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wk a3".'i: , ufxum, ' ' K . Uflpp ,-. 'F , , 'san 1, 4.-.,, , 1, R .' 4 5.'4',.a1.f?' -L , Lg- 3? fy .- I 5wf'g:QPt,,-" iQ mm - wi- i5fSl,.,,g,N'4:? g,,3+v'9l + E' f 4Hff ..f5 2, .3"11,f 1 3 MusT'a",: ',, if 4 if , Q5 1- ,E J., ,V -, 'S!A".L- in X55 fx I I mmf vi X K n.xY'N JA 'in ,rf 1. JF .,':n. n 5,1 'QQ lq'-,IP Nga... ,f X 55' '52 1 1 41,- ri K . 5,6 1 .if 5, 4 .44 fa, 'n G ,vi-ful I Wt-'l 1 ,A 3,3 if 5.4 1 gg: Si F Q: K? Wa Ai Y .5 9' Q . ,V -JD. 81? ,114 if ,,,,. ww '?7Zi,1jZ:'14,'7v A fi fj7,,L,L44f14w'f , Gleamnq Q Blass of .J ADtlD.l'tj 1927 S T A F F Editor-'in-Chivf LILLIAN E. GARING Svrzwary MILDRED HESLIN Pr'opl1-My Cnmmitfvc MADELINE BLASIUS ARLINE GARRETSON MATILDA FREIDMAN STELLA HINES Athletic Ediforx CARLETON ENDEMANN JOHN HUGHES JOSEPH SVOBODA VViIl Cnmmitff'f' LUCILLE RENNECKAR DOROTHY HARRINGTON Business Managers RICHARD SMITH WILLIAM DANIELSON Liierary Committee ANNA-MARIE BYRNE ISABELLE ENIGELS RICHARD SPELSHOUSE KATHERINE HAWS LUCIEN BAVETTA Hisiory Committfe CLARA JANKOWSKA ANNA REVEL SOLOMON Dvdimtion Commiffvr JOHN MEUNSTER FRANCES KROUPER JOSEPH ORSZAG Artists and Club Committee MARIANNE DUKE ' VIVIAN COLLINS MARTHA RATKE Photo Committcf' XVILLIAM KOSTER MEYER PERLSTIEN Lixt Committee ,IAM ES KNAPTON GRACE RUNDQUIST CLASS OFFICERS 'E PRESTDICNT--A117017 Tunlzy SECRETARY-Isahellr Eugfls. TREASURER-Peter Donoglzue MR. ARTHUR E. BOOK In token of our sincerest appreciation for his enthusiastic lahours, singular devotion and steadfast loyalty which have inspired in every mem- her of the senior class a respect and love for him and his high principles, and in deepest, heartfelt gratitude for the many things which he has done to make our senior year the happiest and most fruitful of all, we respectfully dedicate this class hook to our esteemed and honored vice-principal, Mr. Arthur E. Book. 5 H151 El f f l lf ul' 1 l ll! Tllli GRIE.'X'l' XYAAXR 'l'ramp, tramp, tramp, the lfreshies are marching. NYar has again heen fleelarecl. lt is Fehruary 1, 1923, and a new army of Freshies are coming to clo their part in capturing the City of Knowledge front that holtl antl mighty nsnrper, commonly known as Ignorance. The hattlegronntl is lfhnhnrst, the harraelq is Newtown High School, antl our eanips are the various section rooms in the olfl huilcling, We greatly afhnire the cptarters of our superiors in the new aclclitions. The staff is ntacle np of the etxtninantler-in-ehief, Ur. Dillingham, and his gen- erals, the teachers. Oni' weapons are gleaming new hrief cases loaded with all kinfls of hooks and the Freshies area-or rather were-XYe. After a few weeks life in the trenches, our claily recitation rooms, loses its glamour. XYe suffer nineh these tirst tlaysl sneerefl at hy the Sophs, patronizefl hy the juniors, and simply ignorerl hy that mighty element antl snperior oftieers of the School, the awe-inspiring Seniors. .Xlthongh this new type of warfare is harcl for ns at first, we certainly feel repaid at the encl of the year, for to onr great antl everlasting joy, we have at least learnerl the ways of war. During the liattle of the Freshinen some have left the scene of eontliet to join other ranks, hut there are many left to carry on the tight to the finish. But to quote the cinema, 'tTime passes," and we are Sophs. f As we look over the new recruits we feelquite old and blasel W e had never looked so green and self-conscious. Haughtily we direct or at times misdirect them to those rooms we now know so well. During this trying year many leave to Fight and find glory elsewhere. VVe, who remain. work incessantly. .Nt times it seems as if the enemy will break through our lines and capture the citadel we have tried to fortify so well. lt is necessary to replenish our supply of amnumition very often. Since bombs and guns tdaily preparationj are not enough, we now liavevto resort to machine guns fextra studyj. So with battle scars in the form of glaring red lights, which till all hearts with dread and terror, ,and croix de Guerre in the shape of honor-pins we pass into the third year of war, to the campaign of the juniors. In this, our third year, a selected number who have shown their superiority and bravery on the field at all times become members of that high-standing institution and Legion of Honor, the Arista. Those inter- ested in the surveying and laying out of the trenches join the Math. Club, invention of new explosives and methods of warfare, the Science Club: spying and dispatch riding, the Language Clubs: physical culture, health, and sanitation, the Physical Efficiency. Our army brings us many laurels in golf, basketball, track, cross-country, orchestra, glee-club and tennis. Quite a few of us are up in the tower on sentry duty and receive the much coveted elevator passes. The cavalry, or Service Squad who are always on duty, keeps the infantry marching in a single line and lets no shirker escape, None can avoid the performance of duty. The weapons fshining brief-casesl that we once admired so much are used no more. ln fact, we find them quite a nuisance when we feel them set down on our feet by the Freshies who are getting smaller every term. CSoon they'll be coming in baby carriagesj XVe all work like Trojans so that we may be pro- moted to the enviable rank of Senior. There is a feverish preparation for the last and decisive encounter of this war. Everyone wishes to march in front-no one wishes to be left behind. Now we are the superior officers of the school and attend weekly dances and a prom. All the talk is of the outstanding social feature of the term, the prom, which will be held at the Biltmore on the evening of December 16, 1926. Even we find time to pause in this might scourge of war to enliven these somewhat dreary and monotonous days. The topics most discussed by the Seniors are: "Are you going?" "What will you wear P" Wlioni are you going to take ?" Now, we inspire awe in the 'souls of the meek and modest Freshies Cso we.hopej. It is nearing the end of the war and all sections are fairly buzzing in the preparationi for the final attack-the Regents. Now is the time to get out our Big Berthas, polish them up, and see that they will be ready at a moment's notice. VVe must make sure that the enemy will not be able to withstand this last might on- slaughti It is now the case of being the crusher or the crushed, and we are determined not to be the latter. Triumph at last! 'The battle is done and we have won, and we might say that our greatest and outstanding victory is the conquering CFD of that arch enemy for years a prey to all soldiers-Eli and VVicker's "Principles of Economicsf' ANNA REVEL, CLARA JANKOWSKA. Q6 GRACE ANDERSON Grace is always early, Shels always spic and span Grace is just the girl fm- us She helps when'er she can. D.ANTTN Daisy Antin llas a pleasing smile And she is pleasant All the while. Member of the Commercial Clulv. H.ASUECK Barbara likes tu read. She's quiet as can he But Halma is very jolly mo, The best we want to see. Member of the Spanish Club. M.AUE Nice girl is Martha Always a smile To walk miles to greet her ls surely worthwhile. Member of the German Cluh. G.AYRES She nsefl tn he old-fashioned XVhen her hair was long But now she's had her tresses She sings a different song. cut MARG. BAILEY The Bailey girls are similar As I have said before And I think that y0n'll agree with me, As you look their jiicturcs der. M. BAILEY kThere are two girls named Bailey They go with one another And they are sisters, lint we c:in't tell Une girl from the other. D. HAUM Some voted Dot the "Baby" In the present Class And I'm sure that yon'll agree That for ten years she could pass. Memlmcr of the Cmninercinl Clnll, Roosevelt, and Newman Club. M, IIAUMANQ llc':iv0n is not the only place ln wliirh stars twinkle lirigllt 'Cause Nlililred in our senior class Gives twivi- as mneh light. M. Baninnn-'Co-op Club VV. BAYAH VVilli:un plays tennis, Anil well. l do vow, That ln-'ll lie is Tilden To whom we will lruw. 'Xlember of the Rrmsevelt Club, Service Squad F. UFICKMAN ln History class She volunteers Tn share her facts As the Regent near: I.. HERSHADSKY Lillian Bersharleky ls surely full of gn Anil whenever there's :x ilning Shi-'S there. we'1'e sure tn lrnow. Nlemher nl' the Cn-up Cluh. P. BlZZlGOTTl Peter Bizzigntti Now there's :1 nnhle lzul lle's never very good 'Cause he's sometimes sort 0' hzul. Member of the Service Squad. Italian Cluli. M. IELASIUS Furly haireml Madeline Lady petite, She laughs at your julie XYhieh is quite Zi treat. l'li'.'Qii-nl Efliciency, Tennis. Treasurer of Arista, Swimming Club, Service Squad. C. IH lSCfll l Nl ls Miss Busehixlfs lille She helungs tn all athletic Cluhs Anil there spends must her tinie. Physical l'lflie'eney, Tennis, Swimming. Tennis, svrinuningz, aml haskthall 'VNS . fl' 1 V R. H. RI TCKM AN Ruthie- is Il quiet girl Anil pleasing to the eye Anil sho van flraw must :mythiug From the earth up tu the sky. Member of the Spanish Cluh. li. RURNS Uh Hctty's n llK'Zlf slrcssr-r She-'s mmlcst nml petite A i'lmi'miug, quiet lzuly By nature very sweet. A. M. RYRNE Anim-Blarii-'s piano VVill make fm' hcr fl uzmw Aufl in the years tu cunn- Slu-'ll llc lcuuwn tu fume. Pllysirfll lfllicie-iu'y. .'X. CJXLIGUIRE Uh, lico is the period She loves :xlmovc the rest This smiling mul uc-at larly Guns at it with zi zest Xlvlllllitfl' of thc- Newman Cluh. ltzllian Club. Spanish. Service Squad. li. CXRAGHER liihlie has zu guual ulml ' rep" Of being late tu scliuul But carly when hc's ueetlc-41, ls tall, clark, E. Cfs rule. Mc-mlier uf the ABC Club. Service Cross Country. Sfumfl R. CARD Ruthie Card of Newtnwn, Plays the clarinet Anil she is one of the nicest girls XVe lmve ever met. Hemlmer of the fl!'Cl1ESf!'2l. L. CARR Lillian learrerl to Charleston Hanging on the stove- Aml her mother, crazy Alxnnst, mmrly drove. V. CERRA Vincent Cerra The lxoy wonder Gets thru class VVithont lmlumler Member of the ABC Club. J. CATTANEO ,lnlia tickles the waries, VVl1en anyhnzly near. says "Please?" Sl1c's :i wo'-rler tl1ere's no rlonht Her fame is known all ahmit. Nlrlnilscr of the Spanish. ltulian and Newman Clubs. I. CHIERICO l.nrvtm's very willing, A quiet girl is she. She works hard af her sgudies Xxvlllfll is a treat to see. Basketball. 1924. V. CLARK Big blue eyes has Vera Hair as black as ink Now let's see, what is she Why she's Irish, don't you think? V. COLLINS Vivienne is quiet Anfl SVVf'Pf as she can he Her conquest of those Eco ilefs XVe sure :lo like to see. Member of the Swimming Club. Glee Club. M. CONLAN And here is Marian Conlan, She gets in just before, The late bell rings. And makes us scared, Some day she'll miss the door. Poems for Year Book G. CRANE A connoisseur on candy Especially l.aieyett's Gracie likes to argue, And makes quite frequent hets. Member of the French Club. Tennis Club Swimming Club. D. CURRAN Dorothy Curran from '39 Has school spirit galore She stays after school 'till supper time And still she asks for more. Basket Ball. VV. DANIFILSON This hloml Bill of ours. ls 21 sporty young chammie, lly his nicv hrigxlxt UCS, NY1' can sci- he is linixiny. Xlcmlmer at the l'!'f3!K'll Chili, Service Nl. l7AICNFll.l. Twm lung clark lxmicli Two Slunrkly black cyrs 'l'h:1t'Q Nnrtlm l7:u'11z-ll NVhu, th:-y say. is quita wise. Nlemlvvr of the Unnnlc-ruizul lluh, Rmwsvvvlt. llaskc-t llall, lfrr-nvli Chili . Tennis. fIirl'Aa XV:-L fare. C. DICKPINSON VV? nvver lwar her vuive Ahuvu a whisper rise Yet when we meet her in the hall 'l'he1'e's lmiglltm' in her L-vc-s. Mm-nlher of the Swimming Cllll-I, Basket Ball. Hlil.lCN IlOM.XG0l,SKA Always htm n lmuk You ram nlnaye Hull hc-1' refilling lu a cozy nook. Mcxnhrr of thc: Ronsrwclt Club. French Club. A. DUNUVrXN Amin is amhitious Intelligent, I'll say And whn-n she-'G aiked to help you She'll never answer, "N ' Spanish, Biology. ay.' Sq l1 ml, . qt-y, 'ffl n I . . w Am ' WN J Q Jul' 9 ,M , gil' fa .5 'g I MW l rf guy , f"iM'f-M ffl-nv.. fu., X, , M f x f ff ...f S 1 D 'Q ' -as l .1.i.x.. .,.ii Y , i P. DONUGHUE A real good sport is Peter Thc shade he likes is green. And his appeal to the fairer sex, ls very plainly seen. Arista, CAuxiliumU Svrviue Squad, Tl'L'1SLl1tl of Senior Claws. K, DU,IMUVlTCH Dmuzing is lier favorite She likes to rln it lxest, Anil whvu it Comes tu rlrcssiug Katlicrim- Icnrls the rust. Member of the Ncu'1nau Cluh. M. DUK Ii M:u'inune's our artist. Hut tl1:1t's nut all. yuu lwt. fXI:1ri:1um- is fennel ul fuu Thr lr:-st that Vvc- known yvt. Klc-inlurr ui thu Art Stuff. .lramutic L 1 1 H. XV. lflllfl, Ilu rc mi fn, Hu ll clarinet Henry lily:-l of the Orclir-.itrn Ile's il Ilutchman, you may het, Nieinbsr ui the fjl'l'llESl1'J., Hcfiinzm C G. lClL'Kl.liM.XN VVQ liavv here Another mouse Aufl this unc, tcm, Stays in tlw lmuse. Meiulici' uf llm fIirl's NYelfn1'n-. ifmum lluli. F. ElSSMAN Freiila Eissman Every Friday morn Plays in assemlxly On her French horn Member of the Orchestra. C. H. ENIJFIMANN Big, hoyish Carleton VYith slang never late, Yet at his studies, lle's certainly great. Member of the Arista, ABC Club, Service S qua-l. Tennis, I. ENGLES lszthclle Engels 'Flmugh small she may he lf: :smart as they make 'em As you can all see. Secretary of Senior Class. Prcsillent of Phys- ical Etliciency, Arista Auxiliuni, X. Y, Z., French, Swimming. E. ESSIG Ii:lclie's a cut-up So they ilu say, Huw many times Does he laugh every day? Xlcmher ol the Service Squad, Roosevelt Club, Llcrinan Cluh, R. H. EVANS Raymouil Evans lusquire ls really versatile He plants, :mtl plays and studies And quickly runs a mile. Mcmlmer of the Orchestra, Cross-Country, Dramatic Club, M. FEIJDMAN M. Feldman Happy, Manly lad ls the quietest Vile have had. Mtmlmer of the Service Squad. H. FRICKE Helen is ambitious Like her we need some more She also is quite garrulous But yet she's not a lrore. Member of the Spanish Club. C. FREIDENRICH Charlie's ambitious And studious too A new hook of knowledge He oft seems to brew. Member of the Co-op Club. W. FORSTRAUER Landscape architecture Is what is ailing Bill, But when it comes to dancing "There's a way where there's a will.' M. FRIEDMAN Mathilda Friedman is a poet Writing verses all the time I just don't see how she does it It's so hard to make these rhyme Nlemlier of the German Club, Swimming L.GARlNG VVho's that girl that's giggling VVhy tha1's our Lillian E. A bright :md happy lady, She's as active as can he. Seqretary of Physical Elliciency, Seeretary pro tem. of G. O., Arista, President X. Y. Z., French, Swimming Team, Service Squad. A.GARRETSON Arline's :i gooil sport, Arline iS llright. Arline's our gigglerl She hreaks hearts all right. Tennis. Secretary of Arista, Treasurer X. X.. Z.. Physical Efficiency. Service Squficl, Arista Auxilium. ' J. GLASSER This Chap is always grinniiur. Of this we're well aware. On him we alwavs see jurt what The well-dressed man will Wear. lllemker of the Service Squad, Orchestra, Roosevelt Club. M.GOLDBERG Miriam Gnldherg, The talkative :me lu her class stuilieG Shines like the sun. H.GRADY just imagine, Folks, She sends out telepzrams And two weeks work she fines in school In one short week she crams. iglimhb 'yr 9 2 fi , i. , ,M E. GRANEK Grzmek is a sailor boy As salty as the sea, And he sure is ambitious As ambitious as can be. Member of the Glee Club, Biology Club, Service Squad. E. GUTWEIN The u1f2ll'VE11'!l Hop" is stylish The Charleston long is past, But when it comes to Ucollegiate. Miss Gutwein sure is fast. Member of the Co-up Club. R. HAEHNEL Two sets of curls One on either side This is Miss Rose Haehnel In 115 she does reside. Member of the Commercial Club, Physical Efficiency- Tennis. D. HARRINGTON Oh! Dntty is a good sport, And brilliant as can lie. She likes to swim anrl dance, and An all round girl is she. Member of Arista, Service Squad, Arista Auxilium, French, Swimming Teans. K. HAWS Kitten Haws was voted baby In section-room 321 And she says she can't quite grasp it VVhy they say so, or what she's done. A.HESSE Who's that At the gate? That's Hesse Again late. Men-nl1cr'of the C0-op Club. S.HERMAN Curly hair Quiet air Always there Thatls Herman MfllESLlN "Nice Ballyl' is Mildrerl Little and perk Anil never, oh neverl A lesson has shirked. Memhei' of the Commercial Club, Year Committee. H.HEURNER This hoy just rlrives me frantic, l v:m't Burl out a hit Su I can write the four lines That I am to submit. O.HEUBURGER Besides working in a law office Every other week Mr. Otto Heuburger co-op At the orchestra. takes a seek. Book S. HINES Stella studies stucliously, Silently sitting still, She strikes some seniors sorrowfully Saying "Study Stellf' Swimming Study Hall Squad, Year Book. G. HOSHAFIAN Gladys is always smiling She likes her English best For every day, she's studying For another spelling test. Member of the Glee Club, 1924. I. HUGHES This Jack of ours is a fine bright boy The nicest you could see. Anrl when tliere's call for a gentleman Then Jack's the chap for me. Arista. ABC Club, Service Squad. M. HUTCHEON Auburn hair has Mabel Shinglecl in the back Aml we know she's studious Cause of books, she carries packs. Member of the Commercial Club. C. JANKOVVSKA Clara ,lankowska Never makes a sound YVe have to see her Tu know she-'s around. Member of the Swimming Club, French Club Roosevelt Club, Orchestra. C. JECKEL C. Jeckel plays the violin They say he's quite expert. And when he starts a-playin' Your worry he does divert. W. ,TEBENS Vllilliam is a quiet chap, A real fine hoy is he. VVilliam is polite, and quite As nice as he can he. 'Xiemher of the Service Squad. S. JOHNSTON A helping hand gives Sadie To every one she knows Six nights out of seven A church-working she goes. Member of the Newman Club, Physical Efii clency, Orchestra. M. KAIN They say that most all angels Have lilue eyes and light hair , Aml since Miss Kain has such love VV:-'ll say she qualifies there. Mernber of the Co-op Club. Memher NVILLT :XM KA NZ Kanz likes Economics Bill says, "Yes, it's fair" And in "Eco" coach class Kanz is always there. of the Roosevelt Cluhi ly eyes G. KARLSRURG Gertrude, the marvel, Has a charming sweet laugh, Her years in high school Are two and a half. Member of the German Clull, Arista, Ianguage Club. F. KATZER VVe clon't know much about him. VVe are sorry to arlmitg But when it comes tn curly hair That boy sure makes a hit. Meml er uf the Roosevelt Club. J. KAUFMAN VVe'rc sure that he's an iileal hoy As he helps iluwn at the Scouts He helps tu do the orrlers up Ancl then he sends them out. Mcmlver of the Co-op Club. A. KELLEY Anna likes to reall, a pastime VVe haste to commend And our Anna is ambitious VVhich tells in the end. Swimming, Tennis,Spanish Club M. KEMPF VVhen all is calm and silent And we rlon't know what to say VVe can always rely on Margaret To speak, and save the day. Physical Efficiency, Newman Club. A Moll! rn G. KLEEMAN Some boys are noisy, But then there are those Like this Georg: Kleemam, ' The quietest who goes. Mc-mlwr of the Roosevelt Club, President nf Cmniuereiul Club, Service Squad. E. KLOSE Penny, smart, and quick to help is this girl in minil. Anrl she is quite an asset here The type sn hard to fiuzl. Member of the Commercial Club. S. KOBRIN lnmgiue .... Dancing ln ........ Sneakers ,............. . . Member of the Roosevelt Club, Commercial Club, Service Squail. I. KOSKI Tall mul blond, Pretty blue c-ves, Erich time you nu-et her She is a surprise. Vice-Pres. of Roosevelt Club, Secretary of ilinuinereinl Club. Physical Etlicieucy. W. KOSTER l?'rxricultnre is his line Horticulture any time Oleri culture he can combine, Say! How clues he get that way. lllvmber nf the Boys' filee, llfixerl filee, Biol- Ogy fl'1'esideutl, Agricultural fl'rt-simlentl. Roosevelt, Flower Club CPresirlertJ. M. KNIEF Marion's ambitions, She's nent and fair and sweet. And all of us are very glad Good Marion to meet. F. KROUPA Violet eyes Curley hair That is Franris Sh:-'S all there. I-ihrary Sqnnd. Pin and Ring CqlIllllllIPE, Year Book. E. KRUG Ellen's such a little thingy To all the boys enhance They tag along wl1ere'e1' she goes And, oh boy! can she dance. F. KNOOR llc-reys zu student Real and true Never has to -Bc told what tu rlq. Member of the C0-Op Club. A. KIERZKOVVSKI Such :x llispusiiifm, l'm sure you've never seen, She always has a hearty lauglxg Is calm and quite serene. J. H. KNAPTON Collegiate Jimmy, Surely can dance, Strolls all around, The girls to entrance. Member of the ABC Club, Baseball, Service Squad. I. LASNER VVh0 has Il sense ni humor? VVho's :always looking gay? Who likes to have a youll time? This Lasner chap, Illl say. NiP1'l1ilt'Y of the Orchestra, Cross-Country, Track. M. LE BOVJITZ There's an energetic student In section 115 VVhn's known as M. Lebowitz And ahouther we're keen. Member of the Commercial Club, Treasurer of the Spanish Club, Roosevelt Club, Girl's VVel- fare, Lunch4Room Squad, Swimming, Stenog- raphy Coach. E. LEONHARDT She never complains of sturlies She never grumble-s at gyin. VVhy can't there be more like' her VVho set out, bound to win. Meinller of the Co-op Club. A. J. LYNCH A. J. Lynch plays foothall They say he dances, too, So you see it's evident. He does things with his shoe.- Member of the Agricultural Club. HELEN LEEMANS Oh my! how she giggles This little senior girl And when she starts a-trancing Your hair begins to curl. Member of the C0-op Club, A. MAGUIRE If Anna knew--five years ago VVhat she now knows thru experience Our list wrmlml have just one name less I And her course wuulcl have lic-en "genera1." E. MAHR In gym you hear the piano Aml if it's very good, You know it is Evelyn 'Cause that is understood. P. MARKS VVe clou't know much ahout Pauline lt's not that she's so quiet, lt's just hecause she's coeop That causes nll the riot. Member of the Co-op Club. VV. MASON YVilliam Mason Of the "Olin" staff Can always oblige l.Vith a cheerful "laFf." Memlzer of the Glee Club, Biology Clulr Service Squad. F. P. MAURO If silence is golden, VVc can piziinly see, That this modest lad A HlllllO'llE1lI'0 will lie. Menilif-1' of the Roosevelt Club. H. MCCAFFREY VVli:1t would Macy du hylllllllll such girls :is she For llliss McCaffrey files NYitl1 xrri-at dextcrity. lllvmlii-r of the fo-op Club. J. MCCARTHY jrxhmly MvCa1'tliy As green as they come 'l'herct'm'e is Irish So's heap much lsig fun. Member of the Orchestra. li. MCCLENN.-XN Elizabeth Mclflcnnan lint 11 hundrerl in her trip: She-'s a sociable little lady And certainly is no prig. S. MACCONNELL Little Stanley MacConnell Helped with pins and rings And ohf' he is so helpful, ln lots of ways and things. Roosevelt Fluli President. Cmninercinl Fluli Vice-Presirlvnt. Service Squad, Multigrapli Squad, Pin and Ring Committee, 'r h P' www f W M-.R R f,, V . ll ' E3 ill.. . 16 'S H. MCKENNA llelen McKenna Sn tall nnrl fair A lieautiful girl VVith a queenly air. Memher ol' the French Cluh. A. MCKEON Anita plays hasket hall Su we all know Sha-'s not lacking school spirit As this dues show. VV. MFKFON An excellent hny semi! VVl1o assists his master true Ile has the honor of first Class Won VVhich shows what he can do. H. MCNULTY Senior Helen McNulty Hails from Bryant High Anil we're rlarn glad she's with us And won't forget her by and By. J. MORRISON Jimmie Morrison. the good old scout The one who breaks the rules VVhn ran for years, yes, just five years 'Till he rim out of school. Cross-Country, Baseball, Track, Basket Ball F. MOULIN Here's ri boy has a voice That's heard above them all No matter if it's on the :tagc Or r-vt-n in the hall. Xleml 1-r of tbv: Glee Club. J. R. MEUNSTER l'lo'1orable John Muensfer Makes lice-ro look sick Anil of all our class speakers He's sure the pick. Member of the Service Squad. Press Club lllio Editor, Year Book. Manages o' luclvpsnfl- 1' .it Tivlwt. LENORE MARTIN l-.enore Martin, flirting and gay Trips 'round flle Newtown All through the clay. B. MEYER After going to Flushing Anil getting all the nuws Beatrice came to Newtown To Gnd out more "who zoo." Member of the Tennis Club, Glee Club. M. NAILER May Nailer, the beautiful VVith her aquiliue nose Has all the boys going VVhen she gets in a pose. lllmnber of the French Club. G.NmMANN George is a helper, The Service Squad knows, H1-'s flapper and smiling, As everyone knows. Member of the Service Squad, German Clnls, Roosevelt Club. Glee Club, Dramatic Club. K.OfONNER Knthleenls our Irish girl As fair as fair is she, A sweet, neat. quiet lafly. She sure appeals tn me. Mcmller of the Tennis Club. ' M. OLIVARI I.itt'c Miss Olivnri ls tieiy and cute as can be Slut let her l.:iir grow last season Aid unw she-'s a picture to see. Physical Efficiency, Tennis, J. URSZAG joseph Orszag, An Arista student, Finds doing homework Exceerlingly prudent. Arista, Service Squad, Spanish Club. M. PERLSTEIN Meyer Perlstein VVli0 is fund ol chemistry liinals that H3804 does not Agree with KCLO3. Member of the Service Squad, Spanish Club G.RAPELYE Rapelye can paint Rapelye can draw He's the bestest artist That you ever saw. Member of the Poster Club, Glee, Service Squad. MQRATKE Mat'tha's a neat dresser, The best we'sl want to meet: But why, oh why, does Martha Our clear lnoys seldom greet? Tennis. Spanish, Swimming Team. L.RENNECKAR Lucille is "tres intelligent:-" A witty girl is she A charming, perfect "lady," Whose like, I shall ne'er see. Arista, Service Squad. Physical Efticieucy. '1'.-n nis, Swimming, Anxilium. A.REUTER A favorite, is our Arno Un track team, or in class lle's zu boy we'll stand hy, lle's Z1 boy who'll pass. Arista, Track. A.REVEL Anna Revel ls so bright She's '27's Shining light. Memlzer of the Spanish Club. J. REYNOLDS Here's Jimmy Reynolds So lanky and cute Perhaps you have heard him He toots on the flute. Nlemller of the Orchestra, Arista. T. ROACH A gentleman is Thomas Roach A very quite boy At all times most ohliging, In section quite zu joy. W. ROSESCO VVhen it comes to dancing Roscscnfs sure thurs- The shelms all love him But he doesn't Care. Nlemlxer of the ABC Club, Glee Club. S. ROYAL Sadie is so quiet She never makes 21 sound. lf we do not look for her. VVe hardly know she's 'round. G. RUNDQUIST In the sunlight of her trophies You can see Grace Rundquist bask Can she wield a tennis racquet? As Milt Gross would say, "l'Junt ask Arista. Physical Efhciency, French Cluh D mmatic Club. E. RYAN llcre is Bvtty Ryan l4IllUIlllll1,I nnrl gay XYl1:x1 llc-tty rlm-5, is just :ull rigfllt As :u1ynnL- will say, Nlmnlu-r of tho N:-wmun Clnlx, Spanish Vlulw. G. RYAN Annl next of cmxvsc comes ciP1't1'llfll' Fm' where the one is found The futher is sure to lv: Sm11cwl1c1'c llZll1j.Il!ly 'ruunfl. Jlmnlu-1' of flu- Newman Clulx. N. RYAN A gr:1ciu11S y.1'i1'l is Nalnliv Shr-'s quiet neat. and sweet Anfl in tho eighth term luietm-y class To hear her is J treat. Basket Ball, Tennis. M. SACH S Pvggy Sachs Of fun is pavks. Of lwezxutjx Qrnncks, The lxezlry utlarks. Member of the Spanish Club. Q. - ,-. .4 ,Y 7.4215 fv W S I a 4 C -n wzq. j ffl Tlx. " wi K -WJ , VV. SCHEINIQRT H0 tnkvs the pap:-rs out llv put: nmro 1lZlfK"l'S in Srflwinurl lqnnws lmw tu 111illwuymx11 As neat as any pin. . ,' .,,,,,,.j. :i ., l 3 fa l l k ' 1 l lfil W H.SCHOLL VVhen the Co-ops elected oliicers Of their senior section class They chose Miss Scholl as treasurer To handle the money mass. Treasurer Co-op Club. H.SCHOLLENRERGER Talk about heing early Sziyefwill you listen to this? The janitor has to open the door She gets here so soon, this Miss. Physical Eihciency, Commercial Club. C. J. SERRA Always grumbling Never smiles Some day he'll learn 'Tis not worth while. Member of the Newman Club. G.SHEER This is George Sheer The class acrobat lflc stands un one ear VVliile he puts on his hat. Member of the Service Squad. D.SICARI Dominic Sicari The silver-tongued bass Is able to smile Without cracking his face. Member of the Dramatic Club, Glee Club Italian Club. K. SIMON Fraulein Simon is a girlie Straight from Germany She rattles ot? the foreign tongue VVith great dexterity. Swimming, German Club. D, SMITH Little and perky is Doris, With a quick and ready smile, She sings quite well, as une might say And her note is true the while. Member of the Spanish Club, Biology Club Physical Efficiency, Glee Club. R. SMITH Dick is mnst ohliging, An energetic chap. Hc's helped to have this class book Made up without mishap. Year Book. R. SPELSHOUSE Richard, the lion-hearted Bull-throvqer and shiek When he comes around them The girls start to shriek. Member of the ABC Club, Spanish Club French Club. G. N. SPIERZEL A sure success He's bound to be If you doubt these words Just wait and see. y M. SPILLANE Marion Spillane From the bottom reached the top And now that she's a senior, She's johnny-on-the-spot. Tennis. A. STEPANSKY She's taken all the Spanish, There is in Newtown High, Now Adeline speaks the language well, Hope she travels hy and by. Member of the French Club, Spanish Club. M. STERNBUCH Mr. Sternbuch VVho comes from the Bronx VVhere it's wise to jump NVhen an auto horn honks. H. STUMPH Hatt1e is dainty Her clothes are so neat The boys all stare VVhe.n she comes down the street. Physical Efficiency. Roosevelt, Swimming Tennis. J. SULLIVAN John Sullivan The teacher's joy An Arista student And a clever boy. Member of the German Club. W. SULLIVAN A sin1zer's VVilliam Sullivan Ile goes so very low He always helps the school quartette Because he's bass profundn. Member of the Glee Club, Service Squad. G. VV. SVOBODA Svohodals on the golf team, Captain of it. too. And when we yell--yealoel He knows just what to do. Arista, ABC, Machinery Club CPresident7, G'ee Clulr Cl"resiclentl, Service Squad, Golf Team CCaptainJ, Advert. of Lantern. JOHANNA SAUTNER Encyclopedia Brittanica Engnges Miss Sautncr here l'm sure she-'s chock-3-block with facts And worldy wise, I fear. H. TEITEL Helen Teitel, Youngest in the class: XYill always be remembered As our honor-roll lass. Me't1l'er of the Dramatic Club, Roosevelt Club. M. TFIRRIZZI Mathew is tall And silent is he His very good nature Vile all plainly see. Mvmber ufithe Service Squad, Italian Club. D. THORSCHMIDT Tick, tick, clickety click Western Union speaking Miss Thorschmirlt here of Newtown ls nt the switch a-keeping. Member of tne Co-op Club. S. TITELMAN This chap is quite a runner And when his marks are low He's on his way to Prep school A ruse we all do know. Cross-Country, Track. A. J. TUOHY An ideal boy is Albert, lt's he, who leads our class: He has a cheery smile .or each Of us whene'er we pass. President of Class, Track, Cross4C0untry Newman Club. F. UHLEMANN Tall and slim is Frieda Features small and fair She goes into her classes XVith a sophisticated air. M. VAN ROSSUM Do you see those hoys a-crying? Yes, I do-VVhat's ailing' them? Dame Van Rossum's going off. It seems she's always failing "em. Physical Efficiency. Commercial Club. EMIL VOIGHT Emil Voight Is as smart as can he He'll make a fine business man just wait :mil see. Member of the Knrlzik Club, Cu-up Club, Stump Club. ll. VVASSERMAN Anil here is Betty VVnsserman She raises quite a row XVhen she Ends that in her gym class She has to do just so. Member of the Co-op Club. A. WEISSENRERG VVith her mannish hob And lively pose, She is welcome YVhere'er she goes. Member of the Commercial Club, Roosevelt Club, Swimming Cluh, Spanish Club, Stamp Club. H. VVHITE If he sees a girl a-coming He goes into reserve 'Cause he's very hashful Anil rloes no girlie serve. Member of the Co-op Club. R. WIGGEN They say R. Vlliggexfs lazy, But that IS up to you, Pause I rlon't like tn say a thing Th:it's not exactly true. Member of the Service Squad, Multigraph Squad. R. WILHELM Richard Wilhelm Who studies so hard And gets ninety-eights On his report card. Arista, ABC Club. R. WILKINSON Violet is the color That Ruthie wears the best And her coal-black hair is the envy Of each of all the rest. Member of the Newman Club, Cheer Leader Library Service Squad. H. WILLIS Howard Willis In gymls more than fair His nice figure comes From the work he does there. Member of the ABC Club, Service Squad. M. WIINDERLIN There is a type of girl that's scarce Tnat's nowad21y's hard to find The "hometype" girl with all her arts Miss VVunderlin is that kind. Member of the Co-op Club. A. WESTPHAL Alice VVestphal can enchart The most disgruntled shiekg She has a smile so lasting That she wears it thru the week. Physicial Efficiency CPresident '257, Swim- ming Club. Member B. ZIEK A music lover Bessie is Playing on her fiddleg How she does it, is to ns An insolvalile riddle. of the Orchestra. I. WEINSTOCK Irving Weinstock, The school-girls' delight, Who thinks it is better To run than to fight. Li oss-Country. Track. E. NIELSON Eddie Nielson A good all-around fellow In the matter of girls' hair He much prefers yellow. L. A. BAVETTA Bavetta is a poet And helped with these you He's a scholar very truly He's the kind we need. M. PFEIFFER Miss Pfeiffer as a pianist Is right up in the lead And she can play those jazzy Oh, gracious! Yes, indeed! Physical Efficiency, Co-op Club. read tunes H, BELINSKY Ambitious is Sir Belinsky Which makes him very smart But in the humorous side of life Hr: neglects to take Cl part, J. OTT johnny's always beating time On his drums, you sec, And he's certainly rhythmic VVhen he counts to three. W. PERJON Walter Does he falter? l've a hunch Not on his Way to lunch. OOD ln 7 I IINIUSICS Iszxlwllv Iamgvle, Ill-rtruclm IQllI'ISI3l1l'Q1. XL"I'llOlQS Xlzllilclu Ifriwlmzul, .vX11n'1- KIZITIK' Ilyml-. QXIHIQ5 -Iwlm IQ, Nluvllft-gr, II,x'I'11Ck IQIIIIIIIIUISI. I IIQIELICIQ -Xrlim' Il:1r1'c1:m11. I XIIIICS--Ii:1II1lcu11 Iluws, "IIill" Iqllfll' lllllllll. II,IIQ'I'F- '.xl'lllI4' llflI'Y4'lfwtlIl, "-II111mim- Iilmzxptlm. I UOIQXYUIQNI- Ilclcn Ilmnngtlalqrl, IXYINS-ANIIIFIZITIIN' Ilukc, X,vI'.'It'I1llC Chl lim, I I DM IHJY-f .X1111:1'-KI:11'ic Ilyrm-. iI."I'I'IIS "Hill" ICIIIIQIIIUIIII, ".limmic" IXIIIIIIJIUII. ? Ii.XIQl.Y IXIRIF Jflm-" Urszflq. ,.. ,I M. .., , IA I If. III Ixll l'.fIIIlK' Inrrxgllcr. IXIQ'I'lS'I'S- xlilflllllllt Ilulw, IRI-m'fgv Ilia pslyv. FASHION I'I..YI'IL5 - Ihflun Muliuxu jzmfh lilaswcr. i3IQL'Ml1LIiR --"Puts" Ilmnlmlgllllv. CII XAI"l'lCRl2OXff Gcrtruflc Ryan. I!I.I'IfIfIiN- Xxvllllillll IIUYSIIJIIIICF. ff vw I uv Iiluhl .'XI.I, I-XIQHL .NIJ LUN --f Imrl I'u4 wily. LIMVXS5 L I,llXX X5AfIhI'IlL'I I.Il5llL'l', .Inlm Moi nrllly. KIXKIXIYS IIIJY---"'Iin1111II-" IQm'y11Ul4lN IiIiS'l' N.X'l'I.'IQIll!-v",I:1cl4" lluglnfs. MOST POPULAR BOY-"Bud" Tuohy. BEST SPORT-"Jackl' Hughes. MOST POPULAR GIRL-Isabelle En- gels. MOST MODEST-"Betty" Ryan. MOST HELPFUL-Anna Rcvcl. MOST AMBITIOUS-Stella Hines. MOST INQUISITIVE-Grace Rund- THOROUCH LADY-Lucille Rcuneck- er. THOROUGH GENTLEMANW-John L. Sullivan. MOST RESPECTED BOYH'FBud" 1 Tuohy. MOST RESPECTED GIRL-Isnbglle Engels. MOST BASHFUL-"Jack" Hughes. PRETTIEST GIRL-Frances Kroupa. HANDSOMEST BOY--'lBud" Tuohy. CUTEST-"Peggy" Sachs. NERVIESTk-Iohn Mucnstcr. VVITTIEST-john McCarthy. ' MOST INNOCENT-Martha Aue. BEST ALL ROUND GIRL-Tsabelle Engels. CLASS COLLEGIATE -"J im m i e " Knapton. CLASS SHFflA4Ailinc Garretson. CLASS SHIEK-ujimmien Knapton. MO'-ST ATHLETIC BOY-Arno Reu- tc '. MOST ATHLETIC GIRL-Anna-Marie Byrne. BEST DANCERS-Gertrudcand"Betty" Ryan. HON AND DEARY-Doris Smith and "D'lck'l Spelshouse. ' MAN-HATER-Helen Aue. WOMAN-HATER-John Sullivan, HEART-BREAKERS-George Nieman and "Jimmie" Knanton. CLASS VVARBLER-Doris Smith. MOST OBLIGING-Anna Revel. MUST EN ERGETIC-"Dick" Smith. DIDO AND AENEAS-Lillian Garing and "Pete" Donoghue. L MUTT AND JEFF-"Dot" Harrington and Madeline Ulasius. SLANG ARTIST-"Bill" Eudemann. i FRESHEST:-Bill" Endemann. FAVORITE MAGAZINE-College Hu- II'lOl'. FAVORITE DISSIPATION-Dancing FAVOIUTE ACTOR--John Gilbert. FAVORITE ACT R ES S-Norma Shear- Cf. FAVORITE HANGOUT-"Freddie's." CLASS COLORS-Old Rose and Silver CLASS FLOWER-Rose. ATHLETICS '33 Arno Reuter is one of the popular Newtownites who deserves a lot of credit for putting his alma mater on the map. To record his doings we would need the greater part of this book. His greatest achievement was the winning of the national championship in 1926 of the 220. VVhen the team goes to the Penn Relays we always count on Arno. Lasner, alias Carven, can't be discouraged. As long as we can remember "Issy" has been tearing around the cross-country course and also trying to, make the other fellows on the track team look like two cents. "-Iimmyi' Morrison, who never gives any information about him- self, can be well judged by his activities at Newtown. He is one of the snappiest captains so far that has ever covered second base. Jimmy ranks among the best in basket ball, track and cross-country. You never see "Ray" Evans taking it easy. Besides working in the lunch room, "thinking the more you eat, the more you runf' and making a lot of noise in the orchestra with the old trombone, Ray was once a member of the cross-country team in 1924 and 1925. Caragher is the baby of the family of cross-country stars, according to Mr. Howlett, who introduced him as such last June in the athletic assembly. Poor "Eddie," he almost had a fit when he saw his name as Cavagho in the "Star" after a recent cross-country run. We have good reason to be proud of "Bud,' Tuohy. Besides being president of the senior class he has been on the track team for four years and fforthe last two on the cross-country -team. "Bill" Endemann, the racquet wielder, mostly racket, has been playing on the tennis team for the last two years. "Joe" Svoboda, our -golf prodigy, has played throughout his career in high school. His captaincy brought Newtown luck, for the team has two city championships under its belt. Weinstock, the second Achilles minus the vulnerable heel, has been one of our stars on the cross-country and relay teams for the past three years. Nielson and jimmy Knapton, "Nappy," were both trying their best to hang onto flies in the outfield last spring. "Samn1y', Titleman is one from whom we hear scarcely a peep. That doesn't interfere with his running for the cross-country teamg however, and we have every reason to be proud of "Sammy," Dick Smith is another who has done a lot for Newtown in the last few years. He has been manager of the basket ball team, and was on a winning relay team in the Queensborough championship in 1926. '2 lf' ffl-i L 4 , Heaven :tt lust! We were stunclingg on :i elmifl when the vqpiee of Si. Peter eztllecl, "Nantes, please." XXX' registerecl in :1 huge hook unfl were :illuwerl tu pass through the pearly gates. On entering we were tzilaen heictre the exeentive emnniittee :incl frmunrl tu mir clelight that "Burl" 'l'i1f1hy was eh:1ir1n:1n: lszihelle lingels, secretary: :intl l'eter lbfniftgliiie, treasurer. livirlently experieneerl fw1'.w11iiy1'.v were prelerrecl. NYe exchzingezl ggreeiiiigfs :tnfl were rlireetezl tat the Special l1ifm'in:1ti1m llnniniltee eunipuserl of l.illi:1n flaring, Iclrt liuski, Rielizml XXvlllll'll112lllil juhn Snllirzin. who infurtnerl ns thu! hztrps, wingfs, ete., were reqnisites fur our eelefatiztl zthurle. Xte reqiieraterl liclnnincl lissifg :incl Alnenh Glasser tu :let :ls guirlef. Uni' lirst question was :tlmnt the heznitifnl innsie we hezircl npun --iittfiiinig :tnfl found it ezune from the silvery thruzits nt llzirry l"IlC'L'lilll'j,.fCl', the singer-saint QV Doris Smith, Dominic Sieari. Helen lfrielae, XY:1lter Ruseseo, I.illi:1n llershztclsky. Nzurimi Cmilun. .Xrleline Stepztnsliy, :incl others CHI1flUClt2I'lv hy Rziyiiimirl lfvzuts. A H We were un mir wwy to at very repntzlhle shop that was to supply us with the eustoinztry rliqiphenous ruhes when we inet -lxunes Reynulcles. who eziririeml :1 flute lIlSlf,If1il of zi harp: lletty lilyian, Pisrzulise Pwrtizlg liclwin Carnglier. repnrt::r :in the Virztflire Vast: Harirm llnlze and fietwgge Rnpelye, artists tif the saint-. Vfe funntl the shop in charge of the very zthle clesigiieiw Marion l-Qnief, Mae Nniler, ,Xclele Caliggiuri, Saclie jtmlmstmi. Erlnn l.e Gun, Kathleen Ollciiiiifmr, and Martha Rzitlfe. 4 o ,,,.ee' VVe were finally fitted and started to the next shop for our wings. Here we found Grace Crane and Anna gKelly, "the friendly enemies," still arguing over the assortment of Infaycffcs. The shop was run by Ethelyn Mahr and Hattie Stumpf, Helen Teitel, and Kathryn Dumo- vitch. We continued our tour of the main street and suddenly came across Thomas Roach, George Sheer, Irving Weinstock and Williani Bayha, Sam' Titelmen, and Morris Sternbuch tearing up all the old records of Newtown High School exams to supply the world with snow. Nearby was a shop which we all were glad to see-a bakery. NVe obtained some angel cake and strange to say, some devil's food cake, too. We thanked Mary Olivari, Clara Boschini, Ruth VVilkinson and Crerney Ayres and proceeded. Next we found a large men's shop owned by Carleton Endemanu, James Knapton, NVilliam Danielson and XV ill- iam Forstbauer. The proprietors were out Qprobably concocting a new twist in the celestial robesj, but we recognized several people engaged as salesmen including Edward Nielson, Russel VViggin, Margaret Bailey, Helen McCaffrey, Helen Liemans, Charles Freidenrich, Adolph Hesse, XVilliam McKeon, Otto Heuberger, Homer XVhite and joseph Kaufman. There were a good number of Newtownites on the office force also. NVe found Elsie Klose, Marie Van Rossum, Florence Beck- man, Dorothy Baum, Marian Bailey, Daisy Antin, and Mabel Hutcheon employed there. ' VVe asked our guides about several Newtownites we h9.dn't met. Wie discovered that VVilliam Koster and Henry Ebel were in charge of a large scientific farm assisted by Hyman Belinslfty, Charles jekel, Arthur Herbert Muller and Malcolm Vtlallace. In the distance loonied a large white building which we were told, was the seat of learning. VVe hastily made for that building, for we knew we'd meet a great number there. To our delight the lirst to greet us was Lucille Renneckar, President of Paradise College. She- was closely followed by Anna',Revel, Vice-President. .School work was temporarily dropped while we exchanged greetings with Gertrude Karls- herg, John Hughes, Alice Westphal, Loretta Chierico, Anita 'McKeon Elizabeth McClennan, Freda Eissman, Helen iMcNulty, Kathleen Haws VVilliam Sullivan. Grace Anderson, Barbara Asbeck and' Sophie Rbyle, We learned the school had a crack' tennis team under the supervision of Grace Rundquistg. The championygovlf player wasyas -we expected, Joseph Svoboda, who was now engaged in supervising the construction of an annex assisted by John Ott, William Kanz, Francis Katzer, Frank Mauraq' Fernand Moulin, George Sperzel, Charles Serra, and Lucien Bavetta. There was also a track team of which james Morrison and Arno Reuter were in charge. So you see heaven also has Hstarsf' In the office we found many Newtownites who managed' the business end ofthe institution includingiMadeline Bauman, Johanna Sautner, Eliza- beth Gutwein, 'Mary Kain, Frances Knob, Helen Scliooll, Margaret Pfeiffer and Emily Leonhardt, Helen Grady. Again we started on and were confronted by alittle boy shouting, "The Post, Paradise Lost." VVe hurriedly bought the Post and ,scanned its pages in ,the hopefof finding some familiar names mentioned. Einil Voigt,iStanley McConnel, Miriam Goldberg, Peter Bizzigotti and Vin- cent Cerra were on the staff, Dorothy Harringston and Elizabeth Burns were the society reportersnf it U A 1 I K, , A On the theatre pages awe found several articles on the excellent work of Helen McKenna, tragedienne of the Paradise Theatre, whose pub- .7 ,- 1. ' licity agent was John Muensterg,Gertrude Ryan, comedienne ofthe theatreg john McCarthy, Gladys Hoshafian, julia Cattaneo, Israel Las- ner, Ellen Krug, Richard Spelshouse, Bessie Zieki, violiniconcentist, and Anna-Marie Byrne, composer and pianist. ' V i' i i ' 3 ! VV e decided to -go-in and see the shop, feeling confident of meeting more in the office. We were not mistaken, for we were hardly in the shop when Richard Smith and George Neiman greeted us. There was a huge room tillediwith busy people and glancing around we noticed William Jebens, Sidney Herman, Beatric Meyer, Vera Clarke, Dorothy Curran, Jessie Hance, Lillian Carr, Martha Darnell, Mabel Prodo, Margaret Lebowitz, Frieda Uhlemann, Anita XVeissenber and Edward Granek, who was "swimming" in work. In the commercial office Ann Maguire, Pauline-Marks, Dorothy Thorschmedt, Betty VV,asserman, and Marie VVunderlin were employed. y ' Next we came to a magnificent hotel and went in. Standing in the door waiting to greet us were Anna Donovan and Stella Hines, the owners. They told us with great pride that this was the best furnished hotel in Paradise. They introduced us to some very distinguished guests: Arline Garretson, society leader: Frances Kroupa, buyer of jewelry for the Paradise Emporium: Marian Spillaneland Martha Aue, the angelic angels. Carolyn Dickinson, dancerg Dr. Kay Simon, now "Simonizing" teeth, Vivienne Collins and Peggy Sachs, the smart coif- meursg Dr. Maxwell Feldman, and Herman Heubnerf lawyer. George Klemen, Samuel Kobrin and NVilliam Scheinert were there resting up after a strenuous day's work of accounting. After a pleasant chat we went on our way again. Suddenly we were confronted by a light that dazzled us. There were VVilliam Mason, Meyer Perlstein, Joseph Orszag, Mathew Terizzi and Howard VVillis, experimenting on some phosphureted substance which would effect big- ger and brighter halos. Then we found ourselves in front of a beautiful library building. Being extremely inquisitive, we begged to be shown through. Matilda Friedman, Helen Domagalska, Alice Kirakowske, Ruth Buckman, Ruth Card, and Natalie Ryan were the librarians. We were scarcely sur- prised to find Mildred Heslin, Gertrude Eickelman, Helen Schollen- berger, and Rose Haehnel doing secretarial work in Heaven's library. Feeling very tired We made our Way back to the hotel, Where we dreamed of a delightful class reufnion. May the dream celestialize! BIADELINE BLAs1Us. Assisted by: GERTRUD1: RYAN IWATILDA FRIEDMAN STELLA HINES AIRLINE GA-RRETSON PREAMBLE TON THE WILL From her corridors we go Withg reluctant step and slow, Out,-to meet a world of strife, to enter upon. Life, Leaving dear old Newtown. She has trainedus well, we say, But no longer can we stay. Entered we as Freshmen green- Now we're graduates serene, Leaving dear old Newtown. Comradeship with her We lose, Other friendships Awe must choose. But the old joys we'll recall As we march on, one and all, Leaving dear old Newtown. Yet we feel relieved indeed '. As we obviously heed X That our cares they take with cheer, Those who follow us as we're Leaving dear old Newtown. -So unto your guidance strong, " VV hat we've watched o'er now so long, We bequeath, for you to guard" , Q fxnd in turn hand down unmarr'd, Leaving dear old Newtown. I --LUCILLE RENNECKAR f mass f ll'Fp ' Q HQ! ' -5 PLD Qs ii- .,-:ii In the cold month of january in the year of our Lord one thousand nine hundred and twenty-seven, we, the dignified graduating class of Newtown High School, consider it most fitting in this our last will and testament to bestow upon certain fortunate individuals our superfluous possessions. FIRST: Unto our beloved principal, Dr. Dillingham, we leave our most sincere appreciation for his kind help and encouragement during our course. SECCND: To Doctor Preston we leave a heautifully illustrated catalogue from every college in the United States and Canada. THIRD: To Miss Rogers we leave our heartiest appreciation for leading us away from the Primrose Path. Un second thought we also leave enou h locks and ke's to make the " 'm" safe for dancin . S 3 gl g FOURTH: To Miss McKinney we leave a few thousand economic students. May those good people "twig" the laws of supply and demand and get credit and banking, "down to their heels." FIFTH: To Mr. Traynor we leave a hook of "ketchy" examples. May-ethe future classes cause him as much merriment as we have. SIXTH: ,To Miss Morris we leave our consent for her to charge admission. In an ultra generous moment we bequeath sufiicient eom- pressed air to explode a gasoline can. SEVENTH : To Mrs. Brown we leave the hope that the next senior class will know the diflerence between liberty and license. EIGHTH: To Miss VVakcman we leave a dozen extra bright red pencils. May these produce bigger and better English "red lights." NINTH : To Mrsf Dietrich we leave the hope that the future classes will be asprolicient as we in answering tests at home. TENTH: To Miss Baldwin we leave tickets for the latest perform- ance of "Macbeth," May she find a new meaning in "Fair is foul, and foul is fair." ELEVENTH: To Dr. jeffords we leave the privilege of explaining the love affair of Dido and Aeneas in the greatestdetail. TVVELFTILI: To Miss Sheridan we leave the privilege of explaining to her future classes that the homework on the board is for the next clay, not the next week. THIRTEENTH: Unto the faculty we leave our sympathy. VVe know it is hard to part with such remarkable students as our illustrious selves, but we beg them to remember that what is ones loss is another'S gain. FOURTEENTH: To any 'girl who is fortunate enough to get them, we bequeath Arline Garretson's blond curls. VVe are under the impression that gentlemen prefer them. FIFTEENTH: To all inseparables of the future classes we leave the bottle of invisible glue made famous by Marianne Duke and Vivienne Collins. ' r SIXTEENTH: To future social committees we bequeath copies of those Well-known songs appropriately dedicated to Lillian Garing, "Where Did You Get Those Eyes" and 'Tm Flirting With You." SEVENTEENTH : To the library force we leave Peter Donoghue's beautifully bound volumes of Ireland. May they absorb them as thor- oughly as the former owner. LASTLY: To the school in general We leave the sacred memory of the Class of January '27. May they cherish it and try to realize that everyone cannot be blessed with beauty and brains. In witness whereof, we hereunto subscribe our names on this thirty- iirst day of january, in the year -of our Lord one thousand nine hundred and twenty-seven. THE GRADURATING CLASS. Witness : DOROTHY HARRINGTON. is V me Pi? .fn if ,S,.,,,.i , .imv I' : www gr- 1' riqx. L 1 I I p .vii - 1 ,VV A F 1, 1' ' K ' - vflf' f f- 2 H' Jus V w E . 1 - v A-' f -x-v . 4 1 5245 1, fxx I + . ii 4 AQA 3151 rw 1 it 742 -' A 0 13 M rf -fr 1. f 5: f el 1355 f fer'-ff iiwiwh f w ii 1,fHf 2" .F g ,f . . 1 f 'fu 5:1 I ,, F M , 3. 211 iz, ,Ik Q :.2, i3 qjlg lgf if , 'L . ' 1 - a A 1 , ' ' w f " ,sf fb y 1-5' 1.1 3 4 'ig Qiwj Ai! V- ' f A V ' ' 1 ' YES'-'K ' 1 V ' Q 9? ' W v f-fi 1 if "'ff ' ' m Q 1 1 f 212' ff' - '55 'f d A .Y JW' "1 , H 'V A -X f 34:1 g I :, Q 1 .' Q, lkk' th ' !. j' 12" 1',5h'?K , '1 llf , r ' 3,-X by , ix 1 A ' K . 'M W .' - ya, .Q 11. 1, L1--5 , , I x Q ',,, , , , 5, . . l wg f 5-,eff 'A' 'f,: f ' bf' '-. 1if" - . 'L ll- 'rr 1'1" 4f'MW1:-:"- ffl - ' 1: ' 1'1f,i'--ff' ' L" f Q . f k - .., . f -1' . ev 'f fy 5 wx . , V , ' if :riffs bf if f 1 M29 ' " f zu ."?1gw gg,gff 'Zw' ' ,ffl-,j 53,5 4 , "5 gn +,, 72 fQ ,- v' A V, . Jay: , N i i., x 'Aim 1 lil' Q- 1 Vi kt we gV,,4.fa5, 4 5, .,- ig : V A -g - ' J -A' 'ffi alla? P in 5 ' E i . fi? Q 'Fifi 4 ,i.i.1kt j w,:f Al V L' 1 , n A ,V- p A, 1 gi g V,-1. J N f :li 3 W In I -I 1,3758 W 853 1 i A 1 i:v,.i d 1 '1 rv'-T355 'Q Q ff . 'F 3' ' I 1' ' Q' Vi 55:1 5 f i f Q 1 .f 'if'fafff" T ' 3 pw 'fi A A N555 3, 25321 1 H SM ,, -- pq 22 a wgi' ,1 . 1 .3 ug . fl pf f' ' "W," 1 'A Vf I -"fA fm: E ga t , A' 5. . L VJ! - t W. v, ' mf Y- ,fxf fy 1.1 W ' 1 , - - i',. i, . fl' 4 lip f-rg, rfb P .1 V 1 ' E 42 'Q ., iur f ' 5? V ' 5 , ' F :Q V 3 S? f ,. 1 : f?f??" ffm 'L .K " g f , f mg X L 115 ,I E it L. my I ,Q W 14' 'A if Y N, jhjr ,r . Vx n 1, 4 A K , ,,.I V V ' zu, A . M., .A I . " w 1 1 lsfifzs' - 255' " f A1-1l.1"'w - , k wig- k' 1. " 5?w1f2f?:QrQ,g, 1 f A Sk? . x. 1 7 s yfff " ' L is 1 5 3,215 3 -, 2.1 '-159' '- 514' -U Q' .r d f" "W ai " 1 ' ,sf 'if f 1 iw: "'faf"T4'.? 'flP2E'5' RV' ' , :M M 2 1, f ' " 95 731' L, ug. Q A f ' gif H ' ,W ,-N592 1., ,rlzijqy 3974" V fzf, i ,f fif15F f 1" 1!i ' f'f?- "5' Q1L?7A5 f:l8if q?iH tiki? " iQg93 7 ' PM A " i v f ?ffiff'f'H'?Eg3"4 ' ' W ' f:,"h? ' 'f'if4 : ' ., ' " , 4 ' '.'A . 1 A 1' xii shi. ff 51 . 31 " ' ui "5 Qi 1" "'bJ14"'fg1+nQgv-'if xsl- 'E i' ' 1?'lff!'ff A ' H '95 VMVM4 W - Tiff '55 vf'3,Q1f?ff' '.'S' 'T?w- ffii W Wfk '-. -... 1 nl' . Mgr' H 1 ' it "Wh" wrvi- ,f - 1.-' F-':.' fsgf .HLI V , , .jiiamtf ,' ' .H . . Z: -. 5' . 65, auger V.,' j N. ,jp V ' x - 'Wd T ' 15- fi X - -LQ ," - , Y 2' ' ,1Tf2Z wr? ui '2wFfr .33f L 'linen-it1Q.2 ,g ': " ' Jug N EB . .Iwi ' ' ff,r:,- f,-1

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