Newton South High School - Regulus Yearbook (Newton, MA)

 - Class of 1985

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Newton South High School - Regulus Yearbook (Newton, MA) online yearbook collection, 1985 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 208 of the 1985 volume:

E I 1 i I 3 SREG REGU EGUL ULUS LUSR TABLE 0F CCNTENTS Student Life 18 Faculty 32 Underclassmen 40 Seniors 64 Academic 110 Sports 1 18 Grganizations 152 Ads 180 appy Silver A , South! H Congratula made it through be h d s, minis- kirts and th V W through the Brady B he moon, and Fre d M h h ugh the disc d b I b m jeansg and h hC bb P hDoIls and Mich J Y ade it to the p F h b ll h O'sto the ideal h O d h ealism of the 8 S h h a place to d p d h p d deas, en- cou d d , while supp ll d tion. By following its traditions, South will con- tinue to be a special place for the f f classes o uture years. ULUSREGULUSR LUSREGULUSRE USREGULUSREG REGULUSREGUL EGULUSREGULU fgkf' is " , J ' --f I 1 f f -1 . ' , milf' 'W -wt. 6 I -Q ,fl 450' I, " 2. If X l lf-4 L : f LQ D '.' X AQ- ! ' J 1 I 59995 ,g 1 lvfyff- ,H 5 "T ' x 1' v-ET" ABL' 5 P ' l -'FW L A' Q 4 ,kg "L, ,sg lw ' .. . N' , AQ 4. '- II H , sf i 1443 f . V I 5 K. ' x If A Z L .9 ' L figfisl pgsffa? vsllrv.. ! 'H 4' 4 Qrzxw, ,-,ir P ' ",'.?'., V -1 .', ,- '14 5, ,. 1- ' Q -Z.. v V I dc? I . ' ...v- L 0 ,gm . O 3 Q. .- just F' isle ew I I If 3 I -p 455 t 1 4 4 n,. 1+. . Q u .1 ' ,Q Html 'I 'f:! i ' Ji'0 .. zrrr, .....-a--5 Q Wt E M S L ' 1 .s . 6381" K ll- il, ,.,,, 1 1 I 1 vi Q2 .N .gr X ,ni L 3 ,J ,A 34, A 1. ro 1. 1 v n fQ -4' ?'g, Q 1' .,, '.: .9 ,A ,, . 4 W f: pfgifi 5,3 V 1 5525. --1 0-'tb f N . ,. , A , c ,Q 1 - " , wt , .." - V .g ' '- ' ' Kiwi!-may r . A 5 ' 5511... ,,-5. 3.- Q if 5 f 1 'Yu , 4 2 QT' .x I X 1 , 4 ,--Q-5-gs. :- A . - , A . ' n 1 1 I f -4 J' 5 if Jax' ' .I 5 Firaf mm 7 8 'V .' x ,. Q16 ,2."Q'Q' 'iimwuuuum Pl in ' , ,,,,. . 'ifflq ' . I' L ' rw' 1.3" j xni451 A 'K ff H s 'kg - 1.5 ,. A I 4440 Q O WN f' - ...ffgk A I N N ifpfr 1'- ., X' V r. hfvhygu' . ,iff 'ms-fsmq, ,Pl zgitym ,, x ' fi if , 13 , 451 . , new ii .' ' .- A - ff , v , - ' nj? p 4 f .igs gQE?AV iff - Ri -if if 4 h .Q ' s. 3-1, L Ks R ,VN QR s 0 ill!-Wil nlsfc ITUQIS' llllllf' L-.......-.., ggff' ,f. I v f:+H.JI.-, D j fi, I .-.zqggiml 4 .mt As gi' I "1 is . " H' 1 .st .. ,. -1 -4 I T Q rl 1 - ' YI .- . .. Y 1'5' '1 'furf ,, ff' wt, 17-1. .r ' , N T1 , -r--A Sl - s N f x x X x Q I. 'N A 1 f' f l Ai. l 1 I h 5,7 .l 'A i 'kt . .35 4fx::5'! 'T 1 .' Ji" .- . ir , -.5253 4 -u I- ..-... 4. A v 4. - Y I Y ' V1 4 1 .l,. 1 l 4 1 x I 1 T- .. ,Lu ' ' 1 ,-.vm 'sq- rl..- v--5 -..Y ..- ,. K Ll, l '.' ' 1. ' I 0 , - ' , -frtffrd . A ' ,J 4 H '-, 1 0 ' ,Q A . '!""'-' F' -L 'J -.. ' '- 'f'7'tg '. X 1921- Y wink: "gli .' 1.7" l,h A f1"Q ,V ' 1 t' ' -, i ,J 4 I-1--t-wk D. - -. ., -1 .Lulu " M1 V' I ' R ' ' " 0 " " - , . ' ' ' f "'- N40-' xi 'I ' X q 1 I - I - 1 U S . , . N L. 'Z 74, 'F' 0 Yin V ,,f--A h". 'ii' fi of O., xl ? X I ha -ng. .SK 1 'a Rf X.. A- lj 5 A .. -4015, 5. i ' I if 4-4""'4 . W 5 l I I 431- Y Y ,,, -4 ' L 1 X i 1 J J Ay' Xiilyf, !',. ' ,-.1 Op J 'rs' .AQ 1 . 1 ,lx Randi Cohen and Colleen Walsh take a time-out during a boys soccer game. I Wk. '04 gl -- in :WJ is My tree or yours? A bunch of seniors watch the Lions crunch their opponents. 'l'l 9 if 65 ,, N Wx X 5. -Lk ' . .- 1514 5 u ' A Q-Zmf?1 ' lv' "vl- .f. " F, 5. ,, --5..f. .ww A "' 3 .. 45.4 .. .M 'g 'I . bn W ' -5- -0' 0 " 1 ' 9 n 'Cf :I ll ' I if . ll 5 v 1 , .I . I ' 1 'I if o. ' ' X: ' 1 " ' fa 11 Al 1... a x 'A' ' 5 K -, Q X . X 2 - X 'M in x X , X an J' 2' Freshmen support South's Lions. I A li 1 V 4 Q - w x Y, . I to l . rx. fc r- 555, :,.-.,- .x ---' N1 . .5 NN E., -. . :Q-4 ---,-. - r- 1- - -qifi-1 V S I v ' bk'-f N. ' 5 I' , 5 3 . L ""' V, --' ,- If V ,,. V ' , 5 - .fi a...,.' S . s 4 --- na iw' Q6 ' I - -sv' A - Q I .. 1- - h I JJ, 5 V v 'lf 1 ' . , 1.1. Q w , A- ff! rex X - er' lA"::H-Lai:-tb 14 Hackers of a different kind Anne Timmer takes a coffee break ,qust MMD' '5- LQ' -vi ' " 6 f 2 0 .95-3 -rffg I' . f Q f . . , A 4 W 5 .as F, 1 L It 1 ir 'U ? 4 ff.. A ff , . R .al . I l U ..,5' ..-...,. 5 , -anti-, ll 5 , 'Y .1' I .U ,. qi . xt ,wsk 'f W7 'N --Ig 'F gm , -6. 1" J I SVA I A h ' 1 f 4 x . , 6 I vii-S-agmf . 'a I 0 '.G ,J...a49. ... .,,.,n 'll 'S 4 '------1 1-.11--- u , we Xfffhf 'Mini' AJ s xii fi' f-f' v5gQwM. xf- XXX, JR Q5 KA Qiigg' A, X? 04, Gy Y mv ' - f 'zafiw f K X X 2 .,-..?A uf kk B f s XY WX Qxxflw lla' 2 28 X K XA, u .-.,,-at A 2 Q, X54,o0,7m ?jwo.A.A. 5 ffm C'-UBS S3 Q RVD5' -- GERMAN L U mmf-Q.-3 f0Ac-,Doa ,v - ' i ln+emM+ioqaliS.R,C, 'inf-BQ 223:32 b 5 xife-i Q v ' Z3 'Liga t 2 X 51 ? -1 Qyk f D6NEBOl..Ai Q f H lgnla X KMRC I Sh, .. X, F7 5 ' .As X! JS X T G X I X . .:n.F Sp Z o Fd K X F1 90 e o Q ff 4 of I? Mfg X 4 Q ? X xxx A 73Aom , N W2 " J 72 -- ,'- ... , 5 P r ' J A 1 M My ,, ' s ' fig, .rv W A if ' . 4 I ey. -Q. ! , E P .AFX -0 'lx 5, 'rs ' " '7 xx,, . -- ana 'A ,- ,,,, ,., I . -. ...I W- 1- N , x 4, . ,Qi M. . 'Q sb'-'K s Eligffi' .35 .fy V' 1532- 17.13 .:v sg 'wflfki .I-,w .jg- , ,A . , . 5 . Q IQ. 1: -,N ".'r"' ,-.ffi .'l.14 1: f. o':'.A ' .4--rp, ,-,gy-'qv'-nun . gg, Halfw- -, ---'vb rig. A- , TY ss. , 2 xif',g1.,i.a-W0 1 Vw X X- 3 . ixsffw X g' Q 114 1' eb M-"" ,, v' , 0:1 ,iw . Y Q ' may, Q V v ,K I ki .gwv ,Na QQ' Q 1 .W I r , -an f wgifx ...Q ,.....e-- n,.,x,L. " ,,,.N:"!x1g3Q. -'R A,.-1' ' .. 9 WK A QM-"5-x W.. ASBHQVF 3 New ,. 'nQ'?KQ9vf' in-,,,,,,,.-v' '-w9sd'Qi6r-- sonnnm-5,4 M Qi X ' I sr Wg 5 ..4 as ft J' A ff and Qu , s f ' h xt' 4 2 3 f- 'L' we -1- -1- - . 4- . V G wx Q fr 6 4 1. " ' X, 5 f ssl 'K' 1 Q 5 4 A' '10 4 . 1435? Q . 'f X 1 i The foundations for .1 lifvtimv of lc-tuning. -ef" S N .LX D46 if ,env V. Juv ,, t,.,, ,. ,vk-55,-x.v Q ' ' v - , ".-f:'?i,':l 199,13 t" L S. ,fcggf I'-A 0.sPf-r.f4'-f NL "" AN' .Al 4' ' . ,QQLM " I fa X'?,.,h.l ,Q 15,11 lg ,My-.-...f' 1 1 'M' if ff 1 called off today. Student searches for lost earring. ?'l .K . fu...-1-1, 4 7.9.41 A Y ,aight 1 12" 12.522 ' 7 I.. ?' , "Sl 3552 Xgf 51.31 ,A ..-'- -ii-Q f-Q wavy: .sr N 4 Ky' Y, Q73 ,Q V' ,Sk Y I si" ' v Q X? 4 . 1 5? Wg.-fc. ,,..,,....-... f , 5.2 wx v had Xa R rj x ' ,I 5. Swlifgi uw' P AAAA FREE BLOCKS What do MacDonald's, Fred's, Dom 84 Mario's, the cafeteria Papa Gino's, and Dunkin Donuts have in com- mon? They are all visited reli- giously by Newton South stu- dents during their precious free blocks. This overwhelm- ing daytime business occurs each and every school day between 8:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. - that is if one has a car or can manage to "bum" a ride from a fellow junk-food fan. Free blocks at South are certainly well deserved breaks during the day. Whether they are spent off campus, in one of the com- mons rooms,inthelibrary,in the cafeteria, or in an infa- mous freshman study hall, they are clearly opportuni- ties to either relax with friends, catch up on some sleep, or cram for an upcom- ing test. While the "Golden Arches" unquestionably holds the record for N.S. daytime attendance, stu- dents spend their free blocks in a variety of different ways - even if just to take a deep sigh before the next block. Aaaah ... Lining up for South's haute cuisine Home away from home f gp-mtfngaf' ,g uf' 1 i 'WT -1-'ji-' 1 - ..,-,...-fg.i,4 rf. Lx V ,rU3Q'4f'1 'Sit JI, 'Cr Nv- ,. 5' at ... Drink ... QBUTDJ . .. .md bc merry 4 W 95 ' ,Q 51 .- . Love those Chips Burnt offering V bmw - xg :Q ? , S- x ' f Qw- 4 1 , i O l Y V Q L,,, 5 xr 1 4 W... D 140. 1 I I -... ,Q Q- xx Y, kk. I I J' ' I 3? '96 . Q 'fx - 3 Q-b , , ff A J K ' s it , i 9? C K :V 6' :Q "Wm, Rl, V 6 -'K Q -J A ' f S4 T 3' .J4., . f ,y Qu- N ,V-5:3 1:27 -3- V if!! 1f"'f.' 3955 Q aff 4.-ju ui, - Sr? ' 1' ffl' :IW QM' f 1 QQ- ,,gs. 'Magi .3 5' ,. 5 . klgkgwv nm -in. - ' 1 HQ.-. Y 0 . -sg ' Q s 3 .-sus nf. 43. 3--. 9-Q-. of-A ,"', u f . W o ffezf-Y Q 189 -J N M J Q wg ' 1 A 'f 'S lf. ms. ff X 1 xv . . 'Q.Q.::'f5,' wil QM 5 L ' 1 L liivyf Q- 552136 3 Q. lx. .'. ' . K- N, . 'iff ' - - ' ' .- fx , aff f fi? QV? 9 ary' 1' .I , L-f Q, 351. , 41' N'- fd' ' 'di f 'x L -1 -ff I I I z i -s KX E5 A .FY-u--M iii Q Qf -:lm h 'x . I x Mg, 838, Nw! 'N CAFETERIA: I. Kane, 1. Bocci, M. Lemonsk, M Calderone, T. Piselli, A. D'Agostino CUSTODIANS: G. Defjeorge, B. Daly, R. Fre chette, A. Coffey lean Young She shall long remain ln our hearts 39 David Aldrich Tracey Anderson Kristen Andrews Neda Armian Richard Attenberg Nicole Auer Mark Bailen Heather Baker David Belson Benton Berman Miriam Blankenship julie Blankstein Nicole Bloch Dari Bookstein Mary Brearley Monique Brinson Leroy Browne Christian Buckley Scott Buddington Amy Burg Benjamin Burlingame Stacy Burtman Mala Butaney Cara Capoccia Debbie Casher Laurence Chafetz Sarah Chaffin Paul Chao Lisa Chin Ratika Chopra Craig Chudnow Lorraine Chung Stephen Clermont jill Cohen Gary Creem Paul Croce jennifer Croopnick Hendi Crosby Marcus Crowder Christopher Crowley joshua Dittmer Cindy Dockser eff- Q of B fl i - Z.-.1 ,f--ff li'- A--nasal is ff 'W' I l ET - 1- , -. E ,, 1 .N . " '-if 5 , . Q, . - S u J FRESHMEN Christine Drayer Deborah Ebert Daphna Elmaleh Daneir Evans Lisa Famiano Lisa Faneuil Debbi Feldman Lauren Feldman Suzanne Fine Michael Fishman Michael Foster Vanessa Fraser Deborah Frieze Geeta Gandbhir Buddy Gannon Leslie Gibbs Melissa Gitlin Steven Glick Mahlah Gold Allison Goldberg joy Goldberg jill Goldberg julie Goldenberg Michael Goldman Kristen Gosselin Lesley Green Rayshaun Greene ludith Grodberg Deborah Gross Gary Grossman Ellen Hackel Elizabeth Hague Samara Hankin Michael Harrell Kim Harrison Karen Henderson Nancy Hillel Amy Hoffman james Horgan Rachel lacobson Leanne Jaffe Andrew jones Rebecca Jones Robin jones Karen joseph Benjamin Kaplan Douglas Karp Dina Katz Daniel Katz Sharon Katz Christopher Keene Lucy Ketterer Rachel Kiley Tanya Kinasewich lohna Klebenov N at v N e . 'Q A i rr 'ff 6 gr" i Bl .WT T- i 9 I' nm -DPAJ nz -5 - 'f .ai Q x 4 if 1 Q22 N Y f ac 2' -. l lx ' ,i airs' u ' l ,,-..iii.. by . I-. D ' r NW it N A Q 'flxaa FRESHMEN al. David Koplan Seth Kugel Laura Kushner Michael Lampert Perrin Lattanzio Thomas Lazare Carrie Levine Zvi Lifschitz Nathaniel Lindzen Stephen Lipof Kim Logan Brian Lowinger Matthew Malone Abigail Mann Ilan Marcoshamer Bret Mastroddi Crispin McCay Iodi Mechaber Charlie Mercer Anat Meshoulam Mark Michaelis Emily Miller Ben Moebes Doug Mollenauer Amy Monahan Caitlin Murphy Brenda O'Keefe Dana Osleeb Kim Pelletier Liz Perlman Micah Pollack jeff Pomerantz Tim Proskauer limmy Quint Doug Randall Stacey Richardson Todd Richman Tracev Roberts Adam Rosenberg Alla Rosenzweig jennifer Roser Adam Roth Leigh Rudikoff Manuel Ruiz Melissa Sack Emitv Samuel Chris Scalia jennifer Schwartz Nlarc Schwartz Michele Seav Alona Segal NX endv Semonian lean Senechal Stacey Shane Mike Shulman Liz Siegal Kenny Silk Mike Silverstein Andris Slesers Megan Smith Evie Sotiviades Nelson Stacks Dannv Stein Laura Stein Sarah Stolper Gabrielle Stone Marcy Strauss Hope Sullivan Sara Sullivan Matt Surope Robert Teal Emily Tessler Jason Teushcer Karen Theodore Franscesca Tenelli Nlicole Toon fig I , lQ "" A Alt . 17 Ju-121' H ' 9 iv 1 . if' l - 1 FRESHMEN Y ' .J 1-v 1 Q-v I1 ff l 5. -N l la 'A 4 4 J I i Q1 I Nike Tourse Melissa Teirbutas Luong Uns Kyla Upshaw Sarah Vollrnann Shyna Wacihrnan Caron Waldenberg Tammy Weinrauch Tobey Weintraub Laura Weller Ben Wiesen Kristen Williams Abby Yager Kim Yarossi Debby Yellin Llana Zaretsky Shara Zoll xl - .., i -I .J x 2? mit' Wi? i - iv - ' 5 l 4 i -w-, r Q-Q., -,rf S 'i as '. 1 .5 ' X , ., 1 ,' N C ,353 E.: wx ln. - -' y, fy 117 . . ,, ,,..- l SOPHOMORES Karyn Cohen lames Core Dominic Costa Jacqueline Croopnick Christopher Cushna Michael Delacy Paris Dewilde Pamela Dockser Katharine Doherty Kevin Doherty Anthony Douglass Maureen Dwyer Nancy DiClemente Pamela Ehn Sharon Ely Emily Epstein jennifer Erbe Sarah Fenstemacher Robert Finkel Susan Finkelstein Deborah Fishman Daniel Freeman Richard Freeman lay Ganz Lisa C-igliotti Heather Gilbert As- 5 Matthew Goldberg A. Robin Goodman 1: gg 0' ' ,- WJ l ff 6 9 5,- Benjamin Gough X , I , , - Richard Green - 1 i Edward Grossman ' Peter Groussis X 1 f 1 K 5 4 h L Mark Haley ll Andrew Harmon Andrew Heafitz . Deidre Hill 4- . john Hillis Dana Hochberg , '2 ' I . l 'xg ' ., ,T Talia Hochman joshua Hoffman - 4 - -' ' " Rona Hurst A 3 U Barry Hurwitz . f ' 5- P Ellen lacobs Robin laeger 'WVR l .- -"1 + -' . F? 'z wx ' it., if Y if 1 f ,iq james jewett David Kalis 1' ': 1: . Q f, , Brian Kane '- 'i - A K - . N ' 4 Russell Kane ' Rhonda Kaplan X l ' Marc Kaufman A -Al X 1 I 2 LA jeffrey Keselman jennifer Ketterer Susanne Kohl 1' " hi. 'Q - Daniel Kornfeld , 0 L Helene Kramer I Sarah Lahey SOPHOMORES l 'fr v mfs Q , , f s 44' 'wk'-L , E , ' v A 5 t to t F , IB 1 - ' o -11 ,sal L, S 4A 1"': S 4' V SOPHOMORES leffrey Langer Hien Lazare Amy Lebowitz julie Lehrman jennifer Lerman Deborah Levenson English Levin Aaron Levinson Faye Lewis Abigail Lipshutz Sylvia Llosa Kristen Lombardo Mark Loughlin Kristin Madden Mark Maiocca Patricia Maloney Lauren Marcus Kim Marquis Todd Masters Kathleen McBride Kara McDermott Susan McKinney Glen Mechaber Wendy Meltzer Stacy Millender Barry Miller Kate Minkin Roberta Miranda Daniel Monbouquette Darryl Moran Loren Mueller Sharon Murphy lennie Neal Cheryl Nissenbaum Bethamy Nolan Lawrence Novak julia Oles Caryn O'Toole Eva Pappadopoulos Gregory Patnod David Pearlstein Alan Pemberton joshua Pemstein Edgar Perret Ilyse Platt Lisa Pollack Michael Rawdon Andrew Reynolds Rebecca Richardson-Mason Elizabeth Rosman Michael Rothenberg Alan Samuels 1' Q - Q l I 5 v. 4, . s,Q ,Q Erik Santucci jennifer Savage Christopher Sawyer Rebecca Schaye Marsala Schlesinger Eric Schwartz r' L . :gi G '1 I' 04' I' N ,-s1 I ll 'la a ,ll 'X'N 104 X.,,-,ff rf 7 ie' u tx: ,- ll:ll .. tg X 5"oY f' Q U lyfx-' If ,4 SOPHOMORES Gayle Seidman Paolo Sepe Buffy Sheff Kenneth Shifman Amy Shocker Luna Shyr Stephanie Simon Michele Smith Susan Smith Zachary Smith Mark Spencer jennifer Spinelli Sara Stackhouse Lorna Talcoff Dorothea Theodore Rachel Thorburn William Trevens Ronald Vachon Lisa Valente Iuliette Varga Adam Vayle Michelle Veilleux Bradford Walk Adam Weitzman Sheila Wilcox Cheryl Williams Kristann Wilmore Stuart Winer Sharon Winer Melinda Wu 1 ...Q Y x W ,At X GN 9 ii' thy' - -:Q .-1 14 .,'. Q-V, s -' ' . 1 1 , x . A xg ! Ag? vywfif, .Mr ' 43 KH" 1 4. '- -1 x. 3" J' Qv X Q-9 r l i 5 I f ll 5 Q 1 1 . I 'Q 'M w.,7X v : w .x V 235-E Ik-if .- N .. J, A E. . tfqixxl 1 fp. H :HQ pcs nk vi' an um gi- ,M5 , -'I' , '1 , 3. ,.4 :vw 3 0 Stephanie Aaronson joel Acker Marc Albert Benjamin Alimansky Katrina Antonellis Laurie Ashare Colette Atkins Tracey Atkins Benni Baker Tamra Barone Kimberley Becker Seymour Beckford Lisa Bennett julie Blankstein Aviva Ben-Ur Leora Bloch Sandra Bonazoli julie Boraks Andrej Botticello Richard Broadbridge Melissa Brown Tracey Burke john Cappadona Christine Carter 1 X Yr , MV Cl I "5 ' x i 1 , Q R J UNIORS J ,I .,-. Hf,,,,, JUNIORS H gm Rachel Chaffin Joanne Chao Juanita Chen Karen Cimetta Kerry Coffin ludd Cohen Marcy Cohen Susan Colasacco Sheila Colman Candace Croce Catherine Croce David Cuthbert Andrew Dallin Sara DeSimone lohn Doherty Whitney Dorf jonathan Drukman Mark Dubnoff jonathan Erbe Kenneth Fang Michele Fialer Michelle Fine joshua Fishbein Ammon Fisher Desiree Fortini Amy Freedman losee Fridmann Kenneth Frieze Rhonda Gliksman Erika Goldberg jodie Goldberg Laura Goldberg Stephen Goldberg Nancy Goldman jonathan Goose Lisa Heck Rohan Henry David Honig jennifer Israel Tanya john Liesl jones Cathy Kadets Danielle Kalfon Pamela Karp Andrew Katz Dawn Kennedy Eric Knapp john Kopellas Roger Lack Benjamin Lanckton Kristen Lawrence Paul Lecuna Howard Lee Philip Leibovich David Lerner jennifer Lerner Dana Levin julia Levine Michael Levine Steven Levine ai ' s 33 J . -f....,...-0 . at Ng ' 'A t : l we xr: ni 31 -'J g . , - l A W ,iv 'K' EN 1- V '11 F v fs -1 'R " 'va K I " ? 3. 0' n a s I 'WF' 1 'ea 1- ., ,lille -ll J UNIORS Q54 .vo- Q S- .X pg at ii JF K' K , 8 il . lll f-"' 77 fr wx' . -5 , ,wb .Q U 'R ian "ei . jonathan Linder Eric Littmann jennifer Loveman Micah Lowenthal Martha Lowery Patrick Luce Rebecca Madfis Robert Mahnke Gregory Manthei Eric Marder Yumi Matano Abigail Matorin Cameron Meek james Mercer Elizabeth Mitchell David Mosby Karen Moskow Shahrnaz Motakef Adam Murphy Leonard Neiberg Peter Neisuler james Neville Lara Nielsen Lawrence Okstein jessica Olansky Alex Olin Seth Oliver Stephanie Pachas s ' fagii JUN IORS Christopher Pappas David Paulson jennifer Peace Susan Pelton Margaret Perham Anne Piessens Andrei Pokrovsky jennifer Pollino Nancy Pollock jeffrey Popkin Karin Porter Eric Putnoi Abby Rabinovitz Hanna Rabinovitz Paige Riggs Martha Robbins Laura Rogan Adam Rogoff Allyson Rogovin Peter Rosen Linda Rottenberg Cary Rudnick Steffanie Saitow Lori Salter Gregory Sarafian Christine Saunders Gregory Savage Tanya Schreiber Peter Schultz Julie Schwartz Neil Schwartz Mark Semonian 'ii A t iff' 'X - 'WY .sr I v . 9- Q l ,c E s - --r 1 1 Y .nfl if F' If 'fl' r' l 1 J UNIORS X N - X 1 1 X Carol Shaughnessy Stella Shey Winston Shu Steve Sigel Michael Skoler Deborah Slotnick 1 Amy Smith Nichole Smith Peter Smith Virginia Smith julie Snowden Lawrence Solomon an AH A. Christine Speer at A Dylan Steer V ' Lisa Stein Yvonne Stirino Ursula Strong Leah Sugarman ' 1 sux . 9' Qs t lan Tattenbaum Gregg Tong 5 1 33, 5. .' 1 AF-,T ,Q 7 -eww I 'E ,- mf' N ' C' ng . Daniela Vespa ' Q Raymie Wands iq 5 if 6 lusts. Baie? W A 4 Q U ' Eric Weiss 9 - Steven Weinfield C? Misha Wilson Tara Wortis JUNIORS fl, F Sk. I Q 4 I ' P . . .A 1, , . ?., .3 J' ,J .v- 'Cb va V 'ffl 'aff Fx -. .Y ,Q K 1 r , w 22' Alf' s 'fxi , J Q. A' 3 l 1 v vm 1. lm' Pa . EE' . ,- .,'fH9?,'W- A ,fv 5 . 1 Q-,,+ YN .Qu 1 ,, ,1 .-- - f A ' V an . I K - " 1, I iris' T A, . if 4. . L K' V J Q EWTQ Q HAPP15 1 W hat is a senior? Well for one thing hefshe is a student in the class of 1985 who has been at South for four long, hard years, and who remembers the days of the open hall policy. A senior spends any available time at McDonald's, or if it is spring, at the beach. A sen- ior's classes are conveniently scheduled so hefshe can sleep late and leave early. A senior speaks a strange code of S.A.T.'s, Achieve- ments, decile ranks, interviews and of that notorious january day of "freedom" which symbolizes the start of senior slump. But Newton South Seniors are also a distinct group of talented individuals with- out whose commitments athletic teams, Denebola, Regulus, and all the other various clubs could not exist. To the class of 1985, Regulus raises its glass lof champagne of coursey to toast what they have done and whatever they will do. Best of Luck! ENICRSSENICRSSENIORSSENIORSSENIORSSENIOR DSENIORSSENIORSSENIORSSENIORS SENIORS SENII SENIORS SENIORSSENIORSSENIORS SE IIORSSENIORSSENIORS SENIORS SEN IORSSEN IORS' ENIORSSEN IORSSENIORSSENIORS SEN ICRSSEN IOF 65 Brad Abeles 183 Mt Vernon Street West Newton Goodwin, College. Of all years, sen- ior year was the best! Will remember weekends at Killington, thanks to MT, SH, SF, LIN, "QUlRK", SS. Spe- cial thanks to April, Geoff. GOOD LUCK EVERYBODY! Mr. B, l will re- mem r the word that rhymes with TRU lulie Abend 144 Upland Avenue Newton Remember yesterday . . , dream to- morrow. . .and live today. Thanks to everyone for helping me along the way. Good-Luck to my friends and many thanks to my family especially my twin sister Judy who was always there for me when I needed her, Smile! It makes the world brighter. Good-bye Newton South! Good times are yet to come! Please Mush!!!! Michael Acker 40 Placid Road Newton Centre 1255 Football 9, 10, 11, 12 DCL 83 Ricky, Ben, joe, Todd. The Best! The List, why 5? Comedy Connection, Elton john, where's the Pike The couch, Garage Entry IShmartJ, Steggo + Buff, the bomber. Good times with the football boys. Salt, hands "Take it calmly and serene, Its the famous final scene" - Seger Mom 81 Dad, I love you 81 thanx for it all. joe, Good luck 81 enjoy senior year. Farida Alam 45 Indian Ridge Road Newton Centre "A single dream is more powerful than a thousand realities." Forget me notsg International club, History club, Halloween, Locker shock, MarlowelIDiTP,E.S.P.,"SURPRlSE", TGIF, OSIM, Medieval Manor, and "It's the same thing!" Thanx to friends, Abu, Ami, Attia, Nadia, and God. Hey guys - Goodbye doesn't mean forever. See ya in my dreams. 66 ,. fx SENIORS 9:5 r??!9f ludith L. Abend 144 Upland Avenue Newton SMILE, it only takes a minute and the memory lasts forever! Thanks to ev- eryone who has been there for me' especially - AG LS SM DS EZ LM IS LCKBPM MACS ANKLES MY FAM-' ILY will always be a part of me M8tDI' LUV YOU always Marc Larry jackie' the best of luck julie - my other half' we will always be there for each oth-1 er The Lockers. Look out world I Mike L. - 84. Please Mush! " Roy Abrams 43 Bontempo Road Newton "l'm remembering distant memo- I ries, recalling other names, RlPpling ,i over canyons, l'm boiling in the' train" - Who. Learning "Relation- it ships" - "fruitfulness", Another' i i rough day at the G or H. Dealing - with AL, St Nick, Backyard car lot, I win one for the RIPPER. Thanksi Mom and Dad. I Todd Agulnick 22 Brandeis Circle Newton Centre GCBH IMIP ARTT DT RST: the BC' shuttle To the things that could have' been but never were, as well as the, things that never could have been,i but were anyway: Those who know, will rememberg one cannot worryi about the rest. But everybody ought. to know that I considered writing- something clever here. Thx Ma, Pa,t3 Mark, Alan, and Seth. I Aaron Albert 32 Kelveden Road ' Waban "A senseless school, where we must give our lives that we may learn to- live! A dolt is he who memorizes les- sons that leave no time for prizes. ' Thomas Hardy Memories with M.O., C.S., L.C., K.M., R.S., K.N., S.L., T.P., oh and- K.D. and all the rest. Coca-Cola Thanks Mom 8i Dad. l l l Steven Alter 1 14 Woodhaven Road l Waban l"Sometimes it is better to keep your mouth shut and let people wonder if you are a fool than to open it and remove all the doubt." l"A friend is someone who knows all iabout you but likes you just the same." Hockey 10, 11, 12 Lacrosse 11 - 'STATE CHAMPS 12 l l Debra Andelman I 36 Nickerson Road l Chestnut Hill l" . . .and the seasons, they go 'round land 'round, and the painted ponies -go up and down. We're captured on a carousel of time. We can't return S we can only look behind from where l we came, and go 'round and 'round I and 'round in the circle game." i i Martha Anderson 1 56 Woodcliff Road Newton Highlands The sensual and the dark rebel in vain, slaves by their own compul- sion. In mad game they burst their menacles and wear the name of freedom, graven in a heavier chain! - Samuel Taylor Coleridge Nancie Anzivino 19 Pennsylvania Avenue Newton Upper Falls For long you live and high you fly and smiles you'll give and tears you'll cry and all you touch and all you see is all your life will ever be. "What shall it profit a man if he gains the whole world, yet loses his soul?" Thank-you Mom and Dad, Matt, Mimi 81 Clancy for all of the love you gave me. Steven, I love you both now and forever. Q. ,W-Tv 'X -gt 'r'f'17l f E as l , x Steven Altman 20 Holly Road Waban Football 10, 11, 12 Hoops 10, 11, capt. 12. Baseball 10 Capt 11, 12. "Life is full of excitment. To find it, you just have to know where to look" Thanx Mom. Thanx Dad. You both were always there for me. Good Luck Amy 81 Dave. Thanx to all my teachers 81 coaches. Good Times with - MB, CW, CC, KH, ET, MA. LLDC'S ClC28 HNSY "Success is achievingadesireinlife,happinessis enjoying it" limmie Anderson 52 Devon Street Boston Football 9, 10, 11, DCL CHAMPS 12 Wrestling 9,10, 11,12 Track 11, 12. Mark Anzrwno 75 Dickerman Road Newton Highlands SENIORS Ronda Appelbaum 62 Wiswall Road Newton Centre Never be sad for what is over, be glad it was yours to have. 67 I I I Eric Benovitz 110 Rachel Rd. Newton Centre Keep away from people who try to belittle your ambitions. Small people always do that, but the really great make you feel that you, too, can be- come Great. - Twain Thanks Mom + Dad, Lisa, and all my friends - Good luck. Life is great on "The South Side" lill Berkowitz 50 Sevland Road Newton Centre It's been tons of fun thanxs to all of my pals. Lori 81 Sam, Muskies 4-ever! Lori, extra best friends ILY hun. Sue, 2-gether always ILY. Pools, java, clubs, no curfew, wild nitesl DC 81 GR, you're great! John, ILY 4-ever. Rob 81 loc good times! W 84 S unique friends. Dad, Thanks 4-all ILY. Ma, ILY. Rachel 81 Bro's thanx. Hi to the outside world. Susan E. Bibbo 54 Indiana Terrace Newton Upper Falls GOOD LUCK LSAFS YPLI VDDC LPRL EGPSY + ALL MY FRIENDS. Sam - We Made It!! Never 4get - DFB - NO U Turn? 69SS - VETTE - TC - CWT, Don't Stop! ILY ALLI - Never 4get the good times wfIOPS Summer of 84 - Friends 4- eva. S + M . . . PLAYBOY? N.E.A. - MBT - 4WD Golf? 7-20-84 Peter, l Love You, Forever 81 Always. Thanx M 81 D + Judy Wendy - Good Luck - Me. - AFA The last of 6 made it. l'M OUTTA HERE! OOB Karen Blachman 72 Cloverdale Road Newton Highlands V-Ball! 10, 11, '12 Grind! Punters! Hold fast to dreams, for if dreams die, life's a broken winged bird that cannot fly. Gin 81 Ta - I LOVE U! All those that I leave with and leave be- hind thank you for an Awesome time! Midge Eng - '84I DS LN LK IA MI GH SG Lucy - tututu R 81 I Gram! I LOVE YOU WEEZIEI 'Penny' Thanks mom 81 dad - I Love You! Oyster twins activate! Santa Pants Class of '85 5. , s X X I Q 1' SENIORS lenifer Bensinger 80 Plymouth Road Newton Highlands "I'm . . . No, I'm not going to tell you what I am." - H. Kissinger DB, DF, Pam, ILII - You're otay Mom IMEABFH, Dad, David - I'lI always need and love you. Denis, I don't have to tell you what I am - you already know. I love you. lim Berman 175 Pine Ridge Road Waban "Nobody told me there would be days like this" - IOIWFI Lennon- Good luck to everyone Pat, Rob Bartley, time really does fly when you're having fun. Av Earnest S Room Mrs M Walt Disney. LISA, Thanx for making the special times in my life so much better Whether we are together or apart I'll always Love you. Thanx Ma Pa and Benton, I love you all! Lisa Rachel Billard 55 Bound Brook Road Newton Highlands We drank a toast to innocence, We drank a toast to time, We're living in our eloquence, Another old lang syne. - D.F. Much love to my friends - I need not name them - many thanks to my cool family. Art should never try to be popular - the public should try to make itself artistic. - Oscar Wilde Neil D. Blicher 76 Alban Road Waban "You say goodbye and I say hello Hello, hello I don't know why you say goodbye I say hello" - The Beatles Mom, Dad 81 Deb, you're a super family Thanks for everything. Thank you, friends. You're all great! I'll nev- er forget you. 69 I I I Troy Brewington 136 Tonawanda Street I Newton 'Michael D. Bryant I 118 Brandeis Road Newton Centre I"lf you are capable of doing it then ,why shouldn't you succeed." Many thanks to: Mom, Dad 81 Taunya I 'would like to wish all of my friends lgood luck in all future plans VC, CU, IAK, DH, DF, LF, RZ, DH, ML, MI, KH, IMW, JH, DH 81 any I forgot: RH, TC, ' TC- my boys remembering MV 83 f8r 4 RP, CT, MA, PM, NY girlies, klass Ltd, GQ, BD? PS the time has come - don't forget the "Good Times"- IL, R, D, V, K, Z, Ii - BADD I leffrey S. Burg I 429 Winchester Street 1 Newton Highlands l"Skiing it's my way of life" - Billy :the Kid thank you to all my friends jesp DK, BR, OM, DS, IL, MR, AV, IC rand to those who I could not list 'here. Thank you Mom 81 Dad I love Iyou both very much. Good luck to Imy sister, Amy. Darlene I will love Iyou forever and always, you're the Igreatest girlfriend l could ever hope Ifor, thank you DMG. l'M COLLEGE BOUND! Sara I. Campion 6 Aberdeen Street Newton Highlands Soon Oh soon the time All we move to gain will reach and calm Our heart is open Our reason to be here - YES RUN SHOMP2 Thank you Mom Dad, and Lisa All my Love, Sara 13 -3' 'fu'-P i i SEN IORS Roger G. B. Broome V 640 Grove Street Newton "Freshman for life" and other distin- guished titles Ilike genuine neo - Edwardian! made for a very interest- ing four years. "Trust me just trust me" Dr Who "AIl's well that end's well" Herge William Buddington 131 Cypress Street Newton Centre Remember the good times with RC, CM, and the rest of the gang. Thanks to Mom and Dad for helping me through. Nantasket, cruising with the guys and partying - Summer of '84 - Brian A. Burlingame 4 Chester Street Newton Highlands Football 12 3 4 DCL Champs 11 12? Thanks and good luck to the Hyde Weels South gang of IY jj KH and CS lifting and other stuff with TR Thanks Mom and Dad I love you very much julie 3f20f84 XOX Thanks Coach K "and hearing the call of time the strange gladiator moved on urged by a strong and en- couraging wind that blew from the west." CIO LIONS!!! Peter Capofreddi 33 Longfellow Road Newton Lower Falls If a man does not keep pace with his companions, perhaps it is because he hears a different drummer. Let him step to the music which he hears, however measured or far away. - Thoreau 71 David Casper 39 Scotney Road Chestnut Hill IB IG, ll, GR, IS, SG, ME - BEST FRIENDS FOREVER IB, EK, SE, WH, DS, PS, MK, LF, AL, TG Thanks SPAULDING KIDS FOREVER China Sails, FLORIDA, Diana Ross, the Cape, DYNASTY ILY Mom - THANKS FOR EVERYTHING Amy and Michelle YOU'RE THE BEST THANKS Mom and Dad I Love You! "LOOK OUT WORLD HERE l COME!" Patricia Celli 351 Parker Street Newton Centre I have a pen my pen is blue I have a friend my friend is you! l'lI never forget the summer of '84 l'Il never forget my friends: AB, SY, BP, PK, ND, KG, PB, HU, and especially you Ms. Esposito! Plus you MARY Italian Club 9-11 International - 9 1012 Volleyball Student Manager 12 STRUT - Dreams - Sunglasses! lohn A. Chansky 259 lackson Street Newton Centre "Those who wish to be must put aside the alienation get on with the fascination the real relation the un- derlying themef' To all my friends, good luck in the future and don't forget the good times that we've had. I want to thank my family for the support they've given me. I couldn't have done it without you. It's a thin line between stupid and clever. Elizabeth Abbey Cohen 129 Pine Ridge Road Waban "I've been happy thinking about the good things to come and I believe it could be something good has be- gun." - Cat Stevens. To my best friends: jackie, Margi, Stacey, Wen- dy, Lisa - I couldn't have done it without you! MM, DS, AB, LB, DF - Make new friends but keep the old. Mom 81 Dad - Thanks for every- thing, I love you! Good luck D8il. "How'd you have so much fun, Li- nus? It was supposed to be educa- tional!" 72 is sxd' 'wa' -an i, Ns. SENIORS haul' M David Castle 137 Hagen Road Newton Centre "A good soldier has his heart and soul in it, when he receives an orderifee' ll I Bertolt Brecht "l'd rather laugh with the sinners than cry with the saints, the sinners are much more fun" Only kidding B. loel Thanks Mom and Dad Tux and Shorts Howard B. Chafetz 11 Mosley Road Newton Centre Knowledge may give weight, but ac- complishments give luster, and many more people see than weight. Richard Clayton 336 Lake Avenue Newton Highlands Good times with the guys, cruise'n, hang'n and party'n, Friday night poker, Nantasket and the Cape. Was great while ya lasted Mr. Mustang C- ya Camero - "Short but sweet as they say" Drive-ins, flicks, there goes swifty. I love you A.F., say hello to Ricky for me! Good times in Can- ada. "Let's run the border" Thanks "Doll", my friends and Mom 81 Dad, couldn't have done it wfo ya Gregory S. Cohen 25 Peregrine Road Newton Centre Thank you to all of my friends, fam- ily, and teachers. "While money cannot buy every- thing, it certainly puts you in a great bargaining position." - A.H. Berzen "My interest is in the future because I am going to spend the rest of my life there." - Kettering R :Vf IIE'-S ' iw-- C, If In .2-K 'JC i I-- i if' i I i I I I Randi-Charlene Cohen I 49 Rowena Road I Newton Centre ifeat friends and good times - gmmers, Denebola, U.N., Pollock's, ifevators, food, trails, 81 much more. llianks Mom, Dad, Heidi, 84 Andrew .pon't stop thinking about tomor- yw. Don't stop. It'll soon be here." I I Gary Collins H 11 Levbert Road I Newton Centre ,est of luck to my friends ET, SA, KH, fK, NS, CW, TG, DH, Huff MK, IP fhanks Mom, Lou, Dad and Ronne. iood luck to my sisters Lori Pam and -lisan I love you all. Thank you to the llatt's for everything. Thanx Mi- 1elle for a very special friendship. Jotball 71 you bet shut up now. Iear Marce Thank you for the so ary special time we shared togeth- '. l'll never forget you. l l Anne Conneely f 961 Walnut Street I Newton Highlands Don't cry, Don't raise your eye, it's 'ily teenage wasteland." V. E WHO Qeld Hockey 9, 10, 11, 12 's been fun: S.Y. I.A. M.P. C.W. 8: '.I., GOOD LUCK to the class '85 'hanks Mom and Dad I love you! I I I I I l Mary Ann Corsi 5 66 Pelham Street Newton Centre 1 He says the waves in the ship's wake gre like stones rolling away. I don't ee it that way. But I see the moun- ain turning, turning away its face as he ship takes us away." IF Angela and Liz. DD MT CL l'll miss Ta. Mom, thanks for everything. I I l I I qw Diane Colasacco 25 Cheney Street Newton Upper Falls Memories. . . racoon + pizza, MOE! the "green charger", long journies to? truth or dare? beeps, VH con- cert wfthe sheet! To SUSAN, IENNI- EER LAURA, GOOD LUCK 84 NEVER FORGET!! MIKE - I love you more than yesterday 81 less than tomorrow - 12f3f83. Mom 81 Dad I LOVE ya for everything. Anthony Eddy Susan best of friends always. IS EB DLR LIGHT UP THE SKY! VAN HALEN 4- EVA Leonard W. Colman 80 Reservoir Avenue Chestnut Hill Soccer 11, 12. Swim 10, 11, CAPT 12 "Life is not always what one wants it to be, but to make the best of it as it is, isthe only way os being happy"I.I. Churchill To my friends - you will always have a special place in my heart. Sheila,learn from the mistakes that I have made. I will always love you Mom, Dad, Shee, and Don. Thank you for all of the help. li X1 2- 5 ll I I r s i Q A Q . . SEN IORS .a a jx xx ' 1' 73 Grant Covell 66 Forest Street Newton Highlands "Let me be the first to admit that the naked truth about me is to the naked truth about Salvador Dali as an old ukelele in the attic is to a piano in a tree, and I mean a piano with breasts." - Thorber Love and best wishes to all. Remember the Music Department Stacey Beth Creem 15 Esty Farm Road Newton Centre Now before we end and then begin, we'll drink a toast to how it's been. A few more hours to be complete. A few more nights on satin sheets. A few more times that I can say - I've loved these days. - Billy loel. Spe- cial friends - Lee, Diz, GTS, Lau, Hoot, Yik, Sher, DF, IS, IC, AT, SAM, etc. Marc - YABML. Mom and Dad - you'll always be my home. Good Luck Gary AU REVOIR Erica Cushna 19 Burnside Road Newton Highlands "Laugh once a day, because a day without sunshine is night." - Steve Martin Thanx muchly mom 84 dad ILY!! TWITS! Alex, Cath, Greg, Chriso, Pat 81 Caitie: I wouldn't have made it vvf' out ya! Deutchland, 84! GLORIA SANTA PANTS! - Mnn Prom Night? CA-CA: Soccer, Track, BBall: ANIMAL TGI over! FU-FU Lives!!! Konstantinos Vasilios Davos 14 Broadlawn Park Chestnut Hill To my family, I love you all, and to the Needham and Walthham crews there will always be a place in my heart. To my friends, I hope you suc- ceed in your future endeavors. ET, JC, TW, DS, AY, IB, EL and can't for- get Kopp. "The worst enemies are the superficial friends A penny saved is a penny earned but a penny found on the ground or handed down is a dirty penny!" See Yaaa!! 74 'VIZ S -6 i 4 3 7 SEN IORS 5 Y' '1" I i Phillip M. Coyne 188 Collins Road Waban Remember all the good times . NSHSwith SM,RC,MF,DG,CM,K BB, IS Summer of 84 Rules. Road tri, with Mr. Mustange. Rick how d you sing HOTEL CALF. Hey Miki Lets do up another 4000 footer. Po. 507 HELL ovER HIGH WATER Backpack NH EPA. Old time Roo and RollRules Always remember th good times with Tom, Ion, Mo, Ke LB., Liz Thanx Mom Dad, Dc, P Nana - 836 - Enrico Curcio l 37 Champa Street i Newton Upper Falls I l I I l I I Debbie Davidovits 59 Rowena Road Newton Centre ' Me I hope I'm crazy - Bowie Ain't it funny how you feel l When you're findin' out it's real l' - N. Young Creativity is freedom I - Doobie ' Ashima Dayal ' 90 Hartman Road Newton Centre Kiss today goodby I 1 and point me toward tomorrow wish me luck - the same to you But I can't regret . .. y - A Chorus Line i In a cold world you need your I Friends to keep you warm I' -- The Big Chill l li ,Ii I F! ' , .X- Philip Decter M 1--9 , 1. 13 Ransom Road E Newton Centre e great Islamic Philosopher Llams rhc once said, "It may seem easy to lke the first step across that great lmad, but you have never been sta- led to the chicken. lye now! I I Kathy Dhosi 59 Carlton Road . Waban 'Your success in life is largely deter- :iined by your ability to blend yes- ,zrday's memories with tomorrow's reams" I love you - Mom, QWASO .FAL IYHI Dad, joe, Nana and Let. Muchlove and luck to all myfriends, IA QMOXBOJZ KR - Thanks for be- ltg there QFFJ But I . . . : IA - some- ay tmumble, mumblelg LC remem- lei the PC, S1 ITPTTBIQ AY "amaz- l1g", KT oh dear, CS, KN, LH, MD, l'B, PB,lp KB, DS, ES I I I l Tina Dirksen , 56 Bennington Street ' Newton llrant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change courage to thange the things I can and the wis- llom to know the difference Thanks I0 all my teachers and friends at N.S. ivho has help me to accept this. I I I I I I Mitchell Doren 10 Voss Terrace Newton Centre Hockey 9, 10, 11, 12 Baseball 9, 10, '11, 12 "Aquaintances come and go ut good friends last forever. If you an imagine it, you can achieve it. lf you dream it, you can become it." RS, IL, TG, BH, MA, MB, I won't say goodbye, I'Il say l'll meet ya at South- west! TC - How about IIS? Rick - ong Live Grandad! SK + MM you oth lose. Thanx M + D your special eople. Good luck AL Ed - Aim High! L40 -ws '7 4 7 4 ,x 'x Mfllbii llllllllll i My Diane DeRosa 39 Bontempo Road Newton Centre The past will never be forgotten as long as we have memories. Working in the nursery school, thanks Mrs. Kolelitz, Remember all the good times. - Drivers ed., CC, TR, IB. IO. Debbie, Oh Well, Angela, Kepp Rol- lin, Lizzie, Howell, MaryAnn, Kepp Trying, Sue, BoMarty 4f22f84 ILY forever, Thanks a lot Mom and Dad, Rich and C'S love ya. Nina Dibner 8 Devon Terrace Newton Centre "i couldn't tell i couldn't see the person i wanted to be was me" - Boys Life HEY KIDS, LET'S VA!! Anne Dixey 23 Stearns Street Newton Centre Good luck to everyone, with special luck to AR -l- Fland DK -l- IS. Thanks mom, K-K, and the rest of the family - I love you. 9f3f82 - Billy, we have spent over two years together, and they have been the best one's of my life. Thank you for everything - I LOVE YOU!! 'J ws... SEN IORS Ghassan Doughman 3 Glenmore Terrace Newton Highlands 75 lenny Douglass 59 Tamworth Road Waban "All in all, ours was a very meaningful trip that had some positive effect on everyone. We can only benefit from the experience and broadening of horizons gained by our travels to- gether." - I.H., Scrub Mikado,Candide, music, music, mu- sic! SK - Eilat, the sweet, why? KM - France, the recital Duck - keep scrabblin! Love to M, D, S, C, and ant ... finals? Richard Earthrowl 935 Beacon Street Newton Centre Sherri Beth Elman 73 Broken Tree Road Newton Centre Mich, Ien, Ienny, Erika, Wendy, You guys are the best friends anyone could ever have, never will we part! We've been through it all together and I will love you always, DC GR ILY GR you I-Ball! IB 81 gang CIL Mom, Dad, Adam, Matt, and Iosh I LOVE YOU MBIBIKWH ILY MTAITWI Whitney, Alex I Love you guys! Ciao South! Laura Evans 14 Wilde Road Waban "True learning is just observing the world" Sophocles N.E.W., N.Y. Model U.N., swimming, b-ball, lax ... "my favority things" Good luck friends! Margi . . . "thank you for be- ing a friend: Love you M.D, 81 I. - H.O.B.Y., May our roads come to- gether up the way" 76 if 1. ., "Z-'1-. wr "'- 0 SENIORS N I Mark Eagle 69 Wayne Road Newton Centre , Parting should be painless, hanxy IG, DC, IB, II, IK, SP, TS, IS, SC., El AS and all the rest, No more Boz, lets get nice!, Lets Guac, Ming ai' King too many times, weekendsl Click's, rank fights in Ames, Leavq to -, Always remember, you catI get what you want, till you kno what you want. f Andrew C. Einhorn 143 Norwood Avenue L Newtonville "Life is a mystery to be lived, not oi to be solved" MF DK IN DK "Pur5l Rain Well, I don't know" The cour yard, Hackysack, The lake, vel gennes, Quebec, Vermont 6f2! hmmmm! lnuendo Uno's FA I Handgranades l Lisa Epstein 564 Dedham Street Newton Centre 4 F.Y. F.O. l Ciood luck to all my friends: Ali, T.l S.B. CL. I.H. l Lights out in the black truck - "Cf the dark side" I Friends 4-ever Wend - Herb, til thanks Sandy,Mom 1i2,Mrs. T.,M M-N., Mary. And thanks to M h and Dad I 1 Lynn Hope Faber 48 Chinian Path I ' Newton Centre . "If I could make days last forever,l words could make wishes come tr I'd save every day like a treasure a , then again I would spend them wi you."Sebbie, Marj Amy-Sue, You' so special - love will keep us t gether - oink, granny Red ladi C-brate, Spew, Hope, Hunh ' clover, Clyde, bizarre, jello, Betty ILY Mommy + Daddy 1I'll alw need youl - goodbye doesn't me.l forever. I I I H I l l I l. I 1 +I 4 J , Irina Faingersh . 138 Winchester Street y Newton Highlands With a careless memory" . . . 'rael '83, England '84, Music, Duran luran, RT, MTW, D2 Concert, scarfs, lpur hairl? Luck -I- love to great iends. Thanks - Mr + Mrs V, gd ck pi, Special thanx to a special iend wfa cherry icecream smile -I- lie uninhibited music critic, Mama, lapa, Grandma -the best -thanks l- I love U! Mama - always best ,iends "trading in my shelter for -anger" . . . Kay Fang 30 Vine Street 4 Chestnut Hill isten to the MUSTN'TS, child, ,sten to the DON'TS lsten to me SHOULDN'TS lhe iMPossiBLEs, the woN'Ts Qsten to the NEVER HAVES 'hen listen close to me - nything can happen, child, NYTHING can be. l Shel Silverstein luan Carlos Farino ' 10 Washington Terrace Newtonville fhere is a lady sweet and kind Was lever face so please as mind, I did iutsee her passing by, And yet I love ,ef till i die. s, L, H, M, D, A, c, c, E, i, l, R, V, C, P, B, F ihe more we live, more brief appear i Our life's succeding stages: ' day of childhood seems a year, - And years like passing ages. liood luck to you all in the future. I I l I I William Scott Ferguson 3 50 Hartford Street ll Newton Highlands ,wimming 910,11,12, swim for tMri li "Are you 20? Would I lie to you" yummer at the Cape, Vinyard, and antucket PM, SL, Mr Pres Mustang. lR - will die with the Ratf. Good ack to IL PM BR IB AF BA MN EL ank you to parents + step and to ertain teachers. I yi if Perry Fergus 926 Walnut Street Newton Highlands It's time to leave this place, South High So, here it is, my last goodbye: Fran, Sean, Glenn, and Gus, Our bond is one of a kind Against the rest you are the best True friends are hard to find To Newton South and graduates Until we meet again, Good luck Good Health live long Love well Goodbye, Farewell, and Amen Scott Finkelstein 10 Nightingale Path Newton Centre "Fink" Ski Team Moped Salesman Playoff Naut-a-loss But a gain NT and free movies with S.G. and Roe The ColoneI's Connections and Rela- tionships Yellow Vette Steve "Can't drive 55". Roy: "By the way, I won megabucksf' Sam and Tobey's wres- tling matches I LOVE YOU MOM 77 David Fox 569 Sawmill Brook Parkwav Newton Centre Only the earth And the sky last Forever Croodby South - Forever Thank you Hyde School David Frreze 120 Windsor Road Waban "lf the track is tough and the hill is rough thinking you can just ain't enough" DO IT! Never forget the good times in the Frieze-mobile ithe Superfriendsl May the CIRCLE al- ways live on A L..- 5 HB' 78 SEN IORS Michael Fleming 1717 Beacon Street Waban I I Dennis Foley 41 Cypress Street Newton Centre 'The very commonplaces of life Are components of its eternal myf tery Music washes away , From the soul the dust of every -A Day life i The best that life has to give to yci all rc, DH, Rob, Fred, ii, DB, Niel, Kti vin, KR, LR, Pete, Eric I PARTY ON '85 , Shine on you crazy diamond LB. Aline E. Fridman 90 Rowena Road Newton, Centre Good times with Brew Kev Troy L RF IL BM TM got any Ch-? jeff I my little bro Barry thanx for the tall you guys are the best! jeff what carl say? I couldn't have made it withoi you -thanx Rich - ILU memoril of math macs the gym + JL olivrt maganda 4eva Kat thanx Duck RW + my family CL to lo julie DF C. MC- KB Rl and my lzod kid Rid these are the best of times. i 1 Deanna Elisabeth Fulp - 14 Kerradin Road Waban "Life is short no matter how you Iii so live it." g "Wings" Stage crew "PassionelIa, Monkey! Lori Luv, it's been fun! lil who? "There is no substitute" lei IP, CB, BK, Cape Cod summd Mom, Dad, Rae and Cy, I will alwd love you. Thanks for all the love all support. t Inside of us there is a special play where we all excel, Dan Gallagher 1700 Beacon Street I Waban Iey crash i wanna buy some herbs? :ee ya - SM, PC, MF, GD, and the ,oys - RC, BB, CM, IS and Skippy po! Kim, what was your wish? Mine Jo. Thanks Mrs. Hansberry. Home loom? How many credits for that Vicks? Geritol Mre Pachus? Thanks jarry. Freshman? Oh please! Mr. -4ustang is dead Phil. Fire dept '84 'y South She kept her motor leen. IXLR8 Susannah Gearhart 35 Beaconwood Road - Newton Highlands .'a. 131 "The Gang" BS, DM, CH, BM, DC, BM, SD, RC, DE, PC, IK, RD, CIP, g'W - I love ya Thanx to all who Helped me thru the year Q- Sarbear Qiow do you spell Pbblltth? Colum- pus, Ionesin, Drew, NH c block wf IB, LK. Cuz what can I say? love you lJimples! HT Memories H-2, Senior lveek, toga, St. Croix, EG Genesis, IM, B! Thanx mom, I'm sorry Billy - llove you always - "I'm just getting feady to start living" LT I locelyn Gitlin I 34 Esty Farm Road l Newton Centre I e are here for the present but the ays slip away so filled with the joys hat will not fade away. The original 1 fAmy - who could ask for a better Iriend" Lori, Iill, Sue Those crazy hights! RGSBLG ILY AL Andy know- hg we will always care. Hyannis, i'Summer of 84", sailing, Loon Mt., Dancing, Karate, Baygl. Melissa, I'll jlways be there ILY Mom 81 Dad I'm jun my way, Thanks!! l I Todd Glassman ' 36 Sky View Circle I Newton Centre III-ayle my first love you're every breath that I take you're every step I ake and I want to share all my love I ith you no one else will do and our eyes they tell me how much ou care you will always be my End- ess Love, LcDc The list me Benji icky Ioey Ack MBMDCICSKCA thanks Dad, Mom, Tracey, Brett and Iespecially Al joey just drive blue 'bomber Diana take care I I I I I I I l ,cz 44,3 "5.l 1 I ls 2 in.. SEN IORS Sharon F. Gann 62 Lovett Road Newton, Centre Cheering-Capt - II Diana - my baby - DF DAA "Fritz" BYOB C-eooorge FN - always re- member you've got a friend - IT Gretchkin - punters the platou wf Trisha - fenda benda "you mean that tall blonde girl?" Michele - "Hi its Sherry" I'll won't forget you summer '84 DR ME Luck to LH IM KB DT - A real party HK - The closet Gann mobile remember the good times thanx thanx M + D EIM Angela Geraci 52 Linden Street Newton Upper Falls Cheerleading 12, Best of friends for- ever, MaryAnn, Lizzy Good times with DD Ibunnyj, MK, MS, DT, PS, DS, RS, IL lfriends foreverj thanx for everything, parties, Cape 84 Getting lost, Boston! Hey Chickie Thanx Kathryn for being such a good friend + sister, Good luck Iohn + Luisa, Thanx Marie, Love ya Mom + Dad, Hey, I made it! lason Glasgow 9 Laurel Street Newton Centre program life lpast, present, futurej const true friends, I love you VAR times: bad .. . good, lbetterj Begin While living DO Strive for your goals, relax End. lDk2: 55,13 Time is too precious to waste, It's all a joke, so smile 81 enjoy accomplish- ments, : f Chard workj Tracey Glassman 36 Sky View Circle Newton Centre Hold on to sixteen as long as you can. Changes come around real soon make us woman and men - len ILY! Go Ble Best Friends Forever - Jen Lis Steff Wrox 111 Good Luck + luv Steff Lori Lauri MRIS IPLKAS Flag Pole Girls 111 Str 24 CMBITBS ICKSON5 Al + Steve THANX - MAD - Words alone cannot ex- press my LOVEXGRATITUDEI Good Luck Cuzs + Brett ILY! WW - An "F" Today. VL oz Big Fish Face I did it 79 Roberta Gould 36 Osborne Path . Newton Centre l how ya doing, mories, summer of 84 clubin fri- llys, 8-10 Randolph, Breezway crui- Qlw, parduin, lat-niters, scoopin 7 udes Itizanne, youve been the best friend aliould ever want, ILY Cutes, DV - 31, Chirl, JB, IG, LK, KS, good luck to , all, Paul thanks you've made me :anna just hit the books babe I luv ya I Tammy Green 15 Sheldon Road I Newton Centre low beautiful is youth! fow bright it gleams with its illu- ons, aspirations, dreams! Books of geginnings, story without end, each llaid a heroine, and each man a lliend! - Longfellow Thanks to my limily - Dad, Mom, Laine, jeff, lieb, Merr, Rachel - I owe it all to ,pu. Love ya! Alison Gail Gross I 48 Maplewood Avenue ,' Newton Centre l, blade of grass does not quiver un- llss there is a wind, or someone I shes it, or unless there is another Irason. Rare is the blade which quiv- 'rs for no reason whatsoever. These Blades are my favorite, They quiver I ly because they want to. Ms. A, it u're a shining star! Spirit, you are i my heart forever! If I as a leaf can llow . . . can you hear me raintree? I l Steven R. Gun l 66 Alexander Road I Newton Highlands enebola 10-12 Tennis 10, 11 ish I didn't know now what I ,idn't know then." - Seger top tryingto be philosophical,and o your homework." - Mom hanks and love to Mom, Dad, and owie. he four years are over, but its ef- lzcts will linger on. I I l I I I W UN 4, '- s Lauren Green 37 Newbrook Circle Chestnut Hill "Grow up, Grow away, But deep inside, Keep yesterday." Lk - I'll always remember our little friend. CW - Sunday morning brunch. Suz - Greenie loves ya! EZ - Remember that car? To all my friends - Good luck! Thanks Mom and Dad. I love you! Good luck Rich. "Don't stop believingf' - journey Sally Greenberg 103 Dorcar Road Newton Centre Friends is a word we use everyday but most the time we use it in the wrong way Now U can look the word up again 84 again but the dic- tionary doesn't know the meaning of friends - Whodini - Thanx 4 letting me know john 84 Wen Gook Luck to all my friends IP Rossy WR 81 Southie parties cruzin vinyard 84 DB prom 83 81 84 summer Iam I Luv U Mom 81 Dad U 2 Kel Thanx 4 every- thing if ini? SENIORS Bien vivre C est la meilleure revanche . .. - IAG Stacey Hackel 29 Westgate Road Newton Centre It's been a long hard time, but with memories beside me, I'll make it for- ever - Each step of the way. Cheerleading 10 Volleyball 11, 12 Skiing 9, 11, 12 Softball 9, 10, 11 Capt. 12 Merrill - ILY! never forget Florida '82, '83, ST + C ST - ENDS BEST FRIENDS FOREVER! Thanks Mom + Dad for all you have done I love you Ellen, you're the best! GOOD LUCK! 81 Denise Hill 108 Hagen Road Newton Centre Cod is the Captain of my Soul, I am 'the Mistress of my Fate. 'Swim team 9, 10, 11 Volleyball team 12 Indoor track 9,10, 11, 12 Outdoor 'track 9,11, 12 Omo - Thanxs "Mi- norities Rule" Wellesley N.U. "HELP!" L.l. IOY luck 84 Love DE Hang On A.T, Always 84 Forever B.L. 'C.U. A.T. L.K. K.N. K.l. R.A. "Tenda" 81 Ken David I'm here. . .take notice I Love You MOM and DAD - Thank You Liz Hoffman - 63 Nehoiden Road I Waban i"Good Morning! What do you lmean?" he said, "Do you wish me a igood morning or mean that it is a .good morning whether I want it or lnot, or that you feel good this morn- ling, or that it is a morning to be good lon? All of them at once." i JRR Tolkien Robert Hsiung 95 Warren Street I Newton Centre I "Dear friends, Kirk said, we now get a well deserved rest." Reaching his l 1 command chair, he sank in to it. "All right, Mr. Sulu, take us away from this desolate god-forsaken place. 5Warp factor 5."ABCDEFC,HIlKLMN IOPQRRSS TTUVWXYZ - Ack! l tFriends: pick out your initialsj I'll miss you all - thanks. 'Coon' I now know wha ha-pohn! 'Squad' Dingy, McPino's, Tunafish band l' I ""' . .- I Qu. ' I Q 2 A 'L , if ' if ISV s . 51, 1 : .1 I -A X 'Y 'Cx 'Y TTD.. 1 , I' Q . Ben Hochberger 20 Whittlesey Road Newton Centre Footballl'83 DCLchampsl,and Track lwhat's a DCL champ! "It seemed the world was divided into good and bad people. The good ones slept better, while the bad ones seemed to enjoy the waking hours much more." To RS, IL, MA, and TG - you're all great, but I own the list. Hit the deck! The future is unwritten - THE CLASH Kevin Houlihan 1039 Walnut Street Newton Highlands Live life as if theres no tomorrow, cause someday you'll be right. NF good-times wfAndy, Nando, jj, ET, GC, SA, CW, IY, TR, BB, da brothers wargames wfStepha, Cant, Pythons, Cruisin, Partys, Hey Nano! PTPOTP, On the line, wait awhile. NFYCAALY Assimilate - Not Me Baby! SSCFY, SSV SA. Thanks to NM. Thanks for everything Mr P!! Mom 81 Dad hang in there love ya!!!! BYE SOUTH!!! Darvell Huffman 15 Hannon Street Boston Bye in 85 Had fun check ya later sgt., hope we make it. WE DO THIS. "word" football: 10, 11, 12 B-Ball: 10, 11, 12 Baseball: 11, 12 Got to go I block coach, Love ya Grandma, Mom, Dad Thanks for putting mein the right direction its up to me now love you forever. Lori Hurwitz 7 Parker Street Newton Centre Special friends and good times make the memories last 4-ever. Always re- member summer 84 Brighton crui- sin for d's Pardues - nothing left to lose the breezeway LC. late night ad- venturesflots of luck and love to CS - cutes LS, BN, WB, AT, DV Mom Dad and Lisa Thanks for always being there. ILY 83 I lohn lewett 40 Hinckley Road Waban Hockey 9, 10, 11, capt 12, Good Itimes with the Boys IY, BB, TR, KH, AK, PS, IO, CS, PM NS etc, city hall 'ACCY, CS, GANT cruisin in the Imonte soon to be 69 z-28 "Little Red GTO" Cliffy "IT doesn't matter if Iyou win or lose its how good you llooked honey" DLR VAN HALEN 'the sac Mom and Dad YOU'RE THE BEST Love ya Good Luck SY -+- IN Laura I couldn't of done it without ya I love you! Laurie VGF Melanie I. Kelfer 81 Cynthia Rd. I Newton Centre Russian club - 83, 84 German - 84 I"This one's for u wherever u are 2 lsay that nothing's been the same, isince we've been apart. And I won- fder every night if you might just miss ime too, and I sing for u, l sing for u. I- Barry Manilo Pam - Take care of Itransit, huh? Danny-u r Ausgezeich- lnet, really! Michal, always remem- ber, "All the world's a stage." DO- CT BY U DANUE NS Sheryl Kalis l 92 Gordon Road Waban I"AngeIs can fly because they take themselves lightly." jen my BFE - Do you want to play with my toy gbumble bee? Mark - thanks for the 'special times. Lisa you crazy cooter lAliza - stay sweet. To all my friends I - ILY. REGULUS, Israel, "If you fol- llow the herd you could end up a lambchopf' Love -1- luck to Doo, 'Lou 81 Roo. Mom 81 Dad I thank you I for the kindness and the times you l got tough, I love you. I I I Merrill Kallish 51 Sevland Road I Newton Centre , "lt is the laughter we will remember, whenever we remember the way we I were" Cheerleading 10, 11, 12 Sta- Il cey - Best friends forever. Never I forget: Florida '83 '84, 1811, ST 81 C, I Be-fri, "I can't be bothered with it" I love you. Mom - you're the best. Thanks for everything, but we're not done yet - ILY. Dad, thanks for al- . ways being there for me - ILY - I Karen - Good Luck with all you do. I I I I I I X 'FQ J as Karen A. lohnson 15 Thurston Road Newton Upper Falls Concert Choir, Madrigals, Vocal En- semble. Mrs. T, you're the best! "Oh Brother", TB, DY, ES, AD, and all the gang! Miss Newton 1984 Lynn, Mouse Dee, Denise,Crystal,Chrissy, I Luv ya, Cheryl "I'm fixin to go to college" Aunty Ioan, Noni, Dad for making me what I am! john, now your "Karen's big brother!" Hope, thanks for helping me through all the tough times. Mom, wherever you are I LOVE YOU! Michele lordan 1303 Walnut Street Newton Highlands Gretchen, Karen, Sharon, Helaine, Trisha you've got a friend, good luck always! KHDMIAD + SSAFAM ISBBCM PCGD. NU, Punters, cape yeah, summer 84, cheers, cruzin in the Gannmobile,nicfit,tainted love, plateau, 7-28-84, Cutler never for- get me. Chicky baby I'm serious The good times last forever!!! I made it, Mom, Dad, Tom, I love you 'r I a , , A, , f he . 9 1 I. s r f' 4 SENIORS 85 Wendy Anne Kallman 3 Fisher Avenue Newton Highlands 4. F.Y.F,O. Look not with your eyes: rather seek with understanding and you will find much more - Vball 9, 10, 11 Goodwin House Task Force 12 The best to all my friends Special Thanks to the Epstein Family Lisa and Helaine B.F.F. IP Thanks to Mrs. M, Ms. A, Mrs. D, Mrs. B-K, l'll never forget you guys! "On the dark side" UAAASS BOUND l.L.Y. Dad, Cort - No two sisters could be closer, Shira B. Kaplan 25 Quidnic Road Waban "As Stuart peered ahead into the great land that stretched before him, the way seemed long. But the skv was bright, and he somehow felt he was headed in the right direction." - EB. White - Ien, Youn-Kata, Iackalena, Missa- lenna Lechen, Scott tVB!I, 81 Noah. Iohny Iump-up, Benny Bunny, M -1- D -1- A - you're all so special. Good luck to all. Helaine Karlin 23 Fox Hill Road Newton Centre "Green Buick - There is no substi- tute" AC 6-29-84 "I really wish you told me it was your birthday today." SB Cape DF 9-29-84 WK - TATA- BYOOL HaHa Pic 4eva MI - "Off the Walls" Cutler Crew - BFA girls "l'll Be There" LS, IF, IC, CS - TPU WRAG, IKINLTWA Sammi Whyte's rr1 Fred + Frida TA . . . GL: GH, KB, TO,DT,MC,DS,CL,SCilLlTCI, IS, BB thanks Mrs. M Thanks Ioel, Ann, and even you Cibola GL Ann ILY all, Scot! Katz 329 Hartman Road Newton Centre "SKATZ": Lax 9, 10, 11, 12: State- champs 11: The Beaver. Mark: par- ties at Yappa's The Boss! tie score. Iackie: it has been hard but u-r spe- cial + ILY! Dave, Marc,Tom + Meiz: this buds for you. MD, TG, IS, TS, AS, C-C, Ack, B, GR, NP, The Bunch, IG, SM, MA, CS, "DB" I Robo! Shira my "VB": ILY bud of mine! Camp: Dogger + Sid. M + D + S: "Some- day we'll look back on this and it will all seem funny" - Bruce Spring- steen mlf' 3.51 Ar SEN IORS .- iii Pamela Sue Kane 45 Haynes Road Newton Centre Daylight. I must wait for the sunrist and I mustn't give in. When the dawn comes, tonight wil be a memory too. I And a new day will begin. Moonlight: turn your face to the moonlight, let your memory leatl you, open up, enter in. If you fine there the meaning of what happi- ness is, then a new life will begin.l William Karger 41 Dorset Rd Waban ' Cannot forget good times + bari times. Had some laughs. Collegi bound from here. Cadillac, El Dor. ado party, train 4EVER Thanks Mori + Dad for everything CL85 lennifer Karp 43 Cynthia Road Newton Centre Swim 9-11. Tracey - Best friends 41 ever. Trace, Stef, Lisa, Laurie, Ste! Iamie, Lori- Never forget the grea' times wfthe W. Rox boys Love yol all. The Trax, Stef's rocket pardu, N + M lights, Sharon '84 CM, IS, KDQ Bitbs, Lhac, G.G. 21, Str 24 Goo: Luck: MR, LK, IP, As. AIC missed ya Doug - Good Luck, ILY. Mom -it Dad Thanks, I love you so much. l'l1 on my way ... T, L, S keep th' memories Marjorie Hope Kaufman 850 Dedham Street Newton Centre , "Look not with your eyes for they see limitations - rather seek witlt understanding and you will finct much more." Unforgettable memos ries with special friends - Ainl Lynni, Deb. L.W,, D.M., M.K. Yau 73 84. R14-eva! UMASS. C - Bratelq - Hopes SU, SU, SU Bizarre?! G -. mobile, Chase Iello. Best of friendl never part - Beth! Thanks Mom Dad 81 Ioe for always being there ILY! 86 , Wendy E. Keselman 50 Olde Field Road Newton Centre lHold on to your dreams, don't ever 'ive in, if you keep on trying you're 'oing to win" s-ball 10, 11, 12, Sp. jlub - 12, Fr. Club - 12. Luck 84 luv IO: DOLWALMKD MLKLF Never grget, Help! Do you know now to 1-ut air in your tires? How do you .-ronounce that? Light years, wha? llebbie - If you ever need a friend, lil be here until the very end! BFF! vlom 81 Dad - ILY ALWAYS! Good luck jeff! lulia Quirk Ketterer 10 Locke Road Waban fear: Make no noise, make no noise, ,iraw the curtains. So, so. We'll go to Lupper in the morning. fiool: And I'll go to bed at noon - Shakespeare A tous mes amis et amants - je vous 'lime Loon-f-phones, Half moon. ivladge - BM, BMSIMSP -I- GROSTRL? Nice quote Squash I whipper - YMBF Curly, Spike, M + J: Bastion + I ILY loanna Kibel 18 Devon Terrace ' Newton Centre 'In our country," said Alice, "you'd generally get to somewhere else - If you ran very fast for a long time as lve've been doing." "A slow sort of Lountry!" said the Queen. "Now pere, you see, it takes all the running you can do, to keep in the same place." liest friends: Thanks for sharing in the good times and for helping in the rough times. Love you all. I Sung Lana Kim y 2025 Commonwealth Avenue I Auburndale lNo matter where u go, there u R, 8t there's noth'n u can do about it so reach 4 the highest rung of the lad- der 8t proceed 2 climb. 2 the friends that R gone, thru the 1s I leave be- lhind - Thanx! A friend can never l4geta friend. Smiles tell it all. VB 84 If IO track 123"4 - O, Mrs. K, Mr. D!! IL - we beat the odds. Mom thanx 4 makin me a minority - I luv U! Grandma you live 4ever in me. l i l l l l and 'TN SENIORS David Kim 57 Floral Street Newton Highlands Erika L. Klein 435 E. Dedham Street Newton Centre Sherri, Wendy, jenny 84 len. Because of our friendship we were able to make it through all the rough times, along with having the times of our lives. Pam thanks 4-everything. The Hamptens 84 Florida. D.C. 81 GR. you guys are too much! Mom 81 Dad I love u very much. I couldn't have done it wfout you. "Always remem- ber you'll never see tomorrow un- less you make it through today." 87 l David Kowal l 108 Andrew Street i Newton Highlands lnever think of the future. I It comes soon enough - A.E. loccER, LACROSSE, BASKETBALL le-12m I lDid I score?" - D.K. 16-9-843 Qhad a lot more fun these last 4 yrs. I aan this picture suggests. Thanks to , ll who have been such great friends. thanks Mom and Dad iood Luck ROB - you're 111 'lie only way to have a friend is to be ne. - Emerson - DK - I I lohn B. Langan . 14 Bowdoin Street , Newton Highlands 'ymnastics 10, Capt. 11, 12. Soccer .l 10. Somersault center, G.A.B - ,la HM. TENTH REG. of Foot llrasse Senior Class Co-President lfiris shrimp cocktails in the back of line bus "Tigger" windsurfing good in es MW, EC, IA, AG, SE, LK, SG I hen he can read God directly, I e hour is too precious to be wast- in other men's transcripts of their lK.adings." - RWE Thanx Mom + iad l l Stefanie Lawless 4 32 Acacia Avenue i Chestnut Hill lu1eerleading11,12 Thanx to all the ll icks - LS LA SS IK IS TG LK MR LS 11K Summer '84 - thanx L84 - FRAX Hoc - Lau sr. E's!! sHs - len l Lisa BC BB Special thanx to DH 8. lB - memories Lisa - P-84? m- lght, m-hard NB GG rt1 pardu - LM O'C's SBS!! LHAC Thanks to om and Dad - good luck lim, Fan, and Alicia. limbo - 7f13f84 l I l I Cynthia LeBlanc ' 123 Oak Street I Newton Upper Falls IMPY - Well South, I'm outta ere!! I'm young, I'm wild, I'm free Triumph you guys are the best: ET, PR, TS, NM, LV, SY, CR, JO, KI, , AH, DB, AM, SB, MS, BS lce calls, lhe Cape, 4-easy years, Mr. C. - ishing on a star" - The Boss. Ev- ybody knows - Van Halen rules!! Have fun guys! MD - Forever iends - thanx M + D for every- I ing ILY. And she's riding the stair- :lay to heaven. i 1 l av Y I5 ' fires- SEN IORS Elizabeth L. Kushner 108 Rosalie Road Newton Centre "All our happiness of today turns into memories of yesterday" Softball 9, 10, 11, 12 Special thanks to Mom + Dad for all your love and support! I Love You! Special friends: Lori: friends always, Lauren: always remember the good times esp. "our friends" DS, DO, and all the rest - Good Luck! Evan - thanks for all the help, Laura - you're next, Good Luck! Eric Langer 190 Baldpate Hill Road Newton Centre "Nothing is impossible to a willing mind" Good times at the beach with all my friends - you know who you are. Memories that will not soon be forgotten. Having fun on the week- ends with the special ones. Guac!! All of my friends be sure to keep in touch, Good luck in school jeff + Todd. jeff - a close friend forever. Mom -l- Dad thanx for all of your support - I LovE YOU!!! jerry Lawrence 16 Margaret Road Newton Highlands I think I've been here long enough to know that most people's ques- tions about Newton South are better left unanswered. I would like to wish my friends the best of luck in the years to come because I think we all need it. Hopefully in the future the price of gas and tires will go down. Peter LeBlanc 9 Roland Street Newton Highlands The worst years are over - It's time to go on. Good luck to all Friends. Best summer in California 84. Great times at parties and cruising. Will al- ways remember Roland St Crash - l.V. Thanks to Mom + Dad and gang. 89 April Lyndon 319 Ward Street L Newton Centre gnd maybe love is letting people be lst what they want to be pe door always must be left un- rcked in love when circumstance may Bd someone away from you hd not to spend the time just oubting . . . " - Howard jones fm all my friends - Thanks for being lere - I love you Let's va I Allison MacDonald 247 Varick Road Waban -30d Luck to TR CLIC PL GS PS SY DLE GH LS EM Sam - No windows! is code out! IOPS 111 Ralph softly .id mushy forever PLAYBOY? Cold Srings summer '84 Cruisin KSM 9 .ie - Thanx for being a great friend A Scott - Thanx for being there LU Mom Dad and KSM ILU Greg -Good Luck "Rubber Samples... irpin" just in time!! Mom - I lade it!! See ya later South! l Elaine Mandell l 21 Allen Avenue Waban ,.ove is the key we must turn. Truth 'the flame we must burn. Freedom le lesson we must learn. Do you Iiow what I mean? Have your eyes Ially seen?" - EJ. - B.T. History l12, "Southside" 11 -I- 12, Reflec- pns 12, Theater 9-12, Model U.N., rael '83, NEFTY - SHAFTY 9-12, nanks: Mel, S.H., Io + Rab. W., i'BCN, all others, esp. Ma, Dad, and is' for everything! l l jeffrey Mao I 27 Daniel Street Newton Centre lil! I wanted was a Pepsi just a psi" - Suicidal Tendencies anx to family + friends - musi- ans track stars, poker people, var- 'us others fy'know who yous isl + E SQUAD - you guys are the st used to be disgusted ow I try to be amused t since the wings've got rusted A uknowthe angels wanna wear my pd shoes" - E.C. l 1 l I i l Bax 4 WN Karen MacCormack 5 Wilson Circle Newton Highlands It is only with the heart that one can see rightly, what is essential is invisi- ble to the eye Antoine de Saint Exupery So many people, so many memories, so little time + space. Thanks to: The music department fEngland!!I To all of my wonderful friends - good luck! To those I leave behind - Don't worry, it gets better! LC, AA, TT, GC, AT, PC, KS, TH '86 ML, EW, MC, KM Nanci-Ellen Mack 57 Wetherell Street Newton Upper Falls MIT - We did it! 4get the bad, re- member the best, KIK, DE, Cl, The wall, MBK, Lenny, 1st cars, Dunks, CL - work, 8:30, TR - BH, NA - Good Luck kiddo, BB, Ml, SR, ya all. HmRm, Camp, "R we havin fun yet?" TBird, Mae - Brunke - I made it! David - l'll never 4get, flowers etc. Dad - Luv U, Duke - 2 gone, 2 left your ok! Mum - you've been, Mum, Dad, supporter, friend, I Love You! "Dreams R 4ever, never let them die." Sarah Mann 7 Ledhewood Road Newton Highlands The most utterly lost of all days is that in which you have not once laughed. - Chamfort Pooks, Flash, Randie, Doobie, Boo, eh? LG, LK: stoves wf3 burners, legs, brkfsts, classifieds, "peachy". How do you spell Pbbblltth?, Nikki, D- caps, and of course - Elevators! Thanx for everything Mr. B.! Pugs: Good luck - ILYa - M, D, I, D - ILUZ - SLM - Ozie Mark 88 Harwich Road Chestnut Hill 111 times - Police -I- Boss shows, Party cfo Dave + I. Thanx for every- thing my friend. Memories of MW - don't let Green Death kill ya. Reff, The Mess, Lowie, Matt, Rez, Ski, Eric + Mark buddies 4ever. Karate, Festa, Hanky Panky, drives w!Tex + Kosta, H1 sign collectors, Valby, K- fried. JL stay golden. Thanx Kev + Mom - the best! SO I GOT OFF THE PHONE! See ya when I see ya. Stay Alive '85 - WIZ 91 11 s-as as Katharine I. McCrory ' 6 Ridge Avenue Newton Centre ' '... just start by stepping out, then let your mind run free." XC 9-C12. Q IT 10-C12. OT 9-12. To all my I friends: Thanx for all the laughs -I- L good times at WS, + for being there in the bad times, too. LK - friends for 10 -I- yrs -l- still counting! AG - Diet much? Good luck IKSHFAIP NIWBMIG. Keep runnin' TADTLN MPPNMH - l'll miss y'all! Mr M, C, O - Thanx! MT? HaHaHa! A la fa- mille: I love you!!! Peter Meinhart 9 Carver Road Newton Highlands High in the sunlit silence I sat and pondered And now I understand these winds and tides, this change of times So take off, your hosers, to the great white north. Dreams of conquest onward -I- up- ward M.V. and "The Boys" Good luck to KS SF lL DF DS ectfwinter Hockey Skiing Family Big Brother ED -l- UR sf' if 61 SEN IORS leanne McKinney 33 Old Orchard Road Chestnut Hill "You want something corny? In got it" - Stewart Copeland IF, ,d - "DaZZle!" MD, YO, MM, HF, f, TE - "We've got the scars to prqe it - yaya - have a greasy one." Yu mustn't always believe what yu see" - Graham Parker. And nowlr something completely different g, I I Steven Meizler 54 Sheldon Road Newton Centre ' We make a living by what we g' We make a life by what we give, Ski team - 10, 115 Captain 12,1- crosse - 11, 12. Thanks to all friends for four great years. Spelal thanks to my Mom and Dad forfl- ways being there. I Steven Melanson 14 Ellis Street Newton Upper Falls . Outside loop citric acid Goodbylte What's my name! Hey cheapoyit man Goodtimes past and presyl. DGMFSRIS CMAM RLBB PCG Ll I'll never forget you. IA I tried' you're special. Thanx Mom + id + Grandparents you've been tty good to me. Hey IV I always tal a shower She was a fast machine. at ya later NSHS It's been differen- i li l Samuel Mettler 79 Levbert Road Newton Centre I I l i I 92 Mark 5. Millender 63 Lovett Road Newton Centre Cherish the memories and plan for ihe future but live for the moment. I High school friends, I love you all. l Walter Yappa Skatz - Parties at Yap- las - The Boss - Tie score. Sheryl ' lll never forget you! Lax 9, 10,11, 12 l-ki 9, 'l0, 11, 12, BAGYL3 TOM, MR, DS, SS, DA. Photos forever. MB, AB, l IB, LC, MD, DF, SK, SM, IR, IW. Baby l ive were born to run - Bruce Laurie + stacy MOM + DAD i Love You . Robert C. Mitchell 4 45 Kingsdale Street i Dorchester A ghad good years here but I am look- f lng forward to a greater future I I Colin Monahan 16 Wilson Circle y Newton Highlands 'Good times and good friends will al- lways be remembered R.C. B.B. 1.5. I it l'K.S. and the rest. Remember Can- B. 'I lada? T stop, and Aunti - she's gross. r I lBaseball10, 11 Thanx Mom I love ya. - I l I I . Elizabeth S. Morrison 108 Glen Avenue l Newton Centre Set high goals so you always have something to reach for. Track 9-12 lSwimming 9-12 Capt. Love triangles Jaclyn, thanks for being the best! What do u want 2 do tonight? Macs lUST SKIP! Guy soup?! License! Bus Where's the party? LUSH summer '84 NYC BC games Halftime yet? Noah Bermuda Don't analize LK lA 'IA AG ez LS 1 + A oo'T AF so TN NS AD KF Thanks Mom, Dad, Dave H- Susie l LUV U I l 'S-. SENIORS Debbie Miller 148 Truman Road Newton Centre Softball, CheerleadingfNever forget NU, IC, BFF Kriegs, Michelle lanice. Good luck to all my friends Never forget the good timesfLaura you're a special friend ILY. I love you Mom -I- Dad thanks for everything. Scott + julie good luck I love you. You never let me dovvn you turned my life around the sweetest days I found I found with you I Love You jimmy. .. Pam Modell 146 Walnut Street Newtonville "Nothing in life is to be feared, It is only to be understood" len, Mel, Andy, PK, and LK - Thanks for being there. Thanks to my family for their love and support. Fee - what would I have done with- out you? ILY Rachel Morris 40 Groveland Street Auburndale We all know it's better yesterday has past, let's all start living for the one that's going to last! I've been think- ing of the good things to come, and I believe it could be something good is begun! Be wise: Be like a light, in the shadow, Throw down your mask 81 be real, Don't wish to win, don't mind to lose - Time to wipe your eyes now 84 AWAKEI MY MEMO- RIES . . . l Katayoun Motiey 250 Hammond Pond Parkway Chestnut Hill "I will take my time this time, I'm gonna make a rhyme this time ... The dreaming's over . .. ... The scheming's over . .. I'm gonna be only me this time." - Al jarreau Shiraflingl 111 - don't forget ILS - Berkhamstead 84' - NEC wflenny D. - lacquelina . . . I'll miss you! - ILY all- Thanx Duekl - Mom -I- K. ILY . . . 93 Beth Murphy 101 Avalon Road Waban Though it was really one laugh with a tear in the middle I counted it as two " I Barrie Peter Murphy 1115 Boylston Street Newton Upper Falls LAX 9-12 Capt Skatz I'll get Ss Un- forgetable times with the weeks boys plus two IYII CSBB KHTR IOPS and EC + IY The Monte let's cruise ll Find the parties Thanks to IS 3am? LBIA and LS The Ice Cream Factory Van Halen + The Boss. Special thanks to Mom I LOVE YOU Dad Dan and Kim Hey Burls lets gip thanks Al! The Races. lm going to pass Basic Algebra someday '72 Cut- lass" Class of 85 Bundy Neal 410 Langley Road Newton Centre Those crazy nights I do remember from my youth, I do recall those were the best times most of all ... journey We made it! Good times with CS WB LG LS MP IS -I- ESP. LH - I luv ya Cutes AT - What can I say? I luv u like a sister! LS - you're the best friend in the world! RD - 81-84 I'll never forget you . . . Mom + Dad - you made it all possible, I love you! GD. LK! len Trang Minh Nguyen 53 Pearl Street Newton Never forget the good times at li- brary with all the nice librarians. I would like to thank my parents for always taking care of me. I also thank all of my teachers. Goodbye! Good luck to everybody. l- 1 Af' ',.,..1 SENIORS g 44 Christopher F. Murphy 12 David Road Newton Centre It was the best of times, It was the worst of times, It was the age of wisdom, I It was the age of foolishness S50 S50 S0 - Whahapohn Mar 1 Matthew Natale 20 Lerrison Street Newton Highlands , Hulkamnia is runnin' wild all OVEI'5, I wouldn't have made it wfout:iI, MR, IG, MW, RS, OM, SR, Dil. johns 141061 Caras, Dr. G. to alllie girls that tolerated me. I'm glad trite out of this place. NSHS has a gill amount of potential talent - with out world. It's time to put my molly where my mouth is I came I sail conquered! Michael Neiberg 72 Dalton Road Newton Centre I "Don't be afraid to sleep, then if '-u dream it's ok. . Lax 9-12 Hoop 9 10 Track 11 Mom + Dad - Thank you, I ll'e both of you. IO: I'll be happy if I Q-ln do as well as you. Len: Good lrlt, the house is all yours. Thanks tcllll my friends "I blame society." I Kelley Norman . 65 Athelstane Road Newton Centre Kelley Bear , . . Conn. Weekend.. Are you saying something imir- ram? LBDsDH Volleyball.. Basketball Nov. rain Fell8. Norman the wonder plant and CR ...Como no! . . . SWAG lamaiczk. UB Summers... That's not lovelt. Psychology , . . Communicationab Navy! . . . "What do you mean I dl'I get a class rank?' '... Thanks Ml+ Mrs jones! . . , Dad Babes I love ll! ...Take care class of 1985 .,. l 94 Gordon Novak 1507 Center Street Newton Highlands The wise man doesn't give the right answers, he asks the right questions. TIO shall prevail ... lason Olansky 44 Erie Avenue Newton Highlands ,Goodbye to Newton South. Have ihad many good times with Pete, lim, 1Chris, Peter, john, and Tom. Re- lmember times in the highlands and fatl + S Mobil. Much love to KM, LB, 'CL, LV, MD, PR, TS, BS, AM and DD lDS Good luck to joe Conolly and lauto shop. Well spin we had good ltimes in the comet and more to lcome in the blazer. Thanks Mom land Dad and good luck to my sisters. Ashley Oliver ' 'I377 Walnut Street Newton Highlands Ils the goal so far away? IFar, how far no tongue can say, .Let us dream our dream today. l - Alfred Tennyson jTo all my special friends, you know ,who you are, thanks for all the sup- yport. I love you! Squash, I could twrite a book! Flake and Seth, good lluck next year, I'll miss you. I l David Orlin I 433A Dedham Street Newton Centre "I read the news today, oh boy, about a lucky man who made the grade. And though the news was rather sad, I just had to laugh." Thanks to everyone who helped me over the last 4 years, especially M, N, R, S, T, and, of course, Mom, Dad, leff, and Eric. ', "I can gather all the news I need on q the weather report. Hey, I got noth- I mg to do but smile." F PK l 3 ' w x N. CP fwfr L 'F' it xg SEN IORS Trisha 0'Neil 3 Ridgeway Terrace Newton Highlands These pages may soon crumble The ink someday fade But never the memories of friends I've made! C-retchkin UMass '84 "Dunters" Cheers NE TB These are the best of times Sharon Kenmore Sq Celebrate good times! Good luck - GHSCIM CSCM IBB BIRD + Stretch ILY Marshfield! GH party Truck Thanks Auntie Pat -I- UE -I- PKB ILY I made it Mom + Dad I love ya! Thanks Mrs. N + Mr. M 1985 Kim Ornstein 25 Shute Path Newton Centre "Sunset nights + starlit dreams That's the way it seemed ... " LUV 4-ever to friends, u know who u are. "OHP Marriot." Couldn't have done it wfo u. Especially Mom fmy best friend! thanx for being there The child has grown, The dream is gone, But the song goes on, Let the music play ... 95 Deborah A. Oshry 89 Adeline Road Newton Centre "Time is not measured by years, it is measured by smiles, laughter, + tears" Cheerleading - 11, S-ball - 9, 10, 11, Sp. club - 12, Fr. club - 11, 12. Luv + luck to: WK AL LW LK MK DM LF MK CS. We did itll! Wen- dy - "lust call my name and I'll be there" BFF. Long gossip convos, ChSa, SS, Chics, E for effort sold out, P-town! Thanks Mom + Dad ILY the most!! Mom - you'll always be my special friend! Miejung Park 19 Kappius Path Newton Centre Be genuine No healthy tree grows rotten fruits, No rotten tree grows healthy fruit You can tell every by its fruit from a thornbush you dont get figs, from a bramble bush you don't get grapes. The good man out of the richness of a good heart grows goodness, The evil man out of an evil heart grows evil. LC 43-45 Noah Pearlstein 131 Brandeis Road Newton Centre Remember courtyard days - Harry, Al, jeff, Dan, Andris, Terrance - Van Halen concert - Rush concert - Rush + VanHalen rule the uni- verse - "I can't pretend a stranger is a long awaited friend" - Rush, "Yeah you may have all you want baby, but I've got something you need" - Van Halen, "You know you're semi-good looking" - Van Halen Thanx Iaclyn, Timer and Skatz - Love you Mom, Dad, Mark -+- Da- vid Debra Porter 1124 Chestnut Street Newton Upper Falls 96 Laura Pachas l 117 Esty Farm Road Newton Centre To all of you who said you'd neve read this, where's my 10 bucks? K IS ECHO. The Cape 83. Get out. ll' "Where da fia?" The tree, the parl Tracks. Denise, memories of Maint Steph, attack dog! len "No, I'll me you if I am" 3 friends forever. Daddf I couldn't have asked for a better ft ther. Thanks I love you!Iohn,10!17' 80 You're welcome. 1000 memorid I love ya!! Scott Passman 89 Dorcar Road Newton Centre Soccer 9, 10, 11, 12 Lacrosse 9, 11, 11, 12 "It was the best of times, itwi the worst of times." - Charles Dicli ens. To all my friends - thanks fc! everything, esp. D.K., Buddah, ani the Chi-Chi. Thanks Mom, Dad, an. Andrea - I couldn't have done itwi out your love and support. "Gai, strength from the past, and dreari for the future." - S.P. I E. David Pemstein 121 Homer Street Newton Centre l There are too many of you whom truly admire to mention - eveli you, josh. Theatre, Reflectioni Denebola, Grasse '84 fLet's va!I "Anl did they get to trade your heroes fd ghosts . . . cold comfort for changd And did you exchange a walk-ol part in the war for a lead role inf cage?" "No eternal reward will foul give us now for wasting the dawn.l 9 4 l I . I, leffrey Portnoy I 9 Maple Park I Newton Centre g I l lr - I l 7 lennifer Prendiville I 51 Parker Street l Newton Centre I he mind - is not the heart. I may ' t live, as I know others live, to wish vain to let go with the mind - of I, res at night to sleep, But nothing lls me that I need learn to let go th the heart." - Frost l anks to my family, friends, and . ,achers. I 'll I i I l Patrizia Raffaelle . 182 Langley Road Newton Centre l'1e Gang may be split up but the I emories will last forever. Best of ,Q es - ice-calls, VH concert - lash, Mic's, wishing-on-a-star, slvps S- B19 Best friends forever. Gimp l- NYE 83 - HW. MD - you're too l uch. MT - fresh! Good luck LV, ,lO, SB, AM, SB, KI. Thanx M + D. I Y Bobby 1-28-84 forever ... l l Matthew Ranen I 38 Vine Street ll Chestnut Hill l ccer, Lax 9-12 Thanks and good I ck to Scooter, Snappa, Monchi, K, and I-lake, and to all my other l I quaintances. Also, thanks Mom, I ad, Aron, Neal, 84 Diane: The best ,Fmily one could have. "Whether going out or returning, the Yogi acts pyith full attention, whether looking head or looking around, he or she lcts with full attention," - The Bud- llha I I I ' William Richmond 833 Commonwealth Avenue Newton Centre im sailing away. Set an open course DT the virgin sea. Reflections in the faves spark my memory. Some hap- iy, some sad. I think of High School fiends and the good times we had. gemember, Deep inside we're all lhe same! LAX 9101112 wrestling Igh 10 RS we must do something bout your paranoia! Many good imes! I like you! To Mom, Dad, An- lel, Steve, Ron I love you i I -.IV 1' 4- 5 tix i .. .- i .K , it si u A SX SEN IORS Amy Raab 54 Rowena Road Newton Centre "Life is a series of hellos and good- byes - I'm afraid it's time for good- bye again," Thanks to true friends - AK, AD, IL, RI and everyone else for the good times and even the bad. Good luck to jess, Bark, Nancy, AD + BK, MT + Cl, SL + Alana - you'll always be my best friend. ILY Thanks to M -l- D and Frank - we have only just begun to love and to care, to live and have fun. ILY lacqueline Randall 36 Waban Avenue Waban "Only you have the power within you just believe in yourself and the sea will part before you. Needn't beg the world to turn around and help you" - Starlight Express. Liz - I hope we always stay the best of friends! Scott - thanx for every- thing, Never forget great times with Wendy, Shira, + Katy! A special thanx to: Mom, Dad, 81 Doug - I love you so very much! Good luck Doug! Marc Resnick 42 Plainfield Street Waban Don't take life so seriously, lt's not permanent. fVeni vidi cictus rectuml. PILE DRIVER Rowdy Roddy Rasslin'l! MN, Ozie, Row, lBx2, DKx2, Reffx2, Reex Durods, K-Ftied Microbird Rocky Where's the party this week- end? Party hardy, big beef, WILD LIFE! PSYCHEDELIC It's snowin get my skis thanx to all my family + friends. Steven Riseman 30 Locke Road Waban Thank you to all my friends, teach- ers, and family for all your love and support Mike,Mikey,ARF,TIG, Me- lissa etc. Good times hangin' out front - Lifeskills, Yearbook staff - 'My car screwsl' Thanx to my family especially - Mom, Dad, Aaron and Russ. Nancie: I love you, you're my best friend! Goodbye South, next Stop - THE TWILIGHT ZONE! 97 joe Rogan 38 Ellis Street Newton Upper Falls The long and winding road has final- ly ended. South wah real, sometimes fun, but never real fun. I learned 2 wrongs only make a right if you don't get caught, and life is too im- portant to be taken seriously. Work hard, aim high and you'll get where you want to be, but if you don't know where your going you prob- ably won't get there. Beth - I love you and I'll never forget. Later!!! Leroy Rollins 2 Bismarck Street Mattapan 2 Bismarck St. Mattapan We can do this 98 SENIORS 19 E. Michael Roach 11 Hale Street Newton Upper Falls Good luck to all my friends "Any- thing worth doing is worth doing. right" 68 GTO "GOATS are where, its at" VAN HALEN IH Bud Thanks, MOM 81 DAD , Glenn Roberts 87 Broken Tree Road Newton Centre "AlNT NO MOUNTAIN HIGH ENOUGH" - DIANA ROSS, LAU- RA, Relationships end, but memo-, ries last FOREVER! I love you! 10f6fl 83 Tennis 10, 11, 12 Singer, Dave,l lake, Todd, SK, IG, SG and everyonel else Thanx, It has been real! Wendy,l Sherri,Erika,jB,jB,Iam your favoritel I-BALL! Good Luck to all my friends,l U know who U R! Mom, Dad, Tracyl and Ad I love you! LEAVE IT TO -It I'm not my way ... , Thomas Rogers 3 Mullen Court Newton Highlands Hyde, Weeks, South. Football 9, 11,. 12, DCL Champs 11, DCL ALL STAR! 11, 12. Baseball 9, 10, 11, 12. Hockey, 11. Good times with the boys, BB, cs, ll, JY, KH, PM, io, BRUNCOl Thanks for everything Coach KO-I IOYIAN. Lov ya Doreen, lGurdyJ.l Love you Mom and Dad. Never stop' trying, always believe, your dreaml will come true. The Lion will survive! God Bless. Marjorie Sue Rosenthal -5 Harwich Road Chestnut Hill I "Pooh, promise you won't forget! about me ever. Not even when I'm,ay hundred." Pooh thought for a little! "How old shall I be then? Ninety- nlne," Pooh nodded, "I promise,"- he said. - A.A. Milne l Thank-you for being such friends!! . . . ll.YA! 1 , li Ii i I I I i l Scott Rossow 1 38 Columbine Road Newton Centre lFlow with whatever may happen and flet your mind be free stay centered laccept whatever you are doing This 'is the ultimate Adam Rudikoff 35 Littlefield Road Newton Centre QI could use this space to list my ,school achievements, etc. Or I could lwrite friends' initials and 'Brewskies.' ,But as my four years at South sadly ,are over, I say: " . . . in the end, The flove you take, Is equal to, The love you make " fWa - ha - Sohn! Ackll I love you alll l l l l Cheryl I. Sacks l 96 Adeline Road I Newton Centre Let the good times Roll Good luck to LH, BN, LS, WB, AT, KG, LG, DV, SC, DO. Summer of 84 cruising for d's Beachs, parties, fun at breezway. AK i We had some good times your such I a cutes. Running wfdevil. Mom -+- i Dad thanks for being there Luv ya. i l Liz Sarafian 31 Maplewood Avenue Newton Centre "The stars are yours if you have the head, the hands, and the heart for them." - R.B. Thanks mom, dad, and friends for four great years. assi L is '2' in. SEN IORS Roger I. Rubin 53 Reservoir Avenue Chestnut llill Hlriendship is but .1 word, it is the people I call my friends who make it so spec itil" 4018 Did someone say f... ?, Do'er?, MSND, MWN, Drama Fest, Prep- Stat, The Boss, Practit, e, Hey Rim h . .. ,Excellent, Nice stairway, YGABD?, More granola my liege?, The gold, Body by Pino's, Denebola, Cape '84, Poker, this Buddy!, Tri-rapt., Soup, "And one day, God willing." Terry Sack 64 Dorcar Road Newton Centre "This is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end. But, it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning." - Churchill. I'm the coach. The Lion's Roar rules. SRC 9-12. There are no initials or rock groups in my quote. Always remember: The Spaulding Crew + the Sox' chokes. Thanx Mom, Dad, Missy, Sooty, Su- gar. Like h-work, I did this at 11pm. Good day, eh. lody Salter 73 Nordell Road Newton Centre Cheerleader Thanx to my friends - Great memories! WB - BFF Sue -+- ludy Thank u 4 being my friends "It's a skunk" L - Get the pho . .. AN- THONY - l've got this feelin' down deep in my soul that l just can't lose, the way l feel now I guess I'll be with you til the end 4f12f83 lLY! Thanx to my families D + P + L l couldn't have made it wfout u! Mom - you're my best friend Richard Sasson 11 lane Road Newton Centre "Strike out to reach a mountain, Be so nice on the outside, But inside keep ambition" - PETE Town- Shend Good Times with BH T.G. l.L. M.A., M.D., M.B., A.S., E.L. also thanks to my family - mom, dad and Mark, pierre TED. December 11, 1982! 99 Kirsten Schnell 88 Stearns Street Newton Centre Rc-tlections in the waves spark my memories, some happy, some sad, I look at childhood friends and the dreams we had." Thanks to all my xery special friends, especially S.D. - what? huh? and A.H. - chick. You are both stayers in your own way. "Did anyone call?" Mom, Dad, and Bonks you are the best! Pam Schwartz 415 Waban Avenue Waban "If you love something let it go If it comes back it's yours if it doesn't it never was." Cheryl - BF Thanks for being there Linda - "We are so alike." Erika - FA Con - "I'll never forget my first love." 10-7-82 9-20- 84. CW - Our little talks. NS - "Who knows?" Charlie, EP, SK, Sl, SG, AG, LW, ASK, CS, Cape Cod Florida Amy - GL Thanks Mom 81 Dad ILY. Mark Secheyco 1089 Chestnut Street Newton Upper Falls GOOD LUCK to limmie, Mike, En- rico, Pete, Iuan, Crazy George, Howie, Gary and Art. Don't look back someone might be gaining on you! Enrico change the color of your car! Tabb is what? ARTHUR what does respect have to do with it? DC, PS, YS, and the snowman make the most of yourself. Thanks Mom and Dad, I made it! Q9 'Fi 1 Karl Seeley 3S Lakewood Road Newton Highlands Music and History: All else is commentary. 100 S' 'ix SENIORS Lisa Schwartz 179 Greenwood Street Newton Centre Cheerleading 11, 12 Love + Luck tc SC, IK, TG, IS, LA - each one of u has our own special memories tha we will forever cherish. And when we clear out the cobb webs, we wil: ' find them to be reminders of a time well spent - Trax, 15, M + M Liter ' BITBS, LHAC, SHS, FP, GGII1 - Good luck SS, MR, LK, MK, DS, -H Thanx Melis, Stef - BFF, Tim - ' Love You, always, Thanx Mom -In dad good luck Marc. i Ken Seasholes 163 Cypress Street Newton Centre i I just wanted to say - that it's nol over: yet! So, I'Il see you on the Darll Side of the Moon. Actually I While I attempting to conjure I Some profound l l thoughts, I have become I entirely, comfortably Numb. I I Paul Steven Secinaro 54 Oakmont Road Newton Centre Nuke the Bunch cause we are the- elite. Good times with Nando, Andyi Kev, CS, ll, IY, CW, ET, SA, TR, IO! BB, PM, PS, and cousins. Weeks. Cruisin'. Lake '83 but T-ville 111 HQ Roll. What, you got a B?! The future, is in your own hands. Don't count or' others to make things happent Thanks to Mom and Dad for everyi thing. i Debbie Sue Segal 18 Broken Tree Road Newton Centre "We won't say good bye until the last minute. I'll hold out my hanq and my heart will be in it. For all we know this may only be a dream' Lynn, Marj and Aim - Love will keep us together, Lisa, Liz, Amy and Iohn - you are all very special td me. Love to mom and dad and my WHOLE family. ' i Andrew Seletz I 4 Heathwood Lane Chestnut Hill i'Baby this town rips the bones from your back it's a death trap, It's a sui- cide rap we gotta get Out while lrve're young. - Bruce Springsteen" c It has been great esp. N.H. and weekends thanks Marcu Sing sing -lsplat, skaiz. Rick it MA is TG Mo A NIP. ME Special thanks to Sippy Carl ilay MOM and Dad for all the sup- port. Dodge Dart Death Door will live on - Hole in wall gang Laurie Selig . 79 Evelyn Road Q Waban ,S-luck to all my friends - ILYA Summer of 84 - never forgotten. 'CSWB ISPS SWSGAT - thanks for being there LH + LG - all night ilgng, jj + IY we've been through ialot 2-gether friends 4-eva. Good 'times wfDavid. Melissa you've got a -friend 4-eva All my thanx to your family. Bundy your like a sister but leven better - I'm here for you. IMOM, DAD, Sue + Deb - thanks Efor everything - ILY I I I i laclyn Senechal 47 Chase Street Newton Centre 1 I knew someday looking back on my tears would somehow make me laugh but I never knew looking back on my laughter would somehow make me cry. love triangles, BC, i NYC, cripple gais, BA, half time, let's I analyze!! summer 84 Liz - u r the l BEST friend any 1 can have - never forget the memories! LK, NP, LH, I TN,llA, AG, EZ, LS, LG, MA - thanx, I ILY all thanx to my family ILY 8t the M's Good luck lean l I I l Q David Shapiro 43 Rosalie Road Newton Centre "The secret o' life is enjoying' the passage of time, any fool can do it" ' - l did! 1. TAYLOR Memories of this saga will last for- ever - N.H. trips, Parties there - there - but mostly at my housei, the circle, the red room, and relation- ships - "If you can't be with the one you love, than love the one you're with" - LIE, I'Il never forget you - ll.Y M8tD T? Leslie Dawn Semonian 373 Dedham Street Newton Centre Tennis 9, 10,11, 12 Skiing 10,11, 12 "Even on the right track, you can get run over if you just sit there." ICE! Good Luck to all my friends . . . ludy - doubleds - TAIDMC. . .Amy - G1283E! Heffs wflP DS, LG, IA, IS, IM, EZ, SM, TA, HDs gs - gais QE! Macs "Good times may come and go but their memories last forever." f7 GL Maru + Wendy! Thanks Mom -I- Dad I love you! OMGONHS! IB - PLEASE!! Howard Shaffet 90 Hartman Road Newton Centre Racquetball "The good times never fade away" I wish all my friends and Teachers the best of luck in the future. Special thanks to my family for their sup- port, Danny Shectman 24 Botsford Road Chestnut Hill Soccer 9, 10, 11, 12 - Lacrosse 10, 12 - Times change and faces change but the song remains the same. Good Times with Good Friends, Esp. The Buddha and Scoot- er iNI?I Thanks to the Girls at the Deli QDZFFI. And much more thanks to my Family for all your love and support. Good Luck and Best wishes for the Future. 101 Eirzabeih B. Shiman 93 Carter Road n a 1 .P 3 T0 11. T2 A esome T TES LX- SB DD CL SB x!'x.N1K DCD Kl lk DN AM IM Memories forewer DS - Twang, History UMASS Am- herst NN' MP - Barbxxire The KC vw ',V' ' SC. Nexer Forget Best Friends AC + MAC We Partied, we fought, and we won't stop! Thanx Mom, Dad, Philip -F Daniel I am the last but not the least. ILY Angela Shyr 65 Oakmont Road Newton Centre Frbies! lCrimps, Stinky Bomber . . .J He is and always will be there with Love!! QP: Troy of '83 - eter- nally thankful to Him and K.H.: "Feel the burn!": Tangy Angy 81 the Dead Fish 4tet, QP '84: oooLaLa!: Thanks BB! The Zoo of 4816: "mmm " "Yeah Come On! Austria 81 Poland - here a toast to you 81 you 84 you!" DANCE!! "lust 4 more, 3 more you're strong, I know you can!" Here Am l Now. lonathan P. Silverman 11 Sun Hill Lane Newton Centre Now hollow fires burn out to black, And lights are fluttering low: Square your shoulders, lift your pack And leave your friends and go. A.E. Housman lohn Singer 52 Peregrine Road Newton Centre "lust when you begin to think that you know all the answers of life, somebody is always going to change the questions"! Thanx to great friends: Motor, Downtown, Ter, and Marco, and to the oldest and most special: SK, IG, DC, ll, ME, SG, and SS. Tou Rules, Leave it to -l Good luck Smule, lo and your boys, lB, SC, LB, WW, and DS. Thanx mom, dad, Lisa. 102 0 N v l flsfff 9 , tv' l 3' 5 jf' Q 7 ,E , , L gs' " . 'Til 1 .y SENIORS Sammi Shuman 101 Spiers Road Newton Centre "Bless this house for we are all to-, gether, Bless us all we may not meet again Think of all the happiness we found here, take it home and share it with a friend." AIK - ZHTBA 1, friends, BAYGL, NEFTY, TOM, Rob MGD laur - you're awesome 84 ILYE l'm so glad the 6 of us could be here ...Friendships won need never die! SC, AT, IG - 4eva! To those who, have left, you're not forgotten! OK' - BYE ' Mark Siegel 50 Farina Road Newton Centre - Prove yourself, you are the moves you make, take your chances win OI loser' you've got to want to succeed' The man who wins is the one who knows he can. Don't stop believingi hold onto that feeling Dream untig l I l your dreams come true Now we'ref i back where we started, here we gci round again. Thanks to my family! teachers 81 friends. Best of luck to all of you - Snappa 7 l l 1 l Tonya Sims 21 Homestead Street Dorchester Good Luck to C.T. M.B. T.B. CJ? C.W. V.T. N.S. A.B. P.C. T.C. K.Rf D.H. F.T. R.M. D.B. D.H. T.B. and resll of my Friends. Farewell Newton! South Thanks MA, Dad, Family, Reg member "Don't ever stop chasing your dreams. . .Things aren't alwayi as bad as they seem!" R. Dimples I l Barbara Sird l 125 Pond Brook Road Chestnut Hill Soccer B-Ball 9, 10 "lt was the best of times, 1 it was the worst of times. Thanx to all for both "lENNINGS" Concerts - Demented - 'Nl SHOOZ S200 down to 512.99 Educafl tion is to fill the empty void - Do ig on your own stay up and stay with it T 7 i Ken Slobodkin 60 Fairlee Road Waban "Knowldege is like butter. As soon as you think you can finally grasp it, it slips away. It's not bad on toast ei- ther." - Don Steinberg FUNEX? S, VFX. FUNEM? S, VFM. OK, MNX. Love to Mom, Dick, Dad Lynn Smith 9 Saxon Road Newton Highlands You can't always get what you want, but you always get what you need - The Rolling Stones. Thanks to my family and friends - MW KW CC IB IL ML I'll never forget ya! Al - Thanks for the best year and I'm tell- ing you, but a Toyata! I love you. Now I know that what I'm after is life, love, tears and laughter. Mom 81 Dad - Thanks what color car, Helen? Thank you! David Soreff 10 Alexander Road Newton Highlands "lt ain't no sin to be glad that you're alive!" Bruce Springsteen How are ya Harry? Remember times and friends: Mt, Ida, TorinowfHUEY, Michelle our belle, Gail 4 ummer. 9f 4 summer 84. Festa tonight? Oz, let's have a party! 4106 eva! Here I am EStreet! to EG, TC, OM, and Ion: the best I could hope for. Al, Mom and Dad: always there, I love you all more than you'll ever know. BYENS Nando Sostilio 10 Beecher Place Newton Centre "They come runnin just as fast as they can, cause every girl crazy bout a sharp dressed man" ZZ Top Good times wfPaul, Andy and Kevin the rest know who they are. Weeks, T- Ville, Cousins, da lake, Another Free? Cruisin. Weekend nite re- grets, Dazed n Confused. "Life is al- ways a trade-off, so - don't take yours for granted" Per miei genitori non ci sono parole per ringraziarli. , . 1 fu C5 T40 gli it si tt x SENIORS Nancy Slotmck T75 Woodward Street Newton Highlands "Not to dec ide is to dec ide." So - "Lvery man is an impossibility, until he is born, everything impossible, until we see a success." - Ralph Waldo Emerson "Birds fly, but they don't fly to the moon. And you are not a bird. Maybe some birds fly to the moon, I d0n't know. And maybe I can fly like a bird." - Else Minarik Good Luck to my friends + esp Debbie - Thanx M + D, R -- ILY Samuel Sohn 287 Hartman Road Newton Centre Twelve down four to go, Another town and one more show. Life is never ending quest of realiz- ing one's portentials land to find out "what happened"I So, to those who try, I wish them the best of luck. - Special regard to Bill T. CAT Diane I. Elizabeth Sostilio 65 Iackson Street Newton Centre Cheerleading capt10,11,+ 12 Soft- ball 9, 10, 11, capt 12 "Moments are temporary, but memories are for- ever" Mel - Hey, Hey, I love it, OMG, HS, FMO, Oye wfa capital "O", pardool We're the FB's, Brews- kies, GL -l- THANX tO MK, AC, AD, IS, MS, SS, SL, LS, PS, SH, IA, OOCH -I- IB - Please! -I- the guys ALANA - special thanx, Luv ya, Best of Times, l Love You Sue + Iohnny Special Love To Mom! l Love You! Dean Soultanian 249 Cypress Street Newton Centre Lacrosse 11, 12 Remember the good times MS, TW, IC, MN, KS, RC. The SE! Thanks Mom, Dad, Bob, Mrs Hansberry! Here we are the graduat- ing class of 85 just beginning to strive and be alive. Here we go to and fro our destinations we do not know. The best is yet to come, I hope! Thanks to all my teachers along the way, to my friends and family and to DS, LG, RS, LK, SA. 103 Matthew Spengler Q39 Cypress Street xettton Centre ,011 Captain America 12 Base- ifii ii. Capt. 12 Dingy, Weebie, liwirn. PMN, Spaceman - Too Many Good Timesa Fire Dept., Cruising, Pinos I'll Miss ya! SA - What a mess were in . . . uh . . . You're in! You're the Best Deb - Billy joel is OK. DS - 11 grt. yrs Mom, Dad, Sarah: INasn't always easy. Thanks for being there whenever I needed you. I love you. Chris Stephans 820 Chestnut Street Waban Hockey 9, 10, 11, 12 IY, II, IO Ice- Cubes, PS, PM, BB, TR, AK, NS W'ar games with Kevin Hypo GANT the Bird Hunging around the Highlands Chief Beany Boy, Chimp, Spider, Stud Captain Flap lack Scraping Mom, Dad, john the grandparents Love you all Cara Storm 107 Hobart Road Newton Centre "There is so much good in the worst of us, And so much bad in the best of us, That it ill behoves any of us To find fault with the rest of us." Thanx and good luck to the Locker Gang, especially to my new old friend. SB - what can I say that you don't al- ready know? Thanx to my family for teaching me to appreciate. Vouloir c'est pouvoir! Rachel Strauss 35 Placid Road Newton Centre "Those who do not believe in the future have already lost the present, those who dare not dream will not change realities." U4 finally made it! Thanks and love to my family - IISLW. Mom + Pop I wouldn't have made it without you. - ILY 104 ig-P .- .ai I 4. 77' SEN IORS Peter M. Spinelli 20 Mossfield Road Waban y Lacrosse - 9, 10, 11, Capt 12. The' four years were fun but See ya. later. Good times with jason in the Comet - 4WD in Maine. Goodl Luck - IO, lY, ll, CS, PM, IN, TR, SY 5 and all my other friends. Good times , at I + S. To Susan, all my love and I il will always be there. Thanks to Ms.i Little for all your help. Good Luck to len + Chris. Special thanks to myl Dad and Mom. " Steven Stoller 118 Hanson Road y Newton Centre 'I "Never look back - Somethingl might be gaining on you" Satchelll Paige Baseball 9, 10, Capt. 11, 12ll Math Team 11,12 RT, TA, TH - BCI Shuttle Thanks Mom and Dad l I Sonya Strange 680 Boylston Street " Newton Centre ' Cheerleading 11, Italian Club 9, 10,: 11 My Other V2 - KI ILY Mom +: Dad Thanks Kim + Candy Kim +5 Allyson - my best friends Remem-I ber Cruisin' the gas stations - sum-la mer of '84 Thanx CR, IM, CL, LS, lS,l -+- MP - For listening to me - Aug. 25 "The song Remains the same" -. IL Michael E. Tabb 153 Crawford Street . Boston - As we all venture into new exper- I iences, we meet new challenges which inable us to pull further into the future. "Quote the Raven ever- more." A fine fairwell to all the class of '85 Seniors and Newton South. Remember the 25 aniv. of Newton South. l l Mathew Talcoff 23 Shumaker Path Newton Centre 9 RTDT 0 "Changes have come, yet, we shall 9 always remember the past." R.A. Fix d Y the phone. Car for sale B.A. Wrong song. You lose! Need a tow for the 5IT.A.? - S.M. l.G. B's Tics - Math I I. O I B now! 81 LC WWII end? Hand. Decep- tion no!! Whose SAT's? Good Luck Lorna + Drew Thanks Mom + Dad 81-85 Richard Tasgal 18 Kodaya Road Waban "What does not destroy me makes me strong." - Nietesche Supposing math is a woman - what then? TH, TA, SS - "The B.C. Shuttle" Kathy Thomas 66 Moffat Road Waban "Things may always stay the same way they are, still my head looks for a change from time to time" IT Eliot - Koala ILY Nicole, Thanks for ev- erything. Bryan - Get off of de . .. David - Boo! Michelle C, always here DG, what's a d4? AS, SG, GM, MW, AW, IC, LK, KD, SL, KS, KB, you all mean alot! Thanks! Mommy and Papa I love you alot. Daniel you're very special to me. Anne C. Timmer 15 Winnetaska Road Waban I recognise no method of living that I know. I see only the basic materials I may use. - David Sylvian The world is a funny paper read backwards. And that way it isn't so funny. - Tennessee Williams sl' Q--an Cs-9 f-sv J Gam-Q X SENIORS Debbie Tallen 1.26 Selwyn Roacl Newton Highlands Goodbye South lt's been a wonder- lul experience! Sharon G comes to school clrunk IIA Michelle I "Straw- herry Shortcake" Diane a Lifetime with Marty llelaine and her 50 mtl- lion Boyfriends Tammy G a comput- er whi7 jason and the Chilled Cham- pagne and special thanks to Mom + Dad for all their support and Liz Wald who's always there when I need her. Mark D. Temlcin 35 O'Rourke Path Newton Centre "Are you better off now then you were four years ago" Indeed I am and I owe it to Newton South. From here, I take a step of even greater importance. Good luck to all my friends and teachers And special thanks to my family. Adam S. Thorburn 18 Spaulding Lane Newton Centre Beneath the sea of Hollywood where Frances used to reign, They trade their deepest wishes For a part in someone's game. Spirits die alone at night For life they cannot hold. I would rather dance with you than have a medal to show. - G. O'Dowd, Waking ll, ii, 17 Adam A. Timrud 24 Knowles Street Newton Centre "Ifitwasn'tforthe mist we could see your home across the bay," said Gatsby. "You always have a green Iightthatburns allnightatthe end of you dock." - F. Scott Fitzgerald All my Friends, thank you so much, you know how important you are. "Denebola, NEW, Caras, Mac's, etc." One chapter is finished, but the book is a long one. 105 Amy Tonkonogy liil McCarthy Road Newton Centre 'wexer giten a wish without til? N.-x er to make it come true" tsoii-if: luck CSWBLI-I summer 84 spe- ria. memories SCSSIG LS thanks 4 everything BN BEST FRIENS 4 ever ILN MOM LI made it all possible thanks ILY IAXE U are the Best Eric words can't explain ILY BOTH DAD ILY "And those are the memories that make me a wealthy soul" Seger 21 We made it!! Michele Transue 1156 Boylston Street Newton Upper Falls "A friend is the first person who comes in when the whole world has gone out." loanie - Best friends forever!! - ILY great times and memories with: ID, nm - BOF, CL - BOT, TR - BOT, MD - miss-ya, AR - BS - AK - BS, IM, IL, MC, CIC. Rem! AN, Hlds, Sum-82, "Chirps" Flo - 84, Cape, Kpty - nm. Cl. 8f24!82 4- eva. g + g u 2 R the best!! ILY as! Mom you are H115 ILY muchly! Evangelos Demetrios Tsoumbanos 50 Truman Road Newton Centre "You can never win when playing the game of life, so don't bother try- ing" I want tothank all myfriends for all the good times - GC, SA, KH, CW, NS, AK, DH, HUFF, KD, TR, MB. Good Luck to everyone. I especially want to thank Melissa for every spe- cial moment. I can never forget you! I know you will succeed. Good Luck Mel! Mom, Dad, Anna I Love You All! Thanks South! PTPOTP, Mus- tang Cryslal Simone Upshaw 46 W. Selden Street Boston Now is the time to enjoy today and learn a lesson from our past, For in the days to come our lives will Change, and today will only be an- other priceless memory. Many thanx Mom -+- Dad -l- Kids love U Ilya Swann, Huffa, Tommy, Rollins ll "Friends are Forever" Brenda, Troy Denise, Charlie, Anikay, KN, CD, GC 111 Tom A "Vive la France" The Boys Good luck Class of 85 + 2 Kyla Bye 106 Karl Tibor Toth 54 Avalon Road Waban "lt is a hard time for a dreamer, wher he realizes that his dreams never wil come true. But when he sets hisi dreams within limits, he will alwayss be content." - KK Nothing wortl" achieving is easy, so don't give up, your turn will come. MASP - "We are better than you.'2. Weeknight rendezvous. The eighth!! Sailor talk. Music and fantasy. , Theodore Trevens 99 Brandeis Road Newton Centre '. Soccer 11-12c Gymnastics 10-120 Track 11-12 Goon Squad 11-12d Thanks to Mom, Dad, Bill + Al, also! to my friends you all mean a lot tol me Live long and prosper! "In an in-l sane society the sane appear insane"f Capt. Kirk More granola my liege?s Dingy, Mick the 3P'sg Pinos, Poker -I-i jokes! We like the same music wel like the same bands we like the samel clothes Bobby jean l li il ll Doron Tulchinsky l 5 Littlefield Road 5 Newton Centre "No woman, no cry" - Bob Marleyf Cross Country 11, 12, Indoor andfl Outdoor Track 11, 125 Science Club! 11, 12, Goon Squad 11, Capt. 12,l Model Student 9, 10, 11, 12 Too ally my friends: good times eating bitl o'noney's pn Friday 81 Saturdayi, nights. I can't drive 55. Always re-QI I I member: "Don't let school interferef! with education." - Pringle Thankslr family 81 Mitsy l L I , lohn Vachon 72 Indiana Terrace Newton Upper Falls , Words can say so little when some- one cares so much, Caryn 2f17f84, I.L.Y. The good times are 4-ever and the bad times fade away. Thanx M + D 4 everything. Yo Ronnie, good- luck. lt's time for me to move on. Later South! 1. Ann Vollmann 137 Pine Ridge Road Waban Goodnight room and goodnight moon Goodnight cow jumping over a moon Goodnight Popsicle, g'night bears Goodnight mush et le ballon rouge Kiss to a lady whispering "hush" Goodnight stars and goodnight Pi Goodnight noises everywhere G'night Megabus, floods, Maxwell's Drrunkrug, still-your-friend, color green, a D8tD Answered Prayer, spe- cial friends tM.W. Brown adaptionl Charles Walk 40 Olde Field Road Newton Centre ChuckofMMfDon't Take Life So Seriously Cause No 1 Gets Out AlivefGood Times wfSALT, GC, ET, NS, KH, AK + The Rest of Da WILD BOYS. ll Thanx 4 The Z28! PT POTP, CB's, Sweet CHOACH, Cruisin' In the ZfPartys! Carousin, Back Seat Rythem, STANG, Ltoc, PS, IP GANT!Thanks Mom + Dad I know I wasn't easy . .. In the Game of Life, It doesn't matter whether U win or Lose Its how Good You Looked Honey. Nancy Weinfield 49 Clifton Road Newton Centre "Real isn't how you are made. It's a thing that happens to you. When a child loves you for a long, long time, not just to play with, but REALLY loves you, then you become Real." "Does it hurt?" asked the Rabbit. "Sometimes," said the Skin Horse. "When you are real you don't mind being hurt." - The Velvteen Rabbit M-I-D,l+SIloveyou. Laura Willis 30 Solon Street Newton Highlands fr 'if-P SEN IORS Wendy Sue Waldstein 36 Varitk llill Road Walian To mv frwntlsi "lf i could rvath up and hold a star for Q-at li time you'vt- made mv smile, an vntirv evenings sky would be in tho palm of my hand." Through the laughter and the tears, friends will stay through the years - RDIS. Thanks mom, dad, Robert and Ernie. Lily you'll always be my favorite. I Love you Yik and Liz. TG - How's the family? IS Good LuCk BS TE DL DR Colleen Walsh 38 Islington Road Auburndale "Goodbye", said the fox, "And now here is my secret, a very simple se- crey: It is only with the heart that one can see rightly: What is essential is invisible to the eye." "What is es- sential is invisible to the eye," the Little Prince repeated, so that he would be sure to remember. Michael Welch 18 Moultrie Street Dorchester Football 1O,11,12,KOlO Wrestling 10, 11, 12 We can do this, Homeboys, '85 South is History. Marc Wishengrad 64 Adeline Road Newton Centre I know a bank where the wild thyme blows, Where oxlipsand the nodding violet grows, Quite over-canopied with luscious woodbine, With sweet musk-roses, and with eglantine. - William Shakespeare - 107 lames Yerardi 31 Arlo Road Newton Football 1, 2, 3, 4 DCL Champs 83' Remember good times with CS, II, TR, BB, PM, IO, PS, KH, LS, ETC. CtTf IN The monte chimp easy smoke show. Hey guys don't worry about me! "CANT" 1138 Ioe's auto shop hey Neville take it easy! HLPS Cape 84' Spong auto body. Weekends - Bud time partying with the guys etc. Riley's runs! Special thanks to Mom, Dad and Gram. Michael Aaron 160 Oliver Road Waban 'C' Tw ot Pictured Thanks Tricia l'll still pick you up! Thanks to FI, IL, TH, 8f DA, ETC Mo ar's are 31' MA 81 TH forever!!! I Love You Trish! Much Later NSHS!! I p . finally passed gym! HA! HA! Steven Alekman 98 Annawan Road Waban Garth Bloch 15 Cynthia Road Newton Centre David Burke 52 Stanwood Street Boston Claire Demaio 44 Carver Road Newton Highlands Stephen Dinisco 1545 Beacon Street Waban Michael Eng 7 Winchester Plaza Newton Highlands Richard Eng 7 Winchester Plaza Newton Highlands Iames Guber 67 Sheffield Road Newtonville Mohammed Haq 969 Boylston Street Newton Highlands 12? Erika Zall 210 Nahanton Street Newton Centre Humor makes the world go round This is not the Q-nd of the good times, but thc beginning to the better times!!! MACS, GUYS, GUYS, GUYS! "ICE CALL" I Luv You SAH, LIZ and TIM Thanks Ms. Neville IMOMI Bean l'm gonna miss you! Greeny, IA, AG, LS, IA LM, IS, DS, SM, SG, IB - Thanks for making my switch to South one of the good times! I Love You MOM and DAD and I'm gonna miss you LOTS! lerome Hargrow 204 Norwell Street Boston Stephen Herrin 207 Waverley Avenue Newton Daniel Kim 57 Floral Street Newton Highlands Myles Larson 100 Suffolk Road Chestnut Hill Robert Lazare 95 Dorset Road Waban Karen Marcy 59 High Street Newton Andrew Mazzola 1174 Chestnut Street Newton Upper Falls Rachel Riggs 157 Elgin Street Newton Centre Paul Robbins 42 Hamlet Street Newton Centre lason Strunk 66 Fisher Avenue Newton Highlands Darlene Thompson 133 Orlando Street Boston SENIORS 109 i E ug' u VI ll :N 7 'x els f y S h g ' S d h pp y F3 h f yfl h by By ff g h d I N EMICSACADEMICSACADEMICSACADEMICSACAD CADEMICSACADEMICSACADEMICSACADEMIC! EMICS ACADEMICSACADEMICSACA CADEMICSACADEMICSACADEMICSACADEMI EMICSACADEMICSACADEMICSACADEMICSAC VMF- Coltiieb, Could YOU EXDIMU U10 C0r1CQpI of a mole?" "Amol1-is JfL1fI'X,bLlfl'OWIl1y.1 .m1m.ul gc rn 4 PT z Comfortable? if,J,, E7 Cooperation gets it done. ,? 9-ye, Roy goes to work on the assembly line YOU GOTTA HA E ARTS l-rfizn autos to art, silk- str Qsss 'ss- r wing to singing, wood to mind ensemble, Newton bouths art, theatre arts, and musicprogramsarethefinest around. Not many schools can boast about a hands-on auto repair shop, or a music department that has been to Europe and Bermuda. These departments provide fine skills to those who are think- ing of pursuing a career in a particular field and those who just want to see where their talents can take them. The classes aretaughtby pro- fessionalfaculty and are set in a relaxing atmosphere while still requiring creativity and effort. W. I .1 Needs 3 33 flllef-H lerome polishes up his curve ball. Yolanda fiddlvs mound. -f"' 'N-v M --5... ming! 64. Vt- "" QQ ' -Sir' IJ!" .. "Look what we made in Wood today, Mom." Clay'S the way! K1 Al A fflfih.. 1 1 5 'L lv, 35? ..mQ,,,. X '1f,4f'?f AA FOUI' Fl'i6ndS "I forgot In sv! mx .1l.lrm mlm k Y . Q, X '7 -. ,.' . - UV' :Z gfkwfib: . . " xxqz T mf he 2- ' 1 1 . kg K ' n? 1 .Q K x 1 I 4 I 3 A J ' ' e .h - r' - 'N r T : A h 5 , , i Q I K v . 1' as rs' Q A , 1 " . s I A. , w 3 If M M X .t E' -sf 1 4 f u K i., . x V I 1. x V " Q., i Three Teddies The ralaxed atmosphere in the classroom. T17 1 -.g1'v"2. NJ- -' 3 . . X - V, Q . .' "'P va'-,Q 'z -5"-v f.-'v , , 1: ,tw'i5?s, :-,.---52? f -fi gi., '5?J ff2'j:1F5lcQ':f',jAl1A,-' -if-.V ,F V 'W . 4' A 'K N Nu-"' P - 'rf .fy . . .'-" -,-'. 'f1.:a" " . ' N 'ff' '. ' ----f.'1?vim-.f .sg ,' 1 f '51-f,1 f... P..-ffaf wp, '.-3' . J - -' aj '- L?..pT2-:f-.'r'1? 1 -if . f PEA ,wg .- . +f.'f,f-ff,'f--.:,32.- f 1 -1 J-J-. -1 I,-5,54 .f Z-ff"-l.fQi':'. 19: gg r-3 4' D- 3- ,jf ' ' "f:'ff, . f -fffff .1- if . .. . 1-7' -ff' X, , ' -',-3' .,, -- P - af-, v ---,V rg, - ', -2 -, ' -,.- A 1 , .,.y' Q -, '."-,,,-'G ,., ,U J N ---, tk' ' A - vb sx - - . A- - A .' .qu HS, g-.I ,V..f'4 ,SQ - - .- --. .' ' ' 1 . . , Q . in 5.1 . . ---wa ' . 4-par. -f - .1 V . - Ln . - ,V V A-Hi' ' fl- a- ' . A .-3. v' - br-v N: 4, i. .-N1 I iff, i . E' 'AQ 4.. ' .B 'ri ft n Q. ij' X"? v bxxa . U o Z ' x fl Iv N , NJ ,Z 1 -Q Q . IPI' -1 .Q I -f' fig., - V 5 C' r X. A KX L J I U S 64 4. l J 7 1 K' S5 ' E D -Viv-v gf --55' .1 .V 4: . .a tra. Q- x . 1- F Q 1-N 1 4 E ,JW xvx Q 1 5 Q' Nm I S 1 I - . .. , Q ,' is 1 5 v 'E I YQ, WJ' Er A sn, ,-I' 7 f' k , . Q u Ha, '- s , " 1 5 ali 1 , . f'-A-' .-4, ...P X t 4 N S '3 s ,Ni , V3.1 ' HF., "UN ' 'L Av: ' , ? f5:'.f.f!2T""" ,Q 'f-A 'T ' N- m y Shectman a ts for the pass K g I X as: O I . - A V QT, J' ab' fmt' UP, bu u ,I K x ln a 1 w 1 an, 4 X X 0 kgig' -. 7 X N f V . 1 Q Wi' F ' , A IW 5' 'i""7 A' J if 1 S. 1 Lx , sg, :V ' Z 'ls' s V f 1 . .fd ' " ' , ' ur! xg - 2 "' 0. g! 'cf WF' EFL I I I .. 'H X 1 Ly' I EGF!! 4 ' I' - X -, f . 9 f' , - -, f f F 441 X f' ,J X! 1 Q 5' T532 'Ala X ff , ..,,5...A: A I X WYE n W .,, . , : W . 1 4 7' . , , , 1 I" I s 'I y l f 'ii Efhqlx- il I I Q 7- .sn 3 was -1. f.. r-M, K, Us . -.v.:. Q ' ' ' -:E.ff'3 . V.. 4 .V A' V , . 4 ,. , YA -Z in, meg 9 7 1 nf QA J 1' . if :Q-'pq QUT SPIRIT On the football field, on the basketball court and at the hockey rink a group of devoted Newton South fans, appropriately dressed in or- ange and blue, gathered to cheer their favorite team - the Lions. Who are these fans? The 1985 squad of Newton South cheerleaders, of course. Led by Co-captains Diane Sostillio and Melissa Klein, the cheerleaders, dedicated and hard working, practiced strenuously to perfect their cheers. They developed a sense of teamwork and ca- maraderie . With an unlimit- ed amount of SPIRIT the cheerleaders supported Newton South, frequently encouraging other fans to join in the cheering and cre- ating a spirited atmosphere in which to cheer the Lions to victory! Their hard work and long hours of practice paid off, the cheerleaders were rewarded with a fantas- tic season. 128 it-iiyll cheers on a Lions team. R-O-W-D-I-N, Aa, 'Xt K3 Q 3 First row: S. Lawless, I. Salter, D, Sostilio, M. Klein, M. Koplan, A. Geraci Second row: A. Bradley, 1. Neal, L. M. Kallish, K. Strange, L. Schwartz, D. Thompson an V ,E lg, 1 V . . 1 TN 'Q , - ' x N, Q. 6 . I F 3 'A , I X ts 6 will QWYOU SOUTH - si TYAU "Y-u new 1 I 9 ,5 A 'Q 5 Aff' : Q' , ' I Y 4' .' , 14 X sf.. v4 mx 'ii .1 . , - -' QJN N 5 if E eb' - 5? r, -3 Q I 'i v Q,b' V' li' A - 4 in Q' 'Wx' Q S 'ig - , t va g 'Q 5 M., 9 f ., Q-ef' -. ,-.........--..... --ucv-4-Q.--cgi Qs ,mein r off 'fx .QV fx' 'S I t rf sv 4' A7 N of 'e 1 1 Q0 .aux - N , up Hn' W, p!" .4-Q fix -6"g 'Sql '3 '3- ,If 33 ,.- 'ani 3 l'a klrgl -J,-,Q mg, , 1 Z. I -W - iQ ' .,' .- .L . , .px if A: ., l 'nl' '11, fi.. F-"--.s A-1 1 . -Q ,'gZ1.x lg Qi. ' . r ' l 1 v ,4 ' Qtr v n x v I x I J v D 'T - . - ' wa. M A A ' 'K L , r . . "-XV. U U 613313 f-5' lx 1 D---af ,'-'. 4355 , 'L-. Q 9' n 1 f -4 I5 5? Q ' qt in A-3 .71 ' .. ., Y x R 1' 'V i If . 'Phi if! An . g V X M xg -f f f ' jf ' I 0 :Q ' q ,rl I 5: '- f -iz 3 ,. . 'fx f , f ,' ,4 4:1 'IL f V ' ' ' A V 1 ' Q ' -'I' 1 F .1 A, -, X N .. N V A , P -.Q 1 . l AQ W Av A x : f":+" b H. rv ,N ,V ' gg -. -wgffg . '- N ,. 5 I A: 1 x N .V .. A fo, ,.. Ni Q 4 .". Q 1 y ,ut Ii, W h 1,9 13 ,..f-Q 1 if " 1 f "1 - F ' 4 -41. - - --- x -I Af- fs 'X -rl A uf 5 . X ,Zin ' X ,l A , ' S Q I 4 I 'vvp v 2 'Q iw- . . tk' ...-- QQUXA P Q . 3 ' :Z 5 1241" - 'af sn. ,-if v- ' .mm ag ,fig ,. L y yy' A , as x 42 .mvj ' X "Mif- A ,fA khig?faX.,q,Q A' Ai 8 W Y L 1 4 3 u '., 1 , W if if 'W ., X ff' . mx V h. ... gf- -. +V: ,, . EJB: ' ff Q 9 'xy 5 9 'P lf VS , A 1 P U V C' 5 ,Q fs A I, 'X Inf 2 .. X. 9 ca-,N L, km' i -f ' 1 r 1- 3' if 0 ,,"Q't,n I .A A L 'glxls' .I x just Call him Neil "Breast stroke" Bliclic-r. l M. hi C 5013 ' V ' A- lg . . I ' . ' " I'-Jig 'C' bw QW' I -- Ward 1 irs! row: D. Randall, D. Karp, I. Shamir. Second row: M. Capofreddi, S. Levine, T. lllerrera, L. Colman, Third row: R. Finkel, C. Cushna, D. Castle, Z. Lipschitz, S. Iooldberg, Fourth row: L. Bailen, R. Rubin, D. Cohen, A. Murphy, l- Scherz, Fifth Vow: N. Blicher, S. Ferguson. Missing: S. Sohn, Coach Pohlman, Assistant Coach fohlman. l i l This is why they call Us brealulown lane." 4. ix- -R ll: 'i'l'l Cv L X- .4 . v-. ,fyr 5.11 S . , 6- 24-Sf --5 f?ffjgQ-R: ff 'fx '1 R' - Bailen flies to victory. F v 4 , 'N I I ' z V I ' 0 I N s I I l , F 1 S is s s HOOPS HISTOR rslsbasket- of the tournament. Along r Newton with greatagiliti and speed, st thex w ere sophomore CherxlXXilliams . sr uw.. basketball dazzled the crowds with iftrww eater t- L tiipialifx for the her fast moxes. Hating simi- state tournament. With lar qualities to Williams, hard work, determination, a'1clCoach Marc karonson. .li team finished the suc- ccissfieii season with a ln-3 record. Co-Captain Katrina -Xntonellis' talents not onlx sparkled during the season but also brought her to the D,C.L. all-star game. Re- turning seniors Co-Captain Colleen Walsh, Laura Exans and starting center Erica Cushna helped lead the team to rank second in the Dual County League and make it to the quarter finals freshman "Pookie" Wilson impressed all with ball han- dling skills and speed. Oth- er important roles were filled bx sophomores. Com- ing off the bench with strong defensive skills were len Lerman, Dede Hill, and Christian Wilmore. As a for- ward Sheila Colman tre- mendously improxed her all around game. Hopefully this season set a new stan- dard in girls basketball at Newton South. Time-out talk P . s- X9 7.1- S' if 138 xx' UN if an 1 Bench watches, anxious, excited. B Walshie stops to pop. l Lum QW f COUNTRY iS"'T0f'f gi-'TON ,ewvau 14 snurii 35 ISUUTH SDUTH qw, if "' To 9940 ,l4S DUN 'svffm 9, l firls Varsity Basketball Urs! row: C. Williams, P. Wilson, I. Lerman, C. Wilmore Second row: E. Cushna, D. Hill, K. qintonellis, C. Walsh, L. Evans, Coach M. Anderson The Coach offers some inspiring words during half-time. The Bunny Hop Q0 'Q-'W Q U, Lngwyf 5' ,x 5 Mi N te 613 Q "1 an Q q Lf Q'-fy!! 2 Q 'qu Z. gnu-Q Q-., .. .. ..-.. .v 'ZZ-Z -is ?6fef P I ' A L 4? . ,. 5 rxQJ Q F I. g. SKIING Goes UPHILL . ts, As usual the Newton South ski team began with pre-season conditioning. This vear the ski team was famous for working out with the lane Fonda fitness record, which allowed the skiers to survive the bitter cold ski meets. The skiteam,led by sen- ior captains julie Abend and Stephen Meizler, had been notorious for being one of the most individ- ualized sports at South. But, with the leadership of our captains and the many spirited seniors, the ski team became the most 142 unified ski team it has ever been. Most of the skiers took part in both cross- country and downhill races, even though the majority of the team members were downhill skiers. The exceptionally high number of cross- country skiers added to the team's unification and allowed the team to be an overall strong group. The members of the T985 ski team have had a fulfilling season and are confident that the team willcontinueto prosperin the future. Y J 29 46 l 0 . Look Ma, no eil l . l DD Down Hill Skiing: First row: M. Millender, C. Chapman, I. Abend, I. Watchmaker, B. Hurwitz, D. Frieze, Pollack, W. Semonian. Second row: D. Connolly, E. Grossman, D. Shapiro, K. Frieze, S. Meizler, D. Frieze, ME' Becker, R. Anapolle, 1. Woolf, K. Motiey, Coach Abend. l i1 I i i l, l ll .s 'S .E l. Who nvccls slus? l l A' Cross Country Skiing: First row: S. Meizler, 1. Abend. Second row: R. Tasgal, L. Semonian, M. Mil- lender, I. Abend, B. Hurwitz. Third row: Mrs. Abend, 1. Ketterer, M. Rosenthal, D. Frieze, T. Hochman, W. Semonian, D. Frieze, 1. Watchmaker, R. Anapolle, M. Fishman, A. Heafitz. Fourth row: D. Connolly, K. Frieze. 11-5-'Q l - David Frieze Skieze. 143 i r I o l . -,R ,. 0, . r W ,- 7 SB-5 . 0 C ' Y ' f Zig' , ., ,, , g,. .,- , 43, bv. 4 . n-4" I--"'9f2ZA . 1 .. ,ggwz " ' -f fx '-nu, . . .-. .. mg- -4. l. " 'v.f'n-"i1'7""' "' , - "-" " ' ' ,., ,. WE. irstrow: I. Lichtman, S. Alter, R. Makc, I. lewett, M. Doren, C. Stephans, M. Talcoff. Secondrow: Assistant oach McGary, B. Friedman, I. Cohen, R. Goldberg, D. Monbouquette, S. Goldberg, Coach Ressutti. issing: P. Mihart, F. Mitchell, E. Narder. Steven Alter kicks up a storm. 145 if tr ,Q 2 ' 1 g ' f 45' 4 1' J E i 3 fp -N fkw ,H W A 1 n. Q ' g ' YH .A '? R -"H -'-SC! , ' 'suv' l .nfl " W' x - 'Vi ' 1 I K. T ,j lei K 'fa K r f t 8 v f Z TQ' .y V Q ggi!!! 1 f A 'lg C 'Y g Qxzyr-0, willy! "1 ,e fb . lg , t - R rg, 'HIITH ilfirz? 'x vw ' ' efbgifcal 'E 4 .9 -'L' acura , ig ff' Y na Q 44+ mira' LF W7' iU n1'N70y 0 la ' 1: . . Dyna -.7f'I:, ' , 7 if . ,qv ' E . v fUU""' Q -f 'fd -'IG' ,i': Q? , :Msg Y' x f EERE 5 , 1 'E' Q 5 R f f V vm M Wd oy.-A fb. Q I gf if . HJ- A 5 ' ' -+4 -'J-P' EB ig! 1- .' X' ?l f , 'WV' U f"'35"fQ DW ,LY 1 'KN' 1 . "sm xg ' if fi V ,Q X 1 , X 4 bg i" 9' A .., fi, , ,gg it Y , fi 7 .Q kk 'tix "" 13 A? l l'f wk ff' M if Q .A We- s Y G Wg n c gt Q sixf - -1- ZZ, I f Q .Q Q. U' L Q51 Q Q I ' WX 'lgifpl' ' ' ns' ' ... -lf X I 16,2 45 2 ,gf 7 iw Y, .gl W Q Vjwuk gk x x ' . 'Q :il Q . A s.'i i Qi 3 . ."5 Ai 'A if.. Y C17 Qtr 525- tk E 5 L3 Ax - 'Q' P , '- , u C' l 4, Q gi: ' 1- f. 5 . .QA 5 - ,I ',-'. rs fry c v ' 5-.',nN.s s K - , J: M .N 'xr' - ',,' ,...r xi up . 3 Q . K .7555 " .:. fi: GQYBUM -. ,-. Y, ii. I . I" 'I RUNS 5 I . S s 5 I jfq, '- ag.:--1.7-K,.. K' I fi f 'b lf' 'f Q, -RX .ng ' 2 , '-"gqiw.,4- w vii-",' ' If 'NR ' IW 5 if O I -Q H if 21' Gi? , ' an-.5 - 49" I Q . A ,fc 1, 'lf f': la. x S.. .:' V. y f . 1 , I ll SQ' I NU'-la. -V' EA R X' ,"Y .. Far' . . 1 ES-Pi '1 2 K vi ff P 'T X I I ' , I If I , ' I I :- ll I I fn I I t 'fx I I I in , , on I I If II I x 4 N I I I I I X I ' Y :I 1' Q 42 IN -" 'I M, ..4'14- tx: 5 I A - S Q.. ii 2-I ww Au , , T ,noir is a four- orf finale :incl remale chorus. Directed by Helen Taylor and accompanied by Alice Smith,the group achieved an impressive repetoire this year, ranging from contem- porary pieces like Lionel Ri- chie's "Truly" and Pippin's "With You" to "lWassail,f' an English carolandthe Hebrew version of "Hanerot Halaluf' The Christmas concert dem- onstrated the evident ac- complishments of this en- thusiastic group, culminating with the Hallelujah chorus which featured participants from Madrigals and Vocal En- semble as well. Although members represented each class, the talent of the outgo- ing seniors will certainly be missed. The Madrigals choir con- sists of sixty-five sopranos and altos. In its second year the group's repertoire ranged from old English car- ols to popular jazz. For the Christmas holiday, the choir performed on the steps of Quincy Market, demonstrat- ing its talent and enthusiasm. In April Madrigals traveled to Washington DC. with the Vocal Ensemble and the con- cert choir to sing at local syn- agogues and to participate in a choral competition. T58 After returning from its very successful tour through England in April 1984, the Vocal Ensemble kicked off a busy year. In addition to the three music departmental concerts presented each year, the choir gave two spe- cial Christmas concerts, the annual Newton Women's Club concert, and Christmas caroling at Faneuil Hall Mar- ketplace. The Vocal Ensem- ble also participated in sever- alcommunity concerts spon- sored by local churches and synagogues. Led by Helen Taylor, the Vocal Ensemble performed a wide diversity of difficult pieces. The par- ticipants also demonstrated their enthusiasm and love for music on numerous well-ap- preciated occasions. Under the guidance of ac- claimed musician Giovanni Rossini, this year's concert band received the distinc- tion of being invited to the Musical Competiton Festival in Bermuda. Some of New England's finest musicians highlighted the band's per- formance, which was clearly demonstrated in various concerts throughout the academic year. 159 I 7 'S , g ,V X i 5 -02 1 4 1 D Y ,--al .e-. . Aa. u W4 aff' f X., in Ni ,A xx. 1-k"?a. ' 1- I em xnfitxx 'A 1 14' 'Q x X fn .ggi . r i VG' Clitii of ,iff .Ltr MOH to df?- -,rifrt-rs. The elec- It gharacteristic In that the candi- trre representative of 1 if ,pts groups of students. Tn-s rlif-me has stood out in all actiwities that the class has done. A motorcade, the for- mation of the xarious committees, and participa- tion in fund-raising activities are all proof of the coopera- tion within the class. More than any others before, the students of '85 put personal differences aside and worked together for the benefit of the class. Serving as the class officers, they have found this to be beneficial for the whole class, produc- ing memories andafeeling of comaraderie that will not be quicklyforgotten. They hope that future classes will con- tinue to operate in this way. Thanks for a great year! The Student Representa- tive Council is the student government of Newton South. It is composed of twenty-two elected mem- bers from the four classes. Cand Bill the Catl. The S.R.C. both protects and voices stu- dent rights and promotes school spirit and unity. Led by chairperson Melissa Hen- drix, this year's enthusiastic council :ccomplished more than ever, making it an espe- cially effective year for the S.R.C. 162 SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS john Langan, Co-President, Lana Kim, Co-Presidentg Denise Hill, Secretary, Ronda Appelbaum, Treasurer. Y" s t x:-N1-5 - -KX ...s A mmm First row: I. Glasgow, 1, Woolf, L. Evans, M. Hendrix, S. Kaplan, D. Hill, K. Fang Secondrow: E. Becker, I. Stein, I. Lerner, S. Aaronson Thirdrow: A. Freedman, K. Cadets, D. Kalis, I. Schwartz Missing: P. Modell, K. Motiey Sack, D. Slotnick, L. Rottenberg. Student Representative Council l 5 CUTLER HOUSE COUNCIL lfirstrow: W. Waldstein, L. Bloch, M. Cohen, P. Karp Secondrow: I. Abend, L. Klein, W. Hamburger, R. Thornlmurn, l. iChen Thirdr0w:I. Malone-Neville, T. Sack, E. Putnoi, D. Abrams, C. Albert, A. Fridman, R. Lack, M. Dubnoff Missing: Albert, D. Kim, L. Stein, C. Cushna, D. Gerson, D. Randall, 1. Singer, Davos, N. Schwarty, M. Gitlin, M. Gerson, P. 4 . ' ' .1 gm, K ,,- Firs! row: E. Zaff, K. Schnell Secondrow: A. Haran, T. Toth, M. Spengler, R. Rubin, T. Trevens, A. Timrud, R. Mahnke. WHEELER TASK FORCE Cutler House Council is an organization made up of stu- dents designed to improve the Cutler area.Cutler clean- up day and the painting of the commons and bath- rooms were a few of these improvements. Headed by Housemaster ludith Malone- Neville and officers Judy Abend, Wendy Waldstein, Laura Klein and Craig Albert, the council raised enough money to present a gift to Cutler House. The Wheeler Task Force, headed by Mr. Wicks, is a group of students who help the school in various ser- vices. This year, the members were determined to make Wheeler Commons and the surrounding area a better place to be. They did this by keeping Wheeler clean and by offering assistance to the secretary. 163 1 K v l REFLECTIGNS lClockwise - I. Grossman, A. Dayal, S. Weiner, I. Silverman, D. MacKerron, L. Mandell, L. Sit-gal, B. Hague, C. Atkins, iM. Delacy, D. Pempstein, S. Elman, W. Hamburger, T. Atkins, 1. Bensinger First row: C. Wu, I. Chiang, T. Park, E. Picard Second row: D. Dee, T. Chang, M. Frifole, M. Reden, Dr. Hood tFaculty T advisory CHESS CLUB Reflections is an annual publication put out by the students of Newton South. Members of Reflections meet weekly for two hours. At each meeting poems, es- says, and short stories, sub- mitted by students, are read, criticized, and voted on. Student artwork is also in- cluded in the publication. The magazine is a medium through which students have an opportunity to enjoy the literary works of their peers. The Newton South Chess Club consisted of twenty stu- dents who met two I-Blocksa week to play and discuss chess. In addition to compet- ing among themselves, the club occasionally sent a team of five players to play against other schools. This year the team was involved in a scho- lastic chess league and was ranked as one of the top five teams in Eastern Massachu- setts. 165 We mi- t, 'zgsfgril A '.1rilC'Ci the T .it ncrs Orga- . ., 1 enrion of Nu- The Newton i. ifillf. Nuclear War provides an oppor- ttiniti. tor kids to come to- gether to discuss the prob- lems concerning nuclear war. As an organization, S.T.O.P. tries to reach out and educate all students about the many political, his- torical, social, and scientific aspects of nuclear war through films and speakers. Chaired by Deb Boykan and Debbie Andelman, the S.T.O.P. Chapter meets fre- quently, if only to talk and share ideas. This year, S.T.O.P. Nuclear War partici- pated in pre-election cam- paigning, many student ral- lies, and several out-of- school peace demon- strations and lectures. The Harvard Model Unit- ed Nations is a club that is not only educational but excit- ing! This year Ashley Teim- mer and Sheila Colman were the head delegates for the team of nine students from Newton South. The delega- tion from Newton South re- presented Lao People's Democratic Republic. The Harvard Model Unit- ed Nations is an informal way for students to learn the functions of the United Na- tions and to realize the many problems that it confronts. Students try to represent their assigned country's na- tional interests as realistically as possible. The Harvard Model U.N. required a great deal of work and commit- ment but was an ideal way to meet new people and have an exciting and enjoyable weekend in Boston. T66 S.T.O.P. NUCLEAR WAR First row: E. Jacobs, L. Nielsen, W. Goldberg, L. Rottenberg, L. Bailen, C. Kadets. Secondrow: S. Hurwitz, 1. Goldberg D. Boykan, D. Andelman, A. Dayal, M. Rosenthal, S. Creem, 1. Loveman. Third row: M. Shuchat, 1. Silverman, W Meltzer, P. Neisuler, A. Timrud, K. McCrory, l. Rattenbaum. l First row: K. Cadets, I. Lerner, S. Kohl. Second row: A. Freedman, S. Timmer, S. Colman, E. Becker. 1 1 HARVARD MODEL UNITED NATIONS 6 HISTORY CLUB First row A. Dayal, F. Alam, A. Vollmann, S. Winer Second row: M. Hendrix, S. Husain, S. Motakef, l. Kibel First row M Temkin K Fang P Neisuler, R. Mahnke, K. Parker Second row: l. Erbe, A. Smith, M. Dubnoff, G. Sarafian B Alamansky 1 Prukman I Rumpler, I. Topalli, I. Goute, B. Butaney, P. Ronen, D. Abusch DEBATE CLUB The Newton South High School History Club pro- vided an opportunity for stu- dents to participate in both current issues and important topics of the past. Ronald Reagan may have had a land- slide victory in the United States, but in the club's 1984 mock election he was badly defeated by his opponent, Walter Mondale. In the Ox- fam drive, almost S500 was raised to help combat the overwhelming starvation problem. All of the club's ac- tivities were historically ori- ented, but the History Club remained informal and of- fered a good opportunity for friends to get together in a comfortable setting. The Debate Club is unique in that in many respects it is more characteristic ofa team sportthan ofan extracurricu- lar organization. Members of the club met Wednesday 1 Blocks until 5:00 P.M. to gather information on the year's topic, which dealt with employment of the poor. Debates were held on Satur- days and provided the stu- dents with an opportunity to utilize their debating tech- niques in a competitive yet informal forum. junior Rob Mahnke headed the club with aid from Vice-President Peter Neisuler. This year, in addition to faculty advisor George White, the debate squad received coaching ad- vice from Tufts freshman john Rumpler. 167 SOUTHSIDE First row: D. Hill, R. Thorburn, S. Goldstein, I. Goose, A. Smith Second row: ProducorfCo-Host K, Slobodkin, P, Rosen, ProducerfCo-Host E. Benovitz, Sports Director D. Kowal, P. Fergus, L. Mandell, I. Guber, Nt-wsfFt-.iturt-s Director N. Blicher, Fine-Arts Director A. Timrud Missing: R. Rubin First row: D. Casper, E. Klein, G. Roberts, S. Elman, M. Natale Second row: l. Mao, S. Stoller, 1. Singer, 1. Kominik, C. Murphy, M. Sacks Third row: I. Marcos, M. Foster, I. Guber, M. Ranen, S. Goldwin, K. Schnell, L. Sarafian, A. Haran Fourth row: T. Sack, L. Colman, M. Michelson, E. Langer, S. Katz, 1. Portnoy, N. Schwartz, S. Passman, B. Hsiung, K. Da- vos, l. Doherty, C. Cushna i THE LION 'S ROAR Southside, the weekly school radio show, airs live every Saturday from 7:45 to 8:00 A.M. This year the pro- gram, produced by seniors Eric Benovitz and Ken Slo- botkin, consisted of intrigu- ing interviews, feature sto- ries, sports stories, and news shorts. Southside, its name being changed from Speakeasy early this year, promises to continue its success under the enthusiasm of the cur- rent juniors and seniors in- volved. ln the fall of 1984 a new publication hit the halls of Newton South. The Lion's Roar entered the Newton South community. Founded by Terry Sack with the help of Allyson Haran, Steve Stoller, john Singer, Scott Katz, Matt Natale and faculty advisor Paul Gottlieb, The Lion's Roar strived to give its readers an alternative, more conservative viewpoint. De- spite some adverse condi- tions The lion's Roar was able to survive. With lots of hard work and increased in- terest by underclassmen, The Lion's Roar hopes to continue as a mainstay within the Newton South commu- nity. 169 RUSSIAN CLUB lflrst row 1 Rubin F Epstein S L pshultz, S. Yampolsky, S. Vollman, I. Faneush, R. Kaplan, W. fNll'lllt'l, A. Tiniiutl, 'S cond row I Lehrman R Rubin T Schriber, R, Zide, K. McCrory, L. Richmond, G. Saralian, M, Alba-it, P. Leibovich N Schwartz C Storm N Slotnick First row M Clark A Katz I Yager, M. Hendrix Second row M Veilleux T Schreiber, K. Moskow, K. McCrory, A. Vollman, N. Auer, A. Yager GERMAN CLUB The Russian Club has grown this year to be bigger and more popular than ever at Newton South. Certain traditional events, such as dining at a Russian restau- rant, have continued to take place. But with President Melanie Kelfer, the expecta- tions and goals were all new this year. Due to this new spirit the number of club events increased significant- ly, one of which was a week- end trip to New York. Al- though the club's funding was short, the Russian Club's enthusiasm reached new bounds, providing an enjoy- able and educational year for all. Gutentag! That means "hel- lo" for all you non-German speaking readers. However, those of you who were in the German clubthis year under- stand this salutation and are also witnesses to the fun and excitement that the German club had. "Resurrected" by Melanie Kelfer, the German club had many spirited members who all showed an interest for the language and culture of the German peo- ple. This enthusiasm pro- vided a successful and enjoy- able German-directed school year. T71 S DRAMA CLUB First row: K. Mufphy, S. Aaronson, L. Kim, V. Smith, R. Thorburn, A. Cross, S. Stackhouse, R. Morris Second row: R. Rubin, D. Pemstein, D. Hill, K. Blachman, I. Israel, D. Hill Missing: D. Fulp, M. Hendrix, F, Dyer First row. R. Youn R Broadbrid e B. Bolker D Steer, S. Bowman R Morris, G. Tong, E. Pappadopoulos, D. Proskauei, K. Krick?lS. 'Zoll, R. Silviririan Secorid row: R. Mason, K. Marquis, P. Stark STAGE CREW The tlr.inia club tinallxi got its .ict togc-ther this year. l iw- gt-iit-ial board int-iiilit-is, Stephanit- Aaronson, Presi- dent, Felicia Dyer, Pant Mo- dc-II, Tit'.istii't'r, Roger Rubin, and Virginia Smith, .incl six committee chairpeoplt-, Bt-n Bolker, Stage Crew, Dt-anna Fulp, Publicity, Wendy Gol- denberg, Social, Missy Hen- drix, Costumes, Rachel Mor- ris, Props, and Sara Stack- house, Make-up, were chosen to run the club. This board, along with active club members from every grade took care of the production aspects of every show that went on at South: sets, cos- tumes, make-up . .. In addi- tion to keeping busy with productions, the club brought in guest artists, took trips to see shows, and ex- panded the opportunity for students to become involved in theatre at South. While many of us have en- joyed plays at South we don't always think of the contributions made by the stage crew. Stage Crew be- gins its work long before opening night, and its mem- bers continue to work after the final curtain call. Stage Crew constructs sets and manages lights and sound, their workthis year helped make South's plays the suc- cesses they were. 173 A X 'F N., K , . np: .-eg -X K -...Q nv 1 'N' .waz U. , we .. .... ii ' Q XI 5 31 -.Y 'll bw! 0 Q 0-A f ' K-1 S I, ex X '9 X1 . I J I Q-A in ,Qi --S ' , EE' if-Q 4' Y 15.5, .Q Y Xl ef . 1 1 , .. 1 , . ' ,,. 7-3 1 x J' ' -. 302 wiv X wf ,J ,A , , is 4 4, 'h' gg! . 4 9 y -4- 4 f 3 ' is 6' '39 A , 3 . -my I L v -I ,X ,Ir N 4 'Q ' H ,-a ' 'Q t I :ln . .1 , l h-'S . A , U ' 1 -ff L '..,, . 4 ' ' ,' 7 3 8 - 'H fn V I X . 1 4 .L 5 v . ", ,r Q yf "' ' A ' ' ,7 W4 ' 113 .5 .. 1. 'W x iw ,P X ,J Ivo gl. x Y- -af 32-LA v 'N l 03,5 . df H Q, jfr ffy,f , fW?JQ'f6ww,f fx? bf V Ja,f'?4fgyig6Sfk!?Sjg,vV5g4A 'QL baggy , ii,r'EQRN'yfqX ' ffaglfb' wwf fy IIY 1.-RF F H , '-lv 1 Q , r Jr, , I -u x'-,-2. " :H i. 'A , .- , "-+h-. - X . "- xxi' ,V ' Axx:iA-v. -, . 179 The REGULUS staff thanks Mrs Barbara Wise and Mr john Moxley for all of their time and effort Happy SILVER Anniversary Newton South and Good Luck to The Class of 1985 if, :fa 'T Congratulations MARK SIEGEL and the Class of 1985 Joan '79 Linda '82 Mom and Dad BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF '85 THE GLASGOW FAMILY CONGRATULATIONS LIZ with love from Mom, Dad, Evan, and Laura TO THE COURTYARD Nonconformity 2 the ability to be oneself Here's to the best and most real'people I ve ever met!! You're the greatest! - Nina 186 Thorndike St. Creative Capers Inc Brookline Massachusetts 02146 16171 244-0811 Congratulations to the class of 1985 'a catered adventure executed with expertise We lovc you Mom Dad and Allison WAY TO GO BOOTS' 9 9 Congratulations to the class of 1985 May your futures be successful and your world filled with peace. The Dlbners PEARLE VISION center' Chestnut Hill IVIA l617l 9652540 Natick MA l617l 655-7453 RUSSELL T. D'ARGENTO - OWNER BEST WISHES to the CLASS OF 1985 from TO Y S VILL Congratulatnons to the class of 1985 Congratulations Class Of '35 Congratulations to David and his classmates on their achievements at We are Pf0Ud Of YOU? Newton Southg we hope that they will continue to be successful in finding, Tina Dlfl4S9nl and meeting, new challenges. Love Mom, Dad Steven, Donme and Sharon Bonnie -l- Jay Orlln Best Wishes to the Graduating Class of 1985 - From the Abends Toby and Susan Marc - '80 Larry - '82 jackie - '83 judy - '85 julie - '85 Mazel Tov to our Graduate - Sharon Gann From Rita and Herbert Gann Elisa - '84 - joshua and Matthew To jill Berkowitz our lovely daughter we are so proud of you we love you Mother and Dad We are so proud of you Congratulations Diane E Sostlllo jLady D0 2 I ..., 1 la ,S 1, . Hal- ' Mom jonny Susan Butchie and Poxie Congratulations to Mark on has graduation' S Y and best wishes always to the class of 85' The Mlllenders to Sheryl for an outstandin earbook! I and the class of 85 on ove Mom, Dad and Mom, Dad and Douglas Ellen l Congratulations HENNIFER The best is yet to come. Wyre Very proud of you l , Congratulations David and the class of 1985 ove Dad Mom Kenny and Debbie To Debbie Our love and congratulations to you and the class of 1985 love, Mom and Dad Congratulations to Laurence, The class of 1985 and our special thanks to the fine teaching staff at Newton South The Bailen Family SKATZ Here s looking at YOU kid' Tomorrow is another day LOVE Mom Dad and Sharon Congratulations to Sammi l and L the class of "85" The Shuman ' Family L Squash R rntrnber rnt vvltb lou IIT yt ur bt rrt NJ x r t pry, t tb trmts vve ve shared Sb rbrbr long b nr Trbsbrnoo c boon ooze goose flabby lrnny Htll Olrrlt R uk ll Spot squasby Hobnny Crovannt Y dor kntxlt LID Wbtppa ta es Waklkt PB Cqosh T Dot V Dot Btllytlop St weed Turn tortures Runs Prfklcs wut bark up' C ond nngb sleep tight to Qbtw Rlvrert and or bust Trout I love yu always Ab I ll miss you' Mom Penny orr Bo Best of luck to judy Laura Shari Peter Cars You ve grown and helped us grow we love you and are proud of you CONGRATULATIONS' Goodbye Newton South Jlm 77 Jean 81 Missy 85 Love, the Hendrrx Famrly Congratulations, Wendy Good Luck, Class of '85 We're very proud of you Love Mom, Dad Dana 8z Jeff Congratulations to someone very special and to the class of 85 Love, Mom, Dad Debbie, and Rebecca I k K I 1' 6 ' 'N 'LJ 't ,:t'-1' t 'Q' 1' 1 N ' L ' r L 3 5 K ' ' , K' JK . a l . r lx, Y I -K I! - I YL ,JH K .ffl LK' xy - , . , J , ' star, our marathons, our Vvt-stern rnovuc, Afrxtan Hag 4 ,' X,-f-' . Y 4-, , . Y Y I . . I' xl 11 Hr- f , P , - L b ll ll l I1 Il . , , 0 1 . 9 Q . I '- rf f' Si fiat' To David and his class of '85: You're the GREATEST!!! Good luck from Ed, Abby, Robert and Frisky Congratulations to Michele Transue on graduating from Newton South High School! Congratulations And the best of luck in the future Merrill With love and pride Jeff Mom, Dad, steve, ---l- Congratulations and best wishes to a special lady ori and the class of 85 The Klem Klan Michele 79 Heidi 82 jackie and Mark CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISHES to my most special BAYCIL SENIORS Dont let the light burn out Tom Leavitt Happy Sllver Anniversary Newton South Congratulations class of 85 love to B.W. Archie and Cat Congratulations and GOOD LUCK to Shura, Katy, and jenny, We love you! 17, .-figf-.gag , M., .... . 1EETE3- 'P5' Bye South! Congrats Margi! Debbie '79 jimmy '79 Paul, Shae, and Kelly-Girl Congratulations and Good Luck to jackie and the class of 1985 Love, Mom, Dad I CC 97 and Doug 88 CONVENIENCE FOOD STORE 757 Beacon Street Newton Centre 332-1861 Congratulations to the class of 1985 Alyce and Eddie Mandell V ! I P V A X fi I X , 1 A I A + I i 1 W ,wir 'fan , X . fy - : , 2 v'L.4Ag A Um .- an , , V" Q fkw ff" W N.-1-vt " ,:'..: ' 'gi' i -' Rf H- - Q . , 413 si' 1- ' a 4, 252 0- H -:-1, 1- , -'fr' , Q q , .W '12 . ix ff'.:,,., f bf S 1 -: - s .1 av Y "' 'Is . '- ff .. . . -X X " , Q ,- , . ,ag xgfi. A De, ,. , , I , 'fhflb H ' 1 s ,- -. pl ,A - t " fi My - -' ai- ,, 'L "ff-. X 1 A. fj,g,If, A I slimy .L . - ,vii ' ?':f-if ' 'V ' x V ,1 .v K , X ,r,,?13 :.JR: I. W. , g. , . , , . . " 1 1 ' . v ' '- fe ' 1 ' . x. ' ,'. ' 'I - 1. . -:t..:.-A .. -V-,,'j, -H . -qi' mv gn. '-,. 4 vi,-.'..' , , fa.. xkgkf-v , X "' ' .'uv . mtir. wwifm f '- Nff. Y Q .xf 5 K v. 1 .s, aww-1? it - g,..L. - K if - 1 1,- "' ' :fffi-5 f 41? . '.' - ,',-.'. xhfg AL'- e.'-'- . x A A ,I H 1. . , I ' ' W- gg MZ . , A-4 . 'J lx . 1 'ig-2,f?s A f"hQ' g9g1.3E x A ,w?:w1. . . :Ja g I is is s 'H 1 r l x if 'W a I-t Ml qi gy, 2: 41 I 3 fi ,y 4' Hz V. n Y J. I w Wf 1 4 '75 a s s I- V 'P W4 Ng, ! I , I . s I I I I I I I I I I I I A BREGULUSREGVULUSREGULUSREGULUSREGULUSREG IEGULUSREGULUSREGULUSREGULUSREGULUSREGU EGULUSBAEGULUSREGQLUSREGULUSREGULUSREGUL JLusnEGuLuSREGULUSREGULUSREGULUSREGULusn LUSREGULUSREGULUSREGULUSREGULUSREGULUSR Io I

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