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er - -1-4 , -Wg. ,' 4 7.1 3, -4 K 1 1 J ' ' Vw-63'-"L ,.3ilvy ., R Y 1 ,, hr r" 1 .F gy., I, Jw Q-0' - ISl,LK"b - ,uw v 1 1. I , -.Y -4 , ugh, .' T- HL! , ,g V ' K vw f- ir- . 4,5 5 WE. 1,. 'i W is ,C .A f I' 1 4 J g J iv 'wif iq. Q. 15 qw 15 Y E, F,- 7 - 'M .bgw - T' . .. ,, Tv., .. Lk ,. Q' , - 51:55 , -1? WT 1511.4 'aa X . lv' , 7 4" . . F 5-ix. ,vi . 344 ?1f'H fg ,. I v, 1 3 - v . . ,w , 7 if - T IEA' . az. , - '-vi Q f fa E. ., L- .W ve i K, fn 4, ' 1 'ffigz f , Q., 1 . 1 v Vx. 1 V. .nv 4 I.. e ,-,-we1'.'-65,5 ,,1,,i, V 1 1 S 1- wifi -'Y -sv , ,- ,.w.1 mi- ,, ,Y ,k-Q '35 ' . :4-,2.,.f .v vwa. w 1 -1'-1 4 ,W -29 'vi U ,-K A -er. .QL v -' up ga. -, x . .M-g 4 , 1.3 ,Q . X:-N' .V 'Luz . N: .vnu N W I VV V XL: , ,e A- 'mul gm. ax, . f--L W" -, '- HH' JAH. -- 'Z AX 51,5 Ui? MT, ,ch 1., ' nrt - - as 31 ,f J. , ' , ' W 1 . x 'd ' 'f 1' ,:z' , .11 - "..' Q- ., , 'I ' X' . Lfyf 45. xx 1,,,. V7-4.5.g5,7f--1'-,LW f U, w- A fav ' 1 - 3 'Le rin Q. 'Q' 1 I - . zu,-f - . 'iv' -'51 rssfegf. ' 'igff B?il'Y ! lnlw--,, - .'J"f Dedication S we the graduation class of June 1954 leave Newtown we will all embark on a new way of life. Some of us will enter the business world to become secretaries, typists, and bookkeepers. Some of us will go to college where we will learn to be what we have always dreamed of. Some of us will join the armed forces and defend the American way of life as our forefathers have done before us. ECAUSE we are living in a democracy, a free country where the four free- doms exist, some of us may become leaders and mold the future of the world. UR four years at Newtown have been most prosperous in many ways. With the help of our new and dear principal, Mr. Francis S. Moseley, who has tolerated us so indulgently, our parents, who have guided us, and our teach- ers, whom we could not have done without, we have tried to be honest citizens and good scholars. S we turn the pages of this book, we should all recall the good times we have had while attending Newtown High. Of course, we should not forget the many hours that were spent seriously studying and earnestly learning. ITH our heads held high we should leave Newtown with a look toward the future and a prayer in our hearts that peace will be secured all over the world and that with the atomic age, will come new and more peacetime inventions for all mankind. Margaret Mitchell Januar I :W Sv 0 fav J .fx X i"""'I N X ggi 'ali NEWTOWN NEWTOWN HIGH SCHOOL Elmhurst 0 New York wf" 4 -, ,. , . f f f f , . f X A f If I f ,, f W Q Page four As you begin your adult life, Newtown wishes you success and happiness. The success that Newtown desires for you who have been her sons and daughters for these four years is not the success of riches, nor of prestige, nor of eminence. lf these come, Newtown will rejoice with you and be glad. But if they do not, she will not mind. And she will expect you not to mind. For Newtown has taught you to measure success by other standards. She has taught you that he, and he only, has had a successful life who has done each day what duty and honor required, who has followed his conscience in all things, who, in fulfilling his obligations, has placed justice above all else and, in dealing with his fellow-men, charity. This, then, is success. And such success has happiness always for its consort-not pleasure perhaps, not ease, not luxury, not care-free days-but peace of soul which is the other name for happiness. These are what Newtown wishes you as you depart. May you attain them in full measure. Page' five lune l954 Newtown Stuff Twlargaret Mitchell ,,,--,,- ,,,,,,,,, E dilorzn chze June 1954 Judith Rosenthal ,,,,,,, ..,... E dimr-in-chze January 1954 Sheila Sonkin ...... --,--------.---,- A V5 Edlwf Crystal Markides ....................,...,.,..,,...............................,,,......... Club Edlmf Carol Westendorf, Christina Stephanides, Muriel Courtland, Samuel Lauron, Evans Lizardos, Sandra Martz ......,,,...........,,,. ...-. B 118111658 Mflflflgef Ann Campanielle, Hildegarde Roos, Christine lngannamorte .,.,.., , jp! Page six Leah Green .loan Hargraves Phil Rattner Lorraine Wisneitiski Carolyn Kite Janice Strum Robert McConnel Frank Amantia Margaret Berkan Ann Campanielle Elizabeth Conroy Marguerite Coogan Eileen Cullinan Robert Feinstein Thomas Gambichler Section Representatives Business Representatives Constance Giackoumatos Audrey Houston Nicholas .lohnson Ann Page Thomas Grosso Sheila Fishbein Lillian Poit Margaret 3loom Natalie Gottlieb Anna Oliva Michael Simonian Philip Rattner Phil Caraccia Leah Green Joan Stein Joan Fleisch Miss Maze C. Gordon Mr. Henry Reinshagen Laurence Young Picture Representatives Robert Conroy Faculty Advisors Mary Dupnak Anna Oliva Claudine Tisserand Natalie Gottlieb Gertrude Steger Mariatta Panza Bob Kraynak Carolyn .lean Kite Crystal Markides Bernard Minnax Dominick Nicastro Anna Oliva Joel Papush Marie Presto Rbert E. Sambriski Madeline Silva Michael Slonim Jerry Wein Theresa Seeberger Linda Danielson Thomas Gambichler Ruth Franks Margaret Dien Robert Olberg .loan Hargraves Madeline Silva Charles Volz Carol Banning Donald Beseler Mildred Kilourey Claudine Tisserand Mr. Edmund White Mr. Paul Heller .Z -Q.. -,l--rn 1---ft, J v,,4 ,, 4.4:- 5: muh - ...K f fwwmf H Q ww" f 4' 94217 , ffffyfyy, 7 f f f ,z,m,f Q fa L, fy , f 047, ff! ,, If f ,MV ,, ,f wglgms-nm AVA , Mc Z, P ffflm D ,f if , ' 5kZ 5 f .www X X24 , 4644 , iwjgffg, , A ,f,, f, ' 0 1 -'ibn UW wana, .L g , ,, mmf , ,. 4,-7, X fi QW fy, wi k an-,. W HQWQP A ' iii :M 5? ..-' ' mg. '. 4 'iv' ' pf I w f Y I . f 1 if if? - il a , Q KT.. Z 1 rf' 4, .,,, We 54353352217 , g 4 ' Wf, , f. .V ,f I, .. 9 f A m,,f , " , Us-' W Q? f 3 Nlw , . fs. If -Q 52952, 4 , , 4 1 4 ,-.s- ' J' WW 7 qu., Wh. -'faq 4 Q Y I Q ff' 2 K ' A." f 7 f.,A,'fyL w y 'Z aw gf f U , f W ,, , ,j f M M . - 1 VVA i. ,, -V-.. - , f -V-.f- - f 4 mf yx ff 49 , ,w' ,mW52VnWwf W W V - M., W? if, wma m Q 7 ' 2 1 -VW f f f, ' I , n n ffwwfw ' ,Qgf f Q QQ I mf ' fy 3 . ,iq Q! x. 'Q 3, V aa... 1 a'slP?"" se! 'DNA 1 Rf ' -ww. f ff x-fpjw-wx ,gg ff: I f J y f 2364 ffz of' M ,QQ ffl ww wx 5, Y'i'.3:.f,Qa W LCS. -wx! Xi '24 . x Sw S. 1 Q . ' Tffhfw v iz 11 U' ., , Q. Q: HV X 3? DON'T HAVE A Bat Ups A Duke Macy's A Manhattan A Drought A Kaiser Laughter A Piano A Queen July A Road A Diamond Ink A Sheriff February A Balloon Vanderbilt The Moon Ballantine Birds Eye East Summer A Hostess Lincolm Old Money Pa e fuzffeer WHAT'S IN A Ball Downs A Baron Hearns A Cherry A Flood A Fraser A Ciggler A Horn A King August A Lane A Crystal A Pen A Marshall March A Kite Rockefeller The Sunshine Shaefer Libbyis Wlest Wlinter A Stewart Washington Youn Banks A NAME BUT WE D0 HAVE John Ball Frank Downes Patricia Barron Dean Hearn Marjorie Cherry Patricia Flood Eleanor Fraser Beverley Gigler Dorothy Horn June King Gilbert August Barbara Laine Crystal Markides Sandra Penn Fred Marshall Joan March Carolyn Kite Ann Lee Rockefeller Arthur Sunshine Donald Shaffer Libby Waldron Robert West John Winter Stewart Aledoit Mary Washington Lawrence Young Ralph Young George Banks The Editors Clll BS Q Q X fa W ii W' ,Q J L :far-'W ,ry ,f , ' P-'f Am is' , - .. , , - V, , ie ' 4,51 ,WM -2 at ff ,,. . .,,. , ., , .,,,, 4 ,,- ,, 9 K a X Q - , ,,:-EW. 9 G s A J, as Q , ,K Q . , A M ,. ARISTA LEAGUE Nicholas Seelsa ...,, ..... B oy Leader Arlene Pierson ..... .,.. C irl Leader Barbara Laine .... ...... ..... .... S e c retary William Cehr .,....... ...... .......,.,.....,.....,.....,........ T r easurer Charles Soutar ...,............. .... B oy Chairman of Aaxilium Casmira Wojciechoxvski ..... Girl Chairman of Auxilium Mr. George H. Sehoettle ...... ,.,......,......,,,.,.. S enate Leader A fill: To build and strengthen character by stressing such qualities as leadership, initiative, sincerity, fidelity, truthfulness, efhciency and willingness to serve. ADMINISTRATIVE AIDES Christine Ingannamorte ......,,, ,,,,,,,,, P rmidgnl Dorothy Vitale .......... ....... I fice-President Miss Jennie L. Bader .... ......... F aculzy Adviser .4Iill: To assist in the administrative duties which require high secre tarial skills. Page seventeen ADVISERS' AIDES Marcia Manning ..... ,,,,.-,,, P residenl Sheila Fishbein ....... .......... V ice-President Grace Nishan ....., ........ R ecording Secretary Lorraine Gehrkens .... ...,. C orresponding Secretary Diane Cohn ..... ...... ..... T r easurer Mrs. Roma B. Halpern ...... ........ F aculty Adviser AILWI 1. To assist grade advisers by copying marks during the term. 2. To copy programs for grade advisers during Regent week. 3. To assist Mr. Traynor in reorganizing next termls section classes. 4. To help in the tally room during Regents week. Page eighteen ASSEMBLY USHERING SQUAD Carolyn Kite ..... ..........,.... S enior Captain Katheleen Be-any ...... ........ I unior Captain Miss Elsie Montag .......,. .......... F aculty Adviser AIM: To assist in the orderly conduct of the assembly, especially in the seating. Page nineteen Page lunentj WM ,Q 5 BASKETBALL TEAM Joseph Spano ....,.. ..........,,..... . .. ......, Capfain Nick De Rosa ..,.,. ........,... fl Ianager Mr. Bruno A. Valvano ...,. .....,,. F aculty Adviser AIM: To encourage fair play, citizenship and sportsmanship BIOLOGY AND GENERAL SCIENCE LABORATORY SQUADS John VVinter .................,.......,.................................................. Presidenl Errol Davis ..... Vice-President Wade Smith ..... ...... Treasurer Rose Marie Lapicola ......................... .......,.. S ecretary Mrs. Natalie Orkin, Miss Margie Rogers... ........ Faculty Adviser A IM: To help science teaching by supplying classes witth scientific visual aid materials. Page twenty-one LE CERCLE DU FILM FRANCAIS Mrs. Ida Dangel ....... ........ F aculzy Adviser AIM: 1. To foster by actual attendance an appreciation of fine French films as a cultural and artistic medium. 2. To encourage a better understanding of the French people themselves. Page twenty-two CHEERING SECTION Barbara Laine ...... .,..,.......,........................ . Carolyn Kite ..... Madeline Forstb auer Donna Lundgren M155 Judy Sklarn.. AIM: To promote school spirit and organized cheering meets throughout the school term. Captain C0-captain Treasurer Secretary ........Faculty Adviser at all games and Page twenty-three Page twenty-four CHEERLEADERS Edith Kramisen .... Captain Patricia Barron .......,..., .......... C 0-capzain Miss Paula J. Camarinos ...., .......... F aculty Adviser AIM: To boost morale and School spirit. CHEMISTRY AND PHYSICS SQUADS Robert Feinstein ...... .,......... I 'resident Robert Schwartz ...... .,...... I five-President Leonard Goldstein ...... ..... T reasurer Robert Lejeune ,.......... ......... S ecretary lVIrs. Shirley Kohliner ......... ....... F aculty Adviser AIM: To develop and promote an interest in the physical sciences, to en- courage promising students to enter the scientific Held. Q ii Page twenty-fi1'e CO-OP A GROUP Adrienne Post ...... Beverlv Williams ....., Marguerite Coogan ........ Miss Beatrice Walton ...,..... ....... AIM: To unite all cooperative classes for the benefit of social relations. President Treasurer Secretary Faculty Adviser obtaining better l Page twenty-six u CO-OP B GROUP Robert Wiskotzil ...... Rosemary Petronelli ..... Eileen Cullinan ,...,, .. Miss Beatrice Walton ,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,, AIM: To unite all cooperative classes for the benefit of social relations. President Treasurer Secretary Faculty Adviser obtaining better Page twenty-seven Page twenty-eight DO-RE-MI Laurence Young .... ........,........... ........ I ' resident Marie Crippi ..... ........ V ice-President Hannah Hightower ...... .......... S ecretary Erwin Zimmermann ........, i........ P rogram Chairman Mr. George H. Schoettle ........ ........ F aculty Adviser AIM: To promote and advance music in schools of the City of New York. FILII TERRAE Robert Forste ..,... .........,. I 'resident Curtis Coley ...... .,...,...... V ice-President Charles Korten .......,,,... ,....... S ecre I ary, Treasurer Mr. C. Laurin March ......... ......,,. F aculty Adviser AIM: To provide an incentive for better scholarship and citizenship among the Agricultural students. Page twen ty-nine GIRLS' CHORUS Gwyneth McMillan, Meryl Moss ......... ......... A ccompanists Mr. J. Douglas McNeil .................. ........ F aculty Adviser AIM: To provide choral training and experience, sociahility and en- joyment, while striving for highest artistic achievement. Page thirty GOLF TEAM Frank D'Alesio . ...... Manager Robert Dawkins ............. ............... C aptain Mr. J. Eugene Thompson ..... ......... F aculty Adviser and Coach AIM: To improve golfing ability and develop clean sportsmanship. Page thirty-one -EA- Puge thirty-mo G. O. OFFICERS AND G. O. COUNCIL Nicholas Scelsa .... ..,....... P resident Joseph Miloscia ........, Vice-President Phyllis Brock ....., .... ..,,,.,,...... S e cretary Mr. Henry W. Reinshagen ,.,.,.... Faculty Adviser AIM: To help students to experience democratic procedures and respon- eibilities so that they will be capable of assuming active leadership in our democratic life. ,ludy Herz Ginger Watson Alice Stein Barbara Laine Dean Hearn Phyllis Brock Muriel Courtlandt Marie Sidoti Rose Marie Dobley Roseann Campanelli AIM: G. O. STOREKEEPERS Ellen Jandovitz Ann Spiro Carolyn Sitron Marie Pirozzo Rhoda Reitman Peggy Corta Sheila Brown Casmira Wojciechowski Carolyn Kite Ida Tirello To provide a necessary service for the students in the school to train the students in ideas of service and responsibility and to give practical experience to students of merchandising. GYM TEAM Ronald Shipelle ...... ...... P resident August Mancuso ...... ....... V ice-President Bob Masucci .... ..... T reasurer Carolyn Kite ........... ........ S ecre L ary Mr. Thomas J. Foran ...... ......... F aculty Adviser AIM: To develop skill on heavy apparatus and to provide an opportunity for boys with like interests to meet socially. Page thirty-four HAI GENNAIAI Mae Yablonski ....,..,.. ,,4,,,,,,, ,,,,, P r esident Donna Lundgren, Dolores Bittor ..,.,. .. ..,...... S ecre :aries Miss Elsie L, Vint ....... ....... ,...,,.... F a culzy Adviser Miss Carrie Day Mrs. Hulda Johnson.. .......... C0-sponsors AIM: To encourage school and community service and high scholarship. iii rty-five Page thirtyfsix HEBREW CULTURE SOCIETY Beatrice Rauchmann ............,........,...........,..,.,....,,.... ........ I 'resident Marcia Manning .,,.... ....... T reafurer Muriel Courtlandt ......... ............ S ecretary Dr. Edward Reich ,.,..,... ....,.... F acully Adviser AIM: To promote and further interest in Israel and Hebrew culture. l HONOR HIGH SPEED CONTEST CLUB Carolyn Coppinger . ...... President Margo Koumides ..... ..... I fice-President Christina Stephanides .... ...... T reasurer Florence Schultz ..... ......... S ecre t ary Miss Viola C. Achnitz ........ ....... F acuity Adviser AIM: To give the top honor students of the Secretarial Studies Depart- ment an opportunity to receive further specialized training in high speed shorthand work. Page thirty-seven JUNIOR DRAMATIC CLUB Gloria Covino ..........,,..............,.,.......................,....,..,.,,,,,. ,,,, P resident Ginger Testa ..,. ,.,..... I fice-President Reha Manheim ...,,.. ....,.,,. T reasurer Secretary Barbara Hudson Mrs. Janet Feldon .... .,,....... F acuity Adviser AIM: 1. To provide suitable and worthwhile entertainment for the stu- dent body. 2. To build poise. self-confidence, speech and acting skills and ability. 3. To work together intelligently and loyally as a team devoted to the highest ideals of the American school and stage. Page thirty-eight LANTERN ART STAFF Cecelia Ferreix, ..,............,,,...,,....,,,.,,..,..,,,,,,, ..,........ A rt Editor Lydia Sypowicz ............. ....,... A ssistant Editor Mrs. Clemence Miletti .....,... ........, F aculty Adviser AIM: To further our talents in the accomplishment of creative work. Page thirty-nine PAH, 'A V Q xr' Page forty LATIN HONOR SOCIETY Arthur Solar .... ............ I 'resident Mildred Shanley ..... Vice-President Aridree De Plata ...... ...... S ecre t ary Betsy Fitting .... Treasurer Vlfendy Staffrari .... ..,.. T ribune Kathleen Howard ....... ............ T ribune Mrs. Myrtle S. Davies ........ ....... F acuity Adviser A IM : To study Roman literature and the lives and episodes from the lives of famous Romans. LEADERS CORPS Miriam Rivera ....., ......... I 'resident Marcy Boucakis ......... Vice-President ,laye Penny ................,.... ........... S ecretary Miss Grace C. Avelino ........, ,........ F aculty Adviser AIM: 1. To provide an opportunity for the Leaders Corps to implement the Health Ed. Program. 2. To give the members of the group an opportunity to develop their athletic skills to a degree that exceeds that of the ordinary. Page forty-one LIBRARY SQUAD Rosalind Gerszlcop ,,,.,,. . ........,.....,.,............ . Marilyn Uhlendorf .,... Mildred Brock ..... Nadine Seidler ..........,.... Mrs. Marie M. Bischoff .,.,..,,, AIM: To promote efncient library service. President . Vice-President Treasurer Secretary Faculty Adviser l l Page forty-two MASQUE AND BAUBLE Nicholas Scelsa ........., Louis Brousseau ,,.... ,loan Hargraves .........,.,.,....,.........,. Donna Lundgren, Donald Shaffer ...,,,.. Mrs. Loretta S. Kunkel ......... AIM: To further interest in all phases of the theater. President Vice-President Treasurer ..r......Secre1Taries Faculty Adviser Page forty-three l Page forty-four MATH HONOR SOCIETY Bernice Ide ..... .........,........................................ ..... I ' reszdent Marie Patti ,.... ....... V ice-President Patricia Fouse ........ ....... T utoring Squad Leader Adrienne Klein .....,. ....... M agazine Editor Barbara Bologne ........ .,.,.... P rogram Director Mrs. Erna Fife ....... ......... F aculty Adviser AIM: 1. To enable excellent students of mathematics to meet and or- ganize a tutoring squad. 2. To write articles for a mathematics magazine. 3. To train for mathematics contests. NEWMAN CLUB Mae Yahlorlslii ...., .....,,.. I 'regidafnl Marie Zippo ...... ,..,. V ice-Presidcnt Claire Amato ..,, ..,,,. T reasurcr Virginia Lane ..,.......,..,. ...... S ecrctary Miss Margaret E. Kenny ..,.,, ,,..... F acuity Adviser AIM: To form and develop the character and leadership according to Christian social and ethical principles. Page forty-five NEWTOWN BAND Laurence Young ...... ........ B and Manager Beryl Kean ..,.. ...... S ecre t ary Michael Ortolano ...... ..... Q uartermaster Alan Hundert, David Levy ........ ......, L ibrarians Mr, George H. Schoettle ....... .............. B andrnaster Mr. John M. Baker, Jr ....... ......... B usiness Manager AIM: To be of service to the school hy' participating in all appropriate school activities, to acquaint students with fine band literature, to loroaden their musical and social interest, and to promote school spirit at Newtown through inspirational music. Page forty-six NEWTOWN CHOIR Miss Frieda D. Behrens. ........... Faculty Adviser AIM: To study and present for enjoyment and culture, music of high standard. Page forty-seven L 2 , 3 cf fllflj'-Qliffhf NEWTOWN ISOTOPE John Winter .... ..,........ .......... E cl ilor Gilbert August Errol Davis Bernice Ide ...,,,......,,.,.. ....... 1 4ss0ciate Editors Mr. Louis Auerbach ........, ........, F aculty Adviser AIM: To further the interests of Newtown students in the physical sciences. NEWTOWN NUCLEUS Errol Davis .,.......... ......,,..,,.,.. E diror William Hirschfeld ........ ........, 4 ssociafe Elliior ,loan Hargraves ,,...,... .......,.., 4 rt Eclilor Mr. Maurice Bleifeld .....,. ........ F acuity i4zIrz'ser AIM: l. To give biology students the opportunity to bring their project work to the attention of their fellow students. 2. To publicize recent advances in the field of biology. Page forty-nine NEWTOWN ORCHESTRA Erwin Zimmermann ........ ......... B usiness Manager Norman Koeth ...r... ........ C oncertmasler Dorcas Diaz .... ...... S ecretary Erwin Zimmerman ......... ..... L ibrarian Mr. George H. Schoettle ......, ......... C onductor A HI: To furnish music for school assemblies and advance the study and appreciation in Newtown High School. U r" ll Page fifty RES GESTAE Phyllis Brock ...... ............,......,....... ........ P r esident John Block .......... ...... V ice-President Margaret Mitchell ..... ....... ,...... T r easurer John Winter ........ R ecor ding Secretary Joan Hargraves .... ....... C orrespond 1'1L g S ecre tary Mr. John C. Kunit ......... ......... F aculty Adviser AIM: To help us understand the ideals, traditions. and institutions which have brought about world developments and to aid in think- ing clearly about the complexities of world affairs. fiflp-on l Page fifty-two SECRETARIAL CLUB Christine Ingannaniorte .,,.. .,,........., ....,.... P r esidelzt Edith Wesuey ..., ....,,. V fCe.PfeSfdem Mary Dowd, Sheila Fishhein .,.,... ..,,...., S ecre 1' aries Carolyn Coppinger, Marie Zippo .,..... ........,... T reasurers Mrs. Elizabeth R. Condon ....... ..,....,. F acuity Adriser AIM: To promote scholarship. to increase social feeling and to create 11 deeper interest in the various subjects in the commercial field. SECRETARIAL PRACTICE GROUP Donna Lundgren .................,................................................ President Christine lngannamorte ....... ...... V ice-President Anne Campanielle, Marcia Manning ....... ...,.... T reasurers Stella Cuocci, Christina Stephanides ..... ........... S ecretaries Mrs. Elizabeth R. Condon ................. ......... F aculty Adviser AIM: To train the members in secretarial work. Page fifty-three SFCRETARIES OF 137 Mrs. Helen K. Berman... ..,.... Facully Adviser Alflls To give effective secretarial service in the office of the Administra- lire Assistant. Page fifty-four SECRETARIES OF NEWTOWN Ann Carnpanielle .,.... .,..,....,. ............,. 1 l Iiss Secretary Norma Huppert ..,......,.. .,...,..... ......... R u nner-up for Miss Secretary Mrs. Gladys Huber Seale, Chairman Mrs. Roma B. Halpern ..........,.. .......... ...,.,,,.. F a cully .4dl'l'S6TS AIM: To give cooperation and service lo lhe school as a result of their secretarial experience. Page fifty-five Page fifty-six SENIOR OFFICERS Jan. '54 Thomas Cermino ........... ........ President George Di Bartolomeo ...... ..,.... V ice-President Arm Page ........... ...... T reasurer Joan Centrella ....... ............ S ecre t ary Miss Muriel J. Drummond ..,.... .......... F aculty Adviser AIM: To.afford leadership opportunities which should prove valuable in our democratic world. SENIOR COUNCIL Jan. 1951. Thomas Cermino George Di Bartolomeo Ann Page ,loan Centrella Jacqueline Travis Elizabeth Harrer Otto Behrman Thomas Gambichler Bernard Minnax Dewey Thomas Miss Muriel J. Drummond ........ .......... F aculty Adviser AIM: To provide supervision of Senior Class activities on a democratic basis. Page fifty-seven Page fiftyreight SENIOR OFFICERS Chauncey Jackson .. .,..,.. President loseph Zanni ...,. Vice-President lohn Mueller ..,... Treasurer Mae Yahlonski .,.,,.,.. .,,,.,. .......... S ecre t a ry Miss Muriel l. Drummond ...,...., ......., F acuity Adviser AIM: To afford leadership opportunties which should prove valuable in our democratic world. SENIOR COUNCIL Chauncey Jackson ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,-,,,,,,.,,,,,,.,,,,,,-,,,,,- -,,.,--, P resident .lOS6ph Zanni .... Vice-President ,lohn Mueller ..,,,, -.-- T feasurer Mae Yablonski ,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,, -q----,,-- S ecfemfy MiSS Muriel fl. Drummond ....,... ,,,,,. F acuity Adi-iger AIM: b 'Fo provide supervision of Senior Class activities on a democratic asis. Joel Papush Cecilia Ferrer Gail Geller .lanice Strum Lorraine Wisnexs'ski Grace Nishan Stella Cuocci Anna Oliva Kay O'Connor Robert Kraynak Frank Wojtoxx'icz Albert Meier Larry Young John Keesey Dominick Nicastro Adrienne Post Beverly Williams Rosemary Petronclli Robert Wiskotzil lerome Wein Paul Reres Anita Lo Faso June Dick Elizabeth Conroy Marcy Boucakis Herbert Teicher Mary Dupnak August Mancuso Robert Sambriski Frank Amantia Michael Morga Abraham Eisenstein Barbara Laine Carmine Caiazzo Fred Marshall Paul Cooper Tom Sc-uto Page fifty-nine Page sixty Chauncey Jackson .. Paul Heres . Carmelo Vasi Paul Goldberg .,.. .... Bernard Rothenberg.. SERVICE SQUAD Captain Mr. George F. Brown ...... To be of service to New to wn .......1st Lieutenant ,........2nd Lieutenant .................Senior Sergeant Senior Sergeant Adjutant ........Faculty Adviser SOCCER TEAM Thomas Kouros .. .,.,., Captain Robert Lieberman . ........... Manager Dr. George D. Barclay '.... ....,,,.. F acuity ,fldriser AIM: To promote soccer and reprefeut Newtown High School in ihe Public School Athletic League. Page sixty-one SPANISH HONOR SOCIETY Anita Kladney ......... President Arline Schwender . ....... Vice-President Miriam Rivera ....... ............... T reasurer Janet Minters ........,.,...,.,. .,...... C orresponding Secretary Miss Ruth E. Campbell ......... ................ F aculty Adviser AIM: To promote interest in Hispanic culture. Page sixty-two TECH HONOR SOCIETY William Cehr ..,........ President Donald Shaffer ..... ,,,..,, V ice-President Robert Kraynak ....... ........ T reasurer Robert Parente .......... .........,.. S ecretary Mr. Rudolph M. Paulson ...,,, ..,....... F aculty Adviser AIM: To advance the technical knowledge of a student beyond the regular high school studies. Page sixty-three CROSS COYXTRY TEAM Robert Sanwlwrifki ,.,, ,,,,,,. C aplain Dfmald Shaffer ., ,,.,.,.. ,.... 7 Uanager Mr. Ira YV. Terwilliger., .,.,.., Coach 5fIIYY'fUllI X-RAY STAFF Mae Yablonski ...,..,....,... ........ E ditor-in-Chief Miss Helene Cunningham ....... ,..,... L iterary .fldziiser Mrs. Sophie YVedemeyer .....,. ....... B usiness Jdriser AIM: To promote journalistic interest and lwring to the student body a journal of information, opinion, and entertainment. Page sixty-five TRACK TEAM Evans Lizardos ..... Captain Donald Shaffer ....... .... fl Ianager Mr. Ira W. Terwilliger.. ........ Coach 44111: To develop ability in track and field activities, and to promote good sportsmanship, leadership, and school spirit. Page Slifflj'-Slil' JUNE 1954 NEWTOWN STAFF l Margaret Mitchell ....... ....,..... E dilor-in-chief func 1954 Judith Rosenthal ......... .,..... E diior-in-chief january 1954 Sheila Sonkin ....... .......... ...............l 4 r L Editor Crystal Markides ............... ............. . .. ....... ....... ........... ....,..., C I z lb Editor Carol Westendorf, Christina Stephauides, Muriel Courtland Samuel Lauron, Evans Lizardos, Sandra Martz ....... ...,...... ,,..,... B L lsinegs lllanagem Ann Campanielle, Hildegarde Boos, Christine lngannamorte ...... ,,,.,,, Typing Miss Maze C. Cordon, Mr. Henry Reinshagen. Mr. Edmund White, Mr. Paul Heller ........... ,......, F acuity Advigem Page sitxtx et rz LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT Vive. the dignified graduating classes of lanuary and ,lune 195-la, after looking through the remnant of old test papers, worn book covers and battered review books, have emerged with our Last Will and Testament. In this document we will attempt to better our school and be able to hold in our memories, thoughts of those mentioned herewith: We dedicate: To Miss Cordon: Orchids in appreciation for her good guidance and hard work, which To To To To To To To To To To To To made this book possible. Mr. Heller: A talent scout to take him to Arthur Godfrey with his guitar. Miss Cunningham: A free period to coincide with her X-Ray Editor. Mr. Valvano: A store room for his awards and trophies. Mr. Ralph Brown: A new racket. Mr. Schoettle: Leisure time. Mike: A student with a legitimate elevator pass. Mr. Reinshagen: Money for the GO. Students remaining in Newtown: A new hymn book minus page 18. Mr. Auerbach: A few scholarship winners. Miss Bass: Some books she hasn't read. the Grade Advisers: Spacious and luxurious private offices. Miss Drummond and Mr. Platt: An overwhelming amount of sales for their history book which is now in the making. To the students eating in the lunchroom: A juke box. Signed: The Graduating Classes Witnesses: The Staff X .sonw Dog QW p Egg' u-6 f ,SOE Shed EVM I?-iff Km K oo, DHVE V x rpms C N-XPNQL4 xi 081' XF, api 'PT 'bovxig e' X 'X JANUARY ANGELO ANNIQZIATO Destination: Air Forte He never worries and has fun He takes things just as they Come. LOLKIS BASANI Destination: Designer Draftsman A light heart lives long. ROY BECKER Destination: U. S. Katy A nice sort of guy you will admit, Happy go lurks' and full of wit. OTTO BEHRMANN Destination: College His good nature supercedes all. JOHN BENZ Destination: U.S. Marine Academy You never thought you'd get the four years done. RITA BLECK Destination: Business A little quiet and not so tall. But Rita is best of all JOHN BLOCK Destination: College A real swell guy, nice to know Always ready with a gay, Hello Page serentx' I - 9 - 5 - 4 NORMAN BLUMSTEIN Destination: U. S. Air Force He's so alone without the Service squad. 'LEONARD BROWNSTEIN Destination: Queens College Wit and wisdom are born with a man. JOAN BUNOCORE Destination: Business A husy girl, on the run, Well liked by everyone. JOHN BURKHARD Destination: U. S. Navy Never quiet, never still Always seeking some new thrill. MARY BYRNE Destination: Business A real cute girl, sweet and shy, A wonderful gal for any guy. FRANK CALVO Destination : Business lust an alllaround good fellow. LAWRENCE CARAVELLA Destination: Brooklyn University of Applied Arts and Sciences. His head goes round in such a whirl Whenever he sees a pretty girl. DONALD CASHMERE Destination : Farmingdale University A future farmer he hopes to he Well Just have to wait and see. IOAN CENTRELLA Destination: Kathrine Gibbs Business School From this friend never part Heres a girl with a Great Big Heart. WILLIAM CIECI-IANOWSKI Destination: Institute of Applied Arts and Sciences. Has brain and hrawn and Wit, In a nutshell, Bill is 'LIT.7' ANN CIRIGLIANO Destination: Business There is always a change in every day, But never a rhange in her friendly way. ALFRED RALPH COLACINO Destination: Kings' Point Merchant Marine Academy Clever scholar, leader too, H In fact, therels nothing he cant do. WILLIAM CHU Destination: U.S. Air Force The Air Force gets our William , JOHN COLUCCI Destination: Air Force Happy go lucky, free as the wind, Thatls how .lohnnyls four years .,,. have been. JULIA CRONIN Destination: Baby Nurse Shes going to nurses' training to learn to sing "Rock-aabye Babyfl ROBERT CUNNINGHAM Destination: College With good nature and a ready wit, That is how he makes a hit. LINDA DANIELSON Destination: Business Linda is both cute and neat And in all, she's considered sweet. RONALD DA SILVA Destination: Marine Corps Fun and laughter, joy and cheer, Four good reasons why hels here. JACK DE CARLO Destination: T. V. Expert Working busy as a bee, He will fix your broken T. V. RICHARD DEMPSEY Destination: Business Always quiet, never wild, We can only praise someone so mild. ROSE DENEGRIS Destin ation : Business She's so regular you can almost hear her tick. Page seventy-one ROBERT DENIEN Destination: College His foes are few. his friends are many. JOHN DE PHILLIPPO Destination: U. Air Force Look out Air Force. here comes one of Newtowns best. EDMUND DE VINCENTIS Destination: Farmingdale Old fighters never fade away, They get punehy. GEORGE DI BARTOLOMEO Destin ation : Machin ist, Maintenance Man Happy go lucky, full of fun. George brings a smile for everyone. ALAN DICK Destination: Cobbleskill The boy who's going to marry the farmer's daughter. RICHARD D'IPPOLITO Destin ation: Business Dick can really tee off and not only in golf. ARMANDO DUQUE Destination: College A king we hope wifll never be check-mated. Page seventy-two ROSE ANN ENG Destination: Business Eyes and hair as dark as night, Cay. sweet, pretty and bright. JOHN FERRICNO Destination: Business A little wit, a little Cheer, A little fun and John is here. RUTH FRANKS Destination: Bible School Pleasant to be with, jolly and gay, Useful. dependable in more than one way ANN FRAYLER Destination: Business A quiet girl whom everyone knows She leaves good impressions wherever she goes. THOMAS CAMBICHLER Destin ation: Delhi Ten acres and a mule, This is his standard rule. THOMAS GERMINO Destination: Aviation Engineer A happy go lucky boy Always full of fun and joy. WILLIAM GESSNER Destination: Navy Friends, Romans and Countrymen Lend me your homework. ROBERT GILLESPIE Destination: New York Telephone Co. If silence were money, He'd be a millionaire. LAWRENCE GIRAUDO Destination: U. S. Navy For he's a jolly good fellow Which nobody can deny. ESTA GREGORY Destination: Business A merry heart lives long, Now Esta's is going strong. ROBERT HAMILTON Destination: Navy With bell bottom trousers and coats of Navy Blue, To the U. S. he'll be a patriot true. JOHN HANLEY Destination: Paratroopers Everybody has a friend, but John has many. MARIAN HARKINS Destination: Secretary It was a struggle, but she made it. ELIZABETH HARRER Destination.: Model Cute and charming, pep galore, Who can ask for anything more. GERALD HOELER Destination: Business Here's a guy who's fine to know, He has a brain that's not too slow. AUDREY HOUSTON Destination: College A girl lovely, sweet, and kind, A fault in her is hard to find. ELAINE HYNCIK Destination: Business Elaine's petite and very sweet. BEATRICE IBANEZ Destination: Business A joyful manner, a friendly smile, She really is a friend worth while. LILLIAN JACKSON Destination: Katherine Gibbs Business School Smart, pretty, reserved and witty. CHARLES KIRCHNER Destination.: Police Force He rarely breaks the rule, Rarely studies out of school. STEVE KOKOSA Destination: U. S. Navy Steve hopes as school is complete He can go off and join the fleet. Page seven ty-three MARGOT KRAI-IE Destination: Business Nice and natural. And naturally nice. CHRISTINE LAMNEK Destination: Secretary If everyone were as sweet as she What a sweet world this would be RICHARD LANE Destination: Farmingdale Three acres and a cow for Dick. PETER LARONGA Destination: U. S. Navy A one word fellow, "Swell.'7 ROSELLA LAWRENCE Destin ation .' College Dark eyes. dark hair, A smile she will always wear. ROBERT LEAMEY Destin ation: College The ballot is stronger than the bullet. WILLIAM LE BRIGHT Destination: Florist A capable, reliable and likable lad Page screnty-four WALTER LEPORATI Destination: College Another fine lad, a worthy addition to our class. MARIE LIBERTA Destination: Business She's pretty, she's tall she's tops That's all. WILLIAM LODICO Destination: P.T. Teacher William is quiet and sometimes shy, A silent fellow but a regular guy. ROBERT LOHLEIN Destination: Merchant Marine Academy At math he was not so good, But Hgures he really understood. JESSE LIRA Destination: Pratt Institute Jesse seems far remote from the lames family. RAYMOND MAGGI Destination: U.S. Marines From the halls of Montezuma to the Shores of Tripoli. SANDRA MARTZ Destination: Secretary Sweet and clever, Sandra will stay that way forever. REGINA MCCARTHY Destination: Business Never quiet, never still, Always seeking some new thrill. SYDELLE MENDELSUHN Destin ation: Business Likes a fellow, we know who, A handsome boy by the name of Stu. JACK MESSINA Destination : College A little nonsense now and then, Is relished by the best of men. ROSEMARIE MILITELLO Destin ation: Business Quiet, but when sheis not there you miss her. BERNARD MINNAX Destination: Delehanty Inst. If one should search in all mankind A nicer fellow would be hard to tind. IVIELVIN MONDSCHEIN Destination: U.S. Army Gee, look what the Navy's missing! RICHARD MULLARE Destination: New Mexico His friendship is something to treasure. H UGO INIUTZ Destin ation: College He oulshines many by far I hope he'll always break par. CHARLES O,PRAY Destination: College-Delhi This mouse catches the cats. MARIETTA PANZA Destination: Private Secretary She is lovely to look at, this adorable lass, She always rates utopsv in any class. ANN PAGE Destination: Business A little joke, a little cheer, A little mischief-Annie's here. BERTHA PINTO Destination: St. ,lohn,s University Every test she's sure to pass, Une oi the nicest in our class. LILLIAN POIT Destination: Cornell University A stitch in time saves nine. MARIE PRESTO Destin ation: Business Lovely and charming, simple and sweet, Success and happiness are at her l feet. Page seventy-five EILEEN QUINN Destination: Business With her charming smile and pretty way, We like her better day by day. JOHN RAKOCZY Destination: College Every Tom, Dick and Harry's called John. FRED E. A. REGISTER Destination: U.S. Army He doesnlt say much, but who knows what he is thinking. VERONICA ROGOSHIN Destination : College Cool and quiet, sweet, serene, A girl so nice is seldom seen. CAROL RONDINELLI Destination: Secretary Neat, in dress, good in looks, Hey there boys-I'Iere's one for the books. .IUDITH ROSENTHAL Destination: Queens College Brains, vitality, good looks, and personality. NICHOLIS RUSSO Destination: Business Newtown hates to see him go. Page seventy-six GAY SALZANO Destination: Business A charming girl with a pleasing disposition, These are the words which fit Gay's description. HERMAN SCHMIDT Destination: U. S. Mariries Corps He goes through classes with a happy air Neyer a worry, never a care. GEORGIA SHATTENKIRK Destination: Business When she rolls her big brown eyes, You should hear the fellows' sighs. MICHAEL SIIVIONIAN Destination: C.C.N.Y. Good humor is the health of the soul. SUSAN SMITH Destin ation : Business Cheerful, thoughtful, always kind, Another like her is hard to find. DOIVIINICK STALLONE Destination: U.S. Marine Corps About him we can truly say, That he has always been O.K. SUSAN STERN Destination: Laboratory Technician Sincere ambition to do the best Is her password to success. RONALD TARKINGTON Destin ation: College A nice sort of guy, a lot of fun, He makes a hit with everyone. CATHERINE THALASINOS Destination: Business Girls like Catherine are very few, She has brains and poise too. DEWEY THOMAS Destination: State Tech Some think the world is for fun and frolic, and so do I. ROY THOMAS Destination: Business Roy is very nice to know, With many a friend, But never a foe. SHIRLEY THOMPSON Destination: Business Shirley is quiet in school Seen but unheard is her Colden Rule. JACQUELINE TRAVIS Destination: Business School Lovable, laughable, full of fun, One in a million, shels bright as the sun. MARION TRINIDAD V Destination: Business Marion isn't quiet, Marion isn't shy, Marion can hold on to more than one guy. ANNETTE PATRICIA TROMBETTA Destination: College A quick eye, a light step, Shels a girl with lots of pep. COLETTE VELARDE Destination: Business She'll make you laugh, she'll make you cry, Be eareful, hoys, she'll make you sigh. ROBERT WIENER Destination: New York University To Newtown he was ever true, Hope he'll he the same to N.Y.U. ROGER C. WOLLEN Destination: Poly Terli They 4-nn vonquer who believe they van. ELIZABETH WOOLHISER Destination: Nursing Full of laughter, full of spice, Ry the way, we think she's nice Page seventy-seven JUNE MARCIA AARONSON Destin ation: College A smile and appeal, Make Marcia ideal, RAYMOND ABBOTT Destination: Caswell :i The uManiac" from Maine . Pu 1: lull, 11- js Q .l ' l I 5 " Isl ' 'v ROBERT N. ABITABILO Destination: U.S. Nary Ambition is his middle name, Itls surely bound to bring him fame. ANNETTE ABRAHAM Destination: Queens College Always a smile That's her style JEROME ACCARDI Destination: Beautition Five more years and Jerry will be A very good Beautition MARIE ADDONIZIO Destination : Business Combing, brushing, and powdering, too, Here's mighty cute girl for you, N 5 I ' CAROL ADLER estination: Business his sweet young lady with a charming air, Can make friends most anywhere Page seventy-eight I - 9 - 5 - 4 JOSEPHINE AGLIATA Destination : Business Merry and very nice is She With many friends she'll always be ALFRED ALACCA Destin ation : Business Lively, likable, jolly with all, Ready to answer fun's first Call. BERNADETTE ALBQRSHINE I- Destination: Secretary -EK A gf Q This dish of dynamite ' .., Will set the world on fire. i O Cr P . X 5 STEWART ALEDORT Destination: Queens College An active young man VVith a wide range of talents. JOHN ALESSI Destination: U.S. Navy lf worry were the only cause of death, .lohn would live forever. PAUL ALESSI Destination: Queens College Don't fence me in. O Q MELA ALGOZZINO Destir ion: Business All her friends are sure to tell, About this girl who's really swell Nl Q RT ALTMANN 593 t ' ton: College g sl 0 A ittle worry, a little care, When s cce comes, he'll be there. FRANK AMANTIA Destination: R.C.A. A great loss to the Service Squad. CLAIRE AMATO Destinations Queens College A nurse she is hound to he And she'll succeed, as we shall see. NICK AMODIO Destination: City College Work interests him, He could watch it for hours. HARRY ANDERSON Destination: Pratt He doesn't worry about things, Till they come. KATHERINE ANTONIADES Destination: Business School Very friendly, very gay, Kay is nice in every way. MARY ARONHOLZ Destination: Business She's really as quiet as Can he But a sweeter girl you'll never see. GILBERT A UGUST Destin ation : Brooklyn Polytecltnical Institute Will no douht marry an equation and raise a flock of logarithms. DOBIINIC AURIANA Destination: Business Dom didn't get good marks in math. But has an eye for figures! SANDY AVERSANO Destination: Secretary A promising voung lady. MATTHEW AVIGLIANO Destination: College ll' all the hoys were as pleasant as he, What a wonderful place Newtown would he. ROBE RT BADINSKI Destination: Army All the term he fools and plays .Xml at the end he vrains and prays. Destination : Farmingdale J OHN BALL V A hoe in hand, Behind the plow he'll always s d. GEORGE BANKS Destination: Business George is a business man. He gets the Cash where re he can Page seren ty-n ine .4 V- ,fu K 'DAROLE BAXNING m Destination: Business Full of personality, she-'s always on the go 4 ' Thats why we like her so. AUDREY BARCLIFF Destination: Business Rather quiet in class eaeh day, But really humorous and gay. PATRICIA BARRON Destin ation: College Shes c-harming as eyeryone can see, A real sur-eess she'll surely lie. GARRETT BAUERNSCIrIlNIIDT Destination: Rhode lsluntl College If muscles were brains, Hell he a whiz. ELEANORE BAUKIAN Destin ation : Business Eyes so light, serene and blue means She is a friend, who is ever true. MARTIN BECKER Destination: Pratt Institute Not too short, not too tall Knows most answers, but not quite all. SUSAN BEKKIEZIAN Destination: Secretary Dark hair, dark eyes But a light heart. Page eighty FRANK BELVEDERE Destination: Business A real nice guy. RALPH BERGER Destination: Work on tz Farm Friends call him a Hick. ,, 37' Mfgxatz-4:73 . ,T - R i 1-4 .J ,N, MARGARET BERKAN Destination: Business Isn't she cute? Isn't she sweet? Isn't she the girl you'd like to meet? Ol fill ' 13 klnl ' ' cf 7,4 my t.fgJ,?4fl,.. MARILYN BERNSTEIN Destination: Business Sweet and very nice is she, With many friends she'll always he. DONALD BESELER Destination: Draftsrnen Don doesnlt like diamonds and doesn't like pearls But one thing he does like is lots of pretty girls. CAROL BEST Destination: C.C.N.Y. Witty, clever, pretty and wise. DAVID BETSCH Destination: College Well dressed, well mannered, Well! Well! J' ELIZABETH BINET Destination: Business A girl whom you will like from .the start L1Z's smile will capture your heart. CONSETTA BISACCIO Destination: Vassar College "Did you ever see a dream walking ! i' RICHARD BOLANDO Destination: Farmingdale He thinks a cultured man is one raised on a farm. PEGGY BLOOM Destin ation: College Full of laughter, full of spice, By the Way we think shels nice. BARBARA BODE Destination: Business Full of charm and full of grace BARBARA BOERKE Destination: Cortland College Barbara is a gal brim full of fun, A roller Derby star liked by every- ODS. HAROLDQBOERKE Destinagqztl Qfusliness I U, 5, 1-laws! Cont u5t'inf54'ever, A -Lihltiitle, never. A fi .lAMES BOGEAZIS Destination: College He says nothing and it sounds great. WALTER BOHM Destination: Air Force A fellow with brains, Tangled in planes. DOLORES BITTOR Destination: Business Pretty, intelligent too Why aren't there many more like you? HILDEGARDE B005 Destinatoiu: Business Not too sad. not too gay, A dandy girl in every way. .l0AN BORFITZ Destination: Business A quiet girl with a pleasing dis- position These are the words that fit her dest-ription. AUDREY BORGERSEN Destination: College A friendly miss, quiet and neat Dark hair and eyes, and very sweet MA RCY BOUCAKIS Destination: College Her athletic ability adds to her wonderful personality. Page eighty-one ELSIE BRAJUKA Destination: Business If little Elsie had her wav, shed tang always of Rayz Ray! Hay! JOEL BRANDES Destination: U.S. Navy Full of fun and mischief too Doing things he shouldn't do. - .'-A ." 'B . RO ' 'L .titsfvzmw Desination: CollQge.- V. ,,.-- Happy is he ' From care he is free BERT BRAWLEY Des ' ation: Ohio State University N wnfs bibs is Ohio Statees gain. My W yn' PHYLLIS BROCK Destination: College Lovely to look at Delightful to know. ARLENE BRODY Destination: Queens College To be an actress is her ambition She'll not be bound by tradition. LOUIS BROUSEAU Destination: College If you know Lou, you've found a friend, He always has a hand to lend. Page eighty-tu'o DEMARIS BROWN Destination: Business School Quiet, but when she's not there you miss her. FRANK BROWN Destination: Policeman "A Policemans lot is not a happy one' JAMES BROWN Destination: State Tech. All his troubles now have passed Out of Newtown High at last. SHEILA BROWN Destination: Business As modest and sweet as little Bo- peep But all of us know still water runs deep. PAULA BRUNO Destination: College Among the things this girl contains, Are cheerfulness and lots of brains. EARL BUSH Destination: Air Force Newtown's Loss is the Air Forces gain. , VICTOR BUZZANCA Destination: Brooklyn Polytechni- cal Institute A gentlemen and a scholar. CARMINE CAIAZZO Destination: Rutgers Live and learn Carmine! 'QQ-.r is . - + EA M VERA CALIFANO Destination: Business She's the girl with 3 cis Cute, Clever, and Good Company. VICTOR CALIGIURI Destination: Business Good friends are hard to find, Here is one to keep in mind. VINCENT CALIO Destination: Pratt Institute Always happy, lots of fun, Even gets his homework done. MAX CALLACY Destination: Farmingdal serve i ella His pagence aiilirg? 'leness' will i if t l , t 40 l 9 ' - ll bis OH, 5893 fl ROSEANN CAMPANELLI Destination: Business A merry heart and a happy smile. ANN CAMPANIELLE Destination: Private Secretary With ambition like hers, she'll go far Yes, Ann will reach her shining Star. ALDA CANDIDO Destination: Business "Be it ever so humble there's no place like home" Agree, Aida? PATRICIA CANTWELL Destination: Music Academy A sweet girl with a voice to match. THEODORE CAPELLO Destination: Farmingdale He has that head of curls, That gets a second look from girls. PHILIP CARACCIA Destination: Business It was a tough fight folks, But he made it. MILDRED CARLO Destination : Business Sweet and Charming bright and gay, We'll take Mildred any day. JOHN CARUSO Destination: Business You thought you'd never get the four years done. But congratulations you've made it son. ANTOINETTE CASALINI Destination: Business A promising young lass. Page eighty-th ree MATTHEW CASSELLI Destination: College No use for Mattie to make noise or shout Hes a good player of that there's no doubt. EMILY CELLO Destination: Secretary Emily is the answer to a teachers prayer, Always so quiet you f:an't tell shels there. GUY CERRITO Destination: Real Estate Broker Guy doesn't worry, doesnlt care He doesn't hurry anywhere. .IOSEPHINE CESTARO Destin ation : Busin ess Friendly, jolly, never sad I0 jokes all day and is seldom mad. DOROTHY CHAFFERS Destination: Business Dotty's always talking double Always seems there-is lots of trouble, MARJORIE CHERRY Destination: Business Always a smile With never a Care MARIE CHIKLAS Destination: Business Always there, but not always quiet But whatever they do, she's willing to try it. Page eigh tyefour THERESA CIANCIULLI Destination: Secretary She's fair, she's square and what a U'63.I The kind of girl you'd like to meet. MARIE CIRIELLO Destination: Business Smiling, cheerful, never blue, Introducing Marie-to you. MARY CIRIGLIANO Destination: Business Here is a girl you can't possibly pass by For Mary catches everyone's eye. ROSE CIRINGIONE Destination: Secretary With good nature and ready wit, Tl1at's how she makes such a hit. ROBERT CLARK Destination: U.S. Navy When Bob takes a boat to sea, We'll all say a prayer for the U.S. Navy. PHYLLIS COCCA Destination: Secretary Make business your pleasure And pleasure your business. VIOLA COGLIANO Destin ation: Secretary Girls like Viola are very few She's quite smart and a swell gal too. LOIS COHEN Destination: Business A good skate. DIANE COHN Destination: Business She goes through class with a happy air She seems to have no worry or care. BARBARA COLBORNE Destination: Katherine Gibbs Business School She's the cream in your coffee She's the apple of your eye. CURTIS COLEY Destination: Cornell Though he almost went with the band He is now hack on the land. JOSEPH COLLETTI Destination: Queens College Quietness conceals great worth. ELIZABETH CONROY Destination: Nurses Training A laughing eye, a nimble wit, A friendly heart-That's all of it. ROBERT CONROY Destination: Business He wasn't latwthe bell was early. STEVEN CONSTANT Destination: College Constant as the Northern Star. JEAN CONSTANTINE Destination: College Sparkling eyes and welcome smile, She's happy-go-lucky all the while. MARCUERITE COOCAN Destination: Business A grand gal, a swell pal Peggy is what you call a Hregulal' gal". PAUL COOPER Destination: College Believes in equal sufferage Teachers should sulier as much as students. CAKOLYN COPPINC-ER Destination: Business She's pretty to walk with, And pleasant .to talk to. W ,ocoo 2 -, Destination: usi ess .lf W A nicer girl, ' yet to meet Just try to o quite as sweet. MICHAEL COSTELLO is ' . f QR 1 Destination: Cornell 3 ' On this boy with a winning smileq. for all, Let us hope that bad luck will never befall. Page eighty-five CAROLE KI. COLRTLAXDT Destination: College Lots of giggles, lots of fun, Muriel is tops with everyone. ELIZABETH CRAWFORD Destination: Business Shes always as gracious as can he: A charming girl we all agree. JOHN CRENXAN Destination: Air Force He never worries and has fun, He takes things as they come. JOSEPHINE CLCINELLA Destination: Secretary Pretty, intelligent, quiet too Why arenlt there many more like you? ARLENE CULLAM Destination: Typist Arlene has a friendly glow And always a warm "hello" EILEEN CULLINAN Destin ation: Business This girl's for real as you can see. Sheis tall, quiet and smart as can be. DOROTHY CTQMMINCS Destination: Secretary She is neither shy nor bold But she is as good as gold. Page eighty-six Qt STELLA CUOCCI Destination: Private Secretary A competent secretary Stella will he For some busy executive, you wait and see. MICHAEL CUSANELLI Destination: St. .lohrfs College Full of fun and mischief too, Doing things he shouldn't do. CAROL CURRY Destination: Katherine Gibbs Business School Always friendly, always sweet She's the girl for you to meet. THERESA DA BRUSCO Destination: College A sparkling eye, a ight step Hereisxa girl wi of pep. cy Riu, QU' ms E DAHER Destination: Farmingdale Friendship is a sheltering tree. FRANK DAALESIO Destination: Golf Pro. A nice sort of guy A lot of fun, He makes a hit with everyone. , CARMINE D,ALLEVA Destination: Cornell Friend more divine than divinity. f6P Ma Q dfzswfsef, : KATHRYN DALY Destination: Business A barrell of vim, Full to the brim. FRANCES DARPA Destination: Business A quiet girl she seems to be That is, as far as we can see. DIANE DATTWYLER Destination: Business A real swell girl, A heart of pearl. ERROL DAVIS Destination: College A swell all round fellow. 5 6 5 ROBERT DAWKINS Destination: College A little joke, a little cheer, A little mischief, Bob is here. JOSEPH BONIS Destination: Musician His head is in a whirl, When he sees a pretty girl. EDWARD DECKER Destination: U.S. Air Force He's so alone, Without his trombone. 2, l . fi 9 f M f Kia OLGA E CON jDestTEon:' 'ate S fre Pretty 1 lo! s, bright Another like her is hard to H . DONALD DEDERICK Destination: College If his future is like his past He'll go far and very fast. FRANCES DELLA MONICA Destination: Bookkeeper Lots of giggles, lots of fun. Fran is tops with everyone. RALPH DELLA VECCHIA Destination: U.S. Marines A happy blend of student and friend. DELIA DELLI BOUI Destination: Marriage A homemaker is what she wants to be She'l1 get a home just wait and see. THERESA DELISSE Destination: Business Mischief and noise Mixed with poise. ARLENE DENGROVE Destination: Nursing School X About her we can truly say, in CI' She has always been O.K. 41.6 'X Page eighty-seven K LUCILLE IYERYQOLE Destination: Secretary We Love Lucy 1' ' ,G XXL' ci! , ii DE RUVO fwgfyfi Dei njtftion: LS' Air Fone li ,p y 5 fl it f 'I 2. ,1 s J X Hr ,Q 0 css IAZ ,t 4 Desiliation : ol 'Q ip n Ji' go She' y to know. GABRIEL DIAZ Destination: City College English he finds it hard to speak But we're sure he'll reach the peak. JUNE DICK Destination: Secretary Friendly and very nice to know, 'I'hat's why we like her so. MARGARET DIEN Destination: College A nicer girl I've yet to meet Try to find one just as sweet. ROSE MARIE DOBLEY Destination: College Acting is this lady's aim, Which will surely bring her fame. Page eigh ty-eight WILLIAM DONOHUE Destination: College Powerful indeed is the empire of thought. CAROL DORNEEST Destination: Business A quiet girl with a pleasing dis- position, This is Carol's description. MARY DOWD Destination: Business Here's a girl with lots of grace And something more-A pretty face. FRANK DOWNES Destination: St. Johns University Handsome, friendly, calm and cool Liked by everyone in school. THOMAS DRAGONE Destination: Farmingdale "Big" Tom Dragone, Is the way he is known DAVID A. DRAKE Destination: College All of this we must confess That Dave is destined for great success. DONALD DROTMAN Destination: Business A friend in need is a friend indeed. ELIZAFETH DUNPHY Destination: Business Toward adventure this gal's head- ing But I bet her real goal is a wedding. MARY DUPNAK Destination: Queens College A singer is what she wants to be, She ll be one too, just wait and see. JANE EGOUMENIDIS Destination: Business .lane's a singer true, She pleases me and you. ABRAHAM EISENSTEIN Destination: College An explosive mixture of brain and brawn. ROBERT ELLIOTT Destination: Navy W'hen Bob goes to sea, Where, oh! where will the Navy be? JAMES ENG Destination: Business He goes to school 5 daze a week. ANITA ENZMANN Destination: Secretary Of all the charms she does possess The best of all is friendliness. MARY ANN FARRUGIA Destination: Secretary Mary Ann is quite a lass We seldom know when she's in class. THERESA FASCIOTTE Destination: Secretary Charming, friendly, lovely too, One of the nicest girls we know, MARVIN FASTMAN Destination: Queens College Run for the hills, Fastman's in the lab. ALVIN FELDMAN Destination: Draftsman A tall boy with a big heart. GLORIA FELDMAN Destination: College Our school life has been richer for knowing you. ANGELA FEMINELLA Destination: College Frankie's cute Parcel is this pearl, 0h!, my what a girl. f"f'cfi'?' 4" 4 ,:.Nffff. f if .- ROBERT FEl,NSTEIN. Destination: Cornell No matter how high his goal, He is sure to reach it. Page eighty-nine STEPHANIE FERENS Destination: Nursing School Her hair is light, her eyes are too A friend thats sweet, loyal and true, PATRICIA FERINGTON Destination: Secretary Very penny. very say, Very Cheerful all the day. MERCEDES FERNANDEZ Destination: College Cool, quiet and serene A nicer girl is seldom seen. CECILA FERRER Destination: Pratt Institute Very pretty, very gay, Likable in every way. MARIE FERRONE Destination: Secretary She moves like a goddess And looks like a queen ERIC FISCHER Destination: College In his quiet way he gets things done. SHEILA E. FISHBEIN Destination: Secretary Big brown eyes, happy smile, Makes her friendship well worth while. Page nin ety THEODORE FISHER Destination: U.S. Army A man among the strong and brave. A man with purpose high and grave. EDWARD FLANAGAN Destination: College He's the apple of the eye Of all the girls in Newtown High. JOAN FLEISCH Destination: Secretary With her charming smile and pret- ty way, We like ,loan better day by day. PATRICIA FLOOD Destination: Secretary All goodness, no badness All gladness, no sadness. MADELINE FORTSBAUER Destination: College Easy-going and care free, Life to her is one grand spree. ROBERT FORSTE Destination: Cornell Our modern farmer is quite ver- satile Actor, Musician and Scholar. CARL FORTE Destination: U.S. Air Force. Off he will go into the wild blue yonder. MICHAEL FRANK Destination: College To eat tons of ice cream is his Wish But girls are still his favorite dish. ANTHONY JOSEPH FRANZ.-x Desiination:ylftinmingdale Tony4Yoi1 canpot know wine hy the Barrell. , " ' i ELEANOR FRASER Destination: Secretary Her whole description is complete, With just one word, and that's- sweet! MARILYN FRAVOLA Destination: Secretary Her heart is like a pre-war hotel, Room for everyone. ROBERTA FREEMAN Destination: Queens College A merry heart and a hearty smile. ELAINE FURCIATO Destination: Business Everyday in everyway, Elaine shows that shels O.K. RITA FUSCO Destination: Dental Assistant A gal well liked by all. KATHLEEN GABRIEL Destination: Business Augie's her guy, That no one can deny. ROSEMARIE GAFFNEY Destination: Business A merry heart and a friendly spirit. JAMES CALL Destin ation: College I know Jim, he's mighty fine, Putting it mildly he's genuine. JOHN GALLAGHER Destination: Professional Skater His foes are few, his friends are many. FRANK CAMMONE Destin ation: N.Y.U. , When on this page you chance to look. .lust think of him and close the hook. ROBERT GANDINI Destination: Art School He hums some tricky tunes And loves to draw cartoons. MANSIL GARDNER Destination: Business A growing good businessman. Page ninety-one ' JOAN GARGANI Destination: Nursing School A creditable addition to the nursing corps. LUDWIC GEHM Destination: U.S. Air Force A great guy with a swell ambition. The Air Force will be proud of its new addition. WILLIAM CEHR Destination: College Excellent in Math and an expert on figures. LORRAINE CEHRKENS Destination: Private Secretary A friendly miss, quiet and neat The kind of girl you'd like to meet. GAIL GELLER Destination: University of Conn. Gail is sweet, And a pleasure for anyone to meet. JOSEPHINE GELSOMINO Destination: Secretary Quiet, reliable and neat A girl sweet and petite. ANTHONY CERACI Destination: College A long hard pull but, Anthony made it at last! Page ninety-two LOIS CERDTS Destination Business Live and be happy. WILLIAM CERKIN Destination: Air Force He'll be flying high. CONSTANCE CIACKOUMATOS Destination: Business Brains, wit and charm galore Who in the world could ask for more. ADELINA GIANNETT ,M Destination: Business W To be precise, JN She's very nice. BEVQYkGIGLERXx Destinatioiti BQiine5Q ki - xwx NN Bev. Giglerg a vays vvitlhx Qnle. IANICE GIHAN Destination: Lincoln School of Nursing .lanice with eyes of brown, Very seldom does she frown. PHYLLIS GILEROWITZ Destination: C.C.N.Y. She's quiet content and happy. ft kr .IOSEPH GILL Destination: College He makes the whole world better just by living in it. PATRICIA GILLES Destination : Business A person who's so sweet you can't help liking her. RITA GILLES Destination: Airline Hostess All peaches don't grow on trees. WILLIAM CIOTIS Destination : College A fellow who gets along swell with everyone. RICHARD CINEX Destination: C.C.N.Y. Hels quiet and shy But he manages Ito get by. DIANA CIOI A Destination: Dancer Lady luck will surely pass her way And bring success some happy day. ARPI GIRACOSSIAN Destination : Business She has the fave of an angel But therels the devil in her eyes. JOHN CIRANI Destination: Police Force Aspiring to be one of our finest. MATTHEW GISE Destination: Columbia A good reliable lad. DENNIS GITZ Destination: College l'Ie's always on the right "Track', STANLEY GLATT Destination: College Diligent and with the ambition to rear-h the sky. NIARCUERITE CLIESMAN Destination: Business Vivaeious and gay, In every way. MYRNA GOOTZEIT Destination: Queens College Girls like Myrna are very few, Sl1e's quite smart and a swell girl, IDD. LAWRENCE GORDON Destination: Armed Forces Larry will always cut your troubles in half, With his jovial smile and his hearty laugh. Page ninety-three BERNICE GORKLO Destin ation: Business A pleasing personality is an asset in any business. MARGARET ANN GORTA Destination: Katherine Gibbs Secretarial School Very friendly, very gay Margarefs swell in every was X n - XXNATALIE IEB Destination: Quewollege Gay and smart, With a song in her heart. HELEN R. GRAHAM Destination: Secretary He that labors, thrives, spins gold. LEAH GREEN Destination: Hunter College Friendly, lively, jolly and gay Best kind of girl in every way. ARNOLD GREENBERG Destination: King's Point This world means something to the capable. HORACE GRIGGS Destination : College A basketball ace when on the court, A fellow who's a real nice sport. Page ninety-four EILEEN GRIPPO Destination: Mary Immaculate Nurses Training A willing heart, a helping hand Always ready on demand. REGINA GRODZKI Destination: ' ' Quietly she goes her way Doing er xwwith little sa . MARTIN GROSS Destination: College A gay life is my aim, Lessons?-Just a game. THOMAS GROSSO Destination: Business A regular fellow always in demand With lots of friends at his command. EUGENE GRUDZIEN Destination: Columbia University Back of the job-the dreamer Whos making the dream come true ANGELINA GUASTADISEGNI Destination: Business A girl lovely, sweet and kind A fault in h ' is hard to find. I . a .A G Z D tinati : Corn ewto ' 'S los 'or 's gai . CUNTER HADERSBERGER Destination: College Good nature is always a success. ROBERT HAFNER Destination: Con Edison He came . . . He passed . . . He graduated. RAYMOND HALLY Destination: College Raymond is so very quiet A loud word would cause a riot. CONSTANTINE HADOULIS Destination: Certified public accountant I hate reading, writing and 'rithmetic. Now I'll be using a shovel and a pick. .IOAN HARGRAVES Destination: Art School A fine sense of humor, that makes a swell friend A talented artist, that makes a fine blend. ROBERT HARRIGAN Destination: Service High School was a dream to Bob, He slept through it. ANTHONY HARRIS Destination: Air Force Tony wishes to serve Uncle Sam We wish you lots of luck, young man. I g if Wfig cd-f ORIA HARRIS Destigfiation: Business Full of mischief, full of wit Thatis our Gloria. ANNA HARRSCH Destination: Music Field Always sweet and smiling so, Anna is the girl to know. MARGARET HATFIELD Destination: City College A better friend could not be found She's mighty nice to have around. SYLVIA HAYWOOD Destination: Nurse Very peppy, very gay Very cheerful all the day. DEAN HEARN Destination: College If laughing would keep a girl alive Dean would live to one hundred and live, 1 PETER HEESCH Destination: Draftsman .Always calm, always mellow We ean't knock such a fellow. PHILIP HELDER De t' at 'l' .S. Navy xel Dil fork hes OK 1- V , v h a ask and oar I wouldn't say. i Page ninety-five J ROBERT HELLKIAN Destination: College When there-'s some mischief in the air, Here's the boy who will always be there. ROBERT F. HERRMANN De.sz1'na1z'on: Fa min dale IfTlRfi5,li xDEh rlieyier he Ai raid. ck' JUDITH HERZ Destin ation: Business Sandy hair and a very pert nose Cute indeed from her head to her toes. MARILYN HIRSCH Destination: C.C.lV.Y. Sweet, eapable and demure She'll make a success to be sure. RICHARD HOPKINS Destination: Navy A swell classmate. DONALD HOPWAH Destination: U.S. Air Force A gentlemen and a scholar, "Who said that?', CHARLES HORN Destination: Farmingdale A regular guy. Page ninety-six DOROTHY HORN Destination: College Though Dotty may be short in height, Every inch is dynamite. WILLIAM HORN Destination: Man.lzattan College Bill is getting a lot out of school Himself. HELENE HORNICEK Destination: Womens Air Force Dependable and true Foolish things she'll never do. JUDITH HOWARD Destination: College Small, smart and sweet Shels hard to beat. SANDRA HUBLEY Destination: College Fresh as a daisy, bright as. a star, Her wit and charm will carry her far. DOROTHY HUNTINGTON Destination: Mandl School In her work she'll be the head Assisting a prominent med, NORMA HUPPERT Destination: College i'With kindness towards all and malice towards nonew. VIRGINIA HYNES Destination: Business She seldom worries and is lots of fun She just takes things as they come. 'VINCENT IACHETTA' A I ' Destination: Business I Hes funng' ' I Hes bifgfht , 3 think, he's alright. ELAINE IANNONE Destination: Fashion Institute of Technology A little sugar, a little spit-e That's what makes Elaine so nice. CHRISTINE INGANNANIORTE Destination: Business A fugitive from a basket of fruit-a peach. JOAN ISOLA Destination: Secretary Her hair is blonde, Her eyes are blue, A lovely sight for you to view JAMES JACKS Destination: Business The fellow with the grouehproof disposition. CI-IAUNCEY JACKSON Destination: Physical Education Instructor Well liked and good natured too, Of this kind there are just a few. MARY ALICE JACOB Destination : Business Of all the 1-harms she does possess, The best of all is friendliness. ELLEN JANDOVITZ Destination: College Very gracious and vivaclous JOAN JANC ER Destination: Business Pretty, smart and sweet, A combination that ean't be beat. WARREN JOERCHEI. Destin ation : Farmingdale Newtown will miss him. EIJWA RIT JOHNSON Destination: College His smile will eurry him many a mile. NICHOLAS JOHNSON Destin ation: College Niek works hard to do his best, At chasing girls he'll never rest. HERBERT JOHNSTON Destination: College Herb is never absent and very rarely late. He never misses History when they talk about dates. Page ninety-seven JEAN KAIKBRENNER Destination: Oswego State College Lovahle, laughable, full of fun, One in a million she's as bright as the sun. D LD KAISER Des ' n: Farmingdale n girl's heart has he won, I ad of Kaiser he should he n Juan. ef, ' MARY KARIST Destination: College Silence is golden. BARBARA KAUFF Destination: Basin ess A quiet girl of sterling worth Is more than all the golden earth, RICHARD KAVALEK Destination: College A guy who loves to loaf and lurk And watch his fellow students work. .IAMES KAZEPIS Destination : Busin ess A fellow with a good sense of humor. RICHARD KAZOKAS Destination: College Monday morning: Wloe is mel Five more days of misery. Page ninety-eight BERYL KEAN Destination: College Her trumpet is her speech. But to us she's still a peach. RUBERT KEENER Destination: US. Marines Give me the simple life. IOHN KEESEY Destin ation : College He'll hitch his wagon to a star, Follow it and travel far. PATRICIA KELLY Destination: Secretary Gay, wacky, full of fun Definitely liked by everyone. ARLINE KENZ Destination: Secretary Quiet and sincere Shelll go far in future years. JUNE KING Destination: Florida ASKM College It's nice to he natural When youlre naturally nice CHARLES W. KIROL 'A U . n J ,ig pals. Destination: Farrningdal ' . ' tv- ' He ,plays a mean hand hall wr. Q But' farming will joe, Spun.. ,J fame.. . , ' ,Ll CAROLYN KITE Destination: College Carolyn is pretty and very blond The kind of gal whom men are fond. RONALD KLAUKEMEYER Destination: Delehanty Institute Hope he remembers us before he gives us a ticket. ALBERT KLEEMAN Destination: Drafting and Designing For four long years quoth he, '4Oh! that a senior I might be". CAR KOENI Destinati n: r ' ale A famr 1 goin to eg He'll e farm,' t ee. I RUDY KOERNER Destination: N.Y.U. Just an all round good fellow. NORMAN KOETH Destination: Queens College A Heititz and a Barrymore in one Also brains, wit and fun. DIANE KOGAN Destin ation: Business Sweet and small but she tops them all. THOMAS KONTOS Destination: College He pretends to be bashful, But girls beware. Cin 5 N oestiwggw Om nil ' poo o PHYLLIS KOZINN Destination: Business Sweet and small Liked by all. EDITH KRAMISEN Destination: Business A gem that's small but precious. ROBERT KRAYNAK Destination: College Bob is a great Tech-man, Also the President of the crew-cut vlan, ELYVIN KREMMELBEIN Destination: Mechanic Not looking for trouble, Not causing great strife, Just quietly making a success of his life. ARNOLD JOSEPH KRONICK Destination: Miami University He's the most to say the least. Page ninety-nine LEONORE KRLPP Destination: College A miss who's sweet and neat. GERALD LACALA Destination: Draftsman This will he my shining hour, Graduation. BARBARA LAINE Destination: Adelphi College Cute, lively, sweet and jivey ELLEN MAE LAMBE Destination: Secretary The reward of a thing well done, is to have done it. ROBERT LANCELIUS Destination: N.Y.U. He tries so very hard to please Most of the time he does succeed. RICHARD LA ROCCO Destination: Machinist Happy is he, From care, he is free. LOUISE LA TORRE Destination: Katherine Gibbs Business School Lively, friendly, jolly and gay She's a good friend in every way. Page one hundred JOAN LAURENT Destination: Journalism-N.Y.U. Serious side has great appeal She'll he at the top of fortunes wheel. SAMUEL LAURON Destination: Morrisvill Many small things make a man. ,,q,,.e af JUDITH LAWRENCE Destination: Air Force Better late than never. ff . ' E Abou , H alwa S e ROBERT LEJEUNE Destination: College A pretty girl attracts his eye Despite the fact he's kind of shy. PATRICIA LENIHAN Destination: Secretary A friendly miss, quiet and sweet, Whose gentle smile is quite a treat. ERROL LENARD Destination: Virginia State Running through life with a smile. L ONARD tit J Destination: Cow Hail! All Hail! r v 0 P LORRAINE LEONIDAS Destination: Business Smart, pretty, sweet She-'s the gal you want to meet SYLVIA LESLIE Destination: Business Silence is golden She's on a silver standard E .VI E esti f n: College in t te eat is she. DAVID LEVY Destination: Cornell His mind's his kingdom His wit's his law. ROBERT S. LIEBERMAN Destination: College His heart is as big as he is TRISTAN LINKERT Destination: Business A regular fellow always in demand. JOSE PH LISA Destination: Business Heres a fellow full of fun Always ready with a pun. EVANS LIZARDOS Destination: Brooklyn Polytech Always on the right track. THERESA LOCAPUTO Destination: Secretary Always helpful. always gay Theresa will go a long long way. SICNIOND LOCKER Destination: Farmingdale Sig has one big wish, That he could catch that fish. l Z 2 -vLfCf,,Zj 7 fiwmtf ANITA L0 FASO Destination: Correction Officer Her lovely smile and gentle ways, Will Cheer some man for all his days. 5 i , ', , ff W ,. WGAX ' wfAL11ilfslill?gZK es' ina ion It. ll ' R ix t itz:-Qegi lsWit an xwisddinare horn in a man. ly I J ti' REGINA LO CERFO Destination: Business Happy. smiling, always true Ever loyal, never blue. Page one hundred one GERALD LONG.-XRZO Destination: College Those who plan to go to College Nowadays have high amhitions. DONNA LKNDCREN Destination: Vassar College Such wit, such charm, you seldom see: This girl has it-shell succeed. JULIA MACCHIA Destination: Secretary She's got that certain 'isomethingu MARGARET MACCHIAROLE Destination: Business Everywhere she goes, a friend she makes, Sweet, sincere, she has what it takes. AUDREY MACK Destination: Nurses Training School What more of heaven could we ask, Than to be a friend of this fair lass. EDWIN MACK Destination: College All great men are dying, but never mind I'm still here ROBERT MAKOWSKI Destination: Draftsman A nice guy with good ideas. Page one hundred two AUGUST MANCUSO Destination: Engineer Augie's hair is full of curls You can tell at a glance he likes the girls. ELAINE MANUESE Destination: College Believe me she has all those "Endearing Young Charmsu FRANK MACIAPANE Destination: Business Never a worry, never a care Happy-go-lucky everywhere. MARCIA MANNING Destination: Ballet Russe She?-1 a gal light on her feet To see her dance is really a treat. THEODORE MANOLAS Destination: Business He's not lazy, Hes just tired JOAN MARCH Destination: Business Sweet and small Liked by all. LENORE MARCUS Destination: College She's charming as everyone can see A real success she'll surely be. CLAIRE MARCIOTTA Destination: Business Her hair may be midnight black But her heart is purest gold. flv rgf2lWgMf 9os1AN D t' 6 n. an 1 Ta nd v ry rare, XLXHT Znvivfjglf ladies prayer. T 'I 6' 0 are MADELINE MARINO Destination: Business Eyes of blue, with skin so fair Shels the answer to Franl-:lin'S prayer. 3 0 CRYSTAL MARKIDES Destination: Business "A Pretty Girl Is Like A Melodyl' IRWIN MARKMAN Destination: College A swell fellow. A bit quiet, but nice MARIE MARESO Destination: Business Sweet natured from head to toe. Marie is really swell to know. THERESA MARINO Destination: Business Full of smiles, full of spice By G5XwvaY 'extra ,niceli Av Ola lzlf .ie mf S Sue BA AR. Destination: Se retary The angels ean't sing sweeter Even the birds ean't heat her. F E. it it L esft x n: Ser' ldff A-A47 or re Ur uatlon s e are glad But ' ve are also sad. FRANK MARTIN Destination: Pratt Institute His ship will dock in the harbor of success. ARTHUR MARTINO Destination: College Blond and cute all this makes, Artie a fellow with all it takes. DIANE MASSARO Destination: Secretary 'llell me pretty maiden are there any more at home like you? ROBERT MASUCCI Destination: Business Fun and laughter, joy and Cheer, Four good reasons why hels here. ROCHELLE MATHISSON Destination: College Always laughing, always gay, Now we hope you'll stay that way. Page one hundred three CA RLYN KIATRICA RDI Destination: Business Your charms are many, Hour faults are few. We wish we hail some more like you. PAUL MATZER Destin ation: Farmingdale To Farmingdale he is bound. In Ag. he should be renowned. THOMAS MAY Destin ation: Electrical Engineering I-Ie's very quiet. oh so shy. I ean't figure out just wliy? R BER eCONNEL Desti tio 1 Corne couil ' 'e t 's in 0 fully. e ause 5 seeth - is yo t j7 f if K' at l..-- EMILY MQCREA Destination: Business Cute from head to toes. ANN MCGRATH Destination : Basin ess Merrily chattering all day long, Life with Ann is like a song. PATRICIA MCMAHON Destination : Business Pretty, impish, full of fun Never disliked by anyone. Page one hundred four PETER MCMAHON Destination: Kings Point Academy With his eyes so blue and hair so red, He's sure to get a-way ahead! JOAN MCPECK Destination: Secretary There are peaches on the tree Not half as sweet as thee. RONALD Mt-QUAIL Destination: U.S. Navy Ronnie is never in a rush, But how this quiet boy can blush. ALBERT MEIER Destination: Delhi Al does well under the moon, The way he tells it, the girls just swoon. JOHN MEISTER Destination: U.S. Navy The Navy's getting what we've had for foiir years Well really miss John. MARY JANE MEKRE Destination: Business School A smile for all, a word to greet, We must admit, Mary Jane is sweet. FREDERICK MEYER Destination: Air Force Off he goes, into the wild blue yonder. JOSEPH MILOSCIA Destination: College There's mischief a foot Beneath his mild exterior. MARIE MIRABILE Destination: Business To know her is to love her EDWARD MISTRETTA Destination: College Our baseball team will sure miss him. MARGARET MITCHELL Destination: College Lovely clothes, handsome beaus, She is cute from head to toes. HELEN MOHLE Destination: Secretary If everyone were as sweet as she What a sweet world this would be. laugh? MORGA tioni. usiness so ,. little joke a If e cheer, Look arou1g1djVilffgls here 4 I JOHN IVR LL 68llbHDLOQ I . tock e sia t lt , s is K nfl KK? Q v. 1 5 fi xt CE ,1 JOHN MULLALY Dextinntiorz: Draftsman Vtell let him plan Newtown, The next time it's rebuilt. JOSEPH MUSACCHIA Destination: College He is best educated who is most useful. QQHSQE ' Afgiusgrrg 'Destinat n: usiness ghool The less she talks, the more, he thinks. M, ,, , ' fl J d, F A: Q . DIANE MUSTER Destin ation: College Happy, smiling, never blue, Always loyal, ever true. MURIEL NEILSEN ljPSll'llUll.0llI Private Secretary Mu1'iel's the gal for you and me Shes as nice as nice can be. FRANK NEVILLE Destination: College He goes through classes with a happy air, And seems to have no worry or care. DOBIINICK NICASTRO Destin ation: College Winged feet he doth possess At any meet he's a great success. Page one hundred five 'V 1,419 Pl ,L 4"I 'jlfd T I Vll V ' sTAxLEt'-zllnexsrzno Ville tinatigpy :Farmingdale 'J X X-,'-Nylot a boxer. Weitfglatl heis goifp to be a - farmer. GRACE NISHAN Destination: Priiate Secretary Easy to look at. swell to know She has no trouble in catching a br-au. GRAI lE NOLLMAN Destination: Iulliartl The picture of grace, just like her name. Her voice is golf n and sh 's the same. A , fl:?wll 0 ' PAUL NORD Destination : College First College, then his wings Into the Air Force, so he sings. STANLEY NORGALTS Destination: College A happy go lucky boy, Always full of fun and joy. RALPH NUZZOLESE Destination: Business He is the sweetest sound heard in the band. I0 ANN O'BRIEN Destination: College Tomorrow brings another day, So why worry? Page one hundred six J LENA OLIVIERI Destin ation: Business Her cheery smiles helped our team to victory. PATRICIA 0'MALLEY Destination: C.C.N.Y. I-Ier very pleasant manner has made her many a friend, Then add good looks and see how swell they blend. MICHAEL ORTOLANO Destination: Business Latin lover is he, Trumpeter, kibitzer, all three. RAYMOND OSBORNE Destination: Army Ray wishes to serve Uncle Sam, We wish you lots of luck, young man. ROBERT OLBERG Destination: Cornell Bob who signs with a fancy scroll, His friendship could never be out sold. nf ff yi! NA A ff st 'na ' iness d sweet, with a ready smile To be her friend is really worth while. GINA ORSOMARSO Destination: Business Pleasant and quiet, sweet and serene A nicer girl is seldom seen. ELENA PAESANO Destination: Secretary A barrel of vim Full to the brim. PAULETTE PANICHI Destination: Business Lively, friendly, jolly and most of all gay X. VANGQ AP D irgaiion: o ein Tall and s at. 'yi' , This girl is fe t - - - . 5, .l0EL PAPUSH Destination: Cartoonist and Illustrators School Dependable and always there, A friend in weather, rough and lair. RONALD PARADISO Destination: Business Buzzing here, buzzing there, To find him quiet is something rare. FRED PARDO Destination: Business Tall, dark and-draw your own conclusions. KATHRYN A. PARENTE Destination: Vassar College Full of pep, Push and SO, That's why everyone likes her so. ROBERT PARENTE Destination: College At Mathematics he is a whiz, . There is no brain better than his. SEBASTIAN PARISI Destination: Baseball player He'll make a hit anywhere. LILLIAN PAUL Destination: Business With all those brains and that hair of flame, Red will win whatever her aim. SONDRA PENN Destination: College A lmetter friend could not be found, Shes mighty nic-e to have around. ROSE MARIE PERGOLA Destination .' Business School Neat and sweet Always a treat. RICHARD PERRY Destination: Business A good sport if ever there was one. ROSEMARY PETRONELLI Destination: Nurses Training Talented, witty, sweet and so vharming We find her perfection darn alarming. Page one hundred seven ARLENE PIERSON Destination: Augustana College Sweetness, charm plus talent What hetter virtues can a girl possess. ELMER PIERSON Destination: Business He's an interclass athlete. He walks from room to room MARIO PIETRONIONACO Destination: College Laugh and the world laughs with him. MARIE PIROZZO Destination: Pratt Institute A glamour girl of Newtown High Whose ambitions reach the sky. VINCENT PIZZATI Destination: U.S. Navy If one should search in all mankind A nicer fellow would be hard to find. RUTH PLASKOWITZ Destination : Business A revular irl her classmates say, U g What better tribute can we pay? IRENE PONTIKAS Destination: Secretary Irene's a girl who's never in a rush She's a cute little trick and you ought to see her blush. Page one hundred eight JOAN PORIO Destination: Private Secretary This rhyme fits ,loan to a HT" Cute, sweet. nice as can he. ADRIENNE POST' Destin ation: Secretary Never too giddy, still she's gay Always smiling that's her way. BARBARA POST Destination: Business He-re's a girl for whom we shout Barbara is happy cause she's getting out. ROBERT PRESTIFILIPPO Destination: C.C.N.Y. It is well when one knows more than he talks about. DOMINICK PUGLIESE Destination: Business To know him is to like him. l ,M I . JOAN RABIN wirz Destination : Queens College Blow the whistle! Sound the alarm! Here's one girl who's full of charm. LEONARD RABINOWITZ Destination: College A nice sort of fellow you will admit, Happy, smiling and full of wit. FRANCIS RANDO I Destination: Farrningdal X Frank plays a trump is plenty of rhythm, We .h0PC d alu ys goes wit PHILIP RATTNER Destination: College Fine musician, lots of fun, Helll rise to fame by playing his drum. BEATRICE RAUCHRIANN Destination: Queens College Don't take off those glasses Youlll break too many hearts. PETER RAVEL Destination: U.S. Marine Corp. Ravel wields an axe with might, Now for the Marines he will Fight. ELLEN REDDECK Destin ation: Corn ell Veterin ary School She's pleasant Company everyday We're always delighted with her sweet Way. WILLIAM REESE Destin ation: Farmingdale Of this boy named Bill,, It is not easy for people to get their fill. RODA REITMAN Destination: Business - Busy as a bee Sweet as honey. HENRY RIEYER Destination : Armezl Forces The quietest boy in class is Hank But if he says he'll do it, on that you can bank. , I ' -yL1,ER1-:sAfHfHe1N iq 4, i I. i t , e. natzont Business , Y 4 To everyone! af friend ini' need, A charminv fvirl she is indeed. if! 27 liim, 01 Qi U uf' X 4,1 'I V " HN Roms n,u"" ation: A med cesfl 1 c oo 1 e a reazq o Uh s h ' V rk 'd t e slept right through i. ' if l it JEAN RIEKERT Destination: Airline Hostess In many planes she's sure to Hy We knew someday she'd reach the sky. JOHN RIEDI, Destination: U.S. Air Forve He dreamed to span the air hy steel On lmalanved wings and even keel. RIGGS School and , not tall co e in parcels KIIRIAM RIVERA Destination: College Full of mischief, full of wit, That's Miriam Page one hundred nine GRACE RIZZO Destination: Business Eager to work and willing to play, We-'ll take Grace any day. MARIE RIZZO Destination: Queens College Nice to know And on the go. AMANDA ROBINSON Destination: Business School My pen write on, what shall I say .lust a few words, Amanda's O.K. ANN LEE ROCKEFELLER Destination: College Merry and very nice is she, Vl'ith many friends she-'ll always be. DAVID ROGOVOY Destination: College Ever willing to do his best. EDWARD ROSA Destination: College An ounce of wit' is worth a pound of sorrow, AL e Farmz tl Rose dp e never n h plC in LL, R . st at' : ' :X ll or a laug w a a turn o I h ' fi ' ' k' e p . et. - Page one hundred t CARMEN ROSSI Destination: Secretary As modest and sweet as little Bo-peep But all of us know still water runs deep. ROBERTA ROSSI Destination: Airline Histess Roberta is at the head of the list Of those whom we will really miss. BEVERLY RUBIN Destination: College Her pleasant manner has made many a friend Then add her good nature and See how they blend RONALD RUBINO Destination: College His ambition is sure to get up the ladder of success SANDRA RUBINSTEIN Destination: C.C.N.Y. Shels got pep and charm galore Who can ask for anything more. ANTHONY RUCGIERO Destination: College Even though we call him seed We think he is the greatest "keed". EDWARD RUOFF Destination: Navy Give him a camera And he'Il do his best. FRANK SABATELLI Destination: Navy 4'Sailing, Sailing, Over The Bounding Main" LAWRENCE SACKS Destination: Brooklyn College A man among men. SOLOMON SAFFIAN Destination: N.Y.U. School of J0lllll6lllS77'L Though Sol enjoys his work so well, He's always glad to hear the hell. HOWARD SAFFRAN Destination: College Ouiekl Hand me the reference chart. ANN SALVATORE Destination: Busin ess Ann's full of pep and go That's why we like her so. ROSE SALZANO Destination: Business A laughing eye, a nimble wit A friendly gal, that's all of it. ROBERT SAMBERISKI Destination : College A promising student, Always promising to do better. ANGELINA SARDO Destination: Secretary Always smiling and always gay. RICHARD SAYLER Destination: US. Navy Fair and tall Diek's befriended by all SALVATORE SCARDIGNO Destination: Machinists His list of friends, Is a long as his name. FRANCES SCAROLA Destination: Business Whether theres rain or snow in the skies 'l'here's always a twinkle in Fran's eyes. NICHOLAS SIIELSA Destination: Hunter College Boys like him are all too rare. Gentlemen and scholar beyond 1-ompare. ELAINE SCHEER Destination: Queens College Good things Come inismall packages. CHRISTINE SCHEIDT Destination: Bookkeeper When it Comes to volleyball she's really it. With her friends she scores a hit. Page one hundred eleven - 1 K A x 1 t ' x f . X u ' 3 wr ' 'ts X t .K ,. X Q j' ROBERT SCHERKIER Destination: Syracuse I-niiersity Roltert stands aliout 6 foot 3. Hell ltetter watch that he isnt tal-ten for a tree. ARLENE SC,lHlXSKY Destination : Business A friendly miss, vute and neat , Light hair and eyes and very sweet. .ION CE SCHINSKY Destination: Business A eute little miss in many a way, ls she petite, is she smart?, Well I should say. SYLYIA SCHMITT Destination: Receptionist A little push, a little shove, That's how "Sylvia', got her picture above. RALPH SCHNEEWEISS Destination: College Music, Maestro. Please with wisdom at his fingertips. FRANCINE SCHNITZER Destination: College A quiet tongue shows wisdom. Cv FREDEBKFK ETQRIJONBRUNNER 0 'TP estin ation : Cornell A fish rman all the way through, For h' life will never be blue. .ge one hundred twelze tif ARLENE SCHORR Destination: Business With good nature and ready wit That is how she makes a hit. RICHARD SCHUBERT Destination: College This Comhinatioifs hard to beat, Gentlemen, Scholar and Athlete NANCY SCHWABE Destination: Business Cute, bright, nice to meet. Nancy's friendship is quite a treat FRANK SCIOTTO Destination: College Full of fun and mischief too, Doing things he shouldn't do. CARMELA SCIOTTO Destination : Business Carmela is petite Quiet and very sweet. YVONNE SCOTT Destination: Business A penny for your thoughts. THOMAS SCUTO Destination: Fordham As Veechito he was great. So he is in everything. THERESA SEEBERGER Destination: Nurses Training Quiet, reflrled, worthy of praise, Considerate is she and modest in her ways. ANNE SEYMOUR Destination: Nursing Lots of giggles, lots of fun, Annes tops with everyone. .lOSEPl-HNE SFRAGA Destination: College No one else for her we know, She's picked the one and only Joe. DONALD Sl-IAFFERWI ' Destination: MJQT. Tech. hono Dr matics. Bam ' lx 1 7 n Track tory You can see 5,here'2a our - . I Donald canf flow f . E' "A 'pa W? Q. HENRY SHA'l'.7 if Destination: Columbia Univejsity One who is sure to succeed. WILMA SHEA Destination: Nurse Not too sad, not too gay, A dandy girl in every way. JOSEPH SHEPARD Destination: U.S. Aff F0706 Friendly and very nice t0 kI10W, That is why we like him SO. ff j MARIE SIDOTI Destination: Business Wle all agree to walk a mile, Not for a camelfbut for her smile. ANTOINETTE SILLETTI Destination: College 'fonys our gal, Always a real pal. MADELINE SILVA Destination: University of Miami Madeline wants no fortune or fame, All she wants is a diploma with her name. BARBARA SIMPSON Destination: Business School Full of pep, push and go, Thais why people like her so. QLAROLYN SITRON Destination: N.Y.U. School of EllIlf'lllilIl7 Full of charm. full of wit, Wherever she goes she'll make a hit. STANLEY SIUDA Destination: Cornell Stan uthe mani' is his nickname, No relation to the one of baseball fame. BARBARA SKOLNICK Destination: Business School To me and all, a friend in need, A charming girl she is, indeed. Page one hundred thirteen ELINOR SKOY Destination: Nurses Training She'll make a suveess in uniform and rap. Efficiently working without a mishap. MICHAEL SLONIH Destination: C.C..Y.Y. As waves follow a ship at sea, So will suer-ess follow thee. yi 1471177 ,f ' V MARIE 5 Destination: Secretary f ' Pretty? we'll say, Charming? in a lovely way. ARTHUR SOLAR Destination: College A very bright boy with wavy hair, Who sits upon a leader's chair. VICTOR SOLER Destination: College Whe1'ex'e1' he goes, whatever he'll do, With high Hying eolors he's sure to eome through. EDYTHE SOLODKIN Destination: Business School i'Sweet and Lovely" ROSE SALONIONE Destination: .lulliard School of Music Rose's petite and oh so sweet. To hear her sing is a special treat. Page one hundred fourteen r ,Wf!f. SHEILA SONKIN Destination: College Modest possession of that happy blend. Fine artist. trusted friend. JAMES SOSCIE Destination: Cooper Union ,lim is friendly and he is smart, We hate to think that our paths might part. DOLORES SOUSA Destination: Business Full of giggles, full of spice, Ry the way we think she's nice. CHARLES SOUTAR Destination: College He's quite a human dynamo Who winds him up, I'd like to know. JOSEPH SPANO Destination: Business A fine athlete and a niee guy. MARGARET SPIEGEL Destination: Registered Nurse Adores summers at the Lake for reasons we all know Not only for the swimming hut a boy named Billy O. FRANCES SPINELLI Destination: Business Red hair, lreckled face Always looks dainty just like lace, JOSEPH SPINELLI Destination: U.S. Navy .loe will make a grand match For the lucky girl who makes the catch. ELINOR STAIGER Destination: Business She is known to be sweet and good And always acts like a lady should. ALFRED STEBBINS Destin ation: College Someday he'll teach Einstein A new theory in Science. CERTRUUE STECER Destination: Queens College Very peppy, very gay, Very cheerful all the clay. ALICE STEIN Destination: Business A real sweet girl with the heart of a pearl. JOAN STEIN Destination: Stenograplier and Typist .loan is her name, To be a secretary is her aim. ANNE STEPHAN Destination: Business She can always be found at the end of the line Getting a pass for the teachers to sign. CHRISTINA STEPHANIDES Destination: Business We know that she dresses well And her personality is just swell. SHEILA STERLING Destination: Queens anal fulliard A fine musician, the harp she plays, A credit to Newtown in many ways. JOHN STEWART Destination: College Wherever girls may take their rest, Xou're sure to see Johnnie doing his best. SYLVIA STEWART Destination: N.l".U. There are few in this wide world With a disposition as line as yours. DOROTHY STULP Destination: Business Fresh as a daisy, precious as a pearl. Nice disposition in this sweet girl. Qsell, f L BENI , ' Destination: Coll ge Lively, friendly, j l' and gay, Shes the best kind of girl in every way. MURRAY STRELITZE Destination: College He is jolly, quite a treat Hes a guy that can't be beat. Page one lzunzlred fifteen SQNJ Ole J HARRY STRIEBEL Destination: Pratt Institute I-Ie sits quietly in all his rlasses That is why he always passes ri:HARLI-LS STRk9sQ.lA" De tinatioti: Bztsinessf! n Ivana 'lilfllgwind up no one knows. .1 j ,. J .IANICE STRUBI Destination: Business If one should search in all mankind A sweeter girl would he hard to find. EDWIN STURZA Destination: Brooklyn College of Pharmacy Hope he can make a good soda. EILEEN SULLIVAN Destination: College Very friendly, very gay In any language, shes 0.IX. ARTHUR SUNSHINE Destin ation: College His looks and humor bring 'Sunshine' to many. LORRAINE SVEGLIA Destin ation: Basin ess All peaches don't grow on trees. Page one hundred sixteen CHARLES TARANTINO Destination: Brooklyn College I-Iis eyes are brown, his hair is black, When he graduates he won't come bark. ' Ax E TEDONE sti ation? Ma hat College lI a cbd Gene does fine , He will do yxelliin any line. HERBERT TEICHER Destination: College Why should life all labor be? It really doesnit bother me. GEORGE THEODORES Destin ation : College Always smiling, always there, More than willing to do his share. CLAUDINE A. TISSERAND Destination: College A lovely girl, a clever mind, No hner friend in the world you'Il find. JOAN TORIO Destin ation: Business A smile for all, a word to greet, We must admit ,Ioan is sweet. f c fi"9 9 NV of ff Q AVRI RATO V D Slyqion : utsiness pw r lla ver e is l yu , ! C ith many frie 5 she'll a ys be t We I VILMA TRAMONTINA Destination: Business Always joking, full of fun Many friends she has won. JOAN TRIPP Destination: Business She goes through classes with a a happy air, 5 And seems to have not a worry or care. WINIFRED TUOHY Destination: Business School Quiet on the surface Buhhling inside. ANNE TURIIO Destination: Business A happy blend of student and Trend. JOAN MARY VALADA Destination: College Anyone would run a mile, To hear her sing. And see her smile. ll 'af f 4 -f ,I 1 2" V, if. t 4, cARMftl'o VASI Destination :' College 'As the girls go, so goes. Carmelo. V. ANNE VILENCHITZ Destination: College A friend of all the world. gpg, JOHN VILLARI Destination: US. Navy lJon't give up the ship. PETER VILLARI Destination: US. flir Force A regular fellow his classmates say, What better tribute can they pay. JUNE VIRCA Destination: Secretary Pretty. small and petite. With a winning smile so sweet. DOROTHY VITALE Destination: C.C.N.Y. Murh mirth and no madness All good and no sadness. LIBBY WALDRON Destination : Business Full ol vharm. a gracious air, With golden sunshine in her hair. JOSEPH WALTER Destination: US. Army Always mild, always mellow, It's hard to find a nicer fellow. RIT.-X WALTZER Destination : Business A nice business like girl, We know she'll succeed. Page one hundred seventeen MARY WASHINGTON Destination: Bennette College A pleasing personality uins many iriends. YIRGINIA WATSON Destination: .Stewardess Hair liroun. eyes of blue Sur-et disposition and dimples too. JOYCE WEBER Destination: College Joyce is quiet and oh so shy But very soon she'll find her guy. JY if lA EANO FGFORN A J! D tinat1'dn:f W 'ixar-ions' land Jay ' K , 2 ln everywax ' ' J . 5 JEROME WEIN Destination: Air Force In the future he will Hy, In the present, one great guy SHEILA WEINZIMER Destination: College Shelia is O.K. ln her own sweet way ALLAN WELLISH Destination: College A real friend and full of fun. Page one hundred eighteen JOAN WELLS Destination: American Airlines Like the dessert she's My-T-Fine. ROBERT WEST Destination: C.C.N.Y. Choek full of vim Right to the brim. CAROL WESTENDORF Destination: College Her personality is of the type yivaeious She's charming, cute and quite eiiryaeious. EDITH WESTLEY Destination: Business With her charming smile and pretty way, We like Edith better day by clay. IRENE WEYDIG Destination: Secretary Sweet, cute, sociable, by all admired that even all the boys are inspired CAROLINE WIEDEMAN Destination: Business Very cute and very fair, She's the answer to ,lack's prayer. HAROLD WILE Destination: Law School Harold Wile is one of twins. You can tell the diff. just by his grins. JACK WILE Destination: Queens College You're not seeing double This is lack. ROSEMARY WILLETT Destination: Business Newtown will miss this little gal, Whois been to many a special pal. BEVERLY WILLIAMS Destination: Business A swell classmate. RICHARD WILLIAMS Destin ation : Academy of Aeronautics Typical students have: Personality-he has personality Wit-he has wit Brains-those too. DOROTHY WILLIS Destination: Business Twinkle, twinkle, little star Stay just as nice as you are. RICHARD WILSHUSEN Destin ation: Cornell To friends he is known as 4'Wo0" He's almost six foot two., ,t if 1 J d 1p5 f47T6iiI23I" l .l ufoaD if EDWIN WILSON Destin ation: Engineering School His head is like a doornob. Any girl turns it. WILLIAM WING Destination: Business The Air Foree could use you, Mr. "Wing'l. IOHN WINTER Destination: Columbia University .Iohn's mind is always in books, I'm sure at girls he often looks. CLAIRE WINTERS Destination : Bookkeeper A loveable girl with eyes so clear, Always happy, charming and sineere. CHARLES WISBAUER Destination: Farmingdale As sergeant on the service squad, For freshies he made life quite hard. ROBERT WISKOTZIL Destination: Business Always quiet, always steady Ever ambitious and ever ready. LORRAINE WISNEWSKI Destination: Business When he's not there Lorraine is sick, Because her heart belongs to Dick. CASIXIIRA WOJCIECHOWSKI Destin ation: College Hair ol gold, high I.Q. All of this and blue eyes too. Page one hundred nineteen BARBARA WOLFE Destination: Queens College To please is never too mueh for you. , . TJ-ima atgpufa if 314 Q., ,M MA, 1-ffl, fd FRANK Woirovrrciz DE.9lII1lllIOHI comat ' jlfih ,gf Though he'll never he taken for a 17' pin-up, With him girls never get fed up. g za, l 'XX MAE'vAB1,oNsK1 Destination: Nursing Srhool Mae is a girl wh0's liked hy most She-'s not the type who has to hoast. LAWRENCE YOUNG Destination: Manhattan School of Music Mr. Fabulous: He's right in with the masters. JOSEPH ZANNI Destin ation: College A regular fellow his classmates say, What hetter tribute Can they pay. Page one hundred twenty f 144 V FLORENCE ZUNNO Destin ation : Business Personality and charm, G0 arm in arm. .IOSEPH ZERWECK Destination: US. Air Force A jolly fellow full of fun Makes a very good school 1-hum. ALICIA ZIEMANN Destination: Commercial Artist She's as sweet and sincere as she can he, Those who know her all agree. ERWIN ZIMME RMANN Destination : Concordia Collegiate Institute There are always smiles where lErwin's found It is great to he where he's around. FREDERICK ZINN Destination: Arfhiteetural Drafts- man My eyes are lilue, my hair is brown, When I graduate I'll paint the town. MARIE ZIPPO Destination: College Ambition is her middle name, It's surely hound to bring her fame CLASS HISTORY History, as we study it in books, is quite dif- ferent from that made at Newtown in the past four years. But we follow the same pattern of causes and effects of many wars and revolutions. Let us follow the course of the January 1954 Senior Class. Many years ago, we all graduated from various grammar schools. For the first time, we had the experience of being Seniors. All the little children lookd up to us and we were kings and queens of our school. After all, with- in a few months, we were going to high school! Before we knew what was happening. we were Freshmen at Newtownl It was so different for most of us and so new! We were greeted by Scoopie in the X-Ray with a poem dedicated to the Senior Hat Wearers of 1954. The Seniors spotted us and were very helpful. They told us where the swimming pool was, and that the girl's gym was on the second Hoor and the boyfs gym was on the fourth. Then came Senior Day, not a very happy one for us, 1 might add. Between the boys' water pistols and orders by the girls to bow and say uAllah. Senior", there was cause for a revolution. The next half of our Freshmen year came and went just as the first half. Only there were fewer complicated directions and there was a greater knowledge of locations. We objected strongly to being called Freshmen, because, after all, we were second termers. Still dazed by our first year. we moved on to our second. At this point, the junior high school graduates joined us. We now had the chance to laugh at their adjustment to the school and its ways. With this group added. our graduation class was starting to take shape. A few more were added as time wore on. By the time fourth term rolled around, we were well on our way towards our own particular goals. Our roads lay before us, with their bridges to cross and hurdles to jump. With a lit- tle hope and a prayer, we continued on our journey to fifth term. This term meant the beginning of the study of history. For many this was the cause of an in- dividual war, 'LThe Battle of the Booksff Really, this was nothing compared to what was in store for us in our future years with history. Sixth term didnft have anything particularly new except the thought that next term we were to begin our Senior Year. With this thought in mind, we had to make sure we got through our Sophomore year. So, striving onward, we finally made it. Seventh term certainly had new prospects. We looked with envy at the graduates. They were wearing beloved red hats with red buttons. The red clashed with every other color in their out- fits. To be worthy of such hats. we all sincerely considered studying very hard to make eighth term. We almost caused our poor grade advisers to go crazy. They worked very hard to plan our programs just right so that we would have every subject required by the Board of Regents. Then some of us changed our minds about the kind of diploma we wanted. The grade advisers had to start all over again. Finally we made it. Eighth term came within our reach. We got our red hats and buttons. our pictures. rings. etc. We had ll crazy fiing Senior Day. and we drove poor Freshmen mad. The words 'fAllah. Senioru were sweet music to our ears. There was only one complaint: the work and studying had to be done. ln addition to these normal highlights, our Senior term had its special features. A new principal. Mr. Francis S. Mosely. arrived at Newtown. He helped us a great deal with our difficulties. We look many a precious moment of his time to discuss our problems and we all thank him graciously. There was also. some dillicully because of the reconstruction of the building, However all our obstacles were overcome. The faculty and parents heaved such a great sigh of relief when the day of graduation exer- cises finally arrived. The teachers. suffering from complete mental and physical exhaustion. were just able to gather enough strength to voice a unanimous hope for the future. 'LPlease make the next Senior Class better than this one." We quote from another teacher, 6'How did they ever get all of you together in one Class? What a bunchlw Thus the Senior Class of January 1954 left its mark on Newtown. Marietta Panza January 554 Page one hundred twenty-one MARCHING ON! lt was a bright sunny day and thousands of people lined the sidewalks of Fifth Avenue to watch the annual Armed Forces parade. The banners were waving, the confetti and paper streaming out of the skies, and the myriad voices cheering and shouting to welcome the paraders. Leading the long line of Forces was the US. Army division. Front and foremost marched Mel Nlondshein and Fred Register. But wait. the eyes of the crowd have turned from the pass- ing khakis to the eminent poetess Shirley Thom- pson. Her latest poetry anthology won her na- tion wide acclaim. Not far behind her in the crowd walked Bruce Gregory, the well known artist. All eyes again returned to the paraders. The Air Force followed a short distance in hack of the Army troop. The two pilots Norman Blumstein and Bill Chu, who made the specta- cular test flight of the newest air force plane, are among the personalities the by-standers have re- cognized. The plane tested was c'The Germinow, named after the engineer who made it. Suddenly the millions of spectators began to cheer. Who attracted their attention? lt was John Hanleyl His picture was in every newspaper across the country for the dangerous jump this great para- trooper made last week. Later in the day he re- ceived an award for his bravery and outstanding service to the Air Force. Two policemen, Phil Assante and Charlie Kirshner were trying des- perately to keep the anxious autograph seekers from stampeding research chemist Leonard Brownstein, the one who has synthesized the 99th element. His two secretaries, Sandy Martz and Chris Lamnek, were swamped with questions from the eager crowd. Back to the Paradel The last of the Air Force paraders have just turned the corner and the Navy is now marching down the middle Page one hundred twenty-two of the street. Particularly noted in this division are the four men who were stranded in a life boat for three days. They are John Burkhard, Bill Gessner, Steve Kokosa and Bob Hamilton. These men were sighted by flier John DePhil- lippo who radioed to Captain Boy Becker in a ship in that area to pick them up. A first mate, Lawrence Ciraudo, led the rescue crew which succeeded in getting the four unfortunates aboard ship in record time. Next in line followed the nurses who achieved outstanding recognition for their work with the American Red Cross. Among them were Ann Costello, Liz Woolhiser and Julia Cronin. These three have done admirable work as lead- ers of this organization. All women parading with the Bed Cross are wearing corsages of American beauty roses given to them with the compliments of Lex Bright Florist on Madison Avenue. Among the on-lookers ol the Armed Forces day exhibition were four women nationally re- nowned for their beauty. They are, winners of the Miss and Mrs. America contests, Elizabeth Harrer and Rusty Maiorca, respectively, charm- ing Carol Rondonelli, voted best dressed woman in this country and Linda Danielson, attractive, blond haired, blue eyed cover girl. Last in the mile long line of paraders came the Marine Corp. The backs of such figures as Bob Lohlein, Dom Stallone, John Colucci, and Ray Maggi turned the corner and were out of sight of the onlookers. The multitudes on the sidewalks began to disperse. The day was very enjoyable for all and the parade was a magnificent success. Judith Rosenthal January '54 Citizen .....,. Artist ......... Musician ....... Singer ..,.... Comedian ...,. Historian ....., Genius .,.,.,. Romeo ....... Aggie .....,...... Hanclsomest ........ Citizen ......, Artist ...,.,... Prettiest ..,..... Athlete ......,,,. Secretary ....,. Comedian ..,.. Journalist ....,.... Musician .......... Best Dressed ..,....... WHO'S WHO JANUARY '54 BOYS GIRLS ..,......Thomas Germino .....,,,..BruCe Gregory .,....,Dominick Pugliese .....,,,John Rakoczy .......,.Dewey Thomas ....,,.,....Roger Wollen ..,....Leonard Brownstein .,,,.....,George Di Bartolomeo ......,,,,....Ric'harcl Mullare ,.,,,,...Rernie Minnax ,.......S21llClI'Z1 Marlz ,.,,....le'eggy Harrer ...,...Linda Danielson Centrella .........Marietta Panza ..............Ann Page .,.......ludith Rosenthal ..........Bertha Pinto .......Carol Rondinelli Page one hundred twenty-three CLASS HISTORY Fellow Craduatesg Now that we are about to leave this wonderful, old institution. we can look back and appreciate more fully our stay here. Let's close our eyes and relive our four years at Newtown. Remember the day in June 1950 when most of us saw Newtown for the first time. We had to register for our freshman term and were natur- ally quite excited and noisy. Remember how silent we became when a stern white-haired man told us in no uncertain terms that no nonsense was tolerated at Newtown. Yes. that man was Mr. Roberts the person we would learn to respect and admire. The summer passed and one morning we found ourselves surrounded by strange faces which belonged to the weirdest names imagin- able. We marveled at how the teachers were even able to pronounce them. Little did we know that the Mother guy" thought the same of our name. It didn't take long to make friends. Wie soon realized that the people who belonged to those names were really quite wonderful. So the term progressed. After many unfor- tunate instances. we freshmen refused to buy any more tickets to the swimming pool, the boys no longer went up to the fourth floor looking for the boys' gym and none of us looked for the staircase near room 825. No. we were learning fast. Soon we were educated freshmen and were well on our way. Time seemed to pass more swiftly. Do you recall the weird things we had to make in required Art? Whoever heard of building street scenes in cigar boxes or making animals out of cubes. pyramids. and spheres? Maybe these 'Cprojectsw will help us in later life but I still have my doubts. There were two groups in the school which Page one hundred twenty-four were arch enemies of we freshmeng they were the seniors and the service squad. We disliked the seniors because they dared to call us upoor little freshmenn and because of the inhumane way they treated us on Senior day. We disliked the service squad because they blew whistles at us and lined us up like prisoners in the Lunch room. We all swore our revenge against these hhated groupsf' Now we were in third term. For some us it meant an additional major. For others it meant Biology where many a helpless frog was literally cut-up by a mad student-surgeon. But for all of us it meant one thing: we were no longer freshmen. Never again would we be called that dreadful name. Time just seemed to fly. Third and fourth term passed. Many of us took regents for the first time, and found that they weren't so hor- rible after all. Some of us joined teams while others joined different clubs. We were now eligible for Arista. Between our studies and extra-curricular acti- vities we were constantly in a whirl. We realized we were too rapidly nearing the goal which a short time ago we thought was so far away. Fifth, sixth and seventh terms passed. We had finally reached the top of the ladderg we were seniors. But, strange as it may seem, as I sit here writing I feel and I think many of you share this sentiment with me, almost reluctant to leave Newtown. Although there have been times when everything seemed to go wrong, I believe that, in general, our stay at Newtown was something we will remember the rest of our lives. Nicholas Scelsa June 754 STOP! LODK! LISTEN! CAST: Your unpredictable reporter Time: 1969 PLACE: Station WNBS, Newtown H.S., N.Y. Good evening Mr. and Mrs. Newtown! Vile bring you this special program in cooperation with the networks all over the world. Tonight, you will learn something about the people who have been in the papers this past month. Flash! Paris: The newcomer amidst the fashion designers is none other than Elaine lannone. Elaine rose to great heights not too long ago in the United States. She is now in France competing with the nationfs top design- ers. Keep up the good work Elaine! Washington: Joseph Miloscia, former state department head, has been named ambassador to Spain. This is the chance Mr. Miloscia has been waiting for, to show his ability in the diplomatic field. Good luck! A familiar face in the capital is that of Arthur Solar who has achieved great fame and has helped the nation in the atomic energy field. It is said that the atomic physicist is working on a new use for the atom! Tokyo: Captain Judith Lawrence is on the last leg of her solo trip around the world. It is believed that the aviatrix will break her own record! Back in the States again: Robert Krynak, noted architect. is planning to continue the construction of his ultra-modern home in Maine despite the storm that has rocked that area. The home is supposedly heated by the sun. Maybe the architect could use an electric heater for a while. Polyclinic Hospital: The new head nurse in the maternity ward is Ann Lee Rockefeller. Sheila Fishbein, Grace Nishan, Susan Beck- mezian and Edith Westley, are among the can- didates for 4'Miss Secretary of 1969" This poll is taken in the city of New York and only includes the firms in the advertising field. ,loan langer. graduate of Newtown High School, was chosen '5Miss Secretary of 19667 The West Coast: Broadway's pride and joy. Io Ann OiBrien. is said to be making her third cinemascope picture. What's Broadwayis loss is Hollywoodls gain! Milan: La Scala will again be the place of an Americanls debut in Europe. The opera house will feature that well-known singer Rose Sala- mone! Last year, Grace Nollman gave one of her greatest performances in the role of "Carmenw. Mayo Clinic: Authorities have just released the name of the doctor who perfected the serum needed in the Canal zone to fight the various tropical diseases. Dr. Abraham Eisenstein is to be congratulated for this contribution to humanity! The Sports World: The T-nited States has again won the Olympic skating championships: thanks to that marvelous skating team John Gallagher, and Gloria Feldman. Flash! The Ballet Husse has signed Marcia Manning for her eighth season with the company. ltalyz Jerome Accardi. the style setter in womenis coiffures and renowned beautician, has come up with a new idea for the ladies. lt appears that the trend is back to long-bobs. The editors of Good Housekeeping proudly announced the name of their new art editor. Sheila Sonkin will hold this position! Charleston, S.C.: The new skipper of the S.S. Pinetree is Admiral Robert N. Abitabilo. The ship has been docked for the past three months and was recommissioned this month. Cornell University: Dr. Ellen Beddeck, the much sought after veterinarian in New York, is reported to have accepted a teaching job at this college. The Washington ticker: The newly appointed secretary of agriculture is Curt Coley. Boston: Hose-Marie Dobley opens at the Schubert Theater next week. liumors have it that the play may be one of long duration in that city. lt looks as if Rose has had her dreams come true! Florida: Claudine Tisserland is said to be gathering material for her new history book on the histories of each state. Africa: The foreign correspondent for the Times, Solomon Saliian, is reported to be cover- ing the expedition in search of the elephant graveyards. Atlantic City: New Yorkis candidate for G'lVIrs. American is Carolyn Coppinger. The future "Mrs American twe hopei, an able housewife and mother of three children, was selected from over a thousand contestants. Munich: General Phelan and William Gerken of the Air Force are reported to be conferring with top officials in Europe concerning the in- ternational defense pool that is beginning its twelfth year of success. The Basketball World: The new manager of the Harlem Globe Trotters is Horace Griggs, onetime basketball pro. Switzerland: Lenore Krupp is said to be vaca- tioning at Zurich. One of the U.N.'s top inter- pretors deserves this rest! The hospital under construction in Oregon is reported to be well under way. It looks as if quite a few alumni of Newtown gathered Pagc one hundred twenty-five together to make this plan for the hospital pos- sible. The draftsman is Donald Beseller. The construction company is owned by the business tycoon Joseph Lisa, and the head nurse will be Joan Gargani. New York: Nicholas Scelsa, D.D.S., announced that his many experiments concerning a new method of extracting teeth is ready to be taught in the dental schools all over the nation. Dr. Scelsa is the head of the National Association of Dentists. That brilliant criminal lawyer Harold Wile has again succeeded in freeing a man who was believed to be a murderer. At the last moment, the lawyer managed to prove the innocence of his client. Doubleday has published the first of a series of books by New Yorkis foremost musician, David Levy. The book is entitled 'eHow to be a Musician and Still pay the Bentw. Don't miss it! It's terrific. Boston: Annette Abraham, the noted social worker and language teacher has just returned from a trip around the world. Among the cities that she visited, although she has seen most of the world, were London, Paris, Rome, Jerusalem, and Tokvo. Beryl Kean is about to start her second trip around the country with her all girl orchestra. Miss Kean is to be congratulated for the many benefits that she has played for, namely, the Cancer drive. Walter Gardner, president of WQVM, and Vincent lachetta, president of WCGR, are said to be ironing out the difficulties that stand in Page one hundred tu'enty-six the way of the consolidation of two networks as large as the ones they own shares in. It's about time that these stations got together! Stop! The new associate editor of the Gazet is Francine Schnitzer. This former X-Ray re- porter has made a steady climb to the top. Let's hope that she stays there for a long timel Former Marine Corps Sergeant Robert Keener is said to have signed up with Yankees this year. We'll be in the stands rooting for you, Bob! New York: The Metropolitan Opera House: lt has been released that the new conductor of the Metropolitan,s orchestra is Philip Rattner. Madrid: Gertrude Steger is said to be on her way back to the States after a two month tour of that nation. The students of P.S. 195 can smile again, their favorite teacher is re- turning to them. Word has just been received from Washingtoii that the big secret can be told: Captain Walter Bohm successfully tested the plane that the Air Force has kept under cover for so long! With only a few more seconds left of broad- casting time, I would like to thank the editors of Time magazine and their able manager Mar- garet Mitchell, for giving this reporter the chance to bring the lives of the people in the news right into your home: and closing with this saying by Cicero: ul shall always consider the best guesser the best prophetw. Good night Mr. and Mrs. Newtown and thank you for your cooperation. Leah Green June '54 Citizen ....... Artist .......,. Musician ......... Singer ..,.... Comedian ........ Scientist .,..... Historian ......... Genius ....... Homeo ...... Athlete ...... Actor ......... Aggie .......... Hundsomest .......................... ixioft Likely Citizen ....,.. Artist ......... Actress ......... Prettiest ....... Athlete ...... Scientist ....... Dancer ......,,. Singer ....... NUTSC. ..... .. WHO'S WHO JUNE '54 BOYS to Succeed ......... Tl ech ...................,...... ...... Secretary ......... Comedian ..... .lournalist ..,,.... Musician .....,... Best Dressed ,........ GIRLS .........Nick Scelsa ......,.Martin Becker ...........Phil Rattner ,.....Lawrence Young .......Charles Soutar ........J0hn Wlinter .........Cilbert August Abraham Eisenstein ....,..Joseph Miloscia ...Chauncey Jackson ....,.Norman Koeth .......,.Hay Abbott ......,F1'21llk Downes ......,......Artie Solar ..,....liolnerl Kuiyiiak ,........Phyllis Brock ......,...Sheila Sonkin llose Marie Dohley .,..Carol Westendorf ........Marcy Boucakis .........Juclith Howard Marcia Manning ........Rose Salamone ...........Joan Cargani .......Christine lngannamorte Seymour ......Mae Yablonsl-ci ,......Sheila Sterling ........Dolores Bittor Page one hzuzdred twelzty-sez'erz WHAT WE DID. JANUARY l954 ANCELO ANNUNZIATO . . . Biology Squad. PHILIP ASSANTE . . . Service Squad. LOLIS BASANI . . . Service Squad. Bowling, ROY BECKER . . . Band. OTTO BEHRMANN . . . Math Honor Society. JOHN BLOCK . . . Res Cestae. Masque and Bauble. NORMAN BLIIMSTEIN . . . Service Squad. LEONARD BROWNSTEIN . . . Res Ceste, Photography Club, Chemistry Squad. JOAN CENTRELLA . . . Hai Cennaiai, Latin Honor Society, Masque and Bauble. Recep- tionist. Basketball Club, Volleyball Club Leaders Club. Badminton Club. Advisers, Aides. Cheering Section. Italian Club. Secre- tary of The January '5-I Class. ALFRED RALPH COLACINO . . . Glee Club Cym Team, Bowling Team. Service Squad Captain. Italian Club. 1 ANN COSTELLO .... A dvisers' Aides, Pan American Club. Latin Honor Society. JULIA CRONIN . . . Newman Club. LINDA DANIELSON . . . Ushering Squad Captain. Cheerleaders, Volleyball Club, Span- ish Honor Society. RICHARD DEMPSEY . . . Band. JOHN DE PHILLIPPO . . . Italian Club, Ser- vice Squad. EDMOND DE VINCENTIS . . . F. F. A., Ser- vice Squad. CEORCE DI BARTHOLOMEO . . . Baseball Team. Service Squad, Vice President of The January 754 Class. ALAN DICK . . . F. F. A., Service Squad. RICHARD DiIPPOLITO . . . Golf Team. ARMANDO DUQLIE . . . Pan American Club, Spanish Honor Society, Service Squad. ROSE ANN ENG .... A dvisersl Aides. JOHN FERRICNO . . . Band. THOM.AS CAMBICHLER . . . F. F. A., Ser- vice squad. Puge one fizmdred twenty-eight THOMAS CERMINO . . . Italian Club, Track Team, Service Squad, President of The Janu- ary '54 Class. WILLIAM OESSNER . . . Service Squad. ROBERT HAMILTON . . . Service Squad. ELIZABETH HARRER . . . Ice Skating Club BEATRICE IBANEZ . . . Spanish Honor So ciety, Masque and Bauble. LILLIAN JACKSON . . . Latin Honor Society Basketball Club, Volleyball Aides. Club, Advisers CHRISTINE LAMNEK . . . Artista. RICHARD LANE . . . Service Squad. PETER LARONCA . . . Service Squad. ROSELLA LAWRENCE . . . Biology Squad. ROBERT LEAMEY . . . F. F. A., Service Squad. MARIE LIBERTA . . . Italian Club, Clerical Practice Club, Secretarial Club. WILLIAM LODICO . . . Gym Club, Handball Team, Track Team, Italian Club. ROBERT LOHLEIN . . . Golf Team. RAYMOND MACGI . . . Service Squad. SANDRA MARTZ . . . Artista, Secretarial Club. SYDELLE MENDELSOHN . . . History Squad Library Squad. JACK MESSINA . . . Service MELVIN IVIONDSCHEIN . . . RICHARD MULLARE . . . F. F. A. HUGO MUTZ . . . F. F. A., Soccer Team, Golf Team. Squad. Bowling Team. Service Squad Service Squad CHARLES OIPRAY . . . Service Squad. ANN PAGE . . . Treasurer of January '54 Class MARIETTA PANZA . . . Arista. BERTHA PINTO . . .Do Re Mi, Orchestra. LILLIAN POIT .... A rista, German Club, Hai Oennaiai. WHAT WE DID. JANUARY I954 MARIE PRESTO ...4 A rista. DEWEY THOMAS . . . Basketball Team. CAROL RONDINELLI . . . Secretarial Club. SHIRLEY THOMPSON . . . Scribe Staff. IUDITH ROSENTHAL ..., A rista, Choir, Hai IACQUELINE TRAVIS . . . Secretarial Club, Cennaiai, Advisers, Aides, X-Ray Staff, Year- Library Squad, Cheering Section. book Staff, Math Honor Society, Res Cestae. ANNETTE PATRICIA TROMBETTA Q . ' GAY SALZANO . . . Secretarial Club. DHUC6 Club, Chefffing 5605011- HERMAN SCHMIDT . . . Baseball Team. ERNEST TRUMP . . . Technical Honor Soci- . . . VI h H S " MICHAEL s1MoMAN . . . Arista, Technical etyf I at OW well Honor Society, Math Honor Society, Res COLETTE VELARDAE . . . Cheerleaders. C st . 6 ae ROBERT WIENER . . . Gym Team. SUSAN STERN . . . Secretarial Club, French ' Club5 German Club. ROGER C. YVOLLEN . . . Bowling Team, Tech- nical Honor Society, Math Honor Society, Res CATHERINE THALASINOS ...I A rista. Cestae. Page one hundred twenty-nine WHAT WE DID. RAYMOND ABBOTT . . . Arista, Agricultural Honor Society, Service Squad. ROBERT N. ABITABILO . . . Track and Cross Country, Italian Club. ANNETTE ABRAHAM . . . Arista, Hebrew Culture, Spanish Honor Society, Girls Honor Biology Society, Choir, Library Squad, Masque and Bauble, Receptionists Squad, Dance Club, Pan American Club, Iunior Dra- matics, Advisers' Aides. STEWART ALEDORT . . . Arista, Masque and Bauble, X-Ray Staff. French Club, Service Squad, Chemistry Squad. PAUL ALESSI . . . Res Gestae, Fencing Club, Service Squad. CARMELA ALGOZZINO . . . Secretarial Prac- tice Club. FRANK AMANTIA . . . Service Squad. CLAIRE AMATO . . . Dancing Club. HARRY ANDERSON . . . Fencing Club. GILBERT AUGUST . . . Arista, Lantern, Gen- eral Science and Biology Squads, Math Honor Society. DOMINIC AURIANA . . . Basketball Club, Baseball Club. ROBERT BADINSKI . . . Service Squad. JOHN BALL . . . Service Squad. PATRICIA BARRON . . . Cheerleaders, Secre- tarial Club, Advisers' Aides. GARRETT BAUERNSCHMIDT . . . Chemistry Squad, Bowling Team. MARTIN BECKER . . . Handball Team, Gym Team, Glee Club, Masque and Bauble, Service Squad. SUSAN BEKMEZIAN . . . Advisers' Aides Secretarial Club. RALPH BERGER . . . Service Squad. MARILYN BERNSTEIN . . . Arista, Spanish Honor Society, Advisers, Aides, Administra- tive Aides, Secretarial Club. DONALD BESELER . . . Service Squad. DAVID BETSCH . . . Service Squad. Page one hundred thirty JUNE I954 CONSETTA BISACCIO . . . Ushering Squad, Newman Club. ELIZABETH BINET . . . Attendance Commit- tee, Volleyball Club. DOLORES BITTOR . . . Arista, Hai Gennaiai, Secretarial Club. Ushering Squad, Cheer- leaders. PEGGY BLOOM . . . Latin Honor Society, Masque and Bauble, Ice Skating Club, Advis- ers' Aides, Infirmary Aides, Receptionists Squad, Library Squad. BARBARA BODE .... A dvisers' Aides, Volley- ball Club. BARBARA BOERKE . . . Basketball Club, Vol- leyball Club, Major MN" Club, Emergency Room Squad, Leaders Club. RICHARD BOLANDO . . . Service Squad. HILDEGARDE BOOS . . . Arista, Hae Gen- naiai, Secretarial Club, Masque and Bauble, Administrative Aides. JOAN BORFITZ . . . Arista. AUDREY BORGERSEN . . . Leaders Club, German Club. MARCY BOUCAKIS . . . Service Squad, Lead- ers Club, Basketball Club, Volleyball Club. JOEL BRANDES . . . Service Squad. ROGER BRANNAN . . . Service Squad. BERT BRAWLEY . . . Service Squad. PHYLLIS BROCK . . . Hai Gennaiai, Res Ges- tae, G.O. Secretary, X-Ray Stalf, Ushering Squad, Girl's Biology Club. ARLENE BRODY .... A rista, Masque and Bauble, Res Gestae, Ushering Squad. LOUIS BROUSSEAU . . . Arista, Masque and Bauble, Tech Honor Society. DEMARIS BROWN . . . Choir. JAMES BROWN . . . Service Squad, Instru- mental Club. PAULA BRUNO . . . G.O. Storekeeper. VICTOR BUZZANCA . . . Arista, Math Honor Society, Italian Club, Photography Club, CARMINE CAIAZZO . . . Service Squad. VERA CALIFANO .... A Cappella. VICTOR CALIGIURI . . . Service Squad. VINCENT CALIO . . . Service Squad. MAX CALLACY . . . Service Squad. ANN CAMPANIELLE . . . Arista, Hai Cen- naiai, Newman Club, French Club, Adminis- trative Aides, Secretarial Club, Cheering Section. ALDA CANDIDO . . . Clerical Practice Club. PATRICIA CANTWELL . . . Res Gestae, Glee Club. PHILIP CARACCIA . . . Service Squad. JOHN CARUSO . . . Choir. MATTHEW CASSELLI . . , Basketball Team. DOROTHY CHAFFERS . . . Advisers' Aides, Clerical Practice Club. MARY CIRCLIANO . . . Secretarial Club. ROBERT CLARK . . . Service Squad. DIANE COHN . . . Leaders Club, Basketball Club, Secretarial Club, Advisers, Aides. BARBARA COLBORNE . . . Leaders Club. CURTIS COLEY . . . Arista, Agricultural Hon- or Society, Band, Chemistry Squad. ELIZABETH CONROY . . . Advisers' Aides, Basketball Club, Leaders Club. JEAN CONSTANTINE . . . Dance Club, Ad- visers, Aides, Volleyball Club, Ice Skating Club. MARCUERITE COOGAN . . . Arista, Advis- ers, Aides. PAUL COOPER . . . Math Club, Class Blowing Club, Service Squad, Masque and Bauble, Biology Service Squad. CAROLYN COPPINCER . . . Arista, Math Honor Society, Latin Honor Society, Recep- tionist Squad, Cheering Section, Advisers' Aides Secretarial Club. JOAN CORRAO . . . Advisers' Aides, Clee Club. MICHAEL COSTELLO . . . Newman Club Secretary, Biology Club, Service Squad. CAROLE MURIEL COURTLAND . . . Do Re MI, Hebrew Culture Club, Choir, Band, Cheer- ing Section, G. O. Storekeeper, French Club. ELIZABETH CRAWFORD . . . Receptionists Squad. JOHN CRENNAN . . . Service Squad. JOSEPHINE CUCINELLA . . .Secretarial Club, Advisers' Aides, Business Club. EILEEN CULLINAN . . . Clerical Practice STELLA CUOCCI .... A dministrative Aides, Clerical Practice Club. CAROL CURRY . . . Business Club, Adminis- trative Aides. MICHAEL CUSANELLI . . . Service Squad, Boy's Chorus. THERESA DABRUSCO . . . Arista, Masque and Bauble. GEORGE DAHER . . . Service Squad. FRANK D'ALESIO . . . Golf Club. CARMINE D'ALLEVA ...i A rista, F.F.A., Ag- ricultural Honor Society, Service Squad. KATHRYN DALY . . . Basketball Club, Li- brary Squad. ERROL DAVIS . . . Arista, Biology and Cen- eral Science Squads, French Club, Newtown Nucleus. ROBERT DAWKINS . . . Basketball Club, Golf Club, Soccer Team. EDWARD DECKER . . . Band, Orchestra. DONALD DEDERICK . . . Soccer Team. ARLENE DENCROVE . . . Advisers' Aides, Library Squad, Masque and Bauble. VITO JOSEPH DE RUVO . . . Italian Club, Service Squad. DORCAS DIAZ . . . Orchestra, Do Re Mi, Spanish Honor Society. GABRIEL DIAZ . . . Soccer Team. JUNE DICK . . . Advisers' Aides, Business Club, Secretary Club. MARGARET DIEN . . . Advisers' Aides. ROSE MARIE DOBLEY . . . Advisers, Aides, Newman Club, Dance Club, Choir, Basketball Club, Volleyball Club. Badminton Club. C.O, Storekeeper, Masque and Bauble, Ice Skating. CAROL DORNFEST . . . Clerical Practice Club, Advisers' Aides, Volleyball Club. MARY DOWD . . . Newman Club, Secretarial Club. 'THOMAS DRACONE . . . F.F.A. DAVID DRAKE . . . Technical Honor Society, Service Squad, Masque and Bauble, Photo- graphy Club, Junior Dramatic Club, Class Blowing Club. MARY DUPNAK . . . Leaders Club. Masque and Bauble, X-Ray Staff. Page one hundred thirty-one JANE EGOLMENIDIS . . . Choir. ABRAHAM EISENSTEIN ...A A rista. Biology Squad, German Club, Tennis Team, Lantern. ROBERT ELLIOTT . . . Service Squad. MARVIN FASTMAN .... A rista, Glass Blow- ing Club, French Club, Boy's Chorus, Astron- omy Club, Physics Squad, Chemistry Squad, Math Club. ROBERT FEINSTEIX . . . Arista, Agricultur- al Honor Society. GLORIA FELDMAN . . . Arista, Dance Club, Glass Blowing Club, Girls' Honor Biology Society, History Service Squad. ANGELA FEMINELLA . . . Do Re Mi, New- man Club, Library Squad, Italian Club, Ad- visers' Aides, Choir, Alcourse. STEPHANIE FERENS . . . Masque and Bau- ble, Cheering Section, Leaders Club. PATRICIA FERRINGTON . . . Secretarial Club. CECILIA FERRER . . . Art Club, Choir, Lan- tern Stafl, Spanish Honor Club, Masque and Bauble, GEORGE FINLEY . . . Service Squad. ERIC FISCHER . . . Gym Club. SHEILA FISHBEIN . . . Arista, Library Squad, Leaders Club, Advisers' Aides, Administrative Aides, Secretarial Club, Hai Gennaiai, Junior Dramatics Club, Ushering Squad. THEODORE FISHER . . . Gym Club. EDWARD FLANAGAN . . . Service Squad, Choir, Masque and Bauble, Business Club, Gym Team, X-Ray Staff. MADELINE FORSTBAUER . . . Masque and Bauble, X-Ray Staff, Cheering Section. CARL FORTE . . . Service Squad. MARTIN FRANK . . . Service Squad. MICHAEL FRANK . . . Masque and Bauble, Gym Club, Service Squad, Math Club. ANTHONY JOSEPH FRANZA . . . Service Squad. ROBERTA FREEMAN . . . Receptionist Squad. KATHLEEN GABRIEL . . . Choir, Italian Club, A Cappella. JAMES GALL . . . Service Squad. JOHN GALLAGHER . . . Ice Skating Club, Service Squad. Page one hundred thirty'-t11.'o JOAN GARGANI . . . Arista, Receptionist Squad WTILLIAIVI GEHR . . . Arista, Technical Honor Society, Math Honor Society, Track Team. LORRAINE GEHRKENS . . . Advisers, Aides, Cheering Section. GAIL GELLER . . . Library Squad. ANTHONY GERACI . . . Italian Club. WILLIAM GERKEN . . . Service Squad. CONSTANCE GIACKOUMATOS . . . .Iunior Dramatics Club, Secretarial Club, Dance Club, Ice Skating Club. ADELINA GIANNETTO . . . Newman Club. JANICE GIHAN . . . Basketball Club. PHYLLIS GILEROWITZ . . . Arista, Dance Club, History Service Squad, Glass Blowing Club, Advisers' Aides. WILLIAM GIOTIS . . . Gym Club. MATTHEW GISE . . . Spanish Honor Society, Choir, Boy's Chorus, Service Squad, Photo- graphy Club, Ice Skating Club. DENNIS GITZ . . . Track Team. STANLEY GLATT . . . Service Squad. MYRNA GOOTZEIT . . .Junior Dramatic Club, Math Honor Society, Science Squad, Basketball Club, Receptionist. LAWRENCE GORDON . . . Math Club, Service Squad. MARGARET ANN GORTA . . . Photography Club, Newman Club, Ushering Squad, G. O. Storekeeper. NATALIE GOTTLIEB . . . Arista, Spanish Honor Society, Do Re Mi, Lantern Staff, Masque and Bauble, Junior Dramatics Club, Alcourse Party, Choir, Res Gestae. HELEN R. GRAHAM . . . Res Gestae, New- man Club. LEAH GREEN . . . Arista, Spanish Honor So- ciety, Girls, Honor Biology Society, French Club, X-Ray Staff, Library Squad, General Ofiice Squad. ARNOLD GREENBERG . . . Masque and Bau- ble, Spanish Honor Society, Library Squad. HORACE GRIGGS . . . Basketball Club. EILEEN GRIPPO . . . Leaders' Club, Dramatic Club, Cheering Section, Dance Club. REGINA GRODZKI . . . Arista, Pan American Club, Spanish Honor Society, Receptionist Squad, Library Squad. MARTIN GROSS . . . Handball Team, Chem- istry Squad, Malh Club. THOMAS GROSSO . . . Boys' Chorus. EUGENE GRUDZIEN . . . Service Squad, GUNTER HADERSBERGER . . . Boys' Chorus. ROBERT HAFNER . . . Service Squad. JOAN HARGRAVES . . . Arista, X-Ray Staff, Masque and Bauble, Lantern Staif, Fine Arts Club, Advisers' Aides, Library Squad, New- town Nucleus, French Club, Yearbook Staff, Garretson Scribes, Math Honor Society, Res Gestae. ROBERT HARRIGAN . . . Photography Club, Junior Dramatic Club. ANTHONY HARRIS . . . Gym Club. ANNA HARRSCH . . . Choir. DEAN HEARN . . . Hai Genaiai, G. O. Store- keeper, Basketball Club, Towner Party, Vol- leyball Club. PETER HEESCH . . . Industrial Arts Honor Society. PHILIP HELDER , . . Service Squad. ROBERT HELLMAN . . . Service Squad, Band. LEONARD HERMAN . . . Service Squad. ROBERT F. HERRMANN . . . Service Squad, F. F. A. JUDITH HERZ . . . Advisers' Aides, Volley- . ball Club, Basketball Club, Badminton Club, Choir, Cheerleaders, G. O. Storekeeper, Usher- ing Squad. MARILYN HIRSCH . . . Arista, Secretarial Club, Business Club, Advisers' Aides, DOROTHY HORN . . . Basketball Club. WILLIAM HORN . . . Service Squad. HELENE HORNICEK . . . Newman Club, Sec- retarial Club. FRED HOROWITZ . . . Golf Team, Service Squad, Chemistry Squad. SANDRA HUBLEY . . . Hai Gennaiai, Cheer- leaders, German Club, Volleyball Club, Bas- ketball Club, G. O. Storekeeper, Alcourse Party. DOROTHY HUNTINGTON . . . Leaders Club, Library Squad. NORMA HUPPERT .... A rista, Dance Club, French Club, Ice Skating Club, Secretarial Club. JLIDITH HOWARD . . . Arista. Leaders Club, Girls' Honor BiOlO0'V Society. Math Honor Society, Library Sqliiad. V VINCENT IACHETTA . . . Service Squad. CHRISTINE INGANNAMORTE . . . Arista, Newman Club, Secretarial Club, Administra- tive Aides, Checring Section, Library Squad. JOAN ISOLA . . . Arista, Administrative Aides, Masque and Bauble, Newman Club, Secretarial Club, Orchestra, French Club, Ger- man Club. CHAUNCEY JACKSON . . . Track Team, X- Ray Staff, Service Squad, President June '54 Class. ELLEN JANDOVITZ . . . Choir, Cheerleaders, Basketball Club, Volleyball Club, Badminton Club, Advisers' Aides, Cheering Section, G. O. Storekeeper. JOAN JANGER . . . Arista, Advisers' Aides, Secretarial Club, Leaders Club, Girls' Honor Biology Society. EDWARD JOHNSON . . . Photography Club. Service Squad. NICHOLAS JOHNSON . . .Track Team, Technical Honor Society, Math Honor Society. HERBERT JOHNSTON . . . Technical Honor Society, Service Squad. DONALD KAISER . . . F. F. A. RICHARD KAVALEK . . . Service Squad BARBARA KAUFF . . . Newman Club. RICHARD IQAZOKAS . . . Service Squad. BERYL KEAN . . . Band, Orchestra, Do Re Mi. ROBERT KEENER . . . Baseball Team. JOHN KEESEY . . . Golf Team. CAROLYN KITE . . . Hai Gennaiai, Girls' Choral, Choir, Leaders Club, Ushering Squad, Cheering Section Co-Captain, Ice Skating Club, Latin Honor Society, Gym Club, Towner Party, G. O. Storekeeper, Advisers' Aides, Xfmlgzyball Club, Badminton Club, Basketball u . CHARLES W. KIROL . . . Handball Team. RUDY KOERNER . . . Spanish Honor Society, Photography Club, Ice Skating Club, Choir, Service Squad. NORMAN KOETH . . . Arista. Junior Drama- tics Club, Latin Honor Society, Biology Squad. Masque and Bauble, X-Ray Staff, Orchestra. Page one hundred thirty-three DIANE KOGAN ..., A rista. Secretarial Club, Business Club. Advisers' Aides. Junior Dra- matics Club. Basketball Club. High Honor Speed Club. Res Gestae. THOMAS KONTOS . . . Soccer Team, Basket- ball Team. CHARLES KORTEN .... A gricultural Honor Society, Basketball Team. EDITH KRAMISEX . . . Cheerleaders' Cap- tain. Secretarial Club. ROBERT KRAYNAK . . . Technical Honor So- ciety. Service Squad, Res Gestae. LEONORE KRUPP .... A rista, Spanish Honor Society. Girls' Honor Biology Society, Ad- visers' Aides. French Club. X-Ray Staff, Vol- leyball Club. Ice Skating Club. GERALD LACALA . . . Service Squad. BARBARA LAINE . . . Arista, Hae Gennaiai, Advisers' Aides, Basketball Club, Cheering Section Captain. Ushering Squad. LOUISE LA TORRE .... A Cappella, Choir. SAMUEL LAURON . . . Arista. Agricultural Honor Society. IUDITH LAWRENCE . . . Secretarial Club. JOEY LEE . . . Service Squad. ROBERT LEJUNE . . . Arista, Boys' Chorus Choir, Newman Club, X-Ray Staff. JOHN LELLO . . . Service Squad. ERROLL LENNARD . . . Track Team. PATRICIA LENIHAN . . . Clerical Practice Club. THOMAS LEONARD . . . Arista, Agricultural Honor Society, Service Squad. LORRAINE LEONIDAS . . . Cheerleaders, Secretarial Club. REVA LEVINE . . . Dance Club, Library Squad, Ice Skating Club, French Club, Basket- ball Club. Hebrew Culture Club. DAVID LEVY . . . Band, Orchestra, Dramatic Society, Service Squad. ROBERT S. LIEBERMAN . . . Soccer Team. TRISTAIY LINKERT . . . Soccer Team, Ser- vice Squad. EVANS LIZARDOS . . . Cross Country Team, Track Team, Technical Honor Society, Res Gestae. SIGMUND LOCKER . . . Service Squad. Page one hundred thirty-four WALTER LOFINK . . . Service Squad. GERALD LONGARZO . . . Service Squad. DONNA LUNDGREN . . . Arista, Masque and Bauble, Ushering Squad, Cheering Section, Hai Gennaiai, Administrative Aides, Res Ges- tae, Advisers' Aides, Secretarial Club. MARGARET MACCHIAROLE . . . A Cappel- la, Choir, Newman Club. EDWIN MACK . . . Lantern Staff, Glass Blow- ing Club, Photography Club, Biology Squad, General Science Squad, Astronomy Club, Band. ROBERT MAKOWSKI . . . Service Squad. AUGUST MANCUSO . . . Gym Team. ELAINE MANDESE . . . Masque and Bauble, Alcourse Party. MARCIA MANNING . . . Arista, Advisers' Aides, Secretarial Club, Leaders Club, Busi- ness Club. LENORE MARCUS . . . Advisers' Aides, Sec- retarial Club. MADELINE MARINO . . . Choir, Cheering Section, Italian Club, Newman Club. CRYSTAL MARKIDES . . . Secretarial Club, Advisers' Aides, Leaders Club, Club Editor, Iune '54 Newtown. IRWIN MARKMAN . . . Service Squad. FRED E. MARSHALL . . . Service Squad Ser- geant, F. F. A. FRANK MARTIN . . . Service Squad. ARTHUR MARTINO . . . Track Team. ROBERT MASUCCI . . . Gym Club. ROCHELLE MATHISSON . . . Hebrew Cul- ture Club. CARLYNE MATRICARDI . . . Cheering Sec- tion, Secretarial Club. PAUL MATZER . . . Service Squad. THCOINEAS MAY . . . Football Club, Baseball u . ROBERT MCCONNELL . . . Arista, Agricul- tural Honor Society, Service Squad Editorial Staff of the Lantern. , F. F. A., EMILY MCCRAE . . . Cheering Section. PETER McMAHON . . . Basketball Team. ALBERT MEIER . . . Arista, Agricultural Honor Society, Service Squad, F. E. A. JOSEPH MILOSCIA . . . Arista, Gym Club, Spanish Honor Society, G. O. Vice President. EDWARD MISTRETTA . . . Baseball Team. MARGARET MITCHELL . . . Arista, Spanish Honor Society, Hai Gennaiai, Pan American Club, X-Ray Staff, Editor of June '54 New- town, Res Gestae, Lantern Art Staff. HELEN MOHLE . . . Secretarial Club, Usher- ing Squad. JOHN MUELLER . . . Service Squad, Junior Dramatics Club, Treasurer of June 754 Class. JOSEPH MUSACCHIA . . . Service Squad. RICHARD NAVA . . . Service Squad. DOMINICH NICASTRO . . . Track Team. STANLEY NIRENBERG . . . Service Squad. GRACE NISHAN . . . Arista, Administrative Aides, Advisersi Aides, Secretarial Club, Hai Gennaiai. GRACE NOLLMAN . . . Do Re Mi, Masque and Bauble. STANLEY NORGALIS . . . Service Squad, Glee Club. RALPH NUZZOLESE . . . Bowling Team, Band. JO ANN O,BRIEN . . . Masque and Bauble, Junior Dramatics Club, French Club, Arts and Crafts Club, Dance Club. LENA OLIVIERI . . . Cheerleaders. PATRICIA O'MALLEY . . . Advisers' Aides. MICHAEL ORTOLANO . . . Band, Orchestra, Italian Club. ROBERT OLBERG . . . Agricultural Honor Society, Service Squad, F. F. A. ANNA OLIVA . . . Clerical Practice Club, Sec- retarial Practice Club, Advisers' Aides. PAULETTE PANICHI . . . Journalism Club. RONALD PARADISO . . . Industrial Arts Honor Society. FRED PARDO . . . Baseball Team. ROBERT PARENTE . . . Arista, Technical Honor Society, Glass Blowing Club, Res Gestae. KATHRYN A. PARENTE . . . Newman Club, Ushering Squad, Ice Skating Club, Infirmary Squad. SONDRA PENN . . . Advisers? Aides, Choir. ROSEMARIE PEROLA . . . Cheering Section. RICHARD PERRY . . . Service Squad. ARLENE PIERSON . . . Arista, Do Re Mi, Junior Dramatics Club, Choir, Band, Instru- mental, Library Squad, A Cappella. MARIE PIROZZO .... A rt Club, Girls' Choir, Lantern Staff, Girls' Honor Biology Society, Masque and Bauble. ROBERT PRESTIFILIPPO . . . Arista, Math Honor Society, Service Squad. JOAN RABINOWITZ . . . Choir, Dance Club, Ushering Squad. LEONARD RABINOWITZ . . . Service Squad. FRANCIS RANDOLFI . . . Band, Service Squad. PHILIP RATTNER . . . Italian Club, Masque and Bauble, Chemistry Squad, Band, Or- chestra. BEATRICE RAUCHMANN . . . Hebrew Cul- ture Society, Folk Dance Club. PETER RAVEL . . . Handball Team, Service Squad. ELLEN REDDECK . . . Spanish Honor So- ciety, Girls, Honor Biology Society, Masque and Bauble, Leaders Club. RHODA REITMAN . . . Secretarial Club. HENRY REYER . . . Service Squad. JEAN RIEKERT . . . Leaders Club. JOAN RIGGS . . . Dance Club, Library Squad. MIRIAM RIVERA . . . Arista, Girls' Honor Biology Society, Spanish Honor Society, Lead- ers Club. MARIE RIZZO . . . Italian Club, Newman Club, Instrumental. ANN LEE ROCKEFELLER . . . Arista, Span- ish Honor Society, Girls? Honor Biology So- ciety, Masque and Bauble, Advisers' Aides, French Club, Pan American Club, Volleyball Club. DAVID ROGOVOY . . . Res Gestae. EDWARD ROSA . . . Boys, Chorus. BEVERLY RUBIN . . . Arista, French Club, Girls, Honor Biology Society, Volleyball Club, Advisers' Aides, Receptionist, Ice Skating Club, Hai Gennaiai, Photography Club. RONALD RUBINO . . . Italian Club. Page one hundred thirty-five SANDRA RLBENSTEIX . . . Arista. French Club. Class Blowing Club. Folk Dance Club. Advisers' Aides. ANTHONY RLTCCIERO . . . Masque and Bau- ble, Service Squad. LAWRENCE SACHS . . . Basketball Club. SOLOMON SAFFIAN . . . Service Squad. ROBERT SAMBERISKI . . . Track Team. NICHOLAS SCELSA . . . Arista, Junior Dra- matics Club. Masque and Bauble, Newman Club, Latin Honor Society, Math Honor So- ciety, Italian Club. Biology Squad, Choir. Do Re Mi, C. O. President. ELAINE SCHEER .... A rista. Spanish Honor Society, Hebrew Culture Club. Pan American Club. Dance Club. Ice Skating Club, Recep- tionist Squad. Advisers' Aides, Library Squad. Masque and Bauble. ROBERT SCHERNIER . . . Service Squad. ARLENE SCHINSKY . . . Arista. JOYCE SCHINSKY . . . Arista. RALPH SCHNEWEISS . . . Orchestra. FRANCINE SCHNITZER . . . Arista, X-Ray Staff, French Club. Spanish Honor Society, Latin Honor Society. Math Honor Society, Girls, Honor Biology Society, Advisers' Aides, Scribes. ARLENE SCHORR . . . Cheering Section. RICHARD SCHLBERT . . . Service Squad. NANCY SCHWABE . . . Arista. FRANK SCIOTTO . . . Service Squad. THOMAS SCIQTO . . . Masque and Bauble, Service Squad, Italian Club, Alcourse Party. THERESA SEEBERGER . . . Ice Skating Club. ANNE SEYMOUR . . . A Cappella, Accordian, Band, Instrumental, Do Re Mi, Library Squad, Alcourse Party. IOSEPHINE SFRACA .... A rista, Choir, Li- brary Squad, Do Re Mi, A Cappella, Newman Club, Italian Club, Advisers' Aides, Alcourse Party. DONALD SHAFFER . . . Technical Honor So- ciety, Masque and Bauble, Band, Track Team, Cross Country Team. Page one hundred thirty-sir HENRY SHATZ . . . Arista, Spanish Honor Society, French Club, Choir, Boys' Chorus, Photography Club, Service Squad. JOSEPH SHEPARD . . . Service Squad. ANTOINETTE SILLETTI . . . Choir, Newman Club, Italian Club, Alcourse Party. MADILINE SILVA . . . Spanish Honor Soci- ety, Biology Squad, Newtown Nucleus, History Squad, Newman Club, Emergency Squad, Li- brary Squad. BARBARA SIMPSON . . . Newman Club. CAROLYN SITRON . . . French Club, Library Squad, Dance Club, G. O. Storekeeper. STANLEY SIUDA . . . Service Squad. BARBARA SKOLNICK . . . Pan American Club, Advisers' Aides. HLINOR stcov . . . A Cappella, choir. MICHAEL SLONIIVI . . . Arista, Hebrew Cul- ture Club, Physics Squad, X-Ray Staff. MARIE SOCCI . . . Arista, Clerical Practice Club, Leaders Club. ARTHUR SOLAR . . . Arista Boy Leader. X- Ray Business Manager, Math Honor Society. ROSE SALOIVIONE . . . Arista, Girls' Honor Biology Society, Ice Skating Club, Do Re lVIi, Hai Cennaiai, Choir, A Cappella. SHEILA SONKIN . . . Arista, Spanish Honor Society, A Cappella, Choir, Advisers' Aides, Junior Dramatics Club, Masque and Bauble, Newtown Nucleus, Pan American Club, Fine Arts Club, Lantern Staff, Art Editor of Year Book, Math Honor Society, Res Cestae. JAMES SOSCIE . . . Arista, Technical Honor Society. CHARLES SOUTAR . . . Arista, Math Honor Society, Tennis Team, Spanish Honor Society. JOSEPH SPANO . . . Basketball Team, Base- ball Team. MARCARET SPIEGEL . . . Newman Club. JOSEPH SPINELLI . . . Newman Club, Busi- ness Club, Instrumental Club, Track Team, Art Club, Service Squad. ELINOR STAIGER . . . Leaders Club, German Club, Volleyball Club, Basketball Club. ALFRED STEBBIIYS . . . Biology Squad, Cen- eral Science Squad. CERTRUDE STEC-ER . . . Spanish Honor So- ciety, Leaders Club, French Club, Advisers' Aides, Volleyball Club. ALICE STEIN . . . Ushering Squad, Cheering Section, G. O. Storekeeper, Secretarial Club. CHRISTINA STEPHANIDES . . . Arista, Hai Gennaiai, Secretarial Club. SHEILA STERLING . . . Arista, Orchestra, Do Re lVIi, Girls' Honor Biology Society, Choir. JOHN STEWART . . . Baseball Club, Basket- ball Team. SYLVIA STEWART . . . Leaders Club, A Cap- pella, Basketball Club. BENITA STORCH . . . Latin Honor Society, Junior Dramatics Club, Alcourse Party, Vol- leyball Club. HARRY STRIEBEL . . . Service Squad, Ger- man Club, Masque and Bauble. JANICE STRUM . . . Advisers' Aides, Lead- ers Club, Dance Club, Choir. EDWIN STURZA . . . Physics Squad, Service Squad. ARTHUR SUNSHINE . . . Gym Club. LORRAINE SVEGLIA . . . Advisers' Aides. CHARLES TARANTINO . . . Fencing Club. GENE TEDONE . . . Technical Honor Society, Baseball Team. HERBERT TEICHER . . . History Squad. CLAUDINE A. TISSERAND . . . Arista, A Cappella, Volleyball Club, Choir, Spanish Honor Society, French Club. MARIE TORNATORE . . . French Club, Math Honor Society. JOAN TRIPP . . . Choir, Cheering Section. WINIFRED TUOHY . . . Newman Club. ANNE TURCO . . . Secretarial Club, Newman Club, Cheering Section. JOAN MARY VALADA . . . Orchestra, Ital- ian Club, Masque and Bauble. CARINIELO VASI . . . Service Squad. Boys, Glee Club, Masque alld Bauble, Public Speak- ing Club, Italian Club. ANNE VILENCHITZ . . . X-Ray Stall, New- man Club, Junior Dramatic Club. Basketball Club, French Club. JOHN VILLARI . . . Gym Club. PETER VILLARI . . . Gym Club. JUNE VIRGA . . . Newman Club. DOROTHY VITALE . . . Arista. Masque and Bauble, Administrative Aides, Newman Club, Secretarial Club, Library Squad. LIBBY WIALDRON . . . Photography Club, Lantern Literary Staff, Lantern Art Stalf, Choir, Girls' Choral, Fine Arts Club, Recep- tionists Club. RITA WALTZER . . . Business Club. VIRGINIA WATSON . . . Cheering Section. Volleyball Club, Ushering Squad. JEROME YVEIN . . . Boys, Chorus, Soccer Team. SHEILA WEINZIMER . . . French Club, Jun- ior Dramatics Club. ALLAN WELLISH . . . Service Squad. ROBERT WIEST . . . Basketball Team. CAROL WESTENDORF . . . Receptionists Squad. Secretarial Club, Res Gestae, Ushering Squad. EDITH WESTLEY . . . Arista, Secretarial Club. IRENE WEYDIG . . . Arista. CAROLINE WIEDEMAN . . . Secretarial Club. HAROLD WILE . . . Physics Squad, General Science Squad, Service Squad. JACK YVILE . . . Service Squad. ROSEMARY WILLETT . . . Latin Honor So- ciety, Photography Club, Alcourse Party. Page one hundred fhfffj'-56161 BEVERLY WILLIAMS .... A rista. RICHARD WILLIAMS . . . Basketball Team. DOROTHY IVILLIS . . . Secretarial Club. RICHARD WILSHLISEN . . . F. F. A. Presi- dent. Service Squad. WILLIAM WING . . . Basketball Team. JOHN WINTER .... A rista, Newtown Nucleus, Lantern Staff, Masque and Bauble. CHARLES WISBAUER . . . Service Squad Sergeant. F. F. A. ROBERT WISKOTZIL . . . Arista. LORRAINE WISNEWSKI . . . Arista, Hai Gennaiai, Masque and Bauble, Administrative Aides. CASMIRA WOICIECHOWSKI .... A rista Girl Leader, Latin Honor Society, Hai Cennaiai, Do Re Mi, Band, Choir, Dance Club, Advisers' Aides. Leaders Club, Ice Skating Club, Li- brary Squad, Cheering Section. BARBARA WOLFE . . . French Film Club. Page one hundred thirty-eight FRANK WOITOWICZ . . . Photography Club, F. F. A. MAE YABLONSKI . . . Hai Cennaiai, X-Ray Editor, Masque and Bauble, Receptionist Squad, Leaders Club, Basketball Club, Cheer- ing Section, Girls, Honor Biology Society, Alcourse Party Treasurer, Choir, Girls, Chor- us, Res Cestae, Secretary of .Iune '54 Class LAWRENCE YOUNG . . . Choir, Band, Do Re Mi. JOSEPH ZANNI . . . Italian Club, Service Squad, Baseball Team, Vice President of .Iune '54 Class. .IOHN ZERWECK . . . Track Team. ERWIN ZIMMERMAN . . . Orchestra, Boys' Chorus, Masque and Bauble, Do Re Mi, Cross Country Team. FREDERICK ZINN . . . Service Squad. MARIE ZIPPO . . . Arista, X-Ray Staff. Masque and Bauble, Newman Club, Leaders Club, Secretarial Club, Photography Club. XRWQA Mgjgmff W Wm M fmiiffyj? 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ZANGLER ' REPRESENTATIVE Ill W 5 NN ll " X ,, 524' if -,. .!', wx !,,.,ly,, X 3, L X ,xx R s 10 a.llJ1nS0 fami AMILIA OMSGYI 0 E e se pe it r JA vice, HN oks fo Assun cializ ndabl lv wb -Lier Again liar and reassuring slogan R...l7ECK1llSE if has appeared in ds of the cauntry's finest year- r the past half century. INo...because those years of ed experience bring complete outstanding quality and de- am we work. + k OLLIER ENCRAVINC CO. 8I7 V. Washington Blvd. Chicago 7, Illinois e delivery to the yearbook staffs, l ll l l x MV fn-llfi gr Congratulations Graduates We here at Keystone are proud of the fact that we had a part In producing your yearbook For a great many years we have been privileged to work with schools throughout the country ln the rewarding task of compllmg class histories The school annual which captures wlthln Its pages so many happy school day memorses ns one of the most cherlshed products of the prmtmv lndustry KEYSTONE PRINTING SERVICE INC II3 WEST CHURCH STREET LIBERTYVILLE ILLINGIS 1 1 1 I 7 Y U . If , -u s. x, 1 Q O O ! P iz J If -,f , in . ,V V ' . Q- A A ,13 P .L E 'Xe Y 4 . . if . Q 1 .... D 1 1, -3, ,. :15"'- Tv fgpif stiff:- ,ff 'z em , . "'-P,-2 'ii -' .4 l ,Su --,,- mg. .- 1 V 5 ' A' x A f 3 w,,. -. 4 1. A 1 ,Eu X e . vwwv ,K n if H? - ' Lily, 7 if.: , - K .L s .Sn Il' , , 1 I -'A A 1 fr QF., .- 'V E , ?af 'chi 1 . Q3-., 1. 1 . , ,Ly X 195 H97 :'5' V'-'fpis' ' '-,gf , W, ' . 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Suggestions in the Newtown High School - Newtowner Yearbook (Elmhurst, NY) collection:

Newtown High School - Newtowner Yearbook (Elmhurst, NY) online yearbook collection, 1939 Edition, Page 1


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Newtown High School - Newtowner Yearbook (Elmhurst, NY) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 1


Newtown High School - Newtowner Yearbook (Elmhurst, NY) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 1


Newtown High School - Newtowner Yearbook (Elmhurst, NY) online yearbook collection, 1968 Edition, Page 1


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