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K 1 Vg., ,H L. f '-: 2 JP. M' . -9-4 Q . . . rf-: + ww w xv mf A Af ew JSH1 1 Jwfa 14 -, ff-Y Wrv.wff,wvff1'0fa,.f.,a, fy X 1, Nx,M.A U , f , , ,X u - M , -, A . K. H .. Y i , E LAM- . , x, ,.4' , -W Y 1 'Q-.mea wa.:gpm-:5,5'Lgf:41q,5fff'xf,:fe,.2,.cffg3f4 ' :H '- ff,,r'E,g " f.J. 14. rg 150 1 .Q M, M .4 hd 'v,,,,fv,,-viii? W' Pvgvxgh h, fffbmifg, Azggygw ww, My L .5 1, X Q JM.. x , 'MM um ww. -' Y Jw- .1-15531 V1 " wi n w ' ,Lf 'iw at x'1xN""'g,,. I .,.-ww., .KM 1.:v,w1fw'w 0, 47,3551 mx 1 J Gig' wJ?g49!j'.fnl QV, ,, V wt -. ., , ,.I.'m ? 1 r' i .,. . - I . mf. -f . 5.31- x ., . H 1 X w if 'L .Miz V- .42 'r1QM.,.215.-Quik: ' I ,, , V. , n p :. x f e .fx 4 'IQ 1 I ' .4 'wi -" M" ,- .Wkv-.-'ff A .,-If ,,Q-w,14.N,,E -fue 1- 1 4- A 4 ' " I wwf ..",M -1 " uv nu - Illllllllllllllll H W ' ,E Q -1. f . br fp 1-.iiiii 'IL' .- 1: ' . ..' .59-4 , , ,' 1' , .L1 -v X. '- gf? VA V 1 , "ff 'lg f i",',.- L"".'t 2 Y" 1' N :Y - To the Graduates of Iune, 1939. Dear Boys and Girls: It is with deep gratification that I learn you have selected "American Ideals" for the central theme of your Year Book. With the fundamental princi- ples of our government-the idea of equality, the sacredness of humanity, the faith in the good sense and virtue of our common people-I am sure you are so deeply imbued that these concepts are a part ot your spiritual lite. Knowing the ritual, however, does not always foster piety. I would have you regard American Democracy as a way of lite. You are to tread a path of duty: for possession of privilege compels service. You are to be kindly considerate of others. You are to be painstaking, discriminating, generous, hospitable, honest in treating and trading with your fellows. On your Commencement Day it is meet I remind you that you are in mind and muscle, soul and sense, the embodiment of the central institution of America-the Public School. The school that extends its arms in welcome to all, without distinction of credit and creed. As graduates of Newtown your school and your country give you a mission. Be true! Wnff ffZf - s x .- 1 4 . . 1 Lg- .5. 1.41. ' ., --1'-4 " 'V 'ff ' .1 . . i nl". ' 's..' , v . - ' J. -, V." .,:' ' . . -1.- 2 ,., . gt PIIESEIIIIIT HIS yearbook is ahre with the spirit of the youth which created it. We have set ourselves down as we are, now, at the time of our leaving Newtown. It is all too possible that in the years to come we will look over this portrayal of ourselves as we were in Newtown and be amused or even inclined to look at our former selves with cynicism. There is only one thing we wish to say here. That is, that we appear here in our true colors. The picture has not been retouched. And because we are portrayed here naturally instead of artihcially, we ask ourselves of the future to look with understanding and friendliness at the p0l'fl'Llylll. We ask our future selves to avoid the amused look and the tolerant smile of the grown-up looking back at this younger day. They say that there will be a day when we will look back at these years of our youth with longing fondness. But there will be, we fear, an interval between the youth and that advanced stage when we will consider the accomplishments and even the ideals of our youth to be trivial and insignificant. Perhaps, compared to the doings of a later day, our present actions are trivial. But the fact remains that we are acting with sincerity. To us, now, these ideals and achievements are all importantg just as important to us as anything that we will do in the future. XVe hope that this does not seem like a foolishly sentimental appeal for an unimportant end. Wfe firmly desire that this yearbook, the effort of our youth, will serve as a record of fond memories and not one of memories which provoke amusement. XX'e want this yearbook to be the connecting chain with our youth when we have outgrown that youth. XVe want to remind ourselves in the future that even when we were not full of the wisdom of age we had ideals and purposes. XVe think that this quotation sums up everything we wish to say: "Hold fast to the spirit of youth, let years to come bring what they may." LAxvRliNc11i OiNl2Il,l, 5 A W, 1 M 9 C394 QQ A oivalfi qf -ci!" :- HV . 'I f":' .'.' as V . . -1. . . , ' JUNE 1939 NEWTOWN JUNE 1939 NEWTOWN STAFF PETER WISSEL 'A Editor-in-Chnl? JACK BAYHA Art Editor ARTHUR COHEN . - Business Manager JAMES BAILEY Picture Editor GEORGE PHOTAKIS, MARIE MESSINI Assistgnt Picture Editors ELSIE RASMUSSEN, Y.IOLA KRIEGEL , Typists MARION WESTON Staf Secretary MARION KATZMAN, LUCILLE SICKERMANN, DAVID ORTIMAN . . John Robinson Nicholas Nickou Agnes Boyajian William McNiff Rita Hunninghaus Frances Silverman Raymond Prussing Marion Weston Vincent Nitopi John Robinson Nicholas Nickou Blanche Paredes Richard Cusack Lucille Quintilian George Photakis William Scheuch Madeline Fischer Martin Hesselbacker Josephine Cognata Severna Davis James Dunphy Agnes Fulton Dorothy Gamble Renate Grafenhain Walter Hartbrodt Club Editors Photographer BERT EUdI15Rj'- , SECTION REPRESENTATIVES Jacqueline Backstrom Mary Goodwin John Weber Robert Corcoran Libertad Torres Kay Kelly Irene Singer Adele Shefferman Elaine Friedman Catherine Fieger Adelaide Grimaldi Dorothy Drugan Milton Chakofsky Katherine Alescio Norma Rauch Helen Dispenziere Mary Simanovich Marston Schwartz BUSINESS REPRESENTATIVES Frank Sgarro Agnes Fulton Alfred Jacobs Emma Heyden Mary Goodwin Norman Simms John Nucci Libertad Torres Natasha Latt Veronica Lynch Adele Shefferman Elaine Friedman Kathleen Millerick Ann Anelante Alice Bell Milton Chakofsky Helen Dispenziere Peggy Puris Cecile Nieman PICTURE REPRESENTATIVES Elynor Krings Geraldine Marcus Marie Messeni Gordon O'Neill George Photakis Lucille Quintilian Anton Sarovac Elizabeth Slattery Robert Smith Ralph Sternberg Florence Sudlow Norman Thede Penelope Vrachopoulos John Weber Lee Jaffe Adele Shefferman Effie Woolley Marita Keating Florence Schmitz John Zimmermann FACULTY ADVISERS Miss Maze C. Gordon Mr. William F. Griflin Mr. Nathan Plotkin Dr. Henry Burnell Shafer ..g.. I mmm aff? mm We MMM?- I R FOUR years ago, the members of this graduating class "1" embarked upon their high school careers. Many events have been crowded into that short period. They have confronted and overcome problems of every classification, they have struggled up the social ladder """ and have assumed the corresponding responsibilities. l We present the Class of June 1939 not as a cold, l vague representation, but as a collection of personalities whose combined efforts have earned this class its repu- tation.-The Seniors. 'Ti' PETER WISSEL WILLIAM G. ABDALE Band Destination: Business Here is a boy who is never on time He can always be found at the end of the line Giving his teacher a late pass to sign. CHARLES W. ADAMS Destination: Business Big things are done in a quiet way. H . .RHOLDT 4 Arist Heralds, Res Gestae, New wn Union, Syzities, Photo- lay, Virgil estination: Cornell Sun of the South. JOSEPH ALBANO Destination: Advertising Agent The less men talk the more they think. KATHERINE ALDER Destination: -lulliard School of Music As sweet a girl one seldom finds, She's hearty, wholesome, not un- kind. CATHERINE ALLAN Destination: Business A young miss who is sweet and quiet. JEROME ABRAMOWITZ Destination: N.Y.U. To be of use in this world is the only way to be happy. X.. I K WAL -5 SKI Dest n : N Y.U period RSV, li if Q S D fi His '- ieisms brightened many a l I 9 BETTE ADKINS Economics Club Destination: Lesley School for Kindergarten Training. Always smiling, always gay Oh, we hope you'll stay that way. VIOLA ALBERT Destination: Business Blondie, hold that smile. KATHERINE ALESCIO Le Cercle Francais, Italian Honor Society, X-Ruy Destination: Business School Sugar and spice and everything nice. GLORIA ALLENDORF Destination: Business School A likable girl with a friendly smile. LILLIAN AMBROSE Destination: Business Happy, cheerful, always depend- able. RICHARD AMORT Commercial Club, Economics Club Destination: Business School I-Ie's always working, always gay, So I'm sure he'll get there some day, DORIS ANDERSOl Arista, X. Y Z oto a gist e C 1 es na ion: Colleg My life for my party! IRMGARD ANDREA Destination: Modeling A nice girl with winning ways Will always get on in future days. ANDREW ANSELMINI Destination: Duke University A smiling face, a happy grin, One just can't help liking him. DOROTI-IEA C. ARATA Destination: Business When she starts something she sticks to it. EUGENE AMMANN Technical Honor Society Destination: College Truth is immortal: error is mortal CARL E. ANDERSON Choir Destination: Business Knows all, but doesn't say any- thing. ' J JEANNETTE ANDEy3JlA Dancing' Club I ' n Destination: Bibsiness It X 1 . . 1' .1 A girl with, many fyeffds. ,n ' , J ANN C. ANELANTE Dancing Club, Economics Club Aeronautics Club Destination: Grace Institute Always smiling, cheerful and al- ways dependable. I ALFRED APRUZZESE Italian Club Destination: Business My school life was one wonderful, horrid grind. LUCY ARCIERE Destination: Business Cool, calm and collected. x ' r iso ARDA Ei . J Dc tinati : De yi y Institute lt t c one J is carncst who ftiiiiilf J ZINA ASHUCK Dancing Club, Choir Destination: Nurses Training School Blushing is the color of virtue. UNA S. ASTRELLO Commercial Club, Advisers' Aides. Economics Club Destination: Business College She knows a lot more than she says. WILLIAM lf. AZNARAN Arista, Pan American, Gym Team, Spanish Honor Society Destination: National Coast Guard Acadamy Sailing, sailing, our Billy he would go. :J- JAMES If 1 1 X I Dcstinatio Ma iat dm lege i --f"A' leader' in his s s 4 . K 1' 5, . watthed is, an tht r CS. X!!! ' rj I ' -Iv' BEiNICE BALDWIN ffl ,jlome Nursing Club if Destination: N. Y. City Hospital X' Nurses' Training Bernice doesn't want much fame, To be a good nurse is just her aim. Mzkearbooik I CHARLES J. ARNOTT Baseball Destination: Business His pride and joy is an insignificant moustache. MARION ASTARITA Dancing Club, Home Nursing Club Destination: Merchants' and Bank- ers' Business School She's neither shy nor bold, She's just as good as gold. ,IUIJET AURBACH Destination: Hunter College Better late than never. Qu. Jfxqrsliy STROM Arista, Le C rang , Flambeau Staff, Girl's i Club, Danc- ing Club Destination: Barnard jackie's a swell girl. x Louis H. BALACBK' 'Destinationv Business 'Conqueror evci, 'C' Axfailure never.' ,' 1 ' THEODORE BALIDES Destination: Mink Ran ing The fellow withjthe u dis o t I J! ggjjpuif jim' WALTER J. BARLUND Commercial Club, Economics Club, Garretson Scribes Destination: Business For leadership, intelligence, and accuracy We always call on Barlund. MARY BARRETT Arista, Res Gestae, English Heralds, Advisers' Aides, Pan American, Textile Arts A girl of cheerful yesterdays and confident tomorrows. ANNA BARTOSEK Arista, Cooperative Club Destination: Business A leader in class, whom few can surpass. MATTHEW BASILE Cross Country, Track Destination: Fordham A marvelous athlete tall and dark, Life to him is just a lark. IRVING BAUM Destination: M. I. T. A quiet sort and yet ambitious too. JACK BAYHA Scribe Art Editor, ,Yearbook Art Editor, Masque and Bauble Destination: Cooper Union Talent is that which is in a man's power: genius is that in whose power a man is. CAROLYN BARNARD Arista, German Honor Society Radio Club, Physics Club Destination: Queens College A demure girl is a treasure. WILLIAM BARTON X-Ray Staff Destination: Civil Service Perseverance you possess-therefore you'll attain success. MARGUERITE BARTSCHER Destination: College Her Major "N" catches the eye of everyone who passes by. IRVING BATT Commercial Club Destination: College A jolly, practical, and imperative man, With mind compact, clear and self- possessed. HELEN BAYER Destination: Business Ah, broken is the golden bowl! The spirit flown forever! MARIE BAZATA Advisers' Aides, Camera Club, Dancing Club Destination: Queens College Sweets to the sweet: farewell. FRED H. BECKER Multigraph Squad, Drum Corps, Chemistry Laboratory Squad Destination: Wireless College Lest man suspect your tale untrue Keep probability in view. ALICE BELL Destination: Business Still water runs dccp. THOMAS BELLOMO Destination: Business Who ltnows most, speaks least. ROLAND BENNETT Destination: Cooper Union Roland is a sociable individual, and an industrious talented student, who, we feel certain will go a long way. HELEN BERARDINELLI Destination: Busi ess ' Rather small bu vescent. Our Helenwjl . pleasant. 3 . HAROLD F. BERGER Destination: Business Give to the world the best you have and the best will come to you. CHARLES W. BEHRENS Destination: Business I know of no way of gauging the future but by the past. SILVIO BELLOFATTO Destination: Business All his faults are such that one likes him better for them. ROSARIO BELLUCCI Gym Club Destination: Normal School of American Gymnastic Union He was a good man and a just one. THOMAS BENNETT Destination: Business Our thoughts and our conduct are our own. EST vcggiljff Dest g B s A ' i h ' nice sort 0 w os fun She makes a hit with everyone. ROBERT BERINGER Destination: Civil Service Reioicc, oh young man in thy youth. W Q -W JQWM SYLVIA BERKOWITZ Destination: Dental School Such a girl is Sylvia. FRANK BERRELL Track Team Destination: Night College Great hopes make great men. JOAN BICKAR Dancing Club Destination: journalism The future "Louella Parsons." RAYMOND BLAKE Destination: Engineering Welcome, are his smiles And the laughter that so beguilcs. HERBERT A. BOEHME Technical Honor Society, Dancing Club Destination: Georgia Institute of Technology He has great capacity for joy. JOHN BOLAND Baseball Team Destination: Business A quiet, reliable fellow. I i MILDRED BERNER Dancing Club Destination: Business A smart young miss who is sure to succeed. FIORE A. BIANCHINI Destination: Fordham He takes the world as it comes and makes a great thing of it. EDWARD BISIAR Physiography Club, Track and Cross Country4Teams Destination: Cortyll University Ambitibn is hfiygjldsdle name, It's Fsurely bound to bring him fame. N , l ,rf , 1 1 1 4 ' . fi 1 If ,flf,f If , g, . , H ,, Aj - f g ,X . - N-.f JACK BLUMBERG Solderology Club, Technical Honor Society Destination: Brooklyn Polytechnic Institute The clock upbraids me with the waste of time. SELMA BOKSER Italian Honor Society Destination: College Prudence is the knowledg things to b sought, and e to be an . THOMAS BONDANZA Major "N" Clu ask t mf De nation: . e or Tom to make noise He's a good basketball player by choice. TONE BOOKER Dancing Club, Tennis Club Destination: Travel Rich with the spoils of nature. AGNES BOYAJIAN Economics Club, Dancing Club, Le Ccrcle Francais, Tennis Club, X-Ray Staff, Photoplay, Lv Flam- beau Destination: Burdett College, Massa- chusctrs She's our idea of an ideal girl in actions, character and in wit. FRANCIS BRANDT Academic Salutatorian, Arista, Chemistry Club, Archimedeaa Society, Le Fliunbeuu Staff, Le Cerclc Francais Destination: Columbia Efficiency, we must have efficiency! GEORGE BREITWIESER Destination: School for Auto Mechanics Thou art not for the fashion of these times where none will sweat but for promotion. ROBERT A. BRIMLOW Destination: Business Such men as he never have hearts' use While they behold a greater than themselves. AUGUSTA BROCATO Masque and Bauble, Italian Club, Choir Destination: College She is a girl with real talent and toward success she's surely bent. ETHEL BOROK X-Ruy, Garretson Scribes, Res Gestae Destination: Queens College So ineonspicuous you never notice her until struck by the product of her work. BURTON BOYER Baseball Team Destination: N.Y.U. Knowledge is more than equivalent to force. MATTHEW BREEN Commercial Club Destination: Business What should a man do but be merry? FRED BRESLIN Res Geste, Physiography Club Destination: Business This conservative lad will get someplace. CHARLES BRODERICK Destination: Business He's sure to succeed. ALFRED BROMBERG Destination: Business Cool, calm and collected. BERTHA BROSI Dancing Club Destination: Business She is neither shy nor bold, She's just a girl as good as gold. BERNADETTE BROWN Destination: City College of Busi- ness Administration Sweet and serene. MARIE BRUGGNER Destination: Business Youth must have its day, this maid can justly say. HELEN BRZESKA Commercial Club Destination: Business Always ready, willing, and most able. THOMAS A. BURKE Res Gestae, Newtown Union, Eng- lish Hcralds Destination: Syracuse University He makes persuasion do the work of fear. GEORGE BUTKIER Lc Cercle Frangais, Chemistry Club, Res Gestae, A B C Destination: St. John's University A gentleman and a scholar- -And I do mean scholar. HENRY BROSOWSKI Destination: Business He made the path of life a brighter one-L -iv' V ff , ' ':, I RICHARD BROWN Arista, Technical Honor Society, Solderology Club, A B C Destination: Brooklyn Polytechnic Institute None but himself can be his parallel. HENRY BRUNKS Destination: Business His modesty does not conceal his intelligence. FLORENCE BUCHAK Destination: Business One who most assuredly will make a success of her life. GLADYS BURNS Destination: Nursing School If to her share some female errors fall, Look on her face and you'll forget them all. JANE CALLAHAN Destination: Business Looks wise, says nothing That's her game. Ji .6 U HERBliRT CAMENSON Boys Biology Club Destination: Business I am not one of the common men. I FL IN . Y n Dest i Business Sch ol unobtr ' c given to o t year g for great nselcss chatter. I f' SAVIERY CANTALUP al Orchestra, Dancing Destination: Solyge No Y 013, "Show me your pass," or, l'y?ol.i're on the wrong side of the fhallf' MM EVELYN 'LAN Destination: Advertising Seeing is believing for she is true and fine. GLORIA DOLORIQS CAPASSO Physical Iiliieieney Destination: Business School Our best girl athlete and an all 'round sport. FRANK CAPRARO Destination: Queens College Still water runs deep. ANTHONY CAMPAGNA Destination: Civil Service A nice person when you know him. JOHN C. CAMPBELL Res Gestae, Chemistry Club, Masque and Bauble Destination: Washington and Lee University One of the few who have a mission to cure incurable diseases. ROSE CANTANTE Dancing Club Destination: Business She's pleasant company every day Always delightful in her sweet way. ix Vx x , x N JOHN A. CAPOXZOLI Destinatio ' oli Force ESL bi Not look' r trouble KAnd caps g no strife But tpnetly makes a success of his Qt' X X ANN CAPPELLO Textile Art Club, Dancing Club Destination: Traphagen School Short, sweet, and so petite, This little Miss with dancing feet. TERESE CARRILIO Destination: Business About her we can truly say That she has always been O. K. SALVATORE CASELLA Destination: College He will never stop to play As he goes along his way. GEORGE CASHMAN Destination: Fordham U just an all 'round good fellow. I V NT CELENTANO .Tr Team ' tination: Business is was the noblest Roman of them all. MILTON CHAKOFSKY Fine Arts Club, Dancing Club, Photoplay Club, Scribe, Le Flambeau Destination: Pratt Institute Although the two cannot possibly blend, I love swing music and fine art. RENIEE CHARPIOT Le Cercle Francais Destination: Delehanty Institute Sweet girl, this Mademoiselle. EMMA CIARLO Destination: Business A friendly miss Quiet and sweet The kind of girl You like to meet. AGNES CASHMAN Physical Efficiency, Newtown Union, Girls' Biology Club, Photoplay Club Destination: Mt. St. Vincent Agnes's boy friends are her pride, Ever changing with the tide. FLORENCE CASSIDY Destination: Rhodes Business School To everyone a friend in need: A charming girl she is indeed. RALPH CERNY Destination: Business Quietly, thoughtful, friendly, and kind, This is Ralph well defined. DOROTHY CI-IARMATZ Masque and Bauble Destination: Skidmore Neat, not gaudy. HENRY CHOLAKIAN Destination: California Silence is more eloquent than words. BONITA CIOFFI Textile Arts Club Destination: Business A quiet young miss who is never in trouble. K. X ANNI-1 czmt LA Commercial lub, dvisers' Aides Destination: rlleb One who is y Q1 re. E CLARKE Arista, Le Cercle liraneais, X Y Z, Advisers' Aides Destination: College Unlimited helpfulness and energy. DOROTHY CLAYPOOLIZ Girls' Biology Club, Arista, French Club Destination: Katherine Gibbs Secre- tarial School Our needle-clicking Dotty has a big future. FRANK COFFIQY Destination: Railroad Business If words were drops of water, We would have a drought. ARTHUR COHIZN Arista, Tennis Team, Cross-Country Team, Major "N," X-Ray Staff. Masque and Bauble, Business Manager of Yearbook, Le Cercle Franeais Destination: Dartmouth Dr. Cohen: "Say ah." jliANNl-Q COLEMAN Arista, Masque and Bauble, Girls' Biology Club, Le Cercle Franeais, X-Ray Staff, I'.IdIllIll'tlIl Staff Destination: Smith College Lovely Lady. PHILIP S. CLARE Destination: College Boys like him are all too rare. LORRAINE CLARKE Commercial Club Destination: Business An individual with a sparkling personality. CATHERINE COFFEY Arista, English Heralds, Commer- cial Club, Silver Blades, Radio Club Destination: Business Never sharp, Never flat, just natural. QBM11 E COGNAT estination: Plaza Busin ss School A sparkling eye, a li step Here is a girl with ots of pep. X. Xl JUNE COLBERG Destination: Duke University Poised, confident, smiling. l'lliLlfN COLLINS Destination: Drake's Business School Simple and sweet. ELIZABETH COLON Home Nursing, Bibliopliiles, Physi- ography Club Destination: Cornell School of Nursing A girl who should succeed. FREDERICK CONRAD Chess Club Destination: College What did he do for Newtown? Why, he went there! WILLIAM j. COORS Destination: Business All the great men are dead and he's not feeling well. FRANK CORNETTA Destination: Fordham An outstanding example of one of our little big men. RITA COSTELLO Destination: Business With her disposition, she'll surely get a position. JOSEPH A. COURTNEY Dance Club, Fine Arts Club Destination: Ranger School Sir, I would rather be right than be president. MARIE CONNER Destination: Business Behind her shyness you will find a miss who is very fine. ii RAYMOND COOLEY Destination: Business Quiet in class but there is no de- nying that look in his eye. ROBERT CORCORAN Destination: Business Hurrah! he finally got out. MARIE COSTANZO Destination: Business Sedatc, kind and industrious. anobfb RITA COUGHLIN Dancing Club Destination: Business A perfectly charming girl. RUTH COX Destination: College Shall I compare you to a summer's day? GILDA CRIESCI Destination: Business School A friend in need is a friend indeed. jOHN CSAJKO Arista, Solderology, Technical Honor Society Destination: Rensselaer Polytechnic lnstitute - And, himself admits no parallel. RICHARD W. CUSACK Graphic Arts Destination: Business A little nonsense now and then is relished by the wisest men. .IOHN CUTILLO Destination: Business A little work hurts no man But to be happy and merry is no shame. HOWARD DAHL Physics Club Destination: C.C.N.Y. The boy whose Math homework is -"a pleasure to see-" JAcK DALTON Dancing Club Destination: Forestry School Only God can make a tree, But .lack can save it. THOMAS CROWLEY Destination: Civil Service What 'ere he did was done with so much ease, In him alone 't was natural to please. JAMES CUNNINGHAM Drum and Bugle Corps, Physiog- raphy Club Morality, when vigorously alive, sees further than intellect. MARION CUSANELLI Advisers' Aides, Dancing Club Destination: Business She is capable of great accomplish- fnents. ANN D'AGOSTINO Destination: Business School Dependable, loyal and quite human, We're sure that in business you'll MQ' alte a big name : l ROBERT DAILEY Destination: Civil Service Handsome for short, clean-cut, and a peach of a sport. WARREN DALYZJ Chess C Des in t on: Navy l ,WA asted the joy that springs rom labor. MOLLY DANIEL Destination: Business College just a girl of our sort, Shc's an all-round good sport. JOSEPH A. DANOSKI Destination: Business One who has all the qualities for a successful future. EUGENE DAVIS Camera Club, X-Ray Staff, Scribe Destination: Naval Air Corps Hold that pose! SEVERNA DAVIS Destination: Business College She held her place, like a growing tree. JOSEPH DECANIO Destination: Business He'll get there, we hope. JEAN DECICCO Italian Club Destination: Pratt Institute These lovely lamps, these windows of the soul. LILLIAN DANNER Fine Arts, Photoplay, Fashion Destination: Fashion Illustrating Always fair and neat To meet her is a treat. BETTE DAVIS Fine Arts Destination: Pratt Institute Many a time . . . from a bad begin- ning, great friendships have sprung up. MILDRED DAVIS Destination: N.Y.U. She is headed for bigger things. SHIRLEY DAVIS Dancing Club Destination: Business Sweet and demure, Comely and pure. PETER DECASTOLE Technical Honor Society Destination: C.C.N.Y. In much wisdom there is much grief. CORINNE DEEGAN Arista, English Heralds Destination: College She is not conservative kindness to others. with her GUSTAVE DEISTER Destination: Cooper Union The foree of his own merit makes his way. DARIO Dlzl.FAVERO Destination: Court Stenographer Those who know him will value his friendship. IRENE MARY DEMPSEY Destination: Business Cute and clever with flaming hair. RALPH DLNICOLA Destination: Columbia A pleasant, amiable fellow? IQDWARD DL SZYMANSKI Silver Blades, Swimming Team Destination: College He'll put a circle around the earth in forty minutes. ,IOSEPH DliVLlN Destination: Navy He always knows what to do and does it. .llfNNll'l DliFlGLlA Destination: Katherine Gibbs School To everyone a friend in need: A charming girl she is indeed. FELIX DLMARTIS Handball Team Destination: Business If silence was golden he would be a millionaire. WILLIAM B. DENHART Arista, Chemistry, Res Gestae, German Honor Society, X-Ray Staff, Physics Destination: University of lllinois Chemistry's his dessert. ODETTE DERIEH Destination: Pratt vlnstitute Sweet, capable and demure She'll make a sueeess, we are quite sure. JOHN DFTMOLD Arista, X-Ray, Newtown Union Destination: Cornell The iron hand in the velvet glove. RENT? uiivoucoux Silver Blades Destination: Park's Air College The French have a way with them. WWC GRACE DEWEY Destination: Hunter College Silence is the most perfect herald of joy. ANNA DILELLO Destination: journalism Devise wit: write peng for I am for whole volumes in folio. I' .IES J. DIGIACOMO Des ation: Business W A crackerjack steno, with a million dollar smile. KATHERINE R. DISANTIS Destination: Busines 4' Oi e of vvtgwds icest. , fb ERIKA M. DITZEL Arista, Le Cercle Franqais, Virgil Club, Le Flambeau Staff, Advis- ers' Aides, Dancing Club Destination: Hunter College "Vous parlez franqais, n'est-ce , pas? CATHERINE DOLAN Economies Club Destination: California California, here I come! -IAMES A. DlCIOI.LA Destination: Drafting Always willing to lend a hand, al- ways ready on demand Never asleep in the M. D. class. f I ,J EDMUND Ditgtto g I Qhemistry f' pcs n ' :Columbia University I ,, fi 7, Ak Ls' re no hope, the sit man said, X The silent dobtorkhook his head, And took his leave with signs of sorrow, . Despairing of his fee tomorrow. MARIE DIPPOLITO Destination: Business School With a disposition like hers, you can't go wrong. HELEN DISPENZIERE Arista, Res Gestae, X-Ray Staff, Home Nursing Club, Bibliophiles, Economics Club Destination: Washington Square College Cheerful at morn she wakes from short repose Breathes the keen air and carols as she goes. RUTH DOHERTY Destination: College Her manners and beauty are those of a true Irish colleen. NANCY DONATO Destination: Business Here's one who is a quiet lass We seldom know when she's in class. i FRANK DONOVAN Destination: Business A quiet lad, he goes his way With lots of friends on each new day. 6 . . LORR4I 1 WDELL Desti Business f She has it, grace ayl ion. p ,?',,,.-H flumq ff . 1 " fl Af fu If SHIRLEY DREYFUSS Arista, Economics Club Destination: Wilfred's Academy of Beauty Culture I would do anything to serve a friend. MARTIN J. DUDDY, JR. Economics Club, Newtown Band Destination: College A mischievous fellow is Mart But we are sure that he's on to a brilliant start. HELEN DUFFY Destination: Business Shc's quiet and nice: what more can we say Except that she's sure to succeed some day. 1. RALPH DYKES Arista, Garretson Scribes, Syzitics, French Club, Newtown Union, X-Ray Staff Destination: Princeton University Who touches a hair on yon blonde "haid." SHIRLEY DORN Economics Club Destination: Business Cool and quiet, sweet, serene A girl so nice is seldom seen. PETER DOYLE Destination: Professional Boxer The great end of life is not knowl- edge but action. DOROTHY DRUGAN Destination: Katherine Gibbs Secre- tarial School She's quite discreet And has a manner very sweet. ELIZABETH DUFEL Roosevelt Club Destination: Business Friend to all-enemy to none. WA, JAMES 4 if A B , Arista, Da' ing Club, Masque and Baublq' Major "N" Club, Silver Bladcia, Res Gestae Destination: Queens College There should be more like him. JOHN EBERT Destination: College And still the wonder grew, that one small head could carry all he knew. GEORGE EDDINS Arista, A B C, Newtown Union, X-Ray Destination: Princeton University Our fashion-flashing Buck has won his place in Newtown. DORIS EISENBERG Destination: Business A barrel of vim chock full to the brim. ELLIS EKLOF Destination: Northwestern Uni- versity His smile is as winning as his per- sonality. WILLIAM F. ENGELKING Destination: Business He's a good clear thinker and knows it well When he's asked a question He's saved by the bell. DORIS ENO Destination: Katherine Gibbs School A quiet attraetive kind of grace. STANLEY EPSTEIN Destination: College A grand person to know. SHIRLEY EDELMAN Arista, Spanish Honor Society, Garretson Scribes, Silver Blades, Scribe Staff Destination: Hunter College She is as busy and as bright as a button. FLORENCE EISENSTADT Destination: Business On none but pleasant thought in- tent. 4 E EL NG Adviser Destination: N.Y.U. Will be welcome wherever she goes. ' h I I EO GNNIF ti tion: olumbia I rilc Managxf +1 . ligenie is! the mother of good foytdnff J DOROTHEA EPP Italian Honor Society, Choir Destination: Europe Only the best comes in small packages. NORMA J. ERB Fine Arts Club, Bibliophiles Destination: Pratt Institute It may be said that her wit shines at the expense of her memory. y If WILLIAIIA . IZRWIN I:ife,. and Drum Corps Des 'n in: Th rooklyn Institute 'hnol re is always a friend but a rie d . always a treasure. GRACE FABIQR Masque and Bauble, X-Ray, Dancing Club, Garretson Scribes Destination: Syracuse University Carefree and smiling all day long. LOUIS FANTQZZI Destination: Business When great things are done he'II do them. VINCENT FAY Destination: Queens College The tower of strength Which stood four square to all winds that blew. DOROTHY FI-ILGNER 'Arista, Virgil Club, Le Cercl: Francais, Advisers' Aides, Phys- ical Efhciency Destination: Hunter College "Dark Eyes." VIRGINIA IiIiLI.QUIST Destination: Columbia Coolness and absence of haste in- dicate fine qualities. VLNCENT ESPOSITO Italian Club, Physics Club Destination: College XVe hope he will do as well in the future as he has in the past. i QW M AMIANO D ation' ess School A ays as nt, never bold Deepest respect shall always hold. FRANCIS FASO Destination: Aviation Happy go lucky and always full of joy, is this fellow senior of Newtown High. ABRAHAM FELD Track Team, Swimming Team, Major "N" Club Destination: Alabama University A town that boasts good inhabi- tants lilte me Can have no laek of good society. GASTON FELLER Destination: Business He begins in jest, and ends in earnest. ARMAN O FERLITO st a ueens ol t f De ' f' nz Q 'g' Hmsip and wit. ,, I' an 14514 I I JOSEPH P. FERRI Arista, Res Gestae, Syzitics, Chem- istry Club Destination: Queens College Genial in the Lincoln style! we 1 MARIE FIIi ' Destination: Business Her voice is soft and low- An excellent thing in woman. FRANCIS FINN4. Econom' s Club, es Gegtae, Ph WD ation: een .V ege We always ought his first name was Mickey. MARION FISHER Arista, Res Gestae, Bibliophiles, English Heralds, Syzities Destination: New York State Col- lege for Teachers Gaily flitting, spreading charm. LAWRENCE FITZGERALD Destination: Aeronautical Engineer- mg A "regular fellow" his classmates say, ' Whatwteftribute could we pay. N1 If T x 11,1 . THOMAS FITZSIMMONS Band, Orchestra Destination: Art and Music School He is not merely a chip of the old block, but the old block itself. mf ' A! CATHERINE P. FIEGER Destination: Business Catherine is both cute and neat All in all she's considered sweet. HARRY FIELD Destination: Business They little knew what man he WHS. MADELINE FISCHER Destination: Business Capable, reliable and likeable. I if ,sg A OHN . FITZGERALD asque and Bauble, Pan American Club Destination: Dwight Preparatory School A smile, a nod, a gay retort, per- haps sometime a pun- A friend to those who know him- a "pal" to everyone. MURIEL G. FITZGERALD Arista, Secretary of General Organi- zation, Dancing Club, Le Cercle Francais, Photoplay, Bibliophiles, Silver Blades Destination: Queens College To brisk notes in cadence beating Glance her doubly twinkling feet. RENE FIX Destination: N.Y.U. School of Aeronautical Engineering Life is not so short, but that there is always time enough for courtesy. KATHRYN ANN FLEMTNG Masque and Bauble, Advisers' Aides Destination: Washington Secretarial School Her ambition will carry her far. SARAIM FLETCHER Destination: Queens College Here I come-ready or not! GEORGE FORKER Technical Honor Society, Chess Club Destination: Army Air Corps For the more a man knows the more Worthy he is. FRANK FRANCESCHINI Baseball Team Destination: Business Frankie looks quiet, a wee bit shy, But when you know him, Then-Oh my! MURIEL FRAPS EL Girls' Biolo 'lg . Pan American, .Econo i ,X amera Club, Chem- s , Photoplay Club Desti a i : College I have eye to sec with- -IOSEPH FRANZ Economics Club Destination: Architect He is always in the classroom, lie is always in his seat He reminds me of the policeman Who is always on his beat. DOROTHY FLETCHER Physical Efliciency Destination: N.Y.U. A light heart lives long. ELEANOR FOETSCH Economics Club Destination: Business School Like thy occupations be few if ,thou wpluldjt lead a tranquil life. X A 'JIT if Wy. DOMENIC j. FRANCESCHINA Graphic Arts Destination: Business A quiet fellow whom every one knows He's well liked wherever he goes. ILONA FRANK Destination: Business Hard to find One so kind. JEROME FRANKLIN Bibliophilcs, Band Destination: University of Southern California Seen and often heard. SALVATORE FRASSANITO Choir Destination: Music Oh! He will sing the Sha out of a bear. wg ELEANOR FRIBERG Destination: Business Capable, charming, amiable. ,X I 19 X'i1i,lX "Q uf, sf' IRTYING FRI omfxyl Bo ijiology Cl ,Qbysiography 'glub I sti University A mer eart mxfketh a cheerful countenance. L t, K ELLEN RUTH FRIEDSAM German Honor Society, Occid- Orient, Res Gestae, Chemistry Club, X Y Z Destination: College The sweetest thing that ever grew, beside a human door, IRVING FROMOWITZ Destination: Business May he be as outstanding through life as his red hair. MARGARET E. V. FUCHS Home Nursing Club Destination: Nurses' Training School Her foes are few, her friends are many. LAWRENCE FURMAN Destination: Columbia University When there's work to share He's always --there. ELAINE FRIEDMAN Arista, Res Gestae, German Honor Society, Advisers' Aides Destination: School for Medical Assistants "Elaine the fair, Elaine the lov- able." PHYLLIS FRIEDMAN Textile Arts Club Destination: Pratt Institute She only speaks when she has some- thing nice to say. HENRY V. FRIELING Technical Honor Society Destination: Business The deep slumber of a decided opinion. MURIEL FROST Destination: Grace Institute In her tongue is the law of kind- ness. .-4 X. I I .VK AGNES FULTON' Q J ' Destination: Business 'C 1 They that goqgrn the most, make fthe leaslt lsnoise. I I W! ll AUBREY GALE Destination: Trade School With hesitant step he stands on the threshhold of life. AUGUST GALIOTO Choir Destination: Music School Reward awaits the deserving August. , QQ- ww-go I EDWARD GARCIA Destination: Business A gentleman, first, last and always. AMliLIA CASS Destination: Business Sweet, charming, alert. NNF GATTO oos vcI Fconomics Club, 5 u HMM 1 ' I is mation: College Her sunny disposition lightens every unpleasant presence. CAROLYN GEDDIQS Destination: Grace Institute We must go forward. QIOHN DAVID GERAGHTY President of the General Organiva- tion, Arista, A B C, English Heralds, Newtown Union, Res Gestae Destination: Columbia Far may we search before we find A heart so manly and so kind. l -32.- DOROTHEA GAMBLE Destination: Business School Silence is the virtue of the wise. FDXVIN GARMIRIAN Band, Economics Club Destination: St. Lawrence Uni- versity An all-round wisdom is more precious than jewels. ROBERT GASSNER Destination: College The young politician who always bets on the wrong candidates. HENRY GEED Destination: College Speech is like silver-silence like gold. CARMELINA GERACI Destination: Business Not too fast, not too slow, But she's always ready to go. FREDRICK W. GETTLER Technical Honor Society Destination: Webb Institute My life is like a stroll upon the beach. ELDA GHIA Bibliophiles Club Destination: Business School Like a lovely tree, she grew to womanhood. ANTONIO GIAQUINTO Destination: Business If silence were silver, Tony would own the mint, HARRY K. GICK Graphic Arts Club Destination: Business Chuckling, gurgling, full of zest, This brave little fellow is never at rest. ANNA GILHOOLY Destination: Business A girl worth watching. t MARIE GIL A ' L Res G s , English He s hy e ciency Destinatio ' ege The littl weet doth kill much bitter ess. RITA GIORDANO Destination: Business Sweet as the primrose which peeps beneath the thorns. WILLIAM GIACCIO Arista, Italian Honor Society, Bibliophiles, X-Ray Staff Destination: Queens College .Ambition is one thing, success is another, If you havel one, you can obtain the other. ALICIA GIBBS Q Pan American, Roosevelt, Dancing Club, Economics Club Destination: Business Patience is a necessary ingredient of genius. DOROTHY GIELLA Dancing Club Destination: Business School Demure and sweet, Pretty and petite. o X X i 'z -S sinlsf fggliestae If V York Institute of Dietetic, Newto yiyeflsqo see her go. I 'J' ff I LOUIS GIOIA QMILLHEISERJ Destination: Business He looks very shy, but that isn't tflle You can't tell by looks what a fel- low can do. ANNE GIULIANI Destination: Business Dignity is with her at all times. PAUL GOLD Destination: Columbia University A silent man is a safe man, for none know his thoughts. SHIRLEY A. GOLDENSTEIN Destination: Queens College Zcalous, yet modest. MARY CATHERINE GOODWIN Destination: Business Silver-tongued, jolly and talkative. MILDRI-ID GOREY Arista Destination: Business A dainty little lady, bright and cheery. GLADYS GORMLY jlaessination: Secretary JY It is the tranquil people who ac- complish much. 5 Cil'iORGl'i GOTTLllfli Destination: Queens College The right man to Hll the right place. LAURA L. GQJLKSBERG It , Aris'tQ,Gi4-iii' Bioloyy Club, Bolkel ,Mi, Garret n.Scrilaes, Newtown i Choir, Scrire, X-Ray Staff X Destination: Queens College Labor hath its rewards. EDEL GONZALEZ Destination: Business Full of fun and gaicty. ANNA GORDON Res Gestae Destination: Business Everyone else talks, but I haven't much to say. NIOSEPH GORMAN Tennis Team, Major "N" Club Destination: Fordham As for all good men, fame will come. CHARLES H. GOTTlfNllQYER U0 Re Mi, Dance Club Destination: United States Weather Bureau Had Charlie his way, It would be fair weather every day Y x .. eq .V as Psi LEO GRABARCZY Technical Honor iety, Le Cercle Frangais -. Destination: Coymbia University Patience is bitter, but its fruit is sweet. A t X . ' X 1 I s A MARGUERITE E. GRAFELMAN Destination: Da Vinci Art School She is typical of our American youth, for she has looks and is of truth. MARY GRANT Home Nursing Club, Res Gestae, English Heralds Destination: Nurses' Training School Her personality is like a bolt of lightning which leaves one thunderstruck. HAROLD GREENBLATT Arista Destination: Business "I asked ye for bread and ye gave me a stone." WILLIAM GREENE Destination: Fordham University His only fault is that he has none. JOYCE GRIGNON Hearthstone Club Destination: Business A student who strives and suc- ceeds. YORKSTON W. GRIST Arista, Res Gestae, Economics Club Destination: Columbia Ladies prefer gentlemen. RENATE GRAFENHAIN Textile Arts Club Destination: Business Wherever she goes she tosses a new gladness. BERNARD GREENBLATT Arista Destination: Business This pessimist has his brighter moments EDO. DOROTHY GREENE Destination: Business She's mild but sure to satisfy. ALBERT GREGA Fine Arts Club, Fashion Club Destination: Cooper Union Art is long: life not: judgment difficult: opportunity transient. ADELAIDE GRIMALDI I Destination: Delehanty Institute Short, sweet and petite. ELSIE GROB Destination: Pratt Institute Like champagne-she stimulates. VICTOR GROSSI Destination: Business There is no knowledge that is not power. MILDRED GRUTZMACHIQR Destination: Business She's very quiet, nevertheless, we know when she is around. ALICI2 GUTTERDAM Advisers' Aides, Fashion Club Destination: St. Vincent's Nursing School An athlete and yet so feminine PETER HADJINANOS Physiography, Silver Blades Destination: Cornell University Peter is good and small. Let us assure you, good things come in small packages. BERNICH HAGIZNAH Destination: Business As sweet a girl one seldom finds, She's hearty, wholesome not un- kind. MILDRIED HALLERAN Destination: Business School She is like an angel from heaven above. LUKE GROTANO Destination: Alabama University Many intelligent people remain silent. EUGENIA GUNTHER Dancing Club, Pan American, Economics Club Destination: College A Winning smile, A pleasing personality. CAROLINE HAAKE Destination: Business Where did you get those eyes? ROBERT HAGEMEYER Economics Club Destination: General Motors Insti- tute Good natured and easy going, WA ER is a, i' resi of' the - al ani ' , Ba' b ll , cs est , aio ' er a onor fsoeie d Orient Photop ay, Sl d Destina on: olui bia A just ortun awaits tl deserving MORTON HAMBURG Orchestra Destination: N.Y.U. Serious, but friendly. LEO HANDLER Destination: Farmingdale But one thing is, ye know it well enow of chapmen, that their money is in their plow. GERARD E. HANNAN Destination: Business ln the business world we soon shall find Another Newtown student on the ALEX HARRIS Destination: Queens College We never could tell the twins apart. FLOYD HART Destination: Delehanty Institute A future Police Captain. ERNEST HARTMANN Destination: State Trooper Believed there is no time like the pleasant. ANNA MARGARET I-IARTNETT Destination: Business Small in stature only. THERESA HANITSCH Textile Arts Club Destination: Business Always smiling, always there, More than willing to do her share. JAMES HARKINS Destination: Business Wit and wisdom are born with a man. SAUL HARRIS Band, German Honor Society, Chess Club Destination: Queens College One of the Harris' makes more noise-maybe it's this one. WALTER HARTBRODT Destination: Business A business man he'll someday be. 1 f HA?1Qj4.i-I HARTMANNS Arista, Girls' 'Bi'dH'J2?Cl'fib'fGerman Honor 'Societ Photoplay Club, English-He' s, Ray Destinationzimusiness ' ' Lct's chat! FLOYD N. HASSELRIIS Arista, Chemistry Club, Chess Club, Le Cercle Frangais, Flam- beau Staff, Multigraph Squad, Archimedeans Destination: C.C.N.Y. The ink-stained fingers of a printer. WILLIAM HAYS Cross Country Team, Track Team, Major "N" Club Destination: Police or Fire Depart- ment Fireman! Fireman! Save my child! FRANK HIENNIG Destination: Bookkeeping Actions speak louder than words. LEO HERSHKOWITZ Technical Honor Society Destination: College It is always good when a man has two irons in the fire. ARTHUR HIERRFORTH Gym Team, Track Team, Swim- ming Team Destination: Indianapolis Normal College Hail fellow, well met. MARTIN HIfSSIfI.BACI'IIiIl Destination: Business To know him is to like him. EMMA MARGARET HEYDEN Destination: Business Poetcss, writer, orator is sheg a grander person there will never be. 4 K s CLINTON HENKE Destination: Business The Beau Brummel of I939. CHARLES F. HERMAN Dancing Club Destination: Annapolis Little Charlie is always full of fun His gags and his jokes are enjoyed by everyone. JANET HERO Fine Arts Club Destination: Pratt Institute She most likely will succeed in any- thing that she undertakes as she has what it takes. AURORA HERTA Destinatidn: School of Music Nothing is difficult to a willing mind. RUTH ANN HETTLER . Destination: School of Beauty Cul- ture It is no matter what you do If your heart be only true. ERNEST HILKER, JR. Destination: Business With his glib tongue he would make a great politician. N u 4 SW N HINCHEY Arista, A B C, Track Team Destination: Annapolis Though pleased to see the dolphins Play, I mind my compass and my way. HANS HIRSCHLAND Roosevelt Club Destination: Roosevelt Air School Debonair and devil may care, Man of the world with titian hair. OTTO HOENI Track Team Destination: Queens College Not brilliant, nor flashing, but steady. . O! FM N is , 'r il ercle Fran- ga , A ' ides Des ' n: Hun er College All the better to see you with, my dear. Mitts Hoociq estination: Delehanty Institute Upright, business-like and efficient. HERMAN HOOPS Destination: Cornell Silent, but observant Thoughtful, but keen. IRENE HIRSCH Economics Club Destination: Modeling School A girl who is ever ready to do her part. GLORIA HODNETT Fashion Club, Fine Arts Club, Pho- toplay Club, English Heralds Destination: Duke University This lass so neat, with smile so sweet, has won our right good will. DOROTHY HOENER German Honor Society, Commer- cial Club, Advisers' Aides Destination: Business A little girl, but mighty in deed and courage. ROBERT HOLMES Destination: Business With his wit he's sure to be a hit. ANNA HOOPER Destination: Art School A miss is as good as her smile. NATALIE HORBATUCK Destination: Drake's Business School Full of fun and mischief too, Doing things she shouldn't do. JOHN HORVATH Arista, Chemistry, English I-Ieralds, Virgil Club, Pan American, Track Team, Cross-Country Team, Major "N" Club Destination: Syracuse University The best conditioned and unwearied spirit. LEO HUGHES Destination: Business With good nat r an r wit, oW s a t. STANLEY HURD Masque and Bauble, Garretson Scribes Destination: Cornell Modesty is the citadel of beauty and virtue. BENNY INNAMORATO Roosevelt Club, Commercial Club Destination: Business Lively, friendly, jolly and gay. LUCIEN J. INGRASSIA Technical Honor Society, Camera Club Destination: Business Sigh no more, ladies, sigh no more. ji. 2. A ,IAC I ZYK Desdin io? usiness A yuuarxr miss who is ambitious, agreeable, and considerate. 'NWI BLANCHE HUGHES Destination: Pratt Institute There's depth to her laughing eyes. RITA HUNNINGHAUS Destination: Business Happy smiling, never blue Always loyal, ever true, A aughmg eye lc wit ' ', ni ' , "n ly 'art, t' ll f it. I' I Z I I fi Z YVETTE HYATT Arista, X-Ray, Girls' Biology Club, Spanish Honor Society Destination: Queens College Cool and quiet, sweet and serene, A girl so nice is seldom seen. LOUIS IMBERGAMO Destination: Business His smile is sweetened by his gravity. VINCENT IOLI Destination: Business His hair is attractive we do admit But even without it l1e'd be a hit. 3,56 WAAAQ fiwf-2942-rf' -IUANITA JACKSON Hearthstone Club Destination: College Lively, friendly, jolly and gay Sl1e's the best kind of n girl in every way. Q-5 ADELE T. JACOBELL Italian Club Destination: Business School Ambitious and eflicientg Isn't that sutlicient? DOROTHY JACOBS Dancing Club Destination: Business School C0fnfn0n SCHSE is nOf COlTllTl0l"I. JAMES J. JANOSKA Technical Honor Society Destination: Rennselaer Polytech- nic Institute Build on, and make thy castles high and fair Rising and reaching upward to the skies. JUNE R. JENNINGS Arista, Masque and Bauble, Choir, Syzitics, Do Re Mi Destination: N.Y.U. In every rank or great or small 'Tis industry supports us all. ETHEL JOHNSON Destination: Business Happy am I from care I'm free Why aren't you all contented like me? GERTRUDE JOHNSON Destination: Business She is my delight, all mankind's wonder. ALFRED JACOBS Arista, A B C, Garretson Scribes, Res Gestae, Track Team, X-Ray, Scribe Staff Destination: Columbia College The optimist who thinks that in life's bowl of cherries he's but a pit. LEE JAFFE Technical Honor Society, Res Gestae Destination: Carnegie Institute of Technology Bold, quick, ingenious, forward, capable. EMMA JE ING ri : Pratt 'In titute re is no wisdom ilie frank 6 ' ,f AGNES JOHNSON Destination: American Institute of Banking Look upon her eyes and they do light, Look upon her hair it is so bright. R NK W. HNSON t. estination: . n's v s' Labor omnia vincit I, ff HARRY G. JOHNSON Baseball Team Destination: Business But he couldn't lie if you paid him, and he'd starve before he stole. 1 5 u ff' x awww l P I lr. ff .1 DOROTHY JONES Dancing Club, Photoplay Club Destination: Business School Of all the girls that are so smart There's none like pretty Dotty. EMILY JUNIEWICZ Commercial Club, Dancing Club Destination: Secretary A truer more sincere friend, No one could find. WARREN J. KAHN Arista, Res Gestae, Le Cercle Francais, Chess Club, Syzitics Destination: Queens College A second Cicero. JOHN KANDL Track, Cross-Country Team, Physi- ography Club, Biology Club Destination: Cornell The acme of determination. HAROLD KAPLOWITZ Destination: Business Every joy is gain, and gain is gain, however small. HENRY KARP Dancing Club Destination: Business As welcome as sunshine in every place, Is the beaming approach of a smil- ing face. ROBERT JORDAN Destination: Business A quiet chap who manages to do his work without the aid of an advertising manager. MAJ JOSEPH KADRLE Technical Honor Society Destination: R.C.A. Institute Deep sighted in intelligences Ideas, atoms influence. MARGARET KALB Destination: Business College Your heart's desire be with you. X ROBERT KA g Dancing Club y , Destination: Ne Yorl ersity A quiet type of fellow in m it may be said, He has a good deal more than non- sense underneath that head. EDWARD KARDOS Destination: Springfield College It has been said and still rings true, That a strong man is a silent one too. fi I HERB T KA Des? on: Co lege d of mettle, a good boy. at K R ull IRVING KATZ Chess Club Destination: C.C.N.Y. just a likeable fellow. EVELYN KAUFMAN Fine Arts Club, Fashion Club, Dancing Club Destination: Traphagen School Elegant as simplicity, and warm as ecstasy. MARITA KEATING Destination: Hunter College Good luck at Hunter, Marita. AUGUSTA KEIM Destination: Business So quiet, she keeps us guessing. WILLIAM KELLY Destination: N.Y.U. Says little, but thinks much And never for ets thiiig. :Q Dest' tion: Busi Ful f bashful e nd MARION KATZMAN Arista, Yearbook Staff, Advisers' Aides, Le Cercle Franeais, Pan American, Radio Club, English Heralds, Res Gestae Destination: Barnard College Work, worry, work. CHARLES KAVIC Destination: Business With a record of service attached to his name, This boy does not need a bit more fame. THOMAS KEENAN Destination: Business There's nothing like fun, is there? KAY KELLY Arista, Res Gestae, Syzitics, Le Cercle Franqais Destination: Mt. St. Vincent The fairest garden is her looks, And in her mind, the wisest books. EUNICE KENNY Home Nursing Club Destination: Greensboro College for Women The world delights in sunny people. LES E AW ff Oil i 1 B ' t, ea est, si d kind. Are Lest 's attr' tes W ll deli l CONSTANCE KESSLER Destination: Business Straight as an arrow, True as a dart, Winning a way Into everyone's heart. VIRGINIA KIIZRNAN Destination: Business Sugar and spice and everything nice. IQTHIQI. KISS Destination: Savage School of Physi- cal Iiducation Quiet and sweet, Her clothes can't be beat. IERRY KISSLING Destination: Business Q 'et, but you a t tell book by gs cover. ' IRIiNIi KLIQIN Le Cercle Franeais Destination: Hunter College Her eyes a'shine Her eheeks a'glow How eould anyone say "no. is VALENTINE KLIEMENT Destination: Business Hc's as quiet as a mouse and just as smart. 1 r 1 IRVING KESSLER Res Gestac Destination: C.C.N.Y. Another quiet fellow, who is well liked. MINNIE L. KING Destination: College She tries for perfection in every- thing she undertakes. A. RICHARD KISSEI.. Arista, Fine Arts Club, Bibliophiles Destination: College I like work: it fascinates me. I can look at it for hours. The idea of getting rid of it nearly breaks my heart. EDWARD KLEIN Destination: Business As for me, all I know is nothing. MILTON KLEIN Commercial Club, Camera Club Destination: Business College Chief interest-class. HARRY KLEMFUSS Ex-Vice-President of G.O., Masque and Bauble, X-Ray, Res Gestae, Garretson Scribes, Newtown Union Destination: Columbia University Few things are impossible to dili- gence and skill. JOSEPH KOMONICEK Destination: College The great Lothario. CHARLES KOPECKY Destination: Business Sincere, thoughtful and friendly And a gentleman in every respect. MILDRED H. KOTEK Arista, Physical Efficiency, Res Gestae Destination: Business The brightest star in our Cooperaa tive sky. HENRY C. KR AETZER Arista, Technical Honor Society, Chemistry Club, A B C Destination: Brooklyn Institute of Technology Man of light and leading. VIOLA R. KRIEGEI. Economics Club Destination: Business It is nice to be natural, When you are naturally nice. ESTELLE B. KROLIKOSKI Destination: Business She's neither shy nor bold She's just a girl as good as gold. ROBERT W. KOOB Destination: Business Silence is the herald of joy. TEDDY KOPROWSKI Spanish Honor Society, Res Gestae, Chemistry Club, Camera Club, Physics Destination: Cornell But 't was a maxim he had often tried That right was right, and there he would abide. FLORENCE KRAEMER Ilearthstone Club Destination: Columbia College Sense plus a sense of humor. . I' 'T ' f" . f ' I 1 .Af 4 -Q!3""A - 1 WILLIAM P. KRAUTER Res Gestae Destination: Engineering He agrees t'o study and not to shirk, B55 all he asks isflels homework. ELYNOR KRINGS Fine Arts, Choir Destination: Mallon-Friel School of Modelling Charm and poise are hers. JOHN KRULISH Technical Honor Society Destination: Technical School A gentleman is often seen but very seldom heard to laugh. DOROTHY KUEBLER Destination: Business As Chcstcrfield's would say, Mild-but how she satisfies. ALBERT KUMER Destination: Civil Service A heart as big as Newtown, and t 'ce as good aygoldi , 1, VV,.,.,1,, 1 affyz .:,'.lA.'fJ'z' .' JOYCE FORTUNE LACHTER Dancing Club, Roosevelt Club, Eco- nomics Club Destination: Ohio State University Her smiling face Makes sunshine in a shady place. CHARLES LAGATTUTA Commercial Club, Roosevelt Club, X-Ray Staff Destination: Pace institute I am very wise! Can you rcll it? VIVIAN LARSON Home Nursing Club Destination: Dulce University Southern girls, beware. JACQUELINE LAUDERBACK Newtown Union, Photoplay, Eng- lish Heralds Destination: Western Reserve Uni- versity She that was ever fair and never proud, Had tongue at will and yet was never loud. STELLA KULESZA Destination: Business Sweet, considerate and sincere. EDWARD KUROLY Destination: Civil Service His smile and wavy hair makes a girl stop and stare. SHERMAN LADERMAN Destination: Business School Hail to thee, blithe spirit, like a babbling brook. FRED LAMPASSO Destination: Business A pleasing personality wins many friends. 2 NATASHA LATT Arista, Masque and Bauble Destination: Monmouth Memorial Hospital, NJ. O, yes, Natasha knows the answer. ROSE LAURIA Commercial Club Destination: Nurses' Training School A steady, reliable, hardly definable truly undeniable Miss. THERESA LAVANO Destination: Business A silent, shy, peace-loving girl. CAROLINE LAVIGNERA Destination: Business A merry heart and a friendly spirit, All are even glad to hear it. KENNETH LEAYCRAFT Destination: Cooper Union Paint me as I am. If you leave out one defect you'll not get a shil- ling. ROSE .LEO Desti tion: siness Ah slr t i is the lilllc' things .t aa! -X ! GEORGE LEOPOLD Multigraph Squad, Chemistry Club, Chess Club, Archimedean Club Destination: Columbia Still water runs deep. MICHAEL LESHOCK Camera, Graphic Arts, Track Team Destination: School Is not true leisure One with true toil? KATHERINE LAVIGNE Destination: Business She's pleasant company every day, Always delightful with her sweet way. FRANCIS H. LAXAR Academic Valedictorian, Arista, X-Ray Editor-in-Chief, A B C, Chemistry Club, Spanish Honor Society Destination: Columbia University No, you'll have to write headlines today. WALTER LEE Band Destination: Business My pen writes on-what shall I say, just a few words,'s O.K. EDWARD WM. LEONARD Physiography, Major "N," Track and Cross Country Teams Destination: Michigan State College Of athletes big and athletes small, Edward Leonard is king of all. JERRY LERMAN Commercial Club, Roosevelt Club, X-Ray Staff Destination: Business If worry were the only cause of dcath, He would live forever. HENRY LETTMODEN Destination: Purdue All love, at first, like generous wine Ferments and frets until 'tis fine. PAUL LEUBIQRT Destination: College A quiet fellow that everyone knows, He is liked wherever he goes. IELEANOR LEVINE Destination: Hunter College Conscientiousness personified. N I I SALVATOR In sf' lr Des' 'on I o es - 're,P e f policy. ' ' a I RALPH LICK Destination: Trinity A pretty girl attracts his eye, Despite that fact, he's kind of shy. MARTHA LINDSAY Destination: College Friendship is rarer than good china. PETER LIVONUCK Destination: Business just at the age "twixt man and youth" When thought is speech and speech is thought. ' r li 3' X, f-mil . A10 WILLIAM LEUCHTENB RG N Arista, X-Ray Staff, English Her s Destination: College A few scribbled notes, a typewriter and a good story. ALFRED J. LIBERATI Destination: Aviation Hey fellows! Who has today's homework? SEYMOUR LICHTENBAUM Arista, Band, French Club, English Heralds Destination: City College of New York Whatever skeptic could inquire for, For every why, he has a wherefore. RUTH HELEN LICK Destination: Business She is always good company. AGNES LIVERSIDGE Arista, X Y Z, Virgil Destination: Art School Sweets to the sweet. EVERETT A. LORENZ Destination: College A quaint kind of fellow of whom it may be said, That he has something more than nonsense Lying underneath his head. m ..f . mis CARL LOTTI ' ' N ltalian Club, Dancing Club Destination: Columbia University A man among men with success as his goal. MARGARET LOVAGLIO Destination: Business Kind, quiet, and agreeable. MIR UBER Arista ise s' Aides, Fine Arts, Dan 'ng lu Destina on: r School The sayi g t at eauty is but skin deep i. but a ski eep saying. ADELE LUCKINGS Destination: Katherine Gibbs School Merry, neat and nice is she With many friends she'll always be. MARJORY LUKE Arista, X Y Z, Le Cercle Francais, Advisers' Aides, German Honor Society, English Heralds, Flam- brau Staff, Res Gestae Destination: College The girl who plays on the heart strings of those who know her. Economics V! JOHN LUT yi D tin roi? ight College o is -vlfise, he studies by flffi Y K i K WILLIAM LO Aero Club De ination: Na He es day in u e S em ' in Decem er. EDWARD LOVELAND Orchestra Destination: Cooper Union 'Tis as easy for the heart to be true as for grass to be green, or skies to be blue. ENRICO LUCCHESE Dancing Club, Italian Club, Photo- play Club Destination: Business Like a dancing moonbeam on a sandy shore His rhythmic feet keep time. ANNE LUFRANO Destination: Business A sweet disposition is always in demand. RUTH LUNDQUIST Destination: Business She's considerate and sweet ' , And her smile is quite a treat. ' A ,Llfgq JAY ' I ' I . fi, lfqfdi '- ' ' LEON LUTZ Destination: Business Ambition has no risk. KATHLI'iIfN LYNCH Destination: Business Studious and unassuming. HARRY MA iRAIf n Technical UI' n Society Exgflbnz ffyilunilyal University I- soul cidfw man is in his elotheynxlv X I ALMA MAHONY Destination: Business I.ovely to look at, Delightful to know. WII,l.IAM MAl.ONl'iY Destination: Business A real sport if there ever was one. MW MARIE MARCIZIIA Arista Destination: Interior Decorating School Wlinsome and wise. GliRALDINIi MARCUS Garretson Scribes Destination: Queens College Hey-Hey! Wliat a sweep of vanity comes this way. VERONICA PATRICIA LYNCH Senior Class Secretary Destination: Business Smiling cheerful, always dependable Nothing about her that isn't com- mendable. ,,e,c. CECELIA C. MAHONEY Physiography Club Destination: Drake Business School Far may we search before we End A heart so gentle and so kind. LOUIS MALESARD Destination: Civil Service Character gives splendor to youth. 9 - ,' !tIAI?iIIi ANN MANGHISIQ Allvdsers' Aide, Economies Club, Iuian Qlub 3 Q Qstination: usineas Marie is-hap and always gay, We hofe ,Q t she will stay that wayi XA xxx GLORIA MARCHESINI Italian Honor Society, Economies Club, Dancing Club Destination: New York University She has fun today and yet looks forward to tomorrow. GEORGE MARGA Destination: Advertising Not looking for trouble, not caus- ing great strife. Quietly making a success of his life. BERNICE MARIGNAN Destination: Physical Training Teacher g A girl who has a pleasant smile and a winning personality. JEAN MARSHALL Destination: Business Self-confidence is an asset to any girl. ROBERT MARTIN, JR. Destination: Pratt Institute He's tall, tan, and terrific. ' 5 INEZ MARTINY Destination: Bucknell University For Inez's smile We'd walk a mile. WILLIAM MATTFELD Physiography Club Destination: Business School At all times a gentle man. CHARLES R. MAYER Arista, Spanish Honor Society, Chemistry Club, Bibliophiles, A B C, Radio Club Destination: Queens College Studious, witty and lots of fun, Good ol' Charley, always on the run. ANTHONY MARINO Destination: Business A good man makes no noise over a good deed, but passes on to an- other as a vine to bear grapes again in season. GEORGE MARTIN Destination: N.Y.U. Engineering College Everywhere in life, the true ques- tion is not what we gain but what we do. MICHAEL MARTINO Destination: Queens College He's small but he's got what it takes. ELWOOD MATLACK Destination: Business His foes are few His friends are many. BYRON MAY Destination: Business Happy-go-lucky. EMIL MAZZARELLA Destination: College He that loveth a book will never want a faithful friend. ROSIELLIQN MAZZIQTTI Arista, English Heralds, Italian Honor Society, Roosevelt Club, Economics, Tennis, Dancing Club Destination: College lt's good to lengthen to the last a sunny mood. MARY MLARDLB Home Nursing Club, Physiography Club Destination: Mary Immaculate Nurses' Training School As swee a girl one seldom finds, ' ' earfy, wholesome-not un- kind. THRYN MtCARTHY sical liilieiency Club Des ' ' : College ' od-natured, pleasant, a iolly good wort, eli, fair, and loyal summed up in short. RITA K. Mc CLOSKICY Arista, Res Gestac Destination: Business Demure, petite: in fact quite sweet. MARY McDliR MOTT Economics Club, Pliysiography, Dancing Club Destination: Business Confident and carefree. ROBERT MQELLIOTT Destination: Business He can take it,-with a grin. O. EMMET MQALONEN Destination: Business Happy am l From care l'm free Why aren't you all Contented like me? THOMAS MCAULEY President of Senior Class, Roosevelt Club, Swimming Team, Major UNH Destination: U.S. Naval Academy Smiling Tom. f f .Ric T ' c Ellie' n ' lub Destination: I A g aid works hard to make the grade. fs NIOHN MCCORMACK Le Cercle Francais, Archimedean Society, Camera Club Destination: Cornell Wliatew'er he does he does with care. MURIEL MCDONOUGH Masque and Bauble Destination: Business College She reminds one of a clock: always on the go. I " lay , ,,wL VIOLET MQGINN Destination: N.Y. Institute f Dietetics 6 Sweet as a song. .AQ X EDWARD MCGUINESS Destination: Cooper Union He is the very core of politeness A knight in modern dress. . .'I XG J! 1' 'G ' f AM KAQAY: 'ffl n 'onf 1, I .asyc ffleasy o. I l BARBARA MCKEOUGH Destination: Business School So sweet a girl one seldom meets. I f ' m' I-Low-4 ,IOHN MCMAHON Destination: Busincs o li l. When Irish eyes zfff'smilin'- I : ' I . 1 WILLIAM -I. MCNIFF Arista, Senior Class Treasurer, Graphic Arts, Dancing Club Destination: Business IIe's a big man in Newtown To him we yield the place He's exceedingly good natured You can see that in his face. ELEANORE MCQUIGGAN Destination: Business Full of laughter, full of spice, By the way, we think she's nice. i i ANDREW H. MCINNES Technical Honor Society Destination: Engineering It requires a surgical operation to get a joke well into a Scotch un- derstanding. MARTHA McKEE Le Cercle Francais, English Heralds, X-Ray Staff, Arista Destination: Western College for Women Smart, popular and witty That's the real McKee. DANIEL MCLAUGHLIN Destination: Business As merry as the day is long. CATHERINE McMORROW Destination: St. Vincent School of Nursing Success will follow her earnest efforts. DOROTHY MCPARTLAN Destination: Business Lady of sweet personality. MURIEL J. MCWHIRR Arista, Advisers' Aides, Textile Arts Club Destination: Business Always helpfu al ays n t Always with h gpg-ifilete. Ari? VIRGINIA MEISHAN Destination: Dramatic School She wears her confidence like a halo. MARY MELLISY Destination: Lenox Hill Nurses' Training School A sweet attractive kind of grace She looks the whole world in the face. JOHN MENDICINO Arista, Choir, A B C, Masque and Bauble, Do Re Mi, Syzitics Destination: Columbia Our self-styled singing scholar would a politician bc. WlLl.lAM METROS Destination: Business "Silence is golden," is a good rule and Bill sure does practice it in school. KATHlfRlNlf MEYER Destination: Business Speech is silver but silence is golden. STANLEY MICHAIQLSON Arista, Le Cercle Francais, Chess Club Destination: Columbia A really sunny disposition. ROSALIE MELLINA Destination: Business She's always friendly and nice to all. What more can we say? DOMINICK MELONI-1 K7 Destination: Night School 1 :iii Gayly on his way he goes ln no one's business pokes his nose. MARIE MESSENI Arista, Italian Club, Girls' Biology Club, Pan American Club Destination: Queens College Everything she does- she does with accuracy and precision. ARTHUR MEYER s Destination: Business Quiet Arthur, the little imp. , Wow, FRANK MICELI Physiography Destination: Business Let me laugh and dance and sing For youth is such a joyous thing. HELEN MICHNOWIQTZ Arista, Do Re Mi Destination: Business School A smile for everyone. JOSEPHINE MILIANO Destination: Drake's Business School Her smile is bright and gay She is cheery all the day. ALICE MILLER Fine Arts Club Destination: Wellesley College Our lossiis WelIeslcy's gain. KATHLEEN MAE MILLERICK Destination: Business Full of pep, push a-nd go That's why people like her so. DOUGLAS MILNE Destination: Business He had a tive-year plan. DANIEL MINDHEIM Track, Cross Country, Major "N" Destination: Dartmouth Extra-fine in character Extra-fine in athletics. IRMA MISOVE Arista Destination: Pace Institute To cut her class she would not dare At a book she'd rather stare. RUTH MILICH Economics Club Destination: College None knew her-but to love her. BARBARA MILLER Destination: Business She's neither shy nor bold, She's just a girl as good as gold. 2 ffffv-A-,,.4 ,ZA-Zia, ANNETTE MILLS Destination: Business I'm just a jitterbug. ALINE MIMS Tennis Club, Badminton Club Destination: William and Mary Her modest looks the cottage might adorn, Sweet as the primrose peeps be- neath the thorn. IDA MIRRO Destination: Business School A pleasing countenance is a silent recommendation. JANET MITCHELL Dancing Club Destination: Business School There lies a conversation in her eyes. GERALD S. MODICA Technical Honor Society Destination: Business I am not in the roll of common HIGH. ALFRED MOENTER Destination: Business He delights in athletics and gym- nastic sport. Both outdoor and indoor of every S0fl. MADlil.lNli T. MONDI Destination: Travel A sweet disposition is always in de- mand. MAMIIE MONTE Destination: Nursing Quiet but efficient. JOHN MONTLLOR Radio Club, Occid Orient, Spanish Honor Society, lil lfam Staff Destination: Queens College A capable, reliable, likeable lad. ANN MORGA Destination: Delehanty lnstitute She's industrious and sincere A swell gal, full of good cheer. ALMA MOELLER Pan American Club Destination: Mount Holyoke Col- lege Always stay as sweet as you are now. CORT MOLIN Destination: Business Speech is silver, silence is gold. RALPH MONDI Destination: N.Y.U. Blue Mundi? No-Everything but! RICHARD MONTGOMERY Destination: Business His ambition lies in Cartooning. SAM MOORE Destination: Amherst We all have ways of doing things. GILDA MORRIS Advisers' Aides, Economics Club Destination: Business Gilda's peppy, cute and sweet The nicest girl you'd want to meet LILLIAN MOSKOWITZ Spanish Honor Society, X-Ray Staff, Garretson Scribes, English Her- alds, Associate-Editor of Srrilae, Le Cercle Francais Destination: Cornell University Always busy as a bee. HELEN MOTTOLA Economics Club Destination: Business Her carefree manner fills us with envy. A EDITH MU LER Adv' rs' Aides, Home Nursing ,Des 'onz College NV: d wisdom were born with s girl. EDWIN G. MULLER Dcstinatigna U.S. Navy I 'E I U N talian- nor Cl , X- y Staff 1 ' igtionz 'ng School I nlq etty maiden, Are there any more at home like you? WILLIAM MURRAY Destination: Savage School of Physi- cal Education E Self-reverence, self-knowledge, self- control. 1 LESTER MOSS Destination: Business In came Mr. Moss, one vast sub- stantial smile. , fl , A ,Ni 4 I ' . I ANNE D. MUCCI Italian Club Destination: Long Island College Hospital Anne's sweet disposition will make her many more friends. if ,f v 1 DOROTHEA MULLER Home Nursing Club, Roosevelt Club Destination: Business School Quiet, studious, tall Liked by one and all. FLORENCE MURPHY Destination: Drake's Business School A charming lass we know her to be Pretty, too, as all may see. MARGARET MURPHY Dancing Club Destination: Business A girl with a sweet personality whose friendship we cherish. MARGARET MURTAGH Des tinationz Business Sweet and lovely, full of pep Personality, that's her rep. NORMAN NADEL Italian Honor Society Destination: Brooklyn College Height is might. LOUIS NECKE Destination: N.Y.U. We wish him luc in whatever he G0es CECILE NEIMAN Destination: Hunter College Reticent, serious, but who knows what she thinks? I . WA ALBERT NEUBERT Yearbook Staff Photographer, Cam- era Club Destination: Eastern Chiropractic Institute All things come round to him who will but wait. THOMAS NEWMAN Destination: Business A statesman he will some day be. EILEEN NEYLAN Dancing Club, Physiography Club Destination: Grace Institute Whose locks outshine the sun. MICHAEL A. NARCISO Destination: Business What's in a name? That which We call a rose, By any other name would smell as sweet. CORNELIA NEGRI Dance Club, Economics Club, Aero- nautics Club Destination: Business College An intelligent young miss who will no doubt make a success of life in the future as in the past. MILDRED NEKOLA Destination: Teachers' Training Great things thru great hazards are achieved, and then they shine. EVELYN NEUSS Destination: Business We know you'll succeed. EVA NEY Destination: Business As soon as Eva is given a break, A fine secretary she will make. NICHOLAS NICKOU ,' , Arista, Boys' Biology .Club,.-Physi ograrpihy Club, Track Team I Destiriat' n: Cornell University A An Aggie but do hick ' Sagacious'is our Nick. ' ' DANIEL NIRDALL Destination: Business He says little yet thinks much. j N NOETZEL A 'onz Business Let the 'ck ' fallg I better kn all How little ave gihgdiv How vast the unat ' - KATHLEEN NORTON Dancing Club, Hearthstone Club Destination: Business School Up on her twinkling, dancing toes She's a pleasure to behold. JOSEPHI NE NUCCIO Destination: Business This girl has a personality that strikes with deadly aim. ANDREW O'BRIEN Destination: Queens College The luck and the nimble wit of the Irish will carry him far. KATHRYN O'CONNELL Destination: Katherine Gibbs Busi- ness School Modest and cheerful, Quiet and peaceful. VINCENT NITOPI Arista, Virgil Club, Italian Honor Society Destination: Queens College We foresee a brilliant future for this quiet, able chap. ALICE NORHADIAN Destination: Business She has plenty of vim and vigor And is always on the go. JOHN NUCCI Destination: Business He made mirth for us all. GENE NUOVO Economics Club, Res Gestae Destination: Queens College V He always did his Math homework -real popula he was. MA Y OCCHIO Desti a ' . ses Trainin Sc ol Veterans of future w are! Mary a s t nurse. THOMAS O'CONNELL Technical Honor Society Destination: Business No particular motive for living ex- cept custom and habit of it. THOMAS P. O'CONNEl.l, Maior "N," Dancing Club, Swim- ming Team Destination: Annapolis Quiet and diligent. ' I lDOROT R Destinat nz .incss . ' a s ehaves as a lady siould. Speet an ood, VERONICA O'NElLL Destination: Savage School for Physical Education A sparkling eye, a light step Here is a girl with lots of pep. ROSE LILLIAN ORLANDO Destination: Business The life of any party. -IOAN O'TOOLl2 Dancing Club Destination: Business Is she not passing fair? QSAROI, A. OTTMIZR Arista, Do Re Mi, Choir Destination: Queens College As modest and sweet :i Little Bo Peep, But all of us know, still water runs deep. ' MARGARET O'CONNOR Economics Club Destination: Business Sweet and neat, and oh so kind Thus is Margaret well defined. LAWRENCE H. O'NEILL Arista, Ex-President of G.O., A B C, Res Gestae, Garretson Scribes, Syzitics, X-Ray Staff Destination: Columbia A keen mind, a delightful wit. WILBUR O'NEIL Technical Honor Society Destination: Business Here will be an old abusing of heavenly patience and the King's English. DAVID ORTMAN Arista, Bibliophiles, Archimedean Society, Chess Club, Res Gestae, Garretson Scribes, Syzitics, Roo- sevelt Club, Spanish Honor Sn- ciety Destination: Brown University "Well, I believeln ,IOHN OTTIQRSTEDT Destination: City College A wise scepticism is the first at- tribute of a good critic. ,IO H PAGANO f c inationqgl-Jelehanty Institute V at fqrnes. 1 jf f .f,,1 6- ., ,I ,L , . 1 f' J s s AN ONY P ANDRO D ' ation: fessional Ball Player go' -heh most likely to reach. M D. ARATTO con ub, Italian Club Desti n: Business Liv , likeable, jolly with all Ready to answer fun's first call. SPYROS PAPPAS Destination: Business In him is found a ruddy drop of manly blood. ROSE PARET Destination: Cornell Too low they build who build be- neath the stars. MARGARET PARIS Arista, Garretson Scribes, Physical Ediciency, Le Cercle Francais, Girls' Biology Club, Le Flumbeau Staff Destination: Business A quiet GJ girl that everyone knows She leaves an impression wherever she goes. GEORGE PATTERSON Destination: Business Noted for his quiet and pleasant disposition. X. JOHN P P COSTA J' De tin : Trade Sch The n h wins ' e man who w ks Who ti lfw bor nor trouble ,shir . Who e - hands, his head, his Reyes T e m A wins is the man who 'e . JOSEPH J. PAPP Dest tion: Businel? K Fromx M t Sch ell 43, l . Butfhe l alw s be the same ld Joey' BLANCHE PAREDES Vocational Salutatorian, Arista, Ad- visers' Aides, Textile Arts Destination: Business Blanche Paredes is terribly sweet. Writing for Blanche is an easy feat. -UL2 xt ji..' MMV ' JEANNE DE MAURIAC PARIS Le Cercle Francais, Garretson Scribes, Girls Biology Club Destination: Business She'll always belong to us. VIRGINIA PARKER Destination: Delehanty Institute Quiet and serene She reigns o'er all. GERALD PAVLIK Technical Honor Soci Destination: College . With hi e esi r. CECILIA PAZDIZRSKI Destination: Business She seems so pleasing in every way We can't find a thing about her to say. I ,Jn . ' ' s Z f SEPHINE PECORINO estination: Busiltgs School S all but oh! so charming. 17' ' fl IRIS PIQNSAK Destination: Business Iris is a real swell gal, And certainly makes a dandy pal. ll ANGIZLINA A. PIQRINI Economies Club, Dancing Clax- Destinat ion: Business School She's shy and quiet, But should we be misled by it? .IOSIQPH Pl-ITRETTI Destination: Business joe has reformed, and we don't know why! ARTHUR PIZUPLIE Major "N," Band Destination: Business The horn, the horn, the lusty horn ls not a thing to laugh to scorn. JOHN PAZDERSKI Destination: Business Oh that his marks were as con- sistent as his smile. MARGARET PELLECCHIA Destination: St. Vincent's Hospital -Sehool of Nursing 1 Lo! in that house of misery' 'QU Aflady wit a lamp I see. ' fm!! VIVIAN PERCIVAL Destination: Business Earnest, industrious, polite. WILLIANI 1'liTliRSliN Res Gestae, Economies Club Destination: Business The load becomes light whin che' -,,. ' fully ,borne. - ' 7fxf7ff1'W ,1,' iop F 5 Destinatio t. ohn's . . . f Ahablti is us iddle name lt's s el und to bring him fam JIZANNE PHELPS Commercial Club, Economies Club Destination: Business Quiet, conservative, businesslike. ELEANOR PHILIPP Advisers' Aides, Dancing Club, Hearthstone Club Destination: Business A girl who always does her best With lots of pep and untold zest. s 1 WV' i I 43 f I A PIERANGELO dvisers' Aides, Dancing Club Destination: Business Full of fun, full of play She treads her path a joyous way. .0 , JEAN PIPPA ' 4 Fine Arts C u i Destin ti bitt I a la ik those h admire me, b o not alwayf ike who I ad- IT! 1' Q fi JOSEPH PORCARO Destination: College By the work, one knows the work- man. ELEANOR PORTEUS Destination: Business A shy young miss. JOSEPH POSTIGLIONE Destination: Business School A boy with a sense of humor and a 5 lsmi -for ay. 1 lil I ef - ff Nl' A ' ,L GEORGE PHOTAKIS Commercial Club Destination: Business Speech is silver, But silence is golden. ANTHONY PINTO Destination: Medical School I am the very pattern of a mod- ern major-general. FRED PLATE Destination: Business Oh, why should life all labor bc? F IRENE PORTER Dancing Club, X-Ray Stal? Destination: Business College The perfect secretary. JULIA PORTO Destination: College It's nice to be natural When you're naturally nice. CHARLES PREUSCH Destination: C.C.N.Y. He will never digress from the path of progress. IDA PRI-IZIOSI Le Ccrcle Frangais, Italian Honor Society, Home Nursing Club Destination: Medical Center Awfully swell in every way. I.AWRIiNCIi PREZZANO Destination: Business A real Don juan to the ladies. FORDHAM IIROTOSS Destination: Photography School A boy of hope and future. RAYMOND PRUSSING Aero Club Destination: Queens College Though I am young, I scorn to flit On the wings of borrowed wit. ,IENNIE PULLICINO Destination: Business Quiet, thoughtful, earnest and friendly. JOSEPH R. QUINN Spanish Coaching Club, Choir Destination: College He is prepared for everything that the fates may see fit to fling. 1 f lgZf,f"P". . 1 , , u , i ,,.,, ELBAN zxiso' ' Home Nursing fr lub, Res Gestae, Tennis Club A Destination: Columbia Medical Center Shy, but slie'll get on A. IL CENT RIBIL Destination: Business The secret of success is ' nstancy to purpose! f . . IV. l Q i 'li il, ffli' R"X,' f, JEAN PROWSE Roosevelt Club, Dancing Club Destination: Mount St. Vincent She's bright and pretty And oh so witty. GOLFRED PUCCIO Destination: Alabama The less he talks, the more he thinks. fm jIiRRY PUNZI Destination: Business He is short but also lean And his mind keen. W THOMAS QUINN Destination: Delehanty Institute Honest minds are pleased with honest things. ,U I Lf JACK RABRICH Destination: Business Daring, dynamic and determined. EDWARD RAJDL Cross Country Team, Indoor and Outdoor Track Teams Destination: Business. , . Lively, likable, jolly withal Ready to answer fun's Hirst call. rf . 'FLQBQENCE RAU Afist , X Y '-2Q'Virgil, Chemistry, Ph3sieal, " Efhciency, Advisers' I Aides ' Destination: College Versatile, eflicient and superlatively feminine. FLORENCE RAUSCHER Destination: Nursing Charm strikes the sight, But never wins the soul. ROBERT REC PERO Destination: De anty Institute We A h t of luck and suc- ce . vi, JOHN REGAN Destination: Utah State Gentle of speech, beneficcnt of mind. JOHN R. RAGGIE Indoor and Outdoor Track Teams Destination: Cornell He that bears himself like a gentle- lTl2n Is worthy to have been born a gentleman. ELSIE RASMUSSEN Arista, Chief Typist-Yearbook Staff, English Heralds, Res Gestae, X-Ray Staff, Economics Club, Roosevelt Club, Commercial Club, Radio Club, Advisers' Aides. Destination: Business Simplicity of character is no hindrance to subtlety of intel- lect. NORMA A. RAUCH Physiography Club, Dancing Club Destination: College Beauty, brains, wit and talent: All these are Norma's. GEORGE RAVE Destination: Pratt Institute Early to bed, early to rise Makes him healthy, wealthy, and wise?? I 5 P f 'if -V" ,H f , tl , AKNQL -jizz -' ' liiesii ion: Business U! A rnold's classmates ' ihihiihclr O.K. i N fa ,L What -bet! abute can-they I it WALTER REGAN Commercial Club Destination: Business Strong, silent he-man. ,4-' EDWARD REILLY Destination: Business A King that we hope will nevtr be check-mated. CECELIA F. REINKE Destination: Business Gentle, sweet and kind Are her attributes well defined. ROSE RENNHACK Destination: journalism A fair garland to a sweet maid. -qi. f ' . 2" 9 1 1 Qlzlygfl i -xg A MARIE REYMAN Commercial Club, Roosevelt Club Destination: Business To call her sweet is quite unfair, Because there's more than sweet- ness there. EDWIN RICHTER Band, Physics Club Destination: Queens College The river of his thoughts runs true. L' J I J OJ 'JVIRGIQK RIEGELMAN AristajX Y Z, Virgil -W . . est: ation: College 9 Mt little 'Ginia blue eyes." 1 1' ' EDWARD REINEKE Destination: N.Y.U. Not looking for trouble, not caus- ing great strife, just quietly making a success of his life. ROCCO RELLA Destination: University of Ala- bama Just a happy-go-lucky guy. MADELINE RIORDAN Destination: Business School "Viva la Francc!!!" HERBERT C. RICHARD Destination: Business Why weep ye by the tide my lady Here I be, here I be. SHIRLEY RICKLES Destination: Business A happy girl with a pleasing dis- position These are the words which Fit her description. THOMAS ROBERTS Destination: College He and Adonis! What ap iar! EDWIN ROBERTSON Destination: Cornell Little I ask, my wants are few. JEANETTE ROBITSHEK Tennis Club, Badminton Club Destination: Fairfax Hall So quiet, you never know when she's around. ALFRED ROFFMAN Economics Club Destination: Cornell Such joy ambition finds. JULIO ROMAN Destination: N.Y.U. I am the master of my fate. MURIEL ROSENSTREICH Bibliophiles Destination: Queens College Variety is the spice of life. JOSEPH ROSTA Swimming Team Destination: College Deep, mellow voice-a wonderful thi inaman. JOHN ROBINSON Technical Honor Society, Eco- nomics Club Destination: Rensselaer Institute A regular fellow his classmates say, What greater tribute can they pay? EDWARD ROBOTTI Track, Cross-Country Teams Destination: Manhattan College With a cheery hello to all He makes friends, for once and for all. ALBERT ROGAN Destination: Business He may never be President, but he'll surely make his mark. SYLVIA ROSEN Destination: Business Choice word and measured phrase above the reach of ordinary men. DENNIS ROSSI Destination: Queens College A little nonsense now and then, Is relished by the best of men. RAYMOND ROWLAND Destination: Training School Quiet and shy, we often wonder why. GRACE RUMMIZLL Arista, Spanish Honor Society Destination: Queens College Know that the slender shrub which is seen to bend, conquers when it yields to the Storm. FRANCIS RUSSO Italian Honor Society, Radio Club Destination: College His iokes will be his doom! asketb l tam est' ion. ness e ent t r ugh school as if he ,posse it s Ewas wo 'ng for the W.P.A. FRANCIS RUZICKA Destination: Pratt Institute Jack of all trades! FLORENCE RYAN Destination: Business Sugar and spice, and all that's nice. ADIfI.INIi RYDOUT Physical Iifiiciency Club, Eco- nomies Club Destination: Business To be efficient in a quiet way That is her aim throughout the day. FRED RUSCHMANN Band, Do Rc Mi Destination: Business It is well for a man to know more than he says. FRANK RUSSO Italian Honor Socie , Dancing Club ' andso c n ry rare h ans er den's prayer. V' Destinatio 9 ueen e , . e W ri MICHAEL RUSSO Radio Club - Destination: Colle e Gentle , schol a ound boy, EDMOND RYAN Boys' Biology Club Destination: N.Y.U. If you aim for the moon you're bound to hit the mountain tops. MADELINE RYAN Destination: Business Gentle, willing, sweet and kind, Are Madeline's attributes defined. l , A a ROBERT F. SABATINO echnical Society,iChess Club tination: Enginee ' Qg trip hhmrnert ith lnx Aeolian attachmqnft. 1 1, ' , IV X . s I X ISABEL SACCAMONDO Italian Honor Society, Masque and Bauble, Dancing Club Destination: Business Her quiet smile symbolized her shy- ness. JOSEPH M. SALINA Destination: Aviation An unknown fellow isn't always the loser. CESIRA SALVONI Destination: College Charming and versatile. f SHIRLEY SANDUSKY Sfribr Staff Destination: Professional Dancer When better Jitterbugs are made the Sandusky's will make them. i . I I . -J 1' I, 1 MARIE SANTORIELLO Destination: Beauty Culture School Businesslike, quiet and able. VQCQQJ' ANTON SAROVEC Destination: Bronx Botanical Gar- dens School Ah, you flavor everything: you are the vanilla of society. fl 1" 'gl' U RITA G. SACCO Destination: Business Rita is a quiet lass, We seldom know she's in the class. NORMAN SALVESON Destination: Drake's Business School He says nothing and sounds great. l ROSE SAMET Destination: Business School Well done is better than well said. I I 1 D st' ation: Merchants' 85 Bankers' Business School I ,f"C7RZreLA' SANi1'ANGELO One who is cheerful and gay, throughout the day. JOHN E. SARW 4' W4 CS Arista, Lestae . ewtown U ' ' Phot ay, nglish Her- ald Des tion: Business Fro little spark may burst a m ty flame. TERESA SAVARESE Economics Club Destination: Business School There are few in this large world with a disposition as fine as yours. HEOI . SCANDURRA 0 'or " " Club, Basketball Team, ysc all Team Destination: Union College oThe strcngth of twenty men. EUGENE SCIHALLER WA. Boys' Biddgy Club, ,Bibliophiles, blaagrlicra Club, ,Dancing Club, . ysiosrarhy fiestinationz College A regular fellow of enviable repute. BILL SCHEUCH Desti ti : St. La r ce Univer- ,sity I "l e world a whole let ter u y living in it. EI.lZABETI'I SCHMELTER Destination: Business A hard worker, whose personality has won our hearts. FLORENCE SCHMITZ Economics Club Destination: Business Dark hair, and oh! what a pair of clark eyes. GEORGE A. SC F DER Printing Clu Dest ation: ve or Wi a ec of service attached his a e is fell does not need a bit more f me. DORIS SCI-IAEFER Destination: Business She has personality and charm, And a smile that doth disarm. LOUISE SCHATZ Girls' Biology, Pan American, Danc- ing Club, Fashion Club Destination: Art-Designing She's brisk and gay. And feels her curls forever in the way. ADOLPH SCHIEFER Destination: Business A happy go lucky boy Always full of fun and joy. MARGARET SCHMIDT Dancing Club Destination: Professional Model She is like a mint julep, Tall, cool, and refreshing. ANN SCHNEIDER Fine Arts, X-Ray Staff, Dancing Destination: Fashion Academy She's happy go lucky She's peppy, that's true, But beneath it all There's a heart of true blue. ALAN SCHROEDER Destination: Pratt Institute A gentleman at all times. ISABEL SCHROEDER Choir Destination: Barnard College Sugar and spice And everything nice. RALPH C. SCHULZ Printing Club Destination: Business He does not broadcast but we all know how clever he is. WMM WILLIAM SCHUMACHER Track Team, Bibliophiles, Physi- ography Club stination: Farmingdale V Y Spay, very gay, Ve er l all the day. .pf JOHANNA SCI-IUSTER Economics Club Destination: Business School She will always carry sunshine with her No matter where she goes. MARSTON SCHWARTZ English Heralds, Roosevelt Club, French Honor Society, Dancing Club, Photoplay Destination: University of Pennsyl- vania What more can he ask? He pos- sesses ability, personality and is an all 'round good fellow. ANITA MARY SCULLY Destination: Business You ought to be in pictures. GERTRUDE SCHUBERT Destination: Business Pleasant, unsophisticated, gracious. WWF JOHN R. SCHUMACHER Arista, Virgil Club, X-Ray SMH, Res Gestae, Newtown Union, Le Cercle Francais, Photoplay Destination: "West Point" United States Military Academy Straight as an arrow, True as a dart, Winning a way Into everyone's heart. CARL SCI-IURENSTEDT Physiography Club Destination: Business Girls like him Boys like him In fact everyone likes him. N , SHIRLEY SCHUSTE' d Arista, Res Gestqegi nglish Her- alds, Advisers' Aides Destination: 'Brooklyn College ,,, I ,I fl 4' My thoughts and I were of another world. JEANNE SCHWARZBACH Destination: College Her ways are ways of pleasantness, and all her paths are peace. NORMAN SEAMAN French Club, Res Gestae, Garret- son Scribes Destination: Columbia University Teddy Roosevelt was called a radi- cal, too. 0 .,,,,a-I JACOB SEIBERT Destination: N.Y. Fire Department Seen but seldom heard. RICHARD SEIDENBIERG Arista, Res Gcstae Destination: Colgate University Helpful, ambitious and a swell fel- low. ERNEST SENDEK Destination: College He's not a politician and his other habits are good. FRANK V. SGARRO Arista. Track Team, Cross Country Team, Major "N" Club Destination: Amherst College To be honest is his ambition To be kind is his aim He is the type of fellow Who is worthy of his name. WILLIAM SHAILOR Arista, English Heralds, Silver Blades, Physiography Club Destination: West Point Military Academy The world knows nothing of its greatest men. JOHN SHATAKA Destination: Delehanty Institute A merry heart goes all the day. MARGARET SEIBERT Advisers' Aides, Commercial Club Destination: Business Still water runs deep. NICHOLAS SEIDITA Destination: C.C.N.Y. Business dispatched is business well done but business hurried is business ill done. FRANK SEYLER Track Team Destination: Busi s W rr hav, A o g been trgngers. EDWARD SHACKELFORD Arista, Newtown Union, Chemistry, Le Cercle Franqais, Gym Club, Photoplay, X-Ray staff Destination: Grinnell, Iowa Boys may come and boys may go But he'll go on forever. MADELINE SHANNON Destination: Business Her ways are ways of pleasantness, MARY SHECK Destination: Cooper Union Smart and sweet Plucky and petite. EILEEN SHEEHAN Destination: Business College She is pretty to walk with, witty to talk with and fun to be with. MARGARET SHEFFIELD Dancing Club Destination: Business School Margaret looks quiet, a wee bit shy, But when you know her, then OH MY!! PATRICIA SHERIDAN Destination: Queens College "Newtown Girl." LUCILLE SICKERMAN Arista, Res Gestae, Physical Effi- ciency, Physiography, Masque and Bauble, Photoplay, English Heralds, Dancing Club, Chemis- try Club, Yearbook Staff Destination: Brooklyn College Exotic. MARY SIMANOVICH Destination: Business A sunny smile that brings sunshine to our souls. NORMAN SIMMS Camera Club, Graphic Arts Club, Aero Club, Manager of "Modern Science" Magazine Destination: Business Rembrandt with a flash-bulb. ADELE SHEFFERMAN Arista, Physical Efliciency, Masque and Bauble, Hearthstone, Danc- ing, Photoplay Destination: N.Y. School of Fine and Applied Art Bright, pretty, witty, and gay, Adele will go a long, long way. GEORGE W. SHELLEY Destination: Washington 85 Lee His face appeals to all who see, And furthermore his name, and so does he. ALVIN SHILDHORN Destination: Business What a frosty spirited rogue is this. FRANCES SILVERMAN Roosevelt Club, English Heralds, Economies Club, Dancing Club Destination: Business College Sweet and lovely, full of pep Personality-that's her rep! JOHN SIMKEN Destination: Cooper Union Though he is gruff he is kindly. ROBERT SIMON Bibliophiles, Tennis Team Destination: Syracuse University Swing your racket high with might And let nothing stop your Fight. MARIE SIMONETTI Advisers' Aides Destination: Business To everyone a friend in needg A charming girl, she is indeed. IRICNE SINGER Advisers' Aides, Commercial Club, Textile Arts Club Destination: Business A merry heart and a hearty smile. EDWARD SKOBLITZKI Destination: Delehanty Institute He says little yet thinks much. jAMES SKURKA Destination: Business Ambition has no risk. CECELIA SLAVIN Destination: Business Modest and quiet is she. HERBERT ARTHUR SMITH Destination: Business Not too fast and not too slow But he is always ready to go. MARION SINE Economics Club, Bibliophiles Destination: Packard Her very frowns are fairer far Than smiles of other maidens are. STANLEY C. SKLENAR Destination: Business A quiet young man who is sure to make a success of his life. ANDREW SKRZYPEK Destination: Pratt Institute A good heart is better than all the ii the w gi ELIZABETH SLATTERY Roosevelt, Physiography, Dancing Club Destination: Business She's charming, young and fair, With the loveliest red hair! DORIS SLOSS Destination: Business School Doris is a quiet maid- Scrious, sc unrutiled. JEAN SMITH Destination: Business School A smile for everyone is her motto. MARY O. SMITH Destination: University of North ' Carolina Mary's the dainty and refined sort But what's more important, she's a good sport. MARIE JOAN SNEE English Heralds, Roosevelt, Danc- ing, Economics Destination: Business Da Vinci would have been exalted. A T93 ,E SP tile Arts, A s' Aides estina io : siness lwa ir, square and neat eet her is really a treat! CHARLES SPREEMAN Technical Honor Society, Solder- ology Club Destination: R.C.A. Radio Institute Genial, quiet, unassuming. estinati n' Busin rl h t e yone knows always If 1 ed wherever she oes. QQNNE SQUIRE , MARIE STAIGER Merchandising Club Destination: Business Her whole description is complete With just one word, and that is sweet. ROBERT J. SMITH Destination: Business Bob who likes to be obliging in any Way he may No matter what one asks, he always says O.K. MARJORIE SOMERS Destination: Hunter College Do well and you'll excel. JOSEPH SPINA Destination: Delehanty Institute He accomplished more with pru- dence than by force. ROBERT SPROUL Destination: Rhode Island College of Design A boy with high aims. No doubt he will succeed. ULDINICO STABILE Destination: Police Force He has done his duty well on our efiicient Service Squad. DOROTHY LOUISE STANFIELD Destination: Business Simple and sweet. X, 1 ' STARKMAN Best ation: Queens College r up, the worst is yet to come. HELEN STEINBERG Destination: Brooklyn College Has everything necessary to suc- cced A H INE S LITA 0 3 n USI s our hearts with T , . ly ' o ' I ' : ' r ha' is ark . he night, H - l --l W al . EDWARD STEWART Destination: American Air Condi- tioning Training School Ed is shy but he'll reach his goal. WILLIAM STREEVER Destination: Pratt Institute I work and slave just like a knave, but I get results. CARL STROMEYER Scribe Destination: Business Quiet and reserved is he, More grave, than given to jollity. . .f.. I gift Ml, - Z I f 0 l . f , SVEN STEEN Chemistry Club, Technical Honor Society, Economics Club Destination: C.C.N.Y. Things past redress are now with me past care. IDA STEINMANNVQ ff' '- Destinationz Bhgness Charming land fu f Liar- .A 1 f 17' Ida Edlkedly egyfgne. it auf STZBNBERG Aristaf Xfkay SQH, Ecglish Her- alds Ge maty' o or Society, ,f'Oc id Qfilncf Pliloltgipkilb Syzities Destination: Oiillegej A studenroffthe old school. -X. 7 WARREN B. STIDOLPH Destination: Business He will hew to the line of right Let the chips fly where they may. HAROLD STROESSNER Destination: Cooper Union I'm glad that I'm not modest, be- cause on their own merits modest men are dumb. MARIAN STURM Destination: Business School And her sunny locks ' Hang on her temple like 2 golde fleece. fVY"f MURIEL C. STURM Destination: Business A manner quiet and refined Is not so very easy to find. hvwwl ANN SULLIVAN Destination: Queens College There are too few like Ann. I ROBERT SULLIVAN Swimming Team Destination: Business School Always happy, always gay, Unlike Corrigan, he'll go the right way. EMMA E. SWEENEY Destination: Business None know but to like her. MADELINE SZALAY Camera Club, Dancing Club, Physi- ography Destination: Duke University To those who know thee not, no words can paint And those who know her, know all words are faint. MARY TALBOT Masque and Bauble, Garretson Scribes, Syzitics, Arista Destination: Cornell University This trucking thespian is New- town's pride. FLORENCE SUDLOW Textile Arts Destination: Business School The girl who made mirth for us all. KATHLEEN SULLIVAN Destination: Business Cool and quiet, sweet, serene, A girl so nice is seldom seen. JULIA SVOBODA Vocational Valedictorian, Arista, Res Gestae, English Heralds, Silver Blades, Radio Club, Camera Club Destination: Business A brilliant student, we cannot doubt, She makes us dumb ones fret and pour. FRANCES SYKORA Destination: Merchants and Bankers School Full of life and loads of fun. JAMES TAHANY Graphic Arts Club Destination: Printing Engraving is, in brief terms, the Art of Scratch. EVA TATATOSIAN Physical Efficiency, Physiography Clubs Destination: College Eva is a girl who will go out into the world and make a name for herself. STACY B. TAVIS Destination: College Often faltering feet Come surest to the goal. DOROTHY TEICHERT Destination: N.Y. School of In- terior Decorating A friendly Miss, Quiet and sweet, The kind of girl You like to meet. ROBERT THEBAULT Destination: Business A swell fellow. SAUL TOOBERT Archimcdeans, Chemistry, Physics, Chess Clubs Destinatio ' olle Si t a ever. PASQUALINA TRAFICANTI Destination: Business All good things come in small packages. SYLVIA R. TREZZO Commercial Club Destination: Business X In quietness and confi Tee all be your strength. ANNA TAYLOR Destination: Business Sweet, neat Observing, deserving. GEORGE THATCHER A B C, Band Destination: Queens College Let Pythagoras, Plato and Euclid be your guiding stars And may your future be as bright as Mars. THOMAS TH AS Ar' a, Res tae, Spanish Honor iety Des a ' . Queens College We t, although he had much t He was very shy of using it. LIBERTAD TORRES Arista, Spanish Honor Society, Girls' Biology, X-Ray, Pan American, Advisers' Aides Destination: Hunter College Wherever she'll go, whatever she'll do, With high, flying colors, she's sure to come through. ROCCO TRETOLA , Bglian I'Ionop'8ocicty, C0homi2A x jllub, tmistry,,,lDfg4uf?JCl Kyelli on: Qtfeens College smart and dependable fellow. EDWARD TROY Fine Arts Club Destination: Pratt Institute I leave my work and my' character behind me. JUDITI-I BETH TURNER Arista, X-Ray, X Y Z, Newtown Union, Physical Efficiency, Eng- lish Heralds Destination: Queens College Our lady of talents. RICHARD TYNAN Arista, Garretson Scribes, X-Ray, Editor of Scribe Magazine, New- town Union, Syzitics, Chess Club Destination: Cornell R. T. has decided at last to leave Newtown and strive for better things. JOHN VAIANO Destination: Fordham College A friend to everyone, and everyone a friend. EDNA VAN ALLEN Home Nursing, Economics Club Destination: Washington Secretarial School As long as blue skies are above you, Those with hearts will always love you. ROBERT VANGELDER Track Team, Photoplay Club, Pan American Club Destination: Business A regular feller, well known and 'well liked by everyone. J Desti n: Su to a success in whatever he u takes. GEORGE TVELIA Track and Cross Country Teams Destination: Cornell University Ambition has no rest. ALICE USHOLIK Merchandising Club Destination: Business Q 3 ? Itis great to be good natured It always wins the heart. HELEN VANADIA Destination: Hunter College Sl1e's pretty to walk with Witty to talk with And pleasant, too, to think of. ROSE VA W Pa Ame can, Dancing, Home u ' conomies Clubs ation: College ight and petite, e sweetest thing on twffeet. ARPAD VARGA Destination: School of Radio You name it and he will make it. ATI-IENA VERGOS Fine Arts Club, Fashion Club Destination: Art School I never saw so many shocking bad hats in my life. JOSEPH VERSAGGI Destination: Queens College A gentleman and a scholar: ti .1 1. lfyffyf lf' i r . ANNETTE VITALE Destination: College A dignified and good-natured per- son. PENELOPE VRACHOPOULOS Arista, Choir, Orchestra Destination: Queens College Those who know her won't forget her. r-' l JOHN T. WALLACE Technical Honor Soeiety, Swim- ming Team Destination: N.Y.U. How we apples swim. MARGARIZTTA E. WALTERS Destination: Business A titian haired beauty, who's one swell sport. JOHN WATERS Destination: Business He goes quietly on his way and pokes his nose into no one's affairs. ROSE VISCARDI Destination: Business To know her is to love her. if ,,. 11-4- . HELEN voN MAERKLIN Arista, Advisers' Aides, Economies Club, German Honor Society Destination: Avocado Raising in Brazil Cool and quiet, sweet, serene A girl so nice is seldom seen. MARIE WACKENHUT Destination: Business Small and sweet. AARON VVALTERS Physiography Club Destination: Training School The man who wins is the man who tries, Who uses his head, his hands and his eyes. CAROL WARREN Destination: Modeling Live wire! Beware. ELAINE WEBER Destination: Business School Retieent, serious, but who knows what she thinks? JOHN WEBER Destination: Business He is looking for Macbetlfs ghost. DOUGLAS WEISS Destination: New York State Veterinary College Scholarly, persistent and quite bright. MARIAN WESTON Yearbook Staff, Physical Efficiency, Roosevelt, Photoplay, Economics, Home Nursing Clubs Destination: Duke University Humble because of knowledge: mighty by sacrifice. GERALDINE WHALEN Destination: Business Words fail mc. ELENE WHITE Fine Arts Club, Fashion Club Destination: College When fate opens the door for us, we never know what's in store for us. STELLA WHITEHEAD Masque and Bauble Destination: Art School You speak as one who fed on poetry. 9 HAROLD WEINBERGER Destination: College A sport, a scholar, through and through, And best of all, a gentleman too. ELAINE WERNER Destination: Business School She's all that's honest, kind and fair And when virtues died they made her heir. LILLIAN WETZEL Destination: Nurses Training School A nurse Lillian wants to be, And her success you sure will see. PEARL WHEELER Home Nursing Club Destination: Nursing School She is neither shy nor bold, She is just as good as gold. EILEEN WHITEACRE Arista, Advisers' Aides, Commercial Club, Economics Club, Roosevelt Club Destination: Business A loyal, just and upright girl. JOSEPH W'ICKHAM Destination: C.C.N.Y. He looks very shy, but that isn't true You can't tell by looks what a fellow can do. I? ARTHUR WILLIAMS English Heralds, The Scribe, Com- mercial Club, Economics Club Destination: Business A man of great knowledge but little speech. NANCY NWILSON Destination: Air Hostess She never worries and has her fun, She just takes things as they come. PIiTIiR WISSIfI. Arista, A B C, Chemistry Club, Res Gestae, Ifditor-in-chief of Yearbook Destination: Columbia College Favorite son of the math depart- ment. RAYMOND WLAZLO Destination: Business A true friend is forever :1 friend. EFFIE WOOLLHY Fine Arts, Do Re Mi Destination: Pratt Institute She is so good, she would pour rose water on a toad. PAUL YOUNG -stina n: Busin s Pa I is er in rus ,. B t this et boy Tenn blush. Beit' re X. SAMUEL WILLIG Arista, X-Ray Staff, Le Cercle Francais, Physiography Club, Pan American, Bibli 'Ies, Dancing ub lim' 4 De : .I 5 Th desxyicyf' fndlc' fo thy rit. - FRANK WISNIEWSKI Destination: College Gentle of speech and beneficent of mind. DOROTHY WITTEMANN Textile Arts Destination: Business Never tires of doing her duty. ALBERT WOLYNIIEC Band Destination: U.S. Marine Band Watch out, you movie band leaders, here eomes Al. STANLEY YAGUSTOW Res Gestae, Physics Club, Chemis- try Club, Economies Club Destination: Queens College For the more a man knows, the more worthy he is. MORTON YOUNKER Destination: Business A cheerful heart and well-trained mind XVill take a man through any land. REGINA ZAJKOWSKI Arista, Virgil, X Y Z, Advisers' Aides Destination: New Ro hcl e She will rea h suec s lrcause of her w'lli gness. ARTHUR ZAPOLSKI Destination: U. S. Service 'T is not what man does which exalts him, but what a man would do. JOHN ZIMMERMANN Pan American Club Destination: C.C.N.Y. Your wit makes others witty. GEORGE ZORBAS Destination: Queens College Never hurries, never worries. JOHN E. ZVOZIL Destination: Pratt Institute I am in earnest. I will not equivo- categ I will not exeuseg I will not retreat a single inchg and I will be heard. FRANCES ZAMOR Destination: Beauty Culture School Let me laugh and dance and sing, For youth is sueh a joyous thing. JOSEPH ZEZIMA Spanish Club Destination: Queens College Wise to resolve, and patient to perform. LOTTIE ZIMMERMANN Home Nursing Club, Textile Arts Club Destination: Business A girl like her you're bound to meet, When taking a walk on "Friendly Street." VIRGINIA M. ZUFALL Textile Arts Destination: Business A friendly Miss, quiet and sweet, Her smiling countenance a joy to greet. ' JUNE 1939 NEWTOWN NEWTOWN IN COMPARISON You seem so very live to us Though just a mass of stone Your walls are really flesh indeed Your girders strong white bone. The tower is your kingly crown The floor beneath your head The windows arenit just plain glass But are your eyes instead. Your many halls comprise your veins The milling crowd your blood This includes the brainy wit And too the witless dud. Now that we're about to leave We know this all and more And with us take a tender love We never felt before. JOHN HORVATH FOUR YEARS AGO We walked through these doors with bewildered looks on our faces. The place was so big-so very vast. Students filled up all the spaces. Four Years Ago. We've learned to love old Newtown, since. It hasn't changed much, it's still the same. Itls we who are different. We're older- and wiser, "we hope," than when we first came Four Years Ago. When we were little freshmen it seemed so long till Graduation Day But now that we are leaving:- Why! It seems like yesterday It really was Although FOUR YEARS AGO. ...g4.- E. M. HEYDEN NEWTQWN CTIV EXTRA-CURRICULAR activities represent to sen- iors the social element in school existence. This function, though, is merely one of the valuable deriva- tions from club membership. These organizations pro- l vide means for a student to utilize and fully appreciate li his present knowledge, to widen his scope of learning ,l and to acquire self-expression. It might be truly said that such student activities are the "spice of school l life." PETER WISSEL 's ITIES t JUNE 1939 NEWTOWN ARISTA Charles Aderlaoldt Martha McKee Florence Rau john Detmold John Early Lucille Sickerman Corinne Deegan Captain of t Mr. George H. Schoettle -36- I Boy Leader Girl Leader Secretary Treasurer Boys' Auxilium Girls' Auxilium he Foyer Patrol Senate Leader BAND HE purpose of the Newtown High School Band is "to be of service to the school by participation in all appro- priate school activities, to acquaint students with fine band literature, to broaden their musical and social interests and to promote the school spirit and patriotism at Newtown through inspirational music." In order to carry out these varied aims, a complex and intelligent organization is re- quired. The Newtown High School Band appears regularly at assemblies, games and usually participates in parades. George H. Schoettle is the conductor of the Band, the band manager is Arthur Peuplie, the secretary is George Fuchs, the librarians are Bernard Greenblatt and Harold Gr quartermasters are Peter De Nunzio and Edwin Richter. -g7.- l s eenblatt, .and the ' JUNE 1939 NEWTOWN ' ABCANDXYZ Q l NEWTOWN has two mathematics clubs. One for the boys and one for the girls. Both clubs have the common purpose of fostering and promoting a general interest in mathematics in all its forms. The clubs, both honor organiza- tions, hold discussions on mathematics and study mathe- matical problems. They also delve into seemingly unmathe- matical subjects and emerge turning about with a new set of relationships. XYZ, the girls' division, usually gives a spring picnic along with its other activities. Florence Rau and Marjorie Luke are president and vice-president respectively. Helen Vandervoort is corresponding secretary, and Doris Anderson is recording sec- retary. Ethel Weiss is treasurer and Miss Rosemary Tighe is faculty adviser. Lawrence O'Neill is the president of ABC, the boys' division, and John Young is vice-president. Harry Knezevitch is secretary, John Geraghty is treasurer and Mr. john Traynor is the faculty adviser. -gg- ' JUNE I939 NEWTOWN ' ADVISERS' AIDES THERE are one hundred and Hfty girls in the school who have report cards on their minds a Whole week before the rest of the school starts to worry about this periodic report on their failures. They are the Advisers' Aides. These girls help the grade advisers with their clerical work. They transcribe the marks from the report cards to the grade advisers' cards. Each girl must Work three periods. At the end of the term the girls assist the program committee. Each girl works for a grade adviser for three days. For their serv- ices the girls receive service pins from the General Organiza- l tion. This term the initiation committee provided a hectic but amusing in-coming for the new members. This built up a Hne esprit de corps. Regina Bannon is president, Jeanne Commeau is vice-president, Phyllis Eich is secretary and Grace Grimsley is treasurer. Mr. Walter Porter is faculty adviser. -gg.. ' JUNE 1939 NEWTOWN ' AERONAUTICS CLUB THE Newtown Aero Club was formed March 7, 1939, to promote interest in aviation among air-minded students, both boys and girls. The activities thus far have included discussions of model making, including a description of a radio-controlled gas model by its builder, Ray Treleaven. Mr. Charles C. Greene, the club's sponsor, told some flying stories, parts of which were true, and gave a talk on the construction and equipment of the Yankee Clipper, e A illustrating the talk with film slides. Future plans include the holding of model contests among Newtown students and participation in outside contests. The club meets every Tuesday and it is intended to have alternate Tues- days devoted to model matters and to less technical matters of more general interest. Movies will probably be obtained from the Army Air Corps and it is intended that outside speakers will be secured to address the club. The president is Henry Immersberger, the vice-president, Andrew Mc- Innes, secretary, Lois Smith, and treasurer, Edward Kuroly. ..9, ' JUNE 1939 NEWTOWN ' ASSEMBLY BOOK SQUAD WITHOUT music, our assemblies would lack the en- l thusiasm and good cheer which always characterizes them. Dillingham Hall is very large and to supply everyone in the hall with a music book is truly a problem. The Assem- bly Book Squad endeavors to accomplish this With speed and unobstrusiveness. The squad is most exclusive. Since it is a service club of the utmost importance, the members, which may only be boys, are not chosen in tryouts or competitions, but are asked to join and few refuse this invitation. The Book Squad,s duties consist solely of the care and distribution of the books. The squad must provide every person in the assembly hall with one book and at che end of the assembly period must collect them. The squad is present at every assembly during the term. The captain is James Kennedy, first lieutenant, Fritz Hirschland, second lieutenant, John Geraghty. Miss Charlotte Eggleston is the faculty adviser. 19- ' JUNE 1939 NEWTOWN ' BOYS' BIOLOGY CLUB 8: GIRLS' BIOLOGY CLUB AT ONE time the boys' and girls, Biology clubs were one club. But due to a difference in opinion, the members divided into two organizations. The aim of both clubs is to foster an interest in the biological sciences among the students of Newtown. During Open School Week of every fall term the boys and girls erect an exhibit in the lower foyer which attracts a great deal of attention both from parents and students. For the past two years a representative from these clubs has been sent to the Museum to deliver a talk there. Many exhibits are placed in the contest sponsored by the Children's Science Fair. The president of the Boys' Biology Club is Nicholas Nickou, the vice- president is Edward Ryan. Eugene Schaller takes care of all the secretarial duties. The faculty adviser is Mr. L. M. Fiedler. Esta Greenberg and Laura Goldberg are president and vice-president re- spectively of the Girls, Biology Club. The corresponding secretary is Molly Ruffman and the recording secretary is Marie Messeni. Jeanne Coleman is the treasurer and Miss Carrie E. Day is faculty adviser. -9- ' JUNE 1939 NEWTOWN ' BIBLIOPHILES THE cure-all for dull meetings has finally been found by y the Bibliophiles. These Newtownites who check the books and give out the library passes, assign each period squad to i entertain at one meeting a term. This scheme gives each group a chance to display its skills and to give to the rest of the club a most amusing period which just about satisfies everybody. An added stimulus is given to each squad to im- prove on the other's work, as a prize is given to the best group at the end of the term. The club, organized primarily for the care of the books 7 W and the running of the library, also carries on regularly vari- ous other activities such as dances, theatre parties, and even hikes. Every department of the school owes a debt to this club for its eiiiciency in helping students use the library to the best advantage. The president is John Reich- steiner, While Eugene Shaller is vice-president, Grace Bochman, secretary, and Marlotte Hoffmeister the treasurer. Their adviser is Mrs. Florence Allan. -93- ' JU NE 1939 NEWTOWN ' after a very short CAMERA CLUB THE Camera Club is one of the most popular clubs in Newtown. The purpose of the club is not only to develop an interest in photography, but to foster and encourage an even greater interest and skill in those who have taken pic- tures. For the latter it is "better photography." After a short time in the club, members are able to take pictures one day, and develop and have prints ready the following day. The members are able to give talks on enlarging, tinting and action pictures from which the rest of the group are able to profit and improve their skill and technique. The club spon- sors a contest. The club program is such a practical one that time the members are able to do really fine work developing and printing pictures. It is hoped that this activity will lead to an enriched life. The officers arc: Norman Simms Albert Neubert Mabel Kirch Regina Flaherty Mr. Richard Kinney President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Adviser -941 ' JUNE 1939 NEWTOWN ' CHEER LEADERS HAVE you ever been at one of Newtown's athletic con- l tests and heard an expectant murmur announce a group of white-clad girls? Then you know these gay, merry maidens whose entrance brings pep and energy back to the court where performers and audience both are fatigued from the preceding quarter of play. They run to their positions at the corners and sides of the court and encourage the rooting Newtownites to cheer literally "until the rafters ringi' and the players are "rarin' to go." Each term, girls from the fourth and fifth terms try out for the positions left vacant by the graduation of some of these cheerleaders. The tryout is really a test of personality, but not necessarily popularity. The girls are chosen for height, personality, and general appearance. Captain of the team is Madeline Szalay, co-captain is Dorothy Jones, treasurer is Lorraine Clarke. Miss Catherine Cluney is faculty adviser. -95- ' JUNE 1939 NEWTOWN ' CHEMISTRY CLUB THE Chemistry Club was organized to give additional . opportunity for students to further their interests in Chemistry. Each new member is given a chance to perform an experiment arranged and conducted solely by himself. During the past years the club has captured many prizes at the Children's Science Fair and has made a good deal of fine exhibits. Their favorite model is a working blast furnace. Any student who enters his exhibit in the Children's Science Fair has his materials paid for by the school and if he wins a prize receives an "NU at the Chemistry assembly. The club is the leading science club of Newtown in regard to winning prizes. Every member belongs to the American Institute of Science and Engineering and many are taking outside courses in aeronautics, engineer- ing and mineralogy. The presiding officer is Francis Brandt, the vice-president is Conrad Herr- mann, while the secretary and treasurer are William Denhart and John Camp- bell respectively. Mrs. Ruth Arnold is the faculty adviser. .-95.. 0 JUNE 1939 NEWTOWN ' CHESS CLUB THERE is one club at Newtown which is an exclusively male venture even though its constitution doesn't pro- vide for this restriction. At one time some of the opposite sex attempted to crash the gate, but the resistance was so strong that the Chess Club is still a bachelor establishment where men of Newtown may gather to discuss the merits and play the ancient game of kings. The more able players of the club form a Hve-man chess team which plays in an interscholastic league for the Queens Championship. Our team has had remarkable success in this tourney. This success is due to the excellent material to be found at Newtown and also to the stiff competition candidates must contend with in order to make the team. Mr. Raymond S. Dunphy is the faculty adviser, Dr. Arthur A. Bryant, chairman of the Latin Department, is an honorary member. The president is Fred Conrad, the vice-president Warren Dalton, and the secretary Harold Bermel. ' JUNE 1939 NEWTOWN ' t,.x.-',g,, COMMERCIAL CLUB THE cream of the crop of the Commercial Department is found in this group. Members are chosen on the basis of scholarship and personality. The club attempts to gather as many outstanding students as possible in order to make high school life more interesting and pleasant for the club mem- bers. The purpose of the Commercial Club is most unusual and so worthwhile that it bears repetition. Their primary motive is to provide for select students of the Commercial Department an organization which shall endeavor to promote scholarship, to increase social feeling and to instill a deeper interest in the various subjects of that department. It tries to get together these boys and girls with a common interest and give them a good time and a worthwhile program at the monthly meetings. The officers are: Walter Barlund President Eileen Whiteacre Vice-President Helen Breezka Secretary Walter Regan Treasurer Miss Elizabeth Reinshagen Adviser ..9g-. -1..,.,,,. ' JUNE 1939 NEWTOWN ' THE CO-OPERATIVE CLUB THE Co-operative Club is a newly organized club which consists of only co-operative course students. Those who take the co-operative course are students who wish experi- ence in business training or who wish to help in supporting their families. Many of these students have service jobs about New- town which consist of telephoning, filing, stock work, mimeo- graphing and typing. A great many are employed by R. H. Macy and Company, Western Union, and Lord and Taylor as stock workers, junior clerical workers, or messenger Workers. The Co-operative Club has given its first dance and much to everyone,s satisfaction it was a huge success. . We all hope they will continue their successful policies. Ruth Benson is their president and Philip Warren is vice-president. The secretary is Bertha Green. Miss Rosemary Fleming is their faculty adviser. J -,9- ' JUNE 1939 NEWTOWN ' THE CO-OPERATIVE COURSE A WEEK THE Co-operative Course offers students an education plus business experi- ence. The course is appreciated by girls and boys who wish to learn all they can about the business world by actually being a part of it. It is also helpful to those students who find it necessary to pay school expenses or to assist their families. There are two kinds of positions, service and paid. Pupils on service jobs work in the various offices of Newtown High School or in the offices of grammar schools throughout the Borough. These students do many types of work such as filing, typing, telephoning, mimeographing, messenger and stock work. -loo- ' JUNE 1939 NEWTOWN ' B WEEK On paid jobs they do messenger work, merchandise checking, marking, stock work, wrapping and junior clerical work. These pupils are employed by such reliable firms as R. H. Macy 85 Co., Lord and Taylor, Best 81 Company and Western Union. In order to graduate, a student must possess a satisfactory job rating as Well as a good school record. The Co-operative Course does not insure youngsters a rapid road to business, but it does give them an excellent training based upon actual business experience. 110.- ' JUNE 1939 NEWTOWN ' DANCING CLUB NTHOUGH this is but the third term of the existence of the Dancing Club, it is considered one of the most popular clubs in Newtown. The Boy Leader, Enrico Lucchese, the Girl Leader, Muriel Fitzgerald, and the secretary and treasurer, Adele Shefferman and Herbert Boehme respectively, together with the aid of Miss Catherine Cluny, their faculty adviser, en- deavor to teach seniors how to dance in a most informal manner. A circle of partners is formed around Miss Cluney who demonstrates those steps which are to be learned. A pianist is present at all meetings and the type of music varies with the type of dancing which is being taught. During the term one or perhaps two lessons are given by students who are proficient in their own type of dancing. All in all the club is most enjoyable and serves its purpose thoroughly, that of assuring a larger turnout at the Senior Prom at the end of each term. 1 02, ' JUNE 1939 NEWTOWN 4 DO RE MI CLUB THE purpose of the Do Re Mi Club is to further an interest in music among Newtown High School students. The entire club consists of the honor students of the school who are taking a music course. Each member is proficient in his own Held. Some hope to be great singers, others desire to compose good music, while still others dream of playing at their own concerts. The club meetings are held in an informal manner. Sing- ing takes up a good part of the meeting. Many discussions take place about the merits of the various singing and choral groups performing throughout the country. The faculty adviser is the much talented Mr. C. Irving Valentine The president is Mary Nepp and the vice-president is Laura Goldberg Julian Alex ander and Laura Goldberg are secretary and treasurer respectively -103- ' JUNE 1939 NEWTOWN ' ECONOMICS CLUB THE Economics Club was organized at Newtown High School in November 1938 to give students an understand- ing of modern economic life. To accomplish this purpose the club does not engage in coaching, but rather devotes its time to debates, newspaper analyses, writes essays on topics of economic significance, invites speakers and in general dis- cusses topics of current economic importance. To help stu- dents in their study of economics the club has created a newspaper clipping service. A fascinatingly brilliant talk on "Consumers Educa- tion" was delivered by Mr. Edward Reich of the Merchandis- ing Department. The club has written essays in a contest sponsored by the Brooklyn Academy of Arts and Sciences. Essays on housing, taxation, public opinion, etc., have been submitted by this club. One of its members has thus far been awarded thirty dollars for her essay on housing. The club feels that Miss Helen von Maerklin has an excellent chance of winning the grand prize of one hundred dollars. Mr. Nathan Plotkin is faculty adviser, Eileen Whiteacre is president, Martin Duddy is vice-president, Alicia Gibbs is secretary, Johanna Schuster is corre- sponding secretary and Walter Barlund is treasurer. 1 41 ' JUNE 1939 NEWTOWN ' ENGLISH HERALDS THE purpose of the English Heralds is to read new books l and to report on them in order to make it easy for the students to choose their books for pleasure and reports. In order to join the club a student must have at least 85 per cent as an English mark, a recommendation from his previous English teacher and a book report approved by the membership committee. Each member of the club is expected to submit at least two reports a month to the bulletin. At least one play is seen by the club every term and the meetings are spent in active discussion on books which have just been put upon the market. Miss Hays, the faculty adviser, adds a great deal of charm to the meetings because of her wide knowledge of books and her travelling experiences. The presiding officer is Charles Aderholdt and the vice-president is Ethel Schreiner. The secretary is Elsie Rasmussen, while the treasurer is Beula Rosen. -I05... ' JUNE 1939 NEWTOWN ' FASHION CLUB 1 THIS organization is probably the most realistic and prac- tical club in the school. Its aims are directed toward giving concrete assistance to girls who intend to make some phase of the business of fashion and design their Work in life. To carry out this aim, the club has practical sketching from models for improvement in fashion illustration Work. Students act as models. The club also runs fashion shows which serve as special training for systematic recording of outstanding style features. Miss Elna L. Henry, the club's faculty adviser, arranges for supervised visits to fashion pub- lication concerns, dress manufacturers and department stores for the purpose of studying business procedure and use of fashion illustration work in these fields. The president is Gloria Hodnett, the vice-president is Alfred Appruzzese and the secretary is Evelyn Kaufman. 1 -xo6- ' JUNE 1939 NEWTOWN THE FINE ARTS CLUB THESE are the select of the art course. They are the art editors of Newtown's publications. They are the victors in the poster contests both in school and out. The members of Fine Arts also are scholarship winners and take many of the awards open to their department. The club is here to help the students to further their own talents and to assist them in the accomplishment of more and better creative work. The members are shown art techniques not included in the regular syllabus and young artists may use the meetings for work on their own projects and ideas in an atmosphere conducive to the bettering of their work. These advantages more than ever help make these the choicest of Newtown,s art experts and increase still further the demand for thse students to lead the art work of the school. When a newspaper or magazine needs an Art Editor it just calls on the Fine Arts Club to supply him. The president is Edward Troy with Richard Kissel as the vice-president. Miranda Luber is secretary and the faculty adviser is Miss Clemence Sordillo. -107- JUNE l939 NEWTOWN ' GENERAL ORGANIZATION A-:TER the ballots are counted and the new ofhcers are installed the G.O. goes back to taking care of the extra- curricular activities, selling the students what-nots and form- ing a new social center. Yes, the General Organization is of tremendous importance. It trains the students to understand and benefit from a democratic system of government. Its campaigns aren't only a marvelous chance for the school poli- ticians to develop a sure-fire technique in public speaking, they are, in reality, miniature elections imitative of our i national elections. Just going to school may be a bore to some, but if there are outside interests to intrigue the students' fancy, the time can be passed with a great deal of fun and a greater willingness for work. The G.O. with its many clubs provides these outside interests. John Geraghty is president, Walter Hajek is vice-president and Muriel Fitzgerald is secretary. Mr. Hugo J. Schultz is faculty adviser. l --m8- ' JUNE 1939 NEWTOWN ' GARRETSON SCRIBES THE Garretson Scribes, so named in honor of Garret J. Garretson, has as its aim "to encourage and improve stu- dent work in literary Heldsf' They strive towards this objec- tive by sponsoring a short story contest and by actively supporting such endeavors as the Annual Poetry Contest and the Scribe, the literary magazine of Newtown. They meet each week in the Garretson Library to discuss literary topics and learn of poets, essayists, playwrights, and novelists of renown. Each member of the Scribe may also submit manuscripts to the club for criticisms which he usually receives in abundance. This gives many of these would-be authors the opportunity of exchanging ideas and of learning their own literary weaknesses. Occasionally the Scribes invite speakers such as Mrs. Garretson or some well-known literary light to visit their meetings. These special meetings are often most entertaining and educational. Ralph Dykes is president, Tilly Altman is vice-president, the recording and corresponding secretariees are Stanley Hurd and Lillian Moskowitz re- spectively, the treasurer is James Lione and the faculty adviser is Miss Frances Butterfield. -109- ' JUNE 1939 NEWTOWN ' l1AQ.h fl GERMAN HONOR SOCIETY THE ofHcers of the German Honor Society are Marilyn Eimer president and Marlies Stern, vice-president. The secretary is Arthur Magri, while Ethel Weiss collects all vol- untary contributions. The purpose of this honor society is to bring about a deeper appreciation of German culture in all its phases: music, art, science, and folk-lore by means of student activity in an informal, social atmosphere. Every term the students of German who receive the highest marks are rewarded with pens donated by the Ger- man Honor Society. Two of the most important activities of the society are the holding of a dance in the girls' gym and the publishing and selling of their German magazine Plaudcrcr. The faculty adviser is Mrs. Judith Brodkin. The editor of Plauderer is Ellen Friedsam. ' JUNE 1939 NEWTOWN ' GRAPHIC ARTS CLUB THIS club aims to improve the Graphic Arts. The club has access to a printing press and conducts experiments in these arts. They study make-up of different pages and try '. to use forms of type which will be pleasant and yet striking. i 3. The boys are engaged in the theory and practice of clear, neat - 1 , make-up. l The study of printing is truly an art. There are good llmjlggi printers, of course, but the printer who can achieve an artistic ' 1 D touch is rare. The life and quality of many a magazine de- W may M pends upon the format and the arrangements. The boys have '- printing charts and discuss the values and special qualities of each kind of type. The club makes a "dummy" of a page and lists the type required. The page is then set up and a few sheets run off. The club then dis- cusses the good and poor qualities of the finished product. The president is Dominic Franceshina, the vice-president Ralph Schulz and the faculty adviser is Mr. Eugene Holzer. '-'IIIT ' JUNE 1939 NEWTOWN ' R - ' K- 3 f f si. 5 . . A I SEB'-ii?" ' GYM CAPTAINS CLUB ANOTHER new club added this term is the Gym Cap- tains Club. They have a threefold purpose. They try first to provide opportunities for the boy who is particularly able on the apparatus to have practice and to gain experi- ence in gym activities. He is given every chance to improve and may show real talent after working in the club a few times. The Gym Captains Club next trains its members in leadership. It gives the boys instruction and experience so that they may be a real help and assist efficiently during the gym periods. This is not only a help to the Physical Training teachers and to the boys on the floor but it is of immeasurable assistance to the boy in later life. The final reason for the organization of this group and in many ways the most important is to bring the different gymnasts of the school together so that they may help each other and as a team put on exhibitions and demonstrations for the benefit of the school. Thus this club serves in a threefold capacity. The president is Arthur Herrforth with Charles Chinn as secretary and treasurer. Mr. joseph Borow is the faculty adviser. . Only those girls who have received 85 per cent or more ' JUNE 1939 NEWTOWN x ,g .. Y HEARTHSTONE CLUB OYCE GRIGNON, presidentg Adele Shefferman, vice- presidentg Stella Givozdziowski, secretary, and Helen Lewis, treasurer, are the officers of the Hearthstone Club which was organized to promote an interest both educational and social in our everyday life. A good many of the term's meetings are spent in dis- cussing dietetics, menu planning and table serving problems. Their meetings are educational but also amusing. in the Regents exam in Foods are eligible for membership. l Each term a luncheon is planned, carried out and super- vised by the members of the club. In the fall term, on the last day of Open School Week, the Hearthstone gives a tea for all parents and teachers, super- vised by their faculty adviser, Miss Oroli Perry. hin- ' JUNE 1939 NEWTOWN ' HOME NURSING MOST girls do not hear of this club until they have had Home Nursing and so it is often in the nature of a most pleasing surprise that they discover there is a club will- ing to help them learn about nursing and general hospital work. The club concerns itself with stimulating an interest in nursing. The term unursingi' is a general one and includes all fields of hospital work open to women. The club holds discussions on hospital work. Quite often it has nurses and doctors as speakers. This term the club went on an inspection tour of St. Luke's Hospital. It was of great interest and practical value to the girls. The president is Helen Dispenziere, the vice-president is Muriel Willing, the corresponding secretary is Dorothea Muller, the recording secretary is Vivian Larson and the treasurer is Jeanne Shelley. Miss Irene Bishop and Miss Claire Casey are faculty advisers. ... 4, ' JUNE I939 NEWTOWN ' ITALIAN HONOR SOCIETY THE officers of the Italian Honor Society are as follows: or a 133211, presidentg Betty Caselli, vice-presidentg 5 3OSCPE1I1C-?I'3II1l'l1, recording secretary, and Marie Messeni, treasurer. The purpose of the club is to promote an interest in Italian and to provide social activities for its members. Each term the activities of the club have been divided into three definite groups. First of all, they publish their semi-annual Italian paper Il Circolo which is paid for by subscriptions of students. Secondly, it holds a dance which is usually a success l because of the co-operation of its members and the careful planning which is done. Thirdly, it provides social interest by securing opera tickets, giving teas and supplying tickets for interesting entertainments. Mr. Nazzareno Palleri, faculty adviser, corresponds with the Italian Club Council. -IIs, JUNE I939 NEWTOWN ' JUNIOR DRAMATIC CLUB THE purpose of the Junior Dramatic Club is to enable the freshmen and the sophomores to obtain a greater appre- ciation and understanding of drama in all its phases by actual practice. The club is also interested in presenting radio plays and last term experimented with many of these plays. All students who have acting ability and are not eligible for the senior dramatic society are given a chance to strengthen this ability. When they finally become eligible for membership in "Masque and Bauble' they are usually ac- cepted just on the experience they have received in this Junior Dramatic Club. Every term they enact a play which may be seen free of charge. Ira Cirker is president, while Miss Mary McNally is their talented faculty -116- ' JUNE 1939 NEWTOWN ' , K x , E LE CERCLE FRANCAIS HOW would you like to play Bingo in French? That's what Le Cercle Francais did. Besides fostering an interest in French culture this club seems to get many other things done. Not long ago the club went to see the Normandie. On Armistice Day, the club Went on a picnic. Erika Ditzel is president, Ralph Dykes is vice-president, Toni Paris is secretary and Roger Dykes is treasurer. Mr. Frank Bartlett who was faculty adviser of the club for the past few terms is not with it this term. The club 4 wishes to thank him for his support and interest in its activi- c ties. Miss Annabella Burzinsky, a new and most charming member of the French department, has become faculty adviser of the club. It is to be wondered if the sudden influx of boys into the club has anything to do with Miss Burzinsky. 1117- ' JUNE 1939 NEWTOWN ' LE FLAMBEAU STAFF l "LE FLAMBEAUQ' the semi-annual publication of the French Department, is written, edited, and printed by students in the French course. It is published in newspaper form and sold by subscription for ten cents. It contains anecdotes, short histories, original stories, cartoons, jokes, pictures and a very important feature, French classical poems translated by the students into English poetry. It has a puzzle page, a page of original poetry, an article on the French ex- hibition at the World's Fair, and a lower-termers' page which often proves to be quite exceptional. Last term the paper devoted its space to Louis XIV in celebration of his tricentennial. The staff consists of Francis Brandt, editor-in-chief, Floyd Hasselriis, print- ing editor, Sol Weinstock, business manager, Julian Alexander, art editor, Erika Ditzel, Peggy Paris, Betty Caselli, Jeanne Coleman, Marjorie Luke and Agnes Boyajian, associate editors. Mrs. Ida Dangel is faculty adviser. -118-- ' JUNE 1939 NEWTOWN ' MAJOR "N" CLUB THIS club was founded to bring together the outstanding athletes of the school. Any boy who has made his eight- inch "NH is eligible for the club, but before he is accepted, the members vote on the candidate. Its purpose are three- fold: To provide social Contact among all the various athletes of the school. To promote good sportsmanship. To give assistance in the running of athletic events at Newtown throughout the year. . All the members of the club are the school's athletic greats. These are: Danny Mindheim and Edward Leonard, track stars, Jimmy Kennedy, captain of the swimming teamg Joe Gorman and Arty Cohen, captain and star of the tennis team. Lawrence McWilliams president, john Horvath vice-president, Frank Sgarro is both secretary aand treasurer. Mr. Ira Ter- williger is faculty adviser. These boys act as volunteer ushers at all games at Newtown. They help sell tickets, distribute mimeographed cheers and in general preserve order at the games. ....u9.. ' JUNE 1939 NEWTOWN ' MANDOLIN AND GUITAR CLUB YOU may have heard a musical jingle during a late lunch period in the corner of the boys' section in the lunch- room. Your curiosity may have been aroused by the unusual inertia of the Service Squad. Where was the "stop all that noise"? But there was a reason for the sudden and unex- pected goodness of heart of the squad. Mrs. Anne Maxwell's Mandolin and Guitar Club was tuning up for their club meeting. The club was founded to enable students interested in the guitar or mandolin to acquire artistic expression in these fields and learn to play these instruments in ensemble. The club is especially interested in learning to play and understand classical com- positions, but in its repertoire are many semi-classical pieces. Mrs. Maxwell says that the club plays for the pleasure derived and the pleasure given. James Tricoukes is president of the club and Marie Kaiser is secretary. -mo- ' JUNE 1939 NEWTOWN MASQUE AND BAUBLE THE stage holds a magnetic appeal for all, whether it is on Broadway or in Newtown. The actors and the plays are surrounded by an irresistible glamour. Only the thespian appreciates the exacting effort required of those who expect to succeed in this profession. There must be an intense at- traction for the footlights to make students stay until seven oiclock in the evening not merely with good grace but rather with pleasure. The practical knowledge obtained by members of Masque and Bauble through their productions is demon- strated at assemblies. Their voice qualities are improved. Poise and assurance are acquired. For those who aspire to a career in the theatre, membership in the league is invaluable. The president is Kirk Price, the vice-president is Augusta Brocato, the secretary is June Jennings and the treasurer is Renee Miles. Miss Isabelle Giroux is faculty adviser. -.12 -. ' JUNE 1939 NEWTOWN ' MULTIGRAPH SQUAD l THE Multigraph Squad holds an important and responsi- ble position in the school. They are useful members of an organization which turns out pass applications, book cards, boys P.T. cards and many other types of multigraph work. At the beginning of the term, the members of the squad are taught the theory and practice of multigraphing and training new members. The recruits are taught to set type, run off cards and take care of the machine. Besides this, there are hours after the work is done when the boys are able to relax and enter into an all 'round discussion. The choice of topics discussed is always left to the boys and it never fails to be of interest to all, which means that these boys have the same interests. For their service to the school, the boys are awarded a period pass. The Captain is Floyd Hasselriis with George Leopold as Co-Captain, Harold Harfenist Ist Lieutenant, Harold Todd znd Lieut., Leo Levinson 3rd Lieut. and Richard Harap, Adj. The adviser is Mrs. Marie Terrott. ' JUNE 1939 NEWTOWN ' NEWTOWN CHOIR MISS FRIEDA D. BEHRENS has complete direction of the Newtown Choir. Each term tryouts are held to allow all those who are musically talented to join this choral group. Through their brilliant rendering of songs at out as- semblies, the student body has become musically minded. A great deal of the credit for the success of graduation exercises really belongs to the Choir and We thank Miss Behrens and her students for their marvelous work. The Choir participated in last term,s successful' concert. It will take the same part it took last term in this year's gala concert in honor of Mr. C. Irving Valentine, who has been head of Newtown's Music Department for the last twenty-Hve years. Dorothy Nepp is the accompanist. The librarian is Charles Gottemeyer while the two secretaries are Mathilde Leidel and Inge Herolds. I -423- ' JUNE 1939 NEWTOWN ' NEWTOWN UNION THE English Department sponsors a number of clubs, one of which, the Newtown Union, devotes itself to discus- sion. The union considers any topic in planning its dis- cussions. This term they range from "Euthanasia" to the "World's Fair." There are no initiations for new members. The union considers the tryouts harrowing enough. Anyone who has ever experienced them can vouch for that. Each candidate must make a two minute speech on anything from "Jabber- i wocks" to "Eggs.,' The hard part in this is that the speech must be coherent. Once each term a speaking contest is held for members of the club. The union holds its meetings in the Garretson Library. It prefers the more comprehensive discussion to the formal debate. john Detmold is president, George "Buck,' Eddins is vice-president, Agnes Cashman is secretary and Erskine Ogden is treasurer. Miss Ruth Bass is faculty adviser. - AQ. ' JUNE 1939 NEWTOWN ' I OCCID-ORIENT THE objectives of the Occid-Orient club are as follows: l To uphold the standards and ideals of the school, to in- culcate good manners, tolerance and respect for the feelings and opinions of others, and to work for an understanding and appreciation of all the peoples of the world, to study the contributions made by these peoples as a foundation for the better understanding of our own cultural traditions. It is hoped that such a study will bring about a better under- standing, a deeper sympathy and a true love for one's fellow- men. Perhaps such a study if carried on by the schools of every country would lead to "peace on earth and good will to men." To accomplish these purposes speeches are given by members of the club who have lived in or visited the many countries of the globe. The discussions which follow are always enlightening and carried on in the mood illustrative of the aims of the organization. The president is Hugo Knezevich, vice-president Ellen Friedsam, secretary Mildred Pfaff, treasurer Helen Shelley and the faculty adviser is Miss Ada Seabury. ...I2s.. THE ORCHESTRA HE orchestra was founded to furnish music for the school and to give the students an opportunity to study and practise orchestral music and further their appreciation of the best in music. Each section has a leader so that the first violins have a leader, as do the cellos, the trumpets, and all the other in- struments. Each member of the orchestra has a chance to be concert maestro and conduct in the place of Mr. C. Irving Valentine. Mr. Valentine is celebrating his twenty-fifth anniver- sary at Newtown. The orchestra plans to celebrate this event by holding a gala concert during the year at which his former pupils, some of whom have achieved fame in the world of music, will perform in honor of this distinguished head of Newtown's Music Department. Last term's con- cert proved an overwhelming success. The band, the orchestra and the choir will take part in making the coming concert a long remembered celebration. -1z6-- ' JUNE 1939 NEWTOWN ' PHOTOPLAY CLUB THE purpose of the Photoplay Club is to criticize and recommend motion pictures for the students of New- ' town High School. All candidates for membership must have at least an average of 752: in English before they may be voted upon. As an initiation the candidates are literally heckled into the club. From time to time guests who have had some contact f.-Yi with the motion picture world are asked to speak to the members. Many of the meetings are spent in discussing the outstanding points a picture must possess to be classified as a first grade movie. A comparison of actors and actresses F319 f Sq. 'ki , 1 - and the parts they portray is a favorite topic of the members of the club. Each term the most outstanding actor, actress and moving picture is selected with no regard to the The faculty while the officers holdt, Secretary charge of all the choice of the Motion Picture Academy. adviser, Mr. Richard Kinney adds to the charm of the club , President Edward Shackelford, Vice-President Charles Ader- Katherine Alescio and Treasurer Robert Van Gelder take business activities of the club. ..127.. ' JUNE 1939 NEWTOWN ' L Qt, hC??:K':"'-'fA,5' ,ff is . PAN AMERICAN CLUB ACH year and especially now, we, in the United States, realize how important the South American countries are to us and how big a part we play in their affairs. To develop Ll spirit of good will among the youth of these two sections of the western hemisphere, Pan-American Clubs have been formed. These are junior members of the National Pan- American Convention. You mustn't think that the club hasn't its lighter side. Its members, especially the girls, became very interested in . Jai Alai. They went to see the game three times and managed to interview the players afterward. The club invites speakers to address the club quite often but its biggest day each term is the Pan- American Assembly. The club is in charge of the assembly and provides the entertainment. Ethel Schreiner is president, Eileen Grey, vice-president, Libertad Torres, secretary, Ernest Biondo, treasurer and Silvia Cooper, artist. Mr. Walter Porter is faculty adviser. W ,, - 118- ' JUNE I939 NEWTOWN ' d I - . , PHYSICAL EFFICIENCY CLUB THE Physical Efficiency Club of the Newtown High i School is the honor society of the Health Education De- partment. It has been organized to promote general helpful- nessg right habits of living and the prevention of disease. Its objective is to raise the standard of physical eiiiciency so that mental efficiency will be the natural outcome. Only those who pass the posture, athletic, leadership and dancing tests and who will live up to the standards of the Physical Eiiiciency girls are accepted as members. Out of the 4,000 girls who attend Newtown High School only I fifty girls have been chosen. Each term they give a dance in the girls' gym from which they receive enough profit to present an Award to the most outstanding graduate. During Open School Week of each fall term the P. E. Girls with the aid of the Foyer Patrol act as guides and hostesses to all parents who visit the school. The ofhcers are as follows: Adele Shefferman, presidentg Adeline Rydout, vice-presidentg Vera McCarthy, treasurerg Lucile Sickerman, secretary. Mrs. Ella Cox is the faculty adviser. -9- ' JUNE 1939 NEWTOWN ' PHYSICS CLUB XPERIMENTATION is the thing to which this club is devoted. The Physics Club gives its members an oppor- tunity to perform or to witness many demonstrations, left uncovered by the regular course of study. Many of the latest discoveries and theories in this Science are explained and dis- cussed before the young Physicists at their bi-monthly meet- ings. Various boys or invited speakers also impart their ideas and knowledge at some of these gatherings. New members are chosen from among the Honor -' Students in the Physics Department. Boys are picked who show a decided interest in this subject not only in, but out- side the bounds of the classroom and who wish to learn more of its intricacies and fascinating phases. The officers are Francis Finn, president, Howard Dahl, vice-president, Ed- win Richter, treasurer and Doris Anderson, secretary. The adviser is Mr. Charles Katz. jlJ9f'f'!eS1.'fi5i5ff f . O f f" amy 'Him Q Willa, P "1 . , 1 Y Y V'-elif' 1 ' -130- ' JUNE 1939 NEWTOWN ' THE PHYSIOGRAPHY CLUB ALTHOUGH the Physiography Club is a science club l and is run on the same basis as any other science or- T ganization, yet its meetings are directed towards the interest- ing and amusing rather than the heavy side of scientific experiment. Perhaps it is the fact that the meetings are run in an orderly but informal manner. The discussions are up to date and the reports given by students are on topics which are educational but not too technical. Some meetings are delightfully arranged by the showing of slides which have been borrowed from the Museum of Natural History. The presiding officer, Thomas O'Shea, with the help of the vice-president, Herbert Gottlieb, has done wonders in planning meetings so that the club will promote an interest in Physiography among the members of the club and among the students of Newtown High School. The treasurer is Eleanor Clemens while the secretary is Joyce Fallier and the faculty adviser is Miss Charlotte Preuss. -131- ,fdafiaa ' JUNE 1939 NEWTOWN ' THE RADIO CLUB THIS club is sponsored by the English Department, not the Technical Department. You can readily understand, therefore, that the club is interested not in how to make a radio but in the programs that are entertaining and worth- while. When this club was formed last term, it pledged itself to bring all interesting programs to the attention of the school. The club has obtained tickets to radio broadcasts. In g l fact, the prize for the best initiation this term was a ticket to a broadcast. The club has planned to take the Radio City Television Tour. The president of the club is Jane Ferris, the vice-president, Doris Mylott, the secretary, Mary Alice McGovern. Miss Gertrude Farley is faculty adviser. -132- ' JUNE 1939 NEWTOWN ' RES GESTAE THE main object of Res Gestae is to stimulate an interest in history. By means of debates, by listening to visiting speakers, by attending historical plays, by going to places of historical interest, the members have enriched their under- standing of the world in which they live. Last term Res Gestae published the first issue of its magazine "Res Gestaef' It was accorded a very favorable reception among the students. The editorial staff consisting of Francis and Thomas Burke, Lawrence O'Neill and John Sarno, received many fine comments not only from members of Newtown's faculty but also from numerous educational sources outside our school. One play attended by Res Gestae last term was "The Big Blowf, This play has as its central theme the intolerance faced by strangers in a "Florida Cracker' community. Peter Wissel is president, Lawrence O'Neill, vice-president, Olga Senek, secretary and Jeanne Commeau, treasurer. Mr. Henry Reinshagen is faculty adviser. -I33.. ' JUNE 1939 NEWTOWN ' RES PUBLICA ROMANA HE Res Publica Romana was organized in 1930 at Annex 89. In I937 it came to the main building. Its purpose is "to gain a more thorough knowledge of Roman life, customs and language, to understand more thoroughly the practical and cultural value of Latin and to interest our fellow students therein." The programs are planned with this aim in view. Variety is procured by origi- nal productions by members and occasional social activities. The club owns an ever increasing library containing interesting historical novels, song books, and others purely cultural in nature. Its official publication is the Mercury issued once a term for many years. Its othcial emblem is a pin designed by the club. It has a motto:-"Andi Saperef' The club maintains a membership in the American Classical League. The list of members, past and present, contains names of students who have attained positions of responsibility and honor in the school. The ofiicers for this term are as follows: Consul Primus, Muriel Youngg Consul Secundus, Dolores Schwartzg Censor, Ann Nicholsong Quaestor, Mathilde Loweng Tribunus Primus, Inez Sanandresg Tribunus Secundus, Frances Freemang Editor-in-chief, Beulah Alperin, and Assistant-Editor, Toby Brown. The faculty adviser is Mrs. Myrtle S. Davies. 1134- ' JUNE 1939 NEWTOWN ' ROOSEVELT CLUB A CLUB which is in existence solely for and dedicated to an ideal is certainly to be looked up to. Such a club is this one. The aim of the Roosevelt Club is to maintain and perpetuate the high ideals and idealism of Theodore Roose- velt in Whose honor this and numerous other clubs through- out the city have been formed. Every member in order to enter took an oath swearing to uphold the ideals of this great President of the United States, to uphold truth and honesty, to protect the weak against the strong, and to be faithful to our form of government. In order to help foster these ideals to which they are pledged each term an assembly is held by the club to commemorate che life of this true American and to tell the students of his work. A medal is given to the boy or girl who best exemplifies these principles. At its meetings an opportunity is given to discuss topics of the day and thereby give the members a clear viewpoint of the happenings in this present day World of ours. The presiding officer is Jerry Lerman with Francis Silverman, Charles LaGattuta, and Dorothy Miller assisting as vice-president, treasurer, and secre- tary respectively. The faculty adviser is Mr. Alfred Carter. -Us- ' JUNE 1939 NEWTOWN ' THE SCRIBE V N THIS term's issue, The Scribe's policy inaugurated in f -ol? - gg the Fall magazine was continued, with Coronet as an ex- ' emplar. Contrary to the custom of most so-called "literary" 'ii Qsgs school magazines, The Scribe made a definite bid for the 'Q' Q interest of all students with the inclusion of a photographic Zjfx I section, composed of pictures garnered by Newtown stu- dents. Although this waslthe most radical departure from W i3kg'iA,, former issues, short stories were featured in addition to -1 f-K I" i several articles intended to appeal to all having a sense of humor. There is a definite need, however, for a vehicle of ex- pression more suitable for serious productions than the average school news- paper. The Scribe, although versatile, is intended chiefly for such attempts at adult interpretations, rather than material which, while interesting to most, lacks any effort to stimulate thought in the mind of the reader. But in an endeavor to meet both demands, The Scribe attempts to take the better features of each and combine them into a publication that propounds adult theories in a high-school manner. ..l36.. ' JUNE 1939 NEWTOWN ' SENIOR COUNCIL THE Senior Council is composed of two representatives from each eighth-term section room, the section class president and the section class treasurer. Senior class policies are determined by these instructed delegates. The Class President Tom McAuley presides over the council meetings every Wednesday. He also appoints committees for such senior activities as the Senior Hop and selection of flowers for commencement. Joe Gorman, the Class Vice President, is major domo of che Senior Prom which is being held this semester at the A. W. A. Ballroom. Our Secretary Veronica Lynch is typist for all senior class correspondence. Without Bill McNiff, the Senior Class Treasurer, we might lack programs, tickets and flowers for commencement, for he has che difficult task of collecting senior dues. Miss Muriel J. Drummond of the Social Studies Department is faculty adviser on senior activities. C137- JUNE 1939 NEWTOWN ' SERVICE SQUAD THERE is a group of boys in school who are Newtown's handymen. Their real duty is to assist the faculty in maintaining order and discipline and to assist at assemblies. The Service Squad is an illustration of a marvelously maturing process. When the freshman enters school and joins the squad, he has an over-developed sense of responsi- bility and self-importance. Each term he remains in the squad, he learns more and more that true responsibility means a discrimination between unreasonable insistance and 'ustifiable disci line. B the time he's an ei ht-termer, he has 1 H P Y U 3 become poised and understanding. John Heres is captain of the squad. Frank Conlin and Richard Ricchio arc first and second lieutenants respectively. Mr. Eugene Holzer is faculty adviser. ..I3g.. ' JUNE 1939 NEWTOWN ' 1 - THE SILVER BLADES UNE of the newer additions to the school's circle of clubs is the Silver Blades. Though new, however, it made one of the most startling entries into school life ever witnessed, during the late fall term. There were over a hundred appli- cants clamoring for admission at its Hrst meeting and the multitude extended past the aisles and desks into the hall. Due to the fact that a room large enough to house such a throng was just about non-existant, the number had to be cut heavily by the officers before the next meeting. This shows, however, what an enormous demand there is for an ice skating club in this school. The Silver Blades have more than lived up to the expectations of its mem- bers. They are constantly going on skating excursions where they practice their twists and turns until many are most proficient and even the poorer skaters are improving daily. They more than accomplish the purpose set forth by them: "to create and stimulate a desire for figure and speed skating." The president is Herbert Richheimer with Victor Alinovi as vice- president. Virginia Anderson and Jane Simmons are secretary and assistant secretary respectively. George Spyro is Treasurer. Mr. Walter Porter and Miss Marie Socie are the faculty advisers. -139- ' JUNE 1939 NEWTOWN ' SOLDEROLOGY CLUB HE main purpose of the club since its birth is to experi- ment in work higher than that usually covered by stu- dents in Sheet Metal classes. Besides the exhibits which we make each member has a chance to make things for himself providing he has time to spare after his daily program has been completed. Only once in a while do we go on a tour or trip, but when we do you can bet it is one that gives us much pleasure. In November, I937, long before the public had been admitted into the World's Fair grounds, we were conducted through all the partially constructed buildings and secured information about the theme building long be- fore the New York newspapers knew anything about it. From the infor- mation received we were able to construct the many models and the large exhibit of the Fair. Sometime before then, in October of the same year, the officers of the club, Richard Brown, Jacob Blumberg and john Csajko got to- gether with Mr. Joseph A. Danz, our faculty adviser, and made a tour of the North Shore, L.I. We visited many points of interest, the most interesting being the estate of George McKessen Brown. After that we went through the R.K.O. radio fields on the way home. At present, the club is building a Cos- mosorium, the earth as it would look if projected 2o,ooo miles into space. -140-, ' JUNE 1939 NEWTOWN ' l R . SPANISH HONOR SOCIETY THE Spanish Honor Society, composed of the very best i students in both character and scholarship taking this language, tries to spread the study and the appreciation of the idiom and culture of Spain and the eight million people south of us. At the meetings which are carried on partly in Spanish, an attempt is made to give an idea of the life and customs of the Hispanic peoples. There is also an oppor- tunity afforded to the members to show their facility in the language by carrying on conversations with natives. "El Faro" the Spanish newspaper of Newtown and l twice medalist in the Columbia Scholastic Press Convention as the best Foreign Language paper of any High School, is sponsored by the Spanish Honor Society. The Editors are supplied and many of the contribu- tions donated by members. The officers are: William Aznaran President William Lorick Vice-President Libertad Torres Secretary Ines Parra Treasurer Miss Marie Soley Faculty Adviser -141- ' JUNE 1939 NEWTOWN ' SYZITICS THE first thing that strikes you about Syzitics is its name, which though complicated in its form is quite simply derived from the Greek word "argument." One,s interest in this club does not stop there, however, but goes on into one of the most fascinating of activities. Members of this group spend their meetings discussing controversial and live topics. In this way they develop clarity in expressing their view- point, and the ability to speak with facility and ease. Their discussions include both formal and informal l debates with each person volunteering to lead from five to six a term. The procedure usually is to allow each speaker about five minutes to present his side, then a short rebuttal period followed by a discussion from the floor. Occasionally teachers or outsiders are invited to judge a debate or even to participate. In this way, Syzitics' weekly meeting be- comes an educational institution and a trading ground for the ideas and opin- ions of some of Newtown's most intelligent boys and girls. The president is John Mendicino with Ralph Dykes, Hilary Fitch and Thomas Burke as vice-president, secretary, and treasurer respectively. Miss Ruth Miller is the faculty adviser. -142.- ' JUNE 1939 NEWTOWN ' , f... s..-....., . , TECHNICAL HONOR SOCIETY THE year I936 witnessed the formation of the Technical Honor Society to foster the educational standards and ideals of the Technical Department. Through the kind and able guidance of the Technical faculty rapid strides have been made by the society in its few years of existence. Bi-monthly meetings are held throughout the year. These gatherings have been addressed by such entertaining speakers as Mrs. Arnold, Mr. Green and Dr. Shafer. Inspection tours of manufacturing plants are a further means of engendering an appreciation of the scope of the Technical Course. In this matter the society is not only pro- viding social recreation, but is also giving its members an opportunity to gauge the depth of their interest in engineering affairs by bringing them into contact with actual problems. This term the society is making lantern slides for che Technical Depart- ment. John Robinson is president, Henry Kraetzer is vice-president, Andrew Mclnnes is secretary, George Forker is treasurer and Mr. William Coe is faculty adviser. -143.- ' JUNE T939 NEWTOWN ' TEXTILE ARTS l Y THIS girls' club specializes in clothing and the fashions of the moment. This is an organization Where women may gather and talk to their hearts' content on what the average female of the species should Wear and how to wear it. It is the opinion of the club that a girl's clothes should express her personality and that Art should be used in the choice of wearing apparel just as it is used in the painting of a canvas. In the designing of dresses, etcg art also is a paramount factor. l In order to carry out their theories, these students take it upon themselves to plan and make their own clothes, which, may we add, come out so satisfactorily that many of these girls make almost all their apparel. In this way they also show the average girl how she may have clothes which are easy on her budget and yet be chic and have a great variety in dress. The Textile Arts club surely fills a most felt need in the service it performs for the female element of the school. The president is Irene Singer, the vice-president is Dorothy Whitleman while Margaret Koch and Virginia Zufall are secretary and treasurer respec- tively. The faculty adviser is Miss Hilda V. Berntson. ..,44.. ' JUNE 1939 NEWTOWN ' X-RAY STAFF THE purpose of the X-Ray Staff is not only to publish Newtown's school newspaper but also to stimulate school spirit. Scholastic, athletic, political and social activities of the students are efficiently reported upon by lynx-eyed reporters. The X-Ray is received approximately six times a term by all G. O. members. A four weeks course in journalism is given every term to promising English students. Those who show ability are invited to be regular cub reporters. It was with a great deal of pleasure that the students of l Newtown were informed that their school newspaper had won first prize in a contest for all secondary school papers, sponsored by Columbia,s Scholastic Press Association. The Editor-in-Chief is Francis Laxar, while the associate editors are Martha McKee and Ralph Dykes. The Managing Editor is John Detmold and Alfred Jacobs holds the position of Sports Editor. Mrs. Mary MacGarvey is the editorial adviser and Miss Gertrude Farley is the business adviser. -.I4s.. L...-...-.N.,,. ' JUNE 1939 NEWTOWN ' - . . r. Yi YEARBOOK STAFF YEARS ago, when we Were little freshies, how we envied the seniors with their beautiful yearbooks. Now we have our own. Miss Maze C. Gordon selected Peter Wissel as editor-in- chief and Jack Bayha as art editor. Dr. Henry Burnell Shafer selected jim Bailey as picture editor. Mr. William F. Griffin selected Arthur Cohen as business editor. Mr. Nathan Plotkin selected Lucille Sickerman and Marion Katzman as club editors. Elsie Rasmussen is the typist. Albert Neubert is staff photographer. Marion Weston is staff secretary. Peter Wissel is in charge of the literary division of the yearbook. Marion Katzman and Lucille Sickerman are responsible for the club pictures. Jim Bailey and James Dunphy are responsible for individual senior portraits. Arthur Cohen is in charge of subscriptions, advertising and printing costs. Jack Bayha plans the make-up of the yearbook and is responsible for all the art work. -145- ' JUNE 1939 NEWTOWN .,,, ,,.., Y USHERING SQUAD THE honorary captain of the Ushering Squad is Virginia Riegleman, the captain of the Senior Squad is Helen Vandervoort while the captain of the Junior Squad is Do- lores Schwartz. The purpose of the squad is to seat students at the as- semblies quickly and efficiently. At all third period assemblies, the Senior Squad directs the ushering while the Junior Squad ushers at all the ninth period assemblies. Every girl on the squad wears her traditional uniform which consists of a dark skirt, a white sport blouse and a blue barrel sweater. Each girl carries a baton which is neatly trimmed with red and black ribbon. All in all, the Ushering Squad, which is supervised by Miss Charlotte Eg gleston, is a credit to the name of Newtown High. - 47- JUNE 1939 NEWTOWN ' SPORTS REVIEW HEARING that Newtown is soon to become the proud recipient of a new trophy case, we sauntered to the upper foyer to gaze at the cups, placques, shields and medals that bear undeniable witness to the prowess of past Pioneer ECLITHS. Although events of the day are vivid and exciting, they too will soon be placed under the mantle of history. Witli such a thought in mind, let us retrace the past events of the year that will represent the glory and honor brought to Newtown by its athletes of the Class of June 1939. Displaying the true perversity of her sex, Dame Fortune smiled warmly on the endeavors of Newtown's crack baseball nine. After a none too con- spicuous season last year, Pioneer sports fans were agreeably surprised to witness a startling rejuvenation in Coach Harry Elbert's aggregation. If the first seven games on the schedule are any indication, the Red and Black diamond clusters are well on their way to the Queens if not City Cham- pionship for they have won each of them decisively. .. 143 ... ' JUNE 1939 NEWTOWN ' It will be a sad day for the team and for the school when some of the top-notch players who have helped create this superb showing make their exodus. Ted Scandurra, dusky captain of the basketball quintet, will be missed in the ranks next year for his bullet-like throw down to second allowed little larceny on the base paths and has been a big factor in mowing down the opposition. Much credit is due Johnny Boland for his errorless coverage at third base and for captaining his squad with a minimum of friction. Wally Hajek, Harry Johnson, Bernard Milazzo and Tom Helmeyer, all top-notch players, will also graduate this term. After winning the Queens Basketball Championship for the three previous years, Coach John Nucatola's hoopsters suffered a setback when their mightiest endeavors resulted in a tie for second place in the Queens league. Ably cap- tained by Ted Scandurra, the Pioneer aggregation did not relinquish their heritage without a thrilling struggle. Although the Jamaica quintet emerged victorious, the sting of defeat Was ameliorated since the Newtownites had twice previously defeated the champs. Even though graduation this June will mean the loss of Tommy Bondanza, - ,4, .. ' JUNE 1939 NEWTOWN ' 4 Joseph Russo and Jack Rabrich as well as the aforementioned Ted Scandurra, it is expected that Coach Nucotola has enough material on hand to overcome the handicap. It seems almost impossible for any track team to re- peatedly turn in fine performances year after year, neverthe- less, upon looking over past records we find the Pioneer cinder contingent has built up a remarkable score during the l many years of Queens League competition. Not only are the Newtown cindermen the sole Queens team to hold a city championship track title but we have garnered fourteen out of the last eighteen Queens Senior Championship meets. That the present generation has been able to uphold the illustrious pre- cedent is more than amply evidenced by the performances that Coach Lou Werner's proteges have turned in this session. Danny Mindheim, blond mainstay of the team, enjoyed a fine season after annexing the mile title in '38, Danny ran on to greater heights when he cap- tured the Indoor City Champ Crown for a Iooo yards in '39, Alas! The winged feet of Co-captain Al john, Johnny Horvath, John Hinchey and John McQuade will tattoo the cinders for the last time as gradua- tion again takes its formidable toll. -.IsO.. ' JUNE 1939 NEWTOWN ' Showing severely their lack of a home pool, the swim- ming team has, nonetheless, produced some outstanding indi- vidual efforts during the current seasons. Specialists in their own particular fields are Thomas McAuley and Thomas O'Connell, both of whom are graduates this term. After losing three members of a City Championship team, the outlook usually takes on a darker hue, but New- town, led by Arthur Cohen and Joseph Gorman and with Bob Gassner as a capable replacement, has high hopes for a repetition of last year's outstanding performance. The team is as yet undefeated and if they continue displaying their present unbeatable brand of tennis, hopes will become facts. PETER WISSEL HARRY KLEMFUSS -.1511 ' JUNE 1939 NEWTOWN ' GIRLS TENNIS CLUB T HE purpose of this club is to better the sportsmanship of the Newtown High School. The motive of the group is to build up a team of tennis players who will be able to gain for the school fair competitive ability, enjoyment and pleasure. We aim to foster a tennis team of those girls whose skills exceed the average, and who will be able to compete with other amateurs and perhaps emerge victoriously. We strive to include only those who have high ideals and a sense of fair sportsmanship. With such girls as members we feel that we have a club worthy to be classified among the clubs of Newtown High School. The club though newly formed will not terminate, but will continue in its endeavor to forward these ideals. We hope that we shall achieve the goals mentioned in the preceding para- graphs and shall do our best to keep them as such. Miss RUNDQUIST Fuculfy Adviser IONE BOOKER President T1-1121112512 CARILIO Vice-President AGNES BOYAJIAN Secretary JOAN BICKAR Treasurer HISTORY invitations to assemblies 0 JUNE I 939 NEWTOWN ' other more. How well Jim could speak or the fine executive ability that was Joe's. And to sum it up, we weren't such fumblers after all. The school kept on going as it will keep on going through better classes and through worse and we just did our best. It was a long four years and yet it was too short. Through it all we were companions. We broke test tubes together in chemistry. We sweated together in the gym and cooled off in icy looks when we were late. It was you and I who skimmed through Mussey, who pasted pictures in our music notebook. We were together in the clatter of typing rooms, in the bustling shop, in the deathly silence of Dillingham Hall after detention had been meted out. We waded through Dickens and staggered through Math. We drew fishhooks in Sten. and Roman Temples in Art. We prayed for fire drills and and exemp- A HALO of mystery and power sits jauntily on his brow. His are the hands that hold the reins of ex- tracurricular activity. He leads. The senior-. We have regarded the senior with awe in all the various stages of our scholastic career and have dwelt with misgivings upon the time when the intricate machinery which he oper- ates so deftly would be placed in our hands. The years slipped by slowly and suddenly we were spectators no longer. Responsibility fell on our shoulders. Our fears were dispelled and it was with joy and a determina- tion to succeed that we accepted this responsibility. Now it was Joe and Bill and Jim who presided over this club and that. It was you and I and not the mighty seniors of yore who had al- ways controlled the activities. Yet we discovered new qualities in each other, qualities which made us respect each -'I93 tions. We were crushed, stamped on and contracted laryngitis games. We had nervous before and after regents. at basketball breakdowns These were traits that made Newtown more than just a school. Throughout our four years as grand ' JUNE 1939 NEWTOWN ' a pageant of teams and individuals has passed before our eyes as have ever greeted any Newtown students. We saw Rudy Bieleky lead a basket- ball team to supremacy over all Queens. We saw Jerry Rizzo captain the juggernaut that crashed its way into the semi-finals only to lose the city championships by two points. Then we saw them all graduate and we watched Coach Nucatola weld to- gether a combination of Scandurra, McCarron, Lumpp, Bondanza and McDonald which twice beat jamaica. They were runners-up for the city title, and finished second in Queens. We watched Track and X-Country teams that swamped all Queens oppo- sition and went on to win city cham- pionships. We watched Danny Mind- heim and Aaron Sassulsky garner new laurels. We watched championship handball and tennis teams. -We saw our publications honored by the Columbia Scholastic Press As- sociation, The X-Ray with Francis Laxar as editor. The Scribe with Rich- ard Tynan, and El Faro. We built ex- hibits and won prizes in Science Fairs. We watched certain members of the class forge to the front and finally re- ceive their rewards, Francis Laxar to become Valedictorian, Fran- cis Brandt, Salutatorian in the General Course. In the Vocational Course, Julia Svo- boda will graduate as Vale- dictorian, Julia Paredes, Salu- tatorian. Charles Aderholt and Martha McKee were elected boy and girl leader of Arista, john Geraghty, Walter Hajek and Muriel Fitzgerald were elected as officers of the gen- eral organization. Thomas McAuley, joseph Gorman, William MacNiff and Veronica Lynch presided over the senior class. But now we have come to the part- ing of the ways. Like seed that must be scattered. just when we have had a taste of power and responsibility we must lose it to become freshman in college or novices in business. We have already won our spurs and the clamor- ous fresh blood behind us demands its chance. And our joy at having ascended a rung higher on the ladder of success must be tempered with the sorrow of departing from a place we have known and loved so well. Soon memory will cast a mist over Newtown's spires, a rose-colored mist that will soften sharp words and un- pleasant experiences and enhance the happiness of the many happy hours we have spent here. Yet may this never become a fog, blotting out this land- mark in our career. Let us, rather, keep it in a place sacred to our special memoirs and when we meet again let us be able to recall this thing of beauty which will be a joy forever. ALFRED JACOBS -1541 ' JUNE 1939 NEWTOWN ' WHO'S WHO Popular JOHN GERAGHTY KAY KELLY Wfittiest WILLIAM MCNIFF MARTHA MCKEE Literary Light Fashion Plate Typical American Optimist Pessimist Class Grind Hurnorist Teacher's Pet Most Demure Class Mathematician Scientist Linguist Live Wire Dancer Artist Versatile Conservative Radical Athlete Best Author Gentleman Cosmopolitan Helpful Historian Businesslike Technician Politician RICHARD TYNAN EDWARD SHACKELFORD CHARLES ADERHOLDT FRITZ HIRSCHLAND RICHARD KISSELL FRANK LAXAR GEORGE EDDINS JOHN MENDICINO YORIQSTON GRIST PETER WISSEL FRANCIS BRANDT JOHN DETMOLD JOHN GERAGHTY JOHN GERAGHTY JACK BAYHA CHARLES ADERHOLDT YORKSTON GRIST NORMAN SEAMAN DANIEL MINDHEIM MARSTON SCHWARTZ GEORGE EDDINS ARTHUR COHEN JOHN GERAGHTY CHARLES ADERHOLDT HARRY KLEMFUSS JACK ROBINSON LAWRENCE O,NEILL -Iss... MARTHA MCKEE MURIEL FITZGERALD MARTHA MCKEE JACQUELINE LAUDERBACH MARY GOODWIN MARION KATZMAN MARTHA MCKEE MARION KATZMAN MARJORIE LUKE VIRGINIA RIEGELMAN FLORENCE RAU KAY KELLY MARTHA MCKEE MURIEL FITZGERALD JACQUELINE LAUDERBACH KAY KELLY DOROTHE JONES JUDITH TURNER MADELINE SZALAY JUDITH TURNER EILEEN WHITEACRE ELSIE RASMUSSEN ELSIE RASMUSSEN LUCILLE SICKERMAN ELLEN FRIEDSAM DORIS ANDERSON "1 "I ' JUNE 1939 NEWTOWN ' THE WAGES OF SIN OR YE CLASSE ORACLE WE PRESENT our prophecy in the form of a one-scene, one-act play. The set is a bench in Central Park. A lamp-post is at the right-front of the stage. Two, a man and a woman, are seated on the bench. The time is eleven o'clock, June 27, 1959. I. Defmold: They say that I am yet a fool Perhaps they're right, who knows But, if a fool inclined to drool I still can smell a rose. Martha McKee: Gosh, Johnny, you're so poetic. I wrote a verse once, but it went from bad to worse. Ha, Ha. johnny Defmold: Ha. QTwo people saunter by the couple on the bench. They pass the lamp- post, then look back regretfully. Both are well-dressed, but with a slight air of decrepitude. They converse.j Sandy Becker: Tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow Creeps in this petty pace from day to payday. Iudy Turner: My dear Sanford, if you would only make your cartoons two- dimensional instead of four, payday might come a bit sooner. You must allow for the inferior intellect of the masses. Detmold fcalling to Becker from the benchj : Becker, my erstwhile fellow-scholar, Becker! Becker: How low have the mighty fallen, O Lord! Defmold: Come hither, both, and divulge the events of the last twenty years as regards yourself. Martha: Yeh, give us the lowdown, kid. They converse in low tones. The shrill streetcars clatter past, periodi- cally illuminating the gaunt faces of all. They remain so for an hour, till the distant clocks strike one. A burly policeman belching rhythmically, addresses them. Policeman Edward Riley: Ho vagrants! On your lawless way, or I'll summarily run you in. Becker: Avaunt, you skulking minion- Riley: Mend your speech lest it mar your puss. I Defmold: That must be Ed Riley. Come, chant your odyssey of these twenty years. Riley: Becker! Detmold! I will, and that with a soft and flute-like voice. QHe reclines sybaritically on the curbstone and begins. And con- tinues. The clock strikes two. Along fumbles the flushing apparatus of the ..ls5... ' JUNE 1939 NEWTOWN ' Department of Sanitation. The truck stops to avoid wetting Riley. The driver and his assistant descend.j Driver: Awake, for Carey in the streets each night,- You are awake. Not only are you awake, but, incongruously, you resemble Ed Riley. Riley: I am he. Assistant Driver: Come, all. Lave your feet in yon diluvian rush of water, and let us wake the drowsing pigeons with yodels of bygone days. fThey all discard their shoes and socks-daintily-and bathe their pedal extremities in the gutter. They continue to tell tall tales about their experiences since leaving Newtown. At three, a male in full dress prome- nades past them. He stops and holds to the lamp-post with a brotherly clutch. They recognize Jerry Lerman. Martha: Still a prominent clubman, Jerry? Indy Turner: Join us. jerry: I have no choice. fHe collapses slowly, sliding down the lamp-post with a practised reptilian grace. The clock strikes four, but is preceded by the gray dark- ness that heralds the advent of dawn. A misanthropic taxi horn hoots mournfully in the distance. Riley, Driver and Assistant: The errant cock to duty calls, When shall we three meet again? Riley: Tony's One Arm Lunch, Thirty-third and First. fAfter embracing all fraternally, the three leave. The sun, arisen, gilds the skyscrapers' towers with brighter burnish. All are silent. A milkman and his horse and wagon trot up the drive. Milkrnan: Here's your morning milk, Martha. On time as usual. Indy Turner, Sandy Becker: Larry O'Neill! Big as ever! O'Neill: Judy, Sandy! How sweet. But the clock allows me no respite, alas. Let me help you home. Indy and Sandy: With a will. QAII embrace. Not so fraternally. O'Neill helps Judy and Sandy astride his horse, where they flourish a milk bottle in either hand.j All: Farewell! fThe departing trio navigate the driveway successfully. Compassion for the horse brings tears to the eyes of Martha. She weeps softly. John comforts her.j RICHARD TYNAN - , ,7 .. ' JuNE19a9 NEwTowN - THANK GOD FOR AMERICA IT SEEMS traditional with mankind to lead a surreptitious existence, never once trusting the fidelity of those he calls his friends. We find him as a primitive creature living in a clandestine cave for fear that the beast who so strangely resembled him would seize his food or crude tools. Developed by time into a dweller of the middle ages, he built himself huge castles to protect himself from aggression, while in his obscure dungeon he wove the cloth of conquest designed to bring him alone great glories. The alchemy of the ages meta- morphosed him into the modern stage, sweeping along with it the priceless treasures of experience for man to employ to his own advantage. Those fortunes man has used perhaps wiselyg and with the satisfaction that results from centuries of fruitful endeavor he looks back at his achievements and calls himself civilized. How like a concealing fog for all his ironical doings that word rings upon my ears! Although I admit with wonder that the scope of inventions is vast and awe inspiring I cannot help regarding the dark silhouette of treachery with contempt. For it is not only discouraging but abominable to perceive beings who will use the high standard of living of our era for the destruction of lives, causing the victims of such schemes to turn and seek a haven in their frenzy. Many have been successful in their searchg others are still wandering, and almost invariably their gaze is upon the American shores. I shall not attempt to recapitulate the romance of early American history. Every school child is fully aware of the fact that the destitute people who were the targets of all forms of persecution in Europe found refuge in the vastness of the New World. America became loved by this noble people because in it they found the most beautiful gift that life can offer-freedom! It is no small wonder that under the capable leadership of these dauntless beings a govern- ment as stable as that of the United States should originate and blossom out victoriously. Europe, on the other hand, has always been a cauldron of trouble. There was a time when the very life of man was not his own but his master's. The mere implication of a thought which denoted "inalienable rights" only brought about sad tragedy. It's true that man rebelled against this feudalism but he was soon suppressed by lust loving individuals who hid behind a dozen excuses in order to hasten their egotistic plans. No longer may our European cousins point out with pride that they are masters of their fates, and their pathetic plight is not ambiguous in anyone's mind. Once more the persecuted are turning their tear laden eyes towards America where the all-embracing arms of liberty will embrace them and provide an opportunity to begin life anew. It is comforting to be able to feel this golden ray through the heavy, menacing clouds that threaten the world's blue skies. Little do we realize how fortunate we are to breathe the air of liberty and opportunity-opportunity for all to succeed regardless of race or creed. We are so absorbed in enjoying life that we find little or no time to appreciate the extremely important con- stituents of our form of government--to lead our individual lives as we see Ht, to give expression to our thoughts and to worship God in our own manner. It is no wonder, then, that America should be a refugee's haven and a byword for righteousness and good will. ..I5g.. ' JUNE 1939 NEWTOWN ' We, who in the course of several years will pilot the ship of state, should linger a while in meditation. Let us look ahead with a less cursory glance at the beauty of our lives, let us listen with a more appreciative ear to the music of freedom. Then, with unconquerable determination let us strive to maintain those virtues and ideals which our Statue of Liberty signifies and hand down to posterity that freedom which is so precious to all. Future generations will regard the pages of our history with loving eyes and say as so many of us have already said-Thank God for our glorious government! Thank God for America! LIBERTAD TORRES PEGASUS Why must a poem be Witty and clever, Written with cadency, Fruit of endeavor? Shouldn't a poem be Passionate, glowing, Mirror of ecstasy, Fervency flowing? Isn't true poetry Lovingly tender, Exquisite symmetry, Ultimate splendor? Touch it with tragedy, Dolorous, biting, Born of Melpomene, Tears in the writing. Why not have happiness Following after, Merry facetiousness, Lyrical laughter? What's the quintessence of Poet-devotion? Rhyming the essence of Human emotion? JOHN DETMOLD QUEST Perhaps, in some still, rain-cleansed country road, Or in a Spring I never knew was quite As fragrant as this one, wherein I search, Perhaps in some child,s face, or in a tree That has not lived in vain, or in a prayer, Or in a song that until now flowed by My ears, unheard and meaningless before. Perhaps I'll find it in a poet's words, The nervous shadows from a candle's tip, In someone's smile who also looked in vain, Perhaps the smell of clean, fresh, breaking waves, Or long soft hair, just washed, or dead leaves dried And browned by Time. Perhaps in Time itself. Dear God, I look for beauty in Your world. LAURA L. GOLDBERG .. ,,,.. ' JUNE 1939 NEwTowN - THE LIFE OF A SENIOR THE only thing that enables a freshman to endure all the petty injustices heaped upon his immature and bewildered head, is the assurance that one day he too will enjoy the easy life of senior. Of course, he doesn't yet realize that his discomfort is not caused by the seniors, who are much too exalted even to wish to torment the inexperienced newcomer. But he is right in his assump- tion that by the time one reaches the height of high school glory, the eighth term, life is a pleasant affair. In the first place, the teachers are well in hand by now. We have molded them excellently so that they fit in with the students' plans and they are neither too important nor too insignificant. They are, of course, extremely necessary to the class-but then so are the pupils. There might possibly be a class without a teacher, but never a class without student. Yes, we do have a Senior Day once a term where the seniors personally run the school, but this is really merely a symbol of the everyday state of affairs. Then too we must consider that the senior not only runs the school, but also has the run of the school. There is nary an eighth termer who has not acquired the technique of ignoring the service man when the latter presents himself as an obstacle in the path of the roaming individual. It's hardly neces- sary, however, to learn this system when there is such a variety of passes to be had--X-Ray reporter passes, club secretarial passes, Arista passes, teacher's secretarial passes, ordinary class passes and service squad badges. All of these distinguished looking passports give us the key to Newtown's halls and ordi- narily forbidden rooms. By the time one becomes a senior, he may say a not too reluctant good-by to the days when he was imprisoned between the two bells announcing the beginning and end of a period. I can remember when I often found myself caught in the lunch room, study hall, library, classroom, or wherever I happened to be after the late bell had rung. I didn't dare show myself in the halls during a period because I was in mortal terror of all service men. Now, as seniors, we may Walk freely from one end of Newtown to the other, any time, performing our extra-curricular activities, and flaunting our passes before the inquisitive noses of all the big brutes stationed at every twist and turn. And then there's the matter of free speech. All the free speaking in New- town is done by the senior in his X-Ray, Scribe, and all the foreign publications. Nearly every printed article worthy of appearing in one of these publications has the appellation of some triumphant eighth termer printed neatly in a very conspicuous place. It's difficult to find a freshman contribution, because they only appear at the back of a magazine or paper and usually consist of a four- line poem written in French or German, or a tiny foreign crossword puzzle that -160- ' JUNE 1939 NEWTOWN ' never works out. The only reason they appear at all is to keep up the spirit of our little newcomers. We must humor them. They complain, of course, that there is entirely too much space occupied by news written by and about the seniors, but after all isn't that our right? We are the most important group in the high school. Yes, our life is an easy and a pleasant one. We enjoy trampling upon the lower termers and the only thing they can do for consolation is say to them- selves, "Well, I don't care. just wait until they get into college and then they too will be freshmen!" MARJORIE LUKE SENIOR PICTURES THERE may be a thorn with every thistle but every situation, no matter how unpleasant, has its redeeming features. Sophisticated seniors might say that having their pictures taken for the year book is one of the worst things that could happen to an unassuming upper-termer. Secretly, they enjoy it. The whole affair has an aura of excitement and suspense about it which no one can resist. They may pretend not to have given the matter a thought, but what maiden didn,t see that her hair was carefully put in place before she stepped upon the stage? What boy didn't remember not to wear a sweater when the day rolled around, and who didnit rush down to the fatal spot only to stand around and fidgit for fifteen minutes more. Every one had to look at the sample pictures on display and speculate as to whether theirs too would be masterpieces, for future exhibits. The sheltering screens tempted the more inquisitive to spy on the innocent poser within. Bystanders tittered, primped, and struck attrac- tive camera attitudes until their turn finally came. They were all neophytes thrilled by the novelty of the work. Her number was paged at last and the little senior feigned indifference. ItVwasn't the boredom, however, that made her all but trip over the wires on entering the screened-in studio. The brilliant lights were a stimulus to an already active brain. While the photographer was telling her to lower the chin just a little, her thoughts were racing. She might have wondered if that one frivolous curl was in place or if the pearls would show in the finished product. Of course the relatives would have to have a picture if any prints looked like her at all. The cameraman interrupted with the request of a smile and accom- panied it with a "that's fine" and would she please look at his glasses? Here was a chance to force a glamorous smile for the benefit of posterity and the people peering through the panels of the screen. -161- ' JUNE 1939 NEWTOWN ' A boy, faced by the beaming lamps, would probably wonder if he should charm his public with a smile or show a stern and thoughtful countenance. Would people look at his proofs and say kindly, "Oh, well, you can take them over again next week," or would they console him with the familiar "Everyone's turned out that way"? Maybe they would vaguely resemble what he always thought he looked like and people might have a hard time trying to decide for him which proof he should use. When the photographer gave his cheery "All right!" the average serene senior rushed out to tell how many snaps had been taken and to say that he didn't think he wanted to see his pictures, wondering all the while how long it would take for the proofs to be finished. If the results looked like the answer to our pleas, we can think that it's just as well in these days of increased regimentation to have something to cure our deflated egos. If they weren't so flattering, it isn't the last judgment and it certainly was fun while it lasted. JEANNE COLEMAN -16z- ,, !"b!"lv!"lv!"l'!"lp!"bI"l,!'1v!'i- 'lr !"lf!'ioI"lv!"l-,!"b!"lv!"lo!'ip!"lp! fd 1 'lv 'ivff X fy Lf P 2 5 Ount 1 e ress 5 5 XB 3 ' I Q orporatlon 5 0 0 X X I GARDEN CITY, NEW YORK 9 S TELEPHONE GARDEN CITY 800 5 ,X X S S X AX! g PRINTERS Q a 0 X X 5 Q9 S 5 X " BOOK MANUFA CTURERS S 5 F X X 0 0 5. NEW YORK OFFICE ' 450 SEVENTH AVENUE 3 TELEPHONE LA ckawanna 4-6821 X X DIRECT LINEg NEW YORK TO GARDEN CITY Q Q Vlgilanc 4-0433 I- .X 3 I S S Q S 3 I .. 53- it Photographers 520 Fifth Avenue New York CZD Completely equipped to render the highest quality crafts manship and an expedited service on both personal por traits and photography for College Annuals. Official Photographers to the "June 1939 Newtownn ..I64.. TREASURE-CRAFT, INC 580 Fifth Avenue New York Makers of Fine CLASS RINGS - CLASS PINS - CLUB PINS CUPS Q TNIEDALS - TROPHIES ENGRAVED ANNOUNCEMENTS OFFICIAL JEWELERS FOR THE 1939 JUNE CLASS Telephone BRYANT 9-3150. -6- 7' V554 :iff-I-"""Xi 3 'VX Ninn, ...ITL .IAHN AND OLLIER -1 as-L, P--v1 AGAIN i 4 NME Repeated acceptance by discriminating Year Book Boards has inspired and sustained the John 8. Ollier slogan that gathers increas- ing significance with each succeeding year. -- mf, V-f JT M " ."2lIf' f , D 'M ' Rf' "' ""m'w-W. gm rl, r , . ' 4N?!"""" '.-Vx. ., J Q44 ZW ZZWMMJ Zfifff Qwwff , Q' fb,QAZ?jaLQfcwf wywy YW! ,gffwlfw-+N MM""x A-7y44,.zA, J g M55'ff1yfM I il, mf M Af fp -Ju,e,c,e.a4,'f'fr-vw-A Gxxwwj Hwwwllg FPLQW '-3-H--L I-+5 ,W Wm gkwuwwm Wmk-A -Qijfwvw K fiiidgzkyli A,Z,f'ff g ' f' - wr' fgwdkgaww if ,hw 'M 1, , ,-,.f'11- 4. 1 " G',Lw ,:ff 45 2 ' pf ' Q J f, ff' , t' . , " 31 X .V 'Z 5 .. , iw' . 'Q1f3OLf+ 'gi7'W'f'f'E4 L P . ' . , 4, X45 f9,4f,-flfwcf ffl' 1' I .N Y I , ' ' Vt U A . h .xl,f4,,. -7' A I , D, , ,HK 1' 1 9, 8 ? . , .2- . 1, 5 dl in if Q, ' f 1 N f' . 1. . 1, L . .u fp J ' "ring i 'V e. pf::if:.,,. .Mus F timid I S 5 F K I i i . u

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