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U K I W, , M -M 1 i?" L.fQ I 1 ff W Q 'I 4 ,- .- a .32- ' 71 W Ou 54 nf 5, in -.,-fi " wr' o ,ak 3- .JL A Y. 'Q ,X . it 1 -W ' W, A , jf.. H K 1 J I-4 5 5 .Y . X 1 I K n 1 .iev f. ,A . g . . K-Q 'V-v W1 ,,'. ,. 4 - 1 , Z Q15 is- ff Q. g' ,.1lf 3 Q fs. " " ' . f 1 1 . ffilanwzfe 1 ,ifixmww ,.,- K I "'Umn Q ,ii ' ' YQ, ':"3 0 MLM " i ii ,la sf r -1, mt.. Q 1g,. . "N -- ww.. fZ'JlZ5fZ?UE 1713 Wells Txlson We dedmcate tlfus, the yearbook of the Class of 1953, to the memory of Wells Tllson, our valued fr1end and loyal classmate, whose passmg on January 18, 1953 left an empty place ln the heart of hls class Z IIHIICAIIU FIRST ROW LEFT TO RIGHT Sally Tomlmson Barbara McGurn Sally Lorenzo Kathanne Cavanaugh Cynthra Eaton Vrrgmra Cole Holly Johnson Susan Slocum Edna Hendrrx Susan Bawden SECOND ROW Roberta Petersen Llllran Sedor Rose Urbanovsky Ioan Vollmer, Joan McLennan Kathleen McMahon Evelyn Pendergast Barbara Ray Helen Carroll Isabelle Latttn THIRD ROW Andy Maye Donald Drotar, Robert Klngman Charles Botsford Van Gould Robert Brown Rrchard Carmody FIFTH ROW Kenneth Berglund Alfred Mrchel Davrd Los John Gerger George Hanlon Robert McCarty Jeffrey Westcott YIAIHHIIIK SMH CO EDITORS Katharrne Cavanaugh Roberta Petersen ASSISTANT EDITORS Edna Hendrrx Isebelle Lattrn Charles Botsford Andy Maye PHOTOGRAPHY EDITOR Cynthra Eaton ASSISTANT PHOTOGRAPHY EDITORS Rrchard Carmody Sally Lorenzo Jeffrey Westcott V1rg1n1a Cole Sally Tomlmson Alfred Mrchel George Hanlon Kenneth Berglund Robert McCarty Robert Brown Davrd Los BUSINESS MANAGER Evelyn Pendergast ASSISTANT BUSINESS MANAGERS Helen Carroll Barbara McGurn ART EDITORS Susan Bawden Holly Johnson Barbara Ray Susan Slocum Lrllran Sedor Kathleen McMahon SPORTS EDITORS 3 ASSISTANT ART Rose Urbanovsky Joan McLennan Robert Krugman Donald Drotar Van Gould John Gerger EDITORS ------law fl- -5 .-..... x sr if . L A cl ,1 '1 l -fa ' I Y. Cgmfx 5 ,dmv " ,car FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT Mr Callahan Mrs Duncan Mr LeGrow M1ss Dolan Mrs Schnerder Mr Jones, Mr Gaffney SECOND ROW Mr DeGroaL Mrss Anderson Mr Los Mrs Goodsell Mrss Balletta Mr Sweeney Mrss Brenner, Mr Ozanne Mr McGregor Mr Plouffe FMIIIHY Superrntendent and Prmcrpal Assrstant Principal Physrcs and Chemrsrry Mathematics and Guidance Socral Scrence and Englrsh Commercxal Subject: Home Economrcs Agrrculture Latrn and Mathematrcs Englrsh Brology and General Science Physrcal Educatxon Physrcal Educatron. Seventh Grade Seventh Grade Musrc School Nurse Secretary Mr Carl A LeGrow B S Mr Walter Los A B Mrs Frances S G0odse1lA B Mrss Kathleen J Dolan A B Mr Joseph Ozanne A B M Mlss Exleen D Brenner B S Mrs Katherrne Schneider B Mr Vrncent P Gaffney B Miss Aurora J Balletta A B M Mr Jolm Plouffe A B M Mr Donald McGregor B Miss Ann M Anderson A Mr Harold S DeGroat B P Mr John Sweeney B S M Mr JohnJ Ca11ahanB A M Mr Wr1l1amB JonesB M M Mrss Martha Klrne X Mrs Edrth Duncan 4 X L4 fic E . rf X G' N .fy 1 T W u V rw s A X 4 R ' ' ' ...... . . . . . . ., M.A. ' . ' ' . ..... . . ., M.A. . . . . . . . . . . .. M.A. ' ' ' . . . . . . . ' . . ., M.A. French .......... . . . . . . . ., M.A. ' - . ' ' . . ., .A. ' . . .... . . . . ' ' .S. ' ..... . . . . . . . . . ' . .S. ' ' . . . . . . . . . ., .A. ' ........ . . . . . . . ., .A. ' . . . . . . . .S. ' ' ...... . . . . . .B. D ' - - . . . . .E. - . . . . . . . ., .A. . . . . . . . . . . . ' ' ,Wx 4 , vm fl! X r- 3 v N if' l V x r 3 j X fur. SUSAN TARRANT BAWDEN "Sue" "A lovely spirit, pep and vim. A heart so true for friends to win!" Sue came to us in the beginning of her sophomore year. She immediately took an interest in cheerleading and sports. Her abilities show Sue will surely obtain her goal. Achievementszwoodburyz Basketball l. Newtown: Basketball 2g Cheerleading 3,45 Prom Committee 3g Chorus 45 Yearbook staff 4. Ji gy .ff ' ff!! lf!! X Nw Nfl!! by f""1"'A ro JAMES EATON BEACH "Jim" "Silence has many advantages. " Jim is quiet most of the time while he is in school but makes up for it out of school. ,lim has been in Hawley four years and you can always count on him for trying his best on anything that comes his way. Achievements: Soccer 4g F.F. A. l,2, 3,4g Band 2g Yearbook staff 4. CHARLES WINTON BOTSFORD "Chuck" "Chuck's a mighty popular lad. When Chuck is one of our aggy boys, fwho he's around, nobody's sad." is known for riding a horse'?j Oh no, not Chuck, he speeds by on his yellow motorcycle. His winning smile helped to make many friends in Hawley and everywhere. Achievements: Chorus I, z,3,4g Baseball 1, 2, 3,4g Basketball 1, 2, 3 g Soccer I,3,4: Football 2, 35 Yearbook staff 45 Prom Committee 33 Agriculture I, 2,3 rS'2fiE'i ROBERT NOYES BROWN "Bob" "A little nonsense now and then-is relished by the wisest men." Bob is lively, good natured, and possesses a vast supply of witty sayings and corny remarks. His personality will be missed by Hawley High. Achievements: Prom committee 3g Yearbook staff 45 Football lp Soccer 3.4. R,- ...Q I' IHVI1 'I fl f V I be' ykvf I ,I v A Ju 4 il IlI'l ,D ,Q .1 L' E f J RICHARD ARTHUR CARMODY "Dick" "Some think the world is made for fun and frolic, and so do I." Dick, our Senior president, is well know for easy going ways, but don't let that fool you: he always willing to join in when there's to be any fun. We all dislike to bid him adieu. Achievements: Baseball 2, 3,45 Football 2,35 Basketball 2,3,4g Soccer I,3,45 Year- book staff 4g Prom Committee 33 Class President 2,45 Class Vice-President I. . I R Q ffl' -Xia 4 so HELEN ALICE CARROLL "Who has a heart as tender and true, and a spirit as loyal. " We shall always remember Helen for her bright smile and her cheery hello. She is active in all sports and is always ready with a helping hant . Achievements: Soccer 2,3,4g Softball 2,3, 4: Basketball 2, 3,4g Vice-President 3g Treasurer 4, , Prom Committee 35 Chorus Ig Yearbook staff 3,4 X, 11 iff' ' I X , 1 - L ' , f 1 KATHARINE ANN CAVANAUGI-I "Katy" "Full of laughter, full of fun, a constant joy to everyone." Katy will long be remembered for her athletic ability, whether in basketball or on the soccer field. As the soloist in the Hawley chorus she has also been a success. Achievements: Soccer 2,3,4g Chorus 1, 2, 3,4g Basketball 1,2,3,4g Softball l,2,3, 41 AA Secretary 35 AA Executive Board 3: Student Council Planning Board 2: Student Council Secretary 2, Vice-President 2: President 3: Prom Committee 3, Chairman Ring Committee 25 Chorus Nominating Committee 3, Laurel Girl's State Delegate 3g Chorus Libarian Ig Girl's Glee Club 2, Vice-President Chorus 4g Co-Editor Yearbook 4. VIRGINIA LETTA COLE "Gin" "Ginny" "She likes work but can sit and look at it for ' hours, " Curly auburn hair and blue eyes describe Gin. She has lots of friends and is a help to those in need. Ginny's happy disposition and patience will prove an asset in her nursing career. Achievements: Chorus 1,21 Soccer 4g Softball 3: Yearbook Staff 4. YN?" ss 1 If V51 W ,f f I 1 A f ' ,f.f, 1 ,, DONALD STEPHEN DROTAR "Don" "Drawbars" "As full of fun as the day is long. " Don is often seen in a '40 Dodge on Route 34 going to his one and only. He may al- so be seen playing football, his favorite sport. Don hails from Easton. Achievements: Football 2,35 Basketball 3,45 Soccer 3,45 Baseball 3,45 Chorus 3,45 FFA 2. 3,45 Yearbook staff 4. I V ...f if ' ' v , u ' 4 5 f ,al ' J r ,N V! . .wx ' v Y f V s.. - x X 1 ROBERT ALVAN FISHER "Bob" "Flip" CYNTHIA EATON "Cyn" "Silent ,f sweg, trim andgay, we hope Cynthia will Sliyfflfat way. ' Although Cynthii is one of our quietest seniors she is well known as a cheerleader and will always lend a helping hand. , - Achievements: Softball 1, 2, 3,45 Cheerleading l,4g Class Treasure 25 Class Secretary 3,45 Co- chairman Prom 35 Soccer 2, 35 Yearbook staff 45 Chorus 4. I "From Bob we all depend on a little nonsense now and then." Bob, the humorist in our class, is well known for his jokes and his loud arrival when late to class. But still he has been an invaluable member of the class of '53. Achievements: FFA I, 2, 3,45 Chorus 35 Fire crew 2, 3, 45 Yearbook staff 4. . . VAN GOULD "Van" "If women stay away from me, that's all in life which has to be. " Van, one of our Easton students, came to us in his Sophomore year. Van is well known for his wise cracks and good arguments. He hopes to go to college or join the Navy when he finishes school. Achievements: Whittier Chorus 15 Class President I5 Basketball 1, 2,45 Baseball 2,45 Track 45 FFA 3,45 Fire Crew 2, 35 Yearbook staff 4. , f ,,, K.. if xt: si-I ' Fx , . ,, x 7 ' . lil HP- ,ntlwwv wi' My aah if 3 ., 7:"",1V , 'Nr -A a sg! 'iff JOHN GERGER "Johnny" "A task undertaken is a task accomplished. " John is well known for his determination, and how many kids he can get into his little German Volks-wagen. We know he will be a success in all he attempts. Achievements: Baseball I, 2, Football 2, 3: Soccer I,3g Basketball I, 21 Chorus 2,45 Prom Committee 35 Yearbook staff 4, JOHN RICHARD GRADY "Jack" "Happy go lucky: Easy go free: Nothing but women ever bothers me. " Jack, the lad with the crew cut, is well known for his wise cracks and ability to get along with everyone. We will always remember his ability to make dark classes bright. 2 v Achievements: Newtown: Chorus 3,4g Delegate to Forum 45 FFA 4g Fire Crew 3,45 Berkshire Prep School: Midget Football lg Ski Team Ig Track lg East Hartford High: JV Football 2. f I 1 f " 1 'r J fo M., f 'Ula Ive, U f d 0 4 1. ,oo at 'v a GEORGE FRANCIS HANLON "George" "Persuasion tips his tongue whene'er he talks. " George has a gift of god and a way withwomen. Although he is not crazy about school, he is one who brings new life to our class. Achievements: Hawley Hayshakers I, 2,3g Chorus I, 2,3,4, Prom Committee 33 Year- book Staff 4, K 1+ MOL EDNA JEAN HENDRIX "Edna" "Punky" "She may look quiet, she may look shy, but she's really not, between you and I. " Edna appears to be the quiet type, but once you ig -.S get to know her you see a touch of mischief in tv her eyes. She is a good worker and her willing- ness to help out has made her popular with the class. Achievements: Chorus 1,23 Soccer gg Bank -' Cashier 3g Prom Committee 31 Yearbook Staff 4, , Atv, , , HOLLY CAROLE JOHNSON "Holley" "Soxy" "Neter at a loss for words" Being a chatterbox and getting your work done doesn't mix but Holly is an exception. She has time for everything whether it he for writing a story or giving a permanent. Hcr curly hair and rosy cheeks will long be remembered as well as quick Algebra answers and admiration of the opposite sex. Achievements: Chorus 1,345 Glee Club Ig VFW Essay 25 Prom Committee 33 Soccer gg AA Executive Board 4g Yearbook sraff 4g Basketball Manager 4. f fy ., C 1 ,JF , 4, ' ,J . If' Q' A. ,461 ! 'TJROBERT JONAS Kixosmrv "Br .1 'V ' ,I "What's Phe use of vvorr,yM'g" ' U A , U Bcjh Qill be rcrnemhered best for his loveai ' 'chasketball a1id'h'is'ability on the teiidni His I J i ff ,P ambitionrjs'to'be gi navy pilot., We all know he .',.9 2 4 can mklkle it if he wants to.,-f Q: if I -Achievements: Baskebbiiil 1,2, 3,45 Soccer 1, . ,' l3,4g Baseball 3,.4, Yearbook Staff 4g Chorus 1,:, 3,4, PromfGJl5n'i1j'fi'tIec 3. ' m 4 I X c J .sf 4 ISABELLE LORRAINE LATTIN "lzzie" "Swabbie" "Whether its work or play Izzie's with us anyway." Izzie has a winning personality with everyone and is always ready to Join in the fun. She has been with us through all her school years. Achievements: Chorus 1, 2g Prom Committee 33 Soccer 4: Yearbook Staff 4, K fl, Nj' f gf f I ,sd l , fi , 'J fs v L I I .Y y ,LW lj Xp I 'If L X Diff ff if f iff w1LLiA:v1 LEE"Bi1l" "Often seen, seldom heard. " Bill is one ofthe quietest boys in the senior class. He is always ready with a helping hand and will join in when there is fun to be had. President 45 FFA Treasurer gg Achievements: Track 3,43 Baseball 3,41 Basket- ball 3,4p Fire Crew 2, 3,45 Chorus 3,45 FFA Vice- !q,..'x ' I ! THERESA LOUISE LORENZO Sally To be loved is all I need and whom I love I love indeed Sally as she is known in school has fun with us for part of the school year and then leaves for Florida but this year we are happy that she is spending the whole time with Achrtvements Florida Basketball! Cheerleader 2 Glee Clubl 3 Tennis! 2 Swimming Team I 2 Newtown Chorus I 2 3 Yearbook Staff4 ANDRE EDWARD MAYE Andy To worry little to study less is my idea of 6- 41 happiness Andy can usually be seen chattering with the boys especially in English and History classes Q5 but is always ready to help when work is to bt nL. done Achievements Chorusl Football 1 2 3 Socter 1 3 4 Baseball 2 3 Basketballl 2 3 Prom Committee 3 Yearbook Staff4 Vice President ofA A 3 President of A A 4 ROBERT CHESTER MCCARTY "Bob" fl "Few words but many thoughts. " Bob is known for always walking around in the class room and never sitting still a minute. l-le is nice to have around and to work with. Achievements: Chorus 1 2 3' F.F A. I 2 3 4- FFA Treasurer 4' Yearbook Staff 4. BARBARA HUGHES MCGURN "Barb" "Sincerity conquers all". Barbara joined us in her senior year from South Hampton. We hope she likes us as we have grown to like her. Achievements: South Hampton- Chorus I 2- Typing Club 3- Junior Play 3- Dancing Club I. Newtown: Yearbook Staff 4. if ""? 'Ngfe '-A P5 . Q N.,..u l .' N rt ww ALFRED JOSEPH MICHEL Al Happy am I with the life I see lf' Al hails fom Monroe and Joined us 1n IS sop more y Wk 1s rlwixs ready to rom the fun and IS an asset tothe senior class Achrexements Chorus 2 Fl-A 2 Flre Crew 3 4 3 4 FFA President 4 Yearbook St1ff4 ll'A EVELYN MARIE PENDERG XST Ewie Crucial For another girl like lv1e you d l1 ive to searrh to find Whe11 Eue jo111ed us 111 her sophomorr. year we xx? thought that a tornado had hit She l1as become one of the most helpful girls Ill the Class llld ilw tys b greets you with a corny joke and a good laugh Ach1evements SOCCCI3 4 Basketball 4 Hawley l-layshaker 3 Prom Committee 3 Class reporter 4 Chorus 2 3 4 Yearbook Business Manager 4 xx ROBERTA ELEANOR PETERSEN Bobbie Ears Blg blue eyes and a smlle so gay will take Bobbie a long long way Bobb1e means a lot of things to us a sparkling personahty, a wxntufng smile a peppy cheerleader but we will remember her most for her friendlmass and willingness to help Orginally she hails from Milford and has been a welcome member to our class Achievements Mtlford Red Cross Representative I Newtown Softball 2 3 4 Cheer leader 2 3 4 A A Executive Board 4 Chorus Accompanist 3 4 hotus 3 4 Class VICE President 4 Co Editor of Yearbook 4 Prom Committee 3 4 BARBARA JEAN RAY "Barb" "A willing hand and a loyal heart. " Barbara is a cheerful and friendly girl and we will always remember her for her willingness to help the senior class. Achiexements: Chorus I, 2,3,4g Basketball I,2, 3,41 Soccer 3,4g Sports Editor of Yearbook 4. 1 1 ', A R XC" ff, 5 . I W! V Vi 'A 'I nf I 1 ,f 5V'f?fe' 1:5 Sw YN J' .Nifi-fc, K, LILLIAN HAZEL SEDOR "Tootie" "Lil" "Mysterious is the dark eye which flashes like a spark," Lillian has lived in Newtown all her life but her ambition is traveling, Her swell personality and willingness to prove her point have won her many friends, Achievements: Chorus I,2g Basketball i,2,3,45 Soccer 45 Prom Committee 35 Yearbook Staff 4. SARAH ANN TOMLINSON "Sally" "Tommy" "A cute little lass with twinkling eyes, a touch of heaven in disguise, " Sally, one of the smallest members of the senior class, is always ready with a helping hand, She is also very active in all sports, RC' Achievements: Chorus r,2, 5,45 Basketball r, 2,3,45 gk Softball I,2,3,4Q Soccer 1,2,3,4: Secretary Class Ig Treasurer Class 35 A,A, Secretary 41 A.A. Executive Board 45 Ring Committee 35 Prom Committee 35 All State Chorus 35 Yearbook Staff 4, , r 1 f ' , , YU ' Y ff 1 -al Vt ,r, ,f 'ffl f . , ja 1 5 5 if at , 2 M- ,. ,'F f,.. 4 f fjf! ,' 1 , 3 , X , A. , E, f ll' 1 I 'I ' ' I X 1 ROSE CATHERINE URBANOVSKY "Rose" 1 "A helpful hand, a willing way she displays from day to day. " I Rose came to us from Washington lrving. Since this is her first and last year here at Hawley we all hope she finds it very pleasant. Achievements: Washington Irving: Vollyball Team 1, 2, 3,5 Spring Festival 35 Red Cross Work 1, 2, 3: Newtown: Yearbook Staff 4, JEFFREY PETER WESTCOTT "Jeff" "Common sense is instinct, enough of it is genius, " England sent us a delightful accent and a very droll sense of humor in the person of Jeff Westcott, Together with these traits came a pleasant personality and numerous stories of England during and after the war, We all have realized the addition Jeff made when he came to Newtown. Achievements: Newtown High School: Chorus President 45 Chorus 45 Seaford House School: Soccer 35 Cricket 3, lAS WlllA IlllSlAMl l The class of nineteen fifty three Bequeathes its will which you ll now see We leave polrsh to the Iunrors who Must keep their trophies good as new To the Frosh a treasure they can t u Three of our years at Hawley High We leave our intellect to you The Sophomores who must get through To the teachers a dream of intelligence plus Which we are sure they found lacking rn us For those who of great wrt do dream Bob Fisher leaves hrs clownrng keen Barb McGurn leaves maturity passed by none To those who frnd chrldrshness fun Rose wrlls her commercial know how which t1s clear Wrll bring someone success rn the business sphere Isabelle s lrfe long correspondence wrth Dan ls left for another to get her man Vrrgrnra s head of bright red harr Left to someone with less brrllrance there Follow hrs footsteps and you too they may prck Bob Kingman bequeathes hrs blond front curl To ard another to catch a grrl Bob Brown wrlls parsrmonrous ways To those rn a financial daze Barbara Ray wrlls her beaten path to the Bee Advrsrng all others to charge a small fee Edna leaves her Hawleyvrlle membership card To those who frnd frrendmakrng rather hard Al s change from docrlrty to loquacronsness He bequeathes to those who try to impress Andy leaves leadershrp rn the A A For others to keep rt from decay John wrlls a Daniel Boone outgrown To others with heads so fully sown Helen leaves accomplishments rn sport On field dramond or basketball court A cheerleading uniform rs left by Bobbie For others who wrsh to make rt a hobby Patience and fortitude left by lrm Beach Are qualrtres that are not easy to reach Chuck wrlls hrs famous motorcycle To those who frnd such thrrlls delightful To anyone shorter than Sally T She leaves prllows rn order to see Katy wrlls chords of Because You re Mine For those wishing a Hull of a time Evre Pendergast 5 famous have you heard the one Wrll be taken by another corny jokester no doubt A famous crew cut rs willed by Jack Though to retrreve rt he ll soon be back Many trrps around the freld by Brll Lee Are left to young muscle men to be George Hanlon the Krersler of our class Leaves vrolrn lessons to any lad or lass To those who frnd that lrfe rs grim Cyn leaves her smile which rs ne er drm Holly Johnson leaves her innocent looks To protect you from the teachers books Jeff Westcott leaves hrs Englrsh wrt To those who frnd rt hard to git To a cute blond Junror he will give the e Don wrlls a phrase from Washington Drotar slept here rs the one Bob McCarty leaves nomnformatrve books Which he IIIES to hide away rn nooks The best seamstress rn our class rs Sue She leaves good patterns to those she knew For those who tire quickly there s left by Lil Her abrlrty for takrng Knapps at will The newest girl rn our class rs Ann She sends sweet smrles to her soldier man Lovely clothes are left by Sal She s the chrc Lorenzo gal The Senror Class of Hawley School Our grft most precious we drd pool But especrally to Miss Dolan we wrsh to say Thanks sincerely for your help everyway On June II our last high school day To our frrends and teachers we shall say Farewell with hopes that our good by Wrll bring back memories ne er to dre Holly Johnson Ioan McLennan about ' , b Y - .. . . ,, The by-laws are left by class president Dick Van leaves his '41 Ford that used I0 be: ' , . ' . ' ' ' ' R y- l 3 If school were only like this !! Deluxe Models sold here. Genius at work. Ms! Did you see us on T. V2 ? MW YS REMEMBER ,, The Eine up. What? 7 No Samples? 'P Our shorthand assembly Eine. Future Chemists of A merica I Sc.. E 11091591111 A9.1139f H QS I SU UO SSO sA0uec1,1f1 d V 2 LU .19 U23 OM 11,1 U9 AP d99f 51 O CD 0-0 S99 d Su nb 2 1 39 0 01013 CD wer XQD' UQ mn U.:- rwwmg Z O '-t H005 555 mf!! fb 8 .1919 3 I E S91 P 9 P91I1?11S 'Ti H ILUQ DUO'-I H UI u E32 101-I 019 .low U Su ned S 9 dll PP S 911 3 W A0 S9 P SH AAA 3 OI' 111 NI Id 111 M 99 A193 BIN W UQ E D'!D"' 023 9 Luoog V AP W 91111: A 0 191 U71 .I 2.1 ulngow O 9111 .IOM .L 51 3 NH mo HO D' O S 911113 Ill d 01 U. M 71 H11 19 UZJUI O H rf' I"O 3 spxeo N E1 II 99'-1 "I 110 r-4 U1 U1 'T 3 .Im .191 Su H CI H CIEI I L15 S10 D UQ E O' W4 13 .I P pun 111 d IN s.19A9 UPUIOMQQQUJOUQN BOW ""O YI f-1 1191.11 .19 H I1 9 Osqv .NI u10N A191 Su oo FIU fb :ECHO-O-UQ 1121199 moi? 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U 5 'D m 'NW D P-fm? 0 on 9 'U 'D 51- :E 0. :cw 0 CD ,..1 CDH.-H fb O ms' O 0:1 O mv-:gm .-,O m0 O53 2 33 4535 Q FW U 9555 gw 4wHgonm v-4 --I8 3' Q Hg 23,5 ag'-P4 Q 05335935 5 H m 145 :S SEE' Kc 9 mg : s 2 I rs.-1 P-1 O UJOC1'1'J OCD 1112 O'U'11 III I 3 -4 -H moroom an -Q, owo O an '- f- N4 O "5 Hx I -1 5 v-4 v-'O O ' OO ,- '-" '-' mo 5 Ln wK in-C NH H '45 QE'-3 LTO H103 m UQ U1 015' mg r-1m'4r-lm on-1 PM l On' - W w 0 C 3 m5 50 - Q-A ' UI 'mD""' Om r-- "f I 8 H414 2 n-1 . UI I -:Q v-- O C5 0. ro '4 na UI FUD, : 'CU ,,.. 1+ "2 - '-1 I p-pq WF? asm 2529? 94 SQE3 C Jaw Ba vw P-' I1 -. u Q. ,ctr ,gm -' -:S -9- on T, ws-,Q--Qmm2'. Ei 114: Bm or 05- HC'm0 'n0'm J' 5 M ' 0' W 52 ' WO ,n,.. PH un '-' ,.. -- 5-- 513 -M21 -5 " wi 322:33 22 rg-gffm Dwi' ww 1-'CD rm' 2 'UO m'4D,O-To 53 ww 1-3 -W N 2 9000 S O 2 v-77' O- 0 frj 90 ,,, H- N 9 052 2 O ffm m N4 FQOWQ' fb Z 21 P" ,-- gn s4m'4,-, v-I O' U! 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I Uk FIRST ROW LEFT TO RIGHT Mr McGregor Carolyn Nash MarJor1e Burr Delores Spence Irene Statb Elame O Shea Elnora Halstead Wendy Blantrn Joan McLennan Cathy Bawden SECOND ROW Davrd Hull Dorothy Acton Wayne Shreders Phyllrs O Dell Gertrude Ferns Lrlla Parsons Warren Hyatt John Clark Norman Haller THIRD ROW Lots Nrchols Ruth Ioynes Mabel Burr Sandra Johnson Margaret Sherman Kathleen McMahon Lorrarne Keatrng L1ll1an Westover FOURTH ROW Rlchard Drown Donald Ryan Edward Nugent Russell Mansfreld Wrllram Gordon Kenneth Berglund Olrver Hull FIFTH ROW Donald Crouch Grlbert Grddrngs A v1n Shreders Kenneth Carlson George Pornar NN Xml Bal., Q -7"x" f'K,X5JqX-f .Ill S CLASS OFFICERS Presrdent Kenneth Berglund Vtce Prestdent Phyllrs O'Dell Secretary Sandra Johnson X Y 3 Donald Ryan " ' xx 1 X A N xl x I xh X N s X X 1 R x Q W x x X S I N Q x -1 g x K N V ,. S O xNl XX 19 I N x X . X x dlp 1 7 711' 1 X x X: Treasurer -X , t , x s Q ,151 'fp 1 " 5 I V . ". ' 1 ' " V, 1 S, I . 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L Jr ,X Presrdent ? 0 9 It n Vrce Presrdent K ,,7n Francrs Proudfoot 7 V 7? N 1 Secretary A X Ellen Slusalek Treasurer l Annette C arbonne au Angela Molmaro Xfa N Xyxyyy fl' Gall xb cf- 0 Q 0029 Ji 4 Q' , -1 , ' 1 , .- ',2 Ax 7- P 0 N N ' 4 - . N' 'f .1 f N , r 7 X . .4 s' w xv , s. -. - UQYJDJQJ 4 I Ax 5621 of 'X -. X b , 1 ' - - U r - ff! bfi J- T -S . an 1975 K N -.1 Q V , , - ' I 5- . W. 11, '7 A Q59 xr A N 'V L L ,A - ' ' H v A' ,U V I T, ,- Y L .Ryff r W R , Wai, Sasr , - T F' ' ' ' " .Q 1- x5 ' 'A - are ' ' ' if-ggtimig- WP , W, U . ,K . A 'K x Y' 1' ' ' A ' lk 'I I BJ AC 5 T S S T N if , J -N fl 1 A S K D I y V 7: Q3 E x 1, ry L ,V,' V ' . - fm W 1 , All V A 1 R :L ,1 ', ":' V 'V 4' 1 F JAX , f R ,JH . ry I , ' : I ' . ' 1 N , Qorhk: i f , X ,.- ' ' KI ' :P ' - ' ' ' , ' - '. ' 1 .' V ' , -F' ff' 'EX O ' - ' ' ' I b . ' . ' - ' ' . A' J, g ' ng ' ' 'I .9 ' N ' . I L f v Kb , Q . , . . . , . VS Ja fp T f ' ' ' . ' ' ' P A NCQ? N . ' . ' I ' ' . . ' . . I ' 1. ,, - A I . 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MASS HIIINIIIN H163 It IS the ear 1963 I have recelved an lnvltatlon from Cynthla Eaton who was our senlor c ass secretary and IS now a klnder arten teacher to attend a class reunlon ln Newtown Cyn sald that she had troub e wlth some addresses llke Don Drotar s He llves deep ln the heart of Texas and hls Job as a M C on a chlldren radlo program keeps hlm busy Last week we heard that several of Jlm Beach's chlldren starred on Don s show Andy Maye was hard to contact too for he has Just left as the pl1Ot of the flrst flymg saucer to the moon On the way he passed an alrplane on whlch Sally Lorenzo was stewardess headed for Florlda of course Thls plane handles Isabelle I.,attln's newest contrlbutlon to the world an efflclent DAN dy alr mall SCTVICC She employs Barbara Ray as dlrector of the messenger glrls ln the company When I went to mall the acceptance tO the lnvltatlon I found another letter ln my mall box from Sally Tomllnson Presldent of the Old Malds' Unlon asklng lf I am ellglble for membershlp I also recelved a current magazlne IH whlch there 15 a Charles Atlas advertlsement Could that be Blll Lees' PICISUYCQ It says here that he IS a candldate fO1J'MT Amerlca" I also recelved my ISSUE of ' Punch" mag azlne to whlch I have subscrlbed slnce Jeff Westcott became lts edltor ln Chlef At the reunlon held at the home of Dlck Carmody now a detectlve wlth a good many cases to hls credlt I found that I had arrlved early and plcked up a newspaper to klll some tlme I also talked wlth Ann Keenan who was Wlth us for only a few months and IS now a court stenographer Much to my surp lse there was ln the paper a lon story concernln Chuck Botsford the world famous casanova A so, I see that Bo ble Petersen IS the toast of Hollywood and the crltlcs belleve that she wlll wln an Academy Award thls year On the same page I was overwhelmed by the FCVICWS of Katy Cavanau h's debut at the La Tosca Opera house There IS also an ad for the Rln llng Brot er s CITCUS The feature attractlon seems to be a popular clown named ob Flsher Some guests were arrlvlng Barbara McGurn IS the prlvate secretary to the Governor and John Gerger IS an englneer ln the Cadlllac plant He works wlth Bob Brown who lS a car customlzer for the same company Dlck declded to turn on the televlslon set whlle waltlng for the remalnder of the class to arrlve We were amazed to flnd that Vlrglnla Cole IS the chef on her own program evldently the reason she was unable to attend the reunlon Dlrectly fol lowlng her program was a stock car raclng show The wlnner of the feature event turned out to be none other than George Hanlon A spot announcement revealed that Sue Bawden had been chosen as Mlss Vogue' by dlstlngulshed authorltles lnclud lng Edna Hendrlx a speclallzed home economlst An award has been granted to Bob Kln man for belng the orlglnator of the now popular porcuplne ban s A te egram arrlved from Rose Urbanovsky who IS unable to come ecause of her dutles as the Presldent of the Unlted States Imaglne a glrl from the class of 1953 has become the flrst woman presldent Van Gould was next to enter the house He brought Helen Carroll a shorthand exhlbltlonlst who helps Van Wlth hls elaboratlons on Elnstelns' theorles Also promlnent ln the sclentlflc world IS Jack Grady who has been showlng us the home work machlne whlch he has patented Jack and Al Mlchel have collaborated and turned out another machlne boastlrlg 'orlglnal excuses of all klnds wlth proper slgnature' Al clalms that hls machlne IS guaranteed to work everytlme L.llllan Sedor has another lnventlon whlch she has brought wlth her It's a hlstory book Wlth no dates to memorlze Thls wlll surely be a popular book wlth the students Holly Johnson as the wlnner of the Pulltzer PTIZC of the year adds a few notes our llterary dlscusslon She has Just wrltten an artlcle on roller skatlng Last to arrlve IS Bob McCarty late because of a last mlnute trlp to the model chlcken farm whlch Evle Pendergast runs Bob a famous chlcken doctor IS trylng an experlment to elemlnate the dlsease whlch 15 eraslng the chlcken from the country slde The reunlon was a great success and even though everyone dldn't arrlve through talkln wlth our old classmates we were able to see what a busy and lntelllgent class we ha back at Hawley Hlgh ln 1952 and 1953 Z5 66 97 AY Q I ,I i, y ,, . '. ,. . I . 'ifpifl 4 I 1' .. . ...l -.... . . , . . 7 I saw hrm on the chandelrer It was gettlng very dark Srngmg away for all to hear And lrstentng to a lark He Started the glass a Ullkllllg We heard a rustle rn the trees Whrle not grvrng us an rnklrng And also w1th rt went a sneeze Of what he was or next was gotng to do We saw II was a ghost Judy Carroll Suddenly he leaped away Exghth Grade Startrng the chandelrer to sway I-Ie landed on the floor And bolted out the door And was lost to our srght rn the trees IH UI Have you ever walked a path of gold? It was a path that wound so that you were unsure at every turn The golden path began from your frrst step on your own road of l1fe and contrnued untrl you entered rnto heaven I walked thrs path many years ago It IS a strange story that I ve never told before but feel that I must tell you now so that you won t take the easy way You see I ve seen those who turned onto the wrong path It all began when I graduated from college Iwas ready to lrve my own l1fe gurded as I felt rt would be best Yes I began my walk rnto uncertarnty on the path of gold Iwalked qurckly at the begmnrng wrth the eagerness and lrmrtless energy of youth After a few years when I began to trre I wanted to stop to turn around but curroslty and a strange urge led me on to the end One day when I came to my frrst crossroad I saw two srgnposts On the left II sard the easrest way the r1ght the rrght way Whrch path should Itake'P I hesttated a moment then knew what the stgns meant Yes ltook the path to the rrght The path was steep and very hard to clrmb but I found happrness happrness beyond my farthest dreams Further on I found many other srgnposts There were easy p y fast advrce amusement and fun fast spendrng and depressron ahead The srgnpost that I felt hardest to turn away from was one whrch threatened go back ll w1ll be easrer Those srgns bothered me but I knew that I must contrnue on the r1ght way After a whrle I notrced a drm lrght years away It grew brrghter as I contrnued promrstng gurdance Once I came upon a rarnbow and thought of clrmbrng rt to frnd the post of gold at the end but realtzed that thrs rarnbow was made up of untrue colors I knew then that the rambow merely led to unhapprness and possrbly destructron Toward the end of the path of gold I could see a golden gate A man came to the gate whlch swung open and he walked through but when the next man came upon the gate ll rernarned closed desprte hrs constant knockrng After a few mrnutes some force threw htm away and back to the begrnntng of the rrght way showmg that he must follow the rrght way rn order to go through the golden gate As I approached the gate ll flew open lettrng me 1ns1de There I found a golden starrway which I began to clrmb It grew steeper and narrower at every step At the top I turned and looked back Much to my surprrse I could see back to the begrnnrng of the path of gold also I dtscovered that the wrong paths were stony and terrrbly wrndmg after therr glorrous begrnnrng It was easy to see that the r1ght way was the easrest and truest Turnrng around and walkmg on I came rnto a true paradxse whrch I shan t try to descrrbe Yes I had entered heaven When you hcgrn your road of lrfe wrll you walk the path of gold the rrght way? Holly Johnson Z 6 WHO. HIHI P BUIDH JIISI WAIIIH MI ICI SKAII' I don t know what evrl rnfluence was workrng on me when I took my skates out of the attrc and brushed off the cob webs The skates were a fascrnatrng shade of pale green wrth a touch of brown here and there You mrght wrth a lrttle rmagrnatron notrce the orrgrnal whrte polrsh but rt would be drffrcult When I frnally reached the rce I felt queasy rn the stomach The srght of all that rce and all the lousy skaters cheered me though so I wouldn t be alone rn m plrght and would have plenty of room to fall down rn Once on the rce my knees buckled my skates turned and I landed on my seat owl Prckrng myself up I start ed out agarn Thrs trme I took a step brave me and fell agarn After repeatrng the process trme and agarn I was dragged off the rce after whrch I crawled home and went up to the attrc where my pale green skates were hung up to collect cobwebs for another year Judy Carroll Erghth Grade S B Mother Nature crred a soft sweet call And woke her sleeprrrg daughter Earth Vlake up she called and open your eyes For sprrng rs here and you must rrsel And Earth awoke and opened her eyes And the moment she drd there was blue rn the skres The arr grew warm and the grass turned green And trny leaves on the trees were seen She bathed herself rn Aprrl Showers And dressed herself rn beautrful flowers Tulrps and Vrolets and Daffodrls brrght And round her shoulders the warmth of sunlrght And brrds appeared and started to srng And happrness bloomed rn everythrng And people walked wrth a sprrng rn therr step And a warm good feelrng for all they met Emmy Johnson A AM IN 6 Seventh Grade lf I were asked what I consrdered the most admrrable qualrty rn a person Iwould say that a sense of humor ranks second to none for a sense of humor can allevrate almost any srtuatron however dramatrc The rncrdent I am about to relate concerns a person wrth the most remarkable sense of humor I have ever encountered He had the capacrty for seerng the funny srde of any srtuatron and rf a Joke were drrected agarnst hrm he laughed longer and louder than anyone else I do not remember when I frrst met Frazer Scott All I recall rs that I grew up wrth a sense of berng aware of hrs company a companronshrp whrch I valued more and more as the years went by Berng a frrend of the famrly Scotty spent many of hrs vacatrons and much of hrs spare trme wrth us The trme at whrch thrs rncrdent occured was the year of I942 a year rn whrch the Battle of Brrtarn was gorng most unfavorably and a year rn whrch the nrghtly bombrng rards over London had become habrtual In order to escape these nrghtly bombrng rards my father purchased a trarler and parked rt some frfty mrles out of London rn the depths of the countrysrde and every nrght we drove out to rt and spent the nrght there One weekend towards the end of March of 42 we rnvrted Mr Scott to spend hrs trme rn our company rn the somewhat cramped surroundrngs of our trarler As rt turned out Mr Scott was to have a greater lrberty of movement than we had antrcrpated At thrs pornt I thrnk rt rs approprrate to say somethrng of Mr Scott s physrcal proportrons whrch were generous to say the least To be more accurate Scotty rn addrton to berng the most humorous man I ever knew was also the fattest rn fact hrs drmensrons far exceeded the rmagrnatron of anyone who had not seen hrm From my descrrptron you may have gathered the rmpressron that Frazer Scott was a mass of superlatrves rolled rnto one fat lump but I must hasten to add that thrs was totally untrue he was a perfectly normal man rn all repects except the two I have mentroned The Journey out to the trarler that Frrday evenrng passed uneventfully enough Mr Scottwas seated rn hrs accoustomed posrtron rn the center of the back seat of the car wrth my srster and I seated on erther srde of hrm I sard hrs accoustomed posrtron because my father always took thrs precautron rn order to keep the werght evenly drstrrbuted over the four wheels It was wrth lrght hearts that we frnally arrrved at the trarler The prospect of a quret and comfortable weekend spent rrr a warm snug trarler warmed us rnsrde As rs often the case a srtuatron descends upon one suddenly wrth nothrng to herald rts approach Suddenly the general cause of events rs shattered the rrver of lrfe ceases to flow rn rts prescrrbed cause an obstacle presents rtself and causes a crrsrs Such was the srtuatron that presented rtself that fateful Frrday evenrng The crrtrcal moment came when we trred to get Scotty rnto the trarler The door rt appeared was too small to perform the task of admrttrng that srngular gentleman If he could not enter rn the orthodox fashron perhaps he could get rn srdeways so we manoeuvered Scotty rnto a srdeway posrtron a and pushed wrth all our force but the obstrnate door defeated all our attempts to admrt hrm After a consrderable physrcal buffetrng and puffrng lrke a tractron engrne Scotty lowered hrs battered bulk onto a tree stump and resrgned hrmself to spendrng hrs weekend rn the somewhat doubtful atmosphere outsrde the trarler Durrng our acquarntance wrth Scotty we had become famrlrar wrth the drffrcultres caused by hrs remark able physrque but even we had farled to provrde for a contrngency such as thrs Needless to say durrng thrs eprsode I had been rollrng on the ground physrcally overcome wrth mrrth but one would have thought that even a sence of humor as rndomrtable as Scott s would have farled to apprecrate the comedy of the srtuatron but when I had recovered I found hrm laughrng as hard as the rest of us Havrng taken up our respectrve statrons Scotty on the outsrde and the rest of us on the rnsrde of the trarler we settled down to the evenrng meal and frnally to bed On the followrng mornrng we looked out of the wrndow and found that Scotty s prevrously battered bulk had undergone the even more severe punrshment of a wet nrght and needless to say hrs keen sense of humor had been serrously blunted by the experrence It was a long trme before Frazer Scott was allowed to forget the Westcott trarlerrng eprsode JEFFREY WESTCOTT . PIII I IIIIII I Rose Urbanovsky Cynthla Eaton Bobble Petersen Bobb1e Petersen Sue Bawden Katy Cavanaugh Bobble Petersen Edna Hendr1x Vxrglma Cole Helen Carroll Sally Lorenzo Rose Urbanovsky Sally Tomlmson Cynthla Eaton Rose Urbnaovsky Sally Lorenzo Ev1e Pendergast Katy Cavanaugh Katy Cavanaugh Holly Johnson Edna Hendr1x WHUSWHU Most Amb1t1ous Nlcest Snmle Best Personallty Most Popular Best Dressed Best Dancers Heartbreakers Quxetest Lackadalslcal Best Athlete B1ggest Flmrt Teachers' Pet Cutest Class Twosome Most Llkely to Succeed F1rstTr1p to Altar Happy Go Lucky Optlmxstlc B1ggestAppet1te Class Baby ManfWoman Hater 28 Jeffrey Westcott Chuck Botsford Bob Brown Andy Maye Bob Brown Bob Kmgman Tack Grady B1ll Lee Bob McCarty Andy Maye Chuck Botsford Bob Flsher Chuck Botsford Dxck Carmody Jeffrey Westcott Don Drotar Bob Flsher Jeffrey Westcott Jun Beach Bob McCarty Wells Txlson 9 Helen Carrnoll Best Lookilng Bill Lee Q Q 19 , Q Holly Johnson Isabelle Lattm L1ll1an Sedor Katy Cavanaugh Rose Urbanovsky Barbara McGurn Isabelle Lattln Sally Tomlmson Barbara Ray Barbara Ray Ev1e Pendergast Helen Carroll Evle Pendergast Holly Johnson Rose Urbanovsky Edna Hendrxx Holly Johnson Cynthxa Eaton Cynthma Eaton Bobble Petersen Llllxan Sedor Evxe Pendergast I 7' Q Q50 WHIISWHU Most Argumentatwe Blggest Bluffer Blggest Blusher Most Typxcal of N H Most Stud1ous Most D1gn1f1ed Class Dreamer Answer to Malden s Man Most Or1g1nal Most Courteous Class Humorlst Offlcal Latecomer Class Mxschlef Maker Chatterbox Busmess Man Woman Says Least Thmks Most S1ll1est Most Slncere Class Worrlers Smoothest Lme Most lnqu1s1t1ve Most Gulhble ,117 IWQIY I II1 s Prayer Ns-as 1 29 John Gerger Bob Flsher Wells Tllson Andy Maye Jeffrey Westcott Jeffrey Westcott Al Mlchel Van Gould George Hanlon Jeffrey Westcott Bob Fxsher Bob Fxsher Bo F Bob Flsher John Gerger George Hanlon Don Drotar George Hanlon John Gerger Jack Grady Ju'n Beach Jlm Beach I pf 1' n , 'fill c . . b -1:,,- . ,' fix 9 ' . . S. ' . . G ' K ' Sally Lorenzo Worst Giggler Don Drf tar ' ' ' - b . er . ' 4 29 9 ffl Q v' 9 Qgyfq -4 J ,1 J B l SPCJRT5 I P x 1 D ' OFQTYQE N .,, EH fill J' XS? IIHHIHIAIIHIS FIRST ROW LEFT TO RIGHT Sue Bawden Phylhs O Dell Bobble Petersen Peggy Sherman Lxlla Parsons Cynthxa Eaton Rosle Grxffen 31 A. ,X .z' I -J Jn? I 'f , . I Q L .2 I . 2 . ", ' . .' . , . . l A GIIH3 Slllllll -C 9 fhv L FRONT ROW LEFT TO RIGHT Sally Tomlrnson Alrce Burdett Katy Cavanaugh Wendy Blantm Marjorre Burr Evelyn Weber Martha Kearns Susan Slocum SECOND ROW Vrrgrnra Cole Joan McLennan Erleen Crarg Lrllran Sedor Evle Pendergast Barbara Ray Patrlcra Danrells Cathle Bawden Claudra Palmer THIRD ROW Ellen Slusalek Mgr Gert Ferrls Cappy McMahon Sandy Johnson Isabelle Lattln Mabel Burr Helen Carroll Nancy Rasmussen Mrss Anderson Coach an. wf wil FRONT ROW LET TO RIGHT Chuck Botsford Drck Drown Don Drotar Bob Brown Drck Carmody Hugh Brodre SECOND ROW Paul Kmgman Kenny Berglund Bob Krngman Andy Maye Krmberly Mrtchell Davrd Carmody Bruce Palmer Davld Hull THIRD ROW Mr Ozanne Coach Donald Ryan Rus Mansfreld Bob Benton, Al Shreders, Francrs Proudfoot, Walter Seman, Jrmmy Kearns, Preston Mc Cam, Mgr 32 L t ' , x I ' A ' ,X . . 1 . I y J . . t X X X 9 I ' 9 , A , . I x Q . f ' . -Q 9 'SEE Q 1- M E fjf Y, S , 'ff' ' 19- ' - : - TL. NJ - I , 2:3 K - ', A 'N 3 X av , . x - Z, 5 Q s I N V 'x , M - ,kzk 3 A 4 w r F51 f I V, X 1 J so B -:XA . 4' A . .V 4 to' , I 1 ' I I I I ' l BUY AIIIIIIHS BASK llAll LEFT TO RIGHT Holly Johnson Manager Katv Cavanaugh Barbara Rav Cappy McMahon Sandy Johnson - , 1 ' N., , a F , I . , W, 4 S , , E -I 1 Gertrude Ferris, Helen Carroll, Marjorie Burr, Sally Tomlinson, Miss Anderson, Coach. H, Sf ,Mft -, N naw Sf Us . ID' j I 4 I -14.5. FRONT ROW LEFT TO RIGHT Coacl' DeGroat Paul Klngman Duck Carmody Klmberly Mltchell Chu k Botsford B111 Lee Andy Maye Davld Hull Mgr SECOND ROW Donald Ryan Kenny Berglund Don Drotar Alvln Shreders Russ Mansfield Francls Proudfoot Kenny Carlson Bob Klngman 33 A-Gil-sb LS'-Anan- Maven.,- ...GS -u..4.k-fir! -Pl j bl RX SQLX y C .af-X ,L r -., ll M. - - X 9. X ff' If ro' ffm F 1 fa J ffl? clnlhswwsorlnxlll J if FRONT ROW LEFT TO RIGHT Marjorle Burr Phyllts O Dell Gert Ferns Katy Cavanaugh Sally Tomlrnson SECOND ROW Nancy Rasmussen Mgr Sandy Johnson Helen Carroll MabelBurr Bobble Petersen Cappy McMahon Claudla Palmer Mrss Anderson Coach BUYS BASlBAll 7-T7 FRONT ROW LEFT TO RIGHT Paul Krngman Bob Krngman SECOND ROW Chuck Botsford Andy Maye Al Shreders KennyBerg1und Kenny Carlson Donald Ryan Drck Carmody THIRD ROW Coach DeGroat Duck Shelton Brll Stremz Palmer Parsons Don Drotar Francrs Proudfoot Bull Lee Davrd Hull Mgr 34 N Q' Xia," x X TI 10 C: D fl: JM' I. I , l L 3 ps- , J s,x', UN by ,. - xv' " ',l J' 5 P' 1 .nf X ,X ". ,O ff iv' . ug, K R' K' 'V' I7 I tj 'jf A, " ' Q . r -' - i'f',:e5f,,, J yf nz xpdj' lc' If-Jn'-as JJ If JJ K , 1 JP! " 4.4 'J O -fc Lv! , 1.1 'No ,- Q 7 I .tail 1-' , an sf FIRST ROW LEFT TO RIGHT Holly Johnson Sally Tomlrnson Bobbre Petersen Andy Maye SECOND ROW Mr Sweeney Ellen Slusalek Nancy Rasmussen Cappy McMahon Carolyn Nash THIRD ROW Davrd Hull Preston McCa1n Coach DeGroat Hlllllll FARMERS Ill AMIILLIIA, new QAM Jfffzvdjfd lb X Jil 559 FIRST ROW LEFT TO RIGHT Mr Gaffney Leroy McCarty Merwm Burr Charles Ferns David Bevan ll W llram Lee Robert McCarty Harlan Mason John Clark SECOND ROW Warren Hyatt Charles De ea 1 Alfred Mrchel Grlbert Grddrngs Norman Haller James Beach THIRD ROW Rrchard Shelton James Kearns Charles Botsford Donald Drotar Robert Frsher wrllram Gordon Jack Grady Wlllram Strernz Lours Szekeres 35 We the class of 1953 conclude our yearbook w1th thls acknowledgment our 1-ecognltlon of the understandmg of the H1gh School faculty We know that they wlll enjoy them' modern spac1ous quarters 1n the New ton I-hgh School but our most cherlshed rnemorxes of h1gh school wlll always center around Hawley School THE HAWlEY5CHODl 'S ff J ,WJ .gffx Q :az , 5 llllll lllllw . Q 521522222 , , , - I NEWHIWN P I A Comphments of NEWTOWN COAL AND GRAIN COMPANY Newtown Connectlcut Comphrnents of NEWTOWN PACKAGE STORE Sandy Hook Newtown Road Phone 879 We Dehver Newtown Connectxcut Cornphments of PARK DINER Best Food ln Connectxcut Phone Danbury 8 3871 Compllments of EDMOND TOWN HALL Newtown Connectlcut Comphments of .I J KEANE RADIOS AND APPLIANCES Telephone 35 Newtown Connectlcut Comphrnents of MAYE'S REPAIR SERVICE General Auto Repamr Phone 903 W1 Newtown Connectlcut MAIIRIIIE I DAVIS Dxrt Excavatmg and Gradmg Phone Danbury 8 3883 M111P1a1n Dxstrlct Danbury, Connecticut INIIIIIINIITIIWN CENTER STUHES Route 202 Bethel Newtown Road MARKET QUALITY MEATS VEGETABLES GROCERIES General Merchand1se Telephone Newtown 571 Jl WINE SHOP CHOICE LIQUORS WINES BEER Telephone Newtown 571 JZ Free Delwery Bob Benjamm Prop x , . Comphments of Comphments f ARTHUR W CARMODY THE MARYLAND RESTAURANT Sandy Hook Connectxcut Telephone 990 Telephone 359 Newtown Connectxcut THE Bll PUBlISHlNB CU Pubhshers of Best Advert1s1ng Medlum In Western Connectlcut Telephone 32 or 42 Newtown Connectxcut I PAUl KUVACS AND C0 General Contractors Excavatmg and Gradmng Newtown Connectlcut n ' o THE NEWTOWN BEE . .,INC. IWIIIW SH I I3 III HH MRS ANDERSON S FOODS INC CASHMAIN DRUG CO INC DOROTHY D CHILDREN S APPAREL E MILLER DRESS SHOP LUWAYNES LINEN AND CURTAIN SHOP NEWTOWN MEN S AND BOYS SHOP NEWTOWN PAINT AND HARDWARE NEWTOWN RADIO AND APPLIANCE STORE RUDY S SHOE STORE TRU VALU STORE CENTER PAC KAGE STORE I I YOU CAN T MAKE A MISTAKE ON ANY PURCH ESE YOU IVIAKE THE MADACRAFT SHOP Pr1rn1t1ve Pme Furnlture Compllments of oEExc1us1ve E' lnxsh Made to Your Order DOCTOR JOSEPH REIbb Danbury 'N wtown Road route 1 Z mmle from uty Exne Wrmte R 1- D 95 Danbury Connectlcut Phone 33476 Newtown Connectlcut Loads of Luck tothe Class of 1993 HAWEEYS PAINT SHIRE Cornphrrments of MlIMAHllN'S SERVICE SEAEIIIN Gasolme Olls Greases Accessorxes Telephone Newtown 440 Sandy Hook Connectlcut AT AXP ' ,Y 69 M PHOTOGRAPHY BY LORING Photographs for Class of l953 Whether It portralts group plctures or actlon shots you can depend on Lormnv for the flnest ln handle any photooraphlc asslgnrnents t prlces that are always moderate l0 GSTIIUS Fme Portralts New England s Largest Photographers PHOTOGRAPHY BY LORING S . U . . portraiture. Our expert staff is prepared to D .' ' --a ll Y 'V SAVINGS BANK Ill IIANBURY IINIIIN SAVINGS BANK Ill IIANBIIHY CITY NAIIIINM BANK AND TRUST SIIMPANY UF IIANBURY Compliments of Danbury, Connecticut Compliments of Danbury, Connecticut Compliments of Danbury, Connecticut Complmments of SEARS RIIERIIIIK ANR E0 R WARNER ANR E0 Grocerles Meats Vegetables G neralMerchand1se Telephone Newtown lll Sandy Hook Connectmcut Complmments of HENRY MII IIAREHY Established 1831 Compliments of DANBURY NAlIONAl BANK THE HOBBY HORSE C0r1qpl1rr1enf,5 of Glfts and Cards THE VILLAGE .STORE Dorothy Allen Hull Prop lNewtown Connectlcut Sandy Hook Connectlcut Phone 113 Telephone 194 We Dellver Complxments of NEWIUWN FARM SUPPlY A Dlvlsmon of Wolf Savmtsky gl Son Inc Newtown On Sandy Hook Road Telephone Newtown 764 KNAPP AND MEYERS Meats General Merchand1se Grocermes Phone 8 and 9 Maln Street Newtown Connectlcut 1 1 , , T - . 1 : , . I l0VEllS FARM lUUIPMINI,lNC Newtown Connectlcut Phone 670 De I,avaIM1Ik1ng Machmes Cert1f1ed Louden Barn Eqmp Dealer Sales Parts SCTVICG INTERNATIONAL HARVESTER FARM EQUIPMENT Comphments of Corvphments Of DocToR DESMOIND KENNETH SHAW Newtown Connectlcut Newtown C0Hf16Ct1CUt Complxments of THE VlllAGE CUFFEI SHUP Newtown, Connectlcut ESTHER AND JIM HOWARD, PROPS 9 NEW IDEA-HARDWARE -REFRIGERATION-PAPEC -GEI-IL Compllments of IWI MA IIFACHIRI ll IIIIMPA Y Well Drllllng Pumps and tanks Installed and servxced I Danbury 32650 Complunents of Cornphments of THE SANDY HOOK HOTEL A FENN DICKENSON Telephone 102 Sandy Hook Connectmcut Sandy Hook Conn 0 W 0 B felephone Best Wishes to all in the W H KNGX A Insurance Specrallsts Newtown Connectlcut Compllments of lGVlllS GARAGE ING Newtown Connectlcut Every burned book enllghtens the world Emerson lHl llAGPGll FGUNIAIN School supplres Patent medlclnes R1der's mce cream KENNETH B CANFIELD Landscapmg CLAUDE W LEWIS Dltch dlgglng and Sebtlc tanks Lawns rolled and mowed Sand Gravel Top so1l Telephone Trumbull 80804 a spec1alty Telephone Newtown Z3 W3 IHE . . GENGY Congratulatlons to the Class of 1953 IIE IM SHIAIH NC INSURANCE Newtown Connectlcut Cornphrnents of THE KENNEDY STORE NEWTOWN BARBER SHOP 5 to 1095 and P and p1cn1c goods and yarns SANDY HOOK BARBER SHOP Come m and See us Manager John Provenzano Sandy Hook Connectmcut Comphments of PlASIIlI Mllllll G lllll-IPURATIU URI? . , I . gf u Proprietor Edward Pitzschler HOUSCWHTCS, TIOYS, gifts, IASTIIRAH TRAIHR MHS III! Custom Bu11tTra11ers Newtown Connectlc ut Joseph J Pauhs Route 25 Compllments of SANFORD MEAD .TR Tree Surgeon Cornphrnents of JUDGE PAUL V CAVANAUGH Newtown Connectlcut Comphments of BILL'S HOT DOG STAND Sandy Hook Connectlcut MICHAEL SEDOR Landscaplng Lawns Shrubs and Evergreens EDMUND M FOSTER REALTOR Country Real Estate Res Route 34 Offlce Sandy Hook, Conn Church St Newtown 348.11 Newtovsm 950 Cornpllments of BURTCH'S GREENHOUSE Sandy Hook Connectlcut I U 3 , . Newtown, Connecticut I . . , GMM HI Breeders of and Purebred Southdowns Owner Col George P Converse Sandy Hook Connecucut Telephone Newtown 832, Purebred Aberdeen -Angus Compliments of JRRN SERRR General Contractor and Bu1lder Mt Pleasant Telephone 353 Comphments of HIII MACHINE CRMRANI M F CROWE REALTOR Comphments f Real Estate Farms PAT S NEWTOWN LOG CABIN and Country Homes A Fme Home for Mam Street Newtown Conn Food Entertamrnent Mus1c Telephone Newtown Newtown Connect1cut IHE AMERICAN BRUSH WIRE CR Manufacturers of Fme Wlre Magnet Wmre Scratch Brush W1re Sandy Hook Connectxcut I I . . - ' o 152 , ' . . S SANDY HOOK PLUMBING SUPPLY INC Glen Road Sandy Hook Connectlcut Comphments of SANDY HOOK GARAGE Sandy Hook Connectlcut Comphments of CANTONE S RESTAURANT Famous for 1tS DCIICIOUS Food Sandy Hook Connectxcut Comphments of VALLEY BROOK FARM Confmphments of FIRE HIISI E0 A Sandy Hook Center Norwalk, Conn. Compliments of NEWIUWN CllANlRS Sandy Hook Connectmut Complmments of R S WATKINS AND SUNS Sandy Hook Connectmut Compllments of DR AND MRS EGEE Newtown Connectmcut Compllments of VILLAGE ESSO SERVICE STATION I-I S Cufford Prop Newtown Connecttcut G1fts for House and Garden THE POT AND PLANT Matllda Sellman Sandy Hook Connectxcut Comphments of SANDY HOOK DINER Mam Street Sandy Hook Cormectlcut - - Church Hill Road Save Regularly NEWTOWN SAVINGS BANK lncorporated l855 Newtown Connectxcut Addlson M Metcalf At The Slgn of The Fleur De L55 NEWTOWN ART GAL L ARIES North Mam Street Newtown Phone 794 627 Connectlcut Comphments of AlbertA Llska HY RIDGE FARM Hattertown Dxst Newtown Phone 169 WZ Connectlcut S. IZIIIHIS AND S0 ,I lf. FOLDING PAPER BOXES Sandy Hook Connectxcut At Early American Glass 'China Furnishings ffq VWVL. K ni C I W ' f 2 1 r J fx!! I Alf 5 .,-!vffm-. 4' fi 'yn 'QSM U, ix ix sf 4 QS, Nik ' "iv '-v M5 ww A .. ', -M2 N It K... 'lt , 03 W' WSW 3 yi 5. Q ' 1,15-... na- Q Q

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