Newton South High School - Regulus Yearbook (Newton, MA)

 - Class of 1962

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Newton South High School - Regulus Yearbook (Newton, MA) online yearbook collection, 1962 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 208 of the 1962 volume:

1 -V HA- f- - - .... 4, ,,. .--..,... ..,:fA---4 ,.-.. -----. ..-H -..-..............v.............,,. A -. ,-..,. ... - M.. .... ..g......+... ,, ... Q5s'w2,.'w NKISYK aff Az. -X K ' Jul-'A' L, 1 zzwuhi. 11-5: Nga? 'fn ,,,5,,,., .l ,- ai V bP,,.i'w newton south high school newton, massachusetts regulus 1962 X7 v ski is ffxgixl FREE 1,5 Jf' x, tl MAR 0 ' s' ff Ii N ,- XQ4'fG-5,'j 1 , jf, ,f V advertising editor X' ' Bonnie Rosenberg H t , Q: ' ,Wx xx M if, N 45,1 lx X- , . ,IH - U11 N , ' -f iv! Q w . A Jill g Q i 1 ' -wel Xl '1 pb business manager Il! Gordon Alpert Qi P .- I K x S: V fy K- -" f .5ffa',ff-lui I editor-in-chief Will' l t I A II' 4 Laura Corwin iii V QQ If ' V 47 y if X f -'Q - 4' ' "'6I1qfj?glll X t. t .-:v , r , f',,'Q,xi ' if 641523 W ' 1 X V M 4? , l"'l- . ,J 4 . feature editor 5 J" ru: " ' " SM David Gilbert A If X yy w.:f7!f.f',yX I", 0 , , it V -A Vx :rm H I W I nuff fwf Re G' t xtlflmwgl W ff!! art 84 layout editor Carol Mann Q ,Wm t editors li e GJ . X -f ., if X ing-W., ef " A Q' ' ,f y , Y . l Q as 5 ,59 f X 1 I' f. I ' 'U' N, N1 X ll! 1 have ff' f "5-"N Ml, 5" l l M l me 9 ' ,m....Q.L .1 data editor iiiil lwwi A - ' '-1 ' ."4.',f ,fi- Joan Sccler x is G N . e 'ii x 'A literary editor X Ginny Chapin -Q 'F P . . . , 1 . circulatipn advisor ,V 1 Fmmqwi X I f IN A advlsor 4 ,', lin, I' lflul. A V' X Mf- LIU 6 d X F i 4-.. V I K, an Mf- Shaw .lf fA ,igWkIX 1 si A Y V'-U4 KX-Q-12f"l'-Elf" GESTIO QTUPXN SUB NS X3 lr ll 1 xml, 1 . ., .1 M-'V'4V'rfXVafX1X X V 'X' f x .. A A N,,I4?,l,! I fr 'IW I 'X Xfitgxw Kg rm xi A ,at U54 i Cx my QW mmm.if--.X-:mlm 46" .Xxx , XM, ,.., X X- 1 p d Valk ,,,, X. hull-g -WN 5-QLDQ . ,l A X ' 5 -s sa.. ""'fmt SM 1 A ' Xiiwgisui 5 ' ,SNL.hxl- 'XJ' b A' V ' I ul IL Qk.. . all 5 J X Vffff-:5i"W" if 1-ind' e-9 FM X, . -1 if 'WI Wu" ,- , LA O V' :Ir X art advisor A 5 Miss Bourland W t M , f 3 at co-editor 'H Al' Kaplar if ' ICC 1 ' atb-u ,ny ' QQ N . f X ll fi 4' AM X' -X.. ' A c1rculat1on edltor p 1 f ' ' A X , I .l 5 NS Jane Meyer w X I X ' Q. , 1 f Q X "nm N, . . Wal V . , ' X l A V..:1S5,iglllmh :X .sql 1 .RI ' I, X 'Q ' gi. :::lfXE--'iw 5- A - . .... ,,, , . V . :tx .intl -' "X Vis 2' 1 il .V 5 XWLRX X I XX v-N" ' l E 1 'Willa , ' M' X it A XX X 'X Q it 'wax ' ' FT . 'WX JV f V. X X X , 5 , , ff. ,, R . GX, XX flmLfM,X5yhv.- Vg A, X . . . l llf milf. fill! Nqwx Xli"XRX-'.2- ff.. ..-'fix A X X l .- "t71Y,'1L!?: V' Q A 'V' , p p I, 'MXXWWSXXQSAXXSX'Q!i',fjjg,qlHfEQ45:ilitllqlwq X' ll ' .tligig 'f' lf -'Q'JA...xl-"" N V " Wiaaiy' " ' . :U .t 'V . IA, 1 ll ' VN. .x , . - Qiwxx- h I I' 0 'iillhiiq 'Q' 1 'pri 'xy V E33 . 'll ,u XX . i 5 X bg? sports edltor X Vi lf v" I. - Sigh -i Donald Kaplan '..l..-'T photography editor Q5 Phil Baird copy editor Q, Leslie Arnold XlV,,,,,f'f ' .. -3 Y, I ,' 5 " Ng WI 'WX ' wi' , "5 S if 14:-:gl .,' f X xr X X 'llliiiii Wil . it v X vi ii" i , i U- "N I 1 1 Q l . Vl.t N . 'iiiiill , QSM , in"S'.'rl'l 'f"X1V"f4'VrV'X"", l ' . H y X ix - , Af . I RJ 'Y iitfgfgiili x ':" ,fxviiii-'1 'N XTJI 'ln ll I, X if f X' limi' XXV, H' Ps'fV:'X-XXe:i'2XSkf' X1 nf' r- 1-i.1VX:',. J 'z tl 'V wjf I 5 Fil'-X -""'!5Ui'i!I1-.-Vrft '- '4:: , i' X Xi'i'lh:g:9m5.'!.a!llii 1' ff u.l!l1ibbk S' 'g?g'X'55gQg:?REE'izfi.SE!eIXaf:if!!fffl' IP-L"-xizl'liiiwqkkwwngs ', ' ' ' ' X -H. ' 1--V . il -X-'-- wks mth 5 - .xxx-S 'rfmsfzf plgaramii X..'Yg? fglw.1ifV,Q!i5Sl"ii25-'Nil' at as-Kj:!Te?iffMiiiff' X..!- llyl- x -N sd.- .f'.s...,, Minsk. lfssliiiSQXS-323359512'-X l2?E?i5ZIr'5:.-.2-V -A wfdlfffwf I ,H 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 I A4 11 -4 4 4 4 4 5 4 4 4 3 4 4 4, 4 4 Y I 4 1. I 4 4 I 6 g -M dedication Mr. Donald Shaw has been an invaluable source of knowledge and experience in his role as yearbook advisor. He has exhibited a genuine and patient interest in our task, and has offered encouragement to both editors and staff members. We consider it an honor to have worked with such an effective teacher and advisor. It is our privilege to dedicate the 1962 Regulus to Mr. Donald Shaw. 7 f DR. DONALD K. DAVIDSON Principal 8 Q 'f K a l 1 J E 1 I 4 4 Q 5 1 1 5 I DL admlnlstratlon DR CHARLES E BROWN MISS HELEN SWEENEY Superintendent of Schools Adf7'llI1IS'fIl1l'lV6 Assistant NEWTON SCHOOL COMMITTEE Row I Mr Spencer Whitmore Row 2 Mr. Manuel Beckwith, Mr. Edwin Hawk- Demmg, Mr Francis Frazier, Mrs Genevieve Oncley, Dr ridge, Mr Hugh Tomb, Mr. Raymond F. Cook, Assistant Charles E Brown, Superintendent of Schools, Mayor Donald Superintendent of School Personnel. L Gibbs, Mr Haskell C Freedman, Chairman, Mrs Grace C 9 HOUSEMASTERS-Mr. Harold Hawkes, Cutler Houseg Miss Gertrude Creedon, Wheeler Houseg Mr. Clifford Card, Goodwin House. GIRLS, PHYSICAL EDUCATION DEPARTMENT- Mrs. Pillinger, Miss Hall, Miss Charpentier. faculty GUIDANCE DEPARTMENT-Row I: Miss Lee, Dr. Matthews, Miss Donahue. Row 2: Mr. Lambert, Mr. Clemens, Mr. Hougheem. Not present: Mr. Mitchell. ff' 13 lhl lil ENGLISH DEPARTMENT-Row 1: Mrs. Weiland, Miss Sanguinetti, Miss Smith, Miss Lanigan, Mrs. Lee, Miss Walker, Mrs. Bertman. Row 2: Miss Lee, Miss Steinmetz, Mr. Caras, Mr. Spink, Mr. Walker, Mr. Nye, Mr. Guy, Miss Ryan, Miss Layman. Not presenz: Mr. Geist, Miss Ellis, Mrs. Price, Mrs. Freimarck. 1 1 f f , 'tnfrnrp PER: ff' P, BOYS' PHYSICAL EDUCATION DEPARTMENT- Mr. Ronayne, Mr. Poskitt, Mr. Bechtold. , 1-45. six S SOCIAL STUDIES DEPARTMENT-Row I: Mr. Shaw, Mr. Altree, Mr. Henderson. Row 2: Mr. Tomkins, Mr. Mattson, Mr. Sutherland, Mr. Robinson. Not Present: Mr. Seasholes, Mr. Sherman, Mr. Stegeman. ll I W l W" eff 1 I X 2. FOREIGN LANGUAGE DEPARTMENT-Row I: Mrs. Pike, Mr. Little, Mr. Ethier, Mrs. Allen, Mr. Cornell. Row 2: Mr. Petrillo, Miss Ashley, Miss McLane, Mrs. Leisher, Mrs. Zephir, Mrs. Roberts, Mr. Rivers. Not preseni: Mrs. Linton-Smith. ...Q--'G' -4? ff: MUSIC DEPARTMENT-Row I: Miss Steiner. Row 2: Mr. Remley, Mr. Brayton. READING CLINIC-Mr. Carey 1 2 Q Q 'QE 'fs v-.g , , ' ' ' ' ' ig, H. ,. DJ? ' - M151 N45 HOME ECONOMICS DEPARTMENT-Miss Vaznaian NEWTON HIGH SCHOOL DRIVER DRIVER EDUCATION Mr Bechtold Mr Welst X' MATHEMATICS DEPARTMENT Row I MISS Forssberg Mrs Allen Mrs. Frank. Row 2 Mrs Lehman Mr Glroux Mr Franke Mr Merrlll Mr Hubbard Mr Hornik. 13 I . l . , . . 5 U L - 5 A -w...........- .' I f I I lr 1 'M' .1 1, J .J , is rf VM I, S, , I jg ,A f ,Q 1 ,www , f if fr . 'wyfic A ' ., ,,, V ...f, 'IY , . fl f T R i V Y T", x. T 'I 1 ' 1 .' . , . , . , A . , . , . .l ff it Z .J ilifilllll ll LL Y 1 if f p-4 ' -1 Q-1-0 .1 Q . 'sys-, eg SCIENCE DEPARTMENT-Row I: Miss Sullivan, Mr. LeSuer, Mr. Verdun, Dr. Parnell, Miss Eaton. Row 2: Mr. Goldman. Mr. Birkner. Mr. Dale. Not present: Mr. Skilken, Miss Birge. ART DEPARTMENT-Mr. Roberts, Miss Elliot, Miss Bourland. INDUSTRIAL ARTS DEPARTMENT-Mr. Knapman 14 "'1'.'ZZ2? EL 51 I 'ham fy A 1? 'LW , Ia: , x..,fai A FIN BUSINESS DEPARTMENT-Mrs. Clemens, Miss Sweeney, Mr. Avritch, Mrs. Kropp, Miss Roman. Not present: Mr. Steinhope. LIBRARY DEPARTMENT-Mrs. Erskine, Miss Trowbridge, Mrs. Donovan. 'V INDUSTRIAL ARTS-Mr. Lambert. 1 5 my , 5 . . . a stone, a leaf, an unfound doorg of a stone, a leaf, a door. And of all the forgotten faces. Which of us has known his brother? Which of us has looked into his father's heart? Which of us has not remained forever prison-pent? Which of us is not forever a stranger and alone? Remembering speechlessly we seek the great forgotten language, the lost lane-end into heav- en, a stone, a leaf, an unfound door . . ." -Thomas Wolfe, Look Homeward, Angel 'o' ,X A , if f-Vgfhfsf-ix , V , . f V V -V w , V ff 3" if V4 V- V g - V V V V V3 VVJV , M ag. V, V, g,5V V ,kVV V wg? ,V . ., V V , V L ' , V V A 3 f' -J V , 'V Y , V V, . V AV V V V 1 XV V , ,B i5fx 4 . '4 , V gg , , 4, 'W ' L ww Vt .::if, "v Y , 2.9 ' I 1,12 M' " Y V V 3 V X X uw 4 V V ' V Z fm X , 5V , , ' ,',' : 9 'f V V V V ww -lx X a Q ,Vo , 'f' VV . '- , , V... V' 5 . A V M . 5" , -we K , . ,, V V -V. ,,V 2 V V' " V, - 1.3 :NV VJ, SQA V ,VV X ' My if-I V, , .,V1, ,,,. , ,gg J . ' 'W " Q ' W V Q V' - V W ""' . , .f 19' -V , K " " I 2,1 M f '+30f:i'ayfVV,Vf V f ' VV Vs Y' , Vg, 97' Qi V ' W , VV V gf V.:-V V, VM ,, V . M ' ' ' '- f ,, V, ' Y '- rM'f'.V ,... wVj-,2ffV,,-jf?-if' Vfifyiw K N V f: 'V' Q V V V VV ,V . V 7' 5 A WW , V -e'.. c'?f V4 , A V x V Y V Vgugg, -f, w,f'f " " g- f . - , fgsay VV V ,,.,, , 3 V , in 'W V ,V VV ,WWW . V VW 5 V i f f V V X, V' 1' H - VV-,V W V V V, f ' V 'W' 421 , , V' V V 4 xi. V V VV VV MVJ ' V fm V, , vga. WQQ V f V V Va 1 tl 40 fr ,, ,V , ' ' WW' f' x f VV -KE A M0 VV ,.V XP , f f ill, R f VQ,.,,,, B7 M' " - .... V , ' V M' ., y A W faq '99'li fa , . ' .jf V V 5 mp gym, V A V V if V V .V ,NR VV, , ,QV , V V ,VSV V ,M . .gm . MW" ' , 3, ,,,,. ' ' , V 'x V, 1 V 4 :wh '. x N ,V 1 ' 2fw"4'Wy M My , '41 ml J A AW' ' ,, MMQV , , " F V - V V ,V MV V 1 V, ,V ,Em Q, nf, VVV V ' V' V H VV , V if 'V W, W 1.2221 f 'qfxi ', V V 5V V V V.. ffl'- . N 1 .- Am 195 f My 4, , A. A .,,, wr' A N101 Wh' , , . ,, ,. V ' V 4, Sfwng - V M' , ' 5' ' 41' "' ' 'MV , - 1- .V mls V .. Mymefwf V My k ' " QQ V ,, My ,: V1VV.VVVV,f,ff'2f Z ' S- A 3 , V, V was .X . V Vf ,,, . dia' gg - , QS V V xg! . :4- x V 51:4 xx X xg! an . , ' ' M' 591 W ff , ,.,. , qgkg ,"" " uI,Qua..uQ VV, 4wf,,'N - MV gym , my V ,,,,, V VVVV VV , AV "':"' "WM X XM' W, MW 4 V " A Vg V V, .,,, VVf V. W1 ,Vx V WWW W V , 'W' A' ' hu-mssuv - W- ' ,.,. f V W., A '99 Q V., ,. X V, w V ,H 4 nn., 4 1 If V ' w -9 ,q , Y' - - W , V , W' , Ny-. M f ,VVVVV-W If 1 , V f V ,. "N . 'V V '7 .- . . V ,. ' " ' '55 ,ww-w f 'P w' S xf' 1- ' V ' x" VV V ,W V ls. , vw V X My Q f -Nm' N, , ,, W' A , M' V1 "' , A 'N AW 'W xv , WW 'f , xv""""' W V -VV, Q MV 'V L " Zz' ff M V V V V-V ' M 4' V V V ' ww V f -V ,Q-fs. a. if VV VY V,,,,V MT -. 2 , ,mlm M A ,xy V ' 9 V ' V ,V V.. my :Var ' 4 V, 'WV ii , V , ' 5 1-W' R -f ' 2 AK' yi ,V . . V V V 1 V ,MM V 'ff .V , ,, V 1 -M V ' fywgfgwgw, V , 1 ,gif A ..- -n ..- 4' Q---. ., .Q J' Wdviu! .V nh Q. H -.W .T Wag..- X in Q- -n--, "UV: -f V .Snow ., r' 7' "' - -V 4 ,gp . . ..V me , . ...-v .W-gn "' -'WX-'wg MTW nv ,......f-P-,..,.-www- ...- ..f puullilf ,,.- .'4n,. .. ' ... ff, ,WW t ....,,,.. ,. ,,.... ,N , .-... 4 , -V VV ' ' - . """ ' -'--s..- N-..,. V.,,, ,,.,,..,.,,,.... .4u..f--........,V-...,,,,lV,',N,,, ....,,u.w QOH' 'NW-oi, .1-fi"f.. 'w V 'v . ..., V , , VV , .4-.or 'ww ' . .,..- Q Q--V..-Q.-,, , ,V .V ...... I av ' - .av-' vw- ,..a-an-an 1' ,, 'W - W www., qv--" 6 -0-yslw.. V--my x . ' . Q sff,f'l, 1 -2 ua.-f' ' gin? a quest of youth vu. muy' ,ew-ff:m" r:- f Q 19 iw , w 55 42: wig pi VY 4 H f I ' fi 'F , . KVKWEZ 7' J, V , 4 - vi 4 2, 23 32: A ' ,Q Y 4 ,QW Q ...,,x, X21 . , Q QQ , ff I 19 '- wie :X ' . X Ny V . ' ,I N34 -- K , Q p5vg,4e.:x , I. ff Z , " Mi . , f ' f -af 3 . transforming inspiration www 'f'h--.K 'Wx A if .1 Y 6 5, L+. I J f ' N ' ' , fi' -if? - is . Q Q , ' f ' .r x Q . 1 a Q Q5 'fs , JI, , , . N . Q 1 , fig I . , 'L , 5' " c' v Semor Supper 'Fx :N I 1 X 1' lIff'lI1'V!!!'1" .. ah., in into achievement 'Fl ev' If 1 , . T. XY L19 5 Jerry Cantor, Barry Wexler, Denebola Jeff Karol, Derzebola Make-up Editor. Barbara EPSrCiH, D6'16b010 Feature Edr'f0rL Mr- Sports Editors. Nye, Advisorg Marjorie Bornstein, Assignment Editor. BLUEPRINT STAFF-David Gilbert, Barbara Baker, Co-Editors. 'Q Jimi? 'ist' 1' 5 M 3 REF LEC TIONS STAFF-Carol Cohen, Eleanor Borrow, Co-Editors. Patti Dana, Denebola Managing Editorg Jane Hogan, Editor-in-Chief. 've if ,..v-"' ..,.,1yx,f-- , , .UB , ,..., 1711-5-pf-ef-W gf- , -v 1-:x A Q, fl. , I ,if , ---...- -1 ..,- ,.,vrr var-' X" ' ' " -- X . ' fftffrw ,' . , 1 5 I K ES Laura Corwin, Regulus Editor-in-Chief, Mr. Shaw, Ad- Regulus Circulation Staff: Jane Meyer, Editor. visorg Gordon Alpert, Business Manager, Alice Kaplan, C0-Editor. Regulus Photography Staff: Phil Baird, Editor. "i,.,,.--ae , ,,--M -A :la -- 'L-.--A-1"""d ii wi . , , - Regulus Feature Staff: David Gilbert, Editor. Regulus Advertising Staff: Bonnie Rosenberg, Editor 28 , 479' Z7 f Regulus Data Staff: Joan Seder, Editor. Regulus Copy Staff: Leslie Arnold, Editor. 1 Regulus Literary Staff: Ginny Chapin, Editor. N 1 Il t X 4 Q jf yi. - j Regulus Sports Staff: Don Kaplan, Editor' Regulus Art 8: Layout Staff: Carol Mann, Editor 29 ,,..-- Q,-v-v P- iur. '- ,vp A t . ww . -- . -4-iw? 'Vi' ivjf- ' ,, ws. . .. v. . , .'LV.,.. 3 , I 154- i ling, A.,w,,,, .- I.. . fr V.-4-'gf'-1.9 ' AKA . J 14:1-5 ' 1 f 4 ,IJ 5' ' x. . . . .wg V 'if' "7 ' ' '. 1Zf , .' , - A Y f 1 , I 7 ' ,1 .. '-, V ' 'VS' -'T' ' -: 'V A 1 ,E ' 5,4 1 f ' TFN, ..- Lggt- . W . v x 3-.. , 1 ' . D ' X :J.35g3x,lw Y ,,:, I . M, M . . -2 .' ' TV." I' L 1 Q 1 'ds ..-s,' : ' iff. , '-Ji 5 . .A , 112 ,f,.f'avh. i 'jiff- .px Hai' yi' v u f x x ,Sl-K L, ',.r W'-S. iz., . Q f K . . ,,"X. , v ., ..x ,.- , . 6 'w .... N I- at , x In ,, .J fl-fl' , 1 r.,-,-, ,A ,:v. .4 ,-.A .1 ag f . - . . If "'.""""f fwgm:-.. -:m': ZS4: , 7-A Q?':1,t- 4."1'.A:v"24'.3 f' .unwr- Jani ' lt. - ' nv ' 95 .,A ,..v . K X . E51 R Q . 1- -v. ., I .-,. T - 1 I . 1 -, -.5 ,af X Ig . l 1 1,13 'f fm W -. ..-fa -'- 1 ' E N '3i'5"? "fun A I --Q, ' r . 1,11 ,-gf 4' ' " r f. o , in . 1' 'Q .fx I' . .4Pif"k'!f-'gi-, . - 1- ,-in-,. 1 I .4 S. . a concern for Values www YWIWWWH fwhr .1 'Masai : ,4,, Ii wr Aww ' if MW M E,gAiAAbg r l J M Sl wg, V . i ,- I , Sw, 'kr-I-9. . , ' 'N 'RL 4 A- -Q ai -Q! Awami 1:3 ft? .'-A 'Y 'I I In sf-:T ri vf 'iv ' . . YA!-:QQSAZ1 mv 1'ffvKs+:1,.1.i A . "Swv, Dy' bv :MQ We 1 .',,, 35 gs 'ff .wha .-:, 1 jsfwf . Q .,V,:4fi 3 M vwwxvg Rank w N if J Rug? " ij. Q ywwagzsrraf Q Y , 1-1 4 ffl e' 'f S wf , 2 X . ' iQ'ZfReiZ7,f f ,Ms guy J y,5iiY-f?'2 I 1 W W i k I : Q .J F 34 Q !,,,- o 1 1 1 - '- A Q i Q 4 I -V 'Iv . N ' f '- A f' r A f 4 n disco ering perspective XX .1 E I. e MY, fe. Q-.4 N4 4 fl 1 6 , gf? , ,L V ' 4 .4 ,,s,,.h , M nf , W 'Y 1 - , . , rx A 7.0! 4. 5 R, S. Lfgisiv z Q ,funn-it X ,Nqr-n. W' mlm! .WW ff' + ,-f:4r"'y 1 2 . MN Aff' , , 4: ' " X14 f 'A ,Maw ,S " , , Afw-vii' ww ., " ,, ,, st X. V , ,, if 3.3 ,f 1' gn x P, Q'Pw,k aww. I Wg A X Mus ff, , Q Q 1 K 'ff ' AW' I 52' K5 , , f 33 ' ""' ,lt Qp.w':w ww 1 e Av . 9 Wm ,. X is 3' Wf'4?7f "" . 5,4 45 Y J ,vw you I recognizing purpose JUNIOR CLASS COMMITTEE. JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS-Mickey Segal, Presidentg Bruce MacLean, Vice-Presi- dentg Lainy Levitov, Secretaryg Jeanne Frieden, Treasurerg Mr. Henderson, Advisor. T 5 I SENIOR CLASS COMMITTEE. 39 12' CIVICS COMMISSION-Joan Cottler, David Greenblatt, Chairmen. P.T.S.A. REPRESENTATIVES-Paula Leventhal, Student Vice-Presidentg Jeff Shuman Ginny Chapin, Jeffrey Karol. CUTLER HOUSE COUNCIL-Wayne DiCarlo, Presidentg Dave Heard, Vice-Presi- dentg Enid Shulman, Secretaryg Mark Rosenthal, Treasurerg Arthur Levine, Parliamen- tarian. 9 ,pd GOODWIN HOUSE COUNCIL-Don Kaplan, President, Barbara Hurwitz, Vice- Presidentg Claire Beck, Secretary, Biff Levy, Treasurer. WWW we 4 -3. f :ew-5 QQ. 3 - M0N HOMEROOM MANAGERS. WHEELER HOUSE COUNCIL-Harriet Lobel, President, James Simon, Vice-Presi- dentg Judy Coleman, Secretary, Linda Dannenberg, Treasurer. -.gif 3-L ,TQ 5. B . agar -S I- , 2 v ., I 5 .L ""' M.. 4 4. .4- , A?,,,,,, -.' T-1 .A,...,, M 6,555 P ,qt '. ,,,,. P ,, ,, --,.f.,1-xge'QE'flgTf, ' ", , :cw 'J'3.:foY t .A-.F-11" , -'uc B 235 Kiki" f A' 5, k.' - . - I 50,-.H M ELS? !.',f,.W ,Q 3 7 gk Ja- ,dk- Y.. was A s I ...-A !H'f"?"4""2 i , . E wif -- in ,yn ,, - I 'Tis' 5-. -1 rw -N'1.Jn. ' I- -, .9:f -'Fifi 43 ., .3 151 ASSOCIATES COUNCIL-Robert Kenney. Presidentg Lynne Friedman, Vice-Presidentg Bar- bara Goodbar. Secretary: Carl Warsowe. Treasurer. l i ACTIVITIES COMMISSION-Don Kaplan. Leslie Green, Co-Chairmen. 'S L Q 1 42 4 4 1.4.4 ARTS COMMISSION-He1d1 Dleffenbach, Chalrman 1 ff Q L f M fi?-LXZ ,A -x 4 . ff ,gym uf ""'4' ami 1 fi - -uri. -H. ,f,,,..- Vf' 3 TU! gc 'S ,bil 1211.91 xg A " 'L 5' M L ,UI LU I XC Ffh 'iff - 'T. .EQ ,Af-,.,..g fo? 97 l0I.l 102.11 wow IUI.00v 81 '4 75 76 77 78 79 80 Pt Au H Tl Os lr M6152 woe 1922 I95.09 197.0 20112 204.31 00 0162 as 64 65 bb e Nd Pm Sm Eu Gd Tb D! H 144,27 11: 150.35 1sz.o lS7,26 1511.93 162 1 164 or 93 94 95 96 97 98 9 U NP Pu AmCm Bk Cf E 23807 237 741 243 2471 12471 :249g ,gg FISHER SCIENTIFIC 1 ' iff ig 9 ggi: fi -, ., V V3 X 'W-sJa. . ,A- 'N-4 7"x I' -x rwilf' -f Mrs. Campbell, Mrs. Walkerg Wheeler House Secretaries. MM' 15 ' ix f ,v' sp ,fs -.,. , f w ,. if X if .4. W . , z N f 933,554 ny. , .1 :,, if , .WW W ,,,, ,,,,., , .1 ,,., . wif. fi N " A. . ..,. V .. wi W xx iw AmN,..1 ' .Q if f V ,f gen. r ,Jw , ' WMA? .7 1 M ff l i ,ER-p rp. M Q w x ' ,A wwf ,fi g ' - WNW' Wff , f is w J W 'Xt . fwgffmm ,. .... V ,, Q., 1:-gl ' ""' f :iq 3 Y- , Azz -..,..ffi:-1 .w ' . Qf V A 'XL Q gn X7! 3 . 4 f 2 2 -zz f . 'if , V. gy 'ai' 'H' 331?iN .Ei fi -" fi., , , ,, 4 1 wh f.if'1j .i' I 'X ,.1f'L.XM ' T i Z 'I+ A f if .. ibm? 1 'wav gi-I J 55"-, Q .r lg gl Y 1 ., . Mw- 5 Hi XM Kitchen Staff Mr. Kelly, Park Department. .nm Jimmy Tempcsla, Custodian. Mrs. Perry, Secretary to Principal. 46 X 1 ,,,.-sk Mrs. Walpole, Cutler House Secretary. Mr. Sabetti, Head Custodian. Eval 335 r "f:w,Q A5 ,"1.s,K " pw if f X. Mrs. Gilroy, Miss Marchant, Mrs. Winchenbach, Mrs. Clem- Mrs. Jaques, Miss Lawlessg Goodwin House Secretaries. ensg Main Ollice Secretaries. 47 J Wgtlilwifi 7 '-Y' 'rr ' - ' V Y ---,,,-,L.,,, . ...JJ ..i....- mv , --- , ,,,. I , , . vi- - ,. .W I , il. Y INDUCTED APRIL, 1962 CLASS OF 1962 Joseph Adolph Kenneth Andersen Claire Beck Charlotte Berman Joyce Bloch Stephen Burt Jerald Cantor Charles Conway Lorraine DiTommaso Louise DiTommaso James Doyle Susan Gorfinkle Richard Levine Robert Lurie Carol Mann Harvey Mendelsohn Lois Mogel Joseph Paglia Phyllis Pollard Ronald Promboin Robert Rosen Karen Rubin Norman Rubin Robert Sarly Mary Treese CLASS OF l963' Randall Alfred Joyce Arnold Eileen Cohen Jonathan Dana Deborah Glaser Donna Guy Barbara Hurwitz Paul Kahn Philip Kaplan Jeffrey Karol Alice Kyhl Edwin Moise Rhoda Morss Mark Phillips Susan Rabinowitz Richard Rosen Jane Rosenthal Jane Schneider Brian Simblist Elaine Woo Mrs. Allen, Advisor l 1 INDUCTED MAY, CLASS OF 1962 Gordon Alpert David Andehnan Eleanor Borrow Claire Bridge Tamara Chaikowski Virginia Chapin Laura Corwin Zena Dorfman Jeffrey Fine David Greenblatt Margie Kaitz Alice Kaplan Roberta Krensky Helena Levine Joyce Norman Joan Seeler Geralyn Sharff 1961 David Greenblatt, President: Margie Kaitz, Vice-Presidenty Roberta Krensky. Secrelaryf Jeff Fine, Treasurer. . . ,, .,Zf 3 i Z E e i NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY P 'WW W5 "! 1 H X . Q I .4 :fr 4 is I ju . .1 . 31 C V 'fa "'E""Q:5' communication x...4C-.. 1 Y S mx 1' v gifs FRENCH CLUB-Brian Simblist President: Eileen Cohen, Vice-Presi dentg Joyce Arnold, Secretaryg Lois Mogel, Treasurer. GERMAN CLUB-Michele Riu Presidentg Walter Bond, Vice-Presi- dentg Ed Geltman, Ruth Francis, Sec- retariesg Thomas Gabelin, Treasurer XI--. W . , SPANISH CLUB-Gail Moseon, President, Geri Sharff, vice-president, Rebecca Breitman, Secretary, Joan Press, Treasurer. l CAMERA CLUB-Marc Oberly, President, Gary Irving, Vice-Presi- dent, Irwin Lakin, Secretary. i ! i E aa?" E ii i I '515 r 2522.1 1 num ,Wm DEBATING SOCIETY-David An- delman, President, David Gilbert, Vice-President, Gordon Alpert, Sec- retary, Jeffrey Karol, Treasurer. 0 4' 4 at Y' 56 4 . 3 1 X O' 1 S: R , 'I in s ' v Q I ' 2 s O he . ' . '5' 4 In , 5 ' l I 42,5 " 5 A U4 Q - I '41 'S s. ff Q Mi J alum directing a creative effort Mikado pw-1 -vii' awgam A ' f ,F S, ' Q ? 395-'Qxx ,Vip 'I 1 ,, .,,: 1,. .g x . 1, N ,"'f 04.4.4 S . i 5 - Q I . E -M is C A vw . 1.2 '.1:.Z', , Q 7' 9' 'Q . ' 'fQ'3:5.Q' 4.1, . - dp. if .xx .kv up-.wb ,235 QM-fi iyii Q 1 gk, :f 1 4 5 Suv dh, k MUSIC CLUB-Leslie Green, Presidentg Marilyn DiNapoli, Vice-Presidentg Jeanne Wynne, Secretaryg Elaine Woo, Treasurer. X! wgwqrk,-. DRAMA CLUB-Donald Kaplan, Presidentg Barbara Goodbar, Vice-Presidentg Nita Kaitz, Secretaryg Liz Schwachman, Treasurer. 'Ti an , A CAPPELLA CHOIR 32 fl' 9?-N QC fc., on .. Q 'Q' 'ii iff 5 BAND S.-f ORCHESTRA GIRLS' CHORUS Z -fl IV Within patterns of friendship '1 - 61 'fi -17 YJ' Na 62 ,Ni-1 'U ' "'-- . J M W It if-M gm-f:ff.!,.'ef fe-,, 'V' 4' ' ge-Q"'3"'9' W... ' L-L .42-Q A.F.S. Weekend X 'sg 4' nfs-'S 1-'t' f 1 1 63 X E ,XLR -Q -'-4-ii Ii 5-g,.w,A"'L XFAIR-hh h1LLLL"""n sL"s ibuk1L"" 1 K 4 ..--. X 414444 rsnmuea' I.-v lr lg-E ,E ft Spf 3 5? 'X 4 A f Y 'Xf- , -ini-'ii' g , QAKUVE Riqbgrsnihf- 1 I li. Q ,Vi N 7 A-up E wr ' fx. ,Q ,A U 3- 'e A 9. 1 .1 4. Q 5215 1 delight in laughter -gpm 'H Q v Ax A v13,pf,u94g V M F' ffff' E' M?" J QQ 1 A - L , 1 ., .4 'r M4 fxlgt . 4 35. " 'fi YH - X, , '1',n'V .1 .- . . , . ' V .,.41e: n, -.M ,, . yffgg . 1' 5, . eveaw 'A "' 452,64 ., A 'ffl A sn- ff 1' , - . x . .,.1a5" -, " Y -""'fi::, IL., V xii" a A 1, . 'Af . 9 X M: x 4 ,S 1' in R , 1- v, -15331 V' v vw- 5 " Wag 1' if ,. 1 'wwf Q, If ' -: ?""r- ., . ,a..,Qz r' it , .1-1' x V' S: Q 34 af.-1 ' 'Qi-xt, Y- ,. ' ssziwff: Q M., -1... .W WW--qi iw . .f Q, 'mgw Y fix t' L Iii? .5 ? ' X G, ,.f-.441 .I X ff . e xw I Senior Supper A af, ff 1" 'X , Qs 'N SSS? 1 , er. wma.. awk ua E a 'Q If ., .4 if E f x'+ -av Q. 'UW' ,ff J! , ffl' v 1' x' Aga, Twist-a-rama W?-' 'sa K CHEERLEADERS-Carol Cohen, Captaing Meredith Baker, Co-Captain. i ' as . I-'-'-L' W, ,Q L 'A '1'f : 4 2 yy " ,gr . ' -wld' had ,Y ,Mm i.,.a 4,' SHAKER GIRLS-Marilyn DiNapoli, Chairman. MAJORETTES-Laurie Weisman, Captain. Tlillwusn 3 In - W: Dix 'K-if iii? if 'W' 1 w,,4,g09 71 P- , -. v- i X gf 1 " .12 I , 11" Auilredfpi ',' .V ' . ff'-,fa ,' Y J, , kg ' -g.a,-,-.J xi wL:2,:u.llm,..1 an :'f.'f.Q-.- .I ,M ,M ,l,,l,,,. ,,u , VARSITY CLUB-Pat Messore, Presidentg David Greenblatt, Vice-President, John Parnell, Secretary-Treasurer. within a network of interests q FUTURE TEACHERS CLUB-Joyce Bloch, President, Joyce Norman, Vice-Presidentg Susan Young, Secretaryg Janet Shul- man, Treasurer. AMERICAN FIELD SERVICE-Gordon Alpert, Joan Seeler, Co-Chairmeng Alice Khyl, Secretary, Cyndi Kline, Treasurer. SKI CLUB--Gerald Sherman, Presidentg Michele Riu, Vice-Presidentg Joan Connolly, Sec retaryg Gerry Slavin, Treasurer. Lbs CHESS CLUB-Peter Kastner, Presidentg Jeff Fine, Vice- 4, Presidentg Richard Levine, Secretaryg Bob Lurie, Treasurer. LIBRARY ASSISTANTS .J JE J -.u INTERNATIONAL CLUB-Peter Kastner, Presidentg Cyndi Kline, Vice- Presidentg Anne Shotz, Secretaryg Michele Riu, Treasurer. 2 5 . 3 RED CROSS COUNCIL-Joan Seeler, Presidentg Ellen Kutzman, Vice-Presidentg Roberta Kutzer, Secretary-Treasurer. MATH CLUB--Norm Rubin, Presidentg Bob Lurie, Vice-Presidentg Sidney Kaye, Secretaryg Nathan Birnbaum, Treasurer. 74 ll N , 3 l b V i 1.8295 BLUE SQUAD GUIDES--Louise Regan, Chairman. GIRLS' ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION-Dorothy Parsons, Presidentg Heidi Dieffenbach, Vice- Presidentg Virginia Chapin, Secretary-Treasurer. RALLY COMMITTEE EXECUTIVE BOARD-Marilyn DiNapoli, Chairman. 1 75 STAGE CREW-Charles Atwell, Managerg Richard Butler, Assistant Man- agerg Jack Schnabel, Secretary-Treasurer. SENIOR LEADER CORPS 5 1 , - :- w - Q.. r TIGERAMA COMMITTEE-Carol Cohen, Chairman 76 2 """"' amz 2: KEY CLUB-Jerald Cantor, Presidentg Richard Lobel, Vice-Presidentg Peter Kastner, Secretaryg Stephen Kaplan, Treasurer. l BLUE SQUAD RADIO CLUB-Fred Hopengarten, Presidentg Martin Richmond, Secretary Treasurer. 77 -:B-1--1? 4 1 apprai ing our ideals J Qfpw ' 3 11-he" f -1,1 .1 X L 2, sr .112 5:14 f - mp , ,mln . W, YW, .9 Ama S 2251 4!7QiJ5'i1 Q 1. Ju, ,, 4. 2 ll QV ,4.f! 80 . .31-. 1. N 4' ,135 G . Y Y 1 reaching beyond Y A p:., fun- ..s. wx? 2.3, Q4n'21'N B gnwv grain I Q .x 7 3 x . img yi ,, . . Q ' f umm .jf r N 3 I in . 1 .f'..g,t, f 4' 1 ff? .A I Q r V 1 5 c 'E pL"'.','. ,Q . 'Uv 1,1 1 K Q 'A 5 55459. F., 'sjgfggf 1 if -ff. vgdffgg 483554 K czf?F35x ig il . f gg'f'..F - W Q x .4 ' .. w 1 f 2 .JW H!! P5 ,,.f' ,Af O .lf N-I J '52 ls. I v 1' , R I , .I 1 ' w I 3 .., ,- . Q -J f ' y:1,Q,:-A,,,1..N v A iff" ,5 . X Q n-- .., 5 1 , " I ,I 1-' A ..-r is I ,N , ,N V 'Hr 4 It S 4 W. . V , nr". , 4' . Q I I -J j gg? if Q 1 f pi-sf R 1 -V 4 f . W, - Q. SS H6 M A" -A '49 23. le., f? N 0 n yi' 4 , " 0,490 as 1 - '5 1 A 4 'iq 1 Az '1 r' """':: QA "4 ,h L 'wf""if3'f ,calf " may 5 i I-1 D"'Url ' 313 ag?gx?w11QZQ15i? fn .... A vo 10 U Sufi an . Row I: D. Kessler. B. Riley. P. Messore. J. Tsiumis. A. Baker. 3: Manager Finer. B. Blair. J. MacMaster. B. Kenney. B. Mac- B. Moses. H. Colosaeeo. D. Brodney. Manager Lilianthal. Lean. R. Terry. J. Balkus. K. Johnson. D. Tormey. S. Mac- Manager Gorealnik. Row 2: P. Maine. M. Modern. G. Bern- Causland. NI. White. Coaches Walker. Stegeman. Ronayne stein. J. Maiocea. D. Greenblatt. B. Swett. J. Parnell. B. San- Row 4: D. Cassiani. B. Primack. M. Young. B. Lawrence. P tucci. D. Thayer. K. Andersen. D. Kaplan. R. Monihan. Row Lipof. D. Andersen. R. Walker. football CAPTAINS-Robert Swett. John Parnell. David Greenblart. Robert Santucci. 86 COACHES-Mr. Stegeman, Mr. Walker, Mr. Ronayne, Mr. Bechtold, Mr. Poskitt. 1961 will, be remembered by many at Newton South as a '1Great Football Yearf' Aside from the successful season, Lions will remember the six twist victory par- ties and rallies at Brighamis. But this season was by no means an accident. It was not by chance that the Lions blitzed 50072 of their rivals and won six consecutive games. Head coach, Jim Ronayne, ably assisted by Norm Walker and Bob Stegeman, presented an ex- cellent TEAM this year. Although at different times during the season Lions lost starters such as Bruce MacLean and Johnny Parnell, the team managed to stick together and keep on winning. Experience on the FIRST STRING-Row 1: Dick Terry. Dave Greenblatt. Jim Maiocca. Gerry Bernstein. Bob Santucci, Don Kaplan. Ken SCHEDULE Newton South 6 Framingham 12 Newton South 6 Wakefield 12 Newton South 20 Stoneham 8 Newton South 18 Marlboro O Newton South 19 Melrose 6 Newton South 28 Stoughton O Newton South 18 Needham 0 Newton South 22 Hingham 0 team was provided by returning senior lettermen: Ken Andersen, Don Kaplan, Robert Santucci, Gerry Bern- stein, Jimmy Maiocca, Dave Greenblatt, Dick Terry, Bob Swett, John Parnell, John MacMaster, and Bob Kenney. Captains were: Bob Santucci, Dave Green- blatt, John Parnell, and Bob Swett, to whom the team attributes a large portion of its success. Every member of the Newton South High Foot- ball Co. Cteam, coaches, cheerleaders, shaker girls, and loyal fansj deserves sincere congratulations for the ex- cellent job he did to bring a victorious season to New- ton South. Andersen. Row 2: John Maclklaster, Bob Swett. Bob Kenney. John Parnell. fi-, if dl. MIB' 'fha 1. ,ww"""" Q ',f, "' Q4.7',,0'A?'x?' if Av. 'f4,.a,' sn' irI.ff'a ' "F r ' vs" ' .- 8 ,fe f f A ' ' av ,JL .nw .1 N U "-Q--:L-.f"'f' 2 Q' W y xfiifl.,-'B Q , M4 , W W 'ldfx hw., f'Mqnif f R mv- f f N' Mor- ,-,-,,.g .ff - - L, 4 Q . , 'Q ' ' ip C6 OC E 'I fl' .xr Row I: Julie Burgess, Ann Fisher, Mary Fawcett, Linda Abrams, Harriet Levine, Judy Hirsch, Karen Perry. Row 2: Sue Pitt, Sandy Gay, Jane Dowal, Marge Ariansen, Gretchen Obermeyer, Joan Connelly, Barbara Miller, fa- if Vi? f 9' K ' 1 Linda Dannenberg. Row 3: Miss Hall, Jean Chapple, Thayer Hatch, Leslie Johnson, Joan Chamberlain, Beth Harwood, Ellie Jarrell, Debby Parsons, Dotty Parsons, Pat Callehan. girls, lield hocke Like football, field hockey is a sport that requires the participation of all eleven players in order to score one point. Although not victorious scorewise, Newton South's first field hockey team boasts of good sports- manship, spirit, and team-work. The team was spurred on by several girls who played for Newton High last year: Clare Bridge, Ellie Jarrell, Deborah and Dorothy Parsons. The girls are looking forward to another good team next year and hope it will display the same kind of team-work and cooperation which made this year's team so enjoyable for all concerned. CAPTAINS-Ellie Jarrell, Debby Parsons. VARSITY SCHEDULE Q, Newton South 0 Weston 7 Newton South l Watertown 2 ' aa.. JUNIOR VARSITY SCHEDULE Newton South l Newton High 4 Newton South 0 Winchester 3 '1?M5i.-,'f..- " ' 'TJ I- . i . 1- . , I . ,,,, 3 - ' ' ' "' ?Q-Q-. 1. 1 -v - l 5 Q 4 .7 . 42-9 If-F' Newton South 0 Weston 2 Newton South 2 Watertown 1 Newton South 1 Newton High 1 Newton South O Winchester 3 ROW 1-' TOH1 Fallaw, Dave Heard, Sumner M211'IiI1SOH, nor, Dave White, Mike Coleman, Sam Berkman, Peter Tom Mick, Tony Johnson, Harvey Mendelsohn, Don Fleming, Carl Taubman. tReguIus regrets that the team Merna, Ray O'Brien. Row 2: Mr. Geist, Tom Boyd, picture was not taken before the season's close.J Charles Ullman, Ron Blattel, Dick Reisman, Bob Tray- cross country SCHEDULE VARSITY JUNIOR VARSITY Newton South 35 Watertown Newton South 23 Watertown Newton South 29 Belmont Newton South 22 Belmont Newton South 45 Waltham Newton South 45 Waltham Newton South 30 Watertown Newton South 40 Watertown Newton South 45 Melrose Newton South 45 Melrose Newton South 45 North Quincy STATE MEET-Newton of 25 class B teams. Autumn signaled the start of the 1961 Cross Country season. This year, for the first time, both Varsity and Junior Varsity squads were formed and equipped with full running outfits. The prospect of a successful season existed, with five returning harriers and two Junior milers forming the squadis main core of strength. Un- fortunately, several of the distance men failed to ma- ture in their running as expected, while another could not compete because of an operation. This disappointment left gaps in the team and duly affected wins and losses, for Cross Country, unlike other running events, is a team effort. The team de- pends not only on the first five men who do the scoring, but also on the rest of the team to keep the opposing team's harriers back in the race. South placed 17th out As Coach Geist stated, the basic problem was the lack of a fifth man to complete the Varsity's attack. Despite this handicap, the team, led by Captain Tony Johnson, Tom Fallaw, Tom Mick, and Ray O'Brien, scored near victories at Belmont, Watertown, and North Quincy, finishing the season relatively strongly in the state meet at Franklin Park. Next year, Mr. Geist looks for a seasoned Varsity, with juniors Ray O,Brien and Tom Fallaw returning. Much is expected of sophomores Mike Coleman, Pete Fleming, Carl Taubman, and Dave White. The team will start practice before school opens in September, and when the season starts, will run in a new league with Arlington, Newton High, and Waltham. The hope is that the steady competition will build a strong team. H.. , ' f ' " fini' i' ""i"-fr " 'e"f'1Jv"r-' "W e A 1 Y -- Row I: Bob Primack, Alan White, Bob Karagosian, Bruce MacLean, John Parnell, Gerry Bernstein. Row 2: Coach Bech- told, Martin Ellison, Bob Lawrence, Randy Polen, Tom Mick, Kent Johnson, Richard Pollack, Paul Kussel, Mr. Frank. basketball The lack of a great deal of height did not severely handicap Newton South's hustling basketball players, as they ended their season with a very respectable 10-8 record. Co-captained by Bob Karagosian and Bruce MacLean, the spirited team was sparked by the closely knit teamwork of John Parnell and Alan White with Tommy Mick under the boards. Again the Newton South basketball team was able to twice defeat their intra-city rival, Newton High School. In all cases, the team's excellent defensive tac- tics held down their opponent's score considerably. This fine defense was visible in most of their games, espe- cially in the very close second game with powerful Rindge Tech, in which Newton South lost by three points. The club's tremendous spirit was displayed through- out the season, and was especially apparent in the sec- ond game with Brockton, where Newton South came within four points of a tremendous upset. Throughout the season the team improved, and Coach Bechtold looks forward to a very lively and successful season next year. Newton South Newton South Newton South Newton South Newton South Newton South Newton South Newton South Newton South Newton South Newton South Newton South Newton South Newton South Newton South Newton South Newton South Newton South SCHEDULE Newton Brookline Arlington Weymouth Rindge Brockton Cambridge Watertown Waltham Newton Brookline Arlington Weymouth Rindge Waltham Brockton Cambridge Watertown Latin Latin if I ,..rv""" ,ggi Bob Karagosian, Co-Captaing Mr. Bechtold, Coachg Bruce MacLean Co Captain ':"'- 1 . -X v -1 "vig-f:FiE.Tg R 5 ,grffvfifkr A -I .. - . 9 .mr if .: 'psf f ., M 5 ' Z x ,Q GA :L Y 'Sf Q 6 5' F af , 4 ' V 1- ' , :nw T' x Q 'w. ' Y 5 K ' ,- ff' - .?fV,,3g?.s?ifLfg'z.-1.1 ' --M.. ,wk ,Mt of M I P' 4 N 5 ' . v id .q x i. 45 J J 1. 4 f ' ' Q?-,QQ iijfaffl ff Q4 if V9 . ftim sf ,4.. ,. I P, ... ,uhm-Q. ,.,. ,Q 1 6, 1 r. -4 nf-sh' 4 fr ' 'ax- ', U!! A.,-I ' , -.xvfga-.lfirf v 1-' .,-..,, ' 9: A , ,I--5132? ' .:. ., , 1 -2 .-'lg f 'p.,.. 'Y 94 Y, .1 VE, X., U Ng. ' -an mid., lwA.,f was f , f'-1 H. bpqi - k -su ' -94? 'h-i ,.'- - ,. :J V ma -o - v R, ,J 'iff' Row J: Fred Shaw, Fella Goldberg, Mal White, Doug McCar- ter, George Owens, Richard Moses, Gus Thorndike, Dave thy, Jim Maioca, Tony Johnson, Roland Monihan, Don Merna, Andersen, Dick Walker, Skip Plaisted. Jon Dana. Row 2: Reg Carruthers, Bob Swett, John MacMas- hockey SCHEDULE X. Newton South 2 Roslindale 2 Newton South 1 Boston Latin 6 Newton South l St. Sebastian 9 Newton South 2 Boston Trade 4 Newton South 2 Milton 2 Newton South O Rivers 5 Newton South 2 Milton 5 Newton South 1 Rivers 6 Newton South O Weymouth 6 Sophomores 84 Juniors vs. Newton High Junior Varsity Newton South 5 Braintree 4 Newton South 5 Newton High 0 Newton South 4 Boston English 8 Newton South 2 Newton High 1 Newton South 2 Boston English 3 Newton South 4 Newton High O The Newton South hockey team, under Coach Jim game, in which Newton South lost the game to a very Ronayne, encountered some serious problems during powerful team in the closing seconds of the game by a its second season in operation. Faced with the loss of slim 3-2 score. last year's four top defensemen, and often playing well Starting for the Newton South six were leading scor- out of its class against such, opponents as St. Sebastian ers Dick Walker, Dave Andersen, Roland Monihan, and Boston Latin, our icemen finished with an under- and Captain John MacMaster. Splitting the goaltend- standable 4-10-2 record. Through all this, however, ing and doing some outstanding jobs were Freddy the team maintained a tight unit with high morale, Shaw and Jonny Dana, who were forced to average especially for a group which had to practice at 6:00 more than thirty stops per game. A.M. twice weekly. Next year Coach Ronayne looks forward to a more Outstanding games for the Lions were the Brockton successful season with about five returning lettermen game, a 5-4 victory for Newton South, the Milton including Dave Andersen, Jonny Dana, and Dick game, with a 2-2 score, and finally the Boston English Walker. 96 M7 Row 1: Patrick Messore, David Mark, David Salemme, Sum- ner Martinson, Jeff Lakin, David Berkowitz, Nelson Nemser, Peter Marshall. Row 2: Steven Silverman, Steve MacCausland, Richard Bloom, Ken Temkin, Bill Finard, Bruce Carlin, Steve Martin, Bob Baker. Row 3: Charles Kamar, Mike Modern, Dave Heard, Richard Shane, Norman Fair, Al Segal, Steve McQueen, Arthur Levine, Carl Glickman, Bob Ash, Bob Santucci, Mr. Walker. Newton South 26 Weymouth 23 Salemme: loss by pin Lakin: win by forfeit Schneider: loss by pin Kiley: win by decision Berkowitz: win by pin wrestling SCHEDULE Martin: loss by pin Carlin: loss by pin Heard: win by pin Shain: win by decision Santucci: win by pin Kenney: loss by decision Newton South 20 Rivers 29 Salemme: loss by pin Nemser: loss by pin Schneider: loss by pin Berkowitz: win by pin Kiley: loss by decision Temkin: loss by pin Messore: loss by pin Heard: loss by decision Shain: win by pin Greenblatt: win by pin Kenney: win by pin Although the wrestling team was organized only on an informal basis this season, Coach Norman Walker, a former Williams College wrestler, and his boys shared an enormous enthusiasm for the sport. From late November through February, the inexperienced wrestling candidates worked out three times weekly, learning the fundamental moves and holds. The results of this hard work showed up in the two interscholastic matches, in which the Lions made an excellent show- ing. They won one and barely lost the other. Dave Berkowitz and Captain Dick Shain scored victories in both meets. These boys, along with David Salemme, Jeff Lakin, Nelson Nemser, Bob Kiley, Dick Rosen, and Paul Lipof, provide the nucleus for next yearls squad. It will probably become an actual varsity ath- letic team at Newton South. JUNIOR VARSITY SCHEDULE Newton South Newton South Newton High Cambridge Latin Newton South Watertown Newton South Weston Newton South Winchester Newton South Cambridge School of Weston Newton South Newton South VARSITY SCHEDULE Newton High Cambridge Latin Newton South Watertown Newton South Weston Newton South Winchester Newton South Cambridge School of Weston Row 1: Pam Yardume, Joan Chamberlain, Karen Perry, Sally Poutas, Marge Arianson, Leslie Johnson, Debby Parsons, Heidi Dieffenbach. Row 2: Sue Nathanson, Judy Hirsch, Trudy CAPTAINS-Cecily Newcomb, Judy Hirsch, Junior Varsity, Marge Arianson, Sally Poutas, Varsity. Lakin, Harriet Bickleman, Miss Hall, Cecily Newcomb, Gloria Viles, Carolyn Tessario, Natalie Johnson, Jane Dorval. girls' basketball The girls ended the season this year with two wins, one of them against their inter-city rival, Newton High School, and three losses. Although there were only minor changes in the rules this year, the girls are slowly being emancipated to the boys' style of playing. Instead of being confined to half-court as in the past, 1 ' 'rg Y two members from each team will be playing full court next season. Miss Hall, the basketball coach, expresses her doubts about the dribbling abilities of the team. CAt present they are allowed only three dribbleslg but the girls are clamoring for the change, so watch out for next year! 5' N52 f4?""" .- ' M2 - :xii " 'ii Y' , 'V ' r- ,J-,ef ' i1S?f?QV3'1 A , - - f A , ,S .. ,VX 3433 gg.. X X V, kdm? .a.-efw X b. . . M., X' . t- .4 .V M ,ir s ff . ways v X . -at 2, vws..,..,2 Row I: H. Berkstrom. D. Abrams, A. Mann, N. Nemser, D Berkowitz, P. Messore, B. Zung, G. Sherman, S. Martinson J. Lakin, J. Maletz, B. Paris, M. Young. Row 2: R. Milgroom J. Sneider, G. Swope, D. Rosenthal, J. Bernstein, S. Kaplan, D. Andersen, I. Lakin, D. Shane, G. Abrams, D. Malkin, B Caterino. Row 3: H. Levitan, H. Wolper, R. Phillips, J. Lewis, D. Heard, A. Baker, P. Marshall, R. O'Brien, T. Fallaw, R Blattel, D. Green, S. McQueen. Row 4: M. Sherman, S. Frutkoff, B. McLaughlin, L. Goldstein, J. Paglia, C. Warsowe, J. Waldman, B. Baker, A. Levine, D. Bloom, C. Kamar. Row 5: B. Felton, T. Brahms, K. McCormack, P. Moleux, E. Morganthal, R. Charness, P. Goldberg, S. Guttel, S. Silverman, S. Kaplan, D. Terry, S. MacCausland. track Dr. Parnell, Coach. Head Coach Doctor Parnell and Assistant Coach Mr. Geist lead a hopeful and more experi- A - enced team onto the cinder path this spring. This marks Newton South's second year of competi- tion in the fast moving suburban league, com- posed of such Class A powers as Rindge Tech, Brockton, Brookline, and Newton. The team is co-captained by Burt Zung, who was last year a runner-up in the state Class B 220, and Pat Mes- sore. Individually, the team will be assured of much power in the 440 by Dick Terry. Joe Paglia and Dick Goralnick will team up in the 100, while Messore and Zung work at the 220. Impressive performances by Goeff Robert in the 880 and Tom Fallaw in the mile should help Newton South this season. The three lettermen in the field events who have been proving their value right along are Gerry Abrams, Andy Baker, and Carl Warsowe. The relay team of Goralnick, Messore, Zung, and Terry has dis- played good speed and timing. Desire to win, hard work, and good coaching indicate a successful season for the South trackmen. Pat Messore, Burton Zung, Captains ixv-. 1 , With three members of last year's A team returning to the squad, the prospect for another successful record is good. Last year, the young team produced a very impressive seasonal record of twelve wins and one loss. It was a great disap- pointment to the team to lose the final match to Brockton and also the chance for the state tourney. This year the team is more optimistic and hopes to gain a berth in the tourney by winning all the matches. Mr. Ronaynels coaching will be an important factor in helping the team to reach its goal. The returning lettermen are: Bob Lawrence, Tony Johnson, and Sean Byrne. Other candidates coming up from last year's Junior Varsity team are: Alan White, David Parsons, Robert Po- lansky, Bill Finard, and Mal White. Bob Lawrence, Captain. Mr. Ronayne, Coach. Row 1: Mike Segal, Bob Fellows, Steve White, Jane Morris, rence, Sean Byrne, Tony Johnson, Dave Parsons, Mal White, Peter Brecher, George Owens. Row 2: Martin Daley, Bill Mr.Ronayne. Finord, Al White, Bob Polansky, Stuart Naterman, Bob Law- 1Ol ' GIRLS' BADMINTON TEAM--Row 1: Trudy Dowson. Row 2: Marjorie Zich, Carolyn Achorn, Lakin, Dorothy Parsons, Debby Parsons, Sarah Alexa Dailey, Joan Seeler, Alice Kyhl. 1 ' l ,Q ig? H. fl. 5.91 r G.A.A. BOARD-Dottie Parsons, Pam Yardume, Heidi Dieffenbach, Sally Poutas. GIRLS' VOLLEYBALL TEAM--Row I: Robin Row 2: Gloria Viles, Nancie Wise, Jane Rosenthal, Bernstein, Judi Hirsch, Sally Poutas, Wylie Marcy, Liz Oshry, Joan Chamberlain, Jane Cohen, Karen Nita Kaitz, Jane Dorval, Maxine Finn, Ellen Wexler. ' Perry, Merlie Wise, Ruth Carson. AA.. v 4 s. 1 -. W lliluunnnnuun 2 ll, I 3 J ., ' :guy . 41 , N -. i Q -H , 7 ii i I A Q W 1 l4"m R , , 5 6 1 ,, 24 . .. X, . Y I Ltswr 0 ytzsltlltilllltmgf . Q4 1-lik: Quays muon vuss no .Mp v I 1 f Row 1: D. Greenblatt, G. Bernstein, F. Shaw, R. Kenney, J. MacMaster, R. Santucci, V. Gamble. Row 2: R. Swett, J. Maiocca, B. MacLean, T. Mick, J. Dana, D. Small, D. Wick- qi'I'0 .- 19" son, Coach Sutherland. Row 3: L. Katz, J. D'Allesio, Manager Glickman, R. Primack, K. Johnson, H. Segal, D. Merna, R. Rattet. baseball Early spring of 1962 finds the Newton South High baseball squad in its pre-season drills under Coach Don Sutherland, former star pitcher and captain of baseball at Bates College. Working out with a much more earnest and serious attitude than in 1961, the Lions demonstrate that their two goals in 1962 are to vastly improve last year's seven-win, nine-loss record and to show their ability for fine team play. The competition for berths on the first team is keen. The probable starting lineup for 1962 will include Captains Fred Shaw and Bob Kenney, with returning starters Bruce MacLean, John Parnell, and Dave Greenblattg and veterans Gerald P. Bernstein, Bob Primack, Dick Thayer, and Vin Gamble. Other prom- ising prospects are Skip MacLean, Dave Wickson, Bob Santucci, and Jim Maiocca. Whatever the Newton South starting lineup may be, the team will be one without established offensive ability. The Lions will rely on their great defensive prowess to hold down the opponent's score, then hope for one or two clutch hits. If right-hander Bob Kenney lives up to his great pitching potential and if a few hits drop in at the right times, the Newton South base- ball team could be the best in the Surburban League. l"x Bob Kenney, Captain. Mr. Walker, Mr. Sutherland, Coaches. Fred Shaw, Captain ., P i Q A -.-.A ,. .,,,,,,,, , ., -'cuz-......-,. .--- HW.- , Y-. -Q v...-.- ,N V, .- ..,-.. .-Q -..-.,--va ,. .............. ,....-,.......- .-. -. +- -W,-.',.,,..... fv- ,. ,....-.-.0 1 . an ... W. s. AX r svn' 1 Q ao, -- I' 'Lf-E Q, . , ri' ' -Q! i 55ff'f'fi'7 j3.'f"g -F I' V Q . , f . Lf . .Q:Q'f Bag an 1 .. 'ff A' lawn: ' e ' 'QT-JTQ. 1991? xy ,J . .f Q- .- .5 . -.a'.- v, ...Q-n 4-. .. n - ., Q .,. .. -qw- 'up-ar an aw -:wma .fn-4 -, , I A' q,,.v- ,fy ,. 410: , fi -Xa ',' .., -W ,, . , A4"' L. '.....1T.-'T...,-.. , . ..., .: -it-,-311, 1 I 1 ...,, - -.- - M .1-' ' aw-,:. ., pl-an " x ng-, ,QQ ,- K Q if -.....-,, . 9- 5 A 1.1 1- -2. -. 1... ,S I 'ww -f"'ll' 4 ui-ff --as 5-an ,, , ,,,,.,......,z., V .J-180--41. . .i r .v -X.-.. -4 -, -wh -. .yfflnasnf -1-1 -. ,-' Mfg- -. ' x ,rn nv 1 "' 413. " ,"""' M. F , ..- ,gg awk . - , 'fihfst Q ,,. 3... ., - -- 41- W, 1 I V Ov- W . Q . .9 .:,X tiff"--' ' A- . Qjzfhiirff y ,A - li... ' .A ern-mf,-f. ..., , . ,-, M, . 4 . 'ag- ' N ' 1 13 .dui "9 , uf- 3, ,fi ,H , .Lx-1, 1 l 'I 11 n 1.4 "eff" S A A 'MS 51 .- aar- I :,, gwgf ',,. 5 , . 1 . A . .5 x . -1 :"- I -. -Q' -v -- , f.,.,, L' -al' -59' " ' ' --...V 'T -.D T: . . x V- .K rl."-'f' ...- ...--- E M Q v --- ,arf V , - M .-.- 5 LQ- Ar I 3 ,rw A '- A--AX N "NM V " "'L'b'V 'Vt Rf " , , . W A 5 1 - ff f , J' ,,- . ' v ' .gl ....., - 5' 'A .I , - 'Sm W .,j semi" . q,,w-- - .... , -1. wp-vs, awww-pw wr . gn-W.. W ..i' .Ji 'W " ,A,,,sn6U'f- .,,,,,,,-2 Li K bm Q b vqipffffl r ,A . Y , s 4 1 A M ,- f- In in I 'EH' F' 31 !."" V' ' 1 ,f , Q' 'A' 1 V. b 70 , -V X U A dx Q ZQNAJ5 ,- A Q ,E , W 4, A f oy , Af' , " f , , X, N ' .sv f W M ,f Jafxl I. f 1, r A Q nfmwm-.,,A W' 35 , , t ' .J X .. , , W5 . V y . ,iv y 4 nf- 1 , ...u- ,,4rra,,. -Aw I 4, 4 .- . A gl X W 5 f , w 1 '- 105 , H. -QQ-'h"iL. . iff ,, . , 'gr-. '49 Q x i, 'fu 4 ff 75173 9 . I? 2, E: , q ' ,mf ' , 2 y, Q., 11-A15 1 J ri ,af f ' f' 'fairs-,Lain ,,.,4,4f. ,. , ,L zfaggffi 1 'wap 'W ,?',.',1:..12"'H W A, ij: , irw 1 , '91 5' I . , ,, ,.,. ,M . F' ff. 7' ' f K . M. ,. L iw, BBB-I BS?-B S1 '95 1 ,.. 'WM Q ,,,,,f'ib M My J 'Iv TQ Fa- Q9 f 7 u fb if,,g," X 4 is Jw ! 525.1 Agx, ,3:gtf'1Qi3,:,fj13'f9.4V ' 1 1 .' -es, gag . ' '?'f '15 J, .yi 5?-'X g. f v ' ' gf' x X 1, .f s,g4,f.,xs D Q-9, ff' Q' 4 9' if f K . ff ts r. 4, 'IV' Q, K f.--.. -' Q-----1 M 'g-....f"f': ...T7 L W , 44 '- 2' , fix, ,MM Faculty-Varsity Basketball Game. a a ' a , 1 if ma :- - W 985 'Ui ,, ' -9" .frafgh I xv' .V N "' " 2953, J . J. 'L -an 5-Q1-vi , ., .FN s i Max.: A- - W Kali Q1 'P ,gfgx :IM fx A ..' ft ,JA -. - ,ag .,1 v. 3' . 'a H' 'V X X51 naw- .QIL .ga.,l'!"1agg' . "ffl C I "y, . , .,, 'l,a,,.',:1 'A .. .V at V. W " 'W 'FF 'W' 1, 51515 I, ., . , 3 I v - , 4 . fC'.'1'1A' ' .- ,- I ,.! , ' 2 ff-A-' ' 1 V Sl 1 4 at X n y' Q, 3' .W in O Y fs Q 4 --mf, 7, K . ..f.,v' .- 9 x J ur- X 5385, - 2 'MZ 2 1. fgff fm' 4 M41--:Q-4 f , i .Q Lp , ff, cf, H 'X , F' N f ,W M 'fe 140,546 I fw Q ,lv I! ALMLA, 'WV I G Z1 M ,w 1 ,J 41 K W 2. .p I L 5 J! K, .1 -at ' 1. x - -1 C' 1 .i GK :XC --.45 GERALD JAY ABRAMS 880 Dedham St., Oak Hill Jerry Ambition: To clear ten feet. Fondest Memory: Mr. Verdun's chemistry class, Cutler: I: Meadowbrook: College Track 2, 3. CAROLYN D. ACHORN 48 Erie Ave., Newton Highlands Debs, Carol Favorite Pastime: Cathy's certain party where I got to know "someone": backshore beach parties at Maine. What Would Happen if: Mr. Petrillo were to have Rita and me in his Span- ish class again? . CAROL ANN ADOLPH 54 Nickerson Rd., Chestnut Hill Kit I Leave to N.S.H.: About 100 air mail letters to Ft. Leonard Wood, Mo. Favorite Saying: See you at the castle, Countess! Goodwin: I: Meadowbrook: College Spanish Club 2. 3: Drama Club 2, 3: Music Club 2: Junior Class Commit- tee: Caducean Club 2: Rally Commit- tee 3. JOSEPH FRANK ADOLPH 212 Winslow Rd., Waban Joe I Leave to N.S.H.: All my wonderful teachers and friends. Ambition: To become a millionaire. Goodwin: I: Weeks: College French Club 1: Math Club 2, 3: Goodwin House Council 2, 3: Activi- ties Commission 2: Drama Club 2, 3. RICHARD E. ALBERT 6 Glastonbury Oval, Waban Dick Favorite Pastime: Sleeping in study halls and X-block. I Prophesy that: Newton South will some day become old and run down like the other school. Wheeler: 1: Weeks: College Bowling 1: Meteorology Club 1, 2: Tennis Team l, 2, 3: Math Club 3. 112 Down-to-earth progressive education CHARLES EDWARD ALLEN 41 Cochituate Rd., Newton Highlands Charlie Fondest Memory: The 2:30 bell. What Would Happen if: Mr. Lambert didn't worry so much? Cutler: II: Weeks: College Stage Club 2, 3. , 'Q if ,J-'Z ,ds DAVID ALLEN 202 Winslow Rd., Waban Fondest Memory: Junior B-block, English with Mr. Geist. Wildest Dream: Sailing to the South Pacific with C.J. Cutler, II, Weeks, College Stage Club 2, 3. Sure, it was banned in Boston. LESLIE MEREDITH ALLEN 43 Bowdoin St., Newton Highlands Penny, Slim I Am Crazy about: Chocolate milk- shakes and hockey games. Fondest Memory: June 10, 1960. Wheeler, I, Weeks, College Barry House Council 1, Barry House Hockey Team 1, Rally Committee 1, 2, 3, Executive Board 2, 3, Junior Class Secretary, Junior Prom Com- mittee, Senior Class Secretary, Civics Committee 2, 3, Modern Dance 1, Shaker Girl 3. GORDON M. ALPERT 19 Westgate Rd., Newton Centre Gordy Fondest Memory: LSMFT in Russian. What Would Happen If: I followed in Jungle Jim's Footsteps? Goodwin, I, Meadowbrook, College Regulus Business Manager 3, Reflec- tions 2, 3, A.F.S. 2, 3, Co-chairman 3, Exchange Student to Japan 3, De- bating Society 2, 3, Treasurer 2, Sec- retary 3, National Honor Society 2, 3, Beals House Council 1. DAVID ARTHUR ANDELMAN 53 Philbrick Rd., Newton Centre Dave Favorite Saying: The hotshots get the marbles. Fondest Memory: Racing around Moon Island. Cutler, I, Meadowbrook, College English Club 1, Russian Club 2, De- bating Society 1, 2, President 3, Na- tional Honor Society 2, 3, French Na- tional Honor Society 2, 3, Blue Squad 2, 3, Regulus Literary Staff 3, Reliec- tions Literary Staff 2, Handbook 2. KENNETH MARSHALL ANDERSEN 130 Lincoln St., Newton Highlands Ken Favorite Pastime: Enjoying G-block studies. Fondest Memory: The great kids, the football games, Mr. Altree's history class. Goodwin, I, Warren, College Senior Class Treasurer, Football 1, 2, 3, Mixed Chorus 1, A Cappella Choir 2, Music Club 2, New England Dra- ma Festival Hospitality Committee 2. ARLENE CAROL ANDERSON 337 Winchester St., Newton Highlands Carol, Diz I am Crazy about: Bucky. Favorite Pastime: Bucky. Wheeler, IV, Meadowbrook, Business 113 ,rf A-Q, fi 'T gat' Sw if 45 ' I if MARGERY ELLEN ARBETTER 105 Cynthia Rd., Newton Centre Bunny I am Crazy about: One particular student at Cornell. Fondest Memory: The prom in my sophomore year. Wheeler: I: Meadowbrook: College A Cappella Choir 1, 3: Girls' Chorus 3: Music Club 1, 2, 3: Future Teach- ers Club 1: Latin Club 1: Nursing Club 1. MARGARET TERESA ARIANSEN 25 Wallace St., Newton Highlands Margie Favorite Pastime: Keeping Miss Lawless company. Favorite Saying: Keep it up. Goodwin: II: Meadowbrook: College Basketball 2: Softball 2: Bowling Club 2: Spanish Club 2: G.A.A. 3. LESLIE ROSE ARNOLD 20 Kewadin Rd., Waban Lel, Rozie Favorite Pastime: Staring. Fondest Memory: Iota: all my male teachers. Goodwin: I: Weeks: College Associates Council Representative 3: Senior Class Committee 3: Regulus Copy Editor 3: French Club 1, 2, 3, Secretary 2: Civics Commission 2: Future Teachers Club 1, 2, 3: Regulus Ad Staff 2: Blue Squad 2: Music Club 2. LEONARD ARONSON 26 Athelstane Rd., Newton Centre Lenny Favorite saying: You believe it! Wildest Dream: To be a champion tennis player. Wheeler: I: Day: College Caducean Club 1: Concert Band 2, 3: Tennis Team 2. PHILIP J. BAIRD 16 Niles Rd., Newton Highlands Phil Favorite Pastime: Taking pictures. Ambition: Far beyond anyone's belief. Goodwin: I: Weeks: College Regulus Photography Editor 3: Cam- era Club l, 2, 3: A.F.S. 3: Blue Squad 3. 114 After this nobody will recognize him. ANDREW BAKER 45 Beethoven Ave., Waban Andy I Fondest Memory: Being in Miss Dohanian's math class. Wildest Dream: No homework. Wheeler: II: Weeks: College Football 2, 3: Track 1, 2, 3: Intramu ral Basketball 1, 2, 3. X JANET ANN BAKER 16 Hartmann Rd., Newton Centre Jan Fondest Memory: Going to the Marion High game with Ralph. Wildest Dream: To go with R.B. Goodwin, IV, Meadowbrook, College MEREDITH LOUISE BAKER 4 Bradford Rd., Newton Highlands Merry Favorite Pastime: Whitewashing Woodend Road. Fondest Memory: Cheering, the children's ward. Cutler, I, Weeks, College Music Club 1, 2, 3, Leader Corps 1, Girls' Chorus 2, A Cappella Choir 3, Badminton 1, Field Hockey 1, Tiger- ama Committee 2, 3, Softball 2, Civ- ics Committee 2, Cheerleader 2, Co- Captain 3, Rally Committee 2, 3. JOHN KENNETH BALKUS 182 Elliot St., Newton Upper Falls I Leave to N.S.H.: A truck to carry the football dummies. Wildest Dream: To put Mr. Walker through a coffin drill. Goodwin, I, Meadowbrook, College Football 1, 2, 3, Basketball 1, Intra- mural Baseball 1, 2, 3, Track 3, Blue Squad 2, 3, Key Club 1, 2, 3, Senior Class Committee, Math Club 2, 3, Newtonite 1, 2. CLAIRE RUTH BECK 44 Varick Hill Rd., Waban Medusa Favorite Pastime: Complaining. Goodwin, I, Weeks, College Homeroom Manager 1, Newtonite Ad Staff 1, Newtonian Circulation Staff 1, International Club 2, Treasurer, A.F.S. 2, 3, French Club 1, 2, Blue Squad Guide 2, Regulus Art and Lay- out Staff 3. REEVAN MILES BENJAMIN 2 Truman Rd., Newton Highlands I am Crazy about: That Illinois Math? Wildest Dream: That Mr. Merrill would clean his viewgraph. Goodwin, II, Meadowbrook, College Rifle Club 1, Chess Club 1, 2, 3. SUSAN GAIL BERCH 628 Boylston St., Newton Centre Sue Fondest Memory: "Dropping" Illinois math. Wildest Dream: Services at the MIT Chapel with the rest of my religious friends. Wheeler, I, Meadowbrook, College Debating Club 2, 3, Secretary 2, House Council 1, Regulus Literary Staff 3, Drama Club 1, 2, 3, Library Club 2, 3. 115 44' z'fP-'fr-f-"ee""':'1f5vfwfmz1 X. -3 3' 33 1 7. - 7 Q., L I I' h - 3 . ' I if fe- ' ,- I l ' 4 1 1 y A , v'- I I 2? as: ii 41: X A .gin 1 in fill A .s A Eggs iff' 3 45.1 we frills , f ODILE BERGOGNE 173 Allen Ave., Waban Ambition: To become a psychiatrist. Favorite Pastime: Discussing politics. Goodwin3 I3 College A.F.S. Exchange Student 33 Interna- tional Club 33 Drama Club 33 Debat- ing Club 3. CHARLOTTE RUTH BERMAN 703 Boylston St., Newton Highlands Scarlet Favorite Saying: I'm not Jackieg I'm Charlotte. Fondest Memory: Nineteen days of one continuous party. Cutler3 II3 Bigelow3 College Regulus Circulation Staff 33 French Club 33 Spanish Club 33 Caducean Club 2. MICHELE MARION BERNFELD 10 Fairlee Rd., Waban Fondest Memory: G-block in my Junior year. Wildest Dream: To see the boys offer their seats to the girls on buses. Wheelerg I3 Weeks3 College Junior Red Cross Council 1, 2, 33 Wheeler House Council 23 French Club 2, 33 Caducean Club 2, 3. GERALD PAUL BERNSTEIN ll Chester St., Newton Highlands Gerry Favorite Pastime: Getting scoffed by David J. Greenblatt. Favorite Saying: l'To be, or not to be! That is your . . ." Cutlerg I3 Weeks3 College Activities Commission 3: Associates Council Representative 33 Blue Squad 33 Football 2, 33 Basketball I, 2, 33 Cross-country Track 1. JACOB ALAN BERNSTEIN 44 Indian Ridge Rd., Oak Hill Jack, J.B., Jake I Leave to N.S.H.: All the "high school hippysf' Fondest Memory: Ray, Newport, and all that JAZZ! Goodwin3 I3 Meadowbrookg College Football 1, 2, 33 Outdoor Track 2, 33 Math Club l, 2. 33 Music Club l, 2,33 Debating Society 2, 3. 116 is 1--5 NANCY ELLEN BERNSTEIN 179 Greenwood St., Newton Centre I Leave to N.S.H.: My sister Robin. Favorite Pastime: Writing long letters to 303. Goodwin3 II3 Meadowbrookg College French Club 13 Girls' Chorus l3 Mu- sic Club l, 2, 33 Drama Club 2, 33 Library Club 33 Dance 1. Yes, I like school. What of it? x l 41 U-my 'Ni ROBERT STUART BERNSTEIN 11 Chester St., Newton Highlands Bob Favorite Pastime: Conducting Beethoven's symphonies. Wildrest Dream: Seeing English 14 made into an elective. Cutler: Ig Weeks, College Math Club 2, Hockey 2, 3. CAROL ALBERTA BILLINGS 19 Indiana Terr., Newton Upper Falls My Ambition: To marry that someone and have twins. Fondest Memory: The trip I took downstairs at Newton North: Need- ham vs. Newton in my junior yearg but most of all, Dean. Cutlerg II: Meadowbrookg College S.O.S. 1, 2, 3g Music Club 1, 2, 3g G.A.A. 3: Rally Committee 1, 3: Dance 1, 3: Outing Club l. LAWRENCE L. BLACKER 2 Alexander Rd., Newton Highlands Larry I Prophesy that: All the green bag boys will eat together in the middle table of the lunchroom. Wildest Dream: To drive around a rotary the wrong way. Wheeler: Ig Meadowbrook: College Basketball 1, 3g Wheeler House Coun- cil 2, 3g Senior Class Committee: Homeroom Manager 25 Drama Club 3. DAVID THAYER BLISS 100 Devonshire Rd., Waban I Will to N.S.H.: A cookbook for the cafeteria. Fondest Memory: Wiping Wildroot off the headsets in language labora- tory. Cutlerg Ig Weeks: College Stage Crew 1, 2g Regulus Photogra- phy Staff 3: Denebola Photography Staff 3: Stadic Computer Group 3. SARAH DOUGLASS BLISS 100 Devonshire Rd., Waban Sally, Salbug Favorite Pastime: Analyzing Mrs. Bertman's connotations. Fondest Memory: P.W.'s party. Cutler: Ig Weeks: College House Council 1: Varsity Tennis 1, 2, 3g Junior Class Committee: Blue Squad 2: Mixed Chorus 13 Girls' Chorus 3g Regulus Copy Staff 33 Rally Committee 33 Leader Corps 2. 3g Tennis Chairman 33 Civics Com- mission 3. JOYCE THERESA BLOCK 25 Bound Brook Rd., Newton Highlands Joycie Favorite Pastime: Spending those wonderful nights with B.L., G.S., and Fondest Memory: My Junior year. Cutler, II, Meadowbrookg College Future Teachers Club 2 President 3' Regulus Ad Staff 2, Blue Squad 2, Rally Committee 3g Orange Sales 3g Music Club 2, French Club 2. 117 '05 ,J-HQAQ 3 f ff? my . , ff. 'Q- DIANA MARSHA BLUESTEIN 21 Myerson Lane, Newton Centre Deedy Favorite Pastime: Waiting for Les to call me from Fort Dix. Goodwing II3 Meadowbrook3 College Future Teachers Club 1, 23 Music Club 2, 33 Golf Club 3. JOHN WALTER BOND 46 Pine Ridge Rd., Waban Walt I Leave to N.S.H.: The knowledge that it is one of the best high schools in the country. Ambition: To own a sheep ranch at 13,000 feet in southern Colorado. Cutlerg I3 La Jolla High Schoolg A College Math Club 33 German Club 3. MARTHA LEE BOOTT -49 Wilde Rd.. Waban I Leave to N.S.H.: All the wonderful history classes with Mr. Robinson. Favorite Pastime: Playing football with Jack Carroll and Ron Anderson in the mud. Goodwing II3 WHTICHQ College Library Club 2g Newtonian Repre- sentative 1. HARRY HIRSHMAN BORNSTEIN 34 Stearns St., Newton Centre Harry I Prophesy that: Newton South will sink beneath the swamp. Fondest Memory: Life in Mr. Brode's homeroom class in 5138. Goodwing I3 College A Cappella Choir 1, 2, 3. MARJORIE BORNSTEIN 21 High Rock Terr., Chestnut Hill Marjie Favorite Pastime: Being moved from Bacon to Goodwin to Cutler. Fondest Memory: My Junior year3 locker D-36. Cutlerg I3 Meadowbrook: College Library Club 1, 2, 3g Music Club 1, 33 Future Teachers Club 13 S.O.S. 2. 33 Regulus Ad Staff 23 Regulus Data Staff 33 Newtonite 23 Denebola As- signment Editor 33 Civics Commis- sion 23 Rally Committee 2. 118 49,1 'O -gg 3 ' vo. . 4 3 o"'0 0 Q Q Q.-2.3.-M 3 - ' I? 1. Q' 0 Q 5- -o 0 at .BEHQQ K ' 6, gunna 5 q9'r1l"" 9 6- bv: UU 'NS rx. ' . 5 ? V1 " Iifx.-if sf is Agios . !x Q 9 x -'J 'fr 5 In ,safe 49 QS gtiiisvwoy 6005 I9 a 4 Q -2- Q I Us 'fr Q Q rv 4 f 4 -' 'UE affif faqs 430 Who grabbed my pickle? i ELEANOR RUTH BORROW 10 Nardone Rd., Newton Centre Ellie Fondest Memory: Years of confusion and those who confused me. Wildest Dream: The return of 7139. Cutler3 I3 Meadowbrookg College National Honor Society 2, 3g Modern Dance 1, 2, 33 Caducean Club 1, 2, 3, Secretary-Treasurer 23 A.F.S. 2, 3g G.A.A. 33 Refiections Assistant Edi- tor 23 Reliections Co-Editor 3. :--- . 'il K -I-ik " -1-0 - ' My iw JA I I 1 K l l i i ,rt I 4. l l. ll JANET MARIE BOUDROT 20 Shawmut Pk., Newton Upper Falls Peanuts Fondest Memory: Meeting Ray and all the wonderful kids in my three years in high school. Wildest Dream: To be 5 feet tall. Goodwin: IV: Warren: Business Basketball 1: Rally Committee 2, 3. REBECCA LEA BREITMAN 83 Redwood Rd., Newton Centre Becky Fondest Memory: Friday nights with Judie and Alice. What Would Happen if: Doctor Singer wasn't a dentist? Sue! Wheeler: I: Meadowbrook: College Drama Club 1, 2, 3: Dance 2, 3: Spanish Club Secretary 2: A.F.S. 1, 2: International Club 2, 3: Music Club 2: Archery 1: Homeroom Manager 2: Blue Squad 2: Orange Shield 1. CLARE ALICE BRIDGE 9 Stetson Way., Waban I Leave to N.S.H.: The shuttle bus to N.H.S. I Prophesy that: Eventually there will be a subway between the two schools. Wheeler: I: College National Honor Society 2, 3: French National Honor Society 2, 3: Presi- dent, Adams-Bacon French Club 1: Outing Club 1, 2: Varsity Basketball 1, 2: J.V. Field Hockey 2: Varsity Softball 1: Girls' Athletic Board 2. HENRY I. BRUGSH 5 Glastonbury Oval, Waban Hank Ambition: To become a bigger nut than I am now. Fondest Memory: Berlin and the Berliner. Cutler: I: Perkins: College Radio Club 3: Latin Club 2: German Club 3: Music Club 2, 3. JOYCE BUCHANAN 123 Elliot St., Newton Highlands I Prophesy that: Mr. Avritch's son will rip up more tests. Fondest Memory: The many friends I made at Newton High. Goodwin: II: Weeks: Business P.T.S.A. 1. JUDITH ANNE BURNS 431 Parker St., Newton Centre Judy Ambition: If I knew it, I'd say so. Fondest Memory: The second to last day of my sophomore year. Wheeler: II: Sacred Heart: College Rally Committee 3: G.A.A. 3. 119 Q Q z nf p is , 'ff x. i 1 ' fs TQKJ. is .dem I Mb: if WM... , 2 X JI? 125 40. A 10N Q-if 4' SEAN F. BYRNE 16 Columbia Ave., Newton Upper Falls Seen I Prophesy that: N.S.H. will, in forty years, sink into the swamp it is built on. Fondest Memory: The visits to Mr. Kesselheim's office in my sophomore year. Goodwin: II: Weeks, College Golf Team 2, 3: Basketball 3. RICHARD A. BUTLER 73 Halcyon Rd., Newton Centre Ambition: To do as little work as possible. Fondest Memory: Last day of Mr. Goldman's chemistry class. Wheeler: Ig Weeks: College Stage Club 2, 3: Wheeler House Council 2. ' STEPHEN EDWARD BURT 22 Carver Rd., Newton Highlands Favorite Pastime: Astronomy. Fondest Memory: The last Bermuda race. Cutler: Ig Thompson Junior High: College PATRICIA ANN CADY 48 Indiana Terr., Newton Upper Falls Pat I am Crazy about: Life. Fondest Memory: The summer of '61, the day we marched down the field to a record. Cutler, II, Meadowbrook, College Majorettes 2, 3, Archery 1: Caducean Club 1, G.A.A. 3. JERALD CHARLES CANTOR ll Sky View Circle, Newton Centre Jerry I Leave to N.S.H.: A memory of me. Fondest Memory: Junior English with Mrs. Bertman. Goodwin: I: Mount Vernon, N. Y., College Key Club l, 2, 3, President 3g New- tonite 2, Denebola Sports Editor 3: Intramural Sports 23 Football man- ager l: Blue Squad Guide 2: Assem- bly Committee 2. 120 bww -4-swikkswiwbnsf 'NQSESSI x .is 'bivilv-'la C'mon Buster, I'm not that kind of girl JUDITH EILEEN CARLAN 15 Athelstane Rd., Newton Centre Judy I am Crazy about: All the teachers who give A's. What Would Happen if: My sister Ronnie came home from college. Cutler, II, Weeks: College Drama Club 2, 3: Music Club 3, Fu- ture Teachers Club 3. M X X f if Q55 REGINALD JAMES CARRUTHERS 115 Floral St., Newton Highlands Reg Favorite Pastime: Hockey practice at -100. Fondest Memory: Junior English class. Goodwin, II, Weeks, College Hockey 1, 2, 3, Intramural Football 1, J.V. Football 2, Intramural Soft- ball 2, 3, Blue Squad 3. LINDA LEE CASTOLDI 38 East Quinobequin Rd., Waban Lin Ambition: To see the light. Fondest Memory: And two candy bars?! Goodwin, I, Warren, College Rally Committee 1, 3, Riley House Council 1, Decoration Committee 1, 2, Library Club 2, 3, Spanish Club 2, 3. TAMARA CHAIKOWSKI 116 Roundwood Rd., Newton Upper Falls Tammy Favorite Pastime: Coffee breaks- whether in English Seminar or in my pocketbook. Favorite Saying: Boo! Wheeler, I, Meadowbrook, College National Honor Society 2, 3, Dene- bola 3, A.F.S. 1, 2, 3, Blue Squad 2, Studio Club 1, 2, 3, Tigerama Com- mittee 2, 3. WILLIAM CHAMBERS 1126 Chestnut St., Newton Upper Falls Billy I Leave to N.S.H.: One bubble-gum wrapper. What Would Happen if: Mack's closed up? Cutler, IV, Meadowbrook, Business VIRGINIA HART CHAPIN 672 Chestnut St., Waban I Leave to N.S.H.: A worn-out deck of cards for each table in the cafe- teria. Favorite Saying: Need a fourth?- Yes! - Wheeler, I, Weeks, College Homeroom Manager 1, 2, 3, Regulus Literary Editor 3, National Honor So- ciety 2, 3, G.A.A. 3, Secretary-Treas- urer, A.F.S. 1, 2, 3, Varsity Tennis 1, 2, 3, P.T.S.A. Representative 3, N.H.S. Chemistry Club 1, 2. MIRIAM SUSAN CHARNESS 89 Dorcar Rd., Newton Centre Mimi I Leave to N.S.H.: The impossibility of finding a better class than '62. I am Crazy about: A.F.S., cars, and art. Cutler, I, Meadowbrook, College S.O.S. 1, Drama Club 1, 2, 3, Music Club 1, Russian Club 1, Regulus Data Staff 3, Spanish Club 3. 121 Alf 4 A -48 1? I 1 0' fl' i 'O 'a VINCENT PHILIP CHESORONE 20 Wyman St., Waban Vin Favorite Saying: Playing tiddleywinks with man hole covers. Wildest Dream: To become a U. S. Olympic gymnast. Goodwin, Ig Weeks, College Gymnastics 1, 2, 3, Football 2, 3. PATRICIA JANE CLARK 21 Herrick Rd., Newton Centre Pat I Leave to N.S.H.: Mr. Geist's red socks. Favorite Saying: I do declare! monsters. Cutler: II: Weeks, College SUSAN ENID CLARK 263 Woodcliff Rd., Newton Highlands Sue I Prophesy that: Someday a boy will like me more than his car. Favorite Pastime: Running in circles with my favorite triangle. Goodwin, Ig Meadowbrook, College Music Club 1, 2, 3: Drama Club 1, 2, 3, French Club 2, 3, Junior Class Committee, Regulus Ad Staff 3: Sen- ior Class Committee. ALENE LEE CLAYMAN 436 Dudley Rd., Newton Centre Al Favorite Pastime: Theta Xi. Favorite Saying: You know it's a lie! Wheeler: II, Meadowbrook: College CAROL ANN COHEN 116 Arnold Rd., Newton Centre Favorite Pastime: Trying to uncrunch the peanut butter. Fondest Memory: Indeed one Ctool slightly used "till then." Goodwin, I: Meadowbrook, College Cheerleader 2, 3, Captain 3, Junior Class Vice-President, Tigerama l, 2, Chairman 3: A.F.S. 1, 2, Drama Club 1, 2, 3: Tusitala 1, Reflections l, 2, Co-Editor 3: Regulus Feature Staff 3: Blue Squad 2, Newtonite Ad Staff I. 122 Sure I'm in favor of honor studies. JANE FRANCES COHEN 97 Walnut Hill Rd., Newton Highlands Jani I Leave to N.S.H.: A tutor with each UICSM book. Favorite Pastime: Collecting crushes. Goodwin: Ig Meadowbrook, College Girls' Chorus 1, Vespers 13 Drama Club 2, 3, Rally Committee 3. LAWRENCE PAUL COHEN 50 Hartman Rd., Newton Centre Larry Favorite Pastime: Listening to Mr. Goldman's "Boyd, stories. Wildest Dream: To have Mr. Gold- man break a "thistle tube." Goodwin: I: Meadowbrook: College House Council 1: Drama Club 1, 2: Activities Commission 2: Math Club 1, 2: Intramural Sports 1, 2. Hurry, I'll show you a short cut. 4:4-0' PAUL COHEN 25 Lucille Pl., Newton Upper Falls Smiley Favorite Saying: What's doing tonight? Fondest Memory: The Junior Prom with J.N. and the weekends at the Cape. Cutler: I: Meadowbrook: College Intramural Sports 1, 2: Music Club 2: French Club 2: Drama Club 2: Homeroom Manager 3: Blue Squad 2. ROBERT STUART COHEN 90 Clark St., Newton Centre Bob, Cozie Fondest Memory: Hours in detention hall ffor doing nothingl. Wheeler: II: Taft, Brighton: College Intramural Sports l, 2: Biology Club l. JUDITH ILENE COLEMAN 16 Nod Hill Rd., Newton Highlands Judy, Hepster I Leave to N.S.H.: X-blocks with J.C., G.M., and B.F. in the student parking lot. Favorite Pastime: Being with the three musketeers. Wheeler: II: Meadowbrook: College Drama Club 2, 3: Regulus Represent- ative 2: Regulus Ad Staff 3: Rally Committee 3: A.F.S. 2, 3: Blue Squad 2. GRACE S. COLLIER 19 Hyde St., Newton Highlands Gracie, Gracious Fondest Memory: Senior Prom 1961: Drama Festival, 1960. Wildest Dream: To find Utopia. Wheeler: I: Weeks: College Music Club 1, 2: Outing Club 1, 2: Mixed Chorus 2. CAREN ELAINE COLLIGAN 32 Norwood Ave., Newton Centre Monkey Favorite Saying: We don't EVEN do that. Fondest Memory: Going out with L.B. Cutler: II: Weeks: College Music Club 2: N.H.S. Bowling League 2. 123 l will .N I L .- , . .:..,- 'Q ""'0-dQy 5 fc 7 ,, fi 44 46 1 xif,gf"f,gff I: fag? ' H YY . .4 it 0 f 1 aim N. Mius N 1 In WS' W9' . f , 4 x -10 i 4 X '41- lf,- I N 'GST sq.. r .3 I -sv f MARC LAWRENCE COOPER 92 Clark St., Newton Centre Coop I am Crazy about: The class ring? What Would Happen if: Mr. Card were a student? Wheelerg I3 Weeks3 College Riiie Club lg French Club 13 Blue Squad Guide 23 Russian Club 1, 2g Alpha Gamma Tau 1, 23 Drama Guild 2, 33 Homeroom Manager 33 Regulus Circulation Staff 3. MARY FRANCES COPPINGER 1880 Beacon St., Waban I am Crazy about: Letter writing. Fondest Memory: Getting free rides in my Junior year. Library Club 2. LAURA JANE CORWIN 11 Park Dr., Newton Highlands I Leave to N.S.H.: A North Conway vacation with Sammy Small and Bon- go Bill. Favorite Pastime: Blushing. Goodwing I3 Meadowbrookg College National Honor Society 2, 33 Regulus Editor in Chief 33 Regulus Ad Staff 23 Associates Council Representative 3g Goodwin House Council 23 Civics Commission 23 Reflections 23 Publica- tions Board 33 Tigerama 1, 2, 33 Blue Squad 23 A.F.S. 2, 3. JOAN MARTHA COTTLER 111 Wendell Rd., Newton Centre Joanie Favorite Pastime: Running for office. Favorite Saying: Me, too. Cutlerg Ig Meadowbrookg College House Representative 13 Cutler House Council 3g Associates Council 33 Civ- ics Commission, Co-chairman 3g Reg- ulus Copy Staff 3g Tigerama 2. 3g Jun- ior Red Cross, Secretary 23 A.F.S. 2, 3g Handbook Art and Layout Staff 23 French Club 2, 33 Drama Club 2, 3. C. ROBERT CROUCH 40 Hartford St., Newton Highlands Bob I am Crazy about: Those fabulous cafeteria meals! What Would Happen if 2 Jungle rot got to all the books?! Goodwin: I3 Colonialg College Speech Club 13 Library Club 33 Li- brary Assistant 3. 124 W l"sf :mm ' vit is! 3 -if ROBERTA JOYCE CUBELL 446 Dudley Rd., Newton Centre Fondest Memory: WINning. Wildest Dream: To become another D. H. Lawrence. Goodwing I3 Meadowbrookg College Basketball 1, 2, 33 Music Club 1, 2, 33 A.F.S. 3: G.A.A. 33 Denebola Circu- lation Staff 33 Tennis 3. ' 'Nfl an-.Q ,,,.,. .,..,, .k.... x , Ei 44" STEPHEN J. CUMMINGS 6 McCarthy Rd., Oak Hill Steve I Leave to N.S.H.: A lioness, REGU- LA, to honor our fair sex. Favorite Pastime: Lying in the gentle arms of Morpheus during study. Wheeler, I, Meadowbrook, College Debating Club 1, Math Club 2, 3, A.F.S. 2, 3, Homeroom Manager 3, Baseball 2, 3. 'wsu 1 ki SANDRA GALE CUTLER 27 June Lane, Oak Hill Sandy I Leave to N.S.H.: All the gum under the desks and all the silverware in the trash barrels. Wildest Dream: The day my parents say, "We love him, too." Goodwin, I, Meadowbrook, College French Club 1, Drama Club 2, 3, Blue Squad Guide 2, Art Club 3. PATRICIA A. DANA 35 Littlefield Rd., Newton Centre Patti Favorite Saying: It means lion's tail. What Would Happen if: I had to take my senior S.A.T.'s in debtor's prison. Goodwin, I, Meadowbrook, College Denebola Managing Editor 3, New- tonite Assignment Editor 2, Rally Committee Executive Board 2, 3, In- ternational Club 2, 3, Handbook 2, 3, Drama Club 1, Sailing Club 1, Home- room Manager 1, Regulus Data Staff 3. SUSAN MIRIAM DELAHANTY 16 Hyde St., Newton Highlands Sue Fondest Memory: P.W's party, "Happy New Year." I am Crazy about: Beaches, Lisa's parties, The Kingston Trio, Cheer- leading try-outs. Wheeler, I, Weeks, College Rally Committee 1, 2, 3, Executive Board 2, Treasurer 3, Leader Corps 1, 2, 3, Basketball 2, A Cappella Choir 2, 3, Spring Musical 3, Madri- gals 2, Regulus Circulation Staff 3. ANN MARIE DELLA ROCCO 20 Beecher Pl., Newton Centre ' Ann Ambition: To marry that certain someone. Fondest -Memory: All the wonderful kids I've met at both high schools. Wheeler, II, Weeks Rally Committee 1, Outing Commit- tee 1. DAVID W. DESJARDINS 105 Shady Hill Rd., Newton Highlands Dave I Leave to N.S.H.: My brother. Fondest Memory: My D-Block honor study. Cutler, II, Weeks, College 125 Q I .,., ...,,. X I nd gg- :V - 1 I . ...... W.. . ' V ' ' 19 fr 4 via, A5 is l 1 fl 1 it I' 411. S , ., gf j ff? I ,f ff. Y X - ' -we W 1 " I . 7' 11' W ilu-.V L I Wir it F 1 , 1 1. 1 , 'iw' t .MN W, XZ , ...M .... . , WZ '21 I K Wa JANET ROSE DEVLIN 129 Cypress St., Newton Centre I Leave to N.S.H.: More teachers like Mr. Robinson. Favorite Pastime: Tea and midnite discussions with the gang. Cutler: II: Weeks: Business Orange Shield 1: Outing Club 1. WAYNE ROCCO DiCARLO 316 Langley Rd., Newton Centre Fondest Memory: The two times I lost my front wheel while driving. Wildest Dream: To see John Mac- Master come through football without a broken finger. Cutler: I: Weeks: College U Intramural Sports 2, 3: Basketball 3: Blue Squad 3: Math Club 3. HEIDI MARIE DIEFFENBACH 248 Eliot St., Newton Upper Falls Favorite Saying: What are you- some kind of nut? Fondest Memory: The night of the Junior Prom with Sally, Nicky, and Don: Happy New Year: football games. Goodwin: I: Meadowbrook: College Vespers 1: Basketball 1: Junior Prom Committee: Varsity Basketball 2, 3: Arts Commission Chairman 3: Tiger- ama Committee 2, 3: Rally Commit- tee Executive Board 2, 3. MARILYN JOAN DiNAPOLI 240 Plymouth Rd., Newton Highlands Mal, DiNap I am Crazy about: Coach Ronayne. Fondest Memory: P.W.'s party: foot- ball games: New Year's Eve 1961. Goodwin: I: Weeks: College Modern Dance 1: Civics Committee 1, 2: Drama Club 1, 2, 3: Drama Fes- tival 1: Rally Committee 1, 2, Chair- man 3: Music Club 1, 3: A Cappella Choir 1: Blue Squad 2: Junior Class Committee: Junior Prom Committee: Shaker Girl 3, LORRAINE CHRISTINE DITOMMASO 272 Langley Rd., Newton Centre I Prophesy that: I'll always look like Louise. Fondest Memory: The year at N.H.S. Goodwin: IV: Meadowbrook: Business 126 r R ,IW .gk W' -X Hurry, it's got to be ready for A-lunch 1 LOUISE A. DITOMMASO 272 Langley Rd., Newton Centre I Prophesy that: I'll always look like Lorraine. Fondest Memory: My sophomore year. Wheeler: IV: Meadowbrook: Business -'Q I I ZENA CHARLOTTE DORFMAN 246 Plymouth Rd., Newton Highlands I Prophesy that: By next year New- ton South will employ dog catchers. Fondest Memory: Saturday night and Sunday morning. Goodwing Ig Weeksg College National Honor Society 2, 3g Latin Club lg A.F.S. 2, 3g International Club 2, 3g Newtonite 2g Denebola 3g Regulus Literary Staff 3g Spanish Club 2, 3g Homeroom Manager 2g S.O.S. 2, 3g Blue Squad Guide 2g Drama Festival 2, 3. S WILLIAM W. DOW 81 Avalon Rd., Waban Bill Favorite Pastime: Riding all over Newton in the South High 4:05 bus. Fondest Memory: Sophomore World History with R. B. Fisher. Wheelerg Ig Weeksg College SARAH W. DOWSON 1791 Beacon St., Waban I Leave to N.S.H.: Mr. Cornell's cat. Favorite Pastime: Meditation t?J Wheelerg Ig Warreng College Leader Corps lg Varsity Tennis 1, 2, 3g Drama Club 2g Cavalry Club lg Regulus Literary Staff 3g Outing Club 1, 2, 3g A.F.S. 2, 3. JAMES STEPHEN DOYLE 59 High St., Newton Upper Falls Jim Favorite Pastime: Instigating riots in the cafeteria. Favorite Saying: Aw gee, let's hear all about it. Cutlerg IIg Meadowbrookg Business KATHLEEN MARIE DWYER 61 Chester St., Newton Highlands I Leave to N.S.H.: Headaches for all the new seniors. Favorite Saying: Like all the time! Cutlerg IIg Weeksg College G.A.A. 3g Bowling 1g Basketball lg Caducean Club 1. MARJORIE SUE ELMAN 174 Cynthia Rd., Newton Centre Margie I Leave to N.S.H.: The wonderful ways of getting lost. Favorite Saying: I don't believe itg the humiliation, the humiliation. Goodwing Ig Brookline Highg College French Club 2, 3g Spanish Club 2, 3g Music Club 3g Future Teacher Club 3. 127 fl. :UW .ww 6 as f ' . SZ, ' Wm 1 4 a 5' if r2x""!"Mif'Hf5" 'A V0 a. t 1 s if 6 V. 1: rf ,IVV .Y .- k 4 . V.-...-,,,,...m .. ,,, ifs-t'x l 4! BARBARA EPSTEIN 80 Olde Field Rd., Newton Centre Ambition: England or bust! Favorite Saying: Will he be an American, Carol? Goodwin, I, Meadowbrook, College Newtonite 2, Denebola Feature Edi- tor 3, Civics Commission 2, Drama Club 1, 2, International Club 2, 3, A.F.S. 2, 3, Co-Chairman Rally Com- mittee 2, Rally Committee Executive Board 3, Junior Prom Committee, Newtonite Ad Staff 1. PENNY ANN ESKOT 42 Fisher Ave., Newton Highlands I Leave to N.S.H.: My orange and black from my sophomore and junior years at N.H.S. Fondest Memory: The Drama Festi- val in my junior year, all the rehear- sals, cast parties, and kids from "Noah" S Wheeler, I, Weeks, College House Council 2, French Club l, 2, Library Club 2, Drama Festival 2, Rally Committee lg Newtonite Circu- lation Staff 2, Denebola 3. SHEILA FESTINGER 21 Newbury St., Newton Centre She-She Favorite Pastime: Listening to Jazz. Favorite Saying: Ya-Sure. Cutler, II, J. E. Burke, College Junior Red Cross l: Biology Club 2, Drama 3. FREDERICK A. FICKEN 156 Carlton Rd.. Waban Fred I Leave to N.S.H.: The broken glass in the student parking lot. Wildest Dream: V.A.S. Cutler, I, Warren, College Football 1, 2, Basketball 2, Baseball l, 2. BARBARA ANN FIELDS 60 Fairlee Rd., Waban Bobbi Favorite Saying: I don't believe it! Fondest Memory: Only 163 more days, Becky. Goodwin, Ig Weeks, College French Club 1, 3, Rally Committee I, Junior Prom Committee 2, Civics Committee 2, 3, Regulus Art and Lay- out Staff 3, Blue Squad 2, 3, P.T.S.A. 3. 128 - .-1 . ., ,YW JEFFREY MARK FINE 2088 Washington St., Newton Lower Falls Jeff Favorite Pastime: Playing bridge in the cafeteria. Fondest Memory: Three years of math with Mrs. A. and the boys. Goodwin, I, Roxbury Latin, College Chess Club 1, 2, Vice-President 3, French Club lg Activities Commis- sion 1, Drama Club 2, 3, A.F.S. 2, 3, National Honor Society 2, 3, French National Honor Society 2, Senior Class Committee 3. Look, ma. No cavities! r 2 MARTIN J. FINER 140 Langley Rd., Newton Centre Zeke I Leave to N.S.H.: The trainer room, Favorite Pastime: Sleeping. Cutlerg IIQ Weeksg College Homeroom Manager 1, 3g Football 1. 3g Basketball 1, 2, 3g Baseball Manager 1, 2, 35 Blue Squad 3. X I-. 5 I JANET ELIZABETH FLEMING 12 Bradford Rd., Newton Highlands Nan Favorite Pastime: White-washing Woodend Road. Fondest Memory: The football gamesg Summer of '60, Happy New Year. Wheelerg Ig Weeksg College Civics Elections Committee 2. Chair- man 3g Shaker Girl 33 Junior Class Committee 25 Senior Class Commit- tee 3g Rally Committee 1, 2, Drama Festival Publicity Chairman 2. PATRICIA ANNE FOLEY 36 Aberdeen St., Newton Highlands Pat Ambition: To become a teacher. Favorite Pastime: Swimming. dancing, skating. Cutlerg Ig Weeksg College Junior Red Cross Council 2, 3g Future Teachers Club 2, 3g French Club 3. RICHARD FORBES 3 Sagamore Rd., Newton Highlands Dick Favorite Pastime: Being with my little Margie. Wildest Dream: Fatigue uniforms instead of gym suits. Goodwing IIQ Weeksg College Parking Committee 2g Blue Squad 3. WILLIAM H. FORBES 3 Sagamore St.. Newton Highlands Bill Favorite Pastime: Everynight meet- ings of the Friday Night Club. Fondest Memory: X-Blocks in my Junior year. Goodwing IIg Weeksg Business Football 2, 3g Enforcement Commit- tee 2, 33 Parking Committee 2, 3g Blue Squad 3. STEVEN D. FRADES 154 Truman Rd., Newton Centre Steve Favorite Pastime: Breaking up and making up. Fondest Memory: Last period study on Friday in my junior year. Wheelerg Ig Meadowbrook: College House Council lg Math Club 2. 33 Junior Class Committeeg Track 1, 2, 3, Intramural Sports 1. 2, 3g Blue Squad 2, 3g Newtonite Circulation Staff 2, 3g Denebola Circulation Staff Chairman 3g Rifle Club 1. 129 .lit QMS? KK, ff NW f , 495 DONALD ALEXANDER FRAENKEL 295 Woodcliff Rd., Newton Highlands Don Ambition: To sit in on a faculty meeting. Fondest Memory: Summer school 1961 with C.S. Cutler: II: Meadowbrook: College Debating Club 1: Intramural Sports 1, 3: Football Manager 1. JACQUELINE FRANK 100 Woodclilf Rd., Newton Highlands Jackie Favorite Saying: I'm not Charlotte: I'm Jackie. Fondest Memory: Bobby. Wheeler: II, Thomas Edison: College Music Club 2g Spanish Club 3: Blue Squad 2: Basketball 2g Regulus Ad Staff 3. LOIS GAYLE FREEDMAN 134 Hanson Rd., Oak Hill Lo I Prophesy that: R.C. will be right about this ONE! Fondest Memory: P.A.A. and lo-o-o-ng talks with "sister" Wheeler: I: Meadowbrook: College House Council 1: Drama Club 1: Handbook Staff 2, 3: Associates Coun- cil Representative 2: Regulus Circu- lation Staff 3: Denebola Ad Staff 3: Blue Squad 2. PAULA LEE FREEDMAN 303 Upland Ave., Newton Highlands I Leave to N.S.H.: Medusa's artistic talent. Fondest Memory: An excursion through the boys' gym. Goodwing Ig Meadowbrook: College Newtonite 2: Denebola 33 A.F.S. 2, 3: International Club 2, 3: Homeroom Manager 3: Music Club 1, 2: Tiger- ama 1. ELLYN MARCIA FREEMAN 66 Druid Hill Rd., Newton Highlands Sophia, Lyn Favorite Pastime: Reading Steve's letters. What Would Happen if: The IBM machine were marked for efficiency? Wheeler: Ig Meadowbrook: College P.T.S.A. 1: Blue Squad 2, 3, Drama Club 2, 3: Rally Committee 3: Red Cross 3: Regulus Art and Layout Staff 3: Future Teachers Club 3. 130 Q '-'-Q. - So I said to Plato . . . LYNNE FRIEDMAN 6 Rowena Rd., Newton Centre Favorite Saying: I don't believe it! Fondest Memory: Cheerleading and my Senior Year. Goodwin, Ig Weeks, College Associates Council Vice-President 3g Goodwin House Vice-President 2, Cheerleader 3: Regulus Feature Staff 3, Tigerama Publicity Committee 2, 3: French Club 2, 3: G.A.A. 3, Blue Squad Guide 2: Music Club 25 Rally Committee 1. STEPHEN A. FRUTKOFF 24 Glen Ave., Newton Centre Ale I Leave to N.S.H.: A subscription to Mad. Favorite Saying: What, me worry? Cutlerg IIg Weeksg College Track 2, 33 Football Manager 33 Var- sity Club 3. -,,,.l-" A "Mfg What do you mean, "no eye shadow"? THOMAS GABELIN 37 Radcliff Rd., Waban Floh Fondest Memory: The helpfulness of N.S.H. students. Wildest Dream: Getting to the U.S.A. without a smallpox certificate. Wheelerg I3 College A.F.S. Exchange Student 33 Drama Club 3. JEFFREY FRANKLIN GALE 33 Leewood Rd., Newton Highlands Jeff Ambition: To understand how Judie L. and Sue Y. can talk so fast. Fondest Memory: The Sweater Gangg crashing Iota meetings. Goodwin3 I3 Meadowbrookg College House Council 13 French Club 2, 33 Intramural Sports 1, 23 Music Club 23 Drama Club 2, 3g Spanish Club 23 Regulus Sports Staff 33 Newtonite Circulation Staff 23 Newtonite Ad Staff 1. DOLORES LEE GAMBLE 28 Champa St., Newton Upper Falls Dolly I Am Crazy About: Dating Dickie and drive-ins. What Would Happen If: Vinnie and Sue eloped. Goodwing II3 Meadowbrookg College VINCENT THOMAS GAMBLE 249 Elliot St., Newton Upper Falls Vinnie Favorite Pastime: That certain someone. Fondest Memory: The day the Brook- line kids came to Newton South. Goodwing II3 Meadowbrookg College Varsity Baseball 2, 3. DARIA E. GASBARRI 1206 Boylston St., Newton Upper Falls I Leave to N.S.H.: My sister Elaine. Fondest Memory: My sophomore year at N.H.S. Wheelerg I3 Meadowbrook3 College Music Club 2, 33 Outing Club 2, 33 Leader Corps 23 Spanish Club 2, 33 Regulus Ad Staff 2, 33 G.A.A. 33 Ti- gerama Committee 2, 33 Junior Prom Committee. 131 1 . ,,-ai -4 fi fi ' gi' ' f . .-1. ,gs it as M. .-if ai' if! , J lj 3 z 'QD 1 , -Q QUS MARTIN HENRY GASMAN 1173 Boylston St., Newton Upper Falls Marty I Leave to N.S.H.: A plastic swimming pool. Fondest Memory: Mr. Matson and Howie H. Goodwin: II: Prince School: College Camera Club 3. DAVID STEVEN GELLER 384 Parker St., Newton Centre Dave Favorite Saying: You believe it! Fondest Memory: The Tigeramas I never went to. Wheeler: II: Meadowbrook: College Homeroom Manager 1. FRANCES ANN GERACI 216 Eliot St., Newton Upper Falls Frannie Fondest Memory: Lunches with Ginnie and Maureen. Wildest Dream: Someday we might have them. Wheeler: IV: Meadowbrook: Business PETER LEAVITT GERLER 2 Fox Place, Newton Centre Pete I Leave to N.S.H.: A tuna fish sandwich. Ambition: To get into an Iota Phi meeting. Goodwin: I: Meadowbrook: College Newtonite Ad Staff 1: Newtonite Cir- culation Staff 2, 3: Handbook 2: Regu- lus Sports Staff 3: Drama Club 2, 3: Intramural Softball 2: Music Club 2: New England Drama Festival Ticket Committee 2. DAVID A. GILBERT 15 Kingston Rd., Newton Highlands I Prophesy that: We will bury you! Fondest Memory: The Goodnight Irene Punch. Goodwin: I: Weeks: College Regulus Feature Editor 3: Handbook Co-Editor 3: Debating Society 1, 2, 3, Vice-President 3: Russian Club 1, 2: Publications Board 2, 3: Blue Squad 2: Basketball 1: Homeroom Manager 1: Drama Club 2. 132 if if .W Q ig? iq. 37" 'ii It sa. 3, .4 'K These family reunions are getting more ridiculous every day. STEVEN JOEL GILBERT 118 Annawan Rd., Waban Steve Favorite Saying: Plagiarize-but be sure to call it research. Wildest Dream: Rockefeller-Nixon in '64. Goodwin: I: Weeks: College P.T.S.A: 1, 2, 3: Homeroom Manager 1: House Council 1: Wheeler House Council 2: International Club 2, 3: Intramural Sports 1, 3: Debating Club 3: Model United Nations 2. Q7' -41' .v.,.z4 .V Lg' 1 it JUDITH JOAN GINSBERG 14 Walter St., Newton Centre Judy I Leave to N.S.H.: A gym locker for incoming sophomores. Favorite Pastime: Talking on the phone. Goodwin, I, Weeks, College Future Teachers Club 1, 2, 3, New- tonite Ad Staff 1, Drama Club 2, 3, Regulus Circulation Staff 3, French Club 3, Golf 2. . ,Y , , :nada BONNIE SUE GLASSMAN 21 Kendall Rd., Newton Centre Bon, Grace Favorite Pastime: Taking gym showers. Fondest Memory: Stimulating after school classes. Wheeler, I, Weeks, College French National Honor Society 2, 3, Regulus Copy Staff 3, Red Cross Council 1, 2, 3, Tigerama 1, 2, Latin Club 1, Blue Squad 2, Music Club 2, Outing Club 1, Rally Committee 1. DALE HARRIET GOLDBERG 104 Elgin St., Newton Centre Brewster Favorite Pastime: Being with the three musketeers. Fondest Memory: English class in my Junior year. Cutler, II, Weeks, College Rally Committee 3, Music Club 3, Blue Squad 2. HARLEY NEAL GOLDBERG 8 Baldpate Hill Rd., Newton Centre Fella Fondest Memory: Picking up Gross after G-block study. Favorite Saying: Somebody follow me to Somerville Buick. Cutler, II, Meadowbrook, College French Club 2, Biology Club 1, Key Club 2, 3, Baseball 2, 3, Hockey 3, Spanish Club 2. JOAN BARBARA GOLDFARB 59 Deborah Rd., Newton Centre Joni I Leave to N.S.H.: All my French vocabulary lists. Fondest Memory: Mrs. Freimarck and Mayor Michael Henchard. Goodwin, I, Meadowbrook, College French Club 1, Drama Club 1, Out- ing Club 1, Regulus Art and Layout Staff 3. LYNDA SUE GOLDSTEIN 85 Longfellow Rd.. Waban Lyn Fondest Memory: J.A.M. and the things we've gone through together. Wildest Dream: To walk barefoot in N.S.H. Wheeler, I, Warren, College Regulus Ad Staff 3, Music Club 2, 3, Drama Club 1, 2, 3, Rally Committee 1, 2. 133 108 Q 2 s v. cy 4' 5' Q9 "5-ui' A. ra-at X . I BARBARA ANN GOODBAR 31 Knowles St., Newton Centre Bag, Ed I am Crazy about: Coach Ronayne. Fondest Memory: P.W.'s party: Lan- guage Labg football games and no. 70. Wheeler: Ig Weeks, College Drama Club 1, 2, Vice-President 3, Associates Council Representative 2, Associates Council Secretary 3, Rally Committee 2, 3, Junior Class Com- mittee, Drama Festival 2g Blue Squad 2: New England Drama Festival Hos- pitality Chairman 2. JOAN ELLEN GORDON 183 Dorset Rd., Waban Joanie, Flash Fondest Memory: Sorority, especially with J.P., G.M., and S.C. Goodwin: I: Warren: College Newtonite Ad Staff 1: Blue Squad 2, French Club 1, 2, 3, House Council lg Goodwin House Council 3: Rally Committee 3, Regulus Circulation Staff 3. SUSAN BETH GORFINKLE 177 Dorset Rd., Waban Sue Ambition: To be an artist. Fondest Memory: Before, after, and during football games in my sopho- more year. Goodwin, II, Warren: College Regulus Art and Layout Staff 3: Art Club 3, Denebola Circulation Staff 3: Goodwin House Office Staff 3. PHILIP CLARK GOWEN 137 Woodend Rd., Newton Highlands Phil I Leave to N.S.H.: Longer and better lunches. I Prophesy that: Someday a big marching band will come to Newton South. Wheeler: Ig Weeks, College Orchestra 1, 2, 3, Marching Band 1, 2, 3: Homeroom Manager lg Wheeler House Council 2, Music Club 1, 2, 3. EDWARD GRANT 33 Vine St., Chestnut Hill Eddie I Leave to N.S.H.: The problem I had finding my classes the first day. Fondest Memory: The first day I met Mr. Willard in 7205. Cutler: Ig Meadowbrook: College House Council lg Baseball 1. 134 NEIL GRAY 1 15 Oakdale Rd., Oak Hill Nemo I Leave to N.H.S.: All the wonderful times I had after 2:30. Favorite Pastime: Thinking of some- thing original to put in the yearbook. Wheeler: II, Meadowbrook, College We'll shuffle once more and the first 100 graduate. LESLIE ANNE GREEN 46 Rosalie Rd., Newton Centre Lee I Leave to N.S.H.: My little sister. Fondest Memory: December vacations and the last will and testament of F- block, sophomore year. Wheeler, I, Meadowbrook, College Music Club 1, 2, 3, Secretary 2, Lead- er Corps 2, G.A.A. 3, Homeroom Manager 2, A Cappella Choir 1, 2, 3, Girls' Chorus 2, 3, A.F.S. 2, Junior Class Committee, Associates Council 2, 3, Co-Chairman Activities Commis- sion 3, Madrigals 2. x STEPHEN ALAN GREENBAUM 39 Miller Rd., Newton Highlands Steve Ambition: To own my own Playboy Club. Fondest Memory: The Sweater Gang. Wheeler, I, Weeks, College Intramural Sports 1, 2, 3, Newtonite 1, 2, Regulus Sports Staff 3, Denebola 3, Homeroom Manager 3, Drama Club 3, Civics Committee 2, 3, French Club 2, Sailing Club 1, Ride Club 1. GAYLE DIANNE GREENBERG 10 Nightingale Rd., Oak Hill I Leave to N.S.H.: All my absence excuses. Favorite Saying: If you promise you won't tell anyone. Wheeler, II, Meadowbook, College Drama Club 1, 2, French Club 1, 2, Music Club 2, Intramural Sports 1, 2. DAVID JOHN GREENBLATT 11 Burnside Rd., Newton Highlands Dave Favorite Pastime: Scoifmg Gerald P. Bernstein. Wildest Dream: To please Mr. Ronayne. Goodwin, I, Weeks, College Baseball 1, 2, 3, Junior Class Com- mittee 2, Civics Commission Co- Chairman 3, Varsity Club Vice-Presi- dent 3, National Honor Society 2, 3, President 3, French National Honor Society 2, 3, Football 1, 2, 3. ALAN IRA GREENSTEIN 14 Columbine Rd., Newton Centre Al Favorite Pastime: Showing others how to waste time during study periods. Fondest Memory: Miss Hazard's World History class. Wheeler, I, Meadowbrook, College Camera Club 1, 2, 3, Intramural Sports 1, 2, Ski Club 3, Junior Red Cross 3. ELLEN NATALIE GRETSKY 442 Waban Ave., Waban Elly I Leave to N.S.H.: My Junior year honor studies. ' Favorite Saying: You believe it! Goodwin, I, II, Girls' Latin, College Rally Committee 1, Music Club 1, 2, 3, Latin Club 1, Drama Club 3. 135 If '5 53.3 ...V ' cn1Z'W, , 7 43. 2 in MAUREEN ANN GRIFFIN 45 High St., Newton Upper Falls Griff I Leave to N.S.H.: All my old lunches in locker no. 2357. Fondest Memory: A certain party on October 31, 1960. Goodwing IVg Meadowbrook, Business Music Club 2g Tennis 1, 2. JERALD ALAN GROSS 708 Boylston St., Newton Highlands Grossi Favorite Pastime: Making mad dashes to Oak Hill after school. Fondest Memory: Skipping last pe- riod class so Fella won't have to wait for me. . Wheeler, II, Meadowbrookg College Intramural Sports 1, 2, 3g Social Com- mittee 2, 3, Riiie Club 2, 3, French Club 1. JOAN ROBERTA GUTTELL 53 Allen Ave., Waban I Leave to N.S.H.: My instructors- a little worse for wear. Wildest Dream: To continue that wonderful friendship forever. Cutler, Ig Weeks, College Future Teachers Club 2g Latin Club 2g Leader Corps 2, Blue Squad 23 Homeroom Manager 3, Rally Com- mittee 3g Drama Club 3g Caducean Club 3. GEORGE MICHAEL HADGE 209 Upland Ave., Newton Highlands I Leave to N.S.H.: My reserved chair in Miss Creedon's oihce. Fondest Memory: Frau Leisher's German classes. Wheeler, IIg Meadowbrookg College Baseball Manager 1g Rifle Club 1, N.R.A.A. 1, 23 Stamp Club 1, 2g Coin Club 1. NANCY LINDA HAFFER 36 Silver Birch Rd., Waban I Leave to N.S.H.: "The eNd of the line!" Favorite Pastime: Washing away my sins, yes Sue? Cutler, Ig Weeks, College French Club 1, 2, 3, Music Club 23 Regulus Copy Staff 3, Blue Squad 2g Activities Commission 3. 136 -,Z f ' . . iff! vm N ' , A f Tropic of what? SANDRA JANE HARPER 320 Lake Ave., Newton Highlands Sandy I Leave to N.H.S.: My younger sister Carol. Ambition: To become a nurse in the Air Force. Wheeler, IIQ Weeks, College Newtonite Circulation Staff 2g S.O.S. 1, 2, 3g Field Hockey 1, 2, 3, Appara- tus 2, 3g Badminton 1, 2, 3. JANE L. HARTWICH 17 Keefe Ave., Newton Upper Falls My Ambition: To be a hairdresser. Favorite Pastime: Being with Ricky. Goodwing IV3 Meadowbrook, Business Majorette 2, 33 Bowling Club 2, 3. ELIZABETH STEVENS HARWOOD 40 Pine Ridge Rd., Waban Beth, Beppi I Leave to N.S.H.: All the Harwoods yet to come. Favorite Pastime: Thinking tomorrow I'll settle down and study. Wheeler: I3 Weeks, College Leader Corps lg Outing Club 1, 2, 33 Field Hockey l, 33 Basketball 2, 33 Softball 2, 33 G.A.A. 3g Regulus Lit- erary Staff 3. ANDREA ALICE HAVEY 14 Roland St., Newton Highlands Andi, Red, Jinx I Prophesy that: In 20 years all the kids will still be found at Mac's, along with myself. Fondest Memory: My Junior year, as a dizzy redhead, in Mr. Robinson's U.S. History class. Drama Club 1, 23 Field Hockey 1, 33 Volleyball 2g Tennis 23 Apparatus 2. DAVID B. HEARD 115 Allen Ave., Waban Dave Favorite Saying: This year I'm going to study! Wildrest Dream: Crashing the Junior Prom. Cutler, I3 Weeks, College Gymnastics Team l, 2, 33 Track 23 Cross Country 33 Tennis 3. CYNTHIA ANN HILL 38 Verndale Rdg, Newton Highlands Cindy Favorite Saying: Oh, minor detail. Fondest Memory: My junior year and all the friends I've made. Cutler3 I3 Meadowbrookg College Drama Club 2, 33 Outing Club 23 Music Club 2, 33 Tigerama Commit- tee 2, 33 A.F.S. 3. RONNEE HOFFMAN 580 Dedham St., Newton Centre Baby Huey Favorite Pastime: Skiing in the rain while being tweedy. Fondest Memory: Sammy Small: Bon- go Bill3 No, it's Norwegian. Cutler3 I, II3 Meadowbrook, College Tennis 23 Red Cross 23 Spanish Club 2, 33 Blue Squad 23 Tigerama 33 S.O.S. 3. 137 -'SRS ,f 0 -s O ' 1 T A P il .5 -5 k Y 47 JANE FRANCES HOGAN 12 Richardson Rd., Newton Upper Falls Favorite Saying: It's Denebola and it's a newspaper! Fondest Memory: The "salad oil" theory of history and C-block in 7205. Stage Crew lg Newtonite Ad Staff 1, A.F.S. 1, 2, 3, Newtonite Make-up Editor 1, Newtonite Managing Editor 2, Denebola Editor in Chief 3, S.O.S. 1g Orange Shield lg Blue Squad 2, 3. PRISCILLA JEANNE HOLCOMB 5 Summer St., Newton Upper Falls Sherly Ambition: To grow up and stay young. Fondest Memory: My visits to L.T.C. with Dale. Wheeler: II, Hudson, College ' A Cappella Choir 2, 3, Volleyball 3, Junior Prom Poster Committee 2. BEVERLY GAIL JACOBSON 57 Theodore Rd., Newton Centre Bev Favorite Saying: He doesn't know I'm alive. Fondest Memory: Doing "push-ups" in Mr. Fisher's history class. Goodwin, Ig Meadowbrook: College Concert Band 1, 2, 3: Marching Band 1, 2, 3, Girls' Chorus 1, Music Club 1, 3: Volleyball 2. ANTHONY REED JOHNSON 30 Chase St., Newton Centre Tony Fondest Memory: Playing for the golf team. What Would Happen if: I passed math? Cutler, Ig Weeks: College Cross Country 2, 3, Golf 2, 3, Hockey 2, 3. 1 KENT H. JOHNSON 5 Hickory Cliff Rd. Newton Upper Falls Favorite Pastime: Cohasset. Fondest Memory: Briarwood 1961. Wheeler: II, Meadowbrook, College Marching Band lg Music Club 1, 2, Football 3, Basketball 1, 2, 3g Baseball 2, 3g Assistant Homeroom Manager 2. 138 -Q . , I know there's a football in here somewhere. RICHARD EDWARD JOHNSON 383 Winchester St., Newton Highlands Richy Ambition: To graduate. Fondest Memory: When building 2 at Newton High caught fire. Cutler, IV: Meadowbrook, Business lm ALAN JOSEPH KADISH 32 Bow Rd., Newton Centre Fondest Memory: Miss Hazard's history class. n Goodwin, I, Weeks, College Bowling 1, Tennis 2, Intramural Softball 2. 1 i MARJORIE JANE KAITZ 110 Parker Ave., Newton Highlands Margie Ambition: Teaching. Favorite Saying: Oh, I'm so worried! Goodwin, I, Meadowbrook, College National Honor Society 2, 3, Secretary 3, French National Honor Society 2, 3, Secretary 3, Blue Squad Guide 2, Music Club 2, 3, Junior Class Com- mittee 2, Rellections Business Staff 2, Newtonite Ad Staff l, Junior Prom Refreshments Chairman 2. MILTON KANE 30 Nardone Rd., Newton Centre Milt I Leave to N.S.H.: My old book covers. I Prophesy that: In 20 years the school will be an underground tunnel. Radio Club 1, Blue Squad 3, Math Club l, 3, Tigerama Committee 2. PRISCILLA AMY KANTER 60 Drumlin Rd., Newton Centre Pris Ambition: To decide what to do for a career. Favorite Saying: "I hope everything works out all right." Cutler, I, Meadowbrook, College Drama Club l, 2, 3, Secretary 2, Drama Festival 2, 3, Rally Committee 2, 3, Homeroom Manager 2, Golf 3. ALICE JUNE KAPLAN 38 Hyde St., Newton Highlands Favorite Saying: "I'll cross that bridge when I come to it." Fondest Memory: Going out with Becky and Judie on Friday night. Goodwin, I, Weeks, College National Honor Society 2, 3, Regulus Co-ordinator 3, House Council Secre- tary l, Junior Class Treasurer, Future Teachers Club 1, 2, Secretary 2, Rus- sian Club 2, A.F.S. 2, Music Club 2, Senior Supper Chairman 3. DONALD ROY KAPLAN l35 Selwyn Rd., Newton Highlands Donnie Ambition: To become a Liberal Republican. Fondest Memory: First day of football practice. Goodwin, I, Meadowbrook, College Goodwin House Council 2, President 3, Drama Club l, Treasurer 2, Drama Guild President 3, Activities Commis- sion Chairman 3, Regulus Sports Ed- itor 3, Varsity Football 2, 3, Blue Squad 2, 3, Mixed Chorus l. 139 W W new '-"" . ,.-...Wu -1 ,.,. .44 . K Y .,-ag: iw 'C ff - c if .... A',Z'fff:,311 ,. ? . ' ff: ' f : -If'-, ' ,?,2r.,j-f ,A 'ga fl wept' ag, gf I -5 00" AVN' lm NANCY HARRIET KAPLAN 94 Longfellow Rd., Waban Kappy, Nan, Kapster Suppressed Desire: To get a MRS. degree to B.R.R. Favorite Saying: My name is Nancy, not Diane. Wheeler, II, Warren, College Newtonite Ad Staff 1, 2, Ticket Com- mittee I, 2, S.O.S. 1, Rally Committee lg Caducean Club 2, 3. PHILLIP KAPLAN 26 Rowena Rd., Newton Centre Phil, Sug Fondest Memory: Sore four. I Leave to N.S.H., My excuses for leaving G-block study, Junior year. Wheeler, I, Weeks, College A Intramural Sports 1, 2, 3, Spanish Club 2, 3, Music Club 3, Blue Squad 3, J.V. Baseball 2, Varsity Baseball 3. RICHARD WARREN KAPLAN 340 Hartmann Rd., Newton Centre Dickie Fondest Memory: Coffee in the teachers' lounge X-block. A Significant Characteristic is: A pink Olds. Cutler, I, Weeks, College Newtonite Circulation Staff 2, Dene- bola Circulation Staff 3, Key Club 2, 3, Blue Squad 3, Sailing Club 1. STEPHEN GERALD KAPLAN 77 Oakdale Rd., Newton Centre Benny, Gquaae I Leave to N.S.H.: All of the friends that I made and all of them that BENNY lost. Fondest Memory: My Junior year- English with Mrs. Freimarck and the Junior Prom with SUE-What a Wonderful Combo! Cutler, I, Meadowbrook, College Indoor Track 1, 3, Outdoor Track 1, 2, 3, Intramural Sports 1, 2, 3, Junior Class Committee, Ring Committee 2. ROBERT M. KARAGOSIAN 11 Canterbury Rd., Newton Highlands Bob Goodwin, I, Weeks, College Basketball 1, 2, 3, Co-Captain 3, Var- sity Club 2, 3, Newtonite Sales and Circulation Staff 2, Denebola Sales and Circulation Manager 3, Blue Squad 3. 140 410 They left out two parts buttermilk. BARRY MARTIN KARAS 42 Cynthia Rd., Newton Centre I Leave to N.S.H.: My white cards. Fondest Memory: Mr. Goldman's words of wisdom. Wheeler, I, Meadowbrook, College Rifle Club 1, French Club 1, Math Club 1, Intramural Basketball 1, 2, 3, International Club 3, Biology Club 1, Civics Commission 2, English Club 2. ll-iq 44 LEONARD HARVEY KARNOW 134 Winchester St., Newton Highlands Lenny I Leave to N.S.H.: All the homework I had to do. Fondest Memory: Using the tunnels at Newton High School. Cutler: I: Meadowbrook: College Chess Club 2, 3: Magic Club 2. Co-ed modern dance? HARVEY JON KAROFSKY 40 Olde Field Rd., Newton Centre K I Leave to N.S.H.: My license plate number. Fondest Memory: Senior Prom parties of my Junior year. Wheeler: II: Rivers Country Day: College Basketball 1: Spanish Club 2, 3: Intra- mural Sports 1, 2, 3: Blue Squad 3. CHERYL ROWENA KARP 53 Athelstane Rd.. Newton Centre Cheri Favorite Pastime: Carmichael Hall at Tufts University. Fondest Memory: After the Junior Prom. WOW! Cutler: I, II: Weeks: College Drama Club 2, 3: Spanish Club 3: Tennis 1: Golf 2. ARTHUR PETER KASTNER 93 Parker Ave., Newton Highlands Favorite Saying: Cedite, Romal Scrip- tones: cedite, oral. Nescio quid maius nascitur Ill iade. Wildest Dream: To understand my favorite saying. Goodwin: I: Meadowbrook: College Homeroom Manager 1, 3: Interna- tional Club 1. 2, 3: Chess Club 1, 2, 3, President 3: Chess Team 2, 3: Key Club 1, 2, 3: Debating Society 2, 3. SUSAN ALEXANDRA KASWELL 118 Clark St., Newton Centre Sue, Sioux Fondest Memory: The men in my life: Messrs. Cornell, Lasker, Robin- son, and Sobol! Pet Peeve: The day Miss Steiner said I wasn't as good a composer as Bach. Cutler: I: Weeks: College Music Club 1, 2, 3: Red Cross 1: Caducean Club 1: Handbook 2: Regu- lus Circulation Staff 3: French Club 1, 3. AMY JOAN KATEMAN 460 Dedham St., Newton Centre Wildest Dream: J.S. and J.L. will get married. What Would Happen if: H.L. had big ears? Wheeler: I: Meadowbrook: College Red Cross 2, 3: Newtonite Ad Staff 1: French Club 1: Regulus Literary Staff 3: Latin Club 2, 3, 141 1 -ie i,,,,,,-fa fb -il 'fl' ix rug :Q-, L ,Q Q DIANE L. KATZ 40 Brookline St., Chestnut Hill Katzy Favorite Saying: My name is DIANE, not Nancy. Fondest Memory: Having company at 5:00 A.M. Cutler, II, Meadowbrook, College Modern Dance 2, Caducean Club 2, Denebola Circulation Staff 3, Blue Squad 2. LEONARD KATZ 515 Dudley Rd., Newton Centre Len I Leave to N.S.H.: My-driving permit. Fondest Memory: Eating with the senior's version of Mitch Miller. Goodwin, I, Meadowbrook, College Basketball 1, 2, Baseball 1, 3, 'I.V. Football 2, Regulus Ad Staff 3. ROBERTA CHERYL KAYE 48 Theodore Rd., Newton Centre Favorite Saying: Unbelievable. Fondest Memory: Study hall F-block in my sophomore year with Mr. Carey. Wheeler, Il, Meadowbrook, College French Club 13 Rally Committee 1, Music Club 1, 2, Caducean Club 2. SIDNEY M. KAYE 43 Jacobs Terr., Newton Centre Stormy, Stan, Bomber I Prophesy that: N.S.H.S. will even- tually become overcrowded like N.H.S. Favorite Pastime: Having irrelevant discussions in Mrs. Bertman's class. Intramural Basketball 1, 2, Interna- tional Club 1, 2, 3, French Club 1, 2, Math Club 2, 3, Wheeler House Council 2, 3, Intramural Softball 2, Activities Commission 2. ROBERT DENNIS KENNEY 151 Plymouth Rd., Newton Highlands I Leave to N.S.H.: Santucci's arms. Favorite Pastime: Thinking how good some of the cheerleaders would be in football. Cutler, I, Weeks, College Football 1, 2, 3, Baseball 1, 2, 3, Hockey 1, 2, Associates Council Pres- ident 3. 142 , if .fc ' A ' Nr vs W SZ: 4 " 'sf' 'ii' ' , 'Z we.: Q , P . lfiizlt Q ' I' At last, I've figured out my pay! ' PAMELA JOANNE KIDD 47 Roundwood Rd., Newton Pam I am Crazy about: B.K. Fondest Memory: My free yearbook and Lynbrook. Cutler, I, Brookline High, College Drama Club 2, 3, A.F.S. 2, 3, Regu- lus Ad Staff 2, 3, Palmer House Council 1, French Club 2, Music Club 2, Homeroom Manager 1, Dene- bola Ad Staff 3, Tennis Team 2, 3. i twrak li DIANE SUE KLAYMAN 221 Cypress St., Newton Centre Fondest Memory: Listening to Sue talk to her son John. Wildest Dream: To see Sue and P. at O.B. Goodwing II, Weeksg College Future Teachers Club 1, 3g Music Club 3g Drama Club 3. CYNTHIA FAYE KLINE 33 Larchmont Ave., Waban Cyndi Fondest Memory: All the friends I did make-and the one I didn't. Wildest Dream: To be told that I speak too slowly. Wheelerg Ig Weeks: College Drama Festival 1, 2. 3g International Club 2, 3g Drama Club 2, 3g Hand- book 2g Regulus Ad Staff 3g Blue Squad 2g Stage Crew 2, 3g Caducean Club 2, 3g A.F.S. 2, 3g Tigerama Pub- licity Committee 3. JONATHAN G. KORIN 25 Woodcliff Rd., Newton Highlands Johnny I Prophesy that: This school will have the shortest basketball team in high school history in two years. Fondest Memory: The Kansas Peapicker. Wheelerg Ig Weeksg College Intramural Softball 2, 3g Intramural Basketball 3g Drama Club 33 Assistant Homeroom Manager 1. MICHAEL L. KRAMER 136 Clark St., Newton Centre Big Mike I Leave to N.S.H.: 57 late slips. Fondest Memory: Knock, knock . . . tpausel . . . knock . . . cough! Goodwing Ig Weeksg College A Cappella Choir lg Homeroom Man- ager lg Drama Club 2, 3g Drama Fes- tival 2, 3g Debating Society 2g House Legislature lg Regulus Ad Staff 2, 3: Newtonite 1. JOHN FRANKLIN KRAUSE 74 Avalon Rd., Waban JFK Ambition: To be president of some- thing-with my initials I can't miss. Favorite Pastime: Trying to sell my brother's 156 Ford convertible. Goodwing Ig Weeks, College Commons Room Committee 1. ROBERTA BETH KRENSKY 41 Jackson St., Newton Centre Bobbie I Leave to N.S.H.: My gym suit with the empire waist. Fondest Memory: The morning we had coffee in Mr. Sobol's room. Wheeler: Ig Weeksg College National Honor Society 2, 3, Secre- tary 33 Regulus Literary Staff 3g Elec- tion Committee 2g Tigerama Com- mittee 3g A.F.S. 1, 2, 3g Handbook Staff 2g International Club 2, Future Teachers Club 1, 2g French Club 1. 143 QUN 'kv 9. 'UQ 4 5 'U Q-2? SUSAN TOBY KROZY 185 Upland Ave., Newton Highlands Webster Favorite Pastime: Being with the three musketeers-Judy and Dale. Fondest Memory: My Junior yearis spring week-end with Denny at Tufts. Wheeler, I, II, Meadowbrook, College French Club 1, 2, Drama Club 1, 2. 3, Music Club 1, 2, 3, Future Teach- ers Club 2, 3, Shaker Girl 3, G.A.A. 3. IRWIN ARNOLD LAKIN 22 Sharpe Rd., Newton Centre Legs Fondest Memory: The fabulous times in Mr. Goldman's chemistry class. What Would Happen if: I mixed glyc- eryl nitrate with concentrated nitric acid in correct proportion. Goodwin, I, Meadowbrook, College Caducean Club 1, Camera Club 2, Outdoor Track 2, 3. JUDITH ELAINE LANDON 109 Glen Ave., Newton Centre Judie Fondest Memory: Days of confusion, Friday nights with Alice and Becky. What Would Happen if: We received grades in study halls? Cutler, I, Weeks, College House Council 1, 2, Future Teachers Club 1, 2, 3, Junior Class Committee, English Club 1, 3, Regulus Ad Staff 2, Regulus Data Staff 3, Senior Class Committee, Spanish Club 2, Blue Squad 2. JERRY ALAN LANE 5 Audubon Dr., Chestnut Hill Favorite Pastime: Finding a way out of homework. Favorite Saying: No comment. Wheeler, I, Meadowbrook, College Baseball Manager 1, Motion Picture Club 2. RICHARD CREELMAN LAURIE 50 Carl St., Newton Highlands Dick I Leave to N.S.H.: One quiet lawn mower. Fondest Memory: Mr. Goldman's chemistry class. Goodwin, I, Meadowbrook: College Goodwin House Council 2, Band 2, 3, Rifie Club 1.2, Blue Squad 3. 144 I -.1 1, X ' 5' -15 193- LE' ' 6pss""'- Go ahead, I dare ya'! .. . , Y .L as .. ......... .- ,fn ...,, .,.A., ROBERT ALLAN LAWRENCE 25 White Ave., Newton Centre Bob I am Crazy about: G.P.S. Fondest Memory: Winning the School-boy Fourball Golf State Tour- ney C196OJ. Wheeler, I, Weeks, College Football 1, 3, Golf Varsity l, 2, 3, Basketball 1, 2, 3, A Cappella Choir 3, Council Representative 1. ANNE MELINDA LeCOMPTE 125 Jackson St., Newton Centre Favorite Pastime: Being one of the 8011 that never got the word. Favorite Saying: Aunga. Cutlerg Ig Weeks: College International Club 1, 2, President 3g Regulus Feature Staff 3: Stage Crew 2, 35 A.F.S. Treasurer 2g Drama Guild 3g Reflections Literary Staff 2g Blue Squad 2g French Club 2, 3g Ti- gerama Committee 3. f I 1 gl. Z 4... E '-4 DAVID S. LENNON 1087 Boylston St., Newton Highlands Dave I Prophesy that: H.M. hangers will never fail. Fondest Memory: The old Friday Night Club. Wheeler: Ilg Weeksg College Football 2. HOLLY DYANNE LESCOVITZ Pond St., Franklin Favorite Saying: Die! Fondest Memory: Immaturity in the den with N. and N. Goodwin: Ig Weeks: College Newtonite Ad Staff lg English Club lg French Club 2, 3: Future Teachers Club 2, 3: Blue Squad 2g Regulus Data Staff 3g Music Club 2, 3. MICHAEL BARRY LEVE 54 Redwood Rd., Newton Centre Mike I Leave to N.S.H.: More seats outside Miss Creedon's omce. Fondest Memory: A-lunch with Mr. Little. Wheelerg II: Meadowbrook: College Homeroom Manager lg Regulus Ad Staff 33 Cross Country 2: Blue Squad 2, 3. ELLEN SUE LEVENTHAL 100 Glen Ave., Newton Centre Pester Fondest Memory: Meeting Jerry between classes. I Prophesy that: Dr. Parnell will always be smiling. Wheeler: II: Weeks: College Caducean Club 25 Music Club lg Drama Club 2g Intramural Sports 1, 3. JEROLD JAY LEVENTHAL 42 Athelstane Rd., Newton Centre 4 Jerry Favorite Pastime: Those great dates with Nancy. Fondest Memory: Mr. Goldman's chemistry class. Wheelerg Ig Weeksg College House Council 1. 145 .,, 3 ww. . pw-r, ,f', 1 K ref' ,N V ,.., 3 if f if W 4 1441 I' I. M I... , . 5' f Q , K f ,rf if . 'rf' Rl X 1' Q 1 OWEN RICHARD LEVENTHAL 100 Glen Ave., Newton Centre Owsie, big O, O I Leave to N.S.H.: All the A's and B's I didn't get. Fondest Memory: Going to the "li- brary" at 40 Brookline St. on school nights. Goodwin: Ig Weeks: College Homeroom Manager li Intramural Sports 1, 2: Math Club 1: Newtonite Circulation Staff 2g Junior Prom Committee: Riiie Club 1. PAULA LEVENTHAL 367 Dudley Rd., Newton Centre Fondest Memory: Math with Mr. Merrill. Cutler: I: Meadowbrook: College Leader Corps 1, 2, 3: G.A.A. 3: New- tonite Ad Staff 1, Captain: P.T.S.A. 2, Student Vice-President 3: Regulus Copy Staff 3: School Assembly Com- mittee 2g French Club 1. ADELE D. LEVIN 20 Selwyn Rd.. Newton Centre Deli I Will to N.S.H.: Broken showers in the girl's gym for the next 10 years. Fondest Memory: The classes I ate my way through. Goodwin: I: Meadowbrook: College Drama Club 2, 3: Drama Festival Ticket Committee 2: Rally Committee 1: Music Club 3: French Club 2. 3: Library Club 2. HELENA D. LEVINE 159 Carlton Rd., Waban Fondest Memory: The three years of English in Sharon High. Goodwin: I: Sharon High: College National Honor Society 2. 3. RICHARD HARVEY LEVINE 590 Dedham St.. Newton Centre Favorite Pastime: Going to English class. What Would Happen if: I had Miss Hazard as a pupil for World History? Cutler: I1 Meadowbrook: College Chess Club, President 2, Secretary 3: Math Club 3: Alpha Gamma Tau Club 2. 3: Regulus Ad Staff 3. 146 I ll ,KLM BONNIE ANN LEVINSON 47 Cloverdale Rd., Newton Highlands Bunny I Leave to N.S.H.: My sister Karen. Fondest Memory: Saturday night and Sunday morning with Ronnee, Toby, Lynda. and Jill. Wheeler: II: Weeks: College Intramural Sports 1, 3g Music Club 23 Caducean Club 2: Drama Club 1: French Club 1. Football game? I came to see Lumumba! '? N BEVERLY MYRNA LEVY 25 Botsford Rd., Chestnut Hill Bev, Bevi Ambition: To succeed in my every endeavor. Favorite Pastime: Spending those wonderful nights with J.B., G.S., and J.N. Cutler: II: Lewenberg: College French Club 1, 2: Rally Committee 1, 3: Regulus Ad Staff 2, 3: Music Club 2, 3: Caducean Club 2, 3: Future Teachers Club 2: Regulus Represent- ative 2. JOHN NELSON LEWIS 847 Dedham St., Newton Centre Favorite Pastime: Drawing nebbishes. Fondest Memory: Math with Mr. M. Goodwin: I: Meadowbrook: College Newtonite Ad Staff 1: Riiie Club 1: Blue Squad Guide 2: Track 2, 3. JOHN SCHELL LEWIS 62 Brierfield Rd., Newton Highlands Jack Ambition: To find out why electrons are green. What Would Happen if: I finally learned to speak French? Cutler: I: Meadowbrook: College Chess Club 1, 2, 3: Chess Team 2, 3: Math Club 2. CHARLES WAYNE LIBBEY 865 Boylston St., Newton Highlands Chuck, "Sparky" Favorite Pastime: Hangin' 'round with the boys in the Highlands. Wildest Dream: To graduate on gym credits. Goodwin: II: Weeks: College BRENDA LINDEMANN 57 Crescent Ave., Newton Centre Bren Fondest Memory: All the great teach- ers and kids I've gotten to know: Ti- geramas: the 'lthree little loves." What Would Happen if: Mr. Suther- land fell off his desk? Goodwin: I: Weeks: College International Club 1: Tigerama 2, 3: Rally Committee 1, 2, 3: Blue Squad 2: Music Club 2, 3: Junior Class Committee: Drama Festival Props Committee. BARBARA MERLE LINDMAN 44 Kendall Rd., Newton Highlands Barb I am Crazy about: That smiling Mr. Robertson. Ambition: To become Mrs. B.S. Wheeler: II: Meadowbrook: College Junior Red Cross Council 2, 3: Blue Squad 2. I 147 1' QT HARRIET LOBEL 66 Broken Tree Rd., Oak Hill Harri, Lo, Har I Leave to N.S.H.: A dozen frank- furtsg our "peeping Tom" award, a chale. Wildest Dream: To double with Linda and Roy to the prom, providing Roy drives! Wheeler, Ig Meadowbrookg College Homeroom Manager 1g Junior Class Committee, Latin Club 1, 2, Social Committee 2g Regulus Data Staff 3g Tigerama Committee lg Blue Squad 2. RICHARD ARTHUR LOBEL 3 Nardone Rd., Newton Centre Dick, Hey-you I Leave to N.S.H.: A full length gold framed picture of me. Wildest Dream: To pull "7" eleven times at Las Vegas. ' Wheelerg Ig Meadowbrook, College Radio Club Manager lg International Club 2, 3, Key Club 1, 2, 3, Wheeler House Council 2, 3. SANDRA ELAINE LOCATELLI 10 Glenmore Terr.. Newton Highlands Sandy Favorite Pastime: Listening to music and modeling. Fondest Memory: The one year I spent at N.H.S. Cutler, II: Weeks: College Fencing lg Basketball 2, 35 Music Club 2. 3, Volleyball 3. LISA PHILLIPPE LOEB 170 Lake Ave., Newton Centre Leasa Favorite Pastime: Playing "second fiddle? What Would Happen if: Revlon went on strike? Wheeler, Ig Weeks, College Orchestra 1, 2, 3, Secretary 2, Stage Crew 1, 2, 3, Music Club 1, 3, Rally Committee Shaker Girl 33 Homeroom Manager 2, 33 Regulus Ad Staff 3, A.F.S. 1, 2, 35 G.A.A. 33 P.T.S.A. 1, 2, 33 Spanish Club 2, 3. MIRIAM JEAN LOVENVIRTH 25 Parker St.. Newton Centre Mimi Ambition: To be a second Mary Martin. Fondest Memory: Two years with Mrs. Bertman. Cutlerg Ig Weeks, College Drama Club 2, 3g Music Club lg Newtonite Circulation Staff 2. 148 enfam at i " A . lEz4fii!BiLao."'I'i. f 1 ' 2 ,Pte-. - . i 3 ' . I is 1 Y' e -,I I I1 H EU? 5 Frankly, I'm for co-ed hygiene classes. ROBERT S. LURIE 115 Olde Field Rd., Newton Centre Bob I Prophesy that: Playing bridge will be legal during homeroom period- again. What Would Happen if: Mr. Sobol came back? Wheeler, Ig Day, College Chess Club 2, 3, Treasurer 3, Tennis Club 2, 33 Intramural Sports 1, 2, 3, Radio Club 1. l 'QD 5 fe '1s.'w, " in u STEPHEN BYRON MacCAUSLAND 56 Hartford St., Newton Highlands Steve, Mac I Leave to N.S.H.: All my teachers. Fondest Memory: Summer football practice at 7:oo A.M. Cutler, I, Weeks, College Football 2, 3, Intramural Sports 1, 2, 3, Chairman of Boys' Athletic Com- mittee 2, Varsity Club 3, Blue Squad 3. There's a bomb in the viewgraph. 2 JOHN CHARLES MacMASTER 34 Frances St., Newton Highlands Giddeon Favorite Pastime: Scrambling eggs. What Would Happen if: They under- stood? Goodwin, II, Weeks, College Football l, 2, 3, Hockey 2, 3, Base- ball 1, 3, Blue Squad 2, 3, Traffic Squad 3. ALAN L. MAGED 19 Duxbury Rd., Newton Centre Al I am Crazy about: G-block studies. Fondest Memories: Last year's lunches with the kids. Wheeler, I, Natick High, College Newtonite Staff 1, 2, Denebola Fea- ture Editor 3. JAMES MICHAEL MAIOCCA 380 Boylston St., Thompsonville Jim Favorite Pastime: Watching Pawnee twist. What Would Happen if: Mr. Ronayne was made the basketball coach? Cutler, II, Meadowbrook, College Varsity Football 2, 3, Varsity Baseball 2, 3, Varsity Hockey 3, Blue Squad 3, Intramural Sports 1, 2, 3. CAROL R. MANN 20 Locke Rd., Waban Ambition: France or bust! Favorite Saying: Is he going to be American, Barbara? Goodwin, I, Warren, College International Club 1, 2, French Club 1, 2, Leader Corps 1, 2, 3, A Cappella Choir 1, 2, Stage Crew 1, Girls' Cho- rus 3, A.F.S. 2, 3, Regulus Art and Layout Editor 3. WYLIE LOUISE MARCY 59 High St., Newton Upper Falls Bylie, Why Favorite Saying: Yes, yes, O.K., yes I understand, Bill, sure. Fondest Memory: Friday C-lunch in my sophomore year with the "gang" Wheeler, I, Meadowbrook, College Drama Festival Committee 2, Rally Committee 1, G.A.A. 3, Intramural Basketball 2, Intramural Volleyball 2, Music Club 2, 3, International Club 3. 149 ,gif f--nf: .,.... ,.., WW, -.,,, . ,, .-. .. 1 os. N, g.,.4:1w". HN39: .E 'A 4-R HCS ..A' .E . V ,V ' V , . A mr, 1 .." 1" , f 115aiw.. ,g .J .., . .mg I! ,L 2,52 ini? it fi Q 'QW R X 425 yf f CAROL BARBARA MARGOLIS 407 Waban Ave., Waban I Leave to N.S.H.: The girl with the N, Nancy. Favorite Saying: Do you know something? Cutler, I, Warren, College Drama Club 1, 2, 3, Make-up Club 1, Junior Red Cross 1, Music Club 1, Regulus Data Staif 3, French Club 3, A.F.S. 3, Junior Class Committee, Tennis 2, 3, Drama Festival l. ROBERT EUGENE MARSTON 14 Ossipee Rd., Newton Upper Falls Bob I Leave to N.S.H.: Three slightly used notebooks with a three year's supply of slightly used paper. Fondest Memory: The time Ho!Jo's sign was hung on building 2 at N.H.S. Wheeler, II, Meadowbrook, College SUMNER R. MARTINSON 14 Hillcrest Circle, Waban Fondest Memory: The scoffs in Mr. G's A-block chemistry class, "1960." Wildest Dream: The N.S.H.S. Cross- country team winning a meet. Goodwin, II, Weeks, College Cross-Country 2, 3, Spring Track 2, Intramural Sports 2, Varsity Club 2, 3. DOUGLAS SCOTT MCCARTHY 84 Erie Ave., Newton Highlands Gumpy, Doug I Leave to N.S.H.: The rest of the guys from the Highlands. Favorite Pastime: The every night meetings of the Friday Night Club. Goodwin, II, Weeks, College Ice Hockey 1, 2, 3, Football 2, 3, Blue Squad 3, Parking Committee 2, 3, Ushers 2, Baseball 3. ROBERT DANIEL MCLAUGHLIN 11 Chatham Rd., Newton Highlands Voo, Bob I Leave to N.S.H.: The one and only Mr. Seasholes. What Would Happen if: There were teachers in the parking lot X-block? Wheeler, II, Weeks, College Hockey 3, Blue Squad 3. "We like Beechnut . . ." HARVEY L. MENDELSOHN 72 Devonshire Rd., Waban Ambition: To know what my ambi- tion is. Favorite Saying: If you don't know where you are going, any road will take you there. Wheeler, I, Weeks, College Cross Country 2, 3, Track 2, 3. 150 1 1 if S .W V, 3. X Y V Ii i3,ia-','. - W.. ..--t DONALD MERNA 1412 Walnut St., Newton Highlands Don Ambition: To sell nail polish to ditch-diggers. Fondest Memory: Playing sports during high school. Wheeler: I, IIg Meadowbrookg College Baseball 2, 3, Hockey 2, 3: Cross Country 3. PATRICK JOSEPH MESSORE 375 Eliot St., Newton Upper Falls LeRoy Fondest Memory: Teacher's help and lessons learned in class and on the field. What Would Happen if: Newton South didn't have Freddie Shaw? Goodwing Ig Weeks, College House Council lg Cross Country 1, Indoor Track lg Varsity Football 2, 3, Intramural Basketball 2, Varsity Club President 3, Blue Squad 3g Base- ball 1. JANE DAVIS MEYER 11 Glenwood Ave., Newton Centre Fondest Memory: The weekend at P.W.'sg football games. Wildest Dream: To pick up the inter- com and ask for room service. Goodwin, Ig Sacred Heart, College Newtonite Circulation Staff 2g Regu- lus Circulation Editor 3, Rally Com- mittee Executive Board 3 g Junior Prom Committee 23 Shaker Girl 3. MARSHA MICHELSON 71 Cynthia Rd., Newton Centre I Leave to N.S.H.: My brother and sister. Fondest Memory: Mr. Cornell. Wheelerg II, Meadowbrook, College French Club 1, 2g English Club 1. THOMPSON WENDELL MICK 82 Carver Rd., Newton Highlands Tom, Switz Favorite Saying: Is everything O.K. now? Fondest Memory: DeMo1ay State Ball, 1961, with P.C. Wheeler, Ig Meadowbrook: College Baseball 1, 2g Basketball 1, 2, Cross Country 3. HARRY MILLER 119 Waban Ave., Waban I Leave to N.S.H.: All my dried up hangers. Favorite Saying: How is it? Wheeler, II, Weeks, Business 151 i af -Q, lb favs .aww W., .03 JO-AN MIRIAM MILLER 127 Olde Field Rd., Newton Centre Fondest Memory: My Junior year with Mr. Robinson in the German "crash" helmet: Ray Charles: and var- ious other STRANGE people. Wildest Dream: To drive a normally sized car at least 100 H.P. Cutler: I: Girls' Latin: College Drama Club 1, 2, 3: Music Club 1, 2, 3: Future Teachers Club 1: French Club 1: Latin Club 1: Archery Club 1. KARYN L. MILLER 354 Dudley Rd., Newton Centre Favorite Pastime: Playing cards in study. Fondest Memory: Driver Education class. Goodwin: I: Girls' Latin School: College Drama Club 2. DOROTHY GROGAN MITCHELL 25 Myerson Lane, Newton Centre Dotty, Dot I am Crazy about: People. Favorite Saying: ILYBDLIGTYH. Wheeler: II: Meadowbrook: College Caducean Club 2, 3: Modern Dance 2, 3: Outing Club 2: G.A.A. 3: Dra- ma Club 3. DORIS MOGEL y 1597 Centre St., Newton Highlands Twin I Prophesy that: Mr. Merrill will never recuperate from his Math 14b class. Fondest Memory: Iota: L.A. and M.E.: math with Mr. Merrill, XI and XII. Goodwin: I: Weeks: College French Club 1, 2, 3: Spanish Club 2, 3: Music Club 2, 3: Drama Club 2: Future Teachers Club 2: Senior Class Committee: Homeroom Manager 2: Regulus Ad Staff 2, 3. LOIS MOGEL 1597 Centre St., Newton Highlands Twin Favorite Saying: No, my name is not Doris! Fondest Memory: Iota: My friend- ship with L.A. and M.E.: My Junior year in math with Miss Dohanian. Cutler: I: Weeks: College French Club 1, 2, 3, Treasurer 2, 3: Drama Club 1, 2, 3: Music Club 1, 2, 3: Regulus Ad Stall' 2, 3: Future Teachers Club 2, 3: Math Club 2. 152 ROLAND DANIEL MONIHAN 650 Boylston St., Newton Centre I Leave to N.S.H.: A pair of gym sneakers. I am Crazy about: Those great lunches. Wheeler: II: Meadowbrook: College J.V. Football 2: Varsity Football 3: Hockey 2, 3: J.V. Baseball 2. I knew they marked us on a point system, but . . . I I 1 YF I. ff GAIL SHEILA MOSEON 111 Glen Ave., Newton Centre I Prophesy that: People will finally understand J.P., especially D.B. Fondest Memory: "Secret Love." Cutler, I, Weeks, College Newtonite Ad Staff 1, Music Club 1, 2, Spanish Club 2, 3, Vice-President 2, President 3, Future Teachers Club 3, Regulus Ad Staff 3, Orange Book 2, French Club 2. ""4-syn., Www! ' : ' '-M. ,N V 4 I ih- 'QQ 'J f 31 1 fy 6 Q 1 W i .V ...X ' ' jr - Q 1 . f "" , '- . X. x X I sf ' . " O Y, " at r 4 , J , J. b ,, A 5 Y . . . , . ,. 'J ...f sf X' ' ' V , X. ' ...N 'ff I VM A N., '37 A ,-p qx I' I -,I Q, I '." , k"'Vnf'i ,Ng f?4v"' 'N .N 'I 1' . s- r .f - I, f -wx. -Q.f,,.f,' N f',f f ,f 1 ba V .WN - 4 . 5 , ,f 1 . '.,.,,h A- -1 4.: fs Nw.,-'P' ,--' fra.. , MARYANNE MOSES 6 Audubon Dr., Chestnut Hill I Prophesy that: He will never come. Ambition: To graduate. Cutler, II, Meadowbrook, College Basketball 1, Library Club 2. ANNE RHODES MOULTON 16 Dwhinda Rd., Waban Nance I Leave to N.S.H.: Parking permits. Ambition: To marry Pete. Goodwin, II, Warren, College P.T.S.A. 1, Caducean 3, Rally Com- mittee 1. 153 4-9-W STUART FLOYD NATERMAN V A ,,,, , 17 Baldpate Hill Rd., Newton Centre I Prophesy that: Lenny Katz will ruin 3 iiiii p his brother's Ford by the end of this year. I Favorite Saying: You better believe it. Goodwin, I, Meadowbrook, College A' ig spanish Club 3, Regulus Ad Staff 3. if , ' 'QQ if 7 A ii Z' Af 54 . W .Q JEFFREY BRUCE NEUSTADT 115 Andrew St., Newton Highlands Jeff Fondest Memory: Junior Prom with P.C. Goodwin, I, Coolidge, College Intramural Basketball 1, French Club 2, 3, Cross Country 2, 3, Basketball 2, 3, Intramural Softball 2, Denebola Circulation Stal? 3. CECILY LOUISE NEWCOMB 25 Winter St., Newton Upper Falls Cess Ambition: To know what can be changed, and to accept what can't. Favorite Saying: For goodness sake, fella! Cutler, I, Meadowbrook, College Girls' Chorus 1, Vespers 1, Tigerama 1, 2, 3, Rally Committee 2, 3, Reflec- tions 2, 3, Studio 1, 2, Leader Corps 2, 3, Regulus Art and Layout Staff 3, G.A.A. 3, Music Club 2, Basketball 2, 3. 153 .Al -Q ,qi ,49- .'-S 66 is - X , -an 150.54 5-'19 ,7 .I avv . W 9 5, ' t i , f I T2 ff 3:31 C? '77 JAMES F. NOBLE 50 Marvin Lane, Newton Centre Jim, Jimmy, Jimbo Wildest Dream: Mr. Hawkes, Mr. Card, and Miss Creedon drag racing on Brandeis Road. Wheeler, II, Meadowbrook, College Intramural Sports 1, 2, 3, Blue Squad 2, 3, French Club 1, 2, Key Club 3, House Council 1. JOYCE MARSHA NORMAN 275 Woodcliff Rd., Newton Highlands Joycee Favorite Pastime: Spending those wonderful nites with J.B., B.L.. and G.S. Fondest Memory: January-June. 1961. Goodwin, II, Meadowbrook, College Homeroom Manager 1, 3, Future Teachers Club 1. 2, Vice-President 3, S.O.S. 1, Rally Committee 1. 3, French Club 2. 3, Music Club 2. 3, National Honor Society 2, 3 FRANCIS ANTHONY NORTON 60 Dickerman Rd., Newton Highlands Frank Ambition: To earn a lot of money Favorite Saying: Don't do anything that I wouldn't do. Wheeler, II, Weeks, Business DAVID ROBERT NOVACK 35 Newbury St., Newton Centre Dave Fondest Memory: Having F-block French for three years. Wildest Dream: To have no English class. Wheeler, I, Weeks, College Music Club 1, 2, 3, French Club 2, 3, Orchestra 2, 3, Ensemble 1, 3, Blue Squad 2, 3, Marching Band 1. TIMOTHY F. O'LEARY 241 Elliot St., Newton Upper Falls Tim Favorite Saying: Evil is the root of all money. What Would Happen if: Suddenly there was good food in the cafeteria? Wheeler, I: Meadowbrook, College Chess Club l, Radio Club 1, French Club 3. 154 1 1 waz. .gwvgh ... .,,- -. gc. V - A . - 1'--' t Ugh, I Can't Stand Math. --un., I3 JAMES MARK OLIM 12 Athelstane Rd., Newton Centre Jim, Jimmy, Japan I Prophesy that: Mr. Card should have a waiting room next to his oftice. Wildest Dream: To graduate. Goodwin, I, Weeks, College Football 1, Baseball Manager 1. 1, ,. , E S M AMPSHLRE, 1 sz f . ,, T55 t 1 ' ' rf- . 6 ' Q. fi f' i ii' if , . 1 , . K 3 'Z . ts. f 3 I BARBARA LOUISE OSENTON 167 Waban Ave., Waban Barbi, Bo I am Crazy about: Foreign cars. Fondest Memory: My Junior prom with S.B. Wheeler: II: Washington Irving: College Music Club 2: Regulus Ad Staff 2: Girls' Chorus 3. lt I CHERYL LESLIE OWLICK 128 Allerton Rd., Newton Highlands Fondest Memory: Singing the roles of Casilda and Yum-Yum, and getting to know so many people. Wildest Dream: To motor-scoot to a different type '1star"! Wheeler: I: Weeks: College French Club 1, 2, 3: Music Club 1, 2, 3: Vespers 1, 2, 3: Spring Musical 1, 3: Music Night 1, 2, 3: A Cappella Choir 1, 2, 3: Madrigals 2: Leader Corps 1, 2: Activities Commission 2: A.F.S. 2: Regulus Feature Staff 3: Tennis 1, 2, 3. JOSEPH GERARD PAGLIA, JR. 141 Cypress St., Newton Centre Joe I Leave to N.S.H.: Five more Paglias to follow. My Favorite Pastimes Sports, especially golf. Goodwin: I: Weeks: College Outdoor Track 1, 2, 3: Intramural Basketball 2: Varsity Club 2. ESTHER SUSAN PAINE 10 Hammond Pond Parkway Chestnut Hill Sue, Suzy, Sheena Favorite Saying: On a bias, it's solu- brious, huh, Jimmy? Fondest Memory: Talking with "My Son John." Goodwin: I: College Fencing 1: Homeroom Manager 1: Goodwin House Council 2, 3: Volley- ball 2. LINDA B. PARIS 266 Spiers Rd., Oak Hill Lynn Ambition: To double with Harriet and the "All American" to the Senior Prom. Favorite Pastime: Thinking up new ways to get "the pint' from R.M. Wheeler: I: Meadowbrook: College Regulus Ad Staff 3: Blue Squad Guide 3: Drama Club 2, 3: Junior Red Cross 2: Music Club 1: French Club 2, 3. JOHN VAZE PARNELL III I8 David Rd., Newton Centre Pawnee I Leave to N.S.H.: One used biology and physiology teacher. Favorite Saying: Hey, Man! Goodwin: I: College Football 2, 3, Co-Captain 3: Baseball 1, 2, 3: Basketball 1, 3: Varsity Club 2, 3: Math Club 2: House Civics Commission 1: Homeroom Repre- sentative 1: Senior Class Vice-Presi- dent: Parking Commission 3: Blue Squad 3. 155 ,fy Qs . fa W A X V 2 W X, ,U . .2 452312 ,MEI 4 l.. -, 1 ' A fi X Q: 2 Q1 , sf :gg , VM x' CL gms: f Y! , Z, Y 4 V ,. 1' """"I7 'Fm -, " X, -, x ff f g f- 2 4 'lf 4 I f 41' . f, ,' 1' A A V -A 'aff 'A .gi J. , :,.:'PZ,?fz,g51.::.g'f- l A ,iQ 351 DAVID JUDSON MARK PARSONS 1564 Beacon St., Waban I Prophesy that: It will be a long time before triplets come to Newton South. 3 Fondest Memory: Being the school mascot. Wheeler3 I, II3 Weeksg College Music Club 1. 2. 33 A Cappella Choir 2, 33 Varsity Golf Team 2, 3g Key Club 33 School Mascot 33 Denebola 33 Camera Club 33 House Council 13 Usher 1. 2, 3. DEBORAH MARION GRACE PARSONS 1564 Beacon St., Waban Debbie, Deb I Leave to N.S.H.: The name of the Parsons' triplets. 3 Fondest Memory: The wonderful teachers and friends, Tigeramas with Miss Creedon. Wheelerg I3 Weeks3 College Outing Club 1, 2, Treasurer 33 French Club 13 Rally Committee 1, 2, 33 Leader Corps 1, 2. 3g Caducean Club 1, 33 Girls' Athletic Board 3, DOROTHY EDITH RUTH PARSONS 1564 Beacon St., Waban Dottie, Tria I Leave to N.S.H.: More housemas- ters like Miss Creedon. Fondest Memory: Being a SCIT at Pioneer Junior Camp. Wheeler3 II3 Weeks3 College G.A.A. President 3, Secretary 2g As- sociates Council 33 Wheeler House Council Vice-President 23 A Cappella Choir 2, 3g Leader Corps 1, 2, 33 Homeroom Manager 1. BONNIE JEAN PATTERSON 10 Beverly Rd., Newton Highlands Bon Favorite Pastime: Telling people not to take my advice. Wildest Dream: To keep my tonsils. Goodwin, II3 Weeks3 College Fencing 13 Outing Club 1, 2, 3g Blue Squad 23 Rally Committee 2, 3g Rally Committee Executive Board 2, 3 3 Drill Team 2. DAVID LLOYD PATTERSON 96 Waban Ave., Waban Floyd I Prophesy that: There will never be a day when students won't need a parking permit. Favorite Pastime: Sitting in Brighams. Cutlerg II3 Rivers Country Day3 College 156 - A.. L Ac A Mg- I Tx if All right, where are the Lennon Sisters? ARTHUR MARTIN PEARLMAN 76 Cloverdale Rd., Newton Highlands Art Favorite Saying: You've got a case. Fondest Memory: All the fine friends I've made in Newton during the past two years. Cutlerg II3 Latin School, College Intramural Basketball 2, 3g Baseball 33 Regulus Sports Staif 3. WENDY REED PETERS 36 Ridge Ave., Newton Centre Diddy, P.W. Fondest Memory: Blinstrub's, May 29, P.W.'s party at the Cape. Cutler, II, Weeks, College Rally Committee 2, 3, House Council 2, Regulus Circulation Staff 3, Blue Squad Guide 2, Shaker Girl 3, Senior Class Committee. Who says I can't get an A? BARRY NEAL POGATCH 475 Brookline St., Newton Centre Pog, Pogy, Pogo Favorite Saying: Believe it! Oh, you ain't too bad! Fondest Memory: Four classes in three years with Mr. Merrill, all the people I met at the Cape. Goodwin, I, Meadowbrook, College Radio Club 1, Tigerama Committee 1, 3, French Club 1, Junior Class Committee, Junior Prom Ticket Com- mittee Chairman, Chess Club 2, Blue Squad 2, Key Club 2, 3. PHYLLIS D. POLLARD 149 Wiswall Rd., Oak Hill Phyl I Leave to N.S.H.: Its Crowded buses. Ambition: To become a nurse. Goodwin, I, Meadowbrook, College Mixed Chorus 2, 3, Music Club 2, 3, Homeroom Manager 3. SARAH MARIE POUTAS 52 Chandler Pl., Newton Upper Falls Sally, Pooch I Leave to N.S.H.: My brother John, my wonderful memories, all my fab- ulous friends. Fondest Memory: My Junior and Senior proms with Heidi, Don, Pat, Al, and NICK. Wheeler, II, IV, Meadowbrook, Business Rally Committee Executive Board 3, Cheerleader 3, Leader Corps 2, G.A.A. 3, Basketball 2, 3. ELEANOR ANN POZZI 51 Cypress St., Newton Centre Elly I Leave to N.S.H.: My blush. Favorite Pastime: Working at Garden City Trust. Goodwin, II, Weeks, College Basketball 1, Archery 1, Field Hockey 1, Majorette 2, 3. RICHARD DAVID PREBLE 993 Chestnut St., Newton Highlands Dick Ambition: To go to college and into engineering. Fondest Memory: The beautiful land- scape at Newton South. Cutler, I, Meadowbrook, College 157 Q-O0 nv- l Wx lf T U 1-.Qi -If 5 rl :GX A 1 . 'ff' Q17 'N-- -fl 1 1 ,,5:g:,5b, Y, ta 'Z " 'Q S " MTS--. HARDY R. PRENTICE 3577 Chestnut St., Waban Fondest Memory of N.S.H.: G-block study-Senior year. Wildest Dream: To win the grand prix d'Europe in a 1958 Edsel. Goodwing I3 Weeksg College Sailing Club 13 Camera Club 1, 2, 33 A.F.S. 1, 23 Rifle Club 13 Regulus Photography Staff 3. JOAN ROBERTA PRESS 69 Devonshire Rd.. Waban Joanie I Prophesy that: J.G. will need her own Abby. Wildest Dream: That someday every- one might understand me, especially D.B. Cutler, I3 Weeks: College Newtonite Ad Staff 13 Spanish Club Treasurer 2, 33 Music Club 23 Future Teachers Club 23 Homeroom Man- ager 3g Blue Squad 23 Regulus Copy Staff 33 Shaker Girl 33 Civics Com- mission 3. JEAN ANN PRIETZ 30 Waldorf Rd., Newton Highlands Favorite Pastime: Thinking about "the house." Fondest Memory: P.W.'s partyg Blin- strub's3 every 18th. Wheeler, II3 Weeks, College Rally Committee 1, 2g Blue Squad 23 Leader Corps 23 Tigerama Committee 23 Junior Prom Decoration Commit- teeg Civics Commission 3. MELVIN ALLAN PRIVES 79 Brookline St., Chestnut Hill Mavis I Leave to N.S.H.: My three sons. I Prophesy that: Girls will go out of style. Goodwing I3 Meadowbrook3 College Latin Club lg Drama Guild 2, 3g In- tramural Sports 1, 2, 33 Badminton lg Lacrosse 1: Indoor Track 33 Music Club 1, 3. RONALD LEWIS PROMBOIN 4 Placid Rd., Newton Centre Ronnie. Ron Fondest Memory: Mme. Neufeld's French classes. Wildest Dream: Playing golf near the library building. Cutler: I3 Meadowbrookg College Denebola 1, 2, 33 Regulus Photog- raphy Staff 23 Alpha Gamma Tau lg Russian Club lg Camera Club 1, 2, President 23 Football Movies 2, 3. 158 Y is 1 ma it ,. ,lr g .-,.- - I , . 1- wg, 4. S., 3 ' .. .ix H, ig. il. . 1 i . ' u LOIS ARLENE RABIN 125 Plymouth Rd., Newton Highlands Lo Fondest Memory: My Junior year. What Would Happen if: I could live my Junior year over? Goodwin, II3 Weeksg College Rally Committee 13 Drama Club 1, 2, 33 French Club 13 Future Teachers Club 2, 3g Spanish Club 3g Music Club 3. I'd sooner Lipton. It has more tea taste. 'Btwn ' .8 ROBERT LESLIE RATTET 58 Druid Hill Rd., Newton Highlands Bob, Bobby, Gypsy Favorite Pastime: P.M. in Brighton. Wildest Dream: All A's. Goodwin, I, Meadowbrook, College Baseball 2, 3, Chess Club 3, Intra- mural Basketball 2, 3. JOHN J. REARDON 38 Shady Hill Rd., Newton Highlands Beans Favorite Pastime: Mr. Robinson's U.S. History class. What Would Happen if: The Hillman started? Cutler, I, Meadowbrook, College Music Club 1, 3, Spanish Club 3, Marching Band 1, 3, Concert Band 2. LOUISE MARIE REGAN 923 Walnut St., Newton Highlands I Leave to N.S.H.: My little brother who is bigger than I. Favorite Pastime: Eating burnt grilled cheese sandwiches, taking Sunday walks. Wheeler, I, Weeks, College Mixed Chorus 1, Basketball 1, Outing Club 1, Vice-President 2, Blue Squad Guide 2, 3, Rally Committee 1, Exec- utive Board 2, 3, Secretary 3, Activi- ties Commission 3. MIRELLE RESNIK 47 Clark St., Newton Centre Ambition: To have the lead in a smash hit on Broadway! Fondest Memory: Getting stuck in the mud in my sophomore year with L.S., S.A., and M.S. Cutler, I, Weeks, College Drama Club 1, 2, 3, Newtonite 1, Golf 2, Rally Committee 3, Denebola 3, Blue Squad 2. 31 Tw, ' R O aww ARTHUR N. RICE 6, Q 21 Bacon Pl., Newton Upper Falls Art 5 , .',,,' ff " f ' -:, i , l I Fondest Memory: Mr. Peterson climbing on his desk. 'fi' Q My What Would Happen if: Mr. Peterson 0 V' fell off his desk? Wheeler, II, Weeks, College MARTHA LOUISE RICE 151 Pine Ridge Rd., Waban Mart, Piglet I Prophesy that: Mr. Robinson will become a general at Fort Drum. Fondest Memory: My little get-to- gether in my sophomore year. Goodwin, I, Weeks, College Newtonite Ad Staff 1, A Cappella Choir 1, 2, 3, Madrigals 2, 3, Spring Musical 1, Mikado 3, Junior Class Committee, Music Club 1, 2, 3, Cheerleader 3, Denebola Publicity Staff 3, Leader Corps 3. 159 R 'Y '11 ,,.. te.. f t xo f -. A ., ' ti "iv 2 at ' , .' ,g f Hb ANNE ELIZABETH RITCHEY 966 Walnut St., Newton Highlands Favorite Pastime: Missing buses. Wildest Dream: To star in a broad- way musical. Wheeler: I: St. Anne's: College Dance Group 1, 2. 3: Drama Club 2: Assistant Homeroom Manager 3. MICHELE MARIE RIU 89 Larchmont Ave., Waban My Fondest Memory: Miss Dohan- ian's G2 math class. My Wildest Dream: To be able to pronounce "Problems and potato chips." Goodwin: I: West, Brockton: College A.F.S. 1: Handbook Staff 2, 3: Regu- lus Ad Staff 3: International Club 3: Drama Club 3: Drama Festival 3: Goodwin House Council 3. LESLIE CARTER ROBINSON 131 Jackson St.. Newton Centre Les Favorite Pastime: Eating potato chips: strurnmin': rotary riding: not being one of the 841 that never got the word. Fondest Memory: Art supply room 3112: green and grey Ramblers. Goodwin: I: Weeks: College Stage Crew 1. 2, 3: Drama Festival 1, 2, 3: Drama Club 1. 2. 3: Reflections 1, 2. 3. Art Editor 2. 3: Regulus Art Staff 3: Tigerama 2. 3: Handbook Art Editor 2, 3: Blue Squad 2. ROBERT MICHAEL ROSEN 45 Littlefield Rd., Oak Hill Bob Favorite Saying: Shut the cave door and back to pygmy country. Fondest Memory: The Sweater Gang. Goodwin: I: Meadowbrook: College Newtonite Ad Staff 1: French Club 1. 2: Handbook 2: Intramural Softball 2: Homeroom Manager 3: Regulus Sport Staff 3. BONNIE SUE ROSENBERG 1800 Beacon St., Waban Favorite Pastime: Joel and his "buddy." Fondest Memory: Members of the class of '62: Iota: North Conway with Sammy Small and Bongo Bill. Goodwin: I: Warren: College Regulus Advertising Editor 3: New- tonite Ad Staff 1: Handbook Art and Layout Staff 3: House Council 1: De- bating Society l: Drama Club 2, 3, 160 1' Ufaullll i Look, it's the Jack LaLanne Show. KAREN B. RUBIN 71 Brandeis Rd., Newton Centre Fondest Memory: The many pleasant hours spent at N.S.H.S. Wildest Dream: To get an A in English. Goodwin: I: Brookline High: College Intramural Volleyball 2: Varsity Vol- leyball 2: Basketball 2: Latin Club 2: Music Club 2. 5 gun. nw N 1. -.l ...L fan NORMAN RUBIN 61 Sharpe Rd., Newton Centre Norm Favorite Pastime: Playing the banjo at midnight. Favorite Saying: Good grief! Cutler: I: Meadowbrook: College Intramural Basketball 2, 3: Math Club 2, 3. , ANDREA M. SACHER 25 Allen Ave., Waban Andi Favorite Saying: Sammy, won't you please come home! Fondest Memory: Sam: his Senior prom: my Junior year with him: Ti- gerama, May 24. Wheeler: I: Weeks: College Drama Club 2, 3: Studio Club 2, 3: G.A.A. 3: Intramural Sports 1: Latin Club 1. DENA RITA SALTZMAN 122 Clark St., Newton Highlands I Prophesy that: Mr. Sutherland will solve the Cold War. Favorite Pastime: Summer evenings with Jane, Roberta, and B.J. Goodwin: I: Meadowbrook: College French Club 2, 3: Music Club 1, 2, 3: Blue Squad 2: Drama Club 2, 3: Reg- ulus Ad Staff 3: G.A.A. 3: Denebola Circulation and Publicity Staffs 3. RONALD S. SALZER 737 Chestnut St., Waban Ron Favorite Saying: Consequently there- fore. tMr. Sutherlandl. Fondest Memory: The Hurricane. Goodwin: I: Weeks: College JEFFREY LOUIS SAMELS 32 Carl St., Newton Highlands Jeff, Porky I Leave to N.S.H.: My brother-good luck! I am Crazy about: A girl at Newton North-Cheryl. Goodwin: II: Bigelow: College Drama Club 1: Hockey 2. ROBERT JOHN SANTUCCI 418 Langley Rd., Newton Centre Tooch I Leave to N.S.H.: No 60. What Would Happen if: Bob Kenney didn't correct my English? Cutler: II: Weeks: College Varsity Football 1, 2, Co-Captain 3: Baseball 1, 2, 3: Blue Squad 3: Varsity Club 1, 2, 3. 161 'Gm f f 'I i ' I 'fy fe, . L L. yi., . V e my ff ,QUT-v -ol? 6 INO3, 5:31-V 'S xx 4 T1 'Iii ROBERT MICHAEL SARLY 21 Lake Ave., Newton Centre Bob Ambition: To know something for sure. What Would Happen if: N.S.H.'s football team met, say, Taunton's? Wheeler: I: Boston Latin: College Chess Club 1, 2, 3, Vice President 2: Math Club l, 2, 3: Math Seminar 2: French Club 1: Drama Club 2, 3. ARLENE MARIE SAVIGNANO 15 Hale St., Newton Upper Falls Ambition: To be immortal. Wildest Dream: To ostracize teachers. Cutler: II: Meadowbrook: College Archery l: Outing Club 1: Caducean Club 1: Rally Committee 1, 3: Drama Club 3. ELLIOT ROBERT SCHNEIDER I2 Longfellow Rd., Waban El I Prophesy that: Mr. Card will have a waiting room by his oiiice. I am Crazy about: Classes with no homework and teachers who don't give any. Goodwin: I: Warren: College Intramural Sports 2, 3: Blue Squad 3. JOAN DeWITT SEELER 170 Nehoiden Rd., Waban Joanie, Skipper I am Crazy about: Mr. Altree's organization. Fondest Memory: Sept. '59-June '62: Mr. Fisher: Finns: hottentots: especi- ally the pavilion. Wheeler: I: Warren: College Red Cross Council 2, 3, Chairman 3: A.F.S. 2, 3, Co-Chairman 3: Regulus Data Editor 3: National Honor Soci- ety 2, 3: A Cappella Choir 2, 3: Ten- nis Squad 2, 3- HARVEY JOSEPH SEGALL 34 Cottonwood Rd., Newton Centre Seg, Babe Ambition: To graduate. Fondest Memory: Mr. Frank's General Math Class. Wheeler: II: Newman Prep: Business J.V. Baseball 2. l62 There's the bell for C-lunch. 'X A SUSAN ELLEN SEGEL 16 Sharpe Rd., Newton Centre Sue Fondest Memory: Immaturity in the den with N. and N. What Would Happen if: Dr. Singer wasn't a dentist, Becky? Cutler: I: Meadowbrook: College House Council l: French Club 1, 2, 3: Drama Club 2, 3: Music Club 2, 3: Junior Class Committee: Volleyball 2: A.F.S. 3: Future Teachers Club 3: Blue Squad 2. .fTn"" SHERRY LOUISE SERATING 55 Woodcliff Rd., Newton Highlands Favorite Pastime: Talking to Alene, Roberta, and Louise on the phone about "Things" Fondest Memory: H. C., Theta Xi, and my little t?J parties this past summer. Goodwin, II, Weeks, College Rally Committee 1. GAIL PATRICIA SEYMOUR 79 Woodward St., Newton Highlands I am Crazy about: Coach Ronayne. Fondest Memory: Number 83, caddy- ing, and football games. Cutler, I, Weeks, College Senior Class Committee, Rally Com- mittee 3, Elections Committee 3, Jun- ior Prom Decorations Committee, A Cappella Choir 3, Shaker Girl 3, Mu- sic Club 2, 3. GERALYN BETH SHARFF 120 Oxford Rd., Newton Centre Geri I Prophesy that: D.K. will someday be able to explain the word "policy." Fondest Memory: Mr. Sobol, Mr. Hoogheem, and Mr. Petrillo. Cutler, I, Weeks, College National Honor Society 2, 3, Future Teachers Club 2, 3, Homeroom Man- ager 2, Handbook 2, Regulus Data Staff 3, Activities Commission 3, Drama Club 2, 3, Music Club 2, 3, French Club 1, 3, Spanish Club 2, 3. GAIL ANN SHEER 264 Hartmann Rd., Newton Centre I Leave to N.S.H.: The formaldehyde of biology class. Favorite Pastime: Spending those wonderful nites with B.L., J.B., and J.N. Cutler, I, Meadowbrook, College Future Teachers Club 2, Mixed Cho- rus 2, Girls' Chorus 3, Goodwin House Council 2, French Club 1, 2, 3, Caducean Club 2, 3, Music Club 2, 3, Regulus Copy Staff 3, Rally Committee 1, 3. LESLIE LYNN SHEFF 26 Harwich Rd., Newton Centre I am Crazy about: Stuffed animals and spaghetti. Favorite Saying: Really? Cutler, I, II, Coolidge, College Music Club 2, 3, Volleyball 2. GERALD M. SHERMAN 105 Annawan Rd., Waban Gerry I Prophesy that: Someday somebody will like the school ring. Wildest Dream: To ski all year 'round. Goodwin, I, Weeks, College Math Club 2, 3, Debating Club 3, Ski Club 3, P.T.S.A. 1, 2, 3. 163 1. New as' J-xi, fwk f"fWtr avffx ff 'CF' 5 JANET ANN SHULMAN 5 Duxbury Rd., Newton Centre Jan Fondest Memory: Going to Rockport by way of New Hampshire. Wildest Dream: To go to Arizona with Gail and Sandy. Wheeler, Ig Weeksg College Future Teachers Club 1, 2, 3, Vice- President 2, Treasurer 3, Regulus Copy Staff 33 French Club 3, Hand- book 2, 3g Drama Club 2, Bowling 1, 3, Golf 23 Blue Squad Guide 2. BARRY SINGER 5 Indian Ridge Rd., Newton Centre I Leave to N.S.H.: My honor marks in English. Fondest Memory: Miss Dohanian's math class in my Junior year. Cutler, Ig Meadowbrook, College French Club 33 Intramural Basketball 3. MARTIN B. SKLAR 49 Nickerson Rd., Newton Centre Marty Ambition: To be rich. Favorite Pastime: Television, Movies. Goodwing II, Meadowbrook, College LEONARD B. SLABINE 51 Longfellow Rd., Waban Lenny Fondest Memory: "The Field" Wildest Dream: To go to college. Cutler, II, Warren, College Spanish Club 3, International Club 3. GERALD D. SLAVIN 5 Kelveden Rd., Waban Gerry I Leave to N.S.H.: The class discus- sion about sex and advertising in 41 17. What Would Happen if: Mr. Gold- man told his "other story for another day"? Cutler, Ig Warren, College Spring Musical 1, Treasurer, Blue Squad 2, 3g Chess Club 1, 2, 33 Regu- lus Sales 2. 164 He jumped into the mixer, and before we knew it . . . DONALD MAURICE SMALL 183 Lake Ave., Newton Centre Don I Prophesy that: The Senior class, two years from now, will be midgets. Fondest Memory: Going over the fences at the football games. Wheeler, I, II, Day, College Baseball 1, 3. CHRISTINE MARY SOSTILIO 15 Boylston Rd., Newton Highlands Chris Favorite Saying: You wish I liked you OD Fondest Memory: The friends I've madeg the fun I've hadg the knowledge gained. Cutlerg Ig Weeksg College Rally Committee 2, 3g Shaker Girl 3, Music Club 2, 3g Drama Club 2, 3g Future Teachers Club 2, 3g Junior Prom Decoration Committee. How come it's still moving? STEVEN SPIEGEL 290 Woodcliff Rd., Newton Highlands Steve I Leave to N.S.H.: My B.F.W. I Prophesy that: Mr. Card will join the gym faculty within 2 years. Cutlerg Ig Meadowbrookg College Intramural Sports 1, 2, 3g Music Club lg Math Club 2g Latin Club 1. ANITA GAIL STANLEY 48 Moody St., Chestnut Hill Fondest Memory: Dissecting frogs in biology. Wildest Dream: A thirty-hour day. Goodwing Ig Weeksg College Outing Club 1g Blue Squad Guide 2g Drama Club 2g Rally Committee 1. LINDA PAIGE STATA 18 Ohio Ave., Newton Upper Falls Favorite Pastime: Burning old Illinois math books. Fondest Memory: Three years of Miss Sanguinetti's English classes. Cutlerg Ig Meadowbrookg College Leader Corps 1, 2g Outing Club 2g A.F.S. 2g French Club 1, 2, 3, Music Club 2, 3, Tigerama Committee 2g Volleyball 1, 2g Basketball 1, 2g Golf 2g Rally Committee 3. JULIAN ELSTON STOPPELMAN 11 Goddard St., Newton Highlands Joy I Prophesy that: N.S.H. will get a good band. Favorite Pastime: Trying to get through the girls talking in the hall. Cutlerg IIg Meadowbrookg College Band 1, 2, 3g Music Club 1, 2, 3. VIRGINIA RIDLEY STUBBS 22 Moody St., Chestnut Hill Ginny, Gina, Gin I Leave to N.S.H.: The bells that ring when I'm under them. Fondest Memory: Elbowing through the corridor between buildings 6 and 7. Goodwing Ig Weeksg College A Cappella Choir 3g Music Club 1, 2, 3g Orchestra 1, 2, 3g Drama Club 2g A.F.S. 2, 3g International Club 3. 165 ir an ICF GERALD HARVEY SUDALTER 216 Country Club Rd. Newton Centre Jerry Favorite Pastime: Being with Judy G. Fondest Memory: My lirst date with Judy G. Cutler, II, Meadowbrook, College Homeroom Manager 1, 2, Blue Squad 2, Rifle Club 1, 2, Math Club 1, Mu- sic Club l, 2, French Club 2, Track Team 1, 2, Hockey Team 1. ROBERT BEUERLE SWETT JR. 235 Lincoln St., Newton Highlands Bob, Corky Favorite Pastime: Scofling Mr. G. Fondest Memory: Varsity football. Goodwin, I, Weeks, College Football 1, 2, 3, Co-Captain 3, Base- ball 1, 2, 3, Hockey 3, Varsity Club 2, 3, Junior Class President, Senior Class President, Parking Commission 3, Blue Squad 2. GAIL TALCOFSKY 23 Elinor Rd., Newton Highlands C.B. Fondest Memory: Going to Rockport by way of New Hampshire. Wildest Dream: To go to Arizona with J.S. and S.K. Wheeler, I, Meadowbrook, College Drama Club 1, Music Club 2, Future Teachers Club 1, 2, 3, Handbook Committee 2, 3, Regulus Copy Staff 3, French Club 3. MARIANNE THERESA TARANTO 66 Forest St., Newton Highlands I Leave to N.S.H.: My brothers and my sister. I Prophesy that: Mr. Avritch's son will tear up more test papers. Wheeler, IV, Weeks, Business Apparatus 3, Softball 3. ELEANOR B. TARLOW 10 Burdean Rd., Oak Hill Ellie Fondest Memory: My twin sister, Debbie, Vickie Van Rize, Stella's, the monster at the bottom of the Blue Hil1's pool. What Would Happen if: I finally got the ring from Farryl. Wheeler, I, Meadowbrook, College Spanish Club 1, 2, 3, Latin Club 1, Blue Squad 2, Social Committee 2, Regulus Ad Staff 2. 166 I know there's a cheerleader in there somewhere. RICHARD WILLIAM TERRY 86 Pennsylvania Ave. Newton Upper Falls Dick I Leave to N.S.H.: An oil painting of Santucci's arm. Ambition: To have an injury free athletic season. Wheeler, I, Meadowbrook, College Football 1, 2, 3, Intramural Sports 1, 2, Outdoor Track 1, 2, 3, Indoor Track 2, Basketball 3, Blue Squad 2, 3. 1.2553 .-wg, Ml? RALPH RICHARD THOMPSON 56 Risley Rd., Newton Centre Favorite Saying: That's the breaks! Fondest Memory: Mr. Robinson's G-block history class. Cutler, II, Weeks, College Intramural Sports 1, Cross Country 2, 3. MARSHALL LESTER TOBINS 49 Redwood Rd., Newton Centre Fondest Memory: Mr. Merrill's math class. Wildest Dream: To get to school on time. Wheeler, I, Meadowbrook, College Biology Club 1, French Club 1, Homeroom Manager 1, Intramural Basketball 1, 2, Intramural Baseball 1, 2, Camera Club 2. MARY MARGARET TREESE 14 Parker Ave., Newton Centre Marga I Leave to N.S.H.: One well-worn chemistry handbook. Wildest Dream: To go to Zabranch- berg High School. Goodwin, I, Meadowbrook, College Red Cross 1, G.A.A. 2, 3, Olympics 2, 3, Stage Club 1, Music Club 3. JUDITH ELLEN TROY 1045 Beacon St., Newton Centre Judy, Little Girl Fondest Memory: My Junior year's problem children. Wildest Dream: To lose a S5 bet. Wheeler, II, Weeks, College Rally Blackboard Committee 3, Out- ing Club 1, 2, Basketball 1. LENORE ANN WALSH 47 Carl St., Newton Highlands Nonee Favorite Saying: Why don't teachers assign homework before the bell? Fondest Memory: Tenth grade Eng- lish with Mrs. Wofford. Goodwin, I, Meadowbrook, College Music Club 1, 2, 3, Latin Club 2, 3, Orchestra 1, 2, 3. JOHN A. WARNER 16 Moody St., Chestnut Hill Johnny Ambition: To go to further schooling in the Navy. Favorite Saying: No school today. Wheeler, II. IV, Weeks, Business Orange Shield l. 167 lf'-W' 4:37 x-ef FWMW. 4,15 lm, f r- . . , rf , , , 1 , .., , ' ie gk' A V X sw- ' 1 1 . ef , ..., , . 1' uf' .4... ' 4' fi -' f 1 f s S Mfr? X M f 4 f f '1 15 WJ f .f J? t' . CARL WARSOWE 22 Rowena Rd., Newton Centre Favorite Pastime: Wrestling with G.M. Fondest Memory: "Secret Love." Wheeler, I, Weeks, College Indoor Track 1, Outdoor Track 1, 2, 3, House Council 1, 2, Associates Council Treasurer 3, School Grounds Committee Co-chairman 2. PATRICIA JEAN WATERS 56 Woodcliff Rd., Newton Highlands Pat I Leave to N.S.H.: Mr. Geist's red socks. I am Crazy about: A certain someone. Cutler, II, Weeks, College Caducean Club 1, Cutler House Coun- cil 3. ROBERT LYLE WEBB 31 Mador St., Thompsonville Bob I Prophesy that: Maybe someday I'll get marks over C. Fondest Memory: Mr. Ronayne chas- ing Dave and me down the halls after sym- Wheeler, II, Weeks, College ELLEN LEE WEINER 106 Greenwood St., Newton Centre Lee Fondest Memory: Second year Ger- man classes with my three friends CJ.B., M.W., and S.S.J. Wildest Dream: I'll never tell! Wheeler, I, Lincoln, College Music Club 2, Drama Club 2, Hand- book 2, 3, Regulus Circulation Staff 3, Blue Squad Guide 2, Rally Black- board Committee 2. LARAINE SHAY WEISMAN 215 Dorset Rd., Waban Laurie I Leave to N.S.H.: My 36 kids. Fondest Memory: Mr. Merrill's great Illinois math classes. Goodwin, I, Warren, College Majorette 2, 3, Head 3, Tigerama 3, Senior Class Second Vice-President, Junior Class Committee, Activities Commission 2, Leader Corps 1, 3. 168 Why trade a headache for an upset stomach? MAX JAY WESTLER 76 Athelstane Rd., Newton Centre I Leave to N.S.H.: My fond memory. Fondest Memory: Coffee break during Miss Parker's study. Wheeler, I, Weeks, College Drama Club 1, 2, 3, Tusitala 1, New- ton Philosophy Club 2, 3, Homeroom Manager 2, House Council 2, Music Club 3. W f , J JOHN LEO WHALEN 9 Acacia Ave., Chestnut Hill Jay Favorite Pastime: Sleeping. Wildest Dream: To go to Harvard. Wheeler: I: College Blue Squad 3. MALCOLM BLAIR WHITE 88 Forest St., Newton Highlands Mal Favorite Pastime: Being picked up in convertibles in the Highlands. Favorite Saying: I'm enthused! Goodwin: I: Weeks: College J.V. Football 2: Varsity Football 3: Varsity Hockey 2, 3: Varsity Golf 3: Regulus Art and Layout Staff 3: Blue Squad 3. JOSEPH ISRAEL WIESENFELD ll Rolling Lane, Chestnut Hill Joe Fondest Memory: Mr. Goldman's chemistry class with "Fitzy." Goodwin: I: Meadowbrook: College Concert Band 1, 2, 3: Marching Band 1, 2, 3: House Council 1: Chess Club 1: Junior Class Committee: Stage Club 2. SAMUEL WILENSKY 46 Juniper Lane, Newton Centre ' Sam I Leave to N.S.H.: My report cards. What Would Happen if: The pupils played teacher for a day? Wheeler: I, II: Meadowbrook: College Tigerama Committee 1: Tennis Team 2. DIANNE SUE WINER 53 Glenwood Ave., Newton Centre De-De, "Diapers," Diana Favorite Pastime: Going hither and thither making profound impressions: horseback riding and being happy with Ronnie. Being one of the Sqi? Wheeler: I: Weeks: College Stage Crew 1, 2, 3: Drama Festival 1, 2, 3: New England Drama Festival 2: Drama Club 2, 3: Blue Squad Guide 2: Art Studio 3: Tigerama Poster Committee 2, 3: Junior Prom Poster Committee 2. MICHAEL SIDNEY WOLFE 31 Stearns St., Newton Centre Mike I am Crazy about: Miss Forssberg Cor the math teacher in 72101. What Would Happen if: South met North in football: the Rebels would kill 'em. Cutler: II: Weeks: College Chess Club 2, 3: Music Club 2, 3: In- tramural Basketball 2, 3. 169 NS -405- A X X XF A , 3 N -an-gig' I, CHARLES ROBERTSON ATWELL, JR. 21 Carver Rd., Newton Highlands Favorite Pastime: Avoiding study halls. Fondest Memory: Math 13A. G0OdWiI1Q I3 Weeks3 College Stage Crew 1, 2, 3. JOHN S. ANTHONY D'ALESSIO l5 Moody St., Chestnut Hill Nose I Leave to N.S.H.: Absolutely nothing. I Prophesy that: I will someday get a haircut. Goodwin3 I, II3 Weeksg College Baseball 2, 33 Basketball 2, 33 Blue Squad 3. JEANNE ELIZABETH WYNNE 156 Woodward St., Newton Highlands I Leave to N.S.H.: Number "l2." Fondest Memory: Cheerleadingg the summer of 19613 "Happy New Year." Wheeler3 I3 Weeks3 College Cheerleader 2, 33 Orange Shield 13 Blue Squad Captain 23 Blue Squad Guide 2, Captain 33 A Cappella Choir 33 Senior Class Committee3 Civics Commission 33 Associates Council Representative 33 Tigerama Committee 1, 2, 33 Rally Committee 1, 2, 3. PAMELA YARDUME 78 Bernard St., Newton Highlands Pam Favorite Pastime: Changing tires. Fondest Memory: The first day of spring when my feet fried. Cutlerg I3 Meadowbrook3 College G.A.A. Sports Chairman 33 Junior Varsity Field Hockey 13 Spanish Club 23 Olympics 2, 3. JOEL MARTIN YESLEY 83 Meadowbrook Rd., Newton Centre Fondest Memory: Music Apprecia- tion class with Mr. Lasker. What Would Happen if: The high schools in Newton were combined five years from now. Goodwin3 I3 Meadowbrook3 College Camera Club 1, 23 Orchestra 2. SUMNER LLOYD COHEN 886 Chestnut St., Waban Ambitions: To get into the Winter Olympics. Favorite Pastime: Parties. Goodwin3 I, II3 Weeksg College Intramural Basketball 13 Astronomy Club 33 Ski Club 3. SANDRA JEANNE DURAND 58 Elinor Rd., Newton Highlands Sandy Favorite Saying: Love makes the world go 'round. Wildest Dream: To be rich and fam- ous someday and live in.Europe. Wheeler3 I3 North Attleboro3 College 170 U -1- I : Confused and Stale Math CHARLES DANA CONWAY 105 Osborne Path, Oak Hill I Leave to N.S.H.: All my chemistry lab reports. Favorite Pastime: Pulling apart carnations. Goodwin3 II3 Meadowbrookg College Junior Varsity Hockey 1. MARTIN A. ELLISON 51 Hartmann Rd., Newton Centre Marty Fondest Memory: Mr. Peterson's jokes in math class during my soph- omore year. Goodwin3 II3 Meadowbrook: College Marching Band 1, 33 Tennis Team 2, 3. I if SUMMER R. FREEDMAN 146 Woodward St., Newton Highlands Favorite Pastime: To become rich and famous. Wildest Dream: To steal home in the World Series. Goodwin, I, Weeks, College Intramurals 1, Chess Club 2, Math Club 2, Track 2. MARC OBERLY 11 Irvington St., Waban My Ambition: To get busboys in the cafeteria. Wildest Dream: To see Mr. Card ad- dress the U.N. and start with, "Hi, Gang." Goodwin, I, Weeks, College Camera Club 1, 2, 3, Vice-President 2, President 3, Regulus Photography Staff 3. Are you sure Honest Abe said that? ,fi RUSSELL WALTER GOREN 68 Rowena Rd., Newton Centre Russ Favorite Pastime: Sleeping. A Significant Characteristic is: Me. Cutler, I, II, Weeks, College Intramural Basketball 2, Intramural Softball 1, 2, Chess Club 1. TRAVIS EDWARD PIKE 97 Lake Ave., Newton Centre Ted I Leave to N.S.H.: A fond memory of me! I Prophesy that: I will not be here next year, tsk, tsk! Goodwin, I, Weeks, Business JOHN CHARLES YOUNG 30 Lake Ave., Newton Centre I Leave to N.S.H.: My six year gym clothes. A Fondest Memory: Mr. Go1dman's chemistry class. Wheeler, I, Weeks, College Camera Club 1, 2, 3, Regulus Photog- raphy Staff 3, Denebola Photography Staff 3, Audio Visual Squad 2. SUSAN ELLEN YOUNG 12 Jules Terr., Newton Centre Sue I Leave to N.S.H.: A North Conway vacation with Sammy Small and Bon- go Bill. Favorite Saying: A false face doth hide what a false heart doth know. Cutler, I, Meadowbrook, College Newtonite Ad Staff 1, French Club 1, 2, 3, Drama Club 1, 2, 3, Orange Sales 3, Regulus Feature Staff 3, Li- brary Club 2. BURTON JAMES ZUNG 27 Theodore Rd., Newton Centre Burt Fondest Memory: Mr. Goldman's chemistry class. Wildest Dream: Dick Terry buying his own whirlpool. Goodwin, I, Meadowbrook, College Indoor Track Team 1, 2, 3, Varsity Club 2, 3, Outdoor Track Team 1, 2, 3, Co-Captain, Music Club 2, 3, Rus- sian Club 1, Dance Entertainment 2, Intramural Sports 1. 171 LORELEI WIKE HAIGH 21 Roland St., Newton Highlands Rusty I Prophesy that: Mr. Hoogheem will be president. Favorite Saying: I love you a' pieces. Cutler, I, Warren Biology Club 1. AURELIUS VICTOR SKAPARS 1161 Boylston St. Newton Upper Falls Sam Ambition: To become filthy rich. Wildest Dream: To own a Corvette. Wheeler, II, Weeks, Business or I E ' flimsy W PW ,in if W' 3 '6And no leaf hangs for me in the forestg I shall lift no stone upon the hillsg I shall find no door in any city. But in the city of myself- upon the continent of my soul? -Thomas Wolfe, Look Homeward, Angel 172 V I.- I 'MZ' ff .5559 c ,' 'H 3. 5 .,'.' H V 'ff 1. V ,. . Q: 2 40.2 -'M f '.'4 2 S:-" shim . U. '. 1 1 '4 1 i l 4 rj D , ,.1,. ,J f, x xr? I 2 Q rj., xr, yu- 5 ,aaa Al Rogan Sports Goods S S Anthony's Creations S S S S Atwood's Camera Shop Bagel ,.r,,rr.rr. S I Barnett Fabric Store S S S S Beacon Wayside Shops Beaconsheld Garage ,.ir S Bedford Sandwich Bar S S S S Berejik Motors, Inc. SS S Bermar Teen Types S S S S S Berned Shoe .SSSSSSSSSS Blacker Brothers Fruitland S Browning King SSSSSSSSS Carroll's Jenny SSSSSSSS S Chadis Systems SSSSSSSSS Chamberlain Travel Service S S S S S S Chestnut Hill Travel, Inc. S S S S S Chiswick Cleaners, Inc. S S S Clauson's Auto Sales, Inc. S S S S S Countryside Pharmacy C8cRBeefCo.,Inc. Crowley's Oiiice Supplies S S S S S S Cutler SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS S S S Dan-Dee Co. SSSSSSSS S Davis, Sidney SSSSSSS Desi's Lunch SSSSSSSSS Eastman Flower Shop S S S Flash SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS S S S Garber's Auto Driving School SSSS S S S Gerry's Shoe Store SSSSSSSSSSS S S S Fox Travel Service, Inc. S S S GlassmanSSSSS Greenfield s SSSSSSSSSSSSSS S S S Grounds Equipment Co., Inc. S S S S S S Hendricken Bros. SSSSSS S S S S S Hickox Secretarial School S S S S S S Highland Delicatessen S Highland Hardware S S Highland Pharmacy S S S Holmberg 81 Douglas Industron Corporation S S S S S S Iota Phi S Jawyn Club S S S S Joe Pessin Haberdashery S S Jon Allen S SS Ken Kaye Krafts Lane Insurance Agency Lee Elliot S Louis Student Shop Lyons, Stanley Luther Paul Co. S index 179 186 Maxwell-Padelford C o., Inc. SSSS S 179 Marika's Antiques SSSSSSSSSSSS Mercury Adding Machine Service 186 Midnite Foods SSSSSSSSSSSSSS 191 Mulhern's Sunoco S S S 188 Nadel's Footwear S S S S S S S S 179 Nadler, Seymour SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS 188 New England Concrete Pipe Corp. S S 179 New England Telephone SSSSSSSSSS 188 News Tribune SSSSSSSSSS S S S 186 Newton's SSSSSSSSSSSSSSS 188 Newton Auto Top Co., Inc. S S S 186 Newton Highland Auto Parts S S 188 Newton Potters Supply Inc. SS 178 Newton Travel Service Inc. S S S 182 Norge Realty Management SSSS 184 North Star Valet Service S S S 188 Oak Park Pharmacy SSSSS 178 Okemo Cake Kitchen SSSS 179 Orchid Cleaners SSSSSSSS 184 Paramount Produce, Inc. SS 191 Patrons SSSSSSSS S S S 179 Perkins, C. B. S S S 184 Purdy Studio S S S 178 Raytheon Co. SSSS S 179 Republic Co., Inc. SSSSSSS S 188 Robert Shaw Insurance SSSSSSSS 186 Roblin Insurance Agency Inc. S S S 178 Romano, Doc SSSSSSSSSSSSS 181 Rosenberg SSSSSSSSSSSSSS 179 Rourke, John J. SSSSSSSSSSS S 182 Sammy White's Bowladrome S S S 186 Sandler SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS 178 Seltzer's Garden City, Inc. S S S 179 S. J. McNeilly Inc. SSSSS S 187 Sophomore Homerooms S S S 188 Stowe-Woodward Inc. S S S S 186 Suvalle, David Inc. SS 178 Sweater Shop SSSSSS 132 Tip Top Cleaners 179 Tony's Italian Villa S S 191 Trojan Club SSSSSSS Val1e's Steak House S S 186 V. F. W. Drive-In S S S 184 Waban Hardware S S S S S 188 Wellesley Pharmacy SSSSSSSSSS..S 191 West Newton Co-operative Bank S S S 181 Willa-Mae SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS 186 Willey, Frank T. S S 190 W. J. Connell Co. SSSSSS SSSSSSS S The Regulus staffs wish to thank the generous and public-spirited advertisers who patronized the Regulus 1962. Bonnie Rosenberg, Advertising Editor 176 ,I V Z V 771 ' A GASEOUS LASER RADAR SYSTEMS ,. K 1. A ,. , .1 - 1 A A. o ,.,, I , . ,Mtg ,.A' ,.- f ",,, ,lr A H3 2 , , nlnt, ,f-31.3 53 x I 35 , :ml .. ' V 5: . f ,. 'V'v ,, ,ga H ,, ., ff f.f V.-- ,,,. , f 1 ja. 5 HAWK MISSILES MICROWAVE TV RELAYS Tomorrow's electronics is Raytheon's business today! Exciting new developments in electronics are everyday business at Raytheon. Examples: Radarange microwave ovens that cook a com- plete meal in two to five minutesg lasers . . . key to tomorrow's space communicationsg weather radar to warn of approaching storms. To young EXCELLENCI Ill ELECTRONICS men and women planning a career, electronics offers many rewarding opportunities. Today, more than 4000 companies make up the elec- tronics industry. Of these, Raytheon is one of the world's largest manufacturers specializing in electronic equipment. FZAYTHEON COMPANY LEXINGTON 73, NIASS. RADARANGE ovENs 0 2 'N .M 523 4. fi W ' ,. . ' soNAR svsrsms 0 I Best wishes from Mr. and Mrs. Sydney W. Davis FOX TRAVEL SERVICE, INC. 100 Winchester Street Newton Highlands Tel. WO 9-8550 Compliments of HIGHLAND PHARMACY 999 Boylston Street Newton Highlands Phone LA 7-2400 Good Luck to the Class of '62 DR. 84: MRS. SEYMOUR W. NADLER DAVID SUVALLE, INC. Plumbing-Heating Appliances 20 Woodward Street Newton Highlands GROUNDS EQUIPMENT CO., INC. Graely-International Sc Cadet Tractors Sales Sc Service Reel Sc Rotary Lawn Mowers Snow Blower-Throwers-Plows 383 Boylston Street BI 4-7541 CLAUSON'S AUTO SALES, INC. DODGE-DART-LANCER 1195 Boylston Street Chestnut Hill LO 6-9500 LO 6-4292 T. FRANK WILLEY Pharmacist Telephone Blgelow 4-4266 32 Lincoln Street Newton Highlands 61, Mass. Compliments of THE SWEATER SHOP 763 Mfashington Street Newtonville, Mass. Hand-Fashioned Hand-Loomed SWEATERS SELTZER'S GARDEN CITY, INC. l Florence Street QCorner of Rt. 95 Newton 59, Mass. MIDNITE FOODS Open till midnite Groceries, meats, hot foods 719 Washington Street Newtonville, Mass. Compliments of CHADIS SYSTEMS TIP TOP CLEANERS 8c DRAPERY SERVICE, INC. 14 Centre Avenue Newton 58, Mass. BI 4-7448 NEYVTON POTTERS SUPPLY, INC. 1021 Boylston Street, Route 9 Newton Highlands Clays, Kilns, Tools Supplies for the potter and scul DE 2-8960 Compliments of VALLE'S STEAK HOUSE Route 9, Newton Compliments of Atty. and Mrs. Alfred Cutler and family GERRY'S SHOE STORE cancellations and rejects 333 Walnut Street N ewtonville LA 7-8366 Nadel's Footwear Newton Centre ATWOOD'S CAMERA SHOP 21 Pelham Street Newton Centre Diamonds-Watches-Gifts HENDRICKEN BROS. Jewelers-Silversmiths 45 Lincoln Street Newton Highlands 'NEWTON TRAVEL SERVICE, INC 21 Lincoln Street Newton 61, Mass. DE 2-7714 ORCHID CLEANERS 8c LAUNDERERS 1175 Walnut Street Newton Highlands DE 2-2800 Pick-up and Delivery AL ROGAN-Sports Goods 327 Washington Street Newton 58, Mass. DE 2-0444 BEACONSFIELD GARAGE 106 Beaconsfield Rd. Mercury Adding Machine Service 307 Washington Street Newton Corner AS 7-0370 Typewriters-New and Used LQ 6-8700 Rented and Sold DE 2-9300 Compliments of COUNTRYSIDE PHARMACY 98 Winchester Street Newton Highlands Compliments of DESI'S LUNCH 138 Needham Street Your OLDSMOBILE dealer serving in Newton BEREJIK MOTORS, INC. 27 Wlfexford Street Needham HI 4-4797 MUZI MOTORS, INC. Exit on Route 128 Needham HI 4-5300 MAXWELL-PADELFORD CO. INC. Oflices and Warehouse 17 Brook Road, Needham CONGRATULATIONS TO CLASS OF 1962 INDUSTRON CORPORATION 55 Needham Street PURDY STUDIO NEW ENGLANDZS' FOREMOST PHOTOGRAPHERS ul' 567 BOYLSTON STREET BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS 'k OFFICIAL PHOTOGRAPHER NEWTON SOUTH HIGH SCHOOL CLASS OF 1962 I 180 CONGRATULATIONS AND GOOD LUCK TO THE CLASS OF '62 THE TROJAN CLUB OF BROOKLINE "Love thaf GARBER'S PUTS You BEHIND LOWS the WHEEL . . . with CONFIDENCE look!" Follow the lead of Boston's most successful men - wear "the Louis look". Proper coordination, style and fit in clothing add up to a smoothness that clicks. o STUDENTS' SHOP Mi 470 Boylston Street, Boston fx E Garber's Driver Education Course for driver 16 to 25 saves up to S100 yearly on insurance premiums. Expert class- room and on the road instruction. Courses given regularly. Daily brush-up or complete courses for drivers of any age. Call for free catalog. GARBERS AUTO DRIVING SCHOOL Newtonville office WO 9-9790 Brookline oflice 106-2100 Compliments of Mr. 8g Mrs. Henry Glassman S. J. McNEILLY, INC. Codilloc-Oldsmobile-Soles ond Service 639 Hammond Street Chestnut Hill, Moss. PHONE AS 7-1436 Electronically Tested Watch Repairs HOLMBERG 8g DOUGLAS Diamonds-VVatches-Silverware 1fVatch, clock, and jewelry repairing 1332 Beacon Street Brookline 46, Massachusetts Diesel Fuel Injection Service Electric Power-Tool Service Automotive-Aircroft-Marine Supplies W. J. CONNELL CO. Phone DE 2-3630 210 NEEDHAM STREET NEWTON UPPER FALLS lBoston 641, Moss. SOUTH PACIFIC EXOTIC CHINESE FOOD A GOURMET'S DELIGHT open 1:30 P.M. to 2 A.M. SPECIALIZING FOR ORDERS PUT UP TO TAKE OUT Phone DE 2-7250 1152 Beacon Street, Newton, Mass Mansfield Chen, Manager Tel. DE 2-6300 THE REPUBLIC CO., INC. "THE BARN" Exporters of Fine Footwear 25 KEMPTON PLACE WEST NEWTON 65, MASS. Em-yuiing in Travel Anywhere in the World - I - AIIYIIIBU Compliments of f re e I ln New ENGLAND X fx ,,gQQiL 1, ,., , CONCRETE PIPE ff gr conpoimion , ' .14 ', f -' RYKE Newton Upper Folls 64, Moss. 795 Washington wrgejtdward 9-9410 Newtonville VX S'row:.woo wAnn, Inc. C -f262!gL6.l7'Z,6JZ, Ln. QLAAEJ' Telephone LAselI 7-3000 Newton Upper Falls 64, Mass. The only sure way to have that down payment on a car or money towards a college education when you want it is to start a systematic savings ac- count now! Come in and ask us about our Co-operative Bank Savings plan which is ideal for these objectives. We are ope-n until 4 o'cIock every after- l'100l'1. WEST lllEW'l'0lll C0-0PEllATlVll BANK 1308 WASHINGTON STREET WEST NEWTON BI 4-0067 183 COMPLIMENTS OF .IAWYN CLUB of NEWTON Complete Insurance Protection Roblin Insurance Agency, Inc. 667 Saw Mill Brook Pkwy. WO 9-8150 Congratulations to the Class of '62 C8cR Beef Co., Inc. For the Prom CHESTNUT . HILLTRAVEL, INC. At the Chestnut Hill Shopping Center JOE PESSIN 1200 Boylston Street HABERDASHERY Mrs. Warren Gilford REgent 4-0600 u President Chestnut Hill 67, Mass. Men's Formal Attire For Rent or For Sale Also Men's Fine Furnishings FREE PARKING FA 3-3778 639 V. F. W. PKY. HANCOCK VILLAGE CHESTNUT HILL 67, MASS. NEWTON HIGHLANDS AUTO PARTS ll70 WALNUT STREET NEWTON HIGHLANDS 61, MASS. Al Ferreri, Prop. Bus. Blgelow 4-7977-4-4408 BEFORE YOU BUY .... Compare PEMBROKE against all the others I Greenwich 0 0 Pembroke 0 0 Silverton 0 O Boston Who-Ier I Cruisers, Inc. Hi-Liner Glosspor Custom Craft Marine Hardware DAN-DEE, Mercury Motors INC. CE 5-2002 58 Worcester St., Wellesley 5.1.1-2.5 Built on Quality Growing in Quality CAnd We give Star Gold Stamps, tool 184 ww, gl When you graduate it's Wonderful to have a telephone job Waiting for you. You'll love the friendly new people you meet. And you'll like the excellent salary, the regular increases, the opportunities for advancement and the many additional benefits that make Working for the Telephone Company so attractive to so many young people. Telephone jobs are important ones. We have our own training program which you can enter Without any previous Job experience. Why not come and see our employment interviewer soon . . . before you graduate. Ask the Guidance Counselor at your school to tell you when and Where to apply. NEW ENGLAND TELEPHONE 185 WVILLA-MAE HAIR STYLIST 847A Beacon Street Newton Centre, Mass. BIgelow 4-2169 GREENFIELD'S Sweaters Sportswear 140 Glen Ave. Newton Centre 843 Beacon Street Compliments of N C Stanley W. Lyons V 9 mcg ewton entre 1005 Boylston Street 0 LA 7-7400 Newton Highlands HIGHLAND HARDWARE 47 Lincoln Street Newton Highlands ROBERT SHAW INSURANCE Lincoln Street Newton Highlands MARIKA'S ANTIQUES 130 Charles Street Boston 14, Massachusetts LAfayette 3-4520 Compliments of BERNED SHOE BROWNING KING COMPLIMENTS OF Newton Center Wellesley FLASH to 6-9551 JON ALLEN 77ce Ka el 1364 Beacon Street no ,H CIZIHQH pen I Coolidge Corner' Brookline FRED Mans Izoa eoYLsroN sr. one znoe AT CHESTNUT Hun Congratulations to the Class of 1962 from CHARLES B. PERKINS CO. Telephone WO 9-9477 ANTHONY'S CREATIONS Beauty At Its Best 765 Beacon Street Newton Centre, Moss. Tel. l.AseII 7-6211 MULI-IERN'S Sunggg Service Statign Edward Nohobedron, Prop. Tailors-Dressmakers A , Z Free Delivery Service SUNUC W' TEL.LA7-9548 99 Union Street Newton Centre, Moss. LUBRICATION um Cleoning-Dyeing-Pressing-Repoiring 325 BCYT-STON STREET GRADUATION BIRTHDAY QUALITY CAKES FOR ALL OCCASIONS OKEMO CAKE KITCHEN 841 Beacon Street Newton Centre LA 7-1862 WEDDINGS ANNIVERSARIES BEST OF LUCK TO THE CLASS OF 1962 FROM A BASHFUL ALUMNA 81 FRIEND GIVE TO THE JIMMY FUND Compliments of V.F.W. Parkway and Dedham Drive-in Theaters Day and Evening Courses HICKOX Secretarial School Oldest in United States Full Secretarial and Special Short Courses Individual Progress Individual Attention Pupils Start Any Time Graduate When Ready 367 Boylston St. at Arlington St. CO 7-5920 Compliments of LANE INSURANCE AGENCY Get Insured-Stay Insured-Rest Assured 1180 IfValnut Street, Newton Highlands Massachusetts FRIEND A Telephone DE 2-6789 Kevin J. Lane Henry T. Lane bermar teen types junior fashions 71 Union Street, Newton Centre, Mass. opposite the MTA station Fuel Oil-Heating-Oil Burners JOHN J. ROURKE 84: CO. 24 Hour Service 263 Lake Avenue Newton Highlands, Mass. Blgelow 4-9827 Confidence in Carpets BEACON Floor Coverings Mfayside Shops THE BEDFORD SANDVVICH BAR 30 Chauncy Street, Boston, Mass. 1296 Centre Street LA 7-1773 "A Meal in Every Sandwich" Newton Centre 59, Mass. DE 2-4530 PARAMOUNT PRODUCE, INC. Carlot Receivers and Distributors FRUITS AND VEGETABLES Room 299 Boston Market Terminal Boston 10, Massachusetts Terminal: HUbbard 2-5200 Off: HA 6-2641-2 Res: DE 2-9537 FOR THE VERY FINEST Pizza Italian Food TONY'S ITALIAN VILLA Complete Take-out Service 34 Jackson Street, Newton Centre foil? Route 95 Tel. LA 7-3525 BLACKER BROS. F RUITLAND Fancy Fruits Sc Vegetables 38 Langley Road Newton Centre 59, Mass. Blgelow 4-1933 EASTMAN'S FLOWVER SHOP Al Eastman Carl Christenson Mabel McHugh "Quality and Service since 1934" 340 Mfalnut Street Newtonville, Mass. CARROLL'S JENNY SERVICE STATION 640 Hammond Street Brookline WABAN HARDYV ARE 1641 Beacon St., Mfaban, Mass. HARDIVARE-PAINTS-OILS Garden Supplies, Kitchenware, Household Sundries Tel. Blgelow 4-4566 HIGHLAND DELICATESSEN 51 Lincoln Street, Newton Highlands DE 2-2242 The place where old friends meet over a delicious sandwich and a good cup of coffee WELLESLEY PHARMACY "The Rexall Store" 15 Washington Street Wellesley Hills Tel. CE 5-2630 "The Pharmacy in the Falls" OAK PARK PHARMACY 659 Sawmill Brook Parkway Newton, Mass. PRESCRIPTION SPECIALISTS For Free Pick-up and Delivery Call Blgelow 4-3008 CHISWICK CLEANERS, INC. 663 Sawmill Brook Parkway Oak Hill Newton 59, Mass. "All Cleaning Done at Our Own Plant" Fur Storage Free Pick-up and Delivery Service Negsrton LA 7-9357 Framingham TR 3-3300 Rhodes Pharmacy Liggett Drug, West Newton Eric Stevens L. E. Gordon Co. Dr. David Neustadt Mr. Max I. Karol Dance Studio, Newton Center Nettie Greene's Newtonville Garage Highland Gulf Service Highland Hardware Tropic Heat Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Philip J. Baird M. Talcofsky Francis J. Kenny Hy Novack Irving Breitman Esmond S. Rice, Jr. Samuel Kaplan Mr. and Mrs. Irving H. Gale Mr. and Mrs. Joseph S. Gilbert Dr. J. V. Parnell, Jr. Mr. Soloman Shulman Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Chaikowski Dr. and Mrs. James Mann Mrs. Simon Prives Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Alpert patrons Mr. and Mrs. Sidney Mogel Mr. F. C. Santucci Mr. and Mrs. Morris Bernstein Mr. and Mrs. Alton Butler Mr. David H. Warsowe Mr. and Mrs. A. Moseon Mr. William D. Osenton Dr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mrs. Edward Philip LeCompte Ben Green Samuel Press John MacMaster Samuel Leve Martin Weiner Adolph Mr. George Jacobson Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. I. Ginsberg Charles S. Lovenvirth Arnold Bloch Barnett C. Tobins Lawrence Small Joseph Paglia Mrs. Harry Lakin Mr. and Mrs. Mrs. Chester Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mrs. Ruth B. H. Zung Sheer Gennero P. Messore Vincent Gamble Kaitz Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Serating Arthur Ellison Arnold Weisman Robert Swett Mrs. Ben Abrams Howard Cantor Mr. Harold I. Kaplan Mr. J. Yale Levinson Mr. and Mrs. John Balkus Mr. and Mrs. Harry Haffer Mr. and Mrs. Frank DiCarlo Mr. Max Hoffman Dr. and Mrs. A. Eugene Kateman Mr. and Mrs. Julius S. Levy Mr. and Mrs. Norman Dow Mrs. Ruth Bornstein Mr. George M. Allen Mr. and Mrs. Saul Andelman Mr. and Mrs. Robert F. Krause Mr. and Mrs. Murray Leventhal Dr. and Mrs. Allen D. Bliss Mrs. H. Guttell Mr. and Mrs. Paul Maged Mr. Hyman Sheff Mr. Arthur Greenbaum Dr. and Mrs. A. O. Seeler Dr. W. J. Billings Louis M. Herman Co., Inc. A Friend Mr. Erwin Dieflenbach Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Herbert C. Benjamin Isaac Kane Ira Gerler Hershey Bernstein Mrs. Samuel A. D'Alessio Dr. and Mrs. J. S. Berch Mr. Walter S. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs. Chapin Alfred Cutler Albert Blacker Albert Kline Mr. Joel Rosenthal Mr. Daniel A. White, Jr. Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs. Mr. Edgar C Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs Mr. Ralph A M. G. Sherman James D. Wynne Fraenkel Harold J. Hogan Harold J. Kaswell Thompson Mrs. Evelyn F. Hill Mr. and Mrs. Milton Paris Rev. and Mrs. Elmo F. Young Mrs. Gertrude Greenblatt Dr. and Mrs. Erich Lindemann Mr. and Mrs. B. Carruthers Mr. Sidney Cohen Mr. and Mrs. John Oberly Mr. and Mrs. Samuel H. Cohen Mr. Milton Rattet Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Prentice 189 LUTHER PAUL CO. Serving the Newtons Since 1881 Coal - Fuel Oils - Coke Mobil Heat Mobil Kerosene Oil Burner Sales Installation Service CALL BI 4-0590 NORGE REALTY MANAGEMENT 471 Commonwealth Ave. LOngwood 6-6000 KEnmore 6-6200 G S. Ch 81 Union St. Newton Centre eorge aletzky Nights, Sundays and Holidays call Norman A- Chalefzky BI 4-2212 A A DEcatur 2 l438 wwe got the ,gk fashion world by a spring! NEWTON AUTO TOP wi co., INC. Convertible Tops - Seat Covers Automobile Upholstery 873 Walnut Street Corner Beacon Street NEWTON CENTRE, MASS. 542219.11513 BARRON'S R. H. STEARNS 999 Watertown St. Chestnut Hill West Newton NADEL'S 1267 Centre St. Newton Centre IOTA PHI SORORITY XVISHES THE CLASS or '62 THE BEST OF LUCK whoop, whoop! Lee Elliot Harvard Street Coolidge Corner Brookline THE NEWS TRIBUNE SAMMY WHITE'S BRIGHTON BOWL 1600 Soldiers Field Road Brighton, Mass. AL 4-0710 Join our leagues Crow1ey's Oliice Supplies Stationery School Supplies 388 TValnut Street Newtonville Barnett Fabric Stores, Inc. 260 lVashington Street Newtonville LA 7-4587 CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST TIVISHES TO THE CLASS OE '62 THE ROSENBERGS jim jon amy jody bonnie ruth surnner BLOCK PARTIES THE CLARENDON G BLOCK STUDIES BEACH PARTIES SENIOR SUPPER ALPHA! BRIGHAMS TIVIST PARTIES COLLEGEPPP 6.4! jyrjxl Kkunogigyj ue., fa N X L'P"'DQ,,.,f is N' Pos-J7i"L f !770g56Y!o .f :U A -'BAS-G+' EWUI5 BN' SWW Ejfoffk 2 Qf E 'QI Ei 97215 1 xWm,A,7Mm V 4. g x 3 JAMaJfQj.A,-0' . Q15 sqogwyv S augagmx nakxivfw-fo 92. k O ,Q 06,09 XVX bm 'Tama Q. wa MSWYSQSSQQEQQ Q M 'N 513' .1 , QQ gg UWM Q97 32,179 W W Ng Eff? swf I 3 if A '32 ,MW WW E 5 igiimw K ,.r'1S?kg,,,,9N EQ ' 1, 5 My Ny Q55 Nob-' ffffff1M'5'HfP'5' W TQLWWE DO XQQ Q Oqfc - 67 nd x A is E W M 1 Q2 QQ, wx Z CF fl vom, Jam Q?3 2? 5 Q mf 47 Q op rv ig ww W RSM 5 f M ' YN 'M X25 . Q "5 NW W , Y ., AN ,E mg, me Qfsilx X' 960 U OJ - 553,556 Q? YW EEA 'S Q WWQMW W kv: Q Q M KQDQQQQXDKS' F Qi if "' 1 Jffw OWWQQCS Wwwfx X M 5 Onfxixofhs Kan:-js ki B20 ...Mex by 3.Jyg.,1Q!,AuNQXy Q,aCiLrlY-O Fw :er Qi FEES ii 'TZPQQ4 +o.,,Q MQWOBLE Qfiy ado WMV is wr xLsEQ,,v35yyO? gy dw 6 Eli j,,,,,,p +- QGeq"1kQSY XX 0,96 . S GD as-QQ? acorn, Coloajmc ENIQQ QQ WW "g'Ef1Q1lwi' mf? f We-Q X JLFYD wwf! f it Q 3 img G jmjifw S QEWEWWMM - ' dx Q30 .nbgf W My Ke h 52,-4 E Q QQQQ.-bfi Gcrtufmgsvjfpjy 4-7 Wav? , - 'ilu 4 E Q 0 Q 042- w, MW 2 Q09 192 N 3 R oi L, 1 cl -xx-5' X ' YL QX QV' 0 J: gba- SQ R1 Cf 86 'Q W : be V QOL, , JV W Xb QCQ0 5 Slsfiihb x N QWN 2 W QZNQ GSS .l N553 Mi' 'kgfgiffa Q Q if wif ,! Su mg 4 , 76, jx Wlgfmf 6,526 F ,yy YQ' 5, my U M S QDNQQ Z gg zfiwt fi fy MW A C57 Q 9: Ax' QOQUJIM 0 ' Q if I-- WM Qffif Q4 7 - 3 , QQ 5 ar'-Q 'Fm I EN PM rW Ui , if 1 4 S MMf?XAyf if 421, te ' Q70 OCS ow- ,Qi S2 wg Q , J N.. .-.S C6 A ' ,QFD er mIwiHox6L PH M R,,,.,,, ,ME--L..,15 ' X MU WWW , W AVW fx X W M1 ., D 'I' wfx Eujjggw Egg Q 'bg My gangs ER UC fY'L,,af-Qjffwi' wifi? O we ,MMV Dm 2 ,ggw 15,04 ima' 1 A :gg 3Q130gMW,aW'L7 Vyf C fin? ?1,,,,, jwz-'K' W I RWM ?oQxo x.e"""2 YMNW E Cano! Finn cowwf W CW U E 5 Q35 wee NYJ W C wwf 21,14 Www Qifwj ff! QQ g ,A fb - M' C fo Wear? Q, 01 Mf"J' rf, IX LU in 5 YM g W we fm E an opfwg 9 QQ I 65 x 2 . way W Q' 3225 QYLQL QML5 is av W . 9 193 THE SOPHOMORES OF GOODWIN, CUTLER, AND WHEELER WISH THE CLASS OF '62 THE BEST OF LUCK GO0D LUCK, SENICRS! MICHAEL LEVE, our top ad salesman A CAPPELLA CHOIR Margery Arbetter. Meredith Baker. Robert Billage, Pamela Bishop. Harry Bornstein. Thomas Brahms, Marilyn Darwin, Sue Delahanty. Donald Delollis. Heidi Dieifenbach, Marjorie Elman. William Finard. Leslie Green, Thayer Hatch, Cynthia Hill. Priscilla Holcomb. Donald Kaplan. Sue Kaswell, Bob Lawrence. Andrew Mandell. Robert Moses, Cheryl Owlick, David Parsons. Deborah Parsons, Dorothy Parsons, Gail Pat- terson. John Pokorny. Robert Polansky. Martha Rice, Anne Ritchy. David Rosen. Joan Seeler. Gail Seymour, Brian Simb- list. Malvina Spitz, Linda Stata. Cynthia Stroble. John Strum- wasser. Virginia Stubbs. Jill Sutcliffe, Kim Walen, John Wat- kins. Jeanne Wynne. Iris Yoifa. 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GERMAN CLUB President: Michele Riu Vice-President: Walter Bond S ecretary: Thomas Gabelin Treasurers: Ed Geltman, Ruth Francis Randy Alfred, Michele Bronstein, Henry Brugsch, Daniel Cleveland, Mike Coleman, Steve Cummings, Patty Dana, Sum- ner Freedman, Barry Friedman, Carolyn Gray, Steve Portnoy, Joan Seeler, Ellen Weiner. Advisor: Mrs. Leisher. GIRLS' ATHLETIC COMMISSION Dorothy Parsons, Deborah Parsons, Claire Bridge. GIRLS' CHORUS Joan Abrahams, Margery Arbetter, Diane Bakom, Carol Ber- stein, Sandra Blank, Sarah Bliss, Joan Chamberlain, Carol Chance, Grace Collier, Dale Dagata, Mary Fawcett, Debra Filiurin, Beverly Fraser. 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ORCHESTRA Yvonne Baginsky, Jack Bernstein, Elaine Boyer, Robin Bren- ner, Anne Brudevold, Jean Chapple, Vincent Cloffari, Tom Fallarb, Rita Flanagan, Enid Goody, Nancy Glayer, Phil Go- wen, Steve Greenwald, Marlene Hadge, Fred Hopengarden, Barbara Hurwitz, Carol Kaplan, Bruce Karlin, Frank Levy, Sherman Linder, Lisa Loeb, Jeff Miller, Linda Muelder, David Novack, Gerald Polges, Steve Portney, Barry Rabbin, Rachel Radlo, Bob Shapiro, Douglas Sherman, Steve Stillerman, Ginny Stubbs, Lenore Walsh, Marilyn Ward, Steve Woodbury. OUTING CLUB President: Debbie Parsons Vice-President: Dottie Parsons Secretary: Clare Bridge Treasurer: Judy Troy Yvonne Baginsky, Carol Balli, Anne Brudevold, Tammy Chai- kowski, Ginny Chapin, Jeannie Chapple, Grace Collier, Joan Connolly, Marilyn Darwin, Jane Dorval, Sarah Dowson, Beth Harwood, Judy Hirsh, Elinor Jarrell, Les Johnson, Carol Kap- lan, Annette Labourene, Bonnie Patterson, Suzanne Sanderson, Madeline Shames, Diane Shaw, Barbara Soule, Lyn Statia, Debbie Stone, Marga Treese, Pam Yardoume. P.T.S.A. REPRESENTATIVES Student Vice-President: Paula Leventhal Ginny Chapin, Jeffrey Karol, Jeff Shuman. PUBLICATIONS BOARD Clzairnzens Barbara Fields, Mimi Charness. Barbara Baker, Eleanor Borrow, Carol Cohen, Laura Corwin, David Gilbert, Jane Hogan. RADIO CLUB President: Fred Hopengarten Secretary-Treasurer: Martin Richmond George Baker, Hank Brugsch, Frank Cooper, Mike Hanauer, Gary Irving, Phil Kaplan, Richie Lewis, Ricky MacMillan Jim Simon, Julian Stoppleman, Dave White. Advisor: Mr. Dale. 9 RALLY COMMITTEE EXECUTIVE BOARD Chairman: Marilyn DiNapoli Co-chairman: Jane Meyer Secretary: Louise Regan Treasurer: Susan Delahanty Penny Allen, Joan Connoly, Heidi Dieffenbach, Sandy Gay, Brenda Lindeman, Cecily Newcomb, Gretchen Obermeyer, Bonnie Patterson, Wendy Peters. RED CROSS COUNCIL President: Joan Seeler Vice-President: Ellen Kutzman Secretary-Treasurer: Roberta Kutzer Michele Bernfeld, Lilyane Blustein, Joyce Canter, Norma Cet- lin, Henrietta Davis, Hope DeRogatis, Judy Ferrante, Pat Foley, Ellen Frank, Nancy Gilson, Janet Lipman, Stephen Locke, Andi Miller, Susan Okum. REFLECTIONS-NEWTON SOUTH Co-editors: Ellie Borrow. Carol Cohen Literary Stajffx Laurie Altman, David Andelman, Claire Bridge, David Feingold, Ricki Radlo, David Rosen, Charles Ullman, Bonnie Wodin. Art Staff' Ruth Ann Bliss, Barbara Greenhood, Paul Kahn, Carol Mann, Leslie Robinson, Joan Seeler, Linda Winn. 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Ellen Wexler Vice-President: Mark Scheier Secretary: Barbara Oppenheim Treasurer: David Yamins Harriet Bickelman, Richard Bloom, Barry Brown, Chuck Ca- pello, Maurice Carlin, Jessica Greene, Elliot Goldberg, Randy Jacobs, Jeff Miller, Eric Morgenthal, Ann Morrison, Jody Ro- senberg, Leslie Rosoff, Marty Rotberg, Carol Sahagian. Advisor: Mrs. Friemarck. SPANISH CLUB President: Gail Moseon Vice-President: Geri Sharif Secretary: Becky Breitman Treasurer: Joan Press Carol Adolph, Charlotte Berman, Carol Brecher, Zena Dorf- man, Margie Elman, Judy Ferrante, Nancy Frank, Sandy Gay, Linda Godino. Heidi Gretsky, Donna Guy, Phil Kaplan, Har- vey Karofsky, Lainy Levitov, Doris Mogel, Lois Mogel, Carol Pearlmutter, Arlene Rose, Jane Schneider, Steve Shapiro, Trudy Shore, Rena Tannenbaum, Ellie Tarlow, Ralph Thurs- ton, Jr., Linda Vespa. Advisor: Mr. Petrillo. 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TIGERAMA COMMITTEE-NEWTON SOUTH Chairman: Carol Cohen Entertainment: Jean Frieden Finance: Meredith Baker Refreslunents: Dave Berkowitz House: Peggy McPhee Building: Mike Braydon Publicity: Roberta Krensky Hospitality: Laurie Weisman Advisors: Jean Wynne, Cecile Newcomb, Laura Corwin VARSITY CLUB President: Pat Messore Vice-President: David Greenblatt Secretary-Treasurer: John Parnell Ken Anderson, Andy Baker, John Balkus, Jack Bernstein, Jerry Bernstein, Martin Finer, Steve Frutkoff, Ken Johnson, Tony Johnson, Don Kaplan, Robert Karagosian, Robert Kenney, Robert Lawrence, Steve MacCausland, John MacMaster, Sum- ner Martinson, Douglas McCarthy, Donald Merna, Jim Mi- aocca, Rolland Monihan, Tommy Mick, Jeff Neustad, Joe Paglia, Robert Santucci, Robert Swett, Richard Terry, Mal White. WHEELER HOUSE COUNCIL President: Harriet Lobel Vice-President: James Simon Secretary: Judy Coleman Treasurer: Linda Dannenberg Danta Cassiani, Lois Freedman, Charles Freidus, Philip Gow- en, Nita Kaitz, Sidney Kaye, Eric Kramer, Linda Lipofsky, Roland Monihan, David Parsons, Dorothy Parsons, Jeffrey Polins, Alvin Segel, Ruthann Stroyman, Sharon Weiner, Sara Wensky. This book printed by VELVATONE, 8 Special PFC ess graphic printing. Sole producers: Wm. J. Keller Inc Buff No other printing firm is authorized to use the Velvaton

Suggestions in the Newton South High School - Regulus Yearbook (Newton, MA) collection:

Newton South High School - Regulus Yearbook (Newton, MA) online yearbook collection, 1964 Edition, Page 1


Newton South High School - Regulus Yearbook (Newton, MA) online yearbook collection, 1965 Edition, Page 1


Newton South High School - Regulus Yearbook (Newton, MA) online yearbook collection, 1968 Edition, Page 1


Newton South High School - Regulus Yearbook (Newton, MA) online yearbook collection, 1969 Edition, Page 1


Newton South High School - Regulus Yearbook (Newton, MA) online yearbook collection, 1970 Edition, Page 1


Newton South High School - Regulus Yearbook (Newton, MA) online yearbook collection, 1971 Edition, Page 1


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