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'Q if xx ia ' '-. Af! H+- -...... ,- -' Y 'L r ' hfp . ,. 1 b .,- ,,4Q.n gg ' -' .. . 1 5 . - Q . 'I Y 1' , - ,., - A xx- 4 '. .' . -' " , x O, ' ' "'U' Q4 ' ' 1 A '- 5-. V 'Q +. ',' . , r 1 A' -. 'dl x ks! V, - .st -4 . -. ' - Luk - -K 'Q ful -A - .-.q,L..-'.. 'v-4. ' ' , '1'f , 1573 P'- . v 11- ' A putt ' .f"'f,h Qs I ' v ' ...ry ' .Qgqr:,q-EQf"f 1.8 V n 1 ,Q A o W' is fa J ' i': .i,a' J".q n 5- x yr I' an ' 'N' -v ,fa 5 U fin .fp i:!' I. Q B f 3.4 -.. if 4 ,j ' '- 1. I . - .1 Q qi 1 z 1 -1-42 and V. 1 1.5 1-' 'wha' N 3 ' .uf f H N jx "c 6 ggi- .gigzgs 1 l w - H Ani , ,L Q -2' .Q . f 01 '. 5 . - - o rf' i 'L I .Q 1, cn' . , 3,1 J' Q 3 'J' if ' 1' E ' I ft , . fn I . -. L le 0 . 1 S1 H W ' S I. n,. .li ' ,F . S . O -K ,-hu., F 4- - , I ,. wf'1un- O V r F I 8 1 P- I . W I 'Vol lr o gl- M ,. I4-, '1- 4 . . . :Nr 3, , 1 ll 1 tial: 8 ' -- I ,L A 7 J x N, .VIS 'Rf' 1 .0 I 'O .l. , It I C 1 'Q a I .'L 'T es I 0 I x I r I I I 1- 0 K V" ,H -, ... 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Qiff' 'T'---. li ir ls 44-r -X w A -J l 1' 1' 44, C 6 QL. L 4 L I Neg' x gm , ,A ,. , ,yin I .,:,w F 4-fir.v'f"i' .. , . 'f' ' ,wat n ' L V J K,-.6N.ryj.m " 05- jlrynzii 'IJ' ' 1 ' ' l . . rl L, ' . HQQ ,gf-. 1 , Q to ' Q i lY!'l Il if I E1 ....-- .11- F... 'Lk K nf: 9' 54 x K , K i. .Eva A-1, . .. a new land where ideas could grow unguarded and unbowed, and where all could gather unafraid the kindling of love and of peace. Robert Baram l-l- 'nf They rode the countryside To spread the alarm, a - drumming a - drumming, For the lanterns earlier had told them 'That the route Was by land And the British were coming were coming! And they came Awaited, Expected, Unwanted, because of some lanterns, and horses, and Dawes and Revere. Robert Baram "' Ilf' ' ' " fi .-aw .gi-Q' 1 Q " , -, 1 . -0. , ' Q W. , ff 515 - ' .1 g . -,, .Mr - .Qnsgr-.g,Tp,J, vi -ff, 4 ,. 1 .nu 3, 1 +A , ' J.. '. l. A' . - . ' -44 . Q. . . - . - - . ' - -.1 , w ' A ' - -A A ' L - "2 3' .f . A .' .1 ' - L ' "': V ' ' X I fr . 'A' 4'-..'."'-:F l.J'fZ"ffwfs:gq ' " ff' V 1 I -.., -Nm". '14' I ', ' P ' 01, 'K . .., - i v, .Iwi 1... in ey' L - .- "'."', .. ' A- -ll:'.rf-5. . FH' f'-tr: ' v "' , S ' vs ,JV 1. . . Lai' X r l ' . i9'9Ll4-L M4172-vpx,-, , 1? A I ,r 1 . , A.-1 . s , ' . ,- , , . , . ., , ., ,, , ,Y- . - 'gf' V.. . .. . . .v-.4' Look not mournfully into the past It comes not back again Wisely improve the present It is there. Henry Wadsworth Longfellow L-X u l l 1' 1 1 , ls. S W D Q ml" No race can prosper 'till it learns that there is as much dignity in tilling the field as in writing a poem. Booker T. Washington I think that I shall never see A billboard lovely as a tree Perhpas, unless the billboards fall, l'll never see a tree at all. Ogden Nash Y dark: vi W, is '92-' 5f'. nr- The bird, the eagle made himself small - to creep into the hinged egg until therein he disappeared, all but one leg upon which a claw opened and closed wretchedly gripping the air, and would not - for all the effort of a struggle, remain inside. William Carlos Williams -ff-:F rf ' l t 'Gr is K. un '-A .M the beginning is but a newborn baby's cry, and the heart of a nation beats not from where it was won, or when, but because of where it went and how the spoils of power were dispensed so that the flame of liberty burned with equal passion for all, for each of her children. Robert Baram I'-A I Lad. SPA ki nv 7 as I s 7 0? x lmlllf, if I g- f S X S 'x ,x .N di.: 1 , i. 3. v. ' 'bl -5 1, g S5 -5 v -gr 11. :J- 1. F " JJ: 'aff' vi, J ., Q., ' 'x Siu. 5 1 -.3 --w.. 1, Q bf 1 5 as W1 3 ig A fff "" W 7 L A Y Q N wx f W' 51. ' 1, r .-' X f Q ww f X X Sf lllfm 4 fl! N X Q x Q ni WLuf X! ,K ix Q N fx mm v X my I mm ,KCC 5 "LQ :Tw 5 X X X " ins X fl 'W 4 'Q' .' is i N 1 w?9" Q , X ' wi' X WN 1' ,QM is N W X - K 2 un! Q S if' X 6 r S 'W f, S Q' ' . X Q x - 5 if S' e 5 - '3 v M I-.s First Row: lay Labourine, Mark Seeto, lan Waalawyn, Capt. Bruce Jennings, Corey Rosenfield, lim Cold- farb, lon lngbar, Tom Karol, Dan Braverman. Second Row: Brian Grodman, Steve Hoberman, Rob Segal, Don Moore, Dan Paisner, Mike Stollar, Frank Otten, Martin Schwartz, Andy Wise, Coach Emilio Mazzola. Third Row: Head Coach Wood Crowther, Bob Fine, Don Mayer, Len Kraiser, Albert Pazos, Gary Simon, Carson Milgroom, Dan Shiman. Missing: Dan Shiffman, Coach Mark Beaton, Doug Sheff, losh Erlich. SOCCER The soccer season, which began with double sessions in late August, ended in late October in a blaze of glory. Through defeat after defeat the team kept its spirit and finished with a 4-7-3 record. In its last five games the team did not lose, making the 1975 season the best in quite a while. The team began its season with a new coach, C.W. Crother, and three assistant coaches, one of whom got lost along the way. Crowther's goal from the beginning was to "win the Dual County League Championship." Although the team fell short of this goal, by the end of the season it was capable of defeating any team in the league. The first time around, South lost to every team except Acton, which it tied 0-0, and Weston which it defeated 2-1. When the team lost for a second time to Wayland and Medfield it looked as though South's soccer team would continue in its familiar losing pattern, but a change was in store. In its last five games, the team tied Concord 3-3, defeated Acton 2-0, tied Lincoln-Sudbury 1-1, demolished Bedford 4-0, and destroyed Weston 3-1. In its last two games the team played fine soccer both on offense and defense. All the ingredients for a league championship were there, but unfortunately they developed too late. Goal scorers for Newton South included Mike Stoller 173, jay Labourene 143, Danny Braverman 133, Mike Seeto 123, Bruce lennings123,lan Waalywen 113 and Carson Milgroom 113. Fine defensive play was turned in by Corey Rosenfield, Bruce lennings and lim Goldfarb. Tom Karol, Donny Moore and Frank Otten rounded out the starting team. Andy Wise and Brian Grodman performed well in the met. Throughout the season, the team was plagued with injuries. The loss of Lenny Kraiser and Carson Milgroom for most of the season, hurt the team. At one point, nine players were sidelined with injuries. With a little better luck, the team's record might have been vastly improved. Wayland . ............,.. Medfield ............ . Concord Carlisle NEWTON SOUTH Lincoln Sudbury ...... Bedford ..... ..... NEWTON SOUTH Wayland ..,....... Medfield ......... NEWTON SOUTH NEWTON SOUTH NEWTON SOUTH NEWTON SOUTH NEWTON SOUTH .,... NEWTON SOUTH NEWTON SOUTH NEWTON SOUTH Acton ...........,.. NEWTON SOUTH NEWTON SOUTH Weston ....... ..... NEWTON SOUTH NEWTON SOUTH Concord Carlisle Acton .............. Lincoln Sudbury , Bedford ..... .. . Weston . 4-7-3 fm , 5 ' x 4 . A .- Y V' WF ' T ,1 5 1 - 531' 'f U- 'f A . , f x ' i' g Qi i, ,ga I Q Q 1 VL 'v r ,in A . fl ," xf iz. tixmh 4' ' I . x . I 'el' 9 . Ja. f. . , 4, -3 1. . Q 3 if 34 'if' 3-.I fi Q 5 ' Q5-,A .5 b 'E , .1 -egg ,A 4 6 " f '- ' -5 -ff U , H... J- ' ' 9 Nxlgz -. x 1 ng. A H- f . ,xi . ' ' A J 5 . ,x , 4 Qdju qi -:A i i Qi V M , - X , A 1' ,Z V 1 1' s g,Q'1fff'i'f' "5 'msg 4. 4. f, ww 'LHP1 "- . .' ' 4 ,Qi -.iv ,Hfx g 1 YA -3,,,bq 4. ' i 1 5 2 o 'K . 'W uf E, Q V bg, O IAQ- Y' 'A ' ' v. fwwWv4Q. "iff-,'s1L":g.H ""' Q v. H 'Q-...4 4 ' .' .. X WC. L. " .415 -Q w A vs-Tx-x:"'i0a,, '11, , , '1-' . ,M. Q - Aww Q 4 . . .b .V 'M 13 x -gays 1973? ' 4 h XQA X 5 . .-3,91 HA r .gs-,nat 55 'JR , X' A U i 4 Y P 'lx' rvfw L ' x . -,- -'ff 7 .X- ' v N . ' --1, , X v Via. z nl, 3 ' 'ZVI . H. fx ". -x .!"'1F4 li- ., I ' 5 5 .m .Q f I V , .U I 'vt .4 x . tB'.iL-'Ia-' int: .4 4 .,.+'?g. . M 1 -1 , - . J lm- 'V I J ,'v 'Q -If U' K . V, l 4,1 ' '51"!fN".- 1. ' .' f .. gmt J N y " . 5 , I T7 GIRLS' SWIM TEAM v - i-1 i L-4 Hrs! Row: Captains-Cheryl Weiner, Maureen Foley. Second Row: Karen Fein, Lisa Umina, Debbie Green, Lily Chou, Naomi ,Berkowit7,Elinor Cambell. Third Row: Leanne Goldman, Rona Leventhal, Joanne Brodi, ludy Pearson, Majorie Schwalb, Eileen Goodman, Maxine Effenson, Bill Grimes, coach, Fourth Row: Lisa Chesler, lanet Flem- ming, Laurie Raphael, Susan Israel, Andrea Wolf, Kathy Barry, Dick Marshall, Ass't coach. "The 1975 girls swim team put forth outstanding effort and tremendous enthusiasm, but were hampered by illness and injuries resulting in a final record of two wins and eight losses. The team faced some of the finest swimmers in the state which made it even harder to come out on top. However, meeting such teams did help in setting goals for the future and we look forward to improvement in the coming years." Coach Bill Grimes A team is only as good as the sum of its individuals and this year's team had some outstanding individuals including five lCaptains Maureen Foley and Cheryl Weiner, senior Barbara Sacks, junior Lisa Chesler, and sophomore Elinor Cambelli who competed in the Eastern Mass. Swim Meet. Other members on the team were: seniors Rona Leventhal and Debbie Green, juniors Laurie Raphael, Maxine Effenson, Kathy Barry, Susan lsrael, janet Flemming, Andrea Wolf, Naomi Berkowitz, leanne Goldman, Karen Fein, sophomores loanne Potty, Eileen Goodman, Lisa Umina, Lily Chou, ludy Pearson, Majorie Schwalb. NEWTON SOUTH NEWTON SOUTH Milford ........ Cambridge Latin Wayland ...... Bedford .... North .......... Concord Carlisle Acton ......... Leominster . . . Waltham .. Fitchburg ...... NEWTON SOUTH NEWTON SOUTH NEWTON SOUTH NEWTON SOUTH NEWTON SOUTH NEWTON SOUTH NEWTON SOUTH NEWTON SOUTH I l I1 I. il FIELD HOCKEY f First Row: Wendy Shahon, Sara Rubenstein, Chris Castellanos, Ellen Korlitz. Second Row: Ms. Pamela I. I r T I. Hixon, Buthaina Shukri, Lisa Hurley, Cheryl Wenning, Barby Long, Debi Spielman, Kiki Farrish. Third Row: . Alicia Skerry, Ruthanne Miller, Faith Dana, Diane Wilcox, Nancy Grodberg, Leslie Dillon. Fourth Row: Patty McLellan, Mindy Kingston, Stacy Lions, Kerry Wilcox, Patty Cutler, Sarah Longson, Laurie Markoff. Missing: Susan Horowitz, Amy Casper. This year's field hockey team, although managing only one win, was a sk'illful and talented group. The girls worked very hard during both practices and games but just could not seem to produce the wins that they were capable of. However, the season ended on a good note as Varsity defeated Acton 1-0 and I.V. tied 0-0. The team also played impressive hockey against Weston and Lincoln- Sudbury, both games ended in ties. Despite the loss of seniors Cheryl Wenning, Sara Ru- benstein, Christine Castellanos, Captain Sue Horowitz, and Laurie Markoff, South can look forward to a promis- ing season next year. With juniors Amy Casper, Lisa Hur- ley, Ellen Korelitz, Barby Long, Wendy Shahon, Buthaina Shukri, and Debi Speilman returning along with sopho- mores Kiki Farrish and Diane Wilcox, the team should be strong in most positions. We started off with many kids, feeling very gung-ho! But by the third day of tryouts, where'd they all go? Brave, strong, and willing were the 24 left, or, maybe, we were all a trifle bit deft. Practice was rough, and as Ms. Hixon would say, "Do 8 laps and 3 suicides, or else you will pay!" "My group with me, hustle on over here! Barb, how's the knee? Amy, get on your gear!" On the other field, Ms. Caruso would teach a new play, and of course, everyone would do it the opposite way. But, she tried, and Hixon tried, and the players tried, too everyone gave their best, and did all they could do. Cheryl was funny, Chris was loud, Lorie was Lorie, and gosh was I proud - To think back on that muddy season and laugh. For I had good reason Field Hockey, you are my sunshine. You make me happy when skies are gray. And though you'lI never know dear, how much I loved you, please, don't take my field hockey away Mindy Kingsto 'I n -.? ai at , ff., S 1 1 . , l Q if X' 1 1 1 l iff! -J' A I I af" if-fs "' ,,'fqf 10 X Q I Q 5 f I W CROSS COUNTRY First Row: Karen Lein, Steve Karlin, Bob Morehouse, Lee Zalinger, Ed Konning, Don Ferrari, Steve Hall. Second Row Bob Kellx, Kei Kishimoto, Bob Pourvu, Marc Spelfogle, Tim Williams, jon Averback. Third Ron Ntr. Geist, David Kamoviitz, Dennis Bauke, Cary Abramson, Scot Mondlict, lim Ralston. Cross country '75 at Newton South began with much hard work and optimism in the last days of August. Twenty-two runners came out for the team in the early weeks of training, twice as many as ran last year. The majority of this year's team was new members, with only eight veterans. This meant that new and young members had to be depended upon to strengthen the team. The rookies did come through this year, including three sophomores who made varsity: Steve Hall, Kei Kishimoto, and Eddie Konning. The junior Varsity fared well early in the season and won its first two meets. Under stiff competition the LV. finished with an even record in the league competition, but amasses a respectable 29 wins and 19 losses for the total season. The Varsity had an improved team over last year and fared well in the non-league meets, yet was unable to do well in Dual-County League competition. In addition to those already mentioned, the Varsity team was composed of four seniors, captain Gary Abramson, Dennis Baul-ce, Don Ferrari, and Dave Kamowitz, one junior, and next season's captain Tim Williams. The team, despite a 2 wins and 11 losses record in league competition, beat teams such as Andover, Gloucester, Lowell Voc., St. lohn's, Stoneham, and Watertown, among others, in non-league competition, while compiling an overall record of 24 wins and 46 losses. gi Slfllf-l W T5 SUU 7' Weston ...... Lincoln-Sudbury Wayland ..... NEWTON SOUTH Acton ....... Concord .. Weston . Acton ....... Lowell ....... Lincoln-Sudbury Concord ..... Bedford ...,.. Wayland ..... NEWTON SOUTH NEWTON SOUTH NEWTON SOUTH NEWTON SOUTH Bedford - ...... NEWTON SOUTH NEWTON SOUTH NEWTON SOUTH NEWTON SOUTH NEWTON SOUTH NEWTON SOUTH NEWTON SOUTH NEWTON SOUTH NEWTON SOUTH Matignon ..... Z! L VOLLEYB LL First Row: Bonnie Komonick, Ellen Ungar, Debbie Pachus, Nancy Green, Dori Barenholtz, Tammy Arafe. Second Row: Stefanie jacobson, Cheryl Richardson, Shelley Polsky, Laura Ford, lulie Leitman, Kathy Gennert, Kathy Duffy, Cynthia Weinstein. Third Row: Ms. Blanchard, head coach, Adrienne jackson, Ronna Miller, Nancy Kasten, Diane Kaufman, Lisa Castleman, Barbara Sherman, Amy Rubin, Shelley Pearlstein, Ms. Guarnieni, ass't coach, Ms. Bottomley, lr. varsity coach. 1975 was an outstanding year for girls volleyball at Newton South with the varsity squad making the Eastern Mass. Tournament after sporting a 9-3 record during the regular season. Although the team lost in the first round to Brookline tone of the top four teams! all twenty-one players can be proud of their fine effort and fine season tincluding the IV squad which ended up with a record of 6-61. Nancy Green and Debbie Pachus, co-captains, did a fine job working together and keeping the team on its toes. Coaches Bottomley and C-uanieni also did an excellent job in assisting head coach ludy Blanchard. Said coach Blanchard, "We lose our 'token' senior Shelley Polsky from the squad after this year. However the sophomores and juniors will carry onward and hopefully upward. We did well this year - many thanks to Miss Bottomley and Miss Guanieni and co-captains Nancy and Debbie." Certainly the outlook for the future is bright for the young team. Next year the team ought to have the experience and skills to be one of the tops in the state. This years Boosters Club award went to Adrienne jackson. if SM ' ffl, SOU'FH-1--rv-w is-.. South NEWTON SOUTH NEWTON SOUTH Waltham ..... SOUTH . . . 6 NEWTON SOUTH North . . 0 NEWTON SOUTH NEWTON SOUTH South . 14am- Wellesley ......... SOUTH 9 TON SOUTW xNeedham ......... 10 a V ' 95 .Q " A ......- if Q,-Y -nv Wi Ll uv J-,115 g. ' bi 1 5' , .. , Q-L.f?"Q-elf' 4 - , '-11 v-4 in .,,.vr-no qu-f .,,',x'!-t .- 'TP1 Q-or H,-' 1: I ' -nl- .,,- .nl M"u4 Q -, -Q. sf' Yr ---I 'sv-., :fi nf? fl E FOOTB LL Q94 . YYY' '20 First Row: Phil Small, jeff Goldsmith, Mike Berzon, Dave Chused, john Amicangioli, Keith Washington co-captain, Matt Sabetti co-captain, Greg McKinney, jeff Bennett, Dave Costa, jim Blackman, Mike Mosca. Second Row: Mark Newhook,jim AmicangioIi,Paul Cutler, jim MacKaIl, Bob Clark, Frank Tarantino, john Martlin, Arty Kojoyian, Mike Hernandez, Barry Gale, Brian Cooper, Greg Soyka, Mark Manfredi, Third Row: Coach Kojoyian, Coach Connolly, Manager Brendan Murphy, Nat Heard, Willie McDonald, Greg Sudman, Peter Balcanoff, Mike Cushner, Steven Filler, joe Peltier, Charly Connolly, Tony Muccini. Fourth Row.' Coach Rezzuti, Coach Young, Drew Frarnson, Greg jackson, Doug Washington, Mark lsenberg, David Abromson, Tom Osborn, Shawn Daley. This years Newton South football team was a team of both new players and coaches. Mr. Aredis Kojoyian took over the head coaching job from Mr. Winkler who retired after 13 years at the helm. However his "green", inexperi- enced team ended the season with a disappointing 2-7-1 record, 1-4-1 in the Dual County League. The team, led by co-captains Keith Washington and Matt Sabetti, had some bright spots. Sabetti showed great ability as a runner, leading much of South's offense. Accompanying him in the backfield were seniors john Amicangioli, Greg McKinney, jeff Bennett, and junior halfback Barry Gale. The Lions began the 1975 campaign with one of their two victories, as they defeated Brighton 23-8. The Lions, however, could not win another game for five weeks, as they were defeated by Weston 28-6, Cambridge Latin 35- 0, Rindge Tech 42-16, and Boston Tech 18-6. They also tied Bedford 20-20. The Lions finally got back on the winning track as they defeated Acton 20-15, with Greg McKinney enjoying his finest game of the year. However in their last three games, the Lions faltered, losing to Wayland 32-0 and Concord Carlisle 30-14. They also lost to Lincoln-Sudbury 20-8, Thanksgiving Day in the pouring rain. Other Lions who had fine years were seniors Mike Ber- zon, Dave Chused, jeff Goldsmith, Frank Tarantino, jim Blackmanp juniors Chuck Connolly, Mark Manfredi, jim Amicangioli, and Brian Cooper. Sophomores Willie Mc- Donald and Art Kojoyian both broke into the varsity line- up, with Kojyian especially having a fine year as the start- ing center. In the final two games junior Mike Cushner took over the quarterback position and did quite well. With many other experienced starters returning, the Lions should be much more successful next season. NEWTON SOUTH Weston . .......... . . . Cambridge Latin . Rindge Tech ....... ... NEWTON SOUTH Boston Tech ....... . . . NEWTON SOUTH Wayland ....... Concord ...... Lincoln Sudbury Brighton ........ NEWTON SOUTH NEWTON SOUTH NEWTON SOUTH Bedford ......... NEWTON SOUTH Acton ....... .... . . . NEWTON SOUTH NEWTON SOUTH NEWTON SOUTH ..,. ,Sv ji- ul 1. . x I 3' il I! ,. x I, ,a' ai f , fvug X V X .'?'J" -hifi? W y - .. v 1, xl 'Q' Q. 1 J., . 'z 1, rp f xzfy x' 1 If J ' ffl .r-I ' U K' " X 'x"' , wx , , y4 1 I' . I ,, '. :YI N fp...? ' 2- u ,-any W 6 fs+,5f 1' f f - ,N ' 'u ff- , '71 mi ' 5 1. fe, 'Q - I f' X, ,F 2 A - I f i ',N,1,' 1 011 f f - " ,sign .AL f,,Jq.4, M " 5121, My .gf I. .,,',, 4. - ' gf Zklx' : gg.-L ' -V f'f'19'-QS ' '- .- - 1 fd- .ysff , ,. 5,4 4 4' X 4 , 1 gf' 1 , , f 'S' -1, ' , ' T " 'U' , X B "'f'f1 ' fn ' 24146 - f fpiff AM' iff!- ff N, -, 21 iw," H-T fLQf.f, 'P , , X I-11 fa., 1 Jill. 44 X ffl 1 ' I ' Y' '?f A 'r N il f N fry., I xl 1 X 0 1 1, xx .x f f dbx r" , Au 1 ' N l x VARSITY CHEERLE DERS lgg EPS First Row: co-captains Susan Larson and Lisa DiCarlo. Second Row: Beth Gochberg, Nancy Nathan- son, Iody Kaufman. Third Row: Eileen Sullivan, Laurie Brecher, Patty Riley, Nina Epps, jackie Simms Missing: Sherri Federbush. I 5 1 A I "Mac" MacConnell -I O 5 I , r fl' .t. if I Ka' i , In in 1898 - 1975 They called him "Mac" for short, but everyone who knew and worked with Coach MacConnell respected and admired him. Always on the field helping his boys, Mac was devoted to every player on the football and baseball teams. For fourteen years his knowledge, experience, and attitude helped make many young South athletes better players and better persons. His enthusiasm, patience, and kindness were an inspiration to all his players and fellow coaches. Mac shall be missed and fondly remembered by us all. HOCKEY First Row: Dean Kahr, Mike Mosca, Don Ferreri captain, lan Waalewyn captain, Glen MacKenzie captain, Bob Tresca, Albert Pazos. Second Row: Coach Neil McPhee, Howie Cooper, jackie Lefevre, Nat Heard, Peter Cappadonna, Aaron Wasserman, Steve Leach, Don Skerry, Dave McKinnon, lim Hendrix, Dave Mosca, Mark Seeto, Coach Steven McBride. What can you say about a team that goes twenty-one games without a win or a tie? Never a hockey power, Newton South, in its 1975-1976 season fell into a dismal losing pattern that can only get better in the future. This year's team was particularly hurt by a lack of experience. Only five seniors returned from last year's squad and two of them, Glen MacKenzie and Mark Seeto,missed most of the season with injuries. The other seniors on the team, lan Waalewyn, Dan Ferreri, and Mike Mosca, composed the first foward line, one of the few bright spots for South. These three scored most of South's goals and worked extremely well together. Dan Ferreri was high scorer for the season with fourteen goals. Among the sophomores and juniors on the club, Howie Cooper and Bob Tresca, center and defenseman respective- ly, played solid hockey and are expected to lead the team next year. Other juniors who played consistent hockey were Aaron Wasserman, jim Hendrix and Dave McKimon. Sophomores Alber Pazos, Peter Cappadonna, Dave Mosca, and jack Lefevre should develop into fine hockey players next year. i if l . .fl IUNIOR VARSITY CHEERLEADERS: First Row: jenny Lanes Co-Cap- tain, Doreen Weist Co-Captain. Second Row: Sue Steinberg, Audrey Landay, Ellen Freedman. Third Row: Anjali Dandekar, Lori jackson, Beth Paul. Missing: Audrey Dana, Dina Levy, jenny Taub. is-1 N.- i lll :.1" BOYS' SWIM TEAM First Row: Coach Bill Grimes, Gary Wyner, Neil Swinton, captain Dave Chused, Dave Kamowitz, Ruurd Fontain, Coach Mike Salamone. Second Row: john Miller, Brian Gordon, Paul Cutler, Ron Koning, Rick Kosowsky, jeff Karp. Missing: Scott Seidman, Steve Phillips. The 1975-1976 season was the most successful season in in the brief history of the Newton South Swim Team. The final record of four wins and nine losses was a tremendous improvement from the previous year which saw but one victory. What looked to be a rebuilding year turned out to be a pleasant suprise to Coach Bill Grimes. The season began slowly as the team lost its first two meets to Woburn and Waltham respectively. Both meets were close and could have gone either way, but unfortunately South wound up on the losing end. The team won its first meet of the year against Arlington by the close score of 84-81. The team had trailed throughout the meet but managed to win the final relay and thus won the meet. The team broke the one hundred point barrier for the first time in its existence as it trounced Watertown 105-53. Of the last seven meets, the team won four and ended up with its best record ever. junior Ronny Koning broke a school record by swimming the 500 freestyle in 5:47 while his best time in the 200 was 2:08.5. Seniors jeff Karp and Gary Wyner had fine years swimming the freestyle and breast-stroke and Captain Dave Chused had a good season as the teams only diver. Woburn . . v . . . 47 Waltham . . . . . . 47 Lexington . . . . . S9 93 Winchester . . . . . . . Leominster Weston .......... . NEWTON SOUTH ....... 86 Concord ............... 95 i H , - . TON soum ...... 'su Me " f. . ..... , ,. . . 1,105 NEWTON . .... ul' Belmont ............... 108 4-9 NEWTON SOUTH NEWTON SOUTH NEWTON SOUTH NEWTON SOUTH WTON SOUTH TON SOUTH ngton ON SOUTH an CYIGWFI ..... T' NEWTON SOUTH NEWTON SOUTH win by forfeit over Acton 4 St. Sehast 1 4. NEWTON ,qi i :seal ' .W ,..'. ' GYMNASTICS First Row: Dori Barenholtz, Faith Dana, co-captain Buthaina Shukri, co-captain Maureen Foley, Rosie Reilly. Second Row: loan Miller, Debi Spielman, Rona Leventhal, Nancy Grod- berg, Amy Fagin. Third Row: Coach ludy Blanchard, Clare Leavenworth, jenny Taub, Sheryl Richardson, Toni Cushner, Stacey Kohn, Coach Susan Raymond. This year's Girls Gymnastics Team completed another very successful season. They finished with an 8-1 record, losing only to Acton in a very close match. The team's strength lay in its experience and depth. Composed largely of juniors with competing experience from last year, the team knew what to expect in each meet and how to handle each situation. The most memorable meet was against arch-rival Lincoln-Sudburg. Not only did the team perform well in the meet, but as the score grew closer and closer, all of the girls pulled together in spirit and attitude to score a glorious victory. Newton South was well represented at the State Individual Meet. Faith Dana, Amy Fagin, Claire Levenworth jenny Taub, and co-captains Maureen Foley and Buthania Skukri all qualified. I Next year's team will sorely miss the service of seniors Rona Leventhal and Maureen Foley. However the number of returning sophomores and juniors indicates that South should have an extremely strong team. Although the sopho- mores lacked competing experience this year, they have a great deal of enthusiasm to add to their skill, and next year should make an important contribution to the team. mr. - is IH ig, 'TF E wash: s. ....i.i75.tiri7 NSHS g A V Wayland . 69.75 Nsus .... , 3435 Weston . 59.95 NSHS . . . Lexington 68.65 NSHS , , fall 2511 Brookline 73,05 NSHS ...... ' Concord 81. 0 7 NSHS ..... 81 Melrose . 70.35 Acton ,.... 35 NSHS . . . 53.40 NSHS ..... Lincoln-Sud. . . 82.05 NSHS ..... 85. 4. Burlington 72.60 .0 ' 4 -4 3 !'i'-vgffiunldv 1 ISQ22' ff-A jf- 1 0lN " K , . 1 1 sv?-dl i . x' , 'v- 'IA ' -j g 911, I x., N ni ., +" ' , A , " "4 :V A, 5 Y . SL-'4 A X' My W . " . " I X W ,gn '- '1 Q,- gi f. s vp..-. 1 f " pi? n R 4: 5140 .-1, 1 pl' - .- gm I sm. fix, 1 'B' - 1:4 E I . . A . F Q... " 4 fi gg-A" "I, uns- tn in 24? ng' .fgfv . ls E'- C-YMNASTICS ., ,.. ...,,,j , l l l First Row: Mark Comerford Co-Captain, Bobby Clarke Co-Captain. Second Row: Amir Levy, Ethan Reyber, Rob Kelly, jimmy Yarin, Mark Izen, Bill Malamud, Paul Duggan, Coach Tom Steeves. Missing: Harvey Stone, Tad Baum. This year has been an encouraging one for the Boys gymnastics team. Head Coach Steeves and his assistant Mr. King coached the team to a 4-7 record. Several promising sophomores joined the team. Amoung these were Paul Dugan who worked extremely hard on the floor exercises and Ethan Ruber who concentrated on the pommel horse. A large number of juniors joined the team for the first time. Amir Levy worked primarily on the side horse with jimmy Yarin, Bill Malmud, and Mark lzen concentrat- ing on high bar skills. These sopomores and juniors should form the nucleus for an exciting team in the future. Returning from last year were juniors Harvey Stone and Bob Kelly, capable pommel horsemen, and Tad Baum, who competed in the all- around. Also returning were team captains Mark Comerford and Bob Clark. Mark scored consistently on floor exercises and vaulting. Bob did very well in the all-around competition and has done especially well on the floor exercises and vaulting. Over the course of the season the team's scores went from the 60's to the 80's. Due to these increasing scores, next year looks good and return- ing members should score higher with experience under their belts. ' - INDOCR TRACK First Row: Bob Morehouse, Ion Ingbar, Dave Bernstein, co-captain Carson Milgroom, co-captain Dennis Bauke, Eddy Koning, Lori Markoff, Rick Abel, Steve Shulman, Paul Daniels. Second Row: Kenny Green, Arthur Gould, Steve Garfinkle, Wendy Markoff, Debby Shultz, Penny Shukett, Tracy Bartell, Tom Alsup, Coach Blackburn. Third Row: Bob Becker, lon Zoll, Don Germaise, Karen Lein, Charlie Strange, Scott Mondlick, Frank Otten, Sue Steinberg, Kei Kishimoto, Fred Amicangioli, Dave Bolaffi. Missing: Coach Don Sutherland. The Newton South Indoor Track Team, winless for two years, finally broke out of its slump in 1975-1976 by de- feating Matignon. The team's first win in three years came after a heartbraking loss to Bedford. Indicative of the morale of the team throughout the year, however, the runners and jumpers pulled together against Matignon and pulled off the upset of the year. Credit for keeping the morale of the team high throughout the season goes to coaches Don Sutherland and lim Blackburn, and co-captains Carson Milgroom and Dennis Bauke. - The 75-76 season saw some fine individual perfor- mances from Carson Milgroom in the 40 and the high- jump, Dennis Bauke in the mile, Dave Bolaffi in the hur- dles, and Paul Daniels in the 1000. One of most exciting events of the season was when Eddy Koning set a sopho- more record in the two-mile run l10:24i. Next year will probably be one of rebuilding for Indoor Track, as most of the team will graduate in the Spring. With the anticipated return of unerclassmen Paul Daniels, lon Zoll and Eddy Koning, and a win under its belt the team can expect bigger and better things in the future. SKI TEAM First Row: Steve Auerbach, Kurt Kohlberg, John Junda, captain Jeff Small, lan Krane. Second Row: Lauri Raphael, Joan Stein, captain Joanne Wise, Lori Jackson, Amy Sherter, Roxanne Faber, Eric Geisser. Third Row: Randy Grossman, Dan Miller, Simon Longson, Jon Bello, Steve Avruch, Pete Levin, Richard Garber, Adam Levin. There was little snow and few meets, but the Newton South Ski Team slalomed its way to a second place finish in the Eastern Division of the Massachusetts Bay Ski League. While the conditions held, the determined team picked up one first, two third, and a fourth place finish. Although outstanding skiiers are difficult to judge in a four meet season, the Newton South team did have its share of excellent skiiers. Captain Geoff Small, John Junda, Jay Laborene, Simon Longson, and Steve Keresztes anchored the boys team, while the girls team was led by Captain Joanne Wise, Amy Sherter, Lori Jackson, and Jodi Zussman. The girls had a tough season because they had so few skiiers. Each meet consisted of four schools, each of which could enter eight boys and eight girls in the competition. A first place skiier received forty points, second place thirty-eight points, etc., etc. The total score for each school was determined by adding the boys and girls scores. :YY BASKETBALL ,. A Q. L First Row: co-captains Matt Sabetti and Bill Greene. Second Row: David Frim, Paul Marcovitch, Mike Stollar, Stu Taylor, lim Sherman, Tom Melville, Dan Wisel, lim Goldfarb, Coach Dick Walker. After an unsuccessful '74-'75 season in which a talent laden Newton South team finished with a disappointing record, hopeswere not high for a successful basketball campaign this year. The talent of previous year's teams was not evident on this year's squad and the Lions were thought to be the worst team in the Dual County League. However, due to an overall team effort and a high intensity of play which lasted throughout the season, both of which Coach Walker emphatically stressed, the Lions were able to come up with a very respectable 9-9 season. The team got off to a somewhat slow start, posting a 3-5 record after the first eight games. Then, at the half-way mark of the season, the Lions caught fire, winning five of six games against several formidable oppenents including Lowell, a team nobody thought South could beat. Sporting an 8-6 record and on its way to a post-season tournament berth, the Lions met up with a powerful Wayland team. The Wayland match determined not only third place in the Dual County League, but whether the Lions would qualify for the state tournament. Unfortunately the team picked this night, in front of the largest away crowd of the season, to play its worst game of the season and lost 79-54. Disappointed but not disparaged, the Lions went on to finish the season with a 9-9 record. Although coach Walker often stressed the "overall team effort" of the '75-'76 Lions, the team was not without its stars. Co-Captain Bill Greene and lim Sherman led the team in scoring as they consistently scored in the double figures from their front court positions. "Mini" guard lim Goldfarb led the team in gutsy performances, while junior Mike Stollar and Co-Captain Matt Sabetti turned in clutch performances throughout the season. Sherman, Greene, Gold- farb, and Sabetti were picked for the Dual County all-Star team. Coming off the bench at the forward position were Stu Taylor and the irreputable "mangler", Tom Melville. The remaining positions were filled by Dan Wisel, Mickey Atkins, Paul Marcovitch, and junior Dave Frim. The '76-'76 Lions did gain entry into the less prestigous Bay State Tournament, yet a tournament bid of any kind was not expected before the season. The fact that the team did make this tournament is a credit to the team effort and the coaching of Dick Walker. Eff 1 - Concord ......... 66 SOUTH 48 S2 ON soum . TON souTH . EWTON soum ' NEWTON s NEWTON s Wayland . '..u-.--lf 4' . .. T. iii 421223:-Li? . .......... Q V ,i ,.,..... . . . F ,- .Q,,f '. Z-,I.,. li ' Concord ' 4 1 Li nxx.. ranklin.fl-v NEWTON SO TH . . . GIRLS' BASKETBALL M N y y , . First Row: E. Korelitz, Sue Horowitz, Sara Rubenstein, Kiki Farish, Leslie Dillon. Second Row: Cheryl Wenning, H. Kingston, Lorie Green, B. Antonellis, Coach Pam Hixon. This year's girls basketball team did not make it to the state tournament, but they played hard and showed great enthusiam and thus made it a successful year. The season began with potential. Six varsity players were returning, the attitude was optomistic and the spirit was running high. Unfortunately, once the season began, hopes were dashed for a winning record. The five varsity starters, Sarah Rubenstein, Sue Horwitz, Lorie Green, Chris Castellanos and Cheryl Wenning provided the team's leadership. The star of the team was undoubtedly Lorie Green, who scored well over a hundred points this season. Although five starters will be lost next season, the outlook for the future is bright. The IV team had a good season this year and many promising young players should make next year's squad successful. --I1 l 1 X x ,Q f- J? .xx ? V95 ik Q n gg if I W' First Row: Mike Berzon, Keith Washington, Frank Tarantino, Capt. Lou McDonald, Mike Thomas, Greg Soyka, Mike Hernan- dez, Ron Lombardo. Second Row: Bruce Raffe, Art Knjoyian, Bill Sarette, Brian Buffington, Dan Piccard, "Booker T." Washington, Greg McDonald. Third Row: Coach Kojoyian, jeff Groper, Shawn Daley, Coach Hurwitz. This year the Newton South wrestling team continued in South's fine wrestling tradition and finished with an 11- 6 record. Coaches AredisKojoyian and Chuck Hurwitz started almost from stratch and did an excellent job de- veloping young, inexperienced boys into competent wrestlers. Only two starters from last years team returned, Captain Louis MacDonald and Keith Washington. During the season there were a number of pleasant develop- ments. junior Ronnie Lombardo had a fine season in the 1- one hundred pound weight class as he posted a 10-7 record. Captain Louis MacDonald, at one hundred seven pounds, wrestled superbly and had a perfect 17-0 record. He pinned 11 opponents and won all others by superior decisions. Douglas "Booker" Washington, a sophomore, compiled an excellent 14-3 record in the one hundred fourteen pound pound class.Douglas has great potential and if he aviods injuries injuries will probably be a state champion. Sophomore Greg MacDonald at one hundred twenty pounds was 4-11, but developed well and will have winning records in the two years ahead of him. Mike Thomas at one hundred twenty eight pounds had a disap- pointing 1-12-1 season which is hard to explain. Greg Soyka had a respectable 8-6-1 record in the one hundred thirty-four puond weight class. Frank Tarantino had a good season at one hundred forty pounds as he was 9-6. Although Mike Hernandez had a -4-12 record, he did well because he was wrestling in the toughest weight class in the state, one hundred forty-seven pounds. Keith Wash- ington at one hundred fifty-seven pounds,who was one of the returningpstarters, posted a 9-8 record. Brian Buffing- ton in the one hundred sixty-sven pound class progressed well and ended with a 6-7 season. Rafi Krasa wrestled in the one hundred eighty-seven pound class even thought he weighed only one hundred seventy five, his light weight kept him down to a 1-1-6 record. At heavyweight, Mike Berzon worked hard and wrestled 12 victories and 1 tie against only 3 defeats. The team shows great promise for the future as only five starters will be graduates. This year was a year for rebuild- ing and the team posted an 11-6 record. Who knows how far next years exxperienced team will go. NEWTON SOUTH NEWTON SOUTH NEWTON SOUTH P . 44 . 54 .31 'P NEWTON SOUTTHQM . .. 28 NEVVTQN SOUTH E Newt0n"North . . . NEWTON SOLTLTH Milford . . l E. l NEWTON VSDUTH' Vva .... . . Wa ix.. . . . NE Sto 0 n H? VTAQ . . . . NE M O N S ' iston V Sl i W TQ N NE 1 N SOUTH -A33 .af 1:5545 it .44 '36 "a .55 .39 .22 .25 .42 .31 .27 .31 11 3. Walpole . . . Brookline .... Leominster ..... Catholic Meml .. Lincoln ........ . NEWTON SOUTH Weston ........ NEWTON SOUTH Burlington ...... NEWTON SOUTH NEWTON SOUTH Ashland ......... NEWTON SOUTH Concord ....... NEWTON SOUTH North Quincy . Malden ....... -6-0 , 'aff' Myrthis Brooks I X X 1957-'I975 She was ready. But she didn't get to go. The college doors were open. All the warmth, energy, determination and love that were Myrthis, were heading for the next step in her game plan for education and for life. Death ended those plans. But the force and memory of her spirit and ideals are ours forever. 1 x K. N '- .Q 3 U X . TXJ XJ 5 'TW' O .. , . ah' ' '. .v.', , I Q HM T CTJ' SZ' CY? T Q-.A :F .ld 4, TD Q fl Aaron Fink Superintendent of Newton Schools Ernest Van B. Seasholes Principal Robert G. Franke Administrative Assistant Elsie Gilroy Principal's Secretary l I Gilda Kimball Bursar Anna McGuire Administrative Assistant's Secretary 1, IX AX V. S4 A42 Elizabeth Santucci, Barbara Foley, Shirley Shapiro, Ronnie Cannell, Missing: M. Bartolomeo. i 4 4 ex 1 3 a - 4. X - 1 Frances Nelligan Nurse lean Young Book Room CUSTGDIANS O lohn Iannaccone Parking Attendent as v..' I 1 Q X ' Q . A ,V 't 1--4 Henry Evans Ernest Peltier Mary Panaggio Thomas Sabetti Head Custodian Marie Brassard Ronald Adams ENGLISH '7 'Y- Richard Shohet - Dept. Hear Dorothy Gonson to I ludith Malone Barbara Gately ,fa 1 'fi , rp I A4 " an ef 4 ., f. 1 nz A x W sq' ' K' Dwight MacKerron Ophair Caras QL.. sm, Robgrl Coggin Marcia Ratner Speech Clinic 1, Wh six wi i :hm f e'N : 'll '-3,1 loyce Hirschberg Learning Disabilities Frederick Olson J -'Ti 'df SI --as 'i- Dorothy Freimarck Robert Carey Q 34:53 ll v-,S Dorothy Hansberry 'G 4 .f 'Q' N i-19' gwlsi lenny Oremland vs. Richard Geist 1 'wvwwwg F9 I Ellen Katz 1,5 .Q 'E '- Umar: jonathan Slater Ann Sanguinetti Rita Simon Learning Disabilities ,. ,-sg.: . I ,,,...4- P h ,, - W f THE TER RTS -ff, fn I1'7:m 1' f David Levenson THE RTS "1 -4-0. - ...b 5-.x N, ,I V .4 x C. :J rl . - .x, -7 1 'Inf ,..- '!!, S .Jr b x 1 Q T lim Haberman Robert Andrews I , LXN' "" P u -, wg ,itz ? George Roberts Lester Gediman Bob Arruda L FOREIGN LAN UAGE ""i'7' ,. 5 if i W- J L "' , -J , - h - f I I' .I - 0 x -,j,s., f"N s '. 3' 'Y 7' , fsf Anthony Bent, Dept. Head Gisela Clark Louise Taylor Nsqzif sq D A ii TenBroeck Cornell lanis Hennessey 'C lt' '- , W I' I , D 1 1' N 'Ya- Mary McLane Edwin Little Elliot Clicker Jessie McChesney Tl19feS3 H3nl9Y .gnu , --. 7 G i UQ ' 0. K i Rocko Petrillo Bette Earle Elaine Eisenhower Olga RObinS0n MATH .yt ivan., i ff, 4 x. Ilene Mandel lf,-4 t Rosalie Morretti Benjamin Levy Warren Manhard Department Head Margaret Ravenscroft RQ. L Anthony Erdman Nathaniel Merril joanne Mitchell 4,49 L Andrew Cornblatt Margaret Frantz Lincoln Heck Eliz Dohanian Ai f ff' . Q 3 . 1 ' 1 ' X' ,. ' .- s ' f g A . of Jinfg ,fa 1 5 fl ny 49 V' fa 1 - 4 If W x r Lenore Silberzweig N Lv ' 'Liam 'K X Paul Shapiro Richard jameson Valmond Cyr, jr INDUSTRIAL ARTS Francis Alleva lohn Chaisson lltl 1 llll . --A.' ' L joseph Connolly ,gu1S9"' .4114- Lp- ' ff , '1 A 3.-r fn' , v' fi Henry Lambert Norman Swerling Driver Ed HOME ECONGMICS Alice Shaw Teacher in Charge Ak Diana Barron II Paula Mealy A.V., LIBR RY, BCDCJKROOM QM 4 -' .-. ,ix , gn ' Q .21 ,gf-,gr , ' v Q., ,. "-1 -S.. . -- Q- 'bv .- First Row: Lillian Tanenbaum, Beverly Shinn, Toni Nelson. Second Row: Marcia MacAvoy, Madeline Hall, Bea Kamen. ,J fxwl fr' 1 -. lg. . ,ix Peter Richter Department Head SCIENCE ,-X 1' lames McLaren Carol Bershad Lloyd Gottlieb QU inf 1441 Afedig Koioyian hl10ifa Sullivan joyce Leary Vinson Bronson, jr W I A i Walter Brough Robert Geddes "": -'--indie Pietrina Burgio Science Secretary Charles Hurwitz Science Aid GUIDANCE '96- f.,,,x L "9-F-1 QQ' Margaret Addis Earl Pearlman lim Sandra Alexander Carolyn Sessler U3 3 Charles Coyle Richard Dermody Stephen Ambush -ks .'-it .- 51:5 529 Paul McCarthy Betty Grossman E RICHME T PROGR M -W' " Phyllis Monderer N 'i Cafeteria Monitor Parking Lot Attendant Mr. Rizutti Mr. Kojoyian SOCIAL STUDIES ,Q -lx -J ,l E , f " we AJ X, 1. X fi ,ir-gy' ' K1 .. Q 3 Q i Ja,-fax - A!! Wayne Altree, Dept. Head Philip Burnham Marshall Cohen Q pf 14.51 X Roberta Dollase Charles Frederick Clifford Henderson Sally Katz 'W f- N. wil? P x 'D WY? .YV wwf.. joel Bieiwas William Hollman 15. -3 we 'x Q I john Sherman 49 1 Q Amalie Kass Donald Sutherland Ernest Loren ,- ,es Donald Shaw Barbara Smith . er YN lk 'P si Henry Bolter PHYSICAL EDUCATIO l Dept. Head Mr. Winkler Lenor Hersey S Edward Poskitt Pam Hixon A nfs? Q3-..,,,. 'ifrii-+ Thomas Steeves ludith Blanchard at S 1 I Claire Tedeschi 1znT?""' .J"" Warren Bechtold l.. f if .J V , S A 1 8,1 , K - 1 ,. . pb 4 "- Y 8 Q 1' 3 ,4,,:,2,x'1 I K Martha Eldredge l ULD FACES u. C 5, 'le x4Qs,, V 4?- Although these teachers have left South for var- ious reasons, they have helped shape the school that the class of '76 has been a part of for three years. We think it appropriate that they be represented in this yearbook. ffl' A f-M ww 7 P 'B G K 0 N iff 9 As S0 . I lx "l S' A erdun 5 . f P 1 i N , nlflgefkv N " f 1 4 V ff lp!-M-f--. , ff X, ff X ':"--Ti'-Ei fff A N -- d Z fri-' X Q A -ia ,4 f --Z 5 Q Y- Q nw- 6 X, 5 X 1,5-ff Q f ft If ff j I Q I I Z W I ,- f I I ly V I ! N ff 1 M 4 , f f ,df if ,X ' 2 i' 4 X C '-,, , I I fi , 535 Vi ' ' ,, "A , y wig A idk f ' ff 12 .ff ? A """" Y T fn' V ,' ' z- A 59 K , -53-v ff "V Q H A lb 4 ' , L l Y If nvqiw ,ffm L 1 A ff! if l N V, f fi. A X XJ. ff! W ! f ,Xxx if Ja. -4 xx A 1 11. - A W W P O X: A f H fi A- 1 -'fm w w" ,,,., '7 00 ff I I 4 l .ar 1 51'- Tr' , M t i Q f yr 1 In 15 f fl X K 1 1 ww 4 .f ' w L X f X' 1 J Z ' 0 - 05.355 ' ? f' 1952 .' ff z -' I I l j 1 Z," 0 " H CUTLER Aredis Kojoyian Assistant Housemaster 4115 Bobby Goodman, jeff Fastov, Bruce lennings??? Mr. Al- tree, Carolyn Band. Harold Hawkes Housemaster A 4 Mary Stephen, Gladys Bishop Secretaries Ld 'R QQ 4213 First Row: Patricia Cutler, Alan Bortman. Second Row: Crystal Diducca, Rita Derubeis, Richard Davidson, Susan Murray, Mr. Suth- erland. 1 Q liliiui lll llliiu .4L.f9.lf 5107 First Row: Mr. Geist, Lori Cutler, Michael Freidman, Richard DeMaio. Second Row: Andy Kaufman, jeff Dubrow, Margot Vanderwalde, Susan Wiggin, Wendy Chudnow. J Vi q,Nn . 11P'I'.i..a 4202 First Row: Thomas O'Neil, Drew Fromson, Douglas Washington, Audrey Getman, joanne Landy, Lisa Blackman. Second Row: Marc Rubin, David Winer, Ronald Markovsky, David Bellow, Scott Ziegler, Linda Seletsky, Felicia Olivierre, Kathleen Keene, Debra Parkhurst, janet johnson, Miss Smith. f .-fp? 'rw-' j' ll wi I , , A I .- K l.' ' .J F Q i 4. s 1 H 1 A , 1. mf. X 4210 First Row: Betsy Young, Kari Lacamera, Lisa Schiavone, Robin Davwalter. Second Row: Dennis Eontecchio, Liz Brown, Mr. jameson, Karen Leavitt, lohn Holland, Arty Kojoyian. Third Row: Ethan Ruber, Peter Cramer, john Evans, lack Springer. Missing: Debbie Gordon. 9+-, 5 1 4209 First Row: Billy Braverman, Steven Gans, Eric Giesser, jeff Rogers, Ricky King. Second Row: Warren Bornstein, ludy Allessandro, Joanne Pottey, Suzanne Abbott. Third Row: Tony Cappadonna, Lee Zalinger, Tamara Bloch, Kathy Daily, Kathy McLellon, lean DeMichele, Esther Shir, Kathy Needleman, Cynthia Bailey. Missing: Liza Eden. -S N? ,Ml , ..,,,, ... Q gf' gas 4 l 5202 Barry Rivetz, joyce Bowers, Lee Albert, George Grigiss, joel Harris, jon Blake, Charles Belden, Susan Robinson, Beverly Gottlieb, Lisa Singer, Carol Tercyak, Mr. Kojoyian. 'Q 0 'U ai A 5201 First Row: jeff Groper, Shelley Steinberg, Toni Sklar, Chris Regan, Mark Derby, Richard Kosowsky, jordan Blinder, jeff Calmus, janis Lane. Second Row: Chris Taylor, Mr. Gottlieb, Evan Benjamin, jeff Greenstein, Peter Shibock, Chester Casmoscio, Robert Wennett. Missing: Danny Weller, Lisa Setlin. 5206 First Row: Stephanie jacobson, judith Pearson, Barbara Cohen, james Fleming, David Bamel, Martha Alt, Mr. Geddes. Second Row: Shari Alter, Susan Shlager, Peter Surette, Thomas Osborn, Davis Rubin, jay Podolsky, David Arndt, Lucinda Berlew. Missing: Theresa Lajoie, David Mosca. 4108 First Row: julie Anthony, Katherine Brauneis, Amy Rittenburg, Rosita Gonzalez, Dori Barenholtz, Kristen Farrish. Second Row: Peter Bernson, Francis Duffy, Paula Antonellis, Gail Finklestein, Peter Ezrin, Richard Winer, Mr. Sherman. Third Row: Peter Moment, Robert Becker, Eric Catsimpoolas, Lawrence - Fishman, Paul Duggin. 4106 First Row: Raphael Crasa, Deborah Kutnick, Lisa Braun, Peter Levine, Gregory MacDonald, Gerard Paglia. Second Row: Todd Harris, Kathleen Cooper, Ilene Turner, Karen Myers, Kathleen Barry, Randi Chudnow, james Quinn, Mr. Henderson. Third Row: Sean Hagan, Peter Balcanoff, Todd Hall, David Arons, Ralph Pardi, Stuart Press, john Daley. Missing: Anna DeFazio. 4109 First Row: Denise Gelb, Donna Sacks, judith Murphy, Nancy Newhook, Nina Garfield, Kathy Sias. Second Row: Steven Kaufman, Anthony Muccini, Diane Wilcox, Debra Lipkind, Amy Stone, Richard Abel, Ms. Dollase. Third Row: jeffrey Rubin, joel Goodfader, David Katz, William Stranahan, Theodore Hill. ' W' UNICRS , Y Q.- fffill-1.5 ' 13 ' . rf .su v -L 4 - --. ruff 5 - .i .' '. W 5, gp. -,-, "'. J'-nfl ' fi A Q3-5 .' 5+ , f"'5x53' -AIEQ-M .-.,v. F IV, 'th .X : , H, 45 ' ff' .gig ,9 . 3 ., .tb '1'- -. Y' '. .'. -LQ -c',QlQ'., R: . 4203 First Row: Peter Derogalis, Margie Stein, Kathy Parnes, leannie Clemmens, Susan Basement, Andy Lustig, Eddie Meltzer. Second Row: Leslie Dillon, Susan Rogers, Andrea Dichico, Sandy Dinnocenzo, Susanna Newton, Roxanne Faber. Third Row: Gary Davis, Bill Davenport, Mark Stepakoff, Stan Chesler, Jerry Fox, Glenn Weinstein, Mr. Youngb- lood, Tommy Young, lim Lajoie. 65- ' SN T5 5 4204 First Row: Sue Hernandez, Claudia Dunne, Barbara Stone, Barry Green, Scott Wollins, lohn Deagle, Gary Fleisher, Helaine Cohen, Cynthia Weinstein. Second Row: Anthony Secinaru, lohn Averback, Carlos Pava, Ms. Dohanian, Mark Vanderwalde, joe Peletier, Mark Harris, Eric Farrish, Doug Abbey. 4101 First Row: jamie Pressman, Lori Furman, joanne Kent, Lisa Conviser. Second Row: Nancy Toy, janet Ferreri, Elaine Howard, Mr. Bolter. Missing: Bolter's Boys. A M4 5101 First Row: Beth Keon, Mary Ellen Bowers, Marlene Morris, Barbara Weiss, Patty Keon, Merle Adelson. Second Row: james Ralston, Charles Tarabelli, Nick Brown, johnny Zoll, Richard Brodie, Barry Gale, Bill Irvine, Vinny Mirabito, Mrs. Mealy, Missing: Leslie Englander, jennifer Taub, Harvey Stone. Q,.'+ ., 5100 Sheila Bailey, Erica Slessinger, Barbara Belt, Michele Gay, Pattie Pava, Miss Leonard, Ms. Shaw, joan Sybick, Angela Gaskins, Stacy Bounos, Linda Bossi, Andrea Duffy. U fiff at , LJ A tl , f jig, 1 4211 First Row: Cindy Heinstein, Elaine Fine, Margie Skalsky, Maura Fitzgerald. Second Row: Dr. Burnham, Paul Daniels, jeff Deake, Brendon Murphy, Steven Leach, David McKinnin, jackie Monroe, jenny Lanes, Chip Madarri. Third Row: Kerin Wilcox, Larry Sloane, Karen Houlihan. 4100 First Row: Robert Kelly, Mr. Hollman, Laura Rixie, loyce Bocci. Second Row: Arthur Coffey, Beth Applebaum, Adam Ostrch Fred Amicangioli, Ruthanne Schill, Cindy Edman, Tom Alsup. 4103 First Row: Mary lane March, Audrey Dana, Dace Treize, Mary Ann Donlan, Cheryl Abel, Marialyce Buonato. Second Row: Peter Zonis, Steven Berkowitz, Mark Sugarman, David Shiffman, Gerald Feldman, Brian Buffington, Charles Connally, john Sustilio, Steven Spelfogal. :fx l YN,-QQ lie., LYJ 1. 1103 First Row: Miss Blanchard. Second Row: Benedetta Antonellis, Susana Herrera, Mariellen Kelly, jena Holland, Valerie Fontecchio, jane Sybicki, Diane Kaufman, Abby White, Lori jackson, jack Phillips, Sean Thomas, jeff Ernst, Stuart Ross, joe Burgio, Stuart Slawsky. Missing: Donna DeWolfe. L l 3 i l 4 ,' 1 if . .,. L J-4 2200 First Row: Mrs. Ravenscroft, Sheera Kahn, Laura Bloom, Beth Paul, Mindy 4208 First Row: Bill Surette, Ms. Oremland, julie Gershlak, Larry Kingston, Shelly Pearlstein. Second Row: Robert Sheinberg, john Pauklis, Martin Leavitt. Second Row: Michael Galvin, jon Pearson, Kathy Duffy, Shwartz, Gary Stoloff, Mark Izen, Barry Paul. Nancy Green. 5102 First Row: Sue Chalukian, jenny julian, Susan Zeiger, jackie Levy. Second Row: jeff Michaels, jim Amicangioli, Leigh Tucker, Robert Rothenberg, Cindy Moan, lan Krane, janet Fleming, jeff Pill, Wendy Markoff, jeanne Colling, Tom Dea, Laura Ford, Carol Bershad, Susan Israel. GOODWI lohn Slater Housemaster Dorothy Freimarck Assistant Housemaster 1.,,,s L41 X Q DAX M . ' 7 Tl 'fu-rv' Olga Marazzi Secretary Mrs. Dwyer Secretary 2100 First Row: Mrs. Nelson, Ross Brown, loanne Charness. Second Row: Chuck Kaufman, Kei Kishimoto, Nancy Rosenzweig, joan Stein. Third Row: Danny Alsup, Tim Barooshian, Linda Maltz, Kathaleen Quinan, Stephen Tankel, Arnold Shecter. 7209 First Row: Sherry jackson, Karen Egeness, Ruth Hoberman, Tammy Arafe, Lisa Kaufman, Suzanne Malkasian. Second Row: Michael Goldstein, Mr. Alleva, Ed DeMichele, David Eagle, Ruth Ann Miller, jennifer Simon, jodi Fisher, jeff Menzer, james Foster, Howie Castleman, Steven Fox. Third Row: Leonard Norton, Daniel Seversky, Harold Wolfson, Bernard Weiss, Chris Ward, Isaac Sussman. Missing: judy Epps. 3125 First Row: Amy Sherter, Lily Chou, Steven Kirschtel, jeff Berman, Arnold Hite, David Smith. Second Row.' Mr. Levenson, Nancy Wasserman, Linda Kaplan, Edward Koning, james Clark, Rae Lin Fox, Nancy Sullivan. Third Row: Stephan Hart, Alex Berger, Fred Hochberger, Robert Zolli, Nancy O'Neil, Ilene Berger, Denise Mazzola. Aa i 'Mi 1 4, lf 7107 First Row: Leola Smith, Sheli jackson, Susan Rifkin, Debbie Pennachio, Liz Ulin. Second Row: Eva Kaye, Connie Prestuna, Lisa Phillips, jeff Hahn, Andy Hart, Paul Butera, Peter Boisvert, Peter Levin, Sean Swint, Andy Margolin. Third Row: Neal Martin, Robbie Schlackman, Mr. Petrillo. Karen Levine, Carrie Fisher, Danny Ramanow, Steven Shulman, Ms. Brassard. Second Row. ' ' h D jackie Lefevre, Neil Shelley Cohen, Leslie Propp, Lisa Umma, Stanley jackson, C ris uncan, Swinton, Alberto Pazos, William McDonald, john Miller. Missing: Wendy Grover. 3113 First Row' Alisa Ruby, Leola Smith, Bonnie Kominik, Deborah Klugerman, Rebecca Lilienfeld, Stacy Waxer, loan Miller, Allison Baird, julie Leitman, Nancy Kasten. Second Row: Mr. Roberts, leffery Jacobs, loav Burger, David Parness, Gregory jackson, William Xypteras, Richard MacDonald, Charles Strange, Alan Weiner, Peter Baumberg, Douglas Smith. 7202 First Row: Meryl Katz, Tracy Wilson, Cindy Bowles, Nancy Mucciarone, Lori Behrman, 1 M I M iii rf - ..-,ix-2 ee.- l S' 5 l V . .,,,,,,4g....4-un-1-H I , ,,.-,..4,.- -- 'A ff" 6217 First Row: Iulie Bouytoy, Nancy Wong. Sec- ond Row: Evan Morris, Mr. Manhard. Missing: Kristin Evjy. i I . ' i . P 1 7208 First Row: David Marcus, Barbara Sherman, Claudia Moore. Second 3 ROW: Adam Malesonf Sarah Wankf Dr' Frelmafckf Am Singh' 6114 First Row: Stuart Taylor. Second Row: Edwin Shaffer, Mr. Shohet Alicia Skerry. lu n iors -ff! TT 5-95 3112 First Row: Cathy Gennert, Paul Kelley, Frances Orman. Second Row: Ian Carter, Mr. Haberman, Steve Wank, Claire Dennis, Maxine Effenson, Ann Riceman, Andrea Wolff, Mr. Arruda. ni-1'--. " 7210 First Row: Wendy Shahon, Barbara Waldstein, Lisa Schuster, Cheryl Oppenheim, john Long, Patrick Silverstrone, Michael ljams. Second Row: Mr, Heck, Susan Lerbinger, joan Butera, Lisa Castleman, Lisa Elman, johanna Stevenson, jamie Popkin, Kevin Garcia, Elaine Aronson,Peter Hackel, Greg volpe,R0ger Sandman, josh Ehrlich, David Waldman, Steven Silk. fl 7106 First Row: Stanton King, Brenda Trask, joanne English, Maya Golomb, Lee Sherman, Debbie Graff, Todd Del- campo, Gary Simon, Mrs. McChesney, Lisa Hurley. Second Row: jimmy Martin, Amy Gould, Brad Evjy, David Kirschtel, Andy Wise, Stuart Sklar, jimmy Sullivan, Mark Newhook, Simon Longson, Grant Bethel. f 1 rn- -- .... 'xii D' S-14,1 " "QI 7204 First Row: Cindy Kandar, Doreen Wiest, Howard Cooper, junko Matsusaka, jodie Zussman.Second Row: Timothy Williams, Cindy Arafe, Donald Mayer, Lisa Fisher, Arthur Gould, judith Shriberg, Frank Otten, Elizabeth Bailen, james Quinan, Ms. Moretti. i 7205 First Row: Debbie Sherter, Rowena Washington, Lisa Chesler, Adrienne Jackson, Lisa Sneider, ludi Elovitz, jeff Bellin, Billy Ling. Second Row: Ms. Katz, Debbie Paches, Ronnie Lombardo, jimmy Hendrix, lean Kaplan, Wendy Baron, Daniel Shaen, Gian Cristello, james Hooker. 2102 First Row: Buthaiana Shukri, Mary Duffy, Andrea Battit, Anna Portnoy, Cindy Kirshen, Deborah Gerry Coughlin, Brian Cooper, Mike O'Brien. Missing: Karen Botti, Pamela Berman, Shelly Adelson. CW' --,nu-H I-1. -4 7109 First Row: ludy Herzog, Kaarl Waalewyn, Mark Olsen, Steve Karlin, Gregory Soyka, Paul Anastasia, Donald Skerry, Charles Duncan. Second Row: Mrs. Hennessey, Holly Rosenfield, Holly Sweet, Sylvia Kamowitz, Barbara Long, Craig Marietti, Adam Levin, Donald Moore, Richard Garber, Larry Leavitt, Paul Owens, john Butera, Lisa Natale, Debbie Silverstrone, Tracy Arcuri, Carol Pfau. Newman, Ned Komar. Second Row: Mrs. Robinson, Amy Fagin, Wendy Kaplan, Steven Wax, Alan Levine. Third Row: Diedre McQurrin, Elizabeth Greene, Patricia Scanlon, janet Shapiro, Linda Kelfer. Fourth Row: - 'QA-'. f l -l Q A'sst Housemaster Mr. Merrill X. Housemaster Mr. Wicks Secretary Mrs. Lofchie Secretary Mrs. Marazzi WHEELER 2103 First Row: john Mitchell, jennifer Peck. Second Row: Alan Martlin, Steven Avruch, Deborah Garfinkle, Gary Kessler. Third Row: Linda Shapiro, Marian Gail, Deborah Savoy, Gail Gentile, Ms. Shinn. ,q l 6202 First Row: Megan Pobst, Karen Belden, Elise McMahon,Robert Seeham. Second Row: Lisa Meinhart, Cheryl Rivers, Karen English, Barbara Fallows, Debra Gammerman, Lee Schiff. Third Row: lay Schertzer, Melissa Belz, Stephen Phillips, Marjorie Schwalb, Mr. Swerling, Charlie Shapiro, Beth Willis, David Fogel, Elaine Mazza, Stanlake Samkange. 6206 First Row: Ralph Sherman, Matthew Malone, David D'Angelo. Second Row: Robert Ginsberg, Stuart Levy, lim Holzman, Richard Waks, Paul Cutler. Third Row: Vicki Kingsbury, Wendy Atwood, Sheryl Richardson, Sandy Schoem, Andrea Satin, Mrs. Malone, Sara Stavis, Sarah Hagan, Susan Spinks, ludy Grant. if" ' L l 6108 First Row: David Shulman, Stacy Kahn, Susanne Stollar, Debbie Signore, Betsy Modest. Second Row: Eddie Gordon, Bill Maletz, Mike Noymer, Merryl Greene, Mr. Glickler, Toni Cushner, Tom Holbik, Ilene Goodman, Charlie Seested, Mitch Green. Missing: lody Inman, Bill Kuzer. 3156 First And Only Row: Sarah Longson, Fred Martinangelo, Bruce Marcus, Brad Brilliant, Sippy Seletz, Bob Peters, Ron Scheinin, Karen Coffey, Howard Sammuels. Missing: Mr. Lampert. 6207 First Row: Margie Sagan, Roberta Weiner, Karen Boudrw, Second Row: Pamela Flash, Barbara Fitzgerald, Louise Lasson, Nell Scovell, Elenor Cambell, Laura Seasholes, Ariela Bardi, Third Row: Straten Pagounis, lay Geller, Hugh Kinsellagh, Scott Seidman, Rich Davidson, Mr. Erdman, Bob Cohen, Steven Shapiro, Mike Kelfer, lim Leven, Mike Westercamp. Missing: Donnie Dolph. s-1 f 4-15 Quan . F, 'U . Eli. at 9 .- ' 'f'.:. CMAG .,.f.a...U. 6117 First Row: Lauren Wilson, Andy Zaff. Second Row: john 6105 Charles Hickson, Mr. Merrill, Marcy Polan. Fraser, Mr. Bent, jeff jakes. Missing: Dorothy Panagacas, Mark Scheingold, Betsy Richmond. juniors Wifi 3208 First Row: Mr. Chaisson, julius Starleman, Amir Levy, Greg Chaloff, Mary DeAngelis, Robert Dery, janet Tedeschi, David Berger, Laurie Sandler, Barry Lipsett, Rosalyn Lezberg, Billy Stuart, john Koopman, Allison Black, Susan Cohen. ., ,SQ I v an 6208 First Row: john Dankese, joe Daniele, jill Korsakov, Stephanie Kahn, joseph Bibbo, Cheryl Troup, Kathy Riley, Karen Crowley, Adam Shamban. Second Row: jane Lipson, Lia Emmanuel, Claudia Murrow, Nat Heard, Mike Hernandez, Tad Baum, Amy Kuthen, Laurie McGreevy, David Gordenstein, Michael Stollar, john Somberg. 6102 First Row: Mark D'Angelo, jer- ry Urdang, Kenneth Green, loanne Rivers, Ellen Dippo, Naomi Berkowitz, Anjali Dandeker, Ms. Hersey. Second Row: William Mala- mud, David Miller, Daniel Shiman, Robert Tresca. l-li 6103 First Row: Audrey Landay, Pam Friedman, Marcia Knopf, Marjorie Danapoly, Barbara Dixey, Catherine Munahon, Leanne Goldman, Mark lsenberg. Second Row: Debbie Spielman, Lisa Lampert, Mr. Steeves, Faith Dana, Claire Leavenworth, Danny Paisner, Danny Freedman, Marc Weinstein, Michael Lerner, Dean Kahr. Y , i -1 , ...i-44 6204 First Row: Laura MacDonald, Betsy Davidow, Pam Savoy, Mr. Cornblatt. Sec- ond Row: lean Whitney, Ellen Freedman, lanet Fishstein, Sue Block, Bob More- house, David Hurley. Third Row: Stacey Lion, jimmy Yarin, Karen Parker, Frances Rudnick, David Diette, Steven Litwin,Mark Sheridan. Susan Koffman, Catherine Morris, Aaron Wasserman, Rodger Cohen, 6205 First Row: Vickie Feldstein, Diane Applebaum, Dina Levy, loyce Liber- farb, Amy Rubin. Second Row: Steven Dresner, Ms. Hansberry, Mary Sheri- dan, Ellen Connors, Christine Clark, jim Patriarca, lason Hoffman, Mark Manfredi, Paul Daniele. Missing: Bob Cataldo. 6 , X. " R " " uw' 1 ff: '--if . 4 1, , 1 t 5 f r - , lr L 7 -Q .y H' ,. Sg",,,-113'Q1xj'? :Tim ya-if ,,i:'1.g: 1.4 . 'sl 4' Q4 W A nm 1 it 5 F.:--r"' ' ,, fr' M I N 5 5 , 6104 First Row: Robert Ross, Brian Cirodman, Ricky Schwartz, john Casper, Mark Rothman, Second Row: Ellen Korelitz, Robert Wing, Michael Cushner, Cindy Lang, Amy Casper. Third Row: Ann Rasmussen, julie Feldman, julie Michaels, Linda Arnstein, Emily Atwood, joan Goodwin, Lisa Acker. 1+ 6211 First Row: David Lee, Paul Higgins Bob Levine, Dayton Cox, jeff Shapiro. Sec- ond Row: Debbie Olds, Sam Resnick, Ka- ren Fein, Laurie Raphael, Debbie Feldman Andy Krassin, Alan Cioldman, Nancy Crod- berg, Ms. Frantz. wk -.,' 91' -'Pi 'i ' -1, , V A- I' n'A I' 1-.ix--, .1 "- ' m., I pg 75 -1gi:'fp?y.g" av-1 L 'ht and Qbutn WCOZ is in, WVBF is out. Commons rooms are in, library is out. Coors is in, Schlitz is out. Detention is definitely out. Metal plates are in when windows are out. No bathroom stall doors is finally out. McDonald's will always be in. Nosejob's are in, braces are out. ls Ben Levy in? Calculators are in, sliderules are out. Proms are finally back in. Diets are in, C.Iickler is thin. The cafeteria food will always keep you out. UMass is in, college is out. The mall is in, Newton Center is out. Victory parties are in, but the football team is Mr? Steve's is in, Brigham's is out. South is far out! Class of '76 will always be in!!! gf A -'K .-U: ff Q39 I X il 2 dd 'T A 1 l H..- 1 lo-Q A. N If f 'Q 'fs 1 X0 TW' 'K ahhL4.4udS 3-1 f --Y Jkff 4 l ft gp. Wa 1 4... 4. w- xnwqu Ab, Qin XV, PQ? D b 'AS X REGULUS 6 R.-1' Q.-1 'S' Editor-in-Chief Business Manager Brian Levey Richard Henken 'WQHWQ' Associate Editor Richard Brunell nun, Associate Editor Donna Lanes 1" is W .il 3 LayoutfArt Editor leanne Hoberman Publicity Editor Beth Stone Layout!Art Editor Nancy Tichnor Advertising Editor Cindy Polansky Circulation Editor Ken Heideman Copy Editor Nancy Nathanson Q Boy's Sports Editor David Chused I Copy Editor Vicki Richman L 1 Data Editor lody Landfield iii C.iri's Sports Editor Sherri Fastov Literary Editor Donna Richman 5' Faculty Advisor Mr. Donald Shaw Art and Layout Advisor Bob Arruda Photography Editor Steve Garfinkle Ass't Photo Editor Steve Menzer Ass't Photo Editor Eric Feigenson r-' :P -4 O C "l L.. 1 . First Row: Randi Chudnow, Allison Baird, Lisa Setlin. Second Row: loan Stein, Audrey Getman, lane Lerner, Buthana Shukri, Wendy Stearns, Danny Berkowitz. Third Row: Bob Goodman, limmy Blum, jeanne Hoberman, Susan Shapiro, Nancy Tichnor, Amy Rubin, Lee Sherman, Emily Atwood. RT ADVERTISING 5 g gl Roxanne Faber, Nancy Tichnor, Jeanne Hoberman, Emily Atwood, loan Good- LITER RY Ellen Freedman, Louise Cohen, Donna Richman, Lisa Conviser, Lisa Fisher GlRL'S SPORTS Nancy Green, Sherri Fastov, Barbie Long, Karen Fine First Row: jenny lullian, Cheryl Oppenheim, Sylvia Kamowitz, Marcy Fertel, Robyn Stiller. Second Row: Bob Goodman, Steven Bern, Helaine Cohen, jane Lipson, Cindy Polansky CIRCULATIO 'W- Y Il l First Row: Robyn Stiller, Debbie Dubinsky, Ken Heideman, Mark Signore. Second Row: Debby Schultz, David Bolaffi, Alan Budd. Missing: Beth Gotchberg, Donna Erlichman, Kevin Blank. DATA ' t- .-'E-..' I , 'f'p,, -5.1 y 2 ff, . .fs Eu: V. " 192- . .P First Row: Linda Rubin, Lauri Goldberg. Second Row: ludy Green, lody Landfield CHESS CLUB 5 bl ,D 'Q First Row: David Katz, David Lee, Richard Brodie, Robert Brodie, Scott Wollins. Second Row: Michael Fridmann, Ralph Sherman, Alan Weiner, Lenny Norton, Kei Kishimoto, David Schiffman, Third Row: Brad Brilliant, Barry Paul. Eric Dana, Robert Sacks, Dan Shiman. Rourth Row: Mr. Erdmann, Doug Baird, Steven Hoberman, Eric Feigenson, Ted Touchstone, David Kamowitz, Steven Bern, Stan Samkange. GlRL'S ATHLETIC ASSOCIATIGN Fil HTHU Tlfrtf First Row: Debbie Spielman, jenny Taub, Patti Cutler. Second Row: Buthana Shukri, Cheryl Wenning, Chris Castellanos, Susan Horwitz, Barbie Long. Third Row: Diane Wilcox, Faith Dana, Kiki Farrish, Naomi Berkowitz, Eleanor Campbell, Lisa Hur ey. PRODUCTIO R DIO SHOW "SOUTH MANAGERS HIGH SPEAKS" 14" Y i ..... ls First Row: Susan Rifkin, Debby Schultz, Anna Portnoy, Second First Row: Nancy Toy, Mike Kosowsky, Mike Miller, Helaine Clayton, Second Row: julie Ratner. Missing: Susan Robinson. Row: Wayne Gateman, David Fox, Ken Heideman, James Robinson. Third Row: jim Goodman, Tom Meville, Alan Budd, Rob Segal. Missing: Michele Press. RUSS AN CLUB One of the most dramatic achievements in US - Russo diplomacy and technology was the Apollo-Soyuz link-up in space, july, 1975. I' 'Ld .Mill xl First Row: Billy Maletz, Richard Green, Dianne Marion, Cheryl Kaufman, Marcy Fertel, Mrs. Eisenhower. Missing: Cindy Polansky. 103 ,J 1. A Pubiibhea .... .... Ediron-Ln-Chieg.. Managing Ediioa.. Executive Ediioa. Token FemaZe..... Bubinefsb Edctoa. . Pnodaazion EdLioa Columnxbib ....... Conialburonb... Ani EdLf0a .... ... Faculty Advibonb. RICHARD BRUNELL ....MIKE MILLER DAVID ZONDERMAN ....JON ROBBINS ..SUSAN SHAPIRO ..CRAIG BEHRMAN ..MIKE KOSOWSKY ...KEN HEIDEMAN ...HARLAN GREEN .....JIM BLUM ....DAVE DIETTE .STEWART SATTER ..BENJAMIN LEVY .LESTER GEDIMAN CUTLER HOUSE COUNCIL ' 108' K- ...kai First Row: Susan Robinson, Cindy Polansky. Second Row: Audrey Getman, Brian Levey, Bob Goodman. Third Row: jordan Blinder, jon Zoll, Evan Benjamin, Steve Hall, jeff Rubin, Tom Alsup, Faculty Advisor Mr. Bolter. MGDEL U.N. CLUB C? 1 -af' First Row: Danny Braverman, Michele Press, Robert Cohen, Lisa Castleman. Second Row: Thea Lee, Faculty Advisor Mr. Levy, Alice Scovell, Andy Cohen, Nell Scovell, Ellen Freedman, David Ryter. Third Row: Bob Pershe, jimmy Goodman, Dan Miller, Arthur Ciacchella, David Alexander, Hugh Kinsellaugh, Howie Castleman. MATH TEAM E l52I'lili'5n A V4! I f First Row: Richard Brodie, Eric Feigenson, Steven Hoberman. Second Row: David Kamowitz, Mr. jameson POLITICAL SCIENCE CLUB 3' . 1 .?' First Row: lon Averback, Steven Hall, Robert Katz, lim Goodman, Ned Komar. Second Row: Kei Kishimoto, Robert Morehaus, Pres. David Alexander, Denis Bauke, Steven Rosenthal, Arthur Ciacchella, Carol Sugarman. Missing: David Kamowitz, Danny Miller, Mark Signore, Michael Kosowsky, Dan Bernstein, Wayne Gateman, Gary Abramson, Harlan Green, Don Germaise, Dave Ryter, Emily Feldman, Ralph Sherman, Bob Becker. PING PONG CLUB ., A m . .g 'gf' -Jv 'A iff V First Row: jeff Peak, Per Leonardson, Gerell, Paul jackson, jeff Shapiro, Bob Becker, jove Berger. Second Row: Mr. jameson, Amair Levy, jeff Shufro, Larry Fishman, Mark Scheingold, Eric Catsimpoolas, Sung Pak, Ruurd Fontein, Kenny Green. BLACK STUDE T UNIO If w lv First Row: joey Royster, jimmy Foster, Roni Cunningham, Debbie jackson. Second Row: Charles Smith, Renee johnson, Brian Price, Lisette Brown. Third Row: Kevin Garcia, jim McCall, Kim Rucker, Nicie Herron, Ronny Thompson, Vivian Lee, Shirley Lennon, Mickey Atkins, jim Martin. WHERE THE PALE MOON SHINES CAST SCUFFLETOWN OUTLAWS: Henry Berry Lowrie ..,,... Steve Lowrie .. Rhody ..,,.... june ........ Luke Locklear . john Sanders ............... james McQueen THE THREE FOOLISH VIRGINS: Miss Sarah .,... Miss Sue .,. . Harlan Green .. Peter Levine ... Lori Furman . Michele Press Roger Sandman Craig Behrman Adam Maleson .. jill Mackavey . . Laura Stachel Tommie .... ... Amy Gould Gracie Bell .......,............... ....... L aurie Gluntz Cousin Cling ....,.......,,,.........,.. Randy Grossman THE UNDOIN' OF BARBARA ALLENi Barbara Allen ....,......,.............. Wendy-lo Belcher Mrs. Allen ......,.......,......... ......... C indy Vasil Edna ..,...,.. ... Gigi Rosenberg Mrs. Summey . Lisa Robinson Mrs. Bergen ...... .... A my Tighe Preacher Haggler .. ..... Larry Sloane Smelicue ......... .... I ay Schertzer Hank .... .... D avid Schulman Marvin . . . .... Per Leonardsson CHORUS AND CONGREGATION Debbie Garfinkle Merrell Green Cindy Kirshen Ava Kaye Sippy Seletz Thea Lee Daniela jouvenal Andrea Satin Eve Minkoff Gorel Ericson jill Saret Sandy Schoem LiZ Ulin DANCERS Sheryl Lipson Choreographer Debbie Zussman Ass't Choreographer Elaine Aronson Thea Lee Sarah Swenson Ava Kaye lack Phillips Peter Levine lill Mackavey Michele Press Laura Stachel Don Mayer David Schulman MUSICIANS Guitarists: Lisa Kulp Randy Grossman Kathy Parnes Accordionist: Mr. Norman Swerling .. 'QM 0 -A 3 cg -CD r 'Q , 2 -if-4 1 1'--" , I ,I -if , ,A A Q 1 . . I! -KJ C-I fl' X ,Z X- d bola Charles Foster Kane - "It would be fun P' 4 H' to own a newspaper." ' 4 ' X vi IC 0.15 5. 's sv. Abby Creenbaum, Andrew Cohen Louise Cohen Co-Editors-in-Chief Ass't Features Editor f' , ffl ,fx h .... W- Xxx , Bill Greene, Michael Miller, Co-Editorial Editors, Susan Shapiro, Exchange Edi- lim Robinson, News Editor tor Robert Sacks, Ass't News Editor -1 Ken Goldberg, Features Editor Barbara Fischbein, Copy Editor 110 .Ad .. Qs i hi-Q I '43 2 A. Howie Weiss, Asst. Features Editor, Gigi Rosenberg, Ronnie Miller, Co-Fine-Arts Editors, Carol Sugarman, Clubs Editor -f.. ,wif - S David Ryter, Dan Berkowitz, Business Editors, Alice Scovell, Busi- Harlan Greene, Robin Tapper, Co-Community Affairs Editors ness Manager, Michelle Press, Circulation Editor, lane Sandler, Advertising Y A - Y . li , r T , 2. - A .4 , Ji' 4 ' .' I ' Ron Adams, Advisor 111:- 'I 1 n 'a .661 5 P ar gms i 3 it 'E' if " 9 v ' 0 . 4 QV-,'4."',' it ' 1 Q A is 4 -f-" i ,av io' g: If ll i' X , ,I ij I . - 1 1' HY. X ' 1- N lon Robbins, Photography Editor Robert Pershe, Production Editorp David Fox, Ass't Photo Editor Karen Lamack, Ass't. Production Editor .,f.r+ 1.39 J, Q... Q14 gl 1 .Nui Danny Braverman, Sports Editor Susan Steinberg, Ass't Sports Editor if l A 4' 4- Q 4 A DIG VISUAL First Row: David Fox, Lenny Norton, Nancy Toy, Howard Samuels, Wayne Gateman. Second Row: David Miller, Paul Duggan, Ralph Sherman. Missing: Michele Freidman, Charley Shapiro, Rob Bickelman, Barbara Belt, lim Ralston, Beverly Shlager, Mike Steinberg, Ted Branoff, Mrs. Macavoy. STAGE CRE r , First Row: judy Nisson, Susan Lerbinger, Audrey Garret, Margaret Bartlett. Second Row: Director Lenny Schnabel, Franny Osman, Kathy Harakas, Steve Hall, Pam Wood. Third Row: Kei Kishimoto, Sarah Hagan, lim Levin. Missing: Marcia Pinansky, Lynda Seletsky, David Gordenstein, Danny Berkowitz. l TERNATICNAL CLUB First Row: Denis Bauke, Rosalyn Lezberg, julie Ratner, Elizabeth Talis, Anjali Dandekar, Pattie Pava, Sherri Federbush, Ray Madoff, Ms. Shinn. Second Row: David Lam, Gigi Rosenberg, jo Dery, Sue Horwitz, Laurie Mcgreevy, jill Mackavey, Vicki Eeldstein, Emily Atwood. Third Row: Roberta Weiner, Sara Rubenstein, Danielle louvenal, Sung Pak, Per Leonardsson, Stanlake Samkange, Cheryl Weiner, Corel Erickson. Missing: Lawrence Klein, lay Labourene, Paul Manasian, Katy Monahun, Debbie Miranda, Mr. Olsen, Selena Wong. HISTORY CLUB ,iq First Row: Michael Kosowsky, Barbara Fischbein, Harlan Green, Betsy Young. Second Row: Louise Cohen, Donna Richman, ry Fireman, Claire Nesdall, Chuck Kaufman, Laura Prager, Carol Phillips, Danny Berkowitz. Missing: Richard Brunell. Q". EXPLORERS CLUB ll The Explorers Club ll was founded lOy! Was we lostl by Peter G. Richter. tHe lives in room 4218 and sympathy cards should be sentl. lt is a non-profit tHa, Ha, Hal, non-sectarian tno secretariesl, no-skill-needed, all incompassing leveryone needs a compass! dis-organization. Membership is open to ayone who wishes to climb mountains, learn how to ski or snow-shoe, and enjoy a few days out in the woods with a bunch of warm, friendly, crazy people. As of yet, no one who dislikes the E.C. ll has been found lwe usually like to leave them up in the mountainsll. Highlights of the trips so far are: The Marvelous Manadock Mountain Meander: Actually, it wasn't the mountain we were interested in as much as the 382,612 cute Boy-Scouts climbing!!!! The greenery was just beautiful!!! So were the leaves! Everyone had a chance-to see the beautiful autumn foliage. For this trip, it was a great fall. Hey Hey Hey is For Humans: Thirty-six explorers were buried under 3 bales of straw - and that ain't hey, folks! They were carried by a wagon manned by 2 swift steeds clip-clopping at a mighty pace of 2 miles per day lthat includes manure maneuversl thru country roads and setting sun. The E.C. Il relaxed while the wagon kept on truckin'. We sang our hearts out with a rousing patriotic chorus of our school anthem. ti'--'vifsmmw , - u,'emL.i.., t . . ,Wir Q, . 5 .. l 1. is l 'N IF'- SPANISH CLUB ff?- if" First Row: Christine Castellanos, Sarah Stavis, Gail Finkelstein, Debby Gordon, Ann Pernice, Lisa Singer. Second Row: Joyce Liberfarb, judy Shriberg, Doug Abbey, Evan Benjamin, jimmy Quinn, Leslie Englander, Nina Kochs. Third Row: Roger Sandman, Mark Maletz, Laurie Maccreevey, Frances Rudnick, Gary Fleischer, jill Cibella, Linda Kelfer, Helaine Cohen, Emily Atwood. GERMAN CLUB ..., gg., maui.-1--1 'fflllliii'-"f' Qt, 11111- - Hui' -.-r-alum.:-3'S"i ml - - - - Baumann-inasufqi V v -- ii ,IW , ,,.,.,,. .fs33.g,-E31 1,-8 i . LJ.- 1 1115. 1 ' "f"""l' A - -4 f nm 1 mg --- 5 ' 3 . L-.A-,LA O' . JW'-2' - -L, 11.-Q wr - , --.-1 - A :sri 1 - 1- if na -pf,- .I ia . A - - . Q . -H D1-all ' i W - ' :mum : ' -V Ny ' BWV I ' g V 1 .- !'f..1 'L W ,L I t 1 Corel Ericson, Stanlake Samkange, Mrs. Clark, Charles Strange, john Stomberg. FRENCH CLUB First Row: Marsha Holzman, Naomi Berkovitz, Maura Fitzgerald, Margie Skalsky, Vicki Richman, Debbie Dubinsky. Second Row: Rosalyn Lezberg, Susan Shapiro, leff Shapiro, Leigh Tucker, Peter Ezrin. Third Row: Felicia Ollivierre, julie Ratner, Daniel Berkowitz, Paul Markovitch, Don Germaise, David Berger. i First Row: jackie Levy, Susan Baseman, Holly Rosenfield, Laura Bloom, ludi Elovitz, Cheryl Oppenheim. Second Row: Steven Filler, Lisa Chesler, Debbie Pachus, Cindy Moan, Anne Rasmussen, Arti Singh, Dina Levy. Third Row: Andy Wise, Gary Stoloff, Barbara Waldstein, Roberta Weiner, Sippy Seletz, Stanford I. Chesler, Ronna Miller, Shelley Pearlstein, james Robinson, Mr. Glickler. Missing: Ellen Freedman, Beth Paul. UNIOR CLASS COMMITTEE gg: f" Lnuavxovug i' no First Row: jenny Lanes, Lisa Conviser, Lee Sherman. Second Row: loyce Liberfarb, Vicki Richman, Beth Paul, Leslie Englander, Gary Stoloff. Third Row: Stacy Lion, Diane Kaufman, Gary Fleisher, Andy Wise, Richard Garber, Mr. Cornblatt. First Row: Amy Rubin, Betsy Davidow, Dina Levy, Naomi Berkovitz, Tom Alsup. Second Row: Ellen Freedman, Mike Cushner, Judi Elovitz, Ronnie Koning, Lisa Fisher. Third Row: Frances Rudnick, Susan Israel, David Frim, josh Erlich, Mike Stollar. illeclionisnlflssl il First Row: Mr. Youngblood, Ruthann Sparrow, Sherry Federbush, jack Phillips, Emily Kaplan Gtandingi. Second Row: Erica Susman, Suzan Shapiro, Leanne Goldman, Susan lsrael, jenny Lanes. Third Row: jimmy Goodman, Lynda Seletsky, Susan Robinson, jeff Small, Michele Press. Fourth Row: Maya Golomb, Tamara Bloch. Editors: Laura Prager, Lisa Robinson. 77 I . . . 1 ni f' :ll llllill lljjfllm ---..i 4 .'- fff K ...lj 2. A f if g :Q- V " 4 1 fx X .9 CONCERT CHCDIR --.l L L ' -W--faq--1-r , .A - - First Row: Susan Simches, Maya Golomb, Kathy Parnes, Lee Kulp, lo-Ann Dery, Cindy Taylor, Tobi Pilavin, Debby Goodman, Elaine Fine, Sarah Wank, Kathy Brauneis, Amy Gould, lanet Fleming. Second Row: Sarah Swenson, Debbie Zussman, Lauri Goldberg, Sheryl Lipson, Gbrel Ericson, Crissy Taylor, Gigi Rosenberg, jill Saret, Audrey Getman, Allison Baird, Nancy Kasten, Lori Furman, Andrea Satin, Joanne Camann. Third Row: Debby Garfinkle, Beth Willis, Raelin Fox, Sue Wiggin, Lori Behrman, Nancy Domico, Karen Boudrot, Laura Prager, Patti McLellan, Noreen Anderson, Eve Minkoff, Wendy-lo Belcher, lill Mackavey, Laura Stachel, Debby Klugerman, Leslie Golov, Peter Levine, David Fogel. Fourth Row: Robert Rothen- berg, Larry Sloan, Steve Wank, David Bolaffi, Peter Otten, loav Burger, lay Schertzer, Ruffy Krasa, Stuart Ross, Per Leonardson, Eddie Meltzer, Billy Wright, Gary Abramson, Eric Dana, jack Phillips, David Shulman, Andy Lustig. Missing: Cynthia Vasil, ludy Pearlman, Howie Weiss, Don Mayer, Sippy Seletz, Carol Tercyak, Debbie Miranda, Ava Kaye, Sandy Schoem, Elise Levenson, Liz Talis, Roger Sandman, Carrie Fisher, Adam Grossman, Brian Gordon, Adam Maleson, Rona Leventhal, Anne Rasmussen, Amy Tighe, Merrell Green, Anna Portnoy, Susan Israel. VOCAL ENSEMBLE X29 n -'f 4g ll First Row: ludy Pearlman, Debbie Goodman, Cynthia Vasil, Toby Pilavin, Sue Simches, Gigi Rosenberg, Laura Liberman. Second Row: Laura Stachel, jill Mackavey, Wendy Belcher, Leslie Golov, Fran Rudnick, Ann Rasmussen, jill Saret. Third Row: Steven Kerestzes, Per Leonardsson, Larry Sloan, Bill Wright, Adam Grossman, Mr. Arner. CONCERT BA D First Row: Elaine Fine, Eve Mikoff, Maya Golomb, Gerry Frim, Debra Green, Erica Sussman, Dan Picard. Second Row: Doug Smith, Stan Samkange jackie Levy, Adam Levin, Don Mayer, Jody Inman, David Lee, Van Howard. Third Row: Mr. Dregalla, Roger Cohen, Dan Romanow, Anna Portnoy, Cindy Kirshen, Stuart Ross, David Zonderman, Steven Fox. Fourth Row: john Pearson, Peter Derogans, Steve Wank, Dave Shiffman, Neil Grossman, David Diette, Adam Maleson, Mitch Gordon, Ed Meltzer, Missing: leff Pill. "Through rain, sleet or snow, the band will always blow." MARCHI G BAN First Row: Nancy Nathanson, Lisa Dicarlo, Sherri Federbush. Second Row: Jackie Simms, Laurie Brecher, Patty Riley, Beth Gochberg, Susan Larson, lody Kaufman, Nina Epps. Third Row: Adam Levin, David Schiffman, Erica Sussman, lo-Ann Dery, Anna Portnoy, David Lee. Fourth Row: Donald Mayer, Beth Willis, Stuart Ross, Dan Romanow, Mitchell Gordon. Fifth Row: David Zonderman, Stan Samkange, Michael Miller, Ray Madoff, jeff Pill. Sixth Row: Roger Sandman, Steve Wank, Per Leonardsson. Missing: Eileen Sullivan, Eddie Meltzer, Eve Min- koff, Van Howard, Steve Fox, Doug Smith, Cindy Taylor, Elaine Fine. STUDE T FACULTY FORUM EFF' 4? mhz? --,45 lx Q f. fgfs .. ' .1 I T FT First Row: Barbara Fischbein, Susan Shapiro, Nancy Tichnor, leanne Hoberman, Gary Abramson, Dana Weisman. Second Row: Franny Osman, Betsy Davidow, Betsy Modest. Third Row: Ms. Bershad, Mr. Van Seasholes, Michael Kosowsky, Michael Miller, Mrs. Ravenscroft, Howie Weiss. "'It is time for a new generation of leader- ship to cope with new problems and new opportunities, for there is a new world to be won."' john Fitzgerald Kennedy COMPUTER L B ASSISTANTS Nu! 1,-X f lx. I First Row: Doug Baird, Richard Brodie. Second Row: Eric Feigenson, David Kamowitz. Regulu Photo Staff . -f. v 1 'Y , , . , . n I. ,A i' Q - i. Q P fTixa' Q i 1 I , T t 1 "Who said better late than never?" First Row: Doug Baird, Eric Feigenson Photo Editor, Steve Menzer Assistant Photo Editor, Craig Brown. Second Row: Steve Carter, David Fox. Missing: Steve Garfinkle Photo Editor. ELDERLY PROJECT First Row: Debby Newman, Abby Greenbaum, Susan Zeiger, Ronna Miller. Second Row: Vicki Feldstein, Mrs. Dollase, Peter Baye, Sharon Shapiro. You're not getting older, you're getting better E RICHME TPRUGRAM 1.31 ZH:-J 'P .llu 1:32:11 I. . .L First Row: Laurie Brecher, Liz Kellner, Louise Cohen, Ellen Freedman, Mrs. Monderer. Second Row: Ronna Feinstein, Donna Richman, Karen Leavitt, Steve Wax. Third Row: Peter Baye, Steven Avruch, Beth Gochberg, Robyn Stiller, jeff Menzer, Rona Leventhal, Robert Wennett, Tom Melville, David Frim. EWTON EDUCATIO AL WORKSHOP I. , "What's NEW?" First Row: Paula Kahn, Roz Lezberg,Carson Milgroom, Roberta Weiner, Donna Lanes, Ray Madoff. Second Row: jeff Menzer, Kathy Parnes, Cheryl Weiner, lenny Lanes, Vicki Feldstein, Betsy Davidow, Ronna Miller, Gary Wyner. Third Row: Cathy Genert, Connie Pristera, Paul Manasian, lack Phillips, Nancy Weiner, Lisa Kaufman, Fourth Row: Roger Sandman, Sue Zeiger, Howie Weiss, Nell Scovell, Peter Baye. Missing: Michele Press, Richard Brunell, Thea Lee, Sherri Federbush, Laura Stachel, Diane Kaufman. BO LING LEAGUE -- ivtv1uw- 'ii' lB4i-! S1iuuui.Jnagi"'m-Inu-neva-n -:ng-11' I, .f.'.-1 --f'fm 'I'1m!Fl'w' ' mg ua rn- 'ww,ti'i1ir:-ii-Ig.:-kvlvv 'wt hlmzissgsaiirfmums- ' liQ1nmiaaagvgih, item-vii e inguina- i hard" 11.2 l-aim Yi sggw ,gg 'lil 1 5:5 Q' 7 " N I lain ca nilliin - ll S681 '-A:-I 3QhiH Je.-1 R191 1 Wg., M ivy First Row: Steve C-arfinkle, Stephen Keresztes, Steven Menzer. Second Row: judy Simon, Cheryl Caplan, john lunda, Debby Schultz, Steven Kaplan, Wendy Stearns. Third Row: jeff Rubin, Charlie Strange, Mark Signore, led Handspicker, Sandy Greenburg, David Bolaffi, Carson Milgroom, Dennis Bauke. Missing: Kevin Blank, Curt Kohlberg, Alex Berger, Steven Auerbach, Eric Mann, Bruce Moore, Mark Podolsky, Ken Heideman. GOLF TEAM l i i11lClll'iIl 111, - --- --Y-- "-"W ' V fic' gif 'Q " V' ""f"' Hllllllii sf :ii I-4 Sewer 1118 life-iff! We uma mmm ima: il in nun ,.., mmm Q S1 - First Row: Steve Auerbach, Matt Avruch. Second Row: Howie Weiss, Michael Battista, Stew Satter. Spoon Narrator .,...... Narrator ....... Knowlt Hoheimer Lydia Puckett .,. Lucius Atherton . Mrs. Purkapile .. Roscoe Purkapile Mrs. Williams ... Mrs. Charles Bliss Griffy The Cooper Guitarist ........ Fullerslack ...... Mickey M'Grew . julia Miller ..,.. Hortense Robbins Anne Rutledge . The Cptician ... Mabel Osborne . Lucinda Matlock SPOON RIVER ANTHOLOGY AND HOORAY AMERICA River Anthology Cast ........ Harlan Green Meridith Jacobson . . . Don Germaise .. Erica Slessinger ... Harlan Green .., Anna Portnoy . , . Peter Otten .r,,. Tobi Pilavin ., Laura Liberman .. Gary Abramson ... . Kathy Parnes ... Cindy Kirshen David Zonderman . . .......... Sue Israel Meridith lacobson .. ..... Carol Kaufman ..... Ted Granoff ...... Sue Zeiger . Anne Rasmussen Yankee Doodle Dancers Sheryl Lipson Debbie Zussman Laura Stachel loan Miller Betsy Modest Karen Lemack jill Mackavey Ava Kaye Vickie Feldstein Sarah Hagen Suzanne Stollar Louise Cohen Rosalyn Lezberg Mary Duffy jenny Lanes Laura Liberman Robyn Stiller Liz Kellner Laurie Goldberg Cheryl Oppenheim jackie Levy Shelley Steinberg Toni Sklar Sandy Schoem Debby Kutnick Sylvia Kamowitz lack Phillips Don Mayer Peter Levine David Schulman Carolyn Band Choreographers Sheryl Lipson Sara Swenson Debbie Zussman The South High Dixieland Band Trumpets David Shiffman Steve Wank Tuba Adam Maleson String Bass Clarinet Ned Komer Mike Miller Drums Trombone Mitch Gordon jeff Pill Piano Tenor Sax Billy Wright Rogers Van Howard Special Thanks To Ernest Chamberlain N.S.H.S. Custodians Ron Berman Myron Lipson Len Schnabel Lester Gediman Production Staff Anna Portnoy Tobi Pilavin David Bolaffi Brian Gordon Leslie Golov Ava Kaye jeff Menzer Sherri Federbush Laura Stachel David Gordonstein David Winer jim Levin john Blake Lynda Seletsky Sarah Hagen judy Nisson Franny Osmon Audrey Garret Ruthanne Schill Mike R. Phone Marcia Pinansky Debbie Goodman Margaret Bartlett Susan Lerbinger Kathy Harakas Pam Wood Louis Paul Patriacca W: ff Jem, H f 1947-1975 Louis Paul Patriacca was one of the most familiar faces around Newton South. He worked constantly and diligently to make our school a brighter, more enjoyable place in which to live and learn. After being transferred from Newton South a few years ago, he chose to return when given the chance. Always cheerful and polite to those whom he saw while he was working hard on the job, Paul was indeed devoted to both his job and the entire Newton South community. The students and faculty of Newton South shall miss Paul Patriacca, a man who made Newton South a bit a more pleasant. We honor his memory. aa.3ff-- M 7 ...,gf"13U 7 -. Y' V-,W f NY Q X ini 9 5. i....f... ,-'F' I? ,Ii 515' Q V var 1 ,f QC- ll IBD Q. we 2, X ,. F 1" Y K 1 '-s IS 1 s I 1 7, 54 it 1 yf Ii' Q , NEWTON PUBLIC SCHOOLS NEWTUI SUIITH HIGH SIIHUIIL IWW, nw. xl. . JA-gwutlvv ' 0'ffaf'-1'7GAA-,ArwfxF."""'J'3F0Vz'k1--,""'-0"" f:LMkJ2Awwxwj:fM4wMvJ 3 ' 27w...fuv-ww-M-vu - T1 TM ,M '.",WL'K""1 - Q :H LATE! AQ., I975. I CJ-,K , Q v , - lf' gif' N . A' lv -'J .U O 4 ' t fi R. 9 'e'-, 91 fig s- - 429 pl 'QA-' v o'0,w: 1 . v' -- . . k: X .,-' , 5. fl. 'A .AN Au.: I , N u u 'a s . ' x Q . ,E F, - v ,, . H ,- ,f- -an - 4 .g ,e f 48 I hi, I yi 4 fl as z f esg 3 sg. e-. 5.3 4- - -1 . 0 1 ' 1 I A 1 I Gul , ,, sv f. ' 1 "- ' " K C I , If n f po' . " WN. I 1 ,I . A , ,:, ,, ,.,n.- . . X - I z X X . , A Q xg -4 . , 5 , I . - 1 1 " X . I I I 5 ' X '.- 1 Z . . 'lx G Q v. ,. l I x . ,Q R i , r s 3 X . FSR uf . 1 . . S I 5 F . 'a' I 'Q QA . 0 I I lx - ' In 1' 1 J ' bl Q Q I3 A 'I ,v -1- ", , .4 ei A . 1 1 r , I, , I p.. X, K s -. X f N ' '- , A. . . -. ' .nm ' ,' . " 1 . I , ' ', 1 . . v ,- I , -A 1 ., . . , ' "'f. If 4 K . Q I 1- . x 4 , K I 4 . . :' . 4 ' Q '., ' I - ' 1 ' . ' ,L : 5- .. 01 : " " 1 I' is X ' - .. . 1' 4 , I? 3 ' . ' I 1 ' 1. - 1 5' .1 ls xl s 1 ' 4 2 'Q 0 K 1 J 'ON . I -- Ut' 4 I ,'. 0, . . .. 4 - I 1 'U 0 ' if .. ,' ' f 1' - in . ' 1: s' u 4: ' 1 s 5 5' . I. I Q , - S - g e - .u 1 Z x I - I K I -. , ' 'X , 72 . .. ,v -. -K II. i - -. . 1 . e-.' . - " . .1 '-2 r ,. ' 1. , .-f . l:f5Si"!! . "-" bl. - . ' 1 --. xf-. " :EI . Y E' QI, '- cgi "3-PK '. 'g. -gf: ..Q:-,ggi-' -Q df.-' ' QC, . m ".,' -f - S' ' 4 VP. 1' , --ZS. "P 5 ,2. ' Q.. , ' - .12 'g . -fr AE' - 'V' , 'I :' . .. .,- ., I A ...-. . ..... L.: I 'fb y 5 . . sb- . -A :. a,,g. If 1 71. , 1-1 -., I g 1, ' " L- 'T.'1 1-3' 1- -Z' 0 "5 2 :' IZ!" ' . 1 -1 F: -' 5, rgz.. L'-1 -L . g --V v r -3 , 'nb .3 ,-' 3 , -1, . 'Q :A n, v:- I ,. -- .. ,' 3 I ,Lf 9: " A" " .ii ' 'i- - iff, if I ' ,i .S f 5' ' - " ' ,. .... ,A . . ,cg .9 . f .ze -N . -,- - 2- -- 11 1 2- .',. : Q-EL. , -.3 -, 52. ' A- ...1 ti' Q' 'Q f 1 . .XL , .. .. 'fl If ..- 535' . . i., 1 E.. , .l ..A- 5 f z., -- - 3 - '-c-.- -5 ' HF- - :-. sf "N 1 -x- 'J 1-un. : .X l. 4,1 2- ,Sf-if . ,jg A k , ' Quai 't ' - ' BN . I l . -' ' 3.4 X, 1 ii LV- 'I .- 5' ' .J Fi-W eff Us 'fi g" -TM -5-V . Li: . P. I H921 - .. K- 'Q " -E Li' '- Z '31 5 ' ' .mu . . - :. . Y ' :au f 'v , ,L J 'I S-R .. L A 1. 4- . . , ,X- . . , .,. x , . 9 au ' .E - x .' -' ' . gn .X .: "- qu . .I i fl. if ,Q '- ri J-., . ' . -'F 'G' 391- -' . ' I ' 3.-,.. w .. x . FL- N 'z ' '. 1 -i' ' ff. .572 1- s 1 -.-x-SI. A -5. - -re ...A--5 'e -. .- 2.2 '- fa:-. wap,-1 . il-73AT'f3:':'7'it11?'?-299 .- Q - -. '- 39-21,-4--"'qv'N5i-:-:g.p1-- - - -. -,kg -. U., ,3 N , Q35 - -. ,4...,of,.- - ,'.:.'...q.. f -sgfr.-:-1'--:--..f -.-Y -, ,, , If .- .-L: X f - i 4'- -gy -'-,.:- f - 5 . x 3 5+ " ,:-WV: 5151 1 'H 5 .' .9 .lojls , :n,' .5 .3 . , 2 0, Q ,' v ...x I X 9 f b5 r ' J ' '. u u ' .- - ' - . 4, -. -.. . -.-2 1 I lr- . . 11" , I . ' .gr - . . ,Q 5 , 0 .3 , 5-I , .1 - - ff: , .' . .-. , -: . sf- . .' 1 . - N I ,. 1, 413 5. . X 4 - - -9 . 3- ,, I ' i ,- 05 . 1 .- 1 30 ' 'a , Z 1 ,gf . g , I- N ,Q ' 5' -521 6 It 0 " Z. 7, ' Q62 . , . -. .I ' ,- -9 f' 1 . 'Qt' I J: 'L 5 3, I ' f 'os .5 4. . - 5' 55- . ' , 0. b. if e 4 - v' J v n 9 Q f 'Q : . .. ,.- , 5 0 1,-5 '- -.. : '. 2' , 0, o cs. 2 . 'A . ' . 3 . - 'Q ' ':. -N .a , '. N 9 ,-. . I -,. 3, .' 131 I 2 ,Ig-. ':, : . . , . . . , , -,gel n 1 f .fg ' , -5 1 . -. 1 . I J ','.- ' ,' W, ' . 0 4' ' '. N 1- :- - 3 'Gt-1. 'S- jg xv .Q 0 0,3 -N.-, 155, 5 Q 5' A X 5 . I i ' ' e. .--,A h . 1 4 ,L x ., .. -ga: X 9 Q .fg.-.U -31+ X. 'f ' - 0 9 0 ' '.- 'f - .g.,.: . f ,o 3.9 .3 X -55, K 1 , - -5 ' 1 -Q 9 -. -: v iw- -is x j .ax .Rx .5 . ,Oi s. as . o Q . '. 1 .f,- -. 2' n' - . ' . v' ','. - . Q '.'. . . , X . ,.. I. ., -.fa .1 - -7 1- Q, . , vf.. g 2. s ' p 4'o'o,J ,- ' 'T .--', -' . f Q' 1, -fda-' 1-5-:-' ' 4' :- .- Q 3 . , f,'.'.xf . . . " 1 H. --1 ' 1 -'93 . ' 4 :fl ':- 115'-:vt - 'ff -7- . : W '- I'f4I-L- 3 ...Q-gf. .-' fs c, Q, ,ugcgfiv .- '-,jgvr 0 .K ' ,X 45 0:03 .-T v ,.-11' '. -if .4,'-. Lg- v,,e ij' .,. ,-, - -..... - .4 -, ,, M ,,-.9 . ,Q .lx 4.5! X . H, 39'-"Q gr, 2-.4 rm .gi . 0.34 -va H-1 -gig'-' -. - , . ,1. .J-gf - 'Q , .Jr ' ,- a "?.jA'.'.Af-. .j.,:,.- 1 ' -'-'-2-9' mpeg-f '.,'.:,A.:,: -ft.. 3? -.f'.'. .4926 .D .li-if: xg '-S.: Q' ' ' 'f,-'-'Q' Q' 0 '53 59" n' f s 4 f - . 4 A s , 4 0 I 'I . c Q.: xg., 2 . f ' Q'-:Q 9,05 .' -Q , 0 pf..-. I .. 'Q' ' . 1 '. e 39. ' .Vox , ' ' 1 0 4 - . -ff f 1.090 . v '. 1 A,-,' f - I' ggq.-. .pf-,:. 0 X of., , '.'.' - K . '- i'a?2 . f' RP' ' ' 3 . . . 4- 3, , , . QQQQQ I. ','.4 Qs X Z0 Q . .'-. , -I-I-'-1 f If S u .-5.3.3 , ,-.-.1 .- K 'lg -.-.a .' beta- ' .' : ' .1 ' fx-.-M: - ' on ' - 4 , Z2-1 -' 1 '. ,'.'. 1,10-. .. - ' 1,,'-g.x,- I xl .',,v .-' . ,a .- . 0. , '92 '.'. ' '. . -3.1. , 1.3, 2'f.w'.' ', z S - -ps-z '- , 'dpi - '-2.3 ff ' 'fsr ' 4:-:-1 ' 1 ' . 55.5 nj., . -1- ,T-1. 05.1 .Q. ' iff 9 ...q - .,. ' 1-:-:f 4 T. f"3g' 1 .fl .l .2-:Jr . ..... X I ' -'J . cm- -4. -.-xx' ',- - ,at Q6 '- fig 'fa' Gary M. Abramson 45 juniper Lane Goodwin Meadowbrook f'True happiness consists not in the multitude of friends, but in the worth and choice." Ben johnson David Alexander 82 Miller Road Goodwin "A specialist is one who knows more and more about less and less until he knows absolutely everything about absolutely nothing." Wal, Eol, SDS, ES, quat, the key, Star Trek, Donuts, you shouldof nunthat, Naidl, RSTS, well you know, Tank, Smoots l364.4 + 1 earl, well of course you're right. Leroy Atkins 20 Trowbridge Street Wheeler --X john Carl Amicangioli 837 Boylston Street Cutler "Ammo" Weeks Remember the Friday nights at Friendly's, spitballs, L.A., V. par- ties, Cruzin' in the purple-Shea box, The Corner, Circuit, Mud- bowl '75, skipping school and class, Go Bazooto, Buckin' Spucky, Sunday night sand- wiches at Barry's, Good Luck to the gang at the Corner, keep in touch. Good Luck Cindy and Barry, B.C. and T.C., all the gang, especially Patty. Football 1,2,3g Wrestling 2,35 La- crosse 2,3. Noreen Mary Anderson 56 Woodcliff Road Cutler "Nori" Weeks I will always remember my friends who showed me how to love, to see through times so hard and know the sun's above. The art room people are such a part of me, my family and the romans, most of all Amy and Lisa, good times are all we've had. Eliot Steven Andler 14 Renee Terrace Goodwin "E.A." Weeks Always remember good times at the corner, G.C., Mac's, Pino's, Baseball games, V. parties, Wal- pole, Drive-ins, Flicks, The num- ber. Special thanks to: Ernie D., B.W., L.P., G.S., Bones, M.H., F.T., Bobo, Wilson, and the gang at work, the Barn Gang, and all my friends. SAFI Lacrosse 'l0,1'l,'l2 i --9 i 1 .I xx- x I' Lewis Atkins 20 Trowbridge Street Wheeler 1 . O Ray Aucoin 214 Langley Road -4' as Wheeler Matthew Evans Avruch 48 Duxbury Road Wheeler "Matt" Weeks "The only way to have a friend is to be one." Emerson All the great times with the gang - G.M., P.S., LG., l.B., BJ., A.B., L.K. Spring '75 with l.Z. Florida '75 with BJ. and P.S. Golf 10,11 Captain 12, Ski team 11,125 Soccer 10,12 james A. Babson 1128 Chestnut Street Goodwin Meadowbrook Hanging out in cafe, Mack Her- ron in Halls, looking at girls, talk- ing about girls, the Hangout, Ho- jo's, haunted house, friends: L.M., B.H., D.C., B.B., P.H., l.G., G.L., C.F. Baseball 2,3 Cafe 1,2,3 Don't Werry. Douglas H. Baird 31 Locke Road Goodwin "Doug" Meadowbrook "I assert that cosmic religious ex- perience is the strongest and no- blest driving force behind scien- tific research .,. the only deeply religious people of our largely materialistic age are the earnest men of research." Albert Einstein X Steven 1. Auerbach Keith August 22 Louise Road 182 Hartman Road Wheeler Goodwin "Augie" Weeks Meadowbrook Baseball 1, Golf 2,3, Skiing 2,3 I will always remember: R.G., H.M., May 21, Laurie, Needham and the boys, MACS, my charg- er, coronet and yamaha, cruisin' oldies, Hangin' around, Reids, Hi-Pos, school?, and fun. i " S 3754- N" X Carol joy Balcanoff 115 Upland Road Cutler "Balcy" Weeks "If there's something you want very much. You must let it go free, if it doesn't come back. It was never really yours, if it does: love it forever." Always remember, CGCBGOMWSPTCBGRS, Many laughs with Eo, T-ville, the cor- ner, Sav, Shrewsbury, Nantasket, New years, parties, Summer '75, and my family. Carl Edward Barnett 36 Theodore Road Cutler Meadowbrook There are two ways to live life - eat, drink, and be merry for to- morrow you die and live life by challenging all and don't look for tomorrow, or to live life the best, lead a challenging one but allow time to eat, drink, and be merry for tomorrow. ,VX I Sarah Margaret Bartlett 93 Plymouth Road Wheeler "Marg" Weeks Survival took us separate ways But through the years the memories stayed Within my mind of how we looked When we first had our pictures took We thought the dream would never end But now we don't have to pretend That we will all succeed. Bananas - P.W., K.H., L.S., RD. I Michael Harrison Barber 29 Lovett Road Wheeler Roxbury Latin School Cars are nice, but I like violins. Susan Marie Barry 65 Oxford Road Cutler Weeks I don't know what your destiny will be but one thing I know, the only ones among you who will be truly happy are those who have sought and found how to serve. Much thanks to my parents, fam- ily, and friends. Good luck, Kathy! Michael Battista 51 Pontiac Road Cutler Warren If you love something - set it free. If it comes back - it's yours. If it doesn't - it never was. Much luck to the gang. Keep dicking those quishtia jivels! ludy, I always save the best for last and forever. Thanks for be- ing there and for being you. Me, too! Denis Herman Bauke 18 Chase Street Cutler "Bowk" Weeks "It was the best of times, it was the worst of times." Charles Dickens Craig Evan Behrman 21 Placid Road Goodwin Meadowbrook To all my friends and acquaintances: You are truly the best. I hold you dear, So please stay near, To hell with all the rest. Wendy-lo Belcher 61 Donna Road Wheeler Meadowbrook "Don't you feel the day is coming, That will stay and remain, When your children see answers that you saw the same. When clouds have all gone, there will be no more rain, And the beauty of all things is uncovered again." Sarah, Caaron, Donna, jill, Beth, Ernie C., David V., ludy M. Elizabeth Dorothy Belden 130 Ridge Avenue Cutler "Lisa" Weeks "The hills and the sea and the earth dance. The world of man dances in laughter and tears." Kabir May Arts 1,2,3, Explorer Club Il 3 Daniel I. Berkowitz 140 Vine St. Goodwin "Danny" Meadowbrook "Don't believe what your eyes are telling you. All they show is limitation. Look with your un- derstanding, find out what you already know and you'll see the way . . ." R. Bach Denebola, 10,11, 12, French Club, 10,11,12, junior and Senior Class Committees, Theatre Arts Productions. jeffrey Alan Bennett 39 Cottonwood Rd. Wheeler "Benny" Meadowbrook Football, 1,2,3 Never forget good times at Wheeler, V parties, weekends, summer of '75'. Good luck to Goldie, Greg, Lenny, Bruce, Phil, and Matt. Thanks to all the peo- ple who made this year a great one for me. And a special thanks to Newton South for all the good times. Steven David Bern 140 Dudley Rd. Wheeler Meadowbrook "For everything you have missed, you have gained some- thing else, and for everything you have gained, you lose some- thing." Ralph Waldo Emerson Chess Team, 1,2,3, Tennis Team, 1,2,3, Environmental Science, 1,2,3, Explorers Club, 2,3, Regu- lus, 3, Prom Committee, 3 Dan S. Bernstein 17 Halcyon Rd. Cutler Weeks So to Speak cl 1 .1 A n T V K :flak ' - .-1 - ,. :E:'L'Q2f. A urn... David Roger Bernstein 25 Longfellow Rd. Cutler "Bernie" Warren Activities: Track, 10,11, Tennis, 10,11, junior Class Committee Thanks to all my teachers and friends who have made these three years, three of the great- est. Benny, Rocco, Carol, Val, FA, DB, ll, MS, DR, GF, CB, CK, KB, V, PM, AB, HK, DB, and LR. "Tomorrow life is too late: live today." Martial --,avg-sfeesa 1' LQ J fa J .. .944 . AX nl fs Q-'Q lv . C61 ,Fill ll Michael David Berzon 135 Nleshobe Rd. Wheeler "Big Red" Meadowbrook "A friend is a fellow who knows all about you and still likes you." Faculty Award, 1,2 Varsity Club, 2 Treasurer, 3 Football, 1,2,3 Wrestling, 1,2,3 Track 1,2,3. Allen Biggs 34 Channing St. Wheeler "Biggzy" Meadowbrook "Moot and light-hearted l take to the open road, healthy, free, the world before me, the long road before me leading wherev- er l choose." l'll always remember . - closest friends - classes full of jokes l4th quarter, ACE, I.M.l - summer of '75' - june 22, 1975 - C-.8-M. - A.B. 8K D.W. forever. james Blackman 303 Upland Ave. Wheeler "lim" Meadowbrook "Memories are only as valuable as the value you place upon them." Fond memories of Linda and happy times at Wheeler. Kevin L. Blank 996 Walnut St. Cutler Weeks "Knowledge is a first-rate piece of furniture for a man's upper chamber, if he has common sense on the ground floor." "Remember to be thoughtful of people on your way up, you'll meet them on your way down." Happy futures to my many friends at South. Robert Bickelman 50 jane Road Goodwin james D. Blum 1370 Beacon St. Wheeler Weeks Micheal Boenisch 31 Carl Street Cutler 't x , .l ix X Carol A. Bradley 38 Lakewood Rd. Goodwin Weeks "There's no time to delay, we've got to live for today, l've got so much to give, there is so much to say . . ." Chicago Always remember: Good times with ETMWGOCBSPCGSF, Cor- ner, V-parties, Allison, t-ville, New Years, Nantasket, GDB, cruisin', S8iB, 264-1SNight, 52874lAD, XOXOXO to B Gang. David Andre Bolaffi 272 Quinobequin Rd. Cutler "Boley" Warren Indoor Track, 2,3 Outdoor Track, 2,3 House Manager, 3 Concert Choir, 1,2,3 "In the jungle, the mighty jun- gle, the Lion sleeps tonight." Remember: Track meets, Sydnie 81 Benji, The Esplanade 81 Tom Rush, Beach Boys 81 Chicago, Keda, Kev, MARKA, ll, all my friends, and always Debby plus all the good times we had. D.A.B. AD 1976 Adrianne Bolt 31 Savannah Avenue Goodwin Meadowbrook Thanks Mrs. Hansberry You're a smoken lady Mr. Glicker Thanks You're alright with me. Students of the future Strive for only the best lt's out there for you, just go get it Good Luck Sandy Everybody in the B.S.U, Tony Botta 338 Langley Road Cutler Daniel A. Braverman 118 Glen Ave. Goodwin "Danny" Weeks Education liberates by uncover- ing the areas of freedom within the iron cage. A salute to Michael Furey. "Welcome, O life! I go to en- counter for the millionth time the reality of experience and to forge in the smithy of my soul the uncreated conscience of my race." Stephen Dedalus Wade Brayman 19 Chandler Place Cutler Ricky Bronstein 159 Nehoiden Rd. Cutler Warren A lot of good times with Lisa D. Especially in my sophomore year, Lisa, jerry, Dave, Bill, Dave. Richard Mark Brunell 52 lune Lane Cutler "Rick" Meadowbrook Thanks to .. . my mentor, W.A., who got me started on "the stuff of life." my friend, B.N.L., whose help has been invaluable my best friend, R.H., for all the years . , . the staff of souTHPAw my friends, family, and someone else. Alan Scott Budd 224 Jackson St. Goodwin Weeks "I'm just Beginning To See Now I'm On My Way ,.." The Moody Blues The Game in Leominster. "VAD" to "CASH" to the "H". and the "MOUSE" saves. 4-2! Thanks to Mom and Dad and Nan. Arthur Brown 35 Samoset Rd. Cutler "Archie" Warren "You can't always get what you want, but if you try sometime you just might find, you get what you need." Laurie Ellen Brecher 22 Broadlawn Park Wheeler Meadowbrook "le m'en vais chercher un grand peut-etre." Rabelais Memories . . . Ski 72-SR, Feb. 75 Outlook-SR, BG, SS, Burglar LG, Ml Bday, Chinatown-IK, Cas. Corner-EB. Tom Taxi, Cougar, Flo 73-75 DD. Hsq.-HD, Gst-NN, BR Scene-LC. Are you optimistic Thanks to my family and friends. Cheerleading 3, Enrichment Program Craig Brown 12 Marshfield Rd. Goodwin "C.B." Weeks Trainer 3 years. I leave with fond memories of cruisin' from McDonalds to Dunkin Donuts before the start of G Block. Afternoons in the training room, and Friday nights at the Drive in. Looking forward to the "76" Olympics with Kevin, Saab, and james. Charles Eliot Burton 101 Adeline Rd. Goodwin "Chuck" Meadowbrook "Everybody needs a change A Chance to check out the new But you're the only one to see The changes you take yourself through." Fla. S.H. - Another rented car? Let's take a ride! Cream on cabs, 65th St. Beach, A.M.'s Pent- house, What's a B.l.S.? Falling off banisters!! 550.00 to Dis- neyworld!!! Weekend Alkies. Meryl Ann Butters 780 Boylston St. Cutler Meadowbrook "Look not with your eyes for they see only limitations. Rather, seek with understanding and you will find much more." Memories: BC, DE, IK, Sybil -- when the speaker fell Cgooshl - Chuey's baby sister-cross-country, NL, RS - Friends like SL, SR-K-bye Much thanks to a great family and friends for letting me be me. ve-Q I Susan Lee Campbell 48 Hazelwood St. Cutler "Suzi-Q" Meadowbrook The world is not a pleasant place to be without someone to hold and be held A river would stop its flow if only a stream were there to receive it The world is not a place to be without someone Special love to my friends Thanks Mom 81 Dad Steven P. Carter 60 Rokeby Road Goodwin "Steve" Warren L.G. Warren "There's a feeling I get when I took to the West And my spirit is crying for leaving And it's whispered that soon if we all call the tune Then the Piper will lead us to reason" g limmy Page, Robert "It's only teenage wasteland" Peter Townshend IW rf, Deborah Ruth Cantor 100 Lovett Rd. Cutler "Debbie" Meadowbrook Memories may be beautiful and yet, What's too painful to remember we simply choose to forget. So it's the laughter we will remember, Whenever we remember the way we were. B.l.S. Meryl, Donna, Iody, and Nancy - Thanks for everything SBBGBHRLSRASBSMD, Oh Boy We're In Trouble Now, China- town and Chooey. loanne Heidi Camann 24 Elinor Rd. Cutler "lo" Meadowbrook Memories - Concert Choir, gos- siping with Cheryl, Sharon, Debby and Abby, homeroom, looking for Suzy. "Do you have any of those little red things?" Career Cioal - social work or psychology "I am the master of my fate: I am the captain of my soul." W. E. Henley Cheryl Caplan 58 Myerson Lane Cutler "Chez" Meadowbrook "There's nothing so reassuring as a friend's understanding, nor sc understanding as a friend's reas- surance." I'll never forget: Friday night bowling, Friendlys, Dances, Sharing lockers, "Star", Cutler Commons, "The Gang", and the thought that I lived through it all. I I itil.-igfiie Steve Cardinal: Wi?" 21 Elliot Terrace Wheeler "Caca" Meadowbrook Newton South is a nice place to visit but I wouldn't want to live there. Never forget the Drinking parties in the back parking lot and the rumbles in the halls with IT, SF, BG, GTX, partying down T-Ville with the gang. And also I leave to Newton South my girl Debbie. Christine Castellanos 37 Glenwood Avenue Wheeler Weeks " Looking Glass is dead. He who helped the young men is dead. The children are freezing to death. Hear me, my chiefs. I am tired. My heart is sick and sad. From where the sun now stands, I will fight no more for- ever . . ." Chief joseph :fwT5iQ.4.F, , ""I.'1' V 9' va Nh? 2 -1' 1- fx. M.. ' i ,J-1 4 1,5 . ". 'L 'Q Ronna ludy Cherenson 272 Spiers Road Goodwin "Ron" Meadowbrook "For in the home Where I was created I find the beginnings Of the love I have inherited" Lois Wyse Nov. 2, 1974, Vermont, S 81 L, Larz-A, D 81 M, .. And always Mark Barbara Ann Clark 245 Waban Avenue Goodwin "Babs" Warren "Many times I've lied, Many times l've listened, Many times I've wondered How much there is to know." Led Zeppelin Always remember "The Door", the attic, and the kids including Lena. EW., Af., Mi, Et., Kc, LR., l-R., L5-, L-I., CS. ui T' David loel Chused 44 Sharpe Road Cutler Meadowbrook "To win you must forget yourself Tolerate the worst of fears Denounce all other goals you've set To win to face the foe Declare belief in confidence Thinking no alternatives." Steve Tannen Never forget, Fah, Wah, Marco, l.B. Goon, Mel, Lev, my coaches, and the rest of the guys. Footballg 1,2,3g Basball, 1,2,3, Swimming, 2,3 'T ti L l 1 A T 91' Arthur Paul Ciacchella 63 Indiana Terrace Wheeler "Arty" Meadowbrook "Have more than thou showest Speak less than thou knowest Lend less than thou owest Ride more than thou goest Learn more than thou trowest Get less than thou throwest And thou shalt have more than two tens to a score" Shakespeare . T x X ' i Brenda Chandler 11 Allen Avenue Goodwin ""1? sd. Debra Lyn Cibella 1711 Beacon Street Cutler "Debbie" Meadowbrook "Yesterday is but today's mem- ory and tomorrow is but today's dreams." Good times with lots of people, too many to mention. M.G., S.R. All my love to someone very special to me, Bobby! A special thanks to - Dad, Mom, Rog, jill, and Heidi. Flo "75" "And you and I" Yes songs. Robert joseph Clark 1664 Centre Street Goodwin "B.C." and "Bob" Weeks Footballg 11,12, Lacrosseg 10,11,12p Gymnastics, 10,11 Cap- tain, 12 "It's not school I hate it's going to the classes." GREAT times cruising town with Ammo, limbo, B.G., Spick, l.H., P.C., and Toni. "Say hey brother we're headed for New Orleans." To all juniors: Stay rowdie, you'll need it next year. Later, B.C. P.S. "Surfing my sport" Me Helaine Clayton 336 Lake Avenue Goodwin Weeks "Life is full of ups and downs, mostly downs, but if you smile it makes the ups seem brighter." - T. I wish I could give back all the dimes Mr. Nathanson and Mrs. Garafalo my "housemother", gave me. SFFQ Student Advisory Council, sports broadcaster, Native American bicentennial play, Maryg Oral Histroy Club. I 1' -,Q 1.x 1 Andrew Hollis Cohen 54 Winston Road Goodwin "Andy" Meadowbrook Denebola News Editor, 11 Edi- tor-in-chiefg 12 Model United Nations Club Chairman, 10,11,12 Chess Club, 10,11,12 Math Team, 10,11 If something is worth doing, it's worth doing well. I must decide what's worth doing . . . Andrea Cole 240 Country Club Road Goodwin Kathy Caren Cohen 26 Westminster Road Wheeler "Co" and "K.C." Weeks "Don't it always seem to go That you don't know what you got 'Till it's gone." - Ioni Mitchell That fine snow, Good times with S.C. and 7, 100 on 9 with 11, Coors, Thumbs-up, Radar Love, 7-4-75, Excellent summers at the Cape, Huh? Who says I?'m dumb? Thanks, Matt. Softball, 11 Lesley Paula Cohen 11 Wayne Road Cutler Meadowbrook "Never be sad for what is over, be glad it was yours to have." Summer nights, B.R. scene, Prom '75, escalators, fireworks, bees, Ogunquit, 9f20f74, "Take it easy" - LBRCHDMGDR Thanks to my parents and friends for their love and understand- ing. Most of all jonny. Louise Esther Cohen 50 Solon Street Goodwin Meadowbrook "A smiling face is an earth like star A frown can't bring out the beauty that you are Love within and you'll begin smiling . . . I There're brighter days ahead. . .I - Stevie Wonder john Bradley Coleman 42 McCarthy Road Cutler "I.C." Meadowbrook "I was gratified to be able to an- swer promptly, and I did. I said, 'I don't know."' - Mark Twain Flubie ... yellow stang ... walk down Iullaby lane Parker to Redwood backwards Octo- ber 18,1975 7+7:14 Bingo 1 Stowe minus cake D roadway L.R. the 3,20 ... Foxboro ... SWEET. "j'?"f O U-VX A-s dl I Mark F. Comerford 39 Chester Street Wheeler Weeks Gymnastics, 1,2 Co-Captain, 3, Lacrosse, 2,3 The beach with Bill, Friday D block at Ed's, The Corner, john- ny, Bob C., Bob W., Rich, Tom, Nat, Barry and Cindy, limbo, Solly Trowt, Mike, Eliot. All the Good Times, lThe Circuitl, par- ties, Mudbowl '75, The Rocks and Everything else. David Wayne Costa 20 Linden Street Cutler "Dave" Meadowbrook It wasn't that bad, but it wasn't that good either. A lot of good times with good friends. Thanks for everything: LM BH IB BB CF TC CG ES IM CB GO E0 CB and all the rest. Friday nights at FriendIy's, victory parties, cafe and the corner. Football, 1,25 Wrestling, 1,2,3 james K. Crowley 1093 Chestnut Street Wheeler "Leroy" Meadowbrook Remember the Wall, Hammond, luly 4th, Back parking lot, mini, And all my friends: Crash, D.M., B.P., D.D., LS., B.T., Bird, L.H., Buzzard, NAT, G.S., R.F., D.Y., L.B., l.K., L.L., G.X., R.A., W.B., S.D., V.F., lon. Leaving two more Crowleys to come. Remember all my teachers for teaching me nothing. Deborah A. Cutler 61 Winston Road Wheeler "Debbi" Meadowbrook "All is changed with time, the future none can see." - Stevie Wonder Thanks - C.B., l.T., N.K., R.L., l.E., D.W., S.R., 69, 67, A.W., Family, Mrs. S., Corner, 1233, Foxboro, tapes, pool hustlers, Florida, Chick, Summer '74, B and G's, A.N.'s at mine. l.P. - We share a cast of characters from A to Z. M.H. - A real true friend. Steve,Carly-james. 2f20f75. Caryn Cooper 7 Wright Road Goodwin Ap. I can't wait until I get my license. Kathleen Ann Daley 32 Hale Street Wheeler "Kathy" Meadowbrook The only people I regret leaving behind are Mr. MacKerron, Mr. Youngblood, Mrs. Gonson, loe Connelly, and Dick Dermody. I will always remember them. I have benefited from their friendships only. As for the rest of this school - May it rest in peace. Goodbye to the hill and parking lot. Eric I. Dana 22 Esty Farm Road Wheeler Weeks "Spend your time wisely and live each day of your life to the ful- lest. For the only commodity that can't be bought is time." Chess Teamg 2,3 Concert Choirg 3 E.P.A., 510. Thanks to: T.E., D.F., N.K., S.B., D.B., D.M., D.S., W.C.., D.H., and last but not least E.L. jonathan deGregoris 120 Herrick Road Wheeler "Hypo" "No Weeks QLQN. ai! Qt' in 1,25 My. Ag, o . Lisa Ann DiCarlo 316 Langley Road Cutler Weeks "It matters not what you are thought to be, but what you are." Varsity Cheerleadingp 2,3 Co- Captainp 3 Ricky - "I love you more today than yesterday but not as much as tomorrow." To a special friend, Kathy - who really lis- tens. Mom and Dad - Thanks. Deborah A. DeMichele 20 Wetherell Street Goodwin "Dick" Meadowbrook I'Il always remember all my friends. Elliot Manor - C.L., Cooking Class - jay Lynch, Summer of '74 - j.D'I, going to North. Most of all the one I love very much Larry Giorgio - Mas- ter - I promise I love you now and forever. jo-Ann Carol Dery 110 Woodward Street Wheeler "jo" Weeks I wish for the class of '76 that their bread may always land pea- nut-butter side up. 5 -R 'CN Q.- 'E-Q Donna Disario 298 Langley Road Cutler - 'Q S I L S f Future parking lot attendant. v l , i Deborah Sue Dubinsky 74 Clark Street Cutler "Debbie" Weeks Swim Teamg 10 Stage Crew, 10, Cheerleading, 11,125 junior and Senior Class Committee, Regu- lus Staff, 12 BC. - hitting the tree! Hockey and Soccer games, P.R. - you're CRRREAT! P.R. 42 - Waban Square, Maine '74-'75, P.S., M.A. and everyone else! Football '75. "Climb high, climb far Your goal the sky, your aim the star." Sharon Beth Dudelson 21 Cavanaugh Path Wheeler Meadowbrook "To be nobody-else-but-your- self in a world which is doing it's best, night and day, to make you everybody else - means to fight the hardest battle which any hu- man being can fight, and never stop fighting." -- e.e. cummings Lauren Doner 25 Old Farm Road Cutler Denise Driscoll 13 Glenmore Terrace Goodwin Weeks Always remember the wall, ham- mond, back lot, tree, cape, the heist, Friday nights out with the girls. Sunday nights up Timo- thy's. Never forget K.R. lBirdJ, B.T., L.B., L.H., L.P., l.S., W.B., D.S., SL., D.Y., D.M., G.F., L.C., B.P., and all the rest, especially B.C. and T.P. Rocio Del Pilar Duenas 5 Forest Street Wheeler "Rocko" Weeks Yesterday is but a dream Tomorrow is only a vision. But today well lived, Makes every yesterday a dream of happiness And every tomorrow a vision of hope: Hope is a form of self-deception, But without it our hearts would break. Special thanks to my "mom", Ra- fael and friends. Yi Ann Dullea 94 Ripley Street Goodwin "Dullet" Our Lady's Do not wish to be Anything but what you are, and try to be that perfectly. I will never forget - D.P., T.A., c.T., QB., i2.A.R., Dc., As., A.B., S.K., P.D., for you all have a very special place in my heart. And to everyone else in "The Corner." RQ s Nina Theresa Epps 20 Bicknell Street Goodwin "Pepsi" Meadowbrook Dream Song Walk 'with the sun, Dance at high noon, And dream when night falls black, But when the stars Vie with the moon, Then call the lost dream back. Good Luck in the future to, C.S., S.C., RJ., N.H., S.l., DJ., especial- ly lK.B.l and the rest of the B.S.U. Debra Marie Ebel 43 Cottage Street Wheeler "Debby" Meadowbrook Remember all the good times in the cafe with Sandy, Val, Tricia, Patty, PeggylDavidl. The summer of '74 and the good times down T-ville. Tricia - Don't forget all the times in the '66 Chevy. "Life's a bummer, but what the helI." Never forget the special times, C.A. Karen Lisa Edelston 38 Cottonwood Road Cutler Meadowbrook "look at the sky every day to re- member the immense freedom around you ... then look within yourself to make certain you can enjoy that freedom .. . " Memories of: "Magoo", "The Pink Elephant", "Get down Gooba!", "Later ", Summer '75 with AFIK, "Suds, it's been ter-rif-ic!" "None but myself did me any harm." - Napoleon Sf ' it v:.:-' Y' 'V dz lfillwl :-.:. 0 45" Gorel Ericson Brunnsvagen 28 Kristianstad Wheeler A year full of good memories. Thanks. Q Donna loy Erlichman 187 Woodcluff Road Goodwin Meadowbrook "Be happy with what you have and are, be generous with both, and you won't have to hunt for happiness." Love and thanks to l.K., N.L., D.C., M.B., for always being there. I'm bored, K-bye, Chri stmas - K.H., A.O.K., Sybil, the telephone. Great times with S.L., B.G., S.R., l.K., B.S., M.K., A.H., and most of all thanks to my fam- ily. Sherri Lynne Fastov 15 Carlisle Place Cutler Weeks The wind that made the trees blow gently today May blow them down tomorrow And the sea that sends waves crashing on rocks Will also send them safely to shore. Softball, 'l0,1'l,l2 Never forget 12f7!74. Best of luck to my special friends espe- cially Soggy. Much love and memories to Bruce. Thanks so much, Gaylord, Louise. "I think I'm falling in love with your queen." Sherri Federbush 394 Langley Cutler "Fet" Weeks "It's only a paper moon, Shining over a cardboard sea, But it wouldn't be make-believe, If you believed in me." "How can you thank someone who has taken you from crayons to perfume?" A.B. to Y.Z. I love you all. Cheerleading, Swim Team, N.E.W., Reflections, posters. L'Chaim, Live it well. Ronna Lynne Feinstein 131 Wayne Road Wheeler Meadowbrook Every time we say hello to some new encounter we're on our way toward goodbye. The distance between those two words becomes a little less as we grow older. Be aware then that tomorrow is only tomorrow. There is nothing to fear except the coming of another day. - Rod McKuen '11 -J Wendy Ellen Fay 27 Littlefield Road Goodwin Robert G. Shaw "When you part from your friend, You grieve not, for that which You love most in him may be Clearer in his absence." - Kahlil Gibran Summer '74, New Years '75, M.W., Concerts, great times with Andrea, Joanne. Thanks to special friends in Natick, New- ton, especially B.G. - Thanks for a special friendship. Eric Feigenson 3 Whittlesey Road Cutler Meadowbrook "To appreciate nonsense re- quires a serious interest in life." Chess Club secretary, 2,3, Com- puter lab assistant, 2,3, Regulus photographer, 2 Photo Editor, 3 Editor, 3 Good luck to D.B., D.A., D.M., D.F., D.K., Many thanks to M.F., P.S., and especially D.G. without whom I wouldn't have remained sane as long as I did. joy Feldman 40 Silver Birch Road Goodwin Warren "You must accept people for what they are and not what you want them to be." 2 M.S. All those unforgettable times, it's all for experience. Mish, Swiz, Mosh and all 12 years. Forever thanx. New York, Canada, Vineyard. lags, Mocha, group. Are they there? Supervi- sors, family and outside interests. Live. Donald Richard Ferreri 19 Shute Path Cutler "Donnie" Meadowbrook Never forget nights with Moke, Ned, lan, the big Cruzin' with Mo, Ernie D., 8.1. V - par- ties with E.D., K.F., in the barn. Always will remember the good times with "Big" Faith. X-Country, 2,3, Hockey, 1,2,3, Baseball, 1,2,3 'lfrf -s 5 If '2- l x . tl-S is ,f 5'5- f 7 - i?5""e 3 1 . 4 9 , ' "::ic!,n.,fh Marcy Zelda Fertel 15 Van Roosen Road Wheeler Meadowbrook "Take the time to learn what others have thought, Take time to think what others have not. Take the time to stop awhile, to see a friend take time to smile." I love: W.S., T.P., R.L., K.C., '74, Nefty. She's pulling the plug ... Bye! l'll drive - Gee you two talk alike! My friends - I love you all - Thanks for seeing me through. Elaine Fine 18 Cochituate Road Barbara S. Fischbein 70 Wendell Road Goodin Meadowbrook "Though many of life's pleasures, May change from year to year, Old friendships never change at all, Except to grow more dear. And just like cherished memories, They have a place apart A place reserved forever In a corner of the heart." - Barbara Burrow Marc B. Fisher 14 Kippy Drive Goodwin Weeks I'm glad it's over!! See you later L.V., M.S., B.S., D.W., M.S., l.S., E.W.Farewell to the men, we shall meet again. elf 5 1,05 cf' - mf: pgs. .f .I "NUM-mm Gary D. Fireman 57 Clifton Road Cutler Meadowbrook "As we watch the world slowly turning, with every mistake we must surely be learning." - Bea- tles 1968 Summer '75 - LB., Talks, V, good times. Wrestling, 1,2,3 nf 4, Bl' 'NL David Marc Fisher 40 Voss Terrace Wheeler Meadowbrook I'm glad I'm leaving this school, I could not stand another year. I leave to this school a sister, and will never forget R.B., M.K., T.T. and the corner. Sure doesn't taste like tomato juice. !'9'. El, in-1 S 1 lust thinking of a 0:9 ,1- lfs .. joshua L. Fliegel 618 Beacon Street Goodwin "josh - Ernie D." Weeks If South is indeed a micro-soci- ety which epitomizes the larger external society, then the world is screwed. - l.F. Mountains, Molsons, Moke, S.C., giraffe, Paul boot it, R.L. lMr. Vaselinel, P.M. tAIways my neighboorl, EA. thanks for Wal- pole Shuttle ... Mom. Friends and accomplices thank- you. - SAFI Remember, without humor there is nothing. - LF. different set of figures. S f' Maureen Foley 55 Colella Road Cutler Meadowbrook "Break the chains of your thought and you break the chains of your body, too." - ILS l'll never forget all the great times with my friends, K.F., l.K., T.G., S.C., LM., GA., NRD, and all the kids from Goodwin. Thanks for everything Karen. Babes! What's your excuse? Thanks Mom and Dad, I made it. Gymnastics, 1,2,3, Swim Team, 2,3 David Bruce Fox 78 Westminster Road Goodwin Weeks AV Media Center, Computer Lab, Graphic Arts. "Believe in what you do and do what you believe" is a quote which has had meaning to me over my years at South. To the kids I've met and made friends with: GOOD LUCK in everything you do in life! David T. Fox 454 Brookline Street Goodwin Meadowbrook Denebola photography, 11,125 Track Team, 11,12, Regulus pho- tographyg 125 Tutor, 12 "Quita la salmuera, quita la le- chuga, ordenes especiales no nos molestan, todo que pedimos es que nos permite servirlo en tu manera." Nancy Ellen Freeman 17 Philmore Road Cutler Bigelow "If I am not for myself, who will be for me? And if I am only for myself, what am I? And if not now, when?" "Success is getting what you want, happiness is wanting what you get." Much appreciation to Mom and Dad. Eternal happiness with A.j.F. Susan Gammerman 66 Tanglewood Road Goodwin "squeaky" Weeks "Making friends for the world to see Let the people know you gotta what you need With a friend I'd had you will see the light, If yar friends are there then everything's all right." - EJ. I.F. - wouldn't it be nice? ' x ' ll' 0 f 4 if-'ri I X IEE ' "".4' E veg-,, .. :yt Y alps! Sure Mr. Wicks, I believe in open campus. Edward Frim 327 Dedham Street Goodwin "Eddie" Meadowbrook Class Commitee, Piano, Hebrew College, Camp Yavneh - Sum- mertime - Beautiful people. Goals: to help others and achieve self-fulfillment. "I desire not happiness if it be in a sea of misery." - Herzl "He who does not believe in miracles is not a realist." - Ben- Gurion Gerald S. Frim 327 Dedham Street Wheeler "Gerry" Meadowbrook If l am not for myself, who is for me? And when I am only for my- self, what am I? And if not now, when? - Ethics of the Fathers Af if - 5 s Z I can recommend a good psychaitrist. Audrey L. Garrett 36 Saxon Road Goodwin "Aud" Weeks I stand outside myself watching myself and I see, and I see, and I see - "The Ruling Class" Stage Crewg 1,2,3 are you kidding Judy, we've got 20 pounds of it in the basement Wayne S. Gateman 36 Madoc Street Wheeler F.A.Day Life is what you make it so I'm going to make of my life what I can. Life is where you find it so I'm going to find my life. Best wishes to the class of 1976! f 1 "l"::'.o, '- f ' .- 4 mls X, I Bruce Gelb 16 Walsh Road Cutler Meadowbrook Never Forget T-ville and the CAFE, and some of the boys l.T.,S.C., G.M., and l.G. Thanks to mom and dad. And most of all Gail "Forever", Steven Wayne Garfinkle 1501 Centre Street Cutler "Garf" Weeks We are all people and in order to make it work we have to strip away the false plastic faces, look each other in the eyes and ex- cept each person for what they are. You can never care too much about people - only too little. We can get it together if we try! Angelia Gaskins 663 Boylston Street Cutler "Angie" Weeks I am young,gifted and black, I strive to be myself and no one else. The world would be better if everyone were their own per- SOD. Barbara Geller 111 Wallace Street Wheeler Meadowbrook Live each day to its fullest and cherish each precious moment that you live. You never know what tomorrow may bring. Michelle Geller 521 Chestnut Street Goodwin "Mish" Warren "If you live your life in a dream, you may wake up one day and find you have nothing real." - BEES! Les "You've got to have friends . . . " many memories of very special people Love to Mom and Dad "I don't know where I'm going - but I'm on my way " Joseph D. Gentile 93 Bowdoin Street Goodwin "junior" Meadowbrook Baseball, 1,35 Cafeteria, 1,3 Tommy Glenn, World Series, T- ville G.M., M.M., B.G., D.S., l.T., is., Pb., Tia., io., PA., P.B., Lo., D.P., s.c., ox., B.H., oc., MM., LM., LB., Es., LM., is., M.A.D., P,R.2 Mr. lesdale, Mrs. Orris, Mr. Brunke Donald Germaise 283 Country Club Road Goodwin "Don" Meadowbrook, F.A.Day A list of graduation presents for the guys: B.K., a nose job, E.M., BUD's that don't itch, G.W., a girlfriend, M.S., a boyfriend, C.K., a six pack, l.G., Member- ship to A.A.g W.G., a broken hand. To Homeroom 7206 a por- trait of E.M., To that one special girl ALL MY LOVE FOREVER. PITTSBURG PITTSBURG PITTS- BURG PITTSBURC Candy Ellen Ginsberg 111 Wayne Road Goodwin "Mandy" Meadowbrook "To have a friend is to be one." Never forget: Summer 74-75 with N.N. Weekends, C.S. and the little room. Thanks to my friends for the great memories they have given me. L.E., L.F., P.F., R.M., l.S. The recruit L.S. To a very special friend Marcia - Thanks for being there when l needed you. They just don't appreciate my intelligence. Richard Paul Geraci 15 Mechanic Street Wheeler Meadowbrook I made a lot of new friends and had a lot of good times. Never forget some of those crazy weekends. Laurie Sharon Glunts 71 Woodend Road Wheeler "Nut" Weeks Best times with: lodi Fla., prom foursome, Brenda - the re- union, Loves, fires-boop L.K.,Lisa, B.P., VA Beach-Laff Young, Carson. Vermont 75 COLORADO 76 - go for ir. ring TB, V-parties. "I never got in trouble for any- thing l didn't say" Gymnastics, Softball, Cheerlead- ing, Skiing Thanks Aud. I I I Af' Lal ,.Q1 VN., 1-rn 13 v'-"Y , 1 xl Kenneth Ira Goldberg Lauri Goldberg 86 Varick Road 5 Esty Farm Road Goodwin "Kenny" Wheeler Meadowbrook Meadowbrook "Don't take life too seriously - you'll never get out of it alive." - E. Hubbard Farewell to the Fearsome Four- some .,. Towtrucks at W.V. and Crackers at Stowe ... Fourteens Cap's and wasting gas THE BET l.C.'s famous walk .,. Snowballs at Sugarbush .,. Lindy's Roast beef . ,. A house is not complete without a sponge "I searched for life and couldn't find it I searched for love and couldn't find it I searched for a friend and found all three." . . . for my friends have given me so many happy memories. I'll always remember you and love you! -fl 1' .lf-2 -5' . lx itlll Q ' 9 I james Goldfarb 12 Nardell Road Goodwin "Goldie" Meadowbrook "Be just what you are Not what you are not. Those who do that are of the happiest lot." I will never forget the good times with the Boys - P.S., LB., M.A., L.K., G.M., BJ. The streak of "75". Thanks to Mom and Dad for making everything possible. Soccer, 10,11,12 Basketballg 10,11,12 Baseball, 12 Michael Young Gnecco 1073 Walnut Street Wheeler Weks Live your dreams to the fullest for as long as time allows. Beth Gochberg 51 Crescent Avenue Goodwin Weeks What sunshine is to flowers, smiles are to people and what my friends are to me. Cheerleading crazy times, mo- fle-lodi lets remember, A tree? D.D., Calif., Scand., Canada, Beaches, dancing, LF., S.S.,S.R., Blender D.C., Weeks LK., S.G. An extra special thanks to my friends and family for just being themselves. Cindy Lee Golding 9 Margaret Road Wheeler Weeks T'is better to have loved and lost Then never to have loved at all. Never forget summer of '74,'75 T-ville, the corner, good times with P.G., CB., G.O., C.B., T.H., LA., E.T., M.W., S.P. Thanks Mom and Dad but mostly 12f31f'74 Barry. Volleyball, 10 Track, 10 Basket- ball, 10,'l1,12 S-ov' Robin Goldstein 29 Marvin Lane Goodwin Meadowbrook If I gave you everything that I owned And asked for nothing in return, Would you do the same for me as I would for you? Or take me for a ride And strip me of everything including my pride - But Spirit is something that no one destroys. Iris Gail Goldman 22 Park Drive Goodwin "I" Meadowbrook "Friendship is a little word It's the people that make it big." Fantastic people have really made three years fly by. Much love to the Gang. Baa, you'll nev- er be the "most annoying per- son" or even come close. All my love to my three most favorite people - Rubin, Ruth and Sam- my. leffrey Hilton Goldsmith 60 Allerton Road Wheeler Weeks "Nature has given man one tongue and two ears, that we may hear twice as much as we speak." - Epictetus To all my friends good luck in the future. M Leslie Joyce Golov 51 Lake Avenue Goodwin Weeks It's not how you play the game, It's whether you win or lose. W.T.N.Y, W.F.L.lll. What you've got may not be ordinary dandruff. Debra Goodman 128 Hanson Road Goodwin "Debbie" Meadowbrook I have been outside, a point of frost Now is the breakaway, melting by degrees of time, coming into a fluid being and, in doing so believing again in someone and self. Thanks lay. I'm inside again. Stage Crew, 3 fi james lay Goodman 151 Woodward Street Goodwin Weeks All you need in this life is igno- rance and confidence, and then success is sure. - Samuel L. Clemens Mitchell Alan Gordon 27 Selwyn Road Goodwin "Mitch" "To win one hundred victories in one hundred battles is not the highest skill. To subdue the en- emy without fighting is the high- est skill." - Master funakosh: Gichin Rochelle Ann Gottlieb 126 Harwich Road Wheeler Meadowbrook Thanks to all my friends who have made the past years a time I will always remember. My friends have brought me laugh- ter, joy and happiness through- out those years. I would like to especially thank "the Gang". I will always cherish the fun times we had together. Fi 1 i Z' 'N Debra Rebecca Green 15 Sheldon Road Wheeler "Debbie" Meadowbrook I expect to pass through this world but once. Any good therefore that I can do, or any kindness that I can show, let me do it now. Let me not defer or neglect it, for I shall not pass this way again. - Anon Swimming, 1,2,3 '7' I'-' : l.f . l.. 4 1 -.. f? 1' ' o. ' 'lv' 35 T I., 'lu Harlan Stuart Green 15 Bow Road Goodwin "HarI", "CIams" Weeks The society which scorns excel- lence in plumbing because plumbing is a humble activity, and tolerates shoddiness in phi- losophy because philosophy is an exalted activity, will have nei- ther good plumbing nor good philosophy. Neither its pipes nor its theories will hold water. - john W. Gardner, Chairman Common Cause And lo, this not be the end ... lt is but the beginning. Brian Gordon 110 Charlemont Street Goodwin "Gordy" Meadowbrook This school has taught me one thing: To live forever, or die in the attempt. Many thanks to R.S., T.K. The kids at the corner. Concert Choir, Ushering for the plays, and l.D. Farewell, whose ever you fare. Robert Gottlieb 132 Christina Street Cutler "Bob" Meadowbrook l'll always remember the great times at the Corner. Remember, V.Parties, Cruisin', hangin', W.M.UonesJ, D.A.lAbel, B.B., N.H., B.C.lFr0gyl, C.C.ltroutl, and all the others who made the last three years so much fun. ,qw ludith Ellen Green 38 Winston Road Cutler "Judy" Meadowbrook "Don't walk in front of me I may not follow Don't walk behind me I may not lead just walk beside me And be my friend." Love always to the gang! Michael - Thank you for shar- ing with me, a special part of you. Me too! Lorie A. Green 20 Dorcar Road Cutler "Gringo" Meadowbrook Lose your dreams and you will lose your mind - TRS Memories - 6f11!75 - MJ. and T.R.S. Celebrating M.l.'s-BD, walkin In The Best Three Days in August '75. Chuck with ludy, Burglar with L.B. All the good times with Sue and Judy l'll nev- er forget thanks. Basketball, 2,3 Softballp 2,3 Abby Greenbaum 37 Columbine Road Goodwin Weeks No Distance of place or lapse of time can lessen the friendship of those who are thoroughly per- suaded of each other's worth. - Robert Southey Keep in touch."Long distance is the next best thing to being there." - Bell Telephone Sandra Lee Greenberg 48 Nickerson Road Wheeler "Sandy" Meadowbrook Though nothing can bring back the hour of splendour in the grass, glory in the flower. We will grieve not. Rather find strength in what remains behind. - Wil- liam Wordsworth Three great years - summer '75, Nantasket, the Cape, and crystal. Cross Country '74, Dances, Friendlies, Breezy point, The Abelsons - everything. My friends, l'll always remember you! Thanks! Volleyball, 2 xx Wqlgam Greene Sarah Louise Griesse Adam Louis james Grossman 195 Country Club Road 19 Fairlee Terrace 91 Pine Ridge Road Goodwin Wheeler Cutler Weeks Weeks Don't walk in front of me, I may not follow, Don't walk behind me, I may not lead. lust walk be- side me, And be my friend. Keeve, E.A., M.M., S.K., Simple Gifts, P.T.B. always The Rube: E.S.A., F.A.T., U.S.S.T.G. j'v vilbf Debra Kay Grossman 119 Oakdale Road Cutler "Debby" Meadowbrook "lt is not how much we have, but how much we enjoy, that makes happiness." l'll never forget: The good times with my friends, summer of '75 at the Cape, Kenberma St., Mark 41 and 2. Thanks to my parents, for always being there. Neil Grossman 65 Rachel Road Cutler Meadowbrook Citizen Band Radio Code 10-22, 10-12fDo not 10-18fSchool 10- 30 and is 10-7fTeachers are 10- 99fHomework is 10-64fWhat's your 10-20fPlease 10-9 messa- gefl'll 10-3f10-4fl'm going 10-7. F inf' ,' I Randy L. Grossman 234 Woodcliff Road Wheeler Meadowbrook "Be assumed that a walk through the oceans of most souls would scarcely get your feet wet." - Deteriorata To all my friends: Good Luck in the future, especially Wino, Ugly, Snake, Howie. To my en- emies: Stick it in your ear! I leave wondering "WHY?" Thanks M.A.D. Goodbye and good rid- dance. Teresa Anna Grzybowski 12 Ohio Avenue Goodwin "Terri" Meadowbrook Always remember Flag Day '74 with l.B. and friends. Summer of '75 with C.P., l.K., l.O., and mos- quitos. They l.K.! Going to far south instead of north, L.M,'s party, who fell on the cake? Good times with C.P., LK., LB., M.F., j.O., E.S., l.M., most of all love and thanks to my parents. Katherine Mary Harakas 94 Avalon Road Wheeler "Little Greek" Weeks Stage Crew, 10,11,12 "And because, in all the galaxy, they had found nothing more precious than Mind, they en- couraged it's dawning every- where. They became farmers in the fields of stars, they sowed, and sometimes they reaped. And sometimes, dispassionately they had to weed." Darrell Hahn 636 Boylston Cutler 51? David Hall SUSE! 57 Parker Street Cutler lared West Handspicker 56 Hartford Street Goodwin "led" "Hawk" Weeks I'd like to use this space to say a few things to all of my wonderful friends. 1. l'll never forget the fun times we had. 2. I'll always remember you. 3. Keep in touch. P.S. And remember, a smile makes your whole life worth liv- ang. - HAWK Kenneth Franklin Heideman 22 Glazer Road Cutler "Ken" Weeks "You've got to think of what it's gonna take to make your dreams. Make it." - Aerosmith American Street Hockey Insti- tute. The Newton Stallions. Beat New Hampshire 4-2. Lost to Na- tional Champs 4-1. Cash, Vad, Espo. Regulus '76. Thanks to my grandparents. Richard Henken 32 lune Lane Cutler "Rick" Meadowbrook " ... and I thank the lord for the people I have found." - Elton john Fourteens, the betlDeDe, Ken, Bob, you owe mei, the ranks, "No, Rick's not home now", the two slow stangs, wiggle. l'll never forget the great times nor the people who made them great. Cynthia Denise Herron 73 Stanwood Street Wheeler "Necie" Meadowbrook Now it is only hours before you wake to your last year in high school and to the gifts that lie piled on the coffee-table, yet I keep the only gift that is mine to make To the B.S.U. stay young, gifted and black. My sign: Scorpio Stephen Hoberman 17 Wayne Road Goodwin "Steve" Meadowbrook Soccer, 2,3 Track, 2,3 Ping Pong Club, Math Team, Chess Club. "To be is to do and to do is to be." I would like to thank my family and teachers for their encour- agement and support in my studies and school activities. Eliot Walter Hill 101 Carlton Road Cutler "Oats" Meadowbrook Remember R.C., C.D., P.C., and the Breed, LTD and Nova. Larry Hirshberg 19 Wyman Road Wheeler Track, 11 Lacrosse, 11,12 "B" and me Meg Herrnstadt 61 Forest Street Wheeler Weeks Memories of: M.V. with Min- nies, Lawrys, Wkeds and bird sancs with Pati and Robin. Nose- dives into mud puddles? .. towed. Haunted houses with certain jocks, S.P.L. with C-Cat and Co., Waban thugs, Favorite kids, Ruthann, Sue, David, Big guns and especially Al. Of course Anne, my best memories are of you. Jeanne Lisa Hoberman 72 Westgate Rd. Goodwin "And now here is my secret, a very simple secret: It is only with the heart that one can see right- ly, what is essential is invisible to the eye." - Antoine de Saint Ex- upery Marsha Fay Holzman 45 Brandeis Road Cutler "M.F." "Marsh" Meadowbrook "Success is never final and failure never fatal. It's courage that counts." French Club, 10,11,12 Stephen Andrew Horowitz 64 Clifton Road Wheeler "D-D" Meadowbrook "Satire should, like a polished ra- zor, wound with a touch that's scarcely felt or seen." Farewell to the fearsome four- some. Fool on the hill. Waater, Caps brave the elements. Pappagallo. Threes. Waterville Valley who's a sponge? 4th quarter, The Ranks. THE BET!! Y.L.T.B.O.? Stowe. Mobe. Thanks to family and friends. Susan Horwitz 45 Rowena Road Cutler Weeks "I wanna laugh while the laughin' is easy I wanna cry if it makes it worthwhile I may never pass this way again." - Seals and Crofts A. .ZW Lu Marjorie Ruth Hurwitz 119 Brandeis Road Goodwin "Margie" Meadowbrook "Friendship is to be valued for what there is in it, not for what can be gotten out of it." A very special thank-you to all of my friends. And to LP. and D.C., may everything that you have ever hoped for, come true. To my family - with love. Qx Steven Mark Housman 105 Countryside Road Goodwin Meadowbrook "There's alot of joy to be had in this world if you just have a posi- tive attitude " - Streisand CB - 15 years no luck, I'm a B.I.S.!, Debbi-Carly-james, 8f17f75, Foxboro 2f20f75. A.N.'s, IP - Malibu, MH - Blackchair Bozo, Sunnyisles, Chalala, MMMASS AVE, NYC, AFRO CROSSWALKS, FLYING WET DUCKS, KENNEDY AIR- PORT BRA'S. james leffery Howard 55 Myerson Lane Cutler "jeff" Meadowbrook You gave me a reason to be what I am and I'm trying to be me. Robert Hurley 159 Oak Street Wheeler "Humps" Meadowbrook To all my friends in this school, I'm glad I'm getting out. Made a lot of new friends and had alot of good times. I was also bored to death. Will remember sopho- more baseball with "no mind" for best laughs during my 3 years. Baseball, 1,2,3 Timothy I. Hutton 206 Elliot Street Wheeler Meadowbrook I'Il always remember the times in the cafe, T-ville, P.S. and the Par- ties. R.G., l.L., D.D., R.M., R.M., D.E., C.G., and the youth group. "IDs Ii xii, Lisa Hyland 155 jackson Stret Cutler Scituate "Life is a mystery to be lived Not a problem to be solved." I'lI always remember the great times with j.L., T.B., E.B., M.A., M.N., G.T., K.H., L.G., F.M., H0- jo's, Calif. '74, and B.F. jonathan lngbar 305 Dudley Street Goodwin Weeks "lt seemed as if the Square al- ready were far and lost, or, I should say, he was like a man who stands upon a hill above the town he has left, yet does not say 'The town is near,' but turns his eyes upon the distant soaring ranges." - Thomas Wolfe Thomas Craig Irvine 30 Ripley Street Cutler "Tom" Weeks Doopin with GX, IT, IG, DS, IS, and RS. T-ville 31 - BG, BX, PD, GM, PB, TB, SC, IA, SL, VF, SD, jH, and ES. Also jeff G. and Ray A. A special thanks to Neil Mc., the best. My Mom and Dod whom I love very much and my brother Bill. "You're not a man .. . until you first admit you're a boy." Thank you N.S.H.S. Baseball, 1,2,3. Deborah Lynne jackson 5 Sheldon Road Goodwin "Debbie" Meadowbrook My motto as I live and learn is dig and be dug in return. Hey, Betts! Que pasa? Good Luck with the B.S.U. everybody and l Love you all. Especially Sj,Sj, Sj, SB, and KB. Senor Glickler, muchas gracias y buena suerte en el fututo. Thanks for everything Dottie. Lynn Hynds Eva Ianuzzi 428 Parker Street 74 Rachel Road Cutler Wheeler IN ' Paul jackson 15 Forest Street Cutler 16 4 ,ann Lisa lacobs 62 Upland Road Wheeler "Li" Weeks "Children begin by loving their parents, as they grow older they judge them, sometimes they even forgive them." Never forget: Belmont, Cape Camping, Speeding, Friendly's, the door, "The Group." 4 81 20 Mitch. Love to Dave at B.H.S. and Dan at Death Valley, Fla. Let's party! I'm Free! Renee Christine johnson 38 Charlotte Street Wheeler Weeks A Friend is to cherish and trust, Friends are always there. To share desires and Fondest dreams, Lessen troubles and cares Friends always have time to lis- ICD Friends brighten gloomy days Togetherness brings a gladness deep and profound. A Friend is special Someone I depend "Special" Friends! NE, SI, DI, BSU. Meredith Lee lacobson 203 Country Club Road Cutler "Meri" Meadowbrook "You will encounter many de- feats in life, but you must never be defeated." - Mangelou RG - I quote "wanna be friends" . ,. forever? LS, AC, SW, ML, MB, family - fantastic memories and better futures. "Untold want, by life and land 'nere granted Now voyager, sail thou forth to seek and find." - Whitman Allen Iaques 99 Bowdoin Street Wheeler Weeks Thank God I got out Never forget the boredom of South Remember all the kids out front and in the lunch room, back parking lot and Hammond. Riding bikes and work study which without I never would have graduated. Sharron jackson 1188 Ghestnut Street Goodwin Meadowbrook "Do you know where you're go- ing to Do you like the things that life is showing you Where are you going to Do you know " Good-Luck CSBI, lSll, ISD Hi Bods, Hi Betts. Good-luck to the B.S.U. and to All the Graduating Sen- iors. lt's been real. Miss you . . . Q. Bruce Edward jennings 33 Duxbury Road Goodwin "BJ," Weeks Soccer, 10,11, captain 12. ALL- STAR 11,12 Baseball, 10,11, Cap- tain 12. ALL-STAR 12 Never forget 12f7f74, 8f26f75. Bumpy i will always Love you. PS, LK, Mr. D., CB, IG, GM, IW, IB, IT, DF, AF, Cl., FD, LR, KF, NG, EA, IE, BW, STI, III, "BLASTA", "BONES", "BIG GUY." "I still want my Bumpy." Thanks El- lenor. Ambition: Hit .400 and score 30 goals. Daniela jouvenal Goodwin "Danielle" lsn't it true, sensation seekers, luscious liquid flowed through darlin' Oedipus when he roller skated into photo booths and got brain damage when green- jeans ate hundreds and thou- sands of fudgecycles?! Woo- woowoowoowoo! A wonderful- ly unforgettable year: my thanks dear Mackaveys! "Nothing" but love, lill! Between two worlds lies my happiness. Where am I going? john lunda 85 Pine Ridge road Cutler Weeks "Let's do some Living after we'll die." - laggerfRichards Paula lane Kahn 45 Pine Ridge Road Goodwin Weeks Life is uneasy, Love never last, I just carry on. Sometimes I'm up, But most times I'm down, Tell me, where can I run to. Tell me, how have I sinned. When you cry like a rainstorm, And howl like the wind. - Bonnie Raitt jonathan Karis 137 Allerton Road Cutler Teri lan Kaiser 48 Wachusett Road Cutler Weeks Buy my dreams are for dreaming and best left That way - and my zero to your power of ten equals nothing at all. There's no double-lock defense: there's no chain on my door. I an available for consultation. One white Duck!0 I0 I nothing at all. - lethro 7 David Kamowitz 11 lacobs Terrace Goodwin Meadowbrook Memories, Connectsf11, Math Team, Happy Chickens, Dip Club, Chess, Track, RSTS- V4Af12, HC, Swimming, MOD SQUAD, LEMMINGS. CIOOD LUCK, E.F., D-A,B,F,Mj S.H., S.B., M.K. CommentiOn life?I - "It needs brains to be a real fool". Steven Mark Kaplan 63 Clark Street Goodwin "Kap" Weeks To The CORNER and all my Friends: We had some good times together, and I only hope that we can stay in touch over the years to come. Good Luck and Best Wishes - KAP joel Stuart Karlin 23 Fox Hill Road Goodwin "George" Meadowbrook People are always blaming their circumstances for what they are. I don't believe in circumstances. The people who get on in this world are the people who get up and look for the circumstances they want, and if they can't find the, make them. - George Ber- nard Shaw leffrey Karp 85 Shady Hill Road Cutler "jeff" Meadowbrook I will always remember my 3 years at NSHS, The NSHSBDC, playing hours of monopoly with David and Ruurd, The Three Stooges, Summer of '75, Nahant, Glenn, Deacon, Mike, Spaceman and the rest of the gang, espe- cially R.T., Walter, playing ragtag at the wharf. HUNTZNER ON YOU. 'v-'vi l Carol Ann Kaufman 45 Dorothy Road Wheeler "Carie" Meadowbrook Is not Ephraim my beloved son, for even when l speak against him, I remember him with affec- tion. My heart yearneth for him, I will surely have compassion on him. - leremian Thanx, ludy, Vinnie, Paul, Susie, Debbie, lan, Mom and Dad with- out whom my senior year wouldn't have been Q i Cheryl Barbara Kaufman 41 Marvin Lane Cutler "Chez" Meadowbrook "A friend is a present you give yourseIf." - R.L. Stevenson Fondest memories:White Satin, the Cape, Friendlies, Brookline, Chocking the up to experience, Mat - just want to celebrate! All my l's, U.S.Y., my special cousin Cindy, gossiping, lo, Guspada! H.C. nights, a ritual, and a dec- ade of friendship with Sharon. if ...4 .gel David Kaufman 158 Pine Ridge Road Wheeler Thomas D.Karol 185 Baldpate Hill Road Cutler Meadowbrook "It's not what you say or do that counts, but how you say or do it " "The great white bird must not die." - White Arrow Old "Nor," Robert B.Katz 35 Marvin Lane Wheeler Meadowbrook I wish that someone would teach a course in how to live. lt can't be taught in high school: teach- ers don't know any better than the rest of us. - Newton "There are two things to aim at in life: first to get what you want and after that to enjoy it." - Lo- gan Pearsall Smith lody Beth Kaufman 110 Winslow Road Wheeler Weeks My friends are my chosen family and my family are my chosen friends. Special love and thanks to: B.C. - MDFLE, Sybil, D.E. - A.D.K., Bored, K-bye, phone, Dc. - Oh Boy K.Y.D., M.B. - Newton - No hope!gR.F. - cheerleading, S.L. - O.B., 5.8. - summersl L.B. - Chinatowng LC., l.B.K., and most of all my family. D.E., B.G., M.B., D.C., S.B., R,F., S.L., L.B., and LC. - Good Luck and stay happy al- ways! Mark Kaufman 94 Winston Road Cutler Darrell Kazarian 32 Williams Street Cutler Meadowbrook l'lI always remember those un- believeable times with S.H., B.S., D.S., K.E., LS., D.S., and Com- pany. The great Parties,clubs and weekends, U-Mass Lesely and the people we met. Chester stubs Pancakes in the Peanut isn't that Shifty! What would happen if Dunkin Donuts be- came a 5-credit major? Elizabeth lan Kellner 348 Hartman Road Goodwin "Liz" Meadowbrook "But if in your thoughts You must measure time unto seasons, let each season encircle all the other seasons, And let today em- brace the past with remem- brance And the future with longing." Thanks to four special friends. Elizabeth Keon 25 Mechanic Street Stephen Dennis Keresztes 1057 Walnut Street Goodwin "Keda" Weeks Lacrosse, 1,2,3 Photo. Staff, 3 Remember?! Quebec trip, Sugar loaf, Beach Boys and Chicago, Bowling League, V.E. Concerts, Friday Football Games, World Series 2,6,7. Looking forward to Olympics in Montreal with Kev, Craig, james! Thanx to: D.B., S.K., LH., all my other friends, and esp. Mr. Arner and Mr. Arruda. Nancy Ann Keller 21 Van Rosen Road Goodwin Meadowbrook "Could it be that it was all so simple then, or has time rewri- ten every line. If we had the chance to do it all again, tell me, would we, could we. Memories " - B.l.S. Thanks to all my friends and my family for helping me get where I am today. YW! loan Marie Kinch 8 Kenneth Street Wheeler "joanie" Meadowbrook Mony where's Babes? What's your excuse for today? E.S. "AI- ways expect the unexpected." T.G. thanks for having a birthday on May 10, I'll never forget it. Hey! we're going South not north how can we turn around? Never forget M.D.B.K., the youth group, j.Geils, LO., T.G., M.7,D.S.,l.B., C.P., E.S. Curt Phillip Kohlberg 17 Woodhaven Road Goodwin Weeks If you never work you shall nev- er achieve. Thanks to: Bruiser, Pida, Kev, Keda, lzey, and of course john and Billy. I'll always remember: skiing, the track, playing cards, tennis, and my great trip to Cali- fornia. I'll meet you in Las Vegas. Lenny Kraicer 95 Ripley Street Goodwin Weeks "Sometimes it is better to keep your mouth shut and let people wonder if you're a fool than to open it and remove all doubt." Soccer, 10,11,12 Baseball, 10,11,12 Never forget good times with - BJ., P.S., LG., l.B.,l.W.,C.M., MA., l.G., l.F., M.S., E.A., - Saturday nights with 3 cases and not much to do. The barn. Good Luck to all my friends. Edwin james Kroeker 46 Woodcliff Road Wheeler "Ned" Weeks Behold, the fool saith,"Put not all thine eggs in the one basket" - which is but a manner of say- ing "Scatter your money and your attention.",but the wise man saith,"Put all your eggs in the one basket and - WATCH THAT BASKET." Lisa Kulp 16 Stiles Terrace Wheeler "Lee" Weeks What I have learned most from South comes not from my classes but from the people. I'll miss the special friends I have made in my three years here. I hope l won't lose sight of all over the stretch of time. Michael Robert Kosowsky 100 Dudley Road Cutler Meadowbrook "Whoever says You does not have something for his object. For wherever there is some- thing there is also another some- thing, every It borders on other Its But where You is said there is no something. You has no borders." lay Labourene 660 Beacon Street Wheeler Weeks "You never know how much something means to you, until it is gone." I'll never forget the three years on the soccer field, the terrible food, and most of all Eugenia lAugust 31, 19755. Soccer, 1,2,3, Skiing, 2,3, La- crosse, 2,3, International Club, 2,3 Nancy loyce Lampert 811 Dedham Street Cutler "Nance" Meadowbrook "You give little when you give of your possessions, It is when you give of yourself that you truly give." D.E., sw., Rs, MB., Ds, you brought me up when I was down! Can't Forget "Sunshine," "root", "Goosh", "M.L.", K-bye Dino - Thanks for always making me smile. Love and thanks to Ma and Dad U , , rf v 5 ',.. . . ,. if Susan Carol Larson 107 Floral Street Goodwin Weeks Egor - 10f21f73, 1.R.'s - 9f8f73, OB, G.G.R., Rebel, prom '75, Crystal, Corner, Cranes, stars, Football, Hockey 81 rowdy nights. Special Buddies - Nan, Oakie, LK. D.D., M.H., F.V., 8: C Cat Cape. I owe it all to Wayland - 11f10f73 Much love to a certain pair of knuckles and most of all joey. Cheering, 2 Co-Capt., 3 QP Iody Ann Landfield 124 Arnold Road Cutler "lode", "lo" Meadowbrook " ., It seems to me a crime that we should age. These fragile times should never slip us by. A time you never can or shall erase. As friends together watch their childhood fly . . " - Elton lohn Fondest memories: Matoaka, Regulus, "The Gang" Adven- tures with Iris, Much love to: my family, LGIGIGNNRT and my long lost buddy DE. Donna Beth Lanes 53 Great Meadow Road Cutler Meadowbrook "Take our wings and fly away to the visions in our mind." - Ste- vie Wonder Happiness to my friends and family. Beth, thanks - l've shared it all with you. Hey Laur ... Special times with B,L,C,M,W,l,P,S,L,H. BW - Howie who? Debra Beth Lapuck 8 Lovett Road Cutler "Debbie" Meadowbrook "Those were the days my friend we thought they'd never end." All the good times at the Cape. B.C. with Merle. M.A., D.F., l.N., M.S.,1.C., R.L. thanks for all the memories. A very special thanks to my family. Susan, thanks, Cheerleadingg 2, Elderly Project, 1,2,3 Cheryl Ann Leblanc 9 Roland Street Wheeler Meadowbrook "If you see someone without a smile give him one of yours." I'lI always remember: the "al- most" softball team with PR'S, Youth Group, surprise party fDeb'sl, Mellon Street and the Movie I never did see TH, all my friends who were so nice to me. I leave NS "double trouble". 84 ---.0 1 lv? L-L Gerard Leehan 129 Cypress Street Cutler David Leesha 35 Sycamore Road Goodwin William H. Taft All that we see or seem is but a dream within a dream. - Edgar Allan Poe Memo's of the summer '75 down Nantasket Beach and to see my friends - Foot, Chief,l.C., Sr., C.S., l.S., KZ., W.F. and especially Lorraine Thank you it's great having you as friends. Susan Debra Lechten 45 Columbine Road Wheeler "Sue" Meadowbrook "So many gentle friends are near whom one can scarcely see, I should never feel alone wherev- er I may be." "Today, tomorrow, forever ,, Thanks Stew for making my life so special! Good luck to the gang. "Band On the Run" Cheerleading, Captainp 2 Thea Lea 135 Langley Road Wheeler Weeks "Sweet Spring is your time is my time is our time for Springtime is lovetime and viva sweet love" - e.e. cummings Karen Lein 10 Oak Terrace Cutler Weeks "Whenever I have encountered that which is unfamiliar to me, I seek neither to praise nor to condemn but simply to under- stand." 1 Shirley Patricia Lennon 40 Rexford Street Cutler Meadowbrook My special interest is Maternity Nursity because I love holding babies. I have no special sayings but I just want to say good luck to all my friends and when will I see you Again! '96- i 5 'i for F3 lane Ellen Lesinski 1412 Beacon Street Cutler Weeks The thing that goes the farthest towards making life worth while, That costs the least, and does the most, is just a pleasant smile. lane Ellen Lerner 119 Wayne Road Goodwin Meadowbrook "Happiness is like a butterfly. The more you Chase it, the more it will elude you. But if you turn your attention to other things, it comes and softly sits on your shoulder." I will never forget the good times I had with BBITEGAM GSBAHG, summer "75", cross- country, and Needham. Per Leonardsson 105 Old Farm Road Cutler "Pelle" This year you gave me. l'll re- member it forever. This year, my friends, l'll keep it in my heart. l'll keep it there to make a cele- bration of your spirit, our friend- ship and my joy, Keep in touch, to: Krokgatan 81 Hbfjr Sweden loey Less 99 Littlefield Road Meadowbrook "Look up at the mountain I have to climb, oh yeah, to reach there," lCat Stevens '70I Summer "74" - j.B., Z-days, lots of fun with the gang. I've seen time fly before, but not like these past three years," QGQQJ! Love, Mom, Dad, and Dave. Tennis, 1,2,3 751 Elise Levenson 24 Philbrick Road Goodwin Meadowbrook Thanks to the three Mrs. H's., Mrs. E., Mrs.G,, Miss S., Mrs.s, MissA., Mr. P., Mr.A., and Eric. Goodbye everyone. Besser spat als hie, weil die Ab- wasende immer Unrecht hat. - Deutsche Sprichtworter Eh Bien, continuons. - Garcin dand Huis Clos x-7 Rona ljoyl Leventhal 129 Oxford Road Cutler Weeks Seeking means to have a goal, but finding means to be free. as long as I live, l'll hear waterfalls and birds sing, and get as near the heart or the world as I can. - john Pearson To my friends -importance un- definable - thanks for everyth- ing. Gymnastics, 1,2,3 Swim, 2,3 Track, 1 enrichment, 3 Fernald Project, Peabody, Easter seals, Amy - 3 Laura Liberman 18 Van Roosen Road Cutler Maimonides I've always had lots of love to give and now l've found people to give it to. "Love's not competing, it's on your side You're in life's picture so why must you cry For a friend please begin to smile - There's brighter days ahead. lill, Danielle, Fred, Selena friends: thanks. Sheryl Marci Lipson 102 Oakdale Road Wheeler Meadowbrook "There's a spotlight waiting no matter who you are. Everybody's got a song to sing - everyone's a star." All my love and many thanks to my family, Stephen, and friends for being there when I needed them, and for sharing all the happy times too. E3 q '3- I Yes, it's true, one out of five chem. students surveyed recommended not drinking sulfuric acid. Brian Charles Levey 276 Greenwood Street Cutler Meadowbrook Ask not what NSHS can do for you, but what you can do for it. For at NSHS l have met teachers who gave me a meaningful edu- cation, and many friends who gave me fond and everlasting memories. Special thanks to my parents, sister and grandfather for all their concern and under- standing. Emily Lipson 69 Nehoiden Road Goodwin Warren "Yes there are two paths you can go by, But in the long run, There's still time to change the road you're on." Led Zeppelin That's the nicest Vette! Stairway, Crossing country roads, thumbs up, Columbus Weekend "74", Coors, cars, Kahlua, Steak and Brew, spaced out, I'm not deaf! What? Margaret Long 56 Nehoiden Road Cutler joseph Louie MacDonald 166 Elliot Street Cutler "Huck" Meadowbrook Ct's Cruisin', Hoio's, Mac's, the hangout, parties, dances Hangin' around, the caf, the corner Don't werry, the stones,Y.G., Oceola, no pounds winning los- ing, coaches, teachers, family, friends, Thanks. BBDCIBGLF BCLBHCF. All my friends. You made it hapen - What can I say? Never forget you kid. Wrestling, 1,2 Cap.3 Lacrosse, 1,2,3 Steams, 2,3 Cafg 1,2,3 lames Robert Mackall Ir. 127 Clark Street Goodwin "Mac" Weeks In this space I can't possibly ex- press all my feelings toward N.S.H.S. The good times and friends I leave will always be re- membered. My only regret is that it ended so soon. Goodbye and Good Luck to the "Class of '76" and the friend I leave be- hind at N.S.H.S. lill Susan Mackavey 28 Hyde Street Goodwin "Red" Weeks Mom, Dad, Danielle, Cindy, Lau- ra, Mr. Arner, Mr. Chamberlain, to special people who've sup- ported and helped me. my thanks, best wishes and my love. Kiss today goodbye, Point me toward tomorrow. Wish me luck, the same to you. Won't forget, Can't regret What I did for love. Goodnight Chet! ..... ... lill Ray Madoff 225 Arnold Road Goodwin Meadowbrook "You got to drift in the breeze before you set your sails." Carol Louise Mandell 21 Allen Avenue Goodwin "Ca" Weeks "One song leads to another, One friend to another friend, So I'll travel along With a friend and a song." - Alfred Wilson Gibson 1878 A lifetime of memories Is- raeI,Teaching Spanish w!Paula CVS,S.H.A.F.T.Y. Meet me at the corner . .. Forever P.P. with la.,My scrapbook "Many a truth is spoke in jest." Glenn MacKenzie 101 Spiers Road Cutler "Mac" Meadowbrook I would like to thank joe, Bruce, lack, Steve, George, Paul, Tom and the rest of the friends I have made. Special thanks to Mary Ann 'l0f'l6f74 Baseball, 1,2,3 cap. Hockey, 1,2,3 Paul Manasian 80 Dedham street Cutler 4 EX 'A l ' if After that hot lunch I'll need a Royal Flush. ,ff-sf 1 I Paul Marcovitch 41 Old Farm Road Goodwin Basketball T,2,3 "A friend is someone who knows all about you but likes you just the same." Cynthia P. Marcus 50 Grace Rd. Wheeler "Cindy" Meadowbrook "Only the beginning, only just a start." My good friends K,P., M,M.,E.H.,L.S.,L.l.,l.S., D,R.,L.W.,M,T.,E.I.,and everyone else. Lippy, N.G.74 Summer 75, Natick with P.D. and N.M.,"Bea- con Boys" M.R., D.P., C.K., W.C., P.C. T.I.S. lohn, Thank you Mom and Dad. if Eric Mann 21 Littlefield Rd. Wheeler Meadowbrook "There are faces I remember from the places in my past, I said all the deadhead miles and the insincere smiles. Sometimes I can laugh and cry and I can't re- member why, but I still love those good times gone by," Scoobin',olob, B.F.,M.P.,Fwee, Helow,F.C. Howard March 12 Wright Road Cutler "Howie" Meadowbrook I have friends to discover and a great many things to understand. Good luck to the gang, thanks for all the good times. Keep dicking those quishtia jivels! Peter Benjamin Mark 17 Larch Road Cutler Warren "Well, I've been thinking about all the places we've surfed and danced, and all the faces we'lI miss. So, let's get back together and do it again." - Brian Wilson - The Beach Boys Lori Markoff 34 Donna Road Wheeler Meadowbrook Good luck to B.S.,B.L.,S.R., and especially C.W. One of my best memories I will be remembering back to is that, I had one of the best coaches for field hockey, especially Miss Nancy Cruso. Spring track 1,2, Varsity, Winter track 2,35 Field hockey 3 lean C. Martin 33 Hickory Cliff Road Cutler "Jeanie" Meadowbrook I like the dreams of the future better than the history of the past. - Thomas jefferson john Edward Martlin 983 Chestnut Street Cutler Meadowbrook "Beware of rashness, but with energy and sleepless vigilance go forward and give us victories." - A. Lincoln See Ma, I told you I would gra- duate. I leave Newton South to my brother, Lord save us. And I say goodbye to all the kids at Cutler Corner. Football 1, Wrestling 1 Marjorie Beth Matross 155 Truman Road Goodwin Meadowbrook One of the most tragic things I know about human nature is that all of us tend to put off living. We are all dreaming of some magical rose garden over the horizon, instead of enjoying the roses that are blooming outside our windows today. - Dale Garne- gre Charles G. McKinney 38 Stearns Street Cutler "Greg" Weeks "The greatest glory comes not from victory or success but from when we rise up after we have fallen." Great times with lim, jeff, Phil, Matt, Lenny, and Bruce. Also good luck to the streakers ,of Newton South. Football 1, Varsity 2,35 Lacross Varsity 1,2 Co.Capt. 3 Maureen loyce McClory 25 Chase Street Goodwin "Moe" Weeks "Always keep an open mind where knowledge is to be gained, for in life, part of living is learning." "A writer takes his pen To write the words again That all in love is fair." Special thanks to my family and friendS lNNHS8rNSHSl. l LOVE ALL OF YOU! -'sg K I I Warren D. McElroy 1144 Chestnut Street Goodwin "Don" Meadowbrook Good times out front, the caf, Falls, and Ville, Waban, Ham- mond Pond, South, Crash Ten- nant, Fonz Forever, wht, moun- tains, never forget my friends, Val "74", K.B.,D.Y.,R.F.,A.l.,C.S., M.N.,iG.X., P.F., D.S., S.D., L.L., Later Pal. What a waste of three years. Anne Meinhart 9 Carver Road Wheeler Weeks Corner it 1 - jocks, parties, football games, haunted house. Corner ir 2 - Waban, S.P.L., cruisin', who's a thug!?, M.V. summers8tfall weekends, Lawry's F.Mkt, South Beach, 3 a.m,: Al - where's Tom? ,., swaying in the wind, big guns, E.chops,Cape- diving into mud puddle . . Dodge towed!Meg - thanx, words can't express what your friendship means to me. Thomas Melville 31 Rockledge Rd. Cutler "Manglin' Mel" Weeks "Everything is cool." - The Fonz Perfection - Sophomore Bas- ketball, f0-14J,"South High Speaks," who listens?g D,C,L.'s sharpest bows are mine, Celtics on S.A.T. eve, "Attaboy Ophair," Chemists - "Don't get clutched," we will win a track meet, President -Henry Finkle Fan Club 12, Ms. Bershad's iso- cream. All Newton South people - thanks much. Stephen Mark Menzer 155 Cynthia Road Cutler Meadowbrook Laurie Hope Mead 247 Spiers Road Wheeler Meadowbrook "I must do now what I have done One hundred times before Look away to see another daydream falling to the ground." - H.M. Polansky Patricia Ann Melnick 58 Wetherell Street Wheeler "Tricia" Meadowbrook T-ville, Hammond Pond, 66 Im- pala Inever forgetl, Holiday Inn- Ilaundry rooml, Pebbles, Lucy Levee, Fisher, "Summer 75", mornings at Dunks, nights at Mac's, good times in the lunch room, S.S. at the A. with Debby. Bye Kids. DE, PR, PR, TY, CA, KK, VF, SD, SC,IT, BG, TC. Diane Alice Merian 120 Dickerman Road Cutler Weeks "The hills and the sea and the earth dance. The world of man dances in laughter and tears." - Kabir I'Il never forget the good times at South with S.T., B.C., K.D., L.P., D.K. and Wheeler. The summer of "7S" was great, the backyard, eh Sheila? Russian Club 2,35 French Club 3 Carson M. Milgroom 219 Lincoln Street Goodwin Warren Now I won't be back till later on If I do come back at all, But you know me, and I miss you In a strange game I saw myself as you knew me When the change came, and you had a Chance to see through me Though the other side is just the same - Neil Young - Daniel Henry Miller 444 Quinobequin Road Wheeler "Allons" Meadowbrook Dev, Eric, Craig, etc ... remem- ber Happy Chickens, Big B, Eel, Dippy Club, Hyperec, Lonney Lou, Mr. Little, "Benny" Levy vs. Abbie, The Six-Legged Fish, Greeblies, RSTS Trek. Fruitful Concepts - "Stay in the Adult!" "laimes!" "Naid!" "Marrek!" "Yuh I suppose so, no! Go Foreward. Ni. Michael Miller 44 Walnut Place Wheeler Meadowbrook "Doo", "Sportwagon" "As I look out over your eager faces I can understand why this school is flat on its back." - Groucho Marx ' Sin. 4 Y. t Mark Milstein 53 Verndale Road Wheeler Meadowbrook "lust when you think '76 will never come it's yesterday." I'll never forget, "Cutlass Pow- er," IB, IV IR. Back and forth to Randolph, got a cigarette, Sum- mers in Nantasket. Hanging out in Wheeler. Everything and ev- erywhere for loyce. Now it's time for life imaking money, etc.l. Marcia joy Miller 111 Dedham Street Goodwin, "Marsha" Meadowbrook Never Forget: Summer '75, cars, Cochituate and the weekends. Thanks to my family and friends who have shared many . . . memories with me LELFPFTMIS, the recruit LS and AW. Especially the everlasting friendship with Candy! Good friend are hard to come by. Eve Minkoff 65 Gray Cliff Road Goodwin Weeks "O star, the fairest one in sight, We grant your loftiness the right To some obscurity of cloud - It will not do to say of night. Since dark is what brings out your light. . . .. We may choose something like a star To stay our minds on and be staid. - Frost - ' f 1 Z" "I always wanted a hot rod." leanne Moreau 14 Summer Street Cutler "Duck" Meadowbrook Never forget all the good times in T-Ville, the Cafe, and Need- ham McDonalds. And all the great kids, Eileen, Debbie, janet, lane, loan, joey, Danny, Bobby, David, Patty, Liz, and anyone I forgot, loan thanks for the neck- lace. Grant Eric Morris 147 Hartman Road Wheeler Meadowbrook "Desire implies want, it is the ap- petite ofthe mind, and as natural as hunger to the body The greatest number of achieve- ments have their value from sup- plying the wants of the mind." - Karl Marx S ' ,' l ' U-I XX"'l ,A David Mucciarone 101 Alban Road Goodwin Warren Good times at NSHS corner, T- Ville, Waban, South. Never for- get three years with R.B., B.B., M.D., P.F., R.S., Sean, and most of all Karen. I leave NSHS five more Mucciarone's to come. 'c-f-'f l l 1 I 1 Li 1 Scott Frederick Mondlick 344 Brookline Street Goodwin Davis Thayer, Meadowbrook WHY? l l l Bruce Moore i 49 Truman Road , Cutler i ll X, l Mark Natale 20 Harrison Street Goodwin Nancy Ellen Nathanson 62 Rachel Road Cutler "Nanc" Meadowbrook "True happiness consists not in the multitude of friends, but in their worth and choice." Much love and luck to my spe- cial friends. Thanks to a very spe- cial teacher - H.B. Mom, Dad, 81 Deb - Thanks for always be- ing there, l love you. Cheerleading, 3, Regulus: 3 "When it's time to die, let's not discover we never lived." - Thoreau Clare Marie Nesdall 250 Quinobequin Road Goodwin Warren History Club 11,12. "AlI things bright and beautiful, All creatures great and small, All things wise and beautiful, The Lord God made them all." - Cecil Frances Alexander .G - - YHA Q, lUdY Nisf-On Beth Noble 116 Plymouth Road Goodwin "jude" Weeks Stage Crew 2,3. .fs . ,fy X a i 4 -,J P , Xa., , 1 ' rf! 5-la.: Q , Kill it! Kill it! Sharon O'Hara 24 Pennsylvania Avenue Cutler Meadowbrook l'll always remember Upper Falls, the 4th of july down the corner, R.B., L.L., Georges, Tradewinds, Panthers, K.C., Good times with: CL., D.D., CK., M.S., l.E., Kathy's gang, the Riley twins 81 shorthand, Times in the Cafe, Never forget the softball players from the Winds and Georges. X X Gail Darlene O'Neil 45 Hinkley Road Wheeler Weeks Anything worth anything is worth working and waiting for. Always remember: Eo, Carol, Carol, Marion, Cindy, leanne, El- lyn, Nantasket "75", Senior Fare- well, Corner, cafe, Summer '75, 10-16-75, Bruce. New Year's G.D.B., 5818, D.C., L.M., B.H. Mom and Dad, Thanks Peter A. Otten S3 Neshobe Road Goodwin Warren International Group German Club alittle You can't take it with you Long hours in the cafe Spoon River Lots of Mountain trips So Long. ani William T. Paulini 62 jackson Street Cutler "Bill, PAO" Weeks Will never forget you Newton South, cause who could forget nothing? All the good times I never had. Days and nights at the wall, Hammond Pond and South. 66442, 62 Falcon, 65 Plymouth. Will never forget P.T., D.M., Le- roy, D.Y., R.F., AJ., L.H., D.D., LS., and all the rest. ludith M. Perlman 125 Lincoln Street Cutler Weeks 'Q v. Ann Pernice 34 Hartford Street Cutler Weeks "Know yourself. Like yourself. Believe in yourself." I'll never forget ... Friday night parties, Cape Cod, Martha's Vineyard, and people like L.P., D.C., D.S., A.S., and one crazy saturday night with D.S. Hey D.P. Hey D,P. hope to see you on Lake Virginia next year! Allison Ostrom 325 Woodward Street Wheeler Weeks And I maintain that light is dark and dark is light and visions are divorced from sight. Sorrows are inverted joys and silence makes the loudest noise. Linda Parkhurst 11 Beecher Terrace Cutler Weeks The love we give away is the only love we keep,Always remember NSH with N.A., Summer 74-75, great times with A.A.S.D.D.S.G.K., the parties, clubs, weekends, C.L. miss you Thanks to my parents and friends, you are the greatly ap- preciated. I leave Deb - Good luck! A 1 4" 4 2 ' .2415 ,Fil Robert Andrew Pershe 86 Allen Avenue Goodwin "Bob" Weeks "I think it has been adequately shown that the agression of ani- mals towards members of their own species is in no way detri- mental to the species, on the contrary, it is essential for its preservation. However, this must not raise false hopes about the present situation of man- kind. - Konrad Lorenz Carol Phillips 688 Chestnut Street Goodwin Robert S. Pike 118 Brandeis Road. Goodwin Meadowbrook "Driving that train, high on co- caine Casey lones you'd better watch you speed." - Greatful Dead Special thanks to D.C. and all those who helped me make it. Florida "75" Yessongs IOS. .Q Tobi Beth Pilavin 47 Nardell Road Wheeler Meadowbrook "To strain with eager eyes To- wards the promised heavenly prrce." Much love and thanks to my family, grandparents, Lee Dan- iels, for always having been there. My friends - you know who you are ... my thanks. Fac- ulty friends - thanks for those special moments. "To see thee more clearly Love thee more clearly " S.. Marcia Pinansky 225 Dorset Road Wheeler Warren "Top-off!" cried the mouse. "That is a singular and wonderful name. Is it common to your fam- ily?" "What does it matter," said the cat. "It's not any worse than Crumb- Picker, like your godchild." Mark Stern Podolsky 14 Greenwood Street Cutler Meadowbrook "l was gratified to be able to an- swer promptly, and l did. I said I didn't know." - Twain Thanx E.M., C.K., B.F., OLOB, Flo and everybody else. Richard Pilavin 47 Nardell Road Wheeler Donna L. Podufaly 133 Winslow Road Cutler "Waffeley, Poduf" Weeks A friend is a present you give yourself. l'll never forget really great times with P.R., P.R., A.S., S.G., T.D., Tony, it would never have been the same without you. I'd like to thank my family and friends for being there when I needed them. Cynthia Ann Polansky 88 Clifton Road Cutler "Cindy" Meadowbrook " Don't give up until you drink from the silver cup - you'll never know until you try." - America I'll never forget: Regulus! Being Cousins with C.K., the Cape, Boltwood, White Satin, G Block rituals, dancing in the street, weekends at Friendly's, 6 years of friendship with a very special person, M.P. i A Robert Poorvu 18 Spaulding Lane Goodwin Meadowbrook "It is better to remain silent and let people think you are ignorant than to speak and let them know." Tennis 11,125 Cross Country 12. Michele Robin Press 41 Placid Road Goodwin Meadowbrook One-woman waterfall, she wears Her slow descent like a long cape And pausing, on the final stair Collects her motions into shape. - Kennedy Ceaseless drops the night and lifts the pen. Special thanks and love to my family, B.N.L., H.B. And to A.S., and L.R. - mutual friends! And C.P. with whom giving is sharing. Frank Powdermaker 117 Cypress Street Cutler 1' nl ' I juli Ann Powers 16 Olde Field Road Goodwin Meadowbrook Nobody, but nobody is gonna rain on my parade. - Streisand - Thanks - l.T., R.L., N.K., M.E., H.H., Florida Kids, S. H. - Ma- libu, A.N.'s at Deb's, Foxboro, 1233, Tapes, Chief, 67, B8iG's, M.H. - One person one very special person. 1f24!75 The games people play. Rochelle Donna Polsky 47 Stearns Street Goodwin "Shelly" Weeks Never forget T-Ville, Club, Alli- son, Always remember Carol, Cindy, Eo, Gail, Marion, Carol, Greg, Sherri: The Cafe and cor- ner, lunior dance, The Victory Parties, and just hanging around. Thanks to my family. Volleyball 1,2,3, Basketball 1,25 Softball 1,2,3. I 1 J 1 Laura Prager 36 Plainfield Street Cutler Weeks Brian Keith Price 29 Elm Hill Park Wheeler Meadowbrook To my caucasion peers, it's been an experience Worth remem- bering. Thanks Southie from Cool Bri-Priz. To B.S.U. - what- ever you do, have fun doing it. Strive for perfection, not for me- diocrity. The world isn't a ghetto and there is an escape. I will find my exit, I will succeed Will you? lulie Allsion Ratner 11 Fairhaven Road Wheeler Meadowbrook We are dancers all move to the magic of the music we are the dancers all rise to the warmth of the morning we are singers all singers of tales and myths and dreams we are singers all singers all looking for a song of our own. - Aztec Two-Step Jeanne Regan 25 Boylston Road Goodwin "RED" Weeks They told me that life could be just what l made it - life could be fashioned and worn like a gown, l, the designer, mine the decision whether to wear it with bonnet or crown. Love to everyone especially EIR- DAPCWGWSTBC ACNGCGDSMDIBTNRT Margaret Ann Riley 104 Beethoven Avenue Goodwin Weeks Never forget G.G.R., Q28, V- parties, the cafe, the corner, T- Ville, 'M.l.C.Y.O., Camp Vass, M.A.A. dances, Dubyroar, shrill cream. Special thanks to my par- ents, C.W., D.P.C.V., P.L., E.S., j.M., D.E., T.M., C.B., M.W., S.O., C.L., and D.F. Field Hockey 1, Softball 1,2, Cheerleading 2, Team Mascot 3, Ketenyalaita ffl", ' 4 Susan Reef 33 Pond Avenue Goodwin Meadowbrook "Talk to yourself and hear what you want to know." Skiing '72, LB, fwinol Feb. '75 Outlook B.C., LB., S.S., MJ., B- Day, walkin. thanks to friends M.B., D.L.C. and the rest. Good times, bad times we've had our share. Gringo great sharing them with you. Love ya D.K. Karen Resnick 16 Brandeis Circle Wheeler Meadowbrook l'll never forget. The back park- ing lot, Hammond, out front, the Band 5125, Friday nights with the girls, L.B., B.T., W.B., D.S., l.S., S.H., D.D., L.H., j.K., S.D., D.Y., R.F., D.D., G.S., L.P., Leroy, M.M., P.T., T.D., j.P., A.S., B.P., the AKKlfL.B., B.C., Echo, Wa- ban jocks, Lugnut, fR8fC!l, Emer- son, Donna Richman 14 Ledgewood Road Goodwin Meadowbrook A smiling face is an earth like star A frown can't bring out the beauty that you are love within and you'll begin smiling . . . There're brighter days ahead . . . - Stevie Wonder All my love goes to Scott, Louise, Liz, Robin, Lesley, and my family for giving me a smiling face. Fred Richman 201 Cypress Street Goodwin Patricia Alice Riley 104 Beethoven Avenue Goodwin "Patty" Weeks Never forget - Summer of '75, G.G.R., Q28, Camp Vass, M.l.. Cyo, Football games, motor- cades, V-parties?!, TKE Frat 10f25! Good luck to the T-Ville kids. D.P., C.W., P.L., C.V., T.M., D.E., M.W., E.S., LM., C.M., S,O., C.L., Many thanks to my family and friends. Field Hockey, 1, Basketball Trainer 1, Softball 1,2,, Cheer- leading 2,3. jonathan David Robbins 22 Clifton Road Goodwin Meadowbrook "The world is a comedy to those that think, a tragedy to those who feel." - Horace Walpole "Be always as merry as ever you can, for no one delights in a sor- rowful man." - Proverbs Denebola 2,35 Southpaw 3 ig Edward Ayrault Robinson 8 Irving Road Wheeler Meadowbrook Education: That which discloses to the wise and disguises from the foolish their lack of under- standing. May we all remember Cutler House Corner, the teach next door, and, "Please get off the steps!" Also friends like T.K., A.D., j.D.C., R.S., C.B., A.S., S.H., and all the rest. And especially Dace. Thanks, I needed that. Marjorie Killen Rosenberg 109 Warren Street Goodwin Weeks "Way over yonder -- tha's where I'm bound. I know when I get there the first thing I'll see is the sun shining golden - shin- ing right down on me." - C.K. Special thanx to Adelaide, Arby and Giggles. Lisa Anne Robinson 35 Chatham Road Goodwin "It is love that I am seeking for, But of a beautiful, unheard-of land That is not in the world." - W.B. Yeats Love and thanks to L.M. and S.M. jtwo B.F.'s from N.N.j j.S., M.P., M.M., A.2. in Cal., L.G., j.G., my family, and Craig. "Everything still turns to gold." james W. Rosenberg 76 Miller Road Wheeler Weeks Live Each day to its fullest, do the things that you must today, don't put them off, for tomorrow you may not be able to. Set your goals high, because once you reach them there's nothing left to look forward to. Cars, conver- tibles, and the Cape. Living, Loving, and Laurie. jeff Rosenberg 22 Rokeby Road Wheeler Roxbury Latin, Meadowbrook Happiness makes up in height, What it lacks in length. - Frost Doug Rosenfeld 51 Marla Circle Cutler Meadowbrook Kathy, M.K., D.S. On to better things, 4 nf ' Corey J. Rosenfield 376 Dudley Road Cutler Meadowbrook "The past is gone, the present is now, but there's still a future." l'll never forget: Celts '74, the B.B. - C. Concert and the sum- mer of '75. "Keep movin' on - QUE SERA SERAH junior Class committee, Soccer, 1,2 D.C. All Starsg 3, Basketball, 1,25 Baseball, 1,25 Tennisg 3, Life Ambition, Sports Attorney Sara Rubenstein 114 Floral Street Wheeler Weeks "Love while you still can Don't even try to understand lust find a place and make your stand and take it easy!! - jackson Browne - "chick", D.C., S.K., M.M., S.H., cc., NB., PB., 11-7-75, Ho The Gries: E.S.A., F.A.T., U.S.S., T.G. Linda Sue Robin 960 Dedham Street Wheeler Meadowbrook "Miles from nowhere guess I'll take my time to reach there." - Cat Stevens Thanks to all my friends for ever- ything. Summer '74 P.A., '75 weekends with "people" and of course "the gang" and to my parents for whose love and guid- ance I will always be grateful. Cheerleading, 11 Laurie Rosenstein 20 Sagamore Road Wheeler "Stump" Weeks Life is queer with its twists and turns, As everyone of us sometimes learns. And many a failure turns about, When he might have won had he stuck it out. So stick to the fight when you're hardest hit, lt's when things seem worst that you mustn't quit! - jimmy "75" Ioseph Royster 66 Academy Terrace Cutler "Ioey" Meadowbrook Never forget these three years. They were three of my best years, l ever had. Never forget the corner with B.R. and M.A., K.B. and me had some good times too, R.T. still knows who is better in ping-pong. Hey josh will ya bring my cararound front for me will ya. 5' - 4 : ' Z, 1 '- I' Y And the Baby Bear said, "Someone's been sleeping in my bed!" Lyn Rubin 5 Keller Path Goodwin Meadowrook Great times in the Park, cars, Summer 72 with P B C P D D M.F., l.Y., S.K., j.K., S.A. Kim Rucker 5 Elliot Street Goodwin via N 1' David Mark Ryter 17 Chatham Road Goodwin Weeks "Wisdom offers simple schemes, but truth is not so simple. Actual life is encounter. May you act on me as I act on it." Everlasting memories: HMUN, SAT eve, 1001 botched Chem. labs. "S.I.T.A.," QB's, and great friends. "To every thing there is a season." lane Sandler 31 Shady Hill Road Goodwin Meadowbrook Time is not measured by the passing of years, But by what one does, What one feels, And what one achieves. - lawaharial Nehru Love and thanks to my family and the best of luck to jill and lodi, and a special friend - Lisa. "All my loving" to Geof. jill Diane Saret 18 Myerson Lane Cutler Meadowbrook "Rivers belong where they can ramble, Eagles belong where they can fly. I've got to be where my spirit can run free, Gotta find my corner of the sky." Thanks to my friends Special thanks to David Arner and David Levenson - I love you Amy and Diane! Matthew Francis Sabbetti 159 Warren Street Goodwin "Mat" Weeks "We each have our own vision and a voice inside that speaks only to us. We have to be willing to hear it." - Dylan To my family, much appreciation for their encouragement and support. Finally, to Sue, who was secure when other things were uncertain, love always. Football, 1,2,3 Basketball, 1,2,3 Track, 2,3 1 mi XRS Barbara Sacks 92 Athelstane Road Wheeler xt l t 1 K li Keith Sanders 1137 Boylston Street Goodwin john Santucci 15 Thurston Road Cutler Stewart Alan Satter 300 Dedham Street Goodwin Meadowbrook "lf you want something very much, you must let it go free, if it doesn't come back it wasn't yours to begin with, but if it does, love it forever." Good Luck to my special friends. Sue, thanks for making my life happier and more meaningful. Neal Scherzer S5 Dacar Road Goodwin Deborah Gail Schultz 54 Brush Hill Road Cutler "Schultzy" Meadowbrook Happiness is like a butterfly, the more you chase after it the more it will elude you. But turn your mind to other things and it will sit contentedly on your shoul- der. l'll never forget my beautiful friends, the 17th surprise, Tom Rush by the "Charles", Chicago- fBeachboys of '75, AYH, T.R., Keda, aniverseries, nights out with the guys and my guy Dave. Production Crew, 1,2,3 Easter Seals, 2,3 Regulus, 3 Alice Scovell 133 Collins Road Goodwin Meadowbrook Carol Schilling 159 Carlton Road Cutler Warren "All I ask is be yourself, and love yourself, when no one else will do you be true to you." - Eric Anderson Thursday morning ritual, door, Tree, Spacewoman, L.R. -your shoulder or mine? S.P., M.F, - you know what I need? Thanks Mom and Dad, for your support. s . t l . ff' -0 Howard R. Schivek 19 Rolling Lane Cutler "Howy" And did they get you to trade your heros for ghosts? Hot ashes for trees? Hot air for a cool breeze? Cold comfort for change? And did you exchange a walk on part in the war for a lead role in a cage? Talks, thanx spe- cial ones, good times bad. Lawrence Scott Schlager 40 Harwich Road Goodwin "Scott" Meadowbrook Chess Club "lf any little word of mine May make some heart the lighter, lf any little song of mine May make some life the brighter, God let me speak that little word And take my bit of singing, And plant it in some lonely vale To set the echoes ringing." lLoooveee!l David Schwartz 100 Shady Hill Road Wheeler Meadowbrook "If we cannot end now our dif- ferences, at least we can help make the world safe for diversi- ty. For, in the final analysis, our most basic common link is that we all inhabit this small planet. We all breathe the same air and we are all mortal. - john Kennedy Lauren Amy Seder 19 lrvington Steet Wheeler "Tree" Warren "You've gotta get up every morning with a smile on your face and show the world all the love in your heart, then people gonna treat you better you're gonna find that you're beautiful as you feel. - Carole King The door, karate, the route, streaking, Steve's, purity su- preming, stairway, perry. i Ronald E. Seested jr. 264 Parker Street Wheeler I know it's too late, But I didn' realize How much it hurt, Until it happened, to me. "Don't walk behind me, l'm not your leader. Don't walk before me, I might not follow. just walk beside me, And be my friend." Never Forget, Robin, Deb, Peter, Linda M. Laurence Segal 174 Cynthia Road Wheeler Gordy, Mark David Seeto 1830 Beacon Street Cutler "Moke" Warren Expression: "Don't walk in front of me - I may not follow. Don't walk behind me - I may not lead. Walk beside me - And just be my friend. Remembers: MMO, Nedo, Wallo, Ferra, Carson and the Soccer gang, the Barn, and the corner kids. Activities: Soccer, 1,2,3 Hockey, 1,3 Outdoor Track: 2 11 Robert Mark Segal 81 Lovett Road Goodwin "Rob" Meadowbrook "Let no man presume to give to others who has not first given good counsel to himself." Yuh, I suppose we could Buster and his fidgeting, The S.D.S., King Robe I, Katzie, Cool Davey Alley, Iayims, Puppy Dog, Stiv, Kave. Baseball, 1 Soccer, 1,2,3 "South High Speaks." 1 -fL"7 Allen Richard Seletsky 38 Bowdoin Street Cutler Weeks True love is rare, but true friend- ship is rarer. At NSHS I found true friendship. I'd like to thank the kids at the corner for making my years at school profitable ones. Special thanks to D.P,, S,D.C., EAR, T.D., A.D. ii i David Severini 23 Howe Road Wheeler 1 p Sharon Gail Shapiro 5 Antonellis Circle Goodwin Meadowbrook Well, chalk another one up to experience! "You've got to get up every morning with a smile on your face and show the world all the love in your heart, then people gonna treat you better. You're gonna find, yes you will, that you're beautiful as you feel." - Carole King Susan Shapiro 22 Columbine Road Goodwin Meadowbrook "It is what you learn after you know it all that counts." - Harry S. Truman Suzan Robbin Shapiro 160 Dudley Road Wheeler Meadowbrook To see a world in a grain of sand And a heaven in a wild flower, Hold infinity in the palm of your hand And eternity in an hour. - William Blake: Auguries of ln- nocence Doug Keith Sheff 454 Dudley Road Wheeler "Dauntless" Meadowbrook "People who follow the crowd around aren't even up at bat, to be yourself completely is really where it's at." H: DVD-14-j-Heiffenriffer-'74 inscision-SSSSdouble base rolls - Words of wisdom by jimi - W.W., H.H., 0.0. Soccerg 10,11,12, Track, 10,12 i Beverly K. Shlager 103 Rosalie Road Cutler Meadowbrook For all the good times I had in the summer of '75. Student Aide-12. Robert Sharton 215 Spiers Road Wheeler Meadowbrook "judge me for who I am, not for what I do." Farewell to the Fearsome Four- some Cards with the girls, Stowe 73,74,75 Fish and Bahney, "Stang" Guy, Sugarbush 75 j.C.'s lulliby lane walk, Summer of 75 ACE, Spanish 75 Pauls clutch, Thanks to C.G.C. for trying james Sherman 73 Audobon Drive Cutler "Sherm" Meadowbrook I turned around and knock them down and walked across the sea. - Traffic Remember the "Z". Farewell to the men, we shall be together again. Thanks to Duka, Lyle, Doc, Fish, Spec, Dan, Swartzie, and the Doors. Good times in the "69" Charger. Marc Shuman Kim 5185 278 Country Club Road 97 Lake Avenue Goodwin "Schwartzie" Cutler Garfield Cruisin' in the fifty nine to me was really mighty fine it was hard to find a fren but then I finally met the men and my parents who guided me through, all I can say is thank you. Farewell to the men, we'll be together again. :cl iffy Paula Silver 32 Wendell Road Cutler "Don't walk in front of me - I may not follow. Don't walk behind me - I may not lead. Walk beside me - And just be my friend." Thanks to all my friends. You're the most important people in the world. Remember - "To- day's leaves of hope are tomor- row's blossoms." Pam Simms 139 High Street Cutler Mark Anthony Signore 364 Boylston Street Cutler "Marka, Sig, Marco" Weeks Donald Silberstein l'll never forget, Summer of 755 148 Cyothllla Rogd Chicago and Boys, the Sox, Peter Goodwln Doo and Arthur Please5 "insuffer- Moadoworook abjeffi Tango and Waban, Beacon To be a friend a man should rec- Stg Bernie, Rapid, Kev and Ras, ognize that no man knows all the berries- Dunks and Macs. Bojey answers, and that he should add Keda, Kap. Football and Bowling. each daY to h'5 knowledge of Sugarloaf, Steve and pungent bus ride, flight if stairs. Track5 15 Skiing5 2,3 Gary Silverstein 39 Wayne Road Goodwin "Life just isn't that simple any more." Captain Swim Team how to live the friendly way. i I PN Susan R. Simches 53 Waban Avenue Cutler "Sue" Warren "No bell will sound to bring this experience to an end, For we will each relive special moments by ourselves. The past and present wilt - I have fill'd them, emptied them, And proceed to fill my next fold of the future." lacqueline Simms 390 Dedham Street , Wheeler "jackie" Meadowbrook The last three years here at NSHS were almost the best three years ' of my life. I thank all the people I whom I've come in contact with who have made my years here enjoyable. l'll always remember all good friends - S.l., N.E., K.R., S.C. Swim Team, 105 Volleyball5 105 Cheerleading5 11,125 Track5 11 ludith Simon 581 Sawmill Brook Parkway Cutler "ludi" Norwood "Minutes are temporary, but memories last forever." l'll never forget Star and P.D., R.R., F.M., T.S., and the picnic. To my pal sticks, and Raq, S.Ci. and Friday night bowling. tbl Charles A. Smith 4 Wentworth Street Goodwin Meadowbrook Today was tomorrow yesterday. Those who live for the future and deny themselves the joys of the present, are as foolish as those who live in the past. Favor- ite sayings - "You Fool" and "Dig that" Wish to my people: Be happy, be proud, be strong. - Tamlin Shid Horoscope sign: Capricorn Peter A. Soyka 90 Erie Avenue Goodwin "Peter" Weeks Quote - "Time, once lost, can never be regained." - Un- known Lacrosse, 11,12 xr Geoffrey B. Small 17 Nouman Road Cutler Love always to lane. Boylston Road. Thanks Doddy Gonson. NSHS: Good and bad times - chalk it up to experience. Ronny, Dan, everything - Charles. Tennis, 1,2,3, Skiing, 2,3 Ioanne L. Smith 43 Cottage Street Cutler Meadowbrook I'll never forget all the good times I've had. The back parking lot, Hammond, Cutler's girls room. I always remember L.H., B.T., K.R., D.D., L.B., W.B., D.S., S.D., R.F., D.Y., B.P., and all the rest. the summer of 74-75 and I'll never forget LK. Thanks mom and dad. Philip William Small 39 White Oak Road Cutler "Phil" Weeks My riches consist not in the ex- tent of my possessions but in the friends l have made. Thanks to: "BIG GUY", B.l., M.A., L.K., LG., G.M., A.B., LB., H.G., A.F., K.F., l.E., C.L., D.D., M.B. Baseball, 10,11,12, All Star, 11,12, Football, 10,11,12, President Varsity Club, 12, Vice President Varsity Club, 11 Karen T. Smith 306 Sumner Street Cutler Weeks To my firends, Lisa, Peg, Ben, Paula, Sue, the "Cady," Don, my junior summer, Wolfies, Store 24, 128, 55 Chevy, Old Colony, the lake, R.F.ks, vans, Pittman arm, Angelo's, and especially-my Tunder and Chris and the good times. 'I Cf Ia .,' .Smal '00'OoO 00000 o'o ,',,...s of ' 0. .x'.'o' . f o'U Mark B. Sostek 1430 Beacon Street Goodwin HGILLISTAT Z" Weeks "lt matters not what you are thought to be but what you are, in actuality." Thanks to EEL, C.K., COOL D.A., l.G., K.B., BOLA 81 KEDA, D.G. I'll always remember, New Ro- chelle, Sunday Football Games, and Cambridge '75' Political Science Club, Model Congress, French Club Ruthann S. Sparrow 15 Homestead Street Goodwin "Ruth" Weeks Marc S. Spector 110 Oak Hill Street Goodwin Meadowbrook Farewell to the men, we shall be together again. Good times down the Cape., Trips to Conne- ticut and New York, my almost trip to Vermont, Nights at South, the the Doors, and the little girl. Special thanks to my parents and all my friends. Later Slater. Basketball, 1,2,3, Wendy Stearns 46 Van Roosen Road Wheeler Meadowbrook "An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest" Very special thanks to: M.F., P.S., S.G., R.L., Franklir and all old my true friends l'll always remember l.W., LS., M.V., B.B., NEFTY, BAYGL, ON STAGE and every- one else who's helped me grow, the good times in South, The Ground Round, my surprise par- ty, etc . . Robyn Dana Stiller 21 lune Lane Cutler Meadowbrook Though we travel the world over to find the beautiful, We must carry it with us or we will find it not. - Emerson Thanks to my friends and most of all thanks to my parents for giv- ing me love, understanding and everything. Richard Kent Steffens 169 Allerton Road Wheeler Weeks "Today, Tomorrow is Yester- day," Good times with Cumma, Bob W., B.C., T.l., Ed's House-D- Block-lr. Year, T-Ville, The R0- tary, and everyone down there. New Year's Eve of "74" with Bill, Ross, Etc. Hey guys, "Let's go doupin." And the cafe Michael Eric Steinberg 20 Drew Road Goodwin Meadowbrook A-V Media Center Laura Stachel 140 Dickcrman Road Goodwin Brookline Don't it seem like time goes on and here we are still carrying on Reaching out for one another . . . Goodbye don't mean I'm gone. .X Bradley l. Stern 19 lacobs Terrace Cutler "Doc" Meadowbrook "Be whatever you want to be, but above all be yourself." Farewell to the men, we shall be together again. Duke, Rolls, Lyle, Sherm, Dan, Shwartzie, Marc, thanks to the Spoiler, Florence and Marcia, the Esplanade, C. block, Sundays, Alky in the after- noon, unforgetable memories. Hockey, 1,2,3 Susan Beth Stockman 4 Pine Crest Road Goodwin Weeks Teach your parents well Their children's hell Will slowly go by And so become yourself because the past is just a good- bye - Neil Young Elizabeth Charna Stone 303 Greenwood street Cutler "Beth" Meadowbrook "Old friends, Memory brushes the same years, Silently sharing the same fears Special appreciation to Donna and Michael Imy T.B.l who've grown with me You know how I feel. INPII And to the rest - thanks for helping under- stand happiness. D.P. - Fine, thank you, and you? fi 1' Paul Sudman 'I43 Wiswall Road Goodwin "Suds" Meadowbrook I'll never forget my days at New- ton South, Sept. 10th, Nov. 2nd, lan. 15th, April 5th. Dec. 13th the best day in my life. The clutch is still chattering, Bob, Time to take the clutch out of the Sudsmobile again. Where's my Tornado? All my love to Su- san R. Erica R. Sussman 26 Locksley Road Goodwin Weeks ls it so small a thing To have enjoy'd the sun, To have liv'd light in the spring To have lov'd, to have thought, to have done? Matthew Arnold f2""'7' if Y-vi Carol Beth Sugarman 71 Redwood Road Goodwin "Shugs" A Meadowbrook " Yesterday is but a Dream and Tomorrow is only a Vision, but Today well-lived makes ev- ery Yesterday a Dream of Happi- ness, and every Tomorrow a Vi- sion of Hope ..." Special thanks to my friends, SEA, and those at Naomi. 5 A47 2-4 -. I .fl rx . Diane Sullivan 93 Halcyon Road A Goodwin Weeks My best friend, Terese. Martha's Vineyard. Standard. All the Stu- kas. Smoke a bone. Tree, Rock. Cliff Branch, N.H. Canada '74, Leibfraumilche, Ash Trays, THE FOURTH FLOOR! Chives - "You look like B.D." Concerts. "Got a knife?" "It's a mirror!" Cheryl oooooh, Sue? W.l. Camp! "Tissue anyone?" Roy, Dave George friends. Nancy - luck. Let's go down the cape! ,4- I' M. - Ruth L. Stranahan 72 Cottage Street Cutler "Ruthie" Meadowbrook "I don't now what the future is holding in store, I don't know where I'm going, I'm not sure where I've been. There's Spirit that guides me, a Light that shines for me, My life is worth the living, I don't need to see the end," - john Denver 'NJLA Eileen Frances Sullivan 85 Thurston Road Goodwin "Sully" Meadowbrook Never Forget: leanne, Debbie, IT, IS, IS, PR, PR, PH, T-ville, The Cafe, IC, and all the great kids from there. PG and SB. Mac's, ROR. Swingin' Swifts 74, 75 Nor- man, lohn, Vroom, Vroom! LG and MIWY. NBMSCDM, Thanks for being there, Dad, thanks for taking the place of two. Sarah L. Swenson 144 Ridge Avenue Goodwin Weeks Wendy-Ho, joshua, Dorothy Hansberry, Allison, Mick. haven't I always been your danc- er? the Heavyweight and Were Thine, Billy's Waltz, Babe and Little Wing, The Quickie and very specially, The Second Dancer From Stage Right. Wom- en Unite. in-' 'ltr' 1 if Susan Swig 188 Arnold Road Cutler "Mousie" Meadowbrook Friendship is like goldg it's too valuable for words. l'll never forget "His and Hers", and Almost Nantasket Beach Summer of '75. A very special thanks to LM., l'll never forget her. Thanks also to LR., V.M., D.G., l.D., R.S., and P.K. Thanks to my family for caring. Frank I. Tarantino 12 Cushing Street Wheeler Weeks Football, 3 Wrestling, 1,2,3 La- crosse, 2,3 "If we cannot end now our dif- ferences, at least we can help make the world safe for diversi- ty. For, in the final analysis, our most basic common link is that we all breathe the same air And we are all mortal." john Kennedy Sandrea Neelayne Taylor 104 Roundwood Road Cutler "Sindi" Meadowbrook "lf you want something very much, You must let it go free, If it doesn't come back it wasn't yours to begin with but if it does, Love it forever." Special love to wonderful par- ents, two brothers, and a sister. I leave Newton South my brother Stuart. Good Luck! Peter A. lennant 33 Brewster Road Wheeler "Crash" Weeks Good-Bye to Newton South, "Forever". Never forget the Falls. Hanging out front, lois's, Back parking lot, And Ham- mond, Always remember my Ac- cidents, '72 Valiant. Good-Bye to Fonzie, Don and the White Mountains. My mechanic Bill, Leroy, Rudy, Rick, Doug, john, Allen, Kevin, The Girls. Never forget the cafe and T-ville kids Robin jill Tapper 57 Levbert Road Goodwin Meadowbrook "But if in your thoughts You must measure time into seasons, Let each season encircle all the other seasons, And let today em- brace the past with remem- brance And the future with longing." Thanks to my special freinds. 'QQ '1 Elisabeth Anne Talis 227 Lincoln Street Cutler "Liese" Weeks A great man is one who has not lost his child's heart. julie B. Tarsky 75 Haynes Road Goodwin Meadowbrook Thanks - I P., LE., C.B., M.H., D.C., S.H., R.L., B.I., GD., N.K., especially R.C. You're great! Big girls don't cry, '71 You maniac S.H., l.P. and the clothesline! I'm the babysitter, what do you want? It's raining, get the sham- poo, '74. To you know who, I love you! Thanks Mom and Dad. Ellen Tercyak 84 Ridge Avenue Wheeler Weeks Eo Dawn Theodorou 4 Kippy Drive Cutler Weeks The best things in life come when you least expect them. Never forget: CBCBGOMW- SPECIFCCDCLMBH, V - par- ties, games cruising, New Years Eve, Summer '75, Many loughs, the corner, cafe, Nantasket, Shrewsbury, Lexington, . . . Get- ting there was half the fun. It's been real! Balcy - Thanks for being there. l'll always remem- ber that special someone. Sheila Thomas 220 Langly Road Wheeler Weeks Benjamin Theodore Touchstone 21 Terrace Avenue Wheeler "Ted" Weeks Feel the wind at your back Feel the ocean mist blowing in your face Hear the ocean roar till early summer night Hear the song blowing in the early summer breeze lust be glad you are free, put a smile on your face And go and search for your freedom. . H . . 'fg 3 1' 17 L '- Z 'I I , -' -.'. V . T' Nancy Deborah Tichbnor 104 Country Club Road Cutler Meadowbrook "l shall be telling this with a sigh Somewhere ages and ages hence: Two roads diverged in a wood, and I - I took the one less traveled by, And that has made all the difference." Rob- ert Frost Michael Thomas 907 Chestnut Street Goodwin Roth Amy Ruth Tighe 80 Dedham Street Cutler "TANSTAAFL" Weeks "If men knew how to live he would not die." There's algae growing on the rocks There's algae growing in our socks There's algae growing in our pools There's algae growing near and fahr But the worst of all is alge-bra!!! Solid? Girls Room, 10,11 Pres. 12 lohn I. Tornabene 9 Walsh Road Wheeler "lack" Meadowbrook l'll always remember all the good times in the cafe, Initiation, Doo- pin' in the back parking lot. All the guys from T-ville - B.G., S.C., G.M., LX., P.A., LG., D.S., l.D., P.D., M.M., 1.S., P.D. l'll never forget S.D. Nancie Trehub 289 Cypress Street Cutler Weeks i do my thing, and you do your thing. i am not in this world to live up to your expectations, and you are not in this world to live up to mine. you are you, and i am i. and if by chance we find each other, it's beautiful. F.S.P. 6 ,...,u ,. ,aj 13 .:'.-1 f ,- vfp., . ff,:.' ,f , . .--55' ' QA-sy-s pr- .P 113 ,Z fc.. - -5"-Er. df - .,u . -6. ty' Cynthia Vasil 3 Carrer Road Goodwin "Cindy" Weeks "Forget your troubles and just get happy , . " l'Il always remember the great times l've shared with all my friends and teachers. Thanks to Peggy, and the gang for fantastic times like Camp Vass. Special thanks to Mr. Amer, and all my love to 1ill, someone I'll never forget. Hey, Red. S.W.A.M.P.S. 1an Waalewyn 133 Waban Avenue Goodwin Warren LG Warren, the Barn 111, Big Guy, Bobo. "The harder the contest the more glorious the triumph." Hockey,10,11, 12 Captain, Soc- cer, 12, Lacrosse, 11,12 IF, NM, MOKE, CM, MMO, LK, GM, EA, BW, RM, 1G, CR, MB, IF. Clare IT, NG, FD, DS, RF, KD, EA, AF, KF, SS, EF, BP. Nancy Marian Ward 49 Cragmore Road Cutler Weeks Swim Team, 1,2,3 Prom Commit- tee. "1udge people as they are, not as you expect them to be." A friend is never forgotten - ET, CB's, GO, CG, SP, SF, CW, L1, EC, 1F, SB, PSLPR, SL, IM, ES, WF. 1.1.1. The Corner 111 Games, Raid, Defeat parties. T-Ville 8. every- one else that made these three fantastic years. Laughter - Spirit - Good luck class '77. X . ' ' X ' Q . . . x . .4 I s.. 13 1"-' f. is-S." uk' Keith Washington 26 Mallon Road Cutler Weeks To the athletic department, "lt was cool." Fellow Seventy-Sixers, "We're out of school." Our N.S.H.S. years have past Brothers and Sisters, "We're free at last." B.S.U. students Push forward and strive Be alive Our presence must be felt The cards dealt Be your own individual Let your flame shine eternal. 1rNI U? Cheryl Weiner 156 Arnold Road Goodwin Meadowbrook "Don't you feel a change a coming From another side of time, Breaking down the walls of silence Lifting shadows from your mind Placing back the missing mirrors That before you couldn't find Filling mysteries of emptiness That yesterday left behind." Cat Stevens l I I I I Lyle Viselman I 30 Winston Road Goodwin I Meadowbrook I You know I was having lots of I fun There are lots of people I owe my thanks Instead of my stupid little pranks Farewell to the MEN We will be together again Dream On, The Doors, Stranger's Thanks to special parents Jocelyn Wallace 6 Summer Street Wheeler Meadowbrook Dana Howard Weisman 120 Harwich Road Wheeler "They say the world is spinning around, I say the world is upside down" Cruising in the71 I Howard Sumner Weiss 50 Andrew Street Goodwin Meadowbrook "Laughter is the shortest dis- tance between two people." Always remember to keep things in their proper perspective. My thanks to everyone. Mary Kathleen Welch 7 Newbury Terrace Cutler "Though we travel the world over to find the beautiful We must carry it with us or we find it not" I will always remember my three best friends - Lisa, Sue, and Sue - who filled my world with their light. Mom and Dad thanks for ever- ything. KK- 1. Stephen Mark Werther 84 Carlton Road Wheeler Warren "Today is the tomorrow that I worried about yesterday." Thanks to the Gang for all the good times and Lotsa Luck. To Sheryl, for the past three years you've been a very special part of my life, you'll always mean the most to me. Nancy Wiener 21 Chestnut Street Goodwin Meadowbrook "Oh, you weak, beautiful people who give up with such grace. What you need is someone to take hold of you - gently, with love, and hand your life back to you." Tennessee Williams "On ne voit bien quxavec le coeur. L'essentiel est invisible pour les yeux." St. Exupery J,!i YM' ll - y- K Emily Grace Wiggin 287 Waban Avenue Cutler "Wig" Warren "So there's a lotta sense in livin' When the world we know starts givin' And we can spread our wings some sunny day And fly away But till we all fly together What sense does it make?" LF.: Pink Blue Green, Thursday Morning Ritual The Door, L'At- tic, AF, Ml, YPF. Ann Wekstein 20 Meadowbrook Road Cutler Meadowbrook "Children should be obscene and not heard." Cheryl Marie Wenning T0 Manchester Road Cutler Weeks "The most useless day of all is that in which we have not laughed." Never forget: Q28, GGR, Camp Vass! Summer 75 - 7f29f75 - Patty's Pool - going WACKY BACKY with PL, Pl, KI. Woolfiesl BC Sub, PR, MR, MW, 2 Bones, MAA. Thanks to my family, friends and PL - who's very spe- cial. Eric Winer 55 Lovett Road Goodwin "Duke" Meadowbrook Farewell to the men, we'll be to- gether again. The Cape, Con- necticut, and all the great times at South. Thanks to Sherm, Doc, Lyle, Spec, Dan, and Swartzy. Good times are easy to come by with good friends. Krowsing, the doors, Rocky Brewster, and the "TICKER" Basketball, I, Il if l 'Nia' I 'tall I I I " ' Ioanne A. Wise 241 Greenwood Street Goodwin "Io" Meadowbrook "I have my freedom, but I don't have much time" Stones DIC, H20 ski, Bg-T, cannon, TH, Comolo vs. cong. L8tL, Andy, MX! sa treejam Berm, mex. S 1 Plush Stones! lfitsl Babsjerwhiz. Varsity Swim Team, 1,2,3, Ski Team, 2,3 'Still I'm gonna miss you! 1' Danny Wisel 28 Olde Field Road Goodwin Meadowbrook "Time is like a jet plane, it moves too fast But what a shame that all we've shared can't last" B. Dylan I can't believe we did it! Or did we? 'Till' William Bradford Wright Gary H. Wyner 10 Hinckley Road 15 Bound Brook Road Goodwin "Bill" Wheeler "Wino" Weeks Meadowbrook "If music be the food of love, "Those who know do not talk play on." Shakespeare and talkers do not know" Swim Team, 11, 12. Selena Wong 57 Floral Street Wheeler "Those school girls day, of clos- ing books and long last looks must end, but in my mind, I know that they still live on and on." I will always remember Laura, Suzy, Steven, Doug, and Ieannie. You all have been so great to me. Pamela Iean Wood 22 Hyde Street Cutler "Pam" Weeks Stage Crew, 1,2,3, Swim Team, 1 "I'Il be damn! We all pulled through To think of all the crazy things we wanted to do It may sound silly but I tell you it's real The older I get, a whole lot bet- ter I feel." Holly Near Thanks friends! George Triantafylos Xypteras 54 Maplewood Avenue Goodwin "Greek" Weeks Always remember - T-Ville, The CAF - Dupin' with IT, DS, IS, TI and the rest of the gang - PD, PD, ID, CM, IG, SC, LG, GM, RS, PA, BX, IX, Bl, PB, BT, TB, SF, IL, PFC-DP, IH, SD, CD, VF, IT, IS, ES, RAZZ. THANKS LX,TX CAF, 1,2,3 Ioyce Elizabeth Young 20 Winter Street Cutler Meadowbrook "Beloved, let us love one an- other, for love is from God and everyone who loves is born of God and knows God." I Iohn 4:7 Much love to: Ruthie, Ellen- fLynn, Donna, Billy, and my fam- ily. Mother, Daddy, and Fred, I love you! God bless Newton South. joel T. Zecher 28 Louise Road Goodwin Meadowbrook Actus non facit reum, nisi mens sit rea. "Those who dream by day are cognizant of many things which escape those who dream only by night." Edgar Allen Poe David Aaron Zonderman 30 Marvin Lane Cutler "Bozo" "Zips" "Zondy" Meadowbrook I Debra Lynn Zussman 25 Baldpate Hill Road Goodwin "Debbie" Meadowbrook March 15, 1975. Cape - S 81 L Larz A. R 81 M. Lovin' you Mike 'lwhax lies behind us, and what lies ahead of us are just tiny matters compared to what lies within us " SENIORS WITHCUT PICTURES Christopher M. Arthur Wheeler Kevin Battle Goodwin Stephen C. Bibbo Wheeler Edward C. Cataldo Goodwin Robert G. Chalukian Cutler Roni C. Cunningham Wheeler Armando P. Delcampo Wheeler loann M. Delicata Wheeler Sandra L. Dolph Wheeler Anita Duggan Cutler Richard L. Erba Goodwin jonathan A. Fox Cutler Philip Frawley Cutler Ricardo A. Freeth Wheeler Larry Giorgio Wheeler Sharon Hartwich Goodwin Rogers V. Howard Cutler Matthew E. Howell Cutler Amy D. Kerzner Wheeler Mark A. Kerzner Wheeler loanne C. Lawrence Wheeler David Wai-King Lam Goodwin Steven P. Liebman Cutler Christine A. Lombardi Cutler james H. Martin III Goodwin Deborah E. Miranda Wheeler Michael I. Mosca Cutler Paul 1. Owens Goodwin Robert l. Rabinowitz Cutler Steven Rosenthal Cutler Andrea Rufo Goodwin Steven G. Saklad Wheeler Eva M. Sandnes Cutler Thomas R. Shepherd Goodwin Franklin T. Silcott Goodwin Kim Springer Cutler Daniel D. Staples Goodwin Deborah E. Stoppe Cutler Rand Sutphin Cutler Dianne M. Tabor Cutler Ronnie R. Thompson Wheeler Roberta A. Wamboldt Cutler Elizabeth L. Wool Wheeler Donna M. Young Wheeler 'TJ' I 4 la P' .. .. YW- M7941 -.--4...--.1. -0 .a -fig!! 'P' I gfdmyn, ,9,,J,y: ,fum-am 3-trip'-'-W' W X ' ' ' A, X -ii i 5 y 1 :84 f33,v1 'ff is .. 'a,!', ' T5 A Mi, . ' "nw "' I. i' 1.51 . .' 5 YU! X E:-uv. I N I Y ru ' f O Y 46 - -,. 9 .. 1. ' -n fyff' I. if -1 r .fi I I qy --f 3 ln L 'S Z X , i H -- -,,-'-Q A , ' flip- . - q 1.1 4,113- J, I ,I ,iz vi ii Ya V , J . X .A flafx . .5 l ,Q-ggi .4 g .W M iw , ' ' M Y . f . ,..,51f"' ig. if ,. 1 U , Q 1 Q' -J :,. .. 1 1 x.f.Jf"':, WA HJ 'Tv' iii, S11 'Wi'- 4 4 41 C' if if THE STAFF OF REGULUS 1976 WISHES TO THANK ITS SPONSORS Anonymous Anonymous Mr. and Mrs. Donald Baird Mr. and Mrs. Berzon Miss Lisa Blackman Dr. and Mrs. Lewis Braverman Dr. and Mrs. Nelson Butters Anita and Kenny Cohen Mr. and Mrs. Sheldon Cohen Mr. and Mrs. Louis Conviser Dr. and Mrs. Ernest Davidow Mr. and Mrs. Henry Demichele Mr. and Mrs. Ben Edelston Mr. and Mrs. Sheldon Feinstein Mr. and Mrs. j.B. Feldman Miss Holly Fertel Dr. and Mrs. Robert Filler Dr. and Mrs. jerome Fischbein Mrs. Robert Fraser Mr. and Mrs. Sumner Frim Mr. and Mrs. Richard Giesser Mr. and Mrs. james Goodman Mr. jeffrey Gordon Mr. and Mrs. Henry Green Mr. and Mrs. Max Greenbaum Hammonds's Contemporary Furniture Mrs. Dorothy Hansberry Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Henken Miss Karel Holbik Mr. and Mrs. jackson Miss Stephanie Kahn Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Kamowitz Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Dr. and Mrs. Dr. and Mrs. Dr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs Harvey L. Keller Allan Knopf Krane Otto Lerbinger William Less Kenneth Levey Sam Liberfarb Benjamin Lipson jerome Lipson . William Mackarey Mr. jim Martin Ms. jessie McChesney On Stage Mr. and Mrs. Charles Panagacos Paperback Booksmith and Musicsmith Mr. and Mrs. Irwin Parness Mr. and Mrs. Paul Mr. and Mrs. Ed Pieters Mr. Otis B. Robinson Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Daniel Ryter Stanlake Sankange . james Schivek . Philip Shapiro judge and Mrs. Arthur Sherman Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Small Herbert Stearns . Richard F. Steffens . Richard Steinberg Mr. Norman Swerling Miss Lisa Wilson Mr. and Mrs. Gardner Wood Mr. and Mrs. David Zussman x A x HAIR REPLACEMENT CENTERS REGIONAL CLINIC: 1238 BOYLSTON STREET CHESTNUT HILL, MASSACHUSETTS 02167 M.lluClI3Clnk EOE? SAVINGS Growing with Newton or Over 145 Years A Good Place to Work Phone: 965-7500 L. E. GORDON . Qoweh, 1169 CENTRE ST. NEWTON CENTRE. MASS. 02159 PHILIP ANASTASIA TEL 244 7750 CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 76 CO I RADIO ANU TELEVISION SALES AND Ssnv it DR. AND MRS. 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LEATHER WORLD 30A LANCLEY ROAD NEWTON CENTRE Fine Luggage, Leather Goods, Gifts, Handbags Restaurant Eating and Drinking 75 UNION STREET FR -SAT TT AM 11 M CAFE TOPO MON.-THURS. 11 A M T1 P M 1 NEWTON CENTRE SUN, 5 P N1 1130 P NI The Shaving Mug 1211 CENTRE ST., NEWTON 332-8392 Oils Water Colors Acrylics Easels Brushes Canvas Batik leather Craft Macrame looms Beads Symmography Enameling Hobby Kits Instant Paper Mache Decoupage Decals Styrofoam Handmade Papers Science Kits Graphic Arts Supplies Buy Your BUICK in Newton 332-6519 NEWTON BUICK COMPANY 371 WASHINGTON ST. NEWTON, MASS. CROWLEY'S OFFICE SUPPLIES BUS' phone - LA 7,7150 Stationery, School Supplies ROBERT L. DWYER aaa WALNUT smear NEw1oNv1nE as 1152 - 1153 NEWTON CENTRE MUSIC SHOP 839 Beacon Street N t C I ,M .O2T59 SELTZERS GARDEN CITY mc. QW on f3"2,'f578aS5 FLORISTS AND NURSERYMEN Records, Tapes, 1 FLORENCE STREET coR. 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CHESTNUT HILL, MASS. 734-1700 11:30 A.M. - 2:00 A.M. CHINESE FOOD AT ITS BEST CARB drug the modern apothecary 1217 Centre St NEWTON CENTRE MASS DECATUR 2 49CD CRAMER ELECTRONICS Leadrng dlstrlbutors of electronrc components to Industry Wlshrng the best to the class of 76 Newton South Hugh School C fame I' CRAMER ELECTRONICS INC 85 WELLS AVENUE NEWTON MASS 02159 Our most Important component rs servlce . . , , . r. 1 ,gf u V " " N ' r o'. ' ,. I "RW -R '. . ' I ,, ,w x . . . W . . , ', . "' u ru. Y 1 K' 1' I' ' ' Q' f . . . , l x -4..,y! .,. 5: n .. "9 1 1 - 1 5 u J. . 4 . 5 4' Ml ,VI Vx can .' ' f.-Wo". L , !,. A 4 '. 1 A 1- ' JL, ',u11lH' 5 ...O W L . 7 Q -'Ae' 3 5 am ,. ., '. 'I Q I' a . 0 -I, L4 . v , v v Al L I 'lu lg. " 1 . "JA 'fn .in , K 1 Q , IM A 5 Q. f . . rl vt .4 53 ' H if l 1 - " '1 ' .E-, , ' 'A . Q .. I t " ' .' 'I 4 ,Q5 lf' ' I - ,. 1 . . Y ' "r , 'ez af 5, ' 19" .. - -xr 'sf 4- . A . ', I 1 A i .. E. ' - 'fhifr' -V' , Q ' x , 'f- x an Q ' ' .-' fly 1 " -W ' ' a - . 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Suggestions in the Newton South High School - Regulus Yearbook (Newton, MA) collection:

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