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 - Class of 1987

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1 K V l I 5 3 Y x 4 v I . I i I 5 I 2 ! W' ,XE , ff l I w L 4 , 1 5 N5 5 , , S 74566 af 64'ffef,f,, Gpening 4 A Sfudenf Life 6 ' Clubs 44 People 64 J Academics 742 K Sports 7 56 + Ads 476 NEWTGN FREE LIBRARY NEWTON, MASS. WCRTH IT ALL NewTon SouTh 440 Brandeis Rd Newton Cenfer, IVIA. 02459 'SU r 'P+ W1 MP, T- V3 NNN1--'I WORTH ll ALL QW When you ore looking Through The pdges of The yedrbook, gloncing df The piciures ond redding The sfories, we hope ThoT you will goin o feeling of opTi- mism, o sensoTion ThoT your hord work ond persever- once were worTh iT. Reflecf on The evenfs, closses, ond people ThoT were d porT of This yeor ond Treosure Them. We moy noT Think ThoT These evenTs will be of losTing imporTonce To us now, buT when we look bock in yeors To come, we will see how much we hdve ledrned from Them. IT is hdrd for us To oppre- cidTe The efforTs we puT inTo our courses. Cldsses con seem endless ond TesTs obominoble. lvlondoys be- come dredded ond week- ends well deserved. AT The beginning of The yeor, we sTorT wiTh new Teochers, closses, ond gools. As The yeor progresses ond monfhs fly by, we geT od- jusTed To our schedules ond begin counfing off The Terms unTil grddudTion. Edch yeor we con mork ourselves closer To The lorg- er gool - The end of high school - buT The smdller gools should never be ig- nored. LoTer, we will see ThoT more imporTdnT Thdn our diplomds, ore The con- cepTs ond skills we hove re- Toined. . . . conTinued on poge 5 2 Opening 1-'35-V Cobovej Finding hoppiness under Their vine ond fig Tree. frighfj JusT remember, when you poini of someone There ore dlwoys Three fin- gers poinfing bock of you, af vL,J wr: :T 1' 9 5 2.5" ' A '14, rf-we w '9'3L"gy..'4- -e-.. .NL . L '0- 1 , 'CV 4 T . M Q Q . Y' - JSF. -3.0: a n A vJfx'I 1" -,. INT A 'RF 4 ,. , , . I Wi" 2'-Y is 215- -'f .gf X , u. - Qi? Q, ,rf . 1 L 54 ff 1 KM 4 , 2 44 74 4 my 1 rar pgrw We iove me gross' kbefon N Com we folk? .-su, ' ,, .. v XY. 1 f. I ' 1 Qf. 4 rw 1 Q ' A .F r , 5 suns 1 . l .wrt --Ui In ,:. V' s..g ri. , .xl 1 ,s'1 ,Q .nf N I .,x. 1' V Q, ' 1 E 7 xt ' , u I si ' s .-.-.-.- .. ,-.-.4 .- , .... Y . -v . .i 3,-.-,-,-,-,-v 0 ----- -w -' ,Q - ' A AOQFVA' .-5 ull 1 P mh- V I ,' f rj' L . , . XJ! Cobovel Vm outta here! vs qnghfj We Took the Tosfe fest the , , ffor rfghrp Sunny days, chasing our -. JK cores cwoy ' L1 Gpemimg -"Q-fs'--'li as b . 1 R ' W Y.: 4 xg' z Q.. S A z 3 V.. ...-. -..,-.-.f- as . .T TA r T g'q',q' all ,x,. if NME -uw - I-RWE W. I Iglflllnu 5 ' xl - I .. ' 1 -ta? K Q rf'- T. iliiiiia'-5 .N 3 .MK eg. .ll EEK fi NN' s. -, . nv ' :Q4ff"'wl"" J I V. 4- 1 'R ' , " 'w-4 ' -.-53 '?fp.,J, ,- WGRTH IT ALL CconTinued from p. 25 The compeTiTion for grades is sTressful, and aT Times one wonders if one is learning English or how To survive iT. ln a few years The grade you received will mean liTTle in comparison To The apilify To Think and un- dersfand. The end of The year is The besT Time To look aT The sacrifices we made in The pasT year and be hopeful for our rewards. High school is an inTeresT- ing Time To TesT our aThIeTic and social apiliTies. One dif- ficulT Task is working wiTh people wiTh whom we lj 5' .. .. ...mac .i'f'..i.L."3?-iffq MTR V . llr- 'z-zifiiiami . I J mm: ..' ,gan 9' .if 1: QM 'asf .,, .',x,2g would noT normally associ- aTe. Greaf friendships pe- gin on Teams and in clubs where sTudenTs meeT oTher sTudenTs wiTh inTeresTs simi- lar To Their own. These rela- Tionships help us accepT our differences. When looking Through This yearbook now, and in The fuTure, iT will become clear ThaT iT Takes perspec- Tive To undersfand The im- porTance of our hard work. We will realize ThaT our work, play, Tragedies, and joys really are WORTH IT ALL. - The LiTerary Edifors. 1 5U Man .Fr-'W' qu i gi-Q , Cabovej Sure I'll smile for a picfurel fabove lefij Yeah, l'm happy S09 fleffj Tricia and lvir. Cliff hang ouf ffar leffj I love This place! 5 Opening X . Qbelowj Hold ThoT DOSiTiOl'1, . qrlghtp Everyone looks so ehtrolleo. -A-if 1 - --,N I 5 t -lbw xx gf 'Ps ' A 9' ' . 35 4 Q 'Ax H ' , X 'YJ' -e 1 ., Y' 551, 'Q , , A' ' , 7 K ,' 4 TS-5 ko 'f he N ' ' ' , .Q 'W , A , k ii' t 1 -'V 'ff' k'i'V'.X--rbi dee- ' eg... , ,..,,., . , - V ' - t h xmvwxfx ,J:. 1 'i'5X:,s, .- ' uw .agr' 22.1 ' -Av gh, ."?..r1Tx 2 '. , - . , ' .x f. .' - 5 is-.. "5 T Nt- 5 ff ' Q -, - , " ' - wa ' LW -- ' 1 W , , A N!"QQ,,,, Nr ff . W. .W N A, ,f K -. Qooovey Three of o klho A qrighfj This is The life! Ipgxffy-gy: i. 9- 5. '4 4 4 , Q 5. '41 rg? -.1 'Jr greg 9' dv F-"" Y, .A I 'W A 'Z Q V it M 6 smdem Life fi , M 1 my if "hr-uf M K! "4 v -fi 13' ,bij , ' x ,135 das y' if Ji' All The Fun hough Newton South has an academic atmosphere, there remains room for many exciting activities. Walk- ing from class to class on a rou- tine basis is lightened by the friendly, enthusiastic voices prevalent in every corner. Free blocks can be spent at one of the commons rooms, court- yards, or out at a fast-food res- taurant. There, one can enjoy the taste of greasy french fries at MacDonalds or brown, wilted , , lettuce at the Papa Gino's salad bar. Throughout the school one can sense the high level of school spirit. Getting involved in areas such as sports and clubs during after school hours are activities which pull many of our students together. This gives us a break from those tedious studying habits that are ines- capable in such a demanding, competitive environment. Every student looks forward to the weekend. Events such as football games or fundraising activities add some "spunk" to our lives. With all the given opportuni- ties to socialize and enjoy our- selves, one can never say that there is nothing to do at South. Excitement is available every- where, and everyone should join in on the fun. - by Dana Gerson and Talia Hochman. -41' ' Jw' L... Student Life 7 Student Life F S ?' The , r' "' 'Q ,,,3i'3' , -2 Jy , L ri. FITST Dag of School The nicesT Things opouf The firsT doy of school never chonge. Yedr offer yeor fresh- men go To Wheeler House for Science. Summer sfories ore exchonged ond repeofed wiTh deloils never originolly includ- ed. The pesf Thing opouf The firsT doy of school is going To closs ond noT geTTing ony homework. Friends see eoch oTher for The firsT Time in Two monfhs. Somefimes The durofion hos been so long for some ThoT They confuse friends ond new people. New people include exchonge sTudenTs, Tronsfer sTudenTs, ond new foculfy. Freshmen, of course, ore in o "closs" by Themselves. Seniors come pock To school knowing ThoT They hove mode iT To The Top ond onxiously wolf for Senior Slump. They look sympofheficolly of undercloss- men. Then They go To closs ond find ouT course expecfofions, feeling sorry for Themselves. On The firsT doy of school The mosT populor spoT is The guid- once counselor's office. Peo- ple Try desperofely To chonge Their course loods ond com- pore Tons. Missing people ore eifher dis- covered by D-block or de- clored, "swiTched To onofher school." Teochers olwoys keep Their memories olive by colling Their nomes every doy for The firsT few weeks. All in oll The firsT doy of school is o chonce To coTch up on The news ond geT over The shock of wdking up before eleven dm. - oy Dono Osleep. . FN ai. , , W. 8 STudenT Life Uopj STep One, lock up your pike ond look cufe. ng, r 'R nn., l l Sfep Two, gef To closs on Time ' i l 5 . Cleffj Srep Three, lug your books every where, Cbefowj Srep Four, orrorwge eosy GC CGSS fFOfT1 school 41. ,-Warm' J' fleffb Step Five, cover your books Carefully Q50 es nor To damage Themj. Caboyej Sfep Sixr be like Mow ond Berry ond be GT school Drighr ond eorlyr Magid' Friend We all have our own special friends. These friends geT us Through The day when we jusf do noT Think we can make if. There are differenf kinds of friends here aT Newfon Soufh. Some friends we meef aT a parfy or af a school acTiviTy, and say "hi" To in The halls. There are some friends whom we sTop and Talk To every once and a while To cafch up on whaT is going on and share some new sfories. Then, There is The special person who Takes on The TiTle of 'xbesf friend." These are The uniaue compan- ions whom we TrusT and who TrusT us, The people we can '15s , , raboveb Smlling sophomores' rrighfp Three of a kind in a Full House. TO Sfudenf Life laugh wifh and The people we can lean on wiThouT being a burden. These are The hardesf people To find, and aT school one is wise To hold on To Them. Offen friendships are forgof- Ten as we change. AT The same Time new friendships develop as we grow. Our dearesT friends will remain special for as long as we remember The sad and greaf Times we have spenT TogeTher. When we Think back, years laTer, on whaT made Newfon SouTh a special place, our friends will definifely be aT The Top of The lisT. - by Hendi Crosby. I I I O l l I Our public awaifs us! lllllllllll.. ll! O OIC 5.00.0 Dill! ll!! Ill! O 0 O vt' 1? I I 4,3 N NX fleffj Study Holi? NGO , . Social Holi! Cbefowj Smile preTTy! ,.-,,f' 4 in-at 2 ' I 'I I JK. , 1 ,.. .D Q! -7,43 E ,I Cabove rfghfj We are fomily' fabove feffj All right, whoT's The mg idea? Ueffj Senior Buddies M Smdem Life Homework and Sfudging Homework hos from iTs be- ginning been o drudging chore. For cenTuries sfudenls hove sfruggled Through mofh prob- lems, essoys, verb drills, science broiecfs, ond similor fun ocfivi- Ties. Homework is definifely nof The highlighf of eoch sTudenT's doy, buf iT musf be done. Sfudenfs hove mony differ- enT sTudy hobifs. There ore Those who do noT do if of oll ond slowly disopbeor. There ore Those who sTudy feverishly during o free block so os To coTch up before closs. Mosf sTudenTs finish some of Their work of home, ond The resT is complefed The block before closs, Freshmen go Through shock when They receive Their firsf high school ossignmenfs. Junior High never demonded much work in comborison. Every yeor sTudenTs musf odjusf To new u g,:., levels of sTudy enjoymenf. The yeor before seems like iT wos never os difficulT os The bre- senT. One of The bigger problems of Newfon Soufh is finding o bloce To sTudy. Commons rooms ore noisy ond full of friendly disfrocfions. The llbrory is To be used for llbrory work only. Sfudy holl . . . need more be sold? On o worm sunny doy when iT is nof Too hoT ond There ore no bees, iT is pleosonf To sTudy oufside. The cofeferio during eorly morning free blocks is o foirly quief spof where you ore bound To find someone Toking odvonfoge of iT. Somehow every yeor sTu- denfs find Their sbeciol woy To sTudy ond geT iT done ds hove our preceeding scholors of eons bdsf. - by Angelico Brisk. fobovej Hey Melisso, is Thof Top AO? 1 1 J .nm grighfj Theres nothing I like beTTer Thon Shokesbedre on o brighT sunny doy, T2 Sfudenf Life 1 -469' A. f- I 54' ' Cleffj Jill when ore the lnslrucllomw Cbelowj The quole of The dey IS os fol- lows l . . '6X . '13 sun, 'a'. Y. . '1 Wie' Caboyej A lonely A block in Wheeler Ueffj Are you olmosl ready To order? 43 Sludeml Life Five MinuTes BQTwQen Class 5-11-3-2-1 - beep goes The bells These nexT five minuTes ore d cruoidl porT of The ddy here oT SouTh. BeTween edch cldss There is d five-minuTe peri- od used, for The mosT pdrT, To go To your locker, moke d quick exchdnge of your books, dnd move on To your nexT oldss. AIThough This is how iT dp- pedrs To on dveroge viewer, There is redlly d IoT more going on Thdn This simple process. The mdioriTy of The freshmdn oloss uses This Time To concen- TrdTe only on how To moke iT To Their nexT oldss wiThouT being ldTe. This is why The freshmen move from one oloss To dn- oTher wiTh d sTdok of books. They Tedr ThdT They will noT hdve enough Time To go To Their locker, To Those of us who hdve our eye on ThdT "someone spe- oiol," These five minuTes con be The mosT imporTdnT five min- uTes in The whole ddy. The Time is spenT geTTing To ThdT person's oldss To c:dTch his or her eye. lvlony of our uppercldssmen spend This Time ds if iT were o free block. IT could be d quick Trip To The fldgpole or The courTyord or iusT d odsudl Trip To The locker, The bdThroom, dnd Then To cldss. The Trick is To duieTly slip inTo The nexT cldss dfTer The five-minuTe period is over before your Tedcher looks up To mdrk you Tdrdy. In cdse dnyone hos forgoT- Ten, The five minuTes beTween oldsses is, in dcTudliTy, used To go from one oldssroom To dn- oTher. SouTh sTudenTs merely dTTempT To moke iT ds inTeresT- ing ond evenTful ds possible. - by STdcy Millenderr uf' fdbovej l-lusTIe ond busTIe qrrghfj Over The Breezewdy ond Through The woods , T41 STudenT Life 7-1 ' Y H, T'j'tAV1 s . mpg, i ,,,. . ' ' .3 ,f hmr ' f fag.- f ,fl 5, L. ya' ' -V '-4,1 v i , - " ' ix. .Q f W? - Ueffj Class is over! Lei us soy "Amehl" Cbelowj "Hey mice penis!" "Thanks, hice SUQOVQVSV' 92 Rm, .M fs. -1. N' -, an : i" Q - - ,ivas V..' -,. , 115 qgjjgggfz , , fro '- I .Wi A .f"',,.1'V ' -ff-"L fZ4ff4 . 1 '4 r mqfQ"7W ,v . U W , 414. .3 Q-f. ' ggi' T "gr--vw r 5' I . gh im, mr bac.. a A AJ -, 3 ., A, V J , ,. fr -, ,, ., 1 f f-"'9'f"M - -+ If V4 -- - V A m , " , -' f , fx: N I , ' , ffm-"'?5'b."' ix. 'V' F - ' a 'xgjiw . at 7 -Qu. Q 11w?""i 'If' ., of-f M-fs 551 I . ' " " 'M' 1, - 1.4 Cobovej Seniors meet To discuss Their piohs for Their next free block. Cleffj So This is America? 5 f i ii If i i i 45 Siudehi Life fflghfj Sophomores spend Cl free block ON compus. qbelowj JUST cmching The lost few roys. ,,,,,., - may-W fm, p me-. 3.3, 4.1 x "Lx Q. 'P' mn -rf 3. '. V "y1gQgw', .JW faoovey Birds of Q feather flock fogem- ' fnghfj One, Two, three, CHEESE, '16 STUCIGOT Life 1,19 of fsqsiv' i TGKG d oicTure, This is The only Time you'Il see Ddvid sTudyingl i km 'gil tk? , " . 9. , ., sf' .., m 4'f,f'?44 , ,L :- ww 'Feigi . is .,. ' ' 1 'v, ,.. f , ' X 1 f . 7 1- I z if 255539- Q' ul .Q 4,1 iq , 4, .ili J. . F - an-nl +19 if -if.. vi -: 'Ji 19,1 s.. . 1 Ugg, 4,47 4 , ,W 1 -.ww ?f .i,. .. .gym 39:- ,v f. 'LJ s. . '.- 4" s .'Q,,4f"6: 1 fl D ' , 1 fkffr' if wa, .. - if ' fn' - T - i. v , ,...-, , -.--..v---- I , . 4 ,ni lk -. ,le , fy, -:z-f . Aufumn AuTumn is The mosT beouTiful sedson in New Engldnd. IT holds d gredT deol of TrddiTion ond chonge. The woods meTdmor- phdsize from summer greens To blozing reds, ordnges, yellows, ond browns. While These Trdns- formoTions dre occurring dround us, we go bdck To school To The rouTines of work. As The pressure builds, iT is good To be dble To enjoy d wolk in The cool dir. TrddiTions dre vdried during The fdll. Some ore Toslcs such ds rdking leoves, while oihers ore fun such os bundling up wiTh friends To cheer for The Lion's fooTboll Tedm, Trick or TredTing on l-iolloween, or gorging on Thonksgiving. ln NewTon mdny oiher smdll TrodiTions hoye sprung up. I-ldrvesT Fdir in New- Ton CenTre is o gredT ploce To find jewelry, crdfTs, food, ond fun. NewTon elemenidry schools buT on liTTle Pilgrim bloys, ond SouTh hos iT's onnudl Thdnksgiying gdme ogdinsT Lin- coin-Sudbury. There is blenTy going on in Newlon during The foil ThdT mdkes NewTon d beouTiful bloce To live. - by Angelico Brisk " fo-'I' may , 53' - .1 wffi ff c i s ,fr 4' ,,, VLH' ' 7 Q ,, P5 T ,rw fGDOV9Q Piciure oerfe-cT smile, Ue-fTQ A cool bredk in The shdde 47 STudenT Life Those Dreaded Mornings! Buzz . . . AT 6:30 The morning riTudl begins . . . You push The snooze dldrm d few more Times ond Then fooe The ineviTible: d freezing shower, d quick cup of coffee, ond d run To The bus. For Those upperolossmen who ore forTunoTe enough To hove o cor ond possibly even A-block free, They con Tdke Their Time for This morning rou- Tlne. Mornings come in o vorieTy of forms: TesT mornings, lvlon- ddysQ5 doys unTil you con sleepy, ond Those dreoded mornings when we oversleep. "lVloybe l shouldn'T hove lefT ThoT 20-pdge hisTory poper un- Til eleven losT nighT," you Think To yourself. Very few reolly leorn ony- Thing or con leorn onyThing dur- ing A-block, becouse iT is The designoTed Time To geT The mind inTo working order. Some sTudenTs enjoy The duieT com- mons rooms or The cdfe ol 7:30 ond sove ThdT Time To finish Their homework. These rooms seem like enTirely differenT plooes Thon They ore during D or E blocks. The floors ore freshly polished, ond The holl ond li- brory policies ore reloxed. AlThough mosT of us oT Souih dislike The morning, we oocepT iT ond leorn To cope. As we dp- proooh mid-yeor, mornings be- come hdrder To fdce beoouse They become dorker ond cold- er: ond The nighTs become longer. Mornings ore eosier To fooe ds The weekend op- prooohes, buT before we know iT, lviondoy's rouiine is upon us ogoin. - by lvioureen Dwyer. 'Q Rm i K S W- RN 122,-, X Skis- ' Deor, This is The fifTh Time you've overslepT This week, T8 STudenT Life Nl' - Tx . ww.-a?ff.i,. " 1 nf.: W - -num-neun Uopj Who ever sold senior yeor wos going To be eosy? fobovej Come book ond close The door honey. frighfj Does onyone hove The mofh homework? Q 2 , 3 A-wwwww-Q.. wyyf. -. ,,.,,,.,,,W.,,, . f waav, ,,,,wQ I -Q I Ueftj NO VTIOFVWIVIQ IS COVE- plele WITHOUT The WGII Street Jourhel Cbelowj Thls lsrl't lust d dredrh, It's d hlghtmdre 5 414554 .ff Mi!! Zia' I ,, --,.,w 3' I3 I Lair ,lit I should have hdd thot second cup. l cdhhot believe I left lt dt home' Student Life IQ l M1 5 -W--q.....,. D . ,gg fs fbelowj Ozzy ond Lionel Kczlis frignrj Wonder Twin powers, ociivoie . , . P i .7 , i ix Q .-.--iv i i 20 Siucieni Life 'nun-'Q ii's Raining Men .i,--...I .. .. if Cobovej Two's company frighrj Tnree's 0 crowd wifi? A .V ,xx 5. Kiwis, tr 3 . ,Q.. f - ' aj' I lg fd ' 1 Siblings When opprooched, The mo- joriTy of NewTon Soulh sTudenTs expressed mixed feelings dbouT being in school wiTh o sibling. l-loving d broTher or sisTer in school would ineviiobly leod To compeTiTion which inspires mosT sTudenTs To work horder ond some To become jedlous. We even sTumbled on one ex- Treme cose where o senior jumped ouT of d second sTory window dfTer discovering his sophomore sisTer received on A on her mdih finol whereos he received o B. ln dll seriousness The pressure is noT ThoT horsh buT oi Times con be very hord To hondle. Through our reseorch we found ThoT iT is more beneficiol To The underclossmdn To hove on upperclossmdn sibling Thon vice-verso. IT is gredT To hove The ovoilobiliTy of o lifT, wheTher iT be o ride To school or To chow ol lvldcDonold's during o free block. One muTuol odvonioge for siblings is knowing o wider vdri- eTy of sTudenTs oT SouTh. One sophomore girl cloimed, "Hov- ing my broTher's senior friends dround The house oll of The Time hos iTs obvious odvonToges." Knowing ThdT your broTher or sisTer is in The school con ofTen help eose everydoy onxieTies. Even Though sibling reloiion- ships hove Their ups ond downs, mosT SouThies would be losT wiThouT Theirs. - by Ronno Glick, Jen Goldberg ond Lori Leibovich. I" "1 x 'Iv' ,f ,ff i.,ir bfi? 'mfg if 5 E 1 C 1 , r l-gn fleffgb Double your pleosure foboveb BIG-NISST liTTIe-nlss STudenT Life 24 Nun mf dd He's got 'Sig' 1 MQ- ...J .pi 9111 , fi Qui! 'iufxi 9- 1 X111 44' as KNXNA To belueve Thus one l swear To god my dog me IT Excuses. Excuses! As you sprinT down The emp- Ty hollwdy, your mind is d jum- ble of excuses. You begin To Think of The cldssroom ThoT you ore going To enfer lofe-ogdin. As you dpprodch The door ond prdy your Tedcher is in o good mood, you reolize The door is locked. Oh, God! Now you hove To knock, which meons The Tedcher will nofice you ore five minufes ldTe. ln desperd- Tion you sedrch for on excuse such os, "Um, l'm sorry ThoT l'm ldTe buf I wds finishing up my Term poper in The librdry - your Term poper, due nexf monTh ...You know howiTis. . . " The door opens: your mind bldnks: you meekly soy, "Sorry," As you slide inTo your sedT in The bdck row ond IisTen To your Tedcher Telling you ThoT one more Time is d cuT, you glonce over To your friend who is busy flipping Through his nofes. "l-lomework?" you whisper. He looks up ond glores of you. "A TesT," he soys. 'lThe Term TesT on The unif. Didn'T you sTudy?" '-C nl., 3 , , 4 i f .Axim -N ' -1 , ,.. . h Aw: E ' ' - h ine . -r' N ff mai i iii., -1, W ' T it K N3 is , -- ' T , s--"" .v""' T'Oh God, l forgoT." You quickly odd, "I hdd so much homework To do, Three reporfs ond Two poges of mdTh." l-le looks owdy, l'So whof if you ore o Iidr?" you osk yourself. l-le will never know Thdf you spenT your nighT in fronT of The T.V. wdTching Tdpes wiTh your sisfer, While everyone else is busy wriTing owdy, you sTdre of The blonk piece of poper Trying To look infelligenf. You fill in The sfuff you remember from cldss ond spend The resT of The Time figuring ouT how mony excuses you hove mode for yourself during your sfdy of Soufh. Too mony! You decide dlwdys To do your work no moffer whofl The bell rings ond your Tedch- er screoms ouT ThoT Term poper is due in four weeks. "GredT," you Think, "I will sTdrT TonighT." Four weeks IOTGF, sfdnding in fronf of your Tedcher's desk, you hedr yourself soy, "l'm reol- ly sorry, buf . . . " - by Becky Deming. ThoT's good Rochel, l've used ThoT one myself. STudenT Life 23 -1...-. Looking GreaT To mony kids deciding whoT To weor To school is more diffi- culT Thon solving ThoT exTro crediT mdTh problem. There ore mini skirTs, long underwedr, ledfher idckeTs, wool sweoTers, silver shoes, everyThing Tucked inTo socks, dnd wresTllng booTs, To nome o few of The IdTesT fdshions, People hove Their own woy of dressing, which reflecTs eoch unique personolify. Fdshions dre dlwdys chong- ing. IT is hord To keep up wiTh The "hoTTesT" new sensdTions in cloThing occessories. lvlony of The "in looks," however, ore re- credTions of posT sTyles. Who ever guessed Thof lVlom's old skirTs ond jewelry, ond Dod's old buTTon down shlrTs would live dgoin? lvlony Tedchers wolk oround in disbelief of The incredibly inTeresTing oTTire kids ore weorlng These doys. WhoTever kids Throw TogeTh- er, iT is foshion enough for SouTh! PD. fobovej Of course we weor Reeboks. fdbove righfj lvldrk shows off The loTesT "cruTch" oTTire. Uighfj I forgof To roll up my sleeves. ffGf righfj My swofch wdTch never leTs me down 211 Sfuderif Life 44 4 l 'T g,J.Q:' . JS, ,isssifsi T 1 xy i fleflj Like my "shocles'P" fbelowj Sweols, The only woy To ieolly be comforloolel UI! A 1 K ' Nh E ' r ,wr . 4 8 H i , V. ' 'iff , 5 , lm Q bw 4. ef x 6 Al - 1 fobove feffj l'm slriolly o polo mon, Cobovej Wilh This new slyle, l never lose my keys. ffor leflj Scorves ore olwoys in foshioml fleffj Corler models his CB iockel Sludenl Life 25 vw 'A ' s Q .x '--'f-bt . -M 4 . ' . av..-44. .ah Q e K s 2 . x fabovej Yum! Love Thaw' cafeferia faaa. frfghfj Okay, l have 50 minutes To finish The book. ffar righfj I deserve a break Today, 26 Sfuaeht Life .1 'M , V .4 Q "hu-, x-5? . . . 0,3 c xl: ' ly 'J 4, ,H 'r , . .. If, AJ 'I A ,,, , G-,.,,r .1 Q 1 ,v 'S . - al -la' ' 'ful ', ' .un ,X , Af.-5 . .-""' rx 1- Take me To McDonalds! Cleffj Lillie lndiOnS fbelowj Wow! These X-ray glasses look greaf - I-lorrag for Free Blocks Grab a hamburger, finish some maTh homework, review for The hisTory TesT, caTch up on some sleep. WhaT do all These acTiviTies have in common? They are whaT happens each day aT NewTon SouTh during free blocks. As freshmen we all sTarTed off wiTh one or maybe Two free blocks. We spenT Them in The cafe when we were noT in sTudy hall, or for varieTy we wenT To The library every so of- Ten. And Those days when we were feeling kind of wild, we would walk To Fred's. As we grew older, we grew wiser. We reauesTed A-block free, in order To sleep an exTra hour, or perhaps F-block or G- block insTead, so as To be dis- missed early. Even Those of us wiTh free blocks in The middle of The day have found someThing To keep us busy besides The ex- oiTemenT of The cafe. IT is highly unlikely To walk inTo Dunkin' DonuTs, Dom and Marios, or lvlcDonalds wiThouT seeing friends from NewTon SouTh. For Those of us wiThouT cars, or for Those who do noT feel The need To go ouT, There are always commons rooms, The courT- yard, or The flagpole. These are places To do homework or re- lax and Talk To friends. Free blocks are seldom wasTed Time aT NewTon SouTh. by Rona l-lursT STudenT Life 27 lflghfl My own liiile hide dwdv. lbelowl Goodwin is our home dwov from Home ffighfj Were dll indlvidudls Dui we dll like music during siudy holl. i z S if 'lx at s- s R CL 11 ln., Cobovej Fooibdlll We love ii! L- his In frighij l cowl believe how hcird Thol lesi vvos. 28 Sludenl Life gil ,ii Sn ie h I 'in I-. N ,I 4 .ix ... Okoy, I hdve five minuTes To memorize This er T l 4 E? 5 -Ill., fleffj GredT Minds Think dlike, Cbelowj NoT bod for CC1f9T9I'lO food ' 3 1 Q H , Diversiig Life dT SouTh is filled vviTh di- versiTy similor To d monTdge re- flecfing The vdrieTy of The cur- riculum ond inTeresTs, dcTiviTies, dTTiTudes, ond bdckgrounds of our peers. NewTon, wiTh iTs wide eThnic diversiTy, provides OD exciiing dTmosphere unlike The homo- genious composiiion of mony simlldr schools. Here we ledrn noT only from our Tedchers, buT ds imporTdnTly from edch oTher in d wdy no socidl sTudies TexT- book could ever reveol. CerTdin depdrTmenTs credTe dn dTmosphere of Their own, d Hschool wiThin d school." The vorious clubs, dThleTic Tedms, ond music depdrTmenT ore sepordTe worlds vviThin The ldrg- er body of our school. Involve- menT in These dcTiviTies devel- ops school spiriT ond mdkes NewTon SouTh sTudenTs well rounded. WiTh so mdny offerings we ore presenfed wiTh The hedlThy problem of selecTing our priori- Ties ond using our vdludble Time To our besT ddvonfdge. IT is This diversify ThdT mdkes our school The specidl pldce iT is. - by lvloureen Dwyer. STudenT Life 29 rrighrj Lorrdine Chung: "IT is good dod- denwioolly puT more people should por- TicipoTe in clubs ond oTher oCTiviTies. I would like To see Tedchers ThdT show d liTTle more skin." fbelowj lvlelisso TvirbuTds dnd lvloridm Blonkship: "We wish The Regulus sToff would ledve us clone." g-1-- 5: . W if ,il-Q, ,.m..f W ' ' ,si K, ! 'n SOUTH? Everyone hos Their own opin- ion of NewTon SouTh. There ore ci vdrieTy of redsons ThoT peo- ple eiTher like or dislike The school, Things ThdT could be im- proved, dnd even Things we Could do wiThouT. When sTu- denTs were puT on The spoT dnd dsked, "VVhoT do you Think ODOUT SouTh?" Their onswers 30 STudenT Life were voried GS well ds sirhllor. The nTosT common response wds ThoT There is Too much pressure oT SouTh. AlnnosT ev- eryone ogrees wiTh This sToTe- rnenT, puT whdT To do dpouT dll This pressure is onoTher ques- Tion. MA. 1 ff ., T' Cfwm ' fo, 4,,, ,. , ,. , .. .. ,,,,,,,, Wh 1 1 T-2 if ' 1 '-fp V, .,,, L- .,.f.,,, . .,y,f,f4 . ClefTj Tobey WeinTraub: "I really like iT. IT's beTTer Than MilTon Acade- my. There are no auieT places To sTudy. fbelowj Deborah-Lynn Casher and Tim Proskauer: "The academic pressure gives me a rush! Yeah! I love The library. We Think ThaT Teachers should show a liTTIe more skin." 2,8 I ,. T W I 7 3 xv 'wiirfif -it L , I In T' 1 if L , fi nfl, 5 .,'.ff,.., "iff, f 1 -Q.-.W 54" .41 fabovej David Abusch: "I have grown a loT since I firsT goT here. IT could be beTTer, buT iT is preTTy good. I Think ThaT Teachers have been showing a IiTTle Too much skin laTeIy." fleffj Jennifer Croopnick: "There is an abundance of pressure be- Tween classes and people." Q-.. 1 A 4' . . 15 . as-T 1 ' XA , X I: .A 'W . -s s rf.. fb 1' .. ,gn Alissa Pisick: "IT is a greaT school. The grading sysTem needs To be im- proved." STudenT Life 31 ff' v 4 Y- if Things People Do In Froni Of The Camer . - A 9, -- b--. 5,5 , ex .. s . W-1 . -egg, "-51-en, M 'J ffopj Ouch, my heck is smck! Uop righfj All right we'Il preTend To be friends. Cobovej Roche! climbs ocross The desks To hug Soro. 32 STudehT Life 13' ' f .S ' a fobovej This is my good side, ffighfj Lucy fighTs her woy To get in The picture, si' Q15 t.. . 4, sm" fleffj Not me, I didh'T fix my rhokeuo fbelowj Liso, ooh you read? n""iin' iiiuilimin Iii liili Q W i 111 "' 1 A . A '1iT I I A A f 1, A AAAA, .A I WF' :--n L., .W ,,,,.,, , Mu 'M--hs.- -- . N -5, - '-- A-A --- mm ., will malt :assume ve 51318 ir ,Mn Z 1 - A 4 V' Agdluf A A f L 1 A Q , " 5 - ' " U71 'H' ' WWW 4 V M 'funn' ikf' K A Some people woh'T eveh show their fooe ihfrohf of The corners. Sfudem' Life 33 BDO! Halloween clay was anoTher example of The increase in spiriT aT NewTon SouTh. Many sTu- aenTs carne To school dressed up in crazy cosTumes. There were lvl8alvl's, clowns, ancl sev- eral Don Johnsons. The fesTivi- Ties were posTponea unTil No- vember lsl, The nighT of The Halloween bash. The aance, sponsorea by The senior class, was a aual celepraTion, for The holiaay ana The ena of S.A.T.'s ana AchievernenTs. lvlosT of The people ThaT showea up were in cosTume. STuclenTs rnaae greai efforTs To be original, be- cause There were prizes given ouT To Those who wore The mosT creaTive cosTurnes. by AB. fapovej lNhere's The zone? frighrj l'rn G-api aarnrniTl ffar flgflfj Have a srnurphv sTaTue of li- perTv day. 341 Sludenl Life word? A Q 4 gfllfiax rl 1 fleffj Why? Becouse we love you Cobovej LeT's do The time worp ogorh fleffj The Blues Brothers' fbelowj lvl 84 M s rhoke frlehos Cfor leffj Will The reol Bozo step for Y' :mfs ,J-N. STudQnTs in The Job MarkeT NewTon SouTh sTudenTs hdve swdmped The lop mdrkeT. One con find high school sTudenTs pehind The counTers of severol fdsT food resTduronTs, cloThing sTores ond miscelloneous sTores in The NewTon dreo. lylony sTu- denTs need jobs yedr round To finonce Their college educd- Tion, puy cloThes ond food, pdy for ddTes, gds, dnd cors. lVlosT working sTudenTs hdve hours on The weekends dnd one or Two ddys dfTer school, puT oThers work everyddy dfTer school, dndfor ldTe shifTs on The week- end. There is increosing con- To pdrTicipdTe in exTrdcurriculdr ocTiviTies, puT jobs offer money, responsipiliTy, someThing To do, dnd possibly d fuTure cdreer. When sTudenTs ore looking for d jop They need To decide how mdny ond whoT kind of hours They cdn commiT wiThouT cuT- Ting inTo Their sTudying hours or elimindTing Their socidl life. lvldny seniors find The Time dur- ing The second semesTer when cldsses ore noT ds demonding ond pressures ore noT ds greoT. STudenTs hdve To weigh ouT The penefiTs of o job wiTh The re- sponsipiliTies of working. cern ThoT jobs Toke dwdy chdnces To excel in school,dnd by AB. ., HM I Qobovej ArieI's goT The nicesT buns in Town Qrlghfj Bedr wiTh iT Roe 36 STUCTSVTT Life Qleffj Bon Giorno, Popo Gino's Qbelowp 'I11 KT, smile be-1 s.""' :Ji 'fx Xp. A P . Uefrp Glick knows ner Flicks Cooovep Lookin' snorp Mike, lookin' snorp! 37 Siuoeni Life 5 Suv Qoelowj Jodi The ROOGY Qrighrj Friends Forever - Mxo --- . 38 Siuderwi Life QGDOVGD if Boo hos 3 dopies, ond Mdry hos 11 , . r Qrighiy A-ousch behind o door 1 'if-sw J, I: , 'ry--K-1 ,O :Q ix' lg- xv Qleffj JusT rolling along Cbelowj Enjoying The cafeferia ambi- ance Qbelow righfj A spiriTed smile My , , Qi SubsTance Abuse December, which was de- clared "Alcohol and Drug MonTh" by The STudenT Repre- senTaTive Council, broughf four presenfafions To Newfon Soufh. The firsf speaker, police officer Sergeanf James Pierce, Told Souih sTudenTs and Teach- ers The laws and penalTies re- guarding alcohol and drugs. l-le conTrasTed The subsTance abuse laws in Europe wiTh Those here, sTaTing ThaT European laws in This area are sTricTer. Bob AudeT, a pharmacisf, was The second speaker. 'TThere are consequences for every acTion, including subsTance abuse," was his Theme, for which he gave many exam- ples. He also explained The re- sulTs of using various drugs, em- phasizing Their unpredicTabiliTy. A recovered drug addicT, Bar- bara Bags, was The Third speak- er. She Told The sTory of how she became involved wiTh drugs aT The age of fourTeen and how They laTer ruined her life. The final presenTaTion consisT- ed of several recovered sTu- denT abusers Telling Their indi- vidual sTories. They Told abouT The program ThaT had helped Them To recover, and They sfressed The weighf of Their er- ror in choosing To use drugs. They urged oTher sTudenTs noT To make The same misTake. by Kennefh Parker 39 STudenT Life Qbelowy Gimme Q "V" Qbelow righfj Jen, you dummy! Qbelowj "STop in The riome of love." qfignrp roefxi TOGA! CIF 1 a W? ' X., fix K . , ,S 'lv ,Q , - 4 'A - As LQMMN ' ' ,X .arm . We ,r qabovej Silly Rabbit, Tricks are for kidsl ffighfj Domcim' in The sheeis. Qfor flghfj Were iusf ROMAN orourwcii AO Siudem' Life -Z ii my .5 ,r rw, xl if X 5:1 7 lf' RAI-I! NewTon SouTh has been es- pecially spiriTea This year. The cheerleaders ana The lion have aone a greaT job in geTTing sTu- aenTs roway aT The games ThroughouT The fall, winTer, ana spring. The Thanksgiving rally was The louaesT gaThering of blue ana orange ever. SpiriT was noT only shown aT games, iT was presenT in mosT of The school acTivlTies. AT every clance beginning wiTh The Back-To-School aance, Through The Halloween clance, ana The January TwenTy-fourTh Toga parTy There were NewTon SouTh sTuaenTs having fun ana showing high spiriTs. There were several prosperous funaraisers ThaT helpea finance special evenTs such as Trips ana senior class acTiviTies. Even The school newspapers ana The yearbook ThaT coverecl This year's hap- penings were spiriTeol. They prlaecl Themselves in aoing The finesT job They coulcl, NewTon SouTh sTuaenTs have haa a re- cora- breaking year in spiriT. Qabovey The lion Tells his Tail Qleffy Wahoo! NewTon SouTh SpiriT All STuaenT Life Th Year in Review This yeor hos been filled wiTh mony evenfs in world news. Eoch evenT will evoke differ- enT memories for differenT people. Remember when - AnoToly Shoronsky wos releosed ond immigrofed To lsreol. - The TiTonic wos discov- ered. - The lron orms scondol ond The Confro connecTion were uncovered. - The nucleor reocfor oT Chrynobyl melTed down. - The onniyersory of The ex- plosion of The Chollenger. - PresidenT Reogon ond So- vief leoder lvlikhoil Gorbo- chev olmosf reoched on ogreemenf oT Reykjovik, lcelond. - Eugene Hosenfus wos copTured by The Nicoro- guon governmenT. - lvon Boesky wos fined S 'TOO million for his illegol insid- er Troding. - The SToTue of LiberTy ex- Trovogonzo wos held on July A, 4986. - Prince Andrew ond Soroh Ferguson goT morried. - The People power in The Philippines ouTsed Ferdinond Morcos ond broughT Coro- zon Aquino To power. - "Boby Doc" Duvolier wos exilled from HoiTi. - Voyoger flew oround The' world wiThouT refueling. - Andrei Sokhorov wos ol- lowed To reTurn To Moscow. 42 Siudeni Life - KurT Woldheim wos elecT- ed presidenr of AusTrio de- spiTe his posT os o Nozi. - Terrorism oTTocks cre- oTed o deep poronoio omong Trovellers in Europe. Bombings occurred in Fronce, Germony, ond ln- sTonbul. Though some hos- Toges were releosed in Lebonon, more were Token. Also There were mony hi- jockings dll over The world. - The UniTed SToTes bombed Libyo for her in- volvemenT in world Terrorism. - New Englond hod The snowiesf Jonuory in hisTory. This yeor BosTon Teoms did very well in sporTs. Though we goT To The finols in Two sporTs. we only won one. Do you recoll when . . . - The Red Sox mode iT To The world series only To lose in The sevenTh gome To The New York lVleTs. - The PoTrioTs mode iT To The divisionol ployoffs ogoinsT The Denver Broncos. - The CelTics odded yeT onoTher flog To The BosTon Gorden seoson wiTh The help of newcomer Bill Wolfon. - Terry O'Reilly become The cooch of The BosTon Bruins. Remember The big movies This yeor . . . Aliens, Down ond Ouf in Beverly Hills, Sior Trek IV: The Voyoge Home, Peggy Sue Got Married, Crocodile Dundee, S fond by Me, Top Gun. X-, -7, D. .5 - . '38 Y HUA' Us X l 4?- W A 'ti 1 N. f, 43 Sfudem' Life irighri The Thinker ibefowh "Aerobics is my way of life! H 4 v tgffef? , - I I 'l'gf!'Z,:f53,,.Q 1 fl 241' 'WSI -,5. awp, 1 '..E I C 2 V, , , X ' In hu Q .. 5 . Y Jaw- we, " .- . E - , ' . -1. i i fabovej Welcome Dock my friends To The show Tho? never ends. frighrj Sfuck behind bars A41 Ciubs 4 Tex .41 ."' ,., EQNTXS 'x sk, X my-Q O I X5xgVA X K I . w P39 N is +L 'f nm 'Q x, ,vb I 'S as ll The Exhas md Club. STudenTs who did noT find Their inTeresTs rebresenTed dmongsT The mdny exisTing clubs formed Their own inTeresT clubs. The emergence of The CurrenT EvenTs club ond The Chi- nese Club shows The sTudenT body's growing concern dbouT The world dround Them. STu- denTs who were involved in clubs mode This yedr full of fun dcTiviTies, dlThough ofTen beo- ble did noT see The vdlue of These clubs. AT NewTon SouTh, even Though dcddemics ore d mdin concern, sTudenTs hove discovered ThoT exTrocurriculdr ocTiviTies ore d viTdl bdrT of school life. By Becky Deming ' Lb, fi? W S he mln Clubs L15 Clubs 1 w Cbelowj "Sing, sing o song" Crighfj All we know is cnopsficks. ........ 'F . v ru, f A o 1.1 .... ,K limi winifufn Honors Choir - firsf row' H. Toylor, K. Pork. second row: A. Douglos. S. Smcknouse, C. Cusnno, E. Scnwonz, M. Fleisrnon, D. Bensinger, G. Tesoriero, S Wocnmon. L. Novok, L. Stein, K. Doherty. fhrrd row: T. Bogon, J. Erbe do Clubs frfgnrj We 're jusf borrowing ir. 4 Vocol Ensemble frrsf row: J. BourT1eisTer, M. Arrner. second row. A. T Snopior. K. Wilrnore, M. Mozuckevicn, J. Erbe rnfrd row J. Cohen, J Ansi Ahmed. S. Zoll, T. Weinfroub, L. Gibbs. S. Wocnrnon, M. Fleisrnon fourfn D, Becker, C. Burcnfield, R. Polok, A. Lobbos. L. Sfein, G. Tesonero, D. Y- A. Monn, V. Froisur. fifrn row. M. Breorley, C. Droyer, M. Dwyer. E. Scnx A. Dougloss, K. Pork, K. Moooen, N. DiCIemen1e, D. Dill. slxrn row. B D rning. K. Doneny, A. Howe. T. Bogorf, J. Scnworfz, L Novok, C. Cusnnc Bensinger, S. Sfocknouse, K. Morquis. xl- A ' gleirigals - firsf row: A. SmiTh, C. Campbell, J. Ansin, D. Becker, E. Simon, L. .-Teh, J. Lehrman, H. Taylor. second row: R. Simon, S. Heyman, A. Howard Choirs The music deparTmenT has four choirs ThaT are all under The direcTion of Helen Taylor. The concerT choir is SouTh's only choir ThaT meeTs four Times a week, and is open To anyone wiTh an inTeresT in singing. lT is a four parT male- female choir, ThaT learned a varieTy of music, including pieces from Handel's Mes- siah, which all The choirs sing aT The WinTer ConcerT. This enThusiasTic group also learns The basic noTe read- ing skills necessary To read music. The Madrigals is SouTh's only all-female choir. The group learned a varieTy of music, including works in oTh- er languages. The Madrigals performed aT The ChesTnuT Hill Mall aT The Chrisimas Sea- son as well as aT numerous oTher concerTs around The communiTy. The vocal ensemble is a selecTed group of upper- class choral singers, The group's reperToire consisTs of a varieTy of difficulT music in- cluding pieces in German, French, Hebrew, and more. The group performed a greaT deal of concerTs in ad- diTion To The Three major mu- sic deparTmenT concerTs, in- cluding one wiTh The NewTon Symphony OrchesTra in De- cember. The ConcerT MasTers Cho- rale is a newly formed highly selecTive sixTeen-voice so- prano, alTo, Tenor, and bass choir. This choir meeTs on Sunday nighTs and Monday J-blocks. This fasT-moving high-TensiTy choir performs aT many concerTs around The communiTy. This aspiring group learns very difficulT music. Many members of The choirs Traveled To England and Wales in April for a fan- TasTic eighT days of singing and sighTseeing. 0 Lana Concerf Choir - firsr row: H. Taylor, H. Baker, Becker, T2, Kaplan, I? Yellin, A Levin, B. Yee. second row: M. Mark. Third row: B. Nissenbaum, H Kimbei, H Pape, S. Goldman. Clubs 417 Wind Ensemble - firsr row S. Dandakar, N. David, N. Greenbaum, N. PaT- Terson, .l Schneider. A. Marks, R Richardson-Masion, K, McBride, B. SzaTh- mary, cl STolper. A. Show second row: E, Bond, M. Raider, V. Fraisure, D. Schulman N Lelberman, K. McDermmoT, E. Shields, C, AlTman, Mr, Rossini Third ravi D Mollenauer, S. STolper, Feinsiein, R. Fulp fourth row' D. McDerm mol, B. Manhlce, L l-leyman, ElioT, E. l-lineman, B. Friedman, D, RoTTenberg, J Decfer, L Olliviere, K. Parker, S. Dwyer, K. Upshavv LA NEWTUN SOUTH HIGH SCHDDL l.ffjm'?'??!.f.?...e"'bl ' - USE TTS Music. Music. music . . . The NevvTon SouTh Music DeparTmenT has four insTru- menTal groups. The Wind Eh- semble consisTs of saxa- phones, clarineTs, fluTes, oboes, various horns and drums. The Jazz Ensemble meeTs afTer school, and learns To undersTand and perform jazz music. Rock En- semble, a new class aT SouTh, explores The limiTs of rock and roll. The full orches- Tra, composed of The sTring orchesTra and The insTru- menTal orchesTra is direcTed 418 Clubs by Garden Duckel. In March, The Wind Ensem- ble, direcTed by Giovanni Rossini, vvenT on Tour To Mon- Treal. The OrchesTra formed The piT for 'lPippin," The SchooI's musical. They also accompanied The choirs on Their Tour To Europe This April. The music sTudenTs aT NevvTon SouTh vvork very hard To improve Their TalenTs. Their efforTs are evidenT aT The many concerTs They give during The school year. - Vanessa Fraser. jr V s Q, ,,. f. ai 15.3 iw !5'fi A fr: ' ,Z ' , Q X 'HA Orchestra - first row: Dovio, Coz, Nikil, B. Wolk, A Dougloss, T. Srnnn sec- ondrow. K. Henderson, L. Bolsorn, J. Sneiffer, L. Chung. B. Sibley, C Mc:Doyio, A. Colcofero, G-roce, A. Meyer, M. Fleisnrnon, Mr. Duckle fhfro row Segol, Segol, B, Freeomon, A. Reynolds, D. Szulkin, T. Proskouer, A. Dorn, B. Morouis ,FS-1-' xi l Cleffj Do iT up Mr. Duckel Qobovey Loooo . . . L19 Clubs Drama Club - firsr row K. Cohen, S, Slacknouse, R, Tnorburn second row: T Bogart. C. Ansell. D Yellin, L. Stein. K. Donerlv, C. Allman, K. Mcllermmol A Douglass, Ml Fleisnman, D. Knapp, D, lvlcDermmol, E. Levin Third row: K Haley. L G-iglioiii, D. Yousef. J. Eroe, L. Bernard, S, Goldman fourfh row: J Conen, K. Halev, K. Peterson, L. Spagnoli, T. Lee, lvl, Pemslein, S. Heyman, L Novak, R Goodman, D. Kane, I. Marcus, H. Paap, J. Pemslein fiffh row: E Scnwarlz. R. Bonazoli, D. Casner, G. C-Sanaaroer, S. Zoll, l-l, Sullivan L L Cabovej A liille io ine rigni please, no a lillle more To ine lefl. frignrj ine crevv from Glimpses 11. 1.1 . ---V . -. 50 C1uDs Qbelowy Jason gel il right This Time. Qrighfj A scene from, "l Never Saw Anolner Butterfly." uv- - R N Dil pllll- - lleseesgnuunnizg I1 QC unsung!---::nn"' A l X 3 V l fl' LighTs, camera. aciion . . . The Dromo Club hos hod o very producfive yedr, wiTh record-breokihg member- ship. IT hdhdled oil ospecfs of producTioh for every ploy performed oT SouTh This yeor. The ocfive members Troveled To see locol profes- siohol producTiohs such os 'TLiTTle Shop of Horrors", ohd worked To moke every Soufh show os successful os possible. lvlohy new Tolehfs flourished dmidsT The sup- porTive veferoh group ih- cludihg The presidehf, Soro Sfockhouse, vice-presidehf Koryh Coheh, secreTory Alki Loppos, ohd Treosurer Koro lvlcDermoTT. The gifTed ohd mofivofed members bohd- ed TogeTher To creofe d True Thespioh dTmosphere here oT Newfoh Souih. The music depdrTmehT wds very successful This yeor wifh iTs producfioh of mohy fohTosTic pldys. The yeor sTdrTed off wiTh The sTudehT direcfed FreshmehfSopho- more shows. The presehfo- Tiohs were I Never Sow Ah- oTher Bufferfly, Glimpses, Im- promfu, ohd The lmprovisofioh. NexT The smoll cosT forom The Bold Soproho did o superb job. The Cruci- ble wos ohofher foil produc- Tioh Thof everyohe ehloyed. AloT of hord work wds puf ihTo The musicol, Pippih which defihiTeIy pdid off. Everyohe Qof o kick ouT of The sehior show. The Dromo FesTivol ohd Shokespeore ih The courTyord fihished The yeor wiTh pizozz. by Roche! Thorburh ohd lvlerediTh Ahsell Stole Crew - first row' J. lvliffell, D. Breeh, A Heofifz second row S Zoll, R Mosoh, Yves Third row: N. Pihl 5l Clubs The Foreign Affair Longuoge clubs hdve ol- wdys been very populor ot Newton South. With the greot vdriety of ldnguoges fought ot South, comes o di- verse group of these clubs. The Sponish Club, orgd- nized by the president, Rhondo Koplon, hos olwdys been one of the lorgest clubs with the gredtest dmount of members. This yeor the Spdnish Club hod o chonce to reolly proctice their Sponish when they vis- ited Contores, o Sponish night club, with the ex- chonge students from Costo Rico. The French Club stdrted off the yeor with the onnuol French dinner, held ot the house of the president, Soroh Fenstemocher. The club went on to hold vdrious other events such cis French movies ond gdtherings. The Chinese Club wds proud to be oble to corre- spond with mony students from Chino through the ex- chonge which took ploce ot the beginning of the yedr in Beijing. The president, Lily Chen, encouroged more members this yeor with the mony octivities she pldnned. 0 it The Russion Club hod the exciting opportunity to visit the USSR with lvls. Eisenhouer. The club dlso took port in o Russion food festivol in Hor- vord Sduore, on event thot occurs onnudlly. Most of the members of this club hove been o port of the Russidn Club for severol yeors. This yeor the president wds George Georgountzos. The lnternotiondl Club hos been extremely eventful this yeor. They begon with onln- terndtionol picnic in Cold Springs. The purpose of this club is to become more oc- quointed with the different cultures ond longuoges. Eoch yedr, they hold on in- terndtionol foir, where they introduce students to the different foods ond woys of life, in the vorious foreign countries. This yeor the Inter- notionol Club presidents ore Sylvio Llosd ond lldn Monco- shdmer. The foreign longuoge clubs were stdrted in order to mointdin the students in- terests in longuoge ond to introduce them to new ond different cultures. - by Rono Hurst. lbdzn Cabove righfj I do so hdve clothes on under here! IGDOVGQ Ah, Oui - il est mignonl frlghfj oooh, lo, lo, lo - let's go doncingl 52 Clubs SSP 'Q' if 5 O ,. S ,. 8, y fa. ......-.-.... D .,.:'..?r'I.i-i'T-'T"-- su 'SJ ' .' .. - 4' 3 h - first row: A. Shocker, R. Hurst, S. Fenstemacher second row: D. h, A, Gottesman, N. Lieberman, J. Schwartz, K. Paddem, A. McLean, I. lrcus, P. Dockser, third row: R. Bonazoli, G. Gandabar, S. Leibowitz, M mer, M. Smith, E. Jacobs, fourth row: H. Sullivan, J, Pemstein, B. Linsay, L. iesque, Z, Lipshutz, B. Wohlauer, D. Rottenberg, L. Jaffe, D, Casher, K. leteir, R. Goodman, L. Gigliotti, L, Chung Nfth row: R, Collins, E. Levin, A. uglass, M. Laughlin, D. Kaplan missing: R. Tvirbutas, S. Green, H. Kong, J. apman, J. Croopnick. J. Ellenbogen, C. Dockser, F, Lewis, T. Hochman, B alan Qnot as seeny M. Ratuer, J, Blelwas, B, Jampol, l. Manco- S. Llosa, A. Oren, C. Stauss, S, Winer, J. Summerfield, G, Dybius, B. S. Taylor, A. Salam, R. Green, J, Quint, P, Xayxanavethy, R. nn, S. Koitabaskl, S. Eliahou, P. Gels, D. Becker, H. Chang, P. Xayxana- my, A. Maciel, M. Hara, S. Yen, S. Salomon, Y. Chang, R. Eliahou, A. ."lwandai, S. Hara, R. Anapolle, Y. Solana, A, Chow, VV. Chin, M. Lee, S. lldhi, M. Gold, H. Wang, L. Rudikoff, H. Liang, K, Steer, A, Meshulam, R. ii, A, Feinstein, L. Troped, J. Goloshinsky, J. Chen, A. Perry, S. Silver, A. -lzberg, T. Ahmed, L. Gibbs, D. Sable, L. Kong, L. Chung, R. Decter, P. iran, L. Wella, S. Chao, M. Mizrahi, O, Oren, K. Cho, N. Cho, J. Wong, N. ramona, A, Ozernoy, D. Royster, M. Tallen, M. Jacobsen, A. Llosa, D. isch, H. Reed, N, Toon, N. Austin, A. Sacks, R, Felp, K. Mucciarone, J, fnburg, M. Yu, N. Yu, K. Haley, S. Higgins, N, Sligh, S. Barthakuv, L. Chen, M, --ofreddi, K. Wilmore, L. Chin, A, Ashrafzade Russian - frist row: K. McDermott, S, Zoll, G. Georgountzos, D. Casher second row: A, Ginsberg, D. Gsleeb, S. Stolper third row: D. Rich, K, Padden A. Gottesman, J, Schneider, R, Decter, fourth row: G. Tessero, J. Pemstein R. Kaplan, J, Dym, L. Weller, E. Shur, A. Douglass, S. Lebowitz, fifth row Z Lipshutz, D, Rottenberg Iv ,I -,, -mf, Wuaf' 2' 25, .7 ' A 'Vs-4-' 'hi 15. Spanish - firstrow: R. Kaplan, S. Millender, E. Jacobs second row: J. Sheiffer. J. Goldberg, C. Ansell, J. Dym, L. Feldman, M. Blankenship third row. L. Barnard, R. Glick, R. Dhull, L. Heffan, J, Raab, R. Fulp fourth row. J. Pemstein, D. Hiller, S. Lebowltz, E. Schwartz, A. Douglass, L. Levesaue, K. Cohen, D. Soble, G, Tesoriero, M, Harmon. J. Quint, G. Smith, K. Shifman, B. Treyens. K. Haley, P, Coulter, M. Laughlin, C. Campbell, K. Pelleteir, L. Jaffee fifth row: C, Albert, R. Collins Clubs 53 Off The K Beah-an I rack 5' TsT f The Lion's Poor ond Reflec- Roberf Jdmpol. During The 5 f T44 f , .Q f Tions ore boTh imporTonT pdrfs of The exfrocurriculor opTions of Newfon SouTh. The Lion's ROOT, led by edi- Tors-in- cheif Eric Becker ond MoTT Doolin, is on dlTernoTive newspdper founded Three yeor's ogo. In iTs second yedr, iT wos oble To mdil is- sues home To pdrenTs. The Lion's l?oor is flourishing ds d resulf of sTronQ school sup- porT ond inTeresT of journol- ism. Reflecfions is The SouTh IiT- erory mogozine. The ediTors ore Shoron Winer ond Don Knopp wiTh fdculfy ddvisor, school yeor, iT meT once d week dT d member's house To discuss poems ond shorT sTories submiTTed by SouTh sTudenTs. The works ore voT- ed on, ond if possed, ore published in Peflecfiohs of The end of The yedr. The in- formdl meefings creoTe o liberdl, credfive dfmosphere in which members feel free To conTribuTe Their ideds ond opinions. BoTh publicoTions hdve sfrong Soufh supporf ond ore edger To conTribuTe To The qudliTy of school life. - by Shoron Winer. W".-...KJ ,Q Reflections - fronfrow L. Chen, M. Fleischmdn, R. Abusch, S. Winer second row l? Goodmon, A Douglos, D. Knopp, S. Borfhokur, S. Winer, R. Jdmpol 511 Clubs ' o .M-.. .. 'ii jill'- Lion's Roar - firsf row M. Sock. E. Sfoller, S. Winer. A. Llpshufz. J. C second row V. Bronson, M Doolin, P. Kochs. F Sibley, S. Weiner, S. Bc kur, A Kodefs, A Hobermon, D Lock, H Wong Missing E. Becker, B. l-li S. Persky, J. Pemsfeln, C. Alben, TJ. Freemon. C STrouss. C. Nissenbo I ,J. Keselmon. M. Henderson. A John, T ns c Pellor. N. Sfomos. M. Croopnlck D. Eberf, M. Dwyer. R. Koplon Shifmon, L. Novok, P. McBride Sydney. E. Feinsfein, B. Koplon , T2. Hursf. M. Smifh, S. Corkn, H. Lip . S. McKinney, A l-lornon, C. Weinfr if .- Q" -4"""' Cn nnllll""' A-4 W , I ' 1, Cbelorj Kenny, don'T folll fleffj l con'T woiT 'Til senior slump. L1 mums mas nu 1 Q:-M 4' MQW! 34005 ' ' .Nj J - Clubs . . . Science Club. For yedrs, The science club hos been locking in iTs uniTy. Club projecTs were poorly orgdnized ond mosT of Them fell oporT. This yeor wos The Turning poinT for The club. Un- der The leddership of Kenny Porker, Elon Reismon ond STeve BorThol4ur, The science club wos off on o new jour- ney. This yeor, The club worked colleciively on o yeor-long projecT which wos submiTTed To on dnnuol sci- ence fdir. ln This club There is o loT of indivlduol work. Spe- cific reseorch projecTs were designoTed To members ThoT were used in The finol projecT. lvloTh Teom The mdTh Teom is o group of TolenTed mdTh sTudenTs ThoT porTicipoTe in compeTi- Tions oQoinsT vorious schools once every oTher monTh. The Teom meeTs every Two weeks in order To do proc- Tice runs To Troin for The reol Thing. This yeor The mdTh Teom hod o very successful seoson, defeoTlng mony schools dT Their meeTs. - by STeve BorThol4ur. 55 Clubs .X W X K rbelom I cont believe I did ine wrong dsslgnmenl rfighfl All lined up in d row ond nolb- lng To do 3' fm uf" 1 Culler Council - firsf row J. Alford, D. Gerson, D. Rondo second row S. Slolber, K. Conen, E. Hookel, T, Jockson fnird row D Osleeb, D. Kolis, C. Alberl, K. Silk, lvl. Crosby missing lvl Gillin, D Woller, A Fink, D. Rodriguez, A. Libsnulz, lvl. Klerrli, S Cnoffln So Clubs ll, M. - is it ' 'co . Gerson Morder, L. ,nv- 4" 9' , . 1 "gl 51' rid' ,,,,..-ff-1"""" ...W-w Lcg'.f".s 9-F New if---so vhs 1 ...Ti -I-0" rg' uri? 'aww " K I . -'kv -I -:J ": . ii i! 5: fl' xi: ,XA ...---n--.,-.g...---1- if Giving and Taking There ore mony opporTuni- Ties To Tdke from NevvTon SouTh: Toke on educoTion, Toke o grovvTh in mdTuriTy ond leodership skills, or Toke ovvoy from school fond memories of high school ddys. BuT oT NevvTon SouTh There ore dlso mdny oppor- Tunifies To give To our school by meons of The councils. The CuTler House Council ond Wheeler House Council hove been ocTive in The Ox- fom hunger collecTion, ond The blood drive This yedr. They olso pldn To give gifTs To Their respecToble houses. The STudenT RepresenToTive Council olso vvos exTremely ocTive This yeor. The SRC. hos spenT d loT of Time ond energy focusing on drug ond olcohol ovvoreness ond edu- coTlon. All of The profiTs from The school sTore, The dll school Togo porTy, ond The oucTion were puT inTo o spe- cidl drug ond olcohol edu- cdTion fund To be used for fuTure NewTon SouTh pro- groms. The SRC. olso helped roise school splrlT ond bring uniTy To The sTudenT body. The differenT councils oround NevvTon SouTh ore doing Their besT To give To The school by educoTing sTu- denTs ond pdrTicipoTlng in ond iniTioTing imporTonT ond medningful progroms oT NewTon SouTh. NoneTheless iT is eoch ond every sTu- denT's conTribuTion To New- Ton SouTh con moke iT o more unified corlng commu- niTy. by Rhondo Koplon ,A -4 S.R.C. - firsf row: D. Kolis, T. Vveinfroub, R Kdplon, L. Lelbovich, C Ansell. second row: J. BoumelsTer, D. Hill, J. Sirofos, G. Tesoriero, L. Kolis, S Fensfe- mocher, S. Kohl, D. Ronddll missing: J. SchvvdrTz, G. Creem, J. Wishnie, E. Becker, M Brinson, R Finkel, B Kopldn. R. Lovemon, M. Sock 57 Clubs Out ide I Newton Educotiondl Workshop QN.E.WQ is o Sotur- doy morning progrom thot gives South students o chonce to teoch closses to fourth through sixth groders from feeder schools to South. Directors Pom Dockser, Lorry Novok ond Koro McDermott, with help from fdculty odvisor Ms. Hourihon, mode this yeor's N.E.W. speciol, with closses vorying from cooking to French to soccer ond excit- ing group octivities eoch week. S.T.O.P., the studentf teocher orgonizotion for the prevention of nucleor wor, hod on exciting sixth yeor, under the direction of John Sirofos ond Dovid Abusch. The orgonizotion, which ot- tempts to promote owore- ness of the nucleor wor issue, sponsored speokers ond films, ond held o Nucleor Aworeness Week in the spring. S.T.O.P. wos olso ln- strumentol in odding o unit on Nucleor Proliferotion to the World Wdr Two section of the US, history curriculum. This yeor, for the first time, South sent o delegotion to the l3th onnuol Yole Model United Notions. Led by Su- zonne Kohl ond Tim Pros- kouer, ond foculty odvisor George White, the dele- 58 Clubs Dono who ore you botting your eyes ot? N.-rf' f ' x nterests gdtes spent four doys, from Jonuory 30 - Februory 2, ot the Pork Plozo Hotel in New Hoven, Connecticut. The group ottempted to solve dll the world's problems in ci weekend with other high school students from oround the country, under the guid- once of Yole University stu- dents. Southside is South's live ro- dio show, ond our only weekly source of medio. Aired on Soturdoy mornings from 71415 until 8:00 on WNTN, 4550 AM, the show provides o weekly colendor of school events with commentory ond severol other weekly feotures. Doug Rondoll is the host, Mork Boilen is the sports editor, Stocy Millender is the speciol feotures editor, ond Seth Goldstein is the voriety editor. Current events wos o new club ot Newton South this yeor. Presidents Robert Weiner ond Dovid Abusch heightened the oworeness of mony South students with o newsletter ond meetings in which the club members dis- cussed current issues. This club is d reflection of our school's lncreosing interest in world offoirs, ond we ore proud thot it wos storted by our students. CurrentEvents - firstrow: L. Chen, Y. Regosin, R. Weiner, L. Morcus, R. Kone G. Georgountzos. second row: D. Kolis, D. Osleeb, A. Dougloss, S. Stolper,2 Lipshutz, D. Lock, J. Sirofos, J. Mcloren. fhirdrow: C. Edelson, T. Proskouer,l Abusch, S. Borthokur, A. Winitzer, P. Kochs, F. Sibley, M. Heins, M. Rowdon, Georgountzos missing: C. Strouss, B. Hurwitz, L. Shyr, M. Schuchot, E. Becke T. Shiong, M. Doolln, S. Gordner, S. Persky, E. Rlesmon, K. Pork, N. Bernstein,l Chong, A. Minsky, D. Hill, C. Edelson, D. Woller, S. Willioms, M. Foster, S. Wine R. Finkel, M. Gough, S. Stolper. 'Xuan H O fifSl' fOW J SIVGfOS L Chen. D4 OSIGGDI 5- 5TOlD9f. A- BfiSk, I? Soufhside - firsf row: T. Weintraub, C. Ansell, I. Marcus second row D A an D Abuscn second row T Proskauer, S. Weiner, S. Bcrlhclkur, Z. Freize, G. Tesoriero, D. Randall, S. Millender, M. Bailen, S. Kugel. missing J A Winirzer R Abuscn G Tesoriero, A. Douglas Schwartz, S, Ggldsfein, M, Mgrk, 'viii A. in NN T' 3 r 1? X 4 '-lf. 1' NE. W. - firsfrow: L. Novak, P. Dockser. secondrow: I. Marcus, J. Goldberg L. Leibovicn, C. Dockser, E. Miller Third row: W. Mellzer, R. Goodman, J. Erbe R. Hurst, A. Brisk, G. Tesorlero, A. Douglass, D. Hill, F. Menis, J. Quint, K McBride, P. McBride, K. McDermoll. missing: D. Aaronson, M. Arrner, A. Bal- desarrini, L. Bernard, D. Casner, S. Cnaffin, J. Clayman, C. Cusnna, M. Dwyer. T. Easrman, A. Geisberg, L G-lgliolli, K. G-asselin, N. Hillel, A. Lappas, E. Levin R. Loveman, P. McDermott, W. Mellzer, T. Nguyen, L. Rosman, J. Savage, B Scnaye, J. Scnwarlz, E. Snields, E. Simon, R. Sripada, C. Slrauss, M. Tyler, L Weller, S. Weiner, M. Willenberg, M. Wu I Clubs 59 Denebola Denepolo, NewTon SouTh's officiol newspdper, hos been on enTerTdining ond informofive pdrT of The communiTy for TwenTy-six yedrs. The newspoper's high sTdnddrds were fulfilled by This yeor's sToff despiTe com- puTer predkdowns, IdTe drTi- cles, ond oTher crises. The 'Bo-'87 sTdff, under The direcTion of EdiTors-in-Chief Suzonne Kohl ond STephdnie Simon, Took over in The spring of losi yeor. Since Then, News covered such currenT issues os The conTro- versiol groding sysTem. Fed- Tures produced cenTerfolds dedling wiTh The dlcohol ond drug use ol SouTh ond Teen- oge sex. Fine ArTs wroTe in- sighTful criTidues on conTem- pordry movies, records ond school producfions, while Sporfs copTured The exciTe- menT of dll Lion compeTi- Tions. Denepolds phoTogro- phers were pusy geTTing The ocTion on film, dnd Grdphics proughT drTisTry ond humor To The poges. While The sTo- ries were being resedrched, wriTTen ond posTed up, The Business sTdff wds hiTTing The NewTon sTreeTs in The pursuif of odverTisemenTs. The resulT of The sTdfT's hord work wds Denebolo, d poper in which SouThies Tdke pride. By Soroh STolper Edifors in Chief: Susdnne Kohl STephonie Simon News EdiTors: Soroh FensTemocher n RoberT Weiner SporTs EdiTors: STdcy lvlillender I AssT. lvlork Boilen Copy EdiTors: Rob Finkel Tim Proskouer Grophic EdiTors: uiy Chen Mike Rowdon DisTripuTion ivldndgers: Fred Menis lvldrk WiTTenperg FdculTy Advisors: DoroThy Gonson Jock SinewiTz Rochel Spiller I FeoTures EdiTor: Wendy lVlelTzer Fine ArTs EdiTor: Don Szulkin Business lvldnoger: John Sirofos PhoTogrdphy EdiTors: Jill Goldberg Michelle ScoTT - ProducTion EdiTor: Dovid Apusch Jeff Wishnie Clossifieds lvldndger: . ChrisTopher Cushno Believe me mis ISD T eosy oO Clubs YN 1, li 4. iw .rx 'U f1':i"41' rr f ii F -mc .gf 1 . iff- ,rx-., -,gg .. 7--1-la,-:qw -fI,',a gl., 1 . 'f fn '1+ ,Sf" '13sfr.H-gf-ii'-.g. I, - 71. " . ll ' '5f1:, vf. R. 5 5 t ,. . 6 - 9 , , A I t . J - v kv Ilriiii'-Ilrvww um 'wk "'-si.. ""'40l jf. 3?r::?qi":f 5 . v , C .Jr ff. yuh.: " - " i 1 K- 6 ff ' Q-' 1 9571 1J':S'Q', gyv"f:a fltrhf , ,fd u Q 511 D . gif J 2 1 11' 1' WW L1 dw 'X f . ,, ffNN1fis x iJf"" 'bf QQQNN ' 1' t 'fn Cabove leffj. . , a, s, a, f, Q, l, k, j fleffj Rob aiiernpls To read The bulleiin To his alieniive homeroom. Denebola - first row: L. Chung, D. Abusoh, L. Chen, W. Melfzer, S Fensle nnaoher, S. Mlllencler, S. Simon secondrow: D. Osleeb, C. Drayer, G. Stone, S Siolper, D, Frieze, J. Quint, l. Marcus, J. Goldberg, R. Jordan, E Miller, A MacLean, A. Gollesman fhird row: D. Koolan, T. Proskauer, D. Szulkin, K Parker, S. Kugel, K. McDerr'no'rT, J. Kay, A, Douglas, J. Sirafos, M. Rawaon, l? Weiner, D. Roilenberg, A. Vayle, M. Sooli, M. Bailen, F. Menis, l. Novak, G Tessoriero, E. Zaff missing: S, Kohl, J, Vllishnie, R. Finkel, M. Wittenberg, M Silverslein, B. Jones, M. Brinson, K. Tanaka, D. Chen, S. Clernoni, J Prilluck, L Bernara, B. Mahnke, J. Golaenberg, D. Szulkin, D. Ben-Ur, D. Eben, M Gough, C. Cushna, A. Goldberg, J. Raab, R. Abusch Clubs ol 'Q -8 L 'mia in l Cbelowj Toke your fnrst left tnen tne next rrgnt NW gr, rngnrp Tnot s tne funnuest plcture Ive ever seen -J-Qi? gtg. gs, X, ' 1 Qooovej We work nord ond ploy nord qrigntj We love oeung sports eontors of REGULUS o2 Clubs 45 J Goldber E. Miller E. Jacobs C. Dockser,G. Seidman. thirdrowyS Qi I f A , Z. Lipschitz, J. Baumeister, M. Dwyer, A. Brisk, S. Stapler, A. Doug- ,D. Osleeb, L. Chen, M. Scott, E. Menis, A. l-larmon. missing: A. Shocker, Smith, L. Rosman, J. Schwartz, K. Shifman. first row: M. Ansell, P. Dockser second row: R. Hurst, K. Cohen, L. The Creators The Worth it All Gang fnot the Get along Gangy had a groovy time putting togeth- er an exciting new and im- proved yearbook. Even though they were a motley crew, they grew to depend on each other and laugh at each other's jokes. Many Regulus parents wondered what really went on during the lengthy meetings. The parents of one editor decid- ed to find out. They went to their child's room after an es- pecially long meeting to find the answer. What they found was their daughter sleeping on a type sheet mumbling something about forty extra layouts. lt was ru- mored that co-editors Pam Dockser and Meredeth An- sell simultaniously woke up screaming, "What do you mean, all the pictures are lost!" With hard work and perseverance the Regulus editors and their busy staff made it to their final dead- line. CBet you knew thaty. The reason this article was not the usual Uwe did it" Regulus article is because of the staff. The group was Radical Enthusiastic Gregarious Unique Laudable Unbelievable and Stiumlating By A.B. Editors-in-Chief: Pam Dockser Meredith Ansell Photography Editors: Larry Novak Michele Scott Literary Editors: Angelica Brisk Maureen Dwyer Senior Sections Editors: Michele Smith Ellen Jacobs Layout Editors: Amy Shocker Liz Rosman Business Editors: Karyn Cohen 'I Jill Goldberg , Emily Miller Caption Editors: Kenny Shifman Gayle Seidman Circulation Editor: Jill Baumeister Sport Editors: - Andrew Harmon Fred Menis Underclossmen Editors: ' Cindy Dockser Jenny Schwartz Art Editor: Lily Chen Faculty Advisor: Barbara Wise Clubs 63 kfighri Foces in The crowd lbeloiili l bel you cowl gel in This position. li 514 A lk , ,f'1NQ'fI'h,g1"j f f:gfwPf, 2 use ..,, ,M f,,, we -HEY' ,fliivf .f . .M M .x , , i , .wg 5, ,l . g, . ' Y-,Af -2 . .5 U , f'X?9f?-2357 'il' -1.. ' Af vi: ' , . Zqfl, Cobovej G-el down . . . Qookelspl frighfj We moy be llrecl Dui our legs feel like dono- img. 611 People rvf' .M 'cf A411 J' E x, - EW S . ll The Faces T could be eiTher d fomilidr foce or o smile from o ToTol sfrdnger, ouT whoT would we wiThouT dll The people oT 7 Friend, foe, old, or dll These people hove in ond ouT of our lives. ome of These foces hove ldsfing effecTs while oTh- hove become ndmeless This secTion hos been dedi- hove finolly found Their woy To closs, sophomores who look for- word To geTTing Their licenses, juniors who Try To coTch Their preoTh ofTer o long hord yedr, ond seniors who ore reddy To Terrorize The world. Tedchers, ddminisTrdTors, guidonce counselors, cusTo- didns, lunch lodies, secrefdries, Iiprdridns, ond codches hove dll ddded To The oTmosphere dT XL fm :sux . . To dll of The people dT SouTh: freshmen who .Z school. Their guidonce ond long hours of hord work hove helped People Vwvyryf A Yryy 1,,,, dvi" , To orgonize ond esTopIish one of The pesT high schools in The no- Tion. The people whose foces will sTick in our minds The mosT ore our friends. These ore The spe- ciol people wiTh whom we hove shored our high school yeors. We hove sTudied, Idughed, cried, foughf, celeprofed, ond mdTured TogeTher. The smiling foces on The following poges will remind us of These Times. Pom ond Meredifh 65 Peope Teacher BurnouT Teacher burnouT affecTs boTh Teachers and sTudenTs. IT occurs when a Teacher has sTopped being able To puT all of his or her energy inTo The lop. STudenTs who have gone back To visiT Their favoriTe Teachers someTimes find Them dulling, less paTienT and exciTing Than as They re- call Them. Teaching is a de- manding job ThaT requires a loT of sTrengTh and paTience. STudenTs are full of auesTions and prejudices ThaT Teach- -. 4' 1 ,5' A' - lvlargareT Addis Sandra Alexander Francis Alleva Frances Ames Beverly Basile PeTer BaTes Lenore Behar Gerald Beloin Ulrike Bernidakis Barbara Bikofsky John Bizios Joel Bleiwas lvlarie Brassard Vinson Bronson VValTer Brough Joan Bryanr Brian Burlingame Ophair Caras oo FdculTy ers have To deal wiTh every- day. The besT Teachers Tackle These problems and Try Their besT To help all Their sTudenTs. This efforT Takes an enormous amounT of ener- gy. AfTer a few years of pouring Themselves inTo Their jobs, Teachers ofTen feel ThaT They have noT accom- plished Their goals. STudenTs and adminisTraTors can help prevenT burnouT by showing Their appreciaTion To Teach- ers who do a good job. Qbelowj Mr. GoTTIieb, could you ex- plain This To me one more Time? Qrighfj Yoo hoo, lvlrs. lvlcAvoy , . . Uar belowj Excuse me Mrs. Fisher do you have a noTe'? I, , kv ?- 24. 'F J , .X 1 N Robert Carey Ernest Chamberlain Alan Cnaney Jann Cniasson Nancy Cnriscitiello Robert Cnrusz Margaret Cimetta Florence Clark Barbara Cocca lvlarsnall Conen Marion Cowan Clifford Crowtner Elaine Cutler Valmond Cyr Katnryn Dayiau Roberta Dollase Gordon Duckel Betty Earle Elaine Eisennauer Ann Elliott Carol Ficnt Hersna Fisner Betsy Fleming Dorotnea Gaudet Elliot Glickler Micnael Gloor Robert Goggin Dorotny Gonson Lloyd Gottlieb Paul Gottlieb Betty Grossman Jan l-Iagman QGDSCCG HC1fCl6'fOCi9 Lincoln Heck Me-rrily Herring Robert Hoffman William Hallman Cary Holmes James Honeyman Gregory Hood Patricia Hourinan Charles Hurwitz 67 Faculty Norman l-lyett Patricia Ingram Claire Jackson Edward Jackson Robert Jampol James Johns Betty Kantrowitz Judith Kennedy Helen Kieval Pamela Kinn Kathleen Knight Judy Kohn Diane Korelitz Joan Kramer Socrates Lagios Joyce Leary Christine Little-O'Connor Dwight lVlacKerron Warren Manhard Esta lvlarkin Marcia lvlcAvoy Paul McCarthy lvlary McGowan James McLaren fi W-41 Head I-lonchos As one of the top fifteen high schools in the nation, Newton South is very fortu- nate to have such excellent academic and extracurricu- lar options. The major de- partments are: English, Math, Science, Social Studies, and Foreign Languages: with Physical Education, industrial Arts, and Music. Each department is head- ed by one teacher. Their re- sponsipllity is to arrange the various curriculum levels and organize the different course sturctures. Students are free to speak with the 68 Eaculty department heads if there is a question in their place- ment or if they need extra help arranged, ie., a tutor. They are always willing to give guidance or help when- ever it is needed. Heading a department is hard work and reauires a lot of effort. They are forced to spend much of their time in the department office, and less time in the classroom. Without the Department heads the departments would not have run so smoothly. A jop well done. - MD. X 1- 5 A 1" ' . Q8 sd' ' .Y 4, -1 I -iz. 1 ' "ft ,W Y nu ' 'J". v . ,". 1 '- .- ,xl . .LL5-' - LC Cabovep I love correcting home- work Qrighty Whats that definition again? K CL fix 5 FN' i? lf! ' . F lil Us 1, ii-3:1 i l mm QI P! ,gn 4 1 Q' ., S I , IQ l li Yes. E 4 li ,j , "'- 0:1 1 Cv' " 42' . L-.. v -a....,,4 Q I ff7'7"53':' X ,Q l e l -.. 11... . Q z -, iw, ' SM l Poulo lvleoly Nolhoniel Merrill Jonno Meyler Joonne Milchell Phyllis Monclerer Chris Murphy Mory Nelson Shoron O'Connor Robeno Olvlolley Eorl Peorlrnon Rocco Pelrillo Vlviono Plonine Joon Pollock Benjomin Powers lvlory Ann Price Alhony Principe Noncy Quigley Peler Richler George Roberls Olgo Robinson John Rossini Williom Rousseou lno Rubin Clinlon Rumrill lvlory Scoll Ernesl Von Seosholes Shelley Selig Anne Serrell-Jones Corolyn Sessler Poul Shooiro Jock Sinewilz Gwendolyn Smilh Roche! Spiller Thomos Sleeves Normon Swerling Helen Toylor Richorci Towle ,lone Wesl George While lvlory Vvilliorhs Boroorci Wise 69 Focully fxi in l Y 1 x - Qleffj I know iT's in here somewhere Cbelowj This mess doesn'T prove To be very fruiTfuI. -1- I f Teacher Confracis T ' w :T 1-....' S f u 7 ,,,, H N wi' L '11 .. . Hy., A- .,,,A .---A. ..- IQ' 'I ,175 ,Af 1, x I AIThough Teoching oT NewTon SouTh is, for The mosT pdrT, o pledsonT exper- ience, There ore severol phroses ThoT moke Teochers Tremble. Among These ore I2educTion in Force QRIFQ, ond conTrocT negoTioTions. Every Two yedrs The New- Ton Teochers enTer inTo con- Trocf negoTioTions wiTh The NewTon School CommiTTee. OfTen, The Two bodies dis- ogree, ond while differences ore being worked ouT, less Thdn ideoi condiTions moy occur. "Work To Rule" is one such siTuoTion, whereby Teochers do no work ouTside of school. Therefore, TesTs ond homework Toke o long Time To be groded, recom- mendoTlons ore noT wriTTen, ond Teochers ore noT ovoil- oble dfTer school for exTro 3 - -0 s. 5 a E. A 1' l I , C 3 Qi ,L ' 75 ir I I 5 I I A ,, -41-s "ag A X , Q . ,, I Z , I , ,, 0 ' X 'ff' ' T, S , :-4551551651-,egxw 1 .',. I f 'sf ' 'al'-flffsfi-'-1"-". -f . fh egwgv by, 1 -Jtzifs . 'V Almo Gomlbe MorgoreT Lemonski help. I2lFfing is onoTher process ThoT occurs of The end of eoch school yeor. Teochers ore leT go on The bosis of lock of senioriTy To fiT The de- sired budgeT. More ofTen Thdn noT, The Teochers ore rehired by The sTorT of The nexT school yeor, buT in The inTerim, They ore coused un- necessory pdin. The some Teochers ore ofTen l?IFfed from yeor To yeor, since RIFT- ing is due To lock of senioriTyl IT is d shome ThoT SouTh's Teochers hove To go Through These bod Times. IT undeniobly domoges mo- rdle ond hurTs The innovoTors in The sToff The mosT. Hope- fully, These problems will be smoller ond smoller eoch yeor. - by Wendy lVIelTzer. Joe DeGeorge Fronk DiSTefono Russell FrecheTTe Cormen Leone Ivlichoel Perry ErnesT PeITier Cormine Tesfo Rolph Thompson Joyce Boccl Morgorei' Bryon Morie Colderone AnneTTe D'AgosTino 74 FOCuITy A Dag ai Souih T' 4'-f Qabovej VVe're coming in for Cl lond- mg Cobove righfy Girls just wonno have fun Qnghrj Scruff hos 0 ruff day 72 Peopw Lrfn fl kit -'UL' ' S9 4 fzhhl "i Q4-J 'IQ 3 mi rbi aim 995 ""'+-'-.K . J S' N- ,qv-nv-M xvxiw ,, ff' - , ' .jg fi? R in-.'. 2 1295-5 I . av "N o y 4? L+ ix 5-ka 0 1 .9lu,j, i 54753 '1 V 35? na y"5v?1- ,sm . ' iw Adjusiing All summer long, from The very losf doy of junior high The soon-To-be freshmen Think of oll The crozy Things ThoT will soon hoppen To Them, Remembering The sfo- ries ThoT mony uppercldss- men Qeven Their brofhers ond sisTers5 Told Them obouT SouTh, They become wor- ried. They picfure freshmen beofing doy, freshmen be- Koren Abrdhdmson 14 Rodndn Abusch 10 Doniel Africk Q Shondd Aikens ll Chris Alfmon Q Ddvid Alfmdn 9 Alexondro Anognos ll Ross Anopolle ll Trdcey Anderson ll Joseph Andrews Q KrisTen Andrews ll Corrie Ansell 'IO Nedd Armion ll Edwdrd Arfinidn 10 Amin Ashrdfzodeh 10 Richord ATTenberg ll lvldrk Bdilen l'l Allison Boker Q Anne Boldessdrini 40 John Bdldessorini Q Joson Bolfour T0 Nolini Bolgobin Q Sunil Bdlgobin Q Rdheem Borokd Q 741 UVTCTGVCIOSSVTTGFI ing locked in lockers, people ldughing dT Them ond worsT of oll - being IosT. Nighf- mdres of people eighf feeT Toll ond o school wiTh never ending rooms ore dll picTures They ore sure They will see - wiTh no room corresponding To The homeroom number on Their compufer prinTouT. conTinued . . . Cbelowj Pleose Ms. Nelson, don'T mdke me wofch This - l'II never do iT ogdin. Crighfj Puf one fooT in fronf of The oTher , . . ' FLFTTTT T Eau, A - C ii Q k wx, .XX Q : J M,- ?ng,,.,.,,. an.. . , ' D .10 .4 A ' iespggif - . .i'rsEgis!?F fix . F' 'sf f A . 'r :- f :fn . I . 9 I K 7 Q il fb T ' TX 2 ' ti T A T ig .L kd ' is l , 1 X A F ' ff 7-Yi Q R K 3' misss.. .,,, cunning. L 'iT', rr' - f , ' 3 ' 4 N A 6 7' -s. - M - . , - N K Ti A T ' 11" E A fi 1., P , 5 'XXX .ki Michael Baron ii Jenae Barreii ii Elliol Barry O Chrislooher Barlley Q Valicia Bassfield Q Shari Baumourg Q Edward Bealie 9 Dianne Becker 9 David Belson ii Noah Belson 9 Erica Berkeley 40 Adam Berkowitz 'IO Dasee Berkowilz Q Benlon Berman 'll Adam Bernard Q Lisa Bernard 10 Miriam Blankenship ll t 45 fx. Fig-3. . V x , A f",fe1+fw.5'iVf 'sn ...uv fi fi Aff.--,i,4Eififf:aif 4 , if- i . YM , W If b. Mag 15: ,.?Q5f,41s 'Amy 8 s fe wmnmf ,re-,bih,f if: my ' :,'Q'vf--QQYSNQ' X -3 ff" ' B wi "K 'N +4 il ,- , Q, MH- 5 '-'1 5 , ' - -ff --gL4yf"'i4rf 1, VW M . --xyfiaisexsnw if 'fm 1:5 'fir Cabove far leffj Do il my way, or don'T do ii al all! Cabove leffj Neal Jim, Now your hands malch your panis. 1leffQAnd 'rhey're off! Cabovej Freshmen enjoy a picnic lunch. Underclassmen 75 -li 13255 vga Julie Blankslein 11 Nicole Bloch 11 Jason Bollrus 10 Robert Bonazoli 11 Ruth Bond 11 Michelle Bongiovanni 10 Sherry Bongiovanni 11 Cathy Borgsen 11 Sean Brady 11 Philip Branurn 10 Joshua Bridge Q Todd Brightman 11 Marc Broudy 10 Abigail Brown Q Scoll Brown 10 Amy Berg 11 Stacy Burlrnan 11 Mala Bulaney 11 Ranjan Bulaney 10 Anna Calcalerra 10 Elizabelh Caliri Q Cassandra Carnbell 10 Kelli Campbell 10 Rayna Caplan Q Cara Capoccia 11 Anlhony Capraro Q Sandra Carrulhers 9 Deborah Casher 11 Sarah Chaffin 11 David Chalelsky 10 David Chao 10 Serena Chao Q Jonalhan Chapman 11 Amy Chee 10 Dorolhy Chen Q Juliana Chen Q Lisa Chernis 10 Lisa Chin 11 Wendy Chin 10 Wenfiy Chin 11 Aimee Chow 10 Howard Chow Q 76 Underolassmen 'Z' Q' win, '-3 4 v U f ' 'amp , 4' y li 2 5 , Q1 - ,sw w wr., 39' Q " 1 C I A A . I A ' X A ,..,., X I ,h. . 'ir I 'tb 1, ,A I P sk ii Sf! ow. 7 ,u 1' Us J, W-,ls , . ,,. f.,- Q X 1, ,. . My ,fb N.. .4 , fn. . f' K 68 ll xv 'Q-.. --.. Xl- X, x e 1 Ms l 'Q If B. 4 ,,.. 1 a- f.-.zv .'f'1 ,,' A fbi 1 . ,. ,Q L ,. P 'r Q X35 ifms U- A G, gmt" K""' "C F? 'ig' 1 " - l f l Bw Tw 3' ,, a f nl fl l I 1. . . ji , I l y .l jg., l 1 i 1? 1 - 'J i B , l 1 i , -A i 5 .. 'N sg! F :qv-N X bl ' fb K ftxlw -X, x 1" 5 N- X I l 1 l 'x s v -4 I X N K X V, 5 0 iiii Q? l N 1 l 1 4 4 4 ,QC K 1 'Q Q ,xv up , A, , - ,,,l l . Claw.. ' ,N .1 'Q . Y .-': Q YQ 1 I i Q X :fps ,",.p9'g3,,,2.1-'.,z- 1 JW! 5 L.. I fobovej Newton South Ploygirl Bun- ny 4987 Cleftj Jimmy Deon in between closses ,fig - ' M I 14 -if 1 -1 1 ' .Q ,4 ,C x-vi! , ,J bf' L yrs, 27, ,ii fi, V' ,.. ,, A vs X i l ,cv . av vs N lylorio Christokis 9 Kelly christy to Croig Chudnow 44 Lorrdine Chung 44 Wendy Cicchetti 40 Christopher Cloncy Q Matthew Clork 44 Coitlin Clorke 40 Andrew Clemons 40 Jill Cohen 44 Kimberly Cohen 40 Seth Cohen 40 Mork Collins 40 Williom Cooper 40 Phyllis Coulter 44 Gory Creem 44 Poul Croce 44 Jennifer Croopnick 44 Hendi Crosby 44 lvldx Crosby Q Froncis Cullen Q Sorolo Dondekor 40 Asndt Doyldi 40 Ahvd Dovis Q Adjusting Upperclossmen think of the entering closs ds immo- ture ond extremely ignoront. They verbdlly dbuse them frequently, forgetting thot they themselves were fresh- men once. Tedchers view the freshmon closs in the some monner. They con- stdntly comploin to their sophomore closses how young their freshmon closses oct. On the first doy of school these new students find out the truth. With chottering teeth ond butterfly bellies they seorch for their home- rooms. After o few doys with the uppercldssmen they be- come dccustomed to the ottitudes towords them ond redlize how much the sopho- mores enjoy treoting them os they were once treoted. Although freshmen ore thought of ds ignoront, giv- en strdnge glonces in the holls, ond occdslonolly dis- criminoted ogoinst, one thing everyone hos to re- member is thot in Septem- ber they will oll be sopho- mores. by Sheilo Dwyer ond Coitlin Olson Undercldssmen 77 Cbelowj "Please Excuse my daughter from . . . " li, ffar belowj These guys are hot! The best aspect of being a sophomore is not being a freshman anymore. Sopho- mores can take pride in be- ing more knowledgeable than freshman. They know more poeple and are famil- iar with the policies of New- ton South. Sophomore year, grades become part of stu- dents' permanent records. School books piled up on top of each other are tall enough to play professional basketball. The homework that students used to leave for study hall now haunts them until late at night. Sophomores are old enough to be invited to some par- ties, but are too young to drive themselves there. A lVlacDonaId's snack during a free block requires connec- tions along with a lot of brib- ing and begging of our up- perclassmen friends. Sopho- more year is smack dab in the middle of nowhere but the good news is that Ju- nior year with all of its col- lege preparations and SAT exams is just around the cor- ner. - by Ronna Glick. l ll-JIIS' I 7 a MSQJAS MVK M , J Cabovej The Sophomore Seven! qrighfj Don'f you know about the hall policy Marcy? ffar flghfj Just another A block, lvlonday. I wish it were Sunday! 78 UDUGVCIOSSSTTTGD f . ,gt if 4 JWJO. .SA 0 ,f .una-. firin- ? 5 ,l l Al an. K O A . 2 4... ,, ,. 4 vi 31, 1' 3. 6 tl , ' 1.4. . Q, .X- -r 5. . 'P 6' 2 ' A ,- , , I -'tts if. Y "Q L "x . .- 4' f, Y-.I. iv if -3. 'em Q X 1' -::: 1 I -5 fo 0 X 1 x X p X ii i 4 li I in PF rf 4 .X X A -X I rf Q4 5' ' ' -4 9 at I AN xx X ' .z e 4 ' f l l I F , '- -1 I L. A ,I ' , Q " H X' X J ' " '- X fi N J C2 ihg I' iw Y Q-,, ' s Deepika Dayal 40 Rachel Decter 40 Michael Demirglan Q Zachary Demko Q Charles Demos 44 Jennifer Derensis 40 Maria Desimone Q Anthony Distasi Q Joshua Dittmer 44 Cindy Dockser 44 Alex Doren 40 Victor Douglas Q Marguerite Dowd 44 Christine Drayer 44 Gavin Dreyer 40 Sharon Drukman 40 Carrie Ducey 40 Sheila Dwyer Q Jessica Dym 44 Matthew Eastment 44 Nicholas Edelson Q Revital Ellahai Q Jeffrey Ellenbogen Q Matthew Elman 40 Mike Engleman 40 Jamie Entner Q Jennifer Epstein Q Kevin Fairley Q Nicole Fanewell Q Amy Feinstein 40 Debra Feldman 44 Eran Feldman 40 Lauren Feldman 44 Derek Fergus 40 Nicola Ferrini 44 Suzanne Fine 44 Adam Fineoerg 44 Steven Finkel Q Ammon Fisher 44 Michael Fishman 44 Marcella Fleischman 44 Brian Foster Q Underclassmen 79 Wvxzev'-W " Q4 T V Michael Fosier 11 - Q, E Jennifer Freedf? .Ji 5 ,fl , A 'J ,, e Adam Friedman 10 S I ' N . Benjamin Friedman 11 N- ' Henry Fuller 10 Deborah Frieze 11 ' 7' a WS' I N iii. Rachel Pulp 10 Nikki Gamble Q Seela Gandbhir 11 Lisa Gans Q Melissa Ganz Q Man Garfield Q Kelli G-arreil-Barr 11 Henry G-ee Q Asya G-elsberg 11 David Gelsl 10 John Georgounlzos 11 Leslie Gibbs 11 Us --J L N 9 aw xviwxe - .yi X I X ' W' v 1 ' w Q, If ,J .3 f' ,Q I'-7 fabovej Trading Places I Cabove righfj I love Alebraic funclionsl frighfj They're frosh . , , They're so frosh. l 80 Underclassmen gl fbelowj Five more minufes! A , r Z :Yo-he-L. Pizazz W gi Q" ,vu tmp, JEL 1- i . gr " A 4-gn, . v -it 1 , l, J V M , :. ., Q V 1 , .- Q f Aninony Gigliofli 10 Healner Gilberi 11 Pamela Gilman 10 Mark Girsnovicn Q Melissa Giflin 11 Jason Glanz 10 Ronna Glick 10 Corey Glickman Q Manlan Gold 11 Marlon Gold Q Allison Goldberg 11 Jeffrey Goldberg Q Jennifer Goldberg 10 Jill Goldberg 11 Andrea Goldman 10 Sfepnanie Goldman Q Jill Goldwyn 10 Julia Golosninsky Q Joseph Gorin 10 Amy Goflesman 10 Zaonery Gordon O Kristen Gosselin 11 Monica Gough 11 Gabriel Gould O Eves Grant Q Leslie Green 11 Saundra Green 10 Mina Greenbaam 10 Raysnaun Green 11 Mafinew Grinnell 10 Underclassmen 81 JudiTh Grodberg 11 Lynne G-rodberg O Jessica Grossman 11 Ellen Hackel 11 ElizabeTh Hague 11 Kalhleen Haley 10 Mikiko Hara 10 lVlaTThew Hardman 11 Noam Harel 11 Tamar Harel 10 Michelle Harmon 10 BreTT Harris 10 MaTThew Harris 10 Kim Harrison 11 Tamar Hausman 10 Elizabeih Heffron 10 David Heinemann Q Edward Heinemann 10 CaTherine Heins Q Mark HelTman 11 Tracey HeITman 11 Lori HerriTT Q Leigh Heyman 10 SamanTha Heyman 10 Lynn Higgins Q Lynn Higgins 10 Nancy Hillel 11 Chika Hodder 11 Kimberly Hodgson 10 Travis Hook Q :sw 1 .'N l WN . ,A 5 . ' ' ' ' 2 T 1 'xii 3, J-.-gg :T 1 'U , l Q. ' .N ,.. ,N .L . ' -s ' al x 4, vs K I L ', Al x ATTN ,M On The Road To Every year around The same Time, iT happens. Sworms of juniors Qand a few lazy seniorsj geT Their li- censes. Suddenly, juniors know whaT iT means To be an upperclassmen, and a new crowd invades The sTudenT parking loT. Places such as MacDonalds and Papa Ginos are also supjecT To This invasion. Why is This conTinuing cy- cle as much a porT of nalure as The changing seasons or The phases of The moon? GeTTing your license is a mi- lesTone in your life, an impor- TanT evenT, To be ranked up There wiTh pirTh and mar- , f x. , , . fl Freedom .. ridge. A driver's license is more Than permission To drive: iT can be a TickeT To freedom. Granled your par- enTs leT you Take The car once in a while, you no long- er have To deal wiTh Them on a daily basis. conTinued . . . 82 Underclassmen . ,Ni V fi ., .Y rw -Y fx 5 'E m li nf , r , i 'l1l'3xif I K, ,Q Viz. X pin' 'I S if H, , 1 , i -Y' - Q if '53 51' X "' Ov i lr 1 Ailil i I' 0 y iii 4 l I 2' " 6 'ax v x s l 5 5 l l . K' x X K I -Bibgx A 1 x N l A A .' f , af- lri' 'I E rn, f. X if ., We ?ffSl.l.EiisixiM9l :TTR "P" ' ' V033- ,, Vg' ' f, .X J. . .4 - it s r Q N N il' x -V i X 'N U ' A Ax 1 'L ,fn ,f 'Sw '9- 'vt 1 1 - A ,po I li-fl ,..... , l 5 ,-p-1-r' 1 4 ,- Paul Hoofsfein 44 James Horgan 44 Neil Horgan 9 Alifia Howard 40 Clyde Howard Q Arnold Howe 44 Jeffrey Hurwifz 40 John Hurwifz Q Edward Hynds 40 Rachel lsaccs 9 Terence Jackson 44 Efhan Jessup 40 Kathryn Johnson 9 Rebecca Jones 44 Rebecca Jordan 40 Karen Joseph 44 Andrew Kadels 44 Larry Kalis 40 Allison Kane 40 David Kane 40 Laura Kane Q Benjamin Kaplan 44 Craig Kaplan Q Juan-Carlos Kaplan 40 Kennefh Kaplan C? Michael Kaplan 44 Bradly Karp O Douglas Karp 44 Gregory Karp Q Stephanie Karp 40 lynn- xN COMMONWEALTH fleffj Driving under The influence of lvicDonalcls. Cabovej Can'f wail fo gel my license. UVWCIGFCKJSSVTWSD 83 Daniel Katz 11 Dina Katz 11 Emily Katz Q Sharon Katz 11 Carrie Kelly 11 Peter Kessler Q Lucy Ketterer 11 Sonia Kijeuski 10 Heidi Kimball Q Tanya Kinasewich 11 Mia Kirschner 10 Paula Kivlehart Q Johna Klehenov 11 Daniel Knapp 11 Andrea Kolpe Q Helen Kong 11 Susan Kong Q David Koplan 11 Joshua Krasnow 11 Isaiah Krepohin 10 Douglas Krintzman Q William Kuchar 10 Jeremy Kugel Q Seth Kugel 11 Emmanuelle Lafer Q Heidi Laine 10 Kathleen Langan 9 Todd Langer Q Jeffrey Lawrence 10 Seth Lepowitz 10 Joanna Ledpetter Q Melinda Lee 11 Barry Lehrman Q Lori Leipovioh 10 Arie Levin 0 Daniel Levine Q Michael Levine 10 Morris Levine 9 Jaime Lewis Q Naomi Lieberman 10 Zvi Lifschitz 11 Holt Lipman 10 811 Underolassmen I Nedo offer her firsT driving Sv -v-I 4-K A 0h., Oh, Oh, WhaT a Feeling! Much responsibiliTy comes wiTh o license To drive. IT is on ocknowledgernenT ThoT you ore on odulT, reody To hon- dle on odulT siTuoTion like l?ouTe Q. Of course, every- one knows someone who obuses Their resoonsioiIiTy os o newly-licensed driver. l-low mony Tirnes hove you been in The oossenger seoT when The driver goes The wrong woy down o one-woy T9 M sTreeT, Thinking iT is Porker STreeT? The driver's TesT iTself is noT ouiTe os difficulT os The SAT's. However, you moy know ThoT you're o reolly good driver ouT forgeT on The oc- Tuol TesT. Mony sTronge Things occur when one is oe- ing TesTed on Their driving skills. Driving on The wrong side of The rood is one exorn- ole. Thonk goodness The sw' .Q T -ii T ,fi '4 - V .'r '34 guys down oT The regisTry know To cholk everyThing shorT of hiTTing onoTher cor up To "nervousness" WheTher you're reody for The Indy 500 or The worsT driver on The rood oword, one Thing is sure - once you geT your license, high school jusT won'T be The some. - by Dono Osleeb. 1 . ' 'JL 'o' 1:J'--J' ' ..,,-I' 5, " ' 2 , , , 4 y ' A 1-ff' .. f!efTQ No, l con'T drive you home. fGDOV9Q "l-leod ond Shoulders" obove The resT. A rs QM' i T T ' Q. gi ralph ' 'T " to h W in T? X l .. ,.,53,.- .M ig: . ,... i-Ls 1 --f " ' 'vs y ,saf- i 1-'V ,. i tint! xx, ins STephen Lipof ll AugusTo Llosd 40 Joshuo LoewensTein '10 Kimberly Logon 'll Jeffrey London ll Julie London 10 Rebecca Lovemon 10 Bruce Lowery 40 Alison Mocleon 10 Elios lviodios Q Benjomin Mohnke Q Thornos Molec T0 Poul Moloney T0 Dione lvionnrnolo ll Doniel lvlonevich 'I0 Aoigoil lvionn ll Adorn Mdnus T0 .leon-Poul Morcheffe Q Underclossrnen 85 llana Marcus 40 Melissa Marder Q Keith Marion 44 Malcolm Mark 44 Amy Marks 40 Melissa Marram 44 Aaron Martinez Q Christopher Mauri 40 Joshua May 40 Matthew Mazzotta Q Patty Mcbride 40 David McCallum 40 Sean McCarthy Q Cripin McCoy 44 Christopher McDavid 44 Douglas McDermott O Lauren McDonald 40 Timothy McDonough Q Turi McKinley Q Kathryn McNeil Q Nirmala McPherson Q Jessica McVey 40 Leonard Mead Q Jodi Mechaber 44 Elizabeth Mettler 40 Alison Meyer Q Brooke Mezza Q Alison Michalik Q Emily Miller 44 Julie Miller 40 as ww. 3' ,Cx-Q 'X C., I 2' , 1 lf x us I A - , F. , sv. -3 f ' --wg, if f. in 'v 1'g,f... 5, V l ICT Q. . C, , i fQ:"' ' 9: H, s i 1 K f f A - g 6 s I 1 I , ! .3 H x - 'i X3 l V :YQ gifs .X 1' 4: . it VR "' ' 'f A---fx I gf .iv - -. N' ,gi N! J' x -s "'?w'f Q , . T 25, 4 if X N' hx f. six Q. 1. -1 X.. .,-' ,g ' 'r-.. , -K ' A VE l R L J E' E ss , gtumi guj , E . s X 4 1-- Frosh Power You are a freshman and enjoy sports. Last year in Ju- nior High you were the star member of the team, but this year you do not know whether or not you should try out. Visions of falling flat on your face in front of all of the upperclassmen run through your head, You are not sure if you can go through with it. Someone en- courages you, and you do it. lt is not easy to be a fresh- 86 Underclassmen man on a team of mostly up- perclassmen, but it can be a wonderful experience. The practices become easier as time goes on. You might sit onthe bench for most ofthe season, but at least you will be set for next year. Coaches expect twice as much as you think, and prac- tices can be twice as long as those in Junior High. It is on teams where peo- ple meet different people than they are friendly with during school. Friendships develop between coaches and team members, and old players and new players. Freshmen who go out for teams take the first step on the road to high achieve- ment. These steps are only the beginnings of a reward- ing highschool sports career. By, CO. and S.D. gvskt' its ' s fs. F s x .K 4 I Q.. Q r ..-4 s 4'g'rr'9'-f",-' Adam Minsky 10 Elena Mirsky 10 Carolyn Mitchell 10 Donald Mitchell Q Manaana Mizrahi 10 Benjamin Moebes 11 Doug Mollenhauer 11 Jennifer Monahan 10 Amy Monhan 11 Hilary Monbouauette 10 Lorenzo Montezemola 10 Leigh Montville Q Susan Moore Q John Morgan 11 Jennifer Morris 10 Diana Mosca 10 Karena Mosca 10 Kim Mucciarone 10 Michael Mullane 10 Caitlin Murphy 10 Cora Murphy Q Russell Neufeld 10 Jennifer Neville 10 Saoetniloofar Niroumana Bonnie Nissenbaum Q John Noorzaa Q Leonie North 10 Dawn Nunnally Q Jennifer O'Brien Q Lawrence Ollivierre 11 1 1 fi x . ww ' UDGGFCICISSFTWGFJ Caitlin Olson Q Dana Osleeb 11 P J, O'Toole 11 Alice Ozernoy 10 Heidi Paap 10 Jennifer Pachas 11 Kristen Padden 10 Kenneth Parker 11 Andrea Passman O Amanda Paulina 10 Kim Pelletier 11 Christina Penna 10 Elizabeth Perlman 11 Allyson Perry Q Sharaha Perryman Q Kathryn Peterson 10 Amy Petrucelli Q Shawn Peters Q Ratna Phull 10 Matthew Pickett 11 Nathaniel Pihl 10 Alissa Pisick 10 Heather Platt 10 Jeffrey Pomerantz 11 Eliot Popkin 10 Jill Priluck 10 Ethan Prince 10 Timothy Proskauer 11 lvlatiss Purins 10 Jimmy Quint ii Jessica Raab 10 Mara Raider 10 Douglass Randall 11 Jennifer Raymond 11 Lynette Raysor 11 Eugene Record 10 88 Underclassmen :- fr vs , t , . 61 pf! ln .yy 4-" -"go 's sv' Three burnps on o log j . MOFTT, I QOT my SCOTSS bock Today." The Nighimar Begin Junior yedr is considered by rnony To be The hdrdesl, n'iosT imporTonT ond de- monding yedr of one's high school coreer. G-rodes ore very imporTonT, ond The col- lege selecTion process be- gins. STondordized TesTs be- come o focus of one's oT- Tenlion, ond breboroTion for These GXGTTTS begins. ln OcTober The Preliminory SchoIdsTic ApTiTude TesT is Token by juniors in order To TXT , -:gp 'A . . ,W ' T .fifxi -. t"m. ' 1 --' T T lilly. 3832? i lllillliililiiilliiil ' ir i , 3 I I J,- x T f'N--f' duolify for The NdTionol lVleriT Scholorshib Progrorn for OuT- sTdnding STudenTs. MosT Toke The PSAT To brebore for The SAT ond reheorse Toking objecTive TesTs. In lvlorch, lvloy, or June, Ju- niors noTionwide Toke The ScholdsTic AbTiTude TesT. The SAT is o Three hour exorn of n'ioTh ond English ThoT TesTs bdsic skills ond vocobu- ldry. Yoffe Regosin 40 lvlorionne Reimer 40 Dovid Rich 40 Rochel Rich 40 lvloTThew Richords 40 Nicole Richords 40 Liso RoberTs 44 Trocey RoberTs 44 Ayr Robinson Q Dovid Rodriguez 40 HeoTher Rosbeck 40 Adom Rosenberg 44 HeoTher Roser 44 Jennifer Roser 44 G-obriel Roses 40 Leslie Ross Q STebhonie Ross 40 Cori Rossow 40 Adom RoTh 44 Eli RoTh O Avi RoThkobh 40 Doniel RoTTemberg 40 lVlerediTh Rowe 40 Jusline Rubin 9 UFTUSTCTOSSFTTSD 89 Leigh Rudikoff 11 Jesse Rudner Q Michael Rutfino Q Jose Ruiz Q Manuel Ruiz Adene Sacks Patrice Salaparria 11 10 10 Sasy Salomon 10 Bert Santucci Q Mary Scantalides 10 Felice Schlaffer 10 Sarsh Schesinger Q Jacqueline Schneider Rachel Schneider Erica Schur Jennifer Schwartz Marc Schwartz Michelle Seay Alona Segal Wendy Semonian 10 10 10 11 11 11 11 11 Jared Selter Q Ashini Shah Stacey Shane Ari Shapiro 10 11 10 John Shapiro 11 Jonathan Sheena Q Eric Sheff Q Karen Sheffi 10 Jennifer Sheiffer 10 Michael Shulman 11 Alan Shurnan Q Laurence Shuman Q Johanna Shotz Elizabeth Siegel Kenny Silk 10 11 11 Michelle Silk Q Stephanie Silver Q Bernard Silveria 10 Michael Silverstein Eleanor Simon Rachel Simon 11 10 10 Jessica Slavin Q Q0 Underclassrnen -T is X -- 'CRV N11 1 ' fs l fx in as I . Q I P' 'c ,vw .J f-Nl mvqx ,xr 77 7f jf .. 1--IQ , . get ' Fw Hx i A ., x M T .P K A X f Y. Sli' f I sg 1 ,, . i .ix 1 f -u ,xii It-xi?h Wx' f . - fc , '-1, V 1 j f' ' ' mu. . X l i 8 N s-ffnvz s S31 M QSM, x v ag gl 1 y, fax 1 rt mg, Q -X. H1-ifgifg N 33 as firmsgsl--5 -it , Q- ' 'iffrxigesfiirg-5,aegis-'Q F' ' 51' .N ? ti i- ii H . IU Q- 7 Q01 ,-" ' ,G V' ' .e ' x x 1 4 ' 5 1 X. 4' -1 L-L..L H 'A W 1 x MJ! .iw aww V4 fbelowj A quick repIenishmenT of broin power before The big TesT. ffor leffj "l olwoys hove To menTolly prepore myself for chemisTry." fleffj "This is how gym should bel" O .ff is i 'ffl The NighTmare C0nTinues . . . AchievemenT TesTs ore one-hour exoms ThoT ore of- fered in individuol ocodemic subjecTs. The one ThoT mosT colleges require is The English ComposiTion - wiTh or wiTh- ouT essoy. Longuoge, moTh, hisTory, ond The sciences ore The olher Topics. lvlosT slu- denTs Toke These exoms ofTer compleTing o course in ThoT subjecT. Some colleges requesT Their oppliconTs To submil scores from Two, ond o few, Three ochievemenT exoms. In order To prepore for These exoms, mony sTudenTs oTTend closses oT o TesT preporoTion cenTer. These cenTers, Slonley Koplon, PrinceTon Review, eTc., Teoch meThods ond sTroTe- gies olong wiTh bosic insTruc- Tion in The differenT subjecTs. ObjecTive TesTs Too ofTen inspire sheor Terror in The TesT Toker. Once you leorn To re- lox, They reolly ore noT ThoT bod. They ore on essenTiol porT of The college process, ond mosT leorn To foce Them os ThoT. MD. Cobove leffj Simon soys, "Turn To The lefT" Ueffj Simon did noT soy "l-londs behind your bockf' Youre ouT. UFTUSFCIOSSITTGD QT Such Class! Andris Slesers 44 Ncriosho Siigh 40 Anioineiie Smiih 44 Greg Smith O Kerrin Smiih Q Teri Smith 40 Timolhy Smiih 40 Seboslion Snow 44 Erico Snyder Q Julie Soble Q Mciiihew Solomon Q Evie Soiiriodis 44 Sieve Soiiriodis Q Louro Spognoli 40 Jennifer Spalding Q Soroh Spengler Q VViilio'n Spiegel Q Chris Spinelli Q Sieve Sprich 40 Nelson Stocks 44 Donny Siein 44 Lguro Siein 44 Shondg Siephens 9 Ellen Siolier 40 l W' :wx fl ,I ,ef 3 -J l , V .zvglf EK .lyfaif as -any , ga, P V . ff . , Pax-'P' ST. ff' . X A ,fix Sf is 1 , si ... ,,,rl,r, E - -va S1 R, i K mil? I N xxx: ri fs! -'X- we- r nv' 55,13 Q 1xI.".uih ' F? .1-31.-' S 1 ,, S X 4.3 vi..-' 'k '- eau-ns if Cfar lefty Victory, How sweet it is! Cleftj An exhibit of youthful vitality fbelowj I had a nightmare - l woke up in the halls of Newton South in my Pajamas! 4 4 T Jane Stolper 40 ,K . A it '- "' 5 - Sarah Stolper 44 x . 'X , ' Jessica Stomberg 40 Y Gabrielle Stone 4 4 3 David Strassburger 44 ' ss?,w,, ,Q Marcy Strauss 44 4 ' David Sugarman Q -f is ,Car .s Hope Sullivan 44 r 3. . Jason Summerfield 40 'S Danielle Sweeney Q A 4 . Laura Sweet Q Gregory Swope O P SQ! X .XI I Matthew Swobe 44 Jacob Sydney 40 Barbara Szathmar 40 Marcy Taylor 44 Michael Taylor Q Sabrina Taylor 44 Scott Taylor 40 Lisa Temkin O Randi Temkin 40 Gabe Tesorlero 40 Hema Tewarson 40 Elaine Theodore 40 Q3 3 : 2 I 'lr leorning ond They re exercising g g g a Q fnghfj WhoT ore you lookin oT'P Believe iT or noT, every sTu- clenT from The Time They en- Ter high school, is eogerly owoiTing senior yeor. Fresh- men, wiTh Three yeors To go, dreom of slumping, while Ju- niors fonTosize obouT The cloy They will hove no ochievemenTs To worry obouT. AlThough senior yeor oppeors To be reloxing, when college opplicoTions ore due, l'lT's like hoving on- oTher course in school, buT noT being oble To receive o grocle unTil April 45!" By The Time o sTuclenT hos spenT four yeors oT SouTh, They ore oble To geT in- Koren Theodore ii Olin Thompson TO lvlorlon Toon Q Nicole Toon ii Blerime Topolli 40 Dovio Topkins Q Anike Tourse 14 Amonclo Trevens Q Alexonder Treves TO Louren Troped Q Siu Tse M lvlelisso TvirbuTus il Rimo TvirbuTus TO Kylo Uoshow ii PeTer Volberg Q Liso Vonce TO Penny Vonderpool Q Jennifer Vonoro Q lvlorTin Veidis O Shoyno Wochmon il Coron Vvolclenberg 44 Dovicl Vlloller 10 Dovicl VVoITers 'li Tommy Weihrouch 'll QA Underclossmen volved in ocTiviTies, Toke on o work loocl, ond noT worry obouT ony odjusTmenTs. The senior closs leoves iTs mork on The oTher Three closses, os eoch sTudenT prepores To move on. "IT's greoT To see your closs come TogeTher," one senior commenTed. Seniors love To look Dock ond lough oT The memories. Unclerclossmen ore exciTed To be oole To reTIecT oock on Their four yeors os well. Cleorly we ore oll seniors oT heorT. Jennifer Schwonz n-T X 99+ ,.., ,W 1 . i -. li 'W 4- ,x - F' I W X X r, . veg A ., sg, , , T f , ' li ' KK O1 flu ikh v.w:,V - i A X Nj xg ' all , 'Q k A 15 my ,fb i We are deeply saddened by the loss of our classmate. John Noorzad Charles Weintraub 44 Joshua Weintraub 9 Tobey Weintraub 44 Ellen Weiss Q Marcy Weiss 40 David Weissman Q Laura Weller 44 Rebecca Weston Q Benjamin Weisen 44 Erick Wilbourn Q Kim Williams Q Steven Williams 40 Linda Willis 40 Excaleata Wilson 44 Diane Woelfel 44 Abigail Yager 44 Hannah Yampolsky Q Kimberly Yarossi 44 Brian Yee 40 Laura Yee Q Elizabeth Yellin 40 Debby Yellin 44 Rachel Yellin Q Sawacki Yen Q Grace Young Q Keith Young 40 Kellie Young 40 Diana Yousef Q Eric Zaff 40 Shara Zoll 44 Underclassmen Q5 Expeciahons The TransiTion from an Un- derclassman To a Senior brings abouT new dreams and asbiraTions, Seniors come back To school ex- ciTed ThaT Senior Year is final- ly here, This is To be The year which is differenT from all The oThers. Seniors look forward To a year full of fun and Thrills. Images of endless parTies, no finals, only half a year ThaT Uofficially counTs," The Prom. The Senior Trip, and The day of graduaTion run Through senior minds. Seniors are ready To become The lead- ers of The school whom They have looked up To for Three years. They cannoT waiT unTil The numbers on The Senior BulleTin Board begin The final counTdown of Their highs- chool career. Senior year is The goal in high school. "VVe're almosT Seniors," is a common chanT echoed Through The halls. conTinued . . . Deborah Aaronson SepTember 2 63 Gould Rd. LeT's be happy LeT's be famous WhaTever The weaTher - Heaven T7 .'i'i' A .' , yf-his j -. F - ' 2.52 ' f Q' Tara Ahmed T 3, N31 X , December Q gf' -L Q sos Lake Ave. y by Ov vas-Tu auand Tu pars dans la rue vers nulle , Q .i .1 1 .V DOW 2-' . ' A 4 1 lndochine gains, " K. Thank you ivi si P ' J3s .,,,4.,,,gm,31Tl L .4.44,444,,44v,',,ffvf dawg. ove To Boo ...,f1,.M...,j -f ,,,, ,"j,'4.Jv14 ' lv-.fl 'I' 'H-,'..v.i -'v1f'r, ' 1. ,A ' V ia' V V' 'wg t .ar , Julie Alford January 30 To Commonvveahh Park MY FAMILY - "The mosT imborTanT Things r The hardesT 2 say because words diminish Them" DG Tl-I LB TM Ll? MS EZ DK GM MG JG SK IF MP "We all sfumble, every T of us. ThaT's why lT's a comforT 2 go hand in hand" HOLD ON TIG!-lT. Don'T leT go of my love. Merci mes amis Je T'aimel Oo Seniors David Michael Abusch AugusT 21 T48 Oakdale Rd, Time keeps on slippin' inTo The fuTure. so di look back, and have your fun while you wanT To. whaT a long sTrange Trip iTs b laTer ThoughT i'de someThing more To say Craig C. Albert AugusT 6 T31 Deborah Rd. U only live once, buT if u live righT. onc enough - Baseball ll. T2 - Drew, lv Lough - ITS been real! How sweeT iT is! B GC SM AD Ml-l PD DS - Good Luck! U G! Friend - Alby - TOU rules! Gaylez May memories never end! We made iT! Fore Friends! Adam. Mom. Dad -F Greg: ILUV! STAY GOLD Anthony Algeri l'T'lOlS! 1 1 Meredith Ansell Jonuory 47 34 Devonshire Rd. ys knew looking book on my Teors would joy moke me ldugh, buT I never knew ig book on my loughs would one doy me cry. Good luck ond ALL MY LOVE To PECIAL few who mode These yeors Droble CAI? - hong in There ond enjoy! IT oll poid off Thonks ILY Michael E. Anzivino December 44 75 Diokermon Rd. lefher os one we'lI sTond for The world To U :her os one we'lI shine brighT ThroughouT W la dreoms we've dreomed before ore leomyn I - GOD, MOM, DAD, And my friends I now who you orep. TO HELL wfThe DEVIL SZYPER Cleffj Jenny ond Ronnie - you onl- 7' T if ffof belowj I ToughT I Tow o puTTy ToT. Cbelowj High, higher ond highesT ex- pecioiions. fleffj Mr. Michoel Delocy, o fuTure G-entlemon OuorTerly sTor 5 QA 'I' Y Fir.. nga... Yi Jennifer B. Ansin Morch 43 38 LoveTT Rd, MOM, DAD, CAROLYN + LAURA - THANX!! THANX TO ALL MY TEACHERS!!! BREAKDANCIN M + M! SNOW BOUND!!! CH - THEN THE BED BROKE! TURKEY T MC - IDINT DAT TWEET! BB - LOVE YA LR, DB, DB, GC, KJ, SH, ND, LS, VF - lLY HPRESERVE YOUR MEMORIES, THEY'RE ALL GODS LEFT YOU!! LOVE YA -7 ANSINS SAY "GOODBYE" TO SOUTH!! Melanie Armer Februory 3 438 Porker ST. "We mdke ourselves o ploce oporT Behind lighT words Thof Teose ond flouT BuT Oh The ogiToTed heori 'Till someone reolly finds us ouT" - RoberT FrosT "The resT is silence" - HomIeT GOOD-BYE Semom Q7 Niquel Donyale Austin November 25 1653 WashIngTon ST. WELL THE TIME HAS COME L1 ME 2 SAY GOOD- BYE 2 EVERYONE WHO HAS HELPED ME THESE 41 YRS AT NS. THANX 2 MY MOM + DAD 11 ALL LLIV + SUPPORT, IT MEANTALOT 2 ME. + SPE- CIAL LUV 2 MICHAEL + ACIIOSI CYNT CHA CW RJ AB SE KC AH GE AH KT TB VG RS LB LO TJ KM NIS NT SA NP NEA "SO LONG 87" Danielle Rose Azzolo April I 87 High Rock Terr. The Good Times, The Bad Times, U know weve Had Our Shore. - ZEP - POLICE - SUMMA 86' VVEEKENDS - ParTy MUSHI Toke iT Ubi BUD - BesT Times PARTYN VVXAUD - TWINY! SUE, DAPH BFF RM RK RJ The BOYZI ES, BM, DF, MS, MG MM, DP, HBILY ALLI JC I WALY IM I-IAIMS 6232 - MY - FAMILY ILY 81 Tl-IANXI Dreams Really Do Cum Tru 9720786 GGTTC Suiala Balgobin McIrCh 26 II WinChesTer Plaza "WhaTever joy may boss away, Behold The ioy There is Today: And, if some dream has failed you, Then Look on, look up, and dream again," - Gd Lk To Roxy - MD Lk PW BD RPM JMVV PSSC - AP - I'll olways rem! ILY Noi, suny Nad - Od Lk guys Thanx mom + dad - ILY so much! - All my besT To Class of '87! Qin Iobovel Hey Co, smIIeI Youre on Cohdid Cdmera' Irighri Hey Mork, don'T leave me Q hohgihl 98 Seniors QF in I I Z' ji' It 3 vi' Tk 3 vw, J Audrey Anne Azzolo April 1 87 High Rock Terr. Over The hills 84 faraway - ZEP - POI Alwoys remember besT Times w XT - ' vi DEB FF SI PARTYN WXTHE Bovzi ES, Iviivi, MG, MS, DF, DP - RO RK RJ 84 REST - ILY Summa 86 Never 41geT PLUMY! SIS - dreams really do Cum True! DLR! I TOKER BABY! 2MY Family -- ILY 8a Thr Time 2 ramble on Nora L. Balfour May 211 330 Woodward ST. "I COULD TELL voU My ADVENTURES NING FROM THIS MORNING" SAID ALICE TLE TIMIDLY, "BUT IT'S NO USE GOING B, YESTERDAY, BECAUSE I WAS A DIFFEREN SON THEN" - CARRoLL . , . wELL, TI-IIs RARADISEI THERE'S LITTLE COMFORT IN WISE, - BROOKE Iso IT GOESJ - KV Dahlia Balsam February 27 6 Fairhaven Rd. GymsTCs 11, I2 TENNIS O, ll, I2 SS Thr The good Times sum 86 was The besT There is no SToppin us! HC - Fri nTs, LB ogainl? R-U no l'm rT Thanx 2 all my fi The besT IMU "The memories will never down A 2 go ILU Mom, Dad. L + S LORI NS Sherri U R NXT Af' ff v S pf , 'K vc Sleven Barlhakur January 2 259 HarTman Rd. 'IIICUS MAGISTER BONUS EST MAGISTER d'?TUUS" 'Ta're off on our way, we can go so much qwer Than we've come Today" l ' 5- BOSTON ' Deborah J. Becker May A I 27 Indiana Terrace 'esT Friend is someone you can do nofhing Q , and enjoy iT. Thanx Daddy Dear for be- ' There for me Dear Debbi - ThaTs whaT Q ids are for. Smile, iT gives your face some- g To do. l'll miss you DK LR JA KM LC KJ SH MVIH GO VN DF ND BD The Puffin GOOD LK Di 81 Bean Lisa Benovitz July 'IO MO Rachel Rd. Tile Crazy nighTs, I do remember in my -U h, I do recall Those were The besT Times Ml of all. Lax To The max! Never forgeT The 'Kd Times wlTh BB, SS, DB, WC, KS, SL, AH, HK, 'POOCSIN A-EVER! Thanks for all you did lm, Dad and Eric. I Luv you all. I 2-we-gag s- ,- if .4 4, Jill M. Baumeisler February 20 M2 Dedham ST We know whaf we are, buT know noT whaf we may be - Shakespeare infoufdoor Track Q, 'lO, 'I'l CAPT 42 Omo ILY, SRC, REGULUS 87, Pooh, ENGLAND 84 84 87, BAKERS BEST Bill, Phil BBE KD, AL, FL, KM, YOUTH GROUP THANX MOM AND DAD ILY GOOD LUCK EVAN Eric Becker December 24 24 Plainfield ST. There's no Time To lose, I heard her say Cafch your dreams before They slip away Dying all The Time, lose your dreams and you will lose your mind Good bye Ruby Tuesday Who could hang a name on you? When you change wlTh every new day, sfill l'm gonna miss you - Sfns David G. Bensinger March 26 80 PIymouTh Rd. I' 4. Take a deep breaTh 2. Close your eyes 3. Jump Li, Never look back!" DB "Now iT is our Time To change The world." JB Friends - I love 84 will miss you DY AM OA BF QENJOY LIFEIQ Baby - ILY MDJ - Can you believe IT? MS8cG ReaIiTg I 43 fleffj There's noThing I like beTTer Than reading someone elses diary. Cabovej All righT, who's The wise guy who sTole The sleeves off my coaT'? All Too ofTen Senior ex- pecTaTions are seT a biT Too high. Seniors are ignoranT of The True realily ThaT accom- panies The glory of being a Senior. The firsT half of Senior Year is The mosT demanding and challenging Two Terms of a high school sTudenT's life. Fin- ishing SAT's and Achieve- menTs, deciding wheTher To work or aTTempT college nexT year, choosing The righT colleges, Taking college Trips, and compleTing end- less applicalions are jusT a few exTras To be added onTo The regular Senior schedule. Seniors become club presidenTs, officers, edi- Tors of pubIicaTions, and capfains of sporTs Teams. IT is noT easy To balance The many responsibiliTies of a Senior. AT Times, many Seniors doubT ThaT Their long hard work will resulf in success. IT is noT unTil The year is over, and The diploma is in hand ThaT a Senior will finally be able To say, "I made iTl" P.D. Seniors QQ rberori i Here I am' r'TghrT Paul researches The college social scene Alisa Grace Berkowitz November 30 "The moving finger wrITes. and having wriT, moves on Nor all Thy pieTy or wiT Can bring iT back To cancel half a line, Nor all Thy Tears wash ouT one word of IT" O.K. class i "adm" 84 "love-" you Too. Zhei Shi Snoopy . . Zhei Shi Shu Arlene Bradley December 6 341 Burmah ST. "You Guys" We made iT, Through The good Times and The BAD. always remember The BaThroom Crew SE, KC, CW, LC, NP. ParTies aT my house AH, CT. CJ, GF. NA, DM, LB, CW rSheiIa5. Mom Dad love ya MRS Neville Thanx A believing in me. Prince DO ME BABY! Jeff Brewinglon December 29 T36 Tonawanaa ST. CongraTuIaTions To The class of "87" Thanx Mom + Dad I LOVE U BOTH Thanx NS for The memories LaTer KT DM GE SC VB CT NA CJ AB CW FT LC RS LB JM KM MH AH TJ LO GS NP NT + anyone I forgoT sorry! To The crew good Luck + be cool your friend. JEEP BREWING-TON BREW 22 TOO Seniors yy. , -rf.. R if.. I ul r - S, rrrr I :.:1.. - 4 . V r I fffmw . , . I EV '2"'3 Y A -Q ff' 'gs' 111' .f In Q af. xv W,-3 J -'x - li :fees ssl lj ws.: s . ,. I 0115934 . ' I . . - I . X , ' .ji.Qx'f.g':'lg.,.:?'f 'L' 7v4..fV "-Q." "lJ'1l' ' 'J 5273 hfzlff. Uitlgf '7' ' 'ah ,pfg 'I ,' C' I 4-nv.. ' Limit "',,.- ' g I L: 'V uv x ft v .-1-' n , su" . P . K P152 Y ' 7 :ry ' Q fi ' P" . . .. f ' A ' - fi .-A Eric Braceland SepTember 8 69 Waldorf Rd. When You Carry FaiTh in Your pockeT Love in your hearT, no mounToin is Too DL JJ MM TK JP LV and The Boys Hang in MP Remember Smoke shows in Parking The Boo Hog and all The parTies Thanks Bob Lisa For being There To all my besT Bob Brearly January 23 ll Cliff Rd. HAD A Fun 3 years aT SouTh. auTo shop: Jc Mr. Rumrlll. My FavoriTe Car A26 hemicu AM THE OZZY OSBOURNE FAN. Only a fi undersTand his complex lyrics. I wish emies would open Their ears Before mouThs. Angelica Brisk March 26 T410 ChesTnuT Hill Rd. So - I realize. If iT's hard for me how hc musT be for you. LeT's help each oTher we? ILU MOM 81 DAD Vous me manaue Ed we love u Don'T be sorry ThaT iT's gon glad iT was yours To have - QUADRAD - If The Thundercloud . . . f Beth Bronstein Sepfember 30 I7 Walter ST. Whal Would You Sag. I wore a lovely whife dress wiTh liTTIe ruffles and buTTons down The fronT. My shoes were high buT noT Too high, I wore dainTy pearls around my neck. My hair was pulled back from my face, and I wore a lighT lip color. No, I was noT abouT To be mar- ried, I was aTTending my firsT college inTerview. AT The Time iT seemed as imporTanT as marriage. AfTer monThs of reading newspapers, con- ducfing mock inTervIews wiTh myself, and waiTing, iT was Time for The real Thing. Nr , 'A Before I IefT my house, I re- viewed some key auesTions. llWhy do you want To aT- Tend O college?" l'Be- cause iT would give me a chance To broaden my aca- demic horizons and aT The same Time meeT people who share my academic and social goals." QPreTTy good, huh7j. I picTured my inTerviewer To be a very old man wiTh liTTIe beady eyes, glasses, a bow Tie, and checkered panTs. I knew he would ap- preciaTe ThaT response. When I finally reached O Uni- versiTy, I began To feel buf- Terflies dancing in my sTom- ach. AfTer I regisfered, I was sent To a waiTing room wiTh oTher candidaTes. I looked Them over, and They Too ap- peared nervous. Finally They called my name and I walked down The aisle fpar- don The punj pasT The ofher hopefuls waifing To be re- ceived by The same man. Immediafely I sTopped in my sTeps because I saw a Tall blond haired man, abouT 27 confinued . . . Elisabeth Broome Sepfember I2 6-410 Grove ST. TFENDS LIKE THIS ARE HARD TO FIND, WXTIME ZQFALK AND TO CONFIDE, IF YOU NEED ME I'M IWOUR SlDE" LB, JB, AH, AB, KL, SL, WC, I-IK, I5-TB, TP SLSS. I'Il never forgeT The springs, NC, Moser lane, Poocsing, Cruising, Hofels 81 'IISLFI Thanx Mom 81 Dad. "IN THE END ON JIIAMS WE WILL DEPEND" Corin Burchtiel January 15 'IQ WhiTe Pine Rd. Afhe Iighf fades from The screen ILT The famous final scene" "f Bob Seger filnd Jill - friends forever lim + Dad - Thanks for all The love and TNIOTT .4 good luck ILY ff' - YABML Leika L. Ccilvey January 29 55 HamleT ST. fl Time has come To geT The hell out" I had :Hi Times aT NS The besT Times was wiTh The ,I VBATHROOM CREW" CW, AB, KC, Nic, SEI ybi1n'T have made iT WfO MS Alexander, bf, CTJ CT NA KT DM LJM, KM, RS, JB, VG, I, S, RM, HK, EP GF, AH. MH, LB, and specially 'lr IX 2 MOM SIS, and, GRANDIVIA. I LUV UI :Q 4'1" s I, A " X- wr I x ,I 'Q 'LRJK assi' Take iT as if comes specialize in having fun Morrison F Hockey Trails parfies, The Falls is The Balls! lTaly, I Luv ya LT, JB, LS, EL + esp u John + Big Sue - Dazed + Confused. Thanks Mama + Papa. A hard years + The pafches make The goodbye harder sTlll. OK LET'S GET NICE Richard Paul Callahan January 3 B5 Erie Ave. LAX Scam WXMDGA - enz LUV U M+D Peo- ple r 2 concerned whefher They r going 2 ap- pear cool, or hip, or whefher Their sfreef credi- bilify will suffer if They do This of ThaT No I is going 2 be cool Aever. Who cares. The impor- Tanf Thing is 2 follow your lnsfincfs - Joe Jackson I Haag. 1,312 'xl i lr fi?-on 2 T Tracy Campbell February 7 P.O. Box SOO Bosfon All good Things musT come To an end. BUT I'II never forgeT NS. HEY CHEER UP WHERES THAT NS SpiriT'? Thanks mom, nana, JD and JM I LOVE YOU. Michael Thanks for being There. I LOVE YOU! GOOD Luck JB EP SR AH RS NP LC NA DC MS PW Seniors TOT Stephanie Caplan November I5 85 Hillside Ave. DON'T BELIEVE WHAT YOUR EYES ARE TELLING YOU. ALL THEY SHOW IS LIMITATION. LOOK WITH YOUR UNDERSTANDING, FIND OUT WHAT YOU ALREADY KNOW, AND YOU'II SEE THE WAY TO FLY. PASSES RAIN THE QUADRAD. R: TOGETHER FOREVER TO THE BEST FRIENDS I'VE EVER HAD. THANX. YOU'VE MADE MY LIFE Paul Carbone July 5 257 Winchesier ST. NO COMMENT 'A .iq Q .Q -ge 42 925,000 Oueshon years old wearing a pin striped suiT and a paisley Tie wailing aT The end of The aisle for me. QAcTuaIIy aT This poinT I had wished There was going To be a weddingj In his office I was sTiIl recovering from my surprise. We Talked for a while and finally he asked me The auesTlon I had been praciloing. "So Tell me why do you wanT To aTTend Q UniversiTy'?" he asked. Suddenly all of The prepara- Tions and responses were IosT somewhere wiThin my brain. Afier a pause I re- lO2 Seniors sponded, "I Think I can geT a good educaiion here and meeT a loT of nice people as well." Afier a while I began To relax and had no Trouble answering his auesiions. When iT was over, I had learned a loT abouT The uni- versiTy and myself. I realized ThaT iT is imporTanT To answer from The hearT and be one- self during an inTerview. All of The Tension from The inTer- view made me so Tired ThaT I needed a honeymoon. By Rhonda Kaplan C I ,-rw-n. Matthew D. Capotreddi May IQ 33 Longfellow Rd. Swim Team O. IO, ll. Captain I2 Thanks my friends you guys are The greaTesTl Fred you wanT To go sailing? Special Thai Lauren Mom, Dad, and PeTer Thanks your suppori and help CosTa Rica 85 memories will always be There E- N-8 John R. Carruthers May I7 444 Floral St. TIME IS FINALLY HERE LATER SOUTH Great as with Erick Peter Niko Mike Weve raised ie HELL BALLS Y times with MW CC KW LR JP JR Chevelles +1 NOVAS +2 Erick get r ass on the Road Dad Ive learned a lot i 1 you Thanks mom luv yas both sandy your Ht Nana pumpa Thaks Best I Q Steven Carter January 5 ' A Cedar St. Kid is gone. They were pretty good years S. My Freshman years was great, I met lots ' ice people. So l'll Check you Fellas later 5 JB, GF, KT, DM, LB, TM, TT, CT, DJ, TB, RF, DF, FT, VG, EP, SB, NB, SE, SE, CW, AB, LO, LC, ISKIA, DP, JL, SA, KM, Check you all CCool. Beth Jodi Chaltin January 30 54 Drumlim Rd. erleading 9, It, I2 "You can't always get t you want, but if you try, sometime you you get what you need." - Rolling es Good times wfMT, BD, DR, ZN, CH, HK, MD Stephen - Thanx A-everything - tents are temporary but memories last er. Thanx Mom, Dad, April, Mark - ILYI I, Youngsuk Chang January 10 20 Bryon Rd. d like to thank Mrs. Ratner for helping me 3 , ' ' . had a good time at Newton South and I 1 I lot of new friends and good teachers, bless you Newton Southl" Lily Chen August 20 770 Dedham St, todest Rose puts forth a Wil umble Sheep, a threatening nz I the Lilly white shall in e delight, thorn nor a threat stain beauty bright, - William Blake st three years especially the first year I fl I Q I 3 IMA Hi hp Y X - I Dean Carson October 26 I Skid Row WOMEN THINK I'M TASTY THERE ALWAYS TRY- ING TO WASTE ME AND MAKE BE BURN THE CANDLE RIGHT DOWN BUT BABY I CAN'T STAY YOU'VE GOT TO ROLL ME CALL ME THE TUM- BLING DICE: KR IS GODIQ I'M ON MY WAY TO HEAVEN CAUSE I'VE SPENT MY TIME IN HELLI BRACE YOURSELF CAUSE HERE I COMEI Debbie Carton April 'I3 So Many things in Life are as a summer storm, but friends, faith and love linger on forever, Thanx to E.T. for all his love and support! Hyun Chang October 8 20 Bryon Rd. "lf man hdsn't discovered something that he will die for, he isn't fit to live." Dr. King Jr. glad to have memorable past at NSHN RM, BV, TH, BE, SB, KP, ER, MR, DJ, Thank you for helping my three years American life, l'll give you a birth- day present, if I win the megabucks. Chris Chapman July 21 GRATEEUL DEAD, LED ZEPPELIN AND ACXDC 72 FENDER STRATOCASTER WHILE MY GUITAR GENTLY WEEPS THANKS TO EVERYBODY WHO COULD PUT UP WITH ME ENOUGH TO LOVE NO STOP SIGNS, SPEED LIMITS NO ONE IS GONNA SLOW ME DOWN, LIKE A WHEEL GONNA SPIN- NING NOBODYS GONNA MESS ME AROUND RRBYEVAII Karen Cherson Q5 Saco St, Everybody Wants me to be What they want me to be l'm not Happy When l try to fake it - Commodores - Michelle, Joy, Jodt, Mirt - AGGM - Luv Ya Thanx Ivla Dad Jeff couldnt have done it without you. Larzies - Gulf - Eliot Adam Thanx for being there Remember - Those cold white nights MG JG Seniors i03 Tony Chlang lvlarch 23 44 Selwyn Rd. "Common Sense ls The Deposit of Prejudice Laid Down In The Mind Before The Age Of 48" - Einstein Mark G. Clancy March 24 97 Manchester Rd. THANKS MOM, DAD AND CHRIS IT'S BEEN A GREAT FOUR YEARS! GOOD LUCK - RONBO, S2, GMO, LORAK, LULU, CENKL, NSC., FLAPPO, MIKE, CHRIS, AND OTHERS GOD MAY HAVE MADE THE WORLD IN SEVEN DAYS BUT IT TOOK HIM ABOUT SEVEN BILLION YEARS TO PERFECT LED ZEPPLINI Karyn Cohen November 26 89 Lovett Rd. "release me from my bands with the help of your good hands. Gentle breath of yours my sail must fill, or else my project fails, which was to please." My friends don't know how much they mean to me. J-A sis A mom A friend all in one ILY! M+D l owe everything to you! THE- ATER It Senior Class Ufficers At the end of February in 4986, the class of '87 elect- ed their representatives to lead and organize their class. They picked the best aualified students to raise funds, plan dances and trips, and work to create an un- forgetable graduation. Since then, Deidre Hill, Chris Cushna, David Kalis, 4011 Seniors Lisa Levesaue, and Tricia Maloney have successfully built up the desperately needed class spirit to moti- vated classmates, to be in- volved in their final year at South. Several committees were formed to get the stu- dent government in motion COTTTIFTUSCI . . Wendy A. Cicchetti December 44 74 Oakdale Rd. Family - I will still keep in touch when l rt' F, GL - Amy, Rob + Soni, ILY ALL. Kim S + Krissie The BEST Friends in the world LB, BB, HK, AH, TP - good times. Giz + - Keep poocsing, NBK, Cape Coders ing-up, Westie hand-stir, MDW - fi ' - B Dilks 44 Loser Lane, S tache. Cape David J. Cohen September A 429 Pine Ridge Rd. Soccer 44, capt. 42 Swimming 9, 40, 44 42. "The wealthy man is the man who is not the one who has much." To all friends - you guys are the greatest - luck to all of you. Mom, Dad, Liz, and J Thanks for all of your care and support you. Sol Cohen May 24 427 Hartman Rd. v Everybody wants some - Van Hale Meatwagon rules Bonys girl The Mad 5, ' Hockey Friday Nights The Solmobile T . l Gleasons Poll The Great White Lemons I mer Nights at the River Workin on the I lenger A fT't-f'11qu"- . !!.l"'S?Hllulul'l'I' NRIUIIII I lllll i ii... himxi is , 4' ., lll 5 -M-:r . 5 li' 'TX-I 1 ,pn-uni" 59 rr. 117313. ggi? . unvl' Ili lunll 9990 ,111 2 Randy Collins November 24 , 56 Hamlet St. A you don't have a goal, there is nothing to - ot for!" I ketball 40, 44, capt 42 Luv always: L.R.L., ' , + J.L. 81 of course DELTA TAPPA KEG-GA 3'OD LUCK everybody! sincerely yours sweetness" Jacqueline Faye Croopnick October 5 I 447 Baldpate Hill Rd. Jgtend the water is champagne and fill your jss again and again - Howard Jones . . . glqays wf a smiIe+a prayer JC's 70 - Rona .-I If we couIdn't laugh." Niss - everything r D - Thanx, J+J - Good Luck Michael Davis December 49 33 Sky View Circle EQITOT COD COTTTDOSG I'1lFTISeIf, is WISGI' than he .1 composes books - Benjamin Franklin :rnks for all, KLK and EC. I. f . . Ale T "N--.. A " 11 1 Wx Q4 Dominic M. Costa February 5 4735 Beacon St NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE TO A WILLING HEART - FOOTBALL 9 40 44 TRI CAPTAIN 42, LAX Q 40 44 42, BORN TO RUN! "YOU SEE THINGS AND ASK WHY, BUT I DREAM THINGS THAT NEVER WERE AND SAY WHY NOT." I'VE SEEN FIRE AND I'VE SEEN RAIN, I SHALL TRIUMPH! LOVE TO MY FAM- ILY . . . CHARGEIIIIIIII Christopher John Cushna August 40 49 Burnside Rd, You who choose to lead must follow But if you fall you fall alone. If you stand then who will guide you? lf I knew the way, I would take you home, Adam J. Decler February 25 114 She don Rd. IS THIS IT? WOW, TIME FLIES! I GET BY WITH A LITTLE HELP FROM MY FRIENDS: ROBSKI, THANH, RUSS, SHIF, WIT, ALBI, ROT, SHOCKS, CIN, LETUS, HENDI, JAX. KAPWE LUV U 2l BJ DEAD, THE ID, LETS PARTY! JP YOU ARE THE BEST. I LUV U! MOM AND DAD WITHOUT YOU, WITHOUT ME! THE QUOTE? I AM. Cabovej Fundraising anyone? fleftj working together is a blast Seniors 405 --il 'below Pres, smile! li LQGCIQYS grighrj Give me all your money, :U- -, X 'T Q oeue Hill, The class presi- 'I , 4' "' denT, oversaw The projecTs gg s .Q 5 wiTh enThusiasm.WiThouT The ' L ' ,E S g vice-oresidenT David Kalis Q ' ' ' Things would noT have run so , ' , V smooThly. Lisa Levesaue and Chris Cushna collecTively raised money Through pizza and bake sales, as vice- oresidenT in charge of fun- draising and as Treasurer. Tri- cia Maloney played a very imporTanT role as class sec- reTary opening up The com- municalion lines, making life easier for everyone. lr yr.. Lu - VViThouT Their leadership - and paTience, many of The acTiviTies planned for a soecTacular senior year wou d noT be possible. They de- serve a loT of crediT, as well as The seniors Themselves. None of The evenTs ThaT were held could have worked if iT were noT for The sTudenTs who parTicipaTed. CongraTulaTions everyone! - by Glen Mechaber. Rebecca Deming July L1 67 Carl ST. ENGLAND - 86 - DAWN You've made life aT NS oearaolel BesT of luck To MTBC MDSB LSDH ETKT 81 CLASS OF 87ll lNE'VE ONLY JUST BE- GUNll LOTS OE LOVE TO MOM 84 DAD RUTI-llE 81 JESSlCA ILY SL!! Nancy Ann DiClemenTe SepTember 241 39 Jackson ST. Soccer B-Ball and Lax MGI? 'IO-42 "Those who follow The oaTh of challenge have found The way To achievemenTl" Thanks for The rides Deo Macs wiTh Jen Luna - The lockers Good Luck DB JA Ll? BC DR BD MT LS MV WD LE and KM Umoer' S + M Days + GH Rules. Thanks To my family, l Love you alll!! 406 Seniors I " ooo K. , . 0000005555 'fr'1v'rfu3.-' x I T nv 31 Z, If T if , f ...ea 'vp-. i s' J 1' yi.. 1 'X X Allyson Derensis 702 ChesTnuT ST. Pamela Dockser February 141 56 Lowmarissa Rd. Once you are Real you can'T be ugly excl To Those who don'T undersTond. To my spe friends I'lI never forgeT - Make new frie ouT keep The old, Those are silver, These gold, I love you alll M + D + Hill Thanks everyThing - I Luv ul TOC - you'll ne dance alone! :- l I i Katharine L. Doherty I July 21 I 87 Oxford Rd. "' 2 always wears her hair in The same sTyle" I'B1ks to all my friends - Best of luck to Deb. -Jil lenny, Rachel. Sara - I Love You OOO .. I Love You QYour Silly Wabbitp Mrak - 3 The world. Mom and Dad - I Love You, tks for all the warm fuzzies. Good Luck .i 8a John Matthew J. Doolin January 21 31 Mountfort Rd. hae THE LlON'S ROAR will continue to grow at serve Newton South. NEVER forget that a scibol newspaper belongs To The students at not To The few - so shape up Dene- Dull! Maureen Dwyer June 17 209 Kent Rd, 'hvery stones do prate of my whereabouts. akespeare 'cty friends - You have made my life rich vii love and joy Thank you all for your sup- Jd Mom and Dad - Your guidance has ngint so much To me - I Love You Sheila - lit - Good Luck! Pamela Ehn September 18 215 Cypress ST. Lck, I already broke The law What hap- eed? I got pinched in The Tuckos. Humiliat- put not particularly severe, You may Think tleitheists were high and mighty in Their fight Qnst tyranny, but I Think They just love sensi- vitanniesf' Thanx DS, ILY! Al A DIJCKG Emily Epstein September 141 1110 Wiswall Rd. 0 lust a passing car lhe block on which you live the road ' hs on forever 'are just a shooting star leave your light in flight f when its falls Jll burn together. - Ari Roth Song for RYFTI a 'UN Y 'm,'W' fx .slr I ' ' -5 ff" 'W' it ri. ', A V PA -av . ' 5:3 'T' ' T' .A E 'f A " - E ",, f . -- -' ' 1 f ,, -: V X I 1. . ' is I ,L I . I I-V-l A E l . xr, ' r . L I - 1 5 r :Z ' J Edward M. Donovan April 7 22 Meredith Ave, THANKS TA GCI TIMES EB JB MM PC GP DB JP JJ SY CC LV SB MB I-ll-I MOTI-I MATH RC THINKS MS L. WE're JUST PRISONERS HERE OE OUR OWN DEVICE EAGLES MS TK MX SE BO GLF MOM DAD EM RM FOUR YEARS TWO LONG Antonio Douglass November 11 1600 Penn. Ave. Football Q-12 HOOP Q-12 Lax 12 I know I have The body ofa weak and feeble woman, but I have The heart and stomach ofa king, and of a king of England too. We'll Take over The earth with robots that look like Elvis!! Always Remember Latrick Pucel Deborah Lynn Ebert June 10 341 Bradford Rd, If you have built castles in the air, your work need not be lost, that is where they should be. Now put the foundations under Them. - Tho- reau Mom, Dad, Liz 84 Becky - I LOVE YOU Laura - my bestest friend always Rich, Monica, Shayna, Jess, Jenn - my buddies - I love you beaucoup Daphne Elmaleh June 26 38 Hartman Rd. The good Times the bad times U know we've had our share - DE, KM, RJ, RM 81 The rest. RK - M8cUS2 MC - All Niters. Aud, Dan, Sue - BFE Goodwin The Boys, Weekends, Parties, Spl Summa 85-86 Alb, PI, Assi, Smitty DLR, Dukiel Thanks Mom, Dad8cMikki ILY Remember days of skipping school racing cars 84 being cool Jennifer Alyssa Erbe December A 39 Rowena Rd, l always knew looking back on us crying would make me laugh, but I never imagined looking back on us laughing would make me cry. - Anonymous I don'T Think I ever would have made it without my friends - Thanks - I love you - Looks like we made it!! Seniors 107 Eric Feinstein September L1 Oo Roundwood Rd. Some day Well all look back on this and laugh. Time goes by and then its gone - I wish I had more to spend. Thanks for being there for me: Steve Dave Sirafi and Josh, Maybe we'lI meet again someday - good luck. Also thanks to RF, BF, AF. MC, IT, WA, PF 84 VB for your friendship Leila Fergus January 7 Q74 Walnut St. IT'S TIME TO LEAVE THIS PLACE. SOUTH HIGH SO HERE IT IS MY LAST GOODBYE: SHELLEY, OUR BOND IS ONE OF A KIND. TRUE FRIENDS ARE HARD TO FIND. TO NEWTON SOUTH 84 GRADS, UNTIL WE MEET AGAIN. GOOD LUCK GOOD HEALTH GOODBYE FAIRWELLSAAMENI MUM, DAD, PERRYBADEREK I LOVE YOU ALL! Nicky L. Ferrini July 22 'IM WoodEnd Rd. "Why Should l care If I Have To cut my hair l've got to move with the fashion or be out cast "Pinball Wizare I Love You forever Tortola 'BB' Heathie old friends are the best kind of friends. BFF Behind Blue Eyes BU here I come THANK YOU Mom + Dad + Ivlarty ILY Good Luck to Jen and Beck Ciao South Robert Alan Finkel August 40 70 Pau son Rd. Never be satisfied with what you have achieved till now. Let your mind keep growing with new ideas and insights. Let your heart keep growing with greater sensitivity and un- derstanding for others, Thank you and good luck to all my friends and family. David Fisher May 20 62 Alexander Rd. EOR US . . . THE DISTINCTION BETWEEN PAST, PRESENT Sarah Fenstemacher I IVIay I7 45 Standish St. "Success - to laugh often and much, to the respect of intelligent people: to appr ate beauty: to find the best in others: to Ie- I life has breathed easier because you h lived. This is to have succeeded." - EIN SON Gregory S. Fernandes December Q Well The Time has come for me to flex! I want to say Good Bye NS And Thanks to IV I 84 DAD A Being There! and AAron "G" STP' ' WOP WOP! CUZ I am! We R The move! Pe ' Qs Y 'fr to cl DM cr NA rar AB cw FT RS LB MH rsLc sm.. .4 , kivi Jivi rvis NP ve NT JB sc SA JB es Weil I 1 from BUMSKI LOVE! Adrian R. Fink June I8 l ' .fx Q TRIP bring furniture toy prop paper rug baloon jumble costume mask robot ca :H incense ladder wheel light self all others Barrett and the Pink Floyd 'lThe Mad Laughs" Special Thanx to Rich Keldra Dyl DP '86 STAY HIGH! Susan J. Finkelstein June 19 40 Nightingale Path U can't always get what u want but if '11 sometimes u get what u need - Stones ' f "' AA, DE -FF BM, DF, MS. MG, DP ES. GUYS! GL2 RM, RJ, RK 8a the rest. PEG. Summa '85 '86, wknds, SpL, partyin' VH, Dream until your dreams come true MIKE FW WH UR IVIS SI LUA Mom TABIVIF, LUS! Ti ramble on William R. Flynn 63 Margaret Rd w AND FUTURE is ONLY AN ILLUSION. is: , Q ALBELT A STUBBOIQN ONE is I A HX. I - EINSTEIN .- K If fi Ii 408 Seniors If-f The world Cl bit DGTTGFL to know TLTOT SVSU ' Shannon Marie Foster September 26 68 Maplewood Ave. " DD TIMES WITH MS, KA, LR, MM, EB, JB, SB, LC, CB BEST TIMES WITH TK, MS, AC, GK, I TK4-FJ! THE FALLS GETTIN HAMMERED, KEC-5 I TIES! CATCH THE WAVE - COKE! CRUISIN! XS IS HAVIN A BASH! YA KNOW THE DEAL! NITREAL! BUDWIESERII I'M OUTTA HERE! Daniel Mark Freeman September 8 86 Lovett Rd. 5 d times with BMOE - HR - Matty - ll s Zch Mayo Sterno + Pearl, Good Luck JL XG RV MX DH MR JJ. Great times at Hanks --A " Sue, Zots, Sko, Mad Max + sniper Drivin all ii t in The Monte. "I need a sauare" 3 ood Luck T, always friends. Rich - Best of rieds. M + D Thanks Guys I Love U an 4 E . 4 J 3, ff-f '-ff . sl 'J' lk fvl' I -ix x -w, X. sf . -vs- :gx 'l x 7 ....!,, .1 7 I Marc J. Fraloll 451 Allerton Rd. Richie Freeman September 8 86 Lovett Rd. BASKETball Q, 10, ll, 42 To All The Fellas BW AG RV MR AV MD JC DH Good Luck The Lot Ama- teurism Wiffie at BWS Be down J-ball NE champs "Dont be a follower be your own Leader be true to Yourself" Dan Remember we'lI always be best friends Mom and Dad Thanks for the support ILY ' f' ' 'LM I S nior Slump?! i ffar abovej in.. J, Class is just a party, ' fabovej Catching some zzzzzzzz f v c fleffj This is my third time here today. is IQ I Slump -fslampf 'lx to drop or s ide down suddenly: Col- lapse 2: to fall off sharply. After working hard for two demanding terms many sen- iors collapse. Some teachers do not expect hard work from their senior classes. Most seniors do not feel the need to strive to do well. lf their grades drop alittle it doesn't matter that much for college. Standardized tests are over and pressure from the college application process is over. Seniors who elected Ad- vanced Placement courses were not able to slump until after their exams in May. The work load does not de- crease in these classes be- cause intense preparation is needed for the exams. Ccontinued . . . 5 Seniors IOQ Seniors Take a Break Some seniors will laugh and Tell you ThaT They know exacTly whaT slumping means and In facT, ThaT They have been slumping faiThful- ly since The very firsT day of senior year. They have ar- ranged Their schedules To have The minimum dmounT of classes, of course A, F, Adam D. Gabriel Ivlarch 29 45 Van WarT Path and G blocks free, and Their younger brothers or sisTers To do Their homework for Them. ThaT's right . . . sleeping IdTe, missing A block Cif a senior acTuaIly has onep, going To The beach insTead of school - ThaT's whaT slumping is all abouT, isn'T IT? ,, J hfwixx WRESTLING 40 44 42 BASEBALL 40 44 CAPT 42 ' 'T' -1 TO ALL OF MY BEST - BW MR MD RF DP MM JL JS4-RV - HOTTHNEVER FAILS SUMMER, SWFISI-l+BUDS -FBUDS, RACE 428, MALD, REVR, TEWKS, HAMPTN READG, 44 EATS, QING, ETC! "DONT BE A FOLLOWER - BUT BE YOURSELF" THANX M-FD FOR EVERYTHING NG+GOOD LOCK 4994 SIS! BYE Stuart Gardner September A 412 Donna Rd. WE MADE IT! Thanks Ma, Dad, DJ Will, with spe- cial Thanks To BT Flvl RG DK CS and everybody else Hey little boy, why They pay you here? CJ is going To work maybe? Burridge aff 4, Sox are sTar iT's over, buT not over yeT, wiThouT know- ing IT, These kids have just embarked into The TZ Danny Gee September 20 AQ EllIoT ST. Well, This is itl lT's almost over I would like To Thank my parenTs, Teachers, and friends for helping me Through These four long years at SouTh, but The best is yet To come, Farewell To The old gangll 440 Seniors :ff 9-" 95 T ,I il I 'Sv-X ,,.,,3 ., x XIX N -'Nas '-so '1- Jay Ganz December 7 36 Brush Hill Rd. Thanx To NS L1 The A yrs. Thanx To BT, RG, V. JB, MDCESJ POCFor every McD runj, DE. V, Thanx Dr, Bob for everyThing, happy SKIINCV: LeTTersCTrack Q 40 44, Gymnastics 40 441532 cer Q 40 Skiing 42 Thanx MOIVISLDAD Jesl'I never ForgeT you. ALLWAYS remember we MONT, I Luv ya! Good luck Missy, lTs oveso Cyd Doron I. Gartner June 24 436 Jackson ST. Lucky l'm sTiIl Sane after all l've been Through I can'T complain but sometimes I sTiIl do l.ife's been good To me so far. - Joe Walsh And so casTles made of sand Slips into The sea Eventually - Jimi I-lend Petra Geis February 46 iAm I-lasenspTung 29 62110 KoenigsTein 3 Separate as we are, differenT To one ancd There is always one bond ThaT brings us! geTher - The happiness we share, The SO IQ we know will hold FRIENDSI-llPs forever! HEl.ll CHEN Dank an allelll "' ' I 'ff-nun . ,ggv X ji 3 Mi George Georgountzos December 4 .4 'T' . L 7 ivieiinu no. is I I' "V Sole People soy iT's over I soy iT's jusT begin- 5- XV' wills Tlwks To Mom ond Dod. Good luck To John. I 'ice ThdT The Closs of '87 will remdin good frlrlds. Von Gibson Moy 45 56 Crdwford ST. 'c II My Friends AT NS And of The Cldss of 87 I Ni You The BssT of Luck ln Your Trdvels on- uds. And lvldy Your Life be good To You N uysfRS JB GF EP CJ CT LC NA Klvl TR LO ET AE E GS lvlS RF8aDF RC JL LL Al-I CT GS SW CW JNPXTHANKS Moms And Pops For All The Si. 3orT ILY 87 Matthew J. Goldberg June 5 7 Spdulding Lone .F 9, 40, 44, 42 SPRINGSTEEN THE LOT. PAR- T" AT HANKS. VH - SUMMER 86, DAVE, DAN- V'-IENRY, MARC, DOG, SKO, ZOTS, SUE, MM, WIJL, ES, MX, AO BARRY - INTENSE TIMES, 2 -:MY 2 LIST. ANAMIRTA, YOU'LL ALWAYS BE JFTIIAL. I LOVE YOU. 42-30-841 MOM, DAD. A. SON, SUE ILU, THANX MR 5-29 SIU THIS BUDS 'C YOU! I 4, A . if fi , Cfor leffQWho's eye'n my fry? flefTjTed for Two CbelowjAlby on Wdll STreeT 40 yedrs from now. I 1 if ' . I x A'.if"'r - . 'vV..u . X4 . ...L Dona Gerson Eebrudry 411 8 Holly Rd "I Know WhdT I wdnT + I wdnT iT dll" My Fdmily "The GredTesT love of dll" Julie + Tolly - my bdbies! Ldurd - TY A mdking iT d home Leoro - my SA princess LR + DA - SO SPECIAL "I redlly hdve enjoyed my STOV, buT I musT be moving on" Ali - Keep dredming - Cdleb - mdke Them come True! ILY Lisa M. Gigliolli June 47 35 Hdrgrdve Circle And so my friends we'Il soy goodbye For Time hos cldimed iTs prize BuT These Times cdn ldsT forever As long GS we keep our memories Olive, Mom, Ddd, Tony - ILY EL - BFE - ILY Robin Goodman December 441 454 Woodwdrd ST Love when you con, cry when you hdve To, be who you musT, ThdT's d pdrT of The pldn The more we live, more brief dppedrs lifes suc- ceeding sTdges A ddy of childhood seems d yeor, ond yedrs like pdssing dges T you will dlwdys be in my hedrT. Thdnks lVl+D ILY boTh Seniors 444 Ben Gough August 8 32 Indiana Terr. Lite is what you make of it, It you follow all The rules and never try to get away with any- thing, you never will. And if you never do any- thing crazy or wild, you will goto Heaven while the rest of us are yelling "Long Live The Class of Eighty'Seven" Thanks everyone. Rachel Grossman July 9 29 Nod Hill Rd. TO LA. - JR., NT., CB., D.H.. PP, NH., TC., DM, C.E., R.P., R.T., MD., L.C., BT., K.T. - Good Luck South + Everyone else - l.P., S.W.,G.S.,8.B.,R.H.,J.C.,E.J.,W.VV.,J.A.,C.S., JS., M.L. "I didn't want to be the one to say good-bye, In a strangers eyes look how we've changed." Ruth Harel Sakiko Hara July 1 8 Shumaker Path THANKS MOM AND DAD Andrea Harris March 28 100 Standard St. I knew someday looking back on my tears would make me laugh, but I never knew look- ing back on my laughter would make me cry. RUM TC STACE KAY KR DC FR NA LR SH ASIA. And in the end, on dreams we will depend 'cause that's what love is made of TATM BYE 112 Seniors J X i fi rf gtg l ...v5, -' 'YUN63 . I I X Richard S. Green August 26 37 Newbrook Circle They say a picture can say a Thousand so why am I limited to only 9 lines to everyone? Mom, Dad + Big Sis you're al greatest + ILUI The same to my friends, know who you are, + I don't need to sl that l've memorized your initials! Peter Groussis June 18 3 Carl St, "lt was an early morning yesterday, I wa before the dawn, And I really have enjc my stay, but I must be moving an." Be: Times with DL, JL, MX, DM AR, JJ. Good luc you and the rest of my friends Thanks ll and Dad for the help. Good luck Georg Mina. Mark Haley May 10 19 Maple Park "Never hesitate to hold out your hand: n hesitate to accept the outstretched ha another." - Pope John XXIII Class of We're finally out of here, good luck to yo Thanks for all your support Mom 8a Coach McCarthy, NS. Faculty, Debbi Danny. Andrew S. Harmon July 24 311 Marla Circle "I'm going onto bigger and better things are they going to come to me?" Good to Craig - best friends Aever - Stacy - need the luck - Lough, GS, BK, PD, MA MR, + BAYGL: Mom + Peter, Dad + Pri Thanks for the help - I Love You! Michell You are the Greatest l'lI Miss You Andrew Heafitz August 26 A5 Daniel St. "If anything can go wrong, it wlll." 1949 Edward A. Murphy US. Air Force Than Stage Crew for four interesting years o crew and thanks to Mr. Small. Ski team 9 11, 12 Thanks Mom 81 Dad I Q i. For good, For bud U were there, Thanks ' la, dad, Jet, RF, AJ, RM, BK, MS, et al Michael Heiko June 43 78 Commonwealth Park l'5 l spent too many years at war with myself doctor has told me it's no good for my , -th To search for perfection is all very well o look for heaven is to live here in hell." ikfd luck Sharon Higgins July 4 y I Q Duxubry Rd. alho has imagination without learning, has 'its but no feet. 'wi 'ca rx ,dw X x A biej See no more applications, hear no more talk about applications, heven speak the word applications. Y Jovej lf she would just move her left elbow Die rightj Ya call me Francis, and l'lI kill ya, 10 'X r is 4 4 Matthew Henderson September 26 72 Allison St, Good Luck to the Roar, and thanks to the ones who got me through these four years OF, B.A. VVhat's up Doc, learn how to park yet? Thanksto my friends. PK, MD ,N A., F S . BS., B.B., JM. See you guys at Langley. Also great thanks to my fellow ministers LAC Deidra Hazel Pauline Hill June 6 408 Hagen Rd. THE LORD is my light and my salvation whom shall I fear? B-ball 9-42, 40, 44 "States" Track 40, 44 Musical Q, 44 Pooh 40 BSU, Talent Show - 86 - Jill + Phil l love you, Thanks good luck GS, KU, AT, MB, LF, RT, AR, Niece, Dave, Mom- n-Dad THANKS FOR Being There!! Love Yallll RA' ..'-3 il' -.- qi V Ia ,A Emp K .X , Alternatives to College At Newton South over travel before continuing for- ninety percent ofthe gradu- mal education. Unfortunate- ating class attend college ly Newton South students the following year. Although and parents often base suc- this statistic is impressive, it cess on academic exper- indicates that students do ience and degrees. While not think about the alterna- students are pondering their tives to college. There are future careers, they should many jobs that do not re- realize that true success is auire a college education. being happy doing a job Students could also consider well - no matter what job it taking a year to work or is. AB. Seniors 443 A Pegama in school?? Whdf hoppens when The enTire senior oldss redlizes ThoT school doesn'T mdTTer onymore? Well, on Monddy, Jonudry 26, we found ouT. The infdmous "Pdjdmd Doy" represenTs The beginning of senior slump - d Time when seniors forgef how To sTudy, ond remember how To FGIGX, Unlike mosf yedrs dlmosT every senior exhibifed Their lefhorgy by weoring pdjd- mos, nighTies, , or robes Pil- Iowsnd dolls were oorried by some, while ofhers rodmed The holls wiTh Their blonkies. IT wds d doy full of surprises, es- John Hillis July A A99 Winohesfer ST. pecidlly if you were d senior ThoT hod never seen d per- son of The opposiTe sex in Their nighTTime dTTire. On Pdjdmd Ddy mony sen- iors "forgoT" ThoT doodem- ics were sTill o pdrT of school life. This onnoyed Tedchers only o liTTIe biT. These seniors "couIdn'T find" Their noTe- books or homework, ond ThdT IIT" represenTing Tdrdy wds ofTen employed. The oloss of '87 Took odvdnfdge of Pdidmo Ddy, ond wds reody To eose inTo SENIOR SLUMPI - by Ddvid Kdlls. .0 .44 FOOTBALL 9, 10, 11, 12 WRESTLING Q, 10. 11, 12 LACROSSE Q, 10. 11, 12 FUN TIMES 9, 10. 11, 12 BAD TIMES NONE MICHELLE 11, 12 AMBITIONS HIGH REGERTS NONE THANKS ALL Dona Bruce Hochberg Mdrch 141 11 Hdnson Rd. I'l've ohosed The shoufing wind dlong, ond flung my edger ordff Through fooTIess hdlls of dir" To dll The guys ond girls - good bye ond good luck - '69 Zf28 - The boss +1 - go Novy - FlinsTone, WC SB - RB W1 - Mom, Ddd Thdnx for The supporT I love you - Mdrk. Brdd you've dlwdys been There Thdnx Josh Hoffman Oc:Tober 21 1011 Beocon ST, LOOKING BACK THE CORNER THE FRONT, I LUV YA KIMMI, YOU, GAVE ME THE BEST TIMES I'LL MISS U GOOD LUCK TO MY FRIENDS. THANX FOR YOUR SUPPORT BRUNO, MUM, DAD AND THE REST OF MY FAMILY I FINALLY PROVED I COULD DO IT "YOUR MAMA'S CALLIN BUT YOU'RE HAVING FUN" BAD CO. 1141 Seniors C. 9 C.. ,px W, X W' ff -4-W ' L4 ' 'Nif- Andrew C. Hoberman Ivloroh 26 81 Woyne Rd. Swim Teom 11-12, Lion's Rodr 11-12. We MI Reoched The end of on ero. buf o new t: ning soon owoifs. Specidl Thonks To myl ond friends for your love ond supporT. ond Ddd - your one ond only is on his- now, ILY. LP - We FINALLY mode iT. I words of on inspired Teocher, "Follow dredms, never sfop believing in yourself redch for The sforsf' Chrisfo lVIc:Cduliffe Tclic Hochmcn Moy 26 175 Elgin ST. The memories will Idsf Aeverll MDYI -'Tl when u give of yourself Thdf u Truly giv- Aever close 2 my hedrf ILYI TNXI DA -I never A geT ul A MES AMIS - "every se- every minuTe. we've goT To moke iT Idsfl friends never end - ure so speciol TI' 'TThls is The Time TO begin . . . " Rona Hurst July 15 25 I-Idynes Rd. DonT be dismoyed of goodbyes. A forewell is neoessdry before you con ogoin. And meefing dgoin offer mome lifefimes is cerfdin for Those who ore fr Jookie - "lf we couldnf ldugh . . . Mor' ond Lorry Thonks ILY I s J,- I 1 445' Barry Hurwitz May 2 20 Bound Brook Rd. lfilking down a counfry road, you look up if ,, , see someone walking foward You 'c keep walking, expecfing nofhing more 'iii a friendly nod as you pass. He has orange c a whlfe face, and red lips, You nod. He c'cs and passes," - SM :E and Thanks Mom, Dad, Jeff Marie Jacobsen July 3 Fiskergode ID 6760 Ribe I,-'S NOV, 3, 1986, I'M SITTING IN WHEELER- CSE. I CANT THINK OF ANYTHING TO WRITE ZVHAT DO I DO'? lT'S TOO LATE TO BE LATE -QJN. ALL MY FRIENDS THANKS A LOT, I WILL AIIF YOUI COME AND VISIT ME IN DENMARK! I 'UE YOU! PIG-E TUSIND TAK, MOR, EAR, YENS James Jay "Jimmi" Jewell February 'IB 110 Hinckley Rd, :I ill my friends who I owe money fo - Zlleday, Nighlly frips fo BK wilh GM, SB, AO f:13oys - DM, SY, EB, PG, AR. Cape Runs 4" DL - you're The besf, Gobi - words of besf describe how much I love you. 1' ing forward To a Iifefime wlfh you. Mom Sc C - ILY John Thanx for being There LR I 'S , 1 4 W 721052, , "Hifi ai? fi4p4""izi If I v g ' as' ' A gil' Ihgamsdsk -5 , ' in 'k Y Qleffj Kara and Kalhy, againsf lock- ers, wilhouf bears, Qbelowy Tricia and Julie, againsl lockers wilh bears. I U-Q-.. III Ja. 13 KV' 3- 4 4 I Ellen M. Jacobs Sepfember 'll B3 Redwood Rd, "Oh I iusl don'l know where fo begin , , , " Thanx 2 GS MS AS SM MA PD RK LL CA AH ML CBBC 81 mosf of all - Slacey H, Mike, I nope your dreams come True, Mom 84 Dad, I love 84 appreciale you so much Jon, as well as o brolher youre a greaf friend! "I sflll gof a long way lo go" - Elvis Coslello Robin Jaeger April il 37 Voss Terr, ALL THE WAY TO HEAVEN G FC, 4664 Ro, Nels, Deb, Jen, Kale The besf of friends always Chubbykins, good limes wifh Shal, JS, DL, BS, DE, RK, AA, DA, CW, DM, NA, IP, Norlh pals Lodi dadi we like 2 pariy We do cause Trouble and we bofher everybody, Can you woo? Summer Bo Thanks Mom + Dad ILY Allan C.N. Joe February 20 20 Parker Terr "The road To success is always under con- sfrucllon" M5 Senoirs Anish M. John January I-41 27 Hickory Cliff Rd. FOUR YEARS OE SEARCH A GLIMPSE OE WHO I AM IN PURSUIT OF ASPIRATIONS . . . "WAITING EOR THIS MOMENT" - PC THANKS DAD, MOM, BINDU, DM. RM. SS, AM, MH, PP, RF. David Kalis April A Q2 Gordon Rd. "WhaT lies behind us and whaT lies before us are Tiny maTTers compared To whaf lies wiThin us" LOVE, LUCK + THANX TO FRlENDSfIVlOM, DAD, BAGEL, LOO + ROO "Why can'T we un- dersTand Thaf The whole world wanTs To live, There's so many reaching ouf - ls love so hard To give?" Russell L. Kane July 23 20 Juniper Lane So many faces in and ouT of my life, some will lasT some will jusT be now and Then. Life is a series of hellos and goodbyes. l'm afraid iT's Time for goodbyes again. Billy Joel Thanks lVlom, Dad and Allison for all your sup- porf. Good luck nexT year To our class of 4987 Marc Kaufman June 22 4113 Ridge Ave. OOD DAMN WELL I DECLARE! HAVE YOU SEEN THE LIKE? THEIR WALLS ARE BUILT OF CANNON BALLS, THEIR MOTTO ISL DON'T TREAD ON ME. BOSTONZ THE CITY OF CHAMPIONS RITUALS AND SNAUSAGES. MY THANKS AND LOVE TO REAL PEOPLE, AND C.Y. - LATER SCRUFF - Jennifer Lace Kellerer SepTember 211 IO Locke Rd. l always knew ThaT lookin back aT my Tears would make me laugh. BuT I never Thoughf Thaf looking back aT my laughTer would make me cry. Gab - gone beachin' 86, Juls 84 Per - Biv + Non, Good Luck NA, JN, Luv To Looc 84 Rib, XO To Mom, Dad, Jul 84 Seb I love you, Ronnie . , . always T16 Seniors X.- r l' 'ft X .Z T, Cynthia M. Johnson December Q I5 VioleT ST. We finally gof Through if. l'm glad iT is ovenuil l'll haTe To say bye 2 all my friends, I will mu To my girl Cheryl Luv ya Cha lndi Darryl Luygii always Ouell AB LC GF KT DlVl FT LB NT MH .Tl Klvl Special Thanx 2 Mom + Dad for alhgi supporT, Luv ya boTh I I Brian Kane i November 27 T110 STanley Rd. l A years ago l said I couldn'T waiT To lere. Now l'm noT so sure, Bye NSHS "IT wasn'Tr wasTed Time" Eagles. Summer '86 WM -T ID! Dookie monsTa, Psycho mobile and ri mas VVHAT?l Sick!! Thanx Mom, Dad anc: SL, RG, AR, U2!l efc - l'll NEVER forgeTy . BRIK I Rhonda Kaplan February 17 Q3 Drumlin Rd. "Life is a gifT, A box wrapped wiTh silk bows And sprinkled wiTh gold dusT. Open iT - Look under The Tissue Take ouT The colors of realiTy I Happiness, Pain, Friendship, Love l PainT your own rainbow 1 No one else can," X To my family 84 friends - RAINBOWSI I i Jeff Keselman SepTember 'IA 50 Olde Field Rd. There are some Things Thaf are noT lik change, Those are The friendships l made in The lasT A years. Cal, Shiff, ' Becks, Rico, and all of The resf, you'r greaTesT. Mom and Dad, Thanks for e Thing, you've been a greaf help, Rachel Kiley February 26 78 Hamlef ST. WERE THE PARTY PEOPLE NITE 81 DAY CRAZY THATZ THE ONLY WAY GD TIMES DADFJNKMRJRM8aresTDE-M8cUA - all niTerz The boys - Goodwin S. PL Su 85 Alb mush bud boro RMT SmiTTy - Lyn NY 7-l I-85 TFT I canT waiT 2 feel your lov niTe ILY now 84 Aeva Mom 84 Lou ILY 2 I Paul Kochs Juhe 'I 70 CoTTage ST. ind luck ro The fuTure sion of The Lions F2'1r, The besT paper aT SouTh. Also good luck r-J he cohservaTives who are, uhforTuhaTeIy, mihoriTy aT SouTh ahd The GOP ih '88, 9I'hksTo myfriehds: M,D.,F.S., B.S,,N.A,, A.H., I. , BB. LANGELEY LE CHICK Linda Kong July 7 28 Louise Rd. 'C!JME, I SEE, I WILL CONQLIER XII MAKE IT THROUGH EACH HURDLE OF LIFE 'V-I MY FRIENDS BY MY SIDE AND ESPECIALLY 'TH PALI5 WHO WILL ALWAYS BE SOMEONE 'TPIIAL TO ME, 'I-NX TO MY FAMILY, FRIENDS, AND TEACH- F GOOD - LUCK!!! . . ' A R .4 4 J' I ig . 'IINET 9' 1 u ss 1 fix fix 5 Taj t -rf: . Fi 'Sf A Susanne Julia Kohl AugusT 23 511 Bouhd Brook Rd Says Alice "I wonder if l've been chahged ih The highT7 LeT me Thlhk ws I The same wheh I goT up This morhihg? I almosT Thlhk I cah re- member feelihg a IlTTle differehT BuT if l'm hoT The same, Who lh The world am I9 Ah. ThaT's The greaT puzzle!" Dan Kornfeld SepTember 15 406 Brooklihe ST. Sam, G-reg wlffle ball aT dawhl These are The Times ThaT Try meh's souls, sTahd by me how, KJ you are so beauTiful, Friehd To The ehd, SR, Now iT's Time To say goodbye To all The friehds we made, buT dohT be sad you should be glad, because There will always be happy days! TG-IO P 3-2' "V"1u Qfar leffj Bear wiTh us! Ueffp How youhg is she? Cabovey Toucan says, "Follow your hose, wherever iT goes " T47 Sehiors rfar righfp Honey. smile for The camera, rrighfl lf Mom could only see me now. rbelowj We always look up To Mom and Dad. Helene Kramer AugusT 18 TO Brandeis Circle an I ii A An - 1 .. Q A mf-3' XA. 1 T i V V 5 ll , yi- 'gli . Cheerleading Q, T2 Good Times wiTh - KS, SL, WC, LC, BC, AH, TP, BB, LB, SB, MB, KH - Love To The "Crew" - Laura - BFE - summer 'Bo' Des -Thanx A always being There - PETER - U R The BEST - 8f25f86 - Babe - lLYl - "2 hearTs ThaT beaT as one." Thanx Mom and Dad. Good Luck STacey. Sarah Lahey January 22 ao Pine Cresf Rd, BesT of luck Chip and Chickie BFE - Smergs always TigerfGizmo Never forgeT. MDW, Poocs Mobile dress-up?l "WesTie, NBK, Jim D., do a buck?l" Poocs forever! BeTay and co. . . Loser Lane rules 9-12 Fun Times wfLK, MM, BB, LB. HK, AH, TP, l'Lips", Chris QMS. Thanks Mom and Dad - ILY CAPE BOUND! Jeffrey B. Langer May 'I TOO BoldpaTe Hill Rd. 'll was noT born To live To die" BS U69 STang" COBRA, Reeper. Devil The Whiz Bang Gang. To ALL The Fellas "DonT lose your grip on The DREAMS of The pasT you QXJ musT fighi iusT To keep Them alive" Todd. loTs a luck, Eric, a True friend A-eva, U2 Klz Thanks Mom + Dad Luv U boTh reoivv Uafao T48 Seniors 43' fv- Douglas R. Lack July 5 26 Ban Roosen Rd. There are places l'll remember Though sc have changed, some forever noT for be Some have gone and some remain. Thom know l'll never lose affecfion for people Things ThaT wenT before I know l'll ofTen lv abouT Them, in my life l've loved Them C1 Danny "Ding ci Ling" Lcingan Ocfober 28 ld Bowdoin ST. To All my friends JeweTT Mombo Rose, Pet SY, JL, EB Thanx for being good friends G0 Luck To All The Cape. Road Trip, GIRLS SMI SHOW "THE TRUCK" LATE NIGHT LAWN . AT NS Mom. DAD Thanx for PuTTing up wifl ILY same wiTh The gang LESLIE l Love U Fi PARTY TIME Alkistis N. Lappcis December 6 24 CarlTon Rd. our NE RISOUE r2iEN N'A Rim Z A PERSONS A PERSON NO MATTER HOW SM - DR. SEUSS s l Jfyals, i 71 .yi Hien Lazare August 2 Q5 Dorset Rd. grprrow comes l'II be smiling thou I might giown, thou my body is Ieoving l'Il still be pd. All the woy 2 Hedven GFC ILL! Rob, Ro, ' ,Jen, Kote, J, B, D Shol, IP. Myron, memo- ,ecoll lets me know we hdve it dll. I Love onlug-n-Kisses IOf31f85 oK - Noomi GL - .ce You - Mom + Dod Emily Lee July 23 E 270 Arnold Rd. 'T TIME CAN NEVER BE FOUND AGAIN." IFORE CLASS OF "87" LIVE IT UP!! Jennifer Alyssa Lerman November 28 to Kerr Poth 9 ive only one snot of life Iet's toke it while 37 still not ofroid - RS V-Boll, B-Boll + S-Bdll -lioll budd's - STATES! To my friends: U for the greot times! Thonx D - ily MOM v hout u it couIdn't hove been done! Al- lneed the w---I G + P, D + J, + of 102 the K's - Thonx ILY! . 4:4 , .ij The time of grdduotion brings with it feelings of dnxi- ety on the port of both por- ents ond grdduoting seniors. The oct of grodudting sig- ndls the beginning of the process of Ieoving the pro- verbiol nest. Seniors ore ex- cited ond o little onxious ds they look forwdrd to new freedoms ond responsibilities owoy from home. Porents ore understdnddbly con- cerned knowing the pres- -Y .wx 41' vff Parents and Seniors dren. However, they know they must support ond en- courdge their son or dough- ter on this very importont step. COME TO THE EDGE. It'S TOO HIGH. COME TO THE EDGE. WE MIGHT FALL. COME TO THE EDGE. AND THEY CAME, AND HE PUSHED THEM, AND THEY FLEVV. C- Guilloume Apollinoire french dromotisty. sures ond expectdtions thot - by Anthony Dougldss. will be pldced on their chil- I Amy Lebowitz J December 6 30 Brush Hill Rd, cfs LIZ - its the ldughter we will remember '41 -W.,-' ,f I 1x R- . n I K 'tiff MIRT ond JODI - BFF - whot would I do with- out you? GARY - it's not dlwdys eosy to find ond keep d true friend - I guess I wos lucky - KH DS DG DP JJ - SETH ond "B" - good luck - I wont be dfrdid just os long ds you stdnd by me - MOM - DAD - I LOVE YOU Julie M. Lehrman October 241 I5 Lorkspur Rd. Kordte, Music, Science Fiction, Fomily, Friends. School These ore the forces I juggle. Concen- trdte on the coscode! Don't drop the dreoms. - "Trying times come to my door Go be brove ones, let them in" - I love you dll - Mom Dod Borry - FIAWOL, Forever! ---- Deborah J. Levenson September I 225 Greenwood St. "The reword of d thing well done is to hdve done it!" GYMNASTICS - MGC wel Good luck JEN Sa Beck ILY! Ui? the greotestl! Greot times with - PR. SM, AO, RT, GFC - RM, RJ, HL, JN. MP, WK, NNG Mom, Dod 84 Meryl - thonks for everything, ILY up to the sky! The best is yet to come . . . Seniors MQ ffar leffj l'm sick of obplicdfionsl Cbelowj "BuT Ms, Herring . . . " ApplicaTions! For Those sTudenTs who decided To opbly To col- leges for nexT yedr, Their worklood wos Tremendous. AcTuol homework become only o percenldge of whdT hod To be done. AfTer The Tedious work of sorTing Through differenT col- lege coTologs ond bom- bhleis, dTTendlng inTerviews, ond disTribuTing recommen- ddfions To Tedchers, sTu- denTs found blonk obblicd- Tions sToring Them in The foce. College dpplicoTions ore very sTronge files of infor- moTion. They come in dll sizes ond d mulTiTude of dif- ferenT colors. Some dsk for essoys, oThers jusT cold focT, buT whdT They dll hdve in common is Their demdnd on sTudenTs. Essoys cerToinly re- quired The mosT Time ond coused The mosT Trouble. conTinued . . . Lisa R. Levesque Jonudry 31 Q7 Pdrker ST. "l will noT follow where The bdfh mdy leod, buT I will go where There is no bdTh, ond I will ledve o Troll." Thdnx Teochers 84 Ms. S - We Ron Our Wdy - SrYr,alf1VbollO, 1O,11,12gSboIIQ, 10. Sr. closs VP. SM.E.L, BesT Buds 11-ever Thonx M 81 J ILU 2 'RC + LL ' R T wos Fun Ull olwoys B i sbeciol in My HrT, ILU loTs. Faye Lewis November 18 o7 ChesTer ST. Friendship is The need To ledve + move on. ThoT is how if is. DisTonT Towers, Friendship is The need To Think of dll one is forced To IGGVG, Svinner. ABBA D+G ILY. Thonks. JDL ILY AND lT's your Turn now. 120 Seniors . . JVM J w ,1 .fx fT""'f 1 fr fl:-. xi -vc E lf" x Y V. Q L T QW' wi . 'S fi H A - 'F 1 T-fe' ' sv N T I . ,l r6' W . .-.. 8 "" .4 . Engish Arley Levin July 31 59 AmhersT Rd. We've ldughed unTil we hod To cry, I loved righf down To our ldsT goodbye were The besT l Think we'll ever be. "Re ber everyTing you've leorned ond live e Thing you've become" QBiIly - TMVR! - Deor friends much luv -l- memories Morr + Air ILY wfoll my hedrT , Jonathon Paul Linder July 2 68 Wdde ST. FORMERLYI I DONT CARE ANYMORE CAL BETTER TO BURN OUT THAN TO RUST PRE LY: I WANT TO SPREAD MY WINGS 81 FL AN EAGLE CAUSE I CAN REACH THE SPEI LIGHT IF I REALLY TRY SINCE EVERYTING WAYS POSSIBLE 81 THE MIND IS INFINITE RE BER LIFE IS A GIFT. THANKS . I Abigail Mara Lipshutz . June 27 I 241 Radcliff Rd. gh, if youre a bird, be an early bird 'td catch the worm 'for your breakfast plate. :you're a bird, be an early early bird - git if you're a worm. lsleep late. SHEL SILVERSTEIN Kristen Lombardo October 2 26 Boylston Rd. Ed Girls - Fri. Nites KC SY LR CM SC D Never tae life for granted - there is always the Lexpected A728785 Never forget The good ties wfthe girls! CHRIS - I knew from the s rt our relationship will last forever WTCTS - H2078-4 ILYI Thanx to my family ILYA - to LM. I LOVE YOU! Roger Mack November 43 57 Wetherel St. Pinks MUM and NAN I ' 1 Mark Joseph Maiocca December A 78 Halcyon Rd. " Jw I REACHED THAT AGE I tray to DO ALL l:sE THINGS me Best I CAN" - LED ZEP. BB I?-42 rucci - BFF FrL. so + 87 Joey BABE, DF, Bivi, ivie, DP, JBL, Rosa mr, ivix. Jerv -i ' fE YOU NOW + FOREVER THANKS FOR THE fromes. iofvfea ivioivi + DAD COULDN'T XE DONE ir wirilour you. GOOD Luck Mi- CQLLE Ilan Marcoschamer September 45 37 Harwich Rd. JOURNEY HALF WAY AROUND THE WORLD BEEN THE MOST SIGNIFICANT EXPERIENCE .AY LIFE. YET AFTER A YEARS THERE IS NOTH- I'D LIKE BETTER THAN 2 RETURN HOME. 2 MY GOOD FRIENDS - U WILL B WITH ME Y ER, 2 EVERYBODY ELS - C U IN THE PROM- LAND, Silvia Llosa 36 Newbrook Circle Bubbles bubbles life is a cycle for ever hoping, reaching and dreaming and all along . . . living, PS Mom, dad, thanx A borning me Mark Loughlin December 2 430 Beethoven Ave. BaseballO, 40, 44, cpt 42 Golf 40, 44, cpt 42 B- ball Q, 40, 44, 42. To all my friends - Thanx ALBY DREW + SIDE G - LUCK. DK, EB, 4 - 42: PT + DB 3 great years. LL never forget U, Pals 11-ever. Lynne, Mom + Dad thanx for all your love. "Now lt's time to change our ways, but l've loved these days." Kristin Madden May 48 4495 Boylston St. "Oh God lt's raining, but l'm not complaining. lt's filling me up with new life. The stars in the sky bring tears to my eyes. They're lighting my way tonight. And I haven't felt so alive in years." DEPECHE MODE Tricia Maloney January 7 4911 Upland Ave. My friends - you were once wild here, don't let them tame you. Michele 81 Liz - we made each other strong, Glen - you're in my heart always - I love you. DK 84 JA - ILY. Eric - thanks for being there. Paul - I'll miss you the most. Mom 84 Dad - Goodbye doesn't mean forever - l'lI always need you. Lauren Marcus July 26 418 Lawmarissa Rd. "To travel hopefully is better than to arrive and the true success is to labour" To my friends for the first time l'm at a loss for words all I can say is I LOVE YOU Mom Dad llana and Hllty I hope my actions have expressed what I can't say with words. Seniors 424 Ron J. Mark AugusT 8 88 Harwich Rd. I counT myself in noThing else so happy As in a soul remembering my good friends - Shakespeare Special Thanks To BK, MH, EF, KSL Couldn'T have done iT wiThouT ya! Thanks To The family, specially you MOM. Kendra I will love you for- ever - RJM - Michael Marx July 28 43417 WalnuT ST. lT's been real guys, leT's noT do iT again real soon, ok'? DL + The A+ opera house! FUN!!! Worlds are Turning and we're jusT hanging on: facing our fear and sfanding ouT There alone - SW. A years IaTer + I sTilI don'T know whaT happened ADIOS MUCHACHOS - BUENOS NACHOS Kalhleen Marie McBride November 26 L14 BrewsTer Rd. "A smile for every friend, a friend for every smiIe" SoccerQ, 40, 44 capT 42 B-ball 9, 44, 42 Lax O, 40, capT 44 + 42 Many Thanks To my special friends. Who's AITP? Mom, Dad Thanks for all of your supporT. Bren, Kevin, PaTTy, John you guys are The besT!! I love you! Kim Marie Marquis , .,, . R, gg, ' 'J' Moy is 33 , v X A5 BeeThoven Ave. W' ' if g A X "You can play The game and you can acT 'T QV ,gr - The parT, Though you know IT wasn'T wrlfn N-M' T A for you" . . . "Shower The people you ics A Q wiTh love" - JT M 84 D 81 T - lLYl My friends-I ' " ' will always be There - KEEP SMILIN'l' '... in 9 if i rv- -be more applicahons MosT colleges ciTe The es- say as The mosT imporTanT elemeni oTher Than grades or SAT scores. Seniors la- bored on essays ThaT made Them sound like The nexT Buckaroo Bonzai. The Trick was To apply To colleges wiTh similar essays in order To reduce The amounT of work. For some, The longesT parT of The applicaTion was The lisT of exTracurricular acTivi- Ties. These IisTs were ofTen obscene. Did walking inTo a French club meeTing counT as an exTracurricular acTiv- iTy7 Of course iT did! LisTs of 422 Seniors work experiences wenT Through The same process. College appIicaTions are now in The pasT for seniors, a job no one was sad To see come To an end. IT is easy for Them To laugh aT Their lisTs of Ten varsiTy sporTs, "I am The perfecl sTudenT for your school," and Their choices of Teachers for recommenda- Tions. As Juniors begin To ponder Their fuiures, They can look forward To a loT of work and anxieTy in The ap- plicaTion process. A.B. 8a M.D. world according To G-arp, we are all Termul cases" - J. lrving 'f,- . Milana Mazurkevich 'fi March 29 A- 74 Bryon Rd. n W N I would noT painT - a picTure - l'd raThera 1 i' The ONE iT's brighT possibiliTy To dwell - ci- cious - on - And wonder how The fings feel Whose rare - ceIesTial - sTir - Evo-s so sweef a TormenT - Such SumpTuous s.- cess - E.D. - K. Kara McDermolI December 48 428 Woodward ST. Amandla AweThu - UBLIO The game is afooT - Sherlock Ip, Holmes I know you are, buf whaT am I? - PW. Herman Bop bop bop bop ba da ba. bob bop ba aa ba, whoa - The Jam Henrik lives, Laddie doesn'T. I'm now a hary puppy TBA 4947 ,,,,,.,vs.-nf-W ' ' ,.,QvswY-0' ' 1 ...o""Q lj N Yeah, I'm done wiTh my appIicaTions! Matthew James McKee June 23 56 indian Ridge Rd. pgJDE ISLAND RUNS MARCH 24 AND JULY 5 H JB TD RC PC MP. QUEBEC SUMMER OF 86 I-I MP. MANY DRUNKEN STATES WITH THE ZCI W. WILL NEVER FORGET THE PARTY WITH TI THANKS FOR THE HELP. TO ALL MY FRIENDS, 'TYNKS FOR ALWAYS BEING THERE. THANKS N vt AND DAD. Glen Mechaber November 3 65 Saco St, fing on is a chance that you take, anytime y try to stay together. Erici Don't look for c :vers - just take your chances I know its h d. Trish - lm at a loss A words, l love you - T ts straight from the heart. DK - DC MC- - JC- MS - JA - LR. Remember the good tires. Mom - Dad - Joi Thanks Wendy Meltzer lvlay Q 129 Dorset Rd. " 5- can only be understood backwards: but it tust be lived forwards" - Kierkegaard lvn, Dad, Liz, Jon - "Where we love is lt- te, home that our feet may leave, but not 0 hearts" Steph - "Hold a true friend with -b h of your hands." si 'ff' ,s Susan A. McKinney February 'IA "You won't remember my voice I walked away and grew old" Donna Medaglia January 'lo 700 Quinobeauin Rd. "Everybody says nothing comes 2 Easy but when u got it baby, nothing comes 2 hard " 2 A Sheila IP CW RJ and The G.F.C. strait 2 Heav- Qmf en. Our Dreams will come true. I Dont wanna stop until I Reach the Too. 2 Be Ms.O. Mom Dad Eric Jane Gina and Suz my Best friend :lever G2 ILU-all. Fred Menis " December 20 ,. oo Country Club Rd. Soccer 40-42 lnfout TRK 'll Reg 87 - Wisdom is learning what to over Look - James. To all of my friends: Thanx for making it so much easier. its not going to be the same wfout UI BT - good Times ML - girls? SG - Luv ya LM W - Ath in Hobo? P-town - No - Past up? Ski ' 841 Thanx Mom + Dad! Ciao South. fi W afx I WHL.. ffar lefty We're a little behind in our applications. Ueftj Love the cafe food. fabovej Craig, borrowing someone else's homework won't get you into college. Seniors 'I23 Stacy Millender February 3 o3 Lovett Rd. Youll always have the memories of your school days from day 1 dont think of school as ending think a new life has begun. To the Baygl bunch, fun was had by all. Eric NS was not the same without U. The flame will burn forever. ILY. L + M Mom + Dad +3 made it thanx to you I Love You all Roberta Miranda June 12 oA Hamlet St. ALL THE WAY TO HEAVEN GFC, ROB. JEN, NELLS, DEB, KATE. We are one! ILY. Gd. times wfJS, BS, DL, NNPaIs, CW, AB, LC, DM, SW, DE, DA, AA, SF, RK, G.BOYS. CRUISIN, PARTYING. can U woo woo woo? THANX MS. L. 84 UA GARRETT AS soon as Aever is through I'LL STOP LOVING YOU. Ma 84 Bro, ILY special Mems. PE- TER 41 Daniel C. Monbouquette February 17 2111 Langley Rd. HOCKEY 9, 10, 11, CAPT 12 TO DING-A-LING, PETE, SEAN and the ROSE Remember the nuts THANX JJ, MX, JL, RV, SK, JL, JB, SB "YOUR LOVE IS DRIVIN' ME CRAZY YOUR LOVE JUST TAKES ME AWAY" HEATHER 1-A-3-7 I Said it First! To MOM + DAD and Rach Thanx and I Love You! Hil wfall My Heart 'US .xx ' Barry Alan Miller May 29 27 Grace Rd. WHO'S GOT A SQUARE? G-OOD TIME AT HANKS CASINO THE MONTE - DAN THE DSS COMFORTABLY NUMB SL H20 TOWERKO DOG MS - TT WG TT J PEARL - LHT'?? Il - SAB! ES J MM MX JJ AR MS AO, AA DA - YGATBI BA MATT - WHAT MORE CAN I .Y' TODD IMY THANK U MOM + DAD ILY GUI LUCK D+K NOW, ITS MILLER TIME! Sharona Mizrahi December 6 1099 Walnut St. Life a river, flowing to future, memoryhe banks That define The water, holdir it Stretching so far back we can not see all Memory banks of The river Experience 'he currency of a yearbook. Darryl Anthony Moran January 141 1050 Tremont St. "THE EYES OF MEN CONVERSE AS MUC AS THEIR TONGUESH Good luck in the Jocks Corner and Goodwin House Football 1 12 Basketball 9. 10, 11 Remember lZOD-D- , I! .r I I E " 4 - ix 'JO sw S 5.81, 'L fabovej Donuts anyone? ' A frightj Kids for sale. ffar rlghtj How much did we make? 1 ' .....-- 124 Seniors ..,.,-,,....-unl- T Howard Moy January TO I 154 Truman Rd. if n as we dream we begin To succeed even give succeed We begin To dream. Jennie Graham Neal November 28 AA Wildwood Ave. "Irby dry your eyes, save all The Tears you've c-d cause ThaT's whaT dreams are made of" ,lf Cheerleading Q-Il KaT, Rob, Ro Nels, Deb, ,yi guys are The besT friends anyone could ear ask forl GPC GreeTings JS, BS, DL, S8cI NN P .. Memories WfChrisTian ILY MD Sc Bund - B Erik, Thank U! Cheryl Beth Nissenbaum March To 139 Harwich Rd. Ii-a True friend is one who walks in when The e'of The world walks ouT. Jackie Jeremy Suz Rely Charlie Thank you for your friendship 'eibroke JC's "I can'T believe The summers -iv" USY Israel Family 84 Mar ILY Mom Dad ct Thank you ILY more Than I can say. ,. e.fx -fri' 'Q f' ---vt.--..-. .ch -.,...u.4u.......... Q Loren Mueller OcTober IA T548 Beacon ST " There are Two pafhs you can go by DUT 'Vi TWG I long run There's sTiII Time To change The road Cx' your on - LZ Soccer 'II-12, Ski TT-I2, V-Ball CapT, IT-42, P-Town 85 lTaly 841 gs 85 good ' luck class 87 81 88 and Those ThaT made These 11 years ones To remember, An S8cM Produc Tian Thanh Nguyen June 29 20 Beacon ST. Thanks To all my friends for making iT a greaT year Fred Dex Fink Junior Girls Bill Kos Alby WiTTs Sox parTies Maine Thanks Mom for everyThing Dad wish you were here all my love To TC Jan 241 Seniors good luck geT ready fora four year parTy LeT The good Times roll! Lawrence Michael Novak June 6 1507 Cenrre ST. "Some people say The EarTh looks blue from ouTer space, buT I Think iT looks jusT as happy as The resT of The pIaneTs." - LMN Thanx To Mom, Dad 84 Gordon for all your help and Thanx To my friends for always being There Hey Bob BresTs look ouT for Larry Lips, fn. KS Fundraising The senior class This year was very successful in fun- draising, The class of '87 sTarTed Their campaign early in The year To pay for a spec- Tacular prom, a memorable graduaTion, and a superb class gifl. The senior class of- ficers and The class advisor have made greaT ideas inTo fabulous projecTs. Even The dances were popular social evenTs This year. There was a back To school dance To begin The year followed by The incredi- bly successful Halloween dance. These Two dances began a new Trend aT New- Ton SouTh ThaT Thrived unTiI The end of The year. conTinued . . . Seniors T25 Moneg Students with exhousting Thursdoy schedules found solvotion in Wheeler Com- mons during J-blocks. Mi- chele Smith ond Liz Rosmdn orgonized pizzd ond boke soles to coter to stdrving stu- dents. Throughout the yeor the senior closs sold cups, keyrings, t-shirts, ond other Newton South memordbilid. This yeor wos o breok- through in fundroising be- couse the cldss never missed o chdnce to involve dll the students in their projects. M.S. Paul O'ConneIl April 30 257 Winchester St. Old white godts, Summer Nights dt Nicks GIGOSOTYS Pole 8a Boneys girl, Whot do you soy we dll get together Sdt night just like the good old doys? Mind if I drive?'?? Rightlll See you dround ond keep out of trouble. Ancmirlo Otero FGDIUOTV I IIA Hdrtmon Pd. Friendship is just d smoll word, it's the people who moke it big, Amy Jodi - BFF GM Ll? AG JG DP BM DM G-B SD LJ SZ JC - Never forget Mott - I would not leove you in times of trou- ble, we never could hove come this for - ILY PAPA MAMA PIPO MAMI VIC CIS I couldn't hove mode it wfout you Eva Pcppadopoulos November 48 24 Glenlond Rd. NO REORETS COYOTE, YOU JUST PICKED UP A HITCHEIQ, A PRISONEI? OF THE WHITE LINES ON THE FREE- WAY -JONI MITCHEL AND l?AVEN'S BATHE IN TPUDDY DEW SPEVVED FORTH FROM THE HILPLESS, HOPEFULL FEW - EBA 126 Seniors J l Morch 6 I-lertzelid, Isrdel si Amir Oren . Q I 1 X in x K? i W3 E .X sv pg , Q 2 I I. ,il -e av' ' 1 'I x . 7 A as I' , K 'VN Q.-.ff ,..+- , A 1 NS S- iggfiigp N. 1 fu ' " -L.L x,9m'k ,,., K ' , ' I 3, 1? 'TSS ' . ' 11, -R" T XS L L . ' E ' .X x "I hove endured d greot dedl of ridicule ili- out much moliceg ond hove received o g-cl dedl of kindness, not quite free from ridi le : Thonks to oll the teochers ond people hc helped, you mode my stdy on experienc 2 Swing low sweet chdriot, corry me I-IOIX Ccryn O'Toole April 5 TOO Wiswdll Rd John 2f27f811 I Luv U Alwoys Ceven if youiri' wdlk through gloss doorsj My 2nd home he Vochons, Thonks Love to Mom, Dod, PJ lbs dnd Spooky, LB Tl? ond everyone else I cn? mention Good luck to the closs of 875 'sis where it oll begins I Kil Joon Pork August 6 IO Koppius Pdth This hos been the worst of times this hos Id- the worst of times, The only good tholtl come from this hell is the few but good frid' hove mode l'd like to thdnk ABCDEFGIL IVINOPQRSTUVVVXYZ qtoke your pickjall ously I thdnk Mom 8m John 84 Mdry Vollell forever! -51. DM, GS, RJ, JN, RG, RL, JA, MC, RS David .qfi 7. la l Terry Park 43 ,- ' October 8 X ' H - Relax, Stay cool, Learn I 'MQ Q -ot, but don't worry ., ,,,' about ii. eigrgffz' A , . ' " 'N L I Q I 2-Q A if A T, kfitf if 7, , 3 u. x IFE? ' Alan S. Pemberton 51 Bourne St ,. 1 llyse Rochelle Platt May L1 81 Deborah Rd, 'Tese are the Best of Times! - Our Memories rhesterday will last a lifetimel GT wfCrackle, -f will always be so very special 2 me - BFF -23 1413. Summer - 7-31-811, Ty Aevrything Zia MS! GT wfCohensl Luv-ya Hat Nan A wa - Dad + Mom Thanks - ILY - Both! fleftj OY VAYl Fundraising! Just keep saving your're money fbelowj Rob Finkel laughs at absolutely nothing. at f---v t f 1 Q.- l l David Matthew Pearlstein February 12 131 Brandeis Rd, i'People living in competition, all l want is to have my peace of mind" - Boston - Good times wfgreat friends BM MG DF ES MS AG MM MA SM AL ZOTS SF - TM, ILY - MARCUS, IMY - SKO - LlZ, I Love you and IKIMHVVBTA - BFF - Tufts, Qing HAl-IAS, FLA 86-87, PC 57127 85 - Thanx Mark, Noah 81 Mom - l miss you, Dad Joshua Pemstein July 22 121 Homer St. "lfr1Ott'iiTtg is pressing, putter around at this or that" fortune cookie. Thanks to all my hip friends, Mom, Dad, Dave and Mari This exper- ience reminds me of what my great grand- mother told me when I was a young lad, fresh from the womb: "A bird in hand gathers no moss." Rebecca Polak January 20 17 Glazer Rd. MEMORIES, MOM, AARON, DAD 84 FAM - MAlMO.gClng1 SK RA JW JL RL ES RL DK - BA SUMMERS: DD NN SK NG KC TS DF DF - NS FRIENDS: SS FM JS 84 esp, KM - Thanx for being there , . . "Live every moment, Love every day Because before you know it your precious time slips away" Seniors 127 Liso D. Pollack November 2 7 Sevldnd Rd. I've been woiTin for This yedr for so lon 84 iTs Q Q findlly here Good luck To dll. Memories CTN, Friendlys. B-boil, concerTs Ivlork, you've mode me very hoppy There will dlwdys be o specidl pldce for U in my heorl, Thcinx, Mom. Dod 84 Jeff, for dll your supporT. ILY, oll. l'm on my woy. Andrew Reynolds Jdnudry 3 24 Dwhindo Rd. "ALL THINGS CONSIDERED INSANITY IS THE ONLY ALTERNATIVE" Thonks To dll my friends ond fdmily who helped me Through iT oll. New Yedr's eve wfRG, JW, Alvl. ESS, l'll never forgeT The good Times. BEF TIWOHKS OQOID To OII Elon Riesmon T32 Brondeis Rd. L vgi . 1 3 N 'I ' . .af L EJ - FE-'USi'!'fIL Q 9 ,.,--ev --:semi iv is , A- QQ 9p'r..r ' f -i ,, -rf'fHHe.: "' ff -:fs sv , -,f.f4 1x'.yx15N4 ft, . A H351 -'H-is 4 X 1 This yedr's senior cldss Trip wos To lvlonTredl, Cdnddo, lvloy 29-June T, 4987. The porTiciponTs sTdyed dT The HoTel le Sherbourg in down- Town MonTredl, locoTed nedr The meTro, shopping dreds, movies ond ThedTers. The Trip included d holf ddy sighTseeing Tour of lVlonTreol, d ddy excursion To The "Ld Ronde" omusemenT pork, ond 'Ile FseTin du Gouver- neur," d 'l7Th cenTury sTyle bongueT ond show. The sen- iors dlso vlsiTed o populdr T28 Seniors disco ond hod The opporTu- nlTy To explore vorious pdrTs of lVlonTreol, Cdnodcfs ldrg- esT ciTy. IVlonTredl is The sec- ond ldrgesT primdrily French- speoking ciTy in The world, ond rivdls ToronTo ds The principol indusTriol, findnciol, ond commerciol cenTer in The noTion. The Trip wds o fonTdsTic chonce for The groduoTing closs To spend Their findl high school ddys TogeTher in o fun, exclTing, ond fdsT-pdced ciTy. - by Amy Shocker. , - 15 .1 .ttf xl T' . , WU 'S . 2- .--8 - Ee' "' 'T' 1" Michael Rawdon Jonuory To 25 Annowdn Rd. THOUGHTS FOR THE EIGHTIES: l - WhdT con possibly go wrong? - Ffly-' Two I - I love iT when O DIGIT COFTTGS TOQQTIWEI - - We're sTronger wlTh you Thon wiThouTpii - As d Teom, We're unbeoTobIe I - Things con only geT beTTerll Rebecca Richardson-Mason April 6 32 Rockledge Rd. You're d child of The universe no less Thdllhe- Trees 8a sTors you hove o righT To be herein wheTher or noT iT is cleor To you, no doublm universe's unfolding os iT should. Williils shome, drudgery 81 broken dredms, l'Ts lo- beouTiful world. ILY lvl 81 B.T - SIS forevdi Peler Rosbeck lvlorch 15 7 WhiTe Pine Rd. EooTboll G-ood Experience 12 Hockey CWD.. 11, CopToin 12 Locrosse Q, 10, ll, T2 Ju member: "The only consTonT is chonge" is why we musf go on. Thonks friends ' good luck! , L. L believing EL enough to always dream Liz Rosman December 20 128 Dane Hill Rd. ,.nt this adventure to go on without an end. ,ve grown TM together AL 84 shared JA a ness GM 84 EZ - laughing GS, caring MS, ia. In your eyes DP, the light, the heat. ILY - 'vt Youth's like diamonds in the sun, and tnonds are forever Dawn Michelle Royster September 12 65 Deborah Rd. ' NK GOD IT'S OVER! GOOD LUCK BD, MT, DH. LS, BC! YTB! l L NY! BECK The Best rI1d on Earth! May all your fantasies come 'rl- BRAZIL 86 wanna rent Oriental babysit- J' Life Begins after Hs! eeorgie eww WHAM 1MHi Bro! Mom si Dad I Luv ui ui? the BEST! its . I mode iii Attab A. Salam June 30 3111 Hartman Rd. .'.le had DIOYITTOTSS, I IWOV9 IWCIO COFTTDOTT- jf ln my days of childhood, In my joyful ':'moIdays, - All, all are gone, the old famil- hces. The Old Familiar Faces CONGRATU- .LJ O Z CD CD CD 2. Q Q O U7 CD O -Us A 'O oo T' E. U7 3' Q O -Os -4 O C west of luck. ll gi F- ' .. 4 ggi-,:.' 'fp' 35,:g.:a'n Qtiffsi , -tiff? ' ---fu, f -.J '-5 " if,0 ' 1: 'cv M-i f fr if . 'Li 5, fy ,,' - 'rs A. 4, .. . .. ,tr 1 M k , , Q, M gb fl 'I ff igf .gn J Ji 4 - ,I 4 GL- ?,,!s,w' .x ' ' -S Ma, I-:SJ 1 ' K ', .F - ' J ,I "V q ' , 1-fi 57,5 75-7W1'f"" , . T , -L . F' ' 4 , 1 V . .J ,WU--' lt IW 'fi V p a F. I. I tif 111 gf 5" .34 , ,'f"1'. , I vy P459 , fi' Michael Rothenberg July 10 77 Wade St WRESTLING 10 11 12 BASEBALL 9 10 BW GABIII- ETE DAVIS RICH ALBEE JS RK AD AS RV GS MIN EB DC ETC DO NOT LET SCHOOL GET IN THE WAY OF YOUR EDUCATION AIN'T NO OTHER WAY! LIVE THE WAY YOU WANT TO NOT THE WAY YOU HAVE TO. THE NEWPY - WIEELE - GROUND - SOX - CHUCK - CHILL Lisa Rubin May 16 15 Sycamore Rd. Thanks Mom - I love you! Deb 81 Jen thanx for all the times you were there. KJ too! LC, RM, VN, TA, CM 81 DF - Thanx for . . . everything!! Chris, I LOVE YOU . , . thanks for always being there! You've only just begun to colour all my days - LIMAHL l made it! GOOD-BYE SOUTH! Erik Umberto Santucci October 17 15 Carlisle Pl, "ln the days of my youth I was told what It means to be a man" ETL 867 - Bon Jovi Mach - Bros MSU 81 JD JL DnRF BM DP MG Joe D "T" Dog - SKO MX Roses 81 Facci Good Times Bad Time ya know we had our share - BB - Best of luck to JN 84 the Girls - DnA Ma 84 Dad you're the best good luck Bert 81 Steve UY ffarleftj Senior life, sitting around re- laxing. fleftj No problem Cabovej Up, up and away Seniors 129 Time OuT A change occurs in a sen- ior's life once senior year rolls around, They all have a IoT more spare Time on Their hands. By The Time second Term ends, mosT seniors are finished wifh appIlcaTIons and The pressure is Taken off so They do noT need To work as hard. WiTh These burdens IifTed off Their packs, seniors have exTra Time To do any- 13z.'1 EW' :..lIB- e.n.,e:-,.. rc' , E, EAA H Af ...QI -Q ixsswd -iri A A peg Imam I- - I George S. Sapp Sepfemper lo 231i AImonT ST. Thing ThaT comes To mind. Seniors now are able To caTch up on IosT sleep, spend more Time socializing, parTying, or jusT plain old do- ing noThIng. If any under- classmen are wondering here are whaT some seniors do wiTh Their spare Time. QResponses conTinued on The following page.j . ,, 1 .. . 3 fbelow leffj Jackie Croopnick and Rona Hurst 'Iwe shop 'Til we drop." Cbelowj Melanie Armer "I drive back and forTh To Brigmon To see 'I my boyfriend." frfghfj Milana Mazurkevich "I IisTen To Bob Marley and wafch Tide com- f gl A 9. . mercials - 1 T i I sf-4 C-ood-By NS, had The pesT Time. Il, I2 Gr Capfaln of The chess Team. Thanks Mom- 8cDad for all The supporT and cars. GreaT week ends in The Buick AB Sexy ValenTines Day in The von, I will never forgeT IT, Good luck To SC, LB, Mike, CW, LC, SE, VG because I'm OuT. Rebecca A. Schaye April 11 Q3 Oxford Rd. DANCE - "All ThoT work, all ThaT gliTTer, all ThaT pain, all ThaT love 84 all ThaT jazz" - I LIT! PauIeTTe's, MPSQARI JEN8cDEB - friends you can never gef enough of ILY sum of Bo ISRAEL - S8aJ RAN QM, memories - AO, SM, JN, RM, RJ, HL, WK, NNC-, M, AIIison8cGary - ILYI MOM- BLDAD - This one's for you - I LOVE YOU! T30 Seniors v 0 0-ai 5 .-v :-K, F, Jennifer Savage May 27 AA Byfield Rd, IE FLIES MADE WITH THEIR MOUTHS THE SCITD THAT IS HEARD WHEN THEY FLY, THEN SINCII5, VERY LONG AND SUSTAINED THEY WIILD NEED A GREAT PAIR OF BELLOWS EOR LUNSNI ORDER TO DRIVE OUT SO GREAT ANISO- LONG A WIND, AND THEN THERE WOULDEA LONG SILENCE IN ORDER TO DRAW INTO TM! SELVES AN EQUAL VOLUME OF AIR. ' BYE SOUTH Marsy Schlesinger OcToper 22 32 Lakewood Rd. Life is like a grapefruif, IT's sorT of oranll yellow and dimpled on The ouTside, weTIl- sauidgy in The middle. IT's gof pifs inside! Oh, some people have half of one for pri' fasT, I Erich Schreiber August 49 5 Dwhinda Rd, in lies behind us and what iles before us rvsmall matters compared to what lies with- ,3 - Emerson slid Luck Class '87 But thanks especially to llrf my friends and family for making it worable ES 'CMDQ E Eric Schwartz February 20 I5 Gould Rd. ieth Macdougal Harvey Johnson camel s Gollum Studley Orlando Barnum Hath- :9 Faces of Eric A Toast to schizophrenia JF Kinglutely Gymnast Q, 10g Hedonis + 2 Remember the best revenge is living Take it as it comes specialize in having fun flojo Risin Lunai I care Gayle Ronna Seidman July 48 A5 McCarthy Rd. world full of copies - Its important 2 be Shelly, Sam, BoBeIg U Spaz's lLY! AH, ML, JL, - Knock em dead guys! - Thanx A it ALL! l'm +3 EC! S8lR - ILY, Seidy made it! Todd - my 'l8conly! I've what lifes about by loving U, through yrs. I DO! 2f2Qf841 i Sara Shapiro March 28 53 Marchall St. hare never ready for the next step in life. I Strephon Kaplan Williams :weve that every soul has lng to sing nlspirit's locked in every Y ,tl tiling for a wing - Steve Perry Kenneth Shitman August 'I2 290 Winchester St. lift look for answers, Just take your rt ices, Don't ask me Why," - BJ Without UQR, life would be a joke! To my senior ,uitiesz good luck+thanx for the GREAT i,TgS! To my junior buddies: you too! Hey Bob .fi Watch out for Ken Krotch! Mom, Da- 4 imeei I LOVE YOU! IOOA ALL x i. , A, -rc 1-r?:'Q 5" .ti J 4" L ,I it-xy 1-Vx "Y, q lx 'E ti his 4 g r x 1, nb Peter A. Schultz July 5 1206 Boylston St, AS LONG AS THERE ARE MEMORIES THERE WILL BE HOPE: BURKES GROUP COURT, COLIN, BEST FRIENDS THAT COULD BE MIKES HOUSE - TOGA, RONS ROOF, CENTER, THE ROCK MLIB, JUMP START BRM, brm. THE HOUSE, OUR HOUSE HOME! RAMBO - STAGE. BURKE, FRIENDS AL- WAYS! MOM, DAD, LISA - THANKS PEACE Michelle Scott November 3 53 McCarthy Rd, lt is only with the heart that one can see right- ly, what is essential is invisible to the eye, - The Little Prince JDH - ILY LEILA 84 GAYLIE - You Know wherever I am, l'Il come running to see you again. You've got a friend forever, Good luck THANKS Mom, G8cM, and Mr. Small Paolo Sepe November 20 65 Oak St, SoccerQ, '10, Capt ll, I2 lndr Tk Q-42 Otdr Tk Q Lax ll, 12 Perfection is the goal for which a champion strives Thanks to all my friends, good luck wherever life takes you lvlom+Dad I love you LS included Destiny is not a matter of chance, its a matter of choice Elizabeth Shields August I5 Q Beverly RCI. Just when l think l'm winning, when I've broken every door, the Ghosts of my life, blow wilder than before. David Sylvian Henrik lives, Laddie doesn't Amy Shocker February 7 24 Timson Path Words to memorize, words hypnotize, words make my mouth exercise - VF BAYGL - Friendships won need never die! NEFTY - My true friends, these I love instantly FRANCE - Partir C'est mourir un peu - Je vous aime! Bro - forever! IMY! lvly sp friends - no initials needed to say ILY! lvlD8rR - Luv U! Seniors 434 fbelowj Sue McKinney ana Alkislis Lappas "We bargain hunt." Russell S. Shu June 241 272 Wooac iff Ra "The inner self is one's true self: so in order to realize his true self, a martial artist lives without being dependent upon the opinion of others - Bruce Lee Thanks Mom, Dad, and Kirstin for all of your support I coulan't have done it without you. Luna I. Shyr August 5 65 Oakmont Rat angi, angi,+more angislll thank you mom, aaa, mc, aw, mr, eyal i love you - aspen '86 rain, the mountainflove, imagination and hu- mor- lovely tonal taxturesl moon blue-music stoneqsongj : black and white - 'erebies 432 Seniors fbelowj Rachel Thorburn "I frolic in the snow." Mark Shuchal September 28 225 Hartman Ra Goodbye to Starhaoker, FeinStein, Killy, Rh aon, ana the Drukmobile, Even though I Who" never caught on here, tell the M Dept to hire that brat Aaric and navel Daleks, the Cybermen and the Sontaransl- el the Cafe Remember me to Gallifl. South! Frank Sibley November 1 125 High St, HE vvHo KNOWS NOT, AND KNOWS NOT TI HE KNOWS NOT, is A FOOL, SHUN HIM HE vi KNOWS Not, AND KNOWS THAT HE KNCQ NOT, is A CHILD. TEACH Hirvi. HE WHO KNO AND KNOWS NOT THAT HE KNOWS, is ASL WAKE HIM. HE WHO KNOWS, AND KNC THAT HE KNOWS, is WISE: FOLLOW HIM. I Charles iz. siegai John Sirafos September 18 133 Warren St. Dignity To A Man ls Above All Things" forms the common mind Alexander Pope December 29 ,,,,, ,, 18 Cannon St. 'f ff Stephanie B. Simon January 5 1211 Neshobe Rd, Imagination is more important than knowl- , , ,, ! . ,Q N edge - Einstein The most wasted day is that in which we have THE IMAGE! rHANx TO FAMILY + s 'gk fi gs- nofogggrfffon Kg. - E Friends, Beav, dad, Ellie - ILY Thanks for ev- couLbN'r HAvE boNE it vvirriour your ff. I 521 T E A e'V""'I9' WM ' were Come O 'Ong WOT' 'LY u X' 5 Beston I ix N Q i A , ,. l I SHS- , :UN ivy . at Q ,- Yolanda Solana 'R H, X J lg 4 S ly S N I 'S-.S ex X , I Y I tv X NX . Ig Sheryl Speiser July 10 27 Hamlin Rd, :Ng is easy with our eyes closed but think , y . 5 that you miss' Thanx L1 everything Ellyn DB ners n Saturdays, CA? Definitely! LB Is he 5? Do I really talk 2 fast? Do I hv 2 get all N? Hey Jess where were you 2day? 2 all 1l"nds ILU mom n dad ur great! Jennifer Spinelli May 31 20 Mossfield Rd. Qilgle dream is more powerful than a thou- 'realities' Mark, I LOVE YOU more than ,s can say 1Of?f8rl Beck +Deb The Best is io Come. GL ILYI Randi "lTOK" 1113, GL IDALS RM RJ WK MP NNG AO Morn8c DAD tc for all your Love + Support Pete +Chris +L at 'W' ,Q I 1 1 X Michele A. Smith February O 290 Dorset Rd, To accomplish great things you must not only act, but also dream, not only plan, but also believe. To my special friends You leave be- hind the dreams youve made but memories always last. Gary - I will never forget. I Love You! Family - Thanks for your love 84 support Leigh Sorkin 19 Howe Rd Mark Spencer: September 12 55 Brookline St, Hey that would be out of sight dude. Working out at six, Do unto others before they do unto you. I live my life like ther's no tomorrow - VH. Let the good times roll - cars. Golf my way. Thanks to my friends M +D and the Z that nev- er dies - Biff Ain't no thing! Get it Right. Romani P. Sripada March 19 18 O'Rourke Path WHEN THE WORLD MAY BE UNKIND, I'LL BE THERE, TO TAKE YOU FAR FROM THIS PLACE- 8cTlMEi ANDREA, LIZ, TC, RIO, JAG, MEENA- SQSYREETAI THANX, GOOD LUCK8cMAY ALL YOUR DREAMS COME TRUE! THANX MOM- 8cDAD GERRY, YOU'RE JUST LIKE A DREAM TO ME THAT SOMEHOW CAME TRUE, I'Ll. ALWAYS LOVE YOU, FOREVER! Seniors 133 rbelowp This is The lasT Time you'll see us here qrighfj Please geT me out of here. -1 :ui iS , qfar righrj Everybody's doing his or her own -- . L- ... V in-cw 4 N 1 . 1.111 i S2 2222.4 , ::.: :sz-fr ll S lb 1 l l G 4 Q I .YQ sc F:-'L sur . . 1' i 'F V E-zz ' LT.: f ' ' Eg 11 l -5 cn - 2 . f ,g Ag ' Q M i 5 A A, 5' X :L T iss'- I' M . ' ., A K, t ',jr4Q,lL, xg 4: 14. fs, Q, f.,,,,g -if I gxsrhsii ,, .ai 'JL '93, 'gn fi I . ' , - ... AFT' 'f' f . Sara Stackhouse Nicholas Stamos Sepfember 29 May 22 68 ChesTer ST. 56 Paul ST. So before we end and Then begin, leT's drink a - LIFE IS A BEACH . N,! Toast To how iT's been A few more hours To be comoleTe, a few more nighTs on saTin sheefs, o few more Times ThaT I can say l've loved These days. -B. Joel M,D, D+D - ILY l'd raTher be a left handed flea - SEUH Pearl Stark December I2 I6 Rowena Rd. Drive safely. The revoluTion needs you, Gabrielle Lyn Stevens November 26 25 Woodcliff Rd. Be glad that you are free, There's many a man who's not, be glad for whaT you have and whaT you've goT, M8cP, JVV 81 JQ - I love you just The way you are Ros - sTay special. Lady K, Soicey, Berf 84 Friends - Thanks for The Times you've given me, The memories are all in my mind 4311 Seniors Md kv!- fix UN' ' I.. Y. THE PEAK OE MENTALITY IS THE NEGAVE JUDGEMENT THANKS MOM AND DAD, OWE YOU A LOTN3 l'M C-RATEEUL Marc Stern June 21 25 Myerson Ln. "Someday These childish dreams must e .2 become a man + grow up 2 dreams ag n' - B S. Fast Times at NSHS - 2CH YTFB!si SAB - SKo Drive All Nighf - Mayo, DF,G, Pearl, JL, AG, MX, DL, DH, RF, Hank's Ccio Rose MS Finish HS already! DN ASFSY -sd KTM Thanx Mom + Dad A All! ILY - Gd? Reggie Stewart August 31 128 TO ALL MY FRIENDS AT SOUTH I CONGRVU LATE YOU ON A FINE YEAR I'VE BEEN A PATG THE COMMUNITY EOR ONLY A SHORT TIMIUT YOU HAVE ACCEPTED ME AS ONE YOUR IW AND EOR THAT I THANK YOU KT KM LO TJ .I CJ NT MS CW VG NA CT GE C-S LF RC ANTXH THE MEMBERS OE THE CRU Y-' xlib- . Q , ,. Kimberly Slrange November Q 680 Boylsfon ST, Ceerleading Q, I0, II, 12 Good Times wfHK. A LB, BB, AH, TP + DK BFE WENDY, SARAH + K'3SIE. "GoT To find a way To make The good fi 5- lasT," NF Smerg, MDW - 85f86, C-cod- ewfHS, NBK - Minfly Poocs MaTeriaI + "D- U Thanx Mom + Dad ILY. Good Luck Sonya oi The Bunny. Cape Bound!! Daniel Szulkin D April I I 21 Nardone Rd. lg Q- xx I .ean a guy who would rip your hearT ouT fy, f' f I al eaf IT, iusT for pleasure! .- Walfer Gibson Melissa Tallen May 26 426 Selwyn Rd. -Iqe I really made if Yes buT noT wiThouT Iniids + family. Thanks DAWN A The basT few wiaks BECKY A all The Things u dragged ouT of TIBETH A all The fun + laTe conversafions, I o U MOM, DAD, JEN, ROB, S+B, Yes DEB I 'qembered U, keep Your chin up JEN + ROB V SB Thanks Nana + Papa W+T CounTdown . . . 40, Q, 8, 7 . . . The counT- down began long before This. From The very firsT day of school seniors have been holding Their breaTh, waiTing for The Two mosT imporTanT days of Their high school ca- reer, senior slump and The lasT day of school. FirsT comes The counTdown To senior slump, aT The end of second Term. The senior bul- leTin board keeps all in- formed as To exocTly how many days of TorTurous, high-pressure work is lefT for seniors. When a zero ap- pears on The senior board, we will all know ThaT The end of The Term has come, and ThaT senior slump has begun. conTinued . . . Cheryl Slrauss January IA 102 Nardell Rd. DegusT abus Non Dispufandun esT if you Think you can or if you Think you can'T you are absoluTeIy righT Mom, Dad, MS 84 STM. Thanks for all The love 84 supporT - CBS Lorna Talcoff March 28 23 Shumaker PaTh SomeTimes To Keep iT TogeTher weve goT To leave iT alone Jocelyn besT friends Thanx for always being There 84 The headaches coo coo Mrs Tara P IIf2Qf86 were invinsible 2 blocks Dave Neck farTs BB How bouT some- place differenT LS Nomore HR, Thanks Mom Dad MaT and Drew Ralph Tasgal I A, "" March 22 I8 Kodaya Rd, WENT TO ALL THE CLASSES PAID ATTENTION IN CLASS WENT TO SLEEP Seniors 435 Dorothea A. Theodore January 28 403 Roundwood Rd. "Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising everytime we fall," V-Soccer 40-42 intrack 9-42 Outtrack 44+42 Softball 9-42 capT Voy A Espana Mike don't worryl GdLK KT, ET, ST, Thanx LD, YP, GS MTC, Coach, JW, DS, KK, and Omol ILY M+D+Family. Ciao South' Sports Forever! DD Bill Trevens July 48 99 Brandeis Rd. I'And These children That you spit on, as They Try To change Their worlds, are immune To your consultations, Their quite aware of what Their going Through" BOWIE, BREAKFAST CLUB Sum- mer 86 - LFOREVER ENG - DH + N!! "This is The year I leave my mark" VISION QUEST I.D, TRACK Kris Tyler June 25 74 Hamlet ST. Well iT's Time for me To say Goodbye To NS so I would like To Thank my Mother and Father for all of Their support + Love. Special THANKS TO KM LG RS TJ JB JM GF LB RG DM MH AH CJ CT CW NA SA MS ES NT LR AP JB LC AB NR VG BaskeTBaII Q, 40, 44, 42 LOVE YOUR FRIENDS KRIS Theresa Upchurch 44 Ricker Ter. Lisa Valente June 49 20 Pettee ST, LI LONG YEARS, FINALLY OVER! THANX MSL. + DRB. ALL THE GOOD TIMES VVXTHE LUSHES! SY, DB, JJ, TD, EB, MM, AND MANY MORE! NEVER FORGET THE SUMMERS DOWN THE CAPE, KEEP ON PARTYINGI THANKS OT MOM + DAD EOR EVERYTHING, I LOVE YAS BOTH! 436 Seniors 1' ig, SL- '5 6 C Q 'QQJ ,S . lv'-5 sf X3 X xv .f r Q x 'fx-afifvw 'Tiff ' T if F. 'R writ r x, xx Rachel Karen Thorburn July A 48 Spaulding Ln, "Only mustard isn'T a bird," 'Alice remaiea - Lewis Carroll A liTTle nonsense novim Then is relished by The wisesT men. I - Willy Wonka Surrender To The impilel - Doc Collins I Charlene J. Tribbett November 40 497 Fairmount ST. We did it, iT's all over but I must say friers :- good Times is what l'll miss most. Thanx IT- Mom, Dad 84 NESS wfo u I wouldn'T B Wheillil Today. Special Thanx 2 Sean Luv U alvrys Thanx A being There: CynT CW qBazaarj NAB LC GF KT DM FT AH LB MH NT JB TJ BYE5 Ung Hung Luong SepTember 7 62 WoodchesTer Dr AFTER THREE YEARS AT SH I HAVE FOU VERY EDUCATIONAL FOR ME, I HAVE MANY NEW FRIENDS AND I ALSO FEEL T PART OF MY HOME. MY SPECIAL THANKS T ALEXANDER + MRS COWAN WHO HELPED AND COMEORTED ME AT TIMES I LY NEEDED THEM. I AM VERY ANXIOUS TO I DUATE. Ronald J. Vachon 72 Indiana Terr DOOLEY, WRESTLING 40 44 CAPT 42 BALL 9, 40, 42, Good Times wfRF, MR, M MX, DF, mugsy - Til DEATH BW - Tourn - Funnel, PG, Gabe - HOTTH NEVER Thanx A All The Help Mom + Dad, Good - Lts, J+C. Jenny I Love you, 2-7-86 ways be There when you need som Boys No Games Juliette Varga December 8 398 Woodward ST In The end l'Il know, BuT on The way I wo so on 84 on I gofThe 2nds Tick The Tim There's so much IefT To know 81 l'm on T I 5 5 . T December 4 I To find out . , .The ansr lies within - CST Animals ILU all A-ever. TP - I'lI never A-gill SW, Mom, Dad, Pete - Thanx 81 ILU. . ,Scvt rain . . , T I I Adam Vayle Morch 46 y A0 Westgote Rd. 7 hi her the style we demond of friendship Q , ft ISSS eOSy to estdblish if with flesh Gnd Ind. We wolk olone in the world. But o sub- Iqi hope does cheer ever the foithful heort, It elswhere, souls ore now dcting, ond dor- ' which con love us, ond which we con love Henry Wang July 44 450 Beocon St. TI ' THE rreutii ' .QDVE MONEY, PEOPLE Cos friendsp, ART, F .NK l t 2 1' 4.2 x A ' fl J' ,J li, ' ,l ' ' f ' Q .'7RTS, succEss, Exciremsrvt, sixiovv ff- IKES, AND MUSIC. BUT I HATE PEAS, COLD AATHER, STRESS, BEING SICK, TEXT BOOKS 'O THE METS. JUST REMEMBER THE WAY I WAS . . . -T 1 4-.u , ,, ...V N ,N i, any mp, , " 'A' -' -,-.K .5 an-gqv.. Y ,..,,,,, F 'Y 1 S.. . I , ' X t . Brad Walk August 7 410 Olde Field Rd Wrestling Q, 40, 44, Copt, 42, Wiffle Boll 40, Chdmp 44, 42. MR, RU, Mugsy, Gobe. JS, PC, JL, DP, RF 84 MAX - Bewore Schysters. Killy vvf I-IS. "Fun is the pivotol point of our existence " Hostess Run, Buds in the Lot, Chi-Chi's, POWER- LIFTING, Molden, Funnel, And our quest for ex- citement sholl continue. Jeff Wciichmdker April 30 409 Lee St, SKI TEAM 'IOTI-I, 'I4TH, I G-UT NO TIME, FOR NO lD'S, 5130 AM TO LIFT, AR, HORRIS AEVER, '86 LOAF, SMOKEY AND THE BANDIT, STEVE, NAN- CY, CARY, ALAN, LIZZY, ALEX Q' -f I i I' ii 1 l l i ll' ffor obovej Togetherness KGDOVGQ Just hong'n oround ,OX A .MCI-w t The Countdown Continues fd-cg .-:lhxfvfi ,fikxc 71' yr, . , I, AV. , ,A 1 ,P R-,J 5171 " ' R " .N Seniors no longer hdve to worry dbout their rdnk in closs, chonging or keeping their A record, or college opplicdtions. Seniors feel like o greot burden hos been lift- ed from their shoulders, Now, during this restful pe- riod, the excitement seniors feel grows os the end drdws neor. The prom, grodudtlon, ond findlly the senior trip dll hdve their pldces in the finol doys of the countdown. The dctudl bulletin bodrd is just o reminder of the upcoming events. - by Dohlio Bolsom Seniors 437 LCGIOHI Theres nothing better to de with my spare time irighti Just strolling along, Sey- .had Robert J. Weiner March 26 56 Marcellus Dr. X-Country 40-42 Indoor Track 40-42 Outdoor Track Q-42 Denebola 40, 44, 42, - News Edi- tor Current Events Club 42 - Founder + Pres. 'IReach out and touch someone's hand make this world a better place if you can." Thanks to my wonderful family, friends, teachers and coaches. Cheryl Williams March 44 375 Columbus Ave. Good friends are 2 fine I am Glad I found Mine! Good Times GF CREW RM RJ JN HL SW SHEILAE Raise Hell RUN - DMC BATHROOM CREW KM SE NP HOOP 9-42 Luvu CHA AB PRINCE RUDE Girl CYNT I LUVU J. NEVILLE THANX Luv U Always BILLY STAY SWEET RANDII THANX MOM + DAD + DESSY NS CANU WO-WO-WO! Stuart Winer January Q Q Newbrook Circle THIS IS A COLD AND DEPRESSING PLACE, BUT I'IVI GLAD I WAS HERE TO ALL THE PEOPLE I KNOW, AND ALL THE PEOPLE I WOULD HAVE LIKED TO HAVE KNOWN, THANKS FOI? A NICE FEW YEARS ESPECIALLY I-IW, LW, RM, LP, RT, AA, JA, 81 JV 438 Seniors N. was X - .Qs " 4, V dis 1 II 3 2-.X v X'-nu' g I" 22 alkyl L aft -av' W Sheila E. Wilcox June 5 A48 Woodward St, You cant just wish + hope that some ng come true, you have to make it lpps Spaz, CW Donna, DH, lzad - D, JV, li CHUB BYKINS, GL Danger, GF Crew -OJ Deb, Nels, Bub, Jen, All the way 2 -avi Special thanks to M+D Ker, Di, Luc, Im: Shaggy - ILY. BJ. I wish you were heriooi Sharon Winer January Q Q Newbrook Circle Any piece of knowledge I acquire tcJyl a value exactly proportional to my Hilti deal with it. Tomorrow, when I knovmr will recall that piece of knowledge alus better, Mark Van Doren Mark Wittenberg April 2 4116 Allerton Rd, Soccer Q, 40, 44, 42 Q73 A wise man oncei0. "He who pay S5 to go to sleep will socbe broke." When you say it's ganna hater now, well what exactly do you meat R, Steph, Lawrence, Ben, Shit, K, Co Rob, Sh Hi Erbs, MR 8a The boys. EM We're going bbt:Il- wards , , , fleffj JusT The guys fbelowj We iusT fdke doing our homework. x June Wong ' MOV 27 Q 420 Oxford Rd, f' U' TI NKS TO MY FAMILY, TEACHERS, AND ESPE- ' CLLY MY FRIENDS FOR A MEMORABLE LI YRS, HGOOD LUCK CLASS OF "87" 1' . Carter Wright Mdv T7 , mg- 5 56 Bowdoin ST, 'A IT wise To geT knowledge ond Iedrning from j eiry source - from d soT, d PoT, o fool, d wler rniTTen, or on old slipper - Rdloeldis x I s Phonechanh Xayxanavelhy Mdroh 6 42 Frdnces ST, "have Tomorrow Till Tomorrow" Leove ond eiay Toddy - The posT is pdsT ond over wiTh, 5021 iT slip OWGVI And who knows whoi Toddy mf hold. WhdT Dredrn iT rndy pring True! Ldx 973, I1 lnT'l Club 9, 10, ii, I2 SS, LT, "86" AB, YIWC, SW, Thdnx L1 Every Thing Ddd, Mom, Sf F bros' Live 41Ever. Uuirageousl l x -ir Melissa Worobel June I6 86 High ST, ITS BEEN REAL, AM -l- PC SAGA CONT SM SS NH SS GU TB MB JB BG LG BEST OF LUCK. THANX MOM, DAD, MIKE I LUV U MICKY THANX SIS RICH ILL LUV U TILL THE END UR SPECIAL REM HOT BATHS, FISHIES, SHH, BECAUSE BLUES MY FAV COLOR. SLICK I GIV U MY WORLD, MY LIFE, MY HEART + SOUL '? MY LOVE HEVA ' . . Melinda Wu A ISO Bedoon ST, Phonethip L. Xdyxcnaveihy April 15 T2 ETODCGS ST GOOD BYE SOUTH! AND GOOD LUCK TO THE CLASS OF "88" THANX TO MRS RATNER FOR YOUR HELP! AND MOM + DAD! Seniors T39 Myron Ximines Jonuory 1 Q High ST. ITS been such o long Time I Think I should be going Time doesn'T woif A me iT Keeps on go- ing GT - J, PG. AR, IvIS, IZOD-D, G, DL. Dlvl. BM, DE, RV, ES, IVIM, AG, ond Boys. Hien The feeling I geT when close 2 U Tells my heorT This love is True Hug-n-kisses 10-31-85 GL STeve IvIom+Dod ILU Stephen Yerordi OcTober 29 31 Arlo Rd. Foofboll 10, 11, 12 Never forgef The good Times Don, P. Joy, J Eric, B Greg, P Ted. D Lu- Ther, L ond Herb. CCT DAN Remember The zone VT, NH, Joy The HYDE BOYS, lvlonTy, good luck, Shonnon never forgeT The good Times of17fB6 Thonk Mom Dod ond grom God Bless Zoe Noyes Ivlorch 2 153 Clork ST. RP SS BC AB MIVI DB LBBLDR Thonx for The good Times remember BC BU Sc Brondeis porTies my fomily Thonks I love u lvlondo Toke core iTs Times for o chonge . , . Ive goT To move on , . . , . . , , . Theres goT To be more Thon This The feeling is sTrong . . . I fobove rIghT9 Welcome To my home qrighfy VVe'll sTick TogeTher, robove Ieffj Toke o picTure of me 1410 Seniors FN Ariel Yellin AugusT 1 34 Nobsiof Rd. "Hoppiness is Three friends in o sondbox.. WiTh no fighTing" I hope I will olwoys h'e friends like The ones I hove here. A hug is wth o million words. Opposife Twins forever near could hove mode iT wiTh ouT you - AB, EA, A.D.R., OX - I Love you. . ,Roin clown on a. Suson Yerordi OcTober 29 31 Arlo Rd, Bod Girls Fri. niTes wfLR KC KL CM AR Coped- 86 Crusin' The RGCK - The CHASE - Por 'n - THE BIG CHILL! Tiff? OR LAURA? Quilfo A BTchn'. 11f1f86 AAI IBABI Boing Boing! Vre s +1 128 - LATER - John Thonx - Luv yo9L To SC LV DD Thonx Mom Dod Eron 84 Fcily Hey - Goodbye doesnf meon A Evo Eric Mark Zimelmon December 27 33 Forino Rd. Self respecf is The key To success. To olhy friends for being There, GIVI, TM, K, CO, J S, JA, IVIVV, MS. AO, IVIH, LR 84 The dongos, Mn. Dod, Sfeve, Ilono, ond Dodo weve hcIT rough, buf if onyone con pull Through iT'e con KoroTe 841, 86, B7 . , , Ahoro el chicoe hoce un hombre, Adios 4.32 ...xx I .1 4 Faces to remember Josh Bartley November 43 841 Roundwood Rd, - PEZ - DEL - HEY WHAT CAN I DO? " . .. YATS TNSAELP A NEEB STI DEGILBA HCUM M'l Michael Delacy February 5 228 Lincoln St. "ONCE IN A WHILE YOU CAN GET SHOWN THE I UOY OT SKNAHT, YAW YM STHGIL NOOM NMU- UG T ,N T ' TUA EHT PG OT EM RPT EMTT ST' WON TUB" LOOK AT itHr55iTIF.TTgCcSiTPgTrvTTSJERSPEASQE I UOY ETALUDARGNOC I TOU SIHT ERUGIF REVE 5 FINGER AT ME. C,Y. LOST IT SARATOGA 85 FOR UOY Fl - IHO TIHS EREHT I OG NIAGA l YAS OT ED WADDAYDU WADDDAYOU WADDAY OU TSUY OT YAS SDROW SDRAWKCAB - WADDAYON FROM THOSE OF US. Kevin Doherty Sharona Eliahou Judy Green March 241 November 30 September 46 827 Boylston St. L12 McCarthy Rd. 4367 Walnut St. I was finally parolled on good behavior AFTER three years at the Newton South correctional Institute Good times, BAD Times Weve All had our share - ZEP AND Thanx folksebros AC JC TSB NG JC KC gs everyone ROCKEROLLII life at Papa Guidos BUD I'M FREEEEEIII Matthew Heins May 6 32 Knowles St. "To live outside the law you must be honest," L - B. Dylan "'Cynic, n. A blackguard whose faulty vision fsees things as they are, not as they ought to OG." ' - A. Bierce Edgar Eduardo Perret LIFE IS A CAMERA, SMILE PLEASE! Patrick Luce September 48 1158 Woodward St. ITS MY LIFE, AND IM GOING TO LIVE IT UP! THE 5 YEAR PLANS FINALLY FINISHED, YES!! THANKS TO ALL MY FRIENDS HERE AND GONE. MB, BB. .EW,CI DIDNT FORGETQ OW QNEWOJ TBQI WANT YOUR CARD ADCAADD BKMJMCMISSYAQ ccqMre FOOTBALLD Mw + SBQTEAM SUPREMEQ REMEM- BER. BOSKON SUMMER 851 ALL eaap TIMES, GOODAY Zach Smith It's all up to you - You are completely responsible for your life You are the creator. It's an awesome burden and a great freedom. - DE Michelle Mikelson March 2 417 Bound Brook Rd. Thanx for the best times of my life - KH TH ZN RP MJ DC. The 3MS 41-Eva. PR -Luv Lia always. Memories - G-Towne Parties rule! "The wall" Wal aston Beach "Silver Bullet" E Block - B Bound! Luv ya Ma, Dad 84 Family Dont blame it on me, blame it on my wild heart - Stevie Nicks. Craig Ritchie October 43 December 27 October 45 38 Winchester Plaza Xdios 2 South 81 all my amigos 2 My Hungen kbois Diu Nei 81 2 my Metco friends. 'l'll check u Jutlater8c be chill." BE, HM, NP, KY, AS, VG, SR, lac, KC, SE, TC, PO, DP, LC, CJ, CT, MX, GS. QAAMA Y PAPA GRACIAS POR TODO JANET 81 ZHRIS CUIDENSE. - VENEZUELA I MISS U - tEMPRE UN LATINO. Debra Bosselman 45B Eliot St. Andrew Brasco 27 Hamlet St. Thomas Bryant 22 Elmore St. . Todd Christy I ii stony Bree Rd. Brian Eng 7 Winchester Plaza I 4455 Boylston St. No One is more dangerously insane than he who is sane all the time: He is like a steel bridge without flexibility, and the order of his life is rigid and brittle. Math Depti lf G was 9, I don't mind. YYZ Life is good, is it not? So I don't care. Love to GENUINE Peoples. Peter Faughnan 409 Glen Ave Adam Fineberg 27 Tudor Rd. Ammon Fisher 42 Dickerman Rd Jonathan Gleason 29 Harrison St. Edward Grossman AA Stony Brae Rd, 404 Harwich Rd. Thanks to Ma, Dad, Ron, Number 4 for takeoff Russ, break my hand Pete, its gonna be cold outside! MM, LC, SS, TP, NS Audra Manzelli Q60 Chestnut St, Edward McMullin 206 Elliot St. Frederick Tillery AA John Elliot Sa, Kristann Wilmore 5 Forest St. Nikolay weirf los Lake Ave. Susan Wong 720 Boylston si Seniors 4414 ? rbelorw Deor Jeff, I'm sitting here in srudy holl reolly bored krrgnw Excuse me young lady, ore you using Iibrory supplies? LI in ??' l. fa ,K 'I 'Off I r 7,5 5? -Q 'JI I 1 . A 1.7 4 A ff? is ll: -di .og """'. 5 I"- i fcrbovej A birds eye view of oil The bookworms fnghrj De De HilI's got feer of cloy '1412 ACOGGVTNCS . e 'W' Xu lr f , ,, Nm hile eoch student is in- volved in his or her own extro-curriculor ""l:ctivities. we ore dll members of l we N.S.A.C., otherwise known zls the Newton South Acddem- zs Club. Although this club is o Bl10ndGTOry, ond often not very tfelcome, port of our doy, we f are very fortunote to hove such . progrdm. The students ot South will be the first to you thot homework just 't be ovoided, so while no- enjoys sloving over the ? Il the Work books ot two in the morning, some students elect to do so. Although Newton South does hove requirements for grodu- otion, these requirements still ol- low eoch student to devise o schedule contoining closses of bersonol interest. Different cur- riculum levels ollow students to feel confident in their closses rother thdn self-conscious in o closs with usmorter" students. Perhobs we ore oll rushing to grow up, leove home ond go to college, but in the end we will dll reolize ond obbreciote Newton South's superior occidemics. There ore mony odvontoges for South students os they jour- ney through their four yeors here. With the yeor divided into four terms, we con successfully bull our grodes: or sometimes we moy slock off ond lose o grode. lt is up to the students to decide how they would like to contribute to, ond goin from, the brogrom. By Jennifer Schwortz 0' fugi- Q si' K as my Sb, Sbmj Acodemics 4113 Acodemics rrighfp Where is Thdf ddrn cenfer- fold? Cfar righfj A olrdseye view of dll The IiTTle book worms. Cbelowj "Look Mom - no covifies - The TridenT worked!" ess . . if sk--x s -f-. 8 ' . t! fn if f ff I ' c- 1. "fs ' ,.. .' : any .P-.5 . im ' 1' , A f ,.... L 7 ...Q .1 ,. fa: . Ji me."-' f'Qfv 'aff' 'D i zsx K X 1 li Places To STudg l-love you ever found your- self wdndering dround school, sedrching for d quieT pldce To sTudy during The GGY? lf iT's jusf To do d liTTle cdTch-up work or To sTudy for d smoll quiz, Wheeler dnd Goodwin Commons dre sdT- isfdcTory. AlThough The noise level is bedrdble, iT is cerToin- ly noT conducive To reseorch or inTense sTudy, however. lvlosf freshmen do Their sTudying ln Cufler Commons. Every sTudenT of Soufh hos experienced d sTudy hdll ond The excellenT sTudyinQ dfmosphere of CuTIer Com- mons. The more dggressive sTu- denT will go To elTher The 44141 ACOCTGVTWTCS mdTh or ldnguoge lob To sfudy. Bofh Idbs offer Teoch- er old in Their respecfive oreds. STudenTs con even be found sTudylng in hdll- wdys ThroughouT The school. ln nice weoTher sTudenTs cdn be spoTTed sfudying ouTside in The nooks dnd crdnnles of SouTh's cdmpus. Populdr dreds ore The courT- ydrd, The breezewoy ond The fldg pole df Goodwin. Whefher iT is indoors or oufside, in The librdry or in The cdfeferid, NewTon SouTh sTudenTs con offen be found sfudying in order To receive The besT educofion possible. By Glen lvlechdber 1 .x .,,. 1 if .- ' 5 mir' IGDOVG leffj This spdnish is jusT so ridiculous. Cdbove righfj l knew l'd find iT somewhere. rngnrp Roses con be yellow, Ddisies ore whiTe, Freshmon sTudy in Cufler grdffifi oh so brighf. --li- 4 I 'V a I. I F , K b ,F-, , 'V 8 -if .mdk- i ,, " 40' 191 -v-'lf' f il . M.-annul YB... 5,2 li if R2 '7"f "S - , . , , Q, ,.,,.,. 1 gy ,Q A P' "" MW? 1,-Fvfffp' f ,L YU N " I Ii, 'ffm ,fi 4, ,f if ei fa? , ibm ' I 'vi 99: .WH 'swyfq , M il '79, A " ,113 i i i Www, ,auf M4 495, WV ,Q f-if Uopj Hey dude . . . They coll This poetry! ffor czbovej Whos copying whose homework? Cobovej "I've got Physics simplex iO!" Accldemics 1415 Whai does AP really sTand for? Advanced Pain, Ad- vanced Pressure, Advanced PunishmenT, and Awful Prob- lems are jusT some of The nicknames for Those famous Advanced PlacemenT classes Taken by many sTu- denTs. lvlosTly seniors Take AP classes in various subjecTs such as, English, Calculus, Bi- ology, ChemisTry, Spanish, French, Physics, and l-lisTory. The AP exam is given in lvlay. Each exam lasTs Three hours and is scored on a scale of one To five wiTh one being poor and five being superior. MosT colleges will give crediT To a score of a 1 4 a. u four or a five. IT is noT only for The college crediT ThaT sTudenTs Take AP classes, mosT sTudenTs enjoy The challenge of The de- manding course loads. En- rollmenT in These classes is small, and many sTudenTs Take Two and even Three AP classes. STudenTs who are asked how They can man- age Three AP classes will probably say ThaT They are crazy. The obvious sign of an AP sTudenT is ThaT during senior slump he or she will sTill be do- ing homework. P.D. ..,--f'-- .- ' V Q b , 'WW -.- ,,,s A XX! ,. x fabove fighfj "lvlrs. Gonson may I please have an exTension?" Cabovej How many chapTers behind are you? l ffigmi was up all riigm wining This paper, 4116 ACClCiel'TllCS no--,,,ii. ,JS ,I X, F R 3 -i A , Uefrj Mark! l-le's golla buy This Dr. Golllieo Put The shovel away Mark. Jackie. Give ii up Mark! fbelowj The Greal Willie Stark just aoes hor STWTWUIOTG us, fbelow leffj Any more auesliohs Rhonda? , :if "5Pr"'- " Q Q .. . s..,, -'UQ 'I " 'J' Q 1 lfzgfh Wu, ,,,,,. K L 2 HQ" ., ffm ' . 515 -iz if -..gunsh- l l j l . ,P l ,Mi -T342-3"'1 Cabovej l-low ao you work This Thing? fleffj Look! Ahoiher bagel! ffar leffj Pass up your homework aha clear your desks. ACC1Ci9lTliCS 4-417 koefow J Ih gym, hockey is hoh-coh- i wvwwf M-TQXYI' TV? Q93 9' ASB... foci sport so we weor gogles. 'P Swv' U1ghrWThey oll hove clubs, iT's o flush, M w sr , A x 3 LJ J J ' ' INTRY . f - 235 1 E .1-N 1-Y . N B 4 A 5,6 4 I W 4 14 ?- , gg? 'N. ,o , If ' 5 ..xx 1 I g f'7:f??f3z ,.,..v V I Kg x h-.,.,, ' 305' 1 L. an if Z 1 . 1 fobovej WoiT you meoh fhof wosh'T The right goal? Ufghfj You Torzoh, me Johe 4118 Acoclerhics J. Ueffj Pleose CTOTTT Try This of home Cbelowj This is o good ploce for o sTick up fbelow leffj Dominic findlly scores! 7 In sixih grade gou loved IT Bob Chrusz hedded The oThleTic depdrfmenl' This yedr. He come in wiTh on en- Thusiosfic dpprodch To Tedching gym. Along wiTh lvlr. Chrusz were some new rules dbouT lndependenf STudy To prevenT The ex- Trciordinory dmounf of forg- ing in The sysTems. STudenTs ofTen comploin ThdT gym is d wdsTe of Time. The focT is, The Sylldbus requires ThdT ev- ery sTudenT receive seven crediTs of gym in order To grodudTe. For some sTu- denfs The fdilure To dcquire These crediTs hos coused Their deloyed grodudTion. NinTh grdde cldsses ex- perimenf wiTh free folls ond rock climbing. Uppercldss- men con elecT mdny differ- enT courses rdnging from floor hockey To fencing. All sTudenTs ore cerTified in CPR during The wlnTer monfhs, Through The yedrs gym Teochers hdve been fdirly poTienT wiTh sTudenTs ond Tried To mdke Their cldsses enTerTdining ds well ds edu- cdTiondl, The cldsses fo- cused on Teoching bosic skills of vdried sporTs ThcrT could be used oufside The gym cldsses. There ore mdny people who do enjoy gym closs. IT is o good Time To re- lox ond Tdke ouT Their dgres- sions, while ledrning some- Thing ond receiving school credif, Acodemics TAO Russian: a growing inTQrQsT Russian noT Typically sTud- ied oy U.S. high school sTu- denTs, is a successful, rapid- ly-growing course aT New- Ton SouTh. This is largely due To The TalenT and enThusiasm of SouTh's single Russian lan- guagefcuhure Teacher, Elaine Eisenhauer. When she Took over The program in 4973, There were only eighT sTudenTs involved. ln 4986, The freshman enrollmenT alone was apouT fifTy peo- ple. There is an acTive Russian club aT SouTh which aTTend- ed The Russian musical "Peace Child" This year, as well as The movie "Gorky Park." The club Took an ex- ciTing Trip To The SovieT Union in April. "I like lvls. Eisenhauer's Teaching sTyle," says fourTh year sTudenT Kara McDer- moTT. "She keeps you moTi- vaTed, wiTh discussions on currenT evenTs and culTure. She gives sTudenTs individual aTTenTion when They need IT." 'lThe word is ouT among sTudenTs ThaT This is an inTer- esTing course," says junior Josh Krasnow. "ThaT's why The Russian course is ex- panding." By Becky Jones 'L Q Cabovej relaxing, inspiring, imaginaTive . . . ART fabove righTj Today we're offering homework coupons frfghfj ArT lighTs up my life! T50 Academics QN- r , 4 1- .or X65 : ff!!! Q., I 4-4 'gg 5411 s. 0 ' - fi ' arnwa ,""' K.,,,.l il 56 hiv ale NEITPUHHUII EDMBE ,Q-mf-I Cleffj In Russia, They shore everything Cbelowj Creofive minds O1 work ffar Defowj Rczppin' in Russian U Jia? X II"kEi,.,.x 1 - , F7 A' fella l,dg,lilq mga Yau B Academics 154 irlghrl "Gimme a C, a bouncy Cf ibefowl "l can barely reaa The wril ing an this desk." Q fabovej 'iI'm wearing my Duck l-Iunllng shlrl, my cubs hal ana my suspenaers upslae aown. l'm reaay Ta roll." frrghrj Ellen playing with whips ana Chains ffar righfj "Lei me inl'f "Na, lei me OuT"' 452 Academics .0 'R 'A .- -wngn.. , ., f 'xi-04.1 .. I 9- f X1 fbelowj i'Yes Miss PresidenT, No Miss PresidenT, Yes Miss PresidenT." -QQ'-:V-b 'Q ,ff . W 1 hm v 7 api if , hs. ...J sf! , 2. ' A if J Blocks lT's 2:35, ond I hove vorious opTions. I could: CID sTdy de- TenTion for skipping moTh losT week, by go for exTro help in Sponish so I don'T flunk To- morrow's quiz, cy check ouT Wheeler Commons To see if There is o bdke sole, or dy coll my mom ond osk her To pick me up. This is whdT goes Through o Typicol undercldssmdn's mind on Mondoy, Wednes- doys, ond Thursdoys oT The conclusion of his or her F or G block closs, direcTIy before J block. From 2:35 To 3:30 on Mondoys, Wednesdoys, ond Thursdoys is Time ThoT mdy be spenT beneficiolly or os d compIeTe wosTe of Time. it The decision is Theirs. For o senior This Time mdy be spenT going over college essoys wiTh on English Tedch- er, begging for ThoT one poinT odded To The overoge from one's I-IisTory Teocher, or simply going for exTro help, wheTher iT be for The nexT exom or To colIecT d few brownie poinTs. The opTion is Their To use or obuse. BUT remember, J block is designed To help The sTudenT where he or she sees iT necessory, so don'T inTer- fere wiTh Those people who ore ocTuolIy using Their .I blocks consTrucTively. By STocy Millender 525 ' I Cobove leffj "Oooo soy con you see I , . " defTj A hoT ond hedvy I-Iorlequinl CGDOVGQ "Deor Mom, pleose send more Downy." Acddemics T53 -pf as frighfj 4 dog, 2 dog, red dog, blue dog, This Dr. Suess philosophy jusi blows my mind, ffof ffghfj This AP. lego building jusl doesn'T click. Cbelowj . , . zzzzzzzzzzzz 'nn 52.3 I fobovej According io The gene pool, The second generoiion of Cob- boge Poich will hove blue eyes, Ulghfj Uighfj GI. Joe . A . o reol Americon hero. I knew ii wosn'l fiction. 4511 Acodemics The LasT Two Weeks of The Term The lasT Two weeks of a Term are The cause of much anxieTy To The NewTon SouTh sTudenT. IT is The Time To puT The social hours aside and dedicaTe The Time To some IasT minuTe l'grade-boosT- ing." ComplainTs can be heard everywhere abouT The many TesTs and papers due and The facT ThaT every Teacher acTs as if you have only his or her class To worry abouT. Special rules are reserved for These exciTing Two weeks. Each subjecT is given a TesTing day so ThaT a sTu- denT is noT required To Take more Than Two major TesTs on any given day. However, some Teachers make ex- cepTions and preTend To be unaware of This rule, Thus al- lowing a sTudenT To have up To four or five TesTs on The same day. This is The Time of The year when sTudenTs gaTher in Their classrooms during J block, Trying To geT help on Topics ThaT They had noT previously undersTood. This Time may also cause some alarm when we discover ThaT we have assignmenTs and TesTs miss- ing. There is always much re- lief when This Tense period is over. By Talia Hochman 4 'YWYIQ' ,M will .FWH- M ? 'ra lk ., ' ,, Ti if 'mn- Cfar righfj I knew I should have prac- Ticed coloring inside The lines before The lasT 2 weeks. Cabovej I jusT can'T undersTand why Those weebles wobble, buT don'T fall down. Ueffj This TexT book on LifesTyles of The Famous French Shoelace Mak- ers is greaT! Academics 455 frighrj You got To be 'Ellenl' qbelowj Lucy's having a bail , . ,- Q. Cabovej Are we ready, girls? Ufghrj This is mai Time To Tap Dance 456 Sporis Q' - -..-.,-o-- qqvv-H .,..ou-1 -' X' Q K I' -,gf-Q1 .-...1'f1"v ' .pa P ....-4111-4" wa N Q N M ,, ii is :Nqr 'F aim 3.2 fpuif- Wing' , f guts 'S K v 'K x. 5 'I ' ,Nt-w,,i 16,594-We ' , H-- 'Q' " ".e- s " .... X y O Nr' I-- " ,xi ' ' .Jn """4 .-1' -sn, if IQ-asa . 4 vnu. , . "',.,,'f'5'5,-ofa' ,buts ' ' 'l "' - 'Wfb' fur' ,- . . 1, , avg- -fi f. . -4 U 4'0- . . , 4' is fi.: 1. -. .a n i A ,g ,-.Af ,Ragga n,N..':n:K . . , . Q h .. . jg! .1 X , ri. v,, -:ess FF, . .i . me .b 1. mix, X sv, - iv Y 51' , 0 ,.- V '- V. , A' 3 A .FQ Vgfflql A outh is rich with sports, with d gredt vdriety of offerings thot so rndny schools do ot hdve. Golf, girls locrosse, and swimming ore just d few ex- rnples. Although Newton South not d power, no tedm rnern- ier would deny thot being on d redlly is worth dll the hdrd ond swedt. The beginning of edch sports brings its shore of enthu- 'KI ox.. Jw? wwf. sau4'f'fnew4"N iq, II the Sweat sidsm ond expectdtions for o greot sedson. Sports ore very time-consuming, with most tedrns prdcticing six ddys o week including gdmes. Everyone loves to win, ond ol- though not dll tedrns hove suc- cessful seosons, everyone dgrees thot the physicol dctivity rndkes one feel good. With such d wide vdriety of students on d sports tedrn, friendships develop thot lost frorn sedson to sedson, yedr to yedr. At the end of the sedson, counting your tedm's wins ond receiving your letter dt Aword's Night redlly does prove thot be- ing on d teorn is worth dll the swedt. By Jill Bourneister ! by '9 V? M7 if t I .rtl i Ay i-E Sports 55 Y W' .- Y -Q, 1' id 'Zim Q' y JL NPN X - Q"gx,i?'g??e?,'g5 e , - P: - .as A -, A s -f ' 'rf'-'-.U 2' Q - - Q - Q 457 Spons Eorromrow M Crosby, J. Jacobs, J. Lowensrein, B. Friedman, B. Hurwirz, F, Menis, T. Nguyen, J kay Back row. L. Mueller, G, Drier, G. Smith, M Marks. J. Krasnow, S. Shrtman, J. Chapman. J, London, S. Kugel, P, Sepe, D. Cohen, M. Angelrnan. Coach Lopes , f 2f'7'Nl1Q+J' If ff q gf, E' 'Tee , -fa is 'PX' XE' Bofrom row S. Fensfernacher, K, McBriae, D. Theodore, J. Kerrerer, E. Shields. Mraale row S. Chaffrn, A. Monahan, M. Raider, C. Dockser, N, Arrnian, J. Golden! oerg Back row Coach HurwiTz, J. Neville, L. Kerrerer, S. Albeck, P, McBride. SJ Q, 'f t C 'iJ""m1fsfv. . V . yr. 458 Sporrs c 3 v 'F 'b -4,1 . A .R ufgf - xg. 5 if A - xx- Cbelowj "I ThoughT iT wds over There!" Cleffj "Oops! l missed The boil!" Cbelow leffj IT's rninel . 5 - ' , -y -Q V , Q Q . , h I 2 Q s , :fbi Rx -' .vw ' h . ' '4 ,,r,4J L, .ff-, Q. A-f -'sg',fl,y Q- 1 - , .f :rp I QYPXW ' ci yi 5 :gc ,arisen-', 55" 5. ' ' ' T 4"f'5-1-5 'ywfhf is-'fi' '-'f"T:'v'P 'T is ml-, 1-1-ws ,1 1 2453? f s-v s- w e f - , , 1.2-f' . we -'fix g s T '51, ' -' 1.-n... 6, yy.. , J. Qfixfg Ystffifs M ,Q '- - ,a H :naw ww ' ' 1 'v"'1" -4, J-. """5' ' .:JL:vQ'i1c9? -x- Q geT our kicks from soccer The boys vdrsiTy sduod wds led by Tri-cdpTdins Pdolo Sepe, Bill Trevens, ond Ddvid Cohen, dnd The Tedm hdd reTurning codch lvldnny Lopes. The Tedrn wds shocked by d series of un- believdble losses, ond They ended The seoson wiTh d 3-42- 3 record. NewTon SouTh dlwdys gdve The opponenTs d good fighT, dnd seniors Ken Shifmdn, Bdrry I-lurwiTz, dnd Loren Mueller held The Teom TogeTher. The Tedm is dlso looking good for nexT yedr wiTh reTurning godlie SeTh Kugel ond defenserndn MCITK Bdilen. The girls Tedrn hdd d very en- joydble sedson wiTh o findl re- cord of 5-7-2. The TGOFTT wds in- sTrucTed by Codch l-lurwiTz ond cdpToins KoThy McBride ond Jenny KeTTerer. The Tedm wds full of dedicdTed people such ds senior Soroh FensTerndcher ond juniors Cindy Dockser, Jill Goldberg dnd Julie Golden- berg. The Tedrn will hdve d lorge number of reTurning vdrsi- Ty pldyers To forrn nexT yedr's squdd. fleffj WhoTTd fdce Cobovej HLOST one There is o roTTen egg!" Cfdr leffj SouTh on The oTTdck SporTs 459 Choose your weapons. Two soorTs wiTh differenf weopons, The sTick ond The club. The golf Teom wos no push over. The Teom, wiTh The cooching of Tom STeeves, fin- ished wiTh o 5-9 record. The mosT memordble of The vicTo- ries come eorly in The seoson when NewTon SouTh guTTed ouT o olfz-5V2 decision over The Lincoln-Sudbury Teom. Throughouf The seoson The Teom wos oided by The consis- TenT ploy of copfoin Mork Loughlin ond senior Eric Becker, olong wiTh o poTenT junior core of Dovid STrossburger, Poul Crocce ond Ross Annopole. The Teom worked hord This yeor, ond The golf Teom is on The rise wiTh mony reTurning lef- Termen. The Field Hockey Teom kepT o winless TrodiTion. They hod o losing record of O-'14, The girls hod o new cooch, Sheilo O'l-loro. Cooch O'Horo come IoTe To SouTh, DUT wiTh The re- moining Time she worked The girls hord ond gove Them o new oTTiTude. The Teom wos led loy copToin Sheilo Wilcox ond Sen- iors Gobi STevens, Jockie Croopnick, BeTh Broome ond MVP winner JuIieT Vorgd. The field hockey Teom is expecTed To hove o good seoson nexT yeor wiTh reTurning vorsiTy ploy- ers Hope Sullivon ond Gido Gondbhir. deff To rignfj J. l-lorgon, P. Croche, C. McDovid. E. Becker, Cooch STeeves, M. Loughlin, M. l-leifmon, R. Anndpole, F. lvlifchell 160 SporTs Cbelowj "Four!" Cboffomj IT hos been o grueling seosonl "X.-n4 ki V fe X Cleffj Captain Loughlin hils Toward the bunker Cabovej Jackie is always ready Wgsw l fleffj A fighl To The finish fbelowj ll's The Cinderella siory here al Newron Souih 'H ,n N. .41 ffigslly. -N ij j?'s-. if sf'.Mm?fis ls- ,ei -if 1- f .- 5,,-Y-f'f',i fp" frqia E'M"'fv'fg , ,'L.1.',4'f4Q . M. 'f.. N.. -. 1 gl-gi,,, ,gg -.f jbi .'5f':,-- 65329-'QQQR Q, fixy, wyqitfi 'l'Q"t7'7TL:5 EQ- "'?"'y':f 'Cel' Q' "'.l.7'u4 Q' M J.-9.s.f:'f646' .lt . Rx-4 Mex7:.:l'M-, ' -1.1121 L- , 9 i Y' ,Q V In M- If .5 , ' . ' cf 36 L1 1 .f- .7 .g ' C5 ' I . Y i V ,Tj A x 4' ' - V . "2 Jffw ' X A ,.,,.N-'O is ,Q U , ,JS . F -QQ. -mr. ' .-"W . 3' ,jk . x A ru- .- , .sway -1 M Ji. . s .F ,ig X Xe. . ' ., , . . . .. ww M-C . 1 r Jxvua-,,,fm s 1 . . xy .- . ti., Q .SV F V FronfRow.' J. Goldberg, M. Rowe, S. Wilcox, N. Balfour, J. Schnider, I. Marcus Middle Row: S. Kalz, H. Plail, R. Grossman, H. Sullivan, D. Medaglia, G. G-andohir, L. Feld- man. Back Row: l. Plall, W. Semonian, C. Kelly, J. Neal, B. Broome. G, Slevens, M. Mader, Coach O'Hara, Missing: E. Jacobs, J. Croopnick, R. Hursl, K, Harrison Sports lol N FooTball, Hurrah! 1 The fooTbaIl Team exper- ienced a frusTraTing season. The Team came close To win- ning many of iTs games, buT ended up wiTh only one win for The season. The Team was lead by QB Ben Burlingame and Tri- capTains John Hillis, Jeff Brew- ingTon, and Dominic CosTa. The season was Topped off by an impressive performance on Thanksgiving Day againsT Lin- coln-Sudbury. AlThough The Team losT 28-44, They played Tough fooTball againsT a Tough Team. The Lions played a very difficull schedule in The DCL, and Coach ArT Kojoyian has a loT of promise for nexT year wiTh a number of reTurning sTarTers including running backs Leroy Browne and T.J. Rhone. The cheerleading squad was as enThusiasTic as ever. The squad pracTiced very hard and Their hard work paid off by cheering The fooTball and bas- keTball Teams on To vicTory. The Team was helped by Mrs. Hackel and leadership was pro- vided by capTains Nikki Toone and STacey Shane along wiTh Junior Debbie Gross. The girls worked Through rain or shine and puT on a greaT show for The specTaTors. The cheerleaders did Their job This year, and Their enThusiasm creaTed an upbeaT aTmosphere aT all of The games. -E' f - 'rr WW., .fif . ..Y. E 1, -1, I L.: iA4f,,,3, s.1: ....f az..- ' 'lr 9 V+ ,ghlfii-Qlgofr 9 Y wvwgaglv' sf ali' '-Qvflw we f -fuer-sw 2 li 'T ?-B. 3 T 'fi' Q. 4 V. A I QI ibfl.. as -T l Fronr Row: L. Browne, S. Yerardi, K. Tyler, P. Rosbeck. J. Hlllis, J. BrewingTon, D. CosTa D. Moran D. Monbo ueTTe, B. Burlin ame, J. Mor an. Second Row: T f I Q Q Q 1 Brighrman, S. Perrin, R. BlumenThal, W. Rhone, S. Brady, S. Llpof, R. C-reene, R. Hillis, R. Malone, K. Marlon, D. Lee. Third Row: Coach Murphy. M. Gold. L. Kalis. J. Lawrence. M. Purlns, M. Donovan, D. McCallum, M. Kaplan. Back Row: Coach Kojoyian, A. Friedman, B. Lindsey, D. AlTman, Coach Burlingame, Coach STaula. T62 SporTs fire I -1 -Q lm 'L ' W, . . f 1 ffl 3 . 1 - V A Q xl . 1 'A ,-Ti.-j-i 0, - 5 TLT- 4- - -1,-g:fR4:S'5:T'v-. -.1 f A " . ..-.1-1- . wk .- ,N X. uns .A .5- .. '.u.4'.,, :"!,.NvN ,fxrfl x .. - -. s, 0, . A -4 Cabovej Rama goes for a T.D. Crighfj Raise your hands if you're sure if -, .3591 '-5 I 1 . V25 f, ' A ,. -43 " ' , 5 , k!w!!!!, 34- r 3' Ti x 4 UN A , o , 1 . S' Te . ez'-P e9 14 :V rr 5,2 Z!'t ffor leffj Kill The mon wiTh The Doll fleffj Beh does The bird Cbelowj I wdhT The bdll 1 . f i f A if fr,'53'.'-P " 5 W BTN, X fi, 4' 551257 'fb Y' Q 1' . .! ,: 1511 .7 -W ' . .ts Egg? ggf Y Qyd I " P f6?wui1 1-ggHg,- -.1 fe-- fr f4L....L.svf..Sar'i:1Z,2f:..a.1v 1 Lg. A H N WMM xrs ,ge T 'fsN'f1'3 q H-:Q ""'4,, Front Row: D. Gross, L. Cherhis, N. Toohe, J. Bldhksheh, H. Chdsdh. Back Pow C Hodder, N. SmiTh, B. Chdlfin, K. Srrdhge, S. Shdhe, C. MiTCheIl, H, MODDOQLJGTTQ, H. Kramer, H. Rosbeck Sporrs 463 3 T I be Eg S 2 -. : A 4"-Q"!"' -'J The SouTh Runners AlThough The girls indoor Trock Teom wos O-8 in The D.C.L., iT wos o fun seoson. The Teom wos hedded by cooches SuTh- erlond ond Ted Trevens, high scorer senior Dede Theodore ond Tri-copToins Jill Bc1umeisTer, Leilo Fergus, ond STephonie Si- mons. Theodore hos been unde- feoTed in The D.C.L. She seT o new Leogue record wiTh o Throw of 38'l". Theodore's sis- Ter Eloine is promising shoT puT- Ter. The underclossmen who ooosTed The Teom were, Amy GoTTesmcin, Ellie Simon, Allison Kone, ond Rimo TvirouTos. The Two juniors, Julie Golden- oerg ond Michele Sedy, hove been key members To The Teom since freshmon yeor. Ac- cording To cooch SuTherlond The Teom hos o good sTrong fu- Ture. This yedr's Boys Trdck seoson wos one ThoT The TFGCK Teom wos noT used To seeing, ouT en- joyed To The uTmosT. They did ouTsTdndingly wiTh one of The smoIlesT squods in The D.C.L. They finished wiTh o record of 5- 2-'l. The Teom wos prepored for The seoson ond wos olso led by cooch SuTherldnd ond Tre- vens. The dedicoTed ond ex- perienced Teom wcis led by seniors ond duod-cooToins Pciolo Seoe, Russell Kone, Bill Trevens, ond Nlork l-loley. The oTher seniors were Allen Joe, Fred lylenis, Jon Gleoson, ond l?ooerT Weiner. Juniors Mike Sil- versTein ond MdTT PickeTT led The woy in disTonce running. IT is noT duonTiTy ouT duoliTy ThoT counTs for The boys ond girls Trock Teoms! T1-5. 5.871 , ,isa-sf' T' T641 SoorTs QM I f-' 51.1 I ll N I H F r 1 I I 5 1 Vi, Q. is I I . 1' ' fa . z 2 J 4 w'-2 v L rr B Me za L Olsen M Ganz Mraalelifow H Paap,J. StoIper,S, Karp, T, Xr ierxan H Raser Q Sfalper Back Raw COGChPOhIrTwC1h,B.BrOhSTier1,S,SimOh,Ar rrxk L Mamas T Hachnwan W Melrzer S Wrner Coach S. Pohlrnan 1 ,., .N,,Q..4.-1" .A V 4 ' s KN" -" dfxxif " ,.. I Q- "' " f . -vw ' .- Z - " W' 1 -' J a-Y" , ,I-. , N , 1.-. N J' J V 1 Franff?aw I? Frnkel D Cohen M Capafreaarlviraale f?awrCaach M. Pahlman, M Fasfer N Stacks Z Lrfschrfz D Randall D Karp Coach Pahlrnan Back Paw T Falley M Braaay A Ashrafzeaeh L Murphy J Sheena J 3 i F I b or wg T QW ...urzll kt A T T A wa. .- ,iq . , g ...- fleffj BeTh preTends To be d plone in The wdTer. fC7DOV9D Tdke one more sTep bdck Cbelowj Tdlid crowls olong Qleffj Wendy con do The doggie pod- dle, LQTS Take a dip BoTh swim Tedms exper- ienced success during The 4986-87 seoson. The Girls Swim Teom dived inTo Their sedson wiTh o promising 32 member sgudd. Due To illness, only 20 of These dedicoTed swimmers re- mdined wiTh The Tedm on There wciy To d respecTobIe 5-5 re- cord, lvlony of The swimmers dudli- fied for The STdTe lVleeT. Those who gudlified were senior co- cdpToins Sdrdh Leohy ond An- gelico Brisk olong wiTh senior Wendy lvleITzer ond juniors Debbie Frieze ond Sordh STolper. This yedrs swim Teom wds o good experience for mdny of The young swimmers who seem reody To Toke over The Ieddership of The Teom from d sTrong group of seniors. The Boys Swim Tedm seoson wds very hdrd for The sgudd due To Their lock of experience. Senior co-cdpToins Ddvid Co- hen ond lVloTT Copofreddi hod greoT sedsons dlong wiTh junior Elon lvlorcdshomer, Eoch of These swimmers, who won mony firsT pldces in Their individ- udl evenTs, dlong wiTh junior Doug Korp ond sophomore lvlorc Broudy ducilified for The STdTe Swimming CompeTiTion. Diver Amin Ashrdfzedeh im- proved Tremendously dnd wds dnoTher key elemenT in winning some meeTs. This new group of highly improved swimmers will dssure NewTon SouTh of o sTrong Tedm in The yedrs To come. 'lo7 SporTs F'onrRoii L YeeA.OTero.lvi.Hormon,J.Lermdn,E.l-ldckel,lVl.I-ldrd,L.Levesque, 6 Chin. K Theodore Bock Pow Codch Kennedy, J. Kdpldn, H. Wong, G. Seidmdn, K Cohen S Millender. R Temkin, L. Gibbs, Aid, A. Yellin, K, Pork, Codch LegdulT .g' ,L -2 . 5 . ,IT-f-. . HiT The Deck The 4986-87 VVresTling Tedm wds d sTrong force in Division l by compiling on ouTsTdnding record wiTh mdny vicTories dgdinsT mony Top rdnked Tedms. The highlighT of The sed- son Took pldce when The Lions Toppled O Tough VVdlThdm Tedm for The firsT Time in over d decode The Tedm wds led by senior Tri-cdpTdins Brdd Vlldlk, Ron Vdchon, dnd John Hillis who dll ended up The sedson vicTori- ously. NewTon SouTh flexed iTs muscles by gdining more wins from seniors Mike l?oThenberg dnd Jon Linder. Under The disciplined codch- ing of George Nichols dnd Chuck HurwiTz, The Tedm wds dble To redch dll Their godls by pushing The hdrd-working Tedm To Their limiT. NexT yeors ledders will be Remo Mdlone, l?oberT Hillis, Bill Kuchdr, dnd Jcison Glonz os The Tedm hopes To conTinue iTs winning sedsons. The 4986 Volleybdll Tedm felT iT hdd d successful sedson de- spiTe cz record ThdT showed L1- lrl. The sgudd wds led by The ouTsTdnding codching of Judy Kennedy once dgdin. The Tedm wds very experienced wiTh mdny seniors including cdpTdin Jen Lermon, whose dll ground dbiliTies were The sTrengTh of The Tedm. The gredT deTermindTion dnd enThusidsm wds displdyed Through spikers STdcy lvlillender dnd Lisd Levesque who were complemenTed by Gdyle Seid- mdn, lVlerediTh Ansell dnd And- mirTd OTero. Sophomores lvli- kiko l-lord dnd Kim Cohen dlong wiTh junior Ellen l-ldckel will be The sTrengTh of nexT yeors Tedm which will conTinue The Volleyboll Tedm's TrddiTion of hdrd work. Qbelowp Sfop, Thc1T's my Ticklish spot FronfRow:B, VVoIk,J. Hillis, R Vochoh. Middle Row A G-obriel, L Koiis, B ifuchor, A Ueffl YOU ve QOT me R906 OVSV USCIS Roihkopf, M Rothenberg Bock Row' Cooch Hurwitz, J Glohz, M Dovis, R Hiilis, qfor belowp Girls im Trohsirioh Lihoer, R Moiohe, Cooch Nichols 42' 4 r 1 Y .,,, E, muff. . x s 'fs 3 ' i' 1 ,,,,,. i e 1 1 ' f Q i I 1 va 7" -fQK'f5"a: ' nd lx b , i 'ou if x , . 1 - , , - ,r 4 X 1 li A! Q 4 if XI? . ve-X i Qobovej IT hos been so long Qobove leffy G-oyle, how low coh you go? Cobove rlghrj Mikiko reooiy for The spike 1 ,, 4 if A' 469 Sporis --ll ...- J yrgnn Lougnirn Tries To cover The big mon KPGDHN Randy. follow fne bouncing bolr rrof below Cnervl nusrles book on oe- tense 'O- 1 ima JE 2 U 1 rr Q N MU Q .F Q C5 ... 'rr-:gg ff, l " ', r r. N W . nn ff rf.: , nr, r i ' gn . 'fm A N AVq . . 5 Q -I f- M 1. I 2 I - " 'J J K l l I K I? I - U WEL ' 1 ' t" V- X fi? A 5. . f Q . ' A'-' 4 - J . ,. 5' Ai 'f E , :Y-S: f Er, ' x efgv, 1 i gf En I A ' t H j,-2-1 - 4 QFronT Row J. Morgon, L. Olivierre. J. Bre-wingron, R. Collins, VV. Rhone, K. Morion -' Bock Row C5 Grossmon, R. Sreworr, A. Voyle. S. Toylor. K. Tyler, M. Lougnlin, T. N xy Brrgnrrnon Mrssing Coocn Killileo p ,I+ 1 470 Soorrs if Y 41 Cleffj Time ouT for some sfrafegy Cfar abovej Lucy KeTTerer pounds The boards Cabovej Reggie scores To lead The DCL all Jump ShoT The Two paskeTpall Teams aT Newfon SouTh poTh had very successful seasons on Their ways To receive a spoT in The sTaTe TournamenT. The boys Team sfarfed off The season sTrong, winning mosT of Their games. Affer a shaky mid- sea- son The Team regrouped and had a sTrong second half of The season. The Team was led by senior co-capTains Reggie STewarT and Randy Collins. STewarT averaged over 20 poinTs a game and led The DCI. in scor- ing while Collins auarferpacked The Team and scored well. These Two DCL all-sTars were complimenied by The husTle and Tough defense played by all of The Lions. Many seniors, in- cluding four sTarTers, are graduaTing, louT The hard work ThaT is done surely will pay off nexT year wiTh some new Tal- enT. The 4986-T987 girls paskeT- pall Team, coached by four- year veTeran lvlark Aronson, has confinued iTs sTrong Tradi- Tion. Under The leadership of senior co-capTains Jen Lerman and Cheryl Williams, The Team conTended for iTs Third con- secuTive spoT in The sTaTe Tour- nemanT. Seniors KaThy lvlcBride and Dede Hill conTripuTed Their sharp shooTing and Tough de- fense while iunior l'Pookie" Wil- son Took charge wiTh her greaT speed and agiliTy. Senior Capi STevens also provided spiriT and deferminafion To The Team which foughT closely in mosf games. The Team's work efhics paid off This year, and wiTh some young Talenf, nexT year's Team looks To pe as good as ever. Fronf Row: K. McBride, C, Williams, J. Lerman, P. Wilson. Back Row Coach Aronson. D. Hill, J. Roser, G. Sfevens, L. Kefferer Sporfs T71 Flipside This vear's NewTon SouTh Boys GvmnasTics Team had a mosT successful season. The consis- Tancv ThroughouT The season of capTains Dave Kalis ana Ron lvlark helpea The Team achieve a recora of 6-41. The Team con- Tinuea To improve in Their besT meeT ana scorea over Q2 poinTs, wiTh The encourage- menT of Coach Tom STeeves ana AssisTanT Coach John Lan- gon. The aleTerminaTion of each gymnasT paia off when in The lasT meeT of The season, The Lions aefeaTea The NewTon NorTh Tigers by one-TenTh of a poinT. This vear's Girls GymnasTics Team haa an uphill sTruggle. WiTh seven reTurning members ana seven new eaiTions The Team conTainea much poTen- Tial. The long hours of pracTice six aays a week proviaea The Team wiTh Time for improve- menT. I-lalf way Through The season all The members haa rouTines ana were compeTing. VViTh The maximum number of six compeiing in each evenT gave The Team The opporTuniTy To raise The ToTal Team score. Alihough The season was noT a winning one as has been in The sTory in The pasT, inaiviaual's scores improvea as well as The Team as a whole. This year The Team was leaa by Pearl STark, lVlereaiTh Ansell. lvlara Raider, ana Ellen I-lackel. OTher members of The Team gave greaT conTribuTions To The Team, I hir. T T gt FronT Row. Coach T STeeves, D. Kalis, R. lviark, H, Wang, lvl. Crosby, Back Row, lvl. Dafino, D. Roanauez, B, Yee, T. Lazare, B. Sheff, J. LowensTein, K. Kaplan, S. SoTraTis T72 SporTs T .... pf ""'. x T" -'ATN xi' ' ' .. J . .xx ""' , T N -' Q . . . V, vw :. ,I , .F 4 rw -T - .R Cabovey Michelle balances on The une- vens FfOf77'f?OW,'COGCl'1 Kennedy, S. Albeck, P. Stork, S. Spangler, E. Hockel, M. Gerson. Asst. Cocncn B. Lozof, Bock Rowq C. Ducey, M. Raider, D. Bolsorn, L. Grodberg, J. Lewis P ,ff 3. 2 'F' S -sg X Qs mg MM '-m..,,,,,h 'K .. -,,'s x -Sex x-Q ...s h :Mx s A -N ff 5 . 5 .. . V X N 5, - .391 M- X COOL! Thanks To freauenT snow- sTorms, The T986-87 ski season was The besT in years. NewTon SouTh was a sTrong compeTi- Tive force in The Suburban League boTh in aownhill ana cross-counTry meeTs. Co-Cap- Tains Barry I-lurwiTz ana JulieTTe Varga lea a Team feaTuring seniors Talia l-lochman, Eric Becker, CarTer WrighT, Anclrew HeafiTz, Loren lvlueller, ana Frea lvlenis. ln aclaiTion To The seniors, SouTh reliea heavily on The ouT- sTanaing performances of The unclerclassmen. For The women's Team Deb- bie Freize, conTinuaIly scored in boTh alpine ana cross-counTry. Sophomore Saunclra Green ex- celled in women's aownhill compeTiTion, allowing her To parTicipaTe in The sTaTe meeT. James Perlman was a aomi- nanT force in men's aownhill, TreauenTly among The League's Top Ten scores. OTher freauenT scorers were Ryan Aleklman ana Ross Anapole. MosT of The Team's creaiT is aue To reTurning coaches Tobey ana Sue Amend, This years NewTon SouTh l-lockey Team haa a gooa sea- son. The season enclea wiTh a 2-5 recora. The Team workecl hara aT The beginning of The season, in oraer To accomplish some of Their goals, namely having Tough compeTiTion in The D.C.L. SpiriT is an imporTanT compo- nenT in The Team's perfor- mance. CapTains Danny lvlon- bouaueTTe ana PeTer Rosbeck kepT Their TeammaTes spiriTea ana aeTerminecl. These Two seniors are also a big help ouT on The ice. Senior Roger lvlack Tenaecl goal for The Team. The coaches This year have also been a big help To The players. Charlie RezuTTi ana lvlike BabulabiT workecl The Team hara ana haol Them well preparea for The season. T711 SporTs iff g 'Q 'fu 'f-A.. ,cu.. TJ qabovej Tweeale ana Tweealeaum qabove righrp The baTTle for The puck! Crlghn The Senior l-luaale Q of Q 4 ' W S 1' S K N .5 gg: . 5 ix Q., 5 x ri 1 2 4-Ba jg N . A. QI X ' 1 - .1 12' NU! A .. ,4. Cbelowy Captain Barry Takes Time out To pose. qfar belowp Souih 'fakes The face-off Qlefrj Friedman skares for home Fronf: T. l-lochman, A. i-leafiiz, B. l-lurwiiz. J. I-lurwiiz, S. Green, D. Eperl, L. Weller, H Lipman Back Row Coach Apencl M Gough, A. Sacks, E. Barry, Yaffa,J Krasnow J Varga E Becker L Moniezemolo B. Johnson, J, Kaplan, D. Frieze, M. Porins, A Slesers M Avery Coach Abena f fl. Z3 WH we.- ...T '-:va-L-E NS-if ,gif 4 1 FronfRow- A. Doren, A. l-lruby, L. I-leyman. D, Monbougaueiie, P. Rospeck, K. Golaen, ' R. Mack, Back Row' Coaches C. Rezuiii, M. Bapulabii, S. Lipof, D. Murphy, B. Bonazoli, X L B, Friedman, F. Miichell, C. McGary, M. Grinnell, M. l-leiiman, M. Baron, Managers M. Marram, S. Berlman, M. Gola. Cabovep Where are my skisw qfar apovey Anclrew l-leafliz reaav To nil Those slopes 175 Sporls Congraiulaiions To Siaoy and a very fond farewell 'ro Newion Souin From Tne Ivliilenders x 6 3 C C T I 'r' T Ongm UG 'Ons O Congraruiaiions Lauren Kim iviarauis On graduating from Gnd Newton Souin I-Iign Scnool CIQSS Qf 4987 The class of 4987 Good luck in ine furure Love ai wnaiever you do Mom, Dad, Ilana and Hilion Jeff Q Q Q 476 Ads Dont compete with a Kaplan student be one Why? Conslcler this More students Increase thexr scores after takmg a Kaplan prep course than after takxng anythmg else Why? Kaplans test takmg technrques and educatronal programs have 50 years ofexpenence behlnd them We know their confidence and scoring potenual So if you need prepaxatlon for the LSAT GMAT MCAT GRE DAT ADVANCED MEDICAL BOARDS TOEFL NURSING BOARDS NTE CPA INTRO TO LAW SPEED READING or others call us Why be at a d1sadvantage7 STANLEY H KAPIAN EDUCATIONAL CENTB? ITD Good luck sensors' Thonk you for moklng us the leocler ID SAT preporotlon 792 Beocon St Newton Moss 02459 2411 2202 W f Li 'If' nel? E en We toke Qreot prlole IU your ochlevements ot Newton South You ore our Qreot joy ond gave us much hopplness Alwoys lVlom Dod ond Jon J use MUSICOI IDSTFUFTIGDTS sold OFICI rented Emerson Flutes - Yomoho Gultors Fendy Guitors complete selection of pop 339 BSGCOVW ST. ond teoohing methods for Newton Ctr. most instruments 332-3578 Domlnlc Please know thot oll the time we spent together wos very speciol to me. There will olwoys be o ploce in my heort for you. l love you lvlelisso X f 3 ffl' at I t ' gi 1 n ll I sturients. And we know vyhathelpsiboost An of our love is WH-h you Q Q 3 I I Q Q I X J X Q Ads 477 To our very soeolol ooughler llyse We vvlsh you The very oesl We ooulohl loe proucler Wllh oll our love lvlom ohcl Doo To my slsler llyse Deor llyse Besl Wlshes We love eooh olher I love you very lo 'rhe oloss soooo much much You re o Qreol of 87 xoxoxox slsler Love Hol Love ond Klsses Dorreh Good Luck To The Closs of 87 The Ploll Fomlly Rooerl 63 Shelly llyse l-leolher oho Dorreh I I I I I I 1 1 l 1 I KK - II I I ' l I . KX Il I I I I I I I 'I78 Ads REBECCA You e grown rnro d very speordl per CONGQATULATIONS MATT son vvnorn were very proud of Congrdruldrrons ond Tndnk you for pe AND THE CLASS OF 87 ng d gredr dougnrerl Alvvdys kno we will love ond support Mom DOG Gnd pefef OU THE BEST IS YET TO COIVIEIII Mom ond Bull Wendy Wndr o roy T nos been To see who you We ore so proud ond vve love you dl dys' IVIorn Ddd Lrzzre ond Jon CONGRATULATIONS AND TO CRAIG MARK AND BEST QF LUCK espeordlly ANDREW ANDREW GOOD LUCK GUYS' WE LQVE yQU ILL IVIISS YOU MOM AND PETER MICHELLE K I I IV ' ' - A i . I W I 1 Y , I I I ndve peoorne. an- , . '3 R vv . I I I Ads I7 POTTW A srsrer ond d friend In one ns rdre Thom' us why I consider myself so lucky Beoouse I hove ooTh A srsfer ond o frrend an you Love Crndy Good Luck Crdrg We re proud of you I Love Mom Ddd ond Gregory l XXX X 180 Ads PCIITI - We ore so proud of you ohd we Iove you very rhuoh! Cohgroruloriohs 'ro you ohd The Closs of '87 Love, Ivlorh, Dod, Cindy ohd Hilldry Cohgrorulorrohs ohd Success Io Closs Presrdehr DeDe ohd The oloss of 87 Thohks ohd Fdrevvell To Newroh Soufh from The HILL FAMILY Derdre 87 Dehrse 85 Ddvrd 82 I Good Luck ED Mom ohd Dod Jehhrfer ond Jessrco Cohgrofulohohs Sehrors from The Ivldrdurs Fomrly J Ads 184 Congratulations Susanne and the class of 4987 Farewell to Newton South Dear Faye - The Kohl Family You are one wonderful person' VVe're broua of the bresent, ana exoitea for the future' All our love, from UClan Lewis" l Abba, Jarnie, Joey F l TO MWC Kcufmm Louise, Terry, Debra, This is just the beginning! Congratula- Lumkc' ETC ' Etc I lvlorn Dad ana Alana Congratulations to our shining star Karyn Rose We wish you a bright ana habby future Love lVlorn Dacl Julie Cana Carlton ana Baxterb y . Y tions - I . - .i I I I ' 482 Aas Good Bye ond Good Luck from The Yerordi's Joseph Ronald jr. Louro Jomes STeoherw Suson 4979 4980 4982 4985 4987 4987 TO THE CLASS OF 4987 ALYCE AND EDDIE MANDELL CONGRATULATIGNS CohgroTuIoT1ohs To STEPHANIE ond The oloss of 87 vvlTh Love ohd Pride IVIOIVI DAD ELLIE ohcl Pehhy FRIENDS FOREVER CohgroTuloTuohs To The Closs of 'I987 Love To B VV from Archie ond Con' COFTQFGIUIGIIOIWS To Amy ond The Closs of 87 The Shockers 833B 1415B M AO2159 MA 02146 OFFICE 16171969 2447 OFFICE 16171731 2447 RES I617J 964 0999 TOBY KLEBENOV H NN B Us co. lBETA TO TALIA vviTh Love EWA Gnd HILLEL GAYLE WE ARE VERY PROUD OF YOU' LOVE ALWAYS IVIOIVI Gnd DAD SCOTT '78 - ROBIN '8'I Ads T85 HE RETURN TO CLASSICS Gef Insplred Get The Felhng ,,cff,., A le chofeeu 4264 Centre STreeT NewTon Center, Mo. 02459 C64 73 969-A1125 f 6 Q J 486 AGS f N CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF 4987 Aho our love To Mereolrh ff' THE ANSELLS BETH JACK CARRIE AND IVIIFEY Cohgrorulorrohs To Dohho A wonderful ond specrol person We ore very proud of you LOVE Mom Doo Leoro ond Sherrr Best Wishes 'ro The oloss of '87 Q AGS 3 SPCDNSORS Dr ond lVIrs Ross Boldessorrnr Horvey ond Trno Crosby lVlr ond Mrs Allon Voyle LrIcIr'rTo s Williom Henderson 488 Ads F N The REGULUS Sloff woulol like To lhonk John Corner John Ivloxley The Ansell Fornlly The Dookser Fornlly The Vllhlleoul Comoony The Crunchloerrles Foolory ond o soeolol lhonk you To Mrs Wise for oll of her Qulclonoe ond supporl To help moke lhns yeorloook The oesl ever' The Regulus Fonnilies 489 Ads Dod Prno Ivhohelle ond Josorw f N We ore very proud of you Andrew Hormon Love I I Q Mom Dod Ivhohelle ond JIII f N Corn rofulorions Dono ond The oloss of '87 Love I I X J l l I i f 3 CongraTulaTions To Rhonda and The class of T987 Love I lvlom, Dad and Erio To Glen, Tricia, David and Liz, True friendship is hard To come oy. Thanks for your generoisTy of spiriT, Time and moral supporT. LovecmwaysyourmendEno - To Taha, CODQVOTUICTHODS Laughing, caring, orying, and peing There I Jenrly' You mean more To me Than you will ever lTThe philosopher, hairdresser and fash- know' iOn designer of The fOrTiily" Memories never forgoTTen and many more We Love You! TO COme- Love Eno lvlom, Dad Julie, Luoy Linda Kong, CongraTs, sis. G-ood luck in The years To come. ' LoTs of love, l-lelen and Susan Q 1 lOl Ads DAVID KALIS You re o sfor vvIIh us. We re very proud of oll you hove ocoorh- oI'sheo. Luck To you oho The oloss of 'IQ87 Lo e Mom Doo Sheryl 85 Lorry 89 ond Rusfy CONGRATULATIONS BUENA SUERTE ANGELICA I Never forgef spehI TogeTher. I II rhss you Love Corre CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST VVISHES TO THE CLASS OF 4987 ALL OUT? LOVE TO OUT? FABULOUS STEPHANIE Tl-IE CAPLANS IVIUIVI DAD RAYNA 90 ohd ILANA I v , I our good Times ' I , I Z - - 1 I I I I '94 Y J 492 Ads Mzchefe Qfou we come Ll Long way Eaby Confgmtufatzons to you and to tfle rest of tHe C0155 0 1987 Lovejhvrvi Mom Dacfancfjucfy greg l1T1Lff7TflCfTl1Lf OO MAKE HISTORY ER C Mom Dad and Amy CONGRATULATIONS RO AND TO THE CLASS OE 87 LOVE, SHQCKER 153321 'SfZ?e'!3FQWZO OUT STEVEN AND V IZIELISSA, DANNY Gnd GARY I 3 x ff f f ll Lf' 'We're proucf ofyou ! Q o 7 ' I I ' 7 ' I Love, A TOM ., B 493 Ad Z K Newton Pizza House 27 Llncoln Sl Newton Hlghlands sive. 332 5056 Open 7 Days A Week 11 AM 12 Mldnlght PIZZA HOT OVEN SUBS SPAGHETTI SALADS LASAGNA G EGGPLANT DINNERS dO P O 1 Y DEAR MAUREEN We ore so proud of you ond QroTeful for oll ThoT you hove done Wlshlng you oll The oesT The fuTure con hod We love you CMSKTD Mom Dod ond Shello JVLVEITRE FRHVWC SAI ON To Moureen Lund Toro Mel Ally John 84 My SouTh frlends Mom Tom Thoo Toro Plggy Lono Tommor Ashley in you dont ,lille tl n I1 oll of my frlends elsewhere 1 wrlum to ul Irlu a mzllr rr 15 4' culllng mokeup body wovlng oedlcure Colourlng woxlng rhonlcures foclols noll sculolure Open lvlondoy Through Solurdoy for doy ond evenlng oooolnlmenls Tuesdoy nlghl holrculllng closs free ho GDDOIDTVTWSVTT Ofes you con choose your own sTyleQ T175 Wolnul STreeT ol Newlon l-llghlonds T Q69 2252 lrculs coll for on Sue Holly Moggle Sleohen ond Dovey My Teoohers ond To my Doddy you re The greolesl frlends ond fom lly onyone Could ever hove ond I ll love you olwoys Ever yours Porls Whllney xx f CongrdTuloTlons Senlorsll The Millers MorTln EllzobeTh Andrew 84 Emlly . i V: gl fi41Q:Q-yy I X Q - -l?...- ! A I I - 'vio'.,1 I lCoolxe n vemlsesl Q ' ' Sefvrng Greater Newton ' ' Area For ver 8 ears l 1 I I I i 1 1 ' ,-..n.-. V I l u l . r Il 1 1 1 V , , , Q Lx I 1 a , l , 5, l ti V b u 9- 5 1 1 1 J I - v " ' ' I I U , , , , tix' . A I V f fr' 1 1 - 1 x :V ef X, 1 - 1 ,. kj, i .Q N Hr w ,y Q ' T , If -1. , Q N ,K , A . fe '71 - - - - I , X , I . U 1 ' I 1 V 1 I I I I I . K T911 Ads 3 BUENA SUERTE A UN GRUPO ESPECIAL -- ABRAZOS DE LAS DONAS CMS. Knigm and Ms Youngb CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 4987 DR AND IVIRS LANCE HEIKO CONGRATULATIONS To Tne lasT af Tne LayeTT Raaa Gang Jennlfer STac:y Karyn Rrcnle Danny Gayle Anarew 84 Crarg Tnanks for all Tne gaaa Trrnes You guys aaaea sarneTnrng specral Ta Tnese pasT faur years TnaT I ll never fargeT BesT af luck ID Tne fuTure' Laye lVlerearTn CONGRATULATIONS BEST OF LUCK TO THE CLASS OF 87 ALSO GOOD LUCK TO THE CLASSES OF 88 89 84 90 THE REGULUS STAFF . I I l u I To - STacy, Ivlicnele, Pam, Arny, Ellen, AND THE 'IQ5 ACTS ' gf fait? Wghll Wlwlslle while you work, gbelowj Emoylrug the breeze in The oreezevvoyl lrar nghfj A smile only C1 mother could love ff , lyk 196 Closing All The Goodbges You hove come To The end of The yeorbook. As you Turn This poge you should reolize ThoT school is slowing down, ond summer is coming dT full speed. The end of The school yedr meons goodbye for mony sTu- denTs. Seniors prepore To leove NewTon SouTh forever, ond oTher sTudenTs go owoy during The summer. And so jusT os friends soy, "So Iong" oT The end of The yeor, The Regulus '87 sToff soys, "Forewell" To dll The people ThoT mode This publicd- Tion possible. This is o book obouT The speciol communiTy of NewTon SouTh. VViThouT The foces, dcTiviTies, ond friends ThoT build This com- muniTy The yeorbook would noT exisT. STudenTs ond TdculTy ore The yeorbook. The sToff ledrned how speciol NewTon SouTh ocTuoIly is ds we ex- plored The exTros, ond cop- Tured dll The fdces. We cov- ered dll The sweoT, ond goT Through dll The work, buT mosT of dll we discovered dll of The fun of working TogeTher To- word d common gool. Now ThoT we ore done, The sTdff hopes ThoT The Regulus '88 sTdff benefiTs from The exper- ience of producing o yeorbook os we did. We dlso wish ThoT This yedrbook will be o Tredsure To you now ond in The fuTure. Al- Though iT hos been o gredT dedl of work ond efforT, There is no doubT To us ThoT iT wds worTh iT oll, l-love o fdbulous summer! The LiTerdry EdiTors Qleffj lvly Three bodyguords Cobovej Wonder oThIeTe powers - ocTivoTe Qobove leffy Con you Toke The picTure8 This smile isn'T going To losT Closing T97 498 Closing -J All in H19 lmaginaiion v ii. ...L -1 v 5 i 1 ,,g1n W 1 N 1 4 ,E Q Q Q Q Z L Q 2 U l 1 ! f Q Q Q Q Q Q Q f Q Q Q Q Q l Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q f Q Q Q tj Q l f f f I f Z S 4 A ,fl

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