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WIS 5-uv TM nan I s', ' , . -14 -W-Q5 ,aff I A 'X I' . x I Y 5 ,.,r..f',.' N. -og. xl." 5 pf: f- GFWM f Ask 5- .. - Q , In ,, E715 " ... - ' 33- .-.'TYLf',,f.jq ' " f f , ,, ,1,, s I- A ...,-,j"f"- gf, ,. . - ,b ,. Q .:,i,,,1. lk . - ,vi 3'- ffnw J" .W i , A'- M M ' guiff , fn- " .- , W 4 ,,- ' 1 ,I ' f, w . I 14... X.. H . P -' V -.--V., .,J,,' , ,' V rx -1 .,.., -. , - i t , , ,x4'i5.1.V.- ,V is ,. .:,g-.- Y. 1: 1 "- J vt-,fx-fu Q' .. ..g-gg ,, JF "'. ' . ,q,,,. . . , ,J -L - , m N.. Y-,L ', . Ya, 1 viva- AQ:.,- ' - . . ., -,- .. , l 2 , I , , g guru v L... . A - .--J - -- --H - f , , , . . " 'L A. WF? 5' i ,Y F 'HA,fvZ,. .QL Zur P1 . 'T-' if 1' I Mffa 4 ' nl ' -- -:rr " f -' ' . - ' 5' ' - N v , S4 - nn. ' i t 1 Q ' T 5 I 1 h I 1 vs U 1 'F 1 ' 4 N 1 I , P ' O' 'iv' 1 xo 4" 's x 1 P1 lx! ' sb 41. ,J .'oo" '- . si . bl in '-vki -lr-41 Fu' ' 64' YQ it 'yr' gs -old v I 75:1 ,E M. . wir ai. vt! 4. ,ff , ""l'? 'V FX . 1 ' Q .4 ks s' i F' Xi "fi W qi 3. lv I I .0 Q Egg 2 3 . , 1 -.,. , .. qu 51.5, , -. .Y . '-ev .,.1L. ' -'L,,p.,. If- 554 1 a -,., 1 ,V U-. + I ,.,, 9 Vw s 'Q . 1" , I r. HA! x ' Y ' . 3,5 V ' ,. .. -f , ,..?....4f'A -'JY ' . A. .-,f 'v.,'..,. 4.1 'QP ' ,'Ii',i- ,ST " x -I'-3 ,4- ' ' v. ,nf 1, ,4g,4e 4i-2-A" ' .::' ,, 4 L1 ,...-l ..-lf: -H U , .. . , 3, , ...U .,rj, , - , . .1-vk' .- ' . v - - ' V .Y ,Z . .1 V ' 'i ze U '- L V., N , A. ,., , , ' Y ' Q - an 1, V :rdf .- . f 1,..-ff. .f- 33- , ,uf - V a .s, . - .,. 1 ' ."E"" . i' , ' ' Y' 'Q' 111.10 I g,,...4-. ,Y :latino- . ' i vi 1 4 " , , . .,,.',.N , ' - LW .,..., IL is . , , " .. QL , J ,. QM., ,1 .1,. .. t.. ma.. ,IJ . h xr: ,V ,, 1 4 V f ,V,""x.w ,UIQQ Y Abg ' Af -,,1f',:. ,. b, 1 ' 1' ' .. uw 1-r -, r Q1. ' ' ' - ' ' ' ' .'!,.f:..3 ,Lum -,HA '4 ..J'.-ieflng 5'--"A-" 'Vw'--f f ' 'Y " ., 3, :-'11 1 - ' . -. 5. , , V. ' Y? -M '! V "' tf',i., ".f.Lf ' S ' m ' I 1 . ', vf ' ' 1 E 1 01 I - Y -,,. -'fr -f-,. 'lgxl "'a.,, "F-' ..' 1 ' I lf5"1 'fn :TNA , wg!! -f if Vx. Q" -' f -"jf'5I Q. pg . -x r. il 'jig' N'. ..-iv! ' 1 .J n I I I y i , , " f ' ' af . spa s v tx' ' ' ' 1' , ' ' 4. '. ' ' , ' .1' ' f,Gic2:2 v V ,o'f ' .Of , : ' an I , . 'Inf' 5 ' 1 ' I . 1 - ' '06 ' ., -, ,U - , 7 , , . I I 4 O I , A '- u 0 f 1 f' yg 4 Q 0 I ' 0 "ff j' " Y g ' ' Q l -- uil"3u 0 13 TM ln Good Company 9 ewton South High can be thought of as just bricks connected by mortar, standing on the shaky foundation of swampland on Brandeis Road in Newton Centre. But we make it more than that every day. We spend hours in classes, and many of us linger long after the last bell has rung, involved in sports and a variety of activities. What makes Newton South a place we want to be are the relationships with faculty and peers which we create and maintain here. These relationships make each trying day a little easier to get through and each good day all the better. The hours that lead into our days and years here are indeed spent IN GOOD COMPANY. REGULUS 81 Newton South High School 140 Brandeis Road NGWtOfl, Massachusetts In Good Company I 'N , 3 l r Qs Ili 5 5 what kids do in their 13 Q Time Out U4 U 9-' s students, we spend all of i our school days IN GOOD h - COMPANY with friends as wen 't gif ' i "-. yy as teachers. These interactions, f h 'gf -' -, whether they are a meeting with I 4 ' ' a teacher during J Block, or Y "hanging' around" in a commons slfgg ? room, make school a more exciting and worthwhile learning experience from which we grow ,J x socially as well as academically. ' STUDENTIIE 2 Student Life nl I F. . ' .3 "f'k'W14 , Z . 'Q x ,4 .. L 1 I . A X fr sms 'Y , .I 1: , if 5 W E 4 1-an I I , vw? Q, in V"'Y Student Life 3 1 I r I N 1 . '- t'hh'?' u s N '31 'S 4 , 3 5 A ,, if ',. 1 A 55 V. . B 8 at 3 1 N , W f- . A' 'ff' 1 " . 1 ,. ., . A 3 9, h f' . ,. 'W' 1' . ,Y ' , 4. jf N gk R J I. L. J K jfs: . Q 1 an -fb-v . Q I glib J vu, ' .S Q p Z' 'K 'IX' xv ji. ' V RY ,.1 Q: Fa fnvuaf 4 - W M Sr . 71 1 I., , , Sf, I in 1' "V 1, -I A4 'fb' 4, k v Student Life 5 L J 13 X. l -ri- I., 51. ,W -ww-rw wi 1-1 .. .. --474 Ay ?J31!+'wff"-Ao J A ', MQ, ,, M - ' 'W ' , X , ,.: Z., ,Q-51, QM ggywfbgil' ,N , X - 5-4544 - , A-af A..-w.rasf,a, :F " anti -H 01+ S , "Ar A ,wr i 'FQ is W ' yi ,Q ff. xr 1 1 -fi f , in + ' L 6553 -U, fi-J" 'ix -1: i,LKV!6,,.QwV 1 ' ' 1 'QA-. p. 1 VL " '23 ' x y SV 1 idx I'-4 5, up A, 'Q v' -' X 1 Student Life 7 in 2, 'I i . Wearing it all out -Y I N xxxxxxmr1"Wkx. N ww u - Q Aj,.wj! Wim, Max . 0 x0 Q CPM, Q ' :.,,6E?9xxxXNr 1xm9 Esalf a I E 5 If 3 3 2 A ai! ' ix 'Q 'ti x I :Xa Sl ,I 4 I I w H , 3 1 . V 1 W , , . L 1 ' r k V ff? 8 Student Life ,,,,,....-.---- Q , ' 1 I i i 2. QR if i Y' "Tri" , 'lf .A I' 1 Ja... W - . I , . ' " A. -- 1 'X ,f 1 r 2 , f 1 v '7 dx K Q Ak A "And the glory, the glory of . . . " an early morning Concert Choir rehearsal. vx K. wwf-' '1- qs, l , WL 7,1 1 I I, v , r l l K Z' I .A J .ff I Student Life 14: 11 I I I I I I I 1 I 1 'L fl 031 Student Life 13 v .-lv - 1 f fri' " t l. zu. r,,,,,,,,'5 I I . r un-, ,L nt V Q i' -V w., , wJ-IL. .iv .,.. .4 . -1 x.. v . 1 H. -4 4 iii .is "QQ --L ' -' P' . , X -. .. . , ,, 'wr-fo J. 4. -'-f- w '- - ' O h 1 I. ...Q K x '1 'I o U H L - van. , xx' Q Q1 'illlf F' -R-. no 'L ,f 2 -455 1 IL,., cI g 4 f X 74 -L U Student Lnfe 15 , .f s "'k. if ,, , X, 5 L K 1 W1 ffl rx 16 Student Life f' S If xx 'EFQFV ? fff 55,5 -?'A4-F'MW'w3i Y is Q. j'7'-Mfr 'Q?f,i?4 b h I U P 1 if "f . 4 fu K . X Q - , G' ctffil 'V tk.. Z' - 3- 4 , A Y gi' , - Q. . ' K, . , Fo , ' i 1 " 7 Q Q3 I. , .VX ii W - Q I . kv A W K 3,,jf Q tv V ,--.,,f, - - '-,' , .477 "f?.Y':' 2' i K g , 1 I Q ln u MMgfN Nq km M, ss' Sf, ,,!, .'k' A F, If ' ' ,, V Q . . ,.,, , A.. A Q 1 W K .gi ul mm W 2. ' 'xxx I ' A .,L5,,4 : , ,, 1' ' ,, 'W ' ' Vw we-fa . lx? ' p? "'Q. W , x. vt 5 b Student Life 17 Hx,-..,, R 4 P Amy Palder educating her bear in the art of Shake- speare. The band is all hung up. All right Mrs. Nelson, I'II be quiet. X -ug I Q, af 18fStudent Life X 1' 44,14 1. Y 1 E FS- ,Ulf X I ,sv KY Q f ff wffizf- v',, ,, 5- 7. Y 1 '1 . .K ,Q li si ' 1,23 '41, X A 574 is Ei? f' ,gym g. x '22 -511 i, inf ld" J ij:35,QE Q f, 'M 'f gffii 5 .I YL. - 3 R. 1, ! 4 x 'r Fw. .., ,,,, 2.3 . V'-X 'v xii ..' " as -'x , xn gsm as is . .3 Ng? J . Q , g , x,,,. Student Life 19 A Special Education The twenty special needs students in the Life Skills Center are an integral part of the Newton South community. In their classrooms, the gym, and home econom- ics rooms, they work on developing the skills that will help prepare them for jobs and independent iving after their years in school. Teacher Jerry Beloin says that being at South is particularly important for the Life Skills students because it gives them the opportunity to socialize with oth- er South students and members of the Staff. Julie Checkoway, '81: "Working in the Life Skills Center makes me forget who I am. This is my first year helping out in the gym class during B- Block. We've begun to work on concepts like forward and backward, in and out through folk-dancing and square dancing to music that the kids like. Music is really a poweful influence in Life Skills Class. Because of the gym movement class, one student has become willing to participate in other activities. Just being able to look into someone's eyes has changed her outlook, This seemingly small accom- plishment is a giant step in the right direc- tion." Nicolas Topalis - Life Skills student: "I like South High. There are good teach- ers and I like the kids. I especially like the gym class." Julie Pressman, '81: "Histo my advantage to be able to work with students of a different natureg in fact, it is a most pleasurable and rewarding experience. The warmth and love I re- ceive has taught me the meaning of friendship. They are no different from you and me, just a little less free." Chucky Flynn - Life Skills student: "I like the square dancing with the other South kids and playing hockey in gym." 2Os'Life Skills 1 I I Q! ri 5 I3 Cofgyc Ciqc 'il-v-ts , X. l I I l' itll I '11 3 6 ,S 4 I L ,1 ,' ,e ' " "'9fv ....- ff, 4 """I9ih-p.,,2.f.u .,ALx fm I.N,.,.x.f.. '-'Ly A is pw V -,..--1' 1' ' F39 X ' l ,I A4- L s- . x . ,EF '5- 4' I+ J mf NR Ng' ' S' "F, H "1 . sph! --i .f ,.-K, 'a,, ., '-. ' . I " 1, ,fx p. ,., 21. Q' ' r , ,, -1 .X .14 - ' A ' ,, M I - 1' ' .:- -1' ' V. 5 ,f ' " '. ,Em wwf -'- I f,,, - 519'-i"' 5"f'.:' ' " Q Er 5 P" " I L. 'R' wt -imx X' , 5 L. 'C ,.. 44 M "4-zavfff,-,4:1:,,' :A Q- Y 1 . . . . . ., S 'L " 5 Q, 2.32-U93 V Q57 f"',' . , - .rx ' x., ,Mu Am- -.- f . 1.1 n ,1 . I ':,. I Q ". ,5.n., ,' ' H Il-5' ..j..,v lV':' ".:'D. 1'-'Ln -- . u3f"' ' N-nz "v. -fi- -:- U 9, '4 I ly.: -.-.v-- f . Life Skulls 21 Ins and Outs Skateboards are outg Roller skates are in. Adidas are outg Nikes are in. WAAF finally tunes in. Farrah is outg Bo and braids are in. Pierre Deux and Le Sport Sacs are in. The BOSS is ing Barry Manilow is out. Western is ing Ralph Lauren has oloutg Mealy has doubts, should Jock corner be out? Rocky Horror is way out, but in. General Hospital is overwhelmingly in. Perms are growing out. Toilet paper in the bathrooms is forever out. Dunkin' Donuts and McDonalds will al- ways be in. Leather jackets are ing radios are on and in. Newton South Seniors will always be in! . -4 Q x, V X! 'i 22 f Ins and Outs QD Z li Wpfzf - R . 'Qu W V 'fix .U 0 K X .4 . , 4 JI 1 1 ,s f If wifi., A . f- , f K' "'f W' 1,' I ff 5 my wx-lg Q-6 xxx 'l'T1'4"' I ' Ins d O 23 1, . 1 gif 'Y QW' bf' ' ,A WZAMM: 1 1 'Jr ' 1 4 X 1 Drivers Education 25 D -11 Freeeee Blocks Here at Newton South, the "free block" is the product of the open campus system, and those fortunate enough to be in the program are allowed to do a variety of things with their time. Upon examining the dictionary definition of the word "tree," some contradictions of terms can be found, leading to the conclusion that the "free block," though very real in sub- stance, had undetermined etymological origins. According to Webster: "free ffrel, adj. without restraint, at liber- ty, permitted, liberal, generousg open, spirited, clear of guilt, familiar, licentiousg uncombinedg invested in the franchise." True, the free block is engaged in "with- out restraint" fthat is, however, within ad- ministrative limitationsb. Still O.K. with Webster, free blocks are "permitted" fto those with the correct and corresponding parent permission formsb. According to some arch-conservatives, the free block is both "liberal" and "generous," not to mention "open." CAHA! which could ex- plain the "open" in "open campus."7 Forging on, a slight contradiction occurs. Free blocks may be "spirited" and thus not necessarily "clear of guilt." Some free blocks are spent in "familiar" places like the library or the commons rooms, or on the breezeway, and for those who have cars, the free block may, indeed, be "licentious." For those who have no transportation and "uncombined" free blocks, it is difficult to make it to and from McDonalds or Dunkin' Donuts in time for the next class, thus preventing students from having "invested in the franchise." 26fFree Blocks 9 S88 ,.,. WA--.Q .....-7-W ,K ...---3' s- fw J-X , 1" A 5 2 Qs G gl fix we 3 to J s f 5 X5 J :IH - Qui .tries XI ' 'fig-VIY' 1 X' ,JRR ,afi- . 'inks-mx G . ' N ft .- ..J .3 ? ' .1 r . P' 15. 5- a sv- t 9 Q-A --a-ff-,,.gw-f ', 'H lv t Us If '54 .. 1 N'- E -4 :r 0 . :gj:5'35' I in ::-. . N ,I ,t ix! u A .sc ,fn ff " ix 3,55 .Q 'assi 'A' u, e:. t- fr-x xl 451-IQ '.r::1-- --se 'Q' l"' m"li 4',,:.,1: sigh :HZ "II 'I I n' il. ll .912 N .-,,"' 4' , UU ' ' X B., L ll' -A-' ll" Ill' ,Hu 'rg' "Q vu 5 .. -- izexly ,KK , . Some of the best studying goes on in the cooridors, Jerry and Adam Crane prepare forthe next class. Kim McLaurin "taking a break today at McDon- aids." "DId you know that. . .the Pats are slated to win?' Free Blocks 27 m .., . A "" .',i A ' 4'4ni,,fy-,BRN , M -. ., M - I. , x -' ' e pf," . ' In no-AQ' . rv ' A . A A ' "fx ' 'f l X Y + - -. , ,.- tht' fr 1- 1- 1' , 'ir-KN. 'f M . QE.- 1 , f ut.. ,K 950- ,-'!-- . .- 1 't S,-X. A044 - - K- 1'-f' ' - ,, ,K Q K.1...f1...A. av, -VA.. - ,f . ,2 ,,Ax.1,'i,At.'Q,lw A4 - .nl-A ,14i, 'Lx-1.5 ,lf e-M M 1- rf - 1" l '- th . 9-15 . l f ' ,P .bla l H' " -T11 ,- 3' 3 Y: . V. 3 X .:,vf is:-. -. I X! N. x Valda Veidas catches the afternoon rays during an H-Block. Turning the Kettle drum before an A-Block orches- tra rehearsal. Franklin Ollivierre, bass man forthe Two-Tones. 28fStudent Life 'S' Jer, ' U .wh K K A-Q-Q.:-fr Q-- 2 "4":. ' 1 , N ' 655 5 tk 3 t. I ,1 4 P Qi X -R . ., xxx- k . NN ' 'S -. ' - 5--if I Q. , 7' f .1 1 I S fvahlxii' X S , f,,-K . Nm' - XM W Q "sf ,Q 5 R Nxgx l .iv ' X-X -.' .A . ,x bvlbai- ' . . I ' o.f'- . . I . , l ' .I 0 x N E N REM, A-X N.. u 5 UZIXL .V ,,.,-fl' F . 'F ' - . . . . s I 1 " . . . . . . n 0 .,. ' 4 , , . , C L ,, N- X. - wtfr " -4' 4-lf . Q' ' in 1 . , ., E 'r ' if 55, rg 'a is x 5 . ti is 5 ,LN '4 N A 'fag xv! I - 'xi is! wr 55'-X Xllkx' 11.4, Q U' ' -' Qi- 1 'M " -5 , - ' I' uQ9f15?"Q! ' rf ,.., qW 1 - , ' A - x. .N .H ,..4 .1 .,. 1 ,....vw 'fi ," I J P1 ' l I k , I A ff' N f 0 5 'I ,r 17 . 1 , . '. ...gnu-'- if by J X wif 4 7' ,ff N K f4j - QQ , W x if 'V- I -no MD. ' if 0 3 ' as Student Lrfe 29 "3.., , ' 7.5--I' 'tw fr. etting involved and being wwf, . V active in schoolwide P RCP. 271 Saf organizations means being in GOOD 'X COMPANY. Extracurricular activities at South range from math club to dramatics to mountain climbing. Taking part in a school organization does not necessarily mean being a class president or the editor of our newspaper. As Lori Rudnick, class of '81, puts it: "The key to enjoying high school is to get involved in clubs and programs. Through my different activities, I came to feel that I was part of the school and not just another student with too much work." I ,.l was no N. Robin Dery, spending her lunch hour reading Dene- bola. ACTIVITIES ,ff- T"T.Qf'-fe'-""" Q 44" 3OfActivi1ies W fx 91" Qu. ,f f .-r""'f" A -qu-us-x ,- i ngqsuai-QHSI5'-" "S: "QQ -'T W' s N I I A ff Activities f 31 Goodwin House Task Force The Goodwin Task Force is a group of students interested in raising the school spirit. Last year the club orga- nized a blood drive and made Newton South banners. Lisa Baumberg and Ra- chel Lushan are co-directors of the group and Mrs. Mealy is the advisor. 'Hs' J 1st row: Rachel Lushan, Lisa Baumberg. 2nd row: Wendy Ryter, Sandy Wilcon, Penny Salter. 3rd row Jody Garber, Jay Bovarnick, Paula Boisvert, Lori Rudnick, Mrs. Mealy. Senior Class Committee The Senior Class Committee plans the year's activities, highlighted by the senior prom and the senior play. The Committee organizes the sale of mag- azines to raise money forthe class gift and helps to plan for graduation. Through these activities, members of the class have joined together to be- come a united senior class. 32 Activities ...J r Q - - f . . .' v f f . ' - Q Carl Shishmanian, Ron Klingsberg. 1st row: Kim McLaurin, Judith Foster, Laura Kagan, Jay Bovarnick, Amy Cerier, Brad Groper, Ronald Lipot. Upasana Barthakur, Peggy Keene, Kimberly Aloisi, Jennifer Costa. 2nd row: Andrea Resh, Jean Hendrix, Joan Strauss, Gayle Rosentield. Laurie Conviser, Lisa Roberts, Joanne Baye, Jon Meizler, Jon Bovarnick, Michael Stein. 3rd row: Tammy Mintz, Paula Boisvert, Jane Bess, Karyn Shaevel, Jon Rittenberg, Eli Davidi, David Talamo, Maria Marios, Lorri Fried, Jane Weinteld, Trudy Johnston. R isis-ee 1 Hmmm 's.. A , ' A X555 left to rightl David Miller, Treasurer, Cheri-Ann Wong, Vice-Presidentg Jill Hamada, Presidentg Tennant, Secretary. i : Senior Class Officers The senior class officers are the coordin- ators of all the Senior Class Committee, including the sometimes tedious chores of measuring people for caps and gowns and collecting money for the magazine drive. This year, in particular, was marked by a surge in collective spirit because of the enthusiasm of both the class officers and the members of the Senior Class Committee. ,u, , Q I 2 5 - 1 i F3?vs,iqlgl1l.t5l13g .V,.lA. A 1 h Q 4 4 tLeft to rightl: Colleen Daley, Carol Tennant, Kathleen McLellan, Pamela Bowers, Robin Seidman. The Girls' Athletic Association helps to promote spirit among athletes and to as- sure equality for girls' sports. Activities 33 Concert Choir Notes About Music Voice Training, Music Theory, and Electronic Music are three courses which make up part of the Newton South music program. The classes allow students to concentrate on a particular interest. These courses are designed to help stu- dents perfect their technique and to en- courage them to perform. Voice Training, taught by Mrs. Taylor, meets twice a week and is limited to ten to fifteen students. The course helps fu- ture performers build their repertoire and improve their singing technique. Howev- er, Mrs. Taylor explains that "the main goal is to build the performer's confi- dence." There is always a constant audi- ence of peers, and a T.V. camera video tapes special performances. Seeing one- self on video emphasizes the importance of poise, presence, and style. The art of music composition is a seri- ous one, and Mr. Duckel's Music Theory course covers the basics of music theory, from key and time signatures, to chord progressions, difficult rhythms, and ear training intervals. The final step is an original music composition by the stu- dent, using the foundations learned earli- er. This major increases the student's ability to comprehend the elements of composing music. The cozy little room off the music office holds tape-recording devices and a mod- est synthesizer. There Mr. Bergin teach- es the theories of sound and acoustics. The course focuses on making sounds with the synthesizer and eventually com- posing some contemporary electronic music with the equipment. These courses offer three interesting approaches to music. The students who take them agree that the classes have been successful, and they are happy with their achievements. 34 Activities ts .. Q15 M Q-7 R 515 f ,l in. -, .Ami K' tfrom left to rightl 1st row: Jane Weinfeld, Diana Satin, Jill Goldman, Deborah Levy, Leslie Rosenberg, Jane Longson, Barbara Sheiffer 2nd row: Andrew Nottonsen, Justine Olansky, Tobi Cohen, Susannah Lob, Julie Werbinski, Maria Heck, Emily Goldberg, Julie Lipsett, Seth Sleeves, Robin Dery, Lisa Lasson, 3rd row: Steven Mikels, Ellen Yanofsky, Martha Lipson, Amanda Weaver, Michelle Williams, Michele McVeigh, Jessica Bolker, Mark Davidson, Gregory Kushna, Mrs. Taylor, Dana lsenberg, Steven Goldman, Christopher Osborne, Elaine Cohen, Julie Wiesner. Missing from photo: Jeremy Fox, Richard Gillis, Lionel Smith, Shari Sklar, Sarah Murphy, Corie Wallace, Janet Freed. Vocal Ensemble tfrom left to rightj 1st row: Katherine Erbe, Ginger Wright, Lucy Knight, Lauren Seeley, Amanda Weaver, Maria Heck 2nd row: Pamela Pantos, Robin Silver, Miriam Ochs Andrew Taylor, 3rd row: Steven Lewis, Leslie McMahon, Ben Cohen, Lionel Smith, Johanna Ralston, 4th row: Gayle Rosenfeld, Susan Bamel, Jennifer Manthei, Deborah Blicher, Naomi Blumberg, Ian Todreas, Julie Checkoway, 5th row: Janet Kohn, Shelagh Hackett, Richard Naimark, 6th row: Deborah Levy, Martha Lipson, Ted Pappadopoulos, Michael Robinson, Hannah Peterson, Valda Veidis, Aaron Riseman. Mrs. Taylor. H ? F l I i l dl ,gl I 1 L . .ff ,N--' E- A-' r ulrr' ,Ut ',.f-wfrfgn i K L'---I qu Vt ,Y l-it X. tfrom left to rightl 1st row: Louise Zeitlin, Beth Nussbaum, Ann Doherty, Richard Romanow, David Parnes, John Sandburg, Emily Salmon, 2nd row: Patrick Powdermaker, Christopher Davis, Scott Trockman, Susan Allen, Douglas Okun, Shelagh Hackett, Modestino Criscitiello, Elizabeth Cullen, Stacey Sacks, 3rd row: Bela Wurtzler, Nem Hack- ett, Franklin Ollivierre, Robert Lieberman, Phillip Sawin, 4th row: Glen Seidner, Kenneth Sawin, An- drew Taylor, Markos Hankin, Edward Seasholes, Theodore Pappadopoulos. A Concert Band M. N ,lv 13 .- LL arm., - - L ef... f 5 f , ""i+. . ' - . - - -4: DHYBYDAY ml 'V' J . 3 l L ffrom left to rightl 1st row: Mr. Bergin, Elizabeth Cullen, Stacey Sacks, Leslie Ruden, Laura Ro- senthal, Lionel Smith, Katherine Strange, Laura Mill- er, Peter Lipson, Karen Romanow, Wendy Pringle, Jody Garber, Susan Yesley, Robin Doren, Betty Jane Buonato, 2nd row: Laura Kohl, Judith Finger, Steven Kaplan, Karl Dinkelspiel, Shelagh Hackett. Philip Sawin, Kenneth Propp, David Feld, Robert Lieberman, Modestino Criscitiello, 3rd row: Chris- topher Osborne, Scott Chin, David Parnes, Markos Hankin, Edward Seasholes, Andrew Taylor, Louis Marcus, Seth Doolin, Richard Naimark, 4th row: Gregory Long, Adam Pressman, Nem Hackett, Ken- neth Sawin, Glen Seidner, Neal Gliksman, Jon Feld Paul Tolley, Michael Berwind, Bela Wurtzler, Theo- dore Pappadopoulos, Mark Lipof, Missing: Ben Co- hen, Daryl Daniels, Emlly Goldberg, Marci Rockoff. Activities 35 Jazz Ensemble The Jazz EnsembIe's major events are the winter concert, the spring concert and various outside performances. The band practices during school as well as after and plays a mixture of jazz and rock. The band's director is Ronald Bergin. 4 I R T-1 , Q ' l c . , 4 , gl I 'I 2 Q ,. , 1 'V' -f--f iv 1 -' 4' 5 Q1 'i P - , ,f Ja I '-'flap J m U " 'ef i, tfrom left to rightl 1st row: Cstandingj Steve Goldman, fseatedl Phil Sawin, Richard Goldman, Neal Sugarman, Lou Marcus, Ben Cohen, Richard Naimark, Marci Rockoff, Zach Woods, Daryl Daniels, Ron Bergin, 2nd row: fseafedl David Parnes, Bela Wurtzler, Chris Davis, fstandingj Ken Sawin, Glen Seidner, Nem Hackett, Adam Pressman Csealedl Ted Pappadopoulos, Jon Maletz, Bob Kiah, Mark Lipof. Stage Crew Nestled among lighting instruments, sound equipment, and set-bound lumber, there dwells a cluster of close compan- ions who collectively comprise the Stage Crew. Commonly referred to as "crewies," the members of the group consider themselves to be an organiza- tion separate and distinct from all others in the school. Crewies love to turn a bare stage into a life-filled someplace with col- ors and sets and sounds. Turning an idea into a technically operable and sensually pleasing presentation is an art, and like true artists, the crewies at South bring their ideas to life. 36 Activities 1st row: Naomi Blumberg, Susan Cohen, David Ouillen. 2nd row: Moira Houlihan, Sarah Terril, Janet Lowenstein, David Breen, Richard Gillis, Russell Klein, Norman Lazarus, Jessica Bolker, Mimi Ochs, Sean Brann, Robin Dery. 3rd row: Christopher Barker, Karen Suyemoto, Ruth Wishengrad, Lisa Campion, Sanjoy Hazra, Isaac Kenn, Kathy Bailey, David Gillis, Hanne Pedersen. Mlsslng: Aaron Riseman, Julie Werbinski, MaryAnn Werbinski, N I -it 6'-fp? ., , tel + E K '35 . 7 , .. .. -3 Q23 2 6 'F t Q A 5 . " , , , Q ,Q 1 3 - 5-M v ylsggs 1.1 Dis ,mv ,:'y1a"' -,P ,,, , 2 5 lx i h W' Stephen Heiser, Leslie Young, John Sheridan, Rodger Rosenberg, Lang Zerner, Ben Levy. Mlsslng: Chris Barker, Ellen Crasnick, Alan Gordon, Andy ljams, Sam lshikawa, Greg Murphy, Debbie Meyers, Mellissa Meyers, Hung Tran, Luong Vong. Audio Visual Center Squad The Audio Visual Media Center Squad is made up ofa group of individuals interest- ed in all aspects of slide, film, and video- taping. The group is responsible for run- ning schoolwide movie showings in the lecture hall and taping activities through- out the school. Working on the A.V. Squad is an opportunity for hands-on ex- perience with complicated audio and vi- sual equipment. Science Fiction Club V 'lx i4fA 8 'Fg,' U I 3 , A s"' . 1st Row: John Sheridan, Moira Houlihan, Terrence Brann, Julie Werbinski. 2nd Row: Lisa Campion, Lisa , Lang Zerner, Stephen Heiser, Roger Rosenberg, Susan Lob, Leslie Young, Mark Traietti, Benjamin Mark Levy- Levy, The Science Fiction Club was recently or- ganized to provide students with informa- tion about science fiction events. The members share information and opinions about science fiction books and movies. The club hopes to publish a bimonthly magazine. The club's advisor is Mr. McLaren. Activities 37 - Enrichment Program Over the past ten years, the Enrichment Program has developed deep roots, grown and blossomed to become an inte- gral part of student life and learning at Newton South. By combining a spirit of cooperation, hard work and enthusiasm, students, faculty, parents, and Senior Citizen Volunteers have helped bring to fruition many unforgettable programs. Who can forget the performance of the Youth Expression Theatre, or the Pre-Pri- mary Debates, or Joseph Kennedy, Jr. or the New Games? The Enrichment Program has added something special to the educational and cultural life at Newton South. ,. f- .,' ff ti 2 1 1st row: Emily Barsh, Julie Weinfield, Nancy Smookler, 2nd row: Gregg Driben, Roberta Bloom, Penny Salter, Janet Kohn. 3rd row: Diane Raven, Mrs. Monderer, Paul Chernow, Shirley Schinzai. Missing: David Chapman, Kim McLaurin, Jill Tuttlebaum, Karen McCrory, Jane Pollack. Black Student Union The Black Cultural Center of Newton South High is designed to be an enriching center for all students of Newton South. Our club has made great progress over the several years it has been open, as a result of the great participation and ef- forts of each student. We encourage all Newton South High students to come in and participate in any of our cultural events. Our goal is to inform everyone of the Black culture. 38 Activities,v+e..., wf , , ft emi? ii1'f?Y"i' H z-21931 - 'LNBVTT 0:5345 i ff' i is 1.-sms Bl ans . instant A . 1 Chiba Ms-. fir 5 V was axiet' tx. smxltwen 1 3 we I4 r ' E ' 1' .1 " A ,igbiumao - - X 3. 1st row: David Hill, Kenny Howard, Peter Gumes, Darrell Miller, Kent Jackson, Scott Ftoyster. 2nd row: Mike Olglesby, Shellie Gaines, Franklin Ollivierre tPresidentJ, Kim McLaurin, Scott Anglin, Karl McLaurin, Steve Anglin, Keith Harris. Missing: Tom Albrecht, Vinnie Bryant, Arthur Eisenberg, Judy Foster tTreasurerJ, Jan Gumes tvice-Presidentl, Tracy Hairston, Gail Hargrove, Richard Hunter, Lisa Lee, Nick McCaster, Donna Morgan, Penny Phillips, Kyle Richards, Neil Sherring, Carolyn Smith tSecretaryJ, Lionel Smith. l lv -"5 -1 I 'I ir E I Student Representative Forum i IS i if -an 1st row: David Finkelstein, Edward Ryter, Robert Henken, Robert Brown, Penny Salter. 2nd row: David Bikofsky, Phillip Miller, Robert Sheiffer, Daniel Kiley, Joshua Davis. 3rd row: Thomas Sebok, Pamela Pantos, Rebecca Hartman, Robert Stafford, Howard Morris. I I Italian Club Q Zi s.. The Student Representative Forum is the only form of student government in our school. It provides a forum in which stu- dents' opinions are provided before facul- ty and students. Robert Brown is the chairman and Dr. Seasholes is the body's faculty advisor. Representatives to the forum are chosen on the basis of grade level and in the hopes of creating a group representative of the entire student body. ' 1st row: Joanne Prestera, Rosella Carrelli, Maria Curcio, Linda Pernice, Lupe DeFazio, Maria I Leperini, 2nd row: David Lerman, Paul Aries, Kimberly Aliosi, Trudy Johnston, Michelle Gibbs, Sig. na I Loeb. I The Italian Club, in addition to performing the understood function of studying the culture of Italy, this year responded to the November earthquake in Italy, by organiz- ing a fund-drive called "Blanket ltaIy." It sent money and needed supplies to Ital- ian families hard-hit by the disaster. Each spring, the club holds its Italian Club din- ner, and members provide a sample of authentic Italian cuisine. Activities 39 International Club 5 The International Club, founded in 1974, is a group of students and teachers who wish to share their travel exper- iences and to learn about different cul- tures. The group also helps the foreign students to meet South students and to ease their transition to an American high school. Among the club's activities this year were an international dinner, a Hal- loween Party, disco roller skating, and a trip to Vermont. rdlilzl ' . .V -: f- ,IH '33 nfs- ww f li 'N shi "3'f"t il ., lnuaws uvaudil ti Q -an worm-- l 'X 1st Row: Rhona Talamo, Chung-Haye Ham, Aram Sarafian, Arman Chitchian, Upasana Barthakur, Cynthia Tsamtsouris, Stacey Modell, David Talamo, Lya Sosa, Anne Stohler, Phonethanom Xayxanavethy, Josh Shapiro. 2nd Row: Haleh Armian, Kameh Parsi, Stephanie Pernice, Hanne Pedersen, Tublu Chatterjee, Kathy Bailey, Lionel Smith, Susannah Lob, Sanjoy Hazra, Daren Tong, KoLi Tseng, Mrs. Dorothea Gaudet, Advisor. 3rd Row: Mrs. Mary Doolin, Faculty Advisor, Mrs. Marcia Ratner, Faculty Advisor, Tobi Cohen, Salpi Sarafian, Derek Wittenberg, Daniel Thorburn, Elli Davidi, Eddie Diaz, Javid Sharafi, Lien Duong, May Lee, Melissa Meyers, John Sheridan, Cliff Watkins, Mr. Joel Bleiwas, Faculty Advisor. 4th Row: Kenath Shamir, Tonia Croce, I Susan Charpentier, Jose Romero, Linda Chee, Rosella Carrelli, Maria Curcio, Vicki Albert. Jeannie Berggren, Linda Cohen, Ely Sosa, Prasad Kilaru, Chuong Nguyen. . Russian Club ' The Russian Club is an organization pri- marily concerned with the culture of Rus- sia. Students interested in learning differ- ent ways and willing to participate in ac- tivities related to Russia have always dis- covered at least part of a new world. The flip! club's faculty advisor is Mrs. Eisenhauer. 40, Activities .J i ,ff N i A. 'HF ' i' ' 1st Row: Howard Kaufamn, Anne McCrory, Salpi Sarafian, 2nd Row: Eva Piessens, Anne Kamowitz, Jebby Sharp, Aram Sarafian. 3rd Row: Alan Carver, Pamela Pantos, Douglas Okun, Susan Kay, Mrs. Eisenhauer, Faculty Advisor. lil ll French Club Xl 1st Row: Robert Sheiffer, David Lerman, Neal Foman, Jane Bess. 2nd Row: Andrew Miller, Majorie Dubinsky, Robert Brown, Rebecca Levy, Susan Charpentier, Sandra Nagler, Mary McAvoy, Chuck Mayer, Daniel Thornburn, Aram Sarafian, Tublu Chatterjee, Salpi Sarafian 3rd Row: Sharlene Spiezer, Thomas Sebok, Karin Vanderwalde, Rachel Kennison, Julie Bernson, Andrea Kaplan, Joanne Baye, Stephanie Pernice, Joanne Moskow, Bettina Chiaravelotti, Cynthia Tsamt- souris, Laura Rosenthal. 4th Row: Leslie Maclver, Laura Kohl, Jeanne Madden, Anita Singh, Wendy Bookstein, Susan Cohen Sandra Wilcon, Debbie Bernheimer, Erica Schnitzer, Richard Battista, Henry Kendall, Adam Fishbein Mini Bess, Miss Elliott. r n German Club 1st Row: Michael Paulson, David Nauss, Mrs. Clark, Jennifer Norton, Hanne Pedersen, Leslie Young, Jonathan Corkin, Peter Scott. 2nd Row: Mimi Ochs, Laura Miller, Janet Lowenstein, Moira Houlihan, Greg Willoughby, David Sharafi, Adam Rollins. 3rd Row: Amy Nauss, Kaveh Motiey, Betsy Pelton, Sue Lory, Dara Houlihan, David Ingham, Ben Porter, Bela Wurtzler, Karl Knapp. The French Club is a group of students interested in the culture of France. The French club actively participates in the French Exchange Program. Historical field trips, welcoming parties, and break- fasts are held for French and American Students. The club also sponsers various activities which involve the entire school. These include Flower Day on VaIentine's Day and the French Cabaret, The German Club is interested in the culture of Germany. Members ofthe club enjoy movies, songs, and German games. The most popular activity of the club was German cookery. For instance, during May Arts Week, the club sold delicious apple strudel and other pastries. Activities 41 History Club The History Club plans a potpourri of his- torical activities, including guest speak- ers, trips to historical places, films, and the annual History Day. These activities serve to supplement the history curricu- Ium. f 5 x ' . ' .. -4 ..... -.-.. ' i ' -I' XIYRS' I QX Cr oi , , S 0 xi , umm Wk y X 1 . . 5153 4 r All 1st row: Joel Doolin, Seth Steeves, Michael Paulson, Daniel Thomas, Robert Liberman. 2nd row: Debbie Bernheimer, Sandy Wilcon, John Stephans, Michael Wishnie, Andrew Nottonson. 3rd row: Karen Goldman, Rebecca Hartman, Lotte Lent, Jim Campbell, Pamela Pantos, Mr. Johns, Advisor, Doug Okun. Debating Tea ' Debate itself is the competition of ideas within three formats: forensic, public, and parliamentary procedures. The Debating Team attends tournaments across the state which are organized by the Massa- chusetts Forensic League. Debating is the working ground on which students build speaking techniques and confi- dence. Highlights ofthe year for the Team include the Model Congress in January and the annual interscholastic Debate, held this year at the University of Massa- chusetts. Most tournaments are held on weekends and the debaters meet to orga- nize during J Blocks. 42 Activities 'R - .St l , .2 N, --5+ Qi 1 if - , f'f,--f if : i 1' F' f .fl r ' . .z A 3'-i , 1 Ai girl 1st row: Jane Braverman, Daniel Davis, Riaz Ahmed, Philip Knapp, John Sheridan. 2nd row: Richard Goldman, Joshua Davis, Winn Weiner, Marjorie Saltiel, Neal Heffron, John Tessel, Mr. William Hollman, faculty advisor. 3rd row: Edward Diaz, Robert Soultanian, Franklin Ollivierre. l i 1 i , fi ill ,i I - i -fit .bxs ll l Math Team , ' ' " .' ' c n' ., uql, .' 5 Clockwise from top: Michael Klugerman, James Rosenthal, David Tell, Neal Giksman, Eui-Hawn Ham. Center Mr. Tony Erdmann. Chess Club The Math Team represents the school in six interscholastic meets a year. Each team consists of two seniors, two juniors, and a sophomore, each of whom answers questions in three areas such as arithme- tic, linear equations, or trigonometry, and a team question. Each area has three questions which must be answered in ten minutes. This year, the Math Club has fielded two teams. 1--, gh 1 JG' I -ri se, - - Clockwise: Mr. Erdmann, Richard Rubin, Andrew Feldman, Adam Fischbein, Kristo Miettinen, Prasad Kilaru, Eui-Hwan Ham. Newton South's Chess Team is one of the strongest in the state. The team plays matches against other schools in the area as part of the Greater Boston Chess League. South was first in the Massachu- setts four-player division as a result of an October victory. The winning team con- sisted of Kristo Miettinen, Rusty Klein, Prasad Kilaru, Jon Feld, Richard Rubin, and Captain Andrew Feldman, who placed first in the individual category with a perfect score. The team's faculty advi- sor is Anthony Erdmann. Activities -53 Reflections Newton South's most creative publication is Reflections, the art and literary maga- zine. Art and literary staffs work all year to bring together works of Newton South students. The publication ofthe magazine coincides with the annual May Arts Festi- val. 1st row: Betsy Pelton, Paige Chernow, Susan Levin, ed., Deborah Blicher, ed., Laura Miller, Tublu Chatterjee. 2nd row: Andrew Nottonson, Julie Werbinski, Stacey Sacks, Dara Lee, Lotte Lent, Leslie McMahon. 3rd row: Dwight McKerron, faculty advisor, Russell Klein, Jessica Bolker, Jason Michaels, Susan Hecht, Susan Lory. g Explorers Club The Explorers Club is a unique and origi- nal club. It orginated at Newton North two years ago and from that time Jennifer Sharp and Angela Pandorf have been the co-directors of the club here at South. The Club has explored places such as the White Mountains and the white sands of Martha's Vineyard. The Club is a hiking, biking and camping group and the faculty advisor is Mr. Steeves. The picture was taken on the trip to Martha's Vineyard in the fall. 44 Activities ,C 59 . , Y .gnuil S5211 X . , if E 1st Row: Natalie Fine, Jennifer Sharp, Ruth Wishengrad, Ed Ryter, Angela Pandorf. 2nd Row: David Gillis, David Ouillen. 3rd Row: Laura Smith, Alan Agulnick, Michael Wishnie, Mr. Youngblood, Lucy Knight, Laurie Spicer, Terry Thetcy. South High Speaks The members of the staff of South High Speaks are individ- uals interested in broadcasting. Weekday mornings and al- ternate Saturdays on WNTN, South High Speaks airs a news report concerning our high school. South High Speaks en- ables other students and the community to learn about the things that happen daily at Newton South. Producer: Guyle Morris 1st row: Robert Sheiffer, Jay Bovarnick, Gayle Rosenfeld, Elizabeth Cullen, Franklin Ollivierre. Neil Sherring, Keith Harris. 2nd row: Andrew Chaban, David Bikofsky, Jon Bovarnick, Marjo- rie Saltiel, Brad Groper. 3rd row: Jon Meizler, Caren Bailey, Ronald Lipof, Laura Savoy, Activities 45 Theatre Arts 'A xtk? K Q v ,Ns ,' 5? 1 Q 1 The Theatre Club organizes trips to see plays in Boston, Cam- bridge, and at other schools. It obtains discount rates on tickets for South students and keeps in touch with the world of theatre at Newton South and beyond. Its goals are to help people enjoy good theatre and to give students a stronger voice in determin- ing the direction and quality of the Theatre Arts Program at Newton South. Theatre Arts classes explore improvisation and acting techniques. Classes begin with simple warm-up exer- cises that help build cooperation. The picture inthe lower left corner of the opposite page is an example of such an exercise. ln "the human chain," the members ofthe "Acting and Directing Workshop" unsnarl the mess they've made by joining hands randomly. At the lower right of that page, Liz Levenson impro- vises a scene in which she is a television salesperson. Other shots picture the fall production of "Pirates of Penzance," on stage and behind the scenes. 46 Theatre Arts .9451 X 'Q X Q if -.iff Theatre Artsl47 Q, in Y J. ,-' 'I I . I , ' X 4 ' Xu, ' Q. . x , ' if A I 1 x x V wus' was if-w bg .QL f,,P,,, U ,rkgi 1 , . X .l "3f I R s . .af P I ' i P' 1 Denebola V1 ,J Editorial Staff 1st row: Laura Yee, Upasana Barthakur, Sandra Nagler, Gayle Rosenfeld, Jane Bess, Leslie McMahon, James Rosenthal. 2nd row: Jennifer Norton, Sean Brann, Debra Hellman, Susan Menzer, Elizabeth Cullen, Pam Pantos, Tom Sebok, Philip Miller. 3rd row: Becky Hartman, Karen Clayton Claire Scovell Editor-in-Chief, Stacey Modell, Editor-in-Chief, Neal Foman, Nancy Fischbein, Lori Rudnick, Jebby Sharp, Mrs. Gonson, advisor. Missing: Lotte Lent. , L N., ' 5 Xp' v-L r I Contributors: Richard Battista, Sandra Wilcon, John Geisser, Hannah Feldman, Joshua King, Dara Lee, Robert Lieberman, Michael Paulson. s f Denebola aims to inform, entertain, and involve the South community. While continuing to cover pertinent local, and national issues, Denebola has added this year several new features. News stories have focused on econom- ic issues, such as Proposition 2lf: and its effect on school life. Features include personal accounts of foreign students, the men and women of the auto shop, on- going election coverage, the gambling scene, and the modern woman emerging in the work force. Fine Arts spans school and city cultural events from opera to new wave to in-depth film reviews. The Sports Department provides continous coverage in words and pictures of teams and events, with profiles of up and coming athletes. As South expands to meet new needs next year, the staff expects that Dene- bola will not only continue in traditional service, but expand and grow. Actlvitles 49 Regulus 1981 'Lv- i'4""': x"f,'f'!ff . . 'Q E !'.54y'i?'flif '!1g,FIf.5 Gigi!!! strict. '08 TU' First row: Karl Dinkelspiel, Photo Editor, Second row: Jon Meizler, Circulation Editor: Laura Savoy, Literary Editor, Jay Bovarnick, Busi- ness Manager. Missing: Jeff Englander, Copy Editor. 5 . AN Mrs. Dollase, Literary Advisor, Miss Smith, Advisor. 50 Activities . . Q . Editorial Staff - first row: Debbie Flashman, Art Editor, Gregg Driben, Adver- tising Editor, Julie Checkoway, Editor-in-Chief. Second row: Ned Campbell, Art Editor, Susan Bornstein, Lay-out Editorg Pam Bowers, Data Editorg Billy Drucker, Sports Editor, Debbie Wennett, Sports Editor. Q 'I a. 1 Advertising Staff - first row: Gayle Rosenfeld, Julie Lipsett, Liz Kogos. Sec ond row: Kenny Gordon, Jon Derby, Gregg Driben, Rachel Feldman. Mlsslng Lisa Anthony, Jonathan Rittenberg, Lawrence Traister. Photo Staff - clockwise: Karl Dinkelspiel, Karen Clayton, Robin Seidman, Anna-beth Winograd, Michael Chinitz, Missing: Mr. Small, Advisor. - ae . E-I A 555' 1 f It ruff: sn.. nag, if?" 3 n ll ll ' LS Circulation Staff - First row: Louise Spinner, Debbie Flashman, Lisa Baum- berg, Sandy Smith, Wendy Ryter. Second row: Jon Meizler, Rachel Feld- man, Ron Lipof, Jay Bovarnick, Julie Lipsett, Jon Derby. 1 fl ,zz Data Staff 1 Jennifer Costa, Pam Bowers, Joanne Beatty, Carolyn McCrory. Missing: Patrice Galvin, Mary Beth McAvoy. ,ai-if Copy Staff - first row: Erica Shluntz, Glenn Seidner, Jon Bittenberg, Jeff Englander. Second row: Javid Sharafi, Edward Diaz, Louise Spinner, Sheryl Watson. Layaout Staff - first row: Jane Bess, Joanne Baye, Amy Palder, Anne McCrory, Jane Stoloff. Second row: Susan Bornstein, Sandy Nagler, Linda McMullen, Corrine Kallman, Jennifer Costa. Missing: Debbie Flashman, Karl Dinkelspiel, Leora Hasten. ACTIVITIES 51 N . Wf', .. 73 WV x 9 . I ' f " i Newton scum HIGH SCHOOL QV-4 52 Achwhes 1 , g , be ? ,-.--"""'.' ,M ' 4. ,fl WY ,l 'N '-N m'1l P c , ix A . 1- ' 0 I 49445. a- ew Q X r Q A 1-Pix! YQ? A uv Q 5 'K 1 s Q. 'XM xx 54 Acnwhes . 'N r ' xxx '4 -Q, ,xx N '45 . ,Q 7 Y?-Ex, v-"""' I S K i 1 mg. R A+. u wi 1 in 1 , 1 , , , u 3, - 1 . 4 , Actuvntues 55 ! fa B.. ,zz , ,, li, limi large number of students v can be found everyday working in GOOD COMPANY on the playing fields of Newton South. As Roy Tessler, '81, said, "Playing at Newton South is an experience M ,I in itself. Most of our teams go out to have a good time and be with friends. We're competitive but no matter what, we have fun. Since I was a sophomore, I've noticed the athletes in our class have become progressively more dedicated Cespecially in lacrosse!J." From the first day of fall tryouts to the close of the spring season, Newton South athletes cooperate in an effort to achieve their common goal. Whether this effort results in victory or defeat, the Newton South spirit holds true. Sheri Ann Wong preparing to spike the ball. awk 56 Sports 3 1 1.5 ., . iff 'Elf Hi l 2 wf"' X' -43--- PQ. 'N X,' B .' . i -61' .. X . " N. --N-3.7p"l Spons 57 A Kick in the Grass The 1980 Girl's Soccer season was very productive in terms of personal growth, coordination, and conditioning. The 4-7-4 record was not the best South ever had, but this year's team was exceptionally spirited and was led by an outstanding group of seniors. The team had a tough time starting, because it was faced with two problems. First, several players from last year's excellent offensive line had graduated, and secondly, two starting for- wards were injured. Senior Leane DiCicco was out for eight weeks because of an injured hand. She returned for the last three weeks of the season and became a super offensive threat. The offense was led by the powerful shooting of Joanne Beat- ty with 8 goals and 8 assists and Diane Surette with 2 goals and 1 assist and the excellent passing of Jennifer Costa. At half- back, Tri-captains Kathy McClellan, Carol Tennant, and Rachel Feldman worked hard to keep the ball away from South's goal and move it into the direction of the offense. The fantastic "steel head" of tri-captain Kim Smith enabled her to return any goal kick, corner kick, or goalie's punt. Tri- captain Colleen Daly, Lisa Botti, and Pam Bowers played ag- gressive defense which made it hard for other teams to get their offense going. 1st row Leane DiCicco Jennifer Costa Lisa Botti CaroITennant Kathy McLellan Kim Smith Colleen Daley Pam Bowers Diane Surette Man ager Anna Beth Winograd 2nd row Coach Chanes Hurwnz Joanne Beany Therese Sum van Linda Martin Nancy DeMicheIe Patrice Galvin 3rd row Barbara Sheiffer Cecilia Wil cox Bettina Chiaravelotti Beth Fiudikoff Liddy Lenman Mmsmg RachelFddman 1 '11, Wet -'K'-'fi Al fspl 1, lggffi itiiitxi-1 511 L A145 ld li?" ,- sqa.. MJJ. 58 Sports 'WVU Soccer ffrom left to rightl 1st row Howard Goldman Robert Brown Mark Nicolettr Steven Abrams Andrew Maller Mark Colling Peter Miller 2nd row Peter Scholssman Andrew Young John Miller John Giannakrs Peter Gumes Levon Han zatlan Michael Duffy Ella Davids Kaveh Motley 3rd row Coach Alf Wilson Christopher Mad den Mark Fleming Paul Aries Jeff Englander David Popkm Keith Harris Lou Dakayanms Ed Diaz John Corkm David Segal George Grous sis Asst Coach Stelios Groussls Soccer at Newton South has recently taken a turn for the better. This year's team won seven and lost five, a record un- equaled in Newton South High School's history. The turnabout was led by co-captains Paul Aries and George Groussis, whose experience and dedication set an example for the team to fol- low. The scoring punch, which was lacking in the last few years, was provided by David Segal, Mark Fleming, and Edward Diaz. The season was highlighted by wins over Acton-Boxboro, Lincoln-Sudbury, and Bedford. The caliber of play exhibited by the team was a threat to the best. Though many veterans will leave the team after this season, players such as Peter Schlossman, Mike Duffy, Mark Nicoletti, and Steven Abrams form a solid nucleus on which to build. Dverall, in the words of rookie coach Alf Wilson, "We had a very positive season." Sports 59 Bump, Set and Spike The Newton South Volleyball Team, despite its 4-12 re- cord, had a rewarding season. They challenged their oppo- nents with aggression and determination. The team's spirit and enthusiasm were reflected in each pIayer's effort. Through the patience and concern of coach Cindy Golding, the team learned the significance of teamwork. The climax of the season was a game against an aggres- sive Stoneham Team. Because this was a personal rival to the Lions, the game was not only challenging but crucial. Both teams fought furiously throughout the match. It was not till after a grueling third game that the Lions proved that they were the better of the two. The seven departing seniors will be a great loss to the team. Their accurate bumps and sets, and strong spikes and serves helped to create this competitive team. Spikers Sue Menzer, Joanne Baye, Julie Perkins and tri-captain Lupe De- Fazio contributed immensely to the team as did setters Lauri Kagan, tri-captain Amy Palder and tri-captain Cheri Wong. Not only did they contribute their skills but also their spirit, friendliness and leadership. 'vwqgf 1st row: Donna DiNisco Laura DeFazio Cheri-Ann Wong Amy Palder Laurie Kagan. 2nd row: Joyce Feinberg Julie Perkins Sharon Budd Leslie Smith Laurie Spicer Joanne Baye Coach Cynthia Gold- ing. Missing: Susan Menzer. 6O'Sports if Far, a Long, Long Way to Run gt? ffrom left to right! 1st row Jeffrey Okun Gregory Long Jennifer Sharp Philip Sawin Robert Wool 2nd row Coach Paul McCarthy Ricky DelCampo MiniBess Ian Todreas Lawrence Abend Carl Pot if T, tey Michael Robinson Richard Rubin Andrew Bar nett Mark Koning The 1980 Cross Country season began with optimism. Re- cruiting had brought about an increase in numbers and a re- newed spirit. While the team did not have a winning season, their team spirit continued, and they showed marked improve- ment. The highlight of the season came when Newton South upset a strong Wayland team in the League Meet. The attack this year was led by juniors Mark Koning, Mike Robinson, and Eric Kaplan with seniors Phil Sawin and junior Andy Barnett finishing in the top five. Other runners were seniors Rob Wool, Greg Long, and captain Jennifer Sharp and juniors Carl Pottey and lan Todreas. Sharp took third place in the girls' race at the League Meet. With all the aforementioned juniors and this year's one sopho- more, Mini Bess, things look promising for the future. Sports 61 Crawling Along "Thinking over the 1980 season," said coach Bill Grimes, "I am reminded of a tidal waveg either we were completely wiped out, or we washed the other teams away." Despite a 4-8 record, talented swimmers, sophomore Laura Rosenthal and senior Lotte Lent enabled the team to pull through with some very close meets. Co-captains Rhonda Roth- man and Joyce Oppenheim displayed great skill, unfailing spirit, and determination. Seniors Linda McMullen, Becky Hartman, and Carla Chiaravelotti proved their abilities in the crawl, breaststroke and backstroke respectively. Janice Pearson's and Heidi Klein's consistently good diving were great assets to the team. Junior Erika Schnitzer proved to be a tough competi- tor in the breaststroke. Karen Leavitt's consistent efforts result- ed in outstanding performances. "Overall high spirit and morale helped to bring the team closer together." tfrom left to rightj 1st row Karen Leavitt Debbie Putnoi co captain Joyce Oppenheim co captain Rhonda Rothman Laura Lupien Sarah Murphy Cin dy Freedman 2nd row Kathy Galvin Kathleen Fleming Kathy Strange Janice Pearson Erika SchnnzerLoMe Lent Debbm Harunan Laura Ro senthal Diana Satin. 3rd row: Athena Chooljian Cssy DeRosa Pamem Amens HmdiNoMonson Linda McMullen Carla Chiaravelotti Becky Hart- man, Judy Finger Heidi Klein Debra Meyers. 4th row: Coach Grimes Coach Scully. Missing: Lori Goldman Audrey Cherry. 62 Sports i' ff- ei inn...,,-, Sticking It to The Other Team 1st row Erika Schlmtz Andrea Raider co captains .gy 2nd row Jill Nesgos Christine Moan Colleen Stat kg F' ford Jane Loggson Robin Seidman Deborah Hell llllllllllll man Susan Levin Susan Kay Anne McCrory Jenni L ' fer Norton 3rd row Coach Judith Blanchard Irene Melville Liza Morahan Susan Charpentuer Eva 7' Piessens Susan Allen Rebecca Goldman Regina Stewart Martha Young Karen Vanderwalde Janet Pachus Coach Susan Gordon l .iv ,1,. 1.5- , ,Y .,',--I ,,.f . sv., 1 y lo The 1980 Field Hockey Team was a group of determined spirited girls who wanted more than anything else to score a goal. Despite the fact that they played some of the best teams in the state, forwards Robin Seidman, Sue Kay, Janet Pachus, Debbie Hellman, Sue Levin and Jennifer Norton tried their har- dest to surpass the other teams' strong defenses. Newton South's defense was led by Gina Stewart, Sue Allen, Andrea Raider, Jill Nesgos, Anne McCrory, and goalie Erika Schluntz. The team played hard on the field, with much support from the sophomores and juniors. With only two three-year players, co- captains Andrea Raider and Erika Schluntz, and many first year starters, the team spent much time learning skills. The players learned to cooperate as a unit. The effort put forth by the mem- bers resulted in a team that could accept any challenge and play to the finish. Coach Blanchard was proud of her team's effort and achieve- ment. The good sportsmanship of the players earned the re- spect of their opponents as well. Sports 63 PUNTS, TACKLES AND KICKS lt was a rebuilding season for the Newton South Football Team. The team finished with a 1-9 record, with the season's only victory over Boston Tech. Throughout the season there were many close games, but the team couIdn't seem to pull them out. One of the most memorable games was the Concord- Carlisle game. The score was tied at zero until there were two minutes left in the game, when Concord scored a touchdown. The team was led by captain Mike Kasten and three-year players Peter Alexander, Rich DeRosa, Billy Drucker, Paul De- Michele, Mark Hernandez, Jon Bovarnick, Carl Shishmanian, Ben Porter, Mike Galvin, Ned Campbell, Brian Striar, and Doug Ferguson. Coach Kojoyian called this year's team a "green team." The team had only three players with any significant varsity exper- ience. Coach Kojoyian is looking optimistically towards next season because he has a good group ofjuniors who saw a lot of varsity action: Mike Antonellis, David Hill, David McDonald, Steve Mosca, Art Walton, and Jon Greenberg. With this strong nucleus, football at Newton South is destined to be on the up- swing. 1,,al-H' .until -- 0- ,, . . , ,4 . 4 4 ..,,,, . . I , b . . 1' . -' ' ' ' fu' . . . . - . via, . 64 Sports 'H -M' W nv rr .4 - S Nggfvg av M Q. S-x. .. 'A 4 l 'ij 5 J , ix Ax ' , 'Y ' - IL. h"h-'Q - ' ' X . k'5Nw , . x 1 F 1 ,-.3-I h , W. -- - " 3- . ,wetness M .S..s4r-ssvgtm we S I I - . .... gn ., . ..-..: ..,,,. f-- - I ' s . 9 '. t . A 'EQ 4 11 5 'X kj C01 wi f i 3. i 9 'f'ks5,"3l' "' . J 91 1, f W J 'slits-:ae G lu a BY? ' I' is l I tfrom left to right! 1st Row: Coach Aredis Kojoyian, Edward Campbell, William Drucker, Paul DeMichele, Carl Shishmanian, Benjamin Porter, Peter Alexander, Michael Kasten - Capt., Mark Hernandez, Mitchell Podufaly, Richard DeRosa, Jon Bovarnick, Paul Miller, Michael Galvin, 2nd Row: Michael Pappas, Gregory Wing, James Campbell, Arthur Walton, David Hill, Michael Antonellis, Jeffrey Stevens, Jon Greenberg, Dennis Murphy, Steven D'Angelo, Douglas Fergusen, David McDonald, Brian Striar. 3rd Row: Richard Gockelman, Jonathan Dallin, Scott Royster, Kenneth Kohlberg, David lnghman, Robert Baker, Stephen Anglin, Vincent Bryant, Neil Johnson, Andrew Magni, James Hanelin, Stephen Mosca. 4th Row: Andrew Stubblebine, William Bracken, Lindsey Nelson, Adam Elman, Joseph Spagnuolo, Joel Shapiro, Carl McLaurin, Mark Stolpinski, Coach Anthony Principe, Coach George Tsiumus, Coach Paul Murphy, rs- . QW ,-'41 " ll-mn in-nnufw. Q. 3 3 Kg . ,',: A tg 43 Y' X tif , , , mg at nf ,lf A. il, , ,,, ac. '33 .Q li il . - 1 f if- fif i fiixit Elf' K 'P "-,- f ,lf ' 'i f Q iitf- . E-r in , Mfg at ,V A ,I , v 'f'- vu 'I N- PM , N-'J ,J A e we N i. ' P 2 f ' if 1' I ,Q ff t te rte A A in I , t A Q N, Sy 1 ' 'Y .f i l 'V V " ., S t l t 'B 'A ' ,,:" ' , A , ' A I X J lu 'V ls.. I .i L Y O. . ,,f,, ' - - 5, ., . ' ' ' L Q. if ,, iff' l s Q ' 3 t 1 U l. X . If 'M' 'Ex l Ns ' K. ,V 1 lg .'f- Q Y t IF. , V - . ,U..,,. . KAY Q 9 ,bv ' Q W .bt L. ,-1,24 A I 3' ' ...1., " v f,-,ng . . -. N g A 2 L Q X 'Q '-L. ' oi .1 s.- Sports 65 I Up and Around . . . ' The Boys' Indoor Track Team had a record of 2-5, for the 1981 season. The team was led by co-captains George Groussis and Paul DeMichele. Having fine seasons also were seniors Edward Diaz, Philip Sawin, Andrew Chaban, Paul Mill- er, and Louis Dakoyannis. Coach Sutherland is optimistic about the future because there were many sophomores and juniors on the team who progressed tremendously throughout the season. Despite the record, the team's spirit and enthusiasm led to their putting forth strong effort in the meets. .55- a ni.,- -, , - l fx ttrom left to rightb 1st row: John Schroter, Luisi Sepe, Dennis Fleming, Brad Reed, co-captain Paul DeMi- chele, co-captain George Groussis, Thomas Vancor, Brian Lewis, Richard Botana. 2nd row: Peter Miller, Carl Pottey, Michael Klugerman, Jonathan Miller, Scott Butler, Eric Kaplan, Matthew Gilbert, David Pickett. 3rd row: Louis Dakoyannis, Paul Miller, Andrew Chaban, Phillip Sawin, Edward Diaz, Coach Donald Sutherland. Missing: Mark Koning, Carl Shishmanian. 66 Sports F Hurdles to Jump lFrom left to right! 1st row: Ruth Deming, Andrea Costa, Diane Surette, co-captain Robin Seidman, co-captain Leane DiCicco, Colleen Daley, Linda Martin, Patrice Galvin. 2nd row: Carolyn McCrory, Beth Ftudikoff, Marcy Widershien, Carolyn Bowers, Anita Singh, Elizabeth Leitman, Kathleen McLellan, LoniFned,EHeen Keon,LBa BOML - if j What is that orange and blue blur seen passing swiftly through the snow, sleet, rain, and dark of night? Faster than a speeding bullet, able to leap tall hurdles in a single bound, could it be . . , yes! It's the Girls' Indoor Track Team. Because the team was small in number, all members were important. With the leadership of co-captains Leane DiCicco and Robin Seidman, the team progressed steadily through- out the season. The season's record was 2-5. The hard work and determination of several individuals resulted in their times' improving in each consecutive meet. The seniors leave to the juniors and sophomores the prac- tice sayings: "Stride it out!" "O.K., who's lead? Go slow!" "We've done 5, but say we've done 6!" and last but not least, good old J.B. and "Two To Go!" The backbone of the team was seniors, Leane DiCicco, Robin Seidman, Colleen Daley, Kathy McLellan, Lisa Botti, Carla Chiaravelotti, Diane Surette, Eileen Keon, and Lorri Fried. Their help, support, and effort made this team a success. Good-Luck to all juniors, sophomores and incoming freshman next year. Go For lt! Sports 67 A Perfect "1O" "The thrill of victory and the agony of defeat . . . " With a 4- 3 record the Girls' Gymnastics Team was very familiar with both. The team achieved self-discipline and learned to con- trol their emotions and overcome fear. Coach Judy Blanchard and assistant coach Bruce King were very warm and understanding, but also strict and de- manding when necessary. This attitude paid off, as a 76:05 team score gradually climbed to 92:3. Because the team consisted of only nine gymnasts, each member carried great responsibility: Seniors: Michelle CMishJ Arons, bars and vault, Joanne tLegsD Beatty, bars and vault, Captain, Carla tEkJ Eknaian, all around. Juniors: Lisa tSpazl Schneider, beam, vault and floor. Sophomores: Caro- lyn CMouthJ Ansin, bars, beam and floor, Gail tMickeyJ Fein- stein, bars and floor, Audrey tSparkyJ McCarthy, vault and floor, Joanne tChazD Moskow, floor: Jeanne CLeftyD Wolfe, all around. Over the course of the season the team became very close. Each gymnast needed the moral support, comfort, and encouragement of her teammates. Each was able to depend on the others to help her through rough times of frustration and pain. The team was enthusiastic and always showed spirit and dedication. ,QM xi- "' 15' ' 11 ., tfrom left to rightl 1st row: Assistant coach Bruce King, Gail Feinstein, Lisa Schneider, Joanne Mos- kow, Audrey McCarthy, Joanne Beatty, Michelle Arons, Carolyn Ansin, Carla Eknain, Jeanne Wolfe, Coach Judy Blanchard. 68fSpons all 'A' ' -tial i . 1 . 0 ' ' i K1 I Y -l i 5 D it? tl -T1 l , l Rings and Things tfrom left to rightl 1st row: Richard Valdivia, Jeffrey Stevens, Scott Bailey. 2nd row: Mark Nicoletti, Benjamin Porter, David Comerford. 3rd row: Mi- chael Langan, Coach Bruce King, Coach Rick Nico- letti, Coach Tom Steeves, Manager Sandra Nagler, Richard Lipof. This year's Newton South Boys' Gymnastics Team started the season with only eight gymnasts compet- ing. Each team member worked extremely hard to over- come this handicap. According to coach Tom Steeves, "The team gets better each day." Fine performances this year have been given by sen- iors Scott Bailey, Rich Valdivia, junior Jeff Stevens, and sophomore Mark Nicoletti. Nicoletti has been a bright spot on this year's team because in his first year of competition he has been able to compete in all six events. Under the leadership of captains Bailey and Valdi- via, this group of dedicated gymnasts enjoyed a gratify- ing season. They have exhibited optimism, together- ness, and spirit. Sports 69 l Ai l t Dunkin' The 1981 season marked the beginning of a new era in Newton South Basketball. New head Coach Joe Killilea led the Lions to their finest season in the last few years, and if they had won a close game in Concord, the team would have gone to the state tournament for the first time since 1978. The team was led by Co-Captains Michael Galvin and Mi- chael Kasten. Other seniors contributing this year were Keith Harris, Marc Buchsbaum, Franklin Ollivierre, Peter Kanel- Iias, and Victor Otero. Big factors in the Lions' success this season were the emergence of junior Michael Antonellis, and sophomore sensation Scott Anglin. According to Coach Killilea the outlook for the next year's team is very good. Hopefully, the Lions will emerge next season as the power in the Dual County League. Fei tfrom left to rlghtl 1st row David Hull Franklin Olli vierre Co captain Michael Galvin Co captain Mi chael Kasten, Keith Harris, Victor Otero. 2nd row. Andrew Young, Greg Wands, Peter Kanellias, M'- chael Antonellis, Marc Buchsbaum, Steven Abrams. Soon AngHn,DavM Segal 70 Sports K1 i i A Y, P5 "Swoosh" 4 ,Ts .,,,,z J' in Q ,,, H 4- Jr 1- 1. V , . 11 4 , rw, .A Wi it ,hue rf' , I hi, sf-I ,N,ilf, nz +0- 4. W., ' 1 . ,gn Q ,, . -A " 1' W A ,. . .of , 5 V 3:1 4- Qs. HW? 97 " ' -tv le- 'wmv , I f' ffrom left to rightl 1st row: Mary McAvoy, Jennifer Costa, Kim Smith, Pam Bowers, Sue Dempsey, Julie Perkins, 2nd row: Sharon Budd, Cecelia Wilcox, Laurie Spicer, Leslie Smith, Patty Sullivan, Shellie Gaines, Nancy DeMichele, Coach Susan Bradbury. The Girls' Basketball Team started the season with two new coaches, Susan Bradbury and Maureen Kearney, who worked on developing skills and team determination. Each member of the team contributed to the team effort. Pam Bowers helped the team with her shooting and rebound- ing abilities. Mary McAvoy had a beautiful outside shot. Sue Dempsey was always hustling and crashing the boards, and Jennifer Costa would tie up the ball whenever she was given the chance. Captain Kim Smith was a spark to the team, but unfortunately part way into the season she suffered a knee injury and could not play for the rest of the year. ln addition to these seniors, a number of juniors and sophomores were key players and will be returning next year. Sports 71 Coming off their most successful season in recent memory this year's Hockey Team had high expectations at the begin- ning ofthe season. The line of Mosca-Fay-Kohlberg led the Lions in scoring The defense was led by the strong play of David Cohen and Michael Walsh. The goal tending chores were superbly han- dled by Paul Aries. Coach McPhee says that next year's team should continue to improve because of the experience of this year's sopho- mores and juniors. flrom lelt to right! 1st row Steven D Angelo John Stetlens David March Paul Aries Steven Mosca Richard Wenning William Roesner Za chary Woods Seth Lichtman 2nd row Coach McPhee William Bracken Craig Stern William Kaye Michaelwalsh David - i ' f Cohen, Rick DelCampo, David Bullen, Kenneth lk 9 1 . .I 43 X a 'LJ a ui x.. Kohlberg Russell Nicoletti Kenneth Fay Hans Brigham Coach Charles Rizzutti 5- lv!" 72 Sports l i On the Slopes i I OE'v 1 hfiti tfrom left to right! 1st row: Co-captains Susan Menzer, Tom Sebok, Jennifer Sharp, 2nd row: Ethan Miller, Steven Lewis, Ronald Lipof, Larry Abend, Susan Levin, Deborah Hellman, Jenni- 1 fer Norton, Penny Salter, Susan Kessler, Corrine Kalman, Andrew Nathanson, Sharon Grayzel, Jimmy Conviser, 3rd row: David Rubin, Daniel Hoffman, Laurie Mil- lender, Tandy Lipsky, Sally Bernstein, Joshua King, y Laura Kohl, Laura Ansin, Jackie Abend, lan Toa f dreas, Angela Pandorf, Laura Smith, Susan Abend, 1 Toby Abend. -I ' 4th row: Leslie Young, Phil Small, Jon Rittenberg, ' Marc Busney, Adam Rosman, Eric Price, Michael Q l L. A1 .v ,bftixnlbw F, i ' N558 35- , Robinson, Joseph Jacobson, Wendy Pringle, Karl ' - u- '41 igik.-Q .3-T'j:,1f.a Knapp, Judy Stacks, Sharon Zeichner, Lisa - A 'Q 2,5 fiiffgy' Q.i..gjtj,4'L N11 fi f-'P'-'if " Zeichner, Andy Barnett, Chris Barker, Richard Nai- 5 V r mark, David Finkelstein, David Nahor. J ' , A - N' , W' .W"-5-Qfff. 5 5 55-5 J? - f , -f""?2- Q 3 : ' if i I Unlike last year, the 1981 ski season was marked by mea surable snowfall. The Newton South Co-ed Ski Team had a successful season, finishing near the top of the league. The seniors, led by Co-Captains Susan Menzer, Jennifer Sharp, and Tom Sebok, and several talented sophomores contribut- ed greatly to the success. A special camaraderie developed over the season. The team would like to thank all of the Abend family and especial- ly Toby and Sue for helping them so much throughout the season. PQ f'.- xx 'iv l , J l i I .U l 4 A?"'fynMV A l .-Q-.-I ' Sports 73 l l i Freestyles The Newton South Boys' Swim Team got off to a racing start this year with big victories over Needham and Waltham High Schools. The team was led by co-captains Ned Camp- bell and Chris Madden. One of the most exciting meets of the season was against a strong Wellesley High Team. Outstanding performances were given by Mike Ansel, Chris Madden, Josh Needleman, and Greg Willoughby. Unfortunately South lost the meet in the last race. Another exciting meet was against Waltham High. The Newton South swimmers blew Waltham out of the water by winning the meet by a score of 129-39. Over the duration of the season, each member of the team worked hard to improve his time. Coach Bill Grimes is very optimistic about next season saying, "There are a lot of fine swimmers returning." The spirit of the team is summed up by co-captain Ned Campbell, "South swimmers like it wet!" ffrom left to rightb 1st row: Coach William Grimes, Y MS Andrew Nononson,AdaniPressman,hMchaeIBen ' A wind, Joshua Needleman, cliff Watkins, scott ,W ,k""' Powell. 2nd row: Douglas Ferguson, David Ouillen, Christo- 1 1 pherMadden,Davm Popmn. 1 , - Q f YH A Q '. X ' 1. ,Lf X V . I xr 2 If .1 dal! ivmlxx 5 T 3 gfffgf ,a1',ff'ff l I , g " 1- f: f 1 D T t 74 Sports l 1 I ii li ,, ilj 1 R233 15' Stax: Mat Smackin' S -1-,W ,..m.. .-, 4 ffrom left to rightb 1st row: Richard Jaques, Steven Steinberg, Michael Duffy David MacDonald, Co- Captain Andrew Cohen Co-Captain Bradley Groper Ethan Miller David Elkins William Reynolds Robert Baker. 2nd row: Coach Charles Hurwitz Mark Colling, Lee Silverstein Scott Brightman Robert White Ron xx Richmond Alan Agulnick Richard Gockelman, 3rd row: Steven Arduino, Joseph Kaufman Geof- frey Murray Jonathan Rosenson, Mark Stolpinski, Steven Richmond Assistant Coach Paul Murphy. - - sz, f fT,,,..1.5M , . z ,,. .:"f"w- - -' fm? "tt - vgchw 1. If .7'k"ii', "The present is bright and the future looks even brighter," stated Newton South Wrestling coach, Chuck Hurwitz. Though the wrestling program is still in its rebuilding stages, there has been much improvement over the past two sea- sons. The South matmen were primarily led by their Iightweights South's victories at the lower weights kept the momentum going in South's direction. Senior Rick Jaques, Co-captains Andy Cohen and Brad Groper all had fine seasons. This year's surprises on the team have been junior Steve Stein- berg and sophomore Mark Colling, who had successful sea- sons. "More wrestlers are returning each year with more exper- ience," noted Coach Hurwitz. ln the past, the South Wrestling Team has been one of the state's best, and the continued efforts of South's returning, experienced wrestlers will help South regain the dominance it has had in the sport. Sports 75 Cheerleaders 76 Sports ffrom left to rightl Donna Lipson, Andrea Flesh, Jean Hendrix, Lynda Gordon N X11 mfmx "' r ...,,-. 2--. t., 'fr 0 'W s.. 'T' I 'Y J iv. 4-"I . 2 'K If R, ' .A fi, ff -an X 5 W ni' i 11 1.5 A ni' 'RFK ' av- ...- i I 1 I i .4- If an K N 'A-.-f LS.. ,... -14 ,. 4 'A' -ff 1 ,.: QU' cfffpy ? S N 4 'x if 11 uni -UU A a-4 ff if HRSA ,X L S' 'x 1 92 5' 3 55' f, . i Aw if f If we f ,N . H 'Q Q" wg , -I D f have "jg: " in 'rLA5!i'z Pl A an. ,., 5 A-an . N" gg-:Q N.-in., . of 'i""a4'97?'ff' .Q Q .,.. -f ,I ,A . , nf' rg' ' ' X' L N i .2 . .qt 'Q Ya-1' " .ff '- f 1 L i 'vm ai' ' L .... -QM .. -Q-- . S. fl 1 wg here is more to Newton South than just end-of-term hysteria and cramming for finals. Granted, these are an integral part of a student's life, but IN GOOD COMPANY students and teachers in the classroom freely exchange ideas and opinions. These interactions are the basis for real learning. The variety of courses at Newton South reflects the diversity of students and the broad scope of their interests. From the American history and literature program to auto mechanics and "Horizons" gym, students are actively involved in all kinds of classes. Debbie Wennet explaining to her friends that you can always find the answers at the back ofthe book. ACADEMICS 82 Academics '-. 4f' I , W, 'N-09 E ..z. Q 1 y - v- , X' 1 7,0-K 3 X1 , .- X '4 'V A. vs, 'J ' 5. - f f V ,. 'Qi-' F, Q- , M .Q Jk f J M ng W fp Academics 83 The Nursery School "? JY 4 1 2 1 1 4 r ' : fd I 4 . Q M eg, Sax ix S 4 , X 4 lk, ,. . I 45,3515 .mi -in ....... I g g' , " 41' ,Q 5, ll , Q ., ,L " -,,,,.,.--n 3 H fa 7 I I ' 84 The Nursery School I 4 The Visual Arts i i ,,,,,-v-:41,,,.-is - 6 6 5' h-.5-wwmjwmw The Newton South Visual Arts Program offers a variety of exciting classes. Newton South is fortunate to have talented instructors, who contribute greatly to the success of this program. The sequence of art courses enables students to experience various media and subject matter and pursue in depth the area of particular interest. Among the special courses offered is Advertising Design Workshop. This class helps students understand commercial art. The students gain experience in interpreting and creating logos and advertisements. Similar in purpose to the ad workshop are the graphic art classes which are designed to familiarize the student with various printing machines and skills. Works created by students in sculpture, ceramics, art clay, and metal exemplify the freedom and personal expression stressed by the art department. Photography is also explored as a fine art through a series of courses. The student becomes familiar with the dark room and printing processes as well. At the end of the year students of various visual arts classes display their work for the public in the May Arts Festival. Throughout the week, works produced by students in all art media are exhibited, and slide shows and movies are shown. The accomplishments of the students show both the talent and the skills they have developed in the program. TW ' 9 s JT 'A' 512 ' A 5 ' ,. Q ,I N H ,S ' . r ws, .s W . ' . ' .Q " . 1 1 f' ' "2 .. I K A- 43 ,J I 0 ' ,. ZR q -M V E FW- E , -AQ.- A V 2 ' Q X 5 i ' ' 'xt MN A27 S 5 S if ' S 3 0 C ' -J ' Visual Arts 85 + T29 4 In I 7 . ,V .IL i Z T? 45. 5 V -n Y if 'x in 86 Industr al Arts i ,A Industrial Arts a ? 'L 5 9 , 4 if , li il' I N , K . E C n Y- " x8",s"tQX-P v X X ,gfwr--0' wg: ' .Q ' ,fxa -1. 3-xg: N' ' :SGW-5 i':::Q.Gk.-4X""" '- 'u':3X' 15.1624 -:SA X 1 5: 'gli WQWHQ :T Q X 'YN"i?5b!'x? -.'fj:x.'13f:..-: Yi. iam ""'5QXX"9b , 9 Q Y iffl - .YL - uni -.xxxi ,wx YAX- x fA 5 W- .XM fx-5, X xc -X - . .., 'x.,, , 'Y"5fQ 7'f .Yu , if 'X' X NK'4f',:f3,i1f,'.: ' Axxyivts V. .Q -i -Y z., N H 4-Q. if N xxggxs-g,5 Q, - . 5 NSR '- vt.. V K xv, -- . xw,'.,,"1-my :F 5 'N' 'xi-nw A -. ,Q Y ,Q:L.5Q 1 J W-fs , 'SQ ix K L in wi' 'A ,s N an Q L ff kv K 1.i, Q , 'I V, A, f Q I - I S V .,.,. q, u l N g i . ,E .,., ' E q 'ff' I' A -,,R3,: i 88 Academics 1 X I .K 1 .-K KW 5. xg: S 5 x B42 5 I 'Xl rl I i 1 I s ,-'5 S 1 Y -,,-ns-'ll' ? , ,. NJ 2- ,A ' -i il 5159 'E' 'XV X xl., m A ' f J , L, O M E 54' 5 5 fiizjgggg D N fi1lsF'Sf Q Ms, I 2 f2uR QL w EDNl55W .Lf .i x ww 3 if 1 T 'll 1 ' Acade s 89 . NV,- QAQN 31- n-n 1 ,Q wk- la L i l"': , br- .- g .- ' ..'-.' 5 " -f' . .gi 1 :iw A -Kp X V' W 1-ny ' i , -.. ..' K .35-..x-4 Rst P- -"' W' K ' xi A. . -.,,,, , .' .5 . gg W .. .xpqsrru ' s nn. ig... . F xmix 4 1 N . - 4' A w... 1 Qth.- 2' dung r sv ,. Q f 1 as ,5 . 4 3 5,1 L was mg - If x. '61 1 ..- J 4' R f I X' Y A. .1 1 NX. 'M ,xr " .Jr J X s Qi, ,- ,. . ..,.....- , ---M L C x ...l P XM L giw. F N iv- . QQ:-A 1 ,A N, x I f ' , 1 Q L X x. ..-- ,- YN.-4 1 -fi 1 Academxcs 91 ur paths will surely divide, but the memory of the relationships with our teachers and our friends will remain unaltered. As we look back over our years at South, we see the faces of those who were with us through the good and the bad times, the faces of those with whom we shared and will continue to share a timeless affinity. We have come to the core of Regulus and of Newton South High School. On the following pages are the pictures of the very people who constitute not just the good but the GREAT COMPANY with whom we have spent our time. Let me alone, l'm studying! - 7 .:"' PECDPLE 92 People K i.! 2 1 . 'L- -5-ll" People 93 Y D r FACULTY AND STAFF inf' i I i 3 i i . Ernest Van B. Seasholes Principal ' 'QQFS M Mrs. Roberta Dollase, Social Studies, Acting House- master, Cutler, First Half 94f'FacuIty and Staff -ae. 1' , I 4 3 J 5-2 2 W .s ,xv ,K i 1 Mrs. Judith Malone Housemaster, Cutler, Second Half Mr. Robert Franke Administrative Assistant ,Pc- ,.- 0- 4 u . 1 t I. I Mrs. Paula Mealy Mr. Robert Wicks Housemaster, Goodwin Housemaster, Wheeler x , l g u ii ":: ' .. in , il, 4 tt . 'gr' f Q u I . W M L 11 f F' q . ':, 1 is lk fR 3 'ei ff it . X- 1 A .sw ' JJ. Q- f r. .4 x , ' ,fi s 3. , 1. , "'P5.,-tx , . .sit ,vu is xi fs , V. .' jx cya, www- 'X , - 1 . 1 , ' .Q 1 . sf Z , "3 5 . . 8 ' t ,ll ' 4 ui -fJgf?"' 1 ' Q . ,W ' J, 'Y ' at 5 x I K it EM Nga? X rv-. X is ,. -f ' if .1 , Q 2 A N' M ini V J alb?l4 17, S1 f "Q f f ., 1 A , . 1 9 I Y S 1 MS .F N fill . ? F rv x :SK 4 , ".f' ' Kg. , Q sf xx ftluft- 5....r-""" Y' Y I I l "M" x I 1 E, lv 1 g 1 .,x., . Fl' '5 af ,N- tx ,- A. 'Nm ,I , i , Q '-Q2-t'1Y-17' BER' , x'1A'1: -fi. ,Q A ,ds t " ,',- T., .., . . i f. I ve? c x 4 'Q b ' vifleiyg l -1f3"3., wk33iQ vZ' ' . jf, f ,. ' '- . f r W ' eg g. if Si Dr. Margaret Addis Guidance Department Head Ms. Sandra Alexander Guidance Mr. Francis Alleva Business Mr. Wayne Altree Social Studies Department Head Mr. Allen Amen Art Mr. Robert Andrews Art Teacher in Charge Ms. Beverly Basile Business Mr. E. Barry Bassett Graphic Arts Mr. Warren Bechtold Physical Education Mrs. Lenore Behar Mathematics Mr. Gerald Beloin Life Skills Center Mr. Ronald Bergin Music Faculty and Staff 95 Ms. Judith Blanchard Physical Education Mr. Joel Bleiwas Social Studies Ms. Marie Brassard English!Senior Class Advisor Mr. Vinson Bronson, Jr. Science Mr. J. Walter Brough Science Dr. Philip Burnham Social Studies Mrs. Margaret Campbell Secretary Mrs. Veronica Cannell Secretary Mr. Ophair Caras English Mr. Robert Carey English Mr. Ernest Chamberlain English Mr. John Chiasson Coordinator - Work!Study, industrial Arts Teacher in Charge 96 Faculty and Staff .13 'gf Vit W., N N, f 1 i I . t 'F A X h . 3 . ,ff ,- 5 r 'ep I U gs 2- "1 v v I 'nik Q vs x 'X M " ' . xi? six I Q 1... , ,st 1 X X 3 .. ,I wg 9 J I 1. ig ,V ,Q 5 I ,. V Rv I tal? f' 5 E if .9 s , Q 3. i l I Q eg J 'Q Xxx gg.- ' A X W X .E XE, N - h Af XXX X J 5 , X ,xi ,-gf. if 1 . K sv Q Siva? 3' L is l g X, Q 1 f ' t 5' SV.-'E x S fl -xi Q U' sr Q 1 s X 25 Qi: Q' tb N U. 'Y' Yin 7 XX I X , ,. . -., sf i , .Li Jr.: L39 ID.-Q 'bs' N 7 Xi fs! Y Y NX f 71' Nl all 1 1 i i Ms. Gisela Clark Foreign Language Mrs. Barbara Cocoa Nurse Mr. Marshall Cohen Social Studies Mr. Joseph Connolly Industrial Arts Mr. Valmond Cyr Mathematics Mrs. Kathryn Daviau Home Economics, Teacher in Charge Mrs. Michelina DiBartoIomeo Secretary Eliz Dohanian Mathematics Mrs. Mary Doolin ESL Aide Mr. Gordon Duckel Music Mrs. Frances Dwyer Secretary Mrs. Betty Earle Language Lab Aide Faculty and Staff -V 97 Ms. Rebecca Ehrlich Foreign Language Mrs. Elaine Eisenhauer Foreign Language Ms. Ann Elliott Foreign Language Barbara Epstein English Mr. Anthony Erdmann Mathematics Mrs. Barbara Foley Secretary Mrs. Dorothea Gaudet Library Mr. Richard Geist English Mr. Elliot Glickler Foreign Language Mr. Robert Goggin English and Art Mrs. Dorothy Gonson English and DENEBOLA Mr. Lloyd Gottlieb Science 98fFaculty and Staff -v gr A rl, 4' , Q . .2 4 a s .-2153, X if is .,, .iq ,h 3 tw 1- 'v,.3jx.1'f'v, Ax ,.- f , V 'iuvj he .M M . - ug. 4 Q' , F , 5. gg. " ' 5 gg Z 'FQ fx .Q" fgQ:15gw , 351153 'Lf as ' '." :..f"??fJ'?6l512 ' J 2753: F14 " 5' item 'ez-NA . -.-xgf' 1-f . i. .'j,,,,3 'ze H i ' -Q wav .,- f ,S.'f14Q.x',-ef' I 5 ' W ,,,.z1,iwtgf.f g:I-1.-QQQQ-'ff X G iii f, x " . -ffs j. .r weft Q- ga.. ': , 'w -my sift. V - A N 11 f e a t? ff' v f f f '- . xi L .- . L y I ii- 'Qi sv x 5' 'F ' "qw - 'V L sf: G 'I N 1, ' Q 'A l' Ni X f' Y X 53? ig . P1 L av -'Q i Nqr, W----Q--Q-png' I tl l I I I I Q My - v gg r 'WCP .ii , -35, if- :QM . R . 'X X. N, A . , .wt .ty X Y: '- 5-X Xsxn w X xv S Y V yikgn f It 'X sw Y Q49 ef. Q 2,5 v . , my P' 4 f ' R 3 .G if - Y X " mm X N ?... SE. . is l X si I K w wt . ' - K i f ' . T4 B xywfk , N - '- ttuv gfg x Q. ' 3gg.,3v'.wgg. it ,. . .-,, Q. Q 5 Q 'QQS4 QVQXXQN, . 'fur 306 ,ff ,S "' 4-ss, f-..--,.i ' ff' fi .i-'f' i""" M... P' I--Laid 'D 1'6" . 1 . u i, 1 f - M l 1 A s -. ,r 5, 1. , . , vt .el-me ...Am ln., -' " C' 2. O',w.'-',:j.jmf 5 ' 3, ,M '. 1, A. X-,z ,M 3 ff , 11 A kj X '1 I 'P HXNIS , ,ef .',. - N-J ff f 'mix 1 I' Y X "n lit l IU? 't xX jf Dr. Betty Grossman Guidance Mrs. Madeleine Hall LibraryfA.V. Aide Ms. Dorothy Hansberry English Mr. Jeffrey Hansen Foreign Language Mr. A. Lincoln Heck Mathematics Mrs. Merrily Herring Mathematics Mr. Walter Hill Head Custodian Mrs. Joyce Hirshberg Learning Disabilities Mr. William Hollman Social Studies Mr. Cary Holmes Social Studies Mr. James Honeyman EngIishlTheatre Arts Mr. Charles Hurwitz Science Faculty and Staff!99 Mr. Edward Jackson, Jr. Guidance Mrs. Mary Jane Jewett Secretary Mr. James Johns Social Studies Mrs. Beatrice Kamen Library Mrs. Claire Kanter Life Skills Center, Music Mrs. Diane Katsikaris Secretary Mr. Barton Kelso Student Services Mrs. Gilda Kimball Bursar Mrs. Pamela Kinn Learning Disabilities Mr. Aredis Kojoyian Science Mrs. Diane Korelitz Home Economics Mr. Henry Lambert, Jr. Industrial Arts 100lFaculty and Staff 1 I , Tl' .ff .N .5 ,,.4,5 as A Q svn I Q.-Q, ' 1 I 'Sm YEL? .V vw 1 N! M7 5 I '-- I' 2 izhl J, 1 weft' f' 2,4 nfxi, "r .3 .tx ,uf- 4 ex' h-PA' . NX ' - M nw , , V V vw-19' f. 'F gs... ., M as . ! wi li K my N., . .5 as, .,, , . M S X NY tg.. ,RX ist. 59-xi., Q X' ' 3 ., -i ' X 5 . X ix it X il Xi Ms. Joyce Leary Science Mr. Steven Leonard English Sig. na Lisa Loeb Foreign Language Mrs. Mae Lofchie Secretary Mr. Dwight MacKerron English Mr. Warren Manhard, ll Mathematics Department Head Dr. Joseph Massimo Psychologist Mrs. Marcia McAvoy A,V.!Media Specialist Mr. Paul McCarthy Guidance Ms. Jessie McChesney Foreign Language Ms. Judith McGraime Foreign Language Mrs. Anne McGuire Secretary Faculty and Stafff 101 Miss Mary McLane Foreign Language, Acting Department Head Mr. James McLaren Science Mr. Nathaniel Merrill Mathematics Mrs. Joanne Mitchell Mathematics Mrs. Phyllis Monderer, Enrichment Program Coordinator, Student Activities Mr. Paul Murphy Campus!Cafeteria Aide Mrs. Mary Nelson Head Librarian Mr. Earl Pearlman Guidance Mr. Ernest Peltier Custodian Mr. Rocco Petrillo Foreign Language Mr. Edward Poskitt Physical Education, Director Mr. Anthony Principe Life Skills Center 102 Faculty and Staff AQ! -W X. CN Vw 5 '23 -fig 'br i i N X ,XV fr, N X fx ' -X 91' Qi . - , xx .- . , X, - N N -. .,.:. U . .iv 1: f - .'f,,,,g,g53e a . .. 1' - i Qt' .. if , . TEM T-' . Exe . X:-M... W. , rv ' I -w v-V Y' E-1. sv ' Ds. N S K. . ,J Mrs. Marcia Ratner English CSpeech and ESLJ Mrs. Margaret Ravenscroft Mathematics Ms. Nancy Reynolds Life Skills Center Mrs. Arlene Richardson Secretary Mr. Peter Richter Science Department Head Mr. George Owen Roberts Art Mr. George W. Roberts Social Studies Mrs. Olga Robinson Foreign Language Miss Ann Sanguinetti English Mrs. Linda Segal Foreign Language Mrs. Carolyn Sessler Guidance Mr. Paul Shapiro Mathematics Computer Coordinator Faculty and Staff 103 Mr. Donald Shaw Social Studies Mr. William Sheehan Life Skills Center, Physical Education Mr. John Sherman Social Studies Mrs. Rita Simon Learning Disabilities Mrs. Jane Slafsky Secretary Mr. Christopher Small Art Ms. Frances Smith English and REGULUS Miss Rachel Spiller Home Economics Mrs. Patricia Stayn Mathematics Miss Katherine St. Clair Life Skills Center Mr. M. Thomas Steeves Physical Education Ms. Moira Sullivan Science 104fFacuIty and Staff -,N 3 N ',, it rg ,lk -lf- Y-7 f :A ml. 4, a l , N 1 tx X' 7' x x lfffT1'X Nr-ff mm-'i 192. . 4? its W, ' ,Q-fr 1. ttf? A 2 lr 1 -ff' 1,4 .1 r' X, ull"-J Dx X .. l P' A 'ill ,sig :' f f' -c Z I .l" Q .b,. A f ,f np "f' 44 J I .- I mffw i, , , , 1 Mr. Donald Sutherland Social Studies Mrs. Gwenne Swartz Secretary Mr. Norman Swerling Driver Education Mrs. Lillian Tanenbaum Secretary Mrs. Helan Taylor Music, Teacher in Charge Mrs. Claire Tedeschi Secretary Jane West Mathematics Mr. George Winkler Physical Education Department Head ' Mrs. Barbara Wise - 1 43711 ' ' A E I' n i A g If 1 .-.,. L, ' ' , . ,L fry,-, ""f'1lv7" Secretary K4 f X 1 u 7 Lkll i I 'ii ' iti l - .cf s 3 A an t. Y ' , ' 5 1 5 , V V . I 9 + , A ' YN K in T'-A D J K L f 'iff' Guidance T fuf .Em 3 1 z' Cafeteria Staff seated: Alice Nutting, Barbara Capello, Virginia Picoria, Susan Harrison. standing: Dot McDougal, Margo Rossi, Angela DeFiubis, Joanna deLuca. Faculty and Staff 105 Mrs. Jean Young Mr. David Youngblood English Department Head Mr. William Yunker lll Jacqueline Abend Stephen Abroms Riaz Ahmed Kate Akagi Vicki Albert Scott Alpert Cornelia Althaus Rod Altschul Heather Andrews Heidi Andrews Scott Anglin Stephen Anglin Jill Ansel Carolyn Ansin Saleh Armian Allison Auclair Katherine Auer Robert Baker Barbara Bakst Christopher Barker Heidi Bassin Jill Becker Maria Belli Carol Berggren Richard Bern Julie Bernson Amy Bernstein Sallyann Bernstein Carolyn Bess Lori Block Michael Boches Wendy Bookstein Richard Botana Jennifer Botta Carolyn Bowers William Bracken Jane Braverman Johan Brigham Pearl Brodfeld Evelyn Brooks Robin Brownell Vincent Bryant ophomoressophomoressophomoressophomoressophomor . , X: :Nl ffl? 1 S' MH' ' 4, . Xkfl i l fd? L ,A r H92 IS-1155, 1- if -I-3 I n r ,yi 11 fee" luis . 115 gi .,, I liz' BetteJayne Buonato Marc Busny Lisa Butters Robin Caliri Jeffrey Chaban April Chalfin Janice Charest Carl Checkoway Linda Chee Audrey Cherry Bettina Chiaravelotti Scot Chin Arman Chitchian Anthony Christakis Robin Chudnow Joanne Coffey Linda Cohen Matthew Cohen Susan Cohen Tobi Cohen Mark Colling James Conviser Peter Cooper Andrea Costa Emanuela Curcio Gregory Cushna Steve Dakoyannis Anna Dalfonso Jonathan Dallin Daryl Daniels .Qi -ihomoressophomoressophomoressophomoressophomoressopl Underclassmen lO7 Michael Davidson Christopher Davis Daniel Davis Joshua Davis Anisha Dayal Claire DeMaio Amy DeRogatis Seth Doolin Robin Doren Carolyn Drucker Lien Duong Adam Elman Gail Feinstein Natalie Fine Judith Finger David Finkelstein Adam Fishbein Denis Fleming Jill Forti Jeremy Fox Sherri Frager Sharon Gabriel Shellie Lynn Gaines Kathleen Galvin Pamela Geller Lisa Gersh Marc Gernstenleld Emily Goldberg Jill Goldman Richard Goldman Scott Gordon Susan Gordon Sharon Grayzel Sylvia Groussis Jan Gumes Howard Gun lf 1-'f' Y A 9 Q nov ur:-1.3 4 ophomoressophomoressophomoressophomoressophomoress llc l r 1 David Ingham Kirsten Jenkins John Johnson Neil Johnson Andrea Kaplan Scott Kaplan Joseph Kaufman Diana Kelley Rachel Kennison Adam Kibel Prasad Kilaru Joshua King Rachel Klein Karl Knapp Philip Knapp Laura Kohl Nicholas Komar Oliver Komar Sherri Krassin Evan Kushner Carolyn LaCamera James Lambert Michael Langan Karen Leavitt Charles LeBlanc Ellen Lee May Lee Mark Leibovich Elizabeth Leitman Meryl Levenson 'Y qlhomoressophomoressophomoressophomoressophomoressoph Melissa Levin Michael Leviton Mark Rebecca Levy Levy Brian Lewis Richard Lipof Barbara Littmann Steven London Jane Longson Jeanne Madden Amy Malick Gerald M SFCUS Mark Mason Audrey McCarthy Linda McLellan Loren McMullen Irene M Debra M elville eyers Melissa Meyers Sherry Mich elson Laurie Millender Andrew Darrell Karen Michelle Peter Scott Miller Miller Miller Miller Miller Miller Liza Monahan Joanne Moskow Sarah M urphy X-if Sr-" If r'-'s XP""'VW"YQ!'N X... b . , xr - N-so A L . , .R , '-"-v 2 1-.1 Q L QV, . A Q L. -gg . , K Y , K' vi , Sf X' xl 'F 'I A . X 'N' 4 inn I? x x' rl I vfft ,K-1 syn if N! r? fgv J 1 Nt x., s.-43 f 1' l X sf ophomoressophomoressophomoressophomoressophomoress 110 Underclassmen Thus page sponsored by the Werbinski family V4 i -.. inf' isa-' bv' . -' fi. "1-...f 17' sn? Yrs YJ' Theresa Murphy Edward Murray David Nahor David Naimark Cheryl Nathanson Maureen Navarro Joshua Needleman Joanne Neiberg Heidi Nottonson Charles Oglesby Douglas Okun Justine Olansky William Osborn Michael Perkins Emily Phillips David Pickett Timothy Piper Lisa Pollino Patrick Powdermaker Wendy Pringle Deborah Putnoi Bradley Reed Gordon Reynolds Steven Richmond William Riley Michael Riu Craig Roach David Robbins William Roesner Karen Romanow Roger Rosenberg Bradley Rosenblum Beth Rosenson Jonathan Rosenson Howard Rosenstein Laura Rosenthal Adam Rosman Beth Rudikoft Debra Rudnick Anne Rundle John Ryan Mary Ryan Q5 ithomoressophomoressophomores sophomoressophomoressopl Underclassmen 111 Sean Saccheti Susan Saitow Aram Sarafian Theodore Sasson Elyse Scherz Henry Schniewind John Schroter Bethany Schwartz Haidee Schwartz Sandra Schwartz Susan Selig Luigi Sepe Joel Shapiro Joshua Shapiro Barbara Sheiffer Michael Sheinfield Elizabeth Sheridan Robin Shuman Daniel Silver Lee Silverman Stephen Simon Patti Simonds Anita Singh Rebecca Skoler Lauren Slessinger Laura Smith Elizabeth Soeldner Alec Soreft Joseph Spagnuolo Ilene Speizer Sharlene Speizer Jonathan Springer Judith Stacks Seth Steeves John Stephans Todd Stern Daniel Stewart Michael Stoller Mark Stolpinski Kathryn Straub Andrew Stubblebine Gail Tankel NH Wadi' N Nd N 'ive A. - 'TT -Q ,.- R 5 , X l N tg. . L g 3 A "' G., GW Y ,u . , er--v , .f J I L Pvt 'X w-1-',f 5. V' A I: , ' Q I 115. " i 5 . go i 411 X Vi" his I1 'Q' 59" -44" X ,qw gg gh.: X H gsy gmsx x 5. L-" '+' tv . TKZFLNX- .4 l . A- wi i w its? .sk --f" R At I- Sofx wc?" QQ- - in iv, N..- x 4 Z ew' i , I P Ki, 4 v inf' 1? If 'N--1 'll V ,ophomoressophomoressophomoressophomoressophomoressc 112 Llnderclassmen This page sponsored by Dr. and Mrs. Benjamin Chinitz l'i l it I l 1 l i ho Gail Tercyak Nancy Tessel Daniel Thorburn Phonelhanom Xayxanavethy D I 1 49 Darren Tong Q Mark Traietti h Cynthia Tsamtsouris K I' T I Tliomsjvancor lu -, Q Kari VanVloten Q A . Kim VanVIoten Q. 34 .rf-v :J V Rosemarie Vespa ' Lynn Waldstein Michael Walsh Hayden Watkin l -, Sheryl Watson , 2. Elena Webber " M 3 Steven Weiner 1 Elisa Weiss if XS..2ii, X . , K -4. 4 P,?, FW b Richard Wenning Marceline Widershien 22 Cecilia Wilcox 'L Ruth Wishengrad 5 W . M h iw' n ' l Q f if Q-I ,- DejeieWittEnt?e?g 3- . " Q b - K , - ' ., , .,.'..- J eanne Wolfe ' ' Zachary Woods " 'B 1' S' Carolyn Yalfe A rg- Y W- sh, ,f Lisa Yee I Q: ' A jf' 1' Susan Yesley 'I 'i S I g .- I X l-esIie Young x Lisa Zeichner I , ,X A I 0 I4 .rg 1:1scnomoressophomoressophomoressophomoressophomoressoph Underclassmen 113 I I Scphomcres Not Pictured Benjamin Adler Thomas Albrecht Steven Arduino Carnig Ashchian Wayne Barbuto Lisa Barton David Becker Keith Bianco Robert Brass Margaret Brennan Lisa Buchsbaum Brooks Burlingame Andrea Castellanos John Chiasson Lisa Clayton Julie Cohen Elizabeth Colling Francis Conneely Chris Cooper David Cowles Ellen Crasnick David Cullen Robin Curhan Michael Daniele Ronnie Davis Paul DiCicco Pamela DiClemente Arthur Eisenberg Jonna Eller Kathryn Erbe James Fast Maria'Luigi Fontecchio Ira Frank Irene Getman Eric Goldberg David Goose Lauren Gumes Doreen Hagar Tracy Hairston Daniel Hodgson Richard Hunter Wilbur Jackson Joseph Jacobson Jerrold Kassman James Kelleher Paul Kulesza David Laine Lisa Lee Roderick Leonard Jonathan Lerman Sandra Lerza Ardath Levine Harold Lindsey Eric Lindzen Vong Luong Rachel Lurie Charles Lyons Mary Malamud Cathy Manzelli Mitchell Matorin William McLaurin Michele McVeigh Michael Meehan Gregory Mar Vivian Mar Darrel Miller Wanda Miller Dwayne Mosby Jill Mucciarone William Murphy Geoffrey Murray Lauren Myers Mark Nicoletti Sarabeth Okstein Patricia Pennington Pervilla Phillips Eva Piessens Stanley Pilavin Ronald Ritchie Elizabeth Rogers Geoffrey Rosenthal Robert Salmons Kimberlee Scalia Suzanne Secinaro George Seested Sandra Seifer Robert Shocker Jacqueline Simms John Soehle John Sostilio Christopher Stomberg Paul Sullivan Karen Suyemoto Hung Tran Renee Treisman Aviva Troobnick Nicolos Vespa Luong Vong Carol Wax Michelle Williams Marc Winer James Winter Bruce Wintman Jonathan Yofle Martha Young Jonathan Zeitlin sophomoressophomoressophomoressophomoressophomoressqif 114 Underclassmen This page sponsored by Mr, and Mrs, Stephen Rittenburg I . f 3 ovvihu s' 5. use 'lv xq,-ze-r. iam X Q. it f md1..f I. i . -4 445 I 'QI .', Q-J "M me 30,4 ,L . ,.,f ' 4 ' -Ar it I A XR 4,3 u-,I V N ax. , 5- ' ., , -gb, l in D fi f, X., .M W- cm, N, .Q . 1 Q. . -Q Kw- A5 2 1 s Y". W . gf .,. w, l i ft -:L X Q .f t sf ' Neff. . Y '15 Cl . Q J XM-r 1' 'Kr 4 o . 'S l Lawrence Abend Steven Abrams Pamela Alberts Amy Altman Lisa Anthony Michael Antonellis Gail Arduino Haleh Armian llana Ascher Emily Barsh Richard Battista Lisa Baumberg Peter Becker Gretchen Belz Cary Berger Deborah Bernheimer Lori Bernstein Michael Berwind Stephen Black Naomi Blumberg Jessica Bolker Elaine Borelli Lisa Braceland Terrence Brann Susan Breitstein Scott Brightman Adam Bronstein Sharon Budd David Bullen Linda Burke Lynn Butler Scott Butler Linda Calderone Kenneth Caliri James Campbell Lisa Campion Alan Carver Elisabeth Chalolf Steven Chan David Chapman Susan Charpentier Claudia Charren ifessmlorsjuniorsjuniorsjuniorsjuniorsjuniorsjuniorsjuniorsjuniorsjuniorsjuni Underclassmen 115 Paige Chernow Athena Chooljian Bonnie Chudnow Judith Cimetta Elaine Cohen David Comerford Lori Cooper Tonia Croce Colleen Crowley Maria Curcio Eric Dauwalter Mark Davidson Harriet Davos Nicholas Davos Angela Dea Enrique DelCampo Nancy DeMichele Ruth Deming Francine DeRosa Donna DiNisco Steven Dirksen James Dittmer Ann Doherty Majorie Dubinsky Michael Duffy Dorene English Kenneth Fay Steven Fay Michele Feibel Joyce Feinberg .iuniorsiuniorsjuniorsiuniorsjuniorsjuniorsjuniorsjuniorsjuniorsjuniorsi T Q6 -Avis iQ.'sh,. 1 ua' qgl oN x--r bf in N Q 'N J iv I x , -,A Qvfv 4' Viv E , . A 1 f-, ' X ' ZLL ' l A. LL J i i mg-1. . ,. My QS 9' isv' N ,. w gi , X X 5. , r - Y , ' Q 6? f J 6. . : 1 Q , ,F av. W .. , 2, j , X X N 3 1- 2-7 .x t .15 ' s 'V 4 . x , 5 -uv 1 5 ' h J Yr. '7 E gf? Q Q David Feld Jonathan Feld Andrew Feldman Kathleen Fleming Charles Flynn Joseph Fong Pamela Frank Janet Freed Cynthia Freeman Jody Garber Marie Geraci John Geisser Richard Gockelman Eric Goldberg Jayne Goldman Lori Goldman Rebecca Goldman Stephen Goldman Isabella Grapsas Lawrence Greenberg Jon Greenburg Larry Grossman Peter Gumes Chung-Hyae Hahm Jimmy Hanelin Audrey Hart Karen Hayden Maria Heck Neal Helfron William Higgins Alexis Hill David Hill June Hinds Kathleen Hosmer Darragh Houlihan Angela Hsiung Andrew liams Wendy Irvine Dana lsenberg Holton Johnson Linda Johnson Karen Kallish -6'sl-iorsjuniorsjuniorsjuniorsjuniorsjuniorsjuniorsjuniorsjuniorsjuniorsjuni Underclassmen 117 Corinne Kallman Anne Kamowitz Eric Kaplan Jonathan Kaplan Marshall Katz Sabra Katz Roger Kaufman Laura Kaufman Henry Kendall Susan Kessler Heidi Kingsbury Heidi Klein Michael Klugerman Lucy Knight Kenneth Kohlberg Mark Koning Adam Krane Norman Lazarus Paula LeBlanc Dara Lee Eric Lee Lily Lee Cindy Leonard Sarah Levin Deborah Levy Steven Lewis Kenneth Liebman Richard Lifsitz Mark Lipof Tandee Lipsky ,uniorsiuniorsjuniorsiuniorsiuniorsjuniorsiuniorsiuniorsiuniorsiuniors Deborah Logan Susan Lory Laura Lupien David MacDonald Leslie Maclver Debra Mann Stacie Mann Susan Mann Jennifer Manthei David March Linda Martin Charles Mayer Jane McAllister Paul McAllister Carolyn McCrory Susan McGary Richard McKinney Robert Michelson Steven Mikels Jon Miller Laurie Miller Christine Moan Frank Moreau Howard Morris Stephen Mosca Denis Murphy Kim Murphy Amy Nauss Jill Nesgos Allison Neumann Scott Newlon Andrew Nottonson Beth Nussbaum Christopher Osborn Theodore Pappadopoulos Michael Pappas Soung Park Michael Paulson Janice Pearson Elizabeth Pelton Linda Pernice Stephanie Pernice iffiforsjuniorsiuniorsiuniorsiuniorsjumorsjuniorsjuniorsjuniorsjuniorsjuni Debra Podutaly Richard Pontz Carl Pottey Scott Powell Eric Price Kenneth Propp Johanna Ralston Diane Ranen Eric Rector Ron Richmond Jill Rieke Aaron Riseman Michael Robinson Adam Rollins Rebekah Rosenkrantz Michael Rosman Scott Royster David Rubin William Rundle Edward Ryan Wendy Ryter Stacey Sacks Penny Salter Salpi Saratian Diana Satin Kenneth Sawin Amy Scheinin Shirley Schinazi Lisa Schneider Erica Schnitzer Peter Scott Karen Secheyco Lauren Seeley Jay Seletz Jane Selig Alison Serrell John Sheridan Michael Sherman Linda Siegel Marc Silk Robin Silver Lee Silverstein i .1 'T' P1 s -Sv 4 Q1-v Q93 A Q . 19 5 i . z. ' tt. , L-X i 'SI --. V9 N 'Q St 4 in L.. QU! Q' Q7 3 Q Y rf' :CN -T' rv i,iumorsjuniorsjuniorsjuniorsjuniorsjuniorsjuniorsjuniorsjuniorsjuniorsjtmo 120 f Underclassmen This page sponsored by Andria and Denise DiCicco u , 'Y .N Mud, who 9 -va, Vx T? . 'T gr Q-4 ' N xl r f, f X 3 Q 4, ,- T fy Lqc , -In W i Q Q 'A .. ps-: gg, C5 1 - .L Q: W 13- .Ji i Y ga' , qu... W 1 .' A Q f of A n xv Q l 'S Lisa Silvestrone Wendy Simonds Jodi Sklar Philip Small Carolyn Smith Cynthia Smith Leslie Smith Lionel Smith Paul Smith Sandra Smith Pamela Smolar Tanya Smukler Robert Soultanian Philip Spencer Laurie Spicer Colleen Stafford Robert Stafford Steven Steinberg Craig Stern Jeffrey Stevens Jane Stoloff Robin Stone Katharine Strange Jeffrey Sugarman James Swerling Rhona Talamo Jill Tatelman Andrew Taylor Sarah Terrill Daniel Thomas -will iorsjuniorsjuniorsjuniorsjuniorsjuniorsjuniorsjuniorsjuniorsiuniorsiun Underclassmen lan Todreas Paul Tolley Faye Tonkonogy '- Markus Toth Andrew Traietti Susan Treisman Q4 ,. . Anna Tsoumbanos Robert Van David VanDam Karin Vanderwalde Valda Veidis Arthur Walton i XY If i I J Gregory Wands Amanda Weaver Winn Weiner O9 Julie Weinfield Ji Max Weiss 'V Mary Werbinski E gr Robert White Julia Wiesner Sandra Wilcon Keith Wilcox Gregory Willoughby 6' lvl -s Tanya Wolff "" X N W Q "' 9,4 K Nr' 0 A ', Qt.- 4 .1 W Laura Yerardi Andrew Young ' . ,1 A Steven Zaft 4 x ' I " A as l Lang Zerner 1 f ' . ,- X Terry Ziegler p X -., C' X 2 k 1 - ' ' ,s , X ' .' E . . X 'Nr AK IL A lx , . 41' i.-.- 1 5' niorsjuniorsjuniorsjuniorsjuniorsjuniorsjuniorsjuniorsjuniorsjuniorsjuiioi Juniors Not Pictured Andrew Abel Anthony Algeri Jeremy Angier Michael Ansel Jeffrey Azzoto Neal Gliksman Joseph Golding Eugenio Gonzalez Alan Gordon Mary Gosnell Aran Nathanson David Nierman Donald Norton Robert Pellegrine Alfred Pennington it Anthony Baio Harold Grassilli Adam Pressman Andrew Barnett Toren Hall Mark Raeder -' Edward Basile Markos Hankin Arthur Richardson i Ruth Berman Levon Hanzatian George Roberts l Abraham Brass Susan Hecht Marci Rockoff i Patrick Carresi Stephen Heiser Jean Rogers ' Chris Christakis Jeanne Hurley Richard Rubin David Cohen Robert Jardine Edward Ryter Hyman Cohen Steven Kaplan Emily Salmon Donald Colligan Daniel Karger Frank Scheinin John Collins John Kearney Peter Schlossman , Craig Crossley Robert Kiah Edward Seasholes 'li' Gregory Crowder Mark Kiley Bram Shapiro Warren Cummings James Kinch Javid Sharifi Stephen D'Angelo Lisa Lasson James Sharton Ann Daniele Barbara Lebow Jerome Shectman Stephen DeLacy Elizabeth Levenson Peter Singleton Jean DiBenedetto Robert Levine Judith Soeldner Jean Downing Robert Lieberman Ely S053 Patricia Eng Stephen Maffie Anne Stohler Hannah Feldman Andrew Magni Robert Stuart Adam Fineberg Marvin Maltz Patricia Sullivan I.-.. Eric Fontecchio Paula Mar John Terrasi -.f Patrice Galvin Joann McCartney Rita Tillett .Ill Elaine Getman Nicholas McCaster Nicholas Topalis :E i John Giannenakis Kristo Miettinen Amy Weisman Lei l Steven Glazier David Morrison Christopher Zisi ,fi P: l N. Pi' 5,3 i N. m5 in 1 4 l l I I I I I I I I I I I I I l I I "StillOl'SjUl'llOl'SjUl'llOl'SjUl1IOI'SjUl'llOl'SjUFllOl'SjUf'lIOl'SjUllIOl'SjUl'llOl'SjUlllOl'SjUfll l I Underclassmen 123 In ' Steven Aaron . 160 Oliver Road Cutler Rosalee G. Abbott Q, w 1,7 108 Lovett Road ,W Cutler .. l'll always remember: summer of '80, weekends, wild and crazy times, the lot, parties, Lisa, L Q 3 LG, DF, AR, Daffy's Song, and all my other very specialfriends. Avery specialthanksto my 'j F X, Q 'L , 1 Q ,- I . HI' gg.:-.z XMX Hag K ...Zn Mom, Dad, Suzanne and Heidi for being there when I needed them. ' .,:J'-- I ' ff Ex s - f ! Michele Adams 43 Linden Street Wheeler Love forever John, I finally made it. Mar Cape Action, summer '78, JGDC - Sorry about that BS forgiveness, Okay, Pep, KK, Bake someone happy Lauren it's worth the trip. fi Tuesday is finally gone. Love and Thanks, Mom 81 Dad. Alan D. Agulnick 22 Brandeis Circle Wheeler "lt's a bright horizon, and l'm awakening. I see myself in a brand new way. The sun is shinin', the clouds are breakin' cause I can't lose now - there's no game to play." Thanks Mom and Dad, Mark, Todd, Seth 8. friends. Peter Lewis Alexander 242 Lake Avenue I Wheeler I Football, Lacrosse 10, 11, 12. "You may say l'm a dreamer, but l'm not the only one - I ' Maybe someday you'll join us andthe world will be as one." - Lennon. Sue, you are the ' 1 I best! Mom, Dad, Dubz, Amy, you have guided me thus far. It is my turn now - thanx. 1 I Susan Allen I 74 High Rock Terrace Wheeler Wiz, Twang, Verne, Borny, Da, Luch - we made it! Thanks for always being there. Leez - our special memories will always live, All my love to Mom, Dad, Bird, and Kitty! "There's so much left to know, and l'm on the road to find out." - Cat Stevens. I! I Kimberly Aloisi I i 5 Broadlawn Park I Goodwin ' Cheerleading 11, capt. Not to forget . , . B.C. Parties, All nighters, Celebrations, Beach CC CJ bummingl Private stock, midnight roller skating. Michele 8. Trudy, We made it! Good luck to all my friends. Special thanks to my family. Now . . . LET THE GOOD TIMES ROLL! I 'J I Laura Ansin I ..-1' I 38 Lovett Road I l Wheeler ' Ski team 10- 12. If you love something very much, set it free. If it doesn't return, it wasn't . I meant to be. If it does, love it forever. Brigham 9 A.M,fniceIy good luck MMLFAMLDLDS- J' I PRA - everyone. Spain - '78 CC - '79 B-town tit. Thanks Mom and Dad. I made it. I I h I l I l I I I I I l I ,SGHIOTSS9flIOFSSGTIIOFSSGI1IOFSSGIIIOFSSGIIIOFSSGDIOI'SSGfllOl'SS9IlIOI'Sl9ll . D1 I i I I I 124"Seniors I I i l I l I i Ni' M, sg Q.-V Paul M. Aries 963 Boylston Street Wheeler Lippy. Soccer 10, 11, Capt. 123 Hockey 10, 11, Capt. 12, Goodtime in DC '79 - JC? '80 BK, MH, JG, CM, JM, RJ. Good friends LM, MM, GM, LY, SM, PS, KF, JS, JM, JB, JD, and JH. DL Thanx OLDIES Sat Niters MA, RL, RS, AS Thanx family Love ya Mom Dad - you're the greatest. Edward Arons 27 Stony Brae Road Cutler I know I'lI never lose affection for people and things that went before, I know I'lI often stop and think about them . . . JL WCP 507, PG, SD, Googi AND THE IMMORTAL BARN, Clockwork, Boston, WHO, Todd, and the Beatles! Horror Show '78-'81. Michelle Arons 82 Margaret Road Cutler Gymnasticsg Track 10, 11, 12. "Mish" "MisheIine". Look not with your eyes for they see limitationsg rather seek with understanding and you will find much more. JP. FLy with me? Mr. P 8. Shmug. w!Mickey Mouse at the stream and grate "BO" party wild w!TM, JF, BS, MN, JG Duncs with LN, JM, AR. Paul Avratin 89 Puritan Road Cutler Paul Avratin, the determined Man. Totally underestimated through his school years. Hard working years ahead. VW Rabbit all the way. Honda in the dirt. Thanks to Mom and Dad, Caren Bailey 17 Walsh Road Cutler "Don't stop thinking about tomorrow, Don't stop, it'II soon be here, it'lI be, better than before, yesterday's gone." Thanx to TDB and all of my friends for the great times we have had and special thanx to my parents for putting up with me. Donna -lots of luck next year at South. Scott Bailey 210 Upland Avenue Cutler Gymnastics 10, 11, Capt. 12, Thanks Mom, Dad, Jordan, Paul, JO 8 Scotty. SHARI I LOVE YOU IN BIG WAYS. I love you in small ways, I love you this minute 8. I will love you always. D Bates D Fergoson Hoch Paul Rick Jeff Howie Janet 8- Dave PFloyd JBeck VHaIen ECIapton DPurpIe, .hah ,.,.iggeniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniors Seniors 125 lr I 1 I I Melissa Balder ' 3 Edgefield Road Cutler "Learn from yesterday. live for today, hope for tomorrow." Unforgettable memories with my special friends LF. Best of friends never part. Mom 8- Dad - your friendship is very Q speclal to me! I love you! Susan Bamel 22 Olde Field Road Cutler If I am not for myself, who will be for me? But if I am for myself alone, what am I? And if not I now, when? Hillel, Music, "From Teddy-Bears to Roses," SM - Giggles, friendship, ., ' f x f shoes Andy f bookends. ' ' C ' ! I Gregory Barker 49 Woodcliff Road Goodwin "Life is such a short nothing, so why not do the insane?" Oreos, Wizzlesticks Post 5 fyesl 30, 55.00, The Grateful Dead, Trolleys, Coffee house, Hair, Rambler, Beards, Upasana Barthakur 259 Hartman Road Wheeler lnternat'l CL. 10-12, SHS 11, 12, French CI.1O-12gNHSMUN11,12gDeneb0Ia11,12gSr. Class Comm, NEW 12, History CL. 12. "To Meet, to know, to part is the sorrow of every human heart." Shakespeare. Love to my family 8. friends. IC forever!! David Bates ts 143 Upland Road Cutler Searchlng for myself. Lifting, cards, and writing. Ken, that's not funny. Dave, l'm a better ping-pong player. Al, you love that girl. Thanks Ma and Dad, Mrs. Malone, all those named -5 Ralph KSB, PS TSB and especially Pete for understanding me. The Boss. I 'ff' W .W X., ,qw .- P. ' fr Q Yi Joanne Elise Baye 69 Ober Road Cutler "Jo" Volleyball 11, 123 Basketball magr. - 11, 12. Memories of good times with all the gang. LS - l'll miss U! Summer '80, Berlin - next Exit, "Baye drop-in center." "Hey 277" f24824D - "And those are the memories that made me a wealthy soul." - Seger. Joanne M. Beatty 21 Goddard Street Wheeler Soccer 10, 11, 12, KM. Buzlg Gymnastics 10, 11, 12, Colleen - soph. Calls 81 stuff. Susanne - keep Noel warm, Cheryl Jen Kath Diane Celia Beth LD RF KS PB Addiction, where's bubbles? RGF wfJE Tedface DS2 CM you guys! Ring. Stns. - Satisfaction. Hi 'P Ralph 8. Mom 8 Anne. IX4 Paula S. Becker TA" 32 Oxford Road Cutler Music, I missed you! S. Crewies are wonderful. DA Boys and Berg, thanks Michael, ' remember the fringe benefits Beth the necessary Niels you are a friend to those who've X helped. Mom and Dad, thanks. You are always there. seniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsler 126 'Sensors Jane Elizabeth Bess 1 Newbrook Circle Goodwin Cheerleading, French Club, Denebola. "lf you have one true friend, you have more than your share." I have found many: LR, NF, SN, GR, LK. Mom, Dad, All my love and thanks. You helped me be me. Mini, good luck. I know you'Il go far. Cheryl Ann Bibbo 54 Indiana Terrace Cutler Softball 10, 11, 12. We made it Nanci. Good luck to EB, RT, LV, KS, RM, CC, MH, MV, PR, HB, PK, LM, LC, The Falls, the cafe, Bib's '81 Freebird. Thanks for putting up with me, Mom and Dad. Also Mrs. Malone, thanks for everything. David S. Bikosfsky 191 Woodcliff Road Goodwin Lacrosse 11, 12. "Impossible is a word only to be found in the dictionary of fools." The Crest - Bicarb, Lefty, HMUN, SHS, Times with the guys. Thanks to my family, for without them I could not have achieved. Deborah Lynn Blicher 76 Alban Road Goodwin "i thank you God for most this amazing day: ffor the leaping greenly spirits of treesfand a blue true dream of sky . . . " tee cummingsb Now I begin my education Kas I do every morningji Thanks to so many , . . ffamily, LES, JLMJ ETC!!! Karen Sue Blinder 15 Kendall Road Wheeler South High Speaks 10, 11, 12, Denebola 10, 11, 12, BBG. Sweet are the thoughts that savor of content, the quiet mind is richer than a crown. Thanks family and friends. Paula Boisvert 26 Chinian Path Goodwin French Club 11, Junior Class 11 Senior Class 123 Goodwin House Task Force 11, 12. This is not the end but the beginning. Thanks Mom and Dad. .1 3'eniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorssenior Seniors 127 Nancy Borelli 78 Bernard Street Goodwin "Remember take one day at a lime," T4Ville you're sweeties! Cheryl, we're out here Hun! Girls, Thank you! Paula, remember it all! Mom and Dad - you're honeys. Thanks for being there and listening - love ya muchlyl! 5-14-79 - Always and forever. Susan A. Bornstein 107 Adeline Road Cutler "Be not afraid of life. Believe that life is worth living and your belief will help create the fact " - W. James. Jimmy - a very special friend. Thanks. ILY. And to my friends and family, I couIdn't have done it without you. Susan Ann Botana 66 Parker Avenue Goodwin "Friends are forever, as gold is first." Take care everyone. Good luck GF ML LC, and keep in touch! Thanks Mom. You're the best! Hang in there Ricky. I love ya's. Lisa Annmarie Botti 130 Elgin Street Wheeler Soccerg Softball, Track. Thanks to Dad and Rita and all my friends. A special thanks to Russ for believing in me and for giving me the confidence to believe in myself. Never forget the only one for me is you! Always remember the fires in NH. Jay Alan Bovarnick 15 Winston Road Wheeler Track 10, 11. You just can't please the world and yourself. You gotta start doing what's right for you, 'cause life is being happy! Jon Eric Bovarnick 15 Winston Road Wheeler "Bo" Football 10, 11, 125 Tennis 113 Basketball 101"TADS" 11, 12. "I will go on shining, shining like brand newg I'll never look behind me, my troubles will be few!" Good times JB JC KG BG LT JD BR and rift friends Lauren G and Daryl C. Thanks Mom and Dad, Pamela Bowers 30 Circuit Avenue Cutler Soccer 1O, 11, 123 Basketball 10, 11, 12: Track 11, 123 Softball 10, 11, Hldecidedlong ago not to walk in anyone's shadow. l'll be what I want to be. And what I want to be is me." 3's 85 MT EEE etc. Good luck Freddie. Thanks to all my friends and especially my family. I love you. Helen Brennan 38 Sullivan Avenue Cutler -5 3 I AQ -if !,.o A -s X 7 J ,,.4? X -ci X. XVI I is I MAA X11 I' eniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniors: I 128 Seniors l i mi if Di l tt Sheryl Brooks 31 Knowles Street Cutler Winter, spring, summer or fall, all you have to do is call, and l'lI be there, you've got a friend. - Carol King. Special thanks to Mom, Dad, Steve, Tracey and Susie. l couldn't have done it without you. Good luck to all my friends in the future. IK fs IQD Robert Stephen Brown 69 Evelyn Road Goodwin Soccerg Drama 10, 11, 12. "What our eyes behold may well be the text of life, but one's meditations on that text and the disclosures of these meditations are no less the structure of reality." - W. Stevens. MUNYOUWMNTESFMMKSCKILYA. Marc Buchsbaum 207 Brookline Street Wheeler Box. Basketball 10, 11, 12. That certain Boston Garden experience. The BC strip, Summer "8O", The Beach, all the great times with the best of friends. Thanks Mom for always being there. Good luck Lisa. John Burgio 667 Boylston Street Cutler Gary Burokas 30 Braeland Avenue Goodwin T' Edward S. Campbell 16 Bonaire Circle Wheeler Mellow is the man who knows what he's been missing - many, many men can't see the open road. Good luck to my friends. l'lI miss you all. GAMPS. Untold thanx to the two people l love and respect most: Mom!Dad. Yim, get to the point, woodjal 15' Franco Carrelli 653 Boylston Street Cutler leniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniors Seniors 129 1 I I Rosella Carrelli 653 Boylston Street Cutler "Living is easy with eyes closed, misunderstanding all you see." Italian Club Dinner, International Club. Rememberg JW., T.C., S.B., S.S., T.C., A.S., K.C., M.H., Sl. ST, C.T., R D , and all the good times. Thanks, Mom and Dad for everything! Jeffrey Casler 45 Fox Hill Road Wheeler Lacrosse, Wrestling. "lt's along dark highway and a thin white line connecting baby, your heart to mine." All the good times with my friends, Mich LT. Cards N.Y.E. "79" Nantasket Jade Island, Laura, you're amazing. TNKS M 8. D. Cheryl Lee Castellanos 37 Glenwood Avenue Goodwin A wise man sees what he ought to, not as much as he can. GD times with JB, CD, MP, BS, PM, TM, NC pals. Joey my best friend. JC - we're not odd, just ingenious. Lupe my twin. MM - you're great. I am free as a bird now 8. this bird you can not change. Outlaws 801 Daisy 8- Butty! M 81 D ILY. Michal Cenkl 152 Pine Ridge Road Cutler Coach. The roads by which men arrive at their insights into celestial matters seem to me almost as worthy of wonder as those matters themselves. - Johannes Kepler. Thanks to Paul, Paula, Mom and Dad. tsorryl. Amy Cerier 50 Esty Farm Road Wheeler "Friends are not so easily made as kept." Friends forever - CB, LK, RS, RT, and SU Always remember parties, skiing, summer '79, Regards to Bloomies, Love to Mom, Dad Andy, Jeff, and Ditto's memory. Andrew Chaban 111 Paulson Road Goodwin SHS 11, 123 Indoor Track 11, 12, HMUN 12. "Whoso would be a man would be a non- conformist - Ralph Waldo Emerson. lt's been great - BB, BS, DB, DK, DP, RH, TA, Thanks forthe support, Mom and Dad. Tublu Chatterjee 1016 Beacon Street Wheeler "To see a world in a grain of sand and heaven in a wild flowerfHold infinity in the palm of your hand and eternity in an hour." - Auguries of Innocence. Julie Anne Checkoway 103 Rosalie Road Cutler Jumbled snapshots of: Thursdays, Rainproof Roses, SL, DB, JP, BB, Mind Games, 50- page craziness, new-found Idealism, English Anguish, Sleep? "lt is not until we are lost that we begin to find ourselves." Thanks to those who always understand: Mom, Dad, M, C, B, S, Meet me in the playground . .. 4 UQ 'U r' gg Nj N :VW ' 5""'ff.3.w Wd I seniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsge 130 Seniors ,J X f X ff? f, visit 1. 1 a..f.i7"f'isf5l if .iw 1' x N , ., X. . X X, N i "-'Giang Paul Chernow 72 Ouinobequin Road Cutler Good times with PB, SB, SN, ER, RS, the art room, frisbee, Lewiston, "You got to mellow slow, it takes time to pick a place to go. Just keep trucking on." - Grateful Dead. Kenneth Cherry 10 Maynard Street Cutler Cross Country 10, 11, All the world is a birthday cake SPLHCB. so take a piece, but not too much, Carla Chiaravelotti 40 Philbrick Road Cutler Swimming 10, 11, 12, lnd. Track 10, 11, 12, Track 10, 11, Capt. 12. "The best thing about a diet is that there's always tomorrow!" Never forget: PIGOUTS LH, LY, AC, CD, DP, PR, LD, 8- JO Animal, EKS Auto, NH, JB, Where's planet Claire? ESP. Leora, EK, Flash and SSFL. Michael Chinitz 20 Morton Street Goodwin "The street of life is enjoying the passage of time. - James Taylor- ski bum forever Vail 'BO Innsbruck '81. The summer of '80 was awesome. Hit the beach No goodbyes. Good friends, keep in touch. Photo staff '80 was excellent. Reduced farmers live on. Karen Clayton 265 Upland Avenue Goodwin Denebola Photo Ed. 12, Regulus 11, 12, Ski 11, 12. Good luck to all my friends, photo 111 Andys, 525, reduced farmers do "it." Remember all the good times. Thanks Mom, Mike, Good luck Lisa. "The moment may be temporary, but the memory is forever." - Andrew Cohen 49 Rowena Road Cutler Wrestling 10, 11, Capt. 125 "Capt Pokey." "Sir, you have wrestled well and overthrown more than your enemies." - Shakespeare - 3 1 . f f .fa-4 . ilolll' 'IPAQ' i -gk ? 5' I an ,. If D ', . A "wt . we-5-1.311-f ' I 1 1 qimeniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorssenior Seniors 131 N .,uv....--1--,,..,..N-. , , ...FT 7.53 4 A It , xi, , I .,.. ' 1 -fx Benjamin Cohen 91 Pine Ridge Road . Cutler 'LZ' Bruce R. Cohen 9 Walter Street H Cutler lin, "Today is the day to begin." The shed, Breezeway, Tony's Villa '79-'81 tCapt.J Great 10.1 iiiiii tnmes with KC., T.C., CS., J.B., CC., JM., and thanks to my mom. Good bye South, hello QQ' Wentworth Also SD., BK. qx Marcie Cohen 11 Wayne Road Cutler "Never be sad for what is over, be glad it was yours to have." Summer '80, cruising, G.P. "D The Lot, Sue, Best of friends NEVER part. Thanks for the good times. JK DC JL CP JS GD ax CJ BL MM LB LR It's like! Thanks to my family for always being there. Love u Carl. Susan Gaye Collins 11 Levbert Road Cutler "Good friends are hard to find, l'm lucky I've found mine" . . . Susan, we have shared so much! NF, CL, LS, JC, LB, SB, JF, A great homeroom - Steviel Leboeuf, I'lI chalk you up to experience. John Lennon - your spirit lives on . . . .'.' i 5 Daryl Conviser 15 Malubar Lane Goodwin Best Friends: SB, JL, LK, DW, LS, SA, GT with BG and RK favorite friend JB. DM MC Memoriesi Nan 1980, B. PL, JB's party DK w!Borny gH Fri Elvis? star It love Bagel Nosh Flo, 80181 New Years '80 Jim's NY Mom, Dad, Lisa - I love you. "l've loved these days," X3 Laurie S. Conviser 5 Stony Brae Road Goodwin Tennis 10, 11, 12. "If you imagine it, you can achieve it. If you can dream it, you can become it " Mom and Dad - l love you. LR - Best of friends never part. Thanks everyone - you've made these past three years great! John Corbett 52 Cottage Street Goodwin Life is a waste of time, time is a waste of life so get wasted and have the time of your life, Falls III, never forget good times with CD, BH, RS, PE, EB, JK, MD, KC, LR, JM, LJ, Baby -'I Jen, 1436, Goodby!!! Jonathan Corkin 29 Dorcar Road Goodwin 'eniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsege 132 Sensors l Jennifer Costa 1735 Beacon Street Cutler 3 Nothing is impossible to a willing heart - Great times with Ned, CD, JB, LD, PB, KS, BS, MP and Lupe - 69 Ford! Mar - SPRINGSTEEN "8O" Cheryl - we fooled them! Freaky! Gano Gang rtl, Cape Outlaws "8O". Doors, Monty! Michael - when dreams come true, lite is beautiful, ILY! Mom and Dad - I love you. xv I Modestino Criscitiello V, 2 Ftaeburn Terrace Goodwin gf Kevin Curry 239 Jackson Street Goodwin Partying, T-Ville, the shed, the Cape, the lsland, JD, JB, CJ, CS, TC, DA, EB, TM, AB, Zepplin, Doors, Who, Hendrix, Geils, Queen, Long live rock. BilI's class auto Caf LS, SL, --4 ' n JM, KC, CC, CJ, GM, MH, MC, GM, HS. i l M 1 N X U' Louis Dakoyannis 20 Peach Tree Lane Cutler "Lou" Track 10, 11, 123 Indoor Track 10, 11, 123 Soccer 10, 11, 12, "Born to be wild," i -X Colleen A. Daley 32 Hale Street Cutler A A Soccer 10, 11, Captain 12 QMBJQ Basketball 8. softball- EWFg Indoor Track 11, 12 144075 A Outdoor Track 11, Captain 12. Hi kids! JMB Soph. calls 8. friends always! You guys! Haystacks, Ted, Jim, Chris, 8- Gerry. Love ya: Jen 8 Lupe. DS, MM, LB, CC, KS 8. fumbles. - Rob 10122179 143 Mom 81 Dad. Robert Daly X I Y , ' 43 Harrison Street I P 4 A X Cutler , a - Q 4 X l i it l 82- s' 1 ifWieniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorssenior Seniors 133 Elli Davidi 240 Greenwood Street Wheeler Soccer 10, 11, 12, Track 10, 12, International Club 10, 11, 12. "God asks no man whether he will accept life. That is not the choice. One must take it. The only choice is how." Thanks to all my friends for all the good times. Laura DeFazio 22 Dwhinda Road Cutler "Lupe" Volleyball IO, 11, Captain 12, To my friends - Let the good times roll. Outlaws, Cape wfMitch, Mare, Bri, Pete, Mike, Jen 8. Cheryl my two flakes. '69 Ford, THE DOORS rr 1. Backlot partying, Allman Bros, Hendrix Zeppelin. Thanx RR, NC, AC, NC, CD, LS Chris 8. Shell, especially M 81 D. Mitch - excellent times - love you always. Carolyn Delicata 30 High Street Cutler "Whatever" "Paul" Never forget all the good times with LD, EY, RW. I can't believe I made it! Thanks Mom for all your support, but most of all, thank you, Janet, for everything. Love you Dad! Paul DeMicheIe 10 Keel Avenue Cutler "DeMike" Football 10, 11, 125 Track 10, 11, co-captain 12, Lacrosse 10, 11, 123 "l must have got lost." "Friends" Xav, Doc, KFace, Korny, Shish, KM, JB, CD, MH, where's Roy, gym, Sue, "love always" Europe "problems" '80-'81. Thanks R.A.T. Girls! Mom, yes, you too Dad, thanks, Love ya. Suzanne Dempsey 50 Carver Road Wheeler Swimming 10, Basketball 11, 12, Cheerleading 12. "May God never send me to heaven without horses," Noel, addiction, Where's Bubbles? England, skiing, Paul 4, 2 RT, PK, HW, MUM, DS, RF, PR, KS. 17 yrs, KM, JK, CC, Liz Vermont, JosannaBean, Luv ya 4-ever Mom 8. Dad. The Barn KB, AD, CW. Jonathan J. Derby 79 Levbert Road Goodwin "Derbs" "Baby this town rips the bones from your back!lt's a deathtrap, it's a suicide rap! We gotta get out while we're young." - Bruce Springsteen. Good Friends: JB, LT, JBIBRIJEILM very special thanks Mark, Linda, and Dad. Richard DeRosa 39 Bontempo Road Cutler Football 11, 125 D.C.L. ot J-171, "We may have been 1 and 9, but we had an awesome line." THE GANG RM, JR, AP, DM, DF, SL, SA, BB, JS, MR, KM, Thanks Coach K. and Nautilus. Special thanks Mom and Dad. Barbara Dery 110 Woodward Street Cutler "Robin" Thanks a lot, all my friends. Already looking forward to a class reunion, Good luck with colleges, life, whatever. lsn't it nice to be out? Q K -4 'EY -JJ 'CY leniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsfief 134 f Seniors I Edward Louis Diaz 179 Spiers Road Goodwin "Eddie" Soccer 1211 11, 123 110010 Award, Swimming 11, Indoor 81 Outdoor Track 12, Debate 11, 12, International Club 11, 12. "The sovereign, cannot be represented except by himself . . , Everybody's gotta learn sometime." Thanks Mom, Eli, Kath, Pete, and Dad, may you rest in peace, Thanks to all my friends and JS, KM, GG, KW, the team, "ML" and N.Y.rr1. Leane DiCicco 15 Hale Street Cutler "Chico" Soccer 10, 11, 12, Basketball 10, Indoor Track 11, Capt. 12, Outdoor Track 10, 11, 12, JP, "FF" "Lenny" 913180 "85" Ey Southie CD eastieg BS, KS 8. CO Spinoff CC 8- , weird Sat. nite "Costa" LA "MD 8. JD" CD 8. JB "Izzy" Friends, good luck 81 keep in touch. Love ya, Mom, Dad, Diane 8. Joey, Denise 8. Andy, 4'! ws., Jane E. Dickens 1 Winter Street Goodwin Six 'HUM Christopher Di Clemente 130 Carlisle Street , Cutler I f Karl H. Dinkelspiel 59 Oxford Road Cutler IQ x gf Lisa S. Diutsh I 53 Deborah Road Goodwin "Take your time , . . don't live too fast, troubles will come and they will pass." - LYNYRD SKYNYRD. Veg - 1, 2, 3, Jap the Grate Larz Matoaka Gran Larsony 111 Thanx Mom 8. Dad for your help, luv ya! U5 'I I 1 A Afqi . aseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorssenior Seniors 135 Joel Doolin 31 Mountfort Road Cutler "There's still time to change the road you're on." R l G - 10, Beaux - 10, MM - 10, Dark of Moon" - 1 1, DDTW - 1 1, Pirates - 12, Jones - 12, SRC - 10, 11, 123 Band - 10, Chorus 10, ll, HC - VP - 12, Oxfam 80. Gregg Driben 101 Parker Avenue Cutler Tennis 11, 12, Enrichment, Regulus. "Life is just a series ol hellos and goodbyes. I'm afraid it rs time for goodbye again." - Billy Joel. Thanks and good luck to JR, SD, KG, JC, and Bill. "Out go the lights" Special love MC, LB From PA, and to my family. William B. Drucker 53 Rachel Road Cutler Regulus 12, Football 10, 11, 12, Basketball 10, 11. Good times with K.G., G.D., J.R., J.C., J L ,DA - We made it! Gregg - Out go the lights. Liz, you are the love of my life, always and forever be mine. Thanks lor being patient Mom and Dad. You won't be sorry. Marcia Hope Dubrow 956 Walnut Street Cutler Tennis 10, 11, 12, Cheerleading 12. "Friendship: A binding contract you sign with laugh- ter and break with tears." Jane, couldn't do it without you. "Good memories will always last forever." Michael Dwyer 281 Cypress Street Cutler Baseball 10, 11, Capt. 12. Thanks for all the good times l've had with my friends. RS. NC. RF. CD. PE. JC. JL, LR. and all the rest. fT-Villel DFYFBTAI Celia, you're very special. Thanks, Mom and Family. Summer '78, '79, '80 Boys' nights were great. Carla Jean Eknaian 854 Chestnut Street Goodwin Gymnastics 10, 11, 12, Track 10, 11, 12. "What's up? Mac's, AYF, RJLY, Curb Crash! CC, KANSAS - KS, Brookline Chase: LD, PR, CC, RD, LH: Bowling, WH: MAJ Halloween, Gen. Hospital, JS! H20 Fights, CC! Fake laugh, Sumo, Stones, YSNB, Cottage ST: PC, MS, MH - Buddies! Dad! I love you. Philip Emmanuel 63 Bowdoin Street Wheeler Eat a Lemmon J. Giels Led Zeppelin Weekends were made for Michelob, The Rodery RS. M. DE. BJ. SJ. CD. L Beaver. Hyannis J.C, D.L, Back parking lot July 4 Dazed and confused never forget N.E See ya's. Doors 10, 11, 12. Jeffrey Englander 54 Selwyn Road Cutler Soccer 10, 11, 12, Regulus Copy Editor 12, Denebola 1 1, 12. Thanks everybody: JB, MR, DS, JR, VO, JD. "You make up your mind, you choose the chance you take!You ride to where the highway ends and the desert breaks." Bruce Springsteen. +55 fx. Q df' -gai- cur t . fax I -Q, X3 J .ff 1eniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniors r 136 Seniors I I I I I :lf Amy Epstein 75 Andrew Street Goodwin Tennis 10, 11, 12, "States" 10, 11. Now is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end. It is perhaps the end of the beginning! Sue - Friends Forever. Much Thanks, Mom, Dad, and Bros. Jonathan Ernst 80 Goddard Street Cutler "Otto" JB. BB. UI, Do the b--. "Dazed 'n' confused - communication breakdown. The song remains the same." Gia Ann Fabrizio 36 Parker Avenue Goodwin My tastes are simple. I like the best. Italian men watch-out, Summers at RB Crusin' in those Vetts with L.C. J.D. you're bad. I'm jammed. Good luck SB. W.H. Mom and Dad your L11. I love you, Chow Newton South. Ronald Fastov 256 Dedham Street Cutler J.V. Soccer Capt. 11. Catch a buzz? RD 400, Starship Vega, Whip it good! Taekwon - do 1f1f80 Thumper and I'm goin for a bus ride. I really think sol Warm Miller in a can please. Rachel Feldman 73 Allerton Road Cutler Soccer 10, 11, 125 Tennis 10, 11, 123 Leo the Lion 12. Never forget good times with my special friends, College parties are ii1.Let's celebrate CB. New York, France 1980 - To my lamily - I love you! Douglas Ferguson 134 Upland Road Goodwin Swimming 11, 125 Football 12. "AIl+aIl it's heaven and hell." Great times with - RM, DB, Big J, SB Nautilus RD - Summer "SO" with Andy, Clutz - at abanaki - typed papers by Sis - Porsche 928 - The White Whale Candy - Thanks lor everything, Mom and Dad and Family. bfi giIfriseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniors Seniors 137 Nancy Jane Fischbein 70 Wendell Road Wheeler With gratitude to my teachers and eternal friendship to Jane. Love to D.H. and SM. "When you part from your friend, you grieve not, for that which you love most in him may be clearer in his absence." - Kahlil Gibran Jodi Fisher 40 Voss Terrace Wheeler Basketball 1 1, Softball 11, 12. "Those who do not believe in the future have already lost the present, those who dare not dream will not change realities." Laurie Fisher 55 Wayne Road Goodwin "Cherish yesterday, Dream tomorrow, Live today." Springsteen '80, Boston, Puff, Horse Shows, Florida Charles, BK, KT, LS, Jerry. Thanx to my family for a lot of love and patience. Deborah Flashman 135 Hartman Road Cutler Debbi, Wherever you are it is your friends who make your world. Love and thanks to all of you! SJ. - Friends together in sunshine and in shade. Mom, Dad, Arthur, thank you for everything you've taught me - I love you! Mark Andrew Fleming 1717 Beacon Street Cutler Good friends, Goodbye. Good luck. Maybe l'll see you later! Love to Mom and Dad. "Knowledge may give weight, but accomplishments give lustre, and many more people see than weight." Neal Alan Foman 46 Tanglewood Road Goodwin French Club 10, President 11, 12, Denebola Fine Arts Editor 12g Shakespeare 10, 11, 12. "All the world's a stage, and all the men and women merely players." Judith A. Foster 40 Roosevelt Road Goodwin Good luck to all my friends. Kim, the geisha girl is here. Thanks to Mom and Dad. "A fool will lose tomorrow reaching back for yesterday. lwon't turn my head in sorrow if you should go away. Lisa Freid 112 Cynthia Road Wheeler MB , Best of friends never part. Love you always Mom and Dad. "To know is nothing at all, to imagine is everything." "Wherever you are it is your own friends that make the world." it Azjllxkx r- --9 0 ,fox K ,' seniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsitl 138 Seniors Lorri Ellen Fried 24 Great Meadow Road Goodwin Track 10, 11, 12. Good luck MM, LA, EK, JF, CB. Brighams 9:00 A.M. David and Michael, good luck at South. Thanks, Mom and Dad, for all your love and support. "Don't put off til' tomorrow what you can do today." David Fromm 141 Evelyn Road Goodwin Regulus . . . sounds more like a Iaxalive. Michael Galvin 49 Rockland Place Cutler Football 12, Basketball 10, 11, Capt. 123 Golf 10, 11, 12. Love and thanks to Mom and Dad. "Always have pride in what you do." Michele Gibbs 170 Hartman Road Cutler Italian Club 11, 12, Cheerleading 11, 12. Parties B.C, U. Mass. Celebrations, EY 8 WT, hey Brett! Ouerik, Private Stock! Shaun in my VANN! All niters. K.A.T.J.GTF. Special thanks to my family and Good luck to the class of "81"! David Gilles 667 Chestnut Street Goodwin Richard Gilles 667 Chestnut Street Goodwin Thank you siblings. l have had a hard three years here. Thank you all who helped and supported me. Mom and Dad, Mr. Pearl and all my friends. Stage Crew is great. I love ya all, especially Robin. "Life is but a frame of mind, and happiness depends on your point of view." Tony Glazier 866 Beacon Street Cutler SRC 12, May Arts Week 11, 12. "May somD our paths cross, for then I shall know you as a person with feelings, Not just another passin' face in the halls." "GOD BLESS THE AMERICAN REBEL." Howard Goldman 141 Countryside Road Goodwin Varsity Soccer 123 Acton U.S. History: Rebellion, Track: 11, Rigor Mortis, Manitou 11 yr. olds. Col. League, Peter P. Soccer Youngstown, C.W. Thanks: Mom, Dad, Jayne, DS, SB, HR, GR, CW, PK, MS.A. Sara AHUH. 1 eniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniors Seniors 139 David Goldstein 556 Quinobequin Road Cutler V Graphic Arts foreman Love and respect to Mom. Deepest thanks to my family and friends, . ,, 1 Barry B ,and Mr. Goggin. Love to Ro and Fred. Suzanne, I love and thank you for the many 4 taritastic moments! Good luck class of 1981! it Kenneth J. Gordon -1' ul 29 Sharpe Road ' Goodwin New Year's '79, Good friends, Boss, Molson, Mich Light, Spain '79, Cross Country, "TraditionalLunches."Thanksto Mom t Dad,foryourlove and patience.Goodluckto my ' 6 I friends, "The door's open, but the ride ain't free." - Bruce Springsteen. Lynda Sue Gordon 16 Cynthia Road Cutler Cheerleading 11, 12. Thanks to all my friends - we've had some great times. Those Sat. nights. Summer '8O' at Nantasket Beach. G.W. - best friends forever. Mom and Dad - thanks for being there. I love you, l leave to South no more Gordons. Timothy Gosnell 3 Bradford Road Cutler Jodi Greenburg 47 Grace Road Goodwin Soccer 10, 11, Football Manager 12. Never forget good times with my special friends. College parties. Let's celebrate CB, New York, To the best family in the world. I will love you always! Bradley Groper 222 Baldpate Hill Road l Goodwin "Grope", RK., D.M., D,C., "When will P.J.M. grow up?" lwill never forget Julie, Wrestling 1, 2, Capt, 3. "lt's time to move on, but the memories here will last forever." David Grossman 787 Sawmill Brook Parkway Goodwin George Groussis i 3 Carl Street Goodwin "THEO", Soccer 10, 11, Capt. 12, Outdoor Track 10, 11, Capt. 12. Thanks to Mom and Dad for pushing. seniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsiif- I N , I Shelagh L. Hackett 48 Windsor Road Cutler "In one of the stars I shall be living. In one of them I shall be laughing." The W.W, right Les? Love to: Ben 4HaHaJ 81 Andy, Ginger, Steve 8- David. Thanks Mrs. T, Mr. H. Oh it's time to start livin' - Berthe Q Wendy Ft. Hahn 636 Boylston Street Goodwin I'Il never forget Illusions, Narcissus, B-B, Celebrations Keep on dancing. Good times with all my friends: EY peace KS, AW, SZ, GF, sailors my love to Colin, Thanks to Mom 8. Dad. Hi Darrell Ctravelj. Jill Hamada 58 Andrew Street Goodwin "To thine own self be true, Thou canst not then be false to any man." Prez. 12, Tiny dancer 10, 11, 123 Intercambiog Cheri - friends forever, Gayle - loyalty, Kevin - ILY Thanx family 81 friends. Now I believe in me. Jon Maurice Hanauer 124 Parker Avenue Goodwin Jon wants to take a year off and work, and possibly take some classes. lvl' Gail M. Hargrove 45 Copeland Street Cutler Keith S. Harris 59 Hutchings Street Goodwin x I KOOL Soccer 1O, 11, 123 Basketball 11, 12. Never mind what others think or say, do what I makes you proud of yourself. K.R. - Ace since yr. 2 Romeo, 2 - Tones, The , i 0 Ladytsj, The Room, The Teams, B.C.C., Mom 8 Dad. Good luck B.S.U. ' 3 I I 1 I X J wifi! I x I -6-W" XX Q5 niorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniors Seniors 141 Rebecca H. Hartman is 43 Hillside Road Wheeler 65 Leora Y. Hasten 77 Halcyon Road is Cutler I'The only way to have a friend is to be one." BBUG -A- NYC Rspark noogie summer s - off pigouts bulge ski - TCFCRHD G-Bye SZCEARLHLZLYCF Esp Carlal Thanx Mom 8- Dad xox. Never let your schooling interfere with your education. wr' Sanjoy Hazra 600 Dedham Street fs Cutler -U- International Club, Stage Crew. Since there is not much room here, I'Il just thank the people I met in my first and last year in South. Good luck to future grads. L-A-an -V,-. X -x -t Deborah S. Hellman 175 Brookline Street Wheeler Jean Ann Hendrix 64 Carl Street l , Goodwin H Much love 8- luck to all my friends - Donna, a friendship like ours will never end. You were 3 4' I always there. Thanx. Cheerleading 11, 12, Capt. 12, Double Sessions '79p Ronnie - l'II i never forget you! The Lipsons Mom, Thanx for being my best friendg I love you. Robert E. Henken 32 June Lane Cutler "Never give way to melancholy, resist it steadily, for the habit will encroach." Thanks to some great friends for great memories . . . Special thanks to Mom and Dad. i Lorna L. Hentoff I 30 Madoc Street Goodwin "Good times may come and go, but their memories last forever." lt's been real - Laura, Paula, pigouts 8. Diets wfCarlotta, MT. I.D. Janet, Joyce, Blg. Leora, L.L., B.H. love to Mom 8. Mel. Don't call me Dooney! Where's planet Claire? Mark J. Hernandez i I 2 10 Proctor Street I l Wheeler I Football 10, 11, 123 Lacrosse 10, 11, Capt. 12. "lf you ever have anything worthwhile to l say, it will be worth it." - A. Kojoyian - Thanks to coaches and best of luck to friends. ! BK, PA, RJ and his CORNER HW, AI, PA+MK - NSL, NHL . . . Thanks Mom and Dad. I 1- Q t I I I I I I I I l , 5"SGl1lOl'SS9l1IOl'SS9l'tIOFSSGTIIOFSSGTIIOFSSGDIOFSSGHIOFSSGDIOl'SSSHIOFSPII I I I I I 142 Seniors .qi ll . C I' '. 1 C' Michael J. Hinds 16 Abbott Street Goodwin Led Zep 111 Stones Never forget Geils 81 Cars concert with BHLJ KVDB + GCPCMS. Always remember the kids from T-ville 81 Hlds. Falls rtt STHOFTR - Hindsy - Vito, Thanks Mom 81 Dad. 42 as 'J Yrs-7 I Mark S. Hochberg 11 Hanson Road Goodwin 76 Cutlass 69 Z-28 68 Chevy - Winter couldn't have been more fun! Trouble was always fun, fun was always trouble. Thanks Mom and Dad. Good luck Demmy PA BK MH PK RJ JM RK PK LY LH NB NSHS. It's been fun!! Moira A. Houlihan 214 Beacon Street Cutler Stage Crew 11, 125 Cross Country Ski team 10, 11, 123 Science Fiction Club 11, 12. "We do not what we oughtg what we ought not, we do, and lean upon the thought that chance will bring us through." . 'Q 'Va-Us "' li Samuel S. lshikawa 102 Nehoiden Road Wheeler Avery Lee lssner 472 Dudley Road Cutler Science Club 10, 115 Energy Club 11. "The future belongs to those who prepare for it." Benjamin Franklin. I wish to thank the staff for my Faculty and Spanish Awards. K' is Alan J. Ives 25 Elmore Street 1 Goodwin Lacrosse 11, Captain 12, '81 All American Lacrosse, AI HW RT PD JC MH BK. Dana and Alan forever. Goal: be halt the person my Mom is and Father was. "No one can make you K feel inferior without your consent." Millerman UM NY 65 Val. 1' f 1 is tem" -4. atgrleniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniors Y 1 Seniors T 143 I l N T TTC l Richard A. Jaques 99 Bowdoin Street Wheeler Jaksey. Wrestling 11, 12. Yes, Chaisson, I am the last!! Fri 8 Sat. Nights in the Hlds. and South lot. Good luck to -4 BK and the big guy, Herni, Hoch, PA, JH, DL, JM, Al. The corner 79-80 Thanks Ma for making it bearable. Time to eat! Cliff Jewett 40 Hinckley Road F Goodwin X Suzanne Beth Julian 40 Collins Road Cutler "Had to get away to see what we could find, hope the days that lie ahead bring us back to where they've led, listen not to what's been said to you." - C.S.N. - Dave - thanks for , three unreal years - love you. Thanks M 8 D C 81 K, Laura Kagan 69 Clifton Road Goodwin Volleyball 10, 11, 123 Tennis 1O, 11, 12 fmgrjg Basketball - 11, 12. David - all my love. Janie -the best of friends forever - thanks. My love to my friends. l couldn't have made it without you AC RS LR AP CB RT VO GM BL JH PO at parties NYE '80, '81. "Let the good times roll." A-'Q Paula M. Kandar 47 Chandler Place Goodwin Laura and Lorna, no one could ask for two better friends. Nanc, thanx for being such a good friend -love ya! PS don't say anything! EB listen to sis 8- me! Luck and love to the rest of the girls. Love to Mom, Dad, K 8 S C, Al 81 UP Jay 67 16! 77. l'll always love you, "swear to God." Peter Kanellias 199 Winchester Street Goodwin Basketball 10, 11, 12, Lacrosse 10. 11, 12. "Just can't wait," Geils. Thanks Mom and Dad. To the good times, Demike, Roy, LC, SD, KM, MM, MH, DS, HG ,... "69" Camaro, Dr. "G" Hoops, "Friday 8. Saturday nights with the oldies." .1 C Bryan Karr - 50 Dudley Road I , x ., Goodwin '--af X 'T S tx Jeffrey Kase 155 Woodward Street Wheeler 1 i 144 Seniors l I I I I P , seniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniors X I i I i A-'DVS .u -45' f . i I l E i I ..4-Q 1' L, ,, Michael Jay Kasten 137 Lake Avenue Goodwin Football 10, 11, capt. 12g Basketball 10, 11, co-capt. 123 Baseball 10, 11, capt 12. "One ought to see everything that one has a chance to see, because in life not many have one chance and none has two." - Sard Harker. Moons in Smiley's, "you wimp" "Wouldent not wunt." Thanx Kojo. Susan Kay 217 Woodward Street Goodwin " ... I have promises to keep, and miles to go before I sleep." - Robert Frost. Best wishes to all my friends. Great times with Lotte, Becky, Kaela, Louise - Good Luck. Special thanks to Mr. Y and my family. Marlene Kayce 20 Hammond Pond Parkway Wheeler CW, RW, LD, Veg out forever yea! "For long you live, and high you fly, smiles you give, and tears you cry, and all you touch, and all you see, is all your life will ever be." REGULARZ! Ant melting in wax! The Grate, Mickey is my hero. Gran Larsony! Luv ya Ma! William Kaye 88 Stanley Road Wheeler The Big Guy. Hockey 10, 11, 12, Lacrosse 10, 11, capt. 12. Jane S PH MH JG DM SM KF RJ Al. Thanks Mom and Mel. Eileen Keon 25 Mechanic Street Cutler Goodbye to all the friends I leave behind me and good luck to all those who go on to their future destinations. Mom, I love you and respect you IMMENSELYI POPSIE I MADE IT. Daniel Joseph Kiley 110 Parker Street Goodwin Chauncey, Gent. "Some men see things as they are and say why. l dream things that never were and say why not." Shaw. Franceg Skiing, swan boatsg history, vicious, vile ours. Russell Klein 273 Upland Avenue Goodwin It isn't really me. Put more mist'ry in the eyes and magic behind the smile. . .Thanx Crew and all who made NS berabl. ESP. Rach and Jess, I love you both. 81 Mealy, Y.B. 8. Chez. Floyd . . . What More? - Russell Klein and Poetic License. aniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniors Seniors 145 Ronald Klingsberg 39 Wayne Road Goodwin "Klinger" "Do it till you get it right." Times with the boys and DC. To the once 3 Muske- teers Oh yeah thanx, Ma 8. Dad. Elizabeth Kogos !' I1 Tirrell Crescent Goodwin 0 SA, SB, DC, JL, LS, KT, DW, Friendship'sjust a little word, it's you who make it big! Poo - 3 my second sister, Sherill - my first - both always there. Magic - 1st love. Jordach - xl 1 my escape. M t D - a special place inside for you Billy, my shining starg I love you always. Janet Kohn 518 Ouinobequin Road Wheeler "Forgive my hurrying cleated boots, If I have trampled flowers. I hasten for so much to see and yet so short the hours." Friends, I love you! Family, I love you too: Keeks, TLA. Kaela Lee 135 Langley Road Wheeler "And the sound is the sound ofthe sea under the bam under the boo under the bamboo tree." TS. Eliot 5 Richard Leeds 59 Baldpate Hill Road Goodwin History Club 10, 11, 12, Debate Team 10, 11, 125 Vice-pres. 12, Model Congress 12. Those who work will get their reward. .A Jennifer Lees 25 White Avenue Cutler All the good times T-Ville 81 the Doors with: Mychi '79, '80. It almost worked, "Big Sis" -I will always try. KS, SL, BH, JU, IS, LR, DO, LJ, BJM, John - 1436 The Chain M 8 D - if you only knew how much I love you. Q It a ca 'Nw Lotte Lent 167 Warren Street Goodwin Lacrosse 10, 11, 12, Swimming 12, Denebola. "Rose tint my world, keep me safe from trouble and pain." - RHPS SEHSURC Best times with Becky, Joyce, Susan, Kaela 8. the team bruiser - Juanita KKK Happy B-Day Laura. Love to my family and Mr. C. ,gg Maria Frances Leporini 79 Parker Ave Cutler Italian Club 11, 12. All the good times I had in school with all my friends during my best year of all almost makes me want to go back, Seeniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsie 146 Seniors I Y David Lerman 16 Kerr Path Goodwin as French Club 10, 11, 125 South High Speaksg Italian Club 11, 123 History Club 125 Denebola 12. :L -4' Susan Levin 55 Fairlee Road Goodwin "And indeed there will be time! ... Time for you and time for me,!And time yet for a hundred indecisions,!And lor a hundred visions and revisions,!Before the taking of a toast and tea." - T.S. Eliot David K. Leavitt 75 Lovett Road Goodwin Explorer's Club 10, 11. "Time is a jet planeg it moves too fast." What a learning exper- ,J ience! Mrs. M. Great times with Ben S and SS. Never forget Summer '80 BP Bye KGS and Robert Levy 15 Deborah Road X Wheeler Ronald Lewis 36 Longwell Road Cutler A.. 1 "Like a guest that stayed too long now, it's finally time to leaveg take it calmly and serene it's the famous final scene." Seger. Sabra 4! 15f80 til forever - Love you! Springsteen F47 f SJ Concert '80 with my best friend. 1 F fi Seth Lichtman X 24 Marvin Lane Goodwin Hockey 12. "Nothing you can do but you can learn how to be you in time." - Bealtes "Dream on but don't imagine they'll all come true." - Billy Joel ,l My ? .-loneniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniors Ronald C. Lipof 37 Baldpate Hill Road Goodwin Football 10, Baseball 10, Skiing 11. "lt's my turn." Debbie "Always and Forever" RL 81 DL 8 JM 81 SD l VC, VPPTSA, BAYGL. Caddy '48, I know l'Il never love this way again for anyone but Mom, Dad, Cheryl, Mark, Ricky, Phil. Prom '80 Prom '81. Here I comell Julie Beth Lipsett 21 Levbert Road Cutler "Best of friends never part" New Years 1999 w!DW, DC, LK, LS, SA, SB, Slumber Party, Fla. PC, Brandeis, Duet with SA, Mlsn X-Country '79, Baygl Nush, Nan. Good luck to my friends - Miss ya, Jibbs, Most of all thanks to my family. Donna Joy Lipson 102 Oakdale Road Wheeler Cheerleading 11, 12, Capt. 11, 12. "l'm wishing on a star" Jean - best of friends always! Thanks for everything! Prom '80 Bobby - f1!1!8OD "Such a night" Michael - thanks for being there. Luck 81 Love to all my friends. Mom, Dad, El., Sher., 8. Dave: You're the best!! 'fx Martha Brooke Lipson 69 Nehoiden Road Goodwin "You make your own dream. . .you have to do it yourself." - John Lennon. What are you supposed to do at stop signs anyway! Berkshires - unforgettable friends. SKOL to Steph and Sweden. Cyprian waiters, Peter Lipson 5 Malubar Lane Goodwin Denebola 10, 11, Business Manager - 3 issues, Band 10, 12, Marching Band 12. "What if A3 a much of a which of a wind." "I read the news today oh boy." - John Lennon -1 Susannah Lob 44 Marshall Street Wheeler "Sue, Suzy, Mouse" "Every man must march to his own music." Concert Choir 10, 11, 12, I Science fiction 12, International Club 12. Music and the Allman brothers 4ever! l'lI always 'a be in music! Good luck to class '82. - Janet Loewenstein 57 Hyde Street Goodwin A if "For long you live and high you fly and smiles you'lI give and tears you'll cry and all you touch and all you see is all your life will ever be." - PF. Thanks friends and Crew, LZ, SH, SI ...- Gregory Long 56 Nehoiden Road Goodwin X-Country 10, 11, 12, Golf 11, 12. "I'm looking for me you're looking for you, we're looking for each other and we don't know what to do." - The Who - saeniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsQ 148 Seniors ll Mark Kevin Lottor 61 Homestead Street ,, Goodwin Q ,g This space intentionally left blank. - . N Rachel Lushan 38 Deborah Road X Goodwin Wherever you are it is your own friends who make your world. Love and Thanks, to all of you! When a friend asks, there is no tomorrow - LB. Mom, Dad, Rhonda, Bob and Nancy - He that flies from his own family has far to travel ILY 12897 X l Russell Macphail 15 Charles Street 4 Goodwin "Guy" Thanks to my family 81 RD, JR, DF, DM,. SL, MR, VS, KM, SA, TN MW 81 Pope The Who CRCC SMAS "You only live twice" - lan Fleming - and get well DY Rolling Stones 111. , --9 ' Christopher Madden 1 46 Devonshire Road 1 Goodwin ! Swimming 10, 11, Capt 12, Soccer 123 LFC 11, Prez. 12. "They were the best oftimes, they 1 were the worst of times." Halloween '79 with DP, GL, MF 100. t Jonathan P. Maletz . 5 1 284 Upland Avenue ! Goodwin 1 Acting 1O, 11, 12, Jazz Band 10, 11, 12, Classic Club Pres. "lt's a fool who plays it cool by l making his world a little colder." Remember Israel! Susan Maples 624 Beacon Street Wheeler , l "lt's my turn to turn and say good-bye, to see what I can see, to reach and touch the sky." Q The B-room -take over PP, and JG and BSU, Real friends last forever. Thanks to SB, LV, AW, TM Mom and Dad you're the best. I made it! i 1 Ni Louis Marcus 72 Esty Farm Road 7 Goodwin "Tuna" Baseball 10, 11, 12, Jazz Ensemble 1 1, 12, Thanks VO., SG, DS, TS SA, Summer of '80 and all those stratomatic fanatics. 1 2vclieniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniors Seniors 149 Robert Bruce Marcy 59 High Street Cutler Thanks to the great staff at Newton South fora good three years and good luck to future Newton South graduates, GTHPMl Patrick A. Marden 48 Thurston Road Goodwin "714" "People say that I'm a dreamer, but l'm not the only one. Maybe some day you'll join us, and the world will live as one," Beatles Love ya Ma and JL. Mr. Puke Stream days with Mickey Mouse MA Veg 4ever. Maria Denise Marios 41 Great Meadow Road Wheeler "Marios" lf you love something very much, set it free. Ii it does not return, it wasn't meant to be. If it does, love it forever. Greece '78 Hawaii '78 The limo. Brighams 9 A.M. Luck to LF EK LA WH JG JF EY. Stephanie, we made it. Geno, you're the best. Special thanx to Mom and Dad. Elizabeth Mason 33 Collins Road Wheeler Mary Elizabeth McAvoy 19 Cheney Street Wheeler Movin' on doesn't say good-bye to yesterday. b-ball, tennis, France '81. Amazing CC summers, TSQ, btid! storms - brewskies boppin' - yumi - DI, Outlaws 8. Charly'sg O 8- EWFQ MA '78'? PW, JC, CC, LD, munchin' 81 all great X'sg MPBSDPp CD the 4, BS 8. t'sg BC sr.'? 878' "Mar" Teddy' Thanks M 81 D ILY! Anne Louise McCrory 6 Ridge Avenue Goodwin "Remembered joys are never past." l'll miss ya JL, AR, PB, BZ - we made it! Remember concerts - JP, GS, LA, SS, Field Hockey, French Exchange '81. 11f7!79, COZ, diets, petite feet, injuries, working. Thanks Mom, Dad, Shmoo 8- you too Kath! Kim McLaurin 72 Fisher Avenue Cutler "Our time has come." Good luck Frank-O. Keith, Kyle, and Gail. Judy, Geisha Girl is here! .Carolyn look out for the sophs, Thanks Karl, AJ's G-PA l Ma, A.B., Nana - Love you Ma, Dad, and Greg. Kathleen McLellan 34 Carver Road Goodwin Soccer 10, 11, capt. 12, Track 10, 12, Softball 10, 11, 12. "We will make our dream come true doing it out way." CT, JB, CD, KS, LB, RF, PR, PB, PD, PK, RTDS St. Sebs 17 yrs. SD skiing, hockey. Luck and love Tom, Kelly, Colleen. Thanks cuz, Patty. Luv ya always Mom 81 Dad CW? 6 5 :seniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorier 150 Seniors 5 i all 52 gk? :,--5 11- 'U' r y 3 N- -'7 ,.- ,...., Yf"".. J, Vt? C15 Leslie McMahon 8 Madoc Street Goodwin "It was the best of times, it was the worst of times." SHELAGH I warm wall break a leg, Kaela. Love to Ben, Vinny 8 Mr. H - Thanks Mr. H. "We've got parts to perform, hearts to warm." Catherine. Linda McMullen 24 Carl Street Wheeler Swimming 11, 125 Spanish Club 11, 12, International Club 12, Regulus 12. "I am not afraid ol tomorrow, for I have seen yesterday and I love today." Ice chips wfJ R 8. T!! JOJOJO love you - SFL. Joseph M. McNulty 23 Kenwood Avenue Goodwin "From our mistakes we must surely be learning." The Guys at the Villa '78-'81, The Doors in Cutler. Thanks to Cheryl and Barbara and a special thanks to Mom and Dad. The Woel Jonathan Meizler 54 Sheldon Road Cutler "The secret of life is enjoying the passage of time." - J.T. K-omni '79, VenfAruba MECO. R - JM 81 SD 81 RL 8. DL I VC Good luck to all my friends. Thanks Mom and Dad for all your support. - You are my star! Susan Menzer 155 Cynthia Road Wheeler Volleyball 10, 11, 125 Skiing 10, 11, 12, Lacrosse 10, 11, 12. "A smile makesthe sun shine, the moon glow and the days full of joy." "Friendship is a never-ending rainbow," Sue, Deb - thanks for being my brightest colors along the way. David Robert Miller 27 Grace Road Goodwin "I couIdn't believe it - I just had to find out for myself that there are some things in this world you just can't explain." Charlie Daniels Great Times wfthe boys and DC DI JR Memories Israel '80 Good luck K 81 B, Mom 8- Dad - THANKS! Elizabeth Miller 39 Homewood Road Wheeler "Yes there are two paths you can go by, but in the long run there's still time to change the road you're on." Much love and thanks to my family and friends iespecially the "children" and my SPECIAL FRIEND, THWIJ. Ethan B. Miller 29 Gammons Road Cutler "Clint" "Boy, graduate high school and I still have to take out the trash!" "Hey Ben" Wrestling H4-SKINS Dave and Loreni the Best, Mom and Dad: call it an edge x-pernce. Thanks. ,Mazeniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorssenior Sennors 151 A co A Or' 5.0: S5 gm DE E.: :CD Q I o nw a Wheeler "R1versfIow. The sea sings. Oceans roar. Tides rise. Who am I? A small pebble on a giant shoreg who am I to ask who I am? lsn't it enough to be?" -from an American Indian poem. 4. . Paul Miller Q, .45 27 Roundwood Road Goodwin Indoor Track 10, 11, l2, Outdoor Track 10, 11, capt. 12, Football 123 "Meet all of life's challenges with confidence and motivation and you will succeed." MG GG, LD, MW, Fishing ED, Shaft, PJMRD. Love and thanks to Mom and Dad - RM, AK, DON's car chase, ' f , , l MM rf S4 ll 'v-47 1, I I Philip Jay Miller ' 105 Wayne Road Wheeler "We are the creators of our own destiny." My endless appreciation to my family without whose love and respect I am lost. Ros - 1985 and all in between. RL SDM 8 SB my luck. Grope and Jen, you're the best. Look out world . .. Tamar Mintz 38 Indian Ridge Road Wheeler "Tammy" Cheerleading 11, capt. 12. Waste - "Best of friends never part." KA - Cape Cod '8O. Mush - Chinatown, etc. NS - I'm always here for you. Scott - team work. Wayne et al. - I love you - Mom and Dad - thanks for caring. Goodbye South. Stacy Drew Modell 44 Wendell Road Wheeler l "Don'1 be afraid to take a big step. You can't cross a chasm in two small jumps." Thanks Mom and Pam for your love and inspiration. Never forget: Wham, LR, NF, PP, PX, MB, MR, EP, EVS, Bleiwas, Caras, Chez, D-Day, MUNS, Denebola. Margaret A. Moreau ' 36 Champa Street Wheeler I I l I i Donna M. Morgan 173 Delhi Street I Mattapan X Wheeler I BSU 10, 11, 12. I want to thank my mother and father for helping me make it through these years, , Guyle Evan Morris ' 147 Hartman Road I Wheeler i , I Producer of South High Speaks 11, 12. "There must be some way out of here?" - Bob I Dylan. Buick '79 Caddy '70 Bug '71, Great times with RK, ET, CT, TM, AC, LK, AA, NS, SARGEANT, WHO, Getting DL on 8!2Of79. Thanx Mom and Dad and Grant for everything! .eniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorslei 1 'I I l I l 152 f Seniors l X E Kaveh Motiey 250 Hammond Pond Parkway Goodwin "Although we seem to be at the end of the road, there are still more that need to be paid." - Genesis. Thanks JS, AP, RM, JR, RD, DF, DM, ED, SA, HA, KP, MR, RV, DB. Soccer, golf course. Thanks Mom. fi i- 4, 1'-1 Daniel Murphy 1115 Boylston Street Goodwin ltchie, Guy, Jay! Pope, Golf, The GREEN. BW '79. The War. Bye. OY '81. Gregory R. Murphy 36 Pine Crest Road Goodwin 11, 12, Big Macs 11, CAF 10, 11, 12, Vandalism 10, 12. O.T.H. SKULL. gl Timothy J. Murphy 1458 Beacon Street Wheeler A ' SI J f 1 I ii " i I Sandra Michelle Nagler 72 Westgate Road Goodwin Sandy, Today is the tomorrow you thought about yesterday. BAYGL CC Thanks to friends - ESP JB "Goodbye doesn't mean forever." Follow every rainbow til you find your dream. Jeri, we made it! Mom and Dad, I love you! 1 Richard Naimark 29 Lovett Road Cutler Skiing 10, 11, 12, Tennis 11, 12, Music 10, 11, 12. "Don't walk in front of me, I may not follow. Don't walk behind me, I may not lead. Walk beside me and just be my friend." Andrew Nathanson 88 Pine Ridge Road Goodwin Skiing and Tennis 10, 11, 12. "lsn't it funny how a bear likes honey? Buzz! Buzz! Buzz! I wonder why he does?" - Winnie the Pooh. Nova Scotia and DC. bike trips - JA, SL, GS, DH, Remember - RN, JS, JN, ES, EM, Midnight Frisbee, the wipe-out, the cup. - .,-up David Nauss 9 Forest Street Wheeler Now I am looking forward towards new and better things, but stop a moment to remember the good times I have already had. Good luck Friends. Keep in touch. i.. U 4. - i fe is . bf " -N fe . f ' ' ' EQ T rf ' EL 51- I' , .il 'rgjz-.' I 1 - 1 .Q , .Y Mc: -4- . 1- 1 4fcirsieniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorss Seniors 153 Chuong Nguyen 26 Beacon Street Goodwin International 11, 121 French Club 12, "lt my mind can conceive it, and my heart can believe it, I can achieve il." Thanks Mom and Dad. Thanks MR, ACE, EG, MD. Virginia Nickerson 24 Norman Road Goodwin X-Country Ski Team 10, 11, 12: Reflections 12, NEW 12. "A contented man is never disappointed." Russell C. Nicoletti 60 Pontiac Road Wheeler Hockey 10, 11, 12, Baseball 10, 11, capt. 12. Good luck to all my friends especially HG, CW, GR, and RB. Thanks, Lisa, for putting up with me. I couIdn't have done it without you. Never forget the fires. Mom and Dad, thanks for everything. Mark, it's not that bad. Merle Niederman 11 Brandeis Circle Wheeler As the spectrum of a rainbow blazes its colors across my eyes, I realize that my friends are the pot of gold! Bets - Corkscrew, parties, 99, M-Pan Good times with KK, MA, TM, RM. Sweden, Nefty, French Exchange Atl. City, Love you all! Friends make rain. . . rainbows!! Sara Nolan 23 Keele Avenue Cutler Summers in NH "TDTFOTB" pb's and Tb's Proms TUB Lives on! Chadwicks w!LPH, Antarctica, yogurt twins, rating "Behind Blue eyes" Thanks G 8- B for two good years "so much for that." Jennifer Norton 261 Dorset Road Wheeler "We do not have to visit a madhouse to find disordered minds, our planet is the mental institution of the universe." Von Goethe. Miriam Adina Ochs 98 Ridge Avenue Cutler "God, I know this is going to sound ridiculous, but this boy loves this duck . . . " Pippin. Jeffrey Okun 147 Lake Avenue Cutler "No human thing is of serious importance." 3 X N f X X' f' A-Q 1? is 'iv 1 A ,eniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsiei 154, Seniors Franklin P. Ollivierre 212 Parker Street Goodwin tFrank-OJ Basketball 10, 11, 12, Track 123 Debate 12, Orchestra 10, 11, 12. "There is no failure except in no longer trying." Two tones foreverl Romeo, Kool, Starsky 1-11 Bye Young Bucks and All my Sweethearts!Mom, Dad, Sis 81 Bro are the best. Joyce Oppenheim 28 Grace Road Goodwin "Still crazy after all these years." Swimming 10, 11, 123 Greatest times with the team, Israel '79, RHPS, Camelot, 11525, Best of friends, LT, Lotte, Becky, Lorna, Erica, C's K's, S 8 J. Victor Hugo Otero 114 Hartman Road Goodwin B-ball 10, 11, 12, Baseball 10, 11, 12. "Ice" "Lookout, lookout, l'm coming out." Gracias Mama, Papa, Mamalila, Pipo, Rica y pinky. Remember: Intercambio, B-Team, Boiler room, High 5, Suicides. Good luck: DS, SG, LM, MB, RS, MV, LK, BL, MG, KT, TM, LS, HC Chez. CW, SA, AR, AL. Thanks South and K108. Janet Pachus 35 Pickwick Road Goodwin Lacrosse 10, 11, 12, Field Hockey 11, 12. l'Il never forget the parties with Gina, Bio and Erika, JO, MT, ID, Lornal, Jen in NH. Fight, Score, Win? l.L.Y.M.P.! Amy Palder 10 Osborne Path Cutler "Oh you've gotta have friends, the feeling's oh so strong. You've gotta have friends, to make that day last long." Thanx to all my true friends who listened to me when I needed a listener. Love to MM Gang especially one. TY M 81 D. Angela Pandorf 139 Winchester Street Wheeler "When you open up your life to the living, all things come spilling in on you and you're flowing like a river The Changer and The Changed." CW I love you all my dearest friends. Itrsfeniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniors, Sensors 155 Pamela A. Pantos 3 Sagamore Road Wheeler Whatever is worth doing at all is worth doing well. - Music is love in search of a word. Pirates History Day Beaux The Bird HMUN Clubs and Advisors Caras, Shaw, West, etc. Mom. Dad, Spike 81 Kirk I love you - Peeps. David Parnes 1734 Beacon Street Cutler The moral to my story is plain but true. Don't get down Monday, or you'Il just be blue. Early in the morning is a schoolboy's fate, when Saturday comes, you can always sleep late. Orpheus Hanne Pedersen 92 Cragmore Road Cutler International Club 125 State Crew 12. Descendant of the Vikings. Came to conquer the U.S. in the course of one year. Thanks for giving me a good start. Juliana Perkins 58 Country Club Road Wheeler "Sailing takes me away to where I heard it could be. It's the dream and the wind that carry me, Soon I will be free." CC. Thanx RG, GP Bloomies EWF "Run wild out on the edge of time. Child carry your dreams away, No one can hold you now for you are an island." BJS. David S. Phillips 116 Andrew Phillips Wheeler "Every man has his daydreams, every man has his goals - I want to know what life means and be at the controls." Immortal: The crest - lefty, Big Bro., SHS, Soccer, Explorers, Pong, HMUN, Cal. West, WOP to many super people - Thanks for sharing 17 years , .. Take care, me! Diane Pichetti 373 Winchester Street Wheeler "Friendship is just a little wordg it's people who make it big." l'll always remember and cherish the good times with all my friends. Thanks Mom and Dad, Kevin and Paul, and most of all. thanks to all my friends, Mitchell Podufaly 133 Winslow Road Cutler Football 11, 121 Lacrosse 12. Outlaws, Kinks down the Cape to All the good parties with everyone - Brian Ned Rob Jen Cheryl Mary Rhonda Mac Ant to all the "Doors" 70 Monte Back lot parties Chabunions. All my love to Lupe. David Popkin 85 Pond Brook Road Goodwin Friendships will remind us that unity will guide us and never must we let our spirits die. RRLAGNAF DINGPALING. Thanks for the help friends and family. Swimming Snowing DEAD SPRINGSTEEN. fi' 0 -::' S- SE is r .'! .5 ,' ,. .5 ""' ,R 51,11 T. -L, J., - J . VY'-Rf " 5 fir' I as 'ND if A '05 413 'N '7 5 Q44 6-419 ,eniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorssenior 156 Seniors I l I I l I S' l I i gx 1. A N9 C JJ T, x X ,rf .till A 1 I Andrew M. Porter 30 Caldon Path Goodwin Benjamin Michael Porter 73 Beaconwood Road Cutler Football: Gymnastics. "You are not worth the dust which the rude wind blows in your face Lear Act IV, Sc. ll. Thumbing to KC and back. John Lennon is gone but a good year anyway ' So long South. Thanks, Mom and Dad. Dan Powdermaker 117 Cypress Street Cutler Julie Pressman 236 Baldpate Hill Road Cutler To all my friends - Good times last forever, LD - 9!3f81 - "F.F."g LSD - never changes. Thanks to my family - I made it! 81 I luv u all. Joanne Prestera 23 Chandler Place Goodwin "Have faith in you and the things you do, you won't go wrong." Tub lives on CD PH Yogurt 'X Twins Wrestling LAX the Halls with SZ, SN, LH, Antarctica MU REDROB icechips. To Mom SP'-f pang I want to fly I want to be a - -.r4l T 1 " my - Awgps 2 ,, f f- f 1' ' 1- .1 Dad, 8. Connie, I love you. David Michael Quillen 32 Rockledge Road Wheeler Swim Team 10, 11, 12, Stage Crew10, 11, 123 Exp. Club 10, 11, 12, free. M15eniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniors, 5, 4 Seniors 157 Andrea Raider 166 Greenwood Street Cutler Field Hockey 10, 11, capt. 12, Lacrosse 10, 11, 12, "We do not remember days, only moments," Buon Giorno Erika! You're gonna love this one . . . Give me a break! Oh Rats! ',, Bigger is not always better, Mr. FA. Andrea Lee Resh 83 Oakdale Road Wheeler Cheerleading 11, capt. 12, Lacrosse 11. "Friendship is a small word. It's the people who make it big." Butch - I found my special someone. - Thanks to my friends - "Let the good times roll," Special thanks to Mom, Dad, and Elyse. S William N. Reynolds 21 Dwhinda Road Wheeler sv Q if Kyle L. Richards 45 Wellington Hill Street Wheeler Lisa Ann Richmond 201 Cypress Street Goodwin "The Doors" CD MD RS CJ JC JM MV WS LD CC' LS credits! Hey fag I made it! Thanks for always being there, Lisa and Furl MC lt's likel JL many good times past, many to comel David - Never forget you! fHonestD Thanks to my family. Jonathan Rittenburg 99 Oxford Road Cutler Basketball 10, 1 1, Tennis 10, 11, 12. "Dream and let dream because the dreams of today are the reality of the future." Dead corpse, Austria '81, Hey Aritt, Zorch, Thanks MB, KD, MC, Hooker Alley. Thanks Mom and Dad. Paula S. Roach 11 Hale Street Wheeler "The times we shared together have faded in the past." Always remember SD ECK, HB, - NB, LD, CB, CC, LA KM, The Falls, AC, LM, SZ, PK B-Block, Needham High Crash, Strawberry Hill Duckie, Waddles '81 . The cafe, starting over never forget KC, GTO's Craig, Mike, Kevin, Paul, All my love, Mom 8. Dad. NX Lisa Roberts 633 Sawmill Brook Parkway Wheeler "l'm wishing on a star." Party 78-81 Joy Rumors r nothing - we know what they don't. Bye special ones - u know who u r. Memories r forever - Luv to all friends. Mwac with all my devotion. Thanks Mom, eniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsiei 158 Seniors l l n Michael Rogers 31 Louise Road 15 Cutler 'lv J' 'Z I Richard Romanow 67 Wade Street Goodwin 6 I Fit... . ,,-N--H v Jose Romero 62 Hamlet Street Cutler 1? Barry David Roos Wh- 270 Country Club Road Wheeler "l'm leaving the starting gate of life . . .my only goal is to find its winner's circle." U.K. I'm on my way. Thanks to my friendsi LT, JD, JB, JB, and all the rest. To my family, thanks for the support and the patience. Leslie Rosenberg 411 Parker Street Wheeler A . . this is a piece too fair to be a child of chance, not of care, no atoms casually together hurI'd could e're produce so beautiful a world. LOVE l've ONLY JUST BEGUN ... Gayle Rosenfeld 51 Marla Circle Cutler "Looks like we made it," JBCWJHRNDPBNCBRS Thanks for the best yrs. and those to come. Pub, La, Flara, icf, "Bagel," 4 A.M.g Hf Day, SHS 11, D 81 Pl 12, DBA 10, 11, 125 MUN 12, Love to Mom and Dad. BRDRPR and CR, Thanks 81 always strive for the best. i 'NR'- I X440 1 ,-,listeniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorss Seniors 159 James K. Rosenthal 5 Harwich Road Wheeler New Years, Football, Molson, Mich Lt, Pass out! Tradit lunch, Blues Bros? Vtnam, Fat Rich, Jade ls., ARC, Hi Bachi, Seclusion? Cards! Thanx: Benny, Gregg, Jeff 8. Billy: Silky-tapes, '- ETCI Mom 8. Dad - needed you all the way! Deb 8- Margi - I luv you so much, Susan - BG's party, keep smiling, I love you. Rhonda Rothman 60 Dwhinda Road Cutler Swimming 10, 1 1, captain 12. "Forthe first time in my life, my eyes are wide open." - John Lennon Great times with Great Friends. Toot. "Livin' in a postcard." Lupe, smile - it's I over, Ding-a-ling eat a monster The Doors. Thanx to all. I Jason Rubin 171 Wiswall Road Goodwin "See me, what I am, what I was, what l'Il be, hear me, understand that I'm not what you see." Gentle Giant. Remember: The Gang, Mongo, concerts, Avoda. Mom and Dad: without its roots, even the strongest tree will die. "What will I be, when l grow up to be a man." - 4,4 Brian Wilson. Leslie Ruden 24 Mountfort Road Goodwin Lori Beth Rudnick , 15 Buff Circle 5 Goodwin l Life Skills 10, 11, 12: Denebola 10, 11, Production Editor, 12: Big Sister l1,ReguIus 11, 12. Venezuela '81! All my love and thanks to my family and friends. "Destiny is not a matter of 1 chance: it is a matter of choice." KS, JB - Best of friends forever. F- 1 5 Marjorie Saltiel 95 Cynthia Road Wheeler Mush. There had to be an easier way! Debate 12. Thanx Jo, LG, KA, LF, TM. You're all , 1 super. Thanx Mom and Dad for always being there. Good luck '81! X IA , I 1 l John Sandberg I 24 Burnside Road I Wheeler Tennis 10, 11, 12. "Imagine there's no heaven. It's easy if you try. No hell below us and above us only sky." Thank you, all the guys, and Mom and Dad, SMAC CRCC, RM, KM, RD, MD, AP, JR, TS, 221. 'S - -fs Scott Sandberg 1 121 Hartman Road I l Wheeler x I Baseball 10. The power of negative thinking. VO, DS, LM, TS, JM, SL, SA, LM, AP, and CB: P - X 1 Thanx for all the great times we had. . ,seniorseeniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsie J I , i Ni 160 Seniors L K l l l 1 1 i -5. 1 1 f i l 4 3 , Nd-1 ,- I fir 7 -,I .iq xg J , ffi me Lauren Savoy 6 Country Club Fload Wheeler Literary Editor, Regulus. "Change everything except your loves." To all my friends - I love you. Will never forget Nantasket. All my love M t A. Simply for Jeff. To my parents, all my love. Philip Andrew Sawin 95 Lincoln Street Cutler Music 10, 11, 12 President, Track 10, 11, 12, Cross Country 11, 12. "Well, well, the old have had their day, the young must take their turn, there's something always to forget, and something still to learn." - Holmes. Michael P. Schiavone 51 Oak Street Cutler Baseball 1O, 11, 12. Never forget MH, PC, MG, TS, SD, DM, MM, CC, Always remember Falls, Foxboro, Glide time, 2-1-5, whiffleball, 114, Dr, J, and The Godfather, Thanks Mom and Dad. Erika Lee Schluntz 96 Waban Avenue Wheeler Field Hockey 10, 11, 12 Captain, Tennis 10, 11, 12. "All you need in this lite is confidence. and then success is sure," - Mark Twain. Buon Giorno Andrea, LL Bean and Mr. C, "l'm not as dumb as I look!" Gessy - The Fantastic Four and Bob's forever! Robert Sciegienny 230 Lake Avenue Wheeler Graphics WXB. B., Spanish Club 10, 11, Swimming 11, Flock climbing 10, 11, 12. "Doors, Floyd, T P., B.O.C., Halt-Man, P.C., T.C., F.S., NEA., Far out." Claire Scovell 133 Collins Road Wheeler "There is no sun without shadow, and it is essential to know the night." - Camus, Ros: What are you playing at? Gull: Words, words, words, They're all we have to go on," - Stoppard. Tom Louis Sebok 16 June Lane Goodwin "Go confidently in the direction ot your dreams . , . - Henry David Thoreau Robert Secinaro 54 Oakmont Fload Cutler T-Ville tt 1. Partyin' with JS, CD, EB, MD, PE, and all the gang, My T-Ville Jam car Jackpot - CD EB JS. Jen - You're the best. Special thanks to my folks tor always sticking with atmfg.seniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniors Seniors 161 David Segal 81 Lovett Road Goodwin Soccer 10, 12, Basketball 10, 11, 12, Baseball 10, 11, 12, Spanish Club 12, History Club TO ll Keep the golden mean between saying too much and too little, Thanx VO, PK, HG, RS, BL, SG81 LM Lauri f All my love. Dad - Wish you could see me now, and I you, Robin Seidman 45 McCarthy Road Goodwin Swimming IO, 11, Field Hockey 12, Track 10, 11, captain 12, "FLASH" "Friendship is a little word, it's the people who make it big." Photo - REDUCED farmers do itl We made it PARKIES F and LK! MD e I Love ya! Thanx for your love and support, Mom and Dad. Gayle f Keep up the Seidy rep at NS. Glen Alan Seidner 27 Kingman Road Cutler Bike trip What is man's role? Where does he fit in? "Education is what survives when what has been learned has been forgotten." - B.F, Skinner. Many thanks to my family and friends. Karyn Shaevel 881 Dedham Street Wheeler "I1 takes a long time to understand nothing." Thanks to my friends, you know who you are. Good times always, Cape Cod '80 TM LR - 3's a crowd? CS, Mom and Dad, Thanks, Kenath Shamir 20 Shute Path Wheeler International Club 10, 11, 12, French Club 10, 11, 12, "Activity is the only road to knowl- edge " - George Bernard Shaw. Jennifer Ann Sharp 71 Neshobe Road Wheeler Jebby "You see things and ask why, but I dream things that never were and I say why not." - George Bernard Shaw, Thomas Sheff 454 Dudley Road Wheeler May all the luck in the world be with the class of '81. Thanks Mom and Dad, Robert Sheiffer 5 Southwick Road Wheeler "lf you aren't going all the way, why go at all?" French Club 10, 1 1, Treasurer 12, Model U N "What a long strange trip it's been." GD Non sum qualis eram. GFITMB '81 PAX. tx "'b- V l w f 4 ' ,ll I X I 1 .v V, li N i k l of ri 1 :GN 3,4 Q 1 'Y 'P .seniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorssenior'len 162 Seniors 3 -f y. ' 1 ull' X 3. l 3' E A-fl' -. "W 'IN 25.5 ' .xx K :QQ 1 r"7' 5 Q Neil Sherring 23 Peach Tree Lane Cutler Soccer 1O, Track 12, B.S.U. 10, 11, 123 International Club 10, 11, 12. "Sir Romeo" When you wish upon a star, dreams will take you very tar, but when you wish upon a dream, life ain't always what it seems." EW 81 F. Wizz, Starsky, Kool. Thanks Dad, Mom, and Asha Carl Shishmanian 154 Lincoln Street Cutler "I am not afraid ot tomorrow, for I have seen yesterday and I love today. I will try to be too large tor worry, too noble for anger, too strong for tear, and too happy to permit trouble." Good luck PD, MH, RT, PK. Special thanks to Mom and Dad. MWA - LR. Kurt L. Shlager 131 Stanley Road Wheeler Thanks Mom, Dad, and Lauren. Michael Shuman 51 Sevland Road Cutler Shari Sklar 15 Cross Hill Road Goodwin "You can't always get what you want, but if you try, sometimes you'lI get what you need." Thanks Mom, Dad, Toni, and Jodi. I love you! Janet, Jane, Barbara, Ned, and Tandee, thanks for everything. Scott, I love you . .. 1 ... 2 . . , 3 . . . tclickj Artroom. Elizabeth Smiles 77 Margaret Road Cutler Betsy, Betz. "lt's the laughter we will remember, whenever we remember the way we were." Love you Mom and Dad. Never forget: MN, TA, PG, BF, MP, SS, MA, TM, GW. Okay Dave, 7 kids! Memories with SE, GR. Smiles Mobile! AC, DB, DK - Summers in Maine. qlorsaniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniors Seniors 163 Kim Smith 504 Boylston Street Wheeler Soccer10, 11,captain 12, Softball 10, 11, captain 12, Basketball 10, 11, captain 12. Good luck to all my friends, 'speC'ially to MV, RG, LG, AH, SL, RB, CC, RC, KC, Ricky, LS, NB, CB, fn ,S LS Soccer '80 CIAF All my love to my bestest buddy. 5' Marcy G. Smookler 52 Charlemont Street Wheeler Everyday is a new beginning, every yesterday holds a memory, and tomorrow brings. , , " Thanks with love to Mom and Dad for always being there, and love always to my best friend 1 Richard Abadee, abadee - that's all folks! 7 I- pf X l N . Lya Sosa - 52 Hamlet Street Goodwin Rosamaria Sostilio 10 Beecher Place Goodwin f 3 f if 1 . L I , , Louise Anne Spinner 16 Ballard Street Cutler 1 Pepe, Weezie Hey Bonetla, ok! "Bake someone happy." "Hey Kath, you can't walk ,-Q y there!" The Doors, Fthondaman, LD, JC, CC, MP, BS, etc. To Dan, a friend indeed: Merci at mucho' "Can't deal with it!" "Whatever!" To Mark, my favorite fand onlyl electrician: ILY 4 most' Randy Spiro , 7:5 29 Marla Circle 'PS 5 5'-A534-QQ-"' Wheeler y . - QTQF' 1' , Movie bull, artistic drawing, career exploration. Hobbies: Jigsaw puzzles, stained glass. 2-' 5.5 Q' A 1 ' -. , Michael Stein l 103 Levbert Ftoad N Cutler ' Tennis 10, 11, 12 'Beat the deadline before it beats you." Thank you, Mom and Dad for 3 putting up with me all these years. JC '80, Steino Cheri Spareribs JM. MS, RL - NH, FLA, 'Q Ski trips to Vermont Class of '85 1 Regina Stewart 90 Westminster Road Wheeler l Gina Lacrosse 11, 12, Field Hockey 12. Janet f the best friend I ever had - never forget SH and partying Calkytl Jen f Lax rules KC C CD Thanks, M, D, and Deve, Dan - Morrison and Hendrix live' We know lt! 1 - ilgseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorssenloner J I , 16-1 Seniors l 4 ,lr fu ll i ig Joni Strauss 35 Placid Road Goodwin "The good times are forever, the bad times fade away," Outdoor track 10, 11, 12 To CE H20 fights To all my friends, thanks for the good times, To Jon, love is a special feeling shared between two people. Thanks, love always, Joni. Thanks M 8. P, Q' x Brian Striar 41 Montvale Road Cutler Baseball 1O, 11, 12, Football 12. Goodbye to the doors and everyone that hung around 'em Good luck to Mitchell, Lupe, and to Jennifer, Ned, Rhonda, Louise, Mary and Cheryl, and the T-Villians. "Meet me at the doors." "Carona in the back lot." Neal Sugarman 12 Broadlawn Drive Cutler "Clay is the way," Music is a reflection of the universe - JC, Diane Surette 706 Sawmill Brook Parkway Cutler ' X 85 MT EEE, E-Block crazys, France '80, The Cape, Harry Tage, DPJGJA - friends forever! "Hey, hey, hey!" Bridgewater weekends, soccer - CDJBLMJCPGLDRFKSABW CMBJ Love and Thanks, Dad and Mom. "Carry on, love is coming, love is coming to us all "- CSNY if ,-1 ,g Y .YQ , 1 ,A lil. its 0 5 'WS l f Y ,worseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniors Seniors 165 A David Talamo 99 Lovett Road Wheeler French Club 10, 11, 12, International Club 12, Senior Prom Committee. "Men May doubt what you say, but they will believe what you do," 2 ,Q Karen Teicher 27 Scotney Road Goodwin I .am unrted wuth my lrrends nn heart, what matters if our places be far apart. Jon-omni '79 Venezuela Aruba '80 Love ya. Con carino Tabordas JC AA good times at Stowells - trlends for always - BK, LF, LS, RL, RD, LK, TF, LS, Calif '79 Meizlers Regina, all my love mom, dad ' Amy, thanx, X -wx Carol Tennant 33 Brewster Road Wheeler '2 . John Tessel 133 Woodcliff Road Wheeler "Damn the torpedoes, lull speed ahead." Debate 10, Debate - president 11, Tesseract 5. 11, 12. Camp Avoda we la. Reagan '81 Barney isn't Frank. "I didn't do it." X X Roy Tessler 504 Ward Street Wheeler "Long Day." Track - 12, Lax - 11,12,Dert1ike - sh k - face, doctor, Pete, C.W., L,K., A C ,T Z., D.I., L C. - you're still a great kid. KM, - shatterproofll Jill, R.L., RF., S.D., Beth - what will l do without you? PD - get lost? No Problem! so. gym. Ragbman 81 Co. remember you all lt Richard D. Tillett, Jr. 108 Oak Street Wheeler The cafe 10, 11, 12. Good luckto CN, JB, AD, MA, KV, LC, LC, LC, WS, PS, CB, NB, EB, KS, i f f lt SL, KV, MV, EG, BR, JR, JF, JD, KD, JL, PR, DH, DE, MM, LM, LB, JL, LJ, BH, KC, DB, JK, f DE, EJ, and everyone else. Thanks, mom and dad. I made it for you two. Lawrence Eric Traister 14 Juniper Lane Cutler "For once in my life I have nothing to say." Big Brother 10, Enrichment Program 11, I ' Yearbook 11, 123 Sky'D1ving 11, Capt. 12. Thanks to the guys - J.B.'s B.R. J.D ,.,. and mom and dad, Scott Trockman 136 Ridge Road lx Q Wheeler M 'Q ' l 1 8 seniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorser 166 Seniors l X . A 1 1 I 5 --X Evelyn Tsamtsouris 93 Brandeis Road Wheeler "Il you can imagine it, you can achieve it. If you can dream it, you can become it." Thanx Ma Horge, Dino + sis, I luv u all. fGuyleJ Cape '80 Jane B, Davos' "Let us do it! Trans Am fever. 109 CPA always!Daddy I luv u - Greece. 2TM. Carla. Good luck everyone! We are out! Memories will linger on, for the best. Sharon F. Ungar 15 Considine Road Wheeler "One of the most beautiful qualities of friendship is to understand and to be understood." Memories: All my close friends and the good times - 11g VT. '78, Spring, Yavneh, Fla. '77, '80, Ballet, Lisa A. Vachon 72 Indiana Terrace Wheeler Richard Valdivia 216 LaGrange Street Wheeler Soccer 10, 11, 12, Gymnastics 11, captain 12, Denebola 12. "Hey, Chum" "Lucky" "Don't trip Lefty" "States, lnt" C-YA SBJWKMJSRWGRCWAMMW. Maria Vespa 312 Langley Road Wheeler Live today, dream tomorrow, cherish the memories of yesterday. Remember: RF LB PK LY KH 81 the rest. Also MY 81 S 8. S. U-Highs and ultimates, proms 81 nailpolish. Nicky, good luck at South. Mom 81 Dad, Grazie con tutto il mio cuove. But mostly to RMS I say "Thank you for being a ftruel friend . .. " Marian Voros 192 Beethoven Avenue Cutler tseeyaj Lisa Jen. It almost worked. KSLRWSJDJRLGSLCB and everyone. Thanx for the good times '80 with LR. '79 old times, Thanx JV. Though U had your own troubles U never forgot mine, Thanx Big Brothers PS, I love you. Thanks, Mom and Dad. .. -tl Q .t f' '5 ,..., L . J t' 'ASX Ja.- j wgrgaeniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorssenior I Seniors 167 Corie A. Wallace 5 Voss Terrace Wheeler Randy Wasserman 78 Vine Street Wheeler "If you lust put your hand in mine, we're gonna leave all our troubles behind, you gotta walk and don't look back." - Peter ToshfMick Jagger LSD, MK, CW Mickey says: Veg outl Mr. Poke, Larz, The Grate Good luck, Gran Larsony! Luv ya Mom and Dad and Steve, 'QS Alan S. Wayne 23 Tanglewood Road Cutler Jane Rachel Weinfeld 170 Brookline Street Goodwin Ski Team 12, Living is easy with eyes closed misunderstanding all you see . . . It's getting hard to be someone, but it all works out. It doesn't matter much to me- The Beatles RIP. J L Thanx M 8. D. Debbie Wennett 88 Levbert Road Cutler We must go our separate ways, but the memories and the friendships will last forever: JL - years of memories Blue eyes shine forever SB SA DC special friendships GT - GD BD 3 JR CA '79 Stu, you are my dream come true Dad, Mom, Nancy, Bob, I love you, Julia Werbinski 173 Langley Road Wheeler To the Music Dept. I leave all my love 8. I wish you luck To my friends, I hope that we'll never forget each other 8 to everyone - "Imagine all the people living life in peace," Thanx Mom, Dad, Mary f I up W . ,- -l Thomas Wiggin i 1 287 Waban Avenue ' Cutler 1 "Gather your wits and hold on fast, your mind must learn to roam. . " - P, Townshend fx is Love and thanks to family and friends! EAMTLFH . Sgr? i Gregory Lee Wing l 270 Arnold Road X ' , I Wheeler ' E Football 12 True happiness consists not in the multitude of friends but in their worth and X L t choice" Thanks to all of my friends, and a very special thanks to my Mom and Dad. X 1 , t i l . i- eniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsiei- 168 Seniors l 1. 4 I i .11f1lSl v 4 Anna-Beth Winograd , 241 Woodcliff Road ' Wheeler Reduced Farmers Forever. Thanks South for the good times Soccer's If 1' Good luck to all of my friends Thank, Mom 8 Dad. "I am a child, l'lI last a while, you can't conceive of the pleasure in my smile." - Neil Young - 1 ,..4- Howard A. Wise 60 Homestead Street Goodwin "You think academics get you into college" - Murph. Lax 10, 11, capt. 12, Take it slow Al RT PD MH DG, JL QGAKJ. If you got the time . . . l If they can't take a joke . . em If they can, abuse 'em NY '79, UM '80, US '81 7398. Thanks Family! .X .A Cheri-Ann Wong 134 Upland Avenue Wheeler -A Volleyball 10, 11, 12 tcaptlg Softball 10, 11, 12. "Accept me as I am sol may learn what I X can become." Always remember: JH TWIN GR LA RARA, LBXRN "Get off the phone " RT "RAX" RN Thanks MAYZCSY. Thanks Mom and Dad for putting up with me. :F CQ Michael K.P. Wong 134 Upland Avenue Wheeler Randall Wong 71 Athelstane Road Goodwin I would like to thank my Mom, Dad. Nancy, Sis, and Gin for helping me through these years at NSHS lf it wasn't for them, I never would have made it. f Robert Charles Wool 653 Chesnut Street Wheeler You might as well fall flat on your face as lean over too far backward. Thanks everyone, especially Mom, Dad. and Lauren. U x! 4x2 K U if Z x 1 'Y , 15 ' 4 eniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorssenior Virginia Clara Wright 10 Hinckley Road Goodwin li 'Music is mistress of language. queen of literature, visionary of all unspoken desires." - Kenneth L Patton Bela E. Wurtzler 199 Brookline Street Wheeler I 1 ' Lloydton Ximines 9 High Street Goodwin International Club IO, 11, 12, "lf it is to be it is up to me." Thanks Mom and Dad, Mrs. Doolin, Mr. Lambert, and Mr. Pearlman, Mrs. Ratner - thanks. Ellen Yanofsky 229 Dedham Street Wheeler "Always keep a song in your heart." KC "Camera!" LD - Southie! CO - friends forever JW "Mistyl" MG "Wil, T" WH "Do lt up, Buddy!" To all my friends in Mrs. T's Class: CM CO ET JL keep in tune! Good luck to everyone, and keep in touch. Love to Mom. Jonathan Yavner 195 Varick Road Cutler l Russian Club 11, 12, People who use the word impossible should be shot. Let us not forget 1 to thank our Faculty, the most dedicated in the state. Laura Ann Yee 431 Parker Street Wheeler Laurie Denebola 11, 12. In search for identity may seem yet far, but it is truly just beyond the horizon. These are the good times - Maria, Dooney, Mona, Caar and Paula. Thanks M Q 8. D, AL 12 25177. Where's planet Claire? l 1 l l 'gseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsse J I l 170 Seniors , ? Elizabeth Zalinger 27 Knowles Street Cutler Albert Scully Lives. Thanks for Conrad, M 8. D, GUR, MONA Bone, Hair, MK, and thanks to the first real one for a box of rain. "You know that it's a fool who plays it cool by making his world a little colder." - L 8. M, "' Sharon Zeichner 340 Hartman Road Goodwin lt's my generation Trans AmfTime WarpfBehind Blue Eyes ES Tapesflfaneuil Hallf'Catch that FWfPass outfNantasket Beach 5 this summerfDFFfFCfBrookIyn fSkiingfAII my love to Mom, Dad, Lisa 8. Peaches. Louise R. Zeitlin 104 Plainfield Street Wheeler 5' i rfrorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorssenior l Seniors 1 1 Stephen M. Chaloff 15 Saxon Road Goodwin , David Elkins gsazzylg' ?g"eZ 8 Shumaker Path a or oa C tl UD k D 1 d Ciluttkir Wresainz 12. I anma' lil eg 15 '12, St C 11 12- "You are young and life is long and there is time hrgternagona 151 11 .12.. Dagissgg get Hanna to kill today, And then one day you find, ten years UST' ep "" ' Y have got behind you. . . " All my love to Joanne, and 'Y' Dad and everyone else. Richard Cramer 1 44 Indian Ridge Road ' Wheeler The expression on my face tells it all. To all my great friends over the years I wish you all the best. Anyone thinking l'm vanishing from the world can relax and look me up in town at North- 1 , eastern. Margie, I love you forever . . , US. Christine Bamberger Peter S. Franklin 7O Ridge Avenue 25 Tirrell Crescent Goodwin Goodwin David H. Berwind Charles J. Gilfedder 40 Chester Street 18 Hale Street Goodwin Elizabeth Ann Cullen Goodwin I 115 Adeline Road Goodwin Denebola. "Love is a magic wordg few ever find it in a lifetime." I luv ya Tiger, I'll never forget. I Love to my musketeers Phil and Rich. Music , Roberta Bloom makes the world go around . . . special to Mom, Jacqueline Haffis 93 Andrew Street Dad, and Lil' J. Yes, it's time, "For the times they 66 Hamlet Street Cutler are a changin'," Cutler I I I Sean T. Brann Richard D. Haughey 57 Crehore Drive 243 Plymouth Road Wheeler Wheeler Catherine Cushna 19 Burnside Road I Linda A. cardinali C""e' Daniel N. Hoffman 21 Elliot Terrace 53 NGTTOIGGU Road Wheeler Goodwin :fniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorss 39 5. I I 172 Seniors ni Trudy Johnston 5 Broadlawn Park Goodwin Kim, best friend forever, MG, Do you know what time it is? See you guys in Elba. Special thanks to Aunt Anna, Uncle Larry, Dede, and Micky. l love you all. Mom and Dad -thanks for understanding me. l finally did it! You're the best parents. Anna Kaidanov 105 Langley Road Wheeler Barrie Klein 142 Truman Road Cutler A single dream is more powerful than a thou- sand realities. H-Beach B.S. '80 Prom, '79 '80 Vegas P-Town, Love to my wonderful friends "when we're sixty." Ronny - you've got a friend. Love to my wonderful family. I love you. Robert P. Krantz 5 Broken Tree Road Wheeler Benjamin M. Levy 23 Lakewood Road Jane Karen Pollock 43 Lawmarissa Road Goodwin Wheeler A.V., Rockclimbing, Stage Crew, Tesseract, Bye ,Dream only me dream you can become... soundroom people, Queen Mary, Brookline and Fel- ACLU Always trying to change the worm low Rodents. Kiddies this is a bUSff" MTW to Nance, I love ya: "Winston and Johnny for us: MJ realize it s all within yourself, no one else can make and VF you change." ' Lisa McGIinchey 41 Annawan Road Cutler Marc Rains 101 Hanson Road Wheeler Aleksandr Nakhtigal 105 Langley Road Wheeler John Newlon 21 Carver Road Wheeler David J. O'NeiI 45 Hinckley Road Wheeler Kameh Parsi 554 Parker Street Wheeler RM, RD, JS, DM, KM, JE, BG, POPE, STIX, BOOB, MONGO The Polara, Alan, Chris, Steve, Rick, Jon. "I crucified my hate and held the world within my hand. There's you, the time, the logic, or the reasons we don't understand." YES. Harrison G. Fticles 495 Parker Street Goodwin Jeffrey W. Stone 48 Hargrave Circle Goodwin .vgsiseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorssenio Seniors 173 ' D S 5 ' 5 Robert Tammaro c , 31 Louise Road 4 4 ', W 9 Cutler , , ' 9 5 0 5 Q Q' Q fy IN '- s David J. Tupper , 30 Upham Street Wheeler John F. Voros 192 Beethoven Avenue Cutler gg.: Allison A. Williams 5 Kelveden Road Goodwin Stefan W. Wolff 193 Lake Avenue Goodwin niorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorsseniorss f"" ..--- ..... 1 1 I v I E -W 1 ' V f M' 77 K -S 5 QQ! l i ,V ' ?5 ' 045335: - ' AX ,, , . - M - 9313. --Q L-- f-M - Nlm - .-'ff?" A' K ,AnuQlXi"fWf"" -Q-M-- 'Sf Q? Donald Q , ' ,l -M u get-'xxx I NS .hm -an Ht .vy -A -.F Ibm- cb! Q W gm.- S . ,J sy 1 'Xfqf LJ- 'Q " H fy ,,.l 'A X. - H M V 5 ,7 Ls , N 'X X X N 4 3,1--'L 'nf . 'NLLX' jx J 3 f ' Q G ' 16, lox A X I xg war N --J X X' V K a WW -D, 4,75 6 0 4 QV QQ xx -1 K Z--A 1 . f 1 17' V- 'fxxg I 1 i x ......, N ....--,,, -- Z Q, I L l ' A4135 I xx,-W 7-r fyfwzllg 7 f it rw I A x , , N xx xx . ZA , ,Q - . ,, -4' N- x"""'llrQ. , 4 dl --"1 if 176. Seniors N if ' Q: L, , 3 " Q, "TQ ff" .1 ,Wm V wyh '... ,F -. if --pr 3, 1 X df fm . Q' fn. 2 " 'f - 'Li 1 22? " :- R ,H X 1 23? J 4' W 0 g k 5' 3 N91 75i?? Ifsfif . ,S N ,,,,A N N., 4 , i hkx X 1 Mxef 19x gs ,as f- ffl if -W QQ 'ei Q Regulus thanks the sponsors on the following pages for ' their support. They are truly Good Companies. V A eooo CGMPANIES 178 it Ads if Q- 5. X x V X Congratulations to the class of 1981 Alyce and Eddie Mandell ff W um! 5 ge 452 ,, MH! MII ATWOODS CAMERA 21 P mam 5+f66+ New+or1 cemre Massachu56+LS 617 244 5480 PXVA 5 Q UA R E TRA DIN G C OMPA NY 1255 Cen+re 5+ Nevvflon C+r NAME BRAND5 AT REDUCED PR ICES Izod woolrfch Pendlewn Lee Lew Iordorhe Saxon Bon Jour Gam THB Hanford look comeS+o Newfon check vs ou+ For quam-by and voluQ1n Bock +0 School Fashions THINK WEP' second mme around M6019 deS1qrrerc1o+rUr'7g r 7 Uuffl-IF Forme P01771 qo-'f 9461 Q HMS? 2"3'fC'w'nZ2'm I ear an N70 021 I hours wwf mon ,mf I1 J hgmf ohffegaads KES CA P155 U55 AT COOKIES f Shop 964 9319 WOMFRAMINQ Cd QC 51540195 I IU5 C0rdS Sfa-H0f79rY Gzff Wrcl COHUIQS Por+yGoo5i9 500145 551 I6 UNCOLNS7 CH Q59 55-7-f Slvpplleg Newrofv HloHLAN05 QM 5 PHUN f , 6175321152 o of 1+ go ing? Lgiftziti ovdsfz CM ' 195 9 4, :7lor6f7cL jjm ,of 9 fvewron Cenfre I 1 770 Wdlflm' 5? Nfwf OU, Maffdcbvfeztf Newwforl I-llqhl61fKv'5fM4 0.2159 DUNS THCIILDOD 01167 PN 6 Ro an X 1115, In 4 rf MK. '1 - E, I3 L....,.......,.... .7 1 . I .1 . . . , . . . Y - . 1111! 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ERIC STEVENS UDDL Umffzdwm fm By W S 4 'Tel .966 5566 ig? kc gf' ' ' ' G1mMS Gf1lldI'8I'lS Pedcaduly Square SP6C1fU'+Y -'31 81 anion. S+ree+ SMP Newton. Gemre Ma 02159 B 80.6011 SHEET N6W+ofl EEKHKQ Gongratulaffons graduates :fha bEH ORLWU Lua GAGE- LEATHER 6.0005- GIFTS- HANDBA GS 3 Oriezvgon lg6fHf6 sf? 6345 59" Q r' E 'Y 3 I q , ,s,4E'!eY. E -X 'I1llI'N1f'I1'S Hum' ,Eg XJ , 'IR-lwtiw-481111 'l'1-ljiiilasiigfl s . x X ,J , Slzvs H-ZH Hmm 1 ti-4 I4fIillXN'.1lsI IH!-1524 Wlllst R:'glll.n's - slnmsf llllskufs HH-lfmSh1I'fs G v ' J liQl..II1Qlf'yI'l1 Ne-wtm1llrr1tf'r up:-n fllU1lIl'IxhllI'S. Iixf-, r 'F Z L i -xx a , 1 ' ' t? G . fl I 5 s 3 Y I r'fj?'L," . - A . . . oF 6 . , SQ 155' v 1 4' . I I I H 1' r WI, Y' f 821 A J Ad 83 windsor button Shop Congratulates Jon Rlttenberg Lmcoln Mall Lmcoln R I O and the class of "81" I I , I I ds "'u" "'v' E 1 A EKEMPTON PLACE WEST NEWTON MASS Mon Fri 913-933 Sli- 9'm'3'w Dnamonds Watches Gufts Pho 4' 332 6300 Fino Footwua a d Sportmg Goods Fo thoE F Hendrlcken Bros Inc .w,.1,.,'ZQ'n.'Z.f" JEWELERS Forty fuve Lmcoln St Newton Hlghlands Ma 02161 C6175 527 6661 BIRDS HILL PHARMACY Sufi fialletg GREA1 PLAIN Ave ,NEEDHAM M1 F OR PRESCRIPTIUNS JfDELlVERl5S PHONE 449 0550 CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF 198 From MUTUAL "' BANK B RGER KIN A ao RTE 3 me I3 KWGSTON FIA PEMGROKE,?4A Congratulatlons to the Sensor Class STOWELL'S Mall at Chestnut Hull 1,-X 6 6 .K---,-, V -. es s , 4 , l - ff 40' . , l R X - Ads 185 GOOD LUCK CLASS OF 81 THANK YOU MRS GONSON DENEBOLA STAFF BEREJIK MOTORS INC. 126 Highland Av . Needham, Mass. 444 - 4797 y ur local OLDSMOBILE DEALER o erm leasing available e us build one for you. E 1 E Open nights i R . 28 S . til 5 new Cif lfllib ilql i Waban Hardware 1641 Beacon St. Waban, Ma. 02168 244 - 4566 6 d Always the best In fresh fish' NEWTON SEAFOODS INC We re bulldlng a reputatlon not restung on one 759 Beacon Street Newton Centre Mass 964 9344 uv- g S orerv Cassef orado mnlchrldre workspace IT1B.'L.IxZ1L5 tools book. And gailcrj The Pofters Shop till gy' oI7 965 53929 Cauiiaf Free Brochure 5 Har fora .54 N5W+Z7f' Hgmprde MA 3210 E 356 S to MAR HZEFQ MON THPLU SAT q OO 6 OO FFUDAY Cf 00 Q 00 HOURS handler A C HARDWARE coMPANY wo neocon Sf 450 Boston Posfrld Newton Centre 2414 H000 We5f0n 849 vow BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF DR AND MRS JEROME W FISCHBEIN - - - - - I ' - - - , 'Q r , 2 ' - o 4- ' 7 ' ' vi f-:wo . .,,.. V- .eu ,th Q , . . . gg- '-A E 1 . " . ,ffvl .4 . 'WN' A' -xr'-2 y S 9' "ks" 4 yt I ' x .ist us '.' A' - -1 .:. "QU 0 0. yi O , 59 . 5 8.83 cvs Cx ' xg uggxaxa sr' Aix "' I K' 1: 5 n 'I 2 5- Q: .-. S .w 4 , if . . H 'X . ' . . 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I I Ads 18 Congratulations to Carol and the Class of 81 We wish you the best of luck' Love Mom Dad Dave and Peter Tennant Congratulations to Robin and the Class of 1981 The Seidman Family The Drucker Family Congratulations to Caren and the Class of 81 from THE BAILEY FAMILY Congratulations to Susan and the Class of 81 The Bamel Family Herb, Anita, Jonny, and David Best Wishes to Robert Shelffer and the Class of 81 Jimmy the Gre k Best wishes to Billy and Liz as - e 188 Ads Best wushes to our Suzy B and the class of 81 Ellle and Coleman Bornsteln Best wushes for the class of 81 Margo Roger and Stacey Druben CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST OF LUCK TO MARY BETH AND CLASS OF 1981 FZITA AND DICK MCAVOY Dear Nell Congratulatnons Good Luck and above all OUR LOVE Mom Dad Asha and Uncle Alfred Best Wishes to the Class of 1981 from the Cohens Congratulations to the Glrls Sports Editor We Love you Mom Dad Wennett Nancy and Bobby Good Luck Class of 81 n v ' ll ll I l I 1 1 l I v 1 n . . , . l I ll ll Ads 189 NEW EMCSLANDS LARGEST Ff9ed0m Federdl Sdvrngs New ton UVPQT -Eranch Congratulations to the Class of 1981 LOCATED BT Marsltallg Sltopplng Cartier Newton Cultural 241 Needham gt Affarrs Commlssron Newham Na. O2l6Ll an TEL ,527 3223 Advrsory Board nuspuoue 517 0898 HIGHLAND HARDWARE co. or Nswrou Good L ck to the C Class of 81 From the Kogos Famrly uv UNCULN STREET uewtolv Hlbl-lLmo5,MA.0Z1bl TOM THORNTON aug -7750 H24 CENTRE .STREET l uvfwmrv c:NTL2E.MA.o2.l'5Cl Compliments of - 'Qt fi X , Wingows Floors Q F fs 1 M.Tuuins cleaning . J- 1 Z ls I .. 4416696 'iq rmwelz BDUGLJET 90 Ad Best Wishes to Julue and the class of 81 The Llpsett Famlly Rhodes Pharmacy Waban Square EDISO CHEWOSLCO INC 7! AMOQYSIREE 617 AA2 O27O rms dam Congratulatuons Laura We love you Mom, Dad Carolyn, and Jenmfer fr UGUTIIIYQUOIGS BOSTON,MASg- 02119 mm ms w. 'MINUJD 1 x i Vi I Pd 9 PURDY VANTINE STUDIO Portralture for Men Women Children Weddings Copy Enlarglng 661 Boylston Street Boston 266 1530 Business Sponsors Bull s House of Plzza Newton s Ltd Countryside Pharmacy Plywood Ranch Capella by Norman John Dewar 8 Co Inc Caprlcclo s Mr A Vmoent s Inc The Cheese Shop Stoddard s Adolph s Tenms 81 Squash Shop Minuteman Press I s , I 1 n n I n, n n u , ' 1 n n , 1 1 , u u Sponsors Mr 8 Mrs Murray Allen Anonymous Charles Arles Mr 8 Mrs Davld Baye Mr 8 Mrs Norman Chaban Mr 8 Mrs Silas Flashman Tom 8 Ellle Hackett Berl 8 Hy Hartman The Henken Famlly Honora 8 Martln Kaplan Lester 8 Lane Kleln The Knapp Famlly 8 Mrs Jerome Llpson 8 Mrs John J Long 8 Mrs Thomas J McLelIen 8 Mrs Sheldon Morrls Mr 8 Mrs Damel Qulllen Davld 8 Judy Rosenthal The Rosenthal Family Mr 8 Mrs lrvmg Sheff Mr 8 Mrs Sidney Smookler The Soeldner Famlly Dr 8 Mrs Jack R Wands Delsa Weiner Carl 8 Leah Wlnograd . . Mr. . ' Mr. . . ' Mr. . . . . ' Mr. . ' Dr. 8 Mrs. Robert Brown and Debbie Romen Nakhtigal 94 'Ad 'fu 'Z 'Wx N . 1 'W' Q 4 ' 1 yas X uf 5' 'C n f' fir' ,1 5, V '31 6 f M , V gg' it : J 1'- f K C ML. N 1 if xv' Y I 1 f 9 1 xg. 3 lik! , -'E' :0 -x Q D :J :aff- ' I 'y '13 "2 1 ' lx . ini' 'K - . ' I '. ."'-' ' , V .' , .QQ ,- .v ,W I - ff .4 T' , """u. If - 4 3 . ggi- ' J N yn , V. ,i :-- 1 M Q.-I Nkfxaksx 5 'U N me. ' . 196 f Ads 5 I ml 0 "1 4. 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Suggestions in the Newton South High School - Regulus Yearbook (Newton, MA) collection:

Newton South High School - Regulus Yearbook (Newton, MA) online yearbook collection, 1978 Edition, Page 1


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Newton South High School - Regulus Yearbook (Newton, MA) online yearbook collection, 1984 Edition, Page 1


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