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4. - FU R 's utr- -H - f-fJ"'ll'-"ills-ffl:-,,f-,,1L ,, 01. I i w I- - as -r-, "usu:+n:f'1rf,,rf L , , i .6."i .31 M l A - , ' ' L , A . - . , , - . . ,, . , .- - ' fit xi' sff. f :wig R1 -Q - no . x , . . . , Q L' , K' 'a V 1 Y' - . ....,.,..,--., 4. -TL ,, , , - 1'-f ll Li-4 ,J W W "S"-Y-4 -'-an-5-Q94 . 1-anna-nw, 1... ,Q ,A -0 H - .- , .- ' ' E link- 5 I ,Q g'. ' 4 'K f r .. t-".- . , L- ' . Q - 0' 4 W- A Q -f . Q - O . sp- . 1, , P- ' fw "ff " 1 ' - Q -- 0" Us S K, ' , 4.19 f,i'r. x - - 5' - ,g I A -. V Q " .2-, Ax. ' -Q ' "' 14 ' .A qt' ft.. , . ,375 Nj, , .. , ,Fr .C 1' , -f ,.- .f .ff was , .-.- - . ,ff-, he, B I ' Q 1-gn ' ' I 4' --Q - -'JD th Q . . , :mt . .-' ' l If .. Q 'nr' ' 'PSY . , . ' .- ' -.-vfay T. 1 N 1 Dx l 1 B I l rrou ,, Pl Q 9' '-in L I . 4 - -- but 5- 'Q' , 1 , . . , - vt S- ' - 1 - Vi1's n"9N-rv 'MTX "' 4 ax -G Q, 5 " Q J 4 ,, 5 'X f 4 . ". , ' 's , ' "' ' V -v 4 T Q-If-q 9 -, , I ' TN 'Nssstlx s' 'Qs is -L, " Q ' 6 -Q Q lx! J ' 'kv -,-nf-.' al 1' 4 f -Q,,Ni' -.. -' , . '- 'Q .' Y Q '- , ,QS "fr" , A .f?',..'r . E A Q Q ' , 'A -I' i - I ' . - 5 h Q - . ' .fri 4. Sl' 4 A 953, . x Q- My t o U Q . I M ,Q ,ct 5-.Qu X . A 'P I U. -Q' Q E In - Q 0- x. h i -S . it .I R S ' .1 so Q NJ- Q "'bs -I 5 x V' 3 ' 055 ' 'H xml' Q 5 x I ,Q h Q 3 0 . ,-- Y ,ALXQ ' .I 5 , . x 1 ii. '-.px . -C A i. , A , N , il 4 S v nvssf., L L. . , l sa K 1 R g' W. - Q -Q '-All . - D S . ,wr ,i QNQQ. nA, . . -.-f --g-,pf-g '- ' . .' ' 97" Q I ' s Q - -"' A - Q' , . pug.. U 4 5 , .ily 'sg , -i A s R. -'.J,f 4 I E is x ' NEWTDN FREE LIBRARY NEWTON, MASS. P4 N +L- FWTGN souru HIGH SCHOOL ,. . ....-..-.W--1 '4.-.. - . ,,-..-,,.,.. .- -..-.---AV... 1 l 1 I l I Newton South igh School Zxfk- liz' ',- 'vi . in .' ' . 13Y,5JJl,:: - ' '. lr. 1 . ' . Y 3, fi :'f-' Now We ' Are Four This has been a unique and special year at Newton South. We have been faced with the challenge and excite- ment of expanding into a four year high school. Though an increase in the student population has brought crowded halls and shorter people, the community has benefited as the con- tributions to the school have become more numerous. They have also been of a higher quality as South has been afforded a greater number of people from which to draw. The extra-curri- cular involvement of South students has continued to thrive, and Now That We' Are Four a larger number of students remain long after the final bell to contribute to the community. The growing number of friendships that have resulted from our larger community have provided a feeling of kindness and closeness throughout the school. Upperclassmen have been confronted with the problem of get- ting along and accepting the under- classmen, and the incoming ninth and tenth grade students have had to ad- just to "looking up" to the juniors and seniors. The corridors, filled with peo- ple between classes, have appeared more like bustling train stations than academic hallwaysg yet these adjust- ments have been a small price to pay for our pride and joy in the fact that Now We Are Four. gf .fr ' 3.3 ' r.-io' X, 14 U, . .K ' , - '-ff 'g"w'ff . 1, A.. ,x , , .F L.:-i 1. 3r,f f" Q ' n 4, fx. 'ju-I V , ff'fa"f 'Sin "ll 'I 4 , 41 1 Q X 1 "5-W I .. A. 1-4 A Yi G N "' 'Q . ' z 04.5 ' 3 ,.-fdfil' Eg lB,, -as . ,.,.,L,. ,, ,Q Y 5 1 l 1 4 ' N J! g. :W ,riff 4: 1 -'ff . s. , 4- if .li L , ,,-1- . ., A . vf..- B95-, -.-af 59 4. X, L vw, 4 1 Half! ffl ' I I 1 4 29 6 4,4 1 -USRQ., 1 . D "ffm" V Vi L o-L 'vie ot R L.,,g- Sl gm. C Y-ii. b iv lf. Sf, 02 -. ' 'K QI. m . 'rf rf f 1 1 1 '. ' , "sf 1' J . "' , . p' -V Q . " ' Z' ' ' g. 'ir-"US , " '7' f , . .4 4 J., mf 1.3" 5' , :', :T ,LTD ' ' . ' A - -' . .. , ,K ' ,-"-"ve A f --. . -. . l-,A -. - V A --' 1 4- ' .luv , 4 ggi, '-r. . I "K f -1 il ' .J 1'- .v so-,A ..k, X54-5' N. L v 5 1.9 Q 'K I ' L 45 7 4 1 w ? Q S l' Q Q O.. I I r lf! .Q va 4, fi, If S 5 llc' I . 9 I at in . Y 'Zg- . L ' 1' S. fa V- Y H , 5 x NF HF ' u I 1 '1Y' , 1 if 'S-g., I P XL . 3 rf ..,-5 fm 1 XX'-f 1 O ht 7 1 41' .gm U . E ff! AT' 4' I, '12 vi. ... .Iii 2 T5 ' I 4':f'l . 91 -t I- - l W., ,. , I, 'GLw'.3. I 'z ' Y I A 'i,"lc+ . X I 51' -'ix , 6 - 'r ,..s , ,.,-i 'A -gat 'A 4 A -Q 3 'I -J 'uf 5' N i L xr H-L."".!' .'3. ,?5fe " X SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS' SOUTH HICH SPEAKS' INTERNATIONAL CLUB' CONCERT CHOIR' SCI- FI C FRENCH CLUB' GOODWIN TASK FORCE'A-V CREW' ORCHESTRAENRICHMENT PROGRAM' QIAZZ BAN! SCIENCE CLUBEXRLORERS' CHESS TEAM' SRC' REFLECTIONS' REGULUS' STAGE CREW' GERMAN CONCERT BAND' HISTORY CLUB'DENEBOLA'HMUN ' E MATH CLUB' CUTLER HOUSE COUNCIL'RUSSIAN THEATRE ARTSDEBATE TEAM' SCI-'FI CLUB' RE ITALIAN CLUB' INTERNATIONAL CLUB' CONCERT VOCAL ENSEMBLE' SPANISH CLUB' ORCHESTRA' SE A SOUTH HIGH SREAI4S'FRENCH CLUB' GOODWIN ENRICHMENT PROGRAM' JAZZ BAND' REFLECTIONE A-V CREW' ORCHESTRA' LXPLORHRS- CHESS TE REGJLUS' STAGE CREW' GERMAN CLUB' MATH CL. HISTORY CLLB'SRC' CONCERT CHOIR' DENEBOLA' CUTLER HOLSE COUNCIL RUSSIAN CLUB ITALIAN EFLECT Harvard Model United Natlon This year South sent twelve delegates re- presenting the country of Ireland to the T951 Harvard Model UN. Conference held at the Sheraton Hotel and Harvard Univer- sity. The UN. is an extraordinary opportu- nity for students to gain an understanding of the purposes and functions of the real United Nations, as well as an increased knowledge of International relations. Over 1500 high school students participate from around the country. Students are divided into subcommittees at the conference to discuss economic, social, and security is- sues. Faculty advisor, Marshall Cohen com- ments "l've noticed a remarkable effect that the H.M. U.N. has on the students' educational experience. They are encour- aged to keep up with foreign policies and world events." South High Speaks is a student directed and produced program. It airs on Friday mornings, for fifteen minutes. on station WNTN. Editorials on current issues, as well as updates about South life comprise the program. One can hear a sports update, a play review and a political opiniong South High Speaks is, in fact, a verbal newspaper. 18 he French Club Xi'- The French Club is one of the largest stu- dent organizations in the school. One mem- ber comments that, HThe wide variety of members has created an interesting and en- thusiastic group." This year the club has planned many fundraisers and various trips to attend French cultural events in the Bos- ton area. The club is also concerned with establishing good relations between the ex- change students from Grasse, France when they visit our community. One of the spe- cial and charming contributions that the club makes to the school is the selling of carnations on Valentine's Day. They wish the senior class and all other students "Bon Chance" in the years to come. Student Representative Council - Gs as x .Fuss 4' W li rafts .ff -Aff! , T93 U - . i The Student Representative Council consists of twenty-three appointed and elected members. The students meet as a group once a week in order to discuss prob- lems concerning the high school communi- ty. There are four individuals of the S.R.C. who also serve as representatives to the Newton School Committee and to the Mas- sachusetts Board of Education. Led by Jon Kaplan, they have had a high achievement rate of solving complaints voiced by South students. The group has been working on a studentfteacher feedback form, with which the teacher receives anonymous comments on the quality of instruction. 19 I 1 The Russian Club at Newton South is one of the most active stu- dent organizations. Headed this year by Alan Carver and Roger Kaufman, the club brings speakers from the Soviet Union to speak at school, travels to Boston to witness Russian cultural events, and in- vites the Yale Russian chorus each year to share its expertise with the community. Most exciting of all, however, the Russian students are planning a trip to the Soviet Union in the spring of 1982. By studying Russian language with their viva- cious instructor Ms. Elaine Eisen- haur and by bringing Soviet Cul- ture to the community, the stu- dents have heightened the aware- ness level of the school which is the first step to improved relations be- tween the United States and the Soviet Union. If one stops to think about it, the wide variety of backrounds and the many different heritages that are found among South students is as- tonishing. The International club gives students the opportunity to make lasting friendships with fel- low students from over twenty-five foreign countries. There are week- end and weeknight activities, pot- luck suppers in which students have the chance to sample cuisine from foreign countries, and parties. It's the closest thing to travelling around the world without leaving our community. One member com- ments, "The International Club helps us recognize and appreciate our differences." Everyone is wel- come in the club, and each member enriches the club as a whole. 21 ! L r- V P ath Team ' kj .I lcmn Fll'h Inns., ,Y 'IF!v-1 il 'IF e Chess Team fx cg, During the school year, the New- ton South Math Team competes in five meets at various schools in the Boston area. South has two teams of five people each. At the meets the participants work, both indi- vidually and as a team, to solve mathematical problems ranging in complexity from basic algebra and geometry to trigonometry. Mrs. Kantrowitz, the faculty advisor, and Michael Klugerman, Captain, lead the team throughout the year with precise calculations and mathematical Wizardry. The Newton South Chess Team has aquired a superior reputation in recent years. The team won first place in the Massachusetts state competitions for 1979-1980, and 1980-1981. Their top five "boards" are played by Captain Andy Feld- man, Kristo Miettinen, Richard Rubin, Michael Klugerrnan, and Jon Feld. The entire team com- petes in fourteen meets during the school year with other schools across Massachusetts. The awards they have won have been richly de- served. 23 This yearls Spanish Club is big- ger and better than ever. lnvolv- ing students from ail four grades, the interest and enthusi- asm that is generated about Spanish culture is exciting for the club members and the larger school community. There are fundraisers, field trips, and many other exciting activities to increase the awareness of South students concerning Spanish traditions and lifestyles. Span- ish continues to be a very popu- lar choice of study at South, and the club provides an opportuni- ty for the large number of inter- ested students to have a good time while expanding their knowledge and understanding of Spanish, Mexican, and South American Cultures. The History Club provides an exciting, fun-filled experience while learning interesting facts about the past. Headed by ju- niors Doug Okun and Michael Wishnie, the group participates in numerous history-oriented activities. Amoung them are the annual dinner sponsored by the club which revolves around an historical theme. During History Day there are a multitude of events all day long with refer- ence to a particular time period. Movies are shown, club mem- bers dress in the style of the pe- riod, and an original skit is per- formed to increase creatively the knowledge of the school commu- nity. A knowledge of history is essential to the intellectual ma- turity of the students, and the club provides an experience characterized by its vitality to expand the students' sensitivity towards a variety of events and people from the past. 24 Spanish Clu r i ii History Clu - U. ,Q 1 A ii xx ' g he Explorers Club he Debate Team f The Explorers Club is designed to give students the experience of the New England outdoors. The trips include bicycling, hiking, mountain climbing, backpacking, and many more. Activities during the 1981-82 school year included beach walking on Wingershack beach, a bicycle trip to Martha's Vineyard, and skiing at Windb- lown. Co-directors Laura Smith and Sharon Grayzel comment, "On a beautiful morning in 1492, Chris- torpher Columbus set sail for a new country. He was known by his col- leagues as an explorer, and to us, the father of our club. Now that we have settled in, we limit ourselves to conquering mountains, explor- ing islands, and other such adven- tures." The Debate Team is an active and growing group in the school community. Involving over forty students, the team travels to var- ious cities and states throughout New England. Last year the team was state champion in Massachu- setts, and because of this honor Chairman Neal Heffron states, "We have a reputation to uphold." This year the subject that the team is debating is, "Minimal Educa- tional Standards for Elementary and Secondary Schools." They will surely present their argumentswith the expertise that their reputation demands. 25 1 For many years,Newton South's bleach- ers were silent. There was no half time show. All of a sudden, rousing marches burst from the band and there was a half time show. Under Ron Bergin's direction the Newton South Marching Band has completed its second season. This group re- hearses twice a week during the fall, taking practice time out of the Concert Band's re- hearsal time. In addition to playing at all home football games the band marches in Newton's Annual Memorial Day Parade. Jazz flourished as the reigning musical form in the early decades of twentieth-cen- tury America. Through the Newton South Jazz Ensemble, Big Band jazz tunes and student-composed arrangements keep jazz alive at South. The Ensemble is composed of a small group of talented musicians, who in the past have made many well-received appearances at talent shows and musical evenings here at South. Though Rock'N- 'Roll has earned its place in the history books, the Jazz Ensemble reminds us of the many joys to be found through music from the early part of this century. 27 "I :::in't sing a 8:00 in the morning l unexpectedly, this select group bursts into 'valance-tl harmony at this early hour. The Yocal Ensemble is known for its singing of challenging music from many historic per- iods. Meeting only twice a week. members are selected by niidition Director Helen Taylor works wirii this group. get expects it to take due responsibility for the learning of its music. Who said it was too early to sing? With the addition of a new class, the size and spirit of the Concert Choir has grown. Ninety strong voices meet four times a week to exercise their vocal chords and to enjoy company in singing. Their selections range from a medley from "Godspell" to the great choruses from Handel's "Mes- siah". Seniors, juniors, sophomores and freshmen come together during B-block to make music. Various performances throughout the school year give the stu- dents the opportunity to share their vocal talents with the community. 28 he Enrichment Program , Jissxng A member of the Youth Expression Channel 5's Tom Ellis on his visit Theatre to NSHS The Enrichment program was organized twelve years ago. Its' original purpose was to enrich the academic and personal lives of the students, by providing them with valu- able information through guest speakers, political forums, and special programs con- cerning relevant issues of today. The En- richment Program has retained this pur- pose, and now additionally functions to give interested students the opportunity to develop organizational and administrative skills. It brings the outside world into school, which is important because most to- pics ldrugs and alcohol, nuclear power, the draft, future careersl that affect high school students are often not covered in the school curriculum. Guest speakers include ex- Governor Michael Dukakis, columnist Mike Barnicle, and newscaster Tom Ellis. A week long program on nuclear arms heightened the students' awareness and added to their knowledge of this controver- sial issue. 29 Senior Class Officers The senior class officers organize fund raising events which benefit the senior class, and ultimately the entire school. This year, Lisa Baumberg, as senior class president, has raised money through a yard- sale, a magazine drive, a dance. candy-cane cablegrams and the selling of Newton South sweatshirts. The money will be used to help fund the prom and to present a class gift to the school. The Science Club was revived this year by Joe Jacobson, after it faded away sev- eral years ago. The twenty members of the club have planned several projects for this year including building a laser, cloning a frog, and investigations into the worlds of Solar Energy and Astron- omy. Mr. Brough, the club's faculty ad- viser feels that the club is extremely worthwhile as, "Anything that stimu- lates imagination or investigation be- yond the demands of the classroom will benefit the whole school." One member said, "It is great to be able to explore those areas of science that interest me, while I enjoy myself with my peers." 31 I ' 1 Phe Clumsy Custard Horrow Show The Clumsy Cwustard Horror Show, a short two act play. was performed solely by freshman and sophomores. Directed by Da- yid Breen. the show was rehearsed for only two weeks prior to the performances in Oc- tober. This play is a modern, but bizarre duel between the forces of Zob Proper tgoodl an and Zob Improper teyill. The show featured audience participation in ad- dition to the talents ofthe incoming stu- dents. Arnis Boheme ............... Debbie Cohen Swashbuck Yalpariso . Patil Sherman Worfle .............................. Marla Smith Princess Prince .... Monique Harrison King Dumb ............... Adam Thorburn Dacron ......................... Willie Gardner Alphasia ....... ........ lN flissy Hendrix Nlalforce ....... ........ K enny Small Polly ....... .............. L iz Kliger Ester ....... ........ S hira Kaplan Head .......... .......... t Iulie Armer Sir Prize ....... ...... B ill Ledbetter Sir Viyal ................. ........ K arl Seeley Sir Cumference ............... Andy Barsh Clumsy Custard .............. David Orlin I Ginsberg J 33 Funny Thing Happened n The Way To The Forum i "Forum" is best described by the song that opens the first act, "Comedy Tonight." In it, the song proclaims that there will not be any tragedy, only a comedy that has a happy ending. The story involves a boy, Hero, and a girl, Philia. They meet in a courtesan's house and fall in love. The only problem is that Philia has been bought by Miles Gloriosus, the Conquerer. Heros slave, Pseudolus, plots with Hero to get Philia, and in return Psuedolus will get his freedom. As it turns out, Philia and Miles are sister and brother, Hero gets Philia, and Pseudolus gets his freedom. Pseudolus ......... Hero ............... Philia ............. Hysterium ........ Senex ...... ..... ..... Domina .... ......... Miles Gloriosus ...... Lycus ................ Erronius ........... Director ............ Vocal Director. Conductor ........ Producer ........ Hu... .... . Steve Goldman Richard Battista ................Lori Hite .........Mike Robinson Holton Johnson Tori Gordon ........Doug Okun .........Jon Zeitlin Josh Davis ...........Bill Jones Helen Taylor Ron Bergin Ron Bergin 4 1 1 1 1 4 Reflections, headed by Paige Chernow, Andy Nottonson and Lauren Seely, is a col- lection ofcreative wwriting and art. All year the staff meets weekly to select the finest contributions for publication during the May Arts Festival. Student submissions are discussed and analyzed, after which the staff votes to determine whether or not they wil be printed. We as students are con- fronted with great literature in our English classes, and it is encouraging and inspiring to read the works of these students who are on their way to making important literary contributions. They have already contrib- uted their talents to South and the world's readers eagerly await their written expres- sions. 37 First row lleft to rightl Adam Rossman, Doug Okun, Mike Wishnie, Josh King. Eric Rector: Second row: fleft to rightj Robin Doren, Becca Levy, Jane Baverman, Wendy Bookstein, Laura Kohl, Chris Zisi, Michael Boches: Third row: Scott Powell, Andy Nottonson. 39 i l 1 1 1 Data Staff - lst row: Marji Du- . binski, Crolyn McCrory. 2rd row: - Kathy Hosmer. i Photography Staff - lst row: Mark Sports Staff - lst row: Carolyn Millender, Wendy Ryter, Norman La- McCrory, Lisa Schneider, Penny zurus. 2nd row: Dave Robbins, Darren Salter. 2nd row: Andy Young, Da- Tong, Ricky Lifsitz. vid Hill, Stephanie Pernice. . s : Tully Danielle, Patrice Galvin, irgniimm -was 1 . . 1,-ul 3' noni ff' ,ln A - ei? 1, -J", 1- ,- algal -'- i fi 1 Literary Staff - 1st row: Beth Rosen- son, Penny Salter, Jeanne Madden, Mini Bess. 2nd row: Michael Paulson, Kathy Auer, Ken Liebman, Marji Rosenthal. Copy Staff: Tonia Croce, Lori Block, Tori Gordon, Laura Kaufmann, Eric Price, Karen Secheyo. Layout Staff: Rod Altschul, Carolyn Drucker, Laurie Millender, Chris Moan, Colleen Stafford, Gail Tankel. 41 55.1 .,, I -14 . f Q I .A,,.,f I v W 90 ig ga 0 O fwjifv v ,M - Q I .QU 4: 9 i g , 51314 , 9 V 1, li Y t L iz- -A T nl. -Ezi . . A A WN , 51" I . i i I ttrom L to Rl lst row: Linda Siegal. Laurie Spicer, Patti Sullivan. Barbara Littman. 2nd ro Doreen Hagar. Blanca Wales. Colleen McLellan. Cecelia Wilcox, Betina Chiaravelotti. Lynn Wal stein. Ilene Speizer. 3rd row: Susan Prendiville. Beth Galvin. Chiqui Wales. Sharlene Speiz Brenda Murphy. Melina Croyo. Michele Sullivan. Linda Haggerty. Coach Sue Bradbury. Girls' Basketball Although the 1982 Girls' Basketball Team got offto a poor start. with the help of co-captains Patty Sullivan and Laurie Spicer. it will pull itself together. Because she has pre-planned her practices and a lot ot' strategies, returning Coach Bradbury is convinced that Newton South will stay near the top of this year's standings. All in all. this year's team is prepared to meet all competition with success. Msn-- I J C . 1'- 44 . f T Q ll 1' 4 vii? , u . s 1-. - 3' L!! J 1 X 18' P '1 I l s - ,Ns - Q , Q . s - uw I ' ' Q S . ' Z . 5-,, 1-' Girls' Swim Team Although this vear's Newton South C1irl's Swim Team won only 3 of8 meets, it exper- ienced success in it's positive attitude and its ability to work together. While swim- ming involves people competing as individ- uals. the support teammates provide is im- portant. The addition of freshmen to New- ton South helped to enlarge the team en- abling South to gain points in many meets. Everyone on the team worked hard and benefited from the spirit that it created. Despite it's poor record, this years season remains on everyone's mind as a winning one. v tfrom L to RJ lst row co capt lxathv Strange co capt Cissv DeRosa 2nd row Coach Scullv Lori Goldman, Pam Alberts. Cyndi Freeman Athena Chooljian Laura Lupian Janice Pearson Diana batin Coach Simeone 3rd row kathy Clalvin. Laura Rosenthal. Karen Leavitt He1d1Nottonson Judv Finger Sara Murphv 4th row Kathv Bernheimer Renee Pagan. Julie Abenud, Cheryl Hagarj Happy Finkelstein Karen Stolpinski 5th row Denise Hill Lv nn Lupian Chervl Kalis Le lie bemonian, -Jennifer Karp, Margi Rosenthal Laura Evans 6th row Debra Brovsn Diane DeRosa Liz Morrison ballx Greenberg -Xngela Geraci, Gretchen Hayden. 45 GIRL' GCCER This years girl's soccer team posted a very impressive 6-5-1 season. After losing most of last years starters at graduation, Coach Charles Hurwitz expected 1981 to be a rebuilding year. Co-captain Patty Sullivan and Patrice Galvin were consistent threats in the Lion's offensive. Patty Sullivan. the team's high scorer, was awarded this year's 1102 award for outstanding team contribution and hard work. Patrice Galvin improved a great deal over the season and proved herself worthy ofthe M,Y.P. honors. The early in- jury to co-captain Linda Martin made her miss half of the games but she returned to contribute a great deal on defense. Senior Nancy Delvlichele, a sweeper. was voted most improved player. Juniors. Cocelia Wilcox. Liddy Leitman, Carolyn Bowers. Doreen Hager. and Bettina Chiaravelotti made steady improvements throughout the season. Sophomore Chiqui Wales earned a start- ing position at goal but was injured and junior Barbara Sheiffer stepped in to do an excellent job. Along with Chiqui, other out- standing sophomores with great potential are: Blanca Wales. Coleen McLellan and Sue Prenderville. The only freshman to make varsity was Julia Ketterer. whose throw-in was better than any senior on the team. With most ofthis year's starters expected lUI'6lLl1'I1, next year should prove to be an- other successful year. ',,, . . 'AW N . , ,i af' ' A VX Sv viii' .Q 9 s 'kgs'4i?li fx .1 "4-'A .. ru - Q. gif? itrom I, to Rb lst row: Colleen NIcl,ellan. Christina Wales. Nancy De Michele. Patrice tlalx Linda Martin. Patty Sullivan. Amy Nauss. l,iddy I.eitman, Barbara Sheiffer. 2nd row: t Smith. Charlotta Wales. Ilene Speizer. Doreen Hager. Sue Prendiville. Cecilia Wilcox. Bet! Chiarvelotti. Beth Rudikofl. Coach Hurwitz, 3rd row: Michele Sullivan. -lenniter Hughes. Sar. Davis. Kathy Diclemente. Linda Nlcl,ellan. Carolyn Bowers. Anita Singh. -lulie lietterer. lilain Presley. 4th row: Beth Galvin. Andrea Casson. Moira Daley. Susan Cohen. Eliza Gann. Sllsl- Santana. Sonya Logan. Bethsaliee Spain. Missy Brooks. 5th row: Jackie .-Xbend. Donna Segal Anne Beatty. Wendy Pringle. f Galvin. r: fttaclr Bwill M. rirj :, flung 5, viii .5 'Tsai' lfrom L to Rl lst row: Emmet Kinsellagh. Phillip Castle. David Pickett. Edward Nlurry. Peter Schlossman co-capt.. Michael Duffy co-capt., Michael Riu, Richard Battista. Peter Miller. 2nd row: Mark Leibovich. John Zeitlin, Eric Rector. Andrew Miller. John Giannenakis, John Miller. Andrew Young, Michael Castle. 3rd row: Levon Hanzation. Mark Nicoletti. Mark Koning. Mi- chael Walsh. 4th row: Daniel Silver, Michael Perkins, Steve Dakoyannis. Steve Richmond. Brad Reed, Josh Goldberg, Dana Chooljian. 5th row: Daniel Arons, Michael Wishnie, Lester Cross. John Stephans, Tom Dorf. Michael Kagan, Joel Picon. Missing: Steven Abroms. Michael David- son, Adam Kibel, Jamie Klingsherg. Michael Leviton, Arom Sarafian, Jim Schwartz. Paul Vander- walde. Boys' Soccer It was a season not meant to he. The 1981 Boys' Soccer Teams opening loss to fon- cord 5-1 was an indicator for the season to Cllnile. Under second year coach Alf Wilson, the team was coming off a successful 1980 cam- paign and anticipated another successful season in 1981. There were several reasons for the team's demise. Junior fullback Mark Nicoletti was injured prior to the sea- son and missed all but two games. The loss of Nicoletti certainly hurt South as it was forced to move Center halfhack Peter Schlossma' to Nicoletti's spot. As a result. the team was not as strong at midfield. This prohlem, coupled with the lack of goal scor- ers, made for a less potent offense than an- ticipated. There were several bright spots on this year's team. Co-captains Peter Schlossman and Michael Duffy had fine seasons and led the squad throughout. Seniors John Miller and Andy voung played consistently well on defense and Junior Goalkeeper Mark Leibovich also had a good year. Although South did not have a good re- cord, the team was competitive and virtual- ly every game with a large group of return- ing and experienced players. There is an optimistic outlook for a successful 1982 year. 47 ' 1' I . -A A .1 f .,,',.- N' 'F 5 i ' Us ' . , sig, . V 0- ' . H, 5 O 0 , .5 1-as, samwvtr ,. , . ,, f , , ' v H- ' ,fi i ' w . 1 4.--dn.. v :Vg Ke-4 Field Hockey tfrom L to Rl lst row: Coach Colt, Karin Vander- - if A Walde, Susan Charpentier. Gail Arduino, co-capt. Jill Nesgos. Colleen Stafford, Chris Moan, Coach Shukri. 2nd row: Anne Conneely, Clare Kiley, Una Gandb- V hir, Irene Melville, Sharlene Speizer, Fiona Shukri, 5, Diana Kay. 3rd row: Ashina Dayal. Ashley Oliver, . Julie Bernson. Susie Saitow, Andrea Kaplan, Cynthia Tsamtsouris, Meena Sripada. 4th row: Liza Mona- han. Susan Sprich, Faith Raider, Wendy Merrill, Eri- ka Rogoff, Allison MacDonald. 5th row: -lane Long- son, Brenda Murphy. Missing: Andrea Castellanos. --'v ' --' Lisa Hurwitz, co-capt. Kim Murphy, Elyse Resh. n , Q ' H-G-'efi-'43 l""" .3 K ' s 'V 1...-- 4, S ' ' 'i ' '- "Score, Score, Score," chanted a team of enthusiastic field hockey players. Although there were only a few returning players, and two new coaches, the team had a lot of determination. With the help of the coaches Ms. Shukri and Ms. Colt, the team improved tremendously. Seniors Colleen tLeeniel Stafford. Christine tGood Moodl Moan, Gail lJumping Jackl Arduino, Susan Charpentier. Karin Yanderwalde. and co-capt's Kim Murphy and Jill tilll Nesgos helped make the 1981 season a winning one - not with 48 goals, but with spirit and enjoyment. "' T ' ' - E,-4 ,.,.. ttnlfa l fthe U tfflllfl. xaltltt with a ...Q-AL Wrestling The 1982 Wrestling season should prove to be a very exciting one tor the Lions. Com- ing from a rebuilding season where they fin- ished around the .500 mark, the Lions look strong. Though still in the process ot' rejuvenat- ing a once powerful team, Coach Hurwitz will have some wrestlers who could individ- ually dominate the area. Five ot' the return- ing lettermen have qualified for the state tournament in the past. These five, co-cap- -,.,, tains Dave MacDonald and Steve Stein- .fn .-5, ' if be-rg, with Mark Colling, steve Arduino and heavyweight Bob Baker should form the nucleus ofa very good squad. Rounding out the varsity will be the third co-captain Mike Duffy, John Rosenson, Robert White. and newcomers Chris Kiah and Mike New- mark. Coach Hurwitz and Coach Murphy are expecting MacDonald and Steinberg to pin this year. If they do so this will alleviate a lot of pressure from Duffy and the rest of the squad, and the Lions should surpass .500Y ... - l' lst row: Jon Rosenson. Lee Silverstein, Steve Steinberg, Mike Duffy, David MacDonald, Robert White. Mark Colling. 2nd row: Coach Hurwitz, Bob Shone, Scott Brightman, Michael Newmark, Ed Ryter, Steven Arduino, Coach Murphy. 3rd row: Donald Murphy, Alin Mirski, Mike Welch, Sung Kim. David Soreff. Jon Lombardo. Peter Capofreddi 49 Girls' Gymnastics This year's gymnastics team is looking forward to an exciting and competitive sea- son. With the dramatic increase of mem- bers, we have a large dedicated team. Coach Judy Blanchard and assistant coach Bruce King are warm and under- standing, spending their time, inside and outside of the gym giving each individual all the help that the gymnast needs. Even though gymnast compete individ- ually, gymnastics requires much team work. A gymnast who knows that her team is behind her gives a better performance. This year with a lot of moral support and encouragement, Newton South should do exceptionally well. lfrom L to RJ lst row: Carolyn Ansin. -lulie Ketterer, Jeanne Wolfe, Maria Smith, Sheryl Kalis. Lani Wish- nie. 2nd row: Lynn Faber, Sherri Elman. Gail Fein- stein, Susan Yaffe. Jenny Wolfe tmanagerl. Fiona Shukri. 3rd row: Coach Judy Blanchard. Lisa Schneider. Leo The Lion. Amy Scheinan, Assistant Coach Bruce King. 50 ,X pie X x 1 'I .r 'X This vear's Boys' Gymnastics team ex- pects to improve on a disappointing season last year. The squad has increased in size. an important factor if everyone competes. The increase in size is, surprisingly. not due to the addition of freshmen at South but rather to the number of upperclassmen coming out for the team. Coach Steeves is looking forward to an outstanding season due to the existing team spirit as well as the prevalent talent. tfrom L to Rl lst row: Richard Lipof. Co-captain David Comerford. Michael Langan. 2nd row: Mi- chael Leviton. Mark Nicoletti, Stephen Zimelman. Andrew Kohn. Michael Castle. 3rd row: Peter Miller. Assistant Coach Bruce King, Coach Tom Steeves. Frank Moreau. Missing: Joseph Kauffman. Garret Smith. Co-captain Jeff Stevens. 51 Girl's Indoor Track - 1.9 " . gf.. N1 ,711- ill '- A , , :'c ri ---L- 1 st row: co-captain Carolyn McCrory, co-captain Pa- trice Galvin, 2nd row: Anne Beatty, Susan Paulson. Missy Brooks, Denise Hill, Ellen Lee. 3rd row: Coach Keith. -lennifer Spicer, Faith Raeder, Moira Daley. Anita Singh. Liddy Leitman, Happy Finklestein. Carolyn Bowers. This year's team was a strong one in de- termination, spirit, ability, and friendship. lt was composed of runners, each of whom knew the feeling of success as well as the agony of defeat, and cared for one another, both on and off the track. They knew the meaning of hard work: showing up daily at North for practices, and spending almost every Saturday at track meets. Co- captains Patrice Galvin and Carolyn lNIcCrory were outstanding in their events, the 1000 yd. run and mile. respectively, competing in State meets as well as winning these events in most league meets. Carolyn Bowers was always close hehind, and Liddy Leitman was a speedstar in the 600. Anita Singh and Missy Brooks must also be accre- dited for their performances in the high jump, hurdles, and relay. All the girls con- stantly improved their performances, so they were all winners. 52 I . ' 1 5 -' -fc . .-'N v BTU Yr., X 'L 'L S rf, 1 - I 1, 'A I ,. 9 J in B""""". r. ff ' i J Till Sp 59. 'fC-. X i xl rt 5 J tok Q : 4 ng-- ,. - Illli I. - -4 fl l llg l"' i i' x "lu B IH. ll-3 l l n Boy's Indoor Track Q-Q' EV L . " ' 5244 3 3 l g Y 1 2 fm..- 3 "Ut 1-M' . .V gr it MQ" ,,. A, . 2'- -gt- lst row: Dave Pickett, Marc uimrclllel. lid Nlurray. Phil Levinson. -lon Schroede Nlike Davidson. Holi Schoker. Carl Pottey, 2nd row: Co-captain Mike Iilugerman. Dennis Fleming. Tommy Yam-or. Charles Smith. co-captain Mark lionig. Fred Bowers. -lon Miller, Dwayne Nlosliy, Eric Kaplan. Scott Butler. Coach Sutherland. The record really doesn't matter. it's the effort put forth. If meets were won by ef- fort. Newton South's track team would be without equal. Even with outstanding per- formances hy Captains Mike Klugerman and Mark Konig, seniors Carl Pottey and Scott Butler. bright new stars Marc Wood- lief, Phil Levinson and junior Mike David- son. the team could only muster one victo- ry. With the majority of the team returning next year, the future looks hopeful. 53 . ,H 'lull lltrl l ire, llanlei Mriretl. if Ski Team The 1982 Ski Team is one of the largest squads in the history of Newton South. Tri- captains Penny Salter, Larry Abend and Andy Barnett provide a lot of support and assistance when needed by teammates. The Newton South Ski Team is one of the clos- est knit teams in the school. Although peo- ple compete individually, the support that teammates provide is important. Coach Abend is looking forward to a fun-filled sea- son marked by success, despite the fact that some of the team's strongest racers were lost last year. The addition of freshmen to South along with returning sophomores, ju- niors and seniors will make the 1982 season one to remember. Larry Abend, tri-capt., Jaqueling Abend, Julie Abend, Judy Abend, GeoffAbels, Saleh Armian, Daniel Arons, Missy Ashapa, Andrew Barnett tri-capt., Chris Barker, Sally Bernstein, Ben Bolker, Jessica Bolker, Richard Botana, Paige Chernow, James Conviser, Robyn Curhan, Ann Doherty, Margie Dubinsky. David Finkelstein, David Freize, Jacelyn Gitlen, Sharon Grayzel, Josh Goldberg, Jana Hasten, Stacey Hackel, Josh Hassol, Lori Hite, Suzanne Hite, Joseph Jacobson, Kirsten Jenkins, Corinne Kallman, Henry Kendall, Adam Kibel, Josh King, Laura Kohl, Karl Knapp, Jon Langon. Becca Levy, Jennifer Manthei. Steven Meizler, Mark Millender, Katy Motley, Jill Nesgos, Sarabeth Okstein, Eric Price. Wendy Pringle, Randi Priluck, Jeffrey Pollock, Eric Rector. Michael Riu, David Robbins, David Rubin, Penny Salter tri-capt., Kim Scalia, Mark Schwartz, Karl Seely, David Shapiro, Phil Small, Leslie Smith, Alec Sor- eff, Jerome Stern, Judy Stacks, Jon Springer, Ian Todreas, Mark Wishengrad, Dereck Wittenbergm Lisa Zeichner. 55 lst row: Richard Wenning. John Stephens, co-cap- tain Steve Mosca, co-captain Ken Iiohlherg. Willie Roesner, Chris Stephens, Brad Hot-hherg. 2nd row: Coach Charles Rezzutti, David Cohen. Peter Klein. Mike Walsh, Mark Paglia. Zach Woods, Craig Stern. John Cohen. John Jewett. Mike Antonellis. Coach Mike Barlmetti. Ice Hockey This year's hockey team is perhaps the strongest in South's history. The Lions. who have been thought of as a pushover in the tough dual-County League. are now he- ing recognized as competitors. The Lion offense is led hy senior captains Ken Kohlberg and Steve Mosca. along with highscoring Ken Fay. Juniors Mike Walsh and John Stephens add additional power to the offense. The defense is controlled bv three year starter David Cohen and newly acquired junior Mark Paglia. Rich Wen- ning does a fine job tending the nets. The Lions look forward to a successful i Nha r X ' sv 4 his season and respect in the difficult league. 56 W by al S2 ,xff -ufsggvlfi has Wiwill - 'I -J i QIIM M 'ml Q sc H i i 1 Xf Q I 1 ? 5 1 L , 0 , T .fx fA'.l.,' 3? L, : ,, F as '75 ':7af1" ' Lvfii ., f 9 xf X s ma.. .5 X 5. 1 ' ss Q . -T-Ea-, - ,NJIS-e.:u.uf NM- - ev ' 1 Q --A '-1 - . , ' ' ' " ' -.?,.5,'-.....---. .-- W- , v. 9. .. -. -vw, .--,.. . A f' l' -. . ,N 1., 5 . Y ,...... ..-.,..x..,......- .,,. , pN..,.., V--A-f-1-fy-M -, -A L 1 - 2 . 4 . E i 1 . , 'f' ' 5 3 '." -, G . ,H A.,-if-" .Tn -'w HJL:f15r': -1 1. V .- - .. ' -1 A 1 ' , 'V -,-nr. , -, Nw-pa. if ,.,. . I .H-1 ,. , . , .L , .V H 1 . A . , I 4: -.a-....,l.',..x,k A ' -nv ua A A A e, f if 1 t Y A +31 uv n zi' 'if ' s. i "1vf-:- - A"1-' 'Q - . 5 5: A 'f' 'P' , fl -H - .- 4-.Lf-"'.f1 1, 0 ""l,.. M V. g A V ' Vx ' Q, Q. - Wad, V . V . S 11 - - . v I .045 . n N ,y A . ' 'gi-K 1-,oo - . , n-If 'I it-Q 'R -Q19 5 ? -ww nr-an .6 Q91 Y ' JQ'-J"4 '- .g nt' It if ? ."f'f' X'- ""'.. U '05 ,' ,W 's. '1!r:"6- 'iff is ' , f' .5-A - ,2- Q 8 .Inav is . A , , Q .11 ' , ' ' 5 .,-e'.- 5 su. ..- JO - . . .. 'Cv .fm ' . o , , - - - W , 9.x"" 'in' -. S ' '..:,. .Q . 'P ' sh ' . 1 Q.I Q 5 "1 ... Q 1 if Q, s- ,,, 'p - F., 45- fx -- ' Q' -41.- -J' '- 49 , S A .I Q x ' ' 4 s 1 XV 3: ' is r f . I sv ' I .rf 'Ar' K 'X Ll -5- . 1 ,X- K W I ,9- lfrom L to Rl 1st row: co-capt. Leslie Smith, co-capt. Laurie Spicer. 2nd row: Coach Blanchard. Corinne Kallman, Julia Weisner, Paula Mar, Debbie Bernheimer, Joyce Feinberg, Jill Tatleman. Coach Bizios. 3rd row: Sung L. Kim, Wendy Kallman, Gail Tankel, Gail Feinstein, Barbara Littman, Debbie Hartman. 4th row: Ellen Berkman, Roberta Curcio, Julie Kingston, Melina Crovo, Amy Hochberger. Missing: manager Judy Mayer, Debbie Rudnick. A i l ' i '1 . ..,, .. g fy QJM V ,.-c v "flu" olleyball The strength of this year's volleyball team came from the solid foundation of re- turning seniors: co-captains Leslie Smith and Laurie Spicer, and senior Joyce Fein- berg. The team worked well together, both in practice and at games, to earn a seven and seven record. This seasons most excit- ing game was against Cambridge-Latin. Even though South was defeated, every girl gave her all and moreg they demonstrated the true meaning of the word "team." 59 :Ci Football ti 'i ttrom I to Rl lst row Michael Antonellis, David Hill, Arthur Walton. Jeff Stevens, Michael Pappas, co-capt. Stephen Mosca, C0-Capt. David MacDonald, lxenny lxohlberg lon Greenburg limmy Hanelin, Jimmy Campbell, Denis Murphy. 2nd row: Coach Kojoyian, Mike Newmark, Kevin Young, Neil li Iohn on Cene Lindsey Joe Spagnuolo Bob Baker. Stephen Anglin. John Schroter, Mark Stolpinski. 3rd row: Coach Stollo. Coach Murphy. Kevin Perry, lame X1 ilcon Ronnie Davis Chri lxiah Charles Smith. Missing: Rick Kaplan, Mike Lombardo. Christopher Zisi tDr. Statsi. The 1981 football team was the best Newton South squad in 14 years. Finishing with a record of T wins and 3 losses, the Lion had a very successful and exciting season. The combination of veteran experience provided by seniors co-capt. David Mac- Donald, co-Capt. Steven Mosca, David Hill, Mike Antonellis and Jon Greenberg. and juniors Joe Spagnuolo and Gene Lindsey, made the Lions a competitive force in every game. The game against Boston Tech in which the Lions stopped Boston Tech at the goal line and marched 97 yards for the winning touchdown, marked the climax of the season. Although there are numerous seniors leaving, Coach Kojoyan is looking forward to next year's season. wr 1 I4 l .I i li H fl I r M i I 1 I v L I 2 1 i 1 - 1 lit hs' -4 1 1 n,-9 -1: ' -.4 ,f E iiazi ' 'V iliska iiiiiizl. ' w ' L'C:1-A ii: 5 QE X, F, . WK . Y' -N -X '-. A . 1 if 2. E If 'V ag! 95-- cf . I .,r NSE I ,- .- .-N-4 '1 an I ll Vi fe 6 im V, 'mills nag!! 479 3 63 .1 b-XX, j xi Q.. N.: Wnxl v4 W X 14. , Q., if "7- QQ Q I 1 . iffflk--':fT'f'A fi ar -.Qf,Ae'?Ai 1 V .f ., - B 51 ' A, I, 1, M P' X v W' 4' ,I ' '5- .4' a-an-1 N N 'f"'Q ' 'nw ' .53 abr- ' as sf A ri- v.I k ' f 911' gf ' wif! QEYAL , 22351 .3-X . -. .fu -,., .,,,-,,.- yn' .W-,na . , 1 I " ., Jw , .V 1' .f - V' ' f ' 1, 1 w' Q'- m.,-,.7l ., , f. 5 , B .fiifnsf ' 1 5 . 8,7 ,.,,g,.,". ,.,.- .. ..-, wmv., ff' r Il j 4, .. . , fx - . . -fr?-s'1?4'.' . J 'vii 1' 'Q as--Jil 1, 1 ' : mf M , Y' 'A ,f 1 -Z .,'. ' - - , 5' Q :,.,,,1 ,1 " 2:20 2,-, J f . K-,1-:ft-, " W ff -v 4- if " H jf' V5 ' V f ' N ' ' V, A ff -L 1- 'ff ., ,qv i , ,A N ' 715: - ww 4 - wi- " asf, 'f , 1, .' 'ff " ' L 4 i I wg' f, . F 1 'f' - ' -x -1 no 1. K . '1 I aelfla, 3' '- ' Us B ,4- NTRY J I 1 65 ' . 5 I ,e J I . Q It 'Q 3, ,Qi vi f 'L' ' ' ri' 0 Xi I --L fl 4 E l Q- tv -H w'1 . ' Qjs f. l ' .I Q. .. Y V W ,tx I4 h it X w, s -1, v li, K - Q 1- 'Q ,, , ii 9 ' ' , . N 'fn' 1 'N '- 'Q f Q ' 1 ' 4 'J 1 x if K A l A 'AQ ' ul I N ' air, hx . s '-. MQ , "I Ji- 1 '57 .-fm"N"f'4 I H 1 1, 1 9 X ,X U M. , x X2 If , , , X 1 -". 1 , I v Q v I 9' . vnfk 1 qi n Q N ' gil' S wg" fl z "sr: xulxxlq 6 N 'd4"'l1llxl- S f- , ,, .' .. ' ' '.1 . ,- A 4' 5- -'Q' EX- I. 51,31 X XJDN- ml N4 :Q-QI 1 rits -.f af y 3 . "-. z nk Ol .1 I' ff A 1. fl ,I l L QW 41 'Q y I Q' .I . c.: fm X K Quay m A 3- um vo, x V Q . A, X xev l -xx' M A R I I? , Sufi 1 ' I, yffix -.... ,vi X - RM' X ' f " Zif f l 5 ik xx ' qw x. 1. ,I ' QSMJ2 f 1 2 ff. Q: J un I x -Q ,,,, I' 6 1-Q 0 -4 '19 x 1 ' J -, 'a SDN ' 2 I A f 1 f A9 ' f x K , I 9 XQQRX XQQMN f f ,. 3 .- ,Cf 2 .mm -E S N 1 wb f f f-bf' In ' if Lf ' ,"w x I Y , -::' 4. :S I' "5 J 7 1,--r' 1 A Br ,gi 3 'Wxxsxxaxg .ffzf X 'f is 6" W "I, - 1- 4 Nl- w 7 if , X X, f W K gg-EEWXM' ' ' 7 ' Gary Collins Anne Conneely Tim Corhet Grant Covelli Phil Coyne Stacey Creem Enrico Curcio Erica Cushna Jonathan Dallin Danielle Daly Elizhaeth Daly Michele Daniele Roni Dauber Deborah Davidovitz Vanessa Davis Kostas Davos Ashina Dayal Diane Derosa Nina Dibner Stephen DiNisco Katharine Dhosi Mitchell Doren Jenny Douglass Richard Earthrowl Sherri Elman Marc Enckler Laura Evans Lynn Faber Irina Faingersh Kay Fang Juan Farino Perry Fergus William Ferguson Chloe Fiering Scott Finkelstein Michael Flemming John Fontana David Fox Aline Frieze Aline Fridmann Deanna Fulp Daniel Gallagher Freshmen "' 69 Dawn -lones Michele Jordan Sheryl Kalis Merrill Kallish Wendy Kallman Pamela Kane Shira Kaplan Helaine Karlin Jennifer Karp SCott Katz Alana Kaufman Marjorie Kaufman Melanie Keifer Wendy Keselman Julie Ketterer Joanna Kibel David Kim Lana Kim Jonathan Kominik David Kowal Elizabeth Kushner John Langan Eric Langer Stefanie Lawless David Lazare Cynthia Leblanc William Ledbetter Amy Lerner Philip Levinson Sarah Lieberman Joseph Lichtman Kathleen Lind June Lomer Brenda Lowe Jeffrey Lowinger Lynn Lupien April Lyndon Allison Macdonald Nanci Mack Elaine Mandell Sarah Mann Jeffrey Mad Freshmen - T1 Matthew Ranen Jacqueline Randall William Richmond Paul Robbins Glenn Roberts William Rogers Ann Roesner Marjorie Rosenthal Scott Rossow Michael Roach Heather Rowe Roger Rubin Adam Rudikoff Patrick Ryan Terense Sack Cheryl Sacks Richard Sasson Martin Saulnier Tracy Sauro Kirsten Schnell Lisa Schwartz Kenneth Seasholes Mark Secheyco Paul Secinaro Karl Seely Debbie Segal David Seletsky Leslie Semonian Jaclyn Senechal David Sgan Howard Shaffet David Shapiro Daniel Schectman Elizabeth Shiman Sammi Shuman Mark Siegal Jonathan Silverman Tonya Sims John Singer Barbara Sird Ken Slobodkin Nancy Slotnick Freshmen -" 73 led Woo Jennifer Woolf Yolanda Wu Susan Yaffe Johua Yager Sylvia Yee w'...,..-- W' 1 I I 1 Q' I 4' P if Yi' ' ltff in it .L 74 John DeYore Fatherine Dif'lemente Susan Diflemente Judith Dinkelspiel .Iodi Diutsch Brian Doherty Thomas Dorf Karen Drohan Ramzi Elassy Nicholas Emmanuel Julie Endlar Aaron Epstein Elana Epstein Sara Farino Glenn Fink Hope Finkelstein Megan Fitzgerald Marilyn Fleishman Rachel Franzblau David Fried Eric Fromm' Andrew Fruman Erskine Gallant Elizabeth Galvin Una Gandbhir Elisa Gann William Gardener Eran Gartner Richard Geffen Alicia Gelb Nickolas Giannenakis Leeor Ginsberg Adam Glasgow Judith Gliksman Dean Goldberg Louis Goldman Sarah Goldstein Daniel Goodman Rachel Green Douglas Greiff Tracy Groper Beth Grossman ophomores - 77 'I I ff QI V if 1 Yv 'Sv um, , :Ii ,av C X x iff -S-'J af M.-X Q . 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I8-1 1 M A . Q, in.. 'UU 1' ix 'CJ fl . I 1' Q ' Y. 1 1 7 T7 K 7 fd' lv' Barbara Sheitter Michael Sheinfield Robert Shocker Daniel Silver Lee Silverman Anita Singh Laura Smith John Soehle Elizbaeth Soeldner Alec Soreff -Joseph Spagnuolo Ilene Speizer Sharlene Speizer Jonathan Springer Judy Stacks Seth Steeves John Stphans Todd Stern Michael Stoller Charlie Sullivan Karen Suyemoto Gail Tankel Daniel Thorborn Darren Tong Mark Traletti Hung Tran Renee Treisman Cynthia Tsamtsouris Kari VanVloten Kim VanVloten Luong Vong Lynn Waldstein Michael Walsh Clifford Watkin Sheryl Watson Carol Wax Elena Webber Steven Weiner Elissa Weiss Richard Wenning Marceline Widershine Cecelia Wilcox Juniors -' 87 Bruce Wintman Ruth Wishengrad Michael Wishnie Derek Wittenberg Jeanne Wolfe Zachary Woods Lisa Yee Susan Yesley Leslie Young Martha Young Lisa Zeichner John Zeitlin L Q7 RIB. ,f l 41" W l ! Haag, ...1....1! ,ff 1 J I 1 mm!! 2 I E ,-1 'W wx .R A I Y ' N f '37 ' Q QQ : Q15-fs. Q ' Q' ' 'f'-Q 'W W Y W x T M ' f f W' W ,, The Administration at Newton South is, in fact, the heart ofthe school. It is generally responsible for running the entire school. Vice Principal Mr. Robert Franke com- ments that. "The Administration is responsible for see- ing that the policies and procedures of the school are adhered to properly." These policies and procedures in- clude curriculum, extracurricular activities, records, dis- cipline, and the health, safety, and welfare of the stu- dents. The Administration is also responsible for the guidance and supervision of the faculty. as keeping the teachers happy is the first step in keeping the students happy. Robert Franke Mrs, Judith Malone Neville Administrative Assistant Cutler Housemaster 92 Ernest Yan B. Seasholes Principal Mrs. Paula Mealy Mr Robert Wit ks Goodwin Housemaster Xl heeler Housema ter Margaret Campbell Nlichelina DiBarmlnmen Q-V q"' W' Gilda Kimball Jane Slafsky Mae Lofchie Gwenne Swartz -nf if uqqk' Frances Dwyer Barbara l-'alex 3 - Mary MacDonald Anna McGuire rl FN til -11 57 15-? I ,""Xl x 'L X X . J K X 45 1,5 Claire Tedeschi Jean Young 93 It has often been said that it is a person's duty to have an understanding and mastery of hisfher native lan- guage. For most students at South, this language is Eng- lish. The English Department, headed by Mr. David Youngblood, provides South students with a strong back- ground in writing and literature, and allows seniors to choose from a wide variety of electives such as Film Stud- ies, 19th and 20th century literature, Semiotics, and many more. Mr. Youngblood cites the "energy, creative spirit, and maturity" of the English Department faculty as the factors for maintaining the high standard of educa- tion in each class. Indeed, Newton South's English De- partment is a mark of excellence. Marie Brassard Ophair Caras 94 5' tif Mr. David Youngblood Department Head YZ: Robert Carey Ernest Chamberlain X 1"? 'SJ Mrs. Mary E. Doolin L Q7 James Honeyman ' Y Steve Leonard ,QL Ann Sanguinetti 'F' x 2 : 4 31 Mr. Robert Goggin Dorothy Consort Dorothy Hansherry Bob Jampol Patricia Kempton Dr. Socrates A. Lagios , Tat-1 '51 ' X ff: AF It , t f 2 7 Dwight MacKerron Jon Neal MTS- William A- RHUUGT t W6 W , I M1-S, Yolanda Spencer Mr. George Abbott White Mrs. Barbara Wise 95 of I vk The diverse number of languages offered by the For- eign Language Department, headed by Mr. Tony Bent, contributes greatly to the fine education of South stu- dents. Although the majority of students in the depart- ment pursue either French or Spanish, many audacious students explore Russian, German, Italian, or Latin. Some students who are talented in this area pursue as many as three languages simultaneously! The courses also introduce the student to foreign cultures allowing for a total educational experience. The superb language lab- oratory gives students an audiofvisual learning tool un- common to most high school students, and by combining all of these elements with a superb faculty many students learn to love foreign languages and are inspired to pursue further study at the college level. 6 Gisela Clark Helia daCosta Mr. Anthony Bent Department Head Betty Earle Ms. Rebecca Ehrlich 96 3 Mrs. Elaine Eisenhauer Ms. Ann Elliott Carol Fit-ht Elliot Clicker v' fif if l ' 1 . X li i e Sig. na Loeb Jessie McChe5ney Judith MCGraime Mary McLane 1. 3 w Xf fs!! -sl , 4 I . 24 all v Mr. Rocco P. Petrillo Olga Robinson Ina Rubin Bette Steinmuller i X . X 4' Q,- 97 Mr. Warren Manhard, head of the Mathematics De- partment, cites the department's superior staff and multi-level program as its greatest strengths. ln spite of budget difficulties and Proposition 2 1 1 the Mathematics Department has continued to provide a strong back- ground to students of all abilities. Mr. Manhard com- ments however that since math is not a glamorous sub- ject, its success ultimately lies on the enthusiasm of the students. He states, "lt's something where you have to get in, and do it. That's where the action is." in n A 2 Lenore Behar T. John Bizios 98 i Ki s ,Atv I v . 1 l 14,4 9 . . 'Q v 'oi I li , 1 i' 'G Mr. Warren B. Manhard 2nd Department Head -loan Bryant Valmond Cyr X 4.1. - '31 pg: ' u . .1 . ' 3 ,ff M2 . ,.,-. ik. ff". f ' x ' Q , ' f"'.9 Q ". -5 Eliz Dohanian Merrily Herring A. Lincoln Heck A 1 i. N I Nathaniel Merrill Mrs. Joanne Mitchell Mrs. Margaret Ravenscroft , Qu.. nfl? , X, Q V rl , "'-Sq: 1 2: ,lt 5 p wi-f vhiiifc x - . .e,ii - ,3 X '- 155555: 'S-wif' ix ?1.Q?'T!b'4,Jr'NC..l.I12-,gl Paul Shapiro Florence Solomont Ms. Jane West 1- 9. lk M 1 Mrs. Kantrowitz Q' 5 me L 2 f . .fx --N Mr. William Rousseau 99 V, The Science Department, headed by Mr. Peter Rich- ter, offers a variety of courses within the fundamental framework of Biology, Chemistry and Physics. The cur- riculum offers advanced placement courses for students seeking a difficult challenge and who perhaps are consid- ering a career in science or scientific research. This year freshmen science courses have been added to the pro- gram, affording South's first freshmen class the opportu- nity to use the high quality facilities along with the upper grades. Science at South is required on the elementary level, yet those who seek further challenge enjoy the benefit of constant stimulation from the department's excellent faculty throughout their high school careers. Pettr Richter Department Head N X sri 5 1 'Qual A45 " ' 5-11:1 451 'it VW 45 5 " it T TIT., 'PJ' :IQYY EIS ?:x- JQQEFJ 1? iq:-X gy - E' S 553.13-A J3 song, 1 J H fl.. QL! --M x Ms. Carol Bershad Vinson Bronson J. Walter Brough Lloyd Gottlieb 100 C. Gregory Hood Joyce Leary .., rj-4 N, . . . l U 43424 ,., XR Zz Charles Hurwitz Mrs. Helen Kieval Aredis Kojoyian 'Q lg James McLaren Miss Sullivan Mrs. Helen T. Taylor Ron Bergin Gordon Duckel Teacher-in-charge 101 The Social Studies Department at South is character- ized by an excellence not often found in secondary schools. Headed by Mr. Wayne Altree, the department offers a wide variety of courses ranging from United States to Medieval History to Greek Civilization to Ex- ploring Human Nature. The classes are often supple- mented with speakers, debates, and field trips bringing history to life for South students. By learning about their heritage and the history of other nations, South students become better acquainted with themselves while laying a foundation for further pursuit. x X Arm. . iw i Peter Bates Joel Bleiwas 2 , 102 L - , , C ,,,.'., 1 'll Q V 'z Frank DiStefanu K 4 i 'Q X, 'N K. Russell Frechette IT? Xi R Q , X l . N X i . . +1 L -X., Waller Hill Lucien ,lutraa Ernest Peltier Ralph Thompson i 104 Q 0.14 G .gf ' Cafeteria Staff: Helen Battista. Barbara Capello. Teresa Cimetta. An Filomena Rossi. Mary Trasente, ,, 24, I gela DeRuheiS. Susan Harrison. Dorothy Maclluugall. Virginia Peuirari fo 17 9 I , Q 9 sf,- .Q w ,f ,f ly L- Q 'v X v Ai' fffx 5' M . I 4' il' ' 1 -Q 1 , , 1 AX? i . S , fl I , 1 4 1 I i 1 .f - 'S el ' A' IFE 'i X X if I .xx n. i f "u ' f U" Agn ixili 5 The main concern of the Guidance Depart- ment is to help the student make the most of their opportunities at school academically, so- cially, and personally. Dr. Margaret Addis, head of the Department, states that, "The goal is for students to become independent human beings and therefore able to stand on their own two feet." For many students, the department does a lot more than college coun- selling, Guidance counselors can be invaluable in helping students confront the difficult high school years. Dr, Addis comments, "We en- courage the kids to deal with reality." gf- M-afSafetHAdgiS epaftfnent ea 154, o aca so 1 Y' ai kai? Ms. Betty Grossman Robert Hoffman Edward Jackson Earl Pearlman Ms. Carolyn S. Sessler Arthur Snyder 106 t W John Marlow George Owen Roberts Teacher Barry Bassett pw. 1: ' 1 Vi . mx ell Nts Q fl Christopher Small 107 .,.,, Gerald Beloin Life Skills 'P fv- xx T? f if - Clare Kanter Anthony Principe Katherine St. Clair ite Skills, hliisic Lite Skills Life Skills Joyce Hirshberg Learning Disabilities William Sheehan Lite Skills. Phys Ed 1 1 x i Marcia McAvoy , Media Specialist i I 1 9 . , . ,f 4 -wx 'x i n M i ', fr 1 4 i M. Toni Nelson Nancy Criscitiello Durnthea Gaudet Corinne Hicks Head Librarian Library Aide Librarian Library Secretary 1 i At Newton South. the students have more flexibility in the Phys. Ed. Dept. than they do in many of the other areas of study in the school. After a student's sophomore year, hefshe may choose from a variety of packages, each offering a different set of activities according to the stu- dent's interests. For example, if you are the athletic type, you can elect a rigorous program including track and field, lacrosse, etc . . . Yet if you prefer a somewhat more relaxed physical workout, you can choose volleyball, bad- miton, or tennis. The department head is Mr. George Winkler, and each one of the fine instructors give South students an enjoyable and often physically exhausting experience. 1 N2 'l I A X . l fi' , , f" ,,4 . ' ' ff 1 f - fx.. , f' Q X . t xx George Winkler Department Head s Cssen Smith Mr Thomas Steexes 1 1 l 110 tl 'Dix Frank Alleva Lanetta Brunson Phyllis Monderer - I ii - .. 4 I -' , ff if ' ' -v l ' T7 xx Mrs. Kathy Davieau Mrs. Diane Korelitz Miss Rachel Spiller Teacher-in-charge Q . A . 4 . Jr. i ls! ...-...Yx--....n .1 T 5. fr -Joseph Connolly Henry Lambert Teacher ln Charge Auto Shop Technical Drawing ltr P . fi, it 1 P ' 1 1 x I X 1 Q 4 lk' PJ K 'E 1- - 1, ,uk . ff'-24' .',? - ,Wa ' ,, it fl.. x C418 J' J I NX ....1.4. ACL- f 4 N v- 'fs .L ' S1 ff -if-1 'ff N' if 3 Y' ', . , , XJ f-.rv 5 " x A N 'Q ..- 'NX 'f , 1 X X Q1 . -1: -x x -I :Li Q 4- N nm? X A N IQHI K ,W W ,wh A , , 37 x .fl X x -' x 5 kg lftulixe xup X X i x . 1 K Rv' ' K X gfwhq 'XS QL ".-'A I Z 1 xxx .. x . f L - X N. 5 - Tl-'ihsg 'L 'f ,, S ' N, - -. ,Q Y l .f " .' XT f , f : . If P ja if i''f',',Q,4 ffff' " 'N f f ' ,-' y ' 'N"'7f,i 3' ' ff " ,. 1 f ! f-i"Q " ' .' X X uk- .f' f' K LMANA is lu' x 55' ' ' 'I' f - ' .5 5 ,4 4: - x ' ' I M , .. . I Z E f gf, . 3, i x lN...n.- R-,. J fl 1' NR Quo- -1 xx, ' Ntgzlx- 32--'A 5 ' - . X ' fu, .N gisfxx 2--.i.,. - 5 I lf 2 ,Q Quik 0 4 X:-'Sl' ' - --'- fl ' 5 ji 5- 4 I ' ul . --'-f . - - sy . 1 k x mn X b in... -j' I i E 7: nh L K fx X 1 1 1 XNrKh- I S I I I' 'fqgtnk F AVS- I I I Xuan vs J I X . -R F xi., A X ,P - A . ' .1 , NS' m f ff. ' --+- ll ,4 ,14:' , 'I ta' - nk H52-'X ff? xx x ,,..- ll Jr' - .:. .QQ M 54 H l- X ' v, lm b N! , 2 x,.s-u xxx X i NX RW' 'N A ' 1 N ,V I D ' ' X wx ' SM l 5 N .P 1 W wa? iw W Larry Abend 144 Upland Ave. Cutler Cross Country 10, 11 8: 12 Skiing 10, 11 8: Capt. 12 Tennis 10, 11 Venezuela "82" To all my friends, "Let the good times roll" Good Times in NH with BK CO. LL, LM, ER, MR, KM, WI Best of luck Mac's gang PG Good luck J, J8:J. Thanks Mom Sz Dad for eyerything. I 'J' 'x - I JN 'ttf Jeremy Angier 152 Waban Ave. Cutler Latrius battleboat you vonney, starry old vecks Steven Abrams 43 Bontempo Road Cutler "Abes"B-BALL10,11,12 Tennis 10 "I'm Not a Zombie" Great times with B-Ball Buddies, Greek food with John and weekends with Galves and Murph. Thanks Mom and Dad Pamela Anne Alberts 21 Wheeler Road Cutler Swimming 10, 11, 123 Cape Sum- mers Miami '80 Lane PK L's Club Picnic 919-10f10 Res, CP, "SMU'l B.L.1+2. BC-Parties "Stop mov- ing the refrig' Foreigner concert INTENSE Star Blue Babies! L's house RDDMJG Weekends Riun- ite BW SHW-Forever! Leslie, Anna, Shirley, Lori - Friends Forever! Thanx Mom+Howie- :Love you! vii we-1, lv lb. "-5' Michael Ansel 250 Hammond Pond Pky. Cutler Thanks to Mom and Dad for all your help and support. How's things at the track, Joey G. Into the thousands yet. Goldy got my money yet, don't break to many doors and windows over the sum- mer. E IOR 116 -:fi Lisa Jo Anthony 51 Donna Road Cutler Never forget all the great times with: Pam-BOF. "If you want something bad enough you can get it, R.Y." Pam-BOF. Florida 81 Jill-BOF. "Bridge over troubled water." Lisa-BOF. A2H, The Chase. Best of Luck, LS, EG, JD, Jay, Jeff. Peter, you'll always be my:11.M-+-D,lLY. Amy Altman 20 Holly Road Goodwin HA Smile Takes But A Moment, But The Memory Of It Lasts For- ever" L.B. - B.F.F. 8z Y.G.A.F GOOD FRIENDS FOREVER: S.K. - WHEREVER WE END UP J.G - FRIENDS 4- EVER. R.K., S.B. STEVE 8a DAVE - GOOD LUCK! 143! MOM - THANX FOR AL- WAYS BEING THERE - I LOVE YOU! "IF IT IS TO BE, THEN IT IS UP TO ME!" Michael Antonellis 1054 Walnut Street Cutler Football 10, 11, 12 Basketball 10, 11, 12, CoCapt Thanx Mom +Dad for everything Good luck to sis the Kat and the class of 82. Brian Back lot MP LD JC Ken Thats not funny Is Denis Driving We go to school for the weekends Luv ya Kim AWOL Breezeway In the shuffling madness Bye Its Lunch Time. Gail M. Arduino 15 Cavanaugh Path Jeffrey Azzoto Andrew Barnett Cutler "You are never given a wish with- out the power to make it come true." Softball 11, Captain 12. Field Hockey 12 - We didn't lose the clock just ran out. l'll always remember good times with good friends - CM8zFT - i'The Shake" CS, DL, JN, BC, and AS. Thanks to my family who mean so much to me. Haleh Armian 6 Brush Hill Road "The Earth Is One Country, And Mankind Its Citizen" BA- HA'u'ALLAH 39 Boylston Road Goodwin "The ALAMO-TEXAS was an al- tered stateg Santa Anna was a scanner: and the boundary was settled at Blood Beach - lt couldn't be crossed . . . Everyone is a bit crazy - lt's just hard see sometimesn CZ, SM Now as I leave - what I really mean to say is goody-bye and Thanks. 34 Westminster Road Cutler "Windsurfers do it standing up" X-Country Running 81 Skiing lo, ll, 12 Thanks M+IJ for helping me to keep my goals high and eyes open. "I have learned to look on nature, not as in the hour ot' thoughtless youth. but hearing ol'- tenatimes the still, sad music of humanityu tai V4 ,. f , i R. -.A ' ' .4 'I .. , ., ff" ,- 1 .1 . . Q 4- . Emily Louise Barsh Richard L. Battista 39 Deborah Road 51 Pontiac Road Cutler Cutler Theatre 10, 11, 12, Enrich. 11, French Club 12. "You are never given a wish without the power to make it come true." SandylB.l, Robin, Diane, S.W., D.B. + ev- eryone, Keep smiling! MFOP- WACKACALL ME BACK ON 964 I WANT J.P.'s JOB! 2N.J. MA, DAD, ANDY, SUZY, I LOVE YOU. t'CHICH" Gymnastics 10, 12. Denebola sports Ed. "He that re- spects not is not respected." G.H. Best of Luck: DM, SM, DD, SL, JANIE, Shoes - the V-Yard 8: SG - the tape 8z studioing it wf JS. Ames - Nothing to say but ILY. Wend - my U1 Cutie - Love ya. Geese - the best frien- ship - Nyi Nya. Q-' 'Q-2 Lisa Baumburg T3 Nardell Road Goodwin A,A. - B.F.F. 8: Y.G.A.F. S.K., R.K, S.B, -IG. E.L, R.S, R.B, THANKS THANKS DAD - I Couldn't have done it without you! P,J,L,S, Lots of Love M+D YOU'D BE PROUD GSK-143 "Only those who risk going to far, can possibly find out how far they can go." 1:2 is 6-.Q an f " If I Peter Becker 24 Plainfield Street Cutler "Once in a while you can get shown the light in the strangest of places if you look at it right" Buf- falo, Nassau. - G. Dead - Lewiston. A-Room - '79-'80, The Boys, Alaska Trip - '81 "Hurry and take the road to the roadless area, because it won't be roadless long." E IOR 117 Deborah Ann Bernheimer Gretchen Belz 75 Winslow Road 85 Ridge Road Cary Berger Cutler Wheeler 102 Louise Road Remember V-Bal1,Tenn,SfVl 10, All my love and thanks to my fam- ily and friends Thanks for putting up with me. Thanks to all my teachers. Doc. Massimo 8: Dr. Jackson, you're the greatest! Plum Island Parties, horseback riding! Scott. lets bake a blueber- ry pie "Get off the phone!" Good Luck and "Let the Good Times Roll" Goodwin "You have to stay awake to make your dreams come true." Senior Class Committee 3 Regulus Staff 3 Thanks to my family for all their help along the way. Always Re- member: S.B. - JAP, never mind, Bloomies - Chez and B.U. partys with L.S. and K.C .... It's been fun! 11,12gFred's B4 games Denebola, Regulus, Bernie Prom wfJS, French Exchange EBEKRRMWGBSWBRSP BJ's VD Langley, "A false friend is like a shadow keeping close to you when you're in the sunshine but vanishing the very instant you cross into the shade" TY for your support MDKAJ J ,gf .,. Ns f 1. Michael Berwind George Billard Stelihell Black 40 Chester Street 55 Boundbrook Road 10 Esry Farm R0ad Goodwin Cutler Goodwin Swim Team 10, 11, Capt. 12 !'Hold to a true friend with both hands." Love to Becky and Erica. Good times with Dave and Paul. At Last! "Life is a series of Hellos and Goodbyes, and I'm afraid its time for Goodbye again" B Joel Thanks to my family, Studly Q, Gene, Jo, YT, Drew Scott, Kato, Abe, and last but certainly not least The Explo Girls. Quarters Poo, Schnapps, PKFP, Stereo Swimmin, Women, and Wine S IOR 118 Nice call Hart. De Beat you know. MODS. Bopper to P.A. J.S. I-lermHossI'Iank. Den Mecca, Dick Duncan. Nice shirt Cam. Jumpin J.A. Radar. Specker and crazed Ed. The Bruins. 1f2fyear grad. -thanks to miss A. Most of all thanks to my father. Lori Bernstein 280 Boylston St. Cutler Where did those yesterdays go? Cluding, Partying My good times w!Arubians, Bincho M.K. N.W. P.S. E.M. M.H. D.C. R.K. G.O. J.A. M.K. Lynne look at what weve gone through. Summers of 78, 79, 80, 81 Marcie What Next?! Ma thanx for always being there I Love You! Thanx Dad! Good Luck to class of 82, 83. LO Naomi Blumberg 46 Pine Ridge Road Cutler -Ion, David, Mom, Sc Dad - Ms. Grossman, all of Crew and espe- cially my friends Jess 8: David - thank you! "O Lord my God I pray that these things never end: the sand and the sea, the rush of the waters, the prayer of man." - Hannah Szenes 1944 Q If Jessica Bolker 10 Chester St. Cutler Thanks, world! tthat should cover itl - esp. JB, EB, BB, Mrs. G., Ms. G., Mrs. T., Nom tof coursel, and "my" crew. SVVLH "Mir- acles are to come. With you I leave a remembrance of miracles . . . " - e. e. cummings Elaine Borelli T8 Bernard St. Cutler BH, MM, JM, RT, JT, EG, BC, JH, LH, WS, DE, PH, SB, RC 8: Ellen you are great friends. Laurie 8: Linda, The three Angles for- ever. Nancy, Cheryl 81 Diane I couldn't ask for three more un- derstanding sisters. The girls 8: secret Parties. To Dad, Sam 8: Michael I Love Ya's All my love to Billy. Mom you are my best friend. 'Q l,,,..y Susan Breitstein 239 Wiswall Rd. Cutler "Don't wait for answers Just take your chances Don't ask me why" . . . Thanks to my family and friends. PROM 80, 81 with GF. EC THE cape, Fourth, LOR. DR B.U. parties. SH - you're wild. JH Juliemouse. SB - Nantasuet Stanley, JG - Movies. AD - J.W, GH, CB, KC, LS - Bloo- mies 4-eva ED - Piglet. DRSHJHEC Thanks For Listen- ing C1 Scott Brightman 104 Cynthia Rd. Cutler Wrestling 10, 11, 12 The Clan 10, 11, 12 I-Iello Bops - do you like the yearbook I bought for you? "Goin' where the water tastes like wine . . . " - G. Dead Lisa Braceland 69 Waldorf Rd. Goodwin "When you carry faith in your pocket and Love in your heart, no mountain is to tall." Kim f "Friends can weather anything together." I Love Ya! Good-luck to all my friends. CM Sr DVD good friends forever. Mealaby - Thanks for being there. Mom spe- cial thanks, I Love You! Abe Brass 55 Old Farm Rd. Cutler Italian Club l1.IJres. 12 Lacrosse 10, ll, 12 Reflections 12 Davaah. Wando, Yaabaahl Sat. nights at J.D.'s R.P's Greatest Hits Step to the ball! G.B at 101, Suk Chung's All my thanks to mom and Dad. 'FS Nr' uf if if ... ,L Sharon Budd 29 Audubon Drive Cutler "Shazy" Volleyball 10, 11, Bas- ketball 10, 11, Softball 10 12 "A real friend is someone who walks in when the rest of the world walks out" Thanks JF SK CB SB DR EB LB JG, Thanks Mom Dad GM GP RC CC and BC. I Love You step Hanie and Carolyn. David Bullen 8 Burnside Rd. Goodwin Hockey 11 Good luck too all friends at the Christian Breezway Spark 'em forever Paint it black you devil never forget Kenny Kimmy always with you OTH AMF E IDR 119 Linda Calderone 195 Winslow Rd. Linda Burke Cutler 17 Woodward St. Goodwin Blueberry Mobile. Welcome Wagon, Mass Maritime, Square 29, Highlands Parking Lot. Best of friends Never Part. WS, JR. JD. EG, LY, CS. Dunca Best of luck! Always and forever Charlie! I wish those days could come back once more Why did those days ever have to go, cause I love them so. Thanks Mom 8: Dad! VJ" TW -.1 James D. Campbell 16 Bonaire Circle Wheeler Football 10, 11, 12 Lacrosse 10. 11, 12 "If I do my duty, the rest will take care of itself." George Patton JR Greg. Bill, you guys made it bearable. Besides, Greg youre ugly too. Static DV Ned, Tom, youre the greatest. Dont forget it. M8zD, you did it, not me. What else can I say? Lynn Butler 95 Longfellow Rd. Wheeler The Animals 10. 11, 12 Partying down the Rotary and the Marriot "Mega" "Whats sup Mushe7" "You have to be honest with your- self before any one else." DA, YP, NY. RM, RV, MH, All the ani- mals your all 1-I1 Mom, Dad, Dick. Kev. Coors I Love Yal Scott Butler 8 Hay Rd. Wheeler Cross country 11 Indoor Track 11, 12 Outdoor Track 10, 11, 12 Friends: PS. FS. SK, TS, MA Landscaping with: EK, CS New Year "80" Thanks Frank J -19? Lisa Campion 6 Aberdeen St. Cutler Good luck to all crewies wherever you are Jamie and Kris forever LOVE TO ALL AV'ers. The RK's. ART 8: MUSIC VIVE LA FRANCE! How beautiful Life is and how sadl With no future a fleeting PAST only a Limitless NOW. Thanks TO NS IOR 120 Alan Carver 56 Westgate Rd. Goodwin Theatre Russian Club Regulus History Club "You must live in the present, launch yourself on every wave, find your eternity in each moment. Fools stand on their island opportunities and look toward another land. There is no other land, There is no other life But this." Good friends never Part. - ELAINE - G-Bye doesn't mean forever. Lisa, We had a lot of good times - The Path wfc We made it! Laurie - TONYS NT M - Sub wfPA Thanks Lau. "The THREE LITTLE ANGELS" Thanks JT, CC, RG, MM,JH,JC, JH, SL, CS. Thanks Mom 8: Dad for putting up with mel Love You. I made it! Good Luck Nick. Bye Mrs. Daviau Elisabeth Chaloff 51 Montvale Crescent Goodwin Working Hard. Keep on going, TJ, JRS Summer Parties, Com- munallving, Cant's, DWA. It's been punk, Princess. Richard - Everything works out in the end. Thanks Guys. Thank you Mom and Dad Steven S. Chan 188 Dedham St. Cutler Thanks Mom Sz Dad for your sup- port. Special thanks to Sis 8: Bong. To Mimi at Tech Thank You. Paula had a great time here at NS with you. Wish you the best of luck in college. Nice knowing all of the following P.M., B.R., P.G., G.M., N.D., M.L., L.T., M.R. . fi fC ful! Athena A. Chooljian 18 Cheney St. Goodwin Swimmingg Lax mgl. 1, 2, 3 VEN- EZUELA 11, 12 JGBB Love tog RDKGKLTDKH LLCFBJSEGL SFMtBroJ Adios no es para siempre. Candygirls are people too. "It's time to find that unicorn and chase those rainbows" RRD, we're big girls now, think we can handle it? ILY GL little brother. Thanx MSLD You're my best friends ILY David Eric Chapman 15 Athelstane Rd. Wheeler Graphic Arts!WS Thanks BB South High Speaks 2369USY Ste- ven - Good Luckg O2 Billy Mom and Dad, Thanks for everything l Love You Lots Susan Thank You! "There will always be more fish in the sea: not as cute, nor as nice, but fish nonetheless." "Accept Love when it comes to youg It is a precious commodity." Anony- mous Susan Meryl Charpentier 31 Cottonwood Rd. Cutler "Sue" field hockey 11. 12 My bud- dy Jill - never -lgetg "Mary", li!! 31f80, Q.M. Salad bahgains! 31000 sec's left! computers? Luv ya al- ways! Haleh, calm down! Sarah f you will B missed! Brats 8: Crafts! Good Luck Van, Pam, 81 Steph -lever: lyoo-hoo!l, Phil's khaki's, sixt, 8: Mahshul!! l.L.Y.M 8: D! Maximum!!!! Whos Gonna Win Today? f-A ,Q Bonnie Ann Chudnow 604 Sawmill Brook Parkway Cutler BELIEVE . . . for your dreams can come true . . . faye, friendship forever!! unforgetable memories. fud CARSUE Amy Skul DPGAEBLYEGSM VIC, I LUVU IN BIG WAYS, i luv u in small ways, I luv u this minute Sz will luv u ALWAYS!! Craig: I Love u! u. GiL, A. Sandi. Sz Syb iMUMl I cant thank you all enough special memories of DAD Ci? Judy Cimetta 969 Chestnut St. Cutler Cheerleading, softball 12 Friends 4-ever Marie, Ruth Laura, Paula. BofL 2 ND PL JM DP AS JS HK DM UG SC. Cape 81 - Go for it! Champ you'll make it Wendy! 266 Weekends - Mt Yah! Runin with the Devil! Crusing to the High- lands. Thanks M8zD ILYA. Nan- cy l didnlt forget ya. Margaret your the best Luv ya both Paige Chernow 72 E. Quinolmequin Rd. Cutler "See the rivers rise and fall they will rise and fall again." Bob Seger MASP, Concerts, Re- flects Montie!, Andres. LS, AW, And thanks to all my other friends!! J -.av David L. Cohen 26 Larchmont Ave. Goodwin Hockey10, 11,12 LAX 10 Golf 12 Yaabaah, Wando. Daavaah! "Jade Island" A.B., GW.. J.D., J.I., L.P., S.A. "Richard P., The bat . , . all over the place and the spider . . . bring me a turkey" . . . "Lots of fun with the units" Steve M. E IOR 121 ' 1 Lori Cooper Elaine Wendy Cohen HYHIHII Cohen 127 Andrew St. 84 Cynthia Rd. 127 Hartman Rd. Goodwin Goodwin Goodwin Cheerleading 11 Capt. 12 Tennis V-ball 10, 11 Lax 11, 12 Sue - Master ofthe Universe Co-Presi- David Comerford 10, 11, 12 Y0u've ggtta have best friends forever PM f my dent. Monkees Club Killer Film 39 Chester St. friends 85 I have the best Ones! "biddy" no matter what the disf tance much Love to EZ, TZ. IG, SW, DD. AC, SB, KR - I didn't forget you LC, LB - OFT Peter f you're the best? "A laugh, some jokes, a smile, some tears f the memories of our high school years" Class Blitz Tony's Locker lives 999 The Monkees forever Furs Halloween - the night he came home rock n'roll HS "Save the Texas Prairie Chicken" ODW RATS Kinks "Where ignorance is bliss 'Tis folly to be wise" Thanks to mom 8: Dad 8: Friends Wheeler Gymnastics 10, 11, Capt. 12 La- crosse 11, 12 Good Friends, Good Food, Harvard Square, the cheese cake Smorgasbord, 1001 Potatoes and gravy, Pot Roast. The 99, And Movies with Mike 'Tm prepared to go as Long as it's Forward." Thanx - Mrs. Ives - my best friend in the whole world Soph. slump Jr. Jump, TEZ TUTS, AN- NIE, L.M. etc - I'll miss you! Summer - 81 - weekends, par- ties? NOT AT MY HOUSE! FIELD TRIPS? MOSTLY LOVE 8: THANX to my family X. T3 -:lb Tonia Croce 93 Hillside Road Goodwin Internat Club 10-12 Prom, Grad, Elect Committees 12 "I see my fu- ture at. the rainbow's end. . .Hap- py Hours . . . Timeless friends . . . and if I ever find my way '... rest assured . . . I will stay" Billy Squier Love to all my dear friends and to my parents. Thanks for be- ing therelll Colleen Crowley 1093 Chestnut St. Wheeler Thanks to all my friends at the cafeteria RB RC LS JS ML JH JL CS LC JT JM SD Jona RO AH EB CV KV WS Hope you guys still keep on having great times on the hill on the stairs and in the back parking lot Party Harty Thanks Mom 8: Dad Thanks to the teachers that helped me to graduate E IOR 122 Li. Warren Cummings 140 Dedham St. Goodwin LAX 10, 11, 12 I will never forget many great times with many great people. I will always hold many great memories of 127D, and the CLAN, L,K.S 8: E.G. THE B.B. 8: A. who can forget? will V.S. ever find out about the way of 8 Charli'7 Good Luck, Have a Great summer! ff Maria Curcio 37 Champa St. Goodwin Horizons Forever Grow In Exper- ience Dream Unlimited in happi- ness abound "Thanks Miss K MS.H Miss Mr.P, MR.R, MRS G." Ann Tully Daniele 79 Dickerman Rd. Cutler "Friendship is just a little workg Mark Davidson it's the people that make it big." 35 Graycliff Rd' We made it! Old buddies - Trice Wheeler - eh babe? Twins W. "Mar"Y YM BUGS "Have a carrot." Never forget good times! Thene, Moodge, Fayge, LLKHLA. Ciao NS-l-good luck class of 82 Thanx Mom+Dad-l-JPC! Mike, you'll always be special - 4f10f81 L9 Nicholas Vasilios Davos 14 Broadlawn Park Cutler "Animal" "El Jefe" "To follow the paths of others is no way to succeed, because every man is the architect of his own future." To my family I love you all. Mom, Dad, Thanx. Great talks WXCUZ Sz Helen. Willy "Crack me one" Hey Colorado! "Trashed" great times WXWW, HH, ML, JZ, CT, BL, Pierre Eric Dauwalter 86 Woodward St. " Cutler SB OINK,OINK!! "The first of December was cov- ered with snow, so was the turn- pike from Stockbridge to Boston, the Berkshires seemed dream- like on account of that frosting, with ten miles behind me and ten thousand more to go." J.T. Harriet A. Davos 90 listy Farm Road flootlwlli "Reflections in the waves spark my memories, some happy, some sad, I look at childhood friends and the dreams we had"!Bill, "You will always be my END- LESS LOVE"fColorado "SO" Ca- pecod"81"fCG,SGfunforgetable memories wf-JK, MK, PD, NIJ, AT, IGfAnna banana 8: IZ friends 4-everfall my love to Mom Dad, George, Noodles, RIXBYE ""1Y Angela M. Dea 43 Van Roosen Rd. Cutler "Ange" "All our illusions are just a charade" EW8rF, reasons. "Good friends are like memories, They'll always be there" Jimmy, I love you MWAH! never forget memories with IZ, the park, DD's, RR8zJC, SB8zCB RHWXCM. thanks to Jimmy, Joey, and all my friends. Good luck! Good times: summer '81 Hawaii Thanks Mom gr Dad 'x Enrique Del Campo 6 Stearns St. Cutler South Hockey Thanks for the good memories all in all it was a good time. I'll never forget good friends Art W Cool Manon Cam- pus, Jimbo, Frew, Pablo, Ira Sz Steve, Dantheman. we had good times - Dana Hall Thanks Mops Sz Pops so long South Se ya Mrs. Malone ali . lib! vvff Stephen Delacy 228 Lincoln St. Wheeler From NY to ME. The summer of '81 will never be forgotten. Wa- terskiing with Bob going slolem. Marcia with her telephoto lense. Ira and his weekend romances. To my live in brother Roscoe, l'll J never forget the summer E we spent together. BB-l-GA B Crew. Thanx MomfDad. To all my friends. Let it rock! E IOR 123 Nancy Demichele 10 Keefe Ave. Cutler Soccer 10. 11, 12 CIAF B-Ball 10. 11, 12 LRD Friends last 4-ever PL, LM, AS, TZ, PS, RD. LY, MG, JC, DE, LM - Animal EE- AWH. - Ween 80 Cape 81 Little sisters unite. Paula Thanks for being there. Linda Thanks for be- ing such a good friend. Party har- dy Thanks Mom 8: Dad I luv you. Good luck JEAN 8: P.J. .5 - 14. .--- Ruth B. Deming 67 Carl St. Goodwin I live my life like there is no to- morrow YanHalen LY JC MG PK The best four friends anyone can have! LY 4!-U81 fireworks JC my and home MG my pickable twin PK allnighters AC GD times WS conn Y!! Ball-Z-Hey V Mary Y 1155 Cape 81 Highlands the Doors Kinks GD luck ND PL AS TZ JY DMetc..m+db+JILY! ' ' , . rv fit -71 I I James E. Dittmer 239 Winchester St. Goodwin Basketball 10, 11, 12 KF, KK, DM, GW, JC, and so on "LM" "TITIBMFCK" Dits "That pack- age for Detroit I burned it, and Im gladl "Get rich boy. Then sleep til noon and screw'em all." Thanx rents Mom and Dad "I hope I nev- er get a trip back to earth" EG- GAS 4th July" Coldones - J -iv ""v R .5 .-Q 55? --- if 4'1" Judith Dixey 23 Stearns St. Wheeler Parties at JR's and KG's Kam- chatkin rituals. The day Malden invaded-party Party. Captain America discovers life at the cock- tail party. Picnics in the spring. Tofu and bean sprouts. I'll meet you for coffee. love and thanks to all my friends. E IOR 124 Francine Derosa 39 Bontempo Rd. Cutler "Cissy" swimming 10, 11, Capt. 12. MGR boys La-x 10, 11, 12 Great times WXPA, KS fwits, third grade roderl N.N SunnyPamY My mafia 142051 Frank CR. 1981111 Gidget 479-81l CM, Good luck - PA, KS,KH,AB,DC,JS,JK,RD, DH, SZ, GW, SA + RBCBFK. Special thanks to Mom+Dad, Rich, IE, Diane love ya. Donna DiNisco 1545 Beacon St. Goodwin "To live is to change and to be perfect is to have changed often." Thanks to someone special AY 6f 3 LYA. I'll always remember my good friends, thanks ANP, quar- ters, 13, WT Geils, egg, ICF, 507, excuse me? photo, Italy. Sum '81 HS 7X2 roadtrip. NH Cape 7130 yuckl '86, love ya sis, Mom + Dad Thanks, I love you Ti? Ann Doherty 87 Oxford Rd. Goodwin Musicals, Track, Model UN Va- cations, Neighborhood, Partying, NJ, Conn and Burlington, sum- mer of '81 Chinese food, cruising Thanks to my friends and family. "Let the good times roll" - Cars -.H R7 Jean Downing 60 Crescent Ave. Wheeler Cape Cod summer "79" EG, JR, LJ, WS, LY, KD, LB, DE, Buck good luck! Sis+cafe miss ya. Back lot 1129, South S8zS rotary, hypo's 81 miller time. Sorry COZ, but Saturday night was made for the oldies. "Highlands" remember all the good times partying. Latta much! Marjory Jane Dubinsky Michael Norman Duffy Dorene English 74 Clark St. 58 Plainfield St. 741 Boylston St. Cutler Moodgie! X-Country 12, indoor track 10, 11, outdoor track 10 Marching Band "It's not easy be- ing a sex Cymbol" The lib Cape Cod. Just call me Sophia! To my family, friends and everyone else who made these years at NSHS THE BEST! Good luck class '82 "A smile takes a moment 8: the memory lasts forever" 'v"'1 Steven Fay 27 Littlefield Rd. Wheeler Spanish 10 - President 11 "Gems Limited" rare coins "Solid Gold" fine jewelry "Bagly" P- town '81 Canada S.S. B.N. J.L. Thanks! Hard work and aggrava- tion usually pay off well. I thank my family dearly especially my mother! Cutler Duff Soccer 10, 11, Capt. 12 Wres- tling 10, 11, Capt. 12 Pugama- houn, Led Zeppelin the lockers and the men Erin go Braugh. March 17th 1972 Cutlass Su- preme. Little one "He was a ghastly sight, all drawn up in a ball, all burst open, the bones of his knees coming through his skin" - Fireman sq., CL? Joyce Melanie Feinberg 108 Harwich Rd. Goodwin Volleyball 10, 11, 12 Softball 10, 11, 12 "Our memories of yester- day will last a lifetime and someday we'll find these are the best of times" - Styx much luck and thanks to all my friends espe- cially S.B. and S.L. Ron - memo- ries 8-15-80 Hull. Tab Mom. Dad and Jodi - Thanks for the love and support! Wheeler "Dinca" Good times with great friends LB. JR, BR, LJ, WS. LG. JD, LY, ND, PL, Highlands, Falls Square ZG MM weekends LB your a true friends Laverne be- have yourself good luck Buck! Mac's Dec 16 LTD-GT Live each day as if it were your last party up! Rhank you Ma 8: Dad luv ya! Good luck class of 82! Kenneth Fay 49 Charlemont St. Goodwin Hockey 10, 11, 12 JD, KK, DM. GW, SM, DM, MA, JMM, JS, DP. LB, PS Egga's ay KK'S summer of "81" ,Q-..I'Z David Alpert Feld 56 Hinkley Rd. Cutler Rome was not built in a day, op- position will come your way, but the harder the battle you see, It's the sweeter the victory - Jimmy Cliff Special thanks to the facul- ty, my parents and, especially, all my friends. 4rf"'? Jonathan R. Feld 56 Hinkley Rd. Cutler Live every day of your life as if it were your last. for someday you are sure to be right. "Breaker" Morant E IDR 125 Andrew Lewis Feldman 51 Hanson Rd. Cutler IDFU 10, 11, 12 "O frabjous dayY" ELO, Manus Discus, RHPS, Nf6, MASP, D8zD TNT. Klug, MB, Pagina, Fleds. :Thanks mom and dad" 8: Deb-RN! Mi- key, maybe someday you'll beat me in the 600 Hanah Feldman 27 Rosalie Rd. Goodwin Denebola, BG, ES, JS, MP, SL, SW, W! MD, ISR, Banana oh my . . .huh'? we'll make it, friendships last forever "Don't walk in front of me, I may not follow. Don't walk behind me, I may not lead. Just walk beside me and be my friend." Kathleen Fleming 959 Chestnut St. Wheeler Swimming 11 Lacrosse 11, 12 If they granted you one last wish would you ask for something like another chance. Bye South KYRA the best is yet to come Sabes I deny it all sum 81 Hallow- een 81 South lot Highlands living for the weekends all my love to my family best wishes TL BL LB SM KF EC ST AW PT AW MA X Joseph L. Fong 36 Aberdeen Rd. Goodwin Eric S. Fontecchio 400-A Langley Rd. Wheeler "T-Ville" To all the good times with all the boys from North. Q 1 .l' 1,4 Pamela Faye Frank 215 Valentine St. Goodwin "Tads" cheerleading - 11, "BO" 10, 11, 12. Good times Sz memories with: ML, LM, KM, AS, LB, DP, JS, JP, AF, BK, BS, I TR IEP! Dad Ill never forget you, never. Lisa - Bof forever. Florida 81. Pam - Bof always, red jacket bi- kinis. Lisa - big stuffftime, Bof A8zF. S K und. partys, badane. Pat- your 1I17f3f81,ILY. Mom - your my best friend ILY E IOR 126 , f' -A- ., 'Ad , f fi '7 f Janet C. Freed 40 Littlefield Rd. Cutler "If the good times are all gone, then I'm bound for moving on, I'll look for you if I'm ever back this way." - Neil Young . . . I-lydrox for Valda and Heilig in bathtub . . .my special memories of special people will last a lifetime - I promise . . . f V . 1 1,1 . 3 g I Cynthia Freeman 66 Druid Hill Rd. Wheeler Swimming 10, 11, 12 plays Judy, friends forever. Q-Market FF, FD, TT, disco - allnight, Arl, acting WXPO, Spin-Off. Always remember Laura. Leora, AC, KH, KG, KL, AR, JS, MP. iJB,AFl, BK,GW,JP,RV,JL,CD,SG,PA, FM, CD. PCC, BJ, yum. Fridae, flaunt, you go to NSI-IS? Cinrma Good luck. "82 Lives On" Patrice Galvin 49 Rockland Place Cutler Soccer, Track 10, 11, 12, "Let us be grateful for all those in times past who made us all we are to- day." Gregory Norbet Hey Tully I don't know what to write. Tul, Kathy, McCrow, Moodge and KH you guys are too much. Thanks and love always Mom, Dad, the little Rookie, Brian. 4? John Giannenakis 76 Littlefield Rd. Goodwin Soccer 10, 11, 12 Baseball 12 "Gino" "summer of 81" Vermont "The Park" "Van Halen" "weeknds" "Good times JG, SA, BM, NDS" Reflections to my old friends, once a friend, always a friend." "We could of made it but" "80" "Thanks Mom and Dad for pulling me through." Jody Garber 66 Andrew St. Goodwin Tennis 10, 11, 12 Denebola "Don't Walk in front of meg I may not follow. Don't walk behind me, I may not lead. Just walk beside me and be my friend. Good times with AA, SB, SK, SS, LB, SS aim - friends forever. Shaz-GLS isaab SS, BG, CS - do you like your chicken cold? Thandy Marie Geraci 52 Linden St. Wheeler Cheerleading capt. 11, 12 I wish the best of luck 2 the 3 best friends anyone could ask for LY, JC,RD,PK my BIG sis,Ta.,SMl- LEgluml Bof12NPAD-IJ, Rem: Weekends, Cape 81, Cruisin' MTYah!, 368 SNOldies, All Nitrs, Dudy's ONS, STOPS., Str. H, Highlds Hey, Iheard were run'w the devil! DM IW 4-get U. Look, MSD your Girl made it! TailySM Elaine M. Getman 38 Hamlet St. Cutler Summer of "79" Cape. -ID, JR. WS, KS, LJ, LB, Buck, KD, EA. LY, MV, BC, Lot lI29, Highlands, SRLS, the spot, springs, the Drive inns, Ralph, JM, SO close but so far, oldies G-Night the cafe, T- Ville WXSL, SS, SD, All my Love to Craig. Thanx Kathy, Good Luck Renie 8a ED Love Ya MOM. sf v- -9 5 I' 091 13 fi 9 ,PJ if John Giesser 11 Nehoiden Rd. Cutler Denebula, easd. Chich - keep on those QJ's nn. SG-SB'S Shooes! "Ramon Guthrie, you old bastard, you leave me not knowing where to begin, if beginning is possible." -Cf Matthew H. Gilbert 40 Chase St. Cutler pan, 'Q-1 Neal R. Gliksman "Glick" 94 Selwyn Rd. Goodwin computors 11, Mod Squad 12 Math Team 11, 12 Band 10-12 Old programmers never die, they just log off xfx :O Thanks to ev- eryone and to all a good day. E IOR 127 Alan Gordon 110 Charlemont Goodwin Good luck RJ+LM and GT+PC The future belongs to the bold. JK CP GS DF RR MF AD LB RY CA DA TC KC JD CD SD PM AP DB KH AS SS CM LTXU1 Thanks MR Bill portershoes ani- mal house Capt. Val the rotary Thanks Pam TE AMO Victoria Gordon 38 Verndale Rd. Wheeler I only had one year at NS and it was worth all the agony. JE NE T'oublierais pas. You will always be with me, Thanx for the new friends. "On my own, I've tried to make the best of it alone." I know I've let you down alot but I want you to know you're at the top of my list. I love you more than you know. U.-0 f Larry Greenberg 35 Crosshill Rd. Goodwin "Transit City Blues." v , Yi' I 'v-017 Jon Greenburg 47 Grace Rd. Goodwin V-football 10, 11, 12 Times change, faces change but friends are never forgotten. "You deter- mine your own destiny" Coach. Love to special people, you know who. To the good times in 7103. "ST" Thanx Ms. Alexander Love to Mom. Dad, Amy and Jodi, you're the greatest. E IOR 128 -ri' Isabell Graspas 125 Allen Ave. Wheeler Joe "I never thought I'd see a time when you would be so far away from home so far away from me. I'm wishing on a star to follow where you are. You're the best! Luck and love to all my friends! HD, ST, EC - I'm going to miss you! I love you Mom Sz Dad, Con. The "Circle" 79-81 Memories last forever . . . ,--3 'gr .I '. ti' I, r . fff' 'Q " . " 52 , .J .I v-"gr . K I L . '-sv. Harold Grassilli 1206 Chestnut St. Goodwin "Always remember the good times in the auto shop and wood shop." rv V' ry! , 4. -xxyrk I xx . Larry Grossman 65 Rachel Rd. Cutler Computers 10, 11, 123 Band 1-, 12, Marching Band 12 Man's true age lies in the life span ahead of him, not the span behind him. Dayo- bert Runes Chung-Hyae Hahm 61 Winston Rd. Wheeler Richard Michael Gockelman 30 Woodbine Street Goodwin Football, Wrestling "Toto I don't think we'er in Kansas anymore." Mr Andys HR El Rich JD Ash- trays Goldenboy VBt Gordon's Normega The Bislington Boys top All the guys from football 8: wrestling Thanks for the patience Mom and Dad 65. -fi' .J Katz? Lori Joy Goldman 70 Bontempo Rd. Cutler Swim Team 10, 11 Manager 12 Prom Committee 12 "And sud- denly We're so far away From yes- terday And Tomorrow We'll be far from here We'll just disap- pear." Thank you Mom and Dad Remember GH, craze, team mates yelling: Go for it if Eric Goldberg Joseph C. Golding Jayne Goldman 82 Botsford Road 9 Margaret Rd, 141 Countryside Road Goodwin Goodwin Goodwin . ! Q Rebecca Goldman 59 Ferncroft Rd. Wheeler Tennis, Field Hockey, Big Sister, Denebola "Good times may come and go, but memories last for- ever." Hidden Valley - Bean Qlentill au labo, noser, aunt Sweet 16 - Just Coke! Yes! zom- bies, Bi-, vous, 82? Julia, Tipey-, EW8zF, HF, SW, IT, Mark - 8f 28f81 Love you always Sandy, Erica, Jill Ar! '5' Stephen Goldman 47 Vaughn Ave. Cutler HGoin' where the wind don't blow so strange" - GD, RB: Studios - JG:PM Spifics, see you gang! Thanks Jane, uRemember when you were youngg you shone like the sun, so shine on" Pirates, T J- Funny Girl - Mrs. T - Boys Boston 80 Sz 81 and It's: "Back home sit down and patch my bones!" G. Dead ." 1 '.,."' lf! I 1 'l ' .... I' Eugene Gonzalez 522 Dedham St. Cutler Golf 10, 12 Tennis 11 Quarters, "Soak it up" Mr. Olson Sr Mike Lobe "Ralph" "Aqui" "Ytiint" "Galuta" WHY, THEY SKUNKED "SUP" ITHICA. a new record, "SUP" "To all bald men" Thanx to all my friends, Jeff, Geor, Phil, Jim, Mom and Dad 8: Rosita and Ana E IOR 129 Markos Hankin 202 Nehoiden Rd. Goodwin Harmony with land is like har- mony with a friend: you cannot cherish his right hand and chop off his left You cannot love game and hate predators. The land is one organism - Aldo Leo- pold Levon Hanzatian Karen M. Hayden 100 Truman Rd. Goodwin Hey, Kid eggplant, Carmalita had an abortion. Habib lives! So long to all the guys at the lockers. Yes!! The kid is back. Bread. Weave kid weave. Do unto others before they do you. Greeve eet to heem mam- ma! IXNAY on the ACKEN- CRAY. We must shoe Sue for Sue has no shoe Q? Maria Heck 32 Carl St. Cutler Three years of ups and downs and sideways. It's groovy! So are Kawasaki 900's. KHJCJD. Love to the logical ones: MH, DCL and love to the illogical ones: in music, in theatre. on Regulus. Each of us is a part of all that surrounds us: celebrate being alive! V I .ff Neal Heffron 34 Stephen Pl. Goodwin Debate Pres. 11, Model Congress Pres. 11, Winner of 3rd place tro- phy at U-Mass Debate. Debate Chrm. and Model Congress Chrm. 12 also member of Nevnon Law Explorers Club "For me, it was 992 luck, 995 stupidity and having a whole helluva lot more guts than anybody else." Malcolm Bricklin Promoter E IOR 130 Audrey Lynn Hart 66 Nardell Rd. Goodwin Spanish Club - 11: Publicity Committee - 12 "Maturity is reached the day we don't need to be lied to about anything" Friends forever: R.T, K.M, N.G, M.A.G Memories: Nobscott, Bos- ton View, summer 81 The best year of all because of Michael 69 Tamworth Rd. Cutler Scottie, swimming 10, 11, 12 goodbye to my pals!! A.C, T.D, K.G, P.G, K.H, K.L. Never forget UMass. and my lucky 13. Drive-In with A.C, K.G, K.L Hey Hoz, "I know where your dad works." GL Gretchkin Dal-Queen. Thanx Mom and Dad. 'Tm moving on . . . " Bad Company Cfa KX Alexis D. Hill 1082 Walnut St. Cutler AR-LR, CM, LM, ML, MU SL LJ, J+J, BH, JC, AG, RT JM, RS, JS, RM, LB, JL, LM, LB. MM. PF, NC, DB, EF, JB, KS, CB, Falls, course, skip Day, JIN- ROFY, KC, New H. JH, Hop- Way, JT's. B Dave, you are, were, - will be always! I love you spe- cially. Forever grateful Ma + Pa Lee Das your special to me. ' . f Y Y x...., ' David Anthony Hill 108 Hagen Rd. Goodwin I've come this far by faith and now it is time to move on CAL Football 11 12 Track 11 12 Bas- ketball 10, 11. Capt. 12 JWS - The one special friend LS - 458 pals SR JF MK PG AY Mom Dad Deidre I love you with all my heart, Denise Good luck + enjoy it Good luck BSU Thanks Coach Kajoyian June Marie Hinds 16 Abbott Street Goodwin "June-Bug" LS, JH, LM, every- one else who hung in the cafe. fallsiil Maine, Jeanne never for- get "Strawberry Hill Rd" Lisa, Mark, Reenie - Forienger. Mike, Dad, you're the best. Deenie, you will always be special to me. Mom - Thanks for being there when I needed someone. I Love Youll Ted Huettig 217 Suffolk Road Wheeler So now you could spend the morning talking with me quite amazed LOOK OUT!! I'm raving mad and somewhat Slightly DAZED! Rolling Stones 9f25f81 Lang, Becker, Lisa, Josh Susan, VALDA 81 NEAL, HaHa David Bowie Love to All Mary Kathleen Hosmer 18 Timson Path Wheeler "Hoz" "Are you ready, eager young space cadets?" - DD. NYE, HN, NH, YM, PG's, McD's, etc. Goodbye and Good Luck to all, esp. TDPGFTMD ACJJKH LLAGCPCB LJAYPS "Surrender to the waiting worlds that lap against our side, nothing left open and no time to decide" - Jim Morrison. v Jeanne Hurley 159 Oak St. Cutler Darragh M. Houlihan 214 Beacon Street Cutler Good Luck - AN CM FM MS HA WI SL AB JL JB and Every- one else Thanks Mr. L. Special Thanks to my Mom and Dad and my sister Angela Hsuing 95 Warren St. Wheeler Andrew Ijams 12 Ridge Ave. Goodwin I'll have great memories of South. Thanks to all of my family broth- ers pets Friends and especially thanks to all of the fantastic teachers I've had, that helped me get through my years in the New- ton Schools. Especially PK, JS, RS, ML, JB, JB, JH KD RP ED MgM MH SF CC 1 ff v--- Wendy A. Irvine 9 Acacia Ave. Cutler "What sunshine is to flowers, smiles are to humanity. They are but trifles, to be sure, but, scat- tered along life's pathway, the good they do is inconceivable." - Joseph Addison E IOR 131 Dana Lynne Isenberg Robert Jardine Linda M. Johnson 155 Dorst Rd. Cutler Cheerleading 11 Lacrosse 11, 12 Coops. the best friend a girl can have. Terencia, Amila Thanx. Senior Slump. Junior Jump. TR and UTOPIA 81. I Love You Alan - What More Can I Say. "No one can make you feel inferior without your consent." Thanx Mom 8: Dad, I Love You More Than You Know. 11 Jaconnet Street Goodwin Thanks to animal corner and the gang. To GT, GS, PD and Fanny see you next year. Good times at the rotary. Class of 82 is the balls! Good luck to CS+TC H67 Dodge Coronet 4-10" Special thanks to the originals - AG, JK, CP, AP, GS, RR, AD, LB. LTX Power All of my love now and forever to Lin- da Holton Harrison Johnson 14 Crystal Street Cutler "Lumpsky"T.A.Fag10,11, 12 As averages go . . . Pav is oh-so god- likel Ombra mai fu di Vegetabile cara ed Amabile soave pou - XERXES - WHO IS THIS CREATUREV? Thanks . . . 380 Winchester Street Cutler Thanks to mom and Dad KMJ JLJ. Big Sis Higgy. I'll remember you always 2-6-81 Eddie. Main St. with EB, JS, JC. Summer of 81. 2129. Cod - Always. Changes B.S. Hlds. girls KD, JR, BUCK, JD WS, LG, JC, LB, DE, AH, FRYE. 7 oz Michelob. Stones. Lil' GTO, Cruzin. Nana B Keep it up. Ken- ny I love you. , X fs IU .fa T' 'C 1.13 Karen Kalish 51 Sevland Road Wheeler Frankie I will never forget you - D.oit. B.B. Good times with Laura and I-Iolli - Nantasket. Florida. New Year's Eve '80 - concerts parties N2-lget the Doors Snow storms. Texas summer of '81 Thank you Mom and Dad ILY r. ,,-1 i ' nn, Corine Kallman 3 Fisher Ave. Goodwin "Cory". Skiing 11. 12: Volleyball 12. "I am not afraid of tomorrow. for I have seen yesterday and I love today." The Best to All my friends, It's been reall Good Luck Wendy, Thanks Dad, I made it! - 1982 . . . E IOR 132 Anne Kamowitz 11 Jacobs Terrace Goodwin Russian Club secretary L'.S.Y. Yavneh FRIENDS Israel 1973 1980 H.C. "friendship is a shelter- ing tree" Eric Kaplan 48 McCarthy Road Wheeler Outdoor Track 10 Indoor Track 11, 12 Cross Country 11, 12 Friends: SB, CS, FS, SK. TS,. Lawns with CS and SB. New Years "80" Thanks Frank. Re- member xcountry Party "80" Jonathan Kaplan 25 Quidnic Road Goodwin Tennis 10, 11, 12, SRC 10, 11, Pres. 125 NEW 11, Treas. 12 "Those who would treat politics and morality apart will never un- derstand the one or the other." Morley Steven Kaplan 12 McCarthy Road Wheeler "I saw the light!" Computers for- ever Thanks Mom and Dad Marshall Katz 47 Great Meadow Rd. Goodwin Denebola 11, 12 "Kato" "The fu- ture is something which everone reaches at the rate of sixty min- utes an hour, whatever he does, whoever he is." Whew, I'm finally done with High School: only eight more years to go! friends, thanks for being there. You're the great- est, Mom. Sabra Katz 29 Columbine Rd. Wheeler "Nothing matters but the week- ends". Never forget all the good times with: TL, AW. HK, CL, KF. -IS, BL, PF. To the "foxes" - best friends forever. Mark - 9!Tf81 til . . . ILY Thanks for everything Mom and Dad - I know it hasn't exactly been easy. "Let the good times roll" 'rfi' I , ft! O . ri v R, I? U DQ: 1 , Roger Kaufman 39 Andrew St. Goodwin "If you can imagine it, you can achieve it. If you can dream it, you can become it." Escort, The Es- cape, Nantasket Summers. Good Friends. - A.S., E.L., A.A., L.B., T.S., J.G., C.M., M.C., D.A., Chuck and Lauren - My two spe- cial friends forever Mom and Dad - I Love You! Laura R. Kaufmann 44 Puritan Rd. Cutler Tennis 10-12 Regulus 12 French Exchange, Jill - Holey-Moley, Guiding Light LYF! LY Gregg! MSB zoofight, Sat. Mornings, clatter FB81, Steph, Pam, Anna, Lori, Eric, BO, Scott's squirrel theory! Mouton, The Stunt Man, Champagne, Steph I don't have a nailfile! "Le monde nous attend" I Love You Mom, Dad, Jess cf? 'v I' Q ' . Henry S. Kendall 191 Winslow Rd. Goodwin "To thine own self be true, Thou canst not then be false to any oth- er manf' FRANCE '8I. MUNS. "It was early morning yesterday, I was up before the dawn, And I really have enjoyed my stay, but I must be moving on." - Super- tramp K? Susan Kessler 20 Winston Rd. Wheeler Soccer 10 skiing 11 Tennis 10, 11, 12 Remember the good times with: LB - don't 4get our special rhyme, AA - what do we do now?, SB - practicing our span- ish, CB - friends forever, JG - Rapputak Mom and Dad - you're the greatest! Thanks - I love you! Gary and Andy- you're the best! Winston forever E ICR 133 Robert W. Kiah 63 Parker St. Goodwin Had a lot of fun remember trip to with L.A. B.C. Parties Macs softball ROCK ONT ii- ,ll 4-fi X 1 X X... TTY A J Emmet Brendan Kinsellagh 1412 Beacon St. Wheeler Soccer 12 For all the places, the people the times. "No time to wal- low in the mire." Jim Morrison, GOODBYE Mark C. Kiley T8 Hamlet St. Wheeler 1 -LS? Heidi Klein 25 Wiswall Rd. Goodwin The times may change but the memories will remain. Parties at TG,s 8: JRs the artroom, B8zR. the grin Jane i know, i know, Sue those many nights of backgam- mon, TL8:AW. WE had good and bad times I wouldnt have missed them Thanx Klein Klan Tim - It's all been said ILY. E IOR 134 James M. Kinch 8 Kenneth St. Wheeler Thanks Mom 8: Dad it only took 3 years. Very Balsyl Animal Corner Rules and The rest Drule. see ya RJ AG LM AP GS CP RR PC AD Love them Roterey Trips 8: subs with Hots. Thanks Mr. Bill. Youre a swell guy. OH no Blutol Im afraidl never forget them Mar- riot trips and all the good times we all had! Eat Mel 'Qi .,, 155 it gl f L A ,QF Michael Richard Klugerman 2 Clark St. Goodwin IDFL' 10, 11, 12 "Look up at the mountain I have to climb Cat Ste- vens ELO, NB, disc, ajedrez. RHPS D8zD, finessel52'2 l, El Cubo Magico. M8zP8zS, Holy One, Pina, The Fleds, Andy, may- be sometime youll beat me with the alekhine Heidi Kingsbury 46 June Lane Wheeler "Memories are valuable, but to experience is unforgettable" Amy and Terri, your the best! All my love to AS, TZ, AN, NJ, Vicki my sister and my friend thanx for helping me perceive. Lukas there will always be a place for you in my heart. Everlasting memories on the Cape. J' YT' I," . if lg ll Lucy Knight 177 Cypress St. Goodwin Kenneth R. Kohlberg 17 Woodhaven Rd. Wheeler Hockey 11, capt. 12, lax 10, 11, capt. 12, football 10-12 Anto, dont let Denis drive. the city, keggers at my house with Fay, Titmer. Otis, Starch ZONE MUSH. Thanks Mom and Dad and esp. Curt I owe ya one. Time is not an object, but an idea. F. Does toyevsky. Lisa goodbye doesnt mean forever. 'Q' I Mark Douglas Koning 40 Forest St. Cutler C.C. 10, 11, soccer 12 Track 10, 11, capt. 12. THe lockers w. PAP, DUFF, MAC, OTIS, VINNE, NORTON BULL, luc and Lomm Fest. War games Halloween 80,81 parties thanx girls TZ, AS, KM, MW and AN "ROCKO" To the ones I love the most, "Thanx Mom Sz Dad for putting up with everything" Adam Krane 101 Windsor Rd. Cutler "Thanks to A.E. had good times in the big apple" Lisa Rose Lasson 198 Woodcllff Rd Wheeler "We'll get off this island wet Gilligan '27 QQ-ui 1 III Norman Lazarus Paula LeBlanc Barbara Lebow Dara Kim Lee 1022 B9aCOl'1 St. 9 Roland St. 70 Burdean Road 135 Langley Rd Cutler Wheeler Wheeler Wheeler "The li0I1 and the lamb Shall lie Memories last 4-ever wfNancy 8: "Learn from yesterday, live for Whenlgiveh I give myself walt down together, but the lamb Linda: Oh boy this is great! AS, today, hope for tomorrow." All Whitman won't get much sleep." TZ, RD, LY, MG, JC, DE, JR. YMFA 4-81 "The Cape" Best talks wfthe girls. Unknown snap- shots. Summer-81 wfBig sisters. HONEST TA GOD HUH! Spe- cial thanks to Mom Sz Dad and the rest of the gang. I love you all. NG-4SAT'S. Good luck Pete my love and thanks to my family and friends. Good times last for- ever. It's my turn now. E IOR Eric Stebbins Lee 32 Indian Ridge Rd. Wheeler The Hound 8: Co. Shakespeare Class of '82 Allison: Blintzes, par- ents THE city. parents. pals al- ways. Lisa: Lisa B. Roger: The Cape BAHAI-IA G8cTs or deathl Escort The Guys cooked Holt- Whips pelvics Chem and all it did. Lily Lee 35 Taglewood Rd. Wheeler French Club, Med-x Favs. G.H.. C.Chips, and lots of fun, Mems with R.S.,M.G.,A.H.,K.B.,T.W., And A.L. Thanx Mom and Dad for putting up with mefff Good Luckffl Cindy Leonard 530 Dudley Rd. Goodwin The good times at The Breezeway BL, JS, JH. SM etc. "Under my Thumb" RF never forget the times we had bad and good. Mom and Dad, thank you for making my last 3 years great. I love you. Craig, I did it without any prob- lems! Y "I can't tell you why" - Eagles ' .V 58 ' '..fv-f '- W IS. , 1 :Q .ja .- " 111 .- rr li 'NN . Q f-iff .5 . .' gf-i,..1 -. V lisa gif' nfs . 'i Q ,. , 'al f' ri 51' 1'-Af I-. 6.11 'Av 'ij' Sarah Ann Levin Deborah Claude Levy Steven Adam Lewis 34 Rachel Rd. 30 Nardone Rd. 39 Byfield Rd. Goodwin Wheeler Wheeler "Looking back and looking for- ward we think it's over but it's only beginning" apagar. full moon at PH, syndrome, egg, photo, ex- cuse me'? "Good friends" LNTY D8zS C-hour. Wendy B - my al- ter-ego, and the best, best friend! Thanks Joyce - How much Tab do you want? Good luck and thanks! M8:D I love you "Many of us are more capable than some of us. . . But none of us are as capable as all of us" Re- member music MTT, RB, GD Summer 81 cruising, Brigham Hangshide 8: Heavy Metal Live it up and be happy, you only live once! Luck and love to all! MH, IT. LS. AK, MW , LS. HA, ETC. Thanx "D" for being there E IDR 136 The skins said to me "It's not the taste, it's the concept" and I agree "We've had our ups and downs but we're still playing together." - Young - "Remember that the sun rose clear." - Thoreau - Elizabeth Levenson 19 Walsingham St. Goodwin Comme c'est curieux et quelle coincidence!C'est bien possible que nous y soyons recontres, et peut etre meme la nuit derniere. Mais je ne me souviens pas, cher monsieurl - Ionesco Jodi - I'll always be here for you. You may see me tonight with an illegal smile . . . 55, asf- 117.31 'li Robert Lieberman 25 Larchmont Ave. Wheeler Band, Orchestra 10, 11, 12 Vocal Ensemble 11, 12 Denebula, News Editor, 12 "I do not feel obliged to believe that the same God who has endowed us with sense, rea- son, and intellect has intended us to forego their use." Galileo Gali- lei I . X is gat. 6 Kenneth R. Liebman 37 Lovett Rd. Goodwin "Heaven knows we need never be ashamed of our tears, for they are rain upon the blinding dust of earth, overlying our hard hearts." - Charles Dickens With all my love and appreciation, thanks Mom and Dad for encouraging me to be myself, and standing behind me all the way. I love youll! 3. -Q x. Q, Q ellif-S - Q Y 1 4 i' . . if 2,3 'av N. 'W Deborah Anne Logan 36 Roland St. Wheeler Soccer 10,11 Softball 10, 11, 12 "I am not afraid of tomorrow for I have seen yesterday and I love to- day." Thanks for the special memories - CM GA CK CS CP SM MP GB. To ALL my friends - thanks and best of luck! Mom, Dad I love you - Thanks for your patience and guidance! SSLK You're the greatest! Richard Lifsitz 116 Winslow Rd. Goodwin "I have no expectation of making a hit everytime I come to bat.. What I seek is the highest possible batting average." F.D.R. Thanks Mom and Dad for putting up with me. 2 Susan Cameron Lory 44 Grafton St. Goodwin Reflections Explorers Club Ger- man Club If life is such a short nothing, why not do the insane. See you later kid, I'll be in the mountains. Mark Harris Lipof 37 Balpate Hill Rd. Goodwin No bird soars too high, if he soars with his own wings -live accord- ing to the truth's within Yourself - the best is yet to be. NDPG - thanks for all the love and con- cern, Ron, Cheryl, Rick, Phil, es- pecially you o Mom and Dad! Tandee Ellen Lipsky 44 Myerson Lane Wheeler l'm young now, I'm wild now: l want to be free I got the magic power in me To all my special friends THANX K.Q.ILY alever, whenevr 8: 4 howevr long. 8f9f8l . . . Mom, L.J., KA. Sr Dad, thanx for all your uniquenesses Love. Hugs gr Happiness, T,E. Austria '80 SL '81, The Grate ..,-lf SA: QM-fb Laura A. Lupien 103 Thurston Rd. Wheeler Swimming 1, 2, 3 Russian Club 2, 3 Venezuela hosting 80-81 Never to forget! ACCFTDADCO- LACGFM CSNDDLBLN SRVDVLARBRDCKHJB DCSOJDKFGWJOEG JSJSPG Sz the others 4eva friends! See yas Cyndi 8: Athenag Lupie Prom 81 "Adios no quiere d ecir para siempre" KC 4eva in my mind! Thanks Mom Kr Dad Luv ya! 1.11 4:3 David MacDonald 6 Elliot Pl. Cutler Football-Captain Wrestling-Cap- tain Lockers MD SS MP KW LH GW JC SM MK. AS ND Carry on bull dar Preu Chun Chinne Thanks to my coaches more im- portantly, my family of which I am the last. Thanks to Mom in particular. "The passage of time is insidious." DM HAVFUN- KIDS E IOR 137 J. Leslie Maclver 231 Country Club Rd. Wheeler Caps Kermit 8: Piggy Lane Pkwy Ledge "Nice to meet you" Intense the picnic "Endless Love" "What did you do to your hair?" Week- ends P 18z2" Riunite Hey Hey Hey Anna, Pam. Tanya -friends forever. J, J8:G Paul "S-H-W" - forever Thanks Mom, Dad. Jenny and Chris - I Love You. Andrew Magni 365 Watertown St. Cutler Football 11 Wrestling 11 God also said, "See, I give you every seed bearing plant on the earth and ev- ery tree which has seed bearing fruit to bee your food" - GEN- ESIS. '29 The human cells and therefore body are potentially re- generating - it's possible to have a new body every 7 yrs. Universe!!! Love 2 Ma 8: Dad Marvin Maltz 435B Dedham St. Goodwin I would like to thank my family for supporting and encouraging me over the years, especially my mother and father who have al- ways been beside me when I need- ed them most. Good luck to all my senior friends in their forthcom- ing years. 'Y 1' wo! . I" '. ' . ' , 1 t, 1. . 1,1 X Debra Mann 21 Littlefield Rd. Wheeler "Beefy" I'll never forget the good times. N.H., C.F. at the Cape, S at Papa's, ANP's, E.S. is best, 10 ways to, res, HD8:L, imitations, RCQ will it happen to us when we reach the top? C man 8a BW tl do wonderl. Thanks to my family and friends. Good Luck. I -H N2 1 ' . f -- 4 " i - '.'M': , fr' JG ' i L-14' ' M'-.F 'A gf Stacie Mann Susan Mann Jennifer Manthei Sharon Manzelli 21 Littlefield Rd. 181 Dudley Rd. 19 Columbus St. 960 Chestnut St, Wheeler Cutler Cutler Cutler "Raquel" Won't forget the good times. Cape Cod "SI", Sitting on the dock of the bay, and going with the flow. Whats E.S.? Is 10 enough? WWWTP7 52 imitations tDon't shoot!l the Res., I-ID8zL, ANP's. Many thanks to my family and friends. Good luck in the fu- ture. "High school is not an education, it's a state of mind." Good luck to the gang - remember all the par- tying! Special thanx to Mom, Gail Sz Alang I told you I could do it! To Peter, my best friend, it's all been said before, but I'll say it again - "I Love You." E IDR 138 Space? PC IT AD MDCG - love + thanx and never goodbye! We're out! +++ + "Morning glow, by your light We can make the new day bright And the phan- toms of the night Will fade into the past Morning glow is here At last." - PIPPIN Shaz goodbye to Cutler bathroom SM CL CN Good Luck with CT FT BC RC KV LM AL RG DS BS CM Cher remember VK-POJ the lake Fan. Hall, Chris - go punch a tree. John, my love is always with you. Thanks Mom and Dad for putting up with me. And. thanks to Mrs. Neville David March 12 Wright Rd. Wheeler Marchi Hockey 10, 11, 12 OTIS Silky KF KK CS JD DM SD PS JS JM LY JC RD MG SS QUAG's at KK's and KF's Tracks 81 with Dallino Eggals at Koldi's, Live for today for yesterday was only a vi- sion 8: tomorrow is only a dream. JL LA Thanx Mom + Dad - I did it And now it's Miller Time. -I .cor Carolyn McCrory 6 Ridge Ave. Goodwin Love's in need of love today Don't delay Send yours in right away Hate's goin' round Breaking many hearts Stop it please Before it's gone too far - S Wonder Linda Martin 42 Plainfield St. Goodwin Soccer 10, 11, Captain 12 Thanks to AG, VP, CP, KS, GS, JK, AP, RR, ND-EEYAHY No eyes memo- rieslll!! Triceyl To the animals at A.C. and Oak Hill partyers - Thanks for the good times, Ro- tary, Chipstrips, Mariott and the Cape I never got to. to Robby- I Love You and always will. l Susan McGary 26 Cavanaugh Path Wheeler K'The Park" DS, RR, PP, RC, AD. LF, LP, DP. The Point! Drive-ins '79 W.Rox! My Favorite Friends -AR,JE, GE, Kennyl, DF,JF, 8z All QKH - The memories ex- pressed, the tears I cried, could never compare to the pain inside - I.L.YlJ BC, SM Sz CL memories are like friends - they'l1 always be there! Boi, Harald! BBW? UFREEBIRD' Aff 9,5 ' Charles L. Mayer 250 Woodward St. Goodwin "Chuck" Don't dream it, be it." Tim CurryfRocky Horror "I think of childhood friends, and the dreams we had." Styx Too many memories, not enough space. Thanks to all my friends and fam- ily, esp. A.N., D.H., F.M., R.K.. E.P., 8: most of all, everyone at the barn m5 ...-4-J Robert Michelson 56 Clifton Rd. Cutler "I started slowly to find out who I am and where I want to be. It was like coming out of the shadow of various influences and trying to be yourselff, Bruce Springsteen To the Clifton Rd. Gang - "GUYEEMAMA" Jane McAllister 21 Maple Pk. Cheerleading Capt. 11, 12 "I've been first and last look at how the years have past, now I'm all alone at last." Thanks to Patty, Jane and Debbie, We made it! Good luck Tez, AS LC, LM, LB, HK, SD, DM. Spain keg in the tub, the van Chinese food at the Dl's 11f5f 79 Cape, Weekends Thanks Ken. Bye guys! lsr' Kristo Samuli Miettinen 304 Waban Ave. Wheeler Chess 8: Math teams are 111 The best of wishes to my close friends - may we never forget each oth- er. Long live computer jocks, RHPS, D8zD and 800's. RHP "Soon we'll be out, amid the cold world's strife, soon we'll be sliding down the razorblade of life" fTom Lehrerj - Moi!! - E IOR 139 Steven Mikels 30 Tirrel Crescent Wheeler 10 seconds you feel the pain - 15 seconds you can't breathe - 20 seconds you EXPLODE!! - Thanks Mom - Thanks also to the lunch ladies 4 those unbear- able meatball subs, or were they hamburgers? No I think it was spaghetti. Naahh - it's all the same stufff! lDr, Stats J.S.l ,l -4-I Q-wi' Frank Moreau 36 Champa St. Wheeler Nothing should be prized more highly than the value of each day. Love your enemies for without them you have no one to blame but yourself. Grasse French Ex- change 11. Gymnastics 1, 3. Thanx Mom, Dad. Sis 8a Mrs. Barle, Mr. Steeves Good luck Mike, LS, HA. Both DA, BO. AC. LL, Lefty, Beanie, AN, CM, DH. DR, HB, DL, 8a all Jon W. Miller 27 Roundwood Rd. Goodwin Soccer 10, 11 Allstar 12 Indoor Track 10. 11, 12 Outdoor Track 10, 11, 12 "Always give your best effort no matter what the situa- tions are" Remember the track and all of the good times that fol- lowed. Thanks Mom, Dad, Fam- ily, and friends for all support - cou1dn't have done it without you. - , . n 'Q' 'Xb .AE V 1. 4 . 4-0 !r M Howard Morris 190 Woodcliff Rd. Gooin "The world is comic to those who think and tragic to those who feel" Horace Walpole E IGR 1 140 Laurie Anne Miller 40 Butts St. Goodwin Regulus Cir. 12 "Memories that won't erase, stay forever new." JT. EB, JH, we should know. Al- ways remember "The Three Lit- tle Angels." Paul - you're a sweetheart All my love and luck to my family: Jim, Myki, Kim Mom, you're my best friend and I love you. Thanks for everything!! Christine J. Moan 69 McCarthy Rd. Cutler "It is not what we take up, but what we give up, that makes us rich." Special friends - GA, FT, DL, JN, LS, CK, MP, 8: SM. Col- leen the best of friends forever! Great memories of field hockey, softball 8: Ireland '81. Most of all thanx to my family - words alone cannot express your importance to me. 177 x J' 4-"" David Morrison 108 Glen Ave. Cutler And someone said fair warning Lord strike that poor boy down Turned from hunter into hunted Gonna hunt somebody down! Thanks Mom and Dad as was C-I Stephen C. Mosca 136 Charlemont St. Cutler Football 10, 11, capt, 12 Hockey Baseball 0, capt. 11, 12 10. 11. capt 12 Scrap Iron alias Boisy Kim I love you Back Luc, Kohisy Fay. Fondu, Mac, Starchy, Chris. Lau- rie, Deb, Rocko, Butts. B-ball Semi Finals in States 1981. Thanx to Pappas Good luck girls. Thanx Bros Dad and Mom I love you. Denis Murphy 1458 Beacon St. Cutler Football 10, 11, 12 Lacrosse 10, 11, 12. The city "When all else is lost the future still remains" Thanx Mom and Dad. You know what Lori? Kim E. Murphy 1115 Boylston St. Jillian Nesgos Goodwin 27 Palmer Rd. Cheerleading 11 Capt. Field Amy Brooks Nauss Cutler Hockey 12 Capt. Lacrosse 11, 12 9 Rorest St. Field Hockey 10, 11, 12fcaptl Lisa, we do not remember the Wheeler days we remember the moments ILY Mrs. Mealy Thanks! M.A. fb- 12J NDIB M.K. Mike P. Ijust love you! Stevie 8a MOscas Thanxxa bunch! Mom, my best buddy, im glad I have you too! Love to Dad Danny, Peter 8a Gram RK Friends always. "Its getting hard to be someone but it all works out" iennon 8: mc- Carthy Rocky Horror 81. "dont dream it be it" Softball 10, 11, 12 Spinoff Good luck CM, DH, HA, HA, MS, FM, JB, WP AND ev- eryone! Keep in touch! Thanx Mr. L. ffl 4 w--4 if Tennis 10, 11, 12. lan PALS FOR- EVER BEC-KING what7'? toes es the pole Lost? ML LEENIE PLAlN'?'? CCCheerleadir1g! DM Im in a good mood FRO SSS, J J to NS SUE - a very special friend good luck MD 8: JUANY ZIBA "Oh bother, I hate to say goodbye Winnie The Pooh .J I Allison Neumann John G. Newlon Humberto Njaim Andrew Craig Nottonson 14 Oak Vale Rd. 21 Carver Rd. 676 Dedham St. 88 Nardell Road Wheeler Goodwin Goodwin Wheeler Now we are going our separate ways, but for the time being there are no regrets just memories. Par- tying with the best of friends. Fer- ry beach, SWD, ANP, Roadtrips New years eve, I hop it. Thanx small guy, J. Geils. Love always to my three parents: mom, dad, kurt. "When its time to relax" Deal me in, miami, Friday night Foster fest, remember ww123 out with the boys SB DC RD BF DF JF JG SG DM RM PS SS MW. Thanx chaz I couldnt have done it with- out you. Entering from Venezula FOR- MER STUdent from: Liceo "San Jose" Los Teques Venezuela 0 s o ' ' ' "F r am et ha c hm memmisse juvabitn E IOR 141 Beth Nussbaum 203 Country Club Rd. Cutler Michael Abraham Paulson 73 Parker St. Wheeler "I give it to you not that you may remember time. but that you might forget it now and then for a moment and not spend all your breath trying to conquer it." Wil- liam Faulkner, The Sound and the Fury. Christopher E. Osborn 984 Chestnut St. Michael Pappas Cutler Ted Pappadopoulos 222 Wislow Rd. Cabaret 10, 11, 12. Concert choir 21 Glenland Rd. Cutler 10, 11, 12. Voice tran, band, vocal Goodwin Football 10, 11, 12. Baseball 10, ens: scoota NYC, Venezuela 81 friends 4 ever LL, LA, KE, GC, AC. EY, FM, MR, LS, JP, DVD. Marshalls Gang ozzy, 5110. A tab for tandee Montreal New Years Eve 80 vius, squint! Thanx CT. HTT, JN, JHQMLICJ Luv ya Thanx mom and dad. Lookout Dewshine when there were no strings. You played to me. Love always elk moo toast in concert you say i am a dreamer but i am not 'only one. I hope someday you will join us. And the world will be as one. It takes time to pick a place to go. Just keep truckin on 11, capt 12. The guys at the lock- ers Otis Alias squitto! Luc Hal- loween Cape Cod, vinne St. Pat- rick dayl M.M. fest war games! mac, duff, SS, MK. Sp thanx to kim, chris, laurie and the mosca fam! N ever forget you tullyl 4, 10, 80 ILY Thanx mom and dad for world here i come! Janice L. Pearson 252 Waban Ave. Cutler Swimming 10, 11, 12 Softball 10, 11 "As is a tale, so is life: not how long it is, but how good it is, is what matters." - Seneca To my friends - I can never thank you enough for the great times. Jess, Ragita HNP. Buckwheat, 36.25, Shmoo H-GD, DDANLBCT- PYUT - Amy, you speedy + Moodge can make it E IOR 142 my wayll 'rf-J' ,pi Elizabeth Collins Pelton T1 Manchester Rd. Goodwin Know what? No, what? Spurs 8: nightgown in YeOlde Shoppe coaching Steves. t"A lot is my fa- vorite numbe-r"l Za Necks. Hi Bug! Sunriver. Imp Screeney? Emmet giggle snort How about just a door? Ila FewDnl. YZ - "Take care, take infinite care" - sexton ILY "Let us, the n, be up and doing, with a heart for any fate." - Longfellow everything. 4? Linda Jean Pernice T56 Dedham St. Cutler Life without a friend is death without a witness. - George Her- bert Good luck to the Senior Class in whatever you pursue, especial- ly to Stephanie and Julie Stephanie Jane Pernice 756 Dedham St. Cutler It is only with the heart that one sees rightly, all that is essential is invisible to the eye. Lali, Lori, Laura, Sr Debbie - To my BEST Friends - Thanx! Rememberg Champagne! Riu, X-mas trees, talks wfDeb, Sz CutiesfU know who U RJ Luv'ya SC, KS, ST, EP, 8a ML. Special love 8: thanks to Mom, Dad, Ann, Linda Sr Nonna Debra Podufaly 133 Winslow Bd. Cutler Cheering 11, 12 Gymnastic 12 "Never be sad for what is over, be glad it was yours to have" Week- ends, WCOZ, Tab much, wuzup! Hey guys Thanx for being there: MG, PS, JB, PF, Janefflane Dou- ble Thanx Prom 81, Stefan - you are my Luv always and forever be mine, ILY! Untold Thanx to the two I Luv and respect most Ma! Bill, Thanx Mitch! Carl A. Pottey 30 Roland St. Cutler Cross Country, Track "To reach the Port of Heaven, we must sail, sometimes with the wind and sometimes against it - but we must sail and not drift or lie at anchor." Thanks friends for the good times and support. - good luck to all- And a special thanks to my family, esp. you Mom. Scott Powell 65 Agawam Rd. Wheeler If a man does not keep pace with his companions, perhaps it is be- cause he hears a different drum- mer. Let him step to the music which he hears, however mea- sured or far away. - Henry David Thoreau Adam D. Pressman 183 Lake Ave. Cutler "Quote" Cottleston, Cottleston, Cottleston Pie, A fly can't bird but a bird can fly. Ask me a riddle and I reply: Cottleston, Cottles- ton, Cottleston Pie. - Winnie The Pooh ,- '27 l Eric Price 60 Fairlee Rd. Cutler "The talent of success is nothing more than doing what you can do wellg and doing well whatever you do." See ya' later R.S. Never for- get Laura E. Good luck to Chuck, Steph, and Laura. Love to Mom, Dad and Linda Johanna Ralston 14 Kenmore St. Cutler The Party House, Kamchakag The Grin, bathtub concerts Li- ve-l-be well, crazed Lat-vian, communal living "To enjoy the full flavor of life, take big bites. Moderation is for monks." Love and thanks to many friends for all the wonderful and even the not-so-wonderful times. -qv-017 'vi '27 !. Diane Ranen 38 Vine St. Goodwin Enrichmentg Regulus Cir. Staff, Soccer "Live today, dream tomor- row, and cherish the memories of yesterday. "So much to say in so little space, but to my special friends, let's never forget this time and place. Thanks to my family for all their love and sup- port. IOR Ron J. Richmond Eric Hale Rector 833 Commonwealth Ave. Michael Robinson 48 Harrison St. Cutler 35 Chatham Rd. Cutler Wrestling 11, 12 The Clan 10, 11, Aaron Riseman Goodwin Soccer, Denebola, Drama, Hmun 12 To the Boys: Shut up Scotty 30 Locke Rd. Cross Country 10-12, Capt. Pip- Electric Lips TA Fag "I remem- Party at Hoss's HINT 100 lbs at Wheeler pin "Drive your cart and your ber a star strewn sky A watery And some trees to frame, But I don't know why." Thanks every- one and Good Luck! As averages go I'm a card and a vegetable, so just give me Leroy you slobl P.S. Beach-Pahtyl :ii A -' I-i f '.f': .l , 'QE v ' ..,-- ., ff, gy ,y,g,. Marci Ellen Rockoff 210 Nahanton St. Goodwin "Forget what life used to be. You are what you choose to be. It's whatever you see that life will be- come." - Jackson Browne Stace' - Best friends always - Thanks for being there! FRANCE '81 Friends I love you and I'll never forget all the special memories. fm O Belmont Shern at Dylan iGotchaJ Bopper Schlitz The Dead Concert Codder "As long as we can make it to the show tonight, we're an American Band" The Band drums til the day I die This is the end JMorrison Vocal Ensemble 10, 11, 12 Stage Crew 10, 11, 12 Co-President Monkees Club Orange and Blue 11, 12 "The world has music for those who listen" "Be just and fear not" Rocky Horror forever Love is the ultimate trip 'Q-J wJ Jean Rogers 3 Mullen Ct. Cutler Remember all the good times with JD, EG, DE, WS, LJ, LB, KD. LY. Good luck' Buck! Summer of 79 Cape AC one summer night al- ways remember ed sept. 4 square I-'29 highlands lot s8zs cs COZII1 saturday night oldies! Ralphy boy! DRive ins. DO it up and keep partying! E IDR 144 if -le -.' . - , A f ' fs ' ' ' 'of f '-'uv J , Q., V Adam Rollins 18 Beaconwood Rd. Wheeler AV 12, Boscone 18, Shogun "Wa- karimasuka7", Ecarter Extasten- cial Blues, Dr, Who NEA, Post 629, space shuttle flate againl. poltergeists, Pat Benetar, Heavy Metal, Elf quest, and dragon quest, Ill see you in between. Thanx to mom who kept me sane through the past three years. plow over the bones of the dead." - William Blake Love to Caro- lyn, Howard, Rob, Larry, Renee, and of course, Steven. Thanks Mrs. T., Coach M. "In the field of opportunity it's plowing time again." - Neil Young . u P ,l JI!-til Jose L. Romero 62 Hamlet St. Cutler CC 11, clubs, thanx BJ, MM, RP dh "there are crisis in every stage of life, one must be wise to see them solve them and keep going Thanx mom and dad and grandma: Lang. SM, MB, VE, PM, JM, Paula, DH, VB, WB, ED, AE, MR, JL, BJ, OR, RP. "PV:nRTSF:ma Neys1on1,2 8: 3" "viva Venezuela" l l Rebekah Rosenkrantz Scott Royster 24 O Rourke Path Michael Rosman 65 Debrah Rd. Wheeler 128 Danehill RD. Goodwin All that glitters is not gold LZ Vermont, summer of 9 grade, 12 17 79 Thers time to change the road youre on. The park, thanx mom 8: dad, grandma, ange, den- ise, patti, diana, JK, DF, PC, DA, AP, RJ, GS, SM, LB, CP, AG, And BM. John, Im gonna love you til the heaven stops the rain. NERP if 4.4! fd' 1 'Sgr v Richard Rubin Wheeler "Cuando nos invaden las dudas, y obscurecen nuestra fe en la in- mortalidad del alma, se nos da un impulso doloroso do perpetuar nuestno nombre para tomar, por lo menos la sombra de la inmo rta- lidad. La fe medieval en la inmor- talidad se va des vaneciendo" Mi- guel de Unamuno Cutler Tennis 11, 12. Good luck to the clan FR, ANK, EEL, SHERM, HITCH and of course the bopper. I couldn't have made it without you guys. May our paths cross again and again. Mom and Dad unspoken thanx for everything youve done for me. D. BT Day 81 82 Bets, youre the best! Sports yes but who cares? "Wise- make quotes and fools repeat them" SR. To all my friends 8: enemies GD luck. Rball at 6:40am Whitey you must be crazy! EH Geese PLEAS if only l had start- ed in 10th. 4 all the "nos" and jgs ill get mine HEY RK arent I an ass ill miss YOU! 2 Mom and Dad DAWN THANX I LUV YOU David Rubin 110 Upland Ave. Cutler Skiing 10, 11, 12. Tennis 10, 11, 12. "Never he diverted from the truth hy what you would like to believe" r'i iz' sl . X , hi' ff 1 .1 . P Bill Rundle 18 Ripley Terrace Cutler Yo l S'aps where's the party? Lat- er all my Breezway buddies mike got the car? Steve, brews tonight ! Mom and Dad thanx for every- thing! Anne have fun on friday nights l BA and Jsma and CR glad to know you are around. Hey Ira's crowd when you lift em think of me Y ! ! .0 "' ff? fi A. Ag 9- , X ijljf ' - 1.-: 1 '-'.q-tp.- -- ' ' ".t- "H I - . -sJ:.' Eddie Ryan 902 Boylston St. Cutler Good times with BK, the Big NZ DA Di LA'65 Nova with Tom fire hydrant with DH 4 kegs at BC with SandM. great Macs parties. Never forget RI softball - N2 are champs. Amazing NH camping with DA including hidives. Good luck to Nick and Jane Mum we're both grads now. I Love You - never ending thanks. ,. Sf if --l Edward Ryter 17 Chatham Rd. Wheeler Explorers Club, Regulus, Work Study - Thanks Barry HMUN AND NHSMUN 1980-1981 Knicks' tickets, HD-1981 Jackson Hole Expedition Concerts with Beck 8x Paul Nice Call - The Boys A-Room "The Doctor Call me crazy sometimes I am, some- times I ain't" The Grateful Dead Thanks Mom, Dad, Dave Sz AL "Better Days Are Coming." E IDR 145 Wendy Ann Ryter 169 Oliver Road Goodwin "This is not the end. it is not even the beginning of the end. But it is. perhaps, the end of the begin- ning." Churchill Deb. Space. iThlSandy - C. food. Cape Sl! pygmies, 52 imitations. it's 1977 pick-ups, MGC. SAL. you're the best best friendf ANP Chich. S.Nite oldies. 459 Thanks to my fun familyf Stacey Ellen Sacks 92 Athelstane Rd. Wheeler UDon't forget your history, know your destiny" - Bob Marley RIP Marce' - Thanks for being a Friend ILYY Thanks Mom - I know you'll make it. Dad - I wish you could see me now. Penny Salter 10 Spiers Rd. Goodwin Ski 10, 11, Capt. 12, Enrich. 10, 11, 12, Regulus cir ed 12 SOR.C 11, sec. 12, Goodwin TF X-coun- try 80, SAILING: Friends will come and go but memories will last forever. CB: JF. DM. SM. LS. SW. Thanks Mom, Dad, Jody, Lori I Love You now and forever. Salpi Sarafian 130 Dickerman Rd. Goodwin Remember International Club 10, 11, 12 French Club 10, 11 Russian Club, South High Speaks Good luck to everybody Thanks Mom 8: Dad Thanks also to AS, TC, DS. KB, AH, RK, DL, etc. Friend- ships last when each friend thinks he has a slight superiority over the other - Honore de Balzac Ng' Aw T127 ...Tv lvdfg al fo? if ,4i Diana Satin Kenneth E. Sawin Amy Beth Scheinin Frank Scheinin 21 Whittlesey Rd. 95 Lincoln St. 115 Wiswall Rd. 45 Van Wart Path Wheeler Cutler Goodwin Wheeler Softball 10, Swimming 11. 12 Uggabuggaboo Gymnastics 10- 12 Cheerleading You Can't Always Get What you French Club 10 International 11. 12 Tez. Astro - YOUR? the Club 12 Band 10. Chorus 11, Vo- cal Ensemble 12 "l see my future at the Rainbows end - Happy Hours. Timeless Friends" Ma and Daddy win the 1105 Effort Award, Cliff wins the Superest Best Friend Award. Thanks RR. JW, SL E IOR 146 best! The Gang - TZ HK LC DI JS JM DP LB PS ND PL MG LY RD JC, RBBBDM - nicknames7 MHFC-JS Pres. At terris-ocw! Crazy nights - Oct 31 80-81. Weekends. Partiesf Thanx MK. Good luck Sue. Ma 8: Dad - Thanx - I love you the mostf Hey Macker . . . want. But If you Try, Sometimes you'll Get What you Need . . . To The Times We Have Had EKCSSB and Good Luck To The Best of My Friends Shirley R. Schinazi 136 Truman Rd. Goodwin "Some see things as they are and say, why. I dream of things that never were and say, why not." R.K To special friends, today, to- morrow, forever . . . Carla, Jenni- fer, Lani, Lisa HI got by with a little help from my friends" DR, HSTC, JG, AT, PA, LB, SW Thanks Mom, Dad, and Alan f? Peter Scholssman 1 Fox Place Goodwin SOCCER 10, 11, CAPT. 12 TRACK 10, 11 N.E.W. DENE "IF THE DOORS OF PERCEP- TION WERE CLEANSED EV- ERYTHING WOULD APPEAR TO MAN AS IT IS, INFINITE - BLAKE "THE BEST LACK ALL CONVICTION, WHILE THE WORST ARE FULL OF PASSIONATE INTENSITY - YEATS THANKS MOM, DAD, DOG, KAT, BRT, AND PETE. GLK, YNI! Lisa Beth Schneider 54 Ridge Goodwin Gymnastics 10, 11, 12. Regulus Denabolare flaction "To know is nothing at ally to imagine is every- thing." france B.B. ur wongl re- member R.H.! Israel '81 Thanx to my family for everything! J' ,fi -of 17? S4 Vw. Erica Schnitzer 1464 Beacon St. Wheeler Schnitz, Swimteam, lacrosse Hid- den Valley-Beck tlo au laho, nose R, Marge - Hi, Janis. Mike, HF, IT OIY, Celtics, Skitrips. G.H. Luv ya forever: Becky, Beth Sandy, Margaret, Beethoven f memories, MB, Eliot, Huey. "We're so close that in our separa- tion there's no distance at all." - Carly Simon ff? I Peter Scott Ted Seasholes Karen A, Secheyco Lauren Seeley 1241 Walnut St. 163 Cypress St. 1089 Chestnut St. 35 Lakewood Ave. Wheeler Wheeler Wheeler Cutler Had fun in marching band See ya later music Dept. and Industrial Arts Thank God high school's over! Won't forget Nas WH UMASS SP CM LD Halloween ST Driving LR won't forget RA PS JH PS JH BH Thank you JD GR Love You Mom 8: Dad For Being There I will always love you Gerry High- lands Concerts Partys driving a round during school with Sarah MF Letting me have his car CM Jr Prom Times down Humarock with CM MAIDEN EAT TOFU I AIN'T NO FOOL E IOR 147 Jay Seletz 1303 Dedham St. Wheeler "I search everywhere for some new inspiration. I rely on my imagination, and dream of an imaginary time. Now I know that everybody has a dream." Much thanks to Dave, Dan, Ted, and RYFTI, even more to Sip, Carl, and Andy. and still more to Mom and Dad. :-if ,X v I 5' James Sharton 48 Country Club Rd. Cutler TENNIS 11, 12 NWHERES MY BHTSPSDTLH THANKS MOM 8: DAD BOB STOP! Jane Selig 173 Grant Ave. Cutler ONE BEST FRIEND IS GREAT TO HAVE BUT TWO IS EVEN BETTER JANE 8x DEBBIE LOVE YA! TERRI THANKS FOR UNDERSTANDING ME SO WELL GOOD LUCK EV- ERYONE PS AS LC LM LB MG KF DM SD MHFC AS PRES THE VAN CHINESE FOOD AT DIKEG IN THE TUB FRBOY GOOD TIMES LAST FOR EVER BAD TIMES FADE AWAY 2!10!80 MEMORIES FOREVER Allison Serrell 195 Beethoven Ave. Wheeler Much Thanks and love to TS, Lisa - thanks for keeping us laughing Senior stuff, England, RHPS I love you EL, SS, DS Bram Shapiro 94 Redwood Rd. 252 Woodland Rd. Cutler Basketball - 10 Denebola - 11, 12 K'IfI am not for myself, who will be for me? And if I am only for myself, what am I? And if not now, when?" Hillel N. TQ JL QI? N-1 Jerry Shectman John Edward Sheridan Michael Sherman 24 Botsford Rd. Cutler "THE Days travel slow, but the years travel quickly." "Thanks for the good times that helped me through the bad." Thanks Mom and Dad for all of your support. E IOR 148 1304 Boylston St. Goodwin S.R.C. 10, 11, 12 Baseball 11J.V. Champs!! International Club 10, 11 "Happy is he who dares coura- geously to defend what he loves." Ovid Never forget Ms. McAvoy and the A.V. room, C-Up '80 Go Sox! Bye, Mrs. Mealy Liberal Democrats FOREVER Thanks and love to Dad Sz Ma Don't worry about it! 147 Andrew St. The Clan, The Boys, Bopper "No- body's finishedg we ain't even be- gun "Nothin left to do but smile, smile, smile . . . " "I'm goin where the water tastes like wine " "Fare and be well now let your life proceed by it's own de- sire, nothin' to tell now let the words be yours. I'm Done with mine Marc Silk 71 l-larwic Rd. Linda Siegel Cutler Lee Silverstein 50 Farina Rd. Goodwin Soccer 10, 11, Basketball, softball 10-12, "I get by with a little help from my friends" Brigham's - "We might be laughing a bit too loud, but that never hurt no one." Summer '81, cruising, halloween. Thanks Mom, Dad, Joan and Mark for always being there for me "And now life really begins" "SILKY" "As for a future life, ev- ery man must judge for himself between conflicting vague pro- bablitiesf' Never forget the great times with: MARCHI STERNO STEINO 8: STEVIE D THANX: Jimmy R. Sz GORDY "Sl" Good luck SUSAN 8: SHERRI l TE- VYA 81 Thanks MOM 8: DAD Y STEVE YOUR THE GREAT- EST! Robin Silver 158 Ridge Ave. Wheeler P. 103 P.P. 113 F.G. 11 "you are never given a wish without the power to make it come true." To Emily and Toosh - all My love, Luck, and thanx. To Julie and Mom and Daddy - I love you. thanx. 104 Cynthia Rd. Goodwin Wrestling 10, 11, 12 Lacrosse 10. ll, 12 Lots of Good times with Lots of Good People KLAN BH. T.A. with -l.S. LA. EG. and W.K.C. Adam B, Summer ot' B1 A.G.E. Going sick with the Boys 31 Good Luck to all my friends. 82 T.G.W.O.H. Stones Thanks Gary, JIM, and Dad. t K v ,. .i T217 ff 'Lf PN Igw NI" 'v f 4-2 41' 4""? Lisa Silverstone Wendy Simonds Jodi Lynn Sklar Philip W.S. Small 26 Hurley Pl- 3 Woodhaven Rd. 15 Cross Hill Rd. 17 Norman Rd. Goodwin Goodwin Goodwin Cutler Never f0l'S9t all the good UIIIGS Cheerleading, Good Times WXEG Softball 10, 11, 12 Thanks a lot Skiing 10, 11. 12 l would like to be with RG CC RB RC JH JH JT SL CS LC MC and all the kids at the cafeteria breezeway. And, thanks to my family for all their help. JD JR LJ LB DE KD BR LY RD MG JC PK MV SF SL JL LR. CD a year n 'Q l'll never forget. Lot 1129, cafe cruising, Highlands, TVille GNight, drive INs, JS U R a sweetheart! Just hanging around. Weekends were made for Michelob. Running wfthe Devil. Thanks MGD ILY Mom, Dad, Toni and Shari. I love you very much. Good luck to my friends. AY, LL, GB, RS, RV, DV, etc. 'KLong you live, High you fly, Smiles you give and tears you'll cry, All you touch and all you see. ls all your life will ever be" ML I'll miss you. more optimistic but. . . When the world is going down, you make the best of what's still around - Sting E IOR 149 Carolyn Adelle Smith 194 Parker St. Cutler "Good times come and go but their memories last forever" Year of endless love, Karen. whens the wedding? A8zF David, Fri. KP open your eyes. Parties at BU, BC riding B.rm-gang LB, JD, JR, WS, EG, DE, BSU. ice Venus I miss you New Years 81, Bull Frogs, I made it! lcoconutsl Love ya, Mom+Dad Leslie Rene Smith 390 Dedham St. Goodwin Y-Ball 1, 2, Capt. 3 S-Ball 1, 2, 3 B-Ball 1, 2-3 harold! JB - I missed U! SPLAT! crank it! Irre- sistible: wicked - Jo oops! Bloo- mies, VENEZUELA 81 All- nighters! TPGC! homeroom Rock Lobster, Party-Harty! s-house 1169 forsure! TF! Leggs, venom Awesome! Times WXEVERY- ONE!! D-beachg Linus Bubba, Mom+Dad Thanks for Eyeryth- ing! I luv U all!'! Lionel Smith 663 Boylston St. Wheeler "The man who says' it can't be done', is always interrupted by the man who is doing it." Soccer 10 Swimming 10, 11, and 12 The- ater arts 10, 11, 12 Thanks DMBJFMHAHA ACMWJHJD VAA, for making south what it was. I'll miss all of you. Most of all thanks Mom, I love you. N? . I , ' a E . J' il fr. lv ! , -ani' .af Sandra Smith Pamela J. Smolar Tanya Smukler 17 Warren Rd. 31 Donna Rd. 25 Wayne Rd. Wheeler Goodwin Wheeler Memories of yesterday will last a lifetime, we'll take the best, forget the rest and someday we'll find these are the best of times. Jelly- beans 1987 Slurp - 10 ways? The Cape, Just Coke for Becky, I won- der - D+S In a big way ascared? No! Andy- 3f6f81 Prom '81 Mel- vin and RG-WR-ES-SL-JG Tennis 1. 2, 3 Cheerleading 2, Lisa - BOF "If U want something bad enough U can get it, PM." Pam - BOF "We've been through it all!" RJ - Bikinis. LG-BS 1196. NF- LP, SF, SW, JD. A friendshop like ours will never end! NF - Sum- mer '80 Nantasket MS - INFY! RY - "Special Lady" 3!15f80 LYA! M-1-D, RPD+J I Love U E IOR 150 Champagne Dinners BH, Yellow Submarine Lost in the night Thanks Mom, Dad and Robyn for all the support. Paul G. Smith 209 Upland Ave. Cutler "69" 442 111 "I just do what I please" E.K. Pull a Fay! Lowees Buds Lifting with the end of high school becomes the new begin- ning, I wish all my friends the best of luck. Thanks Scott, Dave, Marla, April, Dad, Mom, and Sey- mour. si Ely Sosa 52 Hamlet St. Goodwin International Club 10, 11, 12. Good Luck Everybody Robert Soultanian 249 Cypress St. Wheeler Lacrosse 11 Debate Team 10, 11 Remember - AT, CA, LK, Dr. Stats, The Big "A", ACYOA Fri- day nights cruising Math, parties, BC - Skating Rock'n'Roll "The Bass" "Break on through to the other side" "I, Myself, intend to make the most of life" Malcolm "X" March 12, 1964 Philip Spencer 55 Brookline St. Wheeler Thanks Mom and Dad for your help. Thanks FS for your money. Bye homeroom 6202 Laurie Spicer 144 Clark St. Goodwin Volleyball 10, 11, Capt. 123 B-Ball 10, 11, 12, softball , 11, Capt. 12 much thanx 8a luck to my friends the times we've shared will never be forgotten. "These became part of that child who went forth ev- eryday, and who now goes, and will always go forth everyday" - Whitman GL-Jen I Love You Mom 8: Dad Colleen Stafford 22 Longfellow Rd. Cutler I'll always remember good times, field hockey, Lacrosse, Ireland 81, shared with good friends, GA RB CK DL JN LS TS AS. Chris never forget L and E time - BFA. Mom, Dad, John and Robert you're special people, thanks for everything I Love You ,.,,-up -.AJ Yzznsf 'off Robert Stafford 22 Longfellow Rd. Cutler "Sir," she said, "You are no gen- tlemanf' His white teeth gleamed and his bold dark eyes laughed at her. "An apt observation," he an- swered airily. K'And you miss, are no lady." Rhett Butler Gone With The Wind Steven Steinberg 1094 Centre St. Cutler Wrestling - 10, 11, Capt. 12 "I used to be Disgusted, But now I try to be Amused" - E. Costello The Lockers - The Men Craig Stern 25 Myerson Lane Goodwin Hockey 10, 11, 12 Weekends, Par- tys, The Spot, Summer of 81 - Gold, Cute ponies, Miller time, night with Steino, Highlands, Marchi, Silky, Stevie D, Steino, Zafty, EK, FS, SB, KD, JR, BR, JD, LJ, DE, my love to Lanie. Thanks Mom and dad Good Luck Todd and Marc. ff Jeffrey William Stevens 25 Woodcliff Rd. Goodwin Football 11, 12 Track 12 Gymnas- tics 10, 11, Capt. 12 Thanks Mom, Dad, JQ38cALS Galute - so I told em. Aqui Kayati, mad Co- lombian, Hey, Maria Kr the Rests. Mull - BTFM, Geese - Clint, Doga - H57 SM - Thanx, for be- ing there Thanx muchly to all else - JoJo, SR, ABS', AC, SM, KM, JL, JF, KOJO, AB, RB, LS 81 the rest E IDR 151 Anne Stohler 40 Ferncroft Rd. Goodwin International Club, Senior Class "To let friendship die away by negligence and silence. is certain- ly not wise. It is voluntarily to throw away one of the greatest comforts of this weary pilgrim- age" Boswell lMarch 20, 17823 Thanks to the whole family! 1' "SY Nr' fs- v sw... Patricia Sullivan 93 Halcyon Rd. Goodwin Soccer 10, 11, Capt. 12 Basketball 10,11,12 Track II, I2 Softball-I0 "It's better to light one candle than to curse the DARKENSSV' The years ahead are full of ques- tions and I thank my family. friends, coaches and teachers for directing me forward! BOL2 - JM, JS, DP, LS, ND, and SM Jane Ellen Stoloff 65 Rokeby Rd. Wheeler "If you smile at me I will under- stand. 'cause that is something ev- eryone does in the same lan- guage." Heidi - I know. I know. S.M. 81 B.L. - B.H. sessions S,R, 8: J - you're great! Jodi - You tool Steve - L.G.C.Y tsummer 811 Rich - Best of neighbors. Casey - thinking of you. 'T-?' 3,39 F- iw- - f. ,P I 4,, Rhona Joyce Talamo 99 Lovett Rd. Wheeler International Club 11, 12 German Club 12, Fr. Club Friends For- ever: A.A., M.A., E.H., K.V. - MBF Summer '81 - Pool-hop- ping. 808A, 10:45P.M.. s-xcllnt, Narcisus, Bacherel Florida, Comm. Ave., Musa, "Romans, countrymen, and lovers, hear me for my cause ... " E IOR 152 al Robin J. Stone 25 Columbia Ave. Wheeler Softball 10, Ski Team 10 "If dreams came true, Oh wouldn't that be nice". - Bruce Spring- steen. Jo-Jo "Boof-Boof" lDMSMLSSTlRemember the good times. MK thanks for the ex- perience BR what about My din- ner? I LOVE YOU Ron! Always and forever Randolph. Mom and Barry thank you for always Being there! :L fs., E. Andrew Taylor 86 Oxford Rd. Goodwin Band, Orchestra, Vocal Ens., Brass Ens., Woodwind Quintet, Toast lFace it this mans a Godl "Refracted rays and colored beams do not a prism make" - Attila the Pun Thanks to Ou- guille, Elk, Toast. Rat spit with- out whom I couldn't talk. Katherine H. Strange 124 Allerton Rd. Goodwin I sat by the lake and looked at the sky and as I looked a fly went by ...lthinklcanlthinklcan... Thanks Family Daisy and YC- PETE If ' 'c"".- -efr Sarah Haven Terrill 32 Hyde St. Cutler Karen never forget NARS Cele- brations Halloween RI Chasing JH Good Luck TC, BL CO GC SP PS Ellen Sz Wendy you're the best LD "Victor" Thanks M8zD I fi- nally made itl Carla don't forget Paul Coffey 8: Those Friday nites working at Macs Ellen Lou Y NIH LS EY WH Friends -lever JM - Love always . . . Daniel Thomas 66 Moffat Rd. Goodwin And in the future I still believe - though it be distant, come it will - when nations shall each other bless, and peace at last the earth shall fill. -L wr-'tr Rita J. Tillett 108 Oak St. Wheeler Will always the good times with JW BE JH SS Sz Kids Especially with CB and LM Needham Thanks Mom Dad and everyone else who helped me in the past will never forget Kenny C. Ian Lawrence Todreas 89 Windsor Rd. Cutler Cross-country 10, 11, 12 Tennis 10, 11 Academia 10, 11, 12 Has the sandman's helper SNOOZEROO evere come to visit you'? Some- time I think he really might - he stopped at my house just last night. If I hear "SAT" again I think I might throw up. Paul J. Tolley 58 Theodore Rd, Wheeler Smiley, Psycho, Post O, "Never let school interfere with your edu- cation" Life at PS-NCPN. FP, FWPAWS Freddief Klingtonf hey! no! go awayl Special thanks to - TC, MB and folks for being there. Four dif. schools in four yrs. - A wise decision in the long run, Thanx Mom gl Dad. The last of us has made itl l-b C3 W7 ,Y Y: gr . rv f T'-55? ft 4 . ' If 1- ' 1, ,. 14 ', P ri " ' i . 54 4' 'TT' Faye R. Tonkonogy Nicholas Topalis Marcus Toth Andrew Tfaiefti 102 McCarthy Rd. 299 Tremont St. 54 Avalon Rd. 15 Avalon Rd, Wheeler Cutler Wheeler Cutler Memories are gifts that can never be replaced. Bonnie friendship 4everl Good Times - Past - Present - Future: KH GA CM TD PG VP. PS, Have Pride! Amy, reach 4 the stars! Eric, I know U will be a success! Dad, I Love You! Mom, Thanks for all your Love and Support I Love You! Good- bye to Newton South. Skating at McHugh Forum "Got the box?" Great times wfBS, CA, MT, DS Cruisin' for a Bruisin' The big "A" - can't be late LH. well, you can't always get what you want. The plastic Cage Thanx Dad, Mom, Mark, Family "Break on through to the other side" The Malls E IOR 153 Lily Tsang 1208 Walnut St. Wheeler Anna Tsoumbanus 50 Truman Rd. Robert Van Karin L. Van der Walde Wheeler 529 Chestnut St. 201 Upland Ave. "Just once" "Endless Love" Les- Wheeler Cutler lie, Harriet. Pam, True friends forever A,M.J,J,G "That's in- tense" Psyched "Nice to meet you" Ledge "S-H-W" Forever P1812 Weekends Holidays NH Best of luck to all my friends "We made it!" Thanx Mom, Dad 8: Evan for being the best anyone could hope for I Love You I3 ...,v Q39 fl sf' Valda A. Veidis 71 Walnut Hill Rd. Goodwin All of my love to the "fivesome" and all my friends. Get rip-roar- ing you crazed Swede! Thanks for everything, Janet Sveiks vecil Love you more than anything Neal "Keep the Edge" 1 x I .22 ,fug- -gl ' 4 1 . -'- ' .'. gn ,f Arthur Walton 160 Concord St. "Vanzie" Summer of "Sl" "Memories may be beautiful and yet whats to simple to remember we simply choose to forget so its the laughter we will remember whenever we remember the way we were" TERRIFIC ANP Good Luck to all my Friends. Take care everybody Lets keep in touch! iffy .f 3 Q' . JF." Greg Wands 110 Varick Rd. Field Hockey 10, 11, 12 "Keep your face to the sunshine and you cannot see the shadow." RT - A true friend, PG, ROA summer '81l ROA2:L2 YA know what?l Fun- ny Prettyl cherriesl Ainstain 10:45 Narcisus Kafe halick? s-xcllntl comm. Ave-Babcock St. Pool- hopping midnight stroll 'Qrtll "gif Amanda Weaver 81 Neshobe Rd. Wheeler I'll be mellow when I'm dead. football was good - rr-44. Ira's parties, 1:30 Am rendezvous, Kimberly - what memories, The Cape, Bud's, V's, Sweet Home Alabama, the fire, bomber The Tart, Needham, Rico, Jimbo, fru. Ra and Slaps. Well South - thanks for not too much! E IOR 154 "Wando"HOOP 1011 12 LAX 10 11 12 1981 was not my year I'm going West no matter what it takes. It's my second chance Good times and good games with the team Thanks to all my friends though South you guys are the greatest Wheeler Music Progression's 7th individ- ual triad, the ascending allegro periods, reached ground. Two natural chords combine resting on down-beat numerals. One Har- monic tonality decided degree. lRandomly picked Quotel Lord, what fools these mortals be - Wm. S. Music 8: the arts are forever and always. Winn W. Weiner 401 Dudley Rd. Wheeler Debate Club 10, Vice Chairman 11, President 12 Tennis 11g Model Congress Club Vice Chairman 11, President 123 "Them that's goin', get in the goddam wagong them that ain't, get outta the goddam way." - William Faulkner Julie Weinfield 49 Clifton Rd. Wheeler Enrichment 10 11 12 Prozdor Amy Weisman "You only live once, but ifyou live 28 David Rd, right, once is enough" fl X . Mary Ann Werbinski 173 Langley Rd. Wheeler "It's a bright horizon and I'm awakening. I see my self in a brand new way. The sun is shinin, the clouds are breakin cause I can't lose now - theres no game to play" Good luck to the music Dept. Thanks Mom Dad and Julie - luv always to all my friends. 'L X 4 Z maxi 4'-T? Q17 'Q 4.4 . n s Mini li , Robert White 30 Hagen Rd. Wheeler Wrestling 10, 11, 12 Lacrosse 11, 12 R-Ball 6:40 wake up scot "When you have nothing to say, say nothing." C.C.C. wheeler T7 Julie Wiesner 57 Wallace St. Goodwin Volleyball 10, 12, Venezuela ex- change '80, Italian club 11, 12. Good luck Linda and Dianal Thanks to my parents and teach- ers, and love to David, without whom nothing would mean the same as it does now. I'll never for- get my B-Day in NH. or the prom '81. So long South! I'm ready to move on now. Max Weiss 1607 Centre St. Wheeler The gang ...f IF, PS, JN Green- monster halloween Warl 2 Ilfor- ever weekend baseball and foot, ball Joe are your ears hotf' Sopho- more and Junior poker Sandra L. Wilcon 33 Peregrine Rd. Goodwin Denebola 11, Fine Arts Editor 12: French Club 10 11 President 12g "Kiss the day good bye and point me towards tomorrow, " To all my friends, exp., EB., D.B., D.L., 'KWish me luck, the same to you." Thanks and much love Mom, for everything. E IOR 155 Laura Yerardi Keith Wilcox Gregory Willoughby 31 Arlo Rd. 418 Woodward St. 32 Nehoiden Rd. Goodwin Cutler Wheeler No one could ask 4 better friends Lacrosse 10, 11, 12 "The optimis- tic sees the doughnut, the pessi- mist sees the hole!" The lockers 1 L.O. Pap Mac, Vinne f Wim- ble - Willow y Duff- Rocko - Squito. Bull, Lefty it's all yours. Oops STIENY Always remember B..I. Love and thanks to Mom, Dad, Kerry, Diane, Zelmo, Bren- dan, Sheila, Fear is the mind killer GFrog - do it big but do it good! Wimble - youre ugly! ErikaBoo - I love ya! Geggie Rents - little rabbit is a space. At least Im in the atmo- sphere, somewhere Bruce - BHits on a Friday night, Maine is a great place to be! Cult, Guitar! The locker men! Fay, Muran BB'sPT: ll ua PEUK! Later! Tanya Wolff 193 Lake Ave. Goodwin than the 4 I have Marie, Judy, Ruthie, Paula - Rumor has it we're runnin' with the devil! Red Jet. Kerry - you're the best! 266 4-25-81 We've only just begun . . . Cape 81! Bof12 - ndplasdm bcjrjdl gdelb. Wendy - smile! JC takes the cake! Weekends - MT Yea! Hey Mary! Thanks Mom, Dad, and Fran. "7-7 iii 34" i Andrew Robinson Young Steven Zaft John Langdon Zerner Terri Ellen Ziegler 44 Brandeis Rd. 93 Vine St. 527-4478fcall for addressl 138 Danehill Rd. Cutler Wheeler Wheeler Wheeler Soccer, Hoops. Baseball I'd have Goldy Am I still grounded? Birds Home of bathos For ten days and Cheerleading 11, Capt. 12 Best of nothing without you - Mom. Dad, Bets, Marj and Gram. 'Soak it up" MWHP Thanks GRG you are great Jodi - love you! D. D you will always be part of me friendships are forever! "So be- fore we end and then begin we'll drink a toast to how it's been . . . I loved these days." on a line sterno in the hypo Bill I've got a poko cloths and you don't E IOR 156 nights I will fast from committing any non sequiturs during conver- sations. There will be no drifting verbally, subjects will not be changed erratically, and contexts will not be suddenly switched. I will maintain this fast while con- tinuing my functions. times with Amith HK LC DI JS JM DP, PS LB LM ND PL MG JY HD+L EC LS RBBBBDM. OCW, MHFC, Utopia, BBMK Cape '81 - O-9-A tTUl cars Much love and thanks to my family for helping me. BigZ "God forbid that I should go to any heaven in which there are no horses!" Good luck Debra Andrew Stuart Abel 942 Beacon St. Goodwin All that we see or seem is but a dream within a dream. Peter Gumes 40 Hammlet St. Cutler NickyD, SteveC, Gina, Dawn, Carol 8a her friends, Mark Cynthia, Sherry, David, Legs Brookline - April J. VanceF,, 8: other friends. Soccer 80 my best game Weston. In 81 I could have gotten it all done. I-Track 79, 80 O-Track 82. Mom 8: Dad you have helped me more than I can say, Thanx. "PIERRE" Susan Hecht 87 Levbert Rd. Wheeler Where I come from it's just another carrot in the patch. Where do you come from, strang- er? - R. Brautigan "The lights at the end of the tunnel may be an oncoming dragon . . . " "Ditditdawdit ditditdaw daw ditdawdit dawdit daw" Please - open your mind see what you can find Cream 67' Bon Chance All! Stephen Heiser 105 Old Farm Rd. Wheeler Yes, Yes buy it 8a T at 2W, what, Oh is it running now Remember AV, water Buffalo cats, ducks, and bunnies. The animals, RR, RR, RP,DR, Lady Diane. Death. Twinkie? Night shadow, Boskone, and World Con. Flaky Puff, Creamed spinach, party bal- loons. Is anyone reading this? Proot its Tuesday! Mao! shut up vedge! Klik Christopher Zisi 60 Allerton Rd. Wheeler "Dr. Stats" Aka Statman when there is no more room in hell, the dead will walk the earth. The swampman is going to get you. you'll blow up in 20 seconds. Leatherface knows when you are alone. l've seen the light. Paula Mar 109 Rachel Rd. Cutler Volleyball "Angels" Steve, Bill, Eric, you guys are the best Thanks for all your help I won't forget you guys Love ya J .T.F.P.O.W. M.I.L.Y,A.D. F.M.Y.P. S.B.I. L.Y. Nicholas Bernard McCaster 28 Maryknoll St. Wheeler For all the fellows and girls. Get all you can out of school. Remember the ones who were here last year. Those of you who weren't there's plenty of time for you to enjoy all of this. P.S. so stay cool and do all the right things in your life. RW WP SS LB CB your good friend Nick Charles John Muskauski 415 Boylston St. Wheeler Animal Corner forever! Thanx Lori and George it doesn't matter Scott Edward Newlon 21 Carver Rd. Goodwin Prime movers A-go Now we're going thru the motionsg Ma -- luv you Dad - miss you anyway the party is over whats up dudes SB J.S. M.R. Alfred Pennington 5 Shute Path Goodwin 69 mustang fastback, football, basketball at "The Park." Fast beers fast bones and fast women!" Never forget McDonalds - Eddie and Bob. Good-luck - DF SM PP DS JK RJ JF JE all my love to Denise P. A.P. D.P. Thanks Mom + Dad Kenneth Propp 25 Hyde St. Goodwin To see a world in a grain of sand And a heaven in a wild flower, Hold infinity in the palm of your hand, And eternity in an hour. William Blake Jill Beth Tatelman 52 Puritan Rd. Goodwin Volleyball - 11, 12 Softball - 11, 12. Laura - Holey Moley, Guiding Light LYF! EG. MHF! BO MG Jill- L.T.G.M.O.S.M! LYF! Scott - I love you! Mom + Dad + VLK, Thanks! I love you! The good times are the best times, the bad times fade away, the good times are forever . . . - J. Geils Susan Treisman 17 Ober Rd. Wheeler Lax 10, 11, 12 Elaine - Best friends last forever! LS-PO or KU Thanks - IG, JB, AR, ML, EK, TT, SR, AC. TP LP at MV H- H CP "For long you'll live and high you'll fly and smiles you'lI give and tears you'll cry and all you touch and all you see is all your life will ever be." Jeffrey Sugarman Broadlawn Drive Cutler The Who Jam prime movers all the boys Malden and Newton SB MR SH keep on shankin to the beat Thanks to the life for gettin us goin most of all. All my love, Lisa Thanks for everything Mom and Dad Patricia Bill 26 Shute Path Wheeler Patrick Carresi 119 Walnut Hill Rd. Cutler Francis D. Foley 5.3 Colelld Road Wheeler S. John Park 19 liappius Path Wheeler G. Brian Roberts 271 Parker St. Wheeler Javid Sharifi 2511 Hammond Pond Pkwy. Goodwin Kenneth Caliri Feb. 14, 1964 - March 15, 1981 So pretty the world around me, So pretty the sky above. So beautiful the love can be. Why can't you be here with me. to share these wonderful things? The things we used to do. l'll always remember you . . . Oh, how many people miss you. and they wonder how you are. Some day come down and answer us, and make us laugh once more. 158 Eric Birnbaum 14 Glenmore Terrace Wheeler Donald Colligan 1145 Boylston St, Wheeler Abel Harris 66 Hamlet St. Wheeler Kenneth Propp 25 Hyde St. Goodwin Michael Rogers Ill Louise Rd. Cutler James Swerling 115 Cynthia Rd. Goodwin Terrence Brann 57 Crehore Drive Cutler John Collins 95 Collins Rd. Goodwin Daniel Karger 41 Dorset Rd. Wheeler Mark Raeder T3 Erie Ave. Wheeler Emily Salmon ITO Upland Ave. Cutler John Terrasi 41 Albert Rd. Cutler David VanDam 100 Stanley Rd. Goodwin E P4 32 il . 1 I .F A . fggk-5145 ,cs 1 . H51 an X4 Q if 4 if - li' 160 5,153 P2141 K E. CJ ,ij-33 FQJ rj all Lfl F' fig J , my W SS ,,,,,, kv ff H: ff X , 44!fff'Qhw ' L f'M ff A , x "' ' YA , W f ' 9 fIEEf.J3QfEf-JJQQ 3 jj. if l I M ,KWEXX , gm xx W5 , ,, fff I' - I I RQ Newton Highlands The Highlands has been a traditonal hang out spot for South students for many years. One can always find a student buying pizza at the Newton House of Pizza or talk- ing with a friend while sipping a soft drink at an outdoor cafe. The Highlands is more than a mere gathering place, however, as many South students have found employ- ment at The Ice Cream Factory, Bay State Beauty Mart, and at the Highlands branch of the Newton Public Library. The Nora lranova Dance Studio and the pottery workshop provide enjoyable experiences for the performing and creative artists in the South community. The special community spirit of High- lands residents is most impressive. Every spring the community celebrates Village Day during which delicious food is sold along with some beautiful arts 8: crafts work. Although Newton Highlands has been around for over l0O years it is constantly being improved for the benefit of the com- munity. Recently new trees were planted and a brick plaza was built adding charm to the area. The Highlands is a friendly, charming area and after spending time there one need not wonder why South stu- dents are so attracted to the community. 162 . x 41" Q Newton Centre According to many South students, the only purpose that Newton Center serves is to provide a subway stop on the Green Line. There are some students. however, who have taken the time to explore the area, and their explorations have been rewarding. In terms of food. Newton Center has a lot to offer to the community. The ice cream at Brighams is delicious, and the variety of flavors at Baskin 8: Robbins is always a treat. If you're looking for tasty cuisine, you don't have to travel further than Newton Centre. The pizza at Giorgio's is generally excellent, and the mideastern styles of the Sabra Restaurant are always satisfying. If French food is your fancy, El Topo provides fine dishes at reasonable prices. For true elegance. however, The Schwartzenbach Restaurant on Union Street is the cream of the crop. It serves very elegant and savory Yienese cuisine and if you can stand the exhorbitant prices, the dining experience is well worth the price. Many South students have found em- ployment in these restaurants and in other stores in the Centre. Although on the sur- face Newton Centre may not appear too entralling, if one takes the time to explore the variety of international restaurants to be found in the Centre as well as the charm- ing restaurants obscured from the streets such as The Back Yard, one can indeed feel proud to attend a school that is located only a mile or two from the center of one of Bos- ton's most exciting suburbs. 164 -169 r rr'1'y'7"l"l' A . 1 . ,Y :fm I .4 1 I K D ,Lf I - . - il 1 Boston Boston has been called the Athens of America, and indeed it is no sur- prise. The rich blend of history with the pace of a modern-day city creates an atmosphere in Boston that is unique among cities in the United States. For South students. Boston offers some of the finest entertain- ment to be found anywhere. Whether a student is sitting in the audience of one of Boston's beautiful theatres or taking in a thrilling sporting event at the Boston Garden, hefshe is un- doubtedly enchanted by the excel- lence that Boston brings to those who seek first-rate entertainment. For those South students who are music lovers, the world famous Boston Sym- phony Orchestra offers classical mu- sic at its best. One can also find jazz. disco, and hard and soft rock in the city, so indeed, if music is your thing and you can stand the MBTA, Boston has a lot to offer. Historically, no city beats Boston. From the founding of the city in 1630 to the landing of the British troops in Boston harbor in 1776, Bostonians can be proud of a glorious past. Walk- ing The Freedom Trail is an exper- ience that many South Students have enjoyed, yet the most wonderful his- torical sight in the eyes of South stu- dents is the great attraction known as Quincy Market. Quincy Market was originally opened by Mayor Josiah Quincy on August 26. 1826. and was reopened ex- actly 15O years later on August 26. 1976 by the mayor of Boston. Kevin White. The three market buildings are full of delicious food and unusual specialty shops. It seems that the "Have a Heart" store is the number one favorite for South students at the market. The Copley Square area has drawn large numbers from the South com- munity for several reasons. First, the presence of the Boston Public Li- brary. The "B.P.L." is one of the na- tion's finest libraries and it is fre- quently taken advantage of by South 166 f 1 527 'NW in V 'l VQ f1rr'f"', rrrl'r'F' ,,.,,..-.--v- - "L"'.'l students. The other attraction to this area is the wonderful array of stores on Newbury Street. Many students have found employment on this charming street. and others have en- joyed the unique flavor of the stores from a shoppers perspective. Finally, perhaps what is most spe- cial about Boston for South students is the combination of the old and the new. When walking the streets of Bos- ton one can find buildings that are over two hundred years old, and si- multaneously discover the John Han- cock building and others that repre- sent the very latest in architectural design. It is unfortunate that not all South students take advantage of these opportunities, yet those who do find their explorations to be exciting- ly memorable. f""1'l'll l i ill l i QI x 1 K 4 .7 f -::.- -.. H .4. Common .L J-I I 5 2 JV if 3 Sig a Y 10 A5 r- 27 Eating In The Commons? I ll I I gl I I I I 1 v , 1 .12 , 1 K x Life Skills Center There are many functions of the Life Skills Center. lt's main goals are to teach the students prevocational skills along with functional academics. The development of skills that will be useful outside the classroom, in work habits and social interactions are sought. According to Gerry Beloin, Life Skills teacher, "We all have the same needs." This was stated in reference to love, affection, and the need for social awareness. The program is beneficial to both the Life Skills students and the rest of the South community because it makes students aware of the differences in people. The presence of the Life Skills students increases the sensitivity of everyone. Ken Leibman, who helps in the Life Skill Center as a part of his curriculum, says, "Our world isn't right for them, but there are so many things we have in common." Sarah Levin, who aides during Phys Ed, simply states, "I love it." The average time spent in the Life Skills Center is three years. Students are able to mainstream into the Music Department, Gym, Library, and Cafeteria. This year for the first time, an integrated musical was performed. Students from the Concert Choir collaborated with Life Skills students to present "Annie" with Tina Dirksen playing the title role. The evening was an unforgettable experience for the entire community. As Gerry Beloin says, "Thus, the goal is to adequately prepare the individual for a semidependent life." 175 S iE , L45 ..' ,QTWW ,K , 'I": 'F ih- 4' 1. J Y X -If Aff X I fr '5 f fe X, I ' fs! X, ' H 4 ? : ' E 1' Axiix P fb, 4"'+ - L ,I A 5' i. ' .U Oy r- xi 4: r t ix X xi! 'X' I JA 'I I F .J U ' X ., Q-3-. X -us N If Q Af ' aff'i N .Q g Uchgb0Xa Q M . - X , . . f ff- f Q lu, ' New . A-' 1' I? ' 1 f.vE"' 4 21 'ff fr' M D'7'g,.AJ1 ' ,H-1-' 5 71,1 fF'f- ', sf XXX". 'H' ' V 1 if It 1 I X x.-v. 'X - x V . X fri, X 1. M'. xxSF-v ill' xx v 1, X X i I Vx K IXSTQNQF '. J i J Vi 'S' A lx KX X xr . , x ' -, I' N-X2 051 Iirllf ' If I ff XL F' ff :snr f x 3 ' XA, ' C F C5"'1-Us Llsa 5 A ggbbueg :Zhi Mana H Sa OD 3 Z Mr 5 V F Q1 , I R l' I f' ' hr 5 Newiutcvrre meme SMD f 5 qomcmsneer RWM Nh 021591 PUOGRAPH SHEET 'Ov A EMKEANDES 0UlTgR D digg 442177 552- 5511 RBJTBS me SOLD The 'Free House ,f Ch Id 837 B pf 965 2464 X- ' 3' , I' v r- ' 'l , 1 , .hi 4' E 1 QT ' 2 N '. fl J-f " , 5 .. Q 1 - i e , f ' ' Y-... W 1- V , I 1 'Q L' N L - 1 "1 " ' gxx A Z' N' T 3 1 5 1 7 L . "9 Q-Y 4 f ' V xl 1 A x 1? '- '- L 2 f -' f I x 1-5 ' 'gin 2 ze f . 4 - 'L x 1 " f . , , U --4 U , e I A 1' ' ' qi 1 C if . il 4 r i I Q 145.4 , - ' O M ff ff? X 3 e , Toys ' i ren's Books U Mimatures Sr ,V ' N C .Mass V kv. 1 INF X C3 5 x, K N0 f ' , 1 Ei .' ,:" Y X 3- - - J-.1 CC Y . ' msr mmm Y 7 Sponsors Barbara Altman Tjalda M. Belastock Countryside Pharmacy Mr. and Mrs. Burt Finkle Linda and Michsel Frieze From a Friend Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Galvin Mr. and Mrs. Giannenakis Mr. and Mrs. Howard Gordon Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Hallstrom Tom and Eileen Irvine Honora Kaplan Dr. and Mrs. Howard King Dr. and Mrs. Lester Klein Liz and Hank Lieberman Mr. and Mrs. Robert Mayer Richard and Angela Nicoletti Mr and Mrs David A Riseman Larry and Joan Rosenson David and Judy Rosenthal Mr and Mrs Daniel S Ryter The Seletz Family Mr and Mrs Edward Shapiro The Soelder Family The Stern Family Mr and Mrs Harold Tatleman Robert and Jessica Terrill Mr and Mrs Peter Van Lucy and Ken Wiesner S1b and Judy Wright Aideen and Gerald Ze1tl1n I.lsa and The Class of 1982 Congratulations to CHAIVI BE RLAI N Swim DE PHQTQQTQAPHY EDTQTTQAITS CANDTD WEDDINGS STUDENT PACKAGES 26 MT AUBUTQN ST VVATEIQTDWN MA 6:47 9211 9222 to the Class of Congratulations YYXUXUZQ Q fin '82 from CEDDSSS GDI? EBZZ. Congratulations Ken L. May you continue to be good to life and may it A be good to you rt Sing So proud that you re JVLVEITBE FBFWFWC Cuttrng Make up Body Wav1ng Pedlcure Colour1ng Massage Waxmg M3H1CUI6S Fac1als N a1l Sculpture Newton Hglds our son' Mom and Dad Best W1shes Class of 1982 Newton Cultural Affarrs Cornnnssron and Advrsory Board I-'REDS COUNTRY .franc S AGES 617f969 2252 4+ 7 Q 0 7 I FRESH MEAIS l1'AuAN CouJCuTS rrAuAN orzocemas SUGMAR' NES I 9 HOM2 I 1175 Walnut St. 'ME 'AMN AUS ' 515 r5ovl.STDN STREET FRESH 1-rAuAN BREAD - lATPARKER51nee'r 6840661 DEl.uvERY5RvncE ON c.s.mcn,v-m omsq 2- 4324 F 183 Congratulations Endings - Beginnings -I Penny Bravo! I d The Freeds an I Best Wishes to our The Class of '82 daughters Linda and Stephanie as well as the Class of 1982 Mr and Mrs C1ro Pernice Best Wishes Class of 82 Kun LIS3 M1ke Mark Mike Steve Friendship thrives on love Love 1S much better with friendship added And life doesn t work very Well in the absence of either Mom Rebecca Murphy if flvujlivtmli fflivlvilwzvc BayBank I Middlesex Good Luck Sharon and the Class of 82 From, The Budds Carvers and Tattlebaums 184 ll. 'I-4-M Cugna, 5:1 alll D xr ""l"H SW' BH E ix QUIII BACK ww Mx, UFC sz """"' 'DS"..'.tt.."""' 'Mm ww LUGGAGE LEATHER coons CIFTSHMDBH , 33:1 5000 WW GI 1-HN lm ,LBVA In EQCZSTEIV gens jlUDDLE squat fm www WWPAWV W0 rum: afumos AT P Z4 .40 W st 3035 Wa ,st REWCED mess Reg 1 sl ms H K mf 16 Shgrb BZL nq,l yrd Newt rLC.ent2 I CENTR ST pen+.lS nTh rs Ev 225 uewron emma l1A.02l59 Tn 969 0005 617 73l 9500 Qobwvffl 55424 , WLM 13 rsoywrfn ?+.,::gi6mL:gg ,gge,gaO2Jb7 cro1,55czr1tsfrefr:H Efmdrwlffi Emfedfrash dmfg on yremeaas 1-HE MALL Al QHCSTNLV HILL GI?-ML!-3100 H - ' SS. ll ' X 1 1 ' 1-.,' 5 - E L41: Q ,x x la R , .f ' ' ' i . ' 0 . 4 L .pf f' o - . I ue 70 ,' 1 ' , e coli Store C . - 0 5 , - 320 51196 Q Sizes 36-44 " 81 uarsf- 4 - L45 ies 5- ' ei C . Q f ' o A u u - e. F ' 'Q , 1 I a g - I INC 185 Congratulations to Joyce and the Class of 82 - We wish you the best of luck. The Feinberg Family and Grandparents Congratulations and Best Wishes to the Class of 82 Jerry, Abbe, Betsy, Marji Young Best Wishes for a good Best Wishes to Jody year for all students and the Class of 82 , , The Garber Family I Marian and Arthur Glasnow Congratulations to Lisa and the Class of 82 The Baumberg s Bo Shari Laura J ennifer Peter Congratulat1ons Class of 82 PAM LERNER JEWELRY 825 Beacon St Newton Centre Mass C6175 964 4940 'Buena Suerte a todos m1s alumnos de la clase de 82' Con Car1no CHEZ Congratulat1ons Sabra and Best W1Sh9S to the Class of 82 Phyl1s and Raanan Katz Congratulat1ons to A1l1son Best W1shes and Love Mom Dad and Kyrt Best W1shes to Marla The REGULUS Staff and the Class of 82 Lydla and Llncoln Heck Cong1'atulat1ons to Emmy and the Class of 82 THE BARSH FAMILY - I 9 ' ' l O 2 O O O O 7 I' - " ' I I a I I I I 18 Congratulations to the class of 1982 Alyce and Eddie Mandell Best W1Sh9S To Bram Shap1ro and the Class of 82 Rog, We are proud of you and your accomphshments Good Luck to the Class of 82 Mum, Dad Chuck 8z Lauren Kaufman To Dana and the Class of 82 The best of everythmg Love The Isenberg s Congratulauons and the Class of 82 Congratu1at1ons and Best W1shes to The Class of 1982 From The Carver Fam1ly , Q I to Neal R. Heffron I I I I 77 . 7 I 189 Sh0p:9se -9319 Giro S io n 5 v IUC P us ' Civ-45. Sta1iono.r - GECTVNP c..aigQ. any owls- B-vws Sdvazl Sqplies 9055 'lf HUWM 1170 Va1nv.T Sf. Nom, ' lank, moss. Hqtllbl Dear Wendy and Sarah We've shared the joys of high school years, Through the laughter and some tears, Now we wish the best of luck to you, And to the Class of '82. Roz and Dick Ryter 'isa' M" dEdL' EXCNSWE xm Hmmm? aJ0r1e an evin CMmac,Es,T0yS mv nceesames 27 union slim eww-4 ce G mn, - oils? ' 335 SHN: Lisa, Look to the future. Much love and happiness, Aunt Linda and Uncle David Cara and Adam THE BEAUTY CONNECTION Fine Beauty Products Professional Beauty Products Fragrances Cosmetics Nail Products "Savings, selection, and service, all in one place." 749 Beacon Street Newton Centre, Ma. . The Kesslers bud farewell to Newton South MERCHAN15 TIRE I Gary '78 Andrew '80 I S 82 5- ,fl Q ft A 72550 192 if 0lll'. ..f-'ITT Ziff li H l F Pi I, I I I I I 1 s E l I I I I I I Q , 3 y , A P " v -5 . -2831- ' ' l?' Sf , -ESQ? 9 , - . x:.A. . ,,A- . 1. , f. ui-ilna,,,,,.-Y ,M , -' 'A 1-:-1.-s V-:fi-i, if M V Y Y"'-r4"'fL-lV'1un:f Y7-,g A ' -V -, ... A A , f- -1---a--...N-..,-,... "" g ----,..-.....-, I - - ' .4 1 I Q navy Y - .IA Qt. . .fx A 4 .,s..o-- . . - 54 f Q ,0" ' Q ' , ' 5 ,Q . ' ' 'Sq "Y , - or r' g. K r. s if! ' Q 1 A 3. I "4- 74. A -2- ' W." "c . 1. gy- L- ...- - 1 "' - ' .. - .4--- A' , ' --' 1 " 4 ' ',, "' :NYM 'L "-5.951 5 ' i 0,.f'. ' L1-fs A . -.-" 4 - -" " " v- f "4 1 iq- J ' Q " I 14 -7.4 . . I . 1-1r'AAK ,M 4.. - .gf b , A .'.- 195. - ,. -rl - Y - X E-if ' 1. , , . . 0, -q ., , 1 ,..? ng- ' I O -,dj-'cr ---nur' -4--f--3..--A-- rrao "" P ro , Q I - -Q9 HHH in ... 49'-,,..,. t . x Q . Q Yu Q ,Q Q nw-, -' Qni5".."' 11 ' .Q .x."' ' shi , 1- fn- 4 " A r - , 11.1-Q -1- N- , , 1, 0, . Q ' K'-1 0 A f -5' :A fx nx.' . ' ,. , V . X- 1 A . fi is ' .. " l Av' tv-' QQ. 5 ft ,O .1 -5 ' , Q v -.Aug .I - ..-Hg-.9--.w....,.-.V ..- 3:-1n9',.n Q5 ga - Qs.: "' M 5 s' X 0 ' 'Y - - svw' V , v- l X 9 -151. - - U WR lr -.-1.-. - ' ,,x,. 4 .- ',-Qmg-in , --Lg -RF? -', f " ' -I 'ha .. 4 y , . Q 5 1- f, - - .3 'MQ 'N' , 'T I ' ' .4 ..., Q - .31 x 11- L.. D . .. .5 Q., . ,A n ' ' A I 11 ,. I . ' ., .. -S-Q. Q Qte R 4 , ' .K - " , ' l 'L .-mo' Z - x 'K' 1. N 5 5 is vin. W ov- V " 'I ,ix 0. X-L , ,Q ...Lf . . ,,.s:,, -'f.M+..-If --, . , - ' .ve vu Q K' ci -, U N in " ' 'T'

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