Newton South High School - Regulus Yearbook (Newton, MA)

 - Class of 1974

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Newton South High School - Regulus Yearbook (Newton, MA) online yearbook collection, 1974 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 206 of the 1974 volume:

r u , 4 '1 rl O - 1 N6 ', nv Y :F s -n-.-se.?fiF.L-?- -D W 5 .N -V 5 , Ysff I ' 'V V. ,..,.'..-. ' .,,V ,. .- f . X .Al , u " 1 ' ' -' ' ., ' I ,,A:,,-ar" as B.. .,. N. - ' l-- v S " ' -1- -f.. ws- I , - , . -. ' y ' X Y . wi" ' " . 1 -. 'bi-f 'A' Fx- x I' n K S . ' - .V ,fi V F N x N , . Q Z, .11 , X Y ., K: V W V . C , - xl .-U--47'-4,.F.v ., -- 1-,. 1 'sv .5 V Y .I '. 1 .. W- ,-v 1 -- F 5 -. M '- - .- nw' .f . '- .A,,,,. u. , ,N . Q .X -, Y ..-. . ,I A-. , 1 ..., V. x.. N, X tt xg! V, Y 4 . K I' .. - . - .ft X . . . , 4 . . , . . V , -I K ,xt K H - . - . .P - . . , 4 if ' - . - - ., . 'W'-Y.. - MK' - , .'- V1-, b. X t .'.i.q b A-. K l 6 N. .Km . 'Y n U li - L H., vii. kl- ' s ' - -. ' J - x, -.. ' . ... , - , .x Q . - x l 'Xu I As' xl x X N- 12.7 1- X t L 5 Cl, A 5 5 i s. ' ' XV! ' r., ' N Q' V '1 ' I X . ' - ' ' v ' A - D -K ' J '- , - A , - . , , . ,- , I 4 ' i. Ax 1 1 ,In 1 . . ' -, ' A -, .1 ' '. ' 1, ,w X-,L me 5 vu 1 . x V mx u H ,E , 1 L I M f . X yi A 5 - ,V K K , xf. - Q. " .-' . 'N' ' s. x H - ' ' A -1 - 'Q , x . - g- , .P , ., ,- . My N x, 1 4. '1-- - y - Q . M '. ., x' n ' ' . . ' "V U-'7 . , '4 4- ' ' - . - w -" N' . . ' 1 ' ,., R V X , ,, t : , -, 1 ,yt .N 5 wx -. W Tw. 1' ' ' '. -, -"' - 1-.' 1 V ' ' X ' ' 1 -..- . J nu., .,. . . - 'ni x ,- , x , ,,z,f. , 1 ,x ,, - .. - . , n v V . x- t . 'xv ,A-. wwf Q' xr, . .. N- v: fy .. .X-' I , , 'M hx. .x I WM. ' 'Q u, , ,N . 1 fm N , r 2 . 5. , ,XM ., p - i I MY 'X , NL ' k ' QM? M". k :cv - , ' M 'X' ' " I ' U ','.-' -"NN" X - ' V 4' -, , ' ' '-N "'r'A.'7"'.- 4, X ?- , x 1x X -. , lux ri. x2 K ' - uw " U -N' K' 1' "M ' 4 A. Q If , ' K - 1,1 1 . "Lux ,A 9 4. ' ' 'E'-f 4 ,QI 'Q N . .- ,Q .. 4 -1. c' .. ...., M H A - . - . .- . -vc ,. -X - , . , . 1 , ,-,uk , N 1 Hx . 4 X. . -NN - t N K, Q.-1 , . . - .NAL ...,,.., . n1,.,, x -. 4 - 1. 1, ,, Q K-K ' ' I 1 1".g, - -1 11. ' 'll ' """1.- ' 'L - A- , li., ' 'wx 'xg ' .-"5 I . . . , A , . , V . -D . A, .. V ug , , ' . w - - 1. .-. x . . X, ,. . 14 " 1 1 . lV.. ' "' - 1' l !". I .5 .x VV, I. B l .h -I .x.' ', x -s .,V ' 'FY K XB, Y AQ 'I 'V-'X Q V- '. n""'- 1' v ' ' w. N 5 - ' ' - Q' " " ' ' X " ' -.' .' .' ' H. s..s - 'f 1 'NS-'M '- ,. ' g. . j V .- 'X h N 1 N . -XA xl. . -,txt .s . -. N ' .. ' . ".K ' 1 1 -- ,. o - , .,.. X ,. x. 1 W 1 ' .' 1 X'-Lv- " xx . ' . -X n' nk - ' I , In ' A A . X5 Aw- ' s . -XLS., '. ' ' X ' W. - ' . -Vg ' ' .v J K ' ' nxl A l ' .1 A! Q' 'ff ' 5 'E 7 1 WW 29 1915 . fl! Hi If IG' 7 Lf NEWTON, MASS' C - I NE WON sourrl V 4 i T '59 X "Q gg 45? A! v Q' 0 gl: l. ,E I ' A 4 Cham mn 0 'Qi ggi! 14-5 ' If xi, , , cv ff Ami' W 4600 V u "wa " S 'AIIIV -'yyf Nl ""za? ' I . ui. Nfiff W ew !"f252:f e 0 g , Mia' -Q 1.2757 4 ", "2,"r.T 3,2 fl.. , 53:91 X, If ,piff ng!!! ' 4. fgiflnifbi .7 X- f' ' 45529529 "n 'lx' ' 4 4 liim ' f as wee, Eialk E-, A Wi '-EQ K1 'C "2 X '22 v I vl Li. . F 5 kk -PS '?i:2':.'1nl 1-.xt -Eissif f f -m i. -HAL qu -TQ ng . uvgp, I ...Jun - i K sl-wt' qrivz, -5:9 In w igiauzvgh 474 'w ' EL. 'ca ,dag Qi: 'JJ5--1? ' 15? F 'Q ' 71- 5' - l - . an, 1" Q L 'Ill' sf' ' Q, wwf 4 uf. 51 okemw n. 'sf Q' an AQ' Sw V4 " .-1' flggdfg ', 4 -9' Q . 'Q-UA . "J 65953 W AM ' asw- vlfia l fxcige,-'I' W P' , ' lx si ' ' 6 ISA ., ' N A ng 4 ff IN, 1 . if W L , fx Q? I rr? . I '41 1 We dedicate our yearbook to the hope that the graduating class of 1974 will live in a world of peace. EDWARD M. KENNEDY MASSACHUSETTS 'mfnifeb States Senate WASHINGTON. D.C. 20510 Octob er 17, l973 Graduating Class of Newton South High School Dear Friends: May I congratulate you all on the occasion of your graduation from Newton South, and wish each and every one of you all the best in your future endeavors. As you leave your school, you are graduating into a nation that finds all its institutions under stress and challenge. More today than ever before in our history, Americans are questioning all our institutions -- the home, the school, the family, even the church. These challenges to our existing institutions are entirely healthy and welcome because they are the vital forces that keep our institutions responsive to the people and their basic needs, the forces that help each generation strike the proper balance between progress and reaction. For the young men and women who graduate this year, there are many challenges and many opportunities to improve the quality of your own lives and our institutions as - our families, our schools, our communiti will all benefit by the energy and creative involvement of today's graduates throughout our Nation. The years ahead are exciting and full of promise, and I know every member of your class will make proud contributions as your generation assumes the leadership of our Nation. With my best regards to you all, incyly, Wx, lL! af Edward M. Kenne'd'y+e Q-, , ' kii ' 1 J-vcug.-, .x ,, f '-. , - . Y , ,,.ng2t I: A 4 I . , xii' 'E' K E.-L. f -- "' I 5 'S' fi 4. .- I -4- Q J V 'JJ Q ' M fig, I .-.,. .., ,---L-4 , - I x --ai : ' - -'J ' -- ' . X f . -- -"L I , , H, - ' a , tue I 1111.14 nap- " , U fiuuupi VA o 1 . i" :pil- 1' Q ...JM ., M .,.,,, .., Q' um,-.. -+- ff? 5335 -PT. .f xmlxg . g l QE, ilIEi1,f2i , . Q 3 r A A 1 N , , 1 1 J P' ' - V fu- -1 -ii., , -sv! -Li! J , i ..J- x an .- . Q--Q., M..." 'if -... .-v tu--Q ....V4..L.. ,, - --arf- -.--1. fp -n rv- -' r ' 'Pi MQ x ,, - TV, . .V A V N . , - I 'Q -- 1 f A .-' I - . A "Q . .sf .- LW .51-. 51' A P-: AT'-W 'F 'V' .131 v4:'i"'Y ' ' N' 1-aiai3.a- --. . T 74 rr? ""-?-,Lgx'f :U ' .44 llc? cf- ' -. - 1 .,'-gg 1. -f'-,,1,.. 495 W 4x .6 - , ,J , 'VL f-Rf." ' f' far- .iffiiflh , 5: I . 'F jf. 5-, 1 i 'hx 14:1 x I 4. -ro V fl J IH '1 "A ' nl A .-1 5 ' . - , 'Q , ,waz if , A , ' 'x -.P 'D ' ,"r.' , K, . 4: 1 L , . . ' +2 ' 454. . l. .., ' ... --jk 21, .-1 Q' Q x' xii x L Y ,ga ':,,' ' .r ' , 5' in - -,ii 'QIBJ-L-V .. '71-. f 35- 1 Z-'VA' -. -w--"'.""'i9x. ef :fig-pg" 'H-pg:-mg s'-:. ,F ",.". l 4- si.-. -. ,3- - 4? .N4,fL 'X F THE TYPICAL NEVVTGN SOUTH HIGH STUDENT What is the typical Newton South student. the real "South- ie"7 A newcomer to Newton South would see the typical Newton South student wearing a blue and orange varsity jacket and spending three fourths of his time at 'jock corner". . . He would see the typical Newton South student con- scientiously carrying hoards of books. balancing a pencil behind one ear and not leaving the school's library until 5:00 p.m .... The "Southie" is the one whose daily schedule begins at 10:03 a.m. and ends promptly at 10:52 a.m .... A typical Newton South student is an inhabitant of the famous South landmark. set behind majestic rocks - "the --- hill The "Southie" is one whose main goal in life is in dragging down Brandeis Road . . . He is the one who is a champ at flipping green peas into barrels from a distance often yards in the cafeteria . . . The typical Newton South student spends much of his time at extra-curricular activities meetings . . . And so. the question is not what is the typical Newton South student. but rather is there a typical Newton South student? fl-inc:..f -i ffsgfk 'T' xp-50' 5. hw-u ' Qui M533 rf. 1-Y' lc -was 3 I , v . ff, get 1. .1 B 44. I. hi- ff' Q 9 I .V 0304 ,l " 5 Q' sul X9 :I saga' I vo. 'fn' '-' P --'Q . ' ' 'Q ' . ' " 9 - - 9' .ref 2 A a "ff .. . f 'J' -' Us 'fit ' .. ' J .' " f' l , ' af. - I A 5:51 ' b ' - S 'Qi .L jf""' ' .f C x " .f 1 ' W . f' ' -,. Q,- ' if " . 4- r g Q'-1 .ng ij? 1 wi 'Z his N ' Q:-I . '- . ,' Cf ., 3 ' L Na ., 1 ' i . . , X n 9 '. - 1 f , - ' "' . . Q .- . U Q.. -a ' f +- f- . A,- -.4 ' .4 1 1 -52 '-2215 - g.Fsi2 i+-- alfa F ',' 5' 1.1 --..-M "... J, 34 L .xlsfg-A' 1..- ,j- . Q 5, ' - ',l'cL3b 1.H7gV.,5,A'S.4b,Vq' Q .P bfi-xr is-no '4-lk. .- -Q ."' -' - A V-.,-Q -7- .nu . .Ja gif? J13' '2 "H, 1.07 ,gf View .- '.' 5 F", -g .P 139 "'2.,1':.'-' iv",-"S-11 -'- J- tin- .4-""f, .. . - 4 Q' 0 ' I X' ' 1' 1 " V- A . -4 1 r .. Ra p'5 Y' P. sf' C 9 fa 1 Q U -xi 'W- f.- .I -15,1 lf,. . I V! "'v,1 2'f't 'N A Y - - 0 fl. Q ' k . s xiii' A .40 'lv 4 'V Q"?a 'S Niliy LL 1 I ' , gg, - . . . -1 1 gn , 4 . Q-"-M nv. :NY N 'l YJ Fl 11 ,n 'Dbl " -.grunt .". .. 1-. dh ' . . A- HA ' ,LMA ,NN .Ah , ' 'H ' , 'T . -1 ,-3 - -5 Y . ,.N'..'.z - w.- , 'ffz-CA -1. H31-.-,'. eng,--1, -W ' 1.6.4 ,Q.f-k5 QQN-f-1- .,A 1 .. , 'U-N I iiliil 9' llIll53l2ll?'??I!!1 f-' IUHHI 1. lnlffffl. 1553i M .3 1 il - Q' sl nw . 'V 1A -1 Q V, X .tk .2 N ' in K, L". rsQ'1'P at ..f Us A- V I W AY! dF.4hg.M A ' -..g1j1..:.:.:.1?h'4 9 MR. ERNEST VAN B. SEASHOLES Principal MR. ROBERT G. FRANKE Assislanl Principal '-W' 'Pi nf- S and A. 10 MRS. ANNA M. MCGUIRE Adminisrralion SECFEIGPB' x Xi x If .-- ELSIE GILROY and DORIS CARTER Secretaries I0 lhe Principal A D M . I N I S -I' R A T I O N MRS. PHYLLIS E. MONDERER Enrichment Program RAE MENDELSOHN. MICHELINA DIBARTOLOMEO, ELIZABETH SANTUCCI, GILDA KIMBALL, BARBARA FOLEY. MARY LAWLESS GUIDANCE -.T ."'-T'- DR N1-XRUXRII I -XIJIIIS l3c'fn1flrm'lH 'I I P :Il I, 'Xxx' I ':fI"I I ' I mx wr . I I NIR I IIXRIINU KUNII 1 NIR RIVIINRIJ I3 DI RNIOIJN EQ' ' ' . -i 5' I iv 15 NIRS cvxlwl YN S SI ssl IR NIISS Bl TTY J GROSSNMN MR IARII H I'l-ARI.N1"kN 12 N18 L'HARI.OTlI2 A SIMNHJNJDS ff'-vs. A-aio-1 :W ef f22121c'.':fp-.121 .2 :fin fl' flffkf- " 4' 2: 1 ' Sinus,-1: Y - 1 NIS. SAN DRA ALEXANDER N1R I RANK I..-XN1Bl,Rl i I , MRS HULDA F. KNOWLES X if MR, PAUL N, MQCARTHY MRS. SALLIE A. KATZ 'flinging too much to our desires easily prevents us from being what we ought to be and can be . . . We can have a full life even when we huven't got everything we want . . . We cam never achieve thin wholeness on our owng it cam only be acquired with the help of others." Dietrich Bonhoetlei' 13 Q V" Q 1-W s.e.. bvlyj I 1 Q' 1 1 X Q A 'Y ,hir -x A1 - xl. QLW ' xw PW! I i I MRS. MARCIA S. RATNER Speech Clinic I ff I J I MR. FREDERICK J. OLSON MRS. JUDITH A. MALONE - lkklgmua MRS. JEAN V. YOUNG Bookroom ' Q 13. . N .- I . Q' I I JAX Hn MISS FRANCES M. SMITH s'We speak of great literature. great art, great music. great ideas. What makes them great is that they have more possibilities of pleasure and growthf' JOHN HOLT 'lung lirlpfw.. Fa. MS. MARTHA ELDREDGE-MARTIN MR. ROBERT W. GOGGIN MR. DAVID R. YOUNGBLOOD MS. NANCY L. HARLEY MR. RICHARD T. GEIST BF.: 15 HR IDXNIUHI ll Nhnkl RRUN ENGLISH I ,fa , 1' N18 IUNRI IIIRM Illil Rl NIR ERNhSTF CHAXNIHERLXIN l 1 rm IV, .1'.1 IV,H'tIfl'l' Irlx NIR HPI! NIR lk-XRPXS -::'gn us N1 vu xx VIIINIRS-DOX1INIK'K - Q in In HRS BNRB-XRN N1 G-XTFLY ' ' 4 1 YAY . ,rv-3. NIRS IJURUIIIY ii IIXNSHI RRN N18 UUROIHY R UUNSUNJ DR DOROTHY N1 l"RI1lN1,NRCK 16 U MR. ROBERT J. ANDREWS Teacher- I n -Charge MR. DAVID A. MACAU LEY A R T MR. WILLIAM A. DREW "ii 114 MR. ROBERT B. ARRUDA D1 X. MR. GEORGE ROBERTS MR. ROBERT W. GOGGIN 41' MATH EMATICS 'Q MISS ELIZ DOHANIAN MR. VALMOND H, CYR. JR. MR. WARREN B. MANHARD. Ind Depllfllllefll Head MR. PAUL A, SHAPIRO HN- 4 MISS ROSALIE A MORETTI I ' MR, LINCOLN A. HECK 1' " 2' I MR, NATHANIEL S. MERRILL MS- GWENNE S. SWARTZ MR. BENJAMIN N. LEVY 18 SCCl'L'll1lf1' ,F MISS MARGARET C. FRANTZ MR. ANTHONY C. ERDMANN MR. RICHARD E. JAMESON ff. J, I 1'f"f'l ez--f II Q 0 may .OO Oo., 'Q ,pf 5 V , I I1,' , Q 6 6 - ifwzzmua' .' 31 Zi : Q I 9 ' 0.4 , :ez " Z' an g 5 X 4' ' .4 I it ef.. '1 ak 01:31, 1 1 ig, ff .yi ,. X: , -f:' .ji I ..,.,:,. ,F 'Z' B I II 9 E film it I f' ! Gt- o "T MRS. MARGARET RAN ENSCROFT MR. ANDREW P. CORNBLATT "I had been to school and could say the multiplication table up to 6x7:35 and I don't reckon I could ever get any further than that ifl was to live forever." I-luck Finn 'N A MRS. LENORE SILBERZNVEIG I x I MRS. JOANNE S. MITCHELL 'Qian MRS, EILEEN A. MANDELL ,Q41Qg,,I ,,i,'-if " 1 9 !- Al fx' P 1" 'cr-"' ' -.,,g.,,, K f. If Q 'Q Q .9 I l':,l'7 yr 'IT- 1 v 0 3 5 ' X1 1 xvlfff "2 '1 xv' I 1.9 ms f 9 .41 .5 ll' MR. PETER G. RICHTER ' Deparlmenl Head llfd ll! M 'SQ Y B I C O gh. 1 .JL , MR,WALTERJ.BROUGH i5 rf L 1 'A 5 Q ' -V P MS A ff! C0 Ni buy E' 5 2 Ee v , S 5? E? tx nt-G0 Ge As Se , L Rh Pd Agqcdn' fe A yn - A L ' n Sn Sl , " 'Q tk E5 At. L , " pf Au - TI "Phu R I JAH-?""t" ' MR. SOL VERDUN 143 MR. AREDIS V. KOJOYIAN V M ' 'WS MISS CAROL J. BERSHAD MR. JAMES E. MCLAREN 20 A A 'c lf 'f pf--"1 T Y fun 5" J-' fl- U 21" G f C SCIENCE Www- .x, 100,00 0 0 O 0 , MR. ROBERT R. GEDDES MRS. PIETRINA T. BURGIO Science S ecretary . ,,,...40. MISS JOYCE H. LEARY A.'. I . I 1 MR. VINSON W. BRONSON. JR. MISS MOIRA J. SULLIVAN MS. JULIA H. COHEN Q 'sn N .au C! MR. LLOYD A. GOTTLIEB MR, HAROLD M. HAWKES 21 f I 'W SDCIAL STUDIES MR. WAYNE C. ALTREE Deparlmenr Head '1 gii- ' 's DR. PHILIP E. BURNHAM. JR. MR. CHARLES F. C. HENDERSON MR. MARSHALL A. COHEN "'- E 195 1 P -A , L - - - . 'H"' '?-M-W-' , NV! ng I .5 ' 7 72 f ,' V4 ' , OA ,ff , , , fl , ff! "fl f. f Ms. ELLEN v.sHAP1RO f ' 'I , G. C 22 li w I f. r i, MR. DONALD W. SUTHERLAND ,.,- im ff .1-1 if-if VY , S ,,.- v-,, -,.-::- - -.1-1' MR. JOHN P. SHERMAN "To be ignorant of what happened before you were born is to live the life ot' Ll Child forever." 3 ol., Jill fi ' Ji MRS. AMALIE M. HECHT I I I I I 1 eq MR. ROBERT H. STEGEMAN. JR. "sa a CICERO ' " 'gif Af? . MR. DONALD H. SHAW .il X 1 L MR.ROBERTS.WWCKS 'x 1 MS, BARBARA J. SMITH MR. WILLIAM A HOLLMAN MR, ERNEST B. LORETT MRS, SALLIE A. KATZ SOCIAL STUDIES 24 MR. MARK T. YOUNG MR. GEORGE OWEN ROBERTS BUSINESS MISS BEVERLY BASILE MISS IRENE L. ROMAN Teacher-In-Charge MR. FRANCIS P. ALLEVA MUSIC MR. DAVID M. ARNER Teacher-In-Charge Q 593' i , MR. DAVID M. LEVENSON MR, JAMES p. MAXEY X 1 ' m 5,-., f ei 5 .V . J 7 6 l lin- - MR. ROCCO R. PETRILLO DL'f7llI'IHll'Hl Head MRS, THERESA B. HANLEY MR. TENBROECK CORNELL 26 LANGUAGE MISS MARY C, MCLANE '36 -QE? -ff Ax MR. El.LlOT l.. GLICKLER 2 5 .J .ak 4 I. B . 1. - Q . I MISS MAURA O. OVERLAN H5 .,7:...'...d. X 1 A:-7. 1529 fizgtgfiff-, x .Gu. 'Quo QR-I MRS. BETTY EARLE LHIIAZZIH-26 Lab "Language is the memory ofthe human race. lt is a thread or nerve of life running through all ages. connecting them into one common. prolonged and advancing existence." William Smith MRS. LOUISE M. TAYLOR MS. ELAINE ZIMMERMAN I 4 95 F551-s. . MRS. SARAH T. ISMAIL 4' ,ai MRS, JANIS M. HENNESSEY sis. 2 MRS. JESSIE A. MCCHESNEY ci I z 2 43' i In if -"9 ff I WWII if jfgg:.g4.',5 If ,ig MRS. OLGA O. ROBINSON f' 53? liff R3 ,f" Z g fs, f vb -K MRS. JANE H. SLAFSKY MR. EDWIN A. LITTLE 5f'fff'f1"I' LIBRARY wi, -alibi 2 1 BEVERLY DEDEKIAN. MADELINE HALL. TONI NELSON. BEA KAMEN. missing - LILLIAN TANENBAUM TECHNICAL VOCATION MR. LESTER S, GEDIMAN 'S MK. JOHN C. CHAISSON MR, JOSEPH P, CONNOLLY MR. HENRY A. LAMBERT. JR 28 HOME ECONOMICS MRS. ALICE E. SHAW Teacher- In -Charge MRS. DIANA BARRON MRS. PAULA W. MEALY DRIVERS EDUCATION MR. NORMAN S. SWERLING AUDIO VISUAL W V' Q,ffbE.,4g ,C Mm, ne. mmm v-hu i MS. BERNSTEIN MS. MARCIA G. MCAVOY I 1 X ' ' QQ, 3. 'fl I' MR, GEORGE WINKLER Df"f7tlI'lIH6'Ill Head PHYSICAL 1. MISS .IUDITH C. BLANCHARD " Warm. eager. living life - to be rooted in life learn to desire to know. to feel. to think. to act . . i MR. WARREN W. BECHTOLD 30 -Katherine Mansfield MISS ANN S. WRIGHT EDUCATION NN MISS LENOR HERSEY . MRS, MURIEL A. VISCO Secrezafv p-Y MR. THOMAS M. STEEVES MS. PAMELA HIXON u 5 Ng. ,ii 44 ' Q, sq WMA 4 ' ' N A , - vf. 244-, Vida 756: 32, I .ff , ,wk MR. EDWARD I. POSKITT I MR. HAROLD M. HAWKES Hou vemasler n ,Q MR. VALMOND H. CYR. JR. SSLYIIIIII H0llSeI7llLYl6f GLADYS L. BISHOP and ALICE BARBOUR Culler Hnuse Secrelariev John Amicangioli, Michael Boenisch. David Bowes. Arthur Brown. Joanne Camann. Robert Chalukian. Deborah Cibella. David Costa. Sherri Federbush, Eric Feigenson, Steven Garfinkle, Judy Green, Howard Rogers. Lynn Hynds. Paul Jackson. Debra Lapuck. Joanne Lawrence. Brian Levey. Joseph MacDonald. Michael Mosca. Laura Prager. Jill Saret. James Sherman. Paula Silver. Karen Smith. Robert Wamboldt. Karen Weinkle. Stephen Werther. Clifford Wiley, Pamela Wood Kevin Blank. David Bolafli. Wade Brayman, Cheryl Caplan, Maureen Foley. Jonathan Fox. Judith Hark. Kenneth Heideman. Marsha Holzman. Susan Horwitz. Darrell Kazarian. Rona Leventhal, Steven Liebman. John Mamber. Jean Martin, Gerald McDonald , Thomas Melville. Herbert Moody. Sharon Ohara, Ann Pemice. Mark Podolsky. Robert Rabinowitz, Corey Rosenfield. Steven Saklad. Pamela Simms. Geoffrey Small. Elizabeth Stone. Rand Sutphin. Susan Swig. Ann Wekstein. Marjorie Williams. Joyce Young 4205 "N" aa. Susan Barry, Michael Battista, Elizabeth Belden. Meryl Butters. Brenda Chandler, John Coleman. Deborah Dubinsky. Ronna Feinstein, Donald Ferreri, Lorie Green. Abby Greenbaum, Neil Grossman, Darrell Hahn, Eliot Hill. Michael Kosowsky, Nancy Lampert, Donna Lanes, Karen Lein, Emily Lipson . Howard March. Peter Mark. Michael Miller. Jeanne Moreau. Frederick Nazzaro, William Paulini, Steven Rosenthal. Howard Schivek, Allen Seletsky. Kim Sias. Susan Simches. Kim Springer. Stadley Stern. Ruth Stranahan, Ed Theodorou. Keith Washington 4109 M 4207 5106 5203 34 SGPHG ORES William Barry. Denis Bauke. Susan Campbell. Amy Cantos, Lesley Cohen. Lauren Doner. Kevin Donoghue. Karen Edelston, Bruce Gelb, Robert Gottlieb. Omri Govrin. Harlan Green. Matthew Howell. Lisa Hyland, Deborah Jackson. John Junda. Jonathan Karis. Thomas Karol, Gerard Leehan. Shirley Lennon. Nancy Levin. Patricia Lynch. Glenn Mackenzie. Linda Parkhurst. Donna Podufaly. Cynthia Polansky. Joseph Royster. John Santucci. Mark Seeto. Greg Shishmanian. Laura Stachel. Robyn Stiller. Elisabeth Talis. Marian Ward Dan Bernstein. David Bernstein. Richard Brunell. Anita Duggan. Gary Fireman. 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Q wx ,K . - 1 -1'a'ajr. ,jp , - 72' ug- ..r, .. 1 1 'y' 1 an a ,IJ I 7 I ."A, p 5 SPANISH CLUB lk :Dwi ing: M , df' s' EPDM . , N 3 his ll l 1-sb First Row: Barbara Goodman, Susan Shapiro, Claudia Costin, Karen Noymer, Marla Garcia, Liz Phau. Second Row: Marcia Miller, Sharon Turpin. Phillip Horowitz, Lori Silver, Debbie Pilivan, Wayne Kaufman, Denise Garcia. Randi Kaplan, Carol Kaufman. Third Row: Mark Rubin, Steve Burns, Doug Baird, John Schwartz, Jon Sandman, Bill Tarter. Missing: Karen Kirschtel, Lisa Martin. 5 I First Row: Jill Saylo. Marcia Holtzman, Julie Shae. Beth Bortman, Elise Levenson. Second Row: Susan Unger. Ryna Jackson, Judy Glanz. Candy Shapiro. Third Row: Mrs, Hennessey, Maura Fleishman. Linda Alperin, Cheryl Tankle, Robin Tapper. Martha Yarosh, Lily Rothman. Fourth Row: Jane Moreau. Robin Schlager. Nisa Dillen, Robin Walstein. Judy Green. Judy Lanlield. Fifth Row: Charles Bond, Sharon McNair, Lori Segal, Jane Pritzker. Amy Cantos. 48 .esairii-, - -, - ' :f-fffegff '- . ' -"v,.'.',. ' . J ' "f " ,,-L3 " -. " ' ' ,' 'J' V 'I' T' First Row: Bob Lein, Elise Levenson, Carol Kaufman, Dennis Bauke. Second Row: Eric Epstein, Ara Shishmanian, Tom Cartier, Mr. Geist, Amount Fontaine, Delores McDonald. Ellis Gabovitch. Russian Club P P'-'zvvlwxqg -,-,,,,,,,-.. First Row: Robin Yaffee, Ms. Zimmerman, Jan Bamett. Second Row: Linda Popkin, Cheryl Craftchick, Ann Wax, Curt Koloffson, John Flax, Eric Epstein. 49 MATH TEAM 312 .if i . - ,.......... i 21:3 ' I-' -4 ,'- A Y 1 i Ss CI' ' -V l . J. ,ff A if W' '-1 , o e sr .- B First Row: Eric Ziering, Amy Ellen Kaufman, Jason Arbeiter. Second Row: Mr. Jameson. Andy Cohen, Judith Mellin. lttai Kahn, Michael Kahn, Jay Saret. CHESS CLUB Li-vfJ'l't""'N-v M Qi.-.z L . First Row: Mr. Erdmann. lttai Kahn, John Hooker. Steve Bern, Doug Baird. Jason Arheiter. Andy Cohen. Missing: Jonathan Kapstein. 50 LIBRARY CLUB 0 . hgh, .-n ' w Q - First Row: Daniel Miller, Martha Kaplan. Jonathan Kapstein. Second Row: Gary Kadet, Judy Aucoin. Chris Capeless, Mr. McClaren. Missing: Joanne Faulkrod, Doug Baird, Erica Sussman. Thomas Hagen. 'J 1' U k H44 9 4' fl 'Q' 'gn 'QQ 'u if 11 funn, llll IA 1150. I First Row: Beth Faulkner. Helen Mandell. Amy Ellen Kaufman. Ilene Green, Jerry Frem, E J Q X My Susan Miller, Second Row: Michael Miller. Cindy Taylor, Cheryl Tankle. Debbie Ritner, 0 92 X I ll I Ill Robert Shahon, Mitch Gorden. Third Row: Jon Grossman, Tara Becker, Barry Levensoh, Harold Bennett. Martin Grossman, Eric Ziering, John Edenfeld, Richard Romanow. Fourth Q Q E Row: Mr. Maxey. Billy Gorden, David Zonderman. Roger Gorden, Eric Ziskend, John , Zonderman. ya 3 KS GQ CONCERT CHGIR . I 'tH'ldx i 1 1: 'rag ., First Row: Sheri Goldberg, Miriam Schoem, Lori Bell, Abby Greenbaum, Elizabeth Greise, Carolyn Spungin. .lemma Robinson, Shanna Ehrlich, Susan Unger, Margerie Williams. Second Row: Elise Levenson, Jonne Dery. Elizabeth Kent. Judy Avion. Sonia Levin. Debbie Goodman. Toby Pilivan. Audrey Daum. Morissa William. Third Row: Barbara Wright. Missy Levin, Laura Prager. Ryna Jackson. Susan Cutler, Robin Waldstein, Alice Scovell, Kathy Clark. Jill Sarat. Sue Simchas, Beth Howard. Fourth Row: Karen Cox. Hiliary Applebaum. Robin Rosenberg, Eric Zeiring, Andy Shulman, Lloyd Taylor. David Ballafy. Bennet Kaye. Frank Walker. Cathy Carlston, Wendy Belcher, Jan Lerbinger, Kimberly Diette. Beth Stone. Jana Tyler. Rina Miller. Fifth Row: Ruth Ann Miller. Laurie Goldberg, Nancy Bronstein. Larry Benders, Billy Wright. Stephen Keresctes. David Larson. David Frutkoff, Rob Aranson. Peter Otten. Wendy Karg, Britta Gregerson, Joan Diengott. Tara Becker. Lesley Golov. 52 Q ,- First Row. Sato Knudsen. Jan Barnett. Margarie Williams. Amy Cantos. Doug Baird. Ilene Green. Jeff Karol. Second Row: Ned Kroeker. Michael Barber. Barbara Wright, Wendy Karg. Mr. Levenson. Jan Lerbinger, Ellen Kazis. Adam Grossman. VOCAI FNSF BLE ' . 1 7 Q First Row: Ryna Jackson. Sheryl Levitt. Sonia Levin. Judy Aucoin. Ellen Kazis. Second Row: Mara Flash. Jorinda Margolis. Tara Becker, Andrea Hassol. Freddie Epstein. Third Row: Frank Walker. Steve Cramer. Larry Benders. David Frutkoff. Bruce Ward. Billy Wright. Missing: Kathy Peck. Sue Cutler. STUDE T FACULTY FQRUM X -'vs V W . 1 V - 11, 'Q -V' ,Q w - ff" C , M 'ii . ff PP Inn-r. 1A -- P 24,-Q. . I' ' - l-I iw 2 4 First Row: Mrs. Nelson, Andy Shulman, Bill Karol, Mark Israel, Debbie Bluestone, Jim Cohen, Nancy Latner, Stephanie Tarintino, Ruth Schoem. Miss Sullivan. Second Row: Mr. Coyle, Miss Leary, Mr. Seasholes, Miss Taylor, Mr. Levy, Paul Woods. Harold Bennett, Cary Benjamin, Lynn Feldman, Miss Bershad, John Backer, Fred Albert, Alan Berkowitz, Bob Dichter. Cindy Mervis, John Atkins, Jeff Sack, Debbie Mackey. Phillip Sagen. Mrs. Ravenscroft. Michael Shockett, Dennis Johnston, Barbara Wright, Ed Adelman, Mrs. Monderer, Mr. Little. Dr. Freimark. Rhonda Seidman. David Zonis. The Student Faculty Forum is a group of students and faculty members that meets voluntarily to discuss problems of Newton South. They propose specific solutions to the problems and then present them to the principal. If he approves them, the forum then acts to carry through the proposals. Some of this years projects were the cafeteria radio station, the new activities bulletin board. the activities weekly bulletin, the renovation of Cutler Commons, and student evaluation of teachers. Mark Israel 54 GAY E bs. RICHME T PRCDGRAM f fi -as Y-' - First Row: Adam Bimbaum, Sandi Copman, Debbie Bluestone, Mrs. Monderer. Behind a certain door, in a lemmon yellow room, lie the roots of one of the most lively school organizations--the Enrichment Program. Over the past few years many people have helped plant the seeds, watched the plant take root, and seen the flowers blossom. The program, which brings speakers, musicians, politicians, and other guests to Newton South has grown tremendously and it will continue on long after we have gone. There are many people and programs that will not be easily forgotten. Somewhere along the line each of us has learned some- thing and taken a small part of the program with us. We've learned how to drink without getting drunk fDrinking Week-- April, 19739, we've leamed that no matter how hard you try you can't get V.D. from the toilet seat fV.D. Week--January 19731, and as the school thermostats were lowered to what seemed like 330, we learned the fact and fiction of the energy crisis Cls There Really an Energy Crisis?--January 19745. There were the momentous political times too when Father Drinan filled the Lecture Hall with floor-to-floor people, or when Professor Lance Liebman spoke during the heat of the Watergate exposure. There were artists to all kinds . . . Jan Fontein, who brought oriental art across like a beautifully flowing symphony, Maxine Kumim, the poet who later became a Pulitzer Prize-Winnerg and Jon Landau, Music Editor of the "Rolling Stone." On a lighter note--we canlt forget the Duncan Yo-Yo Champion and the quarter balanced on Larry Bender's ear. And the Boston Cycle man was a big success too. So in spite of all the thousands of posters, and yellow mim- eographed programs plus the many headaches that went along with them we hope that everyone has learned a little something--we have. The Enrichment Program u , .. nk fs ....,i1:z' N, --v- it , ,,,,,,c,,:f , T Geoff Baum, Todd Hagan, Sara Ross, Doug Hanna. Denise. Shizoane. Kelly Kildow, Suzanne Ahem. Cindy Hines, Emily Kooris. Diana Kirshem. Karen Propp. Toki Oshima, Amy PobsL Billy Fuchs, Nancy Vkfheeler, Chris Capeless, Chet Birger, Sandi Copman, Phil Kramer, Lynn Feldman, Judy Wyman, David Woodruff Joan Pink. Julie Sudikoff. Doug Weisman: Director. Peter Richter: Faculty Advisor, Helen Fuchs. Jeff Karp, Bruce McKenna. Jared Handspicker, David Wolff, David Saroff. Ruurd Fontein. Mike Alexander. Missing: Debbie Davis, Barry Levenson, Mike Young, Sally Brown, Carol Green, Karen Englebourg. David Day. Alan Bamett. Carl Bamett, Sue Rosengarten, Bob Baker. EXPLORERS CLUB ll "WHY? BECAUSE IT'S THEREV' through every possible type of weather. CBus 333 will The Explorers Club II, during its Second glorigug never be forgotten--and will never be the same again!! and exciting year, went to great heights and digtarieeg Of COUISC, the EC II would DOI have SUl'ViVCd WlIl'l0LlI to conquer those large masses of land, sometimes the able leadefShiP Of Doug WeiSfnan, f50I'ne Of U5 Called mguntaing, ' know him as the director, others know him because he Through all the disappgintirig mgmeritgg gag prgb- l'laS HCVCI' failed to gf!! the gI'OUp lost OI1 any Iflplj, and lemsg bus problems: extreme cold: trip cancellations Julie Sudikoff fffofn the NORTH Side--who never and long food lines, the EC II has seen some of the failed at keeping US langhingll- We also had 3 great most spectacular sights and done some of the most Planning C0Inn1inee3 U- W-S D- D-, S- C-, B' B-i P- K-J unusual things. Whoever heard of walking on tennis W110 did 3 greet job- raquets or eating lunch on top of an Indians Head? We are Sure this year of the EC II will be remem- The EC II, under the advisement of its fearless and bered HS one Of fhe beSl! fearful leader, Mr. Peter G. Richter, has fought its way D0Ug Weisman 56 The Newton Educational Workshop, NEW, is a program designed to enable South students to teach fifth and sixth graders in courses 0 of their choosing. NEW has completed its sixth year quite success- . fully. With the fuel shortage forcing building temperatures to sixty degrees on cold winter mornings, the students and teachers of NEW ' managed to keep their cool, thus enabling all involved in the program to have a great time. Billy Gordon First Row: Debby Kramer, Ellen Riceman, Trudi Manson, Linda Willis, Ray Madoff, Tom Shor. Second Row: Ann Modest, Amy Cooper Genna Robinson, Judy Melin, Debby Pilvin, Belle Soloway. Third Row: Peter Davidow, Adam Birmbaum, Seth Minkoftf Nancy Tichnor 1 Rochelle Acker, Majorie Rosenberg, Julie Ratner, Sharon MacNair, Neysa Dillon, Sherry Federbush, Alan Bamett, Chet Birger. Fourth Row: Bill Gordon, Howie Green, David Day, Jon Sandman, Ed Adelman. Missing: Alice Scovell, Donnal Masters, Elise Baseman, Wendy Karg. Mark Becker, Susan Shapiro, Carrie Kaufman, Amy Sneider, Carol Baler. Donna Lanes. ,. 5131 -3' in-ufwi-an-nn an 11:11 , ,, ..z,u.1ff.,,.usuuns-'vi-----ii IWW-- H mg- 'flu'HP i:lY511zn if . . . .' lx: ld' IH nam 1. -RMB Y' :':,.,.,,v,. AX 57 Q l l First Row: Karen Gorden, Carolyn Spungin, Amout Fontaine, Robin Goldman, Patty Shepard, David D'ercole. Second Row: Joel Parness, Nancy Gordon, Nancy Coffrey. Marci Gorman, Michael Malmud. Third Row: Bob Aronson, Jeff Davidson, Randy Hahn, Dennis Johnston. PRODUCTIO MANAGERS ii-u..,, 'WV' r.. N, f- 4 'Vgb Jilhxjlz ' Id aCYXKJNvfXOxX 'lf KK. vslileke Ni? slow T First Row: Julie Scovell. Second Row: Margy Green, Julie Ratner. 58 I PRQM COMMITTEE First Row: Michele Needleman, Ann Mason. Lisa Berkson, Marla Gardia. Second Row: Andrea Brown, Stephanie Tarintino, Judy Lampert, Mildred Forrest, Wendy Karg. GRADU TICDN COMMITTEE Q-X First Row: Stephanie Tarintino, Wendy Karg, Julia Kahn, Michele Gram, Amy Fader, Gary Sandler. 59 1 1' t-fit, tu - QW-if Q Kit? if e i, 4 . 'B invite CHEERLEADERS it ' " '-Wwe' ' W 9 v. S me F xlQ 'S i 1 -1 N Q 7 S 'X . ' J. 5: J , , fb First Row: Ann Mason. Second Row: Patty Meinhart. Lily Rothman, Michele Blacker. Elise Tofias. Third Row: Beth Stephens, Anita Neiman, Patty Houlihan, Ellen Lipson. GIRLSATHLETIC ASSCDCIATIO .--.,.- -.,.. ...VA V - A I Y , 5 l Y -. .-..,-J.-...-. 'X 472 i FH! E Q -1 ' . 5-'A 1' First Row: Charlene Leblanc, Janet Gove, Ann Mason, Carol Kress. Elise Tofias, Nisa Dillen, Carol Sturnick. Second Row: Shiela Comerford, Jackie Faulkner, Lynette Nepton, Kathy Clark, Beth Gillis. Meg Hurley. Denise Garcia. Patty Houlihan. Beth Stephens. 60 RADIQ CQMMITTEE 7 13, it ,gy First Row: Bill Karol, Jeff Randal, Lenny Mersky, Armout Fontaine, Jeff Sack. Neal Drobness, Bill Lichtenstein. Bennett Kaye, Aaron Piccard, Brian McMullen, Jeff Smith, Mark Flicop. CCDMMU ITY AID GROUPS 7-4 Qu., V Well wal? First Row: Ken Rosenstein, Larry Groipen. Second Row: Sue Jacobson, Jemma Robinson, Ilene Carver, Bob Dichter, Sandi Copman, Bob Baker. Third Row: Mr. Lorrett, Cheryl Craftchick, Cindy Mervis, Rhonda Seidman, Debbie Bluestone, Phil Sagen, Emily Kooris. 61 Fmt Ron. Elise Cohen. Belle Soloway. John Schwartz, Karen Propp. Jamie Dwark Second Row: Amy Clum. Toki Oshima. SKI CLUB 59' -R ' I -.A l I 1 l First Row: Ellis Gabovitch. Dennis Bauke. Louie Hertzog. Bill Goodman. Debbie Monoson. Chuck Dippo. Donna Fish. John Fallon. Marlene Fish. George Lustig. Jon Sandman. Andrew Duggin. Greg Monohon. Jemma Robinson. 62 J nqnn-on u a nu: um up nn- m-ne. um denebola Nvw bus passes vrc-air vonlruwrsw ut, ,, Ernest Van B. Seasholesz 'yesterdafs liberal' PTSA announces limilt-tl subsiditlios -. ....1. -...M r I l I' . r Eff- . ffi Q 'f. . HQ Z5 M, ix -41, ,UNI 5 xxx .x i P j , . E ' ' t- Mc.-,.. , - A V ,.., 4.... . ,H .,x. ......... .M ..,,.,.,.m... Slutlt-nts work with elderly Robin Waldsiein Exchange Editor Debbie Cohen Anne Modest Harte Wemer Editorial Editor Communitv Afairs Editor Features Editor . r L X - A-as , r ,y-,uma wg .adiw Margerie Fishbein Fred Albert Judy Mehn Copy' Editor Assistant Features Editor Assistant News Editor Q in A You can please some of the people some of the time. And you can please some of the people all of the time. But you can't please all of the people all of the time. This variation on a popular theme certainly seems to he true when it comes to putting out a student newspaper like Denulmlu. You really don't please all of the people all of the time. though that would be nice. This year. however. l think we made some very significant changes in Denebolu. so that more ofthe people more of the time did read and enjoy the paper. lt seems we progressively became a more feature oriented newspaper, which was even reflected in some of the paper's news stories. Aside from our regular news stories. this years' paper included articles on: Boston's "Proposition' theatre group: Comic book collectors at Newton South: Mayor re-elect Mann. and defeated Candidate Elliot Berry: South's Bob Andrews: Comedian Robert Klein: Principal Ernest Van B. Seasholes: The Newton Youth Commission twith Rev. Charles Coylel: the plight of the migrant farm worker: Souths resident psycologist Dr. Massimo: South students from the "Outward Bound" program: Big Brother Bob Emery. the new Newton North: the Cutler House controversy: the play casting controversy: the various school productions: juvenile problems in Newton: and the old Newton South and the Old Newton Centre. These are just a few. And even some of our Sports articles changed a bit. getting away from the straight news-reporting approach. as we ran profiles. for example. on South's Pam Hixon and George Winkler. This year. we also carried regular music. album. and film reviews. as well as continuing lists of coming events in Newton and Boston. And with a regular feature like "Newton South People in the News". we were able to give a whole range of people recognition for important and not so important things they did land it also got everybody's name in the paper at least once during the yearl. We also ran regular student cartoons. and began to print student poetry and creative writing. as well as student artwork. Denebola is printed once every two weeks. and as in past years. we had difficulty in keeping our news stories up-to-date. We did. however. begin to try to solve that problem. by covering some events before they happened tas in the case of a full-page special we did on the "Changing Roles of Men and Women." written to coincide with the Enrichment Program symposium of the same namel. Undoubtedly. though. we could have done more tthough at this writing. our staff still has two issues left to put outl. There were. in some cases. stories we neglected to cover or just should have covered: there was often a lack of quality writing in the paper: and in a number of cases. we tended to rely on the Enrichment Program to supply us with news stories. instead of coming up with our own. One of the real problems. however. was that not enough students or teachers in the school took advantage of what Denebola has to offer: free space for the expression of thought and opinion. We had very few students come forward and put their thoughts on paper: we had very little editorial feedback as well as comments and criticisim about the job we were doing on the paper. That is quite unfortunate. ln any case. l. at least am happy with the job we did. l don't think we shied away from controversy as has been done in the past. l do think we tried to provide something for everybody. in every issue. Andy Fielding Mr. Ron Adams Farullv Adviror Bruce Phillipg - ' Roberta Weiss Adverlising Manager Club-Y Edilflf 2 Curt K olovson A.r.ri.s'lanl Production Edfllll' - fr if Mindy Schlakman Cn-Editor-In-Chicff L- Susan Miller News Editor Andy Shulman Co-Fine Arts Editor Andy Fielding C o-Editor-In-C hief Doug Weisman Photography Editor Dan Weiner Assistant Advertising Manager A15 Hy Gordon Julie Scovell Peter Davidow Larry,Be3der1,d nduction Editor Circulation Editor Bu-Vfnefs Manage' C0'I'-me ns nor -1 f "'Qlr Bob Baker Mr. Donald Shaw Editor-Im Chief Faculiy Advisor REC-ULUS David Heymann Chet Birger Ellen Band Associale Editor Business Manager COR" Edfm' Ira Weinman Sandy Copman Karen Kirschtel Advertising Editor Liierarv Ediror Circulation Editor ,bl I ffm ha.. - 4? 'Bti . n I 1 Yr N i Elise Chang Lqvour Editor A 'tx E7- ff X. ,, x Fxxx XX. ' 'ff ' Mike Young Photography Editor X Susan Fisher Art Editor Mr. Robert Arruda Art Advisor 67 Special Thanks to Glen Calmus for the cover design and to Adam Birnbaum for the End Sheets. The Literary Staff is camera shy. but it includes Sandi Copman, Debby Bluestone. Carolyn Spungin and Rhonda Seid- man. BUSINESS STAFF A yearbook occupies a strange place in society. It will give us an opportunity to look back and see the weird clothes we wore and the peculiar things we did and said. It will be a valuable souvenir from the rip-roaring seventies. A time when kids had long hair, presidential tape recorders mal- functioned. and we all lowered our thermostats because Simon said. Yes, the seventies were strange. This yearbook will be a living reminder of three years of our life which will soon be part of the remote and incomprehensible past. Hopefully, this yearbook will help in comprehending these three years before they are clouded with after-thought. More importantly, I would like to thank my staff for putting up with me. Bob Baker Chet Birger. Mark Israel. COPY STAFF GIRLS' SPGRTS STAFF Gale Shahon. Shiobhan McNally. Ellen Band. Amy Lechten. Missing: Jane Shulman A D V E R T I First Row: Helene Block, Linda Popkin, S Jimmy Silberstein. Second Row: Cheryl Craftchick, Michele Grant, Michael I Grant, Ellen Stein, Ira Weinman, Julie Shae, Larry Gropin, Fred Foster. N 5. .E LAYOUT STAFF Front Row: Pam Sullivan. Faith Reiner. Stephanie Tarantino. Ellen Lipson. Second Row: Elise Chang, Amy Blum. Joan Diengolt. Elise Baseman, Jackie Daniels. Carrie Bloom, Shiobhan McNally. Missing: Lisa Miller. Mara Flash. Nancy Bronstein. Lisa Martin. First Row: Jon Sandman, Susan Fisher, Alexandra Tyler. Second Row: Fred Albert, Susan Jacobson, Wendy Weaver, Candy Shapiro, Susan Ungar. Missing: Sam Mandell, Kathy Van Buskirk, Glen Calmus. First Row: Michele Grant, Jane Pritzker. Julie Shae. Judy Lipson. Second Row: Lisa Berkson, Candy Shapiro. Third Row: Marci Kopelman, Cindy Gordon, Michael Grant, Karen Kirschtel. Susan Ungar, Cheryl Tankel. 5'- Y' . PHOTOGRAPHY STAFF First Row: Heidy Fogel. Nancy Cohen. Second Row: Michael Malmud, Howie Swartz 41:19. Roger Cibella. Mark Rosenfield, Doug Weisman, Michael Young, Matt Bellin. Missing: Adam Birnbaum, Bennet Kay. Martin Gruber. Bob Shipner, Billy Lichtenstein. fSchool Organization section continued on page 1975. 69 SCHOOL AND WORLD EVENTS September 6 14 20 21 24 24 October l-5 5 6 10 13 16 18 19 20 20 21 21 23 25 25 25 30 31 November 1-5 l l 8-13 ll-13 21 25 December 8 13-17 14 14 16 21 21 January 7 13 16 18 21-25 February 2 4 School Opens. Garrick Ohlsson returns to South. Boston Red Sox eliminated from American League Pennant race. Henry Kissinger is confirmed as Secretary of State. Championship yo-yo'er performs at South Skylab splashes down after 58 days in space. Political Forum Week at Newton Smith. Newton South wins first football game. Israel is attacked by Egypt and Syria on Yom Kippur. Spiro T. Agnew resigns as Vice President of The United States. President Nixon chooses House Republican leader Gerald Ford of Michigan to succeed Agnew. Brush fire in woods opposite Newton South Auditorium causes minor damage. Channel 7 sportscaster Bob Gamere visits Newton South. Newton South Seniors vote to abolish class officers Archibald Cox fired by President Nixon as Watergate Prosecutor. Elliot Richardson resigns as Attorney General of The United States. Oakland Athletics win the World Series Total Arab Oil Embargo Announced. President Nixon surrenders Watergate Tapes. U.S. places it's military forces on alert in reaction to Soviet plans in the Mid-East. U.N. sends peace keeping force to Mid-East as truce is agreed to. Newton South Music Department presents Coffee Concert. Garrick Olhsson gives final performance at Newton South. Two crucial subpoenaed Watergate Tapes are missing. The Enrichment Program sponsors Energy Week at Newton South. Hot Lunch increases to 400 in Newton South Cafeteria. W.S.N.R., Newton Souths own Radio Station begins broadcasting. Mid-East Week at Newton South. Newton South presents "Look Homeward Angel". 18 minute gap in one key Watergate Tape is discovered. In a televised message Nixon asks Americans to lower thermostats to 680 and to lower speed limits to 50 M.P.H. as the energy crunch sets in. Nixon discloses information on his personal finances. Kissinger goes to Mid-East in search of an Arab-Israeli disengagement agreement. John Holt--famous author speaks at South. Varsity Basketball begins their season with a victory. Newton South seniors vote for caps and gowns at Graduation. December vacation begins. 42.822 of Newton South goes to Florida. School reopens after extended fuel-saving vacation. Miami Dolphins defeat Minnesota Vikings in Super Bowl. Official beginning of Senior Slump. Israel and Egypt sign disengagement agreement. Week features programs on the changing roles of men and women. Severe Snowstorm drops ll inches of snow in Massachusetts. Regulus adds to inflation--raises price to 59.00. ERNEST VAN B. SEASHOIFS STFPS IN In September of this year, Newton South High School welcomed Mr. Ernest Van B. Seasholes to the school. Replacing Mr. William Geer as principal, Mr. Seasholes stepped in to be heartily received by both faculty and students. His friendly and eager attitude was a pleasant indication that as a new principal he would add a great deal to Newton South. Mr. Seasholes entered Newton South after having been principal of Day J.H.S. In beginning his new position as principal of Newton South, Mr. Seasholes has many ideas about the school which he feels is "a good school and potentially could be an even better one." He is interested in "trying to get guidance counselor and teachers operating more closely . . . get groups of interested students, faculty and parents active in the whole environment in a broad sense . . Room 3125 is the nucleus of musical happenings at Newton South. Throughout the year sounds from within echo in the nearby hallways. They are the sounds of dedicated practice, of Mr. Seasholes believes in constant reviewng of school programs for thier effectiveness. "It is important," says Mr. Seasholes, "that high school has significance for the students." He would like to see more involvement by the students in school activities and more interactions between teachers. students, and guidance counselors. Mr. Seasholes also intends on improving the interior of the school in order to create a more attractive physical environment. A man easy to speak with, always in good humour, and anxious to help Newton South, Mr. Seasholes is a great asset to the future of the school. Around the new principal there is an aura of friendliness and warmth which will continue to give Newton South an enthusiastic and happy atmosphere. Room 3125 frustration, of B flats instead of B naturals and finally ofthe music that has been made. lt is the music of the Concert Choir and the Concert Band, of the String Orchestra and the Vocal Ensemble. The Concert Choir, bursting at the seams with spirited people, displayed their talents at the fall, winter, and May Arts Festival Concerts. Traditionally the Handel's Hallelujah chorus was sung and will not be easily forgotten. The Christmas carols that sail through the halls during the Christmas season are equally as memorable. The Marching Band finally gave up trying to march at the fall football games. Instead, they remained seated in the stands with their horns at hand awaiting a Lions touchdown . . . and the triumph of the NSHS Victory March, ofcourse. The Concert Band, blessed with a badly needed bass section, boosted its hopes and set out "on tour" towards Maine after their annual tour of the neighboring elementary schools. The String Orchestra grew this year and a new dimension was taken on. They journeyed to the Massachusetts Educators Convention in Hyannis where they were amongst a very select few to perform. Their individual performances and their chamber music was excellent. Their consistent dedication in the theatrical productions and their accompanyment of other musical groups was always well received. There were the smaller, yet equally exciting musical events during the year. One such event was the rag-time music of the Grossman Brothers, which will long be remembered for its gaiety and charm. 71 ,.. V1 1 'E m ,ft p 2 ae, iff' J "F Explorers Club II explores Brush Fire near Newton South causes minor damage--arson is suspected. On the other side of town Newton North opens a new school making South the "old" high school 72 the New Hampshire wildemess. 'S gs iii The Grossman Brothers performs ragtime concert. The Concert Choir sings at Coffee Concert. 73 FIE S E N I O R 74 Q... , ARTS 1 L1 Art at Newton South is comprised of several course offerings and facilities. Graphic arts, ceramics, jewelry-making, weaving, metal work, and designing furniture are included in the more basic arts of painting, photography, drawing, sculpture. Besides having a staff of excellent art instructors and well-equipped studios, the art department at South provides the school with a more abstract quality. Because of the art department, many students have found school more rewarding, have discovered a talent or inspiration, have made serious decisions for their futures, and some have merely had a good time experimenting with the different art media. Perhaps unconsciously, art at South is what gives the school a creative atmosphere. Of course, there are still inhibited students and sometimes lack of variety, but in general, one finds South a place in which artistic creation occurs. The printing room is nearly always a mass production area where students learn many processes of this art. The drills, motors, and busy chatter are constantly heard from the crafts area, and the sounds of pencils and the swishes of paint brushes are practically non-stop. The aroma of photography chemicals fills the room of camera addicts, along with the constant scent of turpentine and rubber cement. Art students and observers alike are aware of something significant happening within the art department. It is the self-satisfaction of a hand-made object, it is the interaction with people through art, it is the sensation of intense concentration, it is the enjoyment of creating. "There are painters who transform the sun into a yellow spot, but there are others who, thanks to their art and intelligence, transform a yellow spot into the sun." --Pablo Picasso The issue at Newton South this year that can be called the "Senior Controversy" was the question of "to change or not to change" the tradition of class government. For probably the first time in many years at South, nearly the entire Senior class was involved in a fury of mixed opinions. The culmination was a forum held for and by concerned Seniors one day in the auditorium, which turned into a name-calling, teeth gritting, but nonetheless, humorous hour. The assembly was held to present the different options of Senior Class government. The options were: open class com- mittees, elected class committees, or the traditional senior government, fpresident, vice-president, etc.j. Whatever decision was to be made, it was obvious that the greater importance of the assembly was having the chance to express opinions in a more or less satirical manner. The "Controversy" became somewhat like a three ring circus--intentions of getting an important matter settled, but turning into a rather comical situation! In the end, a vote was decided upon as being the only democratic thing to do. Open class committees received the majority of votes. Those who yearned for the chance to be Present So-and-So had lost, and those who were against the ever-lasting, title-giving tradition of class government had won. C O N T R 0 V E R S Y COMMU ITY ID PROGRAMS I 4 Under the direction of the Social Studies department tfour community aid programs have been functioning uccessfully throughout 1973-74. The students and faculty ave worked together ambitiously striving for success. Without their effort the programs would not have contin- ed successfully throughout the year. The Bikecology program was formed under the direc- 'ion of Mr. Hollman. The primary goal of this project is to enforce political pressure on the city and state to izonstruct bike ways and paths and insure bike safety, so lthat cyclists may have more security. l The Oral History Program was coordinated under the ibupervision of Mr. Marshall Cohen. The committees' ilprimary objective is to acquire knowledge about the fl-Iistory of Newton, by employing the Oral History meth- 'od. The Oral History method is the act of obtaining oral 'nformation from primary sources. The students speak ith Elderly Newton Residents who have lived in New- fton throughout the past decades and have shared in tiNewton's urban development. The Residents discuss lNewton's cultural life, recreation, industrialization and other aspects of Historical value. The students record their discussions and then tapes are put on file in the public library. i Mr. Stegeman organized The History of Newton for ,Elementary Children Committee, or, as some members lprefer to call it: The Little People's History Group. The tudents formed this group because they believed that ewton Elementary School Children should have the pportunity to obtain knowledge about their cities histori- K i l i 1 cal background, in a comprehensible and interesting book. The Students obtained the research about Newton's History from old History books from Newton's Main Library. They, then proceeded to write an easy-reading book with entertaining and educational illustrations. The initial copy was tested by the Third Grade stu- dents at Spalding Elementary School. who seem to find the book interesting as well as educational. When the final book is completed copies will be made and sent to all Newton Elementary Schools as part of their curricu- lum. Mr. Altree coordinated the Elderly Program. The pri- mary function of this project was to develop stronger relationships between youth and elderly. The Students have been visiting three nursing homes. On Mondays a group of Students visits The Baptist Home and show educational as well as entertaining films. On Tuesdays a different group of Students attend the Blair Nursing Home and spend time chatting with the Elderly people, at various times a movie is shown and discussions are held. On Fridays some students visit the Eliot Manner Nursing Home, and a movie is shown monthly. Both the students and the Elderly have found the visitations beneficial and have developed close relations. NSHS has become a home for Concert Pianist, Garrick Ohlsson where helll always find many close friends--some new, and some old. His visits seem to make the school bubble--to overflow with enthusiasm. He has no trouble finding a captivating audience at Newton South. He speaks highly of us, claiming that we're an Hincrediblel' bunch of kids. It's because he's a joy to listen to and becuase he plays with the grace, fury, and life that makes him beautiful to watch and hear. Garrick has a subtle wit that charms us all. He once said modestly, "This etude is a favorite with pianists, at least with those of us who can play it." His visits always seem too brief, but when he returns we'll be able to pick up from where we have left off-- whether it is Beethoven's Appasionala or Chopin's F Sharp Minor Polonaise "on request". K b rt- s v 'l""l' K 4 . 1 Duncan yo-yo champion pertorms before enthralled South audience. "The Enrichment Program of Newton South High School" 1973-74 Many members of the school body have worked diligently to produce a year of diverse speakers and seminars. South has opened the school to the com- munity! Mayorial candidates Ted Mann, Bill Carmen and Eliot Berry talk to Newton South students 'cv iii 0 'Q ffiu.. s K, gr' 'FJ'-.S'-fr ' Q 1 . . Z f-,-::12::?':f f.'-z-..f-.::- School Committee candidates air their views on "quality education". Newscaster Chet Curtis jumps out of the boob-tube and lands in Cutler Commons 'v,,. vu.-. Professor Lance Leibman, colleague of Archibald Cox, speaks at South during heat of Watergate crisis SUNRISE OVER A BLOCK :xii UT OE THE M UTH OE BABES ERY PERSO AL I TERVIEVV WITH YOU G CHILDRE Generally. what do you think of high school students? I can't answer your question. you'll have to be more specific. I don't know what you mean--well. I guess they fool around. think they're great--some of them--and stuff like that. Some of the things they do are hard. like speak French. High School work is hard. but my work is just as hard for some people. but not for me. Do you like the way they treat young children? Yes. Some play with young children and I like that. I have snowball fights with a girl in high school--she bombs me and I bomb her--I like that. Some of them treat you O.K.. but not the ones who think they're great. No. Younger children think they are big and some High School students treat them like they were babies. they talk differently to us. they change the tone of their voice and talk like a baby. They should use their own voice and talk big. What do you think of High School students' actions when they're with their friends? They act good with their friends. they are polite but the boys snap at the girls. but the girls are polite and better than the boys. They act like they are better than little kids--they think thev're great! They play with them. but I don't know whether they're good or bad. "ARE WE DONE YET?" How do you think High School students treat adults? Good. because if they didn't they'd get killed. "NOW. ARE WE DONE?" What do you look forward to when you're in High School? I'll be better at gym. and maybe I'll be a cheerleader. You will be able to drive. stay up later. and go out more with my friends--and go out for sports although I haven't decided which one yet. It'lI be rotten. when you're in High School because of mean teachers--Oh yea. when you're 18--you get your own rights and your mother won't spank you! "NOW, WE ARE DONE!!" THE NICEST GREETI --"Sl-IALG " A very entertaining evening was provided by the musical production of "Milk and Honey" this winter. The story centered around both tourists and natives of Israel. and their humorous yet sensitive situations, The play captured the audience by rather satirical portrayals of "traveling widowsw, such as Mara Flash who played Mrs. Weiss. and by memorable tunes and dances. Larry Benders, Susan Cutler, Caron Palder, and Andrew Schulman each portrayed characters with conflicting opinions. Their roles were believable and personal to the audience, and with the effective lighting and use of candles, 'SMilk and Honey" achieved an intimate atmosphere. ILKA D HO EY Cast: Directed by: Mr. Ernest E. Chamberlain Assistant Direction by: Rina Miller Choreography by: Jana Tyler and Emily Zallen Set Design by: Jeff Davidson Lighting Design by: Marcie Gorman. Robert Aronson. Jeff Davidson Produced by: Julie Scovell Sheepgirl .......................... Phil Arkin .................... Ruth Stein ......... Mrs. Weiss ....................... Guide .....,................................. widows: Mrs. Weinstein ....... .........Judy Perlman .........Larry Benders .......Susan Cutler ..........Mara Flash .,..........Fred Albert .......Cindy Gordon Mrs. Mrs. Mrs Mrs. Mrs. Pearlman Segal ......... Strauss ....... Kessler ......... Breslin ...... Barbara .......... David ....... Adi ............... Zaporah .......... .......Jorinda Margolis ............Tara Becker .................Ellen Kazis .........Wendy-Jo Belcher ...........Sheryl Levitt ..............Caron Palder ........Andrew Schulman .............Frank Walker .......Lynne Gochberg Cantor David Frutkoff Mr. Horowitz ................................................................................................................. David Lasson Dancers: Michele Blacker. Andrea Freed. Mayumi Knudsen. Cheryl Lipson. Ellen Lipson, Anita Neiman. Jana Tyler. Emily Zallen. Debbie Zussman "' --,Qc l .I gr.. , .,... In 'if 5 . z Q55 ln ,-.x Z T? . 9 am, l'! l.?, k 9 I 'ii "1 CP. WINTER --5 SPGRTS '24 '5 .-.1 if J S-1 N4 First Rott: Bob Harris. Steven Corn. Richard Spector. Bob Lent. Chandler Bosworth. Second Row: Saul Rubin. Jeff Kublin. Richard Sharron. Howard Pinderhughs. Jerry Antonellis. Nlark Aronson. Coach Richard Walker. Missing: Mark ,let'ferson. George Thomas. BASKETBALL SCORES E. Bridgewater Foxboro Canton Acton-Boxboroug Lincoln-Sudbury Bedford Concord-Carlisle Weston Wayland Canton h Acton-Boxborough Lincoln-Sudbury Bedford 84 Opponent 47 42 47 39 44 44 59 44 35 52 53 5l 49 "ft dx "This season is something that we can all be proud of. The great atti- tude. determination and hardwork ex- hibited by all. have most definitely paid off." Richard Walker Basketball Coach ,, Its been a long time since basketball has been a household word at Newton South. But this season was different as the Lions compiled a 10-3 record. Their best since the schools inception and the first time Newton South has ever qualified for the state tourne- ment. Leading the Lion charge were Captain Mark Jeffer- son, Mark Aronson, Senior Rich Spector, Senior Steve Korn, Bob Harris, and Bob Lent. Jefferson and Aron- son guided an impressive offense and hit the outside shots, while big men Spector, Korn, Harris and Lent scored from the inside and dominated the boards. The reserve cops of Howie Pinderhughs, Senior Ricky Sharton, Chandler Bosworth, George Thomas, Jerry Antonellis, Saul Rubin, and Senior Jeff Kublin pro- vided much depth and played a vital role en route to the Tourney. The Lions got off to a quick start winning their first six games including a thrilling victory over the tough Acton-Boxborough squad. Following a one point loss to Bedford the Lions roared back to conquer their next four foes before being beaten by Lincoln-Sudbury. South, then sought its revenge against Bedford win- ning easily, and securing a berth in the State Toume- ment. This season might be a tough act to follow, but next year looks extremely promising with seven returning Lions. Yes, basketball is here to stay at Newton South. VARSITY SWIMMING 1 A . .1 Ain First Row: Humberto Fugundes. Cheryl Weiner. Cathy Carlson. Paula Silver. Second Row: Coach "Buzzi". Neil Drobnis. Jeff Howard. George Brockman. Jon Sandman. Bill Tarter. Eli Marcus. Ittai Kan. Vemon Grubinger. Chip Herzog. Larry Groipen. Coach Bill Grimes. This year marked the debut of competitive swim- ming at Newton South. The team consisted of thirteen boys and four girls. Since there was a lack of interested swimmers. Coach Grimes recruited four girls and a seventh grader. Although there were few swimmers this year those students who participated were enthu- siastic and dedicated. The team held their practices and home meets at the new Newton North pool. Each meet consists of eleven events including diving. As many as three members of each team may enter each event. Each swimmer is allowed in no more than three events. At most meets there were between ten and seventeen swimmers present. Everyone got a chance to compete in each meet. As a first year sport the team was not in a league. though they swam against several strong teams. The season started off with a close loss to Westwood. After tieing Boston Tech. the team suffered three straight losses before defeating Dover-Sherbourne. Swimming the 50 yard crawl were Seniors Bill Tar- ter and Ittai Kan. In the 50 yard and 100 yard freestyle were Seniors Jon Sandman. Robbie Shahon. Chip Herzog and Junior Neil Drobnis. Cathy Carlson and Eli Marcus swam the 100 yard butterfly. The 100 yard breaststroke was swam by Junior George Brock- man, Larry Gropein. and Mike Feldstein. Bill Tarter. Vernon Grubinger. Cheryl Weiner. and Larry Felds- tein swam the 200 yard crawl. In the 100 yard back- stroke were Neil Drobnis. Chip Herzog. and Jeff How- ard. The grueling 200 yard individual medley was swum by Cathy Carlson. Eli Marcus. and Paul Silver. Under the leadership of Coach "Buzzi" were divers Humberto Fungundes. Amy Tighe and Jeff Howard. The strongest swimmers on the team were Cathy Carlson. Bill Tarter and Neil Drobins who swam the 100 yard backstroke in the state meet. .fl First Row: Paul Linn. Peter Maples. Howie Applestein. Peter Nathanson. Mike Schockett. Brad Anthony. Arthur Murphy. Walter Fatini. Aaron Moynahan, Scott Groper, Greg Moan. Second Row: Chuck Dippo. Greg Sousy, Bruce Arafe. David Costa. Gary Fireman. Louis McDonald. Keith Washington. Mike Alsop. Haskell Kingston. Mr. Horowitz. Third Row: Coach Kojoyian. Michael Berzon, Frank Tarintino. Ted Hillian. Steven Horowitz. Arthur Kojoyian. Under the guidance of Coach Aredis Kojoyain the New- ton South Wrestling Team continued their winning ways as they won twelve of fourteen matches. After winning their first ten matches the team suffered two consecutive defeats to Wayland and Waltham. The grapplers then bounced back to win their next four matches. In the 100 pound weight class, Junior Bob Paisner am- massed a 5-6 record, wrestling in his first varsity year. Junior Chuck Dippo saw limited action and had a 1-2 record. Senior Mike Shockett was simply outstanding in the 107 pound class as he registered a perfect 12-0 record. Captain Paul Linn, wrestling at 114 pounds had a fine season as he posted a 10-2-2 record. Senior Brad Anthony experienced a mediocre year as he finished with a 5-5-2 record. Junior Peter Nathanson had an excellent year at 128 pounds as he compiled a 13-2 record. Howie Appelstein recorded a 8-4 mark in the 134 pound class. Senior Art Murphy compiled a 9-3 record in the 140 pound class. Junior Greg Moan showed great improvement as the season progressed but still had a losing record at 5-7-1. Junior Aaron Moynihan amassed a 6-8 record in the 157 pound class. Haskell Kingston wrestling at 167 pounds had an excellent year as he compiled a 7-2 record before getting injured. Sophomore Keith Washington, filling in for King- ston, lost all four matches he wrestled. Peter Maples was undefeated at 177 pounds. Senior Walt Fatini wrestily at 187 pounds compiled a 6-6 record. Heavyweight Scott Gro- per came through with a 6-4 record while Junior Paul Tormey lost all of his three varsity matches. Next year looks forward to be a promising year. Seniors Paul Linn, Mike Shockett, Art Murphy, Haskell Kingston, Walt Fatini and Brad Antoney will be missed. However many fine wrestilers including Peter Nathanson, Howie Appelstein, Bobby Paisner, Scott Groper, Peter Maples, and Greg Moan will be back to keep up the wrestling dynasty at Newton South. QQ xi The team worked exceptionally hard this year They showed a lot of guts and posessed that winning atti tude They took pride in their work and all this hard work paid off. I enjoyed working with every wrestiler this season and look forward to anoth- er fme season next year? Aredis Kojoyian lf?-Ira-if-if-1""" l 'ff -ff, 3 lyff, .J .Q ' - 4 gp 1 - 4, - A, .L"u'.Cl. Dm - I A 49'!Qf 5-' A 'A' 'll - i-"al -4 ts' . I9 Ji' " f U- 311' i of .' Th 0 -:xXx I ar It I Y 'NT'--E: ' -'isa E! Stewart Satter, Brian Cain. Robert Driscoll, Jan Wallowing, Robert Tedheschi, Ken Shmidlein, Mark Cooper. Kevin Shmidlein. Danny Shir. John Whelan. Steve Tresca. Kenny Bianco. Dave Satter. Sherm Wallen, Paul Owens, Jimmy Hart. Donny Ferrari, Jeff Randall. Missing Joe Donlan. Despite a winning combination of hustle and determina- tion the Newton South Hockey Team suffered through another disappointing season. A lack of offensive punch was the main reason for a 2-8-l record. The team could manage to score only sixteen goals in eleven games. However. the lions lost only two games by wide margins. Individual mistakes often hurt the Lions. but these mistakes were to be expected from such a young team. The season started on an encouraging note as South tied Concord Carlisle l-l. The Lions lost their next game to a strong Bedford team, 4-0. Behind a Steve Tresca hat-trick the team fought back to defeat Westwood 4-2. The Lions lost their next six games ending any hope of a winning season. HOCKEY SCORE 9 Co-Captains Steve Tresca, Ken Bianco and Jeff Randall are three seniors who will greatly missed. Tresca scored half of the team's goals and should be a Dual County League all star. Bianco was the team's playmaker and a solid two way performer. Jeff Randall gained the reputation of a tough defenseman. Many other players performed exceptionally well this season. Forwards Glen McKenzie, Donn Ferrari, Jimmy Hart and Jan Wallowing will be all be back next year along with defenseman Mark Cooper and Joe Donland and goalies Dave Satter and Bob Driscoll. - ' S4 bv This was the most gutsy team Ive ever coached The team always worked hard and gave their best effort every time they stepped on the ice. It was a very young and inexperienced team this year. Next year I hope the team will fare better." Coach McPhee Opponent Concord Carhsle Bedford Westwood Acton Boxborough 0 Weston 2 0 Lincoln Sudbury 5 2 Concord Carlisle 4 2 Bedford 5 2 Wayland 6 4 Westwood 3 l Acton Boxborough 4 2 Wins, 8 Losses, l Tie I DOCDR TRACK :IN First Row: Dennis Bauke, David Bernson, Howie Klebenow, Carson Milgram, Gary Abromson, Jed Handspicker, Bob Lein. Mr. Sutherland. Second Row: Greg Monohan. Eric Epstein. Mark Venet. Harold Bennett. Russ Kintner. Andrew Shulman. Charles Bond. Robert Taglienti. Howard Harris. Jeff Karol. Peter Cotson. Ara Shismanian Ellis Gabovitch. Newton South's track team finished the season with a 0-7 record. This poor record was due to the fact that a few key performers sustained injuries. The loss of Bob Taglienti definitely hurt the team. Bob had an excellent opening meet as he compiled twelve points. He was destined for a great season, but a hand injury sidelined him after the first meet. Despite these ob- stacles the team produced some fine performances. The best all around effort was against Wayland when the Lions came within two points ofa tie. The Seniors on the squad will be missed next year. Co-Captains Steve Berger and Peter Kotzen displayed fine leadership. Steve did an excellent job running the hurdles, and a good job in the high jump. Peter was a consistant 600 yard runner. Long distance runners Bob Lein, Russ Kintner, and Ara Shishmanian did well. Hal Bennett did a good job in the 40 yard dash. Chuck Bond was the most consistent athlete on the team as he captured a first in the shot put in almost every meet. Cary Benjamin, another shotputter, often placed. Andy Shulman and Howie Harris were reliables in the relay. Dave Robinson often placed in the 1000. Next year the team will look forward to the return ofjuniors, Chris Capeless tl milej. Jeff Karol fl000J. Jules Brayman Qshotputj, Mark Venet 13003 and Stuart Perry C40 yard dashj. Sophomores Dennis Bauke, Carson Milgroom, Steve Garfinkel. David Bernstein, Howie Klebanow. and Gary Abramson will also be counted on next year. Coach Sutherland summed up the season Better to have run and lost than not run at all 89 BOYS GYMNASTICS ing K I 1. First Row: Ed Gove. Joe Duggan. Dave Williams. Dave Spielman. Second Row: Coach Steeves. Stuart Rothman. Josh Ezrin, Ronnie Litwin. Mark Comerford. Bobbie Clark. Joe Karas. Scott Sweet. Greg Brown. Coach Pento. The Newton South Gymnastic Team had a very disappointing season winning only one in eight meets. The team was young and inexperienced but it showed the great determination throughout the season. It was a hard working team, led by the excellent coaching of Tom Steeves. Senior David Williams completed an outstanding three year career on the rings. Joe Duggan led the team in scoring as he turned in many fine perform- ances. Edward Gove, despite an early season injury, was :1 superb gymnast on the rings and high bar. Williams. Duggan and Gove were the only ex- perienced gymnasts on the team. Next year Coach Steeves will have more ex- perienced atheletes and hopefully a more successful year. - ie., 1.7. This year was a rebuilding year Dave Williams they all were fme competitors Next year I hope to see many more gymnasts out for the team and more widespread interest in gymnastics throughout the school Coach Tom Steeves Joe Duggan and Ed Gove will be missed next year as 7 .lf 1 r l First Row: Elise Tofias, Carol Maltz. Second Row: Rona Leventhal, Ruth Sparrow. Gale Shahon, Amy Rosenthal. Third Row: Miss Blanchard, Wendy Levin, Maureen Foley. Sheila Comerford, Laurie Glunts, Miss Alberts, Miss Wright. Missing: Janet Gove. The Newton Southls Girls' Gymnastic Team exhibited grace and poise in the four competitive events: Free exercise, vault, balance beam and uneven parallel bars. However, this was the "orange and bluelsw first unsuccessful season to qualify for the team state meet in three years. The Gymnastic Team was composed of eleven gymnasts: sophomores Maureen Foley, Laurie Glunts, Rona Leventhal and Ruth Sparrowg Juniors Sheila Comeford, Janet Gove, Carol Maltz, Wendy Levin, Amy Rosenthal and Gale Shahon. The teamls only senior was Elise Tofias whose outstanding stamina and poise always sparkled with each of her routines. Good luck next year, Elise! Among this season's highest scorers was Carol Maltz and Maureen Foley, who alone qualified for the state individual meet. On the whole, Newton Southls Girls' Gymnastic Team has displayed an unlimited potential and the coaches Ms. Ann Wright and Ms. Judy Blanchard can be assured that this year's rather disappointing season was due to inexperience and a mere streak of bad luck. This years girls gymnastics team was the hardest working most improved team ever Unfortunately a 2 6 record doesnt show this After graduating half of the team last year we were left with a team of eleven With so few gymnasts each girl has been forced to work several events instead of just one Achieving enough difficulty amplitude and com position to put into a routine takes a great deal of time particularly when you are working in more than one area. We are all very proud of the team. Even though we lost several meets, they were close scores. From the beginning to the end of the season, we improved our scores by ahnost twenty points. Finally and probably most important, each girl worked her very hardest and improved her ability greatly. Ann Wright Gymnastic Coach GIRLS BASKETB LL IN First Row: Kathy Clark. Charlene LeBlanc. Carol Kress. Susan Gorden. Second Row: Miss Hixon. Neysa Dillon. Aimee Shapiro. Lynne Korelitz. Meg Hurley. Beth Gilles. Third Row: Patty Riley. Jan Barnett. Sara Rubenstin. Dianne Sullivan. Peggy Riley. lt has been both a learning experience and a very ex- citing. rewarding. and challenging season for the Newton South Girls' Basketball Team. The majority of the girls on both the J.V. and Varsity teams had never worked with each other before. Yet. through the hard work and mutual desire to put together a good team and the excellent coaching of Ms. Pamela I-lixon and Ms. Eileen Brault. the team began to click. The varsity team started out on a positive note by' win- ning a scrimmage against a very tough team. However. a streak of bad luck hit the team as they lost eight extremely' close games. Due to the girls' enthusiasm and determination for a winning season. the team fought towards victory. By the end of the season. the girls finally had a chance to display their excellent potential in playing great basketball. The J.V. had a harder time getting off the ground. However. as the season progressed. the girls immensely improved and began to concentrate on working together as a team. Although disappointed after losing some really close games. JN. hung in there. As a result. both the J.V. and the Varsity's seasons ended in victory--a great inspiration for next year's Girls Basketball! This year the Girls Basketball teams have had a relatively' success- ful season finishing with records of 4 wins. 8 losses for the varsity and l win. ll losses for the J.V. Both teams were faced with very' strong competition throughout the season. but with hard work the girls managed to pull things together and to come up with some key wins. 92 Good luck to all seniors. Pam Hixon FALL SPGRTS .1 - Q 5 T ' . ., pm, I 3 X, glllll .3 ' 3 1 - . 4 ' .- , x , an I I I 1 i -Y J ' My .55 ju! HJ, . It 'J' --v if f-. - l - rf-, . . ,. of... - "ff """'!' .I . , .- wo. L4-L N -N 6' 13. , - . 1- , t .., T? . - 17:7-'. -, - , ' "' f. R ' i - , . 'fa , A ' 3 ' ' ' -ln -D ' gl --1 vagjl ' .-1 - . L I -"t----.4 'ai , p - "' , -, '- .. . ,-,. 'gn' 25:3-Q YA "" 4' V-f ff . .. 0-sf ' th -s , gm K' 4- , f - - . " ,u ' 1 H? , . ,. -H. sg -51, 65 , ,I , l -.9 k ..-0,41 f:l'A ..'f-I Q-5 dx- V 4 4- ' .",", ' '...5?ip - Q, A ' '--- , 5 FOOTB LL The Lions had another disappointing season on the grid iron despite an improved defense. This football team's problems were to be found with the offense. for lack thereofi. In the first two games of the season the Lions failed to score a point as Weston demoralized them 27-0 in the opener. and Maynard's equally inept offensively. squeezed by South by a mere 3-0 score. Things brightened up for the Lions in the third game as they captured their first win defeating Rindge Tech 8- 6. A strong running attack led by Juniors. Pete Nathan- son and Kevin Hoban and Senior Walt Fatini sparked the Lion offense. Kevin Hoban was virtually a one man show as he led South past Concord-Carlisle 27-16. Hoban was magnifi- cent as he scored three touchdowns and chipped in with two interceptions. Tony Lombardo helped with a 65 yard runback of an interception. A lack of offense hurt the Lions again as Bedford handed them their third loss of the season by an 8-0 score. The Lions showed an adequate running game. but their passing game was the major factor causing the team's inability to score. In the Lion's sixth game of the season they were crushed by a powerful Stoughton team 35-0. The Lions held their own in the first half as they trailed by only seven points at half time. But Stoughton erupted for twenty eight second-half points to win going away. In the seventh game of the season the Lions played an excellent game but were edged by a tough Acton-Box- borough team. 14-6. Theshigh point of the season came in game eight as the Lions shocked defending Dual County Champion. Way- land by an 8-0 score. The Lion defense played brilliantly as they contained the strong Wayland offense. The of- fense moved the ball well all day. Kevin Hoban broke a scoreless tie in the third period with a superb eleven yard run. Pete Nathanson added the two point oonversion making it 8-0. Coming off the brilliant win against Wayland. the Lions expected little trouble from winless Lincoln-Sud- bury. The Lions handed the game over to the Warriors by committing many costly penalties and turnovers. Lin- coln-Sudbury won their first game of the season as they upset South 8-6. The failure of the "73" team could be attributed to the fact that there were only eight seniors on the squad. Besides Captains Art Murphy. Tony Lombardo and Den- nis Anastasia. the only other Seniors were Walt Fatini. Bob Taglienti. Haskell Kingston. Hal Bennett and Tom Sullivan. Next fall's team should reap the harvest of this years very young team. Many starting juniors and sophomores will be returning. FOOTBALL SCORES , , Oppon nt Weston Maynard Rindge Tech Bedford Stou hton Acton Boxborough Wayland 6 Lincoln Sudbury 3 Wins 6 Losses N S C 0 27 0 d- 3 8 ' 0 6 27 Concord-Carlisle 16 0 6 0 g 35 6 - 14 8 ' 0 . - J 8 11- . un -5 First Row: Mr. Kojoyen, Haskell Kingston. Robert Taglienti, Tony Lombardo, Dennis Anastasia. Art Murphey. Harold Bennett. Walter Fatini. Mr. McDonald, Mr. Winkler. Second Row: Greg Moan. Joe Donton. Ricky Taranto, Jeff Lawson, Kevin Hoban. Peter Nathanson. Scott Groper, Mike Stockman, George Brockman. Mr. Young. Mr. Vento. Third Row: Peter Maples. Mark Tershiak, Matt Sabetti, Jeff Bennett, Aaron Moynahan, Jeff Goldsmith, Greg McKinney. Phil Small. Richard Gozman. Gerry Freid, Dick Kellem. Fourth Row: Mike Berzon, Jimmy Blackman, Phil Moreau. Keith Washington, David Chused. Bobby Lipson, David Costa, Michael Mosca, Joel Carlin, John Amicongoli, Charles Pozner. The big plus this season was the out standing leadership of our co captains Den fl ms Anastasia Tonv Lombardo and Art Murphy and the excellent play of our de R 'la next years captain Greg Moan fBoth All Dual County League selectionsl The seniors will be missed but with many fine returning lettermen returning next year the outlook looks very optimistic Coach Winkler fense led by juniors Aaron Moynahan. and The 1973 Soccer Season started out with a crucial coaching change. Alan Einhorn. a fine collegiate soccer player and captain of the 1971 Cornell Soccer team. came to South with high aspirations. Einhorn and Coach Ophair Caras faced the remarkably tough task of taking over for previous coach. Mike Coven. The Hrst game of the year matched South against cross town rival Newton North. Aris Bidianos played exceptionally well as he scored two goals and almost put in the game winner on a penalty kick. The game ended in a 2-2 deadlock. It looked as if it was going to be a very successful season for the booters. However. the Lions dropped three out of their first four games. The highlight of this four game span was the play of South against Lincoln-Sudbury. the per- enial powerhouse of the Dual County League. The Lions played very well but were unable to match the tough Lincoln-Sudbury squad. Lincoln-Sudbury went into the game with an established 17 year tradition of not loosing a home game which was almost shattered by South. The Lions led during most of the game. but with two minutes left Lincoln-Sudbury tied the score at 1-1. The overtime proved to be fruitless. but South lost three out of their next four games by a single point. The Lions ended the season by bombing Wayland 3-0. Aris Bidianos had two goals. and Paul Linn had a single goal. This most impressive win climaxed a dis- astrous 3-8-2 season in which the Lions last seven games by a mere goal. Several players performed exceptionally well throughout the course of the season. Co-Captain Andy Moore. playing center halfback, was the backbone of the defense. Andy's excellent play earned him all Dual County honors. Goalie John Bamel, playing soccer for the first time, did an excellent job filling in and then taking over the job from Jimmy Sheroff. Aris Bidianso, the high scoring full back. added a lot to the offense as he scored more than 10 goals this season. Aris has been a standout during his three years of soccer at Newton South. Senior Larry Benders. was the most improved player on the team. Larry's positive attitude and unlimited hustle made him a fine team member. Other Seniors who deserve mention are: Paul Linn. Co-Captain Billy Goodman. Rober Gordon. Alan Barnett. Randy Grod- had already demonstrated that they are a better team than their record indicated. One goal losses plagued the team immensely. They I man. Ittai Kan, Billy Tarter. Robbie Shahon. Ed Laf- ferty. David Mark, Larry Shulkin and Jeff Randall. QQ' First Row: Ed Lafferty. David Mark. Ittai Kan. Alan Barnett. Larry Benders. James Sheroff. Captain Andy Moore, Captain Billy Goodman. Roger Gordon. Aris Bidianos. Paul Linn. Jon Firger. Randy Grodman. Second Row: Mr. Einhorn. Jon Sandman. Humberto Funguntus, Mike Kan. John Bamel, Bruce Jennings. Jimmy Young, Carson Milgroom, Mike Lafferty. Ray McKinney. Louis Hertzog, Mr. Caras. "The team looks forward to the next soccer season and hopes that the final reward will be dif- ferent. The departing Seniors "" shall be missed, particularly Co- Captains More and Goodman who provided inspiration and leadership to a team that suf- , fered some tough losses but that at moments demonstrated the R ca acit to la su erlative soc- L, . ces, Y P Y P A Coach C aras CROSS COUNTRY Q ll LEW". ' Cross Country Team Front Row: Bob Lein, David Robinson. Russ Kintner. Byron Ress. Ara Shishmanian. Denise Sheridan. Second Row: Mr. Geist. Joel Zecher, Jeff Karol. Stuart Rothman. Denise Bauke. Gary Abramson. Arthur Brown. This year's Cross Country Team suffered the loss of two outstanding runners early in the season. New members were recruited to fill in the gaping holes left by the missing Harriers, but the team never quite pulled it together. What had looked like a 6-8 season wound up 3-l l. The 6'Cup,' had badly slipped. September saw the Harriers win two and lose tive. October's victory stood alone as South could only repeat its victory over a weak Lincoln-Sudbury team. At the league meet the Harriers placed seventh out of eight teams. Again barely escaping total embarrassment by merciful Lincoln. Despite their dismal record, individual Harriers continued to turn in strong performances. Mike Shockett earned the best time at Mt. Ida this year 031535. Jeff Karol. Dennis Bauke. Capatin Bob Lein, David Robinson, and Ara Shishmanian all improved their time and remained devoted to the cause through another hapless season. Next year's squad will be captained by Jeff Karol, a member of the team who performed outstandingly. 97 GIRLS' SWIM TE M 2 Front Row: Cindy Marcus. Patti l-loulihan. Debbi Monoson. JoAnn Haimes. Beth Falk. Second Row: Emily Shapiro. Barbara Sacks. Debby Dubinski. Sherry Fedderbush. Amy Tighe. Judy Rolands. Mary Roland. Barbara Goodman. Third Row: "Buzzy" Daniels. Lauri Hoffman. Pamela Woods. Kathy Carlston. Rhonda White. Amy Pidolpho. Nancy Wheeler. Mary Ward. Sue Rosengarten. Bill Grimes. Fourth Row: Paula Silver. Jackie Simms. Beth Steffans. Rhonda Simond. Robin Tucker. "I was very proud to coach Newton South's first girls' swim team. I hope that all my experiences in coaching are as good as the experiences I had with the girls' swim team." Coach Bill Grimes Although this was the first year of the Newton South's Girls' Swim Team's existence. the girls were able to swim to victory twice out of their five meets. All the meets. except Newton North. were against already long estab- lished teams. Should it be called "Beginner's Luck?" Or. was it the new Newton North pool that gave insentive to the team? Perhaps these factors helped. However. without the excellent coaching of Bill Grimes and Diving coach "Buzzy" Daniels. without the long hours of practices. and above all without the girls' spirit and great swimming 98 ability. this year's successful team record would have been inconceivable. Each of the thirty girls on the swim team competed. Senior Nancy Wheeler and junior Beth Falk did ex- tremely well in the 50 yard and 100 yard freestyle. Mary Roland was noted for her breaststroke. and senior Kathy Carlston represented Newton South in the individual medley and the butterfly. The divers were equally successful. Inwards. back- somersaults. front-dives with half twists and forward half somersaults were no longer a challenge for sophomores Jackie Simms and Amy Tighe. With one year of experience behind them and an early September start the Newton South Girls' Swim Team cannot help but have a winning season next year. euw' -- .'z.- V--.1 ' . . . - , '. , ' , Front Row: Diane Sullivan. Siobhan McNally, Carol Kress, Elise Tofias. Gale Shahon, Janet Gove. Back Row: Lisa Jacobs, Susan Gordon, Ms. Judy Blanchard. Lynn Korelitz. Cathy Clark, Beth Gilles, Denise Garcia, Ms. Pamela Hixon. A true tear-jerking Newton South success story - that's girls' field hockey. The growth of this team has been a world renown topic of discussion. Captains Carol Kress and Elise Tofias proved to be excellent leaders supported by other superstar seniors like Cathy Clark, Sue Gordon, Charlene LeBlanc, Cindy Wilkins and Lynette Neptune. We can even score now, can,t we! A job well done, ladies! Coach Judith Blanchard Tying scores for Newton South's Field Hockey Team were by no means a rare occurence. However, with Ms. Judith Blanchard and Ms. Pamela Hixon who plays left halfback for the U,S. Field Hockey Team, as coaches, this year's team could not help but have a great season. Due to excellent coaching, hard work fyes, those 10 laps around the field every practice were good for somethingl, and school spirit, the varsity team lost only to Lincoln- git., 'K i X4 FIELD HOCKEY P? 'TQQQEQF-51w.L .-v--fin 1 1'-"J " A "f 5.-'2,,+Fjf'-M. ff - -. ' ,.'.'Ff.isx:sgn.1:u.p.fg..l'1Q'f:1-'Z--91x .-...MVA V' L" V "', Y .-.- Front Row: Laura Brown. Cheri Falstaff. Patty Riley. Laurie Gluntz. Glennys Campell. Second Row: Susan Stockman. Peggy Reilly, Carol Sturnick. Neysa Dillon. Sharon Franks. Third Row: Ms. Blanchard, Laurie Rosenstein. Beth Gotchberg, Lynette Neptune. Sheryl Wenning, Charlene LeBlanc. Sheila Comerford. Meg Hurley. Ms. Hixon. Sudbury at a close score of l-O. The ever-increasing teamwork, the offense's mobility and the strength of the defense and sophomore Lisa Jacobs were all factors in the girls being able to change from a defensive to an offensive game. Carol Kress otherwise known as the girl with great stickwork, and Elise Tofias scored practically all of Newton South's goals. Left fullback, Sue Gordon, outran everyone to the ball, while Cathy Clark was able to display her talents by playing both right fullback and center halfback positions. The Junior Varsity, inspite of its slow start, proudly represented Newton South in their first win of the season against Newton North. The field hockey team,s motto, "Fight, Score, Win!" is as of yet, only a half-truth. But hopefully, this year,s Field Hockey Play Day will serve as a glimpse of better things to come, as Newton South defeated each of the three teams played. This team's future is extremely prom- ismg. 99 tr s 3 1 3 S . f 2 1 i 1 f 'Q 3 'MQ ' is vi 1 W ' f ff f K 'L V5 Hi I J gs 'E .N V X Ni, l g ,ff", U M ' ,Q XR Q ff 4 xx, 322 X f s ! u 'ff4'! ,ffl pf.,--'-' ijf1 1- ..-Q.--1-..:.vZ..-5-.k -I ' M 7' gg'IKQi1....jA 6, H Y Y wig. :::5,f 41. rsifpvl ii.v.v--v,-----q....w-. qxvsv-Q ---- 1111- ,ire '- r-W-'z-'rrvun -,---,.. ..--fqyurwm, YV..-- --:fn--v -:- I'-f'-1n4' - fi-1 'f' -V W -- - - -'- ' ' - U ,W.-4EreQA!bQrL I 1 I 5 I V Ix'1' 4fT Q'Ef'fJh7i1 'Tf L T I , ,gl rl rl" : r'J rI-1 fx L 'J'T'fT L Ti T51 ' 1 L' f ' l f.L.J- I I f lf I -i,,,.,L--,,,,L..1l1.. 5 Y. fgnii ifrg .4 ' K..- M A +44- 40+ +++ K.,- W, 'fgw 'w- XX S Fh J ,215 I i fk' ?"""f',v ,. .- lfif' 'lid' A,,: ,J.f'i-fa '-'flw Q + - -'4 !s' 'J 6 Cassx i 73 1' 15,3 I "L 4 sf 1 N 4 VI, llffzlfj 4 H'-'QF-x bi, X A I., A xQ'tx "i ' QF 'Ati Ls .. -,-- Mm nu.fff.,.fv-uf 101 Sc-:Ro If r 1 5' , 11 'E' .1 u A II I 4-1 I II X J if qrlfiqynb fy I ' l 1 sl I ' 4 -' IJA LLLIIJI I ,I 1I ' 1 - V ' ' if 1 ' 4 1' f . ' ,- 9. A K 4 : . 'f 1 I. I jf ji X 1 f 1, 1-1 1- L Z , , , 1' 14' 9 . I? , v I I 4 x ' ' k 1 I XIXI I 1 I ,I I, N ' 1 5 .. 5 I - . I x QI - ' ,Qu ' '11 N- I I ,P-v 1 4 fI Q , Ix A I II Wg., I- , f ' W xgiff' In . 1 1 I -e. II,,."' 1 NI XI .III I I ax if 1 1 T0k'OSh1m21 MI? I I I I, A 1 4 ,IJ X a.:ffA ,gg 4,-1163. . P W Q 11 sQ'???f:-was-rrseffxp11:-43:-:eQ?fQ'3'.'eS'l-IQGQZQSXQN. 1 " X 11 - me 1 - X ' ' ' '- S-. s .' l 1. ,I II, HI E 'IIN X, vssxqymakxx I I - I .yy .nXlINa'Q'sn'q.5i'fwiq' ,-IA , ,.Qqqk1 ,, f1,I,I? I s 15.1.15-,..x,. .. qu-em -..., X 1 N 1 'i--.....:' .1 4115.352 .J-'gxgg 1,' 1 1 1 X' Q - QM . N111 , .4 1 52,4 fI I 'f HL ' ' 11' SQ::p2u'94-1--:Sf 1l'P0g'ie"'1" I 5: mf- Gb y -1 ' , .1 ik Q32-t!'Z6if48'?f6'f4'149-elflh'? fl 1. p"' 4 - 1 . .V , W 1 1 H 1 .-v.-'NWO' 'Ill' -1 V 1 1 1 a ll ..,. o., fl 1, I 5 Q . .. 1. 1 lpzwv xl! 1.1-NH 0-454f,10i1 fr.'l11l1 P.. I HW .hm wx ' 1 21 11 11 x -:Q 'ff1w171sfw114m ,:fmew21 W I' .' '- x T ' ' if, 1 f 5 f X "'u23ifsL:-1. A.-.lffLfff"Ff '1!'if3.4 3 ,"X f'i"""9x9Nni" I 1 f 1 N , 'NGS-.4S3M3:iI1 ' 'X 1 ' ' 5 'X " "'39P552??72'e?52352-BMW"PM'54:':'f'-'5S'555?Z.'?Hf:---1.1.,..,.an " U' " A 9 S'4if94W'515-' 'U H ' " w - H ' wwf-'L 1 R I IM, 4 I ' 1 ' G-54 X .1.x, I 1,111 77. H751 K 1 I . I Lf-QZIYI 1 .1 "f1,'aI . rj "'.'l ' 1 1 . , ' x z'Q.':g-Q '? Q1 x .1 1 ,Im II, . ,151 we..v,.,qII,!1,lQ'I:I Q Iae'.3I'I1il4 I 1 ' . 1 .-,'- 1, - .1 ,11-..- ', -- 1' . 'QQRL 'pafagfq ! ,nfE'rf5I,I.I',I1 'll II J ,UK -- Yx X - -51--.-..w K I 11 '.- .1 .wh I . . f 'iv ..--.----Ar, A -Mlm. .sg 1 lf! --f I- 'ff' f I I ' 'G-I-'+Wf'exv'-fr-'I-I-f-r ----:mm-f -Ish 1.""c 19-e'-f' S--" 1 I I I I I. I , .L..sw:.g.q:I5y:,g5?g,f'.?ggQ?fl,g1nmI,Ii JM- ,.1- ,:1IgI!1, , 1 , 5,1 1 .1 Q X fgai, ,f!' mWI'1r N- 5Ii:g31V --- -.xmas-LQEEQI If MII-1I up I 73, X ' 1 xgxx P, , 1 1 x MW - R' "'f7'ff' ww ' ' 'ff-9' .-' il' 'N' 'f1'.ii'5E"1:111CX f 11 ' -I , . 'x S 11' 5Qt,2u!Zfzi V-"1 1 4 1 -3' A 1 1. I1 II I bd.alIaf?nf' 11 1 g- , 1 , 1 X 'N r3n:4'ffir! ,' Wendx Weaver - ,, A 'lf , ja ' - 1 - -9 is-.-evsf.,,f wi ' '- 1 1.e'f:.fe':.-fww' --si-ff-6141? ' I: I , f?E'I':- 4. 1 1 gl iLen"4-'P gf"-9 N 1 Qixitgyw, Ny. 2 1 0 J 4 E ' 5 1 . X Ngff , 5,1319 - ' ' Q K'-Q? ur . ,', f II FR 1' MM , 1 Asa ' 11 Ig 'I 1 ,HIE I In ,f Im, 151, fx- .O ' -. H51 xf""s 1.-.--11 ,'ff1fi5 1 11 mr' 0 'u - "S'v'R'-' X1 Eff" N v M 1 1 Cv h.4ifgg1,1 ' ' uw A Q' ,Ml 0. , -. 1 'akwsf-2,.' 1 :IPX SWQFQGY3 ' . I , Singh sg ,' 'WW 'inf I :,,f" I ,Q X. 1 'Mu ' ,I ,Z NIC I '. 1' aw yr'-' I A .I f I iv? 'T . 6 MI Q 1 sy, 1 , 11 1 N n -v E ff. 5, A 5 f 1 51' gf 1 IQ: Q 7 . -' S ,' 31 . Q4 : Q, ' -. V 'F ,Q nl' Q' its '- "-if "Q ' Win, M L ' :5I '- -.,,-'Q po? r.'l' Q Y V x - 'yn . I 'git - Q., 1 3 1 Q ,Q qQv:qIx".!,, - ,. -Q TQ X4 X XX X , - ' f' -few K - fbi 121-f ' -.45 ww 1+ 6 '- , uf , 1 f 9 ff, 1 Q- F -: -1. 1 ,'f',,. , X -'., '- .vi , 3, V' - I T5 ...Lg 1 fl , Q4,f .4 , 'SCS ,"- -' 1 ' -. .-, , 1 X . Ns- 9 ' ' T 1 4, I5 x v ,. - -. P- ::'.Lj ' ' ,-2' 1, 4-""' -:7 Z- X X '5Q. Q, N 'h., X mx X QQ: , X A-4' ' -1 If s ' 'sst": i' '1 ' A S H "1Y?:' 25 ahh , 1 f . ' X v 'n -1 1 1 . . 1 X 1' 4 ' I . X 1 pint 1 -1:11117 . 1 - 'W' '1' L R "i'1 .:-.I .- . f-1 .- '-1' '-2-I. 41,1 5' ' 'bifllh , ' ' ,,1. .-1 3, -17: -:v.r1,. 'xxlatllvnm 7' . 11,-. 'ii5!kffN N NLKIN1'-its Aff' y,33'ix -"Mn "f9?3!3f3' 1 11 i'4?5'T-11,'53x .L "-:xx--11:lQ'ef !iSSSf:.,j,g 1 - QQf.xf."1'f1' if 5E::3,1xQi Xl1II:I,.4 ,lfs,5i5fE5Sf.5.I?z,vQ q:E'i1ifE.,?g '1 '1 f' fdj.,-.QIWI .r,- -..Nf.' -u,,',-, 4 I -3 I5 . X-X .N- , , - ,I '.N .I. gp.1'1+1T--,-M45---S:5':ffa' 3555-efnafb x qsf2?f- 49414521 . ,. fl-.'. 1: ' -Ks-:r'ff.f1'1 4-a L1"'Af-w. 'vis S'-cksfiifr.-S-.1-sf:--1 , 1f""5f7i" 'N -""'- -2i.7""'fll ' 'rffifggil-FQ XSW S a' ' Vg?.:eaqsro.v.v,.',-Q mr. lQvim.2'if llfilznfiftizfi,-15fgif2..,,-555 ,izfgr-5514, S25S:5265fff?2fW"'F " 1Qa'Wii33'f"5'?' 1- 1,' I ln' , ni 1 - - I.-Q2 --155.5-Puff:-272.-,-"?1fL1TfqjqZg-' '-', ' '71 .M 1 ' -f+"-E11-5Rfwfa?fiaf" Sliwhls 1.41 wwf f fi - 'fgjg'-35"-,fiwf-f'ff'f-M' E'Afzi:?:'9 1. :.,-ry 1 I. 5 7,--. ,If 'i ,:Ig:.g'5 5 ,ff -gy. 3, ' Sf -0 Wi"-iff. A. ' Mr 'w"f "+ '-?-.-- ' 1 . 'f5's9Q:-.fafafzhfem 11+ 1 -u.vb,.:x ww - ix,-11.....--bis-.w.1v.-:-1.4. N. 4 1 ' -,Q--,N gs xd,ixt1,X'Q3 - 1-,. -w'--. 'u,.fl,nj.-3 r N ,f . 1-4-' .592-s'-?o'.iNX. QMIXU -Pl-".g'93'-v-I '- 9' 'o"-'o':v X XII- Ilgggiggif-53.31132Iggqas1.1I,'.3g?4 .ggzigfw 1 - ' ----L ,-A45-ig' ,' 2, ,1.'5,3,"--vv 5,-f' ,..,.t" I ,' 1 " V71 . . 5 . .1 .,, IA . Emily zauen V 9916 II -, M , VW! X4 Fw i?2 5m 41 1 QTTM 'rw 37 32 31' 42-nn?" 5, :": QQ 5 a.,- , S ,iv "5-u iszgff -39" -g' .rl in xvj' " , qi l ti Ji f 4 f' 1 -XY M K lx x E QL "LOOK HCDMEVV RD ANGEL" I i Eugene Gant ........ ........ Richard Flashman Ben Gant ................................ Mrs. Marie "Fatty" Pert ......... . Helen Gant Barton ............... Hugh Barton ................ Eliza Gant ................. Will Pentland ....... Jake Clatt .......... Mrs. Clatt .,............ Florry Mangle ......... . Mrs. Snowden ....... Mr. Farrel .......... Miss Brown ........ Laura James ......... W. C. Gant ........ Dr. Maguire .............. Tarkington .................... Madame Elizabeth ......... Luke Gant .........,,......... .................. Orchestra Violins - Judy Sidman. Barbara Wright Bassoon - Jon Grossman Cello - Sato Knudsen Flute - Stephen Yen Piano - Andrew Schulman Directed by - Mr. Ernest E. Chamberlain Produced by - Julie Scovell .........Bruce Ward .........Mara Flash ........Jill MacLauey ,........Fred Alpert .........Rina Miller ............Josua Stone ......David Lasson Susan Perlmutter .......Caron Palder .Debbie Fialkow .....Howard Weiss ........Lyn Gochberg ..........Allison Ostrom ......Frank Walker .........John Lapidus ......,...David Frutkoff Jorinda Margolis . ...... Billy Gordon X NLOQK H0 EVVARD, A GEL" This year's fall production was "Look Homeward. Angel." The play. written by Ketti Frings. was based on the autobiography of Thomas Wolfe. The play centered around the Gant family and the "Dixieland" boardinghouse in which they lived. The excellent portrayal of the mother. Eliza Gant. was played by Rina Miller. Accompanying her in notable performances were Richard Flashman and Bruce Ward who portrayed Eliza's somewhat frustrated sons. A senior at Newton South. Andrew Schulman. composed the music for the show. The authentic set was designed by Patty Shepherd and David D'Ercole. Although "Look Homeward. Angel" was a dramatic play involving hardship and death. there was much humor and charm to keep the audience both enthused and deeply moved. The entire cast deserves recognition in producing another of Newton South's successful plays. Al' ,,- 1' v MV' Qt '4 R SENICDRS E N :Q 108 'E A-fin I.: ..,,-4 -sv --' --I1 -'ku 1 1 as G. 'sk I-la ite SENIORS ', - ' '.Q. 7..Gff?Cf iF" Q A 'L' -41.152 I' ,Q ij,-as ,sl ,",-hu, I I ig' F 'Vi-1' ' .is-2 ""1 "-' ' 'arg ANN ABRAMS 138 Hartman Rd. Cutler "You see things as they are and vau ask. wliv? But I dream things that never were and I ask. wht' not?" i LAUR1E BETH ABROMSON 37 Alexander Rd. Cutler "lfwi'ou live to love today then you 'll love to live another day. " Favorite Date: Sept. 7. 1972 Favorite Season: Summer. Many thanks to my friends. my parents. E. J.. Dave. Rob and to Jeff. You're really fantastic! 1 love you all! ROCHELL ACKER 967 Boylston St., Wheeler "ln a matter like this. subtleti' appeals to subtletv. and without imagination no man can follow another into these halls. " Melville NQQQQQQQ f x- 4 1 .I I l n I I 0 I I I I 4 "f!' . 4 Iwi' 4 110 EDWARD HENRY ADELMAN 48 Kingston Rd. Cutler " grant me the serenitt' to accept the things I cannot changeg Courage to change the things I can: and wisdom to know the difference. . . " What? Saturdays SFF meetings football games RJG and parties almost being 'of age'. Thanx JCC. ALH. SV. Doc. Stage 1. 2. 3: Marching Band 1. 2. 31 N.E.W. 2. 3: Student Faculty Forum: Classes 1. 2. 3. CAROL A. ALLEN 1452 Beacon St. Cutler "To live is the rarest thing in the world Most people onli' exist that is all. l'1l never forget the good times I had with E.B.. D.P. etc. 1t's been a great three years. Now 1 leave this school to my sister. Good Luck LINDA ELLEN ALPERIN 60 Levbert Rd. Cutler "lf't'ou live your life in a dream. you mar wake up someday and find you have nothing real. " I'll never forget: Always saying the wrong things. Four big bugs. A certain football game. Red belt. and a Mickey Mouse shirt. AMY ALTER 14 Woodhaven Rd. Wheeler "What are the fields. or flowers, or all I see? Tasteless all. if not enjoved with thee."' . DENNIS M. ANASTASIA 189 Langley Rd. Goodwin Bumb A "We each must move towards our own goals we must thrive for existence. We cannot let lU'e move us. We must move life. And still we must not forget to look back at where we have been. " Thank you everyone without you I would not have made it. Football 1. 2 co. Capt. 3 EDWARD ALAN ANDLER 112 Cedric Rd. Cutler "Eddie" Football 1. 2. Thev sav monev is the root of all evil, but evil spelled backwards is Ll VE. " I leave to Newton South all my long hard hours of studying. Hardest times were: week before finals and trying to figure out what I want to do after I get out. BRAD ANTHONY Donna Rd. Wheeler There shall never be a true peace, UNTIL you can live in peace. " HILLARY RUTH APELBAUM 63 Fenwick Rd. Wheeler The comfort of having a friend mav be taken away, but not that of having had one. " Seneca E I T 1 t- i 1 ,.4r-. 1-1 , . ' . v P Q i . I X4 I i 1 L I I BUNNY M. ARONSON 65 Longfellow Rd. Cutler There is only one kind oflove, but there are a thousand imitations. " 1'll never forget: W.E.F.T.Y.. French Trip "73". Independent Study gym. D.W. here I come! and Thanx to Marc + Beuy. CHRISTOS ATHANS 81 Broken Tree Rd. Goodwin JUDITH E.AUCOIN 214 Langley Rd. Goodwin "Without faults, there 'd be no need to strive, no need to better to improve our lives. Without hate there'd be no need for friends, no special one who soothes, gives strength, and mends. Without lies no beautvls found in truth, no choices to make which help us growfrom -vouth. " 1 EMILY ANN BAKERMAN 39 Pine Ridge Rd. Goodwin "Don't walk in front of me, I may not follow. Don't walk behind me, I mov not lead. Just walk beside me and be rrtyfriend " Never forget - many memories with special friends, BSR and QSR. To someone special: Love, you're the only one I wrote that to. ALAN BARNETT ROBERT WARREN BAKER 36 Theodore Rd. 222 Upland Ave Cutler Goodwin I give future students the best He that hath wisdom shall spareth philosophy for Survival in Newton h'5Pea"u'5 South, enjoy yourself before doing anything. l f -1- ? EVAN H. BARDIN 6 Clifton Rd. Wheeler SUZANNE L. BARNETI' 55 Old Farm Rd. Goodwin "Regrets, we 've had afew. but then again, too few to mention, we did what we had to do. and saw it through without exemption We've planned each chartered course, each careful step along the ov-wav, and more, much more than this, we did it our wav. " MATTHEW E. BELLIN 31 Holly Rd. Goodwin MARK E. BECKER 32 Oxford Rd. Cutler "A LL HAIL THE TRONS." GOD OF TARA BECKER 19 Kippy Drive Goodwin "Think of something else to pass the time awav. For if you close your mind you won 'tfeel a thing. Dream of the warmth of lye and meet what lies ahead. Fly through the new sensation Ahnd your seya place . . . " Barrabas and to all of you - thanks. KENNETH M. BELLO 45 Adeline Rd. Goodwin "We are what we -pretend to be, so we must be careful about what we pretend to be. " Kurt Vonnegut Jr. X'-xr f' , V- X, y ' :if f f .N -if LAWRENCE EVERETT BENDERS 30 Harrison St. Goodwin Stick to your soul and your soul will stick to you. But sometimes life has a way of slipping through your fingers. " HAROLD ELIOT BENNETT 39 Cottonwood Rd. Wheeler "A lways have the confidence to speak your mind and the courage to stand behind your words. " Football 1, 2, 3: Basketball 1. 2. 33 Concert Band 1. 2, 33 Stage Band 1, 2, 33 Treasurer - Varsity Club, Regulus Staff. Saxophone, Ogunquit. My Stereo. Lucky. College in 1974. Whist games, Farewell to the "MEN." -1 ff j I r, If KIT , .-1359" S. CARY BENJAMIN 18 Jane Rd. Cutler "Imagination is more important than knowledge. " A salute to the Costa Rican Army: gavatchos dminos bweeano piasta. Remember: 3 weeks in May. Wist. Purity, a horse's neck. N. H. at 3:00 A. M., Tufts. Matoaka. Loon and the cape. Bill: whose woods these are? Farewell to "The Men". Football l.Arts Fest. 2. 3. Forum 113 I JOANNA BERK I9 Andrew St. Cutler "lt doesn'1 happen said the Skin Horse. " You become. It takes a long time. doesn't oyqen happen to people who break easily, or have to be kept carefully. But once you are real vou can't be ugly. except to people who don 'I understand " all at once, " That s why it II4 JONATHAN S. BENNETT 3 Ridgway Terr. Cutler Indoor and outdoor track ll, IZ. The last 3 years have been the best ones of my life so farg I am looking forward to graduating, though, because I have more to do in the future than I could ever realize now. I would like to thank all the teachers I had and the students I knew who helped to make life livable. STEVEN BERGER l02 Louise Rd. Goodwin "It was the best of times, it was the worst oftimes . . Charles Dickens Indoor Track 2, captain 3. Outdoor Track 2. 3. Chess Club 2. 3. Regulus 3, Senior Slump I, 2, 3. ALAN MARK BERKOWITZ ll6 Ridge Ave. Goodwin "A wonderful fact to reflect upon, that every human creature is constituted to be that profound secret and mystery to every other. " Dickins Stage Crew, SFF, Union, City Hall. "A little inaccuracy sometimes saves tons ofexplanation. " "You're going to Harvard! Oh, you are joking me!" LISA JOY BERKSON 33 Old Farm Rd. Cutler "No distance ofplace, ar lapse 4 time, can lessen the hiendship of those who are thoroughly persuaded of each others worth, " Robert Southey I'll always remember my very special friends, who made all the happy times possible. Thanks, LISA HENYA BERKOWITZ 37 Waldorf Rd. Cutler "Lee' Remember: Cutler Commonsg D.M., S.C.. J.M., S.S.. S.M.. V.S.. J.S. "See the funny little man. small in his size compared to the land When will he grow up can time wait until, The ,hmny little man can see beyond the hill. " J. Seals 'S 3. I 4 x 'L- 1 LAUREN LYNN BERNSTEIN 62 Westgate Rd. Goodwin " When the dream came I held my breath with my eyes closed. I went insane, like a smoke ring dat' when the wind blows. Now I won 't he back till later on UI do come back at all. But you know me. and I miss you. " - Neil Young KENNY BIANCO l59 Christina St. Cutler "Snowflake" "I Irv not I0 let school interfere with muv education. I'll never forget the memories and guys at the corner. The good and bad times with "Bad Guv". mostly bad. in fact all bad. "Kings Five". or the night over Tags House 4 183. 2. 3 l ADAM MICHAEL NICHOLAS BIRNBALNI 60 Solon Sl. Goodwin "Buzz, The Blade" One smile relieves a heart that grieves tho deadlv sad it be. and one hard look can close the book that lovers love to see. " S. CHET BRADLEY BIRGER l77 Baldpate Hill Rd. Goodwin "A man can be destroved but P101 defeated." Hemingwav 5, QQ . 4 'L til-?'J.fiI"'A'3"' pt ".,- . . ' . - , ' 0 s . RACHEL BlSSEX 208 Woodward St. Wheeler 'Rateh" "Love one another, but make not a bond ofl01'6',' Let it rather be a moving sea between the shores of vour souls. " Kahlil Gibran VFW PKWY .lan 28 '73. Ginney and Peter 4 everll - the Ind FWHGR - a certain 66 chevy. summers of '72 and '73 - the kids in the HGLDS and PS. Pocono Mts. '73. Did we make it Em? make it Em? HELAINE MARJORIE BLOCK 5l Troy Lane Wheeler . . just remember that all the people in the world haven 'I had the advantages that -vou 've had. 'l Special love to wonderful parents. brother. 2 nanas. To Steven with Love. then. now, forever: thanks for everything: "wouldnt it be nice if we were older, than we iroztldnt have to wail so long. " The Beach Boys STEVEN BLOCK 87 Brandeis Rd. Wheeler Happy everylasting love and needless to say invaluable engage? Y.F.B.. 21174. "Those who speak don 't know, those who don't speak know." Good luck to the regions. Hi over there. tHelainel MICHELE BLACKER 169 Spiers Rd. Cutler "Wasn't it -vesterdav we used to laugh at the wind behind us. didn 't we run awav and hope that time wouldn 't Irv to find us . . Diana Ross My friends are my chosen family and my family are my chosen friends. Much love to all - s f", an " -. ' ,-A. J. . , ' 'ru I-P ag '....:.'0',f" 1'."1""'-2-'L-' i.- ' 4' . , ' -' 7 '- Q' .-3 4 " ' ' -f .yi --Q ,f . ' . ' ' ' ' .N - 1- 1, -t .4 I . , 4 ,J h ' ' l., , A Q-n Do fl. P -. l "5 0 ... 4'-'!' ...7-xv." 'J '. "g.9 ,' "'.',"-fl 1 115 I I AMY BLUM 1370 Beacon St. Wheeler MARIANNE BONICA 19 Bowdoin St. Wheeler 116 DEBORAH BLUESTONE 17 Oxford Rd. Cutler Uifa man does not keep pace with his companions. Perhaps it is because he hears a different drummer. Let him step to the music he hears however measured or far awav. " A Henry David Thoreau With much happiness and hope to my friends A thanks so much. 1 S. X A - CHARLES FREDERICK BOND 12 Sutcliffe Park Cutler To live. one must enjov. To love, one must respect. To keep, one must cherish It is the ear not the mind that does the thinking. To have it and to put it to good use. is two aldkrent things. Good luck to those at the corner. ,f MELINDA BONO 39 Marla Circle Goodwin l 5 JODY ANN BRIGGS 7 Indiana St. Wheeler Your children are not your children . . . You mav give them your love but not your thoughts, for they have their own thoughts. You mav house their bodies but not their souls, for their souls dwell in the house of tomorrow, which you can not visit, not even in vour dreams. Gibram ELLEN BETH BORNSTEIN 169 Florence St. Goodwin "Dont wortjv about what shows from without but the love that lives within" l'1l always remember: C.A.. N.E.. D.P. and most of all F.R. for being part of my life. With much love and thanks to all of you. "See ya". ANDREA BROWN l462 Centre Sl. Wheeler This above all: I0 Ilzine own selfhe Irue and il musl follow, as Ilze Illglll lhe dar. Thou cans? no! Ilzen bejalse Io any man. " Shakespeare. Hamlez Act l. Scene Ill. line 75. School Committee Representative ll. IZ: Reflexions ll. ll: SFF ll: French Club ll. 121 May Arts Festival 10. ll. 12. CHARLES J. BUDD 224 Jackson St. Goodwin Ambilion: To be a lawyer. To become a success. To be rec0gni:ed JENNIFER BROWN 21 Southwick Rd. Goodwin "II wasn'1 rhe wine," murmured Mr. Snodgrass. in a broken voice "II was Ihe salmon. " Dickens fv- L. A l I. GLENN C ALMUS l97 Spiers Rd. Cutler Bu! self 6'.X'0I71lIlf1ll0I1 if ii is lhoroizgh enough, is nearlv alwavs ihefirsi siep ioward change. I was io discover thai no one who learns 10 know himself remains ljLl5l wha! he was behvre. Thomas Mann ROSEMARIE ELENA CAMOSCIO 57 Metacomet Rd. Cutler CATHERINE CARLSTON lll Herrick Circle Cutler 118 Q I -lfg-W' MICHAEL CANTOR 100 Lovett Rd. Wheeler MARGARET ANN CARTER 192 Lincoln St. Goodwin A Frenchman mils! always be llllklllg, WlI6ll1f?I' he knows aniihing of III? NILZIIFI' or I10l,' an Englishman is COIIICIII io sam' I10Il1llI.2. when he has nothing I0 sar. I - Samuel Johnson To-9 LINDA CASLER 12 Drumlin Rd. Wheeler xk ILENE CARVER 56 Westgate Rd. Goodwin ELISE S. CHANG 55 Beethoven Ave. Goodwin "There are loyal hearls, Ihere are spirits brave. There are souls Ihal are pure and lI'l46.' Then give I0 the world Ihe best you have. And the besl will come back Io you." Sincere gratitude to my most unforgetable teachers. DAVID EDWARD CHERNY 211 Cypress St. Cutler Spanish Club I. 2, 3. December of '72 and Flo. skiing. summer of '73. W.P.. S.M.. the square, S.A., Fenway with M.W.. C.G.. G.L.. P.J.. the pocket. H.R.. weekends in Rhode Island with R.S., Hook. Reggie. H.H.. P.S.. the boss. G.L., M.L., Thanks for everything A.C. 8: J.C. iff. "Pretty please with sugar on top . . .?" ROGER D. CIBELLA l7ll Beacon St. Cutler 'f Ulf .-sim . !""S 2, 1 , I I CATHERINE GRACE CLARK 1664 Centre St. Wheeler Field Hockey 3. Thanx M.B.. M.H.. M.E.. Hey Sheila. we are not jocs. we're super jocs or jocetts! Remember the door. and all the good times, Hey Ten aj. how 'bout horseback riding in Andover? "Peace is not ou! of reach, bu! sifting in the palm ofurour hand " M.E. MICHAEL J. CIPRIANO 78 John St. Wheeler "Cip" "Trouble is easy lo Agar mm hm hard Io gel our nj " Baseball ll. l2. 91' V l it H I is ,--will-nos.-'g X N "l'O'.,., 5 : H I -.4 6,4 4 " 'I I !.4,4 Q.. !E!ll. 5.4. DAVID MAURICE COHEN 46 Marvin Lane Goodwin "This is pre-emenlll' Ihe time ro speak Ihe lrulh. Ihe whole Irulh frankly and boldly So firsl of all le! me asserl ntrfirm belief Ihat the only Ihing we have I0 fear is Rear irsey--nameless, unreasoning, unjuslified lerror which paral1':es needed efforts to convert retreal into advance. " Franklin D. Roosevelt JAMES O. CLEVELAND 43 Carver Rd. Wheeler 119 DEBORAH COHEN D0 Solon St. Wheeler AMY BETH COOPER 39 Donna Rd. Cutler I will never forget . . . , , l 1 N . if I 4 J I: 1 "' MARCIA CHERYL COHEN 61 Brierfield Rd. Goodwin Varsity Tennis l0. ll. l2: French Club 10: Spanish Club 12. To all my friends who helped make my years at South great- thanx! "A nd in lhe sweelness of-friendship le! there be laughter and sharing of pleasures . . Gibran iff, 120 JAMES STEVEN COHEN 85 Drumlin Rd. Cutler friend. you and I shall remain s1ranger's unro life And unlo one another. and each unlo himself Unlil the dav when you shall speak and I shall lislen Deeming -Your voice rm' own voice: And- When I shall srand before you Thinking mvself slanding before a mirror. Kahlil Gibran MARJORIE COHEN 447 Dudley Rd. Wheeler "Margy" "The name ofvfriend is common. but thegfailh ofjriendship is rare. " The world is a looking glass, and gives back ro everv man Ihe reflection of his own face. " i NANCY EVELYN COHEN 16 Country Club Rd. Goodwin "I am the advenrurer on a vovage of discovery, readv Io receive fresh impressions, eager for fresh horizons, no! in lhe spirit of a mililanl conquerer to impose ntvsey or mv ideas, bu! I0 identjv mysey in and unyfv with, whaiever I am able I0 recognize as signyicanlly par! of ME: Ihe "ME" of universal rhythms." Edward Weston DAVID J. COOPER 7 Wright Rd. Wheeler For man to eonrinue I0 survive in lhis world, he musl learn to pu! aside all warfare and lurn lo more civilized merhods ofpeace. SANDI COPMAN 20 Athelstane Rd. Goodwin "The wise man knows that imagination is not onli' a means of pleasing himsey' and bequiling tedious hours with romances and fairvtales . . . but also a means offorseeing and being prepared for realities as .vet unexperienced. and of testing the possibility and desirability of serious Utopias. " -George Bemard Shaw- WILLIAM T. CROWLEY 1093 Chestnut St. Wheeler i SALLY A. CORLEY 1665 Centre St. Wheeler "Pit" + "Gino" "Remember me when this you see, and bear in mind" That all people that fall can get up again, I remember Weeks and South for setting me right when I was not. E. O.. J. M., D. D., J. M., will linger on inside me. "I now bid my school fairwellf' Thanks! Love Pit Y ROBERT PAUL CORMIER 1 Josselyn Place Goodwin Dream on! The dump lives right! Dick, Quinn, Mash, Bumpy, Brillo. J.D., Chick. Sully, Bumba, Jack, Hutton. Weekends with Bud or his close friend Schiltz, CHARGERS! The Youth Croup. Chicks that mean a lot - Laura, Michelle, Summer of "73". Friends! College Bound. Good luck! Dream until your dreams come true! GEORGE FRANCIS CULLEN 73 Herrick Rd. Cutler How can I ever forget John F. All our messing around together. Including Driver Ed. and the car accidents. We always "Let the good times Roll." and Moye. How could I ever forget her!! And all the nuts in the front of the school. These things I'll never forget!!! ANDREW D. CUMMINGS 127 Dedham St. Goodwin N i STEVEN M. CRAMER 44 Indian Ridge Rd. Cutler --1 SUSAN CUTLER 83 Greenwood St. Wheeler " and miles I0 go before I sleep." -Roben Frost B A don't spill that madrassl bandaids. Have a heart. The LAKE summer of '72. '73, guard parties. Hey B. C.. did you see Andy IOX around campus. Thanks Mr. A. B.. anzo, houli A you finally got me. don't be ridiculous mona. right B? ERIC CARL CYKER 428 Dudley Rd. Cutler STEVEN A. DANA 99 Hagen Rd. Cutler "AH yes" I will never forget the good times at NSHS. Q 122 "Ah ---- another school day finally over!" LOIS KAY DANIN 43 Levbert Rd. Cutler "In the end the love you take is equal I0 the love you make." The Beatles I'll never forget: all the Christmas vacations in Bermuda, those certain blue eyes. colored lightbulbs. and midnight pool lessons. I will always remember all my good friends and the great times we've had. PETER CLARK DAVIDOW 105 Country Club Rd. Wheeler Vice President of Monday Sub Club: IO. "noli dubitare de parve nes. " DONNA DAVIS I5 Linda Lane Wheeler DAVID A. DAY 108 Lake Ave. Goodwin DEBRA P. DEAGLE 55 Goddard St. Wheeler Memories: 5!29!73, "Dream on". May Arts '73, Catillions. Tuesday Afternoons. Summers on the Cape with my friends. City Hall. Hoskins tent. Jungle Fever. Friendship and good times with J. J.. M. J.. A. L., P. W,. M. B., and Hecky. P.S. - Always remember - Fun. Fun, Fun 'til Daddy takes the Delta away! STEPHEN EDWARD DEAN 105 Oakdale Rd. Goodwin "Some men see things as they are and sat' why, I dream things that never were and say why' not. " I'l1 never forget France. The New York Times, and The Cutler House Project and all of the beautiful people that worked on ll. CYNTHIA LOUISE DELESDERNIER 115 Dickerman Rd. Wheeler I want to thank, my wonderful parents for all their help and guidance they gave me. If it weren't for them I wouldn't be graduating this year. I leave Newton South my sister Joanne. Good Luck! Work Study 2, 3g Great times with great friends 1, 2, 3, See ya later Tuba! KAREN ANNE DELUCA 182 Parker St. Wheeler "There's winds out on the oeean,' They 're blowing where they chose. But them winds ain't got no emotion, And they don 't know the blues. " James Taylor I leave to Southg 540 days of my lifeg 539 which I missed. Never forget: Nancy, Zane, Texaco, and my quizzling. See ya in Califomia. ri' I Xt i I DAVID ALLEN D'ERCOLE 10 O'Rourke Path Wheeler I woke up this morning, with love in mind it was rainin' outside, but nit' love still shines, It kept me warm till int' brain touched the sky . . . Neil Young Jaybirds with a fool on the hill. Randy what happened to our deal? Stage crew 1, 2. 33 Colorado. STEVEN P. DICKENS 25 Nickerson Rd. Wheeler JOAN MARJORIE DIENGOTT 22 Stone Ave. VVheeler "I have alwavs known That at last I would Take this road, but yesterday I did not know that it would be todav. " Narihira I owe special thanks to those special people who were there when I needed them ,-if fiff F .J f, 123 fi E JOSEPH DUGGAN 96 Erie Ave. Cutler Skinny, Dink Pizzy, Shields, Doc. Ed. Gymnastics 1, 2, 3, Toe. M KIMBERLY JOY DIETTE 39 Bowdoin St. Wheeler "The mind I swat' bv and the heart I bear shall never .sag with doubt. nor shake with-kar. " "I will not choose what man-v men desire, because I will notjump with Common spirits and rank me with the barbarous multitudes. " - Shakespeare I've had a love affair with NSHS ROSALBA DIMONDA l590 Centre St. Cutler N.S.H. was a real different experience! Never forget: Girls' Basketball team - lS.H.S.jg N.W.I-l. and all the green girls. - 3:00 Football, 3:30 Girls' Locker Room. "Buzz" - Starter and outside - strip. tFavoritesl Thanks everyone: D. D.. A. D.. M. D.. L. D., Marianne, Dianne, Delaney. Connie, Nancy. Ruthie. All my love to Bob. tchopper 8: "S.S."l . fl . all 'Jil i 'I if SHANNA EHRLICH 48 Oxford Rd. Goodwin David, He sent his draji cards to the government explaining he intended to live in a wav which Could affirm the lives of others not destrov them Saving no to death is savingyes to life, and saving yes to lje is against the law. David got three lvears. Joan Baez about her husband I, . 4' :a I ' T x AUDREY M. ENGLANDER 54 Selwyn Rd. Cutler THOMAS F. DUNCAN JR. 5 Agawam Rd. Goodwin ANDREA ROSE EFFENSON 600 Quinobeguin Rd. Goodwin "The extra calories needed for one hour of intense ejort would be eompletelv met bv eating of one ovster cracker or one half of a salted peanut. " Francis G. Benedict MARISE ANNE FACHER 152 Waban Ave. Cutler Mimi . . , Cutler House Project and the group running away . .. "I'm trying" . . . sitting by the gym . . . many, many absences . . . Eddie and Michael . . . sweet dreams and flying machines Provincetown summer of '73 radios, loneliness and friends CHANGES today is the first day of the rest of your life , . . goodbye. Newton South. EVA MARGARETHA ENGSTROM Sweden Goodwin Thank you to all my friends and teachers for making this year to one of my best. It was an experience to come to a different country. I welcome everybody to come and visit me if you come to Sweden. FREYDA EPSTEIN 15 Voss Terrace Cutler Like a bird on a wire Like a drunk in a midnite chair I have tried in my wav to befree. LS. CM. NG. RA. ER. ST. JH. JP, CC. ME. SR. JS, MASHPEE. APL. NC. EP, JY. MDC. BL. TW, BC, SP. PM, KS. BS. GAS. HL. JL. MAF. FAE. CHP. . 3 , ...Q .. 72:5 't I' V. fp .. ,n .9sSg::'. . V 211:32 5 . if-AI.-II' :1'.! n'-.'3 . NAIDE ERBA 175 Cypress St. Wheeler "There is no problem which cannot be solved, and no goal which cannot be reached. " I'1l always remember all the good times I had with C. A.. E. B., D. P. Thanks Bob for making each day worth living. For a great summer of '73. The fun I had at Bowen. l.,i RICHARD ALAN FAGIN 119 Harwich Rd. Cutler "Money mai' be the root of all eveil, but those of us who are smart enough to earn it are also smart enough not to repentfor it. " Foreign Language Honor Society - 2. ACS Chemistry Award - 2. I X DOROTHY ANN FALLOWS 5 Bellingham St. Goodwin "Just a few drops in their coffee . .. that should put them to sleep for a while." I 4 A AMY RUTH FADER I8 McCarthy Rd. Goodwin "Anything worth worrying about is worth laughing at. " RSR I'll never forget. mumble mumble. Drool. Drool. watch out for Trash Cans that jump into the street. KE: I hope NSHS doesn't tum into a prison before you get out! GGR gone but not forgotten. Summer of '73 PP 8: TB. 125 no-O x LYNN FELDMAN I4 Linda Lane Wheeler Fog Fog comes on little cats feet It sits looking over the harbor and city on silent haunches and then moves on, Carl Sandburg The Rhinoceros The rhino is a homely beast. For human eyes he's not a feast Farewell. farewell you old rhinoceros l'll stare at something less prepoceros. Ogden Nash WALTER A. FATINI 67 Elliot St. Cutler football l. 2. 3. wrestling I. 3 lacrosse 2. 3 "It's not that I love study less. but that I love fun more." D, K. Remember all V. Partie. All the people of the corner. it was a great time. Special thanks to A. M. who corrupted me. JACQUELINE M. FAULKNER 33 Fessender St. Cutler "Strive not to equal but to excel" volleyball. basketball F. G, B. J. M. J. A. O. -',-,...- I his ANDREW LEE FIELDING 58 Country Club Rd. Goodwin "If we cannot end now our differences. at least we can help make the world safe for diversity. For. in the final analysis, our most basic common link is that we all inhabit this small planet We all breathe the same air And we are all mortal." John Kennedy l NEAL D. FELDMAN 67 Andrew St. Goodwin QD DEBBY FIALKOW I33 Amold Rd Cutler "The reality of the other person is not in what he reveals to you. but in what he cannot. Therefore. if you understand him. listen not to what he says. rather to what he does not." TRUTH "stairway to Heaven . . . And it makes me wonder" ,Q Q I o l I, DAVID FINE 5 Botsford Rd Wheeler "I bid you to live in peace and patience without fear or hatred. and to succor the oppressed and love the lovely. and to be the friends of men. so that when ye are dead, men may say of you. they brought down Heaven to the Earth for a little while." William Morris 15 MARGERY BETH FISCHBEIN 70 Wendell RD Goodwin "It is impossible to live a pleasant life without living wisely and well and justly, and it is impossible to live wisely and well and justly without living pleasantly." Epi Curus BRUCE L. FINN 90 Leeson Lane Cutler JON RICHARD FIRGER 75 Devonshire RD Cutler Until we meet again . . . soccer, Baseball 'f X. l :ogQ.l.,q?P:Yio: g g.:..g..: . , , P R Q ' 0 0 Ulf 514' "Q, 'n'f::" Eo2'3 o 256' ' 1 w 'ff 4 ' 5' ' ' sis ha, . l 1 ' g .0 A If 0 5s.' 9 0 K 0.2 9 0. .JD ' . in I Q Q I 0 O 0 Q. 0 .Q 0: 'fain 23" mx' S Yafgsskl 1' 'o I I . ' s.O':. ...Q' ts. ' A v 0 b oo I6 loo :!.tQ'a. . ff, . "' Oieoo' 'O 9. Jn ENR., Ka h -'tw 3.vs.o? 0' ao n ,a r i- fs- if , --fl ? Yi 'g.-,fi-'..',a,z-.1-3.', I I K uf till. 1 :s.o..".'.'." Q ' .Q rx' t'E :so n voozigo' . we... - 50.175500 'o.. I',: MARLENE FISH 40 Grace RD Cutler I'll never forget: JT shows. weekends in Mtl, EJ "Mmmmm!", coffee raps, DS Poo, JV, aching to ski Bogi? CC, IF, S.N. Rapids, BEE-Bee, TSH 8. George - We won't know the true value of the past two years for some time. but wow it's been great! ALAN E. FISHSTEIN 47 Bontempo Rd. Goodwin MARA ELLEN FLASH 10 Duxbury Rd Goodwin "I try sometimes to imagine what it's like to be someone else, but it's pretending, it has to be me, who else is there?" "The Serpent" Thanks to D. G. - For all the good times, Con Ch, Voc ENS, S.T.W.g Jelly Roll, Naticook P.T.1 AEPI, How can I 1 . ROBYN AMY FISHER 67 Meadowbrook Rd Goodwin "FRIENDS are not bought and used, but earned and kept" Special thanks tog JOLMMBTBLBMKLRPMJDWHG never forget the good times. The summer of 73 - Israel and a certain someone there. July 20. Long C.I.G.s with P.m. The gray car, Mommy, rides to work, "I'm a trooper." Mich, Where's the music? Regulus 3. x I J 127 ,AF MARK JOEL FLICOP 121 Olde Field Rd. Cutler l'll never forget: Nardella. Harry. "TAXI", AV. PF, Tony. Hochstaedter, Rixiora "tonto", wongy. mike, sue. red light. "You can't always get what you want, but ifyou try' sometime you can get by todav. " - Mick Jagger Sophomore Cla-s Committee-10, Spanish Club- 12. 128 RICHARD H. FLASHMAN 99 Deborah Rd. Cutler You can't always get what you want but if you Irv sometime you mightfind, you get what you need. Rolling Stones MAURA BETH FLEISHMAN 21 Haynes Rd. Cutler Look to this Dain' For yesterday' is but a dream, and tomorrow is only' a visiong but today' well-lived makes every' yesterday' a dream of happiness, and every' tomorrow a vision of hope. "I get by with a little helpfrom rny' friends. . Thanks loads! HEIDY PERL FOGEL 89 Ripley St. Cutler We have provided for the survival of man against all enemies. except his fellow man. Lyman Lloyd Bryson Q'A,ti,x-ia?-:!:,i,J.'. 4 1 5. Q. 1rgL:?s'.e. v. v.-X..-. .l , ,, , A .fxs ,iyv L. ge., ,rf',?,lf-. -J - U . ' 7fX.fg.f. .iEhvg .3 xjg .JV s gg Ng.h..:ifi:5fg ..-L ,f...A'Q'-qi in: N ' ' 2' , . 'iv 4' N h 1 - - 'r V. 4g.,aT1..'r5-jw.,'--- . E' ' wg - ,i 4 7- f"ffvsSf-:fZEi-1a-.-J'-i":'f" Ss's,v"5??.'Q.?4:gxQ+'?'.,' '5fs:l?fRw,i.L. 11.- .. , av.,-u ve- Y , ff- r V -1. M .:- A-A 1- rr 1.2- ' f-6 +:MxQSzf',, ' f.:-,er i ali"-t3v.rf--.4 f:u'fs,11fw .4 Q safe", sf! -Ill' I Wxyxl 'N-f-mai' 1-'Q-"-' ,ll "fir 4' ' 1, , -,GQ I :ff- f ,Q-,xiii irlia , 2 ' ,Ag-4-A Qwrf.-'gif ,-'Y7?fi fri ii a. - -. A -1 .1 Q sr - at .. ly.--i .1 K A 'uf g4,"s.- -' , Q---fi, 1 - .2'hf+,r.'--11, fe-:S '.f'wp:f.'f .., af., - """ . 524' 1. ,EBC-. '-RT' A . .1g"QVw' x f"r4"'T'7.t.Xi1f's' ' ' -mf. " M--fi .. ' X", Tfgei- r .' 'lf AJP- W 'RY 155 X 1 . 1 1 "-.." '-es. Zim-5 X .. -eff ' .1 .-- 'f-- " : gf gf'e,5Lf.' ' -1.23 ft f f fggk?-. ' - . ' 5 'NW " f a ' ' V' :Qqfq "i'.f:Ff?Q ,l .- 3-Q' "FV Qff"',,L iv- k' KX " 'S ' - . ' ' N, ., -- .1 Hass , '- 4 -,N gfs, . . . J if lg 44" I ' ' "T" 1 N. X 2 -Y, '. . ., -rf ." 135: A .'.1--'51-Zi'3k?5fP3'f7. -.I . , ! x ., K, ., ,1.-X, ,., .5 Q -. J. N-sg , 5 ,f. ,:.,, n:x A, '. A. MILDRED W. FORREST 88 Vine St. Goodwin There is more to lje than achieving your goal. It is being able 10 enjoy' it. I can't forget all my true friends. parents and someone very special to me - David. Byron. how can I sum up our relationship? College weekends. summer "73". good times and the schemes. ROGER FONTECCHIO 66 John St. Cutler I oou1dn't have made it to school this last year it wasn't for the use car lot where we got all are parts. My thanks to all the J's. and also thanks to B Block Express. A SOPHIA FOUNTAS 750 Boylston St. Goodwin "Dreams are for those who sleep. Life is for us to keep. " Never forget Gerr. and Dec '72. Taxis. Garb's and Deb T.. John C. and calls. all my friends and remember Linda. Sonny wouldn't like that Studio '74 X , 3 .l 2 JOH S. FRANCHI 44 Orchard Ave. Wheeler Never forget George, The times we had and that aftemoon when that tree jumped in front of my car. "BUD" and the Bums out front. No way I can ever forget Diane and the weekends that went by so fast! The R and R Revivals l and 2. QQ MICHAEL A. FREEDMAN 141 Jackson St. Cutler MARJORIE ANNE FREEDMAN 301 Cypress St. Wheeler "Margie" "Don't look back to where you once had been, look straight ahead while walking through the rain . . . for the memories are drwing like snow." I'll never forget: the first time I met you, Florida '73 - amazing, the incident at the Cape, hot chocolate? . . . Many summer nights, . . . and someone very special! Spanish Club, Activities Committee. Student Teacher Evaluation. -. 'Hx JONATHAN LEE FRIEDMAN ELLIS ZACHARY 123 Adeline Rd. GABOVITCH Goodwin 178 Beethoven Ave Funny, it doesrft look like a Cutler kumbuat-l Ski Club Pr s l 2 3 Ou ng South was another roadblock on Club 1 Pres 2 3 Gefm U my endlessjourney to nowhere. Club C5 PICS AMY GAINSBORO 860 Dedham St. Cutler Uyou want something vert' much. you must let it go free, U it doesn't come back it wasnt yours to begin with but V it does, love itforever. " Europe "73". and em. what's P.P.H.? Tennis, Jude? Jo, C. W., Gorgo, R. C., "Sleeze", Hanky. Spitz. B. B.. Thanks Griels. JOAN MARIE GALVIN 1243 Walnut St. Cutler ' '... and then there wasfvou. " I'll never forget: All the good times. O. Zfs Bostons. Rides around. Henikens, movies. having fun, P. B., P. H., and J. C. and the fun we had growing up. Thank you Jay C. I enjoyed every moment, your so very special to me. Good luck to all. "Q PATRICIA A. GENTILE 9 Hillside Rd. Cutler RONNY GLUCK 104 Dorcar Rd. Wheeler A Salute to the Costa Rican Army, gavatches Dminos Bweeano Piasta. 3 weeks in May "73". 2 Horses-Necks, whist at Cary's, Bonging at Ed's. Blackberry Brandy. The BUSINESS with NZ, H.T.R. Boys. And HH's New Years Eve "73" Farewell to "the Men". 130 MARLA GARCIA 43 Steams St. Goodwin To see a world in a grain of sand And heaven in a wild flower. Hold infinity in the palm of your hand And Etemity in an hour. William Blake 0 r A. LISA J. GERSHALK 250 Spiers Rd. Cutler Happy the day that begins with a laugh! But if you stop to think a moment, how much more can we do for ourselves and each other than to lighten the burdens of reality with a smile and a chuckle. Elisabeth Deane - K 'mlb- LYNNE GOCHBERG 51 Crescent Ave. Goodwin "Live and Love. sing a song or dance a dance - Ka sera sera." "To the people who helped guide me through my high school years. and those whom I have memories." THE Concord in "72" with Cuz. a great 4some or Zsome LM. U.N.H. '73, et ma cher famille. ELLEN L. GOLDBERG 86 Varick Rd. Wheeler I would like to thank two great Parents, without whose guidance and help I wouldn't be where I am now. Also all my friends who helped me in my good and bad times. Colour niv World with hope, peace, and happiness I tu , ll ak- Q i 6- 3 Qu , . tl -, 'L " V v 3 I QSQ Ov I l yg I 7 I ' y Ml ln' 2 Y CONSTANCE H. GOLD 15 Sycamore Rd. Cutler "I've saved some sunlight if you should ever need a place away from darkness." Special thanks to all my friends. What's P.P.H.? I can't believe I saw-T! Love ya KAKA! France trip "73". summer of "72" six years of a unforgetable friendship! Dukey. Agnes, AF, W. S., RH. Jazz "73 74.. 1 1 -I, , l SHERRI L. GOLDBERG LISA F. GOLDENBERG 5 Esty Farm Rd. - Wheeler "One who has hope finds in himself hidden sources of life. He develops a sensitivity towards the feelings of others, and shares himself with others in friendship and love. He is ready to listen and to find directions for his life, pathways of meaning through the maze of human complexity." 231 Country Club Rd. Wheeler tux A Q FINA :I ' . S '. V ,N v 'Q' Q N " " g , 'i . , f , ' WILLIAM GOODMAN 5, ' .X ' 76 Beaconwood Rd. Wheeler l have only one life, and it is short enough. Why waste it on things I don't Want most? L. D. Brandeis soccer: 2, co-captain 3 Varsity Club: 2, 3 Ski Club: 1, 2,3 -'A A 7 ' 1 -v-V.-..,.. STEVEN GOLDMAN y 6a Chinian Path . Cutler 1 .',v ..l I" I . t . i7 i in -A . 'ilu '. .4 " ,-., A l DEBRA L. GOLDSTON 8 Ridgway Terrace Goodwin Man spends his life in reasoning the past complaining of the present and trembling for the future. I want to thank my friends, M. F., L. H., T. L.. J. G. for all the fun I had, Eh-wah Happen! Also my parents for being so wonderful. All my LOVE to EBB CYNTHIA L. GORDON 16 Cynthia Rd. Goodwin "Cindy" "A smile takes but a moment. but the memory of it lasts forever." l'll never forget the fantastic times: Nantasket, Prom "73", singing with Lee Daniels, March l3th", J. L. L. school plays, France in April. A beautiful friendship with Michele. The perfect brother. "Ricky thank you" Thanks to all my friends . . . CLIFFORD GORDON 459 Dudley Rd. Wheeler "It is only with the heart that one can see rightly: what is essential is invisible to the eye" Tennis Team. 131 NANCY S. GORDON l34 Pond Brook Rd. Goodwin "To-find lrue happiness. one 1711151 firslgfind lruefriends. " To my friends. l'll never forget you. Thanks for making these past 3 years tolerable. ROGER BRUCE GORDON 2l Cross Hill Rd. Goodwin I never le! schooling inlerfere wilh Int' eduealion . . "We spend half our lives worrying abou! Ihings Ihal never happen. " Mark Twain Loon "7O". Wist. Colorado "74". Killington with Nate: CRACK. H 8: R Boys fi libuster. Varsity soccer 2. 31 Varsity Tennis 2. 3: Orchestra 2. 3. Farewell to the "MEN". A special thanks to Robin B. SUSAN MARY GORDON 110 Charlemont St. Goodwin Thanks to all my friends. coaches. teachers. C.L.. M.H.. C.C.. D.M.. Thanks Mom and Dad and Nonnie. Field Hockey l. 2. 3: Basketball l. 2. 3: Outdoor Track l. 2. 31 Merstead Field Hockey Camp. Spain. "Become the one you dream you can be. " Peace 8: Love 6 . X I . i ' A ix MARCIE A. GORMAN 6 Brush Hill Rd. Wheeler STEVEN J. GOU LD 34 Margaret Rd. Cutler Fridays in the parking lot. Good times at the front and everything else. to keep me out of class. Always remember D.L.. T.H.. M.S.. R.F.. S.H.. J.S.. K.J.. C.T.. D.T.. Mad Mash. B.C.. B.S.. L.O.. B.C.. And all the other assorted rejects. Singing in H.R. P.S.. Hi M.K.. B.T. EDWARD GOVE 75 Lincoln St. Goodwin Gymnastics l. 2. 3. In the spring of '74 look for me in Woodstock N.Y. with D.E. and Thousand Oaks. Califomia getting even with J.D. for I7 years grief. MICHELE ESTA GRANT 19 Selwyn Rd. Goodwin "Mich" "A smile lakes but a moment bu! the memorv lasls forever. " I'll never forget sophomore French and Biology. Junior History. April l4. l973. MLF. Prom 1973. and a fantastic friendship with Cindy. A very special thank you to my parents. brother. and friends who have filled me with happiness. SHELLEY H. GRAY 40 Placid Rd. Goodwin HOWARD M. GREEN 12 Dorothy Rd. Wheeler "I'd think over all the things that ever happened to me. and mavbe I could make something out of them, something all in one piece that had a meaning, instead of all these trailing ends." J. Steinbeck BRITTA GREGERSEN Denmark Goodwin Thank you for a year filled with troubles. high prices, a strange language, different behavior. pollution, nice friends. good teachers. interesting activities and most of all: Experience and Homesickness. ELIZABETH JARMAN GRIESSE 19 Fairlee Terrace Wheeler U' a man does not keep pace with his companions, perhaps it is because he hears a dwerent drummer. Let him step to the music which he hears, however measured or far away. Thoreau 0 ' x GAIL GRODBERG 45 Alban Rd. Goodwin " When you know it thing, to hold that -you know i!,' and when you do not know a thing to allow that you do not know it - this is knowledge- " - Confucius - To my friends many thanx. I love ya all. lt would not have been this easy without vou. RANDY HOWARD GRODMAN 68 Haynes Rd. Goodwin Soccer -10. ll. 12: Tennis 10. ll. l21 Denebola Sports Editor 12. "Learning from each other's experiences is thefoundation upon which lw is based. " MARTIN J. GROSSMAN 65 Rachel Rd. Cutler 4' L' 1,1 "A potential ballerina . . .?" .k. ,jay ...,, .ina , A -.. .- X'1xxs - . -.. YK., 'Cx' .' 'Y 133 'S' THOMAS KARL HAGAN 32 Lakewood Rd. Wheeler exulting, as the moonlit rocks fled bv him, exulting as the tears streamed over his face--with his eves fixed excitedlv upon the blurred horizon--and the battering ofthe hoofbeats loud in his ears-- Titus rode out ofhis world. - Mervyn Peake, Gormenghast l Ing' MARTIN GRUBNER 1077 Chestnut St. Goodwin NOLI IURA RE VERBA MA GISTRI! JOSEPH HAGAN 968 Walnut St. Cutler And you run and you run to catch up with the sun, but it's sinking And racing around to come up behindivou again. The sun is the same in the relative wav. but you 're older And shorter of breath and one dav closer to death. "I've got to learn to drive: mommy and daddy already bought me a new car." 134 JOHN A. HALLGRING 24 Carlton Rd. Wheeler CHRISTINE HAMOS 83 Ripley St. Cutler "Chris" Life holds many memories. some of which can't go unsaid: my "Bobsy Twin" B.N., L.S.. K.W., M.P., V.L.. K.C. "goulies", summer of '72, "ya, good", Fri. nights, D.D.'s, concerts, drive-ins, "The Greasy Spoon". Homes away from home: Allston 8: Roslindale, Spring of '73, dances, parties, speedracer, forever making up excuses . . . RANDY LEE HAHN 636 Boylston St. Cutler "One day a man will be born who will strike terror in the hearts of evil men. " Stage crew l, 2, 3. Everyone is a Hummingbird. David, what deal! To D.D. and P.T.S. and B. Mc. Hello. LINDA ELIZABETH HALL 30 Plainfield St. Goodwin Never forget the Mafia: ASC, PSC, MG, JA, JB, and especially TJL. When's the next New Year's Weekend? Remember Nasson, NH in the rain, GP, NC, Memphis, and one pregnant knee. To BN, RP and CH, it was good. To LS, l'm sorry. Thanks gang 'cause we's BAD! LOUIS J. HERZOG l30 Oliver Rd. Goodwin AMY L. HANDSPICKER 56 Hartford St. Goodwin Blue haze brushes softlv Over liquid eternitv. Bouncing patterns of light. Sof laav sand Spreads blanket--like A1 dawn. Scattered green covers dunes Of crazy permanence, Standing high to the expanse And two souls, Silhouetted in rosey birth Join in praver to The freedom ofthe gulls. HOWARD S. HARRIS ll Lovett Rd. Goodwin I leave the H8:R boys a last memorable flickwist games at Hawks. I hop in the moming, A salute to the Costerican Army - gavatchos, Dminos, Bwaeano, piasta. Ski trips at loon and purity and two horsenecks, and farewell to the "MEN". and good times with J.L. Football IO: Baseball l0 WILLIAM HART 463 Waban Ave. Wheeler 716.553 J,- My "I'll make it if its the last thing I do." RICHARD G. HICKSON 63 Herrick Rd. Goodwin x x N . Ll fi' LAURIE HOFFMAN 30 Marcellus Dr. Wheeler A child educated onlv at school is an uneducated child To all - thanks! D.G. - Ey wah hapen! I.D.U. Whats for sale! T.L. - Come as you are G.H.! M.G. - its been tuff! Tom - may all your adventures be good. R.C. leaves an empty parkingspace. Thanks most of all to my parents. 1-0 1:-Q DAVID ALAN HEYMANN 63 Selwyn Rd. Goodwin "I prefer the most unjust peace to the jllSl6Sl WUI' Ihdl WHS ever waged." - Cicero Thanks to all my friends who helped me survive the three years at South. I'll never forget B.P's office, summer concerts and Saturday nights. Mildred, Thanks for the great times and remember I'll always feel the way I do. 135 MICHAEL JON HOOKAILO 113 Deborah Rd. Goodwin "LU'e can only be understood backwardsg but it must be lived forewards. " I'll never forget: I HOP. One last flick for the H8:R Boys tno filibustersj. Butchls spanish class. Hawk for president. Hello to "The Men". and good-bye to South. 136 DONNA LOUISE HOOD ll Allen Ave. Wheeler Where there isjaith, there is love. Where there is love, there is peace. Where there is peace there is God, Where there is God, There is no need PATRICIA M. HOULIHAN 1039 Walnut St. Cutler 'Pattie", "Houpie" "The world belongs to all of us, so make hvoursehfat home. " Remember?: summer of "72"g Long talks: parties: THE round tableg the corner: getting rowdyg NH. at C.K.'sg B.C. 6x3 Beach Boys Concert with .l.C. and parkiesg Rots a Ruck to all. Thanks for the memories. Its been real F.U.L. Swim team, Cheerleading lf 3 KEVIN R. HOWARD 185 Allen Ave. Wheeler PHILIP D. HOROWITZ 64 Clifton Rd. Wheeler Things are getting rough all around We've just got to make it the best wav we can, and that's all there is to it. " I'll always remember being late for homeroom everyday because of a certain tradition. the ranks and all the lies from M.R. RICHARD M. HOWARD 112 Louise Rd. Cutler DANIEL HOWELL 16 Kingston Rd. Cutler A passion Play: Now this mav not seem strange, but when Owl overhead Kangaroo whisper to no one in particular, "THE Hare has lost his spectacles." well, he began to wonder. Hare didn 't care. The lost spectacles were his own affair. And aper all, Hare DID have a spare pair. THOMAS HUTTON 206 Elliot St. Cutler I leave Newton South my brother and his friends, in 10 yrs. they eouldn't cause as much trouble as we did in three. I'll always remember MS., J.B., D.R., S.G,. R.I.., B.C.. J.Q.. EM., B.C., R.M.. R.F., K.R., and all the girls I knew . Also Dunkin Donuts and parking lot. AL. STEVEN P HYNDS RYNA JACKSON 428 Parker St ll9 AUCIIOII Rd. Cutler Cutler French Club 10, ll. Vice Pres. 12g Concert Choir ll, 123 Vocal Ensemble 123 Musical 10, ll, 121 Volleyball ll. "He not busy being born, is busy dying." Bob Dylan Much thanks to Mr.A. KENNETH JAQU ES 99 Bowdoin St. Wheeler Never forget l!4!73. "Beth", Best wishes to SG. and J.D. and Roger the grape squisher. Bye to Goon 8: Greature, Bye to BC. 8: His pal EM.. Franchi. his l60 MPN Road Runner Hal. Bye to Supreme Gang. P.S. Beth G.O. T.R. SUSAN KAY JACOBSON JAN M JEFFERSON 70 Varick Rd. 52 Dale Sl Wheeler Wheeler I've though! ofen and seriouslt' of picking huckleberries. Thoreau KAREN MARIE JOHNSON 380 Winchester St. Wheeler When I grow up I want to grow hot-dogs in my backyard and be a wine taster. I leave South two years to get ready for the next Johnson. Good luck Janet! Linda. your turn will come. Heartfelt Thanks to: Mrs. Sessler, Sam and especially mom and dad. - I X ,l I 1 AMY L'YNN KAHN 45 Pine Ridge Rd. Goodwin man does not keep pace with his companions. Perhaps it is because he hears a different drummer, Let him step to the music he hears however measured or far awav. " - Thoreau JAMES DENNIS JOHNSTON JR. IO9 Herrick Cir. Goodwin BARBARA LEE JOHNSTONE 23 Winter St. Cutler PRA ISE THE LORD! Never forget: Noodles and Tomatoes. saggy socks and baked goods. Moldy friends doing numbers. squaredancing. wine. moustache's and winking. sardines and pickles with Paul. Baseball Joe. Jackass. D,A.D.. ll26l73 with my "I-Iunni". What would happen if: I went to Texas'?!! Thanks Dave. Coop. f"'-X '79 hav hsirx Z5 131 138 "The question is . . , did the plastic surgery really help?" RANDI B. KAPLAN 43 Hanson Rd. Wheeler "Friendship is the shadow at evening' It grows until the sun oflik sets. " Thanx to all my friends and family. -5 4' STEPHEN BLAIR KAPLAN 66 Esty Farm Rd. Cutler For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul? I Q a JULIA ALLYN KAHN I89 Hartman Rd. Goodwin Times and things I will remember - Summer of '73. Solitary Confinement in Surfside, Last minute parties at my house. "Beware of small foreign cars." Don't accept an offer to read the temperature of your friends pool- ff" QL1? V ,J Xxx I ITTAI KAN 54 Waban Ave. Wheeler "1 have thought too much to stoop to action. " JODI LYNN KAUFMAN 123 Adeline Road Cutler you smile at me I will understand cuz that is something everybody does in the same language. " - Crosby 8: Stills Sam do you remember - Want a "CAT", the 3 G's, my friends, J.M., K.S.. J.H., L.S., L.D., L.A.. D.M. I'll never forget the summer of "73" at Nantasket. , , l 5 V' ta JONATHAN ERIC KAPSTEN 60 Puritan Rd. Goodwin The Road goes ever on and on Down pam the door where it began. Nowfar ahead the Road has gone, And I mustfollow, lfl can, Pursuing it with eagerfeet, Until itjoins some larger wav Where many paths and errands meet. And whither then? I cannot say J.R.R. Tolkien WENDY ELLEN KARG 31 Fox Lane Cutler They say to me, "You and the world you live in are but a grain of sand upon the infinite shore of an infinite sea. l' And in my dream I say to them, "I am the infinite sea, and all worlds are but grains of sand upon my shore. " WILLIAM KAROL Cutler "Bill" Tennis IVJ l, 2, fSenior memberj 33 Orchestra 3g Wrestling 2. A salute to the Costa Rican Army, gavatchos Dminos Bweeanos Piasta. Farewell to the men. Anything the men did I did to So Long Baby. I Cutler 535252 BENNETT NATHAN KAYE 580 Quinobegquin Rd. We are what we pretend to be, so we must be careful about what we pretend to be. " "Poo-Tee- Wee! Kurt Vonnegut Jr. MARIE EILEEN KEEFE 9 Daniel St. Cutler Climb ev'ry mountain, follow evlrv stream, follow ev 'ry rainbow till you fnd your dream. My love, and thanks to my great teachers. wonderful parents, my best friend Belinda, the gang, and Donny, that someone special, who have made my three years great. Goodybe Newton South. QI gig! Q lloilvfllliilgl l LINDA SUE KAUFMAN 109 Dorcar Rd. Wheeler "For everv minute you are angry you lose sixty seconds of happines.. " I'lI never forget our Fri. 84 Sat. nights - fourstars - Mac's - M8cM's - How about a party? and especially my friends. What would happen if we did it all over again - L.S.D. 139 fd-v I . li RICHARD ALLEN KELLEM 84 Rachel Rd. Cutler "Anyone wan! I0 hi! the brew?" France with the Glick, J. B., the Capri, NPD. The corner '73, RT. ST, KH, TL, PH. AM, The gang. LS. MF, SJ. SG. AB. Crusing. brew, brigs, summer of '73, stargazing CB, NZ, The draught backs. I x ' 1 1 . K I H ,X W, I rx , N 5 -SVXQ hr X, ," -TA .. ' I 4 wh! I ll 1 K 't -T HASKELL CHARLES KINGSTON 85 Elgin St. Goodwin "Since the span of lik which we enjov is shorl, Ie! us make III? nieniofi' of our livex ar long as possible, " Wrestling I, 2, 31 Varsity Club I. 2, 31 Football I, 2. 3. Memories Summer of "73", the Guys. the Gang, Victory Parties and M. K. 140 ELIZABETH KENT SIS Dudley Rd. Cutler RUSSELL W. KINTNER I9 Mountfort Rd. Cutler SATO KNUDSEN 43 Halcyon Rd. Wheeler lt s lime I0 leave. KAREN LYN KIRSCHTEL 22 Avery Path Goodwin '.Hl11fQf what I sql' is meaningless: but I sqm' if so tha! lhe other half mqx' reach you. " Gibran I'II never forget good times and great fnends. at school and in U.S.Y. Thanks for everything S. V... Having a second family, and especially August "73" and good times. MARCY KOPELMAN 78 Esty Farm Rd. Goodwin "The deepest feeling always .shows ilselfin silence. " Special love to my family and many thanks to my friends, who I've shared so many great times with especially in the unforgettable summer of '73. "Dream unlil your dreams come rrue. " ' , , 1 ' A . ' . . , . .1 . . , .r .H ir- - P. A , "" 3. ELLEN BRYNA KORSAKOV 86 Drumlin Rd. Cutler STEPHEN J. KORN 52 Larchmont Ave. Wheeler "Steve", "Sweet-Korn" Don'1 fri' I0 be good Irv to be belief. '. .1 Y Q 4 "By George. I think I've got it." PETER N. KOTZEN 45 Fenwick Rd. Wheeler PHILIP AARON KRAMER 127 Olde Field Rd. Cutler "Those lhai can. do Those tha! can 'r, leach. Those that can'1 teach. admin isrrate. " anon "Don't go around saying Ihe world owes you a livin g. The world owesyou norhing. II was here firsl. " Mark Twain CAROL LESLIE KRESS ll Puritan Rd. Cutler Live your life so lhar when you look back on lI'1'0ll will be happy and have nor regrels. Always remember: Rowdy times with A. M.. B. S.. E. T.. P. H., S. C... and othersg many fine winters of skiing in N.H1 "Sleeze". and I'll F.U.L, Field Hockey I. 2. co-Capt. 31 Basketball 2, co-capt. 3: G.A.A. 2. Pres. 3. DEBORAH KRAMER 476 Dedham St. I'd like to know what this whole show is all about before it's out. I think I can Cakewalk info lown Taj 3' T i 1,1 A SQ' I EDWARD C. LAFFERTY 1875 Beacon St. Goodwin JUDITH E. LAMPERT 21 Broken Tree Rd. Cutler "Jude" "We are one alone and onlt '... and we love you who are one... alone... ana' onlin" Remember . . . Spain "72" with Kerrie. Thank you. we must discuss. Debi. Liz. have any? L. H.. B. S.. the Best. S. T.. S. L.. thank forthe good times H. H. "Yes you've got to have friends." 142 JEFFREY KUBLIN 32 Olde Field Rd. Goodwin' This is nor the end I1 is not even rhe beginning ofthe end Bur ir is. perhaps. Ihe end Qflll6 beginning. " NANCI JAYNE KULESZA 38 Mechanic St. Goodwin Slrugglingforfreedom wirh love is lhe realizalion ofyour dreams. :he fixyillmenl ofyour needs. I'll never forget my history class with Mrs. Katz. the summer of'72 with a certain someone. and looking for ice cream. Good luck to all my friends especially J. B., R. D.. M. A. B. and E. G. 4 .. s- PAM LANDY NANCY LATNER I5 Deborah Rd. 12 Rokeby Rd. Cutler Cutler Si, es muy bella pero no Ienemos necesidad de ella ahora, V ademas, es un azar defzego. Rapunzel. 8 lg, -'tl " -1 RS X I t. JOHN H. LAPIDUS 50 Donna Rd. Cutler JOANN LAZOVICK 853 Dedham St. Goodwin "Jo" "I am not interested so much in what I do with my hands or words as what I do with myfeelings. I want to livejrom the inside out, not jrom the outside in. " Hugh Prather Jimmy - I love you. CHARLENE MARY LEBLANC 9 Roland St. Wheeler "The only dwerence between stumbling blocks and stepping stones is the wav you use them. " I'Il always remember all the times spent with friends, my trip to Califomia, Summer of '72 and "the best way out of difficulty is through it." Field Hockey, Basketball co-capt., Boy's Track. G.A.A. Vice President. AMY J. LECHTEN 45 Columbine Rd. Wheeler Ll. I I JAN E. LERBINGER 28 Lakewood Rd. Goodwin ROBERT WILLIAM LEIN I0 Oak Terrace Cutler Cheer. cheer for old Newton South we're gonna get it right in the mouth. "All you have to do is show 'em your best side. " Dennis Sheridan nl 415 BARRY KEITH LEVENSON 337 Upland Ave. Cutler "IVhat you are speaks so loudly, I can't hear what-you say. " Photographer - Denebola, Stage Band, Marching Band, Ski Club. Wrestling, Medical Explorers Post. I'll always remember: Skiing in Cervinia, Italy l973g Halloween, Great friends and great timesg and my high school sweetheart - "Mustang Sally." SUSAN JOAN LESSER 28 Nardell Rd, Cutler Every man is an individual. beautjul in his own separate wav. Sometimes it takes a lot of time and effort 10 fnd that certain beauty, but rewarding. Those who are themselves, and take the time to find out what others are really like. are specialpeople. 143 MARC LEYENSON 32 Yerndale Rd. Cutler "Lev" "1 shall find all precious suhstanfe. " I can remember good times at J. Sfs house when the eat jumped out oi' the tree for the FIRST time! To the very best in the world Robin JEFFREY NATHAN LEYIN I0 Southwick Road Goodwin "He that befriends all. in truth. befriends none. " Tennis I. 2. 31 Hockey 2, SONIA HELEN LEYIN 32 Paul St. Goodwin "As soon as this rush is over. I'm going to have a nervous breakdown. I worked for it, I deserve it, and no one is going to deprive me ofit. " Anonymous r rr I P, 5 n,rrrrrrr, , rrrrrrf iltiiiw llllll mi I iii- il Nl eXKXX 'xk"kk ll X 144 SANDRA G. LEVINE 60 Farina Rd. Cutler STUART LEVINE 6 Chatham Rd. Goodwin "When I use a word. it means just what I choose it to mean--neither more nor less." "The question is whether you can make words mean so mam' different things. " "The question is which is to be master'-that 's all. SHERYL ANN LEVITT 75 Lovett Rd. Wheeler "To those of us with real understanding. music is the onli' pure art form. " Concert choir I. 2: Musical 2: Vocal Ensemble 3: Regulus 3. ,DAVID LIBERMAN I8 Van Roosen Rd. Cutler "A friend is someone with whom mu can communicate through the medium oftotal silence. " RICHARD A. MAHONEY 38 High St. Wheeler MICHAEL DAVID MALMAD 37 Stony Brae Rd. Wheeler "Gadzooks, Captain America! What do we do now?? What .loin in the celebration. " I shall never forget the words + wisdom of Newton South. No matter how hard I try. And suburban shall live forever!! W. C. Fields Temperance and Baby kissing Society I. 2. 3. HELEN RUTH MANDELL 21 Allen Ave. Goodwin "People ask you for criticism but they only want praise. " Maugham Thank you M+D for all your patience. JORINDA AMI MARGOLIS I2 Bumside Rd. Cutler I can see it, shining somewhere Bright lights somewhere invite me to come there and learn. And I 'm Ready. - The Fantastiks L 5 if -'Uh I DENISE MAREE MARIETTI 13 Abbot St. Cutler Hope t cannot suv much now about that which fills my heart and soul, lfeel like L1 Seeded field in mtdwinter. and I know that spring is coming, .Uv brooks will run and the little life that sleeps in me will rite to the surfltce when called. Kahlil Gibran DAVID WILLIAM MARK I7 Larch Rd. Cutler JUDITH ELLEN MARNOY S8 Harwich Rd. Wheeler "Judy" "To mv friends a thank you song for being kind to me. " Thanks to J. K.. J. H.. L. Z.. S. L,. D. M.. L. S.. J. M.. S..K.. Home on the range with Jimmie and Jodie tisn't that cutej and Bart and me! With great appreciation and love to my parents for putting up with me. X 'ef' '9- JOAN GAYLE MCCLORY 25 Chase St. Goodwin "Joni" I'll never forget all the great times at N.S.H.S.. and all the people who helped make them, Special thanks to Big-B. and Michael for putting up with me. Ellen what can I say except. your friendship means everything to me! More words for Judy! Love 'GRASSY." Thanks mom. nana and Zaidy. I leave to N,S.H.S.. the last in line, Good Luck! GG. AT. JC. EK. BM. MM. AR. ANN MASON V 283 Winchester St. Cutler "He mai' never pass this w i' again." Always remember: Nort Conway, CDS - blackeye, th corner. "What's the buzz'?". Halloween-Pumpkegg. Thanksgiv- ing "72". the round "table". "in the bag". getting rowdy. and to all my friends H Thanks for the memories and FUL, Cheering tCapn.l: Field Hockey: Volleyball: GAA 21 treasurer 3. 463 PAUL M. MATSUSAKA 83 Agawam Rd. Wheeler PATRICIA ANN MEINHART 182 Beethoven Ave. Goodwin "Pati" What are heaijv? Sea. Sand di Sorrow What are brief?Todav cf: Tomorrow What are whail? Spring blossoms di Youth What are deep? The Ocean di Truth The roc: Marthas Vineyard '73 with KMC 8: company. The lighthouse 8: South beach. Punkins! Diet'??. Sudsy-Autos. cheeks 8: red sneax. Thank you J.D., B.M., M.K.. M.B.. PH.. R.F., T.I-I, Points Beth! Gymnastics I: Cheerleading 3. I ix if ' Y LESLEY MEIROVITZ 54 Clark St. Goodwin Eagle in evrie. ox in pasture, Hart horn-crownedf hawk is swihest Swan the whitest, serpent coldest Tolkien Rairtv Dar. dream awav Let the sun take a holidax' Flowers bathe and see the children plat' think I can groove on a faint' Vg! ' aw., 148 DELORES MARIE MCDONALD 19 Elliot Terr. Cutler "DEE DEE" Track. German Club. Ski Club. "Some men see things as they are and sax' whv. I dream things that never were and sat' wht' not. " S C I'll love you till the "Twelfth of neveri" Good times with J.M.. C.W.. L.B.. V.S.. S.S.. AND S.M. li BRYAN S. MCMULLIN l69 Dickerman Rd. Goodwin 224 Lincoln St. Wheeler "To be able io find jo-x' in anoiher's jobq Ihai is ihe secrei of happiness. " Thanks for the help and love of my wonderful family und xpeeiiil friends. We had such a great time! 5.2 1 1 l RINA MARLENE MILLER l05 Wayne Rd. Wheeler Ifa man does noi keep pace wilh his companions, perhaps ii is because he hears a differeni drummer. Le! him siep I0 the music he hears. however measured andfar awav. " Thank you. my family and wonderful friends. for always keeping me within hearing distance of that different drummer. rows NJDREW PALTL MODEST Andrew Sl. od made mud. God Ngo! ie. So God said In some of mud 'sir i1p'. 'See all I've made '. said God 'ihe hills. ihe sell ihe sky, ll1?SItII'Vl And I was some of lhe mud llltll gil! lo vii up ana' look around. Lucky mud .Vice going Goa'.' fBokonon ANNE SUSAN MODEST 63 Broken Tree Rd. Goodwin "I I0ldll16'.SllI1 fha! I was glad I'm sure I don 'I know wht" Somehow ihe pleasani way he had Qfshining in the skv, .lust pu! a noiion in mx' head Tha! wouldn'I ii befun If walking on the hill. I said "I'm l1U'l7ll7-I", Io lhe Sun. " - John Drinkwaler ,intl l fffx SUSAN CAROL MILLER 4-4 Walnut Place G0OdWll'1 Revoluiion means Ialking io people: ii means clzanging minds and hearis. I've been fold llllll human naiure is YIIIIIQC. never- changing. Bu! I ihink if somelhing becomes viral righi before Vwnir face. human naiiire undergoes ILIVIIHSIIIC' changes--all because people have a vision ofhope. Joan Baez l-19 ,4-0 i' if ANDREW A. MOORE 2054 Beacon St. Goodwin Ltfe is like an Artichoke, you have to go through so much to get so little. 150 GREGORY J. MONAHON I 5 Chester St. Q Cutler "Greg" I Skiing Club 2. 31 Outing Club 3. Ed. Shab. Starky. Hem. Skinnj Jumpin J. Pizzy and all other take it easv. HILARY RUTH MONAHON l 5 Chester St. Wheeler Imagination is as good as mai voyages, and how much Cheap. Hubbuly-Bubbuly f youre bot nuts. thanks didn't think we'd pt it off. Zabruski and vegeskates stump with 506. 500. 525 wr else? Gumby lives . . . funny stall ot' mind, having a good day. ZT J.G.. lN.M.H. thanks a lt everyone. ELYSSA MOORE 49 Truman Rd. Cutler Sometimes our deepest kelings are the hardest to express . . . France Trip "73". To my very special friends. thanx for making my years at South memorable and the best. JANE MARTHA MOREAU 14 Summer St. Cutler I'll never forget: W.R.. A.B.A. N.B.A. butterscotch sundaes. McDonald's. bluestreaks. "off the side boards". everybody in the commons and of course the boring classes. STEPHANIE LATRELLE MURPHY 107 Ormonn St. f v Wheeler ' V I 've prayed and slaves and waited. and I've sung my song. You've bled me and you 've starved me but I 've still grown stron g. You 've lashed me and you 've freed me and You 've evervthiqg but freed me. But in time 'vou'll know you need me and it won 'I be long. CAROL LOUISE NALLY I2 Bemard St. Goodwin "The best part of ones We consists of his friendships. " Pink, Youth group, Copenhagen, Califomia, Jelly Beans. Sweet Sixteen, OTEV, Cafeteria. TEC 33. "One day you'll look to see I've gone, for tomorrow may rain so I'll follow the sun." Thanks for a wonderful family 8: so many friends. SARAH ROBINSON NAUSS 9 Forest St. Wheeler "IN de weiden grasen de vreedzame dierenq de reigers :eilen over blinkend meren, de roerdeompen slann by een konkere plus: en in de uilerwaarden mel golvende slaarlen over golvende gras." Never forget - Godspell Jubiliation, Coffee-houses, Summers in Holland, my other family. spaghetti Dinners, V.D. Ball, and Everyone. STEPHANIE NASTRI 1667 Centre St. Goodwin Never forget 3!4!73, 64 Pontiac. Pats cottage, Drive-ins. Softball Game, Drags, and all the great times I had with P.T. and the gang. B.S., N.O.B., D.T., C.T.. J.S., L.O., M.S., T.Y., J.B., T.M., JDA. Hey Pit! If its the last thing you do GOTR. NOB and JB BOATS BARBARA NECTOW 308 Cypress St. Cutler Well I'm finally out!! I bet Cutler House is glad to hear that. I'll never forget all the fun times I had in South, getting caught smoking in school. getting kicked out etc. All I can say is I hope college is better than this! CARY R. NIEDERMAN ll Brandeis Circle Goodwin ANITA NAN NEIMAN I33 Harwich Rd. Wheeler "Thev have achieved success who have lived to maturizy, laughed open, and loved much for these are Iks most valued possessions. " EZ. DK, EL, RG. and others always remembered C.P 7 yrs. Billy Boy - 2 yrs. WOZ CCC AGYG M+H. MAF "74" Rehearsals Practices. You're right. I never could sing. M-D-G. Foreign Language Certificate of Honor 2: Cheerleader 3, r' X95 ,ni Xxx , f ' x.q gg. ...CN I ., -'Q , ' 1 l l 1 v 'I is .. - .A f ll -K' MICHELE NEEDLEMAN 550 Dudley Rd. Cutler 151 I 6' 'rn 1 Aiwa 10" A N LYNETTE MARCELLA NEPTON 65 McLellan St. Goodwin I could never forget any of the experiences I had in Newton South. I loved the Track. Volleyball. Field Hockey and Basketball. We had such good teams, 1 will always remember the Black Student fashion show in 1972. Good luck to all graduating Seniors. 'S-V .pl fx ll I , JONATHAN S. NEWNIAN 120 Dorset Rd. Wheeler xt 152 DAVID WARREN NOON 66 Nardell Rd. Cutler There is no comparison between that which is lost by succeeding and that which is lost br not Irving." Soph. Basketball 13 Intramural Basketball 23 Regulus Staff 31 Explorers Club 3. RLIPERT NEWTON 51 Rockledge Rd. Cutler This passage from the enforced enthusiasm of the innerman to conscious and "scientific" organization of the external man is well illustrated in the words of an ex-leader of communist youth. This is what Lei. a refugee in Hong Kong said. "The puradt'gm promuigulmti perrneution has perxervcd our pet'i'cptt'onv into , . , " ANNE MARIE OBRIEN 1208 Walnut St. Wheeler Three strikes and your out. I'll never forget SN. DT, LMT, JW, GV, BC, RM, KW, CT, Fall of "71", Tommy P. Kathy, PS Gang. Love forever to Tommy. Favorite Saying: Right Here, huh JW. I leave to NSHS: One more O'Brien to come. Thank: Mark Young. Judy Malone, BOATS! t-1 rf-it. i F- f-Ai -5 I 5? ? f- -, E . IQ fi f - -...N -, ,i ,-Q -fx ,.., .. 0 1 1 PATRICK NUZZ1 380 Boylston St. Cutler To this school I leave all my happy memories at the corner. I also leave one Parking Spot that J.G. could never get there in the moming before me. All I can say is now he can have it. - T.G.I.F. 'N Q f I I owl. 4 NX I AN 1 .. v ffl TRP-6 JOHN M. OLEM 140 Allen Ave. Goodwin The man who reads oniv fo improvement is bevond the hope of much improvement be ore he begins. i ' I1 x JL J T Vit Ni W N i X. J 4 I7 8 ,xy f I +. x fm 9:1 , Q W, .5 Q TP 6 '-I W 1 1 f .l.D, f C-I wif' 'Q ei? V Y' 1 C3 ELIZABETH OPPENHEIM 294 Greenwood St. Goodwin X i X CONSTANCE ORSOGNA 36 Pennsylvania Ave. Cutler "Connie" Love to: DCRPKDDGCMRD MGRLEERDDAKRBDDMDD PSDFSJGBCJD. Memories to: J 8: WBN. Thank You: TCBKJPBSBF. Good things come in sixes, dynamite. Mayflower Inn. velocity of a sneeze. hey hey. redeye, dunes at white horse. helium ballons. holding fast to dreams. EMILY OSMAN 212 Plymouth Rd. Goodwin Well it's been tough, but I firally made it. Many thanks to .I.M., S.C., D.D., M.Y,, you've really helped. Sorry for hassels R.B. Sorry you missed out S.K. and V.B., but you had your fun. I'll never forget the dummy program and everyone in it. "I love you T.P." i l V NANCY EVELYN OSBORN 984 Chestnut St. Cutler I leave here my four brothers and three sisters, "have faith". I look back on all of this and laugh, "you bet." Will they let Jeanne bring her gi-gi to college?! I deserve to skip today, I went yesterday. Didn't I? YEA! It's Friday!!Michael Fay, Barbie Baby. M.Y.F. FELICIA N. PAZOS 56 Paul St. Goodwin J f 'dl TTT? CARON PALDER 10 Osborne Path Cutler N0b0dv's pejecl. Each man is a mixiure of good qualities and nor- so-good qualities. In considering our fellow man we should remember his goodness and realize tha! his faults are onlv human, We should refrain fam making harsh judgments ofa person just because hes a diriv S.O.B. 153 TINA PEARLSTEIN ll Myerson Lane Goodwin Save your Dixie cups, South will rise again. G. G. gone but not forgotten. s.b-" 1 A W 1 iL92'f'i2il?ff'l it LINDA M. PELLEGRINI 402 Parker St. Cutler BRUCE PHILLIPS ll6 Andrew St. Goodwin "I don 'I need a reason I0 be happv. For I don 'I have 10 consul! the fixture I0 know how happy I feel now." Thanks for teaching me about matters of importance. 154 DONNA MARIE PENZO 30 Floral St. Wheeler The pages oflhv book, I read, And as I Closed each one. Mr hear! responding ever Said, "ServenI of God.' Well d0ne."' Thank You, E. B., C. A., N. E. and B. R. for these three great years. "See Ya." S'-' 1? ' f fff' vt- l5 Halcyon Rd. 47 Stearns SL Wheeler Goodwin Vd fU1h6'Vl00k f1f0U'1d me- Trip to Flo. in '72, Summer of compose a better Song. for lha1's '73, limes with B, J. - H, R, - C4 the honest measure ofmy Worth D, - L, M, - F, B, - L, J, South lan Anderson - The type of school you would want to go to. L Mi eff' A Q f !f,syl'g 1 I J. C43 RUSSELL S. PIZZOGLIO 976 Beacon St. Wheeler I thought I'd never see the last day of school, but at last that day has come. I want to thank all my friends for the good times we've had together. J. S.. K. H.. J. D.. J. O.. E. G., E. S., D. S.. B. K.. M. H. JONATHAN- S. POZNER 63 Audubon Drive Cutler "Poz" "If man were meant to he'd have wings. " Never forget: Bio with Coop + Dickie, Softball, summer of '73 with MF, SD, BW, LZ, SW and village green Thursday nights. Steve, never forget N. H., summer '73 and chocura with the Black Flies. Webber, we have the ice Friday? RUTHANN M. PRECIOUS I5 Shawmut Park Cutler " We 've onlvjust begun. " Dynamite, class of '74. "You've got a friend." Pigpen CCD Youth Group 70-74. Play it again, Hun. Camp what's next, you're kidding. FRIENDSHIP. Much love to: FBCODCDPKRCSRDSDBDDA Ll-IJPBKTCBFSFA. S-E-E-S- P-O-T R- U-N NANCI RACHINS 58 Elinor Rd. Wheeler Fat cat in the top hat thinks he's an aristocrat and thats crap. Memories: Pairs '73 in April and a special person Emil. Xi! 7 2 CHARLOTTE LYNNE RAMSEY 940 Dedham St. Goodwin When I look back on all the crap I learned in High School. . .U I realize now that it wasn't all that bad. Good luck to all Seniors! ,.L KENNETH RACKOWSKI 22 Columbia Ave. Cutler MICHAEL M. RESNICK I6 Brandeis Circle Wheeler I will never forget the great times I had at Newton South, on Friday nights. and the great summer I had with my friends. It's pretty hard to write something to end 3 years at Newton South when nothing happened. P. S. maybe I will forget after all. ALAN REEF 75 Rachel Rd. Goodwin I shall be talling this with a sigh Somewhere ages and ages hence two roads Divered in a wood, and I took the one Less traveled by, and that has made all the dwerence. 155 111-"I X l CHRIS REYNES 27 Suffolk Rd. Cutler ERIC M. RICHMAN 46 Roundwood Rd. Wheeler 156 BYRON D. RESS 45 Pontiac Rd. Wheeler ELLEN RICEMAN 65 Allerton Rd. Cutler Never imagine yourself not to be otherwise than what it might appear to others than what you were or might have been was not otherwise than what you had been would have appeared to them to be otherwise. Lewis Carroll STEPHEN G. RITTENBERG GEMMA S. ROBINSON I6 Statson Way I0 Hyde St. Wheeler Cutler Baseball l. 2. 3. "Adam. l don't care about your adolescent hang ups. just stop talking to the xpecimens!! JIMMY ROBLIN ll3 Deborah Rd. . Goodwin "Crime doesnt par. but cops don 'I make much money either. " I leave the H + R Boys one linal flick. I'll always remember the "Toe", and my tremendous football career. skiing and the shire. weekends. which you can't live without. and Chinkers on Sunday night, MARK NA ROSENFIELD SUSAN ROSENGARTEN lll Stanley Rd. Cutler 38 Locksley Rd. Goodwin Mvjriends are mv needs answered. MARK ROSENTHAL 49 Placid Rd. Wheeler bf.- 7. , .f '- X - M.. pg 0- 3 MARK S. RUBIN 960 Dedham St. Wheeler A lasting friendship is a los! arl. one I hope will soon be revived. Goodbye E. F.. S. N.. J. N., W. B., C. B. and the rest of the crew. Phil still owes me the entire Marlborough Co. Goodluck to all the other crazy Arabs in F Block. LILY ROTHMAN 35 Kingston Rd. Goodwin " We go ou! in the darkness: we speak but in memoriesq Bu! I have never forgotleng and I .shall neverforgel. " NO SPEAKA llgqld- Q JANETH RUIZ 30 Lincoln St. Goodwin For some of us the world is full of dreams and hopes and for others is just nightmares. Bu! as for me is all love and hope ihe world of mv own. Always remember Silvia, Felisia and Arenire Karen. 71. 72 Spd 71, Sci 72. JOEL S. RUDY 12 Redwood Rd. Wheeler 1973 summer best time while in High School. Memories with my Chevelle. Good times with R. S., S. R.. P. S. and V. 157 JUSTIN THOMAS SABETTI l59 Warren St. Goodwin "To thine own seif be true and it must follow As the night the dat' Thou canst not then be False to any man. " W. Shakespeare To all my teachers at Newton South. especially Mr. Jes. to the custodial staff. and to the greatest guy around T.B.S. Thank-You. DAVID J. SAGANEY 160 Woodclifl' Rd. Gmdwin GARY MARK SANDLER 36 Brandeis Rd. Wheeler "Look not mournfulii' into the past. It comes not back again. Wiseit' improve the present it is thine. Goforth to meet the Shadonivfuture, without fear, and with a maniv heart. " Henry Wadsworth Longfellow l leave NSHS: My sister "Sure, I did my math homework." 158 JILL SANDLER 31 Shady Hill Rd. Wheeler U a man does not keep pace with his companions, perhaps it is because he hears a different drummer. Let him step to the music he hears, however measured or far awav. Henry David Thoreau JONATHAN MAYNARD SANDMAN 72 Fairlee Rd. Wheeler Concert Band 2. 3: Stage Band 2. 3: Soccer I, 2: Manager 3: Disc 2. 3. ANTONIO F. SANFILIPPO I4 Mayflower Terrace Wheeler "Flippo" Rock + Roll - "57" - Grease - Remember Media Center l97l-72. L. G. + L. K. Two greats: to Judy I leave Mark + To NSHS the bums out front: "BUD"1 Future: Cars. New York. Life + R+R: Individuality. that's why 55 will never die!!! VILMA SANTUCCI I5 Thurston Rd. Cutler I will never forget the summer of '73 with M. Z.. J. Z.. J. Z.. J. W.. B. S. and B. R. and I will never forget Cutler commons with S. M.. E. K.. O. M.. J. M.. S. S.. M. C., C. W.. L. B.. S. M.. and N. D. JAY ALAN SARET 18 Myerson Lane Cutler "There is so much good in the worst of us, and so much bad in the best of us, that it behooves all of us not to talk about the rest of us. " Robert Louis Stevenson ROBERT P. SAWYER 66 Fisher Ave. Cutler MELINDA SUE SCHLAKMAN 85 Vine St. Goodwin No bird soars too high he soars with his own wings. " - W, Blake Denebola l, 2, Co-Editor-In-Chief 3g Pres. M.A.H.S.E. 2, 3g Debating team lg N.E.W. lg Hebrew College l, 2, 3. MIRIAM SCHOEM l2l Andrew St. Wheeler " The journey we make between IW and death Would be insujferable to me Without the warmth of jriendship. " Jean Cocteau Always remember: Anything worth having is worth waiting for. KATHLEEN SCHUFT 175 Elgin St. Wheeler ANDREW ADAM SCHULMAN 26 Country Club Rd. Goodwin I'm going to live in the golden days. I want to live in the sunshine rays Ilm going to put a smile on this face Today. ERIC D. SCHUSTER 217 Greenwood St. Goodwin ' 159 QM K '74 is, 5, I .ii 'Nils JACK A. SCHWARTZBERG 15 Crystal St. Cutler Why the heck did 1 move here? Always remember: P. K.. B. P.. B. H.. S. C., A. D. Thanks girls. it's been fun. Most of all: Thanks New York. Ira. Creedence. yes, and Brian. My Ambition: To keep my Ford running. and getting into U. Mass. ,pl JEFFREY J. SCHWARTZ 93 Vine St. Cutler JONATHAN PAUL SCHWARTZ 170 Collins Rd. Cutler Experience is not wha! happens 10 man. il is what a man does wilh what happens lo him. - Huxley 3 nebulous years in rhe garden cirv. but friends made il bearable. Somedai' we will drink milk and honey under the willow frees comrades, - Zorro. the Paradox DONNA SUE SEIFER 56 Dorcar Rd. Goodwin 1'1l never forget out Friday and Saturday nights - Flying saueers"Four Stars"Mac's - M+M - a walk or a ride to -1 How about a Party? What would happen if we did it all over again - L.S.D. .4-l 5 SANDRA ELLEN SELETSKY 38 Bowdoin St. Cutler "Sandy" The language of friendship is nor words. but meanings. II is an intelligence above language. Thoreau 160 Tuned up. and turned on. JULIA MARION SCOVELL 133 Collins Rd. Goodwin "There is a curious paradox fha! no one can explain, Who underslands Ihe secret of reaping the grain, Who understands why spring is born our of win1er's laboring pain. Or whi' we musr all die a bil before we grow again . . . El Gallo "The Fantastics' 3 CAROL-ANN SEESTED 264 Parker St. Wheeler Never forget the gang from the Dump, Dunks and Supreme. Friday nites, aftemoons at the cleaners. Linda he's nice!! "STOP THE WORLD " rain in my face. mom this is my lady friend. Pat say Honey Bunny Funny. xxoo .-'ef .g, ,Z EMILY SHAPIRO 5 Cynthia Rd. Cutler Some folks trust to reason Others trust in might I don 't trust in nothing But I know it come out right. ROBERT S. SHAHON 46 Homestead St. Goodwin AUDREY JOAN SHAPIRO 27 Nightingale Path Cutler "The journey we make between lik and death would be lnsttferable to me without the warmth of jriendship. " - Jean Cocteau 'Nil if I ' 5,1 i .fee 1, I IHA! CANDY SHAPIRO 22 Columbine Rd. Goodwin While your on your wav and lin on mine, and one day we'll come together at an undesignated time. We 'll share our thoughts Both dwrent and same, and come closer together Plaving our old game. - :lil 46 " C5 -tr. g,-'7 PATRICIA SHEPHERD 119 Dickerman Rd. Goodwin Somethlngs 1'll put into a Treasure box To look at and rememberforever. Somethings I'll put in a scrap book to Look at for awhile. Some things I'll throw into the garbage can Andforget now. Stage crew 1. 2. 3. . I DENIS J. SHERIDAN 1304 Boylston St. Wheeler To my Future - I am not afraid of tomorrow for I have seen yesterday and I love today. P.S. Rock and Roll is here to stay!! RICKY SHARTON 215 Spiers Rd. Wheeler Basketball 1. 2. 3: History Club 3: "A little work. a little sleep, a little love and its all over. " Mary Roberts Rinehart X I 161 Q t 4' 5 . l . Z Ut' Hit.. - Ag ' ARA SHISHMANIAN 154 Lincoln St. Wheeler Crosscountry 2. 3: Indoor Track 2. 3: Baseball l. 2. 3. What would this school be without rats!! Thanks ever so much to D. K.. C. B.. R. D.. and S. M., What would I do without you. The future is bright. but the past will never be forgotten. The Shish-Mobile rides into the the Sunset!! l62 A - e , JAMES NEIL SHEROFF 'F gjs , 1" ,wt vt. .RRR X-YQ. 255 Woodcliff Rd. .' 0'f,1f' -r ' N i Wh V if ill if f' X552 1 'fe-N K eeler 'gil-il! NA N 3 ws- Sai .wil g Baseball 1.2: Soccer 2. 31 f, "i f1,.. "ls i Lacrosse 3. I 'g,1Vf','.-.fs ,bf 1 Q-X5 Q M .U "First the dream, Ihen the fz" t r. . 'N Files, 1. e f. .im X-. v -- .. . ' fizlnllment, all things are possible. " fl -'p'lif,, . , ff pill 5 -' FX' - ' ' . ' l.l L'l4 it-5 I jlfz' H 'lxllg ik Don Quixote X. I V - .gag gl A Pf- . . . " 'W "tri ws fi 6 ff .X - ' "The onlv thing monev can 1 bzqv is F rfxyky A j jf ' - Pmem,-H -N358 Mm 'fig , ' .1 g J? .Pg . ' J N S A gf gif Q A is .zfi-vera? ' " '. 'f .F x All the great times in Nantasket. ' X, ,f f , 1 K 'X Nancy Hi, H.N.D.T.. L.Y. The 7 ,J - 1' t F, gang. Karate. Fights with Rich. ,e i t , 1' -1 4, il nr, ,-I X , Sparky Boy! L 'ie 3 s. Q If 'Q-S . f Q ,9 ff LQ 55: TX X If . 4 y, ' . i- l'.,a ' " .:"'Y'A 5' 1 ' , J, u'VfY:g?g?Q.4,- 1, yi! 'Hu . lil? xg ,lv DAVID A. SHIELDS ll6 Oliver St. Cutler Football 1. 2: Wrestling I. 2, 3. I MICHAEL STEVEN SHOCKETT ll5 Oxford Rd. Wheeler "Does man ea! to live or live 10 ear. " "Life is but a diet." Thanks A. K.. C. C., D. W.. The red girl 8: friends. F 8: J also I. C. Class President llg Wrestling IO. ll. l21 Soccer llg Cross Country 121 Dieting I0, ll. l2. GORDON MARK SHONE 37 Louise Rd. Wheeler "A quilrer never wins--and a winner never quits. " "Y6Sl6l'dQl' is but a dream, and tomorrow is onlv a vision. " I'll never forget: J. T. - ll!7!7l to . . . Arizona, Nantasket Beach. French Honor Award. J.V. Baseball I. 2. Varsity Baseball 3. DAVID LAWRENCE SHORE l02 Harwich Rd. Cutler ROBERT BENJAMIN SH PINER 816 Dedham St. Cutler True words are H01 beaulihilq Beaulyul words are not true. .4 wise man has no exlensive knowledge: He who has exlensive knowledge is nor a wise man. The wqv of Heaven is lo henefil olhers and noi I0 injure. The wot' of the .rage is ro acl hui noi to compete. JANE LYN SHULMAN I9 Howe Rd. Wheeler "Happi' is the house that shelters a fiend. " Ralph Waldo Emerson I'd like to thank: My parents. brother 8: sister and to all my friends that have made my life into what it is, today. To these special people - Thanks JUDY SIDNIAN I2 Indian Ridge Road Wheeler There wax a child went Mrth evervdor And the first ohjeft he looked upon, that object he became, And that object heeume part of him for the dot' or a eertain part of the doin Or for IYZCIFI-I' rears or stretching Qveles ofyveurs. Walt Whitman v l N tt 6' 'T Ib KS' SJR, N4 'lf VM 010 It ' xi ,P ry I Aw, It ...,- ' :-1" 1- ,,. fs 4,- uh AI 'NSI A l,' ri' , , F . Ns X ,ff-.aaiggfty My 5' it 425. slx I get I X 'X ,S .IFE- ' 1,"'i4' AW S vs .1 " vs, ' vp-vfki A I 5 i N F s"" ' - f 11 , . ., , W 'y ,: y WILLIAM J. SIEGAL -555 fftqjtfbgx LAWRENCE MARTIN 225 spurs Ra. F Qt? me ,ga SHULKIN Cutler Av 'pyxrss I 44 Countryside Rd. , X Ilzb' IYf'!y' my X Wheeler "Shulk". "Larry" X , 1,1-. . ,I I u , , P+ Y' ,f A f xx' , Poetry ts the secret ofthe soulg ll 'ip ,Z X . V, I 'tt' . Whybabbtefta..-qvtttwords, My XX 'i XXX ' .bl ' 5 ,Y ,xl Soccer Team: Student Faculty Q l JXLIQ, eff. ' . A Xi? XX 'll Forum: Class Committee: French It Liss fqf M . l QL Hb? , my xt in ay Club. f,,4,-""'. 'X' ' ' "play ., -f f " . I iii I ' I ef? A ,N ACLS--, l' 51,1 ' 1 P ,. I-lifplj 1 I I 6 xl BX it K' C . , it ,T F' K 1w JAN MARIE SIGNORE 86 John St. Goodwin "U you don 'I love you will never be loved." Never forget class of "72" Great times, Mr. Connolly. Mr. Lambert. D.S., P.G. "We made it". Hairdressing, l000 hours, Tony's And to Steve, who I care about very much. I'll always love you lover. Mom and Dad Thanks 1 X an 43 MYLES E SILBERSTEIN 162 Cynthia Rd. Goodwin 163 KAREN BETH SILVER 32 Wendell Rd. Cutler " We cannot tell the precise moment When friendship isformedj As in filling a vessel drop bv drop There is al least a drop which makes the heart run over, " Thanks to all my friends. ELIZABETH J. SIMON 4l Oxford Rd. Goodwin "Joy" Q ,f A, K! fx 5 .Q , 1. i1,.- ' . 1 yi : Al V 'H :fi .' 1 .'-"J ,QV . ' I GAIL M. SINGER 60 Nardell Rd. Cutler "Many places you would like to see are off the map and mam' things you want to know are just out of sight or a lillle bevondyour reach. But someday you 'll reach them all, hir what you learn today will help you disfover all the wonderful secrets of tomorrow. " A The Phantom Tollbooth 164 BRUCE D. SKLAR 26 Walter St. Goodwin Xf- buf, --...- A LORI MAE SOLOWSKY ll6 Louise Rd. Wheeler "KIDDO" you want something bad enough, you 'll get it. " Thanks Jeff for the relation that exists between us! A smile is all you ever asked for. and it doesn't hurt to smile. especially when you smile hack. I'll never forget doing nothing, and most of all l'll never forget you! BELLE FREDDA SOLOWAY RICHARD A SPECTOR 21 Kewgdin Rd, ll0 Oak Hill St Wheeler Wheeler I . r 1 -. I x V 1 4' ' 3 2 1 .- , O -12 ',sL. k .,.,....-vw" I . - ' A 5 DEBORAH U. SPILBERGS 2l Bradford Rd. Goodwin CAROLYN SPUNGIN 8 Avalon Rd. Goodwin Each of us was made ov God and some of us Grew tall those of us who walk in light Must help the ones in darkness up for ThaI's what lye is all about and love is All there is to lje It onlv takes an outstretched hand. Rod McKuen LAURIE SIEVE 24 Kodaya Rd. Cutler A ..-. f 'N-fr 'H 2.1 "' ' I "It's a bird, it's a plane - no, it's a bumble bee." . I . H U 1. . ,'i'..'ffi '. ' ,. l f ll 4 if F' " 2 2 DAVID S. SROELOV EDWARD S STARKMAN 59 Margaret Rd. 50 Cochituate Rd Cutler Wheeler ELIZABETH R. STEFFENS 169 Allerton Rd. Wheeler Evenv success Jbuilt upon failure. V-parties, CDS-blackeye, Halloween-pumpkegg, Thanksgiv- ing-cranvo. Last day, was I there?B.C. on various occasions. C.K.'s Summer '73-Lake-Thanks Person. Cut-fore-those memorable madrasses. The guys - Cut, Mason, Hauli, Kresselbaum. Thanks friends and F.U.L. Have a heart, right S? ELLEN STEIN 103 Levbert Rd. Wheeler "You give but little when you give your possessions. It is when you give of yoursey that you grulv give. " "Those who bring sunshine to the lives of others cannot keep it fron? themselves. " . aaakllltin NANCY ILENE STEIN 244 Upland Ave. Goodwin "Happiness cannot be measured bt' the widlh or deplh ar heighlfor. Il knows no boumi' Its foundalion is secure by afcepling each drop of rain Illlll falls, and erijqririg Ihe sun lhar follows." It is the time you spend with someone you care about that makes him so special PAMELA MARIE SULLIVAN 25 Maple Park Goodwin "Pam" "There are dats we remember in life. Bur i1's reallt' not lhe davs we remember. its lhe moments. " P.E.ISlE. Its a part of my life! Martha's Vinyard '72 '73 Edgt. Long walks for a eig. Thanks Pati, G. Tooze 8: I. D, The cars gone! Marianne the V.W.. Steven. Nancy. I'll be late! 166 MARSHA STEIN 72 Westgate Rd. Wheeler l PAUL STEIN 56 Great Meadow Rd. Wheeler THOMAS GORMAN SULLIVAN 93 Halcyon Rd. Goodwin , Football I. 2. 3: Basketball l. 2. 3: Lacrosse l. 2. Tri-capt. 3: Varsity Club l. 2. 3. Never forget the school and the way it destroyed me: The guys at the corner and Nato. -1-0 4 nygb ROBERT F. TAGLIENTI 36 Madoc St. Cutler "Tag" As we continue, our burden get heavier. The Kings Five Remember skiing '72-'73. The comer. '72-'74. St. KB. JD. PN. JL. AM, WF. KH. PH. AM. SB + Sue the gang. The V Parties were? Draugh Back Elvis Big John. Leave to NS Bob Tresca. Football 2. 3. HOWARD B. SWARTZ I8 Varick Rd. Goodwin Nicknames - "Mikie", "Tommy". "Joshie". "Mikey" "1'Iljus1 SIQL' on 6 all Ihe wav m Elv. I said I0 myself and conjidenllv started. " .l.K. I BELINDA MARY JEAN TAILLACO 69 Hillside Ave. Cutler I'll remember: Morning buses, two cars, 'You forgot again Mr. F.!!" Easter Eve. a special brother or two or three. Halloween "72" the gang" the number code, my family and home away from home, Owls, Tigers and my best Friend Marie with her plans for April 15 of any year. r-CC js K . ' ,fi .4 .L KN xmas' CHERYL NANCY TANKEL ll Cannon St. Goodwin French Club 10, ll, 12 Band 10, ll, 12 Yearbook Staff 12 Seyforever paints her own portrait across the wide canvas of IW. - Joan Walsh Anglund l His fatal charm STEPHANIE TARANTINO I2 Cushing St. Wheeler Marianne "Lets get it on", Secret 3x2 M.D. S.D. and Me. Jeanne C My real one, Remember Zombies l and 2, Steven - Many continuous long discussions. Wendi S. - Someday woman, Jude D.L. - Always, B.J.S., M.J., N.B.D. - Piano, M. Gaye 1270, P-town, H.W.B., S.M.D., A.N. Hi Noons, Renois Thanks to S8:M my future will be pleasurable. PAMELA S. TAUB 106 Upland Ave. Goodwin WILLIAM J. TARTER 84 Fenwick Rd. Goodwin Baseball l. 2. 3.1 Soccer 2, 3.1 Swimming 31 Basketball l. What did l do to deserve the name farmer. "of all sad words the saddest are these: it might have been. " Remember. it's only pain. it NATHAN N. THORNER 1420 Beacon St. Cutler "Ned" Four hafoval shaped prongs all bald just shaved now bare . . . Freshly peeled. green smooth as wax . . . cold as stone naked cactus. ANNE SUSAN TERNER 19 Avalon Rd. Goodwin "The secret of lU'e is not to do what you like, but to like whatuvou do. " Thanks and good luck to all my friends. 167 CAROLYN M. TROUP 504 Boylston St. Wheeler I'll never forget: 7-4-73. Sal and his trucks. four years. mmm. SN. NO. DT. BS. LO. JS. JK. PM. BC. MS. KR. KJ. SD. SG. RL. Supreme Gang. S.O.M.F. No chance. sing along with Linda. Buffy your still blinding me. "66". Malibu Custom by criuh. 168 ELISE TOFIAS 81 Ridge Aye. Goodwin "Elsy" "A sunnvi' smile just reflects Sllllll-1' dats." "Keep wind in your sails and let the music plat. Let everrthing come from within yourself Theres alwtirs a chance. .Vind over matter. It realli' works? " "The good times never end. Lauren, I don 't know?. . . Nhat?" Field Hockey l. 2. co-capt 31 Gymnastics l. 2. Captain 3: GAA 2. 33 Cheerleading. ZANE ANNA TREIZE 39 Terrace Ave. Goodwin High school has brought me closer to my friends and made me realize a lot about them and myself I never knew. Many thanks to my parents and friends tK.D.. M.T,. A.L.. B.M.. D.S.l who have helped me so far. Dieys Syeti Latyi-ju STEVEN TRESCA 5l Jackson St. Wheeler Nothing is waste that makes a memorv. The trouble with the ,hiture is that it usualli' arrives before we're readi' for il. I leave to N.S.H.S. Jo Jo. B.T. and other memories with the Big Buy. and the corner. Hocker I. 2, 3 tCaptainJ: Baseball l. 2. 3. SUSAN GAIL UNGAR 15 Considine Rd. Wheeler "Susie" "A smile is just a curved line that sets everything straight. " l'll never forget all the good times and the great friends in USY. Yavneh. HC and even NSHS. Thank you everyone for making my life complete - especially KKMG. l leave NSHS: two sisters down and two to go. 1 7 , . " fo Q 1 ,ns '. n 7 SHARON TURPIN 35 O'Rourke Path Goodwin "ln my near future I ani hoping to reach IHUIIII' goals and accomplishments. I want to work hard at whatever I do. and itil' to become successhil. For now and as times goes on I will continue to strive hir Peace, Love. and happiness throughout the world " Thank You KATHARINE VANBUSKIRK 260 Chestnut St. Goodwin Once upon a time there was an omniscient lion named George who cultivated a golden mustache and wore clogs with three inch heels. In December he combed hack his distinctive mane. put a golden earring through his ear and went Io live in a castle in Spain with his psvchoanalrst. v Y -:J V s .s - .4 I -4 I t ROBIN SUE WALDSTEIN 354 Waban Ave. Goodwin Ecology Action IO: French Club ll. 121 Denebola: Typing Editor ll, Exchange Editor l2g Bicycle Path ll, l2: Concert Choir l2. This above all--to thine own self be true. And it must follow as the night the dar. Thos canst not then befalse to any man. - Shakespeare FRANK LEE WALKER 22 Glenwood Ave. Wheeler I shall be telling this with a sigh Somewhere ages and ages hence: Two roads diverged in a wood and I took the one less traveled And that made all the dtmvence. Robert Frost fx A -lk' l PETER B. WALLACE 6 Summer St. Wheeler "Being in school is like serving time." Bobby Fischer "Going to South is like being fozen alive. " Harry Fig THERESA JOAN WEAVER 7l Neshobe Rd. Wheeler I hope the dat' will be a lighter highwar. For hiends are Htund on everv road Can you ever thank of any better wat' For the lost and wearv treavelers to ev? Bernie Taupin Elton John Thanks. Glick for 20 find days in France. MOE says bye. . J V v K. C - I A F , X 0 I ' ' O 3 4,7 Off -t,,, Q Q to 0 ' . t 0 0 SHERMAN SETH WALLEN 21 Clark St, Cutler Hockey 10, ll. 121 Baseball Manager 10. "The smallest bodies house the greatest mina's.'To Newton South I leave one Parakeet. Predicition: Someday the J.V. Hockey Team will win a game. LORI JANE WEBBER 33 Paul St. Wheeler "Accept a person for what he is and not for what you want him to be." Well - What can I say? Will I ever be able to forget all those memories? I hope not! What would I do if Margie couldn't keep a secret?7!! R.C. - You are the sunshine of my life . . . Spanish Club: Activities Club: Student Teacher Evaluation. WENDY MILLER WEAVER 81 Neshobe Rd. Wheeler "lt seems to me a crime that we should age These Vhagile times should never slip us bt' A time you never can or shall erase As friends together watch their childhood jlv. " B. Taupin 169 SUSAN WEINER l56 Arnold Rd. Goodwin l'll never forget our Friday and Saturday nights - flying saucers "four slars"Mac's - M8:M - a walk of a ride to - Y How about a Party? What would happen if we did it all over again L.S.D. JEFFREY WEINSTEIN 49 Bomford Rd. Wheeler "I expect old man, Yv0u're just pulling int' leg. " Floriday '72-Goose-partying at the malibu. H. R. with D. L.. K. L., Moondance Good times with everybody. DOUGLAS M. WEISMAN l20 Harwich Rd. Goodwin Time is not measured the pasixing ofvvezzrs, But bv what one does. What onejeels. A nd what one achieves. Jawaharial Nehru 3 E? RICHARD WEISMAN 28 David Rd. Wheeler ROBERTA DEBORAH WEISS 50 Andrew St. Goodwin "Jerusalem: the face visible -vet hidden, the sap and the blood of all that makes us live or renounce lyfe . . . Jerusalem: Seventeen times destroved -vet never erased The svmbol of survival . . . I admit loving it. I even admit loving its hold over me." - Elie Weisel KAREN WESTON ll8 Langley Rd. Wheeler I'll always remember: March 23. 1973 with Peter Troccoli. the summer of "73". hanging around with Barbar and Chris. Elvis Presley's songs. Dunkin Donuts. Walking the tracks. Roller Skating at M.D.C. Mark Young's class with Debbie Tompkinson. I leave to Mr. Wicks. the memories of me. NANCY WHEELER 20 Caulfield Circle Wheeler I cried because I had no shoes until I mel a man who had nofeet. JOHN DAVID WHELAN I273 Walnut St. Goodwin Hockey IO, II, l2: Golf ll. Capt. I2. Sports articles for Denebola. I won't forget '73 golf team Corky. M. O. Sherm. Myron. "The Jinx" and Dave. DAN E. WIENER 25 Wayne Rd. Goodwin MARGARET ABIGAIL WIGGIN 287 Wagan Ave. Goodwin I know now that it is by loving and not by being loved that one can come nearest the soul of another. George MacDonald Who are we going to be? We are going to be who we never would have been without each other. .2 V 'Y OJ? Q.-i 9 5 Thanks to my friends. CYNTHIA WILKINS 88 High St. Cutler Remember Cutler Commons: S. A. M.. D. M., L. B.. J. M.. M. D., S. S., V. S., + ll? So here hath been dawning another blue day. Think, wilt thou let it slip useless away. DAVID WILLIAMS 50 Deborah Rd. Cutler KAREN ELISE WILSON IO7 Townsend St. Cutler Looking through mgrself I reach out and touch that which is there. Gd. Lck to all those beautiful people who made Newton Sth possible. France Trip "72". Zorba. Annie. May Arts Festivals and life goes on . . . BARBARA SUSAN WINER 100 Varick Rd. Cutler " as time goes on we'll grow apart but we'll never be enemies, " B. K. '71 Shir 171 PAUL B. WOODS 29 Spaulding Lane Cutler "We are ,flving Yfrgnn one high I0 a greater one. " J.V. Tennis I. 2: Denebola 3: Reflections 3g Student Faculty Forum 3. I --a X . S l A Q .u . .s UL JILL ALLISON WOLLINS 95 Woodward St. Cutler "Leurning,fbllaw various roads. lie nole Ihe Sltlfl bu! not the end For Time and Fate IIIIISI rule the course, H hilsl we see no! bevond lhe bend. " "The hes! Qfknast-ledge is a dream The gainer golds 5l6L1llffISI, uneowed Bi' ridicule. and moves serene: Despired and loivli' in the crowd " Gibran .34 ga? f - :ill ' f Nr: . . ,:..,0,. ,, I., ,, Y I , ' .fxye .1 I '.' '-if ...ZS -- ,X , .'3gf'E-'gr 'Timur' 5-3 tale? .:.5"'t' 1 .--rr: 15-- 1 ,lc f f . I 1- ,j-1'-.' 'Til ',..l'1 1. fs' 11.11, - .--N' 'L . F' .Q -al gl 1 . if 1 riaiiat: CH UNG M. WONG 57 Floral St. Wheeler A -i 1 , .ll i 0 l l "Who plucked the feathers off the peacock." 172 FREDERICK IRVING YOUNG 20 Winter St. Cutler "To everrrhing Ihere is a season, and a time lo everi' purpose under heaven. " Ecclesiastes Life is what you make it. and who you share it with. Fond memories of sharing so much with Michelle. Jody. Barbara. Bob and Russ. Good luck to all my friends at South. MICHAEL S. YOUNG 43 Ober Rd. Goodwin "Common sense is the knack of seeing things as rhei' are. and doing rhings as the-i' ought I0 be done. " Spanish award l: Explorers Club 2. 31 Regulus Photography Editor 31 3rd Prise M.I.T. State Science Fair. Ambition: Medicine: Hope to become a docter to help better humanity. BARBARA ELLEN WRIGHT I0 Hinckley Rd. Wheeler MARTHA YAROSH l4l Old Farm Rd. Cutler "H71en you find yourself in the lhick ofil. help yourself 10 a bil of Whtll ix all l1l'0lllId-l'0ll . . Remember: . . . a certain summer. Paris in April A Gin Fizzies. 7!28!72 Being one of the guys. a lot ot' beautiful people. especially my buddies and P. N. A my favorite. French Club l. 2. 3: Chess 2. ERIC ADAM ZIERING 1376 Walnut St. Cutler "Zero" Mr. A. M.. G. S.. and Miss D- ZIERING 22 has come and gone. Thanks to Mr. Amer and the music dep't - "Zorba!", "Stop the World". "Chalk Circle". "Annie". "Star Trek", "Charlie Brown". "Milk and Honey" - Special thanks to Mason and Hamlin. Hamilton. NEAL ZAFRON I6 Grace Rd. Wheeler "The Kid" " We make a living bi' what we gel: we make a life hi' what we give. " Salute to the Costa Rican Army: "Gavatches dminos bweeana piastaf' 3 weeks in may. wist. Horses - necks. Loon "7O". Cedar. wine women and song. Tull. N. H. e 3 A.M.. business with R. G.. FAREWELL TO "THE MEN". EMILY RACHEL ZALLEN 71 Wiswall Rd. Goodwin "Thais alljolks. " Porky Pig I'll always forget: ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRS- TUVWXYZ. Asparagus Club l. 2. 3 V.P. JOEL L. ZEIGER I67 Pond Brook Rd. Cutler LORI ANN ZUROFF ll0 Dorcar Rd. Cutler Special People: Birdie. Judy Jodie. Shelley. Laurie. Dave. Scott. Linda K. Memories: ginzos. greeks: J, H.. X + me: Hyannis1 weekends with J. M. + L. S.: "cram it. huh7"1 P. sisters: Senior Prom: I love you M. G. Z. and L. D. G.. thanx "You give but lirlle when you give of-your possessions. 11 is when you gre of yourself 11101 you rruli' give. " Gibran 'PS RHEA ELIZABETH ZODHIATES 514 Dudley Rd. Cutler " . . . So - in the self-forgetfulness of concentrated atten tion - the door opens for you into a pure living intimacy A shared. timeless happiness. Conveyed by a smile. A wave of the hand. Thanks to those who have taught me this. Thanks to the days which have taught me this - Dag Hammarskjold DENISE ALLEN 1452 Beacon St. Goodwin ARIS S. BIDIANOS 82 High St. Cutler NANCY J. CAFFRAY 21 Avery Path Goodwin MARCELLA CALABI 9 Moreland Ave. Cutler JOHN J. COWHIG 61 Verndale Rd. Cutler LINDA N. DAY 866 Beacon St. Cutler PETER D. ELDRED 795 Chestnut St. Goodwin ERIC P. EPSTEIN 171 Dorset Rd. Wheeler JOANNE L. FOULKROD 54 Goddard St. Cutler RONNIE E. GREEN 38 Winston Rd. Cutler JONATHAN H. GROSSMAN 91 Pine Ridge Rd. Cutler MARK R. HERRNSTADT 61 Forest St. Cutler JONATHAN R. HOOKER 56 Thurston Rd. Goodwin BARRY J. KARPIAK 35 Kelveden St. Goodwin PETER KOCHS JR. 70 Cottage St. Cutler SENIORS WITHOUT PICTURES 174 JAY L. LEVINE 51 Louise Rd. Wheeler PATRICIA F. LEWIS 23 Norman Rd. Cutler SUSAN W. MCLEOD 60 Carlton Rd. Goodwin ALLAN E. MILLER 35 Sycamore Rd. Goodwin DIANE J. MORRILL 27 Country Club Rd. Wheeler DIANE F. NEIMAN 21 Louise Rd. Goodwin EMILY M. OSMAN 212 Plymouth Rd. Goodwin CARON J. PALDER 10 Osborne Path Cutler DAVID N. ROBINSON 99 Osborne Path Goodwin BARRY ROTHMAN 50 Indian Ridge Rd. Cutler CHARLES ROWLAND 29 Manchester Rd. Wheeler JEFFREY SACK 547 Dudley Rd. Cutler PETER S. SHAPIRO 143 Cynthia Rd. Wheeler DAVID L. SHARE 102 Hartwich Rd. Cutler ANDREW SHOR 90 High Rock Terr. Goodwin RHONDA E. SILK 66 Redwood Rd. Goodwin JEFFREY H. STANHOPE 37 Heather Rd. Goodwin JOSHUA D. STONE 303 Greenwood St. Cutler MICHAEL S. SULLIVAN 85 Thurston Rd. Goodwin RICHARD M. SUMBERG 163 Country Club Rd. Cutler WILLIAM J. TARTAR 84 Fenwick Rd. Goodwin PAMELA S. TAUB 106 Upland Ave. Goodwin ANNE S. TERNER 19 Avalon Rd. Goodwin NATHAN N. THORNER 1420 Beacon St. Cutler DEBRA I. TOMPKINSON 979 Boylston St. Wheeler PHILIP J. WALLACE 29 Oxford Rd. Cutler HARTE V. WEINER 401 Dudley Rd. Goodwin ROBERT S. WOLF 27 Amherst Rd. Wheeler LAWRENCE E. YARIN 102 Hanson Rd. Goodwin ALAN F. ZELTSERMAN 47 Karen Rd. Goodwin 175 REGULUS WISHES TO THA KIT SPONSURS Anonymous Anonymous Dr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. M'r. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Dr. and Mrs. John C. Athans Eugene Aucoin Harold M. Band Donald Benders Jay Berkson Lewis Braverman Mr. Milton Cail Anthony F. and Jean M. Carter Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Dr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Dr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs Dr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. . Jacob Cohen . Kenneth A. Cohen . Marvin Cummings Ernest Davidow . Milton Davidson . Jay L. Fialkow Waldo L. Fielding . Leonard Fine Jerome W. Fischbein Melvin Fisher Mrs. M. Garafalo Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Dr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs. 176 William Gershlak Coleman Goldberg Robert E. Golden Ben Gray . William J. Hart, Jr. Bernard Horowitz Stephen D. Howard . W. Kent Jackson Seymour Kapsten Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Dr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Dr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Arthur A. Karp Harvey L. Keller Richard Korn Leonard Korsakov Richard V. Lawson David H. Lichter Benjamin Lipson Charles Lipson . Larry Margolis . Edward J. Modest Emest H. Picard Michael Rackowski . N. Richman Eliot H. Sagan Melvin Scovell Robert J. Seder Milton Shaer Philip Shapiro Mrs. Daniel J. Shea Jr. Mrs. Jean Sidman Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. S. L. Silverstein Gerald Simches Arnold M. Soloway Martin G. Stein William Stein Miss Robin Tapper Mr. and Mrs. A. B. Tofias Mr. Steven Tresca Waban Shoe I LIZLL-,c'l.l4'-lc! Qfdvei 12 !c'c1a!,11f1 " Q 01. 1 rt x if ' 'lf0 lftilll' !1-1-FHQJI-Y.A ' f 4 , , f, . afjwz-A, ,1fL, ui 6.1.1 fmliiw .f r 1 AT'1'fQf'H .mc fic' " "u'f"f" f' -fa Xfl,.,,6Z.!" 6715445 fly CQ-zlvrff 41 0,01 Jar K L7 .154 IZ 91" 1' ,, MLC: CL'-lily.. '1fL7',0A.f cl-c .zf'fgf11f ff P21440 dvr . Lfrful t - C 1' 4 f 1.-2 A7llL4LZ,S-94--yvCCf- alll., L7 45 8,311 few. Il' cf-gif fafllf -iffy- J 105445 fLLL,ll7- 1V-ata!" Z3 ,ync iff- cc-eff Ffa Q ffllll Hug. l'Zn..4l lv'du,f'5' '-'zf-cf .14 4 kb 111,51 'ft gl 2.1 41.1, ,ymuj W-ninl' , . l ffL?7f'4xft2,M.4!., L' .Tuu-,. Fifa 52, 121.41011 :L Z3 . . . , , 6, , fdflvwtzf- 44.2455 rLc4.4. 4L.a,i7 - yd-fn.l.1a 44v jixguz gr. Ifozaf ,441 ,a,n,4,f,ec4,f '1wx,'y1.44.v 4..f1.4c,. c?M4:4fi-me If ff. c?44,fw11..a,and. 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OZIS9 617-332-IIZO -ff dixmimih wirni-sciaJsgHw:if1SHES BEST WISHES FROM CLASS OF74 The Muses Antiques Dr. + Mrs. Edward 77 UNION STREET Shulman CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1974 NEWTON JUNIOR COMPLTMENTS OF COLLEGE COLBY FOOTWEAR INC. Fully Accredited FULL and PART-TIME PROGRAMS EVENING CLASSES ADULT EDUCATION SUMMER SESSION, JUNE 5-JULY I8 WASHINGTON PARK NEWTONVILLE 969-9570 CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1974 Raytheon Company Waltham Plant Equipment Division 20 Seyon Street Waltham, Mass. 02154 REFLECTS . . . ONLY Ilewton Graphic CALL 329-5000 FOR Y0llR SUBSCRIPTION 182 Compliments of Highland Pharmacy 999 BOYLSTON STREET NEWTON HIGHLANDS Phone LA 7-2400 Best wishes and congratulations to HE LAINE and the class of 1974 Best Wishes to V Class ofl974 AUBURNDALE, CULF I 2078 Commonwealth Ave. AUBURNDALE. MASS. 527-9527 RICHARD H.P. SULLIVAN AND SONS CONGRATULATIONS 25 M I ap e Parltl er GRADUATES 1 Ca'lL1'llfLS'5lf3Ld WABAN HARDWARE CO. 1641 BEACON ST., WABAN, Mlsra. 02168 HARDWARE - PAINTS - OILS Carden Supplies,Kitchenware,HousehoId Sundries Tel. 244-4566 Growing with Newton for WE WISH THE f GRADUATING CLASS Over I-I0 Years OF Hl974,, SUCCESS AND BEST WISHES. A Good MW to WM Mr. and Mrs. Walter Baker 183 BEST WISHES MR. AND MRS. SYDNEY L. MILLER DIAMONDS-WATCHES-GIFTS HENDRICKEN BROS. INC. Jewelers-Silversmiths Forty-five Lincoln Street Newton Highlands. Mass. 02161 Telephone Area Code 617 527-6661 RONALD COIFFEURS 901 XVALNLT STREET NEXYTON. MASS. Opposite A 84 P Parking Lot At -I Corners 5218291 527-9153 BEST W 'ISHES ' I SELF-SERVICE DEPT. STORES EXECUTIVE OFFICES 90 BRIDGE ST., NEWTON STORES: 0 NEPONSET CIR. - DORCHESTER ' ROUTE I - NORVVOOD 0 ROUTE 3A - NO. BILLERICA 1 HILLDALE AVE. - HAVERHILL 0 EAST GLOUCESTER I WARE ' STOW FROM YOUR FRIENDS AT LIBERTY STREET ASSOCIATES 73 UNION STREET NEWTON CENTRE, MASS 965-1322 WE HELP WITH PEOPLE PROBLEMS 184 Rogan's Sporting Goods Mike Rogan 327 Washington St. Newton, Mass. CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISHES to our daughter ELISE SOPHIA and the class of 1974 02158 3320444 DR. AND MRS. YOUNG C. Best of LUCK to the class of '74 CHAN G CONGRATULATIONS BEST wlsmas CLggT3PlQQ74 Joan and Milton FROM Zelda and Sam Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Sandman -Success to all Graduates- Fox Travel Agency Inc. 100 Winchester St.--969-2000 Compliments of "Your Vacation is our Vocation" BOB'S WABAN NEWS 1633 Beacon Street Waban, Mass. 02168 TONY'S IUNIOR VILLA 71 UNION ST. NEWTON CENTRE ITALIAN-AMERICAN FOOD Orders to go out Phone 527-0828 Operating as Giorgio's Antipasto House COMPLIMENTS OF LANGLEY PHARMACY 431 Langley Rd. Corner Rte. 9 Newton, Mass. Phone 527-1000 A Us u R N o A L is C0-OPERATIVE BANK 307 Auburn Street, Auburndole Tel. 527-2975 A 185 295' XIIEQE5 E593 we 5' :mc srsvfus QI E-7' - QI emo ' We If srevensI F0lI TIIE TOIIIGEI SET Huong jeans and slacks shirts and jerseys OIITFITTERS FOI IOYS NEWTON PIZZA HOUSE ' 27 Lincoln Street Newton Highlands CALL 332-5056--332-5057 Delicious Pizzas and Hot Oven Grinders PHONE IN YOUR ORDERS BEFORE YOU I LEAVE HOME I ' THEY WILL BE READY ON ARRIVAL I - BUY 4 PIZZAS AND GET ONE FREE OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK 11 A.M. TO 12 MIDNITES West Roxbury Framingham Revere SID GREEN'S WAYSIDE SIZES 8-20 casual living center FASHION LEADERS IN DINING FURNITURE Charge acajxms invited West Roxbury Framingham Revere use master charge Al-TERATIONS FREE U Call: 32 Langley Road 969-4910 Newton Centre. Iphysicalundue:-uldnutopmqm GOOD LUCK TO THE CLASS OF '74 Best Wishes to the Class 0F74 THE SEUBS CLEVELAND CIRCLE AUTO SCHOOL GASTON ANDREY of BOSTON INC. 354 Chestnut Hill Ave. Brookline, Mass. 02146 1920 A Beacon St. 566-8800 Brookline, Ma. Tel. 734-5280 527-3100 SAAB CSaIes and Servicej Su bara IRWIN ROBLIN President ROBLIN INSURANCE AGENCY. INC, 233 NEEDHAM STREET I I NEWTON UPPER FALLS. MASS. 02164 I617I 965-0400 ' Highland Hardware of Newton, Inc. 47 LINCOLN STREET NEWTON HIGHLAND5, MASS. 527-0898 186 COMPLIMENTS OF Morris and Bobbi Reef JADE ISLAND Congratulations AMY FADER and the class of '74 PRIME CLEANERS V.F.W. Parkway at Rotary 288 Independence Dr. Dedham, 02026 Westbrook Village. W. Rox. 326-9700 327-3024 TUXEDO RENTALS JUSTIN'S 240 Needham St., Newton SANDWICH AND ICE CREAM SHOP FAMOUS FOR FRIED CLAMS Polynesian and Chinese Cuisine 322-5685 870 WALNUT STREET NEWTON, MASS. THE NEWTON CLOTHES CORNER Anonymous AT PICCADILLY II Corner of Centre and Union Sts. Newton Centre SA LE Prices BEST WISHES THE BEST FOR LESS To THE IS OUR GUARANTEE CLASS OF '74 NOT OUR SLOGAN Mr. and Mrs. David Young and Family Best Wishes l to the class of '74 VOLVO VILLAGE 714 Beacon St. New England's Oldest NeWt0H CCHIFC, Mass. and Largest Volvo Dealers 9694900 GRILLCO CORP. Adelle Rd. Woburn E HA WEE NAH TA PA YOLO WA WA LO KA TE HE WA A PA SUN A ME GA KEEM A KI PSA YA 187 M562 9 ,V !'- A .'i A - y,-. sf. 1 4 .L 1' ., .., lp . -li., r' ,l:L',-J idk! . x. J- sv, .-C. ..- .4 :A ,q . ., .. x I Q V v 0-ml 1. " rl: K1 BEREJIK MOTORS INC. 126 HIGHLAND AVE. NEEDHAMQ MASS. Q : ll Newton Flower Shop 444-4797 899 Walnut Street Cat four corncrsj Your Loral Oldfmobile Dealer Newton, Mass' 02l6l EXIT 56E OPEN NITES Tel. 527-2900 OEF RT, 128 TIL 9, SAT. TIL 5 ...IIILIIQCSIIICITILIII611161116 NIM 'ION Cl- XTRIQ Willey Pharmacy "Serving the Communify Since l9I4" 32 LINCOLN STREET NEW HIGHLANDS, MASS. Phone 244-4266 YEM MEE RESTAURANT Carry Home Piping Hof EMLCHINESE 81 POLYNESIAN FOODS . : 591111 owen moN.rrmu THUR.ll:30A.M.-IOP.M.- if rm. Q SAT.'TIL1Z moment - sun a nouon I P -. vo no -.-. Ample P Ir g N xl lo Auburndale Slar Market 2036 Conmonwsn H A E 527-0725 AUBURNDALE MASS 332-3578 CAMERA and MUSIC SHOP 859 BEACON ST., NEWTON CENTRE, 59, MASS Recordx - Muricul Imtrumentx - Sheet Mum: SOUTH PACIFIC CHINESE RESTAURANTS Open 'Til 2 A.M. Luncheon Special 11:30 A.M.-3 P.M. ORDERS TO TAKE OUT - CATERING 275 EASTERN AVE. II52 BEACON ST. MALDEN, MASS. NEWTON, MASS. 324-8340 332-7250 SELTZERS GARDEN CITY INC. I FLORENCE STREET NEWTON 190 F. 3, Y, . 1" X.. 1. "v. nf. 'I K. 1 ff 5 . ,Inf 'f v Y 3. 5 sl' if CDOI1 ICI' Ji 'l 1 1. GD 197 California Street Newton, Mass. NEWTONVILLE FABRIC CENTER COTTON SILKS-POLYESTER-FELTS WOOLENS - DRAPERIES - NOTIONS 332 1830 ZIPPER HOSPITAL 298 WALNUT ST NEWTONVILLE, MASS. 02160 BEACON SHELL STATION 1099 BEACON STREET Four Corners Veterans Cab Company of Newton, Inc. 7 16 Webster Strcet Countryside Pharmacy 98 WINCHESTER STREET 1Cor. Dedham Streetj West Newton, Massachusetts 02165 244-8600 NEWTON WGHLANDS 244-8634 Prescriptions Prompt Courteous Service Cosmetics Ffee POYHHQ Free Delivery OFFICE: vas-oee4 5 'l ai f 513 REGIONAL CLINIC: izae aovLsfroN stm-:ET CHESTNUT HILL. MASSACHUSETTS 02161 .-.-sa-t2fefQi25Q.'27. 5 if E I 0 'GRM 14f9 M445 195-9 'EE aff' 67, 'K L 45: in .5f4.f6'-fan?-. is xo - F: 'B 1' E3 006 if 01046 To xo U 'I ti 1a-4:30mvnJAg- - 5: ll-jldlualaf I lzvs' ' 5 mmm . 0 969- 533253255 ,sj"n x 149' CROWLEY'S OFFICE SUPPLIES Stationery, School Supplies 338 WALNUT STREET NEWTONVILLE lla I1 x 1 W il' Q T., sy I' " ' . 3, gl! MIX -. ,1iIr,'. 'a . "-1 as" 1 4. 2: 4 V. .. gi - 1: y.. ty . 'P' f. 'LI' v 5+ W Pi A 1 42 I '- 914. .51 int' 'nl Q" . 5:12 N' ff , 1 '57 r ..4 4 A Y. 'vt -:Q Fl 2' 2- L .iii A' . If ' Wx., --, ' 1-. .- JI -. T' l1f'g T. . "' SM ' . uv? sam 1 My-Q 'rjwl I re. it is 'A .x sax 5 N 1 ,A . ,tr A 1' J-3: , Tis ' ' . .lx --'T , . fv.- Ji . IA. -V .f?1, r. "-' inn. 1 EV-Q , I J . 191 HAIVIIVIONDS CONTEMPORARY FURNITURE ROUTE 9 CHESTNUT HI LL 617-244-3100 .flfwoazls Camera Slwp . . .. . PNDYQQHAPNIC Surf:-Ln PncTun G RBdru Uwmodmnapu 1217 CENTRE ST. NEWTON CENTRE, MASS. DECATUR 2-4900 E E SS Tel. LA 7-9412 Newton Centre Jenney COMPUMENTS OF Robert T, Tirnrnermon, Prop. II46 CENTRE STREET 0 CORNER WILLOW ST. NEWTON CENTRE, MASS. 02159 CAPRICCl0'S MARKET lvejt zclfbcf from Pulsifer School of Music I5-I9 CENTER STREET NEX'i"I'ON CENTRE, MASS. DE 2-7775 sELLEw ENTERPRISES INC. FAIRWAY SPORTS WORLD Rt. 9, NATICK Golf, Bowling, Pool Club Phone 653-5820 Stuart Murray P.G.A. l L 2 fr La' 779, S , ,K 'O L'-, , . I O ' ,E '4 1' L3 n I CENTIQE MEAT MAIQKET 311 WALNUT STREET I L 547 CDMMDNWEALTH AVENUE TELEPHDNS NEWTON CENTRE LASELL 7'4T'IU NEWTONVTLLE LA 7-6940 Fonfaine's Topsy Restaurant Q28 GXQ S A , VILLAGE SALON 1436 v.F.w. Pxwv. mee. IJ tep Qfl S FOR MEN T629 BEACON STREET ROXBURY' MASS' WABAN KNEWTOND MASS. 527-9804 969.3910 COMPUMENTS OF JOHN J. ROCHE CO. ALLEN CHEVROLET AUTO BODY WORK - ACCIDENTS A SPECIALTY APPRAISALB MADE 820 P 'd H' h rovu ence ng way, Dedham 740 BEACON STREET NEWTON CENTRE, MA. 02159 Q M :L ' ,L . -"I 1, .tl V. ',,' nl 'Z' "'!v A 1 'L pq . I if A .51 145 4 1- -' 1- -.1 ' 5 ' fb ,Q 4 31' ' tl .4 bf -E-Q I ' 'Li , V: --.15 HV? A' VT"-, , 'H' , I vu' Ol. S, , .til 1' . 5-1- FEL E' . ' .ff N-1 5- PN-I .T .' qs .'4.1, 5A A 5' 'lb' 'rl . . MCNEILLY ULDSMOBILE Inc. 6359 HAMMOND STREET BFQOOKLINE. MASSACHUSETTS O2l67 . 4. . S2529 :,v."' ' . . 1 , ', . X, ' L 193 PURDY STUDIO New Englands Foremost Photographers 80 BOYLSTON STREET BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS OFFICIAL PHOTOGRAPHER NEWTON SOUTH HIGH SCHOOL CLASS OF 1974 94 lt' TT T 5, .ALLLQ si ' 535, Q, 2.534 N34 if 1 'X ' . fd f'-ELET Xj - my 1253 X7 X " 7 : Best Wishes to Our Son NRL fxxf lI'21 fXA tA.', sf g Q and the Regulus Staff , " 'ff Mr. and Mrs. Irwin B. Wemman V7 1 ' Aviv Ltmamf Q V QE? MQW ' .L I. 'g - ,H ?r'fr'V f . L WV Magnavox KLH . X Jr Star Television- Beecher Hobbs Inc L A ynyx? v , 'ZX . ffbf is 'X2,AA4xi'!p A A A .Q Q7 If - E Agri I Z . v Ak Av ' L y SSE .KYEEV i 1 me ?35i3QL' Wa, frm- ? LILLNLLIILIN 1 ff , .1 C I ' I antonexe and Polynesian Cuisine ORDERS PUT UP TO TAKE OUT 329-0145 Stereo Phonos - Records - TV - R d 200 BOYLSTON STREET CHESTNUT HILL MASS 02167 of 529-2575 The Shaving M09 540 Prgvidence Highwqy mu CENTRE sr., Newron Dedham, Mass. mem MACKAY FUNERAL HOME HOUDAY LANE5 465 CENTRE STREET n szd-aoeo MANuFAcrunEns OF RON-AL SAUNA BATES Mn Zabel' vm :ga xwcneu cAamE'rs I E WY.. ROUTE I 1607 VFW PARKWAY WEST ROXBURY Snack Bar - 40 Ten Pin Lanes - Lounge Fine L 5 a . LEATHER WORLD 30A LANGLEY ROAD NEWTON CENTRE uggage, Leather Goods, 332-6519 Giffs ,GNU '. V wi A ' rw. " f - - .,.. '4 u Q ,, 1:-pi' -W N ss Sex . . . in Denebola?!?!" Q . I CRAMER ELECTRONICS Leading distributors of electronic components to industry Wishing the best to the class of '74 Newton South High School CRAMER CRAMER ELECTRONICS INC. Q 85 Wells Ave. Newton. . FCQYYI7' IrLL-SC!-IOLASTIC uocmr scuoor. "An Investment: In a Boy's Future" , . 'I-"' ' ' K ' ' "'f':1',,h5f. .-UC A .sf-osi:'4,..eLEv.ENgmutv Q Q - Ya S we iv .S A N 21.14411 Q' 1' I I .wyf-:vie-1'-fgfgiiyyz. . , 4... .5 I-X HOCKE Kf..S6H0.0lao ri ,91- -2f.1f3-1-I? .A F." f1::fr:,tP2fgs32L.fF ' -5.4. .-1 0 ' ,,3??3.q.?'5 C if "un,doj'rho'offgoorgovafsoxglrf-213.1 ,bf ' 'Q i"'-2'i'5Ti5is'IiF951'.32ff5:!2Q-33553555555 ' 33' 'nf 4 FOR BOYS v,, , 1 ',- H , . - -: '11-4111,,ifE..1'f5gafg- M -r 3- f, 41 S1-f':eiz?tgg5???qrirg1 . AGES 7 - 17 ,Q ' .iY2'4J-1.'g- ...L :- '5u'f'1-5,:sf,. :Li-W, .. '..,j-5.1, ' H ' K o' 4' .DON NICKENNEY'-.E C " JULY 15-26' -S F n a 17 A " 1 -,"9flz, -i - ' ' I 'i-'f.l.,' 'Q' ' , or oys - . g " I H Nz. I Charles River Ice Skating Cente ' f g g:zfa15L?6-:L,.51' ' ron mfunmnou on J 1 29 - A t ,th . .f - ohdeif, w luusmmu snucnunfs " Y ws ' 1 C .'-' 157. Mm mmm-MEM Directed By. .. 4 .f , .M 4 cm non wunmzn, Norwood u.s'. " . "gf C ' ' f MIKE ADDESA w 11 1 ms. HDQIUAG MOHNS , , - mr smnus umm, ' ' e 'S ey fi J.. A A -.1 - For brochures write: I - A11-Shl 1 n it 'ShO1 , ' ' ' 1. - on ns nffnum clo Q02 f,f:e'fe,"c ey C 0 F S P ' Pfgmg-Z15'T'a: ,-.. fe'.f?'.fd. 'f- ' A NUMBERJ44-ll3l 5 Hartfogd street Q V Y ' 9 V 9 Locauon And Facuhues DQVBT. HCS9- 02030 ' 11 785-0491 mECQfjgfvjj'Vf" r sxmusmsncx 0' C' W, A ' SWE' Ne,,..,,,,M.s, nannuusasnuotms. - t Drums Saxophone B. J ,tw 0 Q." " ' ' PIOFISSIONAI. INSTRUCTIONS ,Q , 1 on any of the following 'Q 5 musical instrurnents: I '- W Guitar ' I-f Banjo Clarinet "' Bass Trumpet , It " Flute Trombone . ,I J 8 M MUSIC 1175A Walnut St Newton I-hghlando Mass 02161 Telephone 332 9625 Best Wlshes to the Class of we amy A complete une of metrumenta for sale or THE PLACE TO BUY EVERYTHING FROM WHATS IN STYLE to wbafs traditional OPEN THURSDAY EVENINGS UNTIL 8:30 CHARLES 1ouN6MwS RIVER .v 0, 0 .2 x o rms CEJIRJTIEREUNC PREP SHOP 154 watts AVENUE 1 NEWTON MASSACHUSETTS 02159 "4"'MD SCU" 'sm 527 4610 1 noun ruse PARKING at the Church Street Garage fright next doorl 31 CHURCH ST. ' CAMBRIDGE UNiversity 4-2300 Best Wishes to Our daughter NC 34:4 BEACON sr NEWTON CENTRE MASS 02159 527 7400 Marcy Baskm Robbms and the class of ,74 Ice Cream - 46 Langley Rd Newton Center Mr + Mrs. Marvm Kopelman Phone 527 8131 and Bobbb' We w1sh the best of luck to the class of 74 OTT MOTGR HGTEL Commonwealth Ave. - Newton Massachusetts 969- 1000 9 f l ' 41 , . l I V ' .- - . p' .A CC 7, ' 2 u " 5 B 1, K 'f IX J I' :- r.' 11 0 R a I A , an To, T. T- . .' itt +V: I. P., - V Y . it as 1. A kg , .11 .ii - I, . -T J Lf , . ' 5 - I . .I-. T V, L. . D . -r .' 1.2, ' - . .W 'J ' 31 , V I -'H :IE I ' Vn'n'v , CE, , I'TfL lk-4: C If , "- 4- T G - Q., .": 'I -It IQ' ' .. 1" -."I 1 , '. .ni ' -1 te - , h al , . '. -V x v. D' .' .v,t1.J.x ,A 5.2 MUSIC CLUB l, ffl: r,J' FifSl Row: Cindy Gordon. Bruce Ward. Second Rim: Rynn Liclwm. Sue l'e.1rlmulicr. Ri-lun Sclihigcr Sonya Lovin. lilisc Lcxcnmn. .Iill Suylu. Third Row: Frank Wulkcr. Wayne Kgniliimn. .ludy -Xiiwiii. lxnil.i Vlillix lill Mcuvey. David Lamson. BLACK STUDENT UNIO I . Q 5 -'f 'Y f A12 4' lg avi-life' ' ' .f i, SW fi """i - lfirsl Rami Kcxin Bird. 'Nlerlhis Brook. llclvhic Licluvn. l.crm -Xlkinx. l .uni flhllll. R-inn: Ili-inipx -n Rwnn, funninglmm. .luckic Sims. llmsurd l'indcrhughx Scwnd Rim hlnrly lcnnun Nixiiin luv. Slriiwi- .l.i.kNi-n Cynthia Herring. Gorginiu Pleas. Rcncc Jsvlmwn. Slunrl l'crry. Xin-ky -Xllxirix ll-ill Ruhinx-ni llind R-vu kim Rucker. Brian Price. Clifl' Wiley. Rxncl .lulmwn Rnulmrd ii-vimii hcl-igu Ilii-ni.ix ,lull I .rim-ii. Xdimim llw'1 .lnnmy Nlarlin..Iaickicl':1uIkncr. HISTORY CLUB ,vm UC a PIB' 1 N' --4 5.7 'Y First Row Martha K1pl'1n Karen Propp Nanu Winer Louise Cohen Andx Cummin-'12 Second Row Ruth Slranahan Daxid Cohgn Roger Cibella .leffKublin Richard Sharlon Thomasfxrticr TABLE TENNIS CL UB fn?-5 'ff I-41 ' . A , ' 2 ,. WX ai fn' f' 'a ii i 1-FM - A -I U Ani! . 'i lil 'D Fifxl Row: Cilina Wont. Doug Baird. David Shure. Doug Fisher. Marlin Grossman. Eric Epstein. Scot! Mondclick. John Pomcr. Ellix Ggihovilch. Aru Shismanian. Chung Wong. Peter Eldred. Ruuyd Fontaine. Sung to the tune of"Thanks for the Memories:" Thanks for the memory of making all those friends following new trends drama, talk and all the lot, assortment never ends. How lovely it was! Thanks for the memory of bathrooms filled with smoke hearing corny jokes K, machines that never worked when all you wanted was a coke. How lovely it was! Many a time in the commons and many a time in the hall Oh well it was fun but its over It's all done but, you did have fun And thanks for the memory of Van B. what a shock eating lunch to rock he made the school so safe that lockers didn't need a lock. Oh thank you so much! Thanks for the memory of art festivals in May problems day to day incredible for you to think that one day you will say How lovely it was! So never forget all the good times and never forget all the bad times It sure was fun, but you can't stay young You're out of here, is that a tear? And thanks for the memory of experiences shared tempers often flared though there were some people in the school who really cared. So sincerely we say, we wish well on your way So long now, bon chance. Q! fro 1 Q i TW Q 1 r 1 6 ' if ' N -i , f 0 . IIW7 I In I pf ,X - 14' if uh g I 0 I s .X . 2 5. rf" Wx xl . , U5 gtg. . W 4 I Q 0 I 9, . . ' . ' v xy. 1 "' li l ' . 5' 0' f ik xss9'i5i melt 'lf i ' N . I 4 4 ' Q n Q I A A lil .QLNSW . 232511 :lf-f-.u ' r.: up ' 4 i 'yi' , '01 N Q- K K - . .l x u Q N Q ,. M vxglx' C 1 I Y J' A13 . -in V I i is , I. I ,,,,.' iv 0 I I 5 2 WM J Kill , A M1301 G IRR it anno. HV vol, nano no-:uni .11 1 .1 a J !""i ' ,U Q' E15 4 9 1 J , '-14" ii Ompi' wif? 4' 7 fu 1 'vw' ' f-. ,,-3. - iunixlbq. ' 5 1 . 1 4- ,gs fi' -s' .A 4 A.: .V 'Q ' nf 7.1. 1 hx '. ,v " Q L . .,. .. ,. --Y,-v 1 . - - :why 1 . X 1 .,,,... - V.--M - - ---I -Af -f. - N -, . """' "'- N" . -- wr: nn-. ., ,I I I . I ' I I I I I II -I I --1I.II.Is! ff' '-A - III I I I ., .,IIII - A- . I . Q "'e"? " "-s A,,,,R- I ,I. .,. ..w 1' '- ,"'- -A , III I Iv, . I 1'I ' y ' A - "' .AA A- -v--5:--I 3 2" 'NC I , I I I . ,I I ,I I, u., I V I I . . .. I-II. ' - , - :I I I I I, ,II.A,p- 5--I.,--id?'I' HAT ' IIW-I. - , I ' -gov-eip 2--Q' 'T' ' ' . .-I'r'g-Q,.ZI"1I'-Y""A. . " . f ' I -' .. " I I I .r-I I- Q,-I+ I A I' ' 'H - 5 Q-.. ,,,jI'Q I -ff'I-5 - I I . ! II U- . -. . - 4 .-V I ,- I ... . I Jn' " "hm , - I I - - 1- . -, I, - . M , I , . - ft . -A A .A .. .. A,., -..I III - - ' II I Q ' .A X. Q , .,I . - . I ,, - -I . A III A I .III I . I I ., fp- .-X ',' T -7 I ,--. ' I' ' , -- ' 'IQI' .. -,,.,,,. - ' L' A ' . f ' " . ,. v. A . A- -W1 -1- ' ' - -1 I .-.., .. . Q .I I I - I., I A A A ,. , .. NI ,.. 1. I .. 1, .I,. II I . . . . II ,III , IN IIIII,,., . .'- ' v . ' ". 1 -A A ,A-. , 4 -' " 1' ,,.A,.x.'I ' -' J l I -5 - " - A ' 1. 5 A ' ' 1 . Q. -1,-'. 1 'I --. 'g,g'i ' ..,- -Qi fr' Sf'-1 A, +A . I I I 1 , I I A I v- I I It E. . -. .1 III 1 -..,,I' I I yy. . I I .-- , -. A 4 'I II I 1 ' I. X I WL' ' .II .,", '-- xr, "' I' NU -, .-7' " A., 'T I ' I I ' -. ,I . ,. A . '- "-"'-'W' '-""I ... , "Q . I . Q- A - .., wg,-AI . ,,, ' . . . ' . ,A -. 'x X 1 A . 1 ' ' . it -MJ' ,, A - NAM A .-.-. A - .I I I A. .I ', --9 A - -1.I I - .-1 , I '. 5... -1 WN. - -A I I' -.Ii,jI,,sI-. f IIIIIRII II I I I. I yI, ,II .Q .I I , II.III, - ..,II TI . .IJ , II. I'-IINIII I-. ,It Nb.. if I. v . W, -4 W IIII ,,nI.I,III I I IIIIIII I II II -- .I II , . -, - - ' A v. . I - . III A, -'I. ' , - " Ix . . A . I - A- -A., - ' - '- ' ' A A -, J, .. :J -JA ' A A "4-1' -N'-A '- ,..-., .. ., 1 "A-,-- , -P , F' - "-- ' ,I .q, . X , xx '. '4 '. K- -' 'LA' -, -w . Z' - A," , ' ,-, ' - - 1 I I II.-.,.II A-,Ar I . '- '-'N ' -, ' mx III- ', 'nu ., , I -I II - --- 2 .,, . I v . I - xI I ,..- . '- A I ' ' I. sk., II '.- -I 'N ,,-" 'x ' ' Q I,'1I .I 1 U . ' ' I - ' . ' N . - I N-, - Lf . --I I ' "-- l- ' I" A A 1 " 7 Q-. ' .9 X wk ..-45 .ik ' II .II .II II I.. -, XI, IIIIII ,II. XANIII I I. I I ,.- I, II III I I . 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Suggestions in the Newton South High School - Regulus Yearbook (Newton, MA) collection:

Newton South High School - Regulus Yearbook (Newton, MA) online yearbook collection, 1971 Edition, Page 1


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Newton South High School - Regulus Yearbook (Newton, MA) online yearbook collection, 1973 Edition, Page 1


Newton South High School - Regulus Yearbook (Newton, MA) online yearbook collection, 1975 Edition, Page 1


Newton South High School - Regulus Yearbook (Newton, MA) online yearbook collection, 1976 Edition, Page 1


Newton South High School - Regulus Yearbook (Newton, MA) online yearbook collection, 1977 Edition, Page 1


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