Newtown High School - Bugle Yearbook (Newtown, CT)

 - Class of 1947

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.ii it 4 I' f...., -4, 'X X i 0 E K ifxx N i 1 Q :swiss gall! . U! ' -5' : ' 2 5 pm f -. i u,w 4 r A-if I? U q AY . lf' . ,xQ5" , "Q wr, ,,, Q 4,-45, . - , 4,4 .,f...L. llkylfg Q K MR WALTER LOS As we pause br1eHy to look back on our years at Hawley I-hgh we find ourselves wonderlng just how our teachers have been ablc to endure our stay as well as they haue To Mr Walter Los onr. of the most srlenr and pmenr suHerers ue the Class of 47 grate fully ded1cate thls yearbook I-Irs endurance hrs careful gundance through our dangerous cxploratlons of the prmcxples of chemistry and hls vnse mswcrs to foollsh questlons have endeared hlm to all hrs pupils By mc ms of thrs dcdlcatnon vsc hopc m a small way to evcprcss our thmks md xpprcumon 2 A 'ff . Y . ' v , 1 y 1 y V s . . , . . , 7 1 r I . ' 1 7 a . ' , - s y f y . ' v , Y , , ' ' - ,Y , ' 1 ' ' r A, '- ' f, 1' v 4 . t , . " 3 I 1 "1 , ET -. . X Z 5 o 6 0 Standing, left to right: Mr. Hall, Mr. Los, Mr. Reed, Miss Dandencau, Miss Leonard, Miss Anderson, Mrs. Strain, Mr. DeGrOat. Mr, Le-Grow, Mr. Gaffney. Seated, left to right: Miss Barry, Miss Krakow. Mrs. Goodsell. Principal .....,.. ......., M R. CARL A. LEGROW, B.S., M.A. Afazbemaricf ........ ....... M RS. FRANCES S. GOODSELL, B.A. Engliib ............. ...... M R. CHARLES A. REED, B.S., M.A, Social Sciences ........ Foreign Langzmgef ...... . ........ Biology and Ge11eru!Science ...... .. Pbyxivf and C beminry .......... Pbyfifal Education .......... Pbyfical Education ....... A grimllzzre ............ Home Economicf ...... Serenlb Grade ........ Sezfeuib Grade ........ Secrclu ry ....... ...... .....MRs. HARRIET R. STRAIN, B.A. Miss MARY L. BARRY, B.A., M.A. IRv1NG F. HALL, B.S. .......MR. WALTER Los, B.A., M.A. ....M1ss ANN M. ANDERSON, B.A. MR. HAROLD S. DEGROAT, B.P.E. ...MR. VINCENT P. GAFFNEY, B.S. ..M1ss BARBARA R. LEONARD, B.S. .......Miss MARY C. DANDENEAU, B.S. .........MlSS EVELYN KRAKOW, B.E. .......MRs. CHARLES A. PEALE F it 'git Hugh " agfaf Editor-in-Chief ........ Afxiftant Editor .............,............ Buxinen Manager NANCY BAXTER Auistant Bminen Manager! BERNICE CARTY ALBERT KRAWIECKI LEE GLOVER BRENDON JONES JACK COCHRAN GORDON WILLIAMS Art Editor GLORIA RASMUSSEN Anixtant Art Editors WILMA RAHIKKA RICHARD LANE .........WILMA RAI-IIKKA VUHITTLE Photography Editor HAROLD BRESSON Anixtant Photography Editor: LOIs FERRIS CAROLYN HANF MARY LOU BRADLEY JEAN HAZARD Sports Editor: JACK COCHRAN SHIRLEY SHANNON Faculty Advixorr MARY L. BARRY CHARLES A. REED L x Wx X xx A L- f 'X ' X '- !X!e..-..--,...dhzX X . 1 ' f .ia X + M .., ? XFX Yizf-EPI:-1-F'K. ' NX -1 4...1....k - , . xx 1:E....v .., y any V 1-A yzgi 47 af!9 Q2 Ks 4?-44 NANCY ANN BAXTER Nan Pep Hue I not earned my cake m the baking 0 119 A true daughter of Hawley Hrgh Nancy ts a good student dxlxgent and helpful She lxkes to do a good yob and rs our foremost essaynst Achlevements Basketball 1 2 3 4 Soft all 1 3 V1cePres1denr AA 3 Glee Club 2 3 4 V1cePres1dent Glee Club 3 Assrstant Basketball Manager 2 Moms Essay 2 VFW Esay 2 Prom Commrrtee 3 ROMP Commxttee 3 Hawley Honzons 3 Busmess Man ager The Bugle 4 Senlot Play 4 MARY LOUISE BRADLEY Mary Lou ou A helpful band a uzllmg way She duplayr from dag to dav Awxllmg helper studnous atease frrendly athletncally xnclmed an excellent executxve Achnevements Basketball 1 2 3 4 S c Cer 3 4 Softball 2 3 4 Prom Commrt ree 3 Asslsrant Photography Edntor The Bugle 4 Semor Play--4 Glee Club l 2 3 4 V1cePres1denr Glee Club-4 ROMP Commxrtee 3 Hawley H1 and L I Edrtor Hawley Horizons 3 555 I ana SHIRLEY JEAN BEARDSLEY Shxrl Lnlle but Herne Small dark frxendly popular vrvacxous mterested rn sports excntrng to know Achxevements Basketball 2 3 4 Glee Club 1 2 3 4 ROMP Committee 3 Softball 3 Hawley Hornzons 3 Prom Commxtree 3 HAROLD JOSEPH BRESSON Ha Don I do loduy ubal you can do tomorrow or :be next day Happy go lucky wxthout a care forever sleeplng Interested m photography a per snstent talker Achnevements Baseball 3 Photography Edrtor The Bugle -4 R O M P Com m1ttew3 Prom Commnttee-3 7947 ' A fr. ,' .. . .. .. .. .. ., . D rr ' 11 H X . f ' ll . a - I Y ! 1 ! 1 Y I Y ' , . , . - '- , ,- , 1 , , v 1 - - - - "1 . -' t - , 3 -' y y y Z b - , 9 - , . -- , . ' ' 4 Y V 7 3 ' Y . - . a - , -- , .fn . V 1, 4, - , 3, . . . s - , 3, 3 - l 5',,:"f', . .C ,T M A , ' 5- E A ,Q l lo v A - rl lr HIL lr H x ,, X- - V I I 5 V n n , , 1 ' ll ' U. fr 1 V ' ' ' ' ll , , , , - , , . . 1 I v u . - , , , , Q- , , - 9 P V 7 D - , 1 Q s ' . . " . ' . ' x " 1 1 ' x ' " " . l . . b , , . . .. - 7 ! 7 - I D U - ' . , .. . , . . . . . T , o - , , - . 4 . U. 1 BERNICE VERONICA CA RTY Berme Cartmskr Better late than never Athletnc wrtty sensxtlve awrllmg worker a good frrend she IS artrstrcally mclxnecl Achrevements Basketball 3 4 Pr m Commuttee 3 Glee Club 4 Soccer 3 4 Hawley Hornzons 3 Assrstant Business Manager The Bugle -4 JOHN ALEXANDER COCHRAN ac McCochran JHCOCCI Make have .rlouly Qunck tempered humorous at trmes slow of motion he lrkes to play football 15 a good student and rs mterested rn mechanics Achrevements Baseball 1 2 3 4 F t ball Manager 3 ROMP Commnttee 3 Prom Commrttee 3 Basketball 3 4 Foot ball 4 Radno Club--4 Sports Editor The Bugle 555' DQ' 'K 7947 CURTISS STARR CHAPPUIS Curt oe Bonehead A farmer J lzfe 11 the lzfe for me Wrth a dry wrt he rs rndependent basket ball IS hrs mrddle name and he loves to hrt doubles Achrevements Treasurer FFA Presrdent FFA 2 3 Reporter FFA 4 Semor Play 4 Baseball 1 2 3 4 Bas ketball 2 3 4 Assxstant Foosball Manager 3 Football Manager 4 LOIS ANN FERRIS Shorty Tmy Where there J a u :ll lherer 4 uay Good natured stubborn wrtty avery good sport she ns qunck to laugh at herself as well as others Achxevements Glee Club 3 4 ROMP Commxttee 3 Prom Committee 3 Assxst ant Photography Edrtor The Bugle 4 1 ll X ,X i - 1- - -1 - -H .. ,I 1-J H .1 H rr u n 1 A - - n 4, , U I I ' ' , ' ' , ' ' g - n ' , : - , g o - -,L - 3 - , 3 : , . . .- lg .. Y - H . - - . . 4 U ',', y . , ' . . .1 , , , . . .- - - L - 4 - , , , L - x pa. - 1 N 1 3 n 2 ' ' . '1 3, ,gun 4' ' ji, 'ts 1 . I'f'fTA' at I V X .v ra I , r , 3 Q U ' v A f I a.,e,.n'! ..-I ku t. -, 1- -U n , 1: - .1 H .. . U ' ' . I 1 . x fr I ,A I V n y y ' ' ' ' ' , 1 Q I '- , , , Q 00 - y . . v Q ,hm an - . , , . . I. . "Y , , 1 ' - .. .- 7 -. - . , ..... X ,asc ORVILLE MOWLL GIDDINGS Orvrlle Every clam har tl! clown Askmg unusual questions at unusual trmes IS hrs specralty Extremely playful he chnrps all day long Achlevements Band 1 2 Baseball LEE WALTER GLOVER ee N otbrng venture nothing gum Luke Orvllle hrs counterpart Lee 15 usually actmg up Hrs chref mterests are keepmg his car nn workmg order to rlde the gxrls home and hstenrng for the fire whnstle Achrevements Class Vrce Presrdent 1 Prom Commmee-3 R O M P Commxrtee 3 Basketball--4 Q 055' T LOIS MILDRED GIES Lore Notlarng great ua: ever acbzeved uzthout entburmmz Very talkatrve gay frlendly blessed wrth the three Vs a past mrstress rn the art of letter wrmng an asset to the class Achxevements Glee Club 1 Red Cross Councnl 2 ROMP Commxttee 3 Sec retary Treasurer AA-4 Cheer Leader Captain 3 4 Class Secretary 2 4 Prom Charrman 3 Student Council Commxttee 2 Cheer Leader 2 3 4 Producer Semor Play-4 A l LIESELOTTE CAROLINE HANF 7947 Carolme Humphy Hztcb your u agon to a :tar Neat careful a good student dreamy at tnmes talkatrve frlendly she IS known for her mercurnal temperament Achrevements Glee Club-1 2 3 Assrst ant Photography Edrtor The Bugle 4 Prom Commxttee J ROMP Commnttee i . o N gi V 3'4" I -is - 'l-:.:... Tl-- . L3 - Us - 5 - , , 5 A , l ' a 3, I ,L , 4 I - 5 I g .... w-3' ' -'Q .... ' I. ' I f' . y 1' JEAN ANITA HAZARD Jeanme Hazardous One can t have too much of a good tbmg Tall vxvacxous wlllowy gxggly jean rs one of the best She Jomed our class as a Sophomore Achlevements Glee Club-2 Soccer-4 Prom Commlttee-3 Assxstant Photography Edxtor The Bugle HELEN DOROTHY HRIVNAK Helen Snll water rum deep A qunet fnendly grrl, she IS very mdus tnous and IS mterestecl m home makmg Achlevements Glee Club 2 3 RO M P Commxtree-3 Prom Commxttee Fix' diff? 7947 T lx EMIL CARL HEINEMEYER Fntz Well done or not at all Even tempered fnendly but reserved a hard worker stud1ous and dependable credit to Sandy Hook Ach1evements Band 1 2 Prom Com mxttee 3 Ass1stantBus1ness Manager The Bugle -4 Glee Club 2 Sen1or Play-4 BRENDON BURR JONES Bu Silent by nature but actwe of mmd Well lxked wnth a frlendly smxle wtllmg to help neat dependable mterested rn dra matlcs he makes a good class presxdent and manages a dnflicult class well Achnevemenrs Darren Hxgh School Stu dent Councxl l Thesp1anSoc1ety 2 New town Hngh School Glee Club-3 4 ROMP Cornmxttee-3 Class Secretary 3 Assembly Commxttee--3 Asslstant Busmess Manager The Bugle -4 Senxor Play-4 Presrdent Glee Club-4 Semor Play 3 Class President 4 Morns Essay 3 f- 1- H A: -1 'K I vi? -f,-.sf f f l. 1' vig r I .. - .. .. .. .. - U H I ' YI II ll 1 ! ! 3 1 Y . , , 3 3 Q 1 I - , Q - . - . - - .. l 1 , y . .. .. 4 ,, . . . s -' - 1 , - r Y Q ' H5 2 V. , F' 's . gl, , , 1 I O, fs- .. d.. 1 'N " f rr - ' ' n Q , x Q 1 ' , , 3 ' .. H . Q . . ... i ... . - u ' fl I , Q . . . . g - g y ' l . , . . . .. .. . - I - ' ! I l : - , g . . . . 1, 3 " - . - , - , , . -l v. " K 'D O . -an fr vv- -. q- ., mg'-5. he FIV' 4-1 V5 ALBERT JOSEPH KRAWIECKI RICHARD CHARLES LANE Krawxeck Maher tuo grznr grow where there uar grouch before Al IS a natrve son of Hawleyvllle A genurne frxend a very good sport he excels at pmg pong Achievements ROMP Committee-3 Prom Commxttee 3 Assrstant Busmess Manager The Bugle -4 Glee Club 1 Basketball 3 4 JEANNETTE CAROLINE LEWIS Hayseed What r 4 clarr uzthout zz farmerettep Qu1et but pleasant to all Aggle rs her chxef mterest horseback rldmg her hobby Achxevements Glee Club 2 Secretary F F A -4 Prom Commrttee-3 iff? 747 Dxck R1ch The arm rf reached or not maker great the z e An Old Salt from the Royal Canadlan Navy who returned to Hawley after s1x years absence to complete h1s hlgh school course he has proved a valuable and wel come member of the class Achxevements Assistant ArtEd1tor The Bugle ELEANOR CECELIA MAYERS B1 Pzerre quz roule 71 amarre par moufre Eleanor xs our play glrl wlthout a care ln the vsorld except homework She lxkes t play the fiddle and drlve her car wnth the emergency brake on She has terrxflc hates partxcularly of teachers Achxevements FFA 2 3 4 ROMP Commxttee 3 Glee Club 1 Band 1 2 3 4 Prom Committee 3 ft -'Www' 'NT' ROBERT HENRY QUINN Bobby Qumny I may be :mall but A good sport argumentatrve and carefree he s a host to hrs many frxends at the Foun taxn Lunch where he IS chnef soda jerker Achrevements B ketball I 2 3 4 Ba eball 1 2 3 4 WILMA AUNE RAHIKKA Wrllle Htlla A uztty woman 11 a trearure Tall spasmodrcally humorous studxous ambrtxous when necessary orrgmal she rs one of the most actrve members of the class Achrevements Glee Club-l 3 Class Presrclent 3 Hawley Horrzons 3 Edt tor The Bugle 4 Soccer-4 Class Vrce Presrdent 2 Prom Commrttee-3 Senxor Play-4 055 i 747 GLORIA BILLINGS RASMUSSEN Glor Rats We dont know uhat Jhe'J got but when Conventronal dlgnnfled yet fun mtellr gent art1st1c dependable and a wonderful companron Achxevements Class Presrdent l Class Treasurer 2 4 Assrstanr Basketball Mana ger 1 Basketball Manager 2 Hawley H1 and Lo 1 Soccer 2 Secretary Treas urer ROMP 3 Art Edrtor The Bugle 4 Band 1 Softball l 2 Assembly Commrttee-2 Cheer Leader 2 3 4 Su dent Councrl Commrttee-1 2 Prom Com mrttee-3 Glee Club 4 SHIRLEY ANNE SHANNON Shan Shrrl Chrcgoo A merry heart maker a cheerful countenance Athletrc humorous a good frxend popu lar Shan rs our smrlmg Irishman wtth a qurck temper Achrevements Basketball l 2 3 4 Soccer-4 ROMP Commrttee-3 Glee Club-1 Sports Edrtor The Bugle --4 Softball 2 3 4 Class Treasurer 3 Prom Commrttee 3 Hawley Hotrzons 3 . . jx .1,f',.x 3 Ox - Z -. x - ry ve ' I f ,Q . .5 3. X V, ,., zfflit' B-YM, b g - fl--T 4-' -ff' P, gvijsjjfaxklm. v., 1 A 21:11-f-T-1' l'?'m7," 'A ' - ., .,, A . 1-ff-6132533-'l+.. . .. , XI:-2 I n 11 " 1 , , T . . .I . . the walk: znto a room, zt come: tn with her." l 3 , ' . . . . .- . . . , , I 1 Y l 3 ' : as - , , , 1 , ' I 5 - , , , . 2 u - , .. , 9 - . -T 7 -l ! If - , - , - - 4 , . ,. .. ,, , ---- - , , ,C - 9 - 3 - , 1 1 '- , y Q I ' g , s - I 5 - . J, if . . , v me l ' ' 1 ,f ' .- Y .. . - ,. .. . .. ,, u ,' ' 11 ,H I I l 3 I . ! ' , , , .. ., . . . . . . . . . . , , , . ' - - 5 1 s , , Z - F- . -1 - q- . -- , . . . . g . - ' . l . - , , , - , - , -- . 055 Charhe Swannte Ran He 1: uorzb knowmg uell Formerlya tar 1ntheU S Navy Charlxe retams the self dnscxplme that the servlce teaches He IS sober but wtth a well devel oped sense of humor whlch occasxonally ward appearance Achlevements Basketball 1 2 3 Foot ball 3 4 Class Secretary I Class Presr dent 3 Baseball 2 3 Senior Play 2 Semor Play 3 Stage Manager Senior Play--4 JOAN ELIZABETH WHITTLE Twxtt 'Tu but 4 part we .ree not a whole Joan IS a good student even tempered and quxet She ns a good sport laughs easrly and I5 an optrmxst by nature Achnevements Class Secretary R O M P Commnttee-3 Class Vxce Presr clent-4 Assrstant Edxtor The Bugle -4 Glee Club-1 2 3 Prom Commrrtee-3 Moms Essay 3 'Rf He who berztaler 1: loft Randall IS a good sport fnendly spends money faster than he gets If but usually has a good tnme Achlevements Baseball I 2 3 Football 2 3 Glee Club-2 GORDON TAYLOR WILLIAMS Gordon 'There fr gfed! abflzty m knowing bow to conceal one .r ability Gordon jotned our class m 45 He came from Shelton Hrgh School He IS easy gorng wrth a helpful hand a pleasant smtle and rs a good sport In every game Achrevements R O M P Commrttee-3 Assnstant Bustness Manager The Bugle 7947 . H' . V ' V N . M ' ' In shows through the apparent calm of his out- -2, 35 TICHSUFCL, F-F-A--33 haiikgfball-1, f .e 'Q -0 ethl PQ x , X, ll ' SD Vx R UG!! li YI ' . - li ' . t ' ' H J . , , , -4. , CAN YOU IMAGINE? Nancy Baxter agreeing with someone? Shrrley Beardsley havrng her homework done? Mary Lou Bradley as a bench w rmer ? Harold Bresson lookrng ambrtrous? Bernrce Carty wrthout an occasronal yoke? Curtrss Chappurs cuttrng a rug wrth a co jack Cochran as a trapeze artrst? Lors Ferrrs as a truck drrver? Orvrlle Grddrngs mrnus hrs grggles? Lors Gres wrthout her school sprrrt? Lee Glover as teachers pet? Carolyn Hanf rn a Betty Hutton role? ean Hazard posrng for Lena the Hy Frrtz Hernemeyer gettrng rnto trou e? ena ? Helen Hrivnak as Madame Pompadour? Brendon jones makrng love to Cass Daley? Albert Krawreckr resrstrng a prng pong game? Rrchard Lane wrthout hrs P M ? eannette Lewrs as a publrc speaker? Eleanor Mayers teachrng French? Robert Qurnn not merrtrng an N ? Wrlma Rahrkka wrthout an office? Glorra Rasmussen as a coal mrner? Shrrley Shannon not spreadrng the drrt ? Charles Swan agreerng wrth Mrs Strarn? Randall Watkrns wrth a zrp ? oan Whrttle wrthout her wrnnrng personalrty Gordon Wrllrams as manager of a burlesque? SAY IT WITH MUSIC Nancy Baxter Shrrley Beardsley Mary Lou Bradley Harold Bresson Bernrce Carry Curtrss Chappurs jack Cochran Lors Ferrrs Orvrlle Grddrngs Lors Gres Lee Glover Carolyn Hanf ean Hazard Frrtz Hernemeyer Helen Hrrvnak Brendon jones Albert Krawreckr Rrchard Lane Jeannette Lewrs Robert Qurnn Wrlrna Rahrkka Gloua Rasmussen Shrrley Shannon Charles Swan Randall Watkrns joan Whrttle Gordon Wrllrams Vacatrons Study Hall Assembly Flunkrng Exams Passrng Graduatron Prom Report Cards Class of 47 A Lzttle on the Lonely Szde I Lzke Mzke Oh Buttermzlk Sky I Don t Want to Set the World on Fzre I Know a Lzttle Bzt About a Lot of Thzngr A Farmer: Lz e zr a Very Merry Lt e Full Moon and Empty Armt Happy Go Lucky Donkey Serenade A5 1 I Dzdnt Have Enough on My Mznd That Chzck J Too Young to Fry Someoner Rocking My Drearnhoat I m Aluayr Chaszng Raznbowr Dany Actzonf Speak Louder Than Wordr My Buddy Ill Walk Alone People Wtll Say We re rn Lore Dream Dozng What C omex Naturally The Gypry My Man Gozng My Way Thu Love o Mzne Temptatton Im a Bzg Gzrl Now School Day! The Thzng: I Love Rumorf Are Flyzng Stand Up and Cheer' Let the Rext of the World Go By More Than You Know If I rn Lucky And Then ltr Heaven To Each Hu Own We ve Got to Buckle Down That Old Gang of Mme I3 c . . . . ,. . ,, . W? . I . - . . . . v Q .H Q y, . I . . U Q 3, . . J . ,. J . . . . . ' ' ' ' bl . ' ' . PF ' ' Y! Q ..........,................................. H t l N ' ..................... 3... I ' ' H rl g .................... H 1 I .f ' .f v .......................... N U J I ' .............................................. H 1, U A .... ' ................................................................ H H U n .................. Lg ...... ....... . .... I ................. I H J ...............,................ N I Y ' l H ' ' ................ ...................... . .. H . U A ............................. if ....... A ....................................... l , l .... I .....................,.............................,...... 12.3 ,.... H W . .................................. P 3 ................. ...... I . r I, L ..: ..................................... H U la Eleanor Mayers .................................... "Let: Take the Long Way H ante" ' H ' II U n .... ........ ................. . ....... Q I H U ..................................................................... U U ' .......................................................... L? ..... I .... U ..........................,................................ H I I, ' .................................................... f.,..' ........... U U H I Z.. .... . .... ...... . .. ..... .... .... . . H H L . .......... ...--.-...aa ..........-,..--...-..... F I ...- f...- . , , L W .............................................................. , A ...............................,..,......... I L ................... N . ....... ........... ....... .................. .......... f P J H ' ...... ................... ........................,........ 2 L .............. I H .. .......... ............... . H I H .. .... .. ............ . .................... :I ...... 3 .... U Y .............................................. N p U 6 6667166 66 Weakness fworzte Paxtzme 5 'xx 'Ns 51161 1 tterscotch pudd g b 001' l H18 CS ll games '-b-4 h-1 accept ng r des home th ngo annoy C of ap ece US borrow 1ry Lou M s tuat onj CIL ICS eat ng Oh F nnegan at the Haw e Manor Bern ce ... ... t ll OIIH SS Ufl' C CC CICILITI SLIH er ng w t 1 cars teas ng ng pong ll USP 'itn k P W gf '-sv-I d up hot rod bout the halls CHVOII H OW Cl' EIICIS HIGH C 1+-4 f 08 1 ow Do we CS OV H1 HDI H121 ICHHI Hg Imtre eny ng someth ng 'UO HC I4 ak H1 1 to IS LIIIC o f tdoor w O11 54: is ggi --4 'ia SIU Fr tz to inswer letters f f r v ng a tractor roth hb O home HI wokng CH C S lay ng the p ano t1 d P ng P058 s pas 6 DC COH1 'ISCHICHE W ne women and song g to records v-4 l OS H C e Stat I1 if O1'SC gg e room 'HIHCIIC je I'S C1 1 af U8 stay out loud 8 CIIHOI' ..4 -4 games f 1 gh HU hers I 0 jeepers '-A-1 Al letters 8 ,K x.f a b ue Ford port ng the latest news :Z L HICHIS Of ES Heavens at t 1e Mary and Gr ll C Char brunettes HH H135 :xx-4 CZIGO e ng aroun Name U Seen Favorite Expreuion F ' ' Nancy on tl1e basketbal fl "Ohh, la, la" arguin 1 ing Shirley B. at night "What did do now?" attending ootba l 1 ' 'i i gum "Thats a T.S." tough i ers i 1 i 1 . 1 Harold taking pi 1 "Gr-r-r-r" talking photography i '1 y " , i " i Army i at square dances "Dawg i " basketba and baseba sports ac lz 'i i - "Aw, nuts" tink i i l sleeping ois F. . i i or a bus "Oh, no?" i i daes Orville with G1 ' "Aw" i g a "soupe s" Lois G. dashing between Room 8 "Oh, or Heavens sak " 1 and the office Lee at the i " get outta schoo ?" h li lots o girls C. li d i i " ' i d" dayd i c king up her mind can ta kin to Don "Theres nothing wrong with gigg ing trying e the grade i dyi g " rk rank H 1 r i " , er" d i i ailing 1 1 Bud at the R.O.M.P. "Baloney" p i i wimming Albert in tl1e b. "J prend " i - s 1 ying Richard 1 l pita " don't know" listenin " i , 1 , " . in the "A i " "Holy cow" h back riding "Aggie" El in Algebra Class "For cryin " . i ter schoo 1 Bob at the Flagpole Fountain "Ye Gods" charming the gir s basketbal Wilma with a pile o books " " making 1 ootb. ll . Gloria at home now "That's my man" writin Shirley S. all around " oger" re i " " 1 . li l 1 i " " sp arg 1 Randall with the girls "No kiddin' " b i d i l oa listenin " , pooh" re ing ing Gor on in " " fl ing i ls 'U N 5x Oh g to others epnev I n d S 7? pas! jfkwfem On th1s twelfth dty of june m the year of Our Lord mneteen hundred and forty seven we the Sennor Class of Newtown I-hgh Sehool do hereby fxle our last w1ll and testament To the un1ors who are at t1mes proyokxn We leave the self made aft of Jokmb To the Sophomore Class the next mn llne We bequeath a reputanon fine And to the Freshmen xf t1mes are w an We gxve the courage to carry on Mr Reed desery es qu1te well A student w ho knows how to spell And to Mrs Stram 1 pup1l rn h1story To whom Columbus lS not a mystery To Mlss Leonard we do bestow A student w ho knows how to sew For Mrs Goodsell we humbly prov1de An oeeas1onal seholtr who ean dnlde To Mr Los our dedutatxon To re1mburse our recntatlon Coach and M1ss Anderson our Phys Ed teachers N ed for the1r classes some l1mber creatures To Mr LeGrow whom we all eall the boss We leave a student body w h Ch ts not a total loss To Mr Hall we leave a buddy To help hlm keep a quiet study To Mr Gtffney Whxte Owl and all ust for a change we game a Pall M111 And now to the students lest we forget Go x few small remembranees to settle any debt W1lm1 Rahlkka has :Breed to deeree Her earnestness rn adversnty And Lo1s Ferris leaves personaltty plus To the people who may be mclmed to fuss Whether you want a ear or just a lesson as a lover XVe suggest that you make eontact w 1th that Senior Lee Glover D1ck Lane leaves h1s ph1losoph1es sound To the students who hay en t yet an ldeal found Baxter Bradley Shannon one two three Leave to future players the1r sports ab1l1ty jean Hazard IS w tlhng, that any gxrl petlte 15 4 - ' V, V A V. ' 4 1. V.. Vs . A' SV ,V ' - a a 1 V V . V ' U J C . t 74 s Q . . Y V 1 V V. 1 V V V . I .. . Y . ,L V ' . a V V V -- ' - , V -V 'V' 4 . - a V - ' v ff 1 S . Y Y Y Q V. .V - a x 4 ' 'I t . . 1 't L . , ' V . . 1 , A . j . Y,' " 1. V' . 1 , V u V V V V . A, L . L ' 41' S' V ' L V V V i . Q v ' ' . , . Y . Y . 5 1 . 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' I S ' f xxx' xxxxax .xexxxexxx 'YJPXSS ii: ef fajwr SUBJECT NANCY BAXTER MARY LOU BRADLEY SHIRLEY BEARDSLEY BERNICE CARTY CURTISS CHAPPUIS JACK COCHRAN HAROLD BRESSON LOIS FERRIS LOIS GIES LEE GLOVER ORVILLE GIDDINGS CAROLINE HANF JEAN HAZARD FRITZ HEINEMEYER HELEN HRIVNAK BRENDON JONES ALBERT KRAWIECKI RICHARD LANE JEANNETTE LEWIS ELEANOR MAYERS GLORIA RASMUSSEN WILMA RAHIKKA SHIRLEY SHANNON CHARLES SWAN RANDALL WATKINS GORDON WILLIAMS JOAN WHITILE FOOTBALL CHEMISTRY ASSEMBLIES GRADUATION STUDYING OFFICE ENGLISH LUNCH TIME GLEE CLUB SENIOR BOYS NHS TITLE OF BOOK We Wanted a Farm Varyzty Letter Lady rn the Dark Bowen I Court The Thatched Roof Comhuxtzon on Wheelt Career Man The Fun of It The Lrttle Secretary Wolf rn Man: Clothzng Idzot I Delrght Long Shank: The Srlent Don Too Young to Know The Country Moute Curtazn Gozng Up Rtpe for Muchzef Return of the Natwe Court of Farr Mazden: Wake and Remember At Hz: Stde The Flowerzng Thorn Actzon by Nrght The Blznd Fury The Man Who Slept All Day Condrtton Red The Peacemaker Take Up the Bodrex Sparky Fly Upward Standzng Room Only After All These Year! Somebody Mutt The Mznzftry of Fear Not Wzthout Laughter Freedom Hour Fool I' Melody Seafoned Wood The Old Curzouty Shop LOIS GIES CAROI INE HANF 'Vt-y..su6' lWAg ill ROBERT QUINN ...................................................... Little Man, What N ow? 53.5 ..... fffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff"""""""" - I7 Glorra Rasmussen Helen Hrlvnak Mary Lou Bradley Lo1s FerrIs LoIs Ferns WIlma Rah1kka Glor1a Rasmussen Bern1ce Carry GlorIa Rasmussen BernIce Carry jean Hazard Iean Hazard Nancy Baxter Shlrley Shannon Wx CUTEST QUIETEST MOST SARCASTIC BIGGEST TEASE BEST ScHooL SPIRIT MOST ARGUMENTATIVE CLASS SCHOIAR CLASS PET BEST DRESSED CHAMPION GUM CHEWER NICEST SMILE BIGGEST BLUSHER MOST CONSERVATIVE MOST RADICAL Randall Watkrns Gordon Wrlllams Lee Glover Robert Qurnn Curuss Chappurs Charles Swan Brendon jones Orvrlle Gldclrngs Lee Glover Lee Glover Charles Swan Gordon WIl1Iams Brendon Jones Charles Swan 'li' if Most LIkely ro Succeed Besr Arhlere Besr Lme Best School Spmr I4 ' Nancy BaxterlIl:111111.-.....-...'.MOST..TYPICAL fffaandau Watkins I ' gf, 9 ld' Tia. -. gi . 9 I - Vx joan Whrrrle Eleanor Mayers Wllma Rahl a Lors Gres Glona Rasmussen Shrrley Shannon Lors Gres Mary Lou Bradley jean Hazard Eleanor Mayers Glorla Rasmussen Bernrce Carry Shrrley Beardsley Bermce Carry Shrrley Shannon MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED LAZIEST MOST ORIGINAL BEST LINE MOST POPULAR BEST ATHLETE BIGGEST BLUFFER CLASS BABY BEST LOOKING Brendon jones Harold Bresson Rlchard Lane Lee Glover Lee Glover Charles Swan Lee Glover Orv111e Glclclmgs Lee Glover CHAMPION CLOCK WATCHER Lee Glover OPTIMIST PESSIMIST BIGGEST FLIRT NOISIEST CLASS HUMORIST Rrchard Lane Lee Glover Lee Glover Orvrlle Grddrngs Orvrlle G1dd1ngs fs I Hpgf Bxggest Tease ,au an III! v ll Most Sarcasnc Most Srudrous Quretesr Most Orrgmal Most Typrcal of N H S Nrcest Smrle T -Cl S, gxl has l a - N W First row, left to right: Jeannette Lewis, Wilma Rahikka, Gloria Rasmussen, Brendon Jones, joan Whittle, Lois Gies, Shirley Beardsley, Randall Watkins. Second row, left to right: Albert Krawiecki, Harold Bresson, Eleanor Mayers, Nancy Baxter, Lois Ferris, Gordon Williams, Orville Giddings. Third row, left to right: Helen Hrivnak, Caroline Hanf. jean Hazard, Shirley Shannon, Bernice Carry, Mary Lou Bradley. Fourth row, left to right: Lee Glover, Charles Swan, Curtiss Chappuis, jack Cochran, Fritz Heinemeyer, Richard Lane, Robert Quinn. 9 W kip rw r - . , D .A .iv-5-1-v.-wen' x."' I L Class Officers 15,5 Preridem ...... .... . ...... B RENDON JONES ' ' Vice-Preyidan! ..... ..... O AN WHITTLE g L J 1 Secremry ........ .................... L o1s Gres T feamfer ..... ...... G LORIA RASMUSSEN PM ' welt-8 20 .,i.....,.....? P Q 1 i Class Oflicers -gf: Prefzdent . . ................. .... P ATRICIA PERRY l 5 Vue Prendent ......... DON JAMES W L " Secretary ......,... SHEILA LISKIN H 6 .ri v T reawrer ..... MILDRED SUMMERS ' i if . - 4 ,X li? V uf.. Wtlallg First row, left to right: Marie Cavanaugh, Violet Bally, Helga Doehne, Mildred Summers, Donath James, Patricia Perry, Sheila Liskin, Barbara Kuhne, Ralph Doehne, Ruth Mayers. Second row, left to right: Mary O'Connor, Rosemarie Kilbride, Hazel Naar, David Eaton, Joyce Billings, Sabina Skvorz, Virginia Drew. Third row, left to right: jack Watkins, Robert Jacot, Mildred Robinson, Ruth Kearns, Mildred Kocet, Eric johnson, William Renz. Fourth row, left to right: Fred Candee, Richard Herring, Adrian Lillis, Richard Liska, Richard Rideout, Harry Lake, Edmond Farrell, Douglas Wheeler. . Q, -'og Q., s -- GJ 1 5. ,.l.....-l..1-i- A. 1 ,Mr K Y I -It xt- 5' 4. 5 6 p Q- Q First row, left to right: Phyllis Loucks, Nancy Scott, Barbara Ellis, Mary Pat Carroll, Doris Pully Franklin Miller, Millard Goodsell, Virginia DiVesta, Doris Janocsko, Joan Pelletier, Gertrude Ray? Second row, left to right: Ralph Bowen, Mary Kearns, Irene Hornbeck, Juanita Reed, Eleanor Crouch, Evelyn Koch, joseph Digilio, Dwight Johnson. Third row, left to right: James Rockwell, john Bresson Laurita Therreo, Elaine Oberstadt, joan Weeks, Audrey Wood, Ray Meyers, Howson Willmore. Fourth row left to ri ht' Horace Rosier Donald Swanson, Donald Fisch, Paul Allen, Gilbert Standley, ', 8 - , Julius Kovacs, Delbert Moody, Richard Knutson. 9 ilwwlll Class Officers ,, fi fe ff V v .11--uv .1.ii.-..- Z bug Pfefidenz ..........., .......,...... ........................... M 1 LLARD Goonsnu. Vice-Preridenz ....... ..... F RANKLIN MILLER Secremry .......... ........... . .. DORIS PULLY Treamref ...... ...... V IRGINIA D1 VESTA . Class Oflicers Prerident ..,..... .................................. ............. J E AN TAYLOR 1 Vice-Preridenl ...... ...... K ENNETH PELLETIER V Secretary ......... ...... C ATHERINE QUINN Treamrer ..... ...... J OHN ROMAINE it vs .-' ,ee mailman First row, left to right: Ruth Berglund, Regina Marcinek, joan Wrabel, Mary Starr Smith, Sarah Marin, Kenneth Pelletier, jean Taylor, Catherine Quinn, john Romaine, Geraldine Maurer, Kate Bandler, joan Pully, joan Glover, Barbara Drew. Second row, left to right: Maud Billings, Alice Mary Carey, Roseanne Hunihan, Victoria Boyle, Janice Northrop, Dorothy Cole, Elizabeth Vaughn, Robert Beers, Evelyn Coddington. Third row, left to right: Robert Barna, Robert Qubick, Mary Cullens, Betty Seman, Sheila Steck, jack Perry, Thomas Watkins. Fourth row, left to right: john Pendergast, Herman Wachsmuth, Selw.yn Lane, Harold Miles, Lawrence Cole, Ernest Morgan, james Gies, George Spencer. 'Ay --a Ihivvkldl. t'.13 f ..,, - - - , K , I, f.. Ang, 4.. fs- LJ, vo, 4 .. 1 X. rf! Mmm wx 1 ll' f ,-7 102 v Fl: Af 5 x . s 1 'S+-Q, ' 4 p, ,-' ! few, . ,GJ IE M 75, 2 ow ww QWQM by-,ls 71 CL ,Q WNW ga 2, t ,wilhv-"4 Q'zT,bu C,4it5p Www ffQv2:,, ,UWMW "7"f' bww WWW Q4 eww Wm wwww 4 QQ iffwm SNK'-X3 XK3 Q2 ga' do f bf Q. W A WMWW ax he W9 K? 7'd'?4wQC'.Qz2Mk H l f ' 'c' fax I M mu B kflfu Lex ' 1 w W V Wiz fffe ffecwlzf SEPTILMBER 4 Well klds If s our last year and home work the fxrst nxght Jolly eh wot? SEPTEMBER lr What fun' Drd you ever try lnghttng a Bunsen burner hooked up to a water faucet' Frannre Krlbrtde says It s all wet SEPTEMBER 14 Whats go1ng on tn Hawley H1gh9 Everyones so restless here Hey' Stop fllrng that 1ron bar on the wmdow Anyone would thxnk that fellow dldn t l1ke xt here SEPTEMBER 20 We mentton 1n small punt the foot ball game w1th Bethel today OCTOBER It s about trme wnth moans and groans we got through September OCTOBER 10 In Englxsh class we read Macbeth and when Orvllle Glddlngs and Frltz Hememeyer fm tshed the play we had more than the usual sxx murders OCTOBER 11 Today Macbeth IS gomg one way and Lady Macbeth the other but They ll both end up nn the same place I betcha We also had a well played football game w1th New Mxlford today OCTOBER 14-Chem class IS just Domg what comes naturally OCTOBER 15 Mrs Stratn wants a graph Some brlght Semor produces a map OCTOBER 16 Important reclpe for troubled Semors -One good whtff of chlorme gas a good substntute havmg about the same effect OCTOBER 18 Mr Reed Please gxve me your tests as you pass out OCTOBER 21 Tomorrow and tomorrow and tomor row what happens tomorrow? OCTOBER 22 Tomorrow IS here w1th the frunts of our labors No you cant sngn xt yourself You have all seen unhappy faces but you should have seen Hawley today' Room 8 Anytxme or rather all the trme-Upon entermg th1s norsy xnferno we spy Glorxa Rasmus sens homework floatmg from desk to desk as Al Krawe1ck1 rushes rn at 8 60 But Al should worry we don t see Bernlce at all NOVEMBER 3 Mrs Stram to a Ceftaln Semor Thrs wrrtmg IS Just lnke so much hen scratchmg xt s hor rxble Semor replles Well Shakespeare had poor handwrtttng NOVEMBER 5 Thmgs are on the fall especxally marks Maybe 1ts Sprmg fever NOVEMBER 6 Dtd you see that tall Semor gxrl amb lmg about mlnus one shoe? The shoe was found on the grass outslde the lab window Shxrley Shannon had so many pencxls to sharpen today' NOVEMBER ll Blue Monday Semors wondermg when they Lost the1r weekend NOVEMBER I9-Game at Regnonal today the klds nearly keeled over when they got out of school at one o clock NOVEMBER 25 How Now Brown Cow those g1IlS wlll certamly be great on the stage 1f they only act naturally NOVEMBER 29 I.o1s Gres resolves never to throw another eraser to Mary Lou Bradley Mrs LeGrow says Its the most dangerous thtng you could do DECEMBER 2 Well boys' It was n1ce to see all you play enthuslasts out for the try outs Yours truly and Frntz were lonely DECEMBER 3 A few of our more mtelhgent school mates had a great ttme at West Pomt today DECEMBER 5 Frrst basketball game today The grrls were on the ball The boys need practxce Walt for the Bethel game DECEMBER 9 They ll be commg round the moun tam Just thmk report cards before Christmas They are supposed to boost our morale you know PS Bermce Carty IS wrshtng for nme l1ves and by the way Mr Reed IS lookxng at her she may need them DECEMBER 16-Htstory class definltlon of marr1age- Sentence for Llfe DECEMBER 19 If you see that muslc shed swlngmg and swaymg nts just the Semor Glee Club gomg to town on Oh Buttermxlk Sky DECEMBER 20 We slgn off for a whlle vacatron Merry Chrtstmas everyone all hurry1ng to break New Year s resolutrons JANUARY 14-Oh happy day' An tce storm No school Assembly postponed JANUARY 17 What a game or rather what games' Well Bethel you had better go htde your head Newtown IS really gorng to town JANUARY 21-Oh you drdn t lxke assembly eh Shxr ley and Bernnce are great comedlans don t you th1nk9 JANUARY 23 You should see those Semors at play practnce More fun' They re creepmg up on us Yes we had better study now for exams tomorrow JANUARY 24 Thats the old fight ktds Well New Mtlford you ve got the pep youve got the steam you ve got the coach and you ve got the team but we won the game JANUARY 27 What a day Three exams are too much for the Semors Dead bodles fill the corrldors FEBRUARY 4 Results of exams Many Semors find they are Jumors FEBRUARY 5 We go to Hartford Results of exams so bad that Mr LeGrow almost calls off trtp MARCH 1 Baseball and softball pnctures are taken MARCH 20 Here II IS the Semor Play Belmda MARCH 21 Sprmg vacatnon Early th1s year You may hope thus ns all well rt ns Hasta Luego We go to press BRENDON JONES A - . , . , - -.. ,,, . , , . . - . , . 7 ' T ' - , , , , - . G . , . , . J ' 7 . , . n- , , - . . , . I P.S.: A week of American History homework is JANUARY 2-Back to where we left off. Seniors are .-. l , U . . I . , ' 7 I . . 3 ' .. , . . . , . . . , 1 .- , . 'T I . I . . a I I 1 , . - , I . it 5 ' Y I - 1 , 1 v 1 ' 7 , ' 17 - . Q - . Q- . , . . U - , ' 1 ll ' 'Il -- , . I . . . . .. . ,, , . 9 ' -- . 27 63 Z"f. I . fggfgfi.-' if A Ofld w A 1, Ag Q " 4 Q N LI ,' s .11 Ya. H Af.. A 4 A .1 Ira 4- - Lois F. G 'u fffzzxfmas 7 970 Here rt rs Chrrstmas 1970 How trme flres' Cle temps vole' J Wrth all my presents and cards sent out I srt rn my favorrte charr near the frreplace gazrng upon the Xmas tree and enloyrng a happy and carefree state of mrnd As my thoughts span over my charn of acquarntances I suddenly realize that I farled to wrrte or even send a Chrrstmas Greetrng to one of my best frrends Shrrley Shannon who rs presently vacatronrng rn South Amerrca Consequently wrth an extremely gurlty but apologetrc reactron I shall rmmedrately pro ceed to rnform her of the present day occurrences and actrvrtres of our frrends As Assrstant Edrtor of the local paper I have been keeprng up a regular correspondence wrth many of my former classmates some of whom have won fame and recognrtron whrle others have satrsfied themselves by settlrng down comfortably rn therr respectrve busr nesses and homes Where drd I put that paper? Goodness after all these years I strll havent developed my memory Walt' What s this? Wrrtrng paper' Frne' Now I am ready to begrn my letter to Shrrley Newtown Connectrcut December 25 1970 My Dear Shrrley Seasons Greetrngs and please excuse the delay rn wrrtrng you I really meant to acknowledge that card you sent me from Brazrl but Ive been very busy srnce my promotron to Assrstant Edrtor However I find I have a lot of news for you about our classmates Do you remember Harold Bresson7 Well as photography edr tor of the paper he s been shootrng the town for a specral Chrrstmas edrtron coverrng local or former ested rn I may as well start wrth the front page The head lrnes read Secretary of State Swan arrrves rn Moscow for Trade Treaty Conference Boy he certarnly stepped up rn the world' Oh' Heres an artrcle on ProfessorO Grddrngs latest rnventron alaughrng gas squrrted through a plastic prpe whrch also blows sprt balls srmultaneously Such an rnventron should put htm on easy street Lee Glover also made headlines thrs week Hes startrng a taxr servrce for all students gorng to and from games He strll has hrs old NH S sprrrt Now to the theatre sectron to see what we featured thrs week Ah' Macbeth rs playrng rts premrere at the Edmond Town Hall wrth Wrlma Rahrkka starring as Lady Macbeth That reminds me I heard reports that she has srgned a contract wrth Drrector Lors Gres to appear rn a couple of Shakespearean productrons Lors rs also featurrng Eleanor Mayers as concert vro lrnrst at Carnegre Hall Remember when she used to play the harmonrca rn assemblres back rn the good old days? On the next page we have sports Here s a wrrte up entrtled Whos Who rn Sports I see that Frank McGregor made the lrst as an outstarrdrng pro rn basketball I guess he hasn t changed much smce hrgh school And heres that prcture Jeannette Lewrs drew of the grrl s Natronal Champronshrp Team CShe s Art Edrtor of the newspaper you know D Nancy Baxter and Mary Lou Bradley are rn rt Im proud of them only wrsh I could have made rt The fashron sectron Cmy pet peevej comes next Drd you hear Shrrley that Jean Hazard has a modelrng job wrth John Powers I always knew that she could do rt But back to the paper I see that Shrrley Beards leys creatrons were modeled wrth some of Adrrans out rn Hollywood Shrrl s been workrng hard at desrgn rng but now that she s famous rt ought to be easrer for er On the lrterary srde we have an advertrsement of Nancy Baxters new book Modern Essays Wrrtten the Modern Way Speakrng of ads Frrtz Herne meyer has put an ad rn for the new restaurant hes openrng rn Sandy Hook He told me that he buys hrs eggs from Albert Krawreckr fYou heard about Albert s attractrng world wrde attentron when a couple of hrs chrckens started layrng prng pong balls drdn t you7D Now that Im on the agrrcultural field I can mentron that Curtrss Chappurs rs manager of the largest darry farm rn the East' Boy that s gorn some' Oh Yes' Glorra Rasmussen has finally decrded to marry her hrgh school sweetheart She always drd take thrngs slowly and calmly Well that covers the newspaper pretty thoroughly Shrrl What do you thrnk of rt? Mercy I almost forgot to tell you that Brendon Jones rs Superrntendent and Lors Ferrrs rs Prrncrpal of our new Regronal School They certarnly got themselves settled drdn t they? Speaking of settled Carolrne Hanf drdnt do badly erther She s Superrntendent of the Farrfreld State Hos prtal wrth Rrchard Lane as her asslstant and I hear Whrttlel has lust finrshed a book on Psychology Today It s her second achrevement rn the lrterary and screntrfic worlds Gordon Wrllrams rs also making a name for hrmself rn mathematrcs CHe teaches an advanced course rn calculus at Harvard J Ahhh' Yes' One of the most welcome srghts Ive ever seen rs berng erected across from Old Hawley namely Qurnns Soda Fountarn Bob has started a busrness now so when Glover brrngs em back from the games he can feed em Randall Watkrns rs now operatrng hrs fathers machrne shop and hes already begun to expand rt Oh that remrnds me I was horse back rrdrng last Saturday when I met Helen Hrrvnak exercrsrng her saddle horse She was strll so o o o o tanned from last summer when she worked on her father s vegetable farm Enough for now' Ive a fine case of wrrter s cramp- yust so you would know whats gorng on around our town Honestly Shrrl ever srnce you ve drstrngurshed yourself as an rnternatronally known comedran you ve never even vrsrted old Newtown once' Oh' Heck' Here I go again preachm ealous me Well I really hope that I have rnformed you suffrcrently Shrrley so Ill close wrshrng you all the luck rn the world Your former classmate BERNICE CARTY P S jack Cochran has opened a mall route through Dodgrngtown He s strll drrvrng that old flrvver' 1 s ' ' . .-' . , ' , . 7 I , . . - - . 9 3 I I I I y U-1 . ' - 1- , , . , . . . , ' . v - ' h . 4 , . , , l . . , . an ' 7 I D . I v . ' ' ' 7 . 7 . Y ' . I - . , . , . I . I . i . . . - 7 3 local people. I'll tell you the items you will be inter- he gets good oy. You know Mrs- Lane Knee Joan . 5 ' . . I l ' 1 . 7 ' . l 7 , ' I . . . D . Q ' G , ' I - , 3 . . , . , 1 , . , , . . . . - . ' , ' - u ' 5 l H , l J . , . , ' , . l . I 3 s - ' 7 . ' ' ' .t .: ' 29 ffe 9245! 5u,4,4ef1 Settrng the steamrng coffee pot on rts pad I took my place at the table After my feverrsh scurryrng to make the meal just lrke one of mother s I relaxed for a mrnute whrle my father sard a srmple grace and proceeded to serve Mother had left that mornrng for a two week s trrp and thrs was our flrst upper alone I watched atrxrously as dad used a brg srlver spoon to transport the hot baked beans from the steamrng brown crock to my plate Besrde the portron of beans was placed an almost black hot dog actually burstrng wrth flavor Wrth a feelrng of prrde I reached for the plate and then set rt down carefully wonderrng just how well the food would taste After dad had served hrmself I started to eat but only half heartedly for my eyes kept glancrng to see the expressron on my father s face as he ate Would he thrnk my baked beans were as good as Mother sl Hungrrly he plunged rnto the meal Tensely I watched hrm At the first brte I saw that hrs face regrstered no partrcular lrke or drslrke He srmply ate as he always drd Rather drsappornted by thrs reactron I proceeded to sample and pass judgment myself As the frrst forkful entered my mouth I detected at once the famrlrar molasses flavor that rs blended by long hours of cookmg I also notrced that the beans were a lrttle too mushy lrke the beans I had so often tasted at the church suppers The catsup? Yes rt was on the table And then-oh no not that' I squrrmed rnsrde as ful baked beans wrth such a pungent sprce9 Perhaps a lrttle vmegar just to add a tang but not catsup Oh well every man to hrs own taste I reached for the mustard and wrth a generous coatrng parnted my hot dog Once more glancrng at father I saw that he too was enjoyrng the tasty wholesomeness of the meal I was more pleased Slowly I frnrshed two helprngs checkrng wrth each mouth ful my judgment of seasonrng and length of cookmg Yes I had done pretty well But oh' I had yet to serve the apple pre A sudden fever overcame me I feared that rt would not be baked enough or perhaps rt was baked too much I wasn t sure Before getting the pre I lrfted the coffee pot and began to pour 'Ihe dark brown lrqurd flowed rnto the flower trrmmed cup A lrttle sugar and cream added and wrth a srngle strr rt was transformed to a mellow brown hue What a lovely shade that would be for a wool surt From the krtchen I reluctantly secured the pre placrng rt besrde my plate on the whrte lrnen table cloth As the knrfe went through crrsply I was assured of a flaky crust On each wedge shaped prece I placed a yellow rectangle of Amerrcan cheese and handed my father hrs dessert A deflnrte look of satrsfactron crept slowly over dad s face as he tasted the toothsome drsh He smrled contentedly as he Hnrshed I suddenly knew I had recerved a well done for my work NANCY A BAXTER 30 , . 9 ' ' 1 . . , , . . ' ' v ' ' 1 3 W 1 Y - , ' , . Y , . . . . my father smothered his beans with a layer of the red sauce. Why do people ruin such flavor- . , . , . , . , . , , . . , . . . , . . . . . . U . . , . , v S' 1 ff-' l . v 1 -an ved! tgefzm gh 67615 First row, left to right: Phyllis Loucks, Gertrude Ray, Laurita Therreo, Mary Lou Bradley, Brendon Jones, Nancy Baxter, Mary Pat Carroll, Shelia Liskin, Shirley Beardsley. Second row, left to right: Nancy Scott, Virginia DiVesta, Audrey Wood, Virginia Drew. Third row, left to right: Lois Ferris, , Gloria Rasmussen, Bernice Carty, Joan Whittle, Ioan Weeks. Q fufzm gba 67115 ' MRS. DANIELS First row, left to right: Catherine Quinn, Regina Marcinek, Joan Glover, Nancy Giddings, Ruth Berglund, Mary Elizabeth Mead, Jane Slocum. Second row, left to right: Mary Starr Smith, Geraldine Maurer, Barbara Drew, jean Taylor, Patricia McMahon, Marilyn Platt. Third row, left to tight: Martha Jones, Jludith Marin, June Ann Montanaro, Patricia Smith, Joan Pully, Betsey Ann Miller, Marion Marcine . aaa. 2 S fa, 'lflhl ll .La i,.'. -1.-.ii-1 ---q-,--1 1 'J c C. M ii i, Qiffzm Qrzfzmms af H'7ZZllZ'd First row, left to right: Ray Meyers, John Pendergast, Richard Liska, Curtiss Chappuis, Robert Jacor, Ernest Morgan, Don james. Second row, left to right: Thomas Watkins, Eleanor Mayers, Jeannette Lewis, William Renz. Third row, left to right: Edmond Farrell, Adrian Lillis, Mr, Gaffney, Richard Knudsen. Fourth row, left to right: jack Watkins, Fred Candee, Gilbert Standley, Richard Rideout, Donald Ferris. 2 :fa ff . , I A . f l ' '36 x amz cafzemzcs 67 615 M., l , E t e B ard left to right Sheila Liskin, Helga Doehne, Miss Leonard, Joyce B'1l'ng , Sh' 1 leigilslz Rcixth Ma ers Vir mia Drew, Ruth Kearns. 1 1 5 lr ey MISS LEONARD 1. Vuit- 1:41, --J ..d"" 'Z A ed 0.4: ull: 3. ww wana.. X-if as I F' Miki? 47g'506'lbf2bfl am! Iam .fading ,. D 0' A First row, left to right: David Eaton, Lois Gies, Rosemarie Killaride, Mildred Kocet, Ruth Mayer, 2- E Gloria Rasmussen, Ralph Bowen. Second row, left to right: Vincent Mihalek, Marie Cavanaugh, . Charles Swan, Joan Whittle, Joseph Digilio. Third row, left to right: Franklin Miller, jean Taylor, : Doris Pully, Patricia Perry, Helga Doehne, john Romaine, Clarence Worth. Fourth row, left to right: , ax Edmund Forbell, Mr. DeGroat, Curtiss Chappuis, Miss Anderson. 5 f ff' A H 1 ' 'G' 5 ' 2 '4 1 .1 f Q i 'I 4 9 f A J" 1 MR. DEGROAT MISS ANDERSON Hfvafrfal First row, left to right: joseph Digilio, Curtiss Chappuis. Second row, left to right: Mr. DeGroat, james Gies, Donald Fisch, Donald Swanson, jack Cochran, Eric Johnson, Kenneth Pelletier, Fred Candee, Richard Herring. Third row, left to right: Richard Knutson, Michael Keogh, Charles Swan, Jack Watkins. J - .4 . lil ii IJ 'J A 1 ft' , if 1 ' as. First row, left to right: Mary Pat Carroll, joan Weeks, Bernice Carry, Shirley Beardsley, Shirley Shannon, joan Pelletier, Violet Bally. Second row, left to right: Patricia Perry, Nancy Baxter, Marie Cavanaugh, Mary Lou Bradley, Miss Anderson. 9 923' lgzzsaefffzff QT? i I l I QA R 9 , gays lgfzsieffai -the Seated, left to right: john Romaine. Robert Quinn, Kenneth Pelletier. Standing, Hrst row, left to right: Vincent Mihalelc, jack Cochran, jack Watkins. Edmond Farrell, Eric johnson, Curtiss Chappuis, Mr. DeGroat. Second row, left to right: Millard Goodsell, Donald Ferris, Franklin Miller, Adrian Lillis, David Eaton, Michael Keogh. im ef:- , -- ., ,. ,, ... 5? yo ' in 'J 1 9 . ,-.' K. l aa- it ' f- " Q5 Q9 Q9 al' ' " v 0' 06 3 Q K M N - l it? ..-f" t. l at -' as at .- Xi' as F Qi- - """ M 7 4, Q1 45. as ' ' 'Q I A L O1 " ag of at -T r . v , , , ,Q I Q.. I 5. . 1 army First row, left to right: Phyllis Loucks. Shelia Liskin, Doris -Ianocsko, Gertrude Ray, Ruth Berglund. Barbara Drew, Mary Starr Smith. Second row, left to right: Mary Kearns. Patricia Perry, Mary Lou Bradley, Violet Bally, joan Pellitier, Marie Cavanaugh, Shelia Sreck. Third row, left to right: Miss Anderson, Bernice Carry, Mary Cullens, Betty Seman, jean McGregor, Alice Mary Carey, jean Taylor. gdidddff First row, left to right: jack XX'utkins, Millard Goodscll, Robert Quinn. Richard Knutson, Curtiss Chappuis. Second row, left to right: Mr. Deliroat, Eric johnson. Edmond Farrell, jack Cochran, Franklin Miller. Third row, left to right: Charles Milot. Michael Keogh, Frank McGregor. ff T' i.. f ' ' , 1 f ,,, F -. ,poo - ,s ,Q 1- ly, fffffiiif i i s , ff'ii'.sT'l ii..-' r i T94-. lv if ef HJ , r-- , ff?" w 5 f if Q THE FABRIC FIRE HOSE CGMPANY AVP 4AV Vx S 111 fy Honk COHINLIICIII 38 PLL IIBIING HEATING TINAING REPAIRS SERVICE PARTS NEWTOWN HEATING 8. PLUMBING COMPANY Telephone 797 H HOUR SERVICE NEWTOWN CONNECTICLT C mplzmerzff 0 THE TOWN BAKE SHOP H0 IIE BAKING Phone 676 DANBURY NEWTOWN ROAD NEWTOWN CONNECTICUT Conzplzfrzenu 0 MANOS GARDENS IRUITS VEGETABLES MEATS Telephone Danbury 7318 12 BETHEL CONNECTICUT Complzmc ntx 0 JOHNNYS SUNOCO SERVICE LEONARD F PORTER Route if BETHEL CONNECTICUT Crmzplzmcnti JOHN McLEAN Inc Complnnenlf 0 Telephone 5-700 THE PARK SERVICE STATION DISPENSER of TEAACO PRODUCTS 213 MAIN STREET Phone 665 7 DANBURY CONNECTICUT DANBURY NEWTOWN ROAD 0 ' f f I I T' A T Q 1? ,T 1 1 ' f Dealer of ...Xl 1 1 w I I f . V gf 3 I 0 O I f 39 THE K 8. D CONSTRUCTION COMPANY Inc GEINERAL CONTRACTORS NEWTOWN 85 DANBURY 5784 CITY NATIONAL BANK 8. TRUST COMPANY OF DANBURY '31- DANBURY CONNECTICUT 40 O I 0 O r 1 Compliment! of +0 Q.- BURN S DRUG STORE Phone 111 145 MAIN STREET DANBURY CONNECTICUT Complmzenti 0 JUSTIN LABORDE SANDY HOOK CONNECTICUT Complzmentf 0 JOSEPH M COLLINS CONTRACTOR amz BUILDER SANDY HOOK CONNECTICUT ARTHUR W CARMODY GENERAL INSURANCE All Lmex Carned Telephone 359 SANDY HOOK CONNECTICUT EDMUND M FOSTER REALTOR Coumry Real Efmze Newtown 548 15 SANDY HOOK CONNECTICUT Complzmentf SAVINGS BANK OF DANBURY DAN BURY CONNECTICUT ' f O I ' f Telephone 165 - 13 . . of 41 SHEAS ART STUDIO Photographers to the CLASS OF 1947 196 MAIN STREET Danbury Connectlcut 42 Compliments of 7 THE CORBETT 8a CROW COMPANY DRUGGISTS OF NEWTOWN AND SANDY HOOK E Complzmenlf 0 THE MIDWAY DINER Phone 516 DANBURY NEWTOWN ROAD NEWTOWN CONNECTICUT Complzmentf 0 FEELEY AMBLER INSURANCE AGENCY REDWOOD LOG CABINS U S Route 6 BETH EL CONNECTICUT Complzmentf of THE WARREN PRESS COMMERCIAL PRINTERS Telephone Danbury 5836 105 GREENWOOD AVENUE BETHEL CONNECTICUT BETHEL SHOE STORE LOUIS CAROSELLA Prop Flonlaezm and Freeman Shoe: for Men D R Clmxef Shoe: for Cbzldren 109 GREENWOOD AVENUE BETHEL CONNECTICUT B E N D S MI T H ELECTRICAL and RADIO REPAIRS Telephone 17 12 NEWTOWN CONNECTICUT AUSTIN DINKLER PORTRAIT and COMMERCIAL PHOTOGRAPHY SANDY HOOK CONNECTICUT ' f . f - o 125 GREENWOOD AVENUE 43 G E WIKSTROM 'ff REAL ESTATE we Q11 Phone 340 1' """" '--Q.. nm... 11 - y-L as 5 -mints-U' F Newtown Connecucur 'Q- SANDY HOOK BARBER SHOP NEWTOWN BARBER SHOP PAUL PROVENZANO Mgr EDWARD S PITZSCHLER Prop DICKINSON S SERVICE STATION A F SLIM DICIXINSON Prop EYPERT WORKMANSHIP Telephone 440 It Payf to Look Well NEWTOWN SANDY HOOK ROAD NEWTOWN CONNECTICUT Complzmenlf The Flagpole Fountam HAROLD F SMITH CANDY SODA LUNCHES Rzderf Ice Cream Newtown Connecncur ORRIN W. MILLS LOVELL'S GARAGE REAL ESTATE O Farmf, Home: and Acreage FORDS Telephone 287 SALES SERVICE NEWTOWN CONNECTICUT NEWTOWN CONNECTICUT 44 1 n A 'I I :TAY 'A - E Q V In I, I-A us.. and INSURANCE 'V' J 'u . , 4" 'ff - ' " 'EV ' V 1" ""' 'xo-"'57v' , x 1,4 , V . Q ga of Complzmentf of Complzmentf 0 LIBERTY GARAGE GLEN LODGE NEWTOWN CONNECTICUT SANDY HOOK CONNECTICUT KNAPP 8: TRULL M eau G eneml M erclaandue Grocefrzex FREE DELIVERY Telephones 8 and 9 Newtown Connecnwr T O M LI N 5 0 N 5 SMITH UPHOLSTERING CO TAXI SERVICE SLIP COVERS DRAPERIES WILLIS TOMLINSON Prop REPAIRING FOR NEWTOWN and VICINITY Phone 559 103 GREENWOOD AVENUE N EWTOWN CONNECTICUT BETH EL CONNECTICUT C omplzmentf The Edmond Town Hall Home of the Latex! 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O of o 47 GREETINGS DANBURY CONNECTICUT FOR BETTER SIGHT BETTER LIGHT SELECT THE PROPER SIZE LAMP BULB FOR THE TASK YOU HAVE TO DO THE DANBURY AND BETHEL GAS AND ELECTRIC LIGHT COMPANY DANBURY CONNECTICUT 8 from DANBURY NATIONAL BANK -.,4EGQ,.- C omphmentf .-..-..-.-..+....quw S CURTIS an SON S Curtis 8K Son Inc INCORPORATED Entran 00 Manu facturerx of FOLDING PAPER BOXES Sandy Hook Connecucut -an-ggvgn C omphmentf of THE TERRY LUMBER COMPANY BETHEL CONNECTICUT 49 I I ri-' of 6 ' h f . I ' . 0 , 0 1 1 Q A A V . V I "VLsQ,15'," gn. ESTABLISHED 1845 - ' A A' . 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SLER PLYMOUTH Telephone 7 SOUTH MAIN STREET NEWTOWN CONNECTICUT NEWTOWN FURRIER LOUIS A SCI-IONLEBEN FURS REPAIRED and REMODELED COATS MADE TO ORDER Telephone Newtown 571 5 NEWTOWN BETHEL ROAD UPHAM FOOD PRODUCTS HAWLEYVILLE CONNECTICUT O I O Compliment! Of - ' I 54 . 'R Complimentf of Russell F Strasburger VMD RASMUSSEN FEED STORE C Ompllmerm 0 ARL F RASMUSSEN Dealer m C Telephone Newtown 33 12 Telephone Newtown 53 3 BOTSF ORD CONNECTICUT N EWTOWN CONNECTICUT George M Stuart, Inc INSURANCE Comult Your Imurance Agent at You Would Your Doctor or Lawyer Complzmenly 0 Complzmentf of D WHEELER 34 SON FEINSONS MENS STORE EXCAVATING WORK Corner of Mam and Whtte Streets SOUTHBURY CONNECTICUT DANBURY CONNECTICUT 55 ' f Newtown, Connecticut Y -- f ,e,.,,,....... E mfr'-Cf , f - Id ! l T OTOOLE E53 SONS nNc:oRPoRATED LITHOCRAPHY 0020 PRINTING 3l JEFFERSON STREET - STAMFORD, C391 CTICUT ' TELEPHONE 11-5088 MASTERS GRAPHIC ARTS H G WARNER 8. COMPANY GENERAL MERCHANDISE Telephone Newtown I I I ESTABLISHED 1831 SANDY HOOK CONNECTICUT THE CODFISH SHOP THEODORA GEORGE BERTHA G CURTIS AATIQUES COLLECTORS ITEMS INQUIRIES INVITED Te1ePh0f1e 832 Clofed Mondays 244 Mam Street Berkshue Route 34 Telephone Newtown 509 C HOWARD DALEY OPTQMETRIST IEW ELER E T DANBURY CONN C ICUT SANDY HOOK CONNECTICUT 56 E GROCERIES - MEATS - VEGETABLES

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