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 - Class of 1988

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2 X 1 2-'24 U 'I . 71 av, hr' v f.. c.' ,Iv 1 fn 1 r v fu. :','l 'f .qg-4 :QQ ,I n. V I .Rs r .ar . I . G ., , ' -a Il-,, A' ' Il "C Q - ', 7 g I. Ir QI '4 'V ' 5 A n ' s -' ,QQ T' ' . I- I ,1Ic an, 'Q ik'...' s . . f.:'mI- , I s., . 5 AJ' , uIx vu. - I1"'I ' VI: V, , . , .'I X 'I,L 5 . A 1,I.:II.III I 'figfg 1 f law' '1-'." pyga n w Q TTI Z-Zgff f -'.f,r A V Y. ,, , ,I -NI-AI J- ' :'- ' - 1. f.I..I..'Ir 'f,W?'fJ V HM.-.. '- ' 6'- A J fx! fn. -6,-" LSI- :,'1, . I . ,.,IfI ' yi.-.-IL' '- I."-4, 4 ,f",g'I'. 'f. ' '- j"g.'p '. , ,I.I In :.',.I . 4.'l II.IIIInI , . . - I ' ,I- -' 4 ' ' u -W, I ' I v, a :af ,I .I II. , ,II I xp: t -I I I . ,I , II . I nf' ' - 3- -f Q .. I4 f - ' . n L- "2" 0 - - ew ' K' ' 1' I 4 . , - N fx 1 1 '.' J 1 ' 'ls I I xp 'IIN' . ' I I I VII-II, 1 1 I I , I - 1 A A -5 ' ' II , f .I "--,-'f ' ' '72,-Wfffx K ' ' fx.- x I' 1 ,- 'Nik x' 4 II ,A .I VGIIIIIILXI 'N I ..I.'If4 1.5IIw,IL . ,mr I -' - - - '. Q Sf '-'x2:'gf"f.-z'- 'fy ' . ' -.Nha ...rn . ' It V ,, y I II,I, V531-115 IH' r ' I L- ,CQ . f. .-:- ' s. , X . .' if ' ,".'f'f1:7 -'m"':f'v 3 ' ' Us N I ' ' , X 4 I 4 Ifff I,- 5 ' IA , ' , ' I I f , ', ' I?.'I 'II , -II.lI . ,.. -I I ' V 'K ll fx 'P r ,"' ' fflhg' x,f-'vw' . -' " ,,' 11' ,' M . V ' . rj I '1l'-- , ' - ' , Q ' ', N 5 - - 'A n ' .- '. 'I' , ' I 1 'X bl f. 1. - .' 1 ' . 9 ' A ' .V .' "-' r ' . , I,,- . .-. - . , - -If . ,-if I I . ' . ' D ' " b I , . , .. . A NQ . I - ' , f ., 1 f+I I Y v- 'I I' . V ' I . ' r " A , 1 . J . ' ', I W , . V I ' ' V' xr A I - -- I , - . ,I I , .,v V I 'II 4 I I , I - ' I , ' , 1 Life .'.-' " r " 146 158 1 76 1 -QW , f X ...,-- - wg 1 175,95 -,-in NS- '- ' -. 'X' Af fy Q ' s. 'C 1 'Y J X UUVJ L" fi 1 X 4, Q Tp '- Q p.'f1'?f M-J-!L.-lf'.f"" CD Oo Q QS 350 QQ UNLEHSHED ENERGY Newton South 140 Brondeis Rood Newton, fT1H. 02159 617-552-7547 Oo 0 Q0 50 QS Q2 000 8 Q O UG fb Q90 2 Unlcafahed Energy 1, Ao- if ,af ,ilp c 4 ., ,ii .-Y " ,,,,Vc-,..nIL:' 41" b, f H,- Unleashed Energy The level of energy at Newton South is high and explosive. This ener- gy can be felt from the fields to the classrooms. Students learn here that they have so much po- tential energy. There is a huge balloon inside each of us waiting to burst. We enter Newton South like leashed-up lions, ex- cited and full of energy. But since we are so young, we do not know how to break free and exert all this inner ener- gy. Newton South pro- vides students with the opportunities to unleash their energy in many dif- ferent and productive ways. Some people exert all their energy in academ- ics, using their minds' po- tentials to their fullest. The Honors Curriculum is a rigorous and time consuming level of study. There are stu- dents that take all their classes on this level. Al- though some students may not be on the Hon- ors level, there are still those students who push themselves in another way, by taking six or sev- en majors at different levels. Newton South has always been proud of the motivation and aca- demic achievements of its students. Even with all the homework, students find time to participate in ex- tra-curricular activities, mostly athletic teams. il South athletes seem to have a never-ending amount of physical and mental energy. The physical energy is obvi- ous during preseason and practices. The pain of getting in shape can be seen in the face of ev- ery athlete. But all the agony and sweat is worth it when you score that winning goal. The men- tal energy is present in the games with team members using their skill and knowledge to defeat the opponent. When the battle isn't easy, athletes need the energy to stay positive and encourage their teammates, this energy L4lllC.l5llCd l Unleashed Energy is overflowing on every team. Another way that stu- dents come together and combine their energy is in participation in clubs and organizations. New- ton South has numerous activities that students from all four grades can become involved in. It takes a lot of time and effort to create a club, find members, and keep it existing. This year many energetic South students are heading and maintaining clubs. The halls are covered with Q X 4 , f an ' . . X Q . S X k . T ' 'R Nu 'X mi" tp f , 'fl 45 fsxx 4 l 9 l 1 .14 Y , 'n"'1'- f-v, ive- , t , Q 1 ,N 4 .exe-.Q -- 'Q-sf 1w'.,x -M-5'-gg, posters about play audi- tions, class bake sales, and upcoming club events. lfyou want to get involved in anything, all you have to do is look up and read. There is infor- mation and energy bouncing from wall to wall. Although the posters and signs contribute tre- the sophomores and the smiles of the juniors, the screaming of the fresh- man and the friendships of the seniors. It is the people, the students, who fill the halls, that add the most to the schoo1's energy. Without the enthusiasm and mo- I mendously to the ener- getic atmosphere in the hallways, there is some- thing that adds even more energy, Cmore than the new orange and blue lockersl. It is laughter of .LT QS 1,4 11 , - . - 1 I . X X X K A K .Q . X . tabovel Someday we'll be able to go to McDonald t -1 Lnleashed Energy tivation of the people, Newton South would not have the incredible source of energy that it has. by Cindy Dockser in OO. br 'V if . ' -nw' .0 'if' nz ' W ,I All 4 . siihsff. 5 jx .. 'fm . n 'S 'Q' 5.24 J , :Qfxgm 0 11' xx, , ,4 . fn, V 4 ln '71 ', Wa. 'M L A- YE Y n , 4, I J fr :Y f 'A N ,f Al ,x.. ' , f' f .4 ' ' ff , ,f n , A 35 42. ,Q J, A ' x V S - G faq A mx, -1 A ' V Hefty Friends share sweet nothings. tabovel Neda in her norm, L DlC.l5hCLi lfncrgy A -u w 21' - ...- ar 'sy I U 1 ,auf A V 5 , W ,ian "ik ' ' :I '.'.' gr! 1 ' ,mp iff. , T3 1' ,',.' ,avi ' ,f - .,,:q.,-,.f:- g5:"','a7. 'f'T,Ftgr'2 . .q'y'Y,'- .f U , ,ic,ff1"Ii5f',,gl, My .vw ,l""'r. 0' s ' S ,Al . ay' Q' , ' 0 .' ' ' av av' Yrw. in .'. '. ,,1,n1 :rg 1' ,fl -1 - , . A P "' , ' X , 151.016 15 . -, - -.A A , v- 1. Ig, My ,wav N t , 4 ,, 'Q Nvqr- ' 'x r "1 ' 9 h J,.. : .9 'I ,istym 4 v yd 10791 V " , 7 , 'pt Y' , 4 , A' fe? ..,q' 6 Student Life O 'I N 2 I .Nt il Q Q 'is 'we ,A ' v Q , .x.' A J . - ENN. my Unlimited Energy Itls very easy to classify kids. No matter where they live, what their interests are, and what school they attend, there are always characteris- tics that label each student. While one group of kids may be larger than another, it is still nice to know they all ex- ist. Newton South is no ex- ception. Here, we have "the jocks," the "academicians," the Utheatre people," the "court-yardersf' and count- less more groups of Southies. Although the term "clique" is so often used to express a negative feeling among the students here at Newton South, we are not cliquy. We merely consist of a diverse population, one which makes us proud. It is the fact that different people are attracted to dif- ferent aspects of Newton South, that helps to create the overall enthusiasm. Whether you hang around in Goodwin, Wheeler, or Cut- ler is of no consequence. Whether you play soccer, take part in a musical, orjust show up to a school event to cheer, you are making a wor- thy contribution tothe New- ton South environment. While Newton South is not a large school, it still holds many opportunities for every type of person. However, even without the numerous opportunities one is still able to be happy. For it is the peo- ple at Newton South that help make our school a place from which to benefit for four years. by Jennifer Schwartz Student Life I oo So Student Life ' tbelowl Back breaking work. irightl Watch your step. ,- .. Q. .Q . I. .pw f....... ...M , J Y ' gf readed Double Sessions As the school year commences, many teams put in long hours toward a time period named "double sessions." Double sessions involve two to five hours of workouts per day, beginning two weeks before the start of the school year. Their main objective is to get many athletes in shape before the actual sea- son begins. Besides shaking a student into the reality that school is approaching, double sessions also allow him or her time to perfect skills. Cuts for varsity and junior varsity are also S Student Life determined. As one junior said, 6'Although the sessions proved to be a hard workout, overall I really benefited from them. There's no way I would play as well as I do now if I had not had the extra practice." Primarily, double sessions are a great deal of work as well as a lot of fun. They usually bond the team together and kindle abundant spirit. As senior Amy Monahan said, "The hard training all seems worth it at game time." by Adene Sacks 4 'Q 1 I '. .1 1 h Q ,,' ., . 4 . " N ' -- "' ' "' Mg U Y , 1 -vrx' 1 r ,, Q 0 - ,,. I ' 1. ..'v ' L 5 7 .' Ky ' 4 If V ., ' , ,, ' ' 1 - , U I 1 AVN! s' ' . V ' I., ', Y 5'- , ',.v' L-,A gl L 'F .V ,A J I A A M -W , 1 1 ' ,1""9jr'g if -1' , gf' " 0: liffg .JW 'TM' ,J fm f ' 4' ' ' I , Ln ', , si-V 1, fl 'Z S' ', ,Aga 'T -5 J ' fl: -A, W wk 3 3-N' , , . 4 ., ip!! 'mx EL! Q tr ir 6 Rr Y .:':'f:t:?.,ir4'T, QL- 'h1'.K- ,,',-. J if -Fx ""5'i,, vw ,Sf fx 'ff ..f'f52flf5fjQ.--Irs? akgfl'-Z:'22?3Q,, A .. z in :le 5151 -fix 'Q' N f,'1'f.":'--g.,iQ,- '- inf- f,',,.j'..g' R-.'--Q . ' if, I sl W' ,r- 0 . , 1 ---' A, ,u 1 Iv-iL.,,':'1 ' .. " 5,51 . 1 -.Q e'1-Qi? fp: 7f'i. ' ""4 -' c"" f " - ,.-. . ". Z- Q -Q13 Q1 'Q ' w' , . ' -,U . ' '1xQ1..- ""'5' x:':-" -f"-"5 2-'afff' -.f-'L-'5-2-.""f-? 'Y ? 'v' ff 33 15 time' -' 5- i Q fs:-I. -1.0 8 9-'qxjlqggsxxtf dcfsstx' Q MK! v fs -' W4-2' , 3',f.-. -- -.X -,Q ff.. f.-1, .-.A:.--4--ff e .1 -- kk pnf' -O Ru 2' X4 A' "' ,5 iff :QW-,Lg , f-,Q i-,ya-g ii: -.ggi x fi-,f - - -ff' -P' "' 525 X-H f ' ' ,W--a--:'f' ' :- '. -sghfilv-131 1.-3-21. C3-rt: '.i""'f- -aft'-' "E sic V 5 r 'D QF- -in 5' N- f idx "f'5"5'l'?"' mn' 'V' se' A .K .. ,. - ', , , 'AY- ' KA V-f,. " ' Q. A . . X.-'lfsffwwf .lx-1 1-.- ft...-ii, . . 'z - Yixwff.. di .. -nvf-1 ff 2 .- .,.-1: -".fR"'a 6 E' f Jr xl "" 4'N'lA, ."f' 1' Si.x N , 2 w 2 V3 , .n-nf'--L' V , .., 1, U' fs- . M '-"Q ,.,-" ,4- ' -'N - 4 1.1. ,hu ffm 1:v,,w.,,,,,. s .st-, M. V- . J H. sf' s .A 1 H V 4 QQ.. '28 4451 , -" - 'QL ka X-Q -M-"'g' f'7ffJ-f. mf 2-it f fggf ! 4W.,V.M.x,i4 W. L,,,, - 1, x- - ' -H M- X 'wr ' b. f"'f,-fivzfg 3- ' -'W fs '- -P . 4 1, -H -?,fH'ff -M 6' I' nf- ' '- x -- rr--. - 1 - , ltxig 1 Age flux 'X 4 'V'- Studcm l,1I'c 0 Q i t ' 5 tbclmsl Itwtloosc .md tlutcy-t'rcc trcshn qrightt "l3tm't xmrry hck not with us." 1 Ili Rfb! ix Y Gy-- fxz c-- ,, W -An: ' 'Y' o?J?' 5 "l'g lil. .os lit tahowet Thc thrcc tttuigm, trighttTt1kc tt lctt ut thc switmning pool. Student l,1t'c --,.-n--I" f' Z Startin on the Ri ht oot The first day of school means different things to different people. For seniors it means the thought of senior slump, what college to go to, and the prom. For juniors it's the hardest year of high school. The SATs, Achievements, visiting colleges, and Stanley Kaplan. For the sophomores who made it through freshman year, it means working just enough to get into honors and curriculum l classes for junior year. For freshman, it means learning the ropes. As some of them said, "It's exciting, but in the ,X X " I' M Q 'Mx .1 beginning it was difficult because we did not know our way around." Not all students found the beginning of this year to be exciting, some were found to be dreading it. As one sophomore put it, "It's like starting the same nightmare all over again." However, many people can't see the difference between this year and the summer. When asked, junior Kathryn Pe- terson said, "Wait! What do you mean? School started'?', by Mari Pemstein fi". Student Life ll Life at the Lockers At South a locker is more than just a place to keep your books and coat. Every- one at Newton South has a locker. Some share it with eight friends, two friends, or keep it all to themselves. For some it is an adventure every time they look in it. What will they find? Lockers are a place to hang out before, during, and after school. Lock- ers are a place where people can express themselves, but one thing is for sure: no two lockers at South are the same. Some are wall papered, lined with posters and pic- ' ...... . , 4 I 4 Qt r r 5 laboiel Don't mind the laundry. lrightl ,loin the locker club. l I Student l.ilic tures of your favorite star or friend. They have mirrors, wipe-off notepads, stickers, calendars, shelves, food, carpeting, and al- most anything else you can imagine. A locker at South is a part of you, a place to be creative and have a good time. Whether it's a quick drop-off, a storage for your necessi- ties, or a place to be with friends, lockers are a place to begin the day and a place to end it. by Zvi Lifschitz -,-.11--1-1- "- Y l 'il " ' ,l l ll .l l l it r l .t l i 4 l l ll M l I Q 1 i 55 I V :- v I 9 1 1 ' S! le! H1 --. ' nh SM: if' G an an-4 I law wi 411' ul mi! as i '. , Qty 445 rf" i if , ,.,f-.NN N Q i can Q I Y J 15 at f Q r,,alI wil if :LM . UT y 6 , . 'r s fm 1 V? ig 2 , 1 lrightl ll's not ghiniorous, but ginyonc can do il. lbelom lik gnngizing who llicfll give ai license to. ., ,if 1 1, . .fU,U. . U UU U, .UU ,, UU 553-qvqg gi, f,i,fiZfUTU -5 ' ,-. P- -i ' -' 1',S'.q-I' 5' "'. , fig U . 'fgi Q -U ', U ,UUU w Q. '-H' H ,, 1' Y S' ' V-'xxx , iff "f':"-58' H" 'X fx -mg,-: NU-V -- U U ' U '5 - -4 - , ' ,191 N ., -, in--, ' I 1 fin- l Af I K' F' io ' ' i - " f "If '. ?- ' Niili i i .4 r" "Qs 2' V i "Q ,'-'.'.- ws- i.: ' "I A U 4 KIIYAX' ' 4 .Y .Z QA' QI as- ". 2 'QQ' 7 -rf i eff ' -2 als' Q labowei So it's not Li cur: at least I don't have to pedal it, l-1 Student Lille - K S ws 1 A if 1 fc 'il is 3--'H . 1 1,UgM,yv -2042 44 YW 0111 :SNL ,,. Jw 1i"9"" .U Wie ,., F von ,I ,, ,UUUiU,. , .h. .N ali . U, W 5 Q""w4w Q" ixasf 42:52 Wa To G0 Getting to and from school becomes more important as we progress through our high school years. Although there are many different ways of getting there, it seems that all students' dreams are to go wher- ever and whenever they want, and prefer- ably in their own vehicles. Though walking remains a favorite among those who live too close to take the bus, the pleasure of getting one's feet wet in soggy December snow or a muddy March field is not fully appreciated. Likewise, bik- ing is not meant for those chilly winter mornings when your ears get frostbitten, and your fingers stick to the handlebars. The bus is great if you don't mind occa- sionally waiting an hour around school. Any senior should definitely avoid being 1.5 seen anywhere near the throng of waiting students. Even better is getting a ride from a par- ent Q"Mom, Dad, wake up or I'll be late for school!"D or a friend C"Could you fit one more? Please'?"J. The best way of getting to and from school is driving your own car, or at least partially your own car. There is nothing like driving away from the school parking lot with your radio blasting and windows open toward lVlcDonald's or Dunkin Donuts dur- ing a free block. Ah, let's hope everyone can at least get a chance to experience the culmination of the high school years: Freedom! by Asya Geisberg Y-!,.v'? in tabovel Car is to Senior, as Bike is to Freshman. tleftj Hop on the bus, Gus. Student l,1l'c I5 1 . M ga r Q X, 16 Student Life taboveb "Hi 1hcrcY" ? 154 'T 'V .9 2-Q f '31 mr X' .ff , ' Q 5 'Aja mid' 45 -1 APM' . . 0-', --,661 , 0. ,l'.. N 4..- ..v a,. ,. , gas, V - 'pf 3 V A A- -s"tvfF.,f'i ' Q x I 54' R AOC? I l l 1 I E I ng- f All HAH W as fr ,.1 -.Q dm I .' 4 af' H , 4 5? v , 1 .1 53' ,, ,JA I is . 'V 1 "'-v V . , gl , rx fr-1 'f ,' 1 A V -.J fgX .'f?q,'-sv 5 e arin D0 Shaved down the side Spray, gel, or mousse Will hold it in place, Some of the "dos,' Are from outer space We did our own thing And we thought we looked great So "hairs to you" yearbook Love, the class of "eighty eight it, l ,, f '14 n I 4 , , 4-in tabovel They ve got Fm sc tleftl l think l need my bang cut Stuck on You As you walk down a corridor of Newton South High School, you can expect to see at least one happy couple indulging in a "public display of affection." It is odd, though, how the very next day, you may witness that same "happy couple" engaging in a major war, or better yet, yesterday's guy with another girl. After all, not all newly- Weds can remain happy for- ever. ' " His. I , j' A n ' ' nf. '-f..' ,-L.: trightp As long as we have eachother, we'll nev- er feel blue. tabovel Put your head on my shoulder. 20 Student Life While that someone special may be a necessity to get you through the bad times, he or she may also be disruptive to the educational process. One can create problems at home and possibly cause jealousy among friends. In most cases, the person is worth all your troubles. tends to have the other on his or Although that pair may her mind more often than not, therefore impairing that once present desire to learn. Such a relationship will in most cases occupy most, if not all, of oneas spare time and maybe even a little more. This 4541 Ib X' -4 change from day to day, as does everything at one time or an- other, have faith - because somewhere down that hallway you'll find the everlasting cou- ple. by Rebecca Jordan , ,A ugh' Y 'u I QM P .Av R I W .., 1, VY' ,L w gli .4 x' 4 my ' diff' 'v?ggTqL'!Ff 'Q-' 'N-.,, - garxivrt, , 4 K 4 1 1 '13 .41 -.. . .:.,g ml, L iii Q s.. 'B""-f affgmv' Set hem Free Our school days are all pret- ty much the same. We walk from one class to the other, try- ing not to get bruised while we are walking past Jock Corner, sit through class while check- ing the time every thirty sec- onds or so, and finally go dili- gently to our after-school ac- tivities. Five days a week we surrender to this process. There is one thing, though, that saves us all. We pray for these pre- cious things to come as quickly as possible and to last longer than they always seem to. These "things" are, of course, our Free Blocks. Free Blocks set us free, free to do whatever we please. There are a numerous number of Free Block activities that go on at Newton South. One can see freshmen suffer through study hall, studious students study in the library, social stu- dents talk outside, fashion con- scious students paint their nails in a common room, hungry stu- dents try their luck at the cafe, athletic students walk to Fred's, and lucky students drive to Papa's or McDonald,s. Whatever the Free Block ac- tivity may be, they all have one thing in common. They save us all from a hum-drum day of school life to do whatever we want and be free for a precious 50 minutes. by Laura Stein ,--- 5... ......- g if 4- 'V . 'J WM I I 1 F , , x :T K 1 Lean on me. Are you embarrassed about your lunch? 22 Student Life M,,Q,.-aov- I I ,M I- . ...nm i if? Fi 'Q Q ,,f,. . .1 f ' I A,,vi?gi,l,?Q!fg,1 1 'r if P ff'- 4 S, 'V ff' ,,-ni' F2544 rw , A , . 1 .ha pa I E ks L. ', in 40 4 ,LF F labower The cafe food docsrft do ll I'-wr mc tlefti Clnxsy chickx our of clx lLiClN l st Han ut 1. 1. ,7 1 N F , ' R X k'X'4t 31 'lt .is ' - f, H ri 1 'ga 3 '. "1 jr 'Sin' 4, :ESQ 'Q . 1 ,. :vii " 4 'itil' A 7 X 1 111. . , U 3 Q" W . g A S ,gags-1 1. '? -3 .5-'..1lEf . .-A 3: o 1 1 W5 ' Q " "wil an f., una U 'mfii 'V fixfllll-L . labovel Look Mu, no hands' lrightm Five minutes of studying. then I'll go 24 Student Life N YL v A! laboveb This ye11r's P.E. curriculum includes spectator sports. lleftt Another prime example of the maturity ot' South students Student l,1t'e 2' Are rugs a Problem? Many high schools in America has some sort of drug problem. In some places the problem can get so bad that students as young as fourteen are forced to enter gruelling rehabilitation pro- grams to cope with their ad- dictions. Newton South, like many high schools has had to deal with a drug problem. No one group of people or area of the school can be blamed for the problem. Luckily, this prob- lem has been recognized by both the students and the faculty. In the past, Newton South has sponsored pro- grams and invited speakers to inform students of the hazards of drug use. Among the drugs most commonly abused in schools, alcohol and marijuana are foremost. This is because they are the easiest to get and, more importantly, to af- ford. Students will do these drugs almost anytime and anywhere, on campus or off. There are many different reasons why students do drugs. They can include curiosity, depression, bore- dom, or stress. Whatever the reasons, the user and the po- tential user should always re- member the immortal words of senior Chris Chapman, who beat a bad drug addic- tion, "I drugged, abused, used, and losed!" by Matt Eastment S li trightl " . . .Outside of school, l hear a lot about drugs, but I don't know it .., MN 5 x K 3ii l vm how widespread the problem is. e P.B. tabovel " . . . Drugs are accessible to whoever wants them, it becomes a problem for those who make it their problem." - J.K. 6 Student Life fi . .jf Ip - fl il fabove lefty " . . . I think that most kids experiment with drugs, but not on I1 regular basis." 3 A.M. fabove righty " . . . Alcohol is by far the biggest problem." Y JS. udcnt Life l Y 1 1 X -1 E, "1Z"1'ff:wgjj :4,f D uv, is-g..'k 3191- ., -. . 35- ',,,:,,. 4 -.u givin 'gn-fi! 5- 25, 4.-f nj . -.u 490 W . , ,W -54. , Quai! . .,, -K- Cl - 2 1 1' 1 gl.. 'fill ..., 4 4. . A ,,,,.,g. tabmer Soccer buddics. 7 :w""' 1right1 .lull and Cindy luke L1 brcnk fmm pmcticc. IH Sludcm l.1Ixc 'Nw-..' QQ:-4 if 'f. f Im, 8 H .li-.. ,ff 1 - X H., 'X lleftl Whats so funny? lbelowl Smiling seniors. ' 'N 5 Q jr Q Y0u've ot a Friend Friendships CFrendl shipsl n. 1. The state or fact of being friends. 2. Mutual liking and esteem. This is the definition according to Funk and Wagnalls, but a friendship at Newton South can mean many different things. It can mean a casual "hi" in the halls, or an intense telephone call every night. Some people prefer to give you a quick glance and a nod of recognition as they walk by in the halls, while others will hug you and recall all the day's gossip in one brief passing. Then there's that shy kid who sits behind you in English class whose name you're never quite sure of, or that cute new kid in your math class who you check out during an endless fifty minutes of trigonometry and calculus. This brings to mind the question of who are your friends? The answer is quite simple: we're all friends here at Newton South. by Miriam Blankenship and Francesca Tonelli Student life 0 tbclowl Jeff bytes into his apple. trightl "PIceeease! I really DID have ti doctors appointment!" .-drip .MQW Makin the Grade It is 11:26 p.m., and I was hoping to be in bed by 9:30. I still have to finish my A.P. Biology lab report, read poetry for English, and study for a math test on limits. l've almost reached my limit! Tonight, many other South students are panicking also. All stu- dents at South, at least once a term, have a late night or an early morning when they try to finish some assignment at the last moment, like that research paper that the teacher assigned two months ago. There is no way around doing homework although many Southies try to find one. Some prepare early and stay ahead of the assignments. Some take each day as it comes, studying the night before. Somejust don't do their homework at all. However they handle it, they all get homework. 30 Student Life Although the library is reserved for the use of library materials only, any block will find seniors doing Psychology, juniors doing US. History, soph- omores doing Ancient and Medieval History, or freshmen doing Western Tradition homework. Cut- ler commons is a study hall for freshmen and a few sophomores. No junior or senior would be caught dead in Cutler, so instead he or she can go to Good- win commons. Also, Wheeler commons has been outfitted with tables and assigned study blocks to allow students more room to study. Outside is popu- lar in the spring and fall. But on a gorgeous spring day I could think of other things than homework that I'd like to do, couldn't you? by Leslie Gibbs 4:1 'n fig 4 -if Oo C 4 I 4 ,Mari vvjg. Y ,s ,vnu Q.' Q L u , 5 ' I Q 'th 5. xx, Il., itil. lx r 501 .,, !CN - yawn A5 tbelowl Super Nate. trightl C'h-cli-cli-changes. 4 A-f ,1 :gilt ff. xgtt 1 T' 'j . QW Listen to the Beott Music plays an important role in South's student Life. Everyone has certain taste which can run from oldies to popular to heavy metal. And all have a different way of displaying their love for his favorite group. Concert T-shirts are the universal way of paying homage to a group. These T-shirts serve two purposes. The first is to show ev- eryone that this is their idea of a 'choice' group and the second is to make everyone who didn't make it to the concert jealous. For many students, concerts are more important than school work and sports. Students 'sleep out' and miss school some- times for days just to get the best seats pos- sible. Gn the night of the concert students will miss homework, sports, and other af- terschool commitments just to go see their favorite group. As Senior Kim Logan says, 32 Student Life "Bono is worth it!" Another example of how important mu- sic is to students is the ban on Walkman- type radios imposed on us by the adminis- tration. The teachers and administrators have recognized that to some students mu- sic is more important than homework. By placing this ban, the administration has tried to encourage studying in school. but instead, it has encouraged students' creativ- ity. Students now resort to hiding their Walkmans from teachers. They are hidden in bookbags and inside jacket pockets. Ear- phone cords are laced up the sleeve of either a shirt or a jacket, and earphones are be- coming smaller. Music is ever-present at South and is of- ten the only thing that keeps students sane in the mundane day-to-day life of school. by Marcy Taylor l WY' Rev. ., x Y , , A ' 6:-Z fi 51' , 1-wifi' -JEFF- 1 A 4 ibclowi Rcnicmbcr, don'l cal on thc job. irightb lx it brcgik time yet? I '? iiiyf U1 if iii iii im ig. I I ?' tabowei Which onc goes under hcrc'? trighti How surprising, Liz works in gi clothing store. Sludcni l,iic lt's Q Although sports and clubs are afterschool activities for many students, we must not forget other important ac- tivities, such as JOBS. Stu- dents work for several rea- sons: some save money for the afterworld, college, while othersjust want extra spend- ing money. Many stores and busin- esses hire teenagers. Jobs are a great way for teenagers to gain experience and further develop their independence. Jobs also give students the opportunity to work with adults and their community. Over half the students at South work after school and ir' Living during the weekends at places like CVS, Purity Su- preme, Marshalls, gas sta- tions, and restaurants. New- ton South also offers its own work study program in the art, music, and drama de- partments, as well as in the library and the house offices. Students get on-the-job training while they earn money. No matter what the rea- sons may be, many students at South have made going to work as much a part of their lives as going to classes . . . sometimes. by Kim Logan wif' 1 Q l h.Q . 49 19965 965 god taboiet Wow, is she energized. tleftt Trust me, I don't wear this uniform lor my health. Student l ite F5 ,ww w,, ,,,,, Mm, , .,Q by 3,1-W 'UU if 'mmuekn .wf!E!44.-ri-..-J 1 'Q L L mg ,xi ll tx " ' na,-..'.,'3.p. "N--.442 45 a I "I I- l W 9' vw, . H ' If. Q ,EQJQAQ Kil- W'-ui!Yi3- 'X'3gQIslr.1' xu1llf.f-BY 1 -fr.-2 s wr " if- ,K U q .. , , 1 an '24 1 -H - " 1' W is 'Nil ""e"' T7 fright! When's the next bus to Woodstock. dude? ifar aboveb They acl like thefve never seen it before! 5533? I -41 -51 1925 ,' 4 Qu . s me S-+ -H 15" :kwa JU' HKKLH labovei Beauty and the Beust Sig-5512.1 . "i 'SW' fx' R 1 'f l tg , I w ., ' . ., at s A , ,I "" "5 if ' IQ: -e fe.. 1'v.,Ja5Q ,fJ25:.J!f??4w -f: ' 3 --, 36 Student Life '- . . ., - - , . ' Wh ' . , . gb! , i- A X II.: 1' ',,.. ,os M x inf, ug 1 I - ...Y . .501 Y --15'--.. ... ,if V , ,Q V I .,.. , - . -V "" . ' Q" -,..-,, . ' - .4 . - , . 5 - .A 4' ' ' fi: xiii' yy' 'kg W ' ' X.: '-Q. -' ' R ' Y' X N, . - - . li' '5. f -- . ' . tlefty! Why? Why not tbelowb A ghost and ri goober. a'q Trick or Treat! Human beings have a knack for keeping strange traditions. Halloween is certainly one ofthem. Actually, teen Americans have found thr true purpose of Halloween - to party! Originally, to celebrate Halloween, peo- ple were supposed to dress up in horrid cos- tumes, to protect themselves from evil spir- its. Then the tradition grew of going house to house, knocking, and singing "trick or treat." Okay, here we are knocking on the door of some stranger's house, demanding a treat or threatening a trick. Real nice of us, huh? Oh! and have you heard the story about how the Jack-o-lantern came about? They say a man named Jack was unable to enter Heaven because of his miserliness, and was unable to enter Hell because he had played jokes on the Devil. So poor old Jack had to walk the earth with his lantern until Judge- ment Day. At Newton South many students think they are too old to dress up or go trick-or- treating. But there are Southies who still show the Halloween spirit. On Halloween or the school day before, you can see witch- es, cats, or ghosts wandering the halls of South. On Halloween night children and teen- agers go out in packs. Everywhere you go, restless teens carrying eggs or whipped cream are sure to follow. Many groups of Southies are out, and you can even meet friends. Friends or not, teens will often play "tricks" on you. When are we going to come out in the open and say that Halloween is just an ex- cuse to party'?!'? I think that the night we do that, we can sleep a little bit easier. by Sabrina Taylor Student lille 3' - . n g.-, 293 lg' ' Y!! ., 1-- N as -. Q ita- 1 . 7 S , in ..,.n.. Funny Faces ,, 1 YN Nude qabowl Niue. larry. .md CL trightr unulhcr bL1l.m-gcd mc.1l m l llc lflf 'V 5.- 4 .firew- . by-k4'! +1 ' K 71 f 'X 5 , fgxwf,-' yf. x, J., ' . . 4 X . ., ., K .,..,, 4.5 , ' P' W 'r Q' QT Q, fi 2? .5 al 1, 'l 71!iinqn-' f nu- M- . K .F gf, 'I . it 1 I ,, T -. f -v-1. . ' K. ,191 ,Ag ulbowei cool dude tleftl H11. H11, Hu ,fv- .5 A" ' 2 IME ' , ,ff x V U, 5 4'1 n 'fix C,'2f2', 3.-fray, .4 4 gli . 1 ,J 1,'l:5,j4,'f' , ,wgqz-,,.gf iefzff-a 1 .Q ,Q , ywjffgj , ,Qt I Cfaf 4 . iff-5.1351 I fywyitk ff 1 ', Ti ,M 4.7.95- ' L, 42P'f"j. ' "8,4fg,J' -my if lf! gf' .fn .A flfl A'-',,,'4 1 ,.-!y 'ini ",.'.,v S fN, ,am . . Ni , 1 xdcm I xl: FJ lbelowl Cltgtpmttn, What at pillow lrightl tirccn light, Daryl, Grccn light. TNR -N - N 'sq 1. fy, 'af' . tn' A . x. P5 t.-gammi.x labotel Oops, l think l lorgot thc dctudcrttnt. lrightl Whut an ttll-nightcr All Student l.iI'c ,ww N' -D v x .9..,t H r Soaking in School Only two blocks have gone by. but al- ready the feeling hits: the fatigue. the ex- haustion. You realize that this is going to be a very. very long day. All afternoon your eyes are half-open and there's only one thing on your mind: sleep. Finally classes are over. but you foree yourself to go on. You have a French club meeting to go to. remember? Long ago your body informed you that it was calling it quits. but somehow you stay awake until it's time to go home. You get to your house and go up to your room. "Now." you think. "I can get some sleep." and you dive onto your bed. Then you remember your history test tomorrow. and you realize that ifyou don't start study- ing now. you'll never get it all done. lt's l2:l-1 a.m.. and the house is quiet. After reading the same sentence forty-nine times. you come to the conclusion that you're not going to understand it no matter how long you review, and you close the book. You set the alarm for 6:lO and turn off the light. Sleeping, unfortunately. is not often practiced by the people at Newton South, lt just always seems that there's something .. 1 S . Q .QQ f ... ,s- ag. ' ivfmf 'df' , else that has to get done. and going to sleep gets delayed but NOT forgotten lt's not unusual that someone finally gives up and is found face down snoring in the middle of a class. Perhaps those lueky enought to have A- bloek free have it better than mostl itis amaiing what an extra hour ofsleep can do. Still, almost everyone at Newton South would agree that one thing they don't get nearly enough of is sleep. by llendi Crosby laboiel Sweet dreams Steve Student Life -ll ah? K -'Q A1 M. . F 'LH Q l, 1 L Gm' K V ' if 'S x , lf- x H.. eff -.aff - R '- V' 4. '- 'L - .A ' .x '53, JJ- 1 1 ,U-ia: . ,-fqQ,.qQ1, , , X in .fi Y , ,,. r A VK P . fn .im ., H., b, V 5 .3 IQ.- -' f-. L , , ,I ' 1 5- 1 rv . --,, ,. 'J e - - ,- v 7 424- I s .-J . - - '-- ' . 'Von f. M ' ,- .K u , , . Vg. , ,nf- :L V. I -12 Sports Q00 4 lv' .. Physical Energy To many people at South sports are as important as academics. During sports seasons, athletes spend around 15 hours a week practicing and playing in games. The hard work and dedication of both the boys and girls teams, is obvious in the positive and victori- ous results of all the teams. Whether you are a varsity starter or a bench warmer, every member who plays with determination, is important to the team. Dedication applies to the way a person thinks about his or her team and team- mates. As Ms. Smith tells her La- crosse players: "We're going to eat, sleep, and breathe Lacrosse." All students are encouraged to try out for sports teams. Freshman have been known not only to make varsity, but also to have starting wi positions. A team's success de- pends on the depth of numbers of players. People from all different groups participate in team sports. Differences are forgotten between students are forgotten when the school day is through and the prac- tice begins. The shared love and talent of the sport and loyalty to the team, outshines all the differ- ences in appearance and age. Participating in a sport takes a lot of energy, but the energy doesn't stop after the game or practice. Some of the strongest friend- ships are formed on sports teams. Often, people who exert so much energy on the field, also exert this energy in the classroom. The play- ers channel this extra energy into their work. Sports and academics work together. Because of the hours that sports consume. sched- ules are changed to accommodate practice and game times. This means athletes have to make up classes and work late hours to make up lost time. Despite peoples other commit- ments, when it comes to sports. people make the time. The thrill of team victories and physical exhi- liration, can only be felt through sports. The physical energy that each member puts into a team, may not be enough to make the team league champs, but this ener- gy can determine the team's pride and spirit. Newton South teams are tough to beat because the South athletes are always giving their all, on and off the field. by Namuk Cho UO So Sports -S3 Hike thot ball! 10871 S8 has brought to Newton South the emergence of a new compctitve sport. The Cheer- leaders provide encouragement for our athletes as well as compete in their own regional and state com- petitions. Their athletic skills have gained them the recognition and respect of the entire student body. L'nder the direction of their Captains, the Cheerleaders create a spirited atmosphere throughout the school. Orange and Blue Day, the First Annual Thanksgiving Pep RallyfDance. and their loyal support ofour sports teams arejust a few examples of their efforts. They thank all Newton South students for supporting their fun- draising efforts. The contributions have enabled them to purchase competition uniforms. They hope they bring the future Cheerleaders continued success. Congratulations Cheerleaders! You've had an awesome year! There is no question, that the D.C.L. has to be one of the tough- est leagues in the state. This year's Newton South Lions have had a long, hard season: their 2-6-l re- cord shows this. The team was stacked with tal- ent. Quarterback Ben Burlingame came into the season in top shape, and he was stronger than last sea- son. This holds true for the entire team. Rama Malone, Keith Mar- ion, Rich Blumenthal, Adam Rosenberg. Dave McCallum. Le- roy Browne, Jon Morgan, and Scott Perrin all played key roles this season. In each of their losses, the Lions played physical football and lost games on only one or two mistakes. One thing that the Lions were able to do was leave their impression on their opponents. Almost all of the games were close and hard fought. The team worked hard all sea- son and showed more dedication, pride, and heart than in past years. Coach Kojoyian and the coaching staff did their job well. Many sen- iors will graduate, but Kojoyian has a good number of returning ex- perienced players in the right posi- tions. The Lions look forward to next year's season with anticipa- tion. by S.L. .Lv laboiel 25. 36. HIRE! -1-1 Sports an ' r , . "Fl Z xr. vi' f W 4 Qi Ae ui? v ,, u 1, -N 'V -,AA ,- -' , ' Esker? 1 H -.. -, J 'f' .8 , , .,.. f"F'll4..,,- . -zI:f7f',f::g'9-75 Q-V' f -3-vi'f"f"', V' " 'italfrlc - ,., " '--f Y. f llsl Rowl D. Gross, l.. Chemin, Cf Huddcr. S. Slumc. A WM lcqm. Und Row? K. Johnson. H, Ch11imr1.S. Kijcvvskl. N. Tucmn. Il Vamp. ll, 'N1wr1bf1u,1quc 13rd Row! A, Smith. Sulitu. M. Huckcl iaboveb Faster than a speeding bullet . . . ilefti "Oh God. please lcl us um?" SPUHN -1 ,wi nm ,l. in wldbcrg, Lf Dockscr ffm! mwl .l. Goldcnbcrg, N. .-Xrmiun, H. Crosby, .l. . ow ,ini mm Couch C. llurwilz, l.. Mcllonuld. P. Mcliridn. lll.llllkNlCIll,Xl Rudu l R L' Xlucllcll, Nl Brnuxou, l lxcllcrcr, ,l. Neville, A. Monahan. K. Puddcn. Ad: -K " uf' i H , labowel Would mc? lrightr thc wo fUL1VlLl . . . -Us Sportx you please stop following ndcr bull goes round and 'ae'-14' ,am .. 9412252 Aw, f ' f . -W Ml .my M 'Fi ' 4. Q. iff' 'Y 'VW wil 5 -O 1 lbelowl Raise your hand if you're sure. lleftl Neda shakes off another player. . f f J Q., .if , ' " " ' 4 1' gw '-2' Q' f 3, , .Vg . , ., MQW?-4' gy4.W4' I my ,am r I ' W yr , 1 ,-24, 2- 4 , ' 1' " ,. '-2 i ' ' ::, ' ff .f jf V? -51 H. ' ' . ' 2 , 'za ,,,, -0 'f fri, . 3 mf"'4.'h V ,fv . 1 - 1 'rf f- ff. , , f . , U n 'H 4 73' if if 'me Q, . .vw .N Just For Kicks The whistle blows to start the game, and the girls huddle on the sideline. With their muscular legs bent and their fists touching, the team's energy culminates. Coaches Chuck Hurwitz, Gwen Smith, and Laura Saks, remind the girls to do what they practiced and to work as a team. Each girl's face glows with spirit and anticipa- tion. "LETS GO SOUTH!" ech- oes across the girls soccer field as they run to their positions. The most important aspect of the girls team is its determination. Newton South is known to never give up. The girls varsity, losing 2- O, came back to tie Wayland. The girls even held state champs Con- cord Carlisle scoreless for 45 min- utes. The girls 3-7-2 record does not indiciate the incredible effort of these girls. Most of the games were lost by only one goal, and never did the team walk away from a game feeling it didn't try its best. The- team practiced in rain and humid- ity, in dark and in cold. But no matter what, in hail or heat, the pride and unity of the girls soccer team is always present. by. C Indy Dockser if sf ,, -fi? Y - ,g text". -Q if -51-r1:s5'E? . - .-.s .3,:f,v,.,-six S: -i"!'f2f:5-rig, - QYWF .1 .ki .. ff- 2. -- e -' lf: mf"-'v-":gnss'.fi!'1Q'f1 w . 94' 4 . "K ' fist row! M. Bailen, S. Kugel, Una' row! Z. Paap. D. Perry, Ci. Dreyer. J Kay. B. Friedman, M. Crosby,J.Sydney,A. Zlowandai. 13ri1'mwlCoacl1G. Allen. D. Waller. -X. Rothkopf. G. Smith. J. Krasnow, J. Chapman, M. Eastmcnt. D. Rottenberg. D Nloller- auer, J. London, S. Guiverneau, M. Engleman. R. .-Xbusch. Sporls -1- Fotst Driving Once again, the field hockey team kept a winless record. De- spite the outcome of the season, 0- l3- l, it was still viewed as success- ful. The team had two goals this year scored by senior Hope Sulli- van and junior .lill Priluck. First year coach Pam Melone was proud of her team and the outstanding effort shown. She reconstructed the defense and gave the offense a background, which will make next years team a formidable contend- er in the D.C.L. Leading the team into battle twice a week were sen- ior co-captain sweeper Lauren Feldman and goalie Carrie Anne Kelly, whose combined defensive will be sorely missed next year. However, much of the strength in the team is credited to the remain- ing juniors Merri Rowe, Jill Pri- luck, and Ashini Shaw. All in all, the field hockey team did have a winning season: they won respect in the league and within the school. Co-captains Paul Croce and Da- vid Strassbuger led this year's golf team to a 7-7 record. lt was a great season, and the experience ofseven seniors in the line-up helped a lot. Travis Hook was the only under- classman on the squadg he is a sophomore. Strassburger solidified the first position and could always be counted on to score points when needed. The remaining seven seats shifted all year, but Paul Croce came on strong in the middle of the season to solidify the second spot. Croce's game was what all golfers aim for: consistency. Fred Mitch- ell also played well towards the end of the season and took the third spot. Frances Hook played in the number seven spot all year and is Coach Steeves' only returning player. The future ofthe golfteam is questionable, and Hook will play an important role in it. by S.L. by Lauren Feldman and Carrie Kelly trightl With no ball you can't miss. tabovet We really wish we could be cheerleaders. -lo Sports CND 15- 11158 pau-uurclfvi VG X N sr. ...,,"yA . . ii?,f7f'iQf+ . A. if . ,, "'W',zi ' 2 -.,, Vw -az. 4 H' f. ' V .f,,v,,.f.f,. - w..-:. 'lf nv Q.-f bi . . Q - f::.,,g,Q4v K WNW, ll -'Y QWUSWQ .. Mm! Q l 'NL' " 'Q w i g! --...HNJ s ' 2. "-- W... v .. "TN a.- 1 5 f-img, lfar above! Are we number one or number two? labovel Where's the bus? llst rowl Cfo:1el1 T. Slccvex. IJ. Slrmxberyur. N1 llCIlIll.1ll. l lllw I Horg11n,S. l.ipuI', Cf. 'Vlellnxld fi fe 4 .J" 3. ijilwl N 1 fi ,Q . 1 v I 4 PM N '9 f ev' -I , t M ...W -. - .D Mgr I 'I fa... llst rowl L. Meller. C. Kelly, L. Feldman. H. Bieber. 12nd rom lk. lcync. P Gilman, .l. Shotz, M. Rowe. E. Theodore. A. Shah. D. l' 13-rd rms' Couch B. Sheff. R. Gotlieb. A. Pussmgxn. .l. Schneider. R. Dcercr. ll Sullz- vun. J. Cuplin. S. Murphy. Nl, Blukcmlup. Ckqnch P. Nlnlonc SIM-rlx -4' Speed ond Spike This year, the Newton South cross-country team posted a l-6 record. Despite the record, there v ere many bright spots. As usual, the team worked hard all season but faced to11gh D.C.l.. competi- tions. Co-captains Mike Silver- -tien and Matt Pickett paced the team and set examples that the whole team followed. They never gave up, and prac- 'iced and ran races with great in- tensity, proving the good character of the team. The team loses the two prominent forces on the team, Sil- verstien and Pickett, to graduation this year. Not to worry though. Coach McCarthy has been train- ing underclassmen to replace them. Unfortunately, their hard work did not pay off in terms of wins and losses, but they showed a lot of heart and determination, which will carry over into next sea- son. On the brighter side, Newton South had a girl's cross country team for the first year in many. Even though it was their first sea- son, the girls actually won three games. Ellie Simon led the team with her incredible spirit. Also, with the talent of Allison Micha- lik, the girls established them- selves as a truly competitive team. by S.L. The 1987 women's volleyball team had the potential to be a strong team, but they lacked ex- perience to pull off victories. With a record of 3-15, the losses were often close and hard fought. The inexperience of this year's team was due to the graduation of all but three of last year's varsity squad. Captain Ellen Hackel, one of the returning varsity players, supported the team with her play- ing and spirit. Next year's team will also be a building year. Fortunately, many freshmen tried out this year, so South should have a winning team in a couple of years. L.G. WW , www -+- Na Qmg- .., -af as Q MN! H .J 6-n 'Perl' 'f 'Wa- til, ,.' l "7 .r H N ' bf -afltf f' Y? 1 .4 e, - I , "X -1:5-'2'it"x'wf-N" . " nl r I . ' -51.-f LN: A L .- !-f3'L1L5..-1 l. ff. A:-ff' .dig IF i S tfar abowei tlst rowi Coach P. McCarthy, P. Borgesen. J. DeRensis, A. Michalik, E. ., -- Simon. N. Riesman. ll. DeRensis 'H-,,,....e , .gm tabowel llst row! D. Chaletsky. M. Swope. M. Pickett, G. Swope. D. Rich. t2nd rowl P. X Nw... NlcC11r1h3, Nl. Silverstein, E. Zaff. J. Kaplan, K. Krasinski, A. Roberts, C. Corsetti. ffl Sports st rowlw M, llziru, M. Harmon, R. Cilick, li. ll11ckcl.l2nd row1K,l,ogiin.R 'l uiiikin Theodore, A. Chow. 43rd rowl K. Cohen, C. Cupocciu, l.. Ciibbk ,pon ,Ja , if., Sv' 'la f I 4 i X Q lleftl This looks like ilk going to li labovel Only one more mile to go Npurl- fl Seo lihe boys swim team has good reason to hope lihey started out the season very sniall. but with good recruiting the size has significantly increased, The boys swim team has not always done well in the pastl howex er, with additional members and in- creased spirit. this year could very well be a turnaround Seniors Zvi l.ifschit1, Mike lioster, Doug liarp, and Nelson Stacks have returned for their final year on the Newton South Swim Team. Mark Broody, Xlark Perskey . and lsevin Fairley give hope for .1 promising future. Coach Scott Pohl- man and assistant coach .lohn Moulioney are working the team hard to make the IWW-S8 season the best it can be. No mat- ter what happens this year. the growing numbers will insure a promising future for the Sea lions of Newton South. The girls' swim team lost eleven letter winners to graduation last season. Most of the people w ho dived in the pool in Septem- ber hadn't swum competitively before. "Our other problem was that we didn't have the depth or the numbers to win meets," senior co-captain Sarah Stolper said. Despite the 2-10 season. the Lions Lions took seventh place in the D.C.l.. conference meet. "We've had more surprises than swim- mers this season," senior co-captain Debbie lfrieze said, "Two of our sophomores, Turi Nlcliinley and Diana Yousof, placed in the l00 Butterfly and 500 Freestyle in the dual meets, and those are two difficult events to swim, even for experience swimmers." Frieze was injured late in the season, but still competed in the conference and sec- tional meets in the l00 backstroke with her stress fractured foot. Stolper placed first or second consistent- ly in the long distance events, the 200 and 500 Freestyle, while her sister, junior Jane Stolper. was a Lion powerhouse in the 100 Butterfly and 200 individual medley. Junior Stephanie Karp qualified in the 100 Breaststroke for the elite South see- tionals meet as did sophomore diver Missy Ganz. Both will be back next year. Next season, the swim team will need strong performances from junior Amy Cic- chetti and the sophomore crew, Caitlin Ol- son, Ellen Weiss, and Melissa Marder. 1 F 1 D 1 . '-3 L. i .h 91 . . - t -1 .r Q . f ifgjk L ' f - we , ia aa 1 Q f- .. . ,N tlst row! D. Karp. N. Stacks t2nd rowl B. Speigel, Coach Mulvaney, M. Persky, M. Broudy. T. McDonough. Z, Lifs- chitz. Nl. Foster. Coach Pohlman 13rd row! E. Barry, S. Levine, K, Fairly, A. Ashrafzedeh, E. Sheff. J. Selter 52 Sports 4- --- ...uf . . -ug...,t..,.,a.- -.-an Y l ,Q y v 6 . -'rl - N i le, i 5 '.L l V- A L0 .an .t ff' eff 4 tabovel Nancy's lifesaving course pays off, Jw! ,Ir J NJ - if 1 D Q Y O , U Y' :fsz.fwL..,- ie' in uf ,, ,S 1 ,. 5, 1-,: .93 Qfsgdfna ,. 'K-2 il,-. ., .fl 4 J' 5 I' r I ii w NS MW . ,ax ibelowl Girls discuss running striilcgics, I 'K Sf QQ -I Q. if 3: Si - A ' Q ff . ,...,.,..w-W -l Spilrlw labovel Billy llicm to the finish. is Breaking the Speed Limit The Newton South boy's track team faced a rebuilding year this past winter. Several important people were lost to graduation and this made it even tougher on the Lions. who compete in the Dual County league. The team was a young one with few up- perclassmen. Help came from the younger and less experienced runners. This. along with the lack of participants. brought the team together. They were a close knit group and regardless of the record. they made the most out ofthe season. Co-captains Matt Pickett and Mike Sil- verstein led the team by example. They worked hard all season and helped to prime the younger runners. There were many first year turnouts. and this will help prepare the team for next season. The Lions took pride in their accomplish- ments and always looked to improve on them. lt was a great season due to a talent- -4Qug,:...f...-. ed and hard-working group. and the record is deceiving. Graduation will take its toll once again. but South can look forward to bigger and better things from the l.ions next year. Although the season started olii slow lor the girls. they have a bright looking future because of strong returning athletes such as: senior captains Vliehele Seay and .lulie Goldenberg. Other strong players arei Elaine Theodore throwing shotput. Rima Tvributas running the 600 meter, Amy Gottesmen jumping the high jump. and Al- lison Miehalik running the mile. Fortunate- ly, they will be returning next year. This year's freshmen are improving steadily f they are becoming traeksters. The track team this year and the years to come are promising. by Chris McDavid is tlst rowi S. Persky, B. Marathias, M. Pickett. D. Lee, A. Howe t2nd rowl R. Lee, S. Chen. G. Swope. C. MeDavid. M. Ma77otta t3rd rowi Coach D. Sutherland, D. Takof. D. Chaletsky, P. Kessler. E. Zalti. l.. Niead. .-X. Roth. J. Kugel, M. Silverstein. E. Koening. Sports if ibelowh lr. this practice or pliiy time Brian? .- x '.'-nl i" . ' ff' ' - f'gTv.i wN:Pi-.Eg '- it-N ' ' :,4 -, 5 Q Q.. 2' W L . 'z if if ,r rf' F9111 1 ul. Hx f""'i " V' JG .I dy rlst Rom - f- S. Green. M. Pemslein. S. Heymun, M. Kirshner, J. Schneider, A, Bernard 12nd Row f- Couch Abcnd. Pelton, M. Solomon, H. Fuller, D. Topkins, D. Frieze, J. S , , . .Q .w ,W lxrgixnigm, R. Aniipolle, P. Brunum. P .S X. i W. -...Xp 56 Sporlx lhelowl Debby and Josh. Dllllil cross your skis? . ls- ' 'ww . 91 .I Q0 Q s x k - if -ii flith-1145! ll if ROW! 3 B. Sheff. B. Yee. J. Lowenstein. D. Knapp 4 5 nd Row! f M. Crosby. Coach Steeves. S. Saotiriadis. K. Kaplan. J. Ellenbogen. i . Ruffino. A. Salant. D. Rodriguez L fu lf- wifi.. Poles and Rolls Much of the competition that the 1987-88 Newton South Ski Team faced didn't occur on the slopes. Because of a budget problem the team had to have petitions signed showing the need for a team. These petitions were then presented to the School Committee. ln late fall. the Committee allowed the team to form and compete. Coaches Tobey and Sue Abend worked the team hard to get them into top shape. The team was led by captains Deb- bie Frieze and Josh Krasnow. These two led by example and were consistent performers throughout the season. lt was a great year. and the biggest victory occurred the day the School Committee allowed there to even be a team. Frieze and Krasnow will be missed next year. but Coaches Tobey and Sue Abend will help the team along. by S. L. The gymnastics team this year enjoyed the advantage of having coach Aaronson for the first three weeks of the season. Aaronson volunteered to coach when Tom Steeves. the regular coach. was invited to partici- pate in a gymnastics clinic in Saudi Arabia. Aaronson. an olympic gymnasticsjudge. feels that the team is shaping up vt ell. and believes that the team should be able to place a feu members in the state finals later in the season. Some particularly strong competitors are: Nlike Rufino on the rings. Nlax Crosby and David Rodriguez on floor. .losli Lowenstein on the high bar. and Brian Sheff on the parallel bars. Sports F' HCJCJPS! This winter brought about another great season for Boys Basketball. lfans were waiting lot this season, wondering how they would do without Reggie Stewart or Randy Collins. lhe pair were replaced and the lions surprised many people. Sophomores Travis llook, Scott Taylor and Derek Fergus made up a strong core ol' underclassmen. Their consistent pertormance helped the l ions achieve many of their goals. lscith Nlerion. Lawrence Olivierre, John Xlorgan. Gary Creem, and Mark Bailen led the team and it was their determination and hard work that helped the team get through the season. One advantage that the Lions had was their condition. They were in top shape all year and often this was the deciding factor in games. With the experience that many younger players have. we can't wait for the Lions to take the court again next winter. by S.L. The 1987-SS Girls' Basketball team had quite a change this season with a new head coach, Arnie Singel stepped in and brought A se, QQ nf" with him a new style ol' play and a whole dil'l'erent coaching perspective. Tlte team adapted well and worked hard while having fun in the process. Led by senior tri-captains Lucy "Spike" lsctterer. .len "Ro" Roser. and Pookie "l'ookalus" Wilson. the team brought a multitude of skill and determination to the court. The two "rookie" seniors, Julie "JB" Blankstein and Monique "Freak" Brinson, added their enthusiasm. Junior highlights Patty "Pate" McBride. Carolyn "Mitch" Nlitchell, Diana "Twin" Mosca, Karena "Twin" Mosca. and Jenny "Nevie" Neville contributed greatly to the action on the court. Sophomores Sheila "Sheen Dwyer and Dawn "Dee" Nunnally are sure to con- tinue the intense game played by this year's team. One would call this not a "rebuilding" year. but a "regrouping" year. New ideas and styles made this season an extra chal- lenge and the team gave it their all. The outlook for next year looks quite promising with seven returning varsity players, all with strong determination to continue a tra- dition of hard work. "' ,3g,w,, WE. fb... . tabovel Lucy crashes the boards Wah' SH Sports QQUHRY V 4? npr Y Wfififiiu Wifwf 1lstrowyM. Brinson,K. Moscu,D.Nunnz1lly.l.. KclIcrcr.l1.W1lwn,.l. Rusurul. Nuvxilr 12nd row3K.S1ccr, K. Henderson, I-. Anugnus, S. Dwyer, P. VIcBr1dc.C.. Vlmhcll. I Blunkstein, D. Moscu, J. Dupont. I-. Purcnl, Couch Scngul 92125. j . RY N, ,Q ' .in 5 fn 1 ' . ,Wg , ,I 4 P , I , . N- a -A1 .Q . 5l.' -1, ' ' Q 15 A a A, . , V ,Q Q, 4 Y., ' W 2' K l NVQ ' ,..' ' V , g f I L A 965 K v"f:5g1'I P is I Eg X V1 1 ' ,M .g ,fi , " k....,.,.. - 2 A '. f J. 5'9" f J f n ys ...Q-x,'. A Fw V - ,-,.ff..,.,, W2 fm V vfumn ,f 341 -W.. N if , 3 . V a ' labovej Pookie sets up the offense. F3 Q .af . ip M I ,b . . 1 I4b- .N .i x Y bulk.. . 1'.' X ,,. ' f Q . ,-1, . Q'- , - A llst rowj K. Marion, W. Rhone, G. Grossman. L. Ollivierre. D. Fergus. J. Morgan 12nd row! T. Brightman, L. Browne, B. Harriss. S. Taylor. G. Crccm. N1. Bailcn Sports 50 'w 4 I gbclmw Nuts has 'L 'Q allways been ax puticnl kid. 21 YL 1 I" :QF Q' " 1 1: its H611 xg,- 'IGN' i S Q ' WN. ----. .. " -..,-.. 66? ' F' . M.'. Nyxv X .' Q N' ' . ,. , . -.' y .,,. X ILJ i . 'W 4 -' ' ' 4 x-"'! X' ' s 5' M' 1 S ' , 3' -,J H 9 A H Q,-, ' Yu 1IstRom A. Hruby. S. luwrcncc, R. Bunnzoli. D. Murphy, M. Baron. E. Prince. N1. Grxncll. NI Ilcllmgm 12nd Rom A. DOI'CTl.C11J11Ch. D. Feldman. M. Chin, B. Fricdm4m.S. Lipot',S. Chcrnia, C. Fcmlcrln.1cI1cr. .l, Dhmi. NI. Shulmun full Spwrts lgkgx r 4 N O 7 is if 1 s el w"t9' ' i -u-rf' I 4' tleftt Two on Une. honest 'Newton Stllllll hockey Flea' Stick and ni" 1 nf 3 tfi bu! ttRowy L. Kalis, R. Malone, J. Glanz, A. Rothkoff, N. Lindzen, P. Dreyer t d Rowy M. Donovan, A. Friedman, J. Record, B. Caplin. J. Entner, T. Langer. J . Marchette t dRowJ Coach Hurwitz, Z. Paap, R. Lopes, J. Goldstein, L. Alvarez, N. Horgan, CClancy, M. Richards This year the hockey team's blood and guts tstress on bloodt work ethic shined through from the lowliest fresh- man on double runners to the mightiest senior with no teeth. Coach Rezzutti and Coach Mosca stressed the basics and endurance as the keys. By the end of the season, the team was hearing "Dump and change!" in their sleep. The team's main strength this year was in it's nine tcount 'em NINE? re- turning seniors. Versatile co- captain Dan Uthe lron Lung" Murphy sported his leadership by skating the eternal shift and kicking points in, while eo- captain Robert "Captain Crunch" Bon- azoli showed his by skating over players and kicking in heads. Fred "Mouth" Mitchell and Mark "Poke Cheek" Heit- man held the defense together. Fred with his guts and heart all over the place, and Mark with his cool and con- tained precision. Ben "Assist" Fried- man and Craig "Gilbratar" MeGary, a couple more four year boys, returned as offensive powers by popping in goals and badgering the refs. The team's last three swarthy seniors were goalie Mike "the Wall" Shulman, who effectively injured players even from the crease. Mike "the Demon" Baron whose mad- dening howls often caused opposing players to flee the ice, and Steye "C'mon guys!" Lipof whose determina- tion inspired the entire squad. There were a bunch more suckers, in- cluding great forwards Ken Golden. Scott Lawrence. and Andy Hruby. de- fensemen Matt Grinnell and Joe Dhosi. not to forget our second psycho net minder Alex "Sneakers" Doren or. of course. our bloodthirsty fans. lt was a rebuilding year for the Lion wrestlers this winter. Graduation took seven seniors from last years 15-5 squad. Faced with tough competition and a young team. the Lions had their work cut out for them. Although the team lacked in experience. they made up for it with hard work. determination. and the right attitude. The team did hate several talented and experienced yy restlers. Tri- captains Rama Malone tl-lOl. Jason Glan7 and Robert Hillis tlelwtl led by example and often carried the team. Larry Kalis tll9l. and Avi Rothkopf tllll. both juniors. surprised many people .ind were both top performers. Sports bl Qgr-f 0- wx-:anne -N4 99 C 'T ' " wf fl +v A.'f"'A.. '+ za is -A ga-4155 ,QL 'si- o" an 'KS as-5513 xx . X,w..?3f'q 'if X . ,Q f fgyzfy iw' i qu . , , ff . N333' if? 53 Ax Q -nr 2J"S fu: Spwiflx lahmeb More action in thc skg1nd5 than on thc field. if sf N in iv l A ' . .ny .Va tbelowl Jen Neville gets a kick out ol' soccer tleftl When will I get to play? Boosters At any Newton South sporting event you will al- ways see an abundance of people whose only purpose is to watch and cheer. Like mailmen, neither rain, nor sleet, nor snow, can keep these supporters from the games. There are many types of fans: there are the quiet watchful ones. or the loud cheering ones. No matter what kind of fans they are, they all have the same purpose: to support and cheer for Newton South. South fans are very loyal. Even ifNewton South is losing ta rare occasionl, the supporters continue to cheer, as do the benched players. Players who watch from the sidelines are just as important to the team as those on the field. Benched players, like fans, are full ofspirit: they are constant- ly cheering on their teammates, or helping by sup- plying water and a pat on the back. Newton South thanks and salutes all the loyal fans who help keep South's athletic teams so spirit- ed. by EM. Sports 03 gy 'Jak 43 N i I i 54-1-v. Powder Puff Initially. when I heard about the first Newton South Powder Puff foot- ball game. I was a bit hesitant. I didn't know the rules of football. or even how to play. My curiosity. like many other's. got the best ofme. and I added my name tothe sign-up sheet. Two weeks before the game took place. we held our first practice. The senior girls team was coached by Mr. Hackel. and the junior team by Ms. Bryant. We were anxious for the snow to melt so that we could have intense outside practices. Finally. the day came. It was a cold afternoon. but I was too excited to notice the numbness of my arms un- der my blue football shirt. Students stood in line to pay two dollars to watch the game. and to support both classes. I approached the line of scri- mage. and found myself staring into . "r f 1- ,-,in .r .M f. I. V A .,f,v,,ll iz. f ...Ulf ..... J " M H -1' . 'Pg Q 2' gf ,- . ' TIQQW 1,29 ' ' 'g .f -' ffl, L MX. ,,'l- L 'M " 'ft . I ,WJ V u 3 . L 'No' will . " f .lil ts "4 s , H 1 Is ".s 49 Z, f N .I :I 4. ' 'I Z' . M4 1 V if , ,. if I i . V a 1 Zi . as it Q , M 4 nuff' f-,u J- L..- tlst row! M. Seay. J. Barrett. C. Kelly. H. Baker. K. Garret. E. Miller. K. Pellitier. T. Anderson. M, Tvirbutas. J. Croopnick. M. Blankenship. 12nd rowt M. Taylor. D, Gross. L. Raysor, B. Jones, C. Capoccia. C. Hara. E. Wilson. M. Gitlin. M. Gerson. E. Hackel. T. Roberts. L. Faneuil. A. Monahan. .I. Goldberg. J. Blankstein. K. Harrison. S. Shane. D. Feldman t3rd rowl L. Gibbs. L. Jaffe. S. Oliver. S. Taylor. A. Smith. S. Stolper. N. Toon. K. Upshaw. S. Chaffin, L. Ketterer. M. Rogers. A. Hackel. the eyes of my opponent an angry junior. The ball was hiked and the first Newton South Powder Puff game was underway. The game was a huge success. w ith a final score of seniors: I4 juniors: O. and both classes finished with huge smiles. and plenty of money for their treasuries. by Jill Goldberg taboyet Get me down' Spryfls Us Mmfndnm 'swam-sn-x .x 1 .,, as mm' mx J . 4, if "in :QW ' -fwmqzanws v ,-V ...uninsu- H981 , ,,,, , , W Sir 7 Iv' , -MQW 031 f2+'a"t-iff ' tabovel An eiccellent perspective down here. tleftl Getting ready' to bust some heads. I?'!ftQ3f',Q' Body B Ah, Health and Fitness! Just these two words make one think ol' waking up at 6:30 a.m., running five miles to aerobics class. and then running home to breakfast. consisting ol' a large bowl of granola or Grape Nuts both are culinary delights to the active and hearty. Now, let us not de- ceive ourselves. Many South students are still soundly sleeping at 7:45 in the morning. whether they have an A- block class or not. Simply thinking ol' crawling out ol' one's incredibly com- fortable bed in the morning is enough to make one's whole body ache and twinge in pain. Some NSHS students' idea ol' health and fitness is speeding tthe lit- ness partl to lVlcDonald's during the five minutes between classes and buying an apple pie tthe health partl. Better yet, working extra hard in the last week ol' second term to get the signatures on one's Independent Study sheet is an arduous task an excellent exercise to increase endur- ance. Other students seek a low heart rate or the Arnold Schwarzenegger look by participating in various ac- 'Q thelowt ll' l could rua tcacli il..-i aeli' lleflt Please. let nie inalse it liner' , , 'Xxx A , ,Q . Q., .. 1, R Q 'Y 4- a.-fl L- Q .. -It 1 , FXR in 1 cg: A . 'I' '1 "1 'e . - " 1 ., . .y t r ' I , 'L ay 1- . V , i , . 1 1' I, ' i , . . A, it . 1 6 N y 4- 1, 5 4 1 9 I 1 -1 'V s , . 1 f . X . , 4 1 . y , 1 I , M 4 , ' . 1 4 5 - - i 3' i.,..a , "" 5 il. eoutiful tivities both in and out ol' school. A popular place at which NSHS students work out is the JCC. an ex- cellent nearbyr lacility with liree weights. Nautilus machines. and aer- obics classes. Still others may be found pumping iron at ffsposllois Academy ol Sell'-Deliensc. where martial arts classes arc also taught. Another place to Iind students build- ing muscular strength and endurance is at Nautilus. lt is possible to liind them lifting w ith prolessional liootball players til' they are not on strikel, Many students enthusiastically participate in school sports on the lireshman. ,junior varsity. and varsity levels. Students also participate in in- tramural sports. ollered throughout the year. Sonic ol' these are co-ed and can possibly include laculty mem- bers. Being lit and healthy is iiiiportant to all ol our liyes. but it will become essential to seniors in the year Illl F. when we haye to be .tliye and well in order to participate in our Iith liigii school reunion? by lucy lsettc c sp.-it if 8 I 7 - fu-I The Energy of Gur Notion 33563, go Q0 ml "'?' Xw+S,ap,... ' ..s?a:. -,f ,sy . If ,pil FX, :fa If-ffif 6X 10 I I 1 X f R" In W 4 m :U ,W A 'f' 4 " ' A H5 1 , ML, 30' T sk ., 3 f 1, , .. I O C !"l'u . I Trlols and Trlbulotlons rv. m"w'1 ,,: fff.aif..,,w- ,,., ...L f i.,-,, A Yi. ,- an .af . S' y 2511 , 5,NfSfs igi'L"' X Q mr" Qsvvx. K Q, X :mfr , f Q - - Tlx 'a x ' m X . , x jr Vx, . Q 5 wg 4 i b ,. pf nf' KWH? am' bf' ,. V, if N Ilfyx. "iv, f? 'QS' mix um humimi mm I 4 px , 1' ffdkgw my-aff. . , , ,., ' 4 1 fs? .uf v n w If um JMX Immun lwwdn 1 N if I X k 1 A.. People fl! 3 X4 A lil' at ,f cr OO F The Energy Source This year, class division was not as obvious as usual at Newton South. True, the seniors still step on the freshmen, but some things will never change. The classes were brought to- gether by many things. Clubs, sports, and even shared classes sparked friendships between up- perclassmen and underclassmen. Seniors, juniors, sophomores, and freshmen are linked by common interests, such as playing on the same sports team. These bonds are carried from the playing field to the classroom, bringing the school together as a whole, rather than four separate grades. lt is important to have interclass unity. but it is also important to have individual class activities. The seniors held bakesales on . nl' "1 , f , , . if if sf' :iahiff-if ' - i ffm vm ti . . ta -s q ,AA 'L ' ,M ,I f 'fig3.451sf': L I C 43'-4, -. 1,-' U' -- ..3 :J vsn - I - .- 1, Wednesdays, and the juniors held them on Thursdays. Everyone en- joyed the after school snack, and both classes' treasuries benifitted. For the underclassmen, an event which helped to recognize their talents was the Frosh-Soph Show. The students involved gained a sense of belonging to the school. And those who were in the audi- ence, students from all grades, came to see and support these young actors and actresses. Cliques will always be found, but this year the presence of divi- sion is smaller than in years past. Though our best friends usually come from the same class, our group of friends comes from many different corners of the school, and often from all different grades. It is because of these friendships that the rivalry between classes is so in- visible and insignificant. Many seniors and juniors are great friends with sophomores and freshmen. People meet through shared classes, extracurricular ac- tivities, and their siblings. This year, through a variety of clubs and activities, the students of Newton South have managed to pull the four classes into one cohe- sive group of students. Though we will all remain in our specific grades, be it seniors, juniors, sophomores, or freshmen, we are all Southies. It is the diversity and individuality of all the South stu- dents that makes the school stron- ger, as a whole. by Marcy Taylor People CO SQ People ' moving Up in the World l-'reshmen come from various schools. and some find high school a diffcult adjustment. lfntcring ninth grade increases both academic and social pres- sures. Some of the hardest things to adjust to are class prejudice, grades. teachers' ex- pectations and procrastination. The expression "typical freshman" is applied to any ninth grader. Even sophomores. only one step up, have the right to say "typical freshman" be- cause they have survived their own freshman year. lt is tradi- tion. The drastic realization that grades determine their future hits freshmen early in the year. They receive a lot of homework and are told to understand ev- erything or they will fail life as well as their test. As teachers begin to demand responsibility and maturity, freshmen have trouble adjusting to these new demands. Freshmen procrastinate. and it takes a long time for them to learn that it is better to get homework out of the way as fast as possible. They put homework off until the block before it is due, but of course something happens to prevent getting the work done. Some never learn and procrastinate all four years of high school. Simply finding their way around school is a major prob- lem to freshmen in the begin- ning of the year. The labyrinth of halls seems to have been de- signed for the sole purpose of confusing and irritating the in- coming studentsg all the halls revolve around the courtyard and look similar. Once they have figured where to go, they have to figure out when. Since the schedule is different every day of the week, freshmen look at schedules hidden in their no- tebooks to find out what block is next. Upperclassmen, being more responsible, just ask someone else what block is next. l wish those ninth graders who still haven't adjusted to South the best of luck. Always remember, today a freshman. tomorrow a senior. by Jen Cohen tabmet Megan and Jennifer enjoy the warm weather. trightt Another exciting gym class. 7-1 lfreshmen ge, .J tbelowl Freshmen step up to high school . 2- - "za M? H 9 :-,7 QU I Wgf--rf nw... .Q , il?-, ci. , ,,., ,J ' 1 1 x 1 V IW "gl -2, if Z -ng x e 1 s . ,II ' ' 'N -f A ' WX ' 'W Q X J ' J 'ff?1Qfffciifai-i52f?::C1 i 4 1 l I in.-Y 413 1 J. 'ff' if' Q. 1 J" " - , I A. . X 1. ' I Y 3 I J " g , y 4 f 'i? , tn. . " L J 41, J In aggagjtih Prudence Adams David Albeck Eugene Alperovich Ara Amiri Jennifer Andelman Heather Anderson Griselda Armas Anne Balasa Amy Bard Forest Beard Lincoln Beard Megan Berry Wendy Bieber Brigitte Bloch Yanir Blumenfeld Malik Brown Beau Burlingame Aaron Burrows Elizabeth Caliri Michael Cantor Lisa Capoccia Dylan Carrol Sarah Casey Amy Casher Erica Champion Michael Chan Scott Chernis Lou Cifer Jeffrey Cohen Jennifer Cohen Walter Colton Bryan Copeland Christopher Corsetti Jennifer Crone Ana Crowley Joseph Deluca Nicholas Demos Heather Derensis Joseph Dhosi Paul Dreyer Richard Drucker Haley Fabricant Frcshni n l I xl l 't bx mth .1 llltle help lrightl X loyal tan, Brian Feldman C irter Fenstemacher Catherine Fine Bernice Fishman William Flynt David Fogel Neil Fraser Jill Gerson Kenneth Gilman Jaimi Goldberg John Goldberg Randall Goldstein Rachel Gottlieb Elliot Gould David Greenberg Daniel Gusenofl' Rachel Hall April Hannon Seth Harwood Jethro Heiko Sarah Henderson Michael Hong Michael Irwig Gayle Jaffe shmcn liric Kaplan Shiva Karimi David Klebenov Gail Kopelman Erik Kornlcld Robert Kowal Susan Koyfnian Nicole Kozma Stacey Kramer Kevin Krasinski Jason Krupat Brett LaBelle Elizabeth Lam Aimee Lebrun Shira Lebsun Michael Lee Alison Lewenberg Kerry Leyne vqziq 'T if i',igr Qfivu , ga lle l ni going to be late" laboiel freshmen picnic, lir .lellrey Libby Laura Linionie Jeremy Lipshutz Ethan Maekler .lohn Malliaros Asaf Man Megan MeArdle Michael McDonald Gwen Meliinley David MeMullin Joshua Megerman Elizabeth Meltzer Allana Miller Jeffrey Millos Alison Mitchell Douglas Moleux Laura Molta Maria Monahan 'A . I i 3 4 -i , Q labowel Creative juices are flowing. lrightt Don't chew off your Prem Ons Vrexhmen -. xxx xwfx 1 il if: flake' . l , N E, lleftj Three cute freshmen and inc Jill, thelowi Future freshm n 5 V staff! 'iid' -AHL ,f li 6 ii 2,51 A' t-'12 , '. 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'X s r f 1 2215? 1. n 'I , Ky, ', 'i i 5 it All i G- 'lin e vids, 3 if' at 90 labowet lrexhmen discover thc library, trightt Chris dreams of days ol yesteryear as a freshman. l rexhmcn 19-A s-kff-4 H. ' L r ' tt , 'fr A, .. z3?iz'1j2 1f "ta p 1 if il" L W , "' A 4 gm, 'S Q. 4 , 'L Q I 'wg f ft H .indise class. t ':1s- ' L .io W J . A" i 1: ,f 5 'V vw , , Home Sweet Home: Cutler Commons "Those poor freshmen" f what will we ever do? Maybe if we're lucky, we'll get a free block e otherwise, it's off to that dreaded study hall. You would think that study hall would be helpful: a quiet room where you could be alone with your own thoughts or fin- ish the homework you neglected the night before. WRONG! Study hall is, I quote, "boring," I "painful," "useless" e the list my 2-,fr ,Q ' ir A '. Y V 3 l i , , L' , M l , , i ,f S 4 im ,' JE ' ,,-1 ,I l fi S I , 'r I ts- ,x , , i xl ' 'Q Y, V .V . c 4. ,- f Q w I' ,.,'. continues. For the most part there is no eating, talking, Walkmans, writing notes e the works! Some teachers aren't as strict as others, but that's only in rare instances. There isn't much hope for changing this rule. Freshmen. supposedly, need to be guided this first year, The faculty feels that study hall is the perfect place to put this into effect. Al- most all of us, here at South, have had to get through a year of those monotonous forty-five minutes ee without a com- plaint, we'd have been kicked out if we had. Yes e study hall is here to stay, so maybe we should all just crack down and do what it is we are supposed to do there B that's right guys ee STUDY! llt might even make a differeneej by Anna Nielson ,N ,Q .,, - wa.. v-K-----W s o L. '1 ' .- ' t , ' T V T A ' ti' ' 21 ia, 3 Heath Watkin Fleur Weigert Stephanie Weiss Laurie Wexler Brian White Lena White A 'mu fx' nc." g h Bonnie Wong ,, jg' Eiling Yee , Y Melissa Yoffe A Peter Young V tax ' Daniel Zuker I lfrcshmcn Al Food Glorious Food The Cafeteria is a popular hangout for a lot of underclass- men. Although you might find yourself sitting in somebody's lunch from a previous block or running your shirt sleeve through a puddle of fruit punch someone spilled on the table, with study hall as an alterna- tive, most of the underclassmen choose to hang around in the cafeteria. Just because you're in the cafeteria doesn't always mean you will have time to eat! The lines are long, and the lunch la- dies are slow. When you finally push and prevent what seems to be half the school from cutting in front of you, tjust to get a drink ora small bite to eatj they don't have what you want. You must buy something because you don't want the long wait to be a total waste. Often, underclassmen buy lunch in the beginning of the block, eat in the cafeteria, and 4 Daniel Africk Afshin Akhouan David Altman Joseph Andrews Allison Baker John Baldessarini Raheem Baraka Elliott Barry Christopher Bartley Valicia Bassfield Shari Baumberg Edward Beatie Noah Belson Dasee Berkowitz Adam Bernard Hallie Bieber Eric Bond Joshua Bridger I L F52 Sophomores lv then go to either the library or a Commons room. When the weather is good, people will even eat outside in the court- yard. Underclassmen will go out to lunch if someone with a car has the same free block. But the one good thing about the cafeteria is the prices, you can buy food at a price that matches a depleted wallet. For this reason, many people grab something here to Cal. The cafeteria is open until 2:00 most days, and this allows sport team members to buy lunch and eat quickly before practice soon after school. The selection is good, if you like hamburgers or pizza. The prices are cheap. lt's in school so underclassmen without cars can get food. All in all, it is one of the few places you can see all groups of people sitting togeth- er by Josh Siege! inf, , BE .6 ' www-, 45 'T' YYY J' 'fii ' , Q A R nh 0' in ,., - s fi 6 K Z an X lil X Q X as klhhlikkssri A - -.. f, - by Nw, if -'T' I - . r gf a w , X 4 li Abigail Brown Tamara Brown Jessie Caplan Rayna Caplin Sandra Carruthers Gayun Chan Serena Chao Dorothy Chen Juliana Chen Maria Christakis A Christopher Clancy Mark Collins 1, ,, Peter Davidson Ahva Davis Michael Demingian Zachary Demko Maria DeSimone . Max Crosby 1 Peter DiClemente Anthony Distasi Tyrone Distasi Beth Drucker Josee Dupont i Shelia Dwyer .T' gif u. ia, 'YS' ,, vfa f Egg 'Q' .f lg .,..,,, 19' ,gjaigzal .fi . ,r f ' ' ' fy, H. 1 .1- tleftl "The latest gossip is ... " tabovel l'd rather sleep in the cafe than eat there. Sopliomort L A W" ' ily one inure block lo stu x tri htl Sopliomore smiles. 'K Revital Eliahou Jeffrey Ellenbogen Jamie Entner Koorash Eynalhori Kevin Fairley Stephen Farber Steven Finkel Jonathan Fisch Brian Foster Odessa Franks Jennifer Freed Genevieve Futrelle Lisa Gans Melissa Ganz Mandi Garfield Jeffrey Glazer Alexander Goldberg Kenneth Golden Stephanie Goldmand Andrew Goldstein Zachary Gordon Riel Gould Yves Grant Lynne Grodberg S phomore ? 4. , , Q., 4, N 5 Q. Q ' sb, x. ' ' Q -H' A ff T1 3 ., Q Xi, ' tbfi ' qv :C N.. 1 ,- - ' t xf ., fi ,gt -J f 4' I , fly. em-f 6 L ,,,- J ,iq 3 ,k": fx 1- g L x Sebastian Guivernau David Guzzi Antoniyo Haeoopian Tamar Harel Matthew Harris Lynn Higgins Travis Hook Neil Horgan Clyde Howard John Hurwitz Nikhil Jathar Kathryn Johnson Craig Kaplan Kenneth Kaplan Bradley Karp Peter Kessler Heidi Kimball Jason Kimenker Paula Kivlehan Andrea Kolbe Susan Kong Douglas Krintzman Jeremy Kugel Emmanuelle Lafer Joshua Lakin Katy Langan Todd Langer Joanna Ledbetter Richard Lee Barry Leherman tleftl Leslie panies before A block. tabovel "Cool Shades Max" boplioinor N thclowl L h lt trightt I th tt Arie Levin Daniel Levine Morris Levine Jaime Lewis Sasha MacDougall Benjamin Mahnke Emily Manove Nicholas Manove Jean Paul Marchette Melissa Marder Christopher Marrow Bruce Marquis Matthew Mazzotta Sean McCarthy Douglas McDermott Timothy McDonough Turi McKinley Hannah McLaughlin Nirmala McPherson Lenard Mead Alison Meyer Brooke Mezza Alison Michalik Donald Mitchell tw Sopltotnor 7--, A 0 fl 3 M , , 'W . My 4 .. as I , lx y Y as , e Ma. ll C "f7"f3,": 'S-Y' . if ily? r, fm, 11, X -Q V Leigh Montville Susan Moore Shiva Moradi Dan Mu Michael Nathanson Bonnie Nissenbaum Brian Norman Amanda Noyes Dawn Nunnaly Jennifer O'Brien Caitlin Olson Heidi Paap Mieka Passaretti Andrea Passman labovel A snuggle in between classes. 1. Allyson Perry Alexander Peselman Amy Petrucelli Ayr Robinson monkies in the is . HQ. 4 VX: mf' J ,, Gil' fit e. sf' .wr " U , Frwn'24 middle What separates your sopho- more year from your other three years at South? A good analogy of the classes at South would be a peanut butter and jelly sand- wich. The bottom piece of bread would be a freshman, carelessly thrown underneath the weight of three higher years. The top piece of bread would be the sen- ior, above the rest in attitude, ready to leave South and soar to the sky. The jelly, stuck to the bottom side of the top piece of bread, would be the junior, sticky and close to the senior, clashing in prominence with the sophomore. The sophomore is the peanut butter. They can split and partially belong to their next-door classmen, the freshmen, or the juniors. The poor sophomores may not really know where to go. Actually, I think being a sophomore is just an excuse not to have to be a freshman or a junior. It is a sort of waiting pe- riod before the SAT and Achievement tests enter their lives. Whatever the reason. sophomore year is a well-de- served time to find out and try to understand what is really go- ing on at South. by Stephanie Goldman Sophomor N David Rodriguez Gabriel Roses l,eslie Ross lili Roth .Jesse Rudner Jose Rui? Stuart Sack Reiko Sakuir Alon Salant Sarah Schlesinger Maria Secinaro Gady Segal Jared Selter Jonathan Sheena Alan Shuman Michelle Silk Stephanie Silver James Sklarer Jessica Slavin Gregory Smith Julie Soble Matthew Solomon William Speigel Christopher Spinelli David Sugarman Danielle Sweeney Laura Sweet Gregory Swope Nazanin Talebi Shadee Talebi 1 z. ff- ' at E! no 0- , ,n,-i,3 ,. ..., ,M -J, - ,f q,a.w.,. , 71 ' , 'fy Y N 1 up f ' .x I A 1 Wm' A "' '1' f hx . Q, ,141 1 ' i,V ye. A A M--mvsws XNKXXQSWY ,J X -+s.,,6 L Q Muay., N A X at sw., Xu I sssl labovel Relaxation in Wheeler. , ,W lrightl What are you looking at Hallie. fop ionior I I :RQ 5 W. 7 '-J ' . ,Z , 3 xc' Q 'hs 1 I ya ,. Y, - .9 .MM its Q . '. l i A g"' cha-fanny! -n r3. Q55 lm Qs. , . 3 .,. -1,3151-I.: T' I 'Swv-A ze- a A , 5 Q . Q' ,I A i Ki-. r, , .lu "few ' -4 fi ' 1+ ' f A f ' I .. L . .. U fi' . r , A . . ' 2 1 if ' 4 mv f' f' '19f':::, ff' f- if :'..f : A 17512 ff , gqgfffff 5, aww' lily nf, If Y i :' ' l ...ral G9 - Peter Tasgal Steven Telio Lisa Temkin Marlon Toon David Topkins Franzisca Traub Amanda Trevens Lauren Troped Leif Utne Peter Valberg Jennifer Vanora Jamie Wallerstein Joshua Weintraub Ellen Weiss David Weissman Rebecca Weston Mica Williams Henry Wong Hannah Yampolsky Laura Yee Sawacki Yen Grace Young Diana Yousef Soplioinorts The Road to Freedom We all eagerly await that special time in our junior year xx hen we will receive our li- censes. We wait sixteen and a half years to be able to drive a car. legally. With a license we can drive alone! We all hope that those endless hours of quo- tations in driver's education and the movies of mechanized death pay off. Once the nervous driver passes his road test, the fun be- gins. The curfew from 1 a.m. to is the only negative part about the weekends once a ju- nior has a license. As soon as the applicants have license in hand and have signed it to validate it, they drive to all their friends' houses showing off. Everyone they knows is fortunate enought to have this license proudly shoved in their faces! Ifthey are lucky, they will get their own Raanan Abusch Simone Albeck Ryan Alekman Brian Anderson Carrie Ansell Edward Artinian Amin Ashrafzadeh Anne Baldessarini Jason Balfour Erica Berkeley Lisa Bernard Sandra Bersier Jason Boltrus Michelle Bongiovanni Sherry Bongiovanni Kathy Borgeson Philip Branum Marc Broudy 90 Juniors carg if not, they will drive the family station wagon. No mat- ter what the car, these are their wheels: walking is a thing of the past! The thrill of the first day of driving to school with friends instead of people over the age of eighteen is soon forgotten. Free blocks spent at McDonalds or quickly driving home to retrieve a forgotten folder are soon tak- en for granted. Originally claiming that if they can have the car they'll drive their little sister everywhere, drivers soon deny their friends rides when they aren't in the mood to trek all over town. Even when the glory wears off, we will never forget the day we turned in their learner's per- mit -a license is the key to in- dependence! by Lisa Bernard B 'A i 55. if ,ay EA fffwcm' W ,"v, S g .. if ff N . , X - H4 I V . W tgp it if ' Q. x.,,,.. aw- PQ 41 S ,ff M'-..x t , i 4 na P- A, 'f 6 1 J '3 . ,- F K' L v K ,I ,, y E! ,", . 'r Q42 V4 1 si! K 4 , A3 2' ,, ,ef .1 fi ' , Hi' . u 1 ,, frz , 'Ziff ,. to F5 arf" I L--F vi Y .MX x K ' 5, , ,, M 'X -1 "v ' , , if f 1. M. . -5431 .. M N, Scott Brown Ranjan Butaney Anna Calcaterra Cassandra Campbell David Chaletsky David Chao Holly Chason Amy Chee Dietrich Chen Donald Chen Lisa Chernis Whendy Chin Aimee Chow Kelly Christy Caitlin Clarke Kimberly Cohen William Cooper Sarala Dandekar Asnat Davidi Deepika Dayal Jonathan Decter Rachel Decter Jennifer Derensis Mark Donovan Alexander Doren Sharon Drukman Christopher Edelson Matthew Elman Michael Engleman Joshua Entner Amy Feinstein Daniel Fisher Allan Freeman Adam Friedman Holt Fuller Rachael Fulp David Geist Anthony Gigliotti Pamela Gilman Ronna Glick Marlon Gold Jennifer Goldberg Junior Ql lflghll l'lic Junior Trio. ,..,t ,Q X .. Wx. QL W ht.. 4? Y 4 8 A K-2: 5 xx Ie, wx. ' me Us 'FT' ' i 'il AQY' tw, s xr l J .., ' - -,. .F Adam Goldberg Andrea Goldman Jill Goldwin Amy Gottesman Monterio Green Saundra Green Nina Greenbaum Matthew Grinnell Eric Grossman Cathleen Haley Mikiko Hara Michelle Harmon Tamar Hausman Elizabeth Heffron Samantha Heyman Kevin Hicks Lynn Higgins Kimberly Hodgson William Hoffman Jeffrey Hurwitz Ethan Jessup Rebecca Jordan Lawrence Kalis Allison Kane Juniors t out It hu sneaks by thc lmll monitor 1 X, 1 in ' Q 11' 5 A . I 'X' ' Y f' .J g 16' J K A J Y' 5 9 , X fwig ' Qewgizzf 3,1 .-eff ' , ii 'x Y 1 'Q 'J vs :G -'1 V A t fx I X ' ie! li X i ff' 225 V flf' 990. K Q-.. 5, 1' 1 Xvilffw -'fi , -2 .. 2 4 W, 1, , . ? 1, Q L ,i '- 1 f 1 1 1 .i j I . fa as as 2 L? X Zi rw ' 'sv 7' Q. :J .X 4 ,,Q,, .' 'Wx ' ,f W : ., ff Mk, ,,,. aw., V 5 5 A ff l 7 I Bi H f Q ,uf 1 ,.bA l ' ' if f f-ffffv' 34 MZ- 194 L f+,:w:1' - 1 W tv 'QAf4,944 , iffafrff -f." "ya Inf? , , f , , 1 ,,,, 1 a ,ff Q 4 66 4 I ff f f' 6 f l 1 1 Z6 f 4946 1 i fe ,. jp 7 'P f rs? ...ii , M, .N I We 'K Stephanie Karp Matthew Kelly Sonja Kijewski Mia Kirschner Johna Klebenov Alfredo Kniazzeh William Kuchar Heidi Lane Jeffrey Lawrence Seth Lebowitz Lori Leibovich Michael Levine Naomi Lieberman Bruce Lindsey Holt Lipman Joshua Loewenstein Bruce Lowery Alison Maclean Paul Maloney Ilana Marcus Amy Marks Christopher Mauri Joshua May Patricia McBride David McCallum Lauren McDonald Jessica McVey Elizabeth Mettler Julie Miller Adam Minsky .., I , ,Q f 5 1, , ,Aa A Q' f ti ti at r.-N-V ,Q . T. - , 1 are it i 1 lleftl You should be reading the Orange Lion. labovel For the first time llana is speechless, Junior lilena Mirsky Carolyn Mitchell Xlandana Mizrahi Jennifer Monahan Hilary Monbouquette Lorenzo Nlonteiemolo Diana Mosca Karena Mosca Kimberly Mucciaroni Shervin Naderi Russell Newfeld Jennifer Neville Sabethiloofar Niroumand Leonie North James O'Hara Lisa Oxman Alice Ozernoy Kristin Padden Caroline Parent Amanda Paulini Mari Pemstein Christina Penna Adam Peller Scott Persky Kathryn Peterson Rattna Phull Alissa Pisick Heather Platt Jill Priluck Ethan Prince Matiss Purins Jessica Raab Jeremy Rabson Mara Raider Yaffa Regosin David Rich Matthew Richards Marion Riemer Alan Ritter Heather Rosbeck Carl Rossow Avi Rothkopf 9-1 .Junior X 1' I we i S ,J J ,xt :M I I wg' . ,I ,' V E , K 1 aff! ag 4 f f ff' as 'Wi' .ix '13 I J ivvci t ' ii A' Q -e,.ao 5 vie ,gil I J W A , 'E-if, 4 W " 4 1, 3 an Q ?' 4 3 Q Y r 1 - i l 33? 'E ' 'til E111 Qgggjs-'jfs it ... V 1 , 1 ' 1 I 'R Q K X Tension Headaches The recipe for junior year: a little pinch of this, a lttle bit of that, and a whole lot of pres- sure! Junior year is the year to give some thought to colleges. To prepare for college, the year be- gins with PSAT's, the first taste of standardized tests. Later, add SAT's and Achievement tests ranging from Italian to English to Literature to Chem- istry. In addition, juniors must get good grades. This is the year students learn how to stay up all night. As one senior said, "I had always gone to bed before 10:30. Junior year I learned the art of going to bed at midnight and getting up at 3:00 a.m. to finish papers." Everyone tells them this is the most important year. It shows colleges their po- tential, so every test is impor- tant. The ultimate test is based not only on intelligence and educa- tion, but also on coordination --- the Driver's Examination. After long hours of on-the-road and sharing the front halfofthe car with a parent, this test is the only one looked forward to with anticipation. When a junior fi- nally passes the exam, he gains the huge responsiblity of driv- ing. Many South students also get cars, another responsibility. Movies and television shows that depict teenagers as care- free, happy-go-lucky people are often looked at with scorn. Newton South juniors are well aware of the pressures that sometimes make life very hard. When life is hard, juniors can depend on their friends, juniors and otherwise, for support and help. by Ilana Marcus Daniel Rottenberg Meredith Rowe Adene Sacks Scott Salzman Joseph Scanlan Mary Scantalides Benjamin Scherz Felice Schlaffer Jacqueline Schneider Rachel Schneider Erica Schur Ashini Shah Ari Shapiro Brian Sheff Karen Sheffi Jennifer Sheiffer Johanna Shotz Bernard Silveria Juniors 05 Rachel Simon Natasha Sligh Teri Smith laura Spagnoli Steven Sprich Ellen Stoller .lane Stolper Will Sullivan Jason Summerfield Barbara Szathmary Drew Talcofl' Scott Taylor Torrance Taylor Randi Temkin Hema Tewarson Gabriel Tesoriero Elaine Theodore Clifton Tibbetts Blerime Topalli Alexander Treves Rima Tuirbutas Lisa Vance David Waller Marcy Weiss Linda Willis Benjamin Wohlauer Brian Yee Elizabeth Yellen Kellie Young UYHUI' 'P A v- if av, ' ., Ms, up 17 Z 4 ,-1: ff l 5 .1 "' l l l l l l l i l n l l la l l i i i I II hun-n lcigh Xhmllunnwn , hu II I Ik-IIIHIIX I I'I'II III" I7 XX IIIyIIIwII'I N: XX g IQ g.IIIIL' III Im IIIC IIIIXI III III, IIINI Is,III Ik wr I II1.IIuvIIIIIXIc IIWIIIIIIILN .II I I,I' I IIIIIIIII JII' Ik IIIL' Irnckx Xkp Ih.IIIIIIx IIII IICIIIQ IIIIQII' III-II I IIIrL'I'I XI Ik XI. IIIIIIIIX If " xi II I .K IIIIIII IIIII L'Xx'l Ik'PI.IL'k' XXIII IILIIIIIN III IIII. I.IIII I-I. I IIIII -III I I'I.IIu IIIIIII' II II II IIIII IIIIIIIIIIIIII-, NIQIIII .M IINIIII l.IIuI 5tlllIIII Nhnndn Il. Xikcns NI-III I- IWIII -31 IIIII 'NIIIIII N! IIIIIIIIIAIUI IIr 'I. 1 IXI IINI 'I ,IIIII I IIIIIIX III.IIIx IIII , 1'IIr'I' Il I X X X'N5IIII. I IIII II IIXX IIIIIN l 'II II I- II XXIII XIX QIIIN Ix,Ic lg! NI MII'-,'I.IIIII-zI"I I,'.IIII.I. II XIII II 'II XX II,I'II III'II XISN' IIIQ. " I I II XIIIIIIIX .IIIII Nl IK Ix I I"X II' AI. I fiu- II..I3IIIIIu' INIIII Iiupg 4 ,. lx- 'IX II' III IXI IxX1 XIII XIII IUI NI Ili II IIXI NI-III Xgulnick xkp II, II!-II f' III I, -.I I In XQIIIIIII I CIIIIL' XXIIL' I -.II.,IiIII I II.iI.4III'IIIp II NI4 II, 'I II 'II IIIII IIIIQIQ III.'IIuIIIIcIIII. I XII.: I II II III XII I I-IIIII-I?IIIIg IIIIIL IIIII II,' '- I ,III I III' IIM I'III IIIIIIiI NCCIII! IQ I II.g I :III-,' II II III, IHIIIIIIII IIQIII IIIII I XX IIqII,IIIu' IIIXNKS XI I' II II XI '- XIII: IIIIIII ILIIII ILIIIII Xldmh XIIII " III II IXIII'IIII RII X I I ' II Ix III LLI I II 'IIIIII II'I 'N'II I' VIIIXIXNINI XXI XIIIVN' Nathan XIIIIIII-r IIIIII,.I'I M I'IY'I VII XXIIIIIIIQ ,I XI UII IIIIII' II I I:IIIIII. Il, I-II IIII ,gII IIII,:IIN ,III III IIIQI IIIIIII, I-III IIII UI' III 'IIIILII MII gui- Q II'I! IXIQII-Q! I IIIIIIIII II CII, I-I III, .I I. IIIIII,I II 'II' IiI.IIIII1- IIIIIII,I IIaIII'I I XII'XX IIIIIN XII IN "L H- IIIgl,II IIIII IIIIIIQ IIIII XL'-f II II- III III 'I-I,IIII- 'IIJI III, 'III I. IIIHIIIIIJ III 'III ,'NIII.III 'II IIQIIIQIIIIX o I I I 1 J K IIIII II, III N 1-1 40' Us 1 R 'V It ,h I III-IIIII,II 11 - x I III If I n .-. I 'S f-gg 9 x ff 'SC -A -.., I I .. -Ia B In uv- Scniorx 98 Seniors. wi luv, 91 3-...LT -X f ' ns V ,fn 1.,'? ,fx ,S ,yqxw 1 1 I ' Y M lam! A A 4 1 K ',,,11-' ru ' urls Mlm lv! Mm . w xx IW l ' ' N - lx -nl Y w w' TV NIH 1 " N , wmx u Im, Vw- MN' I -4' 'wud ' 1 Nwjlwyc 1i 1 U ul lhulxn 1 -- xSc w wily , ll ,rgx .I f ihxd W, will I Iluallu-r IIIIIII-r XIIIII NI. IIVII II XX III'I'IcI IIII IIIAIIIIII' I,I,IiX II XIXX IIII I ky I IIIL'II IIII IIIX IIIIII I I I--IIII I IIII: IIIII IIIIXX I III IIPIIII: IIII IIIX Inu.: I I XIII'III-IIII1cIIIIIIIIIIIIcIxIIuIII'I III.III.III.I. IIX I ,I 'I'INN 'IIIII' II- ,III IIII II'IcIIIIx XIIII IIIIIIXX III: IIIII , II' IIII! IIII' ILNI III 'IIIII III' IIIIIIIIIIIII III III ,I--I 'IIII' IIX I ' XIICIIQIVI Hllflbll IIIIIIIII I' III II NIIII III-IIIIII NI IIII,II.'I"IIIN I IWIIIIIIIIIAIIIII I I II. 'II .'., IN IIIL'.'IIwI"I ' IIIIIL'IL'.IIIx IIILN I III".' III I' - II:I'I I I' I,I.! II III! II IIIIIIII III I I 'I II'.III I 'IIII III II-I.III II III,-II. IIII I III I-I,-IIIII I 'II-II IIIIIIIII, IIIIII'II'IIIIIIIIIII I I I II. IIINIxIIQN III XNIIN XIIIXI XIIIXI XNIJ IJXII .II-n.II' Iinrrvtt NIIIIIIIIIIIJI -I 'II 'II I 'II I IIIII,I Nr I I XX I'..I'I.I.I II NIIIIII -I 'III IIII IIII III IIIIIXLIII-III III,III'I XIIIIII A IXIII IIII '-.IIIII IIIII ,IIIII IIIIIIIIIII I IIIIII aII:III'IgII.IIIIg II.III IIIk IXIIIII IIIIIII.1II'II IIIIN XIIIIIIII IIII III.yIII IIII IIIII II: IIII III'.IIx IIII: I I-II III 'NVQ NIIIIIIW II.'I X: IINI X TIIII- 'I1.IIII.III I IIII IIII' I III ,IIIIIII IIIIIX I Ii IIIII.I IIVIQ' IDIIIIII III-Iwn IIIIIIIIIII 'II IIFII 'IIII IIIIII NI IIXII IIXII IIXII INIIX XIX NIIII XIN II IN' IIIIIN ,IIIII -I UIIIIIIIII- I.I"II II NSIIS I III I-II I II'IIIIII'II' JIII I-,IlIx'I'IIIg'I' IX Q II IiIII..III II IIIIIIIIIJII XI IIIIIII-II NU IIII XIII IS II IXIIX RI. II'.XII III. IXX III IIII II IIN, XIIx IIXIZ- IIIIIIINIIIIIIVII X X XIII X XXII.IIIx.IIIIIII' S - II XI'I'I NNI' X IIII -.-.III IIII IIII? 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I5 ils Ull IIR II I'III'I IIIIIIII , 'I I III'I I .IIlIlIl'Il NIIKUI IMI! NN IIIIIIII III Il' IIIII " XII IIIIIIII IIN- I II-II'IIIIlylIIIlx-,,lII3t I IIUHK- I I ,MII IIHAHN IIIII'I 'H III IIIII II Illlll TIIII Illlllx XI' II-' XIN III 'XI Ixl III III XIII IxNI III III III. IIII I-II? XIII IXCKIII IIIII I XIII I Il - III IIIIII, III.lII' NIIIIII I IIIII I l MIX III' I I.I, I II XI I IIII IIIIIIII Ilulc' II' XII IIIIII IIC! XIII 'I IIJIII I , I 'III III IIIIIIIII IIII X . I I II IIII II II. IIII ,IIIIIII IIIII. IIIIII IIII III III sI,I ' I IIIL' MI Jeff Wishnie NIM If IWII nl IIII XN,III.Ill ,Mc Illulrk IIII pmnl lrl IIIQ III bc prlllklund I'm ng III II' IIIIIII I IIUIYU-5 III' IIIIIIII I.lIxIIIIl others' word IIIII lIclcIllIIlllI lIlcl'rc prIII'olllllI Thcfre no I IUNI II.lIll I-I lIl.Ink my Iricnds fu IICIIIIIIQ mc XKIICII I ncudcd IlcIp IAIICIIFC III unc! IIIIII I IIIII lIIXK.IIN Ill-Ip. Iicbblc. IirICI IIIIKFI II IIIII PIIIQ .ln .Iudy Wong .Illnc 9. I97II III? UxIIIrd Rd I III L.III'l IIIIII Ixllk IIII: clock, But you Cal lllld II up .lulzlll BI IIl.lIIIw III lIlIIw IIIIII mlrcd Nlikl- Yidea Illllc If IIVII I-33 S.lllIIllII Brook Pkwy I5.IwII.lII II.III,I l.II 4 Ilklrlclfl DIInAI l.lIxc lhal "XII I II-RO dun IM l,II'cR been goodl I.Ir" fllllld YIIIIICs vlllIl Iriclldi EL th ICIBI Ic.lllI Slew If Clue. Chuck. PJ 25 'W I I N II II IIIIIIIIII III IIIIIIIIIIII, Il.Ill K - I I I I 'I I 1 IIII III4' ' ,I-I I I. I- I XIX I IIII I I Ilhl-Iw NINIII XIIINI I II -I II' x -I Sunil , ,I, UL II II XIVII C Ilubbl, Pup RAIIII + I Ihc Ciirlx XI I Cape 8' l XI XSS Ilmlllllcx .K 'I II Doobie 22 Ihzlnk IIIIIIII, I UIIIILIIIAI Il.lxc llllldc II NK llhuut you. Yo I - .IIIIII I Xbigail Yager XI.IrcII '. I070 --"' I-I PIIQFIIII Rd, 4-' . 5IIllIIuI II INN NI I IIIIQ IIIII NIIIIII. IVILIII. .llld SQI -XSIII I III.IIIlIIlrlI III' Kim Yaruslsi IIIIIC N. IIV0 I2 X L .Ill.lgc bl I, , - gl ud IIIIICN IIIII gradI I4lI,c.l lIl..l.II.0III.III5.I-.MDI IXX, Ix "RHI S. NI.IlIb.IIl.IIlI'- III wlllc III' my cI0r II'ICIIlIN Ixll. NI X.I7S.IIl.K'II.IIlcpC0pIC l. KN L. IRIN, INug'N. ocl'S. ". TO' IIIIIII I IIIQIIII-III I LIIQIIIII lgcl L YTh.lnIl ESU. IIIX IICXI IIICIILII III my IIJIIIIII NI X D. Yana IIIIIII. .I.lxwlI I IlII l Y I IIIIILIIII graduated IIIL' NS' ' l Dx 4 IKNI -'N 1 wx. 'D- -lk .+R 'J 1 H,-1..Y 'ILA I 1 . 1 ...A-f.a.f-A ,- ,,....,4- ,......-a.-- rf" .lk 15, .fu UIQ. Scniorx 1 The Big Cheese What do you think the De- partment Heads do? They put a lot ol' energy into making our education the best it can be. The departments arc linglish. Xlath. Science. Social Studies. l-'oreign Languages. Physical lfducation. Music. Home Eco- nomics. Industrial Arts. and l-'ine Arts. Une teacher heads each department. and he or she arranges the curriculum levels and different course structures. l'or example. the history book you are reading was carefully Nlargaret .-Xddis Sandra Alexander Francis .-Xllcva Frances .-Xmes Beverly Basile Peter Bates Lenorc Behar Barbara Bikolisky Heidi Cohen Black .loel Bleiyyas Nancy' Bloom Nlarie Brassard i Vinson Bronson Walter Brough .loan Bryant Vice Principal Ophair Caras lirnest Chamberlain .Klan Chaney .lohn Chiasson Robert Chrusi florence Clark Barbara Cocca Tylarshall Cohen Nlarion Conan IFN l .tculty ts J approved by the Social Studies Department Head. Department Heads can di- rectly' help students il' there is a question about placement or il' they need extra help from a tu- tor. The Department Heads must approve a students' changing placement to make sure the change is thc best thing for them. They are always will- ing to help. lt takes a lot of energy. time. and work to head a department, so the Department Heads end ,QL rx" ,ti up organizing classes more than teaching them. Even so, they meet and keep in touch with many students who need their guidance. Newton South is one of the top schools in the nation. The Department Heads who work to make the academic and extra- curricular activities the best possible have obviously done a great job. by Lorraine Chung X 1 - 1 E N , t '-C 5 . 'l SM 4 if f . 4 M, l' IJ-gf' "Eh .. 4-avg u ' A i ff' 545 .J y uf 2. ' . , ll . ' yi . . ' ' 1 ln' "" Cz fx ada: I ., .4 nl -' il . ll -' h -v., YI ' X frk ,ML i . y K , , 1- ' '1 ' ' l G - Q-4 - - i ! -f zfggy . if g v ' g--:nf "-W l X z t 3 ' . K Q I S 1 '. ij - , , L 'I Ll . :ol 4 Nancy Criwiticllti C lililord f rtmllltir lzlainc Cutler Valmund C yr Kathryn Dayiiau Rubcrta lbtillaxc Gurdtmn Uuclicl Betty liarlc Iilainc lzixcnliaucr Anne lzllintt llcrsha l ishcr Bctsy lflcming Barbara I-ullingtun Dorothea Gaudet Godzilla lilliut Gliclxcr Michael Glutir Robcrt Gtiggin Susan Guldxcltcid Steven Goode lloyd Gottlieb Paul Gottlieb Bcity Grtissmurt Mary' Ann Hague 9 ,gt ' X , I 4. - in 2 Q- , r ,,,,,,..,,t.....--1---N 'Vu 'A'--t, laboyel Don't l look bcautiliul tleftl Nlr. ,lampol talxcx Lliargc l K .ilhciiiic ll.ilI l iiiuolii Ilcck Xlciri! Ilciiniig Robert ilxiiiiillhlll L'.iry lluliiiws L .iiy lluncyiimii I'.ilrici.i khgiriu lluryyill Xoiimii llycil Lilgiirc .Lickmii lidyygird .lgicluon Ruhcri ,Limpol Bclly kiiiilrmyilf Cymhiii kiirgilckgim Judith Blgiiichurd licnncdy' lxdihlccii lxnighi .ludy Rohn Diane Korclilz .loan Krumcr Socrates Laigiox .loycc Lcgiry Chrixliiic Little-U'Conncr Zhiciing Liu Dwight Mzickcrmii Wiirrcn Mnnhurd lislgi Nlurkin Hmygird Maison .Imcph Nlgimiiiw Nlgirciii McAmyy Paul N1cCLirlhy C Liirc McCulloch Ninry N1CGOXNLlI1 Judilh Mcfirgiiiiic .liimcx McLaren Piiuln Nlculy X mc Pririqipai Niilhginicl Nlcrrill .liinrii Nlcylcr iliuiiiiic Nlilchcll Phyllis 'yiuiidcrcr C hrix 'yiurphy 'ylgiry Nclwii i-ill I.:uuiIy 3' 99' K ,ak " V, , ' y 1 y 4 . . . x X N .gi 'X 'r V. ,. 'QQ i N Qi ' I .ax j V . iron., Q,....4,,4-v wi .5-f L RR 1 l .I Y Q ' 3' 1 ' 1-H457 H ' m, 'Vw ' V 1 i 1 I U 'M .3 gx YH 9 '1 pn' ' 'wi ts' nun kin' Q -, ifmbfgvfx I lx ff A i 1-5 YN 'is .I N pn- 'I! Q7 N, X wi Q -6 'Xe V 'E N , - Q ,. . in .ji-6 1 5 K . 5 if K fi System fly 4'0- if wzuilll W- :yung . NJ 3 , . ,. K Hfter Hours Every Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday at 2:35, students have the option of going to J Block to one or more of their teachers for extra help orjust to talk. Sometimes students don't have an option. but must go to detention for skipping a class or coming to a class too late too many times. For students who go for help. J Blocks can be frustrating. Of- ten, teachers are swamped by students who don't understand what is on the quiz the next day or are making up missed work. It is hard to have quiet time to talk with the teacher. Each department is available tg. Q e fx lxg 3 . .lf QI as . Q two J Blocks a week. This can pose problems to students who can't go to J Block on a certain day because of work. sports. or other extracurricular activities. Sometimes departments have conflicting J Blocks and a stu- dent must choose between the classes according to which one he or she needs more help in. J Blocks aren't always frus- trating. Some teachers go out of their way to be available and make appointments. Teachers want to help students who want to be helped. and J Block is the perfect opportunity. L.G. Sharon O'Conner Seth Oliver Robena O'Malley Robert Parlir Earl Pearlman Rocco Petrillo X Viviana Planine Kayhryn Powell Barbara Powers Mary Ann Price Anthony Principe Nancy Quigley lfactilty l-ll 1, mhclmsa l llnrfl oxen krrmx the .lrmwrl lflgllll XXl1.llR your excuw' Q .4 24 . 1 Yi I I , ,, ,, f , QV - :ml W---e , ,. :L r mm huh. ""' , ., ,..,. ff... ll.. Q1 ---' mi Q W.. W W, W , A sw '. .L A M Y . Xe, Ill ,,.----- ..,,. ' x N ! 1' ' N M sys, -4. --we 0 3 l Marial Ratner Peter Richter George Roberlx Olga Robimun ,lulm RO55lI1l Wrllrum Rouweuu Inu Rubin Clinton Rumrill Vuarilgr Sehrell Nlnry Seoll Prmerpul ELIFIICNI Van Seuslmlcx l-12 lxlcu Shelley Selig ,r N 'AT -A A 1441235 5- rn ,V Q - A lr . 'il ' A . -1 , ., "- '2' ,N nu ft' I s., . P ' I Q if 1 ,V U l X .PL .X F' ' f ffgmfl V V59 495' ' l - as Q +5 "' u X , ss- , N, N 5 N.. 2 ff" x - .ei lvl X. ,aw N' f L HE ,' . yjxy Q32 v R 0 . ,i.,. S27 r.. A 2 . T yi ' , 9-f' ' M lg l ' l 1 V l 5 E fl by ,A HJ uh.. i bg 1 fi l If I 1 l 3' ' 'Alix , TN 1 I 1 v A5 , .1 Ci? , 'V "T" li S l ' e.xQ"'r':s-5?u 'Q -Q: wi A s' x kit: ., , gli' ' N , 4- IN - xg , V s vi xi T T X E l,l in l X M . 1, C t U 3 4 Hg f gi. . T ly, "5 lla' ml., , w ill 2. I' ' J V A 'I , r i .b 01. Y X , , Lf V ,:,. I , 6- ul "- Q 1. 1 f K 'Q ' S, fi Q ,, I, 13? ,: .A W A A I ' .,,, Lu' w vi 'L . ' .152 1 1 , ' 5,1 f W ff' Q , Wpty A E K,-6 T' I y " 8 Anne Serrell-Jones Paul Shapiro William Sheehan .lack Sinevtitf Gwendolyn Smith Rachel Spiller Thomas Steeves Norman Sweling Helen Taylor lfelisa Tolias lleetor Torres-Ayala Richard Towle Ann Walker Jane West Ceorge Abbott White Gia Wigfal Mary Williams Barbara Wise ,lelTrey Wixon .loan Yaai Irene Astone Margaret Campbell Viola Corsetti Angela DeRubei5 Miehelina DiBartolomeo Marie Esposito Corinne Hicks Mary' Lawless Anna McGuire Clare Moseella .loyee New mark Sylvia Roderick Jane Slafsky' Joan Sullivan Claire Tedeschi Mary Warren Gerald DeGeoree Russell Freehette Joyce Boeei Annette Dfkgoatino Alma Gamble Bridget St. Clair lpiculty 4hcl1mu Rcmcmhcrg pull down their shorts and run mrighlr Xiu, XX uw .md hcr Rcgulux chick. K flltllllf. Z.- K. ,yi ' f in C-As , ' :fm ,- 4 s Q 3 371 1 ' ' fag , 'vig 'H ' . , y 9 , y ,, ww yy - y X y ,. ,KF K 43' Q, ,yi , I ' --... ,,., X.,.,.,.,, Vx 5 if if . -L f V, A Q I gt 'f"vs, 14 ,-5 'fi I' A s 1 , 3 xy ' M 9 1 ' laboyeb Tim yyhy dun'1 you blmy my horn'7 llefti Dig my slmdcyf s. CA, ' v ' 1 3' i I 1 ly -1 ,4 f D MYUL 1-15 r r V I v r r 7 lf -r if 1 19-I! MJT QQQO if xJO ' 11 H 1 mental Energy The average school day lasts for around six and a half hours. Thirty minutes are spent pushing through crowded hallways and if you are lucky, one of those hours you have a free block: the rest of the time is spent in classrooms. Over a thou- sand kids sit in old wooden desks for five hours a day, five days a week. That's a lot of time! But as we all know, academic work and time does not end when G-Block is over. Students spend many hours at home doing their school work. Newton South has been credited with being one of the top fifteen -l"""' U 1 il schools in the country. Almost 957. of the students who graduate from South go on to college, and the drop out rate is almost nonexis- tent. Newton South teachers ex- pect a lot of their students, but the students here also ask a lot of themselves. Many students are enrolled in Honors Courses. These courses are very demanding, but in turn the completion of these courses are rewarding. There are also Ad- vanced Placement courses, college level courses, that are offered mostly to seniors. These courses are great preparation for college and are the cause of many mi- graine headaches. But when Fri- day afternoon rolls around, these headaches miraculously go away. Students from all grades, fresh- man through senior, are constantly using their mental energy in their academic work. Most of all, high school teaches kids how to take their mental energy in both ab- stract and realistic thoughts. Stu- dents truly learn how to think. After four years at Newton South. students have acquired the founda- tion that will enable them to pur- sue any goal or dream. by Donald Duck -gg Academic ee Xcadcimcs l-V 1lwlmwiSmilc you rg in mnlh class, A . if if f HQ"'D ff' -f X . . 5 I my A " . J s 1-04,0 5 sf I-18 ,fXcudcmicx Fi QQ' If 5 if gi!! P' ,4 41" rf ' v ' A . K, , .Eg ff I .Lin ' ' , y jig ' I I 9 " 4 fi I l Q tabovel Stop doodling Jeff? tleftl Zvi - have you seen your "Matt" book '7 llefti Buy the cliff notes? tbelowi We need help. 11111:--ffl l1t::1"?' unif- nur ni 1 ' 1111 fi' ' -L? Toke it to the Limit lt's senior year, the time when school is supposed to be fun. Well, at least as fun as possible: it IS still school. lt is a time to take elective English classes. to drop gym sec- ond half of the year, and to take majors like auto and art. But for some unknown reason, some seniors feel compelled to take challenging senior courses: specifi- cally, the Advanced Placement tA.P.J courses. These classes give seniors the chance to learn materi- al that will be on the A.P. test at the end of the year. If students do well on these tests, they are ex- cused from certain college classes. Because there are specific things on the A.P. tests, teachers must incorporate material into their teaching schedules that will be helpful on the exam. For exam- ple, there is a great deal of French History on the French A.P.. so the A.P. French teacher has to work that into the lessons. Also, since there are so many specific categor- ies on the exam, the class is under a tight schedule to learn everything before the day of the test. This makes fora very challenging class. And, in contrast to many other senior classes, the results "really count." So, although almost every senior relaxes on the very first day of sen- ior slump. and motivation levels are sure to drop thereafter. it is important, at least a little. for A.P. students to try to work hard enough to get good results on their exams. That way, maybe they can relax a little more during their first year of college. by Hendi Crosby .-Xcadeiiiies l-N HHHH!!! For most Freshmen the amount of homework, tests, and time spent studying increases drastically from eighth to the ninth grade. Sometimes, it becomes dif- ficult to balance their time accordingly. This is why Freshmen have been assigned mandatory study halls. Cutler Commons is home to almost all Freshmen dur- ing free blocks. The school does release them in the afternoons to go to the cafeteria, but, since Freshmen do not have off-campus privileges, study hall appears to be a productive alternative. This year South faculty had a revelation. Since upperclassmen leave school during free blocks, many by car, these elders may also be having a little trouble balancing their time. The school has tried to enforce new Quiet Study Hours in both Wheeler and Good- win Commons. These study hours, although far from silent, do give students the opportunity to do home- work in school. It would be impossible to start reinforcing study halls for upperclassmen. Seniors would not be able to work in a room painted with graffiti. Study halls will eternally be scoffed at by all students, but after the complaints die down, and the work gets done, people realize that study halls aren't that bad. by The Duck tabovel David smiles pretty. trightl Doug is seen in the library. 150 Academics xii... GD Q, wg .aff C' .Q 4' 'N ' Fin ""' ,411 D. 1 . 'I M... W -Q IG lleftr What an alrliclc. labowel Laura makes good uw of Q1 frcc block XC.lLiCIUIk'N 43 in - n , nn- A' . , 5 Q Q . ij,-' , K 'Q hum x 1- 'S 1 .X wr Vs. 4.-v ag, A i XE ' ez .. ' X. ' ' .Sf , we is X , 4, 1 ,Q , , M M Wx if 1 rabosel Ms. Senell enjoys her new sent nt Newton South. 1rightlRe5eureh YES? Reading YES? Smiling YES? Talking NO! 152 'XCL1dClNlCN gi Guiding Lights Running down the hallway, you are late to an- other class and this time you are to suffer the un- wanted and despised: DETENTION. Yet, that is only the tip of the iceberg. Your grades are acceler- ating downward ata constant rate of V: grade per 50 min: your family has disowned you: the cafeteria ladies refuse to sell you lunch: and you refuse to remain in history class with that annoying teacher anymore. Basically, your life is a perfect example of when things are bad, they are awful. The voices in the hallway rise to a deafening pitch. You pass an office only to be greeted by the words "Guidance Counselor." You pause. Has the time come to seek professional guidance? You knock and Y. l T 4.1" A .fl i slowly enter an unfamiliar world of serenity and order. Welcomed with a smile, even though your senior information sheet is three months overdue, you realize how much you can depend on these coun- selors. You share your problems and thoughts with the counselor, and he or she reassures you that things will get better ifyou work hard. They give you hope. The next day. and each day after, they greet you and ask you how things are going. It amazes you how they always remember your schedule and your ex- tra-curricular activities. The guidance counselors are friends who listen and give you support. Thank you for always being there. Q L .1 lleftlTQo. seniors too! iabovelNVeH,thafsnotexacdyxvhatlutnncd.but...ifsarUsuc .Xcadenncs 153 1bv:lowi -Xhh, xxhgll L1 life. qrighll R.1m.1, do you rczllly A ff A. 1:5 u ' n 1 1 Q A: P Q., Q M S lf .Qg 03. l iabovel Nothing you can sly Cin teir me away from my bmr IW-1 Academics 'Q X at .X sf! Pajama Day The day had finally come. Yes, it was the first day of third term, and it was time for Senior Slump to begin. The seniors had no trouble getting into the spirit of Pajama Day. Teddybears, Alfs, puppets, and pillows were everywhere. Slippers looking like ducks, mice, claws, and moose filled the halls. The Seniors had waited 3 V: years for this one day of rest, relaxation, and fun. Silk and flannel were popular this year. Jumpers with feet, robes, and two piece sets were abundant. Spirit for the Class of 1988 is strong, and Pajama Day was one exhibition of this pride and closeness. Pajama Day marks the end of the second term and brings even more joy to this special day. Most applications have been sent out, and some have even heard of acceptances. However, with the pressure off, everyone will not fall too deep into slump. Some seniors have been slumping for 3 V: years. Perhaps the end of second term will be a turning point for them. Also, maybe those of us in the proverbial llth decile will begin to shape up. All in all, it is a time to lessen the load and begin to have fun . . . It is Senior Slump. by Seth Lebowitz and Zvi Lifschitz Academics li? hglonn ivy, kim-N Im lmnncxmrlx .11 thu lml lllllllllt 'if 'F ,fx 'iff- i al 9?- 'Q .6 h ei K . F' -Q 'N Nui wahmev Dum. Arc you wpying Iidk humcxmrkt? 1rightu"Dwr1'l bwlhcr mc. l'm xtudymgfu dcmmu AX L ""'1fvrr-fl-.rr-,-, V "WML Wottchin the Clock res ff' 9 f s. U 5.5 ' 'es ,if ' . , I V If -1, ,Q . ls' Q ,K S ......-up-. .dqs Ma mf 'V 'M ., i i 'Af A 2 1 -32,55 hvhj r E5 . Y-. . I 8 One line of this year's Senior Show was, "Only forty-seven min- utes left." The response, "We have to find a way to pass the time,": has been said by every student at one time or another. Boredom, es- pecially afflicting seniors in their second semester and students who don't understand the material, can make one class period feel like "Fifty minutes of hell." To survive classes, different students invent different ways of passing time. Sleeping must be number one on the list of ways to pass time. Some students choose to take a one-block nap, but others are drugged to sleep by the sound of a certain teaeher's voice. Other ways are to pass notes to one's friends in the class or to write a letter to one's friends who are trying to pass time in another class. Some people are so bold as to whisper back and forth. The topics vary from who is going, to the prom vvith whom to dlsellssltllls on the attraetiue per- Still tvio seats aksaj.. Some peofue are desperate enough to do other homework. 'No seniors past l'g:i1- ma Day are that desperzzt thought llowever South students ptiss time, everyone waits to be set tree by the bell. l,ook around a class- room sometime and notice that the most popular people in the tlitiss 'end to be those wearing tiatehes. by fi, X 'Kas-s -., I D I ilivllwr-ww-1171! r- lug.. tahoiet Uh no, -19 more "t.i,'s llefti .luniois make the si ' O0 Creative Energy One Monday morning I came to school fifteen minutes early to put up some Yearbook posters. l first went to the stairwell in between Wheeler and Goodwin, my favor- ite place for posters. When I reached the stairwell, my mouth dropped. The entire wall was al- ready covered with posters. There were posters for dates of plays and various club meetings. My poster was so small and boring that I feared that no one would even no- tice it. Although most people walk through the halls with their eyes staring at the hair of the person in front of them, some people do stop to read the posters. People must read the posters because Newton l s i , I, I f we F. L- South's extra-curricular clubs and organizations have had quite a no- ticeable increase in membership this year, Old clubs are still run- ning smoothly and this year, we've seen the establishment of even more clubs, such as the Dance Club, the Martial Arts Club, and the Foreign Exchange Club. Clubs at Newton South are not close minded or exclusively for stu- dents of certain grades. Organiza- tions want creative and ambitious members, and our school is full of that type of person. Such Organi- zations as Reflections, Lion's Roar, and Denebola use people's writing skills. Other organizations like S.R.C. and the House Coun- cils are involved in creative and communication skills, the mem- bers ofthe clubs represent all stu- dents and students views on school politics. All the Foreign Language clubs, especially the international club, give students the opportunity to learn about different cultures. Basically, clubs, plays and other organizations, give students the opportunity to use their talent and knowledge and apply in construc- tive ways. More importantly, clubs take kids out of the classroom and into hands on experience. People put a lot of time and effort into the clubs they are involved in. When a club has a successful fundraiser, meets a deadline, completes a pro- ject, the rewards are exhilirating. gms 36 Clubs lftl 1 L 7' ll 5 ill 4 , 1 kr' j 9 5 'S ' '1 1 ' 4 1 I 11 an 1 ",' l ' A . O, S, O, 3.7 2,0 . 59,3 xxx rf J gg.. 1 .1 1 . .QI ' y , 5 .s' yf f' 1 4' ' f I x'f r. . Fireman Save the Underclossmen llFClll.lll. N.11e Nly C h1ldY 11111 Ll 1111e-11e1 When C'l11-111-1 l'Ullll'llx l111111e u11cx11ee1edly. 111el111l1'.1111.1 11111 1111 by Ne1111111 Slllllll NllldClllx X1'cl11b11I1l l1y111111l1xex 'N1yr1le.1111l1:11111111ucxl1e1 Ill I.11e X111e111be1 Tl1epl11y11111 NllltlCIll-kllFUk'l' 1-1 11111111111 lux 111111 1h411 C hexler ll.lN x111le11 e1l by 1e11111r lwbey XX'e111l11111b11111l111ly'1xe1l by N11 111111e llllpllfllllll lllllllly pupery, Nlury l,1111' 'N l'X.1llly lxmghl Tl1e11r11d11e11111111111111111111 Nllll x.11ex the 1l11y, ey11l11111111g 1h.11 X11.'l11b11l1l lll the l llllC ll1e11l1'e,1l1e e'1s1e1111s1s1e1l11l 11llC ll'CNlllll.lll. three 1111111111 111111 l'11111' xe111111x l1.1x .1ls11 l1y11111111xe1l her Cl1ex1e1' myem S.1lly C1'111xb111'yR1l11g.l'll11.l11111111b11111111gb111l1l111g. ll1e11l11111l1l1e11l11y11 x1111ple Chexlcr Q11111' ule l'C.lll!L'N llllll lux br11 thu XFClllblllkl l1.1w 111e1'ul.11e1l1111he1l11el1111.1rl1e1.1111ll1111 11111 bclw ll! J ' . IlL'X X1'el11b11l1l 111111111 11111. l'111Ie1l.1g11111..1111lCl1e1- le1' 111111 l5111xy lll'L' .ll luxl l'k'LlllllL'kl y by l ll Sregel Ill' ll1lllLl1lllllXlWl1xlllCNx l 1141ble111111'- 1e111 X1'1l11b.1l1lR lHClI'.ly.ll. c,lllL'NlL'T lc.11 1' ' 1 lXClN l1111111 l5.1111 lJ.11.111ee 11111111111 llLl llllk l1 ll.lNlX .1111l 141111luw 111 Llll .1111l SlUPll.llllC ii11l1l111.111 CN lhe .lllkllCllCC .lllCllkllllg thu ye.11'R lrexh- Ill! LlClWLll'llll'L.' .l11l1.1 ll-lL'N 111 111e11 11111l111111111'e 1111111 1y.1x 11'e.11ed 111 .1 11111, llllllll l1e1' N.1II1 C lAllNNbUlVX l1llx111'e1 111 X1- INllll'l'l 11l ecleeue ll1e.111e 111eeey b.1l1lR Lllllllllllg 11.1y1 .lllkl ll'lUN 111 e11111111ce lJ.1111 l11I11.lI'l'X 1X11l11bg1l1l XX I1111 IJ ' lllxy reluxes l'l1e l'll'Nl Nl11111 11e1'l'111'111e1l 11111 Th11rl1111 XKllLlCl"N nlllllllllllll L Lll' lllLlXKLlIll.l.u dirccled .11l.1111.1111ly. Xr1'l11b.1l1l p1ewexll1e Nllll l11111well'. X1 X1'1l11b.1l1l ll.ll' uxex l7.111y. B111-1 Ii ll'llCN 'll by Duniel IK11111111, 11111l 1lA5lNlLlllIdlfCClCLl by NI1- '- ehelle flCl'Nl1ll 1lllLl Rl1l5L'I'l l1111111f11l1. 111111111 llllllllClUlACNCllCl.llCllUflllllC.lllLllLll'xk' ,111l111'1' '11 llll her 11111 iluby 1..1IHCT.1 Tl11y 1y111b11l1x11e1l11111 11111 ll 11e11 11l' Ll ll'.llll 111le1l1.1I l11u11wx1111 1I11'ee.11pee1111l 1l1e11l11y N CHX lflllllllflll ll1e11ey1xh111y 11.11 .111 1111g111.1l e11ll.1b1,11.1111111 Cl'C.ll 1111111 .lell xxlNlllllC .1111l 1.111111 Xl111ell Tuled "Th el'l.1yg11111111l."1l11N xl111111r.1ee1l1l1el11e111l .1 g1111u11 111 b11y1.1111lu1rl1lr11111111l.111ey 111 111111- lL'N1.'L'llU.', Cllkllllg 11l1e11 the g1'1111p 11.11 111 IIAN .11l11l1 11.1ge "Thel'l.1yg1'1111111lA'1le.1l11111l11ubf 1L'Cl 111.111er lll1ll 111111'l1 111' 1l1e 1ee11 .lllkl .1dul1 1lllkll enee e11uld 1el.11e 111 llltlf 111111 l11e1, ll1el111.1l1l11111 11.11 1.'.1lle1l "Re.1lly R11x1e." .1 11111111'.1l1111l1.1Ne11p1by Xl.11111eeSe111l.1l11yh1el1 Xhlx 1l11ee1e1l by Debby N eIl111 The x1111y l.llxCN 11l11ee1111he Clly 11 herc .111 .1111b1t111111 hlllc girl 11.1111e1l R11x1e 11111111 111 1'.1x1 .1Il 111' her young I111111l1 Ill .1 1111111e.1b11111 1l1e11 111111111g llIAlClld. Q1lllClxCIl S111111. "Re.1Ily R1111e" 11.11 11ell re- ee11e1l by the .lllLllCllk'L' be1'.1u1e ll l1.1d enter- 1.1111111g IllllNlC.ll lllllllbCVN. .1111l llllll el1.11'.1c1e1x. e1l by l3eb111.1l1 L.1xl1e1. Wllll .1111s1.111c1 -unix 8 ,Mg 1'4" nib' 11 ff ur Town" and ook The Rocky' High Selma! Piuttzre Show may not have been the most tech- Thorton Wilder, lt isa three act play. set in the early 19003. telling the life of abovei Abby. does that voice come nat- irally. nical or professional show South has had this year. but it was by far the fun- niest. A small percentage of the cast is active in the Drama Department. The majority of the cast tchorus and some major partsl are seniors who are on the stage for the first time. The Senior Show has. as expected. truly pulled the class together. l- rom its exciting chase scenes. to mushy love scenes. from solid gold dance scenes to stimulating checker games. those demented. normal. imma- ture, and slumping seniors put on quite a show, Directors Debby Yellin and .la- son Tvlittell did an amazing job control- ling the rowdy seniors. After it was all over. and the work paid off. the memo- ries of the show left the seniors "feeling all right." This year's main play. performed De- cember 3. -1. and 5. was "Our Town" by two families in a small New Hampshire town. Specifically. it showed the child- hood. marriage. and death of the two families' eldest children. Emily Webb and George Gibb. The show this year had two special additions. The first was English teacher Earnest Chamberlain. He made history at South by being one of the first teach- ers to act in a school production. He held a lead role as the Stage Manager. He showed that teachers and students can work together. on equal ground. for a desired goal. The second special addition to the play was the co-director. LTsually .lim lloneyman. the drama teacher. directs his productions alone. This year though. he did something different. He asked senior Marcella Fleischman to co-direct with him. She was a major contributor to the final product of the play. y lgh Xl-ID. 5 tht mm lt l .it'cr, l . Nlgiloncy, li. Nlillcr, D. Caislicr. G. Tcsoricro. J. Soblc, G. llrcyci' tlnd rom L' lhwcltscr. NI. lflmtin, D. Mollcngiucr. D. Rich, M. Harris. l.. Ktilis. B. Bug.ii't. D XlcDcrmott, S. lxrgimcr. .l. Schwtirtz, B. Shell' '1 t .K Drama Club llst rom R. Kaplan, G. Futral. L. Stein. D. Yellin, C. Anscll, L. Bernard, L. Tcmkin. A. Smith 12nd rowr D. Rich, P. Maloney. L. Kalis, T. Weintraub, G. Tesorioro. J. Mittel, S. Nimumandq S' Albeckr Albeck. H. Rosbeck. K. Haley. 13rd row! Nl. Elman, B. Munhke. D. McDermott, J. Cohen, J. Weintraub, G. Drcycr. B. Bogart. S. Leibowitz. J. Wishnie. D. Ciishcr, L. Jaffe lb-1 Clubs -L51 ps.. s I l 3. 4 i 'H' so i l Dance Club G. Frutal, S. Goldman. J. Soble. M. Gitlin. J. Cohen. D. Yellin, S i l l I. l 1 I., -'if 'L ' Y", 'V N.. WL lbelowj Cheery Chums lyyf - '32, 2-ff c New and l e i 'fr 1 J t K mproved Club This year South has made a real effort to form new clubs. The latest additions to the school's extra-curricular activi- ties are the Dance Club and the Martial Arts Club. The Dance Club was formed by Kathryn Powell, a new teacher at South, after students requested one. This organiza- tion focuses mostly on Modern dance and Jazz. There is a per- formance at the end of the year, and the club may perform for other schools as well. The Martial Arts Club was begun by Namuk Cho and Shervin Nadari. Like the Dance Club, the growing inter- est in this activity prompted its formation. These new clubs add to South's long list of extra-cur- ricular options. While they are not the clubs with the largest membership, their number of active participants is steadily growing, and they should be fix- tures in the South club commu- nity next year. lo? Extrotcurriculors OXlf.-XM AMERICA ... coming soon to a school near you .IOIN THE OXFAMILY Protest the Injustice of Hun- ger Fact: Did you know that 36 of the -10 poorest countries export food to North America? You may remember these slogans as they appeared on bulletins in the hallways throughout our school during the month of November. They were designed to inform people that there would be a second- annual OXFAM AMERICA 55630. and this year we raised 33755. Wheeler. Cutler, and Goodwin Councils helped to raise this money by carrying coffee canfdonation cans around the school. People who contributed received Oxfam America buttons, stickers, and candy. Overall, it was a success- ful money drive, and people had a good time supporting a very good cause. If the Oxfam drives at South continue to receive donations in amounts increasing at the cur- rent rate, the 1989 drive will raise Sl,O05l Cutler Council tlst rowt S. Niroumand, J. Blankstein, D. Randall, D. Casher, L. Jaffe, D. Osleel t2nd rowl E. Lafer. M. Elman. D. Rich. L. Kalis, M. Gitlin, P. Maloney, G. Dreyer G. Tesoriero t3rd rowt S. Dwyer. M. Harris. G. Huang, D. Mollenauer. D. McDermott, Bl Bogart, .l. Cohen p t I l I I I ls gf" -. drive at Newton South on No- vember 23. Last year we raised by Jill S. Cohen S.R.f'. llst rowl C Ansell. J. Schwartz, T. Weintraub, M. Brinson, L. Leibovich, L. S . it I' 4 Bernard 12nd rom li. Haley, D. Mollenauer, G. Creem, D. Randall, D. Chen 43rd rom S. Lipof, P. lN1aloncy. I-. Kalis, R, Jordan 14th rowl G. Teseriero, D. McDermott. M. Harris. J. Weintraub lfib Clubs .. , ,sf I err' ' ".tsisga.u'r??,s2ig.. tabovel Gabe the stud I qbelowl Doug tries to conduct an S.R.C. meeting Southside llst rowl J. Weintraub, fi. Creem. ll, Rgindull, Nl. ligiilem. .-X, Nlunux 4'-Qs. .... 4 Goodwin Council A. MacLean, R. Jordan, H. Rosbeck, S. Niroumand 12nd rowl C. Amell. G. Tesericro. A. Bernard. S. Slolper ot' 'R' L , ,. C fum I 5 if M C 1... if Wf I .V .V S-'mir .1 Q i 1 Y C A ff?-e J ' M Q Q 146 ,xifrlft K 1 I A I X Q, J 5 .1, 4. .' I X A .lx E' 'lla Q e i . V H A . JE V Wheeler Council llst rowl J. Dym, l. Marcus, S, Lebowilz. D. Mollunuuer. .l. Cohen. Albeck 12nd rowb H. Tewerson, P. Kessler f . 2 , XL- 1 Al , ff i 1 il l nf. -Q. i -N .l. Soble. S Clube lo' Denebolot lleriufwftz. the oflicial newspaper of Newton South lligh School. was in its tw Clllf-SCXCl1lll year in WST-SS. Thisyear's staff engineered the transfer to stale-oll the-art desktop publishing on Nlacintosh computers The staff now produces the pa- per to .i print-ready state working entirely at the school. l'ditors-in-chief fun Proslxauer and .leff XX ishnie, working with first- year faculty advisor llal Nlason and a staff of exper- ienced editors. published well ox er IOO pages over the course of the year. The paper eov ered school new s. sports. arts and enter- tainment, and features. The centerfold sec- tion brought to light many controversial is- sues such .ts cheating. substance abuse. drunk driving. and North,"South relations. The hard-working business staff man- aged to put Dt'm'lvolu into the black for the first time in several years. Photos. graphics. and classifieds all helped to liven up the paper. The staff managed to survive its monthly paste-ups. emerging with bleary eyes and a feeling of accomplishment. Highlights from Denehula Volume 27 in- clude the eenterfolds. an outstanding movie review' column. "Something Weird," writ- ten by senior David Siulkin. and the ever- popular "A Piece of Kugelf' written by lo- quaeious features editor Seth Kugel. The sports section was also strong. even though their articles were never even close to being in on time. All in all. Denehola survived the loss of longtime advisor and friend Dotty Gonson and maintained its high standard of jour- nalistic excellence. The staff of Volume 28. 1988-89. is well-trained and excited to take over the paper. ' n 4 i A M t S 5 T 1 e 5 Q I? If Ixikmnsi. ,, ,. V Q, J iff . ' V 3.51.31 . 1 f 1 Z 1,, - . A xg- ' ' 5 iff. 1.4 ,Q ,Q .M - -, A b f +G IR ' -. if wr I' .9 ' , M iliiiv UQM Ep labowel "That's the best excuse yet!" lbb Llubs Denebola tlst rowl .l. Raab. G. Stone. ,l. Kay, S. Stolper. Nl. Silverstein. D. Casher l2nd rowl M. Bailen. .l. Goldberg. D. Chen. J. Wishnie. D. Osleeb. D. Frieze. S. Kugel 13rd row! D. N1oIlenauer..l. Weintraub. G. Teseriero. NI. Brinson. J. Soble. G. Dreyer l4th rowl R. Abuseh. D. N1eDermott. E. Zaff. D. Rich. P, Maloney. KM. Flman. E. Marcus. S. Kramer. .-X. Balderssarini. A. Kane. E. Sehur 15th row! L. Kalis. B. Nlahnke. R. jordan, T. Jackson. .-X. Bernard. B. Bogart l u W .. Qs... , ...ff 'n 7'-.Q -ht IZ is - . 'K-.. l s 4,5 X ' C "a x 4 -gi-:ss . 'X X , or --a ..- .-- ...- ..-- ..- Q., i SX. YL. Lions Roar tlst rowl D. Rich. M. Elman. l.. Kalis. P. Maloney. G. Drcycr. .l. Sidney 12nd r0wlA. Peller. D. Chen. M. Silverstein. S. Persky. S. Lebowitf, T. Roberts. N1 Harris. H. Tewarson. Druckman. l.. Spagnoli. N. Davidi, Ci. Tcscricro. IJ Nlcljermott. S Albeck. l.. Vance. D. Waller. B. Shell. li. llcincman. J. Wishnie. D. Nflollcnaucr. .l. Kay. B. Bogart. T. Jackson, J. Boltrus, R. Neulicld. P. Kessler Q., . W. I , pa- 4 1 li " , Q, . f ' 7 5 ' tl i T "'A . Lions The Lion 'x Roar was founded lour years ago to offer students an alternative newspa- per with articles pertaining to community. national. and international news. as well as school events. This year. led by Editors-in- Chief Scott Persky and Adam Peller. the paper has provided Newton South with quality journalism and news coverage. The Roar is very proud of its editorial page, an opportunity for readers and Roar stall' members to express their views on a variety of issues. Each month. The Roar prints editorials. opinion columns. and two focus articles debating issues of concern to South students. The other sections pub- lished monthly are Entertainment. Sports. fY"b -sw.--.--,-.. we 'V Roof and the Comics page, all llourishing as a result of a talented. hard working stall. The Roar is an independent school publi- cation. produced almost entirely by South students. from the writing and editing of articles to the laying out ol the newspaper and photostating of the pictures. TheRnt1r was also the lirst south publication to uti- lize the desktop publishing equipment. and as a result has gained a professional look. The Lion.r's Roar has been benclicial to the South community. not only as a source for news and school events. but also in mak- ing the journalism at South among the best in Greater Boston. by Adam Pcller Qlubs loQ Reflections Rt'tlt't'1lo1i.t, tlte Newton South l iter- .try and -Xrt ntagalinc. has undcrgoite many important changes this year. With tlte ltelp ol' an outstanding group ot' editors, tltis publication has becottte tlte best ever ln tlte past only one maga- zine has beett pttblished each year. but tltis year two issues will be publishedi tlte first magazine will come out in tlte w inter. and tlte second otte will be print- ed in tlte spring. Rtf,Yt'C'1jlIlI.l' also spon- sored a writing cotnpetition for lfresh- men attd Sophomores which was a big success. ln tlte past lew years recognition of this creative publication had dwindled. ln 1987- 88. however. support has in- creased dramatically. Motivation and new ideas have ltelped this project soar. The development ol' the Rqflecrirnix Art Department. organized by Art liditor tieeta Gandbhir aitd Assistant Art Edi- tor Kathryn Petersoit. enabled tlte mags afine to becottte more professional. They hope to be able to incorporate phof tographs and raise tlte level of art that goes into Rfjfleclioiis. The Editors Ra'anan Abttsch and Daniel Knapp are very pleased with all these chaitges and new energy. They have set their goals higlt and so far tltey have been able to nteet all ofthem. With the help ol' the faculty advisor, Mr. Robert lantpol. they have laid the foun- dations lor future publications while in- creasing the quality of this year's maga- zine. Rqllvvtimis is the best it has ever been. by Daniel Knapp a 0 Reflections :G .0 ilu: l llst row! W. Sullivan. ti. Gandhbir. T. McManus. D. Knapp. I.. Spagnoli 42nd rom E. Yellin. E. Hague. R. Abusch. K. Peterson 13rd rowt H. Sullivan. .l. Pomeranti. M. lee. l.. Vance. S. Albeck, T. Smith l-lth mwt R. Jampol. W. Glusman. B. Mahnke. D. Berry. M. Mucci. S. Dandakar 1711 Clubs Q 'Tl fi., 5-x iimt L 1' xg-5 r.', wi.. . . . ,AL 3. t -a- -, s .F v fl me 5' Q ' r' 1' -, if . " . Q' Lg I is. rl' . :xx Xi .Y 'Q - ,anti W ' .n Y, t lik i 6- AHb:'.Q- 131- lk l 1 -4 ,J , r 1'- .-X ,,! i if ' ' 1 .r" 'Ay x ir... QXA t if Regulus llst row? J. Raab. J. Blankstein. J. Schwartz, J. Dym. C. Dockser t2nd rowt K. Haley. Z. Lifscitz, D. Yellin, E. Miller. J. Goldberg, L. Leibovich, S. Lebowitz t3rd rowj S. Dwyer, G. Huang. L. Jaffe. P. Maloney, D. Mollenauer. D. McDer- mott, B, Bogart. Re gulu Regulus is by far the most active, de- manding. rewarding, and productive club at Newton South. Okay. so l'm a little biased: yearbook is my life. What do you want? l guess l don't need to explain what the Regulus, yearbook, staff does be- cause you can see exactly what we do. ln a nutshell. a yearbook is a book that captures the year in pictures and in words. Our job is to break the year down. the routine events. the teams. the clubs. and the special moments, and put them into print. But even beyond that. the yearbook leaves the classroom to show all aspects of students and student life. We photograph people at theirjobs. in stores. at dances and games. at McDonald's. and in their cars. The theme of this year's yearbook is Unleased Energy. South's students have incredible amounts of energy in- side themselves. and that is released in so many different directions. Regulus. the book and the staff, symbolizes a por- tion of this energy and hard work. The diversity and creativity of the Regulus staff added to the success of our efforts. The 1988 yearbook is a book about the entire school and all its students. by Emily Miller and The Duck Clubs l'l Foreign Relations The Russian Club has contin- ued to be one of the most active organizations in school this year. Club activities have in- cluded the film Gorkut' Park over pizza and drinks, a visit to "Little Russia" in Harvard Square. and a day trip to New York to visit the Russian Com- munity. The club has also spon- sored visits from Tamara Pe- trovna. a teacher from the Sovi- et Union. and American reporter, Nick Daniloff, who was held prisoner in the Soviet Llnion. The Officers include: Presi- dent, Deb Casherg Vice Presi- dents, Sharon Drukman and Lisa Vanceg Secretaries, Chris- topher Bartley. Nati Davidi, and Peter Kessler: Treasurer, Marcy Taylorg and faculty ad- visor, Elena Eisenhauer. They have all helped stir up spirit and support among the Russian classes with a Russian Club board covered with articles con- cerning current events in the USSR, interesting pictures, and notices announcing the lat- est club activities. ,r . , v , '4Y',e' i i Q , si .. P , Russian Club ..-swf llst rows L. Spagnoli. S. Prukman, D. Casher, L. Vance 12nd rovii D. Mollenauer. .l. Dym. l. Marcus. G. Dreyer, J. Kay, P. Maloney 13rd rom S. Kugel, J. Stolper. Persky. S. Lcbowit7, G. Tesericro. L. Jaffe, J. Schneider. P. Kessler, Nlrs. Fisenhauer 44th rows B. Bogart, Nl. Silverstein. Z. Demko lf K. lubs l tl it .e l l ,ye-1 ov-if ,ash s ? 5 5 5 . 2 1 s T 3 X ' f X . . 2 5 X 5 R , X at 1 S. 2l'. l , s . .iw '-evra! 1 YNTQ ' 2 sg,vY . I ,P P Xa N lhelowb Glaiclnovl 1 .J 1 ffl . kg' ini in A. International Club llst row! L. Leibovich, C. Anscll, B, Bogart. M. Brinson. R. Jordan. Nl, Richmond 12nd rowb M. Ratner, Abdulah, M. Gitlin. D. Nlollcnauer. J. Bhinksicin. G. Crccin. D. Randall. G. Dreycr. P. Maloney. D. Yellin. S. Goldman 13rd rowb K. Haley. S. Lebowitz. G. Teseriero. T. Roberts. J. Soblc. L. ligilix. J. Weintraub. M. Elman. Z. Lifscitz. J. Dym 44th row! M. Gold. S. KHt7, A. Goldberg, A. Bzildcssairini. J. Slolpcr. J. Schneider. A. Monahan Qiillbs lf? Sing, Sing ot Song The 1987-88 Chess Club was the most active in recent New- ton South history. Lead by president Kenny Parker and vice-president Don- ald Chen, the Chess Club spon- sored several major chess events at South, including a visit from chessmaster Murray Turnbull who played simultaneous chess against the entire club. The best players in the Chess Club were also members ofthe Chess Team, which competed against other schools in regional tournaments. The members of the team included Donald Chen, Russell Neufield, Caleb McArthur, Scott Persky, David Waller, and captain Kenny Parker. The club also held a year- long intramural chess tourna- ment in which more than thirty students and faculty members participated at various times. The club met during Monday .I- blocks throughout the school year. The main goal of this year's Chess Club was to get more of South's students involved in chess and to provide an infor- mal place where students could get together and pursue a com- mon interest. Cum'er! Choir tlst rowl M. Berry. .l. Cohen. A. Neilson, A. Baker 12nd rovil B. Bogart. l.. Vasque7, M, Hara. A. Brown, J. Epstein. P. Gilman. Ms. Taylor. A. Meyer VP n -Q' ' 5-... labotel Put your head on my shoulder I7-1 Clubs ,...---- tbelowl Ken, Loosen up! 1 .4 I ll Madrigals i llst rowl A. Kolbe. S. Goldman. A. Chee, M. Kirschner, E. Berkeley i 12nd rowl B. Nissenbaum. R. Kaplan. H. Paap, L. Higgins Wind Ensemble tlst rowb J. Schneider, N. Grecnbaum, T. Proskauer, J. Stolper. Barbara, K. Cp- shaw 12nd rowl G. Rossini, B. Manhke, D. McDermott, S. Albeck, R. Fulp l3rd rowl N. Leiberman, V. Fraiser, J. Schwartz, Stolper, J. Cohen. E. Bond. fVl. Dhosi, B. Friedman, A. Roth, M. Swope, J. Kay, D. Mollenauer 'K' Vocal Ensemble tlst rowl W. Chin, L. Chin, J. Cohen, S. Wachman, R. Simon, L, Gibbs, l. Marcus. H. Baker 12nd rowJT. Proskauer, B. Friedman, E. Simon, D. Frieze. T. Weintraub. A. Yager. S. Heyman, M. Fleischman, D. Yellin 13rd rowl J. Mittel, L. Vasquez, C. Bartley, A. Mann. D. Kaufman. L. Seigal. L. Stein. J. Kurtz Clubs l'5 Y ,A ,, ,.,,,-,.,u nb. o- S V322 K, ,X i gxfliwx in 24 WE, S44 Ad W 'l?' f 4' 5 i ,'--.-fm- -s --fu -1-f U' 'IO T xi '55-1. ss- in S v Luekln CoHLge Irn sure youlldo nne Love on We re Proud of you, Steven Love, Mom and Dad Thanks for always bemg there ll mlss you' Love, Ronna C3reat Claes Love T' e Cihck Fanuly CONGRATULATIONS LAURA . Congratulatrons and the class of ,88 SETH GOODBYE NEWTON SOUTH , the KUSHNER family and the Class of 88 MOM, DAD, and Laura '88 Liz ,85 JEREMY Evan '83 Debbi - may your most eherlshed dreams of today become a Gggd Luck Manny You reahty tomorrow Are Great Lgve CONGRATULATIONS' MOM DAD PEPITO I m very proud of you Love Mom Congratulatrons FREE AT LAST Judy THANK Goo We are so proud of you AL IGHTY Mom Dad Lynne SENIORS ARE FREE AT and Lovlee LASTYY' FREE AT LAST Em CBopJ A part of me IS you and a part of you IS me that much IS eertaln no matter what happens Thanks for the memorres I ll never forget B f F X F ILY LOR CBUZZJ BEST OF LUCK TO NELSON AND THE CLASS OF 1988 SANDI BOB AND JUDY STACKS OO Danlel and the class of 88 Congratulatlons You re the best The Knapps ADAH hCl 8 Whl. dPd TO CARON WALDENBURG 5 our lovely daughter We are so proud of you Love you Mom Dad Carol and Grandmother Watson Q A VI Congratulations Debbie and the class of 1988 goodbye Newton South Thanks for a Job well done' Debble 88 Mrke 56 The Frreze Family f N David "85 Ken t's6 i N J A m Congratulations Congratulations Class of 88'i Hendi and to David Soble good and luck and much success! the Class of M88 Love Love , Mom, Dad, -1- Julie Harvey, Tina, Max, and Ben Q Q Good Luck Alla Mom, Dad, Inna Congratulatlons Grandparents To The Class Of 988 Garland Sweater Company Best Wlshes I Gary Creem Love Mom Dad Sc Stacey Great gOlHg Mlkel We re all very proud of you more sueeess to come Love Mom Dad Aaron and Nell1e I N I 9 9 9 C C , , o 9 9 9 9 CONGRATULATIONS LAURA I LOVE YOU' DAD Good Luck Stacey' We Love You' Mom Dad Peter and Fred Best Wrshes to MARCY and the Class of 88 Taylor Famrly In honor of Abby I m tlrzu aynzo agadah w1th our love Mom E11 Josh and Mlehael CONGRATULATIONS AND GOOD LUCK TO DOUG AND THE CLASS OF 1988 LOVE MOM DAD JACKIE 85 AND SMUDGIE I G67 ' 7 ooo I 77 7 7 7 7 I l ill 1i l I . I 7 7 7 7 7 v I 7 7 7 4,54 it t tui dtttiminition ind unxxillingnux w ins XXL Imp Xml NI+D+NN Annie Conn ttul itions Lou Bonkx Mom ind Dtd Contritul ttions 6. Best Wishu CARA Xnd Cliss OI 1988 Ltor Xnn K. Q tpotui Congratulations to the class of '88 The Marquis Family JOC QOVNL INIDLCTIOIN HCODS GO NICE WITH DICE AND PINK CHAIVIPAIGNE ON ICE Newton Pizza I-louse 27 Lincoln St Newton Highlands 332 5056 Open 7 Days A Week 11 AM 12 M dn grit Sf PIZZA HOT OVEN SUBS SPAGHETTI SALADS LASAGNA G EGGPLANT DINNERS O P IBY 6 I - 1 , 1 ' 1 ' .I tlic. . I , , Yu ' ' 1' 'L' I "' to I A A .. A wc-ut " is tin ' ppirution to us ull!! ' E gt L' I und C I ' I I , v"s T U - .j I tCuoled n 1 Q I S rvfgG 1 N fn A F O K it L I tit, Vi' .A C' Lisa 12' uu.i to the class of 1988 ALYCE AND EDDIE MANDELL , X Congratulations X J lun m ldm, lt' l mll mm ou Low Mrs klllglll N """Ww Congrltul itlons Cmdy' Good Luuk to llu Ll ass ol bib' VM mm urx proud ol wou md lovu you vgrw muah' l ou Mom Did Pam + HllllfX ln Honor of Girls' Tennis Couch Dr. Bob Hoffman Congralulatlonb to Jonathan md the Class of 1988 Huppmebm. Always Mom Dad Susan -l- Duane Ku ur " any ,' 'SS V' L ' rnlro 5 4 l ' H' in is l l J K 1 K 5 CINDY ee We 1re very proud of vou' Congritulatlone 1nd Qood luek SARAH" owe Mom Did Elrzabeth Raehel Joshua Marrlooehl Jonxthan and lsatle Congrltulatlons DOUGLAS and the elasb of 88 The best lb xet to eome Lowe 'Vlom Dad -l- Jenmfer Rgjwflgehlrfmghav 'Vluslcal Instruments sold and rented Emerson Flutes + Yamaha Gultars Fendy Gu1t1rs eomplete seleetlon of pop and teachlng methods for most Instruments 839 Beacon St Newton Ctr 337 3578 We llways knew 1ll ol your hard work would l1n llly p 13 oll Always remember Our Forest IS so endless there s no llnnt to our dreams Love Alw tys Htlliry 1nd Pam Best Wrshes to Mark 1nd the class of 88 Wnth speelal thanks to the faeulty and stllf ol Newton South Helene 1nd Dwld Bulen 'v Kristen Gosslin, we are so very proud of you! congratulations love 1 . M , ' ' Qongrutulutlons Graduates! Om Dad' gl Danelle May all your dreams come true . . . PICCADILLY oPT1C1ANs LTDg 4 95 Union St: ' Newton Centre, Mu. 02159 Congratulations to you, SHARON J and the Class of 1988. 1 The best is yet to come! i Love. y I Q 1 v I Mom. Dad 84 Scott i CCJNCURATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF '88 Bonazoli 's BEACON SINCE 1921 761 Beacon St., Newton Centre, MA 244-9881 1 X d I .L To our middle daughter. middle sister and therapist who's always been there to "schnuggle" and share. Congratulations Jilly! We love you. Mom, Dad, Jodie '86 and Marcy Best wishes to Jennifer and the CLASS OF '88 Joseph and Joanna Schwartz Jim '84 Julie '86 Q 1 Congratulations C"s'f:,:N"'l"""o 1645 BEACON Svnzzv and the class of 1988 W'E"""MA o2'6e with much love and lots of pride The Lipofs Ed '61, Sue '61, Karen '92, Spank + Tig Terence, You mean more to me than you will ever know. Best luck with everything you do. M92 or earlier I love you now and forever Rebecca ,Xds l Q D Vanessa, N u always make us so proud ol' you! XX I we you and wish you good luck at co llcgc. Mom, Dad, Neil EMMY, GOOD LUCK AND MUCH LOVE - YOUR CROWN PILOT PROVIDER. JOAN THE SEMONIANS Say goodbye to Newton South Leslie '85 Mark '86 Wendy '88 Congratulations to the Class of 1988 The Lebowitz Family THANKS FOR THE MEMORIES CONGRATULATIONS TO JULIE BLANKSTEIN AND THE CLASS OF 1988 MOM, DAD, JIM and TABITHA Congratulations And Good Luck From: CONGRATULATIONS TO DINA AND DANNY AND THE CLASS OF 1988 I I 1158 BEACON ST., NEWTON, MA, 969-960 LOVE. MOM, DAD, SABRA, -1- DAVID 9-2 f Good Luck Q ,ark em 5 GARY C. We Love You Mom. Dad, 84 Stacey 1629 BEACON STREET 527 9804 WABAN QNEWTONQ MASS. Congratulations Michelle and the class of '88 Love, Mom, Dad, Dana, and Jill Congratulations Emily From all of us who Love and Loved You. The Miller Family Congratulations David love. Mom CONGRATULATIONS TO ADAM AND THE GRADLIATING CLASS OF 1988 LOVE. MOM 8: DAD Allison Congratulations and much good luck to SOme0ne Very Spe' Congratulations C131' Class of 1988 You deserve the best We to BW- 31W3YS Archie and Cat We Love You, Mom, Dad, Suzanne 985 Matthew '87 TO EACH OF OUR FRIENDS - you will always hold a place in our hearts and in our minds. we wish you success in anything you do rm but congratulations on your graduation your friends, BEN KAPLAN JEFF DRUCKER Q 'Zhe Quan .Squad 0 The Goon Squad is a bunch of swell guys who romp around Newton and make noise. They're pretty offensive but basically harmless unless you have a heart con- dition, delicate eardrums, oraweak stomach. They also do a lot ot bowling, but they're pretty horrendous cause they're all uncoordinated slobs. Anyway, if you see them around, don't injure them too bad, they're the last hope of cultural advancement left in the school. They chase girls a lot, but have no class, so they always strike out. Except Swope who is a stud. Because no girls will be seen with them, they usually end up sitting around playing ping-pong and listening to Joe. Beep Beeplh A, 3 seuff Good Movies:Angel Heart, Blues Brothers, Clockwork Orange, Deathrace 2000, Highlander, I Spit on Your Grave, Slapshot, anything with Arnie, Jack, or DeNiro. Good People: Fish, the Hansens, Papa Bonzo, Squirrel, Tim Curry, Jack, Arnie, DeNiro, Joe, Swell Guys, Sandi, Leslie, Melissa QTPDD, lotsa others. Good Places: Tim's House, Goon Room, Wal-Lex, IHOP, Dan's Garage, HMUN, the Beacon, Hockey Rinks, Snow Drifts, Durgin Park, Wesleyan, Oberlin, four other places. Good Sayings: "We Go!""Beep Beep!""I'm a House"'So What's Your Point?" "Dave's a Mess" "I Feel Shame" "Sucks Being Men "Seek and Destroy" 'tHello?" "Are You Talking to Me?" "I Like Beer." Good Things: Pasta, 151, Slammers, the Number Eight, Guns, Swope's Van, Shotguns, Frog Killer, Rubber Chickens, Big Goofy Aryans, Fish, No Class, Squishy Women, Snow, Sledding. Bad Things: Fat People, Stupid Women, Music Teachers, the Anti-Squad, People with Berets, Referees, Rules. Good Tunes: Feelin' Alright, You Can Leave Your Hat On, You Are So Beautiful, Dan's Happy Tapem , ACXDC, Led Zeppelin, Take Her Back, Rawhide, Peter Gabriel, Paul Croce and the Idiots, Cabana Song, U2, Jungle Love. Us: QE!!-.. . ,i-.,-. 3 ,.,.,..E?. JJ. r'i?1'S:' Front Row: Dan Knapp, Swell Guy, Matt Swope, Swopeg Paul Croce, ,L Goodwin Ambassador. Back Row: Jason Middle, Probationary 5 Treasurer, Robert Bonazoli, President, Tim Proskauer, Fashion ' Q Consultant. Missing: seth Goldstein, Michigan Affiliate, Joe - ! o '61s Cocker, Entertainment. . 1 Qs. ., - ,..,.R, CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF 1988 THE BEST IS YET TO COME! ALL our love to Tobey also Mom, DAD AND JOSH QW Congratulations and Best Wishes Love Ya, Mom, Dad and Stacey Good Luck Class of '88 'Me WMM You've grown into a wonderf ul very special person. All my love, MOM Congratulations to ZVI and the class of nw Ve '88 Z, K We all love you and are proud of you. Adele, Babe, Richard, MJ + D Xtlx luf Dont compete with a Kaplan student- be one. Why? Consider this More students increase their scores after taking a Kaplan prep course than after taking anything else. Why? Kaplans test- taking techniques and educational programs have 50 years of experience behind them. We know students. And we know what helps boost their confidence and scoring potential. So if you need preparation for the: LSAT GMAT MCI-II GRE, DKK ADVANCED MEDICAL BOARDSTOEFL, NURSING BOARDS, NTE, CPA, INTRO TO LAIM SPEED READING, or others, call us. Why be at a disadvantage? STANIEY H. KAPLAN EDUCATIONAL CBSJTBI UD. Good luck seniors! Thonk you for rnoking us the Ieocter in SAT prepcirotion 792 Beocon St Newton, Moss 02459 244-2202 I Xds TO SARAH, THANKS FOR ALL THE SPECIAL AND LONG LASTING MEMORIES WE HAVE SHARED. WE HAVE HAD OUR HIGHS AND LOWS BUT YOU ARE THE BEST GIRLFRIEND ANYONE COULD EVER ASK FOR, AND EVEN IF WE WILL BE APART IN DISTANCE NEXT YEAR, I KNOW THAT IN MY HEART, WE WILL ALWAYS BE TOGETHER! CONGRATULATIONS AND GOOD LUCK IN THE FUTURE! LOVE, N.C.T. Sarah, You are a Great Inspiration to us all Congratulations on a fantastic High School career Grandma would be proud Love, Mom, Dad, and all your Sibs PATRONS NEWTON HIGHLAND HARD- WARE THE HORGANS THE BALDESSARINIS The Regulus Staff Thanks Mrs. Wise John Carrier N.E.S.P. The Dockser Family The Miller Family The Regulus Families Alex at the Film Lab Julie Blankstein James Horgan Cornell Admissions Staff CUSTOM SILKSCREENING 8: EMBROIDERY p TEAM JACKETS 8: UNIFORMS ,fy RUSH SERVICE AVAILABLE . X I A Heat Pressgs Ngngsee-sNumbers X Hale x Q Q: Sporting Geods Q 1635 BEACON sr. NEWTON MA. WISHES GREAT SUCCESS T0 THE CLASS '88 Autographs i Autographs x w X 9 v !l ' 1 u f l GO 000 QQO 0 O GO Q0 ,Q - --... .--. . , . 559 M9 My

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