Newton South High School - Regulus Yearbook (Newton, MA)

 - Class of 1984

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'sv Af 1 'Q Ibn nb 4 , 5 bl' ,. .ff . UL, ,. .-.ff-' ' - -'4-249' I Y aw' 07 ' in 'lx f'- ,. -e-"7?'4 , 'v L,. 0 QQ I. QI A , 4 47, o-fl Gln ink burn A. "0NI' Aw A g 5 . - 1 .- y . "r" - x 1 'fl' I4 7 H f 5 ,li , .. l L Q ,xp Q-bv' -1. . ' 1 K N K ix b E 7 ' 'is 45 ff 'ii L I ' Q I' if 4 A -0-N i fig "- 1531 4 R bl khr' g , F M 1-to-3 as wx , t J r 1, KJ A,iNxhs N:-0,33 QIFJ, 2 QWUU -X. Q vu . f vnsq, ,f A ry- -.J ,faq J -.1 969 1- 29' Q ,hav LIUHARY NEWTON MASS. NEWTON FREE LIBRARY NEVVVON, MASS. W ' f'l'7 np' .vi -U' ' li sf. 0 ' 0 ' ' 0 M AQ. .qi 'K I I, -ll x-. L x I x x ' 15" J K . ali lil , Mkfii 1 'C 2 1 - V , K f :Q ' 1 1 r 5 I . Y g dv. 1 I Q Q x u ' F- I: -1' J' , A. X 31. 5 "L A- D 1 .if , ..Y ,. ..,,. ,. .Q , riff' ,SL- . -'11 451' 912' -: ,, . : -' F2552 9111 ..4f . d.' UW -figh- ,r7w' :Q Elgi- 9, xr 2 M' ... 51 nf.. Pia: pf' - ff- 'i C 1 117 f-:'5f1" 'gil 'ff,f,f . 2- '1 if .- V. FFA, 1-'sf - E, MJ. 4, 19.1 :1,a..,-I B12 10' FT. Q, ' 'Fi' 43 bf, I... JF L. ,..',:::s QJ 'lf un.: . sv:-' -. .:,f -, i:5f"' f,1g":-A ..- .-.- :-' ' r .', :- .: ,. . .'.L -S .I H-Qi-'hf:9'.i - sjik 1 , . -- ,. ..fCf'.. saw.:-x..'ffmvzfzdfae:.airivl-f:.-aufff fflil- - f f f ,.. I -'Q gf I -.,, ., 9 f- ,", -L, D, , 4.7, . '- Yi'-5 .:.. Tig --'V e'4?rf,5if.- gi. .QE -- I ,375 .M -f - Air. i M53-IA . 1i"m'-ri f" ' ' , T? ' ff 10 ......... STUDENT LIFE saucenoooousooaonaooonoooosoooooosnssooo Y ,ff P. g 1. 1 ii 2 j' ,-.. afar- a.x.,1': 'X. ' 1. is av.. j 11" p.N"i 4. .,..,. L . Z.: W A. .C g, .-'- 'gif w- 7 -a. . .,. Z, E"T':"i- ' ..f,. -13 .rc 4 2 .JN - H., 2 'S 5:1 , W ,Q 7- X 4. .' , ,flif ,.u,.4, A . E ., XL:-,, .H -'Ls Q Q F '3' x .. A J- .5 X . ' PEOPLE r,, I- V- Aj,"-',,,'.' . pw -. 'W fA. ,,w?t1:f'1ff.,2. , ., .Lf l.H,.,, ' A. i I in -:jf ,w - , E, V4 1' '. af .. '-f 4- f'Cf'.2.'z.'r- 'rw' " -', 'F 'ft 6,1 J' x H I ., , -3f9fQlx3f 'Nf- uf-N-xy aging, ,x,.' kzbl 4 '.!"'3 SOUTH IS THE RIGHT DIRECTIGN Whatever our interests, we are bound to find something to satisfy us at Newton South High School. Arts, academics, sports, friendships - all the things we enjoy at Newton South provide us with the opportunity to find people with whom to exchange ideas and share ex- periences. We pride Newton South in its ability to meet the needs of a diverse student body. Not only does Newton South meet all of our needs, but in our three years here it has also challenged us to take new routes thus broadening our lives. REGULUS 1984 hopes to take you on a ride through the Newton South hall- ways, showing you the many people and the exits they took while going SOUTH- BOUND ON '84. 9" - 0' 'r I. 3 - rf ' ' Ei? " .0 I -0 1' Q fain ff? 125. Qi' , 9 , V44 235213 1' 1 Er , fig ' fhfi ggi? , 2' sf? 7f' 5:51 ., YQ 'ff '. 5 MW I" W .,, ag: ,Q-Ig, if-'H -wie: v :5fi'f', - V, S.M. phone home. V .. 1 4k 3 Tom Dorf feels the aitvr etfeclf uf the achmml pretzels. X I ., ,Z Semors Rule' THERE'S MORE TO EWTGN SGUTH THAN GETTING HIGH grades. Sure, every school has its brains, you know, the ones whose SAT scores are whispered reverently throughout the halls. At some schools they are the only ones who con- tinue their education after high school. But for over 80 percent of the Newton South student population, graduation is a turning point rather than an end to their educational experiences. WHY? Because for every student there is some aspect of Newton South - be it a teach- er, a course, a book, or an experience - that makes them want to learn more about themselves and the world around them. So, wherever they go and whatever they do, with Newton South behind them, South graduates are BOUND TO SUCCEED! -,ff S .. s. ' " Yes, seniors do actually study. Hola L11 vvvwrv A ,f , I aw ' , 57' fit v "gl A V K 'lip tv 5 . x MN F K Sf 'J J' ,t?"4'fV' ' A ', V . There's the bell! It's 2:35, and all students leap out of their chairs and out of the classrooms. They leave the pressures of homework and tests behind as they go to do whatever it is they enjoy. For South students, this could mean anything from soccer practice to a math meet to rehearsal for the musical "Can- didef' South offers a variety of clubs: language clubs, science clubs, political clubs . .. as well as sports, plays, musical activities, and student publications. How- ever, South students are not bound by the confines of their school. Many students have jobs, train for sports out of school or play instruments, on their own or for a musical group. These different activities and many oth- ers not mentioned make each student unique and thus important to Newton South. And Newton South, as a result of its multi-talented students, is BOUNDING FORTH, passing all other schools on its route to success. ,ur . . . , . '-- . Yr . .v- ' . ..,, 1 LX, if ' We do ballet in our spare time. We make beautiful music together in Madrigals. - x Everyone knows that french horn players have the best lips l ,gi 4, "al -if." -' , , Rough day at the office. MWW '1W7iN"ii1l'h1IY1l1,1Q' iwu'-I 1 s't.1ii1 Fiona Shukri is on the ball at a game against Weston Jeff Pollack knows a picture is worth a thousand words. nf' -9 V -Zvi, 1 5'5"r-- ' ' .,. 3-,. ,, Q4, 5? S"-ff, T - 1' 3 .., - . ir:-f' ' ,,- ff ff I2 .v 1-' , f ,, f.,: ng. g. ifaf.. 5. A . Q . L . i". L. Q... E-." !'.'f A .. - - e P.- , -.. A . k is gf x , ,. -.7 I . E-.A r-Su? Y ': ' -'-4? ' - va, 1 Y .4 9.1, : f " . .ln an v ...- .... L. ,-..- ..... -....i.l. X A' I i Q yi ' is A , , Q' .,' H ' 5 Q O ' Q if my. O I n iv L 'T' 1 C A v ,. - R.. , Q. 1 IH: 1 Ji i V Q -?.' d Jr, 4. 3-A ah 4' ,, H, .," 1. hs- if 'f4p'V!.' is ' 'f-' 1 'G 1' .4 :Wg LAWQ1.. . e. . ,. . ,. . .. . ' '.B'.'.ry- ii .-jf!-. "ga .I A 9. .. S! '.'. '35, . Q '---1n. - , , .la Y f , - Oo . u . 1 Lwhfw ff' W ' O . 'fs - ' .3 1 ' r u P n .e. . 4. Q'-1 14's , F 5 4 'rf X ,fi In . 4. Everyone loves each other in Denebola. I Y v ' fe X3 .. xf X I zf, , , sig? WZ fix' X x e A - 2. . . X , J, 3 '4 -RQ -.-' .f ' 'Y Fl -rw R 6 ., ,JV ,v, L You guys got five minutes. mm sv NAITIIUS INTUI lug fi XX- , ...- 'XXX 4 r - 4 . "4 "WE: . .ta lil , f. WW o I I Q I' IJ, I " . A5' .ll 1 1- '- 'f V f 9- . r ,.,-... N-Q 'M' L Y. . . r. II .41 A 1 L If. ? I6 -Q. nm I , I' 'vbnudlff I 'il,,.s-L-fn - "-I , -...K ,,,, , I, .-I I . i- . ft .. 4 I I ,'l- 'Q . . 3. , V. ' 5' I" . 6' A h '.", my . ', -xx, ' I , -Q F "' . I , ,, If-I 45" I1 I V .R iff. A-f, v ' Q. v., 4 -1 ., 9 I,- f S lv. If Q. 1 'fvqbf . A 5 IV 1 Awu :K 1 ,. l -.,.- :vwf , MA . J . , . QMS 55 I , W. - - P 'v 'L' .191 n U44 ,.n -ak 1, 1" ' wnfm- 1" I 1' 'I A.. 5 -- 1. YA ., 1 -v- " wg .,-'Q-4' - '-f'--"f"""" I no-in-T-,,,,T , . . MW I I ,.. -1 '1 un 'Ez . T., ,u. 1 .., ,,,.,. ,,j.-.,L,5 JK" la ' Q- 0 xx fx, .Q ,1 Al -. , e A925-T v V? wiv .15 LAP I fwaadm Husum lxvmg lt up III the language lab. 5 SD fv 1 Mb' 9 . ,J - 4 Q., N 'Q P' ' ' My hat is not ugly! 71 f 9 ' I 15 v Don't laugh - at least it has a motor Mo L In Q n -446 OUTBOUND Where do upperclassmen go during their free blocks? In search of food, of course! Almost any time of the day, you can catch those people lucky enough to have a car for a friend with onel, downing their lunch at the Golden Arches. For the ones whose only transportation is their feet, there's always Fred's for eating or just hanging out. Around the Newton South campus, kids can socialize any- where outside, the most popu- lar place being the courtyard, well-known for the professional frisbee games that take place there. Then, of course, you can always study beneath the shade of the trees outside Cutler ,Com- mons - but only as a last resort. Yes, free blocks are great when you have open campus . . . N 1-f .l ,-L-1-ff' u-AL S' f.,,.f"'X - C :lie W, E We don't DO the caf. "If you pour that drink on my head, I'll kill you," 16 But if you're a study hall, free blocks mean freshmen. No, wait - reverse that. In the blocks that freshmen do not have a scheduled class or lunch, they are assigned to a study hall. The teacher in charge has a list of students who are supposed to at- tend the study. But the number of students present rarely matches up with the number of kids on the list. Those few fresh- men present think they are at- tending sociology 101, not a study hall. Since the teachers spend half their time yelling at the freshmen for gossiping, and the freshmen spend half their time arguing with the teacher and the other half gossiping, one can clearly see the educational value of study halls. Freshmen study hall at 1tS best Matt He-ms make the most if hi free period Tl lust think, iiri. X"'iliiIl'1if'lX w, in -. ii-'iii -lLliiQi'il1ili:il,i'i-.- i ,Ali'lk'lill1'...KIlI'v fN1.'4-H-r-iiiiil Nile--'. ,R-ii.ip.i -hir' Hin-ir final year iii S 'MM - 4. - N SDP 1, 54 , . 'gh i I- -, r , fwafgr N xl' .M . K 'KS F ,.,Q' 5. . 'Nav lf--Q7 xf if ., ..,, ,. ,, - L.. , , . J. - A - -..aaisfl ' 0 .. .... is .X , K if -. 4' 6' 1 p a?" L' x iw 103455553 Y.-' ala -- f ,if "Wx-K ' i ,-lcuuwfg X" U. f '.:v.,, AVI 1 :IX 1 'R I 7 A f I 'F ' W ' lMf 'V Mfg 2 T7 li 1 4- Q -nrzzmg 5l0J'siU!' 1 r ik feng ,, if ' x dm 'P 3CTng2t2.JC,ZgA. Cara Storm, Liz and Jenny Lerner, and Lynn Mollenauer get psyched for the first day of school. 19 - ff:.'i':- :vi-i-x-".' - 39.-"'-' ' V ' - .Z- '- - '. ' - , I 1 i Q i 1 I ' 5 , w, ' , " . - A Q -.- - .wzqa 1.-4018 -F-Sli! 333335 "I can't go out with you Satur- day night. I have to work." Have you heard that one before? Each year the yearbook includes sec- tions focusing on the extracurri- cular activities offered at New- ton South. We discuss sports and clubs, but we fail to mention a top ranking after-school activ- ity - jobs! Over half of the Newton South students work after school and on weekends at places like Purity Supreme, Heartland, and Brigham's. Oth- er people make dough at Papa Gino's. Some students are in- volved in South's work-study programs where they can obtain on-the-job training while also making money. There are many areas which offer work-study ex- perience: the house offices, the life skills center, the nursery school and the library. Students work for many rea- sons, but most want either extra pocket money "to pay for gas and datesfl or they want a head- The joy of working at Heartland I .Ill dbh: Q, 249'- '55 A-slr 1-P" - llllllll , O QQ- ' start on their college funding. Whatever the reasons, after school jobs have become as much a part of our lives as homework! if, Ll 11' 41p Nikki Lottor rings it up at P.S. Sarah Goldstein takes a break between showings at the Academy Cinema in Newton 22 Center. David Jaffe, along with several other Newton South students, works him! 1 i Ln 'K ins- .N 9sG W' The look of exasperation . . . 'dl .Jeff Saret happily counts the profits at the Countryside Pharmacy. 23 ..,1,. ,. ,,4,h.x-- . - . 12 ' . -, , -: I 1 , 4 4 ISI X.. E+ . ifgfn' . , x . 'H R fl' as 1 1 249' A .. Xb, K , 1-.g l ' ' 9 f N. K I A M 4'-xx . w I I -fix .L SouTH SAYS N , BUT YCQ CAN ALWAYS SAY YES BUZZ. The alarm clock wakes you up promptly at 6:30 a.m. But 10 more min- utes won't make a difference, just push the snooze button. After what seems like 3 sec- onds, the alarm buzzes again. Ignore it as long as you can before groggily pushing down the snooze button again. Sud- denly you wake with a start and realize that you have only 15 minutes in which to get ready for school. Leap into your car at 8:03. The radio should be playing an appropriate tune such as "it's too late baby, now it's too late" Do not check your speedometer as you race down Route 9. f"But officer, I was so eager to get to school."J Park your car across 3 spaces - you don't have ..-.:-- , .473 -oclv V -. -.CA . -Q 1 ef me s - lj ' ",. v . I , Some people have a little trouble parking straight . . . . fu,-3: T.. .P - ineulg-""' time to be careful. Arrive to class pretty early for you. You only missed 10 minutes. After class ends, rush down the hall for a quick smoke in the bathroom. Your next scheduled class is a study, so don't go. Walk around the halls looking for someone sell- ing candy bars. When a teach- er stops you and says, "Where are you going?" turn red and look embarrassed. Glance in the direction of the nearest bathroom. The teacher should let you go. If he doesn't believe that, grumble "I'm going to get sick if l go outside. It's raining. This hall policy is so stupid." Glance in the direction of the teacher, and mouth what looks like a swear. Then rush outside, be- fore they come after you. 3 1 11- 1. 'A Better footnote that . . . Wait 5 minutes and sneak back inside a different hall. Go into Cutler Commons. Sit down at a table. Take out your lunch, a Walkman and laugh loudly with your friends. You know you can't be kicked out because of the hall policy. Chalk up another point for yourself. Look smugly at the teacher. When you hear the last buzzer, push your way down the hall. Don't worry about the people you knock over - they'll be okay. Throw your books in the back seat of your car. Drive home. When you get home, notice a small pink slip on your front windshield. "Sus- pendedf' South has evened the score. But you think, "Wow, that's great! A day off from school!" .X A, 1'4" y N . ,gi 1. l W. aN T 'ar if-AS X rs., T' .- sg, E, fo! I 'BX B45 x NM XX-mx 111.0 Xl- Wi. wk X1 xxx I .,, V TA .' T w.. ' wifi" MW. .fl -if 'T it ' if L, ba- 35 . 11.9, x:Y:L.E'5,f. lgg. ' . , , 7 ' 'Em-f v -3-' 'SEZ'-ff. " fi x 'fl' ,f ', . 'R 1 f ' ' A . 6 Q3 xl' f 1 rxx ' Ti, ,Li 2 X Jai . - 1 -.. ff ,,sgg32Q,5':'i5f 14:27, giaff. ,ff-'1 7?-an-v f'-L D W A . . -,, '64 ,,Q.s,., fi' .le-' 2291! QM ,l'g,Lg'., 12 ffl.. - -a,fp1, 7 X , ,- Ei' .,.I,. ,U 4. 'I 'Z 9 A5 7" 5 .- v , . ,.f 4 .f'f'sf 'I' P 1 12-Q, , ' 'JU -:. G"li.Ar-"A "H 1 Q J: J .5' "As 0 "s ' . 1.:..'r".f29i',L vat' v. Mtg if. ivgg., it Lx . if - 1-u"'8 is s-, t ' T' i-lf: ,I x' 6 I . I ..1 ' ,,1s 1' '92 ,n f.. .yi 1, ." P ',', .' ' p.':?:.'7'.':-E'-"lip" "'. .' . -' f?.'.r' . ,aw iff-giig- .W .4 x?b- -' 1 ' 7 an . .- '- 9 .WP .5-A ,, ru - -- Q-rs. . s .Nan h. Newton South students model Falvin lileink lam-5 , H. . ,f , if 1 , ,. , ,. -.. Y ,aff ' -liiniibi , 'iw fnvfi' ,ol H-, -N i, Hwy: 1? ' '05 fv 1' 'ff 1 ,...-1 ,f--' L X-1 L... si ,I NEWTON J SOUTH uiwflw Introducing the stone-washed de-mm I f, lllllk The Spirit of '84 31 4 vw xl" lil .1- fin- X.- L, BUWIE XPS E J' " 4 J Ti ., qs- K .11 ' N.. 6 ,. ' s E 2. .'Y vii ' m H .-, - H.. . xii 3 .x,Q' X x' s "" 'slt i Y, 5 if s lv 'Ki rr ., 4.11- ,. -'v v ,il ,fx UND I i 1? i 1 1 ' . 'S ,. f J' ,f . ' 5-' A Qui ., g. ,,'. M.: ll 4"'3 n I. LQ -f' I il A ' I EE V - Zia-n.2iQS.. ,A KS..... ...V X -ff' Q I Q.- E n x - A if N 'if' 1' , Q 'Wg-F 1 gv ca xl H 1 Nu. 4? , l Q ' r f .HA 4 fl X X xl .434 "?' 'P .x-if ' - Q-4 , .. X63 The spirit is everywhere! Even though one may never see orange and blue as a high style color combination, the fashion magazines would wonder if they made a mis- take, after visiting Newton South. Through the halls you can see people wearing a vari- ety of patriotic items, ranging from buttons to ribbons to SPIRIT rugby shirt to sweats, all in good old orange and blue. And South's spirit is not limited to clothing! Student- organized pep rallys, well at- tended sports events, and large support for activities sponsored by the school show that South's students have the spirit! lv A fx I ',,,v-Q., The last remnants of the Newton South marching band crank out tunes for the Thanksgiving Day game pep rally. s Ie, 4 Michelle Sulliva inspires the aud' ence at the Thanks giving pep rally. My 9 mx-. Alu! -,ww xx: I1.uxe'l1.w!11,HI-pm! ' 9 Q , AU ,Il 1 S1 ug X i QS li '21 r-,7 E Q ,fl JH KN ' lj.. 1 -' ,rx WN .e Three freshmen strut thelr stuff III the cafeterla . -xiii ff' .33 x' f""- QM,-.., "' gm QM """x3- mgtln 1QQ1qm .,.,,,, ,Anita 35 M., l :anus-as-aa.. W -,za .1 Q-r 'Q 69 FN Ti " I 5154. - 4,11-P V4 1" -i l!Qd IBS lQi531 x' - 'hiv ,..n 5 N ,Q ' I x r ,V ' x , f , My ,A ,. uc? -xu S . fi . JE, . '-X. x. x! ,.-f vw nf J.. ,w',Q'.1 ., V.- 'fff 11'4'.1w ,' 'Cf-ft, Z ' We 'wi s X L5 U4 7 1. Q '-Q. 'YT' V 'Q ' 4 H I A . A 7 I i 'N 1 Unltt d rue-ndQ mee! after :ml at the 41 1.-,-.i-2 bf.-Q ,. ,,,,, . . -. 4 , w 1 4 ,, ' 1983-1984 Brooke Sheilds goes to college . . . 82nd Airborne-Grenada . . . Mr. T . . . Jesse Jackson . . . U2 . . . Madeiros Dies . . . CATS . . . Meryl Streep . . . Space Shuttle. . .Duran Duran . . .Menachim Begin resigns. . . HCHEERSM . . . Cabbage Patch Dolls . . . Quiet Riot . . . Tom Cruise . . . Gumby . . . AT8cT Bell System Breaks Up . . . BDWIE . . . Flashdance . . . What hap- pened to Andropov? . . . Stevie Nicks . . . Mini Skirts . . . THRILLER . . . Lech Walesa Wins Nobel Prize. . .Bloom County. . .Boy George. . .Hacky Sack . . . Return Of The Jedi . . . SYNCHRDNICITY . . . Johnson Held Hostage . . . THE DAY AFTER . . . The Police . . . Pope Forgives Assassin . . . Korean Airliner 4007 Shot Down Near Sakhalin Island . . . Terms of Endearment . . . Eddie Murphy . . . Dallas Vs. Dynasty? . . . Batman Vs. Magnum P.I? . . . Billy Joel . . . YES . . . Ray Flynn Vs. Mel King . . . 4'All Night Long" . . . Def Leppard . . . Continuing Conflicts ln Lebanon . . . Still Rocking: The Kinks, The Stones, Neil Young . . . Richard Gere . . . Bloody Sunday in the Falkans . . . Arson At UMASS . . . Stray Cats . . . James Watt Resigns - "A Black, A Woman, Two Jews, And A Cripple" . . . Michael Jackson . . . Jessica Savitch Killed in Auto Accident . . . Vanessa Williams Wins Miss America . . . IRA Bomb At Harrod's . . . Bye-Bye Yaz . . . Bye-Bye Red Auerbach . . . James Stewart and Alfred Hitchcock Return To The Screen . . . The "Off The Shoulder Look" . . . Trivial Pursuit . . . South In The Top 15! ' 43 .J 5 A 2 - - 212, P ,r Q fs ,, s . 1 A Q' - 2?- s 0 nf 5. . ' Z 1.15, ',g. , .ra W f 12 1115? '--37 ' 1 K Y A 1 -, ne' O C 9 . L ' ' 7 1 U 6 1 J li!" 1 fa- - .I - 1' 1 uf 1 KX J r S' . , ' f ' -5712 y wa' .. Q N b .-""2"'VL-' " ' ,KX Q -mfg ..I - QQ r 'V J ' fc I Q 1 I-"""I-:li Q ,ss - I 4 ' !4z' if S -P .LV ,Usa f,,, 1- fwff r" N' .'f ' 'R' -rl.. . . -'Y -'N V5 ',: fy' . , " l . , .. ffl -LK ,,.A5g1'- 55' 2 E M1521 'S 131- 1 1 4.44 ..g,5ag- 1 ,., . 3, x L 1 J .sl-" 1 ! is X-.-1 H N rl fi il? -" gif li' i r. .. ,1 , F "' 5 1490 1 A f Sim? . Q f i if WE? , is 5: U 'A -it -. 1 "' X Qi' , q,gsl-rg-f ' - M lizzlv-lx , :L l 'S 'Il-1.7! fl' X X I ' lk l a' ' 1 fl. A N1 H . ,Y i Uh' -. ni " v ' i LQ A .Yu S vi J ? N xX .5 4 ' 5 P! I 1 ,-0 1 , if 1 1 :sn ii , 1 W .xA. '35 ' cg LV: 45+ 0 -'rw - H Q 31 : 5,4 1 YN' l7f . ' - A 5 l E ,. ,N N' : AX 1 W :Q 17 iv, I l K. . 7 MW, 36' I EW- ff- 1 Nl I-1 'Xl '11 l'l'1 Nil i 111 " ill 11.ll1o111o11,l1 N- 1' 11 l l-ii 1.N4 1 ll!-'ll'li 511:11-1 l1,111l'.:x111i Nl.i7l1v'IIi,il1i N l.lll1 l.11i1.l1.1111 .li .Ni-1 w1111l:1'. llplmir l uma, ltnglixli llolwri l'11r1-yi lfngliah lzrmwt l liiinibt-rlgiinz lziiglixh M4111 llllilllljf Social Slllllllm .Iohn Chaisson: Industrial Arts tlisela Clark: Foreign Language Marshall Vohen: Social Studies Yalinond l'yr -lr.: Mathematics Katherine Ilaviau: Home Economics M. DiBartolomeo: Record Office Roberta Dollase: Soc. Studies S Head Mary Doolin: English Gordon Duckel: Music Frances Dwyer: Goodwin House Betty Earl: Language Lab Rebecca Ehrlich: Foreign Language Ann Elliot: Foreign Language - Head Elaine Eisenhaur: Foreign Language Marie Esposito: Wheeler House Carol Ficht: Foreign Language Betsy Fleming: Learning Disability Barbara Foley: Records Office Dorothea Gaudet: Library - Elliot Glickler: Foreign Language Robert Coggin: EnglishflFilm Dorothy flonson: English! Denebola Lloxd Gottlieb: Science Paul Gottlieb: Social Studies Bettv Grossman: Guidance Dorothy Hansberry: English A. Lincoln Heck: Mathematics Merrily Herring: Mathematics Corrine Hicks: Library Secr. William Hollman: Social Studies Cary Holmes: Social Studies James Honeyman: English C. Gregory Hood: Science Charles Hurwitz: Science Dr. Norman Hyett: Guidance Edward Jackson: Social Studies Robert Jampolz English James Johns: Social Studies Susan C. Johnson: English Betty Kantrowitz: Mathematics Patricia Kempton: English Helen Kieval: Science Diane Korlitz: Home Economics Socrates Lagios: English Henry Lambert Jr.: Ind. Arts Joyce Leary: Science David Bowie: Music Dwight Maclierron: English Robert Malagodz Ind. Arts Warren Manhard: Mathematics - Head Judith Mariano: Foreign Language Marcia McAvoy: AVfMedia Paul McCarthy: Guidance Judith McGraime: Foreign Language James McLaren: Science Daniel McNeill: Foreign Language Nathaniel Merrill: Mathematics Joanne Mitchell: Mathematics Phyllis Monderer: Enrichment Progr. Mary Nelson: Library - Head Robena O'Malley: English Earl Perlman: Guidance 48 'fuullllllllllllllll 'xv sv ,ian Ernie and Bert ,rj 2 T . 1' s X .U s XX WCG!!! t :.. f or , U, 9 ... .. . ily 'ag' if l My Qs' . ., 'S' ck-4.2! .s K?- N X-...t ga... I -1 , Y fill 'vig 1 as X--.1 D' i 4r"- F1 95 .C J'-' ,g I '- fl U 19:9-is . .Sa ' r 7-3 . f r J i J if lil. A . Q A g 1 f 'Li -5331 c 5 an l' , t it ff if ,i ..r1.Qg 1 If Ella I ' . Q "ft , ffl? Y I J , f., Q .. 4- i 70 . Y' , 5 x,--.7 1 ,1 .I , . .., '.-Y. u. I-. r-'N I' UN 3 bf an 'IIE- 'x ' if - 5- F ti--, 'xi' c, H, 'H- , Q' J ': " Il S , - ,s, wth c. align. . . mtl I I X ZS 'wi 50 6 i at f' :- v-yi?" ig... 3 Cr! X Qs g C' V31 gglf' .M -. it sal? Kit - 'su 3 s s 4 tl?" I I ll. i ,'. ,pn U It Q, a ' ?'f,Z9.f4a-ww--9.5 -'v I -ft rv-fr. V.-vfn.,,9r1., ' fs. Q, ., ,, A ' vu fe vf15"'Lf-1-my WHA 9-,L pgs.. Former Amherst quarterback, Van "the Man" Seasholes, shows off the ol' arm by cranking out a 60-yard spiral. li-at 1 r t I ll l: P ltioitl'l:inot-l.-1-i t it it-w "'i".l'1lllilll!' l.:I1- sit", 'Xl ii till liiikriisttilll Xl.itlit-mmtnts 1 l'i -i'l' lil' lilvl 51 li'I1il' llilpt t 4 i l 4-t'oi'1'z ltolit rls .lrl N191 llolilnson. lforvigiii lillllgflllljll' flolin llossliiif Musu llvpt. ll illiiun liousst-uni: Mollie-iii:itit's Ina lluliin: Fort-:gn liilllgflliljlf' Nancy Seltzer: Life Skills Carolyn Sessler: tiuidzince Christopher Small: llhotogriipliy Gwendolyn Smith: Phys Ed. Arthur Snyder: Guidance Florence Solomont: Mathematics Yolanda Spencer: English Rachel Spiller: Home Economics Thomas Steeves: Phys. Ed. Norman Swerling: Driver Education Helen Taylor: Music Dept Forence Turner: METCO Counselor Jane West: Mathematics George White: English Alfred Wilson: Social Studies George XX inltler. Phys Ed. Heeitl - f fi ik 4 T . ' Q 3, '44 V.. bf? Xu-C viii if surf' 49 .Q ba Y.-if 4 ,..,. ,ein -N ,x ,gy 'X I Q If nh 'Y V7 Y'7 V17 L I X 1 AQ IC", 1, N L asv ' r , . 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CIO WOI-I SEIHO GS OI-Id W HO OI-ICIOS SEI GW SEIH S CIO HOWOI-I SEI 01-IcIG'S C5 O3 Judy Abend Julie Abend Brad Ables Michael Acker Farida Alam Steven Alter Steven Altman Debbie Adelman Mark Anzivino Ronda Applebaum Lawrence Bailin Roger Baker Mark Baron Adam Becker Wendy Becker Stephan Bennett Eric Benovitz Jenifer Benzinger Jim Berman Susan Bibbo Lisa Billard Karen Blackman Neil Blicher Roger Broome Michael Bryant Jeffrey Burg Brian Burlingham Sara Campion Peter Capofreddi David Casper John Chansky Aurora Charron Kerry Coffin , , K M11 1 l',ll,f.lll'lI' l lll,t14 K '-5 r .t,. f' 'N tv, I .. ,I , l 1 --fg,1,'1t , lilo, .W-.. l, v lo , 4 . X., ' liltllx ti,,x1U ilk:-ll hlmft-fyl'1t'lo w - V lHI'll'2l l u+lm4i lXIit-liele llfmivlf- Kostas Davos Ashinia Dayal Diane Derosa Kathy Dhosl Nina Dilmei' Stephen Diniseo Mitch Doren Jenny Douglass Laura Evans Lynn Faber Irene Faingersh Kay Fang Perry Fergus Scott Ferguson Scott Finkelstein Aline Fridmann David Frieze Deanna Fulp Sharon Gann Angela Geraci Amy Giltix Jocelyn tlillin 'loclcl tillassman il'r'at'3' Cuilassman -lon Glick Suzanne Goldberg David Goldberg Amy Gorden Tamara Green Sally Greenberg Alison Gross Jennifer Grossman Steven Gun Stacey Hackel Arthur Hague Gretchen Hayden Melissa Hendrix Guillermo Herrera Ben Hochberger Bobby Hsiung Saadia Husain Gary Huynh Lori Jackson Jon Jacobs Michele Jaynes John Jewett Karen Johnson Michele Jordan Cheryl Kalis A if , ltlclilll lx illisli llcniljt lxiillniiin l',-ini limit' Shim liiiplzin llf-lannv lxzirlin -lenniler Karp Scott Katz Mairjie Kaiilnian Wendy Keselmzin Julie Ketterer Joanna Kihel David Kim Lana Kim Rachel Klein Michelle Koplan Scott Kosson David Kowal Liz Kushner John Langan Eric Langer Stefanie Lawless Cynthanie LeBlanc Peter LeBlanc William Ledbetter Amy Lerner Sarah Lieberman June Lomer April Lyndon Karen MacCormack Allison MacDonald Nanci Mack Elaine Mandell Sarah Mann Kathy McCrory Steven Meizler 'i im ill Siiiirii in-ii i iiii- Si. L, l lle I".l'lxN -ri1liN.if1i'i lX.IN-l1ll5l'l1Ilu'll Lim Svliwarlz l'am Schwartz Ken Seasholes Mark Secheyco Paul Secinaro Karl Seeley Debbie Segal Andrew Seletz Laurie Selig Leslie Semonian Jaclyn Senechal David Shapiro Daniel Shectman Elizabeth Shiman Sammi Shuman Mark Siegel John Singer Barbara Sird Kenneth Slobodkin Nancy Slotnick Garret Smith V fi """7 Keith R. Barnett 250 Hammond Pond Parkway Newton 02159 in the course of human events - scratch that. "Four score and :seven years ago " - Nope "We ihave nothing to fear but fear itself. . . " - Wrong again. "It's been a great three years, and Ilm going to miss Newton South and all its wonderful gpeoplef' - There, that's the one! I ,fm fd? Anne E. Beatty 21 Goddard Street Newton 02161 Soccer, track, Lax, "So dawn goes down to day, nothing gold can stay" Allyson - W.A.F.D ylang! S.W. T.W. C - Kim + Mel Bowens huchi, skulls - Bean, B.M. Irish Mafia - Butts day - rah, Maddy Lynz Shap - Potatoe skins wfMichele Jeanne + cheeze, my three bert friends - Blue wall. 10123, Bowie maoosh, ea- tin'! Thanx parental units . . . Fade to Black 'T' -x Robert G. Barnett 36 Theodore Road Newton 02159 "a parting shot folks" - J.W.B. "Home Run!" Broughball Fever catch it. When studying for college exams, always remember sleep is the key to life. W.,-." kai, -3- ,,- 1 445- 0 '7 Andrew J. Harsh Lesley S. liearnmn 229 Deborah Road fm lit-nnt-th Street Newton Ventre 021:39 Xt-wton 021111 Swimming ll, vapt. 121 Theziter 103 First say to youre-ell what you would Enrich. ll: "lt it's been clone it's be, and tht-n llllNKll1ll you lmyt- lu tl probably possible." Thanks Mum. lt' we did all the things we are capri Dad and Rm. I loye you all. ol'doing,we would astound ourselxt lliying,'Swiinming, 'l'rac'k. ltaly H ' Vooking: with heat 'f-' Sandy scoobs Catsl Thanks to Mr. ll. Nlr M ,"'i N Jen. Sue, .l.l,. Nl.lJ.. bk lispet-1 1 ly you Nloniniy I l,OYl-I YOU l'm on my way to , .. vf Allison R. Becker 67 Great Meadow Road Newton Centre 02159 "We should enjoy here while we're here, because there's no here there." EE - You're the best! RK - France, UST . . . "! - I love you both! Great memories of great times wf great people! DG - Finally! - ILY. Mom and Dad you're the best! Adam fbiscuit Fred, Henry, etc.l - g00d luck next year. I'll miss you! NSHS "We're out of here like . . . !" Miriam Ben-Ur Ellen Berkman 63 Columbus Street 259 Spiers Rd. Newton Highlands 02161 Newton 02159 Os Quiero . 73 .411 ,P .3 Ci. . wafffm' H ,-.hrxn S. Bernheimer Waban 02168 f nax e so little to do and so much to do it in. No. wait. Reverse ihgitf' f Willy Wonka But why are the latkes laughing? Nl 60 Rowena Road Newton Centre 02159 Our age is retrospective ' I'l.l never forget my good friends or our good times - Steve Jeff always buddies keep in touch everyone. Best of . 'A , R 5 'Q R f w an . , , S N . , H13 Xl inslow Road A Eric N' Bloom ,Ln- ll 1 I 1 , -I Y That is a question worth answering. They're laughing because they are potatoes. f M.B. Goffstein Jonathan R. Blumberg 46 Pine Ridge Road Waban 02168 Hey' Duke. ever put a thumbhold on a French Horn before? No, but I watched a guy hacksaw a trumpet once. Close enough, she's yours. Thanks to my loving family, all of my wonderful friends, T-wood, Mrs. P., "The Bozza", Bruckner Sym. II4, and D.K. who will forever have a special place in my heart. Q2 lunches at Mac's and Ann's. Photo is the best, thanx Mr. Small To all my family, Thanks a bunch. Later All Jylle A. Bogart 67 Sheffield Road Newtonville 02160 To my friends: Ifanyone should Write my life story you'll be there bet. each line of pain + glory. You're the best thing that ever happened to me. Can- Cof CrewfDan, Pat I LuvUfJed, what zone Deb you're so potatoe! Thanx Phil I LuvU WM, RS, ER, J, E, JM, KXGC thanx a + e BFF!Gone to Ca- lif. in my mind I Luv U thanks mom, Char, JB, T, B, E, Dad - I'll Always Love You. Lauren A. Boudrot 47 Halcyon Road Newton Centre 02159 ER MS LK SS EG . . . U-C Sue? "If we stand the test of time, Love will be the lasting king" Elyse, can we talk? Clambake! SAMBopping, - excuse me! RS Scott + Mary go to Lauren's Riunite on ice? PORSHE! GINGER - endings, bring new beginnings - Brandy. Luv ya Mom Dad Ed + Ka- ren. out a here THAT'S NOT MY DOGY!!! Stephen H. Brady 15 Champa St. Newton, 02164 'Nb 1 'V in SJ' XR. Jill S. Brenner 21 Lovett Road Newton 02159 I'm "Wishing on a star" with luck and love to Heidi LMBLSJ Amy H fMO8994 eval Dana land TJ Tracy and Suzanne fthe 3M'sJ Samantha four lil, talksl JGAMDBRS JHJE WE DID IT!! Thanks mom, dad and Cuddles. I love you the most!!! mom you'll always be my best friend Endless love . . . Michael 5f15f82 Debra A. Brown 69 Evelyn Road Waban 02168 "Do you know where you are?" "Cer- tainly, we're right here on this very spot. Besides, being lost is never a matter of not knowing where you are, it's a matter of not knowing where you aren't - and I don't care at all about where I'm not." - Norton Jus- ter Nicholas R. Calderone 195 Winslow Road Waban 02168 Never forget the good times at South. Hanging around the cafe. Going to my classes? Those football games outside the cafe. Those good times partying on the weekends, Saint Pa- tricks Day, then going to gym. Hang- ing around the highlands. Skiing on the weekends. Good luck AC Good luck with Jody. Thanks mom and dad for everything. Andrea Joy Casson 80 Deborah Road Newton Centre 02159 Soccer, In! Outdoor Track 10-12 "A body is only a good-looking place to keep your brains." - Calvin Klein . .. good friends. . . PS, DC, HF, EV, EE, AB, DG, MD, SC, Brownie, Ruth, Marin, Lady Di, i'll miss you all . . . Refinnej, good luck in '85 . . . you too JRS i love you mom + dad There's no place like home. - Doro- thy . . . A s,. i x .A Mark R. Bronstein 17 Walter Street Newton 02159 Time will pass slowly into the future and I will slowly forget my past but South will always be part of my pre- sent I would like to thank my parents for letting me do it my way, I appreciate it. Bridget A. Burlingame 4 Chester Street Newton Highlands 02161 N.W. K.W. Weeknights at the begin- ning and lots of good times. K's Fri- day Night bout is a classic and the first snow, but Rice's Week - Spring of '82 was the best, right up to THE END Jw ,.,.-I Edward J. Carbone 257 Winchester Street Newton Highlands 02161 Every Bone must have his day. Mark S. Chalfin 54 Drumlin Rd Newton 02159 75 Steven L. Chapman li Athlcstane Road XGXK ii'-Tl H2159 "l1Y.1nl,ose Yor,1rlJreain:Yf-u Die" ldhvi-llill .. 13 ffapi. 12 Good Times l,Y1'h, -lefl. Dong and Eric Doug, 3 l er- lor Iflutenian -left. Long Live - Xlaxir:'.a" Klein. Dad and Dave, I 1 ie all Thanx tor Everything H..- -5, Klarei, l-lone it lasts! 4: 1 4 ' I x. 7,4 'x ,J If 1' ' .df LL.. AHL Debra L. Cohen 84 Cynthia Road Newton 02159 "What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us." Emersong Here's to the greatest friends a girl could have: Susie, Kelly, Liz, Sue Su- san, Fi, Vicki+Anng FISH + STRO you'll always be special to me M, D-1-E, thank you for being you+ let- ting me be meg ILY, BEN. you will always be in my heart. 76 Sammy G. Chen T70 Dedham Street Newton 02159 So few lines: so little timeg Days grow long, weeks short. Halls estranged, people distant But memories are the same, Both cherished and dear, So are friends, Farflung though near, Colleges call and jobs beckon, And to others, adults you be: Yet. to your- self, you are five again. 3 Jonathan A. Cohen 26 Larchmont Avenue Waban 02168 Hockey 10, 11, 12, LaX 10, 11, 12? Fun with the F-Boys, Derides The Campers - Here's a motel no more buds. My cactus pre - O.R "Watch- ing the Days go by." Hello Luther. The early days Eskapuit yet game rhon'? Chinchi. H.B.'s, C.B.'s, D.B.'s. Flo. Bound "Take the body' "One man in" Thanks mom and dad, you're okay Dana Choolijian 18 Cheney Street Newton 02164 Linda L. Cohen 127 Hartman Road Newton 02159 Memories of yesterday will last a life- timeg we'll take the best, 4-get the rest, 8: someday we'll find these are the best of times. - B.F.F. Lish-O couldn't have made it wfout ya! B.F. - Karen - we finally made it! fRem. those Sat. Nites!l B.F. Beth - Thanx 4 understanding fB.O.F. Rem. Sum- mers. Winn, Wieth, Ka, Billy G-luck friends, Sz Sol. Thanx MKLD Todd A. Christensen 148 Parker Street Newton 02159 Squinh, The Carpet Crawl Spencer Caldwell, Sleek Sheik rocky, eddie, brad, Stooges, SY. WH you know who you are Drums+Percussion, The Band Hecubar, Rael, Toadman, EG Take off, eh? U of Toronto I know what I like, Let's do the time warp again. T1 Susan C. Cohen 7 Broadlawn Park Chestnut Hill 02167 Soccer 10, 11 Swimming 12 Track 10, 12. These are for you Moira "Huck C. has H. legs!!! . . .-and don't come back . . . Ba HA HA HA" England '84 with the football gang! to AJC MAD HSF LSB B8zCW and the rest THANKS KIDS AND GOOD LUCK!!! To my family Mom Deb Alan David Lil Josh and the Hammond St. Gang Thank you for the support. I love you i i Adrian E. Colasacco 25 Cheney Street Newton 02164 Lax 10, 11 Thanks for the good times JC, SB, MS, AC, and everyone Good Luck AC, JS, MS, SS. Yoo Hoo Sweetheart, JC's exercise class when in doubt - Tripod Defense Thanx mom, dad, Anthony, Diane Susan, for everythingfYes there are two paths you can go by, but in the long run, there's still time to change the road you're on!LED ZEPPELIN Melina M. Crovo 15 Melina Road Newton Centre 02159 Weekends, Summers at Green Har- bor Rockport - GF Triple F F to 5th Who is passed out in the back yard? Marry who? cha Hawk BFA wlys Kim BFA V + L wtgh skulls Great times at RWC Maddy Greek Kr Ital- ian til who does it? Thank you AH, KW, JS, JM, AB, AH, MK, ER, KH, GK Good luck Ria FHH1 s-ball, FH B-ball 10, 11, 12 vb 10 Thanks to my family I love you Anthony C. Colasacco 25 Cheney Street Newton 02164 Thanks for the good times: MS SS, JC, SB, EC, NC, JD, LDS, JP, LR, AB, white Mts. Campers - I tot I taw a puttytat - skinny "Did we bury them there?" Keg party Koh boyj Life Saver - Psycho E-Brake JODY - I LOVE YA NOW AND FOREVER Good Luck to Diane + Susan Con- grads Eddy - Thanks for putting up with me mom and Dad - ESKAPU ITYETGAMERHON - an "ff-'V l Roberta Curcio 37 Champa Street Newton 02164 Volleyball 10, 11, 12, Track 10 The best of luck to everyone at the table. Love you mom + dad thanks mom, for your support. Maria, Emanuela and Enrico you guys are terrific! Den- nis - Friends always Thanks Mrs. Blanchard for being so nice and un- derstanding. Good luck to the class of '84 Deana M. Conviser 5 Stony Brae Road Newton Highlands 02161 "Moments come Sz go, but memories last forever." Cheerleading - 11, 12: MK Fia. 83 - JH, MK Stanley Ka- plan Uspecial friends laughs and end with tears." JDA! the memories, AC - "what's up?" by A JH - Ken PS all the yrs MK - we made it. DS, DB Sz ER ILY Laurie, Jim Hucky, Thanks mom 8: dad for what you put up with. Judith every week never for- get. 5-.. -5 N ,. , v K- .s.?k .1 ' Moira A. Daley 32 Hale Street Newton Upper Falls 02164 Soccer 10, 11, 12, In-Track 10, 11, capt. 12, Out-track 10, capt. 11 -+- 12. Huck C. has H-legs, "Hit the road Jack . . . " Susan Ha! England - To the guys: AJC, C+BW, LB, CD, CM, HF, F-Ball gang etc. Good luck and lots of love! "It's the laughter we will remember . . . memories!" Police 31 Thanx mom, dad and family for all of your love+support! ILY Andrew A. Croce 24 Saxon Terrace Newton 02161 ,au John Daniele 44 Pettee Street Newton Upper Falls 02164 So long Newton South, really had some good times. "I DON'T THINK SO!" captain of the chess team 10f1 If 12. Great times in the cafe doing nothing. Had some good times, sum- mer of 83 and my big red truck with a big red bed in back fget in JN+AKJ never forget the fun times with Diane Thanks mom and Dad '77 Sarah Marie Davis 865 Boylston Street Newton 02161 l,L.Y. Mom 8: Paul See You At The Top! Sarah Gregory R. Della ria 'Q 50 Chestnut Hill Road Newton 02167 Susan G. DiClemente 130 Carlisle Street Newton Centre 02159 Whispering melodies of other times faded memories remember what we did when we shouldna Now you know what dreams can do so don't let go they won't follow you along the open road you're runnin' on. Animal Cor- ner T-Ville, Jackson St. All the good times and the bad. Thanks Rose, Jen, -June, Vicki and everyone else. Dream on troops 'Q-7 Judith M. DeAngelis 14 Eliot Place Newton 02164 Good luck to all my friends at "The Table" Special memories last for- ever. Thanks Heather for being a good friend. Much Love and thanks to Mom and Dad John L. Devore 28 Ash Street Auburndale 02166 Artistic freedom, do what you want, but just make sure the money ain't gone. The fools only laugh 'cause they envy you. Art is the universal language, and I thank it, and the rest of my good friends for getting me through school. May your ears never be filled with bad music. Judith E. Dinkelspiel 454 Brookline Street Newton 02159 I stand once more beneath the sun as a child. Nothing is mine, I know noth- ing. I have learned nothing . . . Now I am beginning again like a child! EV I'll Luv U always JH, DC, WE Made it JB help I'm confused DB I luv U get psyched PB good comes wfbad NEFTY: SS, RN, can't live wfout U LW, MS, AS, friends 4eva thanx mom, dad, bro Brian J. Doherty 827 Boylston Street Newton 02161 Thomas G. Dorf 19 Crofton Road Waban 02168 Soccer 10, 11, Capt. 12, Hockey 10, 11, 12 Lacrosse 10, 11, 12 327, So many special times with you CP, 143!l You're itll Thanks to all my good friends, especially you BW. Good luck to all of you! Love and thanks to my whole family CLNTTWAJ and The Murphy's and Wilcox's Karen J. Dronan 46 Broadlawn Drive Chestnut Hill 02167 Tina, Ann, Jeni, Sara, Au revoir et Je t'aime, also JJ, DD, DF, 2 171, KJL Piglet and Pooh, I'll miss you alll, Time to go work in the Garden. - Voltaire - Sophia K. Dyer 73 Wade Street Newton Highlands 02161 The woods would be very silent if the only birds that sang were the ones that sang the best. fThoreauJ Thanks Mister D Julie A. Endlar 37 Ferncroft Road Waban 02168 "some day we'll look back on this + it will all seem funny. "Springsteen B 8a E at Luvies riunite perfume, sp. bays - your ours, New years 82, sum- mer of 83 - The Bury, pool hopping, corner cruise is, "Best of luck to the best of friends, Kevin, Je t'aime - in french or English I luv youl mmm+md thanx, Good Luck B+A, I love you alll NP v-.717 Q R 'r N David R. Ebel 43 Cottage Street Newton 02164 Elena B. Epstein 15 Lucille Place Newton 02164 "Let me be joy, be hope - Let my life sing." So many good times, So many great people. Denebola, SRC, schem- ing, Flo, endless laughs, sunshine at South. My deepest thanks to all who have made these years so magical - especially my family - you have helped to make me what I am. The future awaits us, good luck to alll Hope S. Finkelstein 35 Fenwick Road Newton 02168 Happy, Happer, Flappa. "Well my friends the time has come to raise the roof and have some fun." Ms. A thanx for your help. Andrea, still friends. sailboats wfAMW Daniel, driving hotpeppers, decathelon Sz thanks! Cathy. english. Mom and Dad, I made it with your help. Macie and Andy, you guys are the greatest! lllarilyn Fleishman 28 Bowdoin Street Newton Highlands 02161 "I'm telling you that it is only an imaginary egg of unreal marble that rests in an entirely subjective egg cup." "THE PRISONER Love to all my friends. your unconditional sup- port and understanding is invalu- able. Remember: Lisa, RP, MB, JA, GC. AJ, Music people, Non-Con- formists Scarves, Art History, Uni- corns Science Fiction David S. Fried 2-1 Great Meadow Road Newton Centre 02159 Good times with Dave, Gumby Bob, Larry. Digs, Ep. Tiny T, JD Trip to NH, The Skark. weekends Exotic cars and Electric guitars Van Halen. The Police, The doors Death on Rainy Weekends, In Hypo! Thanks to LB Lori SS Mike and Mom + Dad for all your help 80 'Ji-' -.J -nf .rd Z'J4'i't,.-C lui' M, gpg Il kg' 1 'Rx 4 -v X95- Jose A. Filomeno 32 Whiting Street Roxbury 02119 B.S.U 11, 12 The boy's T.G., J.B K.P, SS DH Thanks for all your help Miss Turner and SL, MK, the freaks ST CU SF BL GH Thanks to my parents for being there when I needed them. Megan E. Fitzgerald 22 Beecher Place Newton Centre 02159 How can I forget when there's always something there to remind me? You'll always be a part of me - SM GL KM TT ND NL ST JK LK PC AY GC. Merci DG IR AC. Summer '83 wl SS JS LS LK AW. First Night, Seymour dance factory, baloons, proms bubbles, V.T., caroling, music tours, hugs, francais, Canada. "We're about the best!" HEG Rachel Franzblau 147 Plymouth Road Newton 02161 "Of course there is no formula for success, except perhaps, an uncondi- tional acceptance of life and what it brings." swat team, summer 10, 11, porches, cape "twenty years from now . . Ibt Prez. paahty! follow Ja- mie. I'm Lauren, Lanmark - Where's Jeff? so typical, thanx for the memories - they last 4eva! JK, LL, AS, PS, WG, JK, thanx ma, dad, Bill Timothy Paul Gaines 22 Southwick Road Newton 02168 "Slim Basketball 10, 11, 12, JS AK MB, SH, MN, SS, KH, MP, LR, RH, CS, The boys in the gym SS, JS, JH, MJ JF" Thanks for being good friends. MS. CN. U. P.V.T's I wish it could have worked "ST Thanks for being there when I need you" Thanks to the whole family for all your sup- port. William E. Gallant 40 Old Orchard Road Chestnut Hill 02167 1001 David's Cookies Ski Ski team 11 St. Lucia, Want me to scratch it for you? .C. Macs I'll never forget you, Susie. Una S. Gandbhir 65 Oxford Road Newton 02159 and beginnings - there are no things. There are only middlesf' Regulus '84, Reflections, Field D.D., A.A., and Morgan for- Susan, thanks for everything. the Dynamic Duo lives on! Liz, que la Force sont avec vous. Good luck to all my friends. Mom and Dad, I love you - thanks. William H. Gardner 42 Donna Rd Newton 02159 Richard J. Geffen 48 Goddard Street Newton Highlands 02161 To live your life in your own way . . . to reach for the goals you have set for yourself to be the you that you want to be - that is success "X-41 f.xff if f.-and Elizabeth A. Galvin 49 Rockland Place Newton 02164 "The time to be happy is now, the place to be happy is hereg the way to be happy is to make others so." Thanx to all those friends who have made my life so special and given me such wonderful memories. Sue - you're the best friend anyone could ever have. Love 8a thanks to my two families - you guys are 111 Duck - your're AWESOME! Elisa M. Gann 62 Lovett Road Newton Centre 02159 "IfI am not for myself, Who will be for me? And if I am only for myself, What am I? And if not now, When? - Hillel. Sayings of the Fathers 1:14 "OH WOW!" Toi "I'll miss you." Eran Gartner 136 Jackson Street Newton 02159 Our teachers' troubles are done. Fel- low students it's been fun. Many books we soiled with grease on our fingertips from moldy cafeteria chips. We depart in joyous haste But our stay was not a waste. At college may we all succeed As at South we did indeed, Best wishes to all from me EG Alicia J. Gelb 16 Walsh Road Newton 02159 "If you're reaching for a dream, reach until you get it." Good times and the best of friends LC, BG, KS, JS, ME, MS, "special memories" The clique may not always be together, but the memories will be and the best of friends always. remains. Ron I Love You Forever Remember prom 83 Mom Dad Sz fam: Thanks I love you 81 K . Lee Ginsberg 267 Country Club Road Newton 02159 THEATRE DENEBOLA SPEAK- EASY CC THANK YOU MOM AND DAD Ms RUBIN Ms BRAS- SARD AJ, DJ, ES, WEFTY BET- TER NEFTY THE BEST SOME FUTURE DAY NOT FARAWAY WHEN I LOOK BACK TO SAY HELLO, THE MIND MIGHT STAY. FOREVER PLAY. BUT I KNOW THAT I MUST GO. Dean Goldberg 82 Botsford Road Newton 02167 Hoops 10. 11, 12 Lax 10,11, 12. Good times at oatsie's Dogsy, Tim, Klinger. Also BG, CR. PK, EF, JR, AL, RH. The spirit of the HOUSE will never die. Miller Rd. The Cologne man. Gilman. Lemonade. Jalapeno. Mr. Sapporo, The 3B's Glasses. SB 17. The 2nd fiddle girls. good luck Laura and Tony Thanks for all your help Mom. 82 "hs i,-at Adam M. Glasgow 9 Laurel Street Newton Centre 02159 Thanks - Mom, Dad, Jason, and Sarah. wfJody till forever + 126. Dear Jody B. Some day you'll see There will always be, You and Me. "Every man has a placefln his heart there's a space and the world can't erase his fantasies" Earth Wind 8z Fire Joshua M. Goldberg 11 Chatham Road Newton Highlands 02161 Good things come to those who wait . . . well? Judith S. Gliksman 94 Selwyn Road Newton 02161 "Ifa man does not keep pace with his companion, perhaps it is because he hears a different drummer. Let him step to the music which he hears, however measured or far away." Henry David Thoreau Fondest Memories: Israel '83 BBG, USY, mu- sic tours, Kathy 5:1 ali:-5' Louis B. Goldman 70 Bontempo Road Newton 02159 He who studies the law in his youth gets it words absorbed in his blood and they come readily from his mouth. Benjamin E. Golant 470 Brookline Street Newton 02159 A Toys 'R' Us shopping spree Fun and games and 1001 plays forever I tell ya, I get no respect They put crea- tures in our ears McDonalds and coke: The Dynamic Duo tari: Num- ber one for eternity! Spaulding School rules! Worlds greatest city, Boston WBCN, your rock 'n' roll con- nection Do you feel lucky, punk! Well do ya! I am about to enter "The Twi- light Zone" Inbal Goldstein 155 Grant Avenue Newton 02159 1. 1. ill I. P 1' Sarah H. Goldstein 350 Quinobequin Road Newton 02168 "Dearest, loveliest Elizabeth! What I do not owe youl You taught me a les- son, hard indeed at first, but most advantageous." - Jane Austen Pride and Prejudice .sf f . Daniel M. Goodman 151 Woodward Street Newton 02161 -GOODZ - Yes, there are two paths you can go by. But in the long run, there's still time to change the road your on. And as we wind on down the road.I thank you M 8a D, and wish everyone luck, Until we at last return again. Jimmy, Robert, J.P. John ...L Konstantine Grapsis 125 Allen Avenue Waban 02168 Memories - The Boys The Doors And especially the TXA. Thanks Mom Dad Iz. I am not afraid to face tomorrow for I have seen yesterday, and I love today. Pam - I'm hoping on all the days to come and days to go, hoping on days of loving you so. Just think of all the moments that we spent. Ijust can't let you go from me you were meant - wishin On a Star. xr' Q--'Af Rachel L. Green 15 Sheldon Road Newton 02159 Good or Bad By tomorrow I will have Changed something - Myself, per- haps. Maybe? No, for sure. Alonzo Lopez Thanks, family: morn, dad, sis- ters Lana, Deb, Mer, Tam Sz b - law, Jeff You helped me get through NSHS Now off to college, Wish me luck - I love you all very much Fda? J , . 1-of QR. '.1 1 w. Kelly A. Green 28 Elliot Place Newton 02164 Goodbye -4- Good Luck to all my Friends forever SS - thanx NV you will always be 31 ILY Good Luck DS JS JK DK NC LV Thanks M -l-D ILY 1 yr! Douglas J. Greiff 25 Montrose Street Newton 02158 "My dear fellow," said Sherlock Holmes, "Life is infinitely stranger than anything which the mind can invent." Thanks Mic. 3 cheers Flute- man. Unforgetable memories w!Jeff Chapadoo, Jo Eupha 8z Memi W. V. B-Paul, Nice shoes thanks I luv my cake. Al, its been an endless saga, TRULY FOREVER' TJ 10, 11, 12 Mom, Dad, L8cR - Thanx 83 il .js -. ,H , - ' 3 "I X -pri - -i . -V - '- i-jf fgil I 1 ,mi Q4 Bake-' 1 waterxille I mf itwries 4- Tiki LG Y -,',, 1, V . xitnin Mano I St .2 we te gotta get out of 1 sl X D ILYT THANX. It I, it S S B -7- ILY ..,, 'IH . ,1 1 Allyson Halpern 19 Truman Road Newton 02159 Sometimes they come back e- Steven King. Marc in all ways and for always I LOVE YOU Sally's encounter wf the bush and our other wild nights ylang wafd swtwc -l- many more laughs w,fAnne Chee the fsff + d wl her bfa not nyet you jerk KW Sarak huchi WKMK MA Bud cans "It's hard to leave when you can't find the door." :Fm .1 l 84 Beth L. Grossman 88 Broken Tree Road Newton 02159 "I'm not out to move mountains, just people" - Barry Manilow "D" my EP. Forey. I.W.R.Y.! Meatch, Love Ya Big Bro!! AG. LC, KS, WM, JS, NIS, NIE, Best of friends!! Thanks Nlom and Dad E Sz G and of course Barry and Frisky BS. It's Rogers!!! sf' '.-s ' I ,ff ffv Monique H. Harrison 429 Brookline Street Newton 02159 I'm vulnerable I make mistakes. I'm imperfect. I'm afraid, In other words, I'm a human being. And that's my greatest asset. That's really all I want to be. Good luck to all my friends! Thanks for putting up with me Mom, Dad and Kim. Nf' Q,-f x.. I Ann M. Gurevici 41 White Ave. Newton 02159 Thanx to all the special people - you know who you are! I love you mom Sz Dad - M 8: T Look beyond. Beyond COURTYARD - You see thingsg and say, "Why'?" But I dream things that never were, and I say, "Why not?" - SHAW 5 Karen S. Hart 66 Nardel Rd. Newton 02159 Y""Y f'i John D. Hall 1480 Centre Street Newton 02159 Many thanks to the teachers of the music dept. tBerg includedl I'1l miss my home away from home To my friends tyou know who you arel thanks for the good times. "For a time we remember with others, Then we remember alone. And while one person remembers It's not gone .. . " TS! 'T '55 Joshua L. Hassol 22 Ridge Avenue Newton 02159 The stars are yours if you have the head, the hands, and the heart for them. Ray Bradbury N 1 ml Theresa M. Hassol 22 Ridge Avenue Newton 02159 "All that we see or seem is but a dream within a dream" Edgar Allen Poe PA - one black and one regular. bink - peace + BOWIE! Have a good 1 hey bro - G0 FOR IT! Thanks friends JS, JB, TG, MC, MK. SM - The Cape - Drive-in, IGA Sometimes you just gotta say - "What the fu-k" The Ives Five with John, Josh, Frank, Todd + Jon R' if i ' K! Brad L. Hochberg 11 Hanson Road Newton 02159 "I shall hold onto my dreams for they will come true." Hockey 10 11 12 Gooney-goo-hoo GTW KH CW NS AR CSJJ JY MG CHUCK BH WM PG Kimo SIC "Hoch" CM-RB U1 B's Pilgrim CA BA JK 76 Blazer, wait D EMT B thanx Chaulk Res. 1 Med- ics BB "to the people I love and re- spect the most, thank you for your love and support through the diffi- cult times. M 8: D, Marc, Dana BW Jana E. Hasten 77 Halcyon Road Newton 02159 If there come the singers and dancers and flute players, buy of their gifts also. For that which they bring, though fashioned of dreams, is rai- ment and food for your soul. Love to Mom, Dad, Lee, Mog, and all my great friends. Fi and Fa - always with you. Venezuela! MJP congrats Violet no matter where u r it's always me across the street . . . if Amy G. Hochberger 20 Whittlesey Road Newton 02159 "The good times are the best times, the bad times fade away, the good times last forever . . . " Good luck to all my friends. Melina - what can I say? bfaaf, 3f, FA Mr. Curb 'rents are away, tnmm, J-rock Riuinite per- fume, PK - el record sp. boys - youire ours, Rockport Thanx to my family - I love you! Ben - enjoy next year! Marin E. Hinkle 70 Halcyon Road Newton 02159 "Well? Shall we go?" "Yes, let's go." CThey do not move.J lCurtainl END OF ACT ONE S. Beckett Suzanne Hite 12 Antonellis Circle Newton 02159 Skiing 10, II, 12, La X 10, 11, I2 "When you have something you take advantage of it, when you lose it you want it even more." Summer '83 in the bury, CM, spectacular, PH'ing FWT, B 8: E at Lukey's, 3 M's, Sergio - tewf, the mansion, Sp. boys - you're ours. Thanks to my friends - Good times are forever. Thanks LA 8a B Love you Mom and Marsh Wendy E. Holmes 180 Woodcliff Road Newton Highlands 02161 Time is not measured by the passing of the years, but by what one does, what one feels and what one achieves. Much love to my family and friends. You are all very special to me. Min- utes are temporary, but memories last forever. I. , if ' 4 l X 1 John J. Howard 7 Norman Road Newton 02161 I AM OPTIMISTIC 85 Lawrence A. Hurst 25 Haynes Road Newton 02159 Saturday night hypo and JD CB on the MS, PA and the tinman Times in the skark with Dave, EP Gas and the bets with Aland T DM, Bob, Crumby Van Halen lives on Football with the barman Trips to N.H. and the camp Thanks to Mom and Dad who helped me through it all Robert G. Ings 1241 Walnut Street Newton Highlands 02161 "If you think I'll sit around while you chip away my brain, listen I ain't foo- lin' and you better think again!" - Judas Priest Halloween 83 with Rich and KW Cabaret with Torren Blade! Best times with the boys KW BD AC JR NO Goodbye Southl Never forget you Jen H thanks mom and Bob Hey Zabuchmad 86 ,., 5x .fy ata .3 Jennifer L. Hughes 142 Winchester Street Newton Highlands 02161 "THE GOOD TIMES ARE FOR- EVER THE BAD TIMES FADE AWAY" Luck 8: Love to all my friends - We live our lives like there's no tomorrow! thanks to: DK HA JB AB LP LH SY LG JP LM and everyone else that helped me out L+R Mrs KHM RB MSB-T you guys are the best the Falls Hey Spi- colli, where's K? BI KW PM Bye Ms Hansberry See Ya Mrs. Malone AMF Wanda V. Hunter 46 Hamlet St. Newton 02159 Richard S. Hurwitz 131 Old Farm Road Newton 02159 Baseball 10, 11, 12 "A man must know his limitations" Clint Eastwood Thanks mom and dad for helping me through my youth. Thanks to all my friends for the good times we had, good luck to Stacey and John in the future. Katrina E. Jacobson 41 Hyde St. Newton 02161 Louis D. Jaeger 37 Voss Terrace Newton 02159 Debate 12, S.T.O.P. 12, Also I want to say thank you to my mother and my father and my sister and my dog. Also I want to say good luck in the future to David Connoly and Peter Rosen and to Mary Ann Corsi. Also I want to say Major Tom is the best song I ever heard and that the Bruins will win the cup this year. Also all my love to Mary Ann Forever. Christina M. Jones 170 Jackson Street Newton 02159 Nina A. Kaplan 1090 Walnut Street Newton 02161 David Katz 29 Columbine Road Newton 02159 Lacrosse 11, 12 "The Spirit of The House Will Never Die!" Here's to the PICK SIX - Oatsie, Shap, Dean, Tim, Jamie - Also: PK, AL, BG, RH, CR, JW, EF Good times at West End House. at Oatsie's Room, and in the Meat Wagon with Colonel Klinger. A special thanks to my fam- ily. Mom and Dad: You're the Best. f . ' We-un? gli , , .f,.' . g' 1'f.. W ,-.- , fee.-I i c by .. - . A ,. , r - M , .A -' .X . ,- .5 -I e--, '. ,. ,. 5 .-. -, -Q in, N s " ' 'fia - .ef I rv , , 9 g .. i' ff? .i Qt. 3 4 -4 David M. Jaffe 55 Esty Farm Rd Newton 02159 Michael P. Kagan 69 Clifton Road Newton 02159 Wrestling, Lax 10, 11, 12. "I started slowly to find out who I am, and where I wanted to be. It was like com- ing out of the shadow of various influ- ences, and trying to be yourself." - Springsteen. The 73 'vertible. Week- ends, and Bruskies with the special ones! Thanks to Lauri, Mom, Dad and Clifton Rd. - YOU'RE THE BEST!! Richard L. Kaplan 12 McCarthy Road Newton 02159 Baseball is an island of activity, amidst a sea of statistics. - Anonymous And in the end, The love you take, Is equal to the love, You make. - The Beatles Jessica H. Kaufman 44 Puritan Road Newton Highlands 02161 tennis 10-11-12, the car, Lill - best friends always. Deb, Jod, NC Never forget good times with DV SY, LY, KG, cruisin North, CM, Macs Partys, Center, hghlnds, Eliot - WWMF Michelob - SS396 - "ANLMB" Thanks SB, JF "What is and what should never bel' - LED ZEP. Mom Dad, Lau, - thanks I love ya. DSLC Anthony, I love you always and for- ever 4-29-83 . . . 87 11-,Y 1 F I I 1 5' 1 ' F ' w :gf 5 - Diane R. Kay 217 Woodward Street Newton 02168 "We are the music-makers, And we are the dreamers of dreams We are the movers and shakers Of the world forever it seems." Good luck to my friends. Thanks to my family for all the support. A lin Christopher R. Kiah 63 Parker Street Newton 02159 Football 10, 11, 12 Wrestling 10, 11, 12 Track 10. 11, 12. Couldn't have survived the year without the guys. Senior slump arrived too early but what can you do. Good luck Nick, Mark, Dan, Just, Mike, John, Greg, C-you at BC Smitty. Will always re- member our 8-1-1 record last fall. Life begins at eighteen. 88 V Maura A. Kelly 320 Quinobequin Road Waban 02168 "Is it so small a thing to have enjoyed the sun. to have lived light in the spring to have loved, to have thought, to have done?" All my love to Mom, Dad, Bob, Dei, Steve, G-+-D-l-T-4-J Thanx for being there. f M Clare J. Kiley 110 Parker Street Newton Centre 02159 Two roads diverged in a yellow wood! And sorry I could not travel bothfl took the one less traveled by!And that has made all the difference. Ruth N. Kennison 16 Stanley Road Waban 02168 "I'll think of it all tomorrow. I can stand it then. Tomorrow, I'l1 think of some way to get him back. After all, tomorrow is another day." Scarlett O'Hara Gone With The Wind To all my friends and lovers It's been real. I'll miss ya. Reish - love your quichel Bob - keep the sanity! Ra- chie, I'm taller! Debra I. Kim 57 Floral St. Newton 02161 78 al- 1:7 Dana L. Keselman 50 Olde Field Road Newton 02159 " We'll take the best forget the' rest and someday we'll find - These' are the best of times . . . " - STYX Spice long convos 8z sb83. Jill- Fies- l ta 4-eval Randi - SBO,. 2SY8cMMSM! Thanx guys - u3R THE BEST! Luck 8a Luv to: JG HA! DB JE AM SH AH 8: TG - BOTBB! Summer 82. ILY TOM. I did it! Lots of Love Mom 8a Dad, Wendy 8: Jeff. WT? Julie A. Kingston 85 Elgin Street Newton 02159 "Fame is a vapor. Popularity an acci- dent. Riches take wings. Only one thing endures, and that is character." HG Always remember good times shared with all of my friends - AS, RF, JM, KW, MC, TL, MK, Week- ends - Partying it up! Meetings? Long live GB's, New Years '83, swat, Ming, Thanks to my family - ILYAY i l I l L l I I Douglas F. Kirshen 145 Hagen Road Newton Centre 02159 I "Charming spot. Inspiring prospects. f Let's go." "We can't." "Why not?" I "We're waiting for Godotf' "Ah!" - Samuel Beckett Madeline T. Kopellas 18 Kippy Drive Waban 02168 "Live for today, Dream for tomorrow, Learn from yesterday? Special friends always MC, JM, KW, JK, DC, TH, MS, AB, CM, JH, LV JUDE what's up? MEL: Greeks and Italians iill KIMQ calm down it's ok! We're Seniors!!! Long live GB's and Gaude, "BC" maybe? "Ain't Nobody" like TGIF'3 Good Times with MS AND TN, TABFA . . . Good luck John. lmoosel Thank you Mom and Dad. I Love You!! ! ,-v' Elizabeth A. Kliger 87 Sumner Street Newton Centre 02159 "If everything appears to be going well, you've obviously overlooked something" Brooklyn, busting my chops "Now for some fun and games" Have you washed the sheets yet? All 3 Stevens, When are we going bowl- ing? "David" 4-F guys Lip Stimula- tion, the cult, JA Do you need vi- suals? summer show Thanx mom, dad, Pam, Phil ILY ,nn ar 'fg Jamie B. Korelitz 136 Beethoven Ave. Newton 02168 Rae-babe Lau Ames Paul Will - Re- member 20 years from now . .. P- hurst! Summer 10, 11 Porches "Hold me, Hold me . . . Blah!" PaahtyQ 69 T-shirts, RRW, U bangi Women, shopping anyone?, sPBoys MARA- BUNTA "Follow me!" Tribute to Bill, Thanks M 8a D. "Life is a series of hellos and goodbyes, I'm afraid it's time for goodbye again." - Billy Joel. Peter T. Kline 12 Wheeler Road Newton 02159 Hockey 10, 11, capt 12 Lax 11, 12 Good luck and Good future to all my friends at "Oatsie's Pub," the por- poise, Sensitivity rules the "tou" for- ever, notes by AL, Spaulding girls, N.S. Retire 3219 I'm sailing away, so set an open course for the virgin seas for I've got to be free, free to face the life, ahead of mel Thanks Mom and Dad. Good luck Mike. Athina C. Larson 100 Suffolk Road Newton 02167 If you think you are beaten you are, if you think you dare not you don't. If you'd like to win but think you can't, It's almost a clinch you won't. Life's battles don't always go to the stron- ger or faster man But sooner or later the man who wins, ls the one who thinks he can. 's 2 3 ga-r A . Jamie D. Klingsberg 39 Wayne Road Newton 02159 Remember, wherever you go, there you are. "If it feels good, it can't be bad." It melts in your mouth not in your hands. Blue Buc's. The Spirit of the House. OATSIE'S PUB. "We gadda win this race." Mr. Seagull Beach, Tingles, The Pimpmobile, Lemonade Sz Tar - boosh. Saez, Bruce, Jayo. Mr. V, "Bambi" The Meat wagon Express. Miller Rd. The Pick Six Sz The Magnificent 7. James P. Lawless Jr. 32 Acacia Ave. Newton 02167 89 ij..! 1. 1 ..s'-1 . 3illL'11I11r".'tr'llI'Iit 'l ,V vii 'A' the restart? 'iv:7'2'fl71'- -. 'Ill i-id tr. 1- are the life? HZ fitilee. ' --f fllini Hes a ri-11, the pilli, '.f, , !"ipgi'5 Your I1'14rIl14"V!: a TP. Pacman. Ming Beeba. J.. liiiiiigtigr one ihing Nancy. Pam, Siam, Rai. drive-in Nla . ' ri il Hfel Harry! NI+D. A-1-A-i-S, 1 1 T - all my love. Gloria Lee 93 McCarthy Road Newton 02159 "A smile takes only a moment, but its memories last forever." "The space too small, the words too few. the friends, too warm, the memories, too true." Love and thanks to friends, teachers. Mom, Dad. and "the Midg- ets." i ,?: ' , : A5 i ' Z ' tm., 1 -Q- 'rv lsi' 45 i ' +1 - - X' 1 4, if 90 595 x95 xf 1,41 5'f' if l 'N "lil 1 11" bf' lv I 5 24 Tracy E. Lechten 45 Columbine Road Newton, 02159 "If you wake up and don't want to smile, If it takes just a little while, open your eyes -+- look at the day, You'll see in a different way." Thanks to all my friends! Ri-Ri, Patty, Nuncy, Marl, the smell, Pac-man, W.R, Rat Ming, Parties, the 3323, pointie, Southie, ice cream, Juicy Fruit B, Papa's, Your mother! scary, M+D, A+A+S, S+-S, H - All my love always Norma Lee 35 Tanglewood Road Newton Centre 02159 Summer 83, VBall 11, Track 10 Inter Club 10, 11, 12 Spanish 12 "What's up'! "Beef" "Telephone" "LONG Distance Love Affair!" Top of the Hub, Dance Factory, Spinoff, Quincy Market, Boston "Achieve your goals and live it up!" Good Luck ST. SM. CX. RC. MF. TT. MB. TG. JC. JT. Thanx L.M.H.J. Mom-4-Dad ILY. Lauren B. Lemack 12 Chatam Road Newton 02161 "20 years from now " Paahty! swatt team, porches, PY, RRw Irs 21, 22, 33, 44, 61! Yim face GSC-Bd280 Lanmark - where's Jeff Thanx to my friends especially Rae Ame Jamie Nancy Paul Will! 8: thanx Mom, Dad, Karen, Kevin "And now it's time to change our ways, but I've loved these Days!" - Billy Joel Andrew L. Lerner 120 Esty Farm Road Newton Centre 02159 "Even the darkest hour is only sixty minutes long." Sp. crew, S.S. P.K. D.G. D.K. J.K. R.H. B.G.g Great sum- mers at the TOU. "You need a note?" Porsche - "nothing even comes close." Sun. Hunan Thanks Mom and Dad, Good luck David. 5 ,-J' f"'Y Elizabeth A. Lerner 35 Amherst Road Newton 02168 "A-do, Samivelf' said the old gentle- man. "Wot's a-do?" inquired Sam- my. "well, goodbye then," said the old gentleman. - Dickens Lynn lYeah maybel, Una QAA DD + Mor- gan alwaysl, Marin lForum K+I etcl, Yvonne, Sarah . . . Je vous aime tous, esp J, M+D. candidereflection- syearbookmtv Que la force soit avec vous. Sonya M. Logan 36 Roland Street Newton Highlands 02161 Soccer, VBall, Softball "You see things as they are and ask why, I dream things that never were and ask why not." Good Luck "Table." Thanx for the support. Mom+Dad Thank You. I Love you both. Deb + Kim you're the best! Thanx for car- ing. Mike - Always and Forever. Michael N. Lombardo 41 Boylston Road Newton Highlands 02161 Life is only memories, so make the best of today Chris The Boys The Doors The Cape Thanks Mom and Dad! Clark W. Lowery 35 Oak Terrace Newton Highlands 02161 C'mon Dave, give me a break Bob, I can fix it, Heh! Larry keep the Hypo- Mobile between the lines. Thanks P.S. Yeah right! You guys are alright, Hey Max, don't light my hair on fire, Led Zep and the B's are H1 "Things may come to those who wait, but only those things left by those who hustle" A.L. Thanks Mom and Dad. Q5 -xi '1"', 'ani Sarah N. Lowenstein 57 Hyde Street Newton 02161 If you don't like things, alter them If you can't alter them, put up with them - DH Lawrence. Thanks to my family, friends and teachers. Special thanks to David and Barney people can alter things. Jon J. Lombardo 26 Boylston Road Newton Highlands 02161 How Aye Ya Harry's? Erk, BQTJ's. Pino's+Mac's. Harry's Party "Let me ride your magic bus!" We made it heck! Thanks Mom and Dad I love you both! Nicole R. Lotter 61 Homestead Street Waban 02168 The future's uncertain and the end is always near S8tD8zRnR Sat nite ol- dies, concerts n parties NH - High- way to Hell. Hey Blondie You hit the spot, FBing, miss ya Hold on Loosely. HGSXBRS, Thanks Ms. A. Ms. M, 8: Chris, MSLP ty4 being here. Good times Sz Good Friends Memories Sz Dreams are all that are left MORRI- SON LIVES MR MOJO RISIN ,Jennifer L. Maclver 231 Country Club Road Newton Centre 02159 "Never be sad for what is over, be glad it was yours to have.". . .JOE . . . Summer of 82 - the Circle UMASS Birdie 007 the Vineyard "ALL night long" Memories with special friends. Love and luck to Amy. Karen - love you fthe bumpl. Thanks Mom and Bunny for all you've done. Love to Lesley and Chris. 91 IQELLY cf C. ,Uavphail 1-3 Charles Street Timothy A. Malec Karen L. Marcy XE-Wirill Highlands 02161 Thanks Clark. Bob. Eric. Larry, Cow and the rest. Thanks Mom and Dad. Where have all the good times g0ne'7 Where does the answer liei' Living mini clay to day If it's something we can 'L huy There must be another way "Take off you hoser!" A man's got to Iiit-vp his limitations I'll always be king of pain. This is the end, my only friend. Amy B. Masters 142 Cynthia Road Newton Centre 02159 Special memories Summer 83! C.M. The Burry, Capitol, Metro, D.F. B.F.'s 4-eva: MA, JE, DB, SH, ILY, 8:30 crowd, New do crew, BYO FWG Spectacular! Scoop, pardo, Boppin What a howl! Riunite, precious sp boys, 3:00 G.H., cornercruise Good luck: HA, JB, TG, DK, RS, AH. My best neighbor ILY! G.L. Todd Memories of P.D. ILY! Thanx Mel Thanx N+G, Thanx Mom ILY MOre!! 92 53 Margaret Road Nev-ton Highlands 02161 The Pick Six - Deano, Dogsie Sty- mie, MB. Oatsie and Shap. "We're just living for Today" Things to re- member - Steve, Bone, Porpi, Righty. Benji, Good Times in OR, SZ, Cirrhosis, Frontons Dissertations. Gyrations, Angus, 12f2f83 - ACXDC 111! Thanks Mom and Dad - Good Luck Tom The Cruise Lives!! Judith E. Mayer 250 Woodward Street Waban 02168 We can't return, we can only look be- hind from where we came. Special thanks to all of LIFE SKILLS Mrs. D. Mrs K., 8: P.B. LIFE IS A CELE- BRATION DI8zLH in.Y - 11!82l MK, Beth, CEB, JK, Mel, KW, AH - PARTY TIME goodbye doesnlt mean forever! I couldnlt have made it without your support 8: love. I'll al- ways love you Mom 8: Dad. You're the best!! 'T" 59 High Street Newton 02164 Ulf A MAN COULD BE TWO PLACES AT ONE TIME ITD BE WITH YOU." NOTHING IS EVER As nice the second time around! It's nice to be back. The past is but a memory - '84' Rob, Jim, Gordan, Miche, Kitty "Time know nothing about the precious moments it wast- ed.', GOOD-BYE SOUTH!! Patrick M. McAllister 21 Maple Park Newton 02159 If you stick a stock of liquor in your locker, It is slick to stick a lock upon your stock, Or some joker who is slicker's Going to trick you of your liquor If you fail to lock your liquor with a lock. Everything is for the best in this best of all possible worlds. 1 Kimberly L. Marcy ' 59 High Street Newton 02164 "The key to happiness are the friend around us." "You done good Kid S.M. be stubborn it's the only wa I you'll get anywhere 3 M.W., D.E., M.S. Elaine' had "Kitty" Monte, Sven, David, "life is filled wfrnany changes so can conquer New beginnings." Amy J. McKee 56 Indian Ridge Road Newton 02159 "Nobody ever had a rainbow til they had a rain." Do what's good for you or you won't be good for anybody. "Fill high ze bowl vid saiman vine-ve vill not sink of semes like zeese!" Cheers to the mild looking freshmen with Criminalistic tendencies - the best of luck always Doobiedoobiedoo " . . . With a little help from my friends." Colleen E. McLellan 34 Carver Road Newton Highlands 02161 Soccer 10, 11, capt 12 B-ball10, 11, 12 Lax 10, 11 capt 12 "Through all the good Sz bad we know how much welve had Through the years" - KR Special friends Da, Seal, Kat, BSLC, Bethie, Irish Mafia, MD, FM, MK, JW, BH - RBN1, BW Kenny 2-13- 82 ILY 4-ever, promise! M8zD the best around! The Fam - Kath, Tom, Kels, Pat. Gram you'll always be in my prayers. Hey Da - Take off eh'?! Wendy S. Merrill 60 Cross Hill Road Newton 02159 Whatever you heard about me that's true I change the rule and do what I wanna do THINK I'M crazy you're probably right BUT I'M GONNA HAVE FUN EVERY MOTHA F NIGHT! - Prince - SLICK TIMES with Sal, Mo Hi TR Ek RI Jo AS ST Schnapps DT Southie JP WROX Brighton MEN Winkles Basement parties 4 eva, F HOCKEY 10 11 MSLD ILY Thanx. Nl' .5 ,. - ' . ,ii Robert J. McMullin 206 Elliot St. Newton 02164 Thanks to Dave, Gumby, Friedo, cow, Larry, Kevin, Shorty and Franko - Take off Hosers! Never forget: Hypo on rainy weekends, Brews, Jack D., and the B.B.C.C. crew "Hey bud let's party!" Gumby - I can fix it! Heh! LARRY - WHAT'S WITH the faces! DAVE - C'MON DAVE give me a break. Spe- cial thanks to Mom, Dad, and Will for their support and patience I couldn't have made it without you. Arnon Meshoulam 22 Park Drive Newton 02161 ,539 nbnab 15 ! v 5 Wayne Melanson 14 Ellis Street Newton Upper Falls 02164 The moments may be temporary, but the memories last forever. Thanks Ma8zDad. Good luck A.L., C.M., A.M., N.C., B.B., J.P., L.R. Smadar Meshoulam 33 Theodore Road Newton 02159 "Today is the tomorrow you worried Dan 1 n D11 -'D about yesterday." inter club, 10, 11, 19175 wnw yin !71x1n van: !'nn rx ,irony sb ox 12 french club, 12 best times wfmf, nl, st, MB, TT, TG, SJ summer '83: dance factory Boston, summer cot- tage. thanx Ms. IR 8a DG THANX Ima, Abba, Anat, Nadav I love you all! Lillian D. Menis 66 Country Club Road Newton Centre 02159 A friend is to whom one pours out all the contents of one's heart, chaff and grain, knowing that the gentlest of hands will take and sift it, keep what is worth keeping and with the breath of kindness blow the rest away. Wen- dy, Kay, Sophia, Jo Fish, Saadia, Farida, Christine, Kathy, Nina, Sarah, Gloria - say you're not hav- ing a party! Grfr John R. Moebes 39 Nehoiden Road Waban 02168 Soccer 11, 12 Gymnastics 11 Aunt Bunny just fell down the stairs! Ha! Ha! Hey, Toni duck here comes the Rowen! So long to E.S., T.G., A.V., J.H. and N.S.H.S. Just remember zu- viel Schule macht dich Krank, Ja, Ja! ,p0WW'i DWM df' W 93 -.nb-3.1 Lynn W. Mollenauer 37 Silver Birch Rd. Waban, 02168 "Good Morning!" "What do you mean?" he said, "Do you wish me a good morning, or mean that it is a good morning whether I want it or not, or that you feel good this morn- ing, or that it is a morning to be good on?" "All of them at once." - J.R.R. Tolkien Wendy Nottonson 88 Nardell Road Newton, 02159 Track, X Country, Reflections, BAYGLXNEFTY, summers, Cape Cod Rest, Music Dep. It was great! Thanks to M 8: D, Heidi, Andy, Jeff, and my friends: I don't know how I would have made it without you! I'll always have memories, butI can't say that itls over, because I've just begun! . . . Come on now, let's give the teach- ers some credit! 94 - w 41' .., as-L 3 j . 45' 'X I My -a X 1 'R Sarah E. Montoya 67 Hamlet St. Newton, 02159 International club, softball. "Only those who risk going too far, can pos- sibly find how far they can go." Best of luck to the "table" from here on it is all up to us, but the BEST is yet to come . . . 'tMama gracias por Todo" 'Richard . . . Thanks for all our spe- cial memories together' CAPE COD '83. Small, thanks for the photo- graph. Janet A. 0'Neil 178 Quinobequin Rd. Waban, 02168 "You can't erase a dream, you can only wake me up." WHAT A LONG STRANGE TRIP IT'S BEEN Brenda M. Murphy 1458 Beacon Street Waban 02168 "When all else is lost, the future still remains." Field Hockey, B-ball 8: Lax 10-11-12 Beth, Ce 8z Bean Best Friends 4-eva Wouldn't have made it wfout ya! Special Friends CSLB, LH's, Wags Brem, Joe, JW - Good Luck Guys!! Tom - so many special times wfsuch a special guy! i2f3f82J 143 Al- ways Thanx Mom Sz Dad - You're the BEST! Party - Safaries Bean - Take off EH! Susan Paulson 73 Parker Street Newton, 02159 "Cheshire-Puss,". . ."Would you tell me, please, which way I ought to go from here?" t'That depends a good deal on where you want to get to," said the Cat. "I don't much care where -" said Alice. "Then it doesn't matter which way you go," - Lewis Carroll Michael K. Newmark 587 Chestnut St. Waban, 02168 F-Ball 10, 11, Capt. 12 - DCL Champs Wrestling 10, 113 Lax 10, 11, 12. Just take it slow 'cause we got so far to go. MJ Off The Wall Great times with the PICK SIX Oats, DG, DK, JK, TM, SS. In Combat We all made rookie mistakes. Cape Cod 83 Lemonade, Tingles. I had, No gas, JW, Oatsie's Pub, It's Miller Time! Lifting with Scott. Thanks Mom and Dad. Frank T. Peace Jr. 218 Parker St. Newton, 02159 . David K. Perry 58 Centre St. Dorchester, 02124 Susan A. Prendville 51 Parker St. Newton, 02159 "Our memories of yesterday will last a lifetime - We'll take the best, For- get the rest And someday we'll find These were the Best of Times." My thanks to my family, my friends, my coaches, and my teachers for making this true. -eff Jeffrey F. Pollock 43 Lawmarissa Road Waban, 02168 "Lose your dreams and you will lose your mind" Denebola, Skiing, and Photography Fond memories of win- ters at Loon and my MAXIMA Love to Mom, Dad, Jane, and Nancy Eter- nal friendship to Doug and Steven you two are really awesome! "YL Elaine A. Pressley 219 Parker St. Newton, 02159 Harper, tell me of the road That leads beyond this Hold, That wends its way beyond the hill . . . Does it go further on until It ends in sunset's gold - Anne McCaffrey ' 'Dilip f ff I .. ,ng .ww- 1 ' A 'J . .,, .. 3 H 4'- . Sas -3294: " Nancy J. Raab 54 Rowena Rd. Newton, 02159 "Live today, dream tomorrow, and cherish the memories of yesterday." Lost on M.P., Pick axe, toaster oven, popcycles, Sat. nite at R's, SILY, drive in, waste basket, Greeks, burnt dinner, P. skins, L8zL with D., spill- ing r.b., and canoeing. Many thanks and love to all my friends. Thanks Mom, Dad, Amy and Jessie. - cvs ,Qs Marcello Raffaelle 182 Langley Rd. Newton 02159 95 Faith S. Raider 166 Greenwood Street Newton Centre 02159 He believed in the green light, the orgiastic future that year by year re- cedes before us. It eluded us then, but thats no matter - tomorrow we will run faster, stretch out our arms far- ther . . . And one fine morning - So we beat on, boats against the current, borne back ceaselessly into the past. - F. Scott Fitzgerald Elyse E. Resh 83 Oakdale Road Newton Centre 02159 Field Hockey 10, J.A. 12 "Some call it laziness, I call it deep thought." LB, LK, SS, EG, EY, Joel, bk, don't pick up any strays, lip stimulation the ea- gle will fly, clambake, I will never for- get him, what was his name'? What ever happened that night? hab, em! Let's wash the sheets, fork it! Thanks Mom, Dad and Andrea. Karlene I. Rhoden 176 Harvard Street Dorchester 02124 Accept me as I am, so I can learn what I become, because you only live once, but if you live right once is enough. Good-bye N.S.H.S.. Good Luck N.R. S.SC. X.K.P. T.G. K.H. M.R. S.S. T.H. C.J. D.T. N.C. D.F. J.S. A.C. G.H. G.S. and all the new freshmen. Erika L. Rogoff 100 Country Club Lane Newton Centre 02159 A river may change its course some- times . . . but it will always reach the sea. Good luck to all my friends espe- cially Monique - thanx for being there, ILUl Mum + Ad + Dad - LOL + TFE - EK. Justin: And so today my world it smiles - your hand in mine we walk the miles - thanx to u it will be done - for U, to me, are the only one . . . L.Z. easy, Footbag 12 wants to go to heaven, but no Brian Rector 48 Hamson St. Newton 02161 Skiing 12, HMUN, Regulus, wants to die." - Peter Tosh Robert F. Resnick 42 Plainfield Street Waban 02168 Youth is not wasted on the Young, the old can't handle it. You have no inherency to change and nothing to solve for. Lawrence K. Richmond 8 Manitoba Road Waban 02168 To serve, to strive and not to yield. Outward Bound '83 Charles F. Rome 280 Hartman Road .Newton 02159 Skiing 11, Lacrosse 11, 12 In the days of my youth I was told what it was to be a man Now that I've reached the age and I've tried to do all those things the best I can. LED ZEP The Doobie Brothers, THE COLT, Good times at Kennard's. Good Luck GS, DG, SS, JK, MK, DK, NC, BG, CK Keep in touch. LATA SOUTH! Thanks Mom + Dad, Linda, Ellen Bak is ,. Glenn K. Rosengard 51 Levbert Road Newton Centre 02159 "It was the best of times, It was the worst of times." "It's been such a long time, I think I should be going. Time doesn't wait for me, It keeps rolling." Good luck to the Class of 1984 espe- cially to my friends. tYou know who you arell Demetrious L. Russell 41 Hargrove Circle Newton 02161 "Obstacles are what you see when you take your eyes off your goal." B- Ball 10, capt 11, 12 "CANDlDE" Never forget the fellas! Thanks Coach Killilea, Sandra, The Anglins, The McLaurins, The Grossmans I LOVE YOU Ma. Paul GL the times we've had are everlasting. SHERRT - you are my inspiration. "I LOVE YOU" Special thanks to the Sharafs. Susie N. Sant'Anna 47 Brookline Street Chestnut Hill 02167 "The days will fade, but the moments will never die." Oh what a tangled web we weave It's mad to bust chops in Brooklyn, It's rad! ski '83 It's too much . . . much too much The cult, cast parties Dance factory, the fresh- men, harem, Let's all go to Elyse'sg Thanx Mom, Dad, Shirl and Soot too. I love you all. Sonja Sapp 683 Walk Hill Street Mattapan 02126 Mason Rice Elementary School Weeks Junior High School Newton South High School Now that I have finished High School, lt's now the time for me to move up in life, for bigger and better things to come. I really hope to achieve all the things I wished for in life Good-bye Newton South, Good luck to: K.R. D.F. N.C. N.R. K.P. T.G. J.F. G.S. C.J. And D.T. r fx -ag pu. , . Qiygfg-,gi Y-Th: 1 W: .NP 23 fn if f 1 . 'fi . N .fu mf' 'tg-al!" I Q l v lk fi Steven B. Rothenberg 77 Wade Street Newton Highlands 02161 The key is not merely to do well. The key is to do well and enjoy it. Thanks everyone .... "You don't owe nothing So boy get runnin' It's the best years Of your life they Want to steal." Scott A. Saklad 45 Miller Road Newton 02159 My stay at South was "short and sweet." I would like to say that my family and friends are the greatest and I will never forget them. Steven J. Santucci 11 Carlisle Pl. Newton 02159 Jeffrey M. Saret 18 Myerson Lane Newton 02159 Ski team 11, Good luck: TG, JB, MS, MS, JO, JS, KS, RK, AB, LK "Romp" "No problem" "Smurf" "The lock" Eh pal thanks for your help. TGOFF. Keep in touch. Thanks and love, DAD, JAY, JILL, PAUL, CANDEE . . . Our memories of yes- terday will last a lifetime, we'll take the best, forget the rest and someday we'll find - These are the best of times - STYX. 97 Amy E. Seidman 47 Cloverdale Rd. ' Newton 02161 l"Some people see things and say why, ll dream things and say why not?" lMemories forever with Jule, Lau, Rae, Jame, Will, Paul Porches - summer of '82 + '83 Lena, Ubangi, P-hurts, SP - men, Parties SWAT team, 69 shirts, 20 years from now, lcape, skewer, PY, s-erm weekends, 1Dr. Klutch, ILYJ Those were the I best! Good Luck always Thanks M -+- l D, Rhon, Sue, AB + UY, ILY! Stephen Shapiro 252 Woodland Rd. A Chestnut Hill 02167 1 Hoops 10,11, 12, Lacrosse 11, 12, The l Pick Six: JK DG DK TM MN Good l Luck: PK AL BG CR RH EF Great : times in the D-Room Oatsie's Pub i "Lemonade" TOV 111 MILLER RD l "Science" Cape 83 S7 Madness in the l MEATWAGON zero option Three E B's Minutes G-Luck 2nd Fiddlers 4 Luv Ya Cruise 84 Thanks Mom + J Dad Meg E. Shaughnessy 9 Paul St. Newton 02159 Like they said in "Flashdance", hold on tight 'cause when you let go of your dream you die. Paul S. Sherman 147 Andrew St. Newton 02161 "Please don't let this feeling end it might not come again and I want to remember" Prez. Class of 84, Sherm, Fi, RALJ - Porches, "Lena", Skewer, J-Slama, U-flana, R-may, Doug, Troo-ba-doors, C.C., Crew, Brady Trivia - Beck's Party Gang Summer Swim 1983 - J8zS, The Town "Drules" Sandy you're the best Thanks to my family for caring Edward F. Shaffat 90 Hartman Road Newton 02159 Paul S. Sharaf 18 Duncklee St. Newton 02161 "Every man is the architect of his own fortune" Skiing - the summer, the beach - Randi what times - the best, I'll never forget. "Chi Chi's" midnight gue's. Good luck MR. My best to TF, RJ, RR, RS, KM, AG ICF - thanks Donn. Thanks for every- thing Mom and Dad. Patrick D. Shen 1075 Chestnut St. Newton 02164 I really enjoyed my three years with NSHS, but I'll enjoy college even more. Best wishes to the Class of 84 and remember that the longest jour- ney begins with the first step. Good luck to Kocco's new homeroom. Amy B. Shifman 290 Winchester St. Newton 02161 "On ne voit bien qu'avec le coeur. L'essential est invisible pour les yeux. Mom, Dad, Kenny, thanks. I love you. 99 Dov Shiller 12 Ridgeway Terrace Newton 02161 ""9 Fiona Shukri T3 Hamlet Road Newton 02159 "l'll never lose affection for people and things that went before. I know I'll often stop and think about them, in my life," - Beatles To my friends: "Remember where we've been. the things we've done, and what we meant to each other." - S. Stills "Sitting here in limbo waiting for the dice to roll." - -I. Cliff 100 . I. ,ul s J ff" Y, , . v- ' 44 .' -.:4.-.s Randi E. Shone 37 Louise Road Chestnut Hill 02167 Memories of yesterday will last a life- time, we'll take the best, forget the rest and someday we'll find these are the best of times. VENEZUELA! De todas las cosas bellas de la vida la amistad es la mejor. Thanks to my family IL YAY P.S. thanxs for being there. Good luck to all my friends, we made it!! 0.4-J Jodi E. Shuman 6 Jaffrey Circle Waban 02168 Around each corner is the possibility of finding. continue to seek. Good luck to all my friends. Kostas there will always be a place in my heart for youf I LOVE YOUTYYYZY rm' v-47 Robert E. Shone 37 Louise Road Chestnut Hill 02167 Football 11 Capt 123 Wrestling 10, 11 Capt 12: Lacrosse - 10, 11, 123 Span- ish Club 11, 12. "The goal of yester- day will be the starting point of to- morrow." - Carlyle. Good times in Natasket with all my friends - you know who you are. Venezuela 831 Special thanks to my family for their support. Julie A. Silver 158 Ridge Avenue Newton Centre 02159 "Love when you can, Cry when you have to, Be who you must, That's a part of the plan." Dan Fogelberg Special thanks to my friends for all the good times. And to Mom, Dad, Robin 8: Tevy I wouldn't have made it without your love and support! -1 v-'-v Eric R. Short 41 Hamlet Street Newton 02159 Will remember Dave 1 and 2 Gumgyl tha hai, Bob tboobl, will especially, remember Def Leppard and ACXDCQ concerts, and in upcoming months! Van Halen. But wait a minute, and someone said Fair warning to Lord strike that poor boy down. Turned hunted into hunter, wait to' hunt somebody down. I c is ff'-0 James M. Silverman 16 Allen Avenue Waban 02168 Golf 10. 11 and 12 "The good times are forevery the bad times just fade away." Thanks Mom and Dad for ev- erything and the CAR! Gregory M. Simons 17 Audubon Drive Newton 02167 Skiing, Tennis, Honda, Becksg light 10, 11 12 "Speak to me only with your eyes it is to you I give this tune. It isn't hard to recognize - these things are clear to all from time to time." Best friends of Class of 84, We had good times and there will be more. V V fr.-r V . y 1 Risa S. Singer 60 Nordell Road Newton 02159 "We know it's all a passing phase and so it's time to change our ways, but I've loved these days." - B. Joel - HL TL WM MS NR MM MH MB JB LB neef Parties? ann + ming, Hoches, Rats, Brighton Boys, you know that I know, IC, your mother's H + lr, arla, rej, yeeba, Mark ILY, Stacy, helen, patti, NUNCY, 33211 M 8a D 8: Family - all my love always. Charles F. Smith 194 Parker Street Newton 02159 Marla Smith 209 Upland Avenue Newton 02161 My close friends Tracy, Heidi, Don- na, Nancy Kz Ri - love ya always!! Kimmie - "Just call my name and I'l1 be there" - BFA! Remember: Boylesto DA Motown va va va and Delicious Cocoa Go For itl The "smell" Pointy The Rapist + K BB UC AL WB Love to Mom 8: Seymour. Paul- I luv ya - good luck in all you do!! Daddy - my love forever - wish we could be together. 1f,', N +-4 Marc J. Sirote 95 Spiers Road Newton 02159 I want to thank my parents for being there when I needed them. I also wish all of my friends and teachers the best of luck in the future. fC5 ef ir-5 Mitchell S. Smith 65 Westgate Road Newton 02159 Q".- Ellen A. Slawsby 149 Allen Avenue Waban 02168 In the midst of winter I learned that there was in me An invincible sum- mer. gig '?' Lori E. Smookler 52 Charlemont Street Newton Highlands 02161 Mom, looks like I made it! After all the years I struggled to get where I am now. Friends I will never forget MB, JI, SB, AM, Best friends forever Meena, Billy. I Love you Billy, with- out you I don't think I could make it. Thanks Mom, Dad - I love you. Good Luck to all my friends left. "I made it." 101 1' ,,. ', 'fu Afgy-.lvll l ..l Ne-ter iorge' the lun Hines xyih -len. llgglyy. ligl, 4.,..,id Lick lu all my tfigyqfisi Ttldfli l limi' Xtjll I lUY9 ii Khin. Joliii, and Diane, Jennifer E. Spicer 144 Clark St. Newton 02159 Softball 10, 11, 12 Thanx to Sue, D., Les, Dana v Parties, P.C.'s, Good friends. "Nature's first green is gold, Her hardest hue to hold. Her early leaf's a flower but only so an hour. Then leaf subsides to leaf. So Eden sank to grief, So dawn goes down to day. Nothing gold can stay." M-l-D I.L.Y.l GL - Laur-4-Sean. ILY Mark. 2!6f82 - Champagne . . .what next'?! Susan E. Sprich 165 Collins Rd. Waban 02168 "It is only with the heart that one can see rightly, what is essential is invisi- ble to the eye" - Antoine de Saint - Exupery. Field Hockey, Regulus, S.G. - never forget, Good luck and thanks to all my friends especially P.J. - my best friend. "The longest journey starts with a single step." Thanks Mom, Dad, and Stevie I Love You! Meena Sripada 18 O'Rourke Path Newton 02159 Fld. Hockey 10, 11 Int. Cl. 10, 12 Spanish Club 10 "I made it!" Mem. WXSTAGAGKSJILC Lauren - NGsl Boston. Rollerskatin MJ. Prince "Funk ... Funk it upf" Kung Fu Fighting, PR's, SO DF, GH Mom + Dad. what can I say? Thanx. Youre the greatest! Good Luck Ram G -lag? Summer '82 BUB lRJl 1T!3!82l - Keith. I love youlllll Thats Straight From The Heart 102 V' is sf Q.-l Z 'UW f A 'Y it NI S.--4 Bethsabee L. Spain 170 Pine Ridge Rd. Waban 02168 "Clowntime Is Over . . . " - Elvis Costello ' Lisa N. Spiyo 29 Marla Cir. Newton 02159 "The moments may be short but memories will last forever" Sam free. blocks + crusing - Mac's Scott -H drive me to work? Do you have the: car? Lauren - Randolph wkends wl i JN, HB, DS and the rest "Toungies"g "Womp"g Hanging in the frontgg B8zB'sg A block? What A Block? Ron , - all the good times ahead - 4everg I Mom -+- Randy - ILY the mostgl Thanks! Kathryn S. Springer l 26 Alexander Rd. E Newton 02161 l "Love is not the feeling of a moment I but the conscious decision for a way of life" "Kitty", Fellowships, Hugs, Montana, The Riding School Mom Dad Jon Lady Belle I Love You so much! Ken, I Love You! All my love to Judy, Michele, Mike, Karen, Kim, Pete, Judy, Sophia, Lassie, Bob, Sr. High Fellowship, UPON Fellowship. Susan A. Steinberg 1094 Centre St. Newton 02159 "I'm off to see the wizard." 1 I 1 I l I l Jerome Stern 12 Fuber Furber Lane Newton 02159 3 Schoo1's out. - It's all quite funny now. In college, no one will care p about what we did here. Everything is preparation ' for the future. But South was good, photo forever. I did what I could, and I know I'll do better. Jennifer A. Storm 107 Hobart Rd. Newton 02159 True happiness consists not in the multitude of friends, but in the worth and choice. Let them be good that love me, though but few. Two friends, two bodies with one soul inspired. And where soe'er we went, like J uno's swans, still we went coupled and in- separable. We made the sun run. wr' srl -321' I f-.,,. Karen A. Stolpinski 1138 Chestnut St. Newton 02164 Michele Sullwan 93 Halcyon Rd. Newton 02159 Soccer 10,11, 12 Track 11 Lax 10,11, 12, Times to remember, 10!23f82, Chowin Pizza Bricks wfJ.B., The Blue wall, England 84, Skulls Maoosh KimfCrovo Mad Dog, Irish Mafia, Bowie, Twins Maddy, S-Free Dr. Pepper Lives ALLYSON. Partyn hound L-natics Never a dull moment with Best Friend Anne. "wild women never get the Blues" ThThats All Folks John C. Talis 227 Lincoln St. Newton 02161 Don't look back over your shoulder. Something might be gaining on you. Hard to believe, but there is much, much more in the future, and high school was just a quick stop on the way. Thanks to my parents, and good luck to my classmates in whatever they hope to do. Sally E. Taylor-White 85 Carl St. Newton 02161 "If you smile at me I'll understand 'cause that is something everyone does in the same language". Thanx Moms + Dads. TG, CX, NL, SM, GH, MS, JT, TT, JC, U R great. ET, HT, DT recuerdos siempre. Sum '83 TPH, DF, BC. 103 i Lillian E. Vespa 5 White Avenue Newton 02159 Volkan I. Topalli "Memories will last forever T1 Deborah Road Newton 02159 Thanx to my friends tPool. Trakl and S.C.iHar! Har! P. Biggest thanx to my caring family. Never would have made it wfo you. Give em 'B T.S.P.D.Q. The sleek shiek rides again!! FOOM! TrackfCrocklTeam 1, 2. 3 Push ups? What push-ups? Job- 3. "Good-bye Blue Skies" P.F. 45" J Eric J. Vayle 40 Westgate Road Newton Centre 02159 Listen to the musnt's child Listen to the don'ts. Listen to the shouldn'ts, The impossibles, the won'ts. Listen to the never haves, Then listen here to me. Anything can happen child, Anything can be. - Silverstein "Z'...."" 4 H, A 5 ,s '21 Robert E. Waldstein 36 Varick Hill Road Waban 02168 We don't need no education, we don't need no thought control, no dark sar- casm in the classroom. Hey! teacher leave us kids alone, all and all it was just another brick in the wall. ROG- ER WATERS PINK FLOYD There is no Dark Side of the moon, It's all dark. 104 Charlotta V. Wales 160 Allen Avenue Waban 02168 MEMORIES: Weeks Gang will never be forgotten! S-camp BEAN! Party Much? Da : Katie, NTASKat.' TMD, Puppy eyes Pinky? GTWX Chico! Humana, Cheeks bfriends for- ever! Beth they're on your feet! Soul Twins B. FRIENDS: new, old, near, or far, ILY ALL wherever you are! My Fam - finest kind! Mom, Dad, Eck, ILYA! Thanx. Chris 1!14!81 for- everlasting love and friendship, ILY! Sports Forever!! Andris K. Veidis 71 Walnut Hill Rd. Newton 02161 "say what you like - cause I don't care. I know where I am and going to, don't have to explain myself, to YOU!" X Christina V. Wales 160 Allen Avenue VVaban 02168 You can be what you want to be in life but being yourself is the most impor- tant. V-soccer 10-12, b-ball 12, s-ball 10-12 capt. GAA. VT.NY. England! simplicity is genius to be simple, un- lucky lad, smile for me chubby, dooby doo down down rink mr. you can't always get what you want, say baby we're in a movie, ayuh great times I love y'all! Good times with DV SY EB LG KC' JG TG DK MA. Heidi Sz Burger King Jessg best friends always! Macs Parj ties, weekends Cruisin North 8a C. Mooch-Lexington? Cheap Thrill H H M- Crash The boys from the doors ' in the Cressida! Breezewa WWMFM! No more one night Sue, Thanks Mom 8: Dad you I would've never made it! 1-at Kimberly G. Wallace 5 Voss Terrace Newton 02159 To all my friends, good luck Melina hotballs BFA the rock K+M V+L I need ice cream, boens skulls, triple f, Beatty Anne, MS maoosh AH nyet you jerk!! Marla vavavava BFA boy- lesto boba BB Hawk hooch doodie MK Mosley's, it's ok calm down, To my Family, Stacey, Corie, Abby, Mom and Dad I love you. Softball, Volleyball 11, 12 . . . Christine E. Webber 37 Wade Street Newton 02161 I may be a dreamer but I'm not the only one. I hope someday you'll join us and the world will be as one. John Lennon. If enough people beat their heads against a brick wall, the brick wall will fall down. Love and thanks to all my friends, teachers, and espe- cially Mom and Dad. Brendan T. Wilcox 418 Woodward Street Waban 02168 "I still got a long way to go." E. Cos- tello. Won't forget good times in the Computer Lab. To all the boys from O.R. - you're all a bunch of zany characters. Erin go Braugh. N.S.H.S. - pog ma houn - To the lax team "in the game of life, right now you're losing badly." "Crank the sucker" Thanks friends and family, Can't for- get Bobby Joe. Adam Weinstein 37 Stephen Place Newton 02161 'Qu Linda C. Williams 73 Clark Street Newton 02159 Great Times Cal. vacs, Hull Beach, Framinghamg Luv ya DEB, summer wfSeig and rubs. Think aboutja S.S. B.J. B.F. H.B. L.S. I Luv you JACK +all our wonderful times, Richo and myrtle. It's never to late. Thanks for everything Mom and Dad, Nan and Gramp. Love You all. Steven D. Weinstein 421-B Dedham Street Newton Centre 02159 Ships are safe in the harbor, but this is not what ships were made to do. James A. Wilcon 33 Peregrine Road Newton 02159 Football 10, 11, capt. 12 D.C.L. Champs Wrestling 11, 12, LAX 10, 11, 12 it 22 "It's easier to do some- thing right the first time then to have to make an excuse for why you didn't." Kojo Thanks, Donna I love you forever! Oats, how 'bout a ride home? Great times with "The Boys." Good Luck to all of you! CD'81BW'82 Thanx Teddy Touchdown, Aahh - Relax!! Kimberly S. Wilson 44 Lakewood Road Newton Highlands 02161 Green Monsters, Hopping Fences, Driving in L's car - traffic jams. Summer and the Lake, 83. Living after midnight, rockin till the dawn. BB, CC, LS, NW. The Doors and The Stones. Love to LW, MW. AND TW. Watch out, you might get what you're after. - Talking Heads. J A 1-f:f Mark W. Woodlief 85 Montvale Road Newton Centre 02159 I think we've lost our perception. I think we've lost sight of the goals we should be working for. We stumble blindly and that vision must be re- stored! Life just simply moves along and no one's wanting for the change. We're just running on the spot The Jam. I finally found her - Jenni! Bob - Mods now and always 105 Nina E. Wright 115 Allerton Road Newton 02161 Everybody has a place and a time and a chance to live and a need to find. Now is our chance We can be whatever we want to be. Thanks to my friends for a lot of good times and some great memories. Colleen A. Ximines 9 High Street Nexwon 02161 A most famous poet once said "if you want anything out of life, you have to go after it. "Remember" A quitter never wins and a real winner never quits." I thank Mom and Dad and everyone who made it possible. Good Luck to MYRON, NL, ST, SM. MS also the class of M198-I." Remember RG. OF, TN and the gang. 1983 was a great year. Track 10, 11, 12. Nfl c"f' ..-1 Ivan C. Yee 6 Shuman Circle Newton, 02159 Steven T. Zimelman 33 Farina Road Newton 02159 Health. Happiness, Dreams, Vision, Drive, Integrity, Education, Effort, Success. The Key! 106 46 . +39-. -' i Q. Yvonne W. Wu 92 Cragmore Road Newton 02164 "Nothing worse could happen to one than to be completely understood." - Jung. Oh Jimmy,just 5MM? I love you! Ornphaloskepsis anyone? "In in- dividuals. insanity is rare, but in groups, parties, nations, and epochs, it is the rule." - Nietzcheg HiDifI had tol. Good luck to everyone! esp. Luin. Lisa M. Yaffe 94 Harwich Road Newton 02167 "Good Times Bad Times" Led Zep- pelin, The Tube, Aerodynamics, par- tying among friends SP, LF, JD, JK, ST, EF, AR, ES, RB 1f9!83 ILY 4- eva. Summer 'K83" 22 top, Stevie Nicks wfJoe Walsh. "life's been good to me so far." Later South! Kevin D. Young 48 River Ave Newton 02164 Daniel J. Zolli 175 Warren Street Newton Centre 02159 Candito Bandito was here and gone, The Roach isn't dead he's just smol- dering on. J.D. just like a brother, J.Y. can't forget you. C.K., N.C., MS., BEST OF FRIENDS, DON'T FORGET ME! SEE YOU ON BROADWAY MAYBE CAN COFF CREW, it was fun. SWEENEY TODD WILL GET YOU IF YOU DON't WATCH OUT!! THANKS MOM, DAD, BOB LISA. Suzanne M. Berwind 40 Chester Street Newton Highlands 02161 It's not time to make a change, just relax and take it easy, you're still young, that's your fault, there's so much you have to know . . . love to my rfamily, to Eli. . . well I think it's fine, ,buildin'jumbo planes, ortakin' aride, iona cosmic train . . . switch on sum- l mer, from a slot machine. just get what you want, oh if you want, yes you can get anything . . . ? L Il S :fp A U Catherine DiClemente 39 Jackson Street Newton 02159 SoccerfLaCrosse wfthe gals! Italian club, peer-4, Sarcaz w!HF, DBL.2's P-Duff football? Macs-ICC calls, Beth my twin sister, nursery school shoes excuse me my locker, pictures today? water-buff - camping, BC Qb's, JK-stories, Bio: x-tree gang! RT-legs aunt-moira, psyk. w!LL, LB-tripping, wet rice, dancing, Thanx to family - Luv ya! Isaac Davidi 240 Greenwood Street Newton 02159 Moving on does not mean that we can forget the past: Tennis 11, swimming 12: Thanks to Music Dept. for all the fun times!! Thanks to all friends who made high school a fun place. And thanks to my family. Good luck to everyone. Ars 4 K1 fir: 'M Q "rf , ,-.4 e , .Wy 'Rs 1 fi .f. X 4 Y , .r t. Q. Q 'VU ., .wgqfx H 107 4 wr! Barnett ' Viet Place -Vi H2159 Deborah Brass 35 Old Farm Road Newton Highlands 02161 "What one beholds of a woman is the leat part other." Ovid. To Judith, her lriendship and advice, Lisa, I love vom tor what you are. I'm so misun- .iit-tltoodf Willie don't worry about fret- Kennedys I'll always love you. Out ot' batteries Ken? Phil. when lonely think of our farm, you know. Special love to Mrs. G. Mr. H, Mom. Dad, Abe. Jarhead. Nicholas Catsimpoolas T2 Oxford Road Newton 02159 Hey LIFE . . . let's gof TEN YEARS GONE holdin' on Page. Plant, Bonhan, Jones. The HALLOWEEN B.-XSHYYYYYYYYYYI Smokin' Tokin Drin- kin' Beer Me an' my FENDER LEAD II B.L'. f the best is yet to come Senior Slump and my burnt head PACT - Curling 200 lbs. by spring Oh, the songs to sing when we at last return again. Tong Soo Chun 19 Kappius Path Newton 02159 Nancy A. Cimetta 969 Chestnut Street Newton 02164 "Good times come and go but their memories last forever." Year of end- less love. Never forget all the good times wlAngie and all those wild par- ties in Glosster. Best times w!DP DS AA BS Good luck to all at animal cor- nerl tNick AMFF Seger "83" Florida yet to come! If you want something bad enough, you can get it - memo- ries. Sean Conneely 961 Walnut Street Newton 02159 Michael Eng 7 Winchester Plaza Newton 02161 Richard Eng 7 Winchester Plaza Newton 02161 Jonathan Epstein 140 Wiswall Road Newton 02159 108 Glenn Fink 12 Garland Road Newton 02159 It's been a long time but now there will be a change of pace. Monetary value still means nothing Many thanks to the First String following, and to Perry, Sean and Fran for al- ways being there. Goodbye Gustav James Foley 55 Colella Road Newton 02159 Jamie Gersh 170 Countryside Road Newton 02159 Antonio Gomes 32 Hamlet Street Newton 02159 Teresa Harris 66 Hamlet Road Newton 02159 Sean Hogan 9 Devonshire Road Waban 02168 Kenneth Howard 1370 Walnut Street Newton 02161 To the south side crew: Sgt, Smooth, Kent, Ice, Slim. Scott, K Kool, ET, Whop 8: Holmes Thanks for being there Mom 8z Dad Flashcrew produc- tions Mike Sz Thunder Mix Master Mike and Thunderflash Sucker MCS Beware Gidget Hunter 46 Hamlet Road Newton 02159 Lisa A. Hurwitz 7 Parker Street Newton 02159 "It is the glory and good of Art, that Art remians the one way possible of speaking the truth" Robert Browning Deb, friends really can love each other: Ken thanx for our trip together: Willie, the best to hug: Phil, wish I knew then. Thanx to mom, dad, Lori and most of all Planet Claire she brought me to many good times . . . Von Trung Huynh 20 Beacon Street Newton 02159 Victoria Kelleher 15 Hancock Avenue Newton 02159 Tony Lin 111 Truman Road Newton 02159 Mary Malanud 711 Chestnut Street Newton 02168 Abbas Maragheh 491 Dudley Road Newton 02159 Kenneth Roberts 71 High Street Newton 02164 Stephen Sabine 6 Glastonbury Oval Waban 02168 Mark Schwartz 30 Lake Avenue Newton 02159 Paul Segal 85 Algonquin Road Newton 02167 Eli Selling 243 Park Street Newton 02158 Denise Surette 706 Saw Mill Brook Parkway Newton 02159 "The good times the bad times yo know I had my share" Led Zeppelirl Animal Corner Lives! I guess S LTX, stag nights the Police 83' G Luck TRNCVKSDELARFJ Jun Bug GTNLHP Budweiser The b AC-DC save it for a rainy day! Th cape TRIPS one thing leads to an other, what is it! I love you Dana O 27, Mom Sz Dad Jan Wolfe 193 Lake Avenue Newton 02159 sl' 5.--f .Q '52 FEC: . J, IJ'-'xrmgtsl' BX . . .1 ' x F1001 ..- x 'n 'lix .. 1. v , N Al ,,..-r ' 4 .nw af 5 E J :- 515' N 3 ' .+..,,, N R'- -Q ' ' ' . Sh. , Q Q --,. wg -ew .QXVA --r. ' v . -haw, '59 'si'-N flrgbh . -:W 'L -1 "f'n 'awp . ' v .li .f .y xg L K 'I 'sf 'W 1 .J -1 549 Q -qc X f nl Y 'x Q ! 2 sggxx -X XX-it ,-LN ,- w ' -? 5? I ..,"' Nj? fa I ii J fi ,ff Q . -f J' I 'Q -a- 5 3, X. f 1'-iw ft 000 - A x .. Q QB, IJ,-'AQ '55 Y XF' 1 . 5 X 4 qS7fi' 3R,, 7 v 4 , I 5563 ,:9'W4' J-5 I . 1 I mv "qi Kay Fang and Monique Harrison - budding scientists 3, 4,9 HEI :gk .F - . ,-, . . . im-. , , 5. I . l Q Q5 Three Newton South students feed hungry faculty. v....'v 'u "1 1, ! , i y E i P u .9 - V. i 1 lp ,I 1 I 964' P?-fn if JJ 1:"f f Q f A x 4 n K YM .ii 'K W4 V ,, 3 ,s r ,- fin. Q . ,vm . T Q , ,.. 29""'l David Shapiro finds new uses for hairdryer. HA-S-D-F-Semi-L-K-J Space A-S U - .U 113 WGRK, WORK WGRK Sometimes it seems that classes and homework take up all the time in a day. But whether we like it or not, school is a part of our lives. But after all the grumbling and complaining we sigh with relief, realizing that all our Work was Worthwhile. New- ton South is ranked among the top 15 public schools in America, and not by mistakeg the high quality of learning that goes on here is something to be proud of. "Read the d U thmgl VN here s that smile Amon" 114 , L You seem a little tense lately, Rob, why d0n't you try Sanka?" Mark Resnick deep in thought 5.3-v ,-. fl 7-0' rx -5' Tom Schwartz presents a bit of Freud to his psychology class. 115 Happiness is spending a Wednesday J-Block with a friend. .ef "Don't look at meg "is, 1 " 54 s O . . Quik adlllqv- I don't know what I'm doing either." "I can't believe I have to start all over againli' groans Dean Barnett Armen Yampolski flies through a Chemistry test TEST . . AUGHI-I! Another half hour of instructions on how to take it. fore the test is through. "You And it's not as if I haven't smart kids out there, keep to heard the same instructions yourselfg if you're through, fen times before. I can just please refrain from: imagine my last words as I am 1. tapping your foot, pencil tlyingf "Remember that when . . . 2. coughing rhythmical- you are through with your ly 3. constantly checking test, close your booklet." Oh. and setting your super- and of course they say, "Fill in duper-extra special-comput- the answer which you think is er-calculator watches." correct." Did they think I was In summary, here are some going to fill in the answer that genuinely helpful hints for I thought was incorrect? And taking a test. Follow this for- I always thought they should mat: Take a deep breath, and add a line saying, "For cheat- relax. Count the pages of your ers only: Fill in the answer test. Write your name on all which your neighbor thinks is the pages . . . Arrange your correct." Better yet, they pencils on the desk. Glance at should have instructions for the clock. Glance at the those whiz kids out there who teacher. Glance at the other always manage to sit next to students. Now, glance at the you and finish 45 minutes be- test . . . PANIC. ,T W l I. +- X xx' 'X 50 minutes often feels like an eternity. 118 7 Q '-uv xx Q ,Mf- x gb.. Q ' xg R s. x wb ggi 2 5 . , ' . K 3 ., mv, ' " it .v ft' .4 ' I ., ,NS 'figg-,,j , A- f.4.... -.. . n-. J .""aff1! .f 4'V",,' ,'!5'.- ,rl ,, 6 gg-f iff Kg gig 1 3 'Nfl-,.Ao.Y, f.-1 f., , - ,g-,A.-.1 .' ,g .3 .,. .I ul- 3f ,5feQ5 1' 1!v,h'Q ,J f +y',1..,, , ,V x-r1,.,:' 3'-'f' ix-'lf V ,, 1 3 5 ,l- 'n y vo ' 411 . 1 JU, , .AWS-4 A Q .P .f-a. As f rw ' '... .,,':g ,'f' A --fp, - 'gi -Wie! .tank . A -'-117. " 'ff x V3'5L"A' - "' rx '19 ' I ., ff ix! - ,V -' 1 f a Av --v-fi ,-' ,mn .Q 5 . f.. 5 f .y,,, ks I ,w D i, ,,...,, , . 'xx' xi ' 4 ,Q-f-V.-'gigch . t-, L ' - 1 Q 5 ' . 'P 'V 5 fx! A . ' , if s X " ' N' 'J . Z! 1. 4, rx 1 , x xl 'iii 4 Q 'X 3' ' F -H . 1 - 1 u g , , , I 1 O. . .1 ,- 5 ,' 1 ,. Q vl 1 . , , a . ' ,, Q ' ' Q . . I " f Y 5 f . x' +510 is u 1 4 I f, I :"i.',' 505 1 . x V Q- i " C Q. f x -in ,Z ' ' 41.377 ' 3 if ' 315' 4 - Z 1 . "I,-2.1222 ,un X , F. ,fl ,VV , r I 1 ,f J ? wg 'i V 1 ,x3.'f n l-ff! .0 ,,., , LJQIJ -ra 1 1 1 - iqzi auf 'S -1- Fifi!"-'J 'YS L 1? -Ui. 3 3 e11,,3,.. l i 5 I v Nw, GQ g. 4'I""'r' I5 .' U fl. .lin , Io ,I f 4 5' f L 1, -VI L 1.. ej ' A '-Ln 1 ' -Am' 91" 'V es' , , H-' 2 , - Q. 'Q - 1 ,Q , :mw p,y'.,.f +45 . -1 , -5 tux- n 1 v ,- A M KE xg M 3. P Xu, , , 4 4 W. 4, N , ,. ,r , lg 'J , , -, Q51 . i K 'A' u , ' , .fr jak s Aj l f A, ' .V -4 , f .QE 1 N A ' -1, ' A I "ol -If "Q-'HY f-'L-fy, ' 1 3 1 - .Qi ,I , .M-Q' , , ' 4-My - Aid' :xl 04? 0' " ff. 'n E ov' an A I . , v-40 O ' vs , w Rfk, . 4 X, ,-'PM - v. Jr 4, ' as' FV' " 4 K. ,gf , .. 'P . 4 C ' , . 4 X 2 ? ,, x .4 H ,,1,w.4. -w ' gzxf h. w TJ' '- Wi . 73'4"r . S , , '1 r vi I Q-,A 1,52 I , - N 5 jg : pf 1 ' . 1' 3'. 1 ' ,ri 'Ty f ig J PQ, . N x Ng .Ada f' 0 ig . s I ,,',.v1, 1 3 .QM K, , .VX vf s , 6 " sf- F ,. , lu 'Q 'ill " gg. .,i.'..3 -v' N .n K J , - 5 1 8 :fi A ,M-'sw Y - A A rf, .g f . Q .. J"'fu,Mm1,f" ,' f'.'y . !,, 4 Q ' Q of . Q tix, , 14' Q .P ' - , -'fx' 25 Q D' " yf Q 'zz' 1 ' Q-1'ivg'1 UFQ. gi' X ks if 'Q "", ' 4' f ' 3'v'e'1'Jig, 6 " ',,'."A xl? X QQ" -Q , fx , SSR 1 wr' - . 11 's . " x,..x V v t , n A L.: N S, ESL , ,. ev xii 9' N' nr .. 8 fn 9' C A-a ,af 1 , . f x P' . x In ,I 41 4 -QC, 0 'xq s, 'N X Xxx K 1 Xi 'T"N ' 1 Rlsifig X' X ., X. 5 yn-iv" 1. -g -s Qi- s xg., f'-4-s XX '-4' ., , , XY'-l X,L - ., .1 ,sl S, 'R RM, uf- H '5 Al ,, k- "iss ' 5----Q x-B5 40 Y 2 g....41 .f 0. -. 'LY-lwrsryssxbw-"' .A ' 5 .Q--5--Tn' X 1. N, l A.. ww 1xK "'Ns x 4 x 1 A-4- 'L K o .fll ,Q Q 1 . ' .f . J' I - ' . Q , vm! ,N 4. , 4 , . o . 'X , N 5 1,01 1 A 3 1 ' . , . 1 ' 1 X .1 ,4 V ' S . 'Q' . K ,ff J u 1.0 Q 'A r Q 1 F . , ,Q f1',a . ,rf , , . 11 ,,' in - 'f 8341" 11 .'fg'-f"Q,5F. ' ' 1 -",,- 5' Q 'lf ri hx ,ay-4 14?z:5"f:g44fa,ll' 51: ":'f.,1q,g:,Q34, 0 .-,'n- 5 . -1 '1 nj. A VZ' .I A5 .Q , , aft,-5'5'2r,. gfpmsj kfhggjl ,K 7: 5 ,AQ -Av, - 4.,v, "" 1.4 Q., 4 , ' 5 'I y Hp. V4-ax ' , A J - -jx, 'YA 'E ,A ,' :J ' "W"-vu Wfx-, 1' L-V A ia. . Q .I -. ' x , , , ,Q ' nh i 24,1 .t,-.i. " ,'4.,5.,i,Y4.. O j via' "' izi I 'Sv S 1? x Q4 I- S. w O, , c 1.3 'fx 'V' X ,f' Q I X 2 X - bn' ' it b . , 4 f vs fix W 5 .hilary 1-' P , 4 fa 6 .U , ,, .V - , X644 ""i""" 'l!.,f fur? ' , f Ax HJ' Jigs? I , if in- 'ffi-'+' V 5 gfm'x.I', " ' I Vo- ,Y ,ig Q' IAQ, I f. P5 , Q- -N: I lk- Wvwawwkw .N if- L Amy Hochberger sets up the front line for a spike. Front row: co-captain D. Segal, co-captain K. Wallace Second row: R. Miranda, G. Seidman, J. Lerman, T. Groper, W. Kallman, J. Spinelli, A. Otero Back row: Coach Wallace, L. Levesque, L. Kim, K. Blaghman, A. Hochberger, S. Millender, M. Smith, R. Curcio, H. Lazare, Coach Blanchard Missing: S. Hackel L... .ls W I x X gl lfpq wc- , ,K ....-'fa' -4' ffaav- -- l ln... f 5 South's volleyball team is always on its toes. Newton South teammates are always there to back each other up. I 129 n IX., I, ' 4 .l' 4 . . 7' ' 4 , . . i x X . I wi? Wa 4 453 .L HW Mx F. QKLJ Q , ,HX I x X 3 fbi, S11 -f a 4 Q , 313 ffwitv 'ij If and Q 4-1 If n ,, I 'L- JM g- 1 ' I Y x N '11 5- '5- Q KJ di T I 6 by South's leading rusher, Kevin Rollins. piles up more yardage against Concord-Carlisle. "D-C-L, D-C-L!" When talking Newton South football, one can say that the 1983 season was truly the year of the lions. The Newton South football team posted their most impressive season ever as they steam- rolled their way to an 8-1-1 record, capturing the D.C.L. championship for the first time. Many of the season's high- lights will not be easily forgot- ten: the gusty tie pulled off against Boston Latin, the last minute winning touchdown by Kiah against Concord- Carlisle, and the ultimate Thanksgiving Day win over Lincoln-Sudbury to give South the D.C.L. title. This , , was a team destined for suc- cess: it ignored the odds, and week after week silenced the critics with one convincing win after another. South's offense was led by junior quarterback Steve Alt- man. In the backfield South had it all: the power running of Chris Kiah, the pretty moves of fleet-footed Kevin Rollins, and the magical hands of Darvell Huffman. Kevin Houlihan and Ben Hochberger were each stea- dying forces at tight end, while the power of offensive lineman Mike Acker and Chris Burligame was a real fense included Tommy Ro ers, Frank Peace, Charl Smith and Rob Shone. T linebackers were an eli crew. James Wilcon and Mi Newmark were intimidati forces that helped South to record three shutouts. T i squad's defensive backs we W also a fine combination, a. Derryck Harrel teamed u with Kiah and Huffman tp form a solid unit. 7 With many key perfoq mances from underclassme' who will return next seaso one can be more than confi dent that Newton South fo ball will continue to plus. as it did in 1983 - the year The team's ferocious de- the lions. at Q . ' 1 in v. hr. - V -I - el A A -ae -av 1 it 1 QGPIWSF' , mg I Xxx H jf' L.. X fl xii X 31937, 132 F . rf yuh 4 nr- .-'z'-+I' f1f,4'?,f7' ,- . if'fi:1s. is 2 ' W vid' V 2,131 '32 'A 'J ' .fy 1.--.J ' L flbhkff 9 . ,N v A-?N ' .93 'L J. v ps Coach Kojoyan hands out halftlme lnstruct 'Q ff 5 5' "af, .hh -w , f'.,v fl -'+ Jw-f '? f7g 4412 1 4 Y 124-an 7 -f '4 5' ' I 61 lu fs-SFS X has .0 ' 1 'X' .gg f ., '.v m .-1 l . fwfguhwwvwdf' ----,M--M,-f., , -MJ,--r...q:,.f Q01 'Q ' lffw , -4 iff' Fi 'EVQ 5 I P' l .fl , ., A . ,PA R' . - ,A r , h "rn . 'fifull-G - -...ww '. , E ' ' , L' V, I I ,-wg,-,.f-41" 6 I - rvvqw .HW av 5 xii Y S " A f ,, ,Qi it , , w V :iff-r 5"':m A df" , -. . - V - . LQ ' .. , ,, . n i Yi Llf' J". ff wr t tmp. 'Q V. I 5 f .. ,a 1 A I I I . , .I 'a' " ' . 1 v f X '.' ' ' A -sl -. . -A .-1 , A x4 , . yi. ,V ' 1 ' , 2. Lv -' A .. '39 0.4 he pf.. .,' 'F' . w'f'- -U.--.'.' -- -Y -, .' ., fm: 91,0 . M - . Q. , A ,Y -. 7 3, ,HL . l. . . . . Hu.. .Ni 'ing . f - f , 5 , 1 vs 1- it twi,1 rf H ,7 'S is sxzf Q if' ,- ew ,ny 1 :Pb 'J 4 ,-',W M49 .Beth Galvin and Donna Segal anxiously follow the game. 'Q Q-T Bax' an I , ..- . ff., h.....,- hll, is X' x K , , , i I 1 x 1 A - ap ply. .t X, . , s I ' ' ' "f51:iiQ2ym4e3.5:ws.'Xfa+w 2 3 .4 " .ggi . 5-1 gg -6 - Ss ,' , ,Q .V 1 x af 44+ .R X tr. .. f f J" x 5 ' 1 Q, 1 l' , A xi vi as , i A .A I f Katrina Antonellis races towards another two points. U 'fs fi,D l 2 Yg' x, Q' . in do s x ,Qu R, 5 Nw gg il , Q -Y' fha'- f Susan Prendiville positions herself for a rebound. ,gtk X I 137 Defensive tenacity was a keV Strength for this Small NSI-IS Club' Making it. to the Division ll South finals, the team shows their spirit l 4 vs. 1,5-fl"6x' ' 3 "yn f, X -2 'f2,f31... on- fi f :P I' 'xt-ii' ,. . .mr-f b-Q23 s'V--35. A 13' xv? rv it for a rebound. after another tournament win. ,- Ll Tension was high during the first half of the Boston Latin game, but Newton South eventually pulled ahead into first place in D.C.L. 139 I 9 ,. YJ . 5, . 'Zi "9 LJ aaa Q ,L 1 + -f4?fi..s Q I :R . W. 1 'K .L N -3 , haf 'Q' I Q' f M4 :li -'B'fy,f ,V fa, gr of Y Q' N 'V A v Y- .jwzi 'Q in A X' ,. I 1 r fx I '.1' 5 5,11 . 9 25 , '. fri. ll I 4' 1 nl 15. I SBUTH , P 'I P- , A 1 '-'igkqxiv ' 1+ Q 'Nt ze X. i ' 1 0 ' af i IX! I? .lin N i gi i 9 2 w i ' RMT' nk 'X xg' A 1 Q, -. ,i 'y -'U 'U A L-21 -1 X N South players outmaneuver thelr opponent h E Klip. ,PM - The lceman cometh Asslstant Coach Palmame studles hls wmnlng mris and James keep an eye on the boys. l w 1 'E Front Row: J. Wilcon, R. Shone, M. Kagan. ,fel Second Row: J. Cullen, D. Costa, T. Brewington, J. Anderson, A. Botticelli, S. Bennet.. '-f ' Third Row: Coach Hurwitz, J. Hillis, B. Walk, A. Herrel, L. Rollins, M. Welch, J. Neville Coach Murphy. Missing: C. Kiah, J, Linder. A ink 1' 'Y' 41 .af 'V . w? -.511 Z 1 P , K . if . J Y, . i 1 Y . 1 ' J 1' A 4 l , 4 Ready to go and get for action! Michael Welch keeps warm while waiting to defeat an opponent. 4 147 l Hot Dogging! - David Shapiro takes to the air during warm-ups for a downhill meet. Ken Fang sharpens up slalom skills. + I V. Front row: S. Hackel, J. Woolf, J. Abend, K. Mo- tiely, L. Semonian. Second row: J. Ansin, J. Abend, S. Meizler, M. Smith, Coach Abend. Third row: Coach Abend, A. Heafitz, S. Mettler, K. Frieze, K. Fang, J. Pollock, G. Simons. Missing: R. Kennison, D. Frieze, B. Hurwitz, M. Millender, S. Pelton, N. Pollack, B. Rector, D. Shapiro. 149 'V 1 1 m ff' gg if :""' fs ig a W H Q it1r s ix Cx V 5 . ' J , A ,. if J, f J 2.-'-:S--' . A . ,gws 'HP 'Yi I , A n K ii 0 921 NV SNOLLVZ I 153 1, I -' Q 'Ma .ply-xg -'gi fr- 1.. A 1' Q "'.'.r l ,nf" inn Y imxh ' fi M .Q A A xi .hw x W tv ':'. 1, v . :Q if .Aw 6 ,, 9 ,hm- L:n.ln VOCAL ENSEMBLE The Vocal Ensemble is a small cho- rus of men's and women's voices. In December, they performed the one- act opera, Amahl and the Night Visitors, as a fund raiser for the group's tour in April to England. On this England tour, they performed in abbeys and churches, while spending April vacation in the environs of Lon- don. The Vocal Ensemble also per- formed at the Chestnut Hill Mall, and for the Newton Highlands Women's Club. ORCHESTRA The Newton South Orchestra is comprised of a full orchestra and a string orchestra, both which meet twice a week. This year's repertoire ranged from works of Vivaldi and Mendelssohn to the works of contem- porary French composer Jean Berger. The variety of composers provided an enriching experience for the young musicians. The year was highlighted by the performance of "Candide", a musical that even professional musi- cians find difficult to perform. CONCERT BAND The Concert Band was made up of 60 musicians who played a variety of instruments ranging from saxophone to percussion. The band met 4 times a week under new director Jack Rossini. 157 ,fl I? 1 John Devore working on graphics COHUOI is the k9Y W0fd here- l 1 - 4. 4 -X' ' 1 +. . . 2. if ' ,. fx?" , M ' ' Ay. .w-D' -n ,Q-'P' , "'A" . - . ,XI f-'Z ' .-4' , ' .xx . "LL X.. 'rl l v l 4 gl Front row: H. Flnkelsteln, T. Hassol, P. Angler, M. Smlth, J. Gltlm, J. Sllver, M. Mlllender, A. Dayal, . Mann. Second row: A. Rogoff, D. Paulson, D. Kay, M. Kinkle, N. Schneider, J. Schwartz, E. Epstein Kaplan, J. Pollack, J. DeVore, M. Rosenthal, L. Evans, M. Woodlief, T. Sack, D. Stemerman, R. Rubin D. Andelman, D. Goldberg, R. Cohen, A. Tirnmer, S. Passman, L. Wishnie. Back row: S. Goldberg, R. 3 T. Sack. A. Friedman, J. Abend, Mrs. Malone-Neville, J. Bogart, R. Lack. . 1..,r' 5.-f X ' 5 ' .Q,,.,-if ,pduh we Q. '1l98s,l i DUAL Liu!! LEACUI Lnnliiu' if 4 I T f . P I Front Row: C. Kiah, J. Wilcon, M. Kopellas. ISE" tg. 4' Russel. Back Row: C. Walsh, E. Kushner, Mrs. Mealey, D. Segal, M. CUTLER COUNCIL The Cutler House Council, headed by Mrs. Malone-Neville, is a group of Newton South stu- dents who help the school through various services. This year, the council sponsored a Red Cross Blood Mobile. To- gether with the Wheeler House Council and the Goodwin Task Force, the Cutler House Council planned a dance and a spring field day. GOODWIN TASK FORCE The Goodwin Task Force con- sists of a group of students who are characterized for their school spirit and motivation. They are dedicated to make Goodwin House a most comfort- able atmosphere in which stu- dents can spend their time. Led by Housemaster Mrs. Paula Mealy, Goodwin Task Force worked diligently to make Goodwin Commons a more at- tractive area, One goal for 1983- 84 was repainting the murals on the Commons Walls. K 167 Q Front row: D. Tultenski, B. Hsiung, T. Trevens, J. Lehrman, B. Buthany. Back row: M. Resnick, G. Cohen, J. Lee, M. Spengler, J. Blumberg, S. Rossow, M. Fried, M. Tempkin. START YOUR DAY THE 5PlfAK EASY WAY o KITHS PADI SHQW SCIENCE CLUB Newton Southis Science Club was reformed two years ago but failed to attract much student interest until this year. Advised by Mr. Brough, the Science Club was concerned with tour- ing technical and industrial fa- cilities in the metropolitan area. One of the club's tours this year was to M.I.T.'s Plasma Fusion Center. This center researches nuclear fusion energy as a safe and inexhaustible alternative to the currently used fossil fuels and nuclear fission. The Science Club sponsored other events in- cluding some films. In addition, the Science Club made no finan- cial demands on its members and encouraged them to pursue their independent scientific in- terests. SPEAKEASY This year, Newton South's weekly student run radio pro- gram overcame many obstacles and stigmas from previous years. A dedicated staff wrote stories and conducted inter- views with those who made Newton South tick. Speakeasy experienced a fulfilling and ex- citing year and set precedents for future producers. 169 MATH TEAM 'N Front row: D. Barnett, S. Stoller, G. Lee. Back row: R. Tasgal, K. Barnett, Y. Wu, D. Kay. ITALIAN CLUB Front row: C. DiClemente, P. Raphael, D. Sostilio. Second row: L. Salter, A. Gordon, K. Strand. Back row: N. Wright, S. Strange, N. Sostilio, J. Salter, A. Colassaco, E. Perret. Faculty advisor: Mrs. Planine iback rowl. Not many people know exactly what the math team does, but for its members it is both challenging and excit- ing. Each month, a squad of Newton South's best math stu- dents visit another school to take part in a math competition with nine other schools in this area. It is a friendly atmosphere with me- mbers of all teams The Italian club was ex- tremely active this year. It had many bake sales with specialities such as fried dough and home- made pizza. An active booth was present at the International Festival. Also, presents were don- ated to needy children at Christmas time. Fur- thermore, the tradition- al Italian dinner was held in April. snacking on cookies and cake before and during the competition. Of course, there are also difficult math problems to deal with. Each mem- ber of the team must work on nine problems individually and then all members collaborate on two final problems. This year, Newton South's team was very strong and a serious contender in all competitions. 171 Front row: K. McCormack N Goldman, A. Beatty M Sullivan, I. Farino 2nd row: P. Xayxanavethy, Ling, T. Nguyen, F. C. Wang, S. Husain, A. Vollman, L. Kim, K. Fang, A. Dayal' NATIONAL l 3rd row: M. Fleishman, N. Lee, S. Meshoulam, J. Chen, S. Farino, S. Motakef. 4th row: B. Ben-Ur, W. Shu, P. Brooks, F. Marageh, C. Boblique, L. Menes, S. Lowenstein, G. Lee, C. Webber, M. Doolin, R. Kao, D. Dom, Ms. Doolm. 5th row: A. Haran, S. Jacobson, L. Colman, R. Rubin, P. Shen, D. Grieff, T. Toth, B. Butaney, D. Mill, S. Madriz, R. Henry. Missing: Mr. Bleiwas, Mrs. Gaudet, Mrs. Schulman, Mr. Jampol. Front row: J. Storm, J. Lehrman, N. Blicher, S. Pelton, R. Hurst, N. Slotnick. row: C. Storm, R. Resnick, K. Bernheimer, S. Goldstein, The Thing That Wou1dn't Leave, C. Walsh, R. Rubin, A. Dayal, N. Blicher, A. Vohlman, I. Faingersh. Annual Pot Luck Supper Blank sign-up sheets Clowns in triplicate Dancing Enthusiastic Alki Funny pictures Gourmet food Home-made ice cream by Mr. Jampol International Festival J block meetings Katrina's and Stefan's almond cake Lillian's Halloween Party Marvelous Mice Notices not read Old friends meet new friends Patrick's energy Questionnaires Real good time Saadia's and Farida's ideas Technical assistance by Albert and Dan Ugly masks Valentines Day Party Wonderful costume X-rated travel films Yvonne and Yolandals Chinese calligra- Dhy Zenzational Ztudents RUSSIAN CLUB At a time when American- Russian relations are at a low, the Russian Club strived to un- derstand Russian culture by ex- periencing and enjoying it. Members gathered to cook and eat Russian foods, view movies about Russia lsuch as Gorky Parkl, and discuss the past and present of the country that so mystifies us all. The Russian Club's booth at the Internation- al Festival was a huge success, owing mainly to the fact that the club sold Russia's latest food fad - Fanta! There were many activities for the Russian Club, such as meet- ings with emigres and a trip to Harvard Square. Through inter- esting and enjoyable activities, members got to know Russia. HISTORY CLUB Front row: C Walsh, M. Hendrix, J. Ketterer, S. Kaplan, A. Dayal, A. Oliver, L. Wishnie, Faber, L. Rottenberg, J. Schwartz, C. Webber, Sl Loewenstein, A. Lyndon, L. Bailen, . Lipson, S. Husain, R. Mahnke, A. Vollman. Third row: G. Roberts, N. Schwartz, R. Rubin, R. Resnick. Back row: W. Goldenberg, E. Mandell, A. Friedman. g s.T.o.P. Mahnke, M. Temkin. Back row: J. Kibel, S. Felton, D. Slotnick, D. Greiff, E. M. Pleischman. Andelman, F. Alam. Second row. M. Kopeland, A. Lerner, M. Kaufman, L. Mitchell, row: K. Schnell, A. Haran, D. Boykan, J. Lerner, D. Andelman, L. Bailen, J. Wolff, L. Wishnie, J. Ketterer, M. Rosenthal, S. Kelis, A. Oliver, A. Dayal, L. Jaeger, C. The History Club ex- panded both its mem- bership and activities this year. The year started off with the tra- ditional drive to raise funds for Oxfam Amer- ica. The club was fairly successful, collecting fif- ty percent more than last year. The major ac- tivities took place in February and March. February was Black History Month and the History Club pro- S.T.O.P.? What's that? Well, it's not an eight-sided red sign on the side of the road. It's a group at Newton South called, the Stu- dent's and Teacher's Organization in Preven- tion of Nuclear War. This year S.T.O.P., with its two chairmen Debbie Andelman and Deb Boykan, has kept a high energy level. S.T.O.P. members have become more familiar with var- grammed activities throughout the month including speakers and displays in the library. The History Club spon- sored similar events for Women's History Week in March. Medieval his- tory was the theme for the History Club's ma- jor event of the year, History Day, also in March. Speakers, mu- sic, movies, and cos- tumes represented var- ious aspects of the six- ties. ious aspects of nuclear war, and have started a scrapbook containing information concerning the nuclear war issue, for the library. The biggest event was the nuclear education week, during which there were speakers, films, displays in the school and a letter drive to senators and con- gressman urging them to support a nuclear freeze. ,I 11 ,pf .I ll' ,,.,.-xxx ..f' xl g"""""'- , Z, A,,,..--n4...., ,ff SWB' I '. F . 65 if ,A 9 , X25 A ' ' A 'wwf . ,J hr 4 f N US 91 Q IN C ongratulatlons Graduates' if ' LE-HTHER Wanna Nf jx ! Q W E DID IT" thanks to all the edltors and staff members w ho sacrlfxced so much of thelr tlme and ener x to make th1s yearbook poss1ble Thanks especlally to our nlght owl staff Arnon Meshoulam John Blumberg Brlan Rector X olanda VN u X N 46 1 THANKS MOMMY WISEN enthuslasm, carmg, and food' the Regulus Staff for all your support, f N f GREAT JCB ERIC BLOOM WE LOVE YOU Mum, Ted, Laura, You may think Susan, R055 1t,S.0Vff1', and Glenn But 1t,S just Beginning Congratulations and L Good Luck l f I Laura, Peter, Berme, Elayne . Congratulatlons - Wendy We Love You Daddy and Mommy L J L 1 f N r N ELISA: MAZAL TOV on your graduation. We have always been proud of you and we know that you will continue to make us proud Love, Qo6mtM.6yge4 Mommy and Daddy . Jeweusns 19 Boylston Street Ima. 91 Chestnut Hill, Mass 02187 . K f 617-731-8300 , Creatlve Capers Inc. 117 Chapel Str. Needham Massachusetts 02192 C6173 244-0811 Congratulations to the Class of "84" 'A catered adventure executed with expertise i L J L Congratulations an Best Wishes Garb Drug Stores Where Better Health Costs You Less CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF '84 We are so proud of you Allison Love, Mommy, Daddy and Adam Congratulations "ML President" - PAUL SHERMAN '84 Jayne - '75 Barbara - '78 Mi e - ' Mother 8: Dad GOOD LUCK SENIORS' There IS a d1fference"' PREPARATION FOR COLLEGE BOARDS - SAT ACT PSAT SSAT ACHIEVEMENTS b . . . GRE GRE PSYCH GRE BIO "AyC ' ' 0 ' .. W M k Th D'ff . ' I A d I-I ' ' CALL FOR DETAILS D y E 8z W k 16175 244-2202 NEWTON CENTRE EDUCATIONAL CENTER 792 BEACON STREET TEST PREPARATION NEWTON MA 02159 SPECIALISTS SINCE 1938 Congratulat1ons JILL and the class of Love Mom, Dad an Cuddles our 45th yell' O O O We look forward to emg of servlce to you m the future, when you prepare for entrance exams 1nto graduate school O O O O O O PCAT OCAT ' VAT ' MAT ' CPA V1s1t n enter, located ln more than 8 major U S C1t1es e a e e 1 erence' Flexlb e Programs n ours ' Transfer Prnvxleges Call a s, ves ee ends Y J N '84 , d GO SOUTH Congratulatlons to the Regulus Staff an Alfle and Cat Congratulatlons Susan Sost111o W1th Love From Mom, Johnny, Dlane and Plxee f N f N '84 d MCAT DAT LSAT GMAT Love to BW. f N Love, Congratulations, Yvonne! Ma, Ba, Yolanda, and Yelena -rl J 3 l You've come a long way, Baby! Congratulations to Donna and the Class of 'y84" THE BAILEY FAMILY T Congratulations to the 1984 Graduating Class Rhodes Pharmacy Waban Jenni - Look to this day, for it is Life. For yesterday is a dream and tomorrow only a vision. But to- day, well lived, makes every yesterday a dream of happiness 8: every tomorrow a vision of Hope. Love! Mommy, Daddy, Cara Sz Liz CONGRATULATIONS and LOVE, JOSH Mom, Herb and Erika Congratulatlons Jlmmy and the Class of The Sllverman famlly Best W1Sh6S to Catherlne and the Class of 1984 The D1Clemente Famlly Congratulatlons Suzanne an the class of 1984 Andy Lon Congratulatlons and Good Luck to Andrea and the Class of 84 The Cassons Rose Bobby Barbara '84 d u Mom, Marshall . , 0 K J f N to az Reliable Unselfish Thoughtful Helpful Kind of a friend I will love you forever! James A. Blankstein There is too much to say K J Twenty years from now w1ll you remember Lena RHIHGS Ray babe Perm Sperm Ferm Worm Dllanos PrlmaAlgett1 Cousln Ellen Bllly Joanne and Jeannle Jeff and Faz Korellthzthz Jul1eKmgston E K Dunk1n The Smellles Dudy M the W1ll16S You may not talk' Damn you people' Bert alert Blacky!AleX Kreepella Inga from Sveden Murge sankyou Communlty AUd1t1OHS Grease II Reproductlon Imlta tlons par tlc ul ar ly Julle Save the llver for the Baar M1tZV3h' LOOK Don t you thlnk we should puree for Just a llttle longer'7 I m Shtayln I stumble for Jew' Mlng chlnk The Way We Were Iget It lroned CAPE HOUSE feed the ducks not the geese' SKEWER" Here s some bread' Wlllle s on the ball shlpwrecked Perm and Sperm summer 1932 Harry and Harrlet B da coo coo Lucy touchy feely Hounted House 147 Plymouth Rachael s ln labor agaln' Myrna s dlnners Hanukka Brunch Myrnasfreezer whoople ples knlshes Frlday the 13th Nana Papa Ant Pearl Club Rachael Eugene Verna and Penny Beach nanny nlghty Quote of the Nlght songwrlt mg Chlna salls south paC1f1C chosalgal lt agabon chanook MIMITZ" Dey are looklng for me too but lt s okee don t worry cah DAH Rachael s Bustlng out all over" Stlckln to the Unlon The Town Tollet Seats Shae Marshall 1 nlght Stop8zShop 3 weeks C V S Deslgns Klds Sz Klds Contlnental Davld How you say The baboon be nlce MIHDIS golf Aunt Clndy s Aeroblcs Independent Blowoff Land mark Houllhans the 57 IS that a sex pos1t1on'7 Homeroom Jose s the slster the armplt of Amerlca good stuff cheap You klds" Shopplng excurslons Korea Souper Salad My father Wlll brlng It home for you H220 rlce plzza rolls Hold me hold me BLAH" Dead cow muslc sleepytlme sh t don t let the cat out" He hello He doo DIIVGIS Ed the orlglnal Ralnes I know you do lt" Cherry ples aren t they cute'7 Ed the walter H1ll3I16S Pull Sermon sheltered'7 JAP glrls S W A T Team Gram Forum Chotllde dog or daughter? The Marrlot the skunk Walt for me lrv" Marabunta Ubangl Paul s baby Shum Talkln Sunday Gospell I m shaklng because Im nervous not because Im cold"' PORCHES That s so rude" You re so obnox1ous" Compllments COOL IT MYRNA' Holzday the house of sln you can t sleep over" nervous bathroom Elther we all go or we all stay home" Elther we are all on the bed or we are all on the floor" Im Lauren obscene sweatshlrts Frlday 3 D one of you k1dS must have a clgarette Who are you? Rachael s belng good tonlght I feel so bad for your nall' CaSS18 Wlll you crack my back'7 Lauren wants a shoulder bag Im really sorry but Rachael s Party Pauls Kamakazee mlsslon The Mongolold Get out Get out" If I dled would you come to my funeral Paul would you sell candy bars? only klddlng Funky Jane Boogle down WO GO RO FO AO SO PO SO JO KO LO LO MQ+C2 that there cow lnake lt equllateral PY bullsh t sesslon UL UH Igot my boots on OT Dr Klutch -+- Mrs Sllck analyzlng Lady Averland + Mr Rogers plunge QUICK Rhonda and Susan Who s Spaz'7 B Boulevard Loose Lane domestlcs to reglster 9 Wldge your recelpt you beufull we haveatest 2 3 overused melody moblle dream house hubs crackers -4- zausners Welcome to llfe""' SO LONG fCLICK""'J Lauren, Jamle, Paul, Amy, Rachel, Wlllle gg 9 77 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 . . . . , . . . 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 99 9 cc 77 46 77 9 9 9 9 H ,, . . . . . 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 , C6 9 77 9 cc 9 9 77 , cc 9 0 - - - - , l 0 0 9 9 9 77 cc 9 9 9 73 ca 77 . . 9 9 cc 9 9 77 , cc - , C O O O O 77 cc 9 77 9 9 9 9 . .. . , . 9 99 ' ' 9 9 9 ' , . . , . 0 , . . . . ., . , , . . . . 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 ' . . . . . . . . . ,, H . 9 9 9 77 9 9 , . . . .. . . , . . . . 9 9 9 9 . . . . . N ,, , . . ., , , . . . , . . . . . . . , . 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 cc 77 9 9 9 , 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 . . H . ,, . . . , .. . , cc 9 9 9 .77 9 9 cc 9 9 9 9 9 77 9 9 cc 9 99 I O I OO , - , ll - - , 9 9 9 9 cc 9 77 cc 9 9 ,, . . . . . . . . , , . , , . . . . , 9 9 77 9 77 9 9 9 9 99 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 77 cc 9 77 ca 9 9 77 9 cc 77 9 9 cc Ol , 0 7 , 9 77 cc 9 77 cc 9 .. , , .. 77 cc 9 77 9 .. . . . , 9 cc 9 9 77 ac 77 9 - I O O 0 0 0 0 9 9 cc 9 77 9 cc 9 77 9 9 9 9 cc 77 cc 9 77 9 9 . . . . . . 9 9 77 9 cc 77 cc 9 D - ,, . . . 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 . . 9 9 ' 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 . . . , 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 cc 9 79 cc 77 K N Congratulations to the Class of 1984 Alyce and Eddie Mandell K J STUDID DE PT-IDTCDGIQAPHY PQTQTQAITS CANDID WEDDINGS STUDENT PACKAGES 26 MT AUBUIQN ST WATEIQTCVVN MA 647 9211 9222 CHAIVIBERLAIN Your School Photographer K J CONGRATULATIONS Class of 84 B50 ,. Q A 0590 Q 8mBolwa ICE CREAM 8. ICE CREAM CAKES FOR THE CONNOISSEUR 80 Langley Rd Newton Centre 332 7009 F' j E3 a ' I X J CONGRATS JANA and the class of '84 THE I-IASTENS PICADILLY OPTICIANS Newton Centre HENDRICKEN BROS INC 45 L1ncoln Street Newton H1ghlands Massachusetts 02161 telephone Area f617D 527 6661 8 KATHY BERNHEIMER SPARE PARTS Newton Hlds Ma 02161 Mo sho ot Ls o HI rw tt OQIOI M17 911. Ons 65175332 4791 home furnishings on '9 ., . Jewelers F 0 F IC I R d N t WlVXossoc use S - W 'Io SPONSORS Elalne 8a Al Applebaum The Bagel Dr 8: Mrs Lawrence Barsh Dr 8: Mrs Robert Brown Elllot 8: Beryl Chapman The Hochberg Famlly Fred 8: Betsy Kay Susan gl Jonathan Felsha gl Bob Kennlson The Kllnger Famlly Adele Larson Linda 8: Michael Frieze f N SPCDNSORS Fred s Country Store Mr 8L Mrs Thomas McLellan and Famlly Ilan 8a Naoml Meshoulam Marcus 8: Carol Rector Jlll Roberts Ben Selhng M D Alan 81 Phyllls Sllver Turnover Books Mr 8a Mrs Allen Vayle and Adam Slb 8: Judy Wrlght W V Vg Km, S gf Q , ,A W'-y 'L- ill ' yna 1 w.1'- .A 1 ,xiii V3 .. 0 ifg' S 4 - , ., if gf. . , -""m..L.,- V' " " , kr-l--, I x9-- ' - 4 - ,. Rf... 1. Y. ' I. I 4 ' -- Qi?-wr. ' l r4"'.1 X. l N. K1 Jr s, . , I I Once the school year is over. we look back on it and think, "how quickly the year went!" Then we remember how Mon- day always felt like it should really be Friday. and that the last five minutes of every class seemed to drag on for hours. But now, when it is all over, we real- ize just how much we actually accomplished. From Shake- speare to basketball to trig to yerb declensions. . . we did it all. And from these experiences. we made friends and memories. Yes, we will always remember the time when we were SOUTH- BOUND ON 8-ll! 11 I N 'x I . X ,.v A .5 ' ,' t -Q,-.,. . iff - ,ff ' W P ,.., if-, JI 'i. Yogi Cudu Ghandi Faith Raider and Grand Master Hack Josh Goldberg make the mental preparation necessary before a game of Hacky Sack. 198 The boys are back in town. "Just one look . . . thats all it too 9I' l rf' -r' ,,.'V' ' A ,, u 'mai ,Ao-'- 1 ixautupaa W A , sk I Anna Piessens lends a sympathetic ear. "Sometimes I sits and thinks, and sometimes I just sits." 199 Y i 1 l 1 ,r -L2 .K , ur l .:' V .':9' fx 1' ' 4 K ,.. -L. -I-...J f 'wife Nik' 1 'fn S N Af bl i f' . X sh! ,Q Va. Q '-- N . 6 N. "1 ' 's x S Dgq IU' 3 ei Pw- ,' 4 , . Y 'Q Q- , . 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