Newton South High School - Regulus Yearbook (Newton, MA)

 - Class of 1972

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Jf414l.f'1f'.":'-l- - "iw i ' 3. - 'lf 11 . 'QI' ' -i a 2"-K R P QF., . J. , "- .. " " A 5. , ' . .-,Q x - s x ' . . . -. I ' . s . ' - -:if ,-1- .- .'-5 9- '. ' --.' . - - . i 'F'-'I'-'VI' " "55:K- .' ' . .I, '- -QL, .. 1.- 4 I .I I , 1'--:nf gf' ff, if . ' -f . . IMI ..A . ,I . III , ... 7' 1 . :UA ' -f .1 L' .J . 4. . ,-- -' ,-1. . i ? . ..s. I.', ,i I .. - , J ' , ' 1 1' . , --v 1 ' was ' ' ' " 5. I , ' I I..',E, -' ' i- . I . . ,V V "lx .Y X . -.'-pf ', 's .-III I, ,. '..."r - - -Q 'L '. -X-1"'f P1-.A 3 A C... -I- , ' .,' 4-- 7 ?L'I4:I.:.IfIII -I I 1' ' - 4:4 ,:-- - - ,. -z, .. " . ll -3 I- , .I- w"'.,7 1.1! 'f '. " '- 1, -J In, I ,I. , , . . rw. II II l L... I .NI , n ,I,,I.Ln Inf I "-'E x, ,za 7 - ' ' lpn 1 'I ur, .. . V J -851.-1 . '1 X rr, ,'. I.I.,,I, ' I , I I "!"'1i.'!,:3 'f !' f. tv L,4.'t.f ' I if ' ,,-. v - ,.-.Q "ig . ,. 5.-255,11 -.,,. X.-Nr' -I 5... - , - . - I. '---4.-s' ...if-1 f -H-f-..,g -. A , .,. .f . -. LW -xb H 4-I,-.I 1-I, .1 . . ,. . . . , ' ,.,.,fJ Q 1, '-'-.1 5 ft-.-'-'I a. -- I' ,. .,.4,1,-,3f'Qf.I'nI. .,,'.- ,L -If' -' 'v-N71 '-511 ' N -, - I- 'TQQCZ 2' 7'!Y "','f7:e-j'. . -fl"..' '- " r -M' 5-"Ewa ',-pf--w 1 F 1 V . , . I I.. 1 4, " . . v J. 1 1. 4 A -"' ' - 'lb' ,. ' -'- .., .- ', -355'-I'f,..2', .IIJL . ,. . 1 , 'rf'-1',-'Q '.'-' I ." ,. 4 : I" ', .IIN II.,-, -II. . , if:-Leif.-SW ." 'Y'-.,:'g,',. N . I' :ZVI .ZX-I-1' '5 'Ig " ,IY',II,"f" .HI I If ' L I I .g.:,-IL I H I' . ,II ,I .I Im... I. . , ,, . .A -y W .. . 1' - ,. .9-.A .s,. , . .L -Q-i?g.24-gm-'J.f, Je... -L v X .- watt I hS'l:AL' -5 1.1 '. A . ' C1,,j' A-. -..,'z. 1.5: . ,. 3, I -.- .,-,9f,J.f,..'.-- Q- . , . Us ' .p 5 J':- ::'1f.,1'i"' N. 'z .Q Q9 ' "' 1 1: .3 K - .,1, - 9,".'-5,-1,' -.INA-2 .- 'f :".,- -.- ' .I "'.-4,4 Q, I- -- '.I'- . v . "'-7"-'7r'gif' -.-. 1-.-5.4 '-'-,,4'-, - A v 4 N-. .,4'I-'4'.'..-.1 f r. uf.-gn. J. . -I. -. 5-I I I vzfyfflfg-CI .,'5,II :. ' .',v,.'.. I '. 'u .- vpr: M: . '- . 'f. . , -,. --. ,qw ,I ,- .'-" 'mfrff' Ji.. l .X . l --3-N Q--J 1 f .. P, '- . 15,159-.I?,I.?FY.. .120 1' 11' .I 1 I-- - , -,,,-,4.I.yII'3I, I . .II -OI, .'i,-f:fx..x1' .1 '.-.,. ...,,,-r,.f,,.4s...,. --A 'qslkg'--J 1' -. .cv x, - : .ff I.' - ." -F: 4. . ' . . . , . 1 .I - 3. .e,.,'I-ry, .53 'sig . 'A I , ' "' - A n' -. :II 'V .1 I f . fl"-. ' Q" NI 5 " ' "QL ' " ' ,259 r.-f . fl L 1 ' -, ' " ' . , -j-.,x.- .-..,I, ,, '- -.BI , ., II A. I. I II, I5 'NI- ,: x -, . . 'VJ-1 Q 1 , ' , 'A3 . xv " ' ff 7 ' .. 'tw H K' ' ' r C -gif-"I,-.I,,,.-,,, ., I - . 1. -' 2, : -. 1 , , 4 . ' 1 .A,..-5.--. , ., , I . .E .--..q'fs. - ' ' F VI.-I , III ,.I . , I I ,,gI....Iz-XII ,Y '-. 4 nl 4. '-'pr' -11 -hy 4" . " '- V- - IVSI ,,... I , .r , ., I, . . . :..,i.1,-... - up v ,J .fd 'N 1 -. "far, .. .. .f .JN ,I I, -.U lay." f 'a."". 1 ,tl , .,I..,. ,IMA . Tl-':'. -' ' nf.. .-A IIIIIIIFI .- 'lip -' - . l . ' 4- .- 1.- ' . . 4 .,f., . . ."' Sf'-If' , -nl " "ii A gli aqf .I . X- . -,.I.Ig . .- xv .L , vgyrg IvI.., . , .-g,,Ix - .- 4 A". . f'. . I I. .. 4,1 u ' . x ' I r .4- . '4 ..,. x. I .x. IlI AI'u:.f.- ' 'rv '1 RQ ir: . -I 'n ' ','-. . ' ,IA I aa.l- ' ' .f , . WIN, 2.1, ' . ' I. - nc .I I. I, .,. . . ,Ie ,Igf . 1 I 4 . -1 ' I, IL., I. I, t, ..,f,, f . " "V Q5 . f -'-. 'lf I - f-S .l-.x.I,I ' .AI . 141. .I I 'I 'v' xn- .1 v . I . ' . , A . , . F."4i-'!fl'ji' 1. h - -" . .' L "1 5- 'IH' N. I IAL1'fig:4""ifJ'f, '1.. u ry K III1'L ,",-"N X X, 'II :I'gS'iI,I "' W-'s"fQ.x ., ' ' 48,0-if . ' Q, "-'U fi,-' g..j,I -. 9g,2-.t4f1:yzX'- . I X ' ' ' .1 ' ., ,J S . ., ai"',5"- ."' Eff.. . 4 I. AW- I'-H! .-'.' X-,'1."' s '.- ' -'fY',,: ,' .. - 1 f N '-1' ' 'v' ' if:-.,, -' -f '7 I-, ' .,.T,'r,' f ' - . , . ,' -,713 -:,If I'-f. I II I . ' , I...-I ' -4 H .,.I 11,1 . xx.. I . , U. , . .I -. N ,, f-1 'Q-A 4.-,nn ,. -I . . I L. I, , f f ' ' - 5 ' 'u - f" "' . . .. . I, Kyo' z fA5""'- ' " I. -I',- - V' , . . ' ' - .- , 1-- " I '- .I -'L I - I -'15 v :' -'ll -f. I, ',,:.'L -l.',Tg.'a4"",-' ' ' vi. ' , J '-Q -18.1, ' . ' '- -, . ', 4 ,.. 1 ,,.. ' ' ' us. .j.": Q" -2' J- f- X - r ' -.-.Ji - 1'-'-:ug ' . , ,- I . . , Y ,,. I I ..-- , If., . II, I Y . ,I I.-V!-.. f '1 ' 1 1- -.r ' .,V- a I. A , 1. 1 4 , ' . r I Y I ., , . . R . . I . ffj,'a,.." .' - . ' . c'.,. '. I f I V. - f f . , 1 ' . I ,, ' . I. -, 4. ... "In ,. ' 'I ,g ' sr I , :I ' , .IIN .if - Z. I . Q. . '- 'f' - . "' ' v' X' - I., . - '- 'IQ , I .' 5 ' F ., ' ' . V ?', .?.:!'.' Q- - -x N .. We" 1 .0 r En, -1 ,,-1 , ' ' I - A x.-.Q ' ' 5 a 9 ' . 11. ' ,lr .,. 4 lj S ."' .I - ---..I-.I,3. 1. gl, -, - 1 u A - . 1 " ' - . 4-'f "4 . ' . "I I . y, . . , . ' s . 713,24 , -,ff 4- A N I S ... nl.. vi, ' 1": ' M 'L 4 ,M In fl V v 'S Q'1,Q, . ' 59' L . 'v- f' 4 L- - . .1 N we 1 w f ,,.. 'E'Eu" 'lk I' Hu' l ,sl I' .5 'V -. ' Y uf, I Lf' J! ' . ' 1 w X f' 4 v , 1 I M x . H , V . 1 I I x I U ua , w 1 t 1 a w . 1 ' f , . K I r W 1 , 1 V , , . , , 1 I ' f N I Q I wx M YL-1' fl 1 " ' - I.. ' P -- ,.. 1 x ' X "eil V 1 .' ,- ,V .1 1 um ,. A x -' ', I YQ' . , 1 , ,,m . . I 1' ,'. .. I' N 1 - 1 ...W nu, 1 . A ., 44. X-' . K' L M: ' ' .,'hl!.' 4 ,'5.':'H- ,, , """L,,'2, -v Avg ,sys Q- 'VA ,, U. 1 -Qwnif 'I 4 lu ff n -'- Q f,,-91'+'c .W I 1' . r- v 4 fr . A! in 4 4 'Ja CJ- xktn .An r! I X ll ' 1 , . 5 1 , ff , ,, LQ' I... .I I r W- 5'w. I 1 r ,m?,w" 'Al IX! - " W I :N ' X el .", vi.--715- .. "'y5'.'r' '1 . - , r,, 1.1"-1 J., 1 - l 44 ,-ffl, I I ,J N. ,I IH T.'7' I 'J I "Q11L?ff,Q7qL ' 'U ' ' UA 1 ' .' 3, 'mx . . 1' ... ' W .15 A ! 13: 5111: F rf.-.' H' Qfsviwi Q I r -' -I - 4' ff ,I ,Hi 'OU I, . K' ' YV 4 3' Xiu Y W,-I "1 I I ,1 ' .H' 1" 'u H q wg. Y K , q I 1 ,I 1.511-fi I f I ' E NEWTON SUUTH HIGH SCHUOL NEWTON CENTRE, MASSACHUSETTS l i 1 I Paul ,Nlwlwx llxttlltl vXtl.tlIts Uk Charles lf. Adcock lfl79 Boylston Street Cutler "Chuck" "The truth must always be in question and that inquiry must be a process oll doubting." Pet Pceve: My nickname by TIM, Never forget '71 Baskins 3l5o. "Big bad six" Basketball l. 2. 3. Intramural Z. 3. Baseball l. l-aculty Award 2. Meryl Adelman 66 Verndale Road Cutler David Albert 92 Varick Road Goodwin "Dave" "Lille had very much to offer. don't let the good things pass without you." Student-Faculty Forum li Ecology Action l. Z. 3g Debat- ing Club l. 2. 31 Sci Fic Club l. 21 Tennis team Z: Outing Club 3. llldct S IL Vylicclci Leonard Stanley Adeliiiaii 48 Kingston Road Cutler "Lenny" "The great accomplishment ls not in never falling. but in ris- ing again after you fall." Winning football games isn't everything but it sure as heck comes close to it. What would happen if '.., l lived up lo my potential? Would I have been different without AK? What would hap- pen it' l didn't wrestle? Here's to a good friend DML. and all the guvs. Ahl good cold brew. Will the kids from Warren ever grow up'? Gary Adelson 230 Dudley Road Goodwin Baseball lL Spanish Club 31 Ski Club 31 Leslie 3. Most rewarding experience: Receiving my schedule at the end of' the '71 summer and finding that l had three studies first thing in the morning and could sleep till llztltfl every day. Claim to Tame: A light bluejag. l'll never forget: Leslie from Fr. Steven Alexander S2 Miller Road Cutler "There is no problem which cannot be-solved. and no goal which cannot be reached." I leave to South 1076-142. my it. l'll never forget what l don't know? tsighb Student Council. Science Fic- tion Club Librarian. Chess Club. Math Tutor. Denebola, Eng. Book Comm.. Debating Club. Coin 81 Stamp Club Pres.. Math Team. Math Teacher. 1 ' f 1149 . '25 lf' I ' t y 5 I Jonathan Allen 245 Hartmann Road Goodwin "Jonny" l'll never forget .IV and all the good trips we vvent on. espe- cially the one to Montreal. Many people come and go in your lite. but some you will al- ways remember. Michelle Lori Altshuler 52 Sharpe Road Wheeler "Shell" "The greatest happiness in life is being loved for yourself, or more correctly. being loved in spite of yoursell '." The summer ot' '71, Swim- ming. food. weekends. Charlie. P00 P00 TOT 4. lst and liisl night. couch. lloor. beds. That night those nights. Gne mind 2 people. one mind 4 people. giggles. feet. skin. Oh l'm not too Truth and last of all each other. Charles Appelstein 45 Wyman Street Goodwin "Comedy is the last refuge ol' the non-conl'ormist mind." Iinicel -Xrduino 676 Bttylslon BULL! Whcclcr "lin" "Wan Too high olt ol live . Tcddy baby .md that red Chevelle. broad what's her bag? Halloween '69 and the green vet Rita lets go to NHS. Nll'RRY XMAS. IIAPPY N1-W N 1-AR. l'old ducls .ind apple wine. Ytrgin Cain was her name Bare Iceland Bl.l"s Purple pants .ind lred "Ya" litcn up on iny head. NHJR1. J I J 9 ll-Xt'll1Sll3ll'. 5 fa All Barbara Andler 140 Warren Street Cutler "Barb" "Without mistakes there is no forgiving: Without forgiving there is no love." l leave to NSHSt grades in Math. Will never forget: Apr.. Sum. '7l1. SEN. PROM. crazy people 1 met. ED Sc talks. HTC.. NCSY. and close friends, What would happen if: a certain hairline receded'7 Ambition: To succeed and make this world a better place in which to live. Mark Altman 41 Westminster Road Goodwin "Altie" Tennis 1. 2. 31 Ski Club l. 3: NE. Street Hockey 1. Z. 3. "It is an encouraging symptom ot' our time4ot'ten decried as materialisticfthat it chooses its heroes from individuals whose goals lie completely in the in- tellectual and spiritual sphersf' Einstein 119211 ,-fi it ,ir ' 1 lr 1 U P I 1 l 1 i I i' f lriends. lioinans. Country men Kenneth Aries 963 Boyston Street Wheeler Alias "Bird I" "Happiness Is being with someone you love." l'll never forget: NIIQ. house NII. Sum '7l. Iihe eorner. V- I'. Iiig Mae. l'riends AtoZ. eo- tillions '7l, C'-Bob lloekey' team. My tirst two ear 47-I7l wreeks plus the one that got away: A lllsf Ifurpie. U-Haul. Ihank you DI.. I leave NSIIS one Italian and a new eeiling lor the eorner. S-Great times IDR good luek. MIQ with RII Iloekey' I. 2. 3. I'hank you. Neil. Miriam Axelrod 1498 Centre Street Cutler "Mimi" The rhino is a homely' beast. For human eyes he's not a feast, Farewell. Farewell. you old rhinoeeros. I'll stare at something less prepoeeros! Ogden Nash Production Mgr. David Arnold I5 Amherst Road Wheeler "Dissatisl'aetion without dis- eouragement leads lo prog- ressf' Thanks to Mrs. Weiner tNIISJ and I'll never forget "The Family"'. A.V. and of eourse Mrs. MeAvoy' for all the griet' I caused her . . . William Michael Aronson 250 Woodeliff Road Goodwin "Mike" Stage Crew 2. 3. "Don't compromise yourself. y'ou're all y'ou've got." .Ianis Joplin The Stranger Camus: Sley elt .Arles 963 Boylston Street Wheeler "Bud II" l'll never lorget. a great little Sis like .lane yyho's tops and MIQ. RII. ll-llaul. my lriends IZ. IDI.. DR. IJI4. MIS. Mae. AB. IR. .I Ii. Colllllutts. the parties. house in N.ll . first ear wreck. parking lot Sept 4. '7l I leave to NSIIS someone I eare tor very' mueh Diane. one lellow Italian. Ihe eorner and a lot oli great times. Soeeer Z. 3. May' I have many' more great times with that girl, Iwo great parents. Mark Aronson 90 Truman Road Cutler "Aron" "And in the end the love you give is equal to the love you take." Favorite Sayings: III4. Ili SU by. can-o-peas. I'll never lor- get: the man on the top ol' Mt, Washington. having breakfast at Dunkie's and Luneh at Tony's. Behind Cutler house with AC. MF. MS. Math with Val. and all the boys. SS. JC. WA. AF. JB. NG. Carol Aueoin 75 Floral Street Cutler "Carol" Activities: horseback riding. skiing. I'm erazy' about: animals Surpressed desire: to own a Castle with gargoyles and to own a horse. Ambition: to travel Cross-eountry' and to see America. Favorite pastime: going to the beaeh. Alan Backer I2 Considine Road Cutler "Al"."Bae" "A winner never quits. a quit- ter never wins." I'll never forget: Vietory par- ties Cape '7l. Activities: Football l. 2. 3: Wrestling l. 2. 3: Spanish -tl 1-f 2 Club 2. -4- 'Y fig: .Agn li pa I -F 5 17 MQ ri Kathy Ball Zo Nlaneheyter Road Goodwin ".-X tlriend whom you have heen gaining during your whole hte. you ought not to he dixpleawed with in a moment. A xtone ty many vearx heeom- ing a ruhyg take eare that you do not dextroy it in an inxtant against another wtonef' Anne Marie Barbour 35 Hanson Road Cutler "Annie" "Nothing endurex. not a tree. not love. not even a death hy violence." I'll never lorgeti Waxhington D Cf. Nantasltet. the Cape. Fridayx in Newton Corner. 3- 20-71 and the other timex with KA. my three yeary here. the Goodwin girlxroom and all the ludx, what would happen il' all my dreams eome true, Chriytina lerraf 'lhenn de Bttlttvx l3 IH Walnut Street Wheeler "t'hriQ' Suxan Ann Barhoni 70 Oakdale Road Wheeler "Sue" "The world is changing. aeeept the ehangex as they' eome and do the best you can." Never Forget: 6 eary SL l truck. rte. 9 at l apple wine 84 ducks. Katvk. gray to orange- eherrvl. the weekends at home with my big brother 8a week- ends down the Cape with TF 8: CC. thanx mom 8: dad cgi NB. lfondext memoriex with RCM. .... -as X Ann Marie Bartoshevieh 7 Pennxylvanta Ave. Wheeler "t'lieyy"'."Ann" "What ix life without love. laughter and tearyf' l'll never forget: all the great timex with DW. DIE. EO. ES. SY. KB. DW, MP. SP. P,O'H. BB. Summer of '7l. Cape. Par- ttex at KBX. UGR, Broken window. eoneertx at BU, Ike M Nltlye. Mack SPN. 'l'ony'N SNUUPY. 7,4-7l. Maggie. All my love to .Ierry and Dielyy for everything lihanks. ' 'Sf ---v Lee Bardin 6 Clifton Road A ' -7 it t f ' - ,f " .v.,4" iiCf K 1 f t Goodwin YZ? . It Caaron Belcher 61 Donna Road Goodwin "A powerful creative element trying to work its way toward an essential isolationg a creat- ive solitudeg a secret life against all the barbarous in- vasions ofthe world." Thomas Wolfe Caren Ann Bayne 79 Westgate Road Cutler "Live by the harmless untruths that make you brave and kind and healthy, and happy." l'll never forget: DH, PU. Jl,. AK. liR. HP. RC. SM. Ilede. remember the night when all the boys in the world were for- closed, When we look back to the past, the bad times vanish, and only the good remains. Thanx Joel. Randall Bell 25 Drumlin Road Robert Beaser 44 Chathani Road Goodwin "As long as you and I have lips and voices with which to speak and kiss, who cares il' some tool invents a machine to measure spring." Jonathan Bell 72 Westminster Road Wheeler Soccer IO, llg Lacrosse IO. ll. l2. ,J ,fn i l . 'W .f-N., Wheeler Judith Bellin 31 Holly Road Goodwin i 461 'W'-. Ronald Bello 95 Adeline Road Goodwin "Ron" "Some men sec things as they are and say why. l dream things that never were and say why not." Revulus '77 Record Stage Crew. Union. Clubs. "'-- .i , 1 .k IV' .Wt and Miamrl Thanks to all. Stuart Bernstein 25 Longfellow Road Cutler Latin Club 1, French Club 1. Favorite Saying "Q.T.B.T.B." Ruth Birnbaum 170 Woodcliffe Road Goodwin "Ruthi" "There are two things to aim for in life: first. to get what you wantg and. after that. to enjoy it. Only the wisest of mankind achieve the second." 1'll never forget: E. the P. and consequences-det. and Mrs. G. and dip. LS. BG, Karen L. Blank 996 Walnut Street Wheeler "A man's reach should exceed his grasp," fRobert Browning. Science Fiction Club I0 President and Editor 11, 121 Stage Crew lflg Oklahoma ll1 Concert Choir ll. 12 Dance Club 12: Music Club I7 Barbara Ann Bikofsky 191 Woodcliffe Rd Goodwin "Look within. Let not the spe- cial quality or worth of any- thing escape thee." Lewis Blair 24 Shumaker Path Goodwin WHAT'S LEFT TO SAY TO MY FRIENDS WHEN EVERYTHlNG'S ALREADY UNDERSTOOD EXCEPT FOR THANK YOU. l'll al- ways remember the summer of '71 with Que Pasa. Lezgo. Kaybe and the Wonderful Wino at Baskins and those ter- rible six weeks without Do- rene. Special Thanks to Mr. A. Oklahoma, Zorbaflvly fondest dream GB's 70-72. Laura Berkowitz 134 Vine Street Wheeler ,. . Love comes quietly '... but you know when it is there, be- cause. suddenly you are not alone anymore . . . and there is no sadness inside you. .loan Walsh Angland To all my friendsfThanx for putting up with me-you've all been great!!! Marla Blaustein 971 Boylston Street Cutler "Abner","Po" "If you smile at me l will un- derstand cuz that is something everybody everywhere does in the same language." inf.- Sf Bryna Bograd 9 Warren Terrace Cutler Concert Choir l. 2. 31 Vocal Ensemble 2. 31 Musical 2. 3: Fall play 3: Music club 3: Northeastern District Chorus 3: May Arts Festival l. 2. 3. Pet Peeve: MATH! "But Barbara you were the one who called me!" l'll never forget: BA. DK. WJ, Mr. A.. Mr. L.. Mr. C.. and most of all SD. 4 John Bocci 13 Jackson Street Wheeler I leave to NSHS JB 81 JW l'll never forget the times l spent chasing VK. DG. CS. ED.. down the halls after my key. All the weekends night at the coffee house. Dunkies and VFW were ever so much fun. l guess my greatest ambition is to finish school. but what's im- portant is I made it!!! Y Marcy liiiiicii lllooiii 50 .Line Road Goodwin ulltwltl last lo dic.inis lor if dicaiiis dic l.ilc is at broken-yxiiigctl lliid that can not lly. Hold lilsl to di'c.tiiis lfor when dreams go Lilc isa biiiicii licld Froien with siiovvf' Naomi Bloom 99 Oakdale Road Goodwin "Of poems. prayers and prom- ises and things that we believe in How sweet it is lo love stimc- one How right it is to care. How long it's been since yes- terday And what about tomorrow? And what about our dreams And all the memories we shared?" John Denver Gemma M. Boffo 31 Charlemont Street Cutler I'll never forget this past year and all the people l've known. especially CM. BC. Marjory Borkow 50 Rowena Road Goodwin "Mar,ii" "lt makes no difference how deeply seated may be the trouble. How hopeless the outlook. How muddled the tangle. How great the mistake: A sufficient realization of love will dissolve it all. If only you could love enough you would be the happiest and most powerful person in the world." Emmet Fox S s 1' Y ?' v 1 ,229-1 ,fg 'Gig - . ,"- 's-. . ,ixagi Pura-.,,f.'g.f A f., 1, .. . 5' -'?""'g gi'a4' e' D . ww.- if 1 2---Mif1ff2'f" we 3 em A- '- " A., :ea-9-'f"" - if ,uzafiye-,,q1 ,se ,., . 'rv ' 'A - 'iczffe fwfafiikw iii Lin' tai' 'Y 2,2 ' -3 . . 23, fs' ' r at , 3 -'22 4- ga "'?' Elf? K 3 ay 'a dxf . if X af viii! .A , 'V 'P' 193 . 411 K? A, t ' I 'fa Ann Marie Bossi 55 Wisvvall Road Wheeler "Bones" "leach me not the art ol' re- membering. but the art ol' for- gettingflor I rememher things I wish to remember hut I ean- not forget things I wish to for- get." L M I'lI always remember: SD. CL. a grn. el.. 4-25-70. the summer of '7I. .Iuly I3. I97I. no way. 9-Zl-7I. SP. with SJ and JK. B-hlock '7I. water in the crank case, I leave to NSHS. Stretch. Mary Brine I5 Maple Park Cutler Bruce D. Brown 9 Wilde Road Cioodwin "By the time a man realizes that mayhe I1isliLlII1Cf was right. he usually has a son who thinks he's wrong." My deepest gratitude to all my teachers who tried Io make my classes interesting and reward- ing. hut especially to Vinson Bronson who succeeded, Irack I. 2. 31 I-ioothall I. 21 Varsity Club I. 2. 31 Coin Vluh 2. Jerrold Boynick 22 Stein Circle Wheeler "Guewy" Baseball I. 3: Football I1 Hockey' I1 I leave to NSHS I ticket 2 warnings. and 2 park- ing tickets. and a trip to court. My claim to fame is driving more miles than anyone else. I'm crazy about Mt. Wash. I'lI never forget KC. AC. ME. EP. Hey Rick. want to go ski- ing? What would happen il' they gave credits for eating out. Friday nights were great. also Sat, then recupe on Sun- day. ,f.::.., g in ...1 X I -1. 1 . i Spencer Leland Brown I7 Stetson Way Wheeler "Blessed he the man. who having nothing to say abstains from making wordy evidence ot' the fact." I I X Marc Broadnax II8 Oakdale Road Cutler Steven Burgexx Cutler Nlidticattion xhould be trtuning in the art amd xcience ot' being a wtirm. loving human being. Lind all other training xhould be secondary." Axhley Montugu . f '-2 T J., , i..,f,4, 1: fr 3. Rel-.eee.i llrnyn -18 Glenwood M e Cioodwin "llecky"."liiick" l xtaind tipon ii threxhold holding llixl to iny dretimx with llllL'Ullll'Ul.Il7lC p.ixxionx lhttt wiixh oyer inx xoul lt ix my lite l xeek to lind Lind only I ciin lind it'x path". ,.. If ,5 "W7hw. . ,A - . , 1'w'l , .- ' - ' f' .f , .1 .nqtxz 5 gr ...sf "l x ' f i , ,,g'i't34 . A Sflkr-ft - f 'C . 41" :V V 4 5 44, x 5ff,f,1,,g,h3' ., - x L , 1 f , -. ' " 5" 542 5" 4 fa: -,.f ' ' fi I 12 A E W ' .' pf . 1 4 ' . arf-ff ' ' . , Ou" il ,f Vg, ll V, . ' . , 4 ,Li fit' " .fx .-1.3 'vie .Q . A lf' 75 Laurie Clilinux 197 Spierx Road Goodwin One ot' the moxt valuable lex- xonx ot' life that l'ye learned ix that people are univerxal. Nlziybe one xpegikx differently, or hix xkin ix darker or lighter than mine. he xtill feelx hot in the xummer and cold in the winter, He hgix .imbitionx .ind opinionx the xiime tix l do. and he hux known lonelinexx. hap- pinexx. .ind friendxhip, ,-Xniy lieth litnxick ll7 Wairren Street if. l Cutler Y- ' "A liriend ix .1 perxon with 3' whom l into be xineere Be- , lore lnin l may think .ilond " A1 l'll tilwtixx think londlx ol' 4 A "Z" V v 'Si SUUAH :ind the xltttwx, til' blockx with l,ewix. iny' xomc 3-xottte. at xlotttty night 1' lor Dorene. .ind lznglgind l owe xo much to you "l'rol'ex- xorf' .loc and Sue I loxe yii both? lllzY. CfjRl:l1N thiinkx Kenny und l-CWlx wordx can't exprexx it. A room and office did itfWllAT llAl'Pl1Nl',lJ" Chrix Cinn 71 Carl Street f Wheeler I 'Yetirx paixx by and only mem- oriex tire left to be remem- beredf' l leave to NSHS: one more brother, l'll never forget: the Cape l97l with SB. Tlf. Labor , Day weekend l97tt, help my foot my toot. breiiktlixt and 4:tl'l remember Trixh4i'? The tomiitoex Lind Felix the Cat right Rita? Good Lucki .lun Sz Don. Sue 8L Kev. Chgtrlex S, Llipone ll Randolph Street Goodwin "Chuck" Hockey l. 2. 31 lfootb.ill l. Z. 31 SM. JU. lrtick 1.2.3. WA Alwttyx remember CD. JU, BD. tw MF. Pi-p na. BP. Cai , 1 Ss. RSW. rw, ,xn nk. ko. J, S "A, DW. Clyin l. 2. 3. ' li ' l S If 8 , l l B: rbara Cappadona I if N 4:9 I g I 1 68 Irie Avenue t'utler fm? IQ- ! Wifi A E .ff .1 . ' X ' ' ai .ALJ Q i . 33'- . Ha- ' . 1' 155-1,.t. ff: ,. fe ,. ,C ., 'T ' A Q Hllf affffggt I 4 '55, ts. Svjf-,V ,afgj 1 -f . ' if A ...f '---, ax? , V f 3 ,, wvzing , t . I , A I .y,,,f - aw . 'ii .- t V iff? if rl ight 1 Patricia A, Carroll 678 Boylston Street Cutler "Patti" "Io be nobody-but-yourself in a world which is doing its best. night and day. to make you everybody elsefmeans to fight the hardest battle which any human being can fight. and never stop fighting," I'll never forget: the summer of '7l at llampton. the Agape- In and all the great people I met. Prophecy: Someday I'll get wherever it is I'm going I hope? I.IIlkILI Ann Celli 351 Parker Street fioodvtirt "Happiness comes of the capa- city to feel deeply. to enjoy simply. to think freely. to risk life. to be needed." Thanks DC 3: DK for our friendships. I'll never forget: football 54 hockey games. 1tI2. V-parties. weekend doubling. long rides. summers. and all the corner kids. Nlaiorette 2. 3. Work Study 3. Sebastian .l. Ciacchella 63 Indiana Terrace Cioodwin Library service 2. 3 Stamp 62 Coin Club 2 Math tutor 2. 3 Opera Mini-Course 3. Beth Paula Carver 29 Audubon Dr. Cutler "Ajax" "You always hurt the one you love," I'll never forget all my nina pals. The vera B Thursday nights monkey plunkies. whist games. the beach and Bur- gsons. If they know what it means. they'll know what va mean. ya know what I mean? Do you want to go play mm- iature golf at the Chates tonight? What ya see ls what ya get. . C Michael Charness 92 Upland Avenue Wheeler "lf it were when tis done then twere well it were done quick- ly." What would happen if: we didn't blow it? I'll never for- get: a certain rest area. Lou's chem class and some great people, Will Chino ever get it'7 "Our girl" huh Rob? Gung. a dead bug and a truck, The Bort and ugly. An impossible dream: Harvard and toast. cubes and the Fernald school. V.J.S, Karen Carlin 212 Greenwood Street Wheeler "Unless you love someone nothing else makes any sense." I'll always love F.S.A.. Oct. I6. red and white road runner. Rt. 3 the beginning. I'll never for- get the summer of '71 bowling tl43l. ping pong. M,D,B.K.. the parking lot, I want to thank San. KK. Biff. JB and all the rest of my friends. ki? Carolyn Clark I664 Centre Street Wheeler Field Hockey team I. 2. 3 manager 3 Basketball team I. 2. 3 manager 2 Girl Scouts. CYO I leave to NSHS two sisters, and a brother and a sister on the way, Hoping for them the best of luck. And hope the basketball and field hockey teams have the best of luck. K I .14 ".. , .--t .X . I4 X .'x X' glxl ,l ., - ,.v X xn.Q?: -.-v ,Mffa ', +106- N 2 I- . J ,' ',- . '1'H T EQ, :Levi f i f- f 1.1.-, D1 P' f.w:'f7-f P --tr. ivn1',-,.x4'r.s, ':-.-f-A-1 'A-.1'.'J-U1 0 t Diane Cole 5 '0+O" 240 Country Club Road Goodwin I Priscilla F. Cohen ll Jane Road Cutler "Prissy" "IfI don't know. I don't know I think I know. Ifl don't know. I think I know I don't know." .ludttli Sara t'olicn 46 Marvin 4 - fiotitlwllt selt and liis own ways .ind how line lite should bc .ind .in appreciation nl' it and ol hu- r man beings and ot colors and daylight and ot' beautilul young and old e ' i consideration and dreams," .Ioliii Knowles Peter Roy Cohen I3-I Walnut Hill Road Wheeler "lt you smile at me I will un- derstand. 'cause that ls some- thing everyone does in the same language." l'll always remember: great times with a great girl. thank you Jane. Sara Cohen I9 Spaulding Wheeler "ln the shadow ol' starshine everyone's going blind." -Stills l'll remember: density. the Creep and the Pervert. road runner. .Ieanniebird and clan. Erin. Dan. GM Straw Barbara says Monkey Arms Lisa. Bob B. David Cr.. Dr. Sherman. Crosby-Nash Concert. Boston Saturdays. Iota. 1000 clowns the sausage machine Sz Steven's friends. But "how can you catch the sp.iri'ow'7" fSIills Joan Cooper 45 Plainfield Street Cutler "Coop" "You are a child of the uni- verse, no less than the trees and stars. you have a right to be here, and whether it is clear to you no doubt the universe is unfolding as it should. Therefore be at peace with God whatever you conceive him to be and whatever labors and aspirations in the con- fusion ot' life keep peace with your soul, With all its shame it is still a beautiful world." mais- po. ttf I? .f- fr fl! 6 46. 5, 0, -,f 4 4.1" W 1 .xl 4 'in V, . 'Q , .fvgigzgy ' , ai" 531:-1552 in -f "'3f"9' i 1?- -1. 'VS Roger Cooper 211 Hillside Road Cioodvhm "Coop" lfoolball 1.2.3 lndoor Track l. 2 Uuldotir TFLICR l. 2. 3. Mary Corbett 25 Oak Street Wheeler A smile ls a curve that can set a lot ol' things straight. l'll never forget: KOBTPSDPLJWCH girl- sroom. Moment ot' Madness: the only time the seat wouldn't fall! I leave NSHS: As fast as I can. Good luck to the twins. Did we make it Pat? .lames Cornblatt 154 Langley Road Clotidwtn Bill Cormier 6 O'Connell Road Cutler Baseball J.V. lg Varsity 2, 3. l'11 never forget all the great times with ND.: Feb. vaca- tion, Apr. vacation. summer '71, July 4 on the roof, S.M. Also who could forget the long hauls to C.C. R straight weeks? Our pals Budha and Sehlutz. Favorite pastime: rapping at M.l. with the brothersg owning the Cutler house seats: best times were those with the brotherhood N.D. the long and winding road. f Susan Beth Cooper 20 Westgate Road Wheeler I'll never forget March 1970 D.M.E. 'J' Deborah Y. Cornell 1471 Centre Street Goodwin May Arts 11, 12 Honor Roll ll Faculty Award ll Costume Manager ll, 12 Lion 12 Music Club 12 "The babbling brook is never still." How could l forget Latin 3? What could replace last year? l made it Joel. thanks. NSHS was fun. Veni. vidi. vici. Thank you everybody and es- pecially Jerry Thompson. 1 D x ix tit 1 mix ioid or ist R Susan .lane Cutler 63 Fisher Avenue Wheeler "Sue"."C'ut" "Friends are the best things in life." Things I'll remember: V-par- ties. Cheerleading. Senior Year. the Lake. Cramer. Cafe- teria. the Connes. "The Guys" lThe Girlsl. Badminton. Vol- leyball. Basketball. Softball. Field Hockey. GAA Board. Outing Club. Ski Club. Arts Festival. Concert Choir, try at .THU liuy Islam Road Cutler Alan H. Cutter ll Slute Path Cutler "Al" "Always love never hate." l'll never forget Bonnie or all our fun, l'll never forget the woods or going oft' campus. Mark what would happen if we got in real trouble? I leave to NSHS l '65 VW. The past 3 years have been all fun, The drugstore is the greatest place l ever worked. My advice to others is to do better than l did but don't get caught, l'll never forget BF. EM. SG. MS, Howard Alan Davine 20 Chatham Road Wheeler "Howie" "Variety is the spice of life." lt' you have 6 quarts ot' Hoods Orange Juice in a dairy case and 4 people come by and take the 6 quarts ofjuice. the amount ofjuice you have left is the same as the amount ot' knowledge l've gained at NSHS, .J-,. r Us S-X J Vqglx , ,, e If f 3 , l7.ix1s its Spiers Rottd Wheeler "Jon" "l.ools not lltlti the piist. it comes not htiek. tio lorth into the tuttire without leur and with .i munly heiirtf' l'll nexer forget: thut one lute night. the drill siirgezint with no., our drive through Broel-tton, the Celebrity House. .loysRide to Milton. Stu's lousy voice. Peter rind his kind wtifds. und ferry. und till those old nights thiit seemed vers young to me. Timothy Duvis I5 Rogers Street Goodwin A af ,sf A fe ,-Q, f lu, ag. !"1 .qs f "'1'7' JK Williiim Detingelis ll2 Hyde Street Wheeler 'X 2 l,1nd.1 Dehruseio 292 Lutirtinge Street Goodwin "D" "'I here .ire those who have little und gixe it ull. these ure the heliexers in life and the hotinty ol life, rind their eotter ls nes er empty." l'll neter liorget. ltirvis. WM. KG, NC. MS. DDB. KM, VK. lS. Nl. MB. .ICQ GW. DF. BNI, "iiiiitgiiiuries." ll-27-70 lt's too lute. eom, loel-ter l. 2. 3. B-drip heepers, '7l summer with IB . Peabody. LC. "t'PPf' NC' .Sz GW. "OH Nlt-XNU K.1thy.tl1unks. Z-..,, Linda Deliezitu 30 High Street Wheeler Donna M, Deliuzio 35 Saeo Street Cutler The most importiint day in my lilieg .liinuziry 9. 1971 with lfli. BD. and CG. l'm crazy aihout the guy that drives u gremlin. l'll never forget: my diiy with him ut the Springfield liiir. working in Wheeler house ol'- liee. or the good times in the Goodwin's girl's room My future plans Lire: going Ita un Airline School und heing an Airline Reservationist, ' N 'v 'Z"'g ' ?"?95Zia. V. - ...S-I, I F I l llii.. iii, 'ii ll .twill Yfl'l.lll ly xiiili ll gtg ol- in the yt ll Jon Diamond I4 Sevland Rd Goodwin "Jay Dee" NA wave ol' laughter is better than a flood of tears." Me and Stretch with the subs. Such a front tooth on Shamus. Jimmy is such a neb. Stoney the Poney wormy for shermy. Take me to the Bagel. l'll nev- er forget when it was time for a snack. Basketball lg Hockey 2. 3. ln- tramural Hockey l. 2. 3. Z 1, if 65245, Patil Demiiio l 44 Ciirx ei' Road Wheeler Paul C. Dinkel 173 Lincoln Street Wheeler "Cam" I will always remember the summer and fall of '71 with SS. All the beautiful times we had and will have together. I'll never forget the day that DF wiped out on my bike. I'll nev- er forget SS. BD. RE. CC. JB. PF. TW. winter of '71 with LP. PS. PN. all the good times we had at AB'S Cottage in summer of '7l. Richard Dennis 672 Chestnut Street Cutler Joseph M, DiNapoli 240 Plymouth Road Wheeler "Let each man think of him- self an act of God: his mind a thought. his life a breath of God and let eaeh try. by great thoughts and good deeds. to show the most ot' heaven he hath in him." Susan Elizabeth Dippo 18 Tamarae Road Cutler "Sue"."Dip" "lf you want something very much you must let it go free. If it doesn't come back. it wasn't yours to begin with. Il' it does. love it forever." l'll never forget 7-20-71. sum- mer of '7l. all the good times with AB. CL. JA. and 1122. Letters to BB. phone poles with JK. up ten and one crazy night with CL and ML. All those times spent looking for a certain someone. its v Sv 5 H' 3 ,Q 1 2 . fi , 7 4 J 'Q w f '03 v T 2'2'2"f-1' I E Carol Dolskcn o3 Rwflxlllllkl Place Wiltcclcr David J. Dolitka 44 High Street Wheeler "Hunky" "The greatest pleasure in lite consists in doing what people said you couldn't do," I'll never forget the gang at the corner. Super Bazo. good times at Agawam "5l". Antil- reeze Football. Lacrosse. Sue Duchin 22 Considine Road Goodwin Barry Dwyer ol Chester Street Goodwin "lidda" Hockey l. 2. 31 Football l. 2. 31 l'll always remember: All the great times with Diana. and all the good times with BW. JB. Pl". LD. LC. DW, MM. CC. CD, FW. BP. TW. TB. CA. JO, PD. PN. RN. RR. JM. DF. Mlm RE. and my 650 triumph plus my fbox of a car. Donna Dubinsky 74 Clark Street Goodwin "Climb high Climb far Your goal the sky Your aim the star." French Club 1.2.3 Dance Club 2 Regulus Circulation Staff Denebola Ad le'.T.A. Richard C, Dunne l4l Spiers Road Wheeler "Charcoal" Football Varsity 2. 3 Lacrosse l Hockey Varsity 2. 3 Never forget the good times going to the Cape with Howie on bikes and the hot days rooting with Lion and Bruce. l'll never forget the summer '7l. days and nights with Ruth. especially the Sat. night at the Cape. the great times with all the Highland's Boys. fi F19 Nancy Dolberg I0 Dwinda Road Cutler "Choose lilefonly that and al- ways and at whatever risk. To let life leak out. to let it wear away by the mere passage of time. to withhold giving it and spreading it is to choose noth- mg... Sr. Helen Kelley IPX O David Robert Edelstein 276 Dorset Road Goodwin "If one advances contidently in the direction of his dreams. and endeavors to live the life which he has imagined. he will meet with a success unex- pected in common hours." Denebola lL Club News 2. News Editor 3: SCRB 2: Co- chairman of SCRB 3: Math Tutor l. 2. 3L Chess Club and Team l. 2. 3: Indoor Track l. 2: Outdoor Track l. 2. 3: Fac- ulty Award: Quill and Scroll. Jlltl Ji ,wk I I ,. If , 15 J? i it 1 lif- 7' l l l Ji.. to- i Xlitli it .intl it l. , lit' gill Neil lilliott 42 Juniper Lane Goodwin "Time l'orever present its end is limitless and it limits otir end." l'll never forget that Sunday night in Oct. with JD. RS. BS: look at his eyesll that glorious weekend over RK'S1 fishing Sat. mornings: doing a buck 20 on D8 with .lD. SR thanks for everything. Basketball l. 2. 31 Baseball l. 'I Diana Erba l75 Cypress Street Goodwin "Diane"."lirh" l'll never forget: all the great times we had in the GGR. the card games, broken window. and KTPC1 Parties with AB. SV. KB. DW. ES. l1O,surt'ing1 Sat. nights at Bowen. KG, Sl.. ED. FSL BC. with SD. Sl.. EO. NR. plain clothes- meng Tony'sg SP and Mac's1 summer ot' '71 at CK. I leave to NSHS: FM. SD, SL, MS. Thanks to all for making these three years so great. A special thanks to AB. SD. and SL. . t',f 'fam A I FR.. Would you helieve a pink elephant! E e 1 B ak!!! R515 n it l'.llti l.. l llis ol Sexland Road Goodwin lihrarv Cluh I. Dcnelwola 3. Regulus 3 ''c is to he Iortilied lwv mam friendships. lo love and 5 to he loved is the greatest hap- piness ot' existence." Nursing Mary Ann l-Qsquivel 9 Acacia Avenue Cutler " I'he Howers. the gorgeous. mystic. multi-colored tlowers are not the tlowers ot' lite. hut people. yes people are the true flowers of lil'e1 and it has heen a most precious pleasure to have temporarily strolled in your garden." Duncan Estabrooks 10 Roseglen Road Goodwin Richard B. Evans ll Dunklee Street Goodwin "Riekv"."AB" I'll never forget the winter of '71 with JZ and all the tights. all the guys from the HGLDS. all my friendsfSC. CD. SS. BD. FW. TW. SM. CC. MJ. BP. JZ. DE. JF. SM. JB. Pl". JR. DO. BE. .,..4i l' X ,449 Judith Fahricant 24 Caldon Path Cutler Hal Bruce Feldman 40 Silver Birch Road Goodwin "Haifa" "Fools admire. but men ol' sense approve." I'll never forget: my red bomb: my endless project the Alfa: Feb. 27. 1970: midnight on Walnut Streetg GCC pass saved my lifeg EW. RR. JD. SRL weekends at Getty. Pro- phecy: l972 Alfa beats Porseh'? I'm crazy about my Alfa and Kath. Claim to Fame: 2 years with her. Andrew Mark Finch 316 Hartmann Road "Language is but a means ot' concealing one's thoughts," tTall!Leyrand7 Patricia Fabrizio 36 Parker Avenue Goodwin "Trisha" "Except the person for what they are." l'll never forget: Teddy Babyg Red Cevelleg Say whoolz the Corvette '691 6 cars. l truck: the Capeg "Epping"g we won't get fooled again. Right Rita'?1 Chris and her orange juice: the roller coaster: Let's drive by Led's housel: 12001 Grand Funkg Empty streets and Mac's at 6100: whatever hap- pened to my Bunny Rabbit? l leave to NSHS my shadow tGiaJ. V17 Peter Finkelstein 271 Cypress Street Cutler "You're not to blame you're just a human. a victim of the insane." I'll never forget the grand tours of NSHS and all the shoes I wore out doing it, Also HP, RG, CH. LS. LE, CM. RW, MM. 'bfi Judith Feldman 28 Grace Road Wheeler l tw La I Steve Fleisehman 18 Annawan Road Goodwin Allen ltsliei -W Westgate Road Cutler "ling-Xl" "A comedian eain only larsl till he either takes hirnsell' se- riously or his audience takes him seriously." Captain ol' Ping-Pong Team 2. 3 1'll never forget Hank Finkelk lst and only basket. ,uv 4' , 1 5 J 5 1 X ' Daree Sue Foster 133 Wendell Road Cutler "Darei" "There are some paths a man must take. One is the path from youth to manhood. This path opens by the end of the long road he has just walked down that has ended." Feb. 17. '7O. summer of '70 8: '71. ma belle amie. the Big 3 forever. a little trip, a little party, ATTSAD. poems. and those peoples 1 loves. Love. peace. and happiness tbrever. Paul lfishstein 47 Bonleinpo Road Wheeler Michael Forman 208 Country Club Road Goodwin "Form1dahle Forms" "Figure Four" "Nothing is Constant except change." Varsity Wrestling l. 21 co-cap- tain 33 J.V. Tennis 1. 2 Denebola "The love of food is the root ofall evil." "Eat, drink. and be merry." Allan Frankel 167 Nehoiden Road Goodwin "Allan" "lf we left it to them. they'd Crochet the world the color ot' goose , . Jacques Brel l ,ab . f". f" X 1 9 'ii J: ' -Y- a . L ,is . t A 2' 'wt ' X Q ,pn-dang? 4. ., . I 'ff --dl Barbara I-'reedman I7 Walnut Place Cutler "lik the timey plague when madmen lead the blind." King l.ear ".-Xnd at the brink ot' beggark day. came the orphank hell. And justice came to court and way tiouiid guilty. and exe- culedf' I. Lofgren l'll remember what denyity equaly. and that teaching can bca yubverxive activity, .ludith Sue lfreedman Ztl Rogerx Street Cutler "Judy" t'When I grow up l'll carry a xllcli And be very dignified. l'll have a watch that will really tick. Mv houxe will be tall and made of brick. And no one will knovv that ilk just a trick. And I'm really myxelli in- xide " Magioretlex I. 21 Captain 3. ., 'f'I'i"x X lltf cytfcall l dot: t I novv you but v rzwvrvi ,-1,5 W4 f- M'-11 I .loanne I-ireeman IOS Elinor Road Goodwin "You have to laugh at the thingy that hurt you giuxt to keep yourxelf in balance. jukt to keep the world from run- ning you plumb crazy." Andrea lfreid Ill Cynthia Road Wheeler "Andi" "lf love is lighting lor her sac- rificing for her and always praying for her then I love you." l'll never forget that one spe- cial peryon above everybody. I'll never forget THAT SAT- URDAY NIGHT. the make. Fearlesx Fly. and most impor- tant to Nay I love you. and thank you tor the bext years ol' my life. Maybe we can xtart brand new. Remember Doug I love you. sg it 4?-f . 10 ' e l"B:5.- va-, ' -.1s.zafg- . .5 A -545 7 7 ra Q ff: 1, f Sine 1 vf David Freedman l4l Jackxon Street Wheeler "We are all in the gutter. but some of us are looking at the xlarsf' Oscar Wilde Lacrokse l. 2. 3. VD Ethan Freniere 45 E. Quinnobequin Road Cutler Barry lfricdinun H8 Wendell Road Cutler "The foolish mun seeks happi- ness in the distance1 the wise man grows it under his leelf' l'll never forget: summer '69 8: '70. NYE '7ll. Fascination. all night card games. KW. B F. Where is ii friend? Football l Baueball l. 2. 3. l 'Tj Douglas Furbush 100 Devonshire Road Wheeler "Furpie" Hockey 1. 2. 3 I'll never forget RRR. GM. BB. BP, FW. BD. NT. the Corner. my '62 Ford Falcon. my '64 Ford Galaxie. NSHS44 vs. Wayland 3. A Mark Friedman 24 Lansing Road Goodwin "Mark" Howard Frutkoff 24 Glen Avenue Wheeler "Howie"."Fruit" "Let me forget about today until tomorrow." Thanks to all the friends I've made at South. lt's been a great experience. I'll never for- get the teams and coaches. es- pecially wrestling and speech no. ll "Manhood on the Line." Favorite saying: Isn't that amazing? Soccer lg Cross Country 2. 3: Wrestling l. 2. 31 Track l, 2. 3. It's been real! qi- 'HP Meet you in the library in ten minutes Pamela B. Gainsborg 278 Country Club Rd. Cutler "Pam" "I'd gladly gjve him the world. But will it be good enough?" I'll always remember the fan- tastic times with RK. EK. GL. our own routes right Gail? I'll never forget playing GIN with AM and RL. How about TJ's tonight guys? "ATTSAD" And most of all. Gary. May 5 l97l. l hate: green pintos. I leave to NHSH: the bearded one. French club l. 23 Senior Prom. 3. ju 1 --sa. 'UH :Q ,, ,.-. .,,, ty, HV. ,HC Z? My , ay-- 'CE' 9 FUN .J 14 .e x - Steven Gainsboro 860 Dedham Street Wheeler "Steve" "A man never stands so tall as when he sloops to help a child." l'll never forget Little Newt. the hall. El bold one. Nicole. A.C.. AK.. Bill and Abe. BG.. PH.. E.R.. CR.. The Christopher Gale 984 Beacon Street Cutler "Chris" "l'm beginning to know that all l know is that l know noth- Mustang. Slit. Chinese Pi- ranha. ML. in Bakery. R.H,. and M.T.. my partner in crime. mga- George Harrison Never forget Rock. Hope l forget New Hamp. Good times in Charlie's ear with Charlie. Rick. Dave. Jay and Billy. And Faith Headrests, Kathleen M. Galvin 917 Chestnut St. Goodwin "Kathy" , -- l'll never lorget: Ireland '7l, with DR. Also the GGR gang. Card parties at DE. Waban Mkt, gang. Studies with EO. - A Richard Galvin 9l7 Chestnut Street Wheeler "Ricky" "lt is not what they do for you, it's what you do for VK. and FS, Famous quotes: them." So what's the story? Will you The Wllban bvys great guys 35 let me tell vou! Grahm with 5' long as your not with them on a Friday night, CK. "profes- sor" MK. "pelliean". My most favorite saying which means a lot to me is "MICKEY 81 DONALD" the one girl is "ELLEN" and she's the only girl. '71-'72, Faith. Mary and Suzi? Great times with Val! Community Locker l. Z. 3l S, Stills with Billy! Linda thanks for sharing the best 3 years of my life with mel What would happen if: l became a nurse? Nancy Ellen Gehr 20 Marshfield Road Goodwin On ne voit bien qu'avec le coeur. L'essential est invisible David J. Geffen 72 Parker Ave. Cutler 4' "lf the sun refused to shine l don't mind. lf the mountains fell into the sea. let it be. it pour les yeux. lt is only with the heart that one can see rightly. What is essential is invisible to the eye, -Antoine de Saint Exupery Le Peril Prince ain't me . . "Point on Mr. Business man. you can't dress like me. l got my own life to live. l'm the one who's gonna die when it's time tor me to die, So. let me live my life the way l want Io." J. Hendrix till? lilll ily is lil llfl rwlct- lllllyl llltl l' K irl ls tlllll Richard Gerstcin I7 Drew Roald Goodwin Albert Gird 364 Winchester St. Cutler "Al-er-gee" Soccer l. 2, 3. Wrestling l, 2. 3. "Always keep laughing" Bozo Pet peeve: no school spirit Favorite pastime: PA on PG. Favorite saying: It's time to say goodbye. and if you say it right you'll get high." I'll never forget: MP. CK. DD, EL JM ST WT WC AND ALL THE GD F.S. corner I admire people of strong will. I am a composite of all my friends because they share my interests. 5 Y A Nancy Gillis lll Upland Ave. Goodwin "lf you have one true friend. you have more than your share." l'll never forget: Newbury street one day. Beep. Beep. l can't see her. and all the great times we had CH What would happen if l learned how to drive the right way. Ambition: To become an ele- mentary teacher at the Damon school. French club 2. 31 ski club 2. 31 ecology club lg N.E,W. l. Laurie C. Gilbert 55 Hinckley Rd Cutler Come my friends. 'lis not too late to seek at newer world. Con, Choir l. 2. 3. OKLA- HOMA. BlRDlli. May Arts Comm. l. 2, 31 fall play 3. mu- sic CRB 23 climn. 3. orch. l. 2. 3. recorder society. tr. CRB 2. 33 ecology 2. 3L perspective- taurus. overall CRB 2,31 Ping- pong 2. 33 vocal ensemble 2. 31 respect, music club chmn. Special thanks to Mr, A. Sz Mr C, Joanne Gilson 265 Jackson St. Wheeler "Jo" "Here we must make a separa- lr"L if all 5' 1 Q gg if tion and go out throueh a '- nr thousand miles of dead grass." l'm crazy about: Truckin' on a country road. Laundromats, Badminton. and Puddles. Ronnie Sue Gladstone 9 Glen Road Goodwin "Susie" Take any day and be alive in it. Nobody claims that it will be entirely painless. but no matter. lt is your birthday. and there are so many presents to open. The world is to open. -Frederick Buechner if H -I 1' ,Q 'K You are Jewish aren't you? 2 6 fi Amy Glick 203 Winslow Road Goodwin "Glickie" "Blessed are they who have the gift of making friends. for it is one of God's best gifts. It involves many things. but above all the power of going out of one's self and appreciat- ing what is noble and loving in another." Many friendships were made. and they may remain but never will they be the same. Pamela J. Goff 50 Sevland Rd. Cutler "Pam" Somehow Someway Somewhere Someday '... PD 6-24-7l. LS. AK, DH. JL. JH. SS. DL. FATS. memories at LAP, the 3. two two BC's at once. and Linda GB goodnight Sheryl Glass 62 Fenwick Road Cutler Audrey Susan Glunm 71 Wood End Road Wheeler "Aud","GlunLS" "We can change the worldfRearrange the worldfls dying to get better." l'll never forget: adventures with Paula, one scarey week- end. ushering at the Music Hall. CSNY, concerts. AMDS, Hey Kath-give me a ped! To an especially nice person. your toes aren't funny. and to my great friends: Sher. Kath. Paula. and Sally, Thanks. Ski Club. Regulus 2. .M 091 Robert Glasker 70 Botsford Road Wheeler 5 . Peter Gold 94 Devonshire Road Cutler Pl l i i i I G J l l i l l l ii l l i l i l i l i i l i l l lilatnc Cioldingin 636 Dedham St. Wheeler "You give .i little when you give ot' your possessions. lt is when you give of yourself that you trulv give," Brick. Spic. Rice. ,ll.l.. lfriends. Rlf. 2 o'clock ding ding. NHS. lflipper, Break 8 enter. 5 easy pieces. Ruff and Ready. sooner or later. Drive- wav Drinks. garden hose. Kennvk BlfG's. l'm sick ol this. S. parties. chocolate nuts. pdzw cars. Amv Jane Goodman I7 Coutryside Rd. Wheeler "lf a child lives with accept- ance and friendship. he learns to find love in the world." l'll always remember Tap. I2- 3I-69. P8cK. wym BUD. ATTT 1r3.BlG-34ever. crushes. FM H at P. much love 81 thanks to LS. DN. DF. SL. DN and S8LF. Always keep smiling and never make generalizations right LR? French Club: ll Denebola: IZ. -., ' l'm reallv getting into this , . . Dc ir D iddx Alan S, Goodman Sl Marcellus Dr. Cutler "Big Al" "Life is to live." l'll never forget: HR with The summer of '7l. most ol' the weekend of the 28th tMDt Wasn't it SM? l leave to NSHS two more Goodmans. Good times with SM. PB, JS. AM. PW, and the rest ot' the gang GL. ng ' . 1 ... N M- .M,, . . ,,.,. A. . y 2s7,fz:"" -4? 'zwr--.'svg g.:ff . .4 4- ,. Q ' xc, vzww- ' ' " " ff fu ,.,,A gf6 : 's ,' 4 .Q EZ 5 f ' 'e . .f fi fffffJ4?7?"' N .ze ' ,iw f".-xx' f . Q . " " H aff.,- 5 " ' I " 'L V ' H., A . I 'V+ Y ' , A ' " 'ml :Li , , . ,,. .- K V , v I ' " f . ui '7 .WJ Audrey Goodman 128 Hanson Rd. Goodwin "Audj" "They paved a paradise, put up a parking lot. with a pink hotel. a boutique. and a swing- ing hot spot. Don't it always seem to go that you don't know what you've got 'til it's gone. They paved a paradise to put up a parking lot. Ha. Hal" JM With love to Amy. Beth Gordenstein l380 Walnut St. Cutler "Bethie" To the past For all we have learned To the present: For all we shaft? To the future: For all we hope. l'll never forget: The giggles. Charlie's. Summer of '7l. Spe- cial friends. Good times with MA. LS. JK. EL. 8: JS. Shar- ing things with a best friend. huh Shell? Love is all the things we've done together. Thanks to my' messiah. Donna Gordon I45 Oak Street Goodwin "MAC" People like you for what you are. not what you pretend to be. l'm crafy about 57's and my monkey. Never forget Feb. tl. '70 .Iel'l' CH Sept. lll, '71 JDYKSG Summer of '7l Vir- ginia. Dunkies. Women's lib CS .IM Right girls? What would happen il' Jeff built a real race car'7 lfavorite pas- tiines1 gettin: greasv. l leave to . L L , WSHS and Nlrs. Garafalo. Christine, Sutilerlll Bye Tine. Spider and Nlac. '7ll. '7l .. Susan Goorvich 50 Halcyon Rd. Goodwin "Sue" I nfs? .....-- CX James S. Gordon I77 Langley Rd. Wheeler "Grease" Audio Visual l0.l l. Sta Crew ll. l leave to NSHS Phys. Ed. Betsy Gordon ll Fenwick Rd. Goodwin "You give but a little when you give ol' your possessions. lt is when you give of yourself that you truly give. What are your possessions but things you keep and guard for fear you may need them tomorrow. There are those who give little ofthe much they have and they give it for recognition and their hidden desire makes their gift unwholesomef' Kahil Gibran Thanks CB. SL. FB. EP. .l l I i I 5 ' ar' Zaiga Gosts 140 Beethoven Ave. Wheeler "Judy" "The seasons they go round and round The painted ponies go up and down We're captive on a carousel of time We can't determine we can only look Behind from where we came And go round and round in the circle game." Linda D. Gordon 21 Cross Hill Road Cutler "lf only people were like pi- anos and would let you draw out all the beauty they con- tained and that they them- selves were passively ignorant of: il' only you could play people. How often she had thought that."-John Knowles. 4'5 Kenneth M. Green 43 Carlton Rd. Wheeler "Ken" What's important is: l'm leav- ing. Advice to Sophomores and Juniors: Don't. the read- ing room can't, so nothing Can. What would happen if: Prog- ress were made anywhere. Prophecy: Everything will self- destruct in 5 seconds. Soccer 2. 3: Track 2. 31 Tennis l. 2. Richard Ciortlort I6 Cynthia Rd Goodwin "Ricky" Lite is what you make out ol it. l'll always remember Nan- tasket. Hitting the bottle again. Who says the hand can't march? l leave to NSHS another Gordon. LaCrosse l, 2. 31 Football l. Business Manager Regulus 3. Drum Major 3. Debora Lee Green 38 Winston Rd. Cutler "Debbie" "Keep your face always to- wards the sunshine. and the shadows will fall behind you." I'll never forget: New Year's '70. Casper the Ghost. Cape '71, The Shop. P cans. Ind.. SC. JF. LW. HG. JU. RG. JR. HS, SG. LG. and BC. Meredith Ellyn Green 25 Puritan Road Goodwin "Merd" "For every star that falls to earth a new one glows. For every dream that fades a new one grows. When things aren't as they would seem you must keep following your dream." Pet Peeve' Being called Meri. l'll never forget: Geraniums. Winslow Rd.. Sherhorn. a stone wall '7l. What S u m m e r ground! -Bev. LAF. Oct. 31. time is it A7 7:3O'7 nights at a play- 'vs J2 ?Z'M, f' X r :iw 'Wy . ,fain f Q1 I 2 9 Laurie Cireenbtium 31 Beethox en Axe, LiUOLlWll'I " Ihe world is at heuutiliul pliiee to he horn into it' vou don't mind happiness not LllVVL1fN being so very much fun hecuuse even in heaven they don't sing till the time." With thanks to ull rny friends. Laura Lyn Greene l95 Country Cluh Rd. Goodwin "Lynnie" "Yet I keep my ideals. heeaiuse in spite of everything I still be- lieve that people :ire really good ut heart. I simply etin't huild up mv hopes on ii foun- dation consisting ol' confusion, misery. rind death. Yet it' I look up into the heavens. I think that it will all eome right. this eruelty too will end. and that peace and tranquility will return again." Anne Frank Anne liliolGr1esse I9 Fiurlee Terrziee Wheeler "So often. that which we are is sacrificed to that which we wish ourselves to he." Neil D. Greenstein 79 Wheeler Road Goodwin l'lI never forget: the summer of '7I with LI. SR. AL. RK. MA. ut CC. The summer of '7I with SR, JD. LI. IL. RM down the cape. the Kamukazi pilot. What would happen if: EP ever believed us. SS ever found his keys. 'Q-'A-4" I l,ee Grossman l3O Walnut Hill Road Cutler "Just like a man." Sam said. "Just like folks. Put off as long as she could having to be brave, knowing all the time that sooner or later she could keep on calling herself a dog. and knowing beforehand what was going to happen when she done it." Peter B. Harvey 69 Cross Hill Road Cutler "Pete" "I know you believe you un- derstand what you think I said, but I am not sure you re- alize that what you heard is not what I meant." Never forget: Summer '71 Maine. C8zD Randolph Deb and friends. TBJN8zR. skiing in N.H. with Damon and Mark. Nantasket. I leave to NSHS my 350. the back of Jerry's Mustang and one of Al's skis. Lawry. you owe me three. Cross Country l. 23 Indoor Track l. .1 s " if pl s Ag fs .. gm A Howard Mark Haimes 223 Baldpate Hill Road Cutler "Howie" "There is no comparison be- tween that which is lost by not trying and that which is lost by not succeeding." Never forget the help and time of GW, AK. and DSL my first football victory and the restg being a sophomore and junior: and of course. Cindy. Varsity Football l, 2. 31 Var- sity Indoor Track l. 2, 31 Var- sity Outdoor Track l. 2. 3. Robert Hahn 67 Athclstane Rd. Cutler "Hob" "Common sense is the knack of seeing things as they arc, and doing things as they ought to be done." C. Ii. Stowe Jayne Ellen Hark Zl Burrage Rd. Wheeler "Jayme" "lt is only with the heart that one can see rightlyg What is essential is invisable to eye." l'll never forget: Wendy. but tered C's. Ken's. Ski trip '7l. cape. N.Y.. DG. DB. TF. BG. NK. True friends will al- ways be friends. thanks: WS. PG. PS. AP. BL. l'll always re- member a special person named David who made my NSHS years the best and hap- piest ones of my life. Thanks Mom. Nana. and Dede for your love. Beth Henderson 55 Hanson Rd. Cutler "L.T.S." "Go placidly amid the noise and haste and remember what peace there may be in si- lencef' I leave to NSHS: 2 broken test tubes 8: 5106 in one piece. Mr. H: l'm the last one! PHA: Don't be tiyid 8: don't forget DEVIL ON WHEELS! Will NSHS ever be the same? Stelii Help! Pat: 525 an hour!! AFS l. 21 Musical 2. W. c fi Ll 'V X K 1' it tv , s ma, E J5'9'x11'. .Eze ' ,. . , A 1 32 Q. '3 Q N. ffl Q' .WA my EN-5 - Q Laura Hernandez l4l2 Beacon Street Cutler Stanley Herwitf S9 Puritin Rd Cxoodwin fHl SYMPHONIC APOCA LYPSE Prelude of Curves Movement lflnlinity s Mirror Movement 2-Differentiation Movement 3fFaith's Call IntermezzofThe Chaotic Re- lease Movement-lndillierent Greet- ing Prelude of Curves. Robert Heyn 21 Alexander Road Wheeler Debra Hirshberg I9 Wyman St. Wheeler "Are we fallen angels who didn't want to believe that nothing is nothing and so were born to lose our loved ones and dear friends one by one and finally our own life. to see it proved? To prove that weve all been wrong, to prove that proving itself was nil .. "The candle burns and when thafs done the wax lies in cold artistic piles 'llierouac Stage crew l. 2. 3. , "H, ' 1 ji I - X. 54 xx 5 ,IO X V s X Inna ,' gl - 1 1 . ...---nu Pull her string and she'll walk . . . talk ...and even do alittle dance. Richard N. Hill 422 Brookline St. Wheeler "Hilly". "Red De- vii" "Through love one creates his own personality and helps oth- ers create theirs." l'll never forget: The good ole days when life was gay. Good times with SB I43. 7:30 at BR with DS and PM, good Flies at the drive-in with SB. JO. BF. the NC gang. RZ and her dogs. ML in the bakery on Sunday and AK's savings? fun ,, 0 1 g W 'mari .. if -ef ra? fs if .1 -5 . Effi if at Nancy Hoffman l60l Center St. Cutler "Absence makes the heart grow fonderf' l'll never forget 68. NWGL Dec. 24. '70. All the places with Joey. 3 years before. Aug. 5. '68. Aug. 6, '69. All the SKW with Joey. My ambition is to get married to Joey. What's most important is Joey. f. I- lf 1 is ls lfl' is dint: E 1- . ' "LQ J. s l l '9 gm hurt 5 Nllul Inc pl JECN W try lUl gi J -iii ilf EAU itiiiiiil Milvfl U . ialitlufl . Richard J. Izen 75 Esty Farm Road Goodwin "A person doesn't know how well off he is until he loses what he has." Soccer l. 2. captain 3: Basket- ball l, 3: Baseball l. 2. 3. Joyce Meryl llolfinan 45 Brandeis Rd, Wheeler ".lM".".llllXili" "On the ocean of life we pass and speak to each otherl only a look and a voice. then dark- ness and silence. Life is a one way street. Once you accept that, life becomes simpler. for you realize that we live in deeds. not tears. in thoughts. not breaths. in feelings, not numbers. We should love allg trust fewg do wrong to none." Spanish Club Pres. 3. French. Dance Club: Regulus Datag Jr. Class Com, Diane Karyl Housman 105 Countryside Rd. Wheeler "DEDE" "Live for today. for tomorrow is promised to no one." Nancy Israel 20 Juniper Lane Cutler "Students sit and sit and sit. slowly losing their wits their wits." Ski Club l. 2. 31 Russian Club 1. 2 Ecology Action Club l French Club l. 2 Ambition: Law or Languages. Carol llootstcin 75 Meadowbrook Rd. Cutler "The future is not a gift: it is an achievement." Moments of madnessi NU and the rainy day in Boston! Ambitioni To have lvlcllugh Forum all to myself. Abby lsenberg l25 Plymouth Road Wheeler "Unless you love someone nothing else makes any sense,"-e.e. cummings Tish. Ams. Les. Aud, Dub, Susie-Q. Stuflila: Keep well 8: Be happy my friends. Janet Robin lzen 384 Dudley Road Goodwin "Love you forever and forever Love you with all my heart Love you whenever we're to- gether Love you when we're apart," Lennon!MeCartney Regulus l. 2: Regulus Adver- using editor 31 Spanish Club l. 21 Secretary 31 Senior Prom. Faculty award 2. Ronald lzen ,41 U X 1. 75 Esty Farm Road Wheeler Walter Nevin Jefferson ll Mildred Rd. Cutler "Nev" 'tlf a man hasn't found some- thing he will die for. He isn't fit to live." Dr. Martin L. King Jr. Clubs: Regulus and Denebola l leave to Newton South the things l didn't give. Dianne Johnston 23 Winter Street Wheeler Suzanne T. Jennings 35 Duxbury Road Goodwin "Suds" "Friendships made are never forgotten, true tomorrow as they are today." Remember friends. camp '7l w!S.S, 8z M.M.. Ericf"l've never been able to push clouds away by myself. help me." Don't forget late night calls. PUNIM, Chat, to Casco. coco- nut. your guitar, me too, Tu- lane 8: my trip, off, grad. 8: prom. bunny. Pep Sc Mal. your quote wrong. we can make it Pun. -iv Kurt M. Johnston 80 Pine Ridge Rd. Wheeler "Moose" liven though l have only been here Iwo years, l think that l have gained some lifelong friends. l leave to NSHS Mr, Poslsill " fake your soeks home for the xveelsend Amor SG. WB. KI.. DW. DS. JS. MBCD and Martha PAX . , , Wendy Joslow 74 Elinor Rd. Cutler "When l get to where l can enjoy just lying on the rug picking up lint balls. I will no longer be too ambitious" Hugh Prather 'S X494 Harold Johnston 23 Winter Street Cutler vi! .V., .. . . Richard Kaitz 20 Redwood Rd. Cutler "Rocky". "Railph". "Ricky" "Man's only enemy is man himself." Tennis l. 2. Soccer 2. E Adrienne Kahn 256 Dedham St. fitltltlyklll A "You give but little ol' your possessions. lt is when you give ol' yourscll that you truly give." l'll never forgeti linally getting my license. tennis. mv friends. amd Bill' What happened? Spanish Club ll. Treasurer IZ. Rhonda Ann Kalman 203 Old Farm Road Cutler "Be happy. live. love and care." Fun with EL. EK. BM. PG. DF, DN. AND OTHER FRIENDS. LUV M8LD. What would happen if-AM 8: l stay friends? Cape '7l. GTW. BK. BP. Remember Rick. AT- TSAD, Wboys Fun with AS talks with LW. MC Favorite saying4l'm in love" Never forget History huh. MA? Newton J, maybe yes Be- ginnings The H and W routes, The 3 HICKS What a bum- mer. huh. Gail? The Big B. Patil S. Kahn 29 Deborah Rd. Wheeler l'll never forget lllf. last sitin- mcr at Conclave. Next vcarl lihanks to all that made my senior year great, t'an'l xxait lor next summer and then col- lege. Glad to be linishcd with this school. Good l.uck to all. "B.lf. torevern Jeanne Cheryl Kalman 70 Elgin St. Goodwin "SAM" "Some men see things as they are and say. Why. l dream things that never were and say. Why not." l'll never forget: Thanksgiving weekend. and beautiful times since then. a blue toy. big laf beep-beeps. Barb. Bruins games. a lost ring. hot towel. secrets. and a Sunday in the rain. Special thanks TO. for RN. and "SDRAEBl!" Arlene Kanter 20 Marvin Lane Goodwin "You shall above all things be glad and young For if you're young. whatever life you wear lt will become youl and if you are glad Whatever's living will yourself become." e.e. cummings it ri li N Q , yt, S . t '1. .1 ,, if l ' az M: is . . Cathy Kaplan lll Winslow Rd. Wheeler "t'appy" "ll you need a lriend l'm Sail- ing right behind. like a Bridge over troubled water l will ease your mind." l'll never forget' NH. 69-SK. JL. PG. Maloaka. Harvard '70 thanx Pam. Little red volks. Bikes. strawberry syrup, Hl225. gangreen 8: eggsalad. thanx to Diane for a never ending true 84 understanding friendship. Nlarch I5. l97l. Diane Kaplan 38 Hyde Street C utler Jane Taylor Kaplan 9 Brandeis Rd Goodwin "Janie" .. All of us tend to put off living. We are all dreaming ol' some magical rose garden over the horizon finstead of enjoying the roses that are blooming outside our windows today." Charles E. Kaplan Zll Old Farm Rd. Goodwin "Chuck" Chess Club Sec lg Captain 2. 31 Denebola Asst. Editorial Editor 3: Science Fiction Club VP. 2. Pres. 31 Perspective 2. Editor 3: Math Tutor 3: N.E.W. 31 Math team 2. 3, "Life is a -iestg I thought sO once but now l know it." l'll never forget that trip to Ev- erett H.S. with DE. MT. AS. l leave to NSHS a revived chess club. Checkmate EL. Janice Ellen Kaplan 75 Oak Hill St. Goodwin "The only achievements that make life a "success" are those which create an inner sense ot' peace and fulfillment." Denehnlu. Editor In Chief, 3 Mass. Assn. of High School Editors: Co-Chairman. 2. Pres- ident 3. Ellen Kaplan 48 McCarthy Rd. Goodwin "Only the beginningg only just the start." I'll never forget great times with GL. RK. PG. BM. LS. DN, DF and all the others throughout the years: Cape '7l: July 4: Nights at South and Friendly's: Look out for flying ice cream cones! AT- TSAD: Christmas vacation. The two B's with love. Maybe yesl? Trips to Northeastern and Bobby. Homeroom Rep. l. French Club 1.2. I l i l l l l l - l l l i l . tl' 1 a ' Z '- 1:3 Christopher C. Karis l37 Allerton Street Wheeler "Chris" "lf you ean't be yourself you're nobody." TM, MH. BH. SA. JR. ML. JA. CG. RL, NW. GS. GC. JM, GC, CM, BM, PD. CC. Linda Karas 75 Great Meadow Rd Cutler "Buddy" "The basin' word l You can be spoken only with one's whole being. The concentra- tion aind fusion into at whole being can never be aeeom- plished by me. can never be accomplished without me, l require a You to become. be- coming t. i say you All actual life is encounter," irsaksuiteaseharristlufftubesra Ls4 IOnidlzpeveryoneelsetha n kspe -ui JC Peter Kitrg 31 fox l.nne Cutler Jeffery Karlin 40 Bound Brook Road Jill Karlin 20 Old Farm Road Goodwin Cutler Kathie Sue Kaufman 1389 Walnut St. Cutler "Kath" "Accept a person for what he is and not what you want him to be." l'll never forget: Red Bomb. My Alfa. right Halfaf' Yem Mee. Feb. 27. l970. AE. SS. KC, DF Summers '70 and '7I. Irish Coffee lee Cream Sodas. I'm crazy about: Hal. Claim to Fame: 2 years with him. I'll never forget: The golden bear. Raggedy Ann, Cross Country Tour. Working at B,H,C.C. ,Z-'IQ 37 Mary Jane Kayanaugh 72 Plainfield St. Cutler "Janie" "If there's something you want very much you must let it go free. if it doesn't come back it was never really yours. if it docsg love it forever." Thanks to all the great kids I've gotten to know in the past few years from South and Sa- cred Heart. Christopher Kearns 325 Woodward Street Goodwin Diana Lee Kelly 34 Erie Ave. Wheeler "As time goes on I realize just what you mean to me 8: now that you're near promise your love that I've waited to share and dream ofour moments to- gether. Colour My World with hope of loving you". I leave Newton South 2 broth- ers. Good Luck! I'll never for- get V-Parties: the cornerg York Beach 7084711 A friend LC: All the kidsg especially BD Cheerleading 3. Nancie Kingsdale I9 Kelveden Rd. Cutler "Farewell to you and the youth I have spent with you. You have sung to me in my aloneness. and I of your long- ings have built a tower in the sky. Our half waking has turned a fuller day and we must part, lf we should meet once more you shall sing to me a deeper song. And if our hands should meet in another dream we shall build another tower in the sky." Kahlil Gibran xi, .A ,X Charles Kellner 348 Hartmann Rd Goodwin "Charlie" "Nothing is more gentle than smoke. Nothing more frightful Smoke rising through the most charming thing in the world. the hearthg or the most terrible, a conflagrationf' Michael Kent 696 Dedham St Cutler "Chino" Skiing in France Feb. '7l. thumbing home from Kill- ington. Taking a trip to Nan- tasket, going to the Cape. Don't squeeze the Charmin go to the WHO. MY Blue Bug. The Green Walls. I will never forget Lou. George. Roy. Quento. the munchkin BC. LM. WH. also PS. PS. PS. DR. TT. and TR. I leave to NSHS all the desks that I wrote "Chino" on. XY Damon Ara Kazarian 32 Williams Street Cutler In leaving NSHS. I leave a lot of friends and good times with them. I'll never forget my friendship with Pete and Deb. with whom I've spent some of my best times. i, I Barbara Robin Kline ll0 Parker Ave. Goodwin "Never love with all your heart. It only ends in aching and. bit by bit to the smallest part That organ will be breaking . . . give but a grain of the heart's rich soil Confine some under your cov- er. And when love goes bid him god-speed And find another lover." Countee Culten l 1 Q 3 l l EV ,Q L l ig:- ll' Ii: lit at -1 tt .tix , .tl it I t t fily il lilo qi th r . i Wil llclt Xumg U lv L. All wtll ra: fl lla' F-U f-ik .X sil l su nn Y, Vera Kochs 70 Cottage St Cutler "Hepa Neyer lorgel ll-lll-70, the col'- liee house also the good and bad tunes at Dunkics. A lot ol good Innes Winter ol"7l in '64 l'ordl What would happen il uc bu "Sometimes our deepest leel- ings are the hardest to ex- press", lillkillk You IDU. JU, QS. KD, JM. .lW. and JB. l ' leave to Mrs. Ciaralialo. Christ- ine. Bye line and leeny! Steve and Vera Sept. 29. l97tl. Richard Kolack I5 S0lllhWlCk Roald Enough with peace . . , war is the only solution Goodwin Elliot R. Koresky 51 Theodore Road Cutler "Ricky" My Best Memories-The first time with JA. the trip to New York with RS. AS. CH. SR. PG. twho wouldn't stop seeing trailsl. The parties at JD's. JA's and the big one at RK's. l'll never forget C-hristmas '7l in Florida doing the Suds with CR. JM. LW. and JD. Richard Kolow 33 Deborah Road Wheeler Sherri Lynne Kopelman 84 Cynthia Rd. Wheeler "You who were on the road must have a code that you can live by and so become yourself because the past is just a good- bye. l'll always remember. NH, '69 with CK. JL 8: PG, Chicken Soup with AM 8: AK. the Wall. C.L.. H,H. The ride home. and endless card games with AM. CSN8zY with AG. l'll never forget Bones -Q Zahava Kraeier 95 Ripley Street Goodwin "Toni" "How can you express some- thing you feel. but how can you feel something you don't understand." Thanks To: GL. AS. EG. JM. NS. Never forget summer ot' '71.3-7-70 BM. Vini '68 GTO's and a very special friend. Michael. Gail. what would've happened it' we didn't have music together live years ago. N j Rv 4,3 ,Lvl .5 H . -ff' f '12 A 9'-Us fs' ,, .. .5 I li X. iel lsricker N tclll t Cioodviin People ol Urplialese. beauty y 1 'c But you .irc lite and you arc - vei Beauty Is eternity gazing at ell in a mirror you , n .int y 'ue the inii'i'or," Judith Kushner 100 Wendell Road Goodwin "Judy" "To look at anything. if you would know that thing. you must look at it longi To look at this green and say. 'l have seen spring in these woodsf will not dofyou must be the thing you seet You must be the dark snakes ol' stems and ferny plumes of leaves. You must enter into the small sia lences between the leaves, you must take your time and touch the very peace they issue from." Audrey Kutnick 40 Jane Road Wheeler French Club. Stage Crew. Senior Prom, Denebola. Sen- ior Supper. "Above all. he learned from it how to listen with a still heart. without judgment. without opinions." I'll never forget. Chinese food. the reservoir. My wonderful summer in Israel tl97Ol, and certain friends who have helped me these past three years . . . and, my favorite pre- ppie. A 2 of J f1'i+fi"!'.2 il? Molly Lampert 70 Edgelield Rd. Cutler .df Valerie Kuplerman 9l5 Chestnut St, Cutler l'll never forget: Sept. 6, l970. The Mt. Washington Hotel: Crystal Lake with JP and JM. Waban Square and RR3 all the great times l had with KG. "Pinball Wizard" by the Who McDonald's FS's party: Rid- ing around with FS and all the lun we've had this yeari LD and LS Oct. 24. 19711 All the Guys at BC.: The postcard I got from MPM. Stewart R. Lampert Sl Cynthia Rd. Goodwin "A man can be defeated, but never destroyed." Activities-Ecology Action l. Class Comm. 2. V. Basketball 2. Denehola 2. l remember my night in L.A. Snxiin I .tnde 250 Wgirtl St lutler Sue 1, l'll nex et' torget Rll. MD. HM .-XS. RB. lk. Roh. MS. nix in NS, Bext linicm 9-23-ol? 3 xrx. iigo. Q intlerx. New Neat' N. .-Xl N. K ol I lent NSHS .ill mx d1.iniondx tt teatrx. "0nlx loxe cgtn ht'e.ik xonr heart." "Keep Snnlingf' 2 'Oh A nmn thinking or working lx atl- x l tt V IW lDCklllQlIll Street Ciootlxnin "I nexer lonnd the eonip.unon .f lIt.1t mix xo t'oinp.nn-iimhle Qu 11 xolitude. We .ire tor the ntoxl 'UQ part more lonelx when we go ' ' , ,N- .ihrogid .unonu men than wlicn we xtgtx in our t'li.iiiil1erx A J -Y wily alone. let Iinn he xxli he will." lhoreatu 1 Llk l X X Carolyn LeBlanc 9 Roland St. Wheeler "True happiness eonxixtx not in the multitude ot' friends but in the worth and choice." I'll always remember the greut times spent with "AB" and "SD" and the long trips look- ing for ti certain somebody, I leave to Newton South 7 more L's. .lolin Kevin lane 215 Wuhan Axenue VN heeler Ifl ' - - 'treet the soo rex ir 'mg :ruit Andrew Laughland 34ll Hammond St. Cutler Andy . enee Helton C Iuh. l. -. .. South was butlton.1xxx.imp1n l96t'l. 'ind has been xinlttnu David Nflirtin lelthoolt l6O Trum in Rd uter JNL 4 no Auept people tor wh tt thex ar not whit xou want t em to be l'll never liorgetg the teinix. he flames 'md the eoiehes. l.A. AB. TW. AM. RL. JS. Hunky and all the guys. V-partiex and Jane. the great track hux, the 3 as '49 L4 ever xince, fx' N .-7 0 ., if -uc 1,443 canoe trip and the Cape '7l. LA ix Z1 good friend. F0OtbLill l. 2. Co-gglpt. 3- Wrestling l. 2. 3. Track 2. 3. 'T 4 as fi' Q I I I . I 4 I N Bing Lem I4 Parker Terrace Wheeler Soccer 2. 31 Track 21 Good luck to you guy Consistency Is the last resort ot' the unimaginative. Oscar Wilde Angela Michele Leonard 73 Brookline SI. Goodwin "Angie" Someday I will know I'll know the task I seek And God will guide me through another day. Then I will see the stairs above my head, And love will lead me on. and I will take my stand. This is the lille I seekl the life I hope to lind, --Angie L, Walter Levenson ll Warren Ter. Wheeler De Worter Rat PO, Position Newton Tote Team Ralph Pool Wall The Playground Pavasideys Basement Nancee Apartment Smitty Basement. Stephanie Faith Levey 276 Greenwood St. Wheeler "Stephie"."Steph" "It is only with the heart that one can see rightly. What is essential is invisible to the eye," I'lI never forget: Math with RR 5-29489. The BI with Deb. '69 in Canada. C.l.T.'s ol' '7O. ATTTH3 Il' not tor you Mr. Greaser. be seeing you. up the creek. keys to rooms. 7-26-7l. thank-you ALE 9-25-7l. Go Away Little Girl. Never My Love. Maggy May. bless you friends and thank-you. Florence Levene 469 Brookline St. Wheeler If you could only tell them that living and spending isn't the same thing? But it's no good. Il' only they were edu- cated to live instead of earn and spend. they could manage very happily on twenty-five shillings. ADH Lawrence Toby Ann Leventhal l29 Oxford Road Goodwin With our lovefwe could save the world-if they only knew-Try to realize it's all within yourself. no one else can make you change, When you've seen beyond yourself then you will Tindfpeace of mind is waiting there-And the time will come when you see we're all one-And life tlows on within you and without you. Carv-I'll never forgetfthank you, Michelina Lencioni l02 Thurston Rd. Wheeler "As hard as it is. you've got to take some things as they are," I'lI never forget the Centre 8: the Highlands. Thanks to Jane 81 Rosetta 8: Joyce. N Eric Michael Levin 5 Halcyon Rd. Cutler Newton Educational Work- shop 2. Science Dept. Head 3: chess club 2. Pres. 31 Hunger Hike 23 Math League I. 2. 3: Math tutor 2. 3: Ecology Ac- tion lg Stamp 81 Coin Club 2: Faculty Award 2. I'll never forget JME. JLF. AMF. RSG. CEK. MAR. SSS. ADS. MAT. AEW. BLW. vol- leyball. and of course. "BORE!I". LAW-' l .L ...L Can I look now? Ira Levitt 53 Paul Street Wheeler f I I.. 2 I I I Richard S. Levine ll Solon St, Goodwin "Richie" "I want him to stay awake and know who the phonies are. I want him to know how to hol- ler and put up an argument I want him to know it's worth all the trouble just to give the world 11 little goosing when you get the chance. And I want him to know the subtle. sneaky. important reason why he was born a human being and not a chair." lil - 'WX ,get f . feta ' N L 4. .lime Susan I ex me 7ll Winston Rd Wheeler 'Wkiitl it's lair wind blowlii' warm over the soutli oxer ms shoulder Guess I'll set at course .md K . ilu " l'lI nexer tor-ict. Pi' .md all the woriderlul times we'xe had. and will have m the lu- ture. DH. PCI. VK CB. SK. AK. and all the rest PSW' III Ullltl, Room Ill-1, Mark S. Levme llb Poridbrook Road Goodwin "The imagination ol' a boy lx healthy. and the mature imagi- nation ofa man is healthy. but there isa space of life be- tween. in which the soul is in ti ferment. the character unde- cided. the way ol' lile uncer- tain. the ambition II'tlCIx-slgI1I- ed..." John Keats Robert P. Levine 8 Avery Path Goodwin "Bob" Football I. 2. eo-eapt. 31 Bils- ketball I. 2. 31 Baseball I. 2. 31 I'll always remember the long and winding road and our soul sessions at M.I. Moment ot' Madness "the next -10 seconds you will remember for the rest ot' your life." Who could ever forget the time at CC with Sehlutz! What would ever happen if the Brotherhood was no more. TTFN. Abigail jurist Lexy 204 Langley Rd. Wheeler 'C ...av ,J f Al' ? - JA. . v- !! I f , If . I ' 4- ' ' J ,f I v jf .- ' KX 7,1 ' ,gi N I X 1 'x -I3 I Ellen Rachel Lewis Rl Puritan Rd. 'lil ' - f Goodwin ,C AG-.. - -k .. V , V L rg ? " V , Nou ve got a lot to give and - .,V,,.f. Pepsi has a lot to give." ,Vnw ' l'll never forget the 'rents and -1 ' '- .Q l how to tie my shoe. 5 I- . " ' ' 1 3, 1 Mayonnaisel 14. "" 'zu' Jx,l , , t. f I j. If I I it XL " ' 1 lt 1. , li ill l x " ' Ulf V 'ei 4' e Q Kenneth Lidman 40 Larchmont Ave. Goodwin "Ken"."Kenny" War is my pet peeve My moment of madness was getting a "B" on the math fi- nal instead of an My ambition is to become a COITIPUICT pI'0gI'2iI'DITlCl'. I'll never forget the play "On- dine". Roy J. Linn IZX Herrick Road Goodwin "Bodily exercise. when coni- pulsory does no harm to the bodyl but knowledge which is acquired under compulsion obtains no hold on the mind." "A pat on the back. though only a few vertebrae removed from a kick in the pants. is miles ahead in results." Concert Choir I. 2. 31 Soccer I. 2. 33 Indoor Track I. 2. 33 Lacrosse l. 2. 3. Madge Lewis I2 Haynes Rd. Wheeler "Try to realize it's all within yourself no one else can make you change And to see you're really only very small and life goes on within you and without yourself." Laurie Jo Lipsky 44 Myerson Lane Cutler "Lau" French Clubg Spanish Clubg Ski Clubg Senior Prom. My summer with a special person in '70. Hanging on to Iota Phi! Making it thru 3 years at NSHS. If a man does not keep pace with his com- panions. perhaps it is because he hears. a different drummer. Let him step to the music which he hears. however mea- sured or far away. Charles K. Linda 40 Van Wart Path Cutler "Chuck", "Slimey" Spanish Club 3: Baseball I, 21 Indoor Track 3. "I'd rather have fingers than toes, I'd rather have eyes than a nose. and as for my hair I'm glad it's all there. I'lI be awfully sad when it goes." Gellet Burges tl866-l95ll. I'll never forget the strike. sophomore baseball: strike three. Thanks Mr. G. for the C. I leave from South as the last of the Lindas. To Mrs. M. Mrs. H. Mr. P. Adios. Irwin Joe Lipwortli 96 Rowena Rd. Goodwin "Lip" "The best people in the world are those who need other people." Favorite saying: This is true. I leave to NSHSfA disrupted magazine room B 8: C blocks. I'll never forget EP. SS. MFS. RMtgml JD. TW. HANDI- WIPE KID. SK. What would happen if: Ed never believed us. And the SS didn't lose his keys. Regulus Ad Staff. Soph- more Class Commitee. -,, I Margie Lipson 234 Arnoltl Roald Wheeler When you understand what you see you will no longer be children: You will know that life is pain that each ol us hangs always upon the cross ol' himself. And when you know that this is true ol' every man, woman 8: child on earth. you will be wisefBut you've got to get up every morning. put a smile on your taee and show the world all the love in your heart Tor things are gonna get better. Sarah Lipson 69 Nehoiden Rd. Cutler "Sadly" "l'or thought is a bird ol space. that in a cage ot' words may indeed unfold its wings but cannot fly." IU Sue Ellen Litvin I6 Scotney Road Goodwin "Susie" "When I use a word. "Humpty Dumpty said. in rather a scornful tone. "It means just what I choose it to meanfneither more nor less." "The question is." said Alice. whether you can make words mean so many different things." "The question is." said Humpty Dumpty, "which is to be MASTER-THAT'S ALL." Lewis Caroll Robert Lltsky l6l Pond Brook Road Wheeler Elliott Mark Loew 804 Chestnut St. Goodwin "Eli"."Sky" Soccer l. 2. 3i Basketball ll Indoor Track 2. 31 Baseball l. 2. 3: Varsity Club 2. 3. "For he who cares not where to turn Or thinks is none of his con- cern To him I say. "Believe it none A second Chance may never come" I leave to NSHS: A long lap and a short sprint. xt A - 'sw i . 4 'x X X x . i . . .2 X YU' ff i 1 ws ,Q 's a' a.i,d"1f'lv. Barnard Long 78 Roundwood Road Cutler Karen Long 26 Placid Rd. Cutler "l have often asked myself the reason for the sadness in a world where tears are just a lullabye. lf there's any answer maybe love can end the sad- ness maybe not, but we can only try." l'll never forget the strike. the Drinan Campaign. cup '70, nights at the garden. endless waiting, MM. ROWK. and what it means to have a friend. Kenneth Blacker Lourie 87 Athelstane Rd. Cutler "KABY"K.B.L. Baseball l. 2. 31 Football ll l'll never forget BASEBALL and the l97l tournament gameg how could lever. I leave to Newton South my boredomg don't worry there's enough for everybody: What would have happened if l'd had any nerve? Daniel Lyne -7 Suffolk Road Goodwin -1 6 l. ,. .V wt if 5 '13 Robert Lynch 102 Floral St. Wheeler "Rob" The art of free society consists first, in the maintenance of the symbolic code. and secondly. in Fearlessness of revision to secure that the code serves those purposes which satisfy an enlightened reason. These societies which cannot com- hine reverence to their sym' bols with freedom of revision must ultimately decay. -A. N. Whitehead N., xx . X Gail Lotto 115 Warren St. Wheeler "Friends Depart and Only Memories are Left." What's important is having friends like: RK, EK. TK. NW. BM, PG. LS. DF. I'll never forget: The three years before Christmas Vacation. ATTSAD. The H8cW Route. Cape '7l. What a bummer. huh Ronda? What would happen if there was no music. Toni? Steven Malchman 38 Bow Rd Goodwin "Emer" LACROSSE 2. 3 "Civilization is a slow process of adopting the ideas of mi- noritiesf' lt. l 1 nd Onla s hating Eli. lll DF. lil ter petri liuim l' Raul: Jummr: t ll'tlli.i no lllllslt r Q may . L l as W Michael S. McKinney 38 Stearns St. Newton Centre Cutler "Shep". "Skinny". "Mi-i-i- kel" "lt's your thing so do what you want to do." Never Forget: Becky. Wendy, Craig. Doug. Beel. Bruce. Mark. Ann8zBYF, And the best in the bunch Ne- vin8zRobin. Camping: Paul Joe 84 the Patrol Track bus. Moon Contest. Dave and Ar- men 8c Red eyes out the wid- ow. Ronnie 8: kates High Jumping 8: Hurdling Someday the Olympics. ff Paula Marcus 62 Waban Ave. Goodwin Des milliers et des milliers d'annees ne sauraient sull'ire pour dire la seconde d'eternite Ou tu m'as embrasse Ou je t'ai embrasse un matin dans la lumiere de l'hiver au pare Montsouris a Paris sur la terre la terre qui est un astre. Jacques Prevert Barbara Anne MeClory 25 Chase Street Cutler "B" "ln nineteen hundred and sev- enty-five. all the people rose from the countryside to move against you government man d' you understand. Locked to- gether hand in hand all thru this unsteady land." G. Slick l LOVE YOU JEFF ' Donna Mareovttch Lil Old lfarm Road tiootlwitl "And in the swcclltcss ol lirientlship let there be laughter and sharing ol' pleasures." l sincerely thank my laniily. my friends. and all the other wonderful people who helped me grow and gave me loy. throughout my high school years. l especially thank Andy. Steve Marnoy X8 Harwich Road Goodwin "George" Someday l'll make the tour. and have mv own army. "George's Army" Steven McElroy II44 Chestnut St Goodwin "Mac" l'll never forget the night l wrecked everything. The day in town when JZ saw Hair. And most ol' all to the one who helped me the most these past 2 years. Thanks Deb. And now the others SA. KA, LB. JR. DE, DR. DL. DH. CB. SM. SC. PF. MJQ. Tom TWTC. JZ. RE. and most ol' all to my best friend Neil McPhee. Hey KA try it you'll like it. Jane McMullin l69 Dickerman Rd. Wheeler "lf anyone should ask me to give a reason why l loved my friend. there could be only one answer: Because he was he. because l was I" Montaigne Things to remember: Cheer- leading. V-parties. "Bolts and Nuts". our locker. 7- 14-71. my soph. year with MH. To all my friends: l love you and god Bless you. if -lf Susan Medoff 34 Renee Terrace C utler - ,Q 'QE'- ,fav Stanley Mescon I55 Lake Ave. Cutler "Stan"."Mess" "Words do not express thoughts very well. everything immediately becomes a little different. a little distorted. a little foolish. And yet it pleases me and seems right that what is of value and wisdom to one man seems nonsense to anoth- er." Hockey I. 2. 31 Tennis I. 2. 3L Senior Class V.P. Joan "Ski" Mishara 37 Radcliff Road Cutler "Mad Dog". "Junior" "Every morning pressure forming all around my eyesfceilings crashfwalls col- lapse broken by the lies. that your misfortune brought upon usfl won't disguise themfdon't ask me will I explain I won't tell you whvfclimb a tower of freedornfpaint your only seeming sign!it's not my part to criticizefto ask you to be blind to your own pressing problem and the hate you must unwind."fTull Philip Christopher Monahon Jr. 5 Chester St. Cutler "Chris" "The most covetable posses- sion on earth is peace." Slflf 2. gl Ecology Action I. 2. 3. Outing Club 2. 3. Debat- ing I. 2. Stage Crew Z. 31 N EW. 2. 3. Audrey Ruth Mintz 42 Sevland Rd. Goodwin "Aud" "lf you need a friend l'm sail- ing right behind" l'II never forget: Summer '70- '7I the cape. chicken soup with AK +SK. the wall. the ride home. SH. Cl.. card games with SK. patches. argu- ments with LW. my sister Ann. Sam, my stay at LS, with BBW. HH. the chase. I did go to Rome and all the great times with Lsda. Ski Club I. 2. 3. Deborah Mitrushi IOS Thurston Road Wheeler "Debbie" l'Il never forget: Trips lo NJ. and the great summers at Fal- mouth? Most rewarding ex- periencefHaving Miss Blisile for typing and for a person to confide in. Two years was more than enough for me. Long distance phone calls! You're the best Teddy Bear I have ever had. 40 Sonya Merian IZO Dickerman Rd Cutler In the century that we are liv- ing in today: can we not make a stronger effort to understand the person next to us? -Q Judith Ann Monosson 85 Baldpate Hill Road Cutler "Judy" "If there's something you want very much. you must let it go free. if it doesn't come back it was never really yours, if it does. Love it forever." "So they went off together. But wherever they go. and whatever happens to them on the way. in that enchanted place on the top of the Forest. a little boy and his bear will always be playing." W' , Z, , , X X Actu illv l do much better painting the nudes. Wayne G. Morris 9 Josselyn Place Goodwin "Felix" "A GYPSY MUTANT IN- DUSTRIAL VACUUM CLEANER DANCES ABOUT A MYSTERIOUS NIGHT TIME CAMP FIRE. FESTOONS. DOZENS OF IMPORTED CASTANENTS. CLUTCHED BY THE HOR- RIBLE SUCTION OF ITS HEAVY DUTY HOSE. WAVING WITH MARGIN- AL EROTIC ABANDON IN THE MIDNIGHT AUTUMN AIR." Richard Mover 36 Stony Brae Road Goodwin "Dick" "When you're seen beyond yourself then you may find peace of mind is waiting there. And the time will come when you see we're all one, and life flows on within you and with- out you." Ralph Gerald Moore 2054 Beacon Street Goodwin "Jerry" . , , xr Soccer l. ... :il Lacrosse I. -. 3. 5 ig tp vu M is Rene Moreau 722 Quinohequin Road Wheeler "Frenchy" Favorite saying: jessh. this is true. SAV El l'll never forget! The Kamazi pilot. Strange nights at Baileys '70-'71 What would happen if: I admitted I was wrong, or KG admitted l was right. I leave to NHSH1 127 lost pens. Vivian Morse 262 Arnold Road Cutler Martha Mozden 245 Wiswall Road Custler I saw myself as you knew me, when the change came. and you had a chance to see through me. Through the oth- er side is just the same. you can tell my dream is real. Be- cause I love you can you see me now? Though we rush ahead to save our time. we are only what we feel. And I love you. can you feel it now? -Neil Young .KS- tf J I -.1 f-ji. .X Signed by Mr. Gcer. see'7 -on. 'J' san J if Q lv t U1 i W 1 Q 5 I 6 40' , "' fix 1 . 1 J 'S ip I, Xl wa 'wg 'Q - X I if X'-1 lx' li Thomas F. Mullen 46 Aberdeen Street Wheeler Mary Lou Murphy 90 Olde Field Road Cutler "Two roads diverged in a single wood but I. I took the one less traveled bv. and that has made all the difference." Joyce Ann Murray 36 White Avenue Wheeler "Booga" I'm crazy about "Frankie". My Big Blue Booga, My Ugly Blue Booga and one special green '66 442. I'll never forget 3'6-7l. "That night at 292.0 The summer of '71 And Wom- en's Lib. What would happen if Dunkies Lost its donuts? Thanx: FM. MD. PD. PC. MM. ML. CS. TK. AS. DG. JD. VK, SG. RB. I leave to NSHS Christine. I hope you get what you want! BYE CHRISY GOOD LUCK. Claire Murphy 36 Pine Crest Road Wheeler "Mei" "If only the natural scientists had been able to evolve some- thing like the Hippocratic Oath of Doctors. the vow to devote their Knowledge wholly to the benefit of man- kind!" l wish sunshine, smiles and happiness to Adri. Pat. MayT. Art. Phil. Joe. Tom. Gem. Barb. Mike. Bruce. and Mme! Thanks Mom and Dad MYBAWWMG8zT. Paul Murphy 21 Knowles Street Wheeler "Murph" Soccer 2, 3g Wrestling l. 2, 33 Lacrosse 2. 31 I leave to NSHS the in- gredients of serving a bad ex- ample. What's important is a good time. Donna Mucciarone l0l Alban Road Goodwin "Keep your face always to- ward the sunshine. and the shadows will fall behind you." I will never forget all the good times last summer. Many thanks to a special friend, re- member that time we almost got thrown out of the movie. all because of Artie. What would happen if that one big problem never existed? I'll never forget the talks. and that one place very Tues. night. JoAnn Elizabeth Napoli I2 Roosevelt Road Cutler "Jo"".IoJo" "To be glad of life because it gives you the chance to live and to love and to learn." I'll always remember MIB. orch. bow, play. wrong notes. Routy, Ret. soap operas '67- '7l. boiler '67. cookies, junior year. Salisbury '67 8: '7l. sum- mer 7l, Artie, Cinema. a new friend. No. l enemy. 3 J's. Deb. a friendship turned to love. book. a misinterpreted relationship. a windowsill. all my friends, Debra Ice Nathanson 62 Rachel Road NVIICCICI' "I7cbblL"' "l'he most bcaillilul qualities ol' a tlriendship is to under- stand and to bc understood." lo Michael with all inx love. l'll ncxer forvet summer ot' '70 F gg1'7I, Oct 9. bowling. Niles at South. lflorida. l'ricndly's. AS. Rli. ZKII. .lR. M.-X, .Ill Mls. WS. 2lJl'. ISI.. SS. lzR. ACI. .lI.. Rls. Irls. Ihanks tor everything Mom and Dad French Club 2. 3, Spanish Club 2. 3. fi 15:- sk. c 3 c xv a. -f'?' tie Q- " e Q Q? V 4 . James Oppenheim 294 Greenwood Street Goodwin "I used to wake up at 4 A.M. and start sneezing. sometimes for five hours. I tried to find out what sort ol' allergy I had but finally came to the con- clusion that it must be an alergy to consciousness." f'0' 'L 'TF' Laurie Novakoll' 205 Waban Avenue Cutler Barry Okun I6 Osborne Path Goodwin "FB" All rights reserved lor this space. Permission tor reuse must be obtained from the owner who is probably out to lunch anyway. Goodnight Cruel World. llianc N.illl.inson IW fircal Nlcadoxv Road Wlicclci' "Ili" "Kindness in words ticatcs conlidcncc. kintlncss in think- ing creates piotoundncss. kindness in giving cicatcs love" I'Il ncvci loigct ling I 4cvci'. Wym Bud. llugifs. lvxin. Ilmf ncrs at VIZ. Robertson. luv to 'Xtr- IJI IJNSI N1 MWIIRA. -A f C t ' I I wllidil Debra Ilene tlchs X6 Halcyon Road Goodwin "Debbie" "Beyond the storms and tem- pests. stairs are gleaming. still build your castles. though your castles fall." l'll never forget: Maine, CBC. Ana. and the boys truckin '... -. . James George O'Neil 45 Hinckley Road Cutler "Jim" "Often times the roughest road may be the best way to where you want to go. But I cannot see the right way. until l have seen them all." l'll never forget: Dec. IX. N70 Diane and all the great times we have had together, The Highs men. Canada. Summer of '7l. Cape-Cod. "As the if years pass by. the memories . will stay within." V-hockey l. 2. 3. Siu Club i. 3, 31 mir 1. f Richard Oriel r 95 Larchmont Ave. l : 'i Goodwin "Ricky" I'll never forget the Friday and l Saturday nights with the Wa- ban Gang. Newton South parking lot. Summer ot' "7l'l" Route 25 with PS and DAM. Q.. K' Q I v ,w il Y J 4, f' f Za?'S, 9.k. A ' -2' . X .Al as r' Steven Osborn Il Chase Street Wheeler Willard Osman 212 Plymouth Road Cutler Musieali Three Penny Opera. Oklahoma: Bye-Bye Birdie. I'll never forget: surrey in Okla- homag German Club 3: Span- ish Club 3. Evelien Otten 53 Neshobe Road Goodwin "Ev" Rhoda Ostrer 56 Gould Rd. Cutler "There is no wrong side or right side. No misery in not being loved only in not livng. I learned these truths myself to tell them to you now, As you go sailing through the sun On your way toward life." Rod McKuen Kenneth Packer l3l Pond Brook Road Cutler Michael Oshry l6 Sharpe Road Wheeler "Shorty" All the good times with PK. AS, Paul, do you have your foot on the brake again? All the great times with the boys from DeMolay. l'll never for- get Conclave '7l. My ambition to be 6 feet tall. I leave to NSHS one sister. Many thanks to AK, EP, WB, TS, x , x af A X ff -3 ,was 1 f.i,:a . . , any 'W Frederic R, Pashall I5-1 Cynthia Rd Wheeler "Fred" Gail Rinee Paulini I0 John Street Cutler "Palerani" l leave to NSHS Margie and her wheelbarrel! I'll never for- get xmas eve and night of '69 May 5th of '70, Mary and her hunk of cheese! Patty, the one in the beige sweater! My cous- in Sue SP. DO. JK. KH, RT. and Beth! My most rewarding experience: working at Peab- ody! l'm crazy about Bobby! Wouldn't it be nice? Huh Bob'? A green Olds! I'll never forget my Someday soon! Don't forget Hermie! Tom S. Mary playing with lights with TM. .i ,ips I ling M7 L 'llllll lll Illl llig bw l wer Irr- lll imhuiiii llrliqi, l lldllllllillllt X l l l , ix ' il Q i Q! Q .i ,, , I ' l l 4 i .M I l J V l N llifgli -We l l ,y- "rw Q it i. I llir. .inc lil" Wi' lllt Ulll 1 1'jfl ll- "ll" it lil Ill . ifiiiiillil ' . s. iflf li lim il lllllll .I 11 tri' llul i " 4'-""' .Q I, i V' . N Wi lim. .il igll I ll ff I i 6 Jeff Perlmutter 281 Waban Avenue Wheeler 1,41 Susanne Peck ll2 Herrick Road Wheeler EX' 34 as "fx I ...mi 2151 , Joseph W. Paulini 62 Jackson Slrcct Wheeler "Joe" "lt's a good idea to lsccp your words solt and sweet because you never know whcn you may hayc to eat them." Good-byc to the sick people ol' NSIIS. Lawrence M. Payne I8 Harwich Rd. "I went to the woods because I wished to live deliberately. to front only the essential I-acts of life. and see it'l could not learn what it had to teach. and not. when I came to die, discover that l had not lived." Thoreau Janet Perlmutter 27 Cross Hill Road Goodwin "One only understands the things that one tamesf' said the Fox. "Men have no more time to understand anywhing. They buy things already made at the shops, But there is no shop anywhere where one can buy friendship. and so men have no friends any more. If you want a friend. tame me Q. Joseph Pittman 30 Kewadin Rd Cutler "Joey" "If a man does not keep pace with his companions. perhaps it is because he hears a differ- ent drummer. Let him step to the music which he hears. however measured or far away." fl-I. D. Thoreau -4 5 R' -Q 4- at 'S if? ,, ,.-s ' " lair li X ly Hari Polanskv 247 Spiers Road Goodwin 1 . I Bruce Polishook A 3l Broken Tree Road Wheeler Vicki Ruth Poorvu I8 Spaulding Lane Goodwin "Vlt.'lin "Rings and other jewels are not gifts, but apologies for gifts. The only gift is a portion of thyself." Alise Pozner fart Hev Coach. it's stuck!! Debra Polucci I5 Carthay Circle Cutler They hurt you at home and they hit you at school they hate you if you're clever and they despise a fool till you're so crazy you can't follow their rules when they've tortured and scared you for 20 odd years then they expect you to pick a career when you can't really function you're sO full offear. Michael J. Pottey 30 Roland Street Cutler "Mike" "This ls not thc' Gnd. ll's the start ol' something new." I'll never forget my 3 years at NSHS MGM. DA, all my teachers. a cross country course. the coaches and 2101. Cross Country I. 2. 3. Hockey l. 2. 3. 63 Audubon Drive Cyoodyxin -L TY Ilif-3 ' N: ' 7 Bernadette L. Precious I5 Shawmut Park Cutler "Bernie" "To have lived without love is not to have lived." l'll never forget: RC and those trips to the airport. l'm crazy about "that certain someone." Won't forget that crazy blue mustang. l leave to NSHS: My hockey crazy sister. Business work- study 3. Edward Alan Price 3l Park Drive Wheeler "Ed". "Bird" "Heaven is under our feet. As well as over our heads." I shall always remember: Jojo dumping my books, the reser- voir with .lMIl. the teletype. Barb's birthday. IWERD. OUR soap opera, SUPER- STAR. stereo. the letter. skat- ing. Salisbury and the rocks, Harv. Stad.. 8: all those happy evenings with Barb. Thanks: JK. BB. SS. NG. MW. .lC. FE. Fraul. l Howard M. Reisman 7 Great Meadow Rd. Cutler "Reis" "I have often regretted my speech. never my silence." Favorite Pastime: Leaping tall buildings in a single bounce. Favorite sayings: Geetos Go Basketball I: Newspaper l. 2: Junior Class Comittee Gerri Rachins 58 Elinor Rd. Wheeler "When you've seen beyond yourself then you may find peace of mind is waiting theref And the time will come when you see we're all one. and life flows on within and without you." George Harrison Chantal Razel A.F.S. from France 9 Glen Rd. Goodwin "L'homme n'est rien d'autre que ee qu'il se fait: ll n'est qu'un luxe celui des relations humaines-" fl? A W F ' sf1-.xf+ -gays 5 iso.. -'Wm al. :ga 1 wk 5121 Mary Quinan 69 lilliot St. Goodwin "Mayr" "When you stop and think about it you won't believe it's lrllc. that all the love you've been giving has all been meant for you." l'll never forgeti Joe. A84 P. JB. Mej. TJ. MII. Malia. Pete 84 EC. 3:30 coffee. summer '7l. BE strike ALYCE. the Cape, What would happen it '... we did it again? .lohn RamireL 40 Heatherland Rd Cutler I wouldn't leave anything to NSHS even if I had something to leave! l'll never forget what happened to me whether or not it happened. ll' it didn't happen I would have nothing to remember so I couldn't for- get it because I never knew it, Shari Redstone 98 Baldpate Hill Road Sutler "And the moment that one strives to escape from the su- perliciality of his life. he dis- covers who he really is." The world is quite a place if you know where it is. I thank my Big F's for taking me there. Richard Mark Resnick 353 Woodward St. Goodwin .. . Back in the old days a man could do what he wanted lo do. Because he had the woods then. he could go off in the woods and be left alone. And if they followed him there for this or that he could just move on. For there were always more woods. But a man can't do that now, He's got to play ball with them divided by two. James Jones f., "s '19 Qt --.QQ David Ress 45 Pontiac Rd Wheeler "Dave" ul went to the woods because l wished to live deliberately to front only the essential liacts ot' lite. and see itil could not learn what it had to teach. and not. when l came to die. discover that l had not lived." H. D. Thoreau Douglas Richards 63 Elmhurst Rd. Cutler "Doug" Pet Peeve: Coke machines that don't work. Suppressed desire: To keep my suppressed desire suppressed. Favorite saying: What you see is what you get. Bruce Richmond 28 Truman Road Wheeler James W. Richmond 322 WtitWdW'ufd Sl. Cutler "Shamus" "Some follts do-and others stand and wish they could The moslest greatest times l've had in my three years here were times when l was anywhere but here-so now it's come time to get it on-which is all ways the hardest part. When I grad- uate l am going to cut the souls oft' nit shoes-climb into a tree and learn to play the t'lute"' Joyce Richards l9 Waldorf Road Goodwin Field Hockey l. 21 Basketball 21 l'll never forget New Year's '71 and '72. The cape and 3 years of JM. Also the wedding of DF. and the name Schook ms. Gary Jules Richmond ll Elgin St. Cutler "And it shall come to pass in the end of days, that the moun- tain il' the Lord's house shall be established as the top of the mountains and shall be exalted above the hills: and all nations shall flow unto it . . . And they will beat their swords into plowshares. and their spears into prunning-hooks: nation shall not lift up sword against nation. neither shall they learn war any more. . -lsaiah Cary Richards lOl Craftsland Road Wheeler Mitchell Riese 943 Boylston St. Cutler "Mitch" "Climb the mountains get their good tidings" .lohn Muir Respect 2: Outing Club 3: Chess Club 3: Ecology Action 3. Poker chips in the second . . . can do? Charles Robins IOS Dane Hill Road Goodwin .-1? .Iiinct Marie Riycis Ilo llickcrniiin Rd. Wheeler "l'i'ientlsliip is like ai sound health. the v.iIuc isn't known until it is lost." l'll never forget: Patil and all the Iltllcs we had together NW. Nll. DS. til.. 3 years be- fore the times with RM. Ml.. Maiyl. gas station huh Rita? DI". CC. JA. Sli. the great times in the center Halloween '68 Oct. lfl l lciivc to NSHS 3 more Rivers to come. Paul Robinson l3l Jackson Street Cutler Mark Role Peter Rolicki 63 Old Farm Road I45 Pinckney Street Wheeler Goodwin f ,arr- .J Theodore Romanow I9 Holly Rd. Goodwin "Ted" .. You are a child of the universe. no less than the trees and stars: you have a right to be here. And whether or not it is clear to yo. no doubt the universe is unfolding as it should. Therefore be at peace with God, whatever you con- ceive him to be. and whatever your labors and aspirations. in the noisy confusion of life keep peace with your soul." ss we if? i Linda Rome 280 Hartman Rd. Goodwin l'll never forget: street people Coach and great summers. Fi- lene's Candy counter. fun with .l's. Maine St. my favorite art store. Willy a sensuous riv- crbank. B.B.C.. the laun- dromat. my first's the strike. the May Arts Festival and all the fantastic people who are my friends Spanish Club l. 2. Project Respect 2 PTA. 2 C,B.C. 1.2. 3. .Q 1, 69 ,,..s-sW.e-,ui af' J' QNX? M F X Q Ay' iv . V st-"" sg. Eyre . t- J 42' 'N 8 Robert Richard Ronayne 04 Linbeigh Aye. Cutler "Bob" I'll never torget Linda. heating Wayland and Hockey practice. Iaxorite pastime. the corner. Dunkin Doughnuts Highlands Parking lot. Howdys Macfs a certain train. Lets get some- thing to eat. The Gang "New- ton South one great deal after another." Ihe Newton PO- LICE and I-'ire Department. Hockey I. 2. 3. Football 2 La- crosse and almost Vice Pres. .lames Rosenberg 76 Brandeis Road Cutler "Jimmy" "Live for today. for yesterday is only a vision. and tomorrow only a dream." I've had many good times dur- ing my years at South: Golf in the winter. fishing in the sum- mer. and snacks with Shamus and Ellios. all year round. All the best times however. were with JoAnn. Now Robert'7 Ciolfl. 31 Basketball I. Gary Ross I66 Plymouth Road Goodwin "Rosco" "Dyer-rated. if you ask me." Winnie-the-Pooh I lease to NSHS: two slightly used lacrosse nets in good con- dition. an old horn that's mig- hty tired. Musical I. 2. 31 Soc- cer I. 2. 3. Lacrosse I. 2. Cap- tain 3. Susan Ross Il Ipswich Rd. Cutler "Sue" "Life is what you make it." "If you't be yourself you're ttobtttly A I'II never forget the Iglsl and best 2 years of school that I've had Being at South was quite a different and better ex- perience than from the school I went to before. I'II always re- member the good times I had with NIS. Iii. NC. BK. RS. SS. XS. NIB. AND RD Ciood Iutls to you all. Mitchell Rosenthal 65 Deborah Road Cutler Lucille Ross 7I E. Quinobequin Rd. Goodwin "Lucy" "I feel the earth move under my feet and when I knew I had to face another day there's so many things I've yet to find in a garden of wisdom from some long ago dream when the night meets the morning sun ain't it good to know that you'ye got a friend." Carole King I Sheryl Rose l254 Beacon Street Wheeler "What a wee part of a per- son's life are his acts and , words. His real life is led in his head. and is known to none but himself" Mark Twain N I rig he ... 1-on ' if Anne Rounseville 31 Kenmore Street Wheeler , if lillyn Rubenstein 23 Juniper l atne tg? r" -' Goodwin When your friend legiyes you. You grieve not, l lfor what you loxe ltlosl in her ls cleguer in her gtbsence .-Ks the mountain Is to the climber, l will never forget lleidi. rind live yegirs ol it bettutilul friendship: everlasting memo- ries with Hope. .ind it speeuil friendship without whieh I would never have made it. 'lilitinks And. 'W' Maria Sz1nFilippo I4 Mayflower Terrace Goodwin 'ilftq' l Amy Ruby 56 Htinson Rtllld Cutler Kenneth Scott Satlvin 52 Aberdeen St. Wheeler "There are places l'll remem- ber all my lilie though some have changed. some llorever not for better. some have gone and some remain, till those places had their moments . , John Lennon is Riekx Rubin ISU4 Centre St, Cutler "Rub.inski" A l,.lI'llkl4lli "ll lilie were not worth lixin-V' stud the pretielier "l'would have in suicide one pleirsiint teittuief' 'Xn error" stud the pessimist. "You're nmking Whats not worth lmving erin- not be worth tgiktngfl :Xntbrose Bierce Laterosse l. 2. 3. Priie Pol 2 ne St Hockey league e4ip't ,longithtin Stick 25 Burnside Rd. Newton Cutler "jon" Will Remember Wrestling. varsity 2. 3. Peter thitnks Nlr. Carey. Miss Clrossmiin "l'he last of life lor which the lirst was made." lt''s not Iflle ,Uwhiit is this till lor'.' Stephen Sandler 36 Brandeis Road Cutler Deborah Ann Sttntueei 70 Spiers Road Newton Centre Goodwin "Debbie" "lt is dilitiicult lo lind the words for till feelings to be ex- pressed fyet i solemnly wish that my voice be heard und so i do my best." Edith shiipiro "The world etinnot continue Io wage war like physicgil giants and seek pence like pygmiesf' basil o'connor :- QR -Vs 4 qv -5 -, 1 l ,..vv fur "x K i sq , sw Richard Scanlan 295 Cy press Street NN hcclci Debra Schilling l59 Carlton Rd. Cutler "Debby" "Go placidly amid the noise 8a haste. 81 remember what peace there may be in silence." I'll never forget CMPIKSAA. the trio. summer '7I: foun tams. the laundromat. Zpfl. summerthing. twins. Califor- nia. Macdonald's. stoney. he- lium balloons. my bear stanley. 8: my monkey. Also. OI-TB. cape '70. CSNY 8 most of all. "Angel" 8: "Big Cuz" --Thanks for everything. .Iill Schneier -ll Arlo Rd. Wheeler "There will be time. there will be time to prepare a face to meet the faces that you meetz lime for you and time for me. And time yet for a hundred mdecisions. And for a hun' dred visions and revisions, Be- fore the taking of toast and tea." Steven Schertzer 55 Dorcar Road Wheeler X iv xt, if V 1 -I Y David C. Schlakmaii X5 Vine St. Goodwin "Far better ls it to take a chance lo win glorious victory and triumph even though checkered by failure. than to take rank with those poor spir- its who know no victory nor defeat because they live in the grey twilight and have tried neither." T. Roosevelt Dencbola Layout Ed. 2. Edi- tor-tn-Chief31 Student Faculty Forum I. 2. Chairman 31 Soph. Class Pres. . Q, . f . 4 A+ f K, f Ruth Schultz 54 Brushhill Rd. Wheeler "I do not care whether my friends are poor or Wealthy smart or dumb-good or bad I love them all anyways." Thank you Richard. Jayne. Maggie. Bruce. Donald. 8: Oneil the hill I'm so glad I found you." Please everyone be nice. I ,V ' 1 Rei I-fi W ai: lil 151 I il Stel'l'.inie Sclivviiin 37 Uilver Birch Road Cutler "Stct'l'ie" "Never let success hide its ernptyncss from you. achieve- ment its nothingness. toil its desolation. And so keep alive the incentive to push on tur- thcr, that pain in the soul which drives us beyond our- selves. Whither? That I don't know. That I don't ask to know. -Dag Hammarskjold James Robert Sellinger 8 Meadowbrook Road Wheeler ".Iim""Sam" "My reason for living is for loving you." Beth Susan Cubell 3-5-7 "But will you love me tomor- row?" "Education at best. is ecstatic." Football I. 2. 3: Wrestling I1 Lacrosse 21 Proj- ect Review Committee 3. 41 vi Robin Schwarz Zlb Quinobequin Road GOOLIWII1 i . i 4 ws-1 " -2 QI .0 all J Robin Schwartz ISU Country Club Road Cutler Sandra L. Segal IX Broken Tree Rd. Cutler "Sandi" "A friend is someone you can believe in" I will never forget the sum- mers of '70 Sc '7l. the nights at South and that l night at Meadowbrook. Bowling. the ping pong nights. the yellow light at NC and JBRLJDKHSGGSPHPSDFJLER AND ALL MY FRIENDS. A special thanks to Deb. Kar. Kath. l will always remember the 2 road runners. Philip Sellinger 3 Meadowbrook Road Cutler "Lou" "J" for joy that we all know. "It's greater to have partici- pated in sports and stunk. then to have never participated at all. I'll never forget ESB. PPP. THC. George's horn. a desert- ed rest area in the cape. green walls. thumbing home from Killington. a piece ot' corn. I once was ajock KG. Jock-IO. and 'z ll. Beverlee Seroniclt lol Dedham St Citvotlwltt "Ihc late ol' thnx man or that man ix lew than a drop. al- though it la .i xparkling one, in the great blue motion of the 40 vunlit Nea " I ll White ' "" 'M'f""' 1f"fW""TfWZ?fA1 Bernice Shatter ' 95 Crovv Hill Rd. Cutler "Frrrrrrerrnie" "Whenthedreameamelheldmybreat wil h mvevexcloxed Iwentinvane- l1lteaxmolteringdawvhenthe- wind- ""4 blow- SFIOVV- lwontbehacktilllateronifldo- to HIC- backatallhutunk- novvnme8clmivvuinaxtrangegamelxa nivxellaxunknewmenthe- change- cameS:uhadachancetoxeethrumetht' heotherxideixbjuxthexameucan- tell- nivdreamixrealcoxlluvucanufel- litnovvthoweruxhaheadtosa- veourtimevvearonlwvhatwe- tiecl8: lluvucanufeelitnovvf' Stuart Shainker IR7 XYoodclll'l' Rd. Newton Wheeler "Stacker Stu" Ping Pong Team Z. 3. I leave NSHS Feeling that it wax 'X good while it laxted. But l'm glad that it lx over with. I'll """ never forget the trip to Mount - Washington. Bearing AF in ,,, Ping Pong. Chaxing Police Calls. Mount Ida l'm looking 5.-1' . ' v t , I X, V ' 5 N-vw forvvgird next vezir to Ho to col- , . . e '- ' , ' :jg lege anyvi here out ol New .I ' -1 , lgngland - r . ,,. N 41511 . ' , . fa. , . 'M 'i - A 'W Mark Shahon 46 Home-.tead St. Goodwin "lndeed. I tremhle for mv country when I reflect G-d is just. Thomas Jefleraon Debating l. 2. Respect lne. 2. Ecologv Action I. t., A 'Z- 7? fi .ig ' .H I -1 , Q K 1 1 EPZ, v 1' . t' '-fri.-5 - Ibfivi' i l v ,AS 'F' 1: -"... 1 G A 713, .V ,FN X 3, ,-:Z .fy .aif.fZ?56'ie, ' 7 aff: gf u 2 I TI :.'.4f-". ' Z I vi: 5 " Lina Michal Shadovitz 246 WoodCliff Road Wheeler "Shad" .,,,.p . xA - ' I ff il X Albert Shapiro 5 Cynthia Rd. Cutler "Albie" I'll never forget: BW's during the summer of '7l: if they ean't take a joke . . .1 Delvlolay and Conelave '70 8: '7l Ral- lyeing: the states and D,C.L. champs in '7l. 8: I leave to Newton South one sister and the 2nd seat in the 3rd Col- umn. Many thanks to 'Ma' and Coach Sleeves. Varsity Club 2. 3. Varsity Gymnastics l. 2. 3. Foreign Language Cer- tificate of Honor 2. liditli Shapiro ltl Norwood Ax e. Newton Centre Wheeler "l1die" "of the treasured things in lil'e i inelude the warmth ol lriend- ship. lor what greater 'toy ean there he than in knowing you've someone to depend upon to understand. to eare enough to ttol just listen out ol consideration or fear ol' being rude to eare. to hunger for the expression of inside things to be confided unto you. and that you are a worthy and loved listener." cf ,K 3 Carol Marcia Sherman 15 Donna Rd. Wheeler "Ca" "True Happiness consists not in the Multitude of friends. but in their worth and choice." "To thine own self be true And it must follow. As the night the day. thou cannot then be false To any Man." Lori A. Shapiro l-43 Cynthia Road Cutler "lf I were a younger man. l would write a history of hu- man stupidityg and l would climb to the top of Mount McCabe and lie down on my baek with my history for a pil- low: and l would take from the ground some of the blue- white poison that makes statu- es of men: and l would make a statue of myself. lying on my back. grinning horribly. and thumbing my nose at You Know Who." Kurt Vonnegut Jr. lon itli in Sh ipiio l1llXNoodtl1lI Ro td Robert Sherman 37 Sevland Road Wheeler "Shamus Son Ot' Godiq "You ean never plan the fu- ture froin the past." Now .limmyl l leave to NSHS. MK. l'll never forget walking home from practice and saying goodbye to NE. NE. JD. BS. What a Sunday! Basketball l. 2. 3. y- X 1 A4 .lody Andrea Shell 454 Dudley Rd Goodwin Meadowbrot is "Those who know do not talk and talkers do not know " as '- fx 'Q .f-f"'P tw 3 Stacey I7 Sherman ll Ilorutr Rd Cutler "I thought I xxept tor days that were hut I xhed no tearx for the me that would not he agam How can I torget 2 yrs. with .I T New Year'N '7ll. '7I. lflortda '7l. prom '7I. and memortex. A trtumph altve and well. ltvmg tn Btllertca. 2 Npeetal people: Tlx. Mb. Num' mer '71 Bemg together . ear- lng. I Iqe Lee Carol Shulman I9 Howe Rd, Goodwin "Lee" On the cold dexolate xtreet wtth the brightly coloured wet leaxex xtuek together I walked along penxively The tall treex shade the htdden moon Soon the Nun wtll take ILN place The rough pavement now seems, xmooth But when the xun xhmex The curvex wtll then he vmhle LCS, ,.,.----I. Stephanie Sidell Wendy Stegel 40 BL1IdPL1IC Hill Rodd 225 Spiefx Road Wheeler Wheeler Rtehard Stlxer 9-19 Dedham Street Goodwin "One Nhould xpend more tame IIT getttng ahead than one doex m getting even." Denehola photography I. 2. ed. 31 Regulux photo xtatlx I. 2. 31 Chatrman Sensor Movte Ntght 31 Blueprmtx 3L Math Tutor 3 Joseph Singer 60 Nardell Road Cutler C Lisa l,yn Slessingcr l25 Danchill Road ntler "Lee" . I 1 Richard Sohol 146 Langley Road Goodwin "Every man shall know and consider that in his qualities he is unique in the world and that none like him ever lived. for had there ever been some- one like him. then he would not have needed to exist. But each is in truth a new thing in the world and he shall make perfect his special quality. for it is because it is not perfect that the Messiah is delayed." ,, -. i 1,4 M' .1 I - . .- f ,. v x J All li-. 'L Howard Smith ltll Parker Ave, Wheeler "Smitty" Martha Sue Snodgrass 278 Lake Ave. Newton Hlds. Goodwin NSHS is . .. a faithful bicycle 81 kips 81 pigs on trays 81 shin guards 81 shin splints 81 Mohy Dick gl Jack London 81 Log- ging in 81 haked apples at S am 81 the pyramids 61 the de- rivative of it 81 the alamo 8: aerials 81 "little hig sister" 81 BJ Vos. Russell Small 77 llalcxon Rd Cutler 'ilkllssu liaseliall' l. 2. X.. loolhall l. 2 Sac l "Mankind have .1 great aver- sion to intellectual lahor. hut. eyen supposing. knowledge Io he easily attainahle. more people xyould. he content to ignorant than would take ey en a little trouhle to acquire it " Cary Sneider Biitmtitiley Rd, Cutler "Snides" "We're traxling fast from a dream of the past to the hraxe new world." "Communieation is coming on strong it don't give a damn hahy if your hair is short or long" Hendrix Miller l'll nev- er forget TL the very spect girl in my life. Daniel Charles Snyder 59 Harwich Road Wheeler "Dapper" "The important thing is in heing. Nor heconnngf' Adriana Sole Costa X9 Beethoven Ax e. Goodwin "Aud"."Adri" "Seeker of truth. follow no path, all paths lead were truth is here," What would happen if we did it again gang? l'll never 4 get my sophomore year. Mrs. R, 81 every one else who helped me these last three years. Spe- cial thanks to "Nev" Favorite sayings: Life is miserahle 81 Hhonjour captains? Thanks gang! Bye Nev Maria l. 2. 31 Weekly hlah l. ai' ix 7 I 155 65 H6 ,f Paitisieiu Sole Costa X9 Beethoven Av e. Goodwin "Palm Summer ot '71 Aug. 25. The giing And Nev. What would lmppen ili. .. No- lwods wits Aud's Pul. Aud found the .luelfsl l'm Cfllly uhout "Nev". LQ ' EIL ll, -, t. the in kt, 5 ' 3 Swimshl 1 Je Pep Squud -. fig . .. lihgink you T .I tor Aug 23. And Nev 4 Aug 27. .Iaelin Sherry Solti I9 Appleton Circle Cutler 'iluekien Ho. ho. ho ho. ho. hee. hee. hee. ho. ho. hee. hee . .. Strange things are happening "the Rev." will not he tele- vised. l'll never not rememher times with T.C'. .l.K. GZ. NJ. Susan. und Uncle froggy. Whitt would huppen it' B und l were r mf? "SURE"l Tennis. Esther Spilhergs 21 Bradford Rd. Goodwin I'll never forget the GGR WITH Dk. AB, EO. U. DW. SV. Sl.. KG. SD. Nj. und NR. KB's und SV's PARTIES: TONl'S"r.1hhitfood". the night ut Bowen sell. with DE. SV. KB. EO. -AND AB. horse- bLik'lsl'lLllIlg'.lQ the eitpeg "sum- mer Ul1Q7llQ .ill the times up .it CHI: "nose" the "turtle 5 token. RB. YG Lind the re- treiits: S-27-711 DS. Madeline Soloway 4 Coehituute Road Wheeler 1 ' y"7'7fUf'i"'f23 . . , , .eg Jennifer Spinks ISU Ridge Ave. Wheeler "Veve.""Jenny" "Very little is needed to make L1 happy life. lt is all within yourself. in your way of thinking." Mareus Aurelius I'lI always remember plays "chuckles", sacred-Heart dtinees. s.e. hb.. "Birdie and Joe." music lessons the sum- mer ot' '7l. parties in Hopkin- ton. l leave to NSHS Lorenzo. Jeffrey and Suzie. Con- eert+ehoir l-2 Vocal En- semble 3. Regulus representa- tive 1.2. 3. .lane Starkman 50 Coeliituate Rd. Cutler Leslie Stein 92 Lovell Rd. Goodwin "The world is a beautiful plaee to be born into it' vou don't mind happiness not al- ways being so verv much fun. if you don't mind a toueh ot hell now and then gllhl when every thing is fine. beeause even in heaven they don't sing all the time." Lawrence Ferlinghetti Paul Stern 16 Rowena Rd. H e, '- Goodwin I Denebola Advertising Editor A l. 2. "Lonliness Remembers l A E What happiness Forgetsf' p Qt W 4, il gl. E l ll, l H .v X if .laek Start -I Nami lilli Rd. Wlnelet fhanks to all nix lrientls who made these best xetus ol' tnx lite. Soeeer I. 2. 3, lennis l. 2. Marjorie .loan Steinberg l7l'J Winchester St. Wheeler "Margie" "You give but little when you give of your possessions lt ls when you give ol' yourself that vou trulv give when asked. But , . e it is better to give unasked. through understanding." K, Gibran Barry Mark Stone 83 Dorear Road Goodwin "Big B" Basketball l. 2. 3 Baseball 1.2.3 Never will tiorget the good times with the tnen JD. Rosev. the Big E. and the Big Sherm. Nights over BK. Fishing at the Bav. Ah? The wind took it. the wind took it. l found itll .79 t l F:- A 'ri Linda Stone lo-1 Hartmann Rd 2 532 Estragon. Whitt is it? Vladi- '2"7'f2 mir: l don't know. A willow. Estragon' Where are the -. ., leavesf' Vladimir: It must be , ws C dead listragong No more ' 1 weeping. PG. ST. AG. AK. ' " ' .,, 'x BS. CB. -Xl.. AZ. GB. NJ. 1 A. .V,. , BALSY. T , Mwfa 'Qs - 1 f"J,:" 6 Amy M. Sugarman 71 Redwood Road Goodwin "lf you can ...V yust for a mo- ment remember in your life when the glow of joy was so bright that it seemed as if time stood stillfthen that ,ioy will blind you forever" Thanks to my friends. also M+ D. Special love to those at Naomi. Peter Sullivan 93 Halcyon Road Cutler Maureen Sullivan I0 Parker Road Cutler "Rene" To be a real person is not to be superficial or artificial. People will love you for what you are and not for what you pretend to be." l'll never for- get the good times with SR. GW. and his VW, JG. GG. PC. DS. WC. TB. SM. RS. and NC. IIN .ii 1 Peter Stuart 32 Wedell Rd.Wheeler "The day you awaken with the sun shining and ready to start a new day. go back to bed." l'll never forget 9-6-69 new years' 70. The great times with MG. DN. JB. Bowling the gin games the camping trip. the stop 81 shop Thanks to JK. NJ. JA. ER. AF. FOR THEIR Help. And the N.Y. Giants and how and why it happened football. l. Ricki Sumberg I63 Country Club Rd. Wheeler "Today is the tomorrow you worried about yesterday. There is always a tomorrow but. tomorrow never comes." l'll never forget Bermuda in December. AK. AND PS. Tennis Bertis Sxms llol Dedham Street Nkllteelet' it l W itll.. i Richard Tarabelli 80 Wade Street Wheeler Miehael Tack l3l Wtsw'Ltll Rd. C'utler "better hall" l'll never torgeti lil hold one tense up. SC? I love vou 2 niekles. GR. SM. JB. S.B.P. the hall. LS. MN. H-as-a-B. Sileneio verdad. Alwavs big tial. Night plans with S. street hoekev. "There are two things to aim at in life lirst to get what you want. and alter that to enjoy it. Only the wisest ol' mankind achieve the second." Thank you A. L AW Neal lahaehniek IU3 Walnut llill Rd Goodwin "lt's not time to make .t ehange. lust relax take it egisx. vou're still voung. that voiir taull. there s so mueh von have to know l Wits onee like you are now. .ind l know that il's not easv to he ealm when vou'xe lltlllltl something going on. but take xour time. think alot think ol everything you've got for 5ou'll still he here to- morrowi hut your dreams may Ittllu. Cat Stevens --Q .jf 5 gl .lane M. Tatranto 62 Forest Sl. Wheeler "lane-O", "Yam- ine" "Love is the only thing that makes two things one without destroying them," I'll never forgeti I-27-7l. Russ. Steven. Mart and the rest ot' my friends. 2-ZS-71. Deb and Jamie. H-24-71 .Iessiea 6 lbs, I3 ozs. Youth group retreats. Bolts and nuts David and the skvroules. English with Nliss Epstein Mont. Beautiful were those times we were together. Douglas llinger 35 l'oX lane 'T-Xlthougli we fully understa ltd the failing ot otir eountrx I e , don't helteve we lullv under stand its .ieetimplishmentsf' I3 till .- KWH ' 'N MN 5 1.5 elliaent ls hall the lwattle r1'N I I rx f , .,- . I?" ,nw ' A. -e Mieliael Terrier I9 Avalon Road Goodwin "'IAoin"."Diek" I IKIIIWI muh pei turtle' Bur 11117 find If ..., 411 welll. 'I non imotu Beverly Thompson 20 C'h.itliam Rd Cutler "Bubbles Bev" "I would rather feel love than talk .ihout it." "Love Is something words can never say You have to ev- perienee it to know the heati- IV, ,-Xmhition Nursing l'll never Iorgeti the summer ol' YJ9. SV. the gang at IxW W, What would happen iI1 I didn't get in an .ieeidentf Ihanks Meg. Nita Marie Terlilzi 89 Ossipee Rd Cutler "Neats" "I discovered the secrets ot' the world while meditating upon a grain of sand." "What would happen it' people stopped in- sulting me?" I'll never forgeti SHHS. PS. Pink Elephant, Zippy. Jarvis. Fearless Fly. TA. DDB, MB. NC. KM. LD. GF. Bill B. "The Center." NC and Wahan Cot'- fee Housesg Summer of '7I. Mrs. Mosby. Elias I, Theodorou 4 Kippy Drive Cutler "Teeter" "Live only for today. for yes- terday is gone and when to- morrow arrives it is already yesterday." I leave to Newton Southi one more Greek I'll never forget: Newton South and all the l'BtJys" at the hack table. Fa- vorite sayingi "What a rute thing!" Mark .lay Tighe H129 Centre St. Cutler "Judge", "Flask". "Spike Ir," "A man should be ashamed to die unless he has had at least one small vietory for man- kind," "Blessed are they who suffer perseeution for iustiee's sake. For theirs is the kingdom of heaven. Live not for yourself. but for the betterment ot' man in this universe. Iaee your mundane drudgery with an eye to the stars". 5o4. 602. MAIL IF. DE. Judith Tauh lilo Upland Avenue Wheeler -4-Q I i I f . I l l I I I i l i-G I f 'Ii -' 'iw i 'HI' sci 01.4 W uh ,Af :lt ' l1'f'u.?I ' lilmhi-. . ,pu I 'wE:i"'Ij - Jgrlgairl A I I n'.,f ' 4 .Q 577' ti If 'I , l.I l I , ., . Q ,Y 4 Larry Iiraclientberg 70 Wlswall Rd. Goodwin "As the patterns ot' living grow more complex. it becomes harder and harder to find per- sonal peace which is sad. I don'I presume to know the an- swers. but I believe that the answers must evolve from love. hope. honesty and trust, But each ol' tis must search for our own truths . . , " John Mayall 'ii i ' P' ts it ,ci Sheila Vassalotti 91 High St. Cutler I'lI never forget the great limes I had with KB. WS. MC. DE. ES. AB. DW. EO. DM. NC. ALL THE GREAT TIMES I had at the parties at KB's. CK. ABR. ES's. The time DE and ES's went swimming and get- ting a suntan. I'll never forget when MR kept calling us Iek and Mike. And when we went to Tony's in '7l Remember all the great times. Erie Tucker Xl High Rock Terrace Goodwin Michael Turpin 45 Aberdeen Road Goodwin 1. ,. ,Iohn lies. 5l .lackson St W Wlllcclcl' Mass. Driving l'li.inipion l'I7l, -llli in the nation in driver ex- cellence 'Allie distance Is nothing it is only the lirst step that is dil'l'icult" I leave to NSIIS my barber l.ouis. a pair ol' shears and a can ol' Right e Guard. l'll never forget my I sheep. the corner. Nlr Brouil- I' lett and his Ills. l'in cr: about construction and mae ,V ' t f gf 1 4? ,Q chinery. Karen Turkanis l3l Cyntlna Rd Goodwin In this world i wish to be loved and liked by all Because with nothlngness and hate. life is not worth being lived. Often I fear to never be loved or not to love. Why can't there always be happiness? KT. I'll never forget the great times I had with good people. Q I My girdle is killing nielf -em Tl v, ,. 1-1. 5 wa 'ff ,Q 1:1-ew, I -, t I X 1262:-,f 1, ,,.'!'i 39515 ' A' 4 Li :jill - U . GL, 'gk , .f 51'--we , I' All-L Deborah .leanne Walker 18 ll.ile St. tloodyytn "Debbie" Ullhoye xx ho liyc for them- yelycy are uyually lel't to them- Nclycyu Ihc big trip to Mt Snow yvilli Boppy, I'un vvithi .-XB. IJI-,. HJ. PtJ'H IpS. DPR .md all ol' thc Ci UR Ci, The CBP Malibu. BLIIILIVLIN Bay. l'ound.ition walking around the old' point Concerty at BG lire and the broken yvindoyv. right Sue, IIN room oyer the toy yliop, New York Tixlnng. Bart! houye "people be nice In everybody all the lime." RttlWCfI Xvtlll 77 Cloverdale Road Goodwin I f --6 -at 72 William Walyh 33 Wallace St, Cutler "Bill Betsy". "Flayh" "You live only to do. and do only to live." I leave to NSHS everything that I didn't yiaul. Mr. Pl I'll never forget that which I remember. Nly admi- ration to all my teachers. expe- cially the Phyw, Ed. dept. Good luck to the claw ot' '72, '73. '74 Chriy. Rick. and Jay. "Our" band l'm crazy about you Kath. Bye NSHS, Foot- ball 2. Civmnayticy 2. 3. Ilope Waryhayv .ma ,pf -u Tom Ward 49 Cragmore Rd. Cutler "Wad", "Tamo" "A many reach yhould exceed hiy graypf' Momenty ol. madneyy: Ap- plying for xL'l10twIx, W'hat would happen if: NSHS had school ypirit'7 I leave to New- ton South: THE Guidance counyelory. I'll never forgeti Everybody at the corner. foot- ball victory partiex. coachey. The Cape. New Hampyhire. Ftwlbtill I. 2. 3. Hoekev I. 2. 34 , Amy Edith Waterman 4 get if 55 Oak Hill St. Goodwin "You'vc got to get tip every morning with a ymile on your lace and yhovv the world all the love in your heart, Then people gonna treat you better Yotfre gonna lind Yey you will That voutre beautiful ay you lcel. Parole Kms 275 Spiers Rd. Wheeler "Thou hayt nor youth nor age. but as it were an after dinner sleep dreaming ot' both." Nitnex Wgtteix l7ll Iineoln St Cutler ".-X loxe lhttt eatn xt.tnd the text ol' time will Igixt Iorexer " Meryl Weinberg I-12 Warren St. Wheeler "There tire timex when I think I've found the truth There tire timex when I know that I'm wrong And the dgiyx when I trv to hide iny feiux Blew the dup I'm feeling xtrong Wonder why we try xo hurd Wonder why we try at itll Wonder whv the world is turn- ing I When in the end It won't mutter ut gill." law.:-tu-i.... -. t Wiittinne Ill .-Xmlon Rd Wheeler "Nl" What I mix" IIK heen l vretit xeurs thex wouldwe heen nothing without .i girl n.iined Iovee. So lur ilk heen I4 . . monthx Who ltnowx how long Eliot Weixmttn ZIS Dorxet RLI. Cutler I'll nex er torget thoxe morning ' meetings ol the ehem. eoITee Q21 eluh. Alwaiix rememher good timex with RR. HI4. NU. KB. JD. SR. BS. l.l.. RW. DP. Never forget that little Blue ' . J' Porxehe. Ronuld Weiw 50 Andrew Sl. .gz zffp ' ' 7 22931 ii 1 ' it . Goodwin ' ' ' I "There ix no limit to the ' amount ol' thingx .i mun erin ,A ueeomplixh it he doexnil eatre who gets the eredit . . " ' 'R Guidanee Dept. C urr. Review ' Board 2. Spttnixh Cluh I, N Deneholufl, - ii. " " '.' ' ' ' 'fu 21, f 3 , "4 1 1 ,ie f 9 6,335 fl yr' ,I f if .-S If x - 13 - lily , t I IIN IR . .I I Bruee Craig Wenning IU Munehexter Rd. .1 . Wheeler I'Il never forget my xophmore year and the eetuin people that ,4 made it great for me. The good thing about it ix I'm the only one who knowx who they are. II and I2 I'lI nexer forget , all my friendx all the good ul times 6-S-70 Favorite Saying: Oh. no sehool tomorrowl I'm N era7y about guew who? I leave to NSHS one Viking. -2. si? , 5 Q Hg.. 3 . " " A -' " 1. . 1 '. :',i.ffi'1f 'Q - :EL A',pA7l,u,Q .' ' 'J ,V fwf, 3 'i .ei ' ff ' Q I ' .A Q ll' 5 .13 , P? fi N' 1 fl ,512 td. ,,, N r , V' ,I 7 '21 If I Il v'1'w-Ly '-r'gx','I:4zl!, JTl'Q,fr X UM' .4 d ' 4W'fff?i?f7 ' .M'j".v:ivw:f'g3vvl""'K"" ff . -12,?f+.:"f+aE-"f'f'fi?.'Ql'-- if tx. I fgflvtwybfxin 4 , JJ Ujvi.:"'T,' Gjwl 5,4 V v H N 4'AH'F'3if"-".3F"'ifJx 'I V .Jw mfr Mid? iixnRs7X'PavLsq E I Betty Lynn Wetzler 54 Lovett Road Cutler flung-upy will litivvlcy flrt' hill t'pliemc1'iil Uf7NI11t'fc'.X in The iIt'eplt't'l1t1w of fill' To ht' lun'- tlletlg ilu' lfllt' flIll'YIll-1 Being Iflt' tllfturinzenl Uf' wif lItlf7lI7IlIL'.X'Y. lOrigin.ill I leave Newton South grateful- ly. Thanks to those willing to hear me out. especially MT. EI.. GR. Ili. AF. and you too. Jude, Gary A. White 56 Wade Street Wheeler I have learned a lot while I was at NSHS not only the junk that they taught us. but about the other kids and my friends and a lot about myself. I met alot ol' other kids both good and bad. The ehieks that I mel were all good kids and some a little more than that but I wish I eould have been a little closer to all of them espe- cially the mee ones I send my loxe to MS. MS. NC. DW. NW. NH. IR. GL. Frederick .l, Wiekstrom IOJ Carver Road Wheeler "Bonehead" "To enjoy lite you have to live it." I will never toget the Wall and BD. CC. CD. BP. TW. .lO. DW. DIZ .IM, SS. RE. MS. IB. PE, MF. SN1. DD. GK. JR. JG..R.l. BW. ET. RD. BC. AB. GW. TB. CA. Io the restf" "- All the good times we all had that I will never To rge t. Matthew Sean Williams 30 .Iaeob Terr. Cutler Christianna Whitney Cutler "Chris" I'll never forget NY. Calif I-IONXXLAI. Mass. or summer ot"7l with Deb. Summerthing. Con Lit. Ed 84 Sal Winter. RS. JC. Poco. ZPXI. MeDonald'S. fountains. the laundromat. he- lium balloons. 3 girls, 2 suit- eases Sc a kitten. This year fKenny. HR SIIO. DMP, 4205. The Trio. B Study. Hutch. Field. the woods. Blue Hills. 3AM phone call. .I Rap. Seienee Museum. fi t ' , ,f . 111. .. -1 i . A . 445 . -up " N' . "'.-' ,ff ' V-:I I -..... - .,,,' ' "9 Edward M. White 63 Oakdale Rd. Goodwin I J, OFF TO SEE THE WIZARD tPlease. we eouldn't think ol' anything else to writell L 22: f' 3 .ll 1 -. N I I 7-I I LV' U ii' ll T:-1 F xi i J i L ll' . . -.. Ifrederiek Winer ltltl Variek Road Cutler it si? . 'ex' ' 'Lf' 5 fn Harris Yoffa 24 Goold Road Cutler "lf I am not for myself. who is. and if I am for myself' what am I and if not now. when?" Pirkey' Avo! Band I. 2. 3. Hebrew College '69-'72 I'Il never forget: the day Randall didn't show. the band bus. the interesting people I met during these years, Nate Randall. Mi- chael, Yossi. Gilah. Pet Peeveg Maltz 81 Ramsey in 6209. I leave to NSHS another broth- er and sister. There is only tl passior Cheryl I.ynWi1ansky 33 Payne Rd. Wheeler "If I am not for myself. who will be for me? Ili I am for my- selt' only, what am I7 ll' not qs. nowfwhen. Fr. Club Ill. ll. IZ. Bruce B Wyner I5 Boundbrook Rd. Wheeler "There is no purpose In hlxe. life." Ji 1 fill' Iielsy N1 Wlise HI Ilolllesleatl SI Cioodyym "lSIJtib" "II this yesterday we met m .i dream You haye sung to mem my aloneness And I ol your longing hzixe bmlt a tower m the sky And ilour hands should meet m another dream We shall build another tower m the sky " Ciibrtm Ihank you so much' Amy. Phillip SCil.lN1KN1I'.lNl4NIlJl.lz l.inda Ruth Wollson 25 Andrew St, Goodwin "There is no eomparison be- tween that whieh is lost by not succeeding and that whieh is lost by not trying." Francis Baeon Mareh 28. l97l Math team Math tutor Regu- lus Denobola Tennis team Silva Yaghmourian 47 Harrison Street Cutler "How many deaths will it take 'til he knows That too many people have died?" Noah Young 33 Redwood Rtttid Goodwin I sat lor a long time in silence and then talked again oli Fon- way as I remembered him. boyish and gifted and full ot charm. and ot' the War that al- tered him. and ol' so many mysteries ol' time and age oli the mind. and ol' the little Manchu who was "most old" and ot' the strange. great dream of Blue Moon. "You think he'll ever liind1t'7A' I asked, Woodliord Green April IQ33 IQ --i 1, ed, 4504 vii li Aniy Meg Zoll 35 Kodaya Road Cutler ' ',,. Yesterday ls but a Dream and Tomorroxx is only a vision. But liodax well-lived makes lpxery Xesterday a Dream of llappiness. And exery Tomorrow a vision of Hope. Look xxell therefore to tltts Dai Such is the Salutation of the Dau nl" T hanks so much. Ruth Brown 35 Samoset Road Cutler "Rutlue' "A time for lov. A time for tears. A time We'll Treasure through the years." l'll never forget: What lttls happened here. Mondays K Fridays. Dr. M. Mr. Mc. Sz Paul. JN 84 DM. VIP at TR. Mv rock 8: Whats his name. The Flintstones Sz a beautiful spring day. The house next door. Someone special Sa an everlasting friendship. A few tears. a few laughs 8: a Thank you! Leah Deborah Freed 40 Littlefield Road Goodwin Nancy Hewitt I9 Kodava Road Cutler 4-45, Mark Cohen 90 Hanson Road Cutler Some things I will never and some l probably will. Running and losing. the Union? Mr. Al- tree's History Class. Mr, Bus- ter's Homeroom. summer of '71 with AS. JF. .lN. DM. NM. Tempty. Mates. BW's. Cabin 23. working for Kevin and Pete. Activities I partici- pated in some worthwhile some not. Council. voter regis- tration. class committee. probi- ect review. Denebola. debat- ing. etc, Lucy Gove 75 Lincoln Street Wheeler Forever riding bareback on an empty beach. racing the wind. Sprayed bv the sea. wind blown hair turning golden in the sun. The sunset beyond the horizon. the sky flaming red. orange. purple and yel- low. Then waiting for the sun New light in the sky bringing color to the world. LHG if 'L' ' I -4, , n- E -Q. 32' " A s, s i 2152 , 'w . 'W'-Q-H Wlzere is my shiny RED apple? Shelley Kanter 41 Yariclv llill Road Goodwin Thomas Allman 6 Trowbridge Road Wheeler Steven Binder 50 Farina Road Goodwin Gail Coffey 1034 Chestnut St. Cutler "Cup" Donna Dibartolomeo 96 Floral Street Goodwin Mark Ehrlich 10 Donna Road Cutler Paul Friedlander 39 Devon Road Wheeler Katalin Kalman 73 Beaeonwood Rd. Cutler Wayne Macri 960 Chestnut Street Wheeler Raymond A. Mithus 8 White Oak Road Cutler Elizabeth Morse 124 Ridge Avenue Wheeler .K fn T59 Patricia l.eehan 129 Cypress St. Goodwin "l,l1lu."l,llll1u "A smile only takes a moment. but the memory ol' il lasts lor- ever " l'1l never torgetg all the good times with Mil SD. and KGB. Wilkies Party. NHS. MMR. Summer ol' '7l. Cutler GR, 1'P. and the chevy. D8LB's ,lustm's. Feb. 19. '7l'l. "Mary how'd you find the horn?" Moment ol' Madnessi "You're only sixteen?" Favor- ite Pastimei ROH. 1 leave to NSHS: Jerry. good luck toL SD and DP Benjamin Atkins 4-4 Andrew Street Wheeler Mary Bouzan 7 Ashcroft Road Cutler .leanne Crowley 1093 Chestnut Street Goodwin Mark Dixey 23 Stearns Street Cutler Ann M. Ferris NPS Forest Street Goodwin Lawrence Gilman 38 Ridge Avenue Wheeler Jennifer Kimball 16 Richardson Road Wheeler xy David lxi inc llll Vviiitl ill il khlllt'L'lL'l Steven Rubenstein l1t1l.ouise Rd, Goodwin "Ruby" 1 leave to NSHS the prettiest little gem ot' all. my Donna, Never forget a certain Friday night with the pigs and JB. The time when GZ and .lf in Maine. and Quebec. "Break out the beers boy s" Traek 1. Gymnastics I. Michael John Paul Mattie 1025 Walnut Street Wheeler Cynthia Moore 32 Endicott Street Cutler "Cindy" "Cin" Barbara Newman 82 Stanley' Road Wheeler 1 Robin Berman 16 Considine Road Cutler Stellania Calabi 9 Nloreland Avenue Cutler "Stelii' Miehael DeFi1ippo 92 ,lohn Street Cutler Thomas Dowd 160 Boylston Street Cutler Robert Ficken 156 Carlton Road Wheeler Elaine Hantman 31 Amherst Road Wheeler Michael 1. Lerner 119 Oak Hill St. Cutler Francis McGowan 962 Walnut Street Cutler Robert Nlorris -4-1 White Avenue Wheeler RostillIlLl0'YoL1I1g 99 Brandeis Road Goodwin "Ro"," os 7X Rox I'ardr IW? lltgh Street XYltQclct' Ralph Rohart ISR I .tlte Xxentte Ktttlet U--nn.t g.lllllWL.'l'g llf- llontllx' lithttl liootlxxtn Rttl1.ttdSlntlWer 29 flltlltttt frttttxlkklll Nlrtehell Dean Srlx N: lltttlxctt lI'Ck' Rodd tfntler "Nltteh" 1 Rohert Peaxe NIS Chextnnt Street Cutler "Verne" Samuel Rubin 59 Roxxena Road Cutler Rtehard Sex errnt 23 Howe Road Cutler lotnx Sprgel IZX lfpland Axentte Cutler Rohert li, ltelxen 156 lltrlton Rd, Wheeler "Bob" Mare Ramxcy 94tlDedhan1 Street Goodwin Elana Rudaxxlxy I7 Upland Road Goodwin Gerald Shratr l-16 Allen AVC. Wheeler ".lerrv" Michael Stern 72 Westgate Road Goodwtn ACULTY Jw-mf' mwmvf M" af Q,.- A-fa x -4 auf lJBf1.wQ.4- lxx P040 ' ,- ww ixtuhvSA3?m+-:Ink QW-P., fa-zvv4.,6Fi5-vfzqigqf ' , , , Liv, 4 I' ADMINISTRATIO i was -,M QM, l CQ sinh am-gi I Q. ...... E 'v F'K i A . i l l i I l l i i i l i 4 i Mr Riihcrt Ci, Friuikc. Asxlxliilll Principal William D, Gcer Jr.. Principal 1 A,. .kv-. f . I X 5, mg, 9.5.5. , 1.-1" . . 2 2 N '- i' . 6-' 1 E 1:-:.:..,,.,1.-:H Q- ffl! . -,.. . -.,.,.,,,- . ,.:l :- - V ffif' fill Nliw l1lNlCfillruN. Nliw Yiruimii Bu ..,,.,, .ima-...f l T l li l li ii 'I i i l'1 if I .. S' r I Mrs. Anna Maguire -ii, .mm -M 4 .....A....-........, ... , 4 , r . fxy K, E, ......M.a...............,+ ., Mrs, DiBartolomeo, Mrs. Rae Mendelsohn, Mrs. Kimball. Miss Irene Roman L S L-..,,N .4 Mrs. Santueci, Mrs. Foley, Miss Lawless LIBRARY 2.6 X K, Mrs. Mary Nelson, Mrs. Madeline Hall, Miss Eleanor Trowbridge. Mrs. Lillian Tennebaum, Mrs. Anne Donovan Row lx Miss Harley. Mr. Adams. Mr. Goggin. Mr, Maekerron. Row 2: Miss Katz. Miss Brassard. Miss Dominick. Miss Smith. Miss Sanquinetti. Mrs. Davis. Mrs, Ratner. Dr. Freimark. Row 3: Mr. Thompson. Miss Epstein. Mrs. Hansberry. Miss Scheider. Mrs. McLaren. Mr, Geist. Mr. Karas. 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Editor, Chuck Kaplan Spons Editor, Mark Levine Asst. Editor, Michael Fomian Fine Arts Editors, Bobby Beaser and Richie Levine Creative Living Editor, Miriam Axelrod Clubs Editor, Debbie Friedlander Exchange Editor, Ted Romanow Photography Editor, Richard Silver Advertising Manager, Arlene Kanter Circulation Manager, Judy Kushner Asst. Manager Michael Gordon Copy Editor, Linda Wolfson Typing Editor, laurle Calmus Asst. Editor, Patti Ellis Veterans Cab Company ot Newton, Inc. 216 Webster Street West Newton. Massachusetts 412105 We made it! L 8. M October 16. l97l Faculty And Chamberlain Winkler Ratner Coyle N. S. H. S. st-72m Geist Levy Weiwal Man h ard Staff Sponsors P.E. H72 1 Ill Jm F,,- f,, j BOB'S WABAN NEWS 1633 Bcucon Struct Wulmn, Mass, 02168 .-"'fW": U kg ..,A ff Newton Flower Shop 899 Walnut Strccl rut four corncrsb Ncwton. Mass. 02161 4 Aral SALON FOR MEN Tcl. HllIf.S'fj'Il'.S 734-1703 566-9396 1330 BOYLSTON STREET CHESTNUT HILL, MASS. 02167 NEWTONVILLE FABRIC CENTER COTTON - SILKS - RAYONS - PELTS WOOLENS - DRAPERIES M NOTIONS 132-1830 ZIPPER HOSPITAL 98 WALNUT ST. NEWTONVILLE MASS. 02160 3 2" PURITY SUPREME THE SUPERMARKET WITH ALL THE SPECIALS H mme of the Pric'eFigl1Iers Nisson Paper Products Co., Inc. l90l Revere Bench Parkway. Everett. Mass. 02 I-19 Slzipping Sizpplicii' - Sllllliftllzl' .S'14pplit'.s' - Janitor Sizpplivs' Irving I.. Nisson 389-7330 HANNA'S BAKERY 551 Commonwealth Ave. Newton CHALET SNOW 638 Commonwealth Ave. Newton. Mass. 02159 T "It is possible for u single individual to defy the whole might of un unjust empire to sane his honor, his religion. his soul. and lay the foundation for that empire's full or its regeneration."-Gandhi "In 1970 the average American was taxed S385 for the Pentagon. 446 for the Peace Corps. 2543 for the United Nations. und Sv for the Arms Control and Disarmament Y Agency."-1972 World Alnmmu' ELECTRONIC DIAGNOSTIC TUNE-UP CENTER BELMONT GAS 50 Brighton St.. Belmont -184-9890 ROUTE 9 CiI5'I'I'Y 964 Boylston St.. Newton 527-5020 MT. AUBURN 'IFXACO 651 Mt. Auburn St. Curnbiitlge 35-1-9654 Z-1 HOUR TOWING 2653000 Brookline Dorchester NEWTON SPORTS CENTER -17 L.-XNGLEY ROAD NEWTON CENTRE. IVIASS. Nunzc Bram! Spnrrirzg Goods Team OIIffIIIIIIlQ X 9 S .lean M. Pierce, R.E. R c'4g'1',S'I c'rc'zf l1'lc'i'Iri fli Jglixl Pcriiianunl llair Rcmoval 755 lhvylxiuii SL. Copley Square Bostiwil. Nlasx, ll22l5 266- l 062 292 LaGrange Sl.. Clicxtnul Hill Ncwlun, Mass. 02167 MARKETS OPEN 'TIL MIDNIGHT SOUND SAVINGS 105 Madison Ave. Ncwtonvillc, Mass. Class CiUIIIfIHlHt'IIl.X uf lihc Ciirlx and 'lihc Buys in T H E BAN D U72-' N.S.ll,S. RATED Xcellent Redstone Theatres CLEVELAND CIRCLE DEDHAM 3 l I I L l V i l i l l ii . l l l l l li l R i X l I , SSEO I I , PURDY STUDIO New Englancfs Foremost Photographers 80 BOYLSTON STREET BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS I oFF1o1AL PHOTOGRAPHEH I NEWTON sourl-1 HIGH soHooL CLASS OF 1972 I I I I .Xnonyinous Mr. 54 Mrs. Morris Axelrod Mr. S: Mrs. Sam Blaclscr Mr, Ak Mrs Dominic Bollo Mrs. lloxvard Borkow Mr. 62 Mrs Jason Buraclx Mr. K Mrs Harry Chadis Mr. 61 Mrs Edward Cohen Mr. X Mrs Henry Cutler Mr. K Mrs. Arthur Cooper Dr. X Mrs. Max Day Mr. S: Mrs Paul Dunne Mr. K Mrs Alan Iidelstein Mr. S4 Mrs Irving Fahricant Mr. J. B. Feldman Mr. X Mrs. Manuel Flicop Mr. Charles Ford Mr. K Mrs. Stanley Formann Mr. SL Mrs. Daniel Garcia Dr. Ak Mrs. Sumner Gochherg Mr. M Mrs. Rohcrt Gold Mr. S4 Mrs. Herhert Goldherg Mr. S1 Mrs. Lester Goldston Mr. 8: Mrs. Ben Gray Dr. 54 Mrs. Milton Green Mr. X Mrs. Stan Grier Mr. 5: Mrs. David Grossman Mr. AL Mrs. liugenc Hirshhcrg Dr. X Mrs. Ben Raminar Dr. SL Mrs. Harold liarlin Mr. Ak Mrs. Paul Kelly Mrs. Minerxia liolow Mr. 64 Mrs. Marvin lsopelman Mrs. Stephen Kranc Mr. A Mrs. Jerome l.ipson SPDNSORS Lois M Dotte Levine Mr. Sa Mrs. Mr. 62 Mrs. Mr. M Mrs. Mr. M Mrs. Mr. 54 Mrs. Mr, 84 Mrs. Mr. Walter Warren Marcus Sydney Miller Philip Monahon Samuel Oster Daniel Pizzoglio George Reisman Robinson Mrs. H. Richards Dr. S.: Mrs. Mr. SL Mrs. Mr. 84 Mrs. Mr. N Mrs. Mr. 62 Mrs. Mr. M Mrs. MY. LVL MVS. lVlI'. LQ MTS. Dr. 61: Mrs. Dr. Ak Mrs. Dr. N Mrs. Mr. 62 Mrs. Mr. N Mrs. Mr. M Mrs. Mrs. Helen Mr. 8: Mrs Mr. 8: Mrs Arnold Richmond David Role Ulises Ruiz Bernard Schertzer Charles Schiff Robert Sherman Irwin Sydney Norman Silver Julian Snyder Gerald Sowsy Seymour Stein Marvin Sparrow Hugh Stone Joseph Stone Tresca Vanderhoop Barnet Yanofsky Mrs. Lee Walker Mr. K Mrs. Mr. X Mrs. Mr. AZ Mrs. Mr. 62 Mrs. Mark Warshaw Frank Whitney Alfred Wickstrom Sumner Williams Mr. X Mrs. David Wise Ml'. LQ MFS. MF. All MFS. Herbert Zeiger Davis Zoll il i WM .I KELLER INC Publishers Buffalo, New York 14240 WIG DEPT. - 527-9198 ORTH STAR SAL RIZZO HAIR STYLES SINGLE 8: DOUBLE BREASTED EDWARDIAN 81 TRADITIONALS PATENT BOOTS 81 RUFFLED COLOR SHIRTS COMPLETE ACCESSORIES RENTALS 84 SALES 1651 Beacon Street Waban. Massachusetts dial . . . . 527-16211 THE 63 Union St. Newton Centre PEWTER POT North Star Formal Wear Rental ncnossruol MUFFIN HOUSE M BTA ,. Newton 'fsjibentre 5? '1' PE- 11 Q , N is U V 1 6' o ' 0 . I V 9 I INC. I 1 aaa BEACON sr. - NEw1oN CENTRE, MASS. 02159 - CENTURY BANK and TRUST COMPANY K. IOOa Fellsway West, at Mystic Avenue I Q Somerville, Massachusetts 02145 'W A C6171 623-OIOO Compliments of Margaret Erskine Library NEWTON SOUTH HIGH SCHOOL Gooo LUCK TO THE CLASS OF 1972 DR. and MRS. STANLEY BELCHER ,R , f"2Vs EQOESDUEUE MJQHFEJKMXL M3 CUM E5 MHS SECQEWZCTII UESQWUED Ei? OOQQ Q O F 'A .. 5 T " 5 YK J.: Q5 WQQEBSMLQ sm, CZHMBIBULQGE CCMQUJRE CSULEQQSQEZEUQP x NLCBOHBICYS VOLVO VILLAGE, INC. 714 Beacon Street Newton Centre, Mass. 02159 Area Code 617-969-1900 New England 's oldest and largest Volvo Dealer SARAH ORKEN SY ORKEN Registered Electrotogists 825 Beacon Street, Newton Centre, Mass. 02159 969-6699 WABAN HARDWARE CO 1641 BEACON ST., WABAN, MAs:s. 02168 HARDWARE - PAINTS - OILS Carden S,upplies,Kitchenware,Household Sundr Tel. 244-4566 BEST WISHES SELF-SERVICE DEPT. STORES EXECUTIVE OFFICES 90 BRIDGE ST., NEWTON STORES: 0 NEPONSET CIR. - DORCHESTER 0 ROUTE 1-NORWOOD 0 ROUTE 3A-NO. BILLERICA 0 HILLDALE AVE. - HAVERHILL 0 EAST GLOUCESTER v WARE 0 STOW 1 100 S -1 wr- I X a4uwSImK 69 C1'nfraf.STrfcf 1fIA,!1Q,1Z5,, 777m 02181 J U S T I N ' S 240 NEEDHAM sr., NEWTON Food 8- Ice Cream Famous for Fried Clams - Special Parry Cake OUR BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF 1972 Buf'TeIs Cafered DR. and MRS. SAMUEL BEASER 332-5685 LEATHER WORLD 30A LANGLEY ROAD NEWTON CENTRE Fine Luggage, Leafher Goods, Gifts 332-6519 Buy Your BUICK in Newfon NEWTON BUICK COMPANY 371 WASHINGTON ST. NEWTON, MASS. Bus. Phone - LA 7-7150 Res. Phone - HI 4-2981 ROBERT L. DWYER ABOTS 743 WASHINGTON STREET NEWTONVILLE, MASSACHUSETTS 02160 1345 V.F.W. PARKWAY MANHOLE LTD. 588 COMM. AVE., BOSTON 845 BOYLSTON ST., BOSTON 3 THOMPSON ST., WINCHESTER BOUTIQUE CLOTHING 1 l C'0MPl.lMIiNTS O14' 1 BOOKS 8. PAGES 2 R, 1 Ellis Gale Studio l Your Prom Photographer 751 BEACON STREET NEWTON CENTRE MASS 02159 l 244 3586 1 1 RESPONSIBLE QW V BECAUSE HE'S A 1 l GARBER 1 DRIVER , 1 Compllmenfs of 1 GARBER'S AUTO SCHOOL 1 ' New Modern Clflssroonzf Clay Cl'leVI'Olel' 1 759 Beacon Struct, Newton Centre DE 2-2100 431 WASHINGTON ST., NEWTON E W 1 J '1 12321 850 PROVIDENCE HIGHWAY DEDIIAM, MASS. 02028 S T- JADE ISLAND Polynesian and Chinese Cuisine 870 WALNUT STREET NEWTON, MASS. ...makes thc man emcgc NI NN INN L INIIRI, ,gdggm BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF 1972 . I ,.-- H RW . MR. and MRS. JAcoB SYDNEY Q. ' . 0 ' f ' ' . O F Q ICE CBEAI I 0 0 O O -. I QBQUUDQJUEUUDU QEUUUW 6050 ms www mm, aosmri MASS UZIIS-15171269-6464 PAUL R- BUSSER FRANCHISE STOREOWNER PRESIDENT 46 Langley Rd. ' Newton Center, Mass. ' Phone 527-8131 JERRY FINN '- X, - - one more iynzc I IVIIFIILIILITC I GOLF ON THE VILLAGE GREEN RESALE CLOTHING RQUTE 9 NATICK, MASS. 1275 WASHINGTON STQEET WEST NEWTON, MASS. "IF IT'S FROM MILTON'S . . . IT FITS" I . , ounucvgcuesrnur HILL CONGRATULATIONS FROM GARDEN CITY TRUST COMPANY WE LIVE HERE TOO! 969-9500 CLAIFI BUICK, INC. 1575 V.F.W. Pkwy., Route 1, Boston, Mass. 02132 Phone: 325-4700 .J ..1-4 ,.-I ,.f ,.,-f IIII X A W TONY'S ITALIAN VILLA COMPLETE TAKE-OUT SERVICE 34 JACKSON STREET, NEWTON CENTRE . fRou1e 91 For fhe very finesf in Holion Cuisine Only Minutes By Way of the Tennis Courts Member-Eledronic Technicians Guild, Nafesa L. E. Gordon Co. Masier License No. 426 RADIO AND TELEVISION SALES AND SERVICE 332-2893 2 Hariford Street Newfon Highlands, Moss. 02161 III 5 A ' Tfvgww gaelf. I RESTAURANT CANTONESE AND 55 ml KROUM AMERICAN rooo 21249 v, F. vv. PARKWAY w. ROXBURY. MASS. OPEN DAILY 11:30 A.M. TO 2 AM. TEL 327-9355 1286 WASHINGTON STREET S H O E Authorized Sales 84 Service FAMOUS BRAND SHOES l4O0 BEACON ST. BROOKLINE, MASS. Fit!! Selection Complete Tape Library of of I Car and H owe Sterem Cafsettef and 8-Track Tape! TAPE PLACE, INC. 916 PROVIDENCE HIGHWAY DEDHAM, MASSACHUSETTS 526-6065 Complete Service Department for Repairy and Imtallation HIST " A NATIONAL WINNER W 8erIIa?nnI:?fankIIn QUALITY AWARD HCl'b Abl'3,ITlSOIl, President ILVER LAKE DODGE 444 Watertown Street, Route 16 Newton 24 hour phone and tow service 244 5880 Illfm -Q amen -gp qa 5 '- T 1, 527-9057 RONALD COIFFEURS bg. B A K I N G AE, W00lfT6,8 R r . e 901 XVALNUT STRMZT "HOME BAKINGH T201 WALNUT STREET NEXVTON, MASS. Opposite A 84 P Parking Lot At 4 Corners All Paslry Baked Daily the Premises NEWTON HIGHLANDS CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF ,72! 527-8291 5279155 MR. and MRS. RICHARD GLADSTONE iff? if A EA f H-3Qf5f - 1 A me ACADEMY 'gc ' -5:41 :?532'f5 A A E -2' . 'I P 5 Westcarknits Coat and Bag Store f F "FASHlONS GALORE AT PRICES YOU'LL ADORE" I fm I F 1199 WORCESTER ROAD, FRAMINGHAM - TI I COVGP CULV YT The A A 'T T ,T A GSSGETYVTALS MV'- 5 9i'a5m'aw1, wvwwawm ' Q S' FETJMQQI1 ,b'xQN"l I ytkk-my V gg sq w.7ff2Tf. 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Rewrds E Affnifal Illjfflllllfjllfl - Sheet Mufic 3 S NDA Hg A- KK 1' ne ff 1055ElIy Compliments of fhe Newton-Waltham Bank can Trust Company Besf Wishes fo the Class of '77 CLEVELAND CIRCLE AUTO SCHOOL 5l LANGLEY ROAD NEWTON CENTRE, MASS. Compliments of JUNIOR EYE, INC 105 UNION STREET PICCADILLY SQUARE Congratulations to Janet, Richard 84 Ronald From Your Grandparents MR and MRS. EDWARD IZEN V Y I I 1 I dy4fa, g7woAsu1Nm1r1Ns1 . Nrwlonvuu MASS fdflb COMPLETE-ARTIST'S ' HANDICRAFT SUPPLIE S Taf'fy's Dancewear 550A WASHINGTON STREET WELLESLEY cu--0-nAv1Q,.r 3TT WALNUT STREET NEWTONVILLE LA 7-6940 Salon Rinof 15 LINCOLN STREET Piccadilly Square Antiques 91 UNION STREET NEWTON CENTER BEST OF LUCK TO THE CLASS OF '72 Bedford Yarn 8. Rattan NATICK, MASS. Ta " I SR 'I !x,!.,fV'! ' V N: sw-W -' . T "-'-IiQlffQ'fY- 1 Sify: 14155 2? if wi '2' 5' Av DESIGNS IN WOOL NEWTON HIGHLANDS, MASS. Langley Pharmacy 431 LANGLEY ROAD Cumberland Farms 1185 WALNUT STREET I MORRISON 81 SCHIFF "Tho Good Frankfurt" 35 Hichhorn Struct Brighton, Mass. 02135 Phonc 1617! 25-1-9200 COMPLIMENTS OF CAPRICCIO'S MARKET Tel. LA 7-9412 Newton Centre Jenney Robert T. Timmerman, Prop. 1146 CENTRE STREET 9 CORNER WILLOW ST. NEWTON CENTRE, MASS. 02159 Countryside Pharmacy 98 WINCHESTER STREET LCOY. Dedham Streetj 244.3600 NEWTON HIGHLANDS 244.8634 Prescriptions Prompt Courteous Service Cosmetics Free Parking Free Delivery Atwood's Camera Shop 21 PELHAM STREET NEWTON CENTRE, MASS. 244-5280 Compliments of Clay Chevrolet 431 WASHINGTON ST., NEWTON the fashion rack 310 walnut street "FAMOUS NAME FASHIONS FOR LESS" W ,- y T 1 1 1 1 ,-1 t, ti J U S T I N ' S 240 NEEDHAM ST., NEWTON Food 81 Ice Cream Famous for Fried Clams - Special Pariy Cakes Buffefs Cafered 332-5685 HOLIDAY LANES IOO7 VFW PARKWAY WEST ROXBURY Snack Bar - 40 Ten Pin Lanes - Lounge MARRIOTT MOTOR HOTEL NEWTON, MASS. GOOD LUCK TO YOU CLASS OF '72 S. J. McNEILLY O L D S M O B I L E Sfzley and Service 639 HAMMOND STREET D LJ -r x R 1 1-r Xjf-Ljl' 530 H2625 E599 UQ! 5' :mc stevens QI E7' QI 1 fju, YI I 6 'C YI ' jam H srevens' J-fE"""""' vomzrnugsr msnv me W APPAREL ouffumns ron gm ' SIZES 8-20 CLOTHING 36-44 RESGLJTKIQRS SHIRTS-SXVEATERS HUSKIES 5,M,L ALTERATIONS FREE SLACKS 28-44 32 Langley Road Newton Centre 332-3320 ,-,X - , . me T L FIBRE N....J -32? 1 mmNsf.,.WWQ Xe 1. 55 COMPLIMENTS OF A FRIEND 'H A'NQE1IElL ww e- wx SYN 3'.' . A .g-an-41' VT' uiauar Q ,1 5 ' ,ZS v9 'Z Q igfkxx R ' 5 ' 5 VX?" ffgguht I . . ' vvvv ,- Eazjl. ,455 f 3 ' S' mqqv, pizgg' .T : f ,..' RESTAURANT H 'jj Cantonefe and Polynesian Cuifine ORDERS PUT UP TO TAKE OUT 329-0145 or 329-2575 540 Providence Highway Dedham, Mass. 4 ZuMMx5W ,,,g3gfff Zu: Muff 4 w51Zfwf' MM WMWMMVLQ ,4WM4,,,,u, - imww I kf'Wf'f'f'57b was -14, ? iafffwydwwf SW INDUSTRIES, INC. NEWTON, MASS. 02164 and its Divisions STOWE-WOODWARD C0. Manufacturers of roll coverings for the Paper, Textile 8. Plastics industries and other industrial users EBONITE COMPANY MANUFACTURERS OF EBONITE BOWLING BALLS SELLEW ENTERPRISES INC. 11 u 1' ' a FAIRWAY SPORTS wonm Ba' 'Dams " 'm"e BATHROOMS - REMODELING - KITCHENS Rt. 9, NATICK Golf, Bowling, Pool Club Vim our Showroom 617 527-5632 1178 WALNUT ST Phone 653-5320 NEWTON H1cHLANDS, 02161 Stuart Murray P.G.A. Albert I. Haimes 4 President OL Deggam I - DRESSES . SFz1DA1. SHOF-'PE Cooling fyftemf Engineering, Inc. 72 WALNUT STREET, EAST DEDHAM, MASS. 02026 F0'1fUi'1e'S TOPSY ReS'0U'C"1I C6171 326-1900 1436 v.F.W. PKWY. crave. IJ AIR CONDITIONING CONTRACTORS WEST ROXBURY, MASS. 1 f f I I , . .f , -4 -11" SOUTH P CIF! CHINESE RESTAURANTS Open 'Til 2 A.M. Luncheon Special 11:30 A,M.-3 P.M. ORDERS TO TAKE OUT - CATERING BEST W1SHES FROM BELLO-JACOBS ASSOCIATES 161 HIGHLAND AVE. NEEDHAM BEREJIK MOTORS INC. 126 HIGHLAND AVE. NEEDHAM, MASS, 444-4797 Your Local Oldmzobile Dealer 275 EASTERN AVE. T152 BEACON ST. MALDEN, MASS. NEWTON, MASS. Offf1gf6f28 TIf1f,f5IQA1Q11ESI1 5 324-8340 332-7250 CONGRATULATIONS .iaf .ilw aloum, of 1 G 0 R D 0 N S WALTHAM WATERTOWN 857 MW 51 40 Nr Aww .sf 57? Mmy sf GORDON,Sf 0N,lNC. .IMPQRTERSEDISTRIBUTORS 7 HAMCIS Jr MLTHAM , M955- Congratulations Groduofes Moy Your Every Wish Come True HOLDENS TAXI INC. THE PLACE TO BUY EVERYTHING FROAI IIVHKITS IN STYLE to u'lml'5 rnzditimmi OPEN THURSDAY EVENINGS UNTIL 8:30 a10UNG MEN's 4p 5' 'ma '43 0 PREP SHOP " 'Mnvno SQU P" I-HOUR FREE PARKING ot the Church Stree! Garage fright next doorl 31 CHURCH ST. ' CAMBRIDGE UNiversiry 4-2300 EASTMANS Flower shop CROWLEY'S OFFICE SUPPLIES Sfufionery, School Supplies 338 WALNUT STREET NEWTONVILLE ' .W ' t 4 ' M 'Ea' ' EL, E., ",..,5 fbi!-a-hwiwags' qu CONGRATULATIONS GRADUATES ! NEWTON SAVINGS BANK Growing with Newton for Over 140 Years A Good Place to Work 119 L 0 U 0 I r' 1 n I X f 5:5 .. :.- 4. tl '. Ol ' . 7,10 P ,agp v"m6T U' . ' 'r UNI -X ll". . 5-.lvx Wo! 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Lf '- 1 ' We Y . .-,IV -I Vn.,' " -.L-M.-nv .1 In X 'xi' I.!LQ,,-NEI' ' ,,n,,,.1 , .i.?1 y::j',' U ' 'R ' A,'x"Q1Y,'Il "I 'V V 'V .lvlf 9' V -V-.1511-' U01 , ,.'-, x jug, . . 3,443 4v',,,.i-.3 j n , l' IV1 yr- y,, . - V E 1 . ' L' , .V 'VV ,XV-gv' ' .'.' .+.v:f7-"' X 1 in y4j'j'L,kll1"LA K'-' J -:'. .. -fu .3 -V I , Va ". 1' V .. 5' , 5' V-Hur ' I I , '- :V fly. ' VJ' V' if ' .1 - Vw . L 'W49' F ..! , . 'jf - .' gy , ,r.V,.".ll '- ' Vfjfa' 1' A ,1Vr,:igf.Igm6.' Ji, 0,"'rV Ji, V, ,V- V ,Qin M1 1.6 , 'Vl. 'JM4 . .DVNUI1 1-g,2'A.I 1 , V V hu.. K AV' ll, . .'--V- ' ' "QV: X Q-IVV,V"Q.u:M . ., 'V ' ' J," ,yi ' !l.,b' .I . 4 VI.. , X , Y, N Al . ,"1.." NIL-'F .1'4"' it-.Qg.'j'.', ZIV V 1 4 Q f,!1j.:1'A Q , J ,r wu- - ' I l I r -w li, I ... wg, I 5' ' x ' 1 J 415. fo Q' , lub 7. , . ,, +1-,335 G I f p, "4?V','.4 Q . J .1 " -ffgijf-Q, f' A ' ' ... -1. f Wa- - 2 7, 1l','. . Brzf I 'Q R 1 M I Q I' 1' O I ul' You NEVER H A cfmwcg -2 R Nl I wg 1 l z4"? O . 4 - 3' Eric Ernest Super Goon Will Eric Ernest Succeed at Newton South? or KNQW TI-IYSELF Chapter I Eric Ernest was always trying. The poor kid oould just never make it big. What a dilemma Eric hadg the kids at school did not like him. One fine, crystal blue sky green leaf day Eric looked into his eight fool mirror and made a really big decision. "Eric," he said to his image, "you are a goodlooking man." Your hair is where it's at, not too long or too short! Those waves! What a physique you have. What a smile-Ah! fthis is the decisionj, the whole school just cannot accept your superiority, gorgeous!" Just then, smack in the middle of this tremendous revelation, Mrs. Emest called to her son, the failure. "Hey! Skinny! Go do your homework. You already broke two other mirrors." Eric obeyed, he was a good son. He was not a good student he spent all his time smiling at everyone with his big teeth. Eric Emest always tried. Rx Chapter Il One powdery snowfalling sparkling afternoon, Mr. 8: Mrs. Ernest Called their good son into the den. "Hey! Ugly! Come here!" Eric made it in fifty seconds Flat. His parents told him that they were moving to a new city where they would have a home in between other homes. The town was called "NEWTON", Eric was extremely happy. Littleplace was just not his bag. "Man oh man, folks! When do we Split?" 25 S M f D 5 J N X M WWW N Chapter III The Saturday before Eric moved to "NEWTON", he did some deep thinking. Outside his bedroom window, the raindrops fell gently drop by drop. The water shimmered, gliding down the tiny window glass. Eric brilliantly observed that raindrops were almost like tears. His tears. There they were, slowly sliding down his full cheeks. Eric was afraid that the kids at his new school "NEWTON SOUTH HIGH SCHOOL" would over look the "Wonder" tEricl, that would arrive. What could he do? How could he open their minds? Eric tried desperately to get his wavy head togetherg looking in his mirror only distracted him. He kept seeing his beautiful face. "Eric, big man, think!" And then, Oh wow! Eric saw the light come shining in from the gloomy depth of the rain!! He was so ex- cited he jumped up and down on his bed six times. Eric Ernest, Su- perkid!!! HE WOULD BE INVOLVED! A hero to all, ready to de- fend tmth: justice and the Newton South way! He could prove how marvelous, wonderful and super he was!! This would be a heavy job. Will Eric Ernest Succeed??'???'? 127 W W W WM fy 1' w X X mx 7 MMR Chapter IV That Monday at his new school, Eric Ernest was found cleverly disguised as every other kid, There he was-Shag haircut. baby blue aviator glasses. a really cool striped shirt-and multi multi patched used bell bottom jeans. How with it he was! Eric made his first move to: Get Acquainted. He walked up to a kid who looked as though he might need some saving. The kid look- ed really happy! "Hey man what's going on here man what's the scene man you really look spaced out man." Eric smoothly said tah. that Eric really knew his lines welll The kid tossed his shoulder length hair and said, "Weirdo, what are you Chock full of nuts? You Kellogg's Corn Flake Freak. You beer drinking parking lot insect. What're you doing? Doncha know you gotta mind you're own business fella? Doncha know you get in trouble if you talk to someone and espe- cially one that's not your own kind? You'd never be a freak with that accent." Poor kid, Eric found his first Kid-in-trouble. "I will save you!" said Eric. "Huh??? the kid said. Eric dashed into the men's room in Wheeler house and quickly ripped off his disguise. The minute Eric ripped off his shirt the other guys ran out. "Queer!!" they said. But Eric was swift, that boy. He ran out proud and a new man. There he was! Superkid!!! "The pink "S" on his leotard was shining loud and bright. He ran to the poor kid. "Here I am! I have come to rescue you from the life of delin- quency and apathy, of drug taking and general misbehavior ot '... 'K The kid interrupted. "Hey you really are a freak! You're supercool-want some grass'?'?" Eric was crushed. l29 Vx X XSXQ XXQXX Xkx Xxx -1-ig., I, Nx 'W XX X ix XXX X f K f ffl' ,f fljjjf ff .f3'fQg ,Il If 1 If , . I, ' A I. fl I JI, X fx W'M Chapter V Eric would not give up, He would change Newton South, by gol- l !! yThe next day disguised again, Eric Ernest discovered a Cheer- leader-in-Distress. There she was, her golden blonde hair being roughly messed by the football captain!! Her blue and orange shakers torn away from her strong grasp. "Oh and a Oh and a HO HO HO Johnnie Linesman NO NO NO!!" She yelled loud and clear. Eric could not stand by and watch the man molest her!! A Cheer- leader defender off all goodnessepreserver of that last bit of wholesomeness in the American High School girl. Once again Eric ran into a men's room, this time in Cutler house. Luckily he could not be recognized through the smoke. He bolted out, tthis time in a blue leotardl and ran outside to where the cheerleader lay helpless beside Johnnie Linesman. "Don't worry honey-pie! Superkid is here! Watch out you chauvi- nistic pig, before you lose those massive shoulders." "POW!" "BAM!" HUGH!" "CRASH!" Superkid was supermush. No one can beat Johnnie Linesman. No- body can tamper with his girl!! Chapter VI Eric was mixed up He couldn t believe that NEWTON SOUTH was as hopeless as Llttleplace Nobody even wanted to be saved Eric was seen mopmg a lot in the hbrary He never smiled any more His Superkid leotards grew musty in h1s drawers Something was wrong One humid hot sun drag your feet day Erlc moped into the h brary Hey you look lost kid You look reallv mixed up Why dont you loosen up'7 Eric looked up from the table to see the beautiful cheerleader he hadn t saved What would you know about that" You re happy and mnocent Where s your big shot boyfriend sweetie? Who said I m happy and innocent? I m just as mixed up lost and unhappy as everyone else Just because I wear pigtails and sneakers Gee' You mean you mean there are no more of the wholesome all honest honest as the next girl cheerleader actress French buff or flower child' Eric did not dig this weird chick what was this all about Huh" Eric stop trying to save everybodyll Save yourself Go Eric Save Eric Go Eric Yay" She really had a way with those words that girl Practice Eric Ernest suddenly felt wonderful warm h ppy You know all of a sudden I feel strong' Good inside' Its as though I was on the brink of some profound truth The cheerleader tossed her blond D12l3.lIS You re near me silly' I think you re having a normal reaction' You mean I can be your own superk1d'7 Eric was blushing Of course Erlc all mine' But remember this To Know Yourself you have to Be Yourselfll F1n1s Good luck Eric and Goodbye Caaron Belcher . . , . H ,, GG ' ' ' 3 97 1 3 C6 9 ' , . . . ,, ,L . , . , . . ' 9 79 . ' GG 19 "Eric, nobody is anything except themselves-an individual! I'm as 9 1 9 , ' as ' GG 9, 65 ' ' 75 GS ' ' - as ' , . . . a ! CG ' ' 9 , , . . ' 9! 56 9 ' ' 9 ' . ' 93 CG ' 39 ' ' cc - . . . , . . 97 9 Q ""lw-., MW' V, 1 If uw 'yn Q -1 X. i 9- 'Q M, ' C'mon Rich, gimme a flex, please! ,ef vs , Nil Therefore, Therefore. xylxl B+ cos'f6 2 a nickel Wiw "Wil 12 D Jn X" - F' QL- Tc 5, 5 . ' 1 Ei 'J I 'Q K' 'Q-..,,,WNu-NWN 4 -- ,A ,W M i A ., mm' vw-.4 ' A ' 4 Kwvww-w,,,..,,,,, Nr' F-my f u 1, www, g 'W kply , V . . . K, , . n "W fm . 3, M ,1.,., ..,. 4 ,A W ,V ,,,,, 'l l M M , NI E , fl fr' 2 -Aa -.Q f-r-'Ska 4 M Au. 4, l , Z., "M ' 3 .14 -, Wg- 36, 1 ,, qu riff ,f ..fV'aq F uf ' l Q ,. W , QW ' f Q -- ""4f!!S 'f:f?"1 T1 M' I R N M uv 1 I Y 3. ti. A 4 'R-N, Wm , ..,.. ww f vmwmw,-ww my x , , Ei 3, E' 3 3 5 bw. 9' ' ' "id il" W J Aa HS4' 41 '2- lk. ig I 'V ,F f's e , ' Q 0 v 1 4,.',,,,' ,Q 9 1 ri' I .56 x ,Jo , 9" F, i ' 1-A g .,. T-fi ' as f a ,, ,x l . '9 c . N' f if ' 6, ' Aff ' 'f we 'faf . 1 U ' " G - - ' ' .'Q.'f-". N I ' ' . ' f Jani 1-iiiffi' ' K vgszff : QQQA il? . adn Q ' 'A 255164, iw 5 . '4' ,,f,,.,....,.,, 4, W , ':,f.e!: :Wx . V , " 'I did not eat your noodle" 1 1 I P' da ' I 1 A " 9' I wouldn't eat this! 138 RAH" Yummy" 73.5 . 1 I H . iw' ' I!! 4 44 1 I1 I 1 M 3--c17"'.--,,,m ,,. 5,7 Tm , +4 9 I 015 M, in Dropped hu drum agamo A 2 'A' 'gan-lv .fu 'ZZ ffb' . A 'Q v-.4 ' 3, .. N .A I , TQ X I. P .ff "Oh no caught agalnq L-. +I,-'Y' I J '-QQ' Nl -5 T I As Y Kill I V T: fig, .4 .Q nq -ks gm, :Sf Li 4 DENEBOLA Tuesday. November 23, 1971 1 I l South's Thesbians Receive an Education Something should be sand about 1 hgh school whnch drsphys enough mleresl m the edufalnon of IIS students To cast uf! the shackks ni Ihr TYIVIIT. crowd-pleasrng fall drum and undertake a TT'If3TI'lL'3T rndeas-xr whxch rs both culturally ennchmg and cnlnghlenxng. Sums-rhmg should be sand about the hmr and CETOYT mvoIved nn mnuntmg no productions M-sewn S-mrh hu wel I trend whnh shnuld he Iollowed by hugh schnnlm all -wer rhe stale The mere concept nl a Year of The Greek rs enough rn cxcnle any member of lhc Nrvumn communny But here xx the dnlemma tarfr we he salxsfncd wth the Yau rhal South students exnulcd a hreck tragedy. whnuh nor only encompasses :hc mayor aspnu r-I Sophodefs versmn, hut whuh rx brought up In modern prr W-uid War Two nm: lhruugh the addition nl even more .nmpIvx Irench Toncepls' How rnany stud:-nu have the npponunuy rn portray rragn heron m then enlxrc edmarmnal carrrr' Furthermore. should we suhurrr .4 saIuahIe Inmmng experneme, Inks Anugone. to urmuxm' Ir rx the rxpenencr, nxcIf. that maltcrx bull, Ctfllln hasu Skxlls and rulcx that mnght have been Lovercd appeared Io have been ncglnlcd I-or example, the siege .ren members were supposed lu he learning somethmg about stage tcchnxque Day alter day they labored reienllcssly over an expensive sex, whrch was taken directly from the Stag: desrgn pubhshed by Samuel Ercmh Incorporated. and showed .4 remarkable lack nf crealnrty l'ouIdn'l the students, Ihenxselxex have mme up wnh a ser rh.u LEATHER P lllllldlil l47D01l-ff l06CDl my uma wun Xl-MIL wal. nv-1010 Eastman's Flowers QUALITY SERVICE Slllkt T934 Anungononn CORSAGES Finn Tanolldo Delaney TEL. In-alll 340 WALNUT ST., HEITONVILLE ntigone Dies a oble Death Creon Illum Smllll lectures Antigone I Beth Rothenberg! wuuld have sualcd 'Xnhuunlh N Jcxrred s1rnpInErly'Ur .al the xrrx Ins! they rmghl haxr rlwdnned the ul somewhat 5UII'1AIIIWUHIn1 have adapted herler In Ihr awkward Newt--n X-vulh audnrurrum Xml. hrrir things are Important an wage Trai' I an Killing rn Ihr murlh r--v. Jnd foul-jn'l help bu! n-'me Ihr' ragged ual!-Ildnng, the unexr-nneu -mf Ihe haukdmp nr The unpamlfd teaser that vamly med Iv hrdr :hear 'Issuers ' lheu: mile snreu. rf nm kept hrddcn. dclrau tmrn the audxrmcs BTVIIIIN In suspend dnshehcl Ihdl 1 part -It the educatmn hm, you knnw Whale some mnghl argue that a twenty pvexe xx mphnny wrrhcwlra was as unapprwpnalr ax .4 Inc mxnulr Iufrlurr IIT .111-vrlrzluxlsal pruduxlmn H-uhhx Hr-.nes NIIII managed lu xrnprru .all pavlrrx vnlh hu .alulrlrn as .4 I--mlurlr-r and Umrnpuwr llc pmndfd sewcul student rmm.r4ns -II wuyxng lrvrk .Il prwlnrrnq with rhg .Ippnrlnnrry rr- nnsulxr Ihrmselvea H1 an urrgarml mwdvrn EOITIPUSITIOD H15 LIITJCTTJKIHK an arnhrxmus Ill ax drHr.uI! In hclwwr that Boh rx New-nrrvn yum uldb Hu muxn Ixl Ihc rm-ml I-I Ihr pIJy II was uri! fvr,I1cNlr4lcd aah--sz-r-asp, . VVIG DIVT And nav-9195 ..., ....- ...H uma :Null 'W' MW"-""' Take rhc classroom phase of D.E. ar Newton South but get your on the road dnvnng at BAY STATE AUTO SCHOOL 6 hours drwmg at S8 an hour per lesson IOIZT COUISC only 6 hours observauon nr no cost Free puck-up servxcc anywhere, at home, work or school Dual conrroiicd cars-courxcous mszrucrors and wrwLIer.1IwIx weIlpvrlwrr1n'n1. cspern.aIIy .I-rwsnlrrung tts Incl .II dnitrruliv With Ihr ms! In-Id ul IIKTTTIYSK .lcwgn I-pen I-1 xturlrnl cxplrwrarmn there umarmy lakh -It .rcarnrly purpose and Irmxng Ihealre rx an .srl whuh .uruhmrw mum. l!lnwCIHfRI pdmlmg Jesrgn and Incrlul .4II mrms ul .art Ihe Plxluft' we we m lynn! ul us IN as xmportanl ax Ihr admn we sec -un xlagf Trl we endured 4 tattered prnw Lulmrd srl. whnh dxd nmhnng lu enhdme the rn-md UI the play cum-pl I-- add an unneursxary note NI unllmxhed hurcnncsa lhe Inghrmg Iaxked Wdflfly an Icvclx nl mrenmy ax drd the plaw 45 .r whulr N-vu wc. meI.uJram.a .and tragedy hm -Inly wfrk It the dudrcmc rx nr-ned gcrmnnrly :ru-mul by the IIHIUAHIIN Ihr vsmmc III urh rhararrer Ihr audxrnu: must he .mls In rdcnulw wrlh Ihr xTTAIdxlCI We Hlusl luxe wllh hum and Inalc with hmm We must hfInen- hun Ihruugh Ihcw hurrun xurlxclxrncx Kr.:-luIu.rn.aI "Xr.1gzE Haxu lhrxr pmtuund grcalncxx rmvrgrx HUT ur1Newlun N-mulhk prwdurlwn -wt Anngone the Eharaderx were an mverly mncerned wrlh the drsplay or lragn heawrness nn all that wax amd, that there was a unruly nl' realrly .and helnewahrlxly Before we are able lo he-Ireve the lugrc element ui the character. we rnuvr know the character We must understand the character Heavmess Sorrow Doom Anxuely Yes, there are all elements oi Anhounlhkcharaclz-rs So they were with Sophoclcsek n'h3flxTCIK But the truck of good suing as Iellrng these qualruu emerge lor themselves When. for eurnplel earh lane In drhvercd mth the SBU!!Il1UlHY1TLlI.JY3T'T13llC mlcnsily Ihr prnfoumi messagti are garbled ID lnradcx ol melodrwmam mush Ihe play rs profound rn :Iseli The Kharaclcrs arf: equally as pmtnund Thus, rt wasn'l reallv ncressary l-I delnvrr Imex as lhuugh duorn lay rn thc' .Trung ul every wma ILIJ dxsrxmr been dewempcd, the grvalnrsx wvuld hue enrcrgrd uf Ilxeil and we ITHKTTT hase UIIIYIIHAICJ Ihr' element ut Nmap rv--x .rperd from the pr-wduurr-n In -rlhcr wwrdx ws? km-vu rhar Ihrx rr pmfuund, hu! 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Im Khat they knrm that they are prmmund Nuhwqurnlly there was .3 Jrarlh -Il rh.sra.1ers dcwrd ut human ndcmltx. .sud rxhscxwd wxlh their .mn burdens nl greatness -Xntxgr-nc s grnlncu emerges IH her alrugglc .ax .1 young .hrld-wrvrrmn whu darn In Iam Ihr world alone We wr Ihr' HIAKHIIIIUC uf her soul m hrr wry .unwrrrmn I-1 defy Ihr power whnrh suprrsws her xpmr the Irue xprrrr rut Imme lhc xpunl All hrr mlhrr Uedrpux who represents Ihr' lung I-Isl sluhhnrn prmde .II pre-Wurld Wu II Eranrv Xnlugunc must due nr-l only bmausc Kreun. the well meanrng herman muxt IuItrII hu admmlstralrve rewonsrhmlrly, I'1lll htcausr: she as unable to cxnsl ln an atmosphere where the true xpmt nl' France rs suppressed The pride of Oedrpua, the strength of France ns seen nn Anlrgune She must due .1 marlyrk death In cxemplrfy the ghrry ul I mme and 'l 'orguedk dibrdxpe' I .am nn strong dxsagreernenl v.rlh thus: who excuse the flaws an Quurhk Anugonc hy Tlaxmmg that Ihr wrrsmn was I-an dxffluxll In perform Ihe play had .4 drvavahng efiext on Frame ax 4 perlmmanuc mul ax .Q IIICYZYS work No one experrs I .atherme tnrnells and lawrence Ulu-rerx ro w.4Ik out on qage, and nuhudy ludgex nn tha! level Null .luxe dlreclmn mxghl ha'-e made a difference between 4 ledmuw hugh uhnnl perlorrnancr and a wellfxeculed 'Newinn Southu produuron The panng was as ineffectual as the alagnng Work on .harauler analzmx wh nut endcnl Al nmcs. the play seemed to be more of a dramnuc readmg thin a fragment of realrty It can be argued lhnl the plny sounded better rn I-rench So did Ondme The play has Iwo-page sululoquyx What about Shakespeare and the Greek Tragedies' Shuuld wr shy awly from gr:-at dramauc works huause they are mu .jrfhcull for ua." In .mrdcr In Nukcced, the work requared extcmrve drnll an oral IYTTCVPYCTSIIUYT There was no varnery m the mme patterns of the an-:rx lr rrquxred Suhllt lcchnual .admntagex Perhaps an I-ua,smn.4I rhange ID the hghung wauki have nnnir the Lhorusk speekhrx more mnmale Ihwrmrly, Beth Rothenberg portrayed .1 rumplcx Tharauter wnlh xnlellrgeme and peneprmrm Rnhdrd Iennek rnlentmnaI underplay mg helped IuCI'Y1PT"I8XlIC the xlgn1l'u.lnm NI hu. words Whrle he wrnrtrmn burlesqucd rhxrxga lr- thc porn! of Irmdpprfvprulenexs, R-vhcrl Slwane .du .IH the shakkln of the perwnmty-less, profound hgure, .md managed In conumc me thu hr' was fknh-vullhk dclached, humhlxng guard, whafd Lndced mflcr "nn shun off hu nose" for the allmnsuf :hc play Sue Brusn, whose par! rndudcd Ixrtle CKxCDT a hrlct ensemble Scene xn the bcgmmng of the play, displayed A remarkable dplllludf She rented genumely I believed her natural manner, and her Inner feclmga IIN .amailng what an autres Tan .aku-mzplrsh by kmltmg rn iLIcm.c l0r!1vr munulcs' Antigone was produced BT Newton South l thxnk that wc could have done better Sull, the experncnre was educauonal and even nnspuallonal The worth rw! the prnduclmn man not he rm-.axured hy .4 harsh renew coupIcd wxth mnxcd audleme rcactxon Fvery une ns a llllle rxchcr for hdvmg pamupalcd, whether aclrvely. or pasmvrly Reel assured that the students of Newton South Hxgh School are sull reqervmg the tmest rhcatrxcal edmarmn a pubhc school can offer Perhaps we grow more by reaghmg for goals which lay a hllle beyond our rtach Members of the case xnclude Krchard lcvme, Beth Rothenberg. Landx detjregons, Bryna Bograd, Allan Frankel, Ruscl Smnll, Robert Sloane. Ned Schdl, Frank Walker. Paul Fxshman. Peter Lcvme, and Susan Bruyn Laura Lyn Greene SUE' WEE JC7 :mc stevens 'CI 65' 7 fm I , In Longley Rd Newton Centra , DEPENDABLE ,.-- - DRIVERS ARE GARBER L -I 6 Q, , RIVERS FOR YOUNG MEN The newest in SLACKS SPORTS COATS SHIRTS SWEATERS TIES The fanny cu as an uh, dwentlble hands 'Mn l Gcrbertrlntd 61-vu ulu thc wheel hung onvcrs turn that drmq rs M1 can pchlvn well, but I IRIYWI xt requumg null nd point bl Gavbefs Reg-slryvlscenud Dnm Eovcmon mug hr gn 16 iq 25 pays lol vlscll may times oven by reducung Insult: YHMIKS lsriulrnununpollnvon Yheuucnllnznmuyvu for EXHHETQS AUTCT SCHOOL 1-,L 332.3320 759 BEACON STREET, NEWTON CENTRE-RE 4-2100 BAY STATE AUTO SCHOOL 734-3189 4 J. L 5'-Q in :El egy , . Elf ,' . if """""'f-vm, ,, ii i EM -- xv V. U Q- V R v , Qifav "' f- - r - ,...h Q is N 6 I' N P I never dad hke strlp poker 2-, W ,fwfr 1 ff ffm , 4 1 4, u..' 1 . , V. 2, -r W,,,ef,,. ' .Q Qfjf e'- W ly Nfl 5' , 1 Y, 4 -- 41 in ' ' ,wi " "Q-3j?ari2f1? -2 ' 'f V '-'gg', ' ' ggkgy, X , ,Q 114m f - ' "fu--:ri ,fjiw , , 5 xv Aw, -jak-nf' "3K,"w.' , R. - 1 , f 1 A, ,vw 14 -, ,Q :5.S2'Z:.4 , , ' ffflffi ,211-,fx V.. as 144 'xgkx v 4 L n n sf., m r W .A QQ .4 . -r Um 111, .A 11 A H: M, XC r v VP il: ,. ,w -1 A a., kv, ..r I un. D4 7:2 .W ITN 'ww' ru. pr: 4: Ha UL, psf Pa if Th 5V R14 J V35 H- Warriorfs Husband: "Gleeii1l Evening" Thursday night glorious Newton South produced yet another dippy play. Just the thing to take Mary-Lou to for that 'big night out' before going to the malt shop 84 having 'a few with the gang'. lf you dressed up in your favorite sheepskin jacket, shirt, tails or evening cloak like a pair of damn fool critics, 8t went out to find an issue, you probably ended up as we did, with the conclusion that The Warrior's Husband was not a good piece of drama, but a nice bit of entertainment, It was no earth-shaking drama, no horrid consequences ensue, no one gouges out his own eyes, puts the zonk on his favorite brother-in- law, pulls out any pillars, breaths Hellfire or even smells faintly of sulphur, but it does provide a series of one-liners, situations, 81 an occasional sight gag, serving to produce no more than a reasonably gleeful evening. Generally the actors performed in four catagories. Being invited to leave town is Kenny Werther, who tried to play Homer. His "performance" is best left unmentioned. Jane Lappin 8a Deborah Cornell might have done better if they had stayed home, instead of dragging a ten minute first act into a one hour sleeping pill. Competent but uninspired performances were afforded us by Amy Burack as Pomposia, Lauren Hassel as Hypolyta 84 Ed Hornsby as the Herald. Carefully thought out, competent 8r comic performances were given by Sue Peck as Antiope, Marc Yanovsky as Hercules, Jerry Shrair as Thesius, Andy Schulman as Archilles 8a your friend 8L mine, Rick McLellan, who is being given a front row seat behind the see-through mirror in the Cutler House men's room. The Sad Sacks gave the show pace 84 humor, 8a kept the audience laughing, but this is nothing new. We have it on good authority that Prissy 8L Meryl can make any one laugh, in any place, at any time. Exceptional work was done by the stage crew, the production crew 8L Mr. Chamberlain. They tackled two plays where one was the usual number, 84 and have made full use of the many very talented people who are behind-the-scenes at South. This show illustrated to us that the crew has matured considerably, as was indicated by the superb lighting, fine makeup 8L magnificient set design. Also, would Joseph Singer do something wrongejust onceeplease? Sir, you are hereby accused of spoiling us hopelessly. On balance, this was not meant to be a show with any deep meaning or portentious prediction. So drag your Mary Lou down to that 'ole malt shop SL have one on us, for we are, as always, R.M, Sobol .Sr M.S. Williams R51-I A? nf' 'fs .MW If s. 14 X71 fi. ,A ix W . X isp if is "Ar---rw ' n 1 I f I ? L ,,A xx V S 1 31" H If Q. ' - ii' M' , l'3' -..f... Na . 42" , V. 'dj 4'- Y . V 1- .31 4- Q y .- Q . La., 1, mi. 2, Y f Ni' '?i:5"1 ' ' ' Qgfjlggv '2g,. L ' . , , 5,,n,Q5g',. 1 zzhf g x . M f, -A ' , K- J . 1 ? EW' H A ' 'f ,Iliff ' 5' .. , ' ' 1 A 5331+ I . .L:,"J': W. ,-',: ' : 'kfg ' 3 1 1 i.,2:21,55s2gz 1 f, .:.w, gm! , 2' Z 4316 V' 4 I 1 ,. Q v hi I .l l G Sw V - ' ' 55 -44311 ' Qf A f 2: , agen I Lkvgi , 'X ,z,.1f.-me N. G 4 Hifi '- ,a gf 1-f., uv Q A Q W inf, f :a 4.4. V ,, ,.... If . ' 'i L,- "' ,iff-A 1... -'-F .-4175, f' V' 'Q 1 'C If , 'I '- A7 I, , X 1 w I 4 !g. ,f P 4 1 Q? 1' E5 Shiga 4 , "ru . ,Sq ., .K .':'f 9 Q . wi Y,'ff..' .f L iii.. 1 . , ,ik ,Mi X, :M 4 ,Q.., sf... ? .wx s ,.f ,, If 1, 'W X if vw , 5 Q, ' I A- V, A ff V Eid. , H I If , 1 ' Y - i tv al' , K' . 3, if I Y 1 4 w, - . A 4 i - A I i v' ' . 9- ,ai V' .3 J' ,. b. aff' l 'l I 8, li' " bl g I W 59 l i 1 ,, 1 ' 1' "1 ,rf , ' 'Y' fu ik 4. 4- . . . . . 1 ' 1 ' 4 ,L in ,I -N L , ' x 11 . n - .1 'F - , f K W1 5.2-13 f .. A. n o ' r ny M ? .n"' W, 5 . , . , 1 61.41 f 1- ,1- My Q ff X , f "fm, A . " . "'i. . N ,. Q N 15 . 4. , 'W-. -, "1 ' t s 5 1 .g:i?35g5f' . X 'X' t agiiixaxg .4 h ga 13 qi, 1414552 'Z ff 4.0 ' :iii-Ffml , 14,8 ,, iv, .L U, req fl. ' .c.' . v. -, ,A ,,, Z?,.1:'e Life is what you do While yozfre waiting to die This is how the time goes by ' . W r ,N.' X. 9-Q 1 -1,3 , X 'a K z 1 . Fi H is D ffm I 1 if' s a , s 3. 'f ,'v 4 fl ' : f E W W f i I Z 0 K, f,,5,.,41-.4 W zr fx A ,ew 4 , 'Z ' -Ann.. K .lynx Q J 3 M. ,- 1 ,M P t i ' JJ 'P I Qi I isa.--r-""'4' ,I Q . I , I , 2 5 t Tr ff' 5 ' 'L S if Y ' xi' 8 -A V , an K If ,g' 1 -. K 'T 'xx 8 A R 5, A ,W f' o - - I N Mm '45, V - .. -.-. , , K .1 ,- vw X, . ' 4. . A Mx, 31-'f nf 45: 'Ms-" . "' ' .ig-Qr"1""- Gifif ' ,.-1 " , , J , ..,- 1 ' ., V , ff xl f a' F N N" 4" ' S 3 - .. 'af Min N i ,I Y I ! 52 .ff -1' m F' A student One of many. His thoughts Chosen from an infinite. His thinking Shaped from his knowledge His ideas Molded by his environment His goals Allowed by his limitations. His actions Often a reaction. His living Seldom more than instinct. His causes Often his peersf Who is he? You? Me? aPaul Stern ,ii ,--f... .Q f' ,S , 'Lf' , ""5". 4.--,-...f f ,.f,:- V, --.V 4,31 , . N ,'.vg .-" . w , 4 5 -Mi X I 3 X xx , .5 gn ax V iw, . .v xxx . , al .A .X i , X x ' I XX X - I , .J' . 343 ' 41 in " w v A xxxnl J, ,J ... w xi -.-, Q .I 'rl T X 5. gx Xu A ,. X 5' XX! ,3 . ,ox as W 1 S R ,lx f X .xx V- , 'v' . ff v . ' 7 ' - I -Q c. "1 - s. I N, 1 ,A lx X X , R . 1 Y 1 4 xv xx 5 ,, f , w 'xt' 4 4:1 2 ,fr-.. R f , :f'ff 1' ,,m,, 5 'S f if1fi'ffg 1 5 'f . ' f ,1 ,u' I g 'Aki A Z " y , t yi I ll I I 1 1 u l ,4 - - . ' ' I I. r r... .- --av' " ,,.4.f ' , f-""' , ,.,..,, .---Q' " -,,. A., ,.,.o"" Z""' .,.'..-1 ,P X. I 1 467' 5 -. L -NX -. ' f ' ,JL f-" 1 I- . . - ' ,,gWQ,I,f,,La,X.u-.4.Q ,,,. wg AL'-4 v m I- I.,--1,-,-. - II 1 I X- X .. X' - 1. X Xy Xjfmd 11 Lf, ,fLLQJ,:,AiXihw:2cJ,X'IXgk,u . XXX I, px . --.-. ., ,pw , - 4 ,JN . - ,4- -' I f-.' -147' I 4 , .. 4 -9 5- I ,J . ,I ,. ,A . '-. -. X 4 . . 2.1 1-2, 'Wai 1- 4- ff- -- ' I-"-4-7 ' -4. . hd. - - H "M -4 4 "'-5?3Yn"i.':E"" -J iw? " '.J"- 4 4 ?Qh"'w 4 H N"'.'-. ' ' ." X -5,414 .IIX' h,f - -- :Q frJ'X L my gy -"' - ' -I - 7 'I yy, X X- ,I , , .I .I nv. ,fIf.w f. K 4 ,. X I-. - 4..N . . 4 .4 x- - -H 1- Lf' 'V' ,ff-M X x ' , --.X ' ' f Q -x -4 ' "'-J ' ' :'i'f. 1 - "' 1 4 ' "'- -,X w I3 -51.Iff.- I . ., I 44 I-QXI X I xX 4. X x 4 4. 4 4 4 ,, . 4 . .RXXXX X yi 1 XX,XXX X If XXX ep- -4 . 4 XI 1 3 -LX XX X fl XX .XX X ',?'X .XXf. . X. P, ,,,- ' -fx 1 XX Xo 4I 'XXII' X X IXXIX. JNIXXX X .XX jf X K 1 XL XL ',' -X g X, l - XIXX Y XI ,X X , ,I , XX. - I 4XXIX X X' X. X- X ,ff ' ' W" - '- f 0? 1 ,ff f- .- fs- - N' 1 -X 7' W ' ' ' If--W' 4,,..i5kiII. XII! X 4 4- XX Xf Y I ff'-u A I , '-." I , CJ - ,-XI X II 'fi 4 X 72" If 'X - - A- ,X.. XIL' 1 , , v 9 X XX- y FI H I - 4 -NX'-4 . 3. yi- ' 1 4,1 My-w I.X 1,IXI '. I X. ,Q 1 X ,f Avi- -F Q1 I I x, -A-'Im , .f- - I-I X ' 'II . .4 - " ' 4 4 "' ,Q .., I 5 .. 1 1 4 --i. . 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'+ 13' . . . -VVa.VV.VQ.,VJ8, 1? -4 21. 5 V 'Q IVV c. ,, QV Ip, , 54 ' ' 1--5 S. E KQN r:5Qq-y?TY:k'a XV J ,I II .Iii .I NEWTON SOUTH . . . '69-'72 So many of us . . . who did I know? ... In the spring of 1970 I was fifteen years old and lying outside in the sun Spring 1970 a strike classes were stopped and we had some time to think . .. to think? .. . who did I know among the myriad of faces . . . telling myself in a couple of years I'll know some of these kids . . . a couple of years and I still see the faces decorating the grass . . . only now they're older walking by me walking by them hello hello? if 1 close my eyes there are flashes of moments . . . in the background . . . rows of emp- ty desks and the shuffle of feet in the background rows and rows of so many books . . . rectangular library windows . . . a mound of grass . . . another face . . . one continuous maze . . . so many books . . . I wanted to be a reader of books . . . a fine ambition with so many to read . , . how could I spend the rest of my life . . . reading books? . . . working in an office? . . . working? . . . thinking . .. I do that now in the background Newton South High School always the same chair in room 6208 . . . why did I always sit in that chair? . . . 1'm asking too many questions . . . have to know . . . losing myself in the weekends . . . East Rider and Romeo and Juliet , . .Fall 1970. . . elections. . .and everyone has a cause because... because... they want to help. . . help me! . . . am I selfish? . . . guilty? . . . alone? . .. unsure? . . . Everyone was all those things . . . parts of a world? . . . part ofa school? . . . part ofyourself. . . pieces. . . on a rainy day . . . about three o'clock . . . the lights inside a few classrooms gave an eerie glow within the depth of the fog . . . a warm glow? . . .for a moment it was . . .for a moment I was in a classroom. head in hand. . . my eyes drifting toward an open window . . . rows of trees behind rows of cars . . . rows .. . Alexander Hamilton . .. who? . . . winter world and mounds of powdery white . . . snow! . . .everybody always turned and watched the snow tumble and blur the rows of trees . . . everybody smiled at the snow . . . the courtyard was stark and silent . . .winter was so quiet . . . was I warm by a huge yellow fire? . . .skiing . . . the water seeping through my winter boots . . . so cold. . . in the background. . . a school .. . Mr. Geer on his bicycle . . . who's that English teacher on a motorcycle... I was suddenly riding in the old familiar bus . . . squeezed in a corner my head somehow emerged above a warm haze ofsmoke . . . my breath indistinguished . .. I was run- ning outside . . . it's haze streaming behind me . . . and where did I go? . .. I over- heard a voice once whispered in the library . . . "you cannot understand it because you're not me' '... ah . . . everything sounded so old . . . and the snow melted and people were flowing out . .. into the grass ... into the sun . . . the courtyards were green again .. . Another Spring? ... always another spring . . . l grew restless . .. I grew silent. . . so far I had read only four books . . . then four and a half. . . the rows were still there . . .inthe background . . . they will always be there . . . sometimes it's like being on a merry-go-round . . . one way to go . . . in circles . . . summer so brief . . . the sand smooth and dunes to hide in so far way . . . in the background a school ...a fire in the girls room . . . is it funny? . . . in class . . . 1 still heard the mur- mur. the rhythm . . . waves crashing ofthe sand . . . and my thoughts, my plans were slowly invisible . .. running away from me reaching for the beaches . . . it was like watching the tides get lower and the waves grow gentle . . . so far away . . . and you watch it all and God ---it I want to cry.. .Fall 1971 . . . Seniors!! . . . November 23... 10:30 and no heat. . .no school. . . and for a brief moment hundreds of kids are smil- ing and laughing . . . at a football game cold and feeling part of the tumbling colors ofbright uniforms . . . brilliant leaves . . .and bodies . . . voices . . .the frantic waving blue and orange . . . waving . . . goodbye? . . . and the leaves . . . rustling under my feet as I walk home in November . . . a lone leaf blowing across the street . . . I follow it. . . I am almost home. . . and in the background. . . no, I can't see it anymore. . . Caaron Belcher X X THE BALLAD OF THE BUMBLES A nostalgic look at chemistry labs There have been many couples and pairs on Skid Row That would make the most hardened soul flinchg But the most gruesome twosome of all that we know Is the lab team of Espy and Lynch. There was never a lab that the two couldn't foil By one gram, two pounds or an inchg Even water for cooling curves just wouldn't boil For the lab team of Espy and Lynch. Titrations-we thought we had them at last We knew that this lab was a cinch But they reached the endpoint and went right on past Did the lab team of Espy and Lynch. Their lack of destruction caused many a frown But Espy came through in the Clinch He busted a beaker just setting it down For the lab team of Espy and Lynch. Now there is a happy place somewhere, we hear, The home of the lark and the finchg But that isn't our school, for we live in fear Of the lab team of Espy and Lynch. -John Espy Q. f ,.- K' "Ns fa Wfws -'wr vw ,, 'V hx, dwg Nj 15 A 'NM ef' ' 2112 1 - " . ' 'Q' -T-ski. -G" - "f . ,,,,,, , Q" , ,gg 'x-:4 51 fimlfm N 31395 'lf' "?".' If ,, ,' A '- , ,Q W, , 'i. A , .7531 ' 4 f ':v' X ig .,5J 6 5, l w - - ' MG' H f V .A 3 ' '53 I ' 1 ' V 4 . L ' -7557 7f,'?7-'fy' ' X " - ' ' 3:93 ,"3 'WJ -ex V V, 1-' WI' IWPNVQ ,X-fy.. , mi .L y ffgwvrf' . 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Waiting in the wings, Intoxicated with the quaff of dreams Missing my cue I ran, Dashing on a moment too late. Standing in stage robes and Working a little like a sweating sisvphus I was miles away. Transported to a time when I was in the hollows of Hades Friendless and frightened Dutifully following the motions of living, I was only pretending to play Putting life off for another day. Those were times past When I longed for what was. The light was so dim that I stumbled. unseeing, in the maze of foothills. The Stone hurt my hands then And I bled. I might never have reached the summit If the clouds had not broken Showering hints of childish laughter and fragrance from OIympia's gardens. Wings spread, I was almost flying free Until suddenly, brought to reality I crashed. A bit embarrassed I motioned to speak But no words would come, The moment had passed. Mary Esquivel My mind fades and ripples like a translucent sky on an El Greco painting. It wavers with reflections of dark days gone by Vague and transparent images, whispering wornout stories haunt me. l'm like an old book that somebody read a long time ago and then forgot. Crazy words and pictures fill my head Until scene by scene, I remember The first chapter is about a thousand yesterdays ago When the sun didn't shine. I must have started on one ofthose rainy days When worried mothers peer out their windows, Wondering. Should they have taken the station wagon And picked me up from school? But no one ever got wet for me And I always made it until the next sun. I'm all about two people saying good-bye Not being able to understand why they didn't understand. My tears fell, echoing in the empty house. As silently as a funeral procession. I couldn't speak Afraid that the dead might arise And turn grin into frown Then dive head on Back into the grave. I'm all about freezing out the winter In a cardboard lean-to With an old parachute that we found somewhere for a roof A smoke filling our heads We were playing another mind game But where was my trip? I couldn't quite seem to get away. I'm all about speed and all those cars Whose names we didn't know Nor cared to. They'd scream past in a blur. leaving us behind hurting, Like cactii on a Lonely desert highway. Some times it's interstate 95 all over again. And I'm so scared that I won't catch the next connection. Mary Esquivel S -4 -..- Q , A QW' ' .. ,,,. 'U I3 A ,g,af:'fJg" j: a 4, if w tv. u- -fa .um I sq: 4 . y5A4"!Vi.'N .x 9 SJW! ...LA v ,..:. . . . - . . --.-.... ,.....-.- .. -.. ......,-.... A..--L - .. .... - ....- Yun.-K . ---' - - AYJ- ----J '..v-ann..-'.--f .4 .,- 'l " x l.,..,. ,fi-'.n - h 3?-m , ill' V- 4"2-t- Lit- 7-..,g fn,-1. .. -X ' T! il' ' V 3 ,' 2.1 18.4-'A- . V ,, . W., 174 xiv5A,56f5"- 11111-1QJwf'1iNn., . ' . ii --'QL Y , ., Y 1' l , ig- Y W, LQ.. ' v-i.-1-v-- -lv of ,, EQ-, Q ...,,.,,"'f'-hwQ,, - " li Q . ,, an M ' 'NI "1" ,qipwmruf 'G-1 ml 1- GA 'V' 1 -f A - -'- ag ,V , . -' X be "'ws. " 'f 'G 92.5 . P' X ' 41' . ' , f M fM,,g1-:gal HH mln Aww Aw ,A ,wyrf ' , ' viva. Q J -, . MWF? ... V gm' NHHDN' ' My ' ' K ',1, fi g., 4 w . Qu. , pi, M ,,, Q' W - 4" , M W -I .w',,.,,,,, A . 1 V 1 WA V ,"""F3w Q -,. ,, V jf ,..,,,, gN.'+,,..,?"' ,. ., " - 1- L, , . ' ' "" , ' X 3.-ef -., , . 'f'Hp-AIRS,-" A+' . ' vhlv W i W, . -pngav h dai Q3 A 1 .,..,3,,., W 'Q h J U -. , f A- , K 'Q ' we '-1 ' 'ix' M , ,A W X X I--mf-":.. ,wgw--:V M ,JH ,. 4,1 s: 1, ,:.4. www 4 QA ,R--mr FOQTBALL lst Row: Richard Dunne, Lenny Adelman, Dave Dolitika, Alan Backer, Co-captain Bob Levine. Co- captain David Lelchook, Howie Haimes, Ron Izen, Jimmy Sellinger, Roger Cooper. 2nd Row: Coach Tom Sleeves, Steve Bucavalus, Paul Pattison, Jim Curoso, Mike McDonald, Andy Moynahan, John Staulo, Ned Moan, Allan Grupp, Wayne Vespa, Coach George Winkler. 3rd Row: Coach McConnel, Cary Benjamin, Tony Lombardo, Dennis Anesthia, Pat Daley, Haskell Kingston, David Shields, Art Murphy, Peter Sullivan, Hal Bennet, Charles Bond, Coach Aredis Kojoyian. 4th Row: Mike Penso. Scott Kase, Brian Cocoran, Paul Kelly, David Thompson, John Pershe, Roger Fontechio, Steven Rit- tenberg, Tom Lane, Jeff Grossman, Coach "Spike" Young. "Wait until next year", cried Coach George Winkler as the 1970 Football season ended. We all waited and Courageous George didn't let us down. His football machine compiled a 5-3 regular season record, while putting Newton Centre on the map. In the opening game the team lost to Bedford. However, it was the scorching sun that was their real enemy. For when the fourth quarter started most of the boys could hardly walk, let alone play. As the rest of the season rolled on, conditions improved and the team turned into a consistent winner. Of the many wins the Weston victory stands out the most. Pre- viously unbeaten, Weston came in a heavy favorite. When they left, however, their record was tarnished. For South came through with a spectacular upset, which actually brought tears to Coach Kojoyian's eyes. South's other victims were Lincoln-Sudbury, Acton-Boxboro, Lyn- nlield, and Westwood. Standouts were many this year. On offense the big names were Lelchook, Haimes, and Adelman fnot necessarily in that orderj. For Haimes proceeded to break all rushing records while Lelchook un- selfishly did the blocking. As for Lenny Adelman his greatness was rewarded by being chosen first string offensive tackle on the Dual County All-American squad. On defense the names Cooper, Backer, Levine, and Izen ring through the helmets of their opponents. Each one giving ll0fZv every game. Other men contributing to South's great year were: Dave Dolitika lSouth's greatest centerl, Andy Moynahan, Mike McDonald, Brian Cocoran, Ned Moan, Richie "the toe" Dunne, John Staulo and last but not least Ethan Frenier. FOOTBALL SCORES We Tliev 6 Bedford I9 28 Lincoln-Sudbury 8 28 Weston 13 0 Wayland 28 32 Acton-Box 18 26 Lynnfield 6 24 Westwood 20 18 St. John's Prep 20 178 1 fl ' . WW if 1'f,',, V r -4-un-uilY C l7"1l' A rfxy i '- r xx' . , 4? in uf' 1 ' '. , , 0-Q -P Q 4 0 ,N I 'Z 5 ... al- ' Vin 'ian' ww 179 j--ru WWW' Amr al :- ,. ff' W O u N 1 ilfi' Ui A04 wtf lf if X , . ': ,171 .' L, 'M 180 s yxqrv s., on lu E". YQ..-we-. LL.: qc" .QV 45' "' - ' r' '5f"4'i 3, . , Q h, -1. -I 13 ' 1 ' lf- 3 '... ' sat-ff. '94, Q f, .- LGA si' ,ff .I in No .1 S 'VW' fl 1 Y vq ,In if ,,3:J"'z'f, Apr: f , I--fltlxwiim. XA' wie- 051: 'f ' 5 f 2'-1 ,' x 5H'f4FfHx ,wg , ' A Wea' 'A X .1 i '1'f"'5. . -4.5! gi It . 2 . 'my R, it l .W rl I, i '1 SOCCER SCORES Lynniield Lincoln-Sudbury Wayland Bedford Weston Acton Lynnfield Lincoln-Sudbury Wayland Bedford Weston Acton SOCCER Thev 4 5 2 2 2 2 2 5 2 l 0 2 lla Q 1-. , "W-' "' all. "" -4 -iffy I." -' -1- s,, , , ,V .,, ,a ,voi"wQf'i 'WL"'lY' 'siia""i5f'ifmff- ' .-. V 4 'i"'vKL. 'rm ."" . 44: A-, ' 4 ,. 1- , ', rf ,-1.1: -V -. ,ga-. '.z.aLa,,5 , ei-:J .' 9-W 'J M. r. ':-Q '1-Lf'w+:.f-' 'fiiffri 'ci A , -f?+4"'..,,.':M...fF?3fr1. 'fffze 1"ff'ai?.22'ff1f15:":iT xi. ff .,"L3.1-'-' H.. lst Row: Aris Bidianos. 2nd Row: Robert Shahon. Allan Fisher. Gerry Moore, Charles Appelstein. Alex Landy. 3rd Row: Manager: Mark Fienstein. Kenny Green. Mark Dixie. Jim Noymer. Eliot Loew. Paul Murphy. Roy Linn. Rich Izen. Steve Aries. Lee Grossman, Coach Coven. Tree: Dan Snyder, Mike Gordon The Soccer team had an interesting and different season. Their overall record was tive wins, six losses, and two ties. As you can see, they won some and they lost some. But the real story of the team is with its players. Sophomore Aris Bidianos, the center of the team. has potential to be a great player. He had a very successful season, and will be back again for two more years. His excellent spirit and friendliness boosted the moral ofthe team. Steve Aries is one of the exceptional soccer players on the squad. A fullback. Steve played outstandingly throughout the season. Coach Coven believes Steve is one of the finest fullbacks in the league. The fact that he played next to Charley Appelstein most of this year didn't hurt him any either. You simply can't look bad next to him. Captain Rich lzen and Elliott "Athlete of the Month" Loew were the high scorers this year. Paul Murphy. Captain Lee Grossman, and Roy Linn were the offense starters. To put it bluntly, the offense should have scored many more goals than they did. The opportunity manifested itself throughout the season. The defense however was quite adequate. The halfbacks and Dan- iel Snyder played quite well. Captain Gerry Moore served as the in- spirational leader of the defense. The other players could all but look up to this great individual. Alex "Lifeless" Landy. Mark Dixie. and yes, Dan Snyder supplemented Moore at the halfback position. Gary Ross, the Goalie. had an interesting season. He played half the season on his death bed suffering from an acute case of mo- nonucleosis. If Gary had been healthy the remainder of the season. the squad would have had a chance at winning a lot more games. l'sl .1 r i w V SQCCER :wi V N w ' 'fy' 5' N wa wr- fr -.. ,M .gmt Q i. i X ss -. ,. V K '- Q9 ,I 8 " K: my V V Q1 x. ' r f ' I - -y , . 2-5.,.,.zgT2gg1 1 V " w. ' KX A4 . -- W . ra w-.5-,. , . QT. , V N t ,, 4- iw? ' 3, w s -ff - X ' 'BGP ff? . , A ,- . ""' aw. G A ' 3'NvF5'f-fklxEf'f4fxS f :V 1 H N ' ' Q 1 , ' . . . . ' f ' ' X 2 ,si ., my ,r ,Q ax 'T' ....,....,,, , Q M - 2 ffm . . V :.,+ .ff Q: f y W V , ' -. - X A Vw Q ' . , M V ff L y . A , 5 ' - fb 1 ge A' ' Q 5 "' 'kts - ' J fw 1,1 ' , 4 - V ', 1 l . QV' . l -sm, Q ' M ,, , ,. uqV,,.:, QL, . . .lf'v'Hpuf4:.A.: sa? 4 vQ'fiA!.jj,,,Jgfi?KL5g3-Qff .N , X, . 1. V .g- bf., 'Mfg ' 4,4 ' . A 4 - 1 f 1 H tif' QQ, ,Q du92u,,""?: -f ' lim l .K 14" "vii 'Eff' ?,rAY"e, Us -' ' ' at " M ' x vfifnl al ' 'gZ5'1'?3'W""!. V A ' ' 'Ag-. 5 ' gl 'Q ' . L! if Wkji. ' 'vgrrsi-ZX yf:.Q- is ' Qi A 1 'Y zf"X' we ,'s':.xr14--as f,g,g ,Qs . ,. .. mswsgvxw-"V, U ' i 5 A I it , , 'ia 'f' , ,. '-V 1 f 1-'- 'L' ,Y .f f - f y .:," , vA . , A. ,114 .,'. fy P ,J ' . .4 f., ,, I .fr 'ffffxiq L"5'z , 'Ext ff - q .5 LU '22 aw - ' fa , -, ., ' A ,- wx.- - " ,fw5"ie f-aff-' .f'n,t4"flf-V-1.1!v" 1 V , H ,, . 71 .. ,..,,,-J '9 , """'lA MP5 .fa ..,,,., K L" """ ?"f,'- 5, 'W -f ...ff-v-mfnuf-2 N 1 182 K 0 L, 0 -:N ' ' 1 I O ' 4 ' " s 4 , 1. f y,,,,,,., , H, . 'I vi, wiv. 1 ,VA f 1 M I x px Vu I 5, Mr is ., 'Y' . ? . sf 1 , I, I .a r . W Q .ff D f f FV' Q ' A .1'?iflQ, . --4 f fi ,f l Tiff". ' 1...-- 'H' 'ii wif! 5, 'fi Y . ' 1-v 5Ef 1f 23-7' P k ,1"'F4','f','i 4' 9330 If ' .'-.Mi if xfflv , ,"" Ju" ' if ' fa li 5 , fly' f'f', ' ,!u'?' ,yr w iy f x 'I P xi NHPF I - x 'ff 4 - 1: I 1: XKQWE Iifu l ' fg 91" N ' .' :Ll-"ff-A 'wb A- JH: ,f J K- . . .1 ,- '. , 21" A .gi ,gui 11, ' A , 4' ,X ' , . ',. -g 'f' ,gf 4 . M-v f M Q , .1 v. ...... . .- -- - . , 2' , " ' 1 ,N F ,fx , ,, ,.- ...- .. ' .-.,.4,....,.:..4--C15 ,-l -'M ""4' .. has " Cross Country Team Captain Matt Williams Howie Frutkoff Mike Pottey John Mason Jack Ferreri Adam Nisson Chuck Horioka Jim Thorne Byron Ress Dave Robinson CRQSS CQUNTRY J CI. 1 30 IH Once again the cross country season was, "the year that almost was". "the guys who almost were" and "the team that almost did." Yet there is an interesting story behind this team and their players. As the captain promised at the beginning of the season, the times were shorter and the records were better. This is not to make Ivan the Terrible look like St. Francis of Assisi, but simply to remind the student body that there was a promise made and a promise kept. Nobody decided to leave because he "didn't like it." No one left saying "it's all a shame and a fake", no one quit because he didn't End something he thought he should have. Often there seemed little hope: there was little "thrill ofvictory" and a good deal of "the agony of defeat" but we did something we wanted to do, simply because we enjoyed doing it, and no amount of raw-meat-psych-out can convince me that we should have been out there winning by feet or by cheat. What we won, we won fair, with a good effort. What we lost, we lost fair, with a good effort, I would not change the record-book. Perhaps we lacked the killer in- stinct of a starting center lineman, the essential toughness of the sharp eyed goal- tender, or the cool headed speed of a quarter back, but we feel at home in the jock world. because what we did was valid and meaningful and respected. Thus the question of what happened is answered: there were two wins against twelve losses for the season and an embarrassing shutout in the League meet. There will always be someone who will infer that we're a bunch of phonies who think that we're athletes because we put on uniforms and wear fancy sneakers, so here's to Howie Frutkoff. Sophomore "4ilVz" Byron Ress, Jack "joke for all sea- sons" Freeri twho was elected captain after only one year-man is he unaware of what he's getting intoll John "Graffiti" Mason, Jim Thorne, Charlie "the Chanter" Horioka, Adam Nisson, Mike Pottey twho kept muttering "Why am I here? after every race, like his brother, he loves running-I didn't think the chances of his quitting were any better than the chances of our getting up the nerve to throw the captain in the showersy, and Dave Robinson. Here's to Acton when it rained. and to what Weston tried to pass off as a cross country track, and of course to the Divisional race twhich we nearly missedl-I will always remember Mr. Geist arriv- ing on the starting line with our numbers in his hand, a perturbed look on his face and the sound of the starting gun still in his ears. It is true, what this man says about the fancy sneakers, but he who claims that cross country is not a man's sport speaks with a definite forked tongue. We leave you something you didn't ask for. We leave something you might not even know fmuch less carey about. But we leave it to you because there was never any serious question in our mind that it was a good thing to do. It is untarnished by glory-getters, unworried by defeat, unconcerned about records and uncertain about "next year" only in saying "how much better?" We give you cross country. We give you its athletes. Athletes not because they wear uniforms. not because they belong to a recognized squad, not because they desired victory. but because. above all, each man on that squad liked running. 18. GIRLS FIELD HOCKEY The young women of the Newton South field hockey team had a very difficult season this Fall, texemplified by the fact that they scored not one goal in appro- ximately ten gamesl. Yet their tough defense provides the equilibrium for at least an adequateteanr 'The young ladhs are underthe guidance of"LegsM Blanchard.I1eringenious defensive strategy makes Melvin Laird expendable. Now to give you a brief review of the playersg Marilyn "kick save" Savage is the goalie. Her reflexes are unquestionably fast. She was undoubtedly one of the main cogs on defense. Laurie "blondie" Spinks, Captain Mary "body check" Cor- bett and Karen "watch out" Shamban kept opposing girls from mounting an of- fensive. The rough and ready defense was complemented by such standouts as for- wards Ehse'jnHaveru ToEas,Jane NdapshoV'l1owmrd and Lxnuse'Whe husdef' Backer My justification for not mentioning every girl is that the entities contributing to this great team are too profuse to list in one article. Special mention should be said for Lauren Tofias. Even though she couldn't play, her free time was still spent contemplating on how to aid and assist the team, Lauren is only a junior and we expect to see her swinging a stick better than ever next year. That hope may be a bit excessive yet the team should improve with a year's practice. 1 'Y' x 0 l e ' J . M , ,' ,1-fr'-if-.aagg A, . - ., . N v 1 1 A- . 'I 4, -f , J Q eiiiiiiiiit-'IEEE' -'1 f' IIE! l 184 WL., i .. 3.2. litu- .12 6, Y T i'lll if if ll ll -o ll 4 rs- . 1 pt! S JW' :- Y 5 rm uf - M. 7 WL' , M kr lst Row: Miss Blanchard. Martha Snodgrass, Diane Wiest. Shirley Reid. Mich- elle Heard, Laura Spinks, Patty Meinhardt. Miss Wright. Znd Row: Donna Calderone, Lauren Tolias, Amy Glick. Jane McMullin. Karen Bayne. 3rd Row: Toby Leventhal. .lane Rogers, Elise Tofias, Lucy Gove, Renee Parker. Kathy Ball Girl's Gymnastic Scores North Reading 48.95 Newton South 54.65 Brookline Andover Medford Lexington Burlington 53.90 Newton South 62.45 54.45 Newton South 63.05 28.50 Newton South 57.70 74.50 Newton South 76.20 66.54 Newton South 67.10 Masconomet 40.95 Newton South 65.30 GIRLS GYMNASTICS EXCEPTIONAL This Year the Girl's Gymnastic Team had its most successful season in the school's history. After losing one of their first meets to Newton High. the team went on to win its next seven meets, com- piling an impressive record of 8-l. The season was climaxed by an exciting victory over previously undefeated Lincoln-Sudbury. causing a three way tie for first place in the league, and qualifying the team to enter State wide team competition. The team's success this year can be credited to the hardwork and determination of the gymnasts. and their coaches, Miss Ann Wright and Miss Judy Blanchard. The girls improved exceptionally as the season progressed, putting forth a unified team effort during competition. Six girls qualified for state individual competition tsecond most in the statet. The team will loose several talented seniors but it has a strong nucleus of experienced juniors and promosing sophomores to lead it to another successful season next year. GYMNASTS HAVE RESPECTABLE SEASON The Newton South gymnasts finished the season with a respectable 3-7 record. The team per- formed well considering its inexperience. Seniors on the team led the squad, Bill Walsh, rings: Mark Tighe, parallel bars: Albie Shapiro. side horseg and Tom Lane, floor exercise. These impres- sive seniors also won in many other events. The team's juniors look very good for next year. Gary Framson will be on long horse and floor exercises. Performing on the bars and rings will Bruoe King, Larry Baruch, Mark Forte. and Jay Levine in varied events will all be part of the starting team next season, and did an admirable job this year. The highlight of the season was a victory over cross-town rival, Newton High, three-time defend- ing Suburban League Champions. South toppled Newton High 86.65 to 83.35. The Lions put on their best show of the season, getting clutch performances from many individuals to give Newton the defeat. Much credit goes to Coach Steeves who is steadily improving the squad. The future looks good with many juniors returning and the addition of some sophomores. 5 :ff fi 1- rqsil' 'iwikx r lf? a ' W ' 4 5-as I 433 gm .gm Z lst Row: Steve McElroy. Bob Ronayne. Brian Kelly. Jim Caruson. Kurt Johnston. Joe Pittman. Stan Mescon. 2nd Row: Coach McPhee. Rich Tedeshi. Ken Aries. Mike Raymond. Steve Owens. Rich Dunne. Ken Bianco. Jon Rosenberg. Jim Kavanaugh. Dave Rourke. Mark Sturnick. Doug Furbush, Coach McBride lt was another rebuilding year for the hockey team. Coach McPhee and his squad of tough jun- iors, rookie sophomores and veteran seniors suffered a disappointing season. The team results of 4- 8-2. show their record for the year but neglects to show the talents and efforts displayed by the in- dividuals. Co-Captains Bob Ronayne and Joe Pittman proved themselves worthy of their esteemed position to their teammates and Coach McPhee. The offense was given by seniors Bob Ronayne. Doug Furbush and Ken Aries. Impressive juniors in the offensive line up were Jim Kavanaugh. Rich Te- deschi and Mark Sturnick. Ken Bianco. who is a sophomore this year showed great potential while starting with the Lions. The net-minder for the Lions this season was junior Jim Caruso who showed great ability at times. Caruso had experienced help in the defensive zone with the duo of Rich "Charcoal" Dunne and Stan Mescon both who are seniors. Rick Voss. Steve Owens and Jon Rosenberg all juniors dis- played their ability in the defensive positions. Backing up Caruso in the nets this season was soph- omore goalie Brian Kelly who will be a great asset in the future. The Lions are losing seven seniors and they leave to their remaining teammates and Coach McPhee dreams and hopes that were never fulfilled. Hockey Scores Bedford 7 Newton South 2 Bedford 3 Newton South l Acton-Boxborough Weston l Newton South 5 2 Newton South 2 Acton-Boxborough Westwood 2 Newton South 0 5 Newton South l Lynntield l Newton South 0 Westwood l Newton South 5 Lincoln-Sudbury 2 Newton South 7 Lynnfield 6 Newton South 3 Wayland 4 Newton South l Lincoln-Sudbury 2 Newton South 2 Weston l Newton South 2 Wayland 7 Newton South 0 fllfj sa 565 1 ' IA -' , , ..l , I "? u. 5 5-. .L L.. ,,. .1 JI I .,'., ,41 .1 'YQWHI tA'7nl"f FA ' it 14 W r . kb I silt, ua' ui 04.0 asf, ,1 N ,nv-M V . v, ' al X193 J SX Nr' '94 br rs? Basketball Scores Newton North 60 Newton South 56 W'f""i Boston Latin 87 Newton South 43 St. Sebastians 69 Newton South 53 Roslindale 57 Newton South 67 Bedford 81 Newton South 9l Lincoln-Sudbury 65 Newton South 60 Wwwwd 73 Newton South 80 lst Row: Ethan Freniere, Trainerg Bill Hoban. Captaing Ron lzen, Captaing Richard Lymlmeld 44 Newton South 62 lzen. 2nd Row: Ned Moan, Robert Levine, Frank McGowan, Michael Lushan Acton-Boxborough 6l Newton 5011111 67 Wayland 59 Newton SOL1lh 62 Weston 48 Newton South 81 Bedford 58 Newton South 72 Lincoln-Sudbury 67 NCWIO11 South 69 Westwood 74 Newton South 69 Lynniield 46 Newton South 76 Acton-Boxborough 65 Newton South 58 Wayland 52 Newton South 5l Weston 61 Newton South 72 Boston Latin 83 Newton South 54 NEWTON SOUTH CAGERS FINISH STRONG The Lion's led by a string of hot shooting guards finished one of the most illustrious seasons in their short history. The Lions finished third behind Westwood and Lincoln-Sudbury respectively. One of the contests that really sticks out is the Lincoln-Sudbury game. South won in a thriller 69-67 South was sparked by the exceptional shooting and playmaking prowess of Billy Hoban. He pumped in 15 points plus five eye opening 25 foot corner shots. Ron lzen chipped in with 9 points and Pete Sullivan cashed in 4 clutch foul shots near the end to ice the game. Other players for the Lions this year were Ned Moan tonly a junior! a scrappy guard with good speed. Rich lzen and Chuck Adcock two solid front line subs that made resting the regulars easy. Mike Ditillipo and Randy Lampert gave South's two rugged good shooting, rebounding forwards. They were major contribution to the teams success. Special congratulations to Coach Phinney for organizing a sold team. His squad was unselfish giving up sparkling individual statistics for victories. Biggest Break: Picking up the 3 Sacred Heart playersg Difillipo. Hoban and Sullivan. The award for the best individual performance for one game went to Billy Hoban in the West- on game. The 5'7" player scored 24 points and played excellent defense. This season produced a great South team. next year hopes are bright for the Lion Cagers. l88 l r ,3 4 .L4SJ. -45- V G A j wg QQ Y, i , f . 4, . X 4 , 1. , W X W 'wi g if ff , if M 1 sb A FT? ,. -pup-any , w J 'ff 5 . . y x wif ff f A " .4 Q ,T " i in 5 A Y -f A fi f , , .' " ,, 1 6' 'I 1 f f, . ,fn f 5 1 1 i f 2 f , v 3 ,. Y. as 1, e w , x fag A . 31 4 ev ls 6 JU , I ff I G 1 A, , I digit ,mf lf, Za Q V W J I Q 5 5 l Q f 4 W-M, ' 2 ,,, ' v w. E '1 N mx Q W! ' v W ii '-WZ . ...- ff W I J 'ii asf . ,- , '7-fr 4 ' 1 'jg ' f A 5 . 3:73971 -gf' , ffgy' -'Z '1 ',fg'iZi2J:ig43: 43 Q ' 'f v " ' A,,.f.,fg ,Q HIP I J '2?fjPf5, :, fsfiifw... . .v 'lm ,' , . A7 rw-gif, Y fp - C ' , , ... Lf W 1 TZ , , H , , L ,. Q W k 44, ,,, ,nf V A' -, ' , M ,. wi- I f ' A14 A- ,- 189 gsm? .A . -X . 5 fart El . lst Row: Al Gird. Howie Frutkoff, John Ramariez. Paul Murphy. Rich Hill. Mike Forman. Jim Sellinger. David Lelchook. Lenny Adelman. Ind Row: Brian Corcoran. David Berkowitz. Rich Hyman. Mike McDonald. John Staulo, Haskell Kingston. Paul Linn Wayne "Pugsley" Vespa. Adam Nisson. 3rd Row: Alan Reef. Barry Levinson. David Shields. Walter Fatini. Steve Kramer. Art Murphy. Mike Shockett. Pat Nuzzi. 4th Row: Coach Koioyian. Coach Nathanson GRAPPLERS ENJOY ANOTHER SEASON In rather familiar fashion. Coach Koioyian's grapplers swept through the season with a 14-2 record. the two losses were to State champs Wayland. and cross-town rival Newton High. Beginning with the 100 pound weight class all the way up to unlimited, the Lions displayed strength and skill. In the 100 pound weight class two sophomores, Paul Linn and Mike Shockett performed admirably the whole season. At the next weight Al Gird, along with Paul Linn were the Lion's only undefeated grapplers. Following Al was Co-captain Mike Forman, who had his second straight outstanding season. He was followed by John Ramirez. a "clutch', performer. and Co-cap- tain Rich Hill who compiled an outstanding record. In the next weight class, Paul Murphy did an admirable job all season. He was the Lion's only District champ. Two juniors. David Berkowitz and Rick Hyman wrestled well the whole season, and gave Coach Kojoyian a good nucleus on which to build. Brian Corcoran is also a good prospect for next year. Mike McDonald in the 157 pound weight class compiled a fine record. After being out all last season Jim Sellinger came back and wrestled well. Dave Lelchook wrestled the last half of the season and did an excellent job. Rounding out the team in the unlimited class were Lenny Adelman. who improved considerably, and junior John Staulo who did an excellent job as a back up. With a very strong nucleus returning next year, the Lions will have another outstanding season. Congratulations to the team on a great season. -A-I N I ' .1 4 6 1.- . sf. 3 E? lifts .4 -J ' ,E Q-Litas t. I 44, 0. 'lpfa Y . 'inf 1 -' ' ' -ol , , ,h,.,,, . r 51 Wrestling Scores Needham 22 Walpole 13 Wellesley l2 Lexington 9 Brookline 24 Lincoln-Sudbury 2 Newton North 24 Weston ll Milford 20 Framingham ll Wayland 36 Waltham 3 Ashland I0 Concord-Carlisle 12 Stoughton 6 Foxboro 8 Newton South 27 Newton South 37 Newton South 33 Newton South 42 Newton South 26 Newton South 53 Newton South 22 Newton South 56 Newton South 37 Newton South 37 Newton South l7 Newton South 56 Newton South 35 Newton South 36 Newton South 42 Newton South 39 191 Nwmwm -as . 4 , V- Q1 -fy: ..- , ,.,.V r v W' ' F ., - . -N 1 P A I f - M A .. V' . no- -sw guyz' -ht N Q U' -,. I WK .. . A --1-,M -- , ., Richard Resnick. Eliot Loew. Coach Sutherland INDOOR TRACK IMPROVING Under the able leadership of Co-captains Charlie Appelstein and Howie Haimes, the Indoor Track team finished the season with a commendable 3-4 record, and improvement over last win- ter's 2-5 record. This put the Lions in a three-way tie for fourth place in the Dual County League. After demolishing Bedford 56-30 on opening day. the team dropped the next three meets to the leagues power houses Westwood. Wayland and Acton-Boxborough. Then, a heartbreaking 44'6 to 4l'f: loss to Weston shattered the Lions hopes of making this their first winning season since 1965- 1966 when they were the state champion. However, the determined tracksters made a strong come- back and were even more impressive in the season finale then they were in the season opener, crushing Lynnfield 65-20. At this meet. the Lions captured all but one ofthe ten events. At the All League Meet. the team finished fifth overall with eleven points. Senior Ken Green, the Lion's top scorer of the season with 44'f: points. placed third in the high jump and tied for sec- ond in the 45 yard hurdles. Other award winners were Howie Haimes who stumbled to a fourth place finish in the 40 yard dash and Mike McKinney who tied for fourth place in the hurdles. The relay team. composed of Haimes Roy Linn. Green and Chuck Linda, placed fifth. The outstanding trackmen were John Mason and Charlie Horioka in the two mile, Byron Ress and Jim Thorne in the mile. Jack Ferreri in the 1000. Chuk Linda and Roy Linn in the 600. Eliot Loew and Howie Haimes in the 40 and 300, Ken Green and Mike McKinney in the high jump and hurdles. and Charlie Applestein in the shot put. Despite the gaps to be left in various events by graduating seniors, Coaches Don Sutherland and Jim Blackburn expect the team to continue its upward trend next year. lst Row: Gary McKenzie. Howie Haimes. Charlie Appelstein. Mike McKinney, Kenny Green Josh Mann David Robinson. 2nd Row: Chuck Horioka, Steve Miller. Jack Ferreri. 3rd Row: Steve Shecter Jim Costa ,G 50, ,. W Z- . 0 Y' f n is ' I A 'LA 4 .' J 2- 1 O if Q'f:'.' nA Q O ,Q rs .I Y U 'V , ' ,A 1' - 4. z-- :L 'W'-i H 53 "v f X- I L '-', 5 X1 , ,gif VW' -E rece.-'r Vlr Don 1ld Sh tw Advlxor Mm B trb 1r.1 Epstein Lttgrtrw Advtsor A 1 ah -1 1. U L2 Li .A A 4 . lg U lxt Row Bury Okun Photogrlphw Ldllltl' Ptult M trtus Future l'dxtor Llurln Cmruenbattntg Layout Edltor Hope Wtrshaw Ct pw bdttot Sum: CllldNl0l1L Assnst mt Ldltor Ron Bello Audno Engnneer 2nd Row Lmdt Stone Pubhuty Editor Caaron Bel thtr Lltcrdry Editor Dtvtd Goldberg Sports Edltor ltnet Izen Ad Edttor Rtthtrd Gordon: Buxmesi Manavnr SUSIE Lttnn 5 PHOTQGRAPI-IY STAFF " '.mn. ,, , I nz fi H D0 Q.. H A' Mr. Robert Andrews. Art Advisor I S I Barry Okun. Editurg Michael Terner 903, ,C,,,,- ,. u-an-4---, li EZ C El 9 U r M , 353 ' J ,.. 4 , ii l'1af.swaH t gg PM lxt Row: Donna Marcovitch, Sally Lipmn, Hope Warshaw. Znd Row: Laurie Grccnhziumg Editor, Judy Mo- nossong Assistant Editor l 2, DATA STAFF lilo BUSINESS STAFF H O T 4 A Ricky Gordon, Editorg Betxy Wm: Q XAts CCDPY STAFF lxt Row: Hope Warshaw, Edltor. 2nd Row: Cathy Bull Betxy Wtse, Patti Ellis. Mary June Kavunuugh pq V. F!""S'l? .faq as-.. .. Mxxanvauusg I .... lxt Row: jottnnc D1Nt1pol1, Joyce Holzman, 2nd Row: Jane Kapan. Editor: Susie Lttvin. Lee ShuImz1n.NancyGehr. Betsy Gordon. Holly Caxper E6 .l U Y ggi. Y iiillt E pun' FEATURE STAFF LITERARY STAFF of av' Q., J' 1 :l2v:.2i.?'2":4,g ' Lucy Ross, Vicki Poorvu, Paula Marcus, editorg Charlie Applealein. Lee Shulman Jill Schneicr. Caaron Belcher, Editorg Marcy Bloom Jane Kaplan, Susie Litvin, cditorg Nancy Gehr lst Row: Linda Stone. Edilorg Richard Mover, Pamela Goff 197 SPECIAL THANKS TO: Charlie Appelstein Richard Silver David Schlakman Denebola SPGRTS STAFF lst Row: Judy Monoxson. 2nd Rowi David Goldberg, Iiditorg Charlie Applemtein, Ricky Gordon. Tom O'Mallcy 196 ART STAFF Wayne Morrix. Editor: Art Staff: Glen Calmux, Margie Madfis. Joanne Meirov- itz Rosalind O'Young. Lisa Shubin. Mar- cia Stiger, Jane Vengrow. Gil Kane. ADVERTISING STAFF i . 38 Q. 'Xl' " tm? If , ,, xf lxt Row: Cheryl Goldberg, Lawry Payne, June Levine, Znd Row: Cathy Ball, Betsy Wise. Ricky Gordon. Ja- net Izen. Editor1 Donna Dubinxky Patti Illlix. Ellen Faber. Missing: Bill Walsh. Jim Goodman David Schlakman, Janice Kaplan, Mr. Ronald Adams Mark Levine, Mike Forman ...A-1' 1' 5 Ii' ' If ' A? J gi Y 'I a., ' ,fora bd fuk.. An J dddd , K A g 94 syn,-rf. 2? . I 'V I 'vw' 5:1 ' ,, f, l , lf W ri fi , ff ' We lfmr, ' 5, issued 17 times a year by the students of NEWTON SOUTH HIGH SCHOOL to publish the news, air student opinion, and serve as a record. Editors ln Chief, Janice Kaplan and David Schlalxrnan News Editor, David Edelstein Asst. Editor, Sue Goorvieh Features Editor,l-eah Freed Asst. Editor, Amy Waterman Fine Arts Editors, Bobby Beaser and Richie lfcvine Editorial Editor, Lynnie Greene Asst, Editor, Chuck Kaplan Sports Editor, Mark Levine Asst. Editor, Michael Forman Clubs Editor, Debbi Friedlander Exchange Editor, led Roniariow Photography Editor, Richard Silver Advertising Manager, Arlene Kanter Asst. Manager, Paul Stern Circulation Manager, Judy Kushner Asst. Manager, Michael Conlon Copy Editor, Linda Wolfson Typing Editor, Laurie Calmus Asst. Editor, Patti Ellis 199 Ted Rmnznmww. Lynme Greene Mixsmg' Fhuck Kaplan 1 in-.. ' X Judy Kushner. Mrchzzel Gordon. Arlene Kanter WSE 1 C I JI' mild' f 59' :UU Partly' Ellls. Lgrurre Calmux. Rlehurd Sllver. Lmdu Woltkwn Bobby Beaser, Amy Waterman, Mimi Axelrod. Leah Freed. Richie Levine x ki S i . BRI' Ya Sue Goorvich, David Edelstein, Debbie Freidlander 701 UNI N e QPFICERS 5 l Lauren Totias. Secretiiry1 Mark Levine. President. Paul Abbey. Treuxurerx Richard Hill. Vice presi- dent STUDE FACULTY FORUM " eng , A-W Tl f .H lst Row: David Schlakman. Mr. MacKerron. Mrs. Ravenscroft, Laurie Clamus. Judy Fabricant, Amy Waterman. 2nd Row: Dann Perlman. Miss McLane. Mrs. Rothenberg. Stephen Levin. Mr. Geddes. Mr. Heck. Andy Schulman. Robert Sloane. Jim Richmond 202 ll lil SCPI-IOMORE CLASS CQMMITTEE 17 Y l 1 A 1 lst Row: Amy Blum. Alan Barnett, Shelley Needleman. Znd Row: Mark Levine Qasxistunt senior advisory. Debby Bluestone. Andy Schulman, David Heymann. Sandy Copmzin, Larry Shulkin. Mark Flicop. Gary Sandler, Janet Pearlmulter lxenior advimry .v SE IDR CLASS COMMITTEE Zlll 'fav lst Ruw: Amy Sugarmun. Secretary Laura Berkowitz. Treasurer: Stun Meseon. Vice Prexrdent. Ind Ruwg Amy Zoll. President lx! Row: Maru Burkow. Laurie Greeribuum. Ind Row: Stun Mes- eim. Betsy Wixe, .lame Levine. 3rd Row: Bill Walxh, Suxie Gladstone. Mr. Jurneson, Rich Silver. 4th Row: Amy Zoll, Amy Sugarrnun. Luuru Berkowitz ,ff SYMPOSIUM COMMITTEE GRADUATIO COMMITTEE F 2 , I A n A -ff? lst Row: Arlene Kanter. Stanley Meseon. 2nd Row: Paula Marcus, Mitchell Riese. Susie Gladstone, Barbara Bikofsky, Chantal Razel. John Bell PROM COMMITTEE HO if 44 ,fb , lst Row: Howie Smith, Amy Sugarman, Advisorg Laurie Green- baum. Chairman: Donna Marcovitch. 2nd Row: Marji Borlow. Assistant Chairmang Bernie Metussi, Patti Ellis. Aaron Finkstein. Arnie Hinglemeyer lst Row: Amy Glick. 2nd Row: Ellen Lewis, Cathy Ball, Janet Izen. 3rd Row: Sherri Kopelman. Audrey Gluntx. Patti Ellie. Joanne Napoli. Donna Muciarone, 4th Row: Jane Levine, Co- Chairmang Laura Berkowitz, Advixorg Betsy Wise, Co-chairman 205 ,J E WHL? '24 ' fy ,A n., ll. few kk ,affix 2 ,J PE? " ' f ' 5 f ,Q ' H - r fr: f 2 X , 5 ..,, ,.., , , . N42-Y ,, M N, lst Row: .ludy Kuxhner. 2nd Rww: Lucy Gove. Toby Levenlhal. 3rd Row: Murjie Borkow. Michelle Allxhuler, Diana Kelly. .lame McMullin, Leslie Stein. Sue Cutler CHEERLEADERS MAIDRETTES ,j , lst Row: Diane Wiest, .ludy Freedman. Diane Cole. 2nd Row: Lisa Tzmnenbuum. -U6 Linda Celli V L! f-"MQ L5 1 2 L 2 Z 'Ne . ,- , f 501 . 5 ,vs " 1,454 4 '4 R5 PI G r PONG , .N I, X 5 ,L TEAM f W' f W A I 9 Q , , Corey Cutler. Chung Wung. Mike Fein. Alun lfixher. David Jacobs. ilel'fCranier. Brad Anthony GIRLS ATHLETIC ASSOCIATIO ' I i I 1 I I i I l E i lst Row: Marilyn Savage. Sue Cutler. Donna Volpe. Jane McMullin. 2nd Row: Carolyn Clark. Karen Baseman. Claire Backer. ' Liz Young, Jane Harwood. Barbara Shumsker. 3rd Row: Lucy Gove. Rhonda Smollar. Lauren Toiifias 2 REPLECTIO S xt Row: Sandi Copinarir Mary Exquivel, Amy Waterman. Ind Row: Matthew Williamx. Andy lfincli. Nancy Dolherg. Sally Lip- Non. Sonya Merian. Liz Grieve 'U WTC EDUCATIO AL WQRKSI-IGP lxt Row: Jody Sheff. 2nd Row: Holly Casper, Sally Lipson, Betty Wetzler. Judy Monosson. Hope Warshaw, Diane Kaplan. 3rd Row: Anne Modest, Jenny Snodgrass, Ruth Ann Shpinner, Laurie Greenbaum, Meryl Wienberg, Amy Water- man. 4th Row: Ann Terner, Nancy Dolberg, Lee Shulman, Nancy Gehr, Angela Leonard. Sharon Turpin. Rhonda Shuster. 5th Row: Andy Finch, Jane Shulman. Karen Turkanis. Joel Rubin. Karen Rosen, Becky Bruyn, Matty Kearns. Nancy Fisher. 6th Row: Harriet Madoff, Gerri Raehins, Robert Kwasnick, Eric Levin. Beth Shultz, Susan Weiner, Judy Cohen. Jane Kaplan. Sue S Litvin. lilifaheth Colt. N, Ass. Harvy Kaufman. Stephie Sehwam UC ' FRENCH CLUB -it, 'vii- l tier N-ma lst Row: Wendy Joslow. Margie Madfis. Susan Akon. Laurie Salowsky. Mrs. Hightower. 2nd Row: Chantal Razel, Debby Mich- allson, Nancy Fisher. Carol Hootstein. Joyce Holzman. 3rd Row: Joanie Asquith. Linda Kaufman. Carol Shapiro, Nancy Gillis Bonnie Segal, Linda Alperin. Debby Schertert, Debby Erllich. Laurie Lipsky. Ellen Faber, Mr. Glickler. SPANISH CLUB K , , -'vw 1: A e f f -5 Qfes-,Q-: :c J . E 2 E a 3 1 5 lst Row: Vicki Poorvu. Adrienne Kahn. Beth Shultz. 2nd Row: Ellen Faber, Marsha Miller. Janet lzen. Joyce Holzman. JoAnn Napoli. Mary Strauss. 3rd Row: Karen Baseman. Liz Young, Laurie Lipsky. Carol Sherman. Becky Bruyn. Gerry Schrair. 4th Row: Gary Adelson, Chuck Linda. 5th Row: Michael Tack, Marc Gainsborough DEBATINC CLUB - ,lx ,wt 45 .Y Z. Vg., J ,M L Q if J 4 is 1 1 3 i U y il INA 'Wai W, , H f ES lx! Ruw Bruce Wvner, Harvey Kaufman. 2nd Row: Bob Baker, David Rees, Susie Lilvin. Janice Kaplan. David Albert 2 CHESS CLUB 7 . ,V' ,541 W-pw? 1 Q, L " fi -1 f ,Q V B,AVB ii . - x , 536 .21 I- " 'mmf' I V ' ,fd 8 - ., ,ax f ,k ,H-3,49 , , .Hu ,v,,.. if -' f 1,-A an ' m D4 -f X il 4' ,-dr .Y Q Q Yl ws Sl Evan Cohen, Jeff Perlmuttcr. Erie Levin. John Kapxtein. Paul Yen, Herb Birnbaum. Charles Kaplan, Ittai Kan, David Berkson David Edelytein ECCLQGY ACTICD Stephen Dean. Dick Kellem, Gary Richmond, Mins Bershud. Linda Gordon. David Albert Mx A' Ag Xa-xl ADAM X Vt-MXQQ -I wif ii.-rw Xlf - -i- V121 , , - Q - , Ellis Gabovitch, Bob Lein. Arlene Kanter. John Bell, Howie Smith, Michell Riese, Judy Monosson. David Albert, Marsha Miller, Lee Shulman. Stan Meson. Paula Marcus. Becky Sneider. Ellen Faber. Mr. Lorreit SCIENCE PICTIDN CLUB H 1- Karen Blank, Lim Bloom. Andy Laughland, Jeff Slulin, Martha Mozden, Andy Finch. Mr. McCluren 212 AUDIO ISUAL lxl Rnw: Larry Kleinmun. 2nd Row: Nevin Jefferxon, Jon Pozner, David Slrymish. Mike McKinney, Sally Corley. Mike Resnick Ken lmndon. 3rd Row: Lexter Gcdiman, Marcia McAvoy, Emily Karp. Dave Arnold. Ed Adelman. Mike Grossman. Bob Laven- herg, 4th Row: Iiony Suntilippo, Mike Policy. Dave Doyle, Mark Shafer ORCHESTRA 5 . , '- 1 "1- Ist Row: Paul Yen. Laurie Gilbert, Sue Peck. Doreen Krieks, Lewis Blair, Ruth Birnbaum. Jane Starkman. Jenny Snodgrass, Kathy Howard. Edwin Schuller, 2nd Rowi John Grossman. Harvey Kaufman. Heidi Ratner. Susan Miller. Barbara Wright. Judy Sidmond. Fred Epstein. Jan Lerbinger. Susan Aron. Rebecca Sneider. 3rd Row: Mr. Levenson. Lawry Payne. Ted Romanow. Gary Ross. Marty Schertzer, Rich Gordon VGCAL E SEMBLE lst Row: Lynn Williams. Susanne Peek. Landi DeFrcgoris. Dorcnc Kricks. Bry na Bograd. Bcth Rothenberg. Laurie Gilbert. Amy Barak. Abigail Lew. Sonya Merian. 2nd Row: Joe Singer. Jerry Shrair. Lewis Blair. Dan Perlman. Gary Ross. Paul Marcus. Jenny Spinks. Harold Johnstone CGNCERT CHQIR S X. f if .' if' -ew ' A YH " M R fa.'TZff'f? Ll.. x - 2 - .1 . . . AX.. 4. SJ? . A fa lxt Row: lynn Williams. .lane Barry. Suzi Cutler. Landi Defireggorix. David Arner. Esther Yoffa. Judy Sidman. Debby Bluestone, Jorinda Margolix. Ind Row: Kathy Joy Peek. Bryna Bograd. Jane Starkman. Amy Buraek. Karen Vasil. Beth Rothenberg. Rhonda Flashen. Shelley Roxen. Nadine Gan. Debby Cornell. Ruth Birnbaum. 3rd Row: Barbara Wright, Shanta Ehrlich. Robert Beaser. Harold Johnxlone. Jon Sehilli. Gary Kaplan. line Zeiring. Lauren Hamel. Karen Blank. Laurie Gilbert. Sonya Levin. 4th Row: Gemma Robinxon. Karen Mitchell. Mary Dumaix. Linda Caxler. Diane Gaks. Paula Marcus. Suxie Galdxtone. Jan Lebringer. Sonya Merian. Mara lflaxh. lfredtie Lipxtein. Kathy Carlxon ith Row. .Ioey Singer. Suzanne Peek Dorene Krieks. Lewiv- Blair. Kenny Werther. Larry Benderx. Ed Hornsby. lfrank Walker. Joy Simon. Amy Waterman. Kim Dietz. Chantal Razel. Daniela lfaibes. oth Row: Fred Linn. Mara Yanolkky. Dan Perlman. Roy Linn. Gary Ross. Steve Kramer. Bryan MeMullin. Ara Yasma- MUSIC CLUB ll lllll QQ at l .si ff! " " ya: lst Row' Paul Yen. John Growman. Ron Bello, Laurie Gilbert, David Albert. Mr. Levenson. 2nd Row: Susan Aron. Judy Glass, Karen Blank. Amy Waterman. Andy Fineh. lfreddrel Epstein. 3rd Row: Barbara Wright. Jane Vengrow. Landi deGregois. Nadine Gan. Jan Lanloixner. .lill Wollinx. Gemma Robinson. Mark Freidman. 4th Row: Beth Rothenberg, Riek McClellan. Susan Bruyn. Mike Turpin. Shannah Ehrlich. Paula Marcus. Sth Row: Dan Perlman. Kenny Werther. Amy Buraek. Ed Hornsby. Sue Peck. Joey 21-l Singer. Beeky Bruyn STAGE CREW ..-.4-.4-.-.-.,..--11' ------ ,v --- v-,---.- -,,,, .M .. , - . ..Y . Y U, -,WM , ,f 7040 'Iwi' -fwfr-as 5. diowf. 'r., lst Row: Ron Bello. Roy Pardi. Jon Oshima. Mike Aronson, Debra Hirshherg. Zncl Row: Lauren Haswl. Karen Roxen. Loix Bloom, David Weisman. Greg Monahon, Mike Stein. 3rd Row: ,lohn Cowhig. Joel Ruhin. Patty Sheapard, .lane Vengrow. Randy El Wayne, Donald Bixsex, Rick Scanlan. 41h Row: Lexlic D'ercole, Norman, Lurie Zuroff, Mr. Gediman, Rich Hahn, Linda Gla- zer. Uncle Boh Walen, David Nickerxon, Sara Cohen lst Row: Howie Fruitkoff. Byron Ress. Captain Matt Williams. John Mason. Jack Ferrari. 2nd Row: Dave Rohinxon. Mike Pol- tey. Charlie Horioka. Coach Geist 215 216 REGULU5 RECQRD GUIDE in The Regulus Record is an attempt to portray the events and attitudes of Newton South through the use of a new medium. All selections have been performed by members of the Newton South community and are presented chronologically. SELECTIONS Opening days of school February Coffee Concert November Coffee Concert Zorba Antigone Vocal Ensemble and Concert Wzirritvris Husband Chgif 011 the Road Concert Choir at Christmas What do you think? Wssfigl. -in l - u c lj' 5 'S 6 Af 716' X 4 Qt',m 5 x x.:.,,4v4a-. X 'f-NX. ,E N ! B .-, x xi ,gif XX ltf- 1 0 Q in fl' X , , 218 xi -Q. ,X .X S : , 1 'S fi-.' ' Q ' lx 'P mg Nl 5 5 Af' Z" an P 2WfWmgw I X ai R K, if J' x . o N t V Q5 .A 45. ' K 'W v , :AQ .,..,f: . -ga -:gg . 1' W :I 5 3 J 'x 1 ill " a -' '1 L. fl' f:g,".'H' :- - L' '- , I 'I mf! If ,gv., 4 p I K rw. kalz A I' . '. , ,, a Va ln: :Cf-:Ig I ,Hr z,, X J I-ICDUS q X Q Q . !.1 2-vi 1 I 1 : . . x 'an ,vg 3 f '-' .Y ", 'nt . t 5 Q Q-xdlzfig A. :N f 1 a x Q f, fig Q Q, ' , -- -Q " , ' ' , ' T fs ' 4 - ,-' 'ft ul gf: Rf'-qi' , f gulf J' 1. as JTZL- ' F lb 'z I -fflvf, ' ' ', ' ?5if3'+"'ffL?. 'WJ' ew ,ff f fi g Q n.ff"", 'f I. ef.e'.J?fgi1ff.e,A, ' . ': ff"'ff? n 1 K '1 tg.. ES sX W . v, l n, N 9 i - w--, . . . 4' V. i vv,, . ' . A A 1 .43-, 1 M' 1 1 x 0 A A ' 5 ,gl I ,I i Q' Q, q ax ' 1' , , Q. -X 'l.1, 5 'lf " 4' v,f I I. Pxjgmufff? 14-A W 0 1 Q4 1.1, 'fnvf H Mg ,m r W J A I if .inf 1,4 'Allah' 3 1,g',-fti.,,'i' 1 - 'V' '.14"n,,a:,,, ff.. "VH f 1 w '- - --, 'H.'1':Egr' MILL. Q:,.,f,x. .,, g 'fl' 5 , d'.f'.,.,.'i'f'4' '- Tal' 'W ' 1s - A "YJ .-rf. -..'."- ff ' 2 fi? Me' v ' ' -uy"M" ' V .151 '. 2' n ly, UHF' t? 9,15 'B J-4' 'U w'if,. A 4.1055 ix N . . ,f R .p. 1 -V. M 65. e CUTLER AHIT in? ' if " " ' f re ,,wh'l . NM? " -' L. " , Fl' 'fi' , ...- J., -V - S' S+ .f' QM , 3 x'L, -.--f 4--Q., , 575: ' 'fF.qX2 A 1 ' L - 'QF' . NW? M.bAL-1f1ni9'TA.,.a 5 1 ' w j wpn1:b-Nbr.-H, -w-y ..- ,. 5 ll Us .Q -i .L-4 v 1145? i fi 2 .., Mrx. Bishop, Mr. Hawkes. Mrx. Laurie. Mrs. Grossman, Mr. Dermody l N ' . I , , . A A nl" A . .- yr: , .hh 'J 52 V 11- .iw-,+ .- 2 2 V. 4" 5'.., .1- M . , You can luke my picture nnyliine-fBig Boy 2211 9 Q' A y I ' x . M, , ' Y J .w 5, uv li" H A 'K 22,5 , . . and then the good fairy said to Cinderella 42.03 an f L ya, .L s - .. lst Row: Joan Galvin, Mr. Lorett, Ellis Gabovitch, Walter Fatini, Richard Lynch, Eric Cyker, Sandy Copman, Laurie Abramson, Nancy Lotner, Ellen Korsakov, Znd Row: David Mark, Nancy Osbom, Pattie Hovlihan, Patty Myerson, David Cherny, Paul Linn, Richard Flashman, Billy Siegel, Mark Flicop. Bob Shpiner, Lori ZurotT, Christine Hamos, Ann Abrams, Audrey Englander, Mar- lene Fish, Susan Lesser SGPHGMORES 4- ggi? mai" .L lst Row: Gemma Robinson, Laurie Sieve, Cathy Carlston, Ryna Jackson. Vivian Bader, Steve Gould. Patrick Daley. 2nd Row: Denise Marietti, Sandra Seletsky, Marie Keefe, Barbara Nectow. Lily Roth- man, Mina Corwin, Robert Taglienti, Randy Hahn. Tom Hutton. 3rd Row: Belinda Taillacg, Ellen Riceman, Jill Wollins, Carol Allen, Jack Schwastzberg, Mark Rosenfeld, Ed Andler, Chris Hammett. Joe Duggan, Joe Hagan, Jon Bennett, Gregory Monahan, Bennett Kaye 4204 22 D Q ' J' 'Q-2151: 2bf?.5s,.' ,J " 4 ,. , rv quam,-:.f,v.?,, 5 ' v'Z?'i-75 ,. 5,.3:'a?,i rg, ' V- - Uh , Z Z ,, 5 ' .i 'J , , .V '. lit Row: Jorinda Margolix. Heidy Fogel, Freyda Epstein. Deborah Bluextone. Michelle Murphy. Judith Lampert, lilyssa Moore. 2nd Row: George Cullen. Rosalba Dimonda. Carol Kress, Barbara Winer. Charles Bond. Glenn Calmus, Richard Kellem, 3rd Row: Roger Fontecchio. Jefferu Schwartz. Pearl Cohen, Joel Zeiger, Jodi Kaufman. Alan Barnett, Lawrence Benders, Bruce Finn. Ronnie Green. Stephen Kaplan. Joshua Stone. Jonathan Groxsman. Constance Orsogna. Philip Kramer, Mr. Alleva 4211 W .J ...ii .,, 14. -X . V " k 'YK 'H I A Y 1' Y Q 'K lat Row: Mm Dominick. John Lapidus, Barry Levenson Steve Crimer Eric Ziering Jon Pozner 2nd Row: Richard Fagin, Martin Grossman, Sherman Willen Fred Xoung Barbara Johmtone Michelle Needleman, Susan Weiner, Wendy Kar Elizabeth Kent Barry Rotman Audrex Shapiro Michele Blacker. Caron Palder. Joanna Berk. Susin Miller Jane Moreau Vilma Snatucci Linda Pellegrini 777 I Q . ,Aa ,sa Y- M A Q, S i A l at W4 I, V. X0 n .4 Nt.J,w!t! lm my .353 " Sl 4109 Q. -1 ,., """l'iunni ..,,, i Wlimt- lst Row: Rich Holtzman. Lori Aidhuns. Lois Bloom. Lauren Hassol. Karen Smith Mitchell Lustig Joyce Young. Arthur Melville. 2nd Row: Mr. Speer. Jim Caruxo. Jon Dietenholer leslie Dercole Ken Brayman. Lisa Goldberg. Amy Feldman. Robin Levine. Joanne Meirovitz Shelley Youn e ven Hoffman. Anne LaPointe. Larry Rosenberg. Bruce Trager, Larry Ryan. Jeft Stone IU IGRS 1 J NN 4205 lxt Row: Richard Chaloff, Dan Merian. Gary Edelstein. Lisa Shubin, Charlie Horioka. Mark Sha- fer. Nancy Goldberg. 2nd Row: Ms. Jenny Schneider. Rhonda Flashen. Claudia Balcanoll. Esther Yoffa. Dan Perlman. Nadine Gan. Debbi Lilienthal. 3rd Row: Paul Ford. Rebecca Snider, Patti Mullen. Lori Goldberg. Karen Warschauer. Mary Dumais. Beverly Prescott, Beth Schultz, Linda Kaufman. Jim Goodman. Stephen Lanex 224 'ie N. 'X R R if 5 . r 5102 ' ,, .3 s . As L I A f ,f 5 - I .v 'hw s P n , :exft 4 ,N 1-5 lst Row: Mark Rosenthal. Carol Bershad. .linimy Cohen. Lisa Berkson. 2nd Row: Debby Fialkow, Mare Levenson. Connie Gold. Jay Saret. Daxid Noon. Chet Berger. Karen Wilson. Amy Cooper. 3rd Row: Richard Suniberg. David Share. Steven Dana, Paul Woods. Gail Singer. Delores McDonald. Lisa Gershlak. Sabrina Baker .. W, a,...x ,..e,...,, h ,guy-f M' ' ' , -sf,-YY "wwe, we :--N1 ,""'..,"t-,.,, 55-J s . . ,,7f,,,.l,. ,.,4, -ef" X W t"""Yf:.f2.4j1:QM, ,4 ,,::,.z-1, 1- igff-V ,. IL . 5 A 9,. 5 ' 8 f , - , V 1 f , .D W X lst Row, Linda Alperin. Mareus Phofsky. Lisa Berkowitz. David Sroelor. Robert Sawyer. Jonathan Swartz. Emily Shapiro. Mrs. Shaw. 2nd Rowi Kenneth Sehilif. Patricia Gentile. Rose Mareie Cam- oseio. Bernice Aronson. Ann Mason. Patricia Lewis. Nathan Harner. Cary Benhamin. Steven Vhanee. Samuel Weinstein. Arts Bidianos. 3rd Rowi John Cowhig, Kenneth Bianco 5107 223 5353 T' i 2 ,T,,X'rr-get t A we ., it if-SM X ' !"E"'i'13ff1f'ee' J .,...,...i we--m Sldilll-UWA 42.06 Nw lst Row: Richard Hoover, Alan Podufaly. Gary Framson, Gary Barron. Gary MacKenzie. Robert Kwasnick, Gary Sparr. Kenneth Werther, Dana Rodman. 2nd Rowi William Hernandez, Neil Mal- len. Michael Kline, Karen Baseman, Ellen Hearst. Joanne Conlon. Paul Fishman. James Keating, Leslie Junda. Barbara Whitney. Judith Sherman. Ellen Howards. Clark Ziegler. Steven Levin. Josh- ua Sparrow. Martha Talis 42.07 M .'wm.f-W ,X .W A -4 ,.,,, V Q , . H 'TY' fu 'A 'Nr' Q ...L T- --N Q-....... lst Row: Ellyn Faber. Paul Dixey. Marianne DeLuca. Ellen Pearlstein. Gayle Kaplan. Rona Land- field. T. B, Cornell, 2nd Row: Ricky Hyman. Marti Sturnick. John Staulo. Andy Moynahan. Janet Bosworth, Scott Marietti, Liz Colt. Larry Baruch. Jan Janiak. Jane Barry, Jodi Ferreri, Kathy Dip' po. Linda Glazer. Robert Rosenberg. Ken Houseman, Ruthann Shipner, Barry Kaplan, Beth Roth- enberg, Ed Hornsby. Donna Volpe, Rick Voss 225 - -MN.. ..... -P fl5"'l ..v ' 1 , W 4 t 1 , l 5106 0- V ' , I , -f. -1 f '7 S. -7. Q I . n 1 1 . ,.f, - ,. ,M x lst Row: Michael Grossman. lillen Margolis. Nancy Lester. Janice Bronstien, Toni Mancuso. Pat U'Shaxxgnesiy. Gregory lconard Ind Row: Bob lJ'Anegelo. Dancila lfaibes. Gail Sowsy. Roberta lircliub. Karen Wiscl. .ludi Vreidman. Ronnie Kress, Stacey lighe. Marilyn Savage, Miss Sullixan. 3rd Row, Ncil Schill. Jimmy learner. Ned Moan 'Q .ug T . , . ' " ,ol if . H ,L 226 'A Ri .+ 4,1 , if .a' X ,l I if 1 f v lst Row: Nancy Fisher. Cheryl Miller. Nancy Glass. David Berkowitz. Carol Phippard. Kathy Howard. Carol Green, 2nd Row: Robert Sloan. Barry Rubin, Daniel Anntonellis. Michael Lushan. Scott Kase. .lon Rosenberg, Richard Duffy. Richard Tilkin. 3rd Row: Stanley Kramer, Ellyn AX- elrod. James Coasta. Alan Grupp, Richard Stomberg 5202 GCDCDDWI Af' .1 , 1 I lb- 'Vf Q A- 7' Xl, -'f we .. '1 , , . lst Row: Mrs. Knowles, Mr. Pearlman. Mr. Nathanson. 2nd Row: Mrs. Tedeschi, Mrs. Ciaralialo SQPHOMORES .' i Vtbitxif " .f- " "1 I' " ' iii fi 1 -Q-fMzf"" 5 i '.,: lst Row: David Golant. Alan Fishstein. Bruce Phillips. Mike Fay. David Cohen. Jennifer Brown. Robin Waldstein. 2nd Row: Janeth Ruyz. Anne Modest. Elizabeth Oppenheim. Lynette Nepton. Elise Chang. Jackie Faulkner. Sonia Levin. Sue Rosengarten. Peter Eldred. Andy Moore. 3rd Rowg Marcia Cohen. 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Suggestions in the Newton South High School - Regulus Yearbook (Newton, MA) collection:

Newton South High School - Regulus Yearbook (Newton, MA) online yearbook collection, 1969 Edition, Page 1


Newton South High School - Regulus Yearbook (Newton, MA) online yearbook collection, 1970 Edition, Page 1


Newton South High School - Regulus Yearbook (Newton, MA) online yearbook collection, 1971 Edition, Page 1


Newton South High School - Regulus Yearbook (Newton, MA) online yearbook collection, 1973 Edition, Page 1


Newton South High School - Regulus Yearbook (Newton, MA) online yearbook collection, 1974 Edition, Page 1


Newton South High School - Regulus Yearbook (Newton, MA) online yearbook collection, 1975 Edition, Page 1


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