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 - Class of 1985

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5' 'O ,3 if Q 1' .H- 3 3 4.1. 5 if li as A31 ,, qu if -5 I X kr X L. 1 Q Q 4 A .l I f 5, 5 1 5 J 1 I 4 i - v-. ..x E E! F I 1 u 'Q 2' if a. 5 K I 25,451.5 Q.. 1 - Newtonian T06 gm Ullmw 1 - sr ezmfh. Tiger Linda Hagerty cheers at a Saturday football game Newton North High School 360 Lowell Avenue Newtonville, MA 02160 QCD 1985 , G . 4 A if , . Q 4 C," J K is 9 T: 7.4.17 .. .x . QR- -Gi' ' 111234. . ' JQQZ, '- K . ' 81 :ZX - 'Stk , f f 1:15 '12?f'fw- ' V. f N If" . fl' .55 Blurred visions of Main St. ix hundred thirty-one of us entered Newton North High School as sophomores. We ha ve been challenged by our teachers and our peers, we ha ve triumphed. We have had trouble at home, at school and at work, but we ha ve always fought back in the true pride, spirit and tradition of the black and orange. We are a class strong in kindness and caring. Whether it was helping a lost freshman, or bundling-up to watch a football game on a cold Saturday morning, we came through. lf we are to be remembered, let us be remembered not as speciHc individuals, but as a class: the class of 1985! The faint echoes of students yelling on Main Street, cheering sidelines and continuing friendships will always symbolize Newton North. It will be these memories that remind us that these are the best of times! Michael Schultz editor-in-chief Doug Sabin business manager Jody Berkowitz Luisa Santilli Kimberly Leka Mark Devore Suzy White Nessy Shems Andrea Karp Rob Gheewalla layout editor advertising manager managing editor assoc. managing literary editor sports editor sports editor assoc. sports Liz Bleich organizations Suzanne Kogan senior section Kathy Miller senior section J.P. Wing photography editor Gunther Wellenstein Saul Wisnia Scott Glickman Kate Whitbeck R.L. Montague Lois LaRock photography editor art editor circulation manager ways and means yearbook advisor J ostens representative Student Life 4 Senior Section 50 Faculty 1 13 Underclassmen 130 Sports 160 Organizations 218 Hnal Scene 260 Advertising 276 Directory 306 4 .ffl - , fa 1 5. 7, 1 ff gif H., U f N 1 Senibrs 'fhang-oul"on Main Sire et x C ,W -. 1 1A.- , ..,v x ZHf7:'1"-' A. 3 '1 ',,.w, QQ.--'A xr 4 , I 3' T .qi , , .i V . 1 , , v ww' A 'e 1 1 1 1 i 14' , , Q 1 , 1 -L 1' 1 , z A 's i 1' I K 5-. Swat, V W . :fax , aww. Yr X 4 1 , ' ,lfifim 1 . 1f."'f'5',l r i.1'?,5r'i'5 """f"' fff'1E-fi ' X . 1 Y M 311, -Q--1,,.',.4,s,k:,aF3,, 15655: v h -1' mf Q -AA-1fQf.'xw'g, '25 ,Hz 21- 'rag fi, jfg! 335115 1,.7,sz3'ifM.j:xf1T'Sfj9f,3,R',,g,1,, :., -, V N -' x'5f,1:,,Jiw -Kr?-Ltr,-M.7'f":9'f"1',"VP - , 12' -' ' , . - 1,-ww,yjxzf:Liga-X-1w.:N-W., 4 , WM , ' , 1 .U - 19-'f fn-D,1f,1fff.'?Ef? ','n-, wg. ':11..,,-mmzi-2'im V ' wvuyw, , ,3f,,,g-MN- -my U , P -1 Eim,-Mgr 545',?.,1f,'5-',,:: ,.:-- . .5-45.1, .,v-- .1 . fxf-.E1:A".fl:44,1,.L W-,lvlje ,gn Y 1 '- v r ' Yafiaiexi-,A1vLl5Xg.iN-4 V ' nw-'fvlrlfff 1 ,- fix: wf-J: Qffff-"v'.:l 4311-Gif. .'-24 -' Ay- 'fr' . - by A l'f.g,Lqg , :.,:fWL1i m.Ll:i'. .453Q5:Rig'j5P5m1f1fS,jq,fg-xx5.15,.A L, U . 4 H ,5jgf3,gigQWLEg12Lj,i:,,Qme5Wy.1QH55n4m,J?5ffg3f'jQ5:Tl'fZfvE55f5?j8',5.,gg?N A A 1 tm X f f. J ,, ., " ,'wgi'f-fi xr3f:.4'3S-:Q-'LU"1"'v " ,- iw in - '- ' , 1 7' Vi' f ' -if ' L5f5i"5' . . . 1. ,ay . Q. -+ fflWT?IWfQn9F'15VV3f99Z'g?Pf5Jf3'if5JWW'wE:ff'h7W?7:f'9!fQ'S7i79'7c-'m1?ffff'?5'?Wf'mfq?' . , -ifgrnf 'QQ' Y ' ,. r ' V-Wffvw' 'w-zwzwvmv 1 fw'a:"W2f. S1 frwm- N " ' , -' max: ' n , MywweVf1f.vgplfHf5J?,?29MJfE21Q.:"'M, MTS? wiv 4, N2 ' ' ' X -. 'v.'s,4iBff.":,'1'1-3:zaif 1 'gf 'K 'N w . X - --.,.,fwwvw'.g1g4,,5-. ' 1,.,,'.,,,,,k41,g3g'g 44,13 J ., -f-Wy,f11-gzi31.1sf,fjg,f:,EfugrV-1.-Xf1,g1?'xF:QCC , N ' Ni in ' Vf ' 'nfl ' 153.1-i1:.':' . " Qbif N 1' 4,31 " ' 2 T ,. " nf ' ', ,ci , 5 ,fwfr Q4 ,, , I .133 . W ' ,iQg,V5-1U.,hfv ,gi LIL., ' 55,-3' wx" 4' ,f ,Rv v , 'H-fi',vWw -N ' '. "":1-?v5""31i3W-''Wi-1:-iftr'-' 'FH 'J-'tat' : ' nz, 4 -5- '-',,f,g . 'f' "1 -C2t.frfLg"- 652252-fggkf K "" , . Y-A -df ,M 51:5 uf. . , ,Q ' fzlwfr-1,-an ,:3gzm"..E 'J - -' A sa ' H me , ,::fwiw',f,, - V ,L- i' Q x ff'Mf.-J'f",- "ff, -1' 'fb Q ' ' 'X " '1'ufkak,"-My'zfhywhr' ,. N 1' i Tal . 6 '17 , wx , , , " ' 'W-ik:-wif: 1' f sf 4 ,Q Y. ., ,H 4w3.5,4g1E.' ,npili 1 QM' 3 26 L5 L , Y, Hi, A ,B f-. , 4 1 , 4 mlin sireel 1 9 , 4 A.-M AJ" 'P' 1' Y -jazzy: -9, . A su' '1 1-1:- wm! ""',,,., 'Aa ':71-- Q -1' uf.'.iQw' ' , ' .P if 1, , QyO-fa 11, .Qi -- .ff 1? C -F W - . " ....,,:. ,mum 1-'iff ' :Wx V" 'wb 5 if 'H , . Y . if Y :WN A i 14 Qi .4 PS ii 'S J w Pb 'A Jr' 1419 n' 1,-j ' r .I ti ' " .15 1 ..:-If JN vw: "' L ,, ' . Ja' 5-1,1 1, ' ': NF' v- J 9 43" ' .fgg ' , JF' chi x fs'- J fl n ,ji A ?' fb IQ if if , 8 1 . N , ,. , fffw .. , -4 -9, mx Jr V 1- .us J., -- , ,,, .-if ,-ig, :LQFQQV -4, - I. . L- , ,--4 Q t- 5 T iff' '7- - .-2v.G:.j, .g..QA2w5. I ffl er. QA, EA ':i'1"i.wL'i'?i' 'Q' . JV v ,FV f "IIf.nYm4-1 -- F- vt." 'ff i 'biirfllavii e. - - - .zfggii .YW af n.,,,. im v Y 4. get A 2 KA ' s .V .H+-fp ,-1-95: ,z 'Rm 1 l fm, gm Us g,g.y'g."..J'132":11giHF ,,A,,, ,S it I X n- . A 4 '-hq..-up Walking down Main Street can be a harrowing experience any time of day. Sharp co-ordination is necessary to dodge the swinging book bags and flailing arms which can inflict serious injury on unsuspecting students. Main Street also displays the diversity of our student population. For example, take that presumably easy trek from Bacon House to the Barry Staircase. ln Bacon you find the '1Junks", and you are forever stepping quickly aside to avoid being tripped by a skateboard. Having passed this first obstacle, you can move on to Riley. This is a relatively easy region to pass through, if you can wade through the hundreds of people congregated on t-he library steps. Now you can take a breather until you hit the Palmer Tree "mushes": harmless unless provoked. lf by chance you do instigate them, it's advisable to quickly jog to Adam's house - unmistakably characterized by emerald walls. Throughout your hike you have to watch out for various statements such as "Library"and "Pool" printed in large block letters on side walls. These are for the 'students who cannot think for themselves even when they see shelves and stacks of books, or a deep hole filled with water. After passing through Adam's House, your eyes will be accosted by chartreuse, a color that can be dangerous if stared at for too long. You are now in the final House, Barry, which has no distinguishable features. Ifyou were lucky you will have completed the journey with only a few bruises and a mild headache. -A.K. .N t A. H 0 0 A J l . . . take a alk on the Wild tde 504' Ss. 'NP - 'es top left: Seniors Jill Benjoya, Loretta Rossi, and Julie Onaratto exchange gossip on Main Street, top right: Suzzttnc Aucoin and Tera Htrsh stroll down Main Street. above: Main Street is a favorite hang out for these seniors. mnin srrerf ...H V ,ha 'Q sa 2 fff Tiger football players much a close game from the sidelines. l'I ,W M 'ir Y.. ,f il. -7. 1 f-ii.. 1 13? 'A I h,x1,,.' . A- ,V -1 gdif., if Q-r ,- - Eff ,-. 4 x A .wif-, ',,.,,, ll, Nj, , w K Y L' L ff V iw 1 I 4, 'mr is L -.ff ,ir 6 f .'h'Nl's3fN5""ff is --: Q-+-, ' f ASV' I! f?Vg' ,J , Q 9 4 l xl fa 'K I A ' 'ff ' ! . . we 4 ' ,fi I-J fit., H ' .. fum. pal ! 14, W i V 'I Q , n r - ,,,,,4- - k ' .. Q Q wifi. ww F N " I 'V' Q 4 4 M -aw " 1- i'.'f"" F' A . , uef S" 4-2 ' 5i'5?'9 Q67 +,,,52f'x.'1 ' H ' U- :Q - pf 'l , K' Af fu-x,?qxi'v:--1 1 X x , X . . . V ,Lac -, Q' vig. - .iv f my 1 '- S , 155, XX! U.,-fig 1 K- .. ' .. ! I 1 . : l -I' ' A - N L . L 14:51 " I - sw, 'M V ' 5 gy' J 'J A ff- f.- N K 0' 1 -S I, ' . - . - 5 A - f 4 ! , 5 K M ' Y i i -' 1 a ' N , , Y ," hffrxvfmkxlfvv K ll I I if I I f X - 1 fl ff ' f 'K fK1"",l x !' ffffffif ff X f f 'LL ll 6!717Z"f f uf, f f If f ff fff Y f O f. , " 3 O n I. Q rj .. K Q lf' ' H ' -as l 4 lk, 'D fi? Q? C spirit n Q ' -- rx, Xi! -1-1. of-N ,- xi! ' 'ik 2. XL! f, N f K T -Q-0"A', X . X I Zo vfx 'Z 5 .1 5: V Q 7 I! mf iff", , f 64 S In "gk 5 F.. l , I , Q :I i J K . 'H u f' ' M Q ' V 311 1 6 .5 I Hn. if 5 'ev W' X tx A 4 ' :-if-as . i"""' A X Q - i 3, X on . 1 : gpirir IJ 'L- I J QR eg. '- - 6 fzijfi I W 248 M 3 ,sv I f lisilm-nz life ..,, 53, , ' :P 9 In fir.- JF' wLnf3vEN9Q6'7e 'neu -uf -.W , u- up 4. - nfl x iw Senior .SICl'CClI.Il1' ccrs 'lhrou 'h u INICFOSCO c durin ' acicmc LLM 1- I X5 img II E . 1, I 1 I . I. I I I , I I 1 I I I I I V II It I l i l . I I I 5 I I I 1 I I 1 I I I I I I II I 'I I I .414 gy ' 1 555 aj :Pr . fl :lily It 'Jff W A I ' 1 I J I I if . i 3, I Seniors .1I1clmcl.Schul11. Rob liloum. 5lL'lC,'lfIIl7Ul1-I and Cclm Sill'll!1lfC :ill hurd ut work in class. all in all we ire just another, "Brick in the Wally Who were we and what were we doing here? We were the strong class of l985,z1nd we were here to grow as individuals, Homework was Q' considered a challenge, and we responded I E' U A successfully. Our experiences at Newton g N - , Suffix North have prepared us for the future, and s,,,m,m, now, nothing can stop us! ' rig ll wi..- , f I A 5 . 1 1 - EF O ,ff .V V 1 X U' S if :L -" mi S fi '51-.Sf W i 66 99 Teenage Wasteland top left: Seniors Jill Benjoya, Suzanne Kogan. Jody Berkowitz, and Loretta Rossi take time out to smile for the camera. top right: Beth Klavens idlely laughs during class. middle left: Senior Irene Pan takes notes furiously C must be first semester J. middle right: Everyone does their own homework at Newton North. left: Breakdancing is becoming an everyday occurrence on Main Street. .J 0 A 4 ,.. . sl 'i '4 student life I7 IV K' i N K 5 . 4 ,, . .95-11i.i',,.i 3' fi: at 4' ' V . 'Cf J I f sf w704... Long hair, bell-bottom pants and loud shirts characterized the students of NNHS in the early l970's. Many' had radical reactions to political events. "The problems created in American life were directly reflected in people's attitudes at school, Social Studies teacher Don Crowley said. "Post-Vietnam and post-Watergate was a time that was critical to everyone." - "Students were very involved in social and political issues," Adams housemaster Norman Gaudet said. "They were sensitive to the outside world. They got involved by marching at city hall and demonstrated for civil rights." "The early '70's were the last politically active years," said social studies teacher Allan MacDougall. "The stimulus of The students were also adjusting to a single building. ln 1973 the three buildings of Newton High School had been replaced by one buildingg N N HS. Guidance department head Peter Mackie described the architecture of the new building as "neo-brutalismf' Students found new hang-outs: trees, benches, stairs, and the library. The new building provided a physical structure- a place for everyone- but many people expected it to form its own atmosphere. Students found creative ways to adapt to the school and politics, but as MacDougall said "lt wasn't that those students were any more talented than the students today. I guess it was just something in the air. " politics reached into writing. Rebecca Plante There were large numbers of volatile and creative writers." Zo Zh 902- Short, spiked hair combined with silver studs and leather, or Guess jeans with oversized sweaters are the latest trends on Main St. According to English teacher Burton Weiner, "Kids today are a lot more pleasant: there's less .hostility. Maybe they see more opportunity for ff, themselves. Maybe it's because there's a lot'less disruption in society today." "Kids have evolved from the buzz-off syndrome to the 3 C's: careful, conventional, and ze 6 , conservative,' said Social Studies teacher John Livingston. "At the same time, they take care to be politically liberal, reflecting the feeling that'America is unsure of itselfff' "Now students are more goal- directed." Riley housemaster Scott Guild said. "They're A interested in getting out of high school and either working or going to college. There'scan, attitude of coming here, getting what they need, and getting out." "The competitive atmostphere is back," English teacher Tom DePeter said. "Students have less proclivity towards being creative. They're also incredibly anxious about S.A.T.'s." Students today are less exuberant and more serious about life in general according to Livingston. Guild said that students today worry too much about meeting the minimums and not extending themselves to the maximums. "lt's harder to get student interest and mass participation," Guild explained. "l'm not upset with the direction of the '80's, but I wish we could combine today's causes with the participation of the Seventies." ' -Rebecca Plante l r J - , rv..- lfl fvflnb' l ,I If . .4 A l at a 1 ,X f" I 4 -vw-' X1 V "aw 'ww-' Q '7' ff v f ..v""' fs' nr . 4, L ' 1"'E1. , ' sf' ,' 'Z' , 'S' L-vw. :.1Q,f:r W ffil li "4" 55 ff 23951, 1' 51 , 15 -A , XT N355 ' .1 'R 1 , A., ,fm 451, yfgeix' " ' ' , 'fi' -Lf, H.:-ew v .f mm W :xiii i 1, ' K. ' fin Y 1 ,. Q ,, .isa Y wf- S in +1 V fm E1 1 QT ' V .- '- , my F 1 , ,, V. All X' .?u L X W , flswjv 21 gf' 3 " 1 -,Eff , .---1 r . 1. s V3 'fs 1 x q A 4, nw g A' 'Vids ' .f-fm ,,.f .V L, ,J an I x X 2, H ij E 1 I X .r egg? Y 9' 1V .vw wx W f Y ,pq .X Y , '31 iii f f ff'2i' . , 9 ,. I 125242 5- ' ' ifgkfxgfie f 'Q-"'g:?:4f 1' fa. fri' ,. if Q f Vg. L ' 325 'M we-'Eu 5' swf? ehfg' '1 lv V ,, aww .N ' 4 wngif-Q g H '75 4,21 F v f 1, , ,-6 1: v ' wh ? QQ 4 f , , Y Q 43 ,M Y 1? 4 15,53 .A ff QV, J' , ill si f '1,4, zfi A q , ya-112: ', 1 M Ts? f- ' 1, H4 ' 2 A ' ' eg. a. fr "' , A 1, , Q f 92, A nib ' ' A, f 454 f f X A " 11' . f+g Pa',2wQ :J Q "L 4 4 X f ff WF R J 3 1, 1 ' N f 'S A if-F ,S f 4 -n 5 4 fi 'E' ga' , g . A , , W 1 3' 1 il? . . A J Zi X X . , f J Q , 1 w14.,,,, L .,-,A , 5 :1 V ,i ., . 3 . F 7ffwn,1. 2 , fi - . 'gr 1, , 9 , L f 1 2"f":f,-2 .ffx i,ff1'3EA5J'f'-Mr'-,iulq , H V A 1 ff 0 : Q if ,, 3-3 eg '- , 5-,7g?? f?4 ,, '- V E-,rf iigi. wx 'gf rf, QQ v1a,,5??g1q-,.33-gawk " Z ff' -V . Jag q v, .b in. W 'iii-'lf 12 X 1 ' L W . J I , ' fy: kgififi f 1f.1LL4,,4 V 'A Q L Wag Dx 7-L5 4. r s Q I+. 4 95.0 iw 1 sg, 5- 1 ibm ,A-"lm li? lm 44 WD 4 E ,iv-E , if ,am 1? 177 in lj -na Glu wx QIQOVX inu- F 111 kay' ,pg 2 rx w' 5 t'V',,'1 -. 4.4---1. djii-lynn I1 K ? -L -53-A I. , -I --D ,4 wx - .f ,X .!., , S s ion 521,-"Wx A N3 n , V77 W , uv V , rs 4 .Q M f -xx.. L Wffffff? iff, ff ni 5 . , ,M 4 , 1 lg! of ' X A I 71' 'X 'S Hangout , Q2 'Q W Qt f 5 ,M , . ' f Q, X , x 4 ,. , . H Qi ' . X ' -Q E I dl? f Q i A Q ,cr 5 Q ,nl all 26 hnngouts 'ii- fl'-"5 AW" 'Fri ' x 1 v W , f fu,,f' f K -Jw W xf,,,,4,v-w- ,Q wyf, QW We-M vw v - A ,JL f Q H," Fa' . 4 , I ts . '14 -I . A iv 3:1 Q' 'X bs za 'sa O ., h 5 A -,ng if 'iq-Q ' 'R fi X X .Ii 'L - 4 U' M fi "2"f1mq5g. Q? fiifi! 2- s Q -fx Q Q,-H. Q .,,, f H N... 'ef - hang-ours 2 X 4 ,. lf A 6 Q1 4. I X W5 f -ey j 'K 5.1 'EW i x K O-P' l ' Rx Y I' ,, . X125 5 ' ' uf., il R A321 1 V' QS 3 if gba H A' , cf' f Q- -..- H1129 ll' xxx, rf! 4 F I' 3' " I AL 5 N A Q . 'ia ' 1 4 . 1 gift X Q5ia455i1f2.,,. s 1.9, V I 4 'Y n 'I Z ' K' - 5 3, Q ,li 'iii 1 .lt 1 55 4 '-5 E s P Q N 1. , in 1 s Nwlm, ,, Q 2, I. if iw ww 3 1' ,v r A " i ,E f X l . A f, fl! QL, 1, 1 fl V ci, 1 , I 1 , . ' 1' 2 ,NN K' 5.1 X, . ' , fm W' ,Q 4 ' 'W x lxijit EX -.. A K A . f -..... 4f..,2,- . V f..x,.iw 2, ,, , A X J"'f ' Xa -1' cl , X xr 4 V B i "' 1 by H K V ,Kg f V 1 f'ffTK 5 ' xxx y .. X H W pl V ff J, , H , L: If ff. . X, 4' 1 's 5 ! f 1 f R f , ,XX f 3 Y K A -fx. 1 Q uw Q 1 f X F 4,, Q r, Q ? N X M-M ,ww R ' i Q A if-f 'wk g gy , 4 xx l 'vi' Q, -x 1 is X Q s P 49. , 3 ' W ' 3 fm , . . 1 3 , .. fwxi I S 4 , , "3 , LU? .1 3 ff LJ Q 1 5 3 if 'X Xa Q M xx S X 5 2, Y' 1 1, Y X Q 2 ? K Q X, 5 ii X 51 1 ' x .2 E V ,A Y 1 . 3 3 ' 5 5, Z ,f E Q, ' 1 3 1 5 .I X X 1 A, x f R I 1 X , , ,:k1,,,,f 'MW W, , W 5, -N4 ,V I 'XKQJ' Y . . Q , x,., XM , x ' ' 'Y' e I fy' 'ni I K ,I ,I -1 1' U V lu 2 Q 3 Q I 2 'cr ss 'a IE 4281 'QA gas V XV Qin 39 QS . 5 hw!!! 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'W u Y'-7 X .V K f X ,454 V N X 'Y V , A . ,wh . 1 ' S- X .-5 N., - - M, ,. 1- Q f -. ,f 1 ,V . A fx! I x f . hwy, A ,,. i 'Y A -, sf. A .Y 71' , 56 5 54 Xi 1" ,I ,Q 14X-3 NXT W 6 I' I W iw -'41 , Q i fl. . X I I Y? . fi x'3m 7 Q Y -Q 1 'W . , ,yxr -X 4 I YK Q95 f . x , x r 2 419 In . M6533 'T . f 6, FR . s h K 'I 11. s v -v C it X 1 ' - W X 6 y.4-....--f- W I ,Xy, Nu is A - we ' L .' -eifaix fl! 1. A E Having reluctantly decided that I would go to college instead of working as a bag boy for the rest of my life, I began the dreadful task of college hunting. The first step, I decided, was to take a college tour. After three hours of driving with my parents and "their music" fFrank Sinatra, the Mills Brothers and Lena Ilornel, I was glad to reach the campus. We threaded our way through a maze of speedbump studded roads, parked, and strolled up to the admissions office. My mother quickly collected every pamphlet, brochure and catalogue on the coffee table. "Hey, the library has more than I5 million volumes!" my father said happily, sorting through the I5 pounds of paper my mother had handed him. "Wow," I muttered and idly wondered if those pamphlets listed good parties to go to. My mother found me three pamphlets that did. We waited until the presentation started, and all the eager parents herded their decked out but tired-looking kids into the meeting room. After a 45-minute talk on the meaning of a liberal arts education by a wholesome admissions officer with the college seal on her blazer. there came a question and answer period with two "super students" with 40 activites and 4.0 averges. I concluded that the main goal of the session was to convince me that there was no way I could get into this, or any other college. Mom whispered, "Great. Your grades aren't that bad, and if you can pull your SAT scores up by a couple hundred, you'll get in. I know it." I sighed and began calculating how much bag boys make on the back of my college map, which I had propped on one of the course catalogues. After the briefing, we set out on a tour of the campus. I was famished and had a headache. "lf I canit get in," I reasoned, "I might as well see what I'm missing." With us on the walk was an ethnically balanced group representing ll states and two foreign countries. Two alumni parents dominated the conversation with comments like: "ls the food the same?" "l'll always remember those all-nighters in the library." "Gee, I guess they don't have curfews any more." Kids, on the other hand, managed to sneak in questions about the number of computer terminals. The guide, who looked like she lived on Pop Tarts, brew and lettuce, spoke quickly of the historical importance of each building we passed. My mother asked to see the bathrooms. "Who's interested in biochemistry?" the guide asked. "Oh good! That's the lab building over there. We'll get to it after we see the athletic fields. which - oh well actually. they're sort of in the opposite direction. Walking up one of the hills, I glimpsed at two women. apparently students. Maybe I would like to apply here. "Mom, what's the male-to-female ratio here?" "Three to live" I will apply here, I thought. This college looks like a serious challenge. We then visited a dorm. "Great," I said as I wondered through the beer cans. "I won't have to get a job, I'll just collect empties." The rooms were slightly bigger. but not much more than most closets, and not decorated as nicely. "I'll just hang my stuff over there," I thought. "I can learn to sleep standing up." That concluded the tour. and I settled down to more golden oldies on the car radio. "You see?" my father said. "You learned much more than that time you visited your sister at U. Massf' "Maybe," I thought. "But I didn't learn anything interesting' "Spend a Friday night in a Southwest dorm at U. Mass, and youill See? -Tina Rosenthal and Ben Smith I , .fb 'X JY, Y Y .sw I x,. K . 7- i si fi. I 1' E I ,YK Deciding what college to attend is not as hard as it might seem. All you need is a deck of playing cards and the Barron 's College Guide. First, take out the four aces from the deck, since no one wants to go to school in Utah, Alaska, Idaho or New Jersey. Next, print the names of the forty-six states on the cards ldon't forget Guam and Puerto Ricoj and drop them down a staircase. The closest card to the top is your 'chosen state'. Here is where the Barron 's "bible" comes in handy. ln your selected state, focus in on the "Party Ratings" for each school. The college with the highest rating is now your ifl choice! In a matter of five minutes, you have decided where you will spend the greatest four years of your life. gif' nf H un .Q I 7 T W 5""'i' wt .tr-53..- ' f' ,Al gurl. f I i is . fl' . fl, f I " .E fl t substitute I walked into English class and found my prayers had been answered, My teacher was sick and there was a substitute. As soon as she passed out the blank piece of paper for us to sign our names. I knew I was in for a day of fun. I signed in myself and four of my friends. ofcourse making sure I also signed in the infamous Charles River. Half the class left as soon as they signed their names. while the rest of us moved to the back of the room to plot against our unfortunate replacement. It was decided that the best thing to do would be to all lean down and tie our shoes at the same time: the substitute did not notice. Soon, paper airplanes were flying through the air, and a newly formed, makeshift band started up. First. someone in the front row tapped their pencil on their desk in a very catchy rhythm. I picked up the beat by pulling the zipper on my sweatshirt up and down to a 'funky' beat. The guy next to me was tapping his foot, and the blond behind me did a great cymbal imitation. We tired of this game after a while. and we all started coughing at once. We all got sore throats from this, and we had to get drinks of water. By the time we had returned, it was time to go. Time really flies when you are having fun! e 1 sf. 1 , ' W A lt F I ki' g X 7: cheating 1 9' . E l -. 'rx- 'P lid? 5 ae 1 5 ... 9 'i I , nv' ,L Y Y - re H ,ggi :Z t i , ' ilii is .I , .l A 4,8 V , 1' I is . - ' 1 1.1 in K. f J .ff as 4 . A ,gs fri' 9 A . e. 'Ti . N. pix' '--N "' f... if ' ' Rrfsx N 1-. ,S 5 V F u , S ,xx kl'1X ' ., , .5 fu S. X 'QM 5 i. ' S Having problems in school? Do you fail every test you take? Do you fall asleep during class? If your notebook full of doodles? Does life get you down? Have you tried the universal solution, cheating? Try itg it works! Never tried it before? Well, come a little closer and l will give you some hints onhow to pass a class. Section I: Sizing-up the teacher. Sizing-up your teacher is one ofthe most important factors in this profession, Place them into three categories: A. your average kind, trusting, considerate teacher B. your sometimes suspicious but generally kind-hearted professor C. your unkind, untrusting. suspicious loser. After breaking your teacher down into these three categories, you may now begin cheating on a small scale in accordance with your teacher. Start with crib notes under your thigh or simply hold them in your hand. lf this works, congratulations! You have just taken your first step into an easier world. For the more advanced cheater, he or she may use the inside of onc's sneaker sole tthis is a great advantage if your teacher walks around the classroomg all you have to do is lower your footl. As your confidence level increases, your cheating methods and practices will get more imaginative. Sitting next to th best-looking kid in the class will not help much, but sitting next to the smar1est,will. There are several things to keep in mind while cheating: Section ll: The do's and don't's of cheating. A. Never write notes on your hand because when you perspire, the ink runs. B. Never put crib notes in your shoes. for the same reason as above. C. Never get caught! Remember: you are trying to get ahead. not lall back. D. Always buy a programmable calculator. E. Always make up the test the next week l fa Q fi if A W' .J X ,es r-A 'T , Qs-i,' I . Ilia .. it when you have the answers. F. Always be calm, cool and collected, NE VER PA Nl C 1'.'.'.' C. Always keep practicingg you will get better. lf you have any questions call: l-800-867-5309 GOOD LUCK! -.l. Weingsbcrg '85 'ug-. 'Ke l. -N91 v' .':'.I underclassmen Freshmen: Freshmen are recognizable by their efforts to be inconspicious. They dress in the "in" clothes Cmush' and 'seventeenish'J, but they end up looking like dress-up dolls. "How is the food in the cafeteria?" and "Will l really get suspended if I skip Typing once'?", are the typical freshmen questions. Freshmen also are the only ones who really read the Orange book. Sophomores: Sophomores are typified by spending the whole day trying to act like juniors, while still playing hackey-sack and bouncing tennis balls in the halls. They are better prepared freshmen, as they do not wear clothes that are brand-new. Sophomores never ask about the cafeteria food, and are now smart enough to bring a 'brown- bag'. The goal of every sophomore: to have a senior talk to them. Juniors: Juniors present a psuedo air of superiority. Many wear shirts which have the names of their favorite alcoholic beverage across the front, and LEVI's with holes in the knees. They do not wonder around the halls with blank expressions on their faces, like the freshmen and sophomores. The juniors are always trying to 'find themselvesi Advice: never tell a junior where the parties will be that weekend. 4' - Here they are the Newtonian I1 They run out of ice cream sandwiches when you get to the front of the lunch line. 21 The one night you have free to watch T.V., the President is on. 31 You give your girlfriend a Christmas card, and find out she's Jewish. 41 On the way to the Van Halen concert. your car breaks down. 51 You camp out all night for Springsteen tickets, and the person in front of you buys the last one. 61 Your boyfriend gets mono and you haven't touched him. 71 Your boyfriend gets mono and you have touched him. 81 Your parents, who were supposed to be away for the weekend, come home Saturday night in the middle of your keg party. 91 The car with the high beams on behind you is always a police car. HW 11 You get caught for skipping Math, English. Physics 21 The one day you didn't do your homework the teacher collects it. 31 You always understand the problem until the teach- er explains it. 41 You get an 89.9 for the term and your teacher gives you a 51 Space invaders appears on your calculator during a math exam. 61 Dr. Duffy's random number generator is "stuck" on your seat. 71 You disrobe in Advanced Life Saving without a bathing suit on. 81 You always have a test on Friday. 91 They always cancel school with three inches of snow, and you have to go when there's three feet. I01 You study for the wrong final exam. ll1 You fall asleep during a final exam. 121 Your dog realli' eats your term paper. Laws on SAT'S 13 You spend the night before looking for a number 2 pen and panic when you discover there's no such thing, 23 You read the number on your pencil upside down, and find out after the exam that the pencil was a number 5. 33 You check your admissions ticket before the test. and find out you are scheduled to take the test in Greenwich. Rhode Island. -13 You show up for your S..-X.T.'s on a Sunday. 53 The College Board loses your scores. 63 You get a cramp in your writing hand during the first five minutes of the test. 73 You fill in your first name first. instead of your last name first. so your name comes out backwards. 83 You skip question one and forget. so all of your answers are in the wrong spaces. 93 You sit in a chair with uneven legs. and it rocks back and forth the entire exam. 103 You sit behind someone who taps their foot for three hours .... ll3 You sit at a desk with a crack in the middle, and your pencil gets stuck every time you cross it. l23 You go to the bathroom during the break between the Math and English exams. and get locked out of the room. aws on seniors l3 Senior slump starts your junior year. 23 The college that accepted you early decision. changes its mind late decision. 33 There's a snow day on the day that you have only one class. 43 The teacher of your worst subject turns out to be your Harvard interviewer. 53 You're the only senior on the team and they make the captain a junior. 63 Your boyfriend dumps you for your best friend on the day of the prom, 73 Your date for the prom gets sick. 243 You skip a class to avoid a test only to find that the teacher was absent and you have to take the test the next day. 93 The only time during your mid-term exam the teacher looks at you, your crib notes fall to the lloor. l03 You save up six years to buy your own car, and the day you get it. a half-blind old lady' side-svvipes you. ll3 It rains on Senior Skip Day. l23 lt hails on graduation. -Everyone I I EIT fhrfl ' annul 1 --X Oi' Q V K , ,, A fi Af' 'ka' Q 'nw ' nf, , ww 1' f" 5 . .4 W,,, 3 -rg :TFT 'x , I , JE CJ U CJ S O JT -.. 6 . 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C 'J n-i '- hack f i CLX., 'XJ J S O Graduation rehearsal your files a e lost y Colleges declare i S.A.T s irrelevant D 7 I' 4 e I 2 P HY q I before senior picture back two 43 I I 34 9 im Skip l MONO Q' Find cure for nag- 3 pain 1 O I 3 IH , E , C 1 1 J C C C at 1 TtNG ,C if X5 C, Q . wan WAAF cash t ' , Q and Cars Contest F O R 4 g g ahead three cot.LEGE e -P ,: gf- on Q . NQTlFtcA'HQN You get booted out Mail carriers' st ike 0' W M D 1 Q through February vb ' 2 ' K P STM? Li? O E 1 0 "slit flew back two back two 0 l S C E I I , I H 40. 39 ag sy I L g 2 f - , e-e e tvf'gfjT2'3t'C1ij'ji7m rly acceptance Negative S.A.T. scores Professional typist Sleep through h full scholar- offers to do your Math Achievement p to Univer ity back three applications for free b k 1 - H ac wo aww ahead three t N iv ad three Y ahe Ea wil shi llf uri g math test nh ac two p i '24 M S.A.l.s and Ach- st ievements all over ahead two 3 23 P 22 ' Su A - t t ll g by D a t t 21 ' i M Boss gives you IS ,I , ahea t 20 i Seven tests in two Clays our 2 9 ULL ,t . S . n 9 3D P +- in K , b - .xxv ' ix -wr-' . , K M ,Ms 1 335 Nfw he 665 l mms. NNE? ,ff-M """ 'R 4 -f--Qu-no-v .faiiaaqgv--A f ' ,4:m,l . f 1 X i f I ff 'X f' 1' 1 I' f f A ...Q- Q 1 2' ' ft' .-f--'Q-A' v f E .,f- 1'!'1' r" I 1 ""T' Q?-y--lv , ngzunq- ----F , A-:H ' .. f ff v-- Aman X 'Q n ,f ,Q- 1 1- 4? 'Q ' .ff X-?.gi:,4"'.f i LAJ -!,,25"'4"'l5 l I ,A. Q , :, JA. Af 'V f' . A,r:,f'iA,Tj"'7' f , Q,q,wf A Q , ff:g"iJf'f f Ai 'P j W' -' If ,ff swf ff f5w'5'f fff 4' A ,f ,A f--' ' Tay .,,, , ' 2 4 - , A f I -A V4 ff' H 5g, . "M , ff--T t"" ' 'Wag' 34.5 .2 ' ,J gi 1 4- jffrf' 1 ' - 123 5 , - A f ' "' 1'-iw, fig 3 1 x I ffl 'I A A f f 4x" as ,A f fm' 1 : 1 ' - f f f ,f ,fa V I V Af' :H--42.5 Y -Q "1 fhais 'gmjjxi S5761 F lf, ,I 4, Av 1 25 EA' 4 f .1 1 7,4 f 'I Wifi' ,A :A.AAA A ' j i f ,AQ AW K' .. i I 'g ' 4 A lffv' 1 AA.Afff - 4'-wf-'f-:A-T - Alf M-ef Y Af ' in if ' 'J A.A.AA A. 0 ' f. "" ff - ' - .TA-L?" ' f' AAQLi.f--Y -. 4. H1-,-:.11-A2---l?'54T.Q Tx A ---9 " "-',l11'ffm --sw p--V"'L ' ' Q H . A ' A'fT,f,,f'g'iT, 'j'T7ii,lj,f"' fgfff Q- Iwi, ' 'Y'-145 A ,g 7""l'K 2 :j"ff ' Af ' ' A' t"f.p V -f-7 T 'iffiifQ3ff1:i3"5,Q,Q"4511 'f'f'ii 1+ E '11 if if AiA fE4 -ff' L ' -P ' ' 5 ' AA..--4. 0, :g.3z:aai.. 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Q ti ' "fe vw M W: v '7 I A 1: L W ' is 'Q U , A A A A My A J A p 5 A Q f X ' - 15 A553 i3+ufy ' Ar I ' mi A ' 1 15 9 'S 1 4 5+ , A ' A -N lg Q ' N A fi A V FRESH? :R 17 1 , V il s ' A a 1. W,-111 mmf- V.. :......,.,. ,Lf q 4 5 9 Q . 1 , N N, ,-W A., -, Hung 1 1 Y A A ' g 2 1 AA gig 1 NA J A A N K ' A gf A Af x : ga I F ' A '. 4 f 3 - 1 Q ' Q 3 W.: N f 1 2 ,A f 3 : Q A ,, - , , Q. 0 .xl x , ali, ES- Q X uk i l I Q 3 : . ! l S 1 f A Av' ff ., ig X F-egg Pi f A 1 4 f N . h ii! f Ml L v 3 V .- -,f W y A'..1 -,LI I 3... W KX Q. Ng A '. xxx ,S w v a :Zig 'W A ' -1 - l..- .. ' JJ'-T' XR' ' f NQSKARXJ ' -1 2 ff - - -A 1. M AN 'Y ' j 'Q " " X A . A ' ' A -. P - , A NE A 'N-V BL f X A Q ,-'QA' .-f . V H? 2 ,A Xa X :Z fx A5 I " 'xg 4' . X " 'M-1 M' f- M A-..L-- A.AA AA Q N XR ' X K" N' A ii' Q . A Ex 1 X. Ax A X I rx X- A Aki?-'AKXA-iv! ,A X Q K ' A X V Ax T ' - 'T'g+'f - - fAgQMg .BM .A .g.AAQ3' ' - N XX X 1' 1 A A A X ' 'H' Q W K XX M. Q EN,-L"'xxA ' ' k"' 'X - - " ,jjiz W ' , 5- , ,,,,.A , A, i Q 1 A v Nw is ' n ' v x Ax . - XXX x X N A 5 'X pg, ,i Q r if 'W' ' f"f""' A""'H"" x""' ' '- v Sw-f-Mt M R' A Qu, A - A--x A A W L NA ' X ' '. -X x x K H A A X, t XA , A -X X N X X :L 'wv. .1-..,A A ...-...........g72,g A jf " -Qugwk .f- H ., Xi . M- 1' , X A X, X ' 5. X, xx, V . ' ' 13 K qi V ' it 'mv A-N M Nh" 'v2T'V:'z Atsw-1'Qt""K"""' L wx 'XE-A' .- , -w3Z'-F-'lf:, 3 'Ani -' 1 "+' , - ' , K - -- A . x V A A-Atv. X' A Q . ,X , X xx ,A X .X .X I . avg' '-gm.: A.. - ' ' 'QR I X xv , xx XX X .N X fx A Xt X Q AA, A.- --A.A..A ,.,A A A Aka, AA x w WA-A :A - X 1 'I 1. '-- 'MX ' X Am Ng- - , 1 MA 'A -' ,lv A A, Que- N, W ,Mxy L A Ax , M5 K A xx- NNW Q P -N M- 4 ' -Q X K y xi ji 'N 'Q lx' - A Nl A H X xx' xx - tx x xx 'N K3 K . Ea 1 .xl Y W -A x - 5 X1 X X X X Xxx X X A XX , X X .N W , : .Q .wk -1 4 ' . V Q ' ,N 1 , X x 'N x . 4 X X . ' i""v?':" A' 8 -A - Ng 1 A1 A Ngffwx x7QiiAX.f""IiX . - X 'xx x X, Q X X X X Arthur Aaron Soccer and Baseball howdy, Eli, Donny, Bergs, Macraeba, Amielio, Aldo, snells and ski trips "Hey, what could go wrong now?" Good luck everybody and keep in touch Anne-Marie Aechione "Find what you really care about and live a life that shows it!" Remembers: Doria, Beth, Tera, Deb Hon, SS, JF. AF, CR, PD, CB, NR, BM, ML, Nic, St. Maarten. wknd wfD, TAWXT, "if you please!", AMREEI, Fri. l3, BK Runs Thanks Margot- Terpsichore wfGershwin's satin dolls Love and thanks to Mom and Dad GMMD7 Wendy Acker Awesome! Live it up! Even though I have not been here long, I have had an interesting year. I wish I could have had more time to get to people better, Good luck and thanks for being there. R,W. J.B. J.H. R.T. K.M. R.H. I will miss all of you! Thanks for sticking with me Dad and traude! Kathleen Adams Swimteam. IO, ll, I2 Senior Class Committee Always Remember The Good Times With: Paula. Michele, Elayne Cheryl Kristen, JM, LG, DA, MB, MB, SM. SA. TG, MP, LM, M+JA Chop-Chop Florida THE BOSS 422 "The wonderful Things About Memories Is . . , They Never Spoil No Matter How Long You Keep Them Thanks MOM, DAD and GRAMMY Jonathan Adelson "When I think of all the worry that people seem to lind and how theyre in a hurry to complicate their mind by chasing after money and dreams that dont come true Im glad that we are different with better things to do" Sugarhill Gang Lisa-INFY Tours on zone dead in '84 Calif Kenya TPHJB Hooch ATeam IGY Charles Albanesc Remembers-Tommy, Bobby, Franny, Mark, Otto, Jimmy, JO, OM, ML, KM. RH, JG, BOU, MAC. BR, GG, W-BB, SA, BN, PP. BM, DB, BA Liz, KP. Sylvia, PH, TM, Der, CAPE-Lost, MAC, Pencil, Needle, Marky B Forgot The KEY Sports-Football-l. 2 Hockey-I. 2, 3 Lacrosse-I, 2, 3 .,.., EXACTLY Bruce Allen "No one plans to fail, They merely fail to plan" P.S. - you still can't eat a golf ball! Da vid Amiel WANNA toke BOO Birdman ARtimoE SNells RARO DONKEYB east BeBAlouequeeFBOO The Justive League Its only evil Magic ALL my useless Jobs guess we will have to Parti HOWARD EI.i MR TROLL So Long NN you are a mistenablc Drab And Worthless school Full of inadequacies and ghastly Teachers Alexander Angel Laura M, C,Circle Carni the rock kegs Dan D. Bud Bill 8a The Anneses Florida "My smooth talking mobil triple O's my tatty auto my Camaro the rock the "boot" the good times A.A. R8LJ Davis GF, A L. SW, L.M, D8tPG.G.M.K.C,D.D.G,F.P.A.B.A, Parties Mom "and don't forget my colered Irinds" T.O'B, 54 Seniors 10 YQ' at Arthur Aaron Anne-Marie Acchione Wendy Acker Kathleen Adams Richard Adario Jonathan Adelson X' Zenta Aki Charles Albanese Robert Allan 99 , Ab if sfasgah . Bruce Allen' David Amiel Alexander Angel 411'- ' 'av Patrick Annese 1- -..--5 Steven Anthony Kim Aransk y Elayne A rduino Polly Armsb y 'fan Patrick Annesc Remembers Michelle Garret Kevin Disa Danny Doreen Sharon Robert Burt Melissa Onrel florida Bojacks Tara Albermarle Summer of 84 laurie Marshfield Tracy Steph Cristine l.lltLl Nlom Dad Richie Mark Cristian Parties Mack House Cherry "All my love to Sue" William Annese Remembers: Albemarle Park, The Bud Sundrome. Automotives, Twelve Ounce Curls, Parties, The MacDougall's House, Store 24 Late Night, Garett, Kev, Cheryl, Tara, Pike, Richie. Vlark. Nlike J. Kevin O., Mom And Dad. "All VIY Lowe To Stacey" Kelly Annis Never forget best Summer of "8-1" Blast at Cape Cod + Gally President of JRNAD+EDCO Cheerleader Remember KG. LC, BB. LLC, + all the Srs esp Best of friend AnnMarie, and David Thanks Mom and Dave All my love to Sean Gill Steven Anthony Football, SFA, Remembers everybody. Del 28, .1-5 Spanish wf TD, JD A great friend. Stoop. Beast. I 'Q DR, ES, JV, CA, BM, Behold the ultimate-Clyde, The Human Beat Box, Hey Mr. Base. City Hall Steps. Kim Michelle Aransky "So many roads to choose we start off walking and learn to run, And yet we've just begun. to live" Thanks for making the walking easier: GM. LB, KN1. LD, DB, LB-Spit, JR "lt's the laughter we will remember whenever we remember the way we were" Thanks for all the laughter: Mom, Dad. Teddy, Gina. Joey, l Luv You! Elayne Arduino Swimteam, l, 2, 3 Always remember good times with 1' V' Laurie, Susan, Kathleen, Cheryl, Leslie. John. Alan. Bruno, MB, KC, Summer '84, New York Softball Florida! Paul, Remember. The good times last Forever The bad just fade away ',.. Thanks Nlom and Dad Polly Armsby Thanks to all my teachers and friends. especially. EJB, TL. RT, RS, Cindy, Margy. Chris. Toni. Jess. RC, WW, MM, MZ, SW, CG, R-t-RB. Never forget: Germany, Russia, Carousel Yeomen. G's + D's, Choir, Family, Orchestra + Retsy. French class "Look Guys . . Thanks Dad 84 Mom. "Music is our most universal expression of joy and harmony" l2f84 Cheryl Armstrong "It only takes a little smile to make a day seem more worth while." Remembers. Steven. Karin. Christine. Kira, Lynsey, Lauren, Michael. JG, RR. CA. JS H.R. wi DAG! Beefa, SH., DB. Esp. good times ts Mark! XOXO. Ski-Trips, Down the Cape. Thur tt SS. Much love and thanks to Mom 81 Dad B-+V Heaven! I Made It! I Karen Ashworth Never forget good times withi Deb, Cin. Nh. JG. Ts, I Cor, JM. RT. HB, LS, KJ. "NAB" DH Huda Bit' Cruising "WTF" "YE-AHS!" Weekends Dude' Hotel-Parties Clubm' Summer '84 The-Beach Date Italy '8-3: SR, KS, MB, LG, EA, Nallone New-York Jam '83 The memories will last forever Thanks Xlom and Dad. Good-bye NNHS' William Annese Kelly Annis I S.Q,,w- Cheryl Armstrong Greg Arthur Karen Ash worth ' l 1 5 I I l I 4 l r Suzanne Aucoin "A rolling Stone gnters no moss but it always ends up at the bottom of the hill " Tera-Ter.i-Tern Thanks' Fric, Jeannine, frank, -Xiniee l'll nexer forget. Ms. Bu. JONI. xii In it il. Bigelow. the I klan, the tank, the B Springsteen concert Bk + ' Smmteam-l. Z, 1 NK ho knows. who cares' if if ' .-'l ra vw " Remembers. John. Paul, Curt. Joe. Pete. Nino, Don. Rob, Billy, .lohn. Jason, Jim. Doug. John. Cheryl. - r Sheila. Julie. Steph. Lucy. -Xian. Shaun. Don. Geoff. N r 7 ' t- if Date. Nick. Nlikc. John. Bill. John.Sc.1n. Dtug. - Riley Hockey. Fender Bullct.St.1r Suzanne Aucoin Ara Aifakian Seniors 55 Christine Badaracco Remembers best of friends Lisa + Denise. Hampton Beach. SttPete Fla.-84-. Ft. lauderdale'85-. Good times and laughs with crazy old friends. Andrea, Richy, Mr. ONeill. My Brother+Sister. John C. tMONKJ. S.T. Jeff, Rosco. tPARTY ANIMALSI. N.S. M.B. Lucy F. Thanks Mom and Dad I Love You Both. GOODBYE! Todd Bader lT'S ABOUT TIME! Always Remember Jr. NAD Barry House Council Never Forget All Edco Staff, all Barry House Faculty and all other students Especially WH, KG, PE Swimming-IO, Il, co- Captain IZ. GOOD LUCK class of 85' Thanks Mom. Lewis, Dad, Chris, B,D, J, J, J and Pooch! I Love You All! Caleb Baker Basketball-2, 3 Newtonitc-I, 2, 3, tSec staff box on page 23 Bagels at the Empire and the all-expense paid trip to Wellfleet. Mike and M.D. to Duxbury . . What a tangled we weave! L-2 Thanks H.M,D,E, It is now time to move on. Good Luck to the Class of '85 This party will never end, it'll go on and on . . . Lisa Becker Lisak Lindao Kathys Theresas GraigP JulieW ReneeY dont let go of your dreams! If you do you die. Never forget those fun times inNewtonville Hey Kunta Kintay! He's beautiful you look like a Monguie do you like oranges? What's for lunch'? .lill Benjoya Real isn't how you are made, When a child loves you for a long time, not just to play with, but REALLY loves you-then you become Real never forget lockers midnites BunFuFu'MASP'Cheering - Spaceshots, Shortest 84 Capts"Fruit'? Much love to Greg-So glad I survived dinner 8a PL! Special thanks-John, SK, GL. JR 8t my family! Debra Sue Bennett Those who dream may not touch the sky- but they walk in stardust. Linda-champagne-Mutants-NH- Sweet I6-Pink-Capron-love you-Paul-thanx: M8tD, Mark, ALBCMMSBTKTN CSACMFGIDGE it is not important, this distance between us, for I close my eyes and see you and hold your hand, Katherine Benson German Club, French Club, Horseback Riding Club "Sorrows remembered sweeten present Joy" I will remember the friends that leave with me now as well as the ones I leave behind, summers at Dana Hall, Riding MT, PA, KA, LK, CO. Granola Land, DB, NC. LB, DV. BJ, JS 46 Seniors QS .X X7 Dickran Babigian Christine Badaraeco Todd Bader l Y 'i I. -, I lo! i s I Caleb Baker Elizabeth Barron Mark Bartulomucei 13 'list ! Gregory Becker Lisa Becker Jill Benjoya an., ' I Debra Sue Bennett Michael Benoit Katherine Benson y nfl llffldi Christopher Bercury Elijah Berg .lordana Berkowitz 'JN 41's mgff 5 id' Marcia Berry Michelle Bersch David Blanch .-it 3.1 .y G f-'33 VA Q TJ" :ss W1 ' ' :- , fe ! Elizabeth Bleich Ellen Blonder Robert Blouin is -on iQ' 1 Heidi Bode Robin Boorstein John Borelli l 1 . 6 I i I ! 1 1 Elijah Berg THE HALL OF JLSTICF Skitripping Rutans Fables Ameelio Whippings Donkeybeast Dough Dee Dough. BEEBAHBOO. RatRoe Peppy Bruce Schleprock 8: Lonesome "El.I.EN'!" Well Snells Needham Kc Xavarian Broken nose 'vly best time was spent with thoughts of my own and thoughts of my friends: ANIMALS REAL AND INAAGINED Jordana Berkowili Cheerleading-2. 3, Yearbook, Newtonite. Israel- summer of '84 with Shari Jean-DHH and PWH Lowe to all my friends-Adam-thank you for the beautiful memories I Love You Mom, Dad. Josh. Jonathana Spain and Morocco Marvin Jr. Mlecklov.. rhinestones and rhetoric, and of course, Yavneh, Marcia Berry Goodbye to everyone. especially J P. P.A T Nl C. S Mr. T My summers on the Cape. and my winters in Oueeche, Vermont Desings, NW H Sisters. Carousel Y.O.G., Concert Choir Hey Dude. Let's Party' S.A.T.'s, Yuekl Tottally Awesome I999. Purple Rain -Another day is dawning, Look a new day has begun' David Blanch Remembers all the good times with my friends JP. Nessy, Gianni. Guenther, Mike. Jeff, Joe, Bill. The Pumpkin, KM and everyone else? The Bulls Mobile Me and my teeth, New Years eve. David + Karen always and forever. Sunday' Football 84 The Nlud Bowl. "Things are more like they are now then they ever were before" Elizabeth Blcieh Elizabeth + Louis, his brown eyed girl? Loye Ya Sweety KM. KA, LS, TL, KB, CW. TH. JG, JR. AL, KW, RS. BG, NC, DS, LD et all God. Guys + Dolls, yearbook. MV, Calif, Francell Joy to the world All the boys and girls Joy to the fishes in the deep blue sea Joy to you and me!! "I made a funny" "l made a . . I0 years to forever? Honey Blonder Best of friends: Jean, Jody, Amy. Celia. Stephanie. Julie. Cheerleading -85- Summer of '84' whistles, ICAI , . ND, E8LC, AMA ALL my love to my familyg the most important people in my life? Nlom you will always be MVBF. Robert Blouin BASEBALL Remembers The Good Times with Bummers Ray' Johnson Sean Coughlin T-Rhombus Pete Jimmy Kenny' Franco-Musch JN K'yl JNl RD NS KL CM SM JM TC JO-JO Tony Jeppa 'ylD Good Times at Coughlins during the summer Teddy Bou The Buddy' What A Tatter Boy Florida 8-1 RTF 9 High Selling Coke at Fenway Heidi Bode Special Friends esp. Ellen, Loretta. JR. AL. Sls. The Boss, Mrs. Beazley, Balloons. Boston. Bowie-Changes. New Years eve, Midnites. StP, Thanx to Bud. Field hockey, Lacrosse, The Big Chill. Many Thanx to my family, It's the laughter yxe will remember + memories, Good luck '85 Robin Boorslein Rem. Swim Team I. Z, 3 tri-Capt Xty sister Nltehe Everyone on the Nexytonite Nanny. Nlim.. N.iler:.i. Sarah Stacey. Stacie. Kim, Shelley x eyeryone else New Years Eves LGI 'S-1 L trculatityn Ntgltls Nlrsls y'ou're special Thanx Mom. Dad tk Grandma They may be good, they may be bail. but your memories are here to stay John Borelli Remember good times yxith Tony. Chucky. John. Murray, Bob Xl. Danny, keith, Jimmy. Doug. Steph. Melissa, Phillip. Joan, lxtr.t, Quinn. Chris. Neyzlle THF HORNFT. Electra. cya Hl'Nll D XRT' MOPARS RL LL lt's been .t good 3 years Thanks M om + Dad Seniors Phillip Boucher Remembers Sween Rich Otto Quinny Mac JB KP THE BREW CREW MARSHFIELD Sweenas Gun Grandmas House down the Cape Grab a frostie How you do Big Dans Pool Party Florida 85 Special thanks to the Claflins and especially Good Times with Maria Xmas Eve at my house Love to Mom + Dad We Finally Made It! THanks XO John Boudreau Remembers Dan Paul Timmy Scott Shawn Kevin Rusty Joey Flyn Danny Lions Bobby Jimmy Blouin Otto BO MN JM RC RD CA TD PJ RG DF FY TM JP PJ CR Bres Free Beers in the Third Good Times at Rocky Mt Lions JR YR The River BC Lacrosse Hockey Golf oofs Thanks For Everything Mom + Dad Heidi "Kitten" Bourque Luisa 8: Debbie Best Friends Always-never forget you! Nights in Boston. FREAK! Loser Lips! McD's, Summers-Hull. PG, CT, MG, KA + Todd. Lexington! Concerts. Go for it! Parties at the Apts. HAPPY! COKE! Dot "The Group" CHRIS! Never forget you. Just one last kiss before I walk out the door! Thanks Mum! Christopher Bowen Plastic bells chime in a lustrous feast of frolic, but who are we to say that this is wrong? Remember - hoards of zany dudes, B.C. + OPB, nonchalant, W.S.H., pies on Wardie! Royal Orient, dinner WXSB, CS + JS, Malta Goya, "Money is of no option"- I would rather be a poet anyday and live on guile and beer Stephanie Bower Love 8: Luck to CealfJules 84 all my friends, YOU'RE GREAT! Field Hockey I 2 3, Track lln 23-Capt, out l23l. BHC I, 2, tit 3-co-pres tLs, J-E, 84 Dining wf MT dc CB. Pink elephant-TPG! Roccoj. Summer of '84, Merestead, Tevvi, Linde, Kimba, AJ, PG, DV. Thanks Mrs. Stein, all my teachers 8: Love M, D gl M. Let's make a toast!! coaches. Jeffrey Brener Council-IO, ll, I2-The Prez Sl700, Expo 85 Yearbook Room + New Names Smurfs Let The Good times Roll H.R 2524 The night is still young Mon 8:15 When I was Young it seemed that life was so wonderful a miracle . . . But then they sent me away to teach me how to be sensible, logical, responsible, practical The Nes Charles Breslin "Remember that dreams can become reality and if you can dream it you can do it" Riley Council I 2 3 Celts The Pass Cab 85 SS AF JF DF TH TK KW SA AM AC Commons BC SB RH AT "Out here on our own" Stephen Bresnahan Brez, CC-track 3 . . . Mt Mom SCB PGNR PDCHJM SFDN-Summer '83 Nick, guess what? Wheelin Solly home Jameson, Jblows awayl, easily SB, MT-divison 3 players of the year. Julainne-Xmas vac, or bust thanks Rich, you been hepful Boogeyin , ' . X Isiffi, l. A, I., F. K V1.3 JMX E 3 ,4 1. ..,. Is, V . .,.. 5L't?i1.'-242231 I sS1:+vsff22rr '1 Aisfvzws-Hrs 'fiuvzia 'N-t ifwen -TX''ZW,,f l55se,i,rif5gtn- In xt5jilW:6y,5,,.'e-5 " 1 Q Q. 'li -2, ,-'wr , . vi?-,iw-IFN-. if? NND' ,gig-V aw R , gjnvyk 1,15 .Sqft Iii as ,4,, ge, A-wzmt-1v1.:.ff'.s.i i if 11.1, ' "s-law. A Qf vefle-'iw A D' fi3f.w41k'w:'fl.SfB I' blk' all ff in Phillip Boucher John Boudreau Heidi Bourque " QQ ..- IQ X ff f 2, Q 'S l Christopher Bowen I Stephanie Bower Jeffrey Brener Charles Breslin Michael Bresnahan Stephen Bresnahan - 8 wjRob and the sprinting wimps 'Qi Glicks me and my musical taste . . PH well thanks alot M, D 8a T Brian Bryan BRI Remembers Mike, Koko, Tony, Chris, Ben, Bobby, DR JK RG GW J.P. JI EL KW AW PM 45 INC. SFA I, 2, 3 Newtonite l, 2 the library, laughs in Spanish and Ancient Greece. BOBO. VH84' "The world is yours"- T.M. 1' Vs xv if WA 48 seniors Marjorie Brody David Brown Brian Bryan ,sol er ' 'W . Pamela Bryant Patrick Buchanan Maria Butera X , ll l t Michael Caira Kevin Caissie Susan Campbell 'Q fC .,,.,.-Y Kenneth Caron Amy Carpenter John Carpenter Ox Claudia Caruso Jill Casavant Thomas C asey 3 l I l I I l l Pamela Bryant Thanks to God for standing by me through my school years. Special thanks to. Mommy + Nfls Ghattas Remembering: Sharon, Yvette, Peaches. Nflonique. Paula, DM, DL, LC, LS. LM, CO, KS, CF, AC AW, LR, LN, DD, Judy, AD, RR, CL, SVl, TW. LO, LB, LK, SW, TW, DH, FP, NC Clubs Beals House Council, A,A.C, tSecretaryl. Senior Class Committee. Patrick Buchanan Mom Et Dad, I love you, thanks for all the help Eric Homer St. was for real thanks for the broadcast help Debbie. Cant forget Jenny 8a Feb. Sth Jay, dont forget the I2 yeas in school together Cant forget the crew at S8cSD Schituate summer kosher-B Ari. Linda, ADNY L in 3D, Special thanks to Helen Now the world Maria Butera Good times wfBest Friends, Fun at Ft Lauderdale Spring Break 85 Bruins games 4ilO Summer of 84 Cape Cod Patty "WHY" Phil Yogi Bobby Tony Joey O Mark Kenny Phil Doobie Steph Mel Rent a Friend SQ EA DA lf it COuld have been, it would have been "lt you build your house then call me home" Thanx Mom + Dad Michael Caira "The world is full of kings 81 queens, who blind your eyes and steal your dreams, it's heaven St hell good luck to the class of '85 esp. Don, Brian, Joe, Mac Colin, Tony, Alex 81 Marybeth, Doria, Tera, AL, JO, MN, DV, DL, NR, DS, RR, PN, AD, GL, SR, KA, KS, SS, CR, LP. ON1. and Rose. Thanks mom and dad for everything Hi kids! Kevin Caissie Case remember swill, GA, PA, Mike, Ouee, Dan, Bro. Scott, Mac. Good luck to all my buddies, drafting mayors never forget, GFSHPUSE, the brook, partying unbeliev- able, Aerosmith concert, Skynard police badco Boston Look for the future but remember the past? Thanks Hoodsie High. 9f26f8l Gena, Thanks Mr, Ed. See ya NNHS Kenneth Caron Remembers the retards NG, JF, RF, AS, MH, LR. Jim, AD, JB, RS, RR, ON, Barry COM Rocco Hacking up the fairway, Woodland. The golf carts. Newton Yacht Club. Over Marks with Bud. Lacrosse camp ls it against all odds or is it l983 Thanks to all my friends, Thanks Mom + Dad Amy Carpenter Best of Luck to the Class of '85! Cheerleading ll. I2, Lacrosse l 2 3, Leslie, Linda, Food! Bobby Nlac's favors, 2 Poos, J+J, Raquetball wfJill Guzz, Colin- Trivial, Jamie + Lou who? Chris-Party, All the Little Bro's, Y.L. weekends, Saranacl summer of '84 Thank you Mom + Dad, although it was'nt always expressed l LUV YOU John David Carpenter He remembered the belligerant ants who claimed their boundaries, and the Pacific geese who didn't those Puf- lins, Razorbills, Ouillmots, Kittihawks who live together peacefully preserving their own kind of civilization with- out war because they claimed no boundaries -T H White Claudia Caruso Remember Sheila Kelly' Kristen Cheryl Sara Grace l want to thank my friends and wish them all the luck in the world thanks Mr. Grainger for helping me l neyer thought l would make it out of school l will niyff llyffgfl my memories lll always treasure them in my heart my time with Richie Thanks Nlom ,ind Dad Jill C'asai'ant Special Thanx to the best of friends The Qucbsters MC, KD, CG, LP, all the rest Sp-JR, Sh-JB, Cap' TFOL-SKF Night Nloyes' l,Pfl.cts eat' lttu JR' SNL DN 83 Hockey 89 List' Tommy. tl' your lost you can look :ind you will find me time after time Thanx for everything, dont forget o o S07 luy to Nlorn + Dad, Nana, John, MD. KO, TJ" Thomas Casey Soccer Hockey Baseball l, 2. J, "Pier to Fycellu Always Remember KT Hi JP PN! sXJ's louse Get Togethers Caps l think were lost left or Right' GO STRAIGHT Cruise Fun A Games lnyitatiort only' The Ferrari IQ Walkman. just Ayyesonie Turn it up Mels cutoff last House K all the good times FLORIDA BC-V-N1lXN1l -15 Thanks to HSD SJAD seniors Aldo Caslancda Thanks Mom+Dad Kaz+guys 84 Howard Justice Burks Big E small Amiel Donkey Arthur Brutis Snells S P Sarah P Don't be cruel Phil D ski trip chief Dougl as J J J Cavin I guess I'm regretful for time lost but don't loose what is left still enjoy and thanks to AF and LM for litary help anybody forgotn Sara Castoldi Remembers-The Best Times with She-She Cheryl Dawn Maria Renee will never forget the train tracks Always getting Caught Best of times with Joey The Drive-ln RAINY DAYS The Cape With She-She-80 81-82-83 Rides from Phil summer of-84-the best Florida with The gang never forget all my friends Thanx M0m8tDad Kenneth Castriotla Hockey Team-I0, ll, I2 Kenny + Stacey Good luck to all my friends. Best wishes Brian. Deb, Ant, Maria, Kathy. Peter, Jim, Ray, Tom, Matt, Bruno, Bill. Always remember memories down the rink goodfbad, Thanks to Mom Dad and the whole family. Good luck to Stacey after high school? Anne Catino Once again: Eric, Mike, Sylvia, EW, JW, SN. AF. KB, FL, RM. RM, Mark, SC, SG, NC, HH, JD, DB, PM. MS, JM, DV, BW, JL, LK, LS, GD. IS. MG, ES, SG, EM, CS, MG, MP, PK, FRlDAY's! FORGET IT!! S-Ball, B-Ball, Mrs, G. Florida '83, Concerts '84. CRUSH!! Mediplex, never could have made it wfo ya! EW, JW, SN. Maybe someday all of this will make sense or not, Vicki C eechinelli Thanks Mom8cDad: Larry Cheryl We finally made it DD Metro Leonora Happy B-blocks-Robin 6f28'J Bradlees friends Louise Jeany Jill Moe Mary DeeDee Bev 7f20 Rocky Point GA 4fl3- I5 Faces 7f29 Gumby-Brian? "My Party" Aku-Kevin Dave Ron Rob Jimmy Louis snowing on New Years eve old times with LSDT Tom Peter FF Luciana Cedronc Good times with Leeann, Lisa, Kirk, Joan, Pam, Shelly. Dave also AL, JD, SM, DR, LC, Smelly, JD, SM. SC, MB, PT, 422 Thanx Anthony L.Allen, The Barry Crew, Go easy SD. CM. Let the good times roll. Van Halen Live it upll Live, Love and Laugh cause time is to short. See ya Good Luck to the class of 85? Dawn Cclrone Good times with good friends Cape Cod wfRenee 81 82 83 "Its only thc cottage . . " Fun at Hampton Beach Parties at the Debonair wfFrito and the guys Yoda The Boss, Huey Being Locked out L+M Ft. Lauderdale Phil Bobby Tony Mark Yogi B.White, "Many many men can't see the open road" T Thanks Mom and Dad. John Chakalis REMEMBERS DR. AH, DB. MB, SR, SR, SM. DN, JC, DD, TC, PH. DM, MR, JL, BC. DF, JM. JR, AA, CK, HS, JD, llf24fX-4 River Lyons Grand Prix Weston, H, S, Wrestling, I C D 55 Junior year PARTY PARTY PARTY Paeky ZZ VH who's got em Steven Chang Good luck to the best of friends: The Newtoniters, Nancy, Rav. Jen, Steph, and especially Ben. a best friend through good times and bad times, walkin and talkin at the Square. Easty, Boston, SYZM vs. The Vessel. Germany, Led Zep lt's been real but it's time for Cruise Control to ramble On .,...... Wendy Chang It is beautiful in its loftiness the Joy of the whole earth. Show the wonder of your great love to the people you care. Never lost again! Remember: Betsy. NI , JI. Margarcl Cicconc Thanks to all my Friends JM, RC, CS. SD, MB, JD, KM, LT, GW, SM, LC, DR, LH, MP, SW, JC. SL I couldn't have done it without you Rem-Stiches, llorida, The List. The Park nights at Jacks, The bird. MGIM, Bobby-36. NCSC-Champs AMl.T-Paul Iet's Party? I Love Ya Ma+ Dad Ml ,Svlliurs Aldo Castaneda Sara Castoldi Kenneth Castriotta 'U' '--...J , ' "l l .il .1 it 'l if Mil if iiftll lf , 1 .Y, lit xltt. Anne Catino Vicki Cecchinelli Lueiana Cedrone J-i 4. v ' v 'S l f ' '.'. John C hakalis Da wn C etrone Steven Chang 'HKU' 'U ...... eff af' Wendy Chang Roy C hoe Margaret Ciccone Laureen Civetta Richard C laflin Keith Clark I Q -. fc W., F , l l L fat t , i l 5' Jonathan C lemmer William C loran Neva C oakley :CQ N. 4' l Rebecca Cohen Anthony C olantino Bruce Cole 'E if Richard Clallin Football Ill Lax Ill Remembers fiiiwd Times with. Phil, Chris. Otto, Chuckie, Quinny. Mac. Alex. Sak. Keith, CR. TT. DH. LT, KP, SL Nfllf Sweenys Got the GUN. Waltham game ya almost dist how you do. Thanks to all my coaches and friends and a special thanks to my lamily especially Nflom and Dad Keith D. Clark Remember the good times in Riley-Rem Kevin Don Eric, Anto. Kenny, Will. Corg Ru. SR, GA. SN1. EF, TC, AC, GA, JD8cDP. Summer ol "HU-71 Slang. Good l.uck Joanne, Mike and Ryan Thanks to my family esp. Diane "I made it " Love to Connie 2f7f84 John Clemmer FREEWILL NOI, JASON. JEFF Heather Smith is a FOX' Love me mush do Bowes. Billy C loran Good Times with Dave. Chris. MB. TF, SR. XlL. BN and the St.Seh's Boys. Summer of 84 At the Lake. Painting the raft, OUT ON A LIMB. Stretch will have fun, The Cape on 4 wheels and 4 limbs. YA YA 4-ever, Good Times, Bad Times, lve had my share, Thanx Mom and Dad. Neva C oakley Life is ment to be lived Threw thc hard times And the Fasy Ones I was not put here to change life, but as a faxor for my good. Blessings I'd like to help others threw the hard times Helen. Tracy, and the rest of the girls. STAY COOL Rebecca Cohen "No Wonder Kids Grow Llp CRAZY. A catis cradle is nothing but a bunch of is between somebodys hands, and little kids look and look and look at all those x's . . . NO DAMN CAT AND NO D.-XNlN CRADLE"-Vonnegut. Anthony M. Colantino Great Times with all my close friends, Sarah. Carol. Lori, Jackie, Surie. BM. DV. KNl. NH, KJ. BB The cape with SY, SC, DL. A stroll on the beach S-1 Quaek. Intercom. Fluff container. Did smoke come out yet CV '7 Special thanks to Nlom. Dad, Sal. Stevie. Best ol' l.uck to the Class ol' 'Xi Bruce Cole Aliases: Fish Ahoy, Killer. Semi "The Foo Bar and Grill." Tops 20. But not RSTS. "Beam me up Scottie. Thcre's no Intelligent lilie Down Here." Nicholson Collier Thanks to Ben, Micheal, Chris, Phil. Daye, Scott. Steve. B Gvah the future by the R-XCF l'm so bored with the LISA SANDINIST-X' FSLN Carlo, Nlarx and Fredrica cngles came to the check out at the '- ll Marx was skint but he had sense engles lewt him the necessary pence the tune was an old rebel one' MN-an Nicholson Collier Stephen Collins Monica Comeau i i l I i l Stephen Collins Thanks for everything l'll remember iorexer this place has taken it's toll but you people made it worih it. Keep in touch remember accidents Spipt Nlame Partys with the gang Thanks for the lun Nlark, John. Rapy, Spanky Key lirst night K etery night .Ili TSDL .lPNlsRDN'l-ill concert keep in touch BN li Senior ol Theresa Connolly Good times wfll wlas mrt ldta curere muzfurs B525 MSMTT Stm shake dog shake! ASTA rude boys never give up their guns AD7 GPVF ECHO Kenmore Sq. It has nothing to do with democracy and though it professes to it has nothing to do with humanity it is cold hard and mechanical. J + J Thanks Mom and Deb At last . . . Nancy Corbato Soccer-IO, ll, I2 Skiteam-I I, I2 Dance!!! Yo, Robin Hola. valerial Fun at the smudge factory Spain "Hop-a-long" Israel Palmer council. International club. memories and friends last forever if you love them. Thank you to all my teachers, Do the world a favor, kill a freshman today! Andi, Mimi. Sarah, Florencia. Helen C orreia Never forget about Hampton beach when my friend and I got drunk. I always looking good Guys in Hampton beach I missed my friends in Newton North of-senior, Bye not and family. Franco Cortina Thank you to all my friends. Without you I would have been an A student. Oscar, Kevin. Chris, Bob, Ray, Paul. All the kids at Beals. Great parties. Cape, I skiing, Accounting was great. Homeroom with Mr. D. Stephen Cottens Remembers Rossi, Lynch, OB, Arsie, Tony, Dino, Quinn, Borelli, Sweeney. Otto, Phil, Richie, OB true C.C. Doreen, Sheree, Lisa, Ray, Franco, Ronnie, Michele, David, Betsy. James, Tal, Mosi, Kira, Lorma. Rusty. Joey, McGrath, Anthony. Stacey Tommy, Duffy. Good times Hampton, Albermale. Plymouth, Hockey. Hoop. Nancy Croft "lf we unlock the rooms ofthe far past, we can peer in and see ourselves, busily occupied in beginning to become you and me." l'll never forget: Laurie, Brian, SC, BS, TR, JG, NC, Jazz SC, JH, RS, DB, Dr. J. Muz. AC, Kappy, Stop, Heartland Drug. Palmer house council, DF, Good luck and Good Byelll Sharon C ullins BUBBLESI ESTHER VENA V-Ball-IZ, ll, I0 B- Ball-I I, I0 Softball-l2, ll, I0 Palmer house council Brighams-Cape 84' WDST! Partying wfthe girls! Syracuse-WLGSJ Wing wagon I2flf84! lnfatuationl When this you see remember me and bear me in your mind, let all the world think what they may think of me as you find. . Lynn Cummings Never forget the good times at the parties through high school times. It was great years in high school. Thanks to my close friend, Cheryl the funniest guy in my class Lee. Hex CH, CM. KA, SF. JB, AL, JD. Remember those things in Barry Lav and P. St HA! Thanks very much Mom + Dad. SPIIIUFS 5, . i ., rllilffiwf' .. ' , I 1 1 gf.-'ffl ,. .I " .tif 'ff vga ' " I , fe , fa ' "arXQ':?- an . ad Theresa Connolly Roberto Coppola Nancy Corbato JC" Helena Correia Franco Cortina Kimberly Cosman 3 om wp YQ! ml Stephen C ottens Yvette Coulter Ray Coy J zfjj, I V. Jfyf J , I, , agzzy ft. , .4 . . Z. it? , -Q Qs S .nv 5 -...W l Nancy Croft Sharon Cullins Lynn Cummings .-GL, . ' 6' l . O .'6' - A. 1 X in . my if l X. . tl W ,f ii X . ffl! ' W'.Ff,f5,' ?ffi1gf":fg i . T 'i L r .4 ,,,. ,4 ,Sim J . ,. Mark Devore Abbie Dezotell Gino Dibona .,,,,, fx CD1 v-A WI' l 'xxx 4 Diane DiGianvittorio Maria DiPaolo John DiStefano Brad Diver Daniel Domeniconi James Donovan Mark Devore Hockey, Newtonia, Battle '84'?, The buddies, Earl, Win. Pez. GD, KJW, KM, SB, JF, TK, LS- "You are onthe air." Number one, Rose Bowl, Muyog. the boss, Pops. Cats. Water chestnuts, ESWQ '.., 32727 Sierra Vista. lt's a party, l've seen the chicks, it's gonna be greatlu Abbie Dezotell Swimteam-l0, l l, capt., I2 "All the good friends and the good times we had" Summer 84 '8fl 3184-8fZlf8-1 Ber' muda' Vermont good luck Joe Melissa and Beth? Reed thanks Mom 84 Dad, Diane DiGianvittor1'o Rem: JS, RT, WM, EW, LP, JH, LH,SN1. CT, CC. BR 'Donna' STAR Signing wfStevei THANKS! Good times Interpreting Time is not measure by The passing of years, but by what one does, what one feels 8: what one Achievs Thanx Mom 8t Dad lll always Love U A special thanx to Aunt M 81 ljncle J l couldn't have done it wfout you! John DiStefano Remembers all the good times meant to be but never really happened. Best of times with- Dicka L, Donato C. David G, Tony S, PS, SS, MN, MB. MD. LM and the L TDII, Mr D, and the whole majors. the Cabot's gang. the Monarch, Maverick, 8t in the future the mighty Harger . . hands off to all!! Thanks to alll! Danny Domeniconi Remembers: Rusty, Kevin, Flynna, Scott, Jimmy. Nardy, Del Joey, Mitch, Mike, Tommy. Duffy. John, Steven, Maria, Dawn Renee, MS, AC, The Best of times at Rocky MT Thanks BC for all the good times Good times in the Dart Hoop at Hamelton with MAC The Doobie Brothers Thanks mom and Dad for everything. Susan Dore Friends will come and friends will go but a true friend stays till the end!! Remembers the good Times with Christine, Michelle, Joyce, Doreen, Mary. Mel, Steph, Kelley, She-She, Billy, Kevin, Garret, Pat. Sara. Maria, John The Best of Luck To The Class of "l985" Love Ya Ma 8t Dad. John Downey Remember: Senior class Committee Always Remember O'Bee, Greg the Beast. Jim. Ken. Danny Dan, John or Bud tall, Chris, Debbie and .ill at Beals commins "That's cold" "Burned" "piped" "Dounuts" "Up the hill in the red ear" "School is out but it will never be forgotten in my mind Thanks Nlom K Dad Susan Dore John Downey Nancy Downey J i I 4 I Y i seniors of Geoffrey Drew "Captain Fun" "Screwy" Well all-right", Tube 'w Wing Wagon, boogying at GIick's. Wights at Baskies the Monsters at J's, Track fags Football-hal is-7 any Major Dudes and all the rest, thanks. "The key word is Survival on the new frontier" DF but there is still A wee Bit of Incredulity . . etc Kevin M. Dubois If you dwell on the past you lose the present. "I Wanna Rock" This is it guys, the real world awaits us, PS someones got to do it. Like to remember some real good friends. Oscar Franco Claud C Fuzzy Ms Cucina Mrs Anto How could I forget you? Laur SD Always Cathy Robert Duffy' Remembers Tony. Tommy, Charlie. Franny, Danny. Pin, Depaola, Jeppa. Laurie, Bres, Otto, Joey, Lauren, Gara, Maria, Renee, Boodie, John, Grandma mobile TSC, 1406 Bne with Marky B The Scab Louie Joey I5 will get you 20 Foam of the mouth needle SH, JS, RH. JE, Lacrosse I, 2, 3 Football I, 7 Brian Dunn Never forget antonette, CM, MF, KC. SC, DS, BY. TG, ML. Had good times with Antonette and the rest of the gang. Grea laughs at the rina I Want to Wish Everyone Good Luck in the Future Anina Estrada David, The last two years have been the best of my life. I LOVE YOUI. Always remember the good times, Montreal, J-M Jarre, I2-I9-82. camping, lirst's, + oil lamps, Irene, Mark, Lisa, Jenny, Suzy, Juli, Suzy, + Bruce: Thanks forbeing there. Good Luck in your Futures. MOOSEY LOVE YA ILY. MOM. DAD + DAVID Edward Fabian Good Times with Mark Thad Mike Adam Steve Bill BOB Budweiser Murray Dube Keith Dor BART Homeroom Third Lot Basement The TUBE Roadtrip Cape Maine Camping Wales Tales grudge pond trip Halloween Purple rings 84, 85 Wrestling The Party is Over Or is it Just Starting Well I Am Out of Here Thanks James Fanning Remember Good Times with MN, DD, BM, ML, CJ. KM. DN, RH, SH, JF, JM, DF, SD. SA. Great Parting with ya SKI BUST B.C. free The ROCKS Cape Bound THE CLASH Concert + POLICE Worcester tough Packy Run Times Sue Thanks MA "THEND" Da vid Faraea Great times with Mgee, JT, Mosas, PF, PT, JJ. Palma-Tree Pond. kcgs. on the rock, road trips, skiing with the boys, Police concert, BC partys, pounding in 806 Walsh the nerd, couldn't have done it without you Mom+ Dad+Family, Love you always. All my love to Betsy. 68.5 credits, too close for comfort. Michael Feldman Homeroom Autobody Mush You don't know anything - curriculum vll You'll get your SIO - If I ever win back the fifty Swim Team - no pain no gain, Water Polo. anyone? Fish Ahoyl Amy Finkle The days will soon become years as we drift apart but it's my closest friends that will stay in my heart: Julie, Sheryl, Linda, Ericer. D.O, A.M, P.D, N.R, S.C, "My Pants are Wet!!!!" CHOATE X4-wfjulie. M.D, C,B C.H, J M, H.L crew-FWPM, FLA85. BAR HOP'N D.C'8-1 THANX+ LOVE TO MOM. POP, JIM AND SALLY Debbie Finkle "They call me the seeker, I've been searching low and high. I wont get to get what l'm after till the day I die"-The Who: MB, LV. TC, ND, AF, RL-The times are great but much to short, PB Broadcast? RK-Memories? TZ-Remember our promist to say goodbye. what would I have done without you? Mom- I love you, The rents Geoffrey Drew Brian Du llll ,pt-rv Edward Fa 'v 66 Seniors bian Kevin Dubois B Robert Duffy B '5- -- .hx Craig Eaton Anina Estrada pw' .ML ,sap James Fanning David Faraea --..-., I Michael Feldman A my F inkle Debra F inkle Steven F iseh Amy Fletcher Suzanne Forman ,v-'X J-Y' Da vid Freed is es. 10' 'dk 13' Julie Fitzgerald David Fleming Q .WC '-.,. Garrett Flynn Christopher Ford Richard Forrest John F rassica , 'X Deborah Freedman Joseph Fritz Steve Fisch Soccer I23 Track I Ski 23 Nfly pals- Chuek and the bad Car, Paul-Risky bil. Jamie-"Papa Bear". The good time gang-l'Take it back" Ray. CR. PN, AD Won't forget SB-Hoops, MS-Ski trips, The wheelbarrel, donk BethK, Lindaboo thanx TK "Bring out your best" Best ofthe rest Thanx love to Nlorn. Dad, Tina Julie Fitzgerald I LOVE you yes I do and l'd like for you to be whatever you would like to be you'll always be special to meg AMY, Sheryl, Tera. Deb xeountry. France, Pink, Fril3, APWXB-Teddyf. sum!-1, Pool. Tan+Tab, YouGuys!l-PD. NR. BK. VIG, BOZO. BC+Faz-I wont 4Getl, Bar HOP N DC F I..-N C L On the beach? MOM u r the Best Ily Dad+Bufl' Amy Fletcher Thank you Mom + Dad your Patience has saintlilte undertones. Bo-our love will set us going like a fat gold watch. Thanks my dear friendsCMTCDFLVNDMBJC. the laughter we'ye shared will resonate within always, My Graditude to John for showing me things really are as pointless as they seem. Love to Jason+Sash Garrett M. Flynn The LOFF Albermale Chases Remembers' Key. Bill. Mindle SSVPA, Dan-Deash Bove Miserable Macs House 24 out of it Joyeey's Go-Kart Tanya Woods Rain Sherry Beating sis-in-law, Killa Spike. Rich Derilicts. Thie vory Cheryle Doreen-Ripa Hoodsie's MAC. Eileen. C South Pal Gina Rock fires Good times with Michelle Chris Ford Stage Fred: Stefan. Sean: Trish: Jamiei Maria, Karl- lt wouIdn't have been the same without you. MacDonalds "I hid in the clouded wrath of the crowd but when they said sit down I stood up , Growin' up" Granada Suzy Forman Memorias La La, Brandeis are we lost '7 Shnookies the Barmitzvah, two hole yoke. UMass trip, the gang naughty naughty ho ho, New Years. Dance dance dance those misunderstandings driver's ed, France '55 French oh nol Hurry find the English translation outings on the town love to everyone good luck!! Richard Forrest In and out Track X-country Capt "Rich l'm coming with you"-a day that will live in fanny Thinking good thoughts with Hank Profiles and the greatest "meeting" a club could ever have My great friends who never hung-up on me "We all want to go to a place where everyone knows our name "Thanks Nlom FE David Freed Anina, I eouldn't have made it without you' I loye you! Mom, Dad, Lesly-it was definitely an experience To all my fricndsel look forward to the day when we're not so boring and hope that ste will all be able to reach new heights, I am really fortunate to hate friends like you' Best of luck' Hi Squeaky Debbi Freedman Columbus Day WKND'Party much" Bagels' No Knives please! Lax sexy legs' The dog' The bots' FB8-1-D4 DBlock Training-Natick-NN here is R+-0' Pillow Mobile' Driving Speed Limit" Ile did it again' The Jecpl Rt IIB Rem DCI NIS CS CO Xleya and all the great timestand all the trouble yyeye gotten int I LOVE YOL' MONI DIXD and JOSH Joseph Fritz Sligo rocks S M I-"s Rule the yyorld I unlock this door with the key of imagination Beyond it is another dimensionafk dimension of sound a dimension of sight. A dimension of mind I'm moting into .i land of both shadow and substance. of things and ideas l'te just crossed over into the Tttilight Zone Seniors tt l XA M. wr 1 'd 'M' ' 2 Christian Giorgi Raymond Gladu Edward Glancy 4? 'Q Jonathan Glazer Scott Glickman Peter Goldlinger '25 Jacqueline Goodale Michael Goodman Eric Goolst ,v-545 ? '3 l Joanne Gordon Cheryl Gorgone Joel Corn l t V I l I l 'K Chris Giorgi My garishness offended you. Your brutality and brawn offended me. l've tried, have you"' Take me Gracel "They'll love me in Germany?" L Sky "'v1tne is last voice you will ever hear." Do not be alarmed . Frankie! Ray Gladu Hockey-Baseball, Good Luck to all my Friends Remembers Robert, Paul, Kenny, Jimmy, Pete, Randy, Sean, Greg Franco, Nancy, JN, KM, RD, KL, CM, JM, Eric, Rusty. Flynn, Bou. DS. AB, K'vl. Tim, MP, SK, JM, JO-JO, Jeppa. Dan. Mike,Floirda-84, CAPE During The Summer All The Good Times With Nancy 8-I0-84. Edward Glancy A Special Thanks To My Mother and Father, Do it in Electronics - Class of 85 Rules Never Forget Newton North High Jonathan Glazer Here's Looking at you Kid. Scott Glickman Tennis Model UN-NYC Squids Newtonian Skiing STOP Romancing the Stone The Profiles Vleeting Go Ahead Make My Day -Harry Callahan l found the simple life ain't so simple -Lee Ruth Slammed vehemently and violently Profusely. Thank you-Killer Mom and Dad The Dumpster Pablo BJ Peter Goldhnger Cheese Doodles and visiiwe are narley remembers, The BC game, Bobos masterpiece on the bus, MS JS JA CS SB CB SB AD RR "Some will hate you, pretend they love you, then behind they try to eliminate you but who jah bless? No one curse, thank God we are pass the worse"-Robert Nass Marley- Shea Shea Doodalie Jacqueline Goodale Remembers, Good Times with Anna, Shelly, Lisa, Luciana, LeeAnn, and Joan. l love you John and l hope you dont mind that l put down the words. how wonderful life is while your in the world! Thanks for everything Dad EL Mom, I love you both! Burmuda bound "85". Never forget this year. Good luck everyone! Michael Goodman George LennyZ Butweat Brain 2 Sybil ozone Mac lamp summer of 84 Greece and Corfu Mac backpack "Bobby why don't you leave l "John Amoroso Cindy Shari HB and LS, KM and JM killer Cole Tom and Jerry KW, SB, Steve CP, JE. Hoover dancin Dan Devo Conan the librarian Gorilla procreation substance abuse8Lrock Eric Goolst Baseball Hockey Remembers Sick Times with Friends KT, TC, PM, JP, MN, AW, KC, JR. BP, RG Trespassing at BraeBurn, learn how to Drive Kathy Thanks Mom and Dad for Helping me Through High School. Joanne Gordon Rememberi Cor, Beth, Karen, Anne. Cindy, Judi, JM, JK, AS, KS, HTP, OY, NAB, Hick, Dorka. Dudes, Quincy, WTF, Foad, RR Y Ll always B doin this 2 me mun, Hooda, Club4Cal, lot socks, beach, on the scoop, Bloomies, Ducks, Thank God Im out. BTM, The Gang, Suma 84, 2, April all my lotc to Bill. V. Thanks Mom and Billy for bcliextng in mc? Cheryl Gorgone soccer23 gymnasticsl23 trackl23 Tom NCSU' PARTY!! Adny Danni DV! LR N1N1 Sl. JC Sk .IR JB HB AL SW LOCKERS MlDNlTES'DF'FALMOLTH'CO' 61283 SEGFR' TlGER'HS'S32 Those are the memories that make me a wealthy soul JAILBIRDS 0,1 S-3 KR Tlx JN you just dont need it all but if dreams came true ah- wouldn't that be ntce'l" Joel Gorn Walking into a bar optimistically and coming out Mist-optically Acccntuates the inevitable High School-A Good iinmitation is the most Perfect Originality. Gymnastics-l0, ll. I2-Capt Outdoor Traclt FORCE-I2 ESPANA-82 Yippceceeeu' Seniors 00 1 Adam Gurwitz l l Donald Haley , , at at: Julia Harmatz i 11' Matthew Hauser l it ,t l I I Cheryl Hagar Linda Hagerty Y ,A John Halloran Scott Hamblet Laurie Hartman Charles Hatem M71 ,. fy "V l l I is w Valaria Hawkins Howard Haywood Adam Gurwilf Soceerel. 2. 3 KM + TG. GS. JB. JVI. RU. SNK. MN, SG, FBI' Weds-scoop Thanks TLB. trip to France. tDf-A, 5 and D. W-team" FAST times-the Look of love - you can't always get what you want. But you can come elose Cheryl Hagar Soccer-NSQ lU, NN. ll. I2 Basketball-I2 Swimming- NS, 9 Track-ll Koala-BB SB.-Champs KU-I-2-3 CLNAA. XO-I-2 Florida-85 Summer-X4 X,fl7-M24 B.O,T, wf Susan TAH Bestfriends 4ever DH + TR TLA G-times wf GWKHCCHPSDL llBCAUTN1AD Thanks for Being There + Best of Luck. Doreen. Billy. Jenny Thanks for everything Mom + Dad Linda Hagerty' Eddie-"Through The Years l Never Had A Doubt Wc'd Always Work Things Out"-l Love You? Our Paths May Never Cross Again. But The Memories Of Friends Will Never End-Jill. Sarah, Steph. Amy. PN, RR, 2D's, SF. Otto, MN. + Coltnl Weekends were made for parties? l love you guysl Lacrosse With Paulal Thanks Mom and Dad Don Haley NNHS Football 7,6 I5-7 Bummer Willie more often hey M watch out for poles wrap veges at Francos lly wings in salads BMAS HA brick at Bernards thanx HM IWA BHFY May 1989 Falcon'7 WH BHFY May l989 Falcon? Who left a Turkey RBw!!Salt bus courses MielteyMouseMobtlc Whats a spare' I want it no more admission forms 20 More LB Goodbye alll John Halloran Remembers: Kevin, Flynna. Scott, Tony. Joey. Nardy, Jim, Tommy, Del, Boudy. Tim, Paul. Mike. SA FY PJ AC BD MN CA OM GL SM JM CR CS Good Times ln Concord: Rocky Mountaing Burr. Lyons. New Year's Eve 84. BC Bushes Pretenders and the Cure Football Lacrosse Thanks Mr.G Scott Hamblel Remembers Flynna, Rusty, Kevin. Nardie, Danny. Joey. Del, Tommy, Paul. Jimmy. Mac. Beast. Duffy. Amy, Sharon, Boodie, Renee, Dawn. Martu. DH. DL. SA. CA. Chai. SM. OM, LP. JS. RR. TN1 The Class of 85 Good Times At Concord BC Rocky NTT New Years 84 and 85 RTI I7 4f5j8-1 PP at Rl with SM Football and Lacrosse Thanx For Eyerything Mom + Dad Julia E. Harmati Oh these places have their moments with loyers and friends I still can recall. somearc dead and some are I living, in my life. l've loved them all. Lynn. Diana. John, Charlotte. SG. KS. Dig. Laura. Megan. JP. Bock-Bock, Lee, Star special thanks to Lynn. Diana and my Mom Good luck to all Joey + Julr Laurie Hartman Christine, David-"Fresh" D T. G S. PB. A S. C R. JZ Cheering-X4 Psych Class-H4 Berntudtt-X3-X4-tyi "Tan" Summer-XJ, Lexington, Southie-"No-gas", Falmouthawith Lance 81. Scooter D factory. metro- "Spinofly" D Day-H3 B-Hill Day-K3 Crontn's Tony- V.DaysProm-X4 Switch cIothessFsperimcnt-Thanks Mom and Dad I love you Charles J, Halem Soccer 2, 3 Hood-Once is enough -Xll my lirtcnds. JM RF, CB, SB. DB. MRM. Nlr N1 Pablo friends AlwaysfVll4l?l Steve-what's up big fella remember France. Parties Firebird, Concerts. Yen. onion. Pancreas-ouch' Maw Spicolli-I-ddie Nlurphy tt UNH Good luck to everybody' "Seize the day'i' Thanx to Mom 8a Dad Smile Tessa' A-latlheu Nl, Hauser tSwimming, Drums. lsreal. TSS. Indy, XX PY C XSt " H ooka klllilflll Haitltins Special Thanks to my Nlom my Daddy. W eaton. Xlr Allen. and all my teachers tor helping me through the years Remembering lseyin. Pam Yucttc. ,.. Monique. Sharon. Rita. Xngic, Xiia. l-unice. SNK. DS. NC. MJ. .lS. lyk. lS. l l . CT. N ll. XS. TJ. LS, The Class ol' X5 ls Xll the way lite' l1'oward llayuood "Hottie" football 2. 3" swimming "drying" 1, 3 XR hen the desire to win a game becomes greater than the enjoyment ol' taking part in a sport. the rewards ot participation are lost "NK tXlTlltXN1"' Seniors 'l ft. Robert Heinstein I am only one, But still I am one. I cannot do everything, But still I can do something and because I cannot do everything I will not refuse to do the something that I can do. Remember-BJ, EF, JF, TC, DG, JG, PM-and everyone else. Best of luck to the class of 85l! -Go Squidsl- Dwayne S. Hicks I Thank God and my mother and father for helping me through my I2 years of school. I will always love you. you. Remember Culinary major 2Vz choir The pit AD AMSHOUSE "I" best all of my friends, Thank Metco for accepting me in 1973 first grade Tera Hirsch Dont let them fade away the feelings the friend ships bursting with laughter always to be remembered and never pushed away. Sue-I love you, youre the best! Julie A-M Eric Ashley LorettaWMC? N+P cruisin' in the tank tans Tab and Julies pool the ninth grade clan Orchesisl23cc3 A-M-if you please! Michael N Debra Hohmann-Debbie N , I will never forget the great times with Michelle Monique and Maria St. Pats Day 83, Tripelos. Cape Cod Shor Shore Haven wjMaura, Teddy, Kim, Lisa+Zeek, lines. The Comet. Good times at Joans wfS. L.C.B+Joey K.P. C.P. Lucifer founded in l984. Times at the corner wfC. Terry C.D. L Sio+Sara.Life in the fast lane. Thanx Ma , Lisa Hollett I Guess these were some ofthe best years of my life, . even though they were d:FF:cult. I want to thank Paul Healey Robert Heinstein James Heywood pumpkin for being with me through this, l couldn't l . - have done it without you. and to thank all the . i -' animals, especially the ents, for enlightening my Dwayne Hicks Tera Hirsch Debra Hohmann world. Alan, my love, I would die for you. Darling if you want me to. Janet my friend. Spooky and S. Head I Love You. Nuala Horkan B-ball l,2,3 softball l,2,3 Adams House council "noodles", Kelly's l2jlf84 -The Flood, 409 action, Thelma, floating coupons, The bench crew, pigpile SA in we, Big Chill, "Nothing is quite as funny as the unintended humor of reality" The best of luck to everyonell Daniel Horowitz , "Sitting in an English garden waiting for the sun. If ' K , the sun don't come you get your tan from standing in 'I Y the English rain." -JLFPM Remembers: Mudwog, mi Monty the barbarian8call his lookalikes, Desslar8tCo. , Judge Dredd8LWaltcr, and three years with Mr X Leonard8tNessy D. Chris Hughes XXXXX XXXXXXXX XXXXX XX Why? Bekuz. I Dunno Wut to xlllllllxxxllllllllllx tell you...Nowhere man. We got XX ----- XXX XX ----- XX -ta get out of this pIace.X- O -XX X- O -X Wall 83 June+Sept84 Spaceout + XX ---'- XXX ---- XX Doodle, Electric twanger.. LAZYXXXXXXXXXX XXXXXXXXX Prokraslialion. Bye miss yall Lisa Hollett Nuala Horkan Daniel Horowitz Linda Hurwitz Friends, memories, and this yearbook is all we have left. .So class of 85 KEEP IN TOUCH! Gymnastic-IO, ll, I2--Orchesis-l0, IZ. Ski trip thot tub wfsnow Uakesll Thanks for the good times C.G LH, L.G, AF tmtm's side effects'?J Well N.N.H.S was great but glad to be going on to "Bigger and Better things"l "N . -up 'Y' 1 ' .YTJ M " l i ji Sharon Huff Donald Hughes Linda Hurwitz 72 Seniors N, f , L GV? 3105 X, ,J wn....,,,9 l 4 Wendy Hutchins Anne Hynes Hiroyuki Ishii -'Q 1' 0-if Joshua Israel Jonathan Ivry Philip Jepsen Q45-3' an in me Kristen Johnson Matthew Johnson 'PVS VN T fuilu Christopher Jones Monique Jones . 4 6 I A l I l W l"'s t!'D Sylvia Johnson Wendy Hutchins I'Il never forget the good times in school JR NAD Treasurer'I2 l'll remember TB KA HC BT AG DR PG LC LV AND ALL OF EDCO STAFFS GOOD LUCK TO ALLYY Thanks to Mom, Dad, and my two brothers! Anne Hynes Karen, Cor, Beth, Cindy, Judy, Joanne-Partners KJ. RM, LP Partying summer-83, 84 Sis, the Beach, Jam-83 KA, Concerts, Cruising, GTA Rides-2 "T" Nant. B, The Ducks, Camping Sebago-Golden, Paragon, Boston, Waltham Prom with Ray Red roses. Luv ya Ma8cDad "lt's more than a feeling" Jonathan lvry Newt-o-nite mushcs and manic-depressives -Get with the program! Orchestra's European Adventures "to- morrow we will run faster, stretch our arms out further . . . And one fine morning - ' -FSF Yes, one's blue and one is brown . , . Exeunt omnes Philip J. .lepsen REM: Gara, Joe, Tony, Marky B, Mark, Sara, Maria. Renee, Dawn, Joe O, Kevin. Boudy. Scott. Blouin, Kenny, Nardy, Kathy, Duff, Quinny, Sweena. Lauren, Fran, Bob, Nev, Tim, B White, Egga, Charlie. Hey Duff need a ride? Hey Lou Hey Mark wanna go to lunch? GOLF-l23, AND -LAX-the DOOKS-VOTE FOR MEl!YThanx. Kristen Johnson REMEMBER: Class 84 Good friends may drift apart but memories will last forever. Jocelyn+Adrean. MH, Claudia lwe made itll MP, KA, BT. JG. CP. WD, BM, Big Sis, Lit Sis 28, KW, Jennifer. Kathleen tchop- chopl, never 4-get 84 Prom Thanks Bobby, MK, JA, LS, EV, BMP, my B-clay Thanks Jen, Thanks MOM + DAD Sylvia Johnson BEST OF LUCK TO ALL MY GOOD FRIENDS I'LL MISS ALL OF YOU! But especially. you-D- you-were-always-thr when-l-needed-you? Besides whos going to yell at me now! Ed-you-brought-out-the-best- in-me-l'll-never forget-youal-1Ll!Thanx -Nlom8LDad- and-most-of-all-you-SpirosI Love You All! f--1 ev William Joseph Seniors Lisa K:iUian "Hold on tight to your dreams for if dreams die, life is a broken-winged bird that cannot Hy "Oscar and the Hert7 Rent-a-kid Linda and Mungwii Good luck to all my friends Theresa Kathy Linda "Becker" JW, IS, LR.. I would die for you Santa Claus is coming to town Bruce S Thanks for everything Mom + Dad Andrea Karp Thanks Janey. Julie, Shari, Mareie always remember taking changes. Romeo, Bruce Lee, G.I. Joe, Gentle giant, NC., CK. Thanks "But my stall quit on me!"-Yearbook 'KST Mom. Dad and Josie " . . . So dawn goes down to day. Nothing gold can stay" Kerry' lxealing Will Always Remember my friend at EDCO Carl Jr. and l ever close fora long time I'll be in the carpentry business. Always remember riding around in Carl's ear WHAT FUN? l'll never forget the past Zliz years, I was slorc serive for Bobby tOdieI maybe l'Il go to T.V.I. in Minnesota Mark Kclliuver REMEMBER: SC. JAF, RC, JF, AC, BPM, PU, DG, GR, SPANKY. JP, RB. NC, CC, JD. Twisted Fin Sister First night Maine Accidents 2 of 'em FREDDIE Biology lst year Iron Maiden Drinking at my house RAAAY The little lat Italian restaurant owner Babaloos SKAS Good Times with everyone Have a great life See ya in ten yrs Tira Khan Soccer I, 2. 3 Skiing I. 2, 3 Orehesis I, 2. 3 NPFC7.. I, 2 Tomorrow's life is too late. Live today. "The Cape" Jailbirds-Kim"ba". CG JV France + NH Ski Trips! Beth, Bro-SF, DO, SS etc. F.l.D. "l.ysoI" H.F.T.F. and all the parties? The "GF" PCornl Good times wfKR: P,Collins + JT Better late than never? Thanx Mom + Dadl l LUV Ll RAY Ernie Kinas Track-I0. ll Jan Ensemble4l0, ll Brown hair, wavy eyes show and tell M.D.. T.B., V.D. Jacqueline lsinsella "The past is but the beginning ol a beginning." -HG. WELLS "A persons legs need only be long enough to reach the ground." -ABE LINCOLN SOCCER- HOOP-SOFTBALI.-I, 2. 3 llfl 409 "That's pha . , Midgets? Whooshaboosh' TB. Thanks Mom + Dad 7-J Seniors .-Q Fx 1 f if rf ' ., f F t 3:3 Er Demetrois Kalamvokis Lisa KaUian 01133 P A Andffa KHP David Kaufman :QQ 'U '73 s- my 1 ff wig gg . ,Q Q t t . ' .QS 3- t 'fi 'iii . f ini :Wi ,els ' Qi 5? rs,:.+.y2'Q1.f f J s f 1,3 Axe, f E. Wa. swf, ' f s -fi:-fW'1'ri'.?"li Q 1' . ht,,J3,, , 5' , t , N 4 1 il' I y 2 A A Mark K efauver Megan Kelley 'CS Ernest K inas Dridge Kineade di Anthony Kamerman 'Vx 'W-Qu.. x N 'xx A Kerry Keating Tira Khan Jacqueline Kinsella 7' i i i i l l i Beth K Ia vens 45 tb Christina Koontz . - 'YJ I Douglas Lantigua .loan Leacy i i 6 i I I i i Suzanne Kogan George Koko vidis Yr fi fa Stefanie Krantz Laura Kubzansky To -ZS x,,p s, Greg Larson Richard Lawson iv Y 1 Matthew LeBlanc Rochelle LeClaire Suzanne Kogan If you expand a man's mind, it never resumes its original position Thanks to all the people whose made me, me I love you all' JR. JB. LP. LR, Jimmy. DO. DW LG. JC, GL HB, AL BNI-Thanx' Lockers' F, Hockey' lvlidnites' The Riley Crew' Flexl' Bermuda' Cape' "I'm Sorry"" BK' The Zone-MB' Hawaii' Chris-Je Vembrasse-I love you' George Kokovidis Remembers Mike Lenny Nick Good times in Corlu summer of l9X-1 Gyro Apocalypse 03 ya liftin hoop - IO, ll Dee. Xth, party Gorilla cruising CG JI1 C P jamming concerts-ACXDC. Priest, Ilalen Sweet Emotions victim ol' the sciences aminos keep dreaming Rex ruthless had fun more fun coming killer 3345 See ya later Christina M. Koontz "-And d0n't gigglelu Hugs to all my friends Afternoons at White Mountain , Je danserai toujours! "What's the use of wonderingli' -R+ H "It's a wild world, it's hard to get by just on a smile. girl" fat Stevens Stekinie Kranti Summer, 83. 84 Villa nights, our beers, our boys, boat im fine, Billy 3 Hoor, WTN party-top parlsing lot, 20 Howlin, Irish, Boston boys-LCD-my house. l0f2f82, Fox, ET, OZ, St Patty Day. back stage grandmaster, Bermuda, Kenmore elubsflDS. you schliek, HNG, luv always Elaine Todd. DI, Mom. Ben, Dad. SHA. Carl, Stu, Marci, Melissa Laura KUb7iII7Sk'I Speech team afternoons at White Mountain the Emperorkindred spirits brief words. when actions wait, are well: The prompter's hand is on his bell, the coming heroes, lovers, kings, are idly lounging in the wings. the glowing future lies unrolled, Douglas Lantigua Mellow tMel'olady Gently' and maturely dignified. relaxed and at ease, slightly and pleasantly intoxicated. Killer pingpong. The Cape w,VSBT. The Big Chill. Walls? Darkness PL. lm so exerted And please always remember-"With- out life there is only tuna fish,"-Apollo Wisconsin Geomya and Bob bye Greg Larson He who lives upon hope will die fasting-BF to err i human-to blame it on the other guy is even more human-BG that much faster? SHIN SPLINTS rats leaving ship OBA7k VS KT sulker senator remember OHallo ran form running Basketball-I Football-l. I. 3 Baseball-l, 2, 3 Thanks to parents friends and coaches R ieha rd La is son Remember ALL the great times with the boys NEVER forget MASSIMO, RAY. JAY DERICK and BEAN who got em 'MLESH The Lalse Rules hope we make it to AEROSVIITH C-XPE COD Summer of 8-1' never forget the best of times mth the girl I will always love. DONNA I hope all your dreams eome true Joan Marie Leaey Remembers-eheerleading, good llltttjs with leeann, Lisa, Luciana, Pam. Joyee. Stephanie, Kathy. Charlotte and the rest ofthe gang Thanks for everything Shelley special thanks to Oscar Nl ever always -n- forever Steven I-I3-Sl Nlom and Dad I love you, you're the greatest Matthew LeBlanc Remembers the Good Times. Billy. Brono. Bresno. Ken, Kathy-Pal. Brian, Pete. Jimmy. Bobby, Del. Big Dave. Joe. Daly, Bloomies, NN eston, Ioreyer Jenny Thanks for Everything Nlom, Dad. Steve Rtwhellc' xlnri l.CCIl41irC The greatest thing in life to learn is to learn to love and be loved in return John-we have something that no one, no distance, no time can take ayyay We haye memories and loye to share. you'll neyer knovs hoyy much I love you' 'Xini for the stars DO, JD. Ltr. DR and all my other friends. Thanks Xlom. loye ya' Senior J. Gregory Lee Hoop-l, 2, 3 Awesome Times wfE-Man, Andy- ExconfMonk'? iGWfKSJ I, JM, CJ, Tony, Doug, The Ozones. D "K" N, SA, SK, JD Bunny Fu-Fu, JR, SLc, KP, SB, CB, CR, AD, MM. Big-P. Summers wfGang-4, Mexican, PTYP weeks in Vt. Maybe l'll be a Monk? All my Love and Thanks to Jill, Mom and Dad for getting me through the tough times too. -85 Kimberly Dawn Leka "The Past is gone, the Present is full of confusion and the Future scares the hell out of me!" -DS oh, Woeful, woeful! IZM H2S04+Fruit Loops!! Spin Out! Another Hill'?! STOP Nuclear War Takova Zhizn! "Paint a perfect picture . . 41 Gardener JJ' "Smile through the tears and proceed ever forward" Anna Leone Rem the good crazy times. Summer of-84- Italy the best! New Years eves what a rush "lt is alive" Ground round with love to my friends and family "Daddy can l use the car?" Bermuda Bound for l985 Mush!! Ciao Baby! Nino Leone Remembers: PM. SS, DC, RC, DG, RD, TT, WS and the gang Van Halen, Journey, Foreigner, Kool SL The Gang, The Gap Band Favorite Song, ln the Air Tonight The Cape, Atlantic City, Good times with the gang, Friday nights, weekend parties, summer nights. great times in the Chevy Favorite Sayings: No mirombere and poosh poosh Donald Leung Good Times Remember Wasted Days with: Keith, Thad, Eddy, Steve, Kevin, Dave, Greg, Jimmy and Howie. Also Remember: The Red Football, Bong, The Tube. Halloween. Bust l2f7f84. Ballsy times at North. Senior Year 84-85. I don't know if the party is ending or just beginning. Thanks Aaron M. Leventman The life of an aspiring film director hasn't been easy but high school has been a blast, Best wishes to Speech Team, and to all my friends at Shore- especially to Johnathan and his brilliant future career. The writing on the subway wall sadly seems to say it all-LA Lung!! Brian Michael Levin T.E. Squids-84, 83, 82, 81 Nuss, Wizz, Teddy, SGAW. Glick Wessy, Nichols, Bill, Shiek, Bobby-Ghee Oompa Loompa Dan! Erk Aldo Joe will Graef golf partner ex- traordinaire Mitch BC Mike Grosser Mr Sensitivity-Bob MacNevin Don CH, DW, ES,JP, DM,CF, AA, DW,Jl, AS, RF, BM. RM, KM, TH, VM, EG, MH and all the rest of my friends "B" Shari Libenson The greatest treasures are the ones you earn. Bruce Lee, want some ice cream? Orchestra with Mr, B. The sum- mer of '84 in lsreal and the summer of '85 with GBYSO in Europe. Love to: Andrea, Janey, Jody, Julie, DW, RS, NS, Arie, Danny, Josh. and most of all to Laurie, Mom and Dad. So-long, Fu-Fu, wherever you are, Jeffrey B. Liebman Hoop, Music Dept., STOP, PSSGB JRGMDD WSW, the Boss, "MondaleFerraro, we will win" State Champ A.D. Team heads for L,A., the Model U.N. hotel room "A planet doesn't explode of itself," he said "that they were able to do it is proof that highly intelligent beings must have been living there. Juli J. Lin Remembers: Irene, Suzy F, Suzy N, Lisa. mark, David Anina, Wendy, Linda, Mei-Ling: l haven't lost youg you are in my heart forever, Adam-The daring phone call. Palmer Council, International Club and Performance, Orehesis, THANKS and GOOD LUCK to everyone who made my three years at North special! nt 70 seniors 'TF' by-1 J Gregory Lee Kimberly Leka AHH8 1100110 av 'fx 4'5" -fn. ,Mi tif! Nino Leone Donald Leung Aaron Leventman rl' Brian Levin Shari Libenson Alan LiCarie mf' alert 'TTI f x .. i 2 . gi X ,- i s 1' Oscar LiDonni Jeffrey Liebman .luli Lin f'M Nancy Lin RON!! Lifmali Suzanne Lituri -Q 1-.. 1 Dx 4"0,. Amy Lloyd Elizabeth Locke David Longmoore 1.- uiCQ 'l fi Q f t tl Marie Lo ve his i'r"',r 1 Minh Ly Christopher Lowe Cheryl Luce Nancy Lin Best times ever 712, 7115, 8X9 tctlj, Rl-UMC 8: TC. Maine, RS AT W's, Night of lIfl9, The Drop-and- run present! Eun-Jee lstill hung up on himqi Best year for YG,Thanks Charlie, Wendy, Linda, Julie + all our you know . . . Alan, Ben, Christine, Mary. Abe, Benny, The-Sis, Jo-the gun-man Who? OH, and the Van! Ellen, REM. Royerf' Robin Litman Class of 85 Thanks Vicki Maria Rob. M Deb The The Mall Good Times! Matt keep in touch Summer 84 Heart beat City Jim C Kev Rich-Chris l Love Ya! Always + forever Stac Ange Deb Lis Rita Unice Fresh Girlsl- Becky Mom Julie We're surviving l Love Ya Mom! Unemployed all non-void Have anyS Good Luck everyone! Amy Lloyd In the depth of winter l finally learned that there was in me an invincible summer. Great times wfthe greatest friends! Loretta-we did it! Ellen, Heidi. Doria, SJ, SK, TH-car? JR, JB, CG, SR7 Lax-1.3 Cheerleading-85 MB, CR, WE NYE-84! Thanx to M+D, L, V, BL C. and most of all LR, my BFA! Luck to all. Elizabeth Locke Love and thanks to all my friends and teachers, Special thanks to the family, Laura. Dancing Roger. Feb. l0, the fantasticks. Happy is the soul that has something to look backward to with pride and something to look forward to with hope. Best of luck to my friends. Da vid Longmoore Golf l 2 3 Hoop tyahl Waterskiing tubin' "When are you gonna get the Mustang?" "Oh yah l forgot to tell yah" Remembers: RR CR MN DV PN GD AD SB lsweatersj LH tI'm hungryl CH CS GR TT OM and the rest of the gang Good Luck and best xxishes to everyone! Thanks Mom and Dad Chris Lowe Josh-Howaya? Hey, Rql, Bky and Dvd Boz . . . Sam. Becky P, LT, SW, CP, Shari. Mistakes swarm around you trigger them, they sting you. and the swarm shrinks. Hey Kim, Elemeno Cheryl Luce - Never let anything be ordinary, be unique a style of your own Mom 8: Dad words can't explain the thanx I feel Vicki friend 4eva DMRKJRSHN1 Thanx -1 all the "great" times P.S: 5f6f84 4fl5f8-1 -1,ll3--1 l3- 4fl5 GA JGTM rug PC-A man no ytords can explain LSDLJ-Silver 84 Gold MS-Stogatz KD - Carribean Queen FF! forever AL Minh Ly To the Coles: Many thanks for all your love and help. l will never forget Mom's kindness and care Michael Lyons Remembers: Danny D, Mitch, Jimmy F. Rusty. Kevin, Dan N. Tommy. Duffy. Jimmy S, Del. Steye M4-, lx John Lyons Michael Lyons A, Chris, Keith, Joey, Flynn, Scott. John B. Xl S.. T.M., C.L., N.M., L.L.-Pin, Needle, Pencil. Beals Commons-Good times -Rocky Mt., Boston College. Basketball, Hamilton, Burr Park-Cabot Thanks Nlom and Dad NPHIOF Cheryl Lytlle REM Renee Dawn Sara Maria Sheila Claudia Susan Janet Precious Kathleen Elayne Chrissy Lisa Donna Kevin Tommy Billy CAPE COD with Christine Mr. Jackson Thanks for all your help Foods with Sharon 8c Carol 8L l.isa All the girls in Bacon bathroom Thanks Mom 8: Dad ALL MY LOVE Jimmy 9. IZ. 84 See Dad I made it Bruce Philip MacDonald MK Ari W. BJD Andy S. Eric M. Andy L. PS AE + DF VM! IP MS CRM CC JD The Talents of: SEI CP JRT JW Ed BJ MZ DS MC TLS BC DG SG MR MW Mws Profs YCGHFKAB Fantastieks Lucifer Inspector Hound Crazed P-Quad Frisbee U2 Police Mike G. Procrastination Mes Amislll "Oh MY God!"sEntry in log of the Enola Gay 8j6f-15 Colin MacNevin FOOTBALI.-l, 2, 3 Where's my favor? Jaime-Huevo Malo, Sorry-SS. Trish-l2f24f82. Del, Beast. Mac, Nose, Stales, Donny, Claf. OIIH, ZITI Love to Moe, Chris. Jen. JD, KP, AD + MM, CR, DOOBIE BROS, Amy. Linda, OM, DO, MOOOY, Jay, LP. Mose, Levin-2nr, AA, + Everyone else. Thanks, Cap. Clarkie. Love ya Ma + Dad. Remember 4370. Call me Mac James Mahony WRESTLINGVI, 2, 3 INTRAMURALS-I. 2, 3 Thanx Miss C. 7flXf84 SC CH SL SF AG GI. OZONE! SB DN CB FOXY MOMA and Sidekick AC SS Jailbird-Andy BM DH + SU Novia MS KP-friends? Obese AND THE TRIO- Dry Jokesill Steph-I will not forget-an eagle was born Luv ya Mom + Dad Kelley Mahoney Good times wfJoyce Kath Shar-Gumby Di-Duster Steph-ET Laurie Mel Shel Ruby Toeei Marg Mona The Park Howve you been Mieks Doobs Awesome Irish lil Bobby! VH Concert B-ball softball NCSC Breakin wf SW Thanx Joyce Marshfield Nantasket Florida Good Luck Guys See ya Pal I Luv ya Ma Pa esp. Shawn Franny Alison Philip Malenllint Remembers: Good times with all of my friends!! Indoorloutdoor track 2. 3. You forgot to cheek me in. Mr. Dipoli - again? See you later, Fred Alzlloul' Stage Crew Chris, Krista AV-Karl Philmont Scouts Frog Blueberry Yogurt Semper Fidelis AMF-OTR Patricia Maloul' Ross, Stage Crew AV-Karl, Jenni, Chris, Renee, Julie, Heather Live, l.ove. Laugh Total Eclipse of the Heart Prince lt's been real AMF .bllny Maples Remember I.S. AC, PB. LA, SC Good Luck in the Future Lynn, Phillips House. Brighams, Most of all my mother, father I would have made it without your help Also remember Miss Keef of Adams House. 7X Seniors Cheryl L yttle Colin MacNevin 'Q Shungo Maki .--41' Frederick Malouf db WMV? If . Bruce MacDonald Keith MacDonald -s 'Dx 'K' James Mahon y I Philip Malenfant Kelley Mahoney John Malkofsk y Patricia Malouf M l vm.. T NYJ! AWQgf, l A A my Maples f "' ess., Timothy Marchand Mary Beth Marden Ottavio Mariano Sui 'V' Leslie Marinucci Peter Markunas Sheila Marrazzo 'T Rvberf Martin Antonio Mastroianni Gina Mazzola 49 'Q Heather McCarthy Patricia McCarthy Debbie McDonald Timothy G. Marchand Hoekey4l,2,3.-Alagash.X-1-'v1l1N'I Wknd in NH with RC gl SD Remember good times at Roekey N11 Lyons and RC Partying v-ith Paul Date Dan Boudy Shawn JH KM SH JI JO JB NIB DI SR DU KC, JP -The Gambler- Good luck lo all Thanks Nlom and Dad Mary Beth Marden "The good times and the bad come and go but friendship stays forever"-love and kisses to the "Quebslers". "My Boys". the Adams girls I Love You Mum 84 Dad-thank you all' Cheerleading it-1 GRIN AND IGNORE ITF "The fone" VNy'SIs Summer 84 and all the sweet memories I hold I'll love you always ADT 1140 Oltavio Mariano Football? Always Remember Good Times with Rich. Phil. Chris Special Thanks to Jenn Never forget Ray Colin. AL + MB. SAK, Tony. Mae. KP. Keith. Squinny. Fans. JD, Linda Lots of Love to Lauren "An everlasting love never dies" Love you Nlom + Dad and thanks lots of luv and thanks to Poplacks + Claflins Good luck. Sheila Marrafzo Remember all my good friends the bench and out front Partying down burr park and behind the Thanks Sara and Cheryl for all those years together good times at Cottage wfJude thanks RJ for putting up with us girls John 84 Judy for being so nice Neyer would of madeit without you Ma 84 Dad Robert Martin Baseball I 2 3 Hookey I 2 3. except Math. Monsters til To all the girls l've loved before: Greta. Hortense. Bertha. Lassie. Juanita. Sue. Penelopy. and Boopsie! Yum HA HA Just kidding mis' You know how I feel tsoft and plushl If I value life I must mention Joan . . , What a Goonl Bye NNHS I won't miss you Tony Mastroianni Best Times with Duffy. Jeppa, Garra. ylark. Nflarlsy- B. JO Joe. Louie Blouin Bond CR. CA. JS. JB. JB. SH. TD, Renee. Sara. Mia. Dawn. SNI, Hey 'Nlark wanto go to lunch Joe 15 will get you 20 Jeppa in X5 Thanks Mom 8: Dad for everything Good luck Class of 85. Gina Maiiola "One day I would like to teach. just a few people. many and beautiful things. that would help them When they will one day teach a few people" Special Thanks to my family. especially Nloml I love and need you all very much. Lots of love to lsim. Liz + Kicrsten Heather McCarthy Well my friends the time has come to raise the roof and have some fun All my love to my best friend Sherie and to Cindy. Andrea Y. Lisa S. Patricia. Stacie J. Nudge. VR. SW, NIT, NNI, CP. LR 'Do you have a quarter'V' What. huh" "Call Nlell Lme to Nancy. Faith. thank you both "What, Cindy's allergic to chocolate? XS' Patricia McCarthy High School days are gone but memories will lite on Nora. Sal. Kristin, Sue. DB.'XSNIS.lBlxDXB B-gang TTPPDA KMLSI,D.XN.-XS-NCI S Xluays rem excuse me. the hill. Mr Hugh SJN5. -Xdam Xnt--1-ll-AF. The Boss. Rocco-X4-Ml The triplets, SC. LW O and the good times The good times with Joe Sherry and David Thanks Mom and Dad GT-XIG Debbie McDonald Best friends-Heidi. Luisa. Nlarg. and Lisa-Luv ya' Thanx-Lori, Bill + Liz' Never -1-get friends at N C' Barry 4th Floor-xv I NI. 'X W. NI L. .I C. lx L. X f. KR + PB? See ya-C T. ls N1 + JX1' N1cD's tt TX + BBACapc w,Col + Mitch New Nork-Boat Rides The Beach' Jailbreals--XC DC-led Icp Dancin" Loser lips Nliss-u-l is luy-u Nlom + Dad Seniors Sharon McDowell 1SharJ Partied w1Lau, Di, Joyce, Smelly, Mel, Ruby. Rosa. Toc, Steph, Kathy The gang Pat awesome Van Halen How've you been? albe, the wall Micks Doobs Nasty! Celts-lrish ill Mush! Florida Summer 84 Yogurt See ya pal Good luck dudes We've finally made it All my love to Dallas 6118184 Love ya Mom James McGrath Made it thru w1DF, JM, JT, PF, TAL, JJ Lodge- rock-pond Parties at BC Police-SS83 Celtics Beat Lakers TGIF Thurs night parties Thanks Killer-3345 Live as if you would die tomorrow Flutie kegs the boys from Boyd8cThe Lake McGee's Garage Mos takes driving lessons Good luck John Thanks Mom8cDad, Adriana TGIO Kevin McGrath Remembers, Rusty, Flynna, Scott, Joey, Nardy, Danny Mike Tommy, Duff. Boudy, Jeppa, Tim, Paul, Fanning Good times on Rocky Mt. All the kegs and BC parties Hamilton School This summer at Concord The Cove and Lyons Mick Lacrosse Football MarkyB you forgot the keg The Part 1?20 New Years Eve l984 Justin McKenna Monsters-CR, GD, AA, BM, GR, ROM4cant forget Feb vac 83 or those nights in my room "Justin are there any girls in there"? Wild times with the Gardners-Hoop the cool whip clan-CB, EB. AC, SO, DA, HS, DN-The Fried-Ski trip and those times at the Hall of Justice We are as free as a bird now Dude shut off the strobe Jennifer Ann McKie "May the road rise to meet you, May the wind be always at your back, May the sun shine soft upon your face, May the rain fall soft upon your fields, and until we meet again May God hold you in the palm of his hand." Thanx SC, TM, KJ, KA, JB, MS, MG, AC, J8LKM, Steve, Diane, WH, CO and especially to my mom l-4-3 Julie McKie ln them they all see me, but in myself l can't see them, the confusion of who is who is similar to the question of where we all will be"Jen+ Kris. MT, SG's, SC, TM, LP, Council, The C.Y.O+gang. A very special thank you to Mom+Fr. C. Dreams are what the future is made of. Ti-AMO Domenic ll-24- 83. Kristin McKie "Our memories of yesterday will last a lifetime, we'll take the best forget the rest, and someday we'll find these are the best of times." l'll always remember those true friends, especially Trish Jen8LJulie tMy other 2135 BB, and a special thanks to Mom8rRob. All of my love Mark. Wendy McLaughlin Love and Thanks to my friends esp Judy, Kelli, KA, RT, MC, SD, DD, JS, Stairway to Heaven "Good" times in the attic Florida-85 lf you love something set it free If it comes back to you it was yours lf it doesn't it never was l love you Mom8cDad all my love and luck to Jimmy I0-26-79 Shawn McMiIlen Remembers Nardy, Jill, Sweena, Bouch, Budda, Rich, Otto, Quinny, Scott, Kevin, JM, DR, AH, JR. SQ, DF, SD, KM, JO, JH, SH, DD. MP, LP. RP. BC, MB, TM, PH, AW, DL, JC Good times in Beals Commons Lyons The River Rocky MT, Burr Field Ma l only had a few! Parties at BC. Mush How yoo do times with Dan and Jill Swillin Thanks Mom + Dad. Kelly McMurray Sparky Much love to special friends I2-l-84 "The Flood" "Where the keys lax prima T.P. Denina Pigpile Camp California "Time for you to laugh" "Time may change me, but l can't change time," Lifting with the guys. George Mead Electrical Class Rick Pat Gino Mark Bob Scott Sparky Di'Poli Wolaszek Henrey Hagerty Tex Cris M.S. E.J. Crook Joann Post 300 ffl Tom Tommy Berny Betty Ann Joan Debbie Led Dedicated to my best friend Chuck Warren Star Karl A.V, Sharon NNHS Elizabeth R. Melhado Thanks to all my friends at Newton North for a great 2 years. Good luck and don't forget!!! "And though you want to last forever you know you never will . . And the good byc makes the journey harder still" C S. Thanx to Mom, Sarah, Dad, Yog. "Give peace a chance" J.L. XII ,Seniors .55 'Yi Q-....-pf I Q ' i Sharon McDowell James McGrath Kevin McGrath 15 Lb. Justin McKenna Jennifer McKie Julie McKie 'K Y' sf Kristin McKie Wendy McLaughlin Shawn McMillen L1 ! Kelly McMurray George Mead Elizabeth Melhado as I., 't":v l ti Zinta Melngailis Valeria Migliassi Katherine Miller I i YP' S ap is " i lsx' ad l if .7 HX '-ff-' ,i , --H---' l sv , A in s J ,fx R ,S ,Q, , . , I ffgf' so "E 4... , 1 ff 'W B K V Y. W . -1 ,f4""i?'M Y fe., T ' C V 1: f .,,,.,, 'S M- 7 C J '- riff! if-' -ssaxxkw N--tx. i es-X33 Mark Miller Leonardo Mineo Laurence Mini I5 cm s-s -api -mg -l0hl1 Montgomery Judith Moolten Peter Mooradian M pq , N J, Us Elizabeth Morahan John Morrissey Lynsey Nlorrissey Zinla Mara Melngaills Soccer, Andra, Sally, El, TR, AH, NH, Skiing. lN1. CR, BM, TK, Cohasset, KC, always laughing? New Years Eve '85-deep talks wjCN, SC-where are you' Deutschland 84-dancing soldiers, AR-do you know where thc elephant is? eyam atrast to! Lacrosse: thanks to all my family Sc BM. +AM This is the day when things fall into place . . . Valeria Mrgliassi Dancing, Thanks Ms. Cradle "War. what is it good for? Absolutly, nothing " FCTH Swim Team Smudge Factory, Newtonilel "He's so sexy" Get me out of this class, now? The Movies, Baryshnikoy Here come the initials: AG, DH, JS, BM, SG. and more Sarah, my other half. Robin, Nancy. Nflimi. Cindy. Mr, Embarassemcnt Katherine lliathyj Miller Tara-B+M Train: Judy, Vic+Justin' Grampa' K-X. SW. RS. NSL. Bear, JB, KW, AS. CP, LD. LN4, BD. TLS: Lizzy: Lyn-Our Pond Living for Scottish Lace: "Eddy-l-the Cruisers"1 DEAN GIBSON' Emily Dickinson: Mrs. Hilbert: Charlotte: Monet My Choc. Chip Cookie Theory: l Love You Mommy + Daddy Thanks for being there. Stephen. See you there Andy? John Montgomery A Numerical System-Seven Over Three Have Yoy Read Any Plato Recently? Five-Four? Conduct? lntonation'? T.L.E,B.AM-Ten or Nine? Good Luck CP. PeterPerfect Lives! l don't do accompanyment Light-Rose Hc's Polish'?ll OOPS-No Problem Ask me if I care. We'll take it about here Reed Problems. sorry I think not Judy Moolten CS BT JG AH KA WM JN BESTXsW,fEG Kinky Dudes JudyDudy MetroViParty Nightclubs Suma8-1 Ray Jim Phil BE DXStorys H-Partys B-Town Saying Proms lmSorry Boo Boo ILuvEvcryl Why L' always Bdoin this Zmeman Parents College NYBound Psychiatrist Mel Kevin NJ YOSCHLIC LKNOW lTWlLONA OZ PH-1EVA Music Judy +Phill238-1 Peter Mooradian HockeyfBaseball-I2 30 Good Luck to my friends BC Best wishes to: Jim, Ken, Tom, Mel.Eric. Sean, Nlatt. Ray Always Rem, MP, BB, JZ, AK. VIP. JN. CN1. RJ, RD, TLHOTL, MTTCF FRl+SAT Nights Bus- Ranks Breadburn The 9th Hole Fun Lincoln Parking Lot IMUVMCK See You After Grad 85 Nlost of all Thanks Mom + Dad for all your Help PP Elizabeth Morahan I2-I, The Flood! MM- Get the 409V Aretha Who? X'- Ball-23g Hood-1233 S-Ball-lZ3 The Big Chill Soup PHC Wonder Twin! PiaPile! PHY Now, that's pha . Y! Showing up is 80 percent of life TERRY? Stay off my s-listl thanks and luck to "The"' Thanks Mom-Dad and Mega! .lohn Morrissey' Remembers McGee. TAL. DF, PF. JT. .IJ Football l23 Luxlff GR Tallcs BC MODS The Rock The Pond Bob Police Concert Road Trips to the Capc GR JC, JM, GR, Walshy, Rocky Nlt Sklceny Marshfield 4 July Falmouth Road Race B Ski Trips Lara Providence with Bulta, JF. BW ThursvNights Good Times Bove, PA, SM, DN, TN1 NlONl + UND Lynscy' Morrissey Give me a ticket for an airplane -kim got time to take a fast train Disaplinc and positiye Thinging But You Were Young and Didn't L nderstand the PARTYS Over loy'e+Th.inks to -Xmy Xnn Christine Cheryl Nancy and esp to Nlom+ Dad Seniors Nl was 'U' ia? ,as ' l Daniel Nardone Mitchell Nash Dgngld Ngtgle ff I 'e 5 5 Mitchell Nathanson Lisa Nesbitt .lnlm Neville 'iii Hang Ngo Suzy Nguyen Rosa Nicolazzo N V4 4 4 'Tx X..av' 'Q j sh, Paul Nobile James Notter Marc Nussbaum 2 I i I l I Daniel Nardone Remembers-All the good times in Jr Yr John. Shawn, Timmy, Kevin old Boy, Scott, Rusty. Joey. Paul, Flynn, Danny, Lyons, Jimmy, JC, LP, BM. DO, MR, JM, DF JM, SR Great times on Rocky Mt, The River, "Bres come on" "No money" Lacrosse l23 Golf l23 All the kegs, Scotts house Thanks for the tap BC Thanks for everything Mom8LDad Mitchell Nash G0 real slow you like it more and more TAKE lT AS IT COMES specialize in havin fun. Always remember your friends always keep in touch no matter how far you drift apart if you havent got your friends What have you got? KM, CJ, JF. ML, DD "THANK YOU" Miko. . , finally' lt's all over now Donny Natale Wheeling solly home MT, SF, CB, SB, PD, MS justice, cibup Grunge, howdy, Berks booool, Filth. Papa Bear, Brutus, Huey, Elijah, Raro, Snells. Chuck, "Chief" Pete. Jimmy D Aug-IO, Thats gross. Y.F.-L! Jan.l Saving the best for last, Louisa- always!!! Soccer: I, 2, 3 Baseball: 1. 2, 3 "South Pacific" Thanks for everything Mom+ Dad Mitchell Nathanson Racquetball-l23 Remembers CR. RR, TT, JB, DL. CS, PN, KM, OM, PH, AD, JR, CS, PB. RC. DV. Cipup, Agan, Hoop? Ya! Ryan House, what homework? AMC-Kaboom! JB "We can rebuild it! Thanks Dad you gave me what lll need. l love you Mom8cDad . . . Doria, A hello after a goodbye, Watch out Park Ave l'm growing up! Lisa Nesbitt l would like to thank, Newton North, my friends, the Metco program, my family that helped me and my dance group. Special thanks to Roberta Davis. Brook Paine, and New Edition good luck to Class 86, 87, and 88. Best of luck to BK DB YC KC KC MB AD LR MJ RR LS LM KM LM JT SD AD RS YP Mi Mi "Hang" Ngo Remember W,A, M.N, Titi Robin B., M,l.T Florida. The gang parties my family all my friends from N N lunch champagne "Dream will come true if you make it come true!" Suzy Nguyen Crach in Concord"'Me, talk in front of the class '? What '?'?'? .... Dans la lune ' A trip to the "Library" it's nuge, not nudge idiot Y 'Decide fast! Now? VH . . . l lost again, do you have a towel'7' The rating game how do you pronounce your last name '?'??'? Lots of love8Lluck to all my frineds. Thanks .. Kcwrite Paul Nobile In-Out Track 23 Soccer 3, Pesch-Risky Biz. Ray Colin Dave V, L Geoff Norm Nathe and Dad. Bernie AD, TT Amy Linda Doria Steph Cathy' and the best of all the rest-Thanx to the greatest Mom and Dad, 84 Fr Steve Yeah-LOTTA Party here . . NN'8S: Life becomes easier once you try. and trying is what it's all about. Jamie Notter l will always remember Steve lBreIl, R1ch', Laura. Doug tYou nuti, X-Country, Track, and eyen Tennis But most of all Liz Cain. There are scores of you I have left out but don't be offended, l will not forget any of you. Marc Nussbaum Jim, Doors Bruce live "I aint here on buisness baby l'm only here for fun" lyust want to get my kicks before the wreck caves in memories with friends, SW. KM, NS, EG, Jimmy Squids finally winners, Jerry and Sam special thanx to Michol thanks to Mom+ Dad coaching baseball Astros S3 SW. lce+ Macs tkae a nap Svflinrs 5 7 'NX, 1 1 4 h 1 ? cl 5 if 4 :fff ,i6.'ff" Nur' y ,f.'f.sf f, 1 ' f ' 2 , it 53,15 fg- kyf. xx 1 4' ' .4- 'ts' ." 13' i ' i-1 . My Km, 115.40 N-x Nicholas Pulsone Stephen Quinn Q.,s 1 , " 5 . Q 9 S 'T ls Seth Putnam Kathleen Quinn l Susan Quinn ui 'M . Joseph Raso -1' Andra Raudseps Jennifer Read Lynn Resnick I X 1-6. Th 'TWD H -0. -.. ... .... Joseph Reynolds f 'y aq I ' ' 3 ., 3 5 , ,,,,: y 5 Monique Rhone X I Christine Richard fi M i Nicholas B, Pulsune Ahh, The Senior Life is one of the Best of Times I Remember: Dave Joe Aldo John George Len Jim and All of those who have made life a bit easier 4 me. To those of you who are going to work, Good Luck! To those who are going to college, Lots of Luckl! To those who are undecided, what the "?'VlrrYYY Kathleen Quinn Best of times wfMona, Lisa, Kelley. Joyce, Shar. Mel, Di, Steph, Ruby, Lau, Toc The Gang Shell. Shiv, Kira, Sean. Rose Ireland Sum-83- Albe 'vlicks S-ball FLORIDA U2 New Years Rats 'vlaine w,'N1o C-Ya Pal! Never Forget You Matt Acky wfKYVI. DR, MO Good luck Girls You're The Best? Thanks Mom and Dad I Love You! Stephen C. Quinn Remembers Sweena, Booch, Mac, Borelli, Rich, Tony, Doug, Bob, Otto, Dan. Beals Commons Where Are The Parties Christine, Rick Palmer How you do the Brew Crew The Summer Everyone Else Thanks Mom and Dad for helping me through high school and everything See you later Susan A. Quinn Lynn Cheryl Elaine Shella Sara Elayne Mac Jocye Chris Markle Smoky Florida California Definitely not The Bench Soccer I2 Hoop IZ Track 12 C-leading 3 If you Love something set it free, if it comes back to you it is yours, if it doesn't it never was Memories Last Forever . . . Jamie Thanks Dad 84 Mom Joseph Raso Bob, Mark, Phil, Tony, Duff, Steve- lSmokeyj Mitch. Tony, John B., Franny, Gumby, Bob M, Rusty, Blouin, Ray, Bouch, Steph. Toc, Maria, Sharon. Laurie, Otto, Tommy, Danny- ldooby Dani John. Scott, Marky B, Hey Mark want to go to lunch. Remember all the Good Times Wrestling I, 2 Lacrosse-l, 2, 3 Always Love You Darlene Andra Raudseps "Good friends we have and good friends we've lost along the way - in this great future, you can't forget your past , . B.M. Thanks to all for sharing the good and the bad-these years have been the best! l'II miss ya', but-don't you wonder what we'll find steppin' out tonight? Jennifer Read Love 8t luck to the Adams crew-you've all been very special to me. Hockey-capt's. shortest 8c spashots Boston, F-hockey, Midnites. moped, Cheerleaders. Fri-I3. BW the lockers, R-Steps, green shirt 'FRUIT' B's IO, OIALT Bagels 8L CR Always esp- HB. EP. SK. DW, JC 8a JB. Mom 8: Dadeyou gave me the best, you gave me yourselves-I Love You Lynn Resnick Remembers: Julie, Susan, Kira, Lauren, Joan, NIB. KH, Marty Joey. Especially-KC. Florida. NI- Maritime. "I hit l2" Chris Hoop-I Softball-l 2 3 Never forget all the good times at NNHS. "Definitely not KD Thanx Julie for being that special friend. Dont be sad at what has gone just remember it was once yours. Dad 8: Mom Joseph Reynolds I am a man of few words' Thanks to all Monique Rhone Thanks to God for taking me through ll years of school. Remembering: Peaches, Lisa W. Pam. Yyette, Sharon, Eunice. LS, RR. DM. RS. SNK. -XD. CJ. LR, Adams'Homeroom Scars, Robert P I Ioye You Mom and Dad Thanks for your loye .ind support Remember, Earn ti dime save .1 dime and you'll always have a dime. Christine Richard Life must be lived forward. but can only be understood backward Yesterday is already a dream. and tomorrow is only a vision, but today yyell liyed, makes every' yesterday a dream of happiness. and every' tomorrow a vision of hope , Good Luck to all Thanks to my family. The Fucefs. Cheryl. Lynsey. and Steven seniors 8 Austin Richards ROBO: so tell me. what are you going to do now that you're going to Amherst? HENRY:nuthin much . . ROBO How about your senior slump? HENRY: It started in september. ROBO: How will you make it'? HENRY: With the aid of me buddies noodles, Ben, Sparky and BJ. ROBO: Anything else for our audience? HENRY: No. mush . . , Rita Rieves Giving Thanks To Mom Dad Will Always Remember friends: Eun, Stac. Angie, Carla, Lisa, Tash. PL, PH, PB, MR, SP. JS, CG, LH, W+C, TL. KR. Little D'. MJ, McDonalds Crew Laura main street expo. Themclass of 85" Good times with friends of 86, P- stock C-house L-store. Best Times with Troy Jones Ree-Rec loves Tri77 always!! Gregg Roberts TIME TO HEAD WEST Remembers: Cape Rod 84, Ah EE Thank You Cheri, the Pond CraigViIle Beach, Main in 70lFAS. NJ+Nessy-Strip P, Dude. I'm Losin it, Danny t, Breakdown, Summer83-I-New Years-we're lucky Berc, VH wlLos, can't forget SL, MC and RR Good times wlMusk-Circle of Madness, Freewill-to the top thanx MrW, Mom+Dad John E. Roberts Jr tBenn-yl REMEMBERS, Scott, Bres, Dean, Dave, Aaron, Shawn, Steve. Matt, John, Morse, Mitch, Billy, Rusty, Paul, Jim. Hamblet, Mark, Phil, Greg, Chuck, Joe, Blouin, Bummers, Gladue. Bou, Curt, Ken. Sharon. Lauren, Kathy, Millisa, Ara, Kira. Kelli. Dubbic, Otto, Jill, Cindy, Bob G. Bob D, Wendy, Nardon, and Pete Rocky Mt. The Roof and PARTIESYII Charles Robertson To the greatest assembly of personalities- RLBPAMWJPCBTBRBDWMRJIBSP BJRSC+ NO END-Wlo friends there is nothing, I am changed forever. Chuck - you make no sence! Fortunate. For all time: Serious Comedians-NY, Bus, Aeptwellfleet. Snowstorms, sunny days and press nights, Love all, look on and never forget!! Kimberly Robinson VA-Experience Tina Newport Vineyard83 Police Robbing-Kookoo's Always-Eric sister Dana: NHskiing: Tir a Cape Bonfires-Sue? DA "Donuts"- Golf Course SB, JB, CC-Shark DEb "Bud" Your TURN-BK JAILBIRDS-TK, CG, JV Phill Collins TK-.IameslS2LS Thanks M+D-Love you catch YA, THUMBS UP! Lisa Rollins YEA WE MADE IT. Class of 85 AMBITION: mayor computer science Cherish what has passed, reyouce in what is happening and dream of what will be. memories of the cape. Sophmore year bacon bathroom. ANGIE D. and I eeeekl Favorite saying Word! Thanks MA and DAD. I LUV YOU. BYE BYE RR AN EP SW KR DW GG O Chris Romero"Rom " I shall be telling this with a sigh Somewhere ages and ages hence Two roads diverged in a wood. and I- I took the one less traveled by. And that has made all the difference- Robert Frost Thanks to the monsters + my friends + Scoopy' Drew Michael Rona From DLR+VH: "I think the clock is slow. I don't feel tardy. Have you seen juniors gradesi' Got one foot out the door. I think It's time to roll' Unchained, nothing stay's the same. Ain't no stoppin now!"-Newtonite' deadlines New York. cheek the story. set type. can we leave yet? Lisa Rosen Hey Guys it's been real: Syl, USY, "Hurrah Hurrah, " Nation Holiday, Bessie-Sue. Do you have a real job" Don't point "Any Globes?" Call me John, Gopher. Make of life what you can-Be happy 84 keep smiling. Today is the Tomorrow you worried about Yesterday. Let's keep in touch. REM: IP, DF, JL. SI. SN, MS, Alu, SR Daniel E. Rosenberg Remembers - Dave, DH, GI., AS, AL, TC,SY, TR. TK, MG, MC, BB, JdV and all the other Italians, SA, DS, NR, MT, MS, DN, NC. LR. BM, CR, TT. PN. TD, SB. JS, AC. WG, English w Tom etcetera Steve, maybe we'll work on that survey this weekend . Nah' Squeck' The answer is IQZ4 . . . or maybe 3 t-booths Well Norm. my uncle told me . . . Austin Richards Rita Rieves Gregg Robe'-15 at 'vs 1-on fa: sfwgr' John Roberts Charles Robertson Kim Robinson . 'Qs . X itat, Lisa Rollins Christopher Romero Michael Rona ,J Y HX Seniors Joshua Roseman Lisa Rosen Daniel Rosenberg Tina Rosenthal Lore-ng Rgggi .1 1 Deborah Roth Normand Rousseau ps? mm q,! Ns ".-1-ex. 3- , vt f f pf' gr fi. : L fe' i . r if 'af ' ' ,- J fy- 'Q - ,, . f 5, f F' I lil I I ' . 'T 7 ' ' , .:, -1 ' . . si, gb 5 s , vpm. . -- YQ' L.--E2?"4'i'V1,p"j'I"f,' f- " '. 5 rf ., ' . Rf ' ff "I -N veit -Ms ,L 1-1 na. . ' , 's C0"f'.V Rubin Nicolina Russo -ui M-+9 CZ? I K Gregory Rutan Colin Ryan t. Sabrina Rossi Raymond Rowland .2 is Qzza.-V 4 Scott Russo Diane Ryan Tina Rosenthal Soccer I, 2. 3 Thanks Puffy Tu cstas at capitar. de este equipo Indoor track 2. 3 Lacrosse I. I. I firca' summers with Cindy and lililabeth Cindy-wish you were here ABIockfRl-, LM "Best of luck to the best of friends " Loretta Rossi Best of times with the best of friends' Amy we made ttl Y0u'rc the best' EP-Redifusions. florida. fi- Harbor HB-Midnites, Springsteen-9fX-1. SKYIIAVN ll. CG-Gymnastics-23, JB-Sammx. JR-Newtonyille. TH- Where's my car? Laxl. I--Hockey-2. Cheerleading-3. Summer-83, Police-M083 Take a look ahead' Loye and Thanks to Mum. Dad, Xt Liz' Sabrina Rossi "This world is But A Canvas To Our Imaginations" Rose and Rena Firen7a8-1 con Kath. Ka. Nfike. Betty ed i ragani a Compiobbi Vi Voglio Bene Vi ricord ero per sempre. Una Coca cola. Hoha Hola Bcrbuda 831Mario NYC WfMs Vallone, Ivana and fi N G.Q. The locker Graiie Ma gl Pa Deborah S. Roth Thankful for Edco program JR NAD + NCSY IST Public speaking award enyoys gymnastics I+ 2 Likes knitting and sewing Plans to be a hairdresser Good Luck W.M.H.l Thanks Mom. Dad. Grandpa Great Future to D. + S. Love Edie, Lou. + counsins, Rachel + Marc Normand Rousseau Basketball remembersi The Boss weekend. Royal Orient Malta Goya. BC Halloween. NAAN1' Chase. Bat-Mobile itll The Pool, Star. My-T-Fine' Thanks Phil. Chris, Mike, Kid Jubes, Brei, Paul. Caleb. Dena, J8cT, BK, DO, AM, MC. SAA. "Some day we'll look back on this and it will all seem funny"i Hey Andy. I forgot to tell ya . . Ray Rowland Football I, 2. 3 Lacrosse Ist. down and goal Same old story, Sul trip "We were framed." "The nearer you get to your destination the more you keep slip slidden away." All my friends Take it easy' Tube'n All right boys-Two choices. Lets go exploring HA' HAI Tira-You make me smile when l am around you. ILTK Corey Rubin God is he to whom I am accountable l cannot forget. For, it is he whom my conctence is open Cooll Make new friends. keep the old. One is silser. The other gold. "Easier said than done Shorts" Because, lt's hot in school' Friends. you know yiho you are. and I know too. We will lease it at that Beth. Steve. Gyow Nicolina Russo Will always remember the good limes. lbana. Rita. Sheila. Kathy. Anna, Jackie. Lisa. Bobby. Nlark. David, Nick, Matthew, Bruno, Jimmy. Oscar's Jeans. Kevin's grin. Kenny, and Joe as he rocks the cradle Special thanks to Barry house All my loye to Nlom and Dad. Thanks for everything Neugis -55- Scotl Russo Remembers good times ln I9X3+ I98-I at Rocky Mountain Lyons Park the river Sunday All .IR DR SM DN VW KM TM SD JO DB BD NIP .Isl .IC LF PH JR SM LR DF MB JM BC N1R"XNho wants a horsey ride" Nobody gets out aliye. The good die young, Hafn Geeks -ther Party Party Party Greg Rulan Good times were there ln our Party Xlonster lair, Multi-talls were consumed The chiet bltssttl us al' lr: Justice's fine llall. Where our brain cells were certainly doomed' Football-ISF. Track-23 Remember EVERYBODY' Words cannot express my loye for Jill. Bellygram'-reprimand No Nlan, lease the strobe ON! Colin Francis Ryan F-ball lloop Basketball I I 3 Good Times Xkith ND RR MN TT CS and the rest Thank you Dad for all you'vc done you'ye done .i good yiob raising your son Mom Did her share until she had to go uhy she had to none of us knoys l don't understand I neyer will. but in flesh or in memory my loyes with her still Diane Ryan Never Forget Partyin' NN Shar. lau. Nlel. Steph. Joyce, lset. lsath, Toc, Ruby. Its.t. IP. BB. Nlarg. CC and the Gang' Shel, Nlike-Sum-S3 eklb tlihc Walll, Fez. N1ics.doobs, -N ll-Duster. 3 Ittttts' The Rock Multi-Buds, Beach Bums V 32 llorida. lloyyiyt you beeen' The Awesome lrish' I-13-Xllf Thanx- DGGNICC Good luck Guys' Take tt tothe limit" Senior NV Douglas Sabin REMEMBERS: KW, AS, JS, MR, S, DR, D 81. ALL THE REST Sailing-Maine8LCanada, Yearbook, Windsurfing, MASP Cards? I'm busy! Mono? GI GI WHO? Thanks for everything Mom and Dad Charles Michael Sakakini football l, 2, 3 wrestling 2, 3-Capt, tony, Alex, John Colin, Ray, Quinny. Bob+BobDug, Dan, Otto, Rich, Bouch, Sweena, KP, JR, LP, MB, JR, SK, JD, MN, and everyone else Lotta first and goal IS-7 what happened! good wresting team wood mass mar-itime I Hope! Mom and Dad thanx for putting up with an ozone yall be cool! Mark Saltzer Remembers: The motorcycle races with David, Going to Berlin with Anina, Skiing with Suzy F., Typing with Lisa, Julie, AC, JM, SL. Thanks for all the memories everyone. Ivana Salvucci Always Remember Lina Rita, New York trip with Sabrina, All my friends, especially my sister Rita and Josh. Will never forget Mark and Chemistry with CC, HM, EL. Can't forget History class with mimi and KD-still laughing lasting memories of Zia Bina. Grazie Per tutto Mom+Dad+SA+ DI Have made 85 best. Eric Salzman To know that you know what you know, and that you do not know what you do not know, that is true knowledge. Gymnastics-I, 2, 3.f Drums-ROCCO. fFIorida!fIsraeI. M+D,fL+ P. True Friends Steven Sampson Thanks for a wonderful High School experiece: JH, DM, KM, CO, LW, SM And to "The Poker Gang": AS, DS, JS, MF, SG, MB GM's Chem. Class, Math Team, Ping Pong, esp, And the CLASS of 1984! Charlene Santacroce One Good Thing About The Future Is That It Only Comes One Day At A Time l'lI always remember The Wall And Jazz wjDEBB Sheree I'm BOREDI Where's my CuzCa'? yL wf Christine HI Leesa my Lil Sista mel Albie-doo BethtDavit OPUS my Big sis Gina PD J+J THANX mum and dad I Love You ALot Chili-Burger Luisa Santilli Heidi + Deb Best Friends always Remember CT KA DG BM KK PP RM JM-l-J COKE! Parties at the apts. Hull Lexington VH and BS Concerts l2fl7j83 Remember Yesterday Dream of Tomorrow but Live for Today I'll always remember our times together Danny, LOVE YA Jacqueline Santos Rembers: AllfthefgoodftimesfwithfDevonf7-23- 848Ll2-2-841LisafSpriggsfAlanafHuggins, AW, AD, SW, RR, KR, RS, LR, EP, CC. ThankfYoufMs. Wheaton, and faf veryfspecialf ThankfYoufforjmyfMOTH ER! 8LfthefHoustonf Family! forf allf thef helpfandfSupportf IfLovefYou!f All!fJackie+ Devon fin-"84"f Good LuckfThefclassfof f"l985." 12585 Corinne Santosuosso Remembers: BT+ KS, JG+BV, JUDI THE DUDI. KA+DD, AH, CT. JS, CC. HB, JL, Moris, TS, SD, EA, MB, DV, NAB. RT, FOD. LW, CJ, WTF, PH. Hooda, Quincy, H-Parties, Dudes, GTA, LC, Dorka, Hick, Scoop, Socks, Drive Ins. Don't Even, OY, Y U Always B Doing This 2 Me Mun, 7-28-84, N- BEACH, Suma 8-1,AMl.2 Artie THANX MOM Rcnne Saris Best of times wf the best of friends, Cape Cod 8l 82 83 "Its only the cottage" Fun wi Dave Summer of 84 Jon. Hampton Beach wf Dawn Parties at Debonair wf Snake and gang Locked out M+L, Phil Tony Bobby Mark Ft. Lauderdale, Busters! The Boss Concert CB A feeling I never outgrew J Thanks Mom and Dad Celia Sa vitz Thanks to the 2 best Friends ever-Stephie-Lee, + Jules Remember Perter, BK, JB. HB, Dining wjMT+CB, and everybody else! Field Hockey, Orchesis, Smile, dance, Jive, and be alive! .IT+CS+Funk, Summer of 'X4 +Tevvi + Merestead +Capt.X-mas'84, Pink Izlephants-TPG! LETS MAKE A TOAST! WI Sen i nrs ,,,,. Douglas Sabin Charles Sakakini Mark Saltzer A 'Sign . S-4' N., ,., If Ivana Salvucci Eric Salzman Steven Sampson lf 4 -ne 'B Charlene Santacroce Luisa Santilli Jacqueline Santos 4 2 . Corinne Santosuosso Renne Saris Celia Sa ritz 'vo Marie Scheibert Erica Schlueter Andrew Schmidt 'Q 'P' .5 , ,ai Linda Schnall Michael Schultz Howard Schwartz 4156 -as ,QA 'Vx 'Qfw-7 i 1 2 it ,gig 5 ' Gary Scott Joshua Seifert Lynn Sekulow Mais ,os ri! .q 1 . T, so -' - th 0 We eq W.: . It f :A 37: . I -i ' 'vu 1' , iz J gre 'fs' ' ' Rani Sellers Aviva Selling Da vid Sgan Andrew Schmid! MB, AG, BM, AW, KM. MN. PM. KS. DB. JK, BM, TK, BD, Soccer I23, MY LLJCK WITH CARS, "Bruce" I used to be lost in the shuffle, now I just shuffle along with the lost. Vineyard Trip- Checkersl, Rightl, Which Andy" 3 Years of D-Block Math, Are wc having fun yet? Thanks JL! Our Buddy-Mr. Scanlon SLUMP STARTS AS SOPH. SEE YA! Linda Schnall V-ball IZ3-Capt Orchesis l23 BHC ROCCO Hcfenfefer7 Kelly's IZXI camera-happy sisters lifting ragdolls flood floating-coupons pi chow-attaccks summers at Tevya Velita ouch Hold your memories close to your heart, but don't try to relive them. Best of luck class of 85! Love 84 thanks to my family :It friends! Michael Schultz I can feel it coming in the air tonight, hold on! Thanx: JP, Gunth, Nes, Jf, AK, 2235 . . . VENI. VIDI, VICI They say the heart of rock Je roll is still beating SPAIN 84 Goju-ryu Dr. Ice No pain, no gain! Jon Baby I was born to run . . . Deadline, what deadline? Breaking hearts 'aint what it used to be , . TAZX Love to: MOM+DAD. the 3 BEARS, + " . . . I'm still running against the wind. Howard Schwartz Eli, snleprock, Aldo "Snapper", Bibopbu, Dinkule. Snells Amelioslimc and the BMW. Don't Forget all the the Good times-Eli's B-DAY, Ashleys, "the Bottle", windows, Road trips, Quarters and JUST partying. It's been A Great HIGHSCOOL Keep In TOUCH! Gary Scott Varsity Soccer. ll. IZ. Gary Goalie all the way! David8L the Beast! She's Racing In the Third! THANX, and wc made it! Memories of Italy and Lexington. La Singnora'Per Piacere State Zitte! SEE YOU AROUND SIS! THANX JF. TG, LD. TT. DV AND THE REST OF YOU. THANX MOM+DAD DF Awesome! Life Is What You Make It. CLASS OF 85ilI Josh Seifert Chris-YDB! Shari, SK, TO, KA. CP. AL, DT. DBR Boz. Every one else. Jammin', MAINE. Summer 84. Different eyes see different things, different hearts beat on different strings but there are times for you and me when all such things agree, Love to all my family+friends. I couldn't have made it without you. Lynn Sekulow Thank You Mr. Chalmers, Fuzzy. Mrs, O'NIalley, and ESD. Cous Paula. REM. New Years Day "8-1" AMY. Special Thanks for extra help from Mr. Gaudet and Mrs. Wolf. REM. LINDA LYNN STRIKES AGAIN AND YOU KNOW IT!! Love is a rose l'II Never Forget KEW THANK YOU Buzzard Dawn 84 Barbara SOLID LIKE A ROCK Rani Sellers "Without a dream, our eyes are blind Except for walls on every side, But waked by visions we can find A door to freedom open wide." Thank-you Nlrs Killion, Mrs. H. and Mr. O! Michael C Sonya XX' Sheryl G. -Thank-you, tool Aviva Selling Music is the curer of many ailments Hunncc' .1 more beautiful friendship could not hate blossomed Leo P,: thank you for creating the most important part of my life-YCO in Europe tmountain in Hofl-tice versa? Muffin-to the Brahms Double and Death. Death and the maiden David Sggin Remembers. The AATEAM-IGGYZEKE, SCOOTER AND JABBA. Thanx to Stroh. Jismo, Snoyt Sz Blotto for three zany years , . small . and if the cloud bursts, thunder in your ear. you shout and no one seems to hear, and if the band you're in starts playing different tunes l'll see you in trenchtoxtn hebcgbe Seniors 01 Catherine Sgarzi Remembers: Kevin, Kin + Craig, Ornella, Cesidia + Darryn, Dorothy, Oscar, Cesidio + Pam, Marisa, Franco, Jennifer, Billy, Cindy June I2 If You Love Something Set It Free If It Comes Back To You lt's Yours, If It Doesn't It Was Never Meant To Be All My Love To Kevin Always And Forever 5-I7-84 Ellen Shapiro Soccer + Lacrosse, CCCP-CLABA BODKY!, Kathy + THE FEMMES "So we beat on, boats against the current, borne back ceaselessly into the past." - Fitzgerald Goodbye to all the Dudes! "Keep passing the open windows." -John Irving Andrew Sha ver Remembers-Gregree, E-Man + Nobles, Gregg + Karenfwayland. Soccer I 2 3-Pete B.'s Penalty Kick, Donny et al Vento, Amy, Austin, Joey R., Mike Solly + Thomas, Jill, Jamie. Ma Grande Soeur, Mom, Peter. Lavender Tank. Bob S. + Mark, Steinert, Rigali, and Mrs. Stein. Multa Nox Cum Davido Lettermano Facta Possibilis A "SKOAL". Sarah Shay "Janson Lives Forever!" Studio "Smudge Factory" Nikki Maneger swim-team "Hey I live here!" Paris The oflicial chauffer for the Newtonite Nessman "Mush-man" the yellow sub will ride forever all my love to Robin, Raquel. S.W., M.S., Nancy Israel J, I and of course, my other half Valeria 1985 lives Lisa Shea Life is short no matter how long yor live so live Andrea Ann Lauraine Tiz Patti Sarah Trish Heather Dyan Karen Tom Kenny Raybows Summer of 84 Charles St. Park R-Commons + stairs and in our haste to grow to soon we left our innocence on desert moon but we had fun and Ange thanks mom 2 steve Maryswine Kathleen Shea Hold onto a ray of hope and a promise of future follow your dreams always remember Lisa, Lisa, Craige Theresa, Linda, Renee, angela, Tiz, Cheryl, Sara, Julie + Brian, forever, John, 2-3-84, forever Barry + Riley common s WH. Proms-25-84, good times with friends thanks mom + dad I finally made it Love ya Good Luck John Sheerin Remember one year at NNHS. Good times with new friends, Julie + Diana: BK's No more! People at work. Also old friends, JP AJ JD JS PF DG DF. thanks to family in Indy, Mom, Dad and last but not least, B + D Nessy Shems I love Roastbeef-fe The squids Jeff and the Smurfmobile The B-girls lucky 4 "She'll get over it" The pa 'I love u' TSS in the battle, Newtonian Macs Friendlys, "Oh I like it" The sluts, Ballsmobile Digi, Robitkypoopah "I really love your peaches wanna shake your tree"- Ixtapaply yours- the Nes Eric Shulman I'll not forget good timesfbad times + friends who shared them wfmcg Mile, Joe, Chris, Steve, Kemmy, BJ. JB, JPW, NS, MN-GUMY, BL, DR, LR. CB. FS, SI. BM + every-I that made life worth living- WKNDS-Hamilton Kids, TAMPA,The Association, BOSCON'?- lt just doesn't matter! locker neighbors ERK-still recovering from Wells + Donlan 92 seniors Catherine Sgarzi 17 A ndre w Sha ver f"' """'S -19' G Elizabeth Shea WY - I I li . I , Nessy Shems Ellen Shapiro Jeremy Shapiro l' Nirvana Shaw Sarah Shay dffifo Aja 'fa fl 5, f if Kathleen Shea John Sheerin Terry Short Eric Shulman .IF 4' if . if t t l . l. ' Cindy Sillinger Pablo Silva Michelle Simmons K- is 4 Yay f . . . t, ,yt yfgx A f Steven Simmons Francesco Sinpoli Shawna Slack l 0 , 4-0- of Lax, I l l Benjamin Smith Michael Solomon Janet Soucie KW . , 5- -ti ii Q LeeAnn Spataro Robert Spinks Lisa Spriggs t I I i l Cindy Srllingcr I couldn't have done it wfo you Laura-past. pres.. ci future. Thanks to CP. Arm, mal, SD, HM Tl.. you'rc finally getting rid of me, 'vl b -A blast. but too cold. Orchestra wfEB's laugh Thanks AC for HP. Well Shar I'm a frosh again Great times" - Germany-84, Canada-84. Tnmes wfall my friends. my future at The Zoo Pablo Silva "The Master said, In the old days men studted for the sake of self-improvement. nowadays men study inorder to impress other people." -Confucius "There are two Hies in the kitchen, which is the covsboyq K The one on the range." -AVH VH is tDl Lucky nt Hasn't run into a bridge abutment. Michelle Simmons You are never given a wish with out also being given the power to Make it come true. Live. Love + laugh. with Love to all my friends . . . Remembers: Dede, Anna, Reg, Jackie, DW, LB, LW, KM, Woo, Woo, Bermuda, FA. Day Bobbles, R+R. Ground Round Mrs Thompson, Party mobile And special thanks to mom for believing in me ,... Francesco M. Sinopoli Remembers. John, Mark, Joe Steve. Ray. Fun in library and cafe. Fun in Mazzola's class. All kids in all my classes. Remembers: Mark's car and car and car. Benjamin R. Smith Life is what happens while you're making other plans. Will remember Boston + Harvard square, T-Bird-vs- TSYZ, Led Zep. no nukes. Eastie. B-Ball. Frisbee and Italy. Gd. luck Steve wfChina! BFA? Best wishes to SC, RAXZ. JM, SK, CC, NC, TR and all the crazy people on the Newtonite-EVERYBODY! N.H.H.S. is history . . , Mike Sofomon Perfer et obdurag dolor hic tibi proderit olim-oyid exugo .1 me non ut optimis par sim. Sed ut malis mellor-serieca rident stolidi verba latina- ovid the transplended and zany times with: MO, CB, PG, MT, NC. AS. CS. DW. JA. WG, DS. SB, CH. JM, PD, NR, CB. SF. CR. BNI. TC. KT, DN, ES, AR, RF. JS. SB. CS .. Janet Soucie REMEMBERS: RENEE-BFTTVE, Thanx Lisa + Alan, I Love you, Digi, WM + JN, Sara, Shetla. Tara, CL, CCS. CC Billy, PA, Goomba. Cor, JG. Sue, KM, LT, Kevin, GF Mike J. BOB. Lizry. TO RAF, "You can be my silver Springsv -ILL' . . RJJJ-Sl Good Luck Class of 85. SMB LY- Whycome'? SNicks 4eva I Love You MONI + DAD Thanks LeeAnn Spataro Thanks to all my friends Lisa. Luciano. Shelly, Joan Sarah. AL, JG, PM, SM, DR, LC. Bermuda-S5 Thanx Dad Joey Retta l'll never forget Bob. Tom Good Luck everyone Thanx to my closet friend .aunt Donna and Mom Thanx for everything I Loye you Lisamaric Spriggs A special thanks to mom dad for all their help .md sup- port! Remembers: LJ, JS. DT. RR. AD. PB. SH. -XH. SW, EP, YC, AS, AW, DW. Thanks to Nls Wheaton Mr. Snape, Mrs. Leone. Ms Durruso, Nlrs Doyer. and all my teachers for all I know from my heart to my heart' I dedicate this book to Linda and Sheila xy ho I loyc yery much senior 97 James Staley Football, Lacrosse, Ski Cllub? Sugarloaf-Widowmaker Senior hit with Del. Hey Stupe, What's up? "The people in your life are cruel. Keep on riding that hard road! The lovers in your life are few. Keep on riding that hard road"-T.REX "SMACK" Lauren, I'll never forget our love. Thanks, Mom and Dad. ChangeslBowie Dena Steinberg December I, l984, The Flood! Linda's Coat! ls the rope Polish? Lifting with the guys The sober bench, party Turns into one big bull-session! The Biology experiment, Where are the keys '? 409 Pigpile Desemone, Volllryball, came Naomi Summers If you live in the past you lose the present. Julie Subrin To Stephie-Lee and Ceal, with love. And Pootie, Beth, and everyone else! Girls Just Wanna Have Fun! Field Hockey, Thoughtprints, France, dining with MY+CB, Pop-Tarts, Let's talk about the boys in Newton . . . Pink Elephant-TPG, Let's make a toast! Cathleen Suitor Thanks Mom + Dad I luv u Tora thanks I luv u! Week ends in Maine never forget! Newstart. I will never forget The people, Cammy. Monica, Eric, Eddie, Eric, JS, JSM CM, JM. Luv To all my friends esp. LVB, MB, MS, SS, PP, SM, LG. NZ. Memories ofthe Police concert! Hojos, my red bug, gym, bacon stairs. Maura thanks I luv u! Sheryl Sulkin Friendship Is A Priceless Gift Given To Our Yesterdays And Waiting For Our Tomorrows: Amy, Julie, Deb, AM, BK, TK, KR, NR, PD, SF Fri the l3th AMREE! CHASE MD CH CB SUM 84 PASD Great Times at TOAKA-DEB, ROB, JODI. WEN DY-OHWAB+ B! L, C8tG2! Julie-20? BCb- GQ, FLA 85 You Guys! H.L Crew WPFLUV 2 Mom, Dad and Berta Michol Sullivan Mitch-if the sun refuse to shine I will still be loving you, mountains crumble to the sea there will still be you and me. Pooh-You are a true friend, I will always love you. A wish for my friends-may the hand of a friend always be near you. Love Michol X Paul Summers Alwlays Remember BUMMERS Rob Randy Ray Coughlin Sean Kenny Pete Jimmy JM KM RD KL CM TC JN JM THE Buddy Tim Frankie Nance Trips To Burger King Teddy-Goolst Flynn Rusty BOU MacNevin JO-JO S-Yarmouth The-P-Man Good Times on Cape Cod With Bob-B Kew Sumpter Thanks to all my teachers for helping me out, Bye Deanine, special K Lisa, Kelly, Lynn, Mrs O'Malley, Mr O'Neill and Mrs. Connolly. I will miss all my friends in the classes of 85, 86, 87 and 88. Palmer House Council Afro American Club Michelle Sutherland I will never forget good times with good friends Debbie Monique Maria Kim Amura T.E. SlO+Sara. T.O. L.K. Best wishes to my sister wfBaby McAdams Shadow life in the last lane. Singing in the tard pard wf Kim Deb. I will never forget Fitzy X- Mas trashing Shenls. Californiabound. Boston lil Thanx Ma Christopher Sweeney Remembers: Booch, Quinny, Mac, Rich, Otto, Steph, loc, EC Good times in Beals House trips to Marshfield RK, RV, I had a couple Ma, Whcre's the party 78r7: I4. Lynn SuzyQ, Booch's house down the Cape How you do mush Special Thanks to the Claflins for putting up wfme Mom Dad Granny Love always see ya later people Andy Swett Education is what you have left over after you have forgotten everything you have learned 94 Seniors df' Yrj ,Y James Staley Dena Steinberg Philip Stockton '95 --ew Julia Subrin Cathleen Suitor Sheryl Sulkin 4'1" .rg Michol Sullivan Paul Summers Kew Sumpter 'Q' ef. X. -J ' v. N S X i t R ,Q Y f l I I i Michelle Sutherland Christopher Sweeney Andrew Swett :Cs 'lt'- T l- Louis Szekely Sarah Tafe Doria Tamhurrini il ' i 14. 11? .X Mue Tang Patrick Tedeschi Robert Tedeschi Tiziana Tempesta Carla Thomas Karen Thompson Cynthia 1 X Tiberio as , Michael Thomas Lauren Tocci X , Louie Szekely Louis+Eli7abeth My Brown eyed girl. l Loye you ... BcautiFUL ZentalainJoel.'v1att. Chuck Robertson, Jeff Meagan, Nat Grdvlan YAlVll"' Seth, Putnam and the rest of you Losers The Books Ive red, the Friends lve made, makes me want to sitthat CLade I thank Julia Child For pencils Smoke is no Joke! Ten years!!!!! Sarah Tafe the wonderful thing about memories is they newer spoil no matter how long you keep them Concert Choir IZ3 Sisters 23 trish LeeAnn Patti AVLDLPNBTTJWRYJPPDA Adam Ant 411183 lf9f83 Always Rem: HEXCUSE 'VlE"Nf1r Hugh the BOSS ROCCO ML the Best of times w,! lriends You all made this Possible Tomatoface Doria Tamburrini There has to be an invisible sun to keep us warm when the day is done, show a little faith, there's magic in the night. Best of luck to all my friends ZELLA+JULlO, ASIMO YOU MALAKA!l Luv U AMlTA, MlTCH'yet while the days drift between us, little things linger 2 remember Ll!PAPA+MON1. THANKS, I LOVE YOU!!!! Patrick Tedeschi Cape Cod 84 Parties That Never Ended Winter Snow Storms ln Vermont Van Halen Concerts Buds The Lake Electrical The Best ol' Times are Yet to Come Good Luck to GD, ST, DT CB SJ JG BT LS LC and The Class of 85. Robert Tedeschi Fast Times At NNHS Hey' Southie and NNHS Girls What's Up? IO-ll Eagles Basketball Team Party Time in Southie + Braintree Good Times wg' Lori P. MS, JW Sandy, KA, SG, CJ. KB, CC, AG. JS, PM, MM, JF, TG, SP, AR. MP, JM BN1. JP. CS+ Kids from Braintree Good Luck Class ol 85 M.Jackson+ BoyGeorge MUST GO! Thanks Ma+Dad Tiziana Tempesla Good Times With Good Friendst SBJ. CS, LS, KS. NL, ML, TM, AV, LD. PP, ST, Thanks Angela -1 Always being There, My' Love to PETER. 6-l-8-1 TLF. l2-8-82, JA, Always and Forever ROOCO. Celtics ifl. Italian Club Pres. Parties. Going Cruising, Barry Commons, Open Arms, Journey The Memories Never Die. THANX MOM and DAD Michael Thomas Remembers: Boo, Phil, Nick. Brez. Naam. Daye, Sarah, S.B., C.S., J.S. Wheeling soly Home. B K. Ben, A.L., L.S,, K.J Freak-Flag iM. is of no O.Dave's Mistakesl Toronto 8t Brick Walls don't mix, R.R. Man. Baja, Chicken of B.. mopeds downhill, PIES ON WARDlE!, Noodle dish. I2 IS. Acting Nonchalant, SH. Gang. Don't eat Houers LFFOO Karen Thompson Good Times With Friends Katherine. Cindy. Lauri. Jenni, +Shelia Celtics 84 Champs-Bird Bruins- Klusak O'Connell+ Leveille Red Sox-Stanley + Ex- Sox Lynn+Eck Concerts-Doobie Bros. D.iryl+,lohn. Rod, Thompson Twins Bowie Tennis Team Nlommy Remember Baby'+Dad DR. TT+Cheryl B "Dont mess with lmperl'ection" DH Cynthia Tiberio Remember Foreyer-Karen. AH. JG. BT. CS, CS. HB, LS, SW, CA, JM. INN BBG. OYE. lx-X, LD, KL. SK, MP, SL, TO. NEIL. ES. T-Bonel. Always something there to remind me RB. LEE, LT, SPllsE. Dr. Mackie, YO. Mike, Aiyit. Thands Adanis House Babe l Love You Your Great! Yeas' snow in the LTD, MOM+ DAD Rio, Breakdtmnf, RV. 'P, JS. CC, CP, S Stuck on you Bobby Lauren Tocci SwimTeam-I Remembers: Ruby. Lisa,R.1ch.Smellcy. Lau, Shar, Di. Marg, Joyce. Steph. Xlel. Lituri "AND THE GANG" Rlxpt Florida The Park cc. Duff. Joey' Thanks NlomdDick Duane l-13 lt Club-F Larry Allen Summer of 83 Nayy' Couldnit haw done it without you Dad TH -XNK YOL' my Dl-XWOND' All my LOVE TO l.OL'lEE 7 2-1 S4 FORFX FR Senior Antonio Tomaino Remembers: Alex, Chuck, John, Colin, Ray, Bobby, Steve, and Greg. Weekends in the Monte riding shotgun. ABCDEFGHIJK LMMOPQRSTUVWXYZ . . , lf you can find your initials, then I remembered you! YOU OZONE! Roses are red violets are blue, were out of highschool, now what do we do'?!l Hey Colin by the way ,...... OTAY Michele Tonelli SwimTeam IO, ll Palmer Council-I2 Remember: Andrea, Kathleen. J8LJMcKie. CO, SL, CD, HM, MS Allmyfriends, concertcoachTheFixx, TheBOSSwfK, Summer 84, 322, Granolaland, KJ, KT, You Will See Light In The Darkenss, You Will Make Some Sense of This--STiNE THANKS MOM. DADQYLFRANCESCA l Will always Love You. Kevin Tormey Hockey Golf Baseball Thanks To Parents, Most Teachers, and All Friends Especially- E.G.lOrca, Quitter'?J T.C.lSocccr, Fag, Bos. Collegel P.M. tBottle Caps, Great Driverl J.P.lBucky, Oh Harryll. Great Times at B.B.C.C. Egga's House, Parties and Pat's Game. l Hope l Get ln and Good Luck Everyone Elizabeth Tosney Remembers: COR, JOANNE, KAREN, ANNE, JUDY, T-BON E. Cruisin. Clubs. Wild Times at the Beach. The never-ending quest for a Total Dude, Scibs. Summer of 84. Why U Always be doin this 2 me man? Club Cal wfBV and the Crew. AS, MM, LD. H-parties. Geeks l Have Known. GTA. good times wjKevin S. Lorraine Trainor "ls a dream just a lie if it doesn't come true, or is it something worse?" Sarah. Tony, David, GH, Brighams, the Omen: SD, PC, CG, JM, JS, CL, PM Restlin' WXROCCO BM, JK, CV. Thanks Mom+ Dad, CJJ. 4fl3j84, Intercom. "The proper function of man is to live. not to exist," "Show a little faith, there's magic in the night." Aldo Tramontozzi Looks like we finally made it. Thanks to Joe, Dave+ Nick for the good times together and to everyone else who helped along the way esp. NR, JR JR and JK Rem. Cruising, quitting, "The Italians", Firenze Nl, NYC with DA and Ma+Dad. A special thanks Z the USA never forget Debbie Jean Vendice Glory days they'lI pass you by-BS. Soccer-Thanx fuzzy Gymn. Lax. Amy-Syb Jodu-DHH + PWH. Cape-Jailbirds Deb-there's bread all over. Honey-lists. X 3 Love U thanx2 my family esp.Beth, + friends "Sanctuary never comes wfout some kind of risk. Illusions wfout freedom never quite add up to bliss." 1 --any , N Antonio Tomaino Elizabeth Tosneyi aes ,os ITM'-7 X 1 -Q 'xx l Binh Van Tran -Seger 96 Seniors Lee Vazquez Ki Michele Tonelli ,A if Lorraine Trainor ,Q-A . .1 , v ZVWQN. . Jn ' 2. L I .lon Tupta -S: i Edward Veduceio i Kevin Tormey if ,ff fzf J 7 Aldo Tramontozzi Laurie Vanbuskirk Jean Vendice H I Andrea Veno David Vento 'in -1r',1N Q , Qs 2 X . i LL. Debra Visco Deborah Waldorf wah 6' 'ggi ' I ,, g X I David Ward Jennifer Ware if ,.,.,,, If Dan Weinfeld Ari Weinstein tw I Bruno Visco 'f"If"' I if K. lla Julie Wangler I S -- e ff i' ff if R '65 A V' y. u an Pffifite i .ali if I . Sarah Washburn I A my Weisman Andrea Veno Friends come and go but memories remain I isa Ann Karen Dyan Sarah Heather Lauraine Tw Kenny Hob All my friends New and old Dream until your dreams come true 9-I4 Rosie John Lori Thanks. you all helped me a lot. A special thanks to Stephen Nilaf. Kay who's a special person in my life David Vento Soccer, ITrack, OTrack, IZC3 Life is a lesson in futility, it inevitably must end, but if you can make just one persons life a little brighter. then it is no longer futile. I will always remember SB. LH. DL. CR, MP, MN, PN, AC. AW and esp Tara, I neyer could have made it without you GD LK class of K5 Bruno Visco Good Times With Brian Kenny Matt Elayne Kathy Shelly Billy Carpentry Hockey Bloomies Bondo Bomb SS the Rink O'HarryI THANKS MOM AND DAD Deborah Waldorf SPEECH TEAM!! Interhouse Council, Thoughtprints and STINKYY "lt's not hard steering a ship. its knowing where to point it." Aternoons at WHITE MOUNTAIN Julie Wangler "May the road risc up to meet you, May the wind be always at your back, and until we meet againg may God hold you in the palm of his hand. Renee and Kathy, the memories are too many. "Tiny Bubbles" 3-20-84 Why am I here when I should be there? I2- I7-83 I love you Brian! David Ward If the sun is where the fun is, look for me there. and may you go blind looking-REMEMBERS-AATEAVI, S,H. GANG. BG TO NY. DEAD IN li-11 NIB.N1T. CB, PD. MS, NC, BG Pardon the Wild Crary Things I Have Said--I'm just not the same since theres rain in my head SAY. HAY. HAY. HAY. AND BE ZAY-NAY Jenna Ware Remembers: Romeo and Juliet-God-All the West Siders Model UN Trips! Thanks to The Real Inspector C2151 and co-workers Stephanie Jyllec Suzy Geoffrey Kathy Linda Nick Larisa and BFKrissy I won't think of that now l'll think of it tomorrow Imagination is more important than knowledge' Einstein Sarah Wlishburn Here's wishing you the bluest skies 8L hoping something better comes tomorrow Lori. Tony l0f2f84, PM, HM, JS, CL. GH, -lyfllyts-1. Thanks again Steve, IR and DM-W-F Park Concerts on the Common, Restling yyfMacDoug.ill. Htlslxellls Ducks. Dave's Room. M.trtha's Vineyard. Nlom Dad Becky l2f3lj84 Daniel Weinleld Track Rocco Acad. Decathlon-April in I 'X 7-NH-XL Thanks to ABCDEVGHIJK hangin'out is LMNOPQRSTLNWX Sometimes Y especially Z "No good times, no bad times. there's no times .it .iII. just the New York Times" -P Simon BEST OF LL Clx TO 'XI I Ari' lI'eIn.stei'n SWIMTEAM-2, 3. BD. EXI. BPN1. PS. XI.,N1B. AS, SG, MS. N1I.,CH, PB, .IH lt's not illegal if its the President-R Nixon LI-I2 I X-1 P-Quad Gumby' Rat Salad Dave the Waye yy IIO lily FS X D-XXIN WHAT FRANKII: SAY" Conan the librarian MickeyQ's Sid Lives VRIZI2 .-XT L NST. FRIflf -XT LAST, THANK GOD Xl NIIGHTY. l'Xl IRLE 'XT LAST-MLK A my II 'ei'.sma n "We knew ue'd look back on our tears .ind laugh But who knew yye'd look back on our laughter .ind cry." Thanx to all my friends who stuck by mc through the good times K the bad I wish you .ill the best of luck? I hope we ncyer lose touch" Pupu platters at lam is DEB ,IF-KN-FO W Svnltlfs 'J Benjamin Weiss "I do desire we may be better strangers" Van Halen Rules Remembers all my friends at Palmer Tree "DOING IT FOR A BUD LIGHT" Gunther Wellenstein REMEMBER: SENIOR YEAR ON NEWTONIAN STAFF: 31005865 Photography Editor l984'5 Newtonite Photo Staff 83 Work-Study '82 wfDOUCETTE THE BEST. '83 THE PITTS. WON'T FORGET J.P. THE NES SCHULTZY and REST OF YBS PRESIDENT OF Photo ENTERPRISES. Drivers Lie May '84 EAGLE SCOUT DEC '84 BEST OF LUCK CLASS OF '85 Sally Wellman Six Love, Andy, RG, N8LG, LR, LC, HC. COHASSET: The Island, Chapin's, "Break It Up", BB, CPD. KPwfMC, CP, Sam, DR. BK: B8LT, Liza Talks: BK: Gent Callers, NN Buddies: Maui, PP, VS: "OP", "BC", "SL", "BL", TH, JEH, Squeeze. Beat. "IYCBWT OYLLTOYWN, "SPCIANONSBWCIP", Newport. Heffers, KeIly's, K8LM, NY8I8c83. Mart:LAJK, Teq Sunrises. and the Audi Gregg Wellz Inorder to succeed, one must concentrate on the present and not be concerned with the future, If you work your hardest the future will take of itself. Luck to all, love to Karsie Faye, F'eva, five-years, the board of directors'Big G, Eth, Sir-shaver, basket ball, Allagash '84, Dad's advice and Mom's support, Lisa Wentzell Thanks for always being there Lee, Luc, Snel, JL, Di, AL, JG, SM. LC, CL, VC, CS, esp. Kirk. 9fIf83 Best Friends Holland I Love you! Just you and I Good times and some bad times too. Joey+Sara, Goofy. Bermuda, SD. CM, CL, Christmas84 Mom+ Dad Kirk, I believe in you and love you forever. Dave Good Luck Class of 8Sll!! Michael Wester NewtonitefThe Four of BusfRepo ManfMGNTfEWACSRLSNCfThanks M + D, ALL in Staff Box, Tom's and JAKE "Someone just smiled for no special reason it looks like the smile has come back into season it's so easy it doesn't have to be a nice day just the only one you've got and it's coming ready or not?"-THE BEAT Kate Whilbeck Learn from the past, experience the present, and have hope for the future my love to Doug Sabin friends through it all: Nancy Robin Li7 Kathy Debbie Laura Suzy buddies Dune Andy Rob Ben Steve Boyfriends: PM MG NP MD CB BG MH JN Crutches Prep Ski Team IO Stop ll, I2 The Walls-Yearbook I2 Stephanie White Partyin' wi Mel, Joy, Kell lcrash, The Burgularl, Dor, Sha7, Di, Laur, Dani, TOC, Cher. Joan, Ruby. Kath, Mia, Sue. Sara, Chris, John, All South kids esp Laur VAN HALEN 69' CUTLASS! COJP IRISH KH Multi-Buds Moke-A? FLA Breakin wf KM The Park? 'UUUNNNGGGHHH 6f9f84 WDC' Neva 4-get Billy! Love ya MOM +Dad 'Steve I lfl0f84 Suzy White All around me are familiar faces Worn out places, worn out faces Bright and early for their daily races Going nowhere, going nowhere MAMA ALWAYS TOLD ME NOT TO LOOK INTO THE SIGHTS OF THE SUN OH BUT MAMA THAT'S WHERE THE FUN IS Jean Wilcox If you can imagine it, you can achieve it. If you can dream it, you can become it! We made it Jackie I LUV U Remembers: PD, WM, AC. JD Summer of 84 Parties Younglifc-Saranac, Windy Gap, Wanna make a free" "We're gonna be blonde?" The Best of Times Good Luck Class of 85? I LOVE YOU MOM and DAD' 98 .Seniors sg, 1- .45 hi I' gf? si VX Andmw Weisman Benjamin Weiss Gunther Wellenstein Y""'1lv . sus.. X ua x i, ' ' x J I W , in -'fx bd N R v :ink :ii 'taxi' 5, I z1:',-.:.:if3f2:2i.- i " Sally Welfman Gregg Weltz Lisa Wentzell M . fUSrQ, SA ,....y il II ?YY Michael Wester Katharine Whitbeck Stephanie White S 19 : i 'ZH ,' gm, ' tr, , s,.:.: - ,ts Susan White Jean Wilcox Alfa Wiley ark .Q 1 'I I I I , I . , y I E . A if: If I '11 ' , - ' 4 . -3 K Y e , 53 X xx Deborah Wilgoren Stacey Williams Liga Wilson I I I f 3 Q 'Gs I -fi' of I fl u., 1 in ' i lf I J-P- Wing Saul Wisnia Lisa Woioski 'Us I 1- Q "W.N"f A-4, -w-- '19 T 'Nqr-MA' X ' I I David Worters Theresa Yang Renee Yggbek 'f '16 ii 15 41 -'Q -.avi v-'-9 4? 7 - -4-Q.. - ..,, Wei-.lan Yeh Francis Yerardi Suzanne Ynffe s I l I I Debbi Wilgoren You'll never have true friends il you're alratd ti! making enemtes-Thanks to everyone who made taking the risk worthwhile " soeeer IFullyI-gymn-Ioekers-rip note-moped-Frt I3-CAGVBSXZ-StepsNltdnite's'Pres, night - Newtonite-Be Nice Str"VllJJJ64DA-l LUN I1 YOU' Stacey Williams REMEMBER The Good Ttmes vwtth EUNlCE+THl2 PS, ANGIE in Savage Street l,isaIJ TETASHA and the PS. CS. RR. CT. BT. CYNT. DL. BT, JG, LP, DJ, TLVIISS Kenny. N41keVl, ErieG, DR DB. MJ. LN. LS. JS. Robinl., RS, Brian+Tony on the bus, TJ. NleIissa+Stephanie. DW. TreeSL, YT+D+K, Jerod. VIS "VV and NIS "D" Live for today 'cur' tomorrovvs not promised Lisa Wilson l remember Monique, waiter 84 my mother I Lose and I Thank you all To the Class of ADF Remember only in the Dictionary ls Success found Before WORK. gl The Time to Look Back on yesterday is When you have no more tomorrovvs Good-Bye RR AD EP SW RS BH Keep the fatth and God will be with you Good-Bye J,P. Wing Forget the past and we have lost the present and future-Profound huhil We should have seen all of me FAREWELL-NSMSGWCH DBNIFJBIXTBJ RBPS- JPW School of Xtra Curricular Atd TEANI CHIN -X vs TEAM ITALY Tennis Team-I, 2. 3 I wanna see a llre- BALLSMOBILE-SMERFMOBILE Yearbook- OH NO. WE MISSED ANOTHER DEADLINE Saul Wisnia TRACK-in the out door I, Z, 3 think I 59 Vymg Wagon Charlemagne GERMANY roses XX IN WITH WIZZ Squids 'CV MD MIN CP GD SS lsN1 RG BRUCE Seoopers bowlers DBers "lt was an early morning yesterday, I was up before the dawn And I really have enjoyed my stay, but I Nlust be moving on" LOVEAfDThanx MOM for the sunsets Lisa Woloski Remembers Best friends Chrustine, Beth. Denlse and WILD times with Old friends. Florida -Is-if Fl Lauderdale -85. Mr. O'Neill Fun ttmes mth PARTY ANIMALS Roseo Jefl' NI S Andrea The Gallery I will always Remember you Chris lfoster Rtehard I Love you Mom and Dad l.ater"" David Worters "lf at first you don't succeed. try. try again Then quit. No use being a damn fool about Il "-NN C Fields, Saturdays were always the best Thanks to all my friends at NEC for making each week go by Thanks to my friends at NNHS for even makmg it fun. ILLEGITIMIS NON C-XRBORL NDI Xl Renee' Yaibek Today' might be the ftrst day of the rest of my life. but I'll never forget those "Tender Years" spent wth Julie, Margie. Kathy, Nlarel. Jane. Dnana, Xrlene. JP. PM, ST, "Stay Gold Buddtesw Craiy ttmes III England at the Hipadrome with Xlargte Bye NNHS THanks Mom and Dad Francis Yerardi Remembers Football. laerosse Nluselehead. Piek+Sniff Fagoauvsees. ls-Ys. Brovsn-noses Takeadive, GOO, Nlooehles Beals Commons Bemg Cold Beastfirandma, Dirtball Nan TD. Ki X. BD. Bti. OM. JS. NIB, TNI. PJ. lsNl. XID. JR. L'+BR. MaeBooBad Suzanne Yoffe The memories are YIUSI as important as the fruends Themselves neyer forget lxellysll I H-1 The flood Big Chill Squeele Xixian "XX here are the keys"' summer 'N-I-Cape with DTS liftmg I XX-I, 2. 3 I Hockey-2, 3 Pl PL PliOPl lf let the good lllltus roll Thanks and luck to "The Gang" and Xl, D. NND DD Seniors V0 Suzy Youens Something missing? Well just remember me as that perky 6 ft. blond, Can't'? oh dear! - memagric-movies at Harvard Sq, NG "amber fur pice" margot F: Big Sister of l984-AL "I finally got a lock!" my turtle- neck sweaters L'arte Ja ne Zalcnmn A best friend is someone who knows everything about you, but loves you anyway. ANDI, SHARI, JULIE, MARCIE, JEFF- Thanks for being there, Never forget- taking chances, Romeo, Gentle, Giant, Bruce Lee and forever Gumball, UGOTT-Never Julie! Do you ever feel wierd driving . , . Lenny Zama nsky Vital Signs ROCCO '84 Jazz Band Swim Team Marching Band Remember: PEZ, JIME, SUAL, MIKE. GEORGE, CHRIS G., JIM., LUISA. SHARI. DAVE, MICK. ANDREA, GREECE '84 "The past is gone it went by like dusk te dawn iS'n1 Susan Youens Jane Zaleman Leonard Zamansky that the way? Everybody's got their dues in life to pay. DREAM UNTIL YOUR DREAMS COME TRUE" Arthur Aaron Darrell Newton , Anne-Mari Aechione James Nicolazzo -lame-5' Milne Wendy Acker Daniel Nourse . Kathleen Adams Terrance O'Brien HCIIO agamI !Bcam!FIaShI Jungfgenif Jennifer Balfour Timothy O'Brien Poi!fWrestle! I NeutronfDance. Life is a Michael Bolvln Kelly O-Donnell ratrace, even if you win, you're still a rat-wes. Mlles Bradley Sean O.Nell Wir Fahren 7um mit. warum? Weil ich Paul Branslrlcld Denise Paclms brillig war und der sehliehte toven wirrten und Chrlsllnc Brashcurs Anthony Pamlgglo wimmeltcnin wabcn . . ER sucht sein vorpals Eva Brave., John Palrlacca schwertzen 7U und zerschnifer-schnuck-qvlc Ann Calm Kathleen Pearson Joe Salvuccl. Madeline Case Marco Pinto Cesidio Cedrone Dawn Procter Donato Cellucci Lynier Ransom GRADUATION 85 PRGUD T0 BE A Salvatore Chisholm Donald Raymond SENIOR Sunguk chde Edward Reilly Ricardo Se,-Ur Richard Ciccone Keith Roach Mark Cimino Virginia Robertson GOODBYE TO INES CACHOLUIGGI, Est iffl'E'eg0Esll'QI'nO EffffeREgEg'lfff PIIESINTERNATIONAI' CI'UB'84,' 85 Timothy Corbett Emil Sabetfand Ricardo+ Ines Remember the Good Times lvan Daniel Joseph Salvucci Goodbye to all CHAU!! VIVA ARGENTINA John Denham James Sanford CARAJOU Scott Deyesso Jay Scott - Eros Digiambattista Angela Senzapaura Cornellus Shea Daniel Doherty Kristan Serrano Richard Dunton Ricardo Serur Thanks Mom and Dad for all of tourselves And,-ew Elllol Coll-lellus Shell 'HI-'H That YOU have Elven I0 me- HETHP Ricardo Engermann Christine Siemering dnZEpvH SUSAN, MELISSA, BETH. Alan Falcone Garret Smith CHRIS, AIDAN "WHOl"" ""D""" B05 H- Gregory Faria Paul Soucier N-C Lancers- ,AngCIa+Bf'an- HIKEH' Jerome Fazio Eric Stolzenbach VaI+Gmm- B'II- BOSTON' VAN- Christopher Fraize Scott Sturtevant FLORIDA- ANDREA- I7- LOVE Eric Fromm Lawrence Tedesco FRIENDSHIP, LOYALTY. The Irish are iffl Mlchael Furnam Jeffrey Thel-laull Patricia Garcia Robert Turner . Karl Genes Margaret Umbsen SSFIIOYS Teresa Hdrrrs Siolhan Underhill ' Eric Harrison Kristin Vanderlaan Not Plctured Robert Higgins Jonathan Viscott Erik Jesdale Eileen Wacenski Josef Khaykov Rene White Marc Kimball Charlotte Wiig John Larkin Jamie Wilkins Richard Lesage Lisa Woloski Maria Lopez Michael Worobcl Jacqueline Luster David Worters Michael MacDougall Isabelle Wythouck Daniel Macinnis Teng Yang Mark Marrocco Renee Yazbek Robert McCullough Wei-Jan Yeh Peter McGurrin Francis Yerardi William Milne Suzanne Yoffe Mohammad Minai-Azary Stephen Youens Jon Mooar Susan Youens Cammy Moody Jane Zalcman Stephen Moss Leonard Zamansky Kevin Murphy Monica Zani Michael Murphy Robert Murray IIIII seniors 1 1 1,4 Nlg.ns.vb. 3. . if af'-'ig ik ?'?w.,ff ' .v-J"l7l'+ B w 1 1 A 'H . 'Wmf A f - A. ML- lr -1 . '--aff"- Lf x 3 y r-sr if-1 .Y ---N L.. Eg, 'J 4 -v..,-.,-..4' K ,Q u S . 3 S Y s ' f , -I R , . . f' ' 1 12, ,ij 1 . J ? U 5 K. 1. A, , . 1 'Y' -a-?.,, V, fn f R -1- 'A 1 - W , R: 'iv ' ' r 'Q -far 'A , ,i 1-" in. .Q QV if' :ef-if '12 I f ' ., 5 . C, ' ,S 'I . C E1 Q. . .E x X 5 . ? , .. , "1 5 H-A' ' -.-. 4 ,K jr' ff?-4 I Q ' 1 ff g ,,.. 525533 , ' ' s. "F . 4 - .lawn "wg If-. .,,f wa- X -Q "' x ,,,,. V "'vq.,.,,M in f ' h""llu.,,'l x V fs. k ' . x y J v 'M .....L.11 A-rx-A , ggi, X, ws. M. S ' -fx 1 Q w 'MV X , ww 'A' X ,X e ll Y xf, -up-wa-wc 1 n 1 -...f'-.gfA ' ' ..uiv-.-.-l- . - -.-. '14,- 5 A 1 n Ir w I 1 1 Y E i I I f 1 1 1 ' V A 1 fy n-Q A X o n'1'7 .x N14 'lv Nt tis, .4 4551? I c--fs - 4 E ,N f' ,Hu w .il ,J +A' -.5 1.4, 12 XZ, fir . 9, x 1' fr, , if XA-H . f 'Ax J ,, I I . 1' 71 1 1 5 a Q I K ff- xg". 2, A X Tv. ff ,jimi A fr, at v . W: :L Q W! 2635. 4 , 'a A X ,. N . JB X ' --5. .Q , ' v 4 hy , 1 A 2. 4 5 ,F ,lg an-4' .Q . ,y in I - Y , :,,w,- S, ' y . X .1 - 2 ' ' WW . X Q , . f V. 4 , 'K rv ' 'I' K 5 5 If F I m L 3 . , 2 ,v1K5i'2e'fH'l 1 X V ' M X '9 A 5-3 I' Is. 9 -1 ,, ' 2 1 A'- 'K 4-1 J Q, -. 4. 1 Q ir . 'Q' af, ,V ' -mf .v l L 1 s 5 5 Mm iv 4 'I Q xii , ,f I "M sv w. at 1 .if X y I3 ,f X """1' 4' , J., in a 's ...H .,,, ... ,....f ,A-,,-.-.....,..,.. V ,, ,, ,.. ,... mimi-ax., ., . .---qsv-- ,Z 'Im W 5 .. at X "i"--f:f'1'-7 ' if 5 , X 1. .-.4-........,. -1-qnaun-f... 1-.......,...v V i....., x -' v----- - --- -NU rv, Q WI""'f ,,,. .. g...4 3 14 JY v-.A ff I 0 .mfr 'V' Mooj "-w.,,,,, A 1-M., ff I .o"'! Hangouts: l. lfiley Tree 2. "Quiet" Library v Actor: 3. Caf during Sec0nd"Lunch l. Eddie Murphy M, . . 2. Mel Gibson , 1.11 ' 3. Richard Gere A y WWW 4. Tom Cruise A y ' V l. Debra Winger -A . V . ' 5334 3 Q l. Pet Semetary by Stephan King ai, Collins Eg Y . 9 ' A 1 A Q I ll by Lee Iacocca lev V , bA v., ., -, 7 H Ho g: Svngf . i . .4 l. When Doves Cry 3 2. Pride In The Name Of Love f ew . M 1 12 A 4 3. Dancing In The Dark g A W i i 4. Against All Odds v Musical Group: l. Bruce Springsteen 8z The E Street Band 2. Van Halen 3- U2 Radio Station: WBCN FV 5, WMF l. Miami Vice . , ,pies 4. WHTT 3. Cheers 5. Cosby Show ' BIILES A X1 ...A . Ice Cream: y K ' 4 "' l. Oreo Cookie A ' , 1 f 2. Chocolate Chip Q. I Jw A . ' 3. Prailines -n- Cream 1 if .A V. ' y J w gs Singer: N 3 'A y 5 I l. Bruce ' M A 'C , 2. Prince ' D , 3. Bono it ' 4. Sting Ill!! f W 1 fi I ,sf A lbu Ill! I . Born in the U.S.A. Bruce Sprfhgsleen 2. Sports Huey Lewlk cQ The News 3. Purple Rain PflT7CC JZ T he Re Volullbn 4. Under a Blood R ed Sky A' ' , .iw A A ,Lf -LW. .-.1 If -W-"7" .5 Qig 'Q . rrr rr'r if S V fgqwsi af A? ports floure: I, 0 - 2 UUA' Fluzie 1 3.A53rl'y 4. Mig? Lou Reffon in 391110,-dan fllowe: I. Beverly H' rlls Cop . The Sure Thing 3. The Breakfast Club Af-- U 5 Q H J if lv sir hllawg Ill 359 X' ti with ' l'Il ahow you my grudcbook sl' you show mc yours," V ,uw rw.. 4,-, , . I hate il when I gel crumbs in my beard." lil speaks for ilselfl "See no evil, hear no eval, speak no evllf' ,fir rx. , ,lf ,. - Q IAF-,,g,..:-f.w A l really d0n.l fccl like dolng .lnylhlng lodzly H "l'll bCI yOu Cllffl do this U "Ng you d0n'1 Hglp your vslngx, you jump lllrsl H ff , Swgxpy -JVM' v J U .44 1 A A fr .: 5 . , v1:vgfEj"xl.5l Ez' :Y g. Sfde I iff' M 5' A .f , .. e "Whall . . only four ul Ll lublc"" "Ah,gcc1' llc luckcd mc out " fsvulrln ll ,ff . Hz l 'Q - 5, , 1 Z5 f -M w 51 ,,, , ' f-'-- . Q "ff f' "'f f'ff.f'i Q at A 'Vinu- ""Q , Marya Levenson - Principal ,- L .J 45 I I4 udmlnlslrsllan Q ff? Atwood P Dunham AdIHlHlStf3tlVC ASSlSt3Ht J: House-:masters ' r 3' . vy 9 fi Q -. Y. .. fs- - Fi, Q ff. ' 'fx' vynt 4 'S " , Je 125. trxfm George Guild-Riley ir ' ' f"a,x 5, L f, I W .I x Richard Adams-Palmer J "'w1.,, V1.1-. ,, ,W ,. V ,rv ,W - f ai Norman Gaudet-Adams Meridith Ghattas-Beals YI? Y 4 1 1... Gail Stein-Barry ,.- 5? cms I ll' Ned Rossiter-Social Studies vw X. 1' il Kathleen Henigan-Home Economics Stuart Rist-Science -46 J WWWW , eq l 4n W I Daveda Movitz-Art Peter Mackie-Counseling Belle Gilbert Library mi XX, Judith Rosenthal Learning Skills Edward Mulligan-Hearing Impaired David Phelan-Foreign Language I I0 dcpurlmvnl Chuirpvrsuns Mary Sapienza-Math 1"'9' Rogcr Brown-Physical Ed. f I J 1:26427 Mary Lanigan-English U, X. 1 fe! Rudolph Satlak-Business Elsie McDermott-Secretary 5 ' 1 , f I "NJ 'f Raymond Smith-Music depsrrmrnl vhs p I I i V .1 Larry Allen Counselor Ms. Amore Secretary Mr. Amoroso Social Studies Elenor Andler Secretary Ms. Antonellis Secretary 'fl 4 Y' " . , G 3 P iff- + . ff av ' E E-M F i ' 1 Q-11' E .49 Y Ame- 'F 1 IREM' if' riff? 6 'D in '1 f -sw , Y . 1 , has 3 rf 8 Lf' " - . I IH fuvully Lynn Art Home Economics David Barboza Tech-Voc Ronald Bardnt Math Ruth Barrows Math Barry Basset Tech-Voc Eric Benjamin Music Walter Birchler Physical Education Sylvia Blair Business Miriam Blau Math Grace Bleloch Foreign Language 'lil iv V, -. isle., ' p...""L .fi Vi f sa 3- ' grit. ,, A54 QQ i R Florine Borden English Edgar Boucher Science Ronald Boucher Social Studies Alan Bouton Philip Bowman Math George Bresnahan Math Charles Brinton School Psychologist Bonnie Buechs Tech-Voc Home Economics George Bower Patricia Caira English Secretary I2 G , J ff , t If 3 ni ' ' fl . 5 .. -Q., bv-1'-L, Q f" A 1' gggnal Q '-i, - t fi ?2 i s i get i , it 1 ' , F . 4 M s A ?2x1.A,2gg ", ff?1t4,,g,zf Q F, 3' f , is 4- H eir f.'fs df-i s f 'xi' ' ., ' 1:21. up fjikw T11 E' I .. 1 bv E . f,'f --if 4 i Q ' I ' 4 'Q Y , A. , E F' 9 5 , N use . f R N 1? .ia " , ' 1, 4 I, 'f, es, 1 A l anftgx ' xx H fi l , r Xi A I .Y 3' aypgy 4-, . ni, J,'J:x,AV ' 5 Q . pus .. ' 1- ..-ff., W ' A, H1 .x5ff"'-fiift 1 - - xv -f - A - i:s-ig fgawg ,viking 3 i f f , X -- . La .A ' k dlfifff' xg , ,l , ,, I - at ikxv ifwlffir 9 e 7'sxniiq"' 1 , 5 sf 5 4 .' ,i ,ki il l . X I I -1. 1 15 1 25 Ji Elizabeth Cameron English Peter Capodilupo English Lawrence Caranfa Math Claire Carroll Secretary Ericka Chisholm Art Gertrude Connolly Special Education Joseph Connolly Social Studies Paula Costa Hearing Impaired Jay Cradle Physical Education Donald Crowley Social Studies Irene Cucina Physical liducation Frank D'Agostino Scicncc Marie Danca Sccrctary Ms. Danziber Sccrctary Charles Day Tech-Voc Jean Degnon Foreign Language Nancy Dellmuth Social Studies Joseph Denaro Tec-Voc ' .. V.- : ' ' 'tx .s-sn .0 -----.-1.-L.. y i ' J 'N--LQ.. 1... ' X Thomas DePeter linglish Robert Dephoure English Alfred Dipoli Tec-Voc " 3 'Q as 4.3 Li 5 'U-v.. st' , -.., f . 1 it viwttf 'X 4. 1 Q .Y . N , I, L v -' ,- A . , 5 ,. A? y ff ff' if tiff! ,rj .. - A' v Q. f up 3 ' A A 1 , Q' -.ry t 'Ill Nh 8 ,, Q v "2-a ina. '17 4 My QQJ ,Xie X N .ga X 1 51 1 'eff'-R. mini ,. SN-xv. DoS' i, lr I 'algal .69 A'Uflj IIU Marilyn Donlan Math James D'Orazio English Inez Dover English Richard Duffy Science Gary Elliot English 4 Robert Faulkner Tee-Voc Nancy Feldman Hearing Impaired John Fernandes English Margaret Flaherty English Bernard Flanagan Foreign La nguagc 178 lf it U s ,Q I. lg, MMM- Marjorie Flanagan Math Richard Fletcher Physical Education Judith Freedman Learning Disabilities Mr. Frelow Social Studies Priscilla Fullilove English M. Galdston David Greikie Don Gentile Foreign Language Deborah Gerstein Virginia Ghattas Ms. Gilbert Physical Education Frances Goodman Secretary Mary Gorman Nurse Michael Gradone Business Samuel Grainger Counselor 'L U f VSWR' Us , .ga l ,,.k if X Y V 3 1' f fa! ya... ,-1 by f , ,fy 9' Q if 7 'ff yn' v i, 3 jj if ', w .V i TH? l ,,' W , 445 ffkt' fina- X i 1. .. ' Sk 4. sv . 1' 'fl ' ff ,, Q , ff f..f.Ji Q, N df., 4- 6 Q, E is 5 ,f Q' 1 .,, ,. .I f - X ,i 5-1' Ag V, s. -, I fffk f ,X 6 u' L fl 'ul . IJ: f ,, , 2521 2256? IZII I- at ullgi f f Q X t y ff f f 6 K 1 , 1, 7 , fw f 97 bg A K ia ffl' Q' ,wk 4 , , Y "fi "',e i7,. ' " 2 ' iv gi' ' I 'ii 'Ris- YS f ,Y X Q l 1 i i N, N A fi. hail -,..-.-Q ,f,,.4I Esme Green Math Winifred Green Learning Disabilities Mildred Grosser Social Studies Thomas Guisti Special Education Myrna Guterman Learning Disabilities Mr. Hahn Science Diane Handspicker Soeial Studies Joseph Hansen English John Harris English lna Heafitz Math Gerald Hegarty Tec-Voc Patricia Herrin Library Jo Ellen Hillyer Math Ms. Hollowell Math Carol Horgan Social Studies in 9 easo J Barry Howland Business Marilyn Hubbard linglish Ronald Ingalls English it iw gm 1 fn- '12-gn. Robert Jackson C,oUr1st:lul' Gladys Jepson Secretary George Jessup Physical liducatlon 'Wiki s 4 49 I ,,.-at a, ,fp-4 , f .- N . 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Elsie McDermott Farwell and Thanks For 25 Years I sn staffs I4 Barry House Beals House Livingston Jay Burke Jennifer Davis Thomas Demaio Meredith Drourr Christopher Dunbar Paula Feldman Bill Frissora Joshua Goldsmith Karen Gordon Erica Gorn Jennifer Heesch Kathleen Herman Robert Hill Shelley Jefferson Daniel McAuliffe Saba McCrary Nancy Melideo Melissa Mitchell David OConnor Marc Palmer Amy Richmond Rachel Rouffe Adam Sacks Joanna Tormey Vollone Daniel Aman John Chisholm Angela Clemente Maria Dattilio Jeffrey Dias Joshua Field Carl Gustavsson Gerard Hall Jeremy Hamann Elizabeth Holzman Craig Jones Katherine Kane Adam Kasper 148 freshmen homerooms Matthew Lavine Christine Mantakara Daniel Mendelsohn Lauren Queler Keith Quinn Sabin Rossi Johan Sandstrom Lisa Sturtevant Miriam Sullivan Benjamin Taubman Yolanda Thomas Loretta Topalis Ingalls Lauren Armstrong Anne Blay Kelli Campbell Deborah Clarke Judith Dambrosio Rachel Elias Laura Graff Paul lnglese Melissa Isenstein Diane Leehan Joshua Lerman Peter Lowney Madelena Marchant Allison Meyer John Monteiro Sarah Redmon Anna Sandstrom Elizabeth Schuster Daniel Smith Paul Stewart Frederick Thomas Lidia Tramontozzi Thomas Umina Josef Urich Jeremiah Weiner Jessica Weisman Stein Catherine Annas Thomas Bransfield Elizabeth Carpluk Christine Chiofilo Jeffrey Cohen John Dalton Lora Dibner Daniel Goldberg John Hamilton John Locke Garith Marshall Elizabeth Muller Michael Partridge Christopher Proia Wyoming Quinn Catherina Rizza Alexandra Schiff Merritt Schnipper Andrea Shettle Jessica Silbey Clifford Ford Setti Warren Roman Sarah Ansty Theodore Aransky Niall Bowen John Capello Aris Caralis Heather Corbett Evan Deluty Karin Fossel Nathaniel Frank Magda Kornitzer Stephen Krasnow Deborah Lancy Brian Logan Justine Pike James Romneos Edward Rooney Rosemarie Santo David Sgarzi Jessica Shea Jeremy Solomon Thomas Tocci Richard Ward Makeda Warren F relow Kurt Abele Christine Barron Sarah Beasley Jennifer Beatty Adam Bemporand Heidi Blume Joanna Boas James Case Kia Collins Michael Deluca Andrew Dixon Kristen Hagan Myles Haynes Bruce Lamonica Laura Melbin Deborah Moschella Christina Petrillo Sarah Phipps Kelli Porter Mark Schnitzer Alexander Stoupakis Bruno Tramontozzi Kathleen Watkins Malcolm White Howland Jessica Bastille Milton Britton James Capello Daniel Cedrone Phillip Chase Dione Daley Scott Devore Barbera Donahue Jeffrey Farrell Marcela Glusman Robin Hayes Adam Higgins Russell Hill Beth Kassap Mary Morrell Tina Pellegrini David Schimmel Zoe Singer Sharon Thompson Darren Toon Roman Viktorov Karen Zaremba Wells Kristen Byrnes Monty Chorbajian Catherine Demeo Sharon Devaney Russell Dusseault Paul Fay Charles Goldman Stephanie Goodale Andrew Hayes Laura Hoyt Malyssa Johnson Beth Leber Donna Leger Abby Matzkin Patrick Morrison James Nagy Renuka Rao John Restuccia Ale Sakamoto Kevin Spalding Daniel Tempesta Hollowell Michelle Buglio Karen Cleary Lindsay Coyle Phuong Do Jonas Driscoll Amy Eng Dana Ferestein Jordan Ferraro Gregory Fishbone Melissa Freeman Samantha Henry Gregory Hewitt Ross Horvitz William Hunt Ann Kaplan Reaz Khan Joshua Logan David Maloney Bernie Mann Mark Nardelli Kevin Quinn Julia Reid William Rowan Raymond Silva Jennifer Sweeney Julie Vanderklish Frank Lee Vignone Bruce Anderson Jessica Brecher David Brooks Robert Chagnon Daniel Donnellan Kirk Donavan Dyenell Ellies Adam Ford Richard Green Anne Harrington Jean Hebard Myleen Leary Stephen Lin Robert Mazzola David Mead Despina Minasidis Anna Moershel Paul Movitz Timothy Nolan Meredith Pearson Karen Rothman Alan Teig Jeannie Thurston Christopher Young Adams House Sahagian Cynthia Adams Kenneth Best Albert Bottari Michelle Boudreau Donato Cedrone Alyson Colella Colin Cronin Colleen Cronin Carolyn Donnelly Jeremiah Frank Alexander Laufer Yvette Leeson Robert MacDougall Angela McKenna Jennifer Moore Tracey Scardina Cole Stanton Leanne Stolzenbach Jennifer Webster Gabriel Wilson Handspicker James Buckley Andrea Cardarelli Stacey Davis Bryan Doran Jennifer Friedman Jeffrey Grushka Sarah Johnson Dharma Lim Steven Loporto Helena Marcus Malcolm Mark Steven Melanson David Pappas Wendolyn Quigley Wendolyn Quigley Susan Rosser Heather Welch Namias Malin: Biswas Kate E, Concannon Tanya R, Katayeva Linda Kreider Wendy E Lewenberg Chris MacDougal Tia M Mazzola Kimberly Nichols Justin P, Riley Alison B. Rosenthal Tommy Ryan Shahin Sarkarati Lori E Swift Kamkeo Vongviengkham Singkham Vongviengkhan, Melissa Wilson Everett J. Yerardi Fullilove Carrie Armsby Wendy Clark Catherine Curry Paul Damatteo Lisa Feldman Dona Giordano Rachel Healy Hallie Huffman Steven Johnson Lauren Karamanian Justine Muhlhan Kathleen Murphy Jason Penney Jessica Pratt Justine Roberts Tammara Shostack Robyn Youens freshmen homerooms l49 Boucher Jonathan Berlin Maria Bibbo Albert Caruso Elizabeth Churchill Sean Crowley John Fallon Laura Gaffney Jennifer Goldstein William Hacsunda Adam Mackler Michael Offner Christopher Renna Stephanie Ross Meredith Shuman Bethany Terrio Aaron Toscano Jason Waxberg A Silverthorne Alison Baum Briggs Buchanan Marc Chase Tracy Deangelis Jeannine Devincent Kimberly Farina Lisa Gaudette Melissa Leary Daniel Lescohier Lakeisha Neely Samuel Newell Keith Parker Steven Plotkin Jennie Proia Laura Reilly Louis Russo Sean Snow 150 freshmen homemoms Ross David Abrams Andrew Beaudet Robert Coveno Elizabeth Herrin Christina Houlihan Spencer Johnson Adam Kinsly BArbara Martin Dennis Rohanna Kyle Sofman Spencer Sostilio David Van Buskirk Texeira Robert Beers Mark Bonica James Brashears Elizabeth Compton Donna Crowder Marc Destefano Leslie Farrell Rhonda Gigliotti Jessica Glantz James Hackett Joel Howe Jennifer Leacy Gregory Leblanc Marko Muellner Kara Murphy Lisa Proia Eric Scalzi Robert Scott Audrey Summers Pamela Tsai Matthew Wagenknecht James Williams Assimina Xanthopoulos Palmer House Blau James Allan L y-Ly Beane Erika Close Peter Cohen Christian Cosentino Terese Frazier Marc Freiberger Russell Greiff James Halloran lmrie Andrew Lisa Jamer Shawn Johnson Alexandra Korosi Donna Lucente Erin Mackinon Frank Mangino Margaret McGetchin Heather Morris Meghan ODonnell Onyekwere Ozuzu Lawrence Pellegrini John Plaut Marco Rufo Ericka Salamone Randi Solomon Silvio-Orlando Tavres Eliza Whitbeck Hahn Michael Brashears Albert Clark Mark Collins Megan Concannon Daniel Edmonston Thomas Fryar Lee Ghannam Sarsh Glasgow David Grinblatas Michelle Hollins Heath Laurie Scott Lennon Lisa Levine Rebecca Litman Victoria Mastroianni Kristen Morse Joseph OConnell Richard Olstein Nathaniel Peterson Pamela Piscopo Eric Sansoucie Peter Thrasher Jennifer Weaver Donna Westover Lisa Woods Perlmutter Frederick Arnold David Brooks Carrie-Ann Brothwell Melissa Carmanica Michael Crockett Diane Cronin Sean Grady Jessica Halpern Juan Kaplan David Kaufman Robert Kirschner Michael MacLean Thomas McMillen Justin OBrien Sean OHern Barbara Rodgers Sandra Seely Andrew Sigel Diane Tormey David Welch Moore Jody Callahan James Cappello Jeffrey DeSantis David Duncan Elliot Fedd Hope Goldberg Stephen Lawless Judith OLeary Eric Paglia Joseph Spataro Rachael Stockton Dawn Sullivan Natasha Thomas Scott Weber William White Richard Yancy Muth Steven Abramowitz William Antonellis Michael Baranczak Robert Bemis Rachel Bersch John Castriotta Ezra Chasin Ruth Duncan Leonardo Gonzales Mairi Greeley Christopher Hartner Javad Hedayati Alisa Kantar Shane Landucce Riley House Jason Langkopf Bradford Leitch William Luttrell Jennifer Mirken Stacey Natale Elsie Pan Joseph Quinlan Karen Samuels Rachel Sheftel Laura Slamin Michael Stewart Luanne Wacenske Raymie Wayne Jodi Wilgoren Reid Margaret Anderson Rachel Atkinson Aaron Bernstein Jill Colton David Cosloy Tracey Crones Jonathan Dietz Valerio Digiambattista Ellen Farrar Rachel Green Shoshana Handel Marika Hoving Renee Jones Gary Lavitman Michael Leavey Beth Oram Marisa Paola Mike Ryley John Salemme Max Schaefer Joanne Stiglich Christian Tupta Cara White Robert Wilkinson Fletcher Erika Bruner Jullie Chang Margaret Garrett David Jodka Jesse Keegan Shelby Kramer Kelly Liedike Daniel Mahan David Mulvey Joseph Proia David Rogers Benjamin Sellers Dana Vecchione Donlan Amiee Boutin Jason Campbell Christine Conti Emma Egan Jonathan Feingald Michelle Galicia Cindy Galvin Rhonda Guglielmo Tobias Kleitman Sharon Kupferman Dennis Lim Christine Malone Andrea Martin Adam Michelson Rachel Mirsky Amu Norian Steven Parde Robert Pickell Christopher Reed Dana Rivers George Rush Edward Shifman Cathleen Sullivan Diane Vona Susanne Whyte Debra Zalkind Bower Patty Cleary Gayle Cohen John Denham Jerome Fazio Eric Fromm Edward Getman Scott Giles Eric Harrison Debbie Hohmann Tony Kamerman Jon Mooar Erin O'Brien Joey Pauley Dennis Platt Cheryl Principe Karen Saunders Jo-Ann Sheehan Eric Stolzenbach Cathleen Suitor Lawrence Tedesco Rene Theriault Bobby Troy Margaret Umbsen Marible Zolli freshmen homerooms 141 Barry House Moore Stephanie Ackermann Paul Amatangel Kimberly Baker Angela Bauhard Carey Baurle Karen Boyajian Jennifer Brack Eric Braun Nora Brennan Franco Butera Ellen Carvelli Kok Chao Sharra Davidson Susan Demers Alex Dephoure Leslie Dimella Robert Foster Tina Gallello Jason Gish Gwen Glazier Cory Gnazzo Thomas Gordon Keith Hinchion Michele Keddy Thomas Lopez Anthony McLetchie Roberto Nicolazzo Robert Norton Deidre O'Reilly Kenneth Spooner Mary Steen Stephen Weiner Travers Stephanie Aronoff Jeannine Aucoin Sandra Baldi Joshua Berkowitz Kevin Binnall Janet Bishop Dyra Borre David Brecher John Caissie Steven Chernoff Jason Cox Dristin Dalton Roland Davis Joseph Derubeis !52 sophomore homerooms Carel Featherston Kimberly Fraser Sandra Gimenez Jason Girouard Anna Gonzales Phillip Gonzalez Barry Goren Wendy Katz Michael Kornitzer Sara Martin Richard McMillen Douglas Proia Davida Taylor James Wole Barrant Da vid Antonellis Mark Cardarelli Charles Cardillo Tammy Davis Anne Guterman Lisa Haley Kirk Kaloustian Laurie Katz Adam Kimball lan King Dawn Lanza Christopher Lawless Maya Lin Nicola Mariano Mark Markunas Michael McSweeney Ann Meng Karen Mooradian Jessica Mosher Suzanne Nayduch Claire Paquet Andrea Pellegrini Christian Pike Teresa Raso Jennifer Roberts Yuri Rushin Randy Stroman Phillipson Debra Arduino Wendy Carpenter Paula Caruso Sabatino Dimeo Sheila Gasnick Marlene Keddy Kathleen Lawrence Janice Mahoney Mary Pasakarnis Matthew Peirce Ali Sarkarati James Sauro Eric Schlossberg Matthew Schrot Marilyn Schultz Daphne Scullin Lynda Sementelli Linda Sheeny Richard Sigel Lisa Simone Tarsha Smith Gregory Spera David St. Germain John Tafe Sandro Tamborini Joseph Tiberio Joslyn Veduccio David Vitone Ann Wexelblatt David Wilkins Truant John Apholt Diane Caruso Chris Cushing Nancy Green Kristin Haley Kenneth Kazarosian William Korman lan Lamont Daniel Langan Simone Larts Benjamin Liebman Christina Lyons Matthew MacNevin Jennifer Margulis Dianna McCarthy Diana Mead Jennifer Michel Elizabeth Moore David Nichols Lori Pemberton Robert Perry Stephen Quinn Suzanne Roberts Jeffrey Russell Kevin Shurtleff Rachel Wilson Perkins I Cradle David Bacon Deanine Bell Peter Caralis Kelley Chambliss Marisa Colella Rachel Dooling Timothy Evans Michael Huculak Michael Martell Elizabeth O'Brien Jennifer Roberts Oscar Rodriguez Andrea Salwen Ruth Schmidt Tanya Setrakian Daniel Shea David Shea Brett Sibley Massan-Ali Soltani Christine Sweeney Claudine Waldman Russell Ward Todd Wedekind Melissa Wilbourn Adina Zarchan Tracy Zastrea Flanagan Dyan Adario Pamela Annese Jeffrey Baum John Borelli Gregory Burke Angela Caruso Gary Chiasson Brian Claflin Deirdre Cohen Scott Colella Sharon Dalicandro Thomas Demeo Jamie Dreyer Jennifer Fine Jennifer Fogg Edgar Grenon Amanda Hagan George Kokkigenis Jennifer Horley Megan Rettew Halil Sahin David Smith Daniel Strom Marc Sturtevant Beals House Mazzola Kevin Ackerly David Annicelli Janet Byrnes Gerard Casey Nancy Connolly Andrew Dexter Neil Hatem Charles Kaperonis Rehana Khan Craig Lamont Rebecca Larner Donald Lavorgna Diane Leung Shara Levine Susan Longmore Julie MacDougall Lawrence Merrill Patrizia Mineo Ronald Moore Judith Nagypal Nicholas Nugent Kevin Paul Beth Ratta Laura Seitz Tami Toland Rebecca Wood J. Flanagan Joseph Dibona Donald Gillis Kenneth Hartford Claudia Haudenschild Jennifer Holst Robert Keane Rebbecca Korn Judith Levenson Courtney Lock Karen Mackay Shawn Maillet Matthew McLaughlin William Mezzetti Janet Mulvaney Jeffrey Newton John Norton Jennifer Pollins Tho Tran Lisa Wentz Robert Williams Manvellian Justin Beech Grieg Cashman Kimberly Chambliss Gale Hadro Ari Handel Laura Heiss Tracy Howard SSarah lmrie Kristine Lagace Nancy Leblanc Jeffrey Levine James Lyons David Mann Carol Marrazzo Michael Moschella Edmund Moy Jeffrey Nash Craig Palli Elizabeth Panaggio Simon Rakov Morgan Ritz Joe Scandale Bartlett Lise Abrams Joshua Albert Martina B. Arndt John J. Bettencourt Jr, Terri-Ann Brown, Cathlene M. Burritt Andrew C Chen Catherine J. Collier Pia N. Cradle Rhonda Croxen Orlando Dimambro Sean P. Doherty Thomas F. Downey Adrienne Embry Justine M. Gerbrandt Tammy L Goedken Louis E Greenberg Patrick Hayes Eddie Henriquez lan T. Jenkins Bruce J Kraysler Erin M. O'Brien Lisa Palma Aba Schieda Therrien James A. Abruzzi Mark E. Adams David S. Altshuler Katherine Anderson Michael Ashkouri Michelle L. Boorstein Kimberly W Bussey Bryan E Clancy Michele L. Comiskey Richard G Crowley Kevin J Devereaux Monica L Digiambattista Edward A. Diver Christopher B Doyle Susan E Dusseault Adrianne L Fayner Thomas Fountaine Evangelos Galanis Katherine J. Graef Michael S. Jaillet lan C Justice Andrew J. Lehr Charles R MacDonald John F. Medaglia Kathleen R. Mullen Bryan J Roche Matthew Selig Gregory E. Taylor Ellen Weintraub Nicholas Zani Leofanti Janet G Benoit Jane P. Dawson Joseph Dubroff Beth M. Edwards lan E Fellows George W Haggie Lee C Harrison Melissa M Heineman Elsbeth Heller Stephen J Heywood Daniel P Kalafus Loralee Kapp Robert S Kelley Zafar D Khan Leanne Latanowich Robert D Lawrence Jocelyn A Leary Manuela Leone Edsel Y. Lin Nancy Medoff Keith Migell Darren Moss Lynne M Murphy Claudia Onorato David A. Proia Edward M. Quinn John F Talmo Gregory S White, teacher Leofanti Thomas Krisben Afienko Elliot Anapolle Anthony Antonellis Lillian Attardo Anita Avakian Pamela Bibbo Ross Brightman Nadia Caines Ronald Carson Kevin Cottens John Dagostino Joanne Decina Andrea Depaola Diane Dibona Maria Dimambro Michelle Dimambro Jody Fantasia Marie Farrar Anthony Filippone Thomas Peisal Edward Raphel Rossella Romagnol: Sharon Seeley Edward Sun Derick Woolridge dams I-louse Palmer House sophomore homeroom I 5 ? Thompson Rosemaria Altiera Bernardo Arpino Leisha Austin Stephen Barnes Kevin Brashears Kristen Bresnan Charles Briskin Rosanna Caira Maria Caruso Benjamin Cogan William Crowly John Devito Amy Drew Ellen Drew Ana Garcia Sophie Proctor Wendy Rogers Elizabeth Romero Jeffrey Shea Kopcke Jennifer Devore David Gilmore SAra lvry Angus Maclean Shannon Ohern MArie Palmer Rolando Peralta Glen Riley Laurie Rosen Rachael Sabbag Diane Sadler Ermanno Santilli Daniel Schmidt Jonathan Silk Heather Smith Rebecca Steinberg Jennifer Stern Maryam Tavassoli Edward Ullman Rebecca Voigt Andrea Watson Darren Weiner Joshua Wekstein Karen Wong Lay Wong If-I sophomore homerooms Elliot John Bewick Christiana Goodwin Peter Ford Robert Greene Todd Hammond Tiflany Heanue Michael Hirsch Amy Jesup Carol Kinas Rebecca Kodis Harry Leacy Kerri Leehan Michele Lochiatto Samuel Lookner Heather McClure Jean Melidio Alan Moorhouse Rachel Movitz Stacey Murray Simone Pattek Sharon Poirier Laura Restuccia Elisabeth Richard Maureen Spellman Kenneth Thompson Croce Alexander Bove Katrina Brown Briana Cahill Shannon Ciccone Helene Davis Kathryn Farrell Daniel Finegold Stephen Fontano Deborah Frieden Susanne Goddard Allan Heifetz Russell Houston Karla Kelly Stephanie Koontz Nicole Leclaire Gretchen Long Florencia Lozano Jennifer Luttrell Alejandro Manevich Christine Muise Pamela Mulhern Trang Ngo Julie Ott Ezra Pattek Chhun Seang Yon Riley House Sullivan Margery Armsby Domenico Bianchi Kathryn Branch Jonathan Brody Darryl Brown Katerina Chakalis Noy Chao Ann Cohen Leanne Coyle John Cummings Kendra Daly Abraham Dewing Jeremy Ditelberg Matthew Ehrlich Leslie Falchuk Carla Goldberg Peter Kalamvokis Katy Li Stacey Maclean James Pruy Robert Quinn Valeria Scott Sharon Silva Charles Worenko McChesney Jennifer Aliotta Michael Andelman Eric Bernstein Mary Bornemann Maribeth Bourgeois Thea Brandfon Derek Brown Antonio Calcagni Seav Chang William Chase Elizabeth Chinian Sun Choe Lisa Cohen Natalie Corsi Brian Cronin John Demartinis Fabia Desantis Allison Draper Richard Gimenez Alejandro Glusman Nichole March Kathy McGlinchey Zeynep Porcaro Sheila Randolph Brian Russell Richard Sweeney Gina Tolentino Deborah Williams Adams X Elliot Christopher Malenfant Francis McNeil James Rizza Neil Ronchinsky John Rutledge John Santosuosso Sarah Schiller Jennifer Sclar Jill Shapiro Susan Shein Nancy Sullivan Laura Theobald Gregory Trimble Philip Vasiliadis Stephanie Weinstein Lianna Williamson Richard Woloski Syvia Wynd Michael Yin Capodilupa Robert Burkinshaw Michael Butera Jonathan Evans Jan Featherston John Fiske Antony Flackett Helena Fraize Thaddeus Frost Michelle Greeley Jennifer Holm Shanley Jue Bari Kaufman Tracy Krekorian Terri Lannigan Alvin Lee Dorothy Lin Ellen Lin Bill Macdougald Mochael Malouf Shondra Merrill Andrew Mirken Roseanne Muhlan Margaret Murphy Christopher Nourse Richard Partridge Bruce Patz Felicia Shaman Barr House Heafitz Steven Davts Mrchael Demaria Joseph Fresolo Kenneth Goulston Mark MacDonald John Mackenzie Mary McCaffrey Robert Ober Linda Oram Alexandra Reilly Mark Rrdge Rfta Russo Mark Santonastaso Renata Schreda Chnstlne Sharp Benjamrn Solomon Jennifer Vendrce Cheryl Wallace Marjorie Zohn Williams Llsa Ahmed Rrta Antonellrs Doane Atwood Melissa Babb Carolyn Barndt Mark Bennett Kirk Buckman William Bueche Rosemary Carvellr Julia Chasrn Nathan Clapp Lrsa Demlchele Patricia Domenlconr James Elgar! Melissa Ellrson Jeffrey Erlrch Robert Fremlng Linus Goedken Lisa Goldblatt Kemberly Goodwin Jeffrey Guzzi Elisabeth Herman Kimberly Judklns Carlo Pellegnm Std Queler Susan Southmayd Johnson Matthew Albrecht Alyssa Altman Kathleen Astone Nancy Barooshlan Joshua Bemporad Stephen Bliss Heath Brightman Kathleen Buckly James Campbell Laura Culllson Roberto Desantrs Martin Durkrn Deborah Fmeman Susan Flosdorf Jennrfer Forte Sheila Fremault David Gardiner Ernesto Gonzalez Tracy Grrnley Elizabeth Hatem John Lombard: Trrcra Sabatrnr Khen Sophaveth David Thomas Jessica Wheelock McDougall I Hillyer Stefan Becker David Ford Randall Johnson Douglas Kaplan Alan Kaufman Stacey Kelrstead Bridget Kmcard Carolyn King Jesse Klertman Anthony Lanza Francis Leblanc John Lechraro Rachel Levine Maureen Lmnehan Dana Locke Andrew Lockwood Jennifer Lowney Julleta Lozano Ton: Lupu-sax Katherine Macean Michael Mahan Melinda Marchand Laura Marglrn llze Melngarlrs Evan Mrchelson Krrstrn Miller John Morgan Sarah Morse Carmellna Nrcolazzo Erin Oleary Marla Perri Tahle Adler French Barton Jason Plastrldge Thomas Ross Timothy Trolano Meyers Tara Feeney Carolyn Natale Maureen O'Ne1l Raymond Panaggro Diane Pruett Thomas Quinn Jacques Rousseau Maurlzro Santangelo Mary Scaltreto Katherine Segre Jonathan Seltzer Joy Shannon Gregg Snider Mike Summers Haig Tellallan James Trudo Nancy Vendrce Jonathan Whrte Caranfa Scott Anderson Mark Annese Thomas Binnall Antonette Bonadro James Brightman Julie Caruso Ornella Cedrone Melissa Cohen Elem Coufos Lee Devereaux Catherine Devlto Beals House Russell Dixon Amy Flessas Held: Fowle Annunzrata Giordano Diana Goldsteln Sean Gullette Thadeus Kruse Lisa McDonald Julle Notartomaso Brad Sampson Bryan Scales Belmarsh Mark Adams Gary Anderson Robert Arone Brenda Belsantr Rebecca Boswell Brian Connell Louis Dattrlfo Alfred DeAngel1s Johnathan Derry Harold Flagg Matthew Gleason Rachelle Grabowskr Robert Ingham lan Jeffers Scott Lfzotte Gregg McAndrews lan Mltchell Mary Mooradlan Tiffany Moore Edward O'Br1en Bryan Schwartz Kenneth Zleff Zolli Nrels Alpert Marco Bastianellf Darcia Clements Brian Coulter Darzd Cox Patrlcra Garcia Allrson Harris Karen Hoberg Mary Hurnek Lrsa K.z:arosna.': Rhonda Lehm rdf, Paul Lee Dorothy Luce Cheryl Mack Darlene McGu.'re Klmberll' .'Ylel.i.'7s0 junior homeroom lf' Susannah Merritt Sheila Muise Michael O'Donnell Andrea Pasavant Sarah Phillips Roger Reeves Michela Russo John Vincenzino Dellmuth Steven Blair Kara Connolly Emily Dolbear Paul Edwards David Gregg Aaron Heesch John Holland Matthew Keegan Eric Lascola David Leconti Leonard Lvovich Vivian Manoogalian Heather Mclntyre John Meng Jocelyn Mini Krista Murphy Peter olrich Michael Perruzzi Laura Piscopo Brian Regan Dianna Ricci James Riley Linda Rubin Rita Salvucci Christopher Shurtleff Brandt John Bortone lan Lewis Keith Madden Christina Mooar Ganson Pollack Elizabeth Scott Paul Shea Theresa Shea Mark Simmons Caralyn Smith Precious Smith Jeffrey Sperber Neil Stolzenbach Gail Watts Emily Tafe Gregory Torme y Anna Tramontozzi Adams House Barrows Allen Douglas Michelle R. Bellevue Alexa Boorstein Peter E Bourland Jeffrey W. Caira Maria T. Caira Victoria Chin Cheryl Cooperstein Kathleen A. Daly Geoffrey A. Davis Dimitri N, Diatchenko Edward P. Faith Sean L, Ferguson Sue-Ellen Ferguson James F Gidoon Patricia M. Gilmore Christopher Goodman Marie Kay Grant Kristen L, Hughes Bruce R. lhloff David Joire Curt A, Kramer Jason A, Zalk Gradone Tali Bar-Ilan Joseph Borus Belinda Brady Julie Broderick Johan Chasin Cristin Colbert Eric Cosentino Gina Davis Michael DeGeorge Martin Dubroff James Ferner Monique Eraktman Susannah Galdston Maria Gentile Joanna Giddon Lauren Goldberg Charles Gray Linda Horton Linda Horton Abby Lipson Tessa Lown Robert Masterson Eugenia Mendizabal Steven Nickerson Resnick Shawn Bolio Jodi Brown Cesara Caruso Linda Chang Ronny Coppola Benjamin DeForest Courney Ford Guido Guidotti A n thon y Hargro w Erik Heller Sarah ldelson Matthew Kaplan Melissa Kaplan Shawn Larts James Leone Beth Lewinger Tina Lieu Diane Lochiatto Louie Josephine Matthew Malloy Brian NAsh Michael OBrien Elizabeth Shick Tracy Welch Elizabeth Williams Davidson Janet D Burke Amy E. Clarke Tania Collins Timothy P, Hardiman Jeff Helms Christopher J, Higgins Brian G, Howland Alana Higgins Troy E, Jones Simon R. Kopacz Kelli A Leblanc Howard D. Lee Jeffrey B Levy Lisa Lim Amy Lopez-Cepero Alessandro Marin: Jennifer Melnitsky Weslry C. Metro Melanie A, Moore Robert White Anthony Whiting Donna Wigmore Dominic Zangari Lee Zastrea I56 junior homerooms Donna M. Morrissey Robin E, Moyer Matthew R, Oliver Deborah Oxman Gillian Skurnik Deirdra Washington Laura Yellen Maureen Quinlan Melissa Quintiliani Seth G. Rivers Amy R, Waldvogel Judith L. Whelan Rich David Barry Ezra Chan Juan Cheung Anna Cruz Andrea Most Craig Palmer Daniel Pasquarosa Rebecca Plante Jennifer Quigly Saverio Ratta Paula Robinson Adrienne Rosenberg Christopher Rutan Jennifer Samuels Mary Janye Santuchi Anthony Scipione Shelli Segal Dawn Shelton Marcela Silva Alisa Singletary Gustave Silvak Elizabeth Speliotes Lynn Sullivan Crystal Taylor Brian Temte Bertram Travers Daniel Vettraino Benjamin Judith Antonellis Judy Bard Nancy Barry Gayle Blackwood Phoebe Brokaw Peter Burke Mark Camerato Ivy Chen Charles Clapton Brian Connolly Martha Dalleva Marc Deluty Nancy Desantis Jamie Dyson Teresa Forbes Robert Frissora Michael Grady Sharon Hartlen Venice Hawkins John Jasset Jeremy Moore Nickolas Zagorianokos Palmer House Ogelsby Lenna Bablouzian Christine Barry Susan Callahan Jennifer Carpenter Laura Channing Guy Clemente Sheryl Cohen Dave Considine Colin Cunningham Stacey Demaio Lisa Dethomasis Michelle Doyle Jessica Goldstein Alison Guerino Endre Hellend Elizabeth Hill Karin Hoving Sherry Kaufman Marcy Lew Andrew Lyons Mark Menelly John Resnick Allison Reynolds Kimberly Rosen Dean Russo Hiep Tran Dr. Jones Deborah Burkinshaw Doreen Kelly James Kreider Charles Leone Kiera Lymperis Paula Marchioni Jeffrey Marques Kristine Maxcey Robert Mcneil Heather Meyer Amy OHalloran Kevin Oliveto Penelope Patrick Julie Plaut Patrick Poon Stephen Quinlan John Redmon Peter Ricciardi Lucy Rinehart Kenneth Sicurella Celena Sun Stephen Veatch Clifford York Clark Michelle Caruso Christine Coughlm John Flynn Tamar Gollan Mustafa Kirdar Barry Logan Cynthia London Ottavio Mariano Kathleen Rizza Lynn Russell Michael Ryan Joanne Saravis Wendy Scaltreto Lizbeth Schiller Janet Scott Laurie Sera Penelope Solomons Carolyn Standel Catherine Stanford Leanne Stewart Katherine Terrio Daniel Usher Jason Venduccio Lea Walker Kim Wedekind Daniel Wilkins Natasha Zilberman Dephoure John Buckley Joseph Camerato, lll Massimo Carrieri Samuel Davis Christine Faraca Katherine Gockelman David Greenberg Campbell Holtey Paul Johnson Samuel Klnsey David Kurjian Donna Lochiatto William Mark Thomas Metro Roseanna Montillo Lovey Morse Betsy Nye Terence O'Neil Lara Polito Margaret Proia David Redmond Matthew Richardson ALfred Sollami Deborah Stone Bile House Hegarty Annemarie Alford Jane Aronson Joseph Bermann Helen Brice Aldo Calcagni David Carpenter Paula Cavallo Stephen Colella Doreen Conrad Laura Depasquale Curtis Douglas Timothy Eshelman Daniel Falvey Michael Gajewoki David Gates Jocelyn Glazier Elizabeth Hartog Robin Silver Robert Sullivan Felix Taranto Wiper Elisa Babigian Noelle Borelli Delia Brennan Adah Brill Jennifer Carola Mark Chao Suzanne Cohen Jennifer Corbett Colin Day Richard Desimone James Ellman Heidi Gaasch Daniel Gallant Gayle Glazier David Goolkasian Jonathan Greenberg Katherine Hartmann Jennifer Hearn John Johnson Peter Schaefer Todd Vos Schreider Sheryl Deangelis Daniela Dimambro Stuart Jackson Jordana Kaplow Diana Karthas Harry Kniznik Scott Lanciloti Alan Larson Rebecca Locke Marion Mann Shannon McGurk David Mirsky John Morey Alvano Mucci David Noble Maeve Oconnor Richard Patriacca Marcie Plotkin Kristin Quinn Liza Rosenthal Romeo Santo Paul Schraffa Aidan Shea Bleloch Thomas Gruber Michael Jaffe David Lawry Ann Maloney Elsa Sears Peter Seferin Scott Sewall Silvia Staulo Tracy Steinbach Maureen Sweeney Renee Tedesco Roberta Tiberio Kim Tran Alexander Trimble Arlene Varsamis Carol Ventura Lucia Visco Wendy Ward Timothy Weaver Barbara Westover Erik Wiig Harris Leo Caron Douglas Dubois William Jaillet Shoshanna Kostant Dianne Larkin Kimberlee Leonard Michelle Lomberdo Rosaria Mariano Caroline McMurtrie Susan Melideo Jennifer Meus Kim Nuttall Lisa Olivieri Sharon Owen Tracy Roberts Carlos Rodriguez Michelle Rosen Britt Ryan David Sasson Vera Schiller junior homerooms I 4' 7 ff!! 5 A ir,-J X, A R75 ' ' 1 2- + A A - - --1 L -f' if Q ,. Vf P' gf - Z Q .J 6 f Y 1 A 1 fi, FEP, N u " if KM, fm 5 wwf Y'-I wr' 'lf 1 4, 'S .px fl ? f x U 4 .11 if HY- , .1-4 si-it s 14. AI!" 4" Dyk- W iiwi 'Q Q' 7 if ,. 'ki 4 H 'Q QE Lf- . G-Mw':4M..-2 ff .1 W 35 2 in . . . ,Wig .W 7' , 'is X w 5 hx V asfam y Nr., M fm 5f?2.'iW ' .5 W- ,ff fx N . 5. Kg., Jef ' .. PQ- Li ' "Sf t. . ff? . g.. . . Y.. ,S 42 3: 9425 xx I ., I 1 A i m: W W' .mf-aQ'fv I 'ww - ,fig .. -,-- iff w ifi: y mix? ix .. I. A-F .Yami . .. . J H if iff-wi- N f 1-sm df -' v NHS Q u' A " fl' . ., M. . s W- W. .ar W, fH,,J5f-- .:,?.J 6.93. V .N l gf? A f .W ,,. " Q' '. if V 9 .. af' 76 'J 9 .....---M.--4.-. ,W :R , N IA G Fi.. . ' J 'Nfl s x,' ? sg My JQQ .spar . QS .Q-F' N Q.. a ' " h w.. .f . .wx 1: Q,-, .Mg lv., ff. W f 5 L I. I ,V ,F '45q..,y, 4 -4 , A. A 1 4 A " -if M., ' A-.-N 'W Hx " in w- V 'N -. .V f lg ,f M u X 55: f if 3, .W .W New I 525.5 y XI? M M PM 4, 3? T123 .Q 1 fikiil 532. . 73 Qs... X , WA . . . ,. ,Rl ,. WWE mf? ,.'.,1... -A f' A INQ- Rf--4 ? 5 3 'Y' Volleyball 1 Ending their season with a 2-0 win over Newton South the volleyball team, 8-10, was one victory short of their goal of .500. But coach Jay Cradle said she was pleased. "Every single player had improved 100 percentf' she said. "Next year we will be a winning team, and the year after that we will be dynamite. I think we'll make the tourney." Captain Linda Schnall said, "We learned to work together as a team. Most important, we learned how vital moral and verbal support is on and off the court? Schnall added that the team's improvement showed in their record. "We were 1-17 last year," she explained. "This year, most of our losses were close, while last year we weren't a factor in many of our matches." The team's passing, hitting and serving has significantly improved, according to Schnall. Cradle cited Schnall, seniors Beth Morahan and Dena Steinberg and junior Joanna Giddon as top players, adding that "all players are remarkable individuals independent of being remarkable athletes." -Sarah Glasgow Volleyball at Cambridge 2-1 vs Cambridge 2-0 vs Waltham 2-0 at Waltham 2-1 at Brockton 0-2 vs Brockton 0-2 vs North Quincy ' 2-0 at North Quincy 2-0 vs Arlington 1-2 vs Brookline 0-2 at Brockton 1-2 at Quincy 0-2 vs Quincy 0-2 at Lynnfield 0-2 at Boston Latin 0-2 vs Boston Latin 0-2 vs Newton South 2-0 at Newton South 2-0 Season's Record: 8-10 um . e -' f- 1 A - . in , 1 F L I.. .. fi 5 . ' Q T 2 . nw - ' tif Q 4 I f 9 "ii , 5 x " 1 ' ii . f, Q3 s ,, te QR, Q3 l Q91 s KK? ' -L av a -,.,,,, W1 - 28 ,S 4 x . Nr gk? ?0 . -in ...sis gi-1-ts.. -1 .-t I 02 v olleyba ll ..-"S, I ,ia LWB? 4 d front row tlcft to rightb: Kristain Serrano, Nikki Cradle, Captain Linda ch Jay Cradle, Debbie Visco, Joanna Giddon, Beth Morahan, Laura Schnall, Sharon Cullens, Wendy Rodgers, Margie Proiag top row: Coa- Slamin, Dcnu Steinberg, Nancy Sullivan. Tessa Forbes SH! 1 , I 'J 2, I n 0' f wif-if 1 , 9 I -4 ,Rf I Y f 9 ,gg N1 t W M 'fy I X nw' , ,- -QE H5 r' -' ', 97 'asf elf xf '35 -s an ... te,-vm . I 1' mluqn-'Lgg ,A .4.ww.,.v, N M4 Edd horkey ' X Y This year's Field Hockey Team went into the season with the goal of bettering last years record. Although they were rela- tively young and inexperienced, they managed to finish the season with four wins, nine losses and one tie beating last year's mark of 3-8-3. Their record does not accurately relfect the team's performance as many of their games were lost by only one goal. Much of their success was due to the leadership provided by co-captains Celia Savitz and Sally Weltman. Coach Celeste Myers felt that this was a building year as only seven team members were seniors. Next year she believes the underclassmen will help the team to become a league power. Field Hockey at Concord 0-l vs Wayland 0-1 at Wayland 0-2 at Weston 0-2 vs Weston 0-2 vs Newton South 4-0 at Newton South 3-0 at Acton 0-l vs Acton l-2 vs Bedford 0-0 at Bedford O-I at LincolnfSudbury 0-1 vs LincolnfSudbury0-l vs Brookline 4-0 vs Concord l-0 Season Record: 4-9-1 -1 7' "no ' 3:2 l l sz ' Q -.,. H - , 0 ' J., .. v .- M -1 u -Ask -I . - . ",Z',:- 1 ,. - , an . A - up W f' 'i t,.,:,.., I ' -an 4' X L. '2 E3 Co . .. :'v"'Z'. E o ca Pr' P ,W ,.,....,:, '-an-II-f . -sf' ' ' ' Ti Jn, Y' Agflf - ' r ii IJ. AL i 8 il ' A . 'gf ..,- . at TV" ii 15 'Stir' A Q - P . ' , 41 , 4 256022 . .51 f Jed .bv 3 sf rl' 4 front row fleft to rightjz Marcie Plotkin, Liz Hartog, Robin Silver, Jiocelyn Glazier, Stephanie Bower, Julie Subrin, Suzy Yoffe. Tara Sally Weltman, Celia Savitz, Elisa Baigan, Kelly MacMurray, Feeneyg top row: Coach Celeste Myers, JcnLowne5, Kiera Amy Weisman: middle row: Eliza Rosenthal, Beth Lewinger, Lymperis, Judy Levenson, Lovey Morse, Felicia Moschella. "7 Held had ey I 05 Te .Q +4 8 LI-1 The football team ended its 3-7 season with a 14-7 victory over Brookline in the traditional Thanksgiving Day game. Coach Peter Capodilupo felt the win was, "a nice finish to a disappointing but not disheartening season." He also felt he had achieved his goal of "improving with game." "We accomplished a lot," he said. "We really played well the second half of the season, and most of our losses were close." Much of this success was due to the return of tri-captain Geoff Drew, who returned after an injury that kept him sidelined for the first few games. Although the season was somewhat frustrating the Tigers were a factor in every game they played. First year coach Capodilupo said, "I'm very proud of the ability that the kids have to learn from their mistakes." He also praised captains Steven Anthony, Gregg Rutan and Geoff Drew for their leadership both on the field and off. Football at Natick 21-35 vs Leominster vs Brockton 0-34 vs Arlington vs Cambridge 24-0 at Quincy at North Quincy 6-18 at Waltham at Malden 14-34 vs Brookline Season's Record: 3-7 every 13-7 13-20 21-24 7-13 14-7 ,I ll aaqtw, 'fx " :" 'MW- I66 football m9'?f's d" .V front row tleft to rightbz Chris Romero, Scott Lancilotti, Tom Delacandro, J.D. Carpenter, Greg Rutan, Geoff Drew, Steven Anthony, Mark Adams, Evan Gelanis, John Talmog middle row: Franco Cortina, John Flynn, Britt Ryan, Howie Haywood, Ottavio Marino, Danny Vitraino, Jim Staley, Chris Bercury, Jim Fanning, Jon Morissey, Kevin McGrath, Ganson Pollack, .lay Scott, Steven m fm ,ta we Bliss, Fran Yerardig top row: Chris Rutan, Joe Fresolo, Alex Denucci, Ray Rowland, Rich Claflin, Chuck Sakakini, Bob MacNevin, Colin Ryan, Greg Larson, Rusty Halloran, Steven Delgrosso, Dimitri Chernenko, Pat Poon, Don Haley, Manage Jaillet rBi I I O 3 ,, ' ' ,,- ,:z'Xgx.. ' .yt -4-H . 'fi 4 -,, -'-x Q " 'f ?f.5N'i4-qiv.- amiga? ' Q Aff:-' V- frr fl W Xl 1 ' x Q W n 173, 'ls 5, 5 Q an 'vvx BX ?.... 34 1 i ,i xr, i Z1 'lnm.-.- ' .ff ' u. u-. . f y 4-fXAf ,rf ' ggi ' - WH ' C f-an if elllff' we ' Y, 1 fX 4 A .1 ss .J W -2: 'l we 'T z 7 W f 4. Q' x fl if - .6 .flu V .L ..,,.,s1. I 1- ' . ur f" Q ng, 7l.,.g,,iff'i'i gi: ffifx ,Q J-V ,M .1,w 'fi gl -, 1 11, 11,533 5, . ,, U - , .. ., "if-5 4184" f-65152455 '?Y7"'f5'f':' ' 7'N.. V ,-'-55" 'ff' " " z. W A W- 'Y N I f f '- 3 ,5" ' 14-.H lx., Y ff w M I aj- K A' I ' '-. qi, """" vw, Q . 5, X, ,,,.. ,Qi A .7 ,gigs 1 fi fir' api 1f,,','1'v:f::n' V' E-a Tia an - . " - ., V' . ' .A ,ls xiii? 'nw 1' It I ' 7 ' rv' A xr I. 4 Qysh, , 1 f , O' "ff:-.Wh f S . ' I IA 'Va 1 ' f' x,' ' ' ' U If ,gs 'Q 9 . . 1 Q' - 5. J if Af I ' 'I' V, 'T J if L - 1 ' ' ff V - ' ' 9 VK ff 'I, 9 f i ., i . -f W-f YN ' 'ci - -1 ffl .. " . , V l Q, ,IL- , - tr, S x -vga I 1 AF N fn 1 0 1 I S 'lo K j-"Y 4 5 :nf ' Tw-d, ,ugh .. P ,-' . . ,J ' football 167 , 'ham , WDW' 'J-M . 1 ,, H 8905- ii 154+ y Q! . 5, auf , 4 sf, Q., - Q -4404' o ' ' mi H yn ., vii- - 71,1 , ' ,.. 3 v vs' 1 1-J ' M8 girls :ross Counlrv 'Y' is M1 losses. Martin hopes to improve upon that record next year I l' I law' - ' ' 3, 2 .,., ,W 2 5' 8 S IE 309. ': g. C3 B 2 0- Q 3 3- 3. -I V, 1-+ D 0 G 3 B vi 2 9 UQ D DD 0:5 3 W cn '4 'U p-. 8 Ml Q-90 an w 0 0 'J Q, 77' 9, C :L Q -vs ID 0 :Qc-r . Q 'I -. D 3 'I' DD C O Q- x 8 5 U.. m D O 1-0 gn Q B '.' 23" N o -1 pa 0 UQ -1 4-4 Q ,-, 3 g .-. no "' '-J' o .... -J Q- C 'J' -1 SD CIJ H f-+ -3 ' V, 0 w P4 s-4 N G in 3 ri 2 Zi 0 E. af O T' ff' 352 3 : Z 3 5 '-4 "' 3 Q' O ru g 8 R E '18 UQ "' 3 un :I Q C -1 CD Q 3 0 'D Q 5-' 4 -cz 55 '-TI F, Cb 0 'J' vm 3 '-4 ' Q Q O V1 N i-+ cr o 3 C 3 0 :: an 14 o "W N -ra "' 0 O 3 na P B 2 5- S "' 3 2 2 -1 E+ UO Z Q' ,T gn U3 rs E 22 E' "' Q N Q. :i -4 i: 0' -- - , :1 w 2.3 ,ig -. " 0 CD U' fs 3 g ff' 5 E 8 2 ' I -1 3 9' Q- 0 D 0 5 cr E -U Z S S :1 14 5 i-. D O UQ an -1 N 7' DD O S. 5 va CD :Q IJ fs ig 'V' vlviwlt . 5 li is rawaadlE5s ,ii Q3 ff 'w5a.wMin Makes iii N twat t . M , Q!-K-A ' V 5 . f- Q . ef-ii Q1 "-fi-We sag? 'X , .4 H" tai? f-- is Q"-ww -' ff, SSY miiwwe S' slit 1' N Q Q fmt ,sian s fs? 4 ia. agwMSi"' 'Hi' ps. Q in V fi f I is is L e 4 if A " it A . 3j3".Q' 3 - QE!-Q43- iX:.rl.xe'i:-ffni 661 C I Q .I SSC -- Q - 1 a ' 4... A 4g C9 N 4 FW P9 V, 559 :T o 5 D' PT' C' N :T 2. 5 2 0 Us ' . .'wfiia I Cllwmw l " M x g xi N ua c n 1 1 V S-, ., V5 v- Lu Ln .. , , Q so Xi os '11 'I' V Q' rn' O fffftti . 55 3 ii? ' u X 2 5, 5, 52.3 . ,589 i 4,.,X, , T F lp ' 2 wo Z Q f A - 9- 3 E. O 2 i aoala we . ,. i ?-TQ 5' -1 Q,-3,,'2 1 U-3 O of 4 , 5 fa 1 - if ' s bm, i , ' - 'Nw-...,,Q .1., , , 5 91: " fi,-F. I Q' i A IND A DJ .inf 1 i ef Igj v-1 3 ,r ., I i I ,ag f N N -- A 'say M ..,,,, , ' ,.'.A 5 V . , kL,,.:s ' 'A - , .395 tg: . ,fri A A i ' V if .iq 1 I Q Y if '- U ' 'M ,ni - L A V X 13' A H i 2' ff ,. ' I r' 'Q -yx bi l' N- -. ml' The Tigers finished only one Spot out of fifth Position in , 4, 'rfifi the absence of two of their key runners, co-captain Kerry O'Leary and Erin O'Leary. If they had run Martin felt the , team could have placed as high as second. The girls finished the season with three wins and three as many of the runners are returning. . v .il front row Cleft lo righllz Maria Demio, Mina Xanthopdous, Suzanne Mosher. Lynn Murphy, Susan Rossiter, Tracy DeAngclis, Magda Kornilzerg lop row: Coach Peter Marlin, Jennifer Davis, Tira Hirsh, Erin O'Leary, Jane Dawson, Michelle Hollins, Kerry O'Leary, Mary Bornemann, Maureen Quinlan girls' cross country 100 I I l l 3 With only two returning seniors, captains Mike O'Rei1ly and Rich Forrest, it would be fair to say that this year's O C SS I'O Boys' C cross country team was inexperienced. Accordingly, first year coach Dave Vona's philosophy was to concede the first few meets of the year and train to peak for the all- important state meet. Thus the Tigers' fifth place finish was not indicative of the talent that this young team possesses. Vona's strategy proved to be correct when the Tigers placed thirteenth in the Division 1-A State Meet. The backbone of the team consisted of seniors O'Reilly, Jamie Notter and juniors Barry Logan and Peter Burke. Impressive performances were also turned in by Steve Bresnahan, Tim Traiano and Rich Partridge. The future this team sure looks strong with many promising underclassmen including Brian Zito, John Berlin and Dave Wilkins. Boys, Cross Country vs Cambridge 50-15 at North Quincy 33-22 at Brookline 49-15 vs Brockton 33-25 at Waltham 17-49 of ,,ylsf-57"-3 Season's Record: 1-4 1 9 9 . D ' UHTH , K C ' '?' . 5 1 8.1 2- f, V 1 ,- . 'l 1 2 A 4 " gi ' 1 ea' S' 451' . ,S ix - ,, . ,X 3 i . , 5 E , . 5 1... f ' ',-1 Vfijf ff i. yrs ok . g '11 'if' ' 1 i, " L W xwx., ,gg '.,' N y 4:2 My NJ V Q . sql if-wi' Xgifuil' yi I. 1 um 1 1+ r . ., N Y ' 1' ' ,s-hi B . I , Mx .Y if X , Y ...i 4 ' ' 1, , 'raw W .4 Jon Berlin. Stephen Bresnahan, Peter Burke, Richard Forrest, Robert Ghecwallu. James Krcidcr. Barry Logan, James Notter, Mike O'Reilly, boy s' cross country Richard Partridge, Timothy Troiao, Dave Wilkins, Brian Zito. ! ,- 1 " V ' I-me5,,r ' ' ' ww " Q3 ffl 3 :riff 'Y Wwfi as af' ,451 'wr' 52 mSaglwf"' 'W V-1 T. - 24 1 - -:rf 1 - V '- ,, 1 K wp r f ,, -5, . 'P' 36 W - ' '-A g K- ,J- :,:r'g. ' , , .i f-'f - - J- Wg nf- 3'f'.- ' -'uifigtigif -Vg 6 Y .4-.4 Ev. Qi- 1' -Af? ' '4 '..f I ' -., waz. 'fm Q, FQ. ,H' ,.. if :vim lim-P' 'Q S J' IQ ., av' ,v ' T' 1 Y 44 . ---wf4,'V"'f 5 ff, .vm '.L'd.,W, , -,K vp , 1, Q14 Ng ,rx X- K x ,x Y .bak Nm Q xkx wXNNN'N of P-'A' ' , g ,, W., I 'v , J.. , I I, A ,. .,2,.,.h , ,. fi- ,- up V " , -f , ,m.,...,, ,, "W , , f . Y f ,A "1 , X-' ' -FG ,fl " L ' fw"- " , ' 1 ' -'-Q., F'-'g 4 ' .-.., . I - f . 1,,,.,- ., ev, 452. -4:A- 15,1 ir A J .A -4 1 .- I iv R . Z-- , Q .DATA . 3.721 119 .fn ,gi g Iuajjlii is .v?,:.,, . , , 2 0.15, ,. Q -...v , A , -.. . ., -Q-' , v' ,Ar ,,. dx. - -fa-f. - -.' ' ' - , Q, f , - ' .f"x:N4-g,,, -:,, .N f,w.,,..f.x' "'-1 5, - ,N ' ' 9- . : Q A . ff Q r . - W 'md' v , x - , ,MQ Y wi , - 4 f .- . , 1-4 -- , 4-f' A K . , ,. 'Q '-9 . - - 3 , r .4 N. , . x 'V fm- Q 4. Q h , q , is Q x 59 A L 1. . ,X Q., ww, J. ,, ' 3 Y- Q tigifly A. f , . .- A' 'Q ,, .pw . 3 Ig r " fn? t . V, .A. .6119 .,.-..J'- , ,, N , sir!ShQfnimm'vx' -, . '. .V . 'Pnl Q., We 1, ij, 1 , .A x 'Q " 'K I y 1 .i -'Ui 44 2 'WT wi' .4 A' 1 '53, ' I , 4 x . A 1 154 'ix U 1' J' Ma 1 v ' vgvvixp , 1 'ky .. i ,- tk. Q in ff if fjk' fvn' s ,ij fx, .,,- ,. ',v ft' uw if' The Girl's Swim Team finished their season with a 7-1 re- cordg their only loss was to the Brockton Boxers. Coach Colleen White felt the team had made major improvements over the course of the season and praised tri-captains Robin Boorstein, Abby Dezotell and Erika Schlueter. The race for the Suburban League Title was close, ending with a tie between Newton and Brockton. In the deciding Suburban League Meet the Boxers edged out the Tigers by a very slim margin. Coach White said, "It was disappointingg we really felt we had the talent to beat them." Although the team is losing some excellent swimmers, the Tigers hope to win the title next year. The remaining talent and new blood will try to end the Boxers' thirteen year reign. it gg H af 5--ff, ww? 4- f r z fs- ' V fiiilifidv ' f 4, '- 1 ,mg 1 ' ' I ' V .Mx 1 ' V 4 va. ,l ., '-lf'--0 f- Levi.: ' ' J .J - 1+ W --Q . , ,Q Mx Q ' . , .S -1- . ,,1,,..,f,, W , 'if 1952 "-2 1 ,fx Girlfs Swimming Weymouth South 120-42 Brockton 85-87 at Quincy 121-41 North Quincy 100-10 at Cambridge 93-73 Waltham 100-10 at Brookline 89-83 Season's Record: 6-1 NIIDTU XX 1 front row tleft to rightbz Manager Sarah Shay, Kathleen Adams, Elaine Arduino, Captain Erika Schlueter, Captain Robin Boorstein, Beth Kla- vens, Suzanne Aucoing second row: , Alyssa Altman, Janet Bishop, Gina Mazzola, Valeria Migliassi, Wendy Gross, Captain Abby Dezo- tellg third row: ,Shelley Seigal, Nancy Vendice, Alison Draper, Alison Guerino, Megan Blumenreich, Nancy Connoly, Heidi Gaasch, Heather 1 Meyer, Penny Patrick, Cathy Collier, Diane Vona. Nancy Dussnult. fourth row: Coach Chris Jones, Coach Colleen White.Luurt1Melbgin... Lisa Cvoldblatt, Katie Hartman, Diane Larkin, Suzannuh Gnldston. Rachel Dooling, Janet Mulvaneyg top row: , Melissa Leary. . . lxaren Zaremba, Valeria Scott, Kim Nuttle, Linda Orem. .lean Melidlo girls ' swimming F .I Sl lSt 50 l'1 The boy's varsity soccer team finished the season with a 13-4-1 record, good enough to win them second place in the Suburban League and a spot in the Eastern Mass State Tournament. In the preliminary round of the tournament the Tigers were eliminated by Xaverian in a game that went into three overtimes. In that game coach Roger Brown cited captain Dave Vento, Tom Casey and Howie Schwartz as standouts. Throughout the season Brown said the team shared a common desire to improve. "We played better as a team with every game,', he said. "We stayed together on and off the field. We were never satisfied to say 'That's as good as welre going to get"' Brown and Vento agreed that the high point ofthe season was beating Cambridge 3-1 and giving the team a shot at the Suburban League title. Unfortunately the team had to accept second place with their loss to Waltham. Brown feels the team will again be a league power next year as many of the starters will be returning. Boy's Soccer at Cambridge 1-4 at Waltham 1-3 at Brookline 2-0 vs Quincy 11-0 at North Quincy 3-2 at Brockton 2-1 vs Waltham 1-1 at Cambridge 3-1 at Quincy 9-0 at Brookline 3-0 vs Brockton 3-0 at North Quincy 4-2 vs Cambridge 2-3 vs Waltham 0-1 vs Brookline 2-0 at Quincy 5-0 vs North Quincy 4-2 vs Brockton 6-0 Season's Record: 13-4-1 Y .M l '. ' ' if V 14, yy 5 3-:gt-M ,,... .2 4 1, 1 0 . V ,, L 'f 44- , lg-' Y -O- .,, "' 2, 4-1 1 1 X 1 1 . ,M ---- .. ' mt W ., ig -' , , " Q5 ' Q L A5 3 F .Vx - 13. - W 4 ' .. ss 5 " 1 fx.: , .-A f . , . . ,H W L. v' u,' , ,sc it ff' , f- ,A as... - , , my tl p 'A ,Q . W .,. 7.-nw, -V at vp -ff M, 2- y' Wt ff- ' V , ga ' U ,ix ' , .. . Q . ' - f I9 Aff, ALR: ., 4 , 1 Q l qty, ' W" ' .. - X -1 2 . 1 at " ,:. l mi' , ' V . Vial J s , ' A X i ll .n'9 K' as A is E3,i.5'iii-w'f'hfl11'ii"i' front row tleft to rightlz James Ellman, Paul Nobile, Jim Casey, top row: Coach Roger Brown, Adam Aronson, Donny Donovan, Brian Scales, Howie Schwartz, Adam Gurwitz, Nick Natale, Jeff Swett, Peter Bourland, Eric Cosentino, Andy Schmidt, Collier, Chuck Hatemg middle row: Mike Solomon, Eli Berg, Andy Chris Bowen, Michael Thomas, Eddie O'Brien, Phil Vasiliadis, Shaver, Dave Vento, Artie Aaron, Gary Scott, Steve Fisch, Tom Zafar Khan, Steve Bourland, Sean Ferguson I7-I hows soccer 4 in ki QQ!! 8 ,QQ f-. ,Q " -'f xox!! 340: 1, Zffvktwff"pf 9255 hz-3 Qx 'Q' si A 2:1 I '1 It '44 Q fx ' 14,50 'fx fx.: L ta' , f'Q":v- f 1 QQ 5, X ,fgaz - 'an L 4, 5 s SM ! x ' f f ,4 4. 2 - " 'A , ' , S 'W-, Q , M mf 2 .af Ang ,. ' ' A - 7' 'Kam 22531 R A . ff' r- N -- - V .2-s6f's-'gk ' Q X B 1 Q Y N ? 0,14 4- Q- X 1M.n' fi! g 154.-.M 'Q Q .Alix h QQER5 - -Q, FXS D -, -uln.., -if tid .J v kv, U, ,bf .s I 9 :V-A QQ 'w oyff 5 lf, ik wif? H., , I HL 'Qld , ffwah.-,lm A U 46, QL... . , iff' fd if 5 Y, ., 62 A V H N ig , xfxtf- . lk, , 655' fa, W any ,:Lff,g?,,j f L , xi,!iVL 'V , 'fer .'l"QQ.,2.Jb fy. -vifyf . ,?gA,M:.,,Ya w- fqQf:.,a"3 M in -Q. ,' W . I 1'1" 'J I J ' x Newton North has always had a strong soccer tradition. This year was no different, as the girl's varsity soccer team finished the season with an impressive 19-1 record, their only loss handed to them by Bridgewater-Raynham. Coach Barry "Fuzzy" Howland was "very pleased" with the season and cited co-captains Jackie Kinsella and Jean Vendice as standouts on offense and defense. Fuzzy has high expectations for next year's team as twenty-three members are returning, and he feels they will again return to the state tournament. In tournament play this year their girls won their first game before dropping to a very strong Bridgewater-Raynham team. Eight members of the squad were elected to the Suburban League All-Stars and Kinsella was also named to the Globe All-Scholastic Team and the Eastern Mass Coaches' All-Star Team. Girl's Soccer V vs Cambridge 6-0 vs Waltham 2-0 vs Brookline 2-1 at Quincy 5-O vs North Quincy 6-0 vs Brockton 2-0 at Waltham 5-1 vs Cambridge 5-0 vs Quincy 5-0 vs Brookline 4-0 at Brockton 3-0 vs North Quincy 4-0 at Cambridge 2-0 at Waltham 1-0 at Brookline 5-0 vs Quincy 3-0 at North Quincy 5-0 at Brockton 5-0 Season's Record: 18-0 1 it 1' g t'tt C I s,ss J J-Q----E'-r's"t' 'gc."54 , 221' vzfm, ,, , ,Q I , ,yvf Z jug V ii.' 1 if'i ' it 2 Vs'-fa Qi, ' 4- . ' T:-3-'W ,sw 'E ,N , .f i'i't il .4 Riff 5 - if , , aw fl 71 -fr. 'F vu 3 W 3 ' ' X ,... 1 -if? ' .. f ' if 'K E., l fa' is ij- X ,- front row fleft to rightlz Laura Yellen, Kendra Daly, Debbie Wilgoren, Lisa Kazarosian, Captain Jean Vendice, Captain Jackie Kinsella, Abby Segal, Marion Mann, Marilyn Schultz, Dianne Tormey, Elizabeth Spiliotisg middle row: Tina Rosenthal, Rebecca Locke, Ellen Shapiro, Amy Drew, Stephanie Koontz, Tira Khan, . 1 Y Cheryl Hagar, Angie McKenna. Kristen Hughes. Jennifer Robertsi top row: Coach Donald Sattcr, Coach Barry Howland, Suzy Ngyuen, Robin Grccn, Anne Meng, Janet Burke, Kim Robinson. Cheryl Gorgonc. Carol Ventura. Carolyn Natale girls ' Joooog 6811! 50Cl.'t'l' I STS ead rl GS h ll Fa Shouting "Go Tigers, go!" the cheerleaders jumped and pranced below the Dickinson stands, pom-poms shimmering as they psyched up the athletes. The Thanksgiving Day game was the last time the fall cheerleaders performed together. "We were looking forward to it because it was the end of the season, it was the beginning of new friendships on the team and it was a memory that will always stay with us," said Julie Onorato, one of the squad's co-captains. Onorato and Amy Carpenter, the other co-captain, were responsible for the other girls and for organizing practices and football dinner get-togethers. "The hardest thing about cheerleading was choreographing all our cheers and dances ourselves, because we didn't have a choreographer or coach," Onorato said. "Your motions had to be identical to those of the girl next to you, and everything had to be perfect," senior Laurie Hartman said. Athletes praised the inspiration that the cheereleaders provided. "Late in the third quarter or when we might have been down or I was down, it was good to hear the cheerleaders because they reminded me to keep tryingf' said right defensive end Ray Rowland. "I'm glad that the cheerleaders were out there because they motivated the fans which got the players into the game," said safety defensive back Alex DeNucci. Hockey center Timmy Marchand said when the Tigers go to another town to play and there are few Newton fans, "the cheerleaders help by just being there." Cheerleading is a good outlet for certain kids, according to cheerleader advisor Tom Leonard. "The cheerleaders are the center or focus of the school," he said. "They spark the school spiritf, 'EY with 1 . . YT if i - M., Uv' : V. ' 6 - . . , V My: - P' J- A5 . . 7523? ,441-'jg' if ,wh 1 ' f Wig Tj' 4 . like qv"-.gfm-fASi'Q!lq - , . , , f' E4 .m 1 ta- . ,A ,K be -if ' ' . e - ., V L4 . 0 ' L , , Tv' .. g -,ew M - ,ui f it x ,I AN,,, w 'f ,, x -was front row tlcft to righll: Laurie Hartman, Loretta Rossi, Lauren Jill Bcnjoyag top row: Doriu Tamburrini, Ellen Packer, Captain Poplack. Captain Amy Carpenter, Jen Recd, Mary Beth Mardcn, Julie Onorato, Honey Blondcr, Jill Cassavant, Jodi Berkowitz l I t1 full Chr'url4'ad1'rs Q r rf' i L .-1 .,! sw. , itz, , . v 54,1 ,, ...ff.,.,!:. H 31.3 ,vi .,.augg,M m- ,Yf5'1,, fi' wi I' . , x . .. X . uv , 9 ,N "3" ,x ,uv yi lm, z' as . , L I I A X .,! gl' -A , 4-""' ...-1.. -1.3, llul'i 7:- .1---..,. iii 1 f'Z"5..:4:Qx31 f", .wif 3 Ygifgtf 1. is yn'- "r -ic' Y ,1 'nu' aa.--,,,,.,4n' vh I ,'5.'x I X, Q 18' X h 4 'D- u Ju, T5 fa fi 4 1 'YYY 004' 4356 , ,, 5 O A 1"' Q 9.9. ' no "' Q fo S Y fa? cheerlss dvr- I '47 x .-, 'x x. N, 'x pw! W r l I I w i n w Xffgfiffz, , . ' "' ' .GJ Ax" ,,..5 1-P' " V '-S v,3?i'9?' ' ' . .wfw"f, q 5 i 'f2', vp' , - -' .. 'Q ,ik 1 W , J ' -1. . , .3 Qi, "". ,Q W -rp" 'fgffgj ' ' . Q , f? -w " '. K, "::'?Q-:iii U is 1 P-I 4, 8' A cf 'I .- I - u D, Y' ,Q . Q i Q5 4 Wy .,. .' , nw J" in X' 'I' . H , ' 5 , is ':' N' ' -- -N4i- V- . , f w r i ni t L hr J- . .1 2 -" fi' vig? , V K ,B V . L After dropping its first two matches, the golf team caught fire, winning their last ten to finish one point behind league champion Brockton. In September the Tigers lost to Brockton but they avenged the loss later in the season. "Beating Brockton was the high- light of the season, because they shut us out the first time we played them," said Jim Campbell, the team's best golfer. Several Tiger golfers had made great progress over the course of the season, coach Jerry Phillips said. In particular Timmy Weaver "made tremendous imporvementf' Phillips emphasized that the depth and balance of the team had been crucial. "We had the pleasure of knowing that our Number 6 man was just as good as our Number 2 man." He also noted the balance of the "mature and younger players," which contributed to the Tigers' successful season. Golf at Brockton 0-9 vs Brockton 5-4 vs North Quincy 4-5 at North Quincy 6-3 vs Cambridge 9-0 at Cambridge 8-l vs Quincy 9-0 at Waltham 8-l vs Waltham 9-O at Quincy 9-O vs Brookline 7-2 at Brookline 6-3 Season's Record: I0-2 .QA L C5 cs p-4 "5 J 1 f-'fl 7 .. Q-:-ev . 'aa f Q... .. ' v D ,Q Q Q! ,. .xx , , f f . . H ' . qw- Y.- A-v .1- Af . i .pw -:yur 15- ' Nmvr-fwuvw' -Nm' '235 'ff . N gulf INI ..?, , 5 . X .-.' Y: K .-4 , a', 'Ml ' 1' ,f-se' Xu XL ul P 4 , , .415 , Igayjgggg .. f ,ff , ,,,, 'Q ,V ' ,f wwe? f V 'W xiv 92: ,w , 2? f ' Q-25 gl 4 f YW f X 'Q ffye7f,,, - , J' Xa 30' Hifi lk sf , 'Q W' . is -365' if 'Rfk N.. .f wr 'W' '17 'F'-5' X- f f izg3? QZ4,'f!,f' :sig 7 77, 1 ' . ' w If W' if - -'rim' , ,,,...4 I I I Clin s dd 18? S1 :,,,L fs . 1? 4 Q' ' 1 Isp. at - ,,. 1 .Vf ' .. J. 'VI Qu W 6.3 ff F W , ,.,,. .,,., , -....-,?., Z ji in .,,,,-:, 5 .-', 'M -"" f :cv-if ,ff , 1. M -- V , , -,.4,WW::: , 4 ' , 'i ,wp ,V A T ,V , ' ' A ,. fl 'A x f , , , f B ,jf V11 C 1 I f ' ff y fs J ff M E2 2' Q J JZ .. AQ f 'Q X' 1 i . ,J S , ! , J 51' ff f 2 f V -T L: Z, i g, ,Q . I if f A "'A 6 f if ' ,.,. .,,., -2 72233, F Q 5. X cv Q V' ai 4 1 t f i -NSN Coach Hank Van Putten's goal for the 1984-85 Indoor Track Team was to have fun, and they sure did. Although the team had only a fairly successful season in dual meet competi- tion, Van Putten's relaxed attitude led the Tigers to perform outstandingly in the clutch. This was first evidenced on Decem- ber 29 at the Brown University Invitational Meet. Competing against teams from the North Eastern States, the 4x200 team, consisting of co-captain Geoff Drew, Rob Gheewalla, Chris Rutan and David Gates, placed third overall, and co-captain Dave Vento placed fifth in the hurdles. Newton North's best performance, however, came in the State Relays. Where the Tigers placed third in the state, and ahead of all their Subur- ban League foes. The meet was highlighted by a first place finish, and school record of 3:26 in the mile relay, with partici- pants Drew, Vento, Rutan and Peter Bourland. Other note worthy accomplishments were Vento's third place at the Sub- urban League Meet in both the hurdles and the high jump, Bourland's second place finish at the Red Auerbach Meet ftying the school record of6.6D in the hurdles, and first place at the League Meet, and Drew placed third in the 600 at the League Meet, and held the league best of 1:18. Also Gates and Gheewalla came in fourth and fifth in the 300, Chris Rutan placed fourth in the 50 and Greg Rutan came in second in the shotput. Other steady performers included J.D. Carpenter in the 50, Rich Forrest in the 300, Jamie Notter, Steve Bresnahan and Brian Cronin in the distance events. Boys' Track vs Waltham 62-23 vs Cambridge vs Brookline 39-47 vs Brockton vs North Quincy 56-30 Season's Record: 2-3 32-45 40-42 front row tleft to rightj: Greg Rutan, Dan Weinfeld, Rob Gheewalla, J.D. Carpenter, Dave Vento. Geoff Drew, .lay Scott, Steve Bresnahan. Jamie Notter, Rich Forrest, Phil Malenfont: middle row: John Greenberg, Peter Bourland. Chris Rutan, David Gates. Eric Conscntino. Matt Richardson. .loc Borus, Dave f cs noel P rf i hd 44' , Q fl- Greenberg, Dave Wilkcnsg top row: Couch Hank Yun Putten. Nathaniel, Todd Wccdckin. Adam. Jeremy Ditelbcrg, Phil Vasiliadis, Brian Cronin. Brian Zito. Mark Schniticr. Coach Dave Vona bop s ' lI'8c'L INS O S-4 n U3 v-4 S-4 'v-4 The young Newton North Girls Indoor Track team had a great season. Led by tri-captains Tina Rosenthal, Kerry O'Leary, and Stephanie Bower, the team compiled a record of 5-l, suffering its only loss to the traditionally strong Cambridge team. It was an exceptional season for the younger members of the team exemplified by freshman Magda Kornitzer, who was not only undefeated in the two mile race in dual meet competition, but went on to win the event in the Red Auerbach Track meet and placed second in the Suburban League meet. Very successful seasons were also turned in by Kerry O,Leary, and junior Tara Feeney, and Rachel Davis. O'Leary placed third in the mile in the League meet, Feeney took third in the 1000, and Rachel placed third in the high jump. Other consistent performers were Diana Goldstein, Abby Seigel and Joanna Giddon. A Girls' Track vs North Quincy 48 lf2-37 lf2 vs Waltham 53-29 vs Quincy 63-18 vs Cambridge 28-58 vs Brookline 63-23 vs Brockton 58-28 Season's Record: 5-l 'hw 4 3 ww 3-, :QW .,,4r:, it f tt MN 3, , E ' ,lf -fl!"-5' front row tleft to rightlz Tina Rosenthal. Kerry O'l,eary, Stephanie Bowerg second row: Tara Fecney, Rachel Davis, Carla Goldberg, Marilyn Schull? Mary Bournemann lisa Novcllo Kim Firma Suzanne Mosher, Carolyn Donelly, Diane Goldstein, Mindy Magda Kornitier Marchand, Joyce Davis, .lenniler Davis, Deirdre O'Reilly, Alyssa AlU'l1Lll1,f10LlCll Mary Jane Williams: top row: Carolyn McMurtrie, filth girls' Ifufln 'Q , 2 Maeve O Connor .loinna Giddon Abby Sicgil Erin O Leary ? ,l 1 s 2 nv"" ,uv""' ..... 'fi W-csv IXX lr n bu k lhsll Wx 44 -E1 I2 gun-nv' The Boys Varsity Basketball Team finished the season with six wins and ten losses. Toward the end of the season coach Jerry Phillips said, "This season has been a lot of i WM fun, we started slowly, but lately we have been playing awfully good basketball." He felt their improvement was "the most rewarding thing to happen this season. We were always strong at every position, but it was just a matter of time before began playing as a team." WC The team was led by seniors Gregg Weltz and Greg Lee who were outstanding both on offense and defense. Next year the team should be greatly improved as many players have had a good amount of varsity experience. Juniors Ron Coppola, Britt Ryan, Troy Jones and Eddie O'Brien should become team leaders. Boys' Basketball at Newton South 56-45 at Quincy vs ActonfBoxboro 46-71 vs Cambridge vs Peabody 51-59 at Brookline at Cambride 41-79 vs North Quincy vs Brookline 42-58 at Peabody at North Quincy 59-43 at Waltham vs Waltham 51-53 at Brocton vs Brocton 50-72 vs Quincy Season's Record: 6-10 57-44 46-57 62-51 52-50 91-50 46-54 35-71 59-63 NFWM 9 f it . , '41, 1113919515138 i front row tleft to rightlz Eddie O'Brien, Sean Larts, Troy Jones, Weltz, Jeff Licbman, Caleb Baker, Greg Lee. Co'in Ryan: Andy Britt Ryan, Jim Giddong top row: Coach Jerry Phillips, Gregg Lockwood, Ron Copolla, Norman Rousseau, Tom McNi11 boy 5 ' bssluerbsll LW as et all game by beating Quincy. capable of starting." anything." S9 Robin Silver. Girls' Basketball irl vs LincolnfSudbury47-3l at Waltham vs Bedford 59-42 at Brockton at ActonfBoxboro 54-51 vs Quincy vs Everett 63-52 at Cambridge vs Newton South 60-45 vs Brookline at Haverhill 38-46 at North Quincy vs Cambridge 52-63 vs Waltham at Brookline 42-58 vs Brockton vs North Quincy 58-42 at Quincy Season's Record: 12-6 The Girls Basketball Team finished the season at 12-6 securing their spot in the State Tournament in their last Qualifying for the tourney had been the team's primary goal since the pre-season, according to Coach Michael Foye. The five starters Jackie Kinsella, captain Beth Morahan, Carolyn Natale , Carol Ventura and Wendy Rogers were instrumental in reaching that goal. Foye also said, "We depend on our subs a lot because they are The team should return to the State Tournament next year as three starters will be coming back, along with two players who were strong off the bench, Anne Meng and 0 This year's team was very different from last year's. Foye says the reason for this dramatic turn-around "is the I attitude of the team. They simply refuse to give up on 1 40-48 51-61 7 l -41 56-39 61-57 46-44 35-37 35-44 54-48 "' A ting Sl. till 2 M, f Zi 'S' tc 5 ft l , xi i 5 . 7 4 ' 4 front rowllcft to rightl: Lisa Kazarosian, Robin Silver, Wendy 7 t , ia Qi V, V M ,sy A , A : I ,t ' aj -' 3 ' ' ,iq t- 1 . '15 .I Natale, captain Beth Morahan, Chcry Rogers, .lackic lxnnsclla, Nuala Horkan, Diana Tormcyg top row: Irene Cuchina coach Michael loyc, Debbie Visco, Carol Ventura. Carolyn s C I Yi :. X 1- 3' k 1 3- 4 3' 21: x x ,mvf Q, , 7 l Hagar, Anne Meng, coach 5.6 Q3 . f, ' is V23 7: , 9 f 2, 3.39 ,5- AMI' 'f-T AM' 4-,, fg tk CW N! x J lib XG , K3 , ., 3 YWQ"i 1 ,. ff! QR xx A Y -. -N a. -' 111 " 1 xx, f Q x . ,, Q Q' N Qgxviggiif Q. ia K ,Q , -:gl 5 "f't:'i.' Lf r ise A A , -Lx . N9 . -I A girls ,-,.,, -Q s, f 1 ,l" ,, A .V WnW,A,,w""' Q - "wr ,.N.N f "M'.f5'? 7' ' K m,,,'4" wgifvfw- w A . . N- -Q ' , -.-fxmx. -' . f fd, i f .X fl ,.f:2"' , H - V vs , W I I ,.- , V ' . mf 5. , Nr X Q Q 'Z "Q-Lf . Ag? 4 Q 'K 5 J I, A. in ,grglnkwg Q fif ,. -3 ,, , Tiff ,QR as uv -4 1.1. , ,,f, A , , , V , . Yjfgfw, . 'll . gli? 'M :QM 192 bm s' gy nmustivs xw 0 '4 I x lem , ff , .N K ,gi fn U , .5 ,, 2 ', L- A. 4' X " ' f 5 1: , fr. ,www W! nf - , - f - 11 1 f"' ff -1 i' 5 Az I L ,S S nf ,,.......-sf I .4 ff". ' f 1' , 1 5' W ' f ?5 'Z2f . I ,ff :qw . M 4' " gr, X iff!! I ff, -lg Q . V r, , 1 . M Q 4 ' ,, x- l , , H 15, , A it ,. , ,f ,M 5' ,.,,. , V- 1 V 4 'f mf N- ' ff 5 ' ,Y ,ia M A M , X .WL f' L , , V, ' -f' 4 , 1 A f 4 ., '- -v X' , , A ..f fi' J W .x 'H , A JJ ,X Nw f 'nf ,4-P153"f"lv 'mg' W 5 Q f .pihff W , J ., , , :Lu 1 H, 3, .,Y 1, ,cfm ,. ,,:' A .sf4-Axeiw .1 Q " f 25, 2' 'fu 41. GLW ,H F f u 1 n 3 S- I .A1,. 15? fi., ni 1' 4 Y sd 4 1 X gf' is The Boys Gymnastics team began their season at a slow start, losing two of their first meets to Milton Academy, as well as to the traditionally strong Salem N.H. team. Afterwards, they proceeded on a winning streak, which ended in a very successful season, with an overall record of 8-5. The team was led by a strong nucleus, the prime contributers being Joel Gorn, Ricky Engermann, John Redman, and Ian Lewis, as well as Eric Salzman. It was more a team to have fun with, rather than commit itself deeply into their competition, although they did take themselves seriouslyg and proved it with the close of their winter Gymnastics season. Boys' Gymnastics at Milton 104.1-130.5 at Brookline 108.6-88.9 at Salem, N.H. 97-103 at Braintree 110.8-112.9 at Newton South 106-89 vs Methuen 100-74.6 at Attleboro 103.9-91.6 at Wellesley 108.1-90.1 vs Framingham North 102.1-58 vs Lincoln,!Sudbury 105-106 vs Reading 104.5-101.35 vs Revere 108-1 ll vs Burlington 104.75-104.45 Season's Record: 8-5 sottstzu iii Q5 --.525 front row tlcft to rightj: John, John, George Rush, Jamie Matt Johnson, .lon Rcdmon, Ricky lingcrmainn. liric SL1l111'lL11l. Dryer, Toby Kleitman, Steven Plotkin, Jeff Dias: top row: John John, Marc Bennet, John. John, John. lan Lewis, Joel Gorn, bon gr mnxsnc IU CS sti H21 Y as rn vit S-4 'Q-4 lfl-J girls ' ,- Q: x 2 i , g ,, at This year's girls gymnastics team, led by co-captains Honey Blonder and Jean Vendice, finished it's season with 3 wins and 7 losses. Coach Dick Delay felt their record didn't show the fact that the team scored "higher and better', than they had ever scored before. Much of the high-scoring was due to junior Tammy Goedken who competed in the all-around with sophomore Niki Cradle. Throughout the season the team's strongest events were vaulting and floor. On the vault coach Delay cited Leah Q-- Walker and Cheryl Gorgone as outstanding competitiors, and on the floor he praised Jen Lowney, Debbie Fineman and Lauren Poplack. In the other events standouts were Honey Blonder on the beam, in her first year of competition on that apparatus, Debbie Wilgoren and Jocelyn Glazier on the bars and Jen Lowney, who consistently scored high on the beam. Next year the coach feels the team should do well as 4 -an-and H .45 X-1' the nucleus of the team is composed of sophomores and juniors. l Girls' Gymnastics , at Salem, N.H. 97.7-106.2 at Brookline 106.6-108.5 vs Reading 103.35-97.7 at Newton South 105.6-106.6 , at Natick 109.4-107 at Burlington 109-114 vs Brockton 100.4-113.95 vs LincolnfSudbury 107.5-105 at ConcordfCarlisle 112-107 vs Wayland 102-91 Season's Record: 4-6 'U W, , Q 2'- .QA ' 1, f 6' 1 i I i 1 1 ll ti 5 , , M is J r i i f C .f Leslie Dimclla, Tammy Goedken, Tiffany Heanue, Melissa Heincman, Claudia Onorato, Claudine Wardman, Alison Baum. Karen Fosscl. Erica Gorn, Andrea Martin. Linda Kriedcr. Debby Landy, Wendy Lcwenberg, Jodi Wilgoren, Mina Yanthopoulos Honey Blonder. Cheryl Gorgone, Christine Greeley, Linda Hurwitz, Lauren Poplack, Loretta Rossi, .lean Vendice, Debbie Wilgoren, Tahli Adler. Debbie lfineman. Jocelyn Glazier, Jen Lowney, Roseunna Monlillo, Mnrcie Plotkin, Niki Cradle, Lea Walker, gynrrrastirs Www',,.,eji",.Wwjf WW":f,h'f' , ,fl 1 4 A . ,J W . ' ,mf ,gk I 4' jx fgsff lghfgrgf' My N " Z 'W U7'f,7J7f , ,fm 'ji' 7 w' 'w"'1'fwf' " , " Q W4 MQW f ' f f W f f , H, fW,4f,L7,,fA!,f: M A Wi' , 5' , Z" V nfiiifi if! . X?ffZW' YL ' W f y wh' vm? - f it f z '4 f S 1. " .Y 4' f ,. ,ww i ,, , . 43' W ,, 1 .1 ' :Hel xwia 1 YR, W Q M 5 if 9 . 1 -qfjgigii f ,, w Q Y Q M , ' 1 y,..X 5, ' f :Li - ' ag, 4 1 f, . - V W Q .f..wmz'w zyf'f4af.:,1f- 1 Q33 f X ' if 5 ' 1 ' ' 'HK 1-W,.. X. Q w JW, ,, mf M , 3 y 1 W, , f W ff 2 , M X: .,,, ,fwfifif WW ,ww vi? MX X 'W ' 5 xiiwgffgikff W' ,gf r 1, 2 JMC , , ,lf f ' , Q QNX? 2 ,ff f,, f . M-S, Q mx., fsgqgvi ' f ,pwfjy ,f lk' I V2 .- ,g4f.-, , ,Q .- , ,Tw-1 vw-- 4. - v ,, QA-5 ....4n -1 Q -Jv- if ' f .WV .qw-"'x. S +' fag .. W., Q,fQ'i2Q 'E 1, 1 ',,...ils. Qvwunngf.-.M Q -ap- -x' - 'X ,M 1 A my g 4 1. A 3 if .W 5- Q, L, H ' 115.1-. gl y 4, 5- . Q girls' gymnastics 105 1 1 - ' N fmQjgQgQ ff f 231 X 12.4764 ., yy! , 'rf 3 my lf "6 11' - f 4.2, I K ' 1 CJ eil 9 ww.: A . f A 2 XC G 3 GCA WM ,, ,fu 1,3 ill 'qui'-Ig: N! Dc, 'S r' r ,,, 1 'Y K 7 W x IQ6 hockey -11, 5. 3251191 Led by first year coach Dick Fletcher, and assistant coach Jack Heavy, the 1894-1985 varsity Hockey team was a spirited group characterized by hard-hitting, hustling and good goal-tending, Co-Captains Paul Healy and Tim Marchand led the offense, while Kevin Tormey and Charlie Albanese anchored the strong defense. The team improved in the second half of the seasong and according to coach Fletcher, the season's high-point came when the team battled back from a two goal deficit, scoring five unanswered goals on route to their 5-2 victory over Quincy. Sophomores Greg Burke, Mike Kornitzer, and Doug Proia gained valuable experience and should be a top line next season. With over half the team returning, the team should do very well next year. .mi Hockey vs Quincy 3-5 at Brookline 3-5 at Waltham 0-6 at Brockton 1-2 vs North Quincy 1-4 at Cambridge 5-1 vs Brookline 3-2 at Quincy 5-2 1' f -' vs Brockton 1-9 at Waltham 2-6 -J J vs Cambridge 6-0 vs North Quincy 2-3 I vs Quincy 3-3 vs Brookline 2-1 3 vs Waltham 4-0 vs Brockton 4-4 at North Quincy 3-2 at Cambridge 5-1 Season's Record: 6-10-2 EITQ KV' , 51 g- givin Gini' T s. .,. A iTg yi Cgrfv J fl 1 front row: tleft to Tlghlfi Mark Devore, Kevin Tormcy, Paul Mooradiang top row: coach Dick Fletcher. Anthony Vkhiting. John. Boudreau Bill Cloren Jim Proia Tim Marchand Kenn John Dou Proii Tom Ct ew lohn Nflike Kormtzer. John. John , , , , y , g 1, .s I, . , . Castriotta. Paul Healy, Charlie Albaneese, Ray Gladu. Peter John, Greg Burke, Tim Weaver, John, John Pu 3-4 4-I C1 5 Co SS Cro Skiing CD E Q-4 vii 4 1' l 2 The wrestling team had a disappointing season finishing with thirteen losses and only one win. After the first few weeks of the season a small, devoted nucleus developed. This nucleus worked to improve themselves at each practice. The team was young with only half the members having any substantial varsity experience. The younger team members were thrust into varsity positions and although they won only one match, they gained valuable experience. This marked improvement was demonstrated when senior Thad Kruse pinned his opponent in only twelve second, the fastest pin of the year. Steady performances were turned in by tri-captain Duncan Moss and junior Scott Lancilotti, who carried the team throughout the season. After a slow start tri-captain Jamie Mahony pinned five opponents in a row. The third captain, Chuck Sakakini, injured his shoulder and could not compete for the whole season. This year gave much needed match experience to underclassmen. Sophomores Anthony Fillipone and Ed Lin should be team leaders for the next two years and the team looks forward to improving their record. Wrestling at Wouburn 0-69 at Quincy 18-46 vs Cambridge 15-54 vs Medford 54-18 at Belmont 3-63 vs Brookline 10-57 at Framingham North 10-57 at North Quincy 3-63 at Belmont 3-63 vs Brockton 66-1 vs Winchester 0-66 at Newton South 26-35 at Waltham 9-56 at Lexington 15-46 ss. , ,, , ,, , W ff'5?VZ5f'f 43. . at ,f Mffffg,-L.. f- 4 - ,, ,g.-5,214 " -,wwe -it V' ,ffT"" 'fgkgfrflat I, deff, 'f ff' wfffwf 'WWWK iz? ' i' Q"W!ffMff?4',1LifLfwf- W W ' 7, "QU i -ff ,fy ,- I - -. . f f ,I ' Wg., W",fa'f'f,4',Zg.qyf-P - was .... . 1 W ' A - . -1 ,1 y 4 sf 1. ,,1,, 4 W, .fn . , Q .fm E X:wi5i'25g?c':' 6- 1. XW B t a.xf3"l V V 5 - A Sifawwmw As - 1. '15 .' , I ,. .Q ', 24: .. A--lfsthw X 19- . 'i H- . ,u 'ff' ' XV ., Ao , lm fw.f-j-WJ,-aaaezf 371.551 1.-. . - 2' all I K ' ' -1 af v .. AJ,5gy ZWW.l ,,,, . iifqhm I CJ Season's Record: 1-13 -C! x I at , , ae- N,- I . l '- , --Qfe ' I , ' yf ' Q wfcsfii, ' ' , M X it 3 a fitfifi- V 4 Y -"iv if Q ff of .v S . , A 5,,,,..,.1..4--'----"' ' " ' .v 4 ,..,. ,,,- .4 '51-I ' . x. H iQ ' 21 if 2 2 '..i l 1 2' ,, , , X- I 1 Y ,s A , f gi ' E- n f' . 3,94 we - f ,A ,. ,ws I5'Zl 4'k"l ' in 'df' I F tag! ,Q 4 fi '45, I x Y front row fleft to rightjz Coach Steve Parker, manager Kim Chuck Sakakinig third row: Jim Buckley. Al Clark. Thad Kruse, Judkins. Rich Girninci, Jim Hackett, Bill Mezzetti, manager Becky Ron Patti, Joe Fresolog top row: Matt Fortune, Ed Fabian. lid lin. Plante, Coach John Bresnahang second row: Todd Hammond. Scott Anthony Filliponc. Bob Garabedian. Louis Dkittilio Lancilotti. captain Jamie Mahony. captain Duncan Moss, captain .I S F11 N restling :Ill The Boys Swim team, under the direction of coaches Dr. Chris Jones and Jay Snape, had a fun season marked by gener- al improvement. The team finished third behind Brockton and Brookline, with a 4-2 suburban league record, and sent several swimmers to the suburban league meet. The most exciting meet was against Waltham, Newton won second place as well as third, in the final relay to win by three points. The team's overall record was 5-4, with non-league losses to Lincoln-Sudbury and Weston, both of whom are leaders in their leagues. Outstanding personnal performances were by senior co-eap- tains Todd Bader and Ben Galdston' seniors Matthew Hauser in the butterfly, and Mike Feldman and Ari Weinstein in Free- style, juniors Scott Anderson in backstroke, Tim Troiano in backstroke and freestyle, junior Barry Logan and sophomore , " .ut 7 t . ' - ,,.ssaL.,:rT:: ,ftiv A.- . ir' ii"""i"'5?.'15',: .. , ., i f, Q , I- , 'Q Q,,,""' , A :fe f-fe'--45-Ev-S" 7 K 5? f'W,5" . Q1?.'3J,1:" it J ' - A P E S H v A ' J is . - 4,-4 , 1 1 1 , V 1 u-'vw F ' ' X X . eq j1z,:zt 'b - ijffjz- , .-9 , A ,-,Q - V ' 'ff' , "'e H 4 'K ' 'N' 5' pe 1 , '. , ' r , -grin - ,, M , x g ' g:,,,,.,: :gt sith Q '- , ' ' ' , E' 7'N"' .M " l 3 ' .. V- A1 ' , ' "K H 1 .ke I ff Mlf ,- ,Q 5 7 l. ,4 V A .2 ss ti , -W N V A x ,I ,,. , X , .gilb- , A ani? 1-i V . it gy ff'-H N , :s - f"" ., ,uv ,A A -,N M " . - A Q 1 ,, I . A A W ..,.---' in JWIEYIW' E v.'.iDU3f ny' R - V , JW V ,-Y' , ' -,-:wr-xv-.Y."."37' 'HY' , 5 4 , Q' 1 7 4 -0 4 Jim Robertson, and Howie Haywood in diving. Despite the loss of this year's seniors, next season promises to H be successful due to the strength and experience of the juniors, and returning underclassmen. ' Boys' Swimming vs LincolnfSudbury69-100 at Brookline 69-103 vs North Quincy 92-79 vs Cambridge 99-73 at Quincy 56-30 vs Waltham 87-84 vs Weston 77-93 at Brockton 67-104 vs Wellesley 99-69 Season's Record: 5-4 -1., A 1 .ti,,jN,5 3 :wt-:fl if - W' i :Qt 'W f ff -, ,f M" 'w5T.f?5'iigi -, ,rf t ' 5 your-M V 4i,5a,,,.alk ...W 5 -1- , j , . W' ' ' 'V X ' ta 6 - ,g .i W H 4 ' - :L J., uf ' Mfg' 2- -, ' .. --1 '- " 1, A'-14 X A 375406 ' ,I da- . " I .' 3,4 I ,., ii" M Y, RJ front row llclt to rightl: Robert Greene, James Robertson, George Kokkinegenis, Howard Heywood, Eric Wilson, David Ford, Antony Mcl.etehicg second row: Merril Schnipper, Michael Feldman, manager Amy llcssas, Matthew Hauser, Kcdn Goulston, Tim Troiano, captain Ben Cialdston, Scott Anderson, Rolando Peralta, Barry Logan, third row: Randy Johnson, coach Jay Snape, coach xv "1 1 3. BI if . 'X , j f v,Y Mg. R I n 4 A . V, V, f A , ' R 5 1 -,, , 4 7' V J W , i 1 ii V, W ' V P a 7 7 A V , ,F -9 ks MM., 0 i -, any ff -X 9 W X A x -5 5 , Q , i ,Q ze ' A - ' Zi . 1-. y . - mt ' -5 3 I , . sk rf if Doc Jones, Bradford Leitch, John Fallon, Stephen Weiner, Jon Dietz, Richard Ward, David Shea, Jason Waxberg, Alex Lauferg missingt captain Todd Bader, Jon Selt7er, Michael Yin, Edward Ullman, Ari Weinstein, Mark Chao, manager Linda Rubin, manager Susan Galdston .M . Q.. . 1 aff' , ,. , fx 1 - x -...niiwi fvvf? .4,.Z'fn,., ,ag 1 V x A, .41-.da-... f, ,ME Q 'T , ,ky ,, . 'fu , ,. www . 9-2-H-----wi...W, .. if ,ig E E .. Lx "'4suz..,..-...J mwmx, . K RQ' Jigsaw. ...,.,, Wi-asa. an . f Q S . in W, """"' in-uwvga, K 'lk' ,KH ' f ,M ,N-' 4 puvnw-'jig' .p 1 wnffp .w,. 5 ii Q 'suv' fx VY ' inns.. G I F fi S W., , 1 M 35993,- Mwwimw- of ,'N 'A' W. 1 fy gif: 1 fw- 5'SJvif,,,X- Q X Q is 4 f X uwjg I ,Q '35, an .v hm is fd pw M xx. Q -. fa, fb-an-.f .X ,.V,..-.. ,,,.., ... 9 ' i gg, 1 9, if ,sw ' ur-'P K U ' A Ldz 31 , 1' X , , 4 f Y W-. 3 -A-- - -SM " " -Q ,nf , iff 1 ' f , , 9 4 Y ww Y f, f , "" if . D 2' f , f 4, 6 ,' ' 4 f , I f' , r ff ' A 'ff , L , ff f Q , Q25 fgx 'J ff Wil , " J., ,Q 5 ,, , MM, I I Wg 445, ., ,,. ,. f i,-ff we A ,X , , , ,, , , ,,fx .V , 7 f ,f Xfjfzr-W 'br f A 1 of . ,QA -,Q ,1 H M6 N :V ,W qgw ya , 3 vsty f 2, . ' V, QQ ' A , wff 2 X af ' fwi fr WW' ,. . , . ,W 2 , ff' ' tiff ff QMIEH vz' ff " , 15,5-2' fff lizl fum 'f ' , f ,xiii , 7' , ' -i:"'l, 'f " ,I 'I 91 Wg ' 'f f f 32' w- 1- j'fW-iff. 5,41 A - 1911 . 1 Q, .1 w1:fff:em Mi f we 1 M1 ,V .-1 - 'i , 0 y 423 gk X A f ig! f' L "Yi A N ' H ' Q' 'E . , , , U1 ,ff Z 124 15 ' in-rf, 1 .1 WWA-fi' ,4 , 'fFf:g5' mv, WW za' igw' m v f 1' v P,-'1 4-gvf 'Q 1 , f y' Qwf ,se f U. ,M , b,Bg.wwga 5" QV W ' -Q., . .,' .5 qvfik,-M' 7: vm, 1 'LFNW' 2 fl ,,-w M, . A ,,....--, ..- ,v-w 7...-1 ,q-r-- i ww ,M 33 ff ,Uh .www .Wi Www W wi" . 4 ii, 4 1 'km .,"' ,1 ',4"7Efl'f, . 9 , J , v Ke, ,I , Qs, ,4 , . - .4 ,va '-of-21 , , . Q .I , 1 . .A."S".fe',w ' .. 5 .H . Nu V, u 6, V 1' 'Q-'. , . Q fvfii .3 ,, ,A wrjK?x14,., Vw: ' Q 1 'Ti' 3972- 3511?f,,',4,d,AL'Ar. '54 ' .. W fx- .,..3,,, 'Q x, 4, Q, L3 Q, f, , , A, , un.. ......- A,--nu-1 x . ,f I.. .JW.i.7,,,L,,,?g?,?55,5g,aW,,.5.,:.,.,?5,,. 11,5 My :4 jf infix ff 3 V 1 1. 'fr' M C fQ,,f, , V xr' M--v-w 1 ...-..---.. 'sf ...- nf ,yn , 5:51 5 . fi ff nw7N"Z""i -' ,4- X. .xv Q N Ni -A " W in RN r"' FV 'V' A! I "if 1 -2 ,J V , , A ' ' 91, L W1 G ,- ' f 'rv' ,s ' W'rX'ww-av M, CUIl . fA"3s"f '-'r-'r 1575?-3? ik Q- 551 ff' xx ,,,,.n,,,,L,,J ., v f . auf-4"F A Aww 4, ,4 fi , , ,W , . X ,F'h?fr. ,af A -3-t.--w1i?2 ff2 1- '- ff ff 1 -f gywdwl A-I' -f , I l. ,,, u 'WML K A It 3. :Psa -'fr 1 + 3 F Q 1 Q ,M , 4 f A N "gf, Q X, f ,l xi , .,,,-, 1' W W sf , ig "' lx vi ,.,4 .ff 1 l xr " ' 1-wfmw Q W3 ,Q 'Awww ,kk W , W , ww-fffw 3 ' ,R 3' V ,'.,.:,,' 4 , ., 3 Q4 A1x1f..k,f,.fw -f 35, ,ut M., A Q s xi '- aiu , -.-Q. 5 Tw v- T!!! t K ms Z 'W ' . 2024 'w , ,,-,vp wal - fry. f ' ' 1 ,f ,- .aff M 4 ,M -nf I 1 4 ,f,15yfffQfQy.4'wg3 ,f f ,. . f Q . f Aw ?, , 4 ,aw 4 4 el '49 v 3 H 4 fa J ,af ' QM 1 ff ffl, W- :?" ' fix xx K :I V- - f ' ' 'rf fi' sf v- " QE' f .42--' fi,-.N-2-V , A' ,, , - -9? ,fQ:f3Zai1:,.'f'.- f " , ili- , 4 Q9 W an - M fg ' 'f ' ,,,55.1fM,Qv 'QL-:nf f gg , My , 'nu '5 " f, . Q Qin , , R, Y 3 4, 2 5 K1 W 1, ,I 3 W , V, hw, -1141, 5 2 A... Rl..l71 f iw ...dw is A 4- A '----. in 1 WZ' 1 25 eww'- qs! W 5' f f ,ff, pmw,,. It 3? -nf A 1 Wwe Xrlfl Sr V , ,.4iSfQ2'T'l,Q,.-f ,Q P. 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" , 4' 1 ge' 1 L 4: 'A , N ' 'rf V, ' Q A-i z M, X1 -: Lk ' -..s5,fs. fu .gg . :Ji V! l ily, Mg., , 1 " 1' :mn HE- 1 :ai K , .R i 1 U 2 III inslrumrnlals 'Q HJ Q 8- 'T' s -rl n trumentals 4 sip 3 3 QL I in-trumenrsls Jil The Diary Cf Anne Frank The Diary Anne frank Q Felfvmaty 7, 8, 9 7:50 P.M. Littfe Theatre Newton North High School 55.00 L presented By '1'Hentve Ink "Fear" Today the ghetto knows a different fear, Close in its grip, death wields an icy scythe. An evil sickness spreads a terror in its wake, The victims of its shadow weep and writhe. Today a father's heartbeat tells his fright And mothers bend their heads into their hands Now children choke and die with typhus here, A bitter tax is taken from their bands. My heart still beats inside my breast While friends depart for other worlds. Perhaps it's better - who can saw - Than watching this, to die today? No, no, my God, we want to live! Not watch our numbers melt away. We want to have a better world, We want to work - we must not die! Eva Pickova 12 years old. Cast tln order of Appearancel Mrs. Van Daan Mr. Van Daan Peter Van Daan Mr. Frank Mrs. Frank Margot Frank Miep Mr. Kraler Anne Frank Mr. Dussel Oo-Directors: Aaron M. Leventman Nancy E. Gaines Faculty Advisor: Gary Elliot Margie Zohn Bjoren Davis John Fiske Bruce Macdonald Emily Dolbear Suzy Youens Katherine Kane Jeremiah Weiner Judy Bard Alex Manevich Nymburk, Terezin Concentration Camp Oswiecim Tickets: Suzanne Cohen Assistants to the Directors: Annie Cohen Sarah ldelson S e Crew: Poster Design: mg Karl Fteinke SUZY YOUGUS Patricia Malouf Fred Malouf Nhke-UPI Michael Malouf Dawn Sullivan Jenny TrueblOOd lan Lamgnt FMQUGI Boswell Matt Lawfy Jamie Ferner Special Thanks: ChriS Fofd The Kanes l-lelen Smith and The Newlonite Newton Copy Shop NNHS Custodial Staff Marya Levenson Richard Travers The Gaines Household The Brandfons Mr. Faulkner and the NNHS Graphic Arts Majors Franklin E. Farrar Mrs. Macdonald The Real Inspector Hound IEEAIIQE INK PIQESIINIS ICM SICIPPAIQ L55 IHE IQEAI INSPICICIQ HDUNID llfillf IIEAIIQIT NIWICN NLl2 Ilf lelfglf Sli-CCI UCICEH2, lil, lf, ll Guys a nd Dolls E ay s L NNHS MUSKEWDDEPARTMENT THEATP. I L Nm PRESENT FRANK mi SSIEIPS fx mmf? .ous 'VU YHN H"HormV ll +C Dm 615 J 1238 'M - Adm-swnf LASER fa" Auorromum Y all if 'xx O Adams House Councu Pmnshy, Soe Bovus, Sevenuah Frank, Syhvka Cvauoexxe, Susune berg, ?sacheX Heaw, ouxe. Kehy Came Usa Cxaudeue, Cxerhvanx, Lauren Gow han, Usa Unn. So L osher, Donna Momsey, uknXah, Mehssa Sean N uaXa Hoc nay, Yarn NK Maureen Q may Shkch, Ke. MCNN Dehbke Oqnet, ' ' Shehk Segah ' e, Suixe Yoi Quxnhhan, Snow, Sean Venom uucu use Co pshman . oe: , Bang X40 ' Pschet. Missa kn, Todo Ba ' Math gn 'Yahha Seanxne N100 Bavooshxan, Bhss, Ehen ce, yon P-oeXs . Nyagn Monson. ydnnbedg Baker. Nancy Bennex, Boch Berhovfui.. 5169050 Megan BXu1nenveKch, Wim 90' karen Boyahah, XCXYY eh, U1 Cav9XuXa, Sei? Oaukoson. ' new BXohoeY. ' Bower, ' Cavnub Shana a O90 . au, Sxeohanx mah, Xiehx 4 Cuhxson, ii Dkas. BOY 1, hm 92 Ae Yknenxan, Buch Lauva 'so, Se ' Dunba Oebbx BeaXs Cohen, Sxev en 0eXgi Os Leshe D'xnKeh2. CW N5 Mensa Exhggn, Tata Yeenei . Unoa Schnah, Wkh Gavchncv . ch House Couu ' :Ke Brody, Pam Bvyanx, NhchaeX Cana, 1 Dekove Cohen, Usa Cohen, Oawkche, Caxhy Oemeo, Egnkhj 0oX'oeav, Maqo Psnw Cavpenxe , Couher , Usa ' S an Desmond, ohnger , Uxane ' Hegauy, W eue ccx o GoX 'noa n Lea , Rn, 'iv N Denu , ' Pexer H 'et, U NNXee acNev ex Bassas , xx aus KOCH, ohhy NY Vamch PWYW Ookksxexn, Ma Huii, Rebecca Levenson, B Mooraokan. O'Bnan, Sharon Bexh Lehev, Buoy hexh Nxaroen. Maw ' ch Naxhanson, Ed Yank, Sarah Phxhos, 1 Mary t M n, n Ron Mon xso Chfxsune Owen, 'Un ,. 1 1u,,l.ilN i "C Mir 'M u xg X :ts B "F-1? Sgt 7: at us .-' N1 l f ' S-'V a""""""fv l4"'k ! e1'l7OUSe Col! ffyr' 0 pa 4 Or 'Q Suzy P . 'fl flflosheq Becky ZZJZIU' Lucy fldwsorg Jogffm HW Cfazflano yer , DCDDQ. Waldor Pal mer House Councl Rose Alteri Kiln I , Elliot Anapolle, Tony Aransky, Lenna Bablou Blackwoofl Charlle C Nancy Corba! Marlh A ntonellffs, zllan, Gayl lapton, Ne 0, Nancy C 3 Dlqllelfa, Michelle D Jes ' e Va Co roll Ellen oyle slca G G' akley, , Sharon Culllns, Drew, Geoffrey Drew, . 4071 Hukle, Suzy Form erslenlauer, Kalhy Cock urwizz, Julre Harmazz, V l Tiffany I-lea ve, Mk James Kre' e Me R an, lelnan, Ad a erik! Haw ' 1 e Hirsch, ld IQ Julie L' yen Jenn1Te oseann G07 kfns. Becca ln, N r NICK ' -2 Mo ' Kodls, ancy Lin. H le, Julie M ' ntlllo, Beth ea th CKIC Mor Cl' ahan, Lovey R1ley House Counczl Jennifer ' J Alllolta, Elisa Ba blgun oseph Berlnann, Eric Be N Bersch, Jeff' Brcnn Brill Andr Jill , .llll Be rnsreln er, C h ea Ch Collo E , R-Hehe arles Bresl' an, Steve C n, Jeremy D llfnan, Jon E Glazi HJQMLI. I 117. Aduh hang, ' k ' itelbc vans, ' er, Mic Jenn .Var rg, A. ' Heidi ' belle G y Hol Ali Cha o Jufn Guns reel fn. S1 sa Ka J es Nch. Jocelln cv, Rachel Green. uurl Jackson, John Johnson. nlar, Rebecca lflapper, Terri Lani oan Leviton, Becca Locke. Marlon ri Andrea Martin. Brion McCa Mi Ml Ngo, D Ti N gan. A lann be, D ' go, J ' and ll' I une Ou IFSAH . . Elsie Pail K 1.1 oun4"h A C CXuxo 'z Mro- Psruerkcao Advrsorz Mr. Barrarrx Bucs CXub ++A L X We pmdgrgrrarr, Pmdreul Boarder, Chuck C' wird Brooks, Sou Brooks. Elf? Siren, Sererurarr Yrarrk, Laurerr avkd Gregg, Sara if Ixusiru H K1 l E M Brkskerr, 0 Chau. Dana Yew GoXd'oerg, NNXXXX Graaf. 0 wry, XC. O. Lora. S'rr000 Vs'-1Y0"f ' 'rr rds, Skru Vsoberxsorr, MKCWBCX SCWX 1- Gregg, Srrrder , Lara SOXOWHO 'Y r 3fDO0X0'l,'ILX , Br uu0 rrsxekrr. W Rrc 2. Sr'oXey. ' - Ndo W e.XXe Brom Sosrr Srebbrrrs. T raruorrxozir, Gurxvrrer Debauug CXuxo Ehzabexh BXe'rch, Nlrce-Vreskderrv, Mrcrrad Sc'rruXx1,, Vrosrderw. Gurrxrrcr Wcuerrsrero, Yororgrr Prrubassadorg 3. P. Wrrrg, Bodyguard and Crowd Corrrrok Doug Sabkrx, Frrxarrcesg rrrrssirrg: Karrry Murer. Human Compass and Bus Drwerg Ms. Marrauo, Deo Movrrerg Busiroe Gubrarrdx, Orgaruzerg Markryrr Scrrurxz, Vseoresemaiwe ro Urrued Narrorrs. 1 - 13 vjuhs an " 'N' V 6 tx dsx DISCO Very T17 ea Ire Mdfgf 4l'f77.S'by, xphy Lopezscb Marte Pc-lm-,, Askew Aims. WBIIC, tsllgy YOUCHS, K nero, flnn - 0-317 -SJ771' ff 'wa X 1 Nr- 4 'Q-S French Club Da Wo' A lshuleq Alyssa Altlnann. Kathcrfhe Anderson, Kathertne Benson, Erllfa Bruner, aura Chanmng, John Chen, Da wd Cohen, harra Da wdvon, Jeremy Ditelberg, Andrew rlrton, Mlehc-lle Doyle, Da wo Estrada. Lauren oldberg, Tllkqny Heanues, Katy Hartmann. Laura Heres, Chrfktina Houhhan, Sara I mg Lauren karamanran, Becky Karn, Stephanie oontz, Philip Malenfant, Jennifer Margulrk, ennlfer McDonald Barbara Martin, SUQV Nayduch, Shannon O'Hern, Julie Perlman, enmfer Roberts, 'Wiggle Ritz, Justine Rob :ka Rosen Cff S, Germ ,P a an Club Vive? 4 TM 'ig' Polbf Arfnsby Ron Pa ' f. R , Kathertne Benson. 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Editor-in-chief Michael Schultz, Advertising Managers Luisa Santilli and Heidi Bourque. and Circulation Manager Scott Glickman. collated master lists. informed staffs, and devised telephone scripts. Coverage from The News Tribune added a flavor of excitement. We became the most awesome business-people that night. Without the help of parents Sandra Schultz and Marcia Karp, we could never have pulled it off. Thanks to all that helped make the Phone-a-thon a huge success! Well be calling you next year. phone-.9-rhun 251 ..- 0- ' 1 'L xii' 2:-.. ' - fm, f, hwywl 1 v .- Q ., ,.'- f "'f:,9 ,- ik .4 -f.. . P' K. A -. .J-" gn. - ,W - 2 -g.....f:w:i+-2--f if:r ,.m. ,f , 4-f .- ,... ,. -as Q Q .-..-, ,f -"' ,,,,, r -' ,.' ,5 H N 'irgv EUTON NORTH HIGH SCHOQL 1-. B 0? an 1' -L A ,K 1 'vs r f X C 11" X fa, Q I o c-.Ev , Q Aiwa? 1 , M -' . Y , ,gr 4 nw. H fx X J K f jp! 'Sw IW? i 1 :E If 5 1 i hw, ,. ., N L imc '--W ' 4 R b -IL. 'Ea' Q I H I 0. 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THE WILD, THE INNOCENT 84 THE E STREET NINETEEN FRANCO S MARKET 1203 Walnut St Newton Highlands Monday Sat 9 6 Frlday 9 8 -11.30 413 X-X Duck Best Wishes Always Love MD ANDKM dvorllslng PAUL L YOFFE Attorney At Law 558 Commonwealth Ave Newton Mass 02159 Congratulations to the Class of 1985 From SPARKLE CLEANERS 308 Walnut St Newtonvllle 527 7343 'Y' COPY SHOP 1 Quality 2 Speed 3 Value Three Compellmg Reasons to Choose The Newton Copy Shop for Your Xerox of Offset Reproductlon Requlrements Instant Pr1nt1ng"Photocop1es 241 Walnut Street Newtonvnlle Mass 02160 969 7150 D agostino Insurance Agency HOME AUTO LIFE HEALTH BUSINESS 727 WASHINGTON ST NEWTON MASS 02160 16171 244 O576 4.41 N5 W CON 65N E765 M14 N516 SHOP MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS SOLD 84 RENTED Emerson Flutes -Yamaha Guitars-Suzuki Violins Complete Selection of Pop and Teaching Methods for Most Instruments 839 Beacon St. Newton Ctr. 332-3578 MIDNITE FOODS Newton Personal Mailboxes Newton Now Has Personal and Business Mailboxes No More Waiting Conveniently Located at Subs Pizza Hot Foods Party Platters Our Specialty 719 Washington Street Newtonville 244 9842 RICHIE S PLACE IFormerly Carolyn s Sweet Shopl 331 Walnut St Newtonvllle Tel 527 8164 Scrumptious Cheesecakes carrot cakes chocolate cakes and tortes lil Cl! 1234911 UIQLLQU. NEWBL'RYPORTSfXl,IiN1 NEWTON CENTRE BOCA RKTON M XSSACIILSIQTTS NI,-XSS,-XL' HL - SETTS MASSACHL SIETTS lfl ORID-X ,Mu ww solima:mfif:hema.iuI.,W,i JLLJL, ,Jt,fL,,L,Jc,i, Ixevin Nlax Hair Design 438 Lexington Street Auhurndale, Mass. 02166 I-. 244 0176 Congratulations o I HAIR 8: SKIN SALON Y Michelle Bersh 8L Linda llagerty dk Tera Hirsh 84 Shawna Slack On graduating Irom Newton North High School. Good luck in thc future on whatever you do. -JEFF HAIR STYLING Open Tuesday Through Saturday 'COLOURING 39 Austin Street. Newton 'PERMANENTS 527-8969527-4060 I 'MANICURESXPEDICURES ,Q 'MAKE-UP coNsuLTATloNS '51 'WAXING Hi! 280 For Men S Women,: :rear Select an exquisite gown from the collection of dream gowns at: LA SPOSA BRIDAL La Sposa Bridal Sposa 372 Watertown St. Newton, MA 964-6533 Where quality service begins when you walk through the door. ll ll., g'sin-:fr NEEDHAM VISION CENTER li Every Eye Doctors Eyeglass Prescriptions Filled 'IOOO Frames and Soft Contact Lenses in Stock 'No Appointment Necessary For all Eyecare Services Including Eye Examinations Hours 9-5 1020 Great Plain Ave. Evenings 8 Sat Needham, Tel. 4492740 Good Luck Class of 1985 Rhodes Pharmacy 1649 Beacon Street Waban, MA 02168 Tel: 244-1677 Best Wishes WABAN HARDWARE INC. Congratulations to the Class of 1985 "f'7'f7' A Za. , H 9, . V in . ,.sl i l 1' an ,ro ,, 31 '-aff'-g s, Lf' .gun Newton Ctre. 30 A Langley Rd. 332-6519 332-5600 Luggage s Leather Goods - Gifts - Handbags Congratulations jill, We're All Proud Of You, The Benjoya Family e Class Gf I9S5 IVIARCIA gl ROBERT KARP Good Luck Janey Love MOM 8: DAD Congratulations To Th Congratulations Closs Of 1985 W I We love you very much Be happy' We know you wlll get all the est out of llfe BILLY S MOM M armz if Karp Km! :Sainte 93 Unlon Street Suite 322 Newton Centre MA 02I59 W All You Com Kneod 316 onur Sr. Newronville, Mossy 3 , , - - It 1 A DX ,fy es f' Joanne - i v, 1 O X ,fs I ' I O , O Q w, v1m.gJm-.1m.:ra:ia.:1mz-1 L 'ze11:a-LvmsmmwwmwsuggpmM-1w1e1Q.1r IS 11' 1.1 1111 7 4 r 1 11 .1 111 11 1:1 11 71 H 111 112' M1 11 , 1 1 11 11 11 1 m1wmw.e 1 11am-mw1mw11m wwwwfmwmw.mm1v,v'wmammMm1-4wewm-www wswvavum 11mxywfmnwmfmawmmmwbmwamfmwumfamnmafmmamwmmmmammmrmwmrm.111wmQ:1uam1mmL-umwinw 01 1 W1 1 -1 1 1 11 ,1 U4 ky W Qi e1 17 1 Ne wron 1 Office Products 11 11 Center jgn 11 111 EI gi , . . 11 The Offace 6 Compurer Speoolusrs 1 307 Woshmgrom Sr. Newton Corner, MA Tel. C6173 302-9000 Q 1 1111 11111,11,111 1 1.11 1 111 1111 1 1 ,1e1 ' 1 C. . Renee, X 11 W N295 135 UN ' ii rf' r Dreams Jeweler May All YOU 114 M fn? 7 Come True . . . Dlamonds and Colored Stone Iowelry Watc1o1os, Clocks, Gdtwaro Iewelry and Watch Rf?fDdH'1IlQ 1 Love, Mom, Dad, ChlS 8: ' . . Mlml 329 Auburn Street f , ,1 I Aubumdale, MA. 021430 F V 71 ,J V 1,1?' .1P' 4 111' ' N1 'KATU' "1"'1 '17 1 -1h111Tf-D' , -1 , uxwu. 1. ,1 Ju. 4.0,-1. 4, 1 11 -111,. 11 W-13", EL11WE,,w1Nu1ig17d A., fo., .,, 51.1.15 151-Au, Jw, M--A.1:A'1u. NIA Y -L 1' I 514 113 W Newton Gzrl 556' ' 0 v f 0 H4 advertising gesgzseesxsffrfefzriz.,--.-zenQ..L ,.- ff.. 1 - . . we .w -.-,V.,,-V-.f,:,-waives Hoil To Our "Chiefy" Love From Dod, Mom, Ellie, Andy, More-gy, Corrie And Ned. MAGNI BAKING 3 CO. INC. Specialists In Italian Home-Made Bread For Over Seventy Years Conqratulatlons Seniors! ll 140 Adoms Sr. Newton, Moss. 02158 527-5000 ' it F xi l -'X if an N- we sw. ,ww-yr X' 7 .. f' K ,fu Q ff Y A' f i Congratulations and best 36 Y, wishes to our little one and to all her little friends at Newton North who've kept us and our phone so busy these last few years. Good luck Irene, David, Anina, Suzy, Mark, Lisa, Jenni, John and Suzy 'WSL 'Www- FROST CADILLAC 399 Washington Street Newton, MA Exit 17, Mass Pike 527-6525 V vi1:1'.aQ5nv-f1mwrr.:- nw 1 +,vym:nummm.-xmv. .u an' C ongrorulorions To The Closs Of 1985 From ALYCE AND EDDIE MANDELL Good Luck' F, v 1 --.N ' 28 If -idrerlising We Zongrafulufiwzs Z0 U16 511155 Of 7985 I Your Local PURITY SUPREME SUPERMARKET 'slid Good Luck Class Of 1985 as .R 0 P t 'c in ,qi f r,.. fl., ' J' Good Luck Class Of 1985 From Pageo Jewlers 847 Beacon St. Newton Ctr. 964-4940 Q f 5004 fuck 611155 Of 1985 - 5 USA X Academic Publisher In College, Look For Our Books! X , fnwem-mwfnr M Lmaemf.Laff.m,.,f-1, smzfwwqrwa,Ww.w,m rm.1em:z1:.rvr1a,mffu.wr1,-wwfmmarwwuwa-.vzf, mm., wfqsm.Wft L5 Best Wishes Alex, Love, From Your Friends, MR. 84 MRS. M Do It Yourself F roming Custom F roming E1 Prints .qg:z.:mx,::e'u.L:.p 1w:1m,.n.q.s:.g .ga '.,,,v4.4p:.,.':e ,refines eu. SEVEN STAR MANDARIN HOUSE 22 Union Street Newton Tel. 527-3841 Business Hours Son. 3 PM-QSO PM Tues-Thurs 11:30 AM-9:30 PM Fri ond Sor 11180 AM-10:30 PM mmnm mwmmnni ,i ,nr.nnnrnfnnnn onin.vinnnottwffnnmrf.nnnnnnrtnwnM-Amour nowrimmnnto nnonnn '-1-ffi'Q:1imx xmmwf:u:u:sn.,1vu,s-.Q new metraewmsawxxguvfa errsfxs-gf:-nizzevcrz-r 5-su., 1-,: ::s,z.:.i,111-,zffjg-.gie-V -s, , ff, 1- - Congratulations Class Of 1985 From TURNOVER BOOKS ln Newton Highlands ISCIENTIFIC ETHICSI I. KAUFFIVIAN The Institute for Basic Research 96 Prescott Street, Cambridge, MA Alpha Publishing 897 Washington St. Box 82 Newtonville, MA 02160 een Jill McNamara 1108 Beacon St. Newton, MA 965-3442 aeftvffzsawgsoffswlfra.eaW-mv,Mm-we ..A,-Q. ., J f -rf .groom W-.mms anf,.m,,,ei .lu 2 - f, , 1 A.-1, L. less ,-112,13 pe ag, 6'014gratulatians To Debbie Wilgoren For A lolo Well Done With Much Pride 61 Love, Mom 51 Dad, lulie CSI locli g80 TOM'S PIZZA 423 Lexington Street Auburndale, MA 02166 OPEN SUNDAY THRU SATURDAY 11:00 AM until 10:00 PM Phone 969-4979 THE FASHION RACK Dresses Sportswear Jr. Sizes 3-13 310 Walnut St. Newtonville, MA 02160 965-2746 Best Wishes to the Class of 1985 ll d g, any ,Q-A Tel. 244-4980 244-4981 Auburndale-Newton Sewing Ctr. Inc. 2094 Commonwealth Ave. Newton, MA 02166 Sewing Machine and Vacuum Sales and Service PM GATEWAY SERVICE CENTER 361 Washington St. Newton, NIA 02158 Amoco Dealer Tel. 964-9169 John McAteer lr. 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NEWTONVILLE PIZZA 322 Walnut St. Newtonville, Mass For fast service call us ahead and your order will be ready when you arrive Tel. 969-9842 Delicious Pizzas and Hot Oven Grinders Try Our Specialties-Thank You Prices Subject To Change asggmmv-er -1 :. n -v, fm ev: ,:. 1 2. - - A , , . a , . wif, f 'i:.:.. l A fy 5 ' 02.1 ,Q Congratulations From BOEMER ASSOCIATES Old South Building 294 Washington St. Boston, MA 02108 The Mejor Suburban Supplier For Grofic, Artists' And Hondicroft Supplies For The Professional Or Hobbyist Ken Kaye Krafts Co. 863 Washington St. Newtonville, MA 02160 527-1206 Mon-Fri 9-5:30 5 H446 G . if The Technical-Vocational Drafting Mayors Congratulate All Seniors ' and Wish them the Best lor Future Success, 5 Kevin Cassie '85 Kevin Negrotti '84 ' Mike Demana '85 Robert Rossi '84 5 Doug Dubaos '86 lay Scott '85 Dan lordan '84 Peter Seferian '86 Keith Macdonald '85 Angelo Senzapaura '84 Kenny Sicurella '86 Edward H. Sahagian, Instructor Congratulations to Gregg Roberts on the occasion of your high school graduation Your Family Good Luck Seniors! STANLEY H. KAPLAN Educational Center Preperation For: College Boards-SAT Act 0 PSAT 0 SSAT Achievements Many different Achievement courses available MCAT 0 DAT 0 LSAT GMAT 0 GRE ' GRE Psych GRE Bio 0 PCAT 0 OCAT VAT 0 MAT 0 CPA Over 45 years of service Stanley H. Kaplan 792 Beacon Street Newton Centre 244-2202 RX c , 2 """"'k:e ii , g sw sdiertmn E dr! Congratulations Class Of 1985 From IACK KAVANAGH BERNIE COONEY CHARLIE KOTSAFTIS Class Of '54 V Congratulations Class Of 1 9 8 5 From PACKAGE DEVELGPEMENT 81 ENGINEERING INC If',.m:fmfzwmmnfmnlmu'-:wwf-awEmffwmmsvwfwwmwmmwmu Congratulations Lisa Becker Love MOM, DAD zoran.. . . 'vip .. -- af eps: ,, :,':.a,f: Us-asf.,-V1-Ia,zg:s at-,I -.wfgsqgw .fs,Lf2:ff:1-.Mg-Vvm.-n1Qens'nI.. . 2 YfnewJw.V..-,m..s4.e,.a.,..I..f...,...es1f.s-V. .. 15.3 . . .elamrg-waamumwawumlm I I w,f.r,.:,,. .... mf: rf. 1- fa. 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Lose no happy day, Time will never bring thee back Chances swept away! tTh l W Wllb h D d I8-l?l9 bl Dean And Aida Malenfant vzmnfasnvnf rg:-any v 3.553-gf - - llftchoel dxf V t J , :FI v sl x 5 xx 'K xx : 1 THE MANN KLAN ,,....srfz7,-:L-eww:-wfff,fsv',,, ,l , ,Ju -- W , . 1. if ,f.,,l 1,1-le ,Af wi To Michael Schultz lf you think you are beaten, you are. lt you think you dare not, you don 't. lf you 'd like to win, but think you oan't, its almost a olnoh, you won't. Life's battles don 't always go to the stronger or faster man. but soon or late the man who wins is the one V., Xl l W JD ' l ll L l. l' X, il A ,lj f y. who thinks he can. We're proud of a job well done! Much Love, Mom, Dad Marilyn, Rachel and Joan Twas the night before deadline And all through the house Every creature was stirring No peace in this house The envelopes were stacked On the table with eire ln hopes that some photographs Soon would be there The staff was awiiting The morning with dread As visions of tooling lines Danced in their heads And Miehael with ruler And Kathy with pen Had just done the layouts All over again. When out in the driveway There arose such a clatter We leaped from our chairs To see what was the matter. Off the staff rushed To the Schult7 s front door Ignoring the 3-R forms Spread out on the floor. And what to our bloodshot Eyes should appear But a small foreign car' Our rep Lois was here! An energetic driver With a most anxious look' We knew when we saw her Shed help with our book, From all parts of the house, The staff members came And we smiled as she shouted Out each person s name: "Now Michael! Now Jodie! Now Saul Doug And Kathy' Now Gunther' Now Louisa .IP Andrea And Nessy' To your typewriters go To your work do not stall Now dash away Dash away dash away a It was only a minute Til she heard a low din The crumpling of layouts What a state we were in' As she stood in the room And looked all around Among copy and artwork Homemade coffee cake was found A wink of her eye And a nod of her head Soon had us knowing We had little to dread. She ignored the confusion And quickly began To examine our layouts And give us a hand. We asked her more questions Nearly in tears She gave us encouragement To extinguish our fears. She sprang to her car O er her shoulder she waved. We sent up a cheer: Our yearbook s been saved! And we heard her excl'iim Ere she drove out of sight A deadline extension to all And to all a good nightl" 294 special lhanl. s GOLD PATRCNS Mr 84 Mrs JJ Bresnahan Dr 84 Mrs Thomas Sabln Mr 84 Mrs Leo S Chang Dr 84 Mrs Gerald Schullz Dr 84 Mrs Jordan Joseph Dr 84 Mrs Chesler Swell Dr 84 Mrs Wllllam Poolack SILVER PATRONS Marllyn 84 Ronald Aaron Charlolle Mason Carol 84 Bolo Allen Gall Melhado Charles 84 Dorolhea Bowen Mlcozzl Managemenl lnc Mr 84 Mrs Slanley Gllckman The Offner Famlly Corlnne 84 Marlln Hlrsch Joan 84 Mel Schnall Dr 84 Mrs George Klavens Slarr Shannyn 84 Tynson Tyler Sumolar Carol 84 Lance Lleoman Barley 84 Phll Whllbeck GDLD SPDNSORS 84 Mrs Franco D Alleva Judllh K McKle Lynne J A T Rrchard Rose 84 Megan Morahan Alwood s Camera Mr 84 Mrs Peter Noolle Ina 84 Dayld Bersh 84 Famlly Peoples Molorcycle 84 Salvage Blacker Brolhers Davld 84 Grace Rrchard Mr 84 Mrs John Greeley Mr 84 Mrs Erwln M Sekulow Vlncenl 84 Marlon Harkan Mr Bc Mrs Davld Shaolro Anne 84 Allan l-larlman Mr 84 Mrs Marvln Slfllnger Rueoen 84 Elly Herman Joan 84 Sleohen Subrln Mr 84 Mrs John Heywood The Tree House Toys John Llylngslon Mr Ba Mrs Vlncenl C Vendrce Lowe Assoclales Archllecls Inc Mr 84 Mrs Wllllam Whlle SILVER SPCNSCRS Mr 84 Mrs Davrd N Borkum Dwlghl 84 Rosanne Hamlel The Creahve l-lome The l-lelnslelns Dr 84 Mrs Barrle S Grelff The Kelly Famlly Danlel 84 Selma Grosser Cathy Lanlrgua Anonymous Sara 84 Edward Nalale Gallery of World Arl Perer Slarvos Mr. . ' ' . ' . r ' Board Really Anne Marie Pellier - f1ww:f'1f1f:' V - ' - -' "'2wammwwuw.mxMnxfawf'A. www-f , -f Representative: Lois LaRock In-plant Consultant: Janice Bigelow 05 55375 Printing 8: Publishing Co. MASS HARDW RE Suzy Congratulates Congratulations for a job well done W MLM, The Graduating om, Dad and family HSS Congratulations to: i22ila:313:,1,3'g3f5!:,223 1935 jackie, Lee Ann, Laurie, Lisa, Linda, Kathy, Kelly, Pam, Sharon, Stephie ..... Un A job Well Don el!! I I l I I l i l 4 r l G 'A .af . 5 Q. ,Q-as nv , ,Qil.7g, , 5 fx W .PA . v.-,N W Al YQ, ,,., , x 2' .SVT ' , 'T Lv, .ik -+V 1. 14. ' V f Q pw -- Q :ffm -' 'N 5941515 3 ' ff. :3 , - i ' iisrsvng-l4:,x'.V3 Q' S xv!! ', ..', ,f , ,, , x f 'M ' KW' . 1 , 'C - ,1 A1 1 135 1 ' , -ffif'g2?ff . W: : ,P wtf'!fafgfwa.gffiggf+ ' ' 53fwfq.hQs 5 - -gS,'M'fi"? ' 4 'vm ag ,ef f ' ' 7 A C - Q. wiLP'W5'f'b'u:-f 2- f '- 3 3 1 44 . '- . - ,fwffgmifiwr 1+ 1 wit' ,sf-. ' '-11 Af 'ugh 0 vfiff -'5'41"-"PV - iz Q- f.1,,,MQf, My W ,A : . 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College Wendy Lee Acker Gre Arthur 365 ONS S" 0365 -mgniake St 07160 Beals . . . College ' M Kathleen Adams Karen Ashworth 50 Alden 02,65 Ch3flCS Sf. Warren . . . Adams . . . College Warren ' ' ' Aqarm ' ' ' Collage Richard Adario Suzanne AUCOUW 36 Cottage Pl. 02165 49 Fifflow Rd, 02,58 Rifcry Bigelow . . . Barry . . . College Jonathan Adelson Ara Avakian 33 Ashton Ave, 02159 24 Benclifle Cir, 02166 Day . . . Barry . . . College Warren . , . Palmer , . . College Zeqrgtajjzkimc OVW Dl5c7kgan Bfabigbavn q ' . ' ' ' ' avis ve, ..l6, RNC-l Adams . . . Charles Albanese 4 Crown St, 02166 Warren Barrl' . . College Robert Allan 9' Central St, 02166 Beals Bruce Allen 615 Commonwealth Ave, 02159 Day . . . Barry , . . Undecided David Amiel 5 Merrill Rd, 02159 Bigelow . . . Beals , , . College Alexander QAIJ Angel 27 Cheswiek Rd., 02166 FA Day. . . Beals , . . College Patrick Annese '04 North St 07160 DJ-l . . , Barry . . . College William Annese 204 North St, 02160 Dar . . . Adams , , . Mechanic Kelly Annis 19 Grey Lane St, 019-10 Day . . . Barry , . . College Steven Anthony 57 Warren Rd 07163 Warren , , . Beals i . . Kim Michelle Aransky 77 Monlvale Rd, 02159 Bigelow . . , Palmer . . . College Elayne Arduino 37 North Sl. 02159 Dat' 1 . . Barry , . . College nior direvlnrli Christine Badaracco 21 Kilburn Rd, 02165 Day . . . Beals . . . College Todd Bader 0 23 Joyce Rd, 01778 Day A . . Barry . . . College Caleb Baker 111 Lincoln St, 02161 Day . . . Palmer. . . College Jennifer Balfour 330 Woodward St, 02168 Adams . , . Elizabeth Barron 31 Dorr Rd, 02158 Beals . . . Mark Bartolomucci 86A Dalby St, 02158 Palmer. . . Gregor Becker 12 Burnside Rd, 02161 Apt. 0021 . . . Palmer amily Ties oonesbur VCR A Lisa Becker 20 Cipitat st 0315A-t Bigelow A A A Palmer. A A Sueeess Jill Benjoya 352 Hammond SIA 02167 Warren A A A Riley A A A College Debra Sue Bennett 101 Grant Are. 02159 Newton Catholic A A A PalmerA A Michael Benoit 276 Lexington St, 02166 Warren A A A Katherine Benson 26 Page Rd, 02160 Day A A A Riley A A A College Christopher Bercury 10 Washington Ter, 02160 Day A A A Palmer. A A College Elijah Berg 186 Park St, 02158 Bigelow A A A Riley A A A College Jordana Berkowitz 47 Prentice Rd. 02159 Bigelow A A A Barry A A A College Marcia Berry 98 Fairway Dr. 02165 Day A A A Beals A A A College Michelle Bersch 12 Ivanhoe St. 02158 Riley A A A David Blanch 56 Walker St, 02160 Riley' A A A Elizabeth Bleich 671 Grove St, 02162 Bigelow A A A Beals A A A College Ellen "Honey" Blonder 25 Hilltop St, 02158 Bigelow A A A Barry A A A College Robert Blouin 82 Cherry St. 02165 Warren A A A Palmer A A A College Heidi Bode Temple St. Warren A A A Barry A A A College Michael Boivin .128 Cabot St, 02160 Riley' A A A Robin Boorstein 41 Exeter St. 02165 Warren AAAA Adams A A A Law John Borelli 819 Watertown St. 02165 Day AAA, 6 ldams A A A College College Phillip Boucher 44 Hes! Sl. 02158 Day AAAA Aldanis A A A Harvard John Boudreau 22 Sherrtn Rd, 02162 Warren A A A Beals A A A College Heidi Bourque tKittenl 15 Cross Sl. 02165 Day' A A A Barry A A A College Christopher Bowen 15 Perkins Sl. 02165 Witrren AAAA tidams A A A College Stephanie Bower 68 Walden St, 02160 Day A A A Barry A A A College . . t. Miles Bradley 121 rt-mptc 51, 03165 Warren A A A Paul Bransfield 256 Speen Sl. 01760 Pa1merA A A Christine Brashshears 38 Allison St, 02158 Barry' A A A Eva Brauer 97 Gordon Rd. 02168 Pa1merA A A Jeffrey Brener 37 Wessex Rd, 02159 Bigelow A A A Riley' AAA. Northe Charles Breslin 320 Tremont St, 02158 aslern Bigelow' A A A Riley A A A Northeastern Michael Bresnahan 511 Ward Sl. 02159 Barry A A A Stephen Bresnahan 511 ward St. 02159 Day' A A A Barry A A A College Marjorie Brody 10 Harrington St. 02160 Beals A A A David Brown 37 King Sr, 02166 Palmer. A A Brian Bryan 1881 Beacon St, 02168 Warren A A A Barry' A A A College Pamela Bryant 22 Elmore SIA 02119 Warren A A A Beals A A A Burdett Patrick Buchanan 751 Shawmut Ave. 02119 Apt. 0517 A A A Begtls Maria Butera 26 Elm Sl. 02165 Warren A A A Riley A A A Ann Caira 55 Dearborn St, 02165 Warren A A A Michael Caira College -1 Annapolis Rd, 02165 Warren A A A Beals A A A Kevin Caissie College 848 Watertown St, 02165 Day' AAA, Adams A A A College Kenneth Caron 12 Winthrop Ave, 02158 Bigelow' AAAA Aldams A A A College Amy Carpenter 429 Woleolt St. 02166 Warren A A A Beals A A A College Claudia Caruso 16 Sharon Ave. 02166 Warren A A A Barry' A A A Undecided Jill Casavant 73 Rilmouth Rd, 02165 Day' A A A Beals A A A College Madeline Case 1-15 Washington St, 02 Beals A A A Thomas Casey 110 Fairway Dr, 02165 158 Day' AAAA ttdams A A A College Aldo Castaneda 121 Monadnock Rd, 02167 Barry: A A College Sara Castoldi 9 Ryan Ct, 02165 Warren A A A Barry A A A Kenneth Castriotta College 119 Cl7z1r1e.sb4tll1t Rd. 02I5S Bigelow' A A A Barry A A A Anne Catino 230 River Sl, 02165 College Wulrren AAAA -ldamx A A A College Vicki Cecchinelli 224 Chapt-1 51, 113156 Day. A A Palmer A A A College Cesidio Cedrone 11 Chapel 51, 113156 Riley A A A Luciana Cedrone 16 B Awidttlt- st 1131i-t Day A A A P.1lmerA A Ctisrnetology Donato Cellueci 133 Pearl SIA 02153 Barry A A A If dir Cabbage Patch Kid .. . Walkman . . . Dawn Cetrone 8 Raymond Place, 02165 Warren . . . Palmer . , . College John Chakalis 25 Benelille Cir, 02166 Warren . . . Barry . , . College Steven Chang 72 Pearl Sl, 02158 Bigelow . . . Riley . . . College Wendy Chang I6 Frederick St, 02160 Taiwan . . . Palmer. . . College Salvatore Chisari 80 Jewett St, 02158 Palmer . . . Sunguk Choe 172 Derby St, 02165 Riley. . , Margaret "Margie" Ciccone 105 Fairoaks Ave, 02160 Day - - . Riley . . . College Richard Ciccone 24 Stanlord St, 02166 Palmer . . . Mark Cimino 802 Watertown St, 02165 Adams . . . Lauren Civetta 61 Green St. 02158 Day . . . Riley . . , Richard Claflin 20 Dexter Rd, 02160 Day . . . Barry . . . Harvard Keith Clark 28 W'alnuI Place. 02160 Day . . . Palmer. . . Undecided Jonathan Clemmer 248 Tremont St, 02158 Bigelow . . . Barry . . , Wallpapering William "Billy" Cloran 30 Ransom Rd, 02159 St. Sebastion's . . , Riley , . . College Neva Coekley 28 Dabney St, 02119 Mario Umana . . . Palmer . . . E ngineering X Elect ronies Rebecca Cohen 360 Central St. 02166 Riley . . , lollow the Dead Anthony Colantino 94 Auburn St. 02166 Warren . . . Adams . . . College Stephen Colantino 94 Auburn St. 02166 Warren . . . Beals , , . Bruce Cole 55 Brookside Ave, 02160 Day . . Adams . , . College 3118 senior directory Nicholson Collier 159 Prince St, 02165 Warren . . . Palmer. Stephen Collins 286 Cabot St, 02160 College Day . . . Adams . . . Engineering School Monica Comeau 7 Newell Rd, 02166 Warren . . . Barry. . Theresa Connolly 46 Cummings Rd, 02159 Day . . . Adams . , . Cannes Lidia Coppola 73 Allison St, 02158 Barry '... Roberto Coppola 146 Pearl St, 02158 Bigelow . , . Barry . . Nancy Corbato 88 Temple St, 02165 Warren . . . Palmer. . . College Timothy Corbett 52 Cottage St, 02164 Barry . . . Helena Correia 18 Bonair St, 02145 West Roxbury. . , Barry , . . Work Franco Cortina 37 Lincoln Rd, 02158 Day . , . Palmer . . , College Kimberly Cosman 32 Elm St. 02160 Palmer . . . Stephen Cottens 12 Colonial Ave, 02160 Day. . . Palmer. . . Landscaping Yvette Coulter 15 Greenwich St. 02120 Warren . . . Beals , . . Ray Coy 72 Madison Ave, 02160 Beals . . . Nancy Croft 50 Gardner St, 02158 Day . . . Palmer . . . College Sharon Cullins 75 Clinton St, 02158 Day . . , Palmer . . . College Lynn Cummings 20 Euclid Ave, 01890 Barberin . . . Barry . . . College Thomas Dalicandro 299 Auburndale Ave, 02166 Warren . . . Palmer. . . College David D'Alleva 26 Lindbergh Ave, 02165 Day . . . Riley . . . College-Law Ivan Daniel 7 Spencer St, 02124 Day . . . Beals , . . College Philip Dare 3 Fairview Ter, 02165 Warren . . . Riley . . . Beach in Hawaii Angela Davis 19 Dabney St, 02119 Warren . . . Riley. . . College Bjoren Davis 43 Holden St. 02165 Day . . . Beals . . . College Joyce Davis 15 Jones Sl, 02158 Day . . . Adams . . . College Rachel Davis 503 Walnut St, 02160 Day . . , Barry . . . College Robert Davis 62 West St, 02158 Day . . . Barry . . . Navy Sherie Davis 124 Cabot St, 02160 Beals , . . Steven Davis 10 Grayston Dr. 01923 Barry , . . Computers Giles "Luke" Dawson 868 Watertown St, 02160 Bigelow . . . Beals . . , The ldos Joan DeDoming 111 Pleasant St, 02159 Palmer . . . Lauraine DeFazio 22 Anthony Cir, 02160 Adams . . . Debra DeLaney 73 Blake St, 02160 Adams , . . Ellen DeLaney 95 Norwood Ave, 02160 Palmer . . , Michael DelGizzi I4 Thornton Pl, 02158 Beals . . . Steven Del Grosso 68 Evergreen Ave, 02166 Warren . . . Barry . . . College. Military Jodi Deluty 80 Warwick Rd, 02165 A Warren . . . Barry . . . College Maria Demeo 158 Newtonville Ave. 02158 Palmer . . . Sheree DeMichele 140 Jewett St, 02158 Beals . . . John Denha 176 Pine Grove Ave. 02162 Riley . . . arr Bird . . . i k Business Alexander DeNucci 119 Warwick Rd. 02165 Day . . , Beals . . . College Mark DePaola 62 Evergreen A re, 02166 Warren .... 'idams , . . College Paula DeProfio 18 Cottage Pl. 02165 Warren ..., -Xdams . . . College Stephanie DeRubeis 66 James SI. 02165 Warren . , , Palmer. . . College Joan Desmond -114 Lowell Are, 02160 Beals . . . Joseph Antonio DeVito 140 Adams SI, 02158 Day ,.., fldams , , . College Mark Devore 84 Mandalay Rd. 02159 Roxbury Latin . . . Beals . . American Dream Abbie Dezotell -U5 Crafts St, 02165 FA. Day ..., fidams . . College Gino DiBona 204 Adams St, 02158 Barry , . . Eros Digiambattista 27 Cherry St, 02165 Riley. . . Diane Digianvittorio 66 Lfpham St. 02165 "Digi" Warren , . . Palmer. . . College Maria DiPaola 107 Pearl St. 02158 Barry , . . John Distefano 98 Morrill St, 02165 Day . , . Barry . , . Prolf Chef Bradford Diver 206 Church St. 02158 Adams , . . Daniel Doherty 15 Roberts A ve. 02160 Day , . . Palmer, . . USMC Danny Domeniconi 129 .leviett St, 02158 Bigelow . . , Barry , . . College ie 3645? 1 W3 V I' ...x 'Y af' R jing, Q r- Diana Dones 216 Lagrange St, 02167 Barry' . , . James Donovan .18 Clarendon St, 02160 Riley , , . Susan Dore 275 Auburndale A ve, 02166 Warren . . , Barry. . . College John Downey 45 Ashton Are. 02159 Day' , . . Barry . . . College Nancy Downey 20 Braemore Rd, 02158 Adams . . . Geoffrey Drew 19 Cloelia Ter, 02160 FA. Day . . . Palmer. . . Kevin DuBois 42 Anthony Cir, 02160 Day' . . . Riley , . . College Robert Duffy 126 A uburndale A ve. 02165 Warren . . . Riley . . . College Brian Dunn 63 Gardner Sl, 02153 Bigelow. . . Riley . . . Work Craig Eaton 162 Lowell Ave, 02160 Barry '... Charlotte Egan 130 Otis St, 02160 Riley . , , Andrew Elliot 515 Walnut St, 02160 Palmer. . . Ricardo Engermann 4.1.4 Hutchings 51. 02121 Beals . . . Anina Estrada 17 Copley SI. 02158 Bigelow . . . Riley , College Edward Fabian 250 Ward SI. 02159 Neuron Catholic Riley School Alan Falcone .17 Alden Pl. 02165 Riley . . , James Fanning S0 Waban Ply, 021534 B1gClou Rllvy CJOllCgL' David Faraca .U ,Ut ,-ilyernia Rd. 112102 Bigelow , , , Palmer. C lle't I dir Beverl Hill' Cop . . . Arsenal . . . Gregory Faria 551 Watertown St, 02160 Day . . . Michael Feldman 31 W Boulevard Rd, 02159 Bigelow - I , Palmer, . . College Michael Fenton 44 Hale St, 02164 Barry . . . Amy Finkle 99 Withington Rd, 02160 Bigelow. . , Palmer. . . College Debra Finkle 133 Dane Hill Rd, 02161 Day . . . Riley . , . College Steve Fisch 1650 Commonwealth Ave. 02165 Warren , . . Riley . . , College Tracey Fisher 41 Eliot Ave, 02165 Palmer, . . Julie Fitzgerald 3 Waban St, 02158 Bigelow . . . Riley. . . College David Fleming 116 Fairway Dr, 02165 Barry . A . Amy Fletcher 20 Carl St, 02161 Palmer. . . Garrett M. Flynn 5 Adella Ave, 02165 Warren , . . Beals . , . College Chris Ford 60 Pembroke St, 02158 Bigelow, . . Palmer. . . College Suzanne tSuzyj Forman 21 Francis Sl, 02159 Bigelow . . , Palmer. , . College Richard Forrest tabundantj 204 Pleasant St, 02159 Day , . . Barry . . . College John Frassica 112 Parmenter Rd, 02165 Beals , . . David J. Freed 3 Clallirl Pl, 02160 Bigelow , . , Riley . . . College Debbi Freedman 17 Green Plx, 02153 Bigelow , , . Beals , . . College Joseph Fritz .ll Claremont St, 021514 .S'earsdale lligh . , Beals . College lor direvlun I Eric From 1-ll Evelyn Rd. 02168 Riley. . , Wendy Fullerton 188 Church St., 02158 Summit . . . Barry . . . College Michael Furman 25 Simpson St., 02158 Riley . , . Nancy Gaines 210 Grove Sl.. 02166 Warren . . . Barry l.., fletress Benjamin Galdston 62 Hydt- Aw.. 02158 Bigelow . . . Riley . . . College Dectoria "Decky" Gander 27 Otis St., 02160 Daly. . . Beals . . . College Robert Garabedian 74 Albert Rd.. 02166 Warren . . . Riley . . . College Particia Garcia 458 Chestnut St., 02168 Beals . , . William Gardiner 1045 Centre St., Day. . , Barry . . . College Karl Genes 89 Hyde Ave., 02158 Bigelow . , . Barry . , . Hollywood Paula Gerbrands 2 Maureen Dr,, Burlington 01803 Burlington . , . Barry' . . , College Diana Gershon 33 Sherbroke Rd., 02158 Bigelow. . . Barry, . . College Edward Getman .38 Hamlet Sl.. Riley . . . Robert Gheewalla 19 Ashlord Rd., 02159 Bigelow . . . Riley . . . College .5 'Q 1 2 . ,,........-e,... t. mug! 1 W M ,,, .., , .MMM N 4, he Steve's . . . ruce Springsteen . 1 . .- .....- .- Jeffrey Gilman 99 Westchester Rd.. 02158 Christine Greeley 120 Farwell St.. 02159 Bigelow 1 1 1 Barry ..., ylusieian,'College DQ,-,V 44,, 4dJ,,,, g g A College Christian Giorgi 24 Eliot Ave.. 02165 John Greeley 710 Walnut St., 02159 Day .... txCl4Ill7S 1 1 1 To be Gene Kelley pi,j,,,c, A I I Raymond "Ray" Gladu 34 Cherry S111 02165 David Greenberg .U Bennington St., 02159 Warren 7 1 - BCJIS - 1 1 College Bigelow. 1 1 Barryp 1 1 College Edward Glancy 83 West S111 02158 Rouben Gregorian 212 Tremont St- 02160 Day 1 1 1 Barry 1 1 1 G1T1E1 Sylvania Tech. Barry g A I Jonathan Glazer 52 Rossmere St.. 02160 Andrew Griffith 34 Walnut S111 02172 Barnstable 1 1 1 Barry .... 'lCCOUlllLll7C'l B-S-D, A 4 341,-ry U V I Cbllcgc Scott Glickman 34 Stallord Rd.. 02159 Gwendolen Gross 75 Clinton Pl. 02159 Day r4-1 'ldilfm - 1 . College warren 1 1 1 Riley' 1 1 1 College Peter Goldfinger 33 Bireh Hill Rd1, 02160 Day Beals 1 1 1 College Jacqueline Goodale 45 Smith Ave.. 02165 Michael Grosser 20 Pierreport Rd. 02162 Warren 1 1 1 Palmer1 1 1 College Julie Grunes 11 Maynard St1, 02165 Day .... Adams 1 1 1 Fla. Beach Bum Day' 1 1 1 Riley 1 1 1 College Michael Goodman 71 W'est Pine 5111 02166 Adam Gurwitz 43 Gay St, 02160 WUVVCV' -"- 'ldllfm - - - Cvlfvev Bigelow 1 1 1 Palmer. 1 1 College Eric Goolst 20 North S111 02160 011, 1 1 1 Bt-1111, 1 1 1 College Joanne Gorden 412 Fuller S111 02165 Cheryl Hagar 248 Wincliesler S11 02161 Meadowbrook 1 1 1 Barry' 1 1 1 College Linda Hagerty 111 Beethoven A ve.. 02168 Wdffvfl 1 1 A Riley 1 1 1 Work in-1-lf, 1 1 1 Bt-1115 1 1 1 College Cheryl Gorgone 12 Milo S111 02165 Donald Haley 31 Dearborn Sl.. 02165 Dui ,.-1 '1di"775 - - . College Warren 1 1 1 Rllc'-y' 1 1 1 College Joel GOTH John Halloran 38 Kenwood Ave, 02159 23 shcrjdim Stl' 03165 DU! ---' 'ldflm-5 - 1 1 Tffllfl Warren 1.11 A dams 1 1 1 College William Graef 264 Lowell Ave.. 02160 Scott W. Hamblet 78 Clearwater Rd, 02162 Maria Granberg Warren 1 1 1 Barrym 1 1 College Grondalsvagen 8,149 Nflllilbllillllfl. Sweden -lulla yHarm3tZ h Grondals-Skolan 1 1 1 Riley 1 College 40 Ch?-VNU' TW-v 03129 Day' 1 1 1 Pal1ner1 1 1 Communications Sharon Grandmaison 16a Middle St.. 02158 Riley 1 1 1 Elaine Grant 7 Mt. Vernon Ter11 02160 Day .1.1 Adams 1 1 1 College Lucia F. Graziano 361 Cherry S11 02165 Day 1 1 1 Palmer. 1 1 College Teresa Harris 66 Hamlet St.. 02159 Barry' 1 1 1 Eric Harrison 109 Mallapan S111 02126 Riley' 1 1 1 Laurie Hartman 108 Albemarle Rd., 02160 Day 1 1 1 Riley 1 1 1 College Charles Hatem 14 Arden Rd, 02160 Day: 1 1 Riley' 1 1 1 College Matthew Hauser 37 Claremont St1, 02158 Bigelow 1 1 1 Beals 1 1 1 College Valaria Hawkins 21 Taunton Ave., 02126 Meadowbrook 1 1 1 Palmer 1 1 1 Fashion Designer Howard M1 Haywood 69 Walker St., 02160 Warren 1 1 1 Pa1mer1 1 1 Culinary School - Chtl Paul Healey 67 Cherry P11 02165 Warren 1 1 1 Beals 1 1 1 College Robert Heinstein 24 Fellsmere Rd1, 02159 Fessenden 1 1 1 Barryf 1 1 1 College James Heywood 218 Mi11Sl1. 02160 Barry' 1 1 1 Dwayne Hicks 30 Weaver Ct.. 02119 Warren 1111 Adams 1 1 1 Cooking-B Robert Higgins 34 Thurston Rd, 02164 Palmer. 1 1 Tera Hirsch 285 Franklin St.. 02158 Bigelow' 1 1 1 Riley 1 1 1 College Debra "Debbie" Hohmann 19 Fayette Sl., 02158 Bigelow' 1 1 1 Barry 1 1 1 Travel Lisa Hollett 17 Clarendon St. 02160 uslness Day 1 1 1 Beals 1 1 1 He1p1'ngan1'm.1l1s Nuala A. Horkan 136 Grasmere S111 02158 Bigelow' 1111 lldanis 1 1 1 College Daniel M. Horowitz 224 VJIlCI7llllL' St. 02165 Warren 1 1 1 Barry 1 1 College Sharon Huff 99 Camden St. 0211.9 Beals 1 1 1 Donald "Chris" Hughes it 1ylorsel.1nd flue. 02159 Day 1 1 Beals 1 1 College Lynne Hurley 159 Oak S11 02164 Barry 1 1 1 Linda Hurwitz 1745 lowell 'lie 02160 Day 1 rlllilllly College niur dir Mondale'Ferraro . . . Flutie . . . Wendy Hutchins 50 Lowell SI, 01902 FA. Day . . . Barry . . . College Anne Hynes 3 Orris St, 02166 Warren . . . Barry . . . College Hiroyuki Ishii 15 Metaeomet Rd, 0-168 Beals . . . Joshua Israel 38 Ballard Sl, 02159 Riley . . . Jonathan lvry 154 Randle!! Pk, 02165 Warren . . . Riley. . . College Philip J. Jepson 24 Keny on St, 02165 'T Andrea Karp 25 Victoria Cir, 02159 Day , . . Beals . . . College David Kaufman 490 Beacon Sl, 02167 Beals . . . Kerry J. Keating ll Baron Pk. Ln, 01803 FA. Day. . . Barry. . . College Paul J. Keegan 46 Auburn SI, 02165 Riley . . . Mark Kefauver 34 Rowe Sl, 02166 Warren . . . Palmer Megan P. Kelley 28 Manemel Rd, 02159 Johnathan Kharfen 162 Ml. Vernon St, 02160 Palmer . . . Josef M. Khaykov 59 Cook Sl, 02158 Riley . . . Ernest "Ernie" Kinas 301 Kenrick SI, 02158 Bigelow . . . Riley . . . College Jacqueline Kinsella 4 Windermere Rd, 02166 Warren . . . Beals . . . College Beth R. Klavens 110 Pickwick Rd, 02165 Warren . . . Barry . . . College Suzanne L. Kogan 33 Crehore Dr, 02162 Warren . . . Adams . . . Pres. of US. 362,15 1 A , Warren . , . Barry. . . College Erik K- JCSd3lC Tira S. Khan George Kokovidis IO Coyne Rd. 02168 is si. Mfirys Si, 02162 47 North Gm Pk, 02165 R'10,V - 4 i Warren . . . Riley . . . College FA. Day . . . Adams . . . College Kristen M. Johnson 8 Weir SI, 02166 Warren . . . Beals . . . College Matthew Johnson 65 Gray Cliff Rd, 02159 Beals . . , Sylvia Johnson 47 Algonquin Rd. 02167 Bigelow. . . Palmer. . . Christopher Jones 65 Washington Sl, 02158 Barry Monique Jones 39 So. Charlame Ter, 02119 Palmer . . . Daniel W. Jordan Ill 30 Kensington SI, 02160 Palmer . . . William W. Joseph 310 Waverly A ve, 02158 Palmer. . . Demetrios T. Kalamvokis 8 Rogers SI, 02158 Beals . . . Lisa D. Kaljian .i Capi1alS1, 021511' Bigelow . . . Riley . . . College Anthony Kamerman 50 Winehesler Rd, 02158 Riley . . . Shotaro Kamitory 69 liilmoulh Rd, 02165 Palmer ni r direelnry A"-s... l mplc Christina M. Koontz 110 Mill St, 02159 FA. Day . . . Adams . . . College Stefanie Krantz 66 Ashton Ave. 02159 F.A. Day . . . Palmer. . . College Laura D. Kubzansky 41 .Nobscot Rd. 02159 Bigelow , . . Barry . . . College Douglas J. Latingua 63 Jackson Rd. 02158 F.A. Day ..., Adams . . . Fun John P. Larkin 491 Commonwealth Ave, 02159 Barry . . . Greg J. Larson 359 Otis St. 02165 Warren .,.. f ldams . . . L nknown Richard J. Lawson 8 Emerald St, 02158 FA. Day . . . Palmer. . . Work Joan Marie "Bone" Laecy 387 Lowell A ve. 02160 FA. Day . . . Barry . . . College Charles LeBlanc 15 Metaeomet Rd. 02168 Beals . . . Matthew S. LeBlanc 36 Cook St, 02158 Day . . . Barry . . . College Rochelle A. "Shelley" LeClaire 34 Rossemere St, 02160 FA. Day' . . . Palmer. . . College J. Gregory Lee 85 Prince St. 02165 Warren . . . Adams . . . College Michelle Lee 115 Elliot St. 02164 Palmer Kimberly Dawn "KD" Leka 256 Park St, 02158 Bigelow: . . Beals . . . C ollegeq Peace Work Anna Leone 10 Beech St, 02158 F.A. Day . . . Barry Nino Leone 64 Auburn St. 02166 Warren . . . Palmer. . . Business Richard P. LeSage 28 Beech St, 02158 Riley' . . . Donald Leung 74 North St, 02160 F.A. Day . . . Palmer. . . State Trooper ...Carl Lew1 Aaron M. Leventman 189 Bellevue St, 02158 FA. Day . . . Barry. . . College Brian Michael Levin 164 Newtonville A ve. 02158 Bigelow' . . . Palmer. . . College Shari L. Libenson 7 Commonwealth Pk, 02159 F.A. Day' . . . Riley' . . . College Alan F. LiCarie 42 Warwick Rd, 02165 Day . . . Oscar J. LiDonni 6 Anthony Rd, 02160 F.A. Day . . . Barry . . . Harvard Jeffrey B. Leibman 86 Sargent St, 02158 Bigelow . . . Riley . . . College Juli Lin 352 Cabot SI. 02160 Warren . . . Palmer . . . College Nancy Lin 40 Homer St, 02159 Warren . . . Palmer. . . College Robin Litman 102 Grasmere St, 02158 Bigelow' . . . Riley: . . College Robin Littlejohn 20 Curve St, 02165 Warren . . . Suzanne Lituri 52 Grove Hill Ave, 02160 Day: . . Barry . . . Amy Lloyd 286 Webster St, 02166 Warren . . . Riley. . . College Cameron Lock 337 Kenrick St. 02158 Beals . . . Elizabeth Locke 3 Ware Rd, 02166 Warren . . . Barryf . , . College David Longmore 232 Pearl St, 02158 Day: . . Adams . . . College Marie Love 11 Gibson Rd, 02160 Riley' . . . Christopher Lowe 46 Central St, 02166 Warren . . . Barry' . . . College Cheryl Luce 24 Green Ct, 02158 Day' . . . Barryf . . . College Jacqueline Luster 43 Saeo St, 02164 Riley . . . Minh Le Ly 138 Cedar St, 02159 Beals . . . College John Lyons 119 Commonwealth Ave, 02167 Barry' . . . Michael Lyons 101 Washington St, 02158 Bigelow. . . Palmer. . . College Cheryl Lyttle 13 Alden Place, 02165 Warren . . . Beals . . . Work Bruce Macdonald 6 Orris St, 02166 Warren . . . Beals . . . College Keith MacDonald 87 Washington St, 02158 Bigelow . . . Adams . . . Julie MacDougall 328 Cabo! St, 02160 Beals . . . Michael MacDougall 328 Cabo! St, 02160 Day. . . Adams . . . Harvard Law Daniel Maclnnis 33 Henshaw' St, 02165 Riley . . . Michael MacKay 194 Auburn St. 02166 Warren . . . Stephen Mackay 194 Auburn St. 02166 Warren . . . Colin "Bobby" Mac Nevin 74 Clearwater Rd. 02162 Mar ou .. Warren . . . Beals . . . C ollege, .Nlilitary Kelley "Smelly" Mahoney 104 Westland Ave. 02165 Day' .... Adams . . . College James Mahony 64 Oak C1i1l'Rd, 02160 Bigelow' . . . Barry . . . College Shungo Maki 15 Metacomet Rd, 02168 Palmer. . . Philip Malenfant 34 Hyde Ave, 02158 Bigelow. . . Riley . . . College John Malkofsky 117 Adena Rd, 02165 Riley . . . eniur directory 313 ab Fae... thiopia... Capt. un Frederick Malouf 20 Arlington St, 02158 Bigelow ..., Adams , . . College Patricia Malouf 20 Arlington St, 02158 Bigelow . . . Adams , . . College Amy Maples 624 Beacon St, 02159 Day , . . Adams . . . Hotel Management Timothy Marchand 86 Morrill St, 02165 Day, . . Barry . . . College Mary Beth Marden 57 Eddy St, 03165 Day . . . Beals . . . College Ottavio Mariano 25 Wedgewood Rd. 02165 Day , , . Beals , . , College Leslie Marinucci 12 Roberta Rd, 02166 Warren . . . Robert Marks 36 Charles St, 02166 Warren . . , Peter Markunas 127 Rand Ter, 02166 Warren . , , Sheila Marrazzo 14 Ryan Ct, 02165 Warren . . . Riley . , . College Mark Marrocco 17 Elsworth Rd, 02165 Barry . . . Frances Martel 14 Gordon Ter, 02158 Palmer , . . Robert Martin 10 Doris Cir. 02158 Bigelow . . . Beals . . , College Antonio "Tony" Mastroianni 112 Auburndale A ve, 02165 Warren . A . Barry , . , College Gina Mazzola 35 Church Sl, 02158 Bigelow , . . Beals . . . CROllCgL'y'llJ41l7CC Timothy McCabe 83 Elm Rd. 02160 Riley . . , Heather McCarthy 1202 Chestnut St. 02164 Bigelow , , . Barry . . . College, Europe Patricia McCarthy 14 Parli Place, 02160 Day ,.., 'ldanis i i . College ninr rlireclury Robert McCullough 61 Lindbergh A ve. 02165 Day Debbie McDonald 127 Albemarle Rd, 02160 Newton Catholic . . , Beals , , . College Sharon "Shaz" McDowell 17 Jackson Sl, 02159 Day, . . Barry . . . College James McGrath '95 Commonwealth Ave. 02167 Bigelow ..., Adams , . . College Kevin McGrath 18 West Pine St, 02166 Warren . , . Beals . . i Llndeeid Justin McKenna 35 Howard St, 02158 Bigelow . . . Adams , . . College Jennifer Ann McKie 22 Prescott St, 02160 Day , . . Palmer. , . College Julie McKie 22 Prescott St, 02160 Day , , . Palmer ..., 'Vursing Kristin McKie 22 Prescott Sl, 02160 Day , , . Riley , . . College Wendy McLaughlin 130 Otis St, 02160 Warren . , i Riley. , , Modeling Shawn McMillen 126 Charles St, 02166 Warren . . . Palmer. , , College Kelly McMurray 37 Hancock St, 02166 Warren ..,, Adams . . . College George Mead 43 Newell Rd. 02166 Warren . . . Palmer. . . Rosemarie Medaglia 137 River St, 02165 Warren . . . Elizabeth Melhado 7-1 Hillside A ve, 02165 BB A2 N, BCDS. . . Barry , . . College Zinta Melngailis 90 Hull St, 02160 Warren . . . Palmer, , , Valeria Migliassi 15 Avondale 02159 , , . Adams . . . Katherine Miller tKathyJ 105 Cherry St, 112165 Day. . . Riley , . . College Mark Miller 70 Goddard St, 02161 . , . Riley , . , William Milne 16-1 Auburn Sl, 02166 Warren . . . Adams , . , To create Mohammad Minai-Azary 80 Grasmere St, 02158 . . . Beals . , . Lennardo Mineo 27 Cherry Sl. 02165 Day . . . Riley . , . Lawrence Mini 26 Howard St, 02158 Day , . , Beals , . , John Montgomery 36 Hyde A ve. 02158 Bigelow. , . Beals , . . Music Jon Mooar 10 Pond Ave, 02158 , . , Riley. . . Cammy Moody 21 Randol1'Sl, 02160 , , . Riley. , . Judith Moolten tjudyj 20 Dolan A ve. 02165 Warren, . . A dams , . , Psychiatrist Peter Mooradian 190 Chapel St, 02158 Day , . . Barry , . , College Natalie Moore 47 Forest St, 02161 . , . Riley. , , Samantha Moore 275 Tremont St, 02158 Palmer . . . Elizabeth Morahan 37 South GLIIC Pk, 02165 Day . , , Palmer , . , College John Morrissey 1-U Commonwealth Ave, 02167 Bigelow . . . Adams , . . College Lynsey Morrissey 529 Cralts St, 02165 Day , . , Barry . . . Unknown Jason Moscartolo 409 Newtonville Ave, 02160 Day. . . Beals . . . Freewill Eric Moschella 194 Cralts St, 02160 Warren . , . Palmer. , , College Pamela Mosher tPamJ 58 Nonantum St, 02158 Bigelow ,,., Adams , . . Medicine tl 1 l l tgp L 1 I l i l l l al -1 is l ynasty... ig Chill... Duncan Moss 580 Walnut St, 02160 BB ff: N, Riley . . . College Stephen Moss 44 Hartford St. 02125 ...Riley . ., Pamela Moy lPamJ 101 Faxon St. 02158 Larisa Murphy 85 Riply si, 02159 ...Adams . ,, Lisa Murphy 129 Russell Rd. 02165 Warren . . , Palmer. . . Michael Murphy 44 Henshaw St, 02165 Day ..,. Adams . , , College WJ,-rL-n A 4 . Robert Murray lBobbyJ 98 Washington SI, 02158 Susan Mucciarone 101 Alban Rd, 02168 MCiId0Vfbf00lY A - - Bilffl A - - College Bigelow . . . Beals . . . Wentworth Jack Mucciaroni 101 Alban Rd, 02168 Steven Murray 470 Calilornia SI, 02160 MU!!!-l0WbfU0lf - A - Riley - - Day , . . Palmer. . . College Kim Myers 21 Mane! Cir, 02167 Bigelow , , . Palmer. . . College Christopher Mullen 560 Auburn St, 02166 ,..R1ley.., Kevin Murphy Liza Nagy 467 California St. 02160 100 Bgflcttuc 51, 03155 Day . . . Beals , . . 3,9-you E A A Daniel Nardone 108 Concord Sl, 02162 Warren , . . Riley . . . College Mitchell Nash 94 Charlesbank Rd. 02158 Bigelow . . . Barry . . . College Donald "Donny" Natale 235 Mt. Vernon St, 02165 Warren . . . Riley . . , Mitchell Nathanson 1601 Centre Sl, 02161 Day. . . Beals , . . College Kevin Negrotti 48 Westland Ave, 02165 Riley . . . Lisa Nesbit ll Fayston St, 02121 Warren , . . Adams . . . College John Neville 68 High St, 02164 Adams . . . Darrell Newton 175 Parmenter Rd, 02165 Day. . . Palmer. . . Hang Ngo 65 River ST. 02165 Day. . . Riley. . . College Suzy Nguyen 34 Hammond St, 02167 Bigelow . . . Palmer. . . Rosa Nicolazzo 56 Smith Ave, 02165 Day. . . Barry. . . Paul Nobile 31 Randlett Pk, 02165 Day. . . Adams , . . College Susan Norton 162 Grove St, 02166 Warren . . . James Notter Uamiej 12 Bennington St, 02153 Day , . . Riley , . . College Daniel Nourse 405 Cherry St, 02165 Warren . . . Beals, . , Marc Nussbaum 8 7 Woodlawn Dr. 02167 Bigelow . . . Riley . . . College Sarah O'Brien 115 Sargent St, 02158 Bigelow . . . Palmer. . . College Sean O'Brien 63 Cummings Rd, 02159 Day . . . Riley . . . College senior directory .315 hostbusters . . . Solofle . . . 1984 Terrance O'Brien 77 Charlesbank Rd, 02158 Bigelow .... 'ldams . . , Timothy O'Brien 66 Prescott St, 02160 Day . . . Barry . . . Deborah Offner lDebbieJ 43 Cotton St, 02158 Bigelow .,., Adams . , . College Danielle O'Keefe 29 Fordham Rd. 02165 Day . . . Adams . . . College Linda Olans 69 Montrose St. 02158 Bigelow . . . Palmer. . . College Kerry O,Leary 93 Waban Hill Rd. 02167 Bigelow. . . Riley. . . College Joseph Oliveto 12 Freeman St. 02166 Warren .,., fldams . . . College Marc Olsson 51 Perkins St. 02165 . , . Barry Dana Onanian 236 Grove St., 02166 Warren , . . Palmer. . . Carpentry Sean O'neil 66 College Rd., 02167 Beals . . . Julia Onorato 371 Austin St., 02165 Day . . . Barry . , , Success' Padriac M. O'Reilly 42 Crosby Rd., 02167 Day . . . Riley, . . College Christine Owen 116 Jewett St., 02158 Bigelow . . . Beals , . . College Denise Pachas 1208 Chestnut St., 0216-1 Barry . . . Ellen Packer 31 Puritan Rd., 02161 Warren , . . Beals . . . College Laura Palma 74 Bowen St.. 02159 Palmer. . . Irene Pan 5 Gardner St., 02159 Bigelow . . , Beals , . . College Anthony Panaggio 212 Adams St., 02158 Barry . . . 716 seniur ilirerlory Lisa Paoletti 58 Cook St., 02158 Palmer. . . Melissa L. Pappas 222 Winslow Rd., 02168 Weeks . . . Beals . . . College Jeanette Paquette 102 Grasmere St., 02158 Palmer. . . John Patriacca 73 Wedgewood Rd., 02165 Palmer. . . James A. Patriquin, III 30 Emmons St., 02165 Day . . . Riley . . , College Matthew Patterson 11 Deforest Rd., 02162 Riley . . . Ronald A. Patti, Jr. 298 Derby St., 02165 Beals . . . Engineer. , . Tara Pellegrini 66 Langdon St., 02158 Bigelow. . . Barry . . . College Anne Peltier 91 Westland Ave., 02165 Day . . . Riley Lisa Perruzzi X3 Lexington St., 02166 Warren . . . Palmer. . . to be happy Christopher Ellis Perry 1-1 Pierrepoint Road, 02162 Warren . , . Barry . . , College Laurie Pilla 50 Annapolis Rd., 02165 Day. . . Palmer. , . College Eunice Pinckney 38 Vale St., 02119 Riley. . . Marco Pinto 93 Pearl St.. 02158 Beals . . . Albernlarle Vanessa Neon Gianni Piselli 321 Albemarle Rd.. 02160 Day . . . Riley . . . College Jacqueline Place 5 Emerson St.. 02158 Biglou . . . Beals . . . College Lauren Poplack 114 Kirkstall Rd.. 02160 Palmer. . . Kira Porter 20 Rice St., 02159 Day . , , Riley . . . College Melissa Porter 66 Ashton Ave Bigelow . . . Riley . . . College Vandie Porter 236 Auborn St.. 02166 Palmer. . . Anthony Proia 220 Linwood Ave.. 02160 Adams . . . Charles Proia 4 Morgan Pl., 02158 Day . . . Riley . . . College David Proia 51 Salisbury Rd.. 02158 Biglov. . , . Palmer. . . College James Proia 17 Peabody Si.. 0315.2 Day . . . Barry . . . College Patricia Proia 652 Watertoun St., 02160 Barry Nicholas B. Pulsone 48 Derby St.. 02165 Day . . . Barry . . . College Seth Putnam 51 Warwick Rd., 02165 Palmer. . . Sean Quinlan 50 Albert Rd., 02166 Palmer. . . Kathleen Quinn lKathyJ 17 Talbot St.. 02165 Day' . . . Beals . . . College Stephen C. Quinn 68 Lindbergh Ave., 02165 Day' . . . Barry . . . Solid Gold Dancer Susan A. Quinn 180 Melrose St., 02166 Warren . . . Beals . . . College Lynier Ranso 16 Rockvale Cir.. 02130 Beals , . . Joseph Raso 104 Albert Rd.. 02166 Warren , . . Palmer. . . College Andra Raudsteps 24 Fountain St., 02165 Warren . . . Adams . . . College Donald Raymond 1,30 Wisuall Road. 02159 Palmer . , . Jennifer Read 139 Day Street, 02166 Warren . . . Barry . . . College Thomas Regan 25 White Ave.. 02159 Beals . . . Edward Reilly 14 Mague Pl., 02165 Palmer. . . Lynn Resnick 10 Charlotte Rd. 02159 Day .... Adams . . , College Joseph Patrick Reynolds 315 Albermarle Rd., 02160 Day' . . . Beals . . . College Monique Rhone 22 Calder St., 02124 Day' ..., Adams , . . Business Administrator Christine Richard 5-U Cralts St., 02165 Day . . . Beals . . . College Austin Richards 111 Temple St., 02165 Day . . . Riley. . . Stardom Rita Rieves 19 Rockland St.. 02119 Day' . . . Riley' . . . College William Riley 104 Beethoven A ve., 02168 Rileyf . , . Keith Roach .U Brookledge St.. 02121 Beals . . . Gregg Roberts 218 Church Sl., 02158 C.V.U ...., Adams . . . College John E. Roberts, Jr. lBennyl 44 Washburn A ve.. 02166 Warren . . . Beals . . . HotelfRestaurant Management Charles Robertson 15 Water St., 02159 Day' . . . Adams . . . Life Virginia Robertson 218 Church St., 02158 Riley' . . . Bruce Robinson 89 Hawthorne SI. 02155 Beals . . . Kimberly Robinson 11 Leonard A ve, 02160 Vermont Academy . . . Riley . . , College Luis Rodriguez 12 Read Cl, 02159 Riley' . . . Lisa Rollins 72 Esmond St, 02121 Warren . . . Riley. . . College Christopher Romero 15 Princeton St, 02158 Bigelow . . . Riley' . . . College Michael Rona 766 Commonwealth A ve, 02159 Day: . . Beals , . . College Joshua Roseman 31 Wesley' St, 02158 Palmer , . . Lisa Rosen 6 Bonwood St, 02160 Bigelow , . . Barry' . . . College Daniel Rosenberg 12 Fairku St, 02165 Warren . . . Adams . . . College Tina Rosenthal 59 Maple St, 02166 Warren . . . Palmer. . . College Loretta Rossi 412 Wolcott St. 02166 Warren . . . Adams . . . College Sabrina Rossi 36 Tarleton Rd. 02159 Day . . . Adams . . . Secretarial School Deborah Roth 122 Lincoln St, 01420 B.F. Brown . . . Barry . . . Hairdressing Normand Rousseau 86 Prescott St, 02160 Day' . , . Palmer. . . Waxing Surlboards Raymond Rowland 11 Parsons Rd, 02165 Day' . . . Palmer . . . Sleeping Corey Rubin 16 Ashton Are, 02159 Day . . . Riley . . . College Nicolina Russo 3 Fuller Ave. 02165 Day' . . . Barry Gregory Rutan 71 Waban Hill Rd, 02167 Bigelow . . . Riley . . . Ferrari Dealer i nit in Cal. 'ir director Chri t WZO The Doctor Colin Ryan 77 Page Rd, 02160 Day . . . Barry. . , College Diane "Di" Ryan 57 Cook St, 02158 Day. . . Beals . . . College Emil Sabetfand 18-1 Austin St, 02160 Beals . . . Douglas Sabin 28 Collins Rd, 02168 Warren , . . Palmer, . . M.I.7f Charles Sakakini 49 Walker St, 02160 Day. , . Beals . . . Mud Wrestler Mark Saltzer 54 Gammons Rd, 02168 Warren , . . Riley . . . College Ivana Salvucci 86 Jasset St, 02158 Day ..., fldams . , . College Joseph Salvucci 23 Eddy Si, 02165 Day . . . Barry . . . Carpenter Eric Salzman 61 Clements Rd, 02158 Bigelow . . . Barry . . . College Steven Sampson 48 Holman Rd, 02166 Riley , , . James Sanford 25 Damien Rd, 02181 Beals . . , Charlene SantaCroce 135 .lewett St, 02158 Newton Catholic . . . Adams . . . College Luisa Santilli 28 Cross St, 02165 Day ..., tldams . . , College Jacqueline Santos 45 Oweneroft Rd, 02118 Warren . . . Palmer . . . Flight Attendant Corrine Santosuosso 32 Edward Rd, 02165 Day , . , Palmer, , . College Renee Sarios 23 Smith A ve, 02165 Warren . . . Barry , . . College Celia Savitz 170 Chestnut St, 02165 Warren . . . Barry. , . College Marie Schiebert 9 Highland Park. 02160 Beals . . , 315' senior rlirtrtun Erica Schlueter 60 Otis St. 02160 Marshall-U , . . Palmer . , . College Andrew "Schmidtie" Schmidt I5 Clarendon St, 02160 Bigelow. . , Beals . . . College Linda Schnall 16 Charlotte Rd, 02159 Day . . . Barry . . . College Michael Schultz 52 Grant Ave, 02159 Belmont Hill . . . Barry . . . College Howard Schwartz I5 Priscilla Rd, 02167 Bigelow. . , Riley. , . College Gary Scott 321 Auburndale Ave, 02166 Adams . . . College Jay Scott 184 Northhampton St, 02118 Palmer , , . F , gay! RQ-2 Joshua Seifert 10 Day St, 02166 Warren . . . Barry , . , School Lynn Sekelow 32 Montrose St, 02158 Bigelow ...... Adams . . . Work Rani Sellers 398 Lowell Ave, 02160 Day, . . Adams . . . Unknown Aviva Selling 2-13 Park St. 02158 Bigelow . , . Riley . . . College Angela Senzapura 278 Watertown St, 02160 Palmer, . . Kristan Serrano 20A Coyne Rd, 02168 Adams , . . Richardo Serur 546 Commonwealth Ave, 02159 Barry , . . Law School i i ll l l rivial 1 , avid "Bhudda" Sgan -35 Marshall SI. 02159 Adams 1 1 1 College atherine Sgarzi 20 OLdham Rd. 02165 ,Warren 1 1 1 Beals 1 1 1 College illen Shapiro 7-1 Webster Parlt. 02165 Warren 1 1 1 Barry .,.. College eremy Shapiro 79 Webster Park, 02165 Warren 1 1 1 Barry 1 1 1 ndrew Shaver 2 18 56141111511 02165 Warren 1 1 1 Barry 1 1 1 College Jirvana Shaw -17 Oalcuood Rd. 02160 Riley 1 1 1 arah Shay 141 Cedar St. 02159 Day 1 1 1 Barry 1 1 1 College ornelius Shea 86 Freeman 511 02166 Neulon Catholic 1 1 Riley Elizabeth "Lisa" Shea 5 Cl7a1slt'e Ave, 02166 Barry 1 1 1 iathleen Shea 19 Washburn SI. 02155 Bigelow 1 1 1 Riley 1 1 College lohn Sheerin 17 Copley St, 02158 Melrose 1 1 1 Palmer1 1 1 Lndeeided essy Shems 35 Travis Dr. 02167 4 Blgtfltlli 1 A 1 Barry 1 1 1 College Bound Terence Short 383 Carleton St, 02158 Bigelow 1 1 1 Palmer Eric Shulman 194 Pine Grove Are. 02162 Warren ..., Adams 1 1 1 College dward Sibert 35 Church S11 02158 Riley 1 1 1 Christine Siemering 1 16 Smith C11 02165 1 L ndeeided ' Riley 1 1 1 Cindy Siflinger 231 Ward St, 02159 Bigelow 1 1 1 Beals .1.1 Medicine Pablo Silva 34 Whittier Rd. 02160 Day' 1 1 1 Adams 1 1 1 Retirement UI' uit hackey- ack Michele "Giggles" Simmons 5-I Wedgewood Rd, 02165 Day 1 1 1 Barry 1 1 1 College Steven Simmons 22 Elmwood St. 021524 Beals 1 1 1 Francesco Sinopoli 21 Pine St. 02165 Day 1 1 Barry 1 1 1 undecided Shawna Slack 133 School Sl, 02158 Benjamin Smith 54 Maple St, 02166 Bigelow 1 1 1 Beals 1 1 1 College Maura Smith 40 in-dgei. ood Rd. 031175 Palmer1 1 1 Scott Smith 19 Harvey Pl, 02165 Riley 1 1 1 Michael Soloman Ja t1a121yc11t- Rd, 0316: Warren 1 1 1 Beal1s 1 1 1 College Paul Soucier 176 Fairuay Dr, 02165 Barry 1 1 1 LeeAnn Lisa Spataro 18 Broadway Ter, 02160 Day 1 1 1 Beals 1 1 1 College Robert Spinks 40 Warner S11 0212-J Beals 1 1 1 Lisa Spriggs 170 Dewitt Dr, 02126 Warren 1 1 1 Palmer 1 1 1 College James Staley ll 20 Freeman St. 02166 Warren 1 1 1 Beals 1 1 1 Colleg4Mi1itary' Dena Steiberg 68 Westchester Rd. 02156' Bigelou 1 1 1 Adams 1 1 1 College Philip Stockman 428 Wolcott St. 02166 Riley 1 1 1 Eric Stolzenbach 28 Berkshire Rd, 02160 Riley' 1 1 1 Julia Subrin 10 Birdh Hill Rd, 02160 Shady' H1111 1 1 Barry' 1 1 1 College Cathleen Suitor 166 Tremont S111 02158 Bigelow 1 1 1 Beals 1 1 1 College 0 1 0 Sheryl P1 Sulkin .17 Stuart Rd, 02155 Bigelow 1 1 1 Beals 1 1 1 College Michol J. Sullivan 17 Washington St. 02158 Bigelow 1111 iidams 1 1 1 College Paul R. Summers 10 Arbor Rd, 02165 Warren 1 1 1 Barry 1 1 1 College Kew Sumpter 58 Hamlett St, 02159 Weeks 1 1 1 Palmer. 1 1 Work Michelle Sutherland -IX Carleton St, 02158 Blgelouy 1 1 Palmer. 1 1 Travel Christopher Sweeny 18 Murphey Ct, 02158 Day' 111, Adams 1 1 1 College Andrew L1 Swett 244 Prince St, 02165 Warren 1 1 1 Riley' 1 1 1 College Louis A1 Szekely 389 Neu'1or1v1'lle A ve. 02160 Day' 1 1 1 Beals 1 1 1 College Sarah E1 Tafe 72 Homer Sl, 02159 Day' 1 1 1 Adams 1 1 1 College Doria Tamburini 783 Watertown St. 02165 Day 111, 1 ldams 1 1 1 College Mue Tang 21 Wilson Cir. 02161 Adams 1 1 1 Patrick J. Tedeschi 11 Ouirk Ct, 02158 Day 1111 ildams 1 1 1 College Robert Odie Tedeschi 730 E Second St, 02127 West Roxbury 1 1 1 Barry 1 1 Lawrence R1 Tedesco 66 Newell Rd. 02166 Riley 1 1 1 Tiziana Tempesta 506' Walertoun St, 02160 Day 1 1 1 Palmer 1 1 1 College Carla D1 Thomas 66 Tampa St. 02126 Palmer. 1 1 Michael A Thomas 1? Wilson Cir. 02161 Warren 1111 itdams 1 1 Coll Karen A Thompson 1720 Louell she. 02160 Day 1 1 Palmer. 1 1 College College ll orls C UC Megabuck . . . hey bud let's party. Cinthia Tiberio tCindy-Louj 24 Woodbine Ter. 02166 Warren ..., Adams . . . College Mark A Tillett 108 Oak St, 02164 Palmer . . . Lauren L Tocci 18 Bullough Pk, 02160 Day. . . Palmer. . .College Antonio J Tomaino 29 Harrington St, 02160 Day . . . Riley . . . College Michele L Tonelli 9 Longleelow Rd, 02162 Warren . . . Palmer. . . College Kevin M Tormey 21 Lindbergh Ave, 02165 Beals . . . Elizabeth Tosney 117 Prospect St, 02165 Warren . . . Palmer. . . College Lorraine Trainor 37 Mague A ve, 02165 Warren . . . Riley , . . College Aldo Tramontozzi 23 Melbourne Ave. 02160 Day . . . Barry . . . College Binh Van Tran 5 Peabody St, 02158 Adams , . . Robert R Turner 63 Wyoming Rd. 02160 Riley . . . Bruno A Visco 80 Jewett ST. 02158 Bigelow . . . Barry . . . College Debra Visco 155 Adams St, 02158 Barry . . . Deborah S Waldorf 188 Commonweath A ve. 02167 Bigelow . . . PalmerfAdams . . . College Julie A Wangler 81 Clinton Place 02159 Bigelow . . . Riley . . . College David L Ward 271 Chestnut ST. 02165 Warren . . . Riley . . . College Jennifer A Ware 45 Clark Rd, 02165 Day. . . Palmer. , . College Sarah D Washburn 161 Grove ST. 02166 Warren . . . Barry . . . College 720 seninr directory Daniel R Weinfield 86 Stuart RD. 02159 Bigelow ,... -'ldams . . . College Ari E Weinstein 161 Walnut ST. 02160 Lexington . . . Beals . . . Military Service 62 World Domination Amy J Weisman 421 Waverly Ave. 02159 Bigelow . . . Palmer. . . College Benjamin D Weiss 285 Crafts ST 02160 F.A. Day . . . Palmer. . . Avoid High School Reunions Gunther R Wellenstein 149 Otis ST 02160 Warren , . . Riley . . . College Sally Weltman 75 Hammond ST. 02167 Bea ver C. DS .... Palmer. . . College Gregg H Weltz 24 Windermere RD. 02166 Warren . . . Riley . . . College Lisa M Wentzell 11 Middle ST 02158 Winthrop . . . Adams . . . Cosmetologist Micheal D Wester 30 Vista A ve. 02166 Warren . . . Barry . . . College Katherine J Whitbeck 29 Princess RD. 02165 FA. Day .... Adams . . . Georgetown University Rene L White 14 Pond A ve, 02158 Riley . . . Stephanie L White 16 Farmington RD. 02165 FA. Day . . . Riley . . . Hairdressing Susan M White ll Calvin RD. 02160 F.A. Day . . . Riley . , . College Jean M Wilcox 8 Bacon ST 02158 Bigelow . . . Beals . . . College Aija M Wiley 226 Itasca St, 02126 Riley . . . Deborah s Wilgoren 74 Greenlawn Ave. 02159 Day. . . Riley . . . College Jamie D Wilkins 35 Central St, 02166 Beals . . . Stacey Williams 9 Merola Park 02126 Warren . . . Beals . . . Lawyer Lisa Wilson 465 Columbus Ave. 02116 FA. Day. . . Adams. . . Corperate Law Jones P Wing 504 Commonwealth Ave. 02159 Day. . . Beals. . . College Saul E Wisnia 155 Waban Hill RD. 02167 Bigelow . . . Palmer. . . College Lisa M Woloski 27 Hargrove Cir. 02161 Day . . . Adams . . . College Micheal W Worobel 86 High St, 02164 Beals . . . David C Worters 79 Prince ST. 02165 Warren . . . Palmer. . . College Teng Yang 21 Wilson Cir, 02161 Beals . . . Renee A Yazbek 61 Prentice RD. 02159 Bigelow . . . Riley . . . College Wei-Jan Yeh 107 Washington St, 02158 Palmer . . . Francis M Yerardi 52 Hensha w ST 02165 Warren . . . Riley . . . College Suzanne L Yoffe 42 Crehore DR. 02162 Warren . . . Adams . . . College Stephen L Youens 30 Channing ST 02158 Palmer Susan E Youens 30 Channing ST. 02158 Palmer. . . 1' Jane E Zalcman - 894 Commonwealth Ave. 02159 FA. Day. . . Barry. . . College Leonard Zamansky 46 Bothfeld RD. 02159 F.A. Day . . . Palmer. . . Northeastern University 4

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