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 - Class of 1948

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Text from Pages 1 - 152 of the 1948 volume:

'T wf . 5' fi- ' nkifhizft: ik vi -1- K- V ,Q Q: , .w :cw1vQe3wg.r2v7.b:,:1..L15iv.emnf11 -s,s,.fePQ541.:1m , z 1 ,A ,A Q' , N ,af v, ., f 'A ,Jw ,W , 1 ,, .. .fu 54' 1.7" ,gy id rf ...Q Q 1 1 .S b .uiwy ,L "Q, H S F: 'Q 11 Z, .JA w. ,. 1, 4 f 4 1, x 'i J f 3 we P5 51 se Qf E 2 5? gf as 5? fi 5 gi "f Sn 3 5 'f ,v ff r !s'.wL1fI.biw,l13 1-ueaafw.-, mf 515421 "Z: ,ts :f.2:fn2.f'vlt4 January, f 948 W8LUi0lfUl'l JANUARY ++ 1+ ++ 1+ +1 1+ +1 if if if 1+ 1+ " 1+ 4' 1+ +1 +1 +1 +1 +1 1+ +1 4 +1 4 XQMMJAQJ Lg fAe .gznio A ! 4 Acafecl in gymlzumf, Wen! UML A 'J' -,, , 9 ly 9 . I r 'A if 4 1. ff ,, 41 fn. 1 . Q , , A .x i 1 -1+ is x' x ,Q , Q A, was IU, ,, .4 27 X, A ,L We if ' Y .543 'Q 4596, ii F35 , ex M fi, ,," nf Pa W,.,.,.fq, ,X ,-wg, of mg 1' -. 5 871 wi. IIEDICATIUN mln the beginning God created the heaven and the earth. And the earth was Without form, and void." Today this World is populated by millions of people in every walk of life. We are linked together by bonds of friendship, good Will, commerce and the need for security. Centuries of hard labor, scientific trials and errors, good government and bad, have made it what it is now and centuries are yet to come. Years filled, perhaps, with just as many dark and winding corridors as those of the past. We, of the graduating class of '48, are embarking on a journey of education, a journey which can never be completed. Those Who are fortunate enough to be able to attend college will strive in the fields of science, medicine, law and other skilled professions, to conquer the problems which Wljandorai' let loose upon the world. The rest of us must use the education and good reasoning We have acquired, along with faith and hope, to create a richer and fuller life for all people, regardless of race, color, or creed. Together as a team, we will help draw up a pattern of peace and security, one which can be copied by other nations and recorded in the annals of time for future generations. May God grant us the strength, wisdom and character to accomplish this end. wwe marie jed Ang IANUARY lQ48 NEWTUWN STAFF Elaine Kuhlmey ....,... .........., E ditor-in-Chief Jeanne Levy A........... ................... A rt Editor Alfred Zeien .,,....,.,. ....,..... B usiness Manager Constance Lowinger.. ....,.......,........ Club Editor Henrietta Pincus ..........,...........,....,...,.. .......,.,., A ssistant Club Editor Elayne Rosenberg, Dorothy Alverson. ......,......, Picture Editors Helen Martin ..,......,...,.....,..,................. ....,.,.. A ssistant Editor Doris Aleschus, Marilyn Callahan ,......................t..,............,,.........,.,,...,,....,..,..... Typists SEUTIUN REPRESENTATIVES Saul Goldfarb Joyce Lawrence Tina Gangemi Jeanne Arnold Doris Bock Elizabeth Funfschillin Alfred Zeien Audrcy Kahn Constance Lowinger Marie Johnson Patricia Lowe George Zimmermann George Peterffy Doris Aleschus Eve Winters Josephine Nota BUSINESS REPRESENTATIVES Willianl Tambeau William Schneider Josephine Nota Joan Bonflglio Stig Bjorheim Doris Bock Elizabeth Funfschilling Alfred Zeien Henrietta Pin Henrietta Yentis Sophie Vassas Joyce Lawrence Beatrice Shapiro Warren Hachtel Claude Maina Barbara Schoen Lorraine E. Schmidt cus PICTURE REPRESENTATIVES Bette Webb Doris Bock Louise Silvestri Alfred Zeien Henrietta Yentis Constance Lowinger .Ioyce Lawrence Judy Cipriani Helen Byrnes Allen Stroberg George Peterffy Marie Zurla Ann Curcio Marie Lisa Enid Barberio Barbara Savage FACULTY ADVI SERS Miss Maze C. Gordon Mr. Henry Reinshagen Mr. Jacob Kooperstein Autographs for posterity . . . ttttt 'A"A"A'i"k'A' 'Hail To Thee Our Alma Mater Page eight 6'But I've got a pass . . .!" 'k'k'k1lr'kir Seniorgs Privilege Quiet Garretson 6'Pass it . Ban1mann's competitor i' ir 'A' if ir ,,---'1 ke la' ti' 4'Attention! . . . I pledge allegiance . . ." ,M ..,. Friday-Period 2 . . . A, ,xx Assembly exit . . . ir For boys only Those gym dances fGr0anj tit 'k'k'kiririr'kir'k -K 'K +1 'IK -K 41 41 41 -il fk -K +1 Time to listen and relax . . . Page twelve Silent testimonies of Newtown's fame . . . The orchestra tackles Beethoven . . . MA copy of the '48 English Regents, please." Looking over the latest edition . . 'k'k'ki"k'k'k'A'i' 'UK gdzewi' Q ll' li' ll- ll' I1- ll' if ll' 11' li' ll' ll' Yearbook staH at Work . . . Page thirteen 'kifir SS. line-up Page fourteen Stretch for that basket! i"A"k'k Typical Masque and Baublites . . . Q . 'kirir'k'k We all made friends with Mike fand his elevator 5 We'1l never forget Annex I3! . . . Watching over us during our four years 444 if if 'K -K 41 41 'K 41 -K -K 41 ttttiiit Page sixteen Preparing to 45Face the Music" . . . Typical study-hall students . . . Upper foyer show-case . History: Cramming for the Regents . . . kiitirti 5 ll' If li' ll' ll' H1- li- ll' li' ll' If ir Page seventeen zdxgtw?. . ? uyfb gqmzx. . . fOops! . . . Slight errorj Page eighteen Mshow your cards, please Future artists at work . . . 'kit Hall traffic . . . i' 'Ir 'A' if 'A' 'k ir ir 'A' ir Page n t Vw' , I I Page twenty T0 THE NEWTUWN GRADUATES Dear Girls and Boys: On this your graduation day I am reminded that it has been my burden to inculcate in your minds, and to share with you in activity, the ideals of high-toned sportsmanship: Don't boast, Don't belittle an opponent, No Excuses, Play hard, Play fair. You will lind that life is a larger arena, diamond, gridiron, court, and oval with bigger competitions, greater issues, riskier challenges, deeper duties than you have ever known. Apply the sportsman's code to all your problems for the greater glory of your home, your country, your World. Sometimes you must suffer patiently when things are going Wrong and dark clouds lower, at other times you must summon every last bit of heart, brain, and soul when God's sunlight reveals a truth to be fought for. Remember Markham's glorious quatrain: For all your days prepare And treat them ever alike When you are the anvil, bear, When you are the hammer, strike. January, 1948 Principal Page twenty one Page Citizen No. l ,..,..... .,...,. Typical American Politician ,...c, Conservative ..... Cosmopolitan ..,... Optimist ..,.. Pessimist ........ lflumorist .,...,.. Most Versatile ...... Scientist V..... Athlete ,.,,. Denture ....,. Live Wire .L Linguist ....,, Artist ,..,.,,........... Mathematician ,.., Fashion Plate ..,.,... Gentleman-Lady .. Historian ........ Helpful ,...... Wittiest ....... Business-like ...... Literary Light ..,.... .,.,.., Aggie .,.... . twenty-two WIIHK' WHO Gilbert Panzer Roy Lutter Philip Bilancia Malcolm MacGregor Richard Wasmund Richard Spielmann Ira Leightman Frank Cavaioli George Peterffy Matthew Kabrisky Ronald Maisch Henry Swenson Frank Parra .lames Patsoulakis Morton Englesherg Alfred Zeien Wesley I-Iorhatuck Vincent Caggiano Erwin Schoenfeld Gilbert Panzer Walter Nullet Eugene Holzer Myron Levoy William Braydon Angela Camurati Catharine Holzhauer Elizabeth F unfschilling Edith Walter Rose Marie F ehling Doris Aleschus Dorothy Alverson Angela Catalano Elaine Kuhlmey Marion Alexander Barbara Schoen Patricia Gilmore Julia Porricelli Diane Perez Jeanne Levy Esther Rugraif Rose Marie Schlaich Helen Martin Lenore Panzer Lorraine Blake Doris Bock Elaine Olson Joyce Lawrence 4-V' N I eff' H I W a f-A Q 1' EDNA ACKEL Destination: Secretary A little joke, a little cheer Watch out, folks, Edna's here. DORIS ALESCHUS Destination: Secretary I hope you enjoy them I made up some knocks. OH! OH! Look out! Here come the rocks. SALVATORE ALESI Destination: College An unassuming llul 'tis true But one who often surprises you. MARIAN ALEXANDER Academic Salutatorian Destination: College Where the school loses the stage will gain. DONALD ALTMAN Destination: College The best thing is to be witty, Not quote another's wit. AL ALTOMARE Destination: C.C.N.Y. As quiet antl shy as a triphxzmmer. stuart, 1948 kk DOROTHY ALVERSON Destination: College Lovely to look at, Delightful to know. AGNES AMATO Destination: Business A great miss so prim and proper, Does your heart belong to poppa? RICHARD AMBROSOLI Destination: College His foes are few, his friends are many. DEAN C. ANDREWS Destination: Cornell University Laugh and the world laughs with you. MARION ANZALONE Destination: Business Always there, but not always quiet, But whatever they do, shels willing to try it! .IEANNE M. ARNOLD Destination: Traphagen School of Interior Decoration No words of praise may I write for thee, For some of these rhymes were written by me. GLORIA BANKS Destination: College With kindness towards all and malice towards none. ENID BARBERIO Destination: Medical Secretary A smile of hers is like an act of grace. ROBERT BARNET Destination: College "I finally got my parole after four ears," s s Bamet. 07' THERESA BARONE Destination: Business A quiet girl of sterling worth, Is more than all the gold on earth. BRUCE BARTELDT Destination: College Always quiet, never wild, I H ow can we knock a guy so mild. HAROLD A. BARTENBACH Destination: United States Navy A pretty girl attracts his eye Despite the fact he's kind of shy. as 'xg as A ff X 4 sys. . , ,A i if A :it-.fw,., .- 'Qs-R if fu Mfr gi, is -P Q. .. ,A , ,.., 'VL s , fr, Y.. 2 U .il I is s ' i L' .,.: A s ss ti ltls if iisttiisli Q 'A V' o ff anuar, 7948 RICHARD BAXTER Destination: College Richie is the happy blend Of a very good student and a mighty fine friend. RENEE BECCHINELLI Destination: Business A nice girl with winning ways, Will always get on in future days SAVERIO BELLO Destination: College Still water runs deep. ARTHUR BENSON Destination: Telephone Company A nice sort of a guy you will admit Happy, smiling, so full of wit. CHARLES BERG Destination: College One of the few orchestra members who can play syncopation. MARIE BERNHARDT Destination: Home The friends who know her well, The goodness of her heart can tell. X WILLIAM BERTOLINI - I I Destination: College 5: , lg 1 7 ft He says nothing and it sounds great. i Q . al l " g l ' i K iw 1 x.'. J. . 2 .I . X i i . ..,, l JUNE BESSER Destination: Art School Art is indeed not the bread But the wine of life. ELI BEST Destination: College He'll get there we know. JOAN BIELECKY Destination: Business She's sweet and shy And easy on the eye. PHILIP BILANCIA Destination: Queens College An explosive mixture of bra wit. CAMILIA BISACCIO Destination: Business Never a worry, never a care, Happy go lucky everywhere. in and X Ja. - .Af X , . .- s o "NN " 45592-1 I away , 1948 STIG .IOHAN BJORHEIM Destination: College He looks shy, but oh my! LORRAINE BLAKE Destination: College She moves like a goddess And she looks like a queen. VIRGINIA BLANCHARD Destination: She's tiny and innocent and loves enjoying life. Let's see how she makes Johnny's housewife. DOLORES BLANKE Destination: Business School Dee is sweet, Dee is eoy Dee is Newtown's little Joy. ARTHUR BLUMBERG Destination: College Olll CIS A potential Caesar, molding the destinies of man. DORIS BOCK Destination: Dancing Doris has personality plus Minus her what would hap us? :. pen to LLOYD E. BOLAND, JR. Destination: United States Marine Corps In English class he is bored Because his imagination is broad. JOAN BONFIGLIO Destination: Business Here's a girl with lots of grace And something else-a pretty face! HENRY BOURNE Destination: N.Y.U. Ambition is his middle name, It's surely bound to bring him fame. WILLIAM BRAYDON Destination: Business He has achieved a distinction in s orts but soon he'll s ort a New- P 1 P town diploma. ELSIE BROCKMANN Destination: Business Her hair is blonde, her eyes.are blue A lovely sight for you to view. SHIRLEY BROWNE Destination: Business Always quiet, never wild, ' How can you treat a gal so mild? anuatg, 1948 J. 2 , tat' gt' 1 fl f iff? '-:L " I f 4. S S 2 - A ANNE BRUNO Destination: Secretary Pretty, small and petite With a smile so sweet. MARIO BRUNO Destination: Night School Contentment is natural wealth. TED BRUSZEWSKI Destination: College The less men talk the more they think. BENITO BURDO Destination: Drafting Business It has, beensaid and still rings true, That a strong man is a silent one too. JOHN BURK I V Destination: New York State Ranger School Life is too short to study all the time. DOROTHY BURNS Destination: Business Always friendly, always sweet She,s the girl for you to meet. EDWARD BUTLER Destination: U. S. Navy Eddie's tall, his hair is wavy Heill make good in the U. S. Navy. CATHERINE BYRNE Destination: Model With good nature and ready wit, That's how she makes such a hit. HELEN BYRNES Destination: Business A friend is a gal who knows all about you, And yet likes you! MARIE CAFARELLI Destination: Nursing School A nurse she is bound to be And she'll succeed, as we shall see. MARGARET CAGGIANO Destination: Business Quietly she goes her way, Doing her work with little to say. VINCENT CAGGIANO Destination: Kings Point, U.S.M.M.A. A fellow with brains And also high aims. anuary, I X, fff 1 MARILYN CALLAHAN Destination: Business School Lively, friendly, jolly and gay, She's the best kind of girl in every way! GLORIA CAMPAGNA Destination: Business She goes through classes with a happy air, And seems to have not a worry or a care VITO CAMPINO Destination: College He's a gentleman, through and through With always a pleasant word for you. ANGELA CAMURATI Destination: College Ever smiling and ever sweet She's the kind you seldom meet. RAE CANTARO Destination : Secretary Hooray for Rae For Rae hooray! And is she cute? Well, I should say! ROSE CAPRIOTTI Destination: Business A quiet little miss is she, Always busy as a bee! ANNE CARLSON Destination: Business School She is nice and lots of fun, Always ready with a corny pun. ROY CARLSON Destination: College Tall of stature, long of limb Looks not at women- Whafs wrong with him? WILLIAM CARNEY Destination: Business Heis a fellow way ahead Can anymore be said? CHARLES CASALE Destination: College I f work interferes with pleasure, EWU, l'll give up work. FRANCES CASAMASSINA Destination: Business Full of pep, push and go, That's why everyone likes her so! JOHN CASULLO Destination: U. S. Navy He never enters a room, he invades it. -DMV unitary, 1948 ANGELA CATALANO Destination: Business Full of giggles, full of spice By the way, we think she's nice. FRANK J. CAVAIOLI Destination: Columbia With good nature and a ready wit, Tluzt's why Frank is such a hit. CHARLES CAVALLO Destination: Farmingdale He claims that he is a smart student but the teachers ask the wrong question. WILLIAM CHIARELLA Destination: Business Heis a man with an iron will. JUDY CIPRIANI Destination: Business A smile for all, a word to greet, We must admit Judy is sweet. PAUL CLEMENTS Destination: College An all around swell fellow. Every- one likes him. JOANNE COHEN Destination: Business Tell me, pretty maiden, are there any more at home like you? PETER COLANINNO , r . Destination: U. S. Army r MV gg' V' Bound for the higher things in life. ' my 5' ' flf tl J V A PAT COLAPINTO Destination: Night School K' X" Q' V Full of laughter, full of spice V XV ' ' QQ? ' s By the way we think he's nice. . ' M .J g: lk. AJ. " SHELTON COLLINS , V 'V Destination: College 'I B V .ns He will always be the light of his i 'R M A , life. DOROTHY CONNER Destination: Business With her Irish smile, and her Irish ""' ' ' t way, Dot is sure to go a long way. , ntl .gn .i .. .,.,l.1 K, is-, .2 L 5 s X -9-23,5 .fy 1 LILA CONRAD Destination: Advertising There's a method to her madness. hhhafg, 194 HARRY CORBITT Destination: Business Good advice from him we'll take 'Cause an excellent businessman he will make. EUGENE COTTONE Destination: Business Here's a fella whose aim is high, Let's just watch him reach the sky! PAUL COTUGNO Destination: Hofstra His fame shall be of athletic distinction. MARY JEAN COZZI Destination: Business Although Mary is small and very sweet You can tell without looking she likes the back seat. FRANK CSAJKO Destination: College You can bank on Frank To pull some prank. ANN CURCIO Destination: Business She speaks not, but thinks and thinks. CHARLES DABRUSCO Destination: College ' Where he'll go, whatever he'll do With high flying colors, He's sure to come through. PAUL D'AGATI Destination: College He's small, but so is a stick of dynamite. JOSEPH J. DANS Destination: College He travels with fast company-the track team. JERRY D'ARCY Destination: Musical Career If he doesn,t get there today, he'll get there tomorrow. RONALD DAVISON Destination: College It matters not how long we live: but how. MARIE DEANGELO Destination: Business A gem is small but precious. wma,-g, 1948 aw WILLIAM DEHLER Destination: Wild life conservation Silence is golden but Bill's not on the gold standard. JOHN DELNEVO Destination: Business To business, to business, he will go, With his aggressiveness he'll make a good show. MARIE DE PALO Destination: Business School A sweet kid, we can say no more. PATRICIA DEVOTI Destination: Business My pen writes on-what shall I say? .lust a few words, Patricia,s okay! BERTHA DIAZ Destination: Business Bertlu1's the reason why poets write, Personality and beauty fit her just right. YOLANDA DIBENEDETTO Destination: Business Very friendly, very gay In any language, she's OK. JOHN DI DOMENICO Destination: Business Little work, homework due. I don't know how he ever got through. DORIS DIETRICH Destination: Harcum Junior College Always smiling, always gay, Oh, we hope you stay that way. MARCOT DINKEL Destination: Business She's sweet and sincere A joy to be near. ROSE MARY DI PAOLA Destination: Business College To call her sweet is quite unfair, Because thereis more tluzn sweetness there. GENEVEVE DISTILLI Destination: Business Girls like Shannie are very few, Happy go lucky, and a swell gal too! VIRGINIA DOLAN Destination: Nu rse,s Training School Although Ginnie's ambitious she doesn't yeam for fame, To be like Florence Nightingale is her only aim. anuary, l 948 si, 464 ALFRED DRISALDI Destination: Architectural Drafting Drafting, drafting is his line His plates' were always better than mine. ANN DROZDOVICH Destination: Secretary All she does is laugh and chatter But with her it doesn't matter. ALFONSO DUARTE Destination: College A jolly fellow full of fun, He makes a very good school chum. CLAUDE DUSENBURY Destination: Queens College A regular fellow his classmates say, What better tribute can they pay? HELEN EBERHARDT Destination: Adelphi College Charming, lovely, friendly, too One of the nicest we ever knew. DONALD EDGAR Destination: U. S. Navy Air Corps He's just a vagabond lover. GRACE EDLUND Destination: Business School A sweet, dreamy blonde Of whom we're all fond. ELIZABETH EMRICH Destination: Business This girl is a scholar from her head to her toes, And success awaits her, as everyone knows! v . KENNETH ENDHOLZ g i Destination: U.S.M.C. i , 'gal -I V Let the world slide, l'll take a rest. . s., i I - I X MORTON ENGELSBERG Destination: Pratt I donit say much, but who knows what I think. BARBARA ESELSON Destination: College Happy, busy, little lass She,s all right in any class. ROBERT ESLINGER Destination: Manhattan College Quiet, but you can't tell a book by its cover. 6: I , an V, 9H" '-.5 'X Q K K as ' -ix yy El' unitary, 1 1 Q1 Q fi AUGUSTINE ESPOSITO Destination: College Well, here I am. MARY EWELL Destination: Business Humor, personality, popularity, galore, Who could ask for anything more! MARGARET FEELEY Destination: Business Sweet and demure, Lovely we're sure. ROSE MARIE FEHLING Destination: College She's ever so nice in more ways than one. Helpful and kind and lots of fun. SHIRLEY FERNANDEZ Destination: N.Y.U. School of Retailing Cool, quiet, kind and serene A girl so nice is seldom seen. MARIE FERRARA Destination: Business She wasn't late, the bell rang early ALBERT FINK Destination: Work fascinates oneg I could sit and look al it for hours. ROBERT FITZPATRICK Destination: Business A quiet lad, he goes his way, With lots of friends on each new day. THOMAS FITZPATRICK Destination: Trade School Work interests him. He could watch it for hours. BEATRICE FLEISCHER Destination: College Never flurried, never hurried. Always happy and always gay. MATTHEW FORTE Destination: College He doesn't worry, he doesn't care He doesn't hurry anywhere. MARJORIE FRANK Destination: Business The sky's the limit And Marge will be in it. .b U Pu X g .-va' 4.- Q 1 EU rkv anuary, 1948 VITO FRANKINI Destination: College God gave him a hill to climb and the strength to climb it. JOHN FRANZNICK Destination: Business The only way to have a friend is to be one. DOROTHY FREDERICK Destination: Business School Sheis somewhat the quiet type, But nevertheless, always liked! HELMUTH FREITAG Destination: College A sincere friend and a good pal. Could you ask for more? ARTHUR FRIE Destination: College A gentleman, a sportsman and a nice fellow. JOAN FRITZ Destination: Business We envy the boss who gets .loan for his secretary. NATALIE FUCIGNA Destination: St. .loseplfs College for i Women She's a real swell gal, And everyone's pal. ELIZABETH FUNFSCHILLING Destination: Beaver College Chuck full of vim, Up to the brim. THOMAS CAINES Destination: U. S. Army A fellow whose motto is "Serve.', FRANCES GALANTE Destination: Buyer Bunny never talks of Bob or Sam, T here's only one and that's Dan. TINA GANGEMI Destination: Business I wrote some ditties Good and bad, Now I'm the last And am I glad! IRMA GARMENDIA Destination: College It's nice to be natural When you're naturally nice. anuary, I 8 gifs GEORGE GARONE Destination: U. S. Naval Academy He'll look cute In a sailor suit. MARIE GENISE Destination: Stenographer Sweet and lovely, full of pep, Personality: that's her rep. ELEANOR GESSNER Destination: Business All peaches do not grow on trees. HELEN GIAQUINTO Destination: Business All good things come in small packages. THOMAS GILLESPIE Destination: Accounting He who is master of himself will soon be master of others. JAMES CILMORE Destination: U. S. Navy Never worries, never hurries. PATRICIA GILMORE Destination: Business School To say she's lovely is quite unfair, 'Cause thereis more than loveliness there. REMO GIUNTA Destination: St. .lohnis College of Pharmacy Witty, likable, jolly with all Ready to answer funis first call. BARBARA GLADD Destination: Nurses' Training School Sweet, smart and shy, We're all very sure That Bobbie will get by. WILLIAM GOBLER Destination: Business A jolly fellow full of fun Makes a swell school chum. MARILYN GOLDBERG Destination: College Marilyn is so regular and nice You know it at once without looking twice. SAUL GOLDFARB Destination: Agricultural College Whois got the homework? dt anuarg, l 948 M ' X gil ' WILLIAM CRAEPEL Destination: College A little worry, a little care, When success comes, he'll be there FRANK H. GREHL Destination: Chemical Engineer Fair and tall F rank's liked by all. ELAINE GRIMM Destination: Business She does her work and does it well, Need we tell you, she's just swell? .IAMES GRUBERT Destination: Pratt Institute God's gift to the ladies. THERESA GUELI Destination: Business She will go through life with ease, She's quiet, nice and easy to please. AGNES GUNNEAU Destination: Business School The songs that she loves to croon, llzmuld make the fellows simply swoon. WARREN HACHTEL Destination: Photographer Here he comes, there he goes, Were he'll encl up, nobody knows! JOHN HACK Destination: Boat Business Always a gentleman. ARTHUR HAEUSSLER Destination: Maryland Wherever he'll go, whatever he'll do, With high flying colors, heis sure to come through. GILBERT HAFNER Destination: College A fellow who gets along swell with anyone. JOAN HAMMEN Destination: Secretary Sweet and very nlbe is she, With many friends she'll always be. HELEN HANSEN Destination: Business A disposition sweet, One that's hard to beat. sg , 72 anuarg, l 8 GLADYS I-IAVAS Destination: Business Cool and quiet, sweet and serene Sheis an asset to the Newtown scene. LINDY N. HAWKINS Destination: Band Blow, Gabriel, Blow. GUENTER HEINZLER Destination: Business A little nonsense now and then, Is relished by the best of men! WILLIAM HESSE Destination: Business To be of use in this world is the only way to be happy. OSCAR HEUN Destination: Business Into business he will go, To try to make a lot of dough. ROBERT HICKS Destination: College An active young man, with a wide range of talents. ALBERT HINDEN Destination: College An outdoor man who is always look- ing out of classroom windows. .IACQUELYN HIPKISS Destination: Katharine Gibbs Secretarial College lkry cute and very fair, She's the answer to a fella's prayer. HENRY HIPS Destination: College, West Y irginla He's tall, tan, and lerijffic. .IEANNE HIRSCH Destination: Singing Career A likable girl with a friendly sm ile. f . 7 ' G9 .' 52 A I I ff' K 5 - -x ff DONALD HOFFMAN Destination: Drew College Genius hath a silent tongue. WILLIAM HOFFMANN Destination: Cornell University Bill' s no fool. He cuts the Paramount to go to school. A EJ, - V6 L Y .q L if . il ,A . Q f . Emi: .'.N 7.7, A 5 mmf , 194 .IANICE HOLLER Destination: Business School Noisy as a falling snowflake. EUGENE HOLZER Destination : Webb When duty whispers low "thou must," The youth replies, "I can." CATHARINE HOLZHAUER Destination: Business School Charming, smiling, always gay, Certainly has a winning way. ROBERT IMRIE Destination: Carpenter Hammer, hammer, in his hand Into success he's bound to land GEORGE ISLINGER Destination: College He's handsome it's true And a wolf without doubt. JOAN .IAEGER Destination: Joumalism .loan is quiet, sweet, serene A girl so nice is seldom seen. ROBERT JARAN Destination: College A life without sports is not a life. ROBERT IARET Destination: College Merry and very nice is he, With many friends he,ll always be. IVAN JELINEK Destination: College He's a lad with brains and poise A natural leader among the boys. MARIE JOHNSON Destination: Business She may not know her music well, But otherwise she sure is swell. MATTHEW KABRISKY - Destination: Brooklyn Polytechnic Institute A fellow with brains, Tangled in planes. THOMAS KADIEN Destination: Interesting and full of fun He is liked by everyone. anuarg, 1 AUDREY E. KAHN Destination: College A nice girl-no more need be said FRANCIS KAPZYNSKI Destination: Cornell About him we can surely say, "Frank has always been O.K." WALTER KARL Destination: Business If his future is like his past, He'll go far and very fast. ATHAN KARRAS Destination: College A little joke, A little cheer, A little mischief, Atharfs here! ROSE KASARJIAN Destination: Business Here's a girl, tall and fair, Who is welcome anywhere. DORIS KAUFF Destination: Teachers' College She's sensible, quiet and discreet Winning ways and manner sweet. anuarg, l 8 MARILYN KENNY Destination: Business Marilyn is a pretty name, no doubt, Always a smile, never a pout! MARY ELIZABETH KILLIAN ' A i Destination: Queens College There's a bit of deviltry beneath her .V , X mild exterior. ROSALIE FRANCES KING Destination: C.C.N.Y. Sometimes serious, Sometimes gay, Always wtnsome In every way. GEORGE KLUHSMEIER Destination: College Brains, talent, and humor, What more could a girl ask for? PAUL KNOBEL Destination: Business Quiet, but has that gleam in his eyes. CHARLES KOHLER Destination: U. S. Navy Flight Cadet Newtown's loss is the Nav 's ain. y 3 ALBERT KOHN Destination: Queens College What can't be cured must be en- durecl. ALTHEA KRIEGER Destination: College Cute, lively, sweet and jivey! WALTER KRUMHOLZ Destination: Texas The guy that got through with the least work possible. ELAINE A. KUHLMEY Destination: Katharine Gibbs School Sparkling character, very gracious But tlu1t's not all, she's quite vivacious. STANLEY KUTCHENS Destination: College He goes through classes with a happy air, And seems to have no worry or care. AUDREY KUVER Destination: Business Girls like Audrey are very few, She's quite smart, and a swell gal too! DOLORES LABARBERA Destination: Business She is nice and lots of fun, Always ready with a corny pun. MILTON LAMPEL Destination: College Not looking for trouble, Not causing great strife, .lust quietly making a success of his life. ROGER LANG Destination: U. S. Merchant Marine Friends, he has many Foes, lu1sn't any. JOSEPH LAPI Destination: College To know him is to like him. JOSEPH LAPOLLA Destination: College If worry were the only cause of death, Joe would live forever. NORMAN LATIN Destination: Business He's witty and charming, there's no denying When the girls see his picture they burst out sighing. www, 1948 MARION LAURI Destination: Business A good sport, a pearl, In other words, a swell girl. JOYCE LAWRENCE Destination: Ohio University Happy-go lucky, popular, gay, Her charming manner brightens each day. VIRGINIA LE BRIGHT Destination: Business Easy to look at Swell to know, She has no trouble In catching a beau. ROBERT LEFKOWITZ Destination: Academy of Dramatic Arts The fair haired boy. IRA LEIGHTMAN Destination: College Here's a boy whose hopes are high. Wekhope some day he'll reach the s y. CRAWFORD LESSER Destination: College Late, is his middle name. MYRON LEVOY Destination: College Knowledge is indeed that which raises one man above the other. .IEANNE LEVY Destination: Art School An artist indeed, One sure to succeed. LEO LIFSCHITZ Destination: Business Some take to business, some to pleasure. Now, what will Leo do? MARIE LISA Destination: Business Beauty, charm and pleasing ways Will stay with Marie all her days. RAMON LOCKIER Destination: Pratt Institute Friendly, jolly, never sad, .loking all day, never mad. JANET LODONE Destination: Wood's Secretarial School It's nice to be natural when your naturally nice. ,mg Q5 sle- GTS .. g unitary, I MARYANN LOESER Destination: Business School She's the cream in your coffee, Shes the apple of your eye, Like a Chesterfield, she'll satisfy! MARIANNE LOHR Destination: Business Quiet, earnest, sincere and kind Are Marianne's attributes defined. JOSEPH A. LOMBARDI Destination: College He will never stop for play, As he goes along his way. PATRICIA LOWE Destination: Business lt's hard for me to say something witty, For l'm the one who wrote this ditty! CONSTANCE ELEANORE LOWINGER Destination: Queens College Dear little Connie has got her male. Is it because she's a nigluingale? LYNN LUBKEMANN Destination: N. Y. U. Happy, smiling, never blue Always loyal, ever true. A laughing eye, a nimble wit A friendly heart, that's all of it. JOSEPHINE LUCA Destination: Business Eyes and hair as dark as night, Gay, sweet, pretty and bright. GEORGE LUECK Destination: Business Happy am I, from care I'm free. Why aren't you all contented like me? ROY LUTTER Destination: Brown University A happy boy with a pile of cartoons, He did a lot to dispel our glooms. DONALD LUTZ Destination: College An agreeable rascal. MALCOLM MACGREGOR Destination: College I know you have a gentle, noble temper, A soul as even as a calm. MATTHEW MAHON Destination: College To see him smile, Gals walk a mile. anuarg, I CLAUDE MAINA Destination: College A very nice fellow he seems to be, He'll make good, just wait and see. RONALD MAISCH Destination: College With such a track record attached to his name, Ron need have no worry about his good fame. YOLANDA MALDONADO Destination: Music Field Yolanda's eyes set the pace, Anytime, anyplace. GOTTFRIED MANNEBACH Destination: Business Small in size, But, oh, so wise. RITA E. MARCHITTO Destination: Nurses' Training School To be a iood nurse is Rita's aim, We wish er luck and loads of fame. MICHAEL MARINO Destination: Columbia University The kind of fellow that everyone knows and likes. ROSE MARIE MARO Destination: Business Shevgoes through classes with happy Arildriseems to have no worry nor care. HELEN MARTIN Destination: Business School A day for toil, an hour for sport But for a friend is life too short? ROBERT MARTIN Destination: Business A happy blend of student and friend. HILDA MARTY Destination: Secretary A more popular girl you'll never find, She's cute and sweet and very kind. VIVIAN MATTEO Destination: Secretary A girl who plays on the heartstrings of those who know her. .IOHN MAUGERI Destination: Business College He's not a genius but he has fun. x ' urinary, 1948 My JULIA MAYO Destination: Business Wherever you roam, Be it near or far, We know youfll stay .lust as sweet as you are. ANN MCCABE Destination: Buyer As long as blue skies are above you Those with hearts will always love you. JOAN MCCOLLUM Destination: Business Sheis quite a human dynamo, Who winds her up, l'd like to know! ANN MCCORMACK Destination: Business She's a girl who is surely O.K. Always a friend in every way. DONALD MCGOVERN Destination: College A boy who knows how to get around -he is an easy friend to make and a hard one to lose. GRACE MCINTOSH Destination: Secretary Sugar and spice and everything nice. MARIA MELE Destination: Business Straight as an arrow, True as a dart, Winning a way Into everyone's heart. FRANCES MELECH Destination: Business She's seen but never heard. SYLVAIN MENDELS Destination: N. Y. Institute of Ap- plied Arts and Sciences The most manifest sign of wisdom is a continual cheerfulness. MARILYN MENDRICK Destination: Business Fair of hair, fair of face, A little girl whois full of grace. FRANK MENDYK Destination: Business He's quiet and his hair is red, Frank is sure to get ahead. JOAN MENZEL Destination: Nurses' Training School A girl who has a winning person- ality and a pleasant smile. unitary, l 94 JOHN MEWHINNEY Destination: Farmingdale Always at your service. DOROTHY MEYERS Destination: Business Quietly she goes her way Doing her work with little to say. JEAN MILAZZO Destination: Business Sophisticated? Not a bit! High hat? Wouldn't think of it. Pretty? W'e'll say! Charming? In a lovely way. GERALD MILOV Destination: Miami University Heis late to school most every day, The trolley must break down on the way. ROSE MISSALE Destination: Business A cheerful word, a generous heart, A friend with whom you would not part. JOHN MOLA Destination: College Among the traits this boy contains ls cheerfulness and lots of brains. JEANETTE MORETTA Destination: Business She will be welcome wherever she goes. MARILYN MORIN Destination: Merchants and Bank- ers Business School A pretty little miss. MICHAEL MORRIS Destination: U. S. Navy MiChUel,S ambition is not clear in his mind. A place in the Armed Service he'll surely ind. JEAN T. MORRISSEY Destination: Secretary Like a dessert she's My-T-F ine. CHARLES MORTON Destination: Business Wvhenever you see him coming along, He's always humming a popular song. JOSEPH MOTTO Destination: Business All great men are dead and he's not feeling well. lx' kt pf- .sv dh anuary, I LOUISE MULA Destination: Queens College Shes quiet and bright and sweet and alert, And knows what to do without being pert. THOMAS MULLEN Destination: College A likable fellow is our Tom, Heis got the power of an atom bomb. MARION MULSTAY Destination: Business Who said good things didnft come in small packages? THOMAS MURPHY Destination: Fordham University He's always a good sport, You may depend on that. DELIA NARDIZZI Destination: Business Kind and considerate to the end, Consider yourself lucky if she's your friend. ROBERT NARK Destination: Business Quiet, earnest, sincere and kind Are Bob's attributes well defined. GEORGE NATALE Destination: Business I f it's a friend you. need It's George indeed. EDITH NAYSMITH Destination: Stenographer Vim, vigor, vitality-that's Edith. FLORENCE NIELSEN Destination: Business She seems like a very quiet gal, But one youid like to call your pal. JOAN NICRO Destination: Business Pretty to walk with, Witty to talk with, Nice to look upon. VIRGINIA NISHAN Destination: Air School Because her heart is in the sky This fair miss will learn to fly. RALPH NOACK Destination: U. S. Navy Another sailor in the making. anuarg, 1948 1 Y DOROTHY NOLL Destination: Business Dottie is sweet and has no woes, She daily comes and daily goes. JOAN NOONAN Destination: Business .loan is a lovely name, We hope that it will rise to fame. DOROTHY NORMILE Destination: New York Institute of Dietetics A "Dot,' with dash! JOSEPHINE NOTA Destination: Secretarial School For Io there is no Dick or Harry, For Vin's the guy she's gonna marry. GLORIA NUCCI Destination: Business Don't worry, it makes wrinkles. WALTER NULLET Destination: Business Always a smile, with never a care ROBERT O'BRIEN Destination: St. J0l'lIl,S University Common sense is not so common. LEONARD OGDEN Destination: Business Pack up your troubles in your old kit bag And smile, smile, smile. A. ELAINE OLSON Destination: Pratt Institute Something wonderful in a girl Victory, modesty and joy. LEWIS ONEIL I only his marks were as consistent anuarg, I Destination: Fordham University Q if f . . 4' A as his smlle. jjj X--' SA sq A 'X NICHOLAS J. ORTOLANO Destination: College An agreeable rascal. HOWARD OTTENSTEIN Destination: Business He'll always be the light of his life. MADELINE PACUCCI Destination: Business Quiet, but you can't tell a book by its cover. ANTHONY L. PALLADINO, JR. Destination: N.Y.U. Well-liked and good natured, Of his kind there are few. ROSE PALMIERI Destination: Pratt Institute Never quiet, never still, Always seeking some new thrill. GILBERT PANZER Academic Valeclictorian Destination: College Modest, and jolly, but handsome and smart, Can win his way to a lacly's heart. LENORE PANZER Destination: Albany Teachers' College Lovable, laughable, full of fun, One in a million, she's bright as the sun. ANNETTE PARNASS Destination: Business A sparkling eye, a light step, H ereis a girl with loads of pep. FRANK PARRA Destination: College An active boy with a good strong mind, He's witty, patient, tactful, and kind. JAMES PATSOULAKIS Destination: C. C. N. Y. Proud possessor of that happy blend, Capable student and amiable friend. HELEN PECCIA Destination: Business A miss appearing demure and very shy! JOSEPH PECORARO Destination: Business He goes through his classes with a happy air, And seems to have no worry or care. JOSEPH PELLICANE Destination: Business A friendly and cheerful fellow Who'll give you his help Whenever you ask it. ANTHONY PELLICCI Destination: Photography To take good pictures is his aim. A photographefs life is never tame. in 1 ll "i' 2' A A l llst 5 f unitary, f . an X , Q- DIANE PEREZ Destination: Queens College A petite brunette Who's cute in every way. GEORGE PETERFFY Destination: Dartmouth Some call him Peterflea, And others Peterfly, But I think we'll all agree, He's one great guy. ELLYN PICCIANO Destination: Secretary Ellenis lively, and kind to all Sheis always ready to answer funs call! NINA PILERI Destination: Queens College Personality and charm go arm llfffl. HENRIETTA PINCUS Destination: Art School A penny for your thoughts. VITO PIZZURRO Destination: College An explosive mixture of brain and brawn. HENRY PLEIM Destination: College Henry may be pretty small But the boy is "on the ball." FRED POLACEK Destination: Mortician You just can't understand him. MARIE L. POLICASTRO Destination: Business A swell girl but-"Hey, who has the homework?" LEO POLOWCZYK Destination: Maryland From Newtown High to college he'll go, But he'll always be the same Leo. GEORGE PONTISAKOS Destination: Cornell When he gets the urge to work, he lies down until the feeling passes. JULIA PORRICELLI Destination: College .lust a little stick of dynamite. fue muaf , 1948 T, GERALD POWELL Destination: Business I f one should search in all mankind A nicer fellow would be hard to find. ROBERT PREISLER Destination: Business The little man who wasn't there. RICHARD PREVITE Destination: College Always laughing, always gay, How we hope you'll stay that way. BLANCHE PRIBIL Vocational Salutatorian Destination: College Always eager to get ahead, Gets things done with not much said. JAMES PROIMOS Destination: N.Y.U. A quiet fellow but a good friend in any man's language. ELVERA PRUFETA Destination: College A maiden appearing demure and shy, But there's a twinkle in her eye. HERBERT RANZINGER Destination: Business Why worry? They can't keep m here forever. anuarg, l 8 9 'tw' 1 iii 4 A 1, S, 5 ' 1 af ' 5 OSCAR RAUCHMANN Destination: City College Quietness conceals great worth. ROBERT REILLY Destination: Business Never a worry, never a fear, Always happy and full of good cheer. DOROTHY REINHOLD Destination: Business Very pepmf, very guy, Very cheerful, all the day! HAZEL REMBERT Destination: College With a disposition like hers you can't go wrong. JEROME RICHARD Destination: Business A regular fellow always in demand With lots of friends at his command. H . ak. ,t , . VIRGINIA RINALDI Destination: Secretary She's small, and sweet, and shy But she has a mischievous eye ANTOINETTE RIZZOTTI Destination: College Like an artist, She draws attention. GASPER ROMEO Destination: St. Frances College A regular fellow, his classmates say What greater tribute can they pay? ELAYNE ROSENBERG Destination: Business Elayne is a fine lass, A modest member of our class ERNEST ROSENSTOCK Destination: College All who know him say he 15 a true friend indeed. LOIS ROSENSTOCK Destination: Buyer Here she comes down the street Gosh! Isn't she sweet? ESTHER RUGRAFF Destination: College If one should search in all mankind, A grander girl would be hard to find. NATHANIEL RUSKIN Destination: Business Questions don't bother him, il's the answers. RODERICK RUSSO Destination: College Ruzzing here and buzzing there, To find him quiet is something rare. PHILIP SABATELLI Destination: Bergen College A pleasing personality wins many friends. DOROTHY SACCENTE Destination: Queens College Always gentle, sweet, and gay, And there's much more that we can say! GLORIA SALDO Destination: Business She never worries and has her fun, She just takes things as they come. urinary, I GERALDINE SALAMONE Destination: St. John's Hospital Charming, sweet, and very merry Yes! You guessed it, tlu1t's our Gerry GEORGE SALOMON Destination: College A smiling face, a happy grin, One just can't help liking him. GUS SAMSEL Destination: Agricultural College From dawn to dusk heis on the run He has a goal, "College, here I come." EDWARD SANCHEZ Destination: Fordham University Sincere ambition to do the best Is his password to success. ALESSIO SAVINO Destination: Drafting School In laughter and in fun He's second to none. J OSEPHIN E SAWKA Vocational Valedictorian Destination: Business Josephine is nice to know With her around, you can't feel low FRANCES SCARANO Destination: Business Happy go lucky, free as the wind, Thafs how F ran's four years have been. ELIZABETH A. SCARDIGNO Destination: Business When she sings her high "C" The birds stop their song And listen in jealousy. JOHN SCHERTZER Destination: Cooper Union They love, they hate, But cannot do without him. GEORGE SCHIRM Destination: College George enjoys any kind of good sport, Especially the kind with a baseball court. WILBUR SCHLAGLER Destination: Business Will looks quiet, but he'll fool you yet, He knows every red head, blonde, and brunette. ROSEMARIE SCI-ILAICH Destination: College She's bound to win, she's bound to please Because she knows her A B C's. 'Q -. f ' f 'inn' anomaly, 1948 I I V,V,, 4 HERMAN SCHLOSS Destination: C. C. N. Y. Brains and personality, Beauty of soul. ERNEST SCHMALZ Destination: Cornell He is "well-breadvg just finished a four-year loaf. LORRAINE E. SCHMIDT Destination: Business Nutty as a fruit cake and chuck-full of fun. MARION SCHMIDT Destination: Flower Hospital- Nursing School Intelligence, humor and ingenuity, Few of us posses these three. GERHARD SCHNEIDER Destination: College A happy combination of brains and brawn with a jiddle thrown in. WILLIAM R. SCHNEIDER Destination: Cornell A swell sport. BARBARA R. SCHOEN Destination: N.Y.U. Bobbie's neither shy nor bold, She's just a girl as good as gold. ERWIN SCHOENFELD Destination: College A gentleman, first, last and always. JOAN SCHROEDER Destination: College Fair, cluirming and full of fun And many friends, our Ioan won. ELEANOR SCHWAM Destination: College Shy and coy, but oh boy! MARY SERINA Destination: Business As welcome as sunshine, in every place, Is the beaming approach of a smiling face. BEATRICE SHAPIRO Destination: Business College A bright accomplished lass is Full of fun and frivolity. fy K., rw 1 has g 4 .Lk 7 Q . 0 40 I ! , ,M ,ftttf w Y P2 ff X A A X X ' sv ss YA 'H . .Q ., Y ss? 2.--.F ,sfwg Q Q N cg " gaxx s ,sf . . s Y 6 A 1 she, Maas VN e G I lll A fy? 1" C- A , C i 2 A 'l f anna? 7 I JAMES SHEAF Destination: College To be precise, He's very nice. NORMAN SHOLK Destination: N. Y. U. The man who wins is the man who tries, Who uses his head, his hands, his eyes. VIOLA SHULMAN Destination: Business Quiet and industrious. LOUISE SILVESTRI Destination: Business School Although she's small anyone can tell For her size she's certainly swell. AGOSTINO SISMONDO Destination: College I f words were water, lnfd have a drought. MILDRED SMITH Destination: Stenographer Agreeahle and lots of fun W'e'd recommend her to anyone. RHODA SMITH Destination: Columbia University Like champagne She sparkles! CATHERINE SPAGNUOLO Destination: Business Stay as nice as you are, And I promise, you'll go far! MARY SPANO Destination: Buyer Cute and sweet A treat to meet. LESLIE SPARROW Destination: Agricultural College He's going places, fast. RICHARD SPIELMANN Destination: College His witticisms brightened many a dull period. ROBERT SPIES Destination: Business Only time will tell. anuary, I 4,-at PETER STAAB Destination: College A regular fellow always in demand, With lots of friends at his command. KATHLEEN STACK Destination: Business Kay is charming and full of fun, She is to everyone. LILA STANLEY Destination: Queens College She's bright and witty and very pretty. RICHARD STEINHAUSER Destination: College Dick who laughs at all his won'ies, Is a boy wlwm. nothing flurries. ELSA STRASSER Destination: Business Gentle, sweet and kind, A very good friend of yours and mine. HEINZ STRAUSS Destination: College What manner of man is he, Who knows his work from A to Z. urinary, 1948 ALLEN STROBERG Destination: Business Mentally fine, physically fi, On the seat of success heis bound to sit. LORRAINE SUPER Destination: Business Lorraine always has a smile, . Keep it up, itls worth the while. Q" HENRY SWENSON Destination: C. C. N. Y. Where he met a stranger, Z 6 There he left ll friend. OLGA SZELWACH Destination: Business She's as gracious as can be, A pleasant girl, you will agree. WILLIAM TAMBEAU Destination: Comell In the climb to gain success, he will ' be among those leading. MARJORIE TARULLI Destination: Business . . . .Y yy xt With her charming smile and pretty 4 ku 1 We lille her better, day by day! - ig' A ll E 3 Ibn .1 .bm -if MARIE TESTA Destination: Business A nice girl with winning ways Will always get on on future days. BEN THAU Destination: Watch Making and Jewelry School For him success is sure. JOSEPH TINSCHERT Destination: Business A pretty girl attracts his eye, That's the thing he canit deny. JAMES TOOMEY Destination: Business H omeworlc? W hat's that? NATALIE T OZZI Destination: Business Natalie is petite and very sweet. FREDERIC TRESNAK Destination: College It is well when one knows more than he talks about. RUTH J. TUCKER Destination: Musical career Ambitions are always well rewarded. SHIRLEY TURKEN Destination: Dental Assistant When 1've reached 103, Make a set of teeth for me. VICTOR TURNER Destination: U. S. Army Vlb will make good wherever he goes, Heill always have friends and never have foes. PAUL ULICH Destination: Business Paul is "more or lessi' undecided about his future. MAGNUS UNFLAT Destination: College He'll be famous some day and then, IW can say, "W e knew him when." SOPHIE VASSAS Destination: Business All life is activity and joy is the accomplishment of that activity. anuarg, I JOSEPH VETTER Destination: Business Studying is a nice hobby. ARTHUR VITA Destination: Annapolis There are Arties that are short, There are Arties that are tall, But the one pictured here Is the nicest one of all. NORMA VITULLO Destination: College A swell girl but a better pal. THOMAS WALL Destination: Business Life is too short to study all the time. MICHAEL J. WALSH Destination: Brockport State Teachers, College Did nothing in particular but did it very well. EDITH WALTER Destination: Oswego State Teachers' College Quiet and shy, We wonder why. MARILYN L. WALTER Destination: Business Very P9PPy, very gay, Very cheerful all the day. DORIS WANAMAKER Destination: Business A swell girl with winning ways, She'll succeed in future days. RICHARD WASMUND Destination: Wagner College Always calm, always mellow, We can't knock such a fellow. BETTE WEBB Destination: Nursing I don't wanna get well! MARY WEDEMEYER Destination: Business So swell a girl we seldom meet, She's fine and wholesome and always sweet. LEAH WEINER Destination: New Paltz State Teachers' College It's eas to smile on days that are I 3' bright, But here is a girl who can smile at il night. lla fl ll ,, 'F Q . W I V f 1' 1 .V , V Elk , f p f A 41 anuarg, 1948 MARGARET WEIS Destination: Business Red is quiet, Red is shy, Big the boys sigh when she passes y. MARIE WERNER Destination: Business Boys think she is a sensation. GEORGE WHALE Destination: Coast Guard Believes firmly in the law of the conservation of energy. RONALD WILLIAMS Destination: College You know Ron, he's quiet and shy, But when the girls see him, They sit back and sigh. HELEN WING Destination: Business This clever girl with a clever smile, Will be winning all the while. EVE VVINTERS Destination: Art School Eve has talent, no one can deny, The question is, where does it lie? anuary, I ELIZABETH WOLF Destination: Business She is nice, quiet and shy, But she manages to get by. MARGARET WOLL Destination: Business Lovely and charming, simple and sweet g Success and happiness are at her feet. RUTH Woon t Destination: Business w. of , 5 Always a smile, That's her style. 4 I, ik, . FRANCES WUHRMAN , ' V, Destination: Business A , O' is I Schatzie, Schatzie, t, ' f ' . With eyes of brown, "" l . f 6 f , ., 5 q 4 You sure do make . X I1 E The boys come round. EVA WURZER Destination: Business She is nice as everyone knows, And she's welcomed wherever she 's L: we 5 2 I Us .-. Q o 2 5' 3 SZ S 'D ' 3 :. as fm Q U9 2. .. 5 5 fa K3 ' 4 E S3 3 B rn , t I-IENRIETTA S. YENTIS Destination: College All she may do and all she may say, Is always in the nicest way. PETER YOUNG Destination: Albright College His only fault is that he has none. ANTHONY ZAMPIN O Destination: Business Miles of smiles, oceans of fun, He's a tonic to everyone. ALFRED ZEIEN Destination: Webb Institute of Naval Architecture He will no doubt marry an equation and raise a flock of little log- arithms. GEORGE ZIEGLER Destination: Brooklyn Polytechnic Institute Heis a good guy, quiet and shy, But he always manages to get by. GEORGE ZIMMERMANN Destination: U. S. Navy Now here's a fellow who's way ahead. Brains and build: can more be said. MARIE ZURLA Destination: Business Now here's a gal whom you should meet, A swell pal and mighty sweet. THE Ill TURY UF THE CLASS 0F JANUARY, I94 The winds of February, 1944, swept up into the halls of Newtown. I happen to remember that month because February of that year came after January. We were a bewildered lot, awed by the vastness of our new alma mater. Many of us felt cheated because we had not been provided with maps that would have relieved us of the necessity of relying on those dreadful upperclassmen fand women, tool for directions. We wondered why we were always directed to the tower for our classes when there was so much room in other parts of the building. However, after a February with an extra day in it, we caught on, and no one could fool us except when they wanted to. Each of us did something that he had never done before, Aggies farmed during the school year, Co-ops worked one week and went to school the next, Techs and Industrial Art students were introduced to mechanical drawing and the shops, Art and Music majors spent more time than ever developing their talents, Commercial students became acquainted with the business world, and Academics explored the intricacies of a foreign language. Sonic of the thrills of the first term were: the freshman interview for the X-ray, watching our basketball team in action, hearing the candidates for the G. 0. offices beg us for our votes, the privilege of talking in the halls, the mass of people and the diverse apparatus in the gym. Starting school late, climbing marble steps worn by the passage of many feet, and marching down one of the aisles of Dillingham Hall to the music of the band or orchestra to take part in an impressive assembly ceremony, made our first term pass even more quickly than our last one in grammar school, about whose shortness we had not yet finished speculating. Nevertheless, we all welcomed the summer vacation. During our vacation, all eyes were on the news from Europe. We eagerly awaited a successful conclusion to the world struggle that had lasted so long. We began the second part of our freshman year infinitely more sophisticated, and took very active parts in war bond and stamp drives. We looked forward to a new year, knowing that it would bring with it the knowledge that we were sophomores. Meanwhile, we consoled ourselves by assuming the role of the Heducated freshmanf' namely, giving directions to the incoming freshmen. Our second year came, but it was a disappointment to those who had expected a more glamorous high school career. About the only thing it brought was more homework. We still had late hours, and the sun appeared even more enticing. We did become a little more studious, however. Regents crept up on us and we faced them with mixed dread and anticipation. Somehow, we got by them. During this year, events that will influence the rest of our lives occurred in the world around us. The first of these was totally unexpected. On April 12, 1945, fffontinued on page 1272 Page szxty N E - i 1 R ..-v ARISTA Gilbert Panzer ........ ....,...........,....., .......,.. B 0 y Leader Angela Camurati ....... .......... ...... G i rl Leader Lenore Panzer ...,......, .,.,............,............,... S eeretary Antoinette Rizzotti .,V..,. ....,.. G irl Leader of Auxilium Magnus Unflat .....,...,.,,...,, .,.... B oy Leader of Auxilium William Harris ..........r.,....... ...,..........r.............. T reasurer Mr. George H. Schoettle ........ ........ F aculty Adviser AIM: To liuild and strengthen character by stressing such qualities as leadership, initiative, sincerity, fidelity, truthfulness, helpfulness, efficiency, and willingness to serve. L - - .. A fkfs i -if 'Fff 7n1'r.wsKv'Af'iYM7 Alfred Zeien ......... ..................... P resident -..,,.....-...-Vice-President Gilbert Panzer ......... Myron Levoy ......... ....,.... F immcial Secretary Henry Pleim ............. ........ R ecording Secretary Mr. John Traynor ....... ......... F aculty Adviser AIM: To foster and promote a general interest in Math- ernatics. Angela Camurati ,.,,..,,,,...... .................... P resident Elizabeth Funfsehilling ...........,................ Vice-President Elaine Kuhlmey ....,,.,...................... Recording Secretary Florence Spatz ......... ..,....... C orresponding Secretary Helen Martin ,,,,....,,..,. .........,.................... T reasurer Mrs, Roxee W. ,I oly ........ ......... F aculty Adviser AIM: To honor those girls who have done outstanding work in Mathematics and to continue and further their interest in that subject. Page sixty-three Page sixty-four Michael D,Elia .... .,,,.., C aptain George Peterffy .,Y,..... ........ L ieutenant Joe Cantello .....,... ,,,............ ,.....,.,,..,.,.,.. S ergeant Miss Charlotte Eggleston ........ ....,.... F aculty Adviser AIM: To distribute and collect the song books at all assemblies. ASSEMBLY SHEIHG SQUAD Jeanne Scoma ........, .....,.... S enior Captain Judy Goldenkoff ...,.,............Q .......... J unior Captain Miss Charlotte Eggleston ..,.,.., ,.,....., F aculty Adviser AIM: To assist in the orderly conduct of the assembly especially in the seating. Xx N :' xl' 1'l-,vig,L,lI I S ' ll 1 S' ., A.,sL., , V x, SWQX7 . 2' Y-Q' N 4 T 1 Y E' QQ V , Jil, Page sixty-five BASEBALL TEAM AIM: To promote the game of baseball and foster school spirit through varsity sports. 4, Page sixty-six BASKETBALL TEAM Gerald Kempter .............,....,................................... Captain Fred Pompei .......,.... ..,.............. M anager Robert Savajian Assistant Manager Mr. Bruno A Valvano Faculty Adviser Page sixty-seven -W , W-. , ,- ,H w-4.1 W , A.. 1-.n Donald Neuhaus ....... ,............. P resident Leila Pincus ..,..... ........ V ice-President Janet Mclntire ...,... ........ T reasurer Carol Barclay ......,... .............. S ecretary Mrs. Natalie Orkin ...... ........ F aculty Adviser AIM: To learn Biology laboratory techniques and other related scientific information. BUWLING TEAM William Zubrod ...,..... ............... Walter Krumholz ...... ......... Joseph Cantello .....,. Herbert Ranzinger .,... ............... Mr. Frank Svugcr.. .President .Vice-President ...........Secretary .Treasurer Faculty Adviser N Page sixty-nine Alfred Zeien ............, ......,...... P resident Matthew Kabrisky .,,...,. ..,.,.. V ice-President Eugene Holzer e......, ,.,....,.. S ecretary W11l1am Hoffmann ...e.,e ..,,....e....,,...., .....,,...,. T r easurer Mr. Arthur C. Doerr, Mr. Waltel' Ross..Fa,culty Advisers AIM: To zu-quaint frcslnnun groups with the ideals of Newtown. Page seventy UHEERLEADERS Annamae Puccinelli ........ .......... C aptain, Joan Meddowcroft ........ ............... C 0-Captain Mrs. Ruth H. Marcus ........ .......... F aculty Adviser AIM: To bring about more school spirit. S Page seventy-one -h . l Page seventy-two UIIEEHI G EU'l'l0 Angela Camurati ........,,..,.... ,A.....A,...........,....... C aptain Carol Joy Barclay ......,. ....,...... C 0-Captain Dr. George D. Barclay ..,..... .......,.. F aculty Adviser AIM: To promote organized cheering and regular at- tendance at all varsity games. F R UIIEMI 'TRY UL B Alfred Zeien ...,..,..,.. ........, P resident Donald Weinberg ....... ......... S ecretary Jeanne Scoma ....... ,.............. T reasurer Miss Mary Walter .... ........ F aculty Adviser AIM: To further the knowledge of the chemistry student through experimentation and lectures. Page seventy-three Nc , Y' N T1 ' ix ' N. Q' N 5 vw 3' 5 4 CHESS CLUB Edwin Burch ,.4....Y.... ,...,,..... P resident Lawrence Magennis ....,.,, .,....... V ice-President Elizabeth Drucker ,.... ..,,...,,... S ecretary Richard Glass ...................,. .............. T reasurer Mr. Raymond S. Dunphy ........ ...... AIM: Faculty Adviser To promote an interest in the game of chess. fn "" - Page seventy-four tri --y w 1' - W ' uf' N. CUMMEIIUIAL UL B Tina Gangemi ...... . w.,,,,,.,. P resident Marie Zurla ...................................,........,...,. Vice-Preszdent Frances Casamassina, Rosemarie Schlaich ...... Secretary Angela Catalano, Josephine Sawka .,...,............ Treasurer Mrs. Elizabeth R. Condon .....,..,............. Faculty Adviser AIM: To promote scholarsliip, to increase social feeling, and to create a deeper interest in the various subjects of the Commercial Department. av W MW 7' V Page seventy-five W e . ,X W Page seventy-six U0-Ill' HA" WEEK ,Ioan Bielecky ...... ......... P resident Marie Johnson ...,..... ....... S ecretary Beatrice Shapiro ...,... .......,. T reasurer AIM: To promote better understanding and fellowship among the cooperative students. U0-IDP ali" WEEK Gloria Nucci ...... ,...... P resident Patricia Lowe ....... ....... S ecretary Warren Hachtel ....... ....... T reasurer AIM: To unite all cooperative classes for the benefit of obtaining better social relations. Page seventy-seven P Geraldine Ortolano 77...,, ..,.........,. P resident Edna Pleskovie ........, ..,.... V ice-President Charles Seheeler ,..,, ,.,,,, .........A,. . Secretary Mr. Jacob Kooperstein ......, 7,.., F aculty Adviser AIM: To assist in handling finaneial reeorfls related to the Yearbook and to stimulate interest in the iraetieal l phases of aevounling in the Cooperative Department. Page seventy-eight . N x.,-if ' X 'xx ' -' 1 . FRI I U0-UPERATIVE YEAIRBUIIK- KEEPERS MA" WEEK George Courides .....,....,..,..........,......., .......,,....... President Geraldine Livey ..,............ ..,.. ......,... V i ce Preszdent Susanna De Biase ..... Secretary Mr. Jacob Kooperstem Faculty Advzser AIM : To ass1st W1th HHHHCIHI 1ecords of the Yealbook and to stimulate interest 1n aceountmg 1n the cooperative department. Page seventy-nine Page eighty UIHISS UUUNTRY TEAM George Hoeler ......,.......,......................................... Captam Savino Pascarella .............. Manager Mr. Ira W. Terwilllnoel Faculty Adviser L QL ll0o.JiE M Jeanne Levy .A...... .......... P resident Bruce Biavati ........ ....... V ice-President Roberta Bessel' ..,..... .......... S ecretary Jean Mathes .................... .,.............. T reasurer Mr. George H. Schoettle ....... ......... F aculty Adviser AIM: To further the enjoyment of music for honor students. 1 Page eighty-one 1 7,4 , "1 .,,, Cl' u xx-- A, A 'B FILII TERRAE WiHiam Hoffmann ........ ......,....,.. P resident William Card .,........ ........,.,........... V ice-President Emery Austin ............, ......,. S ecretary and Treasurer Mr. Robert Armstrong ...,. ...,.,... Faculty Adviser AIM: Established to provide for better scholarship and ritizenship among the Agricultural students. Page eighty-two FIE ART CLUB lohn E. Dickey ........ ........,...... P resident Doris L. Lange ......... .......... V ice-President Elizabeth Drucker .... ............ S ecretary Doris L. Lange ..............,........ ............... T reasurer Mrs. Clemence M. Miletti ........ ....... F aculty Adviser AIM: We, the members of the 4'Fine Arts Club", have formed this club for the purpose of furthering our talents in the accomplishment of creative work. ' aff 5' 01 'ff I l Page eighty-three 1 ...-.. Page eighty-four IIAIRRETSUN SCIHBES Lenore Panzer ........................ ................ P reszdent Ira Leightman ......... .......... V ice-President Amelia Klein ..,..... ............ S ecretary Frank Parra ...........,.........., ............... T reasurer Miss Adelia MacMillan ........ ....... F aculty Adviser AIM: To encourage students interested in writing. GERMAN CLUB Heinz Strauss .......,..........A..,....... ........................ P resident Elizabeth Drucker ..... ....... V ice-President Joan Gersic ................... ............. S ecretary Miss Elsie M. Mucke ......... ......... F aculty Adviser AIM: To add to the students' study of the German lan- guage, knowledge of German art, culture, history and an understanding of Germany today. Page eiglzty-five 4 lxN'l t GIRLS' BA KETBALL UL B Ines Comin .....,. .............. P T6-Sidelll C101-ia Banks ,,.,,, .,,.,... V ice-President Mary Kristoff ...,..,... ........... S ecretary Angel Melito ...v,........, ..,...,,..... T reasurer Mrs. Kate Bleckman ,..,... ...,,.... F aculty Adviser AIM: To provide an opportunity for participation in a team game which might develop fundamental skills in the specific sport, a source for recreational activity and which develops cooperation in a group, leadership, fellowship, and group loyalty-not to mention fun through physical activity. Page eighty-sz':c ' ass' 'Q' GIRL' BIIILUGY ULUB Angela Camurati ...... .... ...........President Ruth Cohen ........ ......... V ice-President Joyce Lawrence ......,.. ....,....... S ecretary Florence Spatz ....,.. .............. T reasurer Miss Carrie Day ......... ....... F aculty Adviser AIM: To promote an interest in Biology school careers and in after life. throughout our Page eighty-seven J Page eighty-eight GIRLS' INFIRMARY SQUAD Catharlne I-Iolzhauer ......,..........,.,............A....,.... President Doris Kauif .....,......... .,...... .......... V ice-President Joan Jaeger .,................ .,,..A.,.. S ecretary and Treasurer Miss Irene M. Bisho AIM: p .......... ....... ....... F a culty Adviser To care for the sick and aid the injured. MILF CL li William Steinmuller, William Pionls ..,.....,. Co-captains M- KR'!1l :,j1l ill.f,:,1 Q " X x ,, "ffl" -v ' , gf' :' 7 fggfegi l, gmiif QQ' fi? I K yfklf lll s I' limi i 1 .4 ,-, Wm 1 -LA 1 - - in '1 1 n av! ,. V ,1QL,-diving fd 'X -, p a 1 sl f.+?fA,P1 4 .JIM 17, ,fc fl ll'fF.g5fl4Q ,fl "4 ' Eugene Cuomo .,..............,..l....,.............. ,,...... M anager Mr. J. Eugene Thompson ....... .,....,.. C oach AIM: To develop clean sportsmanship together with golf- ing ability. 1 FA A uve af' Q Page eighty-nine GE ERAL URGA I A'l'l0 Ronald Williams ......... ,........ P resident William Zubrod ,...... ....... V ice-President Nancy Rittmaster ...,.., ................ S ecretary Mr. Hugo J. Schultz ......... ....... F aculty Adviser AllVI: The aim of the General Organization is to train thc students of today in democratic procedures, and to make them realize their responsibilities, so that they may lic better leaflcrs in the world of tomorrow. l"'-Q Page ninety G. 0. TUREKEEPEII Elizabeth Funfschilling ...... ,,..,,,,, M anager Judith Acosta .,............ ... ....,.. B ookkeeper Angela Camurati ..,.,. ......... S ecretary Anita Calabrese ....... .............. C ashier Mr. Hugo J. Schultz ,.... .,....., F aculty Adviser AIM: To provide a necessary service for the students of the school. To train the students in ideals of service and responsibility. -.,L.. --.. -4 5 3 .-1 5f , 2 : .' 0... K. 7 1 XX X5 ll X QQ Page ninety-one E Page ninety-two AIWISEHS' AIIIES Jane Lo Buglio ..............,..................................... President Rita Tomasetti ........... .......................... S ecretary Miss Isabel Snodgrass .............. Faculty Adviser AIM: To help Grade Advisers. GYM TEAM AND CL B Michael Marsicano ........,. ......... P resident Phyllis Hyman ......... ................ S ecretary Mr. Joseph Borow ........ ........ F aculty Adviser AIM: 1. To provide opportunities for leadership by assist- ing other students in their gymnastic activities. 2. To develop through the club gymnastic program, all-around bodily development and the mastery of diflicult moves on the apparatus. Page ninety-three HAI GENNAIAI Florence Spatz ,....,., .... ....... P r esident Nancy Rittmaster ,,,.,,,, ....,... V ice-President Lynn Baumuller ..,,... ....v,..... S ecretary Gene Unger ,.......,,..,......,.......,.................,............ Treasurer Miss Charlotte Eggleston, Miss Katharine Bassett, Miss Carrie Day, Mrs. Hulda Johnson, Miss Elsie Vint, Miss Freda Von Sothen .......... Faculty Advisers AIM: To increase the effectiveness of our democracy by training ourselves and helping others to attain a high standard and service. w I I l I Page ninety-four IIEARTH T0 E CLUB Bette Webb ............ ......., P resident Sylvia Pezzallite ........ ,.,,,,,, H istorian Joan Gersic ...,........... .....,....,, S ecremry Florence Cozzi ............,. ...,.............. T reasurer Mrs. Julia Bernstein ..,..... ....... F aculty Adviser AIM: 1. To promote pleasant, Wholesome social affairs. 2. To promote an interest in helping others. 3. To stimulate interest in home economics oppor- tunities. TEXTILE ARTS ULUB Lorraine Blake .,..........,... ...............,................. P resident Barbara Schoen ............,..,.......... Secretary and Treasurer Mrs, Hulda V. J ohnson .......... ...,.......... F aculty Adviser AIM: To further interest in clothing and related subjects. Page ninety-five Page ninety-six INDIISTRIAL ARTS HON0li SUUIETY .....President Alessio Savino ....., Vice President Allen Stroberg ,...A....... Herbert Brown ................. Secretary Arthur Sulik ......,......... Treasurer Mr. Girard Mayer ......, Faculty Advzser AIM To further the development of character and knowl edge ln the Industrial Arts Course ITALIAN CLUB Lorraine Blake .......... ........ P resident Lorraine Quinones .... I. .....,.. Secretary Frank Cavaioli ..................... .................. T reasurer Mrs. Catherine Mandarino ....... .,........ F aculty Adviser AIM: To further the study of the Italian language and culture and to foster friendship and sociability among the students of Italian. 5 f Page ninety-seven LATIN Hlllllli .'0UIE'I'Y t. 0. L. Nancy Rittrnaster ..,...... ......... P resident Lawrence Mage-nnis ....... .,....,..........,,.... V ice-President Elaine Kuhlmey ..,...... ........ C orresponding Secretary Lorraine Behensky '..,..,. r.,.,..,. R ecording Secretary Dorothy Alverson ....... ........,...,.,....,.. T reasurer Mrs. Myrtle Davies ...r... .,,.... F aculty Adviser AIM: To gain a more thorough knowledge of Roman life, customs, and language and to understand the practical and cultural value of Latin, and to interest our fellow students in the subject. N V t 1 Page ninety-eight LE UEHCLE FRANUAIS Gilbert Panzer .....,.. ..............President Penelope Mousouris .,w. .4...... V ice-President Matthew Kabrisky ....... .......... S ecretary Gertrude Ulman ........ ................. T reasurer Mrs. Ida E. Dangel ........ ....,..... F aculty Adviser AIM: To encourage interest in the French language and culture. Page ninety-nine Page one hundred LlliliAliY SQUAD Rose Marie Fehling .........,.... ..Q.....................,. P resident Elaine Kuhlmey .....,... .......... V ice-President Helen Martin .....,...... ......,.. S ecretary Dorothy Alverson ................... .....e,........ T reasurer Miss Catherine M. Curran ...,... ......,. F aculty Adviser AIM: To promote emcient Library service to the school. MAJUR " " UL Ii William Harris ....... .......... P resident J oseph Santomero ......... ....... V ice-President Robert Corey .................. ..........,..... S ecretary Dr. George D. Barclay ...,..... ........ F aculty Adviser AIM: To inculcate a feeling of responsibility for the social and educational standards of the community, as well as to maintain a high degree of physical fitness, thus more fully to enjoy the available sport opportunities of the community. 52 Off, 7"'f 'f" ' f'!' hw fi ,ff e iw 'Nu-qc , ,Af 'wwf' Aorffwwlmm f W fy, : It fi ',f V f V XZ If wW'Nv..,f 5 fzf. Page one hundred one MAHQUE AND BA BLE Philip Bilancia ..,.... ...,...,,..A. P resident George Kluhsmeicr ..,, .,.,.A.. V ice-President Grace Edlund ..,..........,,. ......,,......... S ecretary Miss Mary R. McNally .......... ......... F aculty Adviser AIM: To foster dramatic talents and appreciation of dranlatic arts. l I Page one hundred two MIMEUGIIAPII SUUAD Carrnela Sciotto ......... ..,.Y.. .....,........,..... .Leader Facult Adviser Miss Jennie L. Bader ..... ,....,.... y AIM: To do stenciling and mimeographing for those having no secretaries. K Page one hundred three IZ L lf. faf ,v p , tr. rf' X EWTIIW IFA Il Bruce Biavati .. .... , ..... .. B and Manager Pauline Nuzzolese .....,.. ........,... S ecretary Charles Fertitta ....4..,..,.........,..., ...... Q uartermaster Norman Sholk, Fred Buhhers .,,v.... ,...,,. L ibrarians Mr. George H. Schoettle ......,.... ,............ B andmaster Mr. John M. Baker, ,lr .,,... ...,,.,. B usiness Manager AIM: To be of service to the school hy participation in all appropriate school activities, to acquaint students with fine band literature, to broaden their musical and social interests, and to promote school spirit at Newtown through inspirational music. Page one lzzuzdred four EWTUW Clllllli Miss Frieda D. Behrens ........ ....... F aculty Adviser AIM : To study and present for enjoyment and culture, music of high standing. K Page one hundred five ff f 1 sf A ff -1 lr-xxxfx -,:1-:4k In ' N K 7 EWTUW UHUHE THA Jeanne Levy ,...... ......,,,... C oncertmaster Bruce Biavati ,,.,e..............,.,.............,..,, Business Manager John Cunsolo, Edward Sanchez ,,.....,......,....... Librarians Mr. George H. Schoettle .e,..e........... ....,. C onductor AIM: To furnish music for school assemblies and advance lhc study of appreciation of music in Newtown High School. Page one hundred six D fllgll ll, 1 Mina Caterino ........ ,...,...... P resident Eleanor Marsico ....,.,. ,............,... V ice-President Ann Matero ,...........w ..,A., C orresponding Secretary Beatrice Fleischer ......, ........ R ecording Secretary Gloria Morezzi .,.... ..................... T reasurer Miss Marie Soscie .,..... ....A.. F aculty Adviser AIM: To develop a better understanding of our Latin American neighbors through a study of their culture, customs, heritage, topography, and institutions. To help round out the personality of the student through participation in club activities. Page one hundred seven l'll0'l'0GliAl'HY CLUB William Harrington.. ' ................Preszdent David Walrath ......,i..,. .......... V ice-President Margaret Friedman ....,.. .............,.. S ecretary Miss S. Thelma Lubin ..,..... .....,.. F aculty Adviser AIM: To stimulate an interest in Photography and its branches. Page one hundred eight PHYSICAL EFFICIE CY CLUB Muriel Kabel ........ .,........... P resident Angela Camurati ..... ....... V ice-President Dorothy Alverson ........,. ......... S ecretary Elaine Kuhlmey ..,....... ......,,.... T reasurer Mrs. Ella Cox ....... ........ F aculty Adviser AIM: To endeavor to promote general helpfulness, right habits of living, the prevention of disease and so raise the standard of physical efficiency of which mental efficiency is the natural outcome. i i Page one hundred nine Matthew Kabrisky ....,.. Fred Polacek .....Q..., Manny Rotenberg... Alfred Zeien ......,. Hr. Yvalter Ross ...... AIM: Education in the line of Physics ...,.,,,,,.President ,,Vice-President .,....,,,,.Secretary ......,....Treasurer Faculty Adviser Page one hundred ten RAIHO A ll PIIUTIIPLAY ULUB Robert Lefkowitz ....... Morton Engelsberg .... .Y... Joan Garfinkel ......... .,.,.......President ..Vice-President .......A..Secretary Henrietta Pincus .............. .......w........ T reasurer Mrs. Florence G. Smith ,......... ......... F aculty Adviser AIM: To discuss and better appreciate t pictures and radio programs. he finer motion 989 4 sy' ' Page one hundred eleven I lizllllll WUHK Hill' Miss Frances M. Wilson ........ ....... F aculty Adviser AIM: To train students in the writing of radio scripts and the production of programs. Vo D' '-,j I Y I -4 Page one hznzdred twelve f SX 7 IINWN ami ...sififgpg .1 - ...JP ..:!5"" HEUEPTIU IST SQUAD X ---i f Mildred Collins ....... ...... P resident Angela Camurati ....... ....... S ecretary Diane Perez ............. ,......,...,. T reasurer Miss Elsie Montag ........ ........ F aculty Adviser AIM: To furnish information and escorting service to Visitors. s Page one hunched thirteen mas um mm Gilbert Panzer .,,. ' ........,,.....PT6Sld8Uf Lenore Panzer ...... .,....... V ice-President Althea McClain ,... ....,.,.,,..Secretary 7 .r.,.......... Treasurer Frank Parra A...vv.., Miss Marion Ryan .,,.,v. 7r.7,.. F aculty Adviser ADI: To help us understand the ideals, traditions and institutions which have brought about world develop- ment and to aid us in thinking clearly about the com- plexities of world affairs. Page one hundred fourteen SCIENUE LABURATDIIY SUUAIIS Louis Fish .............. ............. P resident Manny Rottenherg ...,.... Vice-President Sherley Wastel ......... .......... S ecretary Albert Stewart ................., ................ T reasurer Miss S. Thelma Lubin ........ ......... F aculty Adviser AIM: To assist the Science department in the setting up of experiments, and the care of laboratory equipment. Page one hundred fifteen SURIBE S'l'AFl+' Ivan J elinek .....................N.............. ......... E ditor-in-chief Herbert Gussack, John Kronik ............ Associate Editors Ira Leightman ............................ ......... S tory Editor Donna Wilkins ....... .......... E ssay Editor Frank Rossi .........,.,.............. ...s..,... P oetry Editor Mrs. Sophie H. Marsante ...,...... ....... F aeulty Adviser fx A 7 1 in Page one' ltundred sixteen SECRETAHIAL TRAINING GINIUI' M Marion Laurl Vice President Josephine Sawka Secretary Marion Mulstay .. Treasurer Miss Jennie Badex Mrs. Elizabeth R Condon Faculty Advzsers AIM: To train members in secretanal work Page one hzmdrecl seventeen Frank Cavaioli .......... ..,........President Frances Casamassina ..,v.. ,...... V ice-President Tina Gangemi .,V... ,.,... S ecretary Elaine Olson ........................... .............,., T reasurer Miss Muriel J. Drummond ...,,n, ....... F aculty Adviser AIM: To provide efiicient supervision af-tivities on a democratic basis. of Senior Class Page one hundred eighteen E l0li UIIUNUIL Frank Cavaioli .V.,......,,..,.,.,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, President Frances Casamassina ..,.,. ,,,,,,,,,, V ice-President Tina Gangemi ........,,...A...... ,,,-,,,,,,,, S ecretury Elaine OlSOI1 .....,.,....,.,...,..,...., ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,- T reasurer Miss Muriel J. Drummond ..,A.,. ,,...,,, F aculty Adviser AIM: To provide supervision of Senior Class activities CIIUNUIL MEMBERS William Tamheau William Hoffman Ronald Davison Josephine Nota Tina Gangemi Marilyn Callahan Bette Welih Stig B jorheim Anne Carlson Josephine Sawka Edward Sanchez Doris Kauff Matthew Kahrisky Donald McGovern Anthony Palladino Charles Kohler Constance Lowinger James Patsoulakis Grace Edlund Joan Brelecky Beatrice Shapiro Gloria Nucci Warren Hachtel Allen Stroherg In George Zimmermann 4 4 Gilbert Panzer I Elaine Olson f ' Rosemarie Schlaich f Frances Casamassina .9 X John Schertzer A I'-! Henrietta Pincus 504. ' QAC Page one hunclred nineteen n I 1 SERVICE K QUAD Magnus Unflat .,...... ....... ............. C a ptain Willianl Dehler .,A, ......., 1 st Lieutenant Arthur Sulik ............ ......,.. 2 nd Lieutenant Mr. Eugene V. Holzer ..,. ......... F aculty Adviser AIM: To assist in administration of the school. Page one hzmclred twerzty f J! 'll' swf" , 549 wtf? ,, s sm lsu no on SOUl TY 'SM Gilbert Panzer .,..,.... ............,. P resident Frank Parra ..... ............ V ice-President Lenore Panzer .......,.... ......e. R ecording Secretary Yolanda Maldonado ,............... Corresponding Secretary John Kronik ............,... y ..... .....A..............,.....,. T reasurer Miss Ruth E. Campbell ........ .......... F aculty Adviser AIM: To encourage peace through closer neighhorly relations. Page one hundred twenty-one "l'l'l'UIl A ll UIlA'l"I' 'R Gilbert Panzer ..... ..........-.. P T9Sid9Tlf Marion Alexandel '.,. .....,. V ice-President Ira Leightman ....,,. .,.......Q S ecretary Alfred Zeien ....,. .,.......... T reasurer Miss Ruth Bassu, ,,.,.,,. Faculty Adviser AIM: To test the truth of Dr. J0hIlSOI1,S famous epigram in the thirteenth chapter of Russelas. Page one hzcndred twenty-two TECH ICAL H0 0li UCIETY Matthew Kahrisky ,....,... ......7A..... P resident Richard Spielman ...... A... .. V ice-President Fred Tresnak ........ ......... S ecretary Eugene Holzer ........,....A.... ......... T reasurer Mr. Thomas H. Wallace, Mr, Rudolph M. Paulson .,A...,. ...A... F aculty Advisers AIM: To supplement as much as possible the technical education offered by Newtown High School. 43,,,...-,,.. 4-W... Page one hundred twenty-three WHEL TLI G ULIB Vito Pizzuro .......,.,K..... John Schertzer .,....... Dictron Melikin ......... Mr. Fred Jacobson ...... AIM: To instruct in the wrestling. N I A I 0,512 ll, 1 ag X fl, :ff ' f4. , :,J'Af'N f ' 457'-liws Q Page one hundred twenty-foiu' ............President .......Vice-President ancient and ,.........,.Secretary Faculty Adviser classical art of X-RAY STAFF Frank Cavaioli ........... .......... E ditor-in-Chief Mrs. Alice E. H. Kerr ......... ......... F aculty Adviser Mrs. Sophie Wedemeyer ...... ....... B usiness Adviser Page one lzuvulreditwenty-five Elaine Kuhlmey ........ .........Editor-in-Chief Jeanne Levy ............. ........,........ A rt Editor Alfred Zeien .............., Business Manager Constance Lowinger .........,.....,...............,...... ....s...... C lub Editor Elayne Rosenburg, Dorothy Alverson .......... ......,. P icture Editors Helen Martin .,,............,...........,.................. ...Assistant Editor Doris Aleschus, Marilyn Callahan ....... .... ......... T y pists FACULTY ADVISERS Miss Maze C. Gordon Mr. Henry Reinshagen Page one hundred twenty-six Mr. Jacob Kooperstein I Continued from page 60 Q our beloved President, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, died, and the whole school joined the world in mourning his death. Exactly twenty-six days later, we were elated to learn that Germany had surrendered. Our joy was tempered by the realization that our task was not over until the Japanese were defeated. The atomic bomb was the coup de grace that enabled us to celebrate the unconditional surrender of the Japanese on August 14, 1945-and what a celebration it was! All of us had hoped that victory would come sooner so that our fathers, brothers, friends, and all our fighting men could come home more quickly. We realized the great debt we owed them and especially those who would never return. We looked around, and we were juniors who could talk very assuredly to freshmen, who forever seemed to be asking whether mid-terms were hard. We were eager club-joiners, and were willing ticket-buyers. lf the saying is true, and we had been birds, I am sure that fishermen would have found it more difficult to find bait. Our new uA.lVI." sections made us experts in the art of somnambulism. We enjoyed a ball game in the sun for a change, although some of us used the time for an afternoon job. For the first time, there was less high school ahead of us than we had already completed. This did not trouble the male 49.38723 of the class who were too busy falling in love with the 50.622, of the students to notice what was happening. Despite the fact that our junior year was the most pleasant we had yet experi- enced, we were anxious to be seniors. The fourth and final year found us a larger class, increased in size by the return of veterans. We were now managing the greater part of the activities of student government. Some of us succeeded in being selected for Arista, a coveted goal of many. Others were elected G. 0. officers, and still others were chosen to lead most of the school clubs. Members of our class took a more active part in sports, and our class had the greatest representation on the varsity teams. All these events made us feel more conscious of the fun it was to be part of Newtown. We all had become real Newtown boosters, proud to wear our senior hats and pins. Newtown's uCholly Knickerbocker" fScoopiej was now more intelligible to us, as we knew most of the people who were being discussed. Prices of almost everything rose, but the G. O. dues remained the same, making membership a better bargain than ever. The creation of new chemical elements and 'new uses of atomic energy were interesting and important additions to our science courses. The United Nations, believed to be the only hope for peace by most, was objected to by a few because it increased the amount of history they had to learn. We looked forward to graduation, cognizant of our new responsibilities in the world, and heartened by the memories of the pleasures, fine friends, and good education that we had enjoyed at Newtown. Gilbert Panzer Page one hundred twenty-seven AUTUGR APHS f NAf6M2 5CfL 7 Ljlx I - ' mired' twent EWTUW P0ll'l' Newtown has in the past been quite proficient in sports and naturally the years we have spent here areiof no exception. The players and coaches are first-rate and imbued in them is that insatiable desire to win. Sometimes they reach the top and, other times, they slip and fall behind. During our four years at Newtown we have experienced victories and defeats and have collected many a memory, many a thrill. As an example let us briefly relate one year's highlights for the sports year of l946-'47. To begin with, we saw a great sports figure return to the fold last term. Mr. Bruno Valvano, one of the many athletes to enter the Newtown Hall of Fame, was appointed coach of basketball. He was a member of the championship quintets of the late '20's and early '30's, beside winning major letters in track and basketball. Mentor Valvano worked hard with his players and brought together a group of stars with that basketball 'cknow how." He had on hand the shrewd playing of John Durante, the deadly shooting of A1 Hack and Don Zigmund and the quick-moving, quick-thinking of Ed Balzer and Jerry Kempter. It did not take long for this squad to round into shape as Coach Valvano injected his knowledge of the game into them. We witnessed every contest that this team played, but the most memorable were the ones at the top and bottom of the P.S.A.L. schedule. Each game was played before capacity home crowds, with vivid intensity. ln the initial fray a strong Bryant five was installed as a heavy favorite. The battle began and the Pioneers played brilliantly as they stayed with the Owls and finally deadlocked the score at 34 all. Then with nine seconds remaining and the fans standing as well as cheering and howling, John Durante calmly dribbled up-court and dropped in the winning shot from center-court. After the final buzzer John was carried gaily off the floor by his exuberant teammates and thrown, none too gently, under the shower, truly a Frank Merriwell ending. The last game, unfortunately, did not finish as successfully as the first. The league race was tighter than a clam with three schools in the running, Bayside, Bryant and Newtown. A rejuvenated team from Bridge Plaza was the Towners' finale. lronically, the home team was expected to roll up a big score against Long Island City. But Newtown was unable to set the pace as the half closed, 22-22. Coach Valvano decided that his players were nervous and advised them not to press, that L.I.C. was playing over their heads. The teams came out for the final half and continued their close playing until fate struck. With the score at 46-46 and three seconds to go, Benson of L.l.C. grabbed the ball from his own backboard and dropped in the winning points to shatter Newtown's hopes of a playoff berth. By taking the Queensboro title in Cross-Country and placing third in the City, Coach Ira Terwilliger's runners gave fair warning to the track world of what was to be expected in the spring. The season arrived and Newtown Page one hundred twenty mme swept aside all of its opponents in dual meets. In the meet for City supremacy, luck went against Newtown. With a couple of breaks New Utrecht just beat out our trackmen. Tom Fox was crowned a double winner in two events while Ronnie Maiseh won the honors in the running broad jump. Bill Zubrod lost his title in the 100 yard dash to Montgomery of Boys' High in the sensational time of 9.9 seconds. The Queensboro meet contained many featured highlights as Newtown romped to an easy victory rolling up the enormous total of seventy-nine points. The most outstanding performance of the day was turned in by Eugene Wilkens. He won the 220 yard low hurdles in the record time of 26.4 seconds, breaking former Pioneer Walter ,lark0vsky's mark hy two tenths of a second. Other runners who became Queens champs were: Dick Maiocco, Tex Pascarella, Bob Johnston and Joe Cantello. Although he did not win, Joe Santomero, who placed in the quarter mile run to score a couple of points, impressed Coach Terwilliger as a great prospect for the future. By winning the Boro diadem, Newtown added four trophies to its vast collection. The baseball team's inability to beat Grover Cleveland cost them the pennant last season. Coach C. L. Carling had perhaps the greatest array of pitchers and hitters in less than a decade. The two outstanding games in our memory concerned Bryant. The first, won by the Towners 3-2, went down in the schoolboy records the longest game contested. It required three hours and fifty-five minutes as well as twenty innings to be completed. The second game, in which Newtown was again triumphant, 4-0, also went down in P.S.A.L. history. Mentor Carlingis ace burlcr, Pete Mcachini, stole the spotlight by pitching a thrilling no-hit, no-run game. Pete had the situation well in hand from the outset and only one man reached base twice, through an error and a walk. The Bryant hitters were baffled by Pete's assortment of slow curves as he struck out eight. Worthy of mention was the hard-hitting of first-baseman Nick Mormilc and outfielder Bill Harris. The Pioneer nine finished the season with a record of thirteen victories and three defeats. During our stay at Newtown we witnessed the breaking of a precedent. For the first time, a girl became a member of the gym team. Mr. Joseph Borow, faculty adviser, will be bidding good-bye to pretty Barbara Schoen this term because she will be graduated. A member of the gym team since fifth term, Barbara has achieved fame in scholastic and outside competition. Coach Borow's squad finally displayed its strength when it competed in the first interscholastic meet sponsored by Midwood High School. By placing in five events, Newtown finished far ahead of the nearest school. The gymnasts were awarded a gold cup, emblematic of city supremacy. The golf team, unable to get off to a winning streak, completed its season in third place. Mr. J. Eugene Thompson revealed that his linksters should have fared better but the breaks fell the other way. After a lapse of ten years, he reinstated golf at Newtown. Mr. Thompson guided city championship teams of 1925, '26, '27 and '28, At his suggestion, the P.S.A.L. player limit has been lifted from three to five. Page one hundred thirty Another Newtown team that was just nosed out was the tennis team, piloted by Mr. Ralph Brown. On the squad of netmen was Bill Long, top ranking junior player in the east. Bill went through his schedule undefeated last season and was selected as the best performer in the league. Well, there you have it, the athletic achievements for one year at Newtown in a nutshell. It is a worthy record, one to he proud of. And to the graduating athletes who fared so well in competition, we honor you and hope you go on to greater heights. Frank J. Cavaioli. Page one hundred thirty-one THE FlVl'Ull0 UIIPE 6'Extra! Extra!" shouted the newsboy. 6'New discovery rocks the world." Breathlessly, I borrowed some money from Henrietta Yentis, who counted out three pennies from her coin meter, and I bought a paper. Reading on past the headlines, I saw the shocking news. A 'Lfuturoscopew had been discovered. It was said to have this power: if you thought of someone you wanted to see, the machine would project his picture onto the screen and reveal his fate and fortune. But that wasn't all! This amazing device had been mass produced and now everyone could own one. Rushing home, I found that my family was three steps ahead of me. They were already engrossed and they didnit notice that I had come in. With the directions whirling in my already whirling brain, I sat down. '4Let me see,,' I said to myself. 'alt says to specify the person or persons you want to see and set the dial to the date you want to see them. Well, here goes-I want to see the grads of Newtown, class of January, 1948, as they will be in I960." A scene came into view. I was in a theater with an enthusiastic crowd who cheered that great "first lady of the stage," Marion Alexander. She and her leading man, George Kluhsmeier are enacting a scene from Myron Levoy's latest smash hit, 'LI Remember Karas." The critics, headed by the well-known Lee Panzer, have been very favorable. Suddenly, the scene changes. A newspaper fiashes into view. Reporter Betty Funfschilling rushes up to the editor's desk, where Frank Cavaioli, his feet on the desk, is lazily dictating to Bertha Diaz. "Yolanda Maldonado has just gotten a tremendous ovation at Carnegie Hall," breathes Betty. '6Fine," says Frank, ugive the story to Joyce Lawrence. She'll write it up and it will make the last edition. As I was saying, Miss Diaz, please send a memo to Eva Winters, Fashion Editor, to take up that matter we discussed this after- noon with Lila Conrad. She's in charge of the advertising layouts." The scene changes. I see Madison Square Garden. "Sink it," scream voices from the mezzanine. 6'Set! Shootlw yell fans from the balcony. Artie Blumberg, that great basketball ace, scores another goal, breaking his own record of 86 points for an individual scoring. Whatis this? Where did all these chickens come from? Oh, they must be some of Shelton Collins' blue ribbon prize winning 4'Chickens of Tomorrow." Page one hundred thirty-two The scene fades. Here now is Erwin Schoenfeld in a large modern car display window. "How about a model like this, Mister Cottone?" uYes,', says 'Playboy' Cottone. ul'll take one. On second thought send me two. One does get tired of the same color you know." We move now to a classroom of earnest, but bewildered college students. "Prof" Zeien, the MDifferential Equations" teacher, is calmly saying, 'cl can't understand why you don't grasp this, Kabrisky. lt's really elementary." As the scene changes, we find ourselves in a fashionable department store. Manager of Personnel, Betty Emeric, says to Marie Zurla, uFile that please, and send any calls I receive to the fashion show. I think l'll stop in and see what that great French designer, Jerri Salamone, has in the show today." The scene shifts to the fashion exhibit where we find Dottie Saccente, wearing a '4,lerri" creation. She also is wearing three beautiful white orchids grown in Bill Schneider's '6City of Glass" greenhouse project. Fadeout. We see the sign uMiniature Manilla. Eat, Drink and Be Merry, for Tomorrow You May Dief' Entering, we see the manager of the establishment, George uPete" Peterify, uFilipino culinary artiste extraordinairef' explaining his newest concoction to Dotty Alverson, who, after hearing that the python meat is cut in little squares and soaked in vinegar for twenty-four hours, suddenly remembers she promised Rose Marie Fehling she would go bowling with her. ln a corner, Ronnie Maisch, now out of training since he captured several Olympic titles, is vigorously attacking a medium-rare alligator steak. Then we see a crowd of women, milling and pushing, to get the autograph of a new sensational Hollywood glamour-boy. Who is he? ltis none other than Anthony L. fHLoVer"J Palladino. 6'Valentino" Palladino, they call him. He re- ceives fan mail from places as far away as Scotland, where Helen Martin has settled on the ubonnie bonnie banks." Here we see one of the more serious students of the class, Gil Panzer, the brilliant surgeon. "Quickly, nurse," he commands Marion Schmidt, "knife" '4Knife," repeats nurse Schmidt. '4Ah," he breathes. '4It's finished. l wanted to spread the butter while the toast was still hot." The next scene is a schoolroom. aAnd that was how Ambassador to Spain, Frank Parra, with the aid of Diane Perez, settled the Spanish question at the U. N. meeting," concludes Antoinette Rizzotti to her pupils. 'glohnnyf' she says Page one hundred thirty three sharply, 'Gyou know how I feel about gum chewing. You will write a well developed paragraph of 3000 words on 'Why I Should Chew Gum In Class' and see that you have some when you come in tomorrow." How beautiful! The room becomes hushed as we all gaze spell-bound at the beautiful murals in Reverend Peter Young's new Church. Upon close inspection, we notice Gfleanne Levy" signed inconspicuously in one corner. A trail of smoke-and l161'C we have an inside view of a jetplane, where Althea Kreiger, ,Ietline hostess, is serving coffee to Dick Wasmund and Ronnie Williams who are on their way to an interplanetary Scout Jamboree. The space ship was designed by Roy Lutter, collaborating with Wesley I-Iorbatuck. The scene changes. We see a moving pen, wielded by Vinny Caggiano, famous social educator, who is writing an inscription in his new book fpublished by the E. Kuhlmey Publishing Companyj, '4What Is Wrong With High School." And now we come upon the restful quiet of a psychoanalystis office. The eminent Helmuth Freitag is sa ing to Rose Palmieri. 4'Well, Miss Palmieri, that com letes fs Y e P your treatment. Do you feel any better, Rosie?" '5Yeah. But you know, Doc", she answered, taking the pencil from behind her car, and pointing it warningly at him, "l've been watching you lately. You do strange things. Now if I were you -----. 9' A rush of words, advice, admonitions and finally we hear Dr. Freitag asking, HUh, yeah? Tell mc, where can I find a good psychoanalyst?" As a new scene appears, we see Angela Camurati pouring a frothy mixture from one test-tube to another. Suddenly there is a blinding flash! My first thought is that some chemical has exploded or that an accident has occurred! When my eyes regain their normal vision, I look at the futuroscope and discover the screen is dull and blackened. Then I realize that there has been an explosion in the futuroscope and it is irreparably damaged. That was the end of my little glimpse into the future. Goodbye, Grads of Class of January, '48! Barbara Schoen Page one hundred thirty-four E lllli AUTIVITIE Edna Ackel . . . Commercial Club Doris Aleschus . . . Commercial Club Salvatore Alesi . . . Italian Club, Track Team Marian Alexander . . . Arista, Hai Gennaiai, Spanish Honor Society, Res Gestae, XYZ, Masque and Bauble, X-Ray Staff, Radio Workshop, Physical Efficiency Donald Altman . . . German Club, Physics Honor Society Dorothy Alverson . . . XYZ, Physical Efficiency, Girls' Biology, Cheering Section, Le Circle Francais, Latin Club, Library Squad, Girlsl Basketball Club, Yearbook Picture Editor Richard Ambrosoli . . . Italian Club it Gloria Banks . . . Girls' Basketball Club, Cheering Section, Do Re Mi, Physical Efficiency Club Enid Barberio . . . Skating Club, Newtown Choir, Italian Club Bruce Barteldt . . . Physics Honor Society Charles Berg . . . Do Re Mi, Orchestra William Bertolini . . . Arista, Technical Honor Society, Physics Honor Society, Service Squad, Chemistry Society Philip Bilancia . . . Masque and Bauble, Stitch and Chatter, Le Cercle Francais, Physics Honor Society, Radio Workshop, Multigraph Squad, Choir, Chess Club, Boys' Advisory League Lorraine Blake . . . Arista, Le Cercle Francais, Italian Club, Infirmary Aides, Cheering Section, XYZ, Bicycle Club Arthur Blumberg . . . Basketball Team, Le Cercle Francais Henry Bourne . . . Chess Club Dorothy Burns . . . Commercial Club Marie Cafarelli . . . Italian Club, Cheering Section, Le Cercle Francais Vincent Caggiano . . . Arista, Le Cercle Francais, Italian Club, Stitch and Chatter Marilyn Callahan . . . Commercial Club Vito Campino . . . Chess Club Angela Camurati . . . Girl Leader of Arista, Hai Gennaiai, XYZ, Girls' Biology Club, Receptionist Squad, X-Ray Stall, Cheering Section, Italian Club, Physical Efficiency Rae Cantaro . . . Commercial Club, Cheering Section Frances Casamassina . . . Vice-President of Senior Class, Gym Team, Commercial Club, Hearthstone Club, Italian Club Angela Catalano . . . Commercial Club Frank Cavaioli . . . President of Senior Class, Editor-In-Chief of the X-Ray, Basketball Team, Major N Club, Italian Club Charles Cavallo . . . Service Squad Paul Clements . . . Chess Club Peter Colaninno . . . Service Squad Lila Conrad . . . Radio and Photoplay Club Paul Cotugno . . . Gym Club Mary Jean Cozzi . . . Basketball Club Frank Csajko . . . Chemistry Club Joseph Dans . . . Track Team Jerry D'Arcy . . . Newtown Choir, Wrestling Team, Do Re Mi Page one hundred thirty-five Ronald Davison . . . Agricultural Honor Society Marie DeAngelo . . . Commercial Club William Dehler . . . Service Squad Patricia DeVoti . . . Arista, Commercial Club Bertha Diaz . . . Spanish Honor Society, Commercial Club Margot Dinkel . . . Arista, Infirmary Squad Rose Mary Di Paola . . . Commercial Club Virginia Dolan . . . Commercial Club Ann Drozdovich . . . Mimeograph Squad Alfonso Duarte . . . Chemistry Club, Physics Honor Society, Service Squad Helen Eberhardt . . . Arista, German Club, Grade Advisers Aides, Library Squad, Physical Efficiency, Receptionist Squad, Spanish Honor Society Donald Edgar . . . Golf Team Grace Edlund . . . Hearthstone Club, Masque and Bauble, Newtown Choir Betty Emrich . . . Arista Morton Engelsberg . . . Radio and Photoplay, Scribe StaHf, Bowling Team Barbara Eselson . . . Le Cercle Francais, Scribe Staff, Infirmary Aides, Stitch and Chatter, Res Gestae, Spanish Honor Society Robert Eslinger . . . Physics Honor Society Augustine Esposito . . . Track Team, Major MN" Team Rose Marie Fehling . . . XYZ, Library Squad, Receptionist Squad, German Club, Girls' Basketball Club, Physical Efficiency Shirley Fernandez . . . Advisers Aides, Girls, Basketball Club Beatrice Fleischer . . . XYZ, Library Squad, Photography Club, Radio Workshop Matthew Forte . . . Physics Honor Society Vito Frankini . . . Track and Country Teams Helinuth Freitag . . . Arista, Track Team Arthur Frie . . . Track Team Natalie Fucigna . . . ltalian Club Elizabeth Funfschilling . . . Arista, Girls, Basketball, Latin Honor Society, Hai Gennaiai, XYZ, French Club, Manager of G. O. Store, Res Gestae, Chemistry Club Tina Gangemi . . . Arista, Ushering Squad, Italian Club, Commercial Club, Girls, Biology Club, Secretary of the Senior Class George Garone . . . Italian Club Marie Genise . . . Infirmary Club Eleanor Gessner . . . Commercial Club Patricia Gilmore . . . Arista, XYZ, Physical Efhciency Barbara Gladd . . . Advisers, Aides, Receptionists Squad Marilyn Goldberg . . . Spanish Honor Society, French Club, Advisers' Aides, Newtown Choir Saul Goldfarb . . . Service Squad William Graepel . . . Physics Honor Society Frank Grehl . . . Chemistry Club Theresa Gueli . . . Commercial Club Lindy Hawkins . . . Newtown Band and Orchestra, Service Squad Gerard Hillenbrand . . . Arista, Physics Honor Society, Res Gestae, Technical Honor Society Henry Hips . . . Basketball Team Donald Hoffman . . . Physics Honor Society, Biology Lab Squad William Hoffmann . . . Arista, Boys' Advisory League, Agriculture Honor Society Page one hzmdred thirty-six Eugene Holzer . . . Boys' Advisory Club, Chemistry Lab Squad, Stitch and Chatter Catharine Holzhauer . . . Physical Efficiency Club, Infirmary Aides, XYZ Joan Jaeger . . . Infirmary Club Robert .laran . . . Baseball Team Ivan .lelinek . . . Scribe Staff, Physics Honor Society Matthew Kabrisky . . . Arista, ABC, Physics Honor Society, Technical Honor Society, Chemistry Club, Boys' Advisory Club, Le Cercle Francais Thomas Kadien . . . Masque and Bauble, Garretson Scribes, Radio Workshop Audrey Kahn . . . Arista, Hai Gennaiai, Girls' Biology Club, Chemistry Club, Le Cercle Francais, Infirmary Aides, Stitch and Chatter Frank Kapzynski . . . Gym Team Doris KauH . . . Physical Efficiency Club, Infirmary Aides Mary Elizabeth Killian . . . Infirmary Aides, Skating Club, German Club, Masque and Bauble, Library Squad Rosalie Frances King . . . Choir, Do Re Mi, Girls, Basketball Club George Kluhsmeier . . . Masque and Bauble, Radio Workshop, Stitch and Chatter, Choir Charles Kohler . . . Rifle Club, German Club Elaine Kuhlmey . . . Arista, XYZ, Latin Honor Society, Physical Efficiency Club, Library Squad, Editor of Yearbook, Spanish Honor Society Dolores LaBarbera . . . Commercial Club Milton Lampel . . . Service Squad Joseph LaPolla . . . Physics Honor Society, Technical Honor Society, Track Team Marion Lauri . . . Arista, Italian Club, Commercial Club Joyce Lawrence . . . Arista, Hai Gennaiai, XYZ, Associate Editor of X-Ray, Girls' Biology, Masque and Bauble, Le Cercle Francais, Cheering Section Virginia Le Bright . . . Commercial Club Robert Lefkowitz . . . Masque and Bauble, Radio and Photoplay Club, Scribe Staff Ira Leightman . . . Masque and Bauble, Radio Workshop, Stitch and Chatter, Track Team Myron Levoy . . . Arista, Technical Honor Society, Physics Honor Society, X-Ray Staff, Multigraph Squad, Chess Club, ABC, Stitch and Chatter, French Club, Res Gestae Jeanne Levy . . . Arista, Art Editor of Yearbook, Do Re Mi, Hai Gennaiai, Masque and Bauble, Newtown Orchestra Marie Lisa . . . Commercial Club, Italian Club Ramon Lockier . . . Service Squad Janet Lodone . . . French Club, Italian Club, Ushering Squad, Receptionist Squad, XYZ Joseph Lombardi . . . Chemistry Club Patricia Lowe . . . Newtown Choir Constance Eleanore Lowinger . . . Arista, Hearthstone Club, Do Re Mi, Hai Gennaiai, XYZ, Masque and Bauble, Newtown Choir, Le Cercle Francais, X-Ray Staff, Yearbook Staff, Scribe Staff Lynn Lubkemann . . . Cheer Leaders Josephine Luca . . . Girls' Basketball Club Roy Lutter . . . Stitch and Chatter, Assembly Book Squad, ABC Malcolm MacGregor . . . Spanish Honor Society, Le Cercle Francais, ABC, Arista Ronald Maisch . . . Track Team, Major MN" Club, I. A. Honor Society Matthew Mahon . . . Basketball Team Page one hundred thirty-seven Page on Yolanda Maldonado . . . Le Cercle Francais, Spanish Honor Society, Radio Workshop Michael Marino . . . Biology Magazine Rose Marie Maro . . . Receptionist Squad Helen Martin . . . Arista, XYZ, Latin Honor Society, Library Squad, Yearbook Staff, Res Gestae, Spanish Honor Society Hilda Marty . . . Arista, Physical Efficiency Club, Commercial Club, Hai Gennaiai Vivian Matteo . . . Arista, Commercial Club Julia Mayo . . . Receptionist Squad Donald McGovern . . . Technical Honor Society, Physics Honor Society Frances Melech . . . Commercial Club, Mimeograph Squad Angel Melito . . . Basketball Team, Latin Club, Physical Efficiency Club John Mewhinney . . . Service Squad Dorothy Myers . . . Commercial Club Jean Milazzo . . . Commercial Club Gerald Milov . . . Physics Honor Society, Service Squad Rose Missale . . . Italian Club John Mola . . . Technical Honor Society, Physics Honor Society, Boys' Advisory Club .lean Morrissey . . . Commercial Club Louise Mula . . . Italian Club, Fine Arts Club Marion Mulstay . . . Arista, Commercial Club Delia Nardizzi . . . Commercial Club Josephine Nota . . . Skating and Cycle Club, Commercial Club Elaine Olson . . . Arista, Treasurer of the Senior Class, Hai Gennaiai, Girls' Basketball Club, Physical Efficiency Club, XYZ Nicholas Ortolano . . . Chess Club, X-Ray Staff, Masque and Bauble, Service Squad, Radio Workshop Madeline Pacueci . . . Arista, Commercial Club, Advisers' Aides, Italian Club Rose Palmieri . . . Advisers? Aides, Biology Lab Squad Gilbert Panzer . . . Boy Leader of Arista, Le Cercle Francais, ABC, Spanish Honor Society, Res Gestae, Stitch and Chatter, Garretson Scribes, Chess Club Lenore A. Panzer . . . Arista, Res Gestae, Le Cercle Francais, Spanish Honor Society, Physical Efficiency Club, Roller Skating Club, Garretson Scribes Frank Parra . . . Arista, ABC, Le Cercle Francais, Spanish Honor Society, Res Gestae, Stitch and Chatter, Garretson Scribes James Patsoulakis . . . Masque and Bauble, Stitch and Chatter, Spanish Honor Society, Radio Workshop, Garretson Scribes Diane Perez . . . Arista, Receptionist Squad, Spanish Honor Society, Le Cercle Francais, Advisers, Aides, XYZ George Peterffy . . . Student Council, G. 0. Council, Latin Honor Society, Physics Honor Society, Assembly Book Squad, Stitch and Chatter Nina Pileri . . . Physical Efficiency Club, Italian Club Henrietta Pincus . . . Masque and Bauble Vito Pizzurro . . . Physics Honor Society, Chemistry Club, Wrestling Team Henry Pleim . . . Physics Honor Society Fred Polacek . . . Physics Honor Society Marie Policastro . . . Commercial Club George Pontisakos . . . Service Squad Julia Porricelli . . . Arista, Italian Club, XYZ, Cheering Section, Le Cercle Francais e hundred thirty-eight Richard Previte . . . Technical Honor Society, Chemistry Club, Physics Honor Society Blanche Pribil . . . Arista, Commercial Club Elvera Prufeta . . . Grade Advisers, Aides Herbert Ranzinger . . . Bowling Club Antoinette Rizzotti . . . Arista, Italian Club, Cheering Section, XYZ, Receptionists Squad Esther Rugralf . . . XYZ Roderick Russo . . . Physics Honor Society Dorothy Saccente . . . Italian Club, Grade Advisers, Aides Gloria Saldo . . . Commercial Club Geraldine Salamone . . . Hearthstone Club, Physical Efiiciency, Scribe Staif, Golf Team Gus Samsel . . . Service Squad Edward Sanchez . . . Newtown Orchestra Alessio Savino . . . I. A. Honor Society Josephine Sawka . . . Arista, Commercial Club John Schertzer . . . Wrestling Team, Service Squad George Schirm . . . Baseball Team Rosemarie Schlaich . . . Arista, Commercial Club, Ushering Squad, Cheering Section Herman Schloss . . . Arista, Res Gestae, Physics Honor Society Ernest Schmalz . . . Service Squad Lorraine Schmidt . . . Commercial Club, Cheering Section Marion Schmidt . . . Grade Advisers' Aides, Receptionist Squad, Library Squad, Golf Team Gerhard Schneider . . . Technical Honor Society, Wrestling Team Barbara Schoen . . . Arista, Gym Team, Latin Honor Society, Spanish Honor Society, Radio Workshop, Library Squad, Golf Team Erwin Schoenfeld . . . Arista, Res Gestae, X-Ray Staif, Le Cercle Francais, Spanish Honor Society, Scribe Staff Mary Serina . . . Commercial Club Norman Sholk . . . Track Team, Cross Country Team, Do Re Mi, Orchestra, Band Viola Shulman . . . Hearthstone Club Agostino Sismondo . . . Track Team Leslie Sparrow . . . Track Team Richard Spielmann . . . Technical Honor Society, French Club, ABC Robert Spies . . . Biology Lab Squad Kathleen Stack . . . Skating and Cycle Club Lila Stanley . . . Arista, XYZ, Cheering Section, Le Cercle Francais, Library Squad, Spanish Honor Society Richard Steinhauser . . . Physics Honor Society, ABC Heinz Strauss . . . German Club, Photography Club, Service Squad Allen Stroberg . . . Arista, I.A. Honor Society Lorraine Super . . . Arista, Commercial Club, Hearthstone Club Henry Swenson . . . Spanish Honor Society, ABC, Masque and Bauble, Le Cercle Francais Marie Testa . . . Hearthstone Club Ben Thau . . . Biology Lab Squad Frederic Tresnak . . . Arista, ABC, Technical Honor Society, Physics Honor Society, Track Team Page one hundred thirty-nine Ruth Tucker . . . Newtown Choir, lnirmary Squad Paul Ulich . . . Physics Honor Society Magnus Unilat . . . Arista, Physics Honor Society, Technical Honor Society, Boys' Advisory Club, ABC, Service Squad, German Club Sophie Vassas . . . Physical Efliciency Club, Basketball Club, Do Be Mi, Newtown Choir Joseph Vetter . . . Baseball Team Arthur Vita . . . Physics Honor Society, Chemistry Club, Band, Italian Club Norma Vitullo . . . Arista, Newtown Choir, Commercial Club, X-Ray Staff, French Club Thomas Wall . . . Basketball Team Edith Walter . . . Physical Efficiency Club, Latin Honor Society, Cheering Section, XYZ, Ushering Squad, Spanish Honor Society Marilyn Walter . . . Commercial Club, Hearthstone Club Richard Wasmund . . . Stitch and Chatter Bette Webb . . . Hearthstone Club Ronald Williams . . . Arista, Technical Honor Society, Physics Honor Society, Boys' Advisory Club, G. O. President Eve Winters . . . Radio and Photoplay Club Margaret Woll . . . Commercial Club Thomas Yacovone . . . Baseball Team Henrietta S. Ycntis . . . X-Bay Staff, Radio Workshop, Girls' Basketball Club Alfred Zeicn . . . Arista, ABC, Technical Honor Society, Physics Honor Society, Bes Gcstae, Stitch and Chatter, Student Council, Le Cercle Francais, Chess Club, Boys' Advisory League, Yearbook Staff George Ziegler . . . Technical Honor Society, Boys' Advisory Club, Physics Honor Society, Camera Club Marie Zurla . . . Commercial Club, Italian Club Page one hundred forty , fm'3ii1fnv.u '5 V LJ wi I ...........A 'rl wii iiw Z '7 X SE llvlc E xii, fE 4' Luna Ewan V l v-y f Y L M, 'ff : 5 Ny.,-A f ' " l L Q l LXX Q Q ,L l C'55fa,,L ww i f E NS? 1 ----,-,.-.-------.AA.........--.-..---......Y ""7'lf1Q,, g S1 5 X 0 li ffsc, 'XIAHN 8 OLLIER AGAIN" "A service created to excel in all things pertaining to yearbook design ancl en- graving." We find real satisfaction in pleasing you, the yearbook publisher, as well as your photographer and your printer. JAHN S OLLIER ENGRAVING CO sw W. WASHINGTON BLVD., CHICAGO 7, ILL. Page one hundred forty-on Page one hundred forty-two GWX9 Printed By BENTO N REVIEW PUB Incorporated Fowler, Ind. CSXKQ ARTHUR STUDIOS, Inc. I I I Official Photographer to the J anuary, 1948, Class I I I Exclusively Equipped To Do Yearbook Phofog rolphy I I I 1457 Broadway New York City Page one hundr ed forty Tl ' If " limi! The high mark of fine class jewelry! Like your own class, generations of graduates have confidently chosen graduation rings bearing the D Sz C mark of high quality. Since 1898 such rings have been proudly Worn by the members of thousands of classes, assured by our "made right" guarantee that their rings exemplified the best in design, material, Work- manship-and Value. Look for the D Sz C mark on class and fraternity jewelry. a .a I I I 1 1 l 1 17 JOHN STREET, NEW YORK 8 f BOSTON ' NEW ORLEANS ' PROVIDENCE Page h dred forty-four 1 1, 1 x,. A 1. , Q. by e V 1 - 2' .- ,g L, ., 1 Hu., K. q X . , -. ,+,.,- ,, ga V- , w 1 " f. 33 , '-1-3. , ,, '- H-,,E7'w' 1. : ' --L-.ww-1 1 vmv'a11wiHF-fi'rAW'1v.nnxsniP1aef!z2fzu9zL.4wsuc4wa'nn 5 is 1 .A 1 V, 1

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