Ranieri. 2SV11 FRONT ROW: Carmen Esposito, Rick Nation, John Pierce, George Paniei, Brian Hilborn, David Tsang, David Ovens. SECOND ROW: Jim Caspar, Amir Tajani, Alan Pare, Mike Graziani, Paul Gerrett. BACK ROW: Graeme Hennessey, Dan Bellamy, Gino Villella, Tim Engemann, Bruno Skubel. 61 2SV21 O O LU DC CO 2CT11 TOP PICTURE, FRONT ROW: Kathy Cole, Joe Caruso, Mike Bowden, Scot Skursky, Wayne Stadnyk. BACK ROW: Jim Sharpe, Domenic Elia, Gary Thomas, Rob Macintosh. BOTTOM PICTURE, FRONT ROW: Sue Maclean, Indira Varade. BACK ROW: David Bradt, Rob Slitter. 2EL E011 m m FRONT ROW: John Provenzano, Scott Lowry, Larry Slobodian, Phil Bergen, Stuart Criger, Jack Sowa, Joe Klein, Bruce Riley. SECOND ROW: Brian Allan, Brian Buys, Gary Bearss, Kevin Mugabe, James Stewart, Jannes Voisin, Frank Agostino. BACK ROW: Mark Cherubini, Terry Kimber, Brian Warcup, Bill Price. 2MF11 FRONT ROW: Joe Confiant, Jim Wong, Brian Christie, Gary Syers, Rick Jesik, Jeff MacPherson, Graham Arnott. BACK ROW: Rome Nardangelli, Jim McMullan, Frank Petriello, Blake Evenson, Eric Lindman, Pat Daloisio, Peter Zuk, Mike Tuck, Clay L ' Ecuyer. 63 A friend is ... the one who laughs with you with times of joy - the one who cries with you in times of sorrow - the one who lends you a helping hand, and the one who stands by and understands. She is the friend you keep in your heart, you feel happiness when you are together, contentment when you part. 3TA11 3TA21 FRONT ROW: Barb Gyurka, Kevin Stewart, Tammy Belisle, Howie Dodds. SECOND ROW: Brenda Lee Fogarty, Elizabeth Copeman, Wendy J. Legault, Elizabeth Christmas, Marie Bisaillon. BACK ROW: Mike Cleasby, Don Dodds, Dan Bennett, Joe Bray, Steven McKay, Graham Frampton, Kevin Melanson. 3TA13 3TA31 LEFT TO RIGHT: Barb Shaw, Elizabeth Marshall. Anne Courser 3HRA12 FRONT ROW: Anne Marie Vivani, Wanda Lynne McKenzie, Carole Coons, Colleen Fretz, Brenda Malowe, Dom Diodati, Chef Instructor; Linda Druery, Janet McArthur, Denise Jones, Deirdre Long. BACK ROW: Greoff Jones, Tom Beckett, Pete Pezzimenti, Bruce Young, Mark Sewske, Tim Winer, Darrell Hicks. 3HRA11 -3HRA13A FRONT ROW: Michael Avakian, Manvel Dasilva, Barb Adams, Bonita Lai, Donna Dilts, Stephanie Medai. SECOND ROW: Valerie Thompson, Ann Leggett, Cindy Batchelor, Jeanette Ryken, Bruce Roberts, Louise Babcock, Mary Zizek, Eileen Wolaniuk, Sherry Chesniak. BACK ROW: Harry Wong, Lillian Witlib, Lily Vacca, Christina Schoenrath, Brian Caleman, Grant Huytible, Bob Smith, John Fulton. 3HRA21 FRONT ROW: Jayne Johnston, Carrie Lee, Jeff C. Holloway, Caroline Martin, Sheila Chamberlain. SECOND ROW: Nick Gioseffi, Mark Moore, Louis Prue, Gary McHale, Art Gilewski. BACK ROW: Patrick Dilibero, Robert Steckley, Phil Shoesnnith, Lexi Osburn, Michael Roussy, Bill Hoffman, Steven Tong. 3HRA22 FRONT ROW: Katy Wiltshine, Pamela Anderson, Sharon Peters, Karen Berencsi. SECOND ROW: Richard Pomerleau, Lorraine Samely, Thomas L. George, Marsha Barnhart, Sandra L. Cain. BACK ROW: Joanne Munn, Leslie Buckland, Rosario Boncori, Ian Taylor, Scott Walker, Mark C. Hogan. 3HRA31 - 3HRA32 HORTICULTURAL TECHNICIAN SCHOOL, ST. CATHARINES CAMPUS 2HT11 FRONT ROW: Leslee Caughill, Judy Bull, Ronnie Carter, Janet Clark, Matt Beemer. SECOND ROW: Mrs. E. Hartwell, Secretary; Kathy Derynck, Grant Ball, Frank Engelage, Art Finch, Jill Cherry. BACK ROW: Cindy Dixon, Michelle Arriss, Bill Fulton, Paul Clulow, Mike Anderson. 2HT12-2HT13 FRONT ROW: Irene Hildebrand, Linda Hill, Anita Heins, June Mulder, Janet Lang, Vanessa Kwasowska. BACK ROW: Bruce Lloyd, Erwin Huisbrink, Charles Manders, Peter Thompstone, Instructor; Peter Hendriksen, Mike Hundertmark, Everett Nieuwkoop. 2HT14 FRONT ROW: Mary Pedersen, Belinda Wirth, Linda Parkes, Barbara Towsley, Darolyn Zehr. BACK ROW: Tamnny-Lyn Truckle, Holly Quiring, Ken Sipkens, Edward Vink, Marnie Turner, Bobbi-Jo Sears. FRONT ROW: Mary Johns, Rosemary Krock, Nancy Milligan, Nancy Gill, Laurel Hodgert. SECOND ROW: Joyce Smyth, Lillian Pang, Mike Mulder, Mark MacDonald, Phyllis Ince, J. P. Mansfield, Program Coordinator. BACK ROW: Linda Badder, Nancy Przyk, Hank Postma, Peter Groves, Sara Csetneky. 2HT23 FRONT ROW: Donna Unrau, Karl Vahrmeyer, Barbara Nutt, Peter Stewart, Peter Sykes. BACK ROW: Francine St. Amand, Leslie Visser, Heather Totzke, Bert Schmaltz, Anton Wytenburg, Sylvia Yeandle, Loretta Szuch. 73 FRONT ROW: Kathryn Craig, Kathleen Fitzgerald, Araine Benzo, Gina De Souza, Shelley Thornton, Laurel Fretz. SECOND ROW: Sharon Martin, Joan Tomin, Christina Burke, Christine Wasilewicz, Colleen Snyder, Cathy Bowman, Cynthia Watson. BACK ROW: Sandra Ciriani, Debbie Friesen, Anita Desmond, Karen Riss, Susan Campbell, Tracey McKinley. ABSENT: Donna Andratis, Kim Casonato, Colleen D ' Arcy, Kathryn Hesler, Joanne HIady, Susanne Krueger, Geraldine Kollen, Cathy Marinelli, Nancy Pecora, Mary Anne Mannella. FRONT ROW: Rosalie Armbrust, Barbara Cross, Mary Zarra, Henry Van Breda, Nancy Gdanski, Shirley Anderson, Kathleen Eggleton. SECOND ROW: Shirley Fleck, Kathleen Klassen, Anna Maria Donatelli, Marlene Derksen, Brenda Chaytor, Lauren Barratt, Cathy Pietz, Donna Comeau. BACK ROW: Robin Fast, Darlene Verbeek, Robin Gilmore, Kevin Bond, Gaye Andrews, Janice Rodgers, Cheryl Yade. ABSENT: Yolanda Amoral, Sandra Bellows, Cheryl Ann Brown, Belinda Cornwall, Phyllis Czwewoniak, Nancy Gallop, MaryLou Keenan, Kathleen Lesniczek, Dianne Marshall, Rosemarie Masotti, Roxane Moodie, Lorraine Petkau, Megan Wood. FRONT ROW: Lori Lohrke, Kim Muisiner, Marianne Houlden, Tracey Lindey, Rita Lopers, Sue Orlinski, Marie Dennison. SECOND ROW: Lynne Taylor, Eva Wong, Janet Pigeau, Janice Commerford, Donna Lavell, Rosemarie Matwijow, Kelly Yarr, Judith Foster, Mary Sernasie, Constance Jacobson, Mary Martens, Jill Chapman, Kim Law. BACK ROW: Angle Bateman, Lesley Blaikie, Shelley Conklin, Christine Zieschang, Catherine Vanderscheer, Brian Cole, Odarka Pawlus, Eleanor Epp, Kelly Roddy, Deborah Phillips. ABSENT: Michelina Gualtieri, Catherine McPhail, Jocelyne Royer, Sharon Rye, Maria Steingart, Barbara Wood, Colleen Woodley. FRONT ROW: Susan Schisler, Margaret Huber, Catherine Balsom, Lee Ann North, Laurie Shirton, Jane Post, Barbara Bologna. SECOND ROW: Martha Forestell, Lynn Robert, Hester Green, Sandy Rudy, Pamela Kaminsky, Janet May, Doris Beauiieu. BACK ROW: Katharine White, Sherry Arnold, Mary Ann Van Driel, Laurie Toth, Delreta Billips, Scott Adam, Douglas Inglis. ABSENT: Esther Brown, Eileen Dickson, Nellie Krause, Nancy Petro, Lorrie Scott, Mary Wasilewics. FRONT ROW: Beverley Durisek, Patricia Horner, Maureen O ' Sullivan, Tammy Van der Grinten, Karen Keel, Karen Latham, Erna Patzer. SECOND ROW: Shelley-Kay Thrower, Rita Mikkelsaar, Judith Baker, Agnes Ten Den, Debbie MacMillan, Lori LeBlanc, Donna Rohe. BACK ROW: Barbara Mashford, Cathy Zeliznak, Arlene Cameron, Theresa Laberge, Susan Couturier, Sandra Bird. FRONT ROW: Antoinette Provenzano, Ingrid Peglow, Judy Metcalf, Stuart Mann, Mary-Anne Lamers, Kelly Konkle, Janis Sullivan. SECOND ROW: Judy Berecz, Sandra Edwards, Kathryn Gillies, Esther Janzen, Paula Covello, Brenda McGarvey, Juanita Pearson, Ducia Proc-Procenko. BACK ROW: Helen Coderre, Cindy Kleiman, Christine Opatovsky, Doris Guillemette, Cathy Jones. FRONT ROW: Lisa Hull, Linda Goerzen, Kathy-Sue McCord, Gwen Davies, Nicole Arteau, Kelly Walker, Leslie-Ann Menear, Donna Stewart. SECOND ROW: Cynthia Gabrielli, Donna Scott, Laurie Holditch, Deborah Gilmore, Cathy Parker, Cathy Mantler, Heidi Rohrer, Donalda Bond, Hilda Stuive, Karen Baker, Marjorie Newton. BACK ROW: Nancy Kukucska, Carolyn Windhorst, Lorraine Hennphill, Nancy Ford, Cristal Towie, Francine Westrate, Joanne Hup§, Gail Martens, Kelly Learn. FRONT ROW: Yvonne Bell, Catherine Armstrong, Jacqueline Straughan, Erminia Saporito, Tamara Knott, Betty Smee, Ellen Wiley. SECOND ROW: Marilyn Block, Cynthia Johnston, Diane Avedesian, Marianne Hooton, Loretta Auckland, Jan Rataj, Patti Pepper, Anna Tommasini. BACK ROW: Jo-Anne Frost, Debbie Morrow, Veronah Letang, Clare Duguay, Cathy Gordon, Susan Janzen, Beverley Giguere, Karen Rogalsky. 80 Watch this! INTRAMURAL MEN ' S VOLLEYBALL Rod Spence, Danny Andrews, Rick Arnds, Serge Borghesi, Dominic. 82 85 YEAREND BASH 1979 Bash I spirited every individual who took part in its seasonal festivities, December 14. Friends came from all about and joined in and toasted to Niagara ' s crazy party. Everyone danced to a disc jockey in the afternoon and to the group Firestar in the evening. What? What are razor blades? 86 They made a cupid out of me THE HISTORY OF THE FIRST VALENTINE The first Valentine message was written by a priest Valentine who was imprisoned for sanctifying marriages during the times when Christianity was illegal in the Roman Empire. Before Valentine was beheaded on February 14, 270 A.D., he sent a message to his love, " De Valentino tuo, " (From your Valentine) pinpricked on the heart- shaped leaves of violets growing by his cell. Proud to be Canadian Curiosity got us here 88 CELEBRATE CANADA Thursday , r ts and Crafts Exhibit N • " CELEBRATE ffit .L. Crossley j Band 0: T ' F omputei jisplay lown Make-up Booth F. Cj I fi ntario Science Centre Lecture oxic House Plants , Harmful ashions -TEC Basketweaving now Sculpture Contest ntario Science Centre Lecture oxic House Plants , Harmful ashions an ad i an Film Festival - Who as Seen the Wind by Allan King oe Calarco ' s Quintet Jazz Combo) iz Bryant , Folksinger iagara Festival Brass Quintet ntario Science Centre Lecture Dxic House Plants , Harmful ashions Bcture " Canadian Ceramics id Pottery " , Special Guest peaker, Donald Webster, arator, Canadiana , Royal Ontario useum lay Borris Films " Paperboy " ose ' s House " 1984 " with Toronto actor anto Cervello - A dramatic daptation of Orwell ' s clasic novel yons Dance Troupe , Thunder ay Ojibway Traditional ances 90 Solitude an art O P F B C Li Fi Di Fc Do you think I sfiould asl her out? Allan King , CI We shave our legs, do you CELEBRA ' ■ m FESTIVAL - NIAGARA COLLEGE February 15 Ontario Science Centre Lecture Toxic House Plants, Harmful Fashions CANADA WEEK LV - HocTiie , Demonstration Ontario Science Centre Lecture Toxic House Plants , Harmful Fashions Klaas Van Graft, Folksinger Ontario Science Centre Lecture Toxic House Plants , Harmful Fashions Niagara Bethany Hand Bell and Youth Choir Ontario Science Centre Lecture Toxic House Plants , Harmful Fashions You don ' t have to belong to a rock band to play the bag pipes. Waxing Clinic - Skiing Duplicate Bridge Tournament Canadiana Fashion Show Niagara Symphony - Open Rehearsal with the Clan MacFarlane Pipe Band Ontario Science Centre Lecture Toxic House Plants , Harmful Fashions Chapel Singers , Henry Goertzen — ' Director , ' ' " Ontario Science Centre Lecture Confederation Sec, commercial to save our Toxic House Plants, Harmful School Band Fashions MAX WEBSTER ATTACKS PUB NIGHT AT NIAGARA OTHER PUBS FEATURED: David Wilcox Band, Garfield, Moxy, Goralle. Crawford Avenue, Zon, Batteredwives, Firestar, Talas, Cock Robin, Liverpool Ambush, FM, California, Sharade. ood to me. Now to get onto the rink IHIIWHHM t«l«M»« lilt ' RESOURCE CENTRE When gathering material for a research essay or project the Niagara College Resource Centre is a great place to start. The split level complex boasts thousands of volumes plus special sections devoted to reference, audio-visual aids (upper level), silent study and periodicals (lower level). All this plus the ample room in which students can do their work make the Resource Centre one of the better facilities in the area. My average is 99.5 The Loan Ranger and his hired hand The ultrabright smiles We stick together SCHOOL END BASH ' ■% More Beer Fiends Andrea Aiello Pat Agrapides Filomena Albidone Sandra Allen Shelina Amiani Mark Anderson Joanne Anguish Karen Apolcer Zina Arista Pat Arnnstrong Terry Armstrong Linda Badder Katiiy Balint Patti-Jo Barrett Giulia Battaglini Colleen Beattie Wendy Beaver Rhefaela Biancaniello Anna Bilinski Linda Binder Keith Bird Heather Birnie Susan Bloye Sheila Bond David Booth Anne Boyd David Bradt Maria Brajkovic Sam Brownell April Brunet Anna Bryk Kelly Bubish Joanne Bulanda Joanne Burnagiel Ren6 Burns Tracy Cameron Rose Carey Lisa Carpenter Alan Caslin Margaret Chagnon Ken Chaplin NadiaChiavetti Debbie Chittick Julie Chytra Lynn Clancy DeannaClaringbold John Clark Kathleen Clifford Yvon Cloutier Jim Coburn Albert Coccigna Bill Conners Susan Conway Elizabeth Copeman Dianne Cornett Kathryn Costello Debra Cousins Joanne Cracknel! Nick D ' Annelio Joanne Daigneault Denis Daliaire David Damude Laurie Darlington Lori Dartnall Janice Davidson Cathy Davies Rita DeFelice Joanne Deleeuw Nicolina DeLuca Theresa DeRoo Joyce Dear Chris Delazzari Carey Dello Shirley Demicoli Marie Dipardo Ann Dingwall Bret Doan Talia Dosa Julia Draeger Tracey Duffield Richard Dusome Irene Ecker Sonya Eppinger David Erb Anita Eykens Paulette Facey Angela Farr Kim Farr Darlene Ferguson Brenda Fogarty Judith Fortin Brenda Freeman Jocelyn Freeman JoAnne Froats Cathy Gallant Diane Gatto SoniaGatto Melanie Giacometti Anna Giarratano Diana Gibson Gary Girard Laurie Goldring Sharon Gordon Monika Gorniak Phyllis Greco Eileen Grehan Steve Grossi Michael Gruhl Patricia Gunn Rosemarie Haberer Nancy Hajdu Carmelle Hall David Hall Patricia Hammond m 1 R Erfki - m Faith Hatton Cathy Hendriks Jamie Heysel Anita Hofmann Marianne Hofstede Deborah Home Lori Howe Linda Hudson Charlene Hull Caroline Hunter Kathy Ivankovich Beverly Jackson Sandy Jaskula Jenny Kang Pauline Karal Ronna Katzman Alana Kellogg Brenda Kenyeres Rose Kirchmayer Helen Kish Janet Klingender William Klingender Karen Koch Barb Kolbuc Paul Koncir Costa Koutroulakis Ken Knapp Natalie Krizanovic Debbie Laffin Lousie Laframboise Joan Lafreniere Donna Latka Francine Legault Gisele Levesque Linda Li Greg Lidstone Pam Loch head Marilyn Lofthouse Monica Lowenberger Dawne Lutomski Karen MacDonald Linda MacDonald Sharon MacMillan Charlene MacWhinter Christine Marcou Mark Masterson Mary Mattiazzo Barbara Matys Jill McBride Karen McClory Cynthia McDonald Karen McGann Linda McGill Lisa McGrail Patricia McQuestion Bruce McQuiggin Sheryl MergI Cindy Miele Josephine Miele Karen Missere Sherry Moon Margaret Moore Joan Montgomery Debbie Morrison Carolyn Mosher David Muir Vera Mykytiuk Debra Newiands Linda Nicoletto Colleen Nicoll Sharon Nixon 104 J : :: • Kathy Noiles Jeannette O ' Reilly Betty Otten Janice Pacl ard Brenda Patterson Mark Patterson Toni Paul Marlene Penner Marilyn Penner Terry Perrin Dave Petruzella Kelly Philip Edythe Pickell Hank Postma Debbie Powell Lorraine Presse Dianne Preston Laura Price Toni Provenzano Ted Przybyl Sabrina Rahn Sonja Rakocevic Caroline Ramsey Kathy Rankin Mike Rao Kim Rees Joanie Riganelli Rena Rigg Jacqueline Riplex Debbie Robbins Susan Robins Annette Rockx Patricia Roddis Judy Rogers Deborah Rollick Terry Rowland Suzanne Roy George Ruszjyn Michael Santoro Phyllis Sardella Donna Saunders Charline Savoie Michelle Schaeffer Darren Schutt Olugbenga Segun Eva Seto Bernadette Sheehan Mary Jane Sherk Bruce Siddall Colleen Smith Kerry Smith Laurel Smith Anne Soroka Irene Spuzak Elizabeth Stalker Vickie Stephenson Joanne Stewart Pamela Straus Edward Stringer Gary Sullivan Alison Thomson Diane Thompson Lyn Thompson WliKlll mmmmmmmM 1 Terri Thompson Mary Tischler Angela Tota Barbara Tronzo Sandy Turpin Tracy Ullnnan Lucy Vacca Gino Valente Linda VanDyk Rick VanLeuvenhage Angela VanStralen Joanne VandeVen Barbara Vant Indira Varade Sylvia Varga Joe Veltri Anita Ventresca Chris Vigars Sylvia Vinocai Susan Waite Pamela Walker Wendy Warden Cathy Weaver Janice Weaver Debbie Wilgosh Cindy Williams Jackie Williams Debbie Willick Brenda Winger Christine Wishart Brenda Wolak Lori Wood Marge Wray Marie Wultchyn Jo-Anne Young PeteZemaitis 107 J.W. BIRNIE LTD. (DENTAL LAB) 9 Court St. Catharines 682-8643 GARDEN CITY AMC JEEP 145 Hartzel Rd., St. Catharines 688-5110 V GUYS DOLLS HAIR STYLING xjjf 462 - C Scott St. St. Catharines 935-8811 DON OLIVER ' S DRAPERIES DECORATING SERVICE 290 Main East Welland 732-5791 DENSMORE TOOL DIE WORKS LIMITED 2 Hiscott St. St. Catharines 684-3113 TONY MATOLA MEN ' S WEAR 68 West Main St. Welland 732-4131 FINE CLOTHES 1 REGENCY GIFT SHOP 1 Welland Plaza 1 Welland 1 735-1690 OLD TIME BUTCHER SHOP 57 West Main St., Welland 734-4569 FREEZER ORDER - OUR SPECIALTY Compliments of THE DWOR FAMILY 170 Welland St. Port Colborne 834-3653 nemmth ' " Move up to a better way " 169 Hartzel Road St. Catharines, Ontario 684-7241 jt4 f PHONE 416-892-2613 BARRON ' S FLOWERS OWNED BY JOHN EMMONS LTD. BOX 250 FONTHILL, ONT. LOS 1E0 Flowers Wired Anywhere CUTHBERT ' S PHARMACY 111 Queenston St. St. Catharines 682-5432 682-5491 JONES LOCKHART LTD. 244 Welland Ave. St. Catharines 685-7365 GS lONA • REGINA • VENUS GENERAL SIGNAL APPLIANCES P.O. Box 1004, 600 Honsler, Welland 734-7476 WM G. OVERS ARCHITECT 5415 Victoria St. Niagara Falls, Ont. 354-8949 GEORGE ' S BODY SHOP LTD. COMPLETE COLLISION AND RADIATOR SERVICE -24 HOUR TOWING - Phone 732-2225 732-3835 400 Thorold Rd., Welland 110 Reuter Road Phone: 834-3992 JTL MACHINE LIMITED Box 325, Port Col borne, Ontario DESIGN • ENGINEERING • FABRICATION 735-1560 MITZI ' S DELI RESTAURANT 637 Niagara St. Htm Welland WINSPEAR HIGGINS STEVENSON CO. 69 Ontario St. St. Catharines 688-3021 117 George Street St. Catharines L2R 5P2 SEXTON FLORISTS FLOWERS FOR ALL OCCASIONS 685-5525 All Hours 684-9793 Ted and Jean Keyes Bus. Phone 688-3462 CROWN UPHOLSTERY INC. EVERY KIND OF FURNITURE REBUILT AND REUPHOLSTERED FREE ESTIMATES SPECIALISTS IN ANTIQUES 9-11 Kent Street St. Catharines, Ont. 154 Riverside Drive Welland io-ozu TIM HORTON DONUTS Lincoln Mall, St. Catharines 682-3935 GEORGE HUMPHRIES GARAGE 136 Thorold Road West Welland 734-9078 TRIANGLE DIE TOOL COMPANY LIMITED 604 Welland Avenue St. Catharines, Ontario Telephone 685-8171 W. HUNKA SON SALVAGE INC. 1030 Railroad Welland 734-9512 VINCENTS RED HOT PIZZA SUBS 324 Thorold Welland 735-4110 Lung Fong Restaurant d M Porfirio Kong Chang •H J 555 Thorold Rd. — South Pelham Welland, Ont., Canada Tel: 735-8980 735-7084 H. SALT FISH AND CHIPS 130 Thorold Welland 732-7411 ST. CATHARINE ' S BUSINESS MACHINES 56 Queenston St. Catharines 685-5451 MEATLAND RED WHITE 150 Bunting Road St. Catharines FLANGER LAMP OF CANADA LTD. 17 Keefer St. Catharines 937-7222 I MACHINE SHOP LTD. | Manufacturers of Water Turbines Hydraulic and Mechanical Contractors General Machining and Custom Designing Chris Van Kralingen President 100 Barricl Road Port Colborne, Ontario Phone 416-835-8112 NIAGARA SAUSAGE MEAT PRODUCTS LTD. WE MAKE HAMS, SAUSAGE WEINERS, BACON FRESH MEAT - WHOLESALE RETAIL Ridge Road, Wetland 734-3948 R R CHEMICALS 117 CUSHMANRD., ST. CATHARINES, ONT (416) 684-8119 FLOOR CLEANERS, WAXES AND SEALERS LOSTRACCO UNISEX BARBER SHOP 602 Main St. E. Welland, Ontario 734-6610 MANAGER WK RES. 935-8373 ST. CATHARINES 684-9435 HAMILTON 684-9433 WM. ROMANOW BRANCH MANAGER WILKINSON AND KOMPASS LIMITKD HARDWARE STEEL BOB ' S TRUCK REPAIR 495 West Side Road Welland, Ontario STEAM CLEANING AVAILABLE 46 SCOTT STREET ST. CATHARINES 69 Catherine St. Catharines, Ontario Phone 684-8588 fcollv liffliUd 3b PATTERNS - PLATING - HEAT TREATING " Commercial Residential Industrial " MORTGAGES APPRAISALS Bus: 688-3791 141 Lake Street, St. Catharines, Ontario L2R 5Y4 MEMBERS OF ALL POINTS RELOCATION SERVICES INC COX GARDEN CENTRE 693 South Pelham Welland, Ontario Tel. 734-9641 227-6692 GENERAL MANAGER EVERYTHING IN ALUMINUM VINYL RESIDENTIAL - COMMERCIAL BUILDING PRODUCTS IDS MERRITT ST. ST. CATHARINES 42 DIVISION ST. WELLAND PHONE: 732-2481 201 East Main St. Welland, Ontario Phone 735-0620 Niagara Falls St. Catharines Phone 384-9777 amuds. JlimitzJ. YOUR OFFICE SUPPLY CENTRE 66 HELLEMS AVE., WELLAND. ONT. CARL DAMUDE Phone 734-7712 734-9431 VASKO ' S PHARMACY LTD. 838 Ontario Road Welland, Ontario Phone 734-9889 moccloficild ohm INSURANCE Phone 834-3313 T.A. (Terry) Ohm 25 Front Street South, Thorold, Ontario L2V 1W8 B usiness: 227-5268 Residence: 227-6030 RAPID MUFFLER SERVICE ■ YOUR SILENT PARTNER " 861 ELM ST. (1 BLOCK NORTH OF MAIN ST.) PORT COLBORNE. ONTARIO L3K 4R7 LIFETIME MUFFLER GUARANTEE 112 COONS HEATING SHEET METAL METAL FABRICATION SERVICE REPAIRS - HEATING AIR C0NDITI01 aNG - VENTILATION . ro 24 Hilda St. 732-6075 MA.IiC LUUJ Jb WKLLAND, ONT. L3C 3N2 ■P fiPl Proctor Redfern Group ■ ' Px; Proctor Refern Limited igm: ' Consulting Engineers and Planners J: ' JX ' - ' 110 James Street I ' jiliff lAll St. Catharines, Ontario L2R 7E ICSni SB Telephone (41 6) 688-4272 R. R. RADIATOR SERVICE NEW - USED - ALL MAKES - ALL MODELS CLEANING - RECORING - REPAIRING TOP QUALITY WORKMANSHIP Our Aim: SATISFIED CUSTOMERS 35 Cushman Road, St. Catharines TRUEMAN ' S AUTO SERVICE CAR TRUCK REPAIRS 1 1 HEAD ST. PHONE 684-241 1 Hoogasian Insurance Agencies Limited 259 SU Paul SU (upstairs in the Leonard Hotel) 688-2402 COURT INDUSTRIES CO. LIMITED ELECTRO PLATING ■ STEEL FABRICATING P.O. BOX 595 AUTOMATIC SCREW MACHINES 1 200 BUNTING ROAD HOT DIP GALVANIZING ST. CATHARINES, ONTARIO L2R 6X4 TELEPHONE (416) 684-4391 Kelsey-Hayes HXH Canada Limited 55 CATHERINE STREET CONROY DIVISION ST. CATHARINES, ONTARIO L2R 6T9 TELEPHONE (416) 685-5431 CONSTRUCTION EQUIPMENT SALES RENTALS SALES AND RENTAL SERVICE LTD. 112 HARTZEL ROAD ST. CATHARI NES DNT. L2P 1 N5 Tel. C4 1 G: 6B4-634 1 COMPLETE BODY AND COLLISION REPAIRS COMPLETE PAINT JOBS JIM ' S AUTO BODY SHOP 491 Webber Road R.R. 5 - Welland Jim Kirchmayer, Proprietor Bus. 735-4368, 892-3319 Home 735-6970 SSI PAKFOLD m%mm mm% mSBm 6050 MURIE STREET, NIAGARA FALLS, ONTARIO L2E 6X8 TORONTO - 364-1024 NIAGARA FALLS - 354-5609 specializing in European Baked Goods 34 Front St. S. , Thorold 227-701 1 Meadows Pharmacy Ltd. STAMFORD GREEN SHOPPING CENTRE 3533 Portage Road NIAGARA FALLS, ONTARIO L2J 2K5 (416) 354-3023 (416) 358-3913 Steed Evans Ltd. 1600 CREAM RD., BOX 99 FENWICK, ONTARIO TEL.: 892-2647 DAVE PRICE 732-1251 PRESIDENT 1 DAVE PRICE MEN ' S WEAR LTD. i llll SIs 43 DIVISION STREET. WELLAND, ONTARIO featuring s ! a ' - ; S clothes Phone 892-8051 UBiyEBO Country DCIIMBII9 Market Fresh Fruit Vegetables LOCATED AT NO. 20 HWY. EAST OF FONTHILL OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK VERMEER ' S GREEN HOUSES SEASONAL POTTED PLANTS HANGING BASKETS - BEDDING PLANTS 684 South Pelham, Welland Tel. 735-5744 113 TUCK ' S JEWELLERS DIAMONDS. WATCHES lO CLARENCE ST. ENGLISH CHINA, SILVER PORT COLBORNE. ONT. GIFTS TELEPHONE: 834-3823 ' lamo Stcroo wprki — EXPERT ELECTRONIC REPAIRS Telephone 732-5902 23 Hagar St., Welland SCOTT VINE TIRE CENTRE 350 SCOTT STREET ST CATHARINES, ONTARIO L2N 6T4 937-0660 New Work, Repairs, Remodelllni;, Licensed Gaa Fitter Wm. Clare Plumbing Heating Ltd. 751 Clare Avenue Welland, Ontario L3C 3B9 24 Hour Emergency Service 734-3414 MIMHO ' C RARAftP fPHMTHII 1 M Til TEL. 732-1224 180 MAIN STREET, EAST WELLAND, ONTARIO [texaco 26 South Pelham St. J Fonthill, Ontario, LOS 1 EO W Phone: 892-2461 CLIFF MOFFATT, owner Water P TRANSMISSION 60 Main W , Welland, Ont., Tel. 735-5532 ., g j j 3, g Service and Quality is not a Slogan Welland Ont. ■■It is our pledge ' 735-5573 jfff ' For all vour glass needs. QJft MAIN REGIONAL GLASS LTD. Commercial • Industrial • Residential JIM MAIN Emergency Call Collect HPietzAve. 899-1684,732-1128,835-8234 Telephone Welland. Ont. 73 5-851 0-1 1 TEL. 732-6962 478 MAIN WELLAND, ONT. LIBRAIRIE WELLAND BOOK STORE rnr- i A I .ri-.- Livres Froncois . ,- ..., Canadian Government bPELIALISTE - , _ , AGENT - _ „ French Books Gouvernement Conodien PROPS. Conrad a Lilliane Lemelin ' We Pick-up and deliver ParceW 4500 477 Kmii Street 1 £- . J . 1 JLi 1 J-- ' . MVUand, Ontari . Phone 7, ' ?. ' -4.500 L inquire COMPLETE HAIR STYLING =0R MEN AKE CARLTON PLAZA St. Catharines, Ont. Phone 685-3614 AUREL GERVAIS GENERAL INSURANCE AGENCY LTD. 706 E. MAIN ST., WELLAND, ONTARIO WILSON ' S HARDWARE I.V. LTD. Telephone 892-2144 R.C.A. VICTOR - MOFFAT Fonthill, Ont. DAIN CITY AUTO WRECKERS LTD. SPECIALIZING IN UATE MODEU AUTO PARTS REBUILDABUE CARS BOUGHT AND SOLD Port couborne 834-7111 AIR, RAIL, STEAMSHIP BROWN, JAMES TIZZARD TRAVEL SERVICE LTD. Phone 735-0303 5 Main St. - Welland, Ont. " Let ' s Talk Travel " 35 TOWERING HTS. BLVD. ST. CATHARINES, ONT. Res. 682-9736 • CUSTOM-MADE COMMERCIAL UNIFORMS " M. L. FISHMAN 57 ONTARIO RD. 734-3638 WELLAND. ONT. L3B 5C2 114 COMMISSO ' S FOOD TERMINAL 835 Ontario Welland, Ontario Phone 735-2525 SENECA MANUFACTURING (ST. CATHARINES) LTD. John T. Pentesco R.R. 4 Niagara on the Lal e 685-4831-2 AN EXCLUSIVE SEAFOOD GOURMET ' S PARADISE OVER 30 VARIETIES OF EXQUISITE K S J SEAFOOD DISHES MPsF yj 5 Geneva Street 4 Catharines S cV C " - 682-4454 I Seafood hous CD. Rorke Buildings Engineering Consultants lO? ates street, P.O. Box 204 Limited St. Catharines, Ontario, L2R 6S4 684-6331 SCO RIVER COMPANY 54 Clairmont Street P.O. Box 217, Thorold, Ontario L2V 3Y9 Telephone 416-227-6640 PHOTO COPY LTD. P.O. BOX 1055, ST. CATHARINES, ONT. L2R 7A3 MILLEN MARINE Q p MILL SUPPLY LTD. v Sa SHIP CHANDLERS - INDUSTRIAL SUPPLIES AA X P O " ® 834-7220 jj TjlJ Jj 577 Elm St., Port Colborne MacGILLIVRAY CO. CHARTERED ACCOUNTANTS 15 Church Street, Suite 303 Box 848, St. Catharines, Ontario L2R 6Z6 (416) 682-8363 Cable " Charts " D. W.R. Stevenson, F.C.A. W. Kroeker, C.A., Trustee in Bankruptcy E. J. Pagetto, C.A. T.R. Waud, C.A. 1 Connpliments of A FRIEND 91 Falls Region Credit Union YOUR ONE-STOP FINANCIAL CENTRE WITH FOUR CONVENIENT LOCATIONS Dorchester Cummington and McLeod Br. Main and Square Br. 356-8140 North Br. 295-4782 Portage and 356-2275 Morrison Br. 358-3275 General Travel Bureau Sidey sScrvice limited 216 KING ST., PORT COLBORNE. ONT. Telephone 834-3636 115 IK GARDEN CENTRE DIVISION OF J.C. BAKKER SONS LIMITED RR3 ST CATHARINES ONTARIO LOCATED MARTINDALE NORTh 16 934-6455 DUNN ' S BESTWAY Duxnituxi Dadiom ANDREW ARTINIAN ANDREW ARTINIAN CO. LTD. PEN CENTRE ST. CATHARINES, DNT. Mine Floral Vine St, Floral Gardens L a. ' T. ST. CATHARINES ONTARIO FOOD MARKET WHOLESALE AND RETAIL MEAT AND PRODUCE Open from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. 7 DAYS A WEEK Michele Calabrese Sons ARC COMMUNICATIONS CENTRES INC. SALES AND SERVICE — C.B. TWO-WAY RADIOS — WeUand 049 King Street 7.35-0095 Niagara Falls 6752 Lundy ' s Lane .157-02.31 Ferranti Packard Ltd, DIEPPE ROAD, ST. CATHARINES, ONTARIO, CANADA, L2R 6W9 (416)685-6551 DAN VERDEGEM, F.R.I Res: 934-6644 Residential Commercial Rural Office 937-6655 f .M.HfNOi R SON, Phut. B. 341 Geneva Street S t. Catharines. Ontario L2N 2G3 i.t.HtNOf MSON, B.Sc. Phm. PHARMACY LIMITED 15 FRONT ST.S. fHOROLD.ONT. 227-2511 MM tim CLEMENS AND MILLER (A Division of 382250 Ont. Ltd.) TOM N. THORNBORROW 1 Drew Street Welland, Ontario 416-734-4594 Beaver Lumber Co. Ltd. 69 Eastchester St. Catharines Phone 685-7328 R.S.W. CONSULTING A RAPELJE, SPENDIFF WATT ENTERPRISE Seaway Mall 800 Niagara St., Suite GG1 Welland, Ontario Telephone L3C 1M3 735-9800 Mac Lawn Spray Ltd. Complete Lawn Program Free Estimates 563-8235 or ZENITH 71150 Compliments of WILF FRITZ SON CO. LTD. MASONRY BUILDERS MARINE INSULATION AND FIRE BRICK 164 King Street, Port Colborne, Ont. L3K 4G4 Wilf Fritz John Roth, Owner 834-3376 894-3657 Rapids Motel For the finest Italian and Canadian food drop in at the La Doria Restaurant 4029 River Rd. 31 Luxury Rooms 4067 River Rd. Niagara Falls, Ont. 356-6666 HUilBlilSTOliE lyiLOERS SUPPLIES IWITEO 700 Elm Street Port Colborne, Ont (416) 834-6444 tor s ice The House of Hospitality " Your Hosts TONY DOROTHY ZAFEERIS 5467 Victoria Ave., Niagara Falls, Canada - 354-7225 1 Elm Street S., Port Colborne, Ontario (416) 834-6331 MARLON MARINA BOAT, MOTOR SALES AND SERVICE TRAILERS - BAIT - DOCKS The RICE BOWL m RESTAURANT AND TAVERN Monday to Thursday 4 p.m. to 2 a.m. Friday and Saturday 4 p.m. to 2:30 a.m. Sunday 12 noon to 10 p.m. 18-122 WELLAND AVE., MIDTOWN PLAZA P.O. BOX 1173. ST. CATHARINES. ONT. Phones: [416] 685-8948 or 685-4393 Prestige Cleaners Tailors SPECIALIZING IN DRAPERY CLEANING AND ALL ALTERATIONS proprietor: Rocky Maida telephone 111 highway 20 east 892-5642 FONTHILL, ONTARIO PETER FURNESS, P.Eng. MANAOER 1 §j SWAN WOOSTER ENGINEERING CO. LTD. I07 YATES ST., ST. CATHARINE . ONT. (410) 085-8442 Tn- »»4-137« Niagara Holland Nurseries Ltd. DRaWERB or QUALITY NURBERY BTOCK LAKESHORE RD. R.R. 3 NIAGARA-QN-THE-UkKE ONTARIO JOHN BEROMAN BR. Only twenty more turns! Central Garage Ridgeville Ltd. PONTIAC — BUICK — G.M.C. 302 Canboro Rd. Western end of Fonthill, Ont. Phone 892-2653 O.R. STEADMAN SON JEWELLERS SINCE 1912 Bus. 227-5412 Res. 227-1222 P.O. Box 5 29 Front St., South Thorold, Ontario L2V 3Y7 177 SCOTT STREET ST. CATHARINES 934-5515 HAPPINESS IS THE WRIGHT POOL Tel. 416-937-2455 NIAGARA IMPORT SERVICE SPECIALIZING IN MERCEDES - BENZ - VOLVO - BMW - BLM BORG WARNER AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSIONS 2421 2 Niagara Street St. Catharines, Ont. L2M 4V4 KEITH ' S Restaurant Fonthill Phone 892-3261 NATIONAL BANK OF CANADA 469 Main Street, East Welland, Ontario L3B 3X7 Speed wheel centft ' Everything " for your car, truck motor cycle SALES SERVICE 684-3778 • 688 2651 247 BUNTING ROAD ST CATHARINES, ONTARIO 117 Cortjmercial Pilot Training with Niagara College Niagara District Airport— Box 41b St. Catharines, Ont — (416) 684-9447 Res (416) 892-8067 Fonthlll WESTINGHOUSE CANADA LTD. I HH WELLAND AVENUE " All Hours 682-8336 K W Scott CET " S ' TE SERVICE Branch Manager St Catharines Branch Repairs to all makes Of Electrical Apparatus Apparatus Service Division P O N T 1 A C B U 1 C K GMC TRUCKS Niagara M otori Jf imUed P.O. BOX 70, VIRGIL, ONTARIO LOS ITO Om Bras,.. SINCE 1850 14 James St., St.Catharines. Ontario L2R5B8, Phone(416)685-6529 Oke h. iouit CO. LIMITED FAIRVIEW MALL ST. CATHARINES, ONT. CROWLAND SASH FRAME LIMITED Custom-Made Windows and Door Frames 15 Brownleigh Ave. Welland, Ont. Phone 735-5001 L3B 5R2 TELEPHONE 262-4279 QuEENSTON Quarries A Division of Steetley industries Limited P.O. BOX 387 NIAGARA FALLS, ONTARIO L2E 6T8 FIXTURES — LAMPS — ELECTRIC HEATING WIRING SUPPLIES DON ' S LIGHT HOUSE Day or Night We Have The Light 935-3621 296 Lake St. St. Catharines, Ont. L2M 6P6 auiddon unerai JJ-omei ejCtd. PORT COLBORNE, ONTARIO ALLAN R. DAVIDSON, President BUS. 834-4833 RES. 834-6711 A Complete Line of Electronic Parts NIAGARA T.V. SUPPLY LTD. 4751 Morrison St. Niagara Falls, Ont. s4.2 2 354-2311 1 J 1 f THE NIAGARA W MmnMJmJ WM Hagar Street, Welland IIP WWW gZtJ EmpJre Street, Welland WM Forest St., Dunnvi He LIMITED St. Catharines] Inc. 10 Niagara Street, St. Catharines, Ontario Phone 685-301 2 Trophies - Crests - Plaques - Ribbons ■ Mugs - Jackets SANDY DUFFNEY 118 Blenkhorn and Sawie Limited P.O. BOX 3010, 100 GRANTHAM AVENUE ST. CATHARINES, ONTARIO, L2R 7B9 NORMETAL SCRAP CO. LTD. P.O. BOX 396 ST. CATHARINES, ONTARIO L2R 6V9 227-6151 Provincial Crane AMCA Heavy Equipment Limited P O. Box 1013, Niagara Falls, Ontario, L2E 6W8 (416) 354-5621 BUNS MASTER BAKERY Peter Kartasinski Bob Lipowsky 203 Carlton Street St. Catharines, Ontario (416) 682-6848 uu l J TIM NORTON DONUTS3 DONUTS 563 NIAGARA ST., WELLAND 735-0767 WIENS EQUIPMENT WELLAND LIMITED 80 Federal Road 735-0273 384-9755 Sales, Rental, Service Construction Industrial Equipment Best Of Luck 0 eaway 734-3131 The Royal Bank of Canada 4491 Queen Street Niagara Falls. Ontario L2E, 2L4 PLATE STRUCTURAL STEEL LTD. 65 BRUCE STREET. P.O. BOX 40 WELLAND, ONTARIO L3B 5N9 (416) 354-1694 BISSELL LIMITED 6934 Montrose Niagara Falls, Ont. Tel. 336-1331 m BCI GROUP ARDROX LIMITED MANUFACTURER ' S OF NON-DESTRUCTIVE TESTING PROCESSES AND EQUIPMENT P.O. Box 814 St. Catharines Ontario L2R 6Y3 Bus. (416) 684-6887 or (416) 684-1800 Telex 061-5228 0 Ed Learn Ford PETTTOR 726, 375 Ontario Street, St. Catharines, Ontario L2R 6Y3 LEASING ALL MAKES AND M ODELS NEW AND USED CAR SALES St. Catharines 684-8791 Toronto 364-8673 Welland, Port Colborne, Fort Erie 382-2915 ELECTRICAL-MECHANICAL . COMMERCIAL-INDUSTRIAL MARINE CONSTRUCTION MAINTENANCE 24 HOUR SERVICE ELECTRICAL MECHANICAL pr ENGINEERING CRANE SERVICE Hl ELECTRONIC SERVICES canal electric A Division of Upper Lakes Shipping Ltd. 155 CUSHMAN ROAD HAMILTON ST. CATHARINES L2M 6T4 662- 1 993 685-1792 TELEX 061-5231 CAMpORCE Canada Forgings A Division of Toromont industries Limited P.O. Box 308, Empire Street Welland. Ontario L3B 5P8 FOSTER WHEELER LIMITED P.O. BOX 3007 ST. CATHARINES. ONTARIO L2R 7B7 Wooico Dept. Store Lincoln Mall St. Catharines, Ont 685-1721 The Ontario Paper Company Ltd. 80 King St. St. Catharines, Ont. Tel. 688-5030 U n McDonald ' s W W Restaurant McDonald Ontano St. Jj U IJ St. Catharines, Ont. McDonald ' s for Your Late Night SnacIt SUMMER HOURS Sunday through Thursday 7 A.M. to 12 P.M. Friday and Saturday 7 A.M. to 12.-30 A.M. Now Serving Breakfast 7 A.M. toll A.M. Mon. to Sat. 7 A.M. to 11:30 A.M. Sun. NEWMAN STEEL LTD. Box 640 St. Catharines, Ont. Tel. 227-1195 MAY FOUNDRY CO. LTD. Mannfacturers of Brome Brags Copper Aluminum Iron Castings 6029 CLARK AVENUE NIAGARA FALLS, ONTARIO L2G 3W3 PHONE 354-2768 120 MOTHER ' S PIZZA PARLOUR SPAGHETTI HOUSE 123 Geneva St. St. Catharines 668-6720 ADVERTISING DESIGNS ANNUAL REPORTS ARCHITECTURAL RENDERINGS AUDIO-VISUAL PRESENTATIONS BROCHURES PORT COLBORNE IRON WORKS LTD. Frazer Street Port Colborne, Ont. Tel. 834-4544 Engineers Fabricators Bo 84 St. Catharines. Ont. Tel. 684-1165 Compliments of Welland Plaza Merchants Assoc. Welland Plaza Welland, Ontario Tel. 734-3512 Shop The Welland Plaza J ROGRESS through 1929 V -y 1979 _ __ _ Mpeople TRI¥ CANADA LIMITED THOMPSON PRODUCTS DIVISION ST. CATHARINES. ONTARIO, BOX 3004. L2R 7B5 m O « STORE HOURS ■ ■ ■ Breal fast Served 7 a.m. ■ 11 a.m. iMCDOnalCi ' S Mon. to sat. and Sun. « 7 a.m. ■ 11:30 a.m. ■ A M ' j Sun. through Thurs. Open mh. 7 a.m. - 12 Midnight Fri. and Sat. 7 a.m. - 12:30 a.m. 631 Niagara N. Welland, Ont. Vwoodstream CORPORATION NIAGARA FALLS, ONT. L2E 6T3 - 416-357-3440 121 E. WEIGHTMAN SONS CO. LTD. 3848 Main St. Chippawa 295-4381 7 F ■ i HYDEL ENGINEERING LTD. 566 Ridge Road Welland, Ontario 492 B669 L. VIGER CONSTRUCTION GENERAL CONTRACTING 32 Vanier Dr. Welland, Ontario L3B 1A2 Phone: 732-4879 Neil Proctor, B.Math., C.A. G.H. WARD PARTNERS Chartered Accountants 610 Niagara Street P.O. Box 338 Welland, Ontario 735-4151 384-9210 227-1655 SUMMIT PLACE TAVERN 4 Front St. Thorold, Ontario RAY ' S SUBS LTD. 278 Lincoln St. 735-4947 THE BEST TASTING MEAL AROUND FAST SERVICE ENSIGN SECURITY SERVICE 173A East Main, Welland 732-2759 PRODUCTS LIMITED srritt St., St. Catharines 227-6634 Helena St., Fort Erie 871-3526 WELLAND COMMUNITY CREDIT UNION 44 Michigan Ave. 601 E. Main St. Welland Welland 260 Fitch St. Welland Leo Laflamme Co. LtJ. 42 Glen Park, Welland 732-5136 DRIVEWAYS PARKING LOTS HAULAGE CELLARS (Chute Service) SNOW PLOWING RADIO DISPATCH SERVICE NIAGARA BOOKKEEPING AND BUSINESS SYSTEMS LIMITED 76 Division Street Welland, Ontario Phone: 734-6813 THURSTON MACHINE CO. LIMITED 227 Fares, Port Colborne 122 MARKARIAN ' S STSJLs: ::oi7ss Charcoal Broiled Steaks - Beef Tenderloin - T-Bone Steaks New York Sirloin - Filet Mignon - Surf Turf Visa Chargex-American Express-Diners Club-Master Charge-AAA FOR RESERVATIONS Carte Blanche 410 ONTARIO ASIA OPEN DAILY TILL MIDNIGHT UOfOf J J PARAMOUNT PROPERTIES CO. 21 Elizabeth St. St. Catharines, Ont. 684-7425 rii rk[¥ NIAGARA 1 1 ) 3m WELDERS WH B P SUPPLY LIMITED WRIGHT AND SMITH STREETS ST. CATHARINES, ONTARIO L2R 7A9 THE NEW THOROLD INN HOTEL 54 Front St., S. Thorold 227-261 1 e 500 MAJOR STREET • WELLAND • ONTAniO TELEPHONE 734-7455 AREA CODE 416 WELLAND METAL SUPPLIES LTD. 208 Burgar St. Welland, Ontario Phone 732-4457 j jC lLL An DAVID REALTOR III BUYING or SELLING Choose Q Quohfied Realtor with Experience Serving Niogoro for Over 30 Years RESIDENTIAL - COMMERCIAL - INDUSTRIAL 358-5744 ACCREDITED APPRAISALS - GORDON GILES, A.A.C.L 7184 Dorchester Rd. Niagara Falls, Ont. LATCHAM FOODS INC. 159 Cushman St. Catharines Phone 684-9294 Crowland Paving Construction Co. Shop: 365 Dain Avenue, Welland Phone 734-4756 Reni Leclerc Charles Patterson Res.: 96 Marc Blvd., Welland, Ontario MICHAEL ' S INN 5599 River Road Niagara Falls, Ontario Phone 416-354-2727 COMPLIMENTS OF Bus. 357-2021 MOTORYILIE CHEVROLET OLDSMOBILE CADILLAC LTD. 4303 RIVER RD. NIAGARA FALLS. ONT. L2E 3E8 Niagara Falls Ontario G GAULD NURSERIES LTD. N 8865 Mountain Road at Garner LTD. Telephone 354-2392 Rankin Gauld Bruce Gauld 354-2392 356-5886 123 p. C. DROP FORCINGS LIMITED p. O. BOX lOO - PORT COI BOKNE - ONTARIO PHONE 4:ie-834-T211, 7t213 Closed Die Forgings - for - Automotive Agriculture Mining Industries Telephone 732-7332 Nights 734-9330 GOODMAN-BROWN MACHINE AND MARINE LIMITED CUSTOM MACHINERY, STEEL FABRICATION MAINTENANCE SERVICE GEORGE BROWN 924 southworth st., s. Welland _ Ontario (416) 227-2260 1 7 York Electro Plating Ltd. STEEL FABRICATORS LIMITED 70 ROSEDALE AVE., PORT COLBORNE, ONTARIO PHONE (416) 834-7321 - 7324 B. P. IRVINE President 51 ORMOND STREET N THOROLD, ONTARIO L2V 3Y9 IAN ANDERSEN BRANCH MANAGER Tricil Limited — Linnit6e 144 Dunkirk Road P.O. Box 21 30, Station B St. Catharines, Ontario L2M 6P5 (416) 688-9030 HOME 934-1172 OFFICE 684-8311 NIAGARA INDUSTRIAL SUPPLIES LTD. 606 WELLAND AVE. P.O. BOX 203 ST. CATHARINES, ONT. Presented by ROB ROTZ ONTARIO MOTOR LEAGUE uiorlclci uiide — TRAVEL AGENCY BRIAN JOHNSON CTC Travel Consultant 76 Lake St., St. Catharines, Ont. L2R 6S3, Tel. (416) 688-0321 I will approach this yet from another angle SERVING METRO NIAGARA a aire DELIVERY SERVICE LTD. LARRY SIMPSON Office 732-6892 Dispatch TELEPHONES: 354-8323 354-3721 5309 portage road Al Dane, president Niagara falls, Ontario Norma McLaren, sec.-treas. L2E 6B8 124 ST. CATHARINES GLASS MIRROR LTD. 50 Scott St. St. Catharines, Ont. Phone 688-01 33 Market Square Phone 736-0275 Welland, Ontario L3B 3G8 24 Hour Service Welbridge Engineering Co. Ltd. S. H.M. ELLIOTT, P. ENG. MANAGER Fire Extinguishers - Sales - Installations Service - Inspections - Automatic Hood Systems Scuba Sales Service - Breathing Equipment 1 Mm ' m Jm Zavem Falrvlew Mall Plaza Q.E. Way at Geneva Street St. Catharines, Ontario TELEPHONE 937-6411 Your Hosts: Andy Mary Hadjiyannakis The R. Timms Construction and Engineering Limited P.O. Box 305 99 Lincoln Street West Welland, Ont. L3B5F7 O Sdelweiss Y ' A HAIR FASHIONS jB Burgar Street. Welland, Ontario 735-7924 % OPERATOR: ill INTERNATIONAL TRUCKS ilrcher Track Centres 260 DUNKIRK ROAD HWY. S8 L2R 7K6 L3B 5R3 BUS. 685-6532 BUS. 735-6661 ■■■ PARTS 685-4829 ' HARDOX HARDWARE BUILDING SUPPLIES LTD. 250 BUNTING ROAD - P.O. BOX 337 ST CATHARINES. ONTARIO L2R 6T7 Bus. 682-2633 1-800-263-7257 WHOLESALE DISTRIBUTORS OF MAGAZINES, NEWSPAPERS AND PERIODICALS SEWAY NEWS COIVIPANY LTD. 217 BUNTING ROAD, BOX 1058 TELEPHONE 684-7471 ST. CATHARINES, ONTARIO Guaranty Trust Co. of Canada 62 Main St. E. Welland, Ont. 732-2461 Vineland Canning Co. Ltd. Welland, Ontario L3B 5R4 P.O. Box 670, 77 Foss Road FLOWERS FIRST AND ALWAYS. 2X6 KING STREET PHONE T32-2422 FHA.XK BIRO Welland, Ontario CROWN MOVING STORAGE WELLAND - 732-3444 ST, CATHARINES - 384-9607 PORT COLBORNE - 732-3444 NIAGARA FALLS - 384-9607 JACK COLES OWNER manager 125 HAMILL MACHINE CO. LTD. STANLEY AT ARTHUR NIAGARA FALLS T. HAMILL Prop. Phone EL. 4-2922 GENERAL MACHINE WDRK WELDING Disc Jockey Lnlimited DANCES-BANQUETS-WEDDINGS-PARTIES 5 Seapark, St. Catharines Mi r c JOSEPH DEL COL 0 iM. ' ' 43t)f) DISC JOCKEY ST. JOSEPH PHONE 937-4411 BAKERY 53 FACER ST. ST. CATHARINES, ONT. L2M 5H7 P. cosTELLo Insurance GIROTTI MACHINE WORKS DIV. GIROTTI ST. CATHARINES LTD. 26 Seapark Drive St. Catharines, Ont. Phone 684-6584 STAINLESS STEEL (6 PLY) COOKWARE 4807 KENT AVENUE. NIAGARA FALLS, ONTARIO 416 356-4900 RES 416 295. 6286 734-3500 UMITED ,34.3 ,3 Jack Berkhout, Sales and Service Ed Berkhout, Parts and Hoses Al Woodhouse, Accounting TJhe c4dmi ial M.otel Phone (416) 356-5757 5320 Frerry St. Cor. Clark Niagara Falls, Ontario One Block from Niagara International Sklyon Part TALLMAN TRANSPORTS LTD. Welland 735-1410 Hamilton 529-8571 Toronto 361-1085 Regional Niagara 384-9720 Telex: 061-5296 1003 Niagara Street Welland, Ontario L3B 5N5 FLEXBAND CANADA HAIR CLOTH CO., LIMITED EVERSHAPE St. Catharines, Ontario L2R 6W1 EVERFUSE (416) 688-6372 COLLAPAD SHAPE RETENTION TEXTILES SHOLDEX SALES DIVISIONS TIE-RITE NATIONAL PAD CANADA PAD BAN-ROL Toronto, Ontario Montreal, Quebec JANZEN PLUMBING HEATING LIMITED 114 Dunkirk Road Phone 688-0303 St. Catharines, Ontario L2P 3H5 Compliments of ASTRA TRUST 72 E. Main Street, Welland, Ontario 735-8444, 384-9444 GOLDEN PHEASANT TAVERN 244 Ontario St. St. Catharines, Ont. DINING LOUNGE SPECIALIZING: PIZZA AND CHICKEN WINGS CtetoMcC TfCetcU ' P% ducU 4td, 464 WELLAND AVENUE ST. CATHARINES. ONTARIO l_2 M 5 V 4 KINGS SUBS " Subs Fit for a King " 683 King St. HOT AND MILD CHICKEN WINGS COMPLETE LINE OF HOT AND COLD SUBS, SEAFOODS, SNACKS OPEN 7 DAYS 11 a.m. - 3 a.m. Delivery 734-7302 COOPERS TRAVEL CENTRE AIR, STEAMSHIP, BUS AND RAIL, HOTELS, TOURS 274 King Street Welland, Ontario Tel. 735-8001 126 KANE ' S COFFEE VENDING SERVICES Ron Kane P.O. Box 691 425 Glendale Avenue (416) 684-8224 ' t rfltharinp 4 Dntarin 1 ?R RYT 227-6123 JULIES STEAK HOUSE TAVERN 41 Main W. Welland, Ont. 732-1777 Arnie Small Residence: 347 Silverthorn Ct. Manager R.R. 1, Welland, Ontario Telephone (416) 732-6443 SPANISH TAVERN RESTAURANT DINING LOUNGE UtAVtK LUMBLK UUMKANY LIMI 1 tU 300 East Main Welland, Ontario L3B 3X2 Telephone (416) 735-5613 255 Bunting Road, St. Catharines 682-7213 BESTVIEW HEALTH CARE CENTRE 168 Scott St. St. Catharines, Ont. Phone 934-3321 735-2222 SANTO ' S PIZZERIA 284 East Main St. Welland OFEASBY GARMENT AND LINEN RENTAL R.C. (Dick) Wade 234 Oakdale Avenue Sales Manager St. Catharines, Ontario Jinn Lawrason 684-6501 President Other Areas Zenith 51000 DARDARIAN ' S STEAK AND LOBSTER HOUSE 260 Lake Street, St. Catharines Reservations 685-8477 m Town Country Shell Ian Davis, Proprietor Tov n Country Plozo COSY GRILL 148 Hartzell Road St. Catharines 685-6759 || Niagara Falls, Ont. 354-9722 HICKS LUMBER OWNED AND OPERATED BY GORD-BLANCHE LTD. G.F. Hicks President Phone 734-7424 Area Code 416 36-50 Bruce Street Welland, Ontario L3B 2R1 BREATH OF SPRING FLOWERS Seaway Mall Welland, Ont. L3C 5Z4 Phone 735-7521 AREA CODE 416-685-6573 m TELEX - 061-5210 lord Burntiain fr clTHARwer CO., LIMITED BAMBOO RESTAURANT SPECIALIZING IN CHINESE AND CANADIAN FOOD 641 King St., Welland 734-6229 PAINTS, VARNISHES WALLPAPERS AND STAINS DOMESTIC AND IMPORTED LINES MaclVER ' S PAINTS WALLCOVERINGS 47 W. Main St. Charles Gostick, Prop. Welland, Ontario 734-3822 EAST MAIN MOTORS-VOLKSWAGEN 936 Main St. East, Welland 732-6167 127 TRANSMISSION CENTRES IN ALL PRINCIPAL CITIES llgEltgTOgBaBiM 1 52 Hartzell Road, St. Catharines ffiuSQSB f m 387 Ontario Street, Dave Pressley 682-8679 A r kMDI CTC TO AklCkJllOQI KI QCD I C CAl CO Akin OAATC PHONE (416) 682-1990 RON SMITH FABRICATORS OF CUSTOM FABRICATING MILD STEEL co, um.ted STAINLESS STEEL ALUMINUM 40 Cushman Road CUSTOM SHEARING, gt Catharines Ontario FORMING AND ROLLING li.. Jon ' FULL MACHINE SHOP L2M 6S8 SERVICE Telephone (416) 685-1301 NIAGARA AIR TOOL HYDRAULIC SERVICE 6 Secord Dr. St. Catharines Ontario L2N 1K8 Phone (416) 937-1822 J. Hubert Res: (416) 935-7145 B. Holly Res: (416) 934-2741 Ol REQUIP LIMITED Hwy. 58 Shaw St., P.O. Box 157 Wellana, Untano Ldis 5r2 SALES - RENTAL — SERVICE 735-4810 WHERE IT ' S STILL FUN BEING A WOMAN MITCHELL ' S 63 East Main Street (416) 735-5293, Wei land L3B 3W4 n A lAI SHEET M€TAL U A YY HEATING S760 VALLEY WAY • NIAGARA FALLS, ONTARIO Heating — Ventilating — Exhaust S s ems Central Air Conditioning — General Sheet Metal Work BUS PHONE 358-3014 RES. PHONE 384-9168 BOGNER PHOTOGRAPHY LIMITED AWARD WINNING PHOTOGRAPHY By Thies and Audrey Bogner Welland 735-7551 132 Main Street West D.W. GOSS LTD. Plumbing • Heating • l lectianical Contractors 542 Memorial Drive Bus. (416) 892-5073 Fenwick, Ontario LOS ICO Res. (416) 892-6241 Bus.: 934-2521 CROSS CANADA AUTO BODY SUPPLY (St. Cath.) LTD. 22-34 Secord Dr. St. Catharines, Ontario Welland Radiator Service Your Radiator and Air Condition WW - ' npp ' i nln (i ' t - n:ii ir—x, 1 6 Shaw Street 1 Phone 735-673! FRONTIER AUTO DISMANTLERS R.R. 1 Port Robinson Ontario St. Catharines - Niag. Falls Welland 384-9442 735-0481 Watts Line 1-800-263-7303 C S Automotive Machine Shop (WELLAND LIMITED) 32 CROSS STREET. WELLAND, ONTARIO CYLINDER HEAD RE-CONDITIONING Phonell " " 1 33! ENGINE RE-BUILDING Jl Res: 382-3762 ! 483 East Main Street Welland, Ontario L3B 3X8 ■■ll Telephone 734-9930 NICK ' S CLEANERS TAILORS SPECIALIZING IN UnMrtnT ULtAINIINo AINU MLL ML 1 CnM 1 HJINO COLD STORAGE ON PREMISES TELEPHONE 685-3026 - to am Tip h o Is ten 12 Export Ave., Unit 3; ST. CATHARINES, ONT. PENINSULA ANTENNA SERVICE (Marcel Lallouet) SPECIALISTS IN TOWERS • ROTORS ANTENNAS OF ALL TYPES APARTMENT SYSTEMS 5 YEAR WARRANTY ON ALL TOWERS Phones: 735-1801 - 834-6555 6 Paul Street Port Colborne, Ont. BUS. PHONE 227 - 1661 I RES. PHONE 227 - 0934| 225 MERRITT ST. ST. CATHARINES. ONtI L2 T 1J 7 ll TARTAN BEAUTY SALON " We Care About Your Hair " 528 Lincoln Street East Welland, Ontario 735-0319 C. J. CLARKE. NIAGARA. LIMITED CONSULTING ENGINEERS ONTARIO LAND SURVEYORS LINCOLN STREET PLAZA WELLAND. ONTARIO L3B 4N4 TELEPHONE (41«) 738-7841 BURGHER FABRICATING INC. WELDING REPAIRS FERROUS AND NON-FERROUS METALS (416) 935-4420 51 Cecil Street St. Catharines, Ont. Ornamental Gift Shop for Weddings and Family Celebrations 227-1156 Thoroid, Ontario 16 Ormond St. S. L2V lYl LINCOLN GRAPHICS A DIVISION OF CONSOLIDATED GRAPHICS LIMITED COMMERCIAL PRINTERS J " L ' ' l ' ' Printing Needs " ■ 3 22 Export Ave., St. Catharines, Ont. L2M 5V8 M Telephone (416) 6o5-42o6 J ani uUtf o Son U-fion bS -ltl2 J e-i.. 685-1672 From Niagara - St. Catharines - Dial 384-9731 PELINO, MATAYA MOLNAR LTD. West Side Road, Welland, P.O. Box 31 COMPLETE AUTOMOTIVE SERVICE COLLISION AND MECHANICAL FRAME AND FRONT END ALIGNMENT TOWING - 24 HOUR - TOWING Phone 735-4422 Garry Molnar John Mataya Louis Pelino Wade ' s DISCOUNT CLEANERS 15 Niagara Street, Welland 735-4253 L3C1H8 JOSEPH ' S HAIR STYLIST 195 Main St. E., Welland, Ont. Phone: 735-0821 Joseph Mussari " Latest in Hair Styling " Cer°amL ' ' sil ' iniess Mdette Vile Centre J td. Corlon , Telephone 732-4488 Counter Tops East Main st. Paints Carpets Welland, Ontario L3B 5P2 LASKEY ' S LIMOUSINE SERVICE Doug Kerr 685-8323 685-8405 47 Herrick Avenge DAILY AIRPORT St. Catharines, Ont. SERVICE TO L r obo loronto - Hamilton - buiiaio Ez-z oy ' ' 0 d Arthurs ' ' Hospitality Qitioii M otoA Qnn 13030 Lundy ' s Lane Niagara Falls Phone: 227-2567 R H WELDING BOILER REPAIR • PIPE FITTING PREFABRICATING • PRESSURE TICKET • PORTABLE WELDING • WELDING SPECIAL METALS • FABRICATION • TRAILER HITCHES 807 Church Street, Fenwick, Ont. Russ Home, Proprietor Phone: 892-5044 Night Calls: 892-3994 5 y YOUR COMPLETE HIBMt DECORATING CENTRE luSiSSSfa A COMPLETE SELECTION •Kwij|B|r CITY WIDE DELIVERY Showroom 685-4884 46 Jannes BEGOLO ' S BODY SERVICE LTD. COLLISION REPAIRS AND PAINTING FRAME STRN. AND WHEEL ALIGNMENT CORVETTE SPECIALISTS TOWING ON REQUEST 217 Niagara Falls Rd., Thoroid 227-3595 or 227-5321 5958 Buchanan Avenue Niagara Falls, Ont. — Tel. 356-4860 ' ' Within walf(ir)g distance of Niagara Falls ' ' 129 Deico AUTO TRUCK ELECTRIC 117CUSHMAIM ROAD ST. CATHARINES, ONTARIO In Watts 1-800-263-7271 Tel. 688-1483 WEDDINGS PRIVATE PARTIES BANQUETS S-LzYia Ulioni Caizxinq cSzzuics 59 Riverside Drive Welland. Ontario Phone 735-5850 MOTEL OLYMPIA Centre St. McGrail Ave. — Niagara Falls, Canada Only 3 blocks to the Falls, park your car avoid congested traffic by walking. Featuring; Restaurant, Snack Bar. New modern accommodations, beautiful heated pool, steam bath, wall to wall carpet, TV., tubs showers, open year round. Owner Management Phone 416-356-2614 Old Stone Inn 5425 Robinson Niagara Falls, Ont. 357-1234 St. Catharines Heating Plumbing 120 Dunkirk St. Catharines, Ont. 685-6547 THE WINDPOPPY Tues.-Thurs, Sat An A Craft Boatk|M 30 -Tga poQnn Open Fri. - 10-9:00 Saturday Sunday Sun -1 30-5 30 pQ -rHILL. ONTARIO 892-42(2 W.P. London Associates 4056 Dorchester St. Niagara Falls, Ont. 356-1543 20 Division Street Welland, Ontario IMPERIAL OPTICAL CO. DISPENSARY Donald Cool , Optician Mgr. Phone 735-2680 Ron Beaver, Asst. Mgr. Phone 735-2681 Kitchingman Auto Wreckers Salvage — 24 HOUR TOWING — FOLLOW AY RD. PORT ROBINSON 227 - 5850 STORAGE PARTS • TRAILER DELIVERY • SERVICE Eaujatj Trailer Sales PHONE 735-8033 1115 NIAGARA ST. NORTH, WELLAND, ONT. (ACROSS FROM EXHIBITION GROUNDS) BOB GILMORE LTD. DAIRY DIVISION THE BORDEN COMPANY. LIMITED BOB GILMORE LTD., 236 LINCOLN BT. E., WELLAND, ONTARIO TEL: 734-3551 734-6111 LARRY CALNAN BRANCH MANAGER P.O. BOX 2030 QUINN TRUCK PLAZA NEW e HIGHWAY NIAGARA FALLS, ONT. L2E 6Z2 (416) 688-1200 SERVICES STANLEY (STAN) MARTIN division manager vended food service Hamilton Area Zenith 14540 St. Catharines (41 6) 682-31 69 VS Services Ltd 23 Hiscott Street • St. Catharines • Ontario BARR ASSOCIATES CONSULTING ENGINEERS - TOWN PLANNERS One Church Street, St. Catharines, Ontario L2R 3B1 (416) 688-9400 RICHARD W. HODGE, C.E.T. Hamilton - ST. CATHARINES -Nanticoke ROMA PIZZERIA FAST TA KE-OUT DELIVER Y SER VICE PIZZA - SPAGHETTI - SUBMARINE SANDWICHES WITH MEATBALLS OR ASSORTED SALAMI CHEESE Open 10AM -2AM 734-J6bl 631 Main E. [At Scholfleld] Harry Bakker, Owner Phone 416-934-1697 R.R. 3, ST. CATHARINES, ONTARIO MAPLE LEAF NURSERIES [LTD.] 130 ' 7Ac ( Ci4to H S IC CUSTOM PAINTING - GLASS ETCHING Accessories for Trucks and Motorcycles, Installations Good Year Motorcycle Tires, Race Car Lettering 293 Morningstar. Unit 5E Paint by " Haywire " Wei and. Ontario 732-2320 or 735-4507 T. M. HELLINGS Res. 685-7254 R. HIBBERT R s. 934-7895 S fflM WELDIMG LIMITED BOILER REPAIRS - STACKS - STEEL FABRICATING P.O. Box 1145, 5th Ave. ius. (416)685-9475 St. Catharines, Ontario L2R 7A3 ROBT YOUNG 0OD FARMS ltd LOCAL GROWERS OF QUALITY TURF Fitld Pick-up and Delivery Farm Locations: Office Address oRfli ' Pelham 360 Foss Road (4ib)By --iD0i poth Road, R.R. 1, Lowbanks R.R. 5, Fenwick Office Phone HILL ' S BOARDING KENNELS Phone 735-5010 Res. 734-3269 293 MORNINGSTAR AVE.. 12 WELLAND. ONTARIO LIMITED 5647 MAIN STREET NIAGARA FALLS. ONTARIO L2G 5Z3 Sales-Rentals-lnstallation of Theatrical Equipment Supplies 5698 Highland Ave., Niagara Falls, Ont. (416) 356-0499 efenan rns.OIn. tmrt b GENERAL CQNTRACTDRS and ENGINEERS Telephone 684-8511 4A CLARK STREET P.O. BOX 60B 4 Nlhan Drive (off Scott) Unit 3, St. Catharines PHONE 935-5012 OB B-o CUT - RITE MEATS Custom Killing Freezer Orders - Pork - Veal - Wholesale Retail 350 Poth St. R.R. 5, Welland, Ont. Phcme 892-216? Frank Delle Monache J. J. PATTERSON SONS Funeral Residence Ltd. 19 young street, welland, ont. Phone 735-5713 DESMIT LUMBER AND BUILDING SUPPLIES 920 Niagara St. Welland, Ontario " We Specialize in Hem Fir Timbers " Business 732-2444 384-9706 935-2550 163 Scott Street, St. Catharines, Ont. fatten g. ivdUi. Xtd. 18 East Main Street Welland, Ontario, Canada iJnzz :: fmanUa Telephone (416) 734-6201 MARIO ' S ELECTRIC Residential, Commercial Electrical Heating TELEPHONE 735-1294 740 BUCHNER RD. R.R. 1, WELLAND, ONTARIO NOCl FRANK LEE ' S SUNOCO 180 Fitch Street Welland, Ontario L3C 4V8 Ph-one 735-3822 ALEX ZWARYCH RECYCLING CENTRE 1-800-263-7207 ONTARIO TELETYPE SERVICE PHONE 227-5251 BEAVERDAMS RD THOROLD, ONTARIO 131 SUTHERLAND l»D»A PHARMACY SUTHERLAND LAKEPORT PHARMACY LTD. 218 Lakeport Rd. 935-6313 St. Catharines, Ont. MISENER TRANSPORTATION P.O. Box 100 115 Dieppe Road St. Catharines 688-3500 Telephone 834-3893 114 Chestnut Street P.O. Box 68 VENTURA MACHINE LIMITED GENERAL MACHINE WORK • STEEL FABRICATING DRILLING - TURRET AND LATHE WORK SHAPING - MILLING - PLANING Port Colborne, Ontario L3K 5V7 CROCK BLOCK RESTAURANT TAVERN 240 Giendale St. Catharines 682-8071 LOW ' S GLASS MIRROR CO. LTD. 181-3 Church Street St. Catharines, Ontario L2R 3E6 Telephone 684-9427 " WE SALUTE YOU " NIAGARA COLLEGE STUDENTS 1 " Scotiabank. Just arouna the corner. Scotiabank Right around the world. " 3 BRANCHES IN WELLAND TO SERVE YOU NIAGARA and THOROLD 38 EAST MAIN ST. 735-8750 734-7497 LINCOLN PLAZA 732-4415 Scotiabank THE BANK OF NOVA SCOTIA NIAGARA FRONTIER CATERERS LTD, 456 Wei land Ave. St. Catharines 684-8787 COMPLETE CAFETERIA AND VENDING SERVICES FOOD PREPARED DAILY IN YOUR COLLEGE KITCHEN COMMISSARY CATERING AVAILABLE FOR YOUR WEDDINGS BANQUETS SCHOOL FUNCTIONS For Information and Please Call Free Brochures 684-8788 M J Broasted Chicken Restaurant 312 Thorold Road West 735-3681 6a.m.-1 a.m. Sun. - Thurs. 6 a.m. -2 a.m. Fri. Sat. L.C.B.O. LICENCED 132 0 SYSTEMS ANALYSIS PROGRAMMING DATA PROCESSING n.c.p. data systems limited P.O. Box 2035, 4673 Ontario Street Niagara Falls, Ontario L2E 6Z2 Telephone (416) 354-8461 Residence Plione: 262-4925 NEW a USED CAR SALES a SERVICE 289 Lincoln St. East, opposite Lincoln Mall WELLAND, Ont. L3B 4N5 - Leasings St. Cath. N. Fai.i.s (416) 732-5921 384-9793 Pahts - Sehvice (416) 734-3555 ACRES CONSULTING SERVICES LIMITED 5259 Dorchester Road, 354-3831 Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada PENSTEEL INDUSTRIES LTD. 183 Merritt St. Catharines 227-6634 laro LEO BRUZZESE PUBLIC ACCT. UPPER 76 DIVISION Welland 734-6813 • PLANNING • DESIGN • CONSTRUCTION • LEASING • PROPERTY MANAGEMENT of quality homes, office buildings, shopping cen- tres, and other comnnercial buildings. Major develop- ments in St. Catharines - Hamilton - Toronto and in many other communities throughout Ontario. TARO PROPERTIES INC. 39 May wood Avenue St. Catharines, Ontario 688-6410 THE ROYAL BANK OF CANADA MAIN BRANCH 41 EAST MAIN STREET P.O. BOX 218 WELLAND, ONTARIO L3B 5P4 735-7910 133 IBITIBI ABITIBI PROVINCIAL PAPER a division of Abitibi Paper Company Ltd. Thorold, Ont. THE CASA D ' ORO restaurant and tavern and THE FABULOUS RIALTO . ROOM Victoria Avenue Qffgpjpg Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada unsurpassed dining, dancing Reservations Telepone and entertainment (416) i5b-564D. " TABusHt F. E. COYNE AGENCY LIMITED Tel. (416) 935-1381 F.E. Coyne, Board Chairman • 164 Division St. F. D. Smith, President • P.O. Box 700 W.J. Frolick, Vice-President • Welland, Ontario A.J. Bucclone, Asst. Vice-President • L3B 5R5 E.A. Smith, Secretary-Treasurer • Tel. 735-0970 L.J. Walters, Sales Manager W.W. Taylor G. T. Carpenter G.B. Smith Ira velLenTre GRANTHAM PLAZA MARY GILL SCOTT STREET MANAGER ST. CATHARINES ONT. L2M 3W4 RANGER ' S RESTAURANT TAVERN steak House Coffee Shop Open 6 a.m. to 1 a.m. Turners Corner; HWY. 20 50 Pel ham Phone 892-31 14 " Flowers Whisper What Words Can ' t Say ' . IgUllffPit FLORISTS LTD. DISTINCTIVE FLORAL ARRANGEMENTS FOR ALL OCCASIONS . SILK DRIED FLOWERS Aw 200 FITCH ST., WELLAND, ONT. 732-1311 WELLAND PLAZA DON MACKLEM Insurance Agency Ltd. 4606 Queen St. Niagara Falls, Ont. Tel. 354-1665 Ail our used cars have a one year warranty. . fnAGARA STREET, WELLAND 735-3690 or 384-9155 SALES HPIRIEB HOME AND SERVICE APPLIANCES APPLIANCES LIMITED Jp l l . Maytag Automatic Washers mi Dryers - Dishwashers - Disposers 324 Merritt St. ■Bk VJ,4_2 Catharines, Ont. iWlMilMMr Tel.- 227-3953 or 227-3309 Bowl- 0-Rama Lanes Fully Licensed Lounge 8c Restaurant [L.L.B.O.] 968 NIAGARA N. [al Quai er Rd.], WELLAND, ONT. J jfjl " The Home of IModern Bowling " " mp 36 Lanes Fully Automatic « flLlWiK 20 - 10 Pin • 16 - 5 Pin Tel,: 732-71 12 CLARE ' S CYCLE SPORTS LTD. 799 Hwy 20, Fenwick Harley Davidson, Honda, Yamaha Snowmobiles Motorcycles 892-2664-5 384-9911 134 Western Custom Furs 232 St. Paul St. St. Catharines, Ont. 682-8371 FONTHILL CONCRETE PRODUCTS LTD. BUILDERS SUPPLIES MANUFACTURING OF LOW PRESSURE STEAM CURED CONCRETE AND SLAG BLOCKS, ORNAMENTAL FENCING BLOCKS. A COMPLETE LINE OF Masonary, Plastering, Draining Sewer, Gypsum Material Distributor of Angel Stone, Domtar Clay Brick, Paris Dunn Concrete Brick Hwy. 20, Fonthill, Ont. LOS 1E0 - Phone 892-2694 RESi 688-8396 OFFICE ESTABLISHED 1912 RECORDS TO 18 66 TELEPHONE: (416) 685-5931 DON FORSYTH St. Catharines Corrugated Containers Inc. DOUGLAS G.URE8e SONS CONSULTING EN INEERS ONTARIO LAND SURVEYORS BOX 36 THOROLD. ONT. L2V 3Y7 ALLANPORT ROAD 66 QUEEN STREET ST. CATHARINES, ONI L2R 5H1 NIAGARA STRUCTURAL STEEL Smith St. St. Catharines, Ont. Tel. 684-9421 FINE FOOD TAVERN Phone - 356-7075 7280 Lundy ' s Lane, Niagara Fails, Ontario R YTOOL DIE CO. LTD, Manufacturers of: Economy Paving Co. (St. Catharines) Ltd. Tel. (416) 732-4545 River Rd., R.R. 1 WELLAND, ONTARIO L3B 5N4 181 Niagara St. St. Catharines Phone 684-9641 HEAD OFFICE 61 THOROLD ROAD WELLAND. ONTARIO LSD 5P1 (416) 735-2401 WHITING EQUIPMENT LIMITED MEAW INDUSTRIAL EQUIPMENT Welland, Ontario, L3B 5P4 Area Code 416 ' Car Rantals LImoutlna Services Head Office: Pine Street N. Shopping Centre P.O. Box 95, Thorold, Ontario, Canada L2V 3Y7 Telephone 416-227-5297 TRAVEL SERVICE Passport Visa Services All Travel Insurances Branch Office: 287 Main Street West, Box 175 Port Colborne, Ontario, Canada L3K 5V8 Telephone 416-834-7666 Robert Palframan Manager TOROINTTODOMINION BANK 553 Niagara St. at Thorold Rd. Welland, Ontario L3C 1L7 ID BANK Tel: 732-2491 135 MARSH ENGINEERING LTD. 118 West Port Colborne Phone: 834-3624 QUEENSTON LABORATORIES 282 Unwell St. Catharines, Ont. Tel. 935-1100 H. S. HEAT TREATING PHIL DENNIS ENTERPRISES LIMITED Head Office South Street Port Robinson, Ontario LOS 1K0 Phone: 384-9355 SOUTH STREET. PORT ROBINSON, ONTARIO. LOS 1K0 Division of Wetland Iron Metal Co. Ltd. Tel.: 384-9794 735-7100 WELLAND PLAZA FITCH ST.. WELLAND DAVEY AUTOMOTIVE INDUSTRIAL SUPPLIES LTD. 6032 Main Street, Niagara Falls, Ont. OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK 356-7216 CHIROPRACTOR MON. a FRI. 9-12. 2-5:30 TUES. a THURS. 9-12, 2-5 30, 6.30-9 ST. CATHARINES COMMUNITY CREDIT UNION LIMITED Hans I. Eitze Treasurer Manager 109 Russell Avenue, P.O. Box 1112 St. Catharines, Ontario L2R 7A3 Tel. 682-7287 PHONE 227-6666 NO TOLL CHARGES ZENITH 76500 marstiall paper ltd JAMES A. MARSHALL 12 WALNUT STREET PRESIDENT ST. CATHARINES, ONTARIO Bus. (416) 227-5233 Res. (416) 732-5077 MACHINE CO. LTD. 423 Giendale Ave., St. Catharines, Ont. D.G. Clark: Res. 682-2365 PHONE 416-835-8413 425 Killalv St.. £. PORT COLBORNE, ONT. Inter-City Manufacturing - 583 Niagara St. S. ColOT mmtSr Infkma Welland. Ont. L3C 1L9 WiW- WWVBm— Tel. (416) 735-0299 340 VI ELLAND AVE. ST. CATHARINES, ONT. N lanufacturers of Oil, Gas and Electric Furnaces R.S.(BOB)GRANGER-Associate Dealer Phone 735-7DDQ WELLAND AUTOMOTIVE AND INDUSTRIAL LTD. 22 HELLEMS AVENUE WELLAND, DNTARID HDWARD ROOT JOHN L. (JACK) COLLARD Plant Manager POWELL Division of Cad bury Schweppes Powell Ltd. P.O. Box 714, Yale Crescent, St. Catharines, Ont. L2R 2Y6 CONSTRUCTION LIMITED G NO A. ROMEO PRESIDENT NIAGARA FALLS, ONT. TEL. 356-0374 Can ' t they speak a language I understand. FARR MERCURY SALES LTD. 980 Major St., Welland 732-1355 Welland 384-9501 St. Catharines THOROLD TAXI UMOUSINE SERVICE A Subsidiary of 374956 Ontario Limited Phone 227-1177 227-1273 24 HOUR SERVICE YOUR LOCAL LINCOLN MERCURY DEALER 82-84 Lake St. at Credit Union Lane St. Catharines, Ontario L2R 5X4 Phone 685-6539 ATLAS HOTEL WELLAND ' S ENTERTAINMENT CENTRE FEATURING COUNTRY ROCK BANDS WEEKENDS GIANT T.V. SCREEN DAILY BUFFET DANCERS YOU CAN BOOGIE IN OUR MAXI MUSIC DISCO 35 Southworth St. at Corner of Lincoln Thorold Community Credit Union Limited ROBERT J . LOWE. Manager ™m{OLD ONT, 227- 1 1 06 HELPING YOU TO HELP YOURSELF... Caisse populaire Welland llmitde Affili6e ci la F6d6ration des caisses populaires de I ' Ontario Iimit6e 59 rue Ennpire, Welland Centre d ' achats Lincoln, Welland 284 rue Geneva, St., St. Catharines 137 Simpson ' s Variety 256 Lincoln St. E. Welland rnone. f jo-ioio r Sv i r w n mim ifliiV ' miRCUTTTC PLACE " 6 IVIAIN STREET EAST HAIROESIGN WELLAND 732-2111 DAVE GAMBLE, Mgr. DIAL 834-3726 PENINSULA ROOFING INC. 25 ROYAL ROAD - PORT COLBORNE, ONT. L3K 4A9 GOODWILL ELECTRIC SUPPUE8 LIMrTED suesioiaby of union electric sufplr co. limited 6040 Buchanan Avenue Niagara Falls. Ont. L2G 3V5 358.7 11 1-4 STEVENSVILLE 382-2073 U edg wood Motel and Restaurant 5234 Ferry St., Niagara Falls, Telephone (416) 358-9456 T I J F T 9 ■ ' ' WELLAND. ONTARIO Automotive and Industrial m) 735 5672 BUS. 416-227-2750 HOME 416-227-6903 Gordon Pomerantz Limited UNIFORMS - FOOTWEAR - CLOTHING ERNTF SAUVF Manaapr DAPI ' CIHOTTt; 8 FRONT ST. S. THOROLD, ONT. TAMMY SHOPPE Fitch St. Welland Plaza 732-5217 L3C 4V9 FIRST IN FASHIONS Roland REALTOR PELHAM REAL ESTATE - APPRAISALS • MORTGAGES 892-6495 30 RICE ROAD PLAZA " OUR REPUTATION IS vquR SAFEGUARD " 7( edt Side auto supply WRECKERS LIMITED R.R. 4 LOS 1 JO PHONE: 688-9660 KINGSWAY BOWLING LANES 215 Riverside Drive Phone 735-2141 Welland, Ont. L3C 5Ea BAR COLLISION SERVICE LTD. BODY REPAIRS PAB 87 ORMOND ST. N. THOROLD, ONTARIO 227-0131 t X re ep,one 732-2570 SCHEFTER BOYER INSURANCE AGENCY 25 DIVISION STREET WELLAND - ONTARIO RIVERSIDE EXCAVATING of NIAGARA LTD. 264 Riverside Drive BUSINESS 736-1413 WELLAND - ONTARIO residence 732-6830 L3C 5E6 iHanfreli f 30 Secord Drive, map S ' „.r ' " " " - GLASS CO. LTD. ' " ' ' Walnfleet Plumbing. €Y7T1 R.R. 2, Port Colborne L3K 5V4 m 1 Home: 835-1040 Office: 835-8444 138 Telephone 416-682-1364 FlIBk n THOMAS G. CAHILL |SW LJ|| ONTARIO LAND SURVEYOR V Siw 2 William Street (at King) St. Catharines, Ontario L2R 5H9 1 300 lake street, st. Catharines CHHIIO ont. L2N 4H2 Lown Leisure Centre LAWN GARDEN EQUIPMENT 258 Bunting Road XouU E Camho XU. ST. CATHARINES Phone 684-9242 FRESH FRUITS and VEGETABLES FROZEN FOODS SERVING THE ENTIRE NIAGARA PENINSULA tiJL si3=a tf :5w. » RIDGEVILLE BODY SHOP 294 Canboro Rd. Kiagcviiic, r einam ov2-30o3 £ta4 liU Gent ie, ltd. TILE AAARBLE TERRAZZO CARPET Box 488 NO 20 HIGHWAY FONTHII 1 ONTARin TELEPHONE 892-5756 LOS 1E0 J. DAVID POUNDER LIMITED CONSULTING ENGINEERS 8 Warrington Pltc« St. Catharines, Ontario T«lephon« 41 6-935-7580 RAN A REALTY LTD. Carlton Bunting (Towers Plaza) St. Catharines, Ont. 935-0330 [jplM PHILLIPS EQUIPMENT ll Hi OEERE SSililP ' Sales - Parts - Service i DQPaihamQt Teleohone Fonthill. Ont. 892-2646 LEE WAH LAUNDRY 239 Hellems Ave. Wei land, Ont. L3B 3B8 734-9246 Tel. 735-699 1 DORA ' S HAIRSTYLING BEAUTY AND HAIR CONSULTANTS MON. -Fri. 9-9 SEAWAY MALL Saturday 8-6 WELLAND, ONTARIO c Mf nn A All Ar i 106 LAKEPORT ROAD ST CATHARINES, ONTARIO PETER ZUBKO phone 934- 23i PROPRIETOR Town and Country Plaza Niagara Falls, Ontario 3685 Portage Road 354-9822 LADIES SPECIALTY SHOP R.V.ANDERSON ASSOCIATES LTD. consulting engineers and planners 76 division st. welland, ontario l3b 3z7 LAWN MUWER — PARTS SERVICE Authorized Dealer TORO — LAWNBOY — ARIENS — PIONEER — HOMELITE PIC ' S mm cuHic 709 HHjHWAY U, rbNWIL K, UNI. LUb 1UU Andy Groen Phone 416-892-3041 if 0 ir ll " -L SPIE PONTIAC . 0 IT BUICK CADILLAC LTD. 16 LINCOLN ST. W. WELLAND. ONTARIO L3B 5R5 ope„ve„..„„„. gg y Motel M 3 HWY. W., BOX 145, PORT COLBORNE, ONT. Phones Mr. Mrs. E.H. Ba rton Air Conditioned Color TV - Fm Music Phone 834-9854 Individually Controiied Electric Heat Heated Pool 139 George Boc Construction Co. Limited general contractors Phone 734-6567 - Broadway Avenue WELLAND, ONTARIO P.O. BOX 8 L3C 5M6 Compliments of FONTHILL LUMBER COMPANY 105 Hwy. 20 E. Fonthill Phone 892-2641 " We Are Lumber One " Good ' s Butcher Shop Ltd. The Finest Roasts - Steaks - Chops Govcrnniciil Inspected Homemade Sausage CUSTOM BUTCHERING Bacon - Hams from our retail store BEF.F — PORK — LAMB Completely Processed Freezer Orders Fr.vcn Food Locker Rentals Beef Quarters - Cut, Wrapped Frozen Frozen Dog Food Ciilp Road Vineland. Ontario Telephone 562-5212 REID CLEANERS SINCE 1908 SANITIZE WITH SANITONE 177 Welland Ave. 400 Lake Plaza 685-4253 937-5522 Pendale Plaza Pine Centre, Thorold 685-8515 227-2555 284 Geneva St. 934-9377 Dave Vernon Draperies Ltd. Specializing i n Castom Made Drapes, Sheers, and Bedspreads A complete line of ' Kirsch ' drapery hardware. Ready made Drapes Bedspreads In stock In Home Service-Expert Advice-Free Estimates Installation 30 Rice Road, Welland, 735-3332 PROFESSIONAL DOG GROOMING DOG AND CAT SUPPLIES nne st. snopping Centre Thorold, Ontario Phone [416)227-7496 BARRATT spun concrete poles ltd. X,,,,, V PO BOX 372 NIAGARA FALLS, CANADA GAIL ' S BEAUTY SALON 728 Main St. E. Welland, Ontario Phone: (416) 732-3705 THE PLACE FOR A HAIR AFFAIR " The WEE Place with the BIG BARGAINS " SCOTTY ' S TIRE SALES 210 Bunting Road, Unit No. 3 St. Catharines, Ontario L2M 3Y1 685-6567 Ronald Rock Artistic Director HAIR STYLIST AND TRAINING CONSULTANT RONALDO ' S HAIRSTYLING LTD. f STUDIOS ONE TWO I 5219-5221 Victoria Ave. ) Niagara Falls, Ontario L2E 4E4 416-356-6033 X I HUNTER WILSON LTD. ILX FIRE -AUTO -LIFE J M Robert B. Kelly, President 101 King St. East Beamsville, Ontario 563-8289 ESTABLISHED 1920 JACKSON SAFEGUARDS COMPANY 18 Seapark Drive, St. Catharines, Ontario L2M 6S6 iW.Vfel SPECIALISTS IN PROTECTIVE EQUIPMENT W.J. (Bill) Crawford WtllW Phone: (416) 684-6504 GLASSES - GOGGLES - FACE SHIELDS - HELMETS CAPS - EAR MUFFS - WORK GLOVES AND CLOTHING - FOOTWEAR FIRST AID KITS - FIRE EXTINGUISHERS - ETC. Phone 892-8051 BEAMERS COUNTRY MARKET FRESH FRUIT AND VEGETABLES Located at No. 20 Hwy. East of Fonthill OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK from 8:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. Summer from 8:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. Winter ■ □ cnnnomnriRE ■ ASSOCIATE STORE JOHN A FOX LIMITED 545 NIAGARA ST.. WELLAND. ONTARIO TEL. 732-7501 KLAGER ' S FOOD MARKET Everything in Fine Food Meat is Our Specialty 7 N. Pelhann Fonthill Phone 892-2616 1 V V HOLLANDIA NURSERIES ■ AND GARDEN CENTRE DIVISION OF NIEUWESTEEG NURSERIES LTD. (416) 384-9634 R.R. 2, Welland, Ont. 140 BISSON PLUMBING HEATING LTD. 591 Lincoln St., E. Telephone 734-6260 Welland. Ont. Compliments of REGIONAL TRUST A LOCAL COMPANY THAT GIVES YOU PERSONAL SERVICE THE REGIONAL TRUST COMPANY 190 Division Street, Welland, Ontario Ph: (416) 735-6671 Phone 688-5230 688-5300 rj} ST. CATHARINES VOLKSWAGEN LTD. IV™ 76 Hartzel Rd. ' ' Wmm St. Catharines, Ontario ' L2P 1N1 PENTRAVEL Lower Concourse Pen Centre St. Catharines, Ont. L2T 2K9 (416) 688-3940 KSSi ALISTAIR MACLAINE ARCHITECT 44 James St. St. Catharines, Ont. (416) 688-2402 HARPWOOD ' S TROPHY GIFT SHOP (FREE ENGRAVING) King Street, Welland Ontario Tel. 735-4474 935 Niagara St. Phone 732-7151 BERT ' S SUNOCO SERVICE pV B ACCESSORIES -TIRES -BATTERIES telM rnl TUNE-UPS AND GENERAL REPAIRS NIAGARA EQUIPMENT SALES SERVICE Highway 55 Niagara-on-the-Lake LOS 1J0 Telephone: 468-3175 ROSE BROTHERS COLLISION InDnl 273-951 Ont. Ltd. IJlf ■■ P.O. Box 126, Fenwick, Ontario LOS ICO inilUy COMPLETE AUTO AND TRUCK COLLISION REPAIRS AND PAINTING Phone: Corner of Cream St. and 16 Road 892-2623 North Pelham or 892-2624 PAT ' S APPLIANCE SERVICE 100 Ontario Road, Welland Welland and Port Colborne 735-2730 St. Catharines and Niagara Falls 682-4683 CLAUDETTE ' S HOUSE OF HAIR 130 Killaly St. East Port Colborne, Ont. Phone: 835-5494 454 McAlpine Ave., N. 735-7575 Welland, Ont. Marr and Costello machine works inc. General Machining — Die Sinking Trim Pierce Tooling — Fabricating WORLDS LARGEST RUSTPROOFING SPECIALISTS ZIEBART AUTO-TRUCK RUSTPROOFING AUTO-TRUCK RUSTPROOFING OF ST. CATHARINES LTD. 16 Hiscott Street St. Catharines Ontario Telephone 688-1072 (Area Code 416) 585 King Street Telephone 732-5824 Robert H. Funk Consulting Engineer Ontario Land Surveyor WELLAND, ONTARIO L3B 3L3 1 Pirjo 1 138 East Main St., Welland yw The Mews 2nd Floor Phone 735-8040 - 735-8041 JQl LINCOLN FEED AND FARM SUPPLY (1963) LTD. R.R. 4 l o ' l ' ' ?; " ' ' ' ' PETER DAMM - Manager LOb 1J0 Bus: 416-685-7353 141 WESTSIDE DELI GIFTS 200 Westside Road Port Colborne, Ontario Telephone 835-8254 JIM ' S TRUCKING LTD. 580 Ridge Road Welland, Ontario Telephone 734-9422 CASA DEL TORO 1030 Niagara Street North Welland, Ontario Telephone 735-6666 GLASS TILE CENTER 344 King Street Port Colborne, Ontario Telephone 835-1184 ANN ' S BAR B-Q CHICKEN 515 East Main Street Welland, Ontario Telephone 735-3631 LANCER RESTAURANT 85 Hartzell St. Catharines, Ontario Telephone 682-3295 CENTRAL MUSIC 252 East Main Street Welland, Ontario Telephone 732-4885 MARGE ' S HAIR BOUTIQUE 6 Albert Street West Thorold, Ontario Telephone 227-4843 FONTHILL ESSO MARINE Haist Road, Highway 20 Fonthill, Ontario Telephone 892-6831 GAREC ' S CARPET CLINIC 1944 Elm Street Welland, Ontario Telephone 734-3284 THE LANCER RESTAURANT 45 Geneva Street St. Catharines, Ontario Telephone 684-8211 CITY COLLISION 173 Southworth Street North Welland, Ontario Telephone 735-5962 WELLAND AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION REPAIR 493 Lincoln Street East Welland, Ontario Telephone 734-7501 MR. JOSEPHS HOLLYWOOD HAIRSTYLING 18 King Street St. Catharines, Ontario Telephone 688-5143 COSMO ' S COFFEE SHOP 26 Front Street North Thorold, Ontario Telephone 227-1842 YORK MOTORS TRANSMISSION SERVICE 173 York Street St. Catharines, Ontario Telephone 685-8654 A-1 POODLE SALON 125 1 2 Russell Avenue St. Catharines, Ontario Telephone 688-6193 IFTODY ' S ESSO SERVICE 701 Canboro Road Fenwick, Ontario Telephone 892-6042 CLIFF LEAVERE JEWELLER 213 King Street Port Colborne, Ontario Telephone 834-6335 NIAGARA FLOUR FEED 6005 Main Street Niagara Falls, Ontario Telephone 354-3722 WESTERN TIRE AUTO SUPPLY LTD. ■ ASSOCIATE STORE 1 Southworth Street North Welland, Ontario Telephone 734-7570 LANCER RESTAURANT 24 St. Paul Street St. Catharines, Ontario Telephone 684-3640 GERT ' S BEAUTY SALON 82 Welland Street Welland, Ontario Telephone 735-5194 BUD ROBERTS SERVICE CENTRE 1005 Ontario Road Welland, Ontario Telephone 735-3335 PENINSULA DIE TOOL LTD. 59 Southworth Street North Welland, Ontario Telephone 734-3861 MARC ' S MASONERY 71 Loyalist Drive Welland, Ontario Telephone 735-4945 A PLACE The dark side of the moon Is a sad, sad place, Where there ' s no light of happiness On each crying face. It ' s a place for the mourners Who cry for a loved one, A place for the crippled Being turned into fun. It ' s a place for the robbers. Prostitutes and liars, A place for the homeless, For poverty and cryers. Yes, that ' s just what I see On the dark side of the moon-- A place of disaster, A place of doom. For these reasons, my friend, I wish you not that tune Into that sad, sad place-- The dark side of the moon. Hang on only to the light That you now see. Don ' t throw it away For false hope and false glee. And when love comes along Grab on to it soon. For it will bring you to a place On the bright side of the moon. The shining side of the moon. Is a place of true joy. Of happiness and peace. Of a baby with its toy. It ' s a place of goodness. Smiles, laughter and fun; A place shining in heaven- It faces God ' s heavenly sun. When you have love From the bright side of the moon Pass it on to others In their dark place of doom. And with your loving kindness That shines from your smiling face, You can bring someone From a sad to happy place. And soon there ' ll be a place Overpopulated with love- The bright side of the moon, A place shining above. Angela Farr

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