Newton South High School - Regulus Yearbook (Newton, MA)

 - Class of 1975

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Newton South High School - Regulus Yearbook (Newton, MA) online yearbook collection, 1975 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 216 of the 1975 volume:

- y 5 1 . ' X J lx I 'tl i 's N S P Kult: ff .,0 0 Q . Q 0' Q K " - I"-x 'U S at aux' Q If 4 ,ln A I 5.1 u I D 0 - Q ' . A' ' ' - 0 -- - - . - '- 4 'Q r -if 1' ' 5 A ' ,TIS 'f' fi 'gf-can I N '81 o-Ri'-" ,J . g", . M 4 I hkg W wx.. ,QD .'. 1, tv ' . ,P ,,.: -l ' . ' c--ag, , n 13" '44, o , . ' .' 5' P. Qi' ', ,. N4 s o l 'v M' 1 1 'L gl M' in" 'riff' 7- ' 5, 'dv F-in QQJATX "- 'w' Q Q O 1 5' r, 5- ' ' , 1 L . 'K 5 gin .4 ' W ' 0+ 4' ' 'E ! T . . . " 4-iff-, '.'-r , JJ,-4 .--v 41,5 QW -- . . w fa "4Y""'1' ""'+. " ' ' ' '- Nfh '55 ' X 'fw H Vx Ap, .R .1.,', .' ,J ' ' ' ':'. .t 'B "Is " 'V 1 ""'O .' rw, 9' J' -,'?'v". s,"s- . Q 'ln' F ,.ii,f?f:- . . ' ai' A xp ma FAS! u R 7 . b? . Qilk . , 1. " : .' 'iw 83759. f z ' bw M' .5 -' f- ' nr 4' . .4 fu Y' ' -W -ff? 'Qin - K1 .- " U, o -J, 09.1 , ' F' 4 4 , . , ,' I-' ' 0 is ah' 6' Q., , Us flf ,- 'Ls-H. -s., 1 lb A' . .4 1,1 Ndzfnur' , vb l ' j Et., .ff-J-1' fp' if "5 3121- 2? iw- 5 3'gJ-Q ' I-. 'YQ ii IK I fl 1 A Y -I Q f' 0 ' Q I O ' ,. I , H99-,Q . i' 1 ', 03,34 If M , 'W 1 - ,Ll Kg. 'tm' I 's' ' ' ' .Q Y' 'V "-:V " . V: 5' M Q - "c'S 'Fw ' o 1 ' . I. , . '4 ' . ' ' ' ' '. 5. Qu I "5 W. P 3 , M' , I If I' P 0 'A I' mu it .M U . far. .Nas : . ., F :fin ' 5 4 'ly " A gf '-L4 , VR lv 'gb 44' 6 3, WJLNQ1, K .I A - 1 a '- 0 3. 5 6:91 5:41 kg a I 5 ' I r S iff ' . .f ' 'm-r Sf 'f v f.- 4' swath . s r V A 'A , i, 4' I J, 'W .J A pw 'I . 4 :E 5' uf' :f -mf'-fe x ' ."5"sif'. E" 1 'Q - 1-H. ' - "4' 'J A " " 1 '-Q .. 0 ' -JJ' I - v 0 ' fa. U . y - U .--ev Q - . 0 4 Q J. - is . x .I N E 1 pf n -r".9 .11 Q 'M' ' K x "sw - ' 4 ss' .Ni-Q fha- iv. + - "N 9,'g Q MJ ' U 3 ' , Q57 Q 'lt .6 .l"' ' " if . if kk!! f ff 5 af. 'Q' .I , 0 sie' QP'-Q 4 lb o . lx... A I .LVN , ?' 9 , gala' as. 5- 2 'V ' 1 ,A " ky -, o -A I ., ,Q ' . ,x ,o oz.. '. .fpy ' if Q '- fo k 54" 1'?t31-r"2NI .gfq M in u 5 ' V' Q "mg, ,1lJ6?M' ' Q I A-'W W QNX ., J , 'az H . is . 4 - " A5 O fgu QQ W qw ""Vf' N A . ' ' , i x , ' 5aff33fffF'T fs- -'Y-t-375' ' sf' 'Q' A3 AT' 4 . . t , 01? 1 ' 0 , :Q . '99, x'?'-I . he - Q e 14,1 sig P jj! 'ng ' -.,3, ?2!:E if 'ALJ' L! I "fLQ,f,e '-if 1 -.v 4 W MPX 29 R K C- ,ffircrn N' pf: J o " 'Wk 'W ':ff?-2 -5-N -... .-". 1. 1 ' ' - ' . , .., , . , -, . . . , Y, , . ' - Ng 'al'-rgkvz, 4 gn: ,, Q,-.QMQIJ i ,--- .-QI.. ,rm R -W? -ff-,v--av , F '--- '15 - ,V - -f,,- Y- - - ,, -c . ""x- 4- Q ...,. . . . , , .-.Z N - 1- - , 4 H - .. ',- J. ' ,,.,.. .. -1-, ... 'N . . ' "'- ' - " """', AJ... , i,N, v , Q ..-.., rf- Q ,, ,U 'f' r - V .. V . AL-gx I. ' " , -, ,..,. .W , ,, V 3.-. 5 - V. ..-. A, u,.- Lg as- - ..--.Q X 7' .L "Q ,Q -gn I . . .A sl-4 N I. f ' twist Ae." ,., .,,,Q.,d:b-Q x 1" YWQP 1 1 'A 6 -531, flu Y-vjb P s 'Q V-: I' 5, 3 1- 'ns' 9 . it "" t Q I- I f 4 f A -5 - . INK 3,2 Q: I 5 1" ' .AL I J. . ' , . qfztr' 'V' ll 11 I. , ,- ' Q- Af- pin'- 4.1. I . A '..,g jf f'f'-- 4'-.-xg:-"fray, .-i,3i-jk?-ji.'r:f, EUETS'-'7' fi' " , , , anzgq W- r:-.,. I ,-- ar. 'gg ' , 'U f - -au 1" -0--L. f A-'I' ' gf' + ad sf- f. J'l2?v'5 - af- 5 . - - 'w D- Q . K .Ia - pa. ....!. Qltns - Q IN THE BEGINNING was the mist and the dust and the dream. And I heard a voice ...calling to me from the midst of my awareness saying Who are you? And I said I am Z" A ,, .D . ,, ,. .x . n..v:.-...Q .pw 7 lillllil -"U5+H'- ry-R a-1. I. 'S e ,af-'14, .Hams M' And he said Who are you? And I said I am . . . And he said Who are you? And I said: lAM...l Tl 9 H U .4 - fi v 2 W ff . 'I YS x X 4 5 . I say that I accept the way I am but do I accept it so fully that I am willing to act on it- to actually act the way I am? 'D S- Y' s-53,44 r -r.-av .f V , I spend an inordinate amount of time looking for something to do, looking for ways to become whole, when all the while my organism, God, or whatever one wants to call it, is ticking away and all I need do is stay with the rhythm. J uupunllr 15,1111 1 a w QA5 I aa as ' Y!!! sf H 1:1 W When I hold myself back, I trade appearances for the op- portunity to find out what I am like. .1- ,w. " ' - ' - ' . s ' e 'Q' lp '-5 -3 gpnttui-. ' f ' 'Fr' wsu! - e-qv lf ' f"'f--H -1. t . . O . . , 4: -, fi 'I in ., Q.. lt .- 4 is Q an l 5' l no 'fag Q. :JQIDNQ . . I- .V . 5 Q N lg' nfs, Q xl ' ' ,. X Bs' 1 " "N,,,,,.... , H if -,Q M , un au -,E-. . 1 ' .. , .-U' 4 37" ' by I ' 'gf' f- - -ff-sfffi-.-' -' 1- H 4 I A I. ' Q -I Q, Q ' L , he Q. ' In Q 3 K 1 . . D x, I -"-:' ::'1.a wr 45 p I rv. xi if , F , X -A Q., I. 1 f ' " -1 It's this simple: If I never try anything, I never learn anything. If I never take a risk, I stay where I am. But life is not the single lane. All the lanes are in me. I can look back now and see how so many of my difficulties resulted from the one-eyed way I chose to march. 1' W' 1 D l .J . lj V . ,' 'X Q .. If - 3 i A v X1 E ' 1slC I I ' 1 , X sv X A g 5 : f ' i I ' F' ' - ' , 9 I do not see growth as a procedure which locates "the real me"g I look at it more as a process whereby I become aware of other aspects of myself which are equally as "real" as the familiar me. va. . if Q xjl ff ' . ,' V l y, I W ' pup 5 . s.. by lxs s q""T3- 4'-ivv War'-1 bhp-nb ia.-. 7? 'kg 4 SV -1 X' xX 1 I' 'ft ,..4.. J f QL, , 'TK 1 LA , .' . ' A "3 " . - ff' ' ,A Q 5 60 I 'V .-7,9 .- ,, .- all-we , 1' PE - . N A ff A " " LN 1' 3 1- 1 f',-L-q?7"17'f"' - .,. 4 -L V Y "ggi ' Nfvv 1: - ' Q 1' X ,Q A -' A , Q 'ff' I 'I ,58 4 nf 'Y' at 5 W ' -5-.lm SQ.,...,f.N v MTA I + ' N 1 rv A f x , M. f ". --1' .2 - i-". 'N .15 fn' 3. 'g ., - A. 'e-f JN ' l. V- ma' ' , ' 4 W' ' EQ . .sf N .. .gNj'.-"vi ' J-X 4 ! 5 7 "1 FY' 1 ' 2- .'.1,. ,. 'Q- v ' , 1. '21 - :AN I, ' 'Au .L .S X ,inrxh F - 2, ! .hr I Yu.: . 'LS . K . l 1 ' ' x - .Q -e. . ,. - . + '-. 'Z If . t Z 91, D 'I L 1 I think of the process of "being real" as the shuttling of my attention between a feeling and an appearance, between inside and acting-out at any moment I am free to act on any dimly felt and long neglected part of me: p,:j'r:z'1:g'f,aLfi--I , , Q ap,- Q Qs , 3 be a ham, be strong, flirt, cry, be totally silly, dance, play peek-a-boo or to stick out my tongue rf'.i'f"' " ,. 'xi ! I I-1 K ts, Qs ra ix Q' 31.382 Q32-S' 1 X 1- , 4-, rg' ," 1' ' Us--I-. 'Q l 'US But I am Influenced I am ever Influenced Cause and effect have no stopping polnt Everythmg I do touches everything else I do not Ilve In a vacuum together wrth my Intentions I am a relatlonshrp it Q, Fr o I Y -0, "' W lfm Nil 'x . X N I ' ' 5 5 ... Q.. . ' . . 0 g M , 4 D Z l --q U ' 2 I t I4 I 1 , - he r lx X , .1 f R Yr gf e- v N- , I , , D J A sh. g A. 'Aff .g ' . 1 I lu ' ,A ' h ' K 3 W A' I 4 3 ' i 4 - N 1 N T I Y mf - ' t' I - ff- F- "ig I ' ff'1.Q"3', 'A . J . a 0 : A 9- g -1. I I do not stay the same. What I just intended is in the past. This is not a lack of resolvep it is the way life flows: Always a new painting, Always a new me. in Q is -Q. . - .., 'f' 43' Living without pressure - without putting it on myself or others - without allowing others to put it on me. Living without strings, or selling, or charming, or kidding into compliance, or manipulating through niceness or threat- ened anger. Standing in the face of silence, and threats and expectations, and misunderstandings - 3 F' , IQ Tw ,S 'i...'!!"' S45 K. ,. I , 9. K.- V ,,, x.1'.'--Q" ' I-4f9l.1311,V-: .4 vii. 1 ,X YJ: M NJ. .y , U Q ff.. f 5 -, 4-l -.. , . .1 ,. - 45' rr' u. ' I n , A '4 ,7 Q Q . yi 0- X lg X f ,f .-"' 'ff o Q? 2 'K I standing and gently saying, "No thank you, l'II be myself." . -.1. V' - ' , , B 5 gunxl .x -. - ,.+JfS ax" 5-'Q-Y ' xv' iff' f ,1 ,.. "9 va-1 ' H '32 'S . ,.a. a KN ', 'xiwbg .L sy! , -J faq-: lx, . an 1 V I ' 'x Fiat.-dz -new ' 5.101945 I9 .wg i as i li Siobhan McNally, Editor-in-Chief 'i Audrey Daum, Assistant to the Editor lay Palmer, Copy Editor Ill regulus "vig Ira Weinrnan, Business Manager Rhonda Boris, Literary Editor Larry Croipen, Features Editor ti tv' lane Pritzker, Circulation Editor 4 , X '-s...,r Cindy Kougeas, Data Editor Lisa Martin, Publicity Editor i I, K fu? X NQx.f Sue Fisher, Art and Layout Editor Ellen Band, Proofreading Editor Q I Steve Cartinkle, Co-Photography Editor l Donna Lanes, Assistant Art and Layout Meg Hurley, Girls' Sports Editor Mark Shuster, Boys' Sports Editor Editor Diana Kif5lW9n, C0'PlW0t08f3DlW Brian Levey, Advertising Editor Editor ' David Friedlander, Assistant Photography Editor . ,fir fr, Mr. Shaw, Faculty Advisor 21 LB Bob Arruda, Art, Lax out, and Photography Adviser Emily Feldman, Michelle Press, leannie Hoberman, Rhonda Boris Ci rcu I ati on I 1 1 i OG it first row' lirnmv Silberstein, lra Weinrnan, ludy Oshry, Beth Bortman, Larrv Brownstein, Laurie Stein, second row: Nano' Stein, Susan Stone, Lori Segal, Ami' Rosenthal, Missing Barry Ostrer, Debbie Schiff 7 P DQ advertising -fl ..,,, v. 041, ,N f ',ls ' i l l l i first row: Carol Sugarman, Gigi Rosenberg, Brian Levey, Harlan Green second row: Cindy Polansky, ludy Green, Debbie Zussman data .'W' , Fred Foster, Cindy Kougeas photography Eric Feigenson, Steve Carfinkle, Diana Kirshen, Eli Marcus, Scott Wayne lay Palmer, Esquire and Martha Sack business C first row: Cindy Polansky, Lisa Martin, Karen Clemons, second row: Meg Hurley, janet Cove, Cheryl Auclair, Denise Garcia, Carol Sturnick ' 1 girls sports -vu Meg Hurley and Neysa Dillon Ira Weinman and limmy Silberstein art and Ia out ..g...-...s..,. ......,,,-.,-. , ,.s.,,.,,..-.,,,,.. -...,......h.., ., ...,.....w.....,, , ..........,..... , .....--........,.-- A Q V fx lat first rowi Eva Sandnes, Susan Fisher, Nancy Bronstein, Harriet Warshauer second row: Debbie Monosson, Nancy Tichnor, Fred Albert, Kim Longmore, Carrie Bloom, missing: Donna Lanes, lenny Lanes, Carol Maltz, Karen Anderson, Margie Green, Barry Ostrer 23 Q, SGI'll0l' CIEISS COfTll'UlttGQ 3 - YN 6 F , wb' L First rowx Cindy Kougeas, Gail Ciracca, Karen Cox. Second rowr lim Young, Ira Weinman, Audrey Daum, Third row: Scott Croper, lay visorl, Missing: Barry Ostrer. junior class committee "'uu. Ck.. Lv- "N First row: Selena Wong, Howie March, Meryle Butters, lohn lunda. Second row: Abby Greenbaum, Laurie Brecher, Alice Scovell, Third row' Susan Shapiro, Danny B., Barbara Fischbein, Beth Ciotchberg, Nancy Tichnor. Fourth rowi Carl Barnett, Michael Miller, Andy Cohen, Mr, Levy lfaculty advisorl, Steven Bern, Mitch Cordon, Eddie Frim, Doug Baird, lody Kaufman, Craig Behrrnan, Ronna Levinthal, Ronna Cherenson, Michelle Press, Carol Phillips. Missing: Debbie Dubinsky 24 sophomore class Committee L. " . - ' ff? ka? Y 1.15 36 ol "' n.l'Zl First rowi Lisa Elman, Beth Paul, Karen Lemack, Betsy Davidovv. Second row: Sue Walsh, Lisa Castleman, lanet Shapiro, Amy Rubin, Susan Kaufman, Ronna Miller, Robert Wing. Third Rowi Laura McDonald, ludy Herzog, loyce Liberfarb, Abby White, Diane Kaufman, Ronnie, Miller, Cynthia Weinstein, David Frim, David Waldman, Mr. Cornblatt tfaculty advisory. Missing: losh Ehrlich. girls' athletic association Wulf' . Susan Horwitz, Neysa Dillon, Carol Sturnick, lanet Cove, Christine Castellanos, Denise Garcia. 25 black student union :QA fix First rowz limmy Martin, Carole Grant, Nina Epps, Debbie lackson, Renee Iohnson, Vivian Lee, Cheryl Crawford, Stuart Perry, limmy Mackall, Second rowi Franklin Silcott, Roni Cunningham, Shirley Lennon, Rich Cosmon, Charles Smith, Fred Foster, Brian Price, Eddie Morrison, Grant Bethel, President lackie Simms, Missing: Kim Rucker, jeff Lawson, Mickey Atkins, loseph Royster, Neysa Dillon, Leslie Dillon, Cynthia Herron, Adrianne Bolt, Keith Washington, Kevin Garcia, Cheryl Duren, Ronnie Thompson, Bobby Robinson, Howard Pinderhughes, Sharon Iackson, Merthis Brooks, George Thomas, student facult forum limi liiiii 1 -L r-C ' V1.1 '-If .Lx Floor, Mark Israel and Carol Bershad, Co-Chairbeings, Alice Scovell, Administrative Assistant, First row tseatedl: Eli Marcus, David Frutkoff, Amy Tighe, lohn Atkins, Bob Dichter, Susan lsrael, Rhonda Seidman, Amy Cantos, Darcie Lubart, loe Burgio. Second row: ludy Melin, Cindy Mervis, Elise Levenson, Howie Weiss, Susan Zeiger, Debbie Dubinsky, Dina Lew, loel Karlin, David Ryter. Thire row: lim McLaren, Debbie Macchi, Phyllis Monderer, loe Cohen, lenny Lanes, Barbara Fischbein, Karen Lemack, lason Arbeiter, David Frim, Tom Melville, Gary Abramson, Laurie lackson, Bob Sacks, loyce Leary. Fourth row: Harold Hawkes, Ben Levy, Margaret Ravenscroft, E. van Seasholes, Mike Kosowsky, Carol Sugarman, Sue Shapiro, Nancy Tichnor, Diane Kaufman, Margaret Bartlett, Kathy Harakas. Missing: Emily Schulman, 'veal Yanofsky, Dana Weisman, Charlie Coyle, Moira Sullivan, Helaine Clayton, Toni Nelson, lulie Shea, Debbie Schiff, Phil Sagan, Fred Albert, Danny Braverman, lames Young, lon Fallon, Beth Stone, Donna Lanes. library Club i i l l 14 l 'un 0,1 Qi ... 'J' in' i N K Mm. Q, Mary Kontis, Cheryl Auclair, Daniel Berkowitz, Ms. Dedekian, Nancy Toy, Helena Harris. Missing: Andrea Rufo, Carol White, Adina Kessler. nevvton diplomacy Club as 'El 1 'B ale,llilf, 4 Fi First row: David Alexander, David Kamowitz, Tom McMahon, Dan Miller, Bob Pershe, Wayne Cateman, Second row: Dennis Bauke, Ned Komar, David Frutkoff, Mike Kan, Don Cerrnaise, limmy Goodman. Y 4 Q x. uf 2-FH , , I f, .FEA ,X I .F '. ii, , -Ffgsii, Seated: jason Arbeiter, Daniel Shiman. Standing: Elise Levenson, Steve Bern, Eric Feigenson, David Kamowitz, Mike Kan, Doug Baird, Andy Cerier, Randy Grossman, Bob Pershe, David Alexander, Mike Gennert, Mr. Tony Erdmann. ping pong " 'l'x75"1'. ' ' ft-T.'T',"-x-15, ' '5,',-"Ll-:Fix ,, ' " jill- .z1L3..:.35z4: Chess Club jason Arbeiter, Selena Wong, Mr. jameson, jay Faber, Michael Kan, Paul jackson, jon Levin. if' .-9' i.. 4 math club AQ Z 1.-0 all 5- 4 c"" asa K 1 Bottom: Robert Sacks, Amy Cantos, Captain Amy Ellen Kaufman, Vickie Feldstein, Richard Brodie. Top: lason Arbeiter, Diane Kaufman, Eric Feigenson, Robert Pershe, Andy Cohen, David Kamowitz. histo club I' VY lsr? CT Q- .A - First row: lon Zonderman, Mark Chesler, Richard Brunell, Clare Nesdall, Carol Phillips, Michael Barber. Second row: Karen Propp, Martha Kaplan, Monica Wellington, David Zonderman, Dana Weisman. Third row: Mr, Stegeman, Paul White, Ricky Henken, Mr. Altree. Missing: Barbara Geller, Louise Cohen, Lisa Robinson, Bill Greene, Harlan Green, Emily Feldman, Tom Tercyak french Club v Sf "' First row Barbara Fischbein, Dina Leyy Debby Neyyman, Cheryl Oppenheim, lackie Leyy, lames Robinson. Second royy: Marsha Holzman, Suzan Shapiro, Eya Sandnes, Diane Kaufman, Amy Ellen Kaufman, Rosalyn Lezberg, Third royy Nlrs, Robinson, Debby Pachus, ludy Glanz, Neysa Dillon - Vice President, Esther Silverman, Kathy Harakas, lanet Flemming, 'ylargaret Bartlett, lulie Ratner - President, Mrs. Hennessey. Missing' ludy Ntelin - Secretary, Sue 'ytandell - Treasurer, Elise Leyinson, Gigi Rosenberg, David Ryter, Danny Berkowitz, lim Goodman, ludy Shriberg, Danny Brayerman, Nleri lacobson, ludy Perlman, Amy Tighe, Sharon Nlacvair, Harriet Warshayyer, Holly Shavy, Thea Lee, Sara Rubenstein, Stacey Lion, leannie Ntartin, Sandy Greenberg, Kerry Wilcox, Ienny Lanes, Amy Cantos, Laura Stachel, Sue Horwitz, Carol Sugarman, Donna Ehrlichman, Diane Sullivan. german Club -3 fly Dennis Bauke, lason Arbeiter, Kenneth Anderson, Mrs. Clarke, Donna Amicangioli, Elise Levenson, Thomas Cartier SO f spanish club Standing: Iris Goldman, Sue Lechten, Mina Kochs, Sturat Satter, loanna Stephenson, Lori Silver, Carol Kaufman, Debbi Lane, Cheryl Auclair, Nancy Wennett, Fred Foster, Ellen Rome, Ruth Stranahan, jill Saret, Mrs. Hanley - advisor, Chris Castellanos, Mark Podolsky, Francis Rudnick, Vicki Feldstein. Sitting: Roger Sandman - Treasurer, Lisa Castleman - Secretary, Sandy Cutter - Vice President, Wayne Kaufman - President, Rosalyn Lezberg, russian club G? , S5 sf? L Standing: Cheryl Kaufman, Morissa Williams, Marlene Valinsky, Larry Stollar - President, Amy Ellen Kaufman, Martha Sack, Mrs. Zimmerman. Bottom row: Cynthia Polansky, Sylvia Kamowitz, Amy Cantos, L. N. Band. Missing: Carrie Kaufman, Michelle Press, Diane Marian, Laurie Bell. 31 vocal ensemble First row: Mr. David Arner, Ellen Kazis, Tobi Pilavin, Debra Goodman, ludy Perlman, Cindy Vasil, lill MacKavey, Eve Minkoff, Audrey Daum, Wendy Belcher, Andrea Hassol, Sue Simches. Second row' David Alpert, David Frutkoff, Billy Wright, Adam Grossman, Steve Keresztes, Missing: Bruce Ward, lana Tyler, Nancy Bronstein, lill Seret, David Lasson, +'S--4 I'-is . Ai in i concert choir First row' Linda Willis, Sandy Cutler, Ellen Kazis, Deb Goodman, Cindy Vasil, Abby Greenbaum, Sara Griesse, Sue Simches, Nancy Bronstein, Amy Gould, Frances Rudnick, Lori Furman, Sue Israel. Second row: Amy Tighe, Debby Miranda, Maya Golomb, Lisa Talis, Sara Swenson, Kathy Parnes, Andy Lustig, David Alpert, lill Saret, lana Tyler, Laura Stachel, Beth Stone, Beth Falk, loanne Camann, Morissa Williams. Third row: Nori Anderson, Lee Kulp, Bill Wright, David Lasson, Steve Keresztes, DAvid Bolaffi, Eddy Meltzer, Chris Knight, Stu Ross, Robert Rothenberg, Steve Wank, Larry Sloan, David Frutkoff, Anne Rasmoseen, lill MacKavey, Fourth row: Mr. Arner, Cheryl Bailey, Bruce Ward, Sue Mandell, Robin Rosenberg, Gigi Rosenberg, lo Dery, Brian Gordon, Neil Aronson, Pete Otten, Wayne Kaufman, Mike Maleson, Adam Grossman, Eve Minkoff, Cindy Bernstein, Leslie Golov. Missing: Sheila Comerford, Elaine Fine, ludy Nass, Laura Prager, Lloyd Taylor, Ronni White, Sue Zeiger, Carole Bloom, Merri Bruce, Karen Cox, Audrey Daum, Laura Ford, Pat Irwin, Rona Leventhal, Tobi Pilavin, Robin Schlager. 3 it gf' orchestra -ss First row: Frank Powdermaker, Ieffrey Karol, Adam Grossman, Ellen Kazis, Susan Lerbinger, Priscilla Bennett, jeff Bellin, Amy Cantos, Alayne Greene, Michael Barber. Second rowz Mr, Levenson, Andrea Battit, Anne Rasmossen, Ned Kornar, Edwin Kroeker, David Frim, Mary Ellen Bowers. band First row: Beth Falk, Steven Yen, Elaine Fine, Gerry Frim, Dan Picard, Debra Green, Second row: Richard Brodie, Adam Levin, Iacqueline Levy, Donald Mayer, Debbie Rittner, Rogers van Howard, Mitch Cordon, Third row: Mr. Maxey, Cindy Kirshen, Billy Gordon, David Zonderman, leff Pill, David Alpert. Fourth row: Anna Portnoy, Stuart Ross, Eric Ziskend, Peter Derogatis, lon Zonderrnan, Steve Wank, lon Pearson, limmie Polan. Missing: David Diette, lon Edenfeld, Amy Ellen Kaufman, Michael Maleson, Rich Romanow. 33 if FT had 1 i i l l i l ...Q-v" in silver leaf puppet theatre i H-4. i --n-i--, 4- - har.. .4 5-4 i P s-e-,i l A l WY-of ' , Back row: Michael Maleson, lessica Brown, Christopher Capeless, Karen Propp, Mr. Andrews - Faculty Advisor, Amy Ehrlich, Front row. a mask mold, mask of the servant of death, Martin Everyman. music club i K L ' if First row: Mava Golomb, lason Arbeiter, Bruce Ward, Presidentg Ellen Kazid, President, Wayne Kaufman, l President, Amy Ellen Kaufman, David Alpert. Second row: ludv Perlman, David Lasson, David Erutkoff, Bill , Wright, Adam Grossman, Eve Minkoff, Laura Stachel, Eddy Melzer, Elaine Fine. Third row: Mr. Morton Hvams, student teacher, Debbie Goodman, Eva Sandnes, David Shiffman, Linda Willia, Larry Sloan, lill Saret, Mr. David Arner, ' S4 .J i... - ,, 1' x . , , Q01 L04 4 4 Reverend Parris ........ Betty Parris ,......... Tituba ........................ Abigail Williams ...... Susanna Walcott ...... Mrs. Ann Putnam .... CEISL Thomas Putnam ........ Mercy Lewis ..,......... Mary Warren ....... john Proctor ........ Rebecca Nurse ......... Giles Gorey ............... Reverend john Hale ......... Elizabeth Proctor ,..., Francis Nurse .... ..... Ezekiel Cheever ....... Marshal Herrick ....... judge Hawthorne ....................... David Lasson Thea Lee jana Tyler Melissa Levin Laura Stachel judy Rollins Philip Grossman Laurie Sandler Amy Tighe Daniel Sterne .Carol Kaufman .. Howard Wiess .. David Frutkoff jill Mackavey jeff Davidson . ....., jeff Howard .Thomas Cartier David Alpert Deputy Governor Danforth ......... ...... D avid Zonderman Sarah Good ............................................. .......... T rudy Manson Hopkins .......,.................................................... Debbie Miranda Directed by Mr. Ernest E. Chamberlain Set Design by jeff Davidson, '75 Lighting Design Rob Aronson '75 stage crew Thomas Cartier, lon Platt, Kathy Harakas, Steve Stone, Pam Wood, Ray Madoff, Elaine Aronson, Gordon Hollis, Ruth Ann Schill, Marcia Pinanski, leff Davidson, Karen Gordon, and Bob Aronson Stage Crew consists of two dozen people who are as an integral part of the Theatre Arts Department as those who perform on our stage. Although we have never formally re- ceived the acclaim that has been given to those who bow before the audience of cheering mothers and fathers, we take great pride in creating the arena in which the performers can fulfill their roles. Set design, construction and painting, along with lighting and sound, are just some of the tools used in the formation of an illusion. For example, two dimensional walls of muslin and paint appear to have depth and reality but are, in fact, simply part of the magic we create. The illumination of the stage is achieved through careful placement of various lighting instruments. Again, these are yet another tool through which we seduce the audience into accepting a non-reality as a realistic slice of life. The audience is only able to see and hear the actors' and actresses' performances. Therefore, it is our job to subtly enhance these two senses - to create a feeling. The Stage Crew works long, hard 'and tedious hours, and many times such hours are filled with sadness, dis- appointment, and anger. Some how though, we enjoy what we are doing - especially because we do it with each other. leff Davidson, Stage Manager media production squad 1' V K b First row: lim Ralston, David Miller, Robby Bickelman, Chris Arthur, Chuck Pozner, Second row: Wayne Cateman, David Fox, Nancy Toy, Bev Schlager, Third row: Mike Steinberg, Tom Tercyak, Missing: Merrick Bahm and Lloyd Taylor ,- reflections 3 if si 41 v for it of fr lr., .. -7, V a.. em- 'W .. "' " ... px-uw, . . .J ,- , ' .- as an M lil it af: ml Laura Wellington, Suzanne Shapiro, jennifer Lanes, Chris Capeless, Karen Propp, Amy Ehrlick, Lisa Robinson, Laura Prager Robin Shore, Danny Stearn, Barbie Schufro, and Elise Cohen I ilu ,T'7"1II 1 denebola Billy Gordon, Co-Editor-in-Chief Fairy Tale Once upon a time there was a newspaper called Denebola. Denebola was a very nice newspaper with all sorts of interesting stuff in it, like feature articles on drinking, colleges, newscasters, clowns, disc jockies, and other neat stuff. Also there were articles on sports and community affairs. Of course Denebola has controversial editorials and even news stories on events and everything. But poor Denebola wasn't happy. You see, Denebola's home is Newton South High School, and well, just between you and I, it's not the best place for Denebola to live. lt seems that whenever Denebola would go out for a look around Newton South to try to see lots of nice people, none would look at it. Sometimes when Denebola went walking it would hear people saying things - and usually they were saying mean things. Well, after hearing mean things for a long time, Denebola got sad and lost some of its spirit. But good ole Denebola kept on trying, boy did it try, but still none listened. Well, even to this very day Denebola keeps on trying and is still a fine newspaper. As a matter of fact, it has been improving, but those people at Newton South just don't listen to Denebola's words. NEWTON SOUTH, the moral of this story is: If you want to be a good home, open your windows, let in a little fresh air , .. Billy Gordon Missing: Mr. Ron Adams, Faculty Advisor -fx M Michael Miller, Assistant Community Abby Creenbaum, Assistant Sports Editor Affairs Editor -10 ludy Melin, Co-Editor-in-Chief M Sue Mandell, Clubs Editor Neil Aronson, Community Affairs Editor lohn Robbins, Co-Photography Editor Richard Brunell, Co-News Editor 'Q 'Cd' I Amy Ellen Kaufman, Assistant Clubs Editor QQ Steve Menzer, Co-Photography Editor lon Zoriderman, Co-Editorial Editor Gigi Rosenberg, Assistant Production Editor Curt Kolovson, Production Editor in iii ff- , V9 Bruce Ward, Fine Arts Editor David Ryter, Business Manager X S. Bruce Boynick, Sports Editor Andy Cohen, Co-News Editor 35,0 1-19' Beth Falk, Typing Editor isis 3Xx 8 NX QNX 3 X X Z' 9,3 9 . .X , 2 X 9 , gt f-syx E, -E I 5 ' ..P'5a3's 'gb R I " 6. 91 X Fred Albert, Features Editor Robin Tapper, Copy Editor Danny Berkowitz, Co-Advertising Editor ' x Howie Weiss, Co-Advertising Editor l:Of MOH' lnlb. Wf"95lo,Q'7Qt: l l I 'F f . ' Q 1 f . ,-,-. s XIZXYTOY SQCITII llltill 5 x .fm if Si' llGDl', Plil ifl 2.51" llvbruorxg ll. S100 NPV ION High Schml Niditorium :mm 52.50 ua iynfirieis Ra. Nevton Ctr.. Mn. 02159 Kiss Me Kate Stage Direction Err Product ion Manager Music Director Conductor ,,,,. . Choreography ., . lana lvler Stage Manageraa, Lighting Manager Fred .,rr..... Bill ....... Paul ..,..,.,.,.. Gangster ..r..,. Gangster ..,. .... Harry ,.,.....,. Ralph ......... Gremro ...........,,,.. Hortensio .,r...........,. , . Harrison Howell .. Haberdasher ...,..,.... L Gregory ...i...,...,... Nathaniel ...44,,.,..... Stage Doorman .... Cab Driver .......,.... Lillie ll-Qatel .....,... Lois tBiancal ..,.... Hattie ...,........... Phillipia ,.i.,..,. lill Saret Toby Pilavin Debbie Goodman lill Mackavey Laurie Goldberg Michelle Press Anne Rasmussen Lori Furman lana Tyler Sheryl Lipson Debbie Zussman Sarah Swenson Photos by Steve Garfinkle west E Chamberlain Emily Schulman David Arner Adam Grossman 8. May umi Knudsen , Iett Davidson Robert Aronson Bruce Warrl ,. David Alpert ,, A David Frutkott David Lasson ,, lack Phillips .. .,,.,. ., Fred Albert ., Larry Sloan Robert Rothenberg , Bill Wright Howie Weiss Gary Abramson Don Mayer Steve Wonk Stuart Perry David Gordonstein Ellen Kazis Wendy-lo Belcher Laura Stachel Eve Minkoff Sue Simches ludy Pearlman Frances Rudnick Gigi Rosenberg Laura Brown Cindy Vasil Linda Willis Thea Lee Elaine Aronson lill Mackavey jennifer Lanes 1 ,- I G17 t -I -A V I 44 l ' Q 3 no f i i i i i i i i i l'1.G.W. WFYTE? F --4 qv rflltl IW! af ul- First row' Bruce Boynrck, Saul Rubin, Barbara Geller, Karen LeMack, Liz Kellner, Robin Shore, Billy Gordon, Chris Capeless, Donna Lanes, Sherri Fedderbush, Peter Mark, Roger Sandman, Second row: Louise Cohen, anonymous female person, Nancy Tichnor, Lisa Robinson, Nancy Weiner, Susan Shapiro, Alice Scoyell, leannie Martin, Kim Springer, lohn Atkins, Paul Manajian, Debbie Pilavin, Neil Aronsong Missing: David R. Frutkoff. J-VA. u ,A 3 S 1 L - s X if f x,...--'.r'- "W ' ff ,..- i. .M- NMQP. Q. "I attended last year's N.E.W. and enjoyed it very much. I have only one suggestion concerning candlemaking. I was in Candlemaking I class, and the wax was never ready. My suggestion: Melt the wax before cIass!" "I think the Workshop will be neat and there are a lot of Qchoices. I think I'll have fun." f"I thought your computer course was great, and you I .ishould have it again." ' "'l would like to see a course offered in women's stud- ies." "Anne enjoyed last year's program very much and looks forward to another season of activities." "All three of my kids have participated in your N.E.W. program at some time. We think they're great. Keep up the good work." "We have been well pleased with the program in past years. Keep up the good work!" "I wouldn't like chemistry too much!" ."Good program." "My son was very happy with last year's program. The .students were nice, they taught what they knew about the subjects, and I'm hoping that they will do as well as 'they did last year. Very nice." "My daughter is very interested in the program and I am ldelighted with the entire opportunity." "SMlLE." s. . No M9 P l , nsdskv ,zf Nb Mo Tc nt. an Pd A9 Cd ln Sn Sb Te Us ' A 1 M A 'A T PA P r ri 'i , : A Cs Ba HI r A - ' rl? 5 W a W Rc Os Ir Pt Au Tl pb Bi PolAt Rn Sm EUQ. E' FWIMQN .11 'Qu gra- if ld f 1 , . -f 17 : , E, -,far 4- .91 : A 3 1 K o'lY ..Q,.. We are the "un-club." We have un member QP. G. Rich- terl and nun pay dues. We go mountun climbing and snow shoeing and snail racing. We sometimes sleep under the stars and run under the sun. We get up before sunrise and climb into our bus lyeah, 3311. And if some dunderheads miss the bus, I don't worry! We missed a mountun wunce. Our trips have been pretty exciting lwell, for a club that doesn't even existll Although rain has often reigned us and we had to turn back, we still wunder at the undubitably great times we had. In any case, we always had fun. Trips have included: Dolycott - fthe un-overnitell relentlessly daunted by ensueing mud and sludge, our heroes were fudged on their first trip. After climbing a mountun factually, they only climbed half of a mountung they slid back down to find the tent site located in the middle of a river - which wasn't there when they went uplj There was only one casualty - David Wolff fell in the mud. Stratton lwell ... J In the deep, dark folds of the Vermont woods, the signs of life are so scarce. So are the signs for mountuns - especially Mt. Stratton! There was only one casualty - Gigi Volpe fell in the mud. Lonesome Lake laaaoooroowlj Forty-one hungry travelers invaded a four-seater restaurant with one waitress on the way to Lonesome Lake. laaaoooroowll to play tennis. ln Explorers Club ll, they play tennis on their feet while walking through the snow. Everyone on the trip thought it was love at first sight!! There was one casualty - john Atkins fell in the snow. These trips would not have been executed lthis is killing mel if it were not for Peter G. Richter. Without his time and effort we would not even un-exist. We're looking forward to many effervescent trips. Thanks to all!! P.S. All trips are catered by MacDonalds. oral history club 1-T5 L-1 'Ti' Missing Lisa Martin, Iudy Clanz, Susan Shapiro, Abby Greenbaum, lohn Zonderman, Kenny Rosenstein, Holland Green, Neysa Dillon, Marshall Cohen, Donna Lanes, Helaine Clayton, Michael Barber. 30 elderly project E- First Row: Rhonda Seidman, ludy Glanz, and Bob Dichter, co-ordinatorsg Second row: David Feinstein, lay Reubens, Barry Ostrer, Harriet Warshauer, Sheryl Krafchik, lohn Atkins, Karen Noymer, Morissa Williams, Cindy Mervisg Third row: Stuart Rothman, Phillip Sagan, George Volpe, Alice Scovell, Amy Cantos, Kim Springer, Abby Creenbaum, Abby White, Sue Zeiger. Missing: Denise Garcia and leff Kimbell. enrichment program First row: Kenny Rosenstein, Liz Kellner, Laurie Brecher, Ronna Feinstein, Mrs, Monderer, lane Slafskyg Second ro Anonymous male person, David Frim, Steven Yen, Andrea Talis, Anonymous female person, Missing: lay Palmer The purpose of this yearbook is to preserve a brief segment of your life. We feel that the events which are presently shaping the world will ultimately affect the manner in which you relate to others and yourself. We hope that the next few pages will help you to recall, although in a crude fashion, the years of 1974 and 1975. 7' 'EGU 1' 4 as 19" WI si? - 4t1,g,4 j r ,4.,, 4, .."-1 ,,-,,,m f'-'-1 ,,, Ez r" r I I ' 0 vw? 'il -r . 'T . ,mr-3 l i 'M ,J 1 1' Q E-1 1 xi' n af' Q g i if ff .HY .Q Ir 33 In Nixon's presidency shatters under Watergate pressures . . Vice-President Gerald Ford assumes the role of Chief-Execu tive, and pardons Nixon. Inflation, recession, depression . . . 4 F' Ax,.l -,,,.... f 'Q in I,,,,,..,,..,,.., -l- H-E Blood is once again shed as a fifth war erupts in the Middle- East. Court suspends prison sentences of "the President's men" - Charles Colson, lohn Dean, leb Magruder, and Herbert Kal i mbach. P'-V, Boston iury convicts Dr. Kenneth Edelin of manslaughter. 1, srop Q Q QE ff-if-'D li 0 ' 'eq ,ix 4 IS E33 HI T N x 1 11111 A .. eivywed 'lf If will Y? . I l lug I if in 1,4 " 1' I Who will ever understand crazy "toe socks," teetering platforms, painters' pants, or pre- washed, pre-faded, pre-shrunk, pre-worn Levis? Wilbur Mills, chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee, shares the headlines with Fanne Foxe, the Argentina Firecracker of Tidal Basin fame. Evel Knieval flops out at Snake River Canyon. --rn ... all 'id I J' - - . 1 T7'?a. ,- in w.'-"1'...,. ' ': S",-5. ' ,?.fq -y ln' 0,, .ggsfr sl E I ll I 1 nl' .el lllill' 1 .Zvi Z ,L I ' JN -64 in f' we Il - g. 47' 'r'-'ff 5' The CIA admits involvement in Chilean inter- nal politics and surveillance of American private citizens. Finicky Morris, Euell Gibbons, Rhoda, Frank 'Lookat those legs!' Purdue, and lohn-Boy Wal- ton. Oil, sugar and unemployment . . . Siigigf sig Q Q- iii li 21- 1 i 1 NJ, ,i - 'ggi i f 29" , me K '53 Lo 'sl P s F , 2 I Alexandr Solzhenitsyn is abruptly ex- pelled from the Soviet Union as a trai- l tor. l Hostility flares over forced desegre- Q gation of Boston public schools. l Patty Hearst and the SLA wage urban guerilla warfare. r 5 l 'QV '-gain'--.-Q A l 'lil M l The government of Hailie Se- Iassie falls victim to a military coup which ends the monarch's half century long rule. General Motors, Ford, and Chrysler issue rebates on small cars. Archbishop Makarios' govern- ment is toppled as Greek and Turkish Cypriots fight each other for control of Cyprus. it! J-9 WE? Q .Q 21 s,,, 56. 4 -.a" - . Al. M- 'yo ST I f 5' -'K 'O N ! faculty -I if X 1 I 4 E X .Y fx L sniff -'Q-'Lk JL IN! . , ...'-L, ff NJ, Ol ln.. .- A :nf-L H P" L WL xl ff Ernest Van Principal I X 1 Sf x X . ' 5 K . 5 N ef ' N 'Lf K l ijf 'J fiiy i XA P Q +V X 'W ,Q A j'f?,b -Af! 60 ua 2,1 g...,.... kbs... - in - Elsi ff'-' e M. Gilroy Principals Secretary .nr-' An Ad Ru ' Mrs. M. DiBartolomeo, Mrs. Rae Mendelsohn, Gilda C. Kimball, Elizabeth Santucci na M. Mcouire Mrs. Barbara Foley, Mary T. Lawless, Secretaries ministrative Assistant's Secretary th L. Fitzgerald, Nurse Missing: Ms. Winnard, Nurse -l 61 tt I . X V Aredis V, Kojoyian Assistant Housemaster -no-g9p7,T cutler house P Tzu -at 'L J -- -fa l .hh Mary Stephen, Gladys L, Bishop House Secretaries U' If goodvvin house mg loseph P. Nathanson Mrs. KEY MF-'anY, Housemaster Mafgafel M- Cafafalo FQ Robert S. Wicks Housernaster 62 House Secretaries i ,..1 X Q ar' i ni ::: , Mrs, Olga To Marazzi, Mrs. Mae Lofchie House Secretaries Harold M. Hawkes Housemaster Dorothy M. Freimarck Assistant Housemaster Wheeler house Nathaniel S. Merrill Assistant Housemaster cafeteria :iv X X76 , I A, Nutting, I. DeLuca, B. Cape-llo, M. Tramantozzi, A, Novia - i K Lf k.1,,'f- C A 1 Q . Hy P do L Sharon Williams Cafeteria Monitor ,, Matthew Seeds 'TU C U I S Parking Lot Attendant 4l IP N 'Al 2 v-2' " L john T. Precious "BX ' l 'W . Henry P. Evans ! -., F' -1 t -1 -1 Ernest C. Peltier Louis P. Patriacca Missing: Mary V. Panaggio, Thomas B. Sabetti 63 f--adllh. s I I english "Henry David Thoreau asked in Walden, 'Could a greater miracle take place than for us to look through each other's eyes for an instant?' Well, a good book is a miracle of sorts, it lets you inside someone else's world, if only for a while. Communicating the mysteries of living - that's what literature is all about." Ienny Schneider 'o J -Xnn V. Sanguinetti Department Head 6 r I :il -:J ...ggi Marie P. Brassard ly,." Richard T. Geist Ms. Ienny Schneider QS' E rl -if! ff' ,f Ronald Adams ' Ev l " ' Frances M, Smith , 4 KU . David Youngblood F 1 1 1 1 1 ,1 ,1 4 I 1 1 1 I 1 1 I 1 I 1 1 I Robert W. Coggin '-4 . , H 1., 'iq' fifhg 'fl 1111 3 Judith M. Malone ...K 'Mary D. Chivers I i i Cwenne Swartz, Secretary ,SE ,.s. ' .I O X I X I .1 fi i in no 'x ' f . r 5 1 YR ii 1 , 1,5-h,g,y,f1 ent- 1 , 4' I ig., , .5 I Q-1 K ' A : ' " -,,,,.- ?5 1 'I K 1 ra i f' x NN X Dwight MacKerron Dr. Dorothy M. Freimarck QFX '62 Ellen R. Katz If Dorothy G. Hansberry Ophair Caras 9 g 1, N' .ff .J 65 S, RT' nv' english I 9, Dorothy Gonson ,A . ai - J, 'Q Barbara M. Gately Fredenck I. Olson Rita C Simon Learning Dusabulitv 66 l PN gas, -A: 4:9 Robert Ny Carey l Iowce E, Hirehbert P Learning Dvsabrhtx Q3 N ' F x et , I W L x xx Ntafcla S Ratner Speech Clrnec David M. Arner 'I1 if X u, ' 1 . jf I Iames P. Maxey if Ernest Chamberlain music "Your success in this course of music theory, as in life itself, depends upon your understanding of the basic principles explained in the beginning," David M. Levenson x A. Xa, David M. Levenson theatre arts "Don't talk about it, do it!" Ernest Chamberlain 67 l at I: l" Kiiffiif ig! G HY c ,e ' tty, A.,-. . 'Q 'FB K5 " ' "l A "'a1's- xp' i f l I' X a in- ' at A l.- :FRU fiifl 'FT-lf, f"3 :"t'X sq- :ani 1131 mit: 2:31, ,"51'.5if-'Q fi Y mth. yr-, t- Q .tikdfbf 9 157 if "hilt . '1 'lrtfxs4'f29 g f. My ff sf -1 . P2722-91' 5:1 y s 'c PJ I 'ei' s , li'- "" l V! lli I -s a s ln s a lt af -- t .v-- 0 6 Mrs Robert l. Andrews Robert B. Arruda lean Syverud "lf men would ... seek what is best to do in order to make themselves worthy of that toward which they are so attracted, they might have dreams which would purify their lives. Let a man decide upon his favorite animal and make a study of it, learning its innocent ways. Let him learn to understand its sounds and motions. The animals want to communicate with man," Brave Buffalo, Teton Sioux l sts ---ir' George Roberts Q 5. IA EFF' . 31:9 '5 'bw E I .r A William A, Drew l I X home economics V ,I Paula A. Mealy -3n...., Alice E, Shaw Mrs. Diana Barron Teacher-in-Charge Industrial arts +L' 6' Henry A. Lambert, lr. Iohn C. Chiasson joseph P. Connolly Norman S. Swerling "Driver's Ed - the most immediately relevant course Fff1f1CiS P. Alleva, offered in high school today." business Norman Swerling 1 ff' 3'l 1 num. 5, WQQJ- -1" xl Rocco R. Petrillo Department Head 'T f-9 l 'LJ .X . K Theresa B. Hanlev Mrs. Cisela Clark I 70 'U"'-in-15... language "We are all 'etrangers' who want to be known and understood. The more languages we can speak, the better known and understood we become, and the better we will know and understand the 'etrangers' who are around us." lanis M. Hennessey i at il i J , 'Nl '. 5' is -ts J .- A l ., 9 .3 . M Q, .3 l t x- J . . -4 . - in x 4, ' ' .i:,.. fFF .:f.-: ar 5 K Mr. Elliot L. Glickler " :..'ffI:JQ , V: l ggf N: fffz?-fffffffff 'r ...I l Iaihllif F' H1153 5 ' f Mary McLane . gi. XX -M Edwin A. Little Mrs. Robnnson Ten Broeck Cornell 1 VM' Elaine Zimmerman srggu ng: 9 P 'T mu., 'N NV.. ...V lanis M, Hennessey ft' Maura O'NeiIl Overlan Q . 1 .,-..- a .. cf' Ms. lessie McChesney l Francis I, Rivers .lx soil?" ....,,,, P' , I lg? f Pi f I ,. Betty B. Earle . Q Wt' J 9 g I. :- I N Louise Taylor x 'X , K 7l I AJ 11 f rw 5 Warren B Manhard, 2nd Department Head Esme H. Greene 14. f an 'Y' lx.. 7' idx Tv Anthony C Erdmann Mrs Elleen Mandel! Andrew P. Cornblatt 3 1 'S 24 f A, 1 ' ni I' A Nathanrel 'S Nterrrll Ellz Dohanuan Yalmond H Cu, lr -9 Ain "The beauty of the patters in Nature around us shows the wonder of the life within us." Lincoln Heck L a - X E 4. -rtYlfl'f"':nT'w - .pv- .gsb f ,lg 2 W E f".l' 'L 1? N Mr. Paul A, Shapiro l Mr. Richard E. jameson 1 Sara N. Sawyer Benjamin N, Levy loanne Mitchell 1. V ! 4 1 t . . , i ox - i fi A. Lincoln Heck Ms. Margaret Frantz Margaret M. Ravenscroft 'TT , 9 ' 1 . 1- , lsl i X science L "The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious. It is the source of all true art and science. He to whom this emotion is a stranger who can no longer pause to wonder and stand rapt in awe, is as good as dead: his eyes are closed." Albert Einstein ,J 5 'bei' .:" N SX N M h Peter C. Richter Department Head ' s i K ' x I . lovce Learv v I via-ge Tfbg . A , . c ' '- b 1, 25355-y -- x Lloyd Gottlieb C Se KJ ,,,,,7" f,,, 'QI ,I I -1 , 7 Aredis V, Kojovian Moira I. Sullivan 74 d . Vfr., L Q J I' I N51 e ,,. tx hx XA v CYAMD Fe Co Ni Cu Zn GQ Ge.. 5552 Rfkh- F1 E- '- Nb Mo Tc Ru Rh Pd A9 Cd In ,n 'fr 75 " If it Vt 5 l' 19 'K W Re Os lr Pt Au Tl Pb tg -Ia t. 1. n ' I. r. I. B C L, I. T. AI sa ,fn Eu Gd Tb DY Ho Sz H- f- " Mr. Verdun Robert R. Geddes Vinson W. Bronson, lr, -X ,,, TJ' 45 fi Carol Bershad .ig--' E Pietrina T. Burgio Science Secretary I. Walter Brough lim McLaren social studies L" I - S. . Charles Frederick Clifford Henderson Wayne Altree Department Head Muriel A. Vasco Donald H. Shaw Robert H. Stegeman fxt all QL.- 1 X? Mr Henrv Bolter Barbara! Smlth Donald W Sutherland 76 l Dr. Burnham Ernest B. Lorett CM 1 3 i 2 an . KA ' QW" glam J .ar ,I - A , Roberta Dollase 3 , 1 X. . ,X' XS r ' -. - ' 4 .- -' , . 4 I- W 1, . . N. 'nfs s X ' Q ' . - S 7 ,- N , . us 5 - N -- -z t 4 . . n , ,.. 'N f 9 A '02-f f I, . . , x .s. - - x if , 4 -5- J ' '04 C' J Q , - in :ef 9. ' 42-5 f 'A 1 Amalie Hecht George Roberts if "'l X P.. ggi' ,Ku Mr, john Sherman l Sally Katz William A. Hollman Marshall Cohen CN 'I' guidance Sandra K, AI d -Q' Betts Grossman Paul MCC dB.D aww- dy Earl H, Pearlman F k L b I - nl 13' ' Margaret E. Addis Department Head E ?" Carolyn S. Sessler "One must learn by doing the thingg certainty until you try." Sophocles Charles G. Coyle for though you think you know it, you have no audio visual -'1 . . If ,.. .4 '. -rl . - . 1' . ww,-f..W 1 . ,. asia. f ,i'iL'vis!'x x . ',. V.- 5 Marcia G. McAvov Margaret Powers librar and book room limi i fv NN at M, G , 4 . xg I f .X ,QM um , Q Elf a, , K Q ' . , A ' S. 4 xi :' l W .1 'fx ' 4 . fi'lf7W M- ang- 3 A' M X 1 wi Ms. Dedekian, Mrs. Hall, Mrs. Nelson, Mrs, Kamen, Mrs. Tanenbaum lean Young Llbfaflans ""f-45' B ' 9' orgy ,- -. , , -. 7' 1 Q' , ' ' ' . A n -1' 'Hal' , f Q , , ?Ay14yl0 sl , I ff rf, I 4 rf . ' I ,Q r his-1' '4 7 4. f 2 10' l , 1 -" E: im L . i .3 ii'f' M a ' -as - so 7' 3 R ii enrichment ' ' M Ri ff' ' si program Phyllis F, Monderer lane H. Slafskv 80 "":r:ws'?S"g 14,-':-1",'-., film -g I Q .,- 41' X c Qs X 1 1.-I ' ' . ' n' L 1 fg , f ,x bis- ...N . I physical education George Winkler Miss Lenor Gs Hersey web!! Department Head Cirl's Physical Education Director T Mr. Thomas Steeves Warren W. Bechtold -tall ludith T Blanchard , A 4 W ,fyllf E v , , T Ms. Pam Hixon ffl f' 'i fag. ' Edward l. Poskitt Mrs. Claire Tedeschi Physical Education Secretary f ' N 4 - 4 A ' x Digg ' ul 51- .fi .U Pu 'Y Q"""l' fl-,Z ,,..34F' ' E. l , U A 1.-1:11 utqsv-1.6" avfsoud' ' ' .xl :""e', V . . ' ..".-,1gfl:.,.3w x'.3..,.g2 '- .," Q .1154 fig:-Nina, ,--J? it ..-xg gk - ' -9 , A ,.. -P . 3 , Q- , . -.X .J , , fx , "" ' 1- " . ' A- I3 7,-2 ' . id 1 W in ,y A42-M Q' Q ,TZ U xiii, H, A rugs-r.,,i..'W 1 5' I I if vis? ' 'I 1' 5 .1. .:3,3'."-'. gs -. 211- .' .' -' . , Pr I . 1 . 137 ' lr ff Q if .L K -Q fa' 1 4 Q4 underclassmen 18 li 1 4 1? 4' , F f fl . KB- H 4 I x I Qi? 1 , Q- 515 5 ' Q 1 , xi , fi N , - A-L 'jf' -' ,'- . Q ' jf - 1 -N, f -,.f' 14. , 4 , f ' GFGS FU ho sop Cutler house '1- ,s' 1 - 14-J -ii 1 4 - . FS UDIO I 4 . GS I' O m ho sop goodvvin house i", FS 0 UH J Q N GS I' O YU he sep Wheeler V7 house 1 2 1 I , 1 1 I I. 1 ,1 11 1 11 1 1 1 F 1 Y 1 1 1 1 1 1 I 1 1 1 I I Q v ull- 1 Nl- ' , F. ' gg ,An .IQ FS UHIO I Q sports 9 2-'F 'faq i v ,...- i " .aku 11.4 " I . '! .,. 6 ffpw. . M ,,,. . .Wm A e.',: , 40 ff .gc 0 ,gf ?"?' 'YK 3 Te..-ififgl.---g'i "Et-., of 'a ,- in l10il!?' 'E wi SOCCGI' A K Yi First Row: Ron Litwin, Michael Alsup, Ray McKinney, captain, lonny Bamel, captain, lames Young, Michael Kan, lay Labourine, Avi Vardi. Second Row: Bruce lennings, Mr. Ophair Caras, Humberto Fagundas, Rob Len., Mark Shuster, lay Rubins, Brian Levey, Carson Milgroom, Danny Braverman, Mark Seeto, Missing: Mike Lafferty, captain, Corey Rosenfield, lim C.oIdfarb, Doug Scheff, Lenny Kraicer, Howie Appelstein, Peter Castellanos, Alan Einhoin, coach. The Newton South Varsity Soccer Team suffered a very disappointing season. Playing impressive soccer against Winchester, Boston College High, Arlington, and Brandeis, the team duplicated their undefeated pre-sea- son schedule for the second consecutive year. As a result, the team looked forward to a successful season, and spirits were high. The Lions opened up the season ,with an impressive 3-0 win over Acton. The team then lost six straight games often by only one or two goals. They didn't play badly over this six game span, but their inability to put the ball in the net ruined the morale of the team. Yet, the Lion's victory over Wayland in the last game of the season knocked that team out of contention for a berth in the state tournament. This served to remove some of the pain inflicted during a most disappointing 3- 7-2 season. Many players performed extremely well. Bruce len- nings, elected captain of next year's team, and senior Ray McKinney were both named to the Dual County League All-Star Team. Other seniors who will be missed include: lim Young, Humberto Fagundes, lay Reubens, Mike Kan, Mark Shuster, Ronnie Litwin, Avi Vardi, Bob Lent, lohn Bamel, and Mike Alsup. The team looks forward to the return of Bruce lennings, Larry Kraicer, Mark Seeto, lim Goldfarb, Carson Milgroom, lay Labourine, Doug Scheff, Corey Rosendield, Brian Levey, and Dan Braverman, along with many players from a very successful junior varsity team. On paper, the Lions should be stronger next year. However, the acquisition of a positive attitude has been, and will remain, a key factor in determining the team's success. Coach Caras - The 1974 Newton South Soccer team could have won any game that it played, and certainly it should have won more games than it did. In pure, refined soccer skill we had few equals in the league. But we were not able to put it all together into a superlative team effort that is needed to win a game. Again and again victory eluded us. Only once during the regular playing season, in our final game against Wayland, did we muster that marvelous display of determination and skill that produces a win. The result was a decisive victory. Perhaps it is the last game that really counts. -J Iliff! N A 31,412 - girls' svvim team First Row: Rona Leventhal, janet Flemming, loan Wise, Beth Falk co-captain, Elaine Aronson. Second Row: Marian Ward, Laurie Raphael, Cheryl Weiner, Barbara Sacks, Debbie Green, Ronni White, Anne Penucci, Paula Silvers, Coach Crimes. Third Row: Karen Fine, Beth Appelbaum, loanne Haimes, Debbi Monosson, Laura Brown, Maureen Foly, LeAnn Goldman, Robin Yaffe, Cindy Marcus, lean Hoberman. 1974-75 was the first season in which the Newton South GirI's Swim Team participated in Dual County League com- petition. The team got off to a slow start, but managed to successfully win two games by the termination of the 15' fx season. The quality of Coach Bill Grimes leadership sparked the team's enthusiasm. Those who will be leaving the team to graduate this year are: Captain Mary Rowland, and Captain Beth Falk, both of whom accumulated many points for the team. Other sen- iors who will be leaving us are: loanne Haimes, Ronnie White, Cindy Marcus, Debbie Monosson, and Laura Brown all of who were great assets contributing to the entire team effort. Next year's swim team will have increased opportunities of success with such talents as juniors Cheryl Weiner, who swims the Individual Medley and 100 Butterfly, Barbara Sacks who swims the 200 and 500 yard free style and loan Wise swimming the breast stroke. field hocke -D9 LG Y 3 ro, First Row: Barbie Long, Diane Sullivan, Carol Sturnick Co-capt., lanet Gove Co-captain, Gale Shahon, Susan Horwitz. Second Row: Ms. Blanchard, Meg Hurley, Denise Garcia, Neysa Dillon, Siobhan McNally, Beth Gilles, Buthana Shukri, Ms. Hixon. This year's Field Hockey Team has the talent and skill necessary to produce a winning season, but they just couldn't get themselves together in many of the games. The team's 3-7-2 record reflected the bad breaks they suffered throughout the season. Unfortunately, five of their losses came on tie breakers. A few times, however, the Lions did manage victory, playing impressive field hockey required to beat the ever - powerful Weston, Bedford, and Acton teams. Coaches ludy Blanchard and Pam Hixon instilled new insights on hockey to team members by adding different techniques to the regular play set-up. This year's team will be losing nine seniors upon graduation. Co-captains Carol Sturnick and lanet Gove, Neysa Dillon, Denise Garcia, Siobhan McNally, Meg Hurley, Beth Gilles, Lynne "iii" Korelitz and Gale Sha- hon will be missed. Also composing the varsity team were juniors, Susan "Kick Save" Horwitz and Diane Sulli- rmn..4lYv van, along with three sophomores, Buthana Shukri, Ellen Korelitz, and Barby Long - all of whom contributed a great deal to the team effort. These five varsity letter women will be returning making for next year's team a fun, fantastic season of field hockey. Monkeying around after games Bus rides back to Newton South "l'm sorry, you're hi!" Spaghetti at Stub's House "Oh well, there goes another tie breaker" "Why can't you women flick?" Curley Lue Link and Uncle Bob-o-link . . . Crest toothpaste - 411 fighter against Spinach ... Good luck, seniors! Coaches Pamela Hixon and ludith Blanchard - Newton South has come a long way in field hockey and we com- pete in one of the toughest hockey leagues. I must say that the highlight of the season was in beating Weston- both varsity and j.v. games. Thanks to Carol and lanet, our captains, and to the seniors who have worked so very hard to bring up the level of Newton South field hockey. 58- .Q-rv!,9 6 -ZT"7:,15 f 'EH'-Hi:-x 1 1 ur 4' X First Row: Rosie Riley, Carol Sturnick Co-capt, lanet Cove Co-Capt, Glennys Campbell, Second Row: Ms. ludith Blanchard, Sara Rubenstein, Lisa Chesler, Christine Castellanos, Shiela Comerford, Debbie Spielman, Leslie Dillon, Laurie Ludwig, Paula Kan, Sue Walsh, Cheryl Wenning, Lisa Hurley, Ms. Pamela Hixon. CYOSS country 'Q we 4, F -' -f Q, , . - -,-+f.f,s.- a if-W as f -' ', . 'K 1, ' .-sf .4t1'd7,f,j.Z" W f ' '- 'FHM 161-56fri-fu-fam-f,:.-'fem-, front Row, Karen Lein, Stuart Rothman, Steve Karlin, Ronnie Koning, Bob Morehouse. Back Rowz Coach Geist, Dennis Bauke, Tim Williams, leff Karol, lim Ralston, Donnie Ferrari. x - V' ' L ' '-?' . 4 '-r , - 1 nas- 'Si' I0 p , Slllllf 1' s P fri. i v, .Q . Q. L 1 l r , 5 .-S fn V all S. L Y. T. 1-Q di is if -'SST-S 34: sf lb fi uyiz.-. 1-, ' Q ' gb - ,., ' -5 ' ' -v' C. L ' 'fe 190, -.Q S", ' Ov -I ". - , '72 .6 0' " C I ,. .J '..:. '- Lack of experience and an injury to the team's captain leff Karol were contributing factors towards the cross country team's dismal season. Despite the team's losing record, the harriers always fought hard and gave a strong effort. Inspiration and leadership were provided by Captain jeff Karol. Yet, the season did have its bright moments as the Lions came through in the Catholic Memorial ln- vitational and the State Meet and defeated such teams as Boston English, Hingham, Marshfield, Silver Lake and Winchester. Dennis Bauke, the team's top runner earned a spot on the Dual County All-Star Team. Next year's team will miss seniors Stuart Rothman and leff Karol. Iuniors Dennis Bauke, Donnie Ferrari, and Gary Abramson will return to play an important part on next year's team, as well as sophomores Bob Morehouse, Steve Karlin, Timmy Williams, and Ronnie Koning. Coach Geist - Despite the inexperience on the team, l feel the members of the team always gave 1101, and never let the thought of losing thwart their individual efforts. With most of the team returning next year l look forward to a more successful season. .xg K' "' -. volle ball tx .Q This year the girl's volleyball team was organized in the fall instead of the spring. The team was directed by the fine leadership of Coach Sandra Alexander. Co-captain Ilene Sullivan and Co-Captain Amy Casper were encour- aging leaders thoughout the season. The 5-8 record does not adequately show the determination that the players expressed, The team attracted many sophomores and juniors. With only two seniors on the team this year, the skill and enthusiasm of the sophomores and juniors guarantee a successful season next year. Em" 'V'-F-'-V Q T " " ,' -'5 '1ff ' N 'Q '-G 451,55-17 'W' af' '55-7i"g'L ' 'r"'7"" " '-T' '5 s 4' I - ' X 'V Y ' ' m 4 ,- V 1 I - W . " 4' - ,, . ,. , A ' .1,. .ajakjra xgiqrlixl YN 'HAD' "' 5,4 ,V , 141,54 ., 'f A -'Qi' .V nmas:if:1sa1,afW.'. f L , 1 " - f -' ' ' ' sm im 1 ,gl "gl,-galil .476- , A - - - ' ' vpn- Lb! 1451 -2 lfl Han! First Row: Adrienne lackson, Debbie Pachus, Cynthia Weinstein, Elaine Sullivan, Amy Casper, Amy Shapiro, Nancy Green. Second Row: Sandy Greenberg, Ronna Miller, Mindy Kingston, Shelly Polsky, MaryAnn Donlan, Cynthia Moan, Shelly Pearlstein, Diane Kaufman, Laura Ford, Ms. Alexander. 97 1 l :J- ya 5 SQ' 4 11 First row: Aaron Moynahan, Michael Stockman, joe Donlan, Peter Nathanson, Greg Moan, Paul Tormey, jeff Lawson, George Brockman, Scott Groper, Peter Maples. Second row: Mike Berzon, jeff Bennett, David Chused, john Amicangioli, jim Blackman, Greg McKinney, jeff Goldsmith, Phil Small, David Costa, Keith Washing Washington, Matt Sabetti. Third row: jim Sullivan, Brian Cooper, Charlie Conolley, Greg Soyka, Barry Gale, Mike Hernandez, Fred Amicangioli, joe Peltier, Coach Aredis Koioyan, Coach George Winkler. Fourth rowx Coach MacDonald, Nat Heard, Dan Sheehan, Mark Manfredi, Mark Newhook, Bob Clark, Coach Harvey, Coach Mark Young, The 1974 Newton South Football Team had the poten- tial to win the Dual County championship, but bad breaks and erratic play destroyed the team's chances. Although the Lions opened the season with three straight wins, they managed only one more victory in the six remaining games. Despite the team's mediocre record, there were many players who performed well, Halfback Peter Nathanson had a great season. "Nate" scored nine touchdowns and rushed for well over 600 yards. His excellent playing earned him a spot on the Dual County All-Star Team. Captain Greg Moan and fellow linebacker Aaron Moynahan also had a fine season, each earning spots on the league All-Star Team. Nathanson, Moynahan, and Moan will surely be missed next year, along with depart- ing seniors Peter Maples, Paul Tormey, joe Donlan, Scott Groper, jeff Lawson, George Brockman, Mike Stockman, and Rick Taranto. Next year's team will be led by co-captains designated Matt Sabetti and Keith Washington, both of whom had a fine season. Other returning lettermen include Phil Small, Greg McKinney, Rich Gossman, jeff Goldsmith, jeff Ben- nett, jim Blackman, john Amicangiolf and Mike Berzon, This year spelled the end of a brilliant coaching career for head coach George Winkler, Coach Winkler deserves a great deal of credit and praise for all the hard work and effort which he displayed. Next year's coach will have a tough job ahead of him because most of this year's key players will have gradu- ated. Unless there is a very impressive group of players coming in from the junior high schools, several Newton South players will have to improve dramatically in order to save the Lions from another disappointing season. football if I Q 'Q I would like to take this opportunity to personally thank this year's football team and all the other teams which I have coached during my thirteen years at South. I would like to thank the many, many hundreds of young men for the support, dedication and enthusiasm which they have shown to me and to the school. I consider myself fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with these young men. I consider them to be the finest which one could find anywhere, and it has been a privilege to have coached them. George Winkler I, if 'li f- 'N Qi , ' I ,, ,J 4 I , I V x ., an ' I ,J --- xx .xx 'QL . K A IL- v ' lgfii , X 'c- Y ca - 'C ' ' an ' I ' - - -Q, a'?,- F '- 'ga 1 , UR r :flak l ,. M , rf I all V ff. I A ' i lg Ci! I X 4 Sl, Front row: Karen Quinn, Liz Kellner, Ieannie Pizzoglio, Ronna Feinstein, Brenda Gottlieb. Back row: lody Kaufman, Donna Amicangioli, Gail Nuzzi, Susan Larson, Lisa DiCarlo. 99 , , 3 hockey r a -'-3 ll C T' 'f ai .V-. ' i - J ' f....-v-.... f..'c I - 1 :U ' ,,-in sf -.V 5 v . -lv--1 -ccsf. .'2e...'Z.f:s,.,,,,,,:g,,,,,, T ,Q Q 0 991, t"""'. 'all ,QA xlq lx. .f 'N First row: jimmy Hart, lan Waalewyn, Brian Cain, loe Donlan, Bob Driscoll, Dave Satter, Mark Cooper, Howie Cooper, Bill Skerry, Donny Mooreg Second row1 Coach McPhee, Bobby Tresca, Bob Tedeschi, Stu Satter, C-len Mackenzie, Kevin Schmidlein, Ken Schmidlein, Don Ferrari, Dave Panella, lrrnrnv Hendricks, Mr, McBride. This year's Newton South Hockey Team compiled a 4- 11 record. This dismal record can be attributed to the team's inconsistency. The Lions opened their season with an impressive 3-1 . victory over Wayland. After this opening game the team dropped four straight games. The Lions got back on the track with a decisive 3-1 victory against Weston. After three more defeats the Lions played their best game of the season, defeating the league leader - Bedford - by a score of 3-2. The team then reverted to its losing ways as they dropped three more games before defeating Weston for the second time, 3-2. The Lions finished the season with two more losses. Next year the team will miss the services of graduating seniors Mark Cooper, loe Donlan, Brian Cain, lim Hart, Kevin Schmidlein, Bob Tedeschi, Bill Skerry, David Satter, and Bob Driscoll. 5 The team will look forward to the return of Don F F Ferrari, Glen Mackenzie, lan Waalewyn, Howie Cooper, " Donny Moore, lim Hendricks, Dave McKennon, Gene Carr, Stu Satter, Bobby Tresca, and Doug Bullen. .,X... l I Coach McPhee - This was a very frustrating year. The team suffered alot of bad breaks and was guilty of many l careless errors. I hope next year will prove more success- . i ful. is ll l S' Tlwg ,pil fif Q-1. . boys' swimming This year was the second year of consecutive swim- ming at Newton South. The team was comprised of about fifteen swimmers. Although it was a small team, the swimmers were very dedicated. The practices were held at the Newton North pool from five to seven in the evening. Despite the inconvenience of the practice site and times, the team members were present at most of the practices. The team was not very successful this year. Although they failed to win a meet most of the swimmers showed much improvement in their times. Swimming the fifty and one hundred yard freestyle was Neal Drobnis, lerry Urdang, and Gary Silverstein. The two hundred year and five hundred year freestyle was swam by Ronnie Koning, David Kamowitz, and leff Karp. Eli Marcus and Luca Gentilucci swam the one hundred year butterfly. The one hundred yard breaststroke was swam by George Brockman, Larry Groipen, and Gary Weiner. In the one hundred yard backstroke were Neal Drobnis and Paul White. The grueling individual medley was swam by Eli Marcus and Luca Gentilucci. The divers were David Chused and Bruce Renick. The strongest swimmers on the team were Neal Drobnis, who qualified for the state meet in the fifty yard and one hundred yard freestyle, and George Brockman. Coach Grimes - I think the team performed as well as expected for a second year team. I think that more student participation, the team could be a successful one. First row: Paul White, jeff Karp, Larry Croipen, lerry Feldman, Coach Crimes, Second row: "Buzzy" Daniels, David Chused, Ronnie Koning, David Kamowitz, Gary Weiner, Third row: leannie Hoberman, jerry Urdang, jimmy Silverstein, Neal Drobnis, George Brockmang Missing: Eli Marcus, Luca Gentilucci. 1 gown' U 1129: migr- ,.5,a,-, '32,-V SML. ima. 1:17 -"..J'i luv! ., H- ei :ff VY ' , l - dh -j-T an 213 4 2 Scy- M ,sf Q i L X , ,' X ', f f"x5' r TN' if 5 '1 r, , li , fl EQ 'ff -F ll .. F' - I . X A . i'. ' i ., Q- 1 5 1 .1 xg. A ' El- - VA'-'ur - First Row Faith Dana, Jenny Taub, Rosey Reily, Carol Maltz lco-Capri, lanet Cove lco-Capt.J, Amy' Fagin, Ruth Sparrow, Rona Leventnalg Second Row Miss Susan Raymond, Nancy Grodberg, Claire Levenworth, Susan Rogers, Butnana Snukri, Susan Steinberg, Sheila Comerford, Maureen Foley, Debbie Speilman, Miss ludy Blanchard lcoachj 'EQ ,,. N- '.,a N I r X J fi li. N ' 0 . 'wi S X ,, A 1 sg X . PX' xi I may . N -'X 1 , , Y xi F N t 5 I ' ,..,...Ax Q llll gymnastics This years Girls' Gymnastic Team was one of the strongest teams in NSHS history. The team was composed of sixteen gymnasts - soph- omores Buthana Shukri, Claire Levenworth, Amy Fagin, Nancy Grodberg, Debbie Speilman, Susan Steinberg, Faith Dana, Susan Rogers, Rosie Reilly, and lenny Taub, juniors Rona Leventhal, Ruth Sparrow, and Maureen Foley, seniors Sheila Comerford and co-captains lanet Gove and Carol Maltz. Having achieved an outstanding record of victories, coach ludy Blanchard feels the team is young and has unlimited potential for the next few years. The highlight of the season was the smashing victory over Newton North High School 86.4 to 48.0. Qualifying for the State Individual Meet were Claire Levenworth, lenny Taub, Maureen Foley, Amy Fagin, Nancy Grodberg, Buthana Shukri, and Carol Maltz. Scores South Opp 76 Wellesley 60.75 77.12 Westwood 45.55 79.2 Weston 45.45 78.6 Concord 67.05 75.32 Brookline 73.65 79.9 Lexington 65.05 86.4 Newton North 48.00 81.55 Wayland 71.50 79.15 Linc. - Sud. 85.5 79.5 Acton 78.90 Y Y, 4, ,A , V ':,,.,---9-2 is' - w.l11.fg.T-2.254 Z ' i"i ?7i5?71Lj'75"'mf'k lj: -Q. 'K i f 2 r xl - 5 N.-. l '..- 'Q . 3 Turf!" , 1 '. qggg . -' tg 551:-',.' vf"1 " rel i Q Jia , i 41 f .1 7. 3'-. f' - 2 .Q .. . . 5 .. J.".fXv,Q Q f 4 1 l l i Q ' r Q v , t gymnastics First row: Stuart Rothman, Bobby Clark, David Spielman, Geoffrey Brown, Mark Comerfordg Second row: Tad Baum, Robert Kelly, Chris Cataldo, Harvey Stone, Mr. Steves - coach. This year was one of rebuilding for the Newton South Gymnastics Team. Although the team did not win many meets, many of the boys showed a great deal of improve- ment. There were only four seniors on the team this year. David Spielman, the team captain, took first place on the side horse in almost every meet. Stuart Rothman also competed on the side horse. Two of the seniors Geof Baum, who was a vaulter, and Chris Cataldo, who com- peted on the high bar - were newcomers to the team this year. Sophomore Tad Baum had a very good season as he placed consistently on the parallel high bars. Bob Clark, a junior, and Harvey Stone, a sophomore, were the team's all-around performers. Both boys picked up sev- eral points. Other team members included Mark Come- rford and Bob Kelly. Coach Steeves - This year's team showed much im- provement as the season progressed. I think that the experience gained by the members of the team will help make next year a more successful season. indoor track First row: Larry Hirschberg, Kenny Green, Doug Rosenfeld, Peter Castellanos, Ray McKinney, Fred Amicangioli, Laurie Markoff, Second row: Coach Blackburn, Paul Daniels, jonny Zoll, Arthur Gould, Carlos Pava, Tim Williams, David Bernstein, Dennis Bauke, Karen Lein, Coach Sutherland. The 1974-1975 Indoor Track season was one of dis- couragement and disappointment for the Newton South Lions. Lacking the depth and dedication to compete in the overwhelming Dual County League, the Lions com- piled a 0-7 season. Under the capable supervision of Coaches Sutherland and Blackburn, the team, though defeated from the very start, worked themselves into top- notch shape. Sprinter Peter Castellanos turned in one of the season's top performances in the forty yard dash with a time of 4.8 seconds. Other sprinters included captain Stuart Perry and Steve Garfinkle. Carson Milgroom, a much improved middle distance runner, and Dennis Bauke, a fine long distance runner, both had good seasons. Dennis set a school record in the two mile, and sophomore Paul Daniels showed great promise in the six hundred yard run. Next year the team will miss the services of graduating seniors Stu Perry, Peter Castellanos, and Ray McKinney. However, the nucleus of this year's team will be return- ing and hopefully with better results than this year's team. Coach Sutherland - This year's team deserves a lot of credit for all the work they put into their endeavors. I think each member of the team improved a great deal during the course of the season. T05 basketball K-Q 8.1 First row: jeff Cylkowski, Saul Rubin, Howie Pinderhughes - co-captain, Mark Aronson - co-capt, Kevin Hoban, George Thomas, Second row: Mickey Atkins, lerry Antonellis, Mark Spector, limmy Sherman, Rob Lent, Chandler Bosworth, Bob Harris, Coach Walker. The Newton South 1974 - 1975 basketball season was a very disappointing one. The Lions appeared strong before the start of the season, but managed to win just two of their first ten games. The team put together a fine effort in their second win of the year as they crushed Acton-Boxboro, 73-32. Victories like this were hard to come by for the Lions, and despite an unlimited amount of determination, they found themselves most often on the short end of the score. The team was able to win iust two more games and finished the season with a 4-11 record. This season was an extreme disappointment for second year coach Richard Walker who had high hopes for the Lions qualifying for the state tournament. Many players deserve much credit for all the hard work and effort they gave. Mark Aronson was the team's most solid performer, he led the team in scoring and was the overall team leader. Helping Mark out in the back- court were Howie Pinderhughes, leff Cylkowski, and Matt Sabetti. Bob Lent and Bob Harris were the Lions' two big men up front, Chandler Bosworth was the other starting forward. Coming off the bench were Billy Greene, lerry Antonellis, lim Sherman, and Rich Spector. The Lions will have only four players returning next year and of these four players only Matt Sabetti saw more than a few minutes of playing time each game. Coach Walker will have a tough job ahead of him next year as he has so much work to accomplish and so little to work with. Coach Richard Walker - I feel that the team is much better than is the dismal record it has. I feel we had the talent to be one of the top teams in the Dual County League, and we certainly possessed the ability to beat any team on our schedule. lllb -,Al . I A C 4 F? -.. ,ii-1' Q 4 'rl IFB' ... fl. or i,.....-u-4-1" I 1,4 . , 0 A fe 119-"" 7.5-13" Y ui 44Q ai-5 X58 N X! El' P Lx- I First row: Debbie Dubinsky, Sue Lechten, Linda Rubing Second row Debbie Lapuck Peggy Rnley Debbne Zussman, Patty Riley, Beth Gotchberg. D3 l basketball l i i W l i l i I , First Row: Meg Hurley, Neysa Dillon tco-captl, Beth Gilles fco-capt.l, p Nancy Bornstein Second Row: Susan Horwitz, Sarah Rubenstein, Benadetta Antonellis, Lorie Green, Mindy Kingston, Barbie Long, Ms. I Pam Hixon Missing: Susanna Newton l l T The NSHS Girls' Basketball Team had its ups and downs this year, but all the girls were pleased with the progress their team had made this season. Miss Pam Hixon coached the Lions again this year, pulling them out of their defeats and leading them on to victory. The future looks promising because it was a young squad, with both lower and upper classmen standouts. The team was captained by seniors Neysa Dillon and Beth Gilles, who will be greatly missed along with seniors Meg Hurley and Nancy Bornstein. The returning juniors and sophomores - Lorie Green, Susan Horwitz, Sarah Ru- benstein, Ben Antonellis, Mindy Kingston, Barbie Long, and Susanna Newton - look forward to an even better season next year. The team had several losses, but when South finally got it together, they completely out-played their oppo- nentsp penetrating the defenses and surprising them with outside shots. But regardless of whether NSHS won or lost, these girls formed the classiest team in the Dual- County League. When they came out on the court in their sharp, orange and blue uniforms fPumas and alll opponents knew that they would have to look out for NSHS. It would be hard to stop this team. And it sure was. The lunior Varsity team was coached by Mr. Edward Minishak, a former Northeastern University player. He worked hard all season long coaching the girls and giving them the necessary on-the-court experience for future years. The squad was captained by Christine Castellanos and Carol Sturnick. The other players were Lisa Chesler, I 5 I. Q . O l i.I4,l Leslie Dillon, Sherri Fastov, Betsy Ford, Cindy Golding, Carole Grant, Lisa Hurley, Adrienne lackson, Shelly Pol- sky, and Kerry Wilcox. fe K, - .Ni , fy sa , SA--J First Row: Lisa Hurley, Betsy Ford, Chris Castellanos, Carol Sturnick, Sherry Fastov, Adrienne jackson Second Row: Carole Grant, Cindy Golding, Kerry Wilcox, Lisa Chesler, Leslie Dillon, Shelly 'Polsky, Ms. Pam Hixon Missing: Coach Minishak --. fx .in-n. E, 1, on :gi gh, lO9 vvrestlin .igwi Q P-ffl ,sg ,,,,,, l L, ,,,, Q34 tw, A is is l E First row: Charles Dippo, Bob Paisner, Bruce Arafe, Peter Nathanson - captain, Howard Appelstein, Craig Sowsey, Aaron Moynahan, Peter Maples - captain, Scott Ciroperg Second row: David Costa, Paul Tormey, Ronald Lombardo, Keith Washington, Gary Fireman, Barrv Horowitz, Ted Hilliard, Frank Tarentino, Chuck Hurwitz - assistant coachg Third row: Aredis Kojoyian - coach, Michael Thomas, Mark Manfreddi, Brian Cooper, Michael Berzon, Mike Hernandez, Dan Picard, Douglas Washingtong Fourth row: leff Croper, Dan Friedman, loe Peltier, Bill Surette, Brian Buffington, Glen Weinstein, Artie Kojoyian. i i 1 ' ' l Q i l I O.. '- .5- 'Y This year's Newton South Varsity Wrestling Team had another great season. The team finished the season with a fine 14-1 record. The only loss the grapplers suffered was to an always powerful Wayland team. The wrestling dynasty that has been ignited by coach Aredis Kojoyian continues to crush its opponents. In the eight years that Kojoyian has coached the Lions the team has compiled a phenomenal 98-11-2 record. This year's team had great balance all the way down the line. In the one hundred pound weight class Chuck Dippo had a 6-3-1 record. lunior Louis MacDonald had a tremendous season in the one hundred seven pound class as he established an unblemished 14-0 record. Bob Paisner, at one hundred fourteen pounds, came back from an injury to come up with an 8-3-1 record. lunior Gary Fireman was very impressive as he posted a 9-3-1 record in the one hundred twenty-one pound class. Bruce Arafe has a disappointing 3-7-1 record at one hundred twenty-eight pounds. Peter Nathanson had an excellent year at one hundred thirty-four pounds as he posted a perfect 15-0 record. Howie Appelstein compiled a fine 12-2 record in the one hundred forty pound class. Senior Craig Sowsey showed much improvement in the one hundred forty-seven pound class and finished with a respectable 8-2-2 record. In the one hundred fifty-seven pound class Aaron Moynahan showed a great deal of improvement as he finished with a fine 12-2-1 record. Last year Aaron finished with a mediocre 6-8 record in the same weight class. lunior Keith Washington had a disappointing year with a 3-12 record in the one hundred sixty-seven pound class. Peter Maples went undefeated for the second straight year, compiling a 14-0 record. Scott Groper, a vastly improved heavyweight ended up with a most impressive 13-0 record. The team will lose nine seniors from the starting lineup. Those wrestlers who are expected to help next year's team include Ron Lombardo, Brian Cooper, Doug Washington, Mike Berzon, Dan Picard, Dave Costa, Frank Tarantino, Greg Soylea, Bill Sureette, and lohn Amica- ngioli. Coach Koioyian - This year's team was very deter- mined. They worked very hard and all their hard work r . Q 'lakh , 1 - -1-a T4 ll .. gg - nl . , , ' if-0-xff! ,iii N E S W 'im- paid off. Many fine wrestlers will be graduating this year, but many fine ones will be back next year for what will hopefully be another successful season. iff-. P- -22.32 f 8 .1 ,X M .,- T .0 ---va-'Ls ' " ' ' ' ' "' 1' 11" the Sabetti award The Newton South Boosters Club Award has been dedicated to Mrs. Elizabeth Sabetti, a warm, open-hearted woman, whose involvement in local sports activities lead to increased team spirit at Newton South. Her consistent attendance at Newton South sporting events provided both the players and the coaches with the enthusiasm necessary to develop their skills to the utmost. Mrs. Sabetti also devoted agreat deal of her time and her boundless energy to Pop Warner and to Little League Baseball. This annual award will be given to the "all around" female athlete who has demonstrated the most admirably the qualities of leadership, understanding, and good sportsmanship both on and off the playing field. The Boosters Club especially wants to give females who participate in athletics the same type of recog- nition received by their male counterparts who receive the Daniel W. Mendelson Memorial Sports Award. It is also hoped that the Sabetti Award will stimulate interest among the students in girls' sports at Newton South. The recipient of the award will be presented with a trophy, and a plaque engraved with the recipient's name will be displayed in the trophy case outside the gymnasia. l ' Q 'L-.nv A-xx Y' Newton South - a band of gypsies carried me here! I' .,,., . I ,t. J' kv of ' ' 6 - Lt, A group of my friends sitting in the courtyard passing around a joint, so some of the rest of us passed around an apple to be cool. The courtyard is the best place to beg it's filled with the memories of old friends who have graduated, and present ones who make it worth staying around. if .l The Wheeler parking lot is mellowing out with the times. Full-fledged 'Southies' are a relic from a past age. Sure, we all have our separate groups, but people are less frightened to mingle now. My last year here has taught me to deal with people and situations I never felt capable fo dealing with be- fore. 115 I hang around the Cutler House science room doors burning heretics, writing obscenities on the walls, and chain-smoking eight packs of Marl- boros a day. i Y.. I-"'x -xt QM I spend roughly one half of my free blocks trying to do my homework. I feel greatly re- lieved if I can get it all done before school is over. i ?'4 What do I do in my spare time? I smoke and I sleep Anything else is none of your business. ,v . . . And I like school. It's a place to see my friends. It beats , television game shows. It's better than the soap operas. It gives you the freedom to make decisions - like whether or not to do your homework. That's the part that kills me. -I gi we 'I- -' 'fi' L - 'si' s 1 F ff fr.: N? .V fr E 1 ll '21 " f 1" -M . N gy.. l'. X x IA. I F' T 'tg ' 1 i People at South are very independent and strong minded, and they will think and do as they please. , . 3 Q 1 5 3 'Qt- P C f Q ' ' 'Q - yr' C' Ill!! ' 1 e X I l 1 The discussions between kids from NSHS and North Carolina were frank, open, and honest. lt made the kids at Newton South realize how much hostility there is between blacks and whites at South. Their visit here led to productive action in resolving the race problem at our school. II8 A 1 I me ,treo :E 571' fm Q A . .. , 1 4' ' X xv ... -. , - .4'1'- of-A it -Anal' South students deserve a place to work on cars. A full auto shop isn't what we want. A roof and a few tools would make everyone happy. Wiz" W' Q -,,, 0-""""-it ' ah- ilk I' ,pf-Q. LN ' 'fa -LnJ Friday nights at the Lug? Basketball game South parking lot Backyard B.P.L. doing homework . em , E-Q X 1 Gif .,. ..,.,,'J In college I intend to create a double -ffii'-wg-'f,,,,r major in Uranium Mining and Escalator Installation - two fields of study which ,QE X, have been introduced to me at NSHS i 'la .si ! r vw lt's true. He really does dive into paper bags. I saw it with my own eyes. , Y' L 1 seniors x A , I ., 14' s -1, 7 Y" fo 6 5'-Y 'f"Y'v' f. 'lx i fwqy' - fgrfg- Q A! Marilyn Agulnick 271 Spiers Rd. Wheeler If you find someone that gives you all of their love, Take it to your heart, Don't let it stray, For one thing that is certain, You will surely be hurting, If you throw it all away. Much love and thanks to my friends and family. lanis Marie Alberti 652 Chestnut St. Cutler Anything worth wanting, is worth working and waiting for. l. D., Thanks for the memories. I, R., Party 12131 X73. Thanks, I. L., L. S., C. K., D. W., N. V., M. D., D. P., S. M., 81 L. H,, for two great years at N.S.H.S. Never forget P. M. K. T., D.P., L. H., S.M., D.F., D.D. Neal Alberts 96 Levbert Rd. Cutler "Who else but the self can be master of the self? With self controlled, another master is hard to find." Karate is part of my life, lt's philosophy is well rewarding. l'll never forget L. P. To the guys in my band, "Keep Rockin." David Alpert 123 Walnut Hill Rd. Cutler If you can feel the earth under your feet, Know that never in your life, have you not been touching something, Wearing it down a little . ,. "Life is short, so live it to its fullest capacity, and never stop trying . . . " Take care, C o o d n i g h t . MUA! if 1 1 .itil-li Everywhere it's Freaks and Greasers, locks and Southies. Tell me, where is sanity? The optimist sees the doughn The pessimist sees the hole. X. Frederick Henry Albert 92 Varick Rd. Goodwin "Got no mansion, got no yacht, Still l'm happy with what l've got, l got the sun in the morning and the moon at night." Irvin Berlin l love it! . .. lelly roll isn't everything . . . Oooo that's cold! ...jumping elephants... Thirteen years fly fast when you've having fun . . . ut, Mcl. Wilson Michael Patrick Alsup 6 Glastonbury Oval Wheeler "When you know a thing, to hold that you know it: and when you do not know a thing, allow that you do not know it - this is knowIedge." Unknown Rita L. Amendola 38 lohn St. Wheeler "Little Wop" Always keep in mind that, you can't live in the past, and if you don't make something of the present, you can't live in the future. Goodbye and good luck to the class of '75! Well gang, I made it! Angela M. Amicangioli 837 Boylston St, Cutler zf' N p ,I in v l 1... nn,-u ,ne 15:10 we in A+ ... .,. !5,,.5gaL.s.3s:, -"-fl' -1-f ' ' ft? -df:-f"-A fu fs ' ,.-6 N, I ,,,,-.,,... . ff ' ' Lgggqg .im f "-'Av 5 g . 3 . 'L' -, M Q' as '3-:riffs 'fix-.Ony,s ,nf 7. ,TQ-at Y . .g::iC'f'a-if-A-"'-i'+s'f?: .., .g:i",.:'.l'-11.9 W Y , -'- 5. .X A .- T ' alta Q ,,, X ,ax Kenneth William Anderson 68 Indiana Terr. Cutler German Club - Vice President 12 B nl .di ' -l Ah " .sy ',' -Q 4. V ' -A-A -. - . . -. I could dance better if I had my sneekers on! Donna Ann Amicangioli 845 Boylston St. Cutler "Amo" Memories ... Victory parties ... the corner .,. Hey Amo .., Weeks I'll always remember the good times with my friends. Good luck at South, Fred, lohn and lim. "Always stay ahead of the other fellow." l.V. Fieldhockey 1, Cheerleading 2, 3 German Club 3 Ellen 1. Anderson 51 Bernard St. Wheeler ,fx ml -.44 ,f 'I Karen L. Anderson 77 Elinor Rd. Goodwin The sun is but a morning star. s """X Louis Gerard Antonellis 1054 Walnut St. Cutler Fear is the only darkness. The fear of death is the shadow of the fear of life. To live in harmony with living things is to banish fear. I would like to thank Newton South High for my education. My goal is to be a cop. xx., Bruce David Arafe 28 Brierfield Rd. Wheeler "Be yourself, for that is all that can be expected, You are a child of the universe, no less than the trees and the stars, you have a right to be here." With all its shame, drudgery and broken dreams, its still a beautiful world. Enjoy life, and be happy. Excerpts from Desiderata Wrestling 1, 2, 3 126 fi lason Richard Arbeiter 99 Truman Rd. Wheeler The greatest invention of the 19th century was the invention of the method of invention. Alfred North Whitehead The first precept was never to accept a thing as true until I knew it as such without a single doubt. Rene Descartes Robert Anderson 53 Cottage St. Cutler All I have to say is that it's a nice place to visit, but l wouIdn't want to live here. Howard Applestein 45 Wyman St. Goodwin "Howie" "Apple" Thank you Newton South for three great years. So long to great guys, joe Nathanson and Art Kojoyian. l'll never forget the Yale Bowl with Coop, Pree, Mark, jeff and "eggs" Syracuse with Nate and Craig, the berry, the zone, the route and all the great kids l've known at South. james Arcuri 38 White Oak Rd. Goodwin Mark Aronson 250 Woodcliff Rd. Cutler "Mesh" Oh Wow! We all had a real good time. Ed and Pete. Vacations at Matoaka. "Who cares." Co. Capt. B. Ball with Roscoe, State Tournament. H. R. with lodi, crusin the country with Nate. "To thine own self be true" Q63 I 5 31.-i Neil Aronson 180 Wiswall Rd. Goodwin "My country is the world, and my religion is to do good." Thomas Paine I'll never forget all the political campaigns. Moments of madness: The night before the big paper is due. Deneboa 1, 2, Community Affairs Editor 3, Explorers Club 1, 2, 3, History Club 2, 3, Musical 2, Concert Choir 3, May Arts 1, 2, 3, Enrichment Program 1, 2, State House Internship 1, 2. lohn loseph Atkins 44 Andrew St. Wheeler "Multiplication is vexation, division is as bad, the rule of three preplexes me, and practice drives me mad." Canon au,-fc. 'li V Go ahead Birds! Everyone else does! 'x Cheryl Auclair 39 Rockland Place Wheeler "We grow either better or worse as we get older but more like ourselves." Becker l'll always remember May Arts '74, Nantasket Beach, Always N. N., K. C. - "Your in rare form today" "Your know" "Yea but." D block on the gym stairs. Thanks to all my friends. Merick Bahm 131 Wallace St. Cutler Don't you know there's a fire in the hole and nothing left to burn, l'd like to run out now, but there's nowhere left to turn. Steeley Dan Never forget, Summer '74 - Allman Bros. gig that crashed - the table, K. A., I. M., Nose and the ranks. Baseball 1 Cheryl Ann Bailey 957 Boylston St. Goodwin "And what l'm trying to say is that nobody ever had a rainbow, until he had the rain." lim Croce "If I had a million dollars " What is it you want I should say? Summer of '74. To my friends, "thank you" for without you, tomorrow would not be possible. Carol M. Baler 54 Daniel St. Wheeler "Let today embrace the past with remembrance and the future with longing." Kahil Gibran Memories, Pansies, Ellis summer of '74, the cape twhiteyj 47, 49, 52. Lisa, it's blue! 8!29!74, a party at the Pru, an everlasting friendship with Harriet. Crazy times with good friends. Blame it on the sun Special memories of C. B. Jonathan S. Bamel 22 Olde Field Rd. Cutler "From the moment I could talk, I was ordered to listen. Now there's a way and I know that I have to go away." KBS I. T., G. T., D. A., T. M., Football 1, Soccer 2, Capt 3, Basketball 1, 2, 3 Baseball 1, 2, 3 127 Ellen Sue Band 267 Woodward St. Cutler You got to drift in the breeze, Before you set your sails, It's an occupation where the wind prevails, Before you set your sails, Drift in the breeze. ,A uf Nancy Baron 65 Hartmann Rd. Wheeler "Somethings lost and somethings gained in living every day" ludy Collins Much love and thanks to friends who helped me through those "certain" times, and to that one special person who made my high school years everything they could have been May '72 . . . l love you. 1 loan C, Bartoshevich 7 Pennsylbania Ave. Wheeler l'll never forget, 877774 Larry 1:30, Curbs, Hampton Beach wfsnob, The Rounds, N.S.H.S. parking lot with N. K. driving, PF on the rocks. RCD pool and chair. Mac's IHOP, HUH, HI. Thanks for the good times, N. K., D. D., B. K., MOE, L. M., T. Y., T. G., E. S., I. K., and the M's. lodi Bayne 79 Westgate Rd. Cutler "Through love one creates his own personality and helps others create theirs." The girl in my life KAKA! Flo '73. Thanks for a special friendship Con, lazz "73-74", France "73", H. R. with Mark - Coco 81 Liz 81 lules. The times with my high school sweetheart - lack - H. I., M. L. IZ8 'UN y-. Elise Baseman 230 Dorset Rd. Cutler "Oh c'mon a bon", installment certral, "No girls, you can not burn candles in your rroooms." E2, ECA's. H. Lists. ,J 5? 'gl Kurt Robert Gustav Bauke 18 Chase St. Wheeler More trouble is caused in this world by indiscreet questions. Sydney T. Harris Youth is a fast gallop over a smooth track to the bright horizon The time of great expectations for yourself and expectations of others for you to be fulfilled at an unspecified time called some day. Harold Azine Geoffrey Mark Baum 79 Drumlin Rd. Cutler "Geoff" The past is but a shadow of that which once was, And so today will be, Tomorrow Laurie B. Bell 72 Westminster Rd. Wheeler Priscilla Bennett 3 Ridgway Terrace Cutler Ann-Katrin Bergstrom 182 Rawson Rd. Cutler I am a Swedish student and I came here on a scholarship. A few of the purposes of my staying here are to live with an American family, to experience your school system, and to come to know and understand your traditions. What I especially have appreciated so far is that everyone has been so kind and helpful to me. Nicholas Bibbo III 54 Indiana Terrace Cutler loyce Donna Berkman 259 Spiers Rd. Wheeler "Berk" "Without love, laughter and tears, there is no life." Talk at McDonalds with Karen, Sue. Five g's. The hill gang and that special friend-Hooli. Summer of 74-C. S. 8!17!74 - snuggle. Partying at Swi's. To all my friends-thank you. 16 years of friendship - F. H. That special someone - Bennett ., H , at,- i,,- ' I I I 4 . S ,. . .. rl - v 4 4' n'. 4 A' f ,- s"2"f " I v I par v .ini 4. 'n Christopher Berlew 56 Bowdoin St. Cutler I. I . il' lin, I I fx ' A Samuel Berger 63 Beethoven Ave. Cutler Baseball 1, 2, 3 Cynthia Bernstein 100 Audubon Dr. Cutler Remember Glasses, Braces, Pickles, Bananas, Lady, Cindy . . . Whaddy, I love you too! He's making a darn fool outa me! Crossword puzzles, Baloney Salami and Eggs, Being totally crazy! To four very special friends, thanks. B. D. Stop following me! S. C. Tee-Hee. Warm Fuzzys. A. D. Ayah. U. M. P. D. R. You ask first. Carole loyce Bloom 59 lane Rd. Goodwin 'Never regret a ride on a star, A dream, or a hope that is aimed too far, That wonderful castle you build in the air, Though it may tumble, it leaves a memory there." Two meanings per word, April 1. Oh What a beautiful Mon-ing. T29 Rhonda Boris 71 Vine St. Cutler The line it is drawn The curse it it cast The slow one now Will be later past The order is Rapidly fadinf And the first one now Will be later last For the times they are a- changinl Nancy E. Bornstein 170 Old Farm Rd. Cutler "The name of a friend is common, but the faith in friendship is rare." Tennis Team, 2, 3 Ski Club: 1, 2, 3 I 1 ' 7 Q X in-'11 l K IJ Beth Susan Bortman 23 Marcellus Dr. Cutler "A smile is just a curved line that sets things straight." l'll never forget, all the great times with Kevin, chicken wings, Nights at S. H., Bubbsy Twins, Colour my world S. C., Summer '73, '74 - L. S., N. W., Cape Cod, Feb. '74, T-Trio and to my friends and parents, Thank-you. Cheerleading, 2 .ix 5 411 1' Warren C. Bosworth, lr. 85 Erie Ave. Cutler l'll never forget all the good times I had at N.S.H.S., because I never had any. My friends D. P., M. T. fthe kidj, C. F R. D., l. G., s. M., N. o., o. K., R. r., K. s., 1. H., o. s., R. o., P. r. The corner. Weekend nights at south parking lot. A great kid, Carl Ionasson. Baseball, 1, 2, 3 Basketball 1, 2, 3 Y I don't believe it! Newton South actually got the ball! l3O ul Qi Edward A. Boudrot 47 Halcyon Rd. Cutler "Life is like an artichoke... you go through so much, and get so little." Baseball, 1, 2,3 . ' , Qfftiffiiy' Robin Sue Bovarnick 15 Winston Rd. Wheeler "lt doesn't matter who you love or how you love but that you love." Cross Country-Summer '73 Summer of '74-8729774 G.C.P., 47, 49, 52 - LDCB. Always remember good times with K. S., L. D., C. B., All the great times with Roger. Good luck to all! Bruce Boynick 5 Longmeadow Rd. Goodwin Denebola, 1, 2,3 Sports Editor, 3 Regulus, 2, 3 Basketball, 1, 2, 3 Michael Peter Brodsky 43 Nickerson Rd. Cutler "I'd rather die happy, then not die at all. For a man is a fool, who will not heed the call." l. R. Robinson fThe Bandl from "W. S. Walcot's medicine show." Lawrence Erwin Brownstein 183 Hartman Rd. Wheeler "Love the one you're with" Stephen Stills Ah yes, the good times at N.S.H.S. Schwarty, Nose, Head, limbo, Late nights at Lauries'. Cattle rustlers fHeadl, Scoop carrying Venete into class, nose's stere0, the nerd, after school football, kicksave, when you gonna be a man? Head-Fe-Fe smackeroos, Kitty, the EPPA! Alan E. Brand 25 Woodward St. Cutler "To go where no man has gone before", "Stay with us loe", "Any day now", "My hero", The Nationals 1974, "Read the damn thing!" Nancy Bronstein 1388 Walnut St. Cutler "Aim for a Star, and keep your sights high! With a heartful of faith within, Your feet on the ground, and your eyes on the sky, Some day you are bound to win!" A word has two meanings, April 1, 1974. Ralph - consider yourself one of us!" I .'l1x lules I. Brayman 105 Selwyn Rd. Cutler "Winning isn't everything, but it beats anything that comes in second" Thanks to all my friends for making my school years worth something Cars and motorcycles are the greatest! Also, a very, very special thanks to my parents. Indoor Track, 1, 2, 3 Outdoor Track, 1, 2, 3, "Sick Boy" lessica Brown 32 Fisher Ave. Cutler Grass is the forgiveness of nature. Fields trampled with battle, saturated with blood, torn with the ruts of cannon grown green again with grass and carnate is forgotten. Forest decay harvest perish flowers vanish but grass is immortal. ll wi- Laura Brown 29 Brewster Rd. Wheeler "If a man does not keep pace with his companions, perhaps it is because he hears a different drummer. Let him step to the music he hears, however measured or far away" Thoreau Thanks L. S., E. S., I. D., my parents. Good luck friends and potato pickers. Put a Tic-Tac in your mouth and get a bang out of life! 131 1-'O :ix .t 1. uf, fx-X. i ' e Tori Bullen 8 Burnside Rd. Goodwin "Bull" I have had such a good time since I have been here! tya rightl and l'Il never forget famous sayings like: "Hen, do you want to skip A Block?" "What are you doing tonight?" and "See you before Homeroom" lt's Been Real! Amy lo Cantos 15 Marla Cir. Cutler If you're down and confused, And you don't remember who you're talkin to, Concentration slip away, Cause your baby is so far away, Well, there's a rose in the fisted glove, And the eagle flies with the dove, And if you can't be with the one you love, Love the one you're with. l32 Brian Cain 71 Carl St. Cutler I will always remember the kids at the corner and some good times I had with R. D., D. P., I. D., Schmids, S. M., D. K., R. T., I. H., C, B., R. D., D. S. I will remember one summer night high diving with I. D., the good and bad times with The Big Guy. Hockey, 1, 2, 3 Golf: 2, 3 Christopher C. Capeless 19 Saxon Rd. Goodwin We are not here to slumber in the complacency of science or to doze in the self-righteous apathy of dogmatists and fools. No, we are not here to sleep, my friend, we are here to dream . .. C. 1 Linda Madeline Camoscio 57 Metacomet Rd. Cutler "Our greatest glory consists not in never falling, but in rising every time we faII." Ralph Waldo Emerson Glennys Adele Campell 208 Collins Rd. Wheeler Memories of the following, Merestead Field Hockey 81 Lacrosse Camp, 1, 2 Softball Team, 1, 2, 3 Field Hockey 1, 2 I've had fun at Newton South this year. Meeting different people and seeing a few old friends. Thank-you to the coaches, teachers, friends, Mon 81 Dad for helping me through difficult times. Thomas P. Cappodona 68 Erie Ave. Cutler I leave to this school many unsolved mysteries. Never forget the kids from T-Ville and the Falls. Especially S. F., P. D., I. D., S. C., E. S., D. E. Also, to Mr. Hawkes, I leave one brother, God help you. Thomas M. Cartier 25 Nehoiden Rd. Wheeler Football-1, Hockey-1, 2, 3' German Club-1, President 2, S.F.F.-2, 3, Stage Crew 3, Histofy Club-2, 35 Wargaming Society'2, 35 Fencing-3. Candace Caterino 118 Upland Rd. Wheeler "Candy" Never forget, Corner 1-'73, Corner 2 all the great kids, GGR. Hi D. A. in Fla. With a little help from my friends M. R. and D. G. Always remember S. F., you keep me hangin' on. Chris and the Cape, Summer of '74 Scott, the Chuck Wagon, the G.P.'s, and Debs. Thanx! l Peter Michael Castellanos 37 Glenwood Ave. Goodwin '1BIasta" Soccer 3, Hockey 2, Baseball 1, 2, 3 What would you do? l'd blast. Thanks and good luck to everyone I know at South. The preceding was paid for by the citizens for the Mentally Insane. Namely ME! Thanks L. P. and E. M. And in the end I won, They lost. Robin Castleman 55 Gould Rd. Wheeler I will always remember, Good times at "The Corner", and all the kids at H, Free blocks, "South", parties, the mustang, M. I., I. W. and Swampscott, Waban, and visitors. Special thanks to my parents, close friends and to D. M. - for being there. 'F I Andy Cerier 30 Esty Farm Rd. Wheeler 250 and F. A. and Voot and Iivel and Sharpie and N and Glick and Grind-Grind and 510 and Hyperec and Derilict and Sweet- Pluck and Pyrd and Bye and Confirm and Natch, Don't you see. ff ,6'f. rs 11 . 41.3- m So this is the Newton South Pep Squad mascot? We should be able to supply uni- forms so we can have a marching band and majorettes. That would help liven up the football games. And from there, who knows. -bmi -I Albert H. Chang 55 Beethoven Ave. Goodwin "Al" The significance of man is not in what he attains, but rather in what he longs to attain. Kahil Gibran Mark Chesler 40 Colombus St. Goodwin The society which scorns excellence in plumbing because plumbing is a humble activity, and tolerates shoddiness in philosophy because philosophy is an exalted activity, will have neither good plumbing nor good philosophy. Neither its pipes nor its theories will hold water. john W. Gardner, Chairman, Common Cause 133 1 Q Neil Roberto Chyten 15 Buff Circle Goodwin Three years of high school have taught me one thing: some people change, some stay the same, but the majority do both. Together we've been through more than you may realize, but the realization will come - with time. Keep in touch always, l'Il never forget my true friends. To College! if f-i.-'f- jj- 'Aw ,!rt"", If' 'VIT' gs. - :Q -1 . 9. Peter Clark 245 Waban Ave. J Goodwin we X nf ,A- 1 i is tl. f .XJ l fix i x'X XX X X j Nqgxs X Fred Albert lonathan I. Cohen 40 Druid Hill Rd. Wheeler "My chief ambition is, simply, to communicate with people." Vocational Ambitions: lournalist, Writer. I3-1 Karen Clemons 56 Rockland Pl. Cutler Life is just a tiny leaf that has just fallen from its mother tree in fall. Live life to its satisfaction. Love forever - Scott and thanks to all my friends - C. A. - "your in rare form today." Always N,H.S. Nantasket '74, May Arts '74. Beth Coffey 1034 Chestnut St. Cutler "Buffey" Thanx for the memories: Pam, Sue, Ler, Donna, Mar, Sha, Cutler girl room gang, Mrs. Shaw, Mrs. Mealy, Plum Island, G. E. 81 P. Softball, Fire Drills, Cards, Carela Piana, Out Front, Carol - you're blinding me, Wej pushin', B. C., and P. M., We're never going to get out. History H. Pam, Susan, Cheese!! r Elise F. Cohem 48 Daniel St. Goodwin '!Soon we'll be away from here, step on the gas and wipe that tear away . . . " Nothing's something and so is Diane. Sheila, Irene, the Waban girls, and Corner 32, it's been fun. Thanks "Roro", Crole, l. F. and Co, l'll never forget Billy, Weeks, or "King Crumb", and thanks Amy for everything. joseph Horace Cohen III 231 Upland Ave. Cutler Tennis 1, 2 My only regret is that I wish I had contributed more. I did my best, that is all. My good friends, your initials would easily fill this page. I shall never forget any of you. "I seek not to know all the answers, but to understand the questions." ll Stuart Cohen 66 Solon St. Cutler Why do something today, that you can do tomorrow? William Francis Connors 56 Carl St. Wheeler "Billy" On my first day at Newton South, I knocked on the door and introduced myself with my never failing gallantry. Now as I prepare to close the doors behind me, I hope it doesn't fall off. And good-bye teachers and friends. Mark Cooper 127 Andrew St. Wheeler "Coop" Never forget the Zone, "Peanut," Gloria, "What's up?" "The Attic", Pre, Mapes, Shouee, Prof . . . Cement, City, Goodwin Gang, Crusin' through the "Berry." "May Arts", Paragon, The Family, The Route, the Square, and the Yale Bowl. with eggs. "The Marriott Tapes", Thanks to Apple, who corrupted me. Hockey 1, 2, 3, Tennis 1, Lacrosse 3. Nancy Lee Cooper 39 Donna Rd. Cutler My past three years at South have been truly happy ones. All the kindness shown to me, and interest taken in me by my family and friends is greatly appreciated. It will never be forgotten. N Douglas Coill 121 Avalon Rd. Goodwin "Doug" You know that day divides the night, night divides the day. Try to run, try to hide, break on through to the other side. Break on through to the other side, yea! lames Douglas Morrison 11942 - 19711 Sheila Comerford 39 Chester St. Wheeler I am not afraid of tomorrow for I have seen yesterday and love today. Summer '74, If I had a million dollars Tomorrow's gonna be a brighter day. Good things come in sixes, Thanx l. E. S., janet, Robin, Cheryl, Got an extra rainbow? Hey little brother, stay out of trouble. f-I-Qs - 2 Kim Longmore Kevin Corbett 25 Oak St. Wheeler 135 QQYQ I , . fi 5 I Susan Corkin 29 Dorcar Rd. Wheeler "Cork" "Without love, laughter, and tears there is no life" Never forget: Summer of '74 with R. S., I. R., M. A., P. C., 1. H., L. S., H. M. A. - good times, bad times, arguments, C. C. with "lody" R., N. H. weekends. Most of all much love and thanks to my family and special friends - especially S. H. "Yes, friends are hard to come by" Karen Elaine Cox 55 Elgin St. Wheeler Youth is a fast gallop over a smooth track to the bright harizon The time of great expectations of others for you-to be fulfilled at an unspecified time called "Some day." Ilene l, Cramer 30 Clifton Rd. Cutler -J 4"'f' ul i james E. Coughlin 24 Summer St. Wheeler The parties at the poor farm, Summer of '74. School: Not making any money here. I leave to this school one brother. Cheryl Crawford 36 Supple Rd. Cutler Good Luck to everyone in the Black Student Union. Carol Balcanoff julie Criscitello 2 Raeburn Terr. Mary Beth Crowley 170 Elgin St. Cutler "Some men see things as they are and say why. I dream things that never were and say why not." Robert Kennedy - A q-T S Lauren Doner Audrey Daum 12 Lantern Lane Cutler "Aud" Disregard what the world owes you and concentrate on what you owe the world. Someone very special - Cid. Love to a nutty bunch of friends, and especially to my parents, and to my favorites on the faculty. Regulus Data and Features, 2, Assistant to the Editor, 3, Frivolous Fifties Dance, Chairman, 2, Concert Choir, 1, 2, 3. I leave NSHS some school spirit! Sandra Cutler 247 Varick Rd. Goodwin "Sandy" "You have to laugh at the things that hurt you just to keep yourself in balance, just to keep the world from driving you plumb crazy' Never forget: Spain '73, Library Club, Chemistry iYich!J C. B.: You are crazy, but it was lots of fun. leffrey Cylkowski 145 Elgin St. Wheeler Imported from N.Y.C. Had good times with Cement, losh, Mapes, Pre, Apple, Coop, Nancy, the Yale Bowl, chucking eggs, hitting the zone, the corner, '74, Cruzin' jazz 22244. Basketball 3, Outdoor Track 3 Harvey Marc Dana 991-Iagen Rd. Wheeler C.L.S. - R.L.S. The good old times. 33. laqueline Beth Daniels 64 Longfellow Rd. Goodwin '1lacjie" "lf a man does not make new acquaintances as he advances through life, he will soon find himself alone." Samuel lohnson Q-ri l F' Ifl . .. Lynne Davenport 1278 Boylston St. Cutler Give what you have. To someone, it may be better than you dare think. Longfellow I 6- . . 4 f ,' A it fn -.,,-L. f-in 5 - ,. 1.. - Y. L ,gn ' ' . J.. .. 1 YS 'f And now for you, Miss Hixon! 41 Donna Rena De Angelis 112 Hyde St. Wheeler "However rare true love is, true friendship is rarer." 102, unhk a drvn, Beach Boys - '73, P. H. Crazy! G. C. Room, The Corner, Mads, Football games, L. S. six years, K. Q., N. H. - the roller, N. L., C. K., I. R. Thanks for everything. Mom and Dad, I luv you. I leave the N.S.H,S,, Mary. Cheerleading, Wrestling Mgr. 138 41 Paul DeFiIippo 92 lohn St. Cutler leffrey Louis Davidson 17 Keller Path Cutler My feet wander north, But my soul wants South. My hands point to the East, But my thoughts lay West. So l'll curse my compass, And I will wander, Happily ever after. Look high, and your feet will never reach the ground. P. W. I only have eight words left. Oops, Lisa Davis 14 Rolling Lane Cutler "To give life a meaning, one must have a purpose larger than one's self." Remember Quebec '74 - S. Sisters O. G. and C. B. Fern - The B's back, who's next? H. D. - T. Summer of '74 - certain summer nights 816774 - 47, 49, 52. The Cape - 8729174 at C. B's. Carol its' red! The 5 g's, and Swi's B. Never to be forgotten - all my friends. Mark Hailer Dennis 672 Chestnut St. Goodwin Laugh and be jolly when it rains, any fool can do so when the sun shines. Harriet Diamond 114 Stanley Rd. Cutler "A smile takes a moment and the memory lasts forever" Remember New York 73-74. Summer of '74 with L. C. "Call on me", laugh Lesley, Everlasting friendship with Carol, 3 years with Lisa - T. 6718173 - S. S., Many special memories. Thanks to all my friends who l'll never forget. Richard Diamond 4 Sevland Rd. Goodwin I leave Newton South with hope and good fortune. I. S., P. Town - '74. The good times with E. H. Always love never hate. My advice to others, stay together, and don't get into trouble. Tony Di Fazio 11CD Chestnut St. Goodwin Neysa Dawn Dillon 21 Callahan Path Cutler What happens to a dream deferred? Does it dry up like a raisin in the sun? or does it explode? Langston Hughes Field Hockey 1, 2, 3, Basketball 1, 25 Co-Captain 3, Volleyball 1, 25 Track 2, 35 G.A.A. 11, Secretary 12 Remember Q. U. lohn D'lnnocenzo 60 Oakmont Rd. Wheeler Robert Michael Dichter 114 Country Club Rd. Cutler Every revolution was first a thought in one man's mind. Emerson ,cz Charles Francis Dippo 18 Tamarac Rd. Cutler "Chuck" "A winner never quits, a quitter never wins" Wrestling 1, 2, 3, Lacrosse 1, 2, 3 Always remember Alps skiing with l, F., B. P. IHA HAI and Fruit Bowl. Good times with B. W., L. P., I. F., D. F., A. F., R. M., l. B., l. R., S. G., I. K. I'll never forget all the corner guys and free time hanging there. K. B. S. .5 16 Karen loan Marie Disario 298 Langley Rd. Goodwin I will always remember the years I had with lanet, Sylvia, Armik. I will never forget the times my boyfriend C. I. M., came to the school to see me. My interest is to travel and make the best of life. 139 X Hugh Iames Downing 60 Crescent Ave. Cutler Whatever is worth doing at all is worth doing well. Lord Chesterfield Amy Rebecca Ehrlich 48 Oxofrd Rd. Goodwin Independence? That's middle class blasphemy. We are all dependent on one another, every soul of us on earth. George Bernard Shaw 140 Ioseph Michael Donlan 111 Charlemont St. Cutler Either do the job right, or don't do it at all. Tag S. T., K. B., I. T., B. T., B. C., G. M., P. T., Konji, the guys on the football team. Neil the men on the hockey team and all the great coaches. V. Parties. We beat Wayland the 10th, and most of all Susan. Football 1, 2, 3, Hockey 1, 2, 3 .ag i Robert D. Driscoll 13 Glenmore Terr. Cutler "Drisc" Bo's, D. P., Schmids, D. K., Ted, C. F., The Kid, P. F, I. G., D. S. R. D., s. M., I. H., E. R., N. w., Nj V., I. O., B. B., D. W., L. P., Beer, The falls, Fri and Sat. nite at South. Flat tire S. W. without a spare, Chinka with I. G., B. B., K. S. Never forget the corner, Cape. Hockey 1, 2, 3 Richard Donoghue 116 Dickerman Rd. Wheeler I can't forget the corner. S. M., C. B., D, K., R. D., I. G., D. P. 2 Schmids D. S., I. H,, I. A., N. D., B. C., P. C., P. F., R. T., N. W. Rob C., E. R., Bob's, the cyc, and especially ada. Maureen A. Dwyer 61 Chester St. Cutler Appreciate love, you never realize how important it is until it's gone. l'll never forget: Marianne and all our plans, Moeness Baboness, Iuly 11, in a gto. Paul and me over Brians and P. F. on the rocks. Get to know yourself, you'll understand. Thanks nur and all of my friends. Iohn Edenfeld 120 Dedham St. Cutler "Edie" "Summer '74. Eppa, I. P., D. C., M. H., I. T,, N. K, Leo, G, G., D. W., I. A., P. G., I. P., C. B., S. H., R. S., A. S., D. C., Tex, B. H., Turkey, Cisco Kid. "Doris the Dart", Boss 302, "Fury Power", "Nasoc - 3", Greg in Surf Nantasket. Red Coach at 2:30 A.M. "A ticket a day and the car goes away." Adeline Rd., Andrew St., "The Corner" Diane Iohnna Marie Enos 19 Carthay Circle Goodwin l'll always remember Letters '72 Corner 32, South, T. Wfs, the BIG CRASH, C. D.'s 81 WKD's parties, r8tc - wasted, getting gas, Auburndale, Summer '74, the cape, WAY W? Elise, P. S., D. L., C. S., K. and W. D., S. O., P. R., G. S., B. D. and a lot of people and good times there isn't space for. "WMG", "Born to be wild" Elizabeth A. Falk 150 Beethoven Ave. Goodwin Scott Finkelstein 750 Chestnut St. Goodwin My three years at South weren't as bad as I thought they would be. They were worthwhile because I met a lot of new kids, that I can call friends. Good Luck to all my friends I've been associated with. lay Marc Faber 44 Peregrine Rd. Cutler "Bumpy" Learning without thought is labor lost, thought without learning is perilous. Confucius l'll never forget B. M., R. F., Rip, Rake and Happy. I'll always remember the rock, the hill, the road, the tree and all the brew we drank on the forth '72. Basketball 1, Golf 2, 3 lohn Michael Fallon lr. 595 Boylston St. Cutler Alp skiing with C. D., C. C. L., lHAj, and fruitbowl. Take care lim, loe, Chuck, Mark and all. Nothings better than a Centerville weekend. Track 2, 3, Wrestling 3. As I stood still, ankle deep in sand a figure became prominent in the darkness. It was then that my eyes were open. KBS Humberto M. Fagundes 16 Kingman Rd. Goodwin 'T . I David Michael Feinstein 131 Wayne Rd. Cutler "When you reread a classic you do not see more in the book than you did before, you see more in you than there was before." Clifton Fademan KBS . 'inf ,ss Thomas M. Ferguson 134 Upland Rd. Goodwin Hi- Douglas Fisher 5 Payne Rd. Goodwin Scott Frechette If I could change anything at South? I would change those new rules about hanging around the halls. I don't like the cafeteria or commons rooms and would not get caught dead in the library. Qa"1Ff 1 . ' . - Susan loy Fisher 110 McCarthy Rd. Cutler 24a thanks Esther One of these days I'm going to 1' , stop my listening, going to raise my head above it One of these days I'm going to raise my glistening wings and fly. But that day will have to wait for a while Baby, l'm only society's child . lanis lan 'fn at Frederick A. Foster 40 Roosevelt Rd. Goodwin "Better is a man of humble standings who works for himself, than one who plays the great man but lacks bread." Proverbs 1219 A special thanks to all my friends and especially to I. F. and F. F. for putting up with me so long. Have fun next year limmy. f. A f l-12 97 Floral St. Wheeler Had a great time in 73, 74 with C. F., l. G., D. P., T. C., and most of all C. C. it has been good years. Mark Fisher 38 Braeland Ave. Goodwin "Chief" Foot, - Firpo, Cha-Cha, Pancho, Lory, Fern, Big-E. S., Minnow, A. Z. A., Regional Convention 73, B. L. C., Installations, War dances, Aug. 74 Three Dog Nite, Softball 73 and 74 Capt. Lou, Rosenberg's. if jonathan D. Flax 32 Cate House Rd. I3 ,sg .. l Kathleen Marie Foley 55 Colella Rd. Cutler "Kathi" l'll never forget H. H., T. M., l. R., and C. C. and the gang at Sears, especially weaseu. l will never forget the youth group and Post 1105 of Watertown. l leave to Newton South one sister, mony, and good old Cutler House. Andrea Beth Freed 40 Littlefield Rd. Cutler "On ne connait que les chose que l'on apprivoise, dit le renard. Les hommes n'ont plus le temps de rien connaitre. Ils achetent des choses toutes faites chez les marchands. Mais comme il n'existe point de marchands d'amis, les hommes n'ont plus d'amis. Si tu veux un ami, Apprivoise-moi . . . " Antoine de Saint Exupery Alan Freedman 17 Walnut Place Cutler l,J'x Z David Friedlander 34 luniper Lane Cutler Michael Andrew Gennert 80 Redwood Rd. Goodwin No one can draw more out of things, books included, than he already knows. A man has no ears for that to which experience has given him no access. Nietzsche David Richard Frutkoff 24 Glen Ave. Wheeler "Soap and education aren't as sudden as massacre but more deadly in the long run." To all people - think. lt helps. And to all my associates - thanks. Matthew Freedman 146 Woodward St. Wheeler So you ride yourselves over the fields and you make all your animal deals and your wise men don't know how it feels to be thick as a brick. lethro Tull 1972 jimmy Galvin 917 Chestnut St. Wheeler I love South remembering all the good times I had skipping classes, getting thrown out of school, the nights up at South, Waban Square G.T.O., T. Bird, 442 and chevelle. Most of all my friends D. P., C. F., M. T., S. D., C. B., K. S., K. S., D. K., R. T., R. D., S. F., N. D., P. F. All the girls and ludy. Denise Garcia 43 Stearns St. Goodwin A little water will put out the fire, but wait - a little wood will keep it breathing. Elizabeth Ellen Gilles 667 Chestnut St. Cutler "Beth" Field Hockey 1, 2, 3, Basketball 1, 2, co-capt. 3, Volleyball 1, 2, Softball 2, 3. "I am only one, But still I am one. I cannot do everything, But still I can do something, And because I cannot do everything I will not refuse to do the something that I can do." Edward Everett Hale 38 Please gang, control yourselves. The cafeteria isn't open yet! ludith S. Glanz 30 Columbine Rd. Goodwin "ludy" "lt was rather exciting." W. T. Pooh So on and on I go, the seconds tick the time out, there's so much left to know, and I'm on the road to find out. Cat Stevens lf anybody wants to clap . .. now is the time to do it. The House at Pooh Corner lane M. Goldman 53 Andrew St. Goodwin "Life can hold no greater treasure than the friends whose love we share." l'll always remember: a great summer in Israel '73, Florida '73 Sands Hotel. l. L. L. and friends. Special thanks to I. D., R. B., S. W., and nine years of a great friendship with Elaine. 65 I . lr' --i N Lori l. Goldman 49 Chinian Path Wheeler Gail Ann Giracca 111 Hanson Rd. Cutler "Gailie" "no love, no friendship can cross our path without affecting us in some way forever" Remember: the summers of '72 and '73. Thank you BS., L. W., G. Z., G. M., B. N., B. B., I. B., and C. W. for the experience of having known and loved all of you, each a little bit differently. Debra A. Godino 11 Woodhaven Rd. Cutler On.. Barbara Sue Goodman 51 Marcellus Drive Wheeler "Yesterday is but a dream, and tomorrow is only a vision, but today well-lived makes every yesterday a dream of happiness and every tomorrow a vision of hope." With love and thanks to my family and friends. "I am what I am, and I have the need to be." Karen Gordon 134 Pond Brook Rd. Goodwin The most incomprehensible thing about this world is that it is comprehensible. Albert Einstein Thanks to my friends and teachers and family - Arab, I. P., L. M., S. S., G. H., and the Dr. Lotsa luck to you all. And the doormouse said, "Feed your head." Grace Slick ,l Carole Potter Grant o Corman Rd. Wheeler "Rose" Today was tomorrow, Yesterday those who lived for the future and deny themselves the joys of the present are as foolish as those who lived in the past. CS As I leave Newton South I also leave a lot of memories. Spanish Club 2, 3 B.S.U. 2, 3 Theatre Arts 2 iv Q ji William Ellis Gordon Il 11 Fenwick Rd. Goodwin "Billy" M.G.M. Club Open your eyes and see The world I couldn't change for YOU, Reach out your hands and take The world that will belong to you. Todd I don't give a damn for my immortal soul It's just about time I let my insides show, so here I go. Todd Brenda loyce Gottlieb 132 Christina St. Goodwin It takes both rain and sunshine, to make a rainbow. I'lI never forget: Gardner's, S. P.'s, redheads, parties, summer of '73, cruises, big trip, mouses, Bagga, Laurie, Nuzzi, Heidi, Naha, Pitts, Bette, Pitcher, Ghoams, Needham, Sept. 21st, number 77 and my very special friend lodi. Cheerleading 3 Michael Stuart Grant 19 Selwyn Rd. Goodwin "You give but little when you give of your possessions, it's when you give of your self that you truly give!" Many thanks to my parents and Michelle for making life possible. I'll never forget great times with M. I. F. I don't think that this schooI's facilities are lacking. We have everything we could possibly need. They promised us an autoshop. Where is it? 1' .--'A -x 5 ,'- Alayne Marjorie Green 15 Sheldon Rd. Wheeler There was never yet a philosopher That could endure the toothache patiently. Shakespeare - Much Ado About Nothing, Act V, Scene 1 janet Horne Gove 75 Lincoln St. Goodwin Today is the tomorrow that I was worried about yesterday. Summer '74. I think I found a rainbow. It took me a dream of a million dollars to find out what a friend is. Good things come in sixes. Hey big brother, we done flubbed. Chickadee. fayg. . 'T I, 4353-:. Donna Greene 54 High Rock Terrace Wheeler "The only way to have a friend is to be one." I'll never forget: the summer of '73. All my thanks to: E. R., F. H., A. S., K. L., Fern - remember? Karen's near, never fear. A. S., L. D. - T, T. 81 T., T. S. S. strikes again. Aim - what's happening? Quebec '74. Special thanks - to my sister D. G. T45 'W If Eve Griliches 89 Dorset St. Cutler I-Ib Marjorie Greene 87 Clifton Rd. Goodwin Laurence Groipen 268 Woodcliff Rd. Cutler " A man cannot live with others until he learns to live with himself." My motto: lf at first you don't succeed, the h-ll with it! Swim Team, Football Manager, Ski Club, Spanish Club, Elementary History Project, Regulus Features Editor. N.S.H.S. - You've seen the last of the Groipensl Thanks C. S. for everything! Phillip W. Greene lr. 90 Floral St. Cutler I won't ever forget my good friends E. S., D. E., T. C., S. F., l. L., K. C., R. M., D. P., M. A., P. T., I. M., F. B., M. E. I won't forget Osceola, the Youth Group. I also leave to South my little sister Liz. Scott Douglas Groper 222 Baldpate Hill Rd. Cutler "Grope," "Whale" "There will be an evening in the end, and when that time arrives, you can rest your eyes, and begin again." Cat Stevens Football 1, Varsity 2, 3 Wrestling 1, Varsity 2, 3 Lacrosse Varsity 1, 2, 3 Student Government 1, 2, 3 Qui 'if -rf Philip Grossman 29 Nod Hill Rd. Wheeler It is best not to swap horses while crossing the river. Abraham Lincoln, lune 9,1864 Vernon Phillip Grubinger 57 Fenwick Rd. Cutler Tuesday Afternoon With Ellis Childhood living is easy to do. The things you wanted I bought them for you. Graceless lady, You know who I am, You know I can't let you Slide through my hands. Wild horses Couldn't drag me away! Rolling Stones 1 X x x x X X A Spiro Harakas 94 Avalon St. Wheeler "The Greek" lust remember love is life and hate is living death, Treat your life for what its worth And live for every breath. Looking back l've lived and learned, But now I'm wondering, Here I wait and only guess, What this next life will bring. It went too fast! Love you. Robert Harris 27 Burdean Rd. Cutler lodi B. Hackel 345 Winchester St. Goodwin "Nobody is good or bad, everybody is good and bad." I'll never forget: Rat, Bago- Bones, Nana, Tonto, George, leff, Cheryl, Laurie, Bananas, Hunks, Ghoams, S. P.'s, Summer of '73, Quite the . . . Good times with D. P., and a very special friend, Brenda. Also, love and thanks to my family and friends. 013 .4r" Glenn Alan Harris 55 Chinian Path Cutler Head Usher Regulus Photographer N. P. D Post 3tIJ, President E.P.A. Joanne Ruth Haimes 223 Baldpate Hill Rd. Cutler Morning songbird, sing away, Lend a tune to another day. Bring your wings and choose a roof, Sing a song of love and truth. We'll soon remember if you do, When all things were tall And our friends were small And the world was new. Yr 2 i Helena Nicole Harris 20 Haynes Rd. Wheeler Some men see things as they are and say "Why?" I dream things that never were and say, "Why not? Robert Kennedy i'!Ts va! 83 fl 1 I I . . I f Karon Harris 59 Hutchings St. Wheeler H fff 4-'ro ffff' I. M? J' by 41..- g..-if K O I I U. kliflf. james Hart 463 Waban Ave. Wheeler Remember: loanne, R. T., M. D., P. F., R. D., D. K., c. B., s. M., Schmids, D. P., N. D., R. C., C. F., I. D., S. M., M. T., I. G. Richard Heideman 22 Glazer Rd. Cutler "Somewhere out there lie the answers. When man finally discovers all the answers learning will end, and life will serve no purpose and cease to exist." Remember: Ace, Cash, Pinlack, Edgar, Berd, Lloyd, Godfrey, Smiley, loe, Street Hockey, Grass Drills, Peabody, Middle Earth. Baseball 1, 2, 3 Life continues. Andree Maria Hernandez 1412 Beacon St. Cutler "Life isn't worth living if you haven't got a friend to share it with." Hope you're having fun, Lynne. I. S., A. R., A. K., 81 C. K. -take care and keep in touch. l'm going to miss all of Susie's and Paul's friends saying "Hi!" all the time. Remember Paul - You're stuck! Uune BJ William Edward Hilliard 88 Wiswall Rd. Goodwin "Ted" I'll never forget the good times at the corner and the boring nights at the stores. The people which I'll remember the most are: Wart Hog, Tooma, Mimi, E. M., P. C., P. M., A. M., and of course the Parkies. Wrestling 1, 2, 3 Baseball 1, 2, 3 -41 Andrea S. Hassol 22 Ridge Ave. Goodwin "Andy" Deep in the human unconscious is a pervasive need for a logical universe that matches sense. But the real universe is always one step beyond logic. from Dune, by Frank Herbert is A I -,::. I wonder if Nixon started out this way. Kevin Hoban 4 Hersey St. Cutler Gordon Hollis 28 Richardson Rd. Cutler X O 1 I ,-'Z -4 l'd like you all to meet my family!! There are three kinds of lies: lies, damed lies, and statistics. Benjamin Disraeli Barry Horwitz 45 Rowena Rd. Cutler The time is gone, the song is over, Thought I'd something more to say. Roger Waters Wrestling 1, 2, 3 Fern lanis Holzman 37 Van Wart Path Wheeler "Without love, laughter, and tears, there is no life." Never forget: Quebec '74, ASDGLD, Sisters DCLD, Bennie and the lets, S. B., Donna - Remember ? Lisa, SOSVBF, the B's are back - Who's next? Swi's, Aim - the ditch, GBOG, 16 years of friendship with I. B., N. Y. trips, Summer of '74 - S. K. Lasting memories with friends. Andrew R. Hootstein 75 Meadowbrook Rd. Cutler L-L-Lady, Pepita, Beatrice, Gaps, Crunts, lodi, Eduardo, "How cold was it?" P. S., P. B. Y., on Broadway, M. K., the track, D. S., R. S., C. S., R. O., S + Y. Y., B. P., Cuatera, catero, catodos. De bajos, Hockey 1, 2, 3 Scott Aurthur Hopkinson 27 Williams Rd. Cutler "Teach me the art of remembering, but not the art of forgetting." Special thanks to K. E. and D. K. "9.25 and a dozen eggs." "Hi" to everyone at Gilroyfs stairs. "Hi" to K. L., S. M., A. D., C. D., K. C., "C" Hock with K. E., "D" with C. A. thanks, Mom and Dad, for everything. 6 F9 aft Beth Ann Howard 55 Myerson Lane Cutler People hand in hand Have I lived to see the milk and honey lands? Where hate's a dream and love forever stands Or is this a vision in my mind? Stevie Wonder Sherry Howard TO Ruane Rd. Goodwin "To love is not to live for oneself but to help one another." Never forget: Summer of '74 with RSPCMAIHLMASC and l. R. Good times bad times, arguments. C. C. - ludy R., N. H. Weekends. Love, luck and thanks to my family and friends - especially S. C. Thank you M. H. and R. H. Friends are hard to come by. -i K x . L! fin Elaine Nancy Hurwitz 119 Brandeis Rd. Goodwin "There is nothing so reassuring as a friend's understanding, nothing so understanding as a friend's reassurance." l'll never forget: Good times with S. W., R. B., E. G., and M. K. Nine years of a special friendship with Gingie. l. L. L., B. B. G. Tracking down Salvator, Sarana Wrap. Never a dull moment. Richard - all my love and happiness. Marcia Ellen lackson 25 Appleton Circle Goodwin ISO . X ,, 'A S- .. r..'f, Paula Hyman 30 Longfellow Rd. Cutler Never forget: Two special friends D. D. and L. S. Unhooked a D. I. Florida '74-'75. Football games and motorcades. S. O. '74, Rowdy and dull nights, but we made it. 8!9!74. "Then came you." All my love to Bruce. Many thanks to Mom and Dad, and to my friends for the great memories which they have given to me. Mark Robert Israel 14 Old Orchard Rd. Cutler "Thinking is but an idle waste of thought, and nought is everything, and everything is nought." Horace and james Smith Meghan W. Hurley 34 Wilde Rd. Cutler "Meg" "May sunlight shine on you and warm your heart 'till it glows like a great fire, so that a stranger may warm himself at np, Stub, Dill, Siobhan, Gill, Garc, D. L., Good luck! Fenway bleachers, "What's that sound?" Football games, Parties . .. I sure am ale- ing! L. C. R . .. Field Hockey, Basketball, Track Eric Scott lssner 472 Dudley Rd. Cutler Tennis, Table Tennis Club, Volleyball. I have had the best three years here at Newton South. I wish all my class mates farewell and good luck in their long and happy lives. To my special friends S. K., R. R., and to my teachers Mr. Sherman, Mr. Connelly, and Dr. Freimarck. Mari Ann laniak 37 Hale St. Cutler "No love, no friendship can ever cross our path without affecting us in some way forever." Dream on, Tuesday afternoons, Party '73 New Year's Eve - Fun Fun! The beach, good times with DDISPWAGEGXCDDRGSRRRKK KTHRK Summer of '74, 6f24!74 star gazing,walksand bunnycoats. Doni lohnston 199 Herrick Rd. Goodwin "We do not remember days, we remember moments." Will always remember: Ocean Park, Outinger's, Maine, Rockport, West Virginia, Bricket Place, Senior Skip '73, The Rock, L. Hall, Sledding, Dunes, Wrestling, R. T., B. T., R. H., D. s., A. D., R. r., s. B., 1. B., B s., x. z., D. D., i. c., P. R., D. D. D., c. H., G. E., G. M., K. C., etc, but especially my true love R. D. T. X Anthony M. Kalicki 26 Linden St. Cutler Theatre Management 1, 2, 3 "Now old friends are acting strange, They shake their heads, they say l've changed, Somethings lost but somethings gained, In living day to day." Unforgettable experiences: Prospect Hill April 1st, '74, A. N. G., A. l. S., Good luck T. D., Thanks I. L., I. S., D. P., A. D. joseph Karas 75 Great Meadow Rd. Cutler "Ski" "You never realize your father is right until you have a son who thinks you're wrong." Karen and K. B. S. Vs-1 .ri "-f Michael Kan 54 Waban Ave, Wheeler V. B: R. R. - Consider this fruitful concept: A little inaccuracy sometimes saves tons of explanation. To 313, Superfan - Keep in touch Ms. D. - Don't forget our 'baker's dozen.' And finally, 4112 to O. C. - Square your corners. GSP' Gary Scott Kadet 40 Spiers Rd. Cutler Hlllegitemi non carberundum est." South: Optimism is the madness of maintaining that everything is right when it is wrong. Voltaire Gary Scott Kaplan 77 Oakdale Rd. Cutler "He is a wise man who does not grieve for the things he has not, but rejoices for those which he has." "The future belongs to those who love, not to those who hate." Martha Kaplan 26 Parker St. Cutler Omnia mutantur, omnia fluunt, quod fuimus aut sumus, cras non erimus, Ovid Stewart Karger 168 Cynthia Rd. Cutler Thanks to l. S. 151 I leffrey Karol 69 Winston Rd. Cutler "Life's greatest achievement is the continual remaking of yourself so that at last you know how to live." 'fs "fb 'A-QQ David Kase 155 Woodward St, Cutler It was a boring three years at South and I didn't think it was too good. Corner 1, R, D., R. T., B. O. S., Schmids, G. F., I. G., M. T., D. P., D. S., D. S., I. M., l. D., T. M., R. D., Drisc, Rocky, and the rest of the gang. Easy lack. fx Aw come onl l bet you say that to all the girls! Darlene Kaye I7 Hillside Rd. Cutler "Dari" "To dream of the person you wish to be is to waste the person you are." il 52 Cheryl F. Kates 77 Heatherland Rd. Wheeler "Cats" "Do what you can and get away with it." Great memories: Summers of '73 and '74, Cruisin', D. L., D. P., Nantasket - D. D., C. M., R. Y., Don. The Corner - I. A., D. D., P, H., L. s., N. L., K. Q., s. L., B. G., D. c., T. w., B. B., N. K., Best time 917174 N. S., lodi, G. G. R., V-Parties, Vets - L. H., B. O. Never forgotten Amy Ellen Kaufman 68 Cynthia Rd. Goodwin One may walk over the highest mountain - one step at a time. I. W. P, A. summer '73 and Europe summer '74, Math Team 1, Captain 2, 3, Debating Society 1, French Club, Reflections, Denebolag Red Cross, "Reaching Out" Editor 2, 35 Good times and good friends 1, 2, 3. Wayne E. Kaufman 6 Brewster Rd. Cutler "I can't wait for 2:35I" "l'm freezing!" E. K. - Remember when we bowled a 60 with E. B. and B. W.? l'll never forget the great times I had with F. A., C. B., S. C., A. D., D. R., M. V., and M. W.! Thanks to Mr. A!! Spanish Club 1, 2, President 3 Music Club 2, Vice-President 3 Elizabeth Kaye 21 Great Meadow Rd. Goodwin "Liz" "I desire no future that will break the ties of the past." .I in I.. lllixnt W I: If a Ellen Kazis 20 Levbert Rd. Goodwin Music is the melody whose text is the world. Adina Kessler 29 Marla Circle Cutler Schopehauer If you will it, it is no dream. Theodore Herzl I plan to spend one year abroad and return to education. Young Iudaea, Lou 1 Steve, Elliot, Lev, Roz, David, Steve, Debbie, Aug. 20th Ann, T. Y., Sidney 1 finish my Carol. Sonny, Sam, Tony, Debbie, Ieff, Sheira, Mary David, Barry, Debbie, Steve, Sharona, Susie jeff Kimball 16 Richardson Rd. Wheeler I'll always remember what dear ole South did for me. But then again, I have a bad memory and I may forgive it one of these days. Diana Kirshen 166 Neshobe Rd. Cutler To cultivate kindness is a valuable part of the business of life. S.M. - Cheer up, the worst is yet to come. .4-Q' -4' 'Z' W, -. 1 -l ik Beverly Keairnes 160 Allen Ave. Santought S. Keshishian 12 Circuit Ave, Cutler Wheeler Some people see things as they are and say "Why?" I dream of things that never were and say "Why not?" Robert Kennedy Field Hockey 1 i Q - 1 ..f..-Sl.- !-- A f- ' s t SAT scores should not play such an important role in college admission . . . But it would give me great satisfac- tion if the computer made a mistake in my favor. Mark Kitsis 660 Sawmill Brook Pkwy. Goodwin A. Y. S., M. I., to the Eppa, Mrs. C., the Park lives forever. Special thanks to Elio, Steve, Mike, and all the other T. P. P. -Q . NMS. ,I faq if T rf ,,.- - ,!d,:f . -ff. ' " 63- ......,. .5 in . lil 153 Mayumi A. Knudsen 43 Halcyon Rd. Goodwin "As I walk down the dark and winding road, Every step becomes more radiant and absolute." i' .1 , xo Maria Kontis 155 Hartman Rd. Wheeler We are always looking for the future, the present does not satisfy us. Our ideal, whatever it may be, lies further on. Ezar Hall Gillett Frank D. Kornegay 55 South Charlame Terrace Wheeler il 54 Agwv 10. Cynthia Elizabeth Kougeas 50 Beecher Place Cutler "Memories may be beautiful, and yet . . . What's too painful to remember, We simple chose to forget. So it's the laughter we will remember, Whenever we remember, the way we were. . . " Aud - These three years wouldn't have been the same without youll Bonnie Lyn Koocher 58 Theodore Rd. Cutler "The important thing is to take all this quietly." Eleeese, H-Lists, Installment Central, No girls, you cannot burn candles in your rroooms, E. C. A.'s, Veggie swimming, We're the only normal ones, Don't I have enough aggravation . . . ? Lynne Pamela Korelitz 136 Beethoven Ave. Cutler Field Hockey - three years, Softball, Basketball, Thanx for the chance. Good luck seniors - have a good year - hope to see most of you in the future. Remember - don't keep the faith - spread it around. Today goes so readily. Sheryl Krafchick 24 Deborah Rd. Goodwin You have two choices in your life: you can dissolve in to the mainstream, or you can be distinct. To be distinct, you must be different. To be different, you must strive to be what no one else but you can be... Alan Ashley Pitt Marjorie Ellen Kritzman 786 Chestnut St. Wheeler "Margie" I x Deborah Ann Lane 215 Waban Ave. Wheeler Getting FUBAR, N. c. playground, Beach Boys '72, the night crash crashed crazy crashes car. Auburndale D. M., Riverside, good times. K. W. D. + C. D.'s party. South parking lot. Cape '74, the corner. 877774. New Year's '74, Barcardi's forever. W. M. G. Good times with special friends. K. C. Born to be wild. Michael Lafferty 1875 Beacon St. Goodwin "Mike," "Laff" Soccer 1, 2 Captain 3, Lacrosse 1 If a picture paints a thousand words. Then why can't I paint you? The words would never show The you I've come to know. Remember always: Erasers with M. V., Mt. Ida Boiler Room, Uncle Marc, Brownie, Silva, Ira, Pre, Schwartzie, Fred, Mike, Schuie, and lames. Thanks, Alan Karen Landy 15 Deborah Rd. Goodwin 9th and 10th R. H. S., Israel '72, Nantasket: the Apts., Kenberma, cruisin' in the 4-4-2 with D. C., looking for: D. C., P. C., M. W., M. S., P. S., the best weekend 8!17f74, "Z's!" hitting Boston with: R. S., P. L., I. B., D. C., and me. Ricky, 11!3l73, doubling with B. H. + M. G., P. S. + I. G., G. M. + I. S. Marianne Lang 13 Abbott St. Cutler "Partir c'est toujours mourir un peu." lt's, really hard to say good-bye after this wonderful year. I can only say "Thank you very much" to my family, and to the teachers and students here at Newton South. I hope I will meet all of you again, either here or in Switzerland. 1 "Why didn't they tell me I went the wrong way?" Doing easily what others find difficult is talent, doing what is impossible for talent is genius. Nancy Sue Lapin 272 Winchester St. Goodwin "ln the noisy confusion of life, keep peace in your soul. With all its shame, drudgery and broken dreams, it is still a beautiful world. Be cheerful, strive to be happy." Amiel Nancy Ellen Larson 107 Floral St. Goodwin "Grow up, grow away, but deep inside, keep yesterday." Always remember: 16, Egor, Oct. 21,1973,I. C., you devil, A. M . .. 2? parties, corner, Christmas '73, snowballs, snowflake, CRGC too many times, 2!17!74, BUDDIES, Kev babe, Suke + lolo, Oakie, Waldo, Mom, Dad + the Gang 155 David H. Lasson 198 NN oodcliff Rd. Cutler How stupiditv and vsretchedness aiu ass go in pairs! L. v. Beethoven O Freunde, night diese tone? Sondern lasst uns angenehmaere Anstimmen, und Freundenxollere. L. v. Beethoven Aw kiss 'im, Ellen? -'Q "I wonder if there is no-fault insurance on rear- end collisions?" Steven R. LeBlanc 9 Roland St. Wheeler "Our worst enemies are often the friends we once talked to as onlx a friend should." I'll never forgeti the corner. D. Nl., T. H., E. N1., P. T., C. Nl., P. C., l. D., Big Cuv, and Coach xtac. Baseball 1, 2, 3 l Sb leffrey D. Lawson 19 Duxbury Rd. Goodwin Football and the men, Lifting and the studs, Lacrosse and the guys, B. R., G, T., K. H., R. T., I. D., L. H., P. H,, R. G., P. T., C, M., A. M., P. M.. L. S., P. N., S. C., I, R., M, A., H. P., C. M., C. R., Summer '74, "Zazoo's," Tiki Bowls, V. Parties, L. Parties, and always C. C. + I. A, Later South. Michael Leavitt 35 Haynes Rd. Cutler "Mike" To all the teachers that taught me something and made these three years meaningful. Robert Forrest Lent 16T Warren St. Wheeler "Cement" Ntindblower - Three beautiful vears here and gone? Double meanings. sarcasm, and dirt! Vl. here and how will it all end? Hev Peter - Check it out! VN here do you get off? Summer '7-1. Thanks to: Peter, losh, Killer, -X. R., R. VM, Nl. K., S. P., APPLE, COOP, and most of all, Ellen. Basketball 1, 2, 3 Lacrosse 1, 2 Captain 3 Soccer 3 I Karen Lerner 119 Oak Hill St. Cutler Live for today For vesterdav is only a vision And tomorrow is only a dream. I made it Mike, Donna, wanna double, logging with Cocaine, three musketeers, Sue, let's see Canada, lovce Qthe Beefl F. D., l'm a woman, full moon, my family, Cousin Sheryl, Bam, Cape Cod, and McGill, my favorite. Ann Lesky 61 Druid Hill Rd, Wheeler All that we see or seem to is but a dream within a dream, Rudolph Lomer 13 Winter St. Goodwin jonathan P. Levin 32 Paul St. Goodwin Ronald Litwin 115 Pine Ridge Rd. Wheeler "Ron" "This is the beginning of the end. I feel as though I am climbing a mountain of life and have reached a false summit. The years here are over, yet I certainly have not reached the summit of my existence." Ron Litwin Roberta loan London 717 Boylston St. Goodwin "Bobbie" "Nothing changes more constantly than the past, for the past that influences our lives does not consist of what actually happened, but of what men believe happened." "Time cools, time clarifies, no mood can be maintained quite unaltered through the course of hours." Wendy B. Levin 5 Halcyon Rd. Cutler "No Mark, that's not proper English." I forgot my library card anyway. Kimberly Longmore 85 Spiers Rd. Cutler "Kim" Ping Pong Club "I don't want to grow up!" Sharon, remember all the good times? Special thanks to two great teachers - Mrs. Chivers and Mr. Roberts. Hi to B. L. and I. C. l'II sneak in Darcie Lubart 39 Wayne Rd. Cutler Our moments of inspiration are not lost though we have no particular poem to show for them, for those experiences have left an indelible impression, and we are ever anon reminded of them. Henry David Thoreau Smile and be happy, For what is life but to live And what is living without a smile? 157 Iohn Michaei Lynch I9 Elliot St. Cutler Glad to leave this school. T. C., P. D.. M. M., G. M., E. S., D. E., I. M., G. X., and all of my friends. Sharon Ann MacNair 30 Stein Circle Cutler Remember the gang in Cutler Commons last year. I'll never forget N. D. and the plans we never had. Good luck. Thanks for all the good times K. L. And Bebe. Remember horseback riding, the pool, the monkey, our many boyfriends, sec., Saturday nights and the Quebec Trip, '74, Volleyball 2 Carol Maltz 421 Waban Ave. Wheeler Tennis, Captain 2 Gymnastics, Captain 3 "What is essential is invisible to the eyes, it is only with the heart that one can see rightly." Twin Nancy, Oh Bill Chip, 3 pancakes, headlights, Oct. 12th, Mikey eats everything, Michael, "I love you more today than yesterday, but not as much as tomorrow." l58 ,mb 1 ...l -l George Winston Malcolm 30 Fenwick Rd. Goodwin F? ff I Michael Maleson 528 Colombus Ave. Goodwin If I went away from me how unhappy I would be. Tubby the Tuba V House Deborah Ioan Macchi 52 Roundwood Rd. Wheeler "Debbie" French Club Student Faculty Forum Language Award Interests - Skiing, Needlework, Travelling "What I do today is very important because I am trading a day in my life for it . .. I want it to be gain, not loss . .. In order that I should never forget the price I paid for it." George M. Malkasian 46 Wetherell St. Cutler Sue A. Mandell 287 Spiers Rd. Goodwin "Sam" Two monks were arguing about a flag. One said: "The flag is moving." The other said: "The wind is moving." The sixth patriarch happened to be passing by. He told them: "Not the wind, not the flag, mind is moving." Trudi Manson 993 Walnut St. Wheeler "Smiley, lr." If any of you lack wisdom let him ask of God, that giveth to all men liberally and upbraideth not, and it shall be given unto him. P. G. P. Remember Theater Arts, Ladies first! "Did you bump my Chevy?" "No, I bumped my Cadillac!" A. L. B. will never know! Peace always. Cynthia Marcus 62 Waban Ave. Goodwin "Cindy" The greatest happiness of life is being loved for yourself, or, more correctly, being loved in spite of yourself. Hugo Swim Team 2, 3 Wrestling Manager 2, 3 Donna Masters 121 Dorset Rd. L+-. A4 P Eli M. Marcus 22 Irvington St. Wheeler Remember me - as photographer, folksinger, comic, and critic. "Learn from the mistakes of others - you can't live long enough to make them all yourself." "Take it easy - but take it!" Pete Seeger Life - a short game with no refunds. ALL IS RELATIVE BUT NOT RELEVANT. Eli Marcus Steven L. Marcus 40 Miller Rd. Wheeler ,--r 5 -:P A Peter Louis Maples 624 Beacon St. Wheeler "Mapes" Football 1, 2, 3 Wrestling 1, 2, 3 Captain Track 1, 2, 3 Thanks to all the filth that's made me sojourn here bearable . .. "Let the world pass in its timeridden race, never get caught in its snare. Remember, the only acceptable case For being in any particular place, ls having no business there." -3 CX Felisa S. Martin 33 Hickory Cliff Rd. Cutler "Lisa" The secret of happiness and prosperity in this world, as in the world to come, lies in thinking of the welfare of others first, and not taking one's self too seriously. Paul I. McCarthy 23 Glenwood Ave. Cutler "Maca" South was alot of rushes, alot of funny things happened while I was there. Graphic Arts was alot happening with M. A. and l. B. But most of all I liked when Neil and I made out on some tooten on some And the good ole card games. Where I always made. Thank you. l59 SEQ - - "Heyl Come back here with my homework!" Elizabeth Anne McDonough ZCD Upland Ave. Goodwin "Liz" The thing I call living is being satisfied, knowing I got no one left to blame. Gordon Lightfoot Good times with Sue, Ioan, Nancy, Amy, Ruth, Moe. 5 years, lack? Thanks, mom, dad, nana, for teaching me the important things. To Kevin - a special thank you - I've enjoyed every moment. Thomas M. McMahon 3 Moreland Ave. Wheeler Siobhan Mary McNally 32 Hyde St. Cutler True humanity is no inherent right, but an achievement. H. Beston Diana-wait 'til next New Year's Eve, Denise-"Esta", Meg-"I'm sorry, you're h- -," Lisa, Willie Whistle, Beth, lay, run rabbit run, potential 4117. Mark Richard McElroy 1144 Chestnut St. Wheeler Always remember Diane, Sharron, Rudy, Moron, Debbie, Brenda, and most of all, Rosemary. Never forget the Falls, the cafe, the Hills, the parking lot, and lit the bake. I leave to the school the zig-zag man. Sheila McCarthy 23 Glenwood Ave Cutler "We all know it's better That yesterday has passed, Now let's all start living For one that's going to last." Never forget: Bobbie, Joanne and lighter, Allman Bros., Quebec, Marshfield and Mark, M. P. S., Iuly 4, Gold Rush, Elise! Ioyce, Waban kids, cookies, parties beside library, NYED at PP, Thanks, Sully. I Aubrey McKinney 38 Stearns St. Cutler "Ray" "I would if I could but I can'l so I won't." Never forget V. P.'s, lock corner, L. P., B. W., P, C, C. D., Hey Toma, Sugar, Spider, Bus to R. I., 50's Dance, Shellshocked at L. S., Soccer vs. L. S. Elton concert, L. G., T. C., I leave Greg and Earl. Soccer 2, Captain 3 Lacrosse 1, 2 Captain 3 David Meinhart 182 Beethoven Ave. Goodwin Baseball 1, 2 Lacrosse 3 Wrestling 3 ludith Adela Melin 54 Nickerson Rd. Goodwin If you have built castles in the air... that is where they should be. Now put the foundations under them. Thoreau To everyone who helped me start those foundations, thanks so very much. Denebola Co-Editor-in-Chief, 3 NEW Science Dept. Head, 3 J? JN ' 1 FRIDAY!!! PTSA 1, 2, 3 lFK, QSR, HC, Math team. Leonard Mirsky 11 Caldon Path Cutler Cynthia Ann Mervis Edward Miller 11 Nod Hill Rd. 45 Harwich Rd. Wheeler "Cindy" Goodwin "ln my heart I will always remember: judy Mist-,ara ls the seed of the tree Warthog, Willie, Tooma, K. Q., 37 Radcliff Rd, Which will be me. ' Blasta, Minnie, and all the others Cutler Nourished by understanding who made the last three years so Fuzzy Wuzzy was a bear, Warmed by friends much fun. Fuzzy Wuzzy had no hair, Fed by loved ones Lacrosse 1, 2, 3 Fuzzy Wuzzy Wuzzem fuzz Matured by wisdom Tempered by tears." Gregory P. Moan 69 McCarthy Rd. Cutler "Greg" I'll always remember the guys, V. Parties, one special movie and most of all, Karen. I owe alot to A, K. and G. W. Football 1, 2, Captain 3 Wrestling 1, 2, 3 Baseball 1, 2, 3 wuzzi? Deborah lane Monosson 85 Baldpate Hill Rd. Cutler There are places I'll remember All my life, though some have changed, Some forever, not for better, Some have gone, and some remain. The Beatles "Got to move, got to travel, walk away by Blues." sf- --1 w-I 2 .'r q . f Philip Moreau 14 Summer St. Cutler "Moron" I'm glad to get out of this place. R. L., M. M., l. L., Aaron Moynahan 52 Crescent Ave. Cutler all gold that is gold may not glitter and glittering gold may not be I have no reason to be bitter because I have become what I chose to be. P, S. Please don't ask me what I'm talking about Wrestling, Lacrosse, Football PS, Meet you all in New lersey, New York lulie Ann Murray 25 Walter St. Cutler "Murrayberg" Always do right. This will gratify some people and astonish the rest. Mark Twain Sew Liz. When do we order our habits stub? I knew we'd do it M, E., F. F., and S. K., Jokes? Sprechen Sie Deutsch, Cheryl? The Blimpmobile vs. Weston, CC What? See ya Nuz! David Nahabedian 1623 Centre St. Cutler "Naha" "It matters not what you are thought to be, but what you are." I'll never forget the times I had with George, Mick, Steve, Rick, Hobo, Cos, Cool Bob, Hack, Nancy, Lisa, Rat, Laurie, and of course Chris. I leave the youth with much luck and success with adults in the future. Edward L. Morrison, lr. 59 Whiting St, Wheeler "Eddie" played basketball, wish to continue my education and an interested in computers and photography. "We enjoyed the things we could and hated the things we should." ludith Ann Nass 14 Monitoba Rd. Cutler "ludy" Winchester '74, Sausage, tennise avec Da, Diets, How did you do on your finals? What does castrate mean? first day at South, lake rats, mini bike mama, I'm serious! Tch . , .the corner, I have never let my schooling interfere with my education. Mark Twain Thank Cod it's almost over .,,, , 7 ., Peter lra Nathanson 24 lane Rd. Cutler Oh wow! We were damned close, "cartoons" Matoaka ad growing up, what a long road. To Martha, the other half of me, "l'm a junkie for you, babe." Late nights with Ed and Mark. Ha! Nobody knows. Clyde. Cross country with Mark, dig it. Capt. of Wrestling '75, My parents. f. .--if yn Ph' 'C 4 Susan L. Osborn 984 Chestnut St. Cutler Memories and thanks to: Pam and Buffy, G. E. + P, the wall, softball, the Cape, Cutler CR, WMC the haunted house, youth group, out front, the corner, south's parking lot, Pam, Buffy, Cheese, all the good times with friends. Karen Noymer 45 Andrew St. Wheeler "A Perfect Day" "You have not lived a perfect day, even though you have earned your money, unless you have done something for someone who will never be able to repay you." Ruth Smeltzer A. S. G A KICK. Popcorn and Licorice Thanks Mom, Dad, and RUIIMI Gail Christina Nuzzi 380 Boylston St. Cutler "Nuz" If you love something, set it free, If it comes back to you, it's yours, If it doesn't, it never was. Thanks Mimi, Fitzy, Moe, whom I have corrupted and who has corrupted me! Summer '74, crazy Larry, Fall '75, Cheering!! Rat, Bev, K. Q., Pitts, Moose, M. M., l. M., Stubby. N. S. Parking Lot, V, Parties, Dunks. Mom and Dad - Thanks Peter Harris Okun 563 Sawmill Brook Pkwy. Goodwin Hello to all, thanks to all my teachers, and particularly to all my friends. ludith Lynne Oshry 16 Sharpe Rd. Wheeler "ludy" "Friendship is just a tiny word, It's the people who make it big." Beth, you're 16. Feb. Vac., Nancy B. Block, Chicken wings, Colour my World, Prom "74" - D. W., Fireworks, What? W. A. Y, S. F. A. U.? Cape, '74, Sharing with l. P. Thanks to a special group of friends, and to someone extra special - David. Cheerleading N-. 4 163 +1 3 4. l ' lx X . Robert Paisner 64 Harwich Rd. Wheeler "Bob" Soccer Team 1, 2 Wrestling Team 1, Varsity 2,3 Lacrosse Team 1, Varsity 2, 3 Dieting Club 2, 3 l'lI always remember: L. G., I. Rat and Gaps, and A. K. H., Barry Neal Ostrer 56 Gould Rd. Cutler "God grant us the accept the things change, courage to things we can, and serenity to we cannot change the wisdom to know the difference." Thanks to all, and good luck. lay Aaron Palmer 44 Maplewood Avenue Cutler "The bad dreams will end as soon as we stop being frightened of each other." The Shop on Main Street He who feels that his own life or that of his fellow-beings is senseless is not only unhappy, but hardly capable of living. Albert Einstein Insanity 1, 2, 3 Thanks and Good Luck to everyone. K- --1-Du-- With the food shortage the way it is, hair is the only protein l can get! 164 Louis loseph Paglia 141 Cypress St. Cutler Lacrosse 1, 2, 3, Faculty Award 1 David A. Panella 34 Larchmont Ave Cutler Never forget 6204 sophomore year, the only man at N.S.l-l. who knows what's going on '- Doc. Friends: M. T., C. F., I. G., '5. M., K. S., R. D., C, B., D. K., R. T., l. H., P. F., A. D., S. F., "Turkey McBride." l leave South what South gave me - "nothing" Corner 32, Mol Denise. Andrew E. Peake 70 Collins Rd. Goodwin Susan Ellen Perlmutter 11 Mildred Rd. Goodwin "He gain'd from Heav'n lt'was all he wish'dl a friend. " Gray True friends are unique - thank you all, you know who you are ...Special love to: I. T., L. M., D, M., E. K., B. W., F. A. All to my parents, teachers of the important things. "now that Mussolini is dead, the devil at last has a straightmanf' Fred Allen Lois A. Pierce 292 LaGrange St. Goodwin Whoever you are there's some younger person who thinks you're perfect. There's work that will never be done. There's someone who would miss you if you were gone. There's a reason for becoming better than you are. There's a place to be filled that you alone can fill. jonathan Platt 7 Larkspur Rd. Goodwin "If the truth is found to be lies, then all the joy within you dies." Grace Slick Good luck to: G. H., K. G., S. S., L. M., T. K. 81 N. C. And a special thanks for fabulous times to "SnerdIe". Stuart Vreeland Perry 25 O'rourke Path Wheeler Representative for Black Student Union 11, 12, Varsity Track 11, 12, Theatre Arts "l shun no hardship, fear no foe, The future calls and I must go: I charge the line and dare the spheres As I go fighting down the years." To B. S. U.: "Y'aII do your do and remember Stu." Debra Sheryl Pilavin 47 Nardell Rd. Wheeler "Debbie" Your own special hopes . .. your own special dreams Bloom on the hillside And shine in the streams. If you try, you'll find where the sky meets the sea. Lisa Ptau 15 Longmeadow Rd. Goodwin "Liz" Hold fast to dreams for if dreams die, Life is a broken winged bird that cannot fly Hold fast to dreams for when dreams go Life is a barren field frozen with snow Some things I'll never forget: Scrabble, a kick, Popcorn, Banana, Dark or light, Sunday Calls, Quebec '74, Nefty Howard Lloyd Pinderhughes 70 Brookledge St. Wheeler Doctor I. Roscoe, D. l. Captain Basketball, Let's go to Roscoe's Pungent wars Podiums D. I., R. B., R. H., I. M., G. W., P. T. in the V. W lell-o ... Look at him trying to be bad ...laws .K. C . . . This is no time for a shower Travelin' with Mark and Pete. ' '... The world is a Ghetto" War leanne Pizzoglio 976 Beacon St. Goodwin "leannie" "The songs they were playing I never will forget." Quebec '74-Rm, 318, B. C. Hockey games and good times there, On a scale of 1 to 10 . . . , 308, Mack the Knife, Summer '74, 3S's, dances, concerts, Red Sox games, Say Hey Dorik, Padiddles, drive-ins, Paul. Cheerleading Captain, 3. S. S S "The Theatre Arts Dept. is great. The Music Dept. is O.K. The Math Dept. stinks." 165 ' "' '+-' ,141 ' s s I I Q james Charles Polan 119 Dedham St, Wheeler "lim" "Being myselfg an Individual with distinct Ideas and Goals, in a world that is doing its best to make me everyone else, is the hardest battle I'll ever have to fight." Concert Band 1, 2, 3 AFS. 2, 3 Milk and Honey 2 w"3' lane Ellen Pritzker 557 Sawmill Brook Pkwy. Cutler "Perhaps l'll see you the nest quiet place I furl my sails." l'll never forget: summer '74, the Cape, S. Sfs alarm, chuchies, Lori - your pantsl, memories from B 81 R, rap sessions, handcuffs, sharing-l. O., A. R. - It's a long story, my two alter egos, three years shared with very special friends. I66 Linda Popkin B5 Pond Brook Rd. Goodwin Good times, Bad times, Lord, I've had my share, And still I look to find a Reason to Believe. French Club 10, 11 Russian Club 11 Remember: Sharing lockers, cruisin', Parkies, hours of time on the telephone line, B. C., H. C., summers, concerts, the caf, the door Keep on keepin' on! I Karen Propp 25 Hyde St. Goodwin Morning air! If men will not drink of this at the fountainhead of the day, then we must bottle up some and sell it in the shops, for the benefit of those who have lost their ticket to morning time in the world. Thoreau Charles Pozner 63 Audubon Dr. Goodwin "Chuck" Audio Visual 10, 11 co-student head 12, Head Student Athletic Trainer 11, 12, Regulus Photography Staff 12, Hockey Trainer 11, 12, Football Trainer 11, 12, Soccer Trainer 12 See you around M. G. M. and P. P. May the football team have permanent tape cuts. May homework become obsolete "AMEN" Steve Prelack 105 Langley Rd. Goodwin "Scoop" The world can be saved by the educated mind, if the educated mind. Remember dragging Netti into French New Haven Mohammad Applestein the Route the Zone Coop, Silver, Netti, Laff, Brownie, Whitey, Schwartzie, Kitty, Kicksave, Whut, Ira . .. the Duck and cash line Mapes, Rob, and city the Goodwin women . . . Baskies Karen Ann Quinn 102 Nehoiden Rd. Cutler "Fame is a vapor, popularity an accident, riches take wings. Only one thing endures - character. N. H. very happy times. Q. B. U. "nothing good is gonna last forever." Egor 10121173 tall in one night?l Buddies, A certain wrestling match - Greg it was the moccasins, thanks to my parents and family. It's been real ... Cheering 3 Mark Rabinowitz 58 Bow Rd. Cutler Debra Fay Rittner 37 Maplewood Ave. Goodwin God lives! lay Reubens 132 Wayne Rd. Cutler "It is not how long, but how well we live." lohn Ray Soccer 11, Varsity 12 K.B.S. Lacrosse Varsity 11, 12 Maureen Riley 104 Beethoven Ave. Goodwin Too many feelings, Not enough words. Too many memories, Not enough space. Thanks to my parents and "You think l look funny now, you should see my face without my hand covering itll" fflends' M- A- T- ' miss YOU! The sophomores get smaller every year. Love to C. H. la Q Robert C. Robinson 441 Walnut Ave. Goodwin 11,5 , Q! V iz. A CQ - ludith Ann Rollins 18 Beaconwood Rd. Goodwin "ludy, lutes" Let today embrace the past with rememberance and the future with longing. Der Stille piinkt des verrucktes Welt. Durche alle zeit aber ohne zeit. L. S. B. Love and thanks to my dear family and friends. Special thanks to A. A. for caring. Richard Romanow 19 Holly Rd. Goodwin Remember: Getting alot out of science. " According to the laws of aerodynamics it is impossible for a bee to fly. This is because the bee's body is too heavy for his wing surface and lifting power. But the bee does not understand the laws of aerodynamics, so he flies anyway." 167 UC" Robin Sue Rosenburg 80 Rowena Rd, Goodwin Be yourself: No one can tell you you're doing it wrong. lames Leo Herlihy I'll always remember Cutler Door and the gang. All the good times in school and out. The summer of '74 and keeping close friends as close as always. Stuart Bruce Rothman 60 Dwhinda Rd. Cutler Tennis Team member, Instructor in Newton's Environmental Science Program, Faculty Award Recipient. "When you know a thing, to hold that you know it, and when you do not know a thing, to allow that you do not know it -that is knowledge." 168 Ellen Rome 280 Hartman Rd. Goodwin "Live every moment and cherish every friend - all too soon the realities become memories - all too soon all you have left are dreams." Always remember: The wall and all it symbolizes. The E.E.E.'s in my life, the corner and South, S. 81 S., parties, Quebec. Thanks to my very special friends and family. l l Kenneth Rosenstein 20 Sagamore Rd. Wheeler Debating Club 1 Social Studies Representative, Curriculum Review Board 1 Student Faculty Forum 2, 3 Enrichment Program 3 Happiness is graduating Richard Rosenberg 75 Cross Hill Rd. Goodwin 6 Amy Rachel Rosenthal 65 Deborah Rd. Goodwin Be happy with what you have and are, be generous with both, and you won't have to hunt for happiness. Cheerleading 2 Gymnastics 2 fi Anne Leslie Rosser 260 Woodward St. Goodwin "Fern" "Two persons cannot long be friends if they cannot forgive each other's little failings." Bruyere Wallex. I'll never forget: I. S., E. S., D. R., E. G., and Chief. Thanks. Workstudy 2, 3 Stuart l. Rothman 83 Meadowbrook Rd. Cutler Cross Country 10, 11, 12 Gymnastics 11, 12 Spring Track 11 Elderly Project 10, 11, 12 A long life may not be good enough, but a good life is long enough. ,,-4: 1? l Edward Rubin 136 Cynthia Rd. Goodwin O-Wow, Mark and Nate we came pretty close. Summer '74, Canada with 1. W., workin' at A.A.A., three years of Spanish - what a joke. Friday afternons with a six. And alot of tooling in my own verti. Wrestling 1, 2, 3 lohn Ryder 33 Cragmore Rd. Wheeler My fine Dart, Snatch snowstorm, Clyde is no match for D. I. A ln the lot with Beanos, Millers, B. P., M. F., M. M., Breakfast with H. D., B. W., Mornings with T. F., Many fine times at Mary Ann's. Mary Rowland 29 Manchester Rd. Wheeler "Moye" Betsy and all the good times, Crystal Lake, Martha's Vineyard, Goodwin GirI's room, We are the only normal ones. C. W., D. G., C. K., C. C., M. R., Hi D. A. in Fla., swim team, If you have nine sons in a row, baseball teams make money you know. R. L. W., l. A., K. K. Saul Rubin 891 Elwyn Rd. Wheeler "Yesterday is but today's memory and tomorrow is today's dream. But if in your thought you must measure time into seasons, let each season encircle all the other seasons. And let today embrace the past with remembrance and the future with longing." Kahlil Gibran Basketball 10,11, 12 -+ -- - N- - Carolyn G. Rubin 7 Radcliff Rd. Wheeler Dream on . . . Dream until your Dreams come true Aerosmith "On n'est jamais si heureux ni si malheureux qu'on s'imagine." La Rochefoucauld Stephen Rubin 30 Bontempo Rd. Wheeler "Snork" W. I. T. A., Big Bird. The Park- Buzz. ln Cog. '31. High on Life. To The Pahs. Yes. W. I. T. A.? Oren D. Rudavsky 17 Upland Rd. Goodwin There's only one way to say it, folks: "It's been real!" Martha lane Sack 25 Burnside Rd. Wheeler This above all: to thine own self be true 169 .J loan Sacks 96 Adeline Rd. Goodwin lv Philip l. Sagon 220 Greenwood St. Cutler Student Faculty Forum 11, 12, Community Service Project to Aid the Elderly 11, 12, Foreign Language Honor Society tSpanishy11 , swf ,. . 'Sw ff',taf3w,' ' " r 1 , A ' vw P - --P at -ie P x f' - . N I , ,y Lihmibfa 275,183 ' ' ,444 f I . ,5,1, 7 .:, .flv--PA ', .4 5:'flp"r:'4J A V F' Mig if ...l..-:...v -. "lust call me Flipper." Kenneth Robert Schmidlein 37 Holly Rd. Cutler "Kenny" The Corner - D, P. - Chan - Drisc. -Ted.-I. H. - P, F.-1. G.-C.F.-TheKid-M.D.- ND.-D.K.-SM.-R.D.-B. C. - T, S. and The Girls. Hanging in N.S,H. parking lot and Bob's locker L-190, trapped by Drisc, saved by D. K., Hockey, Baseball. 1 70 'Fl f ' 'f'f37V"H V33 L 445. l 1 David Mitchell Satter 3111 Dedham St. Goodwin "Reach for the highest, Strive for the best, Live day by day, And to God leave the rest." Ira W., Larry B., limmy S., Marc V., Mark S., we've done a little of everything and it was fun. All my friends from "South", take care. Summer '74 with Debra, we didn't quite make it, sorry. Varsity Hockey 10, 11, 12, Varsity Golf 10, 11, Captain 12 Deborah E. Schiff 55 Grace Rd. Cutler "Debbie" Having a friend is being needed and no matter how far apart you are, it's knowing you are close in heart." I thank my family and true friends for caring and being so good to me. Robin Beth Schlager 40 Harwich Rd. Goodwin "Remember then . . . " Sha Na Na Marching Band 1, Pep Club Captain 2, French Club 1, 2, 33 Concert Choir 3, Music Club 2, 3, l'll always remember: the great times with the gang, the winter and summer of '74, the door, 'aIright', sunbathing, innocence, various contests, the uneven wrestling matches, and Ringo. Lot's 0' luv to all and thanx! Bye guys! Kevin G. Schmidlein 37 Holly Rd. Wheeler "Schmid" The kids at the corner and South Parking lot - David, Carl, I. G., R. D., D. K., K. s., red, D. s., 1. H., Frawls, M. D., Nick, S. M., Chan, B. C. Drisc., I. O., Beth Hockey 10, 11, 12, Workstudy "Why do today what you can put off till tomorrow?" L 'uni Ruth Ellen Schoem 121 Andrew St. Wheeler "Rufus" Feed the soul. Don't forget poor ones, they can be made rich by sweetening them with patience and understanding. Keep warm with a steady flow of love. Serve with strawberries and cream, when thus prepared it will rise from within in all its' beauty and keep forever. Mark David Schwartz 415 Waban Ave. Goodwin The trouble with not having a goal is that you can spend your life running up and down the field and never scoring. Good luck to: Bruno, Kitty, Pre, Laff, Ira, lim, Brownie, Derf tWhiteyJ, Scott, Kick save, Debbie and Merle, Remember those thrilling nights at Baskie's Lori layne Segal 18 Broken Tree Rd. Cutler "To find true happiness, one must first find true friends." Remember: the cape, summer '73, and '74, Fla., Fireworks, Nancyl, "Baby, you can drive my car.", the alarm, chuchies, A. U., T. O., Sue's socks, my pantsl, handcuffs, It's a long story, writing on pocketbooks, 2:30 in town, Cheerleading '73-'74. Emily Ruth Schulman 26 Country Club Rd. Wheeler vx. .7 ' s . KN , Nu Bette Schwartz 150 Country Club Rd. Cutler '1Memories are to be remembered not to be forgotten." Great times with Brenda iRatJ, Iodi, Laurie, and the "N, N." gang. Stalling, Sept. 21. Summer '74 - New York, fire's on the beach. "l told you it was too big!" I thank my family and friends for being so good to me. 1 . 4 afar' 'What- ig. , Ad 1 V. QQ. A "I didn't mean to step on your contacts!" Rhonda Seidman 47 Cloverdale Rd. Goodwin Steve I. Selib 436 Winchester St. Goodwin "l hold the world but as the world A stage, where every man must play a part, and mine a sad one. Let my play the fool." I'll never forget: F. U., and of course C. K., Snatch, Chyt, Quigleys, Donald, Hojo's, D. C., D. G., J. S., and Penny Forever. 171 -0 vw-gy 72 Steven Shaer 12 Harwich Rd. Cutler The difference between personality and character: Personality is what you are when lots of people are around, character is what you are when everybody goes home. Aimee Shaprio 21 Lovett Rd. Goodwin "Don't walk in front of me, I may not follow, Don't walk behind me, I may not lead. lust walk beside me and be my friend," Remember: Summer '73, '74, Narco, Eppa, Doris, Greg, the Devil, Chooey, I. D. V., Thanks to all my friends that made this year great and unforgetable. Margaret P. Shaughnessy 42 Amherst Rd. Wheeler "Peggy" Aub. the good times. C. Dfs house. K. W. D.'s R. 81 C. nights. Getting Fubar. The Cape. A certain Monte Carlo. South, the Corner, Newton Centre. C. S. D. L. D. E. K. W. D. and a lot of people there isn't enough space for. Always remember a special friend M. T. Born to be wild. Holly Joanne Shaw 44 Gould Rd. Cutler Friendship is like a treasury: you cannot take from it more than you put into it. Gale Pamela Shahon 46 Homestead St. Goodwin To forget a friend fN.S.H.S.J is sad. Not every one has a friend. And if I forget, I may become like grown-ups who are no longer interested in anything but figures . . . Little Prince Field hockey, Gymnastics, Tennis: G,A.A. - all Q1, 2, 31, Cheerleading 3, Nantasketg Merestead, U,S.F.H.A. Rating, 7 is definitely heaven. rags I v Ls -iQ 'Ut tg 5-11 .4-'fa l Beth Gilles lulie M. Shea 16 Hay Rd. Goodwin "jul" "Every man is an individual, beautiful in his own separate way. Sometimes it takes a lot of time and effort to find that certain beauty, but rewarding. Those who are themselves, and take the time to find out what others are really like, are special people." Crazy times forever! S. S. layne Elizabeth Sherman 147 Andrew St. Goodwin When you part from your friend, you grieve not, For that which you love most in him may be clearer in his absence, as the mountain to the climber is clearer from the plain Gibran Thanx for two years of everlasting friendship, R. L. T., I. W. E., M. L, S., S. R. R. "You gotta have friends" "' g -by I g ' ' ' B! Q .x if 'F Xl 1 l,,, W , X E Liz Kellner If you don't like school, that's your fault. I like it just ine. Mark Shuster 6 Wamesit Rd, Cutler Don't go around saying the world owes you a living. The world owes you nothing - it was here first. Mark Twain l'll always remember: B. B., Birch, Rubbernose, The odor, Nancy, Bon, Apple, Coop, Debalach, Dartagnion, The Yale Bowl, Barbecue, Eggs, Soccer bus rides, The Zone, The Attic, Gloria. Robin Shore 26 Kappius Path Goodwin I'm . We are all prisoners but some of us are in cells with windows and some without Kahlil Gibran "The great path has no gates, Thousands of roads enter it. When one passes through this gateless gate, He walks freely between heaven and earth." Ekai Bn he 'id ly ell as ' si 1. ,.... Z..-' +-.- ... s .En v s fi' ' af? , "Please, Morris, don't be finicky. Your din-din is ready!" Andrew Neal Silver 15 Rotherwood Rd. Cutler Learn the words of wisdom uttered by the wise and apply them in your own life. Live them - but do not make a show of reciting them, for he who repeats what he does not understand is no better than as ass that is loaded with books. Kahlil Gibran Lori Carol Silver 8.-Broken Tree Rd. Cu.ler So on and on I go, The seconds tick the time out. There's so much left to know, And l'm on the road to find out. A. S. C., Brazil, I. Bfs, Scrabble, licorice, popcorn, who's narrowminded? Why don't you have a party8f 20 lbs! Tudobem? So long fe: lt. if Esther Silverman 146 Langley Rd. Goodwin 24 A - Right Sue? Wallex. S. S. 81 E. F., Summer of '74, Thanks to: M. S., B. C., L. C., A. R., M. R., A. R., S. F., Chief, the boys. "Let the past be your roots and the present be your stem, for the future will bloom in unknown directions." Tennis, N. F., French Club, Layout Staff 174 loanne Silverstein Angela SImmS 107 Oliver Rd. Cutler "lf one advances confidently in the direction of his dreams, and endeavors to live the life which he has imagined, he will meet with a success unexpected in common hours." Henry David Thoreau Michael Edward Sklar 143 Christina St. Goodwin "Hermie" l'll remember: lanuary 20, 1974, High-Boys, parties, commons, M. G. - Streak, weekends with: I. K., l. R. G. B. S. G., etc., Summer '74, Parking lot, Chandlers, Hill top, My love to Laurie, Thank you. K. B. S. Varsity Tennis: 1, 2 co-capt. 3 Basketball: 1, 2 Sex 1, 2, 3, etc . .. Cheryl Anne Theresa Simonds 3 Woodhaven Rd. Goodwin "Cheri" Good times at K. W. Dfs and C. Dfs houses. Good times with special friends and everyone always. Summer of '73, R. R. 81 C Nights forever. The Corner. South Parking lot. C. S. M., I. A. R. G. T. W. P. T. 96 tears. Memories of good times with M. T. will live forever. Born to be wild! The Cape. What tree? Not B - l William I. Skerry 54 Oxford Rd. Goodwin "Winning isn't everything, but it beats anything that comes in second." l've thoroughly enjoyed my three years at South. Both with the kids, and the faculty. The courses were great and so were the athletics. l feel South was a very worthwhile experience. Soccer, Hockey Lacrosse 1, 2 Mary E. Smith 43 Cottage St. Cutler "Beth" Never forget Kenny, '73-'74 442 Hay Rach, What's Happen? Steph, B. .. E., Friday nights with the girls, Sat. mornings L. O., B. T., D. S., R. B., S. N., l. K., L. H., B. C., S. H., D. T., R. F., D. T., L. B., E. O., R. L. The summer to come! Thanks Mom and Dad, never wouId've made it without ya's!! Robert Louis Sisson 30 Margaret Rd. Wheeler "He started to sing as he tackled the thing That couldn't be done, but he did it." E. G. ini ts' Ll What more clever torture to each class! ludith Hope Smoller 21 Larchmont Ave. Goodwin 'fludy" "Grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, courage to change the things I can, and wisdom to know tht difference." Always remember: A. R., L. H., A. H., E. S., D. R., good times with camp friends, And a special thanks to two very understanding parents. than adding one more minute A Amy Beth Sneider 331 Dudley Rd. Goodwin "Aim", "Schneid" "Can't explain things people do Can't complain cause l'm people too." Canada '74, Snoop sisters DGFHLD, Weekends - gladstones, Donna - to our apartment! MICSDLNSMG - Take care. Love to the greatest friends for the best of times. R. S. I love you and will always be there. M. 81 D., love and appreciation. Theatre Dept. 1O,11, 12 175 Ivy Ellen Sohn 100 Deborah Rd. Wheeler "The woods are lovely, dark, and deep, But I have promises to keep, And miles to go before I sleep." Special thanks to my parents who have helped me so much, never giving up. Thanks to all my friendsg and you, Tori, may you always have the best of everything, Craig F, Sowsy 95 Harwich Rd. Cutler "lf we are ever to enjoy life, now is the time. Today should be our most wonderful day." Charles F. Mahoney Remembering that great lunior year with Math, French, and Mr. Seasholes. Wrestling 1-3, Brutus, the Track, Syracuse, Florida '75, I. S., and mostly C. B, Q David Spielman 33 Aberdeen St. Cutler I have been on the varsity gymnastics team for three years. In my sophomore and junior years I specialized on the pommaled horse and in my senior year I have expanded to include the parallel bars and rings. Remember: "Never try, Never win" ,-ll! Marc Richard Spigel 61 Esry Farm Rd. Cutler I leave to Newton South: A lot of good times and memories. l'll always remember: Newton Police Explorer Post 300, Weekends at Nobscot, The Park, Cutler house door, and going to Macs School spirit provides no academic function. However, I it does provide a sense of community or, moreover, a comraderie between students. Most unfortunately, New- ton South seems to be lacking in this area. 176 Paul D. Soloway 4 Cochituate Rd. Wheeler Reality is but a cliche for life from which we escape through the icons of fiction, fantasy and nothingness. Karen Starr 21 Nod Hill Rd. Goodwin Laurie Susan Stein 244 Upland Ave. Goodwin "True happiness consists not in the multitude of friends, but in their worth and choice," I'Il never forget: Hold the phone, you'll get over it, chuchies, late nights, rap sessions, A. Rfs long stories, peuple, hang it up! my two alter egos, good times, and very special friends. Nancy Stein 92 Lovett Rd. Goodwin "l believe when I fall in love with you, it will be forever" Stevie Wonder Vacations with Lisa, an everlasting friendship. Always chinese food on Sundays, Carol, The best twin in the whole wide world! Working with S. 81 L. April 30, 5 g's, B Block with ludy, What rocks? Weekend in N. H., B. C., and Billy. . . 1979! Michael Geoffrey Stockman 4 Pine Crest Rd. Goodwin l'll never forget three enriching and entertaining years at South. South is just a building - the people have made it a school. A special thanks to: the teachers, coaches and staff. More important are my friends and Carol and my parents. Football 1, 2,3 Basketball 1, 2, 3 Baseball 1, 2, 3 Carol Melanie Sturnick 25 Acacia Ave. Cutler "The world looks brighter from behind a smile." On a scale from one to ten . . . P.E.A. '73, B. C. at certain times, Quebec '74, 308, as usual, Relax, that sound, Casanova, 1123, Football games, hey, hit the road, forever Stubby? Thanks all. Field hockey, co-captain, Basketball, Softball G.A.A., Vice-President O TR Lawrence Benjamin Stollar Steven Stone 158 Clark St. 83 Dorcar Rd. Cutler Goodwin Russian Club, Vice President 11, President 12, Foreign Language Honor Society, Russian and French, Foreign Language Curriculum, Review Borad 10, Hebrew College 10, 11, 12 "Who is rich? He who is happy with his portion." Good luck to: L. M., S. C., I. P., G. H., K. G., V. G., B. S., P. S., A. S., M, K., M. H. lt's a long and winding road. A 1 5 Daniel Sterne 28 Duncklee St. Cutler l'll always remember the great times I had with Z. R. 8i I. U., dropping pennies from the Empire State Building, water- skiing on the Charles, shooting down the Goodyear Blimp and playing marbles under Echo Bridge at 2:00 A.M. with you know who. Susan Stone Bl Sparpe Rd. Cutler "Taking away friendship is like robbing the world of the sun." l'll never forget: Cape '74, Fireworks, chuchies, Lori your pants, my alarm, handcuffs, B- split- N. S., sharing - A. R., Rap sessions, A. R. - it's a long story, my two alter egos, calls to France. Cheerleading - 11 iCaptainJ Thanks to special friends. Irene Marie Sullivan 93 Halcyon Rd. Goodwin "Everything is easy once you open your mind." Bob Write Never forget Corner 42 and all its great people! West Island, New Year's Eve day and Pewter Pot, Thank Mac. My beautiful person, who ever you are. Quebec, Washington. The Waban Gang and Elise. O. N., W. B., M. D., B. 841. 177 Lisa Surman 17 Kippy Dr. Goodwin Don't walk in front of me - I may not follow. Don't walk behind me - I may not lead. Walk beside me - and just be my friend. Mem's: ninth gr., R. T.'s house with K. H. Luv to: P. H. - dummy, D. D. - unhooked, C. S. - definitely, I. A., C. K., B. L. and friends, Good-bye, Good luck. Cindy Lyn Swiman 44 Olde Field Rd. Wheeler "When you part from your friend, you grieve not, For that which you love most in him may be clearer in his absence." Kahlil Gibran Kathy - There aren't words to express our friendship. To a choice few who make me happy and sad when I think of you. pe an 'o 4" 'Q 0 of , 0 Robert P. Tedeschi 961 Boylston St. Wheeler Never forget the corner gang: C. B., R. D., K. S., K. S., D. P., l. H., C. F., S. M., I. G., M. T., P. F., N. D., R. D., B. C., Weekends at South Parking lot, Work study, Chaisson Hockey 1, 2, 3 178 Thomas Tercyak 84 Ridge Ave. Wheeler After devoting 13 years of my life to the Newton Public Schools - so much for free education. But the good times outwieghed the bad and thanks to all at N.S.H.S. a . I K 'A 165 Richard L. Swiman 44 Olde Field Rd. Wheeler "Rick" Remember summer of '74, The Gang at Adeline, the Corner, and Andrew St. Greg A-4 car Doris the Dodge Dart will live forever! H. M. D. - The good times roll on. C. B. - Take it easy - C. L. S. - I luv U and always will Rick Lloyd William Taylor 86 Oxford Rd. Goodwin Concert Choir 1, 2, 3 Stage Crew 1, 3 "I will have had been there before, soon." A time traveler "The trouble is, there is an endless supply of White Men, But there has always been a limited number of Human Beings." from Little Big Man Paul Stephen Tormey 91 Shady Hill Rd. Goodwin "Tooma" Always remember great times at the Corner. Remember: V. parties, Wart Hog, Chopper, Ted, Eddie, Great times with Ieanne. Football 1, 2, 3 Wrestling 1, 2, 3 Lacross 1, 2, Tri-captain 2 Iordan Trachtenberg 70 Wiswall Rd. Goodwin av'-"'4, ff 2'- ffffo Z Avi Vardi 902 Chestnut St. Cutler lana Tyler 8 Lincoln St. Cutler I have no color, I am free. And in a world where no one understands, l'll take my outstretched hand, and offer it to anyone. Many thanks to Mr. Chamberlain and Mr. Amer. Marlene loyce Valinsky 130 Lincoln St. Cutler Most folks are about as happy as they make up their minds to be. Lincoln Thanks for all your help 1. M. I would like to thank Newton South for the many new friendships and fond memories it has given me. Aw! Q' ig' , , ' f y Nancy Ellen Vasil 3 Carver Rd. Goodwin I'lI never forget all the good times at the corner. Much love to all the gang, and a special thanks to Dawn who has been a great help in many ways. Many memories to Paul, Barbara, Mark and lanis. Hi to the W.M.G. How's South going to survive without us? Marc Venet 11 Ashcroft Rd. Goodwin "Net" "Venetie" Varsity Indoor Track 1, 2 Varsity Outdoor Track 1, 2 Faculty Award 1 I'lI never forget the many, many hours I spent searching within myself for a few fond memories to put in this book, .J ' A. George Volpe lr. 444 Winchester St. Cutler "Gigi" "You are tired, so very tired, Space Wanderer, Malachi, Unk. Stare at the faintest star, Earthling, and think how heavy your limbs are growing," Salo I'll never forget: Aw, I forgot. Anyhow, I had fun. Thanks to friends, A. S., B. O.'s, F. N., S. D., for the past years. 179 tt: 5, was Hey, Meg Hurley, Life? How's your love ,,, . A K f eff- 4z'?'f USv U: 3 .fy pf s 'ff E. ? T80 U-li S . Donald K. Wallace 29 Oxford Rd. Wheeler Susan Warshaw 55 Oak Hill St. Goodwin "Life is to be fortified by many friendships. To love and be loved, is the greatest happiness of existance." Remember 40? Miami '73. D. R. and the S's. Kishke and Layer Cake. I'll never forget December 15. Thanks to my friends. E. H. - thank you for a special friendship, Anne S. Wax 7 Cavanaugh Path Cutler "lf it weren't for other people there'd be no need to live. lt is through our attachments and relations with them that we obtain the illusion of life having worth." Bruce David Ward 1446 Beacon St. Goodwin "Colden Rainbow, shine above me. Once is all l'm asking for. Golden Rainbow, now I need you - never needed you more." "Gonna make a celebration every day!" lellyroll, Elephants, Paper Doll, WeIIEl, Sven, "Ooh!" Thanx to Mr. A., Mr. C., Mrs. H. and "all those good and crazy people, my friends." ,726 Carol Ellen Waldman 42 Stanley Rd. Goodwin The mind of man is capable of anything - because everything is in it, all the past as well as all the future. Conrad Harriet Losi Warshauer 66 Elinor Rd. Cutler While Mona Lisas and Mad Hatters, sons of bankers, sons of lawyers, turn around and say good morning to the night, for unless they see the sky, but they can't and that is why they know not if it's dark outside or light. Elton john Bernie Taupin Scott Wayne 260 Spiers Rd. Cutler "Flash" W.l.T.A.? Soph. Class Comm., Regulus Photo Staff, Environmental Aspects Comm., S.F.F., The Shop, Thanks to: C. C., I. E. S., H. A. L., V. W. B., 250: F. A., Big Bird, S. P. L., I. A. S. M., A. S. M., Finally getting my license, President, Photo Explorer Post 520, E. P. A. Bake Out, Washington, M. W., Dynamite! Manly, Musketahqurd Lodge, w.w.w. 414, 0. A., 1. O. K., Voot! Ira Scott Weinman 98 Bound Brook Rd. Cutler I dedicate this space to a person who has been an inspiration to me and' whom l'll remember all my life. This person has gone through more than her share of troubles and yet faces each day with a smile. She has a will to live and love, unlike anyone else. This person is Margaret Garafalo. Neal Weisman 28 David Rd. Wheeler Had a lot of good times while it lasted. The red bomb will never die. All the free tooting me and Poul did. Paul Matthew White 63 Oakdale Rd. Goodwin I care not what others think, as long as my conscience is clear and God is on my side. l'll try to remember everything and everybody .IN Qi t 1 ' ' Monica Wellington 334 Hammond St. Wheeler F23 Nancy Wennett 88 Levbert Rd. Cutler neil X ltr fl-I ff R 1' E gl I: D gIAZ",f-5' l'm starved ' " 3 Let's go to 1 , Macs. "One must not tie a ship to a single anchor nor life to a single hope." Never forget kids at corner, "South", the wall! Swampscott, parties, Spain, green machines, rocky, summers of '73, '74, 4, 5, 22, 23. Thanks to my parents, good friends, also to my siamese twin "Ellen". Ellin White 111 Nehoiden Rd. Cutler "The youth gets his materials to build a bridge to the moon, or, perchance, a palace or temple on the earth, and, at length, the middle-aged man concludes to build a woodshed with them." Thoreau Rhonda White 19 Orchard Ave. Goodwin "Ronnie" "Growing up is the deep exploration of oneself. One learns from the past to better the present and to explore and challenge the making of ones future." l.V. Field Hockey 10, Varsity Swim Team 11, 12, May Arts 10, 11, 12, Concert choir 12, Music Club 12, Spanish Club 12, Foreign Student Committee 11, 12 f Al 'K Os Barry Wilfand 26 Clifton Rd. Wheeler "Willy" l'll never forget the great times. The excursions to the cottage in NH. "It was only a vacation." New Year's Eve of 74. Leon '74, My membership to the Costa- Rican army, Never forget the good times at Ed's house or Quamar and leff, Summer of '7-4. pl l8.2 Carol loan Wiesenthal 63 Cloverdale Rd. Cutler "The man who follows the crowd gets no further than the crowd." Remember the summer of '74, N.H. and the Cape. Thanks l.B., Chris and Chet for opening my eyes. GG. what can I say? Thanks. SF. You're in my heart and future, someone very special. Morissa Lou Williams 143 Neshobe Rd. Cutler When in mercury Whispers they stalk the land, attend, Then shall Morning die. Sparrow smiles forever - Mercury whispers abandoned, arise. No pleas of space to entertain, for passage claims vermillion guile. David Wolff 108 Oakdale Rd. Goodwin "l shall never believe that God plays dice with the world." Einstein Explorers Club 2, 3 Many thanks to W.B., P.R. and Explorers Club ll P.S. Don't forget A.P. gym and "Graphic Representation of High Factor vs. Brian Activity" Dawn loy Wiest 40 Waldorf Rd. Goodwin "lt's just a matter of time before you find that certain someone who makes your life divine." "Then Came You" Many memories to l.A., to all at the Corner, and especially Carl. All my love and thanks to Nancy, Barbara, and Paul who helped me so very much. Also thanks to Mom and Dad. Linda lean Willis 50 Hartford St. Cutler "You fill up my senses Like a night in the forest." lohn Denver Newton South, my friends, teachers and family, thank you for doing this, and making these the best three years of my life. Bethi I leave this school to you, and "All you need is love." Bradford Robert Woolf 17 Payne Rd. Cutler Lacrosse 10, 11,12 I met a lot of great people and had a lot of good times K.B.S. ,x,. .Tt- fa sf Q R f -e' f 1 we K 57' if V .9 . 19' 4 . r. - .,- '- William A. Wolf 27 Amherst Rd. Cutler "The world hath many centers, one for each created being, and about each one it lieth in its own circle. Thou standest but half an ell from me, yet about thee lieth a universe whose center I am not, but thou art." Thomas Mann Stephen L. - K. Yen 15 Bank St. Goodwin For God hath not given us the spirit of fearg but of power, and of love, and ofa sound mind. 2 Tim. 1:7 Robin Lee Yaffe 132 Deborah Rd. Cutler "What if you slept? And what if, in your sleep, you dreamed? And what if, in your dream, you went to heaven and there plucked a strange and beautiful flower? And what if, when you awoke, you had the flower in your hand? Ah, what then?" Swim Team 3 'ii lames A. Young 270 Waban Ave. Cutler I leave N.S.H.S. remembering: the senior class '74 81 Byron, M,L, 81 soccer, l.F., 3114, and the car. Varsity soccer 2, 3 Student Faculty Forum 3 Class Committees 1, 2, 3 Newton Big Brother Assn. 2, 3 "The most useless day of all is that in which we have not laughed." Anon. David Edan Zonis 69 Arnold Rd. Cutler Barley Soup Bring to boil M cup thoroughly drained barley, handful lima beans, shin bone of beef, three onions in 4-5 quarts water. Add four stalks celery, package carrots: both scraped, sliced. Simmer very slowly four hours, don't cover tightly. Add water as necessary, skim off fat, stir occasionally. Neal Yanofsky 43 Gate House Rd. Goodwin 4 in S - S Eric Ziskend lon Harris Zonderman 116 Wayne Rd. 30 Marvin Lane Goodwin Goodwin "Bozo Cowboy losiane Senshy 86 Waban Avenue Goodwin "A chaque instant une vie neuve nous est offerte. Aujourd'hui, maintenant, tout de suite, c'est notre seule prise." 1 I Eva Sandnes Cutler This very special year has meant alot to me. I had such a good time with all my friends from South. Hopefully I learned something from Oscar and Vladimir. My Swedish address is Skraddaregatan 14g Malmo. I hope you will visit mel Alsoi Good luck and snow to future ski teams! seniors without pictures Kevin G. Battle 5 Sheldon Rd. Wheeler Meredith C. Bruce 934 Beacon St. Wheeler William B. Bryant 102 Herrick Rd. Cutler Diane M. Butera 47 Myerson Lane Cutler Steven Carlin 212 Greenwood St. Wheeler Russell G. Davis 15 Rogers St. Wheeler Paul E, DiCarlo 316 Langley Rd. Cutler Neal I, Drobnis 429 Brookline St. Goodwin Alexander Emerson 55 Chester St. Goodwin Luca Gentilucci 23 Oxford Rd. Cutler Paul C. Hantman 31 Amherst St. Wheeler Patricia Irwin Wheeler Richard johnson 16 Marshfield Rd. Cutler Curtis P. Kolovson 125 Country Club Rd. Goodwin ,Ji .14 fi' ,itic-W I G- V t 1 4 viii i if 239553 ,,.. its-ani Ilfa 15 3 N. x 40 l Richard A. Levy 17 Drew Rd. Wheeler Thomas M. Mallios 17 Chester St. Wheeler Stephanie Nastri 71 Lincoln St. Wheeler Edward V. Norton 48 Clark St. Cutler lennifer T. Oshima 52 Berwick Rd. Cutler Marianne Patriarca 68 Hartford St. Wheeler Robert K. Phippard 43 Hillside Rd. Cutler William Rixe 9 Devonshire Rd. Wheeler Peter S. Safner 247 Country Club Rd. Goodwin Carla Slessinger Daneltin Rd. Cutler leffrey P. Spinks 150 Ridge Ave. Wheeler Patti H. Tackeff 18 Gould Rd. Cutler Andrea L. Talis 227 Lincoln St. Cutler George D. Thomas 220 Langley Rd. Wheeler all 1 'li -13:11 xli- s xx .. 15- ,b-3 For many years, Frank Lambert was probably the most conspicuous person in Wheeler House. He seemed to be always visible and always to have time for a cheerful word of a friendly chat with anyone and everyone. What a much-needed lift to the morale it often was to meet Frank as one passed through Wheeler House! He never seemed too busy to be kind and considerate. One could not help wondering how he could take care of all the paperwork that is the lot of guidance counselors, and yet always appear so calmed and relaxed. But then, wasn't he invariably still in school after nearly everyone else had left? The fact is that no one could have been more conscientious than Frank, and no one worked harder. No one was more concerned than he about giving his counselees all the help and encouragement he possibly could. His philosophy obviously was that people come first. People come and go. The paperwork is always there. But people have needs that require immediate attention. Only after the peopIe's needs have been attended to does one give one's attention to the paperwork. It is incredible that someone with so much energy, one so full of love for life and love for humanity could so suddenly disappear from this earth. We certainly wish we could tell him how much he is missed. I 1 Q-Sl-S:- " ' !!l'lE!!x:E:2,1Ql5:2! -..'-'17 'i--1.-tibgu k kb!! There is a flat way of seeing, I know it well, I live with it most of the day. And there is a spiritual way of seeing which comes to me suddenly, when it does that day is rare. With this new vision I can see the innocence woven through all men and things, as though a shaft of light had fallen across treasured objects in a forgotten closet, and for a moment I live with this vision. j F ll' ? X 35A 3 , ,as -: I' . K' Words no longer seemed of use Old ways of thinking left behind Images clear as sunlit dew Flowing freely through my mind Being as the image formed Without space and time between. il F' if E I if r .L A' - .. 'Q .- x no X z"" 'D 1" K 'Q X - N' x 7 M 0 W ffl xc ith., sxj, 0551 X, Nd Hs 7' vi AIAA rx ru S. .. ,I ,. LJ . I . .I Y .... X. '::- an' ,,. .,'. --J . . . tptbi . ,. , . , 14' gg., '2s':f'., ' f fktxfasl' . . - ' K .-nu. ,,'lW. 'sf,' ,f 1 - , D 3.x' X 'T-'-'-ark - .. --in-1':f"'L 'Ye " ..v:,., gif-,'f.,0s,s,, --... 'A' ,, - -1-,.--,- I, 5.-.-,-.',..,.,-.'-, ,',2'v4 Q ',.. , . 1. - . -, , 526'-L'1'."fs.s"'-ll .':. 'elif rua. l l' ' l"-'l 7 K". . -nf.-if-.,. ' ' '. '. f r rvhfv, .'..13.. '..l',,.,.4,. 7 ,T .,....., . .I , A -fif. '. '10.','-..-', .' g'.-' f-'.-.-'s."9' rj, ""' v Nx,s.N..l 50 If-..',Q.Q' " A '. vi-.-Jr., lu' .vs 'v 4 ' ' Q . .., ,,...,5' . v . A, 9 . 0 , 1 ' -ar. xr-5 w fr.-"'Tfe. " ... "Pl" PM 0' u. ,-io. - Looking back it seemed a dream Only now was real to me The depth and feeling of its force Moving me beyond myself. J-www .Numan wav-il QQ Oldl'-'Wa . NIIQ 355913 -f 'WiE"ll' fvisfll ll Q' 09594 1 1 . . -P . --uno -, --vy- " - 4, Lv rs r' ', , , Q .,i, :Ill .6 ' u NEWTON PUBLIC SCHOOLS NEWIUN SUUTH HIGH SEHUUL Offlce of the Principal WOodword 9-9810 February lqmh Dear Seniors: The editors of Regulus have chosen an epnrooriate theme, Hbwereness of lndividualitv,n for your yearbook. I would hone that your eduoet,onel ex- oeriences at South durinz the nest three years have sharnened and enhanced the oositive asnects of individuality: a desire to develon your ootential to the highest nossihle derreeg the ability to learn on your own, to develon a snirit and desire to make learnine something within you: skills which will enable You to attain a hivh degree of sel?-suffioienoy: n ouestioninv etti- tude and spirit: and the understenoinr and moral fihre neeesserv to +wVe erH sustain your own nosition, however wnoonular it may he, on iwoortant oersonfl and societal issues. I whole also hone that your odueetion has heloed you to recognize the denvers end shallow nature of unbridled individuality unrelated to firm ethical standards end en interest and willinvness to share in immor- tant common tasks and issues. Good luck in future veers. I have trwlv enioveo Vnowirv end worhinr with von during my two years at South. Sincerely. f-L, ,4L,e is Frnest Van B. Seasholee Anonymous Anonymous Anonymous Anonymous Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mrs. Helena sponsors The staff of Regulus 1975 gratefully acknowledges those whose kindness has helped to make this yearbook a reality . . . Leonard l. Alpert S. H. Bloom Bronstein and Family Mr. and Mrs. Nelson Butters Capriccio's Market Ernest and E. Chamberlain Dr. and Mrs. Harry Chused Mr. George l. Cohen Mr. and Mrs. Donald DeAngelis Mr. and Mrs. Paul l. Donlan Bernard Dresner Mrs. Ellen Duren Fairway Sports World Mr. and Mrs Dr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Dr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Melvin Fisher lohn B. Garrett, lr. Richard C. Gove Milton Green Edward Groipen William l. Hart, lr. Charles M. Hopkinson Steven Harrison i Natural Cosmetic Mr. and Mrs. Dr. and Mrs. Bert Krassin Dr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs. Leo Karas David Kosowsky Alfred Lanes Kenneth Levey Melvin Mark The McNally Family Snoopy and Chanthra Mr. and Mrs. loseph P. Nathanson The Palmer Family Mr. and Mrs. Arthur L. Pearson Mr. and Mrs. Dr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Edward Pieters Charles A. Pinderhughes Harold Polan Howard Poorvu Ronald Pritzker Mrs. Peterson Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Dr. and Mrs. Pete Richter Stanley Robbins Eugene S. Rubin Paul Rubin Eliot H. Sagan Robert Schmidlein Kenneth Schneider Murray Schoem Edward Schulman Mrs. Rae Schwartz S. L. Silverste in Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Simches Mr. and Mrs. Dr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. fDo you Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Miss M. I. Su Waban Shoe Herbert Sobol Gerald Sowsy Marvin Sparrow Herbert Bamel feel 'out of place?l Alan Springer Richard Steinberg Melvin Sturnick llivan Mark and loan Warshaw Ronald F. Wi Mr. and Mrs. Mrs. Sarah l. Amy Zoll ppern Wise Woolf Now the world is ozit there waitiizgbforhyoii. Now the fittitre is whtztiyoiz will initlce it. VVhieh way to go! Whattjoh to seek? Wliere is the .yellow hriele road? One eontpanhy represents so 7lZc17lYd'lf71lZ7'677l avenues there niay he ajoh opportunity thatjztst fits your paiticitlttr talents. Nlore important, atjoh that leads to it hetterhjoh. Aslehyoitr guidance counselor where and when you can applyfor an interview with New Ellglclllcll Telephone. A people-to-people lnisiness. New England Telephone An equal opportunity entplobyer ' R CONGRATULATIONS GRADUATES! MUTUAL BANK SAVINGS Growing with Newton for Over 145 Years A Good Place to Work OFFICE: FOR HAIR REPLACEMENT CENTERS REGIONAL CLINIC: 1238 BOYLSTON STREET CHESTNUT HILL, MASSACHUSETTS 02167 738-0884 Qoweh, 1169 CENTRE ST. NEWTON CENTRE. MASS. 02159 PHILIP ANASTASIA TEL. 244-7750 MAlTEl LICEMUE No. 426 L. E. GORDON CO. IO AND TELEVISION SALES Ano SERVICE 1:1 --'-"' 2 I-I sv Highland Hardware of Newton, Inc. 47 LINCOLN STREET NEWTON HIGHLANDS, MASS. 527-0898 BOB'S WABAN NEWS 1633 Beacon Strcct Waban, Mass. 02168 WABAN HARDWARE CO. 1641 BEACON ST., WABAN, MASQ. 02168 HARDWARE - PAINTS - OILS Carden Supplies,Kitchenware,HousehoId Sundries Tel. 244-4566 We wish the best of luck to the class of '75 MARRIOTT MOTOR HOTEL Commonwealth Ave. Newton, Massachusetts 969-1 OCD BEREIIK INC. - Success to all Graduates - 126 Highland Ave. Needhan1lMaSS. Fox TRAVEL AGENCY INC. 444-4797 Your Local Oldsmobile Dealer 100 Winchester 5t.-969-2000 Newton Highland, Mass. Exit 56E Open Nites 0ff RE- 128 Til 91 Sat' TE' 5 "Your Vacation is our Vocation" REFLECTS . . . ONLY Ilewton ralvhtc CALL 329-5000 FOR YOUR SUBSCRIPTION CHARLES RIVER COUNSELING Fontaine's Topsy Restaurant CENTER 154 WEEE5 AVENUE 1436 v.E.vv. PKWY. lRte.1l NEWTON, MASSACHUSETTS 02159 46179 5274610 WEST ROXBURY, MASS. Wishing The Best of Luck 327-7600 to the Class of '75 Tel. LA 7-9412 Newton Centre lenney Robert T. Timmerman, Prop. 1146 Centre Street ' Corner Willow St, Newton Centre, Mass. 02159 Rhodes Pharmacy WABAN LEATHER WORLD 30A LANGLEY ROAD NEWTON CENTRE Fine Luggage, Leather Goods, Gifts, Handbags 332-6519 SOUTH P CIFI Chinese Restaurants Open 'til 2 A.M. Luncheon Special 11:30 AM. -3 PM. Orders to take out - Catering ORDERS TO TAKE OUT - CATERING HAMNDNDS CDNTENPOPIAFIY FURNITURE ROUTE 9 CHESTNUT HILL 617-244-3100 326-4090 MANUFACTURERS OF RON-AL SAUNA BATHS Dedham Cabinet Shop, Inc. KITCHEN CABINETS 918 BOSTON-PROVIDENCE HWY. ROUTE 1 DEDHAM, MASSACHUSETTS 02026 Best Wishes to IRA WEINMAN for continued success and happiness. 275 Eastern Ave. 1152 Beacon SI. We are very proud Malden, MaSS. Newton, Mass. of your accomplishments, 324-8340 332-7250 MR. 81 MRS. ARNOLD L BARRON CABOTS Get the CABOT HABIT . .. 4,--ff5'M,A Make everyday a SUNDAE r. 5 3 -I : 1, Newton Flower Shop 899 Walnut Slrcct ful four corncrsl Newton. Mass, 112161 Tcl. 527-2900 743 Washington St. Newtonville, Mass. 02160 EASTMAN FLOWER SHOP "Quality + Service since 1934" BEST IN NEWTON Tel. 244-6781 - 244-8150 340-342 Walnut St. Newtonville, Mass. NlCDOI13lCl'S '-' LL, 197 California Street Newton, Mass. WE SELL FOR LESS AND SERVICE BEST 777 WASHINGTON STREET, NEWTON PHONE: 965-5000 i.J 'Y X ' s f '7 S UIUD xl EH 'Ijil-lD UE CONGRATULATIONS 30 Q55 GU 'fe CJSSJSEYS 5' :nic stevens Q5 S-7' Q6 V We if STEVENS' JJUDDE ron TIIE vouuen sn jeans and slacks shirts and jerseys OUTFITTERS FOR IOYS Alterations Free 32 Largely Road Newton Centre 332-3320 969-4910 OPEN THURSDAY 'TILL 9:00 P.M. AND MY DAUGHTER ANNE ROSSER Academy The Academy of physical and social development 792 Beacon St, Newton Centre 969-2200 GREENFlELD'S Sweaterville Newton's Favorite Shop for Fine Sweaters and Sports Apparel 40 GLEN AVE. Opp. 631 Beacon St. NEWTON CTR. Best Wishes tothe VOLVO VILLAGE class of '75 714 Beacon St. New EngIand's Oldest Compliments of a Friend Newton Centre, Mass.and La rgest Volvo 969-1 900 Dealers the Newton's Inc. 843 Beacon St. - Newton Centre, Mass. 02159 ' 527-7400 Newton-Waltham Bank and Trust Company YEM MEE RESTAURANT Carry Home Piping Hot HIHECHINESE 81 POLYNESIAN FOODS OPEN MON. THRU THUR.11:30 LM. -10 P.M.- FRI. Q SAT. 'TIL 12 MIDNIGHT -- SUN l HOLIDAY 1 P.M. TO 10 P I Ample Parking - Next to Auburndale Star Market 2038 Conmonwzzmn Avs. 527-0725 AUBURNDALE. MASS. Countryside Pharmacy 98 Winchester Street tCor. Dedham Streetl 244-8600 Newton Highlands 244-8634 Prescriptions Cosmetics Free Parking Free Delivery Prompt Courteous Service Gorgio's Fine Cuisine Veal Specialty 71 Union Street, Newton Centre 527-0828 AUBURN DALE CO-OPERATIVE BANK 307 Auburn Streetg Auburndale Tel. 527-6090 CLEVELAND CIRCLE lohn Delaria AUTO SCHOOL 354 chestnut Hill Ave. Bfoogngagdgass. Coiffure Continental HOLIDAY LANES 1607 VFW Parkway West Roxbury boston 33 newbury SI. 267-5100 Snack Bar - 40 Ten Pin Lanes - Lounge boston 629 comlth. ave. 262-8750 newton 74 Iangley rd. 527-8155 newtonville 332 walnut st. 527-9600 amherst 26 main st. 253-9293 longmeadow 807 maple st. 567-9414 randolph 95 n. main st. 963-9700 CARB drug danvers 4 high st, 774-9737 the igigeggfgglgfcary framingham 191 concord st. 879-6951 NEV1g?g'Af52T2'f60'13A55' May the Future be one of success and happiness For our Son IRA as well as the class of '75 Mr. 84 Mrs. Irwin B. Weinman 1 975 244-5280 Atwood's Camera Shop . .. PHOTOGRAPHIC SUPPLIES - ARTIST SUPPLIES PICTURE FRAMING 21 PELHAM STREET NEWTON CENTRE, MASS. SELTZERS GARDEN CITY INC. I FLORENCE STREET NEWTON COMPLIMENTS OF NORMA 8: NEVILLE WINKLER CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF1975 NEWTON IUNIOR COLLEGE Fully Accredited FULL and PART-TIME PROGRAMS EVENING CLASSES ADULT EDUCATION SUMMER SESSION WASHINGTON PARK NEWTONVILLE 969-9570 N t 'II ew mm e Cooling Systems Oils Water Colors Acrylics Engineering, Inc' Easels Brushes Canvas Batik leather Craft Macrame Looms AirC0r1diti0r1ir1g Beads Symmography Enameling Hobby, Kits Instant Paper Mache Decoupage Decals Styroloam Handmade Papers Science Kits 326-1900 Graphic Arts Supplies and Refrigeration Commercial - Industrial - Residential Q EH5fl'E3?i'C A TUNHUP CENTER PROFESSIONAL INSTRUCTIONS Q on any of the following ROW 9 Gem' musical instruments: 96-1 Boylston St , Newto H ghlands Guitar Clarinet Flute Bass Saxophone 2332323 FRAILIEEQFCO Banjo Drums Trumpet Trombone D fBI G as esmnomlnc. I 8 M CORP. Congratulations 'll75A Walnut Si. IO IIWQYCIHSS Newton Highlands, Mass. 02161 of 75 Telephone 332-9625 We carry a complete line of musical Mr. 8: Mrs. David Zussman . instruments for sale or rent CRAMER ELECTRONICS Leading distributors of electronic components to industry Wishing the best to the class of '75 Newton South High School CYEIITIEI' CRAMER ELECTRONICS, INC. 85 WELLS AVENUE NEWTON, MASSACHUSETTS 02159 TEL. 46175 969-7700 CRAMER CRAMER ELECTRONICS INC. 85 Wells Ave. Newton best wishes from Pulsifer School of Music 1349 Center Street Newton Centre, Mass, DE 2-7773 Books 84 Pages 1265 Centre St. Newton Centre, Mass. 02159 School Books-Trots- Hard Cover Remainders "We Special Order" Congratulations to the Class of '75 And our Daughter, ludy Mr. 81 Mrs. Seymour Smoller CROWLEY'S OFFICE SUPPLIES Sialionery, School Supplies 338 WALNUT STREET NEWTONVII-lf DIAMONDS-WATCHES-GIFTS HENDRICKEN BROS. INC. Jewelers-Silversmiths Forty-five Lincoln Street Newton Highlands, Mass. 02161 Telephone Area Code 617 527-6661 Restaurant Eating and Drinking tahiti RESTAURANT Cantonese and Polynesian Cuisine Coctail Lounge ORDERS PUT UP TO TAKE OUT 329-0145 or 329-2575 CAFE TOPO MON.-rHuRs. 11 AM.-11 PM 540 Providence H'ShWHY 75 UNION STREET ERE-sAr. 11 A.M,-11 P.M, Dedham, Mass. NEWTON CENTRE SUN. 5 P.M,-11:30 PM 527-8531 NEWTON CENTRE MUSIC SHOP 839 Beacon Street Newton Centre, Mass. 02159 332-3578 Records, Tapes, Sheet Music, Musical Instruments The Shaving Mug 1211 CENTRE ST., NEWTON 332-8392 Beacon Shell Station 1099 Beacon Street Four Corners THE PLACE TO BUY EVERYTHING FROM WHATS IN STYLE 10 1L'bdl'! traditional OPEN THURSDAY EVENINGS UNTIL 5:30 6 amuse new-g on 3 THE '45, ' PREP SHOP " 500516 l-HOU! FREE PARKING ol the Church Strut Garage lright nut doorl 31 CHURCH ST. ' CAMBRIDGE UNiversiry 4-2300 JUNIOR EYE 105 Union St. Newton Ctre. 965-2444 Compliments of a friend Compliments of Highland Pharmacy I conrongvio-4 311 WALNUT STREET 999 BOYLSTON STREET NEwToNvunE 21" LA 7 6940 NEWTON HTGHLANDS ff l Phone LA 7.2400 N s w L I l I g' V 'g Buy Your BUICK in Newton NEWTON BUICK COMPANY 371 WASHINGTON ST. NEWTON, MASS. Bus. Phone -LA 7-7150 ROBERT L. DWYER Rogan's Sporting G oods Best o Mike Rogan 327 Washington St. Newton, Mass. 02158 332-0444 f LUCK to the class of '75 NEWTON PIZZA HOUSE 27 Lincoln Street Newton Highlands Sincere wishes CALL 332-5056--332-5057 for Delicious Pinas and Hot Oven Grinders Continued success PHONE IN YOUR ORDERS BEFORE YOU to LEAVE HOME the class of 1975 THEY WILL BE READY ON ARRIVAL BUY 4 PIZZAS AND Mr. 81 Mrs. Richard Lawson GET ONE FREE OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK ll A.M. TO 12 MIDNITE NTS Al Si p 12 ,, Q, ,gg GQQAS .Se eee Es xr l.U'SnSl if '.i , , Tl Pb a.Qi1ALg,f 1957-1974 In December of 1974 Mr. Sol Verdun, a member of the Science Department since the opening of South High, retired after forty-two years in the teaching profession. Those of us who mastered the mysteries of ad- vanced alchemy and the friendly slide rule under his thoughtful direction will miss his presence. His concern for excellence and achievement on the part of his students provided a healthy stimulus for all those with whom he labored. The gentle humor and friendly demeanor which were always a part of his association with students and colleagues will remain among our fond memo- ries. May our affection and gratitude follow you through many years of a happy retirement, Mr. Verdun. Cutler sophomores 22113: Laura Bloom, Nancy Grodberg, Mack lzen, Sheera Kahn, Mindy Kingston, john Paukulis, Barry Paul, Beth Paul, Shelley Pearlstein, Martin Schwartz, Robert Steinberg, Gary Stoloff 4100: Thomas Alsup, Frederick Amicangioli, Beith Appelbaum, joyce Bacci, Arthur Coffey, Cindylow Edman, Robert Kelly, Adam Ostrach, Laura Rixe, Ruthanne Schill 4101: David Alpert, Lisa Conveser, Barry Dudelson, Robert Fein, janet Ferrerri, Lori Turman, Meredith Gallant, Constantine Hamos, Elaine Howard, joAnn Kent, Michael Lipkind, Charles Marino, janice Pressman, Buoy Nancy Toy, Carol White 4103: Cheryl Abel, Steven Berkowitz, Brian Buffington, Marialyce Buonati, Charles Connolly, Audrey Dana, May Ann Donlan, Gerald Feldman, Beth Karger, Mary March, David Shiffman, john Sostilio, Steven Spelfogel, jeffrey Steinberg, Mark Sugarman, Dace Treize 4203: Susan Baseman, Stanford Chesler, jeannie Clemons, William Davenport, Gary Davis, Peter Derogatis, Andria Dicciccio, Leslie Dillon, Sandra D'lnnocenzo, Roxanne Faber, jeremy Fox, james Lajoie, Andrew Lustig, Edward Meltzer, Susanna Newton, Katherine Paines, Susan Ann Rogers, Marjoire Stein, Mark Stepakoff, Glenn Weinstein, Thomas Young 4204: Douglas Abbey, jonathan Averback, Peter Baye, Helaine Cohen, john Deagle, Claudia Dunne, Gary Fleischer, Barry Green, Marc Harris, Annette Hernandez, Carlos Pava, joseph Pettier, Anthony Secianro, joseph Seeley, Susan Steinber, Barbara Stone, Mark Vanderwalde, Cynthia Weinstein, Scott Wollins 4208: Kathleen Duffy, Michael Galvin, julie Gershlak, Nancy Green, Larry Leavitt, Evelyn Nesgos, jon Pearson, William Surette 4211: joseph Bates, Paul Daniels, Elaine Fine, Maura Fitzgerald, Cindy Heinstein, Karen Houlihan, jennifer Lanes, Steven Leach, David McKinnon, lacqueline Moreau, Eugene Mudairi, Geoffrey Peake, Marjoire Shalsky, Laurence Sloan, Kevin Wilcox 5103: Sheila Bailey, Barbara Lelt, Linda Bossi, Anastasia Bounos, Andrea Duffy, Angelia Gaskins, Michelle Gay, Patricia Pava, Erica Slessinger, joan Sybicki 5101: Merle Adelson, Mary Bowers, Richard Brodie, Nicholas Brown, Susan Cohen, Leslie Englander, Barry Gale, William Iwine, Elizabeth Keon, Valerie Mentall, Vincent Mirobito, Marlene Morris, james Ralston, Harvey Stone, Charles Tarabelli, jennifer Taub, Barbara Weiss, jonathan Zoll 5102: james Amicangioli, Charlotte Chalukian, jeanne Colling, Thomas Dea, janet Fleming, Laura Fold, Susan Israel, jennifer julian, lan Krane, lacqueline Levy, Wendy Markoff, jeffrey Michaels, Cynthia Moan, jeffrey Pill, Robert Rothenberg, Leight Tucker, Susan Zeiger 5107: Benedetta Antonellis, joseph Brugio, Donna DeWolfe, jeffrey Ernest, Valerie Fontechio, Susana Herrera, jena Holland, Lori jackson, Diane Kaufman, Mariellen Kelly, Patricia Keon, Hillel Newman, jack Phillips, Stuart Ross, Stuart Slawsby, Richard Stoppe, jane Sybicki, Sean Thomas, Abby White juniors 1211: Brenda Chandler, Eliot Hill, jeanne Moreau, William Paulini, Steven Rosenthal, Ed Theodorow 4105: Lesley Cohen, 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Lang, Mark Maletz, julie Michals, Anne Rasmussen, Robert Ross, Mark Rothman, Robert Sacko, Richard Schwarz, Ellen Ungar, Robert Wing 6111: Diane Apelbaum, Roberto Cataldo, Christine Clark, Ellen Connors, Paul Danrele, Steven Dresher, Vickie Feldstein, jason Hoffman, Dian Levy, joyce Libertarb, Mark Manfredi, Revecca Moment, james Patriarca, Amy Rubin, Mary Sheridan 6202: Tad Baum, joseph Bibbo, Karen Crowley, joseph Daniele, john Dankese, Vasilra Emmanuel, Beth Gitleson, David Gordenstein, Nathaniel Heard, Michael Hernandez, Stephanie Kahn, jill Korsakov, Amy Kutchen, Sandra Litwin, Laurie McGreevy, Ronna Miller, Claudia Murrow, Kathleen Riley, Adam Shamban, Michael Stollar, john Stomberg, Cheryl Troup 6204: Susan Block, Betsy Davidow, Lisa Davis, Kathleen Demaio, David Diette, janet Fishstein, Ellen Freedman, David Hurley, Ronald Koning, Stacey Lion, Stephen Litwin, Laura MacDonald, Robert Morehouse, Karen Parker, Frances Rudnick, Pamela Savoy, Mark Sheridan, jean Whitney, Peter Woodbury, james Yarin 6211: Karen Fein, Deborah Feldman, Nancy Goldberg, Paul Higgins, Christopher Knight, Andrew Krassin, Karen Lemack, Robert Levine, Deborah Olds, Laurie Raphael, Samuel Resnick, jane Sage, jeffrey Shapiro juniors 1101: Leroy Atkins, james Blum, Steven Cardinali, David Chused, Sharon Dudelson, Nina Epps, Marcy Fertel, Cynthia Herron, Robert Hurley, Robert Katz, David Kaufman, Marcia Pinansky, Edward Robinson, Robert Sharton, Ellen Tercyak 3114: Steven Averbach, Michael Barber, Kathy Cohen, Louise Cohen, Caryn Cooper, Richard Geraci, Michael Griecco, Richard Gosman, Debra Green, Lawrence Hirshberg, Stephen Horowitz, Mark Kerzner, Lisa Kulp, Cheryl LeBlanc, jane Sandler 3157: Stephen Bibbo, Robert Bickelman, Roni Cunningham, Kathleen Daley, Sandra Dolph, David Fisher, Rochelle Gottlieb, Allen jaques, Anne Meinhart, Peter Tennant, john Tornabeke, Benjamin Touchstone 3201: Sarah Bartlett, Mark Comerford, Ricardo Freeth, Gerald Frim, jeffrey Goldsmith, Cynthia Marcus, Barbara Sacks, Susan Shapiro, Richard Steffens, Carol Sugarman, jocelyn Wallace, Elizabeth Wool, Donna Young 6106: Steven Bern, jonathan DeGregoris, Barbara Fischbein, Renee johnson, jody Kaufman, jay Labourne, Susan Lechten, Sheryl Lipson, Mark Milstein, Grant Morris, Gail O'Neil, Tobi Pilavin, jeffrey Rosenberg, Sara Rubenstein, Linda Rubin, David Schwartz, Ronald Seested, jr., Douglas Sheff, Selena Wong 6109: Raymond Aucoin, jeffrey Bennett, Allen Biggs, Myrthis Brooks, Betsy Ford, Edwin Kroeker, Eric Mann, Lori Markoff, Warren McElroy, Laurie Mead, Carol Phillips, julie Ratner, Kim Rucker, Laurie Rosenstein, Lauren Seder, jacqueline Simms, Wendy Stearnes, Frank Tarantino, Ronnie Thompson 6114: Wendy jo Belcher, Arthur Clacchella, Katherine Harakas, Timothy Hutton, Daniel Miller, 6203: Christopher Arthur, Lewis Atkins, Eric Dana, Rocio Duenas, Wayne Gateman, Barbara Geller, Laurie Gluntz, Lauri Goldberg, Meg Hernstadt, Eva Iannuzzi, Lisa jacobs, Carol Ann Kaufman, Carolyn McOdonnel, Mark Natele, Nancy Nathanson, Beth Noble, Michele Press, David Seveini 6205: Kenneth Goldberg, Cynthia Golding, Sandra Greenberg, Sarah Griesse, Randy Grossman, Amy Kerzner, joan Kinch, Thea Lee, Patricia Melnick, Brain Price, Karen Resnick, james Rosenberg, Laurence Segal, Sheila Thomas, Dana Weisman, Gary Wyner 6209: Matthew Avruch, Michael Berzon, james Blackman, Deborah Cutler, joAnn Dery, Debra Ebel The staff of Regulus 1975 wishes to thank Doubleday and Company for the use of selected passages from I Touch The Earth, The Earth Touches Me by Hugh Prather, Copyright 1972 by Hugh Prather. The staff of Regulus 1975 would like to apologize to the underclassmen for their homeroom pictures. The printer's deadline did not allow for them to be retaken. HERFF JONES YEARBOOKS QXVWSBUZ CVWDKF :C IDI '4l32I"'QE Fl "Yi ' M-an we I i I Q Y I K i I -1-f-1 'mf---Q.- N gg. .Q ,rv l 'Ki 4. 7 0' txxtl " 4 9- Q.. .' ' . . 'A Q40?..o.plL 0 Q Q . N .4 Ml' ' I ,, , 7 . I 1 Q . O 5 .0 , . ,, I sr -A, ' - S P- ' "4 'V . .1 i',, ' 5.1 ox. 1 ' At- ' S Ml Q Qlvl ml ' 'yt '.-G'4 I ' sy ' 'I 5 'X Q swfa VQQ, . A . - ', '7""f15 ' KJ' - fi ' w-1 f., 759. 03-' 'ATB "gr .' 'D 3,5 ,J ' 'qv l K+ " 4' X 3 . .t' '- 'Q lk: "" " 4 '-'i .qvfs " 5. 1.x V. . . "7 ."'. ,,-Af- 'D 7 "I ' ' ' , I- N M71 'QCA R lr: f ' . ' Q- 1'-. -J ' W.--.. 'D' ga. -' 4' , '- 'I' "-,.-,J Q19 Q 4 . ' ' 3 ' Q, ' fl, .'l , . E , wi ' ,N Ayr' qi, v .van :qi + I J'-,-4 gg-8. Q., , g- .5 G5 .' - ff ' ' '. 'o SQ. fs.,-D'-:'t','x YQ ' .Wy sn Q., Q, V 1 4 ,-' in b' N ' I "j, 1 "i A, I u 'sg' 94' kc , F" 'Miz' ,A hal: ' I . 1 5 QA A '. 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