Newton North High School - Newtonian Yearbook (Newton, MA)

 - Class of 1987

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Text from Pages 1 - 280 of the 1987 volume:

1 '71 'gf E f Z F 2 E f 1 1 NEWTON ETLEE LIBRARY NEWTON, MASS. W lv , ,X Y.,,,.. .- f 52, ur. . K, nr ,A -f ' w A. --,, ,,. -'f x , , , -,ww 1 1 -..A. .W . , A - Y Q. . . .,, V A 1.4, ,K . jifxifa ' , , 5. lr" 315. ug ,Q - - A- A V ggw, tts. ,. ,v' If, W. W 5 , -H Q nl. X' 41 I 'N 2' ' , If , .p x sd I , . v K, I, U 1 , :.. 1 ni lg .,, Newton orth High School 560 Lowell AVC. NCWt0I1VillC MA 02160 i A -ZF"-'vx 73 ff. 4 ,I 7 'ii K 7 ff f 1' ' ' . 3 YN 5 x . H. 7 Q X Q4 1- -s T 2 Mt' -A . Ns. , .a 1 If X f 915499 , Ei -SNP' X rf 42 , U ' A tvs 1 LG' -ma- 'tv fm? ,: Ex Q 5- V 6 W., , H .x XXX f x A 5 Contents Opening y School Activities Fall Sports i Winter Sports Student Life X International News Candids Seniors Faculty And Staff Organizations Advertisements Rebecca Klapper Suzy Dusseault Ruth Schmidt Adina Zarchan Lara Solomon Chuck Briskin Josh Albert Karen Kaufman Julia Perlman R. L. Montague John Neister Staff editor-in-chief business manager design editor' assistant design edltor photography editor assistant photography co-portrait editor co-portrait editor copy editor N ,advisor 4 it 'Q it Q J ostensi 'representative . Clockwise from right:,Ian Kingg Evelyn Perry and Cathy Collierg Deirdre Coheng Kenneth Thompson and Thomas Downey. 1-in :QA 1 af' 'I '27 . - 'F J ' L - 'N 0 ,vp Q f ! ' 172 vt, ft f4f" Mu... ' i 'I X I 2 5 ri' IN ' ,f .. V , fl-ff' ff ,Q QN ma - .-Q-1 1 N 'slffx 5 -S-fi V f ,ix J -fi' rf: , 5?2L'3f4i"' 1- FFA ? - I 51, v V 1 5 I l i 1 I "Y -4 eff : . ff: xigkfi A' I' , V X -v' 2 Q 'H' f 4, , '.-Q61 , - 4 ' 14 7:.'.-'Aiwa ' A 10 A,-iff,-f ilq . ,,,z . i A Q 1 Clockwise from below Brian Cro mn, Trang Ngo, Aaron Heaah Nell Hatem, Evan Galanis, Anthony P111 pone, Jon Talmi, Hamllton Jones Mark Adams and Bobby Qumn ,,, N P?" 7 fter much thought and delibera- tion, this year's yearbook staff unani- mously decided on a theme for the 1987 Newtonian- the jungle. To us, Newton North is a jungle in many ways. For starters, we are the Tigers, which is something that we all share. However, there are many facets to Newton North, and Newton North has meant something different to every member of the 1987 graduating class. In this respect, the jungle represents diversity. In the jungle, there are certain things that one needs to know in order to survive, and the same holds true for Newton North. Let's call this knowledge a survival kit for success. As freshmen, we were totally unaware of the contents of this kit, but now, as seniors, our kits are overflowing. First, there is the compass. Trying to find one's way around has always been a chal- lenge. It all began with the Great Building Marathon during the first week of school. Then there was the method of trial and error, and finally success. Second, there is the bell. North, unlike other high schools, doesn't provide one for us, except for the bell telling us when it is time to get to homeroom. But who needs a bell when we have Mr. Guild shouting in our ears telling us to get off Main Street? However, we do have a buzzer to remind us when it is two minutes to the hour. Third, and most important, there is courage. Once we figured out how to get to the cafeteria, preferably during the right lunch, we are faced with the buzzling mess of lunch lines and the search for a clean unnoc- cupied seat. Fortunately, this year this quest was made easier with the invention of the senior tables. A On a more serious note, however, our class has a lot to be proud of. We are the first four- year class to graduate Newton North, and we have learned what it is like to feel completely lost among 610 other peers. We are lucky, though, because we have had an extra year to take advantage of what North has to offer and find a place for ourselves admist all the confusion. Similar to the jungle, Newton North was full of competition, just as it was full of diversity. What we must never forget is what we have learned from one another and Wlizitf mistakes we have made. rm , """'5'9'v?--Q N A ' , ' r " uN+ff"ff.e Opposite page, clockwise from top: 'Jason McLeave: Halil Sahing Will Grote and Sharra Davidsong Tiffa- ny Heanue and Adina Zarchang Bartholomew Gold. This page, clockwise from top: 'Marc Marlinas, John Norton and Jason Coxg Valeria Scott and Laurie Seitzg Michelle Lochiatto and Michelle DiMambrog Katherine Andersong Wayne Henryg Ellen Weine traub and Cathy Collier. . X -K 5' - -ae , - AA "' r ' h i 1 1 .M P 59' V., - , -f-4 A. - - '.- ff .-..-..:.......,,L g --IAQ-. , n-. ..L...',,' ' I I 4 -Fw - ,-44.4 N Q- M ' 1 ' ff. AIVIMI ' " . 1 La' -' if 4 I Y x 5 fl 1 V -1 ' 1 I px?" . . Q " ,fr 3 A, I ', 'Bi 'I' i i h 'Q x f 'x I I V ,ix A H X I 5 fl! ' 1' . . A , .Qu , Q ,,,,. A X Q I Qu Q I s l . Cv V ' 1 m 'lf' .. A I Y '1 f' EY? ', , Y Pl Q., . . ' . 'r' .91 , "' We W'-521 M A - ..r' . .. N- "' - sk' .,9'...'. .' Al.. Q., - u 1 --ff-M .1 l ' M1531 'E , I 5 N fl?-I.. V: em N ", lg . my 5 ' 1 ' .SY ', I P-3 Nils 'N ' l ,A,, ,ik 513-X' 61 T' A 5 4 'N A an . A fa!-f ll 9 a 1 .5 I -ye, 5, SKN ge We M ' +1 . 'x . l I Clockwise from top left: Allan Heifitzg Ratchel Kelsa and Maria Fellowsg i Stephanie Koontz and Julie Perlmang Stephanie Aranoff. I v lll W 45' L 'l" l Clockwise from below: Jean- nine Aucoing Eric Boemerg Matt Seligg Chuck Brisking John Rutledgeg the Cheerleaders. 11 1. .ff av. Q 4 ff - .X X 1' as s f , Z- f , , f. ,I ..,,,,,,, f C, eu! 1:-.I iq Z i 1 ' kc? ' ,XL 1. ,J- Q ??' Y Ta Q QDOV' A K.. ,qff'V A 'Q-r-as ,M ' 12-ho- . v ,lf ' ' a x F .V 5-N443-mVt,TW1M,.,, -rylf f- . A Q. N: x vu. Wy N1 ff In Iv 430, Q' -N, , .Q "n lvl ,. W . Ava,- K. I'-,,,, , A A if . 9 'QQ- ' 4: nv , .-.1 fl. di- 'vii ' fl fa: gs, v. 13. Counterclockwise from below: Josh Albertg Aaron Har- rellg Ally Schiffg Jennifer Holstg John Cassieg Amy Drew and Marilyn Schultzg Rich Crowley. ' Al ll ' i -z. mi- . 1? fn 'P'-L F5 .. fl 1 l gs ll W" "If , . "4 . i , A, Q 5K 'fx -L -al Q'-'gf 1 l 4, ' ,, .. ,ri "Nuk- i ' li , rm, U ,. 7 , ,, In F' Q? i. Clockwise from top left: Carla Gold- bergg Michael Dundasg Jenny Pol- linsg Stascia Josephsg Cory Gnazzo. MAT .-J... 4... ..!... ffm f-T-it ,-1- -3,-L. -Y.-s ff- .J- J., .U- I fc ,I f .-ew f , 'Y V. Agni ' 1' 1-'Q Sr ff 4 I :gl Clockwise from below: David Grinbaldesg Thad Pe- terson, Jim Buckley, Jay Burke, Jen Davis, and Jen MacDonald, Greg White and Joanna Gaejowskig Lianna Williamson, Margery Armsby and Sarah Beasley. U .A Q 2 "i..,,.-N. N 'Q I 1, F L, JJ 8 4 -, v . 1 :W yi It .AAO ' vb :."4 I .Y wif? !k .. P in ...,-, I if ,A J li Lau I, A ' " f J C-KV'-gil Cluckwise from below: The Marching Bandg the soccer team Preg White V6 A x 'CQ JTk'fl j Clockwise from above: Shahriar Mehrtashg Ian Fellowsg Michael Andelman and Michael Hirschg Laurae Melbin, Mar- tina Arndt and David Wilkinsg Jill Colton. 1,353 S. ' J S on Sf 'Bm L YI DE -N xy " as ,':lEK'l'l.0l'l"' a'E in il! f, 5 I 1 I 4 Clockwise from left: Gigi Thomas and Leisha Austing William Crowleyg Tim King, Andrew Mirken, Danny Finegold, Rusty Rus- sel and Steve Bourlandg Stanley Jue and Grieg Cashman. 1 J ! I V N S 5 ' 'I A W I 1 Q 1 mx' 0 'XL I 5 "4 Ia, 5 M Navy 1 -A---0 X X 1 Y L' 9 "'x. ,F ,v , .nv-. :our .4" 1 'I .J rf", 9 J 1 0: K 'E-'Q 1, A , ,-Lg.-S 4, V1 tri ' X may X . G: el , N. li . Qirqdliv . Av, . I .1 ff' Z 4, . 1' 'MF , . adv' ' U . ,. " Y: , .,"' -4- ' - 5 ..,: . , it-:I ws .r 9 X. 3 I I lbw: tw- 4f' '- 1. '- nf X, -it iw,--bv? if fu 1 ,A ,. l,l Q. Q,- f , A g 1" . 4 , CQ i YQ ff s'l""',, Q . W' z Q- ' Q A... to , , P .3511 ' E- A Ol O. 3 . ,l , f:',. Q. ' aegfycgql A V Aff - ,., T ..- 253! It 1 . Q., A 6 N I Q7 K Egg A lakes .4 . :G T ,Q I , A Act tg. N' Y 4 fl 1 lyykxwliw " 1 'Q '2:..I .Q",' ywf'i I4 ,' x X M11 V-.' WM V ,Ne .3,q,.. ' ' 1-, fa Y ,su ',- ,,.-A - Arif- , . V -1--M it-,Q 'A' 1 - g 'rf ' Q I si . ' - ' r is J' 9 r -, al Gs.. it I .u ll O X E THE LQWER GYM LP .f 265' 2, ff'-if I ,nvl .V , y f 1: f 1 , 'va-, - Q.. F it sf ...M V21 f' I K, 3 1 - -, . I 11541-A.':,,. N ,, , , Q37 A ., , 2 .., Qrvkl. '5.4,,8,.L,,n??-MJNXO ., A ., N 2, fl " ,Vai-fg'W.'5Qag ,f 7" 151 f .A , v ' Q' 'f 32' 1 17 ,F , Inj" , ' ' W rfffg, , ., 1 .15 , ' '95 7 .z1t3yi"?',,, jf ', 21' Shir, ' ' ,?fj3,x,,1.:.:ffQ' 'if f Q 914. .93 gf' U z. 19, Knit 'f'f1z"2vf Z' Af' if 4.2, -. ff . " . 'iiflmw QM- ' ,fp 1 . 2 T ' 542, 975' 1' ., 4 AZ ' f" 'fill ,g 'iii' V 7 ,231 "7 r V ' ff-, .62 , f 155' Ugg . ,. 'Q W' ' 'f -F' 'fzifqf '12 ' WW! ,' 95317 ' 'Y Z4 ' 4 H 1.4, ' A Gi 4 1 ff-'-:-'A' 2 1 . JZ: - -V V -1124 , w 'fi-,Q , A ' Q , ' ,L ff ,fp fxfivyl, 157-1 af. ,I ' 1 222 M ig ff . iyfiff-f"a Af? . wa? gf wlwfh' 5' 'gf f " 3 3195: 1 1 A gh , A 'da A ' , V f 27? , . 24? Hee? ,guy , .gf as 1 XA I- Q Qgawwb w,. -M-.1 gm .mmf L . vii ,-Z.. ,Ln-.. 15 an N-im l l ,,.-in 1 .JY -5 W-.-.., gg, N..- 1. ""'- 2.----.. fklw, "'-. Ll 1-5. wo-Q-.4 X r Y n I P . U! 4' -V . - ' ' , ll-4 - ' - I , jg' . W j.. m 'I 4 A U3li.7Y1ry. QI. Q5 ' fa Q ' ' Q .. , 6' , . X 1 ng --ni ' 1' .' ' 1, x H 4" , . af' . ' ix '- x -X , ,- ' b- . .f N, 1 M. y I . 'f' Q. - u' 13-'Ji ' ff? "X X wx, -. . ' 3 f ,MVR . -1.11.-Nile j gautrlfj t 4 ,V X ' ' a , , 1 f 4 - .. W, I Pr O 1 ,. f, , , I li "' , 1 246 . Q L' ' -4. lx ' ' ,, .Ex :E 1 i SP 0 f i Q iffy-f 1 14 -w. P-. - 1, "W 4 , F J, 'Q bi.,-2 N x - -- 1 I A ' - ML, y- g, f f,h . - ' W,-K 1 11 . A , Q gf, - . A...,, gh A Q X jg' Z i Q. i U x , A f ' Yrf, 1 - 1, - 2 f I I X, 5 Tx M A .said X X1 V lx ,,xx,!- AG . KX Z I K N I I! - J 1 ., 3 V? 'F I ,L Q .. . X T . 1 - . . www-5,1 'Lew ...aff N " ' Q Q, 1 A Q, f f If Q ,' ' v ' it ,ff fffigbegfg, . 'U 2i"vf, . , ' A 1 urs- f iq-2 ' Q, A in V, K Z7 7 . 8 if i3,,,1gi,1. A WJ .. ' ,-.-.. " 2, pw 'Lf-11 f, , -w-L, 5 , M. H if' fmf- X, , , '--.W , ,x.e+4jf45ys3 I JD- A V, I 345 A A ff :rg fiiww, . md., ,, .,,, f LAQJZQ fy '17 , vw 'y Y f X f , -, C ' ff W- aff yxavirvif ,. f, pg 4- , ' it 1 f ' ,Mem xy ' ' G x- ,, has ' fff , ff ,W ,N fz ,f ,, ff af ,, My ,Z I 4 I ,, , A A , ! I .. su 5 5 W R x 'A fi 1 '- 4-sm 'W ,,,, .X I , 'f 'H in ff, J- 1 ' W ' 4 W -N Mi, ran: 9 ff' fd ,. V'-1 23- Q, , , y1gg"j' - ' 25'-,,. WN, ,,,w,14gi" 4 fbfeifff, 'f' ,ff , 43:---H . A .. uf A Q- H vw- , 1 V K, ,M yd Q, Mg M, , A - M , ., ,'wn.Ab,,,.uU ,L hi A f' V: K A by I x if , Y , ,Q 57 V W f - ,,ffx.J, 1- ' tv: . . " . . 'Q 5. V' , . fiiJ3wg:Jf't Q31 gf' 'f . 44" N A 1 f .A ,, Wy . 4i'f1'k.:, - A 143: ,V V- Y' ,- . ' 4 A H , '- Ii- 'rn , . 7 .i Pi I 'Qin ,M Gm., N V ti' N r 1251 2 Q 35' Y , , 'Q ' 'fir f, 'lf-QQ -Say 4 fx '?353 J", 4-Q ff' 5 W ' "1 11, . - 4 J '5'1U's2' ' ff' ., ' V, . x 7 +iQ6i,"'r " 'W 1' f Ax- Q ff Q Q, PM ' I r .HK G 2 rv HJ 1 Q. ' I 44 ki f'df""" X-af'-e v . 1 r- I f!4N 7 I 4 A fx P a in x ,sn N' C Af? ,,., Q , 'V--V, . 1 Yi V N H 1 Na fs H F-'Af' x If" Q X I 'wr ik 5 'Q' ge-ff, . V. 4 ,,,x W 's-,-. 1 Q 74 cl Q . '?'V"ti99Y .-vw' nee a vear the eateteria is transformed. No, l don't mean for danees. No, not when it is Clean lbelieve it or not, hard- working Cafeteria-cleaners clean it dailv.l No. I'm talking about the Harvestfest, that magical time ot' year when here at Newton North we gather in celebration and thanksgiving for our fine harvest of' apples and whole grains. Al- though we sell no Cider, l've seen root, beer, and although we sell no doughnuts, l've seen pret- zels. And eggrolls. And balloons. And strange disc-like objects bearing the proud Coat of arms: Newton North. Frisbees, l think. Harvestfest provides the various tribes here at Newton North with a Chance to sell their goods and to make the monev thev'll need for future harvests. HAR E TFE T K J ,F , X 5 0,1 I v ' ,ummm as-11 me v id.wwM,,,,.......4- v.fv. -nv 1 K" 0 r 'vm s 1 8. , i H nf 1 '4' za' ' 5 5 xx t la DR fi 1 S . 7 ! i 5 t I N l 6 , l if ' 2, , ,,-, JM., 5' , , K 3 gi Y' , V' J, , - if . 7 ' ff K ., ' X f f ,A K A A 7 ,f t ,, , , f , "1 7 . 'ff' Q1 f ' A .ct ng, ' ' Jef ,, ' D 7 f 2? ' V-,J if U, I , wf 'Ar , f ff 1 . , ' -1 W , x fa +2 5 fx, 4 ? fwgsfgr fx " 1' X- I ,X "fa ,gg ,,,3,'17, -,HQ ff X,s,wS."0r,j1i3-552 , 'WSL 3, 2, , f :V - K 'f AQ X n 51,3 V Fl" 'W Q, 1fwwf'A,A L ' 7 'V V ff ., xx, WA ,,,,., ,E 43 R4 ' Y, , ' xi yz, ,lv J 15 .1 1. fy F5 ,.f,,Q,. 1 ffqfeig, -MV -if fig, N 1 - - . Y-tglg 4 A .sv 3Hgg,f'w-, ,fry ..a-,4,4.w-A ' fzwgb, 1 .X 1 -Z. A 1 .. I ,gg M Q, wg? ,EW kv ,,, W I M ,., I ? 'y 4. jx 'I .':4 -431 ,f AM AQ: K G 1 -V 4 " - f ,, , w Af, ' ff? ,g 5 3 J, ,Q , ,254 W, , X v,,A,,:f,,m- Q, . w'u.g-ffk,-3 - gv 4 .gmy P.. 1, 1 W ,Q A, A, 4, . ,L at , .. Q. 2, ,, .,,.,mig4,g,Z 7 V,,xp,,.,,,, 1 ., X' is Q , .QM jg, my ,vs 4 ffilii' , M L 142565 J qu, 5 I y , 1 .,J vz, 4, 5? 'Q ,Q , :- 5 f 1 A x 'rj'H1f1, Y' ,gig ',?".ff9 ,XQWA ,QW V I 2-Z, f , Q5,mggg9,s3 . 17221522 '54 Q ., .' Q a Af: ' 4 'L' ft "f, " Q- ' K .1 f " "1 "'k'Xv: 1 2 gr fgw -hm! , , W2-R . f , gl ,f,,, - , , gf ,ff ff' ft .Q , 2-swkf.9:F'5' I Y' 'KV' ' 41 1. 75 1' ,iz gs N .,n JL W 1 17 K ' wg. gi is , ,Sz ' ' '1' ,Q 5, -1' W ' "1 Q -i F iff .iii 'TW' ,g ,pw ,V 5, fx ' ,W 'gf ,gf - X' 'V U aMg..:,+ 'W qngfaigi gk 4 1.4 ,u S" L ,G M I 5 I ,fl-N "5" '7 ' -' '. ani Q 4 ' H 0 'f' ' ' ' 2,g.'s ,W.g,.4,ef-ww-v.' - f- , ,, -, In ki Q, aw 4 Zi? ' ' 'ff 'T if fi.: ,555 ww , ,mf if ff 1W:.,i K .',,f3,,ap,.X we ?. 5 jx Q, g,:gg3,,. 'fgi-.5 X . .wzy '1' '4 Q1 at M Af A 6 iff ' , f. wf!1,,:,'5Xgx -.3 V ,r if ' ,351-., 4 ' Q , V. 'gk ff vQi -w'1W'P :wi wr?,g,,,,,,Mg ,, 4 gi: 5i5f?34:'?5f5:43:"li'fi.7'fi A 451- . mb, g.g,'a1vl3w, T' " H, P 1 ' u'2f"?f".a'f , fc 4? 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V Y W AV -.Me l WX I I 4 N INTERNATIONAL QNX WK' SEPTEMBER '83 Vanessa Williams, 20, of New York, is the first black woman to win the title of Miss America at the annual pageant in Atlantic OCTOBER '83 Martin Luther King Jrfs birthday be- comes a national holiday. Besides George Washington's birthday, his is the only Amer- ican birthday celebrated nation-wide. NOVEMBER '83 The Columbia space shuttle is launched from Cape Canaveral, carrying a United States space lab to be put into orbit. The first two non-astronauts ever go up in space. City, New Jersey. The movie "The Day After" shows the ef- fects of nuclear destruction to 100 million viewers, half of whom are kids. The network recieves more than 1,000 phone calls, mostly from people who are glad the movie was aired. .sgyw e 914 "Q y . 'J ' J I' ' 118 FEBRUARY 84 Russian leader Yuri Andropov dies of xidney ailments at 69. Seventy-two- Ve me ar-old Chernenko is elected to be the w Party leader. MARCH '84 Prayers-in-schools-ammendment is I . y defeated by the Senate, separa- of church and state will continue. MAY '84 Olympic pageantry begins in New 0 rk with cross-country runners who the torch and relay to Los Angeles a route of 9,000 miles. Festivities are tainted by politics when and East Germany de- to withdraw their teams from the 2.5 1'-05 is -E31 'SAME is JUNE '84 Hollywood adds a new movie rating: pg-13. It is the first major change in Hollywood movie systems for the past 16 years. AUGUST '84 Olympiad XXIII is held in Los Angeles. The United States wins the most medals, 174 in total, bringing in the most golds, most silvers, and most bronzes. Men's gymnastics experienced an unprecedented win. Among United States gold medalists are Carl Lewis in track and field, Rick Carey in swimming, and Mary Lou-Retton, 16, in all-around gymnastics. Z'x 'K QS "'X N0 119 OCTOBER '84 Baby Fae, a 15 day old infant, undergoes a heart transplant operation. She receives a baboon heart to remedy her severe birth de- fect. On November 15 she dies after her body rejects the baboon heart. The operation raises many controversies. Indira Gandhi, Prime Minister of India, is shot by 2 Sikh bodyguards. Her son Rajiu is sworn into office as the country's political problems increase. Huge riots and attacks are staged against Sikhs by the Hindus. OVEMBER '84 President Reagan is re-elected in a land- slide victory. He wins 49 states, while Mon- dale wins only Minnesota, his home state. Four-hundred and fifty-two people die when a natural gas plant blows up near Mex- ico City. As a result, 100,000 people are evac- uated and 31,000 are left homeless. . tg .- If M , 2153. I MFC' 'K :Q ,1-1 ,x A .. ' ew 1' vw? i' -- ' ,J 33321 " ' fRif"X" ' gr. -ik' T It . 5- ,M .fr 14125 te. '. . . ,tag I T- , L, 'EBHOPAL PIPE , iicaueesri- , 'N' "Q . Fon----'Q q , f ff , ts amro 1 1 'rnmeov l"""'z. N' W ew, is 7 ,na wg -T , list. ,T l' QAGEN1- il 1, X ff 34:3 3, ' r at iGASf-fa 'if K i N2 ,' ' , i W ix .N jT3hN,'STIfL2 :HE DAQ EX- A N1 T- a 5 2 1 . Q ' :us 6, I 1 mg, -gr" A H H i ' X The scruboef Used , WL! -,! : C.- t p - ,.. ,z F , 11, to neutralize D04SONOuS L--,, .,.:' - JI' , 4, 'mi 42 I I Q4 gas fans ro function """"""""' 3 i - , if 'I 'L onsoverwneimeo "' lVIq' , . A D . fb ,' 5 . ' . 1. . 0 A A Fight 5 . ., M -J gf rf, , . phi 5: Ox ' A Q L , 4 . . J. . . 'I' "' ' YI sf! ' ir A chemical reaction in a hold 3 'he poison gag 5955 ,gms J , ' g tank causes pressure and ' ' asaam o'8n0paa hqngmq mgmg mperature to rise. pfoducmg inousawas 1- 439491 b rcess gas DEADLY GAS CLOUD 1 4 t 1 .W I 4 mnorcwuo 1 g Ms, www CUGHQMQEAIT. fofvnsf-fn. ,Ir RNLWAYSTAYQI f . l V 4 MEWCALQ DOWNTOWN- I N y couece J HOSHTAL- W-. - Jppertake J- , A , if.. Tp., 8-in . .,.,,,,,, " Lowering R 'NIH os, .t "5"f0 sworn 20 Q I ' 1 fl! K DECEMBER '84 , 1' ' 4 In Bhopal India, a Union Carbide insec- ticide plant leaks a deadly gas. More than 2,000 people die and 150,000 others are injured. The public learns that safety at the plant was found insufficient 2 years ago. JANUARY '85 The world is informed of Israel's secret airlift of over 10,000 Ethiopian Jews who were allowed relief from their inevitabl deaths in this drought-stricken country. On January 3rd the operation was halted due to high amounts of publicity. wx W- i"""v--'--M... ,,-Q..--1-""' Y fi' ,rf 1- 13 -q,.,,-N Q-4 5 Z ff ' mm, ffm . - X V r. FEBR ARY '85 Jeremy Levin gains freedom from Leba- non, where he has been held hostage for 11 months by Islamic extremists. It is unknown whether he was freed or he escaped. Some media speculate that the Syrian government played some role in attaining his freedom. MARCH '85 Konstantin Chernenko, leader of the Sovi- et Union, dies at age 73, having been in the office only 13 months after succeeding An- dropov. Mikhail Gorbachev, 51, is named as his successor only hours after his death. APRIL '85 The Coca-Cola company announces its de- cision to change the 99-year-old formula for Coke. MAY '85 In spite of a huge amount of controversy, President Reagan participates in a wreath laying ceremony at Bitburg, a German mili- tary cemetary where, among 2,000 German soldiers, 49 SS troops are buried. Earlier he spoke at Bergan-Belson, a concentration camp in West Germany. Veterans, Jews, and politicians from many nations protested his visits. l 2 JUNE '85 TWA flight 847 with 153 people aboard is hijacked by 2 Shiite Moslems. The hijackers demand the release of 766 prisoners in Israel. The plane is forced to fly from Athens to Beirut, where 40 passengers are freed and one is killed. The original hijackers are joined by a dozen more and the plane flies back to Algiers where more passengers and five flight attendants are freed. On June 16th the plane returns to Beirut and on the 17th the remaining hostages are dispersed throughout Beirut while three crew members remain on board. On June 30th the remain- ing 39 hostages in Beirut are freed, 17 days JULY '85 The Coca-Cola company announces that it plans to restart production ofthe old Coke as Classic Coke as well as continue to sell the New Coke. after the ordeal began. Mick Jagger, Tina Turner, Madonna, Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young, David Bow- ie, Bob Dylan, U2, Elvis Costello, Duran Duran, and many other rock stars perform at Live Aid, a benefit concert. simultaneously telecast in Philadelphia and London. The purpose of this benefit concert was to raise money for food with which to help relieve the starving people in Africa. Superstar Phil Collins performed both in London and in Philadelphia. Live Aid was organized by En- glish superstar Bob Geldorf. The day was a success not only in raising millions of dollars, but also in raising awareness for the nearly 2 billion viewers of 152 different countries who all, in their own way, participated. ...Q ' 4 -+ 1430825302-Y O "iii iw. 'Arr 'ff X 'W an Q1 'Q lu mini. ' rf. ul X4 3' .J + fr deal' 4 Y 4 Jihflx 31 an in ,sq W ' l,..i.? ll 1 . Yi Aux .ua fff. I 53" "tif 1 s . 15" ,Q .f-...R B fs lf'-.iiL'e:' if s v . ere 92 "1"-..i..wJ.". " fi it Ni-'Begg " "Q, 0 L Q V WY F1355 MP in AUGUST '85 Samantha Smith, 123, the young girl from Maine who wrote a letter to Soviet leader Andropov expressing her fears of a nuclear war, dies in a plane crash with her farther. Her letter had received world-wide attention and launched her career as a television actress. SEPTEMBER '85 Earthquakes, numbering 8.1 and 7.3 on the Richter scale, devestate Mexico City. The United States donates a million dollars in emergency aid. OCTOBER '85 Nicaragua's president Ortega declares a state of emergency "because of US. aggres- sion." He outlaws freedoms of speech, of press and of public assembly. NOVEMBER '85 The Reagan Administration refuses to give aid to our Farm Credit System. Without the system farmers aren't able to buy land on credit. Presently, they can't afford to keep their farmland. w? J-'95, S Nha. T. -if se E., y"'5L:"- y ug , '2..- 1..- , Y 15 3 I fb, 3 v 4 A ' .L-.QP ig if 4' fi faux' Q' A . 'x '-I' "'., IL 7 DECEMBER '86 Post.-Depression high for amount of bank failures. Half of the failed banks are farm banks, reflecting the desperate situation of JANUARY '86 Space Shuttle Columbia explodes, killing all seven of its passengers, including Christa McAuliffe. McAuliffe taught social studies in a New Hampshire high school and was cho- sen from 11,000 applicants to become the first teacher in space. The space shuttle had been in the air for only 74 seconds before the explosion. Investigations of NASA ensued. FEBRUARY '86 After a week-long election, Phillipines ruler-for-life Marcos steps down for the peo- ples' chosen leader Corazon Aquino. Marcos held the election to show his democratic val- ues, but when support went to his opponent he had ballot boxes filled with fake votes for himself. He left power because of a peaceful revolution in the Phillipines and because of world pressure. US. farmers. Jean-Claude DuValier of Haiti, known as "Baby-Doc," flees Haiti because of peoples' involvement against him. ?""'5' in ,ff tw. f . 'Viv 8 i ' lr- 'i 1 ' f' - 3 ' If EX 4 ' - l ?,..v I ,, A5 . 72 l tr J ' x N.. .1 1 4 U' MARCH '86 Reagan campaigns for 100 million dol- lars in military aid to the Contra rebels in overthrowing Nicaragua's Communist Sandinista government. LaRouche, a far-right anti-semitic polit- ical group, wins the Illinois state primary elections. Many voters said they knew nothing about the party's beliefs, but vot- ed for them because they didn't like any other candidate. 1 s.. .x V x. ,rw ..4,. i -4 S , E X .i '7 iw I i:.,:g,v uf A , A-Un 1 , B A-X-4 1 xi' 4 APRIL '86 The United States bombs Libya, throwing fear of retaliation across the country. He- cause of Arab terrorism of Americans in lin' rope, Newton North cancels exchanges scheduled for the near future and sends for its exchange students which are already in Europe to return home. The U.S.S.1t.'s nuclear plant in Chernobyl experiences a melt-down. Huge amounts of' radiation are released in the world's worst nuclear plant accident ever. MAY '86 South Africa's president Botha abolishes the pass laws which required black people to carry hated pass books stating where they could live, work and travel. People join hands in "Hands Across Amer- ica," an event which raised money for the United States' hungry and homeless. J LY '86 The Statue of Liberty celebrates its 100th birthday. Events celebrating its centennial included the largest fireworks display ever. R2-'95-N 'Nw-s. L F Q If in x -"1 'Sir' ,-v-""' xnx :T xx l 1 'X 'wtf 1 X Z5 Xl ixfkr 'I 7 Q ffm WWW Ml' A 5 f I X r jf! Below: 1, 'F wif! 1" Nliwlmel Amlelmung right: Shnnclra Merrillg Bottom: Briana Cahill and Evelyn Perry. A' . A A surf'-' :E 4 . -K if'- Y 4 ,W ,W g--.....A ,.m- .x..l. ,- ,,..- ,W .-, , -.2 ,,,.n. .-iv - N. 44...-f-"""' " ,-.., ............ fs gi ,A-,g-Q' 41. .,, ,4- New frm lf KT' uf, I ,17 - I 4- li ir R 'X 1 x N , Y' 1 'Eff M l -v , 'ig ,- R W 'ix , x w , ' 3' ,unann- N I ' 5 A' F Q 'r f.. my l' ,I . , 2 'f '?-pgf ,. Q, ' N . ' ,. . Sw - ,, 4 A MI' I X -ri, A 74.5. g - .av f , x rg . l Q , 45 1 R iiffg 2 l Al YV ' 5 ' Q, ' . A 1 I ' , L ,.,. L' fn , gy . ,,l. ,4 I u L Y in fi - I 1 " it QF ' Hu Q51-.5,,,. ,,,,. -fi. , - Q . i ,, Q . s i-' , ,r. - Y. 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'K' W iff .Kgs Q 15, ...pu tl f Top left: Kristen Pierceg top right: Melissa Heinenmang middle right: Mar- gery Armsbyg bottom left: Kevin Thompson and Bob Beflrosian: lwttfmi right: John Fiske. 153 Q: i 'in '?"'7""' I I i il ll A .fi zz, .UQ ' ' , ,kj -dh. , ,ixfwiv Z' l S X m. . 1f5"'l'T ' J n -, I - . AN ' 6 tlgvl ., A i ,I Q 5,3 I Ji l 1 , M A A 55' I vi A I , J I , P lf MN f I Y ' - ' , i , xzigw ff' , Qi., L fr , 3 x . f ,1 A . r 1 if , ' f ,, A ' ,Q5 Q , gn 4 K A yy I. '74 V A , I , X' , f ' ' -.-'Q J 'C M 'fn ' 'l l 2' 3 I TVX "'- .1 , I i , Iflqlfk 5 fm 1 f' Q 1 ' v -Z., P' v an .E -A1 2 3. ' ga, Q-Q a A '38 f,g"f' - X ik? ' ' 7 , Q A ,l'fg,., ' , ,V 9 ,I 1 ,W-J: 3 A-aw - , ,f i aa I 7 5 i l F l T Top right: Hamilton Jones, Bobby Quinn, Kevin Devroe and Frankie McMelling bop left: Marisa ? Colellag middle right: Greg Karamariang middle left: Maureen Spellman, Sandra Giminez and Natalie l Corsig bottom right: Liz Garrettg above: John Talmo and Tina Lyons. - s f..,..,..,... 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M3 ,Q f KN " 1 'af wi ' 4 'fu zq ,C ,-3 Q K. ,gf Q gf! x ' Zi ' ' - gzliifggifilf' ' V A ,E ff - ff wmv M qfifi, 1155953 ' H - ,vp M ,i . , ' ""i- ' Y.'1y,f xx l ff -1. 'H - hw-6 : f 'Q sq 'uv x Yi . ,I MYAVK f 'iw Top right: Laurie Seitz and Beth Farrell: top left: Melina Friedman: middle right: Cathy Collier: middle left: Diana McCarthy: bottom right: Michael Ashkourig above: Jordan Ferra- ro and Andy Siegal. F, ..N,.f ,-v 'Y 5 .if I 1 I Q ' ff ENIDPSQ I J f A W Wg' W . PCR I Lise Abrams 30 Beechcroft Rd. Newton I don't care what you say anymore this is my life. Go ahead with your own life. Leave me alone Billy Joel Congratulations and good luck to the class of '87. I love you Scott, always "This must be love"-P. Col- lins T.L. J.R. A.Z. L.M. ,,., if. . 'arzi' 5f'i N -- . is 5 fn ' 2 -7 t James S. Abruzzi 16 Woodrow Ave., Newtonville 2 Kristen Afienko 8 Harrington St. Newtonville Rem: Ski trip, Florida, Cheerlead- ing, NH Guys " Crazy Nights In ,Iu- nior Time, Summer TM Sz Laurie - MVBF Thanks For Being There, Love And Luck 2 All My Friends Thank U Mom dz Bobby For All Your Love. Dad - Wish ll Were Here 2 Share My Happiness. .P 'X David Altshuler 55 Montrose Street Newton Well we know where were goin' but don't know where we've been 8: we know what we're knowin' but t'an't saw what we've seen 84 we're not lit- tle children Zi know what we want ck the future is not certain. Give us time in work ii out. BI Iii' HI Ll, CC Ill 160 .,, , Joshua Albert 56 Valentine St, W. Newton I WILL REMEMBER EVERY- THING AND EVERY ONE THAT HOLDS A PART OF ME: APPLE COUNTRY - GREYLOCK - NEW- TON - WHAT DID I LEARN FROM ALL MY FANTASIES Q?" Elliot Anapolle 55 Woodchester Dr. Chestnut Hill, People talking without speaking, People hearing without listening-SL mon and Garfunkel-Remember the stairs, Rollerskating on the Charles, and the most original Honker-Make life what you want it to be and live it to the limit one day at a time - NEXT! i ' rf .Q Q N- yt f ,fi i Fiiiii ! . . ill Kevin Ackerley 7 Whitlowe Rd West Newton remembers FMK DD SD BBQ FOR GAS FLIP MG THE GREEN MONSTER BRES ANIMAL HOUSE CELTICS ALL THE REGULARS Jennifer Aliotta 910 Commonwealth Ave. Newton If one does not keep pace with his companions it is because he hears a different drummer. Let him step to the music he hears however mea- sured or far away - Thanx Dad 8: family Best luck - SW MB JO DM KK SS EA JH EH Sz RK - Thanx guys All my love to GA ' I Michael Andelman 27 Wessex Rd Newton Ctr I would not, could not with a goat. I would not, could not F on a boat. I do not like green T O eggs and ham. I do not like H R them Sam-I'Am. We should E C not question. Our stay on E earth is not for long. Let us A rejoice and believe and give thanks. Mark Adams 50 Alden Place West Newton Football - 2 3 4, Lax - 2 3 4 85 E. Mass Champs GD Times wfBrian, Nick, Riz, Claf, Flip Neil, Evan, MK + SL, JM, EC, RG, MB, DA, LC Adams, Beals, A-Z, Trick or treat! SUE YOUR THE BEST THING Rosemarie Altieri 1659 Washington Street W. Newton Remember: Sharon, Teresa, Anita, Stacey Wendy, Kristin, Dianna, Sa- rah, Tanya Always Kr Forever each moment with you, is just like a dream to me that some how came true HF 6-9-84 Thanks mom 8a dad. ni I? Katherine Anderson 16 Fairmont Av Newton Corner I Think Violets Are Rather Nice Said Piglet, 8: He Laid His Bunch In Front Of Eeyore. Crankset. Mango On The T. Buddha. Fred The Hap- py Clam. Lionel Is Dead! Schmoo. WAXGO Jon's Shirt. Major Big Time Fun I Root Beer Just For Please huh! Some People Just Dont Get It- But Not Her Because She Has No Neck! VII Vt .E. rian. llli . LC ffl!! ING nita, , Sa- each le a tame dad. 'I B IIEI' Nice :h IH an20 Hap' moo. lime lem it It- i 00 Pamela Annese 204 North St. Newtonville R. em - JV, CV, LL, NL, WM. TANY A NEW START SPACELY STACEY - CROCE BYE-BYE! Good Luck Louie-I LOVE YA! Ram- ble On J- Bird! SEGER Im happy to be stuck with you!!!!!!!!!!!! PAMMI + KEVIN 12f20f85 John Apholt 1735 Washington St Newton Remem: MIKE, BILL, JON, DEREK, BRUCE, TOM, MARI- LYN, ANNE, CLAIRE + RA- CHAEL. THE GANG RULES! IHEY, HEY, HEYI, ARUMPH, IWTFAM, THE GAME, FAMILY, HOOP, KILLER + ROMPE R ROOM, SO ANYWAY BILL. Stephanie Aronoff 524 Ward St. Newton Ctr London 85 Baaa-Moo If a Lime Green Bus, crashes into us. Jon Jess Katy Mike Liz-TRUST ME! Reow! Peachy. Youre so Lethargic! All- Nighters, Chris 8: Marge. Star Wars rules! C.R.- - - TOO HOT Let me get at the master panel, let me add my style-Ants. R.D. I David Annicelli 11 Emerald St. Newton Remembers RW MW EB NN TV - WHAT IS GOING ON'?'? TOH DONT SAY THAT!! Can anyone tell me Who is Jack Burton? DO. Does anyone remember my Fairfax cousins? Lets cruise. Bates? Good luck to all my friends. Thanks MA and POP. Sorry, no More ro Debbie Arduino 37 North Street Newton Ctr Best imes WfMariheth, Liz, Kris, Ca, KF, DM, JH, MC, EC, JF, SG, LS, NC, SR, NJ WXMB, KD, LS. SUE - Hub cap, Flips Parties, AS, NH, Frankie, Kevin, Dave, J gl S: MIKE I'LL NEVER 4- GET U - 5- 1-84: RN, DV, FB, Adams Family A- Z, Italy 85, LC, Bermuda 86-87 S 86 42 David Antonellis 84 Auberndale Ave., W. Newton , Y i miie, 2, A . I Margery Anne Armsby I6 Prescott. Street Newtonville "Daveda, I made orange!!!!" i ...Af it Bernardo Arpino 28 Dana Rd. Newton REMEMBERS EVERYONE ESP. CURT KEV APRIL ROB PAM BARI MICHELE SHARON JIM JOE TJ BRAD TODD TWINS VAL LISA LISA RAZY THERE WERE LINES ON THE MIRROR-SKI TRIP-WELL ITS BEEN REAL AND ITS BEEN FUN BUT IT HA- SEN'T BEEN REAL FUN SO AMF! Michael Ashkouri 24 Westfield Rd. West Newton Thank you Newton North for the great four years! You provided me with a memorable time Sz education. Regards to Ms. Kenny-Hall, Mr. MacDougaII, Mr. Weisbrod and Reaz Khan! I will miss you North!! iellll 'ilu' -4' as Judy Antonellis 84 AIIIJIIFIIQIZIIK' Ave. We-st Newton GRETVHEN, t'HI't'Ii, ALEX. WAYNE C'tJME AND VISIT. TR. HM + RD, NZ + LR. HF + RI.. RT + LD, DA t1A,.lIJ, NB.AIi..lS. BR, VD, NL, GM, YT, Ji!-1.f8t3. IH FROST HEEVES, NH, .IEFF'S TAT, THE FIRM, AV, DC RUSH 4, AEROSMITH, OZZY f 1: .K ,f Martina B. Arndt 78 Pine Grove Ave. Newton Love and Life are two way streets TERRI JUDGE JULES LRK- YEAH! MD-5fl7 6fI5 LE-Il SOC- CER' TINI RORO JW: BK K co. LM, LC-PARTY! JO ELLEN- THANKS! SMILE! YUP. WIERD! MOM Sz DAD: LOVE TO ALL LIFE MUST BE LIVED as 4' Lillian Attardo 46 Lexington, St., W. Newton REMEMBER: MICHELE t'.. MI- CHELE D., MARIA D., PAM B.. BARI K., SHARON P., MATTY NI., ELENA Z., KRISTEN M.. BETH R MICHELE L., NICKY M., ,IHEY D.. DAVID V FRANKIE B., BRIAN V., DIANE D.. .IOHN S KEVIN t'. ENGLISH W.f'MIt"HI'lI.I-I! THANKS TO ALL, HOOD I.I WR' I'LL MISS U! '17 Joshua Berkowitz 114 Shornecliff Rd. Newton Memories . . . Dismantling the Cha- teau, the 7th game, Regesh B'Yav- neh '85 the Volvosg Entenmans 8: Chex, Steph. Powers, Camping out in Beverly Hills Marrakech, Mar- bella, and Mazatlan, Lets go to the salad bar, Bog Mike Sr Dave Mom, Dad, Jonathan, and Jody B. I It Domenico Bianchi 62 Lincoln Rd Nonantum HOCKEY, NEVER FORGET MICH. TO ALL MY FRIENDS, YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE, NEVER FORGET YOU. THANX. LOVE YA LOTS. ELENA FOR Z28, DDCT IF U KNOW WHAT I MEAN 9!20!86. MA, DAD THANX, LOVE YA. MA, CASH! 46 i .II Eric Boemer 14 Mt Ida Terr "The only thing to fear is fearless- ness bigger the weapon greater the fear" I like to run What an experi- ence, what an influence-WHO? No this building! Neds house has food. 3.0- 11.-7 Eric Bernstein 60 Oxford Rd. Newton, NN SENIOR YEAR 86-87 lil with RS DG MM RY "SLUGGER" RE- MEMBER SHOOTS AND GOOD TIMES WITH AM DA RW THANKS FOR EVERYTHING NNTV CC PC GA SC OA BS, LR RB RF MOM AND DAD JJ MG AND G is ffs0"" Pamela Bibbo 17 Kilburn Rd. W. Newton Always Rem. Bari, Shelly, Chelle, Ria, Sha, NM, BV, JD, CD tYou Gotta Luv Itll BA, KP, TF, RS, SS. Camping WfBK "My Bum Will Fit!" Thanx MOM 8a dad "A Sunset Is Not An Ending, But A Pause Be- fore A Fresh Start" Best Of Luck Palmer Crew! "W bw L, x ' VY Mary Bornemann 36 Travis Drive Newton Running down stairsfSUGAR LOAF Budweiser Mtn. Party at my padfW - FIELD Why am I here? Rollerskating on the Charles. SPONTANEITY! "MERKY" I am NOT amused! John, want to race? XcfTrack Riley HC. Thanx JA JO MO EA DM MOUTH I is a COL- LEGE STUDENT now! af'- at I iff ' ,fff , 9 . John Bettencourt Jr. 2271 Washington St., Newton Q: " ...Af John W. Bewick 27 Whitney Rd. Newtonville Newton North was fun. flood Luck everybody. Class of '87 rules. Ven- iem us, Viflehamur, Vincehannis Marching Band Footliall games Jazz- mites Tours Band were all lots of fun. Bye 33 "' nv ,oy .pf x i .is-, Janet Bishop 102 Lenox Street West Newton THANKS TO BF SANDI, LYNDA, REEN, SAN, NAT, EL, Nan C, AD- AMS, BEALS B, SWIM LAX GA- TORS U MASS WKEND LRM DANCES PAUL UR SO SPECIAL 52886 LOVE 8z THANX MOM Sz DAD, ANN, RICK, SHAWN, DOGS, BUTTER. ,I - 5 Craig Blay 54 Evergreen Ave Auburndale ACTIVITIES: FOOTBALL 1 2 Il 4 BASEBALL 1 2 REMEMBERS KEVIN MARK DAVE RUSS FLIP DANNY NICK JIM JOEY BRIAN NEIL ANDY CHRIS L EVAN ED- DIE SOPH MUD PRACTICE FROSH W6I.O DEI, COLIN GAME FILMS CARI. Q75 Kyra Borre 180 Franklin St., Newton I LOVE YOU: JEN - LES - SHIRA - KAREN - SARA JM - SO - KS - ML - NK - DB3 MDMAO! EUROPE, NY, SM - .JUSTINS HOUSE 7, 8 - t59f25l HOW MANY, 59? 10fl8f86 - I'M IN LOVE AGAIN!! "I'VE NEV- ER DONE GOOD THINGS, I'VE NEVER DONE BAD THINGS, I NEVER DID ANYTHING OUT OF THE BLUE" - DB! BYE! GL if S. Maribeth Bourgeois 16 Brookdale Road. Newtonville GOOD TIMES W! DEBBIE, LIZ, CA, KRIS, KN SUE, FRANKIE-B., ELAYNE, LC, TR, G 81 B. I-'H-H5-6. ITALY - 85. TWETTA! TWETTAY. NICKY! ADAMS - FAMILY. BOYS, N, GIRLS, A-Z ESP. KE- VIN. FLIPS PARTIES! BERIXIII- DA 87, JH REM. MO, 86, AH. THANX, MOM. DAD, N - JAY, CR GUYS WE MUST BE MOVING ON! SOX OLDS Q P J' .X f, X Steve Bourland 25 Hancock St. DaHoys, Mirk, Fish, Rust. Dan. Zaf, LOON Zfie, GW. THE CAPE Triple Lindy UG" Soupl Sick bash at VVeb- hersl Rem SLTY JOSH, HOUSE- BOYSY REM U MELISSA, ALL MY LOVE GOES TO MICHELLE! MOM DAD, PETE, DANA REG. you're the best! ge . 52,4 l iv .1 tr, Kathryn Branch 20 Hammondswood Rd. Newton Whenever I see your smiling face. I have to smile myself because I love you - James - I LOVE YOU Rem "the row" esp LS, AW, SS, BF, RC, HS, VS, etc David - HEYY Montreal 'lil' IM SO CONFUSEDYY Thanks Els for being a friend - Youre pretty funny , . . lookinl Thanks M Sz D 3 Nora Brennan KT Vlxrle Street Newtonville Nlx triencls it l could give you one thing l would e you the ability Iu ,ee vt-urst-Ives tt- others see you then you will realize xx hat truly special people you are: 511 thanks to all my triends esp. DH. IDS, hw G SS. Thanks Mom it Dad lill always love ua 164 Karen Boyajian 34 Eldredge St. Newton So long NNHS - Hello FUTURET? Jenx ZZ KB SO - It's HOULI HOUR! LD CG MH PV BC Russ you 2 Lu- cas - wf1EL Vineyard, SUGAR- LOAF - FURRY! LD Imagination is that power of mind by which we transform our world, our lives, and ourselves THANX GS 143 M 81 Dl YU' Thea Brandfon 30 Orient Avenue Newton Ctr. Well tie me to an anthill and smear my ears with jam - Thanks to the- atre God Bless Will Sz Co - KC, MZ tgr friends I'm trying to run the emo- tional gambit from A to U - I'm breathing'? But I find that this real- ly is very advanced work-yudda yudda yudda . . 7 ' Ross E. Brightman 58 Royce Rd. Newton Mike, Ian, Droopy, Sweeney, Duka, Bill. Terry, Garth, Patz, Stage Crew. K.R. "This is one of the places you could die" RP. SEE YOU HEN- ERY - - - Jennifer Brack 90 Fair Oaks Ave. Newtonville FOR ME THIS BOARDWALK LIFES THROUGH YOU OUGHT TO QUIT THIS SCENE TOO MP NG SW ZP WK KS SD AS JV KD DS CM ML DL WHB '86 DOTEOT thanx BS + ESB "OH MY GOD NO" GOOD HARBOR HAPPY Bday NG Thanx MOM DAD + KAREN! 1. Kevin S. Brashears 264 Pearl St., Newton Charles Briskin 150 Newtonville Ave. Newton MA 02158 This is the time to remember Cause it will not last forever These are the times to hold on to Cause we wont although we'll want to Rems- SHAFTY NEFTY ISRAEL Insti Thanx to all who made NNHS bear- able Thanx Grandma, David, Jeff, Mom and Dad Christopher Bracken 6 Rowe St Auburndale JIM, ERIC, BRAD, TODD, KEV, MIKE, PAT, BOB JOE, DAVE, RAZY RAY, TOM, LI. VD. AB. BA. ML PB. SS. DB. DS. 2 MEXICO. SKI TRIPS. GAME. CHARIOT, LIMMY MOBILE. THE GOAT RAZYS FIRES, BUDTREE, GEEK!! PALMER, MPAC. SMD . xp f fit I I David tBreb Brecher 91 Hillside Ave. West Newton Remembers: The Regulars: RH ST. MG BQ JB RG KD FM KA Flip BC NH EG HL HJ AS JS BV MA JD DW Rest of Adams A-Z Summer 86 N.Y. Flips Russels Toga Fri + Sat Niight Pats games JB's car You kill mel Lax MC DA Jess Thanx Mom + Dad Good Luck class 87 lvl may N., Jonathan S. Brody 302 Highland Ave., W. Newton l Nw Jonathan Brooks 53 Bishopsgate Rd. Newton Centre Remember that time flies when your'e having fun! BHC-86-87 with Davey E and Johnny C NNHS Ping Pong club with co-prez Dave M SC ES -Don't call me He-Man! vw' Kimberly Bussey 185 Chapel St. Newton Tracy, Jen, Titi, Peter, RD, FC, LC ' S. AF, SR, KM, MJ, S 8: KO, BK, SA, KH, JB, RM + TD, KM, MC, MM, MA, CH, MR. T, NY, CC, in the rain, MUSI-Il Eh? Hey Babe! Put the lid on it! What Trace, you're pregnant?! Baby Bubba, All my love to Jason! Thanks Mom 8: Dad Briana Cahill 122 Monadnock Rd. Newton LYN-ILYTSC AND CATH: THE 3 MUSKATEERS, SUE, JEN-A Weekend At The Nudist Colony- BARPI KB, SO - WOO - WOO 8a TEMP. MH, DN, and all others. LAX-SUZ I MISS YOU MUCH LOVE AND THANKS - TED, MOM, DAD and SIBLINGS! DON'T FORGET: WHEREVER YOU GO THERE YOU ARE Good Luck BL, SD, AW 'I Derek Brown 7 Remick Terrace Newton REMEM: EVANS - ROLL TO THE ROCK, ROCK TO THE ROLL, MALCOM WK. LONG HO, ZIP- AH HA HA, APH-HEY BABY, BILL BEWARE OF BART, JD, JN, BRIAN-HOMEROOM, DRINK, DAMN, DAMN, DAMN, YO, YO, YO, ARUMPH, THE GAME I ,I ,U .I v , I , . tk ', L 'Y . ei 1 B , n - . Terri-Ann Brown 91 Tonawinba St., Dorchester 'U Frank Butera 97 Dalby St. Newton Best of Times w1Lance, David R. David V. MIKE, Debbie, Rob, Mari- beth, Kristin, "GONE" Summer 86' fltalyl Going to the Beach "Wind Burn" Hi cuz Nickey Dianna-Oct 1986 Q Nadia E. Caines 139 Selden St. Dorchester THANKS, MOM FOR YOUR HELP ADVICE LOVE THANKS DAD FOR YOUR ENCOURAGE- MENT I'LL NEVER FORGET GOOD FRIENDS MM SP JR AF KK SM SL GP ID FRIENDS ARE LIKE DIAMONDS PRECIOUS BUT VERY RARE ALL MY LOVE TO . RED SOX SUMMER OF 86 CLEAVELAND CIRCLE 8131186 613186 617186 riff Michael Butera 26 Elm Street West Newton Landscaping Good Luck In The Fu- ture To Rob Dave Victor JC TA FB NM BV JD RJ DA CG MB CB SA DV JL Gondolla Brothers Life is a Beach 86 Give it the stump! Good Times in TA 86 Ft. Lauderdale 87 Never Forget Leah Thanks For Ev- ery Thing Mom Dad Mia Rosanna Caira 4 Annapolis Rd. W. Newton Best wishes to the locker row-Some- times people change, not good or bad they just change. Chris ' As soon as forever is through, I'll be over you ' Exact-Heavy Metal Gods! Laurie, you beat me 11-10e85l Kevin CWOWJ Anyways, All my luv Jess, Sean, HS, JB, LL, JR, ST ll-we Robert W. Burkinshaw II 11 North St., Newtonville T in sr Janet L. Byrnes I9 Park Place Newtonville Always remember good times w1Lisa, Meg, Kim, NB, DB, KS, MG, EJ, MF, AS, DS, AP, Ldg. Crew "Ya Think So?" IQ Carl "Always have a dream and believe it will come true. Strive to make it happen in everything you do," Good-Luck to all. L. 41' Q, John Caissie 848 Warertown St. West Newton Rememba-Mexico-86, Cape Cod Summa-85 + 86 cruisln down JuIcy's on weekends, Late night ac- tivity's-22 Praire Ave, super sun- day's ova my bro's Oneil's class-Yik, Osci, DM, RF, RC, DB-West New- ton locals and Stairway 4 PUNKS 165 13? N s 9 U I K..- N K Anthony Calcagni 18 Gay Street Newtonville Rem Good times with Ken, Dave, Mike, and all the other- guys sum- mer oi' "SG" what a blast school hus up the Cape heach party the shed at Kens house what a Party house New Hampshire this summer high school is over for us thank god, mom 81 dad for everything! Grieg Cashman 2611 Cherry St W. Newton I Love Chum tLump Logl, Tanny Moto, Cow Wielder, Uppity Brian, Momy Ramda Ball wielding Ogre, Spike, Rama Giesh Baby must in- gest fist. Rueberrie is a slum lord. Attack Attack Ha Ha Ha AAAAARG. Boo Kou RPM, Bahja in the Chevette. 148 Cadish St Noy Cindy Chao IT Otis St. Newton l'hil I cherish every minute we are together cuz you are my inspiration and my endless love. Remember: KW PX PSY IO DY. Special thanks to Janet Schuster who taught mea lot. RH I Am glad I got to know you. Thanks hlom + Dad. Kw IWARSO 8.3 ATCI'WIJ'I' Ibb 'Q if Angela M. Caruso 22 Gilbert Street West Newton I shall pass through this world but once If therefore there be any kind- ness I can show or any good thing I can do let me do it now for I shall not pass this way again SPECIAL THANKS TO MY FAMILY Maura, Ski All of my Love to Franco 7f27f86 Seav Kea tToml Chang 10 Terrace Ave. Newton Highland yt. ,Qs 'Q William Chase 131 Auburndale Ave. W. Newton Remember the good times at North. Larry's '72 o's, "Micky", Clank-man "Death", Neil-man, Gus, Todd "Guido" Glen, Mark and his FZ, Kelly, Kevin Tom, Joanne, Bill, Thad, Ben, John, Sara "The search for Ali continues" --9 Maria Caruso 113 Sheridan St. W. Newton "LIFE IT SEEMS WILL FADE AWAY DRIFTING FARTHER EVERYDAY." GOOD LUCK TO EVERYONE, ESPECIALLY, TINA, CAROL, MANDI, JENNY. I'LL NEVER FORGET ALL THE GREAT TIMES WITH JAY, 2f10f86. THE LOCKER ROW :Ox Tzu-Ching Chang 50 Barbara Rd., W Newton 'lf . i . K Andrew Chen 45 Pleasant Street West Newton FEELING THE SUBTERRA- NEAN HOMESICK BLUES BE- HIND THE WALL OF SLEEP AT A CELEBRATION MAKING THE STAND IN THE LAND OF CON- FUSION. RUN AWAY! NO ONE EXPECTS THE SPANISH IN- QUISITION!!!! AND NOW FOR SOMETHING COMPLETELY DIFFERENT . . . TH-TH-TI-lAT'S ALL FOLKS! Ellen Carvelli 21 Crescent Street W. Newton HOLD ON TO YOUR DREAM IT MAY SEEM FAR AWAY, BUT YOUR DREAM WILL COME TRUE SOMEHOW-SOMEWAY. MEMORIES: JD, BV JW, JP BEALS, DUDE! KIMBER, JENN SCOOB! DI, MICH, JAN, KB BSM, DS, MA + SSG FLA, NY ITALY m - f, ,Q K 'K 1 Koke Gogh Chao 9 Circuit Ave. Newton Highlands Wow! What's an odyssey! I wish I meet Einstein to thank for its exqui- siteness. Give me IUEI-1X2 and I will turn you GUTS. I want to thank my favorite gal Ms. PHYSICS. I thank those who's put me through hell. What else can I say Einst, I'm glad I meet ya! X John Chen 1400 Commonwealth Avenue West Newton Smash the Group, Flotsam 81 Dio- nysus, remember root RG. Fiske, warped, track USSR bus seats, 4 years my God! Allison, have FUN, thanks 8a run. Dave, ciao baby! THEORY: NNHS + I 2 LIFE... FACT: NNHS + 1 2 LIFE - KE - VERITAS. I suggest to you it's obvious! t Steven Chernoff 3 Wauwinet Rd. Newton 1 "Life is just a candle and a dream l must give it flame." Remember: I Dan, Jandy, Tippy, Jeefrye, Dave fmushl, John lbird-manj, ASF. , Frederick de la France, Gotlib, Gast f on, MEOW! RUSH is sublime. SK j C'So nice . . ."I Skiing and guitar I rule. What if . . .'? 9 I 1: fu, -I il I i 1 il fi :I 1? .I 'I in I! Shannon Ciccone fi 105 Fair Oaks Ave. Newton gQRemembers-BE DD KL SY SS CB I QQNL The Best years ahead to Marg 8: 1liDave. And a great life ahead to my zfnephew Bobby. Good luck to Jay in Efhis future thanks to my parents I ,Ilove ya mom and dad. ALL MY if LOVE TO STEVEN 6!7!86. 1 f Fred Clarke it 470 Waverly Ave. Newton IIREMEMBER-HMPHXUNDECISL E!! VEIFRIENDSHIP Think about the f Ifsun, Pipp in Think about her golden Qllglance How she lights the world up 3Well, now its your chance With the liguardian of splendor inviting you to fidance Pippin, Think about the JUSIIIVSQII love you Mom + Dad Q3 A 5. 1411 I I Gary Chiasson Elizabeth L. Chinian Sun H. Choe 100 Fessenden St Newtonville Rem. Summer 86 Good times at the Palace Nights at Revere Beach! The Cape wfKirk Linda, Nat, Sandra, Kristen Tradewinds THE COMET Nicks w!Ridge 81 .IB FM, KD KISS Concert Skiing wfMax Leo, Mugs, CB ADAMS COM. Lifting DOM Ft. Lauderdale the Great One Daniel Civetta 61 Green St. Newton Ben C. Cogan 79 West Pine Street Auburndale Graphic Arts, Moto-X ARMY 34 Walden St. Newtonville Well guys it's over but it.'s just the begining Luck and Lots of Love to everybody A-Z esp Maribeth Saba Debbie Carey Sue Thanx Neil! Flips EDLREGS and MAMB sox Cheer- leading 86 GOLD CARDS! So many of them so few of us Thanx Mom Dad and Bros 4-UKKF.. I ff I af Brian P. Claflin 20 Dexter Rd., Newtonville 900 Moody St., Waltham Bryan Clancy 224 Cherry Street West Newton Golf Team-Junoir Year-Champr ons. Golf Team-Senior Year-Cap- tain-Best times with EQ, NR, MB. After Graduation I hope to attend the Univ. of South Florida, majoring in Business Admin. Looking for- ward to playing golf year round on "The Claw". Ann E. Cohen 50 Court St. Newtonville '03 Deirdre Cohen 18 Rochester Rd. Newton WORDS CANT DESCRIBE IT- MEL CARL JEN JUDE SI-IAR LIS JN DA MA JB WC - - - YOU GUYS MADE IT ALL WORTH WHILE! ALWAYS REM PARTIES AT MELS! SKIING ANYONE7! AI.- WAYS REM STEVE-WHERES THE BACON7 LIVE EACH DAY FOR ALL ITS WORTH!! LOVE YOU MOM DAD PERRI GOOD- BYE GC 15. if . '. 'ie 'P "2 Lisa Beth Cohen 171 Fairway llriye West Newton soccer, skiing-Loon, EFX Rachel, Maya 1,isii1J.-wfa wudge, MHt't1Dt' RWAGLK MRDOPV TIJNHGD celebrate-shehsheh in ai big way '... SHOWER THE PEOPLE YOU LOVE Vl'f'l,OVE SHOW THEM '1'HEWAY'l'HA'1'YOU FEE1.-JTI l.OVEYUl11Xl.I1,t' + D V 1, . .I if , J' 1 if , -V 1 - v 1 if I Nl. j -Uh - Wie", A .-Z in Catherine Collier 159 Prince Sl. W. Newton From chilClhood's hour l have not been As others wereg 1 have not seen As others sawg l could not bring my passions from a common spring Love to the 2 other muskateers RFLP weekend at the nudist colony SS, ll' Slls, liris,Sl1SANNAH, DA, MA mommy + daddy 15 1 1 1' if . Lisa Helaine Cohen 571 Commonwealth Ave Newton Centre "Take each day as it comes, but don't let life pass you by." Always remember good friends: Janet, Meg, Kim, EJ, KS, NB, DS, DB, AP, MF, AS, WK, Nt1,ZP, SW, MG, AM, RP, Lodge crew summer '85' A-nersl PARTY THANX MOM AND DAD Marisa Colella 196 Chapelst. Newton Friends will come and friends will go but true friends stay til the end We've had some great X's guys. thanx Karen you're the bestl Special times Wfmy SLQ if you're lost you can look and you will find mel time after. Love to Fabio, RA PROM 8611 Michele Comiskey 12 Sherman Pl. Auhurndale Those Rare and Wonderful Mo- ments That All of lls Have Shared, That Warm and Friendly Feeling That Cannot He Vompared - El, Di, Jenn, Kim K Kris, ThanxfMt', DA, TF, Di, KH, MP, JH ETC FLO 85 BER HT-MARK, l'll Always Love You 10-121785 Thanx Mom 62 Family ,--5 it Kara Connolly 34 Cummings Rd., Newton Ti Natalie Corsi 40' "' s X R1 Kevin D. Cottens 5112 .Allll1tvI1X'illl'tlf' Newtonville 12 Colonial Ave., Nm-Ke-r 1getriiivoin-esp.l.yn.SanN 111-ini 'lhiinks tor exerything you :f11'.- l.1lX 'Ya' llvnisc flips, Vhrs, . lfun lliltvs xx' ANFV "Yu know llliwli l'11 iilxuiigs lout von" Ni-xer 1or,f-I a1'fht gj4nulNli:1ll1ll11t's Your btisfH'll.1lIliX!11.1111ltfuilslxllhltilll - v K 1Jaflt1' tmoil lin k exi-rxoiie 163 Newtonville ,Q 'Q ' 1 ,Il . il' 'Vi i . . ,. Jason M. Cox 44 Harvard St, Newtonville Fill it up MUSH1 NNHS Maximum prison Don,t you have this block free? I LOVE YOU KIMY Thanks Mom Sz Dad Stay frosty everyonel What? Grow up, neverl Take off eh June 6 now K: know Baby Rub Hey where are my sunglasses? AIR- BORNE Hey Babe Thanks Ms Schnell ,.-gn li Scott Colella 13 Cook St Newton GOOD BYE EASY LIFE FLY NAVY GOOD LUCK CLASS OF 87 HATE TO LEAVE Tl' li Nancy Connolly 1471 Centre St. Newton Always Remember Buffy + Ellen JBSBSMLR MSLSNCl-lW-TYF- BAF Swimming Training Crystal '86-PTG Thanks Bud! it was a party! what does messed up mean? Dont feel threatened by the future, take life one day at a time. I'm going to miss ya. Thanx to the rents T.,.I Leanne Coyle 12 Marlboro St. Newton Corner Summer parties! Venus? Boo-psssl KRMM, JL, PF, RD, JS, LG, MA, JO, TL, tLC11, EW, Ff' Pepper. Pop- tarts. Kiss my PF! C of MI. 100S. Closed jackets. Ground Round. Scrambled eggs. Roof rides. Theo- ries. Pink bunny rabbit. Everything Is Beautiful. Never will they crumble. fi Pia Nicole Cradle 30 Lodge Rd West Newton Warren, Adams, College Volleyball, Gymnastics, Track l-4 Mom thank you for being there good luck in school I Love You and l'll miss you. MF, KP, LS. Errol E. l Love You and you will always be special to me. Wendy have fun, l'l miss youll! ff' it ' in ., '- . 1: ' .t 'K Y 'X 9 if ' ' f - ,gV, ,, is . Q --.. Usa. I' rf William Crowley 77 Kirkstall Rd Newtonville lf we couldn't laugh we'd all go in- sane, Newtonite HS Tennis thanks Mom, Dad and whole staff summer is forever with the gang 4 people l could depend on KT SH JA SK FL a great pleasure in life is doing what others say you can't do Sharon Dalicandro 299 Auburndale Avenue Auburndale Remember: Good times with Rose Teresa Carol Stacey Diana Michelle Ellen AB AS JD NM BV KA KD JT KP JA FM KD KF AA WM SR TS DA MB Bob Segar "86" Senior Trip Bermuda "87" Good luck class of "87"l I Brian Cronin 354 Waltham Street Newton Flip-flap, flip-flap, across a frost covered field, on a cold autumn morning. Running along, mile after mile, in a greyhound effortless fash- ion. As far as l'm concerned this feeling is the only honesty and real- ness in the world. Florencia Lockers The EDGE 'V wi vr,,,,...,, Rhonda Nicole Croxen 27 Bradshaw St. Dor, Hey Tee we made itl Thanx Mom dz Dad X-thanx to Mrs. Jackson Re- member good times with TB, SL, DR, LA, RT, JOY hang in there! l will miss some but for now l'm good to go!! 5fl4f86, l1Zfl8f85, 5fl7f86. G.L I LOVE DARRENYYYY img .1 t. Kristin Dalton 44 Arapahoe Rd. W. Newton Remember the best of times wf the best of friends-esp. SR, HR. MB, DA, DM Adams A-Z ltaly-85-Nic. Lor, Ema- NJ wf my good friends. Whatl7 Thanx 4 everything M + D + Karen 4-Eva Kim- to everyone 1 did not mention l Luv Ya you're not forgotten-CIAO!! 9 wx E Reginald D. Crowder 35 Webster St., W. Newton ' ' M . . a t ' 7 as is f 7,-'X V .wi A-Bath X I 4 is if Christopher Cushing S6 C u S hh 118 Withington Road Newtonville Remembers NN, RS, FM, JV, JU, AS, and Whispers. Everybody has lo deviate from the norm - N. l'eart Good luck to all my friends, the peof ple at Straws, Thanks mom and dad, l finally made it. 'Q T1 Kendra Anne Daly 333 Cabot St. Newton Anne B Nance Lil Ann + Mar Nora + Dee LY Sandy Tara ADMFSS JTSLSS ANGMS + ASDVDVJ SL + MK ESP AS MONKEES SLBGS + GWC Wonder Triplet Power a fop SOCCER 1 2 3 4 Ftizxflloii- THANKSY VYO Vheer + Softball BB + FC' All My Love + Thanks To MOM + DAD-BRENDA AN TJ GOOD LUVK TO ALLYTHAT WAS THEN THIS IS NOWY 5 L. Q Ii, 1. lf Ri ,C 0 .xi Y' 4 4, , s-Jn 1: Q51 "' . , 1 chard Crowley 123 NVQ-stland Ave Xl' Nt'VViti never for get be-aglc mano uppitx itll an,chuni,g H, 1 ' rari road reg h iininond pond lui lttlt mph axe wound ist seagul patrol at hull liolrlog ki kapy spitballs inaid requests board in-past + future squircll in the mailbox make it spit your im some H cadish hull Hflfiftilt MV, 31195, Q John D'Agostino 191 Lin Landsca good tim wood Avenue Newtonxille es with all friends Yh RN, MB, FB, LA. MIB, JK' Lou y 1 lf 1.511 rm neinbers the summer t 1 special thanks to Mom it Dad A family Lisa R Darvic-he 43 Schofield llr. Newton lJoesn't ltgypt belong tot lt-op uit Melts-house uhoh' Yull Ituiil 'Nu genudg win' ' ' V k wink A tu ii li tt Lisa t nogups, t-irl talk ting.: x i says bananas-bt-st' llrt-gun. li ixtl , . see the world X11-ll,t Xil Xllx .lFl,X'KHl'K lit". 1 ' . X 'Xlirklluxl Xl' Thanksllayid1-'JfI'tl,oxf'NoiifXl ri llad .lane K Nlikif ping, remembers all the I DX ,.. H71- Robert David D'Attilio IUJSH Beacon Sl. Newton Ctr lboocles + llooclets whats happen- ing'? The question is mute Metal. Skiing, Football, partying, lt was a blast so any ways---that was funny. All good friends, wish you the best, never forget you. "lt your gonna die, die with your boots on' ',,. forget about itll" 913-r ' JV., ..?1.' fl- ' . 1 f WH , '3"'liKf f Ag, g,gg,,f,fg., pg'v 'lg 'x1,,1.+Z'r' ., 14,5 ,Ky M, , Airliner, wffjkp w' Br' ' -0752 Roland Davis 61 Westhourne Rd. Newton Centre Where's the Jag manl Take off ehl Kathleen: PetergChester1Jen1Julieg Oh no! She's got a bowwowl Canada ehl Fred, Claireg Ursulag Leanneg Lindsayg Heyl Would ya get me some velamintsl Liz: Stephg Johng NedgAdam3Martina1Eric'gLK,LMg MQ, SD. And so it begins. Susan Antonia Demers So llrirrlner Street Arlington Nl:-iiiivriif--tioorl times everywhere with lil., It', IXIJK. MYK, MS, CC, All, JNI, fXIl'. and others. Never for- ,gel Trail:-r l'artv' Feb 6-45, Motel par- ty Ort NT- and all the best parties 86- WT. llower ol HTH Thanks for ext-rytliiug. MUNI, IJAIJ, and -IR. Ilfif' BYE 170 -of Michael Davidson 205 Mill St. Newtonville CHICAGO BOSTON FRIENDS HAPPINESS Jane Dawson 868 Watertown St W. Newton Remember ..... the Alamo Andrea R. De Paola 62 Evergreen Avenue Newton Mass ALWAYS REMEMBER: RENEE JOANNE JANET "WHAT A TRIP" JENNIFER ANDY TOM JOHN "DUCKIES" 6-27-86 ' "LOOK" CONCERT WXRM JARD 9-1 TFTSTW SITMICI 6-6 ITS A TIE KA CB LS NB CP AH KB JB LABOR DAY-86 "NO I DONT FEEL SO GOOD" MARK THANKS FOR BEING THERE LOVE YOU MOM 8: DAD Sharra Lee Davidson 23 Exmoor Road Newton Centre "We knew we'd look back on our tears and laugh but who knew we'd look back on our laughter and cry?" Big Chill wkend wfvlude Dave Mike Will-you got a friend! Sun. night parties! MSBL + LMDCJG MOAWSW-GBY-SOXMYWEI LUV U Mom Daddy Amy Kr Marc! si- xfg' Joanne Decina '73 Dalby Street Newton All my love to Mom Sz Dad. Thanks for everything, The arrival of Kenny . . . "I Love You Sweetheart" Kim Rosa FD LP Sr SD DL 8a ST YS PD Muffin Cutlass Prom 86 Baby To's "Lucky" TFT Paris 26 Hamton 86 Brooks 2f2.5f84 Love You Joey "Time Will Reveal" Joseph DeRubeis 66 James Street West Newton "Be not afraid of life, believe that life is worth living and your belief will help create the fact." MC Lax 3- 4 Golf. REM-3!18, 23f86 Nick ouse, snife Bri "Gimme a dozen roses" Back off Riz. Class of "87" Good luck to all my friends. Thanks Mom, Dad, A 8a S X I f Helene K. Davis 62 Rowe St., Boston Thomas DeMeo 68 Woodbine Street Auburndale REM: Renee, John, Mark, Dave POS W Scott, JC, AD, JD, BR, LUMPY, MQ, ETC . . .Great times in Florida, 10-11-Thanks for lunch BOB, Only a dollar, Why you haf do that, 96 in a 55 Rl, SKIS, WAP BB and the 5th tee, MACHO NACHO, Many house parties Thanks you Mom and Dad. Y f? Fabia DeSantis 46 Parsons Street W. Newton TGIMII To live happy is to love God Believe in Him-he's real. My family Thanx Pam, yur awesome 5th daughter. G-luck Diane, YDTBI I love ya Johnn U too Nancy. Sum- mer 86fCape Me Pam N's Trip. La- Bel Age. "Mr. C. We had gym" LL JD. All my luv 8a more to Mom Dad JS fl Kevin Devereaux 22 Owatonna St. Newton REM: FM, DS, KA, BQ, JB, MG, RH, DB, MB, DA, AF, LM, JL, RG, JB, MP, FLIPS HOUSE EZ RIP- PER: LAX, LINA, DUCK 12 FIRM 6, RUST, SUMMER 86, THE CA- NOE, THE MONSTER, GOOD TIMES AT REDS, UNCLE TOOKY, THANKS MOM, DAD, LA z. Hof lx Simon DeYoung 10 Washington Pk. St. Newtonville Thanks for a great time folks . . 1987 rules all . . . To Judge, Laura, Mat, and all the rest of my friends, my great thanks . . . David keep anti- mushing. SLT again . . . the great DeFore team Jen + Sarah, thanks. . . N. Hatem-the walking sports page. . . All be cool. You FROSH J - John Alfonso Devito 140 Adams Street Newton Remembers Mannoool, Greg, The Flying Chinaman i"DRILL!"j, Maz- zola's class, Dom, Nick, Mike, Tim, Italian Exchange '87-Ellen, Su- sanne, Jean, Michelle Sz Maria. Thanks to all my friends who have been therefor me and special thanks to Mom gl Dad. Diana DiBona 204 Adams St. Newton Remembers-SC BE All the good times with the gang from DD The LAKE ifl Always cruising in the T- bird with Shannon good luck class of"87' we made it. Michelle DiMambro 14 Burton Ave. Newton IF I COULD REACH UP AND HOLD A STAR FOR EACH TIME YOU MAKE ME SMILE AN EN- TIRE EVENINGS SKY WOULD BE IN THE PALM OF MY HAND Luv 4 all MVBFS-Sha Shelly Pam Bari. Party my house?-Ray OUA polo sha! Guys Q Palma. X change. Tab Sp'brk. Crzy 4 UPC. Thanx + Luv Ria + Family Orlando Di Mambro 170 Oakleigh Rd. Newton Surely U cant B serious? . . . But Im not Havn a Cow! Spark-math? I wonder? eeya luv u moo Adria-PS in 10 Ohya? 4 + more Whats on your mind? Karen-Goose Hunting I fliped it fell out! Zaf-'? SLUT rem Lafayette 2 thing in life 2 Bud Bof Josh-another Party? Umy Budi Sz Tri Lams SWASMR EWRSAJ icZKZ wal-Iapn V, Ib -- A g, gi , xx , t ,- Q 1. . ag. ' Jennifer Devore 28 Ash St. Auburndale Ifyou want to sing out, sing out And if you want to be free, be free Cause there's a million things to be -CAT STEVENS fapple juice, peachyl Re- member that I love you guys! SL, LH, ST ITWEETYJ, MOM, DAD, JOHN SS SS SS SSS SS S SS SSS SSS SS SSS SS SS SS SSSS Joseph M. Dibona 204 Adams St., Newton Leslie DiMella 12 Garden Rd. Newton Soooo much love to Jen, Kyra, Shira, Karen, Jen F 8a P! Mom, Dad, Duck-I wouldn't have made it wfout your support. AD SB JM NUMMY?-PIGS 8: PLITS-CN- TAKE THE RISK!-ENOUGH WITHE VNP's-SOUR APPLE BLOW POPS-OK, SO I'VE LOST ALL THE BETS. Oh well, away we go . . . TOODLES! ff' -'C Abraham Dewing 117 Moulton St. Newton Lower Falls Belgrade 85, London HIS, 62 hopefully DC dc VT 87. "Are you serious'?", "Beat this!", "I feel the need for speed!" "Harsh!", Van Halen, Camp for 4-It's "Miller" time, Heartbeat. HH Rem: EB, Soxs, Celts, Pats. En- joy life . . in Maria DiMambro 14 Burton Ave Newton GOOD TIMES AINT WE LUCKY WE GOT THEM! PAM, SHARON, BARI. PALMER! NICKY, BV, JD, BA, KP, CD, KM, SS, KC, EX- CHANGE SG, EC, JD, WHAT WOULD I DO WITHOUT YOU MICHELLE! THANX DIMAM- BROS! LOVE YOU MOM Sz DAD! 'Pt v Sabatino DiMeo 20 Wildwood Rd Medford, THE TIME HAS FINALLY COME TO SAY GOODBYE TO ALL MY- FRIENDS. I CAN THE NEW SUNRISE ABOVE THE HORI- ZON. NEVER FORGET AT LAKE PEARL. SOCCER-4 PRES. Jr. NAD. REMEMBER GOOD TIMES WITH MY BUDDIES TONY. GREGG, TOM. SW. THANKS TO MOM AND DAD, I LOVE YA. 'AI Jeremy Ditelberg 49 Woodchester Dr Chestnut Hill POOF! Dave, so many pedestrians, so little time. Remember the hat, the duck and lpanicl the M-factor. YOW! Fiske-Dionysus rules! Also hi to Jocelyn, Ed, Eric and Mary. Track pilgrim-pain is so good . . . except Otis! Life is great hut I get Rio anyway. Allison Stark Draper 18 Belleuve Street Newton, Human speech is like a cracked tin kettle on which we hammer out tunes to make bears dance when we long to move the stars. ---- tThe fascination of the abomination lwhose eyes smell of the sound of raini I love you anyway, are you smiling? A - - tNever say diell Susan E. Dusseault 21 Leonard Avenue Newtonville tf Szxiiiiiiiiiig-llOfl3 Y. Skiing-so cold' Yoirrc hleecling. Pituitary: Ilo- nnits + l,l772i1 l,arrv, the killer tomaf to: Ylfl'1SlClDSB: Windows, Mango on the 'lf ijt-ch + Lionel are deadg iJon't t .t iX"'T'l12IIl'IRltJ-iil'lE'Ui-iJl'lXS- ics Hoi ii. Make up the data!3 Alum Tiff f, -s + lilljlllipy 173 'Q Edward A. Diver 206 Church St., Newton ,o.oiR AVS- Amy Drew 77 Bourne St.. Newton, "NONE IS SO RICH AS TO THROW AWAY A FRIEND." MAR TIFF SHAR ANN BOB TIM JEN KD ME RS MB AS AZP + C THE SISTERS SPANISH + Co. THE MONKEES SOCCER SUMMER '86 "I'M A BELIEVER TOO.', THANKS DREWS!! 'YJ Beth Edwards 138 Waban Avenue Newton Love to all my friends and our mem- ories. Thank you Shannon for our friendship. Best of luck to Patti. "Once I loved you, sometimes I miss you, always I'll care for you never will I forget you." Nicky you're the best. Thanks Mom and Dad 4? I I Sean Doherty 15 Roberts Ave. Newton To all you party animals out there, Kev, Jas, Justin, Jess, Heath, RC, LL, DD, BK, JR, Screw you, this Buds for me, So anyways, I wish you all the bestg Parties while rents are away, thanx Ma + Dadg "If it wasnt for bad luck Id Have no luck at all", CATCH YA LATA! Ellen Drew 19 Cloelia Terrace Newtonville Track 1 2 3 4 Cheer 4. Friends come an go but memory remain Thanx for dealing wfme Buff Stac Nanc Lib Every else A-Z Brian All I needed to know about Love is how to love and be loved in return, I LOVE YOU ALWAYS AND FOREVER Thanx Mom 8: Dad Thanx Bud Sorry BC Matthew P Ehrlich 403 Walnut St. Newton, Mr. Teapot, Mr E Meat and Bastle Day Amsterdam, scissor fighting, "My Mother was killed by a bagged lunch!" It's a lovely life, peachy! "Tessa, look at the waiter!" DOWN- TOWN "Coffee'? with Matthew?" and all my love to Lianna, my moth- er and Deb, my twin. Thomas Downey 20 Breamore Rd., Newton "So what do you want to do tonite?" DO THE BIRD! Never stop the ac- tion. BEST OF LUCK T0 ALL OF YOU! My, oh my wer'e having some fun now. Ya right. THANX MOM DAD FAMILY + FRIENDS! So, ah its over and I got that going for me.. . which is nice. HAPPY TRAILS r 1 I X J Joseph Dubroff 116 Jewett St., Newton 'L Adrienne Embry 85 Tolman Street West Newton Good x's wf: Kim, Jody, Karen, Lara REM:: RMM MR AR MBCK KB + Liz, J + F, R + T dwfoal fres + senyr. x's IQ my hse. + Lara's-I WCT! '86 wfKim C24 hrsj WAF AB, pk yrns, "Adonis" Love to myl friends + ESP. MOM for giving me I all the 2d chances I didn't deserve -I i coulnt have made it wfout U! David Estrada 17 Copley St Newton Poof! And she turned into a bat!!!! Not by the hair of my Cheny Chen Chen Fiske Can I borrow your pen- cil???? So much BS so little time. Chris, Brooks, Hassan, Ree cut Bio, PLAGUE!! Bad time for A question but "What's going on??" By the way I get Rio!!! Jonathan Evans 15 Elmhurst Road Newton THANKS MOM AND DAD WILL ALWAYS REMEMBER GREAT TIMES WITH DEREK, APH, ZIP, BILL, BRUCE, MW, JD AND JEN, THANKS FOR BEING THERE! MR. T FAMILY, ENGLAND TOUR? HURUMPH! ME AT WAG ON NUMBER ONE! I GOT ONE. Leslie Falchuk 86 Clements Rd. Newton Live from day to day and dream about tomorrow, EW MB BV TL LK JL DM LM AS MR SW KL, I LUV U ALL! Di's House, midnight swim? Bahamas! FUN-L, Dizzy? 3! Cheerleading "86,' THANX MOM + DAD, you're the greatest! Scotty U R my best friend! I LUV U 'vvt Beth Farrell 11 Richards Circle West Newton We can drive ourselves so far apart til the world gets in between before we know the distance we lose sight of our dreams-the wonder of it all is we survived friends never failed to keep us going, keep us alive. THE ROW ski trips FLA Sz MEX! I love u mom Xa dad. Ian Edward Fellows 55 Farlow Rd. Newton Ma. THIS IS TO ALL MY FRIENDS: KENNY AND KEN WILLI STE- PHEN SLOB JULIE DAVID JOHN fTO MOM AND DAD THANKS, I DON'T THINK I COULD'VE BEEN BORN WITH- OUT YOU! TO THE SEAT IN THE JACUZZI TO IGNATZ AND HIOBS! DON'T FORGET MUSH HALF O THIS GAME IS 9075 MENTAL 1987 'VS Lara Fayner 90 Hancock St. Newton G 8a B X's wf Karen, Joody, Adonis Kr Kim. Rem: DVMC SWDA KDE- GAH. John dz SR. "The Fence" Fresh, Sz Soph. yr. 3 15 85. Jr Sz Sr yr. wkends my 8z A's-"If Walls Could Talk." Tiger 82 85 I LUF! AL oA? J "RTC" DT-Thanx-to my family Sz friends esp. Mom Sz Dad M 8: S Anthony tFlipJ Filippone 435 Highland St. Newton REMS: Claf, Neil, Rich, Harry, Evan, MGKD FM, BQ, EL, RH, AS, DB, MA, St, HJ, CB, "KEEP THE FAITH" Thanks Coaches. Never forget football. Wrestling? ALL MY LOVE TO BECKY-5!17f86 Thanks Ma and Jim BRUCE-ELVIS It all went like a good keg-too fast. F 11 "F f Carel Pieter Featherston 6 Forest Ave. W. Newton Rems: Jeff JR Ian DC RW Phil MS AG IF KK CP DN JS RW JS Jant Dante BC fagan at Loonff-ball for brewfc-med Tennis!peugot!Paul Tracy tbWDfY-daysf76 R Old S.lRor V + CkfsailingfThanx Mom Pop Toon MAG Marie Farrar I2 Kimball Terrace Newtonville The wonderful thing about memo- ries is they never spoil no matter how long you keep them. Best til Luck to all my friends: Wen, Flea, Mitsy, Ann, Dra, Mar, Amy, Shar, Nan, Lil, Niki, Sullie Good luck Class of 87 Thanks MOM 81 DAD -Kr FAMILY If Jan-Marc Featherston 6 Forest Ave. W. Newton REMS Dant. JN JR DC RP PG BC DN RW TK ES BG Nutty at Loon Club Med Riley Tree Dan's condo 29E + 81E S.H. w!DF, JN, JR + Carlot Summer of '86 WXPM, TP, CP Hights, Y-days, R + Coke WEGPN The Gate, Rumors, sailing the CD27 to M.V. Thanks Mom and Pop 'Qi Jennifer Fine 59 Hyde Ave. Newton Train!4 Mel, Kare, Carla-Its furry! LJ PT GOMR. Vine yard. Kback gl 4th: C sideways Min your face. Beefy chicken! Who is it? not now im doing the dishes! Zig Tigers 87 Roadtrip! Hi Ev wherever ur NBW, your the only 1 I missed who had 2 miss "H ED. . . IS IT A CRIME? XOOXOXOX 'UN t - -in 3' I . I Daniel Warren Finegold 64 Hillside Ave W. Newton RUSTY FISH MIRK STU ZAF JOSH FLO TJ DAVE YANT CAR, LO AND ESPECIALLY JILL LK KZ SPARKY COURTYARD KEGS WALLIES ZIPPER HEADS MAD- BALLS MUSCLE 9E SIE THE BEAMER SOCCER SICK SKIING I HOPS NUTTY FAGAN SIVK ACKIES HOTROD BOBD GW THANKS M + D H- GOODNIGHT GENTLEMEN John Fiske 441 Ward St Newton Ctr., Western education - 40 points Giv- en: ABCDEFG HIJKLMN OPQR- STUV WXYZ Combine any of the above elements to effectively dem- onstrate comprehension. It's been real- expletives deleted. People who want to be remembered are. No pur- pose but onward. fs 'C' Peter Ford 146 Eastbourne Rd. Newton, THANKS MOM DAD ROLAND KIM JAS GOOD LUCK IT'S ONLY A STATE OF MIND. FRED MIKA STEF JW MM US JO LC2 AD ALD WHERES THE COKE MACHINE BUT THE END IS ONLY THE BEGINNING THE VW VERITECK, SKULL. Antony D. Flackett 20 Orient Ave. Newton 5 Milinits to Juni sugar fThat's Amazing! ag, 71' Jonathan Forrest 204 Pleasant St. Newton Hoop, Track, X-Country-Driving not Running Thanks Hank "Thou Shalt not Pass" 1986 Cal X3 "Why what did you think it was" Spain + The Los Man B. State "That hum- ble post in W. Rox" "Fun and men- tal at the same time" MS, JT, SL, BP, BC, JS Thanks Mom 'Ffa Kimberley Fraser 246 Williston Rd. Auburndale l'll :always remember good times with everyone. Thanks guys you're the ln,-stl Blom though we did not have much time together. the time we had was special. and vou'll al- ways be in my heart. Thanks dad, I couldn't have made it without youl lf-4 Deborah S. Frieden 245 Highland Ave. West Newton, All my love to Matthew and Lianna- my twin and mother, and all the other members of the Dessert Wine family. CRIMES-Sean, you forgot your lunch! Coffee? With Matthew? - Long live the AJCSPYY l . if Jennifer Fogg 120 Otis Street Newtonville, "I'll Live My Life As I Want To" Dot Beals wfFrick 81 Frack 8a 86 Brighams Bill Cosby Harvard Sq. Beals Bench Tracy Sukie Kim Jason Becca Andrea Janet Lisa Maria Chuckie Oscar Legs How's The Mer- cedes? "Forever Youngl' Thanks M 8: F Sa D My Love To Ed 4f7f86 11" . EG' 3 Qld 1 if ' 7 r M Q!-. . or Q 4 :, . fI' IMI., W 'LM - ' iff fl? , fi: 4?EEafgfT-ff ' 3' . 'Jill .5 " f- f' y ' fx , . W4 sf-,,2, A':.'-t tt ' " 'Q Robert Foster 19 Princeton St., Newton ' 1 Lucas Friedlaender 52 Hyde Ave. Newton Cor., 2 important years KUA. 2 smart ones North. Mrs. Stein, you're a spe- cial person. Than, I have trust. An- drea, try. Jodi, you're my best teach- er. "Wave upon wave of demented avengers march cheerfully out of ob- scurity into the dream."-Pink Floyd ln T il Stephen B Fontano 104 Adams St Newton 1 Helena Fraize 10 Phillips St Auburndale HM JB CG JH JA GL AD MK LB MG SM PS THE CEM RIV ERSIDE RUSH CRUE WARREN LOVE TO ROBBY 288-85-7-4-85 86 I TELL YA OH MAMA FMJFMFMU 10-983 CG MOM AND DAD THANKS. HEY DAD! WHERES MY PLANE? Thaddlus W Frost 568 California St. Newtonville REMEMBER BASEBALL MARK KEVIN JOE RICK JOE ND PD JS PH DG DG JS SS SG JM GOOD LUCK CLASS OF 87! THANKS MOM + DAD FOR ALL YOU DID DURING MY FOUR YEARS AT NNI-IS!! I ' i 1 i I . - Y W Q 11 1 . ' ' .-2" vw, l 'Agar , -2 U 'Q !-.fn ' i ' l . . . K I Y I I 7 9 Y Y Y i 1 i ' 7 ' . 7 Y I 7 7 Y Y 7 l 1 Y Y 1 X, Qs Evan Galanis 281 Homer St. Newton Ctr. AF NH HL AND TO ALL MY FRIENDS FOUR GRT YRS FLIPS HOUSE GO TO THE 3RD CSf59 F- BALL 8: B-BALL 3 EACH JON 8a JEFF GO NUTS WHOSE GAT 'EM SO PH YR ADAMS? THANKS MOM Sz DAD "DON'T WORRY I'LL BE OKAY" Andres Gelrud 55 Lakeview Ave. Newton Now that one stage of our lives has ended, we realize the value of a friendship and how much it hurts to leave what we like. To have a friend, is to tell feel the sadness that he is gone. I will never forget the wonder- ful experience of being at Newton North during this year. eq 6 Richard Gimenez 400 Cherry Street West Newton, MEMBERS FLIPS FLIP, BRYAN NEILBRE, MAYER, QUINN SAINT RUSSELL, TOGA-PAR- TY-DEVROW, SOUCIE, SE- VILLE, JAMES, BORELLI, FRANK, WRESTLING-NEVER FORGETS KRISTEN, SAN, ALEX, BETH AND ESPECIALLY LOVE-YOU-ALWAYS-MOM- AND-DAD Tina Gallello 120 Tolman St. W. Newton REM: SG, CG, SM, RG, JT. The rest of the girls and guys of-87-A-Z. Good times with my cuz. O'BIE and the budweiser -4. Best times with my friends WHO'S. Fun times play- ing football, softball, volleyball. AL- WAYS AND FOREVER PAUL. EG. Thanx mom and dad. t. Justine Gerbrandt 242 Islington Rd. Newton HAMMOND WDS CRCS YAKING JON 5f18!85-ES MA : TINY MA AND I R TWINS TERRI-SAN NI HAO? -AC Laurae-HIGH-5! Fletch! Mr. O! Love to Steve-Peace, wam- pum Thanx JF for intro climb Beth- amazing -Judge A Sandra Gimenez 400 Cherry St. West Newton Life is short 8: only U Can Reach Your Goal So Live Life 2 its Fullest THANX TO LYN 8a NAT San Jan CGTGSMNS Robbie Friends 4Eva! Good Times Cheering 10!18!86 JF! Cape 84 Fla 85 Calif 85 April 87 GOOD LUCK 2 ALL A-Z Dad I Miss U, Suie I Luv U Let It Be Luv Stinks Luv Kr Thanks 2 Chuck 7f24f84 fi' if 1. 1 Ana E. Garcia 229iJ Washington St., Newton Jessica Gerstenlauer 45 Kensington St. Newton Rose, Sean, Heath, Lil, Kev, JC, JB, LW, SD MJ, MH, CG, JR, RW, MO, Family, Sisters, Rocco, Ashburn- ham, parties at Seans, WEM PWA ' . . . and man the poets down here don't write nothin at all they just stand back and let it. all be." 2 left Jen, hal I'll meet you 5 at the top!! I I . Dawn M. C. Glancy 88 Chestnut St., W. Newton BEST WISHES TO: Lee, Sheila, Lori, Liz, Dante, Rhoie, + THE JTPA GANG: Maria, JT Julie, Cathy, Evan, Jeff Sz Lorenzo!! BEST MUSIC GROUP: Price and the Rev- olution!! 119997 GOOD TIMES: In the cafeteria, at Faces Sr Celibra- tions! NEA ALL THE WAY!! ALIENS 41 t9l W.I,L.D!!!! LH, TZ, RK Elizabeth Garrett 21 Eliot Ave. Newton, Thanx M + ll, MG AZ KM Lt' TM .IW MM At' JI, Tl, I.W'lJti LS BCL SI BC NITE 843 All nite-rs, wx' suin- mer 84 sum 86-BllIJ'I'S + MARI. Partiesg nitewalks Engwforc-hes 861-IP IC, TI. EM! Reow! Ba! Moo! Psshed! Venus! Grease Trust V. Steph? Db-Love U Desiderata! rv 'N David Gilmore 82 Fessenden Street Newtonville, Thanks O + P especially Dick + Dave See yah! Later MM, JC, RS. DB, EB, HY, LK MR, Sideways? Better in a Buick! Fordf' good times in summs. Drop the clutch Pump- kin, Butch, Bagel, Rick. Low Dude! To all I Forgot Sorry. See you later Thanx Mom + Dad. -im Gwen Glazier 24 Wauwinet Rd. W. Newton Rem, Good times WXKA, ,ll-I, KM. RM, CP, LS SS, RY Iqsp. Ilorotliyl Lizzie Sz Michelle t'ht-t-i'le-adiiig I-lti FLORIDA B dr M Was it girl Kalki' Thanks Mom, Dick, TS!! - lI,l' "You know our love was infant ln be the kind ot' love to last tor :,' ver" All my love to Greg Who!! You rlltrul 17C 4001 Cory Gnazzo One t'rot'tdale Road Newton "Yes the pit'ture's changing, Every moment, And your destination, You don't know it" -Bryan Ferry Pros- pect Hill Press Nights Paris The Hurb Aspen NYC' Trash Hag Inter- vale Rd-Becky EA You Me and We- Zl'."."? Always something there to re- mind me ""? Mayer Goldhagen 185 Highland Ave. Newtonville, Remembers DE, RG, EQ, HI., NH, AF, KD. St. FM, AS, DA, ME, KD, EC, RH, HJ, JE, KA, EG, KB ,IS FLIPS. ERES, RIISSES, HOUSE! Toga, Adams A to Z, New York Summer S6 .16 ,..'Q' Thomas J Gordon -IH Rqincllett l'k Newton. Non: ian only tly tis high as your tlrt--in.s Sandro the-3'll allways role 1.-z' v.wrv.ilxx1iys hold. Andy or Joe thanks. xou gave- ine what l'll net-rl. Ili-no mln-r the Quin! time-s or triends "1-til of lmurlii iiilillf' net-rl tor speed" lnmls t, it xuorlrl . . . here we come!!! lwb v Susanne Goddard 41 Cross Street West Newton, MARK, WHAT VAN I SAY? RE- MEMBER ALWAYS l'M FOREV- ER YOURS, FAITHI"ULLY. Thanx to all A-Z esp. Jean, El, Deb, ME Liz, SI, + MK, EV, DC, NM, JD. The Adams, Italy, Cheerleading, MOM, DAD, Family thanx tor ev- erything I Love you Luck to 'ST Anna Gonzales 140 Auburndale Ave W, Newton Rems Riley. Best of luck to friends. Thru the corridors wffriends, Down the paths ot' lite. Thru the doors of decision, wfeagerness or strife. Re- member through the years, all of those who cared. Thru hardships and changes, the smiles that we shared. 5: 2 rilvmi- Barry Goren 101 Garland Rd. Newton. REM: LIBRARY STEPS, FEN- WAY RLEACHERS, Mt-DS. BK. AITSTINS, THE POLE, TENNIS 1 2 3, SKIING, FLORIDA, THE CAPE, THE Z. NEVER FORGET: AH, DF. MF, LK, ES, CH, JMF, CF, AC, Dlf, EK, AD. MB, LG, SA, CT. MEA, MU. SD, JN, RS, KH. THANKS MOM 8: DAD. "TAKE EACH DAY AS IT COMES AND HAVE FI'N." Q5 Tammy Goedken 767 Watertown Street W. Newton ELVES ARE NOT GREEN!! ED NC WA ANN D I THINK THAT'S IT. SUNJANE RULES!!!!l HAVE A NICE LIFE LIZARD AND KIT- FOX DO NOT SPLAT! I HAVEN'T KILLED ANYBODY YET. WATHCH OUT FOR STRANGE JUMMBLES OF SOMETHING Phillip O. Gonzalez 143 Withington Rd. Newtonville, To Swett Ken Rich Silk Tim We had the best of times, Ian Nash Al? Rico 86 AK AM JM LQ RR RW Rieomobile FD Bubba RHC-AHC CLP RP Rich's basemnt Silk hashes TD PV CGMH MTIWY sniz AG RS GH Couch Potato Thanks M 8: D Ern at CMU Good Luck to All A . 'QW Y ' Y' I ,UQ ,fs-I, , 'Q' 4 4 f - ' .,'i-'n?!f- ...1 -e',J-- ,'0A1',4 g, 1. mah, . H1 ,n'.9, Q.-,t-4 ,t . , I, J, ,Qi 'I .2 IJ , ,,z', - 1 '- My -H! 7' iff" . - an ,. . I a' ' .- rf.'f Nr'-l',. -,f ,- .-. 23- 4.1 K' I- ,t . ' . ,,'.L, -Q 3' 'f' ,' " ff, ,!, 4 22 1 1' ti' :ls - 53112 5-1 5 ff- 1 7 X-7' Ellen M. Grady 23 Rogers Street Newton, CMKKLC RPAMB. C. F blocks Kenmore! Maid! Bermuda '87 Bud White Russians! IDF IOJI Southie! Rumors Giraffe! Limo! IVIolly's Pin- to! Kathy's! JSRRJK Pizza Pad! Word! New Edition! The Gym Ja- cuzzi! Cheri's Florida '86 Calif. '85 9- 14-85 Giggles! CB. Dan! Parties! Thanks Mom and Dad! 'i Sr 1 1 Carla Goldberg 8 Hammond St. Chestnut Hill, EF-Kar Jen Mel Phil Ken T tBBFl Deird CXO " True Colors ' RWGT TDLC .IPMBVC " IC 86-Strw 1 6- KK Guys, can I ask a? Ya kno-FUR- RY! Zig Zag TIGERS 86 "' SFA 1' Track " SF " Any town! CHEZ ROONDS- 7? TPM Luv U M + D!-Iodie + P-MVBF 1' LJ' Christina Goodwin 20-IR River St., W. Newton Kathy Graef 1654 Sam Houston Dr. Apt 31 Harlingen, K- F, C-M, you are my family . . . You "Take My Breath tel Away" You're right up there with comics. .. Well, almost. You're both wier-uh, unique and I am proud to call you Friend. Keep Dreaming. Michelle Greely 23 Wedgewood Road West Newton Treasure good times wfSara, Gwen, AP CB, SS, JB, LC, DL, Good Luck to Franca + Laurie Thanks MOM + DAD, D + E - LUV YA! P. ls- land, RHC gang "the corner"-Was it girl talk? But true friends will al- ways remain together ' . ACS Robin A. Greene 23 Risley Road West Newton "When your patience has come to an end try taking time out to confide in a friend." Rem: Flea, Wend, Meg. Ms. c, Marie, Soccer-Fuzzy, Don, AnnMar, KD, Shar, Steph, Amy. "NO GUTS, NO GLORY!" CM '86- JP, FLIP. THANKS MOM! 'Vx Ye Gu 295 Highland Ave. West Newton What I always believe is that: Where there is a will, there is a way. Q -' V Nancy Green 31 Loring St., Newton "We are all just prisoners here ofour own device" SW JB ZP WK MP KDOH LC LK- Old KQVET NLEOF PM FFF ONAGER SIMP South Crew OCFF Happy B-Day Jen Took a wrong turn + just kept going W.H.B.-Summer 86'-Caseys! '53 N 4 I ' Ed Grenon 64 Wyoming Road Newtonville Remember: November 24, 1986. A great night. The California trip Sz Las Vegas. David Lee Roth concert in the limo. Bobs house and swim- ming summer 86. The gang at Palm- er House and Krazler. I Love Beth. Thanks, Mom and Dad. v 'Sfmt' Anne Guterman 106 Randlett Park W. Newton Good luck Class of 1987! Keep on reaching for the stars. Remember good times with good friends - An- drea and Sara. .I 'U' W Louie Greenberg 49 Pierrepont Rd. Newton Remembers: Game Five of 1986 ALCS, Sox in Series, Pats in Super- bowl, Miracle in Miami, Celts in '84 and '86, Hamilton Hoop wfliave and Ed, not doing Bleloch's homework, summers at Greenwood. one-on-one wfAS, Sibley's scrubbing, Newtonite Carol Griffin 6 Milton St. West Newton Special Thanks and Much Love to: ST KM. BR. SG. PB. ML. AC. CM. NM. TG. VM. DV. RN. MB. FB. DC. MW. Thanks also to Mom, Dad, Robby!!! Marcello, I LOVE YOU!!! 12f3lf83 til-forever. Q, 'VA Gale Hadro 60 Robinhood Rd. Newton "Old McDonald had a farm ei eio and on that farm I had a cow eie io .. ." XOXO Flo- I know that look! wow e Yugh XOXO mess up-how long have we been friends? Nance Josh- SSAO! Tri-Lams esp Timmy N Rusty KZ- awOO hOOO! If' 86" I am serious and don't call me Shirley!" Robert Greene 221 liisley Rd. VVQ-st Newton Rein: Jim, M. Yin Sara. I., Amy ll, Supie, Cb, 2, KF, Ml. AM, SWIM TICAIVI-ltlml of llyiizisty- 'l"I', lil., RJ, JR, KG, BG.3 VANOH TRIP- Green M Mon, Ski Trip-inonn, Spark B, Rang T, Sea B6'l'IHl1fl2i'4ll "Cath, BUtit,scute" Thanks mom Mr. S silk -40" Ds William A Grote 92 Chestnut St. Boston IAN, THANK U: Outing Club I Granola. KH. TK. SH. DEE. 81 JT ithanks to Courtney!l The pits 1 Deerfield The tops I Big Chill weekends. Judy Sharra Mike Dave, just remember, winter spring sum- mer or fall, all U got to do is call S so -. .ir fi-'V' Amanda Hagan 66 Eddy St.. West Newton Friendship is composed of a single soul inhabiting two bodies: never 4 get "B-Days 86" The Gang, Lax, KH2, Jenny, MK, B + D, SW, Span- ish Class 65 - 86 Little Whitelies, HI' 1277 The Yellow Toy, Remember every one,, Thanx Guys and Good Luck. 177 AAAAA '7 l ,- 'J' I - A ' 'int I 'J' 4' , H ,Q f , ' ' . 1 Y , . . av is ? ri 'X FI Kristin Haley III Dearborn St. W. Newton DIANE TRACY MARY SUKIE REMS BRIGHTON AND SOl'TIIlI'I ROYSY THE BRIGE: NI"'I'S'l'WHY JAY: I YHS TT IW DI YH ST LI WF? KB ' JI' Mt' KM MOM: THANXS FOR YOUR LOVE AND SUPPORTI MIKE: NFAS I.IHY DCT? RM: ILY f g T I 'vs I Aaron B. Harrell 124 Wellington Hill. Mattapan If - , B , .. 'Q-I , gg 'T' 'vs fl ,I . s l- -al . ',l I, .1n'.xX53Tll I Claudia Haudenschild S4 tim. S1 Ne'n'tor1x'iIle Lisa Haley 141 Parmenter Rd. Newton THANKS TO: DEBBIE, TINA AND CATHY. PALMER STAIRS, JD, SD, LJ, MR, AR, LC. GOOD TIMES AT THE COMMON. THANKS TO MOM, DAD STERNS. MY LOVE TO SONNY1 THANKS TO MRS. STEIN FOR GETTING ME OUT -as . as 1? rf "'s 2. v 'Q C' "Q-'15 Lee C. E. Harrison 469 Wolcott St. Auburndale Love + best luck 2: Dawn, TZ, Lori, HW, RK FS, SL, MT, PM, JC, MM, RR, Lisa C, Dez D, + Dr. Fink. Thanx 4 being with me-where would I B without U7 PRINCE-1999 A E. City ' CONTROVERSY A' Comput- er Idarkl Blue 1' AUTomatic' QUEEN. ALIENS. Orehesis ff I .K .Q 1' 7. I ' 5 ,I Tiffany Heanue 242 Park St. Newton ' I In or-.uw--1 In glory is to "I-'rienclship i.- the essenvef' -Ils, 'ST -erin' to IH vvlml You wish Io be Amy, Marilyn, Sharon, Ann, Abby.. IIi1III,lI' In Ive" Tligitk lllwl QI pnrtiu: . .Sommer 1 2214: "I Ioveyoul",5t2ites I pwoiilf- Iwi rIIIIl1'IIlSClllfl IWHIPQILII or-,IV:isI1i'i'IIn-I. kiiou who tht-x uri 'III MI NY fill III I-'II I.I XXII EH 'III Nfx VH o.I-ti'x.iiioii I in-I-rl IIi.u1LL Iiul I-'ur . , , , f"' II 4. Track 2 4. Gymnast, 1, INIart-hing Band: We s all Ireshll 2 JI 4 Honieroom'f, Clubs: VC, PHC, FC, Ol' The Krzikk, l'I.. "lrlaflarn"'7: lXIIil1lKtAt'Si fi Todd Hammond 86 Warwick Rd, W. Newton The ski trip, Jimmy, Kevin, Joey, D Debbie, Eric, Brad, Joe T. Chris, Bernardo, Mike, Mark, Bobby F, Keith, Wrestling, Bon Jovi, Youth Group, And good times forever A, M, F VY' Ken Hartford 30 Clarendon St Newton THEY SAY IN EVERY LIFE if "HELLO ZOOM" THEY SAY THE RAIN MUST FALL " SAM, IAN ADAM, KEN 62 STEVEN- COULDNT OF DONE IT WXOUT U GUYS " JUST LIKE POURING RAIN-MAKE IT RAIN ' LD :07"' Ari Handel 10.5 Temple St. W. Newton Hello older Ari, Looking for memo- ries? Don't look in a book. Every time you read this, find a friend and talk. A real friend. one of those w fe real ones. By the way I can't believe you could have forgotten: Sidd- hartha and the Who 1 w-...av Neil Hatem 14 Arden Road, Newtonville F BALL HOOP B BALL 1 2 3 4 RMBR: FLIP-GOOD TIMES WXU + BRUCE, CLAF-LEND ME 1 ALL MY FRIENDS ESP. DA RGLRS I BELIEVE IN FREUD! H + JOSH-HANG MOM + DAD,I LOVE YOU, ALL MY SUCCESS, I OWE TO YOU! -LLJY A fy, . , 1,3 I 2 I 'r Aaron Heesch Allan Heifetz 94 Grove St Auhurndale 85 Atwood Ave., Newton Centre THANK You Mom, DAD, In sis- AAAAA AAAAA AAAAA AAAAA TER JENNIFER Mus. oHAT- AAAAA AAAA AAAAAA AAAAA AAAAA AAAAA AAAAA AAAAA TAS. MR. SAHAGIAN, MR. THERRIEN THE CLASS OF 86 AAAAA AAAAA AAAAA I If AAAAA AAAA AAAA AAAA AAAA AAAAA VACUITY OF A LIFE WITHOUT STRUGGLE AAAAA AAAAA AAAAA AAAAA AAAA AAAAA AAAAAA AAAAA 1. AAAAA AAAAA AAAAA AAAAA I, AAAAA AAAAAA 'I ' I I I I I I I I SI II II II II Il 'IJ Ir It sf I. I Melissa M. Heineman 11 Waverley Ave. Newton, gymnastics I 2 3 4 capt thanx you guys 4 everything-JFCG LDPV KBDC LCTD JSJN JG + esp SB Yo place-whats up? Ya know . . . FURRYYI Summers on the vineyard wJF KBCG + espJB Chez roonds .. what'?!!-PCT LD-BANANASYI ILY M + D Barb Claire Kira + Letty if in i 5 . 1 , 'lan - f Zi' iii . - e it-if i ii? Jennifer Susan Holm 19 Hancock St. Auburndale, WINGED TIME GLIDES ON IN- SENSIBLY, AND DECIEVES US, THERE IS NOTHING MORE FLEETING THAN YEARS. RE- MEMBER: MANDI, SW, JR, KH2, AD, MM, BA, PM 8: GANG. DIN- GY Sz THE YELLOW TOY, LIT- TLE WHITE LIES Tracy Howard 98 Sheridan Street W. Newton KIM KRISS SS UKIE JEN JASON JHMG BWDS MM SOFTBALL VOLLEYBALL BASKETBALL SADD BEALS A DAA MS NEW- TON NITE NEWTONNITE SPAIN ...ft Laura T. Heiss 61 Hancock Street. Newton, JEN AND SARAH-THANKS FOR EVERYTHING MD, BW, Refresh- ments. Revising the Agenda, Chris- tian Science, South Pacific Israel, Germany, USSR, Capers wfKiki CC Love always to Mummy, Daddy Sz Frank "For there is a new world to be won! Best of luck to all! Jennifer Holst 63 Cabot St. Newton, Those hundweds + hundweds of miles. What. a time we've had, is it really over? 20th century boy + mad hatter + applesaucel Roo wants them agents locked up and away . . . rem: Laurie, Viv Jens + others you know who you are. Life goes on, don't it? ..... Anyway! ff'- "1 iw ' ffwffsrz . H6 P 1 1 ' I ,Sift ,...,,,. I . - -- V1.2 fals e f till? -ev X f 4.. , izixgi, - , : Va , ,A Stephen Heywood 218 Mill St, Newton STEPHANIE I LOVE YOU NO- BODY ELSE HAS EVER COME CLOSE KEN THOMPSON KEN H FRANCIS C IAN F TD GT WG PV RIL EYTR EEBUMS MH HH CC MOM AND DAD JAMIE AND BRENT NPLH ITS MORE Tl-IAN A FEELING THE PHALLIC if James Andrew Hopkins 74 Page Road Newtonville, Rem: Parties, Cruisin, Lunch at McD's, Bahamas, Florida, Europe :Sz Tennis I 2 3 4 Never forget Barry, Dana, Dan, Chuck, Marx, Mike, Abe, Rachael, Jenny, Mandi, Kris, Kate, Tina, Sz Maria. "Live it up for life is not a spectator sport." Good luck to the class of '87 . . . Michael Hirsch 285 Franklin St, Newton, "I dunno- What do you want to do?" Fun with Tom on Hull St. wrapping Pinto around tree ISU inphfill Luck, health Sz wealth to friends- you know who you are. And then Ernest Hemingway punched me in the mouth . . . Avoid nionotonyl Thanx M, D, Tera. What now? Mm. , 9 9 s- I . X " Russel J. Houston 42 Palmer Rd., Wahan TQ? 55' 'Www Michael S. Huculak Sarah Imrie Sara Beth Ivry 41 Truman Rd., Newton III Vernon St., Newtonville I54 Randlett Park West Newton Thoughtprints, MASP, just call us Cheryl. Newtonite stiitt' Whitewater, "Long ago, it must lit--I have a photograph. Prest-rve your memories- they're all thank lett you." S Sz Ci Eat right, study hnrrl and flossl Au Revoir 4-t lionnt Chancef In l'1 fill Michael Jaillet T Watertown St. Newton Mrs Killion, Remembers: Bill, John, Ion Derek, Vraig., 2115, Mike, Buzz. 1, Garth, St. B Hoop, Ski Trip, zmily, Eng Rachel, Jen, Lisa, Car- li, Heather, Jess Lyn, Ann, Katie Rt game. nse, Lorene, Andrea, Marilyn. The lilvuns, Love You Mom ii Dad, JP. lp, Bill. g. In fit L x is "fvs Shanley T. Jue 315 Wyoming Rd, Newtonville There is Nothing stronger -li' 1. Nl Than True gentleness Nothing Ilentler Than True Strength JC Y' Loralee Kapp 131 1Y:irre-n St. Newton girtinzi, .1sg1. ik 1.1, Stk 1 I IH l RIP, ltztnnx, Lerl Zeppelin. Pink Ui ' . lilo-.ti I - lt s lm-n real Jen Loxe I.Rlx xo. X4-v. liork. llerr- l Milne-i " tv X ll ttoift inwtl .i gun ItslJl1rWf'trllI' l1llllilil"'.lt'-lls Vhrist Superstar ln tense, lm nni-it frmlll. nf-year gigznn' tioocl lot It em-r'yozii', st.iy Mile' xx A ,K I, Paul J. Jennings 35 Richmere Rd., Mattapan Smeve' Amy Elizabeth Jessup 135 Cornell Street Newton Field Hockey 2 3 4 Gal, Susan, WLC "I shall he telling this with a sigh, somewhere ages and ages hence, Two roads diverged in a wood, and I-I took the one less travelled by, And that has made all the differ- ence." Thanks M + D, For always being there! I Love you 5 3 ' -.. J 5 f l 1 v 1 13, Ian Justice 134 Hunnewell Ave. Bizz-buzz "I don't know if the party is over or just beginning" skiing with 45 in Utah. Jeff, Phil, Russ, Carle, Yahn, Julie and all other friends, see you around, and. and good luck where ever you go! Thanks Mom and Dad lx Laurie Katz 35 Brackett Rd. Newton We have something that no one, no distance, no time can take away, we have our memories. Tennis, F. Hockey, Ski-Loon! DM, BV, LF, TL, LM, JL, LV, MB, RW NG-longest, DN, J BQ S-I LOVE YOU GUYS! AMI. to Rusty Sleep at Di's, Baha- mas, FUN-L, Thanx Mom, Dad. Deb, Barry 8: Ana Daniel Kalafus 16 George St. Newton You can't get something for nothing -and love is better than doughnuts. LW anyway, AC- What, what?- Thanks for the help, JL- dazed Sz confusedg AM- Capt. M, SC- AL2!, SB, HC, UQTQ and my other friends, you know who you are. L .1 elbm 'wg A 1 " 'L' Wendy Ann Katz 15 Clements Road Newt.on The years teach much which the days never know. ZP-Rudolf, SW- l-low To? NG, OCFF, JB, BV, TL, MP, ED, DM, BR, ML, LC, SL, KC, JG, KD, Brady 6, GFC-South-JS, BS, DL RJ, RM, DF, KM, Regulars. Summer 86, W.H, Sweet 16, N.N. Gym, Hot Tub, FH, Tennis, RTA, Ping, Thanx I luv U Mom, Dad 8: Suz. Hamilton Jones 1087 Commonwealth Ave. Newt 1' -4-rf Kirk Kaloustian 37 Anthony Road Newtonville Oll Week Ends New Years Eve with JN MC BS Best times crusing the bou levard, Fri. nights "Zack", Carpen try with the boys "Hit Em" T Cape with Gary, Lynda, Natal he ie Sandra, + Trade Winds, any 1 I left out + a certain 1 'ir is VFW' Bari L. Kaufman 27 Ithaca Circle Newton Best Of Friends-SHELL PAMMY, SHARON CHELL RIA! "Our Memories Of Yesterd Y. E 85 Will Last A Lifetime . . .These Ari The Best Of Times!" CD, NM, BV JD, KP, BA, TF, KH, SB, SS, KC Thanx Ray Ray! Sha-f'I'll Bc There" 4-Eva! Love To My Fami 9fl9f86 MB.--1 Would Die 4-U" ly 9 l l I Karen B. Kaufman 35 Kenilworth St., Newton "That may be true," he acknowl- edged "but it's completely accurate, and as long as the answer is right, who cares if the question is wrong? If you want sense, you'll have to make it yourself." P.'I'. Love to Jill, Nif Flor, yctlwy, Mom, Dad, Mi, Cath, Oed. Michelle J Kedd - Y 24 Alpine Street Somerville, Time Goes By Too Fast When You Have Fun. Remember All The Good Times W!My Friends At The Wild Parties And Hampton Beach, Mar- lene, Thanx For Being There For Me! Thanks To Ma + Dad I LY. Goodbye! 51 I A- - A Rehana Khan 248 Central St.. Newton, Fun At Ches Hill, Snooton Ctr, Bos- ton Sr ALL PLACES IM BE- TWEEN ' Felicia, TZ, MXSL LHPM GCKW HWJL SYAC SCDG JM, Mike, Tommy, Also Bri, Ben 8: Jeff 8: The Rest. BYE CARL OS! MARK, SEE YA IN CALIFORNIA! DAVE, I NEVER SKIP Sz I NEVER LIE. W'ERE ON THE EVE OF DE- STRUCTION, HEY DUDES LET'S PARTY! , ,S Ii if' -f , 54,21 Q-,5 :iffff- ,,. iv' L, Ken Kazarosian 45 Fairfield St Newton SOCCER, SLT MAHEM WITH THE FELLAS JEFF, JON, RICH. PHIL, TIM, CG, BV, LM, LL, ROB, CLAY, LAGOTTS, ZAF, CLUE, JK NORMAL CARAMEL ETHEL .IB SKP THANKS MOM + DAD JIV- VELS DONT LET THE GOOD TIMES SLIP AWAY RUSS H. Robert S. Kelly 350 Highland St. West Newton Will never forget the good times wfmy friends! Ken, Silk, JS, NH, PG, MA, EQ EG, SL, MM, DB, CL, Clay, NR, BC, Onion! IJ Baseball-I, 2, 3, 4, Basketball-I 2 ll 41 Mt Ida, Summer '86 Good luck Class of '87! "Good friends drift apart, but their memories endure forever." RS 4. 2 , f K Q, 'T M9 I, , ,433 , , . I -1 , we LW-2153?-S : fffe QS'-535721. 4 i5,WE.l'f"1 :S5F?T'i i 'S .- ','. AE'Uf?'T-'- it fZgNZ,'Q-xsA.'- , realli 'x '- ,I4 K -7:19.-Z-' Qqfifi .x-'fix' 5: iii!! 1-:9f'i'1, , 12 9,,3zg'2s,r e5s.ifi:,:t-sei rt - rm -' 'zit' 'Ja - ffm-,,-Q7 ,at F:..,,f':y, af ii, Zafar Khan 18 St. Mary's St. Newton, SOCCER 2 3 4-SLT!! LAX Il 4 SKI- ING 1 2 3 4 JOSH-COURTYARD KEGS, TIM 81 BIZBUZ, R 81 R MADBALL DAN, STEVE-CLASS? SUPRA MIRK KAREN-LI- BRARY? FLO-I LOST IT! RUSTY SS BEST OF EVERYTHING, CASE of BUDDIES TIGNES- HEADWALL! CHINESE DOWN HIL! I HOP KZK-WINDOW, Im LATE, NYE 85: NAKY1-huh? R. Thomas Keane Jr. 124 Nevada Street Newton Had a great time and I'd like to wish everyone good luck. Go Boston Col- lege Eagles Football and Hoop. Pho- tography, Team Tennis Boston Bays Thanks A lot Mom and Dad for everything. Take Care and Bye. Daniel Kelly Carol Kinas 301 Kenrick St. Newton, Good luck to my friends, especially Suzanne, Maria, Tina, Christina, Mandi LACROSSE SSTXEPA "Whatever you can do or dream that you can do hegin it." Love to family 1 . Marlene V. Keddy 24 Alpine St.. Somerville 'C Karla Kell y 510 Lowell Avenue, Newtonville EG CM LC The Summer of 85 Ber- muda 87 Kenmore DF New Edition Concerts WR St. Pats Day 86 9-l-1- 85 The Limo BC We finally made it Southie AM RP f'heri's Bday New Year's Eve 85 I Love You Jim- my Birthday's at Aku Aku Thanks for helping Mom I Love You! ' Q nuff 1 Eu' 1 I 4 Q ll an - yt.-'ahh S na.. I Ian King 29 Trowbridge St, Newton ISI 2,-wr V?JdFl?:fg ,f- - .QC 55 Timothy King 157 Fuller St. W, Newton Rusty Mirk Ilan Stu Josh TJ Zat' Dave Flo Jen Gale Jt' AS LK DM JB AJ MH GKL LM esp. GW LL VVallys Zips MAI? balls muscle 81141 the shaft feech sepp sick triple Lindi Rodney Hobll Su pra thanks Mom K Dari 675 Rebecca Hope Klapper 158 Hobart Rd., Chestnut Hill Tom + Jerryg The Hurbg Urgent: Dr. Beat-P.R.g Valley Girl slee- povers, chowing food + more food- Flo, Jul + Laurag mornin canoe ride in Vermont-Uoryg Tues. + Thur. Carrotsticksg Hen-curb talk Mom + Gramg We can only say yes now to the sky to the street to the night. 14. it .A Rebecca Kodis Shornecliff Rd. Newton Singing in the sunshine laughing in the rain-Thanks-BRJSDA CDABJC ACPCDJ-KBSSMASM-MDBKPB PS Pam, Kris, Ricky- P-S 3 than 4, Rockport. 84- dream on, golf Thanks Mom 81 Dad-best forever Claudine. 1 AV' , yr . ff 4,- ai TT , T x W . 4 M X I at V 417 is 'ti , ,AQA ,S Q ' Ju. k b Q 4 I -" xv 1 VJ, -5 N, xt Q ' vi' . X 1 cf? +1 ' Michael G. Kornitzer Bruce Kraysler Tracy E. Krekorian 21 Overlook Pk. Newton Things and people aren't always as they seem. A great place keep it that way. Thanks G.S. Thanks Mom and llarl, lt's over for now. Luv ya Poopy. Hot-key's great. UIV85 Love you forever Sue. mv'- ji 1 f ' I s X ' ' .ii . , fi J - is 1 I,--Qi Craig Lamont w.- l.1mgriooS1., Newton llif 'Q Ian Lamont 11.911 VValtbam St. VVest Newton REM: MIKE. BUZZ tRHl. SWEKNY KMMI, FRl'll'J, VHRIS, HJR. VANIJ PR Stet, Jr., HG Karl Ouca tMJl. TJ. JA et al. Uurk Soup, 2115 Trips tu Vape, Vrazy Vanadian, Marx-Runner night, Operation Dead Serious Egyptians-White Summer: Shine on You Vrazy Dia- mond See Ya Henry 24 Melbourne Ave. Newtonville l'll always remember KC SOOT 81 ELLIH CM IMCTS DB YAASPTM Thanks l love ya! H1 Mustang RD HW JLNB AS NS NCJT MD KI. HITILY Softball 1-4 CSL FBlll al- ways miss our friendship I LOVE YOU MOM Sz TOM HA HA "SllDK Jimmy G love you forever 8fl7. Sara Lane 43 Otis St., Newtonville 'i 1' Stephanie Koontz 110 Mill Street Newton, "The soul of man is a dark forest with wildlife in it. Think of Benja- min fencing it off!" Try a Little Ten- derness QSHD SoccerfFuzz 1 2 3 4 SLC! Newt-o-nite! QNYJ FOOT- CAKE REBELS-I hope for dance 8: love 8: music SL joy Sz joy for all smile for me-I LOVE YOU GUYSXT 'li . xx W 10' frvffl I Krissy Lagace 21 Prospect Pk. Newton Uevollz Mig Liza Ang Sus El always. My Md boy 81 Liza was rt. there. JLLFRA MORNHH FGGHZK NHCATHYSheI many happy yrs. in HS, Mark be goodboy. Granola wkends 50's. "I won't shed a tearjust as long as you stand by me "Thanx Kr Love you, Mom Kr Dad Terri Lannigan 11 Hallron Rd. Newton 02162 I threw a pebble in a brook And Watched the ripples run away And they never made a sound And the leaves that are green turn to brown I I I I I 'ff 'YJ I X' J- I .. Q 1 Dawn Lanza 55 H Codman Park Roxbury Thanks Mom Sz Dad, staff at nn. rem. times in Mains St. bathroom, Hull St., 7 Palmer. Friends: Sugar- Mac, Debbie, Nikki, Tarsha, Vida, JD, SL, TT also my 41 love Shawn 5,Tyler who I'll always love, "My Lady" 4911 Kathleen tKathyD , Lawrence l 808 Memorial Drive Cambridge BEST CLASS OF 1987, Never for- get I had a good time everywhere ,with SD, CC, MVK, MJK, MP, MS, JM, TM, AH, RD and staffs. Special thanks to Tricia Ford + Paula for all your help. Thanks and I love you IMOM and Familylllll Z, , 1 - L 1 r 1 Nancy LeBlanc 1 62 Auburndale Ave., W. Newton 4 l 1 .e i if . . X - - ., 4' .-. ,- ' 1 i Lilli Lavine 20 Wessex Road Newton Mama always told me not t.o look into the sights of the sun . . . oh but mama thats where t.he fun is 1-23-85 b.s. pri family uk tour 86 sisters rocco soccer lacrosse never forget u matt nm jg jw tm ss ko am ks sd rc hs jb rw mq lp js jw thanx mom! 92' Donald John Lavornga 36 Fair Oaks ave Newton Imagining about good times, Some- times is not as good as living through those good times. Remem- bering my best times with Tracy Z., F.S, T.C., D.G., SR., L.M., T.F, M.K. So to everyone have a good time towards the years to come. Sarah Lazare 95 Dorset Rd. Waban To all of the many people who have helped me learn and grow in these past years, esp. KEN, who has helped me the most ofall, I love you all! "THOUGH MY BODY'S LEAVING, I'LL STILL BE AROUND . . . " -third fence post is Nicole Marie LeClaire 34 Rossmere st Newtonville Best wishes to Julie-Lee-Pam and to all my other friends may your dreams come true-Aim for your goal. Well weve finally made it. Goodtimes parting-Field-Summer of "8-1" BERMUDA-ALB-John what weve had togher has been spe- cial-Hope it last! I LOVE YOU JOHN SCOTT 4-12-86 Thanks MOM-I LOVE YOU! "Un ods if Harry M. Leacy 387 Lowell Av. Newtonville, It's finally over-Remembers good times with-Anthony-Clint-Evan- Neil-Jeremy-Brian-DS, DB, MG, HJ, BQ, RH, AS, RG special thanks tom Baldner-But couldn't have made it without Mom + Dad- Love ya always. Al Lee 14 Arapahoe Rd Newton Classes last a blink of the eye, you never remember what happens in it. Its the HW that never ends. What tests?!? Never nap during chem lab, it could be explosive. . . Don't touch what? . . . Computer programmers don't die, they just crash. -Draco Christopher J. Lawless 658 Watertown St. Newton "And all things I sometimes do. it isn't me but someone else"-IM Foot- ball 2 3 4 "THE WALL"-JB "yeah right" BEDLAM Russian trip H5 England 85 Good Luck ffl' SSVSDRet al Thanx MOM Sr An- drew and rest of family.WH RIGHTWY Benjamin Leavy 4 Eden Ave. Newton Every sound shall end in silence, but the silence never dies. To AC, AL, JC, DK, MR, thanks, you've made the years bearable always remem- ber: A man's fate is a man's fate, and life is but an illusion. I 4" -. 1?f.- 'ft , M. . 4 -1 , ,. .M ' X , .f -' 7.3, . " Q ry -In ' 1, - in A , .. A fl , x,, ,- . K . 'ti' .. ,, I .df . , 5: 7 742,35 get n ' sb Y F -J? t, 'Quaid' A Q ' ' " ,SQA-. , , by A. in . Qu 5' t 5 2 'E 1 X - .t,f.f, ,prefi x t wa, , , vp .Yu sl 1- A 1- .344 . ,' 33.1-75sn -, an ,,. M-'A .Y-V, . , J, .,,h,,:,,,l. L. 3? ft! . L, "f ' ,A fi, ', I? ,Y faj-"If TAF..-s if --ww - ' f qf gf, ,.,,-, ,f?v:5.1M'.. r . ,J f .et-Y -M' .-fa Manuela Leone 64 Auburn Street Auburndale Remembers: KW, KYB, LA, CB, SA. PB, AS, SM, JN, MF, Anna-I'AI,INI- ER Eng. wfPatty HA-WXER, -IR Al- ways Rem: Felix-ltlflM85-'lllie beach Prom Hampton VAN IIA- LEN Summer nights, SPRING BREAK With AV, KW, Nt' Ittilixin Club-Vallone Rem: DF, DK, BIS + NL Thanx M 8: IJ K Ni K'-ll-latter NNHS-'87l ,,, I VT mia I Diane Leung T4 North St. Newton THANX! TO EVERYONEY ESP, MY FAMILY Maya For Being There, Jen And Marie For The GOOD TIMES And LAUOHS. Syv. Zey, Wen, Nance we Had Some Really GOOD TIMESQSL, AO, SI., RUF, NM, KR, JS. KS, JHXKENNY IT WAS tlREAT!So'so House. SOA over vac. Z1 r, xi .:- X S gh 2 NO iw 1 4 , I Nix! Q ll! KN I "' F ...N Kathy Chi-Wen Li 11 Mandalay Rd Newton lt's a miracle as l'm finally donel ln a few months and l'll be gonel I will be recovering from the fun When I begin my next marathon run. Though I'ye only been here Il years, MAIN STREET will remain in my ears. LASTLY, TO MOM AND .1 'ff W4 1 44. 1' 1 .F J-at ,: ' 156 FV' R- ' , . ' Edsel Y. Lin Ill kkvtlsl sl 'Nl-Wlull ltttsel llitlvwl Iit"'iX' l-'otttlmll XN'restlint1 laicrossei Xtlllkf-rs1'.1p I,l'l'illtlIl'l :XII lil' Nlfx Eli .XS NNI -ll" I'IJllJlIlllS Thi- Sophs l"r MH So. Tl, Jr JS Sr, rl Fra nangliaii.. lilrtit-s lf West STI' + ex. Aryonc el-c s A J " we- ' K' 4 I I . ' 'Q . 1- , in . JS, ' 'V 'Ou , ., C . , . F A tw of . , fix X J Q' ill - ' :A ,gf LH ' 5 Judith Levenson 31 St. Marys Street Newton Lower Falls "WHAT DOES NOT DESTROY ME MAKES ME STRONGERM Sharra, Deirdre, WG, DA, MA etc Big Chill Weekend, ANDOVER 85, CC, SB, JW, RD, Summer 86, TC 8: KK, i. scream-MB, QUEBEC, Mom, Jeffrey Levine 39 Dexter Rd. Newton "I questioned the painting, berated it, made love to it, prayed to it, l called it mother, called it whore and slut, called it my beloved, called it Abraxas"-Hesse, AC, ES, Ham- mond, Aesopg Boskone, G-Dead, You know? Yeah, you know. Benjamin Liebman 86 Sargent St., Newton "SHi ke lang wo tie gui, jia chong da moo ding" lA dung beetle lying on a railroad track pretending to be a link is still a dung beetlel-Chinese saying. Thanks to all, especially MHSD Jing Shan grade 2 class 2, M, D, and J Q, .fe 5 Id f, 1 L Ellen Lin 66 llpham St. Newton Strive for happinessl EYI, Maya Lim 639 Beacon St. Newton 4 All the pain u hide, which comes from whats inside, it drifts in 2 our sleep, we awaken 2 weep, when lite becomes dark look straight LZ your heart, life is vicious, but it also holds riches, what u possess is hard 2 find, so keep that charm in your mind. as I Michele LoChiatto 60 Pershing Rd. Needham Rem: Curt l2fl4f84 HK BA AB TI" PH NM MD .ID MD KI' Sl' TJ SS BV LR .IM RH RS JO Ski Trip ACXDC t'urt's Prom 9fl9 9f86 Soc stand by me l Love my Mother but lll always be Daddy's little girlll Power of lovel All my love to Curt 4- Lite l'll be with you all the way Shara Levine 57 Perkins Street West Newton Remember: BFA Mary AM, FS, PM, JC,, RK, LH, TZ + DL, Fun before homeroom, JH, SY, Shu Wafgo with KA, movies with Shar- on, Tom Petty!BD concert, The Alarm, "l'm not morbid am I?" AG, AS, NR, MS, TV, Library w!Arlene lOh Chung Leil Phil 325, France- 84, Khar Dorothy Lin 238 Grant Ave., Newton ' N-.J Courtney Lock 337 Kenrick St,, Newton My f ,i Q . i54g. .- a Tim Loew 4 George St.. Newton ILLINE BUSSRTAL MDHEBB PKKIT YGDMNN LJMS TIGERS SOCCER TRACK N21 4 RUN LDTLD MC JAY Thanks Mom and Dad Good Luck to everyone and re- member always look out for number one and don't step in the number two Thomas Lopez 8 Hazel Hurst Ave West Newton To all my friends the best of luck, good times with, AS NM MM BS JI, MD DV CB BC CL JM JC and all the rest of my good friends. -fri? K James Lyons 52 Harding Street West Newton Eric Chris Brad Mike Joe Bob Tom PB Todd Kevin KP Razy Val Lisa BK ML L Bernardo game terroriz- ing budtree o Razys fires passout hooch Budweiser limmy mobile goat. doggie Kurtsdodds parties MPAC PTYP some SMD Mexico MSB ski trips take it easy see ya MFE Gretchen Long 349 California St. Newton ACXDC " TR, CG, AD, JS. The Cem Party Q' f. Led Zep. NB Magic Car- pet Ride. Crue fr Lynn wfPsycho'? Jam Sz Rd. Sleep'n late n smok'n teal HF, LW, RL. Orange sunshine, Wed, AE. Scum cruz'n love" to Tommy! Thanx M 81 D. Susan Longmore 232 Pearl St Newton I love you and I would never leave you. During your times of trial and suffering, when you saw only one set of footprints, it was then that I car- ried you. Thanks to all Mom and forever Michael 2f3!85 Florencia Lozano 970 Centre Street, Newton To Becky: Mutt n Jeff, will you ever know how special you are? To Titi li to Karen. To Bill, a special friend. . Beulah 81 family-you are all cool dudz Argentina-te quiero, Gisell. Mrs. K-H R John S. Marie-I dance. Brian-Prrrrrr I love you, Brian. Mom, Dad, Juli Kr Paula Renee Macauley 22 Webster Place W. Newton REMEMBICRS: Tom, Andrea, Jo. Jo, Lauren Anna, Jane t. IWATI John, Mark, Scott, Sue, Dennis-AR, JF, JC + KB, CM, DV, JF, SR. Tuge 3-23-84, CTBWT, 'I'-T3 YW WWII 10-6-84 Slsa KH, MC + MC, TOM-I'LL AWAYS love you DW, POISON IVY, BV? Girl what you be doin JMRDS 86, OH SAY , . . I Thanx MA Xz DAD Jennifer Luttrell 146 Crafts St Newton "A true friend is the most valuable of all possessions . . . " TI. DM BV EW LF KI. LK LIZA-I Luv u and it.'s not my bowl IJi's house lun-1 midnight swim at BB, DANNY- Where love is concerned, too much is not even enough. Mom and Billy I love you Charles R. Macdonald 6 Orris St. Auburndale Ed Mead my friend, TB, IDM, KB. TW, DA, THE HOVIS FAMILY. JL, The past NH funweekend, Tae lentshow-8-83 Nobscot, stealing TM's car, ed's LTD 66 Buick 528, My CB360fTorina, NCA HG, OR- NO, CM GETTING IN TROIIBLR WITH EDXDAVR, JYV KIRMIE. BEING FUNNY, Thanks momfdarl Samuel Lookner 73 Elmore Street Newton Centre, Hoop, baseball, down at Jiyels, Frost, Tafe, Matt, Neil H, Bruce, Silk, cans, that lags, its Matty in the morning, fundamentals, the Truck- ster, Michael D's, By field Road, Don't mess with the bull or you'll get the horns, thanks mom, clad and family, later G Christina M. Lyons 101 Washington Street Newton Love to: Becky, Di, JL, LF, LM, WK 8: LK-"lt is the laughter we-'ll re- member when we remember the way we were." Di's house: Fun-1,swim at BB, Bruce '85, PH, Fla, NY, WMC 49 The Vineyard, Boo. Love Tull, John-I couldn't ask for more. All my Love Sz Thanks to Mom dz liad. 2 s 1' , A Q ,. 5, L. Q ,QQ 'Q In . fs: " . 'jf r Ti' N4 'zo if , y its ,A y ls Julie A. Macdougall 328 Cabot St Nc-vrton Remembers SM'l'l2Vw'lN'l ,IVNIIIAA SRNINIP lNlFl'l't'S Illilllfllli you aint seen Iltlflllll yet li-lv-lmziliy 'Ifiiixu + Sheree 12 musk saint nolyorlys umn., v - - .,, fy- 84 July 9 t Aesis-inflqiu tw + :S Van Halen Af'-IM' Friday I 1 fil- ways love Scotty Niblmlcs Ili, Thanks tor all the support Mont, John. Mike l Karen MacKay 991 Washington St. Newtonville, good times with DA AC' LS AV EM AW, SPRINKLER Ollt'H!! one way street, oh well! Florida I want my pizza or my money! Good times at Aunties House! I made it everyone!! Thanx for yelling Love ya M 84 D Mike STEVE KEL. ALI, MY LOVE TO GREG!!!!!! NL 4 Christopher Malenfant 34 Hyde Avenue Newton DIPLOMAVY .... the stab in the back. IX 1 Nicole March ...H XX.itvrtowii St.. Newtonville 18h ,av Stacey MacLean 2 Otis Street Newton Remember Teresa Wendy Anita Rose Tiny Julie Pam SR KD LL NL Thanx MR Mara Mom Sz Dad for being there, always rem the best times, Sz forget all the bad, Bob Seger someone special will never forget, first. love Billy A. sum -84- 'CJ' Michael Malouf 20 Arlington St. Newton Ian Buzzy MMc MJWMJR GTJEBP AH-IDe DAWN AV- KARL-STAGE-205 "I'm a traveler of both time and space but to nei- ther I have been" . . , Well we all shine on . . . See ya Henry! ,,, 9 -5, Ns- Nicholas Mariano 16 William Street West Newton Football 2 It -1 Lax 2 3 4 "-Ioe. ousse!!" "Hey Brian Lets blow it oft" WARREN Good times wf Brian Joe everyone on the football team KP SP BK PB ML MD Palmer and Ad- ams A-Z thanks Maria D All my love to Andrea Dec. 1, 1985. Thanx Mom K Dad, VLASS OF 87mm mil 'Y Matthew MacNevin 74 Clearwater Road, Newton YOUNG LIFE 1 2 3 4, George at Saranac 85 86. Thanks Jack Sz Steve, WXMUF-FIN, RUBBER Sr MR HOLLYWOOD The 86 Boston Balls, House Council Il 4 My OLDS, MM, GT WC, GR, JM, LG, RP Sz CARROTS! Thanks Oscar Love ya MOM Sz DAD. A.M.F! Call Me MAC Alejandro Manevich 19 Arden Rd. Newtonville the circle game . . . f + w . . . debbie, annie, was friendly support mutual? Skiing, canoe trip, russia? anne f. ar- gentina. college, hopefully not mov- ing up to a higher level ofarrogance. steve, steve,john, dan, jeff, adam I'II forget you all bye 'Qin 1 Mark S. Markunas 127 Rand Terrace Newton Steve, DW, JN, TD, SF, AI, RW. KD, KR, KQ, JR, summer 86, Cape Cod, No brakes, we're rolling back, Holy oke, Joanna, Board walk, Ski- ing Birdman Style, BASEBALL, I'Il miss you all, Thanx mom. you helped me so much, I Love You. LEARN HOW TO LIVE BEFORE ITS TOO LATE. Bye Dad , . 5 , V, -at at .. .2 , Janice Mahoney 30 Howard Ct. Braintree Will neverforget the best wild times with MP MK MK BM VJ KM CT MS SD KL etc and southies at par- ties and mesc party my home. Trail- er 85. The night Oct with MP 86 .. Thanx Mom Dad for everything. ILY. and others. Thanx MP for tag me along!! Bye NNHS!! A f C-1 David Mann 28 Nobscot Rd. Newton "I never let schooling get in the way of my education." capt-x-skiing soc- cer, tennis . , . GANG-JA, JB, MB, AD, GG AH, JH, TL, AM, DS, ES, SW, cuz, idiot, "Get those A's"-RS, Table T RULES!! Mc'D Monkees, Thanx to M + D fam + the bom- mer WOW? E3 Htl N Michael Martell 41 Lodge Road Newton Brad Jim Eric Joe Bob Chris Kevin Todd KP CD TE RS YD LI PB RK ML MB JB MA AF NM JS AS Re- member Palmer Cemetary, resevoir roof rides on the chariot the game limmymobile football bomber goat MPAC some SMD PTYP Good luck class of 87' AMF t, i FQ -as t 2 Joanne Martin 1 11 Rossmere St. Newtonville .!Always rem. Bren, Dre, Renrae, Ja- net, SS RB, Mr. D. 6-6, its a tie! LD, !No, I don't feel well. Sue, got 20 tlmins? The night is young! 12f8f85 + ', l,6f27f86 with Jools Roger Daltrey is vi ta babe! Kimishu + LM! Mom + f!,Dad, l'll always love you both! ,D Heather McClure 16 Islington RD Auburndale Russell 1!30!85 10!26f85 Sweet Em- mot'n thumb'n ILU THANX HJF jfall JA, CG + JH JB, AD, MK, LR E+ NZ. JF 10!1f83 RDB D + Rweed !Riverside the mall Chuck partys LAF B-ball BR Bio Sumr 85 JC ACE GL + TR Big Mac CRUE at 4 I I ! I 4 w- V .,, ,D , Q, x., K 4 me . if I if-fa 1 A 4- ., ., '17, Wendy J. McMillen 126 Charles St. Auburndale Anita, Alyson, Teresa, Stace, CS, Friends may drift apart but memories last 4 ever RA, HR, SR, KD, JM, TM, SK. one can deny this love I have 81 l give it all 2 you Kenny my love 11f10f85, LP, DP, HP, Love U Mom, Dad, Shawn, 'iff' 4 YQ. x- - n 1 ,. . 5 .ir 'M' , v X '.. 'rg fi h Q. .3165 ' ' 'Ke . 'f 2 fjpf ' , . 'Irv I ! ' 'x L -4 Sara Martin 115 Newtonville Ave. Newton To all my friends at NNHS: Killer, John's B 8x H, Mike's J gl G, Will, Felicia, Julie, Debbie, Yeng, Amy, Sunhee, Colin, Andreas, Mitch, Martin, Margie, Cris, Volleyball, Concert Band, and the rest To my parents, who stuck with mefThanks. Matthew R. McLaughlin 26 Pleasant St., W. Newton ,aan 41' Francis McNeil 52 Myrtlye St., W. Newton 4,5 sw. 714 , 21 is f . Greg McAndrews 186 Pacmenter Rd., Newton .ge- -.....,v-H" Tony Mcletchie 100 Village Ave, Dedham Learning Never dies you always live with it. Never forget football 3, 4 and swimming 2, 3, 4. Thanks Cappy and "Doc" for everything. Never forget DD, SW, JF, GS. Best wishes to PE, JA, MA, BC, EG JR, also MO. Thanx Mom and Dad!! Michael McSweeney 226 Cabot St. Newtonville Stage, The Tigers Loft and The Band HEY!! B.P.-You BIG elephant!! Friendes-MJ, MM, RB, l-IJB, GB, TJ, IL, FM, KR, BM, and NN I. K.I.L.L: LIVES!!! THE OLD GAZEBO IS FINALLY DONE!!!!! SO NOW lT'S MILLER TIME! Thanks MOM dz DAD I Dianna McCarthy 85 Dartmouth Street West Newton Winter, spring, summer, or fall all you have to do is call-I'll be there You've got a friend, Love Sz thanks: Tina Sz Becky, JL, LK, LF, KD, LM, WK Late nights at my house Fun-1, midnt. swim at BB, W.M.C. Mom Sr Dad, I will love you always. , J Ricky McMillen 67 Dalby St Newton I will always remember The summer of 86 at Mike's. Never forget BR-JS- CD-DA-TP- GA-AB-LA-BP-GI-L JD Mike Joe Bruce Remember R.I. Best friends MD-PB-PS-MC -BK- ST-BK. THANKS MA 8: DAD. ALL MY LOVE TO CLAUDINE 187 'gs' Diana Mead 29 James Street West Newton Friends may dritt apart but all the memories will live forever. Rem the gtmti times with Jenn MVHF Kim Mitch ICI Marisa San Jeqan Kris 4 lil H15 M F LC' HTLRM Adams bench BI-IR 87 H6 HY .ID NM as good times Wfljkllll ti 24 R6 l love ya Mom Dad Liz. Jean Melideo 25 Woodrow Ave. Newtonville Thanks to my friends who showed me what lriendship means esp: Rae 8: Jan, ldweebsl Sue Sz Mark my sis- ters Marisa Kim Diana Donniell ll were each so special. Rem: MC KC HW RJ VA DC CM JB Beals SUM magic bus -1fit'l' wfli Thanks Mom K Dad Miss ya Sue? W ,WV:'l?:f11, Q A5385 .fQgi1,-, K ,. ,x-, . , :if-Z ive? , '-:3e,.,: -, 1.-0' If, f, , 'cfs '-vw R ' I I f' ' ii " vw. 'X 5 A X , . 1 i Enter Mezzetti it ll like-r' Nl Nwtktoliulllt' IW-' li'ivl.-l--.Xiiiv Nlith l. lillll. Vi l.i-.i, -iiilit-, l'lt KM HS HF NINI Nt' ,Xnne NIJ tiootl tiint-s xx lfctinii- . lrieiitls-Kiss X Seger ion' + rts itll gixnle Frank .intl lion- ttlvs i. -r, l ll 'Ji Aj Q lik Alt-Xiu. -Sri NL It-. lilx. 'Nl'X'lfl'l l"tJlttQl'f'l' tlll ' lx, Iliin'-. 'Xi tk ll ll,tlXlz VII '?iW,Xll" Vlll HHS Nancy Medoff 396 Ward St. Newton never forget GH LL CG KD IS JT AG summer of '86-late nites WXPK 1f23f85-BS. you want it you take it you pat the price, soccer, st. sibs. excuse me? cruising, what cop? 8f1f83-SXROX86 the two year itch the 3 am detour ILUDTK YOU'LL AL- WAYS MAKE ME SMILE gffif I tie' f 4' A F 4i"'y ' TK I , Ann Meng 46 Cedar St. Newton Center, Hoopster, Lax, Soccer-VVonder trip- let powers activate form of Peles. Thanx 4 some good times, wussies- Mar, Ab, Mt' Dar, Lil, Shar, ADM, Sis, flood job Ma + Pa JELLO-The Lord is my shepherd HUT I shall always want what I cant have. Hook me up with Davy Jones. CHDXV 9 -vt" William Mezzetti ST Walker Street Newtonville Zippy mike-iohn john craig buzz der- ick katie rose carla meredith jen steps wrestling t'-ball monomoy I9 meatwagon old army team lst Air Cav. INDIANS Hary. Sq fresh MIA- PUW the GAME pizza otst' MS IS HIP THANKS MOM it DAD Never Forget t'hnckie Shahriar Mehrtash 54 Dalby Street Newton Those who become old and those who are young, each went to the way they had chosen. No one remained in this world, the old ones left, we will leave and more people will come and they will leave. Persian Poet tOmar Kayaml 14.1, Lawrence Merrill 257 Linwood Ave., Newtonville Jennifer Michel 19Brae-Burn Rd. Auburndale Don't forget-AC, JL, LK, ASF, trav- el, AM SB, WB, FL, Dinner, Family, EUC, June-86, ice tea, fiesta, NNGMOSSLQ, CC, JL, Steves S- players, Dreams, YPM, Cindy, Saff, JL, SG, SB, Nin Annies hot tub, DS, .ID RS. The Fish, VL -ri 75' zmfx tj Kristen Melanson 142 Washington Ave. W. Newton Rem good times with Jodi + Mom, Revere Beth + Ed, never part, Car- ol, ML, MD + MD BC, TG, MG, HJ, "I love you 4-eva or until I die Richie" dance! P.J. 5:30 With my Milian Claudia, ST, He's 17, Leo, Mom + Dad, I did itll! -.ff Shondra Merrill 347 Cabot St. Newtonville, Holly Stepped out ot' the car: She to ok the cat with Her. "What do you Think?" She stamped her foot: "So Be at it!" But the cat was not at the corner . . "Oh, Jesus go. We did be- long to each other. He was mine," Breakfast at Tiffany's. HS was Quick Sz cool -x QQ, Patrizia Mineo 29 Cherry St. West Newton BFF: Jean Kim Sl MT RK Shu tis that ffl, 2, or 3?l LH Flee TZ + DL DG SR tACHUJ parties at Lee's car- nival wf LH SL MT Flee The BIG Lie tDCl FM and Triple A Sz D GC 8z H-Club wf Jean mond-chin l-IC 8: RKJ baseball game wf TZ 8: SL Cape Cod '84 Love you mom and dad t 1 l l i l I I i i l l l 4 l l i i l l i A i. l I 'S 6 i 'Sa t A i , Andrew Mirken 1 177 Park St.. Newton t ! stu, Fish, Rusty, Hot Rod, Webb, Zaf, "As long as we are all together' mad F- King Balls, Muscles, "Whip its good night gentleman" "Dan got the shaft." Basketball, 5 G.W., LL Bean. Thanks to my fam- ily Mom, Dad, Jenny, Nancy, 1 I Courtney Jennifer Morley 110 Washington Pk. 43 Newtonville Thanks WB, BAK, AEC + All, JG, ' AL, ET, MDT! SU '85-63 notesg WW I IJ, Being T3 VT, Great Times. Joe noticed something shiny lying on the next hill over. Abright little sphere, like a silvered glass Christ- I Edmund Moy if 101 Faxon St. Newton fllemember Trip to Boston 4 hour walk people at Palmer, homeroom, ti DM, MM, JB, GC, and KB also re- 'member friend in Conn. friends at , Heartland Special thanks to my ,Q family. Had lots of fun in between and after school GOODBYE Class of Q 1987. To the rest of you have fun!!! qgaib l I Q t Karen Mooradian 190 Chapel St. Newton Our Lives are shaped by those who Love us annd those who refuse to. Love + Luck to all friends esp. Marisa-MVBF, Jody- thanx! Lara, Adonis, Kim, MD- luv ya buddy! JH, KF, MC, DV, KH, BA!! 101786, Lu's house,,9th gd, M + B,J + F, A fc 'Q' Felicia Moschella 100 Fair Oaks Ave Newtonville Field Hockey, Track, Softball Intra- murals?! Good luck to all my friends esp. Wen, Miss, MF, Mo, An, NS, DS, EB, RG, DM you-all rem: Friends may Drift Apart But Memo- ries Last Forever Thanxs Ms C Love You MOM, DAD, GRANDMA, 4? Christine L. Muise 33 Woodrow Ave. Newtonville Special Times w!Special Friends You Know Who You Are. REMS ESP TK 8x DB TFE 143 always Ricky! Thanks for the good times and the bad. Although I may not show it Dad I do luv you. Thanks Rob for being there!! SAIL ON DOWN THE LINE! GOODBYE 8: GOOD LUCK! i Elizabeth Moore 2280 Commonwealth Ave. Newton Jen-I luv U-its that-simple El- Thanks for being U Mish-Dont change Becks-Thanks for every- thing Bri-UR The Best 62 I luv U! Andy-UR special 2 me Kris-BE HAPPY JD Good Luck MR TL DM LKLFAS SWRRFIO ,pum- fi -ax 04.5 ,S lt A 4.3124- .-4 ae., "Q Qfua.,-,s -. - . 'sg'-4-fp., '1 ' f : 4 . ' , . , 'N i'K,,1fw ' ,-- ,. I-Msg 3..- ' t fn' .,.,,,,,,,,l . K. Michael Moschella 194 Crafts Street Newton Remembers: Track, skiing, footall, wrestling, waterpolo state champs. Jim, AD, DM, GC, CP, JB, SI, JR, JH, BG, JF Long Tuesdays, and the rest of the class of 87. "and if you dont know Electric Co." 1-Arif Pamela Mulhern 82 Day St. Auburndale We are the children and the future is ours what becomes of it is up to us. Labela ge 31 Sz 42 Mr. C. nfmlt' Diane GooD LucK. Fab rem: atgt summer shgh WXND 7X-U86. of tt get me off. Apt ifl B. HJill, Harvard G. "MARTHA" magic B. tg Ka b yhtb friends. My family, thanx. ff ' if Alan W. Moorhouse 56 Newtonville Ave., Newton J. Suzanne Mosher 58 Nonantum St., Newton "If a man does not keep pace with his companions, perhaps its because he hears a differeiit drummer. Let him step to the music which he hears however measured or tar away" HDT Thanks Mom G Dad I Love You! CK -IO RK All ,IH BI. DVM- Here I come! It t 4 . Q x 4 Kathleen Mullen 52 Arlington St. Newton Blue frosting fight w,fI.K N AK Canada: RD tPolol at PF- VH! 'HIL eh? LG SA MJ -ll. Ft' t3 clsiys l.t'! Venus! The K-team. CII' l'tlNlhi' The B. Sows! Jagsf 'l'lmnx to my family "The woods are lowly, florla and deep but I have pronnst-s to keep, And miles to go lreliirt' l sleep, X1 7 .5 "iffy ":f5'- 4vfC'f?'L"7'wf 5' zfilfif . ,i' T","' '41, f' ,- 'A "x i bi" W ' 1 -. sl I M ? 4 I X' 1' 'f fig YQ, elf, I I if ' -Q . I K4 X 1' Ox a 4 I' ig. it I 1 fl in-'fp I If V 'ef' A .is 'i Lynne-Marie Murphy GS? Itlliot Avenue West Newton : What did you think I would do at this moment when you're standing before me with tears in your eyes? Trying to tell me that you've found you another and you just don't love me anymore-BB: .len Lise Aje Alex RD TO Wll,l.Y- I WAS WRONG 13.5 I LOVED IT ' ,filet X i ".jr+. i c, - , V, , - ' . . n'fi't39Ei' 'A ' fe 1 -' 'Zfff -Q ,f ' V, ,- 'r 57, A, l If N if Jeff Nash -ltl Holden Rd. VV. Newton Hockey I 2 It 4 Tennis l 2114 Always Remember: Carl, Jan, Russ, Rachel, lan, Deirdre, l'hil, Jeff. Melissa, Lisa. and Nick. The ft bl br game. "We are all just prisoners here of are own device", American l'ie. Thanks Mom, Dad, Bob, and Loryn. IQU ,-- Margaret Murphy 470 Comm, Ave. Boston, Robyn Duke -N- DMC-6-2-84' Ber- muda 86 + 87 Club 40 Dot Bat DM Time VVill Reveal Sum '86 VINA- CIN No sir Fightin' Irish 171 Old- days'Supa-freak -DFGB-BBRY SOUTHIE-84 N + DR + DA + DAAFIY i uv ya-Na Thanx Dad 3,11 Q- Trango Ngo 65 River Street West Newton The lib. Step x block Thur. mall bees. countdown for class to end FL, Becky, step. A, Maya, L Andres, S, Wories Ermano. Mike, Chinatown breakfast, T.C, L.M, J.F FL, T.N. K.N, surfing, beach, home work, c'est la vie. Good bye all KS .MQ John Norton 162 Grove St Auburndale Stacy A. Murray 23 Adams Avenue West Newton Life is a series of Hellos + Goodbyes Im afraid its time 4 Goodbye again- B Joel thanx 4 all the Crazy times LR Thanx + Good Luck to all esp. EDBRNCSGAF-uo yfognik nigts ya wla saw l . . . And we all enjoyed the weekend 4 a change! Thanx Budl Lot o luv 2 M + D + Favrit. Sisll 5 I I , David J Nichols 25 Cotton Street Newton To thine own self be true-Polonius. LK, DF RR TK AM SB JW ZK BS, BC, DW Wash DC 86-Thanx Mrs S., BF: video biz hands-couldn't have done it without you - all my love SHA Sz DOV ff? Robert T. Norton 14 Mallard R. Acton RICMICMBERS: MARK, TOM, I have learned much in these few St,'O'I'T, DAVE, HENFIC BUD, years. I may forget but l will try to LIIMPY. STEVE, JASON, ANDY, remember. TOMMY. BI. BOB, SLE, Why you haf do that. MAINE -Dayes car. DOT BVYM Ilrapesl VVilliams' Hampton Beach. Dopey Thanx Ma da Pa ,rm- W' Dana Musrey 32 Rossmere Street Newton Palmer House, Newton North, Col- lege remembers E.O., M.W.,. Thanks, Mom and Bob and Christi' na - I love you! Good luck to the Class of '87! as 'K Roberto Nicolazzo 26 Cottage Palace West Newton Landscape Architect. Remember good times eith Gondolla Bros. Mike, Dave, Victor. .TA DA CT JL MB CB FB AC' TP. Pilarasion. Give it the stump. E 4 Lauderdale 87' Summer of 86. Cruzin the M XL M. Double trouble. Your the best Mom Sz Dad Rina Mel K Ang '29 Nicholas Nuget 60 Prospect Park Newtonville It has been a quick four years and I hop everyone does well in their fu- ture endeavors. t 1, , , Elizabeth O'Brien i 28 Grant Street, Newton 3 Remember All the good times at , Newton North. Beals. Remembers i K.A, K.W, M.D,, A.P., Big John. ! Good Luck to the class of 87. Thanx Mom and Dad. All my love to Bobby 11 27 85 College. yt AS' ! Deirdre O'Reilly 42 Crosby Road Chestnut Hill A X-Country In + Out Track BHC iPhoto Caitlin afkfa DM Carla E Maeve Lisa MR JG DG MO Vine- H yard '86-Yipp MK AS PM K + B Ireland '84-skeef Yeenie WISC ,Q Steak tips JM P. Mike + Mom I I LOVE YOU ridin wfCaitlin L I .v I 11 is i Lisa M. Palma 74 Bowen St. Newton f Remember the good times in Bacon 1 Bathroom with CL, MK, LP, LW, J CP, EO, BB, TD, LL, and the great i meatballs at Bill's with Beth and ! Megan. Good Luck to all my friends. 1 I finally made it, thanks Mom and 1 Dad. Molly O'Brien 336 Comm. Ave. Newton The best of times are spent with the greatest of friends Happy memories, Thanx! LW, CG, ML, Deb M MB, HS, Monteque, Beals House, Ski Club, TM Sugar Loaf, Quebec, Hu- marock, or Ono, Track, now to trav- el the road untaken, Thanx Mom + Dad + MaryfLaundry Chute Maria Ines Ortega 31 Bemis St. Newtonville Special friends John Biliy Frosty Noy Lay Monica George Tamar Ju- lie Nicole Ana Chun Seang Karen Chico And res Ricardo K Sergio. BRASIL! Spain '85 Tuco's Ana que roupa eu vou? Thanks Mae Paie manas Alba e Ana CI AU!!! ai: ? be dr as Marie Palmer 64 Royce rd. Newton Summer 86 don't forget Wyoming JA friends forever, MS 85 stands Ds KD RG, regulars, SOA, GFC, RM, RJ, DF, JN, KM, JS, DL, Thanks, Paulet PJ PC OPals, Bs Best Times Brady G SW cloe WK SIS NG XFU ZP Ahhhottab. Thanks mum Dad Np Jp Art Jf 83 Sd KS ML DL Shannon O'Hern 908 Beacon St. Newton Centre There's no ache more deadly than surviving to be oneself . . . AERO- BICSY To the dreamer tJDl-Always do what u believe is right, l'll love u 4-ever The sky was all purple-My tribute. K, K, J, L, S "Let's get a tab!" And to YOU, I'll always be your baby blue. . ive Julie Ann Ott 11 Durant Street Newton Leban, Ah Boogla Boogla Boogla, Dinno. Mahal kayo Jen, Mary, Leanne, Martina, Roland, pete, Berni, Carlos, John, Jane, Fred and "Poo" too. Sisters, Family Dance I.P. on Esplanade! Jazz Nite! Ric-N- Rocco! You're the best T. -jao 12 Claudia Onorato 12 April St. FRIENDS FOR LIFE' Jenny-even scitvat was a hlastfwfyou t .Inlie Baby they aint seen nothing yet ' Peach- Friends 4-ever-word 9' Kris- ten-luv our cat eyes ' Sugarmzit- Love 't Bigh Dan ' Sandro-I'll love you till I die " Forever SANDRO'S Good times wfTS, PK, BH, SV, LB Craig Palli 61 Cornell Street Newton Class of '87. Hm Rm. 3338-3 with Russ Steinnert. Tignes Ski Trip 86. Newton North Hockey. Hamilton Hoop. Ed Butts. Muffin in the morning. Everybody Please Repeat- Lets All Roll The VVeehle Down The Street. '86 Sox Series Bound. ' 7 X 1 ,-. 4 ,gg Q , - j' ,Q-qv-. Elizabeth A. Panaggio 214 Adams St. Newton Beth' Never forget all the good times with all my friends, out front, Palmer stairs' esp Lisa + George' Nancy-N-Timmy, NEZ, Kathy, Tina, Karen, Cindy-N-Danny, Ray. SQ, BO, Summer Of 86, Best Oi' Times At Rix, Riverside + Burr. ZZ AM OANFSACH 8-29-86 Love Al- Pasquale Panza 72 Taft Ave. W, Newton ways Mom 81 Dad 191 C, at N...- Claire Paquet Richard Partridge Jill Grove Hill Pk., Netonville 111 Cedar St. Newton Centre Remember: Kathleen, Adina, Chris X-Country, Skiing, Track, MAY- L., Paula, Maria, Adam, John A., HEM with the Fella's, Jon, Jeff, Mike ,IW Hill Marilyn, Mit-helle, Kenny, Phil, Tim and Buhha. Gim- Vhristophe P-'l'HROlltlH THE ho's, the hest of times. FIREY pt: + not toreyerf VValking on 1 thin line-HL-all along 'W ,ff , Mary Pasakarnis 158 Alida Rd Braintree Parties at Cape Cod!! Never forget at Southies with BP, JT, MG, Andrew, Janice, JP, AL, other kids at north- ies and Quincy with Jan, Mary S. Mich, Mar, and Nelots B, N trucks Thank Mom + Lisa + ILY IAndl 77 Ford Granada 4 .4 ' n My f, . 1 J , .,' tt Q 1 K WA, '2?VE?,w"3 . --Q-J z 'W l 44' I e et3f.r,fFE" is ,F if Bruce Patz Kevin Paul 19 Garland Road Newton Ventre 25 Dana Rd. VV. Newton SW' YH' VUIYIJY' Will M155 Y"Ul '56 Rem: Everyone at Palmer esp, Ber- SUX Wf'fClH if' HW' l'N'- l'5' RVN ll ' nardo Todd Joey Brad Jim Eric M I t' 0 Iuxiilll BE ll,I,lN"'j21mS'I1 Razy Curt TJ Michele Pam Lisa 52Hf1- ilfllllbi ll' lwflll lUf'f'liUEil fimil Bari flood times with Val ski trip, For The Future: 'llo llunk Thanks H,,,14,'S bench' wild tiynpgq in yqyuth, To All Who have helped me lo this thankg Mum gl RAD AMF point. Matt hlasoli Rice ffl Nah, Nah, Hay. Hay, CIHOIJ BYE! Julie Perlman 1 an Evelyn Perry 131 lilflirlilll ltfl Newton 1-1 Pierrepont Rd. Newton Lower Falls .rg yuission lioretlom lfbflllllbj- on-l ll lC.X'l' the sometimes Suppose a tree talls down-said Pige s Ll tlom in iw-ine-iiilieriiig the ans let. Suppose it rloesn't-said Pooh. t iw tot5fo1'I.u1ts? tr:-4' l11't'l'4'11Ill4'W" Piglet was ronforted hy this thought hall ll 'Q lui .hm-wk llramzi Britain Bri lII,'Y'l'SC'I QQ Cath-The Il Muske- Fori Holy, owl Bounll teers. Sue. Adam. LS, JP. MDA. 192 MH, HT. KT, DA, Ll., A Weekend At The Nudist Colony, HARP. Mr. L S: Tfman, LOVE 5: THANKS TO MOM at t'HRlSl-KLIYS V Tom Peisel 56 Madison Ave. Newtonville Hey mush lets get them punkers. 5 very wild years eh Steve C BOKDKM EEP PEEM ROCK OH! NOITS ASF. GIBBER BOO TEE HE YO! KOOPSY MP, DK, AM SB, FORCE 12 Crew. love always JD Sp ORKY Tom Sawyer l hate math the hass player life is just a Candle Simone tRobbyneJ Pattek 58 Elmhurst Rd. Boston Amy D-N-Duke -6-2-84-Bermuda 86 8z 87 YA AM BL NC NI AS CB KK KC LC DL RM KW DS MR Summ of 86l Danny club 40! FP SL V stunt the chain old days DF HP Pkwy CH mall Mike TWRY SLC much in WH! N8zDA8zDR8zDAAF!5 Andrea E. Pellegrini 66 Langdon St. Newton REMEMBER: 6-2 IN ARL.-BBBL- Crew C.D Girls, NWT, R-Bound in 85, Chase in C4Town'Stay in touch: KA, LC, JB, EO SS, MG, SW, HM, KS, DB, ERIK-"Everyday, love me your own special way, melt all my heart away-with your smile" l'll love you always and forever! av " Robert Perry 178 Morton Street Newton Centre Remember me? A pit-ture's worth a thousand words, so look at the pic- turel I'll remember: LMDPJCKC DKJLNSMW na A? tyes, youl. Mac 'N carrots. 21031. math. Ah, well. Am I Scott or Rolf? Beam me up Scotty . . . Lastly, is anyone out there sane? '55 3 v' if will Matthew Pierce 202 Craft St. Newtonville S lil dt. nl Q im. 1 ll. Dir lil- ,J ,i 'K-! Sharon M Poirier 193 Adams Ave West Newton Always rem: "BARI" I'll be there tGood time w! KC + JR, SS, MD, PB, MD, NM, ML + CD, BV, JD, BA, KP, RS, TF, RB, MM, FL, MF Faithfully, Poopa l9I'zhrs, FLORI- DA, BBH jim, U CRASH STIFLE IT, Daddy's little girl Crazy 4-U JP Thanx MOM dz DAD + KEN I Love You 'S fl I i i, . ala t Doug Proia j 51 Salisbury Rd. Newton .Rem Hockey 1 2 3 Lax Jim Top :Robinson tLeech7 Lorma tATNAI Good times wf Diane Cheswick Leanne Jason Tanya Ben TK RF CP BN DC JR Kodiak David Chris Jennifer Thanks Mom, Dad for ev- erything I L Y. 10f7f86 Bob Quinn 68 Linbergh Ave. West Newton NREMEMBERS: JB, BC, RG, FLIP, l,St., Bre, MG, KD, FM, KA, NH, EG, IRI-I, HL, MA, BE, KB, DA, MB The 33Regulars, Rest of Adams, NY, NY Jennifer S. Polins 228 Mill St. Newtonville "The rainbow is more beautiful than the pot at the end of it, because the rainbow is now. And t.he pot never turns out to be quite what I expect- ed." Hugh Prather 1 Adria T. Prosser 214 Bellevue St., Newton Zeynep Porcaro 29 Woodchester Dr. Newton, Brady 6-SW-Be Fri, WK-RUDOLF, NG- pull me back, JB-DCBoss, MP- Ann, RS + MI, skibuds OCFF + NLEOF + Quebec, LC-kb-CB + GFC:S SOA Summer 86 luvz-EB + yy, Evan-thanks 4 putting up wfme mom SL dad Someday we'll all look back on this and it will all seem fun James M. Pruy 56 Eddy St., W. Newton Stephen M. Quinn 57 Windermere Rd Newton Mark, JC, JN, DW, BK, SF, KK, CF, LP, KM, FC Summer of 86 41- We're rolling back! The good of fruit-No brakes-DLR, the board- walk: "So understand-do not waste M' is R David A. Proia 11 Cottage Ct. Newton we Q., .N I, ff f A 1 is 3 Affrf K ff? ' , 'P .5 . 1 I' -- , f -, ,, Q N dwg. . ., X , Edward Quinn 17 Talbot St. West Newton Golf' 34 States Easton Ireland 84' Good times in Adams, looping at BB, Midnites, locks gone again. Ed, are ya comin out tonight? Will al- ways rem. Good times w! BC, NH, GB, and the rest. Spetx thanks to Mom, Dad, kath, Conldn't have made it wfout you. Q 'fffg , -4 tt' 'mx .21 ' I ii, ,ITA 5 4 f Shelia Randolph 15 Glazer Rd., Newton Center Teresa Raso 150 River St West Newton Always remember: Stacey. Joanne, Anita Wendy. Sarah. Rose. Tiny, SD, JV, Friends may drift apart lint the memories never tade Sum 'Ht Bob Seger, Spring Break Itigf BRES RUSSES HOUSE, ga, The Duck, The Canow, The ts, I'll see You Next Year, MOM + DAD ttSummer 86, Sleeping at Reds, HUT YTXO. o your time always searching for those wasted years"-Jen, I will always love you. Stairway To Heaven 41 Bye! Thanks Mom + Dad lor loving nn- thru the had as well as the gotiti lnlm ya! I'll always love you Robert 'kfi' 'r li f i Beth Ratta 45 Sheridan Street West Newton Remember: All the good times! No- vember 24, 1985! All my friends, esp. Kristen M Carol! c-Blocks! Summer of SG! t'alifornia! My family Thanks Ed. for making my life so very hap- py! I love you. always. I is 8' 'W' Morgan Ritz 472 Vrafts St, XY Newton Sus Ang Kris RI-uoy evol I tub Liz- RAMA til ' mushroomsf' NO! TULS-lti tvs etc GU PSYFHU " THAT'S big ' stray hair ' REM LIJLt'AI'I t't'OIJLF - DB MISS ll SHRL lf'fl-driver! Thanks M,lJ, etc tesp Sl I LUYIC Ytllll!! only the be- ginning , . . in ' - A I T!!! ' , 'ii - gi David Robinson ll l,e-oniirfl .Xu-. INPXKIHIIYIIIS' XM- .tri-.ill -lllsl IH'ts4il1t-rsul UIIFIPVVII .lt i. ii. lill rl. I Nl Hlet-cling Heart In ltvli tk' llw lx Nlll lft'Ylti'Il1lJ1'r Ill' lil! fnlll 'lilu-:tr txt-re no naine-s or no iusiitvs-li-i"-.l lil'1SiniIi-N s11nplyilon't ilillc'l't44Xt'llt't'l'tl"'iL1llIllllbthl I-wtlglivl' time tk 'i.wlI'Xt'lrt1t!Ii tliifre-lor.1ll of ilu-n, l.tvXi' KN' IP l"4 QQ :HB if N: j A w -V -51: Sarah Repetto 22 Winthrop St. W. Newton ABCDEFGHI-IKLMNOPQRST UVWXYZ If your initials are here I remembered you Goodbye to all my friends and a Special Good luck to Kristin, Heidi. Justine Thanks for everything Mom, Dad, Rachel, Ms. Stein All my love to Jamie Forever! I'll miss you all f . f - 51 If X. I up ' f I ' , if , I :If James T. Rizza 47 Kilburn Rd. W. Newton Great times with Dori, love always! Dom .Iohny roller TAL BRI Mark AL Neil DP back off Joe Adams Sz Beals a-Z hockey 8: golf 4 the taz midget champs 84-86 I owe it all to my family Thanks Mom Dad Sz Cathy "for something I thought would never end It went by much too fast" J Bryan Roche 85 Albert Rd. Newton Iiverybody at stair 4 scan x Dave crazy 'I' PI' M Varls IJH HM GA LR -I + KS -IS Dolans, golf course Bud t'eco At' The Wall Where's that t-onfounderl bridge Led Zep shatter prott' 4-ever olds cutlass Fharlie + Kerrv + Sam the resavoir RM + VW BK This is the end -f-QW Megan Rettew 59 Algonquin Rd, Newton Rem - The Lodge, BC, skating, The Bri-Boys. The Cape, "Diane" BD KH, KR, KD, DL, TM, LC, JB: thanx guys! Billy, I finally made it! Aaron, thanks M SL D "The feeling remains the same even after the glit- ter fades' Always love you Billy is Jenna Roberts 164 Highland Ave Newton Tell me a story Denzil, in 14- part Harmony: running away on bBl.-10, jiffy pop Sz goldfish, strawberry jello 8: giant clams. Take a walk under a goodnight moon-a fullish circle. Paint it like the muppets, pretty sneaky sis. Football 81 snow, be un- decisive. I LOVE YOU ALL 655 Wendy Ann Rogers 340 Linwood Ave Newtonville Lots of thanks to the people who have help me through these four years. Never forget FIVIMG MFNC + AM. Sometimes words and feel- ings are better left unsaid + this time they will. Lots of love + thanks to Gidget. Lots of love to Mom and Jody Elisabeth Richard 548 Crafts Street West Newton And so it's time to change our ways but I've loved these days-Billy Joel Thanx Stace, Ellen, Buf, Nance, Pe- ter! It was a good time! Hey Bud! Swill!!! Field hockey 1 2 3 4. summer '86-dipping The Cape-to the beach! The Lizard Bermuda '87, James Robertson 34 Clyde St. Newton YEA RIGHT! SHUT UP SHUT TIM X 2 RANDY BARRY KEN 6 SUBLEAGUE SHUFFLE Bob Funnel Amy Jon Grunt Karin Mike U2 Rec. Swim Gaurds summer 86' Thanx Family 8a Coach- es 8: Teachers Remember all good times wf friends 8 M Rossella Francesca Romagnoli 51 Bennington Street Newton "Nella vital' importante none non cadere mai-ma avere sempre la forza di rial zarsi" Un bacio per Liz, Sa- brina, Asteria-un saluto ai ragazzi di Sulmona 81 Bacon L'estate sta fin- endo ....,. NNHS-FAI SCHIFO!!l I r I i ltr if Blt IN iliil ill I lltl l it Elizabeth A. Romero 15 Princeton St. Newton My love goes to all who have made me smile Ellen t Nancy U 2 R very Special Lib, Stac Sz Bud tymes have been hip! V Let's not say goodbye, only See Ya! N Field Hockey, Training Let.'s hang out Although I don't remember, Cha Cha Cha! love to my kin folk po Tell me a storyh Julie Ross 997 Beacon St. Newton The moment may be temporary but the memories last forever Sharon- BFA, Always remember: EF, AZ, SS, RC, RB, RW, JB, SD, 9f1f94-IN THE WILD! kbt zn '86 wfSW, BS, BC! Thanx Mom Dad Mike, ILY! NWNBLT' SARAH-WE'RE IN THE SAME BOAT Kr 'TW Paul C. Sabin 28 Collins Rd. Waban The Bermuda Race, Mr S's stick, the Wicker, vandals, No No 1000 times no, Mike's lonliest moment, Helen, shut up Josh, the cemetery, 48 F, Mr D, Mr S is at a meeting, Mrs K's bribe, tardies. Don't look back, something might be gaining on you. A152 ...g-v Neil Ronchinsky 64 Greenland Ave. Newton Ctre. Never forget partying in France tand skiing tool, Nationals in Mich. with hockey team. Thanx to all my friends AL, Joe, Jim, Dave, Dom, KM, MB, LS, LK, AB, BP, JW, JG, BK, the golf n hockey team, and Heidi-iwnla aidu, arb incorr. and at- fih unsulking WUTMBG ITWWW. 'MQ Jeffrey Russell 131 Prince St. W. Newton Remember: I'll try, Who knows un- til . . Whatever, Riley tree, Weekend nights Tigers there is no substitute. Keep on skiing. Jeff, Carel, Ian, Jan Lara, Lyn, cape bound No Guts no glory. Push yourself Thanks to . . . ,M v -uni 4 Aaron Sachs 280 Highland Ave., West Newton For everyone, with love and squalor: Thanks. Buckaroo, Katmandu, Boo to you tWho'?l tYes.lg Arlo, Denzil, I HOP, Hoop, Go Sox, Snow football, Bookroom hours, Computers? Sanc- tus Fumus! Nothing Of The Sort! For life is a gift horse in my opinion t"Teddy"l. Stay cool, Abdul. . Q Laurie Rosen 6 Bonwood St. Newtonville 'member the good timz w!HM, RD, SY, DG SO, MT, JC, JB, JA ETC! good luck everyone esp. my good friend NZ! weekends Partys. Cham- pagne, Mr. Mahony, the caf! Good timz come + go but friendship lasts 4-eva! Cheating Ace Bocks! good luck class of 87! Thanx Mom + Dad! John Rutledge 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. Valhalla I am coming, We jammin' we jammin', WHRB, Stop calling me Frank! THE HENCHMEN OF JESUS, Achilles Last. stand, Let's go Marmontel!, FNN, Olais Lads: Mor- rissey, Steinert, DJ, Patz, DW, MM. SQ, EW, IL, Chris Elliot, Guys at HJ Do what thou wilt. So mete it be. Halil A. Sabin 54 Fellsmere Rd., Newton Elizabeth Rosenfeld 38 Bennigton St. Newton, Crazy Days! Why can't I see a change before I say goodbye? 4 long years Rosie! Estate 83 JI. TN'I'GICO MV D + HM-ETOWNJI. RBCAJJ PTRD TheWHO direstraits Adam U R very special to me Thanks to my best teachers + my familye KETTY + 7 + Socrates! Rachel Sabbag 48 Windermere Rd Auburndale MAYA, ANNA, LISA, ZP, JN, GH. FLO. Soccer, Lax, Cheerleading. Trips- PARIS, Quebec, ski trips Wfbuds MARK-MY' "Somebody"-I L U. YPA-Good Times "Time may change me, but I can't trace time" An era is over, where do we go nowf' Thanks to Mom + Dad. Sharon Salter 20 Grant Ave. Newton Center Soccer Indoor, Outdoor Track Al' ways Remember: Mar, AD. TH. Shumng AP I.t', JR, AZ, MG, KID, EW, SD, WK, Mitz as JHSVV "Yew terday is for memories, Tomorrow is for dreams. but today is tor living" Thanks Mom di Dad IIS, SS, IXIIS, SB, SUBAR Bigelow Adains 195 .f"'l Q as .X Andrea Salwen QS tlroye Hill Park Newton Mig, Sul, Michelle. El, Kris, Liza. Les, ouevolitubl -lust this stray hair, ZEIE late night Chinese. Wanna bowlf' ,lust a nibble, tpiekt, Is -Iohn Smith there My fav Beatles song! lilo, Tim Rusty, Unhook me, Mom, Ilad, IJavefDon't worry. "Macaroni 5: cheese anyonef' ANYONE?" , A hli 1 ,sfzgy ,,.. . - i s 'fl A V .955 ,L , 4' , f 1 '7 .r , ' I Ain 2 is , .A-'Q' 'luv-f,' Ali Sarkarati 74 Falmouth Road West Newton I've had a great tour years at North, thanks tog 'I'ommy. Matt, Louie, Kaan, Brad, Mike. Jimmy. Eric. Hob, Lisa, Becky, Sandi. Nancy. Wendy, Claire, Ann, and Chris. Knowledge is Power. 'UN Nye Daniel Schmidt I. ' llarxarrl IlII'tlf' Ns-wtoii l. HJSXL 1 tjiiuiti Illliy lipyyggrp uf stranger lit-qii'i1ig1 tzitlus pears, DL, Sax' the xnortl :ui xou'll lie tree, -l, You teen fling f1Ilt'4lIl horse, but you tant iiiqilo ii drink, ot tourse .i. It s not wl'l1'V1l1l'. .iiiyinore 41 How about il wel Heil Sox" lil Alan Samuels 26 Charlotte Rd. Newton "Some people can read War and Peace and think it's merely a simple adventure story while as others can read the ingredients on a chewing gum wrapper and unlock the key to the universe" GDI.K'NR, JD, JR. DB, BV, JS, DD, etc., LLAMA, Gull., SOCO, WINDOW, FIESTAS James Sauro 1821 Cherry St. West Newton Remember yesterday, dream, about tomorrow, but live today! SEE YOU LATER SCHOOL, HELLO LIFE I DONT KNOW WHERE I AM GO' ING BUT I HOPE I GET THERE SOON. BEST OF LUCK TO ALL OF THE CLASS OF "HT" Ermanno Santilli 28 Cross St. West Newton I love chum, cow wielder, tanny hea- gle, alfa romano, uppity brain, ball- weilding orge, ily alfa, make it spit, 148 Cadish, Aug 15 1990, hamond pond parkway is Ferrari test ground 4 wheel in vette, baby must be pro- cessed, smell the leggo. 1-5 Sarah Schiller 11 Richfield Rd Newton From year to year It seems all of Us go a diff way but the mems wont Change or be forgotten. ILY all The K L Row JR CBL JG TW BWJB MAUI R U LES JESS 8: VAL CHEERING MAINE NfWfnfbft!w Hawaii Bound peewee IN The wild 9flf94 Julie-Its sinking rm' ,.. A' Q f n Q 1 ' John Santosuosso 32 Edward Rd. West Newton Remembersg Tal, Rizza, EA, JD, MG, FAB 41 cuz, Pat, Rtea, Ft. Lauderdale-cracked! Cape '85, B.C. parties, NNHS ustorza la callina!" the needle lives, "What are ya thinking of?" animal, jryr-ballsy, GTfKristi, Thankz Ma + Cor + Dan, GL!Chin + Chooch no-you clean it upl 17 'O' Q V-.F Eric Schlossberg 529 Ward St Newton Center Skiing, Biking, Tennis, Photogra- phy Art, Cablevision, Chuck, Barry, Dave. Ian, Mike L, JT, Eric B, SC, TG, Dances, MA, Cafefood, Sched Switch, Make a GD. l Ruth Schmidt Matthew Schrot Marilyn Schultz 172 Harvard Circle Newtonville 47 Manemet Rd., Newton Center 52 Grant Avenue Newton Ctr Its's time to visit the planet smile .. it's time to kiss the sun . . it's time to eat music . . it's time to drown youre self in Soundgasm . . . its time to dance through the mirror . , The Dukes declare it's 25 o'c-lock. LWA EAR ,137 Is it'7 pretty much Soccer I + O Track Wonder Triplet Power Activate Love 8: Luck Always To Amy, Shmng, 2-Shar, Tif, Kd, and all my friends! Lii'e's but a walk- ing shadow. Summer '85. Good luck Rach + Joan, MM, A. Thanx M + D, Mike. "I'm A Believer" Jennifer Sclar 90 Highland Ave Newton Thanks to the best friends in the world-Kyra, Leslie, Karen, Jenpen, Sara SM, SO, JM, NH- I love you all. NY, St. M summer 85, 86, all the EYB's tall the losersl. Many bets tunfort. I won them ALLJ That's it RM? Hundreds to come-can't wait t59!25J FREE AT LAST Laura Elizabeth Seitz 2 Cobbleridge Court Durham Ill always rem: my pals "THE ROW" Kris 8: Rose MVBFS Ski' trips, Florida, Ann's, "Gimme a cookie" Sarah, hats? Thanx Mom, Dad Sr John 4 all you have done 4 me I LOVE YOU GUYS! For that smile u give 2 me , . . Paul, more luv Sz thanx than could he expressed Felicia Shaman 574 Auburn St. Auburndale And the poets down here don't write I at all they just stand back 8a let it all be Bruce OZZY, TP, Alarm Nwnteus Copley PL, HarvSQ, Mar- riot, Skate wflan Love gl Thanx RK, MT, LH, TZ + DL, GS BK, SY, MJ, JC Miss You BC Sz Somer- Ross Please Gimme a ride fi Valeria Scott 321 Auburndale Ave Newton You were there when I needed a friend, always there at the right time with the right smile 9' No one could ask for better friends, Thanks guys ' Fond Memories of Italy and ASM " Harvard Summer-Special Times ' Mich, Lis, Ann, Sa THE ROW! M Mom, Dad, Gar Daphne F. Scullin 69 Miller Rd., Newton Center Matt Selig 173 Grant Ave. Newton Center Frost, John, Bruce, Sam-Thanx alotlll SLT-down with the jivvels- theres no number Frost-are you sure on this one? I thought it was some- thing different-Michael D's-billboy, NWTNTE LA-goats 6020-RBOX, Fenway- blue car no. 1-lico- KKAZ- silk- sweet- dhrown Jill E. Shapiro 283 Highland Ave., W. Newton Raseuse arrete, valet de Tsar bat loups,Joues gare et suite, un sot voyou. .hm 'D 1 ' f Lynda Sementelli 86 Farwell St. Newtonville Thanks Nat, San 2, Janet, Reenie, Ga 8z GOODLUCK to all "Al" Growing Up, esp. wfKK Sz LK France 86, Cheering, STANG, April vaca, 87, Beals liz Adams Gang Thanks Never 4 get U JG LOVE to my family, esp. Nicole gl Babyl Daniel V. Shea 24 Mild St., W. Newton Sharon Seeley 15 Warwick Rd., VV, Newton Tanya Setrakian 128 -lewett St Newton Rem- SM-TR-WAA -Sumnia-84- AAO- Wendy -those- -were' the- days- MEBCSDRGJMMFCP v BMOC-TAL - JCNM- Sheree- CHIB-LD 81 P Sz T-GF-ACDC A Cape-w-heart 44 Eva-you 'will-he even - when-l'm -gone-you'll -bee here- in-me-4 eva -in-my-heart - I- love-U -Muma-87 David Shea 20 VVamesit Rd. Waban EW MW RB DM BS RR AA TIM JB KEC TCI, lflialking into walls three day hangover swim team any nual injury new tonite skiing Idaho New York ll EB, S 4-oznpzivt rli:-r Bowie changes AlllEl'll'?lI1DlPlllSllf'l how you make your money that matters its how much you :mike 'S , X' gzgi A I' Ani. i I YL I ,L 'fi . J. ,N . 2- 9251 K t .- 2 as 4' ,W X ig Q K , A i E ' s K . I yi 1 Jeffrey E. Shea Linda A. Sheehy Susan Diane Shein Edward Shems 5 Vhaske Aye.. Newton 125 Eclinboro St., Newtonville lv' x,,..f L." W lllx X 1, xg X N 'ki 5 i . Sfmt livlllli ll Kevin Shurtleff 159 Ventral Ave Newtonville Dudes K dudettes -Sean, Justin. Jas, -lenn Robin, Kyra. Hurre, -less, Heath, Lil, RO- good luck. cheating are lil "beautil'ul girls!" Neil Peart is god. No, Sean-this bud's for me! Thanx Mum K Dad, and remember- "You know I'm a dreamer but my hearts ot' gultln Later people Brett Sibley 12 Cotton St. Newton tlAMHI,lNGi4S TENNISSFIS SCRUB A DUB IDl.lHfl5l'4?l5 . . "Y life mv ot' years tour for wrong is what. and right is what me tell NNHS at teachers the can how, Therefore. teachers become life in success dont who PEOPLE." THANK YOU CSI-ISHS MSSS55343 6 ' - O F ,h -fl Y I S. V sais, J in 7 la '. ' if Z 'i H. .?g' " . . L Z . -Ting Q.,-A -1 - Y 5. E fi- 2:1 'pl . 1, 'f Z1-'I .,. ,. vi I -, fn, ,, , ,, -ff Y 1 ,-ff fr! '- i' , . 4 4 girl iii if "gn: A ' ' -fs F ' I Jonathan Silk QS,-Xsl1IuiiAxe lNl.1lJX tliriiis iw lil liltlglx, ltlliyl + mln! state ul lncllzinu ltirhs liaise- . l l :nent ,li-ll. lxe-n.li1m'h. llnl. liin + Xl tI.ix l.l.o1ng AHA. ICR. Ahl Xlx. JNI, lily. Nil. l,Nl, JNI, JL, lllltllk l'l.ll. Xlrllllf growl lllilvs -,y l,.n:rf-n ilriolts Nloin. llarl, .-Xnnif I Src-plz Iwi 43217: Sharon Silva 220 Newtonville Avenue Newton Always remitkdo FH PB BK ML MD MD NM BA KD JD B RB MF MM VW BW FL MC the Palmer gang the nut house crew! esp SP 8: Kf' I luv you the Pape 85' summer HG' the party mobile MR "o" special times w! Frank I love you! You taught me alone I love you Mom! big blue hammer 448 Ward Street Newton And what is good phaedrus, and what is not good-need we ask any- one to tell us these things? Good- bye to U3 Hello sweet indepen- dence!!! Love to Carlton ST-talking to pennies nudist colony blue high- way-jacuzzi fall-buddha faith re- stored JPLPBC CC AW! Abby Siegel 116 Dartmouth St. W. Newton Flower rides wfAnn, Tit'-Rocket Man JF, Jill's videos, the two big M's-the firestation in the rain "what does not destroy me makes me stronger" MOM 81 DAD-I LOVE YOU-Thanks for keeping me sane 'J Lisa Simone 26 Barbara Road West Newton Maui! Great times: Rose, Ann, Val, Michelle, Sarah THE ROW! Ski trips itl Kr 2 Midnight rides-A IVU86-the ring, Plan IA Jar-kson's Point! For all ol' the good advice and helpg Love you Mom, Dad, little bro "Always remember LIFE is the ulti- mate experience!" 35 Travis Dr. Chestnut Hill "Its not so important to be serious as it is to be serious about the impor- tant" Hey Shan-No! Yavneh 83-86 + USY "Prez" B-Ball B-Team "Wheres Jimmy Hoffa'?" Thanks All-Keep in touch-JD DT SJ AS HS JA JB DS + anyone else- MARVEL HERE I COME!! Richard Sigel 66 Randlett Pk. Newton To the good times with RY MM EB DG JC DB. Thanks Mom and Daad for everthing. I will always remem- ber you, Robin. I love you and good luck l9!16f85l bagel, pumpkin, squash, green machine, scanner, army, here I come 'Tv David Smith 26 Jasset Street Newton TMOAPWRFA Van Halen 41 par- ties down Allison Park Remember Karen. Razy. SC, LM, Jim, DB Thanks for your understanding! Re- member Toga party during spring breakg Florida Thanks Mom 8z Dad for everything! 8.4, "7""7 Heather Smith 775 Watertonw St. W. Newton I'll never forget awesome times wf JESS, ROE, SEAN, KEV + JB + JC:CHEATING ACE!!! Lil, Meg, Jen, LWPMAWTW, Midnites Fam- ily, Sisters, Rocco lil! Thanks T!! Many brewsfparties at Seans! "Life is too short so why waste Precious Time?" Lots of love to you all! Andrew M. Soucie 39 Belmore Pk. Newton Lacrosse, Football, good times at flips, rocky, all the kegs up claflin, with the regulars. Thanks to all my friends, good luck class of 87 wont forget you LM, keep the line open, LAM, thanks Mom Sz Dad for everything Kenneth W. Spooner 5 84 Walker St., Newtonville t Tarsha Smith 7 Fenwick Pl. Roxbury A special thanks to my Nana for all her support. To Dawn for all the good times we shared. To the bad click we always f.s.u with the hen- narock Sr budda!! To Ham SL Davida best. of luck! Sweety the name says it all! To Dye Sz B-love there it is!! ,,'w-fs-fx Sophia Spann 352 Watertown Street. Newton "' Softball I 2 X Basketball I 2 3 4 3' Soccer 1 " "t Volleyball I 2 3 "' 'F During my years at NNHS + WRHS, I,ll never forget JA, JA IT, EM, SD, RW, IT, IG + NW and the rest of the gang at the Westie! Thanks for love + support! 3' I love you Darrell! David St. Germain 455 Albemarle Rd. Newtonville Lax I 2 3, The Regulars, DB, KD, RH, FM, RG, BQ, JB, AF, NH, BC, HL, EG, MG, AS, HJ, JS, BV KB, KA, JT, The JC's J Sz S Hangers- DA FFC SUMMER 86', Hung Earthbull, Bres, Russ Tooky Magic Rm. Chubby NY THE DUCK Mon- ster, Rust GA Sugar Toga Weepster SW-Miss OPW sunshine Thanx Ma Mrs. S.AB Lara Dyan Solomon 20 Woodside Rd. Newtonville, Ifl Had Met You On Some Journey, where would we be Now? Do I Have to Tell the story of 1000 rainy days since we lst met? It's a big enough umbrella. We could be Heroes, Just for one day 'Hey -Let's be careful out there. Love ya'll-mom dad Kr Jer!! "Yr,-fglr Ann Mary Spellman 50 Harvard Street Newtonville I don't think there's any point in being Irish if you don't know the world is going to break your head eventually Thanks for the support Kenny, Dawn, Norma Della, Eric, Mom, Dad, Mackie Remember we all make mis takes just learn from them luv you! if Mary Steen 357 Palmer St. Quincy Remembers- Mich, Mar, Mary, ,Ian- Parties at my house, Never Forget the Good times we had. Stoppie Kids-Never forget the great times we had in the summer of -85-!! Thanks Pat M for getting me through the hard times. lI.y. Thanks Mom + Dad for everything. I LyuM I Hassan Soltani 47 Alhonquin Rd., Newton af? Maureen Spellman 50 Harvard Street Newtonville Rem good times wfNatalie Janet Lynda Sans Marie Jenn stands 85 hojos parties at FS house the last ride in the dodge charger ski trip Quak I will never forget, you Kevin!!! Thanx Terri no matter what hap- pens Ann I love you Thanx alot Mom Dad Rebecca Steinberg 7 Trinity Terrace Newton Ventre "What is essential is invisible to the eye. . . You become responsible, tor- ever, tor what you have tained. You are responsible for your rose -,.. ' Initial insightsg connc-t'tions1 N vs Ng Thanks to the outdoor trowd IQQ :MTM Jennifer Stern Sl! Vabot St. Newton I don't believe that four years have passed so Quieklyl It's been great and l'll really miss everyone. There is so much to do and take advantage of here. Look t'or me on the t'ondue- tors podium ll hopel Lets have a reunion soonl git fv- , ' N 55 Y' ,I A, 1, 'LIZ ' A if- tt, 14" . ' l I SKY' ' V , J 71.4 ' 11" 4 wvhqllr 1 N, - , ...f -1 1 ' NL ' Jeffrey Swett 124-1 Prince St. Newton RIFIMRIVIBICRSL KK, RP. PG, JS, TB, LL. LM, ZK, SB, PV. MH, CG. Htl, NH, AL", RW, Rit'h's base- ment. Huhfl Vl'lia'l FY? Soccer SLT, Basketball, Sperial thanx Io Bubba ol lfthel. The l't'ue", SKP, Flay, ti'.L. Peterson. Thanks M 62 IJ. Good Luck to the t-lass ot' 'RTI 'UT' Davida Taylor fuk Vorlwt St l1oi'tlieste'i' fipithil 'l liittilxs lt' my Liinilx, 'l'.ir -lit ILX. tl.i'.xn if-1' ,ill the good time-s lltm 'l'l,,iol.s lor living tliere S-.-. .1'- in your 'i good lrietnl to haxe 311411 lo.kto.X,iron's l"i1tui't- ligne tk l'1,tr.t 'lhoilfs forthe- l.itILQl1s.1J+-.11't' lt'iit.i. fl1l.,i!1, U. lo. -hill' lim , . SH-ig 1 1 ' 'I , 'T -r ., N36 1, , . 5 f he I Ai 'gil Ha A- K .. ' :Q A 'nf - .. '- Q, ff' LQ :G i if ' fv-'Y I LD, . J 1 -A . 1? 6 Nancy Sullivan 355 Craft Street Newtonville Love is the irresistable desire to be irresistibly desired! san-san, Wen, MF FM, NC, NM, V-ball, s-ball, sis- duet, Swim Team, HQU, "The Pool" CL Thanks -Marco, you're the Best MS. R Mom 8: Dad, 8: Chrisg Bob QQ Friends eould'nt have done it wfout you Love Ya The IROC man .V ul -...qv John Tafe 72 Homer St. Newton f'tr. ....,Mikeed, R-Box tHarryl Track lVan PJ WQ, JF, HilNNY, MS, BP, JA, SL. Spain 'HS tC'ARLOS I X- VOUNTRY, Baseball IK ol' Fl B- STATR- OPUS "Headlines" 'The Bald Man' Fall Corey MRP. I1- "Give The Governor a HURY IIMPHN "Think flood Thoughts" 4'-. 3 Greg Taylor 47 Prescott St. Newtonville 12187 IROC'-Z Jennifer Sutton 22 Thaxter Rd., Newton "All I really wanna do . . " some- times all of our thoughts are misgiv- en . . . Don't ever lose it, Loralee: Lynne, WB 1 2 3, Reality, OTHDA, get it?g Roland, LC, KGB, AB, FB, PJ, MR, JR, swings, changes, desu, Skin, we all shine on. f' fo W' 9 Sandro Tamburrini 7823 Watertown St Newton some are like water, some are like beat, some are a melody Sa some are the heat, sooner or later they'll all be gone why dont they stay 4-ever youngl Tom, see ya in the sky. Flau- dia l'll always love you, H1-IGOOIJ! ok Krazler lets flo it NOWY V , D. Haig Tellalian 19 Crystal St. Newton Fentre The wheel is turning and it won't slow down. You ean't let go and you can't hold on. you c'an't go back and you can't stand still. lt' the thunder don't get you then the lightning will. -THB GRA'I'lCFlll, DEAD- CLOUD TIMES wfBruce, Justin Ka MLB Christine Sweeney 3 Fair Oaks Avenue Newton The great thing in this world is not so much where we are, but in which direction we are moving. Thanks Mom and Dad. Best of luck to my friends. 10!9!2-13 Thanks for all of the great times. Maryam Tavassoli 149 Berekly Street West Newton Remember: BFF Sbara, FS, PM, JC, RK, LB, TZ + DL, MW, WBTTRW, LR, JM, good times be- fore homeroom, SHU, AG, movies with Sharon W. people have ears, SY, AS, NR, MS, scruffy the cat, KA, BF, library wfArlene loh Chung leil Phil 325, Spain 86, KHAR, TV. c es f" Laura R. Theobald 2150 Fommonwealth Avenue Newton Remember: Felicia Rehana -left' Ben Mara Tami George! 4-eval Had Great Time at Northl Will Miss All! I Luv Stephen? Beatles Rule? Class Of198T itll "I'm a Dark Horse Run- ning On A llark Race C'ourse." George Harrison 197-ill 30 Rene Theriault 84 Eldredge St. Newton Corner Remembers: RAE + DF, DB, AA, LJ, JP + JD, DC, Palmer gang, buds, summer of 86, wel, Hotel De- ville, Nicholes, newie runs, wc fights, NS gang-85-86, rainy, paper fights, pepsi in the morn, AC, KJ, BB, JU, BS, fall of 85-BT, AW-4b's, , , DP, EG, AL, Thanks to Mom + Joe, always Billy -00 'lr"'1 ,. Tami N. Toland 60 Boyd St. Newton Ich liebe dich, Geo! U gave me love Europe, music. Level 42. LR is fun! MM- remember the good of goin' up. We R not men, we R StevoI Bonzol Mom, now I know DR. Mongo is right! Subway cocktail is tnt still ex- ists and whatever lies ahead . . . is life, I e Edward A Ullman 47 Mosman St., W. Newton L Z I I Kenneth Earl Thompson 91 Herrick Rd. Newton Center Monkey boys Steve Tom. D. Phil. V Greg. T Mike Phil Ken Ian Beak Dave Mike Will Sarah Ann Cathy? Lynn Briana etc Carla-hug thanks Ml familia Dad Marge Amiee Sue Ellen cow here come the sun phallic flashlight its more than a feeling sorry-the car! Gina Tolentino 12 Hallron Rd., Newton Sarah Thornblade 27 Central Terr. Auhurndale, Jen Sz Laura-You guys have made these past 2 years great! 'I'ry not to forget-Apple juice, peachy, 'I'weetie, Sweet-pea, BUMP, Reeli, Hello Os- siter, South Pacitic, Hascal's, the Agendaf Thanks Mummy, Dad 8: Boo, I love you Best to all at North. 1,01-Q 411' lfi Tho T. Tran 5 Leicester St., Brighton Julie M. Thurston 68 Fharlesbank Road Newton I would like to say thank you to ey- eryone who helped me to reach my goal. I thank you to my Iriends who were I will Never forget NEWIIIN NORTH HIGH SFHOOI, VLASS OF 1987 ffl li 3 f-tg Nw , ., xi X. W 1 . ,rw 'D' I Greg Trimble 5451 Venter St. Apt. II NVelI, is ANY'l'HlNfl Happening to- night? mikefHomeboy you cant dance. 'l'OM-Mr Wang, I gained Hit Pounds! kengree ksuscathlyyn RWMBKI. AHBMMM, Always Re- m Mom, Dad, and al hahy you're the best Rem Kids - High School is the best time ot' your lite ',.. Right 1 I an I, " . nfl f 1 Julia Melony van der Phillip "Greek" Joslyn tBeckyI Laan Vasiliadis Veduccio 6 Fordham Rd. West Newton Cait-9th grd,, the rocks-SQ: munch, Lea Ramhle on-Pam, Cindy-Lou, Spacey, Jenn UQLIIVIO, BMDA' trash the place, its not far to never never land, seger, Croce Only the good die young, Lean on me when 114 flharleshank Rd.. Newton SOCVEIQ- 2 II 4 'I'RAt'Ii- 21241 Rest ot' luck "I,et's just drive around" THE BIRDI Always keep on trying until you get it right. Thanx to all my friends wfout you it couIdn't have been possible. lisp, Hey. you yournotstrong,Anna,BigBoys,C't' know who you are. 'THEZ Luv you ma, dad 8: diddis 9' I MADE ITIIIIII ROONDS . . . " WHA'l"?Y "YA HELLO" IRT XYax'erIi-y Aye. INVXNIHII SOIXIEIJAY WI'I'I,I. l,tItIIi IIPXVIQ ON 'VHISANIIl'I1XX'lI.I..XI.I. Iilf I"lINNY-IIIIIIVIC II,Y: 'l'I. IDM. I.I-'. ,Il,. LM, l,Ii, WK, Alf, 'Ii I'I.' BSVIAN Ziirtl HITII' NIX'IfI,'NX Stay llold I"Ht'IIY Lf 12 I XRTXI4' ISBHWINII FINYI, Ili! Ilivlisi- XX' 'I'HIlNY-.'vf'IT,t"HtSl'Al'l'l'I'li.i1ix Ipit VK'21ySl1liiliIl1,LI mt-smile I I.4 IX If I V1 MDM 81 DAD IIN' 'Q David Anthony Vitone 5-1 Williams Street. Watertown Wentworth- Itlngimferiiig. flood luck in the future In lioli, Mike, Yictor, FB, ST. TIL, AC. MID, IIB, DA, CT, NM. MR. Never trgt tlondolln Bros. Cruisin in tht- stung. Frank you gone buddy. Intense, Hobert overche. Stump it. Thanks tor all the help Mont. Dad. Iloin 8 Marin 'ti-41: 1 fi., Andrea P. Watson 1917 Coininoiiwealth Ave. Newton "You could live n lifetime 8: never know people." RM always "Bridget" Tanya previous Nancy Fabia Pam Leisha Bob, Dougie, Lucas Bermuda H7 .Ill Richie getting nice tiny Phil James Thanx for your support Ma 8: Junior love you both expo 86 "back stublmt-rs" 2 Ellen Weintraub It St'.ir-rl:ilt- lxtizicl Ne-wtonville .l. ,1IIt.l1lH' ri Iillililz-' Sus-'I'I'I,S Mo gli" Slit l-Irittnds fl t-Ker""li Les. .lt tt, Xing tk Kris l'tlYI'fYttI,l' 'l'errx' Iii-.t l"I. Sw xt- .Xntlvl .losli tk lime- llu-il PNN 'I-IIILIVIliYIllIl'l'tiI'l.1l6'-Il ..i '.'. .tts unit nn' sniiltt' l,.-XltlIY"'l Stall-inNN 'l.-XfXI4'.-XNIITXINIII lfllk l'i Yllli its tht' lauglitwr ut- -,ugil it rnvinlut: 'rms 19" IQ 'Q- Q f 51. , U , C 1 ' . ' ',, .e.,,.,. Q3-3' 4'-+--r 1 ff" if ei M 5 ' I ,i.'i,.:y5,, 1 .",f.5-4:41 f . K-Q a-ws.w 1 4--Qififr , , ,-'gg Y' . 1 -,tg I swf ' E25-41" i , , Brian Vona 1781 Commonwealth Ave. Auburndale Lax 2 244 IC. Mass Champs States Pitif CD Times wfNic'k Joe Mark Jim Source Adams A-Z Palmer Girls, esp Liza ILY DYFAM, Nick Blow it off, Dermy, Hey Hee Joe, The Mirror, 7 Days in Mart-h'7, 7th Game, I never thought I'd be sad to say it.s over. SNIFHI Thanks Mom 8z Dad vy J, ,ft I Todd M. Wedekind 2 Evergreen Avenue Auburndale tluido-Indoor, Outdoor Track. "Rx- peet nothing, but he ready for any- thing." Good Times-DA, DM, CM, ICM, GR. WC. JT, HU, G-Boys, N.H. . 85, 86. 877 IJS, Skiin' or Kneein', C.T., Guido, and the rest. St-out 4X4, Oo for it. know what I mean, or-No, it was fun Joshua Wekstein ISU Monadnock Rd. ChestnutHilI Timits IU oli, Rusty Ill Call you trust mel FLO did you find it'7 Steve HsBYS 86 a mother? ZAFHIIHI THANX SPAAHK7 WORK WORK WITH BIRIJS7 APR. VACATION IJFLLKZR RSBTKISH ODRR SU- PRA FINALLYY Claudine Waldman 14 Prentice Rd Newton Best friends ALWAYS BECCA 67 PAM. Neva 4-get the sum. of 84 8z 86: Celebrations' Parties Q MD's, New Yrs 86vST-24. DJ Always re- memba JS-BR- AB-DA-P 8r AC- MD- BK-PB-PS -JD-MC. THANKS M, D, I'JANIEI.I.E. Love Ya ALWAYS-RICKY 7f86. il. Stephen Philip Weiner 1.5 Elena Road Lexington Now it's time to enter a new period in life. It's time to say bye to my friends-GS TM-DD-KT -RN-TB KG dz TB and thanks to EDCO. Won't forget ya. Rem swimming- Beat HH SIX in diving. Keep up the good work Jr, NAD. Special thanks to Mom dz Dad. Love ya! RIT S 41 Lisa Wentz 26 Cross Street, W. Newton Into each life some rain must fall. But, thank you always and foreverlll JGJWMO LLAWMJ VSHSSS LMBMIGMK BON-SI-IH! MOM DAD FAMILY 86-87 Smitty T EN- GLAND Tigger-For Love and Life Aficion When riding the carosel. reach for the gold even if you receive silver QP. ffm r 45-I I .P , ' ff' .ff 1152 ? 'irq it Qkimaac .-Ymwbsf .2- Russell Ward 271 Chestnut Street West Newton The early days-Dave, John, Will, Sgan, Cpt. XTC, Ben, garages, the narc car, hooch, sugar hill. Kuaw- !Lucas. Jeff, Karen 8: crew, S 8: B twins, people I haven't met yet, peo- ple I already know, bubbles, water fountains HSQ, max creek, Grateful Dead, Gordo, bizz-buzz, swim 1-4 Stephanie Weinstein 67 Prentice Road Newton All the good times and all the bad times. The bad times fade away but the good times last forever-Sugar Loaf, birthdays "86" M, J 8z S, get- ting lost, 714186 t-songs, da mouth, luck 8: love to all my friends esp: JA KA JI-I ST MH DM CG MB SD EA! Thnx M, D 8: J .fi .9- 4. f Ann Wexelblatt 12 Mague Avenue West Newton Thanks to Lisa, Rose, Val, Sarah, KT, BF I couldn't have done it wfo you Our fay lines: A total laugh riot, you can't miss it it's on Comm Ave. The Bannister: and, of course, MAUII Late night chats wfl, + V Thanks for the support PC, Mommy and Dad. 3 4 s Fi Yr u l tl 1 t , Gregory S. White 214 Upland Road Newtonville il remember Mano-Rich-Grieg-Steve iQ-Brian-Shan-Aiden-Mariam-Jen iT-Wendy Mark M-Joanna-Jenny iD-Phillipson- Leo-Rist-Cappy-Dem laro-Stein -Cucina-Jones. Also: vol- lleyball-beaches- Hull lit'eguards-ski- ing-soccer SLT-AP Bio Liana Karen Williamson t 251 out st. W. Newton If youth be a defect, it is one we outgrow only to soon.-J.R. Lowell EMy loves always to Matthew and Debbie, Tessa, Jesse and initials A-Z 1, I l Richard Woloski I 27 Hargrave Cir. Newton 1 Highlands iRemembers DA HL EB JP MC SM fnnu Everyone else that slipped my Fmind. 'Then'-'C Mom Dad Lisa GRANDMA POP Good times TV Produc- AV Late night Who Is Jack Burton? 1 'N Qi Y' Yi Melissa Wilbourn 6 Surrey Rd Newton N Beals Art BVS l'll remember. .. E LL AP KA JP CBC DS EM DM SB W MT DA PK and many others MDE T Natick Mt. C FP NVP 6th 0 U2, The Police 4-eva N WBTTRW Ce's Tigers Sox EBYT HC THBAO GOL Bos DC DSB 'las' I ,ff David Wilkins 35 Central St. Track 871 Mark, John, Tom, Scott, Steve, PC, Flo, Summer of 86' Hampton Beach, Renee, Judge, Cross Country 86' EA, AS LC, RP, Warren -IHS U74 Mustang" Rutter BB CC "Getting lioared up at the school" TNT Coach Vona, BB, Nate, Kate, Andy Night Prowler" ACXDC "',",7" 1 .- tal? Eric Wilson 38 Vista Ave Newton Summer of 86 Canada 84-86 New York Rocky Horror after hours bushes ASF DS ES LC JS RD PF AC MW LP LS DM JR MM EB IF MP JS LM Bildners Ratolis TCL Swim Team Marching Band tYea rightl JDF MSPCC Twirling Sticksfonly a few can lie rich the rest drive R.R. 'vt Lay Wong 207 Church Street, Newton Lots to say, but I don't know where to start. During this past 4 years, I learned lots of new stuff. I also meet many friends and teachers. I would like to say thanks to all of you here: BP, CJ, CK, DB, DO, EN, FF, JS, LA LM, MB, MD, OG, PC, RR, RS, ST, WB, GBATYNN! Rachel Wilson 218 Newtonville Ave. Newton "I've looked at life from both sides now, From win and lose and still somehow, It's life's illusions I recallg I really don't know life at all." Good times JF CGJGLK LCBMAI MJTSLL. Thanks Mom, Dad Me- liss, T, L. All my love to David. 4 in-...wh Rebecca Wood 28 School St. Newton Sukie-Aerosmith, Van Halen, Ste- ven, Ed + JMFP-Beals Commons- Brigham's Crew . . I Love Ya-Julie Hosebagsll Sisters- "T"-Lean On Me, I am your sister- Chuckie, l'll miss youl TH, JF, RB, HS, Jo-Good Luck. Thanks Dad-I Love You Deborah Williams 30 Bicknell St. Dorch To my wonderful family thanks -lev- erything + thank 4 the push Mrs. R ur the Best All Fly tlirls listen upl We did it. 2 all good times + had I will miss u girls: Nikki + Peach + Sugarmac Fort L here we come 2 my sweetheart I luv u always I also thank u God Bless "87" x lm' i' James Wolf 67 Brackett Rd., Newton guilt Susan Worters 79 Prince Street XVest Newton Mig, Ang, El, Kris. + Cath, Mi- chelle-Ilobewe. Try to realize it's all within yourself-no one else can make you change, -GH, Tuls, Ili Cs, uoyevolltub, LNC food, LM, LF Flo + Hil. Special thanx lklig-youu- been the best. David, you knots ',,. Thanx love to "la famillc-". 203 Syvia Wynd 923 Hyde Ave. Brady 6 zp-stedd N672-PM, til' Nllif how In ,IH-last iane Ml'eKI.Ol+1Al', KB, LF, SS, RR Thnax DS tchickyl keep it under cover OVFF, NLEOF, GFP, onagerfsimp, HT Party Que- he-c, Klitzd "Htl" VWHS + JR, South crew Thanks to MOM, DAD 4-Q. 0w.x I I A f 4 Chhun Seang Yon 44 Pearl Street Newton Vomliodia. Riley, Follege. flood Friends may drilt apart, but memof ries last forever Love to all my Teachers. Friends M my t'.S.L Mrs. llolmerta Black. l will never lorget my MOM df ll.-XD dz Aunt it Grand- ma Ak Sponsor M Peg K LH Sz S.IJ K HM R W.W.t' K BS Ak FLY M FHM. Es' .1 lil" Lisa Cerrato 204 i"'T1:i Sasha A. Yampolsky 51 Hinckley Rd. "Sash, what's up for Sat?" "Tennis anyone?" Will neva forget good times at BHS, skating 8: dancingl 'Membered for always going to the Cape Sz cramming for physics. Ski, track 8: Greek cluhl Good luck: LR,, DG, TRN + class of '87l Adina Zarchan 24 Frederick st. Newton " . . . Parting is such sweet sorrow . -William Shakespeare -J 1 Michael Yin 227 Linwood ave. Newtonville RAMPIN HEAD 560 BF, The Em- peror has been impeached for em- bezzling funds Thanks to my friends, family, and teachers. "He who does not live in some degree for others, hardly lives for himself." Tracy Marie Zastrea 86 West Pine St. Auburndale Thanks, To all my friends-Lee Dawn, Rehana, Felica, Trica, Shara Maryum, Sasha Patrica, Laura Donald Great times at Newton North, Newtonville, the catateria Great times with Donald Thanks Mom and Dad Good L. Guys i v lt Chuun Mauv Yon 5 Peabody St., Newton 1 X . I 1 5 John F. Talmo 154 Beacon Street Newton Football-2, 3 Laxeii, 4 Sorry Cappy Never forget WALTHAM 13-7- Danny .in Dv, oM,.1s, DF,JM, NZ, RP, RF, BC, TT, JF, .IH Prom with ND: All my love to Tina Thanks Killer, CT, ET, PT, Katie, Ma Sz Dad ..l-. I 5 Seniors Not Photographed . I r I l B . i t I I Kelley D. Chambliss 6 Lorne Street Dorchester Thank You for Putting up with my stuffand Sam for helping, my sister Nicole, paige, Kim my aunt Rosa- lyn, Ruby and George for helping me. thanks to my friends TS, DT, DB, YT, DE, BO, DC, AH, DR, GH, KN, Sz I CAN'T FORGET MY HO- MEGIRL DEENA Ki THANX TO ALL!! Jean Chang 50 Barbara Road West Newton "The Dancing Machine" Never give up in life, things arent ever as bad as you think, always try your best and that's the achievement Remem- bers- PM, RK, EL, MT, SL, LA Crosse, Beals sftlf TL: NBIP!!f BEST MEMORIES OF ML tCVCI- never forget ya. Thanx M + D John F. Medaglia 41 Stratford Rd. -"CLASS OF "87"RULES THE WORLD NNHS bob F saying !'Gee- wiz"-F'n ANI-MAL-MOTHER PUSS BUCKET. GRXMCXWCX GTfCLfMMfSnan-l1! MDXMC. "Give Me A Keg of Beer! Ness-Ege TW Pete Peeters itl The MAN Charlie Simmer And The Boston Bruins Are "CUP" bound 86-87 A.M.F.!!! Rachel Movitz 500 Ward St. Newt.on Good Luck Dripfliesti XGGXRYXSK !JR!JI-IXTG83-85XRiddie!1LUMark Boom Baby! Rem Always BBat.h! Mall RatsfSummer 86-Metro! cele- brationsfKey West.-Pina Coladas "The Roof Is On Fire" "White Lines" PartyfKen Sq! CTownfThe CapefChiChi, Consuel a!NZ!KH! Prince iil! Lisa Lips. Bye! Joseph Pauley 182 Eastside Park Way Newton DC JE BS EO PJ ST LP summer of 86 Cutlass 1, 2 5th Floor Prom 86 "Lucky" You Gotta Love It. always look to the Future Never the Past Thanks to my mother and to you sweetheart, I Love You Joanne Cheryl Principe 44 Morton St. Newton Center Rem Sk, SX84- 6!86, The, Wall, Gang, RS, MS, MB, D Sz SH, C 8: C, SATS, Whos, on, lst., TG, LJ, Narc issues, metal, night, extreme, Gary, Aerosmith, walk, this, way, EU, ES, CU, music, complex, LFH, Erin, Ca- tharsis, men, Kiss, rules, PS, 2, cool, ah!, Well, Ma, 8: Dad, I finally, did, it, big, bunya, Kiss, GiGi Thomas-Regina 474 Watertown St. Newton "Hold Fast to Your Dreams, Life Is Like a Broken Winged Bird That Can't Fly "Thanks to God, Family, friends, 8: teachers. Special thanks to: mom, sis Best Friend Kim who has given new meaning to "FRIENDSHIP", Leisha, Terri Rhonda itl, Sz NYCC!! Glen Riley 19 Gambier St., Newton Suzanne Roberts 44 Washburn Ave., Newton Yuri Rushin P.O. Box 282, Boston Brian Russel 44 Standley St., Boston Michela Russo 371 Cherry St., Newton William Salamone III 129 Parmenter Rd., Newton Joseph Scandale 26 Auburndale Ave., Newton Aba Schieda 99 West St., Newton Gregory Spera 53 Bartlett Ave., Newton Michael St. Pierre 934 Commonwealth Ave., Newton Randall Stroman 2 Ditmus Court, Boston Marc Sturtevant 100 Lexington St., Newton Shawna Sullivan 32 Channing St., Newton Kirk Thurston 68 Charlesbank Rd., Newton Joseph Tiverio 81 Fuller Terrace, Newton Erin Underhill 17 Irris St., Newton Cindy Vardinski 46 Court St., Newton Rebecca Voigt 163 Cherry St., Newton Charles Werenko 1137 Boylston St., Boston Derick Woolridge 136 Crawford lid., Boston Nicholas Zani 75 Hunnewell Ave., Newton Karen Wong 63 Bencliffe Circle Auburndale John- I'll never need no dreams in my life cuz you made them all come true Kr now lifes a pleasure cuz I found the treasure in you. 8-18-831 Rem: NC, EO, CS, ML TC-Glad that I met you playmates- friends 4 eva, NC-Thanx for everything Thanks Mom Xa Dad ATGT v H. , 5. ' x n 7. 'of , ff I fl sk? ff ,ZF ff T. ' .. 'x in C 1 A 'R F' A... 'ds 'Q 'W' 11' as 43' 6. 5. xMlLf'H .L 'L' Hw- I Q 9 I ..-vm. W . Q 'S-3 spit ' x, inf' 5 J PM-4 ff VX ,atv-' :P 7 gf aww!! X" kv , ,gg :Q 471 7,4 W' :X ... .-M.. M -46-M -0 I ,wx 5 'Q mf wi. , E av K? if .- .. yum, 'JN 5 U if, W ' Yi mv .. , ' A J' ,X 5 ff, F Sgjm l Q wgxm , 3 A. A f my? ' x - ,41"?l ' .-A , A ,g,,gaf.g5 .ta 1 sms. h, 1' ' wwf' B.,,x .amz , x ,.v.,g: mv, .f-ff? . W., ,h a swf"-saw' il .f F - . f C A -Refi , , S" ' in ' -f'fzQ' 1f'5f1f'Q,g'f-ii: 1.-ah x 'z ff ,. ' 1 ill Xj ' " .fi .4 Y V fifnfv .- 1 ,W .... A,-.H if 2 ,f ' Q '3 5TM'7 ' " i : ',,,!-I W J .Q ,V W , Q' N1 , K WV 521 f 2 A ,lv fm , TKZ- f 'UGS ff ' .IX A ,,, I ' 'if .5 " M516 J. . ,M -1 ,xg . an MM . A par: 1 ,a .4k,'L. .4 xl. nr 7 v I ' f V' su P! W f. f' if M lf" v"',6 f' 'f f , an R. Q Q 1 ,wmv wif wi K' ,XV A Y Jn A x f 4.--P'-f 'f' Q-5 ' ,I aw , ., -ec 'K T' ' s" x'i'f.zgE'?t . v""f"f J ' i Q f my ',, 4 , W, , A 4-ef, fm 1 X- f, - if fy Wffi ' . A- ' . "A H .W , A . 'JM' I- I ,F ,gl -sl-' ,-Q-Yea? 5 if f ' , fx? " ' Ah' - if ,' i Qiljifais '- 32 In .' ww,-,gm ,Z Q X 'yrs - -X 2 'fl 3 l"f131?f' A ' vw! x ' i,l"Q:rff2' ff " im., ' Y '53 iQ.3 ' ,ji ff' l Jam f 4' , W . 1 kg' MV' yy '33, V W , . v s 485 '97 1 'W W if 0042053 1 C ' fv.'w':liw' ,I 1' ' 5, .. A . J ,nv r " ' - 4, M - . S "' U - f ' ! I 5 .N f , . , If I iv ' J V Mi . 0n...,,, 4 ' Q F rn AE' we .r 1 A-4' f fx 412 -'vu ai 5 A gr? f 5 3 if 2' 'i uh aw., ,. .Wy-' ar- 'Keg . v, vi' S " 9: . Tir D-.V jf ii V if 1 '-IM? "av mmm., 4:14 n fgxx qi '71 A M 4" K 1. t D I fi 9' 'fast V i H 'A " ' mill' I ,n , .. ' A r x. . -' -HW, , wr . A l"G , x' , " -vi, . . .1 4l..L. 1 Q'?Qe"'1g'Vy, 4 u Q ,M .,,.,f ,X 6 . EWS' ,X Q' 'e AI Xt 'mf:'- -A 11552 - -ff-1 .mx -if F 'ffl W 5 ,,, 'ZY9 A gy 4 ,,....w ,V V, ' vb 1,2-, 1 , ,fs,fQ24 M fe fwf, ,3 H' K ' xv '1f,vw,vf,' A 134170. 'A SWL 54: I ax , if A . wa, f ..5anaA -sf..-' .nm . ' -. ww' - 'M . za. ve.. 1 . gf-. X ,iw 1 H .,,,, 1, 1 ""'C"'la. .......L I , W 2 at 1' fp 1 . ++ 'Q . 'Q Fx rm' , I V rv Q V 1 5 1 ,f""' J fit I I X Q . r 5 's Y 54 'x , -fr""' J LA :law A ff' 'x flfizfffftg tj, f' 'mgfgtyqzh .- 9 ,Qt .-, .wwf 1 ,Qffww 5 wx 9 W , X , b w Q iv H 'f,'f?FT' N 3 A 1 wg? 5 X, wg BL S W 7 -nr 1' uf' 5? 4 X X X 3 if 31 'SQ gl x 7 a -'iris '4- 'xg 'li Q ii- Atv rl l SQ 'af gg 6 r Y' flf I 5 rf is f 'V V A JR K... fpm WW X, AR? i Left to right: Sandra Truantg Beryl Sil- verthurneg Erika Fhisholmg Daveda Muvitz, department head. D X I lL 4. Front row il to rl: Marge Tavitiang Irene Romang Libby Resnick. Back row ll to rj: Mike Gradoneg Rudy Satlak, department head. , , f' 'ww rM.w,.- - A we. . 3 f Aa. , wj3,,:.,.,x,A 75 st rf . :'f.L 'A .' 5 6 -s :L L f ff 'K 3' . . 1 ,qu 1 f X . A' ' 4 v . 'E K ' pf, N ft? ' ., 1 ly .. 5 - 41 N 5? Q 313' '- Q ' H r 'Q'-ii, " A ' 4. 4.3 l N R -ix fa. 41 ,., .wwf ,Nz .-.-.i.. U i i I i O l - 1 i l a i i i 1 ,r d UNSELING Front row tl to ri: Larry Allt-ng Yzmnitzt Schnellg Peter Mac-kieg Sam Graingerg Linda Shapiro, department head. Hack row fl to rl: Dee Sacksg Jay Snapeg Beverly Logung Myra Trachtenhergg Ann Wolfg Roberta Blackg Maureen Prokopy, Not photographed: Sarah Danziger. DRIVE!-l'S EDUCATION 41, Norman Swerling. weft' 'FMA y EDGE Front row ll to rl: Paula Costa: Andrache Stevensg Zelma Andersong Alice Harrigan. Back rowll to rl: Kathy Floresg Edward Mulligan, director: Julia Peattieg Gail Elsong Judith Steing Nancy Feld- rnang Tricia Fordg Pat Dobro. Not photographed: Barbara Coffey. ' Q r i ' 5 fha' IA' 4 ' V il Gif, - M , ! ! '11 ,- - Front row ll to rl Wendy Benburyg Joseph Han- seng Gary Elliot: Mary Lanigan, department headg Elizabeth Lindeg James D'Orazio. Middle row ll to rl: Lyn Montagueg Ellen Mooreg Florine Bordeng Charles Kamarg Jon Adamsg Inez Doverg Marilyn Hubbardg Barbara Killiong Helen Smithg Alison Kenney-Hallg Shelia Zollig Lynne Ross- mang John Fernandesg Anne Serafin. Back row fl to rl: David Outerbridgeg Brainerd Phillipsong John Harris: Ronald Ingallsg Tom Shaefferg Rob- ert Dephoreg Margaret Flaherty. Not photo- graphed: Tom DePeter and George Bower. v u - Nw l Y X Y 4 x XX ' A . 4 - , N 8 .--of Bl , 4 s a 5. .Y ' S -fuk' 4,1 hw 1 gg-L.'Saw" he Home Economics Department, headed by Kathleen Henighan, is far from just baking brownies and sewing dish cloths. The offerings in this de- partment arejust as varied as in any other depart- ment, Henighan said. "These are the practical skills of life," she said. 'tWe have courses in cloth- ing, fashion, child development and family, nurs- ery, interior design, foods and nutrition." One of the most popular areas among teachers is the Tiger's Loft, the student run restaurant for faculty. This year the Tiger's Loft moved from a third floor room in Barry House to the Riley- Bacon big room. The Big room on the fourth floor used to be a math, English, study and walk through room between classes. Since the Toger Loft expanded, it was able to become more com- mercialized, with a larger eating area for the faculty. 9. ,LA Zf 4 , s f . , 3,,5Xj-if ,ff aw f X 1 1 ,fi ,Ng:'?iifQ, ,i:rf gf K' W 1? x, gi W 4 Vw ,gg 'N W 7 'Uv M56-n' f pf -- ,ay,, fy flf LL 4' x nv i 3' W ,sms , , 1 an M -1 f 1 ' I-TIGR:-zzefw jLANevAGE """ Ili . 'T il Back row fl to rl: David Phelan, department head, i Bernie Flanagang Carol Seitzg -lean llc-gnong .le-ssie Timberlake, Russell Steinert. Front row tl to rpg .lulie Kallikatsosg Emilio Mazzolag Hilda Karpg Helen Saunders. Not photographed: Esther Cohen, Mare lene Yesleyg Maria Valloneg Gisela Vlarkg Yvonne Daveyg ,Ion Hziginzing Lucien Weislirod. fill- H0045 ECONOMICS -V 4 gui Lett to right: Kathleen I-lenigang William O'Neil: Lee Bernstein: Barbara Kelley: Bonnie Beuchs, Dean Ristg Kevin Crowley. l xr 1 1 -af 1. 2' 45 ff H ?f'if:?5 51 T X Z.. , 've fr- ,f f- , . 5 2 Q 5 Q tt- . v- is A. t , :gg , N. e 7 Q' .. S 135, ' 8' n I 3 i We L. 83. 45. A J: ,. .-K . V sm X V J , - . A -2 ,.. , L , get ik 555. 'r 3' QQ' W' , 5 A 431 f f 'K i i- I, ' 'J' e -Z - MBRARil "U tl to rl: Dorothy Powderrnakerg Susan I-Iuntoong John Scanlonp Belle Gilbertg Pat Herrin mi" -I 1' Y MATH Ai' - ll,-,P Front row tl to rl: Jo Ellen Hillyerg Ina Heafitzg Peter Leofantig Mary Sapienza, department headg Char- lotte Kopckeg James Schreider. Back row fl to rl: Joe Sicilianog Ruth Barrowsg Raymond Stevensg Sandra Dellg Philip Bowmang Ava Davidsong Ronald Barndtg Rosalie Kenneyg Ray Olgesbyg Marjorie Flanagang Kathleen Hollowellg Marilyn Donlan. Not photo- graphed: Esme Green and Peter Martin. t the NNHS library students can find not only books but an occa- sional kleenex, band aid or safety pin. The librarian staff plays sec- ond mother to over 2500 students in this "home away from home" according to Belle Gilbert. As well as providing the academic help expected of a library, the librarians pro- vide everyday essentials for any needy student. In addition to helping students with research the librarian staff has to wake sleeping students at the end of a block or chase stray dogs out of the library. Librarians are also the recipients of many questions. Susan Huntoon com- ments, "In a thirty minute period I have been asked three times if we have a pencil sharpenerf' That, however, is an easy question. When a student asks for the red book that he used last week the librarians must ponder for several minutes before understanding exactly what the student -rants. fn addition to books, the library houses spefigi collections, student art work, and magazines. .K ll' 'K 3 LQ? f -175: ?6r' 'H iff-'B fo, .V !' 5, 20 T' X lk J- QT-aw. IVV iff' fu, ' 5' .fro if fi 'aff f 5 .. 9' , ie, Wg of 12? if " ,wc .2 , 5, , :ggi if 4 ,.av" irq' fl USC l Clockwise from right: Thomas Leonard, depart' ment headg Richard Traversg Eric Benjamin. "l 41 lla i P1-fYSfcAL E 1: UEATION Front row il to rl: Russell Holdeng TJ Williamsg Jerry Phillipsg George Jessupg Walter Birchler. Back row ll to rj: Jan Perkinsg Dick Fletcherg Jay Cradleg Irene Cucinag Roger Brown, department head. 1 1 -1, 1 -'iifilff scnawqli 'll -,, l ttt In right' llavicltleiltnn Frank Spitzer: llelmnrali I i-rxteing Stnart lint, tlepartnient lieadg Veronica t liattafg tlenrge NlartingSnsan llnlclwheiclg Richard lJt1ttx'gt'liarlntte'l'litnnpsnngTrimGwinl Pat Sulli- ngilirnest Nic-nlg Rachel Sllflfllliilll Harold Wiper: l enrge Haling Nlnntgtnnery Wellfg Hclgar PJUllt'l'lPI'. it plintngrapherl: Frank lJ'Agastinn, David Hel- irsh. Vliristnpher ,Innes and llaniel Sweeney. ' Ai, ,H goat!-xi., TUDIES ll. I-'rnnt rnw tl In ri: Ned Rnssiter, department headg lfrt-clriek l'll'QAt'llPXYQ .-Xllan Nlaellnngallg Rosanne l'earlrnntterg lion Hunt-lier, Back rnw tl tn rl: Scott finiltlg llivliartl lik'lll1 llnn linellerg Varnl Hnrgan Hnli l'rnx'ent'lier1 Nano' lJelnintli3 ,lnhn Livingston lliane Hanrlxpivlu-rg Ilan linnitzg Joe l'nnnnly. Nut plintngraplietl: .lnlin Aiiinrnw, .lnne Namias, -ltif lianna lime .intl ly X ignnne. 'lf l' T l t F Q ni I w,l'vvr1-ein , i'fgL1.f.n .. f -. Y . 7 E - -- --f . f 4 1- Ms-AN 1 M ----" 'I 'V---4"' -Z'-Zu xl. F: "-5 f. ' J 1 in FL? I f, s --135 l L , ,gidfli -QL- F' lllfvl 7 1: X' " t " , ! ,Ki , - W w Us X I: t ' A Sa-Qvq f . Q L I L 5 a 3 t Y , , , W l E nn. V t ' YW if fri t 'N . 1 9 if 1 t ' 1 -'72,4i5"'h 5 x , MQW 1, X. y. 4, . , H s. af' ,,, X F' ' K i I M. 5 ' .J . A if TECHIXI ICAL vocA'rtoNAL Y 7- "" Back row tl to rl: Patrick Nicolas, department headg Edward Mulherng Fred Therrieng Charlie MacLeod3 Barry Bassettg Clint Humrillg Darrell Parsonsg Philip Rousseaug Dave Harbozag Bob Faulknerg Gerry Hegarty. Front row ll t.o rl: C'har- lie Stevensg Charlie Texeirag Stan Wolaszekg Jenni Kingg Suzanne Cobb, -loe Ryan. Not photo- graphed: Barry Howlandg Al Dipolig Henry Schoenberg. ' 1-11 J. Tl' . he Newton North Technical Vocation- al Department, a "school within a school," was the "first public voca- tional school in Massachusetts, if not the country," according to Patrick Nicolas, the department head. Students who have a voca- tional major spend 12V2 hours per week of their junior and senior years fullfilling their 1000 hour certificate requirement. In addition they must also meet the 100 credit requirement of Newton North students which leaves them with little or no free time. Their reward after gradua- tion is placement in a job that pays around S10 an hour. Nicolas says that the North vocational system is "unique in its comprehensive ap- proach to education." What is truly special to the department is its involvement in the community. Carpentry ma- jors build garden houses for Newton residents. Auto body majors fix the cars of Newton's se- nior citizens. Graphic arts students print the bulletins of organizations, including those of our PTA. Metal Technology students are com- misioned by the mayor to cast the keys to the city for visiting dignitaries. In addition, vocational students have many in class assignments such as wiring a model house in electronics class or building their dream homes in architecture class. The depart- ment attracts many guest speakers, and stu- dents make trips to see professional workers first-hand. acl M-rx. l' tix ,WFT ADAMS HOUSE ? ll , ...J lm!! lu rl-fhli Nnrnmn limxflx-I. hHllfxt'IUil?wlCI'1 -lam Ki Hzxrrivi '41- linwlrl, 41. N14 , ,, 4, . "'-ing 5 -ff 1 3 1.4 ii ff' inf' 'fn i' I x H u 5 M W H -r-'sg ,4lQ I . 1 " .L'- I X 1 X , K V . V-ff' 2 2 4 ?Pfi 7 ,X,. I 3 , 'gif Az i 2 Q 19594 S ,ie 5: 3 ,v 'Q '? K J!-di A wr 5:1 . Q..-"Tfx.l,..f2.. ' BA R HO U S E Y Y l, , , r 41 'TY - ' Left to right: Irene Palomhug Gail Stein. huusel masterg Karen I.uc'iano. 1, T'-in-I - ,. , ..,.v4X -RQ- I' uffx HN. 1 Q' 2 f 1 1 QW ,EQ uv xg 1 5 , 1 r L 1 M5 ...Mix 1 , ,Q-s-:QW - --,dw 'I , R..x'2.'5 lxx .,Y '51 ,W S ff 3' .3 .. u 'un -A 1 y QE 47 is a ++"f , :Ji .,..q. . - . -:iv W. Ba-'s:AL.s A HOUSE Left tn right: Vlaire Varrullg Me-ridith Ghattas. huusemasterg Joan Maslow. 1 L Vi V, i 3 Z .-:ia X -' .53 , 9 ,. 7' ' 2 r. ' 'fiif-' ' --Lg? 1 .3597 pf- 1+ 3'5" Z 11 ef Ty Mlm 5,- , 4, x.. PALMER HOLJSE nmrr r. 5. . .N .. ,. 1 2 l,e-uneg stzmdinffz linthvriml lliliusw, iw,-1 1"','- ,. fe N S . ., ew.. f , LA V, .. M-35 A -sv 1 si WA- w :lv-Wm lx T Xiu . A XC QT Q 15556 .1 f 3 -X A . " ggi fb 57f?if5 ' Q, Jr:-by ' - A 5 'El , as 1, f Y' V93 -Eff fa-1'fPN1 5 . 1 T Qi " 2211, Q fi E Q f3i'1Q5,Nf22 jing n, 'Wiz-frm ,I f 5. is T A ,f 'vi' 'v ' 9' W 4 ,iv ' 'ff 5"5f'.':? , 1 i ,, .f"'-Q Ji, ' - 3: .LW I bn , 5: 1 Q :rf , if - f V X by X . A as .. 131 ' A 95-D, t , ix W Ag, . if 'Q wg? 4' Q' , gffcfzz- lji' 5 f 4 HW :ffbx "4-ww Eg..- W 7 ,I 4 i K ,s I 5,3 1 , 1 9' x T7 ft- xt O U S E. t -v " ' 'A -,, , V , is Q 1. 43 1 ' 1 5' W I, 1 L 2 ' "W 1 b Bottom: Edythe Haynmndg standing le-it tn right: "Nl Joanne Fergusung Scott Guild, hUllSE'lI1ilhl9I'. ,f , X I ..,t Q XX Y 1 1 1. a f ., li ,. gin, NL L.,-Q 1 f' 'A P tp , n Lg' f 'i , ., iw J 5. 5 f-HN, 3 Y X ,Q J Y r ,I , , L N fi-we WV , ' EN W. 'WZ' gp' 'fwfr 'Qi 3 id MAIN oFF1cE 1 Li, Clockwise around page: Marya Levenson, princi- pal: Atwood Dunham, administrative assistantg Mary Ann Kreiderg Diane Antonellisg Eleanor Andler. Not photographed: Lillian Wasson, 'gg A 0 'Nt '-J' Pt Sf..- X r n 2 ' r 2 ESL 1:1- m..,W..a.i..,.Q , 'R L . r 1 3 riff., Left to right: Betsy Davisg Charlotte Seeley, director. 1 x r rm. I , ,. 'inf 'fu r , , QX' 1' X - X 3 - - Y Wu' I are f - ss' Z! S an 5. 'ff I Q if lx. R Mr ,M ' ,.A,2u.L l X .1 ' , Wa 5 lf V' . I 4 ff - f -fs ., f Q Q 5, fn-S+' fmyf .i Lf 4 tg, W 1, JAN I TORS lm- 4 vw 1 I"rm1lrmv1lmr'r:FrnnkIJ'A111iwg,luI1n1IJI-Xlniw -Xl l.eum-, lim-k row tl In rli fXrthl1r1'ut'l'mg Dun f'h:mdlf-ri ,hw Hmmm. EAFE TERIA Y - -1 4i li, ' 1 Left tu right: Imuigi PQ-llcgrinig Alicia Ilillung Bet tv U'Brieng Mary ljiliunag Gernmnm NI2lI'1lbl'id. N11ll'jOI'iC'RUXQAI1Iliif'lliI'ii1'It'ilIl Nvliinnung Hel en Hnwe-rtyg Pal Mercury: Sinuzik Shainizm. -1 4- V 1., '- 48 A4 Q. 5'- .15 , w i fir? 1 D N' 5 H:-f Y " A Y .J , 1 1 .,,1. . , 1, is kv T Q X 4 z PW" if gf yu , iL,f'ng jf Q . 4, 4 ,,, , V , V ,, WN . - ,MN 1 "2 5 7 K ' ' ,g , Z is :iam 9 4 I i ' 35? 3 if ' 232. f"'T Q55 1 'Q "'fw1'- 1 I 1 . - A . - - 3' R4 eqmlm. , 1' 1 . -4159 1, .J A. .A - , n . . ,, P' Z E' ' 41"-9 1 3 I '-7 M lnvem -' Il NK HHH! oh. 'thx I "nh AV' if W Ffx if MSP' xgpn'-c 1 W- 9 32 9 1 , ,, , W ' rgA,'-flffwq 1 lg "' 184 L M-f-W. ,. , u- -ggi --6 Ns- w - ' i,,1,-lj,-',,,, 1 3. ,A2 ,?u3x,fi5.f,'ivAM .Q nf, ff-Q. I f , - fi .,M?,. khifm xsqwwh ,Q . '31 Q, , 4, I .kg 4-.Q 9 be Q-ff ff ,gg , 5 Y J n ww mm. - A. x gf. 4. 1. 1' y 529 2, is Wa Q2 ,J IM, 91 is 1 7 I V W f n f f 7 ,M I I ! 51. v Wg ' ' W . ,1 ,zvfsf . .wg cf ' 5- fl , X U"'jw'f , I ,A , .S e , A gg: fi f .. l ,. Al., 2 IL. Q, 1 ' W 41 43? Q 'gs v X X . "'z'f.' Y .-if - ' ' -Qi! ' 51 Firxl row, I lu ri Sy-4111 Snowg Julio Rossg Alison Iiosonllmlg Rm-In-I Ile-zllvv. Sswoml row. I to ri Mr. Hmlwlwrg Slmron Sallie-rg Be-th Rulming Slmutris Simxg Julie- Ifowll-rg ,Iunipvr Berolzh hvirm-rg IN14-ImIyIXluhImn: Iirixls-11l'c1iru-1AIi- wnl ZIYLIIIFCIIIIII IIlIl'1i nm, I In ri I umm Ixzzcl- He-ulhf-r Vrmlong I.imIn Svlmlni .-Xruy Wi slwrmlg INlvIo1Iiu IVIJIIIIJQHI. I"ourlI1 ron, I lo r Anja Wurmg Abby l'ic-rsonmg More-cIi1I1 Wilmng Alliwon 'I'rnvn-rsg ,len Ilvrxn-Img Ik-lor Liang: MarkPnsnvzmlg1.1541llunulellvg'I'nm':1Vutyra: dams House Council . . ,, . , my: l'11lI1c-rim- Sllllllliflfwl Suu-I1 Iinclpsxyg Iuslin Iiylc-yy tla Political rganization 'T r 'gf - 1' 's s3,,x H, r ,, 513-iii 'Sf ,gl A Q . N If - .- sin 4 L rl ow wb -' gin .-X-fU,'Sf. ..,' fl ,7-- ' .4 41 'V '13, I lj' il, 'ilzlv .4. Bm-I4 row. I to r: Rally Anderson, Terri Lanni- Q gnu, Rufsell Iluxseault. Kurt Ahele. Front row, I In r: Rachel Mirsky, Adam Bemporad, Suzy ,, 1-,Q,'?':sf,i, "SQ W ,ff . IJUNSEHIIII. I "'Iaii:'i ' Q I Q38 Barr House Councul l l w 3 1 X N W r H 'il 5 l ' i xx-all? l I . Back row. l to r: Josie liarpg Mike llunbarg limily Newmang Brian Logang Jeff lliang .lgggie Weisman: Ravhel Elias: Debbie Mirky: Sabin Rossi: Varel Featherstonp Jeremiah VVeinerg Nate Frankg Jet't't'ohen1 Matt Schrotg Adam Sachs: Ali Sakarati1 John Lockeg Deidre 0'Reilly: Magda Kornitzer. Middle row. l to r: Noor Kidar: Mivhelle liarolg Julie Frierlmang Julie Laneg Adam Reine-rg Pam Weitz: Ben Pappasg Toby Hi'f'ereiig Kate Dat-ey: Jody Co' heng Liz Melhadog Jenny Subring Barbara Lot-keg Leslie Dimellag Rachel Wilson: Dun Smith: Joe Enrich. Front row, l to r: Heather Thompson: Martha Mensoiang Paula Felde mang Melissa lsenteiaj Jennifer Davis: Lora llibnerg lirifa Goreng Jay Burkeg Wyoming Quinn. Beals Hou e Council ,I K fi ga 5 N, L. f 2 1 1 im. i Fm? Yun'- Frulll row, l ln Tl Karen AVE!l'l7uCli, Silbllil Yillll ptilsliy,AIl1lk' Harrington, Ann Kaplan, Karen Zaremba, Polly Moneyhun. Lina Vohen. Mary O'Brien, Middle row, l to r: Sandra Salxnf-r-i. en Ciannaktiponlos. Laurie tllirien, April Morris, .lessira l'leiijoya, lfrilta lullerg. K itn- Albert, Mr. Mafxola. Hack row, l lu r' Joi-I Mangion, llien Ho. John Vhen. llnvnl lk trada, -lon Brooks, 3 Back row, l to r: David Mann, Adam Ford. Michael Andi-limm, Brunu Tramnnluzzl, Suzy Dusseaull. Friinl mw, l Lu r: Eddie Shems, Alvin Lee. Ned Rmsiter. -lun Brooks, Russell Dusseault. Hui k rms, l iii ri llr Hzigman,liarmiKaul'mm1. Mr, Reid, llie-ii Hu, 'l'il'lum' Heanue, Lei Yin. Stephanie limmtz, lialn- Wmin, Mike Yin, .liwlHI1fll1t'I1,AllClrt'zil'l13n,YYE'lL9 l,eesc1n,Bolu Cree-ner, .lun limdy, l':ml4ii Tsai, Rndica Weitzir..1i1,,l4+xh.'Xllmert,Ye Gu, Katy Li, Mike Davidsiwi. l-'mm rmv. l tw r: -liiliaima Clrannfl, Ed Faitlr Vliliur Lung. 240 Y E l Bike Club ti! hi hinese Club Q Qf . ,".l 7, ' , if. 'Hs- 3,1 fi L Etho For Equalit 2 " 'Q' Q 4 -4 ze Q i 1. Ll lu K' Q' f , 5 -Q fi ' ., -V " .K 5 1, if t ..- K " 'ai . ? l if 'Q f ' tg My' 1 in z wi, . Q Q Mt Greek lub . wh.. .2 if 431- iw , A K . V"W"7. W M-4 N . L Q L A 1 'll K ., I'-Q . ,FAR I ,, ,, 'J f ,W ,1 , S' 'K 5" 1 ei ' f ... we-'A . Ai' ' 4, li Q 7: Wu , x ' , ' r 4 ' X- Y -, . I fri 1 D Left to right: Setti Warren, Thad Peterson. Heather Porter, Dien Ho, Silvio Tavares. Jere- miah Weiner, Amy l,iel1erman,SheryllJones, Annie Cohen, Rachel Healey. 'len Smith, Theo Bracllorcl. Heather Corbett. Heather Thompson, Margaret, Anderson, Hillary Lowe, Juniper Berolzheimer, Stacey Kahn, Anna Vinter, Rachel Kelso, Maria Fellows. Bark row, l to rt Suzanne Harooshiang Chris- tine Sweeney Mr. Kaplan: Nlolley liounilmng Michelle Hernsteing Rnrlic-I Stoektong lk-tv Viagopoulosg Steven l,in. Mitlclle row. l lu ri Mina Xanlhopoulosg Nisha Cliarkoutlinng Anna Rodgersg Jaime Aussielo, Front row, l tw r: Cathy Coniarisg Varri Fairlig Helen flimnm kopoulosg 'Vhacl Vetersong l4illll'L'Il Zin-e1l'li,ir lie Giannakopoulosg Slinhrizir Melirtzwh. in dreas Gelrud. 241 Back row, l to r: Sajida Najim, Tricia Caputo-Wells, Maria Grandinetti. Shariar Mehrtash, Jeni Beatty, John Yook, l.ei Yin. Middle row, l to r: Ba- heja Azadzui, Shu Ho, Maryam Tavas- soli, Alma Schieda, Obaida Najim, Jen- nie Lampert, Tom Chang, Rachel Ke-los, Fereha Osman, lnsak Cho, Wen- dy Quigley, Julianna Granoff, Danny Cheng, Michael Ashknuri, Baudi Leal. Angelo Grandinetti, Ye Gu. Front row,l to rr Mrs, Seeley, 'lliti Ngo, Chhar Long Yon, Helen Giannakiipoulns, Yeng Khiir, Sara Martin, Sunhee Choe. Andres Gelrud, lfrnnt row, l In r: Ms. Yzillone. Miuhziel Ckinney, Mnniva fkmmtantini. Sandra Sz1lvuCc':i,CathylleMeu,Mark Nardelli, .lnlin DeVito, Plrmanci Santilli. Frank IDeX'itn, Nliddle ruw,lturZAyralSal1in, Wayne Henry, Matty lVIarch:mt. Mun' iiela Leone. Nancy Nlavk. Rina Nicol- lzizzn. l.inrla Hniirgeuis. Randi Solmnun, Amy ling. Vlanmlia Onnratu, Steve Gre- en. Brian Si'hrnt'l'zi. Back rnw, l tn r: -la- wn Aliuttza, Paul Inglese, Glenn Gm- lmu, Sandra f'nnst:intini, Myleen Leary, .len Huliu, Dawn Uelnszi, Maria Mnchmln, Kristine Clistliuttzi. Kim fir!-Cu. H. 'vital' fi Km . M ii E Q .r i, -'I . V I my E. .4441 yn, L a-5 4--'x r' .f Q.- x V Mg' .3 ." X 2' ,K ti -f Y.,- Junior C ass Committee Y? sg, ,Y nw " Y , Z Q A fl X2 Back row, l to rt Stacy Davis, Dennis Lim, Rachel Green, Sarah Glascow, Becca Tellaliah, Jay Burke, Pat Morri' son, Melissa Isenstein, Jeremy Solos mon, David Agulare, Alison Rosenthal, Thad Peterson. Front row, 1 to r: Kyle Softman, Jesse Keagan, Makeda War- ren, Setti Warren, Ellen Farrar. Junior ational Association For The Deaf oz "ww 'ff ' ' 'ef -"Yagi ' " - i 25 -5435 ' SS? - 'Y S If X- ' iryffifrjff 'R J, 33. . I 5, 5 " 'it-. - li' - if is V 5 ,M Aff, MM,,..,.M""f .f i 4335? ll f A' ,r , rl, If-4, A1 f' '- , nv? ,r. we ,wif if FP fN rt Left to right. Stexe View r. limo Ili Meo, Michelle lieclcly, Marlene lierlcly. Tom Branfield Back row, I Lo r: Joshua Alhert, Paul Sabin, John Chen, Daniel Schmidt, Richard Sc-hreider, Tim Clarke, Greg Fishbone, Nen Levy, Alvin Lee. Front row, I to r: Ari Handel, Lei Yin, David Abrams, Ms. Dell, Steve Lookner, Jon Berlin, R - Math Teani Tx r, ,dv . ,gif The Mega Hack rovx, l to TS Bill Mazetli, Peter l.eoI1inli, .li-H' Nash, -lei! Russel, Ken Hzirtforcl. .lun-Nlair lfeatherwton, Ken 'l'hornpwon. Mike Andelman, ffdrel Featlwrston, Tom Downey, Shurra lla- viclson, Adam Ford, ,lim Robertson, Morgan llxtz. Golf- Hziclro, Vathv Vol- lier, .-'xdrienne limhry, liribsy Legmze. Front row. l In r: Lisa lYJ2?lI'X'll'l16.lVl6'llxx3 Heirwinan Will Grote. lhivicl Alt- eholer, ,lll'lll1t Kierhrandt, Sarah La- zzire. Nlartirm Arndt. l,iza Moore. Kim lldl-lt'I'. Qi 'ff A 1 I -Tripping Clur . O, s. ,-. 0 Model U. . A r iv - Campu First row, l to r: Zoe Singer, Makeda Warren, Toby Kleitman, Ingrid Eklein, Christina Hoolihan, Jenny Mirken, Myleen Leary. Jackie Cowin, Sally Theran. Second row, l to r: Melissa Mitchell, Tammy Wilson, Jennifer Sie- gel, Karen Samuels, Ellen Farrar, Heather Porter, Rachel Kelso, Juniper Berolzheimer. Third row, l to r: Lara Solomon, Jesse Keegan, Lisa Levine, Rachel Stockton, Cassandra DeYoung, Jennifer Webster, Heather Thompson, Michael Partridge, Maggie LaMont, Heather Smith. Fourth row, l to r: Pat- rick Morrison, Jeremy Solomon, Jenni- fer Davis, Jay Burke, Jim Buckley, Jon- athan Brody, Setti Warren, Thad Peterson, Miriam Michaelson, Barbara Lock, Stacey Davis, Karl Magnacca, Jeremiah Weiner, Dan Kunitz. On Campus coordinator Jeanne W lute. 5 Back row, l In r: .lush Alliertg Julie Yander- laen: Nikki Leflziireg Will Gruteg Rub Kelley: Shahin Sakarutig YP flu: Andy Chen. Front row, l Lu r: Abby Siegel: Laura Leeg Justine Gerbrandtg Martina Arndtg Michael Aslilmurig Kelly Porter. 'x inpnnevibr --M W '- llsiflx l Iwi ri 'Xliilwllc' liiimillrwiiw lfrivi . . . . c Mitre,-ri. X 'limi Nailxwii, flux' I rziflleg l,w milw- iiz iii, l.eL 'liirixfiii lfrimlt r'm,x. l iii ri Wyiiiiiiiw UA, L i V' i-S., i. NN, A avg 2-36 range Shiel 'Q JI jx- 4 Z jx Grchesi ii., ,if 23 48 Back row, l tu r: Eric Bernstein, Kim- berly Wittenberg, Zack Holm, Sheryl Grussmen, Jessica Maxine-r. Middle rnw, l to rr Julie Kallikatsns, Jennifer Sclar, Jennifer Weinstaein, Lauren Zises, Andrea Chan, Sarah Elsnn, Dawn Peterson, Michelle Tulentinn. Front row, l tu rt Stephanie Weinstein, Mary Borneman, Michelle Greeley, Jennifer Aliutta, Jennifer Holm. iley House Council V. C.. ' x Rock limbing lu lla- li rim, l ni r: Jn-h Albert, Stephen lI12lI'll"9, lliin lizilgilus, Max Hvhaeler. , . , , .lfie l ricnh, ll.ix'xd .lnflkih llaxid Gregg. lien Selle-rx, Middle ruw, l lu ri Ned liuir, .lneline flerlnrandt. Amanda Xml! .Mew Nliiiiexicli, Vhria llunliar. Frm. ww, l rn r' Phil Vlawsuii. Mike Neri M 'ni 'Xlnrlinqi.'XrnclI,Jnl1n l'l:ai11. 'i E 'N if I l N'-1Q1aqfbf Ni-L.. 1 , i Shakespearean Players Left to right: Annie Cohen, Jocelyn Leary Juniper Berolzheimer. Lora Dibner, Amy Li berman, -Jeremiah Weiner, Amy Hassinger Alex Manevich, Rudica Weitzman, Jeffrey Le- vine, Rebecca Gross. Back ww. i tu ri Jason Mclnerneyg Daniel Ka lafusi ilrf-g Fishimne: Mr, Livingston. Front row, I Q.. r' Tamar Shayg Jeremy Ditelherg David Estrada: Lei Ying Dan Lesculier. 250 First row, I to r: Dave Gershon, Florencia Lo- Zano, Regan Wong. Second row. I to r: Jill CoIton, Johnathan Vohen, Ali Schiff, Laurae I J I A , xiii k ie.. Speech Team 1 1 Vw I I1 fn dih- IN1eIhin,C'huc'k Iiamar, Third row, I tu r: Mike "WW-it Davidson. Rivharci Ward, Drew Dixon, Jere- fl-H.. miuh Weiner. Fourth row, I to r: Josie Karp, ' Steven Krasnow, Beth Rubin, Katie White, Katherine Iianeg Steven Berbeco, , if 5 ,. r 3 2 ,I I F ' ' I 'II 2 4.-gi' C A lf' , , I , fffwjf. g, 5 Ifiixi f-hx, I In r I'eIer 5'Iiziv.nro, INIit'haeI Ma- v- ' , . . . . Ions, until Hriieii, Ixaxren Sullivan. Izthan avg . , v J Iik'L'Ixi I,:nIji II1'qiiicIeI. 5et'onrI row, I to rt fer- 'Q 1 igiijj ri. 'hail I'IiViN Nloliit, .Ion Iliika, IVIiChaeI " ma f N . . 1 1: ,xhix-.ei ,A II-we I'iI'I1,LI1IIlIfllI. Isin I,timont , If 'l'i . I 4 , h. "SQ Q4 ,- ,3f,,iii'.' iii inrtl 1-I I .ii r Ixlvr IQUIIYIFOAII. dt an 1 lu, an E-Q-:ff ' fe -. 1, - if f fI,l"xIgII1t1Ii j I WI 4 I 1 I TW ' I .I I I , ig I 5 I N.. 'i , 'ii 7 1 We E2 .ii y' . put, if V 5..I I 0 Srfegy ames P aying 11 ,.,,..4,...f,a-we-u-w Back row, l to r: Fred Frelowg Glenn Wongg Lee Wongg Lei Ying Adam Hemporacl: Bruno Tramontozzig Kurt Abelep John Yookg Ilan Schmidtg Josh Albert. Front row, l to r: Dien Hog Regan Wongg Stark Draperg Jerry Uselm, Television Production , 4 ii " i'i'- 5 X ik, ' 4 . W I Back row, l to ff Rick Brown. liinlmrrl Vxo- loski, Adam Markle-r, Marnilton ,lonmw lim: Bernstein, Mark Murkumne, Lynne lillrhlllilll Front row, l to r: David Annir-elli, ,lim Prny. Allan Helfitz, Rossella Romagnoli. W3 In r V W r 5 fl 1 V , O if Tel. 244-5466 SILVER LAKE ELECTRONICS, INC. Television - Radio - Stereo Video Recorders - Microwave Ovens 337 Watertown St. Newton, Mass. 02158 Best Wishes!!! George Beram 8: Company, Inc. 1163 Walnut Street Newton Highlands Actuaries and Massachusetts Consultants 02161 16175 965-0610 T. W. ANDERSON J EWE LE R Diamonds, Watches, Jewelry, S I Watch, and J I y R p 9 339A b St t 244-1498 A b d I M 02166 HT. 4, X kewl CONGRATULATIONS T0 THE 1987 1 GBADUATING CLASS! 1 DR. SHELDON PECK ORTHODONTIST 33 603 THE M F CURPURATIUN O R GE S E S DESIGNERS-ENGINEERS 1 1105 WASHINGT ST 5 NTE F. MONTUO P E. W. NEWTON. MA O I6 Cemelrv-xTuLATleNs 1 TO THE ' 1987 r enf-xDuATuNe CLASS SUSAN LIBEIQMAN IQEAL ESTATE Q3 Union St , Suite 322 Pnccodilly Square Newton Ctr , Mo 02459 1 Suson Lsberrnon 7341-84 52 332-754 5 'S SEVEN STAR HOUSE MANDARIN n J ' 277 Auburn St. ' rm Of Auburndale 964 4442 MASS HARDWARE Congratulates The Graduatmg Class I 1987 Un A fob Well Done!!! NEWTON YELLOW CAB INC. wvw--H-dum 1 ORDER STREET ES EVVTON,MA02l6S 'I-U""0"SW"" TSERVTNG . 4f'L.fQ.w.l"Q', EWTO DHAM - WESTON - wELLEsLE jgn"':0U'n SW" 527-0725 D IO S O EDWARD w. QMIKEJ THERIAULT mwmwmm Am P MANAGER une. an Auaummu qnsvnom VIIYKUUYIMCYQ Anonym I Congratulations Class Of 1987! Good Luok ln All Your Future Endeavors. From All Of Us At fi G GUARANTY-FIRST BANK "We've Got Your Best Interest In Mind." 964-4510 Newton Centre I 7 TOM'S PIZZA of of 423 Lexington Street ' Auburndale, MA 02166 Ph 969 4979 Open Sunday thru Saturday 11:00 a.m. until 10:00 p.m. P S , ,, 1987. S d h G d S I d B 9 Ch f S I d 24I Walnut Street, Newtonvll G k S I d Mgzzggow it 62 6-Q PHONE 527'3 R 2111 Corrrgocztrvvealth Ave. , Q Newton tAuburndaIeI 965-5069 .v ., g FLGWED r- 9 CAFE5 f im. 433 CENTRE ST, NEWTON 02158 ii Convenient Locations, Quality Flowers l .. .. l ...lL...... ll .I W CRM, it ll M'63,2?M qhxl-tal QR' dom woes .1 ll 5113 my -:AOWOO SM "When the nonne tells you everything- need vve soy more!" C6475 734-8300 4l.I'. X Purdy-Vantine Studio X 100 Massachusetts Avenue Boston, MA 02401 K Best Of WISHBS To Q The Newtoman Staff' 3 ' Hur Hum: 'Tlzunlllwal " f617D 965'3900 995 Auburn btreet KNOTTY Auburndale Massachusetts PINE 597 9864 LAW OFFICES ROBERT W TENNANT 1172 BEACON STREET SUITE 204 NEW PON MASSACHUSETTS 02161 TEL 16171244 2013 964 0465 N M I rwsszttgtllzlrfrzitiit I U Congratulatwns CEMETERY LETTERING 732 WALNUT STREET N ewtoman Staff' I NINEC A BRIDCESFONJF HUTCH MONI OO F PFI 1 EOT RFD 1 INE DIAMOND BACI'x HARRIS W wwf CYCLEFIY Buy MEQEESJGRM Congratulatlons To The Buy VWse LOWEST PRICE GUARANFEE Class Of 1987 Program 'Y A-I I Y 1 A-I - I Q x f 9 , , 0 4 f J 0 , 0 0 - - - - ' I. 0 y 1 J 0 . 'D Q , 0 . I 0 , 7 . I I I l 6 I A O I lf Q I K ' f' " ' ' ' N rv' v'X.-"' 'vhf fxf9,f1w,r:w,ra,ra,r:w,r:r,f:w,f:w:x,1w-.f91':':,:ur53I , . ,. ., 1 IQ 4 M ,4 4 fl 'D ' X . ,I v ,v 7- u fl .. X-v Dia I C rf- -f- fllr Ifyoueanpmcluselhesamebicyde Y, lyear 8 model, Including our spedal ln a' J 14 store benditsfl within a 20 mile ladies . . ,X . 5 Y' ,ai . -o Blu ' - re 5 4 . ' 1' .B I s. . A , - T xr, 8 xv f In , - W V D I Y us' -- , , H 3?,f.:z1:Zf4+z1rU2fie15vef-rxeifrgfsA'fu' I7 A- ,4. I 9 4 1 9 A 9 ffs Ot O ,D A C A ' n e anne , , ug n f 00 , C I2 . 5 a HI OVCI' . a i on ree es e , - - 0 ' 7 7 E -XX XX K' X , . . . e I I ' I f 7 I . n g I W . ... ., , 7 L Y Y I . . 7 7 ' Q 60 30 DEW gumygefggbwf ,PSR gg Susan Llberman Lowest Price mp.. And Guarantee ,uw Dav1d Rogovrn I smfebenefhslndud hee mblyfreekkkstandandmne-uptS25vaI bwhhl I yeaofpudnsedate dsarp weptfordamngesd tnphydcalabmne Ths3Odayguannm-elndud clothes nd essodessold lheoountef 1355 W shngl St I W tN mon MA 02165 2441040!2441041 Congratulatlons To The Sorry I D1dn t Know You Class f But IfI Had Im Sure d f ai 0 'Id Id Thlnk You Were A Swell K1d K So Best Of Luck' 272 Walnut Street Wemomllle Lawrence Kroger 64 Greetlng Cards G1fts Party Goods L At Mutual Bank, we have ways of making your money grow. We can help you invest in a retirement account choose a mutual fund buy a common stock, open a hlgh yleldlng money market account We can provlde com prehenslve tlnanclal plannlng for you And of course we offer the full range of general banklng servlces too So come to Mutual Bank We d love to welcome you lnto the fold Mutual Bank Whatother banktreats llkeblngparmef' you ZX 9 X X ei '6 ox Z 'Q A e 100903 2 2,5 00 if X , f Q69 FREE PICK UP EXPERT TAILORING AND DELIVERY AND ALTERATIONS LORRAINE VILLAGE CLEANERS 9651272 0 O Congratulatlons to the Class of 1987 N8 WCON 68N CHS JW 115.76 SHOP MUBILAI INSTRUMF NTS 501 D 81 Rl NTI D pItcS fPp .1ndTcach g M th d f ll 839 Bea o S lon Cl 33 F1-Om NEWTONVILLE PIZZA INC 322 Walnut Street Newtonvulle Moss F2 Scsi ST :ce Col! Us Aheod And You r e W1 Be Rec: y When You Arr: e S Tel 969 9842 DELICIOUS PIZZAS AND HOT OVEN GRINDER 5 278 Walnut Sr TRY ouR SPECIALTIES THANK You 52Q,w-tgmgxgnlle Prnce Sublect To Change Qwxeiws xg P1 Fligfflllal NHC ACOOPERATIVE BANK d ' MA 02164 An. -A . NRI ' an 14 fffgffziff the purity PUQITY SUDTEHIB .-. SUPFEME ' Your bas c va u store group HEARTLAND FOOD WAREHOUSE PHARMACITY DISCOUNT DRUGSTORES HEARTLAND DRUG Ll'L PEACH CONVENIENCE FOOD STORES Congratulations Congratulations To tothe "l987" Graduatlng Class Sandi Baldl 6 6 Compllments ougtiilinlng And All Her F1'l.8IldS of your local STAR MARKET . O O O l W ,A Wifi , J Newtonville O f . H N 'P 33 Austln Street "Y01l'r6 One In A Newtonvllle, Mass 02160 Mlumnw RH' K D at Congratulations To The Class Of 1987 Maaco Auto Painting And Bodyworks Boston Lynn Dedham Somerville Framingham Weymouth 'Y I 7 5 gl FTUL45 MCDONALD' s OF NEWTON if Q in 6? 1- ts PROUD TO SUPPORT T o W y NEWTON NORTH HIGH SCHOOL f 1 MARI LYN BEST OF LUCK S A T0 THE CLASS GCOD TIME A OF 1987! ' 1 . 849 FDR THE R17 GREAT TASTE Love, SM f The Si!-1Ul+Z LQRRATNE lil NEEDHAM ST. 1 and Pj U' Y CLEANERS 197 CALIFORNIA ST. A NEWTON T MODELING AS A CAREER OR PART-TIME? Find Out How To Get Started. R- F . , Q A-A .K .,ak,Up,EHm.y,, "Do not worry about your difficulties in Af NJ A D mathematicsg I can assure you that mine 1 . X P P mmwamlgmtlnlmnon re still greater." A 262-4581 - 'X Mgdeling Einsteinito Pegasus! 1 Career T A A Concepts f - A - Q I Cust m Ktds Ltd. T P.O. Box 347, Newton Centre, MA. 02159 T'I . . . . Custqm Deslened 0 T Cl0fhll'!2 Zfld HCCBSSOFIBS A for Chuldren. Send For our current braahurcl t sings SQ N iwmm 1 R3 K4 25 KEMPTON PLACE, WEST NEWTON, MASS. TEL 16175332-6300 OPEN MON.-FRI. 9:30AM-9:30PM SAT. 9:00AM-6:00PM SUN. 12 Noon-5 LANE S SOFMAN D DS DEN svn 86 BOWERS STREET NEWWONVlLE.MASS TELEPHONE 965-1880 Congratulations To The Class Of '87 GENERAL . Tl Y , . 0 . 02160 Class Of 1987 D THE DALTONS Congratulations Congratulations To The 1987 Graduating Class "Good Luck, and Good Computing!" SHERMAN HOWE Computer Centers 2020 Commonwealth Ave. Newton, MA 02166 16171 965-8970 , x 'Q' ai. S 8 ,fx TC THE CLASS OF a 1987 TESTA'S . Dream Great Dreams Nswtsnyills Texaco And Make Them Come True! gflixjfffllslitgf sgtfggt K Congratulations A SHARRA if And Friends Q We Love You if Mom, Dad, Amy, Marc + fi 3' Q Congratulations and Good Luck D to Ruth and Daniel Willie and all their friends l from Mom and Dad CONGRATULATICNS TO LARA AND THE CLASS OF '87 MOM, DAD AND JEREMY Best Wishes To VANESSA, PAUL, THOMAS + NOW go The lfgglss Of OJQIDY: OLILR LASQEJ A ' T RADU TE FR M 3 7 NNHS X Norman, Jane and Suzanne CONGRATULATIONS Katz MoM + DAD Q , Q xii L x fx Si SID Q X YK Q J Vefx I t J l BASNlGl'lT,BUCKlNGHAlVl8zPARTNERS X y Incorporated J ARCHITECTS PLANNERS INTERIOR DESIGNERS X 160 State Street, Boston, Massachusetts 02109 617. 720 3669 CONGRATULATIONS X Class of '87 f I S993 80,-O Parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme . . . ' 3 N g fn coNGRATULAT1oNs Q 2 CHRISTOPHER D I- i 2' REAL-E "" and to all your friends tmusical, Diplomacy and otherwisei - good luck! X QHIS 1274WVEQ3HiFEiZ'lf5iIiST' ' I f C r 1 f' r J to ongra ua 1ons A 1 X Odtfggie' J X I D 8. B's Tees Custom Imprinted Sportswear 1 1 Lettering 0 Transfers o Embroidery f T Shirt Styles for Everyone ' Balloon Bouquets o Team Uniforms M 235 Adams St, Love lVIom,. Dad + I Newton, MA 02158 332 7533 Y0g1 ii J i . ' i 267 V5 The Class Of '87 Proudly Announces: "Its 10th Year Reunion." When: November 1997 Where: The Park Plaza Hotel Boston Put It Down On Your Calendar! Details To Be Arriving In 1996! Best Of Luck To All: Sharra Davidson President Neil Hatem Vice-President Lisa Darviohe Treasurer Lisa Cohen Secretary Special Thanks To Our Class Advisers: Mr. Peter Leofanti Mr. David Geikie 5 K' F ! 0 C A R D S - G I F 'T S 327 Auaume Smal-:r 16175 965-6797 AuauRNoALE, MA 02166 Congratulations To The Class Of 1987 candlewick f X , 277 faneuil hall marketplace boston, massachusetts 02109 I I 617-742-0764 ' -7 We W V 4 il Congratulations Congratulations Beth! Class of '87 f Best Of Luck, 4, Mom, Dad, David l Newton's Largest Circulation Weekly New p p m l C.J. Maxwell Sz Company The Salon for hair, skin, 81: nails 39 Austin St. Newtonville, MAO216O 527-4060 TO THE OUTSTANDING 1987 NEWTONIAN STAFF: y Congratulations Tina. Sparkle C1eHHerS Our pride is exceeded only by our love. C0ng15fl15?3?nf93? The Momjeezeadeaeiiafhaela D X, X Q , P 552256 Around The Corner Antlques John Dewar Sz Co Inc Rlchard Auburndale Groomlng Shop John s Halr Fashlons Robert Hussc s Total I Bay State Beauty Supply Khan Sabln Blrnbaum Guterman Hartford Helss Heywood Hlghland Hardwa Hlrsh Ivry Valley Glrl Tl10SG Cl11CliS ADINA BECKY JULIE KAREN LARA RUTH SUZY they re truly dazzlmg Chuck + Josh ECDURNEWCQDID Love, Korn Sachs Lagace Solar Lavlne Shurtleft L1ebman Stelnberg Mc Jewell Tabar Orlental Rugs r o Optlclans 3 Thornblade Ploneer Flnanclal Whlte Woof Max lhllQSlJllTAl-L Congratulatlons lntenslve Treatment Umt am Adolescent Program Substance Abuse Program Love S h St kl MA 0 167 C6171 469 0300 Congratulatlons 9 Dad Mum And Marc We re proud of you Nancyvm Alex Sz Frlends We love Wu M0m, 82 Mother and Dad Bruce and Joanne, Laura and David. l T ewtonian 1987 of Newton North High School was printed by Jostens Printing and Publishing Division, 401 Science Park Road, State College, Pennsylvania 16801. The Jostens in plant consultant was Nikki Vescovi. The Jostens area representative was John Neister. The cover was embossed and silkscreened to register on smoke material 491. Black and orange ink was applied to the lid and backbone. The book was rounded and backed with black headbands. The endsheets were Stainless Steel 43289 material. 80 lb Matte 11195 stock paper was used with black ink. All candid photography was taken by Newtonian staff members. Senior Portraits were taken by Purdy Vantine Studios, 100 Massachusetts Avenue, Boston, MA. Of the 272 pages, 16 were printed in the four color process. The division pages were printed in second color-orange T-165. The art for the cover and division pages was produced by Ruth Schmidt and Adina Zarchan. All headlines were set in Century Schoolbook and Benguiat. The body copy was set in 10 point Century Schoolbook. Captions were set in 8 point. The distribution date for the 700 yearbooks was May 19, 1987. Special thanks to Helen Smith, CLF. I 1 K I K I 1 41

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