Newton South High School - Regulus Yearbook (Newton, MA)

 - Class of 1983

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Text from Pages 1 - 216 of the 1983 volume:

HE... 1 1 Y v . , . . . . .. . N. ..x.............,,. :.::.a .. . , ' .. Y - --fy: -g:.:'f-'.1...:... .....,.. .. ?-... 7...-. N-T--7-1-1-T - ,, .,,. ,. H. . . .Q .., .V .N ...v . - .A+g+1 , A-Q . . ,, . , .,.,-,..,...:,,. v.v ,Jazz W .rvw iw, JY , 5 ...A . 4. .-'I u 'Qu Q """ '1m..f.'- -lux.-0-. Ju. . - , , V -. .H . -- - , ,. : ,.--,- u 5.-. -'gs .. - H 'H '- J -3 "!gr,' Av' x"" ' N iv: ,fgfgsz--.-.. A1 -.. ,'-sw-. "pg,-u-1.i . ---rv 1 .V-'qv-. 4' ,. . 1 . ., . Vi? ,"f.l.?' .QT .'- , " f uv- 3 '-f 'Cui .QT -' -- -k,Q."'af"' rqiffl' '1',.AS5x'3?-?i'fC7'??""T'+ """". ,'fQ..2..-S PQj,'gf"p: ' , . "" ' .ogg i -- L.5,.f,?g,.,.a,v - f ' .L.1- 9 -. ,ggpfs-H s' pq-Q.. .ku 5 bw 1, H " r -1:1 . J ..1. 1' L ' ' '- - s, " ' "f"iI-'!'lfa " 4"-W 2 'Lf' ' IAA. a,...g, if e ""' ' 461 ff 'L ,,, . CT Aug. -5'-'--CEL: Q-if 562' ' , - . . N? ug. .s.:' . .- " . ' '6.4--: img ,-fl ' 3 v - we 'ff 4"fi'5m1 ' ww '- 1 ' .. -- ww - . A. - 'M -... , +51 4 A A. . Y . . . 4 ,4 . ..--f. . .......,, E iii: ' .' ..- ' 'f - f gg.: . . "- n .4 , . - SL.: . ', . ' -,, , sk . 'i , ' U f 'f , ' :.:f . '- H' ' , . l.' 'A.'.4 ' I .s . 1 .5 ' 'fix .1 I, .1. L.,--5 ...: xr.. I ., . +12-1 5513 -5:31 'lfizf Yflf' :-.:.L rl? .. 2223 5 Ei Er? f fgtz if Ei 'e L. 5- . A '5'. :lui .uri 2' ,E Xl-.' -:: ' 1415 1'-1-1 '...., Q.-gi 3:92. ..... git' AST 1:-rf :ug TTY ns. 'un 27' vw- zzz. '. .' .E U . EYE' Yeh: . sf' .pit EQ ..... gy . ld :E . .ga T5 3 ,.. QE J ' : .. - la if fs 1 1 'Q ! 5 4, .lx fiieiiff' f - D. .4 - 1. I 1 .- .. , , ,F ,s 1'. P 1 'S f .lxh t . ' ' N 1 , J - ,Q .IL , l,.i, ,x'.5 - I. L -- n 4. N . .,,.... 4 . u x . ' 1 i -1 'H 'fi ' 4 is . WM 5,539 ' SP' 1' . . .f,. V , .,..1' . tx- -- ' w .- , A : - x ' ' ' 4.-' , . , ' -4 ,. t ' ' ..,,V- .I . ' I l1g.,1aulI, .4 's.v '- .4-e,'. v, lp. , .-.. -' if ' -' 4' ' 'I , .. lv"f ..-a, '--' ,ax 1- 31 - 1 L.:-'rl Y. , - - "' . -25 ' 5" .D ,- ' " '59 U" .... T... , - In . ,Av .. -. ' ' . ... - ...- . .,5i. ,. , ,fj , , I . . . , . . f Lf ' . g 0- f - ' 1 'N Y' .-tw RWWJE'5w553Bm5'fx5iYh'15LsP3E2i?3J..1.. ...Htl.-vt-1-.,'.-w:-'.-taihzf.-"F-1'f1-,tfz".-2-,'.-.".-7.,'.-,ig',-,11'-12-,'-Q-ni-I f ' - Q '.,, 115 1 1' Q. Q ' ' ,N g. ,h,..1's.' I ., W f 4- K L2-w. . ,Vis 1-':1."!'.-as ,1fff'f'Er.: 2- 1132 Y" ' 1.45: 'jiri , -1-1 gf c'..'w.- , "5,",.' - A ' .N '4,'.' Q 1 :'j- fd! S.f','.'-P 1. -1- :,. '4 52-kia hfiszy-f I Ii'v.!!.1f-T vi. 4. ,gr --'+- -'-. lyuyffzir-l3'A'q"f:yb1 A 1 1. fx-.3.:!yg f.f..,1"if1-'f'-. I -'.' NV.-hiv 3,24 TT ' L r X, ,.'-ruff 2 zffg3'wq. ,. .J P. - -f.'f'1 ' 46? - : 'J-I '- -. qwai -- :wiv-' . 2 F2 331' ' 'u?.iv,a 27'? V. 5 ' '. f35.4- f 4 , 2 -yn fi,-L 1 Q iff 'wif-'EiJ'. 1- ' 1.44, , ., is 's l gg A- .d?.Q.,:. -V rg,-. 1 X- --" - 1, . 1. ' 1 ' C. THQ N. 1' ffm 'e 1- , --HA ' S--I "V V .,-ing 3 ' , 1 V - -.1 A u .. . " .A .' ff . 1 'r ,K 1. , -4, , AZ A ..,, a"1 W . . ' U' vf X . 1 . x .c ,,,,-- in . " .S .f-W ,ag- 9'-'iifwafjf' - . V ' ' 2 , .'., I L ,V 5 k, ',,:f- , ., - 5.2 1 . I 1 333 Y i q '65 YR , 5,2 " fl S '- s,g.',ff:Q,w1 5:4 l -qu V - It ' ,"j.f ':1. 4 ,. 'A ,,g: ., Q .1.-71 . Q-,if-4'-T . f . -, W. V H ...., 4 . ,gk H u , 1,24 gin I fn' L' " V 85:31, . ,eq f . ,. , 1 kfxlvi f?2,A,..,. -.-.1 4 ' 3, gt: 'E' -. ,-' Jw, . +1-I if Q-4.9 V -5 z wit?- ' pfAlf3"" 3' -2, v- Q., Z' W. gg , ' 117,21 ,-11 .15 .J if"u.-1 L. - ,..,. "'ffZ:LL"3l-5"-Ji". 'f.r,..,..wsg V, 44. . '31 . Q g- g3:,,..v f K., gl 1...,. I .. Y, .,,, f P -W if -,,,. 'aff'-1y:'.k, . , 19.5 , .M ,J:y.:,,y1gQ2 5.y.V-X I ' A H150-'y", cw-4 4' x. .,,'f-F y .. . .14 ,. H., ..,, ' L. -- . x Q mu- ,ifgw-1: - -Q' 'rf 'riff 'ffl 'W I ,r Y-Y ,, - --,-.f - ' 1- 'Q' ' rr, v .. -X-4. N . I li 4 grit. , 1 1 x '.1"f"'4f' ' ' 1 fnif:.4 "ij ' ' ' I X Tis 'WY' 1.5 , A., . . 7. 4 " , ,K .. A., .w v . S.. 1' ,, 4 W -,,,... ..4 Kg- ...- " 4 r .,,,...--- '. . . x, . V. I I..- . '15 R .y !iA3J" X."-' ' 'f "Q i E 4 I I I I r l I I I I I I I i I -I 'Q I2 il ll ' P 1' , 5 1 A . 1 in . ,, r 15m- U IHNTG '-1 xvf' V.-af' "Wi'.,.-V -Il -Au .vn ':"1'9:1"" - 55. ,,,k,-'v"lnfr'f -44, 7.,. fw ff' ' ' -, J.'5'4"4yT 5 ', " .,A". ': st Sf , V 3'- ' ' 'vs we. 4. '.- 'L-. J V' T' 'QL ff' 1- 'if- ' ' "',7i ?""' SOUTH 1' ff -1 Q '. 1 3. ,. I A J Table of Contents W,-. 1 3 ' 5 Q. t 1x I. . , ' 4 xv f"p If I i ' , V" H' V . ,,' 3 , , s i 7 Y , i 1 , 2 gf ' , ", 1, ' I, NCQ ' - 'vt L .. - - J- Q1 ' Student Life ...... F 4 1 - , d .. 1 . N' t F 18 . 'tqhx 3, . ji N- , f 5 ' a A HE, f .4 . We ,4 J, "BJ he 'W . J t . tw '-il 'v- , ' - 1'fv ,. , 3. 4. 'flaw ' Sports ...... Z A if 'Y ' fi , " ,W-.Q 759, I 4,5-yy. ., A I uf '1""'. S 1' ......32 Underclassmen ............ 108 X1 Marg-5,.,4.M,,,"-G" n up 4 Fine Arts .... ................................ 8 2 . 4 . . x . -514, sr: x ,ln.1,b.f:1 1 "" Clubs ...... .... ....... ....... 6 2 Ads .... ..... 1 80 ff Vx, 'sk 'ifff N, vlljl 5-!N'l D" I ..l,, , .JW 3 M Q, fm .- ni 'f 'Ez 5- Faculty .... ....... ......... 9 2 Seniors .................... .................... 1 32 3 I-Iereis Looking At You, South! Sprawled out on what was once swampland, Newton South High School is an impressive sight, sev- en buildings clustered around the green courtyard, the entire complex sheltered by tall, thick woods. But South is more than a pretty face, more than an attractive group of buildings. lt is our home for nine and one half months, during boththe heat ofJune and the snows of February. We ar- rive at eight in the morning, eyes more closed than open, but as the day progresses our eyes open and minds work. We learn the secrets of South, every shortcut, every hall- way, every conceivable way to get from Cutler to Goodwin twith a stop at a locker in Wheelerb in five min- utes. Whether you prefer the Breezeway or the cafeteria, the AV Room or Goodwin Commons, you know that South becomes more than bricks on a swamp when filled with students, it becomes a school filled with life, with enthusiasm, and with irreplaceable friendships. Few people leave South with same experiences or same feel- ings, and that's the way it should be. High school is not a math class with established goals, but a community, presenting as large a variety of op- portunities as an eye doctor has frames of glasses. Regulus 1983, then, is a look at an optometrist's office, his walls covered with frames to fit every whim, every style, every taste, every shape. There are those to help make the choice, between right shapes and wrong, between tinted and clear, between strong and weak. Regulus 1983 is a look at the school of New- ton South, our home for four years. So . . . HERE'S LOOKING AT YOU. SOUTH! 4-. 4+ f---. .. L-.." " 'N I , S. . 2 : X, fl ' - . . R' x f 4,1 4 i 1 . ,, v. ' 'Ji- 1. C P-, xxx, s xy 1 'B . . 5 H, .J Q ,U A I Vw .'.., , - qi -4.0 K I , , ww , rg, 4. 4 'A .,, iv I' Y x,, 'Ax r,, 4 J' -1 -f 4 Q Q? 'o ,nv f, 19" , 4.5 U 'Ta' fun. L ff 14 - 1 1 3 3 Nw X if ,K 3, 4 ' 9 R ' ? x -if Amar , :P . X. 'X' I I i xx .X . 1 Q I I t U I . i 4 - :sf , . I ,- ,V lf' , . A 433. ff- 1:5 . ,il . fe L. fxaf- . , , I H .81 H1 K- ,.- 'Y fb f , F' i '4 ,if wr-- :- 4 +3v, 1 . . . , 1... V K -..,..f ' v 4 ' ,, x is -4,.,.-0 , V' ..f,g . ,,,,., . 5 K A .4 R . Q I E' N 'Q -4 140 I E..,wv-lf 4- f - . ll f C af . ' A us. , 9 .v....a.a-:,. un 4 , ,K Fit..- 1 .. 4,-nv-' ...gar- ?3:,g I MTI, . a . f, 2,5931 L- .- 1 A u I J M-, f . 4. , ,, QWE- ,',..-'v"" M I -. ..., 3 rvo U-s 1-6 r ., 'Vi' a,,f , 'I' .- F , 1 124 V gill." "A+ 'TU9 ' 5' - ., n., J L. 4 a W t' 12 , ' w 4 K 'Ax , , I ' 5 x 'S H X ' ' I7 , w . I V A A , r E n.l' V -'U' Q ff., Xu P1 Q , X T Y i 1? V I A 1 I 7 s 2. A ! 3 5 5 7 F -1 5 . if, 911 'P A 4, ,J I- -10 A G .A 5 5, f ' if Q. 71 Y I 4 n 7 I I u I u u n n n I L 1 L 3 l s l L Q f4 E 6 F F xF05N , , X 57 :E 3 E 4' 97. ff 4 'nn .,, v - ..,..,.eQ""?fAhu', J -1 f.,w:N -nfxln,-5.':m, 2.1 X- If-1 w x 'Q . R1 V , ,vf - --' ' . 1-' '-'Dl"3. W AV Nzw76N 500774 N S H V1 Sl OR BRANDE6 RON? PA R K IN G 'e l tn' if t juet returned from spending t another free block ' at McDonald's I 3T'US 3 k d wh h ' t Coiieggeswlatshirt N A SAT Study book arsipposggetoebg MN O l 5 'S d Guide to American A L 'f?' key Ting near at hand C0ll9SeS,V Jl QAD7 -,, N u 1 , mms 7 F5 me ' E ig! J-mal? o- l "rxx gmsic blasting e 'Eg 1 h fgggaifzjxr rom car stereo lim H I l iq .N Xxx E??!UEzE1 XX iqx -"""--- l ."j??ygS in XVNX i'FQfi7lEgEagw I f Xxxxl i ' ' Cz: 'im D f 1 i C9 XA I If lib X 1 'i L'L:57'3?:Tk d lx jx , A' , W ,QWW'mWi5 ' Ll, ggsuamb E5EiEQgZZ2?v x fif 5Q7Eg? ggEEL iggigg X STI Bk QQHWEW 'i .-1574? at-5 X Own Cal' m,.t.j.4:l.. X l JW 'vwwj d 5 5 pwwe 5 NOTICE: EQ school books Newton South UJockH Bag with uniform rolled up in it 17 STUDENT LIFE STUDENT LIFE STUDENT LIFE STUDENTI I-Iere'S Lookmg At BUILD EW QUITE I T. ' ,'! L ' wk I I I STUDENT LIFE STUDENT LIFE STUDENT LIFE ,Sig -amp. Yi IFEISTUDENT LIFE STUDENT LIFE STUDENT LIFE STUDENT LIFE I I 1 C. . 'K I 15011, I I Q2"'i'.-L I G 1,61 ily- Al' , ' 1 if " ' 'I E U Il: ,Qs .'g'4:a ' ' 94 11131014 14144 5-pg. at . E fs '52 ll 1' 9' hp" E . Mg?" ' 'gba . ' l,, I! U.:-v . 59 9 " F' wig: In fggnf , I - Aa', Easy- .' fit. f' . , .azaa -I 1 122".ae!e5if35 14' " -"" if E?gf"?1gk T ' 'QE' 155 O H E Z, 'Hn' 9 1 10, ' , "IU '41 Q 'f 'I"' 91 y Qu '- ' p 4 . dai! 1, . 5 "'i'f 1 ,tffg ' f 0,3 l' I 1 r awp' 1 , 1 ,ff ig 1!'3n.Efsa5'49.-5-, 1 4 ' 3, 15 Q! up Qigafqlmwii6?ez25225i!2Ige2s3aI 4 I tl '2-'i1!-We 5424! "-QM! 1 I -wh If f"1!.-If f' fzazezzf' Q 52. 045, 5 2 ,-.441 . , f 5' .ac f -1-'-tw .siifsesz , I '4e2E1:32EE2E2E?? ' 52E:EgE,2-maqzg. '11-714 41514 :'717l'1"1l'!'1l'l':!' . I 4 45, ,. ,231mg55aii3n:.ggg31,x ,max 12.0112-"".' .e'5ii59E23'3!'a '1 1" 5"IIII-'Iu4':'f'l!93"s'gE,1P . I ,4' n l,1'l I .3 f- 'IASI 1 Flv. 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ESTUDENT LIFE STUDENT LIFE STUDENT LIFE STUDENT LIFE EI:II'I .LN2-IGD.I.S EI:II'I LNEICIILLS 3:II'I .LNEICIIILS EI:II'I .LNEIGDLS EI:II'I LIXIEICIILLS V 1 L ', YNYY, SY 32-- I I l F 3 I f u F W 9 1 1 s I E H x ! I H I 9 e I n r 9 if -- vi i I?-ur'-wx 1 PQ--s ,ze Q WK' my an I 'If-X. Y Jr' M131 P410 Q id , rin! mx We ' xxx ri - Vi-WFS . V 'Q H , ,iw V X . A-IS' 0 'K ffffx 5 , 23 V I I 5 -4 FP? X 0 -. n 24 ig .Q H? , wg .VT vw - ' 1 ,Q 5 1 . ff- vl .Q - ."-LQ' , , I '.' M. jfffi, N I i 5' 9'-.W Q-"4 ' . Si' Wf' ' V, ' K , . b H. . b -', s..ZI,'T:'.,, 5 r 5 'H-if X 2 155 -- " . flu- 'nh 'fi-. " ' Nr'-.' 4 "nf . ""f4g-T V 1-65-1.AS.A.'- - 1 ' qi- ...f' ' I slr , ' . Q 5' tu X 'D - .- - -H ' " I I n fin,-' . fr is " Tl' I 4. ' .4 1.2, 4-.. . ,,. -s 5 YD K H Q , van ' ' ,.. 'he bw-0 O A Deck the Halls W vfvvvi 1 A . -1. xx' 1 -x is .Lg .1-',,. an uw GIR ,1 .f 'v 5' ll Snack Attack 'iv tin, -1 ui?-'Isa-. New , Y -J 1 :aa -3-Q' ...L Q- i Q A n nz 41- oe..- .f--an " . "ix ,Y-yn' ,'-.4 'f' --A ....., ,MVK -1 i, I . V n x 4, Y ' 4 55 :- levi: lr, F , lf' Y WI .4 ,nv ' A ,Isl Y I , f my I e'Q:,. gf"'A?',,A 1 W f. - -. J" fm, ' if' , ' , ' .' 1 ' +V 'HM' ff .H "f1' ,f ' 'A ' '1 "Q", " - 'Hif1-Mi' .Wg 'fm 'Wil .-4 1 1' V I gil Vw' :L 4.5 LC-v E.. 565 v"""' 'TAY' 114 U X k 'iw V. ' 1 fs! -K, X -43 .. P F 71 - f f- I A i . a SPORTS SPORTS SPORTS SPORTS SPORTS SPORTS SPORTS SPORTS SPORTS SPORTS SPORTS SPORTS SPORTS SPORTS SPJ5 I-Iere,S LOOking At QLVIU' 5 SPORTS SPORTS SPORTS SPORTS SPORTS SPORTS SPCTS ln 1982, the Girls Soccer team returned as a competitive force in the Dual County League once again. Finishing in third 3LS'-S252 1 - ff 9 9 . r F' X 1' f LL. X Q. I 1 place, the girls worked hard to accumu- late a 7-5-2 record. Co-Captains Cecilia Wilcox and Bettina Chiaravelotti had fine seasons and led the squad throughout. Other contributing seniors included Liddy Leitman, Ilene Speizer, Carolyn Bowers, Doreen Hagar, and goalie Barbara Sheiffer. Although these seniors held many positions, several juniors and soph- omores are capable of stepping in next year. Colleen McLellan, Sue Prenderville, Blanca Wales, Sarah Davis, and Anne Beatty have already earned starting posi- tions, and Michele Sullivan and Chiqui Wales have played often, as well. Underclassmen Colleen Walsh, Julie Ketterer, Cheryl Hagar, Carolyn Natale, and Katrina Antonellis were strong addi- tions to the varsity squad. With this foun- dation, there is an optomistic outlook for a successful year in 1983. 4 l 34 .xg W lf, ,,. ali S, -, I"-is-1, 4 lt! SH 2 i 1 F47 U 5 - i . sun. -naw, f"':"i-d6"f 4. -1 If. '. . V- rl: W I ei. ,i3Q:,'ig x , ',. 1 Hx.: if A :gs .I L at -J W'-Ylbnsivu-n W - - - ---uv-r C1 v---- 5 A ' l5?1!x5"""gi'i' lxaalluuiq nun'-'. . D... """U'n'!-IEE!! 1' :ci , - was ll , g. - Q llln 1 lllflas. 1 .ll l,lg,'3-'H uv gf: xg'nI1.Q7F!a?:gEi'9." "'5'l!l'1!iIil rummuuu nurse - ,gmf,Q.,,,'3,, 1- - -2.:?f,HL!!! 5-Yi-'IIlqi! ululslagayll ' " " " - "1 .f - - '- -- -.- -. nun L C rumvsglklg-gyngiagm-slggxilg T I, lil?-L8 Y wf , S 5 Il M Q -- n ,MU ' , , , ". 5 - Q4 ' X l gi 1 me .KA-L' 7 0 A . fy,?'g..i 1 x,-N v1rqX 1 tial.. ' -C 'ls A'-I-Ll' -afsf? N .'D VI. Fl' ' 5 pr 1 xx' Q I ,O ---'..A.-f nv H , A ' 4 . First row: W Pringle, L McLellan, Ilene Speizer, C Wilcox, B Chiaravelotti, D Hagar, L Leitman, M Widershiem Second row: C Wales, C Walsh, J Ketterer, C Hagar, M Sullivan, B Wales, C McLellan, S Davis, A Beatty, S Prendiville, C Natale, K Antonellis, B Sheiffer Third row: Coach Smith, E Cushna, B Calvin, M Daley, J Kibel, S Mann, S Cohen, B Sird, A Casson, N Dibner, E Gann, A Gordon, J Randall, D Andelman, J Burke, L Cohen, L Wishnie, A Haram, Coach Hurwitz 3" M33 ,fs " 5,,r1. ff! gh: . be f , N ri. AZ.-fr. J rl - stag, J 'Q '20 15.112 is l"Sf row: M. Lebovitch, J Jacobson, E Murray, M Nicolette, D Pickett, M Blu, M Wishnie, B Redd, P lrnham ,Cond row: J Zeitlin, A Miller, J Stephans, M Davidson, M Colling, l-l Schneiwind, P Miller, M Leviton, !Kibel, T. Dorf, M Walsh llird row: Coach Alfred Wilson, J Schwartz, J Moebes, T Trevens, Fl Saden, D Shectmen, S Passman, l Ranen, J Langin, M Spangler ll-urth row: S. Alter, P, Fergus, M Wilcox, S Sohn, D Kowal, J Chansky, B Hsiun, G Cohen, B Henry l i i Boot It! This was a year of great efpectatiors for the Soccer team which was nefe' quite fulfilled, Although the team ended up with a respectable 5-7-2 record many thought it could have been much better when South lost and tied games they should have won against 'llesserl teams But there were many high points, espes cially the upset victory over defending state champ Acton-Boxborough, and a convincing victory over Bedford This years offense was lead by leading scorer Mike Walsh and Steve Abroms, The mid- field was anchored by Dave Pickett, John Stephans, Andy Miller, and the exception- al playing of John Zietlin, While the back bone of the team, the defense, was led by captain Mark Nicoletti, senior Mike Wish- nie, and goalie Mike Castle. sf f,',,43, fur da JCYIA lA':f'fziffj,5 1-1,1717 yjljl' 17" ' U nl' vfalilim, .EW-Z4 l'l2,,,4.n'Q1gQz 446' 535 .s7",tw wnllwunfvvl- W' .wi " 1' 111 f 'v , L I fl I., Y Iliff I' ft . HIHHHHQII rmgin 5541171 ,igiiivgli wuuuflgfnw f'g,,y,:5,1l,44.' e4,uv1Q,,f wa!ll',,,,y1u 7511-,. 11,1115-, gtg, nl! . Ly ".il'1S9"5f"'lil" "5'5w'f:lw 4 event? :ii : -WF? .ac ., f like :""i 1' ,, , 'mr f '52 ,1 ug 4-i'fZ"Gf- " , 1 ' .11 ' ' 1'4" Q ldv if yep fav-.-X. A I ' Q A Jo? 94' P 11:4-' '57 ffgl 'hi-'-A , S A Q-4, V? -,- '1F""i..f-'G ff," , ,., . , , , A, ,l ,, L 3-. . Q. 1-,o f Q." 1 --..- ', f "Z-f'..,.,. ' fr 4 4"fi'.?'ffg.i. ' '- L. ' - ' , 35 1 .r A 4 Bump, Set, Spike . . . The 1982 Volleyball team, despite its losing record had a very rewarding sea- son. With only one returning varsity play- er, the team learned to work together as a unit. After joining one of the most com- petitive leagues, the South girls accept' ed this challenge with spirit and determi- nation. Led by Senior Captain Barbara Litt- mann, the team improved dramatically as the season progressed. Seniors Debbie Rudnick and Debbie Hartman were con- sistant spikers throughout the season as were Juniors Roberta Curcio and Donna Segal. Sophomore Lana Kim was a much improved player who became a strong spiker as well, The setting abilities of Gail Feinstein, Barbara Littmann and Kim Wal- lace were important elements in the team's success. The leadership of the four graduating seniors will be greatly missed, however, with many varsity players expected to re- turn, the 1983 season should be a suc- cess. st row D H n B Littman, G Feinstein, D Segal econd row tl L W Kallman, L Kim, S Logan Third row H Abbot, J Mayer, K Wallace, F? Curdio, Coach Judy Blanchard l l , 'ft-'mms-0'-mt-v - , ' T ' ,,v ' T 4 1 fl r AV. -wa rf Mi. 1 f".0'9. , , 'f ii . ,s KRW 4 fmwy T 0"5 .al W N, t, I . ,L , - l 3 Stick it to ,em VICTORY! . CITY Cl-lAlflPS' Tre Newton South Field Hockey tearri passed all expectations lfl thelr H82 season, and broke away from thelr forfre' tradition. Junior, Fiona Shukri drofe if the first goal of the season to the iuclla tion of her teammates After thls goal the team was not to be stopped, and contln- ued to work hard, giving it their all The following game, the team, due to thetr high spirits and hard effort paid off lfql a win against their rival Newton North Ju- nior Diane Kay, assisted by senior coe captain Sharlene Speizer, smashed in the goal that won the game, giving the team the title of "City Champs"r Coaches Sue Bradbury and Maureen Kearney, always stood by to give the team the extra push they needed to accomplish their achieve- ment and continue their streak The Varsity goal was strongly de- fended by two seniors, co-capt Andrea Kaplan and Julie Bernson, whose ability to work together proved supportive to the rest of the team. The offense was always ready to receive the drive and keep the ball in their possession. Sharlene Speizer and Jane Longson were encouraging as- sets of the forward line. Other seniors that will be a loss to the team are Susie Saitow, lrene Melville, and Cynthia Tsamtsouris. The record may not show the winning success ofthe team, but the memories of their accomplishment will be held in the minds of all players, 5 if ,, ll' ,I fy' Bernson, J Longson, A Kaplan Paulson, B Murphy, F Raider Bradbury, Coach Maureen Kearney x 'Q First row: S Speizer, A Dayal, L Hurwitz C Tsamtsourisl Melville S Saitsw l Second row:U Gandbia.D Kay,E Rogoff, M Crovo, S Steinberg F Shukf. P A'-ge Third row.C Kiley.K Gockle-man.K Krick,M Crcvt, A Oliver A ctnneele, c ,- Ji' T 4 Stroke Along The Swim Team was composed of nearly forty enthusiastic and spirited swimmers, When a meet wasn't won through swimming it was won through commradery. Newton South Swim Team was in some very difficult meets, but they always put up a strong fight. Although their record is not that of a prize winning team, they won the award for dedication, First rowz K Leavitt, J Finger, L Rosenthal tcaptj K Galvin D Brown K Bernheimer Second row1G Hayden, J Karp, A Friedman, M Rosenthal L Evans P Kane L Bearman H Firtlff:lStf:ir'i Third row: A Matorin, L Samonian, S Bonazoli, C Cadett M Meyers L Mitchell J Abe Fwrfrtrnan, ll Leavitt W Goldenberg, Coach Robertson Coach Pullman 38 "For psychological and physical benefits, there is nothing like running, it is, without parallel, a development of character traits which lead to success in life," - Coach Paul McCarthy ,as ax .killing Pace ,gk Yourself 5 Working twice as hard was natural for the 1982 Cross'Country team When the coach said to run six miles, they rari twelve. The only time they had trouble was during meets, the other teams couldn't allow them to count their first three finishers twice? yiiif ,542 l , " , A busload of merely eight or ten New ton South Runners was nottooimpressiye NY, until the race ended ln most races. three ,A . ' 3 QQ gg? of the Newton South runners placed in the i " X top five, unfortunately, there were many ,jj "'j,. 2 races in which a win was within one run- LM4 4451 , " 3,55 9' ner. Phil, Tom, and Mark would finish. only l a, Vilg ,arf H .X Q Q ' W M' Q to glance behind and see an army of the 1 'l'.43"' ' . 'A 'V,-- other team's runners. As Coach lvlcCar- x -, gl 4 -hgy 1 :im 4, " 'g ..Ho,.l I H -43... , g A thy said aftervmany meets, One more , 779 -023- f , f runner and we d be a different team ' ry 1 3 -I 1' - "" i I 53,07 g 1 W The determination and quality of run- Hu " r- is-r-f-' ning was extraordinary, each member had his own goals to accomplish, No mat- ter his level of running, each runner knew ., justhowto encourageafellowteammate f ' 'f"""'3'H, L " , an Wirfiilll , . viqy-A25 fi f..,,w-1v- L- -' " -' i - z r .-'i . t'-lt' f -4 A ' if 1 f C . i 1Wf?'4 f , i ttf i' 35" , -3 ,315 seg wmawestqewaewg,a1' -f' -W .,-t H ,.., ft.ig-g4+?' - Y""-- W lime 11? ' -ef i A-,-. - J - E , ix . Q I v d '1 N , , - Q' XO K f ,- v ' -ar i. ,J -s eq i , Lg I -rd .il t I ,, -t l f Nl gwwos I ti 1 N , I 1 jf ,Z, 5 'Q 4 I ' Q ' ' ' 9.1 v L w , A av-P .. 1 f 1 . .I J A , W ,Q-i f- s 4 A . y. . " 13- 'AE'-T't'.' l. Neiburg,A Hague,T Agulnick, P l.evenson,T Vancor, W Noltonson M ASlier C Bess QCJITX -. - '. " ', . ff ' "A -f "I, 'wr lvl Woodlief, K McCrory, Coach McCarthy, L Sepe n is 1' ,-I I- "al "V Q' 4 .. 'I4 '. ' '-Aff' ' , 'l f .N ' ,. e -QSW --. f'ff sp ' 'ar'-- - ' M -I -A. 1113A 39 Touch Down This season was capped off with a tie score of 22-22 against a strong Lincoln- Sudbury power house. The team recorded a record of 4-5-1, which really can lead one to believe they didn't have a good season, but with time being such a factor in four games, they could easily have been 8-1-1, Still, it was a very rewarding season for the players who leave this year, and for those who will carry on. This year the team had six DCL all starsg Bob Baker, Neil Johnson. Steve Anglin, Joe Spagnuolo, Gene Lind- sey, and Ron Davis. Unfortunately, they are all seniors, and will be leaving the team. The Football team does have a lot of good returning players, like Chris Kiah, Kevin Rollins, lvlike Welch, Jim Wilcon, and their quarterback next year will be Steve Altman. Mk, gr- 44755 ,Nl i - ,yt 1, ff.. v gf .,. ' "E, ',-.k. l d na!! H Ta .V a -4 E1 iHl1 'Y"f12f 'l? 9 I 1 1 F I fx rg It xl 'H vt .ml ,K 1-8, W7 - ' -3 , V W .f mx Q NW "1 mm' tl, rw V Y . ' ' .i I rx lwqk A 1 , I H V., ' f i F1 4' ' - u , 5 . ' an new at 1 if if J un .-,. ig - -- -- T V' 4. 15lr0w I T 1 ll l ti i l hr tif P Ptlwr U Lindsey,S Anglind Spz1gnuolo,M Stolpinski, in K Ftiillins F l,,i,irini,iIy, B Wilcox J Wilton, C I tl T H 'ii T fl-rr l kl!F'Tfidl 3rd row: f,ii.1rh Staulo Trainer Neriiqan, I T F i itil ll l- l Ft llin-, lvl Hfuiiltberiir-r,1i C",iillins,D Mosby A Di'llIlll,lV1 l l l 1 I V r E tli II fniafh Durham Cimrzli Murphy, Coach Koioylan 4" g KP me, 2-1 1' . gd'-Y 4. 4. V ,-, ..,-,lg-iffy!-4 W ...yg..,, , I -. ,ov- I1,..n 'fm gl v VI' gr QS' r 72 , I? ' U - - ,, . -1 Y, .,,,xi. -J ' , , -. . I I IW I - 1 - , . "' . . , I. I -I N . I I I . 5 ,4 . ,- " - 1 - ' ,- ,.-V . -J ,,, .41-. - ,A In . - ,. ' .. f - , ,4. - 361- ' A 'ff f- -. . " ' , ' Q .. """vin.,i, ' so-v ' ls.. ' L. , , , I ., - , .. -- 1 -. ..A..:.4- -N'-if Q .gy ' ' , , ' I Q I .. -I f 9 - In. , II ., ' ' 4, V II I I In I .II .'.n I " , -- - I' N I .I f , .JA . ' I 'I 5 I ' -I I . ,HI ' I' ', 4 Il. I 04.-Iv I 9, .. :Qu - ,' , ' - ' rx - Y U I' A-, fc.. ,4 .2 ' I.-.. .I .,i., IA PUIII . IMI. I NI- , I , ' ",. 5 H, I' 'nz ff -Q4,',.,4 I", w I Q ,ya v - ' ' -P QM., - , V4 Q: ,., II I ,I,4,.... . -"".t,,,,.4i?- ',.-1" T , ,,I,- I, - -'N MM, ' 2 'I--.,.,,-.1 1 ,,I,,,,:, - ,,,-. ,,,. A ' ff ., f.4K.,1. Jana. nu., -.a?.-.....-..a,,':.h"V '... . .. FP! .P " ,gn-1 , 1 NIU" pau. "' "1 . n 1 t , 'Qi . .I4iII.,I, ' ... I I. ' """1 f'4,-inf W ,-gs hs: I 1, 7 . 3 4...- A-4 -1 ,viii 'QSM mguuns Q--xl air -qu-2 1. -Gu 'Bib -19--J 4 . I I 4 l l , , I .,.,.,.,. . . , ja . . 1 g - . I . -u -- - 1675... . via' if 'QQ """"' 'ff' ' L 'K QUIK-0 "ug 'A Mxguiraln., A -17 I2 . il 'L -'0 it Jw' K Y.. . XA P 4 J' , U' 'V-Q 1... lf' Af , v A I I . . 5 1- ,", 5 -, A J ,.,.,.--5 'L' 'Sc- fa "Q wtf-. . It 1 . 2 7' lf' . .v I f' " 1 ,ff Qt 'f 's Q' - Y' 1 P' , Q I V' i H - I - if A , . ni sl F' 'Xiu , ff- ,,n!jk , A A I Q ,,'. ' X 1 iw?-, 'eg'-' Ai ' V' '. ,M 'Jia 3 if "' I 4 ' Q Q . -Q., if KPN 8 ,, f 'E B!r"f' ' . tiff' 4,1 64, !u X . ' , E' . LE nr ,Ol A - 5 X X i Q-xx x ,r,-I mg UT , 1 f 'la 1 1 l 0. " '--- 6 " 4 3 I 'M '----at A-, -V ' ' -A J yd x Cx sf S, -13 N. ., - l 1-' I 4 f 1 F m 5 F I I 1 F1 N . i I Q ' r L- A .1 V A ' V I '4X 1- S X ' . 4 W ' - X ' E 1-0- ff- rv" '. , 5 Q ,..f , ., I 4 ' . , ' ,f-A 2 ., ,f 'Q . Y4 -f. A g it ?: fl -1 x 1 : " ' 'I' ' ' - ., fi' ':'- ' If Q' " '1 Q4 I N A - AL- -- ' . fb , .,.- .. b 1 'w.-.-------- . 1 1 ,, ..,,-All M521 1 Q X' 4 ,Ri V- V H aig ,Hjv-,?m W" ,t n- X 'Q W ' ..' , ' , 4 ' 'f.'hL.f:"-TS: is ,H H J. W X W ,JMU 'W w ' N LVN- . X ,.wf.,,gzx3D?f5m ilbrgf-.1-,Y :jr Qgrtxhil. Y fa nv' 'l'l . W xx .of ': I wi 5- fad A Mi I. , - A t ' X .1 . i.. , 4 B4 'Q 1 ff , 1v?.Z v fl. 1. -fig . I 7 'bflff ivlA"l v fig! x'f'D ' 'x , ' .5 V .Q rx., V D- 4 ? g we 4 ., , ., Fi -.- Wai , - yv'-4. ,f4x3lt"A ' , -e- '-.ef ..,.-4? . If 1 ' 'v ,Q ul:-fo. . , ,av N. -A - . - . . : , .vu Bar' t WLS' -'- ax xi' If .' 1 - 45 46 Q if 5 QI' Qi, 4- w Q X x Freshmen Sports Freshmen experience many distinct problems upon entering a four year high school as the youngest group. Most up- per classmen will barely give them the time of day. Scholastic and social differ- ences are problems that freshmen en- counter during this trying year. Despite such challenges, many freshmen have excelled athletically. The boys Basketball Team looks prom- ising to South's future. This season the powerful team was undefeated. Pilan Thirumalaisamy, Rouen Henry, and Phil Leibovitch are three key players on the court. Along with the other freshmen, this team shows outstanding ability in years to come. The girls freshmen Basketball Team completed a very successful season be- hind the sharp shooting of Tracey Bouse and Kristen Hughes. There were many other talented contributers as the team learned to work together. Sheila Col- man's speed gave the teams defense an added dimension as did the all around play of Tammy Barone and Lynn Laughlin. The boys Soccer Team had a fine sea- son. David Abroms, Alex Olin, and David Stemmerman helped add to the team's success. The strong freshmen will add to South's soccer program. Although the girls Soccer Team did not have a winning record, they learned ag- gressive play and team spirit. Julie Blaus- tein and Kristen Hughes led the team of- fensively and defensively. All the girls gave their best effort for an exciting sea- son. A bright future lies ahead for Newton South teams as a result of such a large freshmen participation this year. Many talented athletes promise competitive teams in the coming years. f "T f 1 i gl 'MM . ,t,., A ,. 1 D , . tr . , v 1 , -' . 4, N t 5 A-f...f7' -'taidnllt' . . ' . ,f V' '- 'r -. N1 '. tru, i " ' Quin.-.Q' V - . t Flow1:G Sarafian,G tvlantai.D Steer,J Cullan,G Budnick,Y Schleifer Row 21D Stammarman.A Katz. P Leibovich P Thirumalaisamy,P Posend Lee.W Dorl,B Lack Row 31B Butaney,A Murphy,S Oliver. tl Schwartz, A Levine. l. Richmond. D Abroms, C Boser, J Pickett ST' 'f nn - A N 'I "f 3 .,. lla 1vr?Q..m0 in !'--- 1 gig. - .A ,., enlir' mi 1 Q. 4 -- owii . M LT" .-. .... V... - ,V -Q 4.5.-u Sl :ln --- - - lv , .. ,.,,. LQ wrzi fl JI ' ' iuzrfsxzq. - 'emu . " ' - ' -J: ,, ...,, ..--. w. luvn1nKl!"l'-'fuau-vvw- V- - 5-v Y ,,,,, , 1 - 1 'nu --- ,' ., 53, . , -erm W . ,., .ff luv-,bn mum ,wh ,rm zzhrimld ri -.-'11-Q -Q13 , .., - U -'Mae , ' W, gig 4 I if Fl , ff-' -ff v M, H.. in ,-- ---q - it 'gl P ao: , ,J ,E -41 . ll-g If ""' -',,,,," ,' 'V nn L-5 kv -5'-ff-Q ,fu . -gpg!! Y. IW! -X-5 W- f' 'H 'F' 7 11 xx as 1-'.. - A f ' - . 'fa-1 mgy- 2 1 , ' - , A A fe -F' V ' I - K, ' s 'I N n v U ,nl- :- ll 11 al .I f T QA 5 - . QQ Sow ,, . l' "-1 Row 1 L Stem S Pelmrl F Schwartz J Boralfs N Em ' I man, L Nenlsom Row 2: V mv-"1 f LUV' NTU L 9-Aw-1-0,9 -A NXY:g0At x ,X Hughes, A Smlth L Aswan? fm :W I N. rr L . M Robbins, L F?UITQrlbf?rg L 4 - - . L lj " ' gig, P' 2 l 'L ' " ,' , ' 1 ' .H Jor1es,S Coleman Row 3: C fs V0-H' F- :Jn , Hx R ' A X ' P ig, O'Nell, A Llpsom L Llnufhwllrl s.vg4 ,- A- "- -1 A-' fy. ,' - 'A 1 . - A ua., :3 .. ll A514 W v Aug, 1, g ' Lhvw, , V , , l l l I l , , . l l 36 .Xl 'U f 'W ll'lv' l l ' ', X l 4 JW lil 55 E l L L A lf -xx ' Ml' g L -fn ll All xxx A 4 X Mak x XL VMVVY V r,H V xui Y RUVVQYW f Q! N A 3 l l l l f l , J If Q L Kaplan M Cmwem L Eiaurw berg, A Flabmovllz Coach Costello Row 1 M Albert, P LQlDOvl1Cll P Thurumaulusamy, L Fllchmond Cmgrj J Yerkes ROW 2 Coach Bannen, A Levme D Abroms,D Stemermam J Mer Cer, P Lmnehan Fl Hem, Girls Basketball T Em ww S l,'llm.'m M Crm N M EWR! Q" .l Glildbvrg lx Hulgllws L fl Llllulwlllw F lXl.e'.HQ1":"' Y HWMJ P Qlwlwlx A SWT We Are The Champions! Newton South's Basketball Team was one basket short of becoming the Divi- sion ll Champion of Elvlass Boy's Basket- ball, but when the buzzer sounded that ended the 78-76 overtime loss to Wake- field, the entire team completed a season of which to be proud. The team was rated number one in the state in Division ll for the first time in the schools history, and the incredible season was a tribute to the players and coaches. With the guidance of Coach Joe Killi- lea, the perfect blend of hard working players had a well balanced offensive at- tack blended with a solid defense, a mix- ture that was the key to the teams suc- cess. Captains Scott Anglin and lvleatchie Russell opened the doors to a championship seasonp Scott Anglin played consistently at both ends of the court, while lvleatchie Russell shattered both the school scoring record and the record for blocked shots i There were many other contributors, Stephen Anglin, Ice, provided the team with a confident attitude, as did Charlie Sullivan, a hard worker, who kept every- one sharp and on their toes. Gene Lind- say and Evan Kushner contributed strong board work and clutch baskets. The most consistent defense was played by Tracey l-lairston, who, despite his size, was able to stop his opponents and make key out- side shots, Mikel Ogelsby was one ofthe most gifted and essential ingredients to South's success, turning games around with his exciting offensive moves and de- fensive aggression. Though Neil Johnson was injured in practice, he will be remem- bered for his spirit and moral support. Along with Meatchie Russell, many ju- niors will return next year, including Eric Vayle, Tim Gaines, and Sean Sims, These team members will undoubtedly continue the team play and hard work that made South a champion in 1983. Pin... F S f'- 'i N 44 -5' L! ' . I 4 W S-1 l f ,, l 6 - . l ' ' ,:.' 1- -- . , -is as I I X nu - l r 'l i 'X . 5 i 4 . ' Q i mu P1 -. 0 6 ' T , .as . "X, - ' .' s "N V f ' l hi S , ff Q 'Y , i r , l Row l 3 ', iliw T' lliisw-l T llziir'-,liiit RQW 2 , T - 1-i, T niiri..-, tl ,lwlwrit-, ,ri F lfiimlim-r M Uri:-lstiv E Vaylr- K Mrlfiilrin Cmanager 'l 1171 115, D1 ML. 1 -T -A ,bb 4 X "' ' s ffl -?i , 1 n! Head Uver Heals This year's girls gymnastics team end- ed up with a vvinning record of 6-3, The increase of team members this year helped the squad and its point total rise from 937 to 10545. Each team member put all her effort into helping the team score, Coach Judy Blanchard and assistant coach Bruce King spent all their time tending needs of each individual gym- hast. Each gymnast was dedicated and determined to do her very best for the groups t'When hands are ripped andthrobbing, when every muscle's sore, can a gymnast still have patience, to limp back in for more?" nn-ani! TX ,1- -1 .r O!" - 1 3 ""'utx',,.5,. f' SO Q . Y' - -:zpivsrs-ni' , ts. , nl X l l Z. i X , ,... 4 A il . , Q W I V. x"'?iffi ,f f 'rf' X' 1 . A , K' 1 263, . W , . F ni, X . . s -, A V 1 X' 5 , q l . if I l J i lf l 5. l N4-f U Y J l J ' f fl'W-53' t N, 1,12 :Q A j si l s Row 1: J Wolfe, C Ansin Flow 2: R Shegru, L Block, D Siegle, S Saitovv Row 3 B King tassislant coachl, S Patches, L Faber, lvl Wilson, E Wishnie, J Ketterer. A Brovvnell, Coach Blanchard Row 41M Smith, S Yalle, K Moskow, J Blovvstein, S Kallis, S Elman F lipped Out Gymnastics is a very demanding sport. lt is more a power sport than an endur- ance sport. Repitition is a very important aspect, because many hours are spent practicing the same moves. Lack of the necessary time is one ofthe major rea- sons why South's gymnastic program never reaches it's full potential. The short season and injuries to key members of the squad prevented the team from have ing a winning season. Senior co-captains Mark Nicoletti and Mike Castle, with seniors Joe Kaufman, Ricky Lipof and Peter Miller formed the nucleus of the team, Future hopefuls Andy Kohn, John Moebes, Ted Trevens, John Langan, Garrett Smith, Dave Kim, Adam Rudikott, Mark Miller, and Mark Steavns will be counted on to lead South in the coming years. If the level of enthusiasm and hard work is maintained by Coach Steeves and assistant Coach King, New- ton South gymnastics will continue to im- prove, A ' " ' ' n I 11. J., A 2451, . ' rf 3? X f,g31,-f'A- ,t,,, , . lg . if l A . .ig . , .. 5' "' 'Q' 'H' 1 Q V i t T' I I A . .g J - -' ,, i Q: . -'A i I r , J I my " W 1 T, A T , l I ,lx 'if Q f Q 1' . ' Q , h ln,- Y x lil. V A Lf .. ,L . ' ,f . x ' Yu-q-,ag-nn, " -----7-0-f-Af ' ,, c,,..4-it , -.......' 1 Q "'r'1 -A it 1 , u, -A-A--ff-T BEF 4' BI' fl w 5: XA 5 U3 gf. u, N - K - Q ,' Row 1: B King Cassistant coachj, M Miller, M Stearns, A Fludikoft, D Kim T Trevins -c Row 2: A Kohn, P Miller. J Kaufman, M Nicoletti, M Castle J Moebes Q Lipof, Cglgifh Q ,- - Steeves 52' pr! Running Around Dinner with your family'? Sleep late on Saturday mornings? Eat a normal lunch? No, not if you're on the girls indoor track team While other students are involved in these daily activities, this dedicated track team is running in circles around Newton North's indoor track from 5:00 to 7 OO pmt Although the team is few in numbers, Coach Karen Keith always says, "it's quality not quantity that counts" and quality is what this team has. Through hard work and lltorture" all the girls were able to improve in both running and field events. Despite increased competition in the Dual County League, individuals were able to match the strength of opposing teams top performers. Next years team will miss key seniors Missy Brooks, Deb- bie Rudnick, Anita Singh, Liddy Leitman, and Carolyn Bowers. ? 3 5 I 5 1 I 'E Flow 11' li fwfr L Li-itiiiaii Row 2: F Haider L ilarksiiii, D Hill A Bi-atly, M Sullivan, P Bri Row 31 .ii lilff-'fi L lfiiii ff L1,i,uil lf Mfffriiryft 2iriiqh.l pi r A f,,tl5'Sl,lll,N1 D1lfy,S Pauls rt ,. Af 52 if lfiil'-il'','.iii1 ffl f4rii'il", KT 1 X an gk: my ' , l '..fl.1 4 J rl? ' a sf' 9 W, gt ts. n -'. t 'c . f N . 2. S 5 Road Runners From a distance, this years Newton South Indoor Track team lookedthe same asits predeces- sors, The team's record was 2 wins and 5 losses, but five more points would have put it over .500 ln no meet was this team totally blown out, but an acute lack of depth kept South from be- ing a legitimate contender for the DCL Championship. There may not have been large numbers of students on this year's team, but those on the team came up with quite a few good performances, Mike David- son excelled in the dash while John Schroeder and Darrell Mill- er performed well in both the 300 and mile relay. Ed Murray and Mark Woodlief kept South com- petitive in the middle distances, as did David Pickett, who was the most improved runner on the team Torn Janes' :net ' versatility running e,e'," 1 from 220 to mile He s'a,e': 'ee the lead in his efents as ' "fe one and only Phil Lehr so' certainly had the most or personality on the team lr " field events, Luigi Sepe key dominating the high lump .wr e trying his hand in the hurdles Scott Kaplan, Robbie Shocker and David Mosby stayed coff- petitive in the shot put .'vl'ti2" was a very tough event Tl'TlS ,ear in the DCL This team was better than that of the previous two years, but ur' fortunately mostofthesetop sera formers are seniors Coach Dov Sutherland did a fine iob in mah-- pulating the talent he did have but as the record shows, mah, more people are needed to make this track team a success I 4 - A . Ll ' f fm - I . . 8 5 I 0-6 , Q ' x 'i s '27 "" A , 3 -.nt ' .' ff 2? st 2 ft X 1 . 5 'Q ' . 2-an 3 Q ' , at 1 ' f ' k V t, -A , 1,?i".ffg-,'j?Q V S Row 1: C Lattore, E Murray, J Schroeder D Pickett FQ Shyckt-r Row 2g t.l 'Jw :Y Neibergl. Sepe,M Perkins, S Kaplan, M Davidson T Xnhgor G Elftk Q Miller :av pw' -w DQ Pin Your Mem As for over a decade, the 1983 Wrestling team has some of the best talent in the state. Several South wres- tlers on this year's squad have had outstanding dual meet performances, led by tri-captains Jon Bosenson, Mark Colling, and Steve Arduino. Despite an iniury of heavyweight Bob Baker, the team has worked for a successful team effort. The lineup starts with sophomores Alain Merski and Steve Bennett, at 100 and 107, the next three weight classes are held by the tri-cap- tains, with Mark Colling, Steve Ar- duino, and Jon Bosenson at 114, 121, and 128. Veterans Bob Shone, Mike Newmark, Chris Kiah, and Mike Welch secure the upper weights, and promis- ing newcomers Jamie Klingberg, Charles Smith, and John Linder round out the varsity. Coach Hurowitz is opti- mistic about the rest of the season and for individual performances in the end- of-the-season tournaments. Q i iii l l . CUJ .-1 L. 1: - fn, . Q . - Q, y Wg? 1.11 'sat' 'YQ C 'Q imiitdkr to - . M14 -Ami QM' ' A ' Row 1: E Littman, S Bennet, J Bosenson, M Colling, S Arduino, A. Mirski, A. Bonicello. Row 2: J. Shears, D Albert, J Cullen, J Klingsberg, D. Murphy, P Bosen. Row 3: B Shone, C Kiah, M Welch, C Smith, J Wilcon, J Linden, J Anderson, Coach Murphy. 37' ,i' 6 I , . . 5 1 1, gg l - l 'x K i I 1' I Q: l' l'fi 5 l ' f ' l 1 3 l 'a 1 W J A N 1 , , l . i . i . ...i i r i l l' ... , .ll 1 : i W-.. 7' ' x f 'i ' . l i . 2 1. X. I' lp 4 U' Slapshot This year's Hockey team came into the season with high expectations for a win- ning season, with eight of twelve starters returning, but the loss of seniors Mike Walsh and Bill Bracken lowered the team's high hopes. Coach Bezzuti looked to the sophomores and freshmen to fill the gap. Freshmen Alex Brigham and Judd Co- hen and sophomores John Jewett and Chris Stephans provided the depth need- ed on both offence and defence, Junior Jon Cohen and senior co-captain John Stephans added experience to the of- fense while junior Peter Klein and co-cape tain Mark Paglia supplied the needed de- fence in support of goalie Bich Wenning, who played exceptionally well the whole season. J , , Q -.. A 9 5' are il 4? if is r i I ff' I I H 9, ,, 2 Af if f -6-1 . - we . A . , if-A '-' Row 1: C Stephans, J Jewett, M Paglia, Fl Wenning, J Slephans, J Cohen, B Goldberg Row 2: Coach Bezuttu, W Boesner, J Coheny S Alter, T Dorf, P Kline, S Goldberg, E Short, A Brigham, Coach Palmanie Missing M Walsh -S ,.,-- L f, .l' 1 -- so . . - XM-. Splish Splash C "' ff ' The '82-'83 Boys Swim Team was an extraordinary collection of aquatic ath- letes Turning around a 54 meet losing streak inherited from six previous teams, this years team achieved a 2-8 record in the toughest league in the states A malor achievement was filling all spots on the diving squadg three divers all of whom placed well at all meets. The major ac- complishment, according to Coach Paul Robertson, was the large turnout of 25 swimmers as opposed to tO in past years Newton South is a rising power, . ' .' A ' 2 "X.:--1 ns NX -fa N Q tg-ff, ,cn l l vel J 'E' X t , 4 , ex nr 4 'i AQ X, C , ivik-C M Q W 5 le wi , in 2 we - W Q Q , 2 1' 8 ' '. l 1 - 5 one to be reckoned with in the Western Conference. Special thanks to Amy Freedman, Wendy Goldenherg, Cathy Ka' dets - members of the Girls Swim Team who came to lend their moral support. We look forward next year to the return of inlured swimmers, and a team more pow- erful than before, I la 4 C 'C 1,1 S. A X "5 A xx E X 'f f 31 ' lf- its A1 fit x 'Y' f 1' uf' 'ww-v X! y gi, xv-. i .. . sl 56 Row1:G Noyark S Goldberg .l Yager,A lv1urphy.C Watkin,T Herrara,C Ashchain,Fl Sadeh Row 2:J Fl.-rig K1 Castle is Ferries-Bri E Garthor,Fl Rubin, A Barshyl. Coleman Row 32S Sohn,L Bailen,Coach t-ikskr A lmrtner N Bleefher, D Orlln, E Putnoi ll ihrkrtson A B , . 'Q'- 'Sf a , 3 'K I x Y 6 gjllqu A Stmh W ...W f .- , f'L'1?Ii" f+:"Fa"' V ' 5 . ..-H ' " - , , fi-Q: ,pn--Y ' , , 1 r ,f J if 5 l Hot Shots The 1982483 Girls Varsity Basketball Team finished their season with a 5,16 record, The freshman sensation Katrina Antonellis, contributed throughout the season only to become a high scorer in the league Captains Cecelia Wilcox in the center position, and Barbara Littman. in the point guard position, succeeded in aiding the team with leadership, and were among the high scorers ot the team Other interchangeable players includ- ed Coleen lvlcClulen, who is known tor her speed, Donna Segal, with her outside shot, as well as Ilene Speizer, Barbara Sheiffer, and Sharlene Speizer in the guard position. In the forward positions, Erica Cushna worked hard and contribut- ed her strong rebounding abilities, as did Captain Shellie Gaines and Doreen Ha' gar, Despite the fact the team did work to- gether and they improved as the season progressed ""31H N Q N 'Y' " ' uf R ., I 3'Ifg,4l ,Z fx 4- ,W if 1 G 'f at C. , -v T .: , 1- ft' T, we A s 535, : 0'f?f4" I' jiri f B, si WTP! V I 6 l . .r ftouwi ' S4 v Q xglfv' uf QDTU' tufo, Ura, 5 ignite V SUJTH fwd S v f '- 5.55, 3 il' Aw I f QUVTQ f' 22 N.-5, .X 7 igx 4' w 1: B Shaetfer. S Gaines, C Wilcox, B Littman, C McLellan Row 2: Coach Bradbury E Lrusliim Prendeyillel Speizer, D Segal, D Hagar, S Speizer, C Natalie, K Antonelli Think Snow! The 1982-83 Ski Team proved to be one of the most solid squads in years. The girls downhill led the way with a combina- tion of senior, iunior and sophomore tal- ent Their lowest finish throughout the en- trre season was a third place finish in the opening meet of the year The boys team, although not exactly keeprng pace with the girls, did pull to- gether a strong season. For the second year in a row they were led by Captain Henry Schniewind, who finished first in a number of meets. He also was compli- mented by strong seniors, juniors and sophomores. The Cross-Country Team, with little snow to ski on, did put some points on the board for South. Senior Captain David Finkelstein led the way for the Lions by compiling the most cross country points of any racer this year. ,'4,,,-3 ZX. J"V 58 Row 1: D, Finkelstein, J Abend, H Schnuewind, F1 Shone, R Priluck, J Abend, S Ftosman, E Epstein, S Hite, R Kennison, D Greiff, L Hurwitz, J Pollack, M Busr1y,J Stacks Row 3: K Frieze, K Motley, R Hurwitz, C Rome, M Simons, E Gallant, P Saret, M Smith, M Cohen Row 4: Coach Abend, J Springer, B Hsiung, D Frieze. J DeSimone, J Conviser, Coach Abend Missing: L Hite. Millender, J Jacobson, W Pringle, K Knapp, S i' Bernstein Row 2: At Abend, L Zeichner, J. Shariff, S Meizler, J. Woolf, D. Shapiro, M. L. Lx I CAA ---li . X .Il 5, lay I If 21 S Q s.' . X, K A "xx I' -A. K 'Wu F51 4 7 f f x ' . , 1 v V V V . . ' '.5'.I1 . Lf ' 'R+ , Ji , . X 1 'J In W ' l Nw J V f A N Q ' 1 , X. ...Lf v ' I 'Q x Q- . I' X94 v brlhyg 2 I l 1 L A 1 U. 1. 'I 6. 9 iii! il S 31:24 If ' L M-ff X ? f 'W Y lrlglg, I V ' ' I . J... li 7 FL' id: f 1 -g.,,,, Y. ,Ib fl Y NL QQ X Q -s .5 141' J N 1 lv- 4Ei "' Y . v, ,M ' 'ml T au- 15 -fx., hx if fx 5 :xi 2 1 -ik ei' SEIITIO SEHTIO SEIITID SEIFTID SHITID SEIITID SHYTIO SEHTI3 SEHTID CLUBS CLUBS CLUBS CLUBS CLUBS CLUBS CLUBS CLUBS CL I-Iere'S Looking At EL Ei i B f -'fro CLUBS CLUBS CLUBS CLUBS CLUBS CLUBS CLUBS CLUBS CLUB :.1Ha......-.-.H-..........1if........ UBS CLUBS CLUBS CLUBS CLUBS CLUBS CLUBS CLUBS CLUBS L 10:71 ,, K , ln -2 Ning? -.. Q X O ' X .'-H:-V. Q11 E -S ,52gt!'u.. " F ,E U I 0 5 -.eff Q ff 5' 0 XX 'Y X, ff, 5: XX' ll !!L, Q0 A . 5, Z .' ,ff .-----'ff O f Z 1 , n qi - Low Q -4- f-'f,r,r., if! I ff-J f' ' ff 1 S QQJQ: Lil ., , , W.. , , in Ragga gg: ,witlpisf '-.i""" """"a', E" P, , U I 3 E U I CLUBS CLUBS CLUBS CLUBS CLUBS CLUBS CLUBS CLUBS SHFTID SHITID SEIFTIO SHFTIO SEHTIO SEIITIO SEIITID SEIITID S9073 lt is hard to imagine Newton South with- Dut its foreign clubs, because they have become a large part of everyday South. For anyone with a taste for foreign lan- guage. culture, or food, there is a club to satisfy that love These clubs are special for those students who take foreign Ian- guages, for these clubs add culture to their knowledge of the written and spoken language ofa people But the clubs are also for the students who don't take a language, but still want to learn of culture and tradition The French Club is made up of students in any class who are interested in the Ian- guage of French or want to learn more about the culture of France. Activities oc- cur throughout the year, from a French Dinner where everybody brings a different dish indigenous to France, to a class in bread making to a French movie, Also, the club participates in an exchange with the lycee in Grasse, France, a high school, helping welcome students from France who come to South, and planning Around The World day trips and get-togethers for them. The Spanish Club, for all those interest- ed in Spanish culture, carries on an ex- change, also. Students come from Ven- ezuela, and are hosted by many members. While the Venezuelans are here, the Club plans activities for them. In addition, the Spanish Club sponsored a six-year old boy from Guatemala, Louis Garcia, a service they hope to continue. Films, dinners, and festivals are other ac- tivities. The Russian Club is for all those inter- ested inthe culture and people of one of the least understood peoples, the Fius- sians. Everyone who participates gains knowledge of another way of life. The Ital- ian Club visits a Home for the Elderly and an Orphanage on Valentine's Day, just one oftheir activitiesthroughoutthe year. Also, they host the Italian dinner, a yearly treat during Ivlay Arts. The International Club was formed in 1964 with the hope of meeting people from varied backgrounds and sharing in- sights gleaned from travel to other parts of the world. In addition, the Club serves as a vehicle for students who have come to South from other countries to meet South students and make an easy transi- tion into the daily life. There are no elected offices, as the International Club wishes to remain a Ioosly structured group, never dominated by a single student or group of students. Instead, they cultivate feelings of kind- ness and generosity, understanding and togetherness. Except for the first meet- ing, their monthly meetings are always at a member's house or at a planned activ- ity. International Club activities usually fall into three categories: learning about indi- viduals and their countries, helping with problems encountered by individual group members, and doing things! Favor- ite activities have been International Din- ner during May Arts, Pot Luck Dinners, and Ice Skating, Q- ...ix v1Sl' International Club Row 1: T Nguyen, S Yee, F Raider, F Maragheh, C Watkin, I-I Tran, L Va Vong, K Huynh Row 2: Mrs. Flatner J Olansky, S Armian,N Fine, N Komar,K McI.aren,J Neiberg,O Komar,S Farino,V Leiva Row 3:I Faingershd MacIver,K Aver,D Tong,tvI Ben-Ur,R AIIschuI,M Park,M OgIesby,C SuIIivan,V Tang. S Iv1eshulani,F? Sadeh, A Chichian, G Doughman Row 4: D Greiff, Y Farino, J Chen, S Hussain, L. Kim, K Fang, M Puerts-Fieyes, P Celli, Fi' Henry Spanish Club Row 1: T. Stern, J. King, J. Hasten, A. Delflogatis, S Schwartz, A Elrnan Row 2. H. Andrews, J. Gumes, L. Hurwitz, S Michelson, K McLaurin, L Hite, M. Busney. Row 3. P. Sherman, Fl. Shone, S. Montoya, A. Piessens, V Ben Ur, J Olansky, M, Rosenthal, W. Waldstein, E. Vayle, S Kalis, B Shone, J Wolfe, D. Greiff, E. Epstein. tb' Italian Club B. Chnaravelotti, K. Van Vloten, P. Cells, K. Springer. Russian Club E. Slawsby, A. Kaplan, D. Okun, J. Bernson, I. Faingersn French Club Row 1: J. Moscow, A. Kaplan, C. Tsamtsourus, S. Selig, D. Putnoi, B Levy Row 2: E. Slawsby, W. Bookstein, J. Bernson, S Paulson, N Fine Row 3: A. Hague, F. Shukri, D. Kay, D. Brown. S Goldstein, M Kelly, A Gordon, N. Slolnick, Y. Wu, S. Leiberman, A. Timmer Row 4: M. Harrison, D. Shapiro, J. Stern, A. Lerner, S Cream, L Evans. L Semonian, T. Hackett, D. Okun, S. Armian. Row 5: A. Oliver, M. Hendrix, L. Batlen, M Hinkle, M Kaooellas 65 Mfr 4... Science Club Row 1: D Daniels, J Schroeter, A, Miller, O. Komar. Flow 2: T Hackett, J Jacobson, M Cohen, J. Ler- mall Explorers Club Flow 1: D Greiff, M Paulson, T Barone, J Jeong, D Daniels Row 2: M Ben-Ur, N Komar, S Grayzel, Fl Wishengrad, O Komar, B Bosenson Row 3: C Bowers, J Olansky, S Logan, I Speizer, P Coyne, C Watkins, B Levy, L Mandell, J Kresja Past Present 8: Future This year's Science Club was head- ed by Joe Jacobson. They sponsored many different projects, and attended many others outside of school, visiting laboratories and going to demonstra- tions. Each month, a meeting featuring a guest speaker was held, informative and enjoyable. Those who wished also undertook individual projects, encour- aged by their friends. The History Club, one of the largest clubs at South, attracted students with as varied interests as Ancient History to U.S. History. Under the leadership of Presidents Mike Wishnie, and Doug Okun, this year's History Club had reg- ular meetings, planning events such as -x 1-F History Club film shows, Oxfam drives, and of course History Month. This year the fo- cus was on Black History, organized with the help of the Black Student Union. It was a great success, a fine culmination to a fantastic year. The Explorer's Club is for those who love the outdoors, for those who like to spend their free time enjoying nature. Led by Sharon Grayzel, the club takes weekend trips around Massachusetts and New Hampshire. There are no reg- ular meetings, but the Explorer's Club members see each other often, hiking, bicycling, cross country skiing, or beach walking around New England. l I l i l l l F i I l -lx... Row 1: Fi. Ritchie, J. Zeitlin, S. Richmond, M. Leibovitch, T. Hackett, W. Bool stein, C. Bowers, E. Murray Row 2: V, Albert, D. Robbins, M. Wishnie, D. Okun,t Grayzel, I Speizer. Row 3: S. Lowenstein, C. Bess, H. Flosenstein, B. Fiosensoi H, Schwartz, J. King, J. Braverman, B. Kennison, E. Scherz, D. Andelman, l Schwartz, D Thorburn, J Neiberg, N. Finem, B. Whitman, M. Brooks, l McLaurin, J Shapiro Row 4: J. Springer, D. Freize, J. Ketterer, L. Bailen,l Wishnie, C. Webber i Math Team Row 1: V. Tsang, M. Wishnle, K. Barnett. Row 2: G. Lee, Ms. Kantrowitz, E. Gartner, S. Chin. Competitive Forces A number of clubs at Newton South have appeal, for those students in a com- petitive frame of mind, Almost every weekend, for example, the Debate Team travels to high schools around New Eng- land, competing with different schools for speaker trophies and team awards. They must research extensively, and be pre- pared to discuss any number of issues, from nucleardisarmamentto standardiza- tion of NATO weaponry. They are a deter- mined group, successful and knowledge- able. Also, the Debate Team hosts its own tournament at Newton South, which was attended by high schools from around New England, The Math Team represented one of the school's most successful clubs this year. Through December, the team was ranked in the top twenty state wide. The team had to work hard to oversome the loss of many important mathematicians, but they successfully compensated. Once a week, after school, the team meets for practice and discussions. Then, five times a year, they attend meets, and they hope to qualify for statewide and region competi- I-QI NVQ' tion. They are coached by Ms. Kantrowitz. i Debate Team low 1: B Schwartz, J. Davis, J Jacobson, M. Matorin. Row 2: A. Rogoff, Fl. Goldman, P. teller, H Schwartz, S. Lowstein, C, Webber, D. Barnett. S. Metler, L. Rottenberg. Row 3: P. uce. C Floser, M. Temkin, L. Richmond, B. Buraney Science Fiction ,-f"""K Ftow 1: Fl. Ahmed, Fl, Rosenberg, L. Young, Ft, Powell, E. Crasnick. Row 2: R. Young, E. Gann, M. Fleishman, L Pettipaw, C. Wu Audio Visual 5315! L , E R-L . L-1598 L. L 'Jong H Tran, M Anzivino, M McVeigh, E Crasnick, R Rosenberg, L Young, C. Barker 68 The Science Fiction Club is one of the newest of South's clubs, but it has al- ready attracted a strong following. The club has high goals, such as inviting oc- casional guest speakers and publishing its own magazine which would contain contributions from South Students. The members are an enthusiastic group, reaching for the stars. I- I Everybody has been in a class when a filmstrip broke, or a projector malfunc- tioned, or an overhead projector blew a bulb. There is a dedicated group of stu- dents at South who make up the AV Club, and it is these students who fix the many problems that are inherent with audio vi- sual machines. The AV Club runs all mov- ies, slide shows, and video-tape ma- chines that are used throughout the school. l l l I I l i Reflections 6 ! Q .J Pic. Row 1: O. Komar, Mr. MacKerron. Row 2:J. Gandbir, N. Schneider, B. Rosenson, B. Levy, F. Raider, R. Kennison, L. Lerner, J. Goldberg Enrichment Program "1 hal QX ,Jn Row 1: J. Salter, S. Gaines, S. Lowenstein, N. Weinfield, S. Weinfield. Row 2: P. Broadfeld, R. Ahmed, S. Weiner, T. Sasson, A. Armian Reflections is, in many ways, the most creative of the clubs or organizations at Newton South, for Reflections is the school's Literary Magazine, compiled from articles or poems or stories submit- ted by any student of Newton South. There is every kind of item inside Reflec- tions, from drawings to Renaissance writ- ing to short stories. The Reflections staff meets once a week, discussing the differ- ent items that are for consideration. lt's exciting work, but not always easy. The final product is the 1983 Reflections, made by the students of Newton South for the students of Newton South. The Enrichment Program is one of the most exciting aspects of the entire school. On a regular basis, the Enrich- ment Program brings prominent speakers to Newton South: television personalities. sports stars, current event lectures, au- thors, and other guests. Enrichment Pro- grams are always well attended, which demonstrates the interest South students have for this unique program. This year. the Program had an Alcohol vs, Media program, a Law Awareness Program, and guest speakers from the new Attorney General to Congressman Barney Frank to Congresswoman Margaret Heckler. Fac- ulty director Phyllis Monderer notes: "When our programs give just one stu- dent something to think about, we have succeeded." 69 There are many organizations and clubs of Newton South that are specifical- ly designed to improve the school, to make Newton South a better place, for the students and for the teachers. These organizations are comprised of students who want to do more than just arrive at school at eight and leave after the last bell, they want to put their imprint on New- ton South, improving it for themselves and classes to come. The Cutler House Council is made up of enthusiastic students concerned with im- proving the Cutler House area. Led by Cutler Housemaster Judy Neville, these students are responsible for running both in-school projects and community pro- jects. In school, their main task is the maintanance of the Cutler House Quiet Study Hall, while their community project is the organization of a blood drive. They also hope to continue with past activities such as concerts and school-wide dances. Another example of dedication is the students who are members of the Good- Inner Spirit win House Task Force. Along with their leader, Mrs. Paula Mealy, these students enrich the Goodwin House area, while also sponsoring outside of school activi- ties. This year's Task Force is consider- ing getting involved in an Alcohol Educa- tion Program. The Black Student's Union's main ob- jective in 1983 is to increase awareness of Black Culture, says co-president Karl McLaurin. He, his co-president Mikel Og- lesby, and the other members of the group are responsible for many activities during the school year, designed for the participation of all South students. This year,theirprimary endeavoristhe organi- zation of Black History Month, which they are co-sponsoring with the History Club. Also, they hope to bring speakers to South, as well as organizing a school- wide dance. Whichever activity they are involved in, the Black Student Union en- courages all Newton South Students to participate. The Girl's Athletic Association of New- ton South is concerned with maintaining equality for girls' sports, as well as pro- moting the spirit of all athletes at South. They are responsible for many activities that benefit the whole school, such as the organization of the banquet at awards night. The GAA also sells baked goods at football and basketball games, and sells scarves and hats in school. The money raised by such activities often goes to establishing scholarships to summer sports camps. The senior class officers are the orga- nizers of all activities run by the senior class. With help from various senior class committees, these four students coordi- nate many fund raising activities, benefit- ting not only the senior class but the en- tire school. This year, they have led a magazine drive, and also plan many other things, such as dances, talent shows, a car wash, and a student service auction at which South students volunteer their services to those who need them. ln addi- tion the senior class officers are respon- sible for planning the senior class show and the senior prom. fn is xx! L tl,-If N .,... Girls Athletic Association Row 1: D. Rudnick, B. Chiaravelotti, l. Speizer, C. Wilcox, B. Shaeffer. Row 2: B. Galvin, C. McClullen, S. Speizer, L. Leitman, B. Lettman, C. Bowers. Row 3: B. Murphy, A. Beaty, A. Oliver, S. Paulson, M. Rosenthal, F. Shukri, L. Evans, D. Segal, C. Wales, F. Raider, C. McCrory, U. Gandbhir. Row 4: M. Sullivan, S. Cohen, M. Daley, S. Logan, S. Prendeville, L. Hurwitz, A. Casson 70 Black Student Union Senior Officers Row 1: J. Gumes, K. McLaurin, S. Anglin. Row 2: M. Russel, V. Karl McLaurin - Treasurer, Marc Leibovitch - Vice President, Bryant, C. Burley, K. Howard, T. Gaines, K. Jackson, S. Simms, Carolyn Bess - President, Debbie Putnoi - Secretary S. Anglin X1 5 I Goodwin House Task Force Cutler House Council E. Scherz, R. Lipof, B. Littman L. Goldman, Ms. Malone - Nevill, T. Sack, J. Singer, S Speizer 71 There is a large group of politically in- terested and active students in Newton are organizations may exercise their South, and there through which they political inclinations. The Student Repre- a group of twenty- sentative Council is nine students, elected by the entire school, who are interested in making Newton South a better place for all. The SRC meets once a week, discussing pro- posals from members and non-members. Chairman Joshua Davis considers this year's Council an especially productive one. They have continued the Student Feedback Forms that evaluate teachers and they have established homeroom re- presentatives. One of the finest accom- plishments of the SRC is the switch this year to open meetings, providing a forum for every member of South. Another politically active group is the Harvard Model United Nations. These eighteen Newton South students traveled Getting Involved to the Boston Sheraton for four days in December, representing the Africa coun- try of Tunisia. David Finkelstein and Mi- chael Boches were head delegates. The Model United Nations is an organi- zation of High Schools around the United States, each school representing one country and supporting its foreign policy in debates and Security Council ses- sions, some of which may take place from 2 AM to 6 AM. Harvard Model United Na- tions is an enjoyable and educational ex- perience for all. S.T.O.P. was started last year, and is now a part of the national organization to prevent Nuclear War. Organized after the nuclear awareness week last spring, Stop has become one of the most active groups in Newton South. ln a short time it has developed into a legitimate forum to talk about the problems of nuclear war and to educate the students of Newton South about nuclear war. The Newton South chapter of STOP has been involved in many national is- sues. A busload of South students attend- ed the New York Nuclear War Rally in June of 1982, an experience which was worth the hard planning that went into it. Many other events and programs are scheduled for this year, including a Nucle- ar Film Festival, attended by Helen Caldi- cott, a nuclear activist who came to South in 1982 and helped STOP come into be- ing. After these movies, Helen Caldicott will lead a talk session, informing and lis- tening. STOP has also worked on developing a course on nuclear awareness for Newton South, which is sorely needed. ln conjunc- tion with Newton North, leader Becca Levy and STOP of Newton South is orga- nizing a National Letter of Support for all high schools against Nuclear War. .f . 1 fi' ,Q . , ,fu w -- 'x uf l s. , 4 ' " -f . 'A -f A - . h - - -.,.- - D5 ,' ' V P71 s 4 I ": . 'ab' ' . A. ww.-lf F. , Aff - , ,134-' '. Harvard Model U.N. Row 1: J Neiberg, C Knapp, J Davis, M Boches, D. Finkelstein Row 2: D. Kay, W. Bookstein, R. Boren, J. Braverman H Schwartz, B Schwartz, D Davis, D Jaffe, J. Conviser, S. Gunn 72 i I , .X if Student Representative Council Row 1: L. Leitman, S. Speizer, S. Richmond, B. Chiaravelotti, B. Bonato. Row 2: J. King, S. Murphy, J. Davis, A. Miller, D. Daniels, M. Leibovitch. Row 3: R. Kennison, M. Hinkle, T. Sack, L. Evans, J. Wolf, P. Model, E. Epstein. - fre- STOP Row 1 9 'B .1 ff gl I , ., I fl' S'-NN M. Boches, B. Levy, D. Botkin, B. Fiosenson. Row 2: N. Dibner, W. Bookstein, C. Ferring, J Kibel Denebola Denebola is Newton South's newspa- per, both entertaining and informative. A wide range of talents is necessary to pub- lish a school newspaper, and every as- pect of South's community, from layout to advertising, business to editing, writing to circulation, photography to graphics, unites to assemble Denebola. Perhaps more than anything else, Den- ebola serves to inform the South stu- dents. Its healthy diet of columns, inter- views, reporting fwith occasional expose-sb, feature articles, and photo- graphic essays strengthens everyone's understanding of life inside and outside of South, Denebola covers more than just events inside South, local stories, nation- al editorials, and regional articles often appear side by side with features on South plays or other events, demonstrat- ing Denebola to be as valuable a news- paper as a South tradition. ' I , X AAR Q Co-Editors-in-Chief: Michael Wishnie and Laura Kohl is . .4 ' .sg X N it . , Editors: Row 1: W Bookstein, J Madden, B Flosenson, C. Bess, A. Rosman, S. Cohen, B Levy, B. Doren, J. Braverman. Row 2:0 Tong, J King, D. Okun, L, Kohl, M Wishnie, J. Chaban, S. Doolin, J, Conviser, A. Miller, M. Boches. 74 U . I I Staff: E.Epstem J Silver S Grayzel M Lebovntch T Sack S Kaplan M Stoiler M Row 1 R Kenmson J Gonson 11359919 Qphgioj Row2 L Sulverman J Stephens J Gutlsn L Klem S Passman D Goldberg M I i 6 Speak Easy At the start of this year, Barbara Bakst and Ra- chel Kennison, the directors of Newton South's Ra- dio Show, decided to change the name of their show from "South High Speaks" to "Speak Easy." "South High Speaks" had never been successful, and the change of name symbolized a change of attitude. No longer is the morning radio show fSat Mornings, 7:15, WNTNJ simply comprised of people reading standard articles, it now is alive, with a south student as a guest-host each week, talking informally about issues at Newton South and things that affect Newton South students, or simply about what's going on at South. "Speak Easy" is a great opportunity to learn about radio and what goes on behind the scenes at a radio station. lt's an entirely new and different experience, for most, far different than talking on the phone or in to a tape recorder With the help of their fantastic Technical Director Kan Lobodkin, Barbara Bakst and Rachel Kennison have changed Newton South Radio for the better. .5 gt 'X 'Ili'- Q41 'IKE N'4n'N iii". , Na - A' 35 gf '1 I 3 51 H '5 I Ll' 'D' l! 4 re g M n 'L5?5i' ff. 'Deaf ll, ?'wil IQ ll si Fi an ii Pl I' il 325' Q Co-Producers Barbara Bakst Rachel Kennison KI , s. t vl i Lv p 4 a .i lv' '7: If W: if .I X silk f 1 s I4 ,A 5 J Tm' l ix M f Row1 S Armien, S Doolin, S Gaines, R Kennison, S Schwartz Y Row 2 J Hastens, P lvlcAIlistor, E Slawsby, D Greiff, T Hackett, D Okun 1 I The pages you hold in your hand are the result of a year's work, our REGULUS 1983. lt is impossible to calculate the number of decisions that create a yearbook, from choosing a cover design to laying-out each page. A decision was made, thought about for three or four seconds, and then quickly replaced by another problem, suffice it to say that our heads were bent over the table, coming up only for air, never for a look be- hind. This yearbook is the sum of all those decisions. We survived interminable sessions of lay- out and discussion, miraculously met seem- ingly impossible deadlines, sorted the outra- geous suggestions from the fine ones, outlasted long afternoons and the Ghost of Yearbooks Past. And, to the delight of all, we had a good time along the way. REGULUS Editor in Chief - Laurie Millender WR on 9 5 1 , 'l Layout Editor - Gail Tankel Photography Editor - Denis Fleming 78 I p . i 1 R 3 E fo ax j il ,Q li I il ' WS. l Literary Editor - Scott Gordon ff" if ' it . I EA M rr f N 3, . ,Jr , 5' X . f -- s i , .9 ' 03 X VXA. Y 5 5 W x ,. tx, X . . Y . - ij fitiffux ., f l 'Q 5 A, '-Q X nv I fi 1 4 A H l h I J ' 1 . 1 N gt If' N i I Sports Editors - Debbie Rudnick and Adam Elman i 9 3 it sl' V1.1 W Business and Managing Editors - Marc Busny and Carolyn Drucker JI!! -als. Qs Art Editors - Jane Longson and Debbie Putnoi Copy Editor - Andrea Kaplan Circulation Editor - Karen Miller Data Editor - Carolyn Ansin Layout Staff: S. Saitow, A. Gilfix, J. Maclver Literary Staff: K. Auer, A. Glasgow, M Fiosental Circulation Staff: C. Bowers, L. Leitman, K. Droham. M BuSr1y,L Evans Photography Staff: E. Slawsby, M. Millender, J Goose, M Siegel. K Knapp, D Finlrelste n l Pollack, E. Bloom 79 N Q r l 5 'Ai 1 'H i -"2---....., XrA"' 'YJ im,..f r"' 4 451, X --f 'TE wmm K4 ..,v"" y ,Q f . S-,E -J FINE ARTS FINE ARTS FINE ARTS FINE ARTS FINE ARTS FINE ARTS FINE ARTS FINE ARTS FINE ARTS FINE ARTS FINE ARTS I-Ierds Looking At WEEE 'LE1' ' 'X 1.-'FQ I I 4 5 vu! i I f I f . I ' 1 ., . J xx ' f 5. 53413 I I I -I I 11. TQ I I I aid' I ..i V . f ..- Uv to f-I 1, X S ,,.Y.. ...x FINE ARTS FINE ARTS FINE ARTS FINE ARTS FINE ARTS 5l5FINE ARTS FINE ARTS FINE ARTS FINE ARTS FINE ARTS I OO O 000000 000 O O O O 0 O o o O O O O ,o W, 00050 0 O CE oo O OOO O0 O 0000008047 QQQO QQQO' ooo OO00Q000OQ O O QQOQO OQQ 0 OQO OQO CDOQOGOQ H944 5 FINE ARTS FINE ARTS FINE ARTS FINE ARTS FINE ARTS SLHV ElNl:I SLHV EINI:I SLHV EINI:I SLHV EINI1-I SLHV EINI:I SLHV EINH There are many musically interested students at Newton South, and many op- portunities for them to display their tai- ents. Whether students enjoy singing or playing an instrument, they can find the right activity. One of the largest groups is the Con- cert Choir, a group of some hundred stu- dents who meet four times a week, throughout the year. Led by Helen Taylor, they sing a large variety of music, from Bach to Scottish Folk Songs. They do morethanjustsing however: they discuss the background of the composer and the piece of music. Various performances throughout the year keep the Concert Choir in tune. Another vocal group is the Vocal En- semble, smaller than the Concert Choir, but more select. Auditions held at the start of each year determine those who will be in the Vocal Ensemble, a group which usually numbers around thirty five. These students perform both in Newton In Tune South and outsideg Lord 8- Taylor and Women's Clubs were a few of their stops this year. Like the Concert Choir, the Vo- cal Ensemble sings a wide range of mu- sic, including Christmas Carols, folk songs, and classics like Handel's Mes- siah. Those who prefer to exercise their fin- gers rather than their vocal chords have the Jazz Ensemble, the Orchestra, and the Band. The Jazz Ensemble meets once a week, after school on Tuesdays. The forty students who comprise the Jazz En- semble have a wide range of interests, and together they play different selec- tions, from old Swing tunes to modern rock selections. They perform for both in- school concerts and special occasions. The Band is divided into two sections: the Concert Band and the Marching Band. The Concert Band consisting of forty stu- dents meets four times a week. Directed by Ron Bergin, the band plays music from contemporary favorites to less familiar works. The Marching Band is a section of the Concert Band, which, twice a week, leaves the confines of Newton South, go- ing outside to practice formations. These are talented musicians who play at home football games, and who must practice boththe music andtheformation through- out the fall. The Orchestra is also divided into two groups: the Full Orchestra and the String Orchestra. Both are led by Mr. Duckel, who directs the orchestra in the many concerts they perform. In addition to these school concerts, the orchestra plays for themselves, outside of school. For instance, Mr. Duckel received an invi- tation for the orchestra to visit France, which they shall do in April. One Cellist commented, "Playing in the orchestra is a creative and enriching outlet." Un- doubtedly, all music students, instrumen- tal or vocal, feel similarly about their musical activity. Q FF. 84 Concert Choir ' it-1. ' - X SY. J?N ,.-Xf"'4"' nw. 1. m- N mf f ' ' v--ur-.f af, 1 14. K JAZZ EmSQUfAH I . Wwe ' ' 1lI7TYf"fY-Jhii. NP ' . M an ,,, - "f- '11-ly. .fn 1 wp 1 - v, Jmmjwf,,y is Hwwuwrpd H6219 'WY , W' 'mr ' X , -.- i ' , ,"2' gif 'A L Z' f I. QQ? 'Q'-UJii?i'E'XM , ,, , Orchestra ",A ,II ,fd-Mi. -Q9 Q in ..l"...lf3 imfgaigifgigg f g, fi Band ,, bb The Mikado ofJapan Kenneth Small Nanku-Poo Holton Johnson Ko-Ko - Doug Greuff Pooh-Bah Prsh Tush Yum Yum P tts Sung Peep Bo Katusha Mnohele McVengh F56 l it 4 Stages at 8 i Directors: Debbie Brass lv Debbie Cohen Liz Kliger Pam Modell Rachel Kennison Bruce Wintman Actors: Harry Ostereicher Jennifer Grossman Ben Lanckton Jennifer Woolf Ftoger Bubin Mark Wishengrad Len Colman Felicia Dyer Julie Gonson Nancy Pollack Jennifer Bensinger Tracy Atkins Liz Hoffman Neil Blicher Jon Druckman Helaine Karlin Wendy Goldenberg Deanne Fulp Lisa Bennet David Orlin Alison Gross Eliot Picard 2 1' Mark Borok s " i 5 tg X t i .. A, W ,, . .4 Q l i '17 t. .,,, .... C 5 H, Fi l js ' Stage Crew: Flow 1: A, Bernstein, R Geffen, J Armer, C Barker, B Wishengrad, N Lazarus Row 2: Fl. Morris, L Fresnel, M Miller, L Smith Top Flow: J Honeyman, D. Breen, B Bolker, B Silverman, S Bowman, C Stromberg V it Behind every production there is a cast of supporting actorsg in the cast of Newton South productions that cast is the Stage Crew, an organization of fifteen students The Stage Crew is responsible for the be- hind-the-scenes work at all productions, in- cluding constructing scenery, moving sce- nery during shows, setting up lighting, controlling lighting, and controlling the sound system They are dedicated and en- thusiastic contributors to the success of all productions. 87 The Artists at Work -ww 11, s - - as , I I I .xxx I 1 x I Xu lf- 4 I f I U I I I I I WIA RX A I I J Qi? Tk :V if A-J Q .g ,M XC "ml LA - b 9 , 1 Mg. . .yi 5 A- as M2531 ff W 1 151 , I, QR ' W2 52552. 1 av o- 'Q f If , lx ZS - 3 if v Xa? ml-.. fx.. 's 9' ,IV ,x lr 'W R 'U' bin.. z Q -3 ,hu R' ' A QA fm ' hex Ev X , 1 iii wg 4 A nts fn I V Y 6. -,,,., 1 F f:-Q Y I fr. img. 5 " in in aw Q '5-'fi 'ff W ' Q at I rich 5 Q ., . It K ml 1 Q ,. uw' ' y 1 4 X i 'laik' 40 v OWS 37f,'F:',' QE-ffl? , :nuns-Q1 was 2 , ex F .- '44 -. F -- 1 'Qtl9 x. vpn.,-v. .JV N 1 3'-' a C5 .S WV ,,q,5 lil ,. ' 1- , w'-W - - 'f'fZ"f53 A HRK-'?9'."x"s,f . "z494. - 1 1 J H N 1 'E hi 1 1 4 1 i 1 FACULTY FACULTY FACULTY FACULTY FACULTY FACULTY FACULTY FACULTY FACULTY FACULTY FACULTY FACULTY FAQN I-Iere's Looking At LfLiJI.5I.UllfQf ,, 2 ,L if ,Y N712 ,,,A,4,,J.? ,,,f.,.,:,..W,k ...L.-... 5 A l. V, ?if.g,f'?,1,g,2b,,2.1x,, 1 , 3,.fv4,,i ,frm ,If-,,,:y.3,1i,,, 'I 'wg ai aff. .3 ,ljfxgy A :.,?' , "' , .2 - , , .. . .,-A:.fy.'4 5, :L , Q ' . , sm., . ,. J N X gn, -, I V W , ' 4 f L ' . lx , . . - 4 .fxihgh ' x V..--I ' " "'-1. X I FACULTY FACULTY FACULTY FACULTY FACULTY FA TY FACULTY' FACULTY FACULTY FACULTY FACULTY ' ' . , 1 . -Mmm: .wrp jg new TY FACULTY FACULTY FACULTY FACULTY FACULTY ALTHOVJ ALTUDVJ ALTODVJ ALTUOVJ ALTUDVJ ALTODVJ ALTUDVJ f'.. 4 V XX gf S ,I .X , 5. XX: Q f 4 l A f 4 3 I Q Ernest Van B. Seasholes Prlncupal e' wsu-2 -xrm ,,-S Admlmslrallve Assustant H - .. 1'5" f"Pi, Ni' Judith Malone Neville Cutler Housemasler Robert Franke are gm' Ps v jr f' X Sy- Ki 1 I I s. - , 4 ' -, x X X XA 4 il L, X '71 , rl! fj X , ,, , ons I -4 X ' l I Mg. ,-4 1 4 1 fz'J'Jf1WllW llf'm'3f'rm1slf1r HM' l Robert Wicks Wheeler Housemaslef Paula Mealy F J Margaret Addis Gurdance - Department Head Sandra Alexander Gurdance if k4p....-.,--- P f l . z .. 23. 'ra At ,. he --"'-Y"" Z Francis Alleva Frances Ames Busrness Scrence f' ,U ax .. ,J fps., 5, 115' fx Irene Aslone Joanne Baker Beverly Basile Peter Bates Bursar Lrfe Skulls Aloe Busrness Socral Stndres Ill! J i II J 1 J 1 Q 1 ' f - r ,, .N in a K nl A r - g f M 7: 1 -of f n x ' N, 1' 4-1 Q A tv' 0 Warren Bechtold Lenore Behar Ronald Bergin T. John Brzios PhyslcaIEduCallor1, Drrector Mathemalrcs Musrc Iklntrrar-ua' is 95 .xv 6 F' Cer ,ri .Q Q I " i 1 l . 'lg Q' . 5' 144 ' I' .' S. Q' 'ra-ig., , 6 I ig' .ff iff -- - 2, S -3 ' :I , A , 1 1' i Judith Blanchard Joel Bleiwas Michael Bower Marie Brassard Physical Education Social Studies Guidance English L X 1 2 g I L. .Ky qw i selgalg, .li 4 I QQ. A . 'V US , 32 x ai xii , ' ,K .1-re' , . .. yi'L?'-if-g fx. ' 1 J? qq?"?a . - "Q A--n-A .'-- 1 fat - 2 ' ' f4,.. 'ip Lf , . B 'N , -t2fgY.i45f,,, - .fl .. ' . -it wqizt.-eff-. "- '1 , . S-gif.-'--siitzvz 'Jkt i 'hc '- 16 'f::!'iL',pft-' .xr - ff. 5 wc,.,q.., ...Q-1. V. " A '-L'.?'12Pw?4!'Q' . 'L - ' iff? . .i.f'3-A:-'U-lt 'SWA 1 wr. 'E szigefggfiihi-Qi..-i 554:51 gg ,I , ,e.,'.""". ' j1',i'vg N,t3'-5 Q..,- sf' . ....f., .:a-YE: Q Tlx I .X I , it t4.5'1."' ii' 73. kt! QI7' 'X' 3, Vinson Bronson, Jr. Walter Brough Joan Bryant Philip Burnham, Jr. Science Science Mathematics Social Studies - -i -, 1 41 . -1 , it Iii '-. 5-1 ' i.. , ir ' ra 'fu - H ., -1. 4 ff., J a P. mg .fi ' ' .2 Y - C if' . 42 Q 4 vi A , I ' ' J ' Q '. .' . ', J n. ,, W. '41 A. 'JMJF4 .. , J' A.. M7 'Yi-.V ' we-.'ea1f 4 . X, 'L Ai 1' 4 Ophair Caras English 1 96 423, 1 QV" i ' rs' 291312 " .t-':1x2' .. ,- fri . r .0 . ,v t 9, E , ta ' -1'-A1 vffij -.' .- ' ef.-r .. , V - ft- 5 -' , t H :J ,' .:vv1,i ,i j 1 , uf-s 4, 'y :jf N- . Eggs: , W' . A f-psig '3 l 1 ' '. ' v ' 'Ai i wap.. .i X -. .- vi ., Y Y i A 1.. ,,:,i3:3?l N.. . -M, 4, .t 'c t William Chamberlain Robert Carey Ernest Chamberlain English English Physical Education I -'40--fl - ' t -so FAA -+4-iv --As-ol 'l' '93 ,. 1 ! - , "',5i'Ys. K. Alan Chaney John Chiasson Gisela Clark Marshall Cohen Socual Studies lndustrual Arts Foreugn Language Soclal Studles fi vs Julia Criscitiello Valmond Cyr. Jr. Helia daCosta Kathryn Daviau ESL Aide Mathematucs Foreign Language Home Econornlcs WW E.?'-'Q Ib Q 3 1' 'ir Y Ti , ' if Michelina DiBartolomeo Roberta Dollase Mary Doolin Gordon Duckel Records Offuce Soclal Studnes - Head Engllsh lttust: 97 - --ur 1- - -f171-gf---T - 151 j 7 9 8 ' S-X Q ,L Luz Ti Elaine Eisenhauer Foreugn Language Rebecca Ehrlich Foreugn Language l-rances Dwyer Betty Earle Goodwln House Language Lab Aide 'VN fb sf' K , X at , P A l jgf Q ' 1 I ' . l ,Z 4 , l 7 A rg 1 1 .,,: F Y f if 0 xl if' 1 Q ' U Y, 1 , ,Z ! A' tt Ann Elliott Carol Ficht Betsy Fleming Barbara Foley Forelgn Language Forelgn Language Learmng Dlsabululues Records Offuoe 'Dx VV QNX. Russell Frechette Dorothea Gaudet Elliot Glicklef RODGN G099if1 f,uK,rf,ldl.1n Lnbrary Foreugn Language Engllsh Art l 1 5 5 4 H . , ,Vi f-41. ,I A, 98 f 4,1 :Q , . 5 'WK ""' ff , . 4 , X. f ' + F., , . , t ,C . 4, i H A , ,Z A yr? Ja ',f 'ef ' rs, 4 Av A. s, + sf -V if-y,,Ke,,gs ,gs e:15?"U g-4 :ff GTI?-Mifi'.ff'f?i'i. r -' fwfr -if ' :J X- sffe H' Q ,-xii," JM gfffsf ,if , .' XZ' 1 , and 'SQ' 'L fr rf-,f mtg W-313' if 2gl5Q.rg52'y,iifw' -fi N526 . ' 'ir' S -. of g .yzg-"ff,"g1 3+ , L 1 ' V 2 Q' Q it mir -it if-sh Dorothy Gonson Englishf DENEBOLA Scuence Lloyd Gottlieb au., ,o ng eff H if Paul Gottlieb Socual Studles fl Y 's 1 ,4 'X X Betty Grossman Gurdante 1 fwf' -J' 5 x ai Jeffrey Hansen A. Lincoln Heck Merrily Herring Englush Foreign Language tvlathematucs Matnernattzs Dorothy Hansberry s s t L P ff? K Q we ,up l ,Y ! 2 S l If 4 , y X Robert Hoffman William Hoffman Guldance Socual Studues 4102 'Q YJ HOUS' -Q . nl 'n , . z . u 1 l X 99 5 Q-.hh rm fzfs 'TU 5' ' E Ni, fr" N-I 1p".r .. , 1 is -V E' ' is J V 3 V - 31354. A 'Sf x . 32553. V-x 'Q LJFX4 ,fn X I 4 k fx v. - Vw, rs X ,- Cary Holmes James Honeyman C. Gregory Hood Charles Hurwitz Social Studues Englush Science Science , Q 15- ? as t-'I J ff 7 J I f mfr Y, IUU x 'X41 . I , SR 1 , J if -J 5 -X P f , re ,::, 1 , tq .Xt .,- f r T" T. 1 'I s ' ."7 'YQ' -ff' Q ,1 -.1 .. E Q. A ',,fK,wsY J 21 .- ,XM Q 1 as , fr ,f ' ef , A Sflfi. v I T .. " I 3' -.,2 i ef-vm , V . Q'-'H as .N Q Q4 , v ' ,sg I - 1515 Z- f D - lr 5-?' i'f ,-.wi Edward Jackson Socual Studues James Johns Social Studues 291' Ain. 75 fi D Nz , A ii ' 14:52 42 I .1 . ix Robert Jampol Englush ' 1 I Betty Kantrowitz Mathematucs J", ,.... fag Q rw- Q43 x, x 1 '.- if f 4 Patricia Kempton Helen Kieval Aredis Kojeyian Diane Korelitz English Sclence Science Home Economics Q 5 'lil "'1 ,1 '7 t 4 X 1 fr "1 Y ' f1If"X Socrates Lagios Henry Lambert, Jr. Mary Lawless Joyce Leary Englnsh lndustrlal Arts Guidance Scuence :fs " were ,X f'r4'.' .i 'ix ' , 'v Y- ,A-A 2 '- H 'afykkdwl .Nr Al' . Steven Leonard Mae Lofchie Dwight MacKerron Robert Malagodi Engllsh Wheeler House Englush lndustrm Avis ' Zig -E J r' 'x "I" I 1 r 'C' ' " 1 DN I 'ini , X. I N X- '-" J ,-:J l J, f KZ-1. , I , 4, I'-I., H11 1.9, 0-I xt' 1 T'-as 52" ' ,Xl . l J. ,. V Z T if wwf' ".,: 1 fu :A X , ...,.ggt,3g wvgfigg -'-.L. hx :sa . . fi: lla-:rv ' w Paul McCarthy Guudance Jessie McChesney Foreign Language Warren Manhard Marcia McAvoy Mathematucs AV Media Speciallsl X5 f gx 7 : Q . ...k 1 -:N - 943 ' ,. iz - GSEH Y.. as I fi fl Q31 ' 4 A v. X 1 I sv J M A Wm. F Judith McGraume Mary McLane James McLaren Nathaniel Merrill Forergn Language Forergn Language Science Mathematics ,liogx Q- ,dx , V 4 5, . ff'ffZ"l,. .Millie 1 ff V M' A 7 A ix Mi' iii iii' . , r f, -rv. rr4,i,!1:. -N 1 , .W fir-nl. W l prggw. l ' Joanne Mitchell Phyllis Monderer Jonathan Neal Mary Nelson lflmnernarrcs Enrichment Program Coordinator English Head Librarian T. 1 3 f rv tb 1 .15 I Joyce Newmark Earl Pearlman Ernest Peltier Rocco Petrillo House Aide Guidance Custodian Foreign Language .' f-.P 'f1i'1'1f'-t- i w e ' , 1 PN 11 rf? - aw. .JV f 53,7 L, Rf xl - .f 1: L' 'ii i ' 4-' . , . .' v em, me 5.3 v .5 -. . . .. ,gk J ,',wr, ' Viviana Planine Anthony Principe Marcia Ratner Foreign Language Life Skills Center EUQNSN if it, it l""4,X Y-.1 It N ,fv,.wg . 'N' Q .v sw Peter Richter George Roberts Science - Head AV! X br, 17 ,L ,- ' - I I, 4 I Olga Robinson Foreign Language Margaret Ravenscroft Mathematics S I F if Q . William Rousseau Mat"ec'at :S 103 sl' lna Rubin Nancy Seltzer Carolyn Sessler Paul Shapiro Forelgn Language Lute Skulls Aide Guldance Mathematics f"'N, rr , . so J gl 4. f Jane Slafsky Christopher Small Gwendolyn Smith Arthur Snyder Enghsh PHOIOQVBDIW Physucal Educatuon Guidance nugvr- , U4 rv 'N f-lbw N 5 5' 1 X x Yolanda Spencer Rachel Spiller Thomas Steeves Norman Swerling Er Juv' Home Economlcs Physlcal Educatuon Drlver Educatuon If "Ts -,, Ba FP bv. Q W 1 """i'A f K 'MTX 9 Xxx 0 V if I Helen Taylor Claire Tedeschi Ralph Thomson Mary Warren Musrc Cutler House Custoduan Bookroor' WF' " ' I f' 6. IE Jane West George Abbot White Mathematlcs Englush A.f Alfred Wilson Geor99 Winkler 309,31 Sgudles Physucal Educatuon - Head . Q-vi' g, 9 1 V 'TW ' T . . 'Q rs. PQ: fig e. vp. ,Oki ' ""4Q,,5.m- at 'R'-'Q Gun ff Ang :F ' I X - , z',. if "L .'f1,'a.1"g a - 531' A'-'f , 1 ff! 106 Barbara Wise David Youngblood REGULUS Advusor Engllsh A Head I ti 5 I ' H V 5 .Qt ' 1 ri., . f 5 ' X , ., t ' Y W f 4 rv? ,,,,. ,H gd' ' 'Q . 5 - Q., Q . t ,tt '-Wt' 4-M Row 1: Betty O'Brten, Teresa Ctmetta Row 2: Marte Calderone, Angela De Rubens, Mary DuBona, Chrustuna Gentnle ,rd ,, "' w 32' H9749 Win, 4 'X +C- 4- punt K K. ' 1 r ...,.n,,. V- , pf: , 5. I Q. 4 1 3 ll- Y J Ns! 1 Pr-L V ,t 1 Q '44 4 'V A , :4 2133 ' , '1ff?5J,, '-Cf 1' 1 5 , , , E v,,- . , , ...J- ,,,,. mf-' I "nv 1 1 5 , r-an , E .A o ,. i I 4 NEIWSSVTDHEICINYI NHWSSVTOHHGNH NHWSSVTOHHGNU NEIWSSVTDHEIGNU qpn-av--f 104-LA Y. UNDERCLASSMEN UNDERCLASSMEN UNDERCLASSMEN UNDER' in A . 'NN giwbh' vig. -- . jf IVS- ' 0-16- 1 EU IEE- '4 W 'EBIJUIEH H1 'wiki it i 96 1 UNDERCLASSMEN UNDERCLASSMEN UNDERCLASSMEN UNDERC' -vvu l ! CCTASSMEN UNDERCLASSMEN UNDERCLASSMEN UNDERCLASSMEN in-f++ Li fi-75,6 sw- QXSSMEN UNDERCLASSMEN UNDERCLASSMEN UNDERCLASSMEN NHWSSVTOHHGNU NEIWSSXVIDHEICINO NHWSSVTDHHGNU NEIWSSVFIDHHCINU Stephanie Aaronson David Abroms Marc Albert Anne Marie Alford Katrina Arttonellis Laurie Ashare Colette Atkins Tracey Atkins Jeff Boudreau Benni Baker Tamara Barone Laura Baurnberg Claire Boblique Aviva Bert-Ur Julie Blaustein Leora Bloch David Blumberg Sandraanne Bonazoli Julie Boraks Debbie Bosselman Andrei Botticello Alex Brigham Richard Broadbridge Patricia Brooks Janet Burke Bamin lvlatlan Christine Carter Juanita Chen Chirnatvling Chiang Flint Crumpacker David Connolly Marcy Cohen Kristene Coffey 110 FRESI-IME - 5" I 1 . A . F fv v 9 1 ' ,4 1 fl Y i v x-A in ..f1vg-- I' VW Ct- F' if L 5, l - i .,.1' .. - l J 1 I 1 If Jr At me I, . 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F RESI-IMEN +I. U x L.'- 1Y',' mtl, bs' Litrg- Z' ' ll 7-llc, ty? i -or ,lt ii .MIAJFQW Q 'K ' ilalfmgzg -gg 1 bfi i.12g:,4 - .. 'wif-:vs of r, 'I I V' f 4' 1 ' . . 1.7 . lffrff ef '- ' .f 4 ',.. nv, ' ' 'rf 4 , - -3 I i ' .' 81' ,F if A l - V: 'ff' x 3.355 ff' I -f 5 . - H., 'C 4? if 1 'W " ' ' ' i a ' I 5.. 4: K ,'-'Q.:.2f - ,gr 4 0 4. L .qv- I 34 I ll L , . ,L , f'g.:I3',- .Nf,,5 " " 1, ,F - 1 ---s.',.:. K ' W- E. 4. ,Q'5'fsl',:' Ndtqtf - -'rin -we mf 1- - saw " v 6 , 4 . f iv? , I: V- P I , jifkn 2 y , f ,Bly ft 123 F5- 'fls ' ,ff bf: -Xu - mg 3 L' 3 J- xg t .i fa ,7fI??,'X5N'Lx1 Y 6 :iii E1 il ji-Q. P -5 ...H ' 7" --.wr , . p,,,..,.,,.,. K F. .L f 'L W. tfli 7' H 'L mmf -, -X, -P in J' ff' ,Q-ir. E - - . 25 as GSR l E v fi lc 5 5 YY ,I .tx l' .. ,. v , X ' f l ,e I A , H 'fr , Jewwxxxxk x-2 AQ Lg X , L e fi Xu ' 'MW i i Num--1 I i 5+ XSNCA 4- 'tl - 1 1 b , :X f' l 1 U -4 .gf ki" HR , I., llls1"'5'fP 5 ! ,LS '7 J l,.. P -sf-f gi im.. 5122-hill 153551: flmrm. . It t Lisa Mahlowitz Audra Manzelll Faelzeh Maragheh Eric Marder Abby Matorin Jim Mercer Michelle Meyers Elizabeth Mitchell Scott Moore David Mosby Karen Moscow Adam Murphy Carolyn Natale Peter Neisuler Lara Nielsen Larry Okstein Jessica Olansky Tyrel Orth Mathew Paulini Jennifer Peace Susie Pelton Betsy Petrucelli Eliot Picard Anne Piessens Nancy Pollack Jennifer Pollino Jeffrey Popkin Eric Putnoi Abby Rabinovitz Hanna Rabinovrtz Anita Regan Alison Reynolds Larry Richmond 113 Martha Robbins Laura Rogan Allyson Rogovin Linda Rottenberg Gary Rudnick Scott Sack Steffanie Saitow Aftab Salam Lori Salter Josh Scherz Julie Schwartz Neil Schwartz Amy Schwartz Jeffrey Seiffer Mark Senoian Gilan Shamir Carol Shaugnessy Rebecca Shugrue Nancy Shulman Michael Skoler Deborah Slotnick Nicole Smith Susan Smith Alfred Sollami Cynthia Spungh Desiree Fortini Daniel Stein Lisa Stein David Stemerman Jamie Swartz Gregg Tong Misha Wilson Billy Wolf Tara Wortis Lisa Young Robb Zide Britta Meyer-olden Julie Golden Josee Fridmann 114 i W xx he 5:-Flu. In 2 1 1 x XX 7 N I K Ak F 51 SOPI-ICDMORES Judy Abend Julie Abend Micheal Acker Farida Alam Steven Alter Steven Altman Debbie Andelman Martha Anderson Gary Anthony Mark Anzivino Ronda Applebaum Lawrence Bailin Roger Baker Dean Barnett Marc Baron Adam Becker Wendy Becker Stephen Bennett Eric Benovitz Jenifer Bensinger Jim Bermar Susan Bibbo Lisa Billard Neal Blichard Karen Blackman Ben Bolker Deborah Boykan Roger Broome Jeffrey Burg Brian Burlingame William Buddington Sara Campion Peter Capofreddi 116 ,an M-3 .tx , , 81 ' a -I l ,won mmm J A I 2-2 I ,.-1 lf? .M lvl K if l if I David Casper David Castle Phillip Coyne Patricia Celli John Chansky Gregory Cohen Elizabeth Cohen Richard Clayton Gary Collins Crant Covell Stacey Creem Enrico Curcio Erica Cushna Michele Daniele Kostas Davos Ashima Dayal Diane DeRosa Katharine Dhosi Nina Dibner Anne Dixey Mitchell Doren Jenny Douglass Laura Evans Lynn Faber Irene Faingersh Kay Fang Ivan Farino Chloe Fiering Allne Frldntann David Frieze Deanna Pulp Daniel Gallagher Sharon Gann Angela Geraci Scott Gerguson Boughner Ghagsan Jocelyn Gitlin Tracey Glassman Julie Gonson Amy Gordon John Gorin Tamara Green Sally Greenberg Alison Gross Jenifer Grossman Steven Gun Stacey Hackel Cheryl Hagar Arthur Hague Jerome Hargrow Gretchen Hayden Wendy Helgesen Melissa Hendrix Guillermo Herrera Denise Hill Bobby Hsiung Lori Hurwitz Saadia Husair Jon Jacobs Lori Jackson Louis Jaeger Kimberly James Jenifer Jansen Michele Jaynes John Jevvett 118 I 9 4.,,, Scot Passrnan Daytd Pernstetn Helen Perry Jeffrey Pollack Jennufer Rrendmlle Jacquellne Randall Matthew Ranen Wllluarn Rlchrnond Steven Rnseman Amy Raab tvtlchael Roach Paul Robblns Glen Roberts Marlorue Rosenthal Scott Rossow Heather Rowe Roger Rubln Terrence Sack Cheryl Sacks Jody Salter Ran Sadeh Rtchard Sasson Llsa Schwartz Mark Secheyco Paul Seclnaro Karsten Schnell Karl Seeley Debble Segal Andrew Seletz Leslre Semontan Jaclyn Senechal Howard Sbaffet Davtd Shaorra 121 SUPI-IOMORES Elizabeth Shiman Sammi Shuman Mark Siegel John Singer Barbara Sird Kenneth Slobodkin Nancy Slotnick Kenneth Small Garret Smith Monica Sorkin Nando Sostilio Mathew Spengler Steven Stoller Michael Tabb Mathew Talcoff Debbie Tallen Felisha Taylor Katherine Thomas Adam Thorburn Karl Toth Amy Tonkonogy Michelle Transue Theodore Trevens Evangeios Tsoumbanos Doron Tulchinsky Crystal Upshaw Francis Jardine Wendy Waldstein Charles Walk Colleen Walsh Nancy Weinfielcl Adam Weinstein Marc Wishengrad 122 Mark Wulcox Keith Wulson Elana Wnsnnue 'W e Lori Wolf 4 ,.- H, V I 1- X' Jennifer Woolf 1 Q Ted Woo Yolanda Wu Susan Yaffe Joshua Yager Armen Yampolsky Aliza Yellin J: . M. f, V....?..,- - -----J l. 'wr Heron Abbot Penelope Angler Albert Arcese Julle Armer Mlssy Ashapa Donna Barley Lesley Bearman Anne Beatty Alllson Becker Mrrram Ben-Ur Ellen Berkman Kathy Bernhelmer Sue Bervvrnd Jrll Bogart Lauren Boudrot De-bone Brass Jsll Brenner Debbte Brown Andrea Casson Nrrh J as Catsrampoulas Steven Chapman Sammy Chen Nancy Ctmetla Debhue Cohen Llnda Cohen Suian Cohen Deanna Convlser Hwherla f, lllrnuls- Lutllllf-rt Mwlfrl Dstllly lflfm' Ufxflfln 'mrs1lllJ.t.'l', Susan DlCIemer-le Judllh Drnlfelspael Tuna Dlrkson Brlan Doherty Thomas Dorf Karen Drohan Julle Endlar Elana Epsteln Jose Fllomeno. Hope Frnkelsteln Megan Fltzgerald Marllyn Flelshrnan Rachel Franzblau Davud Frled Una Gandbhlr Ellsa Gann Wllllam Gardner Fllchard Geffen Allcua Gelb Jamle Gersh Adam Glasgow Judlth Gllksman Dean Goldberg Joshua Goldberg Louus Goldman Sarah Goldsteln Rachel Green Douglas Grelff Tracy Groper Beth Grossman John Hall Toren Hall Monlque l-larrlson Jana Hastens Flrcnard Hurwrtz Marrn Hrnkle Suzanne Hate Brad Hochberg John Howard Jenmfer Hughes Larry Hurst Llsa Hurwutz Robert lngs Davld Jaffe Chrrstlna Jones Davld Katz Duane Kay Vlctorla Kellener Maura Kelley Ruth Kennrson Dana Keselman Chrrstopner Klan Clare Kuley Debbl Kam Doug Krrsnen Errca Kleln Eluzabetn Kluger Peter Klrne Jamre Klrngsberg Jamre Korelutz lxladffllne Kopellas James Lawless Athrna Lareon Tracy Lechten Hffldr Lecnten Nfyrma Lffff JUNICDRS l b. '1 --,, .14 5 , I: u...-N K as r.. L. 1 ,- ' 1 all VV? Nl LEW fn ,-Jr 7 H :lbl 7-. ' 532 km 'uf .VW -rr- x. ,x 5, -7 ggi, 1.21 4 Lrz Lerner Andrew Lerner Sarah Loewensterrr Sonya Logarr Nncote Lottzr Clark Lowery Jennrfer Maclyer Davud MacPharl Abras Marggheh Amy Masters Judnth Mayer Patrick McAlIrster Amy McKee Wayne Melanson Wendy Merrrll Arnon Meshovlarn Smadar Meshovlarn Carol Mung John Moebes Lynn Mollenauer Sarah Montoya Brenda Murphy Wendy Nottonson Janet Oneul Susan Paulson Jeffrey Pollack Susan Prendryrlle Mery Puerta-Reyes Nancy Raab Fauth Harder Brran Rector Etyse Resh rxarlene Rhode' Kenneth Roberts Ernka Rogoff Charles Rome Glenn Rosengano Steven Rothenberg Dalton Rhoder Demetrnouse Russel Susre Sant'Anna Sonya Sapp Susan Schelnun Nancy Schnender Mark Schwartz Thomas Schwartz James Schwartz Donna Segal Stephen Shaprro Lauren Lemack Patreck Shen Paul Sherman Paul Sharaf Margaret Shaughnessy Danny Sheppard Amy Shufman Rands Shone Robert Shone Frona Shukrr Jodr Shuman Amy Stedman Julre Srlver James Suwrfrman Rrsa Srngffr Elten Sli1'.'w,tJ,f Jay Swarffs Susan Sprlch Charles Smrth Lorl Smokler Jennlfer Splcer Lrsa Sprro Kathryn Sprlnger Susan Stelnberg Jerome Stern Karen Stolplnskr Mlchele Sulllvan John Talls Theresa Upchurch Paul Vanderwalde Erlc Vayle Charlotta Wales Chrrstrna Wales Chrlstsne Webber Steven Weunstern James Wrlcon Brendan Wllcox Lrnda Wllllams Klmberly Wllson Mark Woodllef Yvonne Wu Colleen Xrmrnes Steven Zrmelman Danny Zolll i 'U , I X-L. k if f, A flag 'N Y.. .xv if? , .. N-xi , I ' I r. 4- t N, W! K . 23351 am X.-1 . -0. ff-, 4144 'wp' If ww, Gif 1 ' ,, as I 1? i N 1 I ll l SHGINEIS SHOINEIS SHOINEIS SHOINEIS SHOINEIS SHGINEIS SHOINEIS SENIORS SENIORS SENIGRS SENIORS SENIORS SENIORS SQ I-Iere's Looking At Em mu .- f 1 'A 1 9 Ib A xJ.,1' I f., V 15. . i ff f f .. SENIGRS SENIORS SENIORS SENIORS SENIORS SENIORS SE s-I VRS SENIORS SENIGRS SENIORS SENIORS SENIORS SENIORS URS. SENIGRS SENIORS SENIORS SENIORS SENIORS SENIGRS SHQINHS SHOINEIS SHOINEIS SHOINEIS SHOINEIS SHOINHS SHOINEIS Jacoueline Beth Abend 1-1-1 Upland Ave Newton ll you want something reach your highest and work your hardest" Skiing 10, 11 Captain Lacrosse 10, 11, 12, Soccer 11, Spanish Club 12 MENEZUELAN EXCHANGE' To two good friends Bobln C, Patty P BS, JH SM, BS, FB, KG, WP, DM, BP, SPICE, BL. CM, BB, LH Thanks to the Freedmans Good Luck MA, JA. JA Thanks Larry for being a friend All my love to mom and dad Thanks tor everything' Benjamin S Adler 11 Elmore Street Newton Centre BaseoalI10, 11,12 SZ, SK, M M , 13 L To My Family THANKS Vlckl Albert 21 Deborah Road Newton Centre 'Success is composed not only ol good Ideas, but also ofthe drive to follow them through to complea 11Ul'1" Jef1fll.Y f1O 17 81 - the BEST is yet to come' Thank Mom, Dad and Lee - .without you I couldnt have come this far - I LOVE YOU' Onward and Upward l3'1r1H Altsfhul J 1 Country' side Rd ll'-.ulitro '+I-agar May Arts B2 Well E T Rarhbaldl SUMMER 82 lfifgtgligi 11 I"f"r',111,1r1zt! Club 11 12 XMPFIIIIG Thr- Surgeon General ,rl 5-'1-Y l 1? ,..v., V f 5 - 1 Q v , law S-Q. I.: ff. 'C,- F -x f',1 Hun Detr'rn1inr:d That Floings ls Q I 1:1 1+-ri 111, 1:1 f"1l,lV l1f,f?tIll'l 134 Gi t,-4 Q D., Stephen J. Abroms 61 Alban Rd, Waban Soccer 10, 11, 12 Lax1O,11,12 "Good things come to those who wait" Karen lL.Y. Ross, Waban' ites, Guys, Gals, The Cape - 82, Mom + Dad, thanks for every- thing, we made it, thats 2, 1 to go, Caryn, lor all the advice and sup- port, thanks David - it's your turn now, good luck, you'll do fine, Riaz Ahmed 303 Lake Ave. Newton Highlands "He who conforms is lost" RA. Free Verse, Gtbberishg Bic Mac Battle ol the pun. MELLOW: hair, Down the establishment. Politico liberal. Dragons, Fantasy. Last minute, Don't forget your towel, Scott Alpert 283 Brookline Street Oak Hull Jill, wanting to hold you, wanting you near always. tjourneyl Thanks Mom and Dad for putting up wrth me Paul thanks to you I can buy now SO LET'S PARTY Heather Andrews 27 Stoney Brae Rd, Newton Cheerrng 12, Spanish club 12 Jeannie A B F F Frankue - I lv UI Heidi Lionel, Andy, Micheal, Debby - consume' Andrea S. the Sin- ners, "GO" "Bunny" "wabbit" "luzzy duck" "Oh ma god"' 25's "stup1d earthl1ng" RK WP C S SA'sJG DC MB M,M,,etc. 'Love to my families' I don't know wherelm going, butl'm on my way' Heidi Andrews 27 StonyBrae Rd. Newton Cheerleading - 12 "Trouble is easy to get into but hard to get out of." HEIDI, ALLYSON, Amy, Millers, Lee, Lori, Beannie, Darragh, Thun- der, Kerm, Paul, 2 Chucks, Babies, Ricky, Nang, Jill, etc. "Ducky Fuzz, Duzz Me?" "The Guys" - Heid's The Chase Goes On THANKS to the family. Don't ever forget l.L.Y.Dl Scott Anglin 5 June Lane Newton "This is not the end, it is the begin- ning" B-Ball 10, 11, 12 Spanish club 12 BSU. "My boys" Steve, K-Kool, ET, Abes, Sgt, Tracy, Kent, Kev, Vin, Kenny Good Luck. Thanks Mom and Dad. Steven Anglin 5 June Lane Newton Football 10, 11, 12 Basketball 11, 12 Track 12. I hope my friends stay good friends and succeed in every area they go into. Stride for excel- lance Thanks Mom and Dad Good Lucki Scott, TH, MO, KH, VB, KM. KJ, MR, TS, SL, Donnetta, Mi- chele, Kim SC, DM Carolyn Ansin 38 Lovett Road Newton Center "This is how it ends this is how it starts, simple songs to sing with friends and hold inside our hearts" Secret Cookie Grams - luv ya, TFL, singing, jems, Sl - Gh., mama - bebe, 3L's - we did, Mom, Dad, Laura, Jen - There are words for the magic of a sunrise but none of them will do for you - I LOVE YOU! , ,,,g ,fi . N, 'M i , - '1 1 1 I9 -nl 1' xv WN P'-If ,,.u ? 1 item 'Q'- fl t TEX J f... :ww ,gg-J, 1: 'S I Steven Arduino I5 Cafenauqh Path Oak Hill Park "I'II never diet again WRESTLING IO 1' C!-PT '2 Ep PERFLY 111 "DUEROD", 'SPORTK FROG GIE' "THE BE-BOPPER D!-P RELL, Walking the halls Eat a' ED's "NO DRIVE' GOOD RID DANCE SOUTH Saleh Armian 6 Brush Hill Road Newton Center "I can understand a child afraid cf darkness, what's sad is an adult afraid ofthe light" Skiing, Percussions Montreal 82, Front row Santana Silx, GBS, TDF, Baha'i Faith HA, KM, KP, JM, PS, NF, RB, NA, DK Mom and Dad - Your friendship is very special to mel I love you! Matthew E Ashare 33 Lawrence Road Chestnut Hill Hmun, NHSrnun ll-12, Debate 12 Cross Country 11-12, Israel - K B 10th grade "lt's better to burn out than it is to rust 4 RUST NEVER SLEEPS' Neil Young 'si KJ ' w QQ Carnig Ashchlan r' T? B3 Countryside Rd Newton Center Hears to all the kids in the ggns BO, KB, MD, PK, LS MG AE JG ME, BE, RE, and sorta N Swimming ll Capt 12 Outdoor Track I2 T3 Olds squint Well all right TESS 135 Allison Auclair 39 Rockland Place Newton Robert Baker 28 Richardson Road Newton Christopher Barker 49 Woodcliff Road Newton Highlands "lt the facts do not conform to the theory, they must be discarded" Doonesbury, Kayaking, sailing, biking, hiking, skiing, "Dynamic in- dividuals" S CREW GRATEFULL DEAD Heidi Bassin 40 Clark St Newton Tennis IO Cheerleading 11, 12 Memories maybe beautiful and ,et whats too painful to re-meme her we simply choose to forget so its the laughter we will ref 'rierriinfr "I-IEIDI, GWEN, Heawrfr Lori Jill, Ricky, Babies, ',I'iuf.P and the rest ET, ChipNf ftalf- Petublfrs ' Fuzzy Duck, Duzz ' '-' TW' Guys Heids the r,f1?iSe I'M'S',1flI IL YA MESDESA8.lAlf1IKE fplleli nick r 136 "? ,-f5.- nf -Q' fs 1 Fr! Mi QI' v""7 cv" 3 ,.1 - I Li R if if Kathy Auer 1308 Walnut Street Newton International club 11, 12 Regulus Literary Staff 11, 12 FS., WB, - I'm trying to forget!! Dancing all the way to London - with Adam Ant CPrince Charming!! Stand 8 Deliver, you Goody 2 Shoes! S.B. and KC. - on your toes! Good Luck to all my old friends, and many thanks to my family! Barbara Lee Bakst 18 Lovett Road Newton Centre I will always keep beautiful memo- ries of dear friends. I thank all of you!! To two special friends, RLK + WRM I love you both always!! l've waited long enough, now it's finally my turn to move on. lt's not an end ,.. it's just the beginning Lisa Barton 836 Chestnut Street Newton Maria Belli ll White Ave Newton 10, 11, International Club 10, 11. Italian Club Very Best to EC, RC, VL, LY, and everybody else whom l've known for two years Richard Bern 140 Dudley Rd. Newton YFYee11, 12... GCC Good times had by all. "Life is what's happening to you while you're busy making other plans." J. Lennon "ln the end we all end up DEAD - so Aiko-Aiko all dayl" - Grateful Dead Je'T FYee always. Stardust Anyone? - thanks G.A.W., R.Y., J.L., MC. Amy Bernstein 17 Halcyon Rd. Newton Center The best 8. most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched. They must be felt with the heart. REMEMBER: R.G., J.A., M.M., C.B., MM., KS., A.A., DB., good friends, lonely times A.V, the writing on the walls, the courtyard, crew, Horizons, Harvard Sq., lsra' el, trading earrings, being nuts, the Bloe Boat 8. Cafe Topo Carolyn Bess 1 Newbrook Circle Chestnut Hill Deeds Not Words . . Michael Boches 130 Hartman Rd Newton Ctr. "Aim at the sun, and you may not reach it. But your arrow will fly far higher than if aimed at an object level with yourself." Joel Hawes Model U.N. 11, 12, Debate Team 11, 12,Der1ebOla 11, 12, MS, RS., W M., A.G., MA., WA., JG.. D N., Chicago Julie M Bernszn 28 Yorlf Road Waban "Sleep is for fools :fro ren , r the sunrise, who nefer 'ge' 'Z . twice " THE WHO l-l'f,ve,' Le, Julio, "I hope my legs dgr 1 rpea " Efplain' You can ' get 'rew- from here' Lucky' Vile in the tree kak ca va'P Angler Dad Mon Pe ter, Ted, BEC - I love yea' We tried not to age. but time had rage " Pete Townsend Sally Bernstein 60 Brookline Street Chestnuthill I care not so much what I am inthe opinion of others as what I am in my own, I would be rich of myself and not by borrowing - Michel De Montaigne Thanks Mom and Dad for all your understanding Thanks to Stu, Shlel, B J .and S S too Austria was greattt Lori Block 51 Scotney Rd Newton Mgr of boys basketball - 12 Steph, Heidi, Heidi -the best of friends' Fun times with JF, GL. NJ DN, GW. GR, BB andthe rest ofthe gang Always remember summer of 82 Wild parties with BB GANG' Steve, there will always be a place in my heart for you f Cassie Mom, Dad, Josh, Jane - LUV YA ALL' Wendy Jayne Bookstein 269 Dorset Rd Waban "Lives of great men all rer"Pd us We can make our Ines subli- me And. Departing, leave beh nc us Footprints in the sands 3 time " H W Longfellow My love tc the Denebola office and at its n habltants Many thanks to nm 'an' ily, my teachers and nm " QDJS 137 Richard Botana 66 Parker Avenue N6-wtOn Carolyn Leigh Bowers 30 Circuit Ave Newton 'CB " Soccer, track "For long you live and high you fly and smiles you give and tears you cry and all you touch and all you see is all your life will ever be " Ilene - you're the best friend anyone could ask for Good luck JC, TM. SG, LL, DP, AS, ES, 8. DP, Thanks Mom and Dad you're the greatest Ed I love you' Robert Brass 61 Hamlet St Newton, tvla "The Twisted Deception Of Life that hangs by a thread in the back of everyones mind becomes clos- er to reality each day" "Its been real 8 Its been Nice but it hasn't been real nice" "DO IT UP" AH, MK, SP, RM, LH, JM, BCM, CM, TKF, CW, U2JB - S8.D8tR8.R - SNOW DAZE LTD"CA- MARC' '65llv1PALA SS Pearl Brodfeld H5 Rosalie Road Newton Center Enrichment lnt'I Club, BBG Proz' dur HRCA Oklahoma' 'lt all de' Lands which way you look at rain' Li .ws NW f so many memories' VJ ML P- mucho mazal tov' LY JG SO AC, JF, FM, PB, MM, EH Thanks mom Q dad f llove you' 138 fqg . R g Sf. in na. , --Q 9 Qx fp, ,M 'V --I 41: lk ur'-fa' I 4-:J fl at X- Jennifer Ann Botta 338 Langley Road Newton Anna Best Friends Forever! Moe, Thanks for being there. "A friend is the best possession anyone could ever have" Good knees, your one ofa kind! Joey, l'll always love you fswear to God? Lots of love + thanks to my family! Bill Bracken 225 Dorset Rd. Waban "The Elite" We live our lives like there's no tomorrow. Hockey 10, Baseball 10, 12? Ron, Buddy, The Major, The Hypo Van Halen, Ozzie is God, Lynn Good times with everyBUDDY An- drea, Nose spins, Casbah, Mr. T Have you seen iunior's grades Blow it off and write a note Hey bud Iet's party, DOWN UNDER Thanks to the family Jane Braverman 21 Voss Terrace Newton Centre Denebola 10, 11, 12 Debate 10, 11, 12 NSHMUN '82, HMUN '82 History club 11, 12 "Goodbye", said the fox, "And now here is my secret, a very sim- ple secreti It is only with the heart that one can see rightly, what is essential is invisible to the eye." Antoine de Saint Exupery Evelyn Brooks 12 Rowena Road Newton Centre MISSYI Track, Art, VENEZUELA '82 Wend. KJ, JW, SG, LW, DH, DH and everyone else Anita - F-ball. B-ball, Tox and Yort, "Awntl" Love BABYFACE Tricia, it's all yours. Don't let them get you down and you'lI always be on top! "There are more things in heaven and earth than are dreamt of in your phi- Iosophy " - Shakespeare Vincent Bryant N ""' 118 Brandeis Road Newton Betteiayne Buonato 143 Florence Street Chestnut Hill t'You know your lite is so tar well spent when you can walk alone and be content." SRC. 10, 11, 12, History Club 11, Cheerleading 11, Concert Band 10 John Burnham 15 Acacia Ave Newton Lisa Buchsbaum 207 Brookline Street Newton "If you see something that looks like a star and it's shooting up out of the ground and your head is spinning from a loud guitar, and you just can't escape from the sound don't worry too much, it'll happen to you, we were children once playing wltoys" - Traffic , "The Soft Parade CThe Best PartJ" "PFLOYDian slips" Thanks to my "V" 8 "B's". -fi 2,9 ,.. wi, 1 , ,-1: u'x',,Tgil A M x -.. N .5 1 'V I 'ssl .0 Q. 1 Q , C ff" f it . - Ag.-L .V ' 5 ill'-'ciisxffl X, is - sf, 5 4 'C g , JJ 1, I ' -rw, if N we gf. Qtlllfm- W5 T" l:""' Brooks Burlingame A Chester St Newton Highlands my ertra Curricular trre"Js f, ma1or,bud,buddy so to e' 3" er assorted Sth nutrients car' ef, inthe parking lot and ererynrere else 1, 2, 3 VAN HALEN Z. B f 'J ::1 AWESOME TIMES MTH C H PH,BB,AC,PS PW Bl. L ARMEN THE CHABGEB2' Hare you seen iuniors grades J!-tl HALEN Marc Busny 17 Ferncrott Road Waban "Buzz", good times are spantafie ous but memories live on" skiing Red, Blake, Thanks to all my friends and good luck' 139 Lisa M Butters 106 Upland Ave Cutler Cheerleading, Capt 11 8. 12, Lax 10, 11, 12 'Moments are temporary but memories are forever" KK never 4get our past, lLYl TT, Bl 4eva' Wk Es. sum 81, W ski, N Yr816 30 82, NB, Brig Cs, "Hey BUTTS" Jill 1 rr 1, LM, SS, LP, SS. CW, BL, JS. Bakes, BoBo, Chris, Luck and love and never "good- Dye" Mom, 8 Dad, Thanks for un- derstanding ILY' Michael Andrew Castle 137 Hagen Rd "At the top of even the highest mountain is another summit yet higher, and the longer we seek summits, the longer the search will be " The old friends from Maine The new friends from south April Chalfin 25 Walnut Hill Road Newton "Don't confuse my schooling with my education " "Luck favors the bold " Summers '81, '82 forever, 9 81, JOD,HD,AK,ME,'81Thanx Ma and Dad - l did it' Bettina Marie Chiaravelotti 4C Phrlorick Road Newton Centre Intuition takes me there" intuition takes me anywhere" Soccer, B-Ball 10, ll, 12 Lan CT, RT SM, "specializin" the Por Kite in the tree sat am pfpant JB lL, CB - Steves someday' SS Col Annu Dad ride the wind Love ?'1,f!1'Jll"l Dad A A C, the spunk 140 l9 sf Aw E' H ' 7 1 17 F gif 'Vi Y 95 .40 w . ff'-t 'Nfv Vw it 'W' Andrea Castellanos 37 Glenwood Avenue Newton Centre JEFFREY SCOTT CHABAN 111 PAULSON RD WABAN "Bones", "Portrait ofa blow-off" Basketball 10, Tennis 10, 11, 12, Denebola 10, 11, Business Man- ager 12, l'll neverforget the good times and my good' friends - Buz, Ros, LS, EK, SC, SF, SG, VA, SS, weekend card games, the J. Giles concert, parties, and Tulane. Thanks mom + dad, for putting up with me. Andy, I made it!!! Linda B Chee 235 Lincoln Street Newton Highlands "The rule is, lam tO-morrow and lam yesterday - but never jam to- day" "lt must sometimes come to '1amto'day,"' Alice objected. "No it can't," said the Queen, "lt's iam every other day: to-day isn't any other day, you know." - Carroll - Toodaloo Newton South - John Chiasson 21 Frances Street Newton Highlands Scot Chin 1O Larch Road Waban The B's, Van Halen, Eddie, An- gus, Lacrosse, Hockey, Band, Jazz en. Stepha, Ducky, S, u, Oda, Dan, and to all the other great friends I have, You know who you are. L'v L.K. Mestide-Meshgina, People to remember. I MADE IT - thanks - Mom and Dad Anthony Christakis 99 Louise Road Chestnut Hill "KILL OR BE KlLLED" VETERAN: Pork-Chop Corridor, Anti-Fresshman Club. AMBITIONSI Own and drive a 1968 442-W3O and take over the WORLD. "Tony's Locker Lives!" TO ALL MY FRIENDS: Come buy a car from me some day, I have a wide selection!!!!!!l Jo-Anne Coffey 78 Circuit Ave. Newton Highlands Well, L.Mc, CB., MC. + LM. we've learned of love + abc's. skinned our hearts + skinned our knees. Thanks Jack, you gave me love + helped me find the sun and every time I was down you always came around. Love and luck to Pat and Kris. Thanks MOM!! D.K., CR, tlast but notlleast hah'?7 Linda Cohen 7 Broadlawn Pk. Chestnut Hill "Good things come in LITTLE packages." "PETITE is hard to BEAT!" French Club - 1O, International Club -1O,11,12 Will always remember South AA, MA, EC, AB, JO, ML, LB, CW and the guys. Keep in touch! THANKS Mom, Deb, Josh, AI, Dave, Sue, Roz, Nana, and Sonny! ,JQKU5 II dx .,--Q f 1 , 1 V N--.J 44452 'ez 95- , . 57' I '. rl , ,av 1 f-s '79 I K! Msg! Arman Chitchian 79 Brandeis Rd Newton Never forget my efperierces ' NS It's onward upward from here gang but dont get to High. Cant Iorget my "Awesome" party or those adventurous "P-Runs 115- tening to Planet Rock in the Chitchmobile. Luck Friends Thanks Mom 8 Dad for eferything' The "Message" of '83 is - Loc' kout World Armandos Coming' ROBIN SUE CHUDNOW 604 SAWMILL BROOK PKWY NEWTON CENTRE WE ALL KNOW SUCCESS WHEN WE ALL FIND OUR OWN DREAMS" S School of "82" Lunch out, l D'S club's, Good Times 8. Memories Best friends 4 Ever, Randi, Jacki, Patti, Lilli LS C M L M B S D H SSSM All my love to Bonnie. Craig, Wendy 8. Phil Ma Thanx for always being there, You're my best friend IL Y Special Memo- ries of DAD Florida, here I come Julie Elizabeth Cohen 89 Lovett Road Newton Centre Em, you dont have to be a star - Adam - special to me forever, BEST BKRBS! Ev, Jake, Ros - closets ILYGSI SuzyO's at Jules Salon for Men OLDIES' Donna 8 Meltz 8- Space 81 Deb - what memories Col Dl Mum 81 Dad. the GREATEST, anywhere. anytime. ever!! Mish - knishwave, luck 8 love Nana 8. Papa 81 Aunt Rose ILYI For Papa Roy I MADE lT" Matthew E Cohen 25 Peregrine Road Newton Centre "Discovery consists ot seeing what everybody has seen and thinking what nobody has thought" Albert yon Szent-Gyorgi. Science Club 11 1.f'.SkiTB?iV1'1O 11, 12, Tennis Team 10 11 12 friends and family, thanks 141 Susan Ann Cohen 129 Selwyn Rd Newton "Now before we end and then be- gin, we'll drink a toast to how it's been" S Billy Joel So many of my teachers deserve an A' , thanks so much' Best of luck to my friends' Thanks for ev' erything Mom, Dad. Lawrence! 6203, 3112 l'll miss you Laura! 'This day we sailed on" - Chris- topher Columbus Mark Colling 43 Woodcliff Ftoad Newtonhighlands James M Conviser 5 Stony Brae Bd Newton Highlands "Whatever worth doing is worth doing well " X-Country Ski 1O,11, 12,MUNS - "altermun", DENEBOLA 11, 12 B S A 225 Nobscot with D F , M, and the "men" "I won't be Iate"' Good luck to all my friends and those l wanted to know better Thanks M 8 D, L 81 D' ANDREA NICOLE COSTA 1725 Beacon Street The Outer Z Van HalenbBuddle, Liquid Lunch Thanks to alls of you for those Awesome times ILY Sid ' Monty" Battle of the minds 714 TMBLS, Up with the sun, gone with the wind PB Weston, The Cape, Doors' May all of your dreams t,lff'wr1iff reality ILY I really do, F1'f,t,1lL K' 142 sf L47 41 N'-. 1 f . K4- ,Qr ' .Qi .Ny ,- Yf, , ,."i-. AN.. rw- I r I li ,Rfk qw . .r .. I V. Qt' r :rl fy 6551? 'x -::. 'Ulla ug. ,.-4""' 'L A 1 od' l .2 1' Tobi Cohen 21 Albion St. Newton Centre Memries fm NS will last 4eva Member JA, SR, Veg, Pig. Gd Lk: EP + CD, DP + SD. KE - misya! Sumr 82 Lives! Kim - youll make it! "Life Goes On" "Cuz lm free as a bird now!" Thanx Sandy - dunno wut ld have dun wfo u! By Ina 8. HTTl Member Con82 tBooga- Boogab PS. lm NOT a Hobbit JMT ILY 8. JZB - Thanx for being! "Happiness is found along the way, not at the end of the road"- Andy, Francis Thomas Conneely 961 Walnut Street Newton The long and winding road that leads to your door, Will never dis- appear, I've seen that road before, it always leads me here, lead me to your door, To Gustav, Perry, and Glenn: You are there excellent guys - thanks. Peter Cooper 39 Donna Road Newton Center ELLEN SUE CRASNICK 163 Wiswall Rd. Newton "El" A V, 10, 11, 124 Science Fic- tion Club 12, Publicity 8. Senior Trip Comm, 12 "I expect to pa-s through this world but once Any good or kind- ness I can show, let me do it now and not delay or neglect it, for I shall not pass this way again" Thanks Mom, Dad, Larry, Kippy, Nana and friends for all your love and support David Michael Cullen 73 Herrick rd Newton Centre Hockey 11, 12 Good times with - JL, BH, PM, BR, B 81 C JR, CR, AR, JW, BA, EM Remember Dunky trips with Hoch B 8. C and York trips. Never forget the DO ME SISTERS. Thanks for all the Special times and Memories with Cammy. Thanks MOM 8 DAD Robyn Curl'-an 76 Drumlin Road Newton We are muchtoo latetorthe past, a little too late lor the present, but just in time for the future. It looks like we've made it despite everything adults tried to teach us. Thanks for everything M, D 81 P Steve John Dakoyannis 20 Peach Tree Lane Newton Centre "Oh so hot no time to take a rest, yeah. Act tough ain't room for sec- ond best. Real strong, got me some security, Hey l'm a big smash l'm goin' for infinity . . . " - Judas Priest SC., JS., CK, JS., DS., M.P , and all you other guys. Scorpions Led Zeppelin VH Angus etc. THANKS MOM AND DADlllll!ll Steven Dangelo 275 Brookline Street Newton Center lg-ed iron? 'Q- 'vw-A-14" Us -15 - 9-59 'WJ' '16 'Sa si Sl 'E 'lsr Emanuela Curcio 37 Champa ST Newton This chapter of my lite is daff- will never forget the merncr es International club 10, ll Thaw especially to you mom afld 'gang Thanks Mr R, MR H Mrs C ard PA' S Never forget you LY, ML ST MB, TG PM f hope you ge' along with-out me Gregory Cushna 19 Burnside Newtonhighlands Anna D'Altonso 27 John St Newton "A Friend is the first person who comes in when the whole world has gone out" Jen, I'Il never forget ya' M N 8. J B, IcouIdr1't have made it with, out you Summer of "82" with Bubba - Sanks a lot Mom 8. Dad your the best"" Michael D Daniele 44 Pettee st Upper Falls Good luck to all my friends and especially AIR HEAD Keith - Rss give it up Art Bill RAX Paul the hard driver Remember the sate' day nights biancos B U D N Si F O I A J Smoken 327,196-9 T4 Christopher Davis 29 Oak Street Upper Falls Joshua Malcolm Davis L36 Larch Rd 'Naban The young cousins did not quite 'off what to make of him Was he 1 "'rl,lSll'l himself? an uncle, per' traps" a poor relation? But it was a qmtortable house and a brilliant 'tiny' and in the end they would take fir lflr lor what he appeared to be, rlrifl he appeared to be very hap' , lohn Cheever 144 , -Q1""' il ff? as "Ji ' f- -at . ,,,. J"- '1 i " r a-:5 ,Y . nf .N 51 ER ., 1 ,, 4, I' . b at I . Daryl Keith Daniels 491 Boylston Street Newton Center The most useless day of all is that in which we have not laughed" Good times wrthe group 81 the en- tire music room crowd. Thanx Mom, Dad, Sha., Berg, Duck, Mrs. T PS. Never forget that some- where out there, someone is play- ing a Bass Clarinet . .. Michael Scott Davidson 110 Countryside Rd. Newton Soccer 10, 11, 12 Ind, Track 11, 12 Out. Track 11, 12 "BOBO", "Life is a dream - so please don't wake me." Gd times - old boys, Ros. Spag. Dal. Fru, Tou's greatest, Fun in Odes van! Steph NO WAP!, Ed, Goose, Kush - Gd Luck, Butts 5 votes? Lisa you'Il alwy be there, Cl, 83 enjoy! Gd Luck Bros. Mom, Dad - Love Ya. Daniel Davis 47 Chatham Rd. Newton Hlds. MA 02161 Tennis 10, 11, 12, State champs once, twice? MUN 10, 11, 12 dele- gation Champ "Rice is Nice" De- bate 10-12 "Wit is the only wall between us and the dark." Mark Van Doren Thanx to friends, teachers, and esp my family - you were all in- valuable. Remember Free Halls, Work to Rule, Channel 4, and good times, 'lWait, I have one more joke!" Ronnie Davis 33 Skyview Circle Newton Center ANISHA DAYAL 190 Hartman Road Newton Centre ONLY THOSE WHO RISK GOING TOO FAR CAN FIND OUT HOW FAR THEY CAN GO: "U may never see anyone in your h.s, clique again but u keep your really good ' friends for life," QFANTASTIC 4 Sl, 8. IYA gangl - ILY Mom, Dad, Ash, Deeps, Gram, 8. Scotch: "l've got to keep on cha- sin' that dream though I may never find it . . , " Pamela K. DiClemente 39 Jackson Street Newton Center Italian Club 11, 12. Beach Boys Endless Summers! Love 81 Luck to, Cath, Nancy A. 81 Petefreens. Sm. 81 - Nstr. Nonna, I love you! Always remember, Sum- mer 76-82. . .SPYI PEER 4! Baby- chick ICECALLI Buff. L. Gr. 81 Hisp. TV's PA's OODEAI Sue 8- Maria, Thanks for sharing a very special everlasting friendship! TS, PR 8 . . , Bobby Robin Lisa Doren 10 Voss Terrace Newton Centre "Don't say goodbye, say fare- weIl" Jane: Remember: Getting lost, Mass Pike 8. pasteup. Suzy: Remember: "Uh oh, I didn't drive to school today"l Susan: Remember: Nantasket 81 frozen brownies. I love you Mitch 8 Al, Mum 8 Dad. Good Luck KK Authur M, Eisenberg 9 Hill Crest Circle Waban "There's only one way to rock" Much later breezewayl Razz!! iPo- licel QZONEIIII B.O., MG., MD., KB, J.G., L.G., RB., Bake ses- sions "J, Giles" ... thanks BOR4 UMS and MOM and POP ev-if . up Tfgx sr' ?,-'41 1 Y x ' "E f " fri-3 "H .2f5' 5522213 , '14, . . , . . ,, -ef., .. x v '. 1 O",rl .:'-:AN - -1. 1.-f. A . 1 n A 1.70 , , . . . ' ' I Q fag- ' vp' -Q , '. '., oi J .3-:cy f .5 - "'. H ' 1 , Fi I x-X 1753? ave' CS I, Amy DeRogatis 242 Waban Ave Waban "Never am I less alone than when I am by myself, never am I more active than when I do nothing Min - IL life, ILY, IL them be-st combined Rick - more love ai, ways L H 8 S F summer '82 Wa- bangang8KM,SS,SG,CD. CA, good luck - Marin, Jana, Paul M 81 D - How many more months? ILYI and D C Seth A. Doolin 31 Moutnfort Rd, Newton Highlands "Chev breaks are snarling, As you stumble across the road But day breaks instead So you hurry home Don't let the sun Blast your shadow, Don't let the milk floats Ride your mind, So natural - religiously unkind" David Bowie Carolyn Drucker 53 Rachel Road Newton Centre "Life is not measured in years, it is measured in smiles, laughter, and tears," Thanx to all my friends for all the special times we've shared C.S.ers, crusing with Lumpy, Ex- plainl, Crees en enganar'P, K 8. C. multiples. Celts, singing, X-Coune try '81 Thanks Mom and Dad, ILY tsorry about all the phone calls J Adam Elman 73 Broken Tree Rd Newton center 02159 Elmo, Lacrosse 10. ll, 12, Foot- ball 1O, Regulus sports editor Spanish Club 1O, 11, 12 "caught up in dreams that I will never let go" - Kansas Good times with all the peep e I shared a laugh with PC, JS Thanks for listening Gooc Lck Sherri, Matt, and Josh Thanks Mom and DAd 145 James Fast 36 Walnut Pk. Newton Corner 'tAt a glance a xenon sphere is much like reality." However, after further investiga- tion one will find that a xenon sphere is. Look, Mommy, there's an air- plane up in the sky. Natalie Fine 59 Hyde Ave. Newton "I couldn't help it. I can resist anything except temptation." Aspecialthanksto myfriends SC, J.J, IS, CW, O.B, BB, JB, and all the DiMeIla's next door. Thaks Bumble Rumble and my very spe- cial family, special love to mom and dad. David B. Finkelstein 203 Woodcliff Rd. Newton Highlands X-Country Skiing IO, 11, 12, Har- vard Model UN. 10, 11, 12 B S A - 225, OA. - "Muskie" Camping, Working, "Surviving", with the crewi KK., PH., J.D., DF, JC, J.S., L.S., BO., and "Max". Thanks Mom, Dad, Gayle, and Jill Denis Fleming 959 Chestnut St Upper Falls X-Country 11, 12 Track 10, 12 Things don't change only the peo- ple who do them lt'sbeenfunJJ JB DT SC and all the rest of my friends Thanks Mom and Dad S 'UN yi' P9 'rl YJ" 'uf -L K af 146 EP' Q57 JS-'V vrsmsv 1 GAIL FEINSTEIN 125 Wayne RD. NEWTON "Our year has come to break away, we leave our closest friends. Despite what comes be- tween us, our memories never end" BEN - I'lI keep on loving you! Best of times in U.S.Y.! Night out with NET. Good Luck to all my friends! Mom, Mark, Janet, I Love You! Judy R. Finger 1338 Beacon Street Waban Swimming, band, vocal ensem- ble, dedo, Macha, and other span- ish chatter, Sha Sha Sha - listen - OYl, McDonalds, BBG, Venezu- ela, Beattles, CSN, "suite: Judy Blue Eyes", Celtics - Mchale, Wheeler commons. Thanks to evertone for the good times in '80-'83 Adam J. Fishbein 106 Deborah Road Newton Centre NSHS, a superb educational insti- tution from which l am honored to be graduated. Wohl sicher wir und sor genfrei: denn was nur lebt will lie ben, meiden will keiner die Minne A-C, Vi scrivo con amor. Nous ferons que nosotros hare- mos. Golf 10, Chess 10, Span- i'Fren 10, 11 Good luck to my fel- low graduates - CLASS OF 1983 - Maria L. Fontecchio 419 Langley Road Newton Italian Club 11, 12. Sue and Pam, my best friends you guys are I11! Thanx, Never Forget - CD, TS, PR, BD. We are 4 crazy "chicks"! Sue - all I can say is that you have great aim, The origi- nal peer - 4, Buff. L. Gr., Baby Chick, Hisp, IMPARTIAL - but hopefully not for too long. Hershey Squirts, ds, gyml Thanx, mom and dad. Jill D Forti 24 Caldon P ATH Newton Memories are valuable but exper- iences are unforgetable Cheerleading Capt 11712 WK. ED Party CHR. B, CUPS NB 12482Q LB, SS, LP, CW, HB, LB, TS HA, HA, OC, 1436 6717782 Scott, Lisa 111 Gene 1Of23f82, HEY BUTTS, F-HALL Hallo, Twins GT'S FOREVER, SW'S G-LUK EB. BH, YAK, AT, Lynn, EB WX? Thanxs MOM and DAD I LOVE YOU!!!l Sherri Frager 45 Ferncroft Road Waban Cheerleading Susan - "The good times are lor- ever, the bad times fade away." Sandy Smurf - Special Thank- sfTimes, c Cruisin WfMaestro, AD. -l- L.H. summer '82 talks WfE.K., Aquarium S + T, Thanks Pam, G-Times WfK.M., Lisa - surveys, Silky - your the best! Buzz + Chabes, Ron - Special Times, Special memories. Thanks to my family, I love you more than you know! Good Luck Neil!! Jeremy Fox 569 Sawmill Brook Pkwy, Newton Ctr. "The incomprehensible is incom- prehensible, and we know that al- ready. But the cares we have to struggle with every day: that is a different matter." FRANZ KAFKA Pamela Geller 22 Southwick Rd. Waban Basketball 10, 11, Enrichment Program 12, YG 8- B 11, SHSfsp,d. 11, 12 Rem. those good times with LS., DH, PP., JJ., D,T,, L,J. "Get it girl" Best Wishes! Best of luck 81 success to evb. GOOD RIDANCE Shellie Gaines 71 Sevland Road Newton Centre "A friend is one to whom one may pour out all the contents o' ones heart, chaff and grain together knowing that the gentlest of hands will take and sift it, keep what is worth keeping, and with the breath of kindness blow the rest away Arabian Proverb Debate 10, 11, 12 Sharon Gabriel 15 Van Wart Path Newton "The days to come are my dreams The days that passed are my memories, but today is now when it all happens," "A smile takes but a moment but the memories of it last forever" good luck to special friends, we made it! love you and thanx mom. dad, good luck Adl Sandy my sis- ter always, Joe my sweetie ILU Kathleen Galvin 93 Manchester Rd Newton Hlds. Keep dreaming it's better than re- alityl swimming 10, 11, 12 Little man at GCC. Eh Joss Bill I DS. Karen my best buddy! CDBJ canoe trip! Experiences we try to forget! Summers at W C. t 17 yrs Thanx for always being there' Good times w Rene, Deb. JW JA, Thanx Mom 8 Dad ILY Tim, Kara, Tom, lLY Marc Gerstenteld 710 Commonwealth Ave Newton Center 147 Richard Gockelman 30 Woodbine St Aubumdale Richard M Goldman 407 Waban Avenue Waban Debate 10, 11, 12 lt's up lor grabs Tony's locker - "It you have nothing to say, it's best to say nothing." Scott Paul Gordon 459 Dudley Road Newton Centre 'll'rn glad to report that even at this late day a blank sheet of pa- per holds the greatest excitement tor me - more promising than a silver cloud. I can remember look- ing a sheet of paper square in the eyes when I was seven or eight years old and thinking "This is where I belong, this is it." E B While Sharon Eve Grayzel 219 Lake Ave Newton Highlands "lm on the road to find out," for it is not the arrival, but the tourney and this is iust one step along the way To my friends "Lost in a dream, Lost among the buttercups " Loveto M,D,L,A,T,andS,J. E3 , R , J 148 Jill Allison Goldman 118 Annawan Rd. Waban "Time it was, and what a time it was, ... a time of confidencesf' - P. Simon. Mer, Ber, Ner, Re: Keep being ones - you know what kind!!! BS. - Good Luck Senior Year!!! Thanks and Good Luck to all my friendsllll It is time to move on!!!! David Goose 98 Hagen Rd. Newton Centre "Each night I wait to get caught, but I never do." Bruce Springsteen Good luck to JM, PC, EK, JC, and to Mike at the big W. Special thanks to SS, and MW for their finacial aid. Thanks Mom and Dad for your support. Susan Gordon 29 Sharpe Rd Newton Center Cheerleading - 11 "Born To Run", Night with NET, LE- HIGH - 11f8f82, J.B. - since age 3, Sherri - "We swore tor- everfriends onthe backstreets un- til the end". Good Luck to all my friends, Remember - Goodbye, doesn't mean forever. Steven 81 Kenny - You're the best! Thanks Mom and Dad - I LOVE YOU! Jonathan Grocer 4354D Dedham St. Newton Since this is my second Year at south I have to admit it has been unusual. I guess l should say good luck to everybody who thinks they can make it in the world. To K R. I L U!! Ps, l'M NOT AN AIR HEADIIII! Sylvia Mina Groussis 3 Carl St. Newton "Il my mind can conceive it, and my heart can believe it, I can achieve it." Loren - When your down and troubled and U need a helping hand .,. U got a friend. Mark - OUCH! Hey Linda, Jo-anne we made itll!! All my love to mom, dad + Peter and George, thanx. Howard Gun 66 Alexander Road Newton Highlands I Came, I saw . . . Well two out of three ain't bad! Thanks to mom, dad and Steve Welcome ever smiles, and Fare- well goes out sighing - William Shakespeare Doreen Hagar 248 Winchester St. Newton Highlands Soccer 10, 11, 12, Basketball 10, 11, 12, Softball 11, capt, 12 Good luck: Cheryl, Billy, Jenny, Kristen and Jennifer. My best ol luck TOMMY, I will always love you. Paul Hagerty 111 Beethoven Ave. Waban THE ELITE "We Live Our Lives Like There's No Tomorrow" The Lot 81 The Grave. BUD 8 THE MAJOR J.D.'s Tap! "The SUPER- STAR" Auto Classllll "VAN HA- LEN" 111, Morrocco Driving 8. The CUTLASS. BRACKEN's PARTY!! AWESOME TIMES WITH ELITE!!! The ATOMIC PUNK "The 5th Nutri- ent "WHERE'VE ALL THE GOOD TIMES GONE" Jan Gumes 40 Hamlet St Newton VPolBSUA1O,12Tobe r G ' B - 11 I'Il never forget CT IM C HA, HA, HB, DT, DH, TH, KH, C. - miss ya! TT, ST, HH, DP, YH, SG IT, SA + MB "Where's the party at""l MO - Luv ya' KM, SF my 5:1 cuz' JB - BF's - forever f GE my 221 ACE! MU1 I couldnt ha I6 made it without you, thanx To TG my first love, Diamonds are - lorev er. Mom, we made it' HI Dad' "I love you all because you cared Thomas "Nem" Hackett 48 Windsor road Waban When opportunity knocked at my front door, I was out inthe back- yard looking for four-leaf Clovers 149 I 1 o f 'sf - Clk- 7 4 L qs In 1 nf' '1 Lori Hite 12 Antonellls Circle Newton Centre Follow every light, follow every star, maybe write a song tonight and find out who you are. T-Boppers, AD, 81 S.F. - Summer 82, SI - Gh., I and E, CD. - The Frizzies, OH MYl, "MY CAR", For- eigner 4 - GC., music family D 8 B, AMAZINGI, Thanks S 81 A, Love you MOM 81 MARSH. Gini Hueltlg 217 Suffolk Road Chestnut Hill The blue man is smiling l'm not a prophet or a stoneage man lust a mortal with potential of a super- man l'm living on - David Shall she denunciate sanity And make a plea For some simple peace- 'P Shall she turn to insanity? - Tone Thank you everyone, I hope you know who you are 150 5 '-1, f r N X 3" f--""" E'-vx 'fl I -vi., ' .- ' V 5 .g,, iq ' 4 V I Llgf' TRACY K. HAIRSTON 18 Heatherland rd Newton, MA. "SMOOVE", yey now l know that's right. BASKETBALL 10, 11, rocker's re- venge 12 THANKS, MOMMY, GRANDMA, "King" TIM Goodtimes wfE- VERYONEII "Fellas", "Anybody Hot," "You Know Why", "Cause We're COOL!" WE - FUNK! "Your funkentelechy once turned on, never turns off, "ARE YOU READY - TO THROW DOWN. Dec. 19, JOANNE 11117 THE TIME . . ."AIN'T NOBODY BAD LIKE ME! Deborah Hartman 43 Hillside Rd, Newton "Friendship is just a little word, it's people who make it big". Always remember the great times with all my friends. Ski trip '82, concerts CThe Clashl, Volleyball 11, 12 Love those handles - P.M. Good luck to everyone. Thanx Mom and Dad. Dan Hodgson 248 LaGrange Chestnut Hill "The MOOSE IS LOOSE" Pon wall??'? "BROKEN GLASS" "Never stay sober" THE ELITE! Wild nights with SOCO, BB, BB. PH, KS, TG. "THE MAJOR" "Grave" Fri. Night Fights without BB. Fast Times At NSHS "Hey Dude" JD's PartyfHags Charger, 400m by JG - AIR FORCE - "vette" thanks Mom, see you in four. W. Kent Jackson 5 Sheldon Road Newton Center Joseph M. Jacobson 91 Neshobe Road Waban "lnvention breads invention" - Ralph Waldo Emerson Soccer 10, 11, 12, Skiing 10, 11, 12, Tennis 11, 12, Science Club 10, 11, 12, Debate Team 12 John Johnson 15 Thurston Rd. Upper Falls ... Welcome to this one man show Just take a seat they're always free No suprise, no mystery. ln this disaffect I call my soul l always play the starring role. Does everyone stare the way l do? I only look this way at you. lroarlb Andrea Kaplan 36 Stony Brae Road Newton Highlands "l look to the sea, reflections in the waves spark my memory, some happy, some sad, l think of childhood friends and the dreams we had." Field Hockey 8. Lacrosse, CtS.ers, Lucy's, latin circles, Explain! dead fish lthree of themb, Don't yell at me! Kak ca va? You can't get there from here! Thanx mom and dad - Joseph Andrew Kaufman 850 Dedham St, Newton Centre Wrestling 103 Gymnastics 11, 12 "Anything worth doing is worth do- ing right." "SLlCK" SK, TS '72 chev, Thanks to Mom and Dad for pointing me in the right direction, Good luck to Mari, I love you alll Kirsten Jenkins 29 Orchard Avenue Waban RememberSO, ML,PB, TM MC, MB, AC, Yogi 5 skiing Canadian Fish eat Blueberries Ita- lia, Fiat 500's, Camels Sailing the Charles, Hawaii the Clinic, Drurnlin Farm Dad's wetwillies 8 icecream Worry not Nui! Capito'P Va Bene' Inventing the anti-gravity machine Take Care lan! Neil Johnson 47 Terrace Avenue Newton Highlands Football 10 11 12, Basketball 10 Wrestling 11, Lacrosse 10 11 12 Big: NB, Cloam, Aided zone, Weekends at Cakes, Gno, Dave - NB G-Block? A. Ees up, Mr Has' sie? No, l won't buy for you. Beth. we've got to jam. Butts 8- Jilly 8 every one else, it's been big Allin all, not a bad way to spend three years of your life. Thanks, Scott Kaplan 43 Hanson Road Newton Centre Indoor Track 11, 12 Outdoor Track 11, 12 "The harder you work, the harder it is to surrender" HOCH - chase me! JILL - re- member all the great times, TODD - WFIU. aquarium, MAMA wres- tling wfDUEROD KUSH, ARDO MC, R.L, E.K, SB, SMILEY GOING AROUND THE BLOCK TO BUILD UP SPEED Linda, Randi Marc, Mike, MOM and DAD thanks for all the help! LOVE YA Diana Kelley 236 Varick Road Waban "All right now, that's enough of that " - Pete Townshend 151 Rachel Kennison 16 Stanley Road WABAN t'Andyet the order of the acts has been schemed and plotted and nothing can avert the final curtains fall, To live life to the end is not a childish task." Dr. Zhivago. I am no longer a mushroom, dad. Rufus. you'll never be taller. Reish - 121. All those who know - ILY. Remember my name. Joshua Andrew King 34 Agawam Road Waban! "I will not equivocate - I will not excuse - l will not retreat a single inch" - Wm. L. Garrison "What have I in my pocket" J.R.R.T. LAX - Capt, NEBOLA, others Hello Leibs, Beby Ros, Doaf, l'm sorry, Kush, Abes Hose -fun at UNH, LAX Camp Garth - What do you do? Wabanites - best Fun miles away - Hash- browns at Cape, GUYS Breakfast in Cornish, GiIRos Skiing KIDDO - nice, Jimi Lives, Good luck to all Rachel Lynn Klein 273 Upland Ave. Newton Highlands DO, Ol 8 NT, thanx for loving me unconditionally. Lisa Josh Karen your strength 8. support guide me. The People, Huettigs 8 courtyard THANKS! Sean, for yesterday to- day 8 tomorrow I LOVE YOU. Russ - you cared, the rose blossoms. M 8. D thanks for your faith in me. Anybody else in here feel the way i do? Life is now in progress! Phil Knapp 58 Burdean RD Newton Center "Those who wish to be Must put aside the alienation Get on with the fascination The real relation The underlying theme" f RUSH 152 Adam Kibel 18 Devon Ter. Newton Centre "You mean l'd NEVER get out?" said Pooh. "I mean," said Rabbit, "that having got SO lar, it seems a pity to waste it." - Winnie the Pooh Deborah Klein 39 Byfield Road Waban Karl M. Knapp 17 Baldpate Hill Rd. Oak Hill "Accomplish all you can in life, be- cause when else are you going to do it" Cross-Country Skiing 10, 11, 12, Model U.N. 12, Yearbook Photo Staff 12 Thank you everyone, GO FOR IT! Laura S. Kohl 54 Bound Brook Rd. Newton Highlands Denebola, 10, 11, Editor-in-Chief, 12 Skiing, 10-12, Lacrosse, 10- 2, Band Hebrew College, 9-12, ls- rael '82 - Sprout! Love to all my friends. Susan, best friends always. Mom, Dad, Su- sanne, thanks for everything, I Love You. "Two roads diverged in a wood, and I -fl took the one less trav- eled by, fAnd that has made all the difference," - Robert Frost Nicholas Komar 61 Wade St. Newton Highlands International Club 11, 12g Explor- er's C. 12 What fun! Miriam and John Ryan l'll never forget you. Maybe not you either JG. O those far away places where the natives speak apanish! I don't know why Cynthia, I just feel like saying Thank you. G 8 S pit 10, 12 "After all, the cello is the best in- strument in the world" JZ. But enough of dead birds, now life be- gins. Sherri Krassin 4 Brandeis circle Newton "We need to create a world where all can peacefully life the life they choose" To my friends - "even though we may be apart you are always with me" Ron thanx for the support 8. confidence you've always given me, Mom 8. Dad - I LOVE YOU, I couldn't have done it without you Evan Kushner 108 Rosalie Rd. Newton Ctr. "Destinyis notamatterofchance, it's a matter of choice." Basketball 10, 11, 12 Baseball - 10, 11, 12. All my love to Mom + Dad! Thanks for all your love and patience! Great friends: Sandy. Ros, Josh, Todd, K-Kool and the gang, Shez, Scott, Bobo. Thanks Ms. A. cards games wfsick friends, Hookups everywhereg Famous quotes by N, McPheeg Best of luck Liz and Laura! David E. Laine 48 Westchester Road Newton, Ma. "Dave and Beth together forever! Remember all the great times we had and all the great times we'Il share in the future!" HI to BS., S.M., L.S., E.R. and the rest of the gang! LOVE YA BETHll!l! -sr' +4-A-df ,J 1' IU bad. Z ' QQ 19 .yi 'Sf' .f"'N 63 NJ-1 Q'-Hr 7. O.-al' Oliver Komar 61 Wade Street Newton Highlands 02161 International Club has good par' ties Love to foreigners live got to learn Spanish! "The Nord IS love" "I-toldfastto dreamsforifdrearns die, life is a broken-winged bird that cannot fly" K - Langston Hughes A tout a l'heure! Paul Kulesza 38 Mechanic St Newton Upper Falls My goal now, is to make the "lM- POSSIBLE DREAM" a reality Good luck to All my friends in the years to come A.M. LS. M D B O CA. JG. RB. Polish Power Carolyn J. LaCamera 249 Dudley Road Newton "lf I leave here tomorrow, would you still remember me, for I must be traveling on now 'cause there's too many places l've got to see. Lynard Skynard" Good times with . . , SM, SC, DA. CN, PP M.N KB. Summers in Fal- mouth . , . To my family . . . May we be together forever . 2 3 BO Love you always Chip James Christopher Lambert 389 Woodward st Waban "Happy are those who dream dreams and are ready to pay the price to make them come true" G T W W PM, BH, CR, DC. MP, BR, LM, B 8. C. JM, JH, JF l'My only friend the end" Remember P S - Russ. Al, MadMax, and Vinnie MJ f Best of luck, and thanx Neyer forget Macs. BK, and York "Drip, ble's" "Ouch that hurts us" "Klon- dukes" 153 Jon Laurans 8 Waldorf Rd. Newton Highlands To Charlie Sullivan - Thanx for the push - Best of Luck! Roberts Center, Sub money, Stairs, Nurses Station, Benny, Sweetness. Songs, Rhyme Basketball 10, 11 Tavares 12 Thanx Ice, Trace. Charlie, The only ones with guts M.T., AS, Rans, K M , All the rest Thank you Mom, you're the greatest! Ellen P. Lee 15 Bertrand rd. Newton "You are never given a wish with- out also being given the power to make it true". Track 11, 12, Lax Manager 11, 12 Great times with Kristin, Jo, Muff, Kimmy, Lauren, and Jen. Love ya always Dave . , . Thanks for everything Mom and Dad, love you both .., Ell Mark Andres Leibovich 72 Agawam Road Waban HLEIBCSJ COD "Soccer, Lax, SRC, 10, 11, 12, Sr. class VP, Deneb 11, 12. "lf a plant does not live by its na- ture, it dies. And so a man." - Thoreau. thanks to the priceless friends who have made these years so meaningful "Mike let me be the hero." - SR - Cape 82 Withe guys. "Damn Crutches!", The Code, KO. Bossy, "Wake up Josh!", WSHEADS disease Love to my very special family. Jonathan Lerman 16 Kerr Path Newton Center 154 il' E sl . , 5 .I K? , .Hi I 'lf t 5 -4, ff X 'W- A ' 'xi tl .Q 'QQ N03 W A Q1 414' -.1 XIN' F-7- 115 if Karen Leavitt 104 Carver rd. Newton Hlds. Swimming 10, 11, 12 Kath fd.b,J thanx for 17 great years. Summers in Maine the best! Yes Rene I'm human too. GCC, Good luck Squelle Thanks Mom and Dad May Lee 35 Tanglewood Road Newton Centre "LIVE FREE and LEARN FROM MISTAKES or DIE", Toni. Elizabeth J. Leitman 18 Avalon Road Waban Memories of soccer, track, Mon- ster, Rudi, Teeny, CB, Sha, SM, Dedo, Macha, "FF", roar, 22, hunting, best buddies, "Rebel Re- bel", "2 to go", 117, 3127, summer at Bill's, "Moonlight Mile" - The Stones, interpretations of the mthds., the wrappers, "good doggy" and "blue skies". Thanks, Jon. . .Love to the "witch" of Ava- lon Rd. and Jules. Melissa Levin 248 Old Farm Rd Newton Center t'I'm just sitting here watching the wheels go round and round, l really love to watch them roll, No longer riding on the merry-go-round, Ijust had to let it go." John Lennon, Good luck and thanksto my friends - you know who you are! Mrs. Korelitz, Mrs. Davio - your're the best! Family thanks for everything. Ardie Levine 182 Hartman Road Newton Center V.O. all the way and tthe stollen carl Memories of the Holiday Inn and Paul, Never forget our song, Keep on Lov in' You by R.E.O., Cause I won't. If you love some- thing, let it gog if it comes back to you, it's yoursg if it doesn't, it never was. Thanks, M 8. D Mark Levy 42 Cynthia Rd Newton Centre "I asked him which was the way back home He said take a right at the light keep goin' straight until night and then boys you're on your own." - Bruce Springsteen - Don't Forget: Bruuccce, GCC, Opus The Boss, Scary, WAE - Thanks to All "Could it be that I've found my home at last," - Steely Dan - BYE! Brian Lewis 302 Woodward St. Waban "One life, I'm gonna live it up, I'm takin' flight, I said l'll never get enough, stand tall, I'm young and kinda proud, I'm on top as long as the music's loud . .. " Judas Priest The Elite - "We live our lives like there's no tomorrow." Baseball 10, 11, 12 Richard A. Lipof 37 Baldpate Hill Rd. Newton "You may say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one. I hope some day you'll join us, and the world will live as one." - John Lennon. Gymnastics 10, 11, 12, Golf 10, 11, 12. Good friends S.K, S.A, S.A, E.K, HB, H.A, S.Z, K-KOOL, SC, JK. Thanks Mom, Dad, C, R, M, P. Michael E Leviton 84 Sumner St Newton Centre Duuh, gee Tennessee Chumley "The W-- Liberals" CW Ai- tree Soccer, Gymnastics and a few great people yu.-. -,j I fee 'bs Rebecca Levy 23 Lakewood Rrd -.3-fat, Newton Highlands "lt's broccoli, dear." "I Say it's spinach, and I say the hell with it " - EB, White fl ff... -ani r't":-F' Barbara Littmann 195 Old Farm Rd Goodwin V-ball Cpt. 12 B-ball Cpt. 12 S-ball Cpt. 12 Hey Ce CAMJI Sha, Jen, MU Spice, Donna, Chico, Bye Mom Mealyl Thanx Coach B., MJ W KC 8 BJ JF LB DR JA 2CRSl SG MB VO DS CG KL, GL Bros LUV U Much Mom 8. Dad "Have no remorse. for there is a friend out there, that you've yet to meet" 195 .4-5 Ill ' ' T 41 5 , 155 STEVE LONDON 717 Boylston Street Newton Highlands Photo '81' Austria, Switzg Engl, '82' Computer programers never die they iust get lost in memory banks! PS. - Do Ditty Dums 8. Klondikes definitly! "THE AWE- SOME PATROL' ', Headphones 8 Walkman Here To Stay!!! Then they sent me away to teach me howto be sensible logical 'practi- cal intellectual - College Here I Come. Jeanne Marie Madden 46 Devonshire Road Waban Ciao! Friends, J'vous aime tout, +JS' ' "Then the little pieces of brain which had been cut out were put away to think their little thoughts quietly somewhere among the garbage." - J Burden "When life and peo- ple bring on primal screams . . . " - S, Tyler. Much love, X's 8. O's CQ Cutums 8- Mum. Vivian M. Mar 109 Rachel Road Newton Highlands When you wish upon a star, Dreams will take you very far, But when you wish upon a dream. Life ain't always what it seems. Earth Wind and Fire Thanks BHS, D.M., AC., S.F,, C G, SM., ,.. D.S.F.F.T.F.E.l- L Y LV fHicktown!J Mitchell J Matorin 20 Buff Circle Newton Centre "ln a punctual way ol speaking, good-by " - Kurt Vonnegut 'lNow comes the mystery" - Henry Ward Beecher Debate, 12 J D llt's a bit skunky, but toler- able J, L'elan, il est libre"', OC QE B W, 8 l'll bring the winel, Thanks, W D 8. J D' KM le Boo- zierj M 8- D! 156 Ti fe' rf, 5 . I 1 l ,ffl fl "MTV VW Us 'U' Af 5713! Jane Longson 181 Windsor Road Waban "Thus grew the tale of wonder- land, And now the tale is done. And home we steer, a merry crew, Beneath the setting sun." A plea, Robby, "l hope my legs don't break " You can't get there from here! Don't worry Sess- liag l know zackly where we are! Kittypillars "Ballerina, you must have seen her, dancing in the sand." Elton John Cathy Manzelli 960 Chestnut St Newton At last! Goodbye and good luck to everyone in cutler bathroom. B.S. RC. M.N. A,D. JB. C.L. N.C. K.G. TM. K.V, L.M. Good luck Audra in your remaining years in South, you to Debbie. All my thanks and love to my family especially to Mom and Dad, LOVE YA Gerald Marcus 72 Esty Farm Road Newton Centre "SkyIer" Baseball 10, 11, 12 Thanks AR, PC, DG, EK, MD, JE Special thanks to Mom 8. Dad! Good luck to the Class of 83 William Karl McLaurin 72 Fisher Ave. Newton "Winning requires discipline. The spirit requires freedom and I am caught in the tension between these two contradictory terms," H, Minor Treas, SC, HC, EP, BSU, Ball, IC. I am K-Kool My chill Bro's and all the rest of my boys, Lds - SS, JG, AR, AR, My people - M's + D's Thanx for your screams of anger and love! Kim - wfo ya I wouldn't be me, love you all. N - Ricks "Scoop" Teri McGlinchey Cutler House Great memories , . . Kim, V CAPE COD 4-ever. KALUHA sombreo's always on my mind. Everlasting diet!! Many good time's with friends. RC, D,H, J.S, N.C. I can't believe I really did it in 2 yr's "lf you want something bad enough you can do it" Stay friend's 4-ever Babe K. Thanks Linda 8. Dad. Mom ILY. Fred, An excellent 2 yr's though good 5 bad I LOVE YOU ALWAYS Loren Marie McMullen 24 Carl Street Newton "l'm not afraid of tomorrow for I have seen yesterday and I love to- day." Syl - I couldn't have done it with' out you, You are special. Linda - Where are T 8. B? Pags - When mountains crumble to the sea, there will still be you and me. I love you. Mom and Linda - Thanks - ILY. Debra Meyers 57 Ripley Street Newton Center lf you love something, set it free. If it comes back to you, it's yours, If it doesn't it never was, Memories: A.C., C.G., S,G,, V.M., S.F., MM., M.Y., JS., JM., S.M.. "Get up sleeping beauty", Chris' Work stories, East!Q11S0f0 C86 Halloween 82' Thanks to all my friends! Sherry Michelson 37 Fox Hill Road Newton Center "Kiss today goodbye the sweet- ness and the sorrow wish me luck the same to you . .. " C.L. Mom, Dad + Phil, Thanks - Love You Good luck to all my friends BC, S.S, A.C, S.K. Cynth + Ren, Who ever said, "Three's a crowd" K-108, Florida 82, Venezuelans The Pont + post box, CD, free- bies at C.H. See you just now . ,. C? 4:3439 IZ ,i M I Linda McLellan 59 Carl St Newton Highlands soccer 10, tt, I2 Good friends last forever, Loren Mina, Jo-Anne Great times with Paula + Nancy Thanks for being there Sue, B S H, D F K , Good- luck Pags, RC Summer'81w Big sisters Thanks MOM for being two Love to Kathy and John Irene Melville 31 Rockledge Road Newton Highlands Now we take our time so noncha- lant, and spend our days so bon vivant ... We light our lamps for atmosphere, and hang our hopes on chandeliers . . . We know it's all a passing phase, and so its time to change our ways, but l've loved these days , . . Billy Joel THANKS - friends 8- family Melissa Meyers 57 Ripley St. Newton Centre "Good friends last forever" Numbers, Needham, 8 "Stick to- gether", Clubs, Westwood, Baby Blanket, Hey Viv, 9:30-9i45, OK 7 C Meyers C Meyers Tanya, Go for it Michelle! J,W. Late again! Be therel, Centre St., Pantyhose 8 Halloween mask, All my love to mom Good luck everyone!!! Laurie Millender 63 Lovett Rd Newton "The distance is nothing, it is only the first step which counts " l have taken that step with help from the BAYGL and REGULUS people, mg, very special friends. and of course, my fantastic family LIVE LOVE LAUGH - we did' New l'm "Looking for fun and feelin groovy" Simon and Garfunkel 157 Andrew Miller 39 Homewood Rd. Waban "We mock the things we are to be" Thanks to the guys from Waban. Rodney Daingerfield and Mom and Dad Darrell C. Miller 22 Fenno St. Roxbury, Mass Best of times here at N.S.H.S. Achieve all you can and make something out of yourself. Scor- pio, Maxx, Robbie, Sugar "D" - in "83", Haircuts, potential, Metco, Karen, Smurfs, The Wave Now break it down, KJ, JA, ICE, PD, RW, JG, FC, DAISY, JW, Hol- lie-Moe, and Sweets. T.B.C. Cru- saders, Never settle for less when you can have the best - Me. Thanks Mom for every thing you've done for me Michele Miller 40 Butts Street Upper Falls Scott Miller 148 Truman Road Newton Center 158 Cynthia Miller 61 Wade Street Newton Highlands Karen Lynn Miller 27 Grace Road Newton Cheerleading, Lax, Yearbook, Baygl X-Country '81, Israel '82, D.J.N. ' '... The seasons spinning round again, the years keep rolling by." Stephen - Thanks for waiting. 15- Hits, T-Boppers, K 81 C's band, Ros. Thanks to my friends - Good times are forever. Mom, Dad, Da- vid, 8. Barry - Thanks for your love and support, Peter Miller 27 Roundwood Rd Upper Falls SOCCER 10, 11, 12, TRACK 10, 11, Lax 12 GYMNASTICS 11, 12 "ALWAYS GIVE YOUR BEST EF- FORT NO MATTER WHAT THE SIT- UATIONS ARE!" BLO-PETE? BEND OVER, LET ME DRIVE YOU HOME!! HOCH. GOODLUCK IN THE FUTURE! DP, SC, MP, JL, CR, EM, DC, JW, C + BW AND FRIENDS COULDN'T HAVE MADE IT WITHOUT YA. ICHICS LYAJ MACS MUCH? LOVE AND THANKS TO THE TWO I LOVE AND RESPECT THE MOST MOM AND DAD, YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT YOU MEAN TO ME! Wanda R. Miller 103 Beethoven Ave, Waban "Dance is the key to Iife" "All the world's a stage and all the men Merely . . . dancers." BB. 81 P.K thanks for everything. Coffee, Waban Ave., "FUNK IT!" Courtyard, Now's the time to move on, but don't forget the past for it holds fond memories. Set your mind to it and most anything can be attained. To all my friends, our friendship is real is real and ever- lasting Liza Christine Monahan 16 Wilson Circle Newton Great times and good friends will always be remembered. K.V. more adventures to come! S, C, E, M, Poo-Poo, C, Spy - I love you! Mom - you're a cutie - thanks! ILY2 Joanne Moskow 47 Wayne Road Newton Center Sarah Murphy 101 Avalon Road Waban "Do l know him?", "Sha-sha", "Listen!", "I have to tell you some gossip -", O. Market, dead head, ice-cream, J. blocks, western boots. Swimteam, Vocal Ensamble, SRC Thanks to all my friends and to the "Brady Bunch of Avalon Road"! William J. Murphy 12 David Rd. Newton Ctr. Lacrosse - 10, Science club - 11, 12, J.A. - 12 M.O., J.S. - 1forAg 2 forBg 3forC R.S., J.S., A.S. with "Tho Biffer" D.G. - Oh sh' 'l Watch out forthe snowplowll "There's never time to do it right, but there's always time to do it over." Nr-9 fr -G v 'T of-f 'T' W! ww x hx w . TN ,f A Dwayne Eric Mosby 32 Kappius Path Newton "We all have the ability to realize our greatest dreams " HOW DO YOU FEEL, SHOCKER7' Track 10, ll RS, SA, KJ, SA, VD RR, M S,M.O,D M Lage' -81-'83F Block Forever HMASKED MOS- BY" "SPORTY" MAKE IT IN MAS- SACHUSETTS!! Jill Mucciarone 101 Alban Road Waban "Days go by butmemories last for- ever" Lots of love and luck to ALBA and MICHELLE - MM., DM., MM A.C., M.Y., VM., JL, E C., DK M.O., J.O. AND OF COURSE RON' Remember Summers at the beach Halloween, 12f'17-81, RS. and Parties And most of all KENNY! Thanks MOM and DAD!!! Theresa Murphy 40 Circuit Avenue Newton "lt'sbettertolightone candlethan curse the darkness." Thanks to my family and to all my friends. Good luck Colby and the White Mules! South - lt's been reall Edward G. Murray 25 Walter Street Newton Centre Soccer 10, 11, 12, llO5: Award Indoor Track lO, ll, Capt 12 Baseball lO. ll, 12 Great times with Schrodes and Bobo GoodluckL P andJ S Nev- er forget the Cape with David P Carolyn. l love you Thanks Mom. Dad, Sis and Nez 159 Lauren Myers 104 Vine Street Chestnut Hill "Many many men can't see the open road Mellow is the man who knows what he's been missing." Thanks to all those special peo- ple. 'lm going where those chilly winds don't blow," David Naimark 29 Lovett Rd. Newton Ctr. "In years to come they may dis- cover what the air we breathe, the life we lead are all about, but it won't be soon enough for me." - Paul McCartney Joanne Neiberg 72 Dalton Road Newton THE BEST IS YET TO COME! Mika- do, H.M.U.N,, History Club, May Arts, Graphics The best of friends, DD.V A,C.K.H.J.J.H,J,J.B8.H.S D C NF. CW, Thanks Mrs, M, Ms, A, Mr D BB. ILY MOM, POP, MIKE 8. RUNT You give me the confi- dence to succeed. blub, blub, blah? Heidi Nottonson B8 Nardell Road Newton Centre Don't ignore that which is truly im- portant to you, lor once it is gone, you may never get it back. Swimming 10, ll Lacrosse 10, ll JJD, EB, HM, NEFTY, ACN 160 ',,,-an A Ls-F -,.,t I greg IU'- M95 f .nf 43 Li T'-Y X. I David Nahor 20 Amy Circle Waban "The Exodus ls Here" - Townshend NBNB NBNB NBNB NBNB NBNB NBNB Thanks to those who helped me when I needed it most Cheryl Nathanson 1601 Centre St. Newton My 2 Bt's and times with Sue M. CWINNIEJ Great Am. Hero Car -I- Chip Cape partying. "MO" your HEX" Deb H. roundotfs 4-ever, B- room memories. C-YAS SS. A.D. M.C. L.C. Kari L.M. J.E. And the rest. Thanks Mom and Dad! I LOVE YOU. lt's A Miracle! Good luck Mitch! and Moe! I LOVE YOU CHRIS!!l! Mark E Nicoletti 60 Pontiac Road Waban Soccer 10, 11, 12', Gymnastics 10, 11, 12', Baseball 10, 11', 12' "I am mad north-north-west. When the wind is southerly I know a hawk from a handsaw." Hamlet Charles Mikel Oglesby 16 Charles River Terr Newton "lf you have a goal settling in your mind reach lor it, say to yourself this will be MINE!" - D train, Basketball 10, 11, 12 BSU 10 Big fun and laughs with my boys, KH, TH, ABros, KJ KM, MR, VB - keep on steppin til you reach high- er ground. Its all been a SGT. BUST reprise, right Frank? Love Ya Don- na T., Gigolos get Lonely To!! Thanks for your support Mom 8- Dad Sarabeth Okstein 29 Allen Avenue Waban "I SHALL PASS THROUGH THIS WORLD BUT ONCE. ANY GOOD THEREFORE THAT I CAN DO LET ME DO IT NOW, FOR I SHALL NOT PASS THIS WAY AGAlN." Justin Olansky 44 Erie Avenue Newton Highlands "Don't worry about it." - General Hospital! Softball 10, 12, Basketball 12, ln- ternational Club 10, 11, 12, Music Dept. 10, 11, 12, "Mikado", "Fun- ny thing Happened" Miss Ya . . , M.B., V.B., MM., L.C., M.F., M.P., N.K., O.K., J.O., J.O. Thanks mom and dad!! Mark Paglia 19 Charlemont St. Newton Hockey 11, Capt. 12, Baseball 11, Capt. 12 "To say l'II do it tomorrow means it will never get done." Good times with the teams. Good luck L.M. 81 Syl Loren C2-22-791 Til forever Couldn't have done it with out you. l.L.Y Thanks Mom, Dad, G 8 G Luv Ya. Mike Perkins 58 Country Club Rd Newton Centre LAX V-101112 Soccer TO 11 Asl walk through the valley of death. Trouble is alaways fun - fun is alaways trouble. Everybody wants some VAN HALEN Hoch Cheeks Flodo Chinsta Kimo lron Man Ste- pha Eddie Ying B - Lew Buba The greatist people Thanks M + D for everything I still want A truck . . . I 'Q ,.f' K K: gb. an 939 '1."'. 1 Q .p"l J ' ,rl . ' " - X- xl., ,h Q .. X.. . -1 if T . I -4- ..- 9 H: Q4 if ,W K. ,. .. ,- .- Xi, t 5 'k...e'2-"--."' - F 'Sw . . gf. Rf I 1: QA b -ft. ,fa 5, gg 1 I' S .D L 9 A ' ' i F.: -H str 4 N gl :Y s Q- ' x s A g .fn 1 R 'RH Douglas Okun 147 Lake Ave Newton Centre My long two-pointed ladder s sticking through a tree Toward heaven still, And theres a barrel that I didn't lill Beside it, and there may betwo orthree Applesldidnt pick upon some bough But l am done with apple-picking now - Frost William Osborn 984 Chestnut Street Waban Ozzie, Raz, Art, Airhead Mike, Keith, Ron, TFSS. Sat nights Bian- co's Party Zone, Camping, LS, DF. 55 NY, Bud, CCT, BO, 82, Summer 82, M 81 D l.L.U. -gt 'S-'sf' . 7 . Q' h ,f - x 161 Emily Phillips 73 Old Farm Road Newton Centre "If you think it you can achieve it, if you dream it you can become it . .'. Julie - thanks for understanding Min - goodeluck and go get itl Mom - best friends forever SK - ILYDFM, BW - WO Lisa Pollino 72 Nardell Rd Newton Cheerleading 11, 12 L B J F. "Brighams" 3H's "Every one needs a hand to hold on to, "SANDY, SHERRY, PAM, LAUREN, TRACY SHERYL. "You've Got A Friend." fJ.T.J JA M.B.R,W.E.M.M.B. - G.L. Surveys, SOL BOBO - Thank you for being a friend. JOHN - I'Il NEVER FORGET YOU. Mom 8. Dad ILY, Thanks. Good Luck Jenny, fG.T.S.J ... David Pickett 53 Amherst Road Waban "Though tommorow may rain, I'Il follow the sun." Paul McCartney "Love is all you need." "Only peo- ple can change the world." John Lennon "How can I lose faith in the justice of life. when the dreams of those who sleep upon feathers are not more beautiful than the dreams of those who sleep upon the earth."? K G I love my friends - camping in Welfleet' RANDI LYNN PRILUCK 983 Dedham Street Newton Centre Love to Maimon, Gesher, Y J Ro- bRachEmJackDebSue ID. - Clubs f Junior English Babson, Lunch out, Sneaking w J "Just call me James" - This right'? Thani' Mom, Dad. Gary. Jill, Brand Only time will tell" 162 Eva Piessens 25 Puritan Rd. Newton Thanks JK 8 Yogi, SO, Margaret, JR, RBS, Cecilia, GP's, PD, AP mom 8. Ben, Milton, chocolate Kahlua ice cream 8. frogs Venezu- elag cats, boxes, 8 books, books, books! be crazy, be happy "And in Time we will all be stars." WENDI ELIZABETH PRINGLE 40 KELVEDEN ROAD WABAN "We know its all a passing phase, but I have loves these days." SKING, SOCCER LAX 10, 11, 12 Missy, Lynn, Jeanne, H.A. H.A,, HB., Chic, and all the rest. Twin- kies. I,L,Y. Dad, Mum, C. 8- M. See you 1 South! Stanley Pilavin 105 Redwood Rlad Newton Center Take your time, think a lot, think of everything you've got, for you will still be here tomottow, but your dreams may not, To the Clifton Rd. Gang, we will live on forever. I.F,, S.D,, BB., J.G., E.F., A.T,, ES., JG., JEB., L.M., take care. see mom only three years. Deborah Putnoi 61 Arlo Road Newton "Friend, that one person who un- derstands tears and giggles and never questions or laughs at your dreams." d.p. '81 "Each pebble encounters different waves that wash and leave their unique impressions." d.p. '81 Mary Ellen Ratto 68 Beacon St. Chestnut Hill "lf you see someone without a smile, give him yours." Italian Club 11, 12 Ellen, Lauren, Jen . . . tMuffJ Miss- ing the McPinos and the manor . ,. R.A.T.M,R.L.L.ll!! Heeey Babeee!! "Oh, never mind!" Weekends in Westwood "This is reality, Fred!" Steven D. Richmond 1880 Beacon St. Waban Soccer 10, 11, 12, Wrestling 10 History Club 10-12 K.O. Bossy, Change on the fly, STOANP, Foul pop-up on the screen, "Oh, it's only you. , "l'm so at H .--.... Leibo, Wish, The Castleman, Abes, Zip, Bex, Drew, Jake, Hacker, Ros, J. Malcom, Laura, Rache "Deeds, not words . . Brad Reed 166 Lincoln St. Newton Highlands "Life's too short for tears" - Jim- mY Durante. Thanks 81 love to all my friends - Special thanks to V.A.L. 8. D.P. "Don't be dismayed at good-byes. A farewell is necessary before you can meet again. And meeting again, after moments or lifetimes, is certain for those who are friends" - Richard Bach. "lt's all in the mind!" - GEORGE Billy Riley 104 Beethoven Ave Waban Ma Sports: soccer, hockey, and foot- ball in Goodwin commons thanks coach Mealy Thanks to JL, BL, MP, PM, CR, SK, DC, BH for my nicknames, Bumping Bill, Smiley, Purity Boy, GOOD BY NSHS fr' 4? all' I? 'Z nf? 17 - my J, fi '17 'D N,pNJ '17--3, x I I . , .A 1,1 I pn- 19' 17' .fvx J W1 Alida Puerta Reyes 90 Roundwood Rd Newton "Now, I can remember the past and it is lull of good things to re- member" I want to thanks all my friends and teachers for helped me and espe- cially for believe in me, because you made me believe in myself I LOVE YOU MOM AND DAD Ron Ritchie 101 Harwich rd Chestnut Hill "Out there is a fortune waiting to be had , . , if you think l'll let it go you're mad!! Thanks mom and dad, all my teachers ,.,, J.S . .. DN HRD ...BMW SG..,DT, JC, and anything or anyone left out whom l forgot. Say, that's very bo- vine!! Leslie Puerta Reyes 90 Roundwood Rd, Newton "ln my Senior Year, I give you my more sincere thanks for all the help and good things you taught me. I will always remember this " Thanks all of you! Michael Riu 89 Larchmont Ave Waban , 163 l 5. g 'ha 1 vw 5 ,1 ht Q- i- sk.. William Roesner 191 Allerton Road Newton Highlands ' ',., Yourfriends all say you nener wanna see me again, your broth- ers gonna kill me and he's six feet ten , , . l guess you'd call it suicide, but l'm to full to swallow my pride." - police TPNSHS7 Many tiny but feeble pur- ple fish playing hockey on you, WEAR A pearl necklace. Rodger D Rosenberg 411 Parker st Newton 'VEDGE' Thanx world, special thanx to Sam, Julie 8. Len for keeping me sane Love to myfamily, and to my real one Always remember - MSKMBE, A V, Brookline, the Queen, midnite road trips, sun' rlses in Gloucester, E Ouest, LOVE, 'Cvblock kiddies""' 164 Craig Roach 11 Hale St Newton Upper Falls Lacrosse 10, 11, 12 Remember all the fun times with my friends . . . JL, MP, BH, JC, JM, PM, MM, LV, MS, SS, LM, LS No, not in the JT's! Thanks Mom and Dad for being pa- tient with me. And to Paula, Mi- chael, Kevin and Paul for being there . . . David Robbins 38 Barnstable Road West Newton We're going wrong, we're gaining weight We're sleeping long and far too late And so it's time to change our ways But l've loved these days - BILLY JOEL RYFTI 111 Good Luck everyone Karen Romanow 67 Wade Street Newton Highlands Bradley Rosenblum 149 Evelyn Rd. Waban "How much longer will it take for the world to see. We should learn to live and simply let it be." - Judas Priest Take it easy P.K., M.T., J.S., J.W., J.M,, H.A., T.C. and to anyone l might've left out. Don't get lost. This is for the gang. SOUEEZE! Beth Anne Rosenson 41 Maplewood Avenue Newton Centre "There are places I'll remember all my life - all these places have their moments, with lovers and friends I still can recall in my life l've loved them all." - Beatles Time and space, late night driving, initials. "There's music in all things." Thanx Eli - ILY. Love you Jon, Mom, Dad. Howard Rosenstein 20 Sagamore Road Newton Highlands "Success is failure turned inside Out -- So stick to the fight when you're hardest hit - lt's when things seem worst that you mustn't quit!" Dad, Bebe, Nana, and the gang, you are all the BEST!! Adam Rosman 28 Dane Hill Road Newton Highlands "Gentlemen, I deem this day ridic- ulous" Denebola, Baseball, Skiing, Bas- ketball fMT - Buz 8. Bonesl, CSers CGCA - Bobol. Wknds at Gilros, Beby, Ev, Abes, Leibs, Mundo 8. all great guys. Gotta love dem NS women - none better. Jules ffor menh, David! fCec.J SUES, WOW! No words l love you, 1982... Babyen 8. aggregate for- ever. Family, Mom, Dad, M 81 E - love you Debra Rudnick 15 Buff Circle Newton Centre Volleyball 10, 11, 12, Track 11, 12. Regulus. ATTACK! "lf you don't go out on a limb, you're never going to get the fruit." Great times with special friends - IM, KG, KL, AR, DS, Mike S. and all the rest. Jeanne - my alter-ego and best friend, I love ya! Dodgers 111 C.H. Cinema. Venezuela 83! Thanks to my family for their love and sup- port. Good luck Gary. 'sr' TTI' -at-. -Af T. -Af-jp. 'N T13 4 :M"'5', ggi x -,W at M 5 J 5. .K- ,,,.. ., , ,,.- V Q-..-at NY' 'K ' .,'-' T Q as f' ,WR , QV' . . A KW' ,Uv X , X. 'C J Jon Rosenson 41 Maplewood Ave Newton Center Lacrosse 10, 11, Capt 12, Wr-as tling 10, 11, Capt 12 BSL wfNeil, "Are you chewing gum'?", Driving w Mike, U Mass UNH WUJK and Plochie, The Penal Code fLeboJ, seriously LL always with you, thanks also Beth, M 8 D Laura Rosenthal 30 Haynes Road Newton Centre "lt's time to start living, time to take a little from the world we're given, time to take time, for spring will turn to fall, in just no time at all" PIPPIN Fun times with friends, music and swimming. Mom and dad, I LOVE YOU! Beth Rudikoff 35 Littlefield Rd Newton, Mass. Memories of Soccer, Track. Good- Bye Froggy, Monster-face, Dedo. Sha, l.S, SM, CB, SG, and every- one else. l'll always remember boxer shorts, hunting, roarr, hand lotion, spot, the long run, 'isn't it June yet?' Adam 8 Leigh N.S is all yours! Dave, it's been a good one. Mom, I Love you! THANK YOU ALL!!! Anne A. Rundle 30 Burr Road Newton Ctr JWDRSGJSLZMSKMHAHAHBD- CACDSLB SPAIN - 82 - Rolling Stones! Boston - Narcissus MP Party atBC PSAM NA!! the secrets in the Universe whis- per in our ears And take us up. al- ways up . " i'To thine own self be true " Thanks L 8. R, G 8. C. B 8 R, ILY- MOM!!! REASONS 165 Susan Jane Saitow 235 Baldpate Hill Road Newton Center "lf we meet again we shall smile if not then this parting was well made " Susie, Sues, babyin' ADAM I LOVE YOU 1982 mama - bebe "5O close friends" 12 4 81 hoop sweet 16, daschound, slippery leaves, SSMC, 54lbs. KVETCH GO FOR IT! M-o-m, Dad, Steffi, Mi- chael - You gave me a pocketfull of memories I won't foreget I LOVE YOU! Elyse R. Scherz 399 Hammond Street Chestnut Hill t'Whatever your mind can con- ceive and believe, you will achieve" "Wishing will not bring success, but planning, persistence, and a burning desire will," Enrichment Program - THANKS MRS. MI N.E.W, Thanks For Everything MOM and DAD! Hll., SG., CB., N.F., CW.. and Mrs. H! Aram Sarafian 130 dickerman Road Newton highlands So long South, good by JL., OS.. J M, J W Henry Schniewind 2l Francis ST Newton Centre "Girl you gotta love your man, Take him by the hand, Make him understand, The world on you de- pends, Our life will never end . 'gotta love your man The DOORS Skiing, Soccer, Track MARCO C efcuges to party THE BOMB- ER' Good luck to everyone Tha'-Irs Mom and Dad 166 tri' d? Ted Sasson 11 Jane Road Newton Center "lt is only with the heart that one can see rightlyg what is essential is invisible to the eye." The Fox Enrichment program STOP, RYFTI, EIE , . , J.S., D.T., D.R., J.F., S.S. Thanks to Mom, Dad, Mark, Pierre, and Rick. John C. Schroter 103 high street Upper Falls "Schrodes" lt's like a jungle out there, sometimes I wonder how I keep from going under. . .Thanks to the friends who helped me stay above - BoBo in the 100. Scraf, saying BoBo's 1 of them. JE VJ tor is it JBJ SD SC DM AK Ed, LP DF JJ, the GM 8. SM coach 8. the Team, Track buddies, Uncle Donny, I or 2 teachers, and my dear Family. l'm the last of five at South. Kim Scalia 191 Wiswall Road Newton "Good friends last forever" Soccer 10, 11, Cross-country Ski- ing 11, 12, Softball 10, 11, 12, GWU - Summer '82 Best of luck to all my friends. Thank you family 8. for support 81 for putting up with me, especially LZ, JS, Mom, Dad, and Chris. Bethany Lynn Schwartz 1353 Walnut St. Newton Highlands Debate, History Club, Senior Class Activities, Hmun. THANKS to all my family, friends, and teachers, You are the best. Pam and Haidee best friends for- ever, "To be what we are, and to be- come what we are capable of be- coming, is the only end of life." - Robert Louis Stevenson Haidee Leah Schwartz 1353 Walnut St. Newton Highlands Debate, History Club, Senior Class, H.M,U.N. "Simple pleasures are the last ref- uge ofthe complex." Thanks for being the greatest - Beth, Pam, Mom, Dad and all my friends. Sandy Seifer 7 Van Wart Path Newton Time passes quickly - Open your eyes and enjoy what you have to- day - You will always have memories of yesterday, and to- morrow will be here soon enough. Thanks to special friends, we made it! Sharon, a sister always! Thanks Ma, Judy, good luck Jeff. Thanks Dad, ILY, Sandra Lynn Schwartz 232 Old Farm Road Newton Centre Cheerleading 11, 12 "To love and to be loved is the greatest happiness of existence" Sherri Evan Lisa Sues Mark SW KM LB JF CD AD EE 8. AR JK MB Chabs 8 the rest of the "gang" - the best of times! 11f19 Jasons? Smurf, S 8. T Aquarium, Brighams, Greasefword. My best friends, Mom Dad 81 Neil - I love u most! Susan Selig 79 Evelyn Road. Waban "Looking back on yesterday look how far we've come, go forth on the road of life enjoy, enjoy, enjoy - l will, Bye to all friends, you know who you are. Remember FRANCE 82, l.D. mania, Weeks gang, Laurie, I hope you make it. Thanks Mom and Dad - when do l get my car? ff? Qin Ft -AJ f',7 ,Vf' 14" ,U w. 5" , A ,,,,,,..-I" Q .1 . ,fm 2,1 Suzanne M Secinaro 62 Chase Street Newton Italian Club ll, 12, NEVER forge? Summer of '82 Summertime FUN" Beach Boys MARIA and PAM - my 2 very SPE CIAL friends, CATH Good Luclfl' We can never 4-get all the crazy times the "peer-4" had" Rem SPY - Buff L Gr llCE CALL'D, Baby H S Chick, Hisp "Will you guys walk me'??" Brrring" Mom and Dad - THANK YOU SO MUCH!! Alf the best brother Luigi Sepe 65 Oak St, Newton UF. Good Luck to all my friends in Col- lege and future years Especially, B.O,. DF., PK, A.E., CR, M D, KB., MG., C.A, BSA 81 OA D F, KK., JS Indoorr'Outdoor Track 1O, 11, 12. Cross Country 12 THANKS MOM 8. DAD "O Sole Mio!" George E. Seested 264 Parker st Newton ctr Good times are for now, but Good friends are forever To the originals AG, RJ, JK, CP, AP, RR, AD, LB The animals may roam, but the cor- ner will remain. To the good ones AMO "the eska" Carresi, SD, CS, CS, SP, GT, KJ, JL, DF, VK and Jack. YES l'M THE LAST AND l'M OUTTA HERE! Lenny 8 Bean TLA Thanks MOM 8. DAD Joel D. Shapiro 5 Antonellis Circle Newton Centre i'Look not mournfully into the Past It comes not back again WlS9ly improve the Present It is thine Go forth to meet the shadowy Future without fear, and with a manly heart" 4 Longfellow Thanks to all my friends l shall never forget you 167 Joshua Shapiro 27 Kingston Road Newton Highlands "We changed again, and yet again, and it was now too late and too far to go back, and I went on and the world lay spread be- fore me." - Charles Dickens My Great Expectations arejust be- gunning GOODBYE NEWTON SOUTH! Michael Shelnfield 7 Meadowbrook Road Newton Centre Two roads diverged in the wood. and I - I took the one less trav- eled by. And that has made all the difference - Robert Frost Good Luck M.B DR. PS. D.K. M K F M. A.N. DH. MP. H.A. LS. J B DN. HR. J.W. HB. HA. AB. M A KB. AR. A.J.F. JG. Thanks Mom 8- Dad, Rick and Steve Even MB. OUT A HERE Robbie Shocker 24 Timson Path Oak Hill Park Baseball - 10, '211, Track -11, 12 "l'll always wise off to teachers" D M - Package deal, 34 in 11, 82 in 12 + something that runs out of gas on the way home, "SPORTY", KH - Stole my fights S.A. - BOP sessions w'Piledrivers Walking the Halls, Next Shocker, Next Year, A S Lookin for some Poten- tial with Darrell, KapIan's Football games - Sack Sweegy NO MORE SOUTH FOR ME' Lee Silverman 16 Allen Avenue Waban "Nothing is obvious to the unin- formed " Denebola Cards f Parties Thanks Mom and Dad I made it' fv 441 . , ...5 .O X.-. .52 . B. .V -..H . f. A. IW 1154. A '1 .Q X l 114 ,J '-.7 -J x ' a I . xi -,, , 'off 1 - -b. N g I .2 t A- ,Mg 1 14 'vw , .:- X vs ,ft-2 :wi-'f' L "-5999-4. riff? 4.31. its- r 4123! kt' :fe irlrtfj . A 'Rafi wifi ' fi' 't 1 A fri- .ur --1. sr 'QYIRGW -' I r .fix '.i+..i.itI9' 1 s -. -T-4 I X 1 .- I X 168 Barbara Dianne Sheiffer 5 Southwick Rd. Waban Times change, people move on, but friendships never fade be- cause memories are forever. Soccer, B-ball, Tennis, Lax. To all my friends, Thanx, you've been the best, keep in touch Dedo, macha 8 the gange. Beeg we made it. CW remember which goal to shoot at. Thanks for everything Mom 81 Dad, Love you both! Elizabeth Sheridan 1304 Boylston Street "Last BUT NOT LEAST" SEE YA LATER ALLIGATOR . . . SEE YA SOON BABOON . . . IN AWHILE CROCKODIAL . . . Good Luck T.B., N.C., CM., All my friends I wish you luck! A Special Thanks To My Family Ma and Dad Your The Best. Hurray! All Nine Finished!!! Dan Silver 1874 Beacon St. Waban "We gotta get out of this place if its the last thing that we ever do." David Jo Hey Dr. D you . , . Where have all the good clams gone? l'm Hazed and Confused, Stepha, Scoty, Odes, Robotron, and everyone, good luck. Stephen Simon 99 Hyde Street Newton Highlands E.l.E. '81 Yerushalayim Thanks to M. and D. for making it possible. Thanks to T.S., J.F., and many for making the return easier. Anita R. Singh 78 Larchmont Ave. Waban Track 10, 11, 12 Thanks to all of my friends - Liddy, Rudy, Tiny, Dedo, SM, Ma- cha, CB, SS. R-r-roar! "Hey, Mon- ster-face", "Hunting", "FF" "Only 8 meets left!", "Eve wfT" "Rebel Rebel", "Fri. nights at pf-J Beth's house, "shake hands", 5"'1"'- "the ultimate insult". A special thanks to my family, I Love You! Laurie Smith 1, 9 Saxon Road X Y Newton Highlands " ' " " Techies do it faster - "A" 8. "B" class rubs - Vive la France - alais "Shadow", "fluffy", and "pookie bear" - Chris, you will always be my star. - hasta le- chuga - COWABUNGA!!!!!!!!!!! l l Elizabeth Anne Soeldner 109 Oak Hill St. Newton Center "Good times never felt so good" Cheerleading 11 Summers of 80, 81 -l- 82! LS never forget Thurs, pm! DL - Hurts so good! July 3 8. 4 - THE BEST! Fun at the beach! Remember DL LS ER MJ DH SS TW TG AA SB KJ and all the rest! Gimme a ciggybutt! Don't wr forget the lifesavers! y.. Thanks Mom and Dad. Joe Spagnuolo 40 Foxhill Rd Newton Centre "You can't make chicken soup out of . . . whatever" Neil McPhee. Football 10, 11, capt. 12, Baseball 10, 11, 12 Thanks Kojo goodluck MD, SA, GL, NJ, LB, JSO Dallin -finish HS, will ya? Thanks Dad. Cecelia, you got me started off on the right foot. thanks, l'll love and remember you always. Lou Basco! -11 IF-, px Sifx C,-v' ..- s. ' Q59-ts' is , ' Lauren Slessinger 125 Dane Hill Rd Newton Highlands Speacial Memories SG RC M,S,, L,P,, A,M,, ELLEN 8 MUFF if WE STUCK THROUGH IT' CA YOU'RE GREAT"' E 6 M l I HATE HA, HB FAN CLUBS IVAN, YO TE OUIERO MUCHO, 8 YRS THE LAWYER" BOSTON, KARATE, X S AT BENTLEY W MY CH-GH FRIENDS THANX, SISTERS 8 DAD . . SPEClAL MEMORIES OF MY MOTHER. cheerleading, 11, IT 11, 12, SF ll, 12 John Soehle 1235 Boylston St Upper Falls Take off, Hey! Alec M, Soreff 10 Alexander Road Newton "Time will tell." Skiing 10, 11, 12, Debate 10 D.R...D.F...J,S...T.V,..DS Thank you mom and dad for every- thing! llene Speizer 80 Manemet Road Newton Soccer, Lacrosse, Basketball "Follow your dream , if you stumble, don't stop, and lose sight of your goal, press on to the top" '!THAT'S MY C B "Whiz Kid" - Nat, "Liddy-Beth", "Elyse, Ca va'?", Nlll, BR, "PM " Sha we made it!! fbelieve it or not! Thanks for your support M 8 D Good luck in law School morn!"" 169 Sharlene Speizer 80 Manemet Hd. Newton "The moments may be temporary but the memories last forever" Fieldhockey "We did lt!! Keep do- ing it!" B-ball, S-ball, GAA SRC. "A friend is a friend forever, unre- lated to the distance between." Special memories: Bec "No", -'fx Zgv "',."'9 -A---4 Llddy. S M., AS., DP., FR, FS., "Littmann" M 8 D - "Thanks", I - "We made it!" Judy Stacks 360 Brookline Street Newton A'Good friends last forever!" 3 Musketeers, Clubs, Concerts, Cape 81, Syracuse 82, Hampton 82 Skiing 1O, 11, 12 STS. - What's your problem? 823, Fam- ous Phone Calls, Good luck to my friends! Love and thanks to Mom, Dad, Nelson, and Nana -for put- ting up with me Guess what LISA we actually made itll!!! ,fi T5 170 Jonathan Forrest Springer 26 Alexander rd. Newton "Think like one of action, Act like one of thought." X-country ski team 11, 12, Italian Club 10, 11, 12, History Club 12 "Thanks to all my friends and fam- ily." Seth Steeves 10 Kingston Road Newton Highlands John Stephans 820 Chestnut St, Waban Soccer 12, Hockey 10, 11, 12 - Captain "There will be many a good friend lost, but many more remembered." Ode-a, Chinster, SW, Dak, Dan the Man, JV or is it JB? Lisa, Bobo. Your all awesome eventhough Bobo is one of them! ANYONE WANT SOME ICE CREAM! Todd Stern 25 Myerson Lane Newton Centre "Only those who risk going so far can possibly find out how far they can go." Scott - all we did, W.F.I.U! "the beast" fun 8. the sun E.K - whose home? c.b such a head rush otay? chase hoch, the mama, AR, EK, SA, MC, SSSF the aquarium JF - HR. SK 8 BW's. Thanks Craig, Mom 8- Dad you're the greatest! Marc, it's there if you want it. Daniel Stewart 90 Westminster Road Newton "When the music's over, turn out the Iights!For the music is your special friend!Dance on fire as it intendsfMusic is your only frien- d!Until the end" - J.M, "I got nasty habitsfl take tea at 3" - M.J. - KR Thanks to Mom, Dad, Deve, Gene, Jim, Jimi, HST, and everyone who helped me through. "When the go- ing gets weird, the weird turn pro" - R. Duke Mark Francis Stolpinski 85 High St. Newton Upper Falls Football 10, 11, 12 Remember all the good times at the locker area with the boys, and the fun times in the Party Wagon with, NJ, AC, EC, CR. "All and all it was all bricks in the waIl" Pink Floyd. All my love to Susan Forever Charles Sullivan 972 Walnut St. Newton Highlands Good bye and good luck to all my friends, except Jon Laurans sim- ply good luck . . . ME and SWEET- LOU! Basketball IO fN.N.H.S.J, 11, 12. Everything evens out, lt's NOT over yet! THANKS for the push, Jon. SUB - MONEY, STAIRS, ROBERT'S CENTER, NURSE'S STATION, SUMMERS - K.C. JONES, PROMISES'?, and B.H. THANKS MOM! O. Virginia Tang 28 Renee Terrace Newton Center International Club 11, 12 l'II have great memories of South. Thanks to all of the fantastic teachers I've had, that helped me get through two years at South, Especially WR, NM, DH, K, VB, JB, RC. Thanks to my family, especial- ly my uncle, and aunt for their love and support. Good Luck Every- body. -an-,ff fgu' 9, 'B ' Mr' "9 49" A t:"'X ft. Michael Stoller 118 Hanson Road Newton Centre "lf at first you don't succeed, try right field " Denebola 10, 11, 12, South High Speaks 11, 12 Thanks Morn and Dad Christopher Stomberg 157 Lincoln st, Highlands I touch. I see. The heavy wind blows, The thick mist rises, My view is great, But the scene is confusion, There is no solution, We just watch the pattersn. . . . ....... CREW! ........ . FRIENDS! Karen Suyemoto 295 Homer Street Newton Centre Eric, you touched me with your warmth when I was cold. Jamie, Sean, Sam, Rachel. Dad, Tobe. Mom, Pattie - thanks, Black- haired Mintsmile High - thing. parties, the art room, the court- yard. Freaks, mutants 8. flower children. Is it me for a moment? The stars are falling. The heat is rising, The past is calling. Freak out in a moonage daydream oh! yea! Gail Tankel 11 Cannon Street Newton Highlands "We were always friends, from our childhood days, and we made our pIans,and now we go our separate ways" BJ, Tennis tO, 11, 123 Yearbook 12 SECRET COOKIE GRAMS - I Love You Always! GO FOR IT' Jem, Celts C Sers, Eb 8. Iv, Lucy's, Smurfs Thanks Mom, Dad 8. family for always caring SMILE FOREVER! 171 Daniel Thorburn 18 Spaulding Lane Newton Centre Mark A, Traietti 15 Avalon Rd. Waban "Live your life like there's no to' morrow - cause one day, you'lI be right! Will remember the fun times w JS BR T,T J.W. AND THE GANG! - Good Luck to you! - J.L.! Chess TeamfCIub 11, 12 B'A'S'S' Fishin' Fun! Love Ya KR! Thanx Mom, Dad, Andy for all your help! wow! Renee Treisman 17 Ober Road Newton Center "l count myself in nothing else so happy as in a soul remembering my good friends," CTSMBCACTSSS MA - Thinking of U! Hey man, can I come with . ., Fri, nltes CCC Florida 82 C.A. Joe- burg. Llll The 29th fl. Thanks Mom. Dad, Sue - I Love You! Thomas Gordon Vancor 199 Woodcliff Road Newton Highlands "Tony's locker is my locker" Track 10, 11,capt - 12, XCountry 11, 12 Wanted - An A in English, a 480 mile, and a win over Acton 172 4-57 -J' ff .14 rd ,l If VZ? Darren Tong 28 Renee Terrace. Newton Centre. Denebola Photo Co-ed. 10, 11, 12 "Life is just a day, Living games we play, London Bridge is fallin' down, Do what Simon says, Doing what you feel, games can be un- real, Humpty-Dumpty when you fall, there will be no one to call, Life is still your mystery" - EW 8. F SAC, Den, Zip, Mr. S - Tempus Fugit Hung T, Tran 53 Pearl St. Newton, Mass "lt is not too late to learn." International Club 10, 11, 12 A.V. 10 A.C L.V K.H T.L Thanks to my mom and all the teachers at Newton South who helped me: MR . . . M.D .... MMC ...M,C...J.L...T.Ch...H.L... T.C . ,. etc, Cynthia Tsamtsouris 93 Brandeis Road Newton Centre Track 1O, 11 Field Hockey 11, 12. Fun times with all my friends espe- cially Ftens, Sher, Bettine - I share something special with each one of you. France 825 GREECE. Thanx Bubs, Ev, Chris, Dino + George - all my luv. Mums words can't express my greatful- ness + admiration I love you! "lt's my turn to say goodbye, to see what I can see, to reach and touch the sky." KAR! VAN VLOTEN 40 WADE ST. NEWTON HLDS. GREAT TIMES 81 GOOD FRIENDS WILL ALWAYS BE REMEMBERED. LIZA - DON'T SPY. "OOH BABY", ALL THE CRAZY ADVEN- TURES!! SXY - CHERYL. CRUIS- ING IN THE V,W. WXARDATH. THANX MA. CZ. NANEJ LIVING FOR THE WEEKENDSI! J.M. - 3138. .. I.L.Y. SEE YAH Kim Van Vloten Cutler House Good Times ... Teri M. "the Cape" 4-ever Robyn C., Debbie H., Joanne M., Ellen L. Susan S., late nights, parties, clubs, new wave 8. mod?!, "yo BIondie", Mintchip, Diets!!! Kaluha. mmmmm . . . Great Times!!!! SREEB, sloe gin Thanks M 8. D cheerleading capt 11, 12, Italian Club 11 8. 12 David, l'll love you always!! Nicholas Peter Vespa 312 Langley Rd Newton Lacrosse 10, 11 Never forget JY JS Mutt. The Ro- tary. Vito. 73 Cutlass. lt's a rat! The Wanderer. Kelly, l'll never for- get you, thanks for everything Mom and Dad. H. Clifford Watkin 120 Rachel Road Newton Recipe for Success "To laugh often and much, to win the respect of intelligent people, To earn the appreciation of honest critics and endure the betrayel of false friends, To know even one life has breathed easier because you lived. This is to have succeed- ed." - R. W. Emerson Sheryl Watson 12 Redwood Road Newton Thanks to my family and friends I couldn't have made it without you. When you're down and troubled, and you need a helping hand . . . And a extra special thanks to my best friend, cant smile without you. llove you. sv, 59 .r-""' fi i T 4" I .-....... .+ Luong Va Vong 43 Union Street Newton "Studying is Endless" International Club 10. 11, 12 A 'J 10 ..KH GL HG SG Fun Things Thanks E S L Mrs Ratner Mrs Doolin and all Newton South Teachers 4 Ax 19'-my ' Y' 159. .X ? .-'SP Lynn Waldstein -'L 354 Waban Ave. Waban This above all. to thine own self be true, And it must follow, as the night the day, Thou canst not be false to any man. Farewell. Basketball, softball: 10, 11, 12 LS., MB., WP., SG., DR , CS.. RG., Mr. C Thanks for all the help. Rob, Barb. Mom, and Dad. 173 Elena K Webber 37 Wade Street Newton Highlands "You lust call out my name and you know wherever l am l'II come run- ning to see you again, Winter, spring, summer, or fall - all you have to do is call - and l'Il be there you've got a friend." Marceline Widershien 18 Sky View Circle Newton Best of luck to everyone. Thanks, Mom and Laszio Grandma, Granpa, Aunt Ruth. .JN If f Carol Wax 7 Cavanaugh Path Newton Center Steven William Weiner 56 Marcellus Drive Newton Center Drama, NSHS Jazz Ensemble "Dont shoot I'm1ust a piano play- er" Enrichment Program!!! Thanx Phyl- lis M, and the rest for your love and support' You're the one that makes NSHS worth going to Mrs Patty K and EEC, Dotty G H "get it on your tapes" alpha' 'Speak not ot what you know not Oi " 174 fD'DS suv' 2 1" 1 f QQ 'WX 4 41.1 s,g...r Richard Wenning 10 Manchester Road Newton Highlands HOCKEY 10, 11, 12 BASEBALL 10, 11, 12 NS, it wasn't a high school, it was a country club. Good Times with the ELITE FEW 7f4!82 - ALL NIGHTA, JD'S TAP cliff diving at GENO'S Hotel! SIGN HUNTING WITH BRACK . . . Remembers: BL, TG,LP,JD,JG,JS,MD,SC,SD,PS N-SLAMS, THANKS BRUNO Thanks Mom 81 Dad. Cecelia Wilcox 418 Woodward St. Waban "The future belongs to those who prepare for it" MV w!Jane, mean- while C 81 Julie r still GF Irishmafia CDa, Bean, Anne, Sulll JB 8i SD - soph fun, Littman! Chev! JFLBACGLNJBBKASWAR- EKSPSDBS Joe 91 19f81 -thanx 8. l love you muchly. The Fam - Shaggy, Luc, Wags, Ker, Di, That Ag. Never forget BJW Thanks Mom 8 Dad. Lou Basco! Marc Winer 55 Lovett Road Newton Center Bruce Ira Wintman 56 Sevland Road Newton Centre "They say that these are not the best of times but they're the only times l've ever known . . . For we are always what our situations hand us lt's either sadness or eu- phoria," - B. Joel "What an Extravaganza!" - D. Letterman TO' MAACO WB JD OPUS MWN AW BS GCC - THANKS! Derek Wittenberg 146 Allerton Road Newton Highlands "Success is the achievement of one's goalsg it is only what one makes of it." H-er, K-er, WTR BL TDF It was a bloodbath, almost . . . Zach Woods 122 Islington Road Newton Jim Winter 172 Harding Street Medfield Susan Yesley 1 Chatham Road Newton Highlands For the sun each flower reaches Can not touch it - this they know But this constant striving, reaching ls what makes the flower grow Good luck to all my friends. Thank you Mom, Dad and Ellen. .57 M R :K- by -N :P NI" 'B- I ,-4-we is f A , 91 A J 1 1.55. k'?:?'n. .-3 .G X .1 4 . R 'lk Q7 .-.. 9,1 V- QM,- .QQ .X 'A 'exft D ,unw- Jeanne Wolfe 53 Puritan Hd Newton Highlands Gymnastics 10, Capt ll 12 Track 1011, 12 "LEFTY" 1'You cant direct the wind, you can only adiust the sails " Close friends will never be forgot- ten Anne, Kathy, Karen, Rene. Judy, Donna, Missy. Wendy. and the rest Cape Cod, concerts. RIV- ERS? Debbie - my best friend - Thanx for always being there' Thanx Mom and Dad "Now I'm needed more than a friend" Lisa Yee 6 Shuman Cir Newton "Control your life with firmness and independence during the up and down movements of the waves," Good luck EC, RC., M L, P B, NL., A,C.. ST., S Y. Never forget you guys. although I'm sure I will never be able to I'm sorry that you guys had to put up with me, Thanks Mom and Dad Michael Joel Wishnie 191 Waban Ave, Waban They would not find me changed from him they knew - only more sure of all I thought was true - Robert Frost. Leibo's confessions, cable at Mundo's, never "Dougie". Hey Hacker,The Three Things You Can Count On ln Life and, of course, the cutest witch. And to everyone at home - Mark, Jeff, Lani, and Mom + Dad. Leslie Young 8 Devon Road Newton Thetime has comethe walrus said AV fThanx gerbilll Folk dancing with no-longersmini Barker Cons SF MIT Floyding out hair hiking NOT VIOLENT Vedge, Amy Tiny Pig,AARlCH RICK RlCK" let's talk math" 175 Martha M, Young 880 Chestnut Street Waban Softball 10, 11, 12, Field Hockey 10, 11 Remember Halloween. Thanks ganglg A C , M.M., D.M., IM., l.S., L Z , MM., V 8- S, l'll always love you, Joe Love is lo easy to give, yet so hard to find. Jon Zeitlin 104 Plainfield Street Waban "MUSIC is a world within itself," - Stevie Wonder Soccer 10, 11, 12 - Thanks Alf Thanks to Music Dept, Especially Mr Duckel Many fine memories with friends - You know who you are. Most of all thanks to Mum, Dad, Baba, Lou- ise, and Rich. Katherine Bennett 32 Hurley Place Newton Centre David Cowles 45 Elliot Street Newton Highlands Adam Fineberg 27 Tudor Road Newton Joseph Golding 9 Margaret Road Newton Highlands David lngam 111 Gibbs Street Newton Centre Norman Lazarus 1022 Beacon Street Newton Centre 176 'e 5 fi 2 -5 ,...,o1 3 Q gui Seniors Not Pictured Lynn Butler 95 Longfellow Road Newton Jean Dibenedetto 19 Marion Street Newton Dana Foley 55 Collella Road Newton Centre Deborah Hannon 21 Floral Street Newton Highlands Holton Johnson 67 Redlands Road West Roxbury Lisa Lee 663 Boylston Street Newton Centre Lisa Zeichner 340 Hartman Road Newton Centre "Good friends last forever" Zike twins, musketeers, skiing clubs, concerts, Brooklyn, M.V. "l am in love again", Sharon I beat you, S.T.S, yeah, what?, Oh my Godl, You should hear what I heard, who?, Your kidding? 823 Peaches, Chinese food, All my love to mom dad and Sharon, Guess what JUDY, we made it!!! Maureen Navarro 24 John St. Newton Audrey Cherry 10 Maynard Street Newton Jonna Eller 18 Albion Street Newton Centre Lisa Gersh 170 Countryside Road Newton Centre Rachel Honig 55 Dunklee Street Newton Highlands James Kinch 8 Kenneth Street Newton Highlands Roderick Leonhard 71 Cloverdale Road Newton Highlands Gene Lindsey 90 Fairlee R d Waban Football 10, 11. 12, Basketball 10, 11, 12, Lacrosse 11, 12 "You control your own destiny" Koio N J, D N, B B, L B, and N B, N B Love You Jill "There something to be said for it" Thankks Mom and Dad Paul Sullivan 25 Maple Road Newton Centre Michael Walsh 38 Islington Road Newton -4' 1 12345111-". ij: . V 'A ' n. fl'--4 if '4 ' f " wut, . . P .ai . 1' S.. D . ,A-1' . V A K :Y I -4. Rebecca Skoler 1965-1981 Eric Lindzen 1501 Lake Ave Newton Highlands Pervilla Phillips 109 Mattapan Street lvlattapan Adam Rollins 18 Beaconwood Road Newton Highlands Oum Thunnarith 111 Dickerrnan Road Newton Highlands Ruth Wishengrad 64 Adeline Road Newton Centre Smiles Conquer All Stage Crew It's been fun, its been swell, without it, life would've been hell I want destiny, lt's the place for me, Give me the simple life. LET ME BE FREE, LET ME BE ME Memories f1ff:'J',f1 f!1::l 109 f4i1'.V-4:1 H0219 TJQNTOH Qfflilfg STUDY, NOT AS THOUGH TO lfllll AS FEAR OF LOSIHG IT Mark Raed'-r 715 Eflf: Aff: Newton Highlands PaulRugo 295 Dudley Road Newton Centre Rosemarie Vespa 310 Langley Road Newton Centre Like the end of the rainbow Ahead the future lies The way our lives are constantly changing We search for blue in the cloudy skies The importance of expression is so incredibly strong We must strive to relate our feelings Before it's too late and the present has gone Of the lives you enriched lf you only had known Of the everlasting memories Our feelings have immensely grown The pain of injustice Life will not be fair The reconciliation of loss ls a task that we must bear Anne 183' -1 ..,. NIIQ ,f,..,,,. f Q f J . ,, f , r 1 , -....... -N... ..-.--, ....... -0... c-..- , -1.x V c-.v L 94 0 .......... ,... 5. , -.... ,: f w We 0 'vu- H L -A v. -4 ik '1-J" 'ilu ,pur- Ki-Bi Qi E '- NHL-- P x' l ' Q Ig.. Q 179 ADS ADS ADS ADS ADS ADS ADS ADS ADS ADS ADS ADS ADS ADS ADS ADS ADS ADS ADS ADS ADS ADS ADS Aus Aus ADS ADS Aus Ansf I-Iere's Looking At 1 cw . -g'L' 977 v U 1211,-:,:2Q12ia!25B5, v . .0 I ,-,I --- A ' , fag!!-V: 5- -ifffz' .::L1.-1,-:L1-1- flsfgv ,,,4'gg1- ' ' f 'rfgfff-'t-Z:-4:-1'.f 54 D 1395? lf' 33:55-. Iliff X: :gygiigi-.5 ,ASW ' ... . .. . X fmrmmz I4 L-qu. . 1.-.,,.- ,.,g1:g,: L GSZXEEEEE ..1:.., R. xE21:IZ" . 1291-ui 4. ., .- miie.: :-'-E"':v ,High 111'e4::! 1-11.5 f- .3 .g: 3: ii1::: 2 :Eff ln. 'x'l I 5--v -:-:- .Hy Q '.- 'n , ... ,--, :uf -lu -.F xl? .g.,-. . .5- H Q .1-f5"'-'I' K. N - ' xx D X .4351 K X vvNS4fi:!':" . Q K qv-gtgiap A A QXQK ,saggy W N XA X .X ' N Q g X X M3 . X O g I l XX xr Vx NQAKKAX n , X' ' M Kkxxx XX MXN A X R, N ADS ADS ADS ADS ADS ADS ADS ADS ADS ADS ADS ADS ADS ADS ADS ADS ADS ADS ADS ADS ADS ADS ADS ADS ADS ADS i.Q:4imnm.D.e-!V.x Viklllliil lgawkfm W ,?Q?zM,,"'f,jaw-- ,,,, ,S lnnzw, A fvl. 4'ffW HHD-' Qi Mxf, ""'W"-'awwq ! YQ5 A , . 2 !Q X 1 Q Fzmigfi Eiga! X . , fd: M , 1' welgii A , .kann-f . U f' xuwssi N :M 'V .9 .... -,. ,..,V , W A. 7 V iw, x 'MN-A W f zlgigffffg .. I 2 5 V V4 my 54,4514 'ffi SQ, ,R ADS ADS ADS ADS ADS ADS ADS ADS ADS ADS ADS ADS ADS SUV SUV SUV SUV SUV SUV SUV SUV SUV SUV SUV SUV SUV SUV SUV SUV thanks Mrs Barbara Wlse for her tlme effort and unique rdeas Good luck to The Class of 1983 The REGULUS Staff CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF 1983 CoNoRATULA SQUARE TIONS LORI MIA WE WISH YOU LOVE AND HOPE THAT YOUR FUTURE WILL ALWAYS BE IN TUNE MOM MARSH SUZANNE AND ANDY TRADING COMPANY NAME BRANDS AT REDUCED PRICES 55 C EL. 969 OOO5 CONGRATULATIONS SHERRI AND THE CLASS OF 83 MAY ALL YOUR FUTURE HOPES AND DREAMS COME TRUE ALL OF US FRAGERS portfolio NEWTom CENTRE VIIIQEIC SHOP I 01 RrIoRood-Newton, MOSSQQICSQUSOQIQI -CoI7J55Q-4701 A A E "':"":"' . From Pomor 14, .-xx uafnfrugq woman NWIM CC'flIVe un Jain D. ergi, kgs 'fy' CONGRATULATIONS GRADUATES LUGGAGE - LEATHER GOODS GIFTS - HANDBAGS NEWTON CENTRE 30 SLANGLEY RD. 332-6519 ' ' V PHQNO CQRAPH 8551 Beacon 9f, A RECo2p-5 AND E9 TAP SHEET MUSIC BOOKS ANP ACCESSORIES Q,-UITAK AND DQIWI INSTRUCTION MUSICAL. IHSMUMENT5 QENTED AND SOLD MA OZIEGI QCITD 532' 5578: I Congratulations Laurie, our Editor-in-Chief, and the entire FZEGULUS Staff for an outstanding Yearbook. We re proud of you' The Mlllender F amlly To Susan and the Class of 83 Love, The Gordons Congratulat ons Judy and best shes tothe Class of 83 The Stacks Famlly Congratulat ons to Vlck and the Class of 83 Love Mom Dad and Lee PAINT THE TOWN Class of 83 Don Fran and Erlc Putnol Congratulat ons Rachel' We wlsh you all the best Love Mom Dad and Ruth Congratulatlons To Julle and the Class of 83 We wlsh you best of everythmg Love, Mom Dad Karyn and Carlton i wi 9 l J l l i ' l l 7 7 l l l l 7 ' T ' i , , 7 9 U 7 18 5 Congratulatuons Carolyn an the Class of 1983 Mlke and Jeff d Mom, Dad, Billy, THE TA-NKELS Newton South Cheryl '74 Stephen '78 Gail '83 H.l. JOHNSON DRUG CO Congratulations to Carolyn, the REGULUS staff, and the Class of '83 The Ansin Family N N Congratulations Karen and the Class of 1983 The Miller Family AND ESPECIALLY THE GANG Carolyn Ansln Marc Busny Julle Bernson L1sa Butters Jeff Chaban Mlchael Davldson Amy DeRogat1s Carolyn Drucker Adam Elman Gall Felnsteln Jmll FOYII Sherrl Frager Susan Gordon Lon I-hte Andrea Kaplan Josh Kung Evan Kushner Mlke Levlton Rlcky Llpof Laurle Mlllender Andrew lVI1ller Karen Mlller Eddle Murray Llsa Polllno Adam Rosman Susle Saltow John Schroter SANDY SCI-IWARTZ Dan Sllver John Stephans Gall Tankel Sheryl Watson Rlch Wennnng Mlchael Wlshnle LOVE MOM DAD AND NEIL CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1983 Stephen Abroms Mark Leibovich table toppers 02172 40173 923 oooo c unique rental service of toble linens WDW 11 mg Rod H Altscnul Best Wishes for a job well done you deserve the best W E I Love always Your family Congratulations Evan and the Class of 83 CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST OF LUCK Love MONT Dad Liz and Laura Class of 1983 THE BUSNY FAMILY THE CHABAN FAMILY Irving Norman Congratulations Lisa, Judy Gloria You are the Jill Andlf best Mom, Dad and Jennifer l CHAMBERLAIN STUDICD CDF PHQTQGQAPHY PQQTTQAITS CANDTTD WEDDHXIGS STUDENT PACKAGES 64 7 9211 9222 26 MT AUBUTQN ST., WATETQTQWN, MA Congratulations Laurie! Love, GOOD LUCK CAROLYN LOVE GRAMMY WE LOVE YOU SUES Nannie 81 Boomps Mom 8 Fred Steph 81 Michael Daisy 81 Soruffy 8 Nadia f N DISTINGUISHED IN TRAVEL SINCE 1949 DENNIS + CONAVAN TRAVEL 1144 BEACON ST. NEWTON, MASSACHUSETTS 965-5400 LENIS MEATING PLACE INC. 880 WALNUT ST. NEWTON 4 CORNERS OUALITY MEATS, FISH AND PROVISIONS 965-1730 5:75 f. yydb SEE li' I Q QM I1 '40 Bmmfaac gf 'M cffwfmag ass 964 9.525 964 1590 N I-ef f fi' 1188 Centre Street Newton Centre MA 02159 969 7500 44,9 5 L1 Contcmpqrary Amencan Craftb nonSt atpr a NtnC 1' f 4""x Congratulations to the Class of 1983 Alyce and Eddie Mandell Congratulations Qgbi-mf to Pamela INC and many good JEWELERS wishes to the Class of "83" Mom. Dad - '19 Boylston Stneet llflte. Sl Catherine, Chestnut Hill, Nlass. NGHCY Ann and Peter 4 X J K J f N f N Congratulations Barbara, We Love You, Mom. Dad, Robert, and Jennifer Congratulations to The Class of 1983 The Regulus Staff and Love to BW. Alfie and Cat Congratulatlons Debble We are proud of you Success and Best wishes to the Class of 83 Mom Lon and Gary Rudnick Go Dodgers' he Beauty Connectlon A Unique Dlscounf Beauty Supply Store Flne Fragrances and Beauty Products 749 Beacon SUCCI 326 Harvard Street NcwtonCentre MA Coolidge Comer Brooklnne 734 2114 969 3333 Best Wushes Class of 1983 Newton Centre We sew our reputation mto everythrng we sell Congratulations Rachel with love from Dad Mom Russ Lisa and Buffy Woodyille Wood Works, HOPKINTON, MASSACHUSETTS HARDWOOD FUEL SELECTIVE HARVESTING L td. 5 f N SPDNSERS The Abroms Famrly Alderman Rodney M Barker Phllllp Barton Beverly and Bob Bernson Mr and Mrs Davld Block Rlchard Braverman Mr and Mrs Bruno Brodfeld Mrs Barbara Buchsbaum Dean and Txsh Burnham he Butters Famlly Mr and Mrs Capofreddl ohn and Cynthla Castle Mr and Mrs Wllllam Merritt David lohn Dewar and Co Lhet and Joy Douglass lnda and Mlchael Frleze Marxan and Arthur Glasgow Ruth and Joe Goldman Dr and Mrs Melvln J Gordon Tom and Ellie Hackett Ann Hulslng and Erlc Johnson Edward and Adele Kaplan L . L . rw g J Lester and Lane Kleln Marlan Leon and Damel Knapp Thelma Charles and Jonathan Lee Lmda and Martm Myers The Nelsuler Famlly Newton Seafood Inc Rldhard and Angela Nrcolettl Borls A Novak QD D Sl orthodontlst Carol and Marcus Rector Mr and Mrs Stanley J Rlchmond David and Judy Rosenthal Syrllle and Paul Rosman Eddy and Abby Shaplro Mr and Mrs Gerald Sllverman Skl and Tennls Chalet Judy and Mlchael Stemerman Dr John M Strand Supermtendent of Schools Mr and Mrs Robert H Wllcox 3rd Mr and Mrs Paul F Wlshengrad Tess and Paul Yager Aldeen and Gerald Zeltlln and Famlly Henry E. Schniewind, Jr., M.D. X J Sleepmg Around M., IQ T 'T' ' '--'ur is Q as 3 X 3 1 1 in 3 Q-1 5 3 5, ig" 9 1 '04-is ..,., 4:2-gif: ff. c Q ou! 1 1 g S! J.. . ' , ,l-4 ' ' .ff 1 - 4' rifles.. ' ' --- h ..:, N Q . - ' 'M '?i'lf- , eff. 5 sf gi!! 44 'T' Ev ,,. R 1 Ii ia.. S l :',q,.4,Q, Q. vi "3X,,r-". 1 f 7 ' Qu if ., gy, ' "- A .1 S l ,"' J . Q F5 1 I numb X Q3 9.101 L ak F' . 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Suggestions in the Newton South High School - Regulus Yearbook (Newton, MA) collection:

Newton South High School - Regulus Yearbook (Newton, MA) online yearbook collection, 1980 Edition, Page 1


Newton South High School - Regulus Yearbook (Newton, MA) online yearbook collection, 1981 Edition, Page 1


Newton South High School - Regulus Yearbook (Newton, MA) online yearbook collection, 1982 Edition, Page 1


Newton South High School - Regulus Yearbook (Newton, MA) online yearbook collection, 1984 Edition, Page 1


Newton South High School - Regulus Yearbook (Newton, MA) online yearbook collection, 1985 Edition, Page 1


Newton South High School - Regulus Yearbook (Newton, MA) online yearbook collection, 1986 Edition, Page 1


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