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? 1. , . 1 I -1 x 3 4 - Vx 4 .. 5 , 3 Q 3 man lil!! 15213 EH? lift.: IN "lil" Ill IN emliai M 11s VN OJ .H fl I v I 7 W. .M ..,. f f 1 f ll lm:llE5ii1nu11:g,,IllfEe: PUBLISHED BY THE SENIOR CLASS -Il Il Zfrcwvrd The arrival of the Bugle of 1942, marks the end of another school year in the lives of the Students of Newtown High School. Those of you in the Senior Class look forward eagerly to the many kinds of experience which will be yours upon Commencement. Those of you who are still undergraduates, will soon enter another class with all its trials and adventure. Such a record as lies within these pages, a record of fun and of serious work, will enable you, as beneficiaries of the American public school system, to evaluate the advantages you have received. It offers you the opportunity to look back with a smile over what has already passed, and may inspire you to keep smiling as you work with a zeal for the preservation of a similar kind of opportunity for those who come after you. CARL A, LEGROW, Principal. I l l J Q.. Glo Gigi To the best "all round fellow," both in class and out, we, the Seniors of 1942, dedicate our Yearbook-to Charles Reed. Mr. Reed has dehnitely won the highest regard of his students in the years we have known him. We will always remember how he iorgotq we will always remember his temper and his threats: his neckties and his wavesg his good humor. and the pal that he was. To him, friend. teacher, and dramatic coache- to Charles Reed, we dedicate our book. PRINCIPAL CARL A. LEGROW, Bs., M.A Scionn' MR. ANDREVV LUPI, BS., MA. Mathematics MR. CHARLES A. REED, B.S., M.S. English MISS HARRIET E. RICE, B.A. Social Srienfc' MISS MARY L. BARRY, B.A., M.A. Languagr MISS RITA M. BADER, BA. Biology and General Sfionfo MR. THORNTON T. GIBBS, BS. Physical Education, Chomistry MR. VINCENT P. GAFFNEY, BS. A grirulturo MISS CATHERINE M. KROHA, BS. Swcnth Grado IE AI " Editor-in-C'hia'f . . CLAIRE KONDOLF ' I 1 1 ,fl.v.v1.s'far1f Edltor . . LEON DERAPS Businrss Hlarzagvr . . HAROLD BERGLUND 1 ' l I .flssistanl Businrss Illanagfr . . ERNEST EHLE Phofogrophy Editor . . . . CONSTANCE DOUGLAS Assistant Photography Editors . . BARBARA PECK, ETHEL KING 4 ll 4. Art Editor . . SARA GOLDBERG I Sporfs Editors . . BIARY HILL, HAROLD BERGLUND Fafulty Advisors . . , RIARY BARRY, CHARLES REED Ink 'U QI 'H f Wg s' W-N JF? R wc ,.. iv L J X . AWSKVA: L. . L k 534' "'- f f- 7 7 ' 1,15 132 -M: ' , . - 1 k' f "fi , " W .f .Y In , Q ff gif N Q ,MV ' ' Nw, "K - HI.: K - , ii 4 -L .',. 4 Jin A.- Xfll 'X Ili IE Ml! lllllliff 1557 -R i r r r r rr RICHARD WARREN ANDREWS , , 1 5 3 ff u 3 1 . xyy , Q , AVIBIIOII Club '38-'39-'4Og Mechanics Club '40-'41g - Q Aiy 9' Athletic Club '41-'42, we "" C A le ' '. 3 "better fed than taught" .f'jQ HAROLD RUNO BERGLUND "Bergie" Treasurer Aviation Club '38-'39g President Aviation Club '49-'40g Mechanics Club l4O-'41g Athletic Club '41-'42g Basketball '38-'42g Baseball '39-'423 Sports Editor Yearbook: Business Manager Yearbookg 'tThe Happy Daysfl "be merry if you are wisen Q at JAMES GORDON CAVANAUGH S P p, "Jim,' , 3 4 i p as Q, Woodworking Club '38-'39g Secretary Woodwork- Q p ' ing Club '39-'4Og Mechanics Club '40-'41g Vice-presi- -' dent Athletic Association '41-'42' Baseball '40-'41 wx l .. "as good luck would have if, PHILIP DAX Y "Phil" "Barnev', Mechanics Club l40-l41g Athletic Club '41-'42. "but genius must be born, and never can be taught." ga QT 5 CZ: ' ini? C ins. I Lkrr iii lE Ml! lllllll 5593 LEON BERTRAND DERAPS lfBudH NLeeD Aviation Club '38-'39g Dancing Club '39-'4Og News- paper Club l4O-'41g President Athletic Club '41-'42g Student Council '38-'39g President of Class 2383395 Vice-President of Class X39-,403 Basketball '38-'42g Assistant Editor of Yearbookg -"The Happy Days." "from little spark may burst a mighty flame" CONSTANCE DOUGLAS "Connie" President Personal Culture Club '39-403 Secretary Dra- matics Club '40-'41g Secretary of Class '39-'41g Presi- dent of Class '41-'42g Students Council '40-'41g Presi- dent Assembly Committee '41-'42g Photography Editor Yearbookg "The Happy Daysf' "two's company" ERNEST HERMAN EHLE HEhleU Secretary Aviation Club '38-'39g Secretary-Treasurer Mechanics Club '40-'41g Secretary Athletic Club '41- '42g President of Class '39-'4Og Basketball '40-'42g Baseball '40-'41g Assistant Business Manager of Yearbook. "young fellows will be young fellows" SARA GOLDBERG "Safe" Personal Culture Club '38-'4Og President Nursing Club '40-'41g Student Council '39-'40g Art Editor of Yearbook. "why aren't they all contented like me" ,. .+. ' as i infill L0 gi g-A ' , . ,t Lx ' 'fr 'twlt . fr"- Ri :I K . J off-'P , 45 ill"-t-rf ' n 'I 0 A 'ir 'T m nv, 1, 'u,v,, NH' Q - ., . x. .Mn wp. .,1..,,f- 79, 2 1'-V. ,vin 1 1 -I 4 1' 'y lk 54 xi 'Q A ' Q '-,ZW 1. 33' A, . ,fa ,, . 1 ' 4, r-,z 'H- C 155 IE Mil tlllilil' 15? ARTHUR HAWKINS HRed7! Future Farmers of America '38-'42g Vice-President of Future Farmers '41-'42g Basketball '40-'41, "Red is the fire of life" MARY GORDON HILL Dancing Club 239-'4Og President First Aid and Health Club '40-'41g President Dramatic Club '41-'42g Treas- urer of Class '39-'4Og President of Class '40-'41g Vice- President of Class '41-'42g Girls' Sports Editor of Year- bookg "The Happy Days." "Friendship's the wine of life" ELZIE HUNICUTT "Huni" Aviation Club 238-'39g Radio Club '39-,405 Mechanics Club '40-,415 Athletics Club '41-'42g Basketball '39-'41, "let them call it mischief" MARJORIE ANNA JOHNSON "Marge" Personal Culture Club '38-'39g Treasurer of Class '38- l39g Vice-President of Class '40-'41g Girls' Basketball Manager '39-'40, "Hail! Charming maid" -4 1 " 3 xx !! R 5 A if FZ- I wax " L X WW in , Q ill IE Ml! Will 1537 WILLIAM ARTHUR JOHNSTON "Bill" Aviation Club '38-'39g Future Farmers of America '39-'42g Vice-President of Class '38-'39g Baseball '40- '42. "I dare do all that may become a man" ETHEL KING "Hi-Test" Transferred from Holten High School, Danvers, Massa- chusetts: Dramatics Club '41-'42g Assistant Photog- raphy Editor of Yearbook. "Imagination-Fancy free" CLAIRE TERESA KONDOLF Dramatics Club '40-'41g Treasurer Dramatics Club '41-'423 Secretary of Class '41-'42g "Hawley High- lights" '41-'42g Editor of Yearbook. "Enough said-enough did" CARL HENRY KROHN Henny Aviation Club 38 39, Secretary Treasurer Radio Club '39-'40g Mechanics Club '40-'41g Athletics Club '41- "Wa wzll fall zt only hzs way" iii IE Mil illlilh 1533 SHIRLEY NEZVESKY Personal Culture Club '38-l39g Secretary Nursing Club '40-'41g Student Council A38-'39g Class Treasurer '40- l41-l4Z. "Anything for a quiet life" BARBARA RUTH PECK llgarbsil llPeCkLv7Y ll-Bob!! Personal Culture Club '38-'39g Dancing Club '39-'403 Basketball '40-'41g Assistant Photography Editor of Yearbook. NThe Happy Days." "an ounce of mirth is worth fl pound of sorrow" ROBERT WAY SMITH "Smitty" Aviation Club '38-H395 Photography Club '39-,405 Mechanics Club '40-l41g Athletics Club '41-'42g Bas- ketball '39-'41g Baseball '39-'42g "The Happy Days." "to act the friend and be one" ROBERT THERON WILKES KlFuzZy!! Future Farmers of America ,SS-742Q President Future Farmers l4l-,421 Basketball '39-'40, "much of a muchnessu K Q ' iq , 15? '7 Q' br 340 A fix' r K. ,. :L Iwi? vii F, sits a St-we E Q . 5 ,wg jg ,:'Q. Aa '-A Q 15 -Q' . Who's Who Mary Hill Claire Kondolf Claire Kondolf Mary Hill Mary Hill Ethel King Connie Douglas Connie Douglas Connie Douglas Connie Douglas Ethel King Barbara Peck Claire Kondolf Mary Hill Claire Kondolf Connie Douglas Sara Goldberg Connie Douglas Ethel King Shirley Nezvesky Sara Goldberg Marjorie johnson Barbara Peck Barbara Peck Shirley N ezvesky Alma Pallini Best Looking Most Ambitious Most Charming Personality Best Dancer Best Athlete Biggest Blu Her Done Most for School First to M arry Biggest Bragger Class Baby Laziest Wittiest Most Likely to Succeed Most Popular Most Studious N oisiest Never to Marry Teacher's Pet Teacher's Pest Optimist Pessimist Best Dressed Chatterbox C utest Best Sport Class Mouse Henry Krohn Leon Deraps Leon Deraps Leon Deraps Harold Berglund Ernest Ehle Harold Berglund Bob Wilkes Phil Davy Warren Andrews Warren Andrews Warren Andrews Harold Berglund Leon Deraps Harold Berglund Ernest Ehle Jim Cavanaugh Harold Berglund Ernest Ehle Leon Deraps Robert Smith Elzie Hunicutt Ernest Ehle Elzie Hunicutt Arthur Hawkins Arthur Hawkins 1" Tx Q Ag I M 'LB W' 'A' W3 Qfmvs? ' WNW QM? 'F X f 0' ' ffff 'M V""' 1 X , 5 MMV W T5 F- a Ywmnf- -3 x Q QPR X j W.. ,D if W gl J fx. ax X N f K f - f i CM. Their M,- , NPQTHQK, NPV 7 A 4 ' Zfi ' Ziff 7' 1 V A Q f ,f ?l, 5 X mmm? f x mm 5? wwf" 'N 6 ,X X X X XX- , ,5 M X V V' X, X17 di! X , Gu s B48 Ouv qaxx ?Xm1L0w,, Qyux Dau, W """'1 wsv mf CL LL .fQ'.F?XxJ, Xyfslf v' f -4 Il' KQ1 AQY f N A ' 1 , Q .fl 5 lb Q X43 ,371-ff' 'zfxvllfyf if - 2, ,-fr-7 , P - ' " ,,3'. x f f ff' ,744 -v -fi V X V c,.fJ'- W1 J' fy 2' NX w ,-,. 7- X, Q1 -1 Nwrxux and Mtn dues- Cou.X6 'kg.l5'Bg "Dax-:wing 'RYVVC-N O-06 Bfnqfi. Qntiqzxncx Qxqqg Cong,-1 Q Covmh.. hdwsem hav cdhqe, Qi-gk. E Vfqi nk jlff' Y X ,ff f ...4f " tw .x X QQ? QX ff ,Qi 0 ' A N, ' N X Quo '+L 5 omdx SX PoSl+bbYl '31 45 QHZZQ Ae to? A 'QC 2 WLTLL Class Prophecy These four thousand chickens of mine were a great problem until I sud- denly discovered a revolutionary chicken feed that doubled my egg production and enabled me to make my fortune. With all my millions, I decided to go on tour to look up all my old school chums. Scouting about, I heard that a few of my former classmates lived in Bridgeport, so I made this my first stop. While talking to my old friend f'Pecky," who was by then chief sales girl in the lingerie department at D. M, Read's, Inc., who should come strutting in but Marge johnson, that famous New York model-you know, one of the "Powers girls." After renewing these two acquaintances, I set out again only to meet Ethel King, soaring up and down in her elevator, carrying passengers from fioor to floor. She left me out on the ground iioor, and I was off again to carry on my tour. Arriving at La Guardia field, from whence I was to take an airplane cross- country, I approached an important looking fellow, resplendent in his uniform, and was astonished to find that it was Harold R. Berglund, chief pilot of the transcontinental fiagship. We always knew 'fBergie" had high ideas. While enroute to Washington, I met my fellow travelers and to my great surprise, found those two noted economists, Goldberg and Nezvesky, among them, returning to their offices in the treasury department. And our stewardess was none other than Alma Pallini! They do say that truth is stranger than fiction. In Washington my first stop was at the White House, where I was cordially greeted by Ernest Ehle fnow presidentl, surrounded by throngs of little red- headed children. QMary Hill did have red hair, didn't she?j. I attended the presidential luncheon and met among other Senators, Bill Johnston, campaign- ing for an anti-strike law. Leaving Washington, and flying westward over the vast farmlands of Indiana, my gaze was drawn to a large farm, where, through my powerful binoculars, I could distinguish Hawkins and Wilkes, still arguing, but still together. Flying still farther, we swooped down over the Grand Canyon, where I could perceive that brilliant Army engineer, Henry Krohn, damming up the other end of that great river, to provide a new mail route from east to west. Alighting at Hollywood, I looked up my old friend, Phil Davy, and after finding that Santa Anita was closed for the season, easily located him at the best nite club in town. Later while wandering through the sets, I came upon "Connie" Douglas, that small town girl who made better than good on the silver screen. Who'd have thought "The Happy Days" would have been the beginning of such a brilliant career. Before leaving the studios, I dropped in to watch the shooting of "Letter For Thee," to find it directed by Elzie Hunicutt! Well, there's noth- ing like ambition. Heading homeward, I stopped at the University of Michigan where I met Professor Lupi and his ever present assistant, Claire Kondolf. Visiting the pro- fessor for dinner, I found Warren Andrews rehearsing his explanation of the third quadrant for the professor's bedtime story. Again on the homeward trail, and as I had still to see Jim Cavanaugh, I dropped over to Cooperstown. where, sure enough, jim's statue was proudly displayed among the other greats in baseball. Then off again-to leave my traveling companion. Bob Smith to gather his Forest Rangers together. My curiosity satisfied, I turned towards home, convinced that the Class of 1942 has made good, or has it? by L.D. and R. S. 1 1 1 x l Z is fj Xu: .Q jf ff: fr ft. K, 1? xg. X 41 - Q: 0 , X Xxx xx alter S 1 I ti' ...nm f t' X r 7 2102 Constance Douglas President Mary Hill Vire President Claire Kondolf Secretary Shirley Nezvesky Treasurer THE SENIOR CLASS The Class of 1942 is really not glad or sorry to leave Newtown High School. As we leave we will take with us many pleasant memories which will never be replaced. Few of us are going on to college, more of us will go into the business world: but all will remember our school days and often will we wish to return. Our Senior year was the best year of them all, probably because we were Seniorsg on our way to a new and different life. Before we are graduated we wish to thank everyone for the guidance and aid they have offered us and we wish all seniors and lower classman in future years-Best wishes always. -CONNIE DoUGLAs, President Q Q Q Senior Characteristics Connie Douglas ...,..,......,...,.,....,.......................,... "Think I'ZZ stay home tonite." Ernest Ehle ,......... ..... ' 'What'cha doing tonite! babe!" Bud Deraps .......... ,...,....,...,....,. ' 'Wait and see, 1'lZ grow" Margie johnson ,..., . ,.,....,...,....,.,....,...,...,.,.,...... 'ta dirty look" Bob Smith ....,. ...... ' 'ScientihcalZy, I'd say it's this way." Robert Wilkes. .. ......,......,...,....,.,.,,,..,.,.,.,.... ."Think so! Arthur Hawkins . . . ,"Swing it, kid! Phil Davy ,, . .. .....,....,., "Well, I'll be- Shirley Nezvesky .,...... Sara Goldberg . Mary Hill ,... ....,"Are your dues paid? "The book says- "Just another red head. Claire Kondolf . . .,.., ......,.... ' 'V for Victory Elzie Hunicutt ..... , ..... "4 letters I am getting Warren Andrews ,.,.. ,.,,.,.,.,....,...,......,.,....,. . ,. "Oh, yes! Henry Krohn Bill Johnston . jim Cavanaugh ., Alma Pallini ., , ."On the way home I had a blowout "I dare do all that may berome a man ,."Hit him again!" He's Irish Brown eyes HAROLD BERGLUND I Senior Ethel King ...,A...,., Sara Goldberg .....,.. Bill Johnston .......,,, Harold Berglund .....,.. Connie Douglas .,i....,. Bud Deraps ..,.,.,.,... Mary Hill. ,...,. ......,. Elzie Hunicutt .,.,..,. Bob Wilkes .......... Henry Krohn ...,.,... Ernest Ehle ,....,,., Philip Davy r.....,. Bob Smith .,.,,.,.... Barbara Peck .......,. Claire Kondolf .r,.r..... Marjorie Johnson ..r...,.. Shirley Nezvesky ...4..... Theme Songs Makes No Difference Now ....,..,..Some Day My Prince Will Come You Pretty Girlls LikeA Melody .......,.You Are My Sunshine CCarol Hillj Band Played On Honest With Me Don't Want To Walk Without You Of Regret .,...,....,s.......,..,Fools Rush In ,.....,..How Can I Carry On? ....,r.....Blues In The Night .......,..,.....Everything I Love ........You Made Me Love You .,......t.s.s..r,,.......,.......Fooled jimmy Cavanaugh A...,..,..,...,............,...,,ri.,...,.,.,...,.,.,.,,...,....,.... We Did It Before Warren Andrews ..,A,.,....,..r....,r..,..i..i....,......,,,..,..i...,......,,,.,,,....4...... Do Worry? Alma Pallini .....,.i....... Jeepers Creepers CWhere Did -You Get Those Peepers?D Arthur Hawkins ..,...,.s.,,..,.....A.,.......,..,...s,.............r...,.s.............,.....i.....,. Tangerine Miss Bader .,...,.....,. .,.,.,............,...................i.r...,.....,.r.,.......... H ow About You? Mr. Lupi .,...r,..,.......,...,...,...,s.s Miss Barry ..,,...,..t...,...,,...,.,.... Mr. Reed lln English Classj School Exit .....,..., 3 :OO o'clock ..,,..,., Playing Hookey ......,, Study Periods ..,.. Vacations ,.,.,,...,.... , Assembly .,......., Basketball Games ...., Exams .. .,.. ........ , . Hawley Echoes r... Flunking s ,.,.,.,....' s Passing ..,r..,...i... How Do You Do Without Me? Bonds Today? , Beautiful Dreamer Awake Unto Me Lovely To Look At .,...,.....Can It Be You? t.,.....,..........,............Temptation Careless .s.........,These Are The Things I Love ..,.,...Why Don't We Do This More Often? Fooled I'm Getting Sentimental Over You If ,...r.,.,.......,., ,,.,...,,.,,.,,..,.. W hat's New? ..,...,,The Devil Sat Down and Cried .....,...When The Roses Bloom Again Algebra ,.,., ....,. .,....,...,,..r.,.........,,..,... I s It Taboo? English Class ....... .,...,...,.....,...,.,,....., D ay Dreaming Trigonometry ,....,....... ,..,.,,,.,.,..... .....,..... W i shing Will Make It So Graduation .............,....i..,,...,...,.............,..,........,...................., Tonight We Love Dancing at Noontime ......,.... Arthur Murray Taught Me Dancing In A Hurry Changing Ec. 81 Soc. ..r.... .........,..,....,. f ..,.. 1 .s......,.........,,...,,,........ G oodbye Now Mr. LeGrow ....,......,,....r.. - ...t.... All This And Heaven Too Miss Rice .........,...,.......,,,.... ...r,... Y ou Think Of Every Thing Mr. Gibbs tcoachingj .,...,.,. ,..,'..,You Leave Me Breathless -U. S. A. On the Bookshelf Jimmy Cavanaugh ..,....4,. Claire Kondolf .A.....A.... Alma Pallini .A.,......... Bill Johnston ....,....... Philip Davy ..,l.,...l.....,. Constance Douglas ......... Elzie Hunnicutt ,.l,..., Warren Andrews ....,..., Shirley Nezvesky ..,..... Harold Berglund ,.,.,.,.,. Henry Krohn 4.,...,.... Robert Smith ,...,,. Barbara Peck .,..,... Sara Goldberg ....... ....,.l...,.........,"World Series" ....l"Keys of the Kingdom ...,.,.l"My Friend, Flicka "Wuthering Heights .....,."The Phantom Filly" ...4..."1 Give Thee Back ..,.......l...,.,.."Blue Horizons .,...."Gone With the Wind" .........."Payment Deferred ,...,..,...."Tale of Two Cities ,"The Sun Is My Undoing !I Y! U H U I! U l.......,...,.....,...,."Windswept ...,..."The Jllen in Her Life The Girl of the Limberlostu P! Ethel King ..,............ ,,.,.. ' 'Let the Hurricane Roar Marjorie johnson .,..... ......... ' 'Pride and Prejudice" Mr. LeGrow ...,..,.....r ........ ' 'Consultation Room" Exams ,..i..i. ...... ..s.....,...... ' ' The Crisis" Graduation ..e.r.r. ......i... ' 'This Above All" Senior Class ....... "Wild Geese Calling" -MARY HILL Han you imagine? . . . Buddie Deraps making love to Kate Smith? Barbara Peck minus her pompadour and flirtatious smile? Harold Berglund without a girl-or two? Connie Douglas as a ballet teacher? Ernest Ehle driving a limousine? The Seniors of 1942 having an orderly class meeting? Marjorie Johnson as a radio comedienne? Elzie Hunnicutt as "teacher's pet?" Warren Andrews as a "glamour-boy" in Hollywood? Henry Krohn as a college professor? Philip Davy as a "stand in" for Lou Costello? Robert Wilkes like Warren Andrews? jimmy Cavanaugh as an acrobatic dancer? Bill Johnston as a Sunday school teacher? Claire Kondolf without that ready smile? Arthur Hawkins as the World's Heavyweight Champion? The girls '1942 basketball team without thinking of Mary Hill? Mr. Reed doing his "daily dozen?" Miss Bader and Miss Rice running a three-legged race? Mr. Lupi waltzing on roller skates? -ETHEL KING L Miriam Butensky l'r1'xidr'nt Eugene Woodin Vin' l,l't'Sf!l'I'l1f Anne Hill Sl'l'f!'fllf,V John Leavy TI'l'lISlH'l'l' We Will Never Forget Though the days lengthen into years, and the years make a lifetime, we will never forget our days at Hawley School. Never can we forget: Harold Berglund for "Bergie": his girls: his laughter: and his jokes. Ernest Ehle for his Ford: his remarks: his fun: and his fooling. Bill Johnston for his voice: his temper: his nights: and his linglish. Connie Douglas for her romances: her eyes: her clothes: and her bragging. lithel King for her thinking: her moods: her imagination: her homework. jim Cavanaugh for his baseball: his lrish: his speech: and his honesty. Alma Pallini for her voice: her eyes: her words: and her talk. Sara Goldberg for her interruptions: her books: and her drawings. Warren Andrews for his grin: his mathematics: his face: and his fun. Phil Davy for his Florida: his courtings: his wit and his "Barney," lilzie Hunicut for his letter: his mischief: his laughter: and his eyes. Shirley Nezvesky for her treasury: her economics: and her shyness. Henry Krohn for his curly hair: his sun tan: his friends: and his ideas. Bob Smith for his Forestry: his scientific mind: and his "Oliver" Mary Hill for her hair: her Hgreat case": her looks: and her basketball. Bud Deraps for his teamwork: his size: his personality: and his ambition. Barbara Peck for her smiles: her pompadour: her romances: and her sparkle. Claire Kondolf for her solid geometry: her horse: the yearbook: and her smile. Bob Wilkes for his "only one": his agriculture: his blue sweater. Arthur Hawkins for his red hair: his poetry: his shyness: and his pals. Margie johnson for her tsjmiles: her curls: her grooming: and her marks. THE AIUNIOR CLASS The junior Class, with Miss Bader as advisor, started off the year by electing their officers. To reimburse our treasury, we then made and sold candy at the basketball games. Class rings were our next thoughts. As is the custom at Hawley School, rings are bought in the junior year, and this year under the the chairmanship of Anne Hill they arrived early, to be worn forever as a remembrance of our school days. Last but not least the juniors join together to wish the Seniors success and happiness. YAIIRIAM BuTicNskx', l'rrxi1lw1f "First Love" I fell in love the very moment I first laid eyes on him. Right then and there I knew that he must be mine and I determined to win him over. He is a type which no one can help loving. He is the most strikingly handsome creature I have ever seen, very slender but strongly built Q one might even call him stream- linedjg when he walks, his even stride and poised carriage reveal a strong pride within himself 5 his very motion is so smooth and so graceful that it is a pleasure to watch him. His hair, a beautiful black with a hint of a wave, is soft and silky to the touch, his eyes, too, are dark, and deeply expressive and when they first saw mine, the way they lighted up, I could tell that he liked me, too. Since that first memorable meeting I have seen him quite frequently, but now at last I have won him over and I know that he is really mine. He is my constant companion and has often proved his loyalty and devotion. He is always ready and eager to do anything for me whenever I ask, and even does little things which I do not ask and which please me even more. If I am ever in any trouble or danger he seems always to be able to sense itg he comes to my rescue, like a noble hero, ready to battle any obstacle in order to protect me, and his valiant efforts and deep concern always fill me with great pride. Whenever he sees me approaching he rushes up to meet me, with a happy expression in his eyes. Even after having seen him so many times, it never fails to make my heart leap when I see him again. Quite frequently, we take long walks together and I talk to him almost constantly gas I am sometimes inclined to doj. Whenever I am feeling blue I pour out all my troubles to him. He just sits and listens attentively to my tales of woe, with concern in his deep brown eyes, but never saying a word or offering any advice. Nevertheless, I know that he understands, and his silence is just his way of conveying his sympathy, for he can always sense my every change of mood and he changes his own to match mine. He is truly a very remarkable creature, he seems to attract the admiration of everyone who sees him, and I just cannot help loving him as I do. Each new day and each thoughtful action brings me closer to the realization that "A dog is man's best friend." MARJORIE JOHNSON, '42 rs fl .QQ Class Will We, the Newtown High School Class of nineteen hundred and forty-two, being of sound mind and disposition, do hereby make this our last will and testament. We do hereby will and bequeath to the juniors of the Newtown High School all our luck, our desks, our dignity and position. In particular- Warren Andrews bequeaths his moniker "Porky" to John Carmichael. Harold Berglund bequeaths his "lady friends" to john Morgan. jim Cavanaugh leaves his "ball-game brawn" to Martin Bennett. Phil Davy leaves his playboy ways to Robert Reiner. Leon Deraps leaves his basketball shoes to Gordon Platt. Connie Douglas bequeaths her "winks" to Alice Morgan. Ernest Ehle leaves his faithful friend this carl to john Leavy. Sara Goldberg leaves her caricatures to Arthur Spero. Art Hawkins bequeaths his poetry to Dick Kondolf. Mary hill bequeaths her dramatics to Carl Berls. Elzie Hunicutt leaves his chemistry to Frank Miles. Margie Johnson leaves her flashing eyes to Anne Hill. Bill Johnston leaves his temper to Peter Allorto. Ethel King leaves her imagination to Dot Quinn. Claire Kondolf bequeaths the yearbook to Eunice Rasmussen. Henry Krohn leaves his mail to Arthur Hyatt. Shirley Nezvesky leaves her treasury to Mary McCarthy. Barbara Peck bequeaths her lipstick to Dorothy Kearns. Alma Pallini leaves her voice to Shirley Hanlon. Bob Smith leaves his lunch boxes to Archie Lawrence. Bob Wilkes bequeaths the F. F. A. to Bobby Mayers. . is -- rg fi-if --- Aggs-5' Q , -- ziiz -'- '-its 4 A1444 J- .gg-. -r::7.f'f,'-3. S ijx L ll, 52 l if The Senior Pla "Che Happy Days " A comedy by Claude-Andre Puget CHARACTERS Francine-young, more serious than the others ' Barbara Peck sisters Marianne-less sedate, in love with Oliver if and Constance Douglas Bernard-fretful and temperamental, loves brother Pgrngtte Leon Deraps Pernette-the youngest, sensitive and attractive Q Mary Hill sister Oliver-lordly and sophisticated Q and Robert Smith g brother Michael-handsome, daring, and charming Harold Berglund According to tradition, each year the Senior Class delves into the realm of the theatre in order to try its luck in the make-believe world and to display some of its remarkable hidden talents. The class of '42 selected for its production "The Happy Days," a delight- ful French comedy, which was concerned with the love problems and complexi- ties of youth. The scene of action is a house on an island in the St. Lawrence River where circumstances have isolated five young cousins, three of whom are girls. Mari- anne is very much in love with Oliver, a rather cynical fellow, who apparently takes her affections for granted. In desperation, Marianne and Pernette "invent" a rival-tall, handsome, dashing--a French version of Rhett Butler. As if by fate, he is transformed to life in the person of Michael, an aviator, who has been forced down on the island. He ruffles the peaceful serenity of the island, capti- vating all three girls by his charm. All three fall in love with him, but Michael, in his worldly manner, takes them in his stride. After-tactfully maneuvering a suitable love scene with each, he takes his leave, satisfied that happiness has been restored to the island refuge. -MARJORIE JOHNSON K .c trgtsiiiie' 'ZIIIIAIL Harry Doehne President Gordon Platt Vice President Mildred Noble Secretary Dwight Carlson Treasurer THIS SOl'HOlNIURl'1 CLASS liarly in September the Sophomore Class got busy and elected oflicers. Then, when November rolled around, we held a very successful dance, under the direction of Gordon Platt: and in February, 1942, a successful cake and candy sale was held. We wish to join the others in wishing the Seniors Good Luck. HARRY DOICHNIE, Pn'sin'f'nt f-.L... David Cassidy I're'sid1tnt Harvey Rassmussen Vin' l'n'xirlf'r1t Margaret Beardsley S1'rrr'Iar,x' Carol Hill Tff'lI5llft'I' TH li FRESHMAN CLASS The Freshman Class of 1942 turned out to be the largest class in Hawley school. At an early meeting, David Cassidy was elected Presidentg Harvey Rassmussen, Vice- Presidentg Margaret Beardsley, Secretaryg and Carol Hill, Treasurer. The Freshmen have been active in school sports with four girls and a boy on the basketball teams, and a boy and girl acting as cheerleaders. -DAVID Cassmy, President if .r 5 sm W f. Q, ,,, . 11101 N - "f'f'i5. -x-4 -. . D 9' XQ'Qg?f,d 23 . iw EQ ,wud ,HP-.4 .mf ' . an ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION Pr1'sifla'ntYMary Hill Vim-Pn'sirl1'11t--Iames Cavanaugh Sfrrrfary and Treasurer-,Robert Reiner Boys' Basketball illanagcr-Kenneth Casey issislant Boys' illanagrrs-Harvey Rasmussen, Edward Casey Girls' Bwslertball Manager-Mary McCarthy Assistanf Girls' ilIa11agersmCar0l Hill, Virginia Wiser Cheer Lvaflfr-Virginia XViser Adzvisor-Thornton Gibbs Ill fr 'Q -, A f , ,, ,f if If lf' ' 'W--QXXX if ,aff WX if bf, lf -- -5--C rs es x C r X X ,X 12 1 f.-,,,., Z N X ? ff .' x: ""' ' ' 'I "X C -" '- X 1 ,S , X - - ' V bqi.-T Y V fIQ,f" ' IX f h l ff--IQ , A -M ji 1' X X , , ' ffl M ,f xf X, ff' 'r Y A ,T I -4, ,,,' - f' xx HX f XX -+' 'ix ,4 fs X 'JZ ix - . eb My N N f f" A , 1 X f - ' ,X , I Qfx Ax 1 f XV X X A -:Q f 1 I f ,Q I '77 f-J K 5 I 'X 5 ' -f'Q'f" 'Q' lf f' 17,5 7 I I r f iff 9 I J 'q ek Cassidy Platt Berls Leibold Miles Kearns Deraps Ehle Berglund Mayers BOYS' BASKli'l'BAl,l. Minus many fine players of last year's squad, but with new and capable material ready and eager for actionfa new season was begun. The team, slow getting started, and lacking the teamwork and extra spark that it needed to win, lost many hard fought games. Despite these defeats, however, the team, undaunted, was always willing to try again and although the win column was not overllowing for us, there were many instances where Newtown looked like a winning combination. Much enjoyment and fun as well as experience was gained by the players in our bid for victory. We, who are graduating this year give our sincere thanks to Mr. Gibbs, our coach, and wish the present and future players the greatest success for the coming season. -HAROLD BICRGLUNIJ llll ll' llll tl! l GIRLS' BASKETBALL 'l'hree cheers for a hard working and co-operative team. Certainly they de- serve this much credit in spite of all their misfortunes. Not every team can be vic- torious all the time and this year we fell in that category. In spite of all that, the guards Haefle, Quinn, Morgan and Han- lon worked hard to see that the ball did not find the basket on their side of the court: and to be sure, the forwards Ras- mussen, Hill, Hill, and Hill tried their best to tind the rim. Without the patient and persistent coaching of Mr. Gibbs certainly the team could not have accomplished as much as it did. Good luck, girls, next year. -MARY HILL 1 1 L," Lf .Ei B 'll' ll ll THE ASSEMBLY COMMITTEE This year. as in previous years, an Assembly Committee was organized. It con- ll sisted of twenty-two members, who have been working hard with Miss Kroha and Mr. Lupi to present a good program every Thursday. I The Committee is proud to say that it has presented an assembly program prac- tically every week. We have had many different programs which we think have satisfied the varied interests of the student body four audiencej. The Assembly Committee this year' hopes that their work will be remembered and continued by another group of industrious and willing students next year. CoNsTANcE DOUGLAS, Chairman li ll ll I 'I .5 IP i ll THE GLEE CLUB As the school year 1941-1942 began, a new Glee Club was formed with Faith Steindler, presidentg Virginia Wiser, vice-president: Betty Haefle, secretary, and Mrs. ' Daniels, our gifted guiding note, to whom we all extend our appreciation for making nightingale-sounds come from twenty-two eager, young voices. , In February we made a very pleasant trip to New York to see Verdi's opera i'Aida.'l Transportation was supplied by Mrs. Daniels and Mr. Paul Cullens, whom we all sin- cerely thank. At present we are preparing what we think will be a delightful program for graduation. FAITH STEINDLER, President , n., IU ary Hill President me Hill Vin' I'r1'sia'1'n! .rraine Shepard Srfrrvtrzrrv aire Kondolf Treasurer vt g,'v c ev 1 DRAMATIC CLUB This year the club has really gone to it and produced a few successful plays. As for the club, there has been great interest and a desire among the members to put on some-- thing worthwhile. Thus one play was presented which had been written by one of our students, Eugene Woodin. This went over with a bang, and such talent is hoped for in the future. Of course we can not forget the able director and coach of these plays, Mr. Reed. He is greatly responsible for the gathering momentum of interest in the club. DIARY HILL, Presidmzf Arthur Hyatt Pnvsidenl Robert Reiner Vice Prfxidmzf Muriel Person Scfrctar v John Leavy Tn'axzm'r THE CAMERA CLUB The Camera Club has exhibited excellent work this year, not only by the advanced group but also by the younger members. Many interesting talks on "How To Take Better Pictures," were given by members of the Club. The Club went on one trip which turned out to be very successful for many inter- esting pictures were taken by everyone. During the year two contests were held, resulting in some excellent entries. ARTHUR HYA'FT, President Eunice Rasmussen Editor "Hawley Echoes" TH E NEWS CLUB The purpose of the News Club is to put out a school newspaper. In this newspaper are items such as literature, humor, school-notes, sports and, of course that page most read-the Hgossipfl First we elected our officers. We have Miss Rice as our very capable advisor. Everyone counts, as each has a special duty to perform. Along with our own paper this year we had an added attraction. It was a small school paper put out by different publishers. We had pretty fair success and wish more to the coming members of this club. EUNICE RASMUSSEN, President THE PERSONAL CULTURE CLUB The Personal Vulture Club this year was composed of sixteen girls, under direc- tion of Miss Bader. The meetings have been devoted to reports on various subjects such as personal appearance and etiquette for every occasion, Problems of the girls are dis- cussed and answered to the best of our ability. The purpose of the club is to prepare the members to assume their responsibilities of good society. BIARGARET BEARDSLEY, Secretary Shirley Hanlon Preside Betty Haefele Vice Preside Margaret Beardsle Scrcreta AVIATION CLUB The Aviation Club started out by learning the different parts of the airplane and their functions. The members of the club are now busy building model airplanes which will be entered in a tournament sponsored by the club. All the members of the club wish to express their thanks and appreciation to Mr. Lupi and to Miss Kroha, for the help they have given us. james Scanlon President Roland Geiger Secretary Gordon Platt Sffflu' ROBERT XVOOD, President BI ICCHANICAL DRAWING CLUB Mechanical Drawing, as explained by our instructor, Mr. Geiger, is a universal language, whereby an engineer in one country can talk to another in a foreign country by sketching a plan. Immediately they understand each other, despite the barrier of language. We learned the fundamentals of mechanical drawing and have been talking about, and working on, a subsistence farmhouse. All the members wish to thank Mr. Geiger for his invaluable assistance. JAMES SCANLON, President Robert Wood President Edward Casey Vice Prfsidrnf Harvey Blue Secretary IL.. UI 'E , Le Lorraine Wheeler - I Presidm Lucy Crouch I 1 ' Secretar THE NURSING CLUB In the Nursing Club this year we have learned: how to take care of the sick in the homeg how to make use of home conveniences: how to make beds with and without a patient: how to take temperature readings, and how to form healthful habits which are so important to good living. - 7 Members are Lucy Crouch, Marjorie Wood, Marion Lewis, Mary Crouch, Helen Hrivnak, Hazel Wilcox, .Ioan Whittle, Anna Balcerowski, Sophie Skvorz, Margaret Voytek, Helen Ugolik, and Lorraine Wheeler. Q I LORRAINE VVHEELER, President Bob Wilkes President Arthur Hawkins Vice President John Carmichael Secretary Bob Mayer Treasurer Bob Leibold Reporter Vincent P. Gaffney Adviser NEWTOWN CHAPTER OF FUTURE FARMERS OF AMERICA The F.F.A. is a national organization of, by, and for the boys studying vocational .Agriculture in public secondary schools. Boys may hold membership for three years after leaving or graduating from school. The aim of the F.F.A. is the development of agricultural leadership, cooperation, and citizenship. Our motto consists of four lines: 'tLearning to do Doing to learn Earning to live Living to servef' U N ni-na-PP' TERTU5 1 rs- -Qs -f few If . f., . 2 A s "N 4 4- v-1.1.5 .1'4"ji:' M , 5 , I f, f Size' A .3 .. "'. " V ,R .. F kit' ,bfi I. -.Ii elpgf' T- 5 zfp: Q ix E 1 lj , 3' ,ss 0? f . 1-av " , .4 , , - W . .T V w,. -.A n .. . 'ru-v 4- ..- 1."""' , -vii 13' Q "Nw nn. E S 0 H M EI MF E R B A F Y N A P M O C : K:- , Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q ,il G1lllIlZ'flQ Ilf I fook, JW! .I 'I I X L S QQQQQQQQQVOAQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQKMXVFJA RVQMUKQQQQQQQQQQQQA' wX'X'nvXQX3, fl ,S AT U! ADQK 7' UNIYIQ H!! f -1 3211721 l54i47'3KZ1KDKl2Ci17C3OEOZl1bCD1Di31lCPKP2i7305Kl.7CI'4D317ZO31l3721PZ17Zi73K7Zi3CJKi5CbKD3li17ZG7335Cif2CDCX iifzilii T A R G E T T S Ray Mason Leonard. Inc. Inc' EYES EXAMINED 25 WHITE ST' 991 MAIN STREET Phone LcIlll1dr1'I'6I'.f Bridgeport. Colm' Collect 573 Du' Cfetmery ' Telephone -i-8956 Danbury Fm' Slomge Conn. Rug Cfetnzerr YOUR SCHQOL PHOTOGRAPHER LORING STUDIOS 1200 Main Street Bridgeport, Conn. PA TRONIZE Ol R A121 'ElQ1'lse!jR S Q Q Q O Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q O Q Q mCrxCxr:-rrc4vcDoc:cx3ocaf1Grw9cxDr:OoC:-oCavc3rwC:cfgZ 1.5-.KZAnew1906061mcbocxaocxbcnewxyxcbcaeoemrxmcxmcbooooixbacbcrocaecwcxxcooococcacoox Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q 7372051204234730333331KDOCZKDC737372iP31bZOCDiiOl7lP2C731K:7473?247347C3i7Z05f73f7Z0345l DANBURY and BETHEL GAS and ELECTRIC LIGHT CO. GOOD LIGHTING IN SCHOOL MEANS Len eyeftmin Better work in rlafnoonzs GOOD LIGHTING IS CHEAP EYESIGHT IS PRICELESS Danbury Connect t T. CYTOOLE 86 SONS, Inc. Thzk book was Pl'l.7'll66Z1 by the ojfvet process wzkh the full coopemtzon of the Year Book Staff STAMFORD f - - CONNECTICUT Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q qi Q Q 1 Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q ZKYLXYLY! D51 'YAY Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q P Q Q Q Q Q Q 1 .-E 'r I 22 Q Q Q PA TR ONIZE OUR AD VER THERE QI' Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q PQ? Signs' ' BTA' Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q I l f Q Q.. E C""2Ph"'m'f of Complimerzlf of I. F. Wiser's Poultry Farm TEL. 441-13 NEWTOWN COAL and We don? rlaim to have the mo!! but CO- zvlmt we do have if Ike bert Newtown Conn. Botsford Conn. C I' The Flagpole Fountain omp zmefztf of Harold F- Smith E' C' CANDY. SODA, LUNCHES "THE LUIVIBERMANH Rlder's Ice Cream TClCPhone is 35 CASTLE HILL FARM I. I. KEANE PASTEURIZED .ma RAW MILK RADIO SUPPLIES and SERVICE Direct from farm lo you El'6I"1'lbil1g Electriml Sam Paproski, Prop. Newtown Conn. Newtown Conn. A. 8: D. FARM DAIRY Sandy Hook Barber Shop Vj,,,,,,,,, D Newfgwn Bqrber Shgp PASTEURIZED MILK and CREAM Paul Provenzano, Mgr. RAW MILK . l BUTTER, EGGS, and CHEESE Edward S' Pinscher' P1 op ' Delivered in all towns between Bridge- EXPERT WORKMANSHIP port, Hawleyville, and Southbury ,, ,, Dwain E. Randall It Payf to Look Well Tel. Tmml 37-32 Newtown Conn. STEPNEY CONN. Servire if our Motlo PA TR ONIZE OUR AD VER TIJLERA' X94 Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q 730513iilififiii3CDOC3CiO3lZ4l31lZ15C70i4KPOZ15EOEiii21iKP3J54iOEO5C3i?OZ47E!DZK Q Q Q ' FI!! 3111! KTX 3. Q00 ll ll Q 33050304317513333351323373BCD!K3lSOC57CDOZ1i!333754721Jiiiiiiliiiibiiiliiiiiiiifbiiiikiiifiiiiif if QDCX Q Q ll C O Q ll ll Q Q Q Q Q Q 0 C Q Q E 33 Q 4 R lm Q Q m me 3 E 3 E Va THE TERRY LUMBER CO. Telephone 4770 BETHEL CONN. The ferret of .fcllfjllg money if by Jpezzdinzg it judiciozuly The intelligent young man or woman who fails to save regulaily a certain percentage of his or her income is headed straight for failure. NEWTOWN SAVINGS BANK Newtown, Conn. Complimefzty of HAWLEY MANOR THE STREET Newtown, Conn. C om p!flll6'7If.f of PLASTIC MOULDING CORPORATION Sandy Hook, Conn. BERNARD I. DOLAN CONTRACTOR Fuel, Oil, Con! and Woffd Telephone 4600 Bethel, Conn. DICKINSON'S SERVICE STATION A. F. "Slim" Dickinson, Prop. Newtown-Sandy Hook Road Telephone 440 72021lC3'34bCD4Ji?473D21730lKDO24X:D4724Pl4 Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q ll Q Q Q Q PEO3DCDO5030CDOC717C7!730355Q5C QiCDO5l53K7ZOZOZ03C3?0Z05OZi3EOCZD54K34734PZCJCDCD5CZOCP4l517CJCl503if53iO39CZ737CJCi1D2'0ZOZC ' A ' kAi i-i -i vw ry 1-1 y-Ai i-i Q 0 Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Conlplinzefztf of STEPHEN DANUSZAR CONTRACTOR and BUILDER Phone 53-4 Bethel, Conn. Com plimerztx of W. F. DESMOND. M. D Newtown, Conn. C om plinzezm of S. CURTIS 8: SONS. INC SANDY HOOK Connecticut George M. Stuart. Inc. INSURANCE Comult your imurarzce agent ar yo would your donor or lmvyex Newtown, Conn. ll if C om plimenlx of I. B. EGEE. M. D. Sandy Hook, Conn. H. G. WARNER GENERAL MERCHANDISE Member of Super Service Stores Szindy Hook, Conn. PA TRONIZE OUR ADVER TISERJ' P21D3K?O4DO37CD03iD303iDCX734i050ZOZC7ZilZiDCZP3iK3C32iP3D505C731754DZ1P3K5ii73iii4ZfP3b3D5OZOZC7ZO317CDOZO51D503P3J54Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q C om plimentf from THE PINES - Harold I. G. Hansen THE EDMOND TOWN HALL ' Newtown, Conn. Home of the Laleft Talking Pirturef LOVELL'S GARAGE NCWfOWH, CO1'1I1CCt t FORDS Salef - Service Newtown, Conn. G. T. RASMUSSEN Dealer ifz COAL, GRAIN, HAY, FEED AMARAL'S Telephone Newtown 53-12 Botsford, Conn. CHRYSLER PLYMOUTH A. Amaral WILLIAM C. BAXTER South Mai, REAL ESTATE Newtown, Conn. Farm! -- Home! -Acreage Newtown, Conn. PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS K-17'l!Fv!F-!3LTX7iK?1'l72f?1i5f2iKTXYl5!7f2CY'5f5f2i5ST2iY'5fP''5f2i?fL5!?f2!5f202033ZOlO5O2Ol0li Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q BoYsoN's DAIRY 3 JOHN MANN ltr Riclmen Distinguifbes It Emily gg 2 Newtown, Conn. Q Q sf +1 r Q Q Q 3 Q r 1 'h BEN D. SMIT - Q H c:oRBE'r'r at cnowr: Q Q Electrical and Radio Q DRUG STORE Q Q Repairs Q -I Sandy Hook, Conn. Q Tel. Newtown 17-12 S Q Q Q Q Q tg C . CONGER sz LANG Q omplzmentf of Q Q Ford o Mercury o Lincoln Zephyr Q 1? I. T. Sales - Service - Parts Q POULTRY FARM Sinclair and Texaco Product! Q Q Q ' Newtown, Conn. 208 and 214 Greenwood Avenue Q ,J Bethel, Conn. Q Q Q Q Q Q F Q 5 Compliment! of Compliment! of 6 LIBERTY GARAGE Q Q IQHN MCLEAN. INC. Q Q CHEVROLET Q 213 Main Street S I S . - a es - ervxce 6 jf Danbury, Conn. 42 ' Newtown, Conn. Q 2 Q ,.-,, -.-W -.-cr -W ,- -.-..-.-.-.- F PA TR ONIZE OUR AD VER THERE XC! 5611 7l0l1iO21i030303720302i721731 liD030202034lC30Z47l4D2ibi?O3024 CRANDALL SECRETARIAL SCHOOL ALL COMMERCIAL SUBJECTS Day and Evening Se!!ion! 268 Main St. Opp. Post Ofhce Danbury, Conn. BURN 'S DRUG STORE The Rexall Store 143 Main Street Danbury, Conn. P31731BlOl0i47317202Ki!P3D347CDi7CP4D'CD021i03DCDC Heim's Music Store, Inc. Pl4Z7l0J' and Marital Merchandife Victor and Bluebird Record! Ea!tnzan Kodak! R.C.A.--Victor Radio! 268 Main Street Danbury, Conn Phone 353 R. S. WATKINS MACHINE SHOP Sandy Hook, Conn. P' CO' Con1plin1ent!of P1'l77l'E7'J' o Stationer! W. A. Ojire Outfitter! GENERAL MERCHANDISE Typewriters a Adding Machines Grain Feed Sales . Service o Rentals Hawleyville, Conn. Opp Post Office Danbury, Conn. R I D E R ' S Velvet Fro!t Ice Cream TWENTY FLAVORS The Rider Dairy Company Danbury, Conn. C ont pl im ent! 0 f THE NEWTOWN ICE COMPANY Newtown, Conn. 7345347l47i1bl17Ef72Q7CD173CD30lK7S17S43i'fl2Ol1PlOl4 PATRONIZE OVR ADVERTISERY Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Qi Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q 'iii A..- Q Q Q P24 rv! F-!P21i5!!-!lkJx!-!?f24?f2!?fL50i7!fl5l7CDi730CP05l Q Q -..A Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q 9 Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q -Ili Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q DANBURY CAMERA CENTER THE PARKER HOUSE PHOTOGRAPHIC SUPPLIES DEMOCRACY pmtmi, and Command! Must be guarded as carefully pbotog,-apby as we would cook a small fish. 11 West Streelrl mnlggnbury, Conn. Newtown, Conn. e . Compliments of C. HOWARD DALEY BEST WISHES OPTICIANS . JEWELERS TO THE SENIORS Danbury, Conn. I E Complimenlx of A. W. RASMUSSEN SIGNS Botsford, Conn. Newtown Conn. SANDY HOOK GARAGE WENGROW'S IEWELERS for GIFTS NEW and USED CARS For All Occasions Services and Repairs All Make! and Modeff Ure Your Credit Telephone: Day 155-2 Nite 352 10 White Street Danbury, Conn. Sandy Hook, Conn' Q Q iCX PA TRONIZIQ' OUR ADVER T!.S'ER.S' r Q Q 5lO302iii720l03C750202K Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q ri Q Q Q Q Q Q .l. 'I' L! Q Q I Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q PA TR ONIZE OUR AD VER THERE Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q iii75150431503350547C7034Z1ZOZ1l5OZOZOZCi031EJ30ZOZ051DCJi!30353Kii7333OE17E4 349062054 ,A, Q Q Q5 -'fi' if E Qg Clru 5 Q Q QQ Q-U S 'TJ W F-1 SIM? Q H'-T ti n-I 53 m rd V' N Q- 71 bk 5 O Q OZ -H71 Q . 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Post 308 VETERANS OF FOREIGN WARS Newtown Conn. Complimentf of THE CLASS OF 1942 These people who have advertised in The Bugle have made the publication a success. We thank all of them heartily, and hope our readers will patronize them. 330-3-iiiiii 3 34 XTX?-3iD0f2'!?13i F3634 KTX?Z-1!3ilK3i ix?i?f45OfL5ik3iiC1i!'Zil'Czi?2i1KZ1ll-3iPfL51PfL5f 5,1 PA TRONIZE OUR ADVER TLYER5 Sign LCTZ Pk' 2182 f f-. ,-f , WEN XV , rx XA' 645 I pf X ww XXX XX QS, XV ! XX Nfrfff cy, I X X ,NX , 5 v Tank you 4. :rx FAT? 1. in :fr A 3 ,af " N 4 Si,-', , - .11 r' k - . fffil' A-gg",-'-"J , , . 1 'I 91-f".'15 ' - ft- p Elksif-" " H' --1, shi? Sify: gl-,Q EiE3'?EQ.1'L,' "" - :iff - 4 1, , , giAfQ,a,g Y! L ig, ' ' r ' . w X t . A 1 - P 4 f.-pa Y' ' rv. mx - - .,,l 3' -fl -. , ' .L ,N , J .-,.. , . ., - V . ' Q r ,- . 1 ,Q .-r-F, ' - L . ' f? wa - A ,M . he . . ,, I A ,Q 1 A, , 1 "ai-41 , ' ,rv x ' M 5, -V - . , hal. -i " - ' 'sq '. xg "ax . 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